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Timely topics:

Violence and hate speech come from the left
Nancy Pelosi
Media bias
Loretta Lynch
James Comey
Obama and Iran
Puerto Rico
Near-weekly Islamic terrorist attacks
School lunches
The minimum wage
Fake hate crimes
Sanctuary cities
The use of government power to spy on political opponents
Violent crime committed by illegal aliens
Defunding public broadcasting
Activist judges
Uncle Sam loses stuff
The political Left vs Chick-Fil-A
Repealing and replacing Obamacare
Domestic surveillance
Intentionally dumbed-down schools
Abusive and invasive searches at the airport
The poisonous fruits of liberalism and socialism
Hijrah:  Sweden, so-called refugees, and violent crime
Left-wing obstructionism
Organizing For Action
News media dishonesty
Senator John McCain
The Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines
Senator Elizabeth Warren
    and the The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The Supreme Court
The teachers' unions
Liberals substitute emotional outbursts for rational arguments
Fetal ultrasound imaging
Voter fraud  and  Voter ID laws
Postage Rates
Donald Trump
The murder rate in Chicago
Barack H. Obama leaves traps and stink bombs for the next president
The United Nations
The abolition of cash
Political polls
Media bias in Hillary Clinton's favor
Media bias in general
Liberals think you're stupid
Weekly Islamic terrorist attacks described as "isolated incidents"

If you're writing a book about Barack H. Obama, refer to these pages:

A catalog of Obama's bad ideas, bad decisions and poor judgment
A partial list of Obama's lies
Obama's dishonesty in general
A partial list of Obama's scandals
People, places, and things named after Barack Obama
Media bias in Obama's favor
Obama's first-term speeches
Obama's second-term speeches
Obama's speeches in general
President Obama has intentionally weakened our military defenses
Obama's intentional destruction of America's economy
Obama panders to environmentalists
Obama panders to homosexuals
Obama acted like a third-world dictator
President Obama evidently hates America
Obama's connections to Frank Marshall Davis
Obama's immediate supervisor, Valerie Jarrett
Barack Obama is no friend of Israel
Obama and Iran
Obama's cozy relationship with Muslims in general
Obama and his administration are incompetent
Obama's reverse-Midas touch
Without a teleprompter, Obama is incoherent
Obama's use of HUD to forcibly integrate wealthy neighborhoods
Obama's use of the IRS as a weapon
Obama's greatly overrated intellect
The least transparent administration in American history
Jeremiah Wright
Obama's Culture of Corruption
Obama faces credible accusations of plagiarism
Obama and Gun Control
Obama is the Gun Salesman of the Year
Is Obama a Christian?
Is Obama a Muslim?
The Benghazi terrorist attack and cover story
The Fast and Furious scandal
Comparisons of Barack Obama to previous leaders and historical figures
President Obama's frequent and expensive vacations and junkets
Obama's phony Social Security number
Disillusionment on the political left
The un-answered calls for Obama's impeachment

House specialties:

Suppressed news
VA hospitals
Islamic indoctrination in schools
Domestic surveillance
Obamacare horror stories
Obamacare will never work as promised
Defensive use of firearms
Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant
Uncle Sam loses stuff
Specific examples of biased news coverage
Global warming
Global cooling
Polar bears and polar ice
Global warming is blamed for everything
Environmental false alarms
Dumbed-down schools
Zero tolerance
Expensive schools
Money down the drain
The use of the IRS as a weapon
The breakdown of the family
Liberals oppose every practical source of energy
Nuclear energy
Solar panels
Green jobs
Invasive searches at the airport
Abuse of power by ordinary cops
The one-sided separation of church and state
Liberals are out of step with America
Taxpayer-funded stadiums and arenas

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