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The most frequently visited pages in February:

Abuse of Power by Ordinary Cops
The History of Postage Rates in the US
Specific examples of biased news coverage
Why can't liberals say what they mean?
Cases in which guns saved lives
Deleted Files Can Be Recovered
President Obama spends our money on himself
Pro-Islam indoctrination in schools
Obama acts like a third-world dictator
President Obama is intentionally dismantling the American economy
Black mobs, Black Hate Crimes, and Black Racism
Obamacare does not work as promised

Timely topics:

The Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange
Silencing the global warming skeptics
Not everyone should vote
Hillary Clinton's secret email servers
Hillary Clinton in 2016?
Obama is no friend of Israel
Net neutrality
The Keystone XL Pipeline
The Benghazi terrorist attack and cover story
President Obama evidently hates America
Obama's connections to Frank Marshall Davis
Lois Lerner allegedly loses her most important emails at the most convenient moment
Criticism of the Republican Party — from the Right
      Not another Bush — please!
      Speaker of the House, John Boehner
Vice President Biden's behavior
Obama's offensive speech at the National Prayer Breakfast
Barack H. Obama is very friendly with the Muslims, especially those in Iran.
      Is that because  he's a Muslim?
      Or is it because of  Valerie Jarrett?
Ferguson, Missouri
Lies about job creation and unemployment figures
News media dishonesty
Driver's licenses for illegal aliens
      and  traffic accidents involving illegal aliens
Lists of Obama scandals
  some of which are  grounds for impeachment
Reaction to Obama's State of the Union address
Charlie Hebdo  and The Religion of the Easily Offended
Obama snubs Paris
There is no global warming
Obamacare kills full-time jobs
John Boehner
Sharyl Attkisson
Jeb Bush  and  Common Core
Obama's announcement of wholesale amnesty
Illegal immigration
Obama acts like a third-world dictator
Liberals think you're stupid
Obamacare was built upon a foundation of lies
Dishonest and inaccurate polls
Fast and Furious,  brought to you by  Eric Holder
Islamic terrorist attacks that are reported as "isolated incidents"
A catalog of Obama's bad ideas, bad decisions and poor judgment
Obama's immediate supervisor, Valerie Jarrett
The carbon footprints of global warming activists
Saul Alinsky
Uncontrolled immigration is a public health hazard
President Obama's undeniable incompetence and laziness, described in the press as "detachment."
The Clamor for Obama's Resignation or Impeachment
Obamacare is politically toxic
Obama himself is politically toxic
President Obama has intentionally weakened our military defenses
  and   he is intentionally dismantling the American economy.
The militarization of the police
President Obama's numerous and expensive vacations
Legal challenges to Obamacare
The least transparent administration in American history
School Lunches
Liberals think global warming causes everything
The EPA vs the Pebble Mine
The Oklahoma City Bombing
      Welfare fraud
      Food stamps
      "Disability" payments
      Barack Obama reverses the welfare reform law of 1996
      Many allegedly poor people are not poor at all
      Free cell phones!
      Welfare programs attract illegal aliens
The Republican establishment vs Tea Party Candidates
The use of your cell phone by the police and the government to obtain evidence against you
Obama panders to homosexuals
The use of the EPA as a weapon against coal-fired power plants
The VA Hospitals are a prophetic microcosm of Obamacare
Global warming is primarily caused by sunlight, obviously
The One-Sided Separation of Church and State
The latest IPCC report
The United States has plenty of oil
Voting fraud and election day irregularities
Voter ID laws
Obamacare is in a constant state of flux
The knockout game
President Obama apparently intends to give control of the Internet to the UN
Obamacare horror stories
The minimum wage
Liberals are out of sync with America
The use of the IRS as a weapon
Obama vs the Catholic Church
Postage rates
The disillusionment of Obama's supporters
      Tremendously unpopular
      Horribly expensive
      Kills jobs
      Kills political careers
      Failure was easily predicted
      Does not work as promised
      Will never work as promised
      The young and healthy aren't signing up for it
      A lot of people are being put on Medicaid
      The VA Hospitals paint a clear picture of what's ahead
      The rules are constantly changing — by presidential decree
      Puts your private information at risk
      Unexpected insurance cancellations
      Based on a pack of lies
      Rationing and early death
      Waivers, favors and loopholes
      Opens the door to tyranny
      Taxpayer-funded abortions
Domestic surveillance   and ...
      Government intrusions into your privacy
      Commercial intrusions into your privacy
      The privacy of your medical records
Common Core
President Obama's most recent speeches
Obama speeches in general
Black Box data recorders in automobiles  and  the odometer tax
Obama's use of the government shutdown as a weapon
Huge List of Government Agencies, Bureaus, Departments and Offices
Obama's wag-the-dog war in Syria
President Obama's war on coal
      ...which is based on misconceptions about carbon dioxide.
Obama's reverse-Midas touch
Property rights  and  property seizures
The UN report on global warming
Association with Obama is a political liability
Gun control failures, especially in "Gun-Free Zones."
Secession and the 51st State
Zero Tolerance insanity in public schools
Democrats no longer want to be associated with Obama
The general public is becoming more and more skeptical about global warming
Polar bears  and  polar ice
The Yucca Mountain storage facility
Major Nidal Malik Hasan and the Fort Hood shooting
The Clamor for Obama's Impeachment
Same-sex marriage
The Crash of TWA 800
The Road to Tyranny is All Downhill From Here
The Gang of Eight:  Immigration "reform" that's really just amnesty.
      and  What's the rush?
The Proposed National ID Card
Home schooling
Obama acts like a third-world dictator
Gun control
        media bias pertaining to guns
        disingenuous arguments for gun control
        gun control failures
        cases in which guns saved lives
        Obama wants to take your guns
News stories kept quiet by the mainstream press
The Food Police
Postage Rates
      and  Saturday deliveries
Natural gas production by hydraulic fracturing of shale:  a/k/a/ fracking.
Media bias related to firearms
Threats to the Constitution
President Obama manipulates the news media
      ... but they don't care.
The Clamor for Obama's Impeachment
Carbon (dioxide) taxes
Newspapers are obsolete
The Democratic Party platform
What's going to happen in Obama's second term?
Taxpayer-subsidized Broadcasting:  PBS and NPR
Causes and Effects of High Gas Prices
The Fast and Furious scandal  a/k/a Obama's Watergate, except Watergate didn't get hundreds of people killed.
Fusion centers and domestic surveillance
The Unexpected:  Bad news about the economy always comes as a surprise
      ... and is given to the press on Friday night.
Violence and hate speech come from the left
There is no shortage of oil, gas or coal
and Arizona
The Law of the Sea Treaty
Same-sex marriage activists lash out at Chick-Fil-A
Homeland Security vs Right-Wingers
Gender-selection abortion
Barack Obama's Social Security number
Media bias in general
White House spamming
Same-sex marriage  and  Obama's flip-flops
President Obama releases a fraudulent birth certificate
Nuclear power
The TSA and its Abusive and Invasive Airport Searches
Obama's first term speeches
      including the "You didn't build that" speech.
Obama's second term speeches
Teachers' unions
Public employees' unions
Obama faces credible accusations of plagiarism
Lies about job creation and unemployment figures
Lies about taxes
Lies about energy production
Lies about the Benghazi terrorist attack
Lies about illegal immigration
Lies about Islam
Lies about guns
Lies about welfare programs
Without a teleprompter, Obama is incoherent
Judicial activism
Islamists and the Imposition of Sharia Law
Oil and Gas
Radio and TV
Cap and Trade, VAT, and taxes in general.

Also quite popular, although technical:

Old pictures from KRLD radio and TV.
The Macbeth Color Checker
The EBS Authenticator Word List
Toll Road RFID Tags
The No-Frills Technical Links Page

Boondoggles, white elephants, and wasted money:

Electric cars
School Lunches
Head Start
The United Nations
Public Funding of Sports Stadiums
The V-22 Osprey
Uncle Sam loses stuff, especially laptop computers and guns.
Specific Examples of Pork Barrel Politics
Planned Parenthood
General Motors
The EPA,  because  every state has its own EPA.
Wind and solar energy, fluorescent light bulbs, and green jobs
National Public Radio
The National Endowment for the Arts
Amtrakmass transit,  and  high-speed rail.
The Virtual Border Fence
Taxpayer-funded abortions
Mr. and Mrs. Obama's numerous vacations and junkets
Public schools
The welfare state
The Americans with Disabilities Act
Huge List of Government Agencies, Bureaus, Departments and Offices
Dozens of other wasteful expenditures

Fading rapidly:

Ebola  and the  Ebola czar
The Oklahoma Beheader
  and as usual   Muslims pretend to be the victims of the trouble they have stirred up.
Fluorescent light bulbs
Wendy Davis
The NLRB and recess appointments
Hobby Lobby
Fort Hood II
Affirmative Action in academic admissions
Reparations for slavery
  and  Perpetual victimhood
The suppression of global warming skepticism
The Bundy Ranch vs the Bureau of Land Management
Brendan Eich vs the PC Police
The Akademic Shokalskiy  gets stuck in  polar ice.
Pajama Boy
President Obama's Uncle Omar and Aunt Zeituni
The nuclear option
Crystal Mangum
The politically-motivated raid on Lumber Liquidators
The Origins of Thanksgiving Day
The Boston bombing -- just another "isolated incident."
Obama's drones and the secret kill list
Obama vs Gibson Guitar
The war on the Boy Scouts
The Untimely Death of Andrew Breitbart
Obama vs Fox News Channel
Obama vs the Associated Press

Stale already, or seasonal topics:

Voter fraud  and  Voter ID laws
George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin
The Pigford scandal
A rodeo clown makes fun of Obama, and immediately loses his job.
Obama's 2012 fundraising scandal
Obama buys votes with "free" cell phones
Obama's re-election campaign slogans and tactics
Sparse crowds at Obama appearances
The Solyndra scandal
Planned Parenthood
Obama ignores a subpoena
"Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations
Tea parties and town hall meetings
SWATting:  The use of 9-1-1 as a weapon
Vice-President Joe Biden's continual gaffes
Vice-President Joe Biden's debate with Congressman Paul Ryan
Jeremiah Wright and the TUCC
The Ground Zero Mosque
The NLRB vs Boeing
The unions try and fail to oust Governor Scott Walker
Obama's War in Libya
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Political Opportunism After the Arizona Shooting
The USA Patriot Act
Governor Perry's Vaccination Mandate
Elena Kagan
Alvin Greene
Jimmy Carter
The JournoList Scandal
Coleman vs Franken
Hurricane Katrina
The USA Patriot Act
Elizabeth Warren plays the Affirmative Action system
Lies about Mitt Romney

Pages I wish you'd visit just once:

People, places, and things named after Barack Obama
Low-level environmental terrorism
Fake hate crimes
The Oklahoma City Bombing
The poisonous fruits of liberalism
The One-Sided Separation of Church and State
Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
The Crash of TWA 800
Examples of suppressed news coverage
Pro-Islam indoctrination in schools
President Obama's Intentions for America
  ... which are strongly connected to Frank Marshall Davis, in my opinion,
  ... which is why Obama is intentionally dismantling the American economy,
  ... and weakening our military defenses.
A catalog of Barack Obama's lies and broken promises
Obama's narcissism and hypocrisy
Barack Obama's cloud of secrecy, obfuscation, and hidden records
Comparisons of President Obama to other historical figures
Mr. and Mrs. Obama spend our money on themselves
Strange things hidden in the Obamacare bill
There is no Global Warming
Black Box data recorders in automobiles
Cases in which guns saved lives
The Zero Tolerance Page
Uncle Sam is afraid to say what he means about Islamic terrorism.

Education:  The dumbed-down public schools and unionized teachers promote
sex education,
acceptance of feminism and abortion,
normalization of homosexuality,
and Obama worship,
but no matter what happens, they won't teach about Christianity.
Homeschooling is a viable alternative.

License plate readers and other unfriendly technology on the highway
The use of traffic signals as fundraisers
The War on Little Kids with Lemonade Stands
Money Down the Drain
There is no shortage of oil
There is nothing wrong with DDT
NASA did not invent Teflon or Velcro or Tang
Infeasible gas mileage standards for new cars
Terrorist attacks reported as "isolated incidents"
Global warming
      has already stopped
      is blamed for everything
      is caused by everything
Liberals rely on emotion rather than reason
Environmental propaganda movie reviews
The wealthy liberal elite pretend to watch out for the little guy
Environmental False Alarms
Environmentalists Oppose Every Practical Source of Energy
  ... especially coal.
Barack H. Obama shows great potential -- as a dictator!
Czars -- code word for a leftist oligarchy.
Social Security is Already Bankrupt
Conservatives are more generous than liberals
Biased news coverage of "Tea Party" events
The Prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse Team
Historical quotations

Pages that hardly anyone else cares about, but I do:

The Black Panthers scandal
Organized labor
Islam is not a "Religion of Peace"
Islam is the religion of the easily offended
"Honor killings"  and other Islamic crimes against women
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Feminism and Abortion
Michelle Obama  and  The Invasion of the Food Police
The government wants to be your overprotective nanny
Politicizing the Census
The Proposed National ID Card
Black mobs, black crime, and black racism
Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards
Abuse of Power
Voting fraud
The 51st State
Health care is not a right
Frivolous lawsuits
The Crash of American 587
Carnivore, Einstein, Tempest, and Echelon
Domestic Surveillance
Capital punishment
The minimum wage
The war on Wal-Mart
Hate crime laws
Is this a Christian country?
Hate crimes that aren't considered hate crimes
Environmental indoctrination in schools
The Demise of Stigma and the Erosion of Self-Discipline
Tampering with the Electoral College
Supermarket Discount Cards
Term limits
Sketches and doodles
Miscellaneous uncategorized news items
Op-ed items

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What's new  (Updated infrequently.)

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