Black Mobs, Black Hate Crimes, and Black Racism

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Black mobs and race riots
The crashed pool party in McKinney, Texas, June 5, 2015
The 2016 race riots in Charlotte, North Carolina
The 2016 race riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The race riots in Baltimore, Maryland   (A subtopic now on its own page.)
The race riots in Ferguson, Missouri   (Ditto.)
Black violence
Black violence in schools
Black crime
Black crime in Chicago
Black crime in Detroit
Black crime in Philadelphia
Black crime in Dallas
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Black crime in Chicago
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The carjacking at Short Hills Mall
Black violent crime elsewhere
Black racism
Reverse discrimination
Black Lives Matter
The specific case of Shannon J. Miles
The specific case of Vester Flanagan
Black hate crimes
Fake hate crimes
The 2001 Cincinnati riots
Race-based black-only organizations
Black-only holidays and events
    Black History Month

Black mobs, organized premeditated disruptions, and race riots

Here's a Definite Round Up of All the Best Black Friday Brawls You Missed Today.  There's a chill in the air, pretty much everybody's diet is out the window, and the spirit of consumerism is in the air.  Black Friday is always special, but this year, it somehow felt even better.  Maybe it's because everybody has a cell phone and is able to capture the most bloody, brutal, savage and unbelievable brawls of the year.

You Didn't Hear About This Mob Attack in Minnesota.  On Saturday, September 22, 2018, while the world focused on the tragedy in Iran of the Ahvaz military parade attack carried out by ISIS, a mob of Somali Muslim men and boys rushed the entrance to Valleyfair, a family amusement park that had set aside the day to honor law enforcement in Minnesota.  The mob overcame security, jumping fences avoiding metal detectors while bringing in weapons.  It was a direct, premeditated attack on police and security.  Backup had to be called in along with fire trucks, ambulances and even a police helicopter.  This attack should be understood as a "dry run" test (in counterterrorism parlance).

Black Violence:  The Terror That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  On Halloween, hundreds of black people rampaged through Hyde Park in Chicago — home to Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and Louis Farrakhan — destroying property, defying police, setting fires.  Watch any of the videos, then try to tell the neighbors they are not being terrorized.  But no one was arrested, so it never happened.  Except on video.  In South Jersey, two white kids were hospitalized with serious head injuries they received after they refused to give their trick or treat candy to the 10-20 black people who demanded it.  Think that's not an act of terror just because the black people did not leave a thank you note?  Or a sign that said 'Vote for Maxine?' Or a demand for more free stuff?  Guess again.  In Dallas, five cops were killed during a Black Lives Matter parade.  Afterward, black people looted a 7-11 then stuck around under the gaze of local police, dancing — yes, dancing — with joy, celebrating the carnage.

Only slightly off-topic:
Floor collapse near Clemson University leaves at least 30 hurt, authorities say.  At least 30 party attendees were injured early Sunday [10/21/2018] when a floor collapsed at an apartment complex near Clemson University in South Carolina, sending guests falling several feet into a clubhouse basement, authorities said.  Clemson police received a call around 12:30 a.m. reporting the collapse at the Woodlands of Clemson Apartment, police Chief Jimmy Dixon told FOX Carolina.

They danced and jumped to celebrate homecoming weekend.  Then the floor gave way.  As a crowded group of Clemson University students and local residents danced and jumped around at an apartment clubhouse late Saturday night, Jeremy Tester felt something strange beneath his feet.  "You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of," he said, "but nobody thought it was going to happen.  They just kept going."  But suddenly the floor gave way.  Dozens of partiers dropped into free fall and landed in a mass of sprawling bodies in the basement.

Police: Brawl Involving Up To 200 Students Erupts Outside McDonald's In Hunting Park.  Over a dozen juveniles were arrested and cited after police say a large brawl involving up to 200 school students erupted outside of a McDonald's in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia.  Police say they were called for a report of a large fight on Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue around 3:40 p.m.  Police say when they arrived it "immediately deteriorated into a riotous condition" with roughly 150 to 200 students fighting and instigating.

Juvenile center brawl gets out of hand.  New video obtained by the [New York] Post shows the wild gang melee at the city's new juvenile center Wednesday [10/3/2018] that left 20 officers injured.  The footage, which begins mid-brawl, shows correction officers at the Horizon Juvenile Center in the Bronx frantically scrambling to get the teenage inmates under control.  [Video clip]

Minnesota: Somalis Riot at Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation.  On Saturday September 22, 2018 at the ValleyFair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, police and emergency responders had to evacuate all guests after a mob of Somali teenagers and men rushed through security and caused several violent fights to break out inside the park.  According to eyewitnesses who were at the park to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a group of nearly 100 Somali men mob rushed past security and amusement park staffers at the front entrance, and proceeded to run through the park and instigate fights among themselves and with guests.  As several violent fights broke out, guests began to panic as reports of people being stabbed and shot began to circulate.

Nearly a dozen shot in San Bernardino apartment complex.  At least 10 people were shot in an apartment complex in San Bernardino, Calif., with at least three of the victims in "extremely critical" condition, according to reports.  Police set up a large perimeter around the crime scene, according to KTVN-TV in Los Angeles.  Multiple handguns and rifles were fired by suspects who fled the scene, according to Capt. Richard Lawhead of the San Bernardino Police Department.  Officers arrived at the location Sunday night [9/2/2018] to find an "unruly crowd" at a common area in the apartment complex, Lawhead said.  It appeared the crowd of people may have been playing a game of dice when the shooting occurred, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Chick-fil-A employee fired, customer arrested after 'incredibly disturbing' brawl inside DC restaurant.  A Chick-fil-A employee lost his job and a customer was arrested after the pair got into an intense brawl inside the Washington, D.C., fast-food restaurant — and the fight was caught on camera.  The skirmish took place Tuesday [9/4/2018] when a 55-year-old man, identified by police as Sean Turner, allegedly began shouting at other patrons and went behind the counter, WTTG-TV reported.  The customer was asked to leave by an employee, but he allegedly threw a punch in response, according to a police report provided to Fox News.  The unnamed 27-year-old employee and Turner then began to fight.  In a viral video shared on social media, the employee is seen punching Turner several times in the head.  Other employees and customers apparently attempted to intervene as well.

Fourth instance of mob violence this year shuts down Chicago's fanciest shopping district.  Business interests and police are doing their best to minimize attention to the slide into mob rule of the streets in Chicago's nicest, most famous neighborhood.  But shoppers, tourists, and ordinary working Joes and Janes can no longer take for granted the freedom to walk around Chicago's upscale shopping district along North Michigan Avenue near the famous Water Tower.  Four times this year, mobs of "urban youths" have taken to "wilding" and attacking random pedestrians while looting stores.

Thieves wig out in intense beauty shop brawl.  A beauty shop robbery in Silver Spring, Maryland, erupted in an epic brawl with flying fists and wig whipping.  Police are asking for tips to apprehend the suspects who snatched wigs and assaulted employees.

Bowling alley worker asked a large group to calm down[, so] They mobbed him.  Inside a bowling alley in northwest Illinois, police say, an employee approached a rowdy group last Thursday night and asked them to calm down, according to the Quad-City Times.  But it appears they didn't take kindly to that request.  Police in Moline, Illinois, released surveillance video Monday that shows someone grabbing the employee and lifting him up inside QC Family Entertainment.  The employee tries to avoid blows to the head, throws his arms up in front of his face, backs away and runs out of the frame.

Couple robbed by group with a shotgun in terrifying video.  Six juveniles were in custody in Texas following an alleged crime spree that one man said included moments of "sheer terror" as he and his wife were confronted with a shotgun while being robbed outside their home in Dallas.  Garrett and Caroline Scharton were captured on surveillance footage walking their dog early Sunday when the group pulled up in a black Chevrolet Malibu that had been carjacked at gunpoint in Oak Cliff, according to reports.

Cops fire rubber bullets, tear gas to disperse crowd at XXXTentacion memorial.  Cops fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse hundreds of rap fans who took over a central Los Angeles neighborhood Tuesday [6/26/2018] to pay final respects to slain hip hop artist XXXtentacion.  At least 300 people — many carrying candles or lit cellphones — filled a stretch of Melrose Avenue shortly before 8 p.m.  But as time passed, some of the mourners became rowdy, climbing onto building roofs and swarming passing cars, the LA Times said.  They also threw rocks at nearby police, KABC-TV reported.

Fake event brought 15K to unprepared Seaside Park, brawls and hand-wringing followed.  When thousands descended upon Seaside Park for a meet-up organizers promised would be "fire," officials were surprised.  And then they were overwhelmed.  The meet-up, spread as a flier on social media accounts without any notice to officials, left police and first responders scrambling to account for the chaos of an estimated 15,000 additional beach-goers (yes, that's on top of the usual crowds for a busy summer Saturday).  Some stormed past a single officer along the boardwalk, skirting beach fees, and a handful ended up in brawls caught on camera, which eventually elevated the underground meet-up to the national news stage.

Belligerent crowd shouts at cops, EMS workers treating man who had seizure.  A group of people who grew increasingly belligerent at the ambulance response time after a man had a seizure in the parking lot of a Pleasantville convenience store repeatedly screamed at and taunted police officers on Father's Day, authorities said.  Police arrived at King's Food Market on North Main Street 28 seconds after being notified of a 911 call about the man just before 4 p.m., but it took 13 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, authorities said.

Police seek customers who smoked weed, walked out on $420 restaurant bill.  Police are looking for a group of more than a dozen diners who allegedly tried to smoke marijuana inside a restaurant before causing a scene and walking out on the $420 bill.  The incident happened Sunday night at Frida's Mexican Restaurante in Memphis, Tennessee, WREG reported.  The group of 16 came in at 10:30 pm, a half an hour before closing.

Group lights up, walks out on $420 restaurant bill.  Police are looking for a group of more than a dozen people who they say tried to smoke marijuana inside a popular restaurant, then skipped out on a $420 bill.  It happened at Frida's Mexican Restaurante on Madison avenue in Memphis, Tennessee this past Sunday night [6/3/2018].

The first hot weekend brings violent mobs to Chicago streets as media turn a blind eye.  "Wilding" is the term for mobs of violent young people taking over upscale neighborhoods and wreaking havoc, looting, mugging, and attacking innocent people just for the fun of it.  A "good" neighborhood is no guarantee of safety anymore in Chicago.  The breakdown of civil order, in other words, is well underway in the Windy City.  Bit by bit, civilization is slipping away in Chicago.

Why the 'Racist America' Meme is Collapsing.  On May 5, one day after Don Lemon claimed that it is his "obligation as a journalist" to call the president racist, a violent "flash mob" of mostly black teenagers broke out in Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  Groups of teenagers took to the streets and randomly attacked pedestrians.  Responding officers were "vastly outnumbered."  Dozens of teens beat up a man walking with his girlfriend, sending him to an intensive care unit.  One teen is facing a felony count of aggravated battery to an officer.  The event was virtually identical to an incident from 2013, where, again, hundreds of mostly black teenagers took to streets and caused mayhem in Mag Mile.

Did you hear about the violent teen flash mob that took over Chicago's fanciest shopping area Saturday?  The end result of indoctrination in government schools and mass media that teaches "urban youths" that American society is racist, corrupt, unfair, and unworthy of compliance is the crumbling of civil order.  When a substantial group of young males (the segment of society most prone to acting out with violence) think they have no stake in the continuation of existing social and property relations, they are able to impose anarchy in local areas.  When enough people think and feel this way, the forces of order — police, and in extremis the National Guard — can be overwhelmed and powerless to stop the disorder.  This nightmare scenario is developing step by step.  The rise of social media enables the organization of what are now called "flash mobs" that can descend on targets and cause chaos.  Sometimes, targets are chosen for the lucrative looting opportunities.  That appears to be what happened last Saturday night [5/4/2018] on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, at the very heart of upscale shopping, dining, and residential life, the Water Tower Place, a multistory shopping mall at the base of a 74-story tower.

Alabama police say 5 people [were] shot, 2 trampled at teen concert.  Police say five teenagers were shot and two others were trampled at what was advertised as a concert for high school students on Easter night in Mobile, Alabama.

Chairs are thrown as fight breaks out during grandmother's birthday party at Golden Corral.  A grandmother's birthday party descended into chaos when a fight broke out at Golden Corral.  Terrance Jones told officers responding to the incident he was celebrating his grandmother's birthday when people set upon him in Peoria, Illinois.  Chairs were thrown, tables were turned on their heads and the buffet section of the restaurant was damaged in the restaurant and two people were left injured by the melee.  [Video clip]

Chicago students allegedly trash Walmart during National School Walkout protest.  About 60 students from a Chicago high school used their time during the National School Walkout protest to wreak havoc at a Walmart, witnesses say — and police are investigating.  Walmart shoppers and store employees were stunned by the destruction allegedly inflicted by Simeon Career Academy students Wednesday morning [3/14/2018], FOX 32 reported.

Inmates destroy an Ohio prison with broken metal furniture in violent riots.  Teenage inmates at a Ohio juvenile prison have been caught on camera destroying the facility during a violent riot.  Six inmates have since been charged over the January 8 incident at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center in Cleveland.  The sheriff's department SWAT team was called in after the teens — aged 14 and 15 — used broken metal furniture to smash security glass and barricade themselves into cell blocks.

The Editor says...

20-person brawl breaks out at pizza restaurant over missing iPhone.  This is the shocking moment a massive brawl broke out in a California pizza restaurant over a missing iPhone that turned out to have been in the lost and found the whole time.  Police were called to John's Incredible Pizza Company in Newark's NewPark Mall on Saturday night after violence erupted.  It broke out after a girl missing her phone had approached a group to see if they'd seen it but quickly descended into chaos, with video showing two large groups of people exchanging blows and screaming at each other.

7 people, including 2 gang members, arrested in Wolfchase Galleria disturbance/shooting.  Memphis police said they have arrested six male juveniles in the Wolfchase Galleria disturbance, making 7 arrests total.  Marquice Lester, 23, was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon Wednesday morning [12/27/2017].  Numerous people were involved in a fight in the food court area when things escalated Tuesday evening.  The fight ended near mall entrance #2 located by the Cheesecake Factory.  Shots were fired outside the entrance moments later.

Bartlett movie theater mayhem:  Police release new details on viral fight.  Cell phone video of the brawl was shared thousands of times, and viewed well over 100,000 times on social media.  The man who recorded the video, told FOX 13 the fighting stemmed from an argument over a boy.  Moments later multiple girl fights broke out.  According to Bartlett police, the movie 'Insidious' let out and then several juveniles starting to hangout in lobby.  Staff eventually tried to get them to leave.  The teens refused and started screaming at the staff.

Louisiana Walmart brawl caught on video ends with 4 women arrested.  Police in Slidell, La., arrested four women following a large fight inside of a Walmart.  Police say the fight happened around 1 p.m.  Saturday [12/23/2017].  According to police, they received several calls about the large fight in the produce section.  Callers also told police that some of the people were using pepper spray.

5 arrests after up to 1,000 youths descend on Cherry Hill Mall.  As many as 1,000 juveniles converged Tuesday night [12/26/2017] at the Cherry Hill Mall, creating a disturbance that jangled a lot of post-holiday shoppers' nerves but, police said, did not result in any injuries or property damage.  Police responded to the area near JC Penney around 7:30 p.m. for a report of a large group of disorderly teens.  They estimated between 700 and 1,000 unaccompanied youths had descended on the area; as police dispersed the crowd, they arrested five people:  four juveniles from Camden and one from Cherry Hill.  The youths face charges including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  The incident garnered a lot of attention on social media Tuesday night, with many people warning others from going to the mall.

Video: Child in stroller caught up in mall brawl in Fort Myers.  A brawl broke out at Edison Mall in Fort Myers on Sunday afternoon during the busy holiday shopping season.  The graphic video shows a group of people punching and kicking one another, and a woman pushing a child's stroller appears and kicks one of the women in the head.  She then leaves the baby off to the side as she goes running.  [Video clip]

Child gets in the middle of a chaotic mall brawl.  While a brawl breaking out at a mall would usually be upsetting enough, an incident in Florida on December 17, 2017 took a turn when a woman pushed a stroller with a child in it into a fight with her.  She then started throwing punches and kicks, while the child sat oblivious to the danger.  Police are investigating the incident.

Family sues Six Flags over 'savage' attack during Fright Fest.  A family who was attacked by a group of young people at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee during "Fright Fest" in September is suing the park for negligence allowing the attack to happen.  The Batavia family says Six Flags Great America staff failed to intervene when a group of about 20 young people attacked the 12-year-old boy and his parents at the park on Sept. 23, according to the three-count suit filed anonymously Monday [11/20/2017] in Cook County Circuit Court.  The family suffered "extreme" and "debilitating" physical, emotional and psychological injuries."

Woman lucky to be alive as upscale Baltimore neighborhood terrorized by marauding bands of teens wielding wooden boards.  A Baltimore woman says she's "lucky to be alive" after being beaten with wooden boards and sticks by a pack of teens on Halloween night.  The vicious group of around 10 to 15 juveniles committed at least three other attacks that night in the South Baltimore area, a city councilman said, and police also believe the incidents are related.

Goodbye, tourism industry!
Violent Teenagers Terrorize Baltimore's Inner Harbor With Random Attacks.  Baltimore's Inner Harbor area is one of the bright spots in the Maryland city.  It's the home of the U.S.S. Constellation and one of the country's great aquariums.  It has restaurants and shops, and is near Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team and M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens football team.  It is one of the main tourist attractions in Baltimore, drawing large crowds.  But over the past two weeks, violent groups of teenagers have randomly assaulted multiple individuals in and around the Inner Harbor area.  For now, the police have no suspects, and are identifying the group behind the assaults only as "juveniles."

NJ Family Visiting Baltimore Haunted By Random Teen Attack At Inner Harbor.  It's the heart of Baltimore's tourism industry, but the Inner Harbor turned into a nightmare for a visiting family of 10 earlier this month.  Out of nowhere, they were swarmed and beaten by a large number of teenagers.  While the family that was attacked does not want to be identified, they do want their story to be heard.

Family Swarmed, Beaten by 'Large Group of Teenagers' in Baltimore.  Earlier this month, a family of 10 was visiting Baltimore's picturesque Inner Harbor when suddenly a large mob surrounded them and beat them without provocation — think of it as a group-effort knockout game.  The family wasn't identified, but they spoke to local news about the ordeal.  "They swarmed us," a female victim said.  "They hit my husband in the head.  They knocked him out and then it was just complete bedlam."  The family was visiting from New Jersey on October 21 during the crowded Baltimore Marathon weekend.  The victims ranged from grandparents to grandchildren, according to WJZ.

Family injured in attack at Six Flags Great America; nine suspects arrested.  A family of three was hospitalized Saturday [9/23/2017] after being attacked by an adult and eight teens at Six Flags Great America after members of the larger group apparently cut in line and were using foul language when the family exchanged words with them, according to Gurnee police.  Gurnee police Officer Daniel Ruth, the incident's lead investigator, said the family members — a 51-year-old man, 50-year-old woman and a 12-year-old boy — all were transported to an area hospital by a Gurnee Fire Department ambulance with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Family attacked, beaten by teenagers at Six Flags.  A family outing at Six Flags Great America's "Fright Fest" took a horrific turn Saturday night [9/23/2017] when a group of teenagers brutally beat a 12-year-old boy and his parents as they waited in line at the amusement park in north suburban Gurnee, authorities said.  The annual Halloween-themed attraction typically draws "an increased number of knuckleheads who come to stir things up" at the park, but nothing like Saturday's attack that left a family of three hospitalized, said Gurnee Deputy Police Chief of Operations Brian Smith.

Black Lives Matter Protest Mob Busts Into STL Hotel.  Last Friday a St. Louis judge found former Police Officer Jason Stockley NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of Anthony Smith, a black suspected heroin dealer.  Black Lives Matter has held protests daily since the verdict.  The protest mob went to the Cheshire because it advertises as being safe.  [Several video clips]

New Liberal Canard:  Arresting Looters = White Supremacy.  Imagine a natural disaster hits, like when Hurricane Irma hit Florida or when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and suddenly the looters are out destroying store fronts and taking what they please.  Unfortunately, this happens regularly. [...] This is just a continuation of the liberal-forced degeneration of American English into political correctness: arguing against illegal immigration is being anti-Hispanic, fighting against Islamic terrorism is xenophobic, and now wanting to put looters in jail is white supremacy.

Florida looting crackdown is 'white supremacy,' claims author Sarah Jaffe.  An author and journalist came under fire on social media Monday [9/18/2017], after she tweeted a reply to an anti-looting warning from Miami police by saying:  "The carceral state... is inseparable from white supremacy."  The Miami Police Department took to Twitter on Sunday [9/17/2017], as Hurricane Irma battered the state.  "Thinking about looting?  Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors," the post read, sharing a photo of people inside a jail cell.  Though Sarah Jaffe's tweet on Monday garnered 1,500 likes, it sparked more than 100 comments — many of which were critical and accused her of being racist.

As St. Louis Erupts, Democrats Own It.  The acquittal on Friday [9/15/2017] of a white cop on trial for murder for fatally shooting a black man in 2011 after a high-speed chase was immediately met with demonstrations and violence including attacks on police, property, and the media.  That was predictable, but what was equally and sadly on display were incendiary comments by local elected Democrat officials up and down the line that appeared to add more fuel to the already volatile fire in the streets. [...] None of these politicians — in the midst of a volatile situation with various agitators having planned and threatened to take action — encouraged people to respect the integrity of the judicial system that had rendered a verdict in the case.

Mall protests
St. Louis Rioters Storm Mall, Chant 'No Justice, No Profits'.  A couple hundred angry people marched through West County Center shopping mall, forcing police to eventually close the building.

Protesters Smash Windows in 2nd Violent Night Near St. Louis.  Protests turned violent for second night near St. Louis following the acquittal of a white former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man, as a small group of demonstrators refused to disperse, breaking windows at dozens of businesses and throwing objects at police, who moved in with hundreds of officers in riot gear to make arrests.

U2 cancels St. Louis concert after protests lead to dozens of arrests.  After violent protests erupted in St. Louis Friday night, U2 has announced they've canceled a Saturday night performance in the city.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said 32 people were arrested when protesters took to the streets after a white former police officer, Jason Stockley, was acquitted earlier that day in the 2011 fatal shooting of Lamar Smith, a black man.

The Editor says...
The only time the news media refer to someone as "a black man" is when he is a victim, not a suspect.  Showing only one side of a coin, when everybody knows there's a nice side and an ugly side, is overt bias.

St.  Louis police deploy tear gas, arrest 13 after protesters descend on mayor's home.  Police have declared an unlawful assembly and deployed tear gas, after protesters moved from the streets of downtown St.  Louis, Missouri, to the home and neighborhood of the mayor.  After 10:10pm local time Friday [9/15/2017], St. Louis police wearing gas masks lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in riot gear, as a helicopter flew over declaring the assembly unlawful.  In response, protesters raised their voices in chants of "Hands up, don't shoot."  Police then deployed several tear gas devices.

9 officers injured in day of protests downtown and in Central West End, mayor's home damaged.  About 1,000 protesters surrounded the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson in the Central West End late Friday, breaking at least two windows and throwing red paint at the brick house before some 200 police in riot gear moved in to break it up.  There was no indication on the scene that Krewson was in the home at the time.

Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice.  Fort Lauderdale cops busted nine people caught on camera looting a Florida shoe store amid the chaos of Hurricane Irma on Sunday.  The arrests came after local TV station WPLG recorded the crooks entering the Simon's Sportwear shop on West Sunrise Boulevard through a broken window and running off with merchandise.  [Video clip]

Miami-Dade police arrested 28 people for looting in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  The wrath of Hurricane Irma isn't even a day in the books and looters have taken to the streets to add insult to injury.  In Miami-Dade alone, police have arrested 28 people for burglary and looting, our affiliate WPEC reported.

Community leaders
Florida Police Shame 'Hurricane Irma Looters' On Social Media.  Florida police are shaming 'Hurricane Irma looters' on social media.  Not only do they deserve shame, but hefty prison sentences, if found guilty.

Dan Bongino: 'Apparently, Condemning Irma Looters Makes You Racist'.  Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino blasted critics who he said labeled him a racist for previously condemning looters in Florida. [...] He said the political left makes excuses for looters during natural disasters because their livelihoods are "based off clickbait."

TV stations catch people breaking into stores during Hurricane Irma.  As Hurricane Irma lashed Florida with heavy winds and rain, TV stations captured groups of people breaking into stores.  Footage from WPLG Local 10 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, shows multiple people breaking through the front window Simon's Sportswear, entering the store and walking out with various items.  According to WPLG Local 10, the looters had also broken into other stores in the nearby area, including Footlocker and CashAmerica Pawn Store.

Alleged looters
Nine people busted for looting in Fort Lauderdale during Hurricane Irma.  Dozens of people have been arrested for looting as Hurricane Irma trudged through Florida on Sunday [9/10/2017], including nine people caught on camera at a sporting goods store in Fort Lauderdale, police said.  The alleged bandits were captured by WPLG-TV looting Simon's Sportswear store, with some stepping in and out of a broken window with pilfered goods despite Irma's heavy winds and rain.

Onlookers CHEER as cops arrest looters in midtown Miami during Irma.  As we told you earlier, looters were spotted today [9/10/2017] in Ft. Lauderdale.  And it looks like the same sort of behavior is happening in midtown Miami as well: [...]

Looters and shoes
A TV station caught people breaking into a store during Irma.  Then police caught up.  As Hurricane Irma lashed Florida with heavy winds and rain, TV stations captured groups of people breaking into stores.  Footage from WPLG Local 10 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, shows multiple people breaking through the front window Simon's Sportswear, entering the store and walking out with various items.  According to WPLG Local 10, the looters had also broken into other stores in the nearby area, including Footlocker and CashAmerica Pawn Store.

The Editor says...
The looters were not "walking out with various items."  They were running out with expensive sneakers.  That's all they were after.  Expensive athletic shoes are the currency of the ghetto.  They're like cigarettes in prison.  Notice also that the so-called news media strictly refrain from stating the obvious fact that all the looters are black.

Thieves Rush Sneaker Stores, Steal Thousands in Merchandise in Just Seconds:  NYPD.  Police are looking for a group of 10 young men in a series of quick-hitting thefts at sneaker stores on the Upper East Side.  The group of alleged thieves, believed to be in their late teens to early 20s, have hit a Nike store and a Jack Rabbit store on Third Avenue at least three times since June, swiping up to $2,500 in merchandise each time.

United Center closes when fights break out during high school game.  The United Center closed Monday evening when fights broke out during the West Haven Safe Summer League championship game between neighborhood teams made up of players from two of the city's top high school basketball teams. [...] Free tickets were provided to the event, which is normally held at West Side high schools near the United Center.  Security had to close the doors after nearly 10,000 people showed up.

Suspect in brutal DART attack says he feels remorse for beating.  A suspect arrested for his role in a mob attack on a DART light rail train and station told Fox 4 News Friday that he feels remorse.  Jakobi Hendrix, 21, was arrested Thursday and faces an aggravated assault charge for hitting Kennan Jones with his skateboard.  His brother, Remon Hendrix, was arrested early Friday morning and charged with misdemeanor assault.  Police also are looking for a third Hendrix brother.  On Sunday night [7/30/2017], police said Jones was punched and kicked until he was unconscious.  Both brothers were on their way to work at Whataburger and can be seen in cell phone video wearing their distinctive orange work shirts.

DART riders concerned after train beating.  [Video clip]

Second arrest made in Deep Ellum DART mob attack.  Dallas police arrested a second suspect early Friday [8/4/2017 for the beating attack on a DART light rail train.  Police said Remon Hendrix was arrested around 1 a.m.  Friday at Target Cityplace across the street from the Whataburger where he and his brother worked.  Police said Remon Hendrix was spotted as he showed up for work.  He is charged with assault causing bodily injury, a misdemeanor.

Brothers arrested in DART train attack.  Two arrests have been made in connection with a violent assault by a group of people on a northbound Green Line DART train over the weekend.  Brothers Jakobi Darion Hendrix, 21, and Remon Hendrix, 23, were taken into custody on Thursday and Friday.  An arrest warrant shows that Jakobi Hendrix will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his bond has been set at $25,000.

Chick-fil-A patrons trash restaurant after heated exchange with staff.  A pair of Chick-fil-A customers in Florida were unsatisfied with their local restaurant's service — so they decided to trash the place on their way out.  The incident took place on Monday night at a Chick-fil-A in the River City neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fla., according to Allison Music, a witness who shared footage of the ordeal on Facebook.

Chick-fil-A patrons trash restaurant over cold nuggets.  A pair of Chick-fil-A customers in Florida were unsatisfied with their local restaurant's service — so they decided to trash the place on their way out.  The incident took place on Monday night [7/31/2017] at a Chick-fil-A in the River City neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fla., according to Allison Music, a witness who shared footage of the ordeal on Facebook.  In her post, Music explained that she was waiting for an order at Chick-fil-A when she saw a teenage boy arguing about his order with the staff "for a good 15 or 20 mins."  She also said the manager had locked up the store in response.

Jacksonville Chick-fil-A trashed during fracas caught on camera.  A Nassau County woman took to social media to vent after witnessing a fracas at a Jacksonville Chick-fil-A restaurant.  The incident happened at some point Monday night [7/31/2017] at the River City Marketplace location.  The witness, Allison Music, said several customers grew unruly during some sort of disagreement over chicken nuggets.  The disturbance began as two male customers arguing with staff for roughly 20 minutes, Music said.  She said it continued when two women — who are related to one of the male customers — undeterred by a locked door, barged in and confronted employees.

Customer gets angry at Jacksonville Chick-Fil-A.  An angry customer makes a scene and trashes a Chick-Fil-A in Jacksonville.  And some of it was caught on camera.  Store management says they got the police involved.  The video shows two women yelling at Chick-Fil-A employees.  Later, a customer yells back, as a woman tosses condiments all over the floor.  You'll even hear something shatter in the background.  Allison Music was there and posted the videos on Facebook.  In the police report, an employee tells officers one of the suspects was complaining and trying to get refunds and free food.

Florida women trash Chick-fil-A during argument over order.  Video she posted shows the women arguing with employees, tossing condiments on the floor and throwing an object that could be heard breaking in the background.

Flash mob of 500 teens throw glass bottles and taunt Philadelphia police.  More than 500 teens flash mobbed police who came to disperse them during an unauthorized cookout at a Philadelphia recreation center.  The mob occurred in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood on Sunday night [7/16/2017], outside the city-run Lonnie Young Recreation Center.  Police said that the incident began at around 9.30 pm, when officers arrived to find the center's sidewalks and street filled with teenagers, believed to be age 12 to 17.

Lifeguards attacked by beachgoers at Jersey Shore.  Ocean City police went to the beach Tuesday afternoon [7/4/2017] following reports that several intoxicated people were causing a disturbance.

Video Inside Little Rock Arkansas "Power Ultra Lounge" Nightclub During Shooting.  National media are stuck between a rock and a PC hard place again, because the 25 people shot at the Little Rock Power Ultra Lounge nightclub do not fit their approved PERT chart for broadcasting victim coverage.  Unfortunately, all the usual thug-life suspects were part of the participating mayhem.  To understand how challenging it is for the media, we must understand the actual reality of the situation represents every cultural affirmation the PC narrative control authority constantly try to obfuscate.  Video of black people, shooting black people, in a nightclub filled with black people shouting vulgarities and racist slogans, [...]

Police: Club shooting that injured 28 may be gang-related.  The volley of gunfire inside the Power Ultra Lounge early Saturday came so fast that investigators believe multiple people had to have been involved.

San Francisco mall brawl leaves officer injured.  A mall in San Francisco briefly went on lockdown after a brawl erupted Sunday, leaving one officer injured.  Video of the event showed officers trying to stop the fights breaking out at the mall on Sunday night [6/25/2017].  Many people were seen running from the mall, which ultimately closed early.

Chicago Police unable to control thousand-strong gang party lasting hours.  At last we know why Chicago's homicide level is so out of control:  Gangs, not police control the streets.  The gangs know it; the police know it; and now, thanks to, we know it.  A week ago, Chicago street gangs held a huge party in a park, with a thousand people attending, some brandishing firearms, terrifying neighbors for hours.  The police sent 25 squad cars, yet were outnumbered and unable to really do anything.

Mass Shootout Streamed on Facebook Live.  There was a shootout in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the wee hours of the morning yesterday.  At 12:30 am, a bunch of young people gathered at 5th Ave N and Ocean Boulevard.  They were blocking traffic and the police were called.  But before they got there, three young men got into a fight.  A man in a white t-shirt and jeans pulled out a gun and started firing.  Then he tried to carjack a car.  He was caught by the police however and didn't get far.

Weekend of shootings at Myrtle Beach leaves some tourists saying they won't be back.  "Multiple people down!" Bubba Hinson exclaimed as he live-streamed a video of what started as a mob stalling traffic, but turned into a mass shooting on Ocean Boulevard early Sunday morning [6/18/2017].  Eight people were injured in three shootings that erupted this weekend around heavily trafficked tourist areas in Myrtle Beach.  At least one of the shootings was caught on the camera of a visitor, who streamed it live on Facebook.

Police: Crowd Attacks Officers Responding to Fight Between 2 Women.  Paulsboro Police Chief Vernon Marino says a "very large crowd" made up of mostly children and young adults attacked the officers, who soon received help from cops in neighboring towns.

Angry passengers arrested after Spirit Airlines cancel flights in Florida.  Several people were taken into custody at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida when 11 flights were canceled Monday [5/8/2017].  Cell phone video captured by Jose Rodriguez showed at least three people being arrested as long lines of angry people lashed out at the airline.  Rodriguez said a group of people going to a graduation Tuesday had their flights canceled and will now have to miss the event.  Upset over the cancellation, travelers starting yelling and pounding on the counter.  Security stepped in to calm them down, but their attempts failed.

Chaos at Fort Lauderdale airport as angry passengers clash with cops.  Several people were detained during ugly confrontations with law enforcement when 11 Spirit Airlines flights were canceled and 26 were delayed at the Florida hub on Monday night because pilots refused to fly during a union dispute.  The group of passengers who clashed with cops were angry because the last-minute disruptions meant they would miss a graduation ceremony.

Black People:  Don't You Worry About 'Bout a Thing.  Kat Timpf Will Save You.  [Scroll down]  In Central Florida, 60 black people fought and rampaged through the Orange Park Mall.  Not the first time at that mall, or hundreds of others throughout the country over the last several years. [...] In beautiful Las Vegas, police responding to a large group of black people fighting at a nightclub found three people stabbed and nobody saw nuttin'.  There are dozens of these kinds of "let out" fights at black clubs around the country every night.  Yes, every night.  While you sleep.  Ask a cop if you want the truth.  Not a reporter.  [...] In Syracuse, another large fight among another large group of black people in the daytime in downtown left three people with stab wounds, and everyone else there inflicted with a sudden case of amnesia. [...] In Des Moines, Iowa, a group of black people beat a white woman as they left a city bus.  City official refuse to release a video of the violence, because like the riot at BART, they say using video to find the black criminals would impede their investigation.  This is the same town where hundreds of black people a few years ago rampaged through the Iowa State Fair, declaring it was "Beat Whitey Night."  That went on for three nights.  Ditto for the Wisconsin state fair a few nights later.

Chaos erupts at 5-year-old's birthday party; mom, 3 others arrested in clash with Birmingham police.  A 5-year-old's weekend birthday party in one of Birmingham's public housing communities ended up with four adults arrested and a 4-month-old pepper sprayed, and now residents and community activists are calling for the firing of two city police officers.  Patrice Bozeman, 24, said family members were gathered outside her apartment in Kingston Saturday night to celebrate the birthday of her daughter, Zauriona.  Two beat officers, they said, told them the music was too loud and when they questioned them on it, they said, at least 15 police officers arrived as backup and chaos erupted.

Fights, arrests after 300 youths converge on N.J. downtown.  South Orange Police Chief Kyle Kroll said Tuesday the crowd contained a mix of village teens and others from nearby communities, including Newark, East Orange and Irvington residents, who apparently arrived by public transportation.  The unruly crowd formed around 8 p.m. [Saturday, 4/29/2017] and kept officers busy until around midnight, according to police.  Kroll said he requested assistance from the Essex County Sheriff's Office, Maplewood and Orange police as altercations broke out among the throngs of teens and young adults.

60 teenagers involved in massive brawl at Florida mall; 5 people arrested.  A vicious brawl, involving more than 50 teenage boys and girls, erupted at a Florida mall.  The disturbing video of the fight was shared on social media, featuring a large group of teens pummeling each other outside a Rue 21 clothing store inside Orange Park Mall.  The Clay County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened Saturday [4/22/2017].  In the footage, several people are seen punching a girl on a couch.  Behind them another group is seen fighting as a woman appears to try and calm things down.  A third and fourth group of teens are also seen fighting in the background.

Teens Commandeer BART Train In Violent Takeover Robbery Of Passengers.  Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were robbed, and in some cases beaten, when dozens of juveniles stormed aboard the train and forced them to give up their property, police said.  The incident happened at 9:30 p.m.  Saturday at the Coliseum Station in Oakland aboard a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train.  BART Police said witnesses reported 50 to 60 juveniles jumping the fare gates and going to the platform.  After boarding the train, the juveniles "committed multiple strongarm robberies of bags and cell phones," according to a police report.

Reporters Sleep as 60 Black People Rob a BART Train in Oakland.  Alicia Trost, a BART spokeswoman, said Monday that seven robberies had occurred — with victims losing a purse, a duffel bag, and five phones.  Six people were robbed inside the train car, with a seventh confronted on the platform, she said.  Not one of the reporters for any of the dozens of news outlets in that area mentioned the central organizing feature of the "teens":  they were black.  Tons of Bay area law enforcement officials say so.  After they rampaged through the train, this black mob retreated into their East Oakland neighborhood — you know, the one that is widely reported to be the "backbone of African American life and culture in Oakland."

40-60 Teens Storm BART Train, Rob Passengers.  This didn't get much media play anywhere else, but there was a shocking robbery late Saturday night in San Francisco when a swarm of 40-60 juveniles stormed a BART train, took over a railway car, and robbed the passengers.  The teens exited the train and disappeared into the surrounding East Oakland neighborhood.  And yes, the story in the San Francisco Chronicle somehow fails to mention the race of the wildlings.

Teen Mob Attacks Train, Violently Robs Passengers, Here In America.  Perhaps if Californians had "shall issue" concealed carry instead of "may issue" restrictions that leave residents in many counties virtually unable to obtain a carry permit then nonsense like this wouldn't happen... at least not twice.  I have to think that someone skillfully using a compact semi-automatic such as a Glock 19 would have been able to take down enough of these vermin to see the others scampering back to their holes empty-handed.

BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, hold up riders.  BART police are beefing up patrols at Oakland stations after dozens of juveniles terrorized riders Saturday night [4/22/2017] when they invaded the Coliseum Station and commandeered at least one train car, forcing passengers to hand over bags and cell phones and leaving at least two with head injuries.  The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m.  Saturday.  Witnesses told police that 40 to 60 juveniles flooded the station, jumped the fare gates and rushed to the second-story train platform.  Some of the robbers apparently held open the doors of a Dublin-bound train car while others streamed inside, confronting and robbing and in some cases beating riders.

A Tale of Violence in Two Cities:  Augusta and Biloxi.  [M]ore than 65,000 black people gathered in Biloxi for the annual ball of confusion called Black Spring Break.  Cops and residents are calling it the worst Black Spring Break ever.  It took a few days for locals to figure out how bad it was.  They all knew the traffic was horrific.  The crowds of black people were twice as large as they were expecting.  And when the partygoers ran out of space at the beach, they pulled their cars into white Biloxi neighborhoods and set up barbecues and picnics on lawns in front of houses belonging to people they did not know.

Mob goes on teddy bear rampage at Oakland carnival; $30K lost.  A mob of teenagers stormed an Oakland carnival, stealing stuffed animals and other prizes in a free-for-all that left workers fearing for their safety, KRON reported.  About $30,000 in merchandise was lost in Saturday night's [3/11/2017] rampage at the Butler Carnival in East Oakland.  Workers told KRON that most of the prizes that were stolen were later smashed or ripped to shreds in a senseless display of vandalism.  Cellphone video footage showed teens helping themselves to teddy bears and other toy prizes.

Chair-hurling brawl breaks out in Bronx Seafood City eatery.  A group of boneheaded brawlers used chairs to beat one another in a no holds barred beatdown at a Bronx restaurant, according to police and video of the incident.  A brief video recording of the fight at the City Island eatery Seafood City emerged online Friday [2/24/2017].  The bedlam, which looks like a full blown WWE-style wrestling match, took place around 9:45 p.m., Thursday, according to police.  A dozen people can be seen in the clip tossing and using chairs as shields as well as throwing punches at one another.

The Editor says...
Guess what five-letter adjective was omitted from the article immediately above.

Huge group of Florida women brawling is captured on video as 50 people watched.  Multiple videos that captured a large group of women brawling in a Florida neighborhood have led to criminal charges after they quickly went viral.  The cellphone videos showed the group of women fighting near several homes in Leesburg around 4.30pm on Monday.  Neighbors said the fight attracted a huge crowd just minutes after people began posting about it on social media.

Rallings: 'It's not our job to raise your children'.  Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings spoke out Tuesday [1/3/2017] about large teen disturbances at two malls last week, saying malls need to make sure they are taking care of security and parents need to keep a better eye on their kids.  "The mall has an incredible responsibility to make sure they have the proper practices in place," said Rallings.

Malls debate teen policies after rash of Christmas weekend fights.  An unusually high number of teen fights at shopping centers across the U.S. over the Christmas weekend is prompting some mall operators to re-examine security policies and consider controversial restrictions on when and how teens may shop.  Security task force members from malls across the U.S. conducted a conference call Tuesday [12/27/2016] to discuss strategies for preventing mayhem, which may include more mall security or even bans on teens coming to malls alone, after multiple reports of teen fights over the four-day holiday, said Stephanie Cegielski, vice president of public relations for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Mayhem continues as 200 teens crash Philadelphia mall for Snapchat-planned brawl, officials say.  The mayhem that has rippled through malls in more than a dozen states continued Tuesday evening [12/27/2016], when about 200 rowdy teenagers showed up en masse at a Philadelphia mall in a gathering planned on Snapchat, officials said.  Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told ABC affiliate WPVI that police responded to a report of a disturbance at the Philadelphia Mills Mall at about 6:45 p.m.  The large group arrived by bus, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, but only about 30 or 40 were able to get inside.  "They went to the food court area and that's when they started running around, yelling and screaming and acting disorderly," Small told WPVI./p>

The Editor says...
See if you can guess the five-letter adjective that's absent in this report.  Hint:  starts with a B, rhymes with crack.

Police Suspect Social Media in Mall Violence in at Least 9 States.  Social media may have contributed to a series of possibly related incidents in which groups of people, many of them teens, fought and created disturbances at shopping malls in at least nine states, according to authorities.  The disturbances erupted in malls from Arizona to North Carolina and drew hundreds of spectators in some cases, causing several malls to be closed.

Mall Fights Break Out Across the Country.  Fights broke out at malls around the country Monday night sending shoppers, who were looking for post-holiday deals, scrambling for the exits.

Fights, Shooting and Mayhem Break Out At Malls Across The U.S..  There were numerous incidents throughout the U.S. today as police responded to fights, shooting, looting, bloodshed and general mayhem in multiple States.  The mall issues and/or violence was reported in:  Manchester Connecticut, Beachwood Ohio, Monroeville Pennsylvania, Aurora Colorado, Fayetteville North Carolina, Elizabeth New Jersey and Aurora Illinois.  Various terms like "youth", "kids", "teens" and/or "students" appear amid the general media reports which accompany each story.  However, beyond the words there appears to be something the PC media are trying to avoid.  Something transparently obvious to those who are looking at each story.

Seattle Nike outlet gets completely Trashed by Black Friday shoppers.  It looked like the scene after an earthquake.  A sea of orange boxes littered the floors, shoes stuffed in every crevice, while confused people stood in shock.  But this was no natural disaster.  This was Black Friday at a Nike factory store in Seattle.  Horrified shoppers at the Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip, Washington, shared pictures and video of the store's dismal condition after the holiday weekend.

Black Friday hijacked by protesters.  As shoppers were busy making purchases on one of the most crucial shopping days of the year, hundreds of people took to the streets in cities across the country on Friday to protest various issues, including police mistreatment of minorities and retail workers to the fur trade industry.  In Illinois, activists have called for a shopping boycott in Chicago's downtown on Black Friday as around 400 people gathered in the city's Magnificent Mile shopping district to demand an elected civilian police review board.

Mob of 50-60 angry students surround student who didn't want to participate in the BLM movement.  On October 14th I told you about how the Seattle Schools were organizing a "Black Lives Matter" Day in an effort to close the achievement gap between black and white students.  Apparently the students at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way (south of Seattle) thought that would be a great idea as well.  Turns out the event didn't go as planned.

Bottles, Rocks Thrown in Beach Brawl.  More than 100 people brawled on a Massachusetts beach Sunday evening [5/10/2015] in a melee that saw bottles and rocks hurled, some at police, and nine people arrested.  The fight broke out near the bandstand on Revere Beach soon before 6:15 p.m. when two girls or women began fighting, Mayor Dan Rizzo said.  Their boyfriends joined in, and then their boyfriends' friends, and it kept growing from there, he said.

New Details about Youth Attacks on Temple University Students, Bystanders.  Police were called on Friday, October 21, when the mob of teens began running around the campus attacking people who were walking the sidewalks on campus.  Police first claimed that perhaps as many as 50 attackers were involved, but now the number has been increased to over 150.  Also, earlier reports noted one or two victims of the attackers, but now that number includes at least six students and one police officer.

200 teen flash mob storms college, attacks students in the street.  When you hear "flash mob" you might think of a pre-planned dance in a spontaneous location.  Don't.  That is not the kind of flash mob that has occurred in Pennsylvania at Temple University's main campus.  The result has four young adults arrested and many victims struggling to recover.  Friday night [10/21/2016] there were several cases of violence that erupted on the campus.  Groups of around twenty young adults would target individuals or small group and attack them.  In some cases they stole their belongings.  This included a cell phones and speakers.  And many were injured.  One young woman was beaten so seriously she was hospitalized.

Mob attacks on Temple students stoke racial tensions.  The father of a Temple University sophomore who was beaten by a roving teen mob last week said people "should draw their own conclusions" about whether the string of attacks against students and cops was racially motivated.  Joe Lauletta, 50, wrote on Facebook a day after the flash mob-style attacks that a group of 30 to 40 "black teenagers" assaulted his daughter, Christina, 19, and her two male friends on their way home from a Temple football game at Lincoln Financial Field on Friday [10/21/2016].

Crazed teens viciously attack college kids for no apparent reason.  A slew of vicious, "flash mob"-style attacks at Temple University left at least six students beaten and bloodied over the weekend, along with a cop and a police horse.  More than 150 teens, spread out in groups of 20 or 30, descended upon the campus at around 8:30 p.m.  Friday — wreaking havoc for nearly two hours before eventually dispersing, according to NBC 10.  Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told the television station that the mob had been playing a "cat-and-mouse game" with officers throughout the night as they assaulted people who were walking around campus.

The Editor says...
Any time you see a news report about "teens" involved in violent crime against strangers in the street, you can safely assume that the perpetrators are black and the victims are white.  Any time you see a news report that says blacks attack whites "for no apparent reason," you can safely assume that the attacks were racially motivated and the newspaper is afraid to say so.

Three badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game.  Did you know a black mob beat college students on Saturday night in Philadelphia?  Weird how we're not reading about this until three days later.

Friday violence as teen mob attacks Temple students, police; four arrested.  Four juveniles have been arrested in a series of violent incidents Friday night [10/21/2016] near Temple University's main campus in North Philadelphia.  According to Temple security, a group of over 150 juveniles coordinated a "meet up" on Instagram, amassing on Broad Street near the campus at approximately 8 p.m.  Four youths, ranging in ages between 14 and 17, were arrested in connection with wide-ranging attacks on Temple students, others in the crowd, and two Temple police officers that seemed to mimic the "flash mobs" that hit Center City in recent years.

As civil society crumbles, flash mob loots Apple store.  Make no mistake:  we are sliding toward something like a third-world urban reality, with street violence frequent and law enforcement unwilling or unable to do much about it.  In certain Latin American, Asian, and African cities, stores containing valuables have bars, locked entrances, and armed guards.  Those with enough money hire armed guards and lie behind walls with barbed wire at the top.  There are powerful forces attacking the legitimacy of the civil order of the United States.  Black Lives Matter is merely the newest visible component of the effort, but efforts are underway to release into the population violent criminals (because "mass incarceration"), to dispute the legitimacy of criminal convictions based on the group rights theory of "disparate impact," to shackle police tactics, to incite mob violence against police, and to devastate morale and hamper recruitment.

Teens Steal Over $13K In iPhones From Natick Apple Store In 'Flash Mob' Robbery.  A group of thieves stole over $13,000 in iPhones from the Apple store in the Natick Mall in a "flash mob" robbery.  Natick Police Lt. Cara Rossi said a group of seven teens were only in the store for less than one minute, but were able to steal 19 phones.

Mob of 40 people attack a California Highway Patrol cruiser with a white officer inside after he tried.  Footage has emerged of a mob attacking a California Highway Patrol cruiser while the officer was trying to shut down an illegal sideshow at the weekend.  The incident occurred at the intersection of North and Orange Avenues in Southwest Fresno on Sunday afternoon [9/25/2016] around 3.40 pm.  Police say a group of about 40 people blocked traffic by putting on a sideshow that involved reckless driving and cars doing burnouts.

Rioting:  The Unbeatable High.  It's fun watching the pundits on CNN try to intellectualize the riots in Charlotte.  They bounce stats around and wonder aloud if the protesters are more angry about 19th-century lynchings or 20th-century segregation.  They keep talking about bus seats and Alabama like anyone throwing a brick gives a shit.  We all know Keith Scott was not reading a book, just as we know these rioters don't read books.  Do you expect an apology when we find out the cop was justified?  Of course not.  Nobody on TV seems prepared to face the truth, which is, these stupid kids are rioting because it's really, really, really fun.  That's it.  The same was true of the Rodney King riots and the riots in Ferguson.  All vandals need is a semblance of a meme for justification and they're good to go.  To pretend it's anything more than that is to tell your rapist you're a Malcolm X scholar in hopes that he'll stop.

Charlotte riots, Tulsa doesn't.  Charlotte is the latest Ferguson.  The facts of the event, still unknown, do not matter.  It does not matter that since Obama took office, over three thousand African-Americans have been killed in Chicago by other African-Americans.  No one outside their immediate family and friends knows their names.  Obama does not speak out about their murders or the fact that Illinois's strict gun laws have done nothing to reduce the number of shootings in Chicago.  So, curiously, Charlotte is the scene of riots, looting, and more violence like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas.  Many of the protesters are being bussed in and paid, quite possibly with dollars donated by George Soros.  He was behind the paid protesters in Ferguson and is most likely behind the chaos in Charlotte.  Last night [9/23/2016], seventy percent of the people arrested were not from North Carolina.

North Carolina Mob Attack Female Truck Driver — Police Refuse to Help.  Following an officer involved shooting in Charlotte North Carolina yesterday [9/20/2016] a mob of angry protestors assembled.  Immediately the protesting mob began attacking police officers and vehicles.  The mob clashed with police and riot squads were called, tear gas deployed.  The mob grew into approximately a thousand people who then moved collectively onto interstate 85 and blocked traffic.  Several vehicles were caught by the mob included numerous tractor trailers.

Protests break out across North Carolina injuring 12 police officers after cops shot dead a 'disabled' black father-of-seven.  Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer at The Village at College Downs in Charlotte at about 4pm on Tuesday [9/20/2016].  The police department issued a statement saying the officers fired their weapons after considering Scott a threat.  But Scott's brother and sister said he didn't have a gun and was reading a book in his car while waiting for his son to be dropped off from school, WSOC reported.  On Tuesday night, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tweeted that demonstrators were destroying marked police vehicles and that approximately 12 officers had been injured, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.

Protests erupt after fatal shooting by police; 12 officers injured.  All lanes of Interstate 85 were reopened early Wednesday [9/21/2016] but still littered with some rocks and glass after a night of protests over an officer-involved shooting of an African-American man in the University City area.  The officer was also African-American.  Twelve police officers were injured Tuesday night in a series of clashes, and reports were coming in early Wednesday of motorists on Interstate 85 being hurt and their vehicles damaged when protestors threw rocks, bottles and traffic cones off interstate overpasses onto traffic below.  At least seven of the police officers needed to be hospitalized after the clashes, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.

Disturbances at Mall of America lead to 10 arrests.  Witnesses at the state's largest shopping and entertainment complex described the scene that unfolded Monday evening [9/12/2016] as "chaotic" with people running and chanting.  A series of disturbance calls over the course of several hours Monday evening at the Mall of America led to 10 arrests, Bloomington police said.  Skirmishes broke out in the third-floor food court area after 6 p.m. and officers made the arrests for alleged offenses ranging from disorderly conduct, obstruction of the legal process and providing false information to police.

New video shows mob of Yale students encircling professor and angrily demanding an apology after he told them to 'just look away' if they were offended by racist Halloween costumes.  New videos have surfaced of a Yale professor being protested and yelled at by students for sending an email telling them to ignore people dressed in offensive or racist Halloween costumes last year.  The fallout of the email saw Nicholas Christakis, the master of Silliman College at Yale, and his wife Erika, a faculty member, resign from their positions at the university.  The new videos, which appeared on The Federalist, give a greater insight into what the students were demanding from Christakis, and his defense that cultural appropriation on Halloween is permissible.

Forget Milwaukee:  Cedar Rapids Had Much Better Black Mob Violence and Denial.  People outside of Milwaukee may be a bit surprised that last week hundreds of black people burned down businesses, threw bricks at cops, attacked white people, and created an enormous amount of mayhem.  All because police killed a member of that city's black criminal elite after he pointed a stolen gun at them.  The New York Times certainly was — it even dug up a few locals to say so.  But on the porches of Milwaukee, the home town crowd remember how hundreds of black people rampaged through a recent state fair, attacking white people in and outside of the fairgrounds — with all the bloody carnage captured on 911 calls.

Bike trails becoming a center of black on white mob violence.  Urban bike and jogging paths are becoming synopsis with black on white mob attacks and media censorship.  Groups of young blacks look for vulnerable whites to brutally beat up.  Little, if anything, of value is stolen.  Racial hatred seems to be the primary motive in most of these attacks.  The race of the attackers are often aggressively censored by the media.  The attacks are blamed on "a lack of lights" or a "lack of security."

Charleston's impromptu street protest sparked tense police response.  "They're throwing bricks!"  An officer barked the warning into his radio as an object bounced off an officer's vest and hit him in the face Wednesday night [7/13/2016].  The officer was part of a group who stood at Broad and King streets, trying to keep a throng of protesters marching in the middle of the streets away from the shops and bars a little farther north on King Street.  About 100 protesters broke off from a rally against police shootings in Marion Square to take their complaints to the streets.  They marched south past the Market to The Battery, then turned around and marched north on King Street, chanting all the while and challenging police orders to get on the sidewalk.

Police: 65 arrested after blocking Baltimore expressway during protest.  Sixty-five people were arrested on Saturday [7/16/2016] after participants in a march against police brutality blocked Interstate 83 just north of downtown Baltimore.  The arrests created a chaotic scene around Penn Station, where thousands milled around for the annual Baltimore Artscape festival.  The march, which was named and tagged on social media as "Afromation," began at Guilford Avenue and Chase Street, moved through Artscape on Charles Street, then to St.  Paul Street and past Penn Station to the I-83 onramp, which was closed for the festival.

21 Officers Injured as St.  Paul Freeway Protest Turns Violent.  Twenty-one officers from various Minnesota law enforcement agencies were injured and more than 102 protestors were arrested as a demonstration on the I-94 freeway in St. Paul turned violent Saturday night [7/9/2016], with protestors hurling rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks at law enforcement officers on the scene.  Hundreds of demonstrators began protesting at the Governor's Residence in St. Paul Saturday night over the police-involved shooting death of Philando Castile earlier in the week before heading onto the I-94 freeway around 8 p.m., local Fox affiliate KMSP reported.

Government Street in Baton Rouge closed due to protests.  What started as a peaceful march in downtown [7/10/2016] ended with tense moments between police and protesters.  Officials say 48 people were arrested during the unplanned demonstration.  A portion of Government Street in downtown Baton Rouge remains closed after a group held an "unlawful protest" following a peace march that was held at the Louisiana State Capitol.  Police believe the secondary protest was initiated by out-of-state groups.

Oakland Authorities, Business Owners Worry About More Protests.  The city of Oakland was cleaning up Friday[7/8/2016] after a night of disruptive protests as officials and business owners expressed concerns over more unrest to come.  Thousands turned out Thursday night to stand against two deadly police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota this week.  A crowd estimated at around 2,000 people gathered in downtown Oakland to protest the recent police shootings, marching through the streets, taking over Frank Ogawa Plaza and gathering outside of the Oakland Police Department on Broadway.  Someone painted the word "murderers" on the door of Oakland police headquarters.

Protesters in standoff with police on Atlanta highway.  Protesters in Atlanta, Georgia marching against police brutality have shut down Interstate-75 and the northbound side of Interstate-85, where a large police presence is preventing them from advancing further.  Meanwhile, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, some arrests have been made in protests there.  Thousands of people rallied in Atlanta, Georgia and Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday to protest the recent police-involved deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, both African-American men, in Louisiana and Minnesota respectively.

Atlanta protesters in tense, peaceful standoff with troopers.  A group of protestors engaged in a standoff with Georgia State troopers for hours Friday night.  After an earlier protest in and around Centennial Olympic Park ended, this group marched to Williams Street near the Downtown Connector.  State troopers gathered in force to form a line to keep the protestors from marching onto the highway.

Thousands of protesters block highway in Atlanta in march against police brutality.  Black Lives Matter protesters have been sprayed with tear gas in Phoenix after a march against police brutality spiraled out of control.  Police also fired bean bag rounds and pepper spray at the protesters, who were seen running away and shielding their eyes.

Black Lives Matter protesters sprayed with tear gas in Phoenix as rally spirals out of control.  Black Lives Matter protesters have been sprayed with tear gas in Phoenix after a march against police brutality spiraled out of control.  Police also fired bean bag rounds and pepper spray at the protesters, who were seen running away and shielding their eyes.  One image showed a white man holding a Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' placard interrupting the protest on Friday night.  Less than three hours after the demonstration began at 8pm, police declared the protest an 'unlawful assembly' and ordered people to leave after objects were thrown at officers, the Arizona Republic reported.  In Rochester, New York, the SWAT team arrived and police arrested 74 protesters who were blocking the streets.

Saturday protesters: 'Disrupt,' 'shut down' outside 24th, 25th Police Districts.  Activists started their march Saturday evening [7/9/2016] from the Fairhill section of North Philadelphia toward the 24th and 25th Police Districts, where they planned to "disrupt" and "shut down" police activity and area traffic as part of a "weekend of rage" against fatal police shootings nationwide of young black men, one of the protest leaders said.

This Wal-Mart brawl is unbelievable.  Gates [NY] Police Chief Jim VanBrederode says the fight started around 7 p.m.  Sunday [7/3/2016] after two 17-year-olds made fun of a dress worn by a 24-year-old woman.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
No, the riot is not "unbelievable."  I suspect incidents of this sort take place more frequently than any of us know.

Kanye causes chaos in New York:  Thousands mob streets for star's 'secret' gig prompting NYPD shutdown and near riot.  Chaos erupted outside Kanye West's secret concert in New York City early Monday morning [6/6/2016] after thousands of desperate fans descended on the venue — forcing officials to cancel the event and requiring dozens of police officers to disperse the crowd.  Kanye was heard asking for Mayor Bill de Blasio to shut down the block in a Snapchat video taken by wife Kim Kardashian early Monday morning after some people were trampled in a stampede outside the gig.

Police: Virginia man fatally beaten, stabbed by mob at party.  Virginia police say a man found dead in his family's home was beaten by a mob of people and stabbed at a party he attended the night before.

Nashville Cop Of The Year Attacked by Mob at Housing Project.  Responding to a shots fired and domestic call last week, Officer Matthew Cammarn arrived at a housing project on South 7th Street where he witnessed 22-year-old Brian Shannon reportedly assaulting a female.  Cammarn intervened but Shannon responded aggressively and refused to be taken into custody.  He grabbed the officer and pulled him to the ground.  Cammarn wrestled with Shannon while a crowd gathered and a group of men started hitting the officer over the head.

The London Loot-athon:  Outrage as dozens of people are filmed brazenly snatching bottles of water left for marathon runne.  This is the shocking moment a group of people including parents with children were seen stealing bottles of water from London marathon runners.  The mob were pictured descending on tables laid out with liquid in Deptford, south-east London.  Eyewitnesses say a group of opportunistic thieves started stealing the bottles minutes after the front runners had passed through.  One man even brought a trolley with him to pile up crates of the water which should have been much needed refreshment for the athletes.

Police officer attacked in wild brawl, chases suspect at Nashville housing complex.  Nashville police are increasing patrols at a housing complex after an officer was attacked in a wild melee that was captured on video.  The officer, Matthew Cammarn, suffered a head injury in the brawl, which occurred Tuesday while he was trying to make an arrest at the James Cayce public housing development.  Video shows Cammarn and a man — identified as Brian Shannon, 22 — scuffling as a crowd surrounds them.  Cammarn allegedly saw Shannon assault a woman, and was pulled to the ground when he tried to intervene.

Black Lives Matter shuts down Chicago expressway over police killing of teen.  Traffic on Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway was disrupted Tuesday night [4/12/2016] when a Black Lives Matter vigil held over the death of a 16-year-old boy turned into a march.  Several lanes of the expressway were blocked, and two protesters were arrested.

Oklahoma police hunt suspect who punched retired cop trying to break up fight.  Oklahoma police are investigating after a fight outside a local convenience store showing a retired police officer being sucker-punched was caught on video. [...] When officers arrived at the scene they encountered a crowd of 50 teens and young adults, Fox 23 News reported.

Armed stand-off at Texas mosque: Racial tensions erupt in Dallas.  Racial tensions erupted during an armed demonstration outside a Nation of Islam mosque in Dallas on Saturday [4/2/2016].  Anti-radicalization protesters from the Bureau of American Islamic Relations turned up with semi-automatic rifles, clad in skeleton masks as they confronted members of the New Black Panther Party.  Hundreds of black activists meant the group was outnumbered as they lined up behind barricades on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

Nine arrested in giant street brawl that killed teen.  Nine people are behind bars in Georgia charged with murder after a massive street fight caught on video.  Police are investigating what sparked the brawl in a small town near Augusta that left a teenager dead.  David Begnaud reports from outside Glenn Hills High School in Augusta, where some of the suspects are enrolled.

9 face murder charges in recorded after-school brawl in Georgia.  It started out as a fistfight.  Two girls — emboldened by bystanders alternately yelling out support or derision — went toe-to-toe in the residential street before they tumbled to the ground.  It only got uglier from there.  A two-minute cell phone video shot by a witness last week in Hephzibah, Georgia, captures the chaos as others join the fray, some wielding bats or pipes, others their fists.  The driver of a black car targets two young men, narrowly misses them, and backs up on the subdivision lawn, striking another vehicle.  In the end, an 18-year-old boy was mortally wounded.

The Editor says...
Notice that the bystanders all have cell phones with internal video cameras, and every gang fight is televised on the internet.  Not to identify the suspects, of course, but to generate internet fame for the photographers.  The lower class is preoccupied and driven by celebrity and fame.

A Deadly Fight Involving Up To 50 Teens Started With One 15 Year Old Girl.  Authorities say nine people have been charged with murder and another is being sought after a teenager was stabbed to death in a massive, chaotic brawl that involved baseball bats, pipes, knives and other weapons near Augusta.

Video captures teens fighting at Burger King.  An all-out brawl inside a Memphis fast food restaurant was caught on camera.  A WMC Action News 5 viewer said they took the footage at the Burger King near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Cleveland Street.  In the video, several young people can be seen fighting near the counter.  The people appear to be in school uniforms.  The video shows what appears to be students throwing punches, pulling hair, and standing on counters in a local fast food restaurant.

Will Thuggish Hip-hop Culture Destroy Austin's SXSW?  It is Austin's most important and coolest festival:  South by Southwest.  But after two gun-related incidents at this year's SXSW, both involving volatile hip-hop crowds on March 18 and 20, the festival's organizers and Austin's liberal political leaders must be in a panic — wondering how to get rid of all the thuggish hip-hop shows while maintaining their high-minded values of political correctness.  The mayhem at SXSW's music week together with other hip-hop thuggishness over the years — including the deaths of four festival[-]goers three years ago caused by a black rapper who was eluding police in a stolen car — has stirred public outrage.  The talk on social media and in online posts in recent days has veered into the politically incorrect, with many slamming hip-hop's thuggish culture.

Spring Breakers Cause Chaos On South Beach.  The crowd became so big and out of control so quickly that Miami Beach police had to call in more units working other areas of the beach as well as units from Miami police.  "At first everything was under control," Miami native Jovannae Sweeting told Reporter Donna Rapado.  "But then I guess when people tried to fight police, of course when the police were attacked other police tried to help them.  It was crazy."  Video even captured people even standing on top of cars.

Mayhem over new Air Jordans shuts down Eastland Center.  A little pink sneaker created a big ruckus this morning [3/5/2016] at Eastland Center mall in Harper Woods.  At 8 a.m., when the doors opened at the Kids Foot Locker for the highly anticipated release of the Girls' Air Jordan 12 Retro Vivid Pink shoe, crowds rushed the gate, broke a lock, shoved and hollered.  Police immediately shut the mall down.  At 10 a.m., the store tried to open again and the same thing happened, according to William McClure, the general manager at Eastland Center.

Fox News blamed for stoking 'racism' in city's spring break crackdown.  The actual bacchanalia is still to come, but the underside of spring break in this party mecca has produced heated council meetings, attempts at a crackdown and court proceedings on whether Fox News is to blame for the town's purportedly racist crackdown.  Laws limiting alcohol consumption and scooter rentals have divided businesses and residents of this rural county which, for the past 20 years, has been transformed by hundreds of thousands of young visitors who spend tens of millions of dollars in a raucous six weeks.

Police: Gun owner saved cop from attack by kids.  Police are crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an Upper Darby cop Friday [2/12/2016] after he saw the officer being attacked and surrounded by a large group of teens.  "There were 40 kids.  If it wasn't for the good Samaritan stepping forward, he'd have been dead meat," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.  "There's no doubt they would have attacked him."

No Justice, No Football.  For me, the big question isn't which team wins in that football thing this weekend. The real big question is whether local anarchists and malcontents will try to shut down any big-name bridges, freeways or otherwise jam up the Bay Area's Super Bowl festivities.

Lawbreaking Bikers Promote Anti-Second Amendment Message.  People all along the East Coast are increasingly being subjected to a low level of lawless intimidation with massive traffic intimidation by a subculture of outlaw bikers.  This is a separate subculture that revels in their ability to escape police and to break traffic laws with impunity. [...] Most are unlicensed dirt bikes and ATVs.  The riders have learned to break the law with impunity, especially in large, semi-organized groups.  The bikes give them the ability to go places where police cars or even conventional police motorcycles cannot go, and police organizations have been under pressure not to chase the law breakers for fear of causing accidents.  In many areas the police have given up on enforcing the law, and have broadcast their intentions to the public.  This serves to empower and reinforce the attitudes of the outlaws.

ATV, motorcycle riders take over streets in Miami-Dade, Broward counties.  Motorcyclists and ATV riders took over the streets of Miami-Dade and Broward counties, ignoring traffic lights, driving the wrong way down city streets and speeding on sidewalks on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  At least 150 riders started in Miami-Dade County about 3:30 p.m., moving north into Broward County on Interstate 95.  Riders went as far north as Pompano Beach before turning back south as night fell.  Although it's illegal to drive an ATV or an unauthorized motorcycle on roads in both counties, officials said they did not chase the riders or pull them over because it was too dangerous.

Bay Bridge reopening after protesters chain themselves, shut down span.  California Highway Patrol officers arrested 25 demonstrators after the group used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Monday [1/18/2016] to chain themselves and their vehicles across all five westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge, bringing traffic to a standstill as they demanded racial equity.  The activists froze traffic for about 30 minutes before they were arrested on suspicion of public nuisance, unlawful assembly and obstructing free passage, CHP Officer Vu Williams said.

Mob of 50 Black Teens Storm Georgia Walmart, Destroy and Steal Store.  Do you think the Old Media establishment will report this story of a mob of 50 black teenagers swarming a Walmart in Georgia and destroying the place? [...] But imagine if it was a mob of 50 white kids doing this?

Teens terrorize holiday shoppers.  The entitlement generation is on the rampage — turning many of our nation's shopping centers into war zones.  Over the long holiday weekend, mobs of unsupervised teenagers terrorized shoppers and department stores across the fruited plain.  As many as 2,000 teenagers rioted Saturday night at the Mall St. Matthews in suburban Louisville, Kentucky.  Officer Dennis McDonald, a spokesperson for the St. Matthews Police Department, told USA Today that most of the offenders had been dropped off at the mall or had arrived by public transportation.

Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally.  A skirmish broke out between rival activists on the steps of City Hall Wednesday [12/31/2015] during what had been intended as a demonstration against violence in Newark.  Police were called to the scene after a small crowd began arguing over escalating violence and the city's attempts to curb it.  The noon press conference was called by a group of activists led by Salaam Ismial, co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, and Abdul Muhammad, a longtime Newark anti-violence activist.

Two arrests as Black Lives Matter, other groups protest during Mummers Parade.  Philadelphia Police arrested a man and woman who they say briefly disrupted the annual New Year's Day Mummers Parade in Center City Philadelphia. [...] A 45-year-old man was charged with disorderly conduct.  A 34-year-old woman was charged with disrupting a procession.  Both were among a group of about 50 demonstrators who staged a protest during the annual Mummers Parade.

Police violence protesters 'crash' brunch at North Side restaurants.  Several protesters took to popular North Side brunch restaurants on New Year's Day to chant and raise awareness of police violence in Chicago.  The protesters, including members of Black Lives Matter Chicago, the Black Youth Project, and Assata's Daughters, went into restaurants Kanela Breakfast Club and Dove's Luncheonette in Wicker Park and chanted "While you are here celebrating over brunch, black families are struggling to keep themselves safe from CPD."

Kentucky's Mall St. Matthews Shuts Down After Brawls Involving Up to 2,000.  The officers on duty at the mall called for backup, and 50 officers from five different agencies responded, according to police.  "It was a series of brawls" involving 1,000 to 2,000 people ages 13 to their early 20s, McDonald said, adding that "the entire mall" was affected.  About 8 p.m., authorities started to advise stores in the mall to close their doors, but those involved in the brawls were refusing to leave.  "Businesses were in the process of closing their doors, steel grates, and you had juveniles that were not allowing businesses to close up — [they were] climbing on the grates," McDonald said.

More than 500 people swept up in chaotic flash mob at Deptford Mall.  Several law enforcement agencies are investigating after a "large disturbance" involving more than 500 people broke out Saturday night [12/26/2015] at the Deptford Mall.  Officials from Gloucester and Camden counties arrived at the scene of what appears to have been a flash mob that took place at the Sears department store on the mall's second floor, according to  Police stopped short of calling the disturbance a "fight," confirming there were no reports of assaults or injuries.

America's Newest Christmas Tradition: Black Mob Violence at Malls.  In the days before, during, and after Christmas, 15 malls reported large-scale episodes of rioting, shooting, looting, rampaging, fighting, throwing rocks at police, damaging cars and more.  Two black people died.

Mall Mayhem: Over 1,000 Teens Shut Down Kentucky Mall.  A mall in Louisville, Kentucky, reopened this morning after over 1,000 teens loitering, fighting and refusing to leave businesses forced the shopping center to shut down Saturday night [12/26/2015], police said.  Around 7 p.m., police started to receive disturbance calls from the Mall St. Mathews regarding "juveniles who were loitering, refusing to leave businesses, fights, those kinds of things," St. Matthews Police spokesman Dennis McDonald told ABC News today.

500 people involved in large disruption at Deptford Mall.  Confusion broke out at the Deptford Mall Saturday night after a "large disturbance" involving more than 500 people erupted near the food court.  Multiple law enforcement agencies from both Gloucester and Camden counties were called to the mall, located on Deptford Center Road.  Videos posted on social media show droves of people dispersing near the Sears store on the second level.

Media fails to identify the race of 1,000 to 2,000 Black teens that shut down Kentucky mall.  The teenagers involved in this incident were Black, but media reports, including Fox News, omit the fact from their reports.  Notice how CBS just calls them "unruly".  Why?  It's obvious.  The media works from templates to fit their agenda.  Minorities behaving badly will always be unreported as much as possible.  But, had a White Cop shot one of these criminal Black teens, then the races of all involved would be indentified.

Kentucky's Mall St. Matthews Shuts Down After Brawls Involving Up to 2,000.  Chain-reaction brawls involving up to 2,000 people erupted in one of Kentucky's largest malls Saturday night, forcing the entire mall and businesses in the surrounding area to shut down, police said. [...] The officers on duty at the mall called for backup, and 50 officers from five different agencies responded, according to police.  "It was a series of brawls" involving 1,000 to 2,000 people ages 13 to their early 20s, McDonald said, adding that "the entire mall" was affected.

Riot ideology: Results through coercion.  In the summer of 1966, Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach warned that there would be riots by angry, poor minority residents in "30 or 40" American cities if Congress didn't pass President Lyndon Johnson's Model Cities antipoverty legislation.  In the late 1960s, New York Mayor John Lindsay used the fear of such rioting to expand welfare rolls dramatically at a time when the black male unemployment rate was about 4 percent.  And in the 1980s, Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry articulated an explicitly racial version of collective bargaining — a threat that, without ample federal funds, urban activists would unleash wave after wave of racial violence.  "I know for a fact," Barry explained, "that white people get scared of the [Black] Panthers, and they might give money to somebody a little more moderate."

A Mob's Maul Of America.  Presumably the purpose of a protest is to attract attention to one's cause.  That police shootings have led the news and are at the top of the White House's agenda isn't quite good enough for Black Lives Matter, because the loose social-media collective wants more than attention.  It wants destruction.  Its latest protest at the Mall of America is explicitly intended to create economic losses as a means of shaking out concessions from "the establishment."

1 of 8 Arrested in Minnesota Airport Protest Remains Jailed.  One of eight people arrested during a flash protest that briefly tangled holiday travel at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport remained in jail Thursday [12/24/2015], with the others facing orders to appear in court later.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter storm Minneapolis Airport and cause travel chaos as riot police are deployed to terminals.  Thirty people have been arrested after hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted holiday travel and shopping in several states Wednesday with protests blocking access roads to airports and shutting down the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Police are out in full force today to ensure smooth Christmas Eve travel a day after the demonstrations led to disruptions.  Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said Thursday [12/24/2015] that there's no reason to believe there will be a repeat of protests that led to traffic backups and security checkpoint shutdowns at a secondary terminal Wednesday.

Black Lives Matter protest snarls Minneapolis airport.  Several hundred Black Lives Matter activists shut down at least one terminal at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International airport Wednesday for about two hours in an afternoon of protest that began miles away at the huge Mall of America.  A total of 15 people were arrested at both sites, mostly for trespassing or obstruction of justice, police said.  No injuries or property damage were reported.  The protesters not only disrupted rail traffic to the terminals, they blocked the freeway in front of the airport, snarling holiday traffic on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

New at the mall: Fierce black-mob attacks.  A mall in Ocoee, Florida, has been forced to impose a curfew after as many as 900 black teenagers, mostly girls, stormed a theater inside the mall so they could see the sexual bondage-themed film, "Fifty Shades of Grey," on Valentine's Day.  According to WKMG-TV in Florida, hundreds of middle- and high-school students rushed the AMC Theater at the West Oaks Mall after not being allowed into the R-rated movie.  Some reports indicate the riot was organized on social media weeks in advance.

Black Lives Matter Protester Says Disrupting Christmas Travel Is 'A Good Idea'.  Black Lives Matter organizer Asha Long says that disrupting air travel is not a bad thing:  "I think it's important for that we realize people who are upset about missing their air, their flight, that many black lives are disrupted every day."  Appearing on "CNN Newsroom" with Carol Costello on Thursday [12/24/2015], Long was unable to provide statistics to back up her claims arguing, "I do not have statistics but I do have lived experience which is just as valid."

Flash mob hits designer store in Georgetown, steals $13,000 in goods.  A large group of juveniles robbed a clothing store in Georgetown on Tuesday evening and stole $13,000 worth of items, according to D.C. police.  The incident happened just before 6 p.m. at the Diesel store in the 3000 block of M Street NW.  More than 20 people went into the store and grabbed several items off the racks, police said.  They stole four leather jackets, costing about $800, and an additional $12,000 worth of merchandise.

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Hillary rally.  Protesters with the Black Lives Matters movement interrupted a Hillary Clinton rally in Atlanta on Friday [10/30/2015], where she planned to unveil her criminal justice reform plan.  Members of the civil rights group in the crowd chanted "Black Lives Matters" and sang hymns throughout her speech.

Cops Fired For Telling the Truth about Black Violence.  The first hero is Lori Lavorato, the former spokeswoman for the police in Des Moines, Iowa.  A few years ago, at the Iowa State Fair, large groups of black people created havoc and violence in and out of the fair for three nights.  In their wake, they left a fractured skull, dozens of black on white assaults, property destruction, defiance, and two hospitalized cops.  All at, yes, the Iowa State Fair.  When reporters wanted to know why all the black people were violently attacking white people, Lavorato told it the way it was:  "In the police report it states that a group of black males and females were out at the fair yelling 'it's beat whitey night'.  The police chief said truth was not the "messaging" she wanted.  So Lavorato had to go.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Rush LA Mayor's Podium at Town Hall.  Los Angeles Mayor Mayor Eric Garcetti was escorted out of a church and taken to his car after Black Lives Matter protesters overtook the town hall meeting.  According to KNBC-TV, Black Lives Matter protesters rushed the podium at the town hall event, which was being held to discuss economic opportunity and community safety.  As Garcetti attempted to leave the meeting, protesters surrounded his car and continued to chant.

America is due for a revolution.  Here's the good news:  The chaos and upheaval we see all around us have historical precedents and yet America survived.  The bad news:  Everything likely will get worse before it gets better again.  That's my chief takeaway from "Shattered Consensus," a meticulously argued analysis of the growing disorder.  Author James Piereson persuasively makes the case there is an inevitable "revolution" coming because our politics, culture, education, economics and even philanthropy are so polarized that the country can no longer resolve its differences.

Video reveals America is either greatest country in the history of the world, or the low point of human civilization.  I have been struggling for several days now, trying to wrap my mind around the video embedded [in this article].  It was recorded on a cruise ship, the Carnival Breeze, as a fight broke out among passengers waiting for cheeseburgers at Guy's Burger Joint, an outlet jointly owned by Guy Fieri of the Food Network and the Carnival Cruise Line.

Rumble in VA! Trump Supporters Brawl with #BlackLivesMatter and Latino Radicals.  It was only a matter of time before this happened.  Look for it to get much worse.  Politico makes a big deal out of a Trump supporter spitting on and cursing at a Black Lives Matter jerk.  First off, there is no context.  What did the radical say and do before that happened?  Second, I'm not sure you can blame the guy.  He's obviously had it with these racist, commie thugs.  I know I have.  The crowd raged over this.  I'm surprised there wasn't a bigger brawl.  Guess the state police got there in time and hauled away the disrupters.  Black Lives Matter thugs and Latino radicals crashed the Trump rally in Richmond, Virginia and this time people fought back.  There were 5,000 people there and they were ticked.

Black Violence Matters.  [Example #1]  Harrisburg.  100 black people leave a local festival, ransack a convenience store, and vandalize more than 50 cars, including one belonging to the chief of police.  The mayor said the large scale violence is "isolated" and caused by poverty.  The chief of said he is going to stop the repeated and large-scale lawlessness by "preaching" to the kids.  Two days after the riot, we learned another mob assaulted two white kids coming from the festival, breaking at least one jaw.  The local press finally had to 'fess up':  "The beatdown also had a "racial overtone," to it, said the chief of police.  He said the attackers, who were black, yelled racial comments at the white victims, who had been "minding their own business."

Putney: Gangs at the center of Charlotte weekend violence.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said retaliatory shootings between at least two gangs were at the root of many of the violent crimes over the Labor Day weekend.  Police are treating all of the shootings as if they are connected. Putney wouldn't identify the gangs involved and gave no updates on any possible arrests in any of the five killings over the weekend.  Twelve people were shot at six locations over the holiday weekend.  So far in Mecklenburg County, there have been 43 homicides in 2015, more than for all of the year before.

MPD officer confronted by crowd, punched, police say.  A Madison police officer was confronted by a crowd and punched after a street fight on Prairie Road Wednesday night [9/2/2015], according to a release from Madison police.  The officer stopped in the area of Prairie Road and Jacobs Way around 6:20 p.m. after spotting a large number of people in the street.  He said that as he approached he saw a woman punch a man in the face, and he could see that the woman had a can of pepper spray.  The officer said that as he went to arrest the woman he was surrounded by a crowd that was voicing anti-police sentiments, including "We need to start killing these officers."

Wisconsin Mob: 'We Need to Start Killing These Officers'; Punched Police Officer.  Two women in Madison, Wisconsin were arrested Wednesday night after punching and threatening to kill a police officer who was responding to a 911 call about a nearby street brawl.  Within minutes of arriving on the scene, police said the officer attempted to arrest a woman he saw punch a man in the face but was quickly overwhelmed by a mob of people chanting anti-police slurs, including "We need to start killing these officers."

School protests hijack Chicago mayor's budget forum.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a rare public forum on Monday [8/31/2015], seeking support for painful belt tightening to solve the city's fiscal crisis, at a meeting dominated by protests over the closing of a high school in an African-American neighborhood.

Black Lives Matter Activists, Including Nancy Pelosi Staffer, Shut Down D.C. Highway During Protest.  Lives Matter activists, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's press assistant, reportedly shut down a Washington, D.C., interstate highway Saturday afternoon [8/15/2015].  Taylor Griffin, who according to her LinkedIn profile is a press assistant in the Democratic congresswoman's office, tweeted photos and videos of herself and other activists marching and carrying signs.  Griffin also tweeted an images of her with the group apparently shutting down I-395, a heavily traveled freeway in D.C.

Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!  [Scroll down]  Black Lives Matter thugs are allowed to roam the country wreaking havoc.  At a major speaking event, liberal Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders allowed BLM thugs to storm the stage, take his microphone and run him off his own stage.  How wimpy is that?  Democrat presidential contender Martin O'Malley also allowed BLM thugs to hijack his event.  O'Malley wimped out and pandered to the rude thugs.  O'Malley's attempt at appeasement emboldened the thugs to demand that he apologize for daring to say "white lives and all lives matter."  O'Malley complied.  Sanders and O'Malley displayed typical Democratic Party weakness and politically correct liberal thinking.

Bernie Sanders: Pathetic and Outdated.  Bernie Sanders, practicing the gutless leadership that he preaches, gave up his podium in Seattle to Black Lives Matter "activists."  He was spouting his neo-Marxist rhetoric about the class struggle (oops, "income inequality") when young BLM speakers pushed his old boring rhetoric aside, took over his microphone, and began a dumb-speak chant, "Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, etc."  Bernie kept smiling and soon left the area giving up all attempts to control the podium.  If we look at the issues section of Bernie's website, we see he advocates a massive program to employ young people age 16-24.  The fiasco in Seattle leaves us wondering if he intends to employ those young people to disrupt the speeches of politicians of both the left and right.

Black Panther rally
Black Panthers March in Texas.  In Waller County, Texas the New Black Panther Party staged a demonstration to protest the suicide death of Sandra Bland while in jail.  A small group showed up to voice their displeasure with the Waller County Sheriff's Dept.  But, there was a twist to this demonstration as Breitbart reports: [...]

More about the Black Panthers.

Black lawmakers back disruptions of Sanders, Democrats' events.  In recent weeks, members of the Black Lives Matter movement have gone after the leading Democratic hopefuls — most notably during a viral weekend encounter with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — urging them to prioritize criminal justice reform and other race-related issues on the campaign trail.  The activists have employed the controversial tactic of interrupting stump speeches and other public forums, which has drawn ire from many Democrats as an uncivil and misguided effort that targets allies, rather than opponents, of such reforms.

Bernie Sanders retreats before Black Lives Matter protestors.  While much of the political world obsessed about the latest developments in Donald Trump's takeover of the Republican presidential race, an extraordinary thing happened on the Democratic side.  In Seattle on Saturday [8/8/2015], the most liberal candidate in the Democratic contest, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters, who took the event at which he was scheduled to speak hostage.  It was an ugly moment; the anger and bad feelings onstage were intense, judging from several videos of the event.

Fifty Years after Watts.  Deep into the second term of our worst president, the man who was supposed to resolve racial problems in America, we can look back fifty years and see how little the dreary cant of leftism has changed.  On August 11, 1965, Watts exploded into an orgy of violence and destruction, resulting in 34 deaths and thousands of injuries.  Tens of millions of dollars of damage gutted much of Watts, and this destruction, combined with the lawlessness of the black rioters, drove business from that part of Los Angeles.

Five Arrests In Michigan Racial Mob Beating — Twenty Black Teens Brutalize White Victim.  Reverse the races and this would be playing 24/7 on CNN.  However, specifically because it does not fit the preferred media narrative, it's doubtful this story will reach a single national news broadcast.

Panic in Pittsburgh: Media Struggling to Ignore Black Mob Violence.  Large-scale black mob violence is now an accepted part of life in the Pittsburgh area.  The latest example came last week, when hundreds of black people rioted outside of a carnival at St. Basil's parish.  No one in the press called it a riot.  Neither did they identify the hundreds of people involved as black.  A few cops and residents took care of that in emails.  The parish cancelled the 40-year tradition permanently, for the "safety of its parishioners," said the pastor.  And oh yeah, black violence has been a fact of life in that neighborhood for a long time.  The local city councilmember said she is really, really sad about it, and had no idea why it happened, but she is pretty sure it was caused by not enough social programs.

Ohio Cops Hunt 70 Juveniles In Late Night "Mob And Rob" Of Circle K Store.  Ohio cops are investigating the ransacking of a Circle K store that was overrun early Saturday morning [7/25/2015] by up to 70 juveniles.  According to Akron police, the suspects "entered the gas station and started to destroy and steal property" during the so-called mob and rob attack.  As seen [in this article], a couple who stopped at the Circle K for gas shot video of the juveniles fleeing the store with stolen merchandise.  A woman in the car called 911 and reported that the suspects were "running around in the parking lot like wild children."

Three women caught on camera getting into massive brawl at Epcot with one attacking a park employee.  Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth... but apparently they don't make the same promises for Epcot.  [Video clip]

Black Lives Matter Founder Rants at Netroots: 'Burn Everything Down!'.  The nascent Black Lives Matter movement cannot claim that these statements were made by a few fringe members:  the entire rant was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisee Cullors, who can be seen in the video enthusiastically pumping her fist and shouting along with every incendiary statement.  Nor is Black Lives Matter a fringe group; they have been embraced and given fealty by the highest levels of the Democratic power structure.

Newly Emerged Video Reveals The Real Agenda Of Radical 'Black Lives Matter'.  [Martin] O'Malley, the former Maryland governor, tried to appease members of the noisy and insistent disruptors.  But when he dared to tell the crowd that "all lives matter," he was caught in such a liberal bind that he quickly backed away from that statement and publicly apologized for his supposed insensitivity to the Blacks Lives Matter message. [...] As Breitbart notes of the profanity-laced disruption of the event:  "The shouted manifesto lays bare the theory behind the burning, looting, and rioting that have transpired in recent months in Baltimore and Ferguson, and it also lays out the group's agenda on current news events like immigration reform, transgender activism, and the fables about the death of convicted criminal Sandra Bland that the group is spreading through the media."

Disastrous Consequences of Lib Indoctrination from the 60s to Obama.  Due to black youths believing America is against them and cops routinely murder them, black mob attacks, rapes, and murders of innocent whites are on the rise.  Black looters feel entitled.  Social justice gives them the right to recoup what whitey/America stole from them.

Police Attacked by Black Mob in Cincinnati, Rescued White Man from Beatdown.  Did you see this on the news?  Because I sure didn't.  And even the news reports out there on this downplay or just plain don't mention the white man that was beaten and left in the street by a black mob of about 40.  You want a hate crime?  That's a hate crime.  According to one officer's account online, he was beaten simply because he was white.  You can bet Al Sharpton will not ride to the rescue on this one.

Video of black race rioters brutally beating white man at July 4 gathering taken down by YouTube.  According to a video posted to the Facebook account of QbabyOfTeamQ, a white man attending a July 4 concert in Fountain Square, the heart of downtown Cincinnati, was beaten bloody and unconscious.  Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the video because YouTube has taken it down, with a notice:  "This video has been taken down as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."

Cincinnati Mob Beats White Male Victim, "simply for being white", While Rioting In Fountain Square.  The details of a Cincinnati mob riot this weekend appear customarily poured through the MSM PC-filter, receiving editorial board cleanup prior to publication/broadcast.  However, social media accounts, as customary in an era where media are afraid to tell the truth, construct a more honest version of events.

Organized mob (of no particular race, according to media) ransacks a Walmart, attacks handicapped man in motorized cart.  The fragile bonds of civilization that keep society peaceful and orderly are fraying in the face of mobs organized online.  Last Sunday [6/28/2015], an organized mob of about four dozen people attacked a Walmart in Macon, Georgia, intentionally doing damage to displays and merchandise and dragging a man out of motorized cart and throwing him to the floor.

Report: Macon Wal-Mart mob wanted to see how much damage it could do.  Surveillance video of a wee-hours ruckus at a Macon Wal-Mart on Sunday shows a teenager race inside flashing gang signs ahead of a mob of four dozen or so people who burst in and smashed merchandise.  The commotion, which caused an estimated $2,000 in damage, appears to have been planned.  Some in the crowd also snatched a man, apparently a shopper at the Zebulon Road store, from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor, Bibb County sheriff's officials said Monday [6/29/2015].

Mob of 50 Black Teens Storm Georgia Walmart, Destroy and Steal Store.  Do you think the Old Media establishment will report this story of a mob of 50 black teenagers swarming a Walmart in Georgia and destroying the place?

Documentarian tells story of 1967 Newark riots, city's ongoing recovery.  In 1967, five straight days of rioting and civil unrest in the city left 26 dead and hundreds more injured.  In a new film that debuts in a private screening at Seton Hall University Saturday, filmmaker Kevin McLaughlin has dubbed it, "The Week that Changed the World."

Hot 97 DJ blames 'idiots' for SummerJam unrest.  Ebro, the host of "Ebro in the Morning" on Hot 97, blamed "a few idiots" for the clashes between crowds and state police Sunday at MetLife Stadium during the radio station's annual Summer Jam concert.  Crowds of people tried to enter the sold out concert by climbing over fences and forcing their way past security, state police said Sunday night.  Troopers shut the gates.  Concertgoers said police used tear gas to control the crowds.  Members of the crowd reportedly began throwing bottles at State Police.

Police: 61 arrested, 10 troopers injured at concert.  The melee [6/7/2015] at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in East Rutherford, New Jersey, drew a sharp rebuke Monday from hosts at WQHT-FM, but it also prompted questions from fans who had tickets but were ordered to leave. [...] New Jersey State Police in riot gear blocked gates outside the arena after officials said people tried to push their way inside or jump the fence.

Police shoot tear gas to disperse New Jersey concert crowd.  While tens of thousands of fans listened to some of the biggest names in hip-hop inside MetLife Stadium Sunday night [6/7/2015], hundreds trying to get in clashed with police in riot gear after the gates were closed, leaving 10 troopers hurt.

An Obama Crime Wave Spreads Across America.  Fueled by this president's anti-police policies and race-baiting rhetoric, thugs are attacking cops and terrorizing major cities.  Horrible violence is breaking out all over.  We are witnessing a national crime wave.  Law enforcement expects to see an escalation in criminal activity over the summer.

100 Beachgoers Brawl in Massachusetts.  More than 100 people brawled on a Massachusetts beach Sunday [5/10/2015] evening in a melee that saw bottles and rocks hurled, some at police, and at least 12 people arrested.

Bottles, Rocks Thrown in Beach Brawl.  State police said nine people — five female, four male — were charged with disorderly conduct.  One of the people arrested, Cornelius Jackson, 24, was arraigned Monday [5/11/2015] on charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, giving a false name and disorderly conduct.  While being arrested, he allegedly attempted to kick out the windows of the State Police cruiser.

The Inconvenient Truth about Ghetto Communities' Social Breakdown.  When the recorded fatal shooting of a fleeing man in South Carolina brought instant condemnation by whites and blacks alike, and by the most conservative as well as the most liberal commentators, that moment of mutual understanding was very fleeting, as if mutual understanding were something to be avoided, as a threat to a vision of "us against them" that was more popular.  That vision is nowhere more clearly expressed than in attempts to automatically depict whatever social problems exist in ghetto communities as being caused by the sins or negligence of whites, whether racism in general or a "legacy of slavery" in particular.  Like most emotionally powerful visions, it is seldom, if ever, subjected to the test of evidence.

Long Hot Summer Coming.  What we know so far:
  •   Valerie Jarrett is the coordinator of "demonstrations" in cities nationwide.  She is "on the phone" with mayors, radicals and activists.  NYC is the next big one and has already started.
  •   Every incident of a black person getting shot by police or roughed up resisting arrest is being examined by a Democrat team to see how useful it could be.  Media allies will be told which to go after and what messaged to include.
  •   They will occur in Democrat-run cities and the police will be hamstrung (stand down, fall back, don't look aggressive, etc....) to maximize vivid scenes of violence and destruction and make authorities look powerless.
  •   This is an IW [information warfare] campaign that will go on all summer and escalate in cities around the country.  The overarching memes will be economic injustice, judicial prejudice, income inequality, white racism and police brutality.  They are throwing the police and firefighter unions under the bus on this.
  •   The goal?  Set up another Dem messianic candidate and blame Republicans for the violence.  Party before country for Democrats, always.

Huge brawl in the aisles of Philadelphia Zara store caught on camera.  Philadelphia might mean the City of Brotherly Love in Greek, but the sentiment of the name apparently doesn't always doesn't apply to Philly's female residents.  At least five women got into a large-scale brawl that lasted for multiple minutes at a Zara clothing store on Friday afternoon [4/17/2015].

Panama City Gang Rape: A Kitty Genovese for the YouTube Era.  After phone footage of a girl being gang-raped in front of hundreds was discovered by cops, it has been revealed that a string of such incidents had taken place; on different days — maybe — and recorded on different phones.  Among the confusion, one thing remains a constant:  the profile of the victim.  Young, drugged, and only aware of the nightmare that had befallen her after videos of the attack wound up online.  That a trend of this nature has been allowed to proliferate is disturbing to the core.

Florida beach city may cancel Spring Break.  The tourism council in Bay County, Florida voted Tuesday [4/14/2015] to spend more money on spring break security after a month of violence in Panama City Beach — mostly fueled by alcohol.  Some people in town wonder if it's time to close the party down for good.  When partiers show up, the population grows 2,000 percent — from 12,000 full-time residents to a quarter-million, mostly college kids.

Hamilton Mall brawl in Mays Landing involved 30 people.  A fight involving 30 people — some teenagers and others adults — Saturday night [4/11/2015] at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing ended in the arrest of a 17-year-old who was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing chairs, police said.  Hamilton Township police said the fight was reported at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.  Hamilton Mall security officers asked for assistance dealing with a large fight involving approximately 30 people, according to a statement issued by police.

Huge 'gang' brawl involving Four Hundred people breaks out at Queens casino.  A four hundred-person mass brawl broke out Friday night [4/3/2015] at a casino in Queens.  Patrons at a bar opening inside the Resorts World Casino, next to JFK airport, reportedly turned on one another around 10pm.  Video of the fight sees a crowd of people erupting from a bar area, punching, kicking, shouting and re-purposing casino decorations as weapons.

Spring Break Violence is a Black College Thing.  [Scroll down]  The annual mayhem continued until 2013, when city officials ran out of ways to describe the "living hell" that 400,000 black people created in Miami Beach.  So they turned that small town into a large armed camp.  Today, lots of attendees complain how the cops, the towers, the dogs, the drones, the license plate scanners, the lights, the Homeland Security and the cameras are all killing their buzz.  And attendance is down.  [Bill] O'Reilly wrote off the Panama Beach City violence as some kind of new exhibitionism, all made possible by that new-fangled social media; ignoring the whole racial thing, i.e., they were not black rioters, they were just rioters who happened to be black.  But large-scale and persistent mob violence during Spring Break is a black thing.  Or as the t-shirts say:  A Black College Thing.

The Drought: California Apocalypto.  I think that we've come full circle in California:  from the premodern Wild West of the 19th century to a decadent postmodernism that is every bit as feral, though the roughness of ascension is always preferable to its counterpart in decline.  The day before Easter, Sacramento tried to stage the world's largest public Easter egg hunt.  From news reports it seems quickly to have devolved into a Darwinian free-for-all, where the ochlos swarmed the few who played by the rules.

Somali Muslims Swarm School, Force Lockdown After Somali Posts ISIS-Supportive Picture.  Over a hundred alien Somali Muslims, imported into the U.S., courtesy of non-discriminatory refugee policies, swarmed St. Cloud Technical High School on Friday [3/20/2015] in a rage.

Suspect Dead, Officer Wounded in Arizona Wal-Mart Brawl.  An overnight brawl in an Arizona Wal-Mart parking lot has left one person dead and two others wounded, including a police officer who was shot in the leg.

Forget The Terrorists: Malls are Already Under Attack from Black Mob Violence.  Forget ISIS and its threat to terrorize American malls.  Dozens of shopping areas are already under attack.  Since the Christmas season, at least 25 malls around the country have experienced black mob violence, many connected to movie theaters.  With much of the mayhem captured on video.  With many of the malls turning into No Go Zones because of the regular racial violence and the muted response to it.  Let's list these attacks, starting with the latest and working back. [...]

Hundreds of teenagers cause chaos outside of movie theater they couldn't get into.  Hundreds of teenagers caused chaos in central Florida, brawling each other after they could not get into a movie theater.  Police in Ocoee, west of Orlando, said that 300 high school and middle school students 'caused a disturbance' outside an AMC theater at the local mall on Saturday night.  After security guards kept most of them out, the crowd was moved to a parking lot where they began fighting each other and shots were fire into the air.

Massive Black Mob Causes Mayhem At Florida Mall — 800 to 900 Black Teens Involved.  This happened last night [2/14/2015] and both police and media are downplaying the story as "kids and teens just being kids"; as would be expected in the new normal reality.  Another report shares "just a bunch of stupid kids".  Obviously all media ignoring the racial aspect of the thugs gone wild.

Downtown Saint Paul Minnesota Besieged By Black Mob Violence — Media Hides Story.  Saint Paul Minnesota is a hotbed of racially driven black mob violence, but the media work diligently to keep it hidden.  Recently the frequency of the attacks has increased in severity and now even the local media are forced to discuss it.  However, the media avoid the racial motive inherent in all of the suspects being black and all of the victims are white.

Black Teen Girls Riot in Pittsburgh Mall, Force Closure.  In a brawl apparently instigated using social media, a thousand or more young teen black girls descended on Monroeville Mall outside Pittsburgh Friday night, resulting in the mall being closed as a massive brawl broke out.  An investigation is ongoing, including via social media, although no arrests were reportedly made at the time.  Many of the teens used their phones to capture video of the events and that too is now making the rounds via social media.

Scores of rowdy teens start mass brawl in a Pennsylvania mall forcing into lockdown.  Authorities say several fights broke out among hundreds of teens who packed a western Pennsylvania shopping center, forcing it to close early and it seems to be a trend cutting across malls in America.  Several altercations erupted on Friday evening [12/26/2014] at the Monroeville Mall.

Man killed in Oakwood Center shooting; sheriff describes 'bedlam in the mall'.  Oakwood Center mall near Gretna was packed this Christmas Eve afternoon, as throngs of shoppers — young and old — scurried about for last-minute holiday gifts.  But one man in that crowd stood outside the Foot Locker store inside the mall, Jefferson Parish authorities said, waiting for 24-year-old James Vaughn to finish his purchase.  And when Vaughn did, police say, that man walked up to him and shot him to death.

Black Mob Violence at Christmas, All Over the Country.  Let's start in a small town near Houston called Texas City, where hundreds of black people decided to celebrate Christmas Night at a party promoting "Hood Night.'  Near midnight, one of the patrons found himself in the parking lot, shooting a handgun.  When police arrived, he was shooting toward the crowd and ignored orders to drop the weapon.  That is when Hood Night got real:  The man with the gun turned towards police and they shot him dead.

NYPD announces $12,000 reward for three women and four men who attacked cops on Brooklyn Bridge during protests.  The New York's Police Commissioner has offered a $12,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of seven people who attacked two lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge. [...] The incident began when the two officers arrested a City University of New York professor, Eric Linsker, 29, as he tried to pour a rubbish bin onto other cops from a pedestrian overpass.  They were punched and kicked in the heads, leaving them needing instant medical attention.  Ironically, the officers were from the department's Legal Bureau and were only present at the protest to ensure that demonstrators' civil rights were respected by police.

Al Sharpton Leads March in DC as NYC Protesters Chant: 'What Do We Want? Dead Cops!'  Joining the families of blacks killed by police, thousands marched toward the capitol and down New York streets on Saturday [12/13/2014] to protest what they called an epidemic of abuse at the hands of police.  But even though it was his event, many attendees didn't want to hear from organizer Al Sharpton.

The Editor says...
The news coverage of these incidents is especially disturbing when it becomes apparent that the so-called "journalists" are intentionally omitting any mention of the perpetrators' race or their racial motives.   If the newspapers refer to these criminals as "troubled inner-city youths" or "at-risk teens" or some such euphemism, it doesn't make the public better informed.  There is no point in publishing a newspaper if you're afraid to state the obvious, and the obvious is this:  The teens are not the ones who are most at risk.

Police contain unruly Air Jordan shoppers at Houston-area malls.  Police were called to quell unruly crowds after hundreds converged outside several Houston-area malls early Sunday morning [12/14/2014] in hopes of getting a ticket to buy pricey Nike Air Jordan sneakers being released next weekend.  Chaos reached a crescendo when a rock shattered a glass entrance door at the Willowbrook Mall and a teenage girl was zapped with a Taser outside The Woodlands Mall.

Black Minister: Ferguson Rioters 'Disgusting' and are 'Glorifying Ignorance'.  Protestors rioting in Ferguson, Mo. are "glorifying ignorance" and "what we're seeing in this city is disgusting," said Minister Jonathan Gentry from West Angeles Church of God in Christ on Neil Cavuto yesterday.  Gentry accused Al Sharpton of "fueling hate into an innocent generation" and said that activists like Holder, Obama, Sharpton and Jackson need to "look themselves in the mirror before protesting" because change needs to begin within African-American communities.  "You want everything else around you changed except yourself," said Gentry.  "That is no way to survive."

New Cure for Racial Violence in Minneapolis: Crack down on the victims.  Police in Minneapolis have discovered a new way to fight the wave of black violence and mayhem that is now an every day fact of life in their city:  Blame the white victims for drinking too much. [...] First, Minneapolis police tried ignoring the problem.  But dozens of victims, videos, witnesses, police reports and 911 calls made that impossible.  Then they tried denying it:  A spokesman for Minneapolis police department told me that race has nothing to do with anything involving crime and anyone who thinks differently is a bad person.  That lasted about as long as it took to go the Minneapolis Police Department web site and see all the special programs for "protected" minorities.

The media embargo on "the B word".  [Scroll down]  If America's reporters are so concerned about race relations in the country that such descriptions are included immediately when discussing a case where a white person is charged with injury to an African American, how is such discussion less valid when the roles are reversed? [...] As much as some of these news outlets may hate to admit it, black people do, on occasion, commit acts of violence.  And sometimes the victims of that violence are white.  But somehow that's not a story.

Will Black Mob Violence Put an End to State and County Fairs?  I remember the first time I was taken to the state fair in Arizona.  I was in junior high school and enthralled with all the rides, food and games.  It was a fun and safe family atmosphere.  However, I can't help but wonder if those days will soon be over for county and state fairs and they become a thing of the past.  As reported by WND, last year, the Drew Expo in Roanoke, Virginia was forced to close early due to black mob violence.  The violence involved at least 500 people and was almost a repeat of what happened in past years.  The Spring Carnival in Hampton, Virginia last May was forced to close a week early after black mob violence erupted and resulted in five people being shot, one of them fatally.

Fights disrupt Albany fireworks.  Albany Police suspended the July 4th fireworks show Wednesday night because they say a series of fights put families, who were there to enjoy a night of fun, in danger.  Chief John Proctor said a number of fights broke out in the Turtle Park area where many people gathered to watch the fireworks show.  He said it became a safety and crowd control issue, and police officers made the decision to suspend the fireworks.

'Black Mob Violence' Archive.  at Unamusement Park

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly spotlights 'mob violence' in Detroit.  Fox News host Bill O'Reilly gives vigorous coverage to stories in which white people suffer crimes at the hands of black people.  In May 2012, he turned a group assault by black youths on two white newspaper staffers in Norfolk into a federal case.  Last September, following the not-guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, O'Reilly said:  "Is there a rise of hate crimes in the U.S.A. in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict?  All over the country, police are arresting black men and some girls for assaulting white people."  Four examples followed.

Florida State Fair in Tampa Forced to Close Early Due to Massive Black Mob Violence.  [T]hough a massive concentration of youth (oddly, they happened to all be black) forced the early shutdown of the Florida State Fair in Tampa last week — covered up for a few days by police, Maj. Tom Feeney would describe this as the "worst thing he has seen in law enforcement" in 30 years — you still aren't supposed to notice or question any racial aspect of this incident.

Beat Whitey Night Goes Viral: the Milwaukee State Fair.  The Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta tried to cover-up the Black Atlanta Public Schools (APS) cheating scandal; Philadelphia tried to replicate Atlanta by performing a similar cheating scandal for academically-challenged Black students; and "Beat Whitey Night" just went viral in Milwaukee, a city that is already on the brink of something... big.  Chicago has had Mahogany Mobs; Cleveland and Philadelphia too.  Carter Strange rests in a hospital, nearly beaten to death by a Black mob in Columbia.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to connect the dots that point to a national emergency that no curfew can contain. [...] Blacks are getting a free pass to attack whites nationwide, and the Beat Whitey night of Iowa's State Fair in 2010 has gone viral.

Downtown business owner says violent teen mobs not uncommon.  Police said that Saturday night's rampant vandalism and violence was an isolated event.  But those who have seen groups of teens terrorize the area just south of Waterfront Park before, say it's nothing new.  Police responded to 17 separate incidents Saturday night between 7 and 9 p.m.  They say the criminal acts occurred after police broke up a gathering of around 200 teenagers at Waterfront Park.

The universality of black mob violence.  The Media in the U.S.A. generally refer to such attacks as "fights" to make it appear the the victims and their attackers were equally to blame.  One such mob attack occurred in Georgia where Joshua Heath Chellew was assaulted by four black males at a Chevron gas station.  Like the attack mentioned above, the mob appeared to select Chellew as a random victim merely because he was white.  Chellew was severely beaten, then forced into oncoming traffic where he was killed.  That attack occurred in June of this year.  The Associated Press shamefully reported Chellew's murder as a fight that spilled into the street.

Why is the Media Whitewashing Black Flash-Mob Violence?  In the latest occurrence of flash-mob violence, 10-15 young people attacked four men in Denver earlier this week.  Multiple attacks similar to this one have taken place across the country this summer with one disturbing similarity:  The media has generally refrained from reporting that the attackers have generally been black — while their victims have usually been white.  Racially motivated?  Not sure — but I am sure of this:  If just one group of white youths attacked blacks or Hispanics in similar fashion, all hell would break loose.  The liberal media would suffer a collective apoplectic seizure, while Al Sharpton would be on the next jet to wherever the attack had occurred [...]

Black Mob Violence Comes to Kentucky.  [L]ess than 24 hours after a mob of 30 black people roamed through the city's downtown Saturday [3/22/2014], beating, laughing, destroying property, sending three seriously hurt people to the hospital and walking away laughing, outraged citizens in Louisville are asking two questions:  Why is black mob violence such a problem?  And when is local media going to start telling the truth about it?

Race Riots in America.  In June, thousands of black people headed to the Brighton Beach for the annual Brooklyn-Queens Day.  Five people were shot.  Lots of mayhem and violence as well. ... Why does it freak so many people out to state the obvious:  This was a race riot.  In January, dozens of black people mobbed a Wendy's in Queen's Village, with beatings, property damage and threats.  In May, the same thing happened at Dunkin' Donuts, a large group of black people were "terrorizing" employees and stealing from the store.

Possible Flash Mob Hits Maryland 7-Eleven, Police Say.  A pack of 30 teens helped themselves to items in a Maryland 7-Eleven early Sunday morning [8/14/2011] in what authorities have labeled another instance of a possible flash mob.  The store, which is located in Germantown, Md., was empty at 2 a.m. Sunday morning when a group of teenagers calmly walked in and picked out items as though they were shopping.  Then, just as calmly as they entered the store, police say, they exited without paying for the items.

The news media intentionally suppress politically-incorrect facts.
Media Stifling Racial Violence Coverage.  Race matters if we want to understand the current wave of racial mob violence.  Flash mobs have a lot of people talking, no thanks to PC journalists who have refused all along to help us understand this emerging social problem.  For those who care about language and the truth, Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune has done a great service.  She openly admits that her newspaper refuses to report the race of violent criminals responsible for an outbreak of racial mob violence in Chicago, which mirrors similar violence around the country.

Video Shows Teens Violently Looting Redford Gas Station.  Surveillance video shows a group of teenagers on Friday night [7/22/2011] tearing through a Redford Township gas station.  The group of nearly 20 teens are shown running through the station and stealing several pieces of merchandise, owner Sam Matalka said.  Matalka said he lost hundreds of dollars in merchandise and had to spend hours cleaning up the damages caused by the teens Friday night.

The Editor says...
"Black" would be part of a more accurate description of the suspects, since that's what they all have in common, but that word is completely absent from this story.

'Flash robs' invade Canada.  Close to midnight on a hot summer's night in July, the Quickie convenience store in Ottawa's west end was virtually empty.  The next minute, 40 or so youth descended en masse.  As they marched in they grabbed everything in sight.  The next minute, like a well-oiled many-tentacled machine, the mob turned around and left with $800 worth of goods.

The Editor says...
The writer's name is Debra Black; aside from that, there is no mention of "black" in the article, even though an illustration shows that all the perpetrators were black.

Once again, no mention of black.
Teen mayhem hits Philly's streets again.  A mob of unruly teens last night once again wreaked havoc on Center City, assaulting and robbing random pedestrians.  About 9:15 p.m., police began to receive 9-1-1 calls about a group of 20 to 40 teens assaulting people.

No mention of the forbidden word black here either.
Witnesses Describe Mob Attacks Outside Wisconsin State Fair.  Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds.  Police said that some victims were attacked while walking.  They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.

Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks.  Witnesses tell [WTMJ] of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.  Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.  Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left [the Wisconsin] State Fair Thursday night [8/4/2011].

Racial mob violence rocks the Wisconsin State Fair.  This is far worse than the racially motivated attacks at last year's Iowa State Fair during "beat whitey night."  The dramatic and unprecedented rise in black on white violence across America has yet to be addressed by Mr. Obama or any of the leadership in Washington who are far more concerned with attacking Tea Party members as racists and terrorists than they are in facing any of the real issues which are tearing our country apart.

This article mentions the one detail left out by other writers.
Mob Rampages Through Wisconsin State Fair.  A concession worker told the newspaper that large groups of African-American youths began running through the midway around 7:00pm, knocking people over, disrupting rides and tearing up signs.  He said police, including officers on horseback, were not able to bring the situation under control.

Union Thugs Disrupt Wisconsin State Fair.  Wisconsin's public sector unions are ramping up hysteria in anticipation of the recall elections on Tuesday.  A reported $15 million, most of it from out of state, has been spent on behalf of the left-wing candidates in the recall races.  Yesterday, Scott Walker opened the Wisconsin State Fair, as is traditionally done by the governor.  But the unions couldn't let their hyperpartisanship rest even for fifteen minutes, and they put on a disgraceful delay.

Lessons from a Milwaukee Mob.  On August 4, 2011, the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, the worst race riot in Wisconsin history occurred.  As darkness fell over the amusement park area known as the Midway before closing time, hundreds of young blacks swarmed out into the parking lot, seeking out white fairgoers to attack — pulling people off their bikes, out of their cars, to knock them to the ground and beat them:  with fists and whatever blunt instruments they had handy.

American Tinderbox.  For some time now, residents of some US cities have noted occasional incidents of seemingly random, racially motivated violence in which young Black males are involved.  The hot weather and bad economy seem to be combining to generate a small but possibly significant uptick this year.  The national media are doing their best to avoid looking too closely at this disturbing phenomenon, and perhaps for good reason.  What the United States doesn't need is a media firestorm that triggers copycat violence.  Nevertheless some attention should be paid.

It's time to take steps to stop young thugs.  While out of town last week, I suddenly started receiving urgent long-distance messages about young black people in Milwaukee acting crazy.  Again.  Last time it happened, I was on vacation during the Fourth of July weekend when a bunch of misbehaving young black people ransacked a gas station convenience store and attacked residents in a park.

The Taboo on Mentioning Black Mob Violence.  The wave of racist violence committed by black flash mobs is different from any other form of racism today.  The neglected social problem of racial mob violence is unique in its organization, the high numbers of people involved, the intensity of the violence, and the stark racial impact of that violence.  The violence is also unique in that it has been purposefully obscured by the mainstream media, with the editor of the Chicago Tribune, among others, saying that his paper will not report on the race of the attackers.

Boy, 11, among 4 charged in flash-mob attacks.  An 11-year-old boy is among four people who have been arrested for allegedly participating in a mob that wrought chaos on Center City on Friday night.

Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks.  Witnesses tell [WTMJ] of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.  Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.  Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night [8/4/2011].

Weapons of Mob Destruction.  In Philadelphia, a group of 20-40 youths went on a rampage in Center City August 1st, resulting in 59 people being beaten and briefly hospitalized.  Last Thursday, a mob ran through the Wisconsin State Fair at closing time, beating up people at random.  In London, citizens have been besieged by three straight nights of hellish rioting, even as that rioting has spread to other parts of the nation.  The common themes?  A racial component, studiously ignored wherever possible; technology that makes mob organization far easier than ever before; and the undeniable relationship between welfare state policies and the expansion of underclass mores.

The Mob Tears at the Foundations of Civilization.  The law has failed Marty Marshall and his Akron, Ohio, family.  On the Fourth of July in 2009, he was watching fireworks in his front yard with his wife and children.  A mob of 30 to 50 black teenagers went onto his property and beat up Marshall, his wife, his children and two adult male friends.  "This is our world.  This is a black world," they taunted the injured victims.  Marshall spent five nights hospitalized in critical care.

West Allis Police release timeline detailing incidents at State Fair.  The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department released 911 audio from the opening night of State Fair.  These tapes display the graphic details of the attacks, some of which were racially motivated. ... Most callers tell dispatchers they see a racially motivated melee.

White Mob Terrorizes Black Milwaukeeans.  I'm sorry.  I got that header wrong.  It was a black mob that ransacked convenience stores and hammered a group of white people in Milwaukee this past July 4th weekend. ... The fact that it was a black on white assault would explain why we didn't hear about it via the national news.

All eight suspects in brutal Five Points beating in custody.  All eight suspects are in custody after a brutal attack in Five Points early Monday morning [6/20/2011] which left the teenage victim in critical condition, according to Columbia police.

Solicitor: No evidence that Five Points beating was racially motivated.  Except that the thugs were black and the victim was white.  Maybe he didn't notice.

Blacks must not remain silent about America's new racists.  Last year, four black Skidmore College students yelled racial slurs while they beat up a white man because he was dining with a black man.  Skidmore College's first response was to offer counseling to one of the black students charged with the crime.  In 2009, a black Columbia University professor assaulted a white woman during a heated argument about race relations.  According to interviews and court records obtained and reported by Denver's ABC affiliate, black gangs roamed downtown Denver verbally venting their hatred for white victims before assaulting and robbing them during a four-month crime wave.

Planned Parenthood's 'Lucy Ricardo moment' arrives in a Texas rape case.  Last November, an 11-year-old Latina was gang-raped in the town about 40 miles northeast of Houston.  At least one of the idiots who took part in this atrocity recorded the incident on a cell phone camera.  Videos of the assault surfaced at the girl's school.  One of her classmates alerted the principal, who alerted police.  So far, 18 suspects have been arrested and charged.  According to some news stories, all of them are black; according to others, the "overwhelming majority" are.

Police: Race a factor in State Fair violence.  All the victims were white or Hispanic and the offenders were described as African-American.

These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact?  What colour is Mark Duggan?  Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by the police on Thursday in Tottenham.  The Tottenham riots last night were sparked when people protested his death.  This morning, I first heard of the riots on the radio, then on the television.  I read articles on the internet.  But oddly, no one would say what colour Mark Duggan was.  No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were, I suspect on the whole, black.

Flash Mob Robberies Continue.  In the latest incident, 10 women stormed the Shop Express convenience store along Benning Road in northeast Washington at about 3:15 a.m. Thursday.  They loaded up on food, drinks and snacks at different parts of the store.  Some of the women were carrying bags to hold some of the items.  Then they all rushed out of the store at the same time without paying.

The Editor says...
Fortunately the accompanying video tells the rest of the story, since the "reporter" didn't: all the suspects were black.

Are the Black Flash Mob Attacks on Whites Obama's Fault?  As America's first black president, fair or unfair, Obama's presidency comes with enormous responsibility in terms of its influence on black youths.  This is why it is so unfortunate that American black youths' ultimate role model is a characterless, race-baiting political hack.  While I am not saying president Obama is responsible for the epidemic of black youth flash-mob attacks on whites around our country, his race-baiting has to be a contributing factor.

'Flash mobs' pose challenge to police tactics.  The suspects in these crimes often connected via cellphones and share information on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, police say.  How best to combat the technology-connected crimes — and how far police agencies should reach into private online and mobile phone access — are at the core of a growing debate among police officials, city leaders and civil rights activists.  Everyone agrees:  It's uncharted territory for law enforcement.

Again, the most appropriate adjective was omitted.
17 charged in Germantown flash mob theft.  Montgomery County police say 17 people have been charged in a flash mob theft of a Germantown convenience store.  A group of 25 young people stormed the 7-Eleven at 13001 Wisteria Drive shortly before 2 a.m. on Aug. 13.  In just about a minute, they stole snacks, drinks and other items from the store, then left.

The Racial Violence that Dare Not Speak Its Name.  Recent flash mob violence has alerted Americans to a troubling wave of sadistic racial mayhem.  A notable outbreak occurred in Denver in 2009, setting a pattern of delay, denial, and silence.  Now that same scourge has returned to Denver, among many other places.  In 2009, a four month wave of mayhem broke out in Denver.  There were at least 26 violent robberies committed by two black gangs.  The victims were — without exception — whites and Hispanics.

Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall.  Police are asking for the public's help tracking down a large group of violent teenagers.  They say 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic and both male and female — attacked four white men on the 16th Street Mall at about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday [9/11/2011].

WCBS-TV seems very sympathetic with this gang of teenage armed robbers.
Brazen Teenage Gang Robbing Straphangers During Rush Hour.  Police are searching for teenage thugs targeting subway riders.  There have been at least three armed attacks recently.  CBS 2's Dave Carlin has seen pictures of the suspects and knows what they're after.  A team of baby-faced bandits, young enough to still be in high school, is making life quite stressful in Gotham's underworld.

White Middle-Schooler Beaten Unconscious by Group of Black Students.  The story is shocking enough, even without bringing race into it:  on the way to school in Ocala, FA, a thirteen-year-old girl was beaten unconscious and reportedly went into a seizure after being attacked on the school bus by a group of fellow students.  The girl reportedly was riding the bus for the first time. ... Aside from the brutality, there was another troubling fact about this crime — a fact that predictably did not make it into the news:  the attackers were black, and the victim was white.

Associated Press coverage of the same story, with no mention of the obvious adjective, "black":
7 teens charged with beating classmate unconscious.  Seven central Florida teenagers were arrested after authorities said they punched and kicked a 13-year-old until she was unconscious while on a school bus.

Riot breaks out at Dekaney High School.  A Dakaney High School student used a cell phone to capture a brawl that broke out in the cafeteria on Friday [1/27/2012].  Spring ISD officials said the fight started between four students and no one was seriously hurt.  But students said — and the video will attest — that it was more like a riot, and there were a lot more than four students involved.

Massive brawl at notorious high school.  Police were called to a troubled Texas high school after another major brawl erupted in the cafeteria — and parents say they have had enough.  Cell phone video provided an inside look at Friday's melee, showing students at Andy Dekaney High School, throwing wild punches and crowding the cafeteria.

Brazen smash-and-grab jewelry store mall robberies continue.  Gordon's Jewelers at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land suffered the most recent attack, as KTRK Ch. 13 first reported.  A surveillance video from Feb. 22 shows four masked men storming the store, smashing display cases, stealing merchandise and running from the scene in less than a minute.

Media Conceal True Nature of "Flash Mob" Racial Violence.  Relying on documents made available exclusively through a Freedom of Information Act request, we can add another face to the growing picture of racial "flash mob" violence in America.  It is a face that the media have concealed from public view.  This writer was forced to use the local Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to ascertain the facts about the racial identity of one of the victims of these attacks.  The media concealed the identity of the white victim apparently because of misguided racial sensitivity.

Flynn calls looting, beatings in Riverwest barbaric.  Shaina Perry remembers the punch to her face, blood streaming from a cut over her eye, her backpack with her asthma inhaler, debit card and cellphone stolen, and then the laughter.  "They just said 'Oh, white girl bleeds a lot,'" said Perry, 22, who was attacked at Kilbourn Reservoir Park over the Fourth of July weekend.

Of course there is no mention of black in this article.
Carter Strange Speaks About Five Points Assault.  On June 20th, Strange was brutally attacked by a group of eight teenagers as he was walking home in Columbia's Five Points. ... Eight suspects were arrested in connection with his attack, and seven of the suspects were juveniles.

Police issue arrest warrant for seventh suspect in beating of Bayonne man.  [Dawid] Strucinski was left in a coma after he was jumped by about nine people near the Quick Chek at Broadway and 12th Street in Bayonne at around 3 a.m. July 3.  Today [7/12/2011], police arrested a sixth suspect — a 15-year-old boy — and charged him with the riot and endangering injured victim today after a parent brought him to headquarters, police said.

Police: Trayvon protesters ransack store.  North Miami Beach police said surveillance video shows dozens of high school students demonstrating in the Trayvon Martin case Friday [3/23/2012] ransacking a Walgreens store.  The incident occurred during a walkout from North Miami Beach Senior High School in support of Martin, 17, who was fatally shot in Sanford.

NMB Students Turn Trayvon March Into Criminal Mischief Investigation.  Thousands of students in South Florida have taken part in school walkouts as a way to protest the lack of an arrest in the Trayvon Martin killing at the hands of a volunteer neighborhood watch campaign.  All of them remained peaceful except for one and North Miami Beach police released surveillance video Tuesday [3/27/2012] of that incident which took place at a Walgreens located at 1501 NE 163rd Street.

6 charged in beating of NC man in Seneca.  The report said that a woman told police that there were several black men attacking the 32-year-old white man, whose identity was redacted.  "Upon exiting the restaurant he was jumped by a mob of individuals, and severely beaten about the head and torso," said John Covington, the Seneca police chief.  "The report was that racial slurs were being used toward the victim."

Six Men Who Could Be Obama's Sons Arrested For Pummeling White Man.  This beating occurred March 17 and we're just hearing about it now?  Where's the national media to gin up the outrage?

The Media Downplay Murder When It's Black-on-White and Black-on-Black.  If violent black-white crime generates headlines, where were the media after the sickening racially motivated assault that occurred in Long Beach, Calif., on Halloween night, 2006?  Three young white women were brutally kicked, punched and beaten by a mostly black mob of 30 to 40 teens and adults.  According to witnesses, during the rampage the mob yelled:  "We hate white people.  F--- whites!"  Yet only two local papers reported the story, and one — the Los Angeles Times — published its article a full week after the attack!

'The level of poverty, the disillusionment hasn't changed'.  Twenty years ago, at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in south Los Angeles, a mostly black mob, enraged at the acquittal of four Los Angeles policemen in the beating of black motorist Rodney King, dragged white truck driver Reginald Denny from his cab and beat him unconscious while news helicopters hovered overhead.  The gory images helped incite six days of fires and looting throughout the city that led to 53 deaths and an estimated $1 billion in property damage.

Twitter Buzzes With Talk of Zimmerman Riots.  Since Friday [4/20/2012], there has been an explosion of tweets surrounding the possibility of rioting if Zimmerman is acquitted — or even because he was released on bail.

L.A. Riots Picture Special.  This Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the night when chaos broke out in Los Angeles.  Angered by the acquittal of three white and one Hispanic police officers who had been filmed beating black motorist Rodney King rioting erupted across the city.  When the flames had died down six days later 55 people had died, 2,300 had been injured and more than 1,500 buildings were left damaged or destroyed.

Thin Veneer of Civilization.  [Scroll down]  I went back to the hotel on the evening of April 29 to the news of the near-beating death of trucker Reginald Denny in the aftermath the acquittal of the four Los Angeles Police Department officers charged with using excessive force during their arrest of Rodney King after a drunken King led them on a high speed chase and then resisted once the police pulled him over.

What We Should Have Learned.  Could it happen again?  That is the taboo question on the 20th anniversary of Los Angeles's murderous Rodney King riots, just as another racially charged prosecution — this time in Florida — captures headlines across the nation.  Sadly, the answer is yes.

Norfolk, Virginia: Violent Black Flash Mob Assault White Journos — Their Newspaper Buries News For Weeks.  The feral wilding mob was 100 strong, at least 30 participated in the attack.

'Justice for Trayvon':
15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs... So Far.  At least 15 whites have been beaten not just with fists, but with potentially deadly weapons including hammers and lengths of chain.  Many of the victims have been hospitalized, some may never fully recover, and one lingers on the verge of death.  David Forster and Marjon Rostami are just the latest victims of brutal beatings tied to the Trayvon Martin shooting, and some Virginians are outraged that the newspaper did not report the attack for "politically correct reasons."  The attack was revealed not as news, but in an opinion piece.

Attack on Pilot reporters was a crime — but not the only one.  Pilot reporters Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were pummeled by a pack of punks last month in Norfolk.  It was two weeks before any mention of that vicious attack appeared in the paper.  As a result, The Virginian-Pilot is now taking a beating.  The reporters didn't deserve this act of aggression.  But what about The Pilot?

A problem with the truth?  As WND reported Tuesday [5/1/2012], dozens of black teenagers attacked two white reporters for the local Norfolk, Va., newspaper, the Virginia-Pilot.  Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were stopped at a traffic light two weeks ago as a crowd of at least 100 black youths congregated nearby.  Someone threw a rock at the window of the car and Forster got out to confront the perpetrator.  That's when the beating started.  When Rostami tried to pull Forster back into the vehicle, the crowd of dozens began pulling her hair, punching her head and scratching her eyes.  Both were out of work for a week due to their injuries.  Amazingly, though the victims were staffers for the only newspaper in town, the story was not reported.

Mob of between 30-100 black teens brutally beat white male and female in Virginia.  The pink slime media and race hustlers have more blood on their hands as yet another racially motivated mob beating has occurred.  As usual, with the exception of a few local reports, the pink slime media is silent on this story.  Even in the following video from a local ABC station in Norfolk, the reporter mentions:  "a mob of teens" forgoing the mention of the race of the attackers.  Welcome to Obamaville.

White couple's terror as 30-strong mob of black youths armed with rocks attacks.  A 16-year-old male has been arrested after a gang of black youths armed with rocks violently beat a white couple in an unprovoked attack.  Reporters Marjon Rostami and Dave Forster were waiting at a red light at the intersection of Brambleton Avenue and Church Street in Norfolk, Virginia, on April 14 when they were set upon by the 30-strong mob.  But the couple's ordeal was not reported by their employer, the Virginian-Pilot, for two weeks, sparking outrage among some readers who claim the newspaper buried the story for political reasons.

O'Reilly Producer Confronts Editor Of Virginia Paper About Covering Up 'Racially Motivated' Assault.  On his show Monday [5/7/2012], Bill O'Reilly started off by following up on the assault case in Norfolk, Virginia — in which two Virginian-Pilot reporters, Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami, were attacked by a group of black men.  The story went unreported in the paper for two weeks, and O'Reilly has been following the case since last week.  In this update, we heard from the paper's editor himself.

Bill O'Reilly: 'Inconceivable That Had a White Mob Set Upon Two Black Americans Media Would Sit it Out'.  "It is inconceivable that had a white mob set upon two black Americans the media would sit it out."  So said Fox News's Bill O'Reilly Monday about the media's almost total silence about a white couple that was attacked by a crowd of young African-Americans three weeks ago in Norfolk, Virginia.

Group of 10 or 15 'thugs' rob and beat 5 people following Prudential Center concert, cops say.  A roving band of teenagers assaulted five people as they left a sold-out concert at Newark's Prudential Center Saturday night [5/5/2012], leaving one man unconscious and another with a fractured eye socket during a two-minute crime spree, according to police officials and incident reports.  The attacks happened as nearly 20,000 guests departed from a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and marked only the second major reported crime at the arena since it opened in 2007, officials said.

Newark police: Violence may have been chief motivation in brutal Prudential Center assaults.  The mob of teens who attacked and robbed five people who eaving a sold-out Prudential Center concert Saturday night were "laughing" during the brutal assaults, and may have set out to injure people rather than rob them, Newark police officials said this morning.

Mobile police chief: No more arrests expected in Matthew Owens beating.  Barring new information, police do not expect to make any more arrests the widely publicized beating of a man in the city's Pleasant Valley community, Police Chief Micheal Williams said today [5/9/2012].  The beating, which left Matthew Owens in the hospital in critical condition, caused a sensation that reverberated across the nation because the victim is white and the large group of men, women and children who confronted him are black.

A Censored Race War?  When two white newspaper reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks — beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work — that might seem to have been news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper.  But it wasn't.  "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident.  Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug.

It's the toxic culture that's killing our kids.  FoxNews' Bill O'Reilly has been publicizing the attack on two white reporters by a mob of about 30 black youths in Norfolk, Virginia that took place on April 14th.  He did this because the reporters' own newspaper, the Virginia-Pilot, delayed the report on the assault until after the reporters filed a complaint against the Norfolk police.  Since the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, there have been a number of black on white assaults that have gone unpublicized and Mr. O'Reilly was attempting to tie this mob attack with others.

Evidence presented in Bryan Stow beating case.  The video was the first piece of evidence Los Angeles County prosecutors put forth Wednesday [5/30/2012] during the opening day of the preliminary hearing for Norwood and Sanchez.  The hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence for the two men to stand trial on charges of mayhem, assault and battery, and inflicting great bodily injury in the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium on opening day last year.

'Flash' Mob Violence, Poverty, and Reclaiming the Streets.  As a physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital learned the other night, you're really not safe in Streeterville.  Accosted by a "flash" mob of black teenagers, the physician was repeatedly hit and beaten.  He wasn't robbed.  He says the motive wasn't racial, as he's Asian.  But typically such mobs are black and their victims are whites, who are abused with racist insults while they're being injured.  The physician observed that the teenagers had accosted others before they attacked him.

No mention of the word "black", as usual.
'Flash rob' targets Troutdale Albertsons.  A group of teens targeted a Troutdale store last weekend in a 'flash rob' and investigators are trying to identify the suspects.  Investigators said as many as 40 kids entered the Albertsons store at 25691 SE Stark Street at the same time late Saturday night [7/14/2012] and started stealing things.

Are Race Riots News?  When I first saw a book with the title, "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty, I instantly knew what it was about, even though I had not seen the book reviewed anywhere, and knew nothing about the author. [...] That phrase was spoken by a member of a mob of young blacks who attacked whites at random at a Fourth of July celebration in Milwaukee last year.  What I was appalled to learn, in the course of my research, was that such race riots have occurred in other cities across the United States in recent years — and that the national mainstream media usually ignore these riots.

Again, no mention of the term "black".
Smash mob causes havoc at Walmart.  The Walmart off Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville fell victim to a mob of 300 people who entered the store and destroyed the security system as well as some merchandise.  According to a police report, the group destroyed an electronic anti-shop lifting security scanner that costs about $1,500.  The police report also stated the massive crowd could have arrived at the store after a party that was broken up on Sampson Road.

An interview with Colin Flaherty:
White Girl Bleed a Lot.  [Scroll down slowly]  I documented hundreds of examples in more than 70 cities.  And here is what happens.  I hear about a riot or a mob and I check it out and learn that it was a large group of black people creating havoc.  So I write the details.  In the course of reporting it, or after the story comes out, I almost always hear:  "That's been happening here a long time."  But reporters are afraid to write about it.  City officials are afraid to combat it, or call it by its name.  So it goes on.  And it is not just the places where you might expect it:  Chicago, Philly, Boston, Baltimore.  It's in smaller places in the Midwest as well. [...] Ames, Iowa.  They had a "Beat Whitey Night" at the State Fair.  Peoria, Illinois.  They had almost a dozen episodes of racial violence and lawlessness by black mobs over the last year.  Milwaukee.  Minneapolis.  Seattle.  Portland.  And on and on.

Black mobs now have soundtrack for violence.  The epidemic of black-mob violence now has a soundtrack.  In fact, lots of them: sophisticated, highly produced songs and videos that urge black people to create all kinds of mayhem.  From murdering CEOs and delivery drivers to starting riots and engaging in random warfare and everything in between.  Millions of people enjoy them every day; not just as music, but as a lifestyle.  It is not known if any of the 1,000 black people who rioted in downtown Greensboro following the Fourth of July festivities this year were dancing to this kind of music.  But there is no doubt they were part of the lifestyle.

Chicago clothing store loses $3,000 worth of jeans in flash robbery.  A clothing store in a trendy Chicago neighborhood is one of the latest victims of a so-called flash mob robbery — when a large group storms into a shop to collectively rip off a retailer.  About 20 people entered the Mildblend Supply Co. in Wicker Park on Saturday afternoon [7/28/2012], together grabbing more than $3,000 worth of high-priced denim jeans, according to police.

Drunken gang of girls in subway stab attack: cops.  A wolf pack of drunken young women "acting stupid" on a downtown No. 6 train in Manhattan stabbed a 63-year-old man early today [7/30/2012] — for having had the nerve to ask them to pipe down, police said.  The man was on his way to work at about 6:15 a.m. when he was attacked as the train entered the East 23rd Street station, a law-enforcement source told The [New York] Post.

'They were laughing as they slashed at me'.  The 63-year-old war veteran who was attacked and stabbed by a group of young girls on a subway on Sunday morning said the gang were laughing at him as they stabbed him.  Ralph Carnegary, of Queens, has spoken out about the unprovoked attack which left him in hospital.

The local police and the news media bend over backwards to avoid stating the obvious.
Six teens attacked man because 'they were just bored,' police say.  Six teenagers "were just bored and were looking for something to do," a police report said, when they ambushed [Pat] Mahaney as he turned off Simpson Avenue onto Dallas Avenue. [...] Several residents called police, noting the suspects are black and inquiring whether Mahaney was specifically targeted because he is white.

The Editor says...
This is the most transparently false cover story I've heard since the crash of American 587. .  How "bored" would you have to be to attack a stranger on the streetcorner and beat him up?  Thugs don't ambush people out of boredom.  They are inner-city predators looking for someone to punch out.  Preferably someone who can't possibly fight back when outnumbered four-to-one.  It's a sport.  It's a hobby.  It's a chest-thumping male dominance ritual.

Man beaten by 'bored' teens dies 1 year later.  Authorities say the Cincinnati-area man who was badly beaten by six teens almost a year ago in a Cincinnati suburb has died.  Pat Mahaney, 46, died yesterday in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, said Julie Wilson, spokeswoman for the Hamilton County prosecutor's office.  The six teens, all 13 or 14, injured Mahaney in August and told police they did it because they were bored and looking for something to do.

Moving melee causes chaos at packed Mall of America.  A noisy, racing crowd of more than 200 young people created a chaotic scene at the packed Mall of America Monday evening [12/26/2011], sending frightened shoppers scrambling for safety and causing some stores to close early, eyewitnesses and officials said.  It took more than an hour to quell the disturbance, which began about 4:20 p.m. as a single fight involving a large group in a food court and quickly spread through the nation's largest mall...

The Editor says...
This story is accompanied by video, which shows all the violent actors were black, but the word black is nowhere to be found in any of the articles describing the event.

Mall of America melee may have started over rumors of Drake and Lil Wayne visit.  Rumors that rap superstars Drake and Lil Wayne were visiting Minnesota's Mall of America may have sparked Monday's massive brawl at the giant retail center, a local TV station said.  Nine people were arrested as dozens of shoppers fought on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, according to local media reports. ... A Mall spokeswoman said the incident involved about 50 youths, but witnesses and police pegged the number at closer to 200.

Riot at the Mall of America.  One of my daughters works at a department store at the Mall of America.  After the riot was over, she texted one of her sisters:  ["][My department store] closed its doors.  It was the scariest thing I have ever seen.  Hundreds of gang members running through the Mall knocking things over.  And there were fights all over!  A good half of them were wearing red.["]

Eric Holder, 'Hate Crimes,' and 'His People'.  A group of those whom Eric Holder described as "his people," at least six young men, repeatedly punched a 24-year-old white woman in the face, then proceeded to kick her face over and over when she was on the ground helpless.  This occurred in Buffalo, New York last week, but the event has received no attention by the mainstream media because the victim was white and the attackers were black.  This was no friendly urban jostling:  the woman was left with a broken nose and cracked bones in her face.  There must have been a little bit of hate in at least one of those kicks to the face, but you can bet it won't be charged as a hate crime.

Cops: Man hit by car, officer hurt as 100 people brawl in Dover.  Multiple fights were happening at once in the crowd of more than 100 people by the time Sgt. Anthony Smith and officers Jonathan Cachola, Walter Michalski and Paul Wilkes arrived, police said.  Michalski then went to Mercer Street where he found a man lying bloody on the sidewalk, police said.  Friends of the man told Michalski the driver had purposely struck him with a car and left, police said.  So Michalski began administering first-aid to the man, but he called for additional units to assist him when a large, raucous crowd encircled them, police said.

The Editor says...
It is sometimes necessary to read between the lines of a news story.  The word "black" was not used in any of the news reports about this incident.  However, given the news media's track record, it is safe to say that if a mob of a hundred white people had taken part in a street brawl/riot, the story would have been carried by dozens of media outlets, leaving no doubts about the rioters' general description.

Pa. Football player's death ruled homicide.  [Timothy] McNerney was walking back to campus with Zach DeCicco from Main Street Brew House on South Main Street when they were approached near the rear of Lombardi's Auto Service by as many as six males wanting to steal a cellphone, [Police Lt. Dan] Stanek said.

The Editor says...
The victim was known to Google, and a search for pictures of "Timothy McNerney" shows he was a white man.  The perpetrators were apparently black.  What makes me think so?  Because if they hadn't been black, they would have been described as white men in the press.

Looters brag on Twitter.  [Scroll down]  A mob of more than 50 thieves made the most of the opportunity on Coney's Island, starting down Mermaid Avenue on Tuesday morning [10/30/2012] as the water receded.  'People were running in and out of Rent-A-Center carrying these big flat-screens,' witness Aisha John, 20, told the Daily News.  'They were holding on tight.  I couldn't understand how someone could steal a big TV in broad daylight, but no one cared.'

Queens residents arm themselves in the post-storm blackout from looters.  When night falls in the Rockaways, the hoods come out.  Ever since Sandy strafed the Queens peninsula and tore up the boardwalk, it's become an often lawless place where cops are even scarcer than electrical power and food.  Locals say they are arming themselves with guns, baseball bats, booby traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend against looters.

Seven Black Teenagers Attack 1 White Teenager And Beat Him Senseless.  The white kid was simply going to play football, but seven black kids beat him before he got there.  It was only a few blocks from his house.  Apparently, the kids at his school didn't like him because he was white.

Black Mobs Take Over Washington Metro.  Members of this mob call themselves the 44th Street Crew in Southeast Washington.  For those not familiar with the different sections of Washington, that is not the lobbyist/media/functionary dinner-party part of town.  Reporters at the Fox affiliate in Washington seemed surprised at the mob violence.  But to people who ride the Metro, it was just another day.  Metro police have seen so much of it they are ready with instructions for riders who encounter it:  Resistance is futile.

Shoe shoppers get sprayed with mace at Hulen Mall.  A rush for limited-edition tennis shoes sparked a near riot Friday morning [12/21/2012] at Hulen Mall. [...] The crowd, estimated to be as large as 350 to 400 people, had apparently flocked to the mall to purchase retro Air Jordan sneakers, a re-release of the famous red and black Michael Jordan shoes.  The popular shoes retail for between $150 and $200.

Paramus police arrest 2 teens after group of 10 harassed officers.  Paramus Police Officer Anthony Liggio had stopped a motor vehicle on Route 4 east, backed up by Officer Joseph Cullen, just before 2:30 a.m.  A group of about 10 males walking on the road approached the officers and began to yell and scream insults and obscenities at them, police said.

Flash mob at Mall of Louisiana goes horribly wrong when massive 200-person brawl breaks out instead.  A flash mob at the Mall of Louisiana turned violent last night, causing the shopping center to be evacuated.  As many as 200 young people were in the food court of the Baton Rouge mall for an apparent flash mob, but things turned ugly quickly.

Large-scale fight erupts at Mall of Louisiana, shutting it down.  A large-scale fight involving as many as 200 juveniles erupted in and around Baton Rouge's Mall of Louisiana Saturday night [1/5/2013], prompting three different police agencies to respond and forcing the mall to close, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office reported.  No injuries or weapons were immediately reported, Casey Rayborn Hicks, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department said.

Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control.  A chaotic scene erupted at the Taylor Human Services Center when the crowd waiting for a Section 8 housing voucher distribution got out of control. [...] Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center.  Many were homeless, single moms, or disabled.  They were hoping to get help paying for their housing from the government.

Riot ensues at Section 8 voucher giveaway.  Law enforcement tried to break up a riot in Detroit Saturday morning after 3,000 to 5,000 people showed up for only 1,000 Section 8 housing vouchers.  People had lined up overnight waiting for the Wayne County Family Health Services Center to open, and when it came time for the vouchers to be distributed, police said there was a mad rush for the door.

Massachusetts man is savagely beaten outside pizza shop in Greenwich Village.  A heinous beatdown in the heart of Greenwich Village has left a Massachusetts man fighting for his life.  Kevin McCarron, 24, was bashed with a tire iron, baseball bat and blackjack and stomped repeatedly by a gang of toughs in the middle of MacDougal St. early Sunday, police and witnesses said.  Cops on Monday [1/14/2013] busted 24-year-old Hatem Farsakh of Brooklyn, who was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and assault.  Onlookers were horrified by the savage attack.

Westampton fight involving 'more than 100 people' leads to five arrests, police say.  A fight involving more than 100 people broke out early Sunday morning [1/20/2013] at the Rancocas Community Center and resulted in $800 worth of damage and five arrests, police said.  Police were sent to the center on Main Street on a report of shots fired and a large fight, police said.  When they arrived about 12:25 a.m., police found more than 100 people acting disorderly and "jumping on top of vehicles," police said.

Brawl At Social Services Office Caught On Video.  Sources said the fighting started even before the video started rolling at the Illinois Department of Human Services Office.  The video shows at least 4 women involved in the brawl, with fists flying from one side of the lobby to the other.

Flash Mob Mayhem: Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins.  Violent, thieving mobs have been making headlines across the country for the past few years, and now they have hit New York City.  And Maurice Dubois reported in this CBS 2 investigation, the teen mobs have left neighborhoods worried as businesses take matters into their own hands.

12-year-old among 12 accused in beating of pregnant woman.  A pregnant woman is recovering from an attack after Seminole County Sheriff's deputies said she was beaten during a brawl in Sanford by 12 people, including four juveniles.  The youngest suspect is 12 years old.  Neighbors said the fight broke out on Sunday [2/10/2013] just after 10 p.m. in the Palm Point subdivision along Daffadil Terrace.

High school food fight turns into violent 'race riot'.  What started out as a lunchtime food fight in a Minneapolis high school ended in a massive brawl involving hundreds of students and police officers wielding canisters of Mace.  Minneapolis South High School was placed on lockdown shortly before 1 pm Thursday [2/14/2013] after violence broke out during third-period lunch inside the cafeteria between Muslim and black students.

Hundreds of students brawl at Minn. high school.  A food fight quickly turned into a brawl involving hundreds of students at a Minneapolis high school on Thursday [2/14/2013], forcing police to use chemical spray to break up the melee.

A Blind Pendulum.  While in the newspapers or on television you will not be informed about it in a form that makes sense, a growing cancer of racially-based violence is metastasizing in our cities.  Moreover, unless you were to see these outrages first hand or in media outside the mainstream organs, you would know nothing of it — for it is being withheld from you.  For reasons that we may want to speculate on, the news media have made an overt decision to avert your eyes away from the stone cold reality that a spectrum of young black men and women, motivated by race, rage, or entertainment, are increasingly committing crimes against life and property by the medium of flash mob violence.

Explaining the Inexplicable.  Almost daily on internet news agencies is some lurid story of a shooting, flash-mobbing, or beating that unfortunately involves a racial motif. [...] Yet such information is usually implicit rather than overt.  The paper or news agency that reports the crime either provides no overtly physical description of the suspects, or offers almost every detail of their appearances (sometimes even artists' renditions!) except for their race.

Michigan Avenue warning: Teens allegedly planning disturbance.  Chicago police have warned businesses to be on alert for a potential problem on Michigan Avenue Saturday [3/2/2013].  Authorities have learned a large group of teenagers may gather tomorrow to participate in what's described as "disruptive behavior".

Obama's America — Mall Warnings.  Now, does anyone else think it's pathetic, sad, and more than a little bit ridiculous that American citizens have to be warned to be on alert for roving bands of teens bent on destruction and mayhem? [...] And the fact that this Department is calling it "disruptive behavior" instead of organized looting, planned batteries and mindless property damage is truly stupid to the n-th degree.

Cleanup in aisle 1: Teen's 'mourners' trash Brooklyn shops.  A vigil for a teenager fatally shot by cops turned into a riot in Brooklyn last night [3/11/2013], as a mob of outraged thugs ransacked stores, broke car windows and assaulted residents in East Flatbush.  The chaos erupted after about 200 people gathered to mourn 16-year-old Kimani "Kiki" Gray, a reputed Bloods gang member who was shot after pulling a gun on police Saturday.

100 teenagers 'riot' on the streets following vigil of 16-year-old.  An orderly protest over the death of an armed 16-year-old turned into a riot in Brooklyn tonight after young people started lashing out at NYPD officers.  Between 60 and 100 rioters gathered around Church and Snyder Ave. in East Flatbush and threw bottles and other debris at police, witnesses said, following a vigil for Kimani Gray, 16, who was shot dead by two plainclothes officers over the weekend.

Enraged protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets during third night of rioting.  As fights between cops and angry teens erupted in East Flatbush, 46 were arrested Wednesday night [3/13/2013].  Police struggled to control a furious crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil.

Brooklyn Neighborhood Is 'A Powder Keg' After Teen Killed By Police.  [Scroll down]  The witness said the teenagers suddenly took off, fanning through streets and side streets, followed by the sound of glass breaking and metal store-front gates being pulled down.  Protesters began throwing bricks and bottles while cops began pepper-spraying and arresting.  By the end an officer's face and the window of a police van had been hit with bricks, and 46 people had been arrested.

New York gangs use Easter Sunday as a 'day of initiation' to attack people and businesses'.  New York police have stepped up patrols in the center of Manhattan today over fears of gang violence over the Easter weekend.  Times Square and Midtown have seen a growing trend for crime on Easter Day with gangs seemingly using it as a day of 'initiation'.

Whites attacked by black mob for walking white.  When a black mob attacked two reporters in Norfolk, Va., last year, the editor of the Virginian-Pilot newspaper said it was just a "street altercation" and he had no proof of racial motivation.  But even the most diehard denier of the epidemic of black mob violence around the country will find this case difficult to explain away:  Three white men in Georgia were allegedly robbed and assaulted and almost killed in April by a group of black people, all because of the color of their skin.  At least that is what the victims told the local sheriff.

Black Mob Violence Rocks Virginia Beach.  Reporters at all the local media in Virginia Beach had trouble describing what happened over the weekend when 40,000 black people descended on their town for a party.  Their audiences, however, did not.  Daniel Johnson was one of dozens of people who had no trouble describing the lawbreakers and the chaos, danger, thefts, violence and lawlessness they brought to Virginia Beach as part of College Beach Week 2013.  A time when black students could "blow off some steam" before final exams.  The readers and viewers offered eyewitness accounts that local media could not, or would not, present.

325 calls to VB 911 this weekend.  Virginia Beach Police confirm they received 325 calls for service to the Oceanfront this past weekend; a weekend that included several violent crimes.  City officials are speaking out about that violence during a college event.

A 100 proof case of racial violence in Georgia.  Reporters say racial violence does not exist unless the perpetrators issue a press release or confess to a reporter or blab to the police.  Which is what happened down in Georgia.

Euphemism alert!  [Scroll down]  I don't fault [Eric] Litz for never mentioning any particular racial group.  He probably wants to keep his job, his friends, his social contacts, and avoid the deadly label of racist.  So he writes in code. [...] There is not one mention of race in the piece, even though that clearly is the heart of the story.  The code word "urban" is understood by at least 90% of the adult population to mean black in this context.  Nobody is fooled by this obligatory dance with the truth.  It is all really quite laughable, this walking on eggshells.  It puts the lie to any claim that mainstream journalism is about telling the truth.  The dishonesty about social pathologies only makes them worse.

Judge bars racially charged protests from private property.  Jason Gosselin, a lawyer for One Liberty Place, sued the group Tuesday and asked [Judge Ellen] Ceisler to bar it from continuing its assemblies.  The demonstrations featured about a half-dozen men with thick beards, dressed in robes and using bullhorns to shout at pedestrians.  Among their rants, the suit said, were these:  "The white man is the devil," and "A woman need to shut her ... mouth."

Happy holiday! Let the violence begin.  While locals fled in anticipation of the annual celebration of violence and chaos during Black Beach Week over the Memorial Day holiday in Miami Beach, large-scale black mob violence erupted in Jacksonville, Rochester, West Bloomfield, and Baltimore.  A lot of it on video.

'Beach week' draws black crowd — and violence.  Reporters with all the local media had trouble describing what happened over the weekend when 40,000 black people descended on Virginia Beach for a party.  Their audiences, however, did not.

An Epidemic of Black Mob Violence.  Racial violence is back.  Along with racial lawlessness and even riots.  You didn't hear about it?  The Midwest state fair with a "Beat Whitey Night?"  Or the Black Beach Week that turns a town into "living hell?"  Or the school principal who blamed Asian students for being racist after suffering years of abuse?  The eleven episodes of racial violence on the Fourth of July 2012?  Some involving more than 1000 black people?  These criminal episodes go by different names:  Flash mobs, flash robs, black on white crime, or as one social worker put it:  Kids just "blowing off steam."  Anything except what they are:  Racial violence.

150 People Arrested In NAACP Protest Against NC Republicans.  Upwards of 150 people were arrested outside the doors to the [North Carolina] state Senate chambers, where demonstrators chanted, sang and delivered speeches decrying what they called a regressive agenda that neglects the poor.

Juneteenth festival ends with several arrests.  Milwaukee police sources told [WISN] there were several arrests at Wednesday's Juneteenth celebrations at the Martin Luther King Center, but would not go into further detail about the incidents.  The arrests were made as the festival was winding down, authorities said.

Are there any reporters left in Milwaukee?  Every year, Juneteenth in Milwaukee is a mess:  Lots of violence.  Lots of people arrested at this annual festival of black liberation. [...] Something happened at Juneteenth in Milwaukee a few days ago but not one local reporter is talking about it.

Black mob violence claims life of pregnant woman.  A Dayton woman who was nine months pregnant is dead today after she was shot during an episode of black mob violence.  The incident began Wednesday afternoon [6/19/2013] when Dayton police were called to break up a large fight involving a crowd of black women.  Wednesday night, the crowd formed once again.  And once again fighting broke out, this time involving 50 to 100 people.  Gunfire was exchanged.

400 black people riot in downtown Greensboro.  A repeat from last summer:  A series of black mob attacks "every single weekend" in July.  And before.  And after.

Man Claims Attack Was Trayvon Retaliation.  The victim, who did not want to be identified, told News Channel 3 and investigators the men drove up to him and asked him to get into their car, implying they had a gun.  The man, who is white, told police the men who attacked him are black.  The man says the men drove him miles away in silence before pulling him from their car and attacking him, saying, "I'm fixin to beat your a** for Trayvon."

Protesters storm Wal-Mart in Crenshaw area.  People protesting George Zimmerman's acquittal marched along Crenshaw Boulevard on Monday night, stomping on cars, chasing bystanders and storming a Wal-Mart.  Several protesters made their way into the Wal-Mart as guards scrambled to close security gates.  A short while later, Los Angeles Police Department officers wearing helmets and carrying batons swarmed the store as others marched through the parking lot.

Zimmerman verdict protesters attack TV reporter, storm Wal-Mart.  A peaceful protest of the George Zimmerman verdict in Los Angeles turned violent Monday after youths broke away from the main demonstration in Leimert Park, stomped on cars, broke windows, set fires and attacked several people.  KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV reporter Dave Bryan and his cameraman were among those who came under assault.

'Let's Go Mess Up Hollywood For Trayvon'.  On Tuesday night [7/16/2013], a flash mob of some 40 to 50 teenagers invaded the busiest and most tourist-centric part of Hollywood, smashing windows, stealing cellphones, and assaulting passersby.  The police described the incident as a "rolling crime wave."  One police official said that the George Zimmerman acquittal provided the flash point excuse for the flash mob.

'Bash mobs' sweep through Southern California.  Organized "bash mob" crime rampages of roving groups attacking innocent people and businesses have been striking cities around the United States.  Law enforcement agencies in Southern California have reported few similar problems — until now.  In the last several days, there have been several reports of such group crime waves in South L.A., Hollywood, San Bernardino and Victorville.  Long Beach police are bracing for another one Friday [7/19/2013].

Arrests in San Bernardino; 'Bash Mob' in Long Beach.  Police say a mob of young people smashed windows and threw rocks and bottles in San Bernardino, resulting in at least six arrests.  Police are trying to determine whether Thursday night's [7/18/2013] civil unrest was arranged through social media contacts and whether it was sparked by the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Racial Unrest and the 'Duty to Retreat'.  In response to the second degree murder acquittal of George Zimmerman, pro-Trayvon Martin supporters are expressing their displeasure with the verdict by storming shopping malls and pilfering drive-in markets.  The point of the "tear up the city" rallies currently taking place across America is to loudly proclaim that an innocent teenager died because he had a run-in with a trigger-happy racist itching to kill a black boy.  In honor of Trayvon, bands of whipped-up teens are "running in and out of traffic, knocking people over on the sidewalks and snatching their belongings."

Video: 'Flash mob' robbery at DC convenience store.  "It was crazy.  Beyond our control," says the manager of the King Convenience store in the 1500 block of U Street in Southeast D.C.  He says a flash mob of teens stole candy, soda and other items from his store Saturday night.

Riot sparked by basketball bet heavily damages Polk juvenile center.  The melee needed 150 law enforcement officers from several state and local agencies to quell.  Seven juveniles were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  Polk County sheriff's deputies said 18 of the 20 buildings at the Avon Park Youth Academy were destroyed and nearly half the juveniles had to be taken to a jail.  Rioters confiscated a guard's radio and all of the staff golf carts and set fire to a building containing the teens' records and a trash bin, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.  The riot started about 8:30 p.m. after a fight on a basketball court.

The Editor says...
The article above includes no suspect descriptions or names of those arrested.  If the rioters had been white guys named Billy and Steve and Seth and Larry, that aspect would have been made abundantly clear in the article's first sentence.  So it's safe to assume that everyone involved was black.

Police officers sent to break up raucous party pelted with rocks, bricks and bottles.  The pandemonium of between 150 and 300 people behaving in a riotous manner took every Trenton police officer and state trooper working in the city plus Transit police, a Ewing police unit and State Police reinforcements from Hamilton barracks 15 minutes to bring under control, said Lt. Mark Kieffer, a police spokesman.

Student beaten while waiting for school bus.  The victim said the four adults — two males and two females — exited the car and demanded cellphones and money.

The Editor says...
This happened in Gary, Indiana, and the newspaper offered no description of the suspects, so it is safe to surmise that the suspects were all black.  Prove me wrong.

Two Trenton cops injured in West Ward street brawl.  According to the sources, [Officers] Rivera and Flowers were patrolling on North Hermitage Avenue near Boudinot Street around 8 p.m. when they observed two girls fighting out on the street.  The females were taken into custody without incident, but after they were handcuffed the situation turned ugly, the police sources said.  At least two men approached the officers, one striking Rivera in the face.  More people allegedly rushed Rivera and Flowers, causing their injuries as the crowd of undetermined size continued to strike them.

3 more accused in southwestern Illinois attack on Red Lobster waitress over wrong fish order.  The latest charges, filed Monday in Illinois' St. Clair County, came six days after one member of the fracas, Ania Wilkes of Ferguson, Mo., was convicted of felony assault and mob action.

Black Mob Violence in the Liberal City of Portland.  Portland is in the middle of a nasty bout of black mob violence.  This time directed at bicyclists.  But Tim Oberlander does not want us to know. [...] Oberlander is a news editor at KGW TV in Portland.  His city is under attack from black mob violence centered around Martin Luther King Boulevard.  This mob has been attacking bike riders, housewives, students, seniors, you name it.  These attacks are part of a long — but quiet — history of racial violence in a liberal enclave that prides itself on racial tolerance and harmony.  But you would never know it from Oberlander.

The Editor says...
Every big city has a Martin Luther King Boulevard, and as far as I know, they are all in the most dangerous parts of those cities.  Why do you suppose that is?

Urban streets named for MLK still struggle.  A walk down the 6-mile city street named for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. yields plenty of images that would surely unsettle the civil rights leader:  shuttered storefronts, open-air drug markets and a glut of pawn shops, quickie check-cashing providers and liquor stores.

Police make another arrest in biker beating of SUV driver.  Police have said the bikers stopped the SUV on a highway, attacked the vehicle and pulled the driver from the car after he plowed over a motorcyclist from Massachusetts while trying to escape.

Motorcyclist charged with gang assault; Off-duty and undercover cops did nothing to stop biker beatdown of dad.  Reggie Chance, 38, turned himself in and was being questioned at the 33rd Precinct in Washington Heights on Friday night [10/4/2013], officials said.  He allegedly bashed in Lien's driver's-side window with his helmet and pulled him out of the vehicle to be beaten by the merciless mob in front of his frightened family following the confrontation on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Undercover NYPD Cop Watched SUV Driver Get Beaten.  The man who police say was seen on video using his helmet to smash the driver's side window of an SUV besieged by motorcyclists in New York City surrendered to police late Friday.  Reginald Chance, 38 of Brooklyn, N.Y., allegedly was the man shown hitting the Range Rover with his helmet before the video cut off and the driver, Alexian Lien, allegedly was assaulted.  Chance's possible role in the alleged assault beyond the window smashing was not immediately clear.

Man who intervened in NYC biker-SUV brawl says he 'felt intense danger' as he protected driver.  Police have said the bikers stopped the SUV on a highway, attacked the vehicle and then pulled the driver from his car on after he plowed over a Massachusetts motorcyclist while trying to escape the initial confrontation.

Biker in NYC assault arraigned on gang assault charges, flips off reporters.  A motorcyclist accused of catalyzing an attack that left a young New York father bloodied and beaten has been arraigned on gang assault charges, which his attorney said were overblown.  Reginald Chance, 37, was ordered held on $75,000 cash bail following the court appearance on Sunday. [...] Prosecutors said Chance, a married father of six, played a key role in the beating of driver Alexian Lien, who ran over another biker in what relatives said was fear for his life.

21 Arrests! Biker in NYC Road Rage Assault Was Freed By Lenient Judge.  The fallout continues from last weekend's road rage attack in New York City, as we now learn that one of the bikers has a mile-long rap sheet.  Reginald [...] Chance appeared on the widely seen video smashing the driver's side window of an SUV driven by New York City father of two Alexian Lien before Lien was dragged out of his SUV and assaulted by several enraged bikers.

Are these the same bikers who beat the SUV driver?
Video emerges of motorbike gang intimidating and terrorising other drivers.  The gang of bikers who were filmed beating up a SUV driver had allegedly intimidated and terrorized people on a previous rides.  A new video has emerged of a dozens of motorcyclists attacking car drivers, riding through red lights and even speeding along the sidewalk.  The latest footage was reportedly uploaded by the same motorcyclist who posted the shocking clip of driver Alexian Lien being beaten by an angry group of riders.

NYPD undercover officer arrested in SUV-motorcycle gang attack.  An NYPD undercover detective has now been arrested in connection with an attack on a family in an SUV by a group of motorcyclists, reports CBS News' John Miller.  The officer is expected to be charged with criminal mischief for allegedly banging on and breaking the rear window of the SUV.  The detective waited four days before coming forward to the NYPD and he allegedly made false statements about his involvement, reports Miller.

NYPD cop arrested in motorcycle-SUV assault case.  An undercover detective who investigators said was off duty when he was recorded on video pounding on an SUV as a biker rally spiraled into violence was arrested late Tuesday [10/8/2013].

Undercover NYPD Cop Seen on Video Smashing Window in SUV-Biker Brawl: Source.  An NYPD officer who was on a deep undercover assignment when a violent fight erupted between a group of motorcyclists and a man driving a Range Rover in Manhattan has been arrested, police say.  Detective Wojciech Braszczok, 32, turned himself in to police Tuesday evening and was charged with riot and criminal mischief, according to police.

Undercover NYPD officer arrested in motorcycle/SUV melee.  The New York City Police Department confirms an undercover police officer has been arrested in connection with the Sept. 29 videotaped Manhattan melee between motorcyclists and a motorist and his family in an SUV.  Wojciech Braszczok has been charged with riot and criminal mischief, Detective Brian Sessa of the NYPD's public information unit said Tuesday night.

Beating victim Ray Widstrand on the road to recovery after being viciously assaulted and robbed by gangs.  The 27-year-old was walking home in his neighborhood on St Paul's East Side on August 4 when he was attacked by a group of 30 to 50 juveniles and young adults.  He was hit in the head with a 'can in a sock', stomped on, had his pants ripped off him and was robbed.  He was placed in a medically-induced coma when he was taken to hospital.

Group of black youths beat white couple in racially-motivated attack.  A young couple in Brooklyn were beaten up Monday in what police are calling a racially-motivated attack.  30-year-old Ronald Russo and his wife Alanna, also 30, were stopped at the intersection of Avenue U and East 58 Street near Kings Plaza Shopping Center Monday [10/21/2013] when they had the green light.  Mr Russo couldn't go though because a group of teenagers were blocking his way, so he honked his horn.  The group of 10 black youths ranging in age from 12 to 18, including a 12-year-old girl, got agitated and started kicking his car.

Young man killed in big brawl at N.J. bowling alley.  A young man was killed [10/19/2013] in a brawl involving about 250 people at a New Jersey bowling alley, police said.

Several Injured, Arrested Outside Howard U. Concert.  A group tried to ram the gate of a Howard University homecoming concert in D.C. Friday afternoon, resulting in several injuries.  D.C. Police responded to 6th Street and Howard Place NW just after 3 p.m. after several individuals tried to rush a gate into the YardFest concert, hosted by Howard University.  Seven people were injured, including two officers and one other person was hospitalized.

Black Mob Violence and Denial.  For those who have not picked up a ball for a while, a visit to your local alley in the daytime is like stepping back in time.  Same lanes.  Same beat up shoes.  Same scruffed up balls.  But weekend nights, many bowling alleys — and roller skating rinks too — shed their white, lower middle class trappings and are transformed into gleaming centers of hip-hop, with the latest and greatest in lights, sounds, fashion, booze and drugs.  All topped off with frequent large-scale, black mob violence.

Rioting black youths stun Austin, Texas.  It was a spasm of violence that stunned residents: some 200 black youths raising hell — what police called a full-blown riot — in Austin, Texas.  Angry black youths inexplicably converged by the Highland Mall, near an iconic haunted house attraction, and walked atop parked cars, fought among themselves, and hurled rocks at some 30 arriving police officers.  Several people, including one officer, suffered minor injuries.  Later, police said so many squad cars were need that the department was unable to provide adequate 911 emergency coverage to the rest of Austin.

Fights break out at shoe stores across the country [over] Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneakers.  Each year, the highly anticipated release of a new version of limited edition Air Jordans is released and each year, a spate of robberies, assaults, riots and even deaths occur.

600 People Involved in Movie Theater Brawl, 5 Arrested.  Five teenagers were arrested when a 600-person brawl broke out in a Florida movie theater's parking lot on Christmas night.  Described by police as a "melee," the fight occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday outside the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville when a group tried to storm the theater's doors without purchasing tickets, police said.  Several had rushed an off-duty police officer working as a security guard.

Flash Mob Of Teens Causes Disturbance At Brooklyn's Kings Plaza Mall.  A melee at Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn the day after Christmas was captured on cellphone video.  According to police, the flash mob involving as many as 300 teenagers, mostly 15 and 16 years old, began a short time before the Mill Basin mall closed at 9 p.m. on Thursday [12/26/2013].

The Editor says...
I surmise that all the perpetrators were black.  Prove me wrong.

Hundreds of teens trash mall in wild flash mob.  A wild flash mob stormed and trashed a Brooklyn mall, causing so much chaos that the shopping center was forced to close during post-Christmas sales, sources said Friday [12/27/2013].  More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin on Thursday at 5 p.m., sources said.

Mob of teens caught on tape ransacking convenience store in 20 minute spree.  A mob of teenagers have been caught on tape robbing a convenience store in Bryan, Texas.  Surveillance video shows the kids rushing through the store, grabbing everything they can get their hands on as girls are seen twerking and doing the splits outside.  The frightening ransacking incident took place Saturday [1/4/2014] as store clerk Terry Polsgrove, 19, was shutting up for the night.

Tennessee Robbers Use Sledgehammers to Rob Jewelry Store in Busy Mall.  The robbers used the sledgehammers to smash the cases containing Rolex watchers [sic] as shoppers screamed and hid in other stores.  The robbers were quick and after stuffing jewelry into held pillow cases, they ran to the closest exit and departed.

'Wilding' youths overwhelmed deputies at state fair.  An atmosphere of family fun at the Florida State Fair was trampled Friday night by a crowd of young people carrying out an annual practice known as wilding, sheriff's investigators said.  By the end of the night, the fair closed early and one teenager among the 99 people ejected for disorderly conduct was killed — hit by a sport utility vehicle as he tried to cross Interstate 4.  Twelve people were arrested on charges including trespassing and fighting.

The Editor says...
In news reports of this sort, the perpetrators are called youths, kids, teens, and every descriptor in the English language except black.  And it is well known to be "an annual practice," so why didn't the police have fire hoses, rubber bullets and aggressive dogs ready for this riot?  That may sound harsh, but the treatment has to match the disease.

Fair restricts free youth tickets after 'wilding'.  The Florida State Fair, reeling from a rampage involving hundreds of youths on opening night, announced late Tuesday [2/11/2014] it is taking steps to curb such outbreaks by requiring that any minor presenting a free entry ticket after 7 p.m. be accompanied by an adult. [...] Most of the chaos was blamed on black youths, law enforcement officials and others said.

The Editor says...
"Black" first appears in the 17th paragraph.  And even then, the newspaper lets a little pressure escape by saying most of the chaos was the fault of "black youths," leaving open the unlikely possibility that others were involved as well.  But in the opening paragraph one major root of this problem was revealed:  Free admission to the fair.  What the kids don't pay for, they do not value.  Let them pay the full price of admission like everyone else.

Chief Forte says police to crack down on Plaza teen disturbances.  Following Saturday's disturbance on the Country Club Plaza, three teens were arrested and one juvenile was detained.  While one mother is apologizing and asking for the public's forgiveness, another teen arrested over the weekend remains unapologetic for his actions and says police racially profiled him.  Kansas City police were first called to Cinemark Palace, located at 500 Nichols Rd., about 8:15 p.m. Saturday on a large disturbance involving about 150 juveniles.  Police said they dispersed the unruly group; however, they scattered through the Plaza.

Arrests pending in Orange Park Mall melee.  Dozens of juveniles are accused of starting a violent melee that began at the Orange Park Mall and eventually ended after a shot was fired at the Wells Road Chick-fil-A location on Saturday [3/1/2014], Clay County deputies say.  The Clay County Sheriff's Office reports dozens of juveniles first became unruly near the movie theaters at the Orange Park Mall before they crossed the street and created a melee outside of the Chick-fil-A.

Big Gym Fight Has Police Hoping LA Fitness Beefs Up Security.  On Sunday, city police responded to a call involving 10-15 people fighting at the gym's Cleveland Avenue location.  It started all on the basketball court over a call and escalated, moving into the main fitness area.  "People were actually throwing two and a half, five, 10 pound weights within the building," said Police Lt. Lorne Rosand.  This recent fight is just part of a bigger problem.  Police say the gym has been plagued with crime in recent years.

LMPD: 2 suspects arrested in connection with teen mob violence.  Metro Police say two suspects have been arrested in connection with last weekend's violence in downtown Louisville.  Shaquazz Allen, 18, and 19-year-old Tyrone Booker are charged with seven counts of first degree unlawful imprisonment, and one count each of fourth degree assault and third degree criminal mischief.

Police: Man Beaten Unconscious By Crowd After Striking Child With His Car.  Detroit police are looking for suspects in the beating of a driver who investigators say accidentally hit a young child on the city's east side. [...] Debra Hughes says she saw the attack and claims it was a group of mostly teenagers who beat the man unconscious.  Hughes told WWJ's Stephanie Davis that the boy was hit after he ran into the street and that the driver stopped to check on the child, and when he did, he was beaten. [...] Police say the 54-year-old man, whose wallet was also stolen, wasn't at fault for the accident.  He's currently hospitalized in critical condition.

LMPD: Teen arrested during mob disturbance at Shawnee restaurant.  When officers arrived, police say 18-year-old David Leach was standing in the parking lot of Long John Silvers and refused officers' orders to leave the location, even though allegedly he was not a customer.  Police say the group of 50 people alarmed nearby residents and prevented passing motorists from driving through the crowded roadway.

FBI, Louisville police address youth gang memo.  A Louisville youth gang known as YNO, or "Young 'N Off That," did not gather at Waterfront Park March 22 to memorialize Me'Quale Offutt, the teen stabbed to death on a TARC bus on March 16, according to an FBI email that was not intended to be made public.  Instead, according to the email the FBI sent to law enforcement agencies, YNO went to the park to fight another gang, "believed to be TYS — Trill Young Savages," whose members had been "talking smack" about Offutt.  When the TYS members didn't show, according to the memo, "mob violence" ensued.

FBI: Middle school gang behind mob violence.  The teens responsible for the mob violence in downtown Louisville last month were members of a gang of middle-school students, according to an FBI memo distributed to law enforcement agencies.  The memo, which the FBI says was based on "unverified intelligence," says that the gang — "Young 'N Off That," or YNO, was organized last summer at Frost Middle School but spread to other schools, and that its members are "armed in a major way."  The FBI memo also says there have been "rumblings" about the gang showing up in large numbers May 1 at the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade.

See if you can guess the forbidden five-letter word that was omitted from this article.
Flash mob of women steal $20,000 worth of sunglasses from California store.  A brazen flash mob has been caught on camera storming a California store and making off with $20,000 worth of sunglasses.  Surveillance footage shows eight women piling into a Sunglass Hut and crowding around display cases.

Police caught off guard by huge park gathering where 2 women were shot.  DeKalb County Police say they were caught off-guard Sunday by the unsanctioned party at a public park that ended with two women being shot.  "This came really as a surprise to us," the county's public safety chief Cedric Alexander told reporters on Monday [4/21/2014].

Video: 'Flash mob' robbery strikes DC convenience store.  On the video, about 20 people are seen entering a convenience store on the 4400 block of Benning Road — one right after another.  The video shows several unidentified subjects dashing out the store with what appear to be goods in their hands.  According to the police report, in a matter of about three minutes, the suspects took candy, snacks and soda before running out of the door.  Police say the total value of the stolen merchandise was about $350.

Clearwater Beach shootings may not all be connected.  Police filed criminal charges against four Tampa men after a series of shootings left Memorial Day revelers reeling in the heart of Clearwater Beach's tourist district.  At least two people were shot in the chaos, which spanned three shooting scenes.

Police Arrest Dozens During Memorial Day Ruckus By The Beach.  Fort Lauderdale police believe hundreds of young people made their way to the beach for one reason this Memorial Day, to cause trouble.  Police described a volatile scene Monday night as they had to arrest dozens of people that were part of unruly crowds.  Two separate incidents late Monday afternoon kept officers busy.  One scene was near the area of 31st Avenue and West Broward Boulevard.

Police: Taste of Cincinnati was 'general mayhem' Officers report 'numerous incidents' of crime.  It was a "kind of general mayhem."  That's how Central Business District commander Capt. Paul Broxterman is describing several incidents near last weekend's Taste of Cincinnati event.  Police say they were called to some outer areas of the three-day celebration of Cincinnati's eateries to deal with numerous assaults, at least two robberies and even teens throwing rocks at officers.

Widespread Memorial Day Black Violence Ignored by National Media.  Black Beach Week used to get all the glory: Every Memorial Day weekend, 300,000 black people gathered in Miami Beach to get their freak on. And also create a tsunami of violence, robbery, shootings, carjackings, vandalism, mayhem, noise and trash.  But this year, many party-goers complained that Black Beach Week — only reporters call it "Urban Beach Week" — just wasn't as much fun any more:  Too many cops, tactical vehicles, helicopters, lights, towers, cameras, suspicion.  Not enough chaos.  Not to worry:  The rest of the country picked up the slack.  Black mob violence over the holiday weekend was reported in more than a dozen cities around the country.  Some fatal.  Some comical, almost.

Wilding Popping Up Again.  If anyone listened to zone 4 last night they would have heard that [...] multiple car and store windows on North Michigan Ave were smashed by "urban youths".  That there was a massive fight between "urban youths" on the Red Line platform at State and Lake that shut down the line.  That there were multiple thefts of purses, laptops, phones, etc. by groups of "urban youths" celebrating the holiday.

13 Cedar Point workers from Michigan arrested after brawl.  Sandusky police arrived at the rec center to find Cedar Point officers struggling with a man and several other men trying to get at the officers.  Several other Cedar Point officers were struggling with three other men, who were swinging their arms at officers.  Another man, who refused to leave the area, then began pushing an officer.

Massive brawl breaks out on Island Belle during summer cruise on Sunday.  Police say an all-out brawl occurred on the Island Belle early Sunday [6/29/2014] while hosting the "Rock Da Boat" summer cruise.

July Fourth Weekend May Bring More Black Violence.  Take Miami Beach.  Its Memorial Day holiday "Urban Beach Week," aka "Hip-Hop Weekend" or Black Beach Weekend, has come to mean anarchy in the city, and this "tradition" has been going on for ten years.  Up to 300,000 black "hip-hop" fans, many intent on wreaking havoc, descend upon a city with fewer than 90,000 residents, only four percent of whom are black.  The fans assault and intimidate people, block traffic, blast music 24/7, steal food and drink, trash restaurants, urinate on police vans, and fondle every woman who tries to walk down the street.

NYPD looking into video showing people jumping on squad car.  Cops are investigating a video that shows revelers kicking and jumping on an NYPD squad car in what may be a celebration gone wild after the West Indian Day parade, police said.  Though law enforcement sources said there is a possibility the mayhem occurred during Monday's parade in Brooklyn, officials could not confirm the time or place that the video showing a horde of young men wrecking the patrol car was shot.

Cops told to ignore drunken booze-fests.  Brooklyn cops were ordered to ignore blatantly illegal liquor sales inside three junkyards that were turned into open-air nightclubs — drawing thousands of rowdy revelers who vomited and urinated in the streets during the Labor Day weekend, The [New York] Post has learned.  A 25-year-old man who was at one of the parties tied to the West Indian Day Parade was critically injured by two drunken men who followed him outside and stabbed him with a broken beer bottle.

15 people, mostly teens, shot at Miami nightclub.  Fifteen people, many of them teenagers and some as young as 11, were shot early Sunday morning [9/28/2014] at a Miami nightclub, Miami-Dade police reported.  Police spokeswoman Frederica Burden said the victims ranged in age from 11 to 25 and were taken to area hospitals.

Ferguson flash mob disrupts St. Louis symphony with Michael Brown requiem.  It was a protest of an altogether different sort.  Rather than take to the streets of Ferguson, these demonstrators took their demands to the seats of the symphony. [Video clip]

Alinsky Tactics 'Disrupt the Blind State of White St. Louis'.  Demonstrators interrupted the St. Louis Symphony's performance of Brahms' "German Requiem" on Saturday to protest the August 9 shooting of Ferguson, Missouri 's Michael Brown.  After the intermission, as the conductor came to the podium, a middle-aged black man stood and sang, "What side are you on friend, what side are you on?" Soon a white women stood up from a few rows away singing, "Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all."  About 50 protesters scattered throughout Powell Hall then rose out of their seats at different times and joined in the singing.  A chorus ensued.

It's Come to This: "Surviving Mob Attacks on Your Vehicle".  [Scroll down]  The situation changes, however, once the rioters attack you or your vehicle.  With your vehicle surrounded in a manner that you can't escape and your attackers being trying to burn your car, flip it over, or drag you out, it is reasonable to assume that you will suffer serious injury or death.  That's when you can start striking people with your car.

'Hostile' protest over Garner, Brown decisions wreaks havoc in Berkeley.  Protesters described as "hostile" and "aggressive" over the killing of unarmed black men by white police officers briefly blocked a highway in Berkeley, Calif., nearly preventing medics from reaching a pregnant woman stuck in traffic, set garbage cans on fire, threw rocks at police and brought mass transit to a halt during the city's fourth night of protests.  "The crowds have become larger, more hostile and more aggressive," Eric Sanchez, an assistant division chief for California Highway Patrol, told the San Francisco Chronicle.  The protests started peacefully, but just before midnight small groups broke off and began breaking store windows, including a 7-Eleven and Safeway.

The crashed pool party in McKinney, Texas, June 5, 2015

Introduction by The Editor:
In this case, both sides are at fault:  One one side, there was a flash mob of black troublemakers, jumping over the fence into a private pool party, and (in at least one case) fighting in the street.  On the other side, the police department showed up to take charge, and (in the inevitably viral video) wrestled a girl in a bikini down to the ground, as if she might be a threat to the body-armored officers if allowed to stand.

Teen Pinned Down At McKinney Pool Party In 2015 Sues Former Officer, City For $5 Million.  The teenage girl who was wrestled and pinned to the ground by a former McKinney police officer at a rowdy pool party in June 2015 has filed a lawsuit against him, the police department and the city for $5 million in damages.  In a complaint filed last month, Dajerria Becton and her legal guardian "allege that former Officer Eric Casebolt violated the girl's constitutional rights by using excessive force and holding her without probable cause.  The family also claims that the city and the police department are to blame for her injuries for not training officers adequately," The Dallas Morning News reports.  The city denies her allegations and will "vigorously defend the recently filed lawsuit."

McKinney Pool Party Organizers Now Face Eviction From Craig Ranch Sub-Division.  On June 5th the McKinney Texas pool party mob at the Craig Ranch sub-division was organized by 20-year-old Tatyana Rhodes, and her mother LaShana Burks.  The incident erupted in National 24/7 Headlines for several weeks. [...] We decided to research the real story of what took place, and we discovered how the mob began.  In addition our research reflected that Tatyana Rhodes and her mother, LaShana Burks, were facing a very real possibility of civil lawsuits by the Home Owners Association within Craig Ranch.

Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred Is Involved in the McKinney Pool Party Story Now.  In the weeks since the McKinney Pool Party incident on June 5, in which a white officer pulled a gun on unarmed black teenagers, a few names have surfaced:  Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer who was seen in the video throwing a teenage girl to the ground and brandishing his gun; Tatyana Rhodes, the 19-year-old African-American woman who hosted the party at her neighborhood's pool; and Tracey Carver-Allbritton, the adult white woman who, witnesses at the party have claimed, hurled racial slurs at the teenagers before the police arrived.

McKinney pool party organizer poses in bikinis to 'jumpstart' a 'modeling career' off the situation.  Tatyana Rhodes, the organizer of the McKinney pool party that ended in a viral video and a high-profile resignation of a police officer, is doing her best to create a positive out of the negative situation by posing in a series of sultry photos.  Earlier this month, Rhodes' pool party was cut short when a fight broke out and a McKinney police officer was caught on video slamming a bikini-clad teen into the ground with his knee in her back and then proceeded to chase other party-goers with a gun.

What the media still won't report about minorities and pools.  What exactly were the party organizers, 20 year-old Tatiana Rhodes and her mother thinking when they sent out online invites to a free Dime Piece Pool Party?  Dime piece is urban lingo for a beautiful, hot girl.  They had been promoting it for over a month in social media yet the pool belonged to a gated community which had strict rules about reserving parties which limited guests to 20.  Neither Tatiana nor her mother applied for permission for this "pool party".  The party escalated into a free-for-all brawl.

Targeted Pool Party Victim Fights Back — Hires Gloria Allred To Clear Her Name.  Tracey Carver, a white woman seen on video in a fight at the McKinney pool party that fueled a national debate about race, spoke at a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday to deny accusations that she said racists slurs.  In a statement forwarded to The Dallas Morning News, Carver said that she was trying to defuse a fight between her friend and a young woman who pulled the friend's hair.  The McKinney woman noted she had to relocate to California because of threats against her and her family.

Crowdrise and GoFundMe Donation Sites Deny Use for Officer Casebolt — Permit Use By Swimming Pool Activist Marvin Bakari.  We reported several days ago that Marvin Bakari was fundraising off the controversy at the McKinney "Craig Ranch" pool fiasco.  Marvin Bakari is the uncle of Dajerria Becton (15) and the father of Jahda Bakari (13), the "DimePieceCookout" girls.  The crowd funding site that Bakari chose to raise money for his racial grievances was/is "CrowdRise.Com".  Bakari set up the donation fund, then quickly shut it down when we exposed the real motive of both his efforts and the party itself.

Jahda and Marvin Bakari — The Activism Behind The McKinney Pool Party Narrative.  In a video interview, following the chaos of the Craig Ranch pool party, Mr. Marvin Bakari and his 13-year-old daughter Jahda Bakari took to the airwaves to make a very specific series of claims.  If you were to follow the construct of the racial narrative espoused by the activists around the Craig Ranch incident, you will find the media delivered "RACISM" story originates specifically from Marvin Bakari and his daughter Jahda.  No-one claimed any racial tones to the events until Marvin Bakari stepped forward claiming racism.

'I'm the real victim here'.  The ex-cop who was captured on video forcibly detaining a bikini-clad screaming schoolgirl says he has been caught up in an anti-police campaign which has nothing to do with him.  Eric Casebolt is in hiding, fearing for his life, as his police department has received more than 27,000 calls and emails from around the world, many of them messages of hate and containing threats.

New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam Arrive in McKinney to Keep the Peace.  The word on social media is that members of the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam have arrived in McKinney, Texas, the site of a videotaped incident last week in which a white police officer is seen manhandling a black teenage girl at a pool party that apparently attracted what one witness called "a large, aggressive crowd" to participate in protests against the police.

Benet Embry, black radio host: 'My own people' threatening to kill me over McKinney comments.  Benét Embry, a black radio host who lives in the McKinney, Texas, community where a pool party went awry Friday [6/5/2015], says he is facing a wave of death threats from his "own people" after he said on television that he doesn't believe the incident was about race.

Texas woman suspended from job after allegedly starting controversial McKinney pool fight.  A California-based company has placed a Texas woman on administrative leave for her part in a controversial pool incident in McKinney that went viral after footage surfaced of a police officer pinning down a 15-year-old black girl.  The woman — identified as Tracey Carver-Allbritton by Dallas Communities Organizing for Change — allegedly made racial remarks that sparked a fight that led to police being called, shown in a video uploaded to YouTube.

So, This "Texas Pool Party" Story Seems to be Premised on, Get This, a Huge Lie.  Racism and police violence!  Yay!  A new distraction to be outraged about!  Here's he real story — narrated by a black resident of the neighborhood.

The 'Larger Truth' About Eric Casebolt and the McKinney Pool Party.  Eric Casebolt, the police officer who was filmed tackling a teenage girl at a McKinney, Texas pool party and drawing his weapon on bystanders, has resigned.  That may protect him from disciplinary action, and perhaps keep his personnel file clean enough to apply for another law enforcement job elsewhere.  Critics are still calling for a criminal prosecution.  More investigation is needed, but not for that reason.  Rather, the McKinney case points to the broader "flash mob" problem.

Brawling, 'racist slurs,' profane rap music and gatecrashers: What really happened at Texas invite-only pool party.  More than 100 teenagers had already gatecrashed the private pool party in McKinney, outside Dallas, when violence erupted.  They had received the invitation on social media and the numbers who arrived from across the city rapidly filled up the area, where local residents had been enjoying the sunshine by the pool with their children.

McKinney Pool Party Organizer, Tatyana Rhodes, Lawyers Up — Likely Trying To Avoid Civil Liability.  Tatyana Rhodes and her mother are facing a very real possibility of civil lawsuits by the Home Owners Association within Craig Ranch for an unapproved and unauthorized event that turned into a mob, and has cost the community thousands.  Watch this CNN interview with Tatyana who is now lawyered up.  Her attorney is Emmanuel Obi, and she appeared with Jahda Bakari (13) one of Tatyana's "Dime Girls".  Notice how Tatyana now tries desperately to avoid admitting that her promotional activity is what led to hundreds of party-goers.

The Full Story of The McKinney Texas, Pool Mob.  The woman who organized the event in McKinney, Texas is named Tatiana Rhodes (or Tatyana Rhodes).  She is approximately 19-years-old; however, she retains a fake id and has began scrubbing most of her social media accounts, so her exact age is undetermined.  Update:  confirmed profile DOB 04/02/1995, so Tatiana Rhodes is 20.  Tatiana had been promoting a party via twitter under the hashtag name "Dime Piece Cookout" for approximately a month.  She planned the event at a sub-division called "Craig Ranch" in McKinney Texas. [...] Neither Tatiana Rhodes nor her mother sought permission to use the pool or clubhouse area as part of the event.  However, Tatiana hired a DJ and promoted the event to include a pool party.

Video Emerges of Violence at 'Innocent Pool Party' in McKinney, Texas.  Left media is ablaze with articles condemning the police response to a pool party at a McKinney, Texas, subdivision.  Now a video is emerging showing why police were called to the scene to begin with — violence.  Residents in a McKinney subdivision were hosting an end-of-school party in their private community pool.  Many teens who were not residents of the subdivision began showing up.  Some had been invited by residents, some had not.  An ad for the event had been placed on social media sites.

The great McKinney, Texas Rorschach inkblot test.  Cell phone video of a suburban Dallas cop pinning a bikini-clad black teenager with his knee on her back and drawing a gun on a crowd of black teens has become the latest cause of the race grievance industry.  Last night [6/8/2015] "hundreds" of people peacefully demonstrated in that town, and local "civil rights leaders" are demanding a Justice Department investigation.

McKinney: Of Pool Parties, Police Brutality, and Institutional Racism.  Was the police response to the pool party incident in McKinney, Texas, a clear case of law enforcement overreacting — once again — to a trivial dispute, or a necessary response to the antics of delinquent teenagers?  Did racial animus play a role, as one bystander claims, or were the black kids the ones who were misbehaving, as a neighborhood resident claims?  The video evidence and eyewitness testimony suggests the former (although the latter may possess miniscule kernel of truth).  Police responded to a fight that had broken out between a girl and a mother.  A video of the encounter establishes that the fight did indeed take place, but it only involved a couple people — not the large swath of teenagers who were later detained by officers.

McKinney officer resigns due to video of pulling gun on teens.  McKinney Police Cpl. Eric Casebolt has resigned after video showed him pushing a 15-year-old girl in a swimsuit to the ground and pointing his firearm at other teens.  Casebolt's lawyer informed FOX4 of Casebolt's decision on Tuesday afternoon [6/9/2015].  McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley said Casebolt's actions were "indefensible" during a Tuesday evening news conference.

Activists Want Black Host Who Blamed Teens For McKinney Pool Fight Fired.  Dozens of activists are calling on a Dallas-based video broadcast station to fire a black talk show host for blaming a group of mostly black teenagers for starting a fracas at a private swimming pool in McKinney, Tex. on Friday [6/5/2015]. [...] The outrage began with a seven-and-a-half minute video released over the weekend showing McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt throwing a 15-year-old black girl on the ground and pulling out his gun as he tried to detain a group of teenagers allegedly involved in the fracas.

The 2016 race riots in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Burning.  With Election Day only weeks away, it is possible the chaos in the Tarheel State is part of a left-wing get-out-the-vote effort to foment unrest in the state's black communities.  Remember that Democrat Barack Obama narrowly won the vitally important battleground state in 2008 and narrowly lost it in 2012.  It is entirely possible that the whole exercise in civil unrest was engineered or at least exacerbated by professional left-wingers trying to win the state for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Riots, of course, are the stock in trade of radical speculator George Soros, the preeminent funder of the Left who has given generously to Black Lives Matter.

When Narratives Implode:  Gun Recovered from Keith Lamont Scott Was Reported Stolen.  Nice of these lunatics to try and torch the city down in pursuit of a fraudulent narrative. [...] Undeterred by evidence and facts, the laughingstocks at the NAACP released their list of demands Monday, blissfully unaware of the latest development.

Keith Scott WAS carrying a stolen gun, police say — and his wife filed for a restraining order against him saying he was armed, violent and had threatened to kill her.  Keith Scott was carrying a stolen gun when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Charlotte, North Carolina, authorities have said.  The gun was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, according to the police.  A breaking and entering suspect told agents at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives that he had sold the gun to Scott, ABC 11 reported Monday.  He is now in custody.  Scott's wife Rakeyia, who filmed her husband's killing on Tuesday, had filed for a restraining order against him and had told authorities he carried a gun, hit her as well as one of her children and had threatened to kill her, records have shown.

Man shot by cops in Charlotte bought gun from burglar: report.  The man shot dead by cops in Charlotte was in possession of a gun he had bought from a burglar who stole it during a residential burglary, according to a report.  The burglar admitted he sold the gun to Keith Lamont Scott, 43, who was shot Sept. 20 by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg cop when officers noticed him with marijuana while they were serving a warrant on someone, sources told WBTV.  Authorities have not released information about the alleged burglar.  Meanwhile, it emerged that Scott's wife, Rakeyia, filed for a restraining order against him last year, saying in October that authorities should consider him a potential threat because he carried a 9mm handgun, The Charlotte Observer reported.

Dear Rioters:  Your Boy Was Carrying A Stolen Gun And His Wife Filed This Against Him.  That gun his wife says he doesn't own?  It showed up in the paperwork when she filed a restraining order against her husband.  Who had a loaded gun on him when he was shot.  The guy who's being held up as Charlotte's BLM martyr?  Not such a sweet guy.

He carries a Glock

List of people arrested during Charlotte riots.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested at least 72 people over six days of riots and protests in Charlotte following the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.  The latest round of arrests totaled 15 people from Saturday into Sunday night's protest in Uptown.  Eleven of the people arrested were from Charlotte.  Four of the individuals were from out of town.  Charges ranged from Breaking and Entering, carrying a concealed weapon, Extra Ordinary Event violations and Urinating in Public.

Charlotte Shooting Facts Support the Police.  The Charlotte rioters didn't know whether the controversial police shooting of Keith Scott was justified or not, and didn't care.  They worked their mayhem — trashing businesses and injuring cops, with one protester killed in the disorder — before anything meaningful could be ascertained about the case except that the cops said Scott had a gun and his family said he didn't.  Charlotte is the latest episode in the evidence-free Black Lives Matter movement that periodically erupts in violence after officer-involved shootings.  The movement is beholden to a narrative of systematic police racism to which every case is made to conform, regardless of the facts or logic.

The Mark of Soros:  Charlotte, North Carolina.  [Scroll down]  In Charlotte they have regularly referred to the thugs as "protestors" and failed to fully publicize how awful their behavior has been.  Here are some examples you won't see on your news programs:  Rioters attacked an elderly homeless man and beat a helpless man in parking garage and pulled off and stole his pants to further humiliate him.  Reports are in of stealing and looting on a significantly large scale, hijacking cars and trucks and terrifying their occupants, blocking streets and threatening to spread the mayhem outside the city limits.  BLM would in a lawful society be subject to criminal racketeering and conspiracy charges[.]

If Keith Lamont Scott Had Followed Gun Laws, Would He Still Be Alive?  The black man shot and killed by a black police officer in Charlotte, N.C. Tuesday was a felon who had gone to prison for seven years, making it illegal for him to possess a firearm.  According to records from Bexar County, Texas, Keith Lamont Scott was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in July 2005 and sentenced to seven years in prison.  In relation to that case, he was charged and found guilty of evading arrest.  He was also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, reckless driving, and assaulting his wife, but these charges were later dismissed.

Wife of Charlotte's Keith Scott Filed Restraining Order Citing Violence and Gun Use in 2015.  And so a week later the media begins to look into the troubled back story of Keith Lamont Scott, the man killed by police during a highly publicized armed encounter in Charlotte North Carolina which led to four days of riots and social unrest.

Oops: Convicted felon Keith Scott was carrying an illegal firearm while smoking pot in public.  We were told time and time again that Keith Scott, killed by Charlotte Police Officers last week, did not have a firearm.  His wife even said it on the video she released.  Um, yeah, about that [...]

Charlotte Officials to Rioters — Anyone Caught Looting Will Have Welfare and Food Stamps Revoked For Life.  According to the local affiliate WBTC, the punishment also applies to minors who might be participating in the ongoing melee.  Parents of underage individuals who are captured while engaging in criminal activities related to the rioting will be held fully accountable, and could risk losing state benefits, as well as the custody of their child. [...] The announcement was made shortly after hundreds of national guardsmen and law enforcement officers took to the streets intent on restoring calm to the city.

Charlotte Rioters Have New List Of Demands, Includes Reparations.  Charlotte rioters recently issued a list of demands over the death of Keith Lamont Scott.  According to the list, rioters called for the de-funding of the police department; the money used for the police department should be re-allocated to jobs programs, affordable housing and transportation.  They want reparations for Scott's family, families of those who have been killed by police and for those affected by "police violence."  Rioters also demanded that police release all those who have been arrested during the Charlotte riots with all charges dropped.

Wife of Keith Scott Releases Video Showing Gun on Ground After Charlotte Shooting — DNA and Fingerprints Belong to Scott.  Police released information earlier today that Keith Scott's fingerprints and DNA were on the hand gun, seen in eye witness reports and retrieved from the shooting.  This news apparently spurred the family of Keith Scott to attempt recovery of their narrative.

Charlotte Rioters Loot a Store, Destroy a Cash Register, Steal Shoes.  Videos from the riots Wednesday night in Charlotte show protesters looting a souvenir store, destroying a cash register, and stealing shoes out of a car.  The first video shows protesters loot a souvenir store in Charlotte.

Keith Scott, killed by Charlotte police, had troubled history in San Antonio.  Keith Lamont Scott, the man whose fatal shooting by Charlotte, North Carolina police this week sparked unrest in that city and protests nationwide, told a state district judge in Bexar County in 2005 that his family had "suffered from a tremendous amount of racism and hate crimes," court documents say.  Scott made the statement in a motion that unsuccessfully argued for a reduction to his seven-year sentence for aggravated assault, a second-degree felony to which he had pleaded no contest under an agreement with prosecutors that reduced the charge stemming from the Sept. 17, 2002 incident from a first-degree felony.

CMPD said Keith Lamont Scott had a gun.  Was that reason enough to order him to drop it?  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say that Keith Lamont Scott was holding a handgun — not a book — moments before he was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday afternoon [9/20/2016].  But one expert questions whether CMPD was justified in its initial interaction with Scott, even based on the police's own version of events.  In a statement released Wednesday morning, the city said that officers had come to the Village at College Downs apartment complex to serve an outstanding warrant.  As they entered the complex, the police noticed Keith Lamont Scott, who was not the person they were trying to serve the warrant.

Stunning Facts Regarding the Conflagration in Charlotte:
  [#1] There's a Black President
  [#2] There's a Black Congressman
  [#3] There's a Black Mayor
  [#4] There's a Black District Attorney
  [#5] There's a Black Chief of Police
  [#6] The officer involved in the shooting was Black
  [#7] The  victim  perp was Black
So whose fault is it when the perp gets taken out?

This is what BLM is protesting
The Charlotte Riots:  What They Are Not Telling You.  As America awaits to see if Charlotte will burn for the third consecutive night, Paul Joseph Watson points out something troubling:  thugs burned down a city because a black cop shot someone, yet meanwhile the mainstream media spun it, or at least tried, as as "peaceful protest."  There is just one problem:  violent criminals looting, attacking bystanders, attacking journalists, setting fires, smashing up cars, smashing up businesses and shooting at each other is not a "peaceful protest." [...] It's a violent, unjustified riot by criminals and thugs.  The question is why is the media giving it legitimacy by still referring to it as a protest?

Charlotte Police Officer Ran Over By Protesters, Crowd Cheers.  Police used tear gas to disperse a violent riot Tuesday [9/20/2016] that started as a result of police fatally shooting 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott.  12 law enforcement officers were injured during the protest.  Protesters shut down highway I-85 near UNC Charlotte, threw bricks and looted.  Raw video shows a protester running over a police over with a car as the crowd cheers.  [Video clip]

Police announce arrest in shooting death at Charlotte riot.  Charlotte police announced the arrest of a suspect in Wednesday's fatal shooting of a protester, a killing witnesses initially insisted was carried out by police.  Rayquan Borum, 21, was charged Friday morning in shooting death of Justin Carr, who died a day after being shot during protests in Trade Street, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.  Putney said surveillance footage supplied by buildings in the area helped identify the suspect.  The shooting occurred Wednesday night [9/21/2016], and Charlotte police initially said the man had died, although he survived on life support until Thursday.  Witnesses gave conflicting accounts about who shot him, with some insisting they saw police gun him down with rubber bullets, while others said he was killed by a fellow protester.

The Madness of Crowds.  A policeman shooting a local citizen sparked the turmoil.  We watch the repackaged rerun even though it played past limited engagements in Dallas, Ferguson, Baltimore, and points beyond to negative reviews.  The Queen City protesters pummeling people and property lack truth in advertising.  Touting themselves as "peaceful protesters" desirous of "social justice," the mob put a man on life support, stripped a pale face of his pants and beat him in a parking garage, and viciously kicked an aged, homeless white man to the ground.  In the latter two cases, the rioters laughed riotously at the barbaric behavior.  This, too, inevitably spins into the "hate that hate produced" or some other claptrap to avoid flipping the script.  But the audience plainly sees the made-for-TV victims as the real-life villains.

DOJ Sends Same Unit to Charlotte That Helped Ferguson, Baltimore Rioters Organize.  In moments of social unrest featuring violence and crime, one would expect the only proper role of the taxpayer-funded federal government is to quash the disturbance.  However, a unit of progressive attorneys within the Department of Justice has been at the center of every significant riot during the Obama administration, and this unit — the Community Relations Service, or CRS — was not at those scenes to protect the safety of all citizens.  In fact, the CRS was caught encouraging the chaos.  Not only did CRS side only with the protesters and not with law enforcement, they actively facilitated the protests, even as they were turning violent.  Additionally, this same unit has a serious fraud and corruption problem.

After Charlotte shooting, press downplays a key fact:  The officer's race downplays a key fact:  The officer's race.  The riot in Charlotte, and the fatal shooting of Keith Scott that sparked the violence, was the lead story in yesterday's New York Times.  But a crucial fact was buried.  Not until the 30th paragraph were readers told that "Brentley Vinson, the officer who the police say shot Mr. Scott, is black, as is the police chief."  The Washington Post took a similar approach with its lead story, waiting until the 31st paragraph to report that "authorities said the officer who shot Scott is black."

America, the rioting in Charlotte is Saul Alinsky 101.  Charlotte, North Carolina is under a state of emergency after another night of violence.  An angry mob prowled the streets like animals hunting prey — brutally attacking police, civilians and news reporters.  They literally tried to stuff an unconscious photographer into a burning trash can, according to eyewitness accounts.  One civilian was gunned down in the melee.

Disturbing videos show violence during Charlotte protests.  Ugly scenes emerged from Wednesday night's rioting in Charlotte, including Twitter video of a white man being beaten and dragged by a mob, and the brother of the black man whose death in a police shooting touched off protests telling media that all white people are "devils."

North Carolina congressman says Charlotte protesters 'hate white people'.  [Scroll down]  In the video posted online Thursday [9/22/2016], [U.S. Rep. Robert] Pittenger responded:  "The grievance in their mind is — the animus, the anger — they hate white people because white people are successful and they're not."

One shot as hundreds protest for second night in Charlotte.  One person is on life support after being shot during a second night of protests in Charlotte as North Carolina's governor declared a state of emergency.  The city said the gunshot was fired by one civilian at another, not by police.  An officer is said to have also been injured in the demonstration and Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney described the protest as "very aggressive".  "We're trying to disperse the crowd.  We've been very patient, but now they've become very aggressive, throwing bottles and so forth, at my officers, so it's time for us now to restore order."

Protesters start overnight fires on I-85, loot local Walmart.  Protesters blocked part of I-85 and looted a Walmart in north Charlotte after a black man was shot and killed by a CMPD officer Tuesday.  All lanes of Interstate 85 were reopened early Wednesday morning after protesters blocked the highway and started fires.  Protesters looted tractor-trailers and removed the contents to start two fired on I-85 before police forced them off the highway.

A man is on life support after being shot in the head by a civilian in violent protests in Charlotte over fatal police shooting of a 'disabled' black man.  National Guard troops have arrived in Charlotte after a protest turned violent on Wednesday night.  A state of emergency has been declared in response to the chaos that has taken over the North Carolina city, two days after a father-of-seven was shot dead by a police officer.  One of the demonstrators was shot in the head outside the Omni Hotel and is fighting for his life.  At least three other protesters and four police officers were also taken to hospital after they were injured in the riot.  A cameraman and reporter for WCNC-TV were also attacked while a CNN correspondent was body-slammed during a live broadcast.

Eye Witness Photographs Show Keith Scott Handgun During Charlotte Police Shooting.  A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot and killed an armed man named Keith Scott at an apartment complex Tuesday, while executing an arrest warrant.  Angry street protests began almost immediately.  CMPD Chief Kerr Putney reiterated Wednesday morning that Keith Scott was armed when he approached officers in University City Tuesday.  Putney said that officers gave repeated verbal commands for Scott to drop his handgun.  He said Scott posed a threat to the officers.

Charlotte Police Chief:  Officers Found Handgun, Not A Book At Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Scene.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerr Putney confirms that police investigators did not find a book at the scene of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.  After Scott was shot and killed, members of his family and protesters insisted that he had a book in the vehicle, not a handgun as police officers reported.  Protests and riots fueled by the alternate narrative rocked the city.  Rioters trashed multiple police vehicles, blocked Interstate 85, looted a tractor trailer, set items on fire, and injured 16 police officers, according to Putney.

How does looting a Walmart, burning a truck advance your cause?  It was a night of terror in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A rioting mob shut down Interstate 85 and attacked terrified motorists.  A horrified female truck driver told a reporter thugs had boarded the truck and were stealing the cargo and setting it ablaze.  Looters pillaged and plundered a Wal-Mart.  More than a dozen police officers were injured — along with an untold number of civilians and at least three journalists.  The mayhem started earlier in the day after a black police officer shot and killed an armed black man.  The dead man's family disputes the police department's account of what happened.  Regardless, that does not give agitators a right to engage in acts of domestic terrorism.

Eye Witness Photographs Show Keith Scott Handgun During Charlotte Police Shooting.  A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot and killed an armed man named Keith Scott at an apartment complex Tuesday, while executing an arrest warrant.  Angry street protests began almost immediately.  CMPD Chief Kerr Putney reiterated Wednesday morning [9/21/2016] that Keith Scott was armed when he approached officers in University City Tuesday.  Putney said that officers gave repeated verbal commands for Scott to drop his handgun.  He said Scott posed a threat to the officers.

Slain Charlotte man had lengthy criminal record.  The friends and family of Keith Lamont Scott, the Charlotte man killed by police this week, portray him as a "family man" and "likable."  This may be true.  However, Scott also had a long police record that included gun violations.

Keith Scott shooting:  Charlotte police say they warned him to drop handgun.  Charlotte's police chief said on Wednesday that officers gave a man numerous clear warnings to drop a handgun before fatally shooting him, at a news conference following a night of clashes on the streets of the North Carolina city that left 16 officers injured.  Kerr Putney, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief, said officers were searching for a suspect on Tuesday [9/20/2016] when they saw 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott exit a vehicle with a handgun, and mistook him for the wanted man.  He said the officers told Scott, who was black, to drop his gun and that he got out of the vehicle a second time still carrying the gun.

War zone in Charlotte:  White man begs for mercy as he is beaten while a reporter is nearly dragged into a fire by rioters.  Disturbing videos have emerged of protesters brutally attacking white bystanders in Charlotte as violent demonstrations continued to engulf the city, 48 hours after a black man was shot dead by police.  A man was dragged and beaten by a mob while begging for mercy, an unconscious photographer was almost tossed into a fire, and a CNN correspondent was slammed to the ground in the midst of the chaos.

Dear Media:  Please Stop Calling Violent Rioters 'Protesters'.  Watching coverage of the unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina last night, I was struck by a common trend in how the most violent acts were being covered. [...] Looting a Wal-Mart, destruction of property, attempted murder, all carried out by... "protesters." [...] I suppose you could make a convoluted argument about how the protests were against white supremacy, and capitalism and the media are agents of white supremacy, therefore attacking those institutions are acts of "protest" or whatever.  But if even violent attempted murder and destruction of property can be a "protest" so long as the motives are political, I don't see why the same can't be said of, say, a terrorist attack.

When A Book Is Not A Book, But A Gun.  As I've noted in several places, those who spent last night trashing a Walmart, shutting down I 85, throwing bricks and rocks at cars, torching buildings and vehicles, and stealing cargo from semi trucks blockaded on the interstate are by no means "protestors."  No, they are CRIMINALS.

Truck Driver Caught In Charlotte Riot Tells TV Reporter: 'They're In The Trailer'.  A truck driver whose trailer became caught in the middle of the riots in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday [9/20/2016] tearfully described her predicament to a local news reporter as her trailer was looted.

They Are Rioting in Charlotte Because a Black Cop Fatally Shot an Armed Black Man.  The streets of an American city have erupted in violence to protest police officers doing their jobs.  This time it is in Charlotte, NC and the reason is because a cop fatally shot a black man.  Mind you, the cop was also black and the person he fatally shot was armed with a gun, but some people don't need much of an excuse to riot.  WSOC reports that an angry mob has taken over the streets of Charlotte, specifically targeting police.  As of this writing, 12 officers have been injured, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.  Police have tried to disperse the violent thugs with tear gas but it doesn't appear to have worked.

The 2016 race riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Judge rules Milwaukee park at center of riots must return to normal hours.  A judge has ruled [9/4/2016] that a Milwaukee park at the center of a neighborhood where riots erupted after a police shooting last month can return to its normal hours for now.

Milwaukee.  These incidents seem to come at shorter intervals.  In characteristic confusion, in Milwaukee the mob believed that the dead man was shot in the back when the body-cam video show that he was raising a pistol toward the policeman.  Either they can't read, don't read, don't have access to the internet, or don't care.  As usual, sixty years after Brown vs. the School Board they shout in illiterate semi-English.  It isn't working.  The racial thing, I mean.  The hunting of whites, beatings of whites, calls for attacks on whites.  In the age of cell phones, the media can hide only so much.  To avoid admitting that we are seeing a racial insurgency, the media insist that the police are the problem.  They are not.  Blacks are unmistakably gripped by a powerful racial hatred of white people.

The Truth About the Milwaukee Riots.  The problem is black resentment, not police bias.  [Video clip]

Democrats Promise A Future Of Lawlessness; Coming To Your Town Soon!  In Milwaukee, Black Lives Matter activists, looters and rioters set out to hunt down and attack any and all white people.  Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith, the criminal shot down in Milwaukee, called for rioters to stop burning down their own neighborhoods and businesses and head out to the suburbs and burn them down.  "You're burning down s**t we need in our community.  Take that s**t to the suburbs!  Burn that s**t down!  We need our s**t, we need our weaves, I don't wear them but we need them.  We need our gas, We need our food.  We need this.  You all want to hurt somebody, take that # further out."  Was she arrested for inciting violence?  Nope!  As a matter of fact, CNN, immediately portrayed her as a hero in their newscast.

Milwaukee police charge 3 for looting during riot after shooting.  The criminal complaint filed Friday [8/19/2016] says the defendants told police the windows were already shattered and other people were looting the store when they went inside.

Poverty accompanies Democrats
The Worst Cities For Poverty All Have One Thing In Common.  Each of these places has been Democratic for many decades, some even longer.  And what do each of these places have in common?  That's right, they're all run by Democrats.  Big government, high taxes, lots of regulation, and plenty of welfare and poverty.  Yep, that's Democratville for ya.

Road to urban despair paved by Democrats.  Riots broke out in Milwaukee the other day, and before that in other cities, each erupting with familiar sights: fire and pain, anger and looting.  It will likely happen again in some other urban area, perhaps after a black man is killed by a police officer, whether the shooting is justified or unjustified.  Was the victim a known criminal pointing a gun at a cop?  Or not?  These are reasons, but reasons really don't matter now, do they?

When the Suspect Is an Armed Black Man — and the Cop Is Black.  After the death of a young black man by a Milwaukee police officer, riots, looting and fires followed.  In one instance, as a gas station burned, people watching chanted, "Black power!"  Local news reported that the 23-yearold suspect was not only armed but that he also defied orders to drop his gun.  The Milwaukee police chief refused to identify the officer involved, but did say that he was "black."  At one time, such a fact would suggest that racism and police brutality were not at play.  But as the death of Freddie Gray — a black man who died after being transported in a Baltimore police van — shows us, not necessarily.

How The Democrats Turned Milwaukee Into a Cesspool.  [Scroll down]  And indeed, wherever we look — Atlanta, Camden, Newark, St.  Louis, Chicago, Flint, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington — we see one-party cities that are crumbling testaments to the awesome power of bad ideas.  Specifically, Trump referenced "the situation right here in Milwaukee, a city run by Democrats for decade after decade," citing its high rates of homicide, joblessness, poverty, and educational failure.  But Milwaukee wasn't always like this.  It was once a prosperous metropolis with a host of thriving industries, particularly renowned for its breweries and manufacturing.  Modern-day Democrats and their leftist allies, however, snuffed out those good-ol'-days like a jackboot on a cigarette butt.  Every mayor of Milwaukee since 1960 has been a Democrat, and the one who served just prior to 1960 was Frank Paul Zeidler, an open Socialist.

What's the Matter With Wisconsin?  [S]everal hundred blacks burned automobiles and looted buildings, including a cell phone store.  A beauty salon was stripped of its hair extensions and then torched.  (This wasn't even the first riot in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood this summer.  In late June riot police had to drive off 100 youths throwing rocks.)  The dead man, Sylville Smith, was not an upstanding citizen, as his social-media presence demonstrated.  He had been arrested nine times since 2011.  He had been charged with witness intimidation but had been released due to the witness being properly intimidated.  But that didn't matter to the rioters, who identified with Smith.

Milwaukee Officer Who Shot Armed Criminal In Hiding After Death Threats.  "Protesters" have posted the name, pictures, and address of the African-American Milwaukee police officer who shot serial predator Sylville Smith (above) this past weekend in Milwaukee, causing the officer to seek shelter at an undisclosed location while Milwaukee police guard his home home against threats on his life.

Trump Vows to Restore Safety, Says Law-Abiding Black Americans Main Victims of Riots.  Donald Trump spoke about the violent riots that have plagued the country during a speech on law and order in West Bend, Wisconsin on Tuesday [8/16/2016], promising safety for all Americans and appealing to African Americans.  "Law and order must be restored... it must be restored for the sake of all, but most especially for those living in the affected communities," Trump stressed.  "The main victims of these riots are law abiding African American citizens living in these neighborhoods."  "Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration," Trump vowed.

DOJ Pushes "Implicit Bias Training" for Local Police Officers.  [Rich] Lowry notes that Smith had a long arrest record.  It included arrests for a shooting, a robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, theft, and possession of heroin and cocaine.  He beat a shooting rap at a jury trial in 2015 when a witness recanted, allegedly after Smith intimidated him.  Yet Smith was also the victim of crime, at least according to his mother.  She says her son got his gun because he had been shot twice and robbed four times.  From all accounts, things aren't much different in Baltimore and Chicago these days.  I suspect there are plenty of other cities one could add to the list[.]

Cop who shot and killed Milwaukee man now receiving death threats.  The African-American Milwaukee police officer who shot dead a black man Saturday, touching off violent riots, has reportedly received death threats.  The police officer, whose identity was reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel but could not be confirmed by, is reportedly a 24-year-old patrolman who went to high school with Sylville Smith, who was allegedly holding a gun and ignored orders to drop it when he was shot.  Thousands of people have circulated a photo, purportedly of the police officer, on Facebook, with some posts accompanied by threats and even his home address.  "Now y'all see his face if he's seen anywhere in the city drop him," read one post reported by the Journal Sentinel.

Black males murder five year old white girl in Milwaukee.  No national outrage.  Two black males in Milwaukee walked up to the home of a white family, in a majority black neighborhood, and unleashed a hail of gunfire.  A five year old white girl, Laylah Petersen, was murdered while sitting on her grandfather's lap.  Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberating trying to kill people inside the house.  At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house.  There may have been a third person driving a getaway car.  The house was located in a census tract that is 77% black and 14% white.  The Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee channel 6 have actually been trying to downplay the murder.  They are falsly reporting that it was "a stray bullet."  That directly contradicts all the evidence found by police.

Milwaukee Congresswoman:  Black Incarceration Rates Created 'Powder Keg' in City.  The first African-American woman to be elected to Congress from the state of Wisconsin said the incarceration rate of black men in her Milwaukee district has created a "powder keg" of tension in the community hit by riots over the weekend.  Milwaukee Police reported 10 arrests overnight, one report of shots fired and no new damage to cars or property.  The previous evening saw four injured officers, 14 arrests, damage to three police cars and a store with broken windows.

Why Milwaukee boiled over with violence after police shooting death.  After two nights of violent clashes between police and residents following a fatal police shooting of a young black man, Police Chief Ed Flynn stepped to the microphone late Monday night to declare a small victory.  "We've seen great improvement over yesterday," Flynn said.  The night had produced 10 arrests, but no rioting or property damage after officials instituted a 10 p.m. curfew.  "This community is not interested in doing damage to where they live," he said.  Milwaukee has become the latest U.S. city to see decades of simmering anger and frustration among black residents boil over into violence after a death at the hands of police.

Milwaukee agitators shout 'black power,' attack white drivers.  Race agitators in Milwaukee used the police shooting of an  unarmed  armed black man to burn down their city and attack white people.  Several videos show white drivers being stopped in the middle of the street and the "protesters" attempting to pull them out of their vehicles.  "They're beating every white person!" one of the agitators shouted in the video.  "They jumpin' every white person."  When the mob spotted a white driver, they attempted to block his car from passing.

Bodycam footage 'proves cop was RIGHT to shoot armed man whose death sparked Milwaukee riots because he was raising his gun'.  Milwaukee's mayor and police chief announced Monday [8/15/2016] that body cam video supports the shooting of Sylville Smith — which sparked riots across the city.  At least one person was shot as police clashed with protesters during a second night of riots after Smith, 23, was shot dead by a police officer on Saturday.  But Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A Flynn insists the footage makes it clear that the shooting was lawful.  He said that Smith was shot after he turned toward an officer and raised his gun.  Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, speaking at a press conference on Monday, added that a still from the cop's body camera shows 'without question' Smith had a gun in his hand.

Why Milwaukee Burns.  The war on cops, ideological and sometimes lethal, may be expanding into a broader race war, in which only one side fights.  The thugs who torched businesses and police cars, assaulted cops, and shot at firemen in northwestern Milwaukee on Saturday night [8/14/2016] went after "white bitches," among other targets. [...] The Black Lives Matter-inspired assassin who murdered five police officers in Dallas in July 2016 said that he wanted to kill white people, as well as white cops.  The vitriol that officers working in urban areas now encounter on a daily basis is inflected with racism.  And if the war on cops escalates into more frequent attacks on whites and their perceived interests, the elite establishment will bear much of the blame.  For the last two years, President Barack Obama has seized every opportunity to advise blacks that they are the victims of a racist criminal justice system.  We should not be surprised when that belief, so constantly inflamed, erupts into violence.

The anti-cop movement hits a new low in Milwaukee.  Tim Pool is a fearless social-media reporter who specializes in getting close to the action.  It almost doesn't qualify as a protest or riot if Pool isn't live-streaming from the streets.  But he's pulling out of Milwaukee because it's too dangerous for white people.  In a carefully stated YouTube video, Pool described the verbal taunts and threats, as well as actual violence, directed at whites.  After an 18-year-old male was shot in the neck and extracted by Milwaukee police in an armored vehicle — Pool identifies the victim as white, although other press reports don't mention his race — he concluded he had to leave.  (For the record, Pool is half-Korean — not that rioters care).

Milwaukee Message:  "Give Me Money Or I'll Kill You".  What would you label a person who made a statement like "Give Me Money Or I'll Kill You"? That's exactly the essence of the statement that at least one rioter made in Milwaukee last weekend.  We'd call a person making such a statement a robber and a criminal for demanding our money, and we would charge him with robbery and put him in jail.  And robbery is exactly what the Milwaukee rioters were referencing when they demanded money or they would start killing more police, and would "beatdown" more white people.  The traditional welfare that the non-working underclass have gotten from Democrats the last 50 years is now considered to be chump change and will no longer satisfy their needs.  They are tired of all of the failed promises from liberal Democrats these last many decades, and now they want to be made wealthy by the party of compassion, and they want the money now!

Hillary Clinton accused of 'inflaming' violence which tore through Milwaukee after police shot young black man carrying handgun.  Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, pointed his finger in the direction of Hillary Clinton suggesting she's 'inflaming' the situation in Milwaukee by making recent comments.  Yesterday [8/15/2016] at her Scranton, Pennsylvania rally, the Democratic nominee said there was 'urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities,' pointing to the recent riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an example.

CNN edits out Milwaukee victim's sister calling for violence in 'the suburbs'.  Both online and on television, CNN edited out Sherelle Smith, the sister of a black man who was killed by police in Milwaukee on Saturday, calling for rioters to take their violence "to the suburbs."  Correspondent Ana Cabrera reported Ms. Smith was "calling for peace" in a televised segment Monday [8/15/2016] on CNN Newsroom, NewsBusters reported.  The network showed a brief clip of Ms. Smith telling protesters:  "Don't bring the violence here and the ignorance here."  But CNN cut away before Ms. Smith called for rioters to "take that s--- to the suburbs."

Media coverage of Milwaukee riots takes a detour.  Have you ever heard members of the media talk about how failed cities across the country are, just-as-a-nonchalant-point-of-interest, run by Democrats?  Ever heard them make mention, you know, as a quick aside, that the mayor of Milwaukee and the city alderman for the district where rioting unfolded are both Democrats who, I presume, support a felon for president?  I didn't think so.

Police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting.  Following a night of violence that left half a dozen businesses in flames, the Milwaukee police chief expressed surprise at the level of unrest that erupted after the fatal shooting of a black man by a black officer.  "This was, quite frankly, unanticipated," Police Chief Edward Flynn said Monday, two days after the worst of the rioting hit the Sherman Park neighborhood on the city's economically depressed and largely black north side.  The city was calmer on Monday evening [8/15/2016] after two nights of unrest.

Communist group members go to Milwaukee to help 'revolution'.  A Chicago-based communist revolutionary group blamed by Milwaukee's police chief for stoking a second day of violence said that some of its members did go there to "support a revolution" but didn't set out to cause trouble.  Police chief Ed Flynn said members of a Chicago chapter of the Revolutionary Communist Party turned what had been a peaceful night into a tense one by leading marchers down several blocks at around 11:30 p.m.

New Black Panthers Declare War In Milwaukee.  [Scroll down]  You can't watch "Training Day" and come away with any other conclusion than it is a New Black Panther call for a revolution, beginning with a war on America's police forces.  So the Milwaukee "riot" and the Dallas attack that killed 5 police officers should be seen for what it is, and it was not an impulse-driven reaction to police shootings of African-Americans in Milwaukee, Louisiana and Minnesota, but part of a carefully choreographed wave of terrorist violence intended to influence the political outcome of this election.  Don't believe us?  The "rioters" showed up in "riot gear" ready to rumble according to reports in the UK's Daily Mail.  But let's be clear — it wouldn't matter whether Donald Trump or Jeb Bush was leading the Republican field — a summer of radical Leftist violence is coming, and it was planning, building and organizing long before Trump became the Republican nominee for President.

Milwaukee County Sheriff explains the cause of Milwaukee riots:  Failed Liberal Policies.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke explained on Fox Business that these riots, like we saw in Milwaukee over the weekend, are the result of "failed liberal urban policies" that have left many of these ghettos with inescapable poverty and terrible school systems:  [Video clip]

White Reporter Pulls Out Of Milwaukee Because Of Racial Threats [Video].  A freelance reporter who films protests across the U.S. says he is leaving riot-torn Milwaukee because the situation there has grown too dangerous for white people.  "For those that are perceivably white, it is not safe to be here," Tim Pool said in a short video explaining his decision to leave Milwaukee, where protests over the police shooting death of an armed black man turned violent over the weekend.

Journalist Says He's Leaving Milwaukee Because These are Race Riots.  Tim Pool, the on-the-ground journalist who runs TimCast, was in fact on the ground last night in Milwaukee during the riots.  Today [8/15/2016] he records a video saying that he is now leaving for fear of his own safety.  Pool explains that while many were looking forward to him staying and covering the riots, he said it has become unsafe for him, primarily because these riots are about race and not just a civil uprising.

'We WANT BLOOD! We cannot co-habitate with WHITE PEOPLE!' — UGLY video from Milwaukee.  A really ugly video surfaced of angry thugs threatening racial violence to police right before last night's rioting in Milwaukee. [...] They're only hurting the people they say they want to protect — the innocent and reasonable people in the same community.  Let's not generalize about the entire black community here — I've lived in a very poor, minority community among these kinds of thugs, and I hate it when the decent people are grouped in with them.  But the screaming idiots in the video ARE thugs.  They're simply assuming the cops are unjustified without caring or even knowing what the facts are.  And they're threatening violence for the stupidest reasons, and for very racist reasons.

Video: Milwaukee Rioters To Police: 'We Want Blood...We Cannot Cohabitate With White People Anymore'.  A seventeen-minute video has emerged which appears to show the beginning of the Milwaukee riots as the rioters were initially threatening police officers who were trying to keep the peace during the afternoon.  The video starts with the Black Lives Matter crowd angrily yelling at officers over the fatal shooting of Sylville Smith, a black man with a lengthy arrest record who, according to Milwaukee's Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett, had stolen the gun, which held 23 rounds in it.  Also, it turns out the cop that shot him was black.  Worth noting that in the video here, many of cops being threatened are non-whites and female.

CNN Selectively Edits Police Shooting Victim's Sister's Words to Protesters.  In a classic case of media bias by omission, CNN took extra care Monday to leave out a crucial part of their reports on the Milwaukee police shooting.  After a black police officer fatally shot Sylville Smith Sunday, after he refused to put down his gun, riots and violence ensued in the city.  Smith's family was eager to talk to the media and his sister Sherelle had a message that should have been covered and condemned by the media.  Instead, CNN decided to air her words but curtail them before they became controversial.  In this video posted by user DeeconX on Twitter, Sherelle Smith can be seen here, in front of several reporters, calling for violence to the city.  What she says next is shocking.

More on the Milwaukee Riots.  Community activists are already asserting that the violence in Milwaukee results from a lack of investment in black neighborhoods, and that there will be more riots unless more money is pumped into black institutions (including theirs). [...] Even before this incident, the Obama Department of Justice was already investigating the Milwaukee police department, just as it investigated the Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland departments, among others.  The results of that investigation are 100% predictable, given DOJ's agenda.

National Guard Activated in Response to Milwaukee Rioting.  The Wisconsin National Guard has been activated in Milwaukee Sunday in response to violence and protests that erupted there overnight after a man was fatally shot by police.  "I have activated the Wisconsin National Guard to be in a position to aid local law enforcement upon request," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in a statement Sunday [8/14/2016]. [...] Volunteers spent the morning sweeping and picking up debris — including bricks, bottle and bullet casings — after about 100 protesters clashed with a couple of dozen officers in a north Milwaukee neighborhood, NBC News reports.

'This is war': Black Panther leader says' black people are being murdered' and insists violent protests are protected by the Second Amendment.  A leading New Black Panther figure has declared 'this is war' in response to the violent protests in Milwaukee at the weekend.  Babu Omowale, the national minister of defense for the People's New Black Panther Party, said there is a 'war against black people' as 'we're the ones being murdered'.  His comments came as a second night of riots erupted following the death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith, who was shot by an officer.  At least one person was shot during the protests as police moved in to disperse nearly 150 protesters, while a cop was also injured.

Violence in Milwaukee after police shoot dead armed 23-year-old in African-American community.  Protesters have hurled bricks and fired gunshots at police cars and set a gas station on fire as protester says "this is a warning cry[.]" Violence has erupted overnight in the US city of Milwaukee after a police officer shot and killed an armed man in an African-American community.  Protesters hurled bricks and fired gunshots at police cars and set a gas station on fire.  The violence came hours after the patrol officer shot and killed the 23-year-old a pursuit that followed a traffic stop.  Milwaukee police said a uniformed officer had opened fire while chasing the man.

Milwaukee Rioters Hunt Down, Attack Whites.  Several videos recorded during last night's riot in Milwaukee appears to show black rioters hunting down white passerby to attack.  Multiple videos recorded by locals show a crowd of people apparently checking the race of passing drivers when deciding what cars they should attack.  A collection of these videos were combined and uploaded to LiveLeak Sunday morning.  [Video clip]

Milwaukee officials plead for calm after police shooting sparks violence.  At a news conference just after midnight [8/14/2016], [Mayor Tom] Barrett said the situation appeared to be calming after a riotous scene in which as many as 10 protesters skirmished with police, torching a squad car and tossing a brick through the window of another.  Police mounted at least two efforts to push the protesters out of an intersection at the heart of the violence.  Other leaders blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for igniting the violence.  Black Lives Matter has "stoked hysteria," Bishop E.W. Jackson told "Fox & Friends" Sunday [8/14/2016].  "A mass hysteria has taken grip" and President Obama has made it worse by embracing the BLM movement, Jackson said.  He added:  The BLM movement works on the false premise "police are out hunting down black men."  They are "using race as a way of avoiding responsibility," Jackson said.

Milwaukee Rioters: 'They Beatin' Up Every White Person!'  Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars collected videos from Saturday night's [8/13/2016] riots in Milwaukee where participants say they are targeting white bystanders for assault.

Milwaukee burns:  Four buildings and a police car are set on fire as violent protests erupt after cops shoot and kill armed man during chase.  First images of the 23-year-old armed man shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer, whose death sparked riots and unrest in the city, have surfaced.  Officials identified the dead man as Sylville K Smith, previously charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety for his involvement in a shooting last year, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  Both Smith and the officer who shot him are black, according to the Chicago Tribune.  During a press conference Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett said a photo shows 'without question' Smith had a gun in his hand.

Man shot by Milwaukee police subject of witness intimidation case.  The man shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer Saturday [8/13/2016] was charged last year in a shooting and then charged again, with trying to intimidate a witness in that same shooting, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has learned.  The man shot by police was 23-year-old Sylville Smith, police sources and Smith's family told the Journal Sentinel.  Smith was charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety and with witness intimidation, but the charges were dismissed, court records show.  The charges were dropped even though the prosecutors had recorded jail calls in which Smith asked his girlfriend to pressure the victim to recant, according to court records.

BLM Riot Breaks Out in Milwaukee.  There's no word yet on how this is Donald Trump's fault, but sources say they're working on it.

Sister of Milwaukee man fatally shot by police urges crowd to torch suburbs.  The sister of a Milwaukee man fatally shot by police over the weekend told a group Sunday that they should burn the suburbs down.  Sylville K. Smith was shot in the chest and arm by a black police officer on Saturday, which prompted violent protests, looting, and arson.  One of Mr. Smith's sisters, Sherelle, was caught on video at the charred remains of a BP gas station telling a crowd to set the suburbs ablaze.  "You're burning down s--- we need in our community.  Take that s--- to the suburbs!  Burn that s--- down!" she screamed in video shared by a Twitter user identified as DeeconX.  The story was then picked up by news aggregator website Weasel Zippers.

Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots.  The Milwaukee riots should be the last time the policies of liberal Democrats are held up as anything other than misery-inducing, divisive, exploitative and racist manipulation of the urban populations.  Unfortunately they won't.  As Sheriff of Milwaukee County, I am furious that the progressive left has put my citizens in harm's way and that I had to send my officers into cauldrons of anarchy and hatred that were created by the left.  As an elected public servant I am livid that Milwaukee's pathetic, kowtowing city officials and aldermen take this opportunity to abandon their citizens and preen before the Black Lives Matter-enabling media.

President Obama gets briefing on violence in Milwaukee, then goes golfing.  A vacationing President Obama received an update Sunday about a night of rioting and gunfire in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before he headed out for another round of golf.  The White House said Mr. Obama was briefed on the unrest by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who spoke to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

If Obama Had a City, It Would Look Like Milwaukee.  AWD predicted shortly after five Dallas police were assassinated by a Black Lives Matter supporter that black violence against the police would soon spread to black violence against white civilians.  Last night in Milwaukee, blacks were recorded yelling "Black Power" and targeting random whites for violence after another black man with a lengthy criminal record was shot by a black policeman.  Disclaimer:  We at AWD are positive the victim was a goot boy who ain't never done nuffin' wrong.

The race riots in Ferguson, Missouri

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Black violence

Congressman Jason Lewis Tells the Truth about Black Violence.  The journalistic hounds at CNN have a new target, a politician whose sin is so egregious — so unthinkable — that it can hardly be spoken aloud:  the recently elected congressman from Minnesota disagrees with CNN orthodoxy on race.  And now, with enthusiasm we have not seen since hordes of reporters descended on Rick Perry's boyhood hunting grounds where they found a 30-year-old racial expletive written under a rock, CNN has set out to punish Congressman Jason Lewis. [...] Lewis made the fatal error of questioning whether welfare dependence is good for black people.  Per usual CNN standards, none of the genius CNN talking heads are willing to actually talk with Lewis, other than call him names and say he is a bad person and hope no one notices the difference.

Trump's Answer to Black-on-Cop Murder.  In Chicago, every routine stop in a black neighborhood is accompanied by black mobs, often chanting "CCK, CCK:"  Chicago Cop Killer.  Many point their index fingers at the cops, as if shooting a gun.  And every stop is greeted with the accusation:  You are only doing this because I am black.  Around the rest of the country, a cop meeting a black person is much more likely to hear "F*** The Police" than "Hello Officer."  And it is not just the cops.  Racial resentment and hostility against white people have been an institution in this country for at least 40 years.

This is how the Ferguson Effect got started:
Obama's America:  Off-Duty NYPD Officer Shoots Man in Self-Defense, Family Promises to 'Hunt Him Down'.  Now that we've established that the law is what you want to make it up to be, our descent into lawlessness will be rapidly accelerated.  If the cops think the government's got their backs, they're in for a rude awakening.

Rapper busted after video shows him blasting Trump while brandishing stolen guns.  By the time [Joe] Meaux called police, he said local authorities and the Secret Service were already aware of the Instagram video featuring Demarcus Davis, 22, a local rapper who goes by "Maine Musik."  "I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is tryin' to take food stamps from my momma and that's all the (expletive) she got," Davis said on the video.  "Let Donald Trump know it's up over here.  We want war; we're going to declare war."

The Editor would like to ax this question:
Why doesn't your father provide for your "momma" instead of having her rely on the taxpayers for her income?

Witnesses: Massive Los Angeles arson was reaction to Mike Brown shooting.  According to witness testimony, a December 2014 fire that burned down an unfinished, 7-story apartment building in Los Angeles was set by a man who was angry about the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Miss. governor calls for probe of councilman who says let's pelt cops with rocks, bricks.  Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement Saturday [1/2/2015] denouncing remarks a local elected official made about throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police officers.  Bryant also called for an investigation to determine if Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes' remarks "represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers."

Miss. governor calls for probe of councilman who says let's pelt cops with rocks, bricks.  Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement Saturday [1/2/2015] denouncing remarks a local elected official made about throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police officers.  Bryant also called for an investigation to determine if Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes' remarks "represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers."

Shocking violence casts shadow over federal Job Corps program.  [A] 17-year-old was lured into the woods by three of his classmates at the federally funded Homestead Job Corps in Florida.  Outside the live-in vocational school, the students pulled out a machete, police say, and began to hack away at him.  As he lay in a pool of his own blood, the attackers threw him in a shallow grave and set him on fire, authorities say. [...] Government watchdogs have issued multiple warnings for years about the escalation in violent crime at Job Corps — the $1.6 billion antipoverty program launched during President Lyndon Johnson's tenure to provide free vocational training for low-income students.  The program, which was once seen as a safe harbor for teens in high-risk areas, has seen a disturbing spike in documented cases of violence as well as reports that those in charge looked the other way as dangerous conditions developed.

Teen Killed Taking Instagram Photo With Gun To His Head.  There are few things dumber than pointing a gun at your own head.  One of those dumber things is then pulling the trigger.

Teen accidentally shoots self while taking selfie.  A 19-year-old trying to take an Instagram selfie died Tuesday [9/1/2015].  The teen tried to take a picture of himself holding a gun to his head when the gun went off, according to the Houston Police Department.

The Editor says...
This "teen" was an adult, and had he been white, he probably would have been called a man, not a "teen."

What the media still won't report about minorities and pools.  I grew up in Spanish Harlem and the only pool nearby was the Jefferson pool located in a nearby project.  Inevitably, fights would break out between the few Hispanics outnumbered by an unruly black crowd.  This had nothing to do with race but was really just bad behavior.  When we first moved to Staten Island, the swimming pool near the Staten Island ferry, Lyons Pool, would be routinely overwhelmed by blacks from Brooklyn who would disobey pool rules and terrorize the families with young children, even urinating and defecating in the community pool.  That problem was solved after a multi-million dollar renovation which requires registration via email for entry.  Again this is not a race issue as those who utilize pool now are racially balanced by all who obey pool rules.

Black Mob Violence In Swimming Pools: A Long History.  Today, residents who live near public swimming pools in New York dread the opening day of summer because of the black violence in the pools and in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Ditto for the other swimming pool in Wilmington called Canby Park.  It closed 15 years ago, ostensibly for repairs.  But neighbors spent one hour on a radio show talking about the black mob violence connected to the pool, and how the black city officials ignored it because they said it was just white people complaining about black people for No Reason What So Ever.

Time for the Welfare State to Stand Trial.  As of 1950, "only 9% of black families with children were headed by a single parent."  Between 1940 and 1960, "the black poverty rate had been cut in half." [...] By 2012, the black illegitimacy rate was at 73%, starkly high in contrast to other demographic segments.  And the moral decay that came with this trend is not obscure.  "According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, 60% of rapists, 72% of adolescent murderers, and 70% of long-term prison inmates are men who grew up in fatherless homes."  In light of these facts, these statistics may be less surprising:  In 2010, blacks (approximately 13% of the population) accounted for 48.7% of all arrests for homicide, 31.8% of all arrests for forcible rape, 33.5% for aggravated assault, and 55% of arrests for robbery.  It was by design that the social structure provided by government supplanted the social structure of the family.

Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media.  By now, almost everyone has seen one of the semi-amusing videos of black teen mobs rampaging through a store.  Maybe we've even seen the non-amusing pictures of the victims, or heard their stories.  Most Americans have heard of recent violent "flash mobs," which are the bands of black teens that attack mostly white victims and white businesses, as even the New York Times once noted.  But the flash mobs, which are more accurately called "race riots" or "racial mob violence," are not the only interesting topic to cover in our national conversation about race.  There is also the "knockout game," which is stunning in its brutal simplicity and stark racial significance.

Liberal Racism.  The Berkeley/Oakland area was on high alert last week... but not because of a natural disaster, like an earthquake.  A jury was deciding the fate of a white police officer charged with killing a black male at a BART station. ... This is not the first time that riots have occurred relative to this incident.  Mobs have already broken windows, looted stores, beat people up, and destroyed cars.  The attitude then, as well as now, is that "we" have a right to riot.  Why?  Why do certain groups have a right to riot?  And why do others make excuses when livelihoods are ruined, millions of dollars are wasted, and innocents are hurt?  My opinion?  Liberal racism.

Excusing the Oakland Rioters.  Looting is not an inevitable concomitant of the exercise of speech rights.

Burned, Baby, Burned:  Watts and the Tragedy of Black America.  The author argues that the riots in Watts launched a new — and misguided — tactic of menacing protest and rebellion for its own sake in the struggle for civil rights.

More Overlooked History:  Black Violence.  [The Black Panthers] Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver wrote about his history of raping women, claiming that rape was "an insurrectionary act."  Because his victims were white, he explained, rape was not only a way to get revenge but also to defile and trample upon "the white man's law and his values."

Chaos erupts in courtroom during sentencing of 20-year-old carjacker.  Chaos engulfed a Jersey City courtroom this morning [5/4/2012] when a woman convicted of a brutal carjacking erupted in screams upon hearing the lengthy sentence imposed.  The moment Superior Court Judge Patrick Arre said "15 years," Latoya Campbell, 20, became hysterical, as did her family members sitting in the courtroom.

Massive brawl breaks out at child's birthday party.  A young Florida boy saw his mother arrested for his birthday after his party at Chuck E. Cheese turned into a massive 18-man brawl.  Besides his mother Briana Walker, a Robert Thompson and Alfred Peoples were also arrested on drug charges as well as defrauding an innkeeper.  The trio allegedly fled the restaurant without paying the almost $300 check.

Shocking video shows teacher stuck in the middle of a violent classroom fight.  A shocking video shows a teacher helplessly stuck in the middle of a classroom fight — with no one coming to her aid.  The footage, recorded by a teenage boy in the class at Gibbs High School in St Petersburg, Florida, shows two young girls exchanging a war of words with their classmates egging them on.

A Localized Culture of Violence.  [T]he United States may have a culture of violence, but one that is isolated in easily identifiable communities.  The results from Virginia, Minnesota, and Louisiana bring into question the veracity, pragmatism, or true objectives of activists who propose broad restrictions of Constitutional rights when high firearm homicide rates are almost exclusive to less than 1% of the land area and a small fraction of the population.  A more logical and effective approach would be to address the root causes of the culture of violence in these communities, but this is more difficult and the required introspective self-analysis appears to be outside of the comfort zone of most community activists.

I presume that the locals call it PERP High School.
PRP High School student allegedly punched school official, cop.  According to an arrest report, 18-year-old Shantarra Willis got mad at the assistant principal and began swearing and shouting.  When a police officer tried to take her into custody, she allegedly punched him in the face.  The assistant principal tried to assist the officer, but Willis punched him in the face 5-6 times, according to police.  Willis also allegedly kneed him in the groin.

FBI warns New Black Panther leader in Ferguson inciting violence.  The FBI is concerned members of the New Black Panther Party are in Ferguson and advocating violence against police.  According to an alert from the St. Louis Division of the FBI the National Chief of Staff of the New Black Panther Party is in Ferguson.

Black violence in schools

Racial Disparities in School Discipline.  Faced with threats from the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, schools have instituted new disciplinary policies.  For example, after the public school district in Oklahoma City was investigated by the OCR, there was a 42.5 percent decrease in the number of suspensions.  According to an article in The Oklahoman, one teacher said, "Students are yelling, cursing, hitting and screaming at teachers and nothing is being done but teachers are being told to teach and ignore the behaviors."  According to Chalkbeat, new high school teachers left one school because they didn't feel safe.  There have been cases in which students have assaulted teachers and returned to school the next day.  Many of the complaints about black student behavior are coming from black teachers.

Boy, 14, repeatedly stabs a female classmate of the same age during an orientation assembly on the first day of school.  A boy has repeatedly stabbed a 14-year-old girl at an Oklahoma high school on the first day of classes Thursday [8/16/2018].  The unidentified teen stood up during the orientation assembly Thursday and stabbed the unidentified female student 'seven times' around 8.30am, according to police. [...] 'There was an incident at the High School Assembly this morning at the Auditorium.  The situation is under control, all students are safe,' the statement said.

The Editor says...
Yeah, all the students are safe -- except the one who got stabbed.

Amount of weapons seized in NYC schools has skyrocketed.  The number of weapons caught in NYC schools skyrocketed in the wake of a student's stabbing death.  In the 2017-18 school year, the total weapons seized in city public schools increased by 28 percent over the prior year — from 2,119 to 2,718, the NYPD told The [New York] Post.  While the firearms found dropped from 10 to five, school personnel found kids with 1,551 knives, up from 1,176 — an alarming 32 percent increase.  In addition, confiscated box-cutters and razors rose from 607 to 771, a 27 percent jump.

Even a former drug dealer can't handle teaching in Philly's schools.  Quamiir Trice served time for selling crack while he himself was a high school student in Philly, yet managed to do a one-eighty:  He ended up graduating from college and became a teacher in city schools.  His story is an academic's dream — a black male returns to his neighborhood to teach.  But Trice's first year at Bethune Elementary was like that which way too many educators — of all colors — face.  "It was chaos," he said.  "I was just treading water; things just didn't feel good.  There were so many students, and so much going on, that it was impossible for me to reach them."  He said that he "felt lost about everything from lesson plans to teaching reading."

Despite Police Report and Doctor's Note, School Says No Evidence of Bullying.  Despite the police report, the medical records and the doctor's note, which all describe a serious attack, the school determined "there is not sufficient evidence to prove that your child was subjected to bullying or intimidation behaviors."  There was no recommended discipline for the attacker.  This mom calls it a cover up.  "The boy was playing and he hit her in the head by mistake.  That's what the principal said," the mom told Project Baltimore.  "How could somebody just hit you in the head by accident?" says the daughter, who told us she was hit three times.  "I feel the children are not safe in the schools anymore.  If I had the money or the means to be able to do it, I would take her out of the school system altogether and put her somewhere private," says the mom.

Unarmed White Teachers Are At Risk Of Rape And Murder By Their Black And Latino Students.  Stacey Patton (left) is an "assistant professor of multimedia journalism" at Morgan State University, an "urban" black college in Maryland.  Patton has a Ph.D. in African-American History, and I don't even know where to put the share quotes there.  She's the author of Spare The Kids:  Why Whupping Children Won't Save Black America, which deals with "black America's relationship with corporal punishment", I. E. horrific rates of child beating, which is apparently the fault of white people and nothing to do with a low-IQ, high crime rate population having to deal with low IQ, high crime rate children.  As Steve Sailer notes [elsewhere], she's been given op-ed space in the Washington Post to say that teachers should be unarmed, because armed teachers may kill black and Latino students. [...] But teachers aren't safe from kids of color.  Take the late Colleen Ritzer, for example.

White Honor Student, 12, Beat Up at School, Targeted with Racist Graffiti at Home.  A 12-year-old white honor student at the Mastery Charter Thomas Campus in Philadelphia has been singled out by black students and is now scared to go to school.  According to a CBS 3 report, a police report was filed three weeks ago citing an incident at school in which Joey Messina was beaten by six black males in a hallway attack.  Joey said the boys came after him and punched his back as he lay on the ground covering his face.

Moral Values and Customs vs.  Laws.  Yesteryear even the lowest of lowdown men would not curse or use foul language to or in the presence of women.  To see a man sitting on a crowded bus or trolley car while a woman is standing used to be unthinkable.  It was deemed common decency for a man to give up his seat for a woman or elderly person. Today young people use foul language in front of — and often to — adults and teachers.  It's not just foul language.  Many youngsters feel that it's acceptable to assault teachers.  Just recently, 45 Pennsylvania teachers resigned because of student violence.  Back in what my daughter calls prehistoric times, the use of foul language to an adult or teacher would have meant a smack across the face.  Of course, today a parent taking such corrective action risks being reported to a local child protective service and even being arrested.

At least 45 Pennsylvania teachers resign in just three months due to student violence.  Dozens of teachers have quit their jobs in Pennsylvania's capital city amid a wave of violence from students as early as the first grade, it has emerged.  The Harrisburg Education Association (HEA) said that at least 45 teachers resigned between July and October, and more have followed since.  Those who remain are now demanding more help from administrators.  'I have been kicked, punched, hit, scratched.  I've had a student physically restraining me in front of my other students,' first-grade teacher Amanda Shaeffer told board members, according to Penn Live.

This Is What Anguish Looks Like:  Victims of Black-on-White Violence.  Not too far away from the scene of the latest carjacking, a white mother of an autistic high school child wonders why school officials lied to her when her son came home from school battered and bruised.  They said he was hurt "horsing around."  The video told the tale:  he was the victim of a black person picking him up and slamming him on the ground.  People in Chicago are way past surprise at the level of black-on-white violence in their schools.  Even so, on video, we can see this mother wondering how this could happen to her son — and to her.  Note the anguish, the feelings of betrayal, the knowledge that no matter what she does, no matter what police say, no matter what school officials promise, her son is a target of racial violence at his high school.  And that will not change.  That is what misery looks like.

Tennessee State football player expelled after reportedly punching coach on sideline.  A college football player at Tennessee State University punched a coach on the sideline during a game this weekend and was subsequently expelled and dismissed from the team, The Tennessean reported.  The 22-year-old was also expelled from the university, according to the paper.  Strength and conditioning coach T.J. Greenstone was knocked to the ground after Latrelle Lee, a senior defensive end, reportedly punched him multiple times in the head.  The incident was caught on video.

Teacher Is Stalked And Violently Attacked By Parents Of 4th Grader Whose Phone Was Taken In Class.  Now I'm no seer or anything, but I'm going to venture an educated guess that this fourth-grader isn't going to go very far in life. [...] Because let's be honest, if you're willing to stalk and beat up a teacher who took your child's cell phone, you really shouldn't be allowed to have children.  There is something wrong with your heart, your soul, and your brain if you think that is worth attacking someone.  Pittsburgh Police are saying that 46-year-old Janice Watkins had confiscated the phone of one of her 4th grade students, because the school has a no-cellphone policy.

Parent hit teacher in the face with brick after dispute: cops.  Police say an elementary school teacher was hit in the face with a brick and dragged from her car in Pittsburgh after a dispute with the parents of one of her students.

More than a dozen New York schools are unsafe: survey.  At least 13 city schools are rated as dangerous and disorderly as the Bronx school where an 18-year-old student stabbed a classmate to death, according to Department of Education surveys of students and staff.  The schools — nine in The Bronx, three in Queens and one in Brooklyn — scored as badly or worse on one or more safety and discipline questions than the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Preservation.  At that Tremont school, senior Abel Cedeno allegedly killed Matthew McCree, 15, and wounded Ariane Laboy, 16, with a switchblade on Sept. 27.  Cedeno claims he was relentlessly bullied and "snapped" when the boys pelted him with pencil pieces.

Teen Killed, Another Wounded In Stabbing Attack at NYC School.  Two teens were wounded, one fatally, during a stabbing at a Bronx school Wednesday [9/27/2017].  It was the first time in 25 years that a student was killed inside of a classroom in New York City.

Teen stabbed to death in NYC high school.  A Bronx student stabbed a classmate to death with a switchblade and seriously injured another in front of more than a dozen classmates inside their high school Wednesday morning — and cops are investigating if bullying was a motive, sources said.  Investigators believe Abel Cedeno, 18, plunged the tool into a Matthew McCree, 15, and Ariane LaBoy, 16, around 10:50 a.m. on the fifth floor of the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation on Mohegan Avenue in East Tremont, sources said.

Horrifying video shows students beating a Georgia teacher after she tried to stop a fight.  Shocking footage from a Georgia middle school shows the moment a teacher became caught in the middle of a brawl between students.  The brawl at Rome Middle School in Floyd County was filmed in a classroom and later uploaded to YouTube.  Floyd County Schools officials have said they will not release information about the students or teacher caught up in the fight.

HS Student Socks Teacher Right In The Face.  Where are the parents of these terrible children? [...] The fact that people actually do this is disgusting and disheartening.  [Video clip]

Unsayable Truths about a Failing High School.  I haven't visited Cheltenham High since I graduated in the faraway American Graffiti era, but I ventured back for a packed emergency community meeting about the May 4 events.  In addition to memories, I found a stark illustration of the nation's evasions about racial gaps in education. [...] There was no way to chalk up these complaints to adolescent theatrics.  A February survey of CHS teachers had already revealed a school that resembled Lord of the Flies.  Cursing, yelling students roamed the halls, pushing, shoving, ramming each other into walls, sometimes "accidentally" colliding with teachers.  Thirty-six out of 79 teachers surveyed believed that they were unsafe in the hallways, and those who didn't acknowledged either being big enough to stare down students or practiced at minding their own business. [...] What could not be said out loud was that the problem kids were all black, though the district superintendent did delicately indicate that the school's trouble is "racialized."

Stone Mountain Middle School teacher fight caught on tape by student.  A teacher and a paraprofessional at Stone Mountain Middle School have been removed from the school following a fight Friday that was caught on tape by students.  In one 24-second clip, posted on social media, two women are seen in what appears to be a science classroom punching each other several times before another adult attempts to break up the fight.  DeKalb County School District officials declined to name either woman involved, and did not elaborate on a statement released about the incident.

What Ever Happened to the Civil Rights Movement?  If Obama saw in school-discipline data "evidence of black boys being suspended at substantially higher rates than white boys for the same behavior," as he claimed while mandating fewer suspensions, he obviously was not examining the numbers as clear-sightedly as City Journal's Heather Mac Donald.  No, the behavior is not the same.  If black boys aged 14 through 17 commit murder at ten times the rate of Hispanic and white boys combined, Mac Donald reasonably asks, is it likely that their classroom behavior is any less disproportionately unruly?  Since the Obama administration's anti-discipline edicts, student assaults on St.  Paul, Minnesota, teachers have tripled.  Seattle, which, in compliance with administration diktats, has cut school expulsions by 77 percent from 2013 through 2016, now has seen several students murdered, plus an alleged gang rape.  Teachers from Gotham to Des Moines to Fresno are up in arms over Washington's anti-discipline push, which their unions say has produced classroom anarchy.

Black People:  Don't You Worry About 'Bout a Thing.  Kat Timpf Will Save You.  [Scroll down]  In Philadelphia, four high school teachers went to the hospital and ten were injured after a large group of black people attacked them.  And oh yeah, that happens all the time there.  But do not confuse this with the black people who attacked a white teacher in a Florida school about the same time.  Or the large fight in a black school in Memphis where teachers know better than to try and stop it.  Or the dozens and dozens of episodes of large-scale black violence in schools, all last month.

Large fight erupt at high school, leaving teacher knocked unconscious.  A fight erupts in a local school that injured eight teachers, one of them knocked unconscious.  Police said the fight involved four girls.  The cause of the fight was something on Facebook.

Queens' Richmond Hill High School students fear for their lives as serious fights break out on campus.  It's becoming the school of hard knocks, and a safety agent union leader says students are scared.  Violence erupted at troubled Richmond Hill High School in Queens, as police responded to two incidents involving students — and a vicious brawl caught on tape.  School safety officials said a video recorded by students at the school on March 10 shows a gang initiation, with a crowd of students pummeling each other on campus.  Cops responded to the school after two girls struck another girl in the face, according to police records for that day.

No Thug Left Behind.  "Racial equity" has become the all-purpose justification for dubious educational policies.  Equity proponents view "disparate impact" — when the same policies yield different outcomes among demographic groups — as conclusive proof of discrimination.  On the education front, "equity" does not seek equal treatment for all students.  Instead, it demands statistical equivalence in discipline referrals and suspensions for students of every racial group, regardless of those students' actual conduct.

Students Allegedly Assaulted White Girls because Their Braids Were 'Cultural Appropriation'.  Hampshire College student has pleaded "not guilty" to charges related to the alleged physical assault of a white basketball player over the fact that her braids were "cultural appropriation," and I just have to ask:  What happens inside of your brain to make you think that that's okay?  According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, 20-year-old Carmen Figuera approached some apparently non-Latina members of the Central Maine Community College women's basketball team and demanded that they remove their braids from their heads because it was "cultural appropriation."  Now, anyone with any logical ability whatsoever should be able to understand that it takes a very long time to unbraid tight, cornrow-style braids, which means that Figuera's take-them-out-now demand was absurd on a practical level as well as on a philosophical one.  But apparently, not everyone has been gifted with basic logic, because when the girls refused to remove them, Figuera allegedly started a fight with one of the girls, and then another Hampshire College student allegedly physically attacked one of them as well, pulling the girl's hair and causing her to fall down.

12-year-old boy doing better after vicious school beating.  The family of a 12-year-old South Elgin boy says he's doing better after a vicious beating at his school. [...] District officials would not reveal any information about the student who beat Henry, nor would they say whether that student was in school Monday [3/6/2017].

Police Dept.  Cancels 'High-Five Friday' at Schools Because Some Students May Be 'Uncomfortable'.  A police department in Northampton, Massachusetts is ending its "High-Five Friday" program at local elementary schools due to concerns that "undocumented children" and others may feel "uncomfortable" seeing an officer at school.  The program, started by the Northampton Police Department in December, had officers stand outside of a school each Friday morning to high-five students as they walked in to begin the day.

The Editor says...
The permanent presence of cops in schools should make the students uncomfortable.  I never saw a cop in our school, back in the 1960s.  If the police have to be there every day, there must be a constant likelihood of criminal behavior.

One reason we need school choice you never hear about:  Bullying.  [Scroll down]  It was less than two months into the school year when things started going downhill.  My youngest began complaining daily about being sick.  Over the course of several months, we discovered my son had been horribly attacked, not just once, but multiple times at school.  Once this occurred in the bathroom, but usually it was at recess or outside the classroom.  One boy held my son down and choked him while his friends pinned my son's arms to the ground.  Police reports were filed, meetings with school officials were held, and parents were contacted.  As the year progressed, so did the attacks.  The police told us the boy was too young to discipline and his parents had refused to allow school officers into their home to discuss the attacks.  Education officials told us the boy was losing his recess privileges but he was never suspended.

If the public schools are this close to anarchy, they might as well be closed, and let the private schools teach those who actually want to learn.
School Superintendent Bans Forks In Cafeteria To Keep Students From Stabbing Each Other.  Sto-Rox High School in the gritty Pittsburgh suburb of McKees Rocks is the site of the new fork-free policy, according to local NBC affiliate WPXI.  The superintendent, Frank Dalmas, implemented the policy and other draconian measures last week to keep students in line.  There have been fights involving injuries.  (It's not clear if these fights are fork-related.)  There has been drug use in bathrooms.  In addition to forks, table knives have also been banned from the cafeteria in response to student behavior.  Spoons appear to remain legal — for now.  Also, students at Sto-Rox High can no longer obtain hall passes for bathroom breaks during classes.

No Thug Left Behind.  We have a segment of kids who consider themselves untouchable," said one veteran teacher as the 2015-16 school year began.  At the city's high schools, teachers stood by helplessly as rowdy packs of kids — who came to school for free breakfast, lunch, and WiFi — rampaged through the hallways.  "Classroom invasions" by students settling private quarrels or taking revenge for drug deals gone bad became routine.  "Students who tire of lectures simply stand up and leave," reported City Pages.  "They hammer into rooms where they don't belong, inflicting mischief and malice on their peers."  The first few months of the school year witnessed riots or brawls at Como Park, Central, Humboldt, and Harding High Schools — including six fights in three days at Como Park.  Police had to use chemical irritants to disperse battling students.  "We are seeing more violence and more serious violence," warned Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman.  "Fights at schools that might have been between two individuals are growing into fights between several individuals or even melees involving up to 50 people."

Boy badly beaten by classmate gets support from Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo.  A middle school student who was beaten so severely by a classmate he went into a coma is now talking, eating and reading all the "get well" messages he's received — including from Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo.  Henry Sembdner was attacked on Feb. 3 allegedly by a classmate who was angry that the pair had bumped into each other, PIX11 News' sister station WGN reports.  He suffered facial fractures and injuries to his brain.

The Editor says...
There was no mention of the attacker's description in this article.  Therefore, the assailant must be black.  Prove me wrong.

Violence in the Halls, Disorder in the Malls.  If Donald Trump wants to make schools safe again, he must rescind the Obama administration's diktats regarding classroom discipline, which are based on a fantasy version of reality that is having serious real-world consequences.  The Obama Justice and Education Departments have strong-armed schools across the country to all but eliminate the suspension and expulsion of insubordinate students.  The reason?  Because black students are disciplined at higher rates than whites.  According to Washington bureaucrats, such disproportionate suspensions can mean only one thing:  teachers and administrators are racist.  The Obama administration rejects the proposition that black students are more likely to assault teachers or fight with other students in class.

VIDEO: Race Riot Breaks Out At Maryland High School After Black Students Jump Hispanics.  A brutal fight at a high school in Prince George's County put three students in the hospital on Friday [12/16/2016].  The lunch room brawl at Central High School was caught on camera and shows a large number of students attacking each other as three adults try to break it up.  A spokesperson for Prince George's County Public Schools said a group of African-American students assaulted a group of Hispanic students.

Violent 'racially motivated' fight is caught on video in high school cafeteria.  An incredibly violent fight at a Maryland high school has left three students hospitalized.  Shocking footage shows the brawl at Capitol Heights' Central High School, with students punching each other, hurling one another to the ground and screaming while adults try to stop them.  The fight broke out Friday when a group of African-American students attacked a group of Hispanic students, a school district spokesperson told Fox 5 . The school said the incident may have been racially motivated.

White schoolgirls say black gang racially targeted them in bus attack.  Four white 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirl friends laughing and chatting on their usual bus ride home were targeted in an unprovoked, racial attack that left them bloody and bruised, the teens told The [New York] Post Wednesday [11/23/2016].  "Oh, white girl got money!" a young black man sitting with a friend commented as the girls travelled on the BX8 bus around 3 p.m.  Tuesday after dismissal from St.  Catharine's Academy in the Pelham Gardens section of The Bronx.  Before they knew it, the boys called up some female friends, who boarded a few stops away — and the girls said the group punched and kicked them while grabbing clumps of their hair.

'She Doesn't Want to be White Anymore': 12yo Girl Bullied at Kansas City School for Being White.  After being violently attacked twice in two weeks because of her race, the mother of a 12-year-old girl attending a school in Kansas City where whites are a minority says her daughter "doesn't want to be white anymore."

Kansas City mom says students targeted, attacked her daughter because of her skin color.  A metro mom feels helpless after police say her daughter was attacked at school.  The mother said students are targeting her daughter because of her skin color.  Police say a 12-year-old girl was punched in the face at school by another student Monday [11/14/2016] at the Frontier School of Excellence off 56th Street and Troost in Kansas City.  Chandis Kee said this is the second time in two weeks her daughter was attacked, and she said it's because of her race.

Blacks and Politicians.  Education is vital to upward mobility.  Most schools labeled as "persistently dangerous" are schools with predominantly black populations.  At many schools, students are required to walk through metal detectors and place their book bags and purses on a conveyor belt that goes through an X-ray machine.  Armed police patrol the school to try to stem school violence.  But even with a police presence, teachers, staff and students are assaulted.  A policy that permanently removes troublemakers would make a greater impact on black education than anything a U.S. president could do.  The fact that black parents, teachers and civil rights organizations tolerate and make excuses for the despicable and destructive behavior of so many young blacks is a gross betrayal of the memory, struggle, sacrifice, sweat, tears and blood of our ancestors.  The sorry and tragic state of black education is not going to be turned around until there's a change in what's acceptable and unacceptable behavior by young people.  That change could come only from within the black community.

Four Selma High School Students Arrested after Pregnant Student Attacked.  Selma police say four students have been arrested after a pregnant classmate was attacked inside Selma High School.  Police say the four students jumped the victim during class this morning.  She was taken to the hospital, but no word yet on her or her baby's condition.  Police say two teachers who tried to break up the fight were also assaulted.

If you don't pay attention in school, you can expect to live on the street someday.
Letter from a white teacher.  I taught for one year in a black school.  I grew up in the South Bronx and never felt racism between the working class dads and moms of all colors who lived side by side.  In 2004, I had a rude awakening when my students called me "Cracker B----" and other unmentionable names on a daily basis, refused to let me teach them anything, and howled and carried on all day long.  I got them precious time in the computer lab to do the the state test tutorials, and they tried to get through the firewall to look up pics of "Lil Kim" and did a riot in the room destroying some equipment.  They did a sort of rap all day long and didn't want any knowledge seeping through.  Class treats turned into class chaos.  I was the enemy, no matter how hard I tried.  Finally a sixth grader threatened to kill me and explained how he was going to do it.  A meeting was called and the black VP told me I "didn't understand as I wasn't part of the community".  I replied that I thought we all lived in the same county and had the same goals for the kids to succeed and I was laughed out of the meeting.

School bus assault
Video: 17 Year-Old Boy Assaults 5 Year-Old Girl On School Bus.  Race had nothing to do with this incident.  The little girl being white had nothing to do with why the 17 year-old boy hit her.  But one thing is for certain, if the little girl had been black, and the 17 year-old boy had been white, the school bus would likely be in flames right now.  Yet for some strange reason, much of the media is ignoring this story.

Federal Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos In St. Paul Schools.  Just days after the last school bell rang, a dramatic uprising of teachers, parents, and school board members ousted [St. Paul] Superintendent Valeria Silva.  Silva's approach to school discipline sparked the revolt.  Her policies, initiated in 2010, launched the St. Paul schools on a downward spiral of chaos and violence.  In December 2015, Ramsey County attorney John Choi labeled the situation "a public health crisis."  In 2015, assaults on teachers in St. Paul schools reported to his office tripled compared to 2014, and were up 36 percent over the previous four-year average.  On Silva's watch, the city's high schools have become menacing places where gangs of out-of-control teens prowl the halls, and "classroom invasions" by students settling private disputes are commonplace.  Tumultuous brawls are a fact of life.  Today, fights that "might have been between two individuals" can grow into "melees involving up to 40 or 50 people," according to Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman.  Roving packs often attack individuals, and police have had to use chemical irritants to break up what they call "riots."

Cop pepper-sprays teens after LI high school fight.  Several teenagers were shot with pepper spray [6/10/2016] after police tried to stop a large fight at a Long Island high school.

Boston authorities search for suspect in deadly shooting outside high school.  Authorities in Boston are searching for a suspect in a daylight shooting near a high school that left one student dead and three others wounded on Wednesday [6/8/2016].  The shooting took place near Jeremiah E. Burke High school in the city's Dorchester neighborhood just after a fire alarm went off in school.  "We don't know whether it was just a fight that spilled out of the school.  Unfortunately, as we know now, kids don't fight anymore with their hands.  They run and get weapons," Police Commissioner William Evans said in an afternoon news conference.

Students involved in deadly attack near California high school, officials say.  Authorities say one person is dead and another hospitalized after a shooting and stabbing near a San Francisco Bay Area high school.  The East Bay Times reports Thursday [5/26/2016] that investigators are working to identify three potential suspects.  No arrests were reported.  The names and ages of the victims have not been released.  One victim had a gunshot wound to the left side of his chest and an exit wound to his back.  The victim who died had a gunshot wound to the head and stab wounds.

5th grader savagely attacks 1st grader in Henry Co. school bathroom.  A vicious attack in an elementary school bathroom sends a 6-year-old to the emergency room, and her parents tell police it was a fifth grade girl who attacked her.  The girl was at home recovering Thursday night, but her mother says she knows exactly who attacked her 1st grade daughter.  She warned the school that the fifth grader was a danger last week.

Keeping parents in the dark on the safety crisis in city schools.  City Hall is keeping parents in the dark about a growing school-safety crisis.  Susan Edelman gave the lowdown in Sunday's [5/15/2016] [New York] Post.  New NYPD data contradict Mayor de Blasio's repeated assertions that city schools are safe.  Over 1,750 weapons have been recovered in the past 10 months — up 26 percent over last year.  Greg Floyd, the head of the school-safety-agents' union, accuses City Hall and the NYPD School Safety Division of whitewashing school-crime reports.  The union has exposed multiple scary cases this year — including an 11-year-old waving a loaded gun at another student.

With Apologies to Nathan Hale.  [Scroll down]  In St. Paul, Minn., two high school students punched and body-slammed a teacher who had complained about lenient disciplinary policies that had led to assaults against teachers.  Both students were black, all the beaten-up teachers were white.  The Obama administration has threatened school districts with lawsuits and funding cuts if the school punishes the perpetrators.

Black Mob Viciously Beats Blonde Girl at School (Guess What Happened To The Thugs?)  This footage is going viral, and it will make your jaw drop in shock.  What would you do if this happened to your daughter?  Not only that, but according to the video caption, none of the students involved have been disciplined by school officials.

Girl, 15, dies after assault in Delaware HS bathroom.  A 16-year-old Delaware high school sophomore died Thursday morning [4/21/2016] after a fight broke out in a restroom involving several female students.  Family members identified the victim as Amy Francis-Joyner.  She had gotten involved in a confrontation involving two other students at Wilmington's Howard High School of Technology, spokeswoman Kathy K. Demarest said in a statement.  She said no weapons were involved and police were questioning other students.  Francis-Joyner was pronounced dead at A.I. DuPont Children's Hospital, where she had been airlifted in critical condition, police spokeswoman Sgt. Andrea Janvier said.

Pictured: Girl, 16, who died at school after being 'jumped by a gang of bullies' who slammed her head against a sink in the bathroom.  A 16-year-old girl, who died after getting into a fight with another girl over a boy, was jumped by bullies who slammed her head against a bathroom sink at a school in Delaware Thursday morning [4/21/2016]. [...] Students who witnessed the deadly scuffle said that the 16-year-old and another girl started fighting in one of the women's bathrooms over a boy, when a gang of other girls jumped the victim.

Another motive for homeschooling:
Mom: Son Was Attacked, Injured by Classmates and School Never Told Me.  A mother says that her 13-year-old son was left cross-eyed after being attacked by fellow students, and she's questioning how school officials handled the situation.  Amanda Anderson, whose son Dustin Johnson is a seventh-grader at Livingston Junior High in Livingston, Texas, told Fox 26 that Dustin woke up on March 29 seeing double and with blurred vision.  After questioning what happened to her son, Anderson says school officials eventually showed her video of Dustin being attacked by several classmates.

Parents Sue NYC Education Department Over Violence in Schools.  Several New York City parents and students have filed a class-action lawsuit against the city Department of Education alleging the nation's largest school district has failed to protect children from violence and bullying.  A group of 11 students and 10 parents announced the lawsuit outside the DOE headquarters during a rally with the pro-charter school group Families for Excellent Schools Thursday [4/7/2016], alleging that the district had denied students the right to public education without the threat of violence.

The Editor says...
Is there really a "right to public education" — with or without threats of violence?

Glen Oaks High Student Arrested for Assaulting Teacher.  The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office arrested 18-year-old Renetta N. Thomas, a student at Glen Oaks High School, after Thomas reportedly assaulted a teacher on campus February 18th.  According to a report, the teacher observed Thomas skipping class and ordered her to go back to class.  Thomas became "very irate as usual with her cursing being disrespectful."  The teacher called the front office and requested the school's discipline administrator to come and handle the situation.  Thomas left the scene prior to the administrator's arrival.  The teacher completed write-up form on Thomas for her actions.  A few minutes later, while the same teacher was teaching another class, Thomas entered the classroom and kicked a desk very hard causing it to fly across the room.  Thomas then yelled "bitch you got me suspended!  Ima beat your ass now," according to the report.  Thomas then picked up a garbage can and threw it at the teacher, who was able to move and avoid being struck.  Thomas then left the scene.

Video shows teacher being punched by student at Hunters Lane H.S..  A video making the rounds on the Internet shows a teacher being punched in the face by a student at one of Nashville's largest high schools.  The incident, first posted to YouTube, happened Tuesday [3/1/2016] morning at Hunters Lane High School in North Nashville.  In the video, captured by a cell phone, the student is seen punching the teacher in the face. [...] In a statement to News 2, [Metro Schools spokesman Joe] Bass said, "The student involved was disciplined appropriately, though Federal privacy laws bar us from publicly stating what that discipline was.["]

The Editor wishes to ax this question:
Why does federal law protect the privacy of violent criminals in schools?

Racial gaps found in Wake County student arrests, suspensions.  The Wake County school board will discuss Tuesday [2/16/2016] racial disparities in student arrest and suspension rates in North Carolina's largest school system.  The work session agenda includes a report showing that the odds of being arrested for fighting are 1.67 times higher for Wake's black students as compared to other students.  The report also shows that the odds of being arrested for theft are 1.7 times for black students as compared to other students.  Additionally, black students accounted for 69 percent of the referrals made by school resource officers to the adult criminal justice system, juvenile petitions, teen court, and other restorative programs.

The Editor says...
None of that should be construed as conclusive evidence that blacks are being treated unfairly.

Police: Gun owner saved cop from attack by kids.  Police are crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an Upper Darby cop Friday [2/12/2016] after he saw the officer being attacked and surrounded by a large group of teens.  "There were 40 kids.  If it wasn't for the good Samaritan stepping forward, he'd have been dead meat," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.  "There's no doubt they would have attacked him."

Obama's Hug-A-Thug Policies Backfire In NYC, St. Paul Schools.  New York public schools are dealing with escalating classroom chaos after adopting minority-friendly discipline policies that the Education Department pushed to close so-called "racial disparities" in suspensions and expulsions.  Educrats have been threatening school districts with lawsuits and funding cuts wherever if finds disparities.  High-school kids are getting "warning cards" for offenses that normally would result in a criminal summons and suspension, such as drug possession and disorderly conduct.  Liberal New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says crime is down in the schools, but it's not.  It's just that schools are ignoring it.  The only thing that's down is suspensions.

Teen Busted for blowing smoke in teachers face.  The Arkansas student who lit a cigar in class and then repeatedly blew smoke in his teacher's face was arrested yesterday [1/18/2016] on a harassment charge, police report.  Christopher Dunn, 18, was busted Monday morning [1/18/2016] on the misdemeanor charge and booked into the Pulaski County jail.  He was later released after posting $2500 bond.  Dunn was collared in connection with a December 14 incident at North Little Rock High School.

Racial bean-counting is making schools unsafe.  President Obama's acting secretary of education, John King, hijacked Martin Luther King Jr. Day to accuse public schools of racism because black students are punished more often and more harshly than others.  The Obama administration has been threatening school districts with lawsuits and federal-funding cuts wherever it finds "racial disparities" in who gets suspended or expelled.  But racism isn't to blame.  Black students misbehave more often.  Tragically, school administrators are so fearful of saying it that they're being intimidated into ceding control of classrooms to violent, disruptive students.  That's the story in New York City, where serious crimes in schools are soaring.

My year of terror and abuse teaching at a NYC high school.  There's nothing dry or academic here.  It's tragedy and farce, an economic and societal indictment of a system that seems broken beyond repair.  The book is certain to be controversial.  There's something dilettante-ish, if not cynical, about a well-off, middle-aged white man stepping ever so briefly into this maelstrom of poverty, abuse, homelessness and violence and emerging with a book deal.  What [Ed] Boland has to share, however, makes his motives irrelevant.  Names and identifying details have been changed, but the school Boland calls Union Street is, according to clues and public records, the Henry Street School of International Studies on the Lower East Side.

High school cancels season after 3 players charged with rape.  After three basketball players were charged with raping a teammate in an apparent hazing incident, a Tennessee high school has taken the unusual step of canceling the rest of the season, officials say.

Rest Of Season Called Off For Ooltewah High Boys Basketball Due To Rape Investigation.  County School Supt. Rick Smith said Wednesday night [1/6/2016] that the rest of the season for the Ooltewah High School basketball team has been canceled due to the ongoing rape investigation.  He said it was necessary to aid the investigation of aggravated rape charges against three team members against a 15-year-old teammate.  Supt. Smith said there had been no wrongdoing found against any adult in the case.

Baltimore Schools Are More Afraid of Students Than Its Police Force.  As Baltimore awaits a verdict in the trial of William Porter, the first officer tried in the death of Freddie Gray, city leaders seem particularly afraid of one group of its residents:  its students.  At least, that's what many are concluding after a letter to parents from the city's school chief was made public on Monday [12/14/2015].  Dr. Gregory Thornton, Baltimore City Public Schools CEO wrote the letter to warn families that no violence will be tolerated in the wake of the verdict, which could come down this week.  But Thornton seems to have an especially broad definition of what actually constitutes violence.  "Students need to understand that we support their right to express their emotions, and that we will facilitate opportunities for them to do so appropriately," the CEO wrote.  "However, we need to make it clear that student walkouts, vandalism, civil disorder, and any form of violence are not acceptable under any circumstances."

At Washington High, a teacher's beating is the final straw.  A brutal assault on a teacher at George Washington High School led to the removal Tuesday of the troubled school's principal, Philadelphia School District officials confirmed.  Hoping to quiet a culture of violent incidents, district officials reassigned Gene Jones a day after the attack, which occurred during third period Monday morning [12/7/2015], midway through a ninth-grade biology lesson.  The classroom door — usually locked against intruders — was open, allowing a handful of students to walk paperwork across the hallway, according to someone with firsthand knowledge of the incident.

Attack on teacher rekindles the worst memories.  Frank Burd hadn't heard the news about the George Washington High School teacher pummeled this week by three students, being held down and punched in the face, in a dispute over a cellphone.  But his reaction was visceral.  "[... A] concussion is serious," Burd said Wednesday [12/9/2015].  "I feel so much for this guy.  One minute, everything is normal, and the next, you're in the hospital."  Burd, a former math teacher at Germantown High School, has been there — attacked in 2007 by students angry that he had tried to confiscate an iPod.  He suffered a broken neck and a brain injury that has divided his life into before and after.

Teachers Union Threatens Strike After Two St. Paul Central Staffers [were] Hurt Breaking Up [a] Fight.  Two students have now been charged after two employees were hurt breaking up a cafeteria fight at St. Paul's Central High School.  Investigators say the fight, which happened Friday, Dec. 4, started between two students and was about who had better football statistics.  The fight involved a 15-year-old student.  During the fight, his 16-year-old brother jumped in to help, and a science teacher intervened to stop the older brother from getting involved.  Police say the 16-year-old then shoved the teacher's face into a wall, breaking his glasses.  An assistant principal also said he saw the 16-year-old pick up the teacher in a strangulation hold, lift him in the air and forcefully slam him on his back onto a cafeteria chair and table.  The student then got on top of the teacher and started choking him, and he then hit him in the face and neck repeatedly, according to the complaint.

Two Black Students Posing as White Threaten To Shoot Up Their Schools.  It's really hard to imagine how some allegedly aggrieved person would make up a racial hoax.

Arlington Bowie student arrested by police investigating social media threats.  Shalaria Jones remained in the Arlington Jail Thursday night [11/19/2015] facing one charge of terroristic threat.  Bail was set at $10,000.  Police seized her cellphone and obtained a search warrant that linked her to the tweet sent out Tuesday morning, said Lt. Chris Cook, an Arlington police spokesman.

A Creepy, Coercive Turn For Campus Protests.  As campuses erupt with protests and the TV cameras pan the crowds, an informal survey among the IBD editorial board members finds that pretty much every college student we know of is so busy studying that he or she has no time for or interest in protesting, no matter what the cause.  To the far left, schooled in Alinskyite coercion, that's unacceptable. [...] At Columbia, kids are being coerced into joining protests whether they like it or not, as noted by Rick Moran, writing for the American Thinker.  At Dartmouth, it's even worse — kids are being disturbed if they study, with in-your-face violent pushing, shoving and screaming right in the campus library.

My Letter to Dartmouth's President.  You say that "we have received no complaints of physical violence" and therefore, apparently, you have no problem with the conduct of the protesters, which included threatening and screaming racist abuse at students who were peacefully studying, in an effort to "shut down" the library.  Is racist abuse now acceptable at Dartmouth, as long as no one is actually punched?  That sets the bar ridiculously low, and appears to represent a change in policy.  I never expected to see a scene straight out of 1930s Germany in my beloved Baker Library, but that apparently, in your view, is now the norm.

Why some LAUSD teachers are balking at a new approach to discipline problems.  It's another day of disruption on this campus in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which has been nationally hailed by the White House and others for its leadership in promoting more progressive school-discipline policies.  The nation's second-largest school system was the first in California to ban suspensions for defiance and announced plans to roll out an alternative known as restorative justice, which seeks to resolve conflicts through talking circles and other methods to build trust.

LA Unified teachers: Suspension ban creating unruly classes.  Teachers in the nation's second largest school district say a new policy aimed at reducing suspensions is also having another effect:  More unruly students in their classrooms.

The Editor says...
Wow.  Who could have predicted that outcome?  Everybody!

Want to see what goes on in a classroom where there is no security? Just watch.  Here's a video by a bunch of high school delinquents who went after a teacher who would not fight back.  They mocked her, videoed her and abused her.  Why the woman didn't stand up to these beasts is unfathomable to me.  Is your job worth that kind of treatment? [Video clip]

Teen can face trial on murder charge: Massachusetts judge.  A Massachusetts judge on Wednesday [11/4/2015] ruled that a teenager accused of murdering a teacher at his high school is competent to stand trial, despite arguments from his attorneys that the 16-year-old defendant had shown signs of mental disturbance.

Student slams principal to floor during cafeteria melee caught on video.  Three Sacramento-area high school students were arrested after a principal was slammed to the floor during a melee that was recorded on video and posted to social media.  Two 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old face serious charges, including making threats to students and law enforcement and battery on school staff, in connection with Monday's [10/26/2015] cafeteria brawl at Florin High School, said Sacramento County sheriff's Sgt. Tony Turnbull.

Spring Valley South Carolina — Non-Compliant Student Forcibly Removed By High School Resource Officer.  A black female student at Spring Valley High School was being disruptive in class.  The student refused to leave after a teacher asked her to.  A School administrator, also black, was called to the room, and also asked the student to leave, and she refused again.  Finally, the school resource police officer (white guy) was called to the room.  The officer requested compliance the student refused twice.  The officer forcibly removed the student and placed her under arrest.

Feds probing videotaped arrest of disruptive student.  The Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation Tuesday [10/27/2015] after a deputy flipped a student backward in her desk and tossed her across the floor for refusing to leave her math class.

Deputy fired for throwing South Carolina student, even though 'she started this,' sheriff says.  The white South Carolina deputy who threw a black student across a high school classroom has been fired for using inappropriate force, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Wednesday [10/28/2015].  "The maneuver that he used was not based on the training or was acceptable," Lott said of Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields, who had worked as an officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia for seven years.  "That is not proper technique and should not be used in law enforcement."

The Spring Valley Arrest Video Isn't Disturbing: Here's Why.  According to local reporting, [Senior Deputy Ben] Fields was called to the classroom after the student had refused to leave the room, first at the request of the teacher and then at the request of an administrator.  A longer video shows Fields asking the student if she'll leave, she refuses, he reaches down and says, "I'm going to get you up," she appears to resist, then the officer escalates his use of force:  [Video clip]  No one was injured in the fracas, but the media immediately identified it as an example of a white police officer brutalizing a black youth.

The Viral Videos the Anti-Police Left Won't Publicize.  Narratives of oppression are simple; life is complicated.  After the Internet lit up over video of a South Carolina police officer dragging a high-school student from her desk, tossing her to the ground, and handcuffing her, the Left instinctively began making its "larger points" about the "school-to-prison pipeline," police brutality, and institutional racism.  It was the launching pad for another "national conversation" on the Left's terms, about one of the Left's favorite topics:  the big, bad, racist police.  Yet videos from other schools show more complex realities.

Student walkout backs fired deputy at S.C. school.  About 100 students at a South Carolina high school walked out of class briefly Friday [10/30/2015] to show support for a school resource officer fired after video showed him throwing an uncooperative black female student across the floor, according to local media and Twitter feeds.  The students walked out of classes at Spring Valley HIgh School in Columbia, S.C., around 10 a.m. and gathered in the atrium to express their views on the firing of Deputy Ben Fields.

Students Stage Walkout In Support Of Deputy Fired Over Viral Video.  Hundreds of students at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C. staged a brief walkout on Friday in support of the school resource officer and football coach who was fired earlier this week after video emerged of him dragging a female student out of her desk and slamming her onto the ground.  The students donned t-shirts reading "Free Fields" and "#BringBackFields" in support of the officer, Ben Fields.

High school teen who defended a blind classmate who was being beaten by a bully is suspended and kicked off football team.  A California teenager has been hailed as a hero after he rushed to help a blind classmate being beaten up by a bully.  Shocking footage of the attack, filmed by a bystander, shows the 'visually impaired' student being repeatedly hit round the head during lunch break at Huntington Beach High School, California on Wednesday [9/23/2015].  The assault only ends when the high school intervenes by knocking the bully to the ground with a single punch.

Attack on Teachers.  The ongoing and escalating assault on primary- and secondary-school teachers is not a pretty sight.  Holly Houston is a post-traumatic stress specialist.  She counsels teachers in Chicago public schools and reported, "Of the teachers that I have counseled over the years who have been assaulted, 100 percent of them have satisfied diagnostic criteria for PTSD."  It's not just big-city schoolteachers traumatized.  Dr. Darlyne Nemeth, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said last year, "I have treated many teachers with PTSD, and I am currently following a few of them." [...] School violence is going to get worse.  Last year, the Obama administration sent all the school districts in the country a letter warning them to avoid racial bias when suspending or expelling students.

Prosecutors: Two Former NJ Day Care Workers Ran 'Fight Club' For Kids Aged 4-6.  Two New Jersey women faced charges Monday [8/31/2015] for allegedly staging a "fight club" among boys and girls at a day care center, Union County prosecutors said.  As CBS2's Christine Sloan reported, investigators said the former day care workers — Erica Kenny, 22, of Cranford, and Chanese White, 28, of Roselle — referenced the movie "Fight Club" as they encouraged preschoolers and kindergartners to fight each other on the playground at Lightbridge Academy in Cranford last month.

Why Home Schooling?  Many public primary and secondary schools are dangerous places.  The Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics show that in 2012, there were about 749,200 violent assaults on students.  In the 2011-12 academic year, there were a record 209,800 primary- and secondary-school teachers who reported being physically attacked by a student.  Nationally, an average of 1,175 teachers and staff were physically attacked, including being knocked out, each day of that school year.  In Baltimore, each school day in 2010, an average of four teachers and staff were assaulted.  Each year, roughly 10 percent of primary- and secondary-school teachers are threatened with bodily harm.  Many public schools not only are dangerous but produce poor educational results.

Black Violence in Schools: White People to Blame.  The Tampa Bay Times just figured out why local black schools are a hot mess of chaos, violence and danger.  White people did it.  Which, of course, is the same reason why black schools are also violent and dangerous in Baltimore, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Rochester, Utica, Albany, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg ... this is a very long list.  The Times documented how black violence in epic amounts is directed at students, parents, teachers, administrators, vendors, neighbors, bus drivers, — pretty much anyone who gets anywhere close to these black schools.

13-year-old charged with raping girl on school bus.  Officials say a 13-year-old boy attacked a 7-year-old girl on a Chimacum school bus and has been charged with three counts of first-degree rape.

Guess which five-letter adjective (starts with B, ends with ack) is absent from this article.
Four students face charges of raping mentally disabled girl at North Miami Senior High.  Near the end of a school day early this year at North Miami Senior High, a student approached one of his classmates — a mentally disabled teenage girl in a job training program.  He told her she was pretty and asked her to follow him, leading her to another boy who took her hand.  They slipped into a janitor's closet, closed the door, turned out the lights and — joined by three other boys — gang raped her, according to arrest forms.  One boy told her not to tell, but she did after a security guard caught them leaving the closet.  The girl later told Miami-Dade school police the boys "forced her to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex acts."

Phila. police arrest 5 MLK High teens in beating that went viral.  Philadelphia police have arrested five students from Martin Luther King High School who earlier this month kicked and punched another student — knocking out several of his teeth — in an attack that was recorded and posted online Thursday [6/25/2015].  The video, showing teenagers repeatedly beating a classmate June 5 while shouting taunts, was posted on the popular website  At one point, the student was hit in the face with a traffic cone, knocking out his teeth.

The Editor says...
Again, guess uess which five-letter adjective is absent from this article.  Here are some hints:  Philadelphia.  Martin Luther King High School.  Five-against-one fight.

This incident is posted in this section because it took place at an elementary school.
Reward Now $1,250 For Information on This Attack.  The video of this attack has been viewed by approximately 10,000,000 people on various platforms.  Obviously there is a lot of attention; unfortunately, no strong leads.

Brutal Beating Location and Video Uploader Identified — Rowlett, Texas.  Police today reported the actual attack took place on Friday June 19th — but it was not until video surfaced on 6/24 that the youngest victim, 3-years-old, was witnessed suffering injury from the attack — That aspect raises the attack to felony charges.  Fox News Dallas aired a segment on the incident tonight at 9pm — and the local Dallas media affiliate has been made aware of the culprit identification.  Police Detective Cruz Hernandez now has all the details. [...] The police do not consider this attack to contain any racial connotations.

The Editor says...
The Rowlett police very quickly pronounced that the incident was not a hate crime and had no racial connotations, even before the suspect was identified, let alone interviewed.  A bigger pack of lies would be difficult to find (without the internet).  Everybody in the video is black, other than the victims.  All the participants, revelers and cheerleaders are black, as is the photographer.  Why else would the cameras be recording unless a violent Facebook-worthy attack was imminent?

Oakland Schools: Students who act up, mouth off won't be suspended.  The Oakland Unified School District has approved a controversial move to eliminate kicking students out of school for swearing at teachers and ignoring instructions.  The school board voted unanimously on Wednesday [5/13/2015] to no longer allow teachers and administrators to suspend students out of class for non-violent offenses.  The new policy is expected to be in full effect next July.

Disparate Impact — Too Many Black Students Suspended Leads Oakland Schools to Stop Punishment Completely.  When a corrections system focuses entirely on equality of outcome; and when the administrators of the policy are wilfully blind (in that they never addresses the source behavior); and when the non-compliant variables within the system refuse to modify behavior — the only administrative option left is to remove the consequence.  FYI the racial composition of Oakland's public school system is about 32 percent black, a little under 40 percent Hispanic, about 15 percent Asian and about 12 percent white, according to

Black Student Arrests in Jefferson Decried in New Complaint.  African-American students are disproportionately arrested and subjected to discrimination in Jefferson Parish public schools, even moreso now than three years ago, according to a complaint the Southern Poverty Law Center filed Thursday (May 7) on behalf of four black students.  The new information is a supplement to the law center's 2012 complaint, which also accused Jefferson of discrimination.  New data show that in the 2013-14 academic year, black students comprised 80 percent of all school-based arrests and law enforcement referrals, even though they made up only about 42 percent of Jefferson's enrollment.

IPS investigates high school fight caught on camera.  Indianapolis Public Schools is investigating a fight caught on camera.  The video was first uploaded onto YouTube and has been viewed hundreds of times across social media.  Cellphone video captured what happened as dozens of Northwest High School students were trying to get to class Tuesday [5/5/2015].  A teenage girl is seen on camera stopping in the middle of the hallway as she is confronted by a fellow classmate.  That classmate, a boy, appears to throw the first punch, pushing her against the lockers as she quickly falls to the ground.

Conservatives Blind to Racism, says RedState Seer.  [Scroll down]  At nearby Chesapeake High School, video shows large groups of black people fighting and destroying property a few days before the Morgan State gig.  Parents say it happens a lot there.  In Houston, also last week, a large group of black people fought in the cafeteria at Westfield High School.  On video.  The parents say it happens a lot there.  School officials told Channel 2 news they are working on developing "conflict resolution skills" for the students.

How liberal discipline policies are making schools less safe.  New York public-school students caught stealing, doing drugs or even attacking someone can avoid suspension under new "progressive" discipline rules adopted this month.  Most likely, they will be sent to a talking circle instead, where they can discuss their feelings.  Convinced traditional discipline is racist because blacks are suspended at higher rates than whites, New York City's Department of Education has in all but the most serious and dangerous offenses replaced out-of-school suspensions with a touchy-feely alternative punishment called "restorative justice," which isn't really punishment at all.  It's therapy.

Teachers fear for their lives because of administration's hands off blacks guidelines.  President Obama didn't dare mention the situation at Richmond, Virginia's Martin Luther King Middle School during his oh-so-eloquent Selma speech last Saturday.  The mess at MLK is being played out in majority-black schools across the country.  On March 6, an NBC affiliate reported that MLK, a school with 731 students and 99% black, had 1,635 disorderly incidents in 2014.  The kicker?  The $40-million state-of-the-art middle school opened in January of the same year.  The writing was on the wall in May 2014, when teachers at MLK wrote an extensive e-mail to a local TV station saying they feared for their lives.

Louisiana teen accused of knocking school bus driver unconscious.  One Louisiana teen has been charged with assault and another with saving the day:  The first knocked a school bus driver unconscious and the second prevented the bus from crashing.

I guess some things go without saying.
Univ Drops Racial Descriptions From Crime Alerts; Sheriff Clarke Reacts!  The University of Minnesota has dropped racial descriptions from campus crime alerts, after students protested for weeks about campus diversity.  Student groups pressured the university to stop sending campus-wide crime alerts using vague racial descriptions of suspects in serious crimes.

Basketball coach body-slams teacher in student-faculty game.  It was all fun and games until a basketball coach body slammed a teacher to the ground in a student-faculty basketball game.  Police arrested 27-year-old Travis Mims on aggravated battery charges after the incident at Holly Hill School where he was the basketball coach and a campus adviser.

White Maryland School Teacher Beaten Bloody By Black Student.  Maryland, the most progressive and race-driven Marxist state within the union.  Time and time again Maryland shows up as a hotbed of racial violence.  In this latest attack another school teacher was brutally beaten and left bloodied on the floor.  The media claim a "racially insensitive" remark provoked the student to attack.  In Maryland a "racially insensitive remark" could be the teacher saying "all lives matter", that's enough.

Paterson freshman charged with assault after classroom attack on teacher.  A ninth-grader at John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson was arrested Friday and charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom.  The attack, captured on video, shows the teen slamming the 62-year-old educator to the floor in front of other students in an effort to get his cellphone back.

Documented: Black Students Target Teachers for Violence.  If all you knew about racial violence came from the protestors at a Manhattan Sunday brunch, you would know that black people are victims of relentless white violence.  In the real world, black mob violence and black-on-white crime are astronomically out of proportion.  Especially in schools.  Especially directed at teachers.  Especially this week in Monroe, Yonkers, Little Rock, and Buffalo.

A betrayal of the civil rights struggle.  During the 2003-04 school year, only 52 of the nation's 92,000 public schools were labeled "persistently dangerous," a designation under the No Child Left Behind Act entitling students to move to an alternate "safe" school.  Philadelphia had 14 schools labeled as "persistently dangerous" and Baltimore had six. … School violence, including assaults on teachers and staff, is not restricted to inner city schools but occurs also in suburban and rural schools.  However, the bulk of the violence is at schools with large black populations.

Black mob violence — in Kindergarden?  And the cops even charged 8 black people with rioting.  Started at a Kindergarten graduation, next thing you know a "very ugly brawl" starts, then spills outside.

Another reason to abandon government schools:  They are not safe.
Black on white violence in the schools.  The word bullying is often used to obfuscate.  Not illuminate.  In this case, it covered up significant and intense black mob violence in this school.  And it is happening all over the country.

NYC's most dangerous schools.  Students at the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance in Bedford-Stuyvesant face routine bullying, gang activity and a generally unsafe campus, according to the city's 2011 School Survey.  "The kids run wild, and the teachers are scared," said an administrator at the high school who asked to remain anonymous.  "It's like there are no rules here at all," she added.

High School Basketball Player Attacks Ref.  A video of what not to do when you don't like a ref's call has been circulating the Internet.  In a game between Florida high school teams Arcadia DeSoto and Port Charlotte, DeSoto's Mason Holland shoved a Port Charlotte player, and then, after a technical foul was called on him, went ballistic and threw the referee to the floor.

Education Cutbacks and Urban Violence.  Bloated public education budgets in our large cities may be immune from serious cuts for an unpalatable reason:  the threat of urban violence. ... Difficult budgetary choices entail an element that dare not speak its name:  cutbacks may risk 1960s style riots, and these costs may far exceed temporary savings.  To be blunt, cities often solved riot problems via bloated education-related employment, and bereft of these jobs, cities may return to "long hot summers".

Black Education:  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nationally during 2007-2008, more than 145,000 teachers were physically attacked.  Six percent of big-city schools report verbal abuse of teachers and 18 percent report non-verbal disrespect for teachers.  An earlier NCES study found that 18 percent of the nation's schools accounted for 75 percent of the reported incidents of violence, and 6.6 percent accounted for 50 percent.  So far as serious violence, murder and rapes, 1.9 percent of schools reported 50 percent of the incidents.  The preponderance of school violence occurs in big-city schools attended by black students.

Metro Teachers Learn Gang Communication.  With a growing gang problem in some Metro [Nashville] Schools, the district is trying be proactive by teaching teachers how gang members communicate, breaking down everything from signs, the colors and clothes, code words used in class and the rappers students idolize.

The Editor says...
Why stoop to the level of the gangs?  Is anyone ever expelled anymore?

Overhauling D.C. School Overcome by Violence.  D.C. Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee has dispatched a team of administrators and extra security to an Anacostia middle school where three teachers have been assaulted, a 14-year-old was charged with carrying a shotgun and students have run the hallways discharging fire extinguishers. ... "Kids sitting on desks, coming into classrooms and knocking over books, cussing, running through the halls," said Timothy Favors, who has visited Hart on multiple occasions because his son, a sixth-grader, is getting poor grades after doing well at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.  "This isn't a school I would recommend for anyone.  You could have a perfectly normal child, and he would get flipped here like a pancake."

Teacher still out after beating by student.  Vanesta Marshall, a home economics teacher at Worthing who is 5 feet 4 inches tall, said she remembers a ninth-grade male student punching her in the face two or three times before she blacked out Friday [5/11/2007]. ... She said school officials didn't inform her about the student's discipline history.  "We're just regular-ed teachers," she said.  "We don't know how to handle violent behavior."

Video of the moment boy is brutally beaten on school bus.  When Lora Hoagland was fighting to make buses to and from Franklin Township schools in Indiana free for all families, she didn't think her son's very trip to class would land him in the hospital.  It all started when Caleb Jones, 14, unwittingly sat in the seat of a violent classmate, 15, who decided to push, punch and berate when he did not get up while the bus was moving.  A video of the incident was posted on Facebook by the attacker, in which he bragged 'dat wassnt nun'.

Barred from discipline: Bibb County teachers unable to control students under current rules.  After 18-year-old Jaqavius Holloway threatened to shoot one of his teachers at Northeast High School in February, he was charged with making terroristic threats and disrupting public school.  As one of his bail conditions, the judge told him, "I don't care if the school calls and invites you onto campus, you are not to go back," prosecutor Elizabeth Bobbitt recalled.  But in May, Holloway showed back up at Northeast, saying he was allowed to return.  No one in the office checked his story, and he had apparently never been expelled.  So he went back to class.  Within a week, he had shoved a pregnant teacher and thrown her cell phone at her, resulting in a battery charge, according to a July indictment.

Brawl breaks out at Ohio kindergarten graduation.  Police were called when one participant pulled out a pipe and another a hammer.

Two mothers get into massive brawl at elementary school talent show while their children were performing.  Two mothers have been barred from an elementary school after a fight broke out at their children's talent show. [...] Latisha James, 39, was arrested after allegedly trying to choke Jessica Tyler after the 27-year-old mother complained that her view of the stage was being blocked.

Teen, 16, punched by student so badly his nose broke off of his skull as other student cheered in locker room.  David Egan says he doesn't even know the student who punched him, and that he was confronted over rumors that he stole the other student's sneakers.  'When he first hit me I actually said out loud, "Wow, you actually sucker-punched me?" because it was just crazy that he actually did that,' Egan told WGCL.  He also told the channel that when he fell, others in the locker room jumped, cheered and laughed at him.

Video: Black Teens Assault White Student on School Bus.  The shaky cell phone video shows a group of black teenage boys punching, knocking down, and kicking a white teenage boy, leaving him dazed and confused on the school bus floor.  The victim of the attack had been riding home from Parkway Academy School near Dover when the assault reportedly began.  The video shows him sitting alone, facing front, when the attack begins from the rear — and continues from the side and the front of the school bus.  "I didn't do nothing," he protests.  The student's uncle found out about the incident and spread the word on Facebook.  [Video clip]

Parents file federal lawsuit over assault on school bus.  The parents of two students involved in school bus assault last fall have filed a federal suit against the Southeast Delco School District, Delaware County Intermediate Unit and a bus driver who allegedly refused to let the boys off the bus or contact authorities about the incident.  Some of the Oct. 9, 2013, altercation between black and white students from The County Alternative School in Middletown was captured on video and made headlines across the country.  The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on behalf of C.J. Buonadonna of Collingdale and Dylan Fonner of Sharon Hill, who were confronted by classmates during the bus ride home from school.

CCSO: Surveillance video shows students throwing rocks, food from school bus.  Charleston County deputies say eight students have been arrested after they were caught on surveillance video throwing rocks and food at passing cars while on their school bus.  According to an incident report, Durham Bus Services notified Septima Clark Academy that several students on bus 529 threw items at a passing vehicles on May 8, causing damage to a truck.  Officers arrived on the scene to find a dent on victim's passenger side roof/window area and "food splashed across the grill, hood, and windshield."  Deputies say none of the students on the bus admitted to throwing things at the truck.

Minority Violence at School and College.  This webpage documents non-white violence and mayhem at schools and colleges.  [24 cases so far.]

Consequences From Disparate Impact Rules In School — High School Senior Rapes Teacher On Campus.  A Florida high school senior confessed to raping a teacher on campus and fleeing the scene of the crime in her stolen car.  Homestead Police arrested 18-year-old Victor Marshall Nash after the Friday [9/19/2014] attack.  He made his first court appearance Monday, where a judge set the South Dade Senior High School student's bond at $62,500.  Police said Nash attacked two hours after the final bell Friday [9/26/2014].

Student: Daily fights at Lincoln High School have created atmosphere of fear.  A school touted just weeks ago by the San Diego Unified School District is now described by some as an atmosphere of fear and fights.  10News has learned in the past two weeks, two separate incidents at Lincoln High School have led to arrests on campus, and one may have involved a butcher knife.  "They're actually happening every day," said Jessica, a sophomore who did not want her identity revealed, referring to fights.

Black Males Are Viciously Beating People At Random At The University Of Illinois.  Over the last two weekends, a group of men have been roving the streets and beating people completely at random near the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Police say the beatdowns are consistent with initiations by big-city street gangs — a phenomenon not typically seen on most Big 10 campuses.

Football team forfeits after 5 players charged in vicious assault.  Five football players from a state university in western Pennsylvania were arrested and suspended from the school after police say they beat and stomped a man outside an off-campus restaurant, then fled yelling "Football strong!"

Teacher still out after beating by student.  Vanesta Marshall, a home economics teacher at Worthing who is 5 feet 4 inches tall, said she remembers a ninth-grade male student punching her in the face two or three times before she blacked out Friday [5/11/2007]. … She said school officials didn't inform her about the student's discipline history.  "We're just regular-ed teachers," she said.  "We don't know how to handle violent behavior."

Black crime

Note:  On another nearby page you can find articles about the looting after Hurricane Katrina.

News articles that conspicuously omit the race of the perpetrator.  For additional review at your convenience.

Reminder: White Liberals Hate Living in Black Neighborhoods.  Chris Hayes the liberal talking head says he's afraid of black people.  By saying it, he joins the ranks of Ta-Nehisi Coates, who wrote a whole book about it; Jesse Jackson, who worried out loud that one of them was going to mug or murder him; Al Sharpton, who left blackville the second he had the chance; James Baldwin, who told us to love Americans and then exiled himself to France; Barack Obama, who lives in alabaster Kalorama and sent his kids to white schools; and Maxine Waters, who got so rich riling up her constituents that she was able to move away from them.  Black celebrities aside, one thing you never see a white liberal do is move into a black neighborhood.  Chris Hayes won't because he's already lived near one, and he says he hated it.

Ohio woman steals more than $1,600 worth of Girl Scout cookies, police say.  Noel Hines allegedly stole a "large order of Girl Scout cookies" in March that was intended for a local North College Hill troop, officials with the North College Hill Police Department wrote on Facebook this week.  The woman never returned the cookies or paid for the order, which totaled more than $1,600, according to authorities.

Beer run
Suspect made off with 5 cases of Bud Light in 'textbook' beer theft, cops say.  This Bud is not for you.  A Texas man was caught on video stealing five cases of beer on Wednesday [10/17/2018] in what authorities called a "textbook definition of a beer run."  Arlington police said the "beer baron" fled the scene in a 2016 gray Dodge pickup truck.

Mailman puts the 'pee' in USPS.  Scott Anderson was horrified when he discovered footage of a postal worker urinating all over the porch of his house in Memphis, Tennessee.  The local USPS office issued an apology to Anderson and has opened an investigation into the incident.  Anderson, meanwhile, claims he still hasn't retrieved his letters because he's afraid of what might be on them.

US postal worker admits stealing money from 6,000+ cards to feed 4 children.  A mother-of-four who worked for the US postal service has admitted stealing more than 6,000 gift and greeting cards containing cash and checks in Wisconsin.  She said she needed money to pay bills and take care of her children.  The residents of Wauwatosa in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin started complaining about not receiving their graduation, wedding, birthday and sympathy cards as early as last summer.  The US Postal Inspection Service soon found out that the affected ZIP codes were assigned to one mail carrier, Ebony Lavonne Smith, 20.  However, they failed to catch the thief for around six months.

Postal worker admits to stealing more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks in Wauwatosa.  Under a plea deal, a U.S. postal worker admitted to stealing more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks in Wauwatosa.  As part of the deal, Ebony Lavonne Smith, 20, of Milwaukee pleaded guilty to theft or receipt of stolen mail on Sept.12 and will be sentenced at a later date.  Last summer, Wauwatosa residents complained to the U.S. Postal Service that they were not receiving graduation, wedding, birthday and sympathy cards in the ZIP codes of 53213 and 53226.

Philadelphia mom, 44, who shelled out $25k on Arabian themed prom send-off for her son is charged with fraud for collecting disability.  A Philadelphia mother who made headlines for a $25,000 elaborate prom send-off for her son has been charged with Social Security benefits fraud.

Dead bodies, wild dogs, squatters in government-owned Detroit houses.  The Detroit Land Bank owns nearly 30,000 residential structures in the city, and with as many as 4,300 of them occupied — it's a magnitude unlike any other place.  Squatters are a tricky problem:  remove them and add to the city's homeless population and its massive inventory of abandoned buildings.  Let them stay, and the land bank is summoned often to investigate what some of its occupants may be up to:  dog fighting, prostitution, drug dealing, overdoses, gambling, gun possession or running a chop shop.  Detroit police also are called regularly to land bank properties to investigate dead bodies — at least 50 homicides over the last four years.

Cops raid a North Carolina daycare center and find more than 100lbs of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and guns.  A massive stash of marijuana, cocaine and heroin has been seized from a daycare in North Carolina, authorities say.  Fayetteville police raided Tori's Playhouse on Tuesday [7/17/2018] and found cookies and gummy bears laced with marijuana along with six guns, 100lbs of pot, more than a half kilo of cocaine and an ounce of heroin.  The couple that ran the daycare, Reshod J Everett and Victoria L Everett, have been arrested on drug charges along with a third person, 27-year-old Alvin Davis III.

Four Dallas police officers arrested in gambling investigation.  Several officers turned themselves in to authorities in a corruption scandal that has rocked the Dallas Police Department.  FOX 4 first reported Wednesday night [6/27/2018] about the arrest warrants issued against four officers charged with crimes ranging from gambling promotion to engaging in organized crime, bribery and fraud.  Three officers turned themselves in on Thursday.  The ordeal began with DPD Senior Corporal Edrick Smith from the South Central Patrol Division.  He was first arrested in December for taking bribes and was already placed on administrative leave.  Now, he is facing new charges along with three other officers.

No jail for county worker who stole $10K in food stamps.  A former social services clerk in Passaic County was sentenced to five years of probation on Friday for using food stamps that did not belong to her, authorities said.  Carol Austin, 62, of Paterson must also make restitution to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for stolen funds in the amount of $9,995.84, according to Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes.  Austin pleaded guilty in March to third-degree theft and fourth-degree unauthorized use of food stamp coupons between November 2015 and May 2107.

If you see something, say something (unless you see black).  There has been a spate of articles recently about white people calling the police against black people who were apparently doing nothing wrong, like sleeping in a common room in Yale, attempting to urinate in Starbucks, shopping at Nordstrom Rack, and playing on a golf course.  The idea behind these articles is that white people are racist. [...] A few points to make about this:  [#1] The liberal media rarely report the whole story about these events.  Specifically, they often exclude key facts, such as the suspicious behavior that made people call the police.  [#2] These stories are cherrypicked.  We see the ones reported where the black people have committed no crimes.  There are never, ever stories of the times black people are arrested for crimes after someone phones in a "suspicious person" report.  What percentage of suspicious persons reports end up being valid?  The [New York] Times doesn't want to know; it just wants more stories of stereotypes.  [#3] Liberals insist that citizens be disarmed because the police will protect them.  Now they are saying citizens shouldn't call the police.

Mom spots son in video of burglary, makes him turn himself in.  They say mom knows best.  That is especially true when she recognizes her son's face in connection with a burglary.  That's how Clearwater police said they ended up arresting 18-year-old Kevin King.  His mother recognized her son as the burglary suspect police were looking for in an image the agency shared on social media.

Security guards allegedly stole $100K from church.  Two security guards have been accused of stealing as much as $100,000 in cash collections from Holy Name Church in Chicago, according to reports.  Jarrell Patterson, 22, and Artemio Calderon, 25, were caught on video several times allegedly using a key to enter the church and unlocking a safe containing the dough, the Chicago Tribune reported.  The two men worked for Monterrey Security, which handles security for the church, for the past six years.

911 operator who hung up on emergency calls is sentenced to jail.  A former 911 operator who hung up the phone "thousands" of times on people attempting to call in emergencies in Harris County, Texas has been sentenced to jail time.  Crenshanda Williams, 44, was found guilty of interference with emergency telephone calls Wednesday after "systematically" hanging up the phone on residents of Harris County, KTRK reported.  She was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months probation.

Jacksonville's finest
Massive food stamp fraud uncovered.  The very expensive ($70.9 billion in 2016) federal food stamp program (officially:  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) is an open invitation to fraud.  The latest indicator comes from Jacksonville, Florida.

College dropout refuses to leave her dorm room.  She loves the college life — just not the classes.  Hunter College is waging a court battle to evict a stubborn student who refuses to leave her dorm room some two years after dropping out.  Delaware native Lisa S. Palmer — who has not paid rent since 2016 — refuses to leave Room E579 at the school's 425 E. 25th St. co-ed dormitory, according to an eviction lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.  The 32-year-old "racked up a staggering $94,000 in unpaid residence hall charges on account of her continued occupancy, all the while ignoring Hunter College's service of additional vacate notices," said the suit.

The Editor says...
I suspect she can't be evicted because she's a sacred cow.

The Real Gender Gap:  Family Breakdown and Black Males.  Data from the state of Virginia shows a strong association between single parent households and violent crime. [...] According to the Heritage Foundation, black illegitimacy rose exponentially halfway through the 1960s.  This is precisely when the perverse incentives of Johnson's "War on Poverty" were being implemented.

Rapper with song 'Sell Drugsz' gets prison for selling drugs.  A Rhode Island rap artist whose songs include a tune titled "Sell Drugsz" was sentenced to three years in prison Wednesday [1/10/2018] — for selling drugs.  Thirty-year-old Michael Persaud, a.k.a.  Montana Millz, pleaded guilty in October to drug-trafficking charges.  According to prosecutors, Persaud sold and delivered nearly three-quarters of an ounce of fentanyl and two grams of heroin to an undercover East Providence police detective between October 2016 and February 2017.  Authorities added that on at least two occasions, Persaud's girlfriend drove him to the delivery site.

More whites, less crime.
Don't Take the Wrong Lessons from NYC's Murder Drop.  New York City's formerly high-crime neighborhoods have experienced a stunning degree of gentrification over the last 15 years, thanks to the proactive-policing-induced conquest of crime.  It is that gentrification which is now helping fuel the ongoing crime drop.  Urban hipsters are flocking to areas that once were the purview of drug dealers and pimps, trailing in their wake legitimate commerce and street life, which further attracts law-abiding activity and residents in a virtuous cycle of increasing public safety.  The degree of demographic change is startling.  In Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, for example, the number of white residents rose 1,235 percent from 2000 to 2015, while the black population decreased by 17 percent, reports City Lab.  In Bushwick, Brooklyn, the number of whites rose 610 percent over that same decade and a half; the black population was down 22 percent.  Central Harlem's white population rose 846 percent; the black share dropped 10 percent.  In 2000, whites were about three-quarters of the black population in Brownsville-Ocean Hill; by 2015, there were twice as many whites as blacks.  In 2000, whites were one-third of the black population in Crown Heights North and Prospect Heights; now they exceed the black population by 20,000.

The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States.  In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.  What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

Blacks, Crime, and the Bended Knee.  Whites comprise about 75 percent of America's population and they have had just about enough of the offensive accusations, protests, and moral outrage directed at them. [...] It is not "whitey" who is committing 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders, 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties throughout the United States.  Despite comprising only about 15 percent of the population in those counties.  91 percent of blacks are murdered by other blacks.  Blacks comprise 10 percent of the population, but commit 42 percent of the robberies and 34 percent of felonies.  In a report from the Department of Justice, over a 30-year period between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed half of all homicides in the United States despite comprising only 13 percent of the population.

Hard Data, Hollow Protests.  The FBI released its official crime tally for 2016 today, and the data flies in the face of the rhetoric that professional athletes rehearsed in revived Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend.  Nearly 900 additional blacks were killed in 2016 compared with 2015, bringing the black homicide-victim total to 7,881.  Those 7,881 "black bodies," in the parlance of Ta-Nehisi Coates, are 1,305 more than the number of white victims (which in this case includes most Hispanics) for the same period, though blacks are only 13 percent of the nation's population.  The increase in black homicide deaths last year comes on top of a previous 900-victim increase between 2014 and 2015.  Who is killing these black victims?  Not whites, and not the police, but other blacks.

Young Thug accused of having 4 types of drugs, tons of cash in DeKalb.  Atlanta rapper Young Thug was arrested over the weekend in DeKalb County after police said they found him and two other men in a car with drugs and nearly $50,000 in cash.  The artist, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of Xanax, codeine and ecstasy, along with co-defendant Cedric Jones.  They were also charged with possession of guns while breaking drug laws.  The arrests were Sunday [9/24/2017] in Brookhaven.

Brazen Thief Steals Purse From Woman, 82, on Scooter at California Supermarket.  Authorities in Southern California are looking for a thief caught on camera snatching the purse of an 82-year-old woman as she was grabbing an item from a shelf at a grocery store last week.  Burbank Police said the robbery occurred Tuesday [9/12/2017] at a Ralphs supermarket when the elderly woman reached up to grab an item from a store shelf.  In surveillance video released of the incident, the suspect is seen snatching the victim's purse from the scooter and then leaving the store.

Police searching for woman suspected of stealing more than $2,000 worth of baby formula in Orange County.  Police are asking for help identifying a woman who is suspected of stealing more than $2,000 worth of baby formula from at least three Target stores across Orange County, authorities said.  The incident followed a similar theft at a Mission Viejo Target the day before, where the suspects allegedly took more than $1,000 worth of formula, authorities said.  The same day of the Irvine theft, a theft in Anaheim resulted in a loss of $800 worth of formula and the arrest of the male suspect, Sajaunte Maurice Burks, 23, of San Diego.

NBA star, 36, who just signed a $24m contract, is arrested with 2lbs of marijuana 'that he intended to sell in a Watts housing project'.  Veteran NBA star forward Zach Randolph was arrested on a marijuana charge in Los Angeles which then prompted a disturbance that caused several police cars to be vandalized.  Randolph, who just signed a two-year $24million contract with the Sacramento Kings in July, was taken into custody late Wednesday on suspicion of possessing marijuana with intent to sell, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Liliana Preciado.  TMZ reported that Randolph had enough marijuana to be charged with a felony with over two pounds in his possession in a 'large backpack'.

This federal training program for low income youth is plagued by stunning crime and violence.  A federal program designed to provide better opportunities for at-risk youth has been plagued by stunning amounts of crime and violence, according to government reports.  The Job Corps program, overseen by the United States Department of Labor, racked up almost 50,000 safety and security incidents in a nearly 10-year span; including homicides, fights, drug-related incidents and more.

Teens filmed, laughed while man slowly drowned, authorities say.  Authorities in Florida say that a group of teenagers recorded the drowning of a disabled man last week — and did nothing to help as they made fun of his struggles.  Jamel Dunn, 32, of Cocoa, drowned in a retention pond July 9.  His body was recovered July 14, two days after his fiancee reported him missing.  Late last week, a friend of Dunn's family came across the video on social media and forwarded it to authorities in Brevard County.

Charges filed against Florida teens who recorded & taunted drowning disabled man.  A group of teenagers who filmed and taunted a drowning man in a lake are now facing criminal charges for not reporting his death.  Authorities are also pushing for legislation that would allow them to prosecute similar cases in the future.  On Friday [7/21/2017], the Cocoa Police Department (CPD), in conjunction with the Florida State Attorney's Office, announced they are pursuing criminal charges against the five teens under a little known Florida Statute that in short requires a person to report a death.

Drug dealer arrested after calling police to report stolen cocaine.  David Blackmon probably won't go down in history as a criminal mastermind, at least judging by the ridiculous reason for his arrest.  The 32-year-old "self-proclaimed drug dealer" stunned police in Florida when he called 911 to report his cocaine had been stolen, along with some cash.

Rapper DMX Arrested For Tax Fraud Charges After Concealing Millions From IRS.  Hip-hop artist DMX was arrested on federal tax fraud charges on Thursday [7/13/2017].  The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is accused of concealing millions of dollars of income from the Internal Revenue Service over the course of his career and owes $1.7 million in taxes, Fox News reports.  Prosecutors claim that Simmons earned millions of dollars from his songs, but avoided paying taxes on that income by setting up bank accounts in other people's names and paying the majority of his own personal expenses in cash.

Texas woman freed from life sentence by President Obama is back in prison.  A Texas woman who was freed from a life sentence last year after President Obama granted her clemency is behind bars again.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Carol Denise Richardson, 49, was arrested for theft in Pasadena, a Houston suburb, and violated other conditions imposed when she was released from prison.  "This defendant was literally given a second chance to become a productive member of society and has wasted it," Assistant U.S. Attorney Ted Imperato said in a statement released by his office.

The Editor says...
Like it or not, there are people who should stay in prison forever because they think like criminals, act like criminals, and will always be criminals.

The Democrats' Second Secession & America's New Civil War.  [Scroll down]  Similarly, the animus behind Democratic assaults on Republicans and their support for law and order as "racist" is the direct consequence of viewing all social disparities through the distorted lens of oppression politics.  Thus, the "over-representation" of African-Americans in the prison system is not because of systemic racism.  Police forces have been integrated for decades, along with the entire criminal justice system.  African-Americans are "overrepresented" in the prison population because they are "over-represented" in the commission of actual crimes.  Democrats' embrace of the Black Lives Matter movement and its efforts to cast career criminals as civil rights victims and law enforcement officials as villains is an inevitable consequence of ignoring the specific circumstances of the incidents under review, and forcing them into the melodramatic framework of "racism" and "oppression."

Crooks stole $600G from two seniors to fund lavish lifestyle, buy pricey shoes.  A pair of swindlers scammed two senior citizens out of nearly $600,000 so they could bankroll their lavish lifestyles and addiction to fancy shoes, authorities said.  Crocodile leather sneakers, blue suede kicks and Christian Louboutin shoes were just some of the footwear allegedly purchased in the crime, according to court papers.  Tavoy Malcolm even used her Instagram account to model a pair of mint green Pigalle pumps by Louboutin that were bought with a dying woman's credit card, officials said.  Malcolm also cruised around in a Mercedes-Benz sedan, according to prosecutors.

Democrat Senator Charged for Accepting Payments in Exchange for Official Actions.  Democratic Maryland State Senator Nathaniel Thomas Oaks, age 70, of Baltimore, Maryland, was charged with honest services wire fraud for allegedly accepting illegal payments in exchange for using his official position or influence to benefit an individual on business-related matters.

Crime Is the New Black Entitlement.  In Philadelphia, the NAACP is demanding the district attorney prosecute an Asian business owner after chasing and shooting a black robber with a knife — and the businessman's money.  The NAACP joined hundreds of parents and groups around the country who wonder why people with guns have to defend themselves against black people with bad intentions?  Like the sister who said her brother should not have been shot during a home invasion robbery because "where else is he going to get his money?"  Or the parents who criticized the Pizza Hut employee for shooting their son while he was trying to rob them.  After all, it wasn't their money and didn't insurance cover it?  So why did their son have to die just for committing an armed robbery?

3 arrested in Atlanta fire underneath interstate bridge.  Three people have been arrested in connection with the raging fire that collapsed a portion of Interstate 85 a few miles north of downtown Atlanta, crippling a major traffic artery in a city already known for dreadful rush-hour congestion.

Suspects connected to I-85 fire, collapse identified.  Three people have been arrested after a massive fire under I-85 caused a huge chunk of the roadway to collapse Thursday, multiple officials confirm.  The fire began in the middle of rush hour and brought Atlanta traffic on both sides of the busy Interstate to a complete standstill, as giant flames and plumes of black smoke billowed.  It left motorists stranded on the the Interstate for hours as Georgia State Patrol Troopers worked to divert traffic and clear the roadway.

Atlanta bridge fire suspect was smoking crack before blaze began, warrant says.  The homeless man accused of starting a fire that caused a section of a major Atlanta interstate to collapse was smoking crack before the blaze erupted, his arrest warrant shows.  Basil Eleby, 39, was charged with first degree arson and criminal damage to property in connection to the fire, and is being held in Fulton County jail on a $200,000 bond.  Eleby has been arrested 20 times since 2000, mostly on drug possession and drug trafficking charges, according to Fulton County jail records.

Robbers in Everett home invasion caught on webcam.  The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office is hoping someone will recognize the two men who broke into an occupied south Everett home Wednesday morning [3/29/2017].  Webcam video released by deputies shows the men ransacking a room and then kicking open a bathroom door.  Screams can be heard as the men ripped jewelry off a woman in the home, stole other items, then they took off.  The suspects remain unidentified and at-large.

Man busted in Kearny was selling kilos of fentanyl on 'darknet,' feds say.  Federal authorities arrested a 28-year-old man in Kearny Monday morning [3/20/2017] after a months-long investigation determined he was selling highly addictive drugs online, officials said.  Chukwuemeka "Emeka" Okparaeke is charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute large quantities of fentanyl analogues, acting New York U.S. Attorney Joon Kim announced in a statement.

Feds: Man distributed drugs through Middletown Post Office.  Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate that's significantly stronger than morphine or heroin, is often added by drug dealers to heroin to boost the street drug's potency, and has led to a surge in overdoses.  In November, the complaint says, workers at the Middletown Post Office notified the U.S. Postal Inspection Service of a customer, wearing latex-dipped gloves, mailing "a large volume of envelopes" at the outdoor collection bins.  Other local post offices had noticed similar behavior.  He also bought bulk quantities of Priority Mail stamps.  Postal workers took note of Okparaeke's name on his driver's license and the description and plate number of his white Honda Accord.

22 bottles of booze stolen in a just a few minutes?  The purses helped.  Two short women used big purses to pull off a huge heist:  22 bottles of liquor, from a Weston Walgreens.  To break that down by brand, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office:  one bottle of Ciroc Peach, one bottle of Ciroc Pineapple, two bottles of Ciroc Mango, three bottles of Grey Goose, four bottles of Patron, five bottles of Ciroc Apple and six bottles of Hennessy.  This liquor larceny went down Feb. 8 in just a few minutes.

A Nation of Immigrants — Only If They Assimilate.  Anyone who visits Japan is struck by the ethnic homogeneity of the nation.  If you meet a Caucasian, a black or a Hispanic in Japan, you can be all but certain that the person is visiting or studying there, not a citizen.  Likewise in the United States, there is direct correlation between ethnic homogeneity and low levels of violence.  According to 2016-2017 data, the four states with the lowest percentages of violence are:
  Vermont — where 95 percent of the population is one race (white).
  Maine — where 95 percent of the population is one race (white).
  Wyoming — where roughly 93 percent of the population is one race (white).
  New Hampshire — where roughly 94 percent of the population is one race (white).

Ex-state worker sent to prison after stealing $82k in government aid.  A former state clerk will spend three years in prison for falsifying employment records to collect government assistance meant for poor people.  Tonia Ramaza-Williams, 40, collected more than $82,000 in benefits, Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino said in a statement.  Mercer County Superior Court Judge Timothy P. Lydon sentenced the Willingboro woman Friday [1/27/2017] to three years in prison.  Ramaza-Williams pleaded guilty Nov. 28 to theft by unlawful taking.

Why Did the Bureau of Justice Stop Publishing the Data on Interracial Crime?  Heather Mac Donald is one of the few journalists who gathers good, clear facts in many crime cases.  She has an excellent article at City Journal on the stats for black-on-white crime and their relationship to the Chicago torture video: [...] My questions are:  Why did the Bureau of Justice stop publishing the data on interracial crime?  And, how much of our crime stats are twisted or hidden from the public?

The Black Community and Crime.  The FBI reported that the total number of homicides in 2015 was 15,696.  Blacks were about 52 percent of homicide victims.  That means about 8,100 black lives were ended violently, and over 90 percent of the time, the perpetrator was another black.  Listening to the news media and the Black Lives Matter movement, one would think that black deaths at the hands of police are the major problem.  It turns out that in 2015, police across the nation shot and killed 986 people.  Of that number, 495 were white (50 percent), 258 were black (26 percent) and 172 Hispanic (17 percent).  A study of 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, conducted by John R. Lott Jr. and Carlisle E. Moody of the Crime Prevention Research Center, demonstrates that the odds of a black suspect's being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than a black suspect's getting killed by a white officer.  Politicians, race hustlers and the news media keep such studies under wraps because these studies don't help their narrative about racist cops.

60 law enforcement officers fatally shot this year, 20 in ambushes, report says.  A total of 60 law enforcement officers have died in firearms-related incidents in 2016, marking a 67 percent increase since 2015, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reported.  Citing a preliminary report from January 1 through November 23, the organization said that Texas has seen the most fatalities this year with 18.  So far, 130 officers have died nationwide.  The worst single attack was in July, when a black military veteran killed five white officers at a protest in Dallas — the deadliest day for American law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001.  Ten days later, a former Marine killed three Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers.

Blacks and Politicians.  Using 2012 data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program, Law Street Media offers some sobering statistics in an article titled "Crime in America:  Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Over 200,000".  The nation's most dangerous big cities are Detroit, Oakland, St.  Louis, Memphis, Stockton, Birmingham, Baltimore, Cleveland, Atlanta and Milwaukee.  The most common characteristic of these cities is that they have predominantly black populations.  Another common characteristic is that for decades, all of them have been run by Democratic and presumably liberal administrations.  Some cities — such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark and Philadelphia — haven't elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century.

HPD: 911 operator says "ain't nobody got time for this" and hangs up on callers.  A 911 operator is accused of intentionally hanging up on callers during emergencies simply because she was not in the mood to help, according to Houston police.  Crenshanda Williams has been charged with interference with an emergency telephone call.  Williams had been employed as a telecommunicator with the Houston Emergency Center since July 2014, and supervisors began to notice that her logs revealed an abnormally high amount of "short calls," with a duration of less than 20 seconds.  Supervisors investigated the recorded call logs, and found that thousands of calls had been disconnected by Williams between Oct. 2015 and March 2016.

Houston 911 Operator that Hung Up On Callers She 'Did Not Want To Talk To' [is] Now Facing Criminal Charges.  According to reports, 43 year old Houston 911 operator Crenshanda Williams is now facing criminal charges doing exactly that.  The investigation into Williams' sickening behavior began after managers of the Houston Emergency Center noticed that the operator had been involved in thousands of "short calls" between October of 2015 to March of 2016.  As law enforcement began to investigate the oddly short emergency calls in question (which were apparently under 20 seconds in length) it was discovered that Williams had simply been hanging up the phone because "she did not want to talk to anyone."

Blacks' distrust of police yields fewer 911 calls, more violent crime, study finds.  A new study analyzing nearly 900,000 911 calls in Milwaukee found that emergency calls from majority-black neighborhoods dropped precipitously after the highly publicized beating of a black man by police officers.  In the months after the number of emergency calls fell, Milwaukee saw an uptick in homicides — highlighting a potential link between incidents of police violence and an increases in violent crime.  The findings come as the latest FBI crime data released last week show a 4 percent uptick in violent crime and an 11 percent increase in homicides in 2015.

The FBI Report that destroys Hillary on crime, police, and race relations.  Yesterday [9/25/2016], the FBI released new data compiled from over 15,000 law enforcement agencies throughout the country (covering a population of 305 million) showing that the murder rate increased by 11.8 percent from 2014 to 2015.  In mid-to-large sized cities with a population of 500,000 [to] 999,000, the murder rate spiked a whopping 20.2 percent in just one year. [...] So what changed in 2015?  There is no way to escape the 800-pound gorilla in the room:  the war on cops and the effort to dismantle the police tactics that helped decrease violent crime and murder in the first place.  It is no coincidence that the increase in murders was most potent in cities such as St. Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Milwaukee.

The Left Insists On Everything Being A Consideration Of Race.  The lack of common sense among liberals is astounding.  On Fox's afternoon program "The Five" one hears the program's liberal member, Juan Williams, boringly often complaining that young black men are killed by police at a greater rate than their racial representation in the nation would predict, ignoring the fact that young black men commit crimes out of all proportion to the number of blacks in the larger population.  Eric Bolling, one of the conservative members of the program, has repeatedly reminded Williams that even though blacks make up a small percentage of the American population, they are sought out by the police in proportion to their commission of crimes, not in proportion to their racial percentage of the population, and the number of crimes they commit is far greater than their shear percentage of the overall population.

Racial Issues.  [Scroll down]  The relations between the police and the black community are another issue that has gotten a lot of attention, and produced counterproductive results.  After all the rhetoric and all the efforts towards more tightly restraining the police, the net result has been that murder rates have soared in cities where that policy has been followed — and most of the people killed have been black.  None of the most popular political panaceas for helping black communities has a track record of making things better, and some have made things much worse.

The lies told by the Black Lives Matter movement.  The facts are these:  Last year, the police shot 990 people, the vast majority armed or violently resisting arrest, according to the Washington Post's database of fatal police shootings.  Whites made up 49.9 percent of those victims, blacks 26 percent.  That proportion of black victims is lower than what the black violent crime rate would predict.  Blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants in America's 75 largest counties in 2009, 57 percent of all murder defendants and 45 percent of all assault defendants, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, even though blacks comprise only 15 percent of the population in those counties.  In New York City, where blacks make up 23 percent of the city's population, blacks commit three-quarters of all shootings and 70 percent of all robberies, according to victims and witnesses in their reports to the NYPD.  Whites, by contrast, commit less than 2 percent of all shootings and 4 percent of all robberies, though they are nearly 34 percent of the city's population.

North Miami man convicted of cashing $11 million in tax-refund checks for dead people.  His North Miami business cashed more than 2,000 tax refund checks issued in the names of people who were dead or disabled.  The refunds added up to more than $11 million, courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service.  Now, Junior Jean Baptiste faces up to 20 years in prison at his sentencing in October after being convicted Tuesday by a Miami federal jury of money laundering, theft of government funds, stealing identities and possessing false driver's licenses.  His crime, though commonplace in Miami during the past decade, stands out for the sheer volume of stolen identities and fraudulent checks.

Young Doctor Malachi
Accused teen 'doctor' arrested on grand theft, fraud charges.  A Florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor and stealing money from an 86-year-old patient is facing new charges of grand theft and fraud.

Her job was to help victims of identity theft.  Instead, she used them to steal from the IRS.  For Nakeisha Hall, the IRS might as well have been the family business.  The daughter of a longtime employee of the federal tax collection agency, Hall started working for the IRS in 2000.  A large chunk of her career was spent in Taxpayer Advocate Service offices in four states, where she assisted people who had been victims of identity theft.  But as Hall was helping taxpayers, she was also using them to steal from the government, federal authorities said.  Now, she is going to federal prison:  The 40-year-old former federal worker was sentenced Wednesday [8/10/2016] to more than nine years after pleading guilty in an identity theft and tax fraud scheme that affected hundreds of taxpayers and netted hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Northern District of Alabama, in Birmingham.  In all, Hall attempted to steal more than $1 million, the government said.  She successfully claimed more than $400,000.

Teen caught fondling commuters tells cops he'd never seen white women.  A Jamaican student who was caught in the act fondling a woman in a downtown Brooklyn subway station Monday morning [7/25/2016] — and allegedly did the same to four other women last week — told cops he committed the act because he'd never seen white women before and "they're absolutely beautiful," police sources said.  Lt. John DiMeola and Officer Lauren Garcia spotted Damario Johnson, 19, a Jamaican national who is in New York on a student visa, pacing around the Hoyt Street 2 and 3 station before running up to a woman and sticking his hands up her skirt, according to Capt. Zahid Williams, the commanding officer of Transit District 30.  They immediately arrested him without incident.

We Have a 'War on Cops' because of the War on the Family.  [Scroll down]  Millions of black youths — because of the frequent absence of fathers — are growing up poorly disciplined, poorly educated, and poorly churched.  Thus, gangs and crime have become far too common in the black communities of America.  Sadly, these broken and vulnerable black families typically live in the most dangerous parts of our nation.  From the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003, until the U.S. troop withdrawal in 2011, there were 4,485 U.S. casualties.  The city of Chicago alone had 4,265 murders during the same time period.  Perhaps the most shocking statistic of all when it comes to black Americans and violence is that black men in the U.S. are half as likely to die if they are in prison than if they are not.

Fireworks Explodes In Woman's Vagina During Walmart Shoplifting Attempt.  A Philadelphia woman has been hospitalized and now in police custody after she attempted to steal fireworks from a Walmart in Philadelphia. [...] "Several of us were watching the woman on the security cam," said James Worthy, a Walmart employee.  "We thought she looked a little suspicious and suspected something was shady when she went into the restroom with a box of TNT Fireworks.  I never would have imagined that she was going to do what she did.  I bet she didn't think that her shoplifting attempt would end in such a painful and embarrassing way.  I've caught a lot of customers trying to steal in weird ways but not this way and not with fireworks.  It smelled like a fish fry."

MN Cops: Newport Cigarette Tax Stamps Tie Gangbanger Philando Castile To Convenience Store Robbery.  Minnesota police have told that the authorities linked Lavish Reynolds's cigarettes to the scene of an armed robbery where the cigarettes were stolen.'s police sources have confirmed that investigators have linked the cigarette tax stamps from a July 2nd robbery to the vehicle driven by Philando Castile and Lavish Reynolds.  Reynolds, who has since gone on a media tour, may have even been an accomplice.

Woman Who Famously Live-Streamed Her Boyfriend's Police Shooting is Arrested for Hammer Attack.  Diamond Reynolds, the woman who famously live-streamed the controversial fatal police shooting of Philando Castile, has been arrested in connection with a vicious attack that left another woman with serious injuries.  Reynolds, Dyamond Richardson, and Chnika Blair were apprehended Thursday [3/23/2107] in St. Paul, Minnesota, after allegedly attacking a woman with a hammer Tuesday night [2/28/2017], and leaving the scene in a silver truck.

Open Season on Cops.  [Scroll down]  Mister Obama had nothing to say about the incidence of felony crime among his black brothers in high risk, self-segregated schools and ghettoes, the "hood" if you will.  He failed to mention the abject sexism, violence, anti-Semitism, and racism in rap and hip-hop quarters. [...] The president also failed to mention that cops have confrontations in black neighborhoods because that's where the crime is.  If you are an elderly white in the wrong neighborhood, you might be the prey in a "polar bear hunt," aka the knockout game.  Mister Obama also forgot to note that many urban traffic stops are made by black cops.  The president failed to tell us how many traffic stops bag creeps with long rap sheets, if not active felony warrants.  A punk or thug with a criminal past is unlikely to be a model driver.  Good cops know these things.

Gladys Knight's son accused of tax evasion as restaurants raided.  Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles, an Atlanta dining institution that features Southern favorites and is named after the famed singer, was raided on Tuesday after Georgia's Department of Revenue accused the owner — Knight's son — of theft and tax evasion.  Shanga Hankerson, Knight's son and the owner of the three Atlanta-area restaurants, "is accused of stealing over $650,000" in sales taxes and withholding taxes owed to the state, the agency said in a news release.  "After penalties and interest the total exceeds $1 million," the department said.

Man admits taking $250K from Head Start; bought Maserati, mink coat.  The former executive director of a former Head Start program in Jersey City Tuesday admitted that he diverted more than $250,000 from programs for underprivileged children and used the money for personal expenses, including a Maserati and a mink coat, prosecutors said.  Robert E. Mays, 38, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Susan D. Wigenton in federal court to one count of wire fraud.  According to court papers charging him, Mays in 2013 forged records and duped employees at the Jersey City Child Development Centers into believing that its board of directors had raised his salary 61 percent to $155,000 after acting as executive director for only two months.

Police Seek Man Caught on Video Spraying Anti-Semitic Graffiti in Manhattan During Passover.  The NYPD is seeking the public's assistance in locating and identifying a individual who spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti on a residential building in the Tribeca section of Manhattan on the first day of Passover, police said Wednesday [5/25/2016].

Wild 100s
Chiraq hate crime:  "Man says "I hate 'expletive' white people" while stabbing and robbing victim.  Coincidentally I was just a few blocks from the racist creep's home earlier that day.  It's part of the area of Chicago known as the Wild 100s.  It's an apt moniker.  Near the site of where the picture on top was taken an obese thug in an Indianapolis Colts shirt chased after me while screaming "Hey buddy!  Hey buddy!"  He was not my buddy.  Urban exploration is dangerous — which is why I always have a planned escape route in mind while I snap photographs.

Civil Rights Commissioner:  Cutting Sentences Increases Black-On-Black Crime.  A member of the U.S Commission on Civil Rights sent a letter to Senators Thursday [5/5/2016] warning them of an increase in black-on-black crime due to sentencing reform.  "I live in a predominantly black area of inner-city Cleveland.  For my neighbors and me, these concerns are not remote.  When these men are released from prison earlier than they otherwise would have been, they are coming back to my neighborhood and neighborhoods like mine," Peter Kirsanow wrote in the letter to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The committee has recently approved a criminal justice reform bill that lowers mandatory minimums and will allow convicts have to their sentences retroactively reduced.  The bill has 37 bipartisan cosponsors.

Judge Orders Coke Bust Flight Attendant Back to California.  The flight attendant who allegedly ditched $3 million worth of cocaine at the Los Angeles airport and went on the run will be flying back to California in the custody of U.S. Marshals.  A federal judge in New York, where former beauty queen Marsha Gay Reynolds had surrendered, had approved a $500,000 bail package for her on Thursday [3/24/2016], but prosecutors immediately appealed.

Police launch investigation after disturbing Facebook photo shows two toddlers with duct taped hands and mouths.  A disturbing photo posted to Facebook on Friday [3/18/2016] has caused police and other law enforcement agencies in Memphis to launch an investigation.  The photo shows two young children with duct tape tied around their hands and on their mouths.  The person who posted the picture, Facebook user Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi, appears to be the children's mother, but that has not been confirmed as she has since deactivated her account.  She caption[ed] the shocking photo, 'Kids For Sale, 45% Off because they bad'.

Relatives Of Teen Shot While Robbing Home: 'How He Gonna Get His Money?'.  Relatives of a teenager shot and killed while robbing a home in Miami are upset with the homeowner for defending herself.  Trevon Johnson, 17, spent the final moments of his life last Thursday [3/10/2016] trying to rob a woman's house before she killed him during a confrontation, according to CBS Miami.  CBS Miami reports that the police seem to be siding with the homeowner during the investigation, but Johnson's family attempted to justify his actions.

The Editor says...
Has anybody heard from Trevon's father about this matter?

The Shocking Quote That Exposes The State Of 'The Hood'.  A 17-year-old Miami teen named Trevon Johnson, a student at D. A. Dorsey Technical College, was shot and killed by a female homeowner who encountered him after he had broken into her house.  But Johnson's relatives were very upset, saying he didn't deserve it.  As his cousin Nautika Harris commented, "I don't care if she have her gun license or any of that.  That is way beyond the law — way beyond."  She also said — and this is the quote that is so shocking — "You have to look at it from every child's point of view that was raised in the hood.  You have to understand... how he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school?  You have to look at it from his point-of-view."  What a tragic indictment on the state of America in 2016.

Family Laments Shooting Death of Teen Burglar By Homeowner.  [P]rotecting the lives of innocent victims must be held as the higher priority, while the lives of criminals, while not worthless, are devalued by their decision to commit crimes against society.  That's why I have very little sympathy for the lives of violent criminals like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, or that of lesser criminals such as recently-deceased burglar Trevon Johnson.

Relatives of Dead Teen Burglar Defend his Actions.  Some have said that people in black urban ghettos see "burglar", "thief", and "armed robber" as viable career options; that they view concealed carry permits as an OSHA safety violation.  That seems to be what is being displayed here.  It is not a viable option for a civilization.  These attitudes have been fostered by leftists for generations.  They view private property as illegitimate, and theft as property redistribution.  They have assiduously propagandized the black community with these attitudes.

Bernie's Doomed Democratic Socialism.  [Scroll down]  Rampant criminality is incompatible with the prosperity vital to generous government-financed entitlements.  Capitalist enterprises whose taxes pay the "freebies" bill will almost never remain in crime-ridden areas unless relocation is impossible (as in extractive industries such as mining) or are heavily subsidized to prevent mass unemployment.  Few employees want to risk their lives when commuting or send their children to dangerous schools.  It is no accident that crime-prone cities like East St. Louis, Missouri, or Selma, Alabama have little industry or commerce.  Consider how much more money Washington could spend on our nation's health care if the cost of fighting crime fell sharply?  And the billions saved by hospitals not having to treat gunshot wounds or drug overdoses?

Charged with Murder. Elected from Jail.  Some elected officials are sworn in at City Hall.  Others are sworn in outside the White House.  Chicago-area councilman Robert Battle was re-inaugurated from jail, where he is awaiting trial for drug and murder charges last Tuesday [1/19/2016].  As reelection bids go, Battle's was easy.  He ran uncontested for his council seat in East Chicago, Indiana.  He did not vote, although he could have requested an absentee ballot be sent to his jail cell.  But beating the charges against him might prove to be harder than getting a ballot.

New York City Set to Stop Enforcing Law Against Peeing on Sidewalks Because... RACISM!  New York City's city council is set to dilute a host of criminal laws including laws against public urination and excessive noise because council members believe too many members of minorities are getting arrested.

California woman confronts Starbucks cashier who admits to stealing her credit card information.  A California Starbucks cashier got caught red-handed stealing a customer's credit card information, and faced the grande wrath of her furious victim.  Juana Martinez unloaded a fiery tirade Sunday [1/3/2016] in Lakewood on the sticky-fingered cashier, who was stunned and admitted to the crime after being confronted by the theft victim.  The 2-minute 30-second clip has since gone viral, a penalty worse than arrest for the 19-year-old coffee shop employee, Martinez told The Daily News.

In Denial About Crime.  The campaign to deny the murder and shooting spike in many American cities continues apace.  The latest effort is a report by the Brennan Center for Justice, which the press has hailed ecstatically as a refutation of what I and others have dubbed the "Ferguson effect" — the phenomenon of officers backing off of proactive policing and thereby emboldening criminals.  In fact, the report confirms the Ferguson effect, while also showing how clueless the media are about crime and policing.  The Brennan Center researchers gathered homicide data from 25 of the nation's 30 largest cities for the period January 1, 2015, to October 1, 2015.  (Not included were San Francisco, Indianapolis, Columbus, El Paso, and Nashville.)  The researchers then tried to estimate what 2015's full-year homicide numbers for those 25 cities would be, based on the extent to which homicides were up from January to October 2015, compared with the similar period in 2014.

Chase Bank Employees Accused of Stealing $400,000 From Elderly, Dead Customers.  The defendants used their position in banking to steal Social Security funds, according to Social Security Administration Special Agent in Charge Edward J. Ryan.  "[It's] an offense against all taxpayers who contribute to Social Security and spend a lifetime working to earn those benefits," he said.  Jonathan Francis, 27, and Dion Allison, 30, both worked as personal bankers at Chase's Restoration Plaza branch at 1380 Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy.  They are accused of using their authority to electronically access dormant accounts with high balances, according to Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson's office.

Two JP Morgan Chase bankers in Brooklyn indicted for stealing 400K from accounts of elderly or deceased.  Dion Allison, 31, and Jonathan Francis, 27, were personal bankers at the JPMorgan Chase branch at Restoration Plaza in Bedford-Stuyvesant and systematically searched the bank's database for accounts with high balances that weren't used except for direct deposits from Social Security, said Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Adam Zion.  From August 2012 until October 2013, Allison and Francis allegedly found 15 accounts and issued ATM cards to co-conspirators Kery Phillips and Gregory Desrameaux, authorities said.  Eight of the accounts belonged to dead people — one of whom died in 1982.

Nutley police: Condom shoplifter had 100 aliases.  Nutley police arrested an Irvington man for allegedly shoplifting 22 boxes of condoms.  He also had 100 aliases and 60 Social Security numbers, according to authorities.  Harry Jackson, 56, was charged with fourth-degree shoplifting of the Trojan condoms, valued at $395, police said.

N.J. man allegedly steals from police Toys for Tots bin.  An Irvington man charged with shoplifting Friday [12/11/2015] stole items out of a Toys for Tots bin as he left Wayne Police Headquarters, Capt. Laurence W. Martin said.  Staroben Louis, 22, and Jaleel W. Bobbitt, 21, left Lord & Taylor in Willowbrook Mall without paying for several men's clothing items, Martin said.  Louis took merchandise valued at $430, while Bobbitt's haul was worth $198, Martin said.

Woman faces felony charges of running 'short change' scams at Target stores.  A Long Beach woman was arraigned Monday [12/7/2015] in Orange County Superior Court on allegations that she stole hundreds of dollars from Target stores in Orange County in a "short change" scheme.  Ashlie Jane Pentard, 29, was charged with eight felony counts of second-degree burglary.  She is accused of stealing $800 while checking out at Target locations in Irvine and Costa Mesa between May and December, according to the Orange County district attorney's office.

Democrats Empower Citizens to Restrict Constitutional Rights.  [Scroll down]  Just imagine if a storeowner in Illinois used crime statistics to argue that he should be allowed to ban blacks from his store.  Look at the facts; he/she may argue:  blacks are 13% of the population yet commit 56% of the robberies, 28% of the property crime, and 41% of the weapons arrests.  The fact is, the black crime rate is higher than that of whites'.  Yet no one, especially a Democrat who fights concealed carry permit laws, would dare suggest that this is a reasonable justification for a storeowner to ban blacks from entering their stores.  But storeowners fearing guns are allowed to discriminate against concealed carry permit carriers [even though] there is not one iota of evidence that concealed weapon carriers commit crimes at a rate higher than non-carriers.

Self-Hating Americans, Self-Hating Whites.  [Scroll down]  According to a 30-year study of homicides by the Justice Department, spanning 1976 to 2005, African-Americans, currently 13.2% of the population, committed 52.2% of all murders.  They were 7 times more likely to kill than whites.  For the most recent year for which arrest records by race are available, 2012, blacks committed 49.4% of murders, 32.5% of rapes, 54.9% of robberies, 30.8% of burglaries, and comprised 43.8% of prostitution and "commercialized vice" arrests.  Since the percentages don't include crimes not reported or where a suspect was not apprehended, a lot of gang-related violence is unaccounted for.  Victim surveys discredit the idea that the arrest records are skewed by police bias.

The Tragic and Complete Collapse of Racial Relations.  What has happened to racial relations?  Crime.  A small cohort of urban African-American males under fifty — no more than 3-4% of the general population — is responsible for about 50% of many of the violent crimes committed.  Blacks are 5-8 times more likely to commit rather suffer an interracial crime, which makes up less than 10% of most violent crime.  Both the analysis and solution have become taboo subjects.  Writing the above is a near thought crime.

5 Devastating Facts About Black-on-Black Crime.  [Fact #3]  Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.  DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52% of homicides.  In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders.  Whites accounted for just 31 percent.

The Real Story about Deceit in Racial Crime Numbers.  When you ask, white people and black people report using cocaine in about the same amount.  But when you test, black people are six times more likely to use cocaine.  And lie about it.

U.S. Postal Service worker pleads guilty to stealing gifts intended for underprivileged kids.  A Secret Santa swindler has pleaded guilty to stealing gifts intended for underprivileged kids while she worked for the U.S. Postal Service.  Mahogany Strickland, 23, copped to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling the mail Friday [10/23/2015] in Manhattan Federal Court, papers show.  She had faced up to 20 years for more serious charges of mail fraud and receipt of stolen mail.

Homicide rates
"Black America" Is A Bloody Mess.  Please read all of [Nate] Silver's analysis to see how he reached his determination, but the end result is that he determined American blacks are eight times more likely to be murdered than American whites, and while they live in an "advanced country" by any measure, they have a homicide victim rate that you'd expect from a third world hellhole.

Why cops stop blacks:  Why cops stop blacks with greater frequency is a question that has been discussed for decades, and with greater frequency since our first black president took office and introduced the concept of injecting presidential opinions and influence into local police/citizen incidents. [...] This legitimate question has become a burning and even lethal issue with some in the liberal and black community, and it is worthy of investigation.  The obvious first response is that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime in this country, but should one have the temerity to offer that suggestion, one is quickly branded a racist.  And we all know that liberals and race-baiters consider that charge a surefire argument-stopper, one that trumps whatever amount of statistical evidence one may produce to substantiate that blacks do indeed commit significantly more crime, proportionately, than whites, particularly crimes of violence.

TSA screener charged with stealing $7,000 diamond watch at JFK airport.  A TSA screener at John F. Kennedy International Airport was charged with steeling a passenger's $7,000 diamond watch, authorities said.  The screener, Margo Louree-Grant, 41, of Brooklyn, admitted taking the "Diamond Master" watch at a JFK checkpoint on Aug. 26, but told investigators she destroyed it after fearing she would be caught, said Joe Pentangelo, a Port Authority Police spokesman.

It's 1968 Again: Crime an Issue for 2016.  Murder is up in New York City, New Orleans, D.C., Baltimore and Chicago, just to name a few Deep Blue hot spots.  For Democrats that's a nightmare. [...] The bad old days have returned, and this surge in death and mayhem guaranties that crime will be a 2016 campaign issue.

Guardian Angels are patrolling Central Park again for the first time in two decades amid rise in crime in NYC.  [Curtis] Sliwa and eight other Guardian Angels, ranging from graying longtimers to a 20-year-old woman, trooped along roadways, paths and rocky, dark trails for hours one night this week, shining flashlights into thickets, asking people whether they'd had any trouble and eyeballing a quartet of teenagers who quickly took off on bicycles.

Man sneaks into New Jersey home, hides under bed for 3 days, police say.  A man sneaked into a central New Jersey home and hid under a bed in a spare bedroom for three days before the homeowner realized what had happened, police say.  Spotswood police say Jason Hubbard was charged with burglary in the incident, which occurred in May but wasn't made public until this week.  He's also charged with stealing electricity, according to, because he allegedly charged his four cellphones in an electrical outlet underneath the bed.

8-month-old baby dies after EMT refuses to respond to call, officials say.  A Detroit EMT has been fired after refusing to respond to a call to help an 8-month old baby who was not breathing.  According to WDIV, Ann Marie Thomas had finished another call less than a mile away when an EMS supervisor ordered Thomas to respond to the call for service.  It's just a two-minute drive away at normal speeds, but Thomas took 6 minutes before telling dispatchers that she had parked around the corner from the scene.

Detroit EMT refuses to respond to infant in cardiac arrest.  The EMT told her boss in an internal investigation 'I'm not about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR.'

Detroit EMT Refuses Call to Do CPR on Dying Child.  We certainly hope the family of this little girl has retained the meanest, nastiest, greediest personal injury lawyer licensed to practice in the state of Michigan.  It's not worth much these days, but they should get the City of Detroit in a settlement.

The New Nationwide Crime Wave.  The consequences of the 'Ferguson effect' are already appearing.  The main victims of growing violence will be the inner-city poor.

How does one get arrested 111 times without being sent up the river?
Cleveland Man Sheds Pants While Trying to Escape 111th Arrest.  A Cleveland man who was arrested for the 111th time on Tuesday shed his pants while fleeing from South Euclid police, according to an arrest report. [...] [Nathaniel] Ferguson was arrested in a similar incident in February, when he was accused of stealing teeth whitening products from CVS.  A store employee told police Ferguson is banned from all CVS locations.  Ferguson has been in and out of Northeast Ohio jails since his first criminal conviction in 1984.  Most of the charges he's racked up are related to theft, robbery and drug possession.

Interracial Crime: Media-driven versus Statistical Realities.  The FBI does not record murders by victim's race.  But no one could argue that whites murder blacks at a higher rate than blacks murder whites, given that blacks are 6.8 times as likely to murder overall.  Yet neither President Obama nor his longtime consigliere, former Attorney General Eric Holder who famously said that we are "a nation of cowards" when it comes to "race related issues" that "continue to divide us," will speak of these statistics.  Instead, the Race Industry cherry-picks violent incidents that they can exploit and then falsify as a narrative, to make it appear that blacks nationwide are under constant assault by racist whites.  Especially white cops.  They isolate a given anecdote and then speak as if it were the rule not the exception, for their political and financial gain.

The perilous new push to excuse lawlessness.  Announcing his presidential bid this month, Sen. Rand Paul said he wants to repeal "any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color."  Fulfilling this promise would require gutting murder statutes, and most other criminal laws, given the disproportionate black crime rate.  But whether or not Paul reaches the White House, a wide-ranging movement is already under way to transform the criminal justice system in order to avoid a disparate impact on blacks.  This push will jeopardize the country's two-decade-long crime drop.

Cops find stolen gun during 'quality of life' stop.  A Brooklyn man was busted for biking on the sidewalk — one of the "quality of life" offenses the City Council wants to decriminalize — and cops found he had a stolen, loaded handgun, police said Wednesday [4/30/2015].  Leonard Roberts, 45, was spotted by two patrol cops as he illegally pedaled near the Marlboro Houses in Gravesend around 7:35 p.m. Saturday.  He was riding so fast that pedestrians had to jump out of the way, and the officers used their siren to try to get his attention.  But Roberts — who has 18 prior arrests and once served 8½ years in prison for armed robbery — ignored the cops and rode into the housing complex, police said.

See if you can guess what they all have in common.
83 Atlanta Public School Cheating Teachers "Unindicted Co-Conspirators" Will Not Be Punished.  Those who opted for trial are a small fraction of the original 178 educators and administrators named in the governor's investigative report of teachers changing answers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.

Vandals caught on camera smashing car windows at Dearborn Heights dealership.  A Dearborn Heights dealership owners is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in a costly vandalism act that left dozens of cars damaged.  La Marina Auto Sales owner Gus Farias said a group of teens went on a rampage at his dealership Easter night [4/5/2015], smashing car windows with cinder blocks and kicking down car mirrors.

Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to 'keep them alive'.  Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly argued Friday [2/6/2015] that guns need to be kept out of the hands of minorities in order to keep them alive.  While speaking at the Aspen Institute, Mr. Bloomberg, 72, said 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category:  a male minority between the ages of 15 and 25, The Aspen Times reported.

Another Bogus Academic Study Creates Bogus Headlines.  Thanks to the Washington Post, we have new entry in what is surely the fastest-growing industry in academia: bogus studies that purport to show there is no difference between black and white rates of crime. [...] This latest headline from the Post tells a shocking story:  "Black teens who commit a few crimes go to jail as often as white teens who commit dozens."  Or it would be shocking if it were true.  But it is not.

Selfie on stolen iPad helps Houston man ID suspects.  A Houston man said he has his iPad to thank for identifying the men who he said stole thousands of dollars in cash and electronics from his truck.  "I think they felt elated that they got away with such a big score," said Randy Schaefer.

Time: "Young Black Men Murder 14 Times More than Young White Men".  The article is a by an African-American professor and mostly it restates the obvious.  It's just that the obvious isn't much talked about.

Parents turn in their OWN KIDS for burglary after recognizing them on surveillance footage.  Two parents turned their sons over to police after recognizing them in footage of an electronics store burglary which showed a group of five teens helping themselves to stacks of cell phones and laptops.  The mom and dad — who have not been named — took their 14- and 16-year-old children to the police station in Fayetteville, North Carolina, after watching a news broadcast that featured the crime.

Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas.  Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.  Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.  Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.  The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.  Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

The Color of Crime.  New Century Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 to study immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America's increasing diversity.  Perhaps the most important publication of New Century Foundation is The Color of Crime, New Century Foundation's report on differences in crime rates by race, bias in the justice system, and interracial crime.  First published as a monograph in 1999, the 2005 edition of The Color of Crime is available online as a free PDF download.

The Color of Crime.  [PDF]

Commissioner Kelly says almost 75% of violent crime committed by African-Americans.  Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly credited the controversial stop-and-frisk tactic for helping to push New York's crime rate to record lows. [...] "The stark reality is that crime happens in communities of color," Kelly told "Nightline" co-anchor Bill Weir Wednesday.  "About 70% to 75% of the people described as committing violent crimes — assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny — are described as being African-American.  "The percentage of people who are stopped is 53% African-American," he continued.  "So really, African-Americans are being understopped in relation to the percentage of people being described as being the perpetrators of violent crime."

Study: blacks commit 90% of interracial crime.  African-Americans commit 90% of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence that occur in the United States every year, and are more than 50 times more likely to commit violent crime against whites than vice versa.  Blacks are so much more likely than Americans of other races to commit crimes that police may be justified in stopping and questioning them more frequently — just as they stop men more often than women and young people more often than old people.

When it comes to murder, black people should most fear black people.  A United States Department of Justice report which surveyed homicide statistics between 1974 and 2004 stated that of the crimes surveyed, 52.2% of the offenders were Black, 45.8% were White, and 2% were Other Races.  Of the victims in those same crimes, 50.9% were White, 46.9% were Black, and 2.1% were Other Races.  The report further stated that "most murders are intraracial" with 86% of White murders committed by Whites, and 94% of Black murders committed by Blacks.

Will American Liberals Ever Wake Up?  Attorney General Eric Holder, in 2009, said that Americans are cowards when it comes to discussing race.  Well, Mr. Holder, I am not a coward, so here is my discussion. [...] From New Century Foundation's The Color of Crime, we learn:
  •   Police and the justice system are not biased against minorities.
  •   Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder.
  •   Blacks are eight times more likely than people of other races to commit robbery.
  •   When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
  •   Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice-versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
  •   Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.

Gas Station Looting Caught On Surveillance Tape.  Surveillance video taken Sunday night shows a crowd looting at a Milwaukee gas station.  It was just one of the disturbing incidents in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood that evening.

Is Disagreement with Obama Racism?  When one says that race is no longer the problem it once was, it is not the same as saying that there are not major problems that confront a large segment of the black population.  Grossly fraudulent education is a major problem but it has nothing to do with racial discrimination as evidenced by the fact that the worse education received is in the very cities where blacks dominate the political structure.  Crime is a major problem but it has nothing to do with racial discrimination, particularly in light of the fact that blacks commit most of the violent crime in America and well over 90 percent of their victims are black.

Obama's Criminal Silence.  Today, I spoke briefly with a liberal member of California's education establishment (forgive the obvious tautology), who told me that his Berkeley home had recently been broken into while he was in Washington, D.C.  It's been a wake-up call, he said.  We were too lax.  We'll be putting in a security-alarm system.  And then came the clincher:  "This is a very diverse neighborhood."  Now what would possibly be the relevance of that euphemism to the likelihood of getting burgled, I wonder?

Racism is not the biggest problem that black Americans face any more.  Of course, racism does still exist and will always exist in one form or another.  That being said, we've come a long way in this country from the time when black Americans couldn't use the same water fountain as white people, had to sit at the back of the bus, and weren't allowed to go to the same schools as whites. … On the other hand, the illegitimacy rate in the black community is roughly 70% and black on black crime is more dangerous to black Americans than the KKK ever was.

A Tale of Two Cities:  The welfare state detaches rewards from behavior. … People are encouraged not to better themselves, but to think in terms of rights and entitlements. … The results are catastrophic.  Robberies and street crime – not to mention the unheard of before shootings in broad daylight – have soared to an unprecedented level.  Black gangsters are modeling themselves on Jamaican Yardies battling other gangs for control of the lucrative cocaine trade.  No one has the guts to mention that the majority of violent criminals using guns and knives are black.

Homicide trends in the U.S.:  Charts provided by the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that blacks were seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 2002.

Mapping the Unmentionable:  Race And Crime.  The government makes much detailed information on crime rates by race available.  But almost nobody ever tries to learn anything from it.

Milwaukee's black leaders say the enemy is within.  Black leaders in Milwaukee say their community is being torn apart from the inside.  Civil rights leaders like 57-year-old Prentice McKinney, who fought to free Milwaukee's blacks from the ghetto, say gangs, drugs and violence have left those who still live in the nation's urban cores in fear of the next generation.

The Silence of the Liberals:  The reason for the silence stares us in the face.  The gangsters themselves are largely black, and Minneapolis's political culture is absorbed in a crusade against the reality that blacks are arrested and incarcerated in numbers that substantially exceed their proportion in the general population.

Why are so many blacks in prison?  Between 1976 and 2005, blacks have been killing other people at a rate 6 to 9 times higher, every year, than the comparable homicide rates for whites.  Furthermore, these statistics are skewed in favor of blacks, because the "white" category includes also Hispanics who identify themselves as whites but whose crime rates are far higher than those of non-Hispanic whites.

Three Former JFS Workers Accused Of Food Stamp Fraud.  Former Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services workers are accused of obtaining more than $100,000 in food stamps and other benefits for friends and relatives.  Deters said Savoy Walker, Jacqueline Ward and Tamikia Mosley obtained cash, food stamps and Medicaid benefits totaling about $130,000 for 12 people.  Those 12 people, as yet unnamed, are facing charges of receiving stolen property for accepting the benefits.

Police sources say teen gang targeting the elderly responsible for dozens of home invasions.  7 Action News has learned that two Detroit teenagers have been charged with robbing the 80-year-old mother of NAACP President, Reverend Wendell Anthony.  They were arrested after a high speed chase and shootout with Detroit Police.  The teens are suspected members of a gang that has been targeting the elderly.

No justice, no agitation.  Murder is largely an intraracial crime.  Almost all murders of blacks are committed by other blacks.  Blacks as a group commit murder at a rate astronomically higher than other groups.  The rate of murder committed by blacks exceeds that committed by whites by approximately seven times. ... If race hustlers like Al Sharpton really had the interests of the black community at heart, they would devote themselves to doing everything in their power to have violent black criminals separated from the community of law-abiding black citizens.  The criminals are serial tormentors of law-abiding members of the black community.

The Old Race Card.  The Cambridge police did not act stupidly.  And if police do stereotype, it may be because 12% of the population commits almost half the violent crime in the nation.  In the case of rare black/white and white/black murdering (94% of murdered African-Americans were killed by other African-Americans), a minority is more likely to commit murder (and rape) against a majority than the majority is against the minority.

How Many Crimes Did the New Black Panthers Commit in Florida?  Let's start with solicitation to kidnap.  In announcing a reward for the seizure of [George] Zimmerman, the New Black Panthers may have violated Florida Code 787.01.  It makes it a felony to "by threat, confining or abducting, or imprisoning another person against his ... will without lawful authority with intent to ... terrorize."  Merely soliciting someone else to do this is also a felony in Florida under Florida Code 777.04.

New Black Panthers Activity Against Zimmerman May Be Criminal.  Florida law makes it a felony to unlawfully seize somebody as a mob, or "at the behest of a mob."  Again, solicitation to commit this crime is also a crime.  It's a felony, too, to interfere with the administration of government with use of force — and yes, again, solicitation is a crime.

New Black Panther Party seeks citizen's arrest of George Zimmerman.  Death threats and a $10,000 bounty offered for a citizen's arrest of George Zimmerman have raised concerns about the threat of "vigilante justice" in the racially charged case.  A group identifying itself as the New Black Panther Party is offering $10,000 to anyone who makes a citizen's arrest of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin slaying.

Birmingham News Drops the Ball on Black-on-white Crime.  Yesterday I reported on the stabbing of white truck driver Nick Stokes by members of a black motorcycle gang called the Outcasts of Alabama.  It's not merely a scary story but also an unusual one, mostly because of the behavior of law enforcement.  The Adamsville, AL police department not only failed to question or detain any of the gangsters, but, outrageously, also told Stokes that they "don't mess" with the Outcasts.  What isn't at all unusual about the story is the mainstream media's reluctance to cover a case of black-on-white crime.  In particular, I cited the Birmingham News (BN), whose crime-beat reporter, Carol Robinson, had brusquely dismissed the incident as not newsworthy.

Cops: Fast-food worker spit in customers' drinks.  A South Carolina county's deputies say a McDonald's employee spit in two customers' cups of iced tea after the drinks were returned because they weren't sweet enough.

South Carolina McDonald's employee, arrested for spitting in customers' drink.  Greenville County investigators say surveillance video caught [Marvin] Washington [Jr.] leaning over the cups before he filled them Saturday [4/21/2012] at the restaurant.

The Editor says...
Marvin Washington, Junior, is merely following in the footsteps of the "black community leader", Jesse Jackson.  See below.

Look it up!  Life Magazine, November 29th, 1969, Page 68.
Spitting in Whitey's Food.  Jackson talks about himself at these meetings.  Once he told of his days as a waiter at the Jack Tar Hotel in his home town of Greenville, S.C.  Just before leaving the kitchen he would spit into the food of white patrons he hated and then smilingly serve it to them.  He did this, he said, "because it gave me psychological gratification."  It was something everybody in the audience understood.
Also quoted here.

Ugly Truths About Prejudice.  [Scroll down]  The source of this nasty prejudice about blacks and crime is the fact that black crime rates are extremely high.  Most of it is directed against other blacks, but that doesn't change the perception by Americans (black, white, or purple).  Black murder rates are roughly 4.5x what you would expect for their proportion of the population, with similarly disproportionate rates for robbery (4x), aggravated assault (3x), burglary (3x), forgery and counterfeiting (3x), fraud (3x), and rape (3x).  You don't have to read the FBI Uniform Crime Reports to know this, either.  Essentially everyone (white or black) who has ever lived in an urban area in the U.S. has first-hand experience of this.  There is only one way to fix this problem of racial prejudice — and that is to reduce black crime rates to a level commensurate with the black population.  The glorification of criminality in urban black culture is shocking and destructive.  It encourages more of the same, and teaches young black men that this is an acceptable cultural form.

Sharpton could use a visit to Chicago.  Well, Sharpton isn't as guilty of it as others — and yes, think Michael Eric Dyson and Tavis Smiley here — but there have been times when he has lamented the numbers of black men in prisons and jails.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with black men being in either jail or prison if that happens to be where they belong.

Teens Arrested For Cutting Hole in Mall Roof to Steal Air Jordans.  Two teenagers were arrested this week after cutting into the roof of a mall in Houston to steal Nike Air Jordan sneakers.  A security guard at Greenspoint mall, on the north side of Houston, saw the thieves in the Foot Action store early Wednesday morning [8/22/2012] and called police.  John Grant, 19, and another male, 16, were arrested at the scene, but a third suspect believed to be around the same age fled.

Someone In Detroit Pointed A Gun At A Google Street View Car.  Google captures its Street View images by literally driving a camera-equipped car down the road while snapping photos.  As such, the company tends to capture some weird images.  [One image], captured by a Google car in Detroit, clearly shows a group of people hanging out on a porch brandishing a gun.  Another image clearly shows one of them taking aim at the Google car.

The Editor says...
Yes, and if you drive through that neighborhood, they'll point a gun at you, too.

Detroit ranked most dangerous city in the country fourth year in a row.  For the fourth years in a row, has rated Detroit, Michigan, as the most dangerous city in the country — with a violent crime rate of 2,137 per 100,000 residents.

Detroit Tops The 2012 List Of America's Most Dangerous Cities.  The best crime news out of Detroit these days is that the rate of violent crimes — murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault — fell 10% last year to 2,137 per 100,000 residents.  That's still more than five times the national average and more than enough to make Detroit America's Most Dangerous City for the fourth year in a row.

D.C. barbershop owner pleads guilty in $20 million ID fraud operation.  The owner of a D.C. barbershop pleaded guilty to a $20 million identity theft and tax fraud scheme that stole personal information from nursing home patients, dead people and victims who were duped into believing they were getting "Obama Stimulus Money."  The massive scam involved more than 100 participants, including postal workers and bank tellers, who schemed to file more than 7,000 fake tax returns seeking to rip off $20 million over six years.

How do you feel walking alone at night? A list of the scariest — and safest — cities.  It's a good thing this column is available online, so that residents of Memphis, New Orleans and Riverside, California can learn how unsafe their city is without having to venture outside.  Those are the bottom three metropolitan areas where residents said they felt least safe walking alone at night in their neighborhood.

80-year-old Flint man fires shots at five robbery suspects.  An 80-year-old Flint man fired two shots at five male teenagers attempting to rob him Thursday, April 11 in the driveway of his Helber Street home.  The homeowner called police around 9:45 p.m. to the home and told officers he'd fired two shots at the suspects, who had guns, in self defense, according to a police report.

The Editor says...
It's Flint, Michigan, there were five thugs fighting one old man, and there's no mention of the suspects' descriptions.  Therefore the perpetrators must have been black.  Prove me wrong and I will post a retraction.

Deadbeat dad has 22 kids with 14 women, sued for child support.  Orlando Shaw guessed he had fathered 18 children with 17 women, but he really has 22 children with 14 women, making him the "most expensive deadbeat dad" in Tennessee history.  Shaw appeared in court in Nashville when Child Support Services sued on behalf of the mothers for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support over the years.

The Neighborhood Zimmerman Watched.  From the start the facts seemed to be of little importance to the prosecution of George Zimmerman, whether at the State's table in Florida's 18th Circuit Court or in the court of public opinion.  The forces lined up against Zimmerman worked diligently to bury the background to his confrontation with Travyon Martin in February of 2012 — namely, the rampant crime, frequently committed by black males, that had put his neighborhood on edge.  As the "conversation" about the Zimmerman case and about race in America continues, these widely neglected facts should be exhumed.

Scheindlin's List.  In 2012, 74% of shooting victims in New York City were black, as were 75% of those arrested for these shootings.  Blacks also comprised 73% of all firearm arrests.  They were also the victim 38% of the time, and the arrestee in 48% of all rapes.  60% of murder victims were black, as were 51% of those arrested for murder.  Blacks were the victim of 32% of all robberies and were the arrestee 62% of the time.  52% of those arrested for felonious assault were black.

Who you callin' boy?
14-year-old Newark boy killed had 30 bricks of heroin and loaded gun in his bedroom.  The 14-year-old boy shot and killed in a Terrell Homes at Riverview Court courtyard Wednesday night [9/4/2013] had 30 bricks of heroin and a loaded handgun in his bedroom, according to law enforcement sources and police documents.  The victim, identified as Ali Rajohn Eric Henderson, had several prior arrests for drug possession and robbery, according to police documents and law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation who declined to be identified because they are not yet authorized to speak about the investigation.

Nearly Half of Black Men [are] Arrested by Age 23, Study Finds.  Nearly 50 percent of black men and 40 percent of white men are arrested at least once on non-traffic-related crimes by the time they turn 23, according to a new study.

The Most Corrupt Village in America.  When the police stopped Luvina Mobley Smith, they found a pound of pot in her car and five EBT food stamp cards which drug dealers often take in payment for drugs.  It would have been an ordinary enough story except that Smith, despite being a convicted felon, was also the Deputy Clerk of Alorton.  Luvina is the daughter of Callie Mobley, Alorton's former mayor, who had collected double her salary and served time in jail for income tax evasion.  Mayor Mobley, who had been the mayor of Alorton for two decades, had been doing the same thing back to her days as liquor commissioner. [...] Alorton, an African-American village run by Democrats, may actually be the most corrupt village in Illinois and the United States.

Pennsylvania Democrats Walk Out of Hearing on Members Accused of Taking Bribes.  This morning, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee held a hearing on the case of the Democrats caught accepting bribes in exchange for voting against voter ID in the state.  The case against the Democrats is well-documented, yet Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, scuttled it shortly after she took office.  Kane also accused the career investigators who built the case of racism.  That charge doesn't stand up to any level of scrutiny.  The investigation targeted Republicans and Democrats, male and female, black and white.  As it so happens, only Democrats chose to accept the bribes, and those members who did happen to be black.

Authorities confiscate $3M worth of shoes from Kentucky home.  According to a search warrant filed last week, the shoes were supposed to be shipped in 2009 from a Nike distribution center in Tennessee to another one in Texas, but never made it.

How Covering up Minority Crime Leads to Gun Control.  Why is it that Vermont, with approximately the same rate of gun ownership as Louisiana, has less than one-eighth the murder rate? [...] In the cases of homicide in 2012 in which the races of the perpetrators were known, 55 percent were committed by blacks, 62 percent of whom were under 30 years of age.  Black youths are 16 percent of the youth population, but constitute 52 percent of those arrested for juvenile violent crime. [...] And while whites are 35 percent of NYC's population, blacks and Hispanics commit 96 percent of all crime in the Big Apple and 98 percent of all gun crime.

Jersey City man with 77 prior arrests charged with burglarizing Newport mall store.  A Jersey City many with 77 prior arrests in three states has been charged with burglarizing a Newport Centre Mall store yesterday hours after the store had closed for the day, officials said.  Michael Barton, 44, [...] has been arrested 36 times in New Jersey, where he has 25 disorderly persons convictions and a criminal conviction for drug possession, court officials said.

Anthony Cumia Gets Attacked, then Fired.  Anthony Cumia gets attacked all the time:  Most often for telling the truth about black crime and violence that is stratospherically out of proportion.  And how reporters condone it.  On Thursday night, July 3, his bosses at Sirius XM radio fired him for it.

Home Owner Wants Out Of Scenic City Due To Chattanooga Gun Crime.  This is Michael Barr's home, it's a historic 4 bedroom house he says he has put over 80k into renovations since 2012.  But for the veteran originally from Maryville Tennessee, this dream home has become a nightmare.  "Closer to downtown, we are here on east 14th street, a lot of the cars here make my house vibrate from the music coming out of their cars every time a car does drive by i'm [sic] always looking up to see if there will be a gun sticking out of the window to shoot me[.]"  Earlier this week 4 teens were shot just feet from his front door after he says others tried to break into his home.

Airport baggage handlers booked on theft charges after guns, electronics go missing from luggage.  Three baggage handlers at Louis Armstrong International Airport were arrested Thursday (Sept. 24) in connection with the theft of guns and electronics from checked luggage, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said in a news release.  Neishel Santana, 22 was booked on charges of theft and possession of stolen property.  Derrin James, 19, was booked on two counts of theft of a firearm.  Romalice Honeycutt, 23, was booked on a charge of being a principal to theft of a firearm.  They were caught after Dallas law enforcement, investigating the theft of a laptop from luggage on an American Airlines flight out of New Orleans, found out through a pawn-shop database that the computer had been sold at Jefferson Parish pawn shop and contacted local authorities.

Woman accused of filing fake $94 million tax return.  A woman accused of filing a phony state tax return for $94 million was arrested when she attempted to claim her check at a Cobb County bank, Channel 2 Action News reported.  Brigitte Jackson was arrested and charged with attempted theft by taking and conspiracy to defraud the state, according to an investigator with the Georgia Department of Revenue.  "It doesn't matter if it's $94 or $94 million," Special Investigations Chief Josh Waites told Channel 2.  "We're going to go after you and hold you accountable."

4-year-old hands out heroin at daycare.  A Delaware mother was arrested on Monday [10/6/2014] after her four-year-old daughter unknowingly brought roughly 250 packets of heroin to her daycare, and passed them out to classmates thinking they were candy, police said.

Wichita man sentenced in theft of wedding ring from dying woman.  A Wichita man has been sentenced to prison for his role in the theft of a wedding ring from a dying woman's hand.  Forty-three-year-old Danielle Zimmerman was pulling into southeast Wichita Taco Bell drive-thru last December when she suffered a brain aneurism.  While unconscious in her car, her purse, cell phone and wedding ring were stolen.  She died the next day at an area hospital.  Police later arrested three suspects:  Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson, Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen and Keith Byron Hickels, Jr., all 19 years old.

New Data: It's Still about Black-on-Black Crime.  Unfortunately, the FBI continues its usual practice of combining whites and Hispanics into the single category "white," thus overstating white crime and victimization rates.  Even so, the data are telling.  A "white" homicide victim is over twice as likely to be killed by a black than a black homicide victim is to be killed by a "white."  Sixteen percent of "white" victims in homicide incidents involving a single victim and single offender were killed by blacks, compared with only 7 percent of black victims who are killed by "whites."  Given the fact that blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population, their homicide rate against whites and Hispanics combined is vastly disproportionate to their share of the population.

Quite possibly the most racist article you will ever read.  Every now and then you come across an article that folks just need to read.  This one written by Michael Smith entitled, "Confessions of a Public Defender" and originally posted at American Renaissance on May 9, 2014 is one of those articles.

Confessions of a Public Defender.  I am a public defender in a large southern metropolitan area.  Fewer than ten percent of the people in the area I serve are black but over 90 percent of my clients are black. [...] The media invariably sugarcoat black behavior.  Even the news reports of the very crimes I dealt with in court were slanted.  Television news intentionally leaves out unflattering facts about the accused, and sometimes omits names that are obviously black.  All this rocked my liberal, tolerant beliefs, but it took me years to set aside my illusions and accept the reality of what I see every day.

Lisa Crinel, former Zulu queen, charged in alleged $30 million Medicare fraud scheme.  Prominent New Orleans businesswoman Lisa Crinel, the 2004 Zulu Queen, faces federal charges in a scheme prosecutors say defrauded Medicaid for $30 million for bogus home health care fees, according to an indictment announced Thursday (March 12) by U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite.  Crinel, 51, the owner of Abide Home Health Services, was one of 20 people named in the 26-count indictment alleging that from 2008 until charges were filed Thursday [3/12/2015], her company was the centerpiece of a scam that charged Medicaid program for services clients either didn't need or were never performed.

Police Make Arrest in "Devastating" Da Vinci Fire in Downtown LA.  Dawud Abdulwali, 56, of Los Angeles was arrested without incident Tuesday morning [5/26/2015] on an unrelated traffic charge and was later booked on suspicion of aggravated arson and arson of a structure, according to a written statement from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Black crime in Chicago

Chicago's Murder Problem.  Already embroiled in a crisis over race and police conduct, Chicago now faces a 62 percent increase in homicides.  Through mid-May, 216 people have been killed.  Shootings also are up 60 percent.

Aspiring rapper killed after music video about guns turns into bloodbath.  An aspiring rapper was killed and four others injured — including one woman who was shot twice in the groin — while filming a music video about guns in a Chicago park at around 2am Tuesday [4/19/2016].  The video, for a song called 'Two Techs and a 50 Shot' — a reference to guns — was to feature a 'party scene' filmed in Foster Park, but the day's filming ended badly when an unknown suspect or suspects opened fire, killing Damond Dawson.

Video Shows Clerk Foiling Robbery Ring in Des Plaines.  Dramatic surveillance video shows a quick-thinking grocery store clerk who helped bust a robbery ring in suburban Des Plaines [3/26/2016]. [...] Surveillance cameras captured the 16 year old, wearing a hoodie as he approached the counter with an item from the store.  When the clerk arrives, the juvenile then pulls out an air soft gun.  The clerk then reaches behind the counter and pulls out his own gun.  The teen then runs out of the store as did another 16-year old who was with him.  The clerk fired shots after them, but no one was hurt.

Man Who Shot 3 Officers Had 7 Convictions, 43 Total Arrests, Police Say.  The man that shot three Chicago Police officers following a drug investigation Monday was a gang member with a litany of felonies and other convictions to his name, police said Tuesday [3/15/2016].  Three Chicago Police officers were treated for non-life threatening wounds after being shot by Lamar Harris, 29, on the West Side Monday night.  Harris was fatally shot by the officers he attacked, police said.  Harris is documented gang member who has been convicted seven times, including five felonies and two misdemeanors, according to \ Chicago Police.  He has been arrested a total of 43 times, police said.

Decades of big government have made Chicago ungovernable.  Read the headlines from the city that two generations of Daleys governed effectively.  Young males, usually blacks, are dying on the streets often from run-ins with the police.  For a certitude, they are acting recklessly, carrying weapons, often knives and guns, but the cops are acting aggressively.  Just the other day a young man, agitated and carrying a baseball bat, was shot to death by a cop.  Obviously, Chicago cops are dangerous.  Moreover, city government seems to be covering up for them.

Tyshawn Lee and Laquan McDonald.  Tyshawn Lee's murder has prompted a good deal of outrage and soul-searching in Chicago, but nothing like the marches and demonstrations protesting the death of Laquan McDonald.  Today [11/27/2015] Superintendent McCarthy announced that gang member Corey Morgan has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Tyshawn Lee.  McCarthy said that the police are pursuing several additional defendants.

Man Charged In Execution-Style Killing Of 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee.  A 27-year-old man has been charged in the execution-style shooting of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.  Corey Morgan, of the 7800 block of South Hoyne Avenue, has been charged with first-degree murder, according to the Cook County State's Attorney's office.  He was due to appear for a bond hearing Friday afternoon [11/27/2015].

Chicago rapper Capo dead in drive-by; fleeing suspects kill baby in hit-and-run.  The rapper Capo, a member of Chief Keef's Glo Gang, was killed in a Chicago drive by — and the fleeing shooters mowed down a baby boy in a stroller as they sped away, authorities said.  The 22-year-old was shot in the hip and back about 1:40 p.m. on Saturday [7/11/2015] in the city's South Side, police said.  The suspects fled after the shooting and plowed into the 13-month-old boy just over three miles away, Chicago police Officer Veejay Zala told the [New York] Daily News.

Who gets shot in Chicago?  It turns out that being arrested with someone else is the best predictor of who will get shot in Chicago.  No, not by the police, as the Al Sharptons of the world would like to claim.  Shot by another civilian, in the epidemic of shootings that have made Chicago at some times more dangerous than Baghdad.

334 blacks killed 2014 in Chicago — no riots.  If black lives really matter to leftists and other bandwagon, anti-cop jumping blacks, then were's the outrage here?  334 black lives have been taken (as of 12/22) in Chicago this year.  Yet, do you hear about this stat from the liberal media, or other blacks who are so outspoken about the how blacks are targeted by white cops?  The 334 blacks killed so far in 2014 in Chicago weren't killed by other cops, they were killed simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, i.e., Chicago.  The vast majority of the 334 blacks killed this year in Chicago were also killed by other blacks.  But where's the so called black lives matter campaign here?

Minority Feelings and Violent Facts.  What is the most important thing about mobs of black teens attacking and seriously injuring innocent pedestrians and businesses?  The feelings of teenagers who share the race of the attackers, according to Chicago's local CBS affiliate.  That's right:  Mobs of teenagers have unleashed terror in the streets of Chicago and other cities in "flash mobs," and the best thing CBS in Chicago has to say about that is that black teenagers are worried about racial profiling.

Chicago's Violent Flash Mobs.  Most of these flash mob incidents involved African-American youths who use social websites and cell phones to coordinate their activity.  According to Jack Marshall, "The Chicago media has adopted an odd policy in reporting the incidents:  it has not reported the fact that the mobs were made up of African-American youths."  Flash mobs of African-American youths are not the only reporting about race that is ignored in the Chicago media.  For too long the media has ignored the hypersegregation in the city, as well.

Man, 7 teens charged in downtown muggings.  An 18-year-old man was charged along with seven teenagers who were charged with mob action following a series of muggings carried out Saturday night [6/9/2012] by groups of attackers, including one that left a visitor from Michigan hospitalized with a broken jaw.

Cops: Man beaten by group in Gold Coast neighborhood.  The group of attackers was comprised of between 15 and 20 males and females, police said.  Preliminary police reports indicated that they may have been teenagers.  Police are listing the attack as a battery and there is no indication that the man was robbed, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Robert Perez.  The attackers did not appear to say anything to the man to indicate why he was targeted, Perez said.  "It was without provocation, they just attacked," Perez said.

Victim describes mob attack.  At least three people were injured in mob attacks in downtown Chicago this weekend.  One of the victims is speaking out about the incident.

Victim: 'They were enjoying frightening people'.  All the young doctor wanted to do was walk home from the hospital after work to his wife and child.  That walk, one he's taken for years, takes him through the quiet and wealthy Streeterville neighborhood.  "It's only four blocks from the hospital to my home," the 36-year-old doctor told me.  "But now I have to take a cab.  Do you believe it?  A cab for four blocks?  I'm never going to walk it again, not after what happened to me Sunday night."

Victim of CTA Red Line attack: 'They did a number on me'.  The 23-year-old man didn't think much about it when a large group of teenagers got on the Red Line train as he, his wife and a friend returned from a weekend concert at Wrigley Field — especially since a girl in the group was clutching a baby.  But the man's enjoyable evening out Saturday quickly took a violent turn.

Chicago's unreported race war.  According to a statement in the Chicago Tribune, reporting on the race of individuals involved in news events, such as mobs attacking, robbing and vandalizing, is irrelevant.  A news anchor at the ABC affiliate in Chicago goes even further:  Anyone who reads or writes about the epidemic of racial violence in Chicago is an "idiot" who engages in "meaningless ... race baiting," says Ravi Baichwal.  City officials and the media might be the only two places left where people still deny Chicago is under assault from more than 50 episodes of black mobs attacking, beating, robbing and vandalizing over the last three years in and around downtown. [...] And according to the award-winning police blog Second City Cop, there may be 25 more incidents of mob violence and lawlessness in that weekend alone that were never reported.

Racial violence explodes in more states.  While most Americans were commemorating the nation's birthday, racial violence, lawlessness and animosity marred Independence Day celebrations in Georgia, Florida, Ohio, California, Texas and Illinois.  Chris Rock started the day off with a bang:  "Happy white peoples Independence Day," he tweeted.  "The slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks."  In Chicago, Ill., some were enjoying the celebration until they were set upon by a mob of dozens of black people intent on violence.  One man was taken to the hospital, where he remains in good condition.  Eleven black people were arrested and charged with assault.

Three teens charged in videotaped fatal attack on disabled man.  Malik Jones, 16, now faces first degree murder charges after police saw the video of the attack posted on his Facebook wall.  Two others also were charged with murder:  Nicholas Ayala, 17, of the 6300 block of North Talman, and Anthony Malcolm, 18, of the 5500 block of North Broadway, police said.  Father-of-12 Delfino Mora fell, hit his head and died as a result of the attack early Tuesday morning [7/10/2012] in a West Rogers Park alley, it's alleged.

28 Arrested In Mob Attacks On Mag Mile, Red Line.  The warmest day of the year so far brought hundreds of teens to Michigan Avenue on Saturday [3/30/2013].  Police were calling it "mob action."  CBS 2 has learned about multiple incidents in at least four different locations along the Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast, yielding a slew of arrests.  In all, 25 juveniles and three adults were charged.  Many innocent shoppers and tourists became caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation.  Hundreds of teens littered Michigan Avenue and State Street near Chicago.

Wilding Downtown.  Right in the heart of the tourist area.  Estimates of up to crowds of 400.  The radio is squawking about State and Chicago, Huron, Ohio, Orleans.  Wagons have been called in from at least 4 districts.  The Mounted Unit has been clearing streets and breaking up crowds of "youths" for the past few hours.

ISRA: One Rampage Too Many — Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Has To Go.  The ISRA [Illinois State Rifle Association] is once again calling upon Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.  This latest call for McCarthy's ouster comes after a mob of young thugs — estimated to be in the hundreds — swarmed the Magnificent Mile shopping district Saturday night [3/30/2013] and began beating dozens of innocent shoppers.  This latest mob action appears to be the most serious in a string of events over the past two years involving gangs of youths randomly attacking shoppers on North Michigan Avenue.

Attacks on Mag Mile, CTA.  An outbreak of wildings on North Michigan Avenue and a separate attack on a CTA Red Line train culminated in the arrest of 25 juveniles and three adults on a sunny and warm Saturday that drew the usual crowds to the Magnificent Mile.  Seventeen of the arrests were made around 6 p.m. near Chicago and Michigan after a mob of young people started fighting among themselves, bumping into bystanders and blocking sidewalks and traffic.

Hundreds of rampaging teens target pedestrians in crazy flashmob-style attack on Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  Around 400 teenagers brought chaos to downtown Chicago over the weekend with mobs of youngsters attacking pedestrians leading to over 28 arrests.  Police were called to disturbances along the Magnificent Mile area between Michigan and Chicago Avenues on Saturday night.

Top cop defends police response to downtown disturbances.  Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said today that his officers responded effectively to a number of disturbances in the downtown area involving large groups of teens on Saturday night that led to nearly 30 arrests ranging from bumping into passersby on sidewalks to attacking women aboard a CTA train.  Eleven of Saturday's 28 arrests came about 6:35 p.m. when a group of teens attacked two women aboard a train at the State/Lake station in the Loop and snatched one of their purses.  The women were bruised during the attack but declined medical treatment.

Chicago Running Out of Euphemisms.  Pity the poor Chicago reporter.  She is running out of ways to describe black mob violence without using the words "black mob violence." [...] It's a pretty easy gig:  Or it was until the black mobs started showing up three years ago.  Since then Chicago has seen at least 50 episodes of black mob violence of all shapes and sizes in all parts of the city:  Stealing, beating, destroying, vandalizing, terrorizing, stabbing, even killing.  All of a sudden, the reporter must turn color blind.  And ignore the central unifying feature of the violence:  Everyone involved is black.

Media label black-mob violence 'mischievous teens'.  Chicago media are running out of ways to avoid talking about black mob violence.  Over the weekend, 500 black people rampaged through several Chicago neighborhoods:  beating, pushing and attacking police and tourists and residents.  Even a police horse.

Man chased Gold Coast robber because 'I was sick of it'.  [Gary] Dailey, 51, on his way to meet his girlfriend near a "quiet crowd" of children and adults, was confronted with something less quiet — a large, noisy group of individuals crowded into the center of a tunnel that led under Lake Shore Drive near Division Street.  "They were screaming and yelling and scaring everybody," said Dailey, indicating that there was a crowd of about 40 people backed up while the rowdy group was "roughhousing" in the center of the tunnel.

Surveillance Video Captures Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Area Stores.  Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods.  It has happened at three different Sports Authority stores in the Chicago area.

Next-Generation Flash Mobs: The Breakdown of Law & Order.  As local police departments cut personnel due to excessive spending and budgetary restrictions, cities all across America are rapidly degenerating into gang infested war zones.  In the city of Chicago, which has been one of the hardest hit during the opening stages of a greater depression sweeping the country, law enforcement officials compared the situation on the ground to the kind of tribal warfare one might see in places like Iraq.  With law and order breaking down, residents of the city have been caught in the middle.

Stone cold silence.  The Daley dynasty in Chicago may be giving way to the Obama-Emanuel political machine, but one thing remains constant across the city:  youth violence and a collective refusal to acknowledge its root cause.  A year after the beating death of a Chicago teen by his fellow students, Chicago remains in denial about the driving factor behind such mayhem:  the disappearance of the black two-parent family.

Police: Chicago had no shootings in 24-hour period, first time in nearly a year.  Chicago saw something this week it hasn't seen in nearly a year:  An entire 24-hour period where there was not a single shooting or murder.  Police say the period of quiet happened Wednesday [1/18/2012].

The Editor says...
Wow, what a great achievment — a whole day without a murder.  That's like congratulating a Hollywood couple for being married more than a year.  Or being married at all.

Four Chicago Neighborhoods Named on List of 25 Most Dangerous.  NeighborhoodScout, a real estate blog, has compiled FBI data from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies to rank America's 25 most dangerous neighborhoods.  Chicago has four neighborhoods on the list, tied with Detroit for the city with the most neighborhoods listed.

Veteran With Concealed Carry Permit Shoots Back At Chicago Gunman.  One of the spate of shootings that took place in Chicago, Ill. over the July 4th holiday weekend involved a veteran with a concealed carry permit who was forced to a shoot a man who began firing on him and a group of friends.  The incident occurred Friday night [7/4/2014], the Chicago Tribune reports.

Prosecutor: Teens killed man in 'knock 'em down' game.  Three teenagers accused of killing a 62-year-old father-of-12 in West Rogers Park were playing a game called "Pick 'em out and knock 'em down" when they videotaped themselves punching him in the face, prosecutors say.  Malik Jones, 16, Nicholas Ayala, 17, and Anthony Malcolm, 18, were caught after the video of Jones fatally punching Delfino Mora was posted on Jones' Facebook page, according to authorities.

Police: Grandson killed, robbed 72-year-old man who was headed to dialysis.  William Strickland waited for his grandfather to step out of his South Side home to take his paratransit ride to a kidney dialysis appointment early March 2, authorities said Saturday — then stood behind the 72-year-old man, shot him six times in the back and stole his wallet, leaving him to die just steps from his home.  Prosecutors said Saturday that Strickland, 19, used the money he took from his grandfather, who also was named William Strickland, to pay for new gym shoes, a cellphone and tattoos.

Woman killed for tip money, 2 men charged, 1 at large.  Three men have been charged with killing 24-year-old Jacqueline Gardner and taking the tip money she earned from her restaurant job on May 19.  One of the three men, Stephen Lee Henderson, 25, of Gary, is still at large and considered armed and dangerous, Schererville police said Wednesday [5/23/2012].

Black Leaders Ignore Black-on-Black Crime.  Derrion [Albert] had walked into the middle of a fight between two rival black gangs.  He attempted to help one of the victims in the melee and was killed for his trouble.  This took place in Barack Obama's Chicago.  All his work for "social justice" did a great deal for Obama, but it did nothing for Derrion Albert.

Black crime in Detroit

Pizza-spitter at Detroit's Comerica Park sentenced to probation.  A food service worker at the Detroit Tigers' stadium who was fired after video surfaced showing him spitting on a pizza has been sentenced to 18 months of probation.

15-Year-Old Dead, 3 Teens Hurt In Detroit Shooting.  Police say a shooting at a home in Detroit [10/31/2018] killed a 15-year-old boy and left three other teenagers wounded.

Michigan grandfather stabbed to death in park after asking man to stop doing drugs in front of kids: reports.  A Michigan grandfather at his grandchild's first birthday party in a park was stabbed to death Saturday [9/1/2018] after he approached a man and told him to stop doing drugs in front of the children, reports said.  Police were called to Grant Park in Utica after receiving calls about a stabbing, WXYZ reported.  The grandfather was at the park for a first birthday celebration when he approached a man sitting on a bench and asked him to stop doing drugs while children were playing in the park.  The grandfather, who was not identified, was stabbed at least 15 times.

2 news trucks attacked at Detroit crash scene.  Two news trucks, one from WXYZ-TV, and one from WWJ-AM, were attacked Thursday [8/2/2018] as reporters from those outlets did live shots from the site of a fatal hit-and-run crash on Detroit's west side.

5 Of The Most Violent Cities In The World Are Right Here In America.  [#42] Detroit, Michigan:  Detroit is the fourth American city to be featured on the list of places you're most likely to be murdered.  With a homicide rate of 39.69 per one hundred thousand people, Detroit was the 42 most dangerous city in the world according to these statistics.  The city used to be an American hub of industry, but when the automotive manufacturers left, it fell into disrepair and poverty.  Residents have a whopping unemployment rate of almost 11%, the population has plummeted, and since it is one of the poorest cities in the nation, perhaps the residents who remain simply can't afford to get out.

25-40 Black Thugs Violently Beat, Knock Out 2 Young White Men in Detroit, Media Coverage Includes No Mention of Race.  Detroit's WXYZ and CBS Local published the story below after 25-40 black thugs beat 2 white young men to an unconscious state in an area known as "Greektown" in Detroit.  The only problem is, they neglected to mention that the criminals in the video who are doing the attacking are young black thugs and that the victims are both white.  They also neglected to mention that the young men who were severely beaten and left unconscious on the street and sidewalks were white.

Mom turns 12-year-old in after seeing him in robbery video.  Detroit police have charged a 12-year-old boy in a mugging caught on camera after he was turned in by his mother who saw the video, WXYZ-TV reported Friday [3/10/2017].  "He was involved," she told the station.  "It's something I had to do."  The victim was a disabled man eating alone in a restaurant on Detroit's west side over the weekend.  Police also have arrested a 20-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy in connection with the crime.

Chilling video shows what it is like driving through Detroit at night.  It has become known as a mecca of violent crime and poverty, and now a viral video is giving an unpleasant view of Detroit after dark.  The clip, called Driving through Detroit at night, was filmed by a woman who was a passenger in a car going around the Motor City and was posted to Twitter at the weekend.  It shows terrifying scenes of gangs gathered on the sidewalk, prostitutes lifting up their skirts and dancing, and even a man being run over by a car on purpose.

Legally armed victim shoots his attackers, leaving one robber in serious condition.  A licensed gun carrier that was being robbed shot at his attackers Thursday morning [6/30/2016] on the city's west side, hitting at least one of them. [...] The other three suspects, all in their 20s, took off.

Three charged with murder in choking death of 13-year-old Detroit boy.  Two men and a woman were charged Thursday [6/9/2016] in the abduction and killing of a 13-year-old boy whose body was found a week ago in a vacant lot in Detroit.

Man arrested after string of attacks on men in Detroit.  A 28-year-old man was charged this week with sexual assault and kidnapping after allegedly using a gay dating app to lure victims, police said Wednesday [3/23/2016].  Elazar Withers was charged Tuesday, after he allegedly met his victims through jack'd, a gay dating app.  He was arrested Monday during a traffic stop.  Three men were robbed and two sexually assaulted in less than six hours Friday, Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt said.

Woman opens fire at Detroit gas station after hiding gun in her underwear.  A woman was caught on surveillance video pulling a gun out of her underwear and opening fire at a Detroit gas station early Sunday morning [3/20/2016]. [...] The surveillance video, part of the city's "Project Green Light Detroit" partnership with local gas stations, led cops to the woman.

Detroit man, 91, beaten, doused with gasoline and set on fire in homicide with killer still on the loose: police.  A 91-year-old man was beaten, covered with gasoline and set on fire in a homicide in northwest Detroit early Monday, police said. [...] Investigators also found a possible gunshot wound on Monchnik's head, and they're still waiting for autopsy results before they name his official cause of death, according to the Detroit Free Press.  Police have released a security camera image of a [BLACK] suspect they say was seen buying a jug full of gasoline at a nearby store.

Detroit pastor shoots, kills hammer-wielding church intruder.  Cops say Deante Smith, 25, attacked the unidentified pastor [10/18/2015] and threatened several parishioners of The City of God church with a brick and hammer, FOX2 reported.  Police said the attack was not random; the pastor and Smith knew each other and the two have had problems in the past.

Two Couples Ambushed By Group Of Men While Walking Down Detroit Street, Stripped Of Clothes And Sexually Assaulted.  According to police, a 22-year-old man and his 21-year-old girlfriend were walking along McNichols when they were approached by a group of six men.  The men reportedly forced the couple behind a nearby business where they were robbed and stripped of their clothes.  The group then allegedly took turns sexually assaulting the woman.  After the attack was over, the nude victims ran to a nearby liquor store for help.

The Butchers of Planned Parenthood.  Mitchelle Blair, not knowing what to do with the bodies of two of her children, whom she had murdered, stuffed them in her freezer.  She'd tortured them for months first — strangling them, suffocating them with plastic bags until they passed out, starving them, burning them with boiling water.  She said she killed her son by accident; she'd intended to torture him further.  Her daughter she killed on purpose.  "If I had the chance to do it again, I would," the mother said.  Pleading guilty, she asked the court to impose the death penalty on her.  Prosecutors regretfully informed her that Michigan has no death penalty.  Of course the children had different fathers.  Of course this was in Detroit.  Of course they all resided in a beyond-dismal housing project called the Martin Luther King Homes, a pit of despair that those of us whose faith is less than unshakeable might in our weakness suspect has been abandoned by the One of Whom the Reverend King was a minister.

Detroit mother arrested after bodies of 2 kids found in freezer.  Police in Detroit arrested a mother of four Tuesday [3/24/2015] after the bodies of two of her children were found in a deep freezer in the family's home.  The bodies were found by a bailiff who was carrying out an eviction order in the three-bedroom home in an low-income apartment complex east of downtown.  Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the bodies belonged to an 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl.

FBI offers $25,000 reward in federal judge shooting.  The FBI has announced a $25,000 reward for information leading to the suspects wanted in the shooting of U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg, who was shot in Detroit Thursday night [3/5/2015] on his front porch after refusing to let two would-be intruders inside.  The tips must lead to the arrest and convictions of those responsible for the shooting.

Detroit, Affirmative Action, and the end of Black-Rule in The Motor City.  What if you could see a city where the logical conclusion of the consequences of affirmative action play out, where the desire to rectify past inequities in hiring patterns turns into an orgy of trying to add every conceivable Black person in the city onto the public payroll?  What if you could see a city where the founding population was ethnically cleansed after two disastrous race riots (1943 and 1967) and continued high rates of criminality made it impossible to justify living there?  Robert Conot's American Odyssey: A Unique History of America Told Through the Life of a Great City offers a direct window into why white people fled Detroit.

Detroit crime stats 2013
Detroit crime statistics:  week by miserable week.

Liberal Views, Black Victims.  [Philadelphia and] other cities such as Baltimore, Detroit and Washington, D.C., with large black populations, experience the nation's highest rates of murder and violent crime.  This high murder rate is, and has been, predominantly a black problem.  According to Bureau of Justice statistics, between 1976 and 2005, blacks, while 13 percent of the population, committed over 52 percent of the nation's homicides and were 46 percent of the homicide victims.  Ninety-four percent of black homicide victims had a black person as their murderer.

Disputed study:  Detroit is the most dangerous city in the nation.  In another blow to the Motor City's tarnished image, Detroit pushed past St. Louis to become the nation's most dangerous city, according to a private research group's controversial analysis, released Sunday, of annual FBI crime statistics.

Leaving Detroit.  Those who do not possess basic human values do not value any life.  It too often seems that Detroit has more of such beings per capita than anywhere else in the country.

Baltimore's homicide rate moves to No. 1 among big cities.  Baltimore had its lowest homicide total in two decades last year, but data released this week show the city's homicide rate was No. 1 among the nation's largest cities in 2008.  Despite recording its lowest number of killings in 20 years in 2008 — 234, down from 282 in 2007 — there were 37 homicides per 100,000 city residents last year, ahead of Detroit at 34 per 100,000 and Washington, D.C., at about 31.  No other city with a population of more than 500,000 came close...

Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can't Read.  According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are "functionally illiterate."  The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund on Wednesday [5/4/2011].

America's Most Dangerous Cities, 2011.  A city where murder is nearly a daily occurance stands a good shot of being named the most violent, crime-prone area in the country.  And last year there were 345 murders reported in the Detroit metropolitan area — altogether 1,111 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

Want to See Pictures From America's Cheapest Zip Code?  The distinction of being the absolute cheapest zip code, well below the median price of $15,000, belongs to a neighborhood located in southern Detroit.  How "cheap" is this neighborhood?  Home prices in the 48208 zip code are about $6,388.

Criminals thrive in cities run by liberals.
Enter Detroit at your own risk! Police issue shocking warning to baseball fans.  Police officers in Detroit greeted football fans attending Saturday night's Tigers game with a shock warning:  'Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk.'  To protest against plans to cut their pay and increase their hours, an estimated 400 off-duty police officers handed out fliers to fans as they entered the Tigers' Comerica Park stadium.

"White flight" happens for a reason.
Detroit's Tragic Decline Is Largely Due To Its Own Race-Based Policies.  In 1960, Detroit's population was 1.6 million.  Blacks were 29 percent, and whites were 70 percent.  Today, Detroit's population has fallen precipitously to 707,000, of which blacks are 84 percent and whites 8 percent.  Much of the city's decline began with the election of Coleman Young, Detroit's first black mayor and mayor for five terms, who engaged in political favoritism to blacks and tax policies against higher income mostly white people.  Young's successors, Dennis Archer and Kwame Kilpatrick, followed his Third World tyrant policies, but neither had his verbal vulgarity.

2012 was Detroit's most violent in nearly 20 years.  As Detroit recorded its highest homicide rate in nearly two decades, city and police officials pledged to try to stem the tide of violence.  Authorities recognized the spiraling problem of gun play and homicide in Detroit during a news conference Thursday — a recognition that comes as the city kicks off the new year with violence.  Already this week, a mother has been charged with fatally stabbing her 8-year-old daughter, and a cab driver was shot to death.

Detroit Facing Surge Of Black Violence.  The Detroit News wants you to know the black mob violence in Detroit over the weekend was limited to under 100 people.  Which is not true.  They also would like you know it was an "isolated" event.  Which is also not true.  And you could "get crazy people anywhere."  So it is not fair to single out Detroit.  Which is so far from the truth you have to wonder if even the people at the Detroit News believe it.  Others are saying this just more of the usual panic — and denial — in Detroit.

Detroit Motorists Under Siege in 'Carjack City'.  The armed auto thieves have become so common here that parts of the bankrupt metropolis are referred to as "Carjack City," and many motorists fear getting out of their vehicles even for a few moments to fill a tank.

With Abortions & Crime At All Time High, Detroit Approaches Third World Status.  Detroit is often heralded by small government proponents as a perfect example of an over-involved government pushing themselves into the culture of a successful city and creating a state of dependence which eventually collapses in on itself.  In other words, a great example of why big government fails.  But this is really only a partial explanation of the issue.  The real issue in America and the problem that is bankrupting cities just as much as the U.S. treasury, is the problem of cronyism.  This, above all other factors, is the legacy of Detroit.

One man gets prison sentence, another gets probation for Detroit motorist beating.  Two of five men who pleaded guilty last month in a mob attack on suburban motorist Steve Utash were sentenced Monday [7/7/2014], one to prison and the other to probation.  Wayne County Circuit Judge James Callahan ordered Wonzey Saffold, 30, to spend 6-10 years in prison.

Detroit cops hunt woman who shot up crowd leaving midnight party cruise.  Police believed the shooting stemmed from a family argument that broke out on the fourth floor of the Detroit Princess cruise ship at around 1 a.m., as it was docking after a midnight cruise party.  The party was sponsored by a local hip hop radio station, according to reports.

DDOT Drivers Refuse To Work: 'They're Scared For Their Lives'.  Henry Gaffney, spokesman for the D-DOT bus drivers union AFL-CIO Local 26, [said] this was not an organized maneuver by the union.  Gaffney said it's a matter of bus drivers fearing for their safety, citing an incident that happened Thursday afternoon [11/3/2011].  "Our drivers are scared, they're scared for their lives.  This has been an ongoing situation about security.  I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit," said Gaffney.

Teens shot by Detroit utility worker charged with armed robbery.  Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged two teens who were shot by a utility worker with armed robbery.  Niko Brown, 17, and his brother Devontay Brown, 16, are charged in connection with the robbery of two utility workers on Feb. 6.

4 teens charged after allegedly holding Tuskegee airman at gunpoint.  Police arrested the alleged robbers — ages 13, 14, 15 and 16 — the next day.  "They were charged as juveniles with carjacking," said Maria Miller, spokeswoman for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.  "As juveniles, the court has the option of retaining jurisdiction on them until they are 21 if they are convicted."  A $75,000 bond was set for the gunman and $50,000 bonds were set for his accomplices.  All four are scheduled to appear in court on March 20.

4 charged after men found dead in burning Detroit home.  Four people have been charged in connection with the deaths of three males found in a Detroit house fire last week.  Tenisha Jackson, 19; Larry Johnson, 20; Rashawn Johnson, 19; and Keeshon Lake, 19, have all been charged with three counts of first-degree murder; three counts felony murder; two counts armed robbery; and one count of arson.  Larry Johnson was also charged for Felony Firearm and Possession of Heroin.

Beating of white driver by angry mob ruled NOT a hate crime by Detroit police.  A 54-year-old white man has been left barely clinging to life after he was brutally beaten by a group of black men when he got out of his car to check on a young black boy he accidentally hit.  Steve Utash, from suburban Roseville, was beaten into a coma Wednesday by an angry mob in a poverty-stricken Detroit neighborhood after David Harris, 10, ran in front of his truck on a busy street, but police insist the incident was not racially motivated.  The gang also stole his wallet before leaving him for dead.

The Editor says...
If the police don't believe the incident was racially motivated, I doubt if anyone shares that opinion, especially since any such statements by the police were made days before any of the beating suspects were arrested.

Detroit mayor tweets for #calm #compassion in wake of attack on pickup driver.  Mayor Mike Duggan in a statement Friday [4/4/2014] decried a "senseless vigilante style attack" on a man who followed the law to check on a boy he hit with his truck, only to be pummeled by strangers in an east-side Detroit neighborhood.

Daughter of motorist beaten by crowd says family is 'waiting for him to wake up'.  As city leaders called for calm on Friday, an African-American pastor plans to create a benevolent fund for the family of the white 54-year-old motorist attacked and robbed by a crowd as a gesture of good faith given the racial tension surrounding the incident.  The Rev. David Alexander Bullock, pastor of Greater St. Matthew's Baptist Church, on Friday called the Wednesday assault on Clinton Township resident Steve Utash "a terrible tragedy," by young boys who most likely perceived him as a hit-and-run driver.

The Editor says...
That is another misleading assertion, in my opinion — that the attackers "most likely perceived him as a hit-and-run driver."  No, they most likely perceived him as a white driver who got out of his car in their neighborhood.

Detroit man brutally beaten after stopping to check on boy he hit with truck.  The 54-year-old man pulled over to help the boy, who was hit after he darted in front of the pickup truck, and was attacked by a group of bystanders.  The child was treated for a broken leg, but the driver remained in critical condition on Thursday.

Justice, Detroit Style.  Let's get one thing straight: the savage mob attack on a white motorist in Detroit by a dozen or more black men on Wednesday was not a "vigilante style" attack.  Yet that's what Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and City Council President Brenda Jones are trying to call it in a joint statement meant to play down the unavoidable racial element. [...] If you haven't heard about this, 10-year-old Harris, who is black, received minor injuries when he stepped into the street and was struck by Utash's pickup.  Utash, who is white, stopped immediately to check on the boy.  From the beginning, the police have maintained that Utash was not at fault and had done absolutely nothing wrong.  But none of that mattered for at least a dozen or more loitering males, and perhaps as many as 30, all of whom are believed to be black, who attacked Utash, beat him within an inch of his life, and then robbed him.

Lawyer: Teen accused of 'minor role' in driver attack, calls $500K bond 'excessive'.  Two men were arraigned on charges this afternoon in connection with the brutal beating of a motorist who hit a child last week in Detroit, just hours after a teen was arraigned in the same case.  James Deontae Davis, 24, and Wonzey Saffold, 30, both of Detroit were arraigned in 36th District Court on charges of assault with intent to murder and assault with intent to do great bodily harm.  Magistrate Millicent Sherman said Saffold also is a habitual offender.

Hate Crime Charges Possible in Mob Attack.  Four people have now been arrested in the April 2 beating of a Macomb County man who accidentally struck a boy who ran into traffic on Detroit's East Side.  Meanwhile, by early Monday evening, nearly $123,500 had been raised to offset Steve Utash's accumulating medical bills through an online Go Fund Me campaign.  When the family members of the tree trimmer, who has no health insurance, set up the campaign, they hoped to meet a $50,000 [goal.]  Utash, who recently moved to Clinton Township from Roseville, remains in critical condition in a medically induced coma in a Detroit hospital.

$400,000 bond set for teen allegedly in Detroit mob attack on driver who accidentally hit boy.  A 16-year-old Detroit boy charged with assault and ethnic intimidation was ordered Saturday [4/12/2014] to be held on a $400,000 bond in the brutal beating of a suburban motorist.  The serious nature of the mob attack on 54-year-old Steve Utash and the severity of his injuries necessitated a high bond, Circuit Court Referee Raeigen Woods told the teen and his parents during the hearing at a Wayne County juvenile detention center.

Driver beaten by Detroit mob is now talking to his family.  The driver of a pickup truck who was severely beaten by a mob after accidentally hitting a child is now speaking to his family.  Mandi Emerick, daughter of beating victim Steve Utash, said Friday that her father has retained consciousness and is talking, but remains in a confused state, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Uncooperative witness jailed; 4 to stand trial in Utash beating.  A defiant witness left a Detroit courtroom in handcuffs Monday [4/21/2014], after a tense hearing that found sufficient evidence to send three men to trial in the mob beating of 54-year-old Steve Utash near an east-side gas station.

Youths who beat white motorist to within an inch of his life [...] face court.  Four men accused of punching and kicking a motorist who accidentally struck a 10-year-old Detroit boy were ordered Monday to stand trial on attempted murder charges, after a judge reviewed their statements to police and witnesses testified about the chaotic mob attack.

Judge orders trial for 4 charged with beating Detroit motorist.  Four men accused of punching and kicking a motorist who accidentally struck a 10-year-old Detroit boy were ordered Monday to stand trial on attempted murder charges, after a judge reviewed their statements to police and witnesses testified about the chaotic mob attack.  The little boy was treated for a broken leg, but the driver was critically injured and still recovering at a local hospital.

Detroit's Collapse is 100 Percent Because of it's 89 Percent Black Population.  Eighty-nine percent Black Detroit is on the verge of being taken over by the state of Michigan because — well — the Black people of The Motor City can't creat[e] any jobs or wealth, relying on the state to provide EBT cards/Food Stamps, TANF/Welfare, and federal aid/federal grants to keep the city limping along.

Detroit Police search for two suspects as driver recovers following beating after traffic accident.  Nate Szczerbinski says he got into the accident while trying to turn around after going the wrong way down a one way street in Detroit.  Szczerbinski says he was beaten and kicked by three men who hurled racial slurs at him.  "I realized I was in trouble... when they started calling me names and stuff," Szczerbinski told [WXYZ] News.  "I couldn't run.  I couldn't really protect myself.  I would've been just asking for more trouble.  So, I just prayed to God that something would happen."

Man Asks Bus Passengers If They Are Muslims And When They Say No, He Stabs Them.  Incidentally, the Washington Post's headline makes it sound as if a non-Muslim is stabbing Muslims:

        Police: Man stabs two after asking if they are Muslim

People objected to that deliberately-misleading headline, so they've changed it to a slightly different lie:

        Police:  Muslim man stabs two after discussion about religious beliefs

They did not have a "discussion about religious beliefs."  He asked people if they were Muslim and, upon learning they were not, attacked them in accord with the teachings of his religion.

Terror or hate? FBI probes Detroit-area stabbings where Muslim suspect reportedly asked victims' faith.  Detroit police contacted the federal law enforcement agency after Terrence Lavaron Thomas, 39, was charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder after allegedly attacking two men with a 3-inch blade at a bus stop near a shopping mall on Saturday [2/14/2015].  Both victims suffered stab wounds, and were treated and released from a hospital for non-life threatening injuries.  But it was the exchange the suspect allegedly had with his victims, in which he asked if they were Muslim, that has prompted a further investigation.

Michigan Man Stabs Two After Confiming They Were Not Muslim.  A Muslim man in a Detroit suburb Michigan asked two people at a bus stop if they were Muslim.  After they both answered no, some talk ensued, after which he stabbed both of them.  Terrance Lavaton Thomas, 39, who is suspected of the attack, which occurred on Valentine's Day evening, was arrested by police who found him within minutes of the attack walking in the area carrying two knives, one of which was reported to have been used in the attack.  Local reports say that the man did not know the victims previously.  He reportedly made a number of comments about Islam and asked them about their religion just before attacking them.

Police: Man stabs two after asking about religious beliefs.  Both of the victims were standing at the bus stop outside of Detroit with the suspect on Saturday [2/14/2015], Southfield Police Chief Eric Hawkins said. Several people there "engaged in conversation" until the suspect, identified by Hawkins as 39-year-old Terrence Lavaron Thomas, "asked some of the folks there if they were Muslims."  Two of them answered, the chief told The [Washington] Post on Tuesday:  They were not Muslims.  Thomas "was not not happy with that answer," Hawkins said.  Shortly after, "without provocation," Thomas pulled out a 3-inch folding knife "and attacked one of them," Hawkins said.

Black crime in Philadelphia

Overview:  There's a reason they call it Kill-adelphia.
Children of the State.  As of this writing, there have been 298 homicide victims this year here in Philly, a 14% increase since 2016.  That is consistent with the national trend of rising homicides, for which we may thank Obama's opposition to "racist" stop-and-frisk policing.  2015, for example, saw the largest one-year surge in homicides in cities in almost a half century.  There is, on average, a shooting every six hours in the City of Brotherly Love, and were it not for our many fine doctors and nurses, that 298 would be a much higher figure.  Most of the victims are black, as are most of the murderers.  Indeed, at only 13% of the U.S. population, blacks account for almost half of all total homicide victims and more than half of all murderers.  And the vast majority of each are black men under 40.  Imagining our cities without young black men is rather like imagining the West without jihadists:  Both would be a lot safer.  These statistics are, of course, consistent with people's common experience, which could hardly be more politically incorrect.  Like Chicago and Baltimore, Philly is pretty segregated, and everybody knows that the dangerous areas are the black neighborhoods, mostly in North and West Philly.  The business owners there are mostly white and Asian, the same people who pay the most into the welfare state on which blacks, more than any other race, depend.  Like blacks themselves (as long as they are honest), these persons know that in black neighborhoods diligent law enforcement and reliable security measures are as necessary as cocoa butter.

Woman drags sales manager while stealing car off Philadelphia dealership lot, police say.  Philadelphia police were on the hunt Thursday for a woman they say stole a car off a dealership lot — while dragging a sales manager who was trying to stop the vehicle from being taken away.  The scene unfolded Tuesday at a Toyota dealership in West Philadelphia after the woman got off a public transit bus and asked to view a 2013 Dodge Dart.  Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker told FOX29 that, after the manager asked for her driver's license, she closed the door and sped off.

Accused Philly Cop Shooter: 'I Did It in the Name of Allah'.  A Philadelphia man accused of shooting a police officer refused to enter a plea in court, saying, "I don't plead to anyone but Allah."  He also told the judge his court-appointed lawyers do not represent him.  Edward Archer, 32, is charged with the attempted murder of Officer Jesse Hartnett, who was shot point blank when Archer approached his police car with a weapon and fired 13 times.

Pennsylvania couple beat 4-year-old to death over spilled cereal, authorities say.  A Pennsylvania mother and her boyfriend were arrested Tuesday night, accused of beating their 4-year-old son to death because he spilled his cereal, authorities said.  Lisa Smith, 19, and her boyfriend Keiff King, 26, of Willow Grove, face charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and other crimes in connection with the death of their son, Tahjir, FOX 29 reported.

Philadelphia Committee Passes Bill Forcing Store Owners to Remove Bullet-Proof Glass Because it's Offensive.  What's more important, protecting the dignity of customers who shop in local liquor stores, or the innocent employees and store owners who come in every day, knowing that the only thing that ensures they will go home alive, is the bullet-proof glass between them and the criminal element who enters their store?  Well, according to one Philadelphia councilwoman, it's the dignity of the customers.  Philadelphia's Public Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill Monday [12/4/2017] to ban shop owners from protecting themselves with bulletproof plexiglass.

Philadelphia woman, 86, charged in armed bank robbery.  An 86-year-old woman who uses a walker was arrested in Philadelphia on Tuesday [11/21/2017] after pointing a gun at a bank teller and demanding $400, police said.  Sources told Philadelphia's Fox 29 that Emily Coakley had been to the same bank a day earlier, but when she counted her money after returning home she believed she had been shortchanged by $400.

The Editor says...
That sounds reasonable, except for the part about pointing a gun at the teller.

Accused Spring Garden killer was on probation after robbery.  A 16-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting a popular neighborhood advocate during a botched carjacking Thursday in the Spring Garden section of the city was free on probation after being found guilty of robbery this year, according to Juvenile Court records and police.  His 21-year-old brother, allegedly with him when Gerard Grandzol was shot, had also been placed on probation, in May, after selling drugs in Center City, the records show.  As a result, Homicide Capt. John Ryan said Monday, police were still trying to determine how Marvin Roberts and his older brother, Maurice, obtained the 9mm handgun that the younger brother allegedly used to shoot Grandzol, 38.  Their criminal records or ages should have prevented either from buying the firearm legally.  "We don't know where it came from," Ryan said, adding that police had not recovered the weapon.

Brothers arrested in murder of Philadelphia dad who was shot in front of his 2-year-old daughter.  Two brothers have been arrested in connection with the cold-blooded murder of a Philadelphia father who was fatally shot twice in the face while his 2-year-old daughter sat in the backseat during a carjacking.  Maurice Roberts, 21, was arrested at a New Jersey motel Saturday night for allegedly attacking 38-year-old Gerard Grandzol when he didn't hand over his car keys to the assailants, police sources told The Philadelphia Inquirer. [...] The brothers had previous criminal records, police said, adding that the older Roberts was arrested about seven times.  They could face murder charges, police said.

4 dead in murder-suicide in Pennsylvania supermarket.  State Police say four people are dead in a murder-suicide in a northeast Pennsylvania supermarket.

Philadelphia councilman stabbed during attempted robbery, police say.  Republican Councilman David Oh was getting out of his car late Wednesday night [5/31/2017] when he was approached by a man, said police Lt. John Walker.

Black Man Murders 14yo White Boy in Philly, National Media Doesn't Care.  A man has been charged in the shooting death of 14-year-old Ian Wilsey.  Nineteen-year-old Samir Price is charged with murder, robbery and gun charges.  Price turned himself in at the Homicide Unit on Tuesday [12/6/2016].  A second suspect remains on the loose.

3 shot while hanging Christmas lights in Philadelphia after fight with passing driver.  The shooter is described as a black male in his 20s wearing a light grey knitted cap, brown complexion, armed with a dark grey semi-automatic handgun, Fox 29 reported.  The second suspect is described by police as a black male in his 20s with a darker complexion and shoulder length hair that is possibly dreadlocks.

Philadelphia shooting leaves 2 dead, 5 wounded, including 2 police officers.  A "rambling" note expressing hatred for police was found after a man opened fire on a Philadelphia police officer then went on a shooting spree, injuring a second officer, killing a woman and wounding three other people before he was shot and killed by police in an alley, authorities said Saturday [9/17/2016].

Two police, four civilians wounded in Philadelphia shooting spree.  Two police officers and four civilians were wounded on Friday [9/16/2016] during a shooting spree in Philadelphia where the suspect was later killed by responding officers, police said.  Sergeant Sylvia Young, a 19-year veteran of the department, was shot at least eight times by an approaching gunman as she sat in her vehicle late at night, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

Police Consider 'Knockout Game' A Possibility In Fatal Lawncrest Attack.  Investigators say the seemingly random and unprovoked attack happened Friday evening [8/26/2016] on the 700 block of Adams Avenue in the Lawncrest section of the Northeast.  The victim was 30-year-old Mardoquo Sincal Jochola.  He and his brother have been in the U.S. for eight years and are from Guatemala. [...] Police say it was just one sucker punch to the head that killed Sincal Jochola.  He stumbled, hit the ground and the group, not even waiting a moment, runs away.

President Obama's Potential Felonies.  [Scroll down]  Another type of investigation sabotaged by Obama's Dept. of Justice was the investigation of a Black Panther member who aggressively and willfully intimidated voters at a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008.  The Obama Administration let the Black Panther member off the hook in 2008 but the leader of that Black Panther chapter, King Samir Shabazz, got arrested on gun charges in 2013.  With the Obama Administration's obsession with guns one would expect them to take these charges very seriously.  Previously, King Shabazz had uttered numerous comments that were hate speech when he stated that he wanted his followers to raid nurseries and "kill everything white in sight."  He also recommended that "black people should create militias to exterminate whites, skin them alive, pour acid on them, sick pit bulls on them, bust their heads with rocks...."  Only when he was found in New York City to be carrying an unlicensed gun was any law enforcement action done against him.  So while these actions by the Obama Administration may appear to be purely political they are also violations of Title 18 laws regarding the conduct of Federal officials in the handling of investigations.

More about the Black Panthers.

Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times.  Likely a prison convert to Islam.  How many are roaming the streets, freed from prisons by Obama?  This took place outside of Philly where the Muslims have a habit of trying to kill cops.

Suspect in custody after Pennsylvania police officer shot.  The shooting occurred at around 9:30 a.m. Friday [6/24/2016] after Dorman confronted a group smoking narcotics in the backyard of a property.  When Dorman confronted the suspects, shots rang out, according to witnesses.  Folcroft Police Chief Robert Ruskowski says suspect Donte Island is in custody and being charged with two counts each of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Television reporter attacked by bystander during live shot.  A reporter was doing a live shot outside Philadelphia City Hall on Wednesday [6/8/2016] when a woman walked up, tried to interrupt her report, then attacked the journalist on camera.  Iris Delgado, a reporter for Spanish-language Telemundo's Philadelphia affiliate, was finishing a report on a municipal soda tax bill when a woman that the Philadelphia Inquirer identified as Waheedah Wilson walked up and tried to get her attention.  Delgado continued with the conclusion to her report, looking straight into the camera, and began to sign off when Wilson struck her in the back of the head and punched her in the face.

Video Shows Woman Being Beaten While Crowd Watches.  It was a disturbing scene Thursday morning [5/19/2016] in 200 block of Ontario Street in the city's Kensington neighborhood.  The man who shot the video of a brutal beating on the sidewalk does not want his face shown but did talk to us.

Police Arrest Man Accused of Killing 1, Injuring 2 Others in Stabbing Spree.  Police arrested a man accused of killing one person and injuring two others during a stabbing spree along a Philadelphia block.  Ronald Stanley, 55, was arrested and charged with murder, criminal homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault and other related offenses.

Teen ordered to stand trial in deliveryman's killing.  The hearing began Tuesday with 16-year-old Tyquail Duffy confronted with the testimony of 15-year-old Sahmir Walker, both charged in April's robbery and slaying in Crescentville of a deliveryman for a Chinese restaurant.  It ended with Duffy being ordered to stand trial on murder charges in the death of 49-year-old Rendong Zheng, Duffy's mother being held for contempt of court after she took a cellphone photo of Walker in the witness box, and Zheng's widow erupting in wails and pounding on the bulletproof glass separating the gallery from the court.

US Cop Savagely Shot — But Here's What They're Hiding.  Giovanni Cotto, was charged as an adult Tuesday night [11/24/2015] with attempted murder, aggravated assault, assaulting a law enforcement officer and related offenses.  His father said he was a good boy, but if he did this, he has to pay the price.

State trooper is shot after suspect flees along Philadelphia highway and ends up causing a fiery crash with a school bus.  A state trooper was shot after a suspect fled a traffic stop and crashed into a school bus during a high speed chase, sparking a huge fire on a Philadelphia highway.  Police said the traffic stop turned violent when the suspect got back into his car and fled along Interstate 676 on Tuesday morning [11/24/2015].  Trooper Patrick Casey, 31, is in good spirits at a hospital and is surrounded by his family and fiancee after being shot, according to State police Capt. James Raykovitz.

Two teens charged in slaying of 16-year-old.  Police have arrested two 17-year-olds in last week's slaying of Saleem West, a 16-year-old basketball enthusiast gunned down while riding his bicycle in North Philadelphia.  Raheim Feaster of North 24th Street and Tyree Johnson of Belleview Street have been charged with murder, conspiracy, gun crimes, and related offenses.

Video: Baseball bat-wielding man attacks woman, car in North Philly road rage.  Police are looking for a man captured on surveillance video attacking a woman and smashing her car windows with a baseball bat during a road-rage attack in North Philadelphia late Tuesday [8/4/2015].  The victim, 26, was driving north on Broad Street near Lehigh about 11:55 p.m., when a newer, dark-colored SUV began beeping at her, police said.  The SUV tailed the woman to 16th and Clearfield streets, where a man got out and began hitting her car with a baseball bat, according to investigators.

Philadelphia 15-year-olds murdered married father in failed robbery: cops.  Two 15-year-old Philadelphia boys face murder charges for shooting a man while he walked his dog, firing the final round as he pleaded for his life, authorities said.  The cold-hearted teens and a 14-year-old boy targeted 51-year-old James Stuhlman for a robbery after they tired of playing basketball, police Captain James Clark told reporters.  "At one point, he did plead for his life," Clark said Thursday at a news conference.  "He said, 'Please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me,' and they shot still shot him one more time."

Black mob violence in Philly.  Well when their parents named them such names they pretty much guaranteed their kids would live a life of crime. I used to be a retail manager in Exton and this is exactly the stereotype that would come into my store and steal time and time again and then try to make it about race when I had them arrested.  I have been spit on in the past while trying to stop theft and at one point a black man raised his fist towards my pregnant stomach.  That was the only time I backed off.

Philadelphia: Black Mob Violence.  [Video clip]

Alleged flash mob leader held for trial.  The only adult arrested in the alleged thieving flash mob last month waived a preliminary hearing in district court Monday [7/11/2011] and was ordered held for trial.  Kyree Marsh, 19, of the 5200 block of Spruce Street, Philadelphia, was one of 16 persons arrested after allegedly storming into the Sears store, 150 S. 69th St., and grabbing sneakers, socks, watches and other merchandise and hightailing it out of the door on June 23.

Racial Violence Has Not Made It Into the Conversation about Race.  If mobs of white youths were going about chanting the phrase "white boys," beating mostly on blacks and attacking black-owned businesses, then the nation would pay attention.  Academic, media, political, and legal elites would be calling for symposia, expanded reporting, legislation, and lawsuits.  In fact, a mob of black youths in Philadelphia went about chanting the phrase "black boys," beating mostly on whites, and attacking businesses.

Philadelphia mayor to black youth: 'You have damaged your own race'.  Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths "you have damaged your own race," imposed a tougher curfew Monday [8/8/2011] in response to the latest "flash mob" — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city's tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

Another Blacks-on-White Philadelphia Beat Down: When is a Hate Crime NOT a Hate Crime?  When it's a bunch of black thugs (girls in this case) beating the shit out of a lone, white girl.  Giggling with glee ("like they were enjoying a ride on a rollercoaster," said their victim) while they brazenly and unmercifully beat her in front of Philadelphia's City Hall.  In the middle of the day (so much for your curfews stemming the increasing tidal wave of feral packs of black thugs acting... well... very black).  Image the outrage if a pack of white teenagers were strolling through town, singling out black kids for random, racially-motivated beatings.

14 Arrested After Large Disturbance Of Teens Gathers In Center City Philadelphia.  As soon as the warm weather hit, a large group of students in Center City caused a ruckus, endangered themselves, police and pedestrians.  The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office has charged 10 juveniles with Conspiracy, Obstructing Highways, Failure to Disperse and Disorderly Conduct.  All 10 defendants are scheduled for a detention hearing Wednesday [4/10/2013] at the Youth Studies Center in Philadelphia.

Crowd Throws Rocks at Officers Helping Dying Man.  When officers arrived they found 39-year-old Theodore Jackson unconscious in the middle of the street suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.  According to investigators, as officers administered first aid and CPR on the Wilmington resident, a crowd of about 200 people formed around them.  Some in the hostile crowd began to throw rocks, striking several officers, according to police.

New Video Shows Philly Teen Attack.  A new video surfaces of another unprovoked attack in Philadelphia, right outside City Hall, by a group of teen girls on a worker.  A woman attacked in broad daylight in May is now coming forward.  And Fox 29 has obtained chilling video of the attack on her by a group of teenage girls.  The exclusive video shows her walking outside City Hall, before dark at 8 p.m. on a Thursday, when out of nowhere, a group of girls comes up behind her, slams her on the ground, and starts hitting her repeatedly.

Violence persists at troubled Bartram High.  Trouble persists at Bartram High.  A brawl erupted in the school cafeteria this week, with teenagers punching and stomping on one another and on school police.  Students set off firecrackers inside the building.  And the student who last month knocked a staffer unconscious was back in the halls of the Southwest Philadelphia school.  "It's normal for Bartram," said one teacher, insisting on anonymity.  "It's our new normal."

The soft bigotry of low expectations, blackboard jungle edition.  The Obama administration's Department of Education has announced that it will crack down on "civil-rights infractions" in public schools, including alleged disparities in the disciplining of white and black students.  The notion behind this initiative is that black students are disproportionately subjected to discipline they don't deserve.  That doesn't seem to be the case in the Philadelphia public school system, however.  There, as Abigail Thernstrom and Tim Fay report, it appears that African American students frequently harass and attack Asian students without consequence.

Report:  Philadelphia schools unsafe, unjust.  Philadelphia public schools are unsafe places where students who commit violent crimes are rarely punished and rehabilitated and with a disciplinary system that is "dysfunctional and unjust," according to a report by the district's safe-schools advocate.  In a blistering 72-page document obtained by The Inquirer, Jack Stollsteimer describes a district where students who assault teachers or come to school with guns are not removed from classrooms, a violation of federal and state law.

Philadelphia and the Burqa Bandits.  The latest wave of burqa banditry to target Philadelphia began at a branch of More Bank in the East Oak Lane neighborhood two days before Christmas.  Following similar heists on January 6, March 14, March 20, and April 4, the Philadelphia Police Department and FBI issued a wanted flier for a pair of black males in "Muslim-like clothing covering their heads and bodies."

SEPTA: Mom, Grandmom Dodge Fare, Leave Baby Behind.  SEPTA officials say a mother and grandmother left behind a baby girl while trying to avoid paying full subway fare.  Authorities say the incident happened Monday on the Market-Frankford El at the 60th Street station.  The baby's 15-year-old mother had a single one-day convenience pass that allows one person to take eight rides. [...] The two women didn't realize they had left the baby until they got to the 56th Street station around ten minutes later.

The hate that dare not speak its name.  Another week in Philadelphia, another violent episode where people dare not speak its name:  Race Riot.  The latest is Port Richmond, where a mob of black people stormed a house, broke in, and beat up the occupants — all because of something that may or may not have happened to a black teenager on a bike.  One of the attackers pulled a gun.  Luckily the victim disarmed him.  Later that day, another mob returned, this time armed with racial taunts and threats of violence against the white family if they testify in court.  This is just one of dozens of race riots in the Philadelphia over the last two years.

A Beating and Racial Slurs But No Hate-crime Charges.  Ah, the left-wing capacity for rationalization knows no bounds.  While we're told that even substantive criticism of Barack Obama is driven by the hatefulness the left has dubbed "racism," a racial attack by three black teenagers on two white men in Philadelphia this past Monday [1/30/2012] is, somehow, not.

Police charge 5 teens in rape of 12-year-old girl in stairwell of Philly recreation center.  Police in Philadelphia say they have arrested five teenagers accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at a busy recreation center.

6 Teens Arrested in Taped Beating of Pa. Woman.  Six teenagers were in custody Friday on charges they brutally beat a neighbor on her stoop just "for fun" and then posted cellphone video of the attack on Facebook, authorities said.

Teens Laugh While Recording Violent Beating Of Woman In Chester.  A group of teens violently attacked a mentally challenged woman at random in Chester and recorded the entire incident on tape.  During the vicious attack, which was later posted on Facebook, the teens could be heard screaming obscenities and even laughing.  Police say on Thursday morning [9/27/2012], an anonymous Chester resident alerted police of the taped incident that was apparently posted on Facebook.

Group Of Teens Randomly Attack Man On Kelly Drive.  On the same weekend that two men were beaten by violent mobs of teenagers in Center City spurring a police crackdown, another man now says he was randomly attacked on Kelly Drive.

Philly police release surveillance video of blind man beating.  Philadelphia police released a street-camera video Wednesday [10/9/2013] of a blind man taking a brutal beating in broad daylight.  The blind man, who was in the Germantown area, appeared to be pushed from behind and falls off the curb and into the street.  While on the ground, the blind man takes two punches, and then gets kicked nearly a dozen times by the attacker.  He offered no defense.  Police noted that there were bystanders in the video that did nothing to intervene.

Three "Knockout" Attacks Reported In Philadelphia Area.  "Knockout" attacks have been reported in several states around the country and now investigators believe three people have been attacked in our area.  Police in Lower Merion are investigating two attacks in the area, and Philadelphia detectives are investigating an attack in Northeast Philadelphia.  It's a violent crime that in other parts of the country has proven fatal.

Mayor Nutter Says 'Knockout' Attacks 'Will Not Be Tolerated Here'.  Mayor Michael Nutter was joined by other city leaders Monday evening [11/25/2013] in an attempt to stop the so-called "Knockout Game" from spreading to Philadelphia.  Nutter was joined by Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, as they discussed the so-called game in which a person is randomly assaulted, while another person films it with their phone or other device.  With cases reported in other U.S. cities, including New York, Mayor Nutter says the city is working to stay ahead of the problem, but needs parents to do their part.

New York chef suffers broken jaw, nose in likely 'knockout game' attack in Philadelphia.  Diego Moya, 30, described his Tuesday night [11/26/2013] attack in online exchanges with The News as his father drove him back to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving at home. [...] Police told him they believe he was attacked by a group of six to eight men, ranging in age from 16 to 21.  He wasn't robbed and nobody's been able to find a motive for the random crime.  That's why police suspect it may have been a "knockout game" assault, Moya said.

The Editor says...
Yep, it's another head-scratcher — such an impenetrable enigma that the police just can't figure out the motive.  A white guy is beaten up by a bunch of blacks and racial animosity doesn't even occur to the detectives.  Or so they say.  In reality, the motive is quite clear to everyone involved, yet it's not politically correct to state it in public.

Suspect in hammer attack outside West Philadelphia deli identified.  Philadelphia police say they have identified the suspect who brutally attacked a local business owner with a hammer.  Nathanial Maybin, 29, from the 800 block of S. 56th Street is wanted for the attack outside Maple Deli at 49th and Lancaster in West Philadelphia.  Police say David Woods, 46, was attacked at that location just before just before 5 p.m. Thursday [2/20/2014]. [...] The Gloucester City man was hit so hard, he can't even speak.  Police said Woods will likely have to go through intensive speech therapy before he can talk again.

Temple Student Attacked With Brick.  A 19-year-old Temple University student suffered serious facial injuries after an attacker hit her with a brick only a block from campus Friday [3/21/2014].  The student was walking with her 20-year-old boyfriend, who also attends Temple, near 16th and Norris streets around 6 p.m. when a group of about 10 teens and young children began taunting them, according to sources.

Female Temple University student, 19, is hit in the face with a brick by gang of children.  A female Temple University student is vowing to return to class despite being unable to chew even the softest of foods after a gang of children smashed her in the face with a brick Friday night [3/21/2014].  The 19-year-old woman, who has declined to be identified, was walking with her boyfriend just off campus when a group of about 10 children began taunting them — they were followed for a block until the vicious assault that left her with dislocated teeth and a fractured jaw.

Temple University student attacked by gang of teens before they beat another with brick.  Five juveniles have been taken into custody in connection to a trio of seemingly random attacks involving young girls and bricks.  The five girls, ages 14, 15 and 17, were arrested early Tuesday afternoon after a Temple University student said she was attacked across the street from a Philadelphia police station on Friday — just minutes before the mob beat another 19-year-old student in the face with a brick.

Cops: 5 in custody for Temple attacks.  It's not clear why a group of high school girls lashed out at Temple University students Friday, but, with five girls in custody, police are hoping to get that answer soon.  Five girls, ranging from 14 to 17 years old, turned themselves in to Central Detectives today, Capt. Frank Banford said.  The girls came forward after seeing news reports about a series of three attacks near Temple's campus Friday night, one of which left a female student bruised and bloodied after being hit with a brick.  "They saw themselves in the video, and knew that sooner or later, they would get caught," Banford said.

The Editor says...
As usual, the police are utterly baffled and completely unable to guess the attackers' motive. It is apparently impossible for them to believe that black hoodlums attack randomly-selected white people just because they're white.

Teens Charged as Adults in Temple Student Attacks.  Three teens, arrested for allegedly beating several Temple University students in random, gang-style attacks, will be charged as adults, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office announced on Wednesday [3/26/2014].  Najee Bilaal, 16,15-year-old Zaria Estes, and 15-year-old Kanesha Gainey were charged on Wednesday with Aggravated Assault, Conspiracy, Possession of an Instrument of a Crime (PIC), Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault and Recklessly Endangering Another Person (REAP) for three attacks which took place over a 20 minute span last Friday evening, according to the DA's Office.

Staffer knocked unconscious at Bartram High.  A staffer assigned to quell violence at a Philadelphia high school was knocked unconscious in what one union official called the worst assault since a Germantown High School teacher's neck was broken in 2007 by a student.  Alphonso Stevens, known as a conflict-resolution specialist, suffered a fractured skull, concussion, and other injuries.

Climate at Bartram High raises concerns about safety, education.  When Alphonso Stevenson was knocked unconscious by a student at Bartram High recently, staffers were shocked by the assault on the tall, genial man whose job was to keep the school calm.  But many were not surprised.  The school, by many accounts, can be a frightening place, where fights and drug use are common and large groups of students often roam the hallways.  "I had a better chance in Vietnam," said longtime social studies teacher Stephen Pfeiffer, an Army veteran.  "Here, you lock your door and pray no one comes in."

New Black Panthers to protest 'non-blacks'.  The New Black Panther Party — an organization known largely for their intimidation of voters outside a Philadelphia precinct — has announced plans for a "National Day of Action and Unity," — ironically urging followers (on their day of unity) to boycott all "non-black business" on April 23.

Racial bullying roils a Philadelphia high school.  [Scroll down]  Inside is a cauldron of cultural discontent that erupted in violence last month — off-campus and lunchroom attacks on about 50 Asian students, injuring 30, primarily at the hands of blacks.

Group Of Teens Randomly Attack Man On Kelly Drive.  Christopher Dean says he was biking along the drive around 6 p.m. on Sunday evening, July 31.  It was a sunny day and plenty of people were out.  He was between Boathouse Row and the Girard Avenue bridge heading west, he says, when he saw a group of four or five teenage boys standing by the side of the path.  Suddenly, one of them stepped out toward his bicycle and punched him in the face.

The Editor says...
The article makes no mention of the suspects' race, but the incident took place in Philadelphia, and the victim was white, so obviously the thugs were all black.  Prove me wrong.  If the assailants had been white, the reporter would have made that very clear.

Vandals Use Spray Paint To Wreak Havoc In Northeast Philadelphia.  According to investigators, the vandals spray-painted racial epithets, sexual symbols and swastikas on cars, houses and fences.  The spray paint vandalism included the saying "Fu* Crakers" and some on the swastikas were backwards.

15-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Group of Teens In Delaware County.  Speaking exclusively to CBS 3, a 15-year-old high school student, whose identity we are concealing, described a terrifying attack by a gang of at least nine teenage boys as she was leaving an Interboro High School football game Monday night.  The teenage victim described first being taunted by the attackers, who followed her down a neighborhood street, cursing and spitting at her, before she was repeatedly kicked and punched, suffering at least one blow to her head.

Violence Comes to Temple.  Wait just a minute, Temple University. Don't go getting all huffy just because a black guy beat and robbed an 81-year old white professor.  This robbery happened on Tuesday, October 29.  A person whose grainy visage is now known to millions of residents in the Philadelphia area walked past a secure guard station, entered the professor's office, punched him in the face, held a knife to his throat, robbed him, punched him again, then calmly walked away, leaving the professor a bloody mess.  He lived.  By Thursday, police identified their suspect as a convict with a long record of violence and mayhem.

Cops: Kids filmed beating of man, 58.  The video was posted to Facebook, a video of teens laughing as one of them goes up to an unarmed 58-year-old man sitting at the Aronimink trolley stop in Upper Darby and punches him square in the jaw.  The punch is so hard you can hear it.  "It was a violent, vicious, cowardly, punk act," said Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.  "He's lucky he didn't kill him."

GameStop collecting fingerprints from Philadelphia gamers.  Major video game retailer GameStop is now requiring its Philadelphia customers to provide a fingerprint scan when they try and sell used games.  GameStop stores in the city received a mandate from corporate headquarters after Philadelphia police requested they implement harsher security measures, gaming blog Kotaku reported.  GameStop says it is following a local law that allows them to collect fingerprints, which then go into a database used by law enforcement to help track down people selling stolen goods, a local CBS affiliate reported.

Cell phone footage of a violent attack against a Philadelphia park ranger by a skateboarder 'because he was told he couldn't ride in the park'.  A witness was able to videotape a violent attack against a park ranger by a skateboarder in a Philadelphia park on Friday [8/15/2014].  Police are investigating the violent encounter that occurred in LOVE Park at around 5 p.m.  Mariano Verrico of Essex Fells, New Jersey managed to capture the horrific event 'over a no skateboard rule' on film.

Primary Suspect Under Arrest In LOVE Park Ranger Beating.  Curtis Tanner, 19, said nothing as he was escorted into Central Detectives on Monday afternoon.  Police say he's under arrest in the brutal Friday afternoon [attack] that was all caught on tape.  Police say he's been arrested twice before, once for robbery in Montgomery County and once in Philadelphia for disorderly conduct.

Police: Suspects Stalk, Rob Senior Citizens at Philly-Area Banks.  Police are trying to track down the trio of suspects who they say have been stalking out senior citizens at banks throughout Philadelphia then attacking and robbing them.  "They're scum, really scum — going after people that really can't afford it," said Bayard Stonehill, victim.  83-year-old Stonehill, who is recovering from throat cancer, spoke about the suspects who police say have been targeting the elderly in Northeast Philadelphia, Juniata and Northern Liberties.

Girl to be Tried as Adult in Temple Brick Attacks.  A 15-year-old girl who allegedly hit a Temple University student across the face with a brick — breaking her jaw and dislocating her teeth — in one of several random assaults near the North Philly college campus will be tried as an adult.  Philadelphia Judge Benjamin Lerner denied a request made by Zaria Estes' attorney to send her case to Family Court, even though he agreed to allow the cases of her alleged accomplices, who are also juveniles, to be moved.  Initially, all three teenage girls were charged as adults for the random, gang-style attacks when they were arrested in March.

Customer opens fire on Northeast Phila. barber.  A Northeast Philadelphia barbershop owner who was shot four times at his store Monday night [10/13/2014] told police the man who shot him had first asked for a haircut, police said.

Teen who bashed Temple student's face with brick pleads guilty.  Zaria Estes, the high school girl who was scheduled to be tried as an adult for attacking a Temple University student with a brick this spring, pleaded guilty Tuesday morning [10/14/2014].  Estes, 15, entered into a non-negotiated guilty plea to aggravated assault, conspiracy and possession of an instrument of crime.  Three other charges were dropped:  making terroristic threats, simple assault and reckless endangerment.

Man Attacked On Philadelphia Street Speaks To [KYW] Eyewitness News.  CBS 3 Eyewitness News first brought you shocking video of a man being sucker-punched and knocked out cold on a Philadelphia street.  Now, the victim spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco.

Philadelphia woman found alive after abduction caught on tape, suspected kidnapper captured: police.  A Philadelphia woman whose shocking abduction was caught on tape was found alive and her suspected kidnapper was taken into police custody Wednesday [11/5/2014], according to authorities.  22-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was found in Jessup, Maryland, with minor injuries, Philadelphia authorities said.  Delvin Barnes, 37, was taken into custody in Maryland and will be charged federally for assault and kidnapping, police said.  The "vicious predator" is currently being held on a warrant for a previous "violent" case, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said at a press conference.

Caught On Camera: Drexel Hill Man Punched In The Face At Trolley Stop.  A man sitting at a trolley stop in Drexel Hill is punched in the face, and it's all caught on camera.  "It's a real shame that something like this could take place," said the victim.  The victim does not want to be identified, but wants his story told.  He says he was just minding his own business at the Burmont and Morgan trolley stop last week when about six teens came up to him.

500 witnesses and no one is talking.  About 500 spectators were packed around the Kingsessing Recreation Center's outdoor basketball court Monday night, cheering on an adult league playoff game.  Then, at halftime, a thug in a red and black baseball hat loped across the court and fired a .40-caliber handgun 11 times into the bleachers, wounding six people.  As of Tuesday afternoon [8/23/2011], none of those 500 witnesses were saying much to police.

Teens in Muslim garb try, fail to rob gun shop.  [Joe] Galiano is the owner of Suburban Armory, the gun shop on MacDade Boulevard in Collingdale, Delaware County.  There is a giant gun-shaped sign on the roof.  Inside, Galiano is surrounded by guns, including the .45-caliber pistol on his hip.  Can't miss it.  And the police station is just around the corner from the shop.  Despite these conspicuous crime deterrents, two teenagers nonetheless decided to throw on burqas and pull a silver handgun on Galiano about 1:40 p.m. yesterday in a botched attempt to stick him up, police said.

Black crime in Dallas

Convenience Store Looted Downtown After Attack.  Hundreds of people packed into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at Griffin and San Jacinto as a massive police presence pushed crowds away from the chaotic scene of the attack [on police in Dallas].  News 8's crews stationed near the 7-Eleven saw people taunting officers who were protecting the building.  Many were drunk and some were believed to be stealing from inside the convenience store.  Some poured alcohol on News 8's vehicles in the parking lot, forcing our crews to move.

Video in aftermath of Dallas police slaughter appears to show protesters dancing and 'taunting' officers in a 7-Eleven parking lot.  A video filmed in the aftermath of a deadly attack on police officers in Dallas appears to show protesters dancing in a parking lot.  Five officers died and several more were wounded when gunfire erupted at a Black Lives Matter protest on Thursday night.  Hundreds of people packed into a 7-Eleven parking lot at Griffin and San Jacinto streets as police pushed the crowd away from the chaos of the crime scene, WFAA reports.  A Fox News report showed footage of the parking lot, showing a line of officers standing guard in front of the store and appearing to prevent anyone from entering.

Convenience Store Looted After #DALLAS Attack.  Looters took advantage of the shootings in Dallas as an opportunity to raid a 7-Eleven store.  Will this help to heal race relations in America?  No.

The Editor says...
The Black Lives Matter march in Dallas on Thursday evening [7/7/2016] was touted as a "peaceful" protest, but dozens of the "peaceful" marchers clearly demonstrated that if the police are nowhere in sight, they will eagerly ransack the nearest 7-Eleven store, laughing and cackling the whole time.  I have no doubt that if the Dallas police went on strike for a few days, the entire city would be looted by these allegedly "peaceful" people.  Incidentally, on the morning after this 7-Eleven store was looted, there was no mention of it from the TV station that sits across the street.

Dallas shooter was affiliated with anti-Semitic group.  [Micah X.] Johnson has been variously portrayed as a follower of the Black Lives Matter movement who was pushed to the edge by recent police shootings, a loner who not only was unaffiliated with various black nationalists organizations but was even shunned by them, and a disgruntled veteran who left the military under a cloud of suspicion for sexual harassment.  Reports now say he was linked as well to several black power and other confrontational groups, some of which are labeled as anti-Semitic.  According to local reports, Johnson was a member of the New Black Panther Party's Houston chapter for about six months a few years ago.  He "liked" the group on Facebook and, according to The Daily Beast, he attended multiple NBPP protests and events.

Controversial headline
Image of the Day:  You know what else is racist?  The truth.  A newspaper in Memphis came under fire last week for its coverage of the assassination of five police officers in Dallas.  What specifically had locals in such high dudgeon was the headline emblazoned across the front page.  Protesters who congregated outside the offices of the paper, The Commercial Appeal, were so outraged that a simple correction was deemed sufficient.  Instead, the publication's editor offered up a nearly 1,000-word mea culpa.  So what did the headline say?  This:  [Image]

Still no explanation for Dallas gunman's honorable discharge.  Almost a week after the Dallas sniper attacks, it's still unclear how the gunman obtained an honorable discharge from the military even though Army officials sent him home from Afghanistan with a recommendation that he be thrown out of the armed forces.

Black militia says Dallas shooter 'shall be celebrated one day'.  Micah Xavier Johnson, the lone gunman in Thursday night's ambush on police in downtown Dallas, was an Army veteran who friends described as a nice guy.  But he also was enraged with police shootings of black men around the country, he told negotiators during a tense standoff, and he "had very strong feelings about being black," a former co-worker said.  Authorities are now investigating whether Johnson was directed by the militant groups he "liked" on social media — including the African American Defense League, the Black Riders Liberation Party, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party — or merely emboldened by them.

First black Miss Alabama calls Dallas cop killer a 'martyr'.  The first black woman to hold the title of Miss Alabama posted a tearful message Sunday calling Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson a "martyr."  Kalyn Chapman James, who was crowned Miss Alabama before placing as a top-10 semi-finalist in the 1994 Miss America pageant, posted a live video on Facebook that's been viewed more than 7,400 times.

Dallas shooting rifle: a "curio or relic," but still deadly.  The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives classifies the SKS rifle that some sources believe Micah Johnson used to kill five Dallas police officers on July 7 a "Curio or Relic."  Due to this status, which the SKS shares with many other models of Berettas, Colts, Remingtons, Rugers and other firearms that are at least 50 years old, gun dealers said that in some states and jurisdictions the Soviet-era rifle can be purchased online and delivered to your door without securing a permit.

"Executive Level Gaslighting:"
Obama On Dallas: "it's very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter".  Speaking at a press conference in Poland, President Obama actually said it is "very hard to untangle the motives" of the shooter in Dallas who killed five police officers Thursday evening.  This statement is despite the shooter telling police exactly what his motive entailed.

Hate Group Urges Gangs To Kill Cops After Dallas Shootings.  Groups like the New Black Panther Party are applauding the man who killed five Dallas police officers on Thursday, while another group is calling for more dead cops.

Blame Black Lives Matter Movement for Dallas Carnage.  The Dallas shootings are the logical extension of the demonization of police officers by the racial grievance industry spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement, a demonization that began almost as soon as President Obama took office.

Why Is Obama Completely Ignoring The Dallas Shooter's Motive Of Wanting To Kill White People?  America has a race problem.  But it is not the typical race problem you hear about on the six o'clock news or in your social media news feed.  Rather, it involves people like Barack Obama refusing to call deliberate attacks on white people racist.  Despite Dallas police, including the city's commissioner, outlining how the shooter Micah Xavier Johnson said he wanted to kill white people, especially white law enforcement personnel, Obama claims that the assailant's motives are "hard to untangle."

Dallas suspect taunted police during 2 hours of negotiation.  The suspect in the deadly attack on Dallas police taunted authorities during two hours of negotiations, laughing at them, singing and at one point asking how many officers he had shot, the police chief said Sunday [7/10/2016].

The Suspect Said He Wanted to Kill White People.  America's modern race-obsessed progressive media exhibits symptoms of brainwashing that are so severe, they make North Korea look positively libertarian.  To hear them tell it, last Wednesday evening a black man in Minnesota "was shot dead for a broken taillight" a mere day after a black man in Louisiana "was shot dead for selling CDs."  Mais pourquoi?  Because, dummy, of "our nation's carnal desires to spill black blood."  Duh!  What are you — some kind of racist or something?  I often marvel at the magical mystical soothsaying ability of self-proclaimed reporters who were likely hundreds if not thousands of miles from the crime scene yet are able to know not only precisely what happened, but also exactly why it happened.

Dallas suspect said he wanted to kill whites.  An Army veteran killed by Dallas police after the sniper slayings of five officers during a protest march told authorities that he was upset about the police shootings of two black men earlier this week and wanted to exterminate whites, "especially white officers," officials said Friday [7/8/2016].

Top police group wants Justice to investigate Dallas police killings as hate crime.  The Fraternal Order of Police, the country's largest group of sworn law-enforcement officers, is asking the Justice Department to "immediately" investigate the killing of five Dallas police officers as a hate crime.  "The U.S. Department of Justice is always quick to insert itself into local investigations," group President Chuck Canterbury said Friday [7/8/2016].  "Today we expect action just as swift.  We want a federal investigation into those who were motivated by their hatred of police to commit mass murder in Dallas."  Police say the shooter in Thursday's attack, Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old black Army veteran, was angry about two recent incidents in which a police officer fatally shot a black male.

The Editor says...
It is difficult to imagine why such an investigation should be undertaken; for indeed, the perpetrator — hateful or not — is dead.  He is paying the price for his actions at this very moment.

Due Process?  A Drone Was Used To Blow Up A US Citizen Without Trial This Week.  The Dallas shootings have ushered in a very new world for US citizens.  For the very first time, drones have been used on US soil to kill Americans without trial or charges.  The suspected shooter in yesterday's tragic killings, US Army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, was, according to police and press reports, holed up in a parking garage and would not give himself up.  After hours of what police claimed were fruitless negotiations with Johnson, a weaponized robot was sent to where he was hiding and blown up, taking Johnson with it.

The Dallas Killings Were Inevitable.  Yesterday in Dallas, Texas, Micah Johnson — and perhaps several others — opened fire on police during a Black Lives Matter demonstration.  Five officers were killed and seven were wounded.  Two bystanders were also hit.  Johnson told a police negotiator during a standoff that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, because he was angry about police killings of blacks.  Johnson, who was later blown up by a police robot bomb, fought in Afghanistan but "went all Black Panther" when he returned to the United States.  Johnson said he acted alone but a group called the Black Power Political Organization claimed it was behind the police killings and promised "more will be assassinated in the coming days!"  Some blacks in Dallas celebrated with they heard that police had been killed.  These murders were entirely predictable.  They are the logical — even inevitable — result of hatred for the police whipped up by black activists and encouraged by politicians and the media.  These killings will not be the last.

Why Isn't The Media Condemning All the People Supporting the Dallas Shooter?  [Scroll down]  I saw many postings (several with hundreds of "likes" and "retweets") from black people who have been infuriatingly supportive of the man who wanted to kill "white people" and end up assassinating several completely innocent police officers.  I'm not talking about the usual conspiracy nuts who insist that Johnson wasn't really the shooter.  That isn't that unusual in cases like this.  What I saw was flat out praise for Johnson's actions.  Perhaps even worse than that, there were numerous blacks who were being viciously attacked for having the gall the criticize those who would publicly support/justify such a heinous crime against humanity.  To my knowledge (and I have searched hard to find it), not one major "black leader" has had the guts to call out this outrageous reaction. [...] This is a whole new level of insanity and delusion.  This shows that there is a culture, at least within the massive online black community, where, even if it is not nearly the majority view, it is more than acceptable to think is it somehow justifiable to kill whites/police out of revenge for events which we still don't yet even fully understand.

Right One Cue:  Obama Pushes Gun Grab Following Attack On Dallas Police.  He makes no mention of Black Lives Matter, a racist, violent, socialist group he has all but endorsed as President.  He makes no mention of the culture of hate and divisiveness his administration has built for the last eight years.  No, instead, Barack Obama once again uses tragedy born of the racial tensions he himself has created, to go after gun rights in America.

Dallas copycat ambushes of police in 3 states yesterday.  In the last 24 hours, there have been three incidents in three different states involving the deliberate targeting of police officers.  In Misouri and Georgia, the attacks were described as "ambushes."  The attack in Tennessee occured before the Dallas shootings, but the motive, according to police, was the same as the cop-killer's reason for the shootings in Dallas.

Hillary plays the race card on Dallas police massacre.  Hillary Clinton has crafted her response to the slaughter of Dallas policemen to exploit racial resentment and shore up her support among African-Americans.  She needs Obama-levels of turnout and to grab about 92% of the votes in order to win.  She has had trouble whipping up enthusiasm among all demographic slices of the electorate, and she apparently sees black anger at whites as just the thing to motivate voters to turn out, and to quiz their friends, families, and neighbors as to whether they have voted on Election Day.

Police union criticizes Obama shooting response, calls for hate crime investigation.  The nation's largest police union is calling on the Justice Department to investigate the fatal shooting of five police officers in Dallas Thursday night [7/7/2016] as a hate crime — and is criticizing President Obama for his response to the shootings so far.  "We'd like to see the president make one speech that speaks to everybody instead of one speech that speaks to black people as they grieve and one speech that speaks to police officers as they grieve," said Jim Pasco, the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents 330,000 officers.

Dallas sniper was sent home from Afghanistan over sexually harassing a female soldier then 'got in touch with bad folks and went all Black Panther'.  The Dallas sniper who targeted police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest was sent home from Afghanistan after being accused of sexually harassing a female soldier — then 'got in touch with bad folks and went all Black Panther,' according to a friend.  Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who fatally shot five officers and wounded seven more before police killed him with a remote-controlled bomb in early hours of Friday [7/8/2016], was described as a loner who followed black militant groups on social media.  Johnson lived with family members in the blue-collar suburb of Mesquite, Texas, where he played basketball for hours at a time.

Suspect in Dallas Attack Had Interest in Black Power Groups.  The man who the Dallas police say killed five officers in a barrage of bullets on Thursday was a troubled Army reservist who left Afghanistan under a cloud of sexual harassment charges made by a fellow soldier who sought an order of protection against him and said he needed mental health counseling.  Micah Johnson, 25, left the service in 2015, moving back to the Dallas area, where he had grown up.  There, he gravitated toward black power groups, displaying his affinity for them on Facebook.  His profile page, which has since been taken down, paid homage to black pride, featuring images of a raised fist and pictures of the red, black and green Pan-African flag.  Both have been symbols of nonviolent black empowerment for decades, but have also been co-opted by extremist groups with racist views.

Micah Johnson's sister, Nicole Johnson, ranted against police on Facebook a day before her brother killed five officers.  President Obama said that although the country was questioning how to confront the "pain" of this week, it was united, and that Americans of all backgrounds were disgusted by attacks on police.  "Americans of all races and all backgrounds are rightly outraged by the inexcusable attacks by police — that includes protesters, it includes family members who have grave concerns about police conduct.  And they have said this is unacceptable — there's no division there," he said.  President Obama labelled the Dallas sniper "demented", saying he was not representative of all African-Americans.

The Editor says...
Obviously, Obama himself is "not representative of all African-Americans."

Despite racist motives, Obama blames Dallas attacks on gun control.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once said "never let a good crisis go to waste," and President Obama intends to use the racist anti-police attacks in Dallas for expanding gun control.  Despite the fact that one of the shooters, Micah X. Johnson, had racist motives and wanted to kill white police officers because he was angry and cited #BlackLivesMatter as inciting him, the President is claiming it was the lack of gun control that caused the deadly massacre in Dallas.  "When people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and tragic," Obama said at a press conference during a trip to Poland.  "In the days ahead we're going to have to consider those realities."

An Act of Terror Against the Men and Women of Law Enforcement.  We learned on Friday morning [7/8/2016] that one of the suspects "stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.  He also allegedly told a hostage negotiator that his anger was fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent shootings of African-American individuals at the hands of police.  What occurred Thursday evening must be distinguished from legitimate acts of protest, but it must also be distinguished from a random act of violence in and of itself.  What occurred Thursday evening was indeed an act of terror perpetrated against the entire law enforcement community.  President Barack Obama rightly condemned the violence in Dallas as "vicious, calculated, and despicable."  But the president offered these words only after having spent the past seven years routinely criticizing the entire law enforcement community and criminal justice system in the wake of various isolated controversies.

Calls for Black Lives Matter to be recognised as 'terrorist organisation' after Dallas shootings.  More than 4,000 people have signed a White House petition urging the US Federal Government to formally recognise the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign as a "terrorist organsiation".  The calls come as five police officers were shot dead by snipers during a BLM protest in Dallas on 7 July.  The petition was started one day before the shooting, however, it gained popularity following events in Dallas.  Anyone aged 13 or older can sign a petition on the website and the White House will respond to the request should it gain 100,000 signatures by 5 August.

Dallas gunman was upset about recent shootings, wanted to kill whites:  Police chief.  Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown said that the sniper told police negotiators that he was angry about recent police-involved shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement, although he claimed to be acting alone and not involved with any group.  "The suspect said he was upset at white people.  The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," he said.

Suspect in Dallas police attack wanted to 'kill white people': chief.  A black U.S. military veteran of the Afghan war who said he wanted to "kill white people" opened fire in a sniper attack in which five police officers were slain at a protest decrying police shootings of black men, officials said on Friday.  Seven other police officers and two civilians were wounded in the ambush in downtown Dallas on Thursday night, officials said.  Police killed the gunman, identified by authorities as 25-year-old Micah Johnson, with a bomb-carrying robot after cornering him in a parking lot, ending an hours-long standoff.

Did the false narrative about police killing blacks lead to the Dallas cop killings?  Two tragic police shootings resulting in the deaths of two young black men have set the country on fire.  And the politicians, eager to score points with the minority community, may have unconciously enabled the snipers in Dallas, who killed 5 police officers and wounded 6 others.  Before any evidence was gathered at all, and before any facts involving the police killings were known, several politicians rushed to judgment and declared a racial motive for the tragedies.

Dallas police massacre:  BLM demonstrators got what they called for.  The attack on Dallas police officers, 12 hit and 5 among them now dead, is the latest blow to the fragile bonds of civil society.  The expectation that lawful behavior will predominate and that we can go about our business, once lost, is difficult to recover.  Make no mistake:  a war against civil society is underway, and attacks on police officers are a key tool with which to bring about a situation where the armed and vicious rule the orderly and disarmed.  Lest you forget, #BlackLivesMatter explicitly demanded the assassination of police officers less than a year ago.

Dallas shootings bring number of police killed this year to 56.  Five Dallas law enforcement officers were killed in a sniper attack Thursday night, bringing the death toll of officers killed in the line of duty this year up to 56, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  The attack, which injured several more officers, occurred during a demonstration held downtown for the black victims of two police shootings this week, which generated national outrage when video of one shooting and the aftermath of the other were shared widely on social media.

Texas Lt. Governor: 'I Blame People on Social Media with Hatred Toward Police'.  Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said he blames people on social media with hatred toward police during a Fox News Channel interview Friday morning.  The Lt. Governor made a passionate call for viewers to remember these are real people who were killed and wounded during the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.  "I do blame people on social media with their hatred toward police," Lt. Governor Patrick said.  "I saw Jessie Jackson on calling police racist without any facts.  I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests. ... We've heard the 'pigs in a blanket' (comments)."

Meet the Leftist Reverend Behind the Dallas Black Lives Matter Protest.  The lead organizer of the Dallas protest where snipers opened fire on police officers has made several disturbing comments on his social media.  A Breitbart News review of Jeff Hood's internet footprint revealed regular posts about the apocalypse, violent retribution to police, and Hood even recently posted about the 2013 death of a self proclaimed "social justice warrior" who committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of a shopping mall in Texas.  Video of Hood speaking on camera just after the attack surfaced on social media where Hood talks about "leading the protest."

Dallas police shooting: 'Black Power group' claims responsibility for police killings and warns of more assassinations to come.  A Facebook page claiming to represent a black power group has posted messages claiming responsibility for the deaths of five police officers in Dallas. [...] There were initial reports there could have been up to three or four snipers involved in a co-ordinated attack during a peaceful Black Live Matter protest.  However — while two men and one women have been arrested in connection with the attacks — it's being claimed tonight that police are operating on the theory of a 'lone gunman' being responsible.  This gunman has been named as Micah Xavier Johnson, from Texas, who served with the US Army Reserve for six years and served for a time in Afghanistan.

Police group director:  Obama caused a 'war on cops'.  The head of a law enforcement advocacy group lashed out at President Barack Obama in the wake of the Dallas shootings that left five police officers dead, accused the president of carrying out a "war on cops."  "I think [the Obama administration] continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible," William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox on Friday morning [7/8/2016].  Johnson said although the Thursday night shooting of law enforcement officers reminded him of "the violence in the streets in the 60's and 70's," he pointed out how Obama's response appeared different than his predecessors.

Who is Dr. Jeff Hood?  From his home page:  "The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood is a Baptist pastor, theologian and activist living and working in Texas.  A graduate of Auburn University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Emory University's Candler School of Theology, University of Alabama and Creighton University, Dr. Hood also concluded a Doctorate of Ministry in Queer Theology at Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University.  Dr. Hood was ordained at a church within the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006 and received standing in the United Church of Christ in 2015. [...] In 2015, Hood was named Hope for Peace and Justice's Ambassador of Justice for his theological activism and also the Next Generation Action Network's Person of the Year for his work against police brutality.  In addition to being the husband of Emily and father of Jeff III, Phillip, Quinley Mandela, Lucas & Madeleine, Dr. Hood also maintains a close friendship with Texas Death Row prisoner Will Speer.  With deep soul and a belief that God is "calling us to something queerer," Dr.  Hood is a radical mystic and prophetic voice to a closed society."

Micah Xavier Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.  An Army veteran "upset about Black Lives Matter" and "recent police shootings" who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas in an attack on police officers has been identified by police as Micah Xavier Johnson.  Five police officers were killed and seven were wounded, officials said.  Two civilians were also wounded in the shootings, police said.  Johnson, 25, was killed when a police robot detonated a bomb near him following a standoff that lasted several hours, Police Chief David Brown said Friday at a press conference.  "The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," Brown said.

Who Is the Dallas Shooter Micah Xavier Johnson?  Officials identified Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, from Mesquite, Tx., as the suspect in the murders of five Dallas law enforcement officers and injuries of seven others.  He is being described as a recluse who lived with his mother and had no prior criminal record, CNN reports.

Man accused of stabbing random Dallas shopper.  A Dallas man remains in jail after police say he randomly stabbed a shopper inside a Target store.  Police say Antowann Davis, 30, walked into the Target on Marsh Lane around 9:15 p.m. Thursday [5/17/2012] and took a butcher knife out of its packaging in the kitchen department.  Martha Jones, 29, said she was browsing inside the store when Davis walked past her and shoved the knife into her lower back.

Chance encounter with CHL holder saves Frisco woman from robber.  There is constant sound and motion at DART's Convention Center Station, and it's one of Kim Lanphere's regular stops.  "I use DART 30-to-40 times a week," she said.  "At most stations, I feel relatively safe, because there's light and people."  But as of Saturday, her feeling of safety is gone.  Dallas police say she passed 23-year-old Jamail Koroma on a sidewalk near the station.  "I felt him change his gait, and at the time I had by bag here," she said, motioning by her side, "and I put it on my shoulder, just to hold it safe."

It's open season on prostitutes.
Rape victim not a 'victim,' judge says, giving rapist probation.  A Texas judge has sentenced a confessed rapist to just five years' probation, implying his 14-year-old victim was promiscuous and "wasn't the victim she claimed to be."  Sir Young, 20, pleaded guilty to raping the girl at Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas when he was 18, even as she told him "no" and "stop," according to the Dallas Morning News.  But State District Judge Jeanine Howard stunned many when she opted for probation, which will include 45 days in jail, and also exempted him from standard sex-offender restrictions, [...]

The teen neighbor who senselessly gunned down Iraqi newlywed.  A 17-year-old boy has been charged with the murder of an Iraqi newlywed who was gunned down as he took pictures of his first snowfall just weeks after arriving in the U.S.  Nykerion 'Kaca' Nealon has been charged with killing Ahmed Al-Jumaili, 36, who was shot outside his Dallas, Texas apartment block on March 4 as he played in the snow with his wife and brother-in-law.

Man randomly attacked, killed along White Rock Creek trail.  An upset young adult randomly attacked and fatally stabbed a jogger along the White Rock Creek trail early Monday [10/12/2015].  Police said Thomas Johnson, 21, used a large, edged weapon to kill the unidentified male jogger on Monday morning [10/12/2015].

Police: Former Texas A&M football player randomly hacked jogger to death in Dallas.  Former Texas A&M football player Thomas Linze Johnson was out of football and out of his home.  And, Dallas police say, he was angry.  Johnson allegedly took out that rage Monday morning [10/12/2015] by hacking a jogger to death with a "large-edged weapon" on the White Rock Creek Trail, police said.

Widow of runner slain at random by machete-wielding schizophrenic kills herself three weeks later.  The widow of a jogger who was brutally hacked to death by a machete-wielding schizophrenic in a random attack three weeks ago has committed suicide.  At the time, Patti Stevens, 54, told local newspapers she was 'lost' without David, 'the love of her life' and husband of 25 years.  He was killed by 21-year-old Thomas Johnson, a mentally ill former football player, as he ran along the popular White Rock Creek Trail in Dallas on the morning of October 12.

The Editor says...
If you get all your information from the television stations in Dallas, you probably haven't heard this news, because the local TV stations generally do not report suicides.

Fast Food Worker Says She Was Attacked Over Milkshake.  Dallas police detectives want to identify a fast food customer they say went on a threatening rampage because he was dissatisfied with a milkshake order.  Surveillance video from the Burger King at 11800 block of N. Central Expressway from June 13 shows the man at the counter.  The video has no audio.  But the recording shows him throwing a drink at someone outside the scope of the camera.  The man then grabs a highchair from the seating section and flings it across the counter.

Gunman Was Gregarious Until Army Career Ended in Disgrace.  He was disarmed in the middle of a war zone and placed under 24-hour escort.  The most humiliating part was that everyone in Micah Johnson's unit in Afghanistan knew why:  He was accused of stealing a female soldier's panties.  Johnson's aspirations to a military career were over.  Now he faced removal from the Army.  The well-liked, easygoing young black man whose friendships were described as colorblind was suddenly deeply shamed and ostracized.  People who knew him, both before and after, say he was never the same.

CBS Issues Correction, Jumped the Gun on AP Bullets Used in Dallas Ambush.  CBS's Scott Pelley had to issue a correction Friday July 15 on CBS Evening News for an overzealous segment on the Dallas ambush he aired on Monday July 11.  In the original report Pelley claimed that so-called armored piercing bullets were used to kill the police, that claim turned out to be false.  "Early in the investigation, a city official told us the ammunition the killer used was armor-piercing," he stated, "Well, now we've learned that the bullets were not the armor-piercing type."

Black Liberal Establishment's Misinformation Campaign On Dallas Assassination.  The horrific assassination of five police officers in Dallas, Texas exposed how the black liberal establishment echo chamber operates to manipulate the views of black Americans.  Following the shooting, elected officials, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, black media, and community activists shifted blame from the attack from a black racist to gun control, the NRA and police brutality.  The unified message misinforms the black community about the real causes of problems facing urban areas.

Black crime in Memphis

3 charged with first-degree murder in Phil Trenary's death.  Three people have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Memphis civic leader Phil Trenary, according to Memphis police.  McKinney Wright Jr., 22; Quandarius Richardson, 18; and Racanisha Wright, 16, have been charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of criminal attempted robbery and criminal attempted especially aggravated robbery, according to police.  According to an affidavit, the trio "discussed possible robbery targets as they drove around downtown Memphis."

Former Pinnacle Airlines CEO shot dead in Memphis.  The former CEO of Pinnacle Airlines has been fatally shot in Memphis, Tennessee.  Authorities say Philip Trenary was killed in a shooting Thursday night [9/27/2018] on South Front Street in downtown Memphis about 8 p.m.  Trenary also served as the CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber.

That's Quandarius on the left.
3 charged in fatal shooting of Memphis civic leader.  Three people have been charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a civic leader and former airline executive in Memphis, Tennessee.  Memphis police said on Twitter late Saturday [9/29/2018] that 22-year-old McKinney Wright, 18-year-old Quandarius Richardson and a 16-year-old have been charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of a robbery and especially aggravated robbery in the shooting of Philip Trenary.

Phil Trenary, head of Greater Memphis Chamber, killed in downtown shooting, Mayor Jim Strickland says.  The president and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce was killed Thursday night [9/27/2018] in a shooting on South Front Street in Downtown Memphis.  The death of Philip H. Trenary, 64, was confirmed by the Chamber and Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.

Black-on-black-on-black-on-black crime:
Employees at Memphis Waffle House filmed brawling over dirty dishes.  Employees at a Memphis Waffle House were filmed fighting behind the counter during Sunday's breakfast rush after one of the workers reportedly told another to start washing dishes, despite her being off the clock, Fox 13 Memphis reported.  The on-duty employee then pushed the other woman's head, and the two began trading blows behind the counter, police say.  In footage of the brawl, several of the women's co-workers can be seen attempting to pull them apart.  One can also be seen ripping a chunk of hair from the other's head before the two are eventually separated.

Woman charged with criminal exposure to HIV after allegedly biting Memphis police officer.  A Memphis woman is facing multiple charges, including criminal exposure to HIV, after she allegedly bit an officer during a traffic stop on Wednesday [8/3/2016]. [...] She "had her keys between her fingers and was swinging at the officer," according to the affidavit.  She then bit one of the officers in the left arm, drawing blood.  Smith refused treatment, but was taken to the Regional Medical Center for injuries sustained during the struggle.  While at the hospital, she informed the medical staff that she has AIDS, police said.  The injured officer was also taken to the hospital for treatment.

Fatal shooting in North Memphis marks city's 100th homicide.  Memphis hit an unenviable milestone Saturday [6/11/2016].  Shortly after 2 p.m., the city recorded its 100th homicide of 2016.

Variety of solutions discussed to Beale Street violence.  Mothers are demanding answers to the violence from city leaders after an alarming number of homicides involving teenagers being killed and teenagers being charged with murder.  "We're not even halfway through the year and it's already been 93 murders; that's a problem," Bridget Bradley said.  Bradley is with Memphis Mothers Against Violence and for the second straight day she, as well as other outraged Memphis mothers, have been outside city hall demanding a response from the mayor about the recent crime.

Violent sex offender arrested for flashing women at KFC.  A registered violent sex offender was arrested after police said he flashed two women at KFC on Poplar Avenue.  A woman told police she went to KFC to meet her daughter when she saw a man banging on her daughter's vehicle.  She told police she told the man to step away when he approached her and asked for money.  When she denied giving out money, the man, 46-year-old Karron White, exposed himself while cursing at her.

Video captures teens fighting at Burger King.  An all-out brawl inside a Memphis fast food restaurant was caught on camera.  A WMC Action News 5 viewer said they took the footage at the Burger King near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Cleveland Street.  In the video, several young people can be seen fighting near the counter.  The people appear to be in school uniforms.  The video shows what appears to be students throwing punches, pulling hair, and standing on counters in a local fast food restaurant.

18-year-old girl charged with murder of 14-year-old girl.  Police said one of the girls "disrespected the family" of the other in what they describe as a "festering disagreement" among a group of teenage girls.  Treyonta Burleson was pronounced dead at Vanderbilt University Medical Center after being shot in the torso by Antwana Smith.

Man convicted in 2013 shooting death of nurse on South Main.  [David] Santucci's mother, Darlin Fugit, said their case was "so clear and so precise."  She said she holds no anger or bitterness, and [Dondre] Johnson will have plenty of chances to think about what he did while in prison.

Authorities identify suspect wanted in fatal shooting of Memphis police officer during traffic stop.  A suspect has been identified in the search for a gunman who shot and killed a Memphis police officer during a traffic stop, the city's police director said Sunday night [8/2/2015].  A warrant for first-degree murder has been issued for 29-year-old Tremaine Wilbourn, who is believed to be the shooter, Police Director Toney Armstrong said at a Sunday evening press conference.  Wilbourn is currently on supervised release for a 121 month sentence for robbery of a banking institution, Armstrong said.

Memphis Cop Shooter Tremaine Willbourn WANTED $10,000 Reward Via U.S. Marshals.  29-year-old Tremaine Willbourn is the wanted individual.  Police believe he is the shooter.  Wilbourn was on supervised release for 121 month sentence for a bank robbery.

Black Man Saves White Woman from Black Mob Violence in Memphis.  The best explanation for black mob violence just might come from a place where it is an everyday fact of life:  Memphis.  "It's fun," said one black person to a local reporter inquiring about why so many "teens" are so eager to be so violent.  But the central organizing feature of the violence is not age.  It is race.  The members of these mobs are black.

Video: Mob of high school students attacks man at gas station.  Memphis police say a large group of high school students swarmed a BP gas station and beat a man, according to CBS affiliate WREG.  Orrden Williams, Jr., the man seen in the surveillance footage being beaten, told the station that one of the kids "sucker punched" him.  He had reportedly been helping an older woman to her car, after saying that she didn't feel safe when the crowd began coming into the parking lot.  [Video clip]

Memphis Tennessee Church Hides Arrest Of Violent Sex Offender.  A violent sex offender is now facing charges after police say he exposed himself in a church soup kitchen.  Willie Edwards is listed as a violent sex offender on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry for offenses dating back to 1989.  Edwards was working in the kitchen at St. John's United Methodist Church when he exposed himself to a female worker January 27.

Mother and child held at gunpoint; MPD makes arrest in driveway robberies.  A handful of driveway robberies have people living in fear around the Memphis area, but police say they've caught two people causing the turmoil.

A teen mob strikes again.  Three teens have been cited by Memphis police after a mob of teenagers attacked several people Friday night [9/26/2014].  Police said a large group of teens flooded the streets near Central High School Friday just before 10:00 p.m.  "Had I had been armed we would have had a lot of kids laying in the Bellevue street that night," Sharon Mourning said.  Mourning said she would have done whatever she needed to protect herself, "So we just driving and all of a sudden all of the kids ran into the middle of the street."

Memphis gang members post video on Facebook showing their felony crime.  A 14-year-old Memphis boy and three of his fellow gang members unwittingly helped law enforcement solve a brutal crime.  That's because they videotaped themselves robbing and beating a 22-year-old victim until he was bloody, naked and unconscious, said Vince Higgins, spokesman for the new Memphis-based Multi-Agency Gang Unit, a union of local and federal prosecutors and law enforcement.

Another violent black-on-elderly-white crime:
Arrest Made In Beating Of Elderly West Memphis Woman.  Two people have been arrested after an 89-year-old woman in West Memphis, Ark., was beaten so badly a bloody footprint was left on her face.  It was just after 9 p.m. Monday [4/14/2014] when Allene Durdin answered her door and was beaten and robbed in her North McAuley Drive home.  She had seven broken ribs, a broken nose and bleeding of the brain, according to her granddaughter.

Five teens shot after midnight basketball tournament.  Five teens were shot on Saturday evening, after a Memphis Gun Down event meant to keep teens and guns off the streets; Tony Coburn is in custody with five counts of attempted first-degree murder.  Police say four other suspects ran from the scene.

Tips lead to arrest of TJ Maxx robbery suspects.  Two people are charged in a bizarre robbery attack at a Memphis TJ Maxx, where a security guard was threatened with AIDS.  Christopher Talley and Latasha Brooks face several charges, including attempted first-degree murder.

Screaming With Glee: "oh look, they got a white dude" — Black Mob Attacks White Kroger Customer and Employees.  According to police, three white people were jumped by a large group of teenagers who were chanting "fam mob."  The black group, who came from CiCi's Pizza, reportedly attacked a 25-year-old white customer as he left his car to enter Kroger.  Two white employees, ages 17 and 18, were attacked while trying to stop the fight.  Both were "struck several times in the head and face while being knocked to the ground".  The victims say large pumpkins were thrown at their heads.  They both were eventually knocked unconscious.

Three New Suspects in Kroger Beatings, Incident Will Not Be Investigated As Hate Crime.  The beatings of three people in a Kroger parking lot Saturday night will not be investigated as a hate crime, according to police officials.  Memphis Police Department director Toney Armstrong said he's had lots of calls asking how the investigation would proceed but said there is "not sufficient enough evidence to investigate this as a hate crime."

Kroger Mob Beating Victim Speaks, Four Teens Arrested.  It's a violent attack that was caught on camera — and now, police in Memphis say they have arrested and charged four juveniles.  The attack happened in the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store on Saturday, September 6th.

Video goes viral of black-on-white mob attack in Memphis.  It's the latest instance of black-on-white mob violence sweeping America — and a YouTube clip of the attack has gone viral.  It shows a 17-year-old boy in Memphis, Tennessee, getting punched, knocked to the ground, and kicked in the head while lying helpless.  Jubilant shouts and laughter from the black mob can be heard in the background.  The YouTube video shows a white youth — an employee of a Kroger supermarket — stepping outside the store's front doors last Saturday evening as a mob of black youths rampaged through the parking lot terrorizing shoppers.  Reportedly, the mob was playing a version of the so-called "knock-out game" — with this one called "point 'em out, knock 'em out."

Memphis attack: Father weeps over video of badly beaten son.  The video showed a rampaging mob attacking people indiscriminately in the parking lot of a Kroger supermarket in Memphis, Tennessee.  A bag boy saw the advancing crowd and sought shelter.  He tried to escape but within a matter of moments the young man found himself swept up in the violence and chaos.

Oh!  If an actor says so, I guess the attorney general has to do something!
Actor James Woods calls for Attorney General to investigate Kroger mob attack as hate crime.  To some who watched a grainy cellphone video of Saturday's brutal mob attack outside an East Memphis grocery store, the math is simple:  Black assailants plus white victim equals hate crime.

Mob of Black Teens Brutally Beats Elderly Man, Smashes Cars in Memphis.  Memphis, Tennessee suffered another attack by a rampaging mob of black teenagers after they flooded the streets after a local high school football game Friday.  The mob of some 40 teens flooded into the street near inner city Central High School on Friday, September 26 just after the end of the game.  A witness to the rampaging mob, Sharon Mourning, said she wished she were armed at the time.

Black crime in New York

Subway shoving suspect once begged mental hospital to lock him up.  A man who pushed a subway commuter onto the tracks last week had earlier begged his doctors at Montefiore Hospital to lock him up because he's a paranoid schizophrenic.  Jakim Jeter, 20, was arrested on attempted-murder charges for shoving Edwin Pinez, 55, onto the subway tracks on Nov. 9 at the Brooklyn-Bridge City Hall subway station.  For at least six months before the attack, Jeter had been asking his doctors to commit him because he was scared he'd hurt himself or others.  His family had been asking for at least a year and a half.

Two women arrested for choking, assaulting mom on subway.  Two women were arrested for beating a mom over the head with a cellphone and placing her in a chokehold during a fight aboard a subway train, authorities said Friday.  Chaena Frazier, 30, and Sytobia Agbonlahor, 27, were both hit with charges of criminal obstruction of breathing and acting in manner injurious to a child for the Nov. 1 melee on the E train in Forest Hills, according to police.

Black Nazis Terrorize Jews in New York.  Higher rates of anti-Semitic attitudes are bound to lead to higher rates of anti-Semitic hate crimes within the black community.  And in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh mass shooting, all the anti-Semitic incidents in New York City appeared to be perpetrated by black men.  Two days before James Polite disproved the myths about black anti-Semitism that his foster mother had helped spread, swastikas were spray painted on houses in Brooklyn Heights.  Surveillance footage showed that two black men were responsible.  The two, Jarrick Wiltshire and Daul Moultrie, turned themselves in.  Closing out the week, six black teens hurled a pipe through the window of the Volkan synagogue in Brooklyn during Sabbath prayers.  Prior to that they had allegedly accosted a girl in the area.  In 1 week:  9 attacks on Jewish institutions, 7 fires, 1 broken window and 9 black male perpetrators.

Thugs stalk random man into subway, stab him repeatedly: cops.  Halloween was a horror for a Bronx man after three strangers followed him into a subway station an stabbed him repeatedly, police said Saturday [11/3/2018].  The trio approached the 19-year-old victim as he walked into the Norwood-205th Street D train station near Bainbridge Avenue around 9:25 p.m., chased him and then knifed him multiple times in the stomach and upper right arm before taking off, police said.  The victim was rushed to St.  Barnabas Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition after the unprovoked Oct. 31 incident, cops said.

Bronx man seen setting fire to deli after fight over cigars.  Video footage shows a disgruntled deli customer setting a Bronx, N.Y., shop on fire after he got into a fight with a worker over cigars, authorities said Tuesday [10/2/2018].  The customer got into an argument with the 30-year-old shop clerk at the White Plains Road Deli around 5 a.m.  Sunday because the worker wouldn't let him leave with a box of cigars without immediately paying for them, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.  [Video clip]

NY cab punks
Teen passengers slap livery cab driver, steal his money: cops.  Three obnoxious teens slapped a Bronx livery cab driver after refusing to pay the fare, then took off with $100 of his cash, cops said Sunday [9/23/2018].  Police released surveillance video Saturday of the trio, believed to be in their mid-teens, in the back of the victim's black Toyota RAV4.  They hopped into the livery cab on Colden Ave. near Boston Rd. in Allerton around 5:30 p.m.  Sept. 10 , cops said.  Once inside, the teens began arguing with the 31-year-old cabbie about payment.

7-Eleven customer dramatically throws iced coffee on counter after learning price.  New York police are reportedly searching for a woman who dramatically threw iced coffee across the counter of a 7-Eleven after a reported squabble over the price of the drink.  On Aug. 30, the unnamed woman became irate after she learned the price for the three iced coffees she intended to purchase at the 7-Eleven in Mastic, Long Island, WNBC reported.  In video footage obtained by Fox News, the customer chatted on the phone as she tried to buy the drinks at the register before the transaction quickly turned sour.

Cops nab MTA aerosol attacker.  Police have arrested a man accused of spraying two MTA bus drivers with a noxious chemical — possibly mace — on their route through Brooklyn.  Andre Chandler, 46, is facing charges of assault, menacing and reckless endangerment for the back-to-back attacks, which both took place on B15 buses on Aug. 23.

Noxious passenger
Cops release images of man who sprayed noxious substance on buses.  This is the man cops believe sprayed a noxious substance on two MTA buses earlier this week.  The suspect boarded the B15 bus that runs between JFK Airport and Bedford-Stuyvesant around 4 a.m.  Thursday [8/23/2018], refused to pay and became enraged when the driver couldn't make a stop at Rockaway and Hegeman avenues in Brownsville because of construction, officials said.  The man then whipped out a giant can and sprayed it into the partition protecting the driver, according to police who released surveillance images of the incident.

Boy, 15, is charged with attempted murder for opening fire into a crowd of hundreds of people.  A 15-year-old boy was shot multiple times by police after he allegedly opened fire at a memorial for gun-violence victims in Queens.  Cops were dispersing a disorderly group at a barbecue in Far Rockaway late Friday evening when the teen began firing off rounds. 'The officers engaged the male and gave him verbal commands to drop the gun,' NYPD Chief David Barrere said in a press conference Saturday [8/11/2018].

Wake Forest assistant basketball coach charged with assault in deadly NYC attack.  An assistant men's basketball coach at Wake Forest University has been arrested and charged with assault in connection with a deadly attack on a tourist in the New York City borough of Queens, police said Thursday [8/9/2018].  Investigators say Jamill Jones, 35, punched Sandor Szabo, also 35, in the head following a confrontation early Sunday.  Szabo fell and hit his head on the pavement, knocking him unconscious.  He was rushed to a local hospital, but died two days later.

Tourist dies after being punched in the head in Queens.  A tourist from Florida died after he was attacked in Queens over the weekend, according to reports on Tuesday [8/7/2018].  Boca Raton resident Sabor Szabo, 35, succumbed to injuries he suffered during an assault in Long Island City early Sunday morning, loved ones and co-workers told WPEC-TV.  "I hope they find him (the killer) and bring him to justice," co-worker Josh Gillon said.  "This was really a stupid, stupid act.  It's a big family and he was an important part of it so everybody is just heartbroken."

Man, 81, punched in the face in random New York City attack captured on video.  Authorities are hunting Sunday for an attacker who punched an 81-year-old man on a New York City sidewalk that was captured on surveillance video.  The 81-year-old was walking on the street just after 11 p.m. last Sunday in Bronx's Melrose neighborhood when a man approached him from behind and slugged him in the face, police said.  Surveillance video captured the victim immediately falling to the ground as the suspect fled the scene on Courtlandt Avenue.

The Editor says...
The surveillance video is exceptionally poor, but there are two reasons to believe the suspect is black:  [#1] The news report didn't say he was black, and [#2] Nobody else acts like this.

Off-duty MTA worker hit on subway by stray bullet: cops.  An off-duty MTA worker was shot by a stray bullet while riding the subway Tuesday evening [7/17/2018], according to police.  Carlo Thorne, 47, was riding a southbound 3 train when a fight broke out between two groups inside the subway car as it pulled into the station at Rutland Road and East 98th Street in Brooklyn at approximately 6:20pm, according to cops.  The shooter, identified only as a black male between 16 and 18 years old wearing a blue shirt and dark sweatpants, exited the train car and fired one shot into the crowd from the platform — striking Thorne in the right arm.

Attackers take photos of victim after they knock him out.  A 37-year-old man sucker-punched in the head by two men on a New York City was photographed and robbed as he laid unconscious for several minutes.  Police said the victim was approached by two people and punched in the head shortly after 6 a.m. on June 18 at the corner of Aqueduct Avenue and Buchanan Place, causing him to fall to the ground in the middle of the intersection.  After the two attackers calmly left the scene, several other people can be seen on surveillance video released by police gathering around the victim and going through his pockets, taking out his cell phone and identification.

Bronx boy, 15, killed in 'brutal' stabbing, NYPD says; help sought in ID'ing alleged attackers.  New York police are seeking the public's help identifying a group of males believed to be connected to the "brutal" stabbing that led to the death of a 15-year-old boy in the Bronx earlier this week.  Authorities on Friday [6/22/2018] released surveillance video related to Wednesday's attack showing several males entering a store in the New York City borough.

Man busted for attempting to rape woman at knifepoint.  The pervert who tried to rape a woman at knifepoint in her Brooklyn apartment was busted at 5 p.m.  Saturday, cops said.  A tipster led police to Darryl Williams, 25, of Crown Heights.  Williams pushed his way into the 37-year-old victim's Greenpoint apartment door at 3:30 p.m.  Thursday [6/21/2018], dragging her into her bedroom and threatening her with a knife, police said.

'Crazy' subway passenger sucker-punches conductor.  A deranged straphanger sucker-punched a subway conductor in Brooklyn on Tuesday [6/19/2018] — the latest in a recent string of assaults on MTA workers.  The unidentified man socked a Q train conductor after his Brighton Beach-bound train pulled into the Prospect Park station at 11:54 a.m., MTA officials said.

Man accused of beating New York college professor during fatal ATM attack blames 'bad spirits'.  An 87-year-old college professor died on Thursday, five days after he was savagely beaten for $300 at an ATM in New York City.  Young Kun Kim, a former political science and Asian studies professor who taught at Lehman College, was using an ATM in Upper Manhattan on Sunday afternoon [5/13/2018] when he was ambushed and punched in the head.  Kim's attacker stole his money and fled the scene, while the professor was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was listed in "extremely critical condition" and placed on life support.

Man, 87, 'extremely' critical after being assaulted, robbed in an Upper West Side bank.  Police said a man entered the bank, then approached an 87-year-old man from behind and punched him in the head before stealing money from the victim's clothing.

Ronald Williams
Suspect in brutal sex assault is ID'd; 40 cops tapped in manhunt.  New York City police have created a special 40-member task force to try and capture the suspect in a brutal sex assault, according to a report.  The NYPD fears the 21-year-old suspect, Ronald Williams, is very dangerous and could strike again, WABC-TV reported Saturday [5/4/2018].

Woman smashes Staten Island Popeyes window over meal.  Authorities are searching for the woman who harassed employees and broke a window at a Staten Island Popeyes earlier this month. [...] She grew angry and began to harass the restaurant's staff about her meal, but proceeded to eat her food, said police.  Before leaving, the woman made obscene gestures at the employees and used a chair to break a glass window, video surveillance shows.

Brooklyn man who raped, robbed teacher in her apartment has history of sex attacks.  The Brooklyn man arrested for the chokehold rape and robbery of a young Bronx teacher has a history of violent attacks, including a 2015 rape arrest, police said.  Lynneke Burris, 30, of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, was arrested Thursday night [4/12/2018] for what police believe was a violent random attack on the 23-year-old high school English teacher in her Concourse Village apartment building about 1 a.m.  Burris threw her in a headlock until she passed out, authorities said.  When she came to, he raped her in the building's elevator, took cash, her wallet and demanded her PIN, police said.  Burris then withdrew $500 from the victim's account, according to the NYPD.

NYC tourist threatened at knifepoint for wearing Trump hat, police say.  A Danish tourist was robbed at knifepoint by two thugs who snatched his "Make America Great Again" cap — and threatened him when he tried to get it back, authorities said.  The 18-year-old victim was about to jump on the subway at Union Square about 5:40 p.m.  Thursday [4/12/2018] when one of the two men grabbed him from behind and grabbed his polarizing cap, police said.

Eyewitness News reporter gets punched in the face by stranger in Queens.  An unhinged man sucker-punched ABC Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer in the Rockaways, Queens, on Tuesday, police said.  Fleischer, 54, was filming a segment at the corner of Beach Channel Drive and Beach 56th St. in Far Rockaway about 12:30 p.m. when Efram Lacroix stormed up to him and socked him in the face, cops said.

Man sucker punches 5-year-old in face on New York City subway: cops.  Police are hunting for a man who approached a 5-year-old boy riding the New York City subway and punched him in the face as the child's mother was standing next to him.  The man, identified as Ramon Thomas, 25, was on the G train just before 4:30 p.m. Saturday [3/24/2018] when he attacked the boy who was standing next to his mother, police said.  The train was approaching the Bergen Street station in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood.

Reputed MS-13 defendants laugh, smile as slain teen's family glares.  Three members of the notorious Salvadoran gang MS-13 showed no remorse Tuesday as they laughed and joked in a New York courtroom while the family of one of their alleged murder victims — a teenage girl — grimly looked on.  Enrique Portillo and brothers Alexi Saenz and Jairo Saenz laughed, smiled and joked with each other as prosecutors said they were waiting to hear from the U.S. Justice Department about whether they can pursue the death penalty.

Stranger attacks woman with caustic spray on Staten Island.  A deranged attacker sprayed a woman in the face with a caustic substance on Staten Island Monday morning, yelling "Do you have the time now, b----?" police sources said.  The 52-year-old victim was walking along Woodrow Road by Carlton Blvd. in Arden Heights, when another woman approached her from behind at about 11:30 a.m.  "I didn't know the person," said Lizzie Dunn.  "She asked me for cigarette and I told her no.

Machete-wielding man attacked Meals on Wheels volunteer: cops.  Police say a man in Vermont has used a machete to attack a woman in her 70s as she delivered meals to a motel being used as emergency housing for the homeless.

Volunteer attacked with machete while delivering meals to the homeless.  A woman in her 70s who was delivering meals to the homeless in Vermont was attacked by a man wielding a machete, police said.  WCAX-TV reports that Abukar Ibrahim, 32, attacked a 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer who was leaving meals at Harbor Place, which serves as a temporary emergency housing facility.  The woman was sent to a hospital with multiple injuries and later released.

Parolee arrested over savage quadruple murder.  Two people have been arrested in the quadruple homicide that took the lives of two women and two children in their upstate New York apartment.  Justin Mann, 24, and James White, 38, were arraigned in Troy City Court around 8.30am Saturday after being arrested Friday night.  Both men face four counts each of second-degree and one count each of first-degree murder.

Former journalist and Muslim "revert" gets 5 years for bomb threats against Jewish centers.  A former journalist who made bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers as part of a vicious revenge plot against his ex-girlfriend was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday — after his ex told a judge "I'm not convinced that he still won't try to kill me."  The moving statement by Francesca Rossi detailed Juan Thompson's extraordinary, relentless abuse that culminated in his threats to a dozen Jewish centers via email that he attributed to her.

2 Hurt in Bloody NYC Subway Station Slashing:  Police.  Two people were slashed Sunday inside one of New York City's busiest subway stations, police say.  Officials say the Fulton Street stop in Lower Manhattan became a crime scene around 5 p.m. after two straphangers were slashed by a man after an argument turned violent.

Drunk Man Attacks Mom in Front of Her Kids on NYC Subway Platform, Straphangers Rush to Help:  Police.  Straphangers pounced on a drunk man who allegedly attacked a mother in front of her three children on a Bronx subway platform, an exchange caught on video posted to social media.  Remel Jefferson was arrested after the attack on the 6 train platform at the Hunts Point Avenue station in the Bronx about 7:15 p.m.  Thursday, according to the NYPD.  Law enforcement sources told News 4 the man appeared to be intoxicated when he targeted the mother.  They said he punched her in the face, dragged her by the hair and shoved her into a pole and bench.  He also broke a bottle and threatened her with it.

Woman Tells Man To Stop 'Manspreading' On NYC Subway, Gets Punched In The Face.  Thankfully, a fellow straphanger intervened and grabbed the attacker, forcing him off at the next stop.  [Video clip]

Man punches woman who told him to stop 'manspreading' before a good Samaritan steps in during subway rage attack in New York.  A Good Samaritan stepped in and forced a man off a New York Subway train after he launched into a sickening rant and punched a woman in the face because she said he was 'manspreading'.  Sam Saia, 37, said she had politely asked the man to move his legs while she was sitting on the N train on Thursday [11/16/2017], when he erupted into a violent rage, and began swearing at her, threatening her and punched her in the mouth.

New York mom 'intentionally' drowned newborn in bathtub, police say.  An upstate New York mother was charged with second-degree murder after she drowned her 10-day-old son in a bathtub on Monday [11/13/2017], police said.  Officers responded to the Rochester home around 2:30 p.m. after receiving a report of an unresponsive newborn and found the baby in a bathtub.  The newborn, named Jeremiah, was taken to Rochester General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Rash Of 'Knockout' Attacks Has Some New Yorkers Worried.  There were warnings Friday [10/27/2017] about a possible upsurge in knockout attacks in which people are sucker punched for no good reason.  Video of one such incident shows a woman being suddenly kicked and then punched by a man.  She was knocked out cold on the ground, but rather than help her several people took out phones to take pictures.  Nobody called the police.  It happened in Pittsburgh more than a month ago, and something similar happened in Brooklyn on Thursday night [10/26/2017].

Woman gets knocked out cold, bystanders stop to take selfies.  Shocking surveillance video shows the moment a Pittsburgh woman was knocked out cold by a man on a busy sidewalk — but that's not the worst of it.  The footage also shows the woman being beaten and robbed by bystanders — who proceed to take pictures of her, including selfies — as she lies unconscious on the ground.

Cops say man splashed liquid in girl's face, called her 'white b****'.  A man splashed an unknown liquid in a girl's face and called her a "white b****" as she was getting off a school bus in Queens, officials said.  The 13-year-old had just stepped off the bus near the corner of Lefferts Boulevard and 101st Avenue in Richmond Hill when the man accosted her around 3:30 p.m.  Tuesday, police said.  "This is for you, white b****," he shouted before throwing the substance in her face.

91-year-old Brooklyn man dies, 100-year-old wife injured after home robbery.  A 91-year-old Brooklyn man died on Wednesday after a group of robbers broke into his home and tied him up, police said.  Waldiman Thompson and his 100-year-old wife, Ethline Thompson, were sitting in their home when a group of unknown intruders broke in and ransacked the place, according to police. [...] Investigators said they are looking for four male suspects and watching surveillance footage for clues.

Straphangers' quarrel over elbow room comes to blows.  Tempers rose when a young woman boarded a northbound 6 train at 68th Street Station around 2:20 pm and took up too much space next to a 70-year-old rider, officials said.  The older woman moved to a different seat after she was elbowed several times, but a confrontation erupted anyway, with nasty talk quickly escalating as the younger woman slapped the septuagenarian.

Bronx subway rider hammers woman, 54, with cellphone and beats her face after getting bumped by victim's cart.  A bump of a cart turned into a sudden beatdown, when a steamed straphanger used a cellphone to pummel a 52-year-old woman whose shopping cart went awry on a Bronx subway train, police said Friday [8/25/2017].  The drama began when Angela Frias' shopping cart rolled into her assailant on a Manhattan-bound 4 train after it left the Burnside Ave. station at about 2:40 p.m. on July 27.

Police: Man beat women for cellphones during NYC robberies.  On Friday [8/11/2017], police released a photo from surveillance footage of the man they say robbed at least five women in Brooklyn.

Man Beating, Robbing Women for Cellphones in NYC Crime Spree: Police.  In two of the robberies, the man punched the women in the face several times, police said.  In one incident, he tackled a victim to the ground to steal her bag and slapped her buttocks, officials said.  In three of the five robberies, he pointed a gun at the victim.

Chronic criminal assassinates NYPD officer.  Alexander Bonds, an ex-con with a long rap sheet, shot and killed New York City police officer Miosotis Familia, a mother of three, as she sat in a patrol car in the Bronx.  The attack was unprovoked.  It was an assassination.

NYPD cop assassin was a drifter who once beat up an officer.  The 34-year-old man who shot an NYPD veteran in the head early Wednesday was a drifter whose rap sheet included a 2001 bust for beating up a cop in Queens, police sources said.  Alexander Bonds allegedly used brass knuckles to pummel the cop from the 111th Precinct.  Four others joined in on the beating, sources said.  The outcome of that case was not immediately known.  Bonds was paroled in 2013 for a robbery in Syracuse when he shot Miosotis Familia, 48, in the Fordham Heights section of the Bronx.

NYPD officer assassinated in police vehicle.  A police officer was fatally shot in the head while sitting in a police vehicle in the Bronx early Wednesday [7/5/2017], according to law enforcement sources.  The officer has been identified as 48-year-old mother of three Miosotis Familia.  Alexander Bonds, 34, came up and blasted Familia through the window without warning, sources said.  It seemed to be a deliberate "cop assassination," one law enforcement source told The [New York] Post.

NYPD Officer Shot and Killed in the Bronx in 'Unprovoked Attack': Officials.  A police officer was shot and killed while sitting in a marked NYPD command vehicle with her partner in the Bronx Wednesday morning [7/5/2017] in what police officials called "an unprovoked attack on cops."  The gunman fired through the window of the mobile command post in the area of 183rd Street and Morris Avenue in Fordham at around 12:30 a.m., NYPD Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill said at a news conference overnight.

Dragged NYPD cop remains in critical condition; teens charged.  The car, which turned out to be stolen, crashed.  The four people inside abandoned the car.  Officer Veve managed to fire two shots at the 15-year-old driver, who was struck in the face, police said.  Authorities charged two passengers, Jeronda Oliver, 18, and Ebonii Clinton, 19, with hindering prosecution.  The fourth person, a 17-year-old boy, is cooperating with police and providing them with information.

Elderly man attacked by man with cane.  91 year old Juan Llorens was just running an errand.  He was walking down Broadway in Inwood when he was attacked and beaten with a cane.  Security cameras capture the disturbing video.  The incident happened around 5pm on Friday [6/2/2017].  Saturday evening, Llorens told Fox 5's Kayla Mamelak he's luckily to be alive.  "I don't know who the man is and I've never seen him before," Llorens said.  [Video clip]

Suspect in vicious assault of tourist arrested.  NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce announced Thursday [5/25/2017] the capture of Keon Robinson, an ex-con wanted for beating and sexually assaulting a woman visiting New York City from Germany last week.  Authorities charged Robinson, 28, with attempted rape, two counts of robbery, four counts of assault, and sex abuse, the NYPD said.

Boy, 12, allegedly attacked 80-year-old woman in Brooklyn; neighbors call him a 'menace'.  A 12-year-old boy is in custody for allegedly punching an 80-year-old woman in the face and trying to set her on fire during an unprovoked attack outside her Brooklyn home, police said Wednesday [5/24/2017].  The child approached the woman as she sat in front of her West Seventh Street home in Gravesend on Saturday, according to police.  He then allegedly punched her in the face with a closed fist, used a metal rod on her, and tried to light her coat on fire as she sat outside her house.

Man spewing hate on Brooklyn subway punches white woman, mocks black woman for 'trying to look white'.  A white woman was assaulted on a Brooklyn subway by a black man railing against whites and mocking a black woman for "trying to look white," police sources said.  The NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident, which happened at 7:15 p.m. [5/23/2017] on the No. 4 train.  The 32-year-old victim got onto the train and saw a black man spewing hate, calling whites and women "dogs," sources said.

Woman allegedly attacks elderly man inside Brooklyn pizzeria because he was smoking.  Police are looking for a woman who attacked an 87-year-old man inside a Brooklyn pizzeria.  The incident happened Thursday [5/18/2017] early afternoon at Pipitone's Pizza and Pasta on Dekalb Avenue.  According to Pipitone's owner, Przem Fic, the woman was upset because the 87-year-old man was smoking inside.  He had entered the restaurant to buy a drink.

83-year-old man suffers fractured nose, face in unprovoked Bronx attack.  An 83-year-old man was hospitalized with a fractured nose and face after he was punched unprovoked on a Bronx sidewalk, police said.  The victim was walking near 995 Fox St. around 11 a.m.  Monday when a man standing on a street corner suddenly looked at him, then punching him in the face for no apparent reason, police said.  Surveillance video provided by police shows the attacker hitting the victim with a single fist and running away right after on Fox Street.

Woman: Homeless man punched me in the face 'for no reason'.  A homeless man was arrested for a spree of random violent attacks in a Herald Square subway station in which he struck two women in the face and hit a guy with a metal pipe, police said Monday [5/8/2017].  Daniel Evans, 45, was arrested Sunday and charged with three counts of assault after the attacks, cops said.

Woman punched in the face inside Herald Square subway station.  Cops say a woman suffered bruises to her face after a stranger punched her on a subway platform during the early morning rush.  The victim, 30, was walking on the southbound F platform of the 34th Street-Herald Square subway station around 7:30 a.m.  Thursday [5/4/2017] when a man struck her on the side of her head, police said.

Tourist beaten, sexually assaulted and robbed in vicious attack.  A German tourist had her teeth knocked out during a horrific robbery and sexual assault in Harlem carried out by an on-the-loose thug who is being investigated for another violent mugging in the area, police said Friday [5/5/2017].  The 31-year-old victim, whose identity was not immediately released, had gone to a bar after attending a seminar at John Jay College on West 59th Street with some other guests, and then took the subway back uptown to her Airbnb rental early Thursday, cops said.  The woman was walking along West 146th Street between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard — nearby Jackie Robinson Park — at around 2:50 a.m. when she was approached by a man wearing a hoodie, police said.

The Editor says...
Note to overseas readers who may wish to visit the United States someday:  Unless you have arranged for a tour guide and a nice hotel, stay away from the big cities, and you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.  You should also stay away from Death Valley, the Mexican border, Louisiana, Mississippi, Southeast Texas, and any street named after Martin Luther King or Malcolm X.

Brooklyn homeless shelters see bloody beatings over three-day span.  A brutal, caught-on-video beating with a belt buckle and an assault with a metal pipe rocked two Brooklyn homeless shelters over the past three days.  The mayhem began at the Samaritan Village Shelter on Myrtle Ave. in Bushwick at 8:43 a.m. on Sunday.  Jermaine Saint Clare, 44, a shelter resident, was caught in a horrifying video beating another man in the face using his belt buckle — sending blood flying with his repeated blows.

Homeless man arrested for punching stranger's teeth out at Queens bus stop.  A homeless man is accused of sucker-punching an elderly stranger at a Queens bus stop and knocking out two of the man's teeth, cops said Sunday [4/30/2017].  Police arrested Andrey Desmond, 23, on felony assault and other charges, accusing him of ambushing the 75-year-old man as he waited for a Q48 bus on Roosevelt Ave. by Prince St. in Flushing, at about 4:50 a.m.  April 17.  Desmond — who has 24 prior arrests on his record, including busts on robbery and grand larceny charges — was acting erratically moments earlier, according to police sources.

NYPD seeks two persons of interest after Battery Park shooting.  Police are eyeing two men they say are wanted for a horrific Battery Park shooting that left a ferry ticket seller and an innocent woman bystander wounded, officials said Tuesday [4/25/2017].  The two suspects are being considered "persons of interest" in the Monday afternoon [4/24/2017] shooting inside the Lower Manhattan greenspace, officials said.

Teenage boy gets stomped on during Coney Island brawl.  Shocking cellphone video posted on Facebook shows a group of teenagers stomping on a boy as he lies in the middle of the street in Coney Island, Brooklyn.  The 16-year-old victim suffered a partially collapsed lung, sources said.

Man Who Worked Near United Nations Arrested in String of Manhattan Bank Robberies:  Sources.  A man who works for a press agency that covers the United Nations was arrested in connection with a string of bank robberies in Midtown over the past month and a half, law enforcement sources tell News 4 New York.  The NYPD's Major Case Squad arrested Abdullahi Shuaibu, 53, of Queens, on Monday [4/17/2017] at his office at the Foreign Press Centers across from the United Nations building.  Police believe he robbed banks while on work breaks.

Man accused of pushing actress onto tracks is held without bail.  The man accused of groping a young actress and then shoving her onto the subway tracks at a Greenwich Village station last week has been ordered held without bail.  Kimani Stephenson, 24, was remanded at his Manhattan arraignment Sunday night on charges of attempted murder, assault and sex abuse for the attack on Bonnie Currie, 22.  He allegedly grabbed the petite starlet's breast and crotch as she waited for a train at the 14th Street-Sixth Avenue station.

Family, friends fear long recovery for actress after subway sex assault.  A young stage actress suffered her "worst nightmare" when she was groped and shoved to the tracks at a Greenwich Village subway station early Friday morning [4/14/2017], her roommate told The [New York] Post.  Bonnie Currie, 22, was on the northbound F/M platform at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue at 4:20 a.m. when the man in his 20s walked up to her and grabbed her crotch, cops said.  She shoved his hand away, and he pushed her onto the tracks.  There was no train approaching, but she broke her wrist in the fall.

Unruly teenagers terrorize and rob parkgoers with gun at Brooklyn Bridge Park.  A dozen teenagers terrorized two young people with a gun and in the same park where a girl was jumped by an angry gang, police said Thursday.  The two teens, ages 18 and 16, claim the pack of ruffians approached them and demanded their stuff in Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn Heights around 6 p.m. on Tuesday [4/11/2017], police sources said.  The group kicked one of the victims in the back and punched the other in the face, knocking him out.

Armed crooks hold up Bronx convenience store, take off with cash and cashier's cell phone.  One of the thieves, sporting a grey hoodie and black mask over his face, whipped around the counter and pulled a silver gun on the cashier, the footage shows.  He kept the firearm pointed at the terrified clerk while he demanded money and took his wallet and cell phone, cops said.  His accomplice, also wearing a grey hoodie, quickly rifled the through register, pocketing dollar bills.

Man sucker-punches 70-year-old Pennsylvania man, attacks his wife at Port Authority Bus Terminal.  An elderly Pennsylvania couple was bum-rushed by a brazen ruffian as they walked through the Port Authority Bus Terminal, law enforcement sources said Tuesday [3/21/2017]. [...] No arrests have been made.  A motive behind the attack was not disclosed.

The Editor says...
Yep, there's no shortage of "brazen ruffians" at the bus station.  And the police haven't come up with any possible motive, other than maybe it's a black guy who hates white people just because they're white, so he instigates an unprovoked attack on an elderly white couple because there's zero chance they'll fight back.  If that explanation is out of the question, then I too find myself at a loss, just as the police seem to be.

Brute turns himself in for savage beating of man who offered to pay for meal.  One of the brutes who participated in the savage beatdown of a disabled man who offered to buy their meal at a Brooklyn food joint was busted Thursday, police said.  Kariem Roberts, 21, turned himself in to police and was charged with robbery, gang assault and menacing in connection with the March 1 attack on Joseph Molohon, 37.  Molohon was in a Texas Chicken & Burgers at Ocean and Church avenues in Flatbush around 7:30 p.m. when he kindly offered to cover the cost of a meal for two other patrons.  The men went berserk, yelling at the good Samaritan and proceeding to punch and kick him, cops said.

Man who was viciously beaten with his own cane and then robbed after offering to pay for his attackers' meal is MS sufferer.  A disabled 37-year-old who was brutally beaten after he offered to help pay for his attackers' meal cried watching the surveillance footage of the attack and called it 'disgusting'.  Joseph Molohon, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, offered to use the social security money he had just picked up on March 1 to help two men at the Texas Chicken & Burgers in Brooklyn, New York, when they were short of cash.  But an argument broke out, and Molohon was punched, kicked, and struck with his own cane by a group of four before another man rifled through his pockets while he was lying on the ground.

Group of brutes pummel man for offering to pay for their meal at Brooklyn restaurant.  A man offered to do a good deed at a Brooklyn restaurant — and was punished with a bone-breaking beating, cops said.  A group of men kicked and pummeled a 37-year-old customer, beating him with his own cane after he offered to pay for their meal, police said Tuesday [3/14/2017].  Then, as he lay prone and bleeding on the ground, two customers simply ordered dinner as if nothing had happened, police sources said.

Man suffers broken bones in gang assault at Brooklyn restaurant:  NYPD.  Four men beat and robbed a patron at a Brooklyn restaurant earlier this month, police said.  It happened at Texas Chicken and Burgers on Ocean Avenue on March 1.  While inside, two men got into an argument with a 37-year-old man after he offered to help them pay for their meal, police said.  The dispute escalated when the individuals started to punch the victim and hit him with his cane.  When the victim tried to defend himself, the men, along with two others who entered the fast-food spot, pursued the assault further by punching him and kicking him in his head and body, and striking him more times with the cane, police said.  After the men who partook in the attack ran away, another man entered the restaurant and stole the victim's belongings, according to police.

Group Breaks Man's Bones After He Offers to Help Pay for Their Food:  NYPD.  A group of people beat a man in a Brooklyn restaurant after he offered to help pay for their food, police said.  Surveillance video captured the brutal beating inside Texas Chicken and Burgers in Prospect Park South earlier this month.  Police released the video in the hopes of catching the four suspects.  After the 37-year-old victim offered to help pay for two of the suspects' meals, they began yelling at him and then started punching him and beating him with his own cane, police said.

Elderly woman beaten after spat with young mom.  A high-strung mom was so offended when an elderly lady scolded her about her rude kid that she snatched a walking cane out of the old er lady's hand and whacked her at an Upper East Side subway station, police sources said.  "She just beat me up," the aghast 71-year-old lady told the [New York] Post on Tuesday.  "I'm in a lot of pain."  The brawl broke out as the older woman, who has trouble climbing stairs, was about to step onto an elevator at a Q train station at East 86th Street and Second Avenue at around 2 p.m.  Monday [3/6/2017], police said.

Beloved mother-of-three beaten to death with a wine bottle by a parolee robber at the liquor store she owned.  A mother-of-three liquor store owner was bludgeoned to death with a wine bottle at her store on Thursday [3/2/2017], during a robbery carried out by a parolee.  Police were called to Char's South Ave Wine and Liquor around 5pm and found owner Charlotte Lahr suffering from severe trauma to the upper body.  Police and firefighters tried to revive the mother-of-three at the scene but she died.  Parolee Kevin Quander, 59, was arrested the next day for her murder and for robbing the store.

Murder charges possible after Queens woman dies from bodega beatdown in October 2016.  She was a grandmother checking on the well-being of some friends of hers who are shopkeepers, when she was punched in the face by a man who's accused of robbing the store where her friends were working. [...] The video, in turn, led to police capturing Richard "Kwasi" Springer, 28, who detectives and eyewitnesses say is seen in the video slapping Gentillon across the face so hard that she lands on her back and head on the sidewalk in front of the store.

Exclusive: Suspect in 2005 Brooklyn beheading claims innocence by yelling 'I can't even dissect a frog' in court.  A suspected serial killer busted for the cold-case murder of a 19-year-old Brooklyn man — who was beheaded and dismembered — offered a bizarre defense Wednesday.  "Kwauhuru Govan is innocent!" the suspect yelled, referring to himself in the third person.  "I can't even dissect a frog."  Govan, who was already in custody for the cold-case killing of another Brooklyn teen, refused to leave his holding cell to face murder charges in the 2005 slaughter of Rashawn Brazell.

Cops suspect jogger's killing may have been racially motivated.  The confessed killer of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano told detectives he hated the victim's predominantly white neighborhood of Howard Beach, leading cops to believe race played a role in the murder, sources told The [New York] Post.  "I don't like those people over there," said Chanel Lewis, 20, who is black and split time between homes in the largely impoverished neighborhoods of East New York and Brownsville, according to sources.

Jogger suspect's sister thinks he was framed because he's black.  The sister of Karina Vetrano's accused killer said Monday [2/6/2017] that her sibling was framed — and that he was only arrested because he's black.  "I think the cops framed him because he's a black person.  They couldn't find anyone else to pin this on, so they pinned it on my brother," Theresa Forbes, 36, told reporters.  Forbes's half-brother, Chanel Lewis, 20, was charged Sunday with murdering the Queens jogger in August based on DNA evidence and two videotaped confessions, authorities and law-enforcement sources have said.

Police catch suspect after DNA is linked to slain jogger scene.  Cops caught a suspect Saturday in the murder of Karina Vetrano, the beautiful jogger whose brutal strangulation last summer — in the high weeds of Spring Creek Park in Queens — had transfixed the city.  Officials did not immediately release the name of the suspect, but sources told The Post he is in his 20s and lives in a housing project in East New York, Brooklyn, a neighborhood just west of her home in Howard Beach.  The suspect had been on police radar for a while, sources told The [New York] Post.

Jogger suspect wanted to 'stab all the girls' in his high school.  The 20-year-old man who confessed to murdering Queens jogger Karina Vetrano once admitted to a teacher's aide in high school that he wanted to knife his female classmates, police sources told The [New York] Post on Monday [2/6/2017].

Chanel Lewis, 20, identified as suspect accused of killing Queens jogger Karina Vetrano.  She wasn't being stalked or targeted.  It was just that jogger Karina Vetrano was a woman, and the man accused of killing her hated women.  Chanel Lewis was filled with lethal rage when he grabbed Vetrano as she went for a summer evening run in Queens, according to authorities.  He raped her and strangled the petite runner, they said, and left her body in weeds.

Three pot smokers busted for attacking straphanger, harassing conductor at Penn Station.  Cops nabbed three pot-smoking straphangers who harassed a conductor and punched a passenger after he tried to intervene, police said Monday [1/30/2017].  Latiq Deveaux, 22; Lezon Deveaux, 21; and Kinard Oliver, 19, were riding the downtown No. 3 train and smoking weed on Sunday around 5:45 a.m., sources said.  When the train pulled into 34th St./Penn Station, the conductor asked them to get off.  As a result, they started yelling at her and banging on her door, police sources said.

Mother charged in death of Brooklyn boy.  The mother of a 4-year-old boy found covered in cuts and bruises inside their Brownsville, Brooklyn, apartment has been arrested in connection with his death. [...] On Thursday, Zarah Coombs was arrested on charges including murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.  She was reportedly attending to another child when her boyfriend found Zamair submerged in the bin, reported the DN.

Criminal who beat elderly man in the Bronx may have also pummeled 86-year-old woman in Midtown.  A 22-year-old career criminal beat up an elderly straphanger inside a Bronx subway station — and may be responsible for a similar attack less than three hours earlier on an 84-year-old woman, authorities said Wednesday.  Jahaid Turner blew his top when 76-year-old Julian Sandoval tried to get past him after getting off the No. 4 train at the 167th St. station about 4:45 p.m.  Tuesday [1/24/2017].

Cops arrest man who stabbed teen during subway fight.  Police have arrested the man who stabbed a teen during a fight on a subway train in Bushwick over the weekend, authorities said.  Alton Chesney, 46, was captured Tuesday and charged with knifing the 19-year-old man Saturday around 3 p.m.

Taxi driver uses legal gun to defend against ice pick attack.  A Rochester taxi driver says he was forced to pull a gun to protect him from a passenger who tried to attack him with an ice pick.  "I believe she would have killed me had if i had been close enough to her," said Collin Green, the man who drove the taxi.

Gang Ambushes Mail Carrier Delivering Letters in Bronx, Breaks [His] Nose.  Police are looking for a group of four young men they say attacked a USPS mail carrier as he delivered letters at a Bronx building earlier this month, bashing him in the face and head and demanding money.  Authorities say the 26-year-old mail carrier suffered a broken nose in the Tilden Street attack Jan. 6.  The suspects ran off after beating him.

Brooklyn man convicted of raping 82-year-old woman in her Brighton Beach home.  A Brooklyn man has been convicted of attacking and raping an 82-year-woman in her Brighton Beach home last year.  On Monday, 20-year-old Asa Robert, of Brooklyn, was convicted of rape, sexual abuse, assault, according to acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today [12/12/2016].

Arrest made in murder of NY firefighter at New Year's party.  New York State troopers said Friday that a 20-year-old New York college student has been charged with killing a young volunteer firefighter after a year-long investigation.  Justin Speights, 20, of Scotchtown, N.Y., was stabbed to death when he tried to break up a fight at a crowded New Year's Eve house party.  Troopers announced that Juantae Brown of Spring Valley, N.Y. has been charged with the murder.

NYC subway creeps
Cops arrest three high-risk sex offenders in subway incidents.  Three high level sex offenders have been arrested in separate Manhattan subway stations the past two days, police sources said.  Transit cops inside the Times Square subway station on Thursday [12/1/2016] cuffed the first fiend, Ralph Hargrove.  While on patrol they recognized his face from a forcible touching wanted poster, sources said.  The 62-year-old creep, who has 13 prior arrests, was carrying a gravity knife and drug paraphernalia when he was busted.

Man who punched out Queens grandma 'should just die,' says victim's daughter.  Cops tracked down a fugitive parolee who knocked out a 69-year-old grandmother outside a Queens deli, finding him Monday just a few doors down from his home, according to police and the victim's family.  Richard (Kwasi) Springer, 29, faces robbery and assault charges in the caught-on-video attack, which left Eve Gentillon with a brain hemorrhage and serious damage.

Woman accused in NYC subway push insists she's not guilty.  A former home health aide rolled her eyes and insisted she wasn't guilty as she was charged Tuesday with shoving a woman onto the subway tracks under Times Square, killing her.

Woman shoved to her death in front of Times Square train.  A woman was shoved to her death in front of a moving train at Times Square station Monday afternoon, authorities said.  The 49-year-old victim was standing on the platform waiting for the 1 train when a 30-year-old woman wearing a pink shirt and scarf shoved her onto the tracks around 1:20 p.m., authorities said.  She was struck by an oncoming train and died at the scene, police said.  The suspect, who has a history of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, was taken into custody, according to police.

Man who fatally punched stranger surrenders.  The man who allegedly fatally sucker-punched a stranger in Queens was arraigned on just an assault charge Tuesday [11/8/2016] after a count of criminally negligent homicide was dropped by prosecutors, officials said.  Matthew Smith, 42, who turned himself in at the 75th Precinct stationhouse in East New York on Monday, originally was slapped with both counts — but on Tuesday he faced only a charge of assault with intent to cause physical injury.  The DA's office could not immediately comment on the reason the homicide charge was dropped before his court appearance.

64-year-old man was killed by a single punch after he said 'excuse me' to a thug he passed in the street.  A horror, senseless attack that left a New York man dead has been captured on CCTV — and now police hope to find the callous stranger who did it.  The NYPD have released video of the moment 64-year-old Patrick Gorman was punched in the head by another man on June 26, just feet from his Queens home.  According to investigators, Mr Gorman may have been targeted by the unidentified man after accidentally bumping into a woman he was with.

Brutal sucker-punch leads to man's death.  Police on Wednesday [11/2/2016] released disturbing surveillance video showing a vicious sucker-punch that led to the death of a 64-year-old man in Queens.  Patrick Gorman was walking near the corner of Queens Boulevard and Main Street in Briarwood when he bumped into the attacker's girlfriend just after midnight on June 26, cop sources said.  "Excuse me," Gorman said, before the man belted him in the face, sources said.  The video shows the male suspect punching Gorman, who is seen falling squarely on his back as the duo calmly ambles off.

Man in wheelchair guns down victim in the Bronx.  A 28-year-old man was gunned down in the Bronx by a man in a wheelchair.  The shooting occurred outside the Mott Haven Houses on Willis Ave. just before 2 a.m.  Sunday [10/23/2016].  Police reportedly believe the shooting was a drug-related killing.  According to the NY Daily News, Thomas was carrying crack cocaine in his buttocks.

Gunman in wheelchair sought in fatal shooting of man, 28, outside Bronx housing development.  A gunman in a wheelchair blasted a 28-year-old man to death outside a Bronx housing complex in what police suspect may have been a drug-related killing, cops said.  Kevin Thomas had crack cocaine stashed in his buttocks, when police found him riddled with bullets on E. 143rd St. outside the Mott Haven Houses near Willis Ave. in Mott Haven shortly before 2 a.m., police sources said.

Police bust goon seen on video beating 66-year-old man on Brooklyn subway train.  Police say they've arrested the heartless cretin who beat and robbed a 66-year-old man in a brutal subway attack in Brooklyn that was caught on video.  Troy Sales, 26, of Crown Heights, was arrested Tuesday and charged with the Sunday robbery, which police say left the bloodied and bruised victim with a broken rib.  Police said a Crimestoppers tip led to his capture.

Crime in city parks surges almost 40 percent in 2016.  Crime in city parks surged 39 percent in the first six months of the year.  There were 156 robberies, up 36 percent from the same period last year, and 94 assaults, up 24 percent.  Grand larcenies skyrocketed by 67 percent, with 194 reported between January and June of this year, compared to 116 in the first six months of 2015.  Six rapes were reported, down from eight a year ago.  One murder was reported, down from three in the same period in 2015.

Sketch, video released of naked man wanted for attempting to rape woman on Brooklyn street.  Police released a sketch and surveillance video of a man wanted for walking on the street naked and allegedly attempting to rape a woman in Flatlands, Brooklyn in August.  The man was first reported walking with no clothes on East 52nd Street between Avenues J and I on Aug. 12 about 6 a.m., police said.

Mugger brutally beats senior on subway.  Cops released video of a mugger brutally beating a 66-year-old man on a Brooklyn train this weekend.  The elderly man was on a Manhattan-bound M train at the Myrtle/Wyckoff Avenue station in Bushwick at about midnight on Sunday when a thug approached him, knocked him to the floor and kicked and punched him before snatching his wallet — containing a credit card and $20 — and his cellphone.  The attacker made a quick getaway off the train.  [Video clip]

Surly Straphanger Sought In Subway Stiletto Shoe Slashing Of Senior.  New York City police are seeking the public's help in identifying a woman who used her high-heeled shoe to bloody a 75-year-old man during an attack last month on a Manhattan subway train.  According to cops, the suspect was arguing with the victim as their train pulled into the Times Square station before noon on August 19.  The attacker, cops allege, removed one of her shoes and slashed the pensioner across the face.  The victim suffered a laceration during the assault and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

NYC police charge teen in clothes-burning attacks on women.  New York City police have charged a 14-year-old boy in connection with one of a series of attacks on women whose clothes were set on fire in Manhattan.

J'Ouvert murder victim may have bumped into gunman before shooting.  The thug who fatally shot a young woman execution-style at the J'Ouvert festival in Brooklyn was arrested Tuesday [9/6/2016] — while drunkenly driving on three wheels and with a Caribbean flag wrapped around his bloody hand, police said.  The 20-year-old suspect, Reginald Moise, was picked up at 8 a.m. for driving drunk, and police then linked him to the shooting of 22-year-old Tiarah Poyau at the pre-West Indian Day Parade event, police said.

New video shows man punching victim in face on Q66 bus.  Police are asking for the public's help Saturday [8/27/2016] to identify a man in connection with an assault that occurred on a Q66 bus in July.  The victim was sitting on the bus while it was idling at the corner of 21st Street and 35th Avenue around noon Friday, July 8.

Cuomo stiffens penalties for assaulting subway employees.  New Yorkers will face stiffer penalties for assaulting subway station agents and cleaners.  Gov. Cuomo on Friday [8/19/2016] signed legislation allowing prosecutors to seek punishment of up to seven years in prison for such crimes.  The law makes the punishment the same as the one meted out to anyone who attacks subway-train operators and bus drivers.  Some 117 transit workers were assaulted between June 2015 and May of this year, according to transit-union officials.

Man Punches 14-Year-Old Boy in Face Then Steals $7 and Phone:  NYPD.  Police are searching for the man who went up to a teenage boy in Queens and punched him in the face before stealing $7 and a phone from him.  The 14-year-old boy was walking near Astoria Boulevard and 44th Street in Astoria late last month when the suspect came up from behind him.  The man punched him in his face and demanded his valuables, police said.  The boy handed over $7 and his iPhone 4.

Teen arrested for Queens hate crime assault on Muslim man admits to playing 'knockout game'.  A 14-year-old boy arrested for a hate crime assault on a Muslim man told police he and his friends were playing the vicious "knockout game," cops said on Monday [8/15/2016].  The teen, whose name was withheld because of his age, was arrested for attacking Mohamed Rasheed Khan, 59, with two friends as the man left his Jamaica Ave. mosque near 205th St. in Hollis on June 1.  The boy admitted to investigators that one of his friends suggested they play the "knockout game" — a barbaric practice of trying to knock a random person unconscious with one punch, police said.

Man Shot, Killed inside NYC Barbershop After Fight With Owner:  Sources.  Police say they're investigating after a man was shot and killed in a barbershop in the Bronx Tuesday evening [8/2/2016].  Julio Lebron was shot inside Believe Beauty Spa on Tremont Avenue in West Farms at about 6 p.m., police said.  He was taken to St.  Barnabas Hospital, where he died.  Police sources say the 29-year-old Lebron went to the salon earlier in the day demanding money from the owner.

Police hunt for man accused of dragging woman, 60, into boiler room, then raping her.  The victim was collecting cans and bottles in East New York [7/13/2016] with another person when she was dragged by the assailant into a boiler room of the apartment where he repeatedly punched her in the face and then raped her, police said.  He then ran away to parts unknown, police said.

Three men sought by police after Brooklyn assault.  Three men shown in surveillance video released by police Wednesday [7/20/2016] allegedly attacked a woman in Brighton Beach and stole money from her.  The three men approached a 58-year-old woman near the intersection of Brighton 4th Street and Ocean View Avenue just after 6:30 p.m. on July 16 and shoved her to the ground, police said.  One of the men pulled $40 out of her hand.  Another one of the men tried to wrench a shopping bag out of her hands.  He punched her in the face when she resisted.

65-Year-Old Man Sucker Punched in Brooklyn Heights:  NYPD.  A 65-year-old man was walking down a street in Brooklyn Heights when he was sucker punched by another man in an attack that sent him toppling over a fence into a yard, police said.  Richard Carey was walking in front of 99 Joralemon Street, 20 feet from his front door, on the night of July 6 when he was approached by three men and one woman, surveillance video shows.  [Video clip]

Man sucker-punched while walking quietly down the street.  Disturbing video released on Tuesday shows a thug sucker-punching a 65-year-old man in the face in front of his Brooklyn Heights apartment building in an apparent "knockout game" attack.  And the victim has a message for the low life who socked him.  "You're not tough," said Richard Carey, who is still nursing a pair of cuts around his left eye.

Elderly man brutally assaulted in broad daylight.  A 75-year-old man was punched, kicked and knocked to the ground in the West Village on Wednesday afternoon [7/13/2016]. [...] The assailant is described as a black man with black hair with a red streak.  He was wearing a white T-shirt, beige pants and a black and grey backpack.  The lookout is a black female who was wearing a green dress with a hood over her head and black sneakers.

Pair sought in brutal assault of 75-year-old man in Greenwich Village:  NYPD.  Police are looking for a pair who viciously beat up a senior citizen, knocking him unconscious on a Manhattan sidewalk. [...] Police say a male ambushed the 75-year-old victim, punching him in the back of the head and knocking him to ground.  He then kicked him in the face and rendered him unconscious as his female accomplice stood by as lookout, according to police.

NYC subway riders fight back at groping, grinding, lewd acts.  With subway ridership approaching all-time highs, averaging 5.6 million daily riders, reports of sex crimes are also rising, up nearly 57 percent.

Suspect pushed man, 69, down flight of stairs at Queens subway station:  NYPD.  Police are searching for a man who allegedly pushed another man down a flight of stairs at a Queens subway station.  The incident happened Wednesday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. inside of the 36 Street M/R subway station in Long Island City. [...] The suspect is described as being 6-foot, heavy set and in his late 20s.

The Editor says...
Surveillance video shows one other aspect of the suspect's description.  Perhaps you can guess what I mean.

Poopy pants attacker has struck before.  A second woman was attacked with feces on the Upper East Side by a homeless man already suspected of shoving excrement down another woman's shorts, cops said on Thursday [6/30/2016].  "Really disgusting attacks," NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.  Cops Thursday night were questioning a suspect at the 19th Precinct station house.  In the first attack, a 33-year-old woman was walking when a man threw feces at her, striking her face and torso at about 4:30 p.m.  Monday [6/27/2016] in front of 67 E. 91st St.

The Editor says...
Victim:  white.  Perp:  black.  Hate crime charges?  Not a chance.

3 men charged in fatal shooting of former Gov. Cuomo aide Carey Gabay:  DA.  Three people have been arrested and charged in connection to the fatal shooting of Carey Gabay, a former aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who was killed last year during a gang shoot out while walking at the J'ouvert Festival in Crown Heights, police and the DA announced Wednesday [6/29/2016].  Suspected gang members Micah Alleyne, 24, of Jamaica, Queens; Tyshawn Crawford, 21, of East New York, Brooklyn; and Keith Luncheon, 24, of Crown Heights, Brooklyn all face charges, according to Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.

NYPD: Teen Throws Rock at Jewish Woman's Van While Yelling Anti-Semitic Slurs.  A black teenager threw a rock into a minivan window that belongs to a 38-year-old Jewish woman who was driving in the east Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon.  The rock smashed through the window and fell right next to her six-year-old daughter, who was in the back seat, NYPD said Wednesday [6/29/2016].  Investigators said that the woman reported the incident to police on Tuesday, around 4:53 p.m. while she was driving on Nostrand Avenue, near Avenue J.  The teen yelled "hate you Jew," and "dirty Jew," and proceeded to throw a rock through the rear driver's side window of her 2015 Chrysler minivan which was traveling northbound on Nostrand Avenue.

'Thank God nothing's broken': NYPD's chief chaplain attacked.  The 80-year-old chaplain, who was dressed in a tracksuit at the time, told The [New York] Post on Monday [6/20/2016] that he was out for his usual morning stroll from his home on Riverside Boulevard up to Grant's Tomb in Morningside Heights when he was attacked.  "I'm a walker; I like to go up to Grant's Tomb and back in the mornings," Kass said.  "Someone hit me from behind and knocked me down."  "They didn't say a word, didn't take anything.  They just started running."  Kass suffered a cut to the right side of his head.  He was taken to New York Presbyterian/Weill-Cornell Medical Center for treatment, police said.

NYPD's Jewish Chief Chaplain Attacked While Working Out in Manhattan.  The 80-year-old Jewish chief of chaplains for the NYPD was pushed to the ground Sunday morning, suffering minor injuries after he was attacked while working out in the Upper West Side section of Manhattan, police said Monday [6/20/2016].  Rabbi Alvin Kass was walking, his routine morning exercise, at Riverside Drive and West 83rd Street, where an unknown person approached him and pushed him to the ground.

The Editor says...
It's safe to assume that [#1] the perpetrator was a black male playing the so-called Knockout Game, and [#2] there is a video recording of the attack on a cell phone somewhere in New York, with a record of the incident captured by one of the perpetrator's friends.

Teen arrested for Queens hate crime assault on Muslim man admits to playing 'knockout game'.  A 14-year-old boy arrested for a hate crime assault on a Muslim man told police he and his friends were playing the vicious "knockout game," cops said on Monday [6/20/2016].  The teen, whose name was withheld because of his age, was arrested for attacking Mohamed Rasheed Khan, 59, with two friends as the man left his Jamaica Ave. mosque near 205th St. in Hollis on June 1.  The boy admitted to investigators that one of his friends suggested they play the "knockout game" — a barbaric practice of trying to knock a random person unconscious with one punch, police said.

New York man, 21, slashed across the neck on Manhattan subway platform after string of similar attacks.  A Subway passenger has been viciously slashed across the neck inside a New York city subway station early Monday morning [6/20/2016].  The dispute between two groups of passengers began aboard a northbound A train at around 1.30 am, according to the NYPD.  But the row quickly escalated and spilled out onto the 59th Street Columbus Circle platform.  A 21-year-old man had pulled out a knife and slashed his victim, also 21, across the neck as he left the train.

Teenagers beat woman on Brooklyn subway for 'sucking teeth' in disrespect.  A 21-year-old woman was attacked by a group of teenage girls after she sucked her teeth at them in disgust on a Manhattan-bound A train in Brooklyn, cops said Saturday [6/11/2016].  Police have released images of the teens, who are still being sought for the May 27 attack.

Woman in wheelchair slashed in face by unknown attacker in East Harlem.  A 42-year-old woman in a wheelchair woman needed 50 stitches to close her facial wounds after a sicko randomly slashed her early Sunday [6/5/2016] in East Harlem, police said.  The unknown assailant cut the woman's face with an unknown object in front of a strip mall on E. 125 St. near Third Ave. at 3:19 a.m., according to authorities.

Moms turn in teen daughters wanted for beating elderly woman.  Two Brooklyn moms took "tough love" to a new level Friday [6/3/2016], turning their teenage daughters in to the cops after one recognized them in a wanted photo in the beating of a 78-year-old straphanger.  The girls, ages 15 and 16, had allegedly pounded Nora Trotman on a Bedford-Stuyvesant subway platform the previous day — because she had asked the girls to remove their feet from a seat on a Manhattan-bound C train, police said.

Two teen girls 'put elderly woman, 78, in the hospital after senselessly beating her on a New York City subway.  The two teenage girls who are being accused of beating an elderly woman so severely that she had to be rushed to a New York City hospital have reportedly been turned in to police.  The New York Daily News reports that police are questioning the two suspects, with the first girl being brought in Friday morning by her mother after she recognized her from surveillance photos released by authorities after the attack.  The second suspect was brought in shortly after.

The Editor says...
Guess which five-letter adjective is completely absent from the article immediately above.  Here's a hint:  It starts with a B and rhymes with LACK.

Video Shows Man Robbing Another at Knifepoint:  NYPD.  Police have released clear, close-up video of a man allegedly robbing another man at knifepoint inside an East Harlem building last week.  The video shows the alleged robber confronting the 62-year-old victim in what appears to be a lobby in the area of East 106th Street and Second Avenue after 11 p.m.  Friday, May 27, police said.

Man beaten to death by vagrant at bus stop in Queens.  A 57-year-old man was beaten to death by a homeless man as he stood at a bus stop in Queens early Thursday [5/26/2016], police said.  The victim was found unconscious with head trauma laying at a bus stop on Mott Avenue near Beach Channel Drive in Far Rockaway at around 4:30 a.m., cops said.  Emergency responders rushed the man, whose identity was not immediately released, to St.  John's University Hospital where he died about 40 minutes later.

NYPD releases images of attempted rape suspects.  Police said that two men beat and tried to rape a woman in Brooklyn early Wednesday.  Authorities release security camera footage of the two men and hope that tips from the public will lead to a break in the case.

2 more slashings in NYC.  The NYPD is investigating two more slashings in the city. [...] There have been more than 600 slashings or stabbings in the city so far this year.

3 teens arrested after 15-year-old punches 60-year-old, knocking him unconscious in the road: police.  Police have arrested three teens in connection to two unprovoked punching attacks in Long Island. [...] The teen approached a 60-year-old man from behind, punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground, unconscious, inches away from oncoming traffic, police said.

Police:  Teen charged with knockout attack on Long Island.  A teenager knocked out a man on the street on Long Island and then fled in a car with two other teens earlier this week, police said.  Police said that the attacker — a 15-year-old boy — punched the 60-year-old victim in the face, which knocked him into the street just inches from oncoming traffic.  The attack happened just before 1 p.m. on May 4.

Strangers Caught Taking Selfies From Stolen Phone In Highland Park.  Police are investigating a strange purse snatching case after selfies of the possible suspects started popping up on the victim's Google account.  Desiree Hernandez said her purse, containing her phone, wallet and keys, was rapidly stolen from her arms while she walked home early Saturday morning [4/30/2016] in Highland Park.  "The passenger of the car just hung out and, like, grabbed my purse from me and just, like, snatched it from my hand," she said.

Man creeps up behind teenage girl, chokes her in the Bronx:  NYPD.  The suspect, who had been following the victim, allegedly grabbed her from behind and placed his hands around her neck.  After choking her, the suspect took off on foot down White Plains Road.  The victim remained conscious but said she was experiencing dizziness.  She refused medical attention at the scene.  According to police, the suspect is described as being between 16 and 19 years old.  He is 5-foot-7 and weighs 145 pounds.

The Editor says...
The most obvious adjective omitted from the text of this article (pertaining to the suspect's description) was supplied by the accompanying video clip.

Police:  Woman arrested in robbery of 103-year-old.  Police say a suspect has been arrested in an attack on a 103-year-old woman in her New York City apartment building.

Woman wanted for punching straphanger on 7 train: police.  Police are looking for a woman who punched a straphanger, then threw her phone out of the train when she tried to call police.  On Friday [4/29/2016] at 3 p.m., the suspect was arguing with a straphanger on a Queens-bound 7 train en-route to 46th Street station.  The suspect accused another passenger, a 48-year-old woman, of staring at her, then approached and punched her in the face, police said.

Nursing student robbed and beaten in broad daylight on Chicago 'El' train as other passengers ignore her plight.  It has taken a lot of concerted effort on the part of the grievance industry, but the bonds of civil society are finally fraying to the breaking point.  In broad daylight at 10 AM Thursday [4/28/2016], 19 year old nursing student Jessica Hughes was attacked and beaten by a pair of muggers whose race the media do not care to mention, as other passengers on the train did not lift a finger to help her.

Bronx raid is biggest gang takedown in NYC history, prosecutor says.  Law enforcement rescued a Bronx housing project with the biggest takedown in New York City history and now, officials are investigating whether the city's 400,000 public housing residents were being protected in safe conditions as required by federal law, a federal prosecutor announced Wednesday [4/27/2016].

3 men wanted for beating man with rock, sought in string of Queens robberies.  Police are searching for three suspects linked to a string of violent robberies in Queens last weekend.  A 25-year-old man walking in the vicinity of Glenmore Avenue and 76th Street around 1:45 a.m.  Saturday when one of the robbers approached him from behind, according to police.  He pushed the man to the ground as the others punched and kicked him.  They took his cellphone and wallet before fleeing the scene, police said.

Woman, 23, slashed by would-be rapist while jogging in Prospect Park.  A 23-year-old woman was slashed while fighting off a man who said he was going to sexually assault her, police said. [...] Police say the suspect is a 6-foot-tall black man with light facial hair and was wearing a black sweatsuit.

Two people slashed by vagrants in separate attacks.  Panhandlers slashed two men in Manhattan subway stations in separate attacks on Friday — one for refusing to fork over money, and the other because he didn't give enough, cops said.  The first attack took place at the Chambers Street station around 5 a.m.  when a straphanger on the A platform was approached by a beggar and then slashed across the face when he declined to give the vagrant any money.  The slasher then fled, cops said.  The injured man left the train station and went to his workplace where he called 911.  He suffered a minor cut to his face and refused medical aid at the scene.

Man says he slashed woman because she's white.  A man who was arrested for randomly slashing a woman's neck earlier this month in Brooklyn told police he attacked her because she is white, police sources said.  Gregory Alfred, 25, told police he set out to find white people to slice back on Mar. 10 because he blamed them and "the system" for preventing him from freely smoking weed, sources said.  The slasher chose to take out his anger on 53-year-old Janina Popko, and cut her across the neck as she was walking near the corner of Beverly and Rugby roads that morning in Ditmas Park, sources said.

NYC's streets run red after 23 'random' slashings in 5 months.  Two dozen seemingly random slashings since November have Gotham on edge.  "It's not the crime statistics that are causing the fear, it's the perception of being attacked by a razor blade or a knife," said Joseph Giacalone, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a retired NYPD detective.  Cops are battling an 18 percent spike in knife assaults this year, and police sources and criminologists are blaming copycats, gang initiations and hordes of mentally ill homeless people.

Gregory Alfred
Cops identify Brooklyn slasher who attacked woman while wearing American flag bandana.  Cops have identified the man who wore an American flag bandana over his face as he crept up from behind and slashed a woman in Brooklyn last week.  Police are looking for Gregory Alfred, 25, after his fingerprints were matched to a knife left behind where Janina Popko, 53, was randomly attacked on Beverly Road near Rugby Road in Ditmas Park just before 10 a.m. March 10.

2 stabbed less than 2 hours apart at same intersection in Jackson Heights.  Two people were stabbed less than two hours apart in the Jackson Height section of Queens Saturday night, police say.  The first incident happened at 7:35 p.m. as a 16-year-old was walking his dog at 80th and Northern Boulevard when he was approached by two men who asked him if he was down with the ABK, a local gang.  The victim replied, "I'm not into that."  The suspects then allegedly stabbed him and the dog.

Trio beats 62-year-old unconscious, steals his phone and cash in the Bronx.  A violent trio beat a 62-year-old man so viciously for his phone and cash that he was knocked unconscious, police said.  It happened about 9:30 p.m. on March 10 near East 220th Street and Bronx Park East.  Three males attacked 62-year-old man, punching and kicking him until the victim fell unconscious onto the sidewalk.  When the man was on the ground, the attackers stole his Android phone and unknown amount of cash, then ran away and left him in the roadway.

Woman 'screaming racial profanities' attacks passenger at King's Highway Station.  A suspect with a history of violence has been arrested for attacking a passenger, police said.  According to police sources, the suspect, Monique Barbaro, 25, of Queensbridge, was lying across seats on a northbound Q train.  Barbaro stood up and started yelling "Move!" at the victim, sources said.  The victim got up and Barbaro followed her, then start punching her in the face and head, police sources said.

Queens bouncer, 46, beaten to death by bar patrons while trying to break up fight.  Two men — 31-year-old Deonarine Deoraj and 48-year-old Harrydatt Nandalall — were arrested for the horrific beatdown.  Both were charged with manslaughter and gang assault.

No manslaughter charges for two men in fatal beating of Queens bouncer.  Elsworth "Dale" Reid, 43, was trying to break up a fight inside Johnny's Restaurant and Bar in Ozone Park Saturday, when a group of customers pounced on him and beat him, even after he hit the ground and stopped breathing, according to cops.  Police arrested Deonarine Deoraj, 31, of Richmond Hill, and Harrydatt Nandalall, 48, of Ozone Park, and initially charged them with manslaughter.  But on Monday [3/14/2016], prosecutors only hit them with misdemeanor riot and attempted assault charges — punishable by up to a year in jail.

Teen girl recounts how she was pushed in front of Queens subway train; police arrest man who allegedly shoved her.  When a 15-year-old girl was shoved into the path of an oncoming train in Queens, nothing seemed real — especially the massive subway car barreling down on her.  "It just didn't seem realistic," the still stunned Xinyi Huang told the Daily News on Friday to describe the March 5 brush with death at the 103rd St./Corona Plaza station in Corona.  "I was just standing there waiting for the train to go to Manhattan (and) he pushed me from behind.  I'm still not sure what happened.  I'm not brave ... I was just lucky."

Three people attacked in spree of Brooklyn slashings.  A 53-year-old woman was slashed on the neck while walking on a quiet Brooklyn street near Prospect Park Thursday morning [3/10/2016], cops said.  The attacker approached her just before 10 a.m. near the corner of Rugby and Beverley roads in Ditmas Park and cut her without warning.

Man menaces straphangers with knife on the Q train in Brooklyn.  Imagine you're riding a crowded Q train in Brooklyn and all of a sudden, you see a man walking inside the subway car brandishing a knife. [...] Ysaac Paul, 31, was arrested after police say he was observed "aggressively standing with a knife in hand," around 2 p.m. Thursday [3/3/2016], alarming fellow subway riders.  He's been charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Child molester drops his pants, rubs against woman on subway.  A convicted child molester dropped his pants and pushed himself against a female passenger aboard a crowded subway car during Friday's morning rush in Union Square, police said.  The disturbing encounter happened a day after a convicted murderer rubbed his groin against another female passenger entering the same station, police said. [...] This is the second sex crime arrest near the Union Square subway station in as many days.

Dunkin' Donuts worker slashed in face by man she asked to leave store.  A Dunkin' Donuts worker was slashed in the face by a man whom she tried to boot from the shop, police sources said.  The 35-year-old victim was working at the shop on East Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx around 5:45 a.m. Wednesday [3/2/2016] when she asked the suspect to leave.  After a brief argument, the fiend, identified as Ronald Thompson, 31, agreed to leave, sources said.  But he returned a short time later, approached a walk-up window and slashed the woman's face with a razor blade.

Subway rider slashed in face by attacker blocking doorway.  A worker at the high-end Swiss jeweler Chopard became the city's latest slashing victim when he bumped into a man who was blocking the door of a crowded subway train in Manhattan on Friday [2/26/2016], police sources said.  Arman Telfeyan, of Mahwah, NJ, was boarding a northbound train at the N/Q/R station in Times Square around 8:15 a.m.  when he made contact with his attacker, the sources said.  The slasher, described as an Indian man around 45 years old, stared at Telfeyan, then cursed at him, saying, "F*** you," according to law-enforcement sources.  They got into an argument as the train continued moving uptown — and at 57th Street and Seventh Avenue, the attacker suddenly pulled a knife out of his pocket and sliced Telfeyan on his left cheek.  The victim was also slashed on the left thumb as he tried to defend himself.

Exclusive: Long Island woman punched out by mentally ill ex-con in Times Square.  A 27-year-old woman was punched out without warning by a mentally ill ex-con in the Times Square subway station.  "I saw him wind back and punch me," Erin Reilly, 27, said of the unprovoked Wednesday [2/24/2016] beatdown.  "I wasn't expecting it.  When he leaned back I remember saying to myself that there was no way he was going to punch me — but then he did.  The next thing I know I was lying on the ground."  Reilly was headed to catch a No. 2 or 3 train to Penn Station, where she planned to connect to the Long Island Rail Road, when she was attacked about 12:30 a.m.

Dramatic spike in NYC slashing attacks frightens citizens, puzzles experts.  The frightening wave of slashing attacks terrorizing New York since the year began has gripped both hardened city folks and tourists with fear and left experts searching for an explanation.  Through Sunday [2/21/2015], the NYPD had recorded 567 slashing attacks, some 20 percent above the pace set in early 2015.  Police and criminologists have identified no single pattern for the slashings, which have plagued the city's subway system as well as both trendy and tough neighborhoods.

Accused granny slasher says he thought 71-year-old on the subway was armed.  A deranged Brooklyn man who allegedly sliced the face of a random 71-year-old granny tried to tell cops she may have been armed, court papers say.  "I observed a silver object in her coat pocket and it made me lose it.  I felt threatened," said accused slasher Damon Knowles who also he had been on a five-day crack bender when he encountered Carmen Rivera on Jan. 25 about 7 p.m. as the D train they were on pulled into the Broadway-Lafayette station.  "I approached her and slashed her in the face with a razor," the accused menace continued.  He described the imaginary object as "an illusion" that caused him to "black out."

Teen attacks delivery man at East Harlem's Wagner Houses in fight on video.  A teen attacked a delivery man to howls of laughter in East Harlem in a disturbing fight video that surfaced online Sunday [2/21/2016].  The NYPD is searching for the teenage boy shown in footage from an unknown date at 445 E. 120th St. in the Robert F. Wagner Houses, DNAinfo reported.  A video posted on Facebook by the gossip site Mediatakeout had been viewed over 6 million times Monday night [2/22/2016] as angry social media users blamed people like the teen assailant for restaurants not delivering to certain areas.

Man slashed in the face at Supreme clothing event in Soho.  A man was slashed in the face Thursday [2/18/2016] as people lined up to shop at a SoHo clothing store, police said.  As people lined up around 2:10 p.m. outside the Supreme store near Prince and Lafayette streets for the release of the Spring/Summer collection, a man walked up to the victim as he left the store and demanded his shopping bags, according to witnesses.

Yet another slasher attack in New York as young woman, 20, is left needing 26 face stitches after midnight Bronx attack.  Another terrifying slashing has taken place in New York — leaving a 20-year-old woman needing 26 stitches after she suffered from a six-inch gash across her face.  The early-morning attack happened on Friday [2/12/2016] in the Bronx as the victim, identified only as Paula, was walking home when she said a man slashed and kicked her face.  The psychology student said during the attack he took her bag which contained her ID, debit card and other personal belongings, according to a Facebook post she wrote recounting the ordeal.

Crook's arm ripped off after failed robbery attempt.  A 17-year-old robber's arm was severed in Brooklyn after he held up a 39-year-old man at gunpoint for a pair of pricey sneakers, police sources said.  Through the app Wallapop, the pair had arranged to meet up at 1 p.m. on Friday [2/12/2016] in Canarsie.  But when the seller showed up, asking $490 for a pair of Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers, the teen crook pulled out a gun and demanded the kicks for free inside the older man's car, police sources said.

Woman slashed across face in another terrifying NYC attack.  A young woman was sliced across the face in the early morning attack Friday [2/12/2016] that left her with a six-inch wound — becoming the latest in a spate of terrifying slashings across the city.  "It all happened very quickly," said Paula Delos Santos, 20, who was cut across the left cheek at 12:15 a.m. in The Bronx.  "I was terrified, very frantic, hysterical.  I had blood all over me.  I thought it was because he kicked me in the face."  The pretty brunette had just gotten off the No. 2 train and was talking to a pal on the phone on her way home when she was attacked from behind on Holland Avenue near Morris Park Avenue.

Cops investigating second anti-white attack in Brooklyn this week: 'This is for Malcolm X, cracka'.  Police are investigating a second anti-white bias incident in Brooklyn where the attacker called his victim "cracka," the [New York] Daily News has learned.  A 51-year-old white man told cops he was on Nostrand Ave. near Glenwood Road in East Flatbush when a black man ran up and knocked him to the ground about 5:40 p.m. Monday [2/8/2016].  "This is for Malcolm X, cracka," the brute said before storming off.

Exclusive: Brooklyn train commuter explains attack by man who called him 'cracka'.  [Scroll down]  Once they were on the train, [Randy] Aveille thought he saw actress Emily Bergl of the Showtime series "Shameless" on the other side of the train car.  His attacker — a well-groomed black man sporting a beard and wearing a skull cap with embossed white lettering on it — was in his line of sight, he said.  "He must have thought that I was staring... or challenging him in some way," Aveille said, showing the bruised right eye he suffered because of his stargaze.

The Editor says...
Notice that there was no attempt on the part of the perpetrator to settle the dispute verbally or negotiate a peaceful settlement.  The assailant didn't like (what he perceived as) being stared at.  So badly was he offended, or his male dominance threatened, that he met the stare with physical aggression.  That's exactly the behavior one would expect in the gorilla cage at the zoo.

White subway rider assaulted by black man in Brooklyn station: 'Cracka, you don't belong here'.  A 44-year-old white straphanger was beaten [2/6/2016] in a Brooklyn subway station by a black man who told him, "Cracka, you don't belong here," police sources told the [New York] Daily News.  The suspect also allegedly elbowed the victim's fiancée in the head, then spit in another straphangers' face.

Teen slashed while jogging in Jackson Heights.  The NYPD is still looking for a man who slashed a Jackson Heights woman Sunday morning [2/7/2016].  According to police, the 19-year-old woman was out jogging when the suspect ran by and stabbed her with an unknown sharp object.  Police said the attack was unprovoked and the suspect didn't say anything to the young woman.

Brooklyn man sentenced to 12 years for subway hammer attacks.  A mugger who hit two New York City subway riders on the head with a hammer has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.  Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson says Anthony Coward, 30, was sentenced Monday [2/8/2016].  The May 2014 attacks occurred in the Rockaway Avenue station in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The victims were ambushed from behind and hit in the head with a hammer while they were buying fare cards.

Slash City.  In his 1951 poem "Subway Rush Hour," the Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes sketched a portrait of an underground world, where people of all colors, ethnicities, and backgrounds are packed so tightly together that there's "no room for fear."  Late last week — in an effort to convince New Yorkers that the subways are safe despite a rash of recent stabbings and slashings on the transit system — NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton made a similar point.  "It's amazing anybody can assault anybody because you can't really move on some of those cars," he said.  Bratton's attempts at reassurance clash with the growing sense among New Yorkers that the city's celebrated public-safety gains are increasingly under threat.  Ten people have been slashed or stabbed so far this year on the subways.  Overall, such crimes are up nearly 20 percent.  "I'll chop you up right on this f---ing train!" 37-year-old Ras Alula Nagarit allegedly yelled at two women after bumping into them on a crowded platform in Brooklyn.

Three more victims slashed in separate incidents across NYC, as trend of knife violence continues to plague city.  Tuesday's [2/2/2016] spree of slashings began in Brooklyn when an 18-year-old was attacked by four teens as he made his way home from school about 3:15 p.m., police sources said.  "Cut him now!" one attacker screamed as another sliced the teen three times on the chest, above his left eye and on his left cheek on Graham Ave. near Maujer St., sources said.

Three more victims slashed in separate incidents across NYC, as trend of knife violence continues to plague city.  Slashings and stabbings in the city were up 24% this year through Tuesday — with 381 incidents compared with 308 in the same period last year.  Slashings were also up in the subways.  As of Monday night, cops were investigating seven slashings and three stabbings on the rails this year.  During the same period in 2015, three slashings and two stabbings had occurred.  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton downplayed the rise in blade attacks on the rails during a radio interview on Monday [2/1/2016], calling them an "aberration."

The Editor says...
It's only a mere "aberration" when somebody else is getting stabbed.

Man slashed on subway platform in sixth attack this year.  A man was slashed Sunday [1/31/2016] in the sixth such attack in New York's subways and on streets this year — following a spate of blade-wielding assaults in public places that started in the fall, police said.

Woman slashed on subway in another random attack.  A psychopath sliced a woman with a 2-foot-long machete Tuesday night [1/26/2016] aboard a Brooklyn-bound 3 train after he threatened to "chop" her up — the third city slashing this week, police sources said.  The 29-year-old woman, identified by police sources as Natalie Lewis, was hacked on the hand by a man wearing a green cap after he bumped into her as she was waiting for the train with her sister around 9:30 p.m. at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station, cops said.

Woman slashed in the face on NYC subway train.  Police in New York City said they were on the hunt for a man suspected of slashing a 71-year-old woman in the face on a Manhattan subway train Monday. [...] Both the man and woman got off the train when it stopped.  The suspect escaped on a southbound D train.

71-year-old woman slashed in face with razor while riding on 6 train in NYC.  Another slashing by a random assailant — the 10th unsolved attack since October — took place Monday morning [1/25/2016] when a 71-year-old Brooklyn grandma was cut across the face as she sat on a subway train in lower Manhattan.  The victim said the latest attack took place on a Manhattan-bound D train at the Broadway-Lafayette station when a man wielding a razor slashed her as the train pulled into the station.  It was also the latest incident in a disturbing citywide spike in stabbings and slashings since Jan. 1, which has seen a nearly 15% increase compared with last year, police said.

Bratton under fire for suggesting women use 'buddy system' to prevent rapes in cabs.  City pols are hitting Police Commissioner Bill Bratton for telling women to use the "buddy system" to guard against rapes in cabs.  "It is completely inappropriate to say that young women should buddy up when getting into a cab or going home late at night," Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo (D-Brooklyn) said at a press conference outside City Hall.  "What I want from my commissioner of the NYPD is to say that he's going to do a full crackdown," she said.  "We want to make sure that taxi cab drivers are put on notice that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, that we are going to be enforcing laws, that there will be civil and serious penalties coming down on any driver that disrespects, that rapes, that sexually assaults.  I want a commissioner who's going to come out and is going to state that, not tell us as women that we need to get a buddy system."

Teen walking in park with dad raped by group of men.  The 18-year-old and her dad were inside Osborn Playground, near Hegeman Avenue and Osborn Street in Brownsville, at 9:10 p.m. [1/7/2016] when the perverts, all strangers, accosted them.  One had a gun and pointed it at the pair, demanding that the father leave.  The father ran out of the park, desperately looking for help.

New York is hit by its third knife attack in as many weeks.  [Scroll down]  Two weeks ago, a 28-year-old New York woman was slashed in the face on New Years day in the Bronx, and then another lady was attacked while walking to work in Chelsea.  On both those occasions, a 41-year-old man was arrested and charged with the attack.  He was also linked to several similar attacks across the city in recent months.

'Slasher' hit woman with bottle while yelling 'white b****': cops.  The career criminal accused of slashing a woman on her way to work at Whole Foods on Wednesday [1/6/2016] is also suspected of striking a 25-year-old victim on the head with a bottle while calling her a "white b****," police sources said.  Kari Bazemore, 41, was charged Thursday night [1/7/2016] with a third assault, and has been linked to two more attacks since the end of September, sources said.  According to the newest charges, he struck a 43-year-old victim in the face with a heavy shopping bag as she stood on Fifth Avenue in Midtown on Nov. 4.

Woman slashed in face by homeless man in Manhattan furious he was on the streets despite 32 prior arrests.  A mentally ill man, off his meds and free to roam the streets, victimized at least six women — even before cops say he randomly slashed a woman in the face in Chelsea.  The family of 41-year-old Kari Bazemore told the Daily News the accused Chelsea slasher has been in and out of psychiatric institutions for at least the last five years.  Bazemore began showing signs of psychiatric problems 15 years ago, his sister Dana Bazemore said.  He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and was hospitalized at least three times following arrests.

Serial Spitter Targets Passersby in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn.  The spitter is described as a tall, slender black man in his 20s or 30s, usually wearing a grey hooded sweat shirt.  The 71st Precinct is encouraging people to report these disturbing attacks to them.

6 arrested, officers injured after massive brawl at Garden City bowling alley.  A massive brawl in a Long Island bowling alley led to a stolen wallet, discovery of illicit drugs, officers injured, and six people, aged 17 to 48, placed under arrest.  Around 8:10 p.m. Sunday [12/27/2015] at Garden City Lanes, police say Deyahna Curtis started arguing with the victim, 24, and quickly escalated to a physical altercation.

NYC woman arrested after allegedly cutting baby from mother's womb.  A baby was cut from the womb of a 22-year-old woman who was nearly nine months pregnant by a childhood friend with a knife, and the suspect was arrested on a murder charge, police said Saturday [11/21/2015].

Emotional service for pregnant woman killed for unborn child.  The baby who was ripped from her murdered mother's womb last week was under police guard at a Bronx hospital Sunday [11/22/2015].  The 8-pound, 2-ounce infant, named Genesis, was being guarded by an NYPD officer who stood outside her hospital room at Montefiore Medical Center.

Suspected C train slasher Stanley Gray released from jail days before alleged attack with box cutter: court records.  Suspected C-train slasher Stanley Gray had been released from jail on an assault charge just days before he allegedly attacked two subway passengers with a box cutter, according to court records.  Gray was arraigned Thursday [11/5/2015], two days after he terrorized a Manhattan-bound train and randomly slashed two men in the head at a train station in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  Gray, 29 of Brownsville, was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and harassment.

Police Release Sketch of Man Wanted in Queens Acid Attack.  Police have a better idea of the man they are trying to find in an acid attack on a woman in Queens.  The NYPD has released a sketch of the suspect.  The attack happened Wednesday night [8/19/2015] in Sunnyside, as 59-year old Alexandra Dyer entered her car on Skillman Avenue.

3 killed, 4 injured in shooting near New York Boys and Girls Club.  Officials say three people have been killed and four others wounded when a gunman shot into a crowd after a basketball game in western New York [8/19/2015].

Exclusive: Man Beaten in Broad Daylight in Bronx Neighborhood.  The incident happened near the corner of Briggs Avenue and East 197th Street in Bedford Park — not in the wee hours of the morning, but at 2 in the afternoon on a beautiful, bright and busy day.  One man pounded the 67-year-old, while another acted as a lookout — both were left empty-handed.  "I believe it was a racial attack — they weren't trying to rob me, I had money on me and my wallet and all.  They weren't trying to rob me," adds King.

I was beaten, taunted for being white, Bronx man says after subway attack.  A Bronx man was viciously assaulted and robbed on a subway train Sunday by four men who he says taunted him for being white.  Police confirmed they are investigating the assault and robbery of Jason Fordell, 29, but have not labeled it a hate crime.

Authorities Ignoring another Black-on-white 'Hate Crime'.  Like the three monkeys who see, hear and speak no evil, our authorities seem intent on ignoring the true nature of yet another black-on-white racial attack.  In the New York City subway this past Sunday, 29-year-old Jason Fordell was attacked by a group of black men who taunted him for being white.  Yet NYC police "are unsure" if the incident is a bias crime.  The problem started when Fordell transferred to a crowded 4 train at 42nd street, where he encountered four black men who began harassing him.

How are white-black relations our nation's city buses?  New York City:  An attacker pummeled a bus passenger so hard he smashed the bones in his face after calling the victim a "cracker" in Manhattan — marking the second time in two days that people appeared to be randomly targeted in racial tirades against white people, authorities said.  The victim was treated for facial fractures at New York Presbyterian Hospital and released, police said.

Another NYC shooting death that doesn't fit the MSM Narrative.  A 48-year old retired NYC police lieutenant is being heralded as a hero for shooting down a would-be armed robber, but you won't hear much about this story from the MSM because it doesn't fit the "Trayvon Martin" narrative.  The New York Post reported Friday [4/13/2012] that two men attempted to rob a drug store at gun point looking for cash and expensive prescription drugs.  What they got was more than they bargained for.

Five people shot after Rucker Park basketball game ends in gunfire.  Five people were shot last night at a basketball game at Harlem's famed Rucker Park where ex-Knicks guard Nate Robinson was among those scrambling for safety during the chaos, authorities and witnesses said.

Woman files lawsuit against McDonald's for fight she started at Greenwich Village location.  A woman who admitted she started the violent fight in a Greenwich Village McDonald's that sent her to the hospital is suing the burger-flipper who gave her a fractured skull.

The Editor says...
Instead of requiring this restaurant to post nutrition information on their drive-through menu boards, they should be required to put up a sign that says, "Danger: We hire violent felons."  After all, which of the two is a greater and more likely threat?

NYC subway train kills man pushed off platform.  A 58-year-old man died Monday [12/3/2012] after he was pushed off a subway platform in Midtown Manhattan and hit by a train pulling into the station, according to news reports.

Fiend watched his victim die: Homeless man arrested in Times Square subway murder.  A homeless drifter was arrested and charged this morning for allegedly tossing a Queens dad onto a Times Square subway track, where he was fatally crushed by a Q train, law-enforcement sources told The [New York] Post.  Naeem Davis, 30, confessed yesterday while being grilled in the grisly death of Ki Suk Han, 58, who was struck in front of horrified onlookers Monday after trying desperately to scramble back to the platform. [...] He was charged with murder in the second degree and depraved indifference.

Muslim New York Subway Killer Calm After His Murder.  Everybody is talking about the New York Post cover photo showing Ki Suk Han about to be killed by the subway train, but the real story here is yet again being ignored by the mainstream media.  The real story here is that Naeem Davis is clearly a devout Muslim, and one who displayed behavior characteristic of jihadis after he committed murder.

Subway shove monster: I couldn't stop the voices in my head.  The homeless man charged with fatally shoving a Queens father into the path of a subway train said he couldn't drown out the voices in his head. [...] Davis said he is a devout Muslim who prays five times a day and goes to mosque daily.

Gunman shoots taxi driver three times.  The attack was captured on the in-car security cameras.  According to the New York Post, police said he shot at the cab driver five times, hitting him twice, before waiting until the wounded, married father of three stumbled outside the vehicle  — and shot him again.

Black mob shoots Hispanics in Brooklyn.  It started out Friday with teasing, then taunting.  But when the young Hispanic woman behind the counter told the black man and his friends she did not want to go out with them, it escalated into assault.  Then gunshots.  All at the same time as, a few miles away, Al Sharpton and Beyonce were railing against racial injustice directed at black men.  We don't know the names of these alleged would-be killers.  Not yet.  Nor would we have a description of the mob if we had to rely on the New York Post or Daily News.

Hammer-wielding thugs attack two men just blocks apart in Harlem: cops.  Two men were attacked in Harlem early yesterday by a hammer-wielding gang of thugs, police sources said.  The first victim of the seemingly random violence [...] said he was set upon by a gang of five or six black males wearing white T-shirts, and that at least one of the goons struck him over the head with a hammer.

Brooklyn Rabbi: Gang Of Teens Playing Disturbing Game Of 'Knock Out The Jew'.  The NYPD is looking into a series of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn.  At least one attack was caught on surveillance tape.  Some of the assaults may be part of a disturbing game, CBS 2's John Slattery reported on Tuesday.  Police have yet to connect all the incidents, but released surveillance video that shows one group attacking a Jewish man.  The video shows from a few different angles the victim, a man in a hooded jacket, getting punched.

'Knockout' Assaults: One Arrested In New York.  Police in New York have arrested a man following a spate of random attacks they believe are linked to a so-called "knockout" game.  Officers arrested Amrit Marajh on charges of assault after a man claimed he was punched in the face as he walked down the street.  Police are investigating whether the attack was part of a new craze, in which people seek to knock out unsuspecting members of the public with a single punch.

'Knockout Game' Suspect Charged With Hate Crime.  The Brooklyn, N.Y., man accused of assaulting an Orthodox Jew in what appears to be another case of the knockout game is being charged with a hate crime for the alleged attack.  Amrit Marajh, 28, was charged with harassment as a hate crime after he allegedly punched the 24-year-old Orthodox Jewish man Friday morning [11/22/2013].  The unidentified victim believes he was attacked as part of the deadly "knockout" game, where an attacker aims to knock out the victim with a single sucker punch, police said.

72-Year-Old Woman Latest Victim Of 'Knockout' Game Assault?  Police are investigating if a 72-year-old woman is the latest victim of the so-called "knockout game," a violent trend in which youths sucker-punch unsuspecting strangers for kicks.  Mira Harpazi was walking two blocks from her home at the Starret City housing complex in Brooklyn when she was punched in the face by a man in his 20s, CBS 2's John Slattery reported Tuesday [11/26/2013].

The Knockout Game: What Took the Conservative Media so Long to Notice?  Evil flourishes when good men do nothing, and too many conservatives have been wobbly about recent racial violence trends. [...] In June of 2011, at least two people had been killed as a result of the sadistic, racially charged knockout game.  Since then, there have regularly been unprovoked attacks by black teens against non-black victims.  Now, finally, after a series of attacks against Jewish pedestrians in New York City, mainstream conservatives are discussing the knock-out game.  Fox News reports that the death toll from the "game" is now seven.

Hasidic man assaulted by woman becomes 10th possible victim of the 'knockout game' in New York.  A Hasidic man walking along a New York street on Sunday night [12/1/2013] became the latest victim of the 'knockout game' — sucker-punched by a woman who laughed hysterically as he lay on the floor.  The 26-year-old victim, Eli Leidner, was set-upon at 10.40 pm in the Williamsburg neighborhood of the Big Apple and becomes the 10th victim in recent months of the violent unprovoked assaults.  The attacks have predominantly occurred against Jewish people in which the goal of the controversial street game is to strike a random person unconscious with only one punch as they walk by.

NYC Politician Blames 'Jewish Success' for 'Knock-Out' Attacks.  Amid an array of "knock-out" attacks against a number of Jews in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood, a city councilwoman pointed to the success of the Jewish community as triggering the aggression.  Councilwoman-elect Laurie Cumbo emphasized that while she "admire[s] the Jewish community immensely" for its work ethic, black teens may see it differently.

De Blasio ally: 'Knockout game' violence stems from 'genuine concern' about Jewish influence.  A local New York City politician and ally of mayor-elect Bill de Blasio says the recent spate of "knockout" attacks in Brooklyn may stem from "a genuine concern" about Jewish influence.  Laurie Cumbo, the councilwoman-elect for the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, made the comments in an open letter posted to her Facebook page.  In the letter, Cumbo reports that many of her African-American constituents are alarmed by the growth of the local Jewish community.

Queens man breaks leg in Harlem attack, claims to be victim of the 'knockout game'.  A Queens man broke his leg Thursday [12/12/2013] in a horrific, unprovoked daytime attack similar to a "knockout game" strike, the [New York] Daily News has learned.  Clifford Wong, 52, was leaving his job at a New York Lottery office in Harlem and was nearing his car on W. 126th St. near Lenox Ave. at about 2:30 p.m. when he saw a group of black teens watching him.  "Something didn't feel right so I crossed the street," he said.  "I took a few steps and in an instant one guy was in front of me."

Long Island man arrested in multiple 'knockout' assaults.  Law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News, a 20-year-old Long Island man is under arrest and is expect to be charged with up to 7 counts of 'knockout' assaults that date back to April of 2013.  Darryl Mitchell of Amityville is expected to be charged in the assaults of residents, at least two of them elderly in the Babylon to Amityville area.

Hate crime suspect arrested for attacking seven women in New York 'knock-out' attacks.  A 35-year-old from New York has been arrested for at least seven knock out attacks around Brooklyn.  Barry Baldwin is accused of punching his victims to the ground in a spate of attacks carried out between November 9 and December 27, police said.  All of the victims were women, and most were Jewish.  In one case, a 78-year-old was knocked to the ground as she pushed her great granddaughter's stroller.

Brooklyn man arrested, charged in five 'knockout' incidents against women.  A Brooklyn man was busted for a string of assaults against women that some have connected to the infamous "knockout game," authorities said Friday [1/3/2014].  Barry Baldwin, 35, was charged with five incidents in which Jewish women were viciously punched for no apparent reason.

New York cops call video taped 'Knockout' attack harassment, not assault.  Rochester New York police are characterizing the brazen attack of an elderly woman as harassment rather than what it appears to be — another example of the hotly-debated "knockout game."  The attacker, a young black male who operated a Facebook account under the name "True Goon Tocool Sneekey", narrated his plan for the camera.

2005 stabbing: Family's lawyer says White Plains didn't secure garage.  A lawyer for the family of a woman who was stabbed to death in White Plains because she was white argued Thursday that the city failed to adequately secure a parking garage near the Galleria where the crime occurred.  The lawyer spoke during the opening of a civil trial in the case, pressed by the family of Concetta "Connie" Russo-Carriero of White Plains, who was stabbed by Phillip Grant on June 29, 2005, at the parking garage.  Grant, who is serving a sentence of 25 years to life in state prison, told police shortly after his arrest that he was waging a race war and only regretted not being able to kill more whites that day.

'I slugged 78-year-old woman in self-defense'.  An unhinged Brooklyn man accused of punching seven women — including a 78-year-old — in brutal "knockout" attacks last year told cops he attacked six of them in "self-defense," and hit another woman because she almost made him spill his Dunkin' Donuts coffee, court papers revealed Wednesday.  Barry Baldwin, 35, hit the women in seven separate attacks in Canarsie and Midwood between Nov. 7 and Dec. 27, court papers state.

Victim in possible Manhattan 'knockout game' attack speaks out.  The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning [3/2/2014] on Bowery Street on the Lower East Side.  Surveillance video shows a man attack 23-year-old Kyle Rogers, of Rockville Centre, from behind as he was walking down the street.  Another man can be seen on the video recording the whole thing.

Woman punched by group in random attack.  Four men assaulted a young woman in a vicious attack on the streets of Brooklyn.  New surveillance shows the men after what could be another case of the so-called "knockout game".  "It could have been me, just as easily it could have been her, and it's terrifying," a neighbor said.

14-year-old arrested for deadly bus shooting.  A 14-year-old boy is in custody and faces a second-degree murder charge in connection with a shocking shooting on an MTA bus in New York City.  A 39-year-old passenger died after he was shot in the head while on a B15 bus in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, authorities said.  Police say the teen was on the bus near Lafayette Boulevard and Marcus Garvey Boulevard around 6:20 when he got into an argument with a rival.  He began firing shots on the bus.

Councilman Suspects Assault On London Man In Brooklyn Was 'Knockout' Attack.  A tourist from London in town for a wedding was attacked and beaten in Brooklyn early Tuesday, in what a City Councilman said might have been another "knockout" attack.  As 1010 WINS' Sonia Rincon reported, the 65-year-old man was attacked on McDonald Avenue near 18th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, as he left the wedding around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday [3/25/2014].  The attackers grabbed him by the head and threw him to the ground.  No property was taken.

Woman Punched At NYC Subway Station Speaks Out About Attack.  The attack happened Sunday morning at the 4th Avenue-9th Street station in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  [70-year-old Judith] Maroney told Carlin her nightmare began with her sitting on a bench waiting for the "R" train on Sunday morning.  Next thing she knew, a stranger punched her in the face.

NYCHA units see spike in crime that outpaces city, leaving residents in fear.  In the last five years, the New York City Housing Authority projects saw a 31% spike in major crimes, while the rest of the city experienced a 3.3% increase, records obtained exclusively by the [New York] Daily News show.  Some public housing residents say they are afraid to leave their homes or even open their doors.

Brooklyn boy shot in foot after budging line to buy 'Yeezy' sneakers.  A 15-year-old boy was shot in the foot Saturday [4/19/2014] after he cut the line of customers waiting to buy hot new Nike "Yeezy" and Air Jordan sneakers at a Foot Locker store in Brooklyn.  The shooting happened about 5:40 a.m. Saturday at the Knickerbocker Avenue Foot Locker, where customers were waiting for the store to open at 8 a.m. to buy $150 Air Jordan 11 Low "Green Snakeskin" and $250 Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Yeezy" sneakers, the New York Post reported.

Teen muggers busted after targeting people in Central Park early Monday: cops.  Four teens and a 12-year-old were busted Monday [4/21/2014] after mugging three people in Central Park, police said.

Teen crews linked to 40 percent of NYC shootings.  Police say these groups, clustered around a particular block or housing project, are responsible for about 40 percent of the city's shootings, with most of that violence stemming from the smallest of disses on the street, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  "It's like belonging to an evil fraternity," said Inspector Kevin Catalina, commander of the New York Police Department's gang division.  "A lot of it is driven by nothing:  A dispute over a girl or a wrong look or a perceived slight."  The trend of smaller, younger crews has also been seen in Chicago and Northeast cities over the last few years as police have cracked down on bigger, more traditional gangs, experts said.

Cops Name Suspect In Subway Hammer Attacks.  Police have released the name of the man they believe has attacked at least three people with a hammer in New York City subway stations.  The suspect is Anthony Coward, 28, police said. He is described as a 28-year-old black man with black hair and brown eyes, standing 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighing about 160 pounds.  On Wednesday, Coward allegedly attacked 32-year-old Richianand Brijanand, of Ozone Park, with a hammer and robbed him as the victim tried to buy a Metro Card at the Fulton Street and Rockaway Avenue station in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Brooklyn Mall In Black Mob Bull's-Eye.  Officials vowed to get tough after the last episode of black mob violence at Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn a few days after Christmas.  So they banned teenagers from the mall.  That lasted two days.

'Knockout game' suspect chased down by victim's friend.  A Brooklyn fare-beater allegedly punched a young woman in the face while apparently playing the "knockout game" in a Manhattan PATH station — and her friend chased him down, put him in a chokehold and forced him to apologize, sources said.  Ibrahim King, 36, allegedly slugged 21-year-old Elizabeth Mejia, breaking her orbital bone, in the Ninth Street station around 3:40 a.m. Sunday [5/18/2014].  "He looks at her for a very short moment and then he pulls his right fist back and lunges across the railing and punches her in the face," said Mejia's friend Steve Sala.  Sala chased and grabbed King, then put him in a chokehold, ripping out one of his dreadlocks in the process.

Cops storm through Harlem housing projects in attempt to end gang feud.  Hordes of police donning full body armor swept through two Harlem housing projects Wednesday morning [6/4/2014] in a massive sting aimed at unfurling a deadly gang feud that lead to the 2011 cold-blooded killing of an 18-year-old basketball star.  The coordinated action began at approximately 6 a.m. when teams of cops from gang divisions across the city donned helmets and carried battering rams as they simultaneously stormed several apartments throughout the Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Manhattanville houses aiming to arrest some of the over 100 people indicted on conspiracy charges stemming from gang violence in the area.

Wilding for profit.  The [New York] Post has always been skeptical of the belated claim by serial killer Matias Reyes claim that he alone raped jogger Trisha Meili.  Under Mike Bloomberg, the city resisted intense political pressure to settle the five's lawsuit — with good reason.  There remains strong evidence that, as famed anti-corruption prosecutor Michael Armstrong found in his review of the case, the five "more likely than not" took part in the jogger attack.  There was overwhelming evidence they'd been in the park that night, engaged in a series of "wilding" assaults.

Pack of girls beat woman in Brooklyn while bystanders record attack.  A video has surfaced of a pack of girls beating up an unsuspecting woman in Brooklyn.  The violent video was posted on Facebook earlier today [6/27/2014] \and has yet to be taken down.  It shows the three girls walk up to a woman sitting on a bench in Prospect Park and start yelling at her.  There are a group of boys and girls standing around, yelling, cursing and even cheering them on.

Family of Bronx Man Killed in Sucker-Punch Attack Stunned by Suspect's Misdemeanor Charge.  A grieving Bronx family is stunned that the teen accused of sucker-punching their father and husband is being charged with a misdemeanor that could result in the suspect doing less than a year in jail.  Ildefonso Romero Jr. died days after a teenage boy allegedly sucker-punched him outside his home on Thieriot Avenue in Soundview on June 21.  Witnesses said Romero had been protecting a girl from local teens who were apparently causing trouble in the street, and one of the teens punched Romero.

Shocking 'knockout' attack on elderly man caught on tape.  A heartless creep slugged an elderly man in the face on a Greenwich Village street in an unprovoked knockout, cops said.  The suspect was caught on a surveillance camera waiting on the sidewalk on Jane Street near West Street around 5:30 p.m. Monday [8/11/2014] while the victim was walking up the street.

72-year-old bleeding from brain after Village 'knockout' attack.  A 72-year-old cancer survivor was left with bleeding on the brain when he was knocked out in broad daylight on a West Village street, law enforcement sources and the victim said on Tuesday [8/12/2014].  Retired cabbie Donald Lathrom was listening to his iPod while walking to his home from a local deli around 5:30 p.m. when a punk standing on the sidewalk near the corner of Jane Street near West Street smashed him in the face.  The sickening attack was caught on surveillance video, which shows a stunned Lathrom tumbling into a doorway and hitting the sidewalk before the suspect bolts across the street, where a friend was waiting, cops said.

Woman chases down, captures alleged cellphone thief.  A dramatic photo captured the moment on Friday [8/15/2014] when a Brooklyn mugging victim became a crime fighter — as she busted the punk who allegedly snatched her cellphone and held him in a bear hug for the cops.  Clara Vondrich, 36, was taking a business phone call while standing in front of a Williamsburg coffee shop on South Third Street at 1:20 p.m. when the teen approached her with two pals.  The 13-year-old, whose name is being withheld by The [New York] Post because he is a minor, allegedly pushed her from behind, nearly knocking her to the ground.

Pregnant woman punched in Brooklyn knockout game: 'I was worried about the baby'.  It may be the most cold-hearted case of the knockout game yet.  A 33-year-old punk punched a pregnant woman in the face so hard that she lost consciousness.  But the creep was quickly arrested, just blocks away, cops said Friday [8/15/2014].  Jannatul Ferdous — two months from her due date — told the Daily News she was horrified for her unborn child.  "I was scared and worried about the baby," the 34-year-old victim said at her home in Brooklyn.

The Editor says...
Please note:  She wasn't worried about a fetus, or a clump of cells, or any part of her own body, she was worried about a her baby.

Man accused of firing pellet gun at Central Park jogger blames friends for shooting.  The maniac charged with shooting a woman and a man with a pellet gun in Central Park blamed his friends for those attacks and two others over a 10-day span.  Edward Fall, 20, accused a friend named Hollywood of shooting the two joggers in Central Park earlier this month, according to his confession.  He fingered another friend, Antwan Ross, 21, as the man who shot two people — and a dog — in Midtown West with pellets on Thursday, cops said.

Thug who 'used a pellet gun to shoot white joggers in Central Park' arrested and charged with hate crimes.  An African-American man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime over pellet gun attacks on white joggers in New York's Central Park.  Edward J Fall, 20, from Morningside Heights was charged with criminal possession of a weapon as part of a hate crime, assault and reckless endangerment after the attacks on August 17 and 18.  A woman jogger told police that she was hit in the back of the head by a pellet gun as she ran in the park on August 18, and when she turned round saw Fall and his accomplices.

Police: Three men attacking NYC woman caught on video.  Surveillance video shows that on Oct. 2 around 2 a.m., Gwendolyn Reyes walked past three men in Brooklyn.  After a vicious beating, the three suspects left her lying helpless on the ground. [...] They had gotten away with her purse and iPhone and Reyes was treated for a broken nose at a local hospital.  Police told CBS New York that the attacks appeared random and the suspects targeted her because she was walking alone.

The Editor says...
CBS News successfully avoids using the word "black" in this article about three black men beating up a randomly-selected white woman.

Man arrested in subway shoving that killed Bronx man is suspected in another case, has long rap sheet.  Kevin Darden, a career criminal with 30 arrests in 15 years, was the target of a massive police search as a 'person of interest' in the Sunday death of Wai Keun Kwok, who was shoved by a deranged assailant into the path of a D train at the 167th St. station in the Bronx.  Darden's rap sheet includes an arrest for trying to burn down his own brother's house.

Ex-Con Arrested for Fatal Subway Push, Police Say.  Police have arrested an ex-con suspected of pushing a 61-year-old father to his death in front of a D train.  Kevin Darden, who has an extensive criminal history and was released from jail only two days before the fatal shove, was caught walking on a street in the 48th Precinct shortly after his mugshot was released Tuesday to the public, according to the NYPD.  Darden, 34, was on the Manhattan-bound platform of the 167th Street station about 8:45 a.m. Sunday [11/16/2014] when he pushed Wai Kuen Kwok, a stranger, in front of the train in full view of Kwok's horrified wife, sources said.

Suspect Charged In Deadly Subway Incident.  And as CBS2's Weijia Jiang reported, detectives have also linked Darden to two other crimes at subway stations — both of them earlier this month.  The first incident took place on Nov. 6 at around 5:30 p.m., police said.  In that incident, a 51-year-old Asian man said he was pushed to the ground while waiting on the platform at West 4th Street in Manhattan, police said.  The victim in that incident was hospitalized with serious bruising, CBS2 reported.  He came forward after recognizing the suspect from the surveillance photo released following the most recent fatal incident.

Cops Arrest Suspect In Fatal Subway Shoving.  After an extensive manhunt, police apprehended the suspect in Sunday's fatal subway shoving.  Kevin Darden, 34, was caught yesterday near his mother's house in the Bronx.  And investigators believe he had also pushed a passenger in another violent incident earlier this month.

Man who killed teen girlfriend he thought was pregnant wanted community service.  A man who suffocated his 14-year-old Brooklyn girlfriend because he thought she was pregnant — then burned her corpse and stuffed it in a suitcase — asked if he could do only community service for the crime, court papers reveal.  After confessing to killing Shaniesha Forbes in January 2013, Christian Ferdinand, 22, asked cops, "Do you think I can get some kind of community service?" according to documents obtained by The [New York] Post.

Bloods gang member 'sucker-punches cop' during anti-police protest.  Nearly a week after firebrand Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams tweeted his support for members of the Bloods to join anti-cop protests, a member of the violent gang took him up on the offer — and sucker-punched an NYPD officer at a Harlem rally.  Jonathan Allen slugged Deputy Inspector Andrew Capul in the face, ambushing him from behind Thursday [12/11/2014] as the police official, dressed in uniform, talked to protesters near West 125th Street at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building around 9:30 p.m., police said.

Eric Garner Protesters in NY Attack 2 Officers, 'Bag of Hammers' Discovered.  New York police report that two officers were assaulted by marchers that took to the streets to protest police violence on Saturday [12/13/2014].  Police also reported finding a bag of newly-purchased hammers that were apparently intended for use as weapons.

Two NYPD Officers Killed In 'Execution-Style' Shooting In Brooklyn.  Police said the suspect, 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, approached the passenger window of the marked police car and opened fire, striking Officers Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32, in the head.

One last good deed.  Police have released video from a McDonald's security camera that show a police officer's final act of kindness shortly before he was killed in a random act of violence. The video clip shows Officer Jeremy Henwood paying for a 10-year-old boy's meal at a McDonald's restaurant in the San Diego, California, neighbourhood that he patrolled.

Black crime in St. Louis

Note:  Ferguson is on another page.

Man gets his rental car back after being carjacked in south St. Louis.  Officers responded to the 4800 block of Minnesota Avenue where a 60-year-old man was approached by four men around the ages of 15 to 20.

Preston Young
Serial robbery suspect located after person he tried to rob shoots him, police said.  A man suspected of a home invasion, a robbery and an attempted robbery has been apprehended by the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department, officials said Thursday [3/29/2018].  Preston Young, 23, of North 42nd Street in East St. Louis, was located after the victim of an attempted robbery in Washington Park shot Young on March 10, police said.  Young was armed during the attempted robbery, police said, and allegedly struck the victim, though it's unclear if the victim was injured.

In 2017 St. Louis, 99% Of Homicide Suspects are Black.  Out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census).  Our good friends at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department not only put out an annual report on crime broken down by race, but a weekly analysis of the yearly crime rate.  Also, conveniently, breaking out violent crime by the race of suspects.

Mother, two relatives named in scheme to eliminate witnesses against her son in St. Louis murder case.  The mother of a teenage murder suspect has been accused of orchestrating two follow-up murders to eliminate witnesses against her son.  Latashia Mopkins, 38, is among five people, including her son, who are charged with multiple counts of murder, conspiracy and other offenses in three murders that took place between September 2013 and April 2014.

Runner attacked by youths with tree branches along Forest Park trail.  Five teens have been charged as juveniles with felony assault after police say they attacked a runner on a trail along the western edge of Forest Park Sunday night [4/17/2016] with tree branches.  The man, 45, had cuts on his face and bruises to his body after the attack and was taken to a hospital for treatment, police said.  Five boys, ranging from 13 to 16, were arrested and turned over to juvenile authorities.  Police said the the man was running on the trail near Skinker Boulevard and Arundel Place about 7 p.m. when he saw the group of teens blocking the trail.

Senior store owner pulls gun on armed robber.  The hunt is on for a robber that started a gun battle in a St. Louis Grocery store [1/4/2016].  Sone Maniphonh is one 63 year old you don't want to mess with.

St. Louis Church Arsons:  A Suspect Is Nabbed.  St. Louis-area police have arrested David Lopez Jackson, a 35-year-old black man, in connection with the burning of churches around the area.  Jennings has been charged with two counts of second-degree arson.  There have been seven fires in St. Louis and nearby Jennings over the course of October.  The arsons struck a range of denominations, but mostly black churches.

Another fake hate crime.  Reading a hard copy of the New York Times this morning, I find Monica Davey's story "Suspect is charged in St. Louis church fires." [...] Not wanting to go too far out on a limb, she puts it this way:  "The authorities said Mr. Jackson was black."

Army veteran is shot and paralyzed outside St. Louis Cardinals game after celebrating his mother's 60th birthday with his family.  An Army veteran who was mugged and shot in the back after leaving a St. Louis Cardinals game on Friday [9/25/2015] has been told he may never walk again.  Christopher Sanna, 43, was at the stadium celebrating his mother's 60th birthday with his family when he made an early exit with his girlfriend because he had work in the morning[.]  As he returned to his car around 10.30 pm, two armed men in a black sedan cornered and robbed them but when they tried to flee one of the men opened fire and hit Sanna, shattering his spinal cord.

Former Tuskegee Airman, 93, is robbed, then carjacked.  A 93-year-old veteran who was part of the famed Tuskegee Airmen was the victim of crimes twice within a few minutes in St. Louis, being robbed and then having his car stolen.

The Editor says...
You can rest assured that if the perpetrators had been white, the Associated Press would have mentioned that aspect in the first sentence.  Therefore we can safely presume that the perps were black.

Saint Louis Hotel Manager Is 7th Murder In 24 Hour Span.  Saint Louis Missouri has encountered a massive spike in homicide violence since the Ferguson riots and protests began.  Last weekend 7 murders took place in a span of 24 hours, and this example below is reflective of how they are being reported.  However, something is just, well, there — visible, on the surface, yet not being discussed.  Take a look at this Daily Mail article and you'll note the victim was shot twice, once in the chest and then again in the head.  It certainly sounds more like an execution within the motive.

'6 murders in 13 hours': Wave of violence hits St. Louis.  St. Louis is suffering through a wave of fatal shootings.  The police chief blames easy access to guns and difficulty prosecuting gun crimes, but also notes that some officers are "distracted" after the waves of protests in the area.

Democrats Jumping the Race-Card Shark.  A rather inconvenient fact, however, is that the only reported act of racial violence so far happened on Tuesday [9/15/2009] on a public school bus in St. Louis and the offenders were black, the victim white.  An apparently unprovoked attack on a high school student took place over — get this — a seat on the bus..  The irony is downright nerve-wrenching.  A black student beat the white student to the cheers of his black classmates and the bus driver supposedly did nothing to intervene.  KKK in reverse?  That's a lot more violence than Rosa Parks got over her seat on the bus.  In fact, Rosa Parks wasn't on the receiving end of anything more than arrogant stares.

Three female customers attack Red Lobster waitress for 'filling up their water glasses too regularly'.  According to a witness, the attack was sparked when the women became irritated that the waitress was filling up their water glasses too often. [...] The incident comes just eight months after another waitress was attacked by four customers at the same Red Lobster restaurant.

Member of 'Obama Boyz' gang charged in St. Louis shootings.  A St. Louis teen who authorities say is a member of a gang called the "Obama Boyz" has been charged with two shootings on Saturday [9/29/2012].  Anthony Jamal Lee, 18, fired at a group of people from the window of a Grand Prix at 2:17 p.m., according to charges.  A 13-year-old boy was struck in the side of his body and had to be hospitalized; a 17-year-old boy was grazed by bullets on his face and arm.

St. Louis teen pleads guilty to "knockout game" attack.  A St. Louis teenager has pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in a "knockout game" attack in November 2011.  Kwame Thomas, 18, of the 2800 block of Osceola Street, admitted to assaulting a 54-year-old man near Osceola and Nebraska Avenue.

St. Louis "Knockout Game" Thug Shot And Killed After Breaking Into Home Of Armed American.  The "knockout game" involved groups of racist black youths sucker punching an unsuspecting white person.

Footage shows elderly man attacked with his own oxygen supply and carjacked by protesters in Ferguson.  The victim is shown lying face down on the pavement with his oxygen tank beside him.  'You need to take us live.  Some gentlemen was in his car, he was on oxygen, they stole his car, left him on the ground.  We're standing here where he is,' said reporter Robin Smith of KMOV-TV.  According to witnesses the man, who is dependent on oxygen, was attacked by two men as he returned to his vehicle to replace his almost empty tank.

Motorist beaten to death by several juveniles with hammers; 2 teens held.  "We're just angry because we're trying to protect our community," said Mirza Nukic, 29, of St. Louis.  "We're just trying to be peaceful."  Nukic was among at least 50 people, mostly, if not all Bosnians, who briefly blocked Gravois Avenue at Itaska Street on Sunday night to protest the killing.  The intersection was near where Zemir Begic, a Bosnian man who moved to St. Louis this year, was attacked by at least three teens with hammers early Sunday [11/30/2014].

The Saint Louis Murder of Zemir Begic — Not Random At All.  [Scroll down]  What's that?  You mean the other white guy whose head was smashed by a group of "unarmed teens" wielding hammers was not the first subject of their collective interest that day? [...] Yes, Zemir Begic, who happens to be white, was not the ONLY target of the five "teens" who happen to be "black".  Indeed, the suspects, and the victims, all appear to hold a similar profile.  Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.  It's all just a coincidence.

Fatal hammer attack on Bosnian immigrant not racially motivated, St. Louis police say.  A 17-year-old St. Louis man has been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the bludgeoning death of a Bosnian immigrant.  Police say Robert Mitchell along with two other teens, both juveniles, attacked the 32-year-old man with hammers early Sunday [11/30/2014].  He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Saint Louis Officials Blame Victim Zemir Begic For His Own Brutal Murder.  At approximately midnight on Saturday night [11/29/2014] Seldin Dzananovic, 24, was attacked by a group of black Saint Louis teen thugs wielding hammers.  Mr. Dzananovic was able to escape the attack suffering bruises and scratches.  However, an hour later 32-year-old Zemir Begic would not be so fortunate.  Mr. Begic was brutally murdered by the same teens around 1:30 am.

Bosnian community in St. Louis outraged over fatal hammer attack.  The St. Louis Bosnian community erupted into anger and demonstrations Sunday night after a local man was murdered with hammers Sunday morning.  Two teen males, 15 and 16, were arrested Sunday, and a third, 17, turned himself in to city police headquarters Sunday night in connection to the death of Zemir Begic, 32.

St. Louis' Bosnian community sees hammer murder as hate crime.  Insistence by St. Louis officials that the beating death of a Bosnian man was not a hate crime is being met with skepticism and anger, according to leaders of the city's 70,000-strong Bosnian community, and the victim's brother is calling on authorities to "investigate every possible motive."

Are the media ignoring another St Louis killing?  The murder [of Zemir Begic] has stunned the city's Bosnian community, one of the largest in the US.  On Sunday [11/30/2014] more than 150 residents took to the street to protest what they see as increasing incidents of violence in their neighbourhood.  Given that the attack occurred less than 14 miles from the town of Ferguson, which has been under a bright media spotlight since the August shooting of a black teen by a white police officer, local residents have been quick to draw comparisons.

Off-duty police officer shot multiple times in St. Louis.  An off-duty St. Louis police officer remained in critical condition Saturday [12/20/2014] after being shot multiple times in his personal vehicle by an unknown assailant.  The shooting occurred near the intersection of Breman Avenue and North 25th Street in North St. Louis just before 4 p.m. Friday, a local NBC affiliate reported.

St. Louis County police: City officer shot, killed man who pulled gun at gas station.  St. Louis County police say a man who pulled a gun and pointed it at an officer has been killed in Berkeley, Missouri.

Saint Louis Shooting Has Signature of Attempted Cop Assassination.  A Berkeley police officer fired at least three shots at a suspect who pulled a gun on him, the St. Louis County Police chief said at a Wednesday morning [12/24/2014] news conference.

Was St Louis cop ambushed?  The lawyer for the St. Louis-area cop who shot dead Antonio Martin has suggested his client may have been set up and ambushed by Antonio Martin, who police say pulled a loaded 9mm pistol on the officer without warning.  The Berkeley, Missouri, officer was responding to a 911 call about a possible theft from a Mobil gas station about 11.15pm on Tuesday [12/23/2014]. Brian Millikan, the lawyer for the unnamed 34-year-old Berkeley officer, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the cop may have been walking into a deadly trap set by Martin and his friend.

Cop in St. Louis suburb near Ferguson shoots and kills black man pointing a gun at him.  A near-riot has already broken out in Berkeley, Missouri, two miles from Ferguson, where an armed man identified as Antonio Martin was shot and killed by a police officer after he pointed a loaded gun at the cop.

Black crime in Chicago

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Black crime in New Orleans

Deadliest stretch in 6 years in New Orleans.  There have been 19 murders over the past 18 days in New Orleans.  WWL-TV crime analyst Jeff Asher says it's the bloodiest stretch of time in the city since 2010.  "To be having a stretch that is equaling what we had six years ago when murder was much more prevalent is obviously not a positive sign," Asher said.  NOPD Deputy Chief Paul Noel called it a spike in violent crime, not a long term trend.

The Editor says...
How does the Deputy Police Chief know it's just a spike, and not the leading edge of a long-term escalation of crime?

Man shot to death while visiting New Orleans to plan his wedding.  Investigators believe robbery was a motive in the weekend shooting death of a St.  Louis man visiting New Orleans to plan his wedding, police chief Michael Harrison said Monday [5/9/2016].

Police investigate whether ex-NFL defensive end Will Smith was killed out of revenge.  Police said Sunday [4/10/2016] they were investigating whether the shooting that killed former New Orleans Saints defensive back Will Smith was a simple case of road rage or part of a more elaborate revenge plot.  Just hours before the deadly confrontation Saturday night, Smith had dinner with former New Orleans police officer Billy Ceravolo and they were pictured together, The New Orleans Advocate reports.  The shooting suspect, 28-year-old Cardell Hayes, had sued the city's police department over a 2005 police shooting that killed his father, naming Ceravolo as one of the defendants.

Will Smith's accused killer settled lawsuit with city over NOPD's fatal shooting of his father.  Cardell Hayes, the man accused of murdering former Saints star Will Smith following a traffic accident late Saturday night (April 9), won a settlement from the city in 2011 to end a federal lawsuit alleging Hayes' mentally ill father was unjustly shot to death by New Orleans police.  The suit against the City of New Orleans and six NOPD officers was filed in June 2006, less than six months after Anthony Hayes was pepper-sprayed and shot nine times by police while brandishing a knife along St.  Charles Avenue in the Garden District.

Will Smith dined with defendant in suspect's lawsuit prior to shooting death.  One of the defendants named in Cardell Hayes' lawsuit against the city of New Orleans in 2005 dined with Will Smith hours before the former Saints defensive end was killed late Saturday night, The Advocate reported Sunday [4/10/2016].  Hayes, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder of Smith.  Bill Ceravolo, one of the defendants in the lawsuit, told The Advocate on Sunday he dined with Smith hours before the shooting.  Ceravolo said he was not at the shooting scene, nor was he aware he was named in the suit.

Australian students shot while visiting New Orleans.  Investigators say the two students were in a bar in the 500 block of Bourbon Street when they asked to buy drugs from an unknown man.  They told detectives they then left the bar, got in a car with another man and headed to the west bank.  Once there, a third man demanded money.  "At some point at the west bank there was an encounter there.  We learned through our investigation it was presumably about purchasing drugs.  At some point the encounter became physical, and both of them were shot," said NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison.

New Orleans police considering drones, transit hub changes, in wake of weekend violence.  Sixty-three law enforcement members were on patrol up and down the roughly mile-long stretch of New Orleans' Bourbon Street early Saturday morning (Nov. 28), yet a single gunman managed to kill 26-year-old Brandon Robinson amid the crowd of revelers.  Forty-four hours of overtime over the past week were used for New Orleans police officers to keep watch near the busy public transportation hub around Canal and Rampart streets, yet a 19-year-old man was gunned down just after 5:30 p.m. Monday at the busy intersection.  With both fatal shootings, the crush of foot traffic may have hindered the police response and allowed the suspected gunmen to escape.

New Orleans playground shooting suspect has long rap sheet.  New Orleans police were hunting Friday (Nov. 27) for Joseph "Moe" Allen, 32, the first suspect to be named in the Bunny Friend Park shooting that injured 17 people.  And they are pleading for people who were at the Upper 9th Ward playground to come forward with information.  Despite the crowds at the park when the gunfire erupted Sunday evening [11/22/2015], no one there had sent videos to police, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.  "And everyone knows there are lots," he said. [...] Two groups of people turned their guns on each other, and police found as many as 70 bullet casings just the next morning.  No shooters other than Allen have been identified by police.

'We're going to find you': Suspect Id'd in shooting of Tulane good Samaritan.  The suspect seen on a surveillance camera dragging a woman down a street Friday morning [11/20/2015] and then pointing a gun at Peter Gold, 25, and shooting him in the stomach when he intervened has been identified as Euric Cain, 21, police said today.  The gunman tried to shoot Gold, a Tulane University medical student, a second time, police said, but the gun jammed.  The gunman then took the woman's purse and fled, said police.  Cain is wanted for attempted first degree murder, second degree kidnapping and armed robbery.

Police say 16 injured after shooting at New Orleans park.  A dispute between two groups of people in a New Orleans park Sunday [11/22/2015] escalated into a shooting that injured at least 16 people, police said late Sunday.  The shooting took place at around 6 p.m. local time after approximately 500 people had gathered at Bunny Friend Playground in the city's 9th Ward to film a music video, the New Orleans Police Department said in a statement.  Ambulances took 10 victims to area hospitals, and police later learned that another six victims had been taken to the hospital in private vehicles.

Shooting in New Orleans park leaves at least 16 people wounded.  A gunfight between two groups in a New Orleans park where hundreds of people were gathered for a block party and the filming of a music video has left 16 wounded, police said.  Shooting erupted at around 6.15pm on Sunday night in Bunny Friend park in the city's upper ninth ward, police said, although no fatalities were reported.

In New Orleans, the number of police is down and crime is up.  In late August, three gunmen burst through the doors of Patois, one of the most cherished restaurants in this city's tony Uptown neighborhood.  They forced diners to drop to the floor and hand over their cash and cellphones.  In September, it happened again, this time at an Uptown bistro called Atchafalaya.  Four days after that, robbers hit the Monkey Hill Bar, an upscale watering hole three blocks from Patois.  For a city reliant on tourism, where the culinary scene is king, the idea that diners might get held up between the appetizer and entree was a big problem.

$12,500 reward for information in shooting of good Samaritan.  Tulane University and Crimestoppers are offering a $12,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a man who shot 25-year-old Peter Gold on Friday morning (Nov. 20) after Gold disrupted the man's attack of a woman.  Detectives are sifting leads after police released surveillance video showing the incident, New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison said in an interview Friday night [11/20/2015].

Trio in stolen SUV escape DWI checkpoint, New Orleans police say.  New Orleans police say detectives are looking for the three occupants of a stolen SUV that sped away from a DWI checkpoint Friday (Nov. 20) at Dublin and Dixon streets, near Xavier University's campus.  NOPD released photographs of two of the three men who were inside a 2014 black Ford Explorer when they came upon a DWI checkpoint conducted by members of NOPD's Traffic Division.  Police said the driver gave officers the car's registration, but claimed he had no identification on him.

NOPD investigating bike attack in the Bywater.  There is no shortage of riders using the bike lane along St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans.  The bike community is on edge after one rider was attacked near St. Claude and France Street.  The attack happened around 7, Wednesday night [11/11/2015].  One neighbor, who did not want to give her name, said a group of 3 to 4 teenagers tackled a woman who was riding down the street.

Suspect arrested in French Quarter robbery captured on video.  New Orleans police arrested a suspect Thursday (Nov. 5) night in last month's French Quarter robbery of a man police say was beaten in the street and stripped of his wallet.  The New Orleans Police Department identified the suspect as a 29-year-old transgender woman whose birth name is Wayne Dillard.  She was booked around 6 p.m. Thursday [11/5/2015] on a charge of simple robbery.

Burglars posing as repairmen force way into Metairie home, beat woman: JPSO.  Three burglars posing as repairmen forced their way into a woman's Metairie home and beat her before stealing her wallet and cash, according to authorities. [...] Deputies eventually arrested all three men following foot and car chases that left one officer injured.  Authorities found the third suspect hiding underneath the victim's bed.

3 more guilty pleas nearly complete downfall of New Orleans' 'Taliban' gang.  The state racketeering case targeting New Orleans' "Taliban" gang moved closer to completion as three more reputed members admitted guilt as part of plea deals entered in Orleans Parish criminal court.  Cornie "Porch" Jones, Darryl "Dino" Bannister and Jerome "Sookie" Tolliver each pleaded guilty to racketeering, aggravated battery and public intimidation on Tuesday [10/6/2015] before Judge Karen Herman.  In exchange, the state amended attempted murder charges that potentially could have sent the trio to prison for far longer sentences.

15-year-old sought in fatal eastern New Orleans shooting of 17-year-old.  New Orleans police are searching for a 15-year-old they suspect of fatally shooting another teenager last month at an eastern New Orleans apartment complex.  Miqueghele Brown is wanted in connection with the July 16 shooting, which took the life of 17-year-old Ortez Williams Jr.  The Times-Picayune generally does not name juveniles except in cases of the most serious crimes.  A provision in Louisiana state law allows law enforcement to name juvenile suspects "to assist in finding and taking into custody a child wanted for a felony-grade delinquent act ..."

Facial tattoos, $1 armed robbery help lead NOPD to 7th Ward suspect, police say.  An accused thief who New Orleans police said put a gun to a construction worker's head Wednesday to rob him of a power saw and a $1 bill has been captured and linked to at least three other crimes, authorities said.  Albert Myles was booked with armed robbery, armed robbery with a firearm, simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling and resisting an officer, with additional charges expected.

6 wounded, 2 dead in 4 shootings across New Orleans Tuesday night.  Eight people were shot — two fatally — in a four-hour span in New Orleans Tuesday (Aug. 25) night.  One of the shooting victims was a 2-year-old boy who authorities said was sitting with his uncle on the porch of a 7th Ward home.  The violence started around 5 p.m., when NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said the toddler and an adult man were shot in the 1700 block of Laharpe Street.  Harrison said two men got out of a car, walked up to the man on the porch and started shooting after "some type of conversation."

Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?  Crime has dropped to record lows in most major American cities, but New Orleans, where wealthy neighborhoods sit side by side with some of the nation's poorest, continues to struggle.  The persistence of crime today stands as the most dominant threat to the resurgent image the city has had since Katrina.  Though the murder rate has been in decline, it is still second in the nation, just below Detroit.  Nonfatal shootings rose 23 percent last year, leading criminologists to argue that any decline in murders had more to do with advances in emergency medicine, not law enforcement.

NOPD arrests barber accused of murdering young mother found in burning car's trunk.  A 30-year-old barber from eastern New Orleans has been arrested and accused of murdering Lindsay Nichols, the young mother found shot to death June 21 inside the trunk of a burned-out car abandoned on Michoud Boulevard.  Thayon Samson was booked Monday night [7/21/2015] with second-degree murder, following an investigation led by NOPD Homicide Detective Rob Barrere.  Arrest documents show Barrere was able to place Samson at the murder scene using both cellphone data and DNA results from a telltale pair of basketball shorts found inside the charred car and worn by Samson in a photo found on his Instagram account.

New Orleans hits 100 murders 55 days sooner than last year.  New Orleans' year-to-date murder tally hit 100 on Thursday morning (July 9), 55 days sooner than a year ago, and 101 late Thursday night.  The grim triple-digit milestone had not been reached until the first week of September in each of the previous two years.  The City Hall chest-thumping that followed three consecutive years of declining murder totals has been muted this year, as officials and observers privately concede a fourth annual decline doesn't appear to be in the cards for 2015.

New Orleans police officer killed while transporting prisoner.  Travis Boys, 33, was being taken to jail early Saturday [6/20/2015] by Officer Daryle Holloway when Holloway was shot dead.  Boys fled the scene and was the focus of a "relentless" 24-hour manhunt before he was taken into custody Sunday morning as he was attempting to board a bus, police said.  Harrison said Sunday that Boys will be charged with first degree murder in the death of Holloway, who was 45.

Those people sure do like expensive sneakers.
Teen shot in eastern New Orleans 'shoe-jacking'.  A 16-year old boy was shot Saturday (June 13) during a struggle with a man who tried to steal his shoes in an eastern New Orleans apartment complex, New Orleans Police said.  The victim was approached around 10 p.m in the 5100 block of Bundy Road by a man who said he wanted to buy the victim's shoes.  The man had a gun, and told the victim "You just got jacked out of your shoes."

In Canal Street shooting, woman gets 1 year in prison after plea deal.  A woman accused of spraying gunfire on Canal Street and shooting another woman in the leg during an argument outside a restaurant last summer will spend a year in prison after accepting a plea offer Wednesday (May 6).  Niya Harris, 22, had faced the potential of 10-50 years in prison for each of the four counts of attempted second-degree murder with which she was charged following the incident outside the IHOP restaurant at 833 Canal St.

Oil exec and his son shot dead 'execution-style' by heavily- armed teen robbers.  Nicholas Pence, 25, and his father David, an oil company manager, had been celebrating a victorious football game in their garage in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Wednesday [4/22/2015].  But moments after jovially waving goodbye to the last-remaining revelers shortly before midnight, they were both shot dead at close range in an attack that shocked and baffled the quiet community of Metairie.

Father slain in Metairie double-murder may have been asleep when shot, JPSO says.  David Pence and his son, Nicholas, were gunned down by shotgun blasts inside the living room of their Metairie home on Wednesday [4/22/2015], a double murder that Jefferson Parish Newell Normand said began with a pair of New Orleans teens breaking into David Pence's car in the driveway.  But Normand said investigators still have no idea how a how a car burglary — one of several committed in the neighborhood that by the two New Orleans charged in the killings — escalated into an "execution-style" shooting.

Random double murder rattles Metairie.  The news that two teens had been arrested in connection to the murder of David Pence and his son, Nicholas, provided small comfort to their neighbors in an upscale Metairie neighborhood, residents said.  Sunday's (April 26) sunny afternoon passed in typical quiet after the announcement by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office that Dexter Allen, 17, and Haraquon Dugrey, 18, were jailed Friday.  But behind the stillness, residents were uneasy.

Red vehicle pulled up to corner, shots started firing in Central City shooting Saturday, NOPD says.  Police are looking for the driver and passengers of a vehicle that pulled up to a Central City corner Saturday afternoon [4/18/2015] and started shooting, leaving two older men injured.

Suspect in Domino's delivery driver killing has history of armed robbery, weapons charges.  The man accused by New Orleans police of murdering Domino's delivery driver Michael Price late last month has a history of armed robbery and weapons charges in Houston and New Orleans.  Michael Portis, 24, is facing a possible first-degree murder charge after his arrest Wednesday morning (April 1) in the 4900 block of Pauger Street.  His arrest came a little more than a week after police found Price's bullet-riddled body inside his car shortly before 1 a.m. on March 24 in the 6100 block of North Roman Street in the city's Lower 9th Ward.

Heart recipient, 17, dies in high-speed police chase crash.  A teenager who received a life-saving heart transplant two years ago after initially being denied because of his bad behavior has died following a high-speed car chase with police.  Anthony Stokes, 17, died on Tuesday [3/31/2015] after he crashed a stolen Honda into a pole as he fled the scene of an attempted burglary at an elderly woman's home in Roswell, Georgia.

The Editor says...
What a delightful story.  Even after a heart transplant, he was still able to pursue his chosen profession.

Convict who killed 14-year-old boy over 'frozen cup' dispute admits guilt, gets 34 years.  A convicted felon who shot and killed a 14-year-old boy sparked by an alleged dispute over a "frozen cup" in 2013 pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges Tuesday (March 31) and received a 34-year sentence.  Jury selection was about to begin when Milton Bangham, 34, told prosecutors he was willing to plead guilty to killing Edward Barton, who was shot execution-style while sitting on a Central City stoop on June 30.

Mother accused of beating 2-year-old son after he fails to spell name with blocks.  A