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Affirmative Action
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Race-based Political Opportunism
    What's up in Jena, Louisiana?
Reparations for Slavery
Perpertual Victimhood
Diversity: Another Name for Racial Quotas
Multiculturalism and "Tolerance"
Racial Profiling
Reverse Discrimination
The Pigford Scandal
    and farm subsidies in general
Gender-based affirmative action
College and University Admissions
The Aftermath of the 2001 Cincinnati Riots
Other Race Relations Issues
    Including subsections about Kwanzaa, the Black Panthers, and Zimbabwe,
    and the accusations against members of the Duke lacrosse team.
Liberal Democrats and the Minority Voter
    Including a subsection about the Coretta Scott King Funeral.
Cynthia McKinney's Scrape with the Capitol Police.

"Ideally, the legitimacy of your argument should not depend on who you are; rather, it should depend on the logic of your argument.  But regrettably, in this age of political correctness, you are presumed to have no credibility on minority issues unless you are of a minority."

— Ian de Silva *   


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Multiculturalism, "Tolerance" and "Diversity":

Among other things, multiculturalism seeks to obliterate the value of a free, industrialized civilization by declaring that such a civilization is no better than primitive tribalism.*

Diversity: where every type of person is accepted but one.
Mother Kicked Out of 'Multicultural Playgroup' Because She's Caucasian.  Tara Coverdale took her two small children — an 8-month-old and a 4-year-old — to an inner city park in Sydney, Australia to play recently, only to be told she's not welcomed there.  "I'm sorry you can't come here," a worker from Alexandria Park Community Centre told her.  "It's a multicultural playgroup.  Can I ask what your cultural background is?"  Well, Coverdale is white, Australian, has blonde hair, and freckles.  This didn't help her cause with the "multicultural police."

The King of Hatefacts.  [Scroll down]  Even the sane elements of the backlash were wrong.  The Federalist claimed he should have focused on culture and not race because it's not more white people we need, it's more Westerners.  This is a beautiful notion and I fully agree with it, but here on earth, we're not taking in immigrants who want to assimilate.  In fact, we are openly encouraging immigrants not to assimilate.  Public school teachers have dedicated their careers to eradicating patriotism and teaching our children how cruel and unusual we have been throughout history.  Politicians are knowingly avoiding immigrants who assimilate and focusing on ones who will antagonize the native population.  This is especially true in Britain, where Tony Blair's speechwriter conceded as much.  Look at the London bombings.  They were all radicalized in Britain.  One of them was a Jamaican who grew up in Bradford, where the Muslim population is booming.  Since the bombings, London has elected a Muslim mayor who proudly exclaims, "Immigrants shouldn't have to assimilate."  Here in America we have the Tsarnaev brothers, who grew up reading comic books and watching sports; but after years of being told America [is bad], they began to believe their relatives back in Chechnya.  Then they blew us up.

9th Circus
Rescind the Executive Order — And Replace It With Many Tougher Ones.  The president cannot lose here.  We must protect our borders; keep out the terrorists and rein in out-of-control immigration.  It is the signal issue that got him elected.  It is also the signal action needed to save this country from the Left's malevolent intentions.  The Left is attempting to subvert our country by simply replacing its population with a more malleable, sympathetic one.  Unlike the immigrants of yesteryear, today's are largely illiterate, welfare-dependent, unwilling to learn our language and definitely hostile to American culture and traditions.  And while they are in many cases fleeing conditions created by their countries' socialist policies, they nonetheless bring socialist ideas with them.  As our country has become more "multi-cultural", it has drifted ever leftward.

Justifying Exclusion through 'Diversity'.  It is common, at colleges and universities across the country, for the test scores of Asian-American students who have been admitted to a given college to be higher than the test scores of whites or of blacks or of Hispanics. [...] But what justifies diversity?  Nothing but unsupported assertions, repeated endlessly, piously, and loudly.  Today, as in the past, diversity is essentially a fancy word for group quotas.  It is one of a number of wholly subjective criteria — such as "leadership" — used to admit students to colleges and universities according to their group membership, rather than according to their individual qualifications.  This is not something new.  Nor is it something confined to the United States.

The 'Diversity' Fraud.  Nothing so epitomizes the politically correct gullibility of our times as the magic word "diversity."  The wonders of diversity are proclaimed from the media, extolled in the academy and confirmed in the august chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States.  But have you ever seen one speck of hard evidence to support the lofty claims?  Although diversity has become one of the leading buzzwords of our time, it has a history that goes back several generations.

Ending Multicultural Madness.  Judging from the actions of Democrat politicians, immigrants who come here from Third World cultures and with Third World mindsets are not expected to blend in.  Heaven forbid, as that would be an affront to their "dignity" and go against the grain of multiculturalism.  As a result, separate enclaves are popping up across the country, even in the heartland.  The Democratic Party celebrates Balkanization as this enlarges their constituency base, never caring how it weakens overall American culture and strength.  In a commencement address, Secretary of State John Kerry echoed this theme.  He lectured Americans that we must be prepared to live in a borderless world, a world that he and his fellow globalists are busily trying to construct.  And here, Kerry did not mean borderless in terms of only goods and services and capital.  He meant people, too.  And John Kerry's position is in full accord with the agenda of the globalist elite.

U.S. Workplace English Rules Discriminatory, Foreign Language Demands Aren't.  Requiring employees in the United States to speak a foreign language is not discriminatory but forcing them to speak English violates federal law under a sweeping order issued by the Obama administration to crack down on "national origin discrimination" in the workplace.  The government's new enforcement guidelines state that bilingual requirements don't meet discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act but English-only rules do because they're restrictive language policies.  The administration asserts that the new rules, which cover a broad range of scenarios that could get employers in trouble, were created because the American workforce is "increasingly ethnically diverse."

FDNY hires nine ex-felons amid effort to boost diversity.  The newly-minted class of FDNY probationary firefighters includes an unprecedented nine rookie Bravest with felony convictions, including one who did jail time for gun possession, insiders told The [New York] Post.  The nine ex-felons, all minorities, were among 295 probies who graduated from the Fire Academy on Nov. 2, as critics charge the FDNY has loosened hiring standards to diversify its ranks.  One of the nine, a black 32-year-old who joined the city as an EMT in 2012, served more than a year in the Nassau County Correctional Center after two 2005 convictions for carrying loaded guns.

Feds Order Law Enforcement Agencies to Ignore Drug Use, Criminal Records to Hire Minorities.  In a push to hire minority police officers, the Obama administration is asking the nation's 18,000 law enforcement agencies to forgive drug use, disregard the criminal records of candidates from "underrepresented communities" and lower standards on written and physical exams.  It's part of the administration's Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement initiative following a string of officer-involved shootings involving African Americans.  Key to the mission is the racial diversification of local law enforcement agencies so that they "better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve."

Obama's 'Diversity' Mandates Put 'Progressive' Agenda over National Security.  "President Obama released a Memorandum to promote diversity in the national security workforce," National Security Advisor Susan Rice announced Wednesday.  "This is why that makes us safer and stronger."  Rice's "why" is long on self-serving blather and short on "how."  She touches on "building an international order" with the UN, fighting Ebola in West Africa and pushing the transfer of wealth via "climate change" treaty (that has not been ratified by the Senate).  But the talking point to accept and repeat without question is that "our diversity" is "what makes us truly exceptional."  If you're an Opposite Day "progressive" dependent on "divide and conquer" tactics to rally favored demographics and marginalize others, what better way to do it than with a reverse "E Unum Pluribus" motto?

Diversity will be the death of America, yes, literally.  Well, well this is just a natural extension to the Left's war on cops isn't it?  And it goes so well along with the Left's sick devotion to "equality".

Department of Social Justice:  LEOs Can Be Criminals or Non-Citizens, So Long As They Aren't White Guys.  If you want a job in law enforcement, not being a criminal is okay, but the important thing is not to be a white man: [...] Since the only real criterion is not to be a white male, and white males are less likely to have criminal records, then obviously checking into the criminal histories of potential law enforcement officers would be counterproductive.  If being a criminal doesn't count against you, why should not being an American citizen?

DOJ: Diversity Trumps Ability to Pass Criminal Background Checks.  On Wednesday [10/5/2016], the Department of Justice (DOJ) released the "Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement" report, which highlights hiring practices in the law enforcement community.  In the report.  the DOJ discusses problems associated with diversifying police forces, claiming racial diversity is more important than being a law-abiding citizen.

Obama's DOJ blames criminal, citizenship checks of job seekers for lack of police diversity.  Local police departments' use of criminal background checks and citizenship requirements to vet job applicants are among the barriers limiting diversity in law enforcement, a new Justice Department report finds.  The report, released Wednesday in conjunction with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, critiques several widely used police-hiring practices — noting that over-reliance on such criteria "may limit certain underrepresented communities' representation in law enforcement agencies."  "Ensuring that law enforcement agencies represent the diversity of the communities they serve can help restore trust and improve policing," said Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta.

DOJ: Criminal Background Checks, Citizenship Requirements Barriers to Police-Force Diversity.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a comprehensive report Wednesday [10/5/2016] examining law enforcement hiring, recruitment, and retention policies with the aim of increasing diversity in police departments.  The report — "Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement" — highlighted barriers to diversity within police departments, such as "the use of criminal background checks" which the researchers found "is likely to disproportionately impact racial minority applicants."  The report also found that U.S. citizenship requirements "may prevent a considerable number of racial and ethnic minorities — many of whom have valuable foreign language skills — from being hired by law enforcement agencies."

Air Force Announces It Will Mandate Diversity Quotas In Candidate Pools For Key Positions.  The Air Force announced a new set of 13 inclusion initiatives Friday [9/30/2016] with the goal of ensuring the force isn't as white, male and heterosexual as it is now.  Air Force officials are intent on building upon a foundation of nine initiatives from 2015, in order to boost diversity.  Those nine initiatives weren't enough to make the Air Force as diverse as desired, which is why it is taking more intensive steps in 2016.

Evil Twins - Why Multiculturalism Is As Wicked As Nazism.  Few people who believe in multiculturalism will have the slightest inkling of its origins.  Brainwashed by a tsunami of state propaganda, most people in the West believe multiculturalism is a benign, progressive ideology.  They hold this belief because core to this ideology is the assertion that all races and all cultures are equal.  All people no matter their race or creed share the same desire to live alongside each other in peaceful coexistence.  Establishing such a vibrant mix of races and cultures will bring enrichment and diversity — but only to the West.  Enriched and diverse multicultural societies will spawn a kaleidoscopic utopia where all join hands and sing "Kumbaya", and intolerance, violence and hatred will have been overcome forever.  Not only is this is a childish fantasy that ignores centuries of human evolution and interracial/inter-tribal conflicts, it's also a completely false understanding of what multiculturalism is and why it came into being.

Whites are the new Indians.  [Scroll down]  A Japanese city is Japanese.  A Mexican city is Mexican.  An Indian city is Indian.  A Chinese city is Chinese.  It is only in Europe and the Anglo satellites where you have this phenomenon of cities being not just slightly divergent from the general population but foreign to it.  New York, for example, is not an Anglo-American city, but an Israeli-Puerto Rican-Chinese-Pakistani-Ecuadorian-Mexican-Filipino-Dominican-African-Korean city.  Paris is not a French city, but an Algerian-Moroccan-Portuguese-Senegalese-Vietnamese-Malian city.  London is not a British city, but an Indian-Pakistani-Jamaican-Polish-Bengali-Arab-Chinese-Nigerian city.  It will pose a geopolitical problem in the future, that metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties in the same country are different races from one another.

Is American Multiculturalism a Failure?  Has the great American experiment in diversity ended in failure?  That's the impression you might get from an array of recent developments — Black Lives Matter protests, anti-Muslim sentiment, resentment of undocumented immigrants and, last but not least, Donald Trump.  We seem to be loudly fracturing and separating, not coming together.  We're all pluribus and no unum.

Ugly Minority Girls Are Winning Beauty Pageants To Satisfy The Diversity Agenda.  Toxic SJW notions of "beauty" (think awful role model and alleged scammer Tess Munster) are well-known.  Sadly, it appears that the need to appease certain groups has now filtered down to giving beauty pageant titles to girls based on their race or ethnicity.  Two recent "winners" of state-based national beauty pageants, Magnolia Maymuru (Miss World, Northern Territory, Australia) and Arianna Quan (Miss America, Michigan), are so unbelievably plain and even ugly that the "beauty" in beauty pageant should have been removed from the contests they each entered.  In the case of Quan, the biggest criticisms came from her ancestral homeland of China.  Chinese netizens need not fear the kind of racism accusations that would be leveled at white Americans questioning whether she deserved the Miss America title for one of America's most populous states (Miss America's national event will be in September).  Media coverage of Maymuru's crowning was ecstatic, namely because, in the words of many racial quota-leaning commenters, "it was about time" that an Aboriginal Australian won such a title.  Few online respondents dared to call her unattractive due to the near certainty of them being labeled as racist bigots.  She eventually placed in the top 10 for the Miss World Australia final, "beating" much more attractive competition.

A World Without Western Civ.  [Scroll down]  Most uncomfortable for egalitarians and their ilk is that there are vast landmasses — sometimes entire continents — where the indigenous inhabitants have invented virtually nothing.  Sub-Saharan Africans are not known for contributing much to rocket science, and black Americans are so underrepresented as inventors that everyone has heard a gazillion times about the mulatto who improved blood-storage methods and George Washington Carver's wondrous dalliances with the magical peanut.  The so-called "Native Americans" are credited with inventing the spinning top, which somehow proved incapable of defending them against the white man and his guns.

Diversity vs.  Meritocracy.  Some believe that the notion of meritocracy arose in Great Britain at the end of the nineteenth century.  Apparently, it was offered as an antidote to aristocratic privilege.  Instead of choosing government servants by their breeding, the British decided to use an examination.  It was the only way to ensure that the best and the brightest were running the country. [...] Britain's sister republic, America, has long since sacrificed mush of its own meritocracy on the bonfire of diversity.  Of course, there are still islands of merit, but, for the most part, we are more worried about how diverse we are than about how good we are.

Fundamentally Transformed.  The only hope for history's rare multiracial, multiethnic, and multireligious nations is to adopt a common culture, one that artificially suppresses the natural instinct of humans to identify first with their particular tribe.  America, in the logical spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, was exceptional among modern societies in slowly evolving from its original, largely European immigrant population to a 21st-century assimilated, integrated, and intermarried multiracial society, in which religious and racial affiliations were incidental, not essential, to one's public character and identity.

America In Free Fall.  President Obama has largely ignored the old ideal of the melting pot and in its place preferred a salad-bowl multiculturalism of competing ethnicities, tribes, and races, whose activism wins concessions from local, state and federal governments.  Casual comments and references by Obama-like "bring a gun" to a knife fight, the "bitter clingers" of Pennsylvania, and "typical white person"-stoked racial tensions.  So did Attorney General Eric Holder's crude referrals to "my people" and a "nation of cowards." [...] Apparently, the Obama administration never considered that a multiracial America united by one culture was an historical exception.  Everywhere else, multiculturalism and tribalism without assimilation, integration, and intermarriage have proved to be an abject and usually violent catastrophe:  most recently, in the former Soviet Union, the Balkans, Rwanda, and the Middle East.  Europe's attempt to emulate a multiracial United States is ending in utter failure with unchecked immigration, multicultural incoherence, and rising Islamism.

Is Diversity Our Strength?  However great the shock of the massacre in Orlando, it is only a matter of time before we start hearing again the fact-free dogma that "diversity is our strength."  If there is any place in the Guinness Book of World Records for words repeated the most often, over the most years, without one speck of evidence, "diversity" should be a prime candidate.  Is diversity our strength?  Or anybody's strength, anywhere in the world?  Does Japan's homogeneous population cause the Japanese to suffer?  Have the Balkans been blessed by their heterogeneity — or does the very word "Balkanization" remind us of centuries of strife, bloodshed and unspeakable atrocities, extending into our own times?  Has Europe become a safer place after importing vast numbers of people from the Middle East, with cultures hostile to the fundamental values of Western civilization?

Study: Changes in racial composition lead to decline in church attendance.  The more mixed the Sunday morning pews are, the fewer people are likely to be in them.  That's the primary finding of a new study from Baylor University published in the current Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.  Researchers studied the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, where racial diversity doubled from 1993 to 2012, and found that, at the same time, churches with the greatest diversity growth also had the steepest declines in attendance.

Being black or female or talented or intelligent isn't enough.
One in six BBC stars 'must be gay or lesbian or disabled' by 2020 says new staff-hiring guidelines at the corporation.  One in six of all on-screen BBC roles must go to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or disabled people by 2020, the corporation's new diversity targets state.  In a bid to deter criticism that it has been failing to reflect its audience, the BBC has pledged that LGBT and disabled people will each make up eight percent of all on-air and on-screen roles.

Whereas the Founders prized unity, 21st-century America has embraced diversity.
The Contradictions of Diversity.  [Scroll down]  Appearance and accent are no longer reliable indicators of race.  If Ted Cruz did not self-identify as half Cuban-American, he might easily be tagged with almost any ethnicity.  Barack Obama — middle-class, Hawaiian-raised, prep-schooled, and of half Kenyan ancestry — had no early experience with the African-American underclass; Barack Hussein Obama massaged that fact in a way Barry Soetero might not have been able to.  The current career move of ethnicizing names, along with highlights of hyphenation and accent marks, reflects an unspoken reality:  Ethnic heritage is now often so impossible to verify that bumper-sticker linguistic aids are vital.  Professor Joseph Smith is not so likely an affirmative-action candidate as he most certainly would be if he chose to identify with his mother's line and became José López-Smith[.]

Magic Honky Theory.  For as long as most people reading this have been alive, the cult in charge of America has preached the need for full integration.  This has led to endless campaigns to "desegregate" the schools, housing, jobs, sports clubs, etc. [...] The way around this has been to argue that "diversity" makes everyone better somehow.  This proximity effect only works in your neighborhood, of course.  The bunkered enclaves where our betters live are almost all white.  Like so much of what these people say in public, it is intended to obscure, not explain.  Ask these people why diversity is good and they start mumbling about their favorite Ethiopian restaurant.  Western civilization did OK without having a single Ethiopian restaurant for a few millennia, but we're to believe it is now a necessity.

The Fruits of Multiculturalism, Abroad and at Home.  Once upon a time there were people who naively fantasized about how all the incompatible cultures of the world were going to magically blend, weaving a beautiful tapestry of colors and variations.  They called this "Multiculturalism". [...] The theory of multiculturalism has always been a tonic for simpletons, since it celebrates the perpetuation and imposition of an incompatible culture, still being practiced by those who carry it, upon a host culture with which it is mutually exclusive.  Multiculturalism is entirely subversive.  It is intended to force one or more cultures upon the hosts who do not want or need them.  Since both cultures cannot successfully coexist within the host, which has its own successful working culture, the purpose of the exercise has always been fraudulent.

America's Toxic Brew: "Diversity".  The PC crowd preaches constantly that "diversity" is our "strength".  Horse hockey!  There is no strength whatsoever when everyone is part of a group rather than being an individual.  Strength comes from a common language and culture — all of these "hyphenated" appellations are doing nothing to bring people together and doing everything to divide us.  This is why we are fracturing as a society and devolving into a balkanized country.

How to Make Sense of an Incoherent America.  Sometime in the 1990s the growing contradictions of affirmative action in a multiracial society became problematic.  Ethnic ancestry was often neither easily identifiable nor readily commensurate with class status, and so gave way to a more popular term:  "diversity."  Under diversity, it no longer mattered so much how wealthy or poor one was.  Nor was it a concern exactly who one's grandparents had been — at long as, in some vague way, one was non-"white."  If so, one was diverse.  That was deemed in and of itself a good thing.  We no longer worried as much whether someone enjoying affirmative action status was upper middle-class or the child of a surgeon.  Nor did it matter that one was only one-quarter "Latino" or, in fact, took the rarer Elizabeth Warren or Ward Churchill route of fabricating ethnic ancestry out of whole cloth.

How to Destroy a People Through Immigration.  Multiculturalism is simply a tool for divide and conquer.  Is there then any point in trying to comprehend its logic at all?  Maybe it was just a convenient excuse used for disrupting the established order of nation states by flooding them with mass immigration under the cover of "cultural diversity" or historical inevitability.  If that is the case, there never was any coherent logic behind it, so we shouldn't waste our time looking for one.  Many of those promulgating it never believed a word of it themselves.  Multiculturalism is the new Allah:  Don't understand, just obey.

Multiculturalism: What the Left Would Prefer You Didn't Know.  Multiculturalism is a very specific political philosophy which could scarcely be further removed from the idea that we should live in one big, happy, multi-ethnic melting pot and all just get along.  That's because it means the exact opposite.  It's about separatism, not integration.

Multiculturalism is a Failure.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that in Germany, multiculturalism has "utterly failed."  Both Australia's ex-prime minister John Howard and Spain's ex-prime minister Jose Maria Aznar reached the same conclusion about multiculturalism in their countries.  British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that multiculturalism is fostering extremist ideology and directly contributing to homegrown Islamic terrorism.  UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said the United Kingdom's push for multiculturalism has not united Britons but pushed them apart.  It has allowed for Islam to emerge despite Britain's Judeo-Christian culture.

Multiculturalism's Leftist Threat to the American Story.  Is multiculturalism a decent if banal posture that basically boils down to respecting other cultures and getting sloshed on St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo?  Or is it a much darker social model used as a Trojan horse to transform Western society fundamentally, especially this one?  I think both can be true, but I worry only about the fundamental transformation part.

Court tells TUSD to improve teachers' racial diversity.  The Tucson Unified School District has been ordered to improve racial diversity among its teachers.  In a district that has spent years under federal oversight for desegregation efforts, U.S.  District Judge David Bury has told it to reduce by half the number of schools where racial disparities exist among the teaching staff — affecting more than one-third of TUSD schools.

The 'Diversity' Hustle.  If a family of Mexican immigrants opens a taco stand, should they be required to hire a Korean assistant manager for the sake of "diversity"?  Does anyone complain there are "too many" Italians working at the pizza restaurant?  Businesses exist for exactly one reason, to make profit.  Anything that contributes to the goal of making profit is good, and anything that distracts from that goal is bad.  Period.

Diversity compels society give up its traditions, its sacred rights, and even its basic decency.  We can now add Halloween parties to the list of things we can't do because we live in a diverse society notes one Benny Huang, who knows a thing or two about racial diversity.

Diversity: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.  Advocates of diversity ought to familiarize themselves with a little thing called "truth in advertising."  Like all ideas, diversity is "sold," in a manner of speaking. Great efforts are made to get the public to buy into the concept that the optimal model for society is a heterogeneous jumble of people who share nothing in common.  The fewer commonalities we have, the better!  That's what diversity means — differentness.  It's enough to make you wonder what the benefits of diversity are; besides the race riots and lack of social cohesion, I mean. [...] They never do.  Diversity is promoted as an unqualified good, something that only a crazy person wouldn't like.  It's all roses, no thorns.

Proof that diversity adds nothing to productivity:
Outrage as Twitter reveals just 49 of its 3,000 US employees are black.  Twitter only has 49 black employees — out of 2,910 staff members in America.  The 35 men and 14 women account for just 1.7 percent of the firm's US operation, which is 93.8 percent white or Asian.  Slamming the figures, released in a compulsory Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report, Rev Jesse Jackson said people are 'becoming intolerant' of the stilted progress.

The Editor says:
That's right, Jesse.  If only some of those 3,000 employees were black, the company might be successful!

Colonization and Cultural Genocide — and They Call it 'Immigration'.  Remember the old Stanford University chant, led by Jesse Jackson, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Culture's got to go!"?  Well, it's going, going... and will be gone unless we make some profoundly radical changes.  It's cultural and demographic genocide, generally lamented except in the one case in which, labeled diversity, it's trumpeted.  That would be the case of the one civilization leftists hate with every fiber of their being.

School Districts Spending Millions on 'White Privilege' Training for Employees.  The Pacific Educational Group (PEG) espouses a lot of controversial and stereotypical concepts regarding minority students in K-12 schools.  For instance, the organization teaches that black kids are less likely to respond to fundamental ideas like working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work, because those ideas are supposedly foreign to African-American culture.  PEG is literally selling notions like that to American public schools, and the schools are buying them, at a cost of millions of tax dollars every year.

The Most Diverse Cities Are Often the Most Segregated.  When I was a freshman at the University of Chicago in 1996, I heard the same thing again and again:  Do not leave the boundaries of Hyde Park.  Do not go north of 47th Street.  Do not go south of 61st Street.  Do not go west of Cottage Grove Avenue.

Farage: The 'Dramatic Failure' Of Multiculturalism Drives Radical Islam.  Why are thousands of European Muslims flocking to radical Islam? According to UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, "state sponsored multiculturalism" deserves much of the blame for why extremism has found a home in Europe.  "We [the U.K.] have pursued a policy for nearly four decades now of multiculturalism," Farage told The Daily Caller Thursday [2/26/2015].  "We have encouraged division.  Rather than having different communities coming together, under one law, we have encouraged division."  "That policy I think has been a dramatic failure," the Member of European Parliament (MEP) added.

'Diversity' in action.  Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe, and European governments' counter-attacks are more than just a passing news story.  Europe is currently in the process of paying the price for years of importing millions of people from a culture hostile to the fundamental values of Western culture.  And this is by no means the last of the installments of that price, to be paid in blood and lives, for smug elites' Utopian self-indulgences in moral preening and gushing with the magic word "diversity."

UKIP's Farage: Multiculturalism Creating 'Fifth Column' in West.  In the wake of Wednesday's massacre of twelve people at a satirical French newspaper by suspected Islamic fundamentalists, UK Independence Party head Nigel Farage warned that the obsession with fostering a multicultural society has created a "fifth column" in the West.  As leader of the UK's fastest-growing political party, Farage has pushed a British exit from the European Union and a reform of Britain's liberal immigration laws, which his party believes limits economic opportunity for UK citizens and threatens the nation's social fabric — even its physical safety.

Diversity set Ferguson on fire.  Commentators offer different reasons why Ferguson is burning.  They blame racial injustice or militarized police or the police officer who shot an unarmed teenager.  Some even blame Michael Brown.  But all these explanations miss the truth:  Ferguson is symptom, not cause, and the cause is diversity.

POLL: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed.  [G]rowing evidence suggests that multiculturalism itself is responsible for increasing segregation in Britain.  Last year the Daily Mail reported on the phenomenon of 'White flight' — that is, white British people moving out of London in vast numbers.  Between 2001 and 2011 some 620,000 white British people left London, tipping the ethnic makeup of London into majority non-British heritage.

Is Black History Month still needed?  How valuable, knowledge-wise, is a single month for youth who have practically the whole of human knowledge at their fingertips on their phones?  Furthermore, these African-American Millennials say they never really learned anything useful during Black History Month activities at school, and they fret that having a formal, month-long observance gives the nation a pass to ignore black history the rest of the year.  Despite all that, they'd keep it.

The downside of diversity.  Diversity can bring risks as well as benefits and perils as well as perks.  There are trade-offs to be made, for example between the trust that comes from sharing a common background and the cultural sensitivity that comes from employing people from different parts of the word.

Why Obama is Uneducated.  A few years ago I participated in a radio debate on "white privilege" with a certain man, whose name is unimportant, who had a Ph.D. in "ethnic studies."  At one point he introduced an argument by saying, "If whites are 80 percent of the population...," which prompted me to interject and point out that whites (non-Hispanic) are now only 63 percent of America.  Of course, you might think that someone with a doctorate in "ethnic studies" would know what the ethnic and racial composition of the country is.

Homosexuals Get Duck Dy-Nasty.  "Tolerance," as it has been marketed, was always a con. [...] For one thing, tolerance always implies a negative, real or perceived; you wouldn't have to tolerate a beautiful car or a delectable meal — you relish those things.  But you might have to tolerate a cold or bad weather.  Thus, tolerance is only noble in two situations:  One is when dealing with something objectively negative that cannot be eliminated, such as irremediable pain.  The other is when confronted with something you don't happen to like and could avoid, but that is objectively good or neutral; an example would be tolerating a food you detest in order to avoid offending your hosts.

Blacks and Obama.  Obama's electoral success further confirms what I've often held:  The civil rights struggle in America is over, and it's won.  At one time, black Americans did not have the constitutional guarantees enjoyed by white Americans; now we do.  The fact that the civil rights struggle is over and won does not mean that there are not major problems confronting many members of the black community, but they are not civil rights problems and have little or nothing to do with racial discrimination.

Lawmaker: Hire more whites to run government.  Robb Pitts, a county commissioner in Atlanta, Ga., says the county needs to hire more whites. [...] Pitts, a black, said, "I would encourage the county manager to find ways to inform all ethnicities when new positions arise and make a concerted effort to diversify our employee base."  That was in a recent email to constituents, and Fulton County Personnel Board Chairman Paul Zucca says still today the workforce "needs more diversity."

The Editor says...
Why not hire the best available workers, instead of the ones that will produce just the right mix of colors?

Multiculturalism is the enemy of democracy.  Here we go again. Brazen and brutal attacks against British and French soldiers.  In broad daylight.  At the hands of homegrown Islamic extremists (Mr. Adebolajo is reported to have shouted "Allahu Akbar!" as he struck).  European conservatives reflexively clamoring for a crackdown on Islamic fundamentalism.  The left reflexing reminding us that the West is not at war with Islam.  This latest horrific chapter of Islamic radicalism brings me back to a topic I have often chronicled over the past 20 years:  the specter of multiculturalism.

Minority Student Needs.  Quack multiculturalism is the name [Professor Craig] Frisby gives to the vision of multiculturalism that promotes the falsehoods and distortions that dominate today's college agenda, sold under various names such as "valuing diversity," "being sensitive to cultural differences" and "cultural competence."  He identifies different brands of multiculturalism such as boutique, Kumbayah, light-and-fluffy, and bean-counting multiculturalism.  Insider language used to promote multiculturalism includes terms such as "practice tolerance," "celebrate diversity," "equity with excellence" and "differences are not deficits."

Confidential, expensive USDA sensitivity training: 'The Pilgrims were illegal aliens'.  Footage of the United States Department of Agriculture's compulsory "Cultural Sensitivity Training" program reveals USDA employees being instructed to refer to the Pilgrims as "illegal aliens" and minorities as "emerging majorities" — at "a huge expense" to taxpayers.  The video clips were made public Thursday evening by the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch, which obtained them through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made on May 18, 2012.

A review of "The Disuniting of America," by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr..  Today, says Schlesinger, the American identity is in jeopardy as multiculturalism and Afrocentrism elevate racial and ethnic over national affiliation.  At the end of this road, he warns, lie Yugoslavia and other contemporary battlegrounds of racial and ethnic separatism.  While the analogy may seem a touch overwrought, there can be no question that multiculturalists are playing with weapons that can wreak havoc on our already inadequate schools, our social structure, and economy.

Shut Up or Die, the Muslim Protesters Explained.  Thanks to multiculturalism, we can't even stand up for ourselves in a simple standoff between barbarism and free speech.  We've become so obsessed with being unoffensive that we can't bring ourselves to make the most basic criticisms of group behavior, even when that behavior is violent.  This applies both at home and abroad.  In the case of the Libya attack two weeks ago, the resulting approach on the part of some liberals has been, in a word, cowardly.

Europe's Multicultural Nightmare.  Unfortunately, the Mannheim riot is not an isolated incident.  Germans and other Europeans are becoming more accustomed to seeing their municipal police forces attacked by people who, for the most part, had been allowed into Europe under the multicultural banner or asylum laws.

Stubborn Ignorance.  Academic intelligentsia, their media, government and corporate enthusiasts worship at the altar of diversity.  Despite budget squeezes, universities have created diversity positions, such as director of diversity and inclusion, manager of diversity recruitment, associate dean for diversity, vice president of diversity and perhaps minister of diversity.  This is all part of a quest to get college campuses, corporate offices and government agencies to "look like America."  For them, part of looking like America means race proportionality.

Victimology and the Phony 'Digital Divide'.  Multiculturalism has forced us to believe that some people's opinions are valuable simply because of their skin color.  Multiculturalism is therefore in conflict with Dr. Martin Luther King's call to judge people not "by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."  Liberalism demands that we judge people according to their group identity, victim status, socioeconomic level — anything but their character.

Diversity, Inc.  [Scroll down]  Once the government insisted on proportional representation, there really was no limit to extending that logic.  But do we really wish for a Ministry of Diversity that will begin to ask all sorts of repugnant questions?  After all, in 2011, professional sports teams are not very diverse.  The Postal Service, with its coveted benefits, has a disproportionate number of African-American employees.  Women are vastly overrepresented as K-8 teachers, and they graduate from college at disproportionately high rates compared to their male counterparts.  We have not had a white-male secretary of state in 15 years.  The Latino community in California still refers to itself as a "minority," even though it is now the largest so-called ethnic group in the state, where there is no longer any majority.

Colorado day-care center proposal:  Dolls must represent at least three different races.

Netherlands abandoning multiculturalism.  In a landmark turnabout, one of the cornerstones of contemporary liberalism is being rejected by one of the fountainheads of liberalism.  The politically correct doctrine of multiculturalism is heading for decline, as Holland, one of the most socially liberal societies on earth, is reversing its former policy of multiculturalism.  Soeren Kern, writing for Hudson New York, covers an important story that has gotten almost no notice from the American media, which wishes to pretend that multiculturalism works just fine.

Multicultural Rot in the Melting Pot.  Europe is finally awakening from its self-imposed Rip Van Winkle deep slumber to discover that multiculturalism is actually cultural rot and ripping its countries apart.  From the United Kingdom to France to Spain to Germany, leaders or former leaders have decried multiculturalism as a poisonous experiment in their nations.

A Requiem for Multiculturalism.  Stop the presses!  The British, French and German heads of state agree on something:  Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel have all recently declared multiculturalism a failure.  Like the related dogma of diversity, multiculturalism is so deeply embedded in the lexicon of liberalism that it has become axiomatic.

Multiculturalism has failed.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy has joined the chorus.  The other day, he said, "My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure."  The "it" was multiculturalism, and he was on French national television.  In pronouncing multiculturalism defunct, the French president joins German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Spain's former Premier Jose Maria Aznar and, most recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron in heaving a failed policy into history's dustbin.

Multiculturalism Hits The Wall.  Multiculturalism is the most recent, and perhaps final, expression of the late 20th-century left-wing ascendancy.  It is a completely synthetic doctrine, formulated without reference to any perceptible element of the quotidian world.  Although derived in format and rhetoric from the civil rights movement, it has no relationship with the ideas or hopes expressed by King, Abernathy, Rustin or any other legitimate civil rights leader.  While the civil rights movement was founded in opposition to the odious practice of legal racial segregation, multiculturalism had no such concrete agenda.  It was based almost completely on abstract academic theories derived in equal part from black racial extremism and Marxism, purporting to define the relationship between the dominant "white" race and all other races.

Why 'Multi-Kulti' Is Failing in Europe.  Multiculturalism just doesn't work in Germany, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Speaking to the youth association of her Christian Democrat Union party (CDU), she said that the "multi-kulti" concept that "we are now living side-by-side and are happy about it ... this approach has failed, utterly."  Merkel described this as living in "parallel societies" similar to the Chinatowns of New York and San Francisco or the Little Italy in Philadelphia.  Merkel's comments were made a day after Horst Seehofer, the Christian Social Union (CSU) premier of Bavaria, told the same assembly that "multiculturalism is dead."

The Multicultural Cult.  Somebody eventually had to say it — and German chancellor Angela Merkel deserves credit for being the one who had the courage to say it out loud.  Multiculturalism has "utterly failed."  Multiculturalism is not just a recognition that different groups have different cultures.  We all knew that, long before multiculturalism became a cult that has spawned mindless rhapsodies about "diversity," without a speck of evidence to substantiate its supposed benefits.

Germany's Merkel: Multiculturalism Is Kaput.  Germany's leader confronts head-on the consequences of essentially open borders and virtually unrestricted immigration to German society.  What they have there, she says, is a failure to assimilate.

PC bureaucrats making themselves look really stupid.  Nothing makes me laugh harder than a dimwitted race grievance industry bureaucrat fired up on diversity rhetoric attempting to outwit the general public by making up phony evidence of inclusiveness, and failing miserably.

Celebrate Diversity Unto Death.  I pretty much said what I had to say about the Fort Hood massacre in the first couple of weeks, because it was perfectly obvious within about 48 hours that 14 people (including an unborn child) had died so that "diversity" might live.

The 'Diversity' Sham.  It has been 6½ years since the U.S. Supreme Court, in Grutter v. Bollinger, upheld the legality of racial discrimination in university admissions for the purpose of realizing "the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body."  Longstanding precedent requires the court to apply "strict scrutiny" to any claim justifying discrimination on the basis of race. ... But there is reason to doubt whether "diversity," as practiced by American higher education today, has any educational benefits at all — never mind whether those benefits are sufficient to justify discrimination.

Diversity Has Jumped the Shark.  Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem.  Look at Ireland with its Protestant and Catholic populations, Canada with its French and English populations, Israel with its Jewish and Palestinian populations.  Or consider the warring factions in India, Sri Lanka, China, Iraq, Czechoslovakia (until it happily split up), the Balkans and Chechnya.  Also look at the festering hotbeds of tribal warfare — I mean the beautiful mosaics — in Third World hellholes like Afghanistan, Rwanda and South Central L.A.

The Vilification of Rush.  We as Americans have always been the great melting pot of society and the world.  We want everyone to become just like us.  The Minority Thought Pattern now wants a nineteen-burner stove with every pot separate and different, and that has given us multiculturalism today.  Multiculturalism in its present form has already proven unworkable.

General Casey's Diverse Army.  I am missing something here.  After the attack and murder of 13 innocent people by an apparent imbedded radical Jihadist in the US Army, General Casey said on Meet The Press, "Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength.  And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse." ... I took the oath of office a few times in my military career and for the life of me I don't ever remember the word "diversity" being in it.

The cost of a diverse Naval Academy.  The Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead announced in Annapolis recently that "diversity is the number one priority" at the Naval Academy.  The Naval Academy superintendent, Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler, echoed him.  Everyone understands that "diversity" here means nonwhite skins.

Victims Of Tolerance?  So why did they all tolerate his abusive behavior for so long?  Was it because he was a foreign student?  Was it because he was a minority?  Was it because multiculturalism has robbed us of our last sense, even our instinct for survival?  Or was it simply because the campus lifestyle, more than the real world, tends to accommodate, even nurture, idiosyncratic behavior?  Whatever it was, the kid-glove treatment the university culture afforded him amounted to a mass enabling of Cho's psychotic behavior.

The multi-cultural one way street:  Demands for "tolerance" in the name of multiculturalism apply only to wealthy, predominantly white countries.  And within them, only to whites.  A shocking situation in Denmark illustrates the point.

Too Much Tolerance.  We are ever admonished to respect differences, to be tolerant of what we might think of as bizarre behavior.  We are told that among the worst of sins is to be judgmental about how others behave.  Multiculaturalism is what we are about.  Diversity is our strength.  All cultures, all people, all lifestyles are to be treated equally.  At Blacksburg on Monday, we learned that there is such a thing as too much tolerance.

Multiculturalism has a down side.  Concerns about the potential downsides of state-sanctioned multiculturalism have finally reached the long-deaf ears, and are now being given a voice by, Canada's elite chattering classes.

We Are All Cowards Now.  What's so disconcerting is that a man at the top of his profession, with a wife at the top of hers, in a country that has rewarded his accomplishments and whose people have made epic strides toward the creation of an equitable society, lectures us in a way that can only divide us.  But that's the infernal paradox of multiculturalism.  It preaches tolerance but practices divisiveness.  It pretends to be even-handed but imposes severe restrictions on speech.  It censors brilliant scholars and independent-minded students.  And then the Attorney General criticizes those who don't want to play that self-destructive game.

Bowling With Our Own:  In the 41 sites [Robert] Putnam studied in the U.S., he found that the more diverse the neighborhood, the less residents trust neighbors.  This proved true in communities large and small, from big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Boston to tiny Yakima, Washington, rural South Dakota, and the mountains of West Virginia.

Multiculturalism:  The New Racism.  By embracing "diversity," multiculturalism claims to extinguish racism.  Far from being a cure for racism, multiculturalism is racism in a new, self-righteous guise.  The purpose of this ad hoc newsletter is to describe the efforts of the Ayn Rand Institute to oppose multiculturalism and to defend the superiority of Western Civilization.

The menace of multiculturalism:  It's not easy to dislodge a trendy fad, particularly among the public intellectuals and the aspiring sophisticates of the chattering class, but "multiculturalism" may be getting an intellectual re-examination.

Keep the Immigrants, Deport the Multiculturalists.  So, whatever happened to immigration as a presidential campaign issue?  In the early caucus and primary states — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina — the media assured us that immigration was foremost on the minds of voters.  You couldn't watch a Republican debate without the issue dominating a good chunk of the discussion.

Chirpiness that'll be the death of us:  "Multiculturalism" is a unicultural phenomenon.  It exists only as a Western fetish, and we don't believe in it, not really.  Most people, given the choice, want to live in an advanced Western society.  That's why even impeccably PC lefties refer carelessly to other cultures as "developing nations":  the phrase assumes they're "developing" into something closer to ours, because that's the direction of progress.  Even hard-core multiculturalists only want to live in a Western society.  For one thing, that's the only place you can make a living as a multiculturalist.

Immigration taboos:  There are thousands of Americans who might still be alive if we had banned immigration from Saudi Arabia — and perhaps that might be more important than the rhetoric of the intelligentsia.  In that rhetoric, all differences between peoples are magically transformed into mere "stereotypes" and "perceptions."  This blithely ignores hard data showing, for example, that people who come here from some countries are ten times more likely to go on welfare as people from some other countries.

Multiculturalism's War on Education:  One text acclaims the inhabitants of West Africa in pre-Columbian times for having prosperous economies and for establishing a university in Timbuktu; but it ignores their brutal trade in slaves and the proliferation of far more consequential institutions of learning in Paris, Oxford and elsewhere in Europe.  Some books routinely lionize the architecture of the Aztecs, but purposely overlook or underplay the fact that they practiced human sacrifices.  A few textbooks seek to portray Islam as peaceful in part by distorting the concept of "jihad" ("sacred war") to mean an internal struggle to surmount temptation and evil.  Islam's wars of religious conquest are played down.

The Fraud of Multiculturalism:  Without a doubt most people in this country would agree that the government schools are failing our children.  The government's pat answer to the problem is always a lack of funds, but I hope to convince you that the true problem behind the failure of these schools is far more sinister than that.  The real culprit is not a lack of money but the evil programs being advanced under the umbrella of a term called Multiculturalism, better known as diversity.

Multiculturalism cannot survive.  Future historians of the phenomenon known as "multiculturalism" that the West bone-headedly adopted towards the end of the second millennium will note the precise time when it was dealt a mortal wound.  It was at 8:46 on Tuesday morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the first of the four commercial airliners hijacked by Islamist terrorists — all of Arab origin — struck the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

America's Founding Ideals:  As America descends into multiculturalism, public recognition of the superiority of America's heritage is considered uncivil — and possibly even illegal.

The Meaning Of 'Is'…  Multiculturalism is simply moral equivalency on a national or cultural scale; it helps strip our society of the idea of objective moral standards, a sense of right and wrong.  Why would "liberals" want that?  Because the socialist society they seek requires there be no standards or values to compete with those ordained by the government; after all, socialists maintain, those rules are for the good of all.

Once Upon a Rhyme:  Once upon a time, students had their heads crammed full with poetry by great old writers — the "Dead White Men" so reviled by today's multiculturalists.

Coalition Resists "Tolerance" Police:  The group plans to place an ad in at least one major U.S. newspaper.  "It will be about the extent to which the left in this country has misused and misapplied the term "tolerance" to impose a rigid, politically correct ideology on America," the group's national director explained.

Race and Politics:  Part IV.  One of the most ominous developments of our time has been the multicultural dogma that all cultures are equal.  It is one of the many unsubstantiated assertions that have become fashionable among self-congratulatory elites, with hard evidence being neither asked for nor offered.

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Racial profiling:  What is racial profiling, and is it racist?  We can think of profiling as using cheap-to-observe characteristics as indicators or proxies for more-costly-to-observe characteristics.

Discrimination:  The Law vs. Morality.  Racial issues can be contentious, but they can be made even more so when the terms used in discussions of racial phenomena are ambiguous.  Because words can and do have multiple meanings in everyday usage, one goal of this paper is to suggest operational definitions of terms such as "discrimination," "preferences," and "prejudice," so that one phenomenon is not confused with another.

If the profile fits…  When there is a 100 percent chance, it ceases to be a profile.  It's called a "description of the suspect."  This is not a psychological judgment about an ethnic group — it is an all-points bulletin:  Warning!  The next terrorist to board a commercial flight will be an Arab or Muslim male.

Profiling petulance:  It is clear, whether we like it or not, or want to say it or not, that there is a strong correlation between committing terrorist acts and being a Muslim, and being black and high rates of crime.  That means if one is trying to deter terrorism and in some cases capture a criminal, he would expend greater investigatory resources on Muslims and blacks.

Airport-security firm at mercy of Muslims:  EEOC case forced company to rehire Arabs, instate Islamic-sensitivity training program.

Profiling Needed:  Most security resources should be spent scrutinizing Caucasian males, particularly those with a Middle Eastern appearance.

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Reverse Discrimination:

Notes for a White Kid in University:  An Introduction to the Blindingly Obvious.  If you are a white student in college, you doubtless hear daily that white people are evil, the principal cause of everything wrong with the world.  Whiteness is bad, white people are bad.  We are to blame for everything.  If you believe this, you are being gamed.  What you are being told is nonsense.  If you have the intelligence and self-respect to think for yourself, ask:  "What have other races and ethnic groups accomplished in the world compared to what we white people have?" This question will be shocking to you because you have been carefully programmed not to think such things.  But ask.  I think you will find that the groups who complain the most have accomplished the least.

Los Angeles Middle School Faces Budget Cut For Having Too Many White People.  Los Angeles parents are outraged after their middle school announced budget cuts because there are too many white students, according to Sunday [3/26/2017] reports.  Walter Reed Middle School announced there would be layoffs and larger classes because the school's white student body is too big, reports ABC 7.  The Los Angeles Unified School District gives schools money only if white students make up no more than thirty percent of the student population.

Caution:  Offensive language throughout.
NC State Sponsors Event to Let Students Know that White People are Racist.  As part of "Diversity Education Week," NC State's Union Activities Board hosted an event today called "Dear White People," in which white students are told directly that they are racist.

Diddy's Revolt TV sued for reverse discrimination.  A production team for Sean "Diddy" Combs' Revolt TV is suing the cable and radio network, claiming reverse discrimination — saying they were fired for being old white men. [...] The team produced its popular urban talk radio program "The Breakfast Club" that airs mornings on Power 105.1 FM.  But the producers, who are all white and over age 39, say they were "treated worse than other employees who were younger and African American."

10 Things I Like About White Guys.  White men have been getting a bad rap lately.  We're complete idiots in commercials and on TV in general.  Other races and genders roll their eyes at us and say things such as "Dear white people" in a tone that implies they're going to explain this to us one last time.  I never really thought of myself as a white male until everyone said it's a terrible thing to be.  After looking it up, turns out we're pretty great — maybe not "supreme," but definitely a combination of race and gender you should peep.  Here are my 10 favorite things about us.

Chuck Schumer Desperate To Make Dem Hill Staff Less White.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is pushing a package of new rules to promote diversity Tuesday [2/28/2017], as some minority outside groups and lobbyists threaten to cut off funds to the Democrat Party if they see real change on this front.  Schumer will ask Senate Democrats to adopt "extensive" rules that include a requirement to interview at least one minority applicant for future senior job openings in Senate offices, Politico reports.  He's also vowed to start publishing statistics on a Senate website dedicated to diversity that hosts a resume bank for potential minority staffers.

School: No More Music Composed by White Guys.  The Spring Lake Park High School in Minnesota has decided to stop purchasing music composed by white guys — at least for the time being.  "We made a commitment this year to only buy music from composers of color," marching band director Brian Lukkasson told National Public Radio. [...] The marching band also pledges to toot their horns to at least one musical selection composed by a lady.

University of Michigan Student Group Demands White-Free Space for Plotting Social Justice.  Imagine a student KKK group demanding a special space on campus where no blacks are allowed, so it could scheme against blacks without them learning what it is up to.  Outrageous, right?  Yet we barely bat an eye at this:  ["]A student activist group at the University of Michigan is demanding campus officials provide them with 'a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work.'["]  In this context, "social justice" means "racial revenge."

No Republicans Need Apply.  One of the less understood criticisms of progressivism is that it is totalitarian, not in the sense that kale-eating Brooklynites want to build prison camps for political nonconformists (except for the ones who want to lock up global-warming skeptics) but in the sense that it assumes that there is no life outside of politics, that there is no separate sphere of private life, and that church, family, art, and much else properly resides within that sphere.

White Candidate For DNC Chair Says Her Job Will Be 'To Shut Other White People Down'.  Sally Boynton Brown, a white woman running for chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Monday that if she is chosen to lead the party her job will be to "shut other white people down."  "My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt," Brown said during a DNC candidate forum.

Idaho Dems Exec Director:  DNC Should Train People In 'How to Shut Their Mouths If They're White'.  During Monday's Democracy in Color DNC debate, Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director and DNC Chair candidate Sally Boynton Brown stated that "my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.  My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh, no, I'm not prejudiced.  I'm a Democrat.  I'm accepting.'  My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege."  And argued the DNC should have training for people in "how to shut their mouths if they're white."

Trump and Obama's Legacy of Racism.  [Scroll down]  At the military academies, students learn white privilege.  At the EPA, they preach the gospel of environmental racism.  At public universities, professors gin up phony tests to prove anyone who does not like racial quotas is a racist.  At the CIA, director James Brennan told the Wall Street Journal his greatest accomplishment as our nation's spymaster was fighting for "more diversity," despite all the handicaps he had to overcome as a "white male from New Jersey."  Racial quotas and affirmative action is an essential part of every cubicle in every office in every department.  Top to bottom.  At the Department of Labor, every bureaucrat knows that white racism causes black unemployment.

MTV Video '2017 Resolutions for White Guys' Airs Laundry List of Grievances.  Late Monday afternoon [12/19/2016], MTV News underlined its reputation of being a haven for far-left millennials as it released a video on Twitter, dubbed "2017 Resolutions for White Guys," that offered advice such as stop "mansplaining" and stop saying All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter.  Lasting one minute and 21 seconds, the video provides ample reason for older generations to despise millennials and goes hand-in-hand with the litany of meltdowns by liberal snowflakes since the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

UC-Denver offers course on 'Problematizing Whiteness'.  The University of Colorado at Denver is offering a course called "Problematizing Whiteness:  Educating for Racial Justice" during the 2017 spring semester.  The three-credit course fulfills the cultural diversity requirement for students in the School of Education and Human Development, which is advertising the offering by posting flyers around campus and making the syllabus available online for students to view.

How the Left Strangled Itself With Identity Politics.  Listen up, dimwits:  When you encourage racial pride in all groups except whites, you aren't exactly making a case against "racism."

Student protesters campaigning for safe spaces 'block white students' at Berkeley university.  Protesters demonstrating for "safe spaces" for people of colour and LGBT students formed a human chain at a US campus, reportedly designed to stop white people getting to their classes.  In a video of the demonstration at the University of California, Berkeley, protesters are heard shouting "Go around!" at white students while they are seen allowing BAME people through the blockade.  One demonstrator tells a student who is trying to make his way through:  "This is bigger than you.  This is about whiteness."

Berkeley students barricade bridge, force whites to cross creek.  Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a violent protest on campus Friday [10/21/2016] to demand additional segregated "spaces of color" for non-white students.  The demonstration began at a key bridge on campus, where the protesters made a human chain to prevent white people from crossing, instead directing them to "go around" by trudging across the stream.

Left-Wing Berkeley Protesters Demand 'Spaces of Color', Harass White Students Trying to Pass.  Left-wing students at the University of California, Berkeley are protesting again.  This time, however, these students are calling for "safe spaces" for transgendered people, as well as "spaces of color" at the University (which they already have).  The protesters are also harassing white students trying to study, barring their path across a key bridge while allowing students of color safe passage.

Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat.  Students of color at Columbia University can apply to attend an upcoming racially segregated retreat hosted by the school that promises to embolden and empower participants, according to organizers.

NAACP Lawsuit:  Judges in Alabama Courts are All White.  A civil rights group is challenging Alabama's practice of electing appellate judges by statewide vote, saying it has resulted in all-white courts in a state where one of every four people is African-American.

'How To Be a White Ally' posters say all white people are racist.  New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on "How to be a (Better) White Ally" and stating that all white people are racist.  The signs state white people should "acknowledge your privilege" and "apologize if you've offended someone," adding that offensive language includes words like "sassy" and "riot," which are "racially coded."

Proof That Angry White Males Have Every Right to be Angry.  The destruction, the annihilation, the conspiracy to destroy the middle class is real.  The murder of the middle class is not a theory.  It's not an opinion.  It's not a figgment of my imagination.  It's a proven fact.  Three studies were published backing up what I'm saying.

State University of New York at Binghamton offers 'Stop White People' course to resident advisors.  The State University of New York at Binghamton is under fire over a new course it's offering to resident advisors.  The session titled 'StopWhitePeople2K16' is taught by three RAs and describes itself as a tool to 'understanding diversity, privilege and the society we function within'.

Taxpayer-Backed School Holds Lesson On How To 'Stop White People'.  The State University of New York at Binghamton (SUNY-Binghamton) is offering a training class titled "StopWhitePeople2k16," to instruct residential assistants (RAs) on how to deal with "uneducated" people who don't believe in ideas like white privilege.  The class is just one of several available to RAs at the school, and was discovered by the Binghamton Review, a student newspaper.  Residential assistants are students who agree to assist with overseeing and monitoring residential life in return for receiving a free room from the school.  Apparently, though, Binghamton RAs also have the responsibility of "stopping" white people.

University Hosts "Stop White People" Workshop.  Nothing screams tolerance and diversity like a university workshop designed to target white people.  The State University of New York in Binghamton has a bit of explaining to do after they held a workshop titled, "#StopWhitePeople2K16."  The workshop was an official part of the residential assistant training program at the taxpayer-funded university.

State University of New York at Binghamton offers 'Stop White People' course to resident advisors.  The State University of New York at Binghamton is under fire over a new course it's offering to resident advisors.  The session titled 'StopWhitePeople2K16' is taught by three RAs and describes itself as a tool to 'understanding diversity, privilege and the society we function within'.  'Learning about these topics is a good first step, but when encountered with 'good' arguments from uneducated people, how do you respond?  'This open discussion will give attendees the tools to do so, and hopefully expand upon what they may already know,' the course description reads.

'White People' Are the Enemy at New York University.  The State University of New York at Binghamton (SUNY-Binghamton) is offering a training class titled "StopWhitePeople2k16," to instruct residential assistants (RAs) on how to deal with "uneducated" people who don't believe in ideas like white privilege.  The class is just one of several available to RAs at the school, and was discovered by the Binghamton Review, a student newspaper.  Residential assistants are students who agree to assist with overseeing and monitoring residential life in return for receiving a free room from the school.  Apparently, though, Binghamton RAs also have the responsibility of "stopping" white people.

Public university hosts blacks-only student retreat — to promote inclusion.  California State University Fresno recently held a three-day student retreat for black students that aimed to foster inclusion and help incoming African American students adjust to college life and get involved in the campus community.  The inaugural "Harambee Student Retreat," which took place Aug. 14 through Aug 17, was free to participating students, who enjoyed housing, meals, workshops and activities meant to help aid in the "successful transition of incoming African American/Black students to Fresno State," the university's website states.

Segregation was outlawed in the '60's!  Liberals want to bring it back!  Nothing says "pulling together" like one-race-only leftist seminars.  The Democrats are back at it, in the 1960's they supported segregation and today they are at their same racist antics, just a different victim to target.  Public university hosts blacks-only student retreat — to promote 'inclusion'.

College president denounces black student's non-white roommate request.  A small liberal arts college near Los Angeles is denouncing a Facebook post made by a black student who was seeking out a non-white roommate.  The Claremont Independent reports Pitzer College student Kare Urena asked in the post that only people of color apply to live in her off-campus residence, adding that she didn't "want to live with any white folks."

Pitzer College Leaders Can't Agree If It's OK for Students to Advertise for Non-White Roommates.  So is it OK for college students to take out ads seeking non-white roommates for their off-campus house?  Well, at Pitzer College in California, it depends which senior administrator you ask.  Students at Claremont Colleges (of which Pitzer is one) advertised an opening in their off-campus home on Facebook that listed "POC" (or "person of color") as one of the requirements to apply.  The students are also resident advisors at the school.  Although other students immediately pointed out that the policy was discriminatory, the RAs countered that the segregated housing "protected" students of color and created a "safe space" for members of their community.

Chicago-area community college to reserve course exclusively for black students.  Race isn't a typical prerequisite to taking a college course, but it will be this fall at a community college near Chicago.  For the first time in its history, Moraine Valley Community College is earmarking two sections of its College 101 course exclusively for black students, spokeswoman Jessica Crotty told the Chicago Tribune.

Dem Congressman Wants Anyone But Straight White Men To Apply For Internships.  Minnesota Democrat Rep.  Keith Ellison's office is hiring interns for the fall and strongly encourages anyone who isn't a straight, white able-bodied male to send in an application.  "The Office of Congressman Keith Ellison is looking for enthusiastic interns for our Washington and Minneapolis offices.  We seek interns who are curious, hardworking, and passionate about serving Minnesota's 5th district," Ellison's Congressional website states.  "While Congressman Ellison encourages all individuals to apply, applicants with strong ties to the Fifth District or Minnesota are preferred," the page states before adding one final note:  "People of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply."

No Whites Allowed, Clinton Speaks To Press For First Time In 260 Days.  Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will finally speak in front of members of the press Friday [8/5/2016], but only to black and latino journalists.  Clinton is set to speak Friday in front of the a conference between the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists at the Washington Marriott in Washington, DC.

Trump's Answer to Black-on-Cop Murder.  In schools, children learn about evil white people early on.  New teachers learn if they want to be successful with black students, they must have a "Courageous Conversation" that begins with the white teacher admitting that white racism is responsible for the enormous gap between white and black students in performance and discipline.  It is the official policy of the government of the United States of America that gap is the result of one thing and one thing only:  white racism.  The Departments of Justice and Education send teams of bureaucrats to school districts all over the country to enforce it.  At the EPA, they talk about "environmental racism".  At the Defense Department, students at the military academies are taught that white privilege is hurting our military preparedness.  At the FCC, hundreds of employees make sure that TV and radio stations are hiring and telling the right stories about black people in proper amounts — or risk losing their licenses.  This is a very long list and it has been going on for a very long time.

Dartmouth to spend $145M promoting diversity, inclusion.  As part of the decade-long overhaul, Dartmouth has set a goal of increasing the percentage of minority tenure-track professors from 16 to 25 percent by 2020, which will require hiring 50 new "underrepresented" professors in the next four years.  Employees, of course, come with a price tag, and in this case the school estimates that salaries and start-up costs will be somewhere in the ballpark of $100 million over the next 10 years.

The Editor says...
Call it what you will, this is nothing more or less than race-based discrimination.

When Did White Men Become The Bad Guys in America?  White people (men included) are the only group in the country that is discriminated against via Affirmative Action by official government policy.  In all fairness, Asians are also discriminated against by universities that often wave them off in favor of less qualified applicants from different racial groups, but there's no widespread cultural assault against Asian Americans.  To the contrary, when it comes to white men, outright hatred based on our skin color is commonplace.

Mayor's office racially profiles at Chicago gun buyback:  White folks need not apply.  That was the message Guns Save Life took away from a foray up to the Windy City Saturday morning, May 14th, to trade unwanted firearms in for $100 pre-paid credit cards.  Our experience felt surreal to say the least in this era when profiling — especially racial profiling — is a big no-no, especially in government service.  It all began this morning as five Caucasian members of Guns Save Life waited surreptitiously in line at a Chicago gun buyback location.  Out of the blue, my wife and I were told by a surly, middle-aged woman from the Mayor's office that "we won't be taking those today" in reference to a dozen plus long guns my wife and I brought.

BBC blasted for rejecting work applicants because they are white.  The BBC has been blasted for rejecting work applicants because they are white.  It advertised two $36,000 junior scriptwriting roles for shows like Holby City, but said they were only for people from "ethnic minority backgrounds".  One outraged job-hunter said:  "It's racial discrimination and just wrong.  "If you applied for a position and got a reply saying it was only open to white applicants you'd quite rightly not be happy.  "This is exactly the same."

How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism.  Progressive rhetoric on race has turned an ugly corner and the existence of "anti-white" attitudes can no longer be ignored. [...] What started as irony turned into an actual belief that white people, specifically white men, are more dangerous and immoral than any other people.  Loosely backed up by historical inequities and disparities in mass shootings, this position has begun to take a serious foothold.

Teaching While White.  Teaching While White is becoming an occupational hazard these days.  So is being a white student, for that matter.  At the "Unofficial Scripps College Survival Guide," students learn that "white peers and faculty — portray Claremont Consortium as a haven for liberal ideology and acceptance.  It's a rhetoric that has led many white students to believe that racism does not exist on campus."  Thus, "as white students, [they] must identify the ways that [they] are engaging in the perpetuation of white supremacy and work to unlearn [their] racism."  Of course, "reverse racism does not exist because there are no institutions that were founded with the intention of discriminating against white people on the basis of their skin.  Many white people claim to be victims of reverse racism when people of color associate negative characteristics with white people or have a general dislike for them as a group.  This is not reverse racism because racism is privilege plus power and people of color do not have racial privilege.  Moreover, distrust or anger at white people is a legitimate response to a repetitive history and current state of racist violence."

White Men Should Stop Running For Office, Colorado Group Says.  Long term, they hope to tackle what they call a "crisis of overconfidence" among straight white men.  A 2004 study found that among professions that most generally produce candidates for elected office, more men than women feel they are qualified.

The Editor says...
If I said only white men should run for office, would you call me a bigot?  If so, why is it not bigotry to exclude white men from politics?

Anti-White Racism:  The Hate That Dares Not Speak Its Name.  It is a strange election cycle when Republicans go to war with each other with a ferocity rarely manifest when they are confronting Democrats and their progressive agendas.  It is especially puzzling because a general consensus has formed on the right that the Democratic Party is moving so far left that its agendas threaten the very foundations of America's social contract.  These include a frontal assault on the system of individual rights that the Founders set in place.  The left envisions a fundamentally transformed America where individual rights are secondary to the collective rights of races, ethnicities, genders and classes.  That is why the particular circumstances of individual acts, such as the ones that led to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, for example, don't matter to progressive mobs.  It's the races of the actors that do.

Hit Broadway show celebrates diversity by excluding whites.  The producers of "Hamilton" — a rap musical that offers a fresh take on the Founding Fathers — really did put out a casting call.  "Seeking NON-WHITE men and women, ages 20s to 30s, for Broadway and upcoming Tours!" their casting notice read.  The NON-WHITE part was in all caps.

Court tells TUSD to improve teachers' racial diversity.  The Tucson Unified School District has been ordered to improve racial diversity among its teachers.  In a district that has spent years under federal oversight for desegregation efforts, U.S.  District Judge David Bury has told it to reduce by half the number of schools where racial disparities exist among the teaching staff — affecting more than one-third of TUSD schools.

Air Force Thunderbirds too male, too white, top general warns.  The Air Force's vaunted Thunderbirds jet fighter aerobatics team is not diverse enough inside the cockpit.  Brig. Gen. Christopher M. Short, commander of the 57th Wing at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, said in an email last month that of 15 pilot applicants for three openings, 14 are white.  He asked fighter wing commanders to stir up more candidates who "don't necessarily look like each of you."

The Editor says...
General Short apparently wants to hire (or exclude) pilots on the basis of their skin color.  If I were the pilot in the next plane over, with our wingtips almost touching, I would hope the general had hired the best pilot he could find, instead of the blackest pilot he could find.

White students undergo weekly 'deconstructing whiteness' program at Northwestern University.  White college students are undergoing a weekly "deconstructing whiteness" program at Northwestern University.  The "6-part workshop series for undergraduate students who self-identify as white" launched in January and runs through March, according to the university's website.  Students enrolled chose to do so — it is voluntary.  A spokesman for the prestigious private university located outside Chicago declined to give The College Fix details on the program, such as how many students enrolled and how it's been received so far.

Casting Nancy Drew: No Whiteys, Please!  CBS Entertainment has announced plans to remake the classic television series Nancy Drew.  What young actress wouldn't want to audition for the opportunity to reprise the role of this iconic detective?  Unfortunately, there's just one problem:  White women need not apply.  "I'd be open to any ethnicity," but "[She will] not [be] Caucasian," said CBS President Glenn Geller.  Imagine if Geller had said he was open to casting Nancy Drew as any ethnicity, but that she would not be black or Hispanic.  He would be inundated with hate mail for being a racist.

The Editor says...
If whites are excluded from the beginning, then Mr. Geller is not "open to any ethnicity," unless it is his belief that "white" is not an ethnicity.

Harry Reid Defends Superdelegate System: Iowa, New Hampshire Too White To Decide Future Of Country.  Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) defended the superdelegate system in the Democratic party nominating process in an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Thursday [2/11/2016].  Reid said Iowa and New Hampshire have "no diversity."  Reid said he asked himself, "how in the world could we have the future of this country be dependent" on these two states?

DOD Diversity Chief Violates Rules, Gives Leftist Groups $300k to Promote Agenda.  To meet the Obama administration's goal of "implementing a robust diversity strategy" at the Department of Defense (DOD), the agency's director of diversity violated government rules by distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to controversial leftist groups. [...] Among the recipients is the notorious open borders group League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Minority Access Inc., a Maryland-based nonprofit committed to decreasing disparities and reducing incidences of environmental injustices, and the renowned National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  Others include the Society of American Indian Government Employees and the Asian American Government Executive Network.  In all, the Pentagon's Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (ODME) gave these and other groups north of $300,000, according to a DOD Inspector General report released this month.  These are considered "affinity" groups involved with networking or professional associations that are often race, ethnic background or gender based, according to the report.

Obama's 'diversity' diktat is a giant gift to lawyers.  If you're a white male looking for a job, your search just got harder.  Claiming women aren't getting paid enough, President Obama wants to make it easier to accuse employers of gender discrimination and hit them with class-action lawsuits.  A new regulation proposed on Friday [1/29/2016] will require all employers with 100 or more workers to report how much their workforce is paid, broken down by race and gender.  The rule, slated to go into effect in September 2017, will cause headaches for employers and anyone — man or woman — who works hard and expects to get ahead based on merit.  The winners are federal bean counters, class-action lawyers and the Democratic Party, which is playing up the gender "wage gap" as usual during this election year.  Never mind that the gap is largely fiction.

Playwright Cancels Production Because Student Cast is Too White.  Clarion University of Pennsylvania students have been rehearsing six days a week since October for their upcoming premier of the play Jesus in India.  But last week, the production was suddenly halted at the request of the playwright because too many white people had been cast.  Three of the five characters in the play are Indian, but because of the very rural location of the university, they don't have much diversity showing up to the auditions.

White Manager Fired After Black Employees Refuse to Work for a Honkey.  Christopher Lyons, a former Department of Public Works (DPW) supervisor, is suing the city of Washington, D.C. for racial discrimination after being fired because black employees didn't want to work for a white man. [...] Lyons was referred to as "white boy," "honkey," and "cracker" during meetings.  Matters only got worse when he reported fraud and waste within the department.  After nine months of employment, he was fired without reason, even after receiving stellar reviews for his work.

School District Excludes All White Students From Third-Grade Field Trips To Local College.  Public school officials in South Bend, Ind. are segregating elementary schools students by race and ferrying black students — and only black students — on visits to local colleges.  The students facing racial segregation in America in the year 2015 are third graders at seven elementary schools, reports local ABC affiliate WBND.  School district officials say they do not intend for the taxpayer-funded reenactment of Jim Crow-era race segregation to be discriminatory.  Instead, they say, the intent is to inform black students about college because low numbers of black students attend college.

White America Asks: Where Is the Animus?  White Americans feel like prisoners stuck under a microscope, where everything they do and say is judged through the prism of color.  If a white person looks askance at a black person, it is automatically assumed to be racially motivated; if white police pull over a car driven by a black person, it is because he has been racially profiled as "DWB" — driving while black; if a white person commits a crime against a black person, there will likely be a rush to judgment based on skin color alone.  Is every deprivation suffered by a black person at the hands of a white person racially motivated — be it the loss of a job, the denial of a mortgage, rejection from a school play or sport, termination of a friendship, denial of entrance into a university or graduate school program, loss of a bid, refusal to rent, etc.?

De Blasio's security sergeant 'must be black'.  Mayor Bill de Blasio has an opening on his personal security detail — and the candidate has to be black, The [New York] Post has learned.  The head of Hizzoner's protection unit — staffed by a racially diverse group — has been calling other commanders asking for recommendations, law enforcement sources said.  "A boss on his security detail is looking to recruit a new sergeant but they have to be the right racial makeup.  He is looking for a sergeant but the sergeant has to be black," a source told The Post.

School workers say they were fired because they weren't Hispanic.  Two former school district employees, including the one who oversaw its affirmative action policies, filed race discrimination suits in September, saying they were fired because they're not Hispanic.  Bernice Marshall, the former human resources manager, and Edmund Treadway, the former transportation manager, argue in Superior Court filings that the Perth Amboy School District is favoring Hispanic job candidates and employees.

White teacher wins $350K in racial discrimination lawsuit.  Maryland teacher won a $350,000 jury award after accusing a black principal of forcing him out of his job because he is white.  Jon Everhart sued the Prince George's County school board, alleging that he faced years of racial discrimination by Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus at Largo High School, The Washington Post reported. [...] Mr. Everhart, who was fired in 2010, said the principal told students that the "only reason a white teacher teaches in P.G. County is that they can't get a job elsewhere."

White teacher wins $350,000 in Prince George's schools bias lawsuit.  A former Prince George's County teacher won a $350,000 jury award after accusing the school system of discriminating against him because he is white.  Jon Everhart alleged in his lawsuit against the Prince George's County school board that a black principal forced him out of his job because of his race.

White is not right: Campus admins ask for help weeding out white people.  Western Washington University sent a questionnaire to students asking them for advice on how the administration could succeed at making sure that in future years, "we are not as white as we are today."  The question notes that WWU's racial make up does not perfectly reflect the nation at large, and asks students to consider strategies that other universities have used to focus on skin color as the paramount indicator of a student-applicant's worth.  The president of WWU has stated that his explicit goal is to reduce the white population on campus, according to Campus Reform.

The Editor says...
Substitute "black" for "white" and imagine the uproar that would ensue.

TSA Wants to Hire 'Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business'.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is looking exclusively for an "economically disadvantaged woman owned small business" when it awards its next $30 million contract for security training.  The agency announced a solicitation for a company to conduct training for its Inter-Modal Security and Training Exercise Program (I-Step) last week. [...] An economically disadvantaged woman is one who earns less than $350,000 a year, with a net worth not greater than $750,000.

The Editor asks...
What happened to "equal employment opportunity without regard to race or gender"?

Lesbian boss 'fired me for being straight'.  A married, heterosexual gym teacher at a tony Upper West Side private school was fired because his lesbian supervisor disapproved of his "traditional family status," the canned teacher claims in a new Manhattan lawsuit.  Gregory Kenney, 50, taught gym at the Trinity School on W. 91st St. for 16 years before he was let go in June 2012.

Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages.  A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."  "Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege," reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

The Editor asks...
What does "social privilege" have to do with the Army?

College Kicks Out Afrobeat Band for Being "Too White".  Apparently bands now have to be the same race as the music they're playing.  That's going to be a problem.  So no more white rappers or black classical musicians are allowed. [...] America may be ready for a black man in the White House, but apparently it's not ready for a white Afrofunk band.

Band loses college gig because [they are] 'too white'.  A popular jazz band named Shokaboza that "blends jazz and old school funk, with a West African beat" has just been told by Hampshire College in Massachusetts that it is "too white" to be allowed to perform a scheduled Halloween party gig on campus.

HUD's Power Grab.  [Scroll down]  Bear with me as I report the basics of the new policy, beginning with the purpose of AFFH, which the rule says is "to improve fair housing choice for all."  People possess improved choice when they "have the information, options, and protection to live where they choose without unlawful discrimination and other barriers related to race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, or handicap."  And while "all" people should have such choice, the focus of the rule is on accomplishing better choice for blacks and Hispanics in particular.

Campus Roundup.  Amherst College in Massachusetts, long known as one of the most left-leaning liberal arts campuses in the nation, added several "diversity seats" to their Student Senate, which are reserved for groups that have been "historically silenced."  But when conservative student Ted Hertzberg applied for one of the seats citing the fact that only 2 out of 160 professors at the school are registered Republicans, he was rejected.  The other four applicants for the seats — an international student, a gay student, a Latino student and an Asian student — were all accepted.

More diverse = less white.
New Hispanic Chief Judge Calls For More Jury Diversity.  Born in Chicago to immigrant parents, Ruben Castillo became the first Hispanic Judge to lead the busy federal court district that includes his hometown and proclaimed on Tuesday [7/2/2013] that one of his priorities will be helping ensure that juries are more diverse.

An Uncontrollable Ego.  Perhaps the most damaging Leftist assault ever was reverse discrimination to make up for white racial sins going back to the slave trade that ended in 1865; that racialist revenge narrative still drives reverse discrimination, forty years after the start of "affirmative" action.  It will never end, as long as there is a penny to be made on racial blackmail.

'Whites need not apply' at D.C. labor board?  Ondray Harris, the African-American executive director of the Public Employee Relations Board of the District of Columbia, stepped down last week. [...] Harris claimed in his letter that two members of the board, Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman, complained over his hiring of a white female, Erin Wilcox, because they perceived her "as being conservative or politically right-of-center."  According to Harris, at a meeting on Nov. 8, 2012, Hoffman declared that "somebody with a resume like hers doesn't belong here" and "should never work here."

'Any race except Caucasian'.  A casting call for a new host of a children's program on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the taxpayer supported, government-owned television and radio network of Canada, accidentally told the truth, when it specified "any race except Caucasian."

Parents Upset Over Tutoring Program That Excluded Whites.  A Colorado school principal is apologizing after he mailed parents a letter informing them that an after-school tutoring program was for non-whites only.  Andre Pearson, the principal at Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora, also left a voice mail message confirming that the program excluded whites.

Elementary school bans white kids from tutoring.  An elementary school principal in the Denver suburbs told parents that white children would be excluded from an after-school tutoring initiative.  Andre C. Pearson, the principal at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora, Colorado sent letters home to parents informing them that only students of color are eligible for the program, KJCT, the local ABC affiliate, reports.

Black principal bans white children from after school tutoring program.  This is an amazing story.  In short, Andrea Pearson, Mission Viejo Elementary school principal in Colorado sent a letter home with students that informed the parents of an after school tutoring program for students of color only — no white kids allowed.

Racial Favoritism and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  Earlier this year, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) decided to disinvite two predominantly white high school choral groups from performance in the ASO's holiday concert.  The ASO's decision was reportedly motivated by the high schools' lack of diversity, which caused a stir among people who believe in racial justice as opposed to racial favoritism.

'Stop Being So Anglo'.  "Allegations of racism and other discrimination against San Francisco Housing Authority Executive Director Henry Alvarez are flying in lawsuits filed by his subordinates," the San Francisco Examiner reports.  It's a man-bites-dog story inasmuch as Alvarez is black and his accusers are white — the reverse of the usual race-discrimination stereotype.

Suit calls S.F. housing head bully, racist.  The San Francisco Housing Authority, which runs more than 6,000 units of public housing for the city's poor, is headed by an executive director who discriminates against white employees in favor of African Americans and regularly employs offensive, outlandish language and behavior in the workplace, according to a lawsuit filed by the agency's own lawyer.

11 Chicago Cops Sue City, Accusing Rahm Emanuel of Discrimination.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is named in a federal lawsuit from 11 of the city's police officers, alleging that the mayor unlawfully removed them from his security detail when he took office in 2011.  The officers, all of white or Hispanic descent, claim Emanuel, who was elected mayor in 2011, replaced senior members of his security detail with volunteers who contributed to the mayor's campaign.  They also allege that African American officers with less seniority were given preferential treatment by being kept on Emanuel's team.

Paterson Aides Said to Have Sought Race-Based Changes to Security Detail in '08.  Aides to New York's first African-American governor wanted a police entourage that looked more like their boss, so they made an unusual request to the State Police:  Replace at least 10 white troopers assigned to protect Gov. David A. Paterson with black or Latino officers.

White firefighters are awarded $2.7 million in bias case.  Twelve white Buffalo firefighters will get an average of $230,430 each in back pay, pension benefits and damages — a total of almost $2.77 million — for emotional distress because the City of Buffalo illegally passed them over for promotions, a state judge has ruled.  The 12 men sued the city in 2007, contending that the city illegally allowed two promotional lists to expire because minority firefighters had fared poorly on civil service exams.

Obama: Whites need not apply.  The White House issued an executive order on Thursday [8/18/2011] titled "Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce."  The purpose of the order is "to promote the federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion."  In other words, it would be better for the government if public-spirited white workers sought employment elsewhere.  Lost amid all the politically correct box-checking is the principle that the most qualified person should be hired for a job.

"Promote diversity and inclusion" means, "Don't hire white males."
Obama orders federal agencies to focus on diversity.  President Obama issued an executive order Thursday intended to coordinate a "government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce."  The order creates a council of deputy agency chiefs and federal workers tasked with developing a government-wide plan to improve diversity in recruitment, training and promotion of federal workers.

The Myth of White Privilege.  Because of the fashionable discrimination known as affirmative action, whites (males especially) are often untouchables in the job market.  And examples are legion.  Talk-show host Michael Savage has often mentioned that after he earned his Ph.D., he had trouble finding a job in his chosen field and was told in so many words that "white men need not apply."

Is the NCAA Anti-Male?  In 1972, Congresswoman Patsy Mink authored an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. ... The law was called Title IX.  The question now is whether this admirable idea has evolved into a law that is anti-male, and particularly anti-black male.

Federal Jury Finds...
East St. Louis Discriminated In Not Hiring White Officers.  Two black residents of East St. Louis won a civil rights lawsuit this week in southern Illinois complaining that they were harassed and discriminated against when they recommended that the predominately black city hire a white police chief and white police officers.

At Justice, It Just Keeps Getting Worse.  The Civil Rights Division has blocked a much-needed reform of a local school board in S.C., once again showing it has no interest in protecting minority voters if they are white.

DOJ to white male bullying victims: Tough luck.  The administration's anti-bullying campaign has been ongoing since the beginning of Mr. Obama's term. ... Here is the catch.  DOJ will only investigate bullying cases if the victim is considered protected under the 1964 Civil Rights legislation.  In essence, only discrimination of the victim's race, color, religion, sex or will be considered by DOJ.  The overweight straight white male who is verbally and/or physically harassed because of his size can consider himself invisible to the Justice Department.

Fired white worker files discrimination suit against E.C. health center.  Taunts of "snowflake" and "honky" and KKK references peppered Lois Sinder's days working in an all-black department at an East Chicago health center between 2005 and 2009, according to court records.  Sinder was the only white employee in the Lake County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center's dietitian department, states a federal civil suit filed last week, and her black co-workers did not let her forget it.

'Post-Racial' Racialism.  In the New Black Panthers case, Justice refused to protect the rights of white voters.  Two career prosecutors have now sworn that high-level Obama appointees running the Civil Rights Division scuttled an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation against nightstick-wielding black thugs at a Philly poll in 2008.  They also testified that the division has a do-not-prosecute policy if victims are white and offenders black.  If that bias weren't bad enough, check out what's going on in the division's housing and civil enforcement section.

More about the Black Panthers scandal.

Lawsuit alleges discrimination against white officers by L.A. Airport Police.  One current and two former Los Angeles Airport Police officers have filed a lawsuit accusing department officials of discriminating against white officers and giving black officers preferential treatment in promotions and disciplinary action.  The suit, filed last week in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that black officers were promoted over whites despite receiving lower scores on promotional exams and that white officers were disciplined more harshly for misconduct compared with black officers facing similar accusations.

Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege.  Forty years ago, as the United States experienced the civil rights movement, the supposed monolith of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance served as the whipping post for almost every debate about power and status in America.  After a full generation of such debate, WASP elites have fallen by the wayside and a plethora of government-enforced diversity policies have marginalized many white workers.  The time has come to cease the false arguments and allow every American the benefit of a fair chance at the future.

Reverse Discrimination at Boeing:  Boeing's employment policies specifically favor minorities in hiring and promotions.  Boeing suppliers and subcontractors must be the "correct" race, gender and ethnicity in order to do business with the aerospace giant.

City Hall hears accusations of DART racial hiring.  Allegations of hiring discrimination at the DART transit agency have now spilled over to Dallas City Hall.  Community leaders, frustrated over the lack of action by DART officials are now asking Dallas City council members to investigate.  Former DART employee Rebecca Williams is among at least five people who have filed federal discrimination complaints against their old bosses.  Williams says she was fired after complaining about being ordered to hire Hispanics underqualified for the job.

Reverse Discrimination at Kodak:  The photo and imaging giant aggressively excludes non-minorities.  Kodak's aggressive, forced-diversity policies and procedures actively exclude non-minority employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

Former state employee wins $150,000 in reverse discrimination case.  Mark Pasternak said he lost his state job helping troubled youths because he couldn't stand working under a black boss who called him racist names like "cracker," "polack" and "stupid white boy."  Pasternak was dismissed from his position as a youth worker with the state Office of Children and Family Services in 1999. But today, he feels some relief and vindication.

Is A New Civil Rights Movement on the Horizon?  In Clayton County, Georgia, the predominately black population recently elected a new sheriff.  On his first day, he fired 27 white employees … They were told that their replacements would be black.  In New Orleans, Louisiana, the predominately black population recently elected its first black District Attorney, Eddie Jordan.  He immediately fired 53 of the 77 white employees in the office, and replaced them with black employees who were less experienced and who scored lower on performance evaluations.

New Orleans DA loses race-firing appeal.  The New Orleans district attorney lost his fight Wednesday [8/15/2007] against a ruling that said he violated the civil rights of dozens of white employees when he fired them after taking office in 2003 and replaced them with black workers.

Race and Crime in New Orleans:  For many critics, the disarray in the DA's office can be traced to a decision [District Attorney Eddie] Jordan made shortly after being elected to a six-year term in 2002.  During the campaign, Mr. Jordan pledged to make the DA's office look "more like New Orleans," code words, many assumed, for hiring more black staffers and attorneys.  Using a "cultural-diversity report" compiled by his transition team, Mr. Jordan proceeded to systematically fire veteran white staffers and replace them with African Americans with little or no experience.

White Male Denied Contracts with U.S. Dept. of Transportation.  DOT was enthusiastic about hiring Fay Communications until they found out the owner is white.

Whites need not apply for this college class.  Republicans are fighting what they see as "registration discrimination" at the University of Colorado after learning about a class that's only for minority or first-generation students.  "It's purely and blatantly segregationist," said Brad Jones, chairman of CU's College Republicans.

 Update:   University of Colorado Drops Diversity Class Limited to "Students of Color".  The threat of a civil rights lawsuit has prompted the University of Colorado to drop a segregated class restricted to minorities and first-generation college students.  The change of heart comes after three students vowed to sue the university for racial discrimination.

White man wins race discrimination suit against city.  A white man who claimed he was the victim of racial discrimination by the city of San Francisco when he was denied a promotion at the airport has been awarded $30,600 in damages by a San Mateo County jury.

"Too many white faces".  After publicly complaining about a "white dominated administration," a board member with the public library system for Atlanta and Fulton County in Georgia demoted seven white librarians "because of the color of their skin," and then tried to call it a "reorganization."

The New Segregation:  Racism in America, Then and Now.  Both segregation and neo-segregation are opposed to the idea of a colorblind society and to individual rights.  Both segregation and neo-segregation see a person as primarily a member of a racial unit, not as an individual to be evaluated on his or her merits.

Black-focused school gains ground.  Some called it segregation, "the very thing Martin Luther King marched against," said retired teacher Winston Clement.  Others hailed African-centred schools as the best hope for black teens — "that would give our kids a vision of their own history, it should have happened a long time ago," said mother Aldyth Frater.  "Everyone says it would be segregation, but our schools are segregated anyway," said parent Andrew Murphy.

Attorney says admissions and hiring policies perpetuate racial segregation:  A conservative attorney says the outcome of two University of Michigan affirmative action cases may have a substantial impact on pre-collegiate schools.

Black Racism:  The Hate Crime That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  While the federal government rushes to Los Angeles to investigate an incident in which a handcuffed youth was slammed into the hood of a car and punched by an officer, a pall of silence still blankets the horrendous racial murder of four young people whose murderers are now on trial.  The difference in the responses to these two stories can hardly be attributed to anything other than the skin color of the perpetrators and the victims involved.  Apparently the sexual torture and brutal executions of four promising youngsters is of no interest to the nation's moral guardians, because the victims happen to be white.

Whites File Bias Suit Against Black College:  Five white professors in Salisbury, N.C., have filed a lawsuit against Livingstone College, claiming the private college discriminated against them because of the color of their skin.

Why Elitists Dump on the South:  To preserve its illusion of national innocence, the United States projects its "dark" side onto the South, a Penn State geographer says.  He found that people indulged in one of the last forms of bigotry acceptable in polite society.  Those who wouldn't dream of mocking other groups were comfortable making jokes about white Southerners.

"Diversity" as Doublespeak for Ideological Conformity:  What's called for and practiced by college administrators, courts and administrative agencies is anything but a defense of individual rights, freedom from conformity and a doctrine of live-and-let-live.  Instead, diversity is an increasingly popular catchword for all kinds of conformity — conformity in ideas, actions and speech.

Rocky Mountain Bigot?  The John Rocker zero-tolerance-for-bigotry standard only applies to white people.

Denny's victory may show the way for other companies:  One of the biggest victims of anti-white racism is the restaurant chain Denny's, which since 1994 has had to shell out more than $50 million in settlement costs and legal fees to assuage the alleged heartbreak various non-white patrons experienced when they supposedly found themselves denied service because of their race.  Now, after years of groveling before the idols of Afro-racism, Denny's is fighting back — and winning.  There may be a lesson here for much of corporate America.

Federal death penalty biased against whites:  A study shows whites are likelier to face the federal death penalty, Attorney General John Ashcroft told a House committee Wednesday — and he made the startling claim that that anti-white bias is not racial bias.

The $600 Million Blacks Only Lottery:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has paid $600 million to black farmers, admitting it discriminated.  Of course, this has had very little coverage in the news media.  As with so many other scandals in the Clinton administration, they have chosen not to report it.

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Students vote to give blacks free tuition at Western Kentucky University.  The student government at Western Kentucky University on Tuesday [4/18/2017] voted in favor of giving free tuition to black students.  The school's Student Government Association passed a resolution by 19-10 supporting slavery reparations for black students in the form of free tuition and free access to the public Bowling Green campus.  The resolution also recommends that the university create a task force to "assess the feasibility of test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions," claiming that some standardized testing poses a disadvantage for needy students and perpetuates inequality and "white supremacy," The Bowling Green Daily News reported.

Debate over in-state tuition for students in US illegally.  Twenty states already offer cheaper in-state college tuition to students who are in the United States illegally.  Legislation making its way through the Tennessee Legislature would make that state the 21st.

Wisconsin students group demands free tuition for black students.  The student government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said on Wednesday [2/15/2017] that black students should be offered free tuition and housing because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and university remains out of reach for black students today.  The Associated Students of Madison said in a resolution that suburban high school students are over-represented.  The group said consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications upholds "white supremacy" because it restricts opportunities for the poor.  The college has proposed measures aimed at improving diversity.

The 'Diversity' Fraud.  It is common, at colleges and universities across the country, for the test scores of Asian American students who have been admitted to a given college to be higher than the test scores of whites or of blacks or Hispanics.  That may not seem strange, since that is true of test scores in general.  But, at any given institution, applying the same standards to all, the test scores of students at a particular institution would tend to be similar.  More Asian Americans would be admitted to higher ranked colleges and universities, however, if the same standards were applied to all.  In short, something very much like the quota limits that were applied to Jews in the past are now being applied to Asian Americans — and, once again, are being justified by diversity.  But what justifies diversity?  Nothing but unsupported assertions, repeated endlessly, piously and loudly.

Beating Affirmative Actions.  Affirmative action, for liberals, is a means toward the end of egalitarianism.  The policy originally sought to end discrimination in government employment but expanded into a quota system that taxpayer-funded universities use against Caucasian women such as Abigail Fisher, Jennifer Gratz, and Barbara Grutter.  Affirmative action also discriminates against Asian-Americans.  The University of Texas policy that led to Fisher sought to increase African-American and Hispanic enrollment while ignoring Asian-Americans, who have higher average SAT scores.  In amicus briefs, the Asian American Legal Foundation noted that ["]racial preferences in college admissions programs ... discriminate against Asian-American applicants by deeming them overrepresented relative to their demographics in the population and thus less worthy of admission than applicants of underrepresented races.["]

Conservative club's 'affirmative action bake sale' draws scrutiny.  The Young Conservatives of Texas club at the University of Texas at Austin sparked outrage Wednesday after hosting an "affirmative action bake sale" and charging people different prices based on their race and sex.  The Dallas Morning News reported that a cookie at the sale cost $1.50 for Asian males, $1 for white males and 50 cents for African-American and Hispanic males.  Native American men and women were given free cookies.  Asian women had to pay $1.25, white women 75 cents and Hispanic and African-American women 25 cents.

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action in College Admissions.  The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday [6/23/2016] upheld the affirmative action program at the University of Texas at Austin, ending a protracted legal battle.  The vote was 4-3.  It was not immediately clear how far-reaching the ruling will be because of the specifics of the Texas program at issue.  However, the court offered a grudging agreement that in the Texas case the program is needed.

New App Helps Illegal Aliens Access U.S. College Scholarships.  Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca found it hard to find money for college after graduating from North Hollywood High School in Southern California.  She was brought to the state illegally from Mexico by her parents when she was 4, but following a free K-12 education, she faced paying tuition for college — something she said she could not afford. [...] The app also has a map that tells illegal aliens which states allow them to pay in-state tuition and which states allow them to pay in-state tuition, plus have access to financial aid.  The article explained that Salamanca started the app after winning $100,000 in the Voto Latinos Innovator Challenge contest and also received $25,000 from an anonymous donor.  Salamanca is now, the article said, in the U.S. legally and has been honored by the Obama administration and Facebook.

Reaction to the article above:
Illegal Alien Gets a Free Education.  [Scroll down]  My knee-jerk reaction was to exclaim, which I did out loud — boo-freaking-hoo!  Poor illegal immigrant brought to our country illegally, which means her and her family is not supposed to be here in the first place and after receiving an entirely free American education (as well as a myriad of other freebies) now has the nerve to whine about having to pay for college.  That is bad enough, but it gets worse.  Rather than sucking it up and finding a way to pay for college, or just not going, "Salamancadecided to find a way to help illegal aliens gain access to college scholarships..."  She created an app called the DREAMer's Roundup.  Only inAmerica!  The app creates a database of scholarships for illegals and already has at least 500 available.

Misleading and Using Blacks.  The issue for black parents is not whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to an elite college or one that is lower-ranked.  The issue is whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to a college where they would not be admitted if they were white.  The question for black parents and black people is:  Which better serves our interests, a black student's being admitted to an elite college and winding up in the bottom of his class or flunking out or a black student's being admitted to a less prestigious college and performing just as well as his white peers?  I would opt for a black student's doing well and graduating from a less prestigious college.

Brown University unveils $100 million plan to address campus diversity.  Brown University has unveiled a $100 million plan aimed at boosting diversity on its Rhode Island campus over the next 10 years, including doubling the number of faculty members from minority and other underrepresented populations.  The plan is spelled out in a 19-page document that Brown President Christina Paxson posted on the Ivy League university's website earlier this week.

Critics blast $20M Cal-Berkeley fund for race-based scholarships, hiring.  The $20 million fund unveiled by a top California university last month to endow scholarships for African-American students and to hire diverse faculty is just the latest attempt to get around a state law barring schools from using racial preferences in admissions, according to critics, who are vowing yet another legal battle.  University of California-Berkeley's "African-American Initiative" would raise funds from private non-profits to fund "a comprehensive effort to address the underrepresentation of African-American students, faculty and staff at our university, and improve the climate for those who are here now and all who will join our community in the future."  The money would go to scholarships for black students, the hiring of race-specific clinical psychologists and fostering a more diverse faculty and senior management, according to the school.

Whitewash: Kroll left dozens of bad LSATs out of UT report.  An investigation into the corruption of admissions standards at the University of Texas School of Law confirmed Watchdog's reports that dozens of applicants had been admitted to UT Law despite atrocious test scores.  Nonetheless, Kroll Associates made no mention in its final report of the dozens of inadequate Law School Admission Test scores it found in researching applicant data from 2004 to 2014.

The Editor says...
How many of the students with "atrocious test scores" were admitted due to affirmative action quotas?

Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University for discriminating against her because she's white.  This was in 2002, before the "transition." [...] She lost the suit but Dolezal's issues with Howard were well known to her family.  Her history with the school is fascinating, in fact, and may be a window onto why she began to try to pass as black in the first place.

More about Rachel Dolezal.

Why I faked being black for med school.  In the early 1990s, the Division of Community and Minority Programs of the Association of American Medical Colleges devised Project 3,000 by 2000.  This program set the quantitative target (a quota — official or unofficial) of increasing minority enrollment in US medical schools from 1,584 to 3,000 between 1990 to 2000.  Many medical schools, including St. Louis University, where I eventually attended, jumped on this program.  But the question was whether, in order to achieve their quantitative goal, medical schools were compromising their academic standards, or were they simply going to aggressively recruit minority students?

Asian-American groups accuse Harvard of racial bias in admissions.  A coalition of Asian-American groups filed a federal complaint against Harvard University on Friday alleging the school engaged in "systemic and continuous discrimination" against Asian Americans during its admissions process.  More than 60 Chinese, Indian, Korean and Pakistani groups came together for the complaint, which was filed with the civil rights offices at the justice and education departments.  They are calling for an investigation into Harvard and other Ivy League institutions that they say should stop using racial quotas or racial balancing in admission.

Liberal Affirmative Action Racism Facing New Threat.  Finally, push is about to come to shove regarding the systemic racism exercised in the name of diversity.  Almost anyone paying attention realizes that nearly all elite universities and colleges discriminate against Asian-Americans in admissions policy.  In those rare elite campuses that don't discriminate, such as the University of California system (where voters passed an initiative outlawing it) and California Institute of Technology, the most selective campuses have 40% to 50% Asian-American undergraduate student bodies.  But elsewhere, the numbers are far lower.  Now, a large coalition organizations representing Asian-Americans has filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights.

Mindy Kaling's Brother Says He Got Into Medical School By Posing As Black.  On a website promoting his book, [Vijay] Chokalingam writes that he realized when he was a junior at the University of Chicago he didn't have the grades or the MCAT score to get into medical school.  According to Chokalingam, he had a GPA of 3.1 and a score of 31 on the MCAT, which ranks in the 80-85 percentile for the test.  "Still, I was determined to become a doctor and I knew that admission standards for certain minorities under affirmative action were, let's say... less stringent?" he writes.

Asians Penalized 50 Points On SAT — Black Students Given 230 Bonus Points.  Don't let your jaw drop too far, this fundamental change is not just happening in college application processes.  This exact same methodology is also being applied to Credit Scores for home mortgages and car loans.

Harvard Affirmative Action Lawsuit Could Decrease African American Students by 50% at Elite Universities.  On Monday [11/17/2014], federal lawsuits against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were filed alleging that both universities discriminated against white and Asian American students as a result of their race-based affirmative action policies.  Moreover, according to an AP article, the lawsuit against Harvard alleges that the prestigious university has a limit for the number of Asian Americans it admits each year.

Affirmative action lawsuits hit Harvard and UNC.  Lawsuits filed Monday [11/17/2014] against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill argue that affirmative action policies should be banned at colleges across the nation.  The federal suits allege Harvard and UNC rely on race-based affirmative action policies that impact admissions of high-achieving white and Asian-American students.  The Harvard lawsuit also contends that the Ivy League university specifically limits the number of Asian-Americans it admits each year.

Muslim Sues Latino Caucus for Not Giving Her Latino Scholarship.  A Muslim student with a Muslim father and Latino mother is suing the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation (ILLCF) for not giving her a scholarship even though she was a mediocre student and was accused of faking a letter of recommendation.

University of Texas can use race as factor in admissions, court rules.  The University of Texas can consider race in undergraduate admissions to promote diversity, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday [7/15/2014].  Acting in a lawsuit that the U.S. Supreme Court had sent back last year, Judge Patrick Higginbotham wrote that considering race boosted the university's efforts to assemble a diverse student body.  "Universities may use race as part of a holistic admissions program where it cannot otherwise achieve diversity," Higginbotham wrote.  "This interest is compelled by the reality that university education is more the shaping of lives than the filling of heads with facts — the classic assertion of the humanities."

The Editor says...
In other words, indoctrination and multiculturalism are more important than marketable skills.

UCLA prof says stats prove school's admissions illegally favor blacks.  Public universities in California are barred from using race as a factor in admitting students, but a UCLA professor who once served on its admissions oversight team says he has proof they do it anyway.  While the first round of admissions consideration is handled fairly, African-American students are nearly three times as likely to make it out of the "maybe" pile than equally-qualified white students, and more than twice as likely as Asians, according to Tim Groseclose, a political science professor at the school and author of a new book [...]

Coming End to Racial Preferences.  Last week's U.S. Supreme Court 6-2 ruling in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action et al. upheld Michigan's constitutional amendment that bans racial preferences in admission to its public universities.  Justice Sonia Sotomayor lashed out at her colleagues in a bitter dissent, calling them "out of touch with reality."  She went on to make the incredible argument that the amendment, which explicitly forbids racial discrimination, itself amounts to racial discrimination.  Her argument was that permissible "race-sensitive admissions policies," the new name for racial preferences, both serve the compelling interest of obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body and inure people to the benefit of racial minorities.  By the way, no one has come up with hard evidence of the supposed "educational benefits" that come from a racially mixed student body, and there's mounting evidence of harm done to minorities through academic mismatching.

In Washington, It's Politics "By Any Means Necessary".  The Supreme Court, in a moment of unusual clarity, ruled last week that the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment did not prohibit states from requiring public universities to treat applicants of different races equally.  Or, in other words, equal protection is not opposed to (14th Amendment) equal protection.  It is a powerful testimony to the Orwellian nature of our legal world that such a question arose in the first place and that two Justices could be found to dissent from the ruling.  The full name of the original plaintiff, however, reveals much:  "Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigration Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary."

Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Affirmative Action Ban.  The justices said in a 6-2 ruling Tuesday [4/22/2014] that Michigan voters had the right to change their state constitution to prohibit public colleges and universities from taking account of race in admissions decisions.

Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on affirmative action in college admissions.  In upholding a ban on the use of race in admission decisions at Michigan's public universities, the U.S. Supreme Court didn't end affirmative action — they just very strongly upheld the right of voters to ban it.

Antonin Scalia faults Sonia Sotomayor for 'doubly shameful' suggestion that Michigan voters are racist.  Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia faulted Justice Sonia Sotomayor for making what he regards as a "shameful" suggestion that the Michigan voters who decided to ban affirmative action in college admissions were motivated by racism.  Scalia wrote a concurring opinion upholding a 2006 ballot initiative that amended Michigan's constitution to ban affirmative action. [...] Sotomayor, in her dissent, opened by describing three stages of "the majority" discriminating against racial minorities in the political process, beginning with the Jim Crow laws that flouted the 15th Amendment.

Krauthammer: 'Leave the decision of affirmative action up to the people.  Charles Krauthammer told viewers Tuesday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that Tuesdays Supreme Court opinion that effectively ends affirmative action at public universities in Michigan was a sound decision.  "The left is trying to institutionalize affirmative action to make it impossible for any legislature or any referendum ever to abolish it ever in the history of the country," the syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said.  "An outrageous proposition that was rejected by the court."  Krauthammer said the issue should be decided on a state-by-state basis.

Court's affirmative action ruling: A step towards respecting states' rights.  With its ruling upholding the right of Michigan voters to ban racial preferences in state university admissions, the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday took what legal scholars are saying one more step away from the concept of federal supremacy.  The 6-2 decision reversed a 2012 ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that struck down the voter initiative on the grounds that it violated the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause, and carved out more power for the states over Washington in the process.

Raced-Based Preferences Forever.  What was called "racial quotas" in the 1970s and has been referred to as "affirmative action" since the 1990s is giving way to a new term:  "race-sensitive admission policies."  The language shift is telling — race-based preferences are losing intellectual, judicial, and political support. — Yesterday, the Supreme Court voted six to two to uphold the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), which was passed with support from 58 percent of that state's voters in 2006.  It simply enshrines in Michigan's constitution that the state should not engage in race discrimination.  Opponents of the initiative sued, claiming the measure discriminated against racial minorities who might wish to lobby for preferential treatment.

A Lack of Affirmative Action Isn't Why Minority Students Are Suffering.  In a 6-2 decision, the Court held that a ballot initiative by Michigan residents to bar the use of race preferences as a factor of admission was constitutional.  On a Court that has consistently issued closely contested opinions — often in 5-4 decisions — the overwhelming majority of the Justices recognized the importance and the legality of people in several states like Michigan to prohibit the use of race as a factor in admissions.  Despite the commentary to the contrary which is likely to follow in the coming days, the Court did not address whether colleges or universities could use race as a factor of admission — they wisely left the decision to the voters in individual states to make such a decision.

Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on racial preferences in university admissions.  The Supreme Court on Tuesday [4/22/2014] made clear that states are free to prohibit the use of racial considerations in university admissions, upholding Michigan's constitutional amendment banning affirmative action.  By a vote of 6 to 2, the court concluded that it was not up to judges to overturn the 2006 decision by Michigan voters to bar consideration of race when deciding who gets into the state's universities.

Going Negative On Affirmative Action.  The good news about yesterday's Supreme Court ruling is that it affirmed the right of the people to ban racial preferences in university admissions.  The bad news is that it didn't go further.

Scalia's plain truth on affirmative action.  [The US Supreme Court] issued a major ruling that upheld Michigan's 2006 constitutional amendment banning the use of affirmative action as a factor for admission in the state's public universities.  That amendment had been adjoined to the state's constitution following an election in which nearly 4 million votes were cast — and in which the side supporting the amendment prevailed by a 16-point margin, 58 percent to 42 percent.  No matter; in a highly provocative 2011 ruling, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals declared it unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court on Tuesday, with a 6-2 vote, threw the 6th Circuit's ludicrous decision onto the trash heap of history's discarded ideas.

Justice Sotomayor and the affirmative action bitter-enders have lost bigtime.  There is a growing body of experience indicating that the phenomenon known as "mismatch" results in minorities being placed in situations where they cannot compete with the more-qualified students who received no such preferences.  The results have been high drop-out rates, leaving failed students worse off than if they had been admitted to institutions where their qualifications were similar to those of other students.  This is precisely what has happened with the end of racial preferences in California following the passage of Proposition 209.

The 'Wise Latina jumped the shark.  Justice Sonia Sotomayor jumped the shark Tuesday with her lengthy dissent from the Schuette decision, read aloud from the bench.  Although the liberal media sympathize with her and presented the decision as a setback, the positions she took are at variance with both the clear meaning of the text of the Constitution and with the sentiments of the vast majority of Americans, who consistently vote against racial preferences whenever they get the chance.

Half a Win on Racial Discrimination.  There's a reason they call it "progressivism" — for years, the main legal question contested in affirmative-action cases, from Bakke to Grutter, was whether the state should be allowed to engage in racial discrimination.  In the Michigan affirmative-action case decided today [4/22/2014], Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the question was whether the state should be required to engage in racial discrimination.  The progress, then, has followed the Left's familiar ratchet-effect model, inching its way from "not forbidden" to "compulsory."  Indeed, as the Wall Street Journal put it, the question here was not whether the use of racial discrimination for putatively benevolent purposes is constitutional but whether states "may end racial preferences without violating the U.S. Constitution."

What Race Preferences Hide.  Any person attempting to overcome hardship can look to Sotomayor for inspiration.  But as she demonstrated in her long, impassioned dissent in the case of Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the experience of benefiting from race preferences has left her prickly and defensive on the subject.  As others, including her Supreme Court colleague Justice Clarence Thomas, have argued, that kind of gnawing insecurity is one of the consequences of preferences.  Others are never sure if you've achieved your position entirely on merit, and neither are you.

Finally getting it right on affirmative action.  Every once in a while a great, conflicted country gets an insoluble problem exactly right.  Such is the Supreme Court's ruling this week on affirmative action.  It upheld a Michigan referendum prohibiting the state from discriminating either for or against any citizen on the basis of race.  The Schuette ruling is highly significant for two reasons:  its lopsided majority of 6 to 2, including a crucial concurrence from liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, and, even more important, Breyer's rationale.  It couldn't be simpler.  "The Constitution foresees the ballot box, not the courts, as the normal instrument for resolving differences and debates about the merits of these programs."

Justice Sonia Sotomayor proves herself not so wise.  Justice Sonia Sotomayor this week took the unusual step of reading her dissent in a case involving state-sponsored affirmative action in Michigan.  In doing so, she showed herself not only petulant to be on the losing side in a 6-2 decision, but unable to divorce her legal reasoning from her own sense of racial grievance.  It was an embarrassing but predictable performance.  In 2009, I was one of a handful of witnesses who testified against Sotomayor's confirmation before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  I did so with sadness, because there is much to admire in Sotomayor's personal history.

Asians Derail Affirmative Action In California.  The express train hurtling to return racial preference admissions to California — in the form of State Constitutional Amendment 5, which if placed on the ballot and approved by voters would have overturned Prop. 209  — has just been derailed by an outburst of opposition from Asian Americans.  The eruption of opposition caught SCA 5's Democratic sponsors by surprise and caused a crucial three Asian American senators to withdraw their support, depriving the measure of the two thirds senate majority required to place an initiative on the ballot.

Racial spoils system starting to fall apart in California.  California's ruling Democrats are in danger of splintering their coalition over an attempt to re-introduce affirmative action, which has been banned ever since the passage of Proposition 209 in 1996, which banned the use of racial preferences by the state, including in higher education.

Racial Preferences Under Siege.  Two recent events, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast, demonstrate that after half a century, support for racial preferences in college admissions is getting more and more unsustainable — both politically and intellectually.  In California, liberals have long deplored the 1996 passage of Proposition 209, which banned racial preferences at state universities.  Its backers pointed out that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which is often cited as the authority for mandating preferential treatment for racial minorities, actually forbids all racial discrimination.  "It is a sordid business, this divvying us up by race," Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts has concluded.

Supreme Court justices' comments seem to favor Michigan affirmative action ban.  The Supreme Court appeared eager during oral arguments Tuesday [10/15/2013] to uphold a Michigan ban on affirmative action, with the justices even considering whether they would need to overrule previous precedents to make sure the state's color-blind school admissions requirement can remain in place.

False Equality in Michigan.  Can a state's citizens amend the state constitution to ban affirmative action programs in public universities, even if the Supreme Court has approved those programs?  That is the question the court is facing this week in the case of Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action.  The court last considered an affirmative action case out of Michigan in 2003, when it upheld the race-conscious admissions policy of the University of Michigan Law School.

Black Skin Privilege.  This collectivist view of guilt and debts that erases individuals and their accountability is now entrenched in America's institutional framework.  In the 1970s, affirmative action was successfully redefined to mean racial preferences for non-whites, and a new standard was set for admissions policies at universities across the United States.  Though black students' median SAT scores in any given year were at least 200 points lower than the median for white students,' blacks were admitted to virtually all academically competitive schools at much higher rates. [...] Inevitably the racial bias does not stop with the admissions process.  Once a university accepts black students, under-qualified for that school though they may be, it is imperative that they remain in school and eventually graduate, poor performance notwithstanding.

Elite colleges confronting failure of affirmative action.  A new report from researchers at Georgetown University must be horrifying diversicrats at elite colleges and universities.  The report's title, "Separate and Unequal: How Higher Education Reinforces the Intergenerational Reproduction of White Racial Privilege," gives away the conclusion of the study.  Despite all the efforts at affirmative action, as a whole, the top tier of colleges is making racial inequality worse, rather than better.

School Administrators at NC University Allegedly Inflate Grades of African-American Students.  Two things immediately come to mind when reading these allegations:  First, not only is it immoral and presumably in violation of the school's honor code to inflate grades for undeserving students, but it's completely unfair to those whom [sic] worked hard for the grades they undoubtedly earned.  And second, how offensive!  The notion that any group of students — merely because of the color of their skin — needs to be "taken care of" by a small group of "administrators" is repugnant on its face.

Abigail Fisher says she's confident UT 'won't be able to use race in the future'.  Abigail Fisher, a 23-year-old at the center of this year's Supreme Court case on affirmative action, predicts that Monday's [6/24/2013] decision will mark the end of race-based admissions at the University of Texas.  Just hours after the court sent her case back to the district level, Fisher said the decision brought the nation "closer to a day when student's race isn't used at all in students' admissions."

Race discussion may crowd out scandals in wake of Supreme Court affirmative action decision.  Get set for a Supreme Court decision that could alter or even end affirmative action.  Or not.  Predicting SCOTUS decisions is hazardous, but Fisher v University of Texas could plunge the nation into heated discussion of the role of racial preferences in education and beyond.

The Real Damage from Racial Preferences in College Admissions.  Three members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Todd Gaziano, Gail Heriot, and Peter Kirsanow, filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in the Fisher case.  Their Commission found "extensive empirical research" showing that "students who attend schools where their entering academic credentials put them in the bottom of the class are less likely to follow through" pursuing a major in science or engineering than other students with similar credentials "who attend schools where their credentials put them in the middle or top of the class."  The Commission found the same thing to be true in law schools [...]

Even in Medical School, Affirmative Action Rules.  When it comes to becoming a physician, the academic rigors, years of schooling, and personal sacrifice common to the effort are well-known.  This process is a sort of rite of passage, an intellectual marathon that only the best and brightest can complete.  As such, medical schools should select candidates best-suited to excel throughout school and cultivate the skills that will allow them to practice in the best health care system in the world.  The process by which these candidates are selected, however, may come as a shock.

Equal Treatment Under the Law.  Ward Connerly says the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas may help kill racial preferences once and for all.

Another Reason to End Preferences.  Arguably the most notable brief filed in the Supreme Court's big case on affirmative action comes from a pair of lawyers who have just published a book on the subject.  The case is Fisher v. Texas, and the coauthors are Richard Sander, who is also an economist, and Stuart Taylor, the legal affairs writer.  The argument they press is that "the biggest problem for minorities in higher education is no longer race but rather racial preferences."

The Painful Truth About Affirmative Action.  Affirmative action in university admissions started in the late 1960s as a noble effort to jump-start racial integration and foster equal opportunity.  But somewhere along the decades, it has lost its way.  Over time, it has become a political lightning rod and one of our most divisive social policies.  It has evolved into a regime of racial preferences at almost all selective schools — preferences so strikingly large and politically unpopular that administrators work hard to conceal them.

Supreme Court may limit use of race in college admissions.  More than a half-century after the Supreme Court ordered the University of Texas to admit a black man to its law school, the sprawling live-oak-and-limestone campus is again the site of a monumental battle over the use of race in university admissions.  But this time the challenge comes from a white woman.

Eric Holder: Racial Preferences Needed for ... National Security.  The Eric Holder Justice Department has filed this brief in the United States Supreme Court defending racial preferences at the University of Texas.  (Texas, by the way, is also vigorously defending the racial preferences.)  Abigail Fisher, who is white, is challenging race preferences that cost her a slot at the University of Texas law school.  Because the racial spoils go to Obama's most loyal political constituency, people of color, naturally Eric Holder's Justice Department is defending them by spending your tax dollars paying lawyers to write the brief.

Obama Lawyers Urge High Court to Back Affirmative Action.  The Obama administration urged the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm the legality of race-based college admissions, as the justices prepare to review the affirmative action programs that have become fixtures at the nation's top universities.  The high court will hear arguments Oct. 10 on a white woman's contention that she suffered racial discrimination when the University of Texas rejected her application for admission.

Administration urges justices to continue college affirmative action admissions.  The Obama administration urged the Supreme Court on Monday [8/13/2012] to continue to allow universities to take race into account when assembling their student bodies, saying the government has a "vital interest" in drawing its leaders from a diverse pool of college graduates.  The administration supported the University of Texas, whose policy of considering race as one factor in deciding who will be admitted to the flagship university in Austin is being challenged.

You Didn't Build It... because I Didn't Earn It.  It isn't socialism that explains Obama's dismissive "you didn't build that" remark toward people of talent and individual initiative; it's the culture of affirmative action.  As I listened to Obama's silly, if not pathetic, comments, I was reminded of nothing so much as the comments and attitudes of people like him:  the so-called "multicultural" affirmative-action students one encounters in colleges and universities.  These are people who, like Obama, earned little except a greased skid because of the color of their skin. [...] Obama knows he didn't have what it took to get into Columbia, and he didn't have what it took to get into Harvard Law.  Let's face an inescapable reality.  If Obama had great grades, his transcripts would be in a full-page ad in the New York Times.

Appeals court upholds California affirmative action ban in state university admissions.  Affirmative action proponents took a hit Monday [4/2/2012] as a federal appeals court panel upheld California's ban on using race, ethnicity and gender in admitting students to public colleges and universities.

Infinite Affirmative Action?  Later this year, the Supreme Court will review the constitutionality of the use of racial preferences in college admissions in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas.  The battle lines will once again be drawn over the meaning of the equal-protection provisions of the Constitution.  So it's noteworthy that Attorney General Eric Holder has just made it clear he's never bumped into a racial preference he didn't like, and that he sees no time limit on such policies.

Supreme Court to hear challenge to college affirmative action.  The Supreme Court is wading into the sticky issue of race as a factor in college admissions, setting the stage for a highly charged legal debate in the middle of a presidential race over the constitutionality of affirmative-action policies in higher education.  The high court said Tuesday [2/21/2012] that it would hear this fall a challenge brought by a college student, Abigail Fisher, who says her civil rights were violated when she was denied entry to the University of Texas because she is white.  It is the first university affirmative-action case in nearly a decade.

SCOTUS may scrap affirmative action.  It's time to end affirmative action in higher education.  Even Justice Sandra Day O'Connor envisioned an end to it.  In her majority opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger, which allows colleges and universities to use race in their admissions process, she wrote, "We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary..."  It's been nine years since that decision, and the high court is once again set to revisit the issue in a case brought by a white student who was denied a spot at the University of Texas.

Could Justice Alito's Vote Change the Game?  At issue is a lawsuit brought by Abigail Fisher, a white student, who said she was denied admission to the University of Texas because of the color of her skin.  If the justices vote to hear the case, it could mean a majority of the court is willing to curtail or further restrict race-conscious admissions policies at public universities.

How Smart Is Obama, Anyway?  [Scroll down]  Indeed, the great majority of elite black law students are beneficiaries of racial preferences.  A 2005 study* found:  "...without affirmative action, African American enrollment at the first-tier schools would decline by over four-fifths and at each of the next two tiers by approximately two-thirds."

Pro-Male Affirmative Action.  In a culture quick to claim victim status, the existence of a concerted effort to hush up systematic discrimination may seem surprising — particularly when that discrimination is against women.  Yet as the University of San Diego law professor Gail Heriot and Alison Somin write in the Federalist Society's Engage, there's been a notable lack of public debate about pro-male bias in the college admission process.  It's an open secret, they explain, that a growing number of colleges are holding male and female applicants to different standards to inflate the number of male students.

Preferences slow minority advancement.  The Supreme Court faces a discomfiting decision.  If it chooses, as it should, to hear a case concerning racial preferences in admissions at the University of Texas, the court will confront evidence of its complicity in harming the supposed beneficiaries of preferences the court has enabled and encouraged.

Justice Department: Diversity trumps 1964 anti-discrimination law.  The Justice Department is telling university administrators they can grant valuable university slots to people in favored races and ethnic groups.  The department's legal advice, announced late on Friday [12/2/2011], says "race can be outcome determinative for some participants in some circumstances," when administrators are weighing who gets acceptance letters from private and government-funded universities.  But the letter also highlights advocates' growing worries about a pending Supreme Court decision that could ban the use of race in awarding university slots.

Racial Preferences in Wisconsin.  The campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison erupted this week after the release of two studies documenting the heavy use of race in deciding which students to admit to the undergraduate and law schools.  The evidence of discrimination is undeniable, and the reaction by critics was undeniably dishonest and thuggish.

A Horrible Racial Preference Ruling in Michigan.  On Friday [7/1/2011], a panel from the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Michigan's ban on affirmative action.  In a split decision, Judges R. Guy Cole, Jr. and Martha Craig Daughtrey had the presumption to overturn the wishes of a solid majority of Michigan voters who had approved the ban in a 2006 referendum ("Proposal 2").  The idea that two individuals could presume to annul the actions of a democratic majority is troubling.  Far more troubling is the fact that, rather than interpret the law as established by the referendum, a federal court has decided once again to legislate from the bench.

Mich. Ban On Race In College Admissions Illegal.  A federal appeals court on Friday struck down Michigan's ban on the consideration of race and gender in college admissions, saying it burdens minorities and violates the U.S. Constitution.  The 2-1 decision upends a sweeping law that forced the University of Michigan and other public schools to change admission policies.  The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the law, approved by voters in 2006, violates the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause.

The Editor says...
The court is saying, in effect, that reverse discrimination is necessary to insure "Equal Protection."  The court is also saying that elections don't matter as much as the opinions of activist judges.

University Insiders: Illegal Immigrants Get Affirmative Action.  This week, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a bill to require the state's public universities to give undocumented aliens — generally illegal — in-state tuition privileges.  The bill, known as the Dream Act, is already the law in ten other states, including California, New York, Texas and Illinois.  But critics argue that the bill will give illegal aliens better treatment than Americans and legal immigrants — thanks to existing diversity policies at universities.

The White Man's Burden.  [Scroll down]  What also occurred to me while filling out the application is that every special category exists aside from that of a white, straight male.  If someone is gay or a woman or a person of color, the welcome mat is laid out.  But what about an ordinary Joe, a working-class stiff from Toledo?  How does he get into college when all the recruitment efforts are aimed at others?

Bias and Bigotry in Academia.  A decade ago, activist Ron Unz conducted a study of the ethnic and religious composition of the student body at Harvard.  Blacks and Hispanics, Unz found, were then being admitted to his alma mater in numbers approaching their share of the population.  And who were the most underrepresented Americans at Harvard?  White Christians and ethnic Catholics.  Though two-thirds of the U.S. population then, they had dropped to one-fourth of the student body.

Is Arizona Law Still Wrong If It Works?  [Scroll down]  Imagine you're an American kid of Chinese ancestry.  Given your SAT scores and GPA, you should be able to get into, say, the University of Michigan.  But because of Michigan's race-based policies, you're turned down because you're not black or Hispanic.  That's not just inconvenient, that's a lifetime loss.  You'll never be able to go to that school.  Period.  Similarly, being turned down for a job you deserve because of your skin color is a real loss.

Federal suit planned against UC over ban on affirmative action.  Seeking to increase the ranks of black, Latino and Native American students at the University of California, civil rights activists said they will file a federal lawsuit Tuesday [2/16/2010] challenging the state law that bans affirmative action in admissions.

Suit says college singled out blacks.  A former dean of the State University of New York at Cobleskill has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the school, saying it discriminated against black students by keeping them in school for their tuition dollars when administrators knew they had no chance of earning a degree.

The Racism of Diversity.  Let's go over what the Naval Academy sees as an artificial achievement barrier.  A black candidate with B and C grades, with no particular leadership qualities, and 500 on both portions of the SAT, is virtually guaranteed admittance.  A white student, who's not an athlete, with such scores is deemed not qualified.  Many black students are admitted to the Naval Academy through remedial training at the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) in Newport, R.I., which is a one-year post-secondary school.  Finishing the year with a 2.0 GPA, a C average, almost guarantees admission to the academy.  A C average for remedial work is nothing to write home about.  Occasionally, when students don't make the 2.0 GPA target, the target is renegotiated downward.

Compensatory discrimination … by any means necesssary.  You may think racial and sexual discrimination is (usually) wrong.  But whether you call it "affirmative action" or "reverse discrimination," compensatory racial and sex preference remains in wide use by governments and institutions of higher learning, for hiring, contracts, and college admissions.  A man named Ward Connerly has taken up the policy as his to fight.

"Study, Study, Study" — A Bad Career Move.  About five years ago, shortly before my term ended as a Regent of the University of California (UC), I was having a casual conversation with a very high-ranking UC administrator about a proposal that he was developing to increase "diversity" at UC in a manner that would comply with the dictates of California's Constitution and the prohibition against race, gender and ethnic preferences.  As I listened to his proposal, I asked him why he considered it important to tinker with admissions instead of just letting the chips fall where they may.  In an unguarded moment, he told me that unless the university took steps to "guide" admissions decisions, UC would be dominated by Asians.

Vicious Academic Liberals.  Hypocrisy is part and parcel of the liberal academic elite.  But the American people, who fund universities either as parents, donors or taxpayers, should not accept this evilness and there's a good way to stop it — cut off the funding to racially discriminating colleges and universities.

Academic Mismatch I.  Which serves the interests of the black community better:  a black student admitted to a top-tier law school, such as Harvard, Stanford or Yale, and winds up in the bottom 10 percent of his class, flunks out, or cannot pass the bar examination, or a black student admitted to a far less prestigious law school, performs just as well as his white peers, graduates and passes the bar?

America's Universities Are Living a Diversity Lie.  Thirty years ago this past week, Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr. condemned our nation's selective colleges and universities to live a lie.  Writing the deciding opinion in the case Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, he prompted these institutions to justify their use of racial preferences in admissions with a rationale most had never considered and still do not believe — a desire to offer a better education to all students.  To this day, few colleges have even tried to establish that their race-conscious admissions policies yield broad educational benefits.

The New Jews?  A young man who was brought to the United States as a toddler, Jian Li, has shaken up the civil rights establishment and Ivy League colleges and rekindled a fierce debate over racial preferences at America's elite institutions of higher learning.  For parents and applicants navigating the college admissions process, Li has stoked fears that the deck is stacked against even the most able students.

Affirmative Distraction:  Thirty years ago last week, the Supreme Court handed down its Bakke decision, hoping to end the argument over the constitutionality of affirmative action in college admission.  But with hindsight, it's clear that the justices mainly helped hasten the end of serious discussion about racial justice in America.  As they set the stage for a lasting argument over who should get into college, the wound of race continued to fester, unhealed, and our politics moved on.

Racial discrimination on the ballot in Michigan.  Discrimination by race has never had such respectable defenders as it is garnering in Michigan right now.  It is backed by the Democratic governor and her Republican opponent.  By the ACLU and the Michigan Catholic Conference.  By General Motors and Ford.  They are all rallying against the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, a ballot measure that would eliminate racial preferences for "public employment, education or contracting purposes."  That includes, most controversially, college admissions.  Racial preferences in admissions have now achieved a status close to free speech and tenure as operating principles of American higher education.

Opponent of racial preferences takes quest to Michigan.  California's champion of color-blind college admissions has made his way to Michigan and is aggressively promoting a measure similar to Proposition 209, which outlawed the use of racial preferences in admissions to California's public colleges 10 years ago.

Michigan Prefers Equality.  Ward Connerly has done it again:  A striking 58% of Michigan voters gave the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative a thumbs up; only three counties voted against it.  The language of the MCRI closely tracks California's 1996 Proposition 209, also led by Mr. Connerly.  It amends the Michigan Constitution to "ban public institutions from using affirmative-action programs that give preferential treatment to groups or individuals based on their race, gender, color, ethnicity or national origin for public employment, education or contracting purposes."

White teen sues UT over admissions policy.  An 18-year-old Sugar Land student sued the University of Texas at Austin on Monday [4/7/2008], challenging the school's use of racial preferences in its admissions policy.

Blacks Against Busing:  The January 1994 edition of the newsletter of the National Association for Neighborhood Schools reports on two Missouri officials, both black, who oppose the continued forced busing of children.  St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley questions the point of sending almost 14,000 black youngsters out of their own neighborhoods, instead of working to improve the nearby schools and making them safe for all.

Mismatching Students for Dollars.  Reactions among academics have been all too predictable to the decision of the 5th Circuit of Appeals, banning the affirmative action admissions policy at the University of Texas law school.  The president of the university says that a ban on affirmative action would lead to the "virtual resegregation of higher education."  A professor at the law school predicted, "You will have lily-white universities across the United States."  Time will prove how ridiculous these remarks are but, even before that happens, it is worth understanding why.

Dumbing Down America's Colleges:  Wake Forest University, Bates, Bowdoin, and a few other small schools have recently decided to make the SAT optional for students applying for admission.  Their argument for getting rid of these tests is that it will fling open the doors to "diversity" among the student body.  Wake Forest President Nathan Hatch made the ludicrous claim that jettisoning the SAT would help the school, "move closer to the goals of greater educational quality and opportunity."

Goodbye SAT?  "By making the SAT and ACT optional, we hope to broaden the applicant pool and increase access at Wake Forest for groups of students who are currently underrepresented at selective universities," said Martha Allman, director of admissions, in the WFU's new release.  She argued that downplaying the role of standardized tests would demonstrate how the university values "individual academic achievement" and "talent and character."  The change is also supposed to help "diversify" college's application base.

State Bar of California, Civil Rights Group Spar Over Affirmative Action.  "Currently only about one in three African-Americans who goes to an American law school passes the bar on the first attempt and a majority never become lawyers at all," says UCLA law professor Richard Sander.  In an article published in the Stanford Law Review, Sander and his research team concluded several thousand would-be black lawyers either dropped out of law school or failed to pass the bar because of affirmative action.

Ending Racial Preferences:  It's About Time.  The Educational Opportunity Program started out with great promise … but it soon transmogrified into a program that lowered standards and radicalized students in the process.  The university not only admitted students whose academic preparation made it nearly impossible for them to succeed, but it permitted many to remain in school despite failing grades.  Worse, the program's organizers encouraged students to take largely segregated ethnic studies courses, whose primary purpose was to forge ethnic solidarity and reinforce students' feelings that they were victims of a racist society bent on their destruction.

Affirmative Action Backfires.  Three years ago, UCLA law professor Richard Sander published an explosive, fact-based study of the consequences of affirmative action in American law schools in the Stanford Law Review. … Easily the most startling conclusion of his research:  Mr. Sander calculated that there are fewer black attorneys today than there would have been if law schools had practiced color-blind admissions — about 7.9% fewer by his reckoning.

Homie-phobia:  The other day, a guy at work was telling me about another university employee who has been siphoning gas from one of the university vehicles.  It's understandable that he'd want to steal gas. … But the funny thing is that the university appears unwilling to do anything about what seems to be an obvious case of larceny.  And, oh yes, I forgot to mention that the employee just happens to be a black male.

Getting Beyond Race:  Despite what affirmative action supporters often imply, academic ability matters. Although some students will outperform their entering credentials and some students will underperform theirs, most students will succeed in the range that their high school grades and SAT scores predict.  Leapfrogging minority candidates into elite colleges where they often become frustrated and fail hurts them even more than the institutions.  It creates the illusion that we are closing racial disparities in education when in fact we are not.

Black Student Enrollment at UCLA Plunges.  Many critics put the blame squarely on Proposition 209, a ballot measure backed by former UC Regent Ward Connerly, which outlawed racial preferences in admissions.  Since the law took effect a decade ago, black enrollment at UCLA has dropped 57 percent.  But Connerly says inferior schools are at fault, not his law. … Last year, more than 45,000 students applied to UCLA.  Connerly says there are simply too few blacks who make the grade on the only standard that should count:  academic merit.

Michigan voters approved discrimination ban, but opponents of the measure persist.
Court Battle Likely on Affirmative Action.  In the wake of a decisive Nov. 7 vote to prohibit race- and gender-based preferences in employment, education and contracting, leaders in government and academia who fought to preserve affirmative action are now hurrying to assess the impact.  Officials said the response is likely to start with a court challenge.

[Why have elections if the losers head straight to court?

More updates:
UW admissions talks draw crowd.  Ward Connerly, who has been fighting affirmative action across the country for more than a decade, addressed the committee at a hearing at the state Capitol.  His appearance drew hundreds of university students, most of them minorities, who turned out to express their support for the policy.

Legal fight against racial ban intensifies.  The ACLU and NAACP filed suit Tuesday [12/19/2006] against Proposal 2, the latest salvo in a growing assault just four days before Michigan's ban on affirmative action was to take effect.  The challenge was filed on the same day a federal judge agreed to give three Michigan universities a six-month delay before they stop using race as a consideration in admissions and financial aid.

Elites to Anti-Affirmative-Action Voters:  Drop Dead.  In 1996, Californians voted to ban race and gender preferences in government and education.  Ten years later, the chancellor of the state-funded University of California at Berkeley, Robert Birgeneau, announced a new Vice Chancellorship for Equity and Inclusion, charged with making Berkeley more "inclusive" and "less hostile" to "underrepresented minority ... groups."  This move is just the latest expression of the University of California's unrelenting resistance to the 1996 voter initiative, in every way possible short of patent violation.

Delay of Affirmative Action Ban Rejected.  A federal appeals court on Friday ordered Michigan's universities to stop using affirmative action in admissions immediately — rejecting an agreement approved by a lower court to let the institutions keep affirmative action for the current admissions cycle.  The appeals court's analysis also suggested that groups challenging Michigan's new statewide ban on affirmative action face an uphill climb.

Guilty by admission:  Elite colleges violate the law.  Using racial preferences to achieve a particular racial mix of students has been illegal for at least the last twenty years.  Yet many schools persist in treating applicants differently by race in order to achieve racial diversity.  The lingering presence of unlawful racial preferences makes applying to college or professional school all the more difficult and admissions decisions all the more arbitrary.  Students need to know whether they are being treated in accordance with the law.

"Studies Prove":  Part III.  A few years ago, a book by William Bowen and Derek Bok paraded various statistics that they interpreted as proving the success of policies of preferential admission of blacks to colleges and universities.  A chorus of praise for this study was heard throughout the media and echoed in academia and among liberal politicians.  The study was later cited in a landmark Supreme Court decision on affirmative action.  Not everyone thought this was a great study, however — or even an adequate study.  But no one was allowed access to the raw data on which the Bowen and Bok study was based.  So no one else could run the numbers for themselves and reach their own conclusions.

University of Michigan's Racial Quotas go to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Justices Scalia and Thomas wrote in their dissenting opinion against racial preferences in the Michigan law school case (Grutter v. Bollinger):  "…the University of Michigan Law School's mystical 'critical mass' justification for its discrimination by race challenges even the most gullible mind.  The admissions statistics show it to be a sham to cover a scheme of racially proportionate admissions."

Back to the 1950s:
Africentric school to open in 2009.  After years of debate that has divided communities of every colour, Toronto's public school board voted tonight to open an Africentric alternative school in September 2009.  The junior kindergarten to Grade 5 school — believed to be a first in Canada — is expected to help tackle a 40 percent dropout rate among black students.

Half a century after Brown:  The key fallacy underlying the civil rights vision was that all black economic lags were due to racial discrimination.  That assumption has survived to this day, in the courts, in the media, in academia, and above all in politics.

Half a century after Brown: Part II.  Medical authorities have long recognized that a quack remedy that is harmless in itself can nevertheless be fatal in its effects, if it keeps sick people from getting the treatment that can cure them.  Racial mixing and matching has been the great quack remedy for the educational lags of black school children that has substituted for higher standards and harder work.

Half a century after Brown: Part III.  Although Brown v. Board of Education dealt with race and with schools, its judicial philosophy spread rapidly to issues having nothing to do with race or schools.  In the half century since Brown, judges at all levels have become unelected legislators imposing the vision of the political left across a wide spectrum.

Does affirmative action produce more black lawyers?  A new and provocative study on affirmative action, which will appear in the Stanford Law Review this month, is attracting such attention that there is a special click-through on the publication's Web site to field questions about it.  The conclusions of the study, that racial preferences at law schools produce fewer rather than more black lawyers, is already generating controversy that is sure to only increase.

Black English May Create Yet Another Wall Around the Ghetto:  The Oakland school board has voted to recognize the lingo of blacks in inner-cities — which they haughtily label Ebonics (a combination of "ebony" and "phonics") — as a second language.  They are now going to apply for federal funds to set up a bilingual education program of English and "Ebonics."

Modern Myths about Race and School Performance:  Fifty years after the Supreme Court's Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, the debate about race and academic performance has in many places gone terribly off the mark.

Call it as it is.  There's considerable unnecessary confusion and debate on public policy issues that would be more intelligently discussed and resolved if we'd say what is actually meant rather than using euphemistic disguises.

Multilateral Race Preferences:  As Weekly Standard publisher Terry Eastland noted, we didn't fight a civil war to end legacy admissions.  Who cares what Breyer personally thinks about legacies or anything else for that matter?  In America, we do not substitute justices' personal judgments of fairness for the text of the Constitution.

For what purpose?  It has been said that, when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, someone told him that admitting students to the University of California on individual performance alone could mean that all the students at Berkeley might be Asian Americans.  "So what?" was the Gipper's response.

"Affirmative Action" and College Graduation Rates:  When racial preferences were ended in California, there was much hysteria in the media, with dire predictions that blacks would be kept out of higher education.  Just recently, with much less publicity, the fact has come out that there are now more black students in the University of California system than there were when racial preferences and quotas were in effect.

Stifling Black Students:  Civil-rights leaders, white liberals and college administrators seem to be more concerned with black student enrollment rates and the heck with whether they graduate.

Education of Blacks in America:  Do Facts Matter?  Part I:  When elite liberal institutions like Stanford, Berkeley and the Ivy League colleges have been scenes of racial apartheid and racial tensions on campus, have more conservative institutions that have resisted quotas and preferences been better or worse in these respects?

Education of Blacks in America:  Do Facts Matter?  Part II:  Facts about other successful black schools, past and present, get very little attention from the intelligentsia because the stories of these schools would not forward the agendas of the left.  In short, history is treated as just the continuation of politics by other means.

Dumbing Down Higher Education.  Come November, voters in several states will not only be picking the next president but deciding whether they want to end a system of racial preferences in public higher education and government hiring and contracting.  In 2006, voters in Michigan struck down racial preferences, as did Californians and Washingtonians a decade earlier, and as many as five states will have that opportunity this year if proposed initiatives in those states qualify for the ballot.  But a new move is afoot to try to circumvent the intent of those initiatives in higher education.

Of course he's a socialist.  [President Obama]  apparently believes that the people of color of all races — Chinese, Malays, Native Americans, Cubans, Hawaiians, Andaman Islanders, Indonesians, Eskimos, Philipinos, Africans, and even Muslims — have been systematically persecuted by whites.  That is bizarrely wrong as a point of fact, if you just look at the actual majority of Asian kids in some of the best American universities today; or if you look at the decades of foreign aid Americans have given to poor nations.

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