Arizona  Fights  Illegal  Immigration

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The State of Arizona has been actively addressing the chronic problem of illegal immigration while the federal government has (intentionally?) neglected the issue.  This raises a number of questions about states' rights, and whether politicians can be allowed to look the other way while the law is broken.

Why would Washington politicians want to permit massive immigration from Mexico?  The answer, I hope, is obvious:  When the illegal immigrants are granted amnesty and citizenship (or the equivalent), they will be signed up for welfare benefits and registered to vote -- for Democrats, of course.

Jan Brewer: Donald Trump 'Telling It Like It Really, Truly Is'.  Although he's been villified by amnesty advocates, business tycoon Donald Trump is right about the problems, including crime, caused by people crossing into the United States illegally, says the former governor of Arizona.  "I believe that Mr. Trump is kind of telling it like it really, truly is," Republican Jan Brewer told CNN's Don Lemon Wednesday night [7/8/2015].  "You know, being the governor of (Arizona), the gateway of illegal immigration for six years, we had to deal with a lot of things.

Arizona's immigrant smuggling law struck down.  A federal judge has struck down Arizona's 2005 immigrant smuggling law on the grounds that it's trumped by federal statutes.

Protestors both pro and anti-immigration descend on small Arizona town.  Dozens of protesters on both sides of the immigration debate showed up in a small town near Tucson on Tuesday [7/15/2014] after the sheriff said the federal government plans to transport about 40 immigrant children to an academy for troubled youths — but the kids never arrived.  The rallies demonstrated the deep divide of the immigration debate.  One group waved American flags, held signs that read 'Return to Sender' and 'Go home non-Yankees' and said they would block a bus that was supposed to arrive with immigrant children aboard.

AZ Protest Organizer: Americans 'Resentful' Feds Dumping Illegals.  An Arizona resident and Air Force veteran who is leading a Tuesday [7/15/2014] protest against the Obama administration's plans to dump at least 40 illegal immigrant children in his community said Americans are becoming more "resentful" of the burdens the federal government is imposing on local communities like Oracle, Arizona.  On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Bob Skiba, an 85-year-old veteran who is organizing protests for Tuesday morning, said, "We're not going to put up with it."

Sheriff Babeu: Feds Releasing Criminals Deported 10-15 Times Into Arizona.  On Tuesday's [7/8/2014] "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on the Fox News Channel, Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu reported that the federal government has released criminal illegal aliens into his community and that his officers have arrested individuals who have already been deported 10 or 15 times.

Arizona Gov. Brewer blasts 'imperial' Obama for failing to secure border.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer tore into President Obama on Twitter, calling him an "imperial POTUS" for failing to secure the border and allowing illegal immigrants to "overrun" the country. [...] Her comments came after a federal appeals court ruled that Arizona cannot deny driver's licenses to immigrants allowed to stay in the U.S. under the Obama administration's deferred action policy, known as DACA.

The attention getter regarding the recent eruption of illegal immigration? Money.  Is this retribution by the Obama administration upon the two states that theoretically are his "least favorite"?  Governors Brewer of Arizona and Perry of Texas have thumbed their nose at Obama's antics, and rightfully so.  The Obama administration dragging "those who are not with us" through the "key hole" ala the IRS and other channels, is very plausible.  Additionally, the uncontrolled flow of illegals into this country plays right into the Cloward and Piven strategy theorists, tipping over the finances of this country by creating an untenable welfare situation.

Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into Arizona and Fires At US Border Patrol Agents.  On Thursday [6/26/2014], the chopper was conducting a drug-related operation and crossed the border into Arizona.  Then — in U.S. airspace — it fired two shots at border patrol agents.

Mexican law enforcement chopper fires in Arizona.  A Mexican law enforcement chopper crossed about 100 yards north into the Arizona desert, the U.S. Border Patrol said in a statement.

Mexican Military Helicopter Flies Into U.S., Shoots at Border Patrol Agents, Flies Back.  Once the helicopter was back on the ground in Mexico, an apology was issued.  "The incident occurred after midnight and before 6 a.m. Helicopter flew into the U.S. and fired on two U.S. Border Patrol agents.  The incident occurred west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O'odham Indian Nation," Border Patrol Tucson Sector Union President Art del Cueto told KVOA News 4 in a statement.  "The agents were unharmed.  The helicopter went back into Mexico.  Mexico then contacted U.S. authorities and apologized for the incident."

Counterclaims over shots fired near U.S.-Mexico border.  Shots were fired this week near the U.S. border with Mexico, with a U.S. official saying they came from a Mexican law enforcement helicopter, something that a Mexican official denies.  The Mexican helicopter crossed into Arizona and fired two shots near U.S. border agents, a U.S. law enforcement official said Friday.  No one returned fire, and the helicopter returned to Mexico.  No one was hurt in the incident, which happened about 6 a.m. local time Thursday [6/26/2014] about 100 yards into U.S. territory, the official said on condition of anonymity.

Border Insecurity: Arizona Ranchers Frustrated Over Smugglers, Crime.  On a steep and rugged road along the U.S. border, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels pointed to a well-worn foot trail leading from Mexico into Arizona.  It's a path, he said, that is frequently used by smugglers to ferry immigrants and drugs into the United States.  Dannels noted that the international border fence there, which stands only a few feet tall, is clearly no deterrent to traffickers who in recent years, he said, have become more aggressive and dangerous to anyone standing in their way.

Border Children Reportedly Sickened By Food In US Facilities, Throwing In Trash.  A tidal wave of illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border has caused federal housing and processing facilities to become overwhelmed and overcrowded.  As a result, officials have resorted to a makeshift housing center in Nogales, Arizona, especially for the surge of thousands of children who were part of the influx.  They are being transported there via plane.

Arizona orders 2,000 mattresses in rush to provide for swarm of unaccompanied migrant children housed in crumbling air base.  Mattresses, portable toilets and showers were brought in Saturday for 700 unaccompanied minors who spent the night sleeping on plastic cots inside an Arizona warehouse, a federal official said.  A Homeland Security official told The Associated Press that about 2,000 mattresses have been ordered to the makeshift holding center — a warehouse that has not been used to house people in years.  Gov. Jan Brewer's spokesman, Andrew Wilder, said Friday [6/6/2014] that conditions at the center are so dire that federal officials have asked the state to immediately ship medical supplies to the center in Nogales.

US Government Reaping What it Sowed as Illegal Kids Flood Across the Border.  It's no secret that the administration of President Barack Obama has encouraged cities and states not to pick up illegal aliens.  They even took the state of Arizona to court to prevent them from doing what the federal government refuses to do.  If it's no secret to us, it's entirely reasonable to assume it's no secret to the millions in Mexico and Central America who would like nothing better than to come north and illegally cross the border in order to pay a visit to the folks — also illegal.  As I write this, there is a humanitarian crisis on our border that is making us look like a banana republic.  Tens of thousands of children — a literal Children's Crusade — have flooded across our borders in the last few months.  The government expects 60,000 illegal kids this year and double that next year.  We are told most are between the ages of 15 and 17 with teenage girls bringing their illegitimate kids with them.

Feds shipping hundreds of immigrant kids to Arizona.  The federal government on Friday [6/6/2014] began sending hundreds of unaccompanied children caught crossing the border illegally in Texas to a holding center in Nogales, Ariz., further straining relations with Gov. Jan Brewer, who was already angry over the recent release of hundreds of undocumented families at bus stations in Phoenix and Tucson.

Feds say no end in sight for policy of 'dumping' illegal immigrants in Arizona.  Federal officials told [Arizona Gov. Jan] Brewer Friday [6/6/2014] that the practice will continue for the foreseeable future, and this weekend more than 1,000 illegal immigrant children will be "dumped" in Arizona.  Adults and family units will also arrive, though Brewer was not told how many, her office said.  Reports first surfaced last week that scores of illegal immigrants in Texas were being flown, bused and then abandoned out of state in Arizona and elsewhere.

Courthouses should be immigration enforcement-free zones: DHS chief Johnson.  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday [5/29/2014] that he will not scrap a program that scours prisons and jails for illegal immigrants to deport, but did promise adjustments to make it more palatable to mayors and governors who have balked at cooperating with the Secure Communities program.  Mr. Johnson said he will try to work with "sanctuary" cities and states to assuage their concerns.  The approach is starkly different from the one the administration took with Arizona, in which the Justice Department sued to halt the state's stricter enforcement law.

Activists Block Border Patrol From Locating Potential Illegal Immigrants.  Volunteers with the border advocacy group No More Deaths allegedly prevented Border Patrol agents from locating potential illegal immigrants.  Activists have consistently resisted Border Patrols' attempts to search a large camp outside of Arivaca, Arizona, where illegal aliens and drug smugglers or dangerous individuals may regularly receive medical help.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forced By Court Ruling To Suspend Immigration Enforcement.  Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed 'America's Toughest Sheriff,' who led the way for local law enforcement across the country to take up immigration enforcement, is now pulling back on his crackdown.  Other law enforcement officials who have followed Arpaio's lead are also expected to eventually back away from doubling as immigration agents, traditionally considered a federal responsibility.

ICE freed 122 Arizona criminals.  More than a third of the 342 illegal immigrants released from detention facilities in Arizona last month were convicted criminals, and one of them was categorized as a Level 1 offender, the highest risk, according to data released by the federal government Friday [3/15/2013].  The new information also showed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released more people in the state than the 303 originally indicated by ICE, and for higher-level offenses, said Matthew Benson, spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer.

Chinese birth tourism booms in Southern California.  Any child born on U.S. soil is granted citizenship.  Hundreds of expecting moms from Mexico have been crossing the border into Arizona to deliver their babies for years as a result.  Now, a growing number of pregnant Chinese women are flying to the U.S. to secure their child that prized U.S. birth certificate, and Southern California has become a hot bed of what's called "birth tourism."

Obama Terrorizes Public with Illegal Alien Releases.  In one of the most politically despicable moves ever perpetrated by a sitting administration, federal immigration officials have released hundreds of illegal aliens from prison in anticipation of budget cuts produced by the sequester. [...] In Arizona, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who revealed that more than 500 inmates were released in his county alone, put this ploy in the proper perspective.  "President Obama would never release 500 criminal illegals to the streets of his hometown, yet he has no problem with releasing them in Arizona.

Why Would Any American Need an AR-15? Zetas, That's Why.  This is a problem all along the Arizona border, not just in Cochise County.  One rancher in Arivaca, Arizona, Jim Chilton, told NBC News on January 25 about the dangerous drug smugglers that use his land "at will."  His home has been burglarized twice, and he and his ranch hands are constantly on the lookout for armed smugglers.

U.S. Rep. Steve King Will Sue Obama on Amnesty.  "I think we're talking weeks rather than months," King told The Daily Caller of the lawsuit, which seeks to stop President Obama from unilaterally changing immigration laws passed by Congress to suit the ideological demands of the radical Left and the electoral demands of the "Latinos" in his party.  Obama made the move just 10 days before his administration partly prevailed against Arizona in the U.S. Supreme Court, which struck down parts of Arizona's tough immigration law.  Now, King is one man in Congress ready to fight back.

Obama Administration Refusing To Assist Arizona With Immigration-Status Checks.  There will be an increased number of calls from Arizona police, checking on immigration status — and Obama refuses to budge the number of personnel handling such calls.  In most cases, they simply won't even return the call (or pick up the phone).

Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police.  The Obama administration said Monday [6/25/2012] it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Obama Lawyer: Arizona Law Will Result in 'Mass Incarceration'.  The lawyer arguing for the Obama administration against provisions in Arizona's controversial immigration law said Wednesday [4/25/2012] that if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds S.B. 1070 "mass incarceration" of Latinos would cause "significant foreign relations problems."  During oral arguments before the high court on the law — which allows state police to check the immigration status of individuals stopped, detained or arrested for other reasons — Solicitor General Donald Verrilli responded to Justice Antonin Scalia's remarks that Arizona seems to be merely enacting laws that are already federal statutes.

SB 1070 Author: Law Has Already Led to Thousands of Self-Deportations, Lower Crime Rates.  As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments for and against four parts of Arizona's anti-illegal immigration bill, which were signed into law two years ago, its lead author said the six portions that were not blocked by a federal judge have already had a positive impact in the state.

Mexico Still Battling Against SB 1070 in Court.  It's been more than two years since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 and six months since the Supreme Court upheld many parts of the law, including allowing local law enforcement authorities to question immigration status after a crime has been committed.  Regardless, Mexico is still fighting the legislation in court.

US Supreme Court to hear Arizona voter registration case.  The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Monday [10/15/2012] to consider whether Arizona can demand that voters show proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in federal elections.

Brewer blocks undocumented immigrants from receiving public benefits.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday [8/15/2012] ordered state agencies to deny driver's licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration policy.  In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

Fighting Obama's Amnesty, AZ Gov Jan Brewer Blocks IDs, Benefits for Illegal Immigrants.  Under Obama's executive order amnesty, not only do the foreign nations (a much better term, and accurate term suggested by a Tweep) get work permits, they also get drivers licenses.  Governor Brewer takes a stand and illustrates what a governor can do to fight this amnesty outrage.  If Obama thinks he can unleash a scortched earth policy in every single state, he just got a message that's not going to happen.

Arizona immigration law opponents file new offensive.  Opponents of Arizona's hardline immigration enforcement law launched a new effort Tuesday [7/17/2012] aimed at thwarting a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will allow police to enforce so-called "show me your papers" provision.

The Federal Government Secedes from Arizona.  Has anyone noticed the federal government has seceded from Arizona?  Apparently, the state no longer belongs to the Union.  In an action bizarrely the reverse of South Carolina's secession from the Union in December of 1860, the Department of Home security has suspended its existing agreements with Arizona law enforcement, essentially declaring the state an outlaw entity.  Arizona is on its own.

King Barack III.  A President who is more concerned about the rights of non-citizens doesn't deserve to remain in office.  You were hired to do a job; if you are unwilling to do that job, we will happily replace you with someone who takes the responsibilities of the office seriously.

Law allowing Border Patrol to do their job moves through House.  Border Patrol agents must abandon their vehicles to chase illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and potential terrorists who illegally cross into the United States and onto federal lands that are designated as environmentally sensitive areas.  Legislation passed by the House last week to slash environmental red tape would allow law enforcement to "do the job they are paid to do," said Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah), who authored the language.

White House A Sore Winner On Arizona Ruling.  If there's any doubt the Supreme Court upheld the most substantial elements of Arizona's law to enforce U.S. immigration law, take a look at the scorched-earth response from the Obama administration to punish the state.

A Government of Men, Not Laws.  "There is no good government but what is republican," John Adams wrote.  "(T)he very definition of a republic is 'an empire of laws, and not of men.'"  Adams meant that a government in which law is applied at the discretion of powerful people is a bad government.  The law must be applied in a straightforward, nonarbitrary fashion or the entire governmental system should be called into question.  This week, the Supreme Court called the entire governmental system into question.

ACLU teaching illegal aliens how to avoid detection in Arizona .  On Monday [6/25/2012], within a few hours of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to let stand a key portion of Arizona's immigration law, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a video on Youtube offering advice to illegal aliens on how to avoid detection if they found themselves being questioned by law enforcement in Arizona.  While it may seem outrageous that any organization would work to protect those who have no respect for our laws or sovereignty, this is merely the ACLU's latest such action on behalf of illegal aliens.

Obama Administration Refusing To Assist Arizona With Immigration-Status Checks.  There will be an increased number of calls from Arizona police, checking on immigration status — and Obama refuses to budge the number of personnel handling such calls.  In most cases, they simply won't even return the call (or pick up the phone).

Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police.  The Obama administration said Monday [6/25/2012] it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Obama to Court: Drop Dead.  Within hours of the Supreme Court's decision on the Arizona immigration law — leaving in place a core section of the law that allows local law enforcement to continue checking the immigration status of anyone suspected of being an illegal — the Obama administration has just said it will no longer enforce the law.

Blow to Obama as Supreme Court upholds controversial portion of Arizona immigration law.  The Supreme Court has struck down key provisions of Arizona's crackdown on immigrants.  But the court said Monday that one part of the law requiring police to check the status of someone they suspect is not in the United States legally could go forward.  Even there, though, the justices said the provision could be subject to additional legal challenges.  The split verdict could hurt President Obama during this contentious election year since his administration was the one to bring the suit to court.

Supreme Court upholds key part of Arizona immigration law.  The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a key part of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants on Monday [6/25/2012], rejecting the Obama administration's stance that only the U.S. government should enforce immigration laws in the United States.

Feds suspend immigration enforcement program after Arizona court ruling.  States seeking to take immigration enforcement into their own hands are facing an uphill climb, after the Supreme Court struck down much of Arizona's disputed law and the Obama administration followed with a decision to rescind a key partnership that allowed local police to enforce federal immigration law.  The move by the administration further weakens efforts by Arizona, and potentially other states, to take the reins on immigration enforcement.

Arizona's Partial Victory is Trap for Obama.  However much this may help the president with some Hispanics, any effort to make the plight of illegal immigrants a central part of the president's election narrative runs the risk of alienating the majority of Americans who sympathized with the Arizona law.

Hundreds rally to back hard-line Arizona sheriff.  As many as 200 activists, some chanting "go Joe, go Joe," rallied in Arizona on Saturday [4/28/2012] to support Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is facing a federal racial-profiling probe for his police sweeps against illegal immigrants.

Another Supreme Court Disaster For Obama.  Supreme Court justices expressed support for the Arizona immigration law at oral arguments today [4/25/2012], according to CBS' chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford.  Even some of the court's liberal justices seemed to support the most controversial part of the law: the part that requires officials to check the immigration status of people during routine traffic stops and anyone detained or arrested.

The Arizona Faceoff.  The Supreme Court hears oral arguments Wednesday [4/25/2012] in that other major case that has the political class on edge — Arizona's immigration law.  As with health care's individual mandate, the Obama Administration is again making claims about the scope of federal power that upset the Constitution's federalist structure — in this case, to unilaterally nullify state laws that the President happens to oppose.

Arizona Defends SB 1070: Border In The Court.  The federal challenge to Arizona's SB 1070, the state law designed to help stem the flow of illegal aliens, is headed to an unexpectedly earlier resolution as the Supreme Court has expedited its review and begins hearing oral arguments on Wednesday [4/25/2012].  This can't be good news for an administration at war with both Arizona and the courts and already fearful that its landmark legislation, ObamaCare, will soon be overturned as unconstitutional.

US Supreme Court reviews Arizona immigration law.  The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday [4/25/2012] over a tough Arizona law that requires police to check the immigration status of people they stop for any reason — a hot button issue in the U.S. that will likely impact on this year's presidential race.

Supreme Court casts doubt on Obama's immigration law claim.  Supreme Court justices took a dim view of the Obama administration's claim that it can stop Arizona from enforcing immigration laws, telling government lawyers during oral argument Wednesday [4/5/2012] that the state appears to want to push federal officials, not conflict with them.  The court was hearing arguments on Arizona's immigration crackdown law, which requires police to check the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally, and would also write new state penalties for illegal immigrants who try to apply for jobs.

Obama Lawyer: Arizona Law Will Result in 'Mass Incarceration'.  The lawyer arguing for the Obama administration against provisions in Arizona's controversial immigration law said Wednesday [4/25/2012] that if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds S.B. 1070 "mass incarceration" of Latinos would cause "significant foreign relations problems."  During oral arguments before the high court on the law — which allows state police to check the immigration status of individuals stopped, detained or arrested for other reasons — Solicitor General Donald Verrilli responded to Justice Antonin Scalia's remarks that Arizona seems to be merely enacting laws that are already federal statutes.

Showdown on Arizona immigration law goes to Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court and the Obama administration are set for another politically charged clash Wednesday [4/25/2012] as the justices take up Arizona's tough crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Arizona Files its First Brief in Supreme Court Immigration Case.  On Monday [2/6/2012], attorneys representing Arizona Governor Jan Brewer filed their opening brief with the clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court.  In the filing, the Governor asks the high court to overturn an injunction handed down by the district court blocking the enforcement of several key provisions of the Grand Canyon State's controversial anti-illegal immigration statute passed in 2010.

Mexico's Murderous Drug War Spills Over U.S. Border.  Eighteen months ago, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was excoriated for warning of spillover from Mexico's war reaching our soil.  Well, beheadings are becoming common now.  Yet that war is still ignored.

Arizona strikes back: State investigates feds over gun-running.  Arizona's state legislature will open its own investigation into the Obama administration's disgraced gun-running program, known as "Fast and Furious," the speaker of the state House said Friday [1/20/2012].  Speaker Andy Tobin created the committee, and charged it with looking at whether the program broke any state laws — raising the possibility of state penalties against those responsible for the operation.  It's a turnaround from the rest of the immigration issue, where the federal government has sued to block the state's own set of laws.

Five ways Obama weakened America in 2011.  Though illegal immigration continues to worsen as drug-cartel-related violence spirals out of control in Mexico and spills across our border, the best Mr. Obama could do was sue Arizona — and Utah and Alabama and South Carolina for implementing tough state laws to deal with this crisis.  With 11 million "undocumented" people out of our population of 311 million, that alone is a security crisis deserving of immediate attention — yet one Mr. Obama basically has ignored.

Will The Supreme Court Seal Our Nation's Borders?  Arizona wasn't around when the original 13 states formed the federal government knowing there were certain things it could do best, such as the constitutional mandate to provide for the common defense and protect our borders.  National and border security involves not only deterring foreign armies armed with tanks, but also protecting our borders from an invasion involving ladders and pickup trucks.  That, Arizona argued when it passed SB1070, the feds have woefully failed to do.  So Arizona cloned federal law and said we'll do it ourselves.

Supreme Court will hear Arizona immigration case: Kagan recuses herself.  The Supreme Court announced Monday [12/12/2011] it will take the case of Arizona's tough immigration crackdown law, adding yet another contentious clash between the Obama administration and the states to its docket.  The case, which has attracted national attention, pits Arizona against the Obama administration, which sued and won court orders blocking implementation of most of the law at both the district and appeals court levels.

Arizona Governor Appeals Immigration Law to Supreme Court.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer filed an appeal Wednesday [8/10/2011] with the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that put on hold key parts of the state's immigration enforcement law.

A Border Win For Arizona.  In a victory for states' rights, the Supreme Court has upheld the state law requiring businesses to verify immigration status of employees and revoking their business licenses if they knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Arizona immigration law upheld by supreme court.  The US Supreme Court has upheld an Arizona law allowing the state to shut down businesses that hire illegal immigrants, a ruling arising from the fierce national debate on immigration policy.

A Win for Arizona, and the Rule of Law.  The Supreme Court on Thursday [5/26/2011] upheld Arizona's 2007 law requiring all employers in the state to use the federal E-Verify system for screening out illegal aliens and revoking the business licenses of firms that knowingly hire them.  The court split 5-3 along party lines:  Breyer, Ginsburg, and Sotomayor (Kagan recused herself) ignored the plain meaning of the federal law empowering states to use their licensing power to address the employment of illegal workers.

Public School District Violates La Raza Studies Ban.  A public school district in Arizona is violating a new state law by continuing a radical La Raza studies program banned under the legislation because it segregates students by race, teaches disdain for American sovereignty and ignites racial hostility.  Last year Arizona's legislature passed a measure (HB 2281) banning taxpayer-funded schools from offering classes that are designed for students of a particular race and promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group (in this case whites).  However, the Tucson Unified School District, with a largely Hispanic population, has yet to comply with the law which took effect in January.

Court rules against Arizona immigration law.  A federal appeals court on Monday [4/11/2011] refused to lift a stay blocking major parts of Arizona's immigration law from taking effect and said the federal government is likely to be able to prove the controversial law is unconstitutional.

Arizona countersues federal government over border security.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Thursday [2/10/2011] her state has filed a countersuit against the federal government, seeking the authority to implement its own border security efforts.  "Security and border control is by far the number one issue right now in Arizona," Brewer said at a news conference.  "Illegal immigration is costing us a billion dollars, a billion dollars a year to maintain the level we're at and the federal government sits by and does nothing."

Half of All Illegal Entries Into U.S. in 2010 Came Through One Sector of AZ Border.  Approximately "half of all illegal entries" into the United States and "half of all of the marijuana smuggled into the United States" in fiscal 2010 occurred in the Border Patrol's Tucson Sector, which takes up only a part of the Arizona-Mexico border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Commissioner Alan Bersin.

Supreme Court to hear Arizona case about illegal workers.  Against the backdrop of a fierce national debate over illegal immigration, the Supreme Court on Wednesday [12/8/2010] will hear a challenge to an Arizona law that revokes the licenses of companies that hire undocumented workers.

Arizona Regains Footing in Legal Battle Over Immigration Law.  After suffering a major legal setback in the summer, Arizona regained its footing in court Friday [12/10/2010] when a federal judge dismissed parts of the U.S. Justice Department's challenge to the state's new immigration law and rejected several claims made by Hispanic activists and Phoenix police officers.  U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton's ruling on Friday struck down the federal government's challenge to the portion of the law that prohibits the transport of illegal immigrants.

'One Nation' under Obama Has No Respect for America.  As the southern border with Mexico remains a porous piece of shoddy cloth, Arizona has become the ground zero of criminal violence perpetrated by those illegal aliens Obama wishes to protect.  So Arizonans are left to fend for themselves.  Obama's answer was to hold a joint press conference with the president of Mexico, in which both men denounced the "racist" Arizona law.  What a sham.  The president might just as well have gone down to Arizona and spit in the faces of the American citizens whose lives and property are daily threatened by the unfettered breakers of federal law.

The Delusional Dems.  Much has been written about American voters reacting negatively to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi lurch to the left with the bailouts, the stimulus, the financial "reform" and, most of all, the crazy idea that government can borrow and spend our way to prosperity.  But there is another cause of the Democrats reversal of fortune that is rarely explored by pundits left or right.  It is the Obama jihad against Arizona for daring to take action to enforce America's border with Mexico.

Obama's War on Arizona.  The Obama administration has included the Arizona state immigration law in a report of human rights abuses to the United Nations, that collective negation of humanity and home to the worst human rights abusers in the world.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer struck back Friday [9/3/2010], demanding that the reference to Arizona's immigration law be taken out of the State Department's report to the U.N.'s human rights commissioner.

The administration is trying to intimidate Arizonans.  Arizona is in the politically correct bulls-eye.  What started out as a Democratic diversion to bolster the party's base and intimidate other states from following suit in the fight to control the borders has escalated into an all-out legal battle between justice and Chicago-style arm-twisting.

25 Reasons to Send the Democrats Packing in November.  [#24] It's bad enough that the federal government ignored the law, isn't trying to finish the fence, and refuses to secure our southern border.  But now, not only are they still talking up amnesty, they're actually harassing and suing Arizona because that state has decided to do the job that the federal government is refusing to do.

United States Declares War on Arizona, Literally.  [Scroll down]  And finally we get to probably the one person, other than Governor Brewer, who Obama and his rogues would dearly love to injure, the inimitable, courageous and valiant Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  From even before Obama took office and named his lowlife miscreant Cabinet and Czars, he wanted Arpaio taken down.  Even now Joe is still riding high fighting illegal immigration, but Holder and the DOJ are yet preparing to get him out.  You ain't done yet, Joe; don't budge for those louts.

U.N. Human Wrongs.  The U.S. State Department is holding up Arizona as America's human rights problem, fishing for applause from the likes of Cuba and Libya.  But Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer isn't taking it lying down.

Arizona Now Has 'Whopping 30' National Guard Troops.  Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said requests by Arizona law enforcement personnel and Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) for 3,000 National Guard troops along the state's border with Mexico have been answered so far with 1 percent of that number deployed there this week.  "We have a whopping 30 [National Guard troops] this week that are showing up," Babeu told  "It's less than a half-hearted measure designed to fail."

22 States Considering Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation.  Twenty-two states are now in the process of drafting or seeking to pass legislation similar to Arizona's law against illegal immigration.  This is occurring despite the fact that the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against the Arizona law and a federal judge has ruled against portions of that law — a ruling that is now being appealed.

New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona.  You've heard a lot about the Justice Department's lawsuit to stop the new Arizona immigration law.  But that's just one part of the Obama administration's multi-front war on immigration enforcement in Arizona.  In addition to the drive to kill the new law, Attorney General Eric Holder is also suing the Maricopa Community College system in Phoenix, alleging it broke the law by requiring a job seeker to provide a green card before being hired.

Turning the lights on in media blackout Arizona.  Earth to Arizona mainstream media:  patriots are already piercing sparks of bright light through your media blackout.  "Media censorship in Arizona has now become quite blatant.  Can Canada Free Press help," patriot Annette McHugh writes CFP this morning.

Obama:  Fighting the Yuppie Factor.  It has been 19 months now, and a NASCAR-savvy public knows a yuppie when it sees and hears one.  Obama has never lived in the path of unchecked illegal immigration, with all its attendant social and cultural ripples; instead, he has lived where even murmuring "Close the borders" is considered Neanderthal.  So he foolishly sues Arizona when 70 percent of America wants to emulate the state.

America's Slipping Grasp on Self-Governance.  Left with few options and backed by overwhelming public support, Arizona passed and signed its immigration enforcement law, S.B. 1070.  The effort was met with derision, slander, and an eventual lawsuit, once again forcing Arizona to wait for an unwilling federal government to enforce the law and protect the border.

Everyone a Bigot?  State representatives in Arizona overwhelmingly passed an immigration law to popular acclaim — which the Obama administration for now has successfully blocked in federal court.  Arizonans simply wanted the federal government to enforce its own laws.  And yet they were quickly dubbed bigots and racists — more worried about profiling Hispanics than curtailing illegal immigration.

Amnesty In Disguise.  After suing Arizona to assert federal supremacy over states on immigration, it turns out that ICE, Washington's immigration cop on the beat, isn't enforcing the law at all.  This is amnesty by another name.

Obama's Imperial Presidency.  In the words of our second president:  We are a government of laws, not of men. ... Regrettably, President Obama is endangering this venerable tradition by deliberately and systematically seeking to expand executive power well beyond its proper boundaries.  In the process, he is trampling both the constitutional authority of Congress and the sovereign rights of the states.  This bold power grab is directed at immigration, which is predominantly a domestic-policy matter, where unilateral presidential authority is inherently weak.  Obama's efforts appear to be driven by crass political considerations, making them all the more unprecedented and unfortunate.

How could an American president be so anti-American?  [President Obama's] record has been so blatantly in contrast to the will of this nation, that it could very nearly be defined as anti-American.  The latest example of this can be seen in the U.S. Justice Department's decision to fight the Arizona immigration law through the courts; a law that 59% of U.S. voters would like to see in their very own state.

Arizona Sheriff:  'Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy'.  Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.  Babeu told that rather than help law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally, the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel.

Why Eric Holder Will Not Last.  There may be more incompetent Attorneys General who have served Presidential administrations in U.S. History, but few if any of them have had a worse record than the present head of the Justice Department. ... No over-reach will have been more embarrassing than the shellacking he is taking in the DOJ vs. the State of Arizona.

Another Day, Another Federal Assault on Liberty.  We've seen that Obama will exercise any power he can get away with, from strong-arming secured creditors and favoring unions as he gobbled up automakers to making a mockery of due process with his Oval Office shakedown of BP.  But he might have reached a new low with his assaults on the sovereignty of the people of Arizona.

Brewer vows to take SB 1070 appeals to Supreme Court if necessary.  "I am disappointed by Judge Susan Bolton's ruling enjoining several provisions of "The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act" — SB 1070; though I am heartened by some findings — including the ban on sanctuary cities.  This fight is far from over.  In fact, it is just the beginning, and at the end of what is certain to be a long legal struggle, Arizona will prevail in its right to protect our citizens.

Federal Judge Blocks Key Parts of Arizona Immigration Law.  U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton issued a preliminary injunction preventing several sections of Arizona's new immigration law from going into effect tomorrow as scheduled, at least pending the court's ability to hear the full case.

Come November, Remember Yesterday's 'Temporary Restraining Order' in Arizona.  We all know what the motive behind it was, and it has nothing to do with "human rights" or "splitting up families" or other such poppycock.

Judging Arizona.  A federal judge blocked most of Arizona's immigration law on the grounds that it puts an undue burden on the federal government.  That leaves Arizona defenseless to open borders and derelict feds.

Networks Protest Arizona's Immigration Law With Cameras and Microphones.  The TV networks have aggressively demonstrated their dislike of Arizona's state law "cracking down on illegal immigrants," a law that "pits neighbor against neighbor."  An MRC review of morning and evening news programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC from April 23 to July 25 found the networks have aired 120 stories with an almost ten-to-one tilt against the Arizona law (77 negative, 35 neutral, 8 positive).

Has the Time Come to Replace the Federal Government?  After Clinton appointed Judge Susan Bolton ruled Wednesday that — for all intents and purposes — Arizona does not have the right to protect itself or its citizens from invading drug cartels and the illegal foreign hordes that are bleeding it dry of its resources, it should have become apparent to even the dimmest that We-the-People no longer exist.  We are now living under a tyranny developed, directed, implemented and enforced by the Marxists in power.

Judicial activism against Arizona.  U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton miscalculated when she blocked critical aspects of Arizona's immigration enforcement law.  Her decision will further intensify efforts by states to find solutions to problems posed by the Obama administration's unwillingness to take command of this pressing issue.  The decision is certain to inflame the illegal immigration debate, and it doesn't bode well for the president or his party.

Free pass for sanctuary cities?  The Obama administration had gone to federal court to kill Arizona's new illegal-immigration law, scheduled to go into effect Thursday [7/29/2010].  The Department of Justice argues that enforcement of the Arizona law "is pre-empted by federal law and therefore violates the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution."  Does this mean that if Team Obama prevails over Arizona, San Francisco and other sanctuary cities should prepare to go to court against the feds?

Obama:  Post-Racial, Post-Partisan, or Post-Sanity?  We now have an administration which views injustices against blacks as quite different from comparable injustices against whites and intends to file no future actions for voting rights violations against blacks.  It attempts to cultivate actual and potential Hispanic voters by minimizing enforcement of federal immigration laws, while suing Arizona for trying to fill the void.  It is presumed that enforcement (which has not yet begun) will be racially motivated and that it is proper to attack as racists those who view the situation differently.

Obama's War Against the (Red) States.  When Gov. Jan Brewer signed Arizona's now famous immigration bill into law on April 23, it was immediately evident that she had crossed a line that President Obama didn't want her to cross.  Thus his administration quickly reviewed lessons learned from years in the Chicago political machine and began using PR tactics to shame Brewer into a retraction.  But when the PR stunts failed and the nation overwhelming agreed that Arizonans were right to secure their borders, Obama stepped it up and had his Justice Department craft the lawsuit filed against the Arizona law earlier this month.

Obama lawsuit invites fortified state militia.  Arizona has enacted a law that enables state and local police to support federal immigration enforcement, in a carefully circumscribed manner.  This moderate statute is under vicious attack by the Obama administration and assorted amnesty advocates.  Yet Arizona and her sister states in the Southwest could take dramatically stronger actions to bring order to the border.  And they would have both history and the Constitution on their side.

Arizona immigration law heads to court, with $1.2 million war chest.  As Arizona heads to court Thursday [7/15/2010] to defend its tough new immigration law in the first of several legal challenges, it has the backing of many Americans who have opened their wallets to show support for the border state.  Contributions to Gov. Jan Brewer's special legal defense fund now top $1 million, mostly in website donations of less than $100 pouring in from all over the country.

Arizona's immigration law isn't the only one.  Colorado restricts illegal immigrants from receiving in-state tuition.  Nebraska requires verification of immigration status to obtain public benefits.  In Tennessee, knowingly presenting a false ID card to get a job is a misdemeanor.  Arizona's strict new law has generated the most controversy, but there are hundreds of immigration-related laws on the books across the country.  The laws regulate employment, law enforcement, education, benefits and healthcare.

Arizona's immigration law copied by five states:  MI, SC, MN, PA, RI.  Arizona's not alone.  Five states have introduced similar immigration laws since The Grand Canyon State passed controversial legislation that is scheduled to kick in on July 29, according the Los Angeles Times.  The number of immigration-based laws and resolutions supported by states has increased by more than 10 times in recent years.

The Radicalism of the Anti-Arizona Suit.  If nothing else, the state of Arizona has smoked out the Obama administration.  To make the case that the Arizona immigration law conflicts with, and therefore is preempted by, federal law, the Justice Department has to make an extraordinary claim — that the federal laws as written don't matter so much.

Holder should drop the Arizona suit.  Virginia is now the most recent of nine states to unite in opposition to Attorney General Eric Holder's politically charged suit against Arizona's recently enacted immigration law.  Don't be surprised if more states join the Arizona cause because Holder is now adding insult to injury by threatening a second suit against Arizona.  This one would charge Arizona with racial profiling if the federal courts allow the state's statute to go into effect as scheduled on July 29.

Suing America.  The main topics at the National Governors Association's summer meeting were supposed to be jobs and the economy.  Instead, the buzz was about immigration and the political consequences of Washington's mindless suing of a sovereign state for daring to enforce federal immigration law.

Critics Question Why Obama Administration Doesn't Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities.  Now that the Obama administration is suing Arizona over its tough immigration law, some critics are asking why so-called sanctuary cities are getting a pass for ignoring federal immigration law.  More than 50 cities in the U.S provide sanctuaries to illegal immigrants.  Supporters of such policies say they want the local police to focus on solving crimes and leave the immigration work to the federal authorities.

Opportunity Obama-style.  It's no secret Obama can always squeeze in time for a few rounds of golf.  In addition, the put-your-feet-up President is also an aficionado of extended weekends relaxing and availing himself of what he perceives as frequent well-deserved breaks.  Yet, the President whose administration has chosen to sue the state of Arizona has set nary a wingtip on the border of the Grand Canyon State to assess the illegal immigration dilemma.

New Black Panthers, You're Free To Go — Not So Fast, Arizona.  State laws are pre-empted by federal law in two circumstances:  When there is a conflict — such as "sanctuary cities" for illegals or California's medical marijuana law — or when Congress has so thoroughly regulated a field that there is no room for even congruent state laws.  If Obama thinks there's a conflict, I believe he's made a damning admission.  There's a conflict only if the official policy of the federal government is to ignore its own immigration laws.  Only slightly less preposterous is the argument that although Arizona's law agrees with federal law, Congress has engaged in "field pre-emption" by occupying the entire field of immigration, thus prohibiting even harmonious state laws.

AZ Ceded to Mexico and the Rise of the Obama Police State?  Our founders' reasons for dissolving the bonds between England and the emerging USA were myriad.  But, it is uncanny and may even be a bit unsettling to discover that the motivations for We-the-People breaking away from King George III are the same ones we find in our current US government today.

Seventh Lawsuit Filed Over Ariz. Immigration Law.  The lawsuit was filed Friday [7/9/2010] in federal court and is the first legal objection to training materials designed to teach Arizona police officers how to enforce the new law, set to go into effect July 29.

Holder Floats Possibility of Racial Profiling Suit Against Arizona.  Attorney General Eric Holder, just days after filing a federal lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law, on Sunday [7/11/2010] floated the possibility of filing another suit on racial profiling grounds.  The lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Arizona claimed the state was infringing on federal immigration responsibilities and urged the judge to prevent the law from going into effect at the end of July.  Despite some officials' claims that the law could lead to racial profiling, that concern was not cited as grounds for the suit.

Arizona immigration lawsuit:  Obama sails into a political storm.  By approving Attorney General Eric Holder's lawsuit against Arizona and its tough new illegal immigration law, President Obama has set course into a political hurricane that some political analysts say could ultimately undermine comprehensive immigration reform, at least in the short-term.

States Fight Back Against Federal Tyranny and Abuse.  Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce is incensed over the Obama administration's "outrageous" and bogus lawsuit against the state of Arizona over its perfectly legitimate effort to protect its border and citizens.  Pearce does not mince words, saying this lawsuit is a matter of the Obama administration's abusing its power to advance its "nonenforcement mentality and agenda. ... It's outrageous, what (the administration is) doing.  This is about an agenda.  This is a president that is acting like a dictator.  This is a president who is ignoring the rule of law and siding with lawbreakers over the citizens of this country and the citizens of this state while damage is being conducted every single day.  Every single day!"

The DOJ's Unsupported Suit Against the Arizona Immigration Law.  On July 6, 2010, the Holder Justice Department, allegedly without consultation with President Obama, filed suit in federal district court in Arizona to block the new Arizona law intended to enforce existing federal laws against unlawful immigration, something the federal government itself has patently failed to do.  The suit asks the court for, among other things, an order restraining Arizona from implementing the new statute later this month as scheduled, pending the outcome of the litigation.  It is evident that this was done for partisan political purposes, although it seems quite likely that the political results will not be those which the Obama administration desires.

Obama Courts Latino Votes at Arizona's Expense.  Before taking office, every President of the United States must take the oath of office as prescribed by Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. ... Let's look at another oath sworn by the guardsmen that are being deployed to Arizona to man desks and computers. ... This oath requires guardsmen to defend the State of Arizona if that is where they are sent.  They must defend it from all enemies foreign or domestic.

Eric Holder and Federalist 45.  [Scroll down]  Why are the attorney general and the president pursuing this suit?  To show the world that Big Government is even bigger than you may have supposed.  In their view, Washington runs your life.  Washington tells you whether you can enforce the law.  Washington tells you what sort of health care you can have.  Washington tells you how much money you can make.  Washington is the machine:  you are but a cog.  According to Washington, that is.  What would James Madison have thought?

Arizona's Constitutional War Powers.  Given the levels of illegal migration and narco-trafficking across its southern border, the State of Arizona deserves America's commendation for the remarkable restraint it has exhibited in dealing with what has become a most serious international and domestic problem. ... The route taken by the State of Arizona, enactment of Senate Bill 1070, is far less severe than it could have been if the route taken had been war, as granted to the states by the U.S. Constitution.  Article 1, Section 10, Cl. 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America provides that "[n]o state shall, without the consent of Congress ... engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

Revealing polling data about which the White House cares little.  Rasmussen has data on what voters think about the federal government's suit against Arizona, which seeks to invalidate that state's new immigration enforcement law.  By a 2 to 1 ratio (56 percent to 28 percent), those surveyed oppose that suit.  Moreover, 61 percent would like to see a law such as Arizona's enacted in their state.  That's up 6 points from two months ago.

The Hollow Case Against Arizona.  After smearing Arizona's immigration law as racial profiling, the Justice Department has issued its lawsuit against the state.  But it's not about civil rights anymore.  It's about a federal "right" to not enforce U.S. law.

Obammigration.  It's President Obama's policy not to secure America's southern border.  Yesterday [7/5/2010], his administration filed suit against Arizona for its new law to try to enforce immigration statutes already on the books.  This comes after the administration brought legal action against the Grand Canyon State for a 2007 law that strips business licenses away from companies that violate immigration laws.  It's clear the White House is working to make states defenseless against an illegal invasion.

Obama's lawsuit against Arizona:  Immigration is my responsibility to shirk.  Wherever it has benefited trial lawyers, the Obama administration has fought against federal pre-emption of state laws.  His administration, at the behest of the American Association for Justice, even issued an executive order banning new preemptive regulations, which often prevent state-level lawsuits against companies whose products adhere to federal regulations.  Now this same doctrine of preemption has become the basis for President Obama's lawsuit against Arizona.

Obama faces backlash on his immigration plan.  President Obama and his party have taken a huge political gamble on the issue of illegal immigration.  It could turn a bad political year into a catastrophe.  Worse still for the president and his party, 2010 may sow seeds for future defeats.  Obama is resisting efforts to stop illegal immigration — suing to block Arizona's crackdown and holding hostage federal enforcement of immigration law until Congress agrees to some sort of amnesty program for those already here.

The President is fighting a reckless war that will backfire politically.  The Obama administration is getting quite the reputation for bucking the wishes of the people.  From pushing through an unpopular health care bill to imposing a moratorium on offshore drilling that's costing the already-suffering gulf region precious jobs, it has refused to back down when it comes to the will of the masses.  Now, President Obama's Justice Department has decided to sue the State of Arizona over its new law targeting illegal aliens, when a majority of the public favors the legislation, leaving many to wonder if the increasingly detached White House has gone too far.

Why sue Arizona and not Missouri?  In a visit with Ecuadorian officials Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let slip that the Obama Administration intends to sue the state of Arizona over recently passed immigration laws.  While Hillary's speaking out of turn may have forced the Administration's hand, a Justice Department spokesman confirmed that the DOJ was building a case against Arizona and would likely bring suit in the near future.  There is one puzzling aspect to this, though; if they thought this violated the Constitution, why didn't the Administration protest when Missouri did what Arizona is now doing?

How 'Bout United States v. Rhode Island?  It turns out that Rhode Island has long been carrying out the procedures at issue in the Arizona immigration statute:  As a matter of routine, RI state police check immigration status at traffic stops whenever there is reasonable suspicion to do so, and they report all illegals to the feds for deportation.

A contemptible suit.  The White House says President Obama had nothing to do with the Justice Department's challenge to Arizona's immigration law, insisting the decision was Attorney General Eric Holder's alone.  Please.  This is a political lawsuit, driven by Obama's drop in the polls among Hispanics and Democrats' hope of bringing out Latinos this fall by hanging an anti-immigrant millstone around the GOP's neck.  The Arizona statute, on the other hand, is chiefly about the rule of law.

Just 32% View Holder, Napolitano Favorably.  Next week is likely to be a big one for Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano if the Obama administration moves ahead with its threatened legal challenge of Arizona's popular new immigration law.  Right now, Rasmussen Reports national telephone surveying finds that just 32% of U.S. voters have at least somewhat favorable opinions of the two top Cabinet players.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says new border signs are an outrage.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is calling a new border security initiative an outrage.  In a campaign video posted on YouTube Friday [6/25/2010], Brewer stood in front of what she called newly posted signs by President Obama's administration about the Arizona desert being an active drug and human smuggling area.  "Washington says our border is as safe as it has ever been," Brewer said.  "Does this look safe to you?"

Obama Courts Latinos by Suing Arizona.  Why is President Obama suing to invalidate the Arizona law on illegal immigration?  Why is he incurring the enmity of even his own Democratic congressmen from the Phoenix and Tucson areas by trying to kill a law that two-thirds of Arizona and a similar proportion of America as a whole supports?  The answer:  It is a desperate, last-ditch attempt to rebuild his sagging popularity with America's Hispanic voters.

Ending Birthright Citizenship.  When the open-borders lobby runs out of excuses for amnesty, their final resort is to "do it for the children."  Last year Nancy Pelosi told a crowd in San Francisco that "Our future is about our children" and "Taking parents from their children ... that's un-American."  When the speaker of the House considers enforcing our immigration laws "un-American," it becomes the constitutional duty of the states to stand against illegal immigration.  This is why I introduced SB 1070 into the Arizona legislature, which has prompted a much needed national debate about immigration.

L.A. City Council Makes Exemption for Lucrative Traffic Camera Contract.  Los Angeles council members voted Wednesday [6/23/2010] to make an exemption to its self-imposed boycott of Arizona, opting to extend a contract with an Arizona-based company that operates enforcement cameras at Los Angeles intersections — a program that earned the city $6 million last year.

Terrorists crossing AZ border into U.S.?  On a single day in April, in a special cell block deep inside the Pinal County Jail, nearly 400 inmates sat awaiting trial or extradition after being detained trying to cross the Arizona border from Mexico.  Only about half of them were actually from Mexico. ... On that one day in April, according to records obtained by [KNXV-TV], Homeland Security officials were holding inmates from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, and the Sudan.

The Obamites v. Arizona, &c.  I knew that I wouldn't like the Obama administration and its policies.  I am a Reagan Republican.  But I didn't know the administration would be so disgusting.  Honestly.  Whose good opinion would the administration prefer?  The U.N.'s or Arizonans'?

Obama Cracks Down.  The sweet nothings Hillary Clinton whispered into the ears of foreign television audiences went stateside on Friday [6/18/2010], as America media outlets began confirming what the secretary of state first told an Ecuadoran news channel:  the Obama administration is planning a lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law.  Publicly, Obama administration lawyers will only admit that a thorough "review" of SB 1070 is ongoing.  But the toothpaste is out of the tube.

Red light camera pact would need exemption from Arizona boycott.  On Tuesday [6/22/2010], the City Council is scheduled to consider — and appears likely to approve — an exception to the boycott allowing a 10-month extension of a multimillion-dollar agreement with Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions.  The firm operates cameras at 32 city intersections that catch tens of thousands of red light violators each year.

More about the use of traffic signals as fund-raisers.

Arizona Governor Stands Her Ground on Immigration Law.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer refused to flinch after Obama administration officials confirmed Friday that they plan to file a lawsuit challenging the state's anti-illegal immigration law.  In a statement issued late Friday [6/18/2010], Brewer called Obama's decision "outrageous" but "not surprising."

Most Americans back new Arizona law, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds.  Most Americans support the new, controversial Arizona law that gives police there the power to check the residency status of suspected illegal immigrants.  But most also still back a program giving those here illegally the right to earn legal documentation, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

SB 1070 disputed on new grounds.  Saying domestic-violence victims will be endangered, a national organization that advocates on behalf of women wants a federal judge to block Arizona from enforcing its new law aimed at illegal immigrants.

What Side Is She On?  Hillary Clinton assured Ecuadoreans the U.S. would sue Arizona if it tried to enforce federal immigration laws.  She said it just as the feds ceded part of Arizona to Mexican traffickers.

Arizona Governor Blasts Eric Holder.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer scolded Atty. Gen. Eric Holder for holding open the prospect of a lawsuit when Arizona is already facing five legal challenges over the state's new immigration law.  "I would much prefer for them not to file suit, given the fact that they could take the money and help me build a fence on my border," Brewer said in an interview with three Human Events editors by phone from Phoenix.

Brewer's Yeast.  We've seen the photos of children holding signs at protests that read, "Don't deport my parents."  They're called "anchor babies" because they're considered citizens by being born on American soil.  You can't break up families, the argument goes, even to enforce the nation's immigration laws.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who had the audacity to copy federal law and then enforce it in cases where illegal aliens suspected of violating the law can't prove they belong here, has an answer to that too:  Send the kids home with their parents; the family that leaves together, stays together.

Arizona's courts could collapse under weight of anti-illegal immigration lawsuits: attorneys.  Attorneys in the Grand Canyon State fear the influx of legal battles that will undoubtedly arise as a result of the coming anti-illegal immigration law could overwhelm the Arizona court system.  "We already have a backlog of cases," immigration attorney Maria Jones told The Arizona Republic.  "I think it's going to triple."

Anchors Away.  The state of Arizona is preparing to deal with the issue of anchor babies, one of the many problematic products of the illegal immigration business.  While the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides birthright citizenship to all people born in the country, illegals have used the law to their advantage after having violated one of the nation's other laws:  entering or remaining in the country illegally.

Obama's Misguided Border Response.  For years Arizona sought Washington solutions to illegal immigration.  The state finally acted unilaterally because the federal government failed to respond to the growing border crisis.  Now, Washington's belated response wastes money and does nothing to address the broken border.

Remember the Alamo.  What is ironic is that Mexico enforces the same basic immigration law on its Southern border with Guatemala as Arizona's new immigration law, which few in the Obama Administration have actually read, but are vehemently opposed to even though Arizona's immigration law is actually not as stringent as the federal government's immigration law which no one in Obama Administration wants to enforce.

Teachers Take Kids on a Protest Trip to Arizona.  Standing in front of a wall-to-wall mural featuring a who's who of revolutionaries, including Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and boldly displaying the motto Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!!! (Fatherland or Death, We Shall Overcome!!!), a group of teachers, students, parents and community activists in the Los Angeles Unified School District gathered last month for an unusual field trip — to Arizona, to protest that state's controversial immigration law.

The Racial-Profiling Smoke Screen.  As each day passes without any abatement in the increasingly surreal hysteria over the Arizona immigration law, the ground for that opposition becomes ever clearer:  The real problem with the Arizona law is that it threatens to make immigration enforcement a reality.  Every other argument against it is a smoke screen.

Arizona Gov. to Obama:  We'll see you in court.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer made clear Tuesday [6/1/2010] she's not worried about a potential legal challenge from the Obama administration over her state's controversial immigration law.  "We'll meet you in court," Brewer told CNN's John King when asked how she would respond if President Barack Obama's justice department decided to challenge the law.  "I have a pretty good record of winning in court."

Los Angeles Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American.  The Los Angeles Unified School District school board wants all public school students in the city to be taught that Arizona's new immigration law is un-American.

Mexican Revolutionaries in America.  One of Bill Ayers' courses at the University of Illinois includes Pedagogy of the Oppressed as required reading.  Author Paulo Freire, a Brazilian Marxist, declared:  "This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed:  to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well."  It turns out that the Freire book is required reading in "Raza Studies" or Mexican-American courses in the high schools in Tucson, Arizona, where students have been protesting Arizona's new immigration law.

Did someone mention Bill Ayers?

Arizona governor, Obama face off.  Inside the Oval Office on Thursday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer went head-to-head with President Obama as she demanded he take more steps to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, and they failed to make headway on the state's tough new immigration law.

Is This Just a Nightmare, or Did It Really Happen?  Over the past week we witnessed presidential and congressional disloyalty without precedent in American history, events that should be indelibly imprinted on the American electorate's collective memory.  For the first time (at least to this writer's knowledge), a foreign head of state who is promoting an ongoing, aggressive, illegal, and often violent invasion of America came to our country, met with our president, and, from the White House itself, received our president's implicit but obvious public support for that invasion; and that same foreign leader spoke to Congress and received a standing ovation from its Democrat members' for his country's war on America's borders.

Radical Islamic Terrorists and America's Immigration Crisis.  At a press conference last Wednesday [5/19/2010] with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, President Barack Obama said his administration was taking a "very close look" at Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law, "for any implications, especially for civil rights."  So while the Obama Administration looks at civil rights implications, the big question to ask is will they also look at the implications of the radical Islamic terrorists in America — including those who have taken advantage of the broken U.S. immigration system?

That Ain't Hay, It's The USA.  I gave a speech for the Goldwater Institute in Tucson a few weeks back, and several people came up from the border to see me.  Like many letter writers I've heard from since, they told tales of living in remote properties where every night illegals cross their land.  They lie awake at night frightened for their children and listening for footsteps in the yard.  In effect, the sovereignty of the United States of America no longer applies in this territory — and John Morton and the Department of Homeland Security are entirely cool with that.

The Remarkable Rise of Jan Brewer.  As women have moved into the forefront of conservative politics, they have become targets for serious assaults from the left.  The treatment they receive is far worse than that given male politicians of the same order, as we have clearly seen with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.  Families, looks, personality, grooming, every last element of their lives and persons becomes fodder for some of the trashiest elements of the contemporary political scene.  No insult is too low, no attack too foul.  The gentleman has truly become an extinct species, at least on the left side of the fence.  But nothing of the sort has happened with Jan Brewer.

Lights Out In L.A.?  An Arizona official asks a good question:  If California wants to boycott Arizona over the way it enforces federal law, what about the electricity California gets from there?

Fight Illegal Immigration:  Buy from Arizona.  Sarah Palin recently said, "We're all Arizonans now."  As such, we can do our part in the fight against illegal immigration by buying products and services from Arizona.  Here are some suggestions to start.

Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona.  A top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities.

Attacks On Arizona Are Attacks On America.  From President Obama's perspective, protecting the interests of Americans who have seen their lives and property decimated by nothing less than an invasion of foreigners is somehow tantamount to a treasonous attack on the nation.

Arizona Leads the Way.  [Scroll down slowly]  One can easily see where this is headed. Once these nitwits within the administration actually get around to attempting to formulate the official challenge and find absolutely no constitutional grounds for negating this law, they will revert to the Chicago thug style politics that this administration falls back on whenever the legal system works against their wishes.  I predict here, that eventually President Obama will announce that if Arizona dares to enforce this policy, that federal dollars usually distributed to that state for school programs, highways, and employment opportunities; in short all federal dollars, will be deliberately withheld until the state knuckles under, accepts the murders, kidnappings, and continued drug trafficking; and meekly allows the mayhem the federal government desires to continue to be foisted upon their taxpaying citizens.

Why Arizona Should "Racially Profile".  Given that more than 90 percent of the illegals in Arizona hail from Mexico and Latin America, isn't "Hispanic" part of the relevant profile here?

'Humanitarian' owners never fight for fans.  What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into Suns' games without paying?  What if the owners had a good idea as to who the gate-crashers are, but the ushers and security personnel were not allowed to ask these folks to produce their ticket stubs, thus non-paying attendees couldn't be ejected?

'Los' Suns:  Stuck on Stupido.  Nothing illuminates the bankruptcy of liberalism better than liberalism itself.  The above quote was a composite of fan responses to Phoenix Sun owner Robert Sarver's idea that his team wear "Los Suns" jerseys to protest the new Arizona immigration law.  Is there any doubt how Mr. Sarver would react if what he claims to believe in were directly applied to his interests?

They must have found a lawyer who was willing to help.
16 illegals sue Arizona rancher.  An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border.

More about lawyers.

Least Successful P.R. Campaign Ever?  That is, the campaign to demonize and delegitimize Arizona's effort to enforce the immigration laws.  Notwithstanding relentless negative coverage in the press combined with positive reports on protests against the law, and condemnation by President Obama and many other prominent politicians, Rasmussen finds that nationally, 59% of voters favor a law like Arizona's.  That figure is unchanged from last week.

Texas Should Be Leading The Charge.  This whole "Boycott Arizona" garbage is getting to the point of ridiculous.  Are we so "PC" that the fear of insulting the good integrity of those fine, upstanding and law-abiding ILLEGAL aliens pouring into America has caused everyone to go completely nuts over — and totally blind to — a much needed law that deals with these criminals?

AZ governor now targets ethnic studies.  Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, already under fire for approving the nation's toughest illegal immigration law, has again run afoul of liberal activists, signing a bill Wednesday that targets ethnic studies programs in schools that critics say unfairly demean white Americans.  The law, which takes effect Dec. 31, would prohibit courses that promote resentment toward one race; that are designed for students of one race; that promote ethnic solidarity "instead of treating students as individuals;" and that encourage "the overthrow of the United States government."

Obama Dishonors Memory of Murdered Rancher Rob Krentz.  Despite the murder of Robert Krentz and the general drug-smuggling and killing carnage taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Obama welcomed Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the White House on May 19 by stating that the relationship between America and third-world Mexico is not defined by the border.

The Presidents and the Arizona Law.  We've pretty much had it with the attacks on Arizona and the self-debasement of our country by the president.  We are the United States and Arizona is our soil, part of our country.  Lately, however, there's been too much denigration of Arizona from the White House, and too much tearing down of Arizona for a law that is — if anything — more liberal than the federal law.

Getting Lectured on Human Rights by Mexico.  The Obama administration is deeply embarrassed by the legislators of Arizona. ... At a joint press conference with Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, who recently described the Arizona law as "violating the human rights of all people," President Obama delivered a message to "the American people and to the Mexican people" that his administration was taking a hard look at the "troubling" law.

Constitutionally Dangerous.  It was bad enough when states began locking people up because of crimes they might commit in the future.  Then, in 2006, Congress copied the idea, enacting a law that allows the indefinite civil commitment of federal prisoners who have completed their sentences but are deemed "sexually dangerous."

Mexico's President Has Some Nerve.  The Democrats thought that if they invited Mexican President Calderon to address a Joint Meeting of Congress this week that they could encourage him to use that solemn opportunity to take a swipe at Arizona's new immigration law.  Well it backfired.  The fact that an American administration would invite and incite a head of state to disrespect our nation is unconscionable.

What If Arizona Were Quebec?  Suppose for a moment that 15 million Americans — the population of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut combined — sneaked across the border into Quebec.  Suppose that these illegal immigrants refused to learn to speak French, that they applied for Canadian welfare, that they reproduced at a rate higher than Quebec's residents, and that they bankrupted Canada's socialized medical system.  Suppose that they sent their children to Canadian schools in such large numbers that Quebec's school system had to teach "French as a Second Language" courses.

Pro-immigration violence escalates.  Blatant falsehoods about Arizona's new immigration law keep piling up.  Not only is the substance of the law grossly distorted, the liberal media is demonizing anyone who supports the reform and minimizing any wrongs by those opposing it.  Compare the media's hostile treatment of peaceful Tea Party protests to the sometimes violent leftist demonstrations against Arizona's law.  No Tea Party demonstrators have been arrested during anti-government gatherings, and none has thrown rocks or broken bottles at police.

Arizona Congressman Declines to Answer Question about Sealing the Border.  Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), who represents a congressional district that includes 300 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, turned and walked away and did not answer when asked him whether he was committed to sealing the border against the influx of illegal drugs.

Catholic Church Facilitates Foreign Invasion.  The controversy over Arizona's immigration law should be used to highlight the shameful role of the Roman Catholic Church in facilitating the foreign invasion of the U.S.  This scandal deserves as much attention as the seemingly never-ending cases of sexual child abuse involving priests.

The Arizona Law and The Truth.  What many on the side of illegals cannot seem to grasp, is that allowing illegals to take advantage of our health care, education, welfare, and food stamps is not only draining the border states, but it is, once again, creating a sub culture of the poor dependent on the government.  Not to mention that our policies have allowed the exploitation of Mexican workers.

The Arizona Uproar.  Last Friday [4/23/2010], Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070, making it a crime to be in the state illegally and requiring cops, where "reasonable suspicion" exists, to determine a person's legal status.  Rev. Al Sharpton is promising to come to Arizona to march, the New York Times says that the state has gone "off the deep end," and the Nazi references are flying.

Arizona acts as Washington dithers.  On April 23, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law S.B. 1070, sponsored by state Sen. Russell Pearce.  The law makes it a state crime for an alien to commit certain federal immigration violations while in Arizona.  However, based on the hyperventilating reaction of the open-borders left, one would think Arizona had constructed a police state.  Protesters took to the streets in Arizona displaying Mexican flags, chanting "Si se puede" and carrying signs saying, "Legalize Arizona."  Media hound Al Sharpton declared that he would organize "freedom walkers" to challenge the law.

Joe Arpaio and Al Sharpton's immigration road show.  The national debate over immigration is being framed by a deeply personal and long-running argument between two of its most polarizing figures:  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

New Flavor, Same Race Hustler.  Even as the Rev. Al Sharpton is being touted as the Obama Administration's latest — and increasingly connected — ally on race relations, some are wondering if his presence on the scene of the Arizona immigration debate is hurting more than helping as heated battle lines over the state's tough new law are drawn...

More about Race-based Political Opportunism.

Immigration Law:  What The Media Fail To Report.  Media coverage of Arizona's new immigration law has become so bad that even some Republicans, like Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida, have criticized the law.  Most news reports make it seem as if any Arizona cop can mosey up to any Hispanic and ask for his immigration papers.

Desperate Dems Turn up the Heat on Amnesty.  Democrats are desperately attempting to make the Arizona state crackdown on illegal immigration a national election-year issue.  The border violence is already a big issue for voters, but not in the way Dems would like.

Arizona Has It Right.  In the absence of any real border enforcement by the federal government, Arizona rightfully took matters into their own hands and passed a law that whereby Arizona cops can demand to see immigration papers from people they stop.  Good for Arizona.  Other states, especially border states, should follow their lead.

Whose Country Is This?  With the support of 70 percent of its citizens, Arizona has ordered sheriffs and police to secure the border and remove illegal aliens, half a million of whom now reside there.  Arizona acted because the U.S. government has abdicated its constitutional duty to protect the states from invasion and refuses to enforce America's immigration laws.

Arizona to Obama:  Do your job.  To hear liberal critics talk, it would be easy to think the state of Arizona unleashed anti-Latino posses to detain all brown-skinned people, demand their proof of citizenship and toss them in jail if the answers aren't satisfactory.  The real story is more sober.

Praising Arizona (In Border Battle).  Arizona moves to protect its citizens from a raging border war, and the administration and its activist supporters cry racism.  Why is antelope protection more important than protecting American lives?

How Mexico treats its illegal immigrants.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon has accused Arizona of opening the door "to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement."  But Arizona has nothing on Mexico when it comes to cracking down on illegal aliens.  While open-borders activists decry new enforcement measures signed into law in "Nazi-zona" last week, they remain deaf, dumb or willfully blind to the unapologetically restrictionist policies of our neighbors to the south.

The Next Woman on the Left's Hate List.  Expect to see Governor Brewer portrayed all over the liberal media as both inarticulate and intellectually challenged.  Within days it's likely someone will step forward claiming to have overheard Brewer sharing that from the porch of the Governor's mansion, she can see Mexico.

The Great Arizona Shootout.  It is not politically correct, but it has to be said.  The impetus to furious objections to the new Arizona law that makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally is primarily an effort by the organized Latino community to expand its political base and thus power.  In this intense effort the Hispanic leaders have enlisted the support of elements in the Democrat party that enjoy an expanded and dependable voting bloc, and those in the Republican Party who seek to maintain an ever ready pool of cheap and/or seasonal labor.

Message From Arizona:  Don't Tread On Me.  President Obama's criticism last Friday [4/23/2010] of a piece of Arizona state legislation — criticism that came before the Governor had even made a decision about the bill — is further evidence that, for him, the needs and preferences of the individual states are rather irrelevant.  Yet it is this very sort of arrogant disregard for the states that led to Arizona's controversial new illegal immigration bill in the first place, and the President's remarks serve to rub yet more salt into a wound that has been festering for years.

Unprecedented:  Arizona Governor Declares Crime Illegal.  Disheartened Democrats, frustrated by their inability to find violence among Tea Partiers have now turned their boundless supply of venom toward Arizona governor, Jan Brewer — sponsor of the new apartheid and facilitator of the next Holocaust — if one is mindless enough to take Democrat caterwauling seriously.  Governor Brewer, whose state is literally under siege, took the bold step of singing a bill which declares breaking the law to be illegal.

Janet Napolitano Lied, Rob Krentz Died.  Rancher Rob Krentz spent his life working on his 35,000-acre cattle ranch by the border with Mexico in Cochise County, Ariz.  His family had owned the ranch since 1907.  He died there last weekend, he and his dog shot by an illegal alien that he was trying to help.  The Arizona Cattle Growers' Association immediately posted a $15,000 reward.  The Monday before Rob Krentz was killed, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, made a speech claiming "significant progress" in controlling violence along the border.  It was a lie.

Obama's war on Sherrif Joe Arpaio:  You may have heard of Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been a one man border enforcement machine — doing the job the feds refuse to do.  Well, Joe got himself in a spot of trouble with Obama administration immigration enforcement officials at Homeland Security by rounding up 13 illegal immigrants and trying to deliver them to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.  One would think that ICE would be grateful to Sheriff Joe for doing their work for them.

16 illegals sue Arizona rancher.  An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border.  Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.

Your Land Is Their Land.  Our southern border is so out of control you can now be sued by those illegally entering the country and trespassing on your property.  Illegal aliens, it seems, have a right to interstate travel.

Rancher ruling adds to border debate.  Arizona rancher Roger Barnett initially faced the possibility of paying $32 million to compensate several illegal immigrants he stopped at gunpoint on his land.  He walked away instead with a verdict that rejected any notion he violated the trespassers' civil rights and affirmed that U.S. citizens can still detain aliens crossing the border.  What remains to be seen, though, is what impact the $77,800 in damages that a jury Tuesday ordered Mr. Barnett to pay will have on America's larger immigration debate and the efforts of some illegals to get compensation from a country they aren't even allowed to enter.

Older news and commentary:

Mexican soldiers enter U.S., hold agent briefly.  Four Mexican soldiers crossed into a remote area of Arizona and briefly held a U.S. Border Patrol agent at gunpoint before realizing where they were and returning to Mexico, U.S. authorities said.

Border patrol agent held at gunpoint.  A U.S. Border Patrol agent was held at gunpoint Sunday night [8/3/2008] by members of the Mexican military who had crossed the border into Arizona, but the soldiers returned to Mexico without incident when backup agents responded to assist.  Agents assigned to the Border Patrol station at Ajo, Ariz., said the Mexican soldiers crossed the international border in an isolated area about 100 miles southwest of Tucson and pointed rifles at the agent, who was not identified.

Illegals begin leaving Arizona as new law approaches.  For the first time, Mexican officials in Arizona admit there is hard evidence illegal immigrants are preparing to leave the state because a new employer sanctions law is making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to keep a job.

Arizona slams door on illegal immigrants.  As it has become the favorite entry point for undocumented migrants trying to sneak into the United States, Arizona has become a laboratory for whether a state can single-handedly combat illegal immigration.  In recent years it has barred illegal immigrants from receiving government services, from winning punitive damages in lawsuits and from posting bail for serious crimes.

Scottsdale Arizona cops ask citizenship proof.  Police in suburban Scottsdale have begun routinely asking for proof of citizenship from every suspect they arrest and turning those who are in this country illegally over to federal immigration officials.  The procedure was started Oct. 15, a result of the September killing of Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle by an illegal immigrant, Erik Jovani Martinez.

Border fence delay challenged.  A California congressman yesterday called on Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to override a ruling by a federal judge ordering the delay of construction of security fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona.

Two Towns Adopt English as the Official Language.  Less than one week after Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved making English the official language of the state, two towns — Farmers Branch, Texas and Taneytown, Md. — declared English as their official language Monday evening.  Both measures call for the town government to do official business overwhelmingly in English, with common sense exemptions consistent with federal and state law, such as emergency services.

Man says he illegally crossed border 4 times in 10 days.  Aurelio Solorzano-Ovando, 35, told officials that three of those crossings resulted in arrests by Border Patrol agents, who released him in Mexico.  Deputies arrested Solorzano-Ovando and 11 other undocumented immigrants Thursday in the far-west Valley on suspicion of conspiring to smuggle themselves into the country.

Bill would make illegal immigrants criminals.  The Arizona House gave final approval Thursday night [5/25/2006] to a bill that would criminalize the presence of illegal immigrants in the state and provide $160 million for the effort.

Some Mexican Migrants Turning to Bicycles.  Many illegal immigrants no longer hike.  They bike.  The 110-degree heat and rough terrain of the Arizona desert would exhaust the fittest of cyclists, but these migrants are often middle-aged housewives or farmers, riding battered second-hand bikes for 30 or 40 miles.

Sensing change, migrants rush to the border.  Mexicans are hurrying to Arizona anticipating passage of a guest-worker plan.

Arizona Weighs Options for Border Patrol.  As public frustration grows over the state's porous border with Mexico, the once-rejected notion of using state police to supplement federal patrols is gaining traction.  One state lawmaker's plan includes $20 million for the Arizona Department of Public Safety to run a 100-member squad to operate surveillance equipment, construct border barriers, target drug and immigrant smugglers and perhaps patrol the border.

Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona.  U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens along the section of the Arizona border where protesters patrolled last month because an increase in apprehensions there would prove the effectiveness of Minuteman volunteers, The Washington Times has learned.

Migrant crashes tax UMC resources.  Southern Arizona's only Level 1 trauma center expects to be "slammed" again at any moment, as it was yesterday morning after a rollover crash in Santa Cruz County killed four illegal immigrants.  The nine most critically injured in the crash, all adults, were airlifted to University Medical Center in Tucson early yesterday morning [4/20/2006].

Arizona to Clamp Down Even Harder on Illegals.  Four months after residents voted to deny some government benefits to illegal immigrants, advocates for limiting immigration are pressing lawmakers to enact even more restrictions on those who sneak into the country.

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Other items yet to be categorized:

The media's immigration blunders"ILLEGAL ALIEN QUESTIONED IN CHANDRA LEVY CASE."  Did you miss that headline in the news last week?  Well, that's because no one ran it.

How an older citizen might view illegals:  Harold is a white retiree who … hates illegal immigration with a bitter passion. … "Already we have these Mexican gangs, we have people working illegally, we have people buying fake documents, stealing people's identities.  We have signs in Spanish, stores where they only speak Spanish.  It's got to stop or our country will end up as lawless and corrupt as their country.  Old guys like me who played by the rules are going to die off.  The young people will have learned all their lives that illegal isn't bad, it's OK.  If you decide something is unfair, or you want a better life, just break the law, that's the way to get ahead."

The national silence on immigration.  There are two things every American should know about Virginia's governor's race:  1) It's the first sizable political contest to turn, largely, on the issue of illegal immigration.  2) As such, it spotlights the pathetic state of political discourse on the subject.

Highway stops yielding illegal aliens.  During one four-day period in May, troopers around the state [of Pennsylvania] stopped and detained 117 illegal aliens while running a special enforcement detail.

American Media Waking Up To Immigration!  We've long had the public on our side, but the media elite have blocked free discussion of immigration.  The ice, though, is finally starting to crack.

Is your security guard an illegal alien?  Is the private security guard watching over your home or office an illegal alien?  If so, is the government doing enough to fix the problem?

There's a Spreading Backlash Against Illegal Aliens.  As the border continues to be punctured by illicit crossings, and as immigrants spread to places unaccustomed to or unprepared for the influx, a local backlash is building.  The moves, ranging from police arrests in New Hampshire to community activism in Tennessee, point to a sharp political divide.

Trade Goods, Not Insults.  The real news is that, during the countries' national anthems, the Mexican fans booed "The Star Spangled Banner."  Some even chanted "Osama, Osama" after we scored our only goal.  Shame on them.  But in that shame, an opportunity.  After all, if they're booing our national anthem on a Sunday, maybe they've decided to remain in Mexico, rather than make a run for the U.S. border on Monday.

Selling out black Americans:  "We, black Americans are being displaced in Los Angeles," [Terry] Anderson told an indifferent Congress.  "We are being systematically and economically replaced.  And the next time somebody tells you that the illegals only take jobs that blacks won't do, just remember that we were doing those jobs before the illegals got here."

What Jobs Won't Americans Do?  One reason we're supposed to rejoice at the pitter-patter of illegal feet is that foreigners are only coming here to "do jobs Americans won't do."  It's one of those basic assumptions upon which the argument in favor of forgetting we have borders, a culture and laws rests, and even President Bush mentioned this "truth" while speaking about immigration reform recently.  And, undoubtedly, there are certain immutable laws of economics.  Only, this isn't one of them.

After reading about the protest rallies that everybody's talking about lately, be sure to visit SOS Borders.  They're as outraged as anyone, and determined to do something about the illegal immigration situation.

Illegals and the Election.  Thanks in large part to Governor Jan Brewer's bold action in signing SB 1070, immigration is shaping up as the issue of the 2010 election.  More than the economy, more than terrorism ... illegal immigration has become the arena in which the upcoming election will be fought.

Border Charade.  There's something disingenuous about the president's plan to deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to the Arizona border to help the Border Patrol catch illegal aliens.  His director of immigration and customs enforcement, John Morton, has said he might not enforce immigration crimes reported by Arizona officials, though the state's new law merely copies federal law.

Obama's Pro-Terror Policies and Arizona.  In case after case, we can see the Obama administration's pro-terror policies here and abroad — from forcing U.S. soldiers to mirandize known enemy combatants on foreign fields of battle — to their insistence upon national tolerance for a so-called "religion of peace," and their ongoing redefining of "terrorist" to include only American citizens who still believe in their Constitution.  But their most deadly pro-terror policy is their assault on U.S. Immigration Laws and the people and states who want them enforced immediately.

Rule of Law in Dramatic Come Back, Thanks to SB 1070!  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer may very well go down in history as America's 21st century version of Paul Revere.  Borrowing from Paul Revere's clarion warning that, "The British are coming!" the good governor has been a leader in alerting Americans to the fact that "The illegal aliens are coming!"  In fact, of course, they, approximately 12-38 million strong, are already occupying (illegally) large swaths of the great American landscape.

Will the United Nations try to intervene over Arizona's new immigration law?  On the one hand, Arizona state Sen. Amanda Aguirre, a Democrat, is leading a delegation of Mexican and Arizonan lawmakers in appealing her state's strict new immigration law to the United Nations as a possible human rights violation, a radical step that has earned her ignominy among some conservatives concerned about American sovereignty.  On the other, Aguirre is an avid defender of the Bush administration's border fence, which she says has cut down border crossings, protecting the community she represents from a drug war always on the verge of spilling over into America.

Obama to Arizona Governor:  Don't Call Me, I'll Call You.  President Obama has turned down Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's request to meet while she's in Washington next week as tensions mount between his administration and Arizona over the state's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Obama the Abject.  President Obama promised us we would make history.  We certainly have.  Last week, he invited Mexican President Felipe Calderón to the White House.  There, in the presence of his foreign guest, President Obama humiliated himself and us by his attacks on the new Arizona law passed to cope with illegal immigrants.  But it got worse.  Soon, Calderón was invited to address a joint session of Congress.  There, in the well of the House of Representatives, the Mexican leader himself sharply criticized Arizona's law.  He was applauded by Democrats from both houses, even given a standing ovation.

Leave Arizona Alone.  As a nation of immigrants, we are pro-immigrant, but anti-illegal immigration.  We have as much right as any other land to control our own borders and to expel anyone who comes here in a less than legal manner.  If you want in, get in line with the rest of the law-abiding people, pay your fees, and don't come here demanding what your own homeland won't provide for you.

Enemy of the States.  [Scroll down slowly]  The federal government is willfully obstructionist and incompetent when it comes to securing the border.  Border patrol agents need to wait for the Parks Service before they can enter the parkland and preserve what makes up the vast majority of the Arizona border area, leaving huge gaps where drugs and people swarm north.

ABC Sets Up Sting Operation to Find Racism; Hires Actor to Play a Bigot.  ABC and reporter John Quinones on Thursday stretched the bounds of journalism, hiring an actor to play a racist security guard as a way of testing how the people of Arizona would react to the state's "anti-immigration law."

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