George W. Bush Won the 2000 Election
...but how can you tell?

This is simply a continuation of page one, where I have listed a number of similarities between the policies of George W. Bush and those of his alleged opponents in the openly socialist Democratic party.  The first page grew to such a size that I thought it might be good to put some of the material over here, so that you can get the general idea from page one, but you can get much more material here if you're still not convinced.  This also helps those who have slow dial-up internet service, because the pages load faster this way.

Myths to Vote By:  What is a voter supposed to do after she's figured out that the candidates most likely to win routinely lie about their agendas, do precisely the opposite of what they say, and behave remarkably like their opponents when in office?

Bush Administration Puts Environmentalists Before Law.  Two years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a historic ruling limiting the power of federal regulators to push aside local and state land-use officials.  The court's ruling was an honest, common-sense interpretation of federal law and the Constitution.  Unfortunately, this week the Bush administration declined to force the bureaucrats to comply.  Instead, it buckled to the constant pressure from environmental extremists.

GOP slams Bush policies at retreat.  House lawmakers, stunned by the intensity of their constituents' displeasure at some of Mr. Bush's key domestic policies, gave his political strategist Karl Rove an earful behind closed doors.

Spending Our Future Tax Cuts?  Not too long ago, conservative lawmakers talked about enacting new tax cuts each and every year of the Bush administration.  The White House has been led by a President who fought for the second largest tax cut in history … and then came back and enacted the third largest tax reduction.  We had hope for continued tax reform and lower tax burdens on all working Americans.  Today that bright future of less government, lower taxes, and more freedom is threatened by an uncontrolled congressional spending spree.

Bush gives the country away:  Joseph Farah says, "President Bush's plan to legalize 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens — maybe considerably more — is one of the most irresponsible, dangerous, reckless proposals to come out of Washington in my lifetime."

Before opening the borders, seal up the wombs!  What is the dirty little secret that the Bush administration doesn't tell you about its proposed "temporary" guest-worker program?  These workers will come here in the prime of life and, while they are in our country as temporary workers, they will have babies, who immediately become U.S. citizens.  These workers may be poor, but they are not stupid!  Can U.S. citizens be deported?  Of course not!

Walks Like a Duck; Talks Like a Duck...  Open borders, illegal immigration, and most recently, Bush's proposal for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens.  Immigration, illegal or legal, results in the homogenization of individual nation's populations and cultures and loss of identity: religion, history, language, political and economic systems. Open borders/illegal immigration has been an essential pillar of world government for over 200 years and without it world government cannot happen.

2004 is a time for choosing.  In 1996 Democrat Bill Clinton became the first president to sign a law repealing a major entitlement (Aid to Families with Dependent Children, repealed as part of welfare reform).  And in 2003 his Republican successor signed a law creating a major entitlement (to prescription drug benefits).  Regarding the post-New Deal role of the federal government, the differences between the parties have narrowed.

Walks like amnesty, talks like amnesty, it must be amnesty.  The White House's intention to grant legal status to non-citizens who have entered the country illegally was sharply criticized by American Conservative Union chairman David A. Keene.  "The Bush Administration would have us believe that this move toward legalizing the status of illegal immigrants-lawbreakers-will curb the flow of illegal immigration and enhance our border security. Nothing could be further from the truth," said Keene.

Bush Immigration Plan is a Bad Idea.  I am against President Bush's newly announced plan to revise America's immigration system, but what's worse is that I don't think I even understand his motivations behind it — either on substance or politically.

More Children Left Behind:  Despite a 20-year record of failure, Title I funding was reauthorized in the No Child Left Behind Act.  Federal spending on education has grown by $11 billion since President Bush took office.

George W's spending problem:  Where the Bush administration has behaved irresponsibly is by initiating a new government entitlement program to subsidize prescription drugs for the elderly.  This is not a one-time outlay, but one that will burden taxpayers forever.

President Bush promised fiscal responsibility, but ...  The Republican Party took control of Congress with the 1994 Republican Contract with America on the idea that government "is too big, too intrusive, and too easy with the public's money."  Almost a decade later, with control of the White House, the Republicans in power have turned around and created the largest budget and deficits this county has ever seen.

P.C. Insanity at the Pentagon:  Thanks to President Bush's executive order allowing non-citizen soldiers to obtain expedited naturalization benefits, Pvt. Juan Escalante — an admitted, two-time lawbreaker — will be rewarded with American citizenship.

The Waffling, Wobbling Bushes.  Both Big and Little Bush tried to get everyone to like them.  Bush Sr. did it by reversing himself on taxes.  Bush Jr. is doing it by expanding the welfare state on the levels of the Great Society and the New Deal.  These Bushes will never learn.

Bush Administration Defends Clinton Executive Order.  Attacks against President Clinton's proclamation restricting access to seven national monuments and millions of acres of public land have reached the Supreme Court, where President Bush's administration is defending the discretion Mr. Bush once denounced.

The "Party of Reagan"?  "Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie… said in no uncertain terms that the days of Reaganesque Republican railings against the expansion of federal government are over.  No longer does the Republican Party stand for shrinking the federal government, for scaling back its encroachment into the lives of Americans, or for carrying the banner of federalism into the political battles of the day.  … The party's unofficial but clear message to conservatives is:  Where else are you going to go?"

Ten years after the "Contract With America".  When Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, it was widely hailed as a revolution.  Now, 10 years later, it is looking more and more like a coup d'etat that only changed the leadership while leaving everything else unchanged. … It looks more and more like the Republicans have become the Democrats they overthrew in 1994.

 Reference material:   The text of the Republican Contract with America.

At what price?  Do we want another Taft or Nixon, who imposed liberal policies no Democratic president could achieve as the price for keeping a Republican in the White House?

Congress Approves Huge Expansion of Medicare:  Congress early today [06/27/2003] approved the biggest expansion of Medicare since its creation nearly four decades ago.  Seen as a political victory for President Bush and breaking six years of political gridlock, the Senate and House passed competing legislation to provide prescription drug benefits to elders and give private health plans a much larger role in the program.

America is for aliens.  Sen. Robert Byrd's amendment to the homeland security appropriations to provide $125 million to put 1,300 customs inspectors to help patrol our borders was rejected by the Bush administration as "too expensive."  The same day, President Bush made an "emergency request" for $150 million to pay for "border inspections personnel" on Iraq's borders.

Why is Bush perpetuating Clinton policies?  Why is President Bush continuing policies that were initiated by President Clinton?  The voters elected Bush to change obnoxious Clinton policies, and the voters don't understand why Bush is keeping [these] seven in force.

Uh oh, Ted Kennedy loves the Medicare bill.  Republicans in Congress seem to have convinced themselves that they have to have a drug subsidy bill to keep control.  And the Bush administration has irresponsibly signaled that it will sign any bill, no matter how bad.

Bush supports racist affirmative action.  President Bush commented on the Supreme Court ruling yesterday [6/23/2003] stating, "I applaud the Supreme Court for recognizing the value of diversity on our Nation's campuses.  Diversity is one of America's greatest strengths."

Penny-Wise/Pound-Foolish:  Bush Sanctions Democrat Spending Principles.  What is the point, Republicans ask, of having control of the White House and Congress if it is just to enact Democrat big spending programs?

Bush's spending binges:  Bush has an annoying habit of opposing proposals on the grounds they're bad policy or too expensive only to end up supporting them when the pressure gets too intense.  He opposed federalizing airport security workers and then agreed to do it anyway.  He resisted extending unemployment benefits and then reversed course.  He was against a prescription drug benefit under Medicare and now he favors one.

Web site:  Conservatives Against Bush  was founded to propound the conservative principles that this administration has forsaken.  This President has expanded the welfare state, saddled future generations with debt, eroded some of our basic freedoms, and waged a spurious war in Iraq that in the end did not make the U.S. any safer.  We seek to reenergize conservatives, so they will press for change in this administration.

Bush Acquiesces To Homosexual Agenda — Do Conservatives Care?  Christian conservatives regard President George W. Bush as a committed Christian and staunch conservative.  This is very perplexing as Bush's track record on numerous key conservative issues is less than stellar, to put it mildly.

"Gay" Republicans hail White House access:  The leader of the nation's most well-known homosexual Republican organization says his group is consulted on nearly a weekly basis by the White House.

Homosexual Lobbyist in White House?  If So, Who Is It?  Thanks to the controversy surrounding recent actions in the Republican Party, the issue of homosexuality appears to have moved to the front of the conservative, pro-family debate.  Long-time supporters of the GOP are asking:  Does my party really believe in traditional values? Or is it just lip service?

Sidebar discussion:  AIDS in Africa

There is no provision in the Constitution for spending billions of dollars on some other country's medical problems.  (Not that the Constitution matters any more…)  The whole purpose of making a proposal to fight AIDS in Africa is to win the political support of people who have an emotional connection to either Africa or AIDS.  It is simply a means of buying votes.

Bush:  Spend $15 Billion on Foreigners' AIDS.  President Bush called on Congress Tuesday [04/29/2003] to pass in the next month a five-year, $15 billion initiative to "turn the tide" against AIDS worldwide, saying the disease threatens to destabilize whole regions of the globe.

"Destabilize whole regions"?  Consider the ways that AIDS is acquired and spread.  Even without the associated diseases, is that the kind of behavior which leads to regional stability?  Also notice "turn the tide" is doublespeak, meaning "this is just a down payment".

 Update:   Bush Signs $15 Billion Bill to Fight AIDS:  "We are the nation of the Marshall Plan, the Berlin airlift and the Peace Corps and now we are the nation of the emergency plan for AIDS relief," Bush said at the State Department….

Yes, and we are the nation of the multi-trillion dollar national debt.  This country does not have enough money to "stabilize" every region of the world.  It can't be done with money anyway.

President Bush's $15 Billion Package to Fight AIDS in Africa:  Pardon my lack of enthusiasm.  It was only last year that this same president passed a gluttonous $246 billion farm subsidies bill, legislation that's loaded with political patronage, and that will wreak far more devastation on the African continent than this AIDS legislation could ever hope to make better.

Incidentally, AIDS appears to have originated in Africa, perhaps as long ago as 1930, and was then carried to the US and Haiti, where it thrives on prostitution, homosexual behavior and IV drug use.  [1] [2] [3]

White House Accused of Appeasing, Pandering to Homosexual Lobby:  The Family Research Council (FRC) says the latest incident involves the apparent willingness of the Bush Administration to cave in to homosexuals' demands for changes to the controversial $15 billion international AIDS bill.  FRC quotes a report which says the president is ready to endorse the idea of using taxpayers' dollars for condom handout schemes in Africa — a move, it says, that will just make it more difficult to pass amendments promoting abstinence and monogamy.

Bush Pushes $15 Billion AIDS Bill, Condom Provisions Included.  President Bush and Republicans in Congress have agreed to triple international AIDS funding despite objections from social conservatives that the bill favors condom use over abstinence.

Bush Policy's Newest Critics - Conservatives.  While the administration isn't surprised when it's being assailed by left-wingers for what liberals claim are increasingly draconian assaults on civil liberties, it has been surprised by a similar chorus from more and more members of the traditional right wing.

Libertarians Count Policy Initiatives in Bush's State of the Union Address:  "With a laundry list of proposals for 'hydrogen-powered automobiles' and 'the training and recruiting of mentors' and drug treatment programs,' the president showed little respect for the appropriate limits on the size and scope of the federal government," the Cato Institute's Executive Vice President David Boaz said in a press release.

Bush White House, Clinton White House… No Difference on Homosexuality.  The American Family Association is accusing the Bush Administration of having a blind spot on an issue of critical importance to Christians:  the homosexual movement.

President Bush Praises Islam:  Bush: "Islam is a religion that brings hope and comfort to more than a billion people around the world.  It has made brothers and sisters of every race.  It has given birth to a rich culture of learning and literature and science."

Bush Is Planning to Give Social Security to Mexicans:  If The Bush administration caves in to pressure from the Mexican government thousands of Mexicans living south of the border will be getting an estimated $1 billion in Social Security checks annually.

Social Security Heading South of the Border:  If top officials at the State Department and Social Security Administration have their way, up to $345  billion —or more — could be siphoned from the Social Security "trust fund" over the couple decades, mostly to pay benefits to Mexican citizens who worked illegally in the United States.

White House Wants Clamp on Clinton Pardons Scandal:  The Bush administration is moving to quash any public airing of such scandalous pardons as that of fugitive Marc Rich, and the sleazy activities of first brother Roger Clinton in trying to arrange pardons-for-a-fee for convicted felons.  And a critic alleges that it is a result of "a tacit agreement between the Clinton-ites and the Bush-ites not to probe too deeply into each others affairs."

George W. - Master of Disguise:  Spouting patriotic rhetoric and enjoying the support of fellow Republicans, George W. Bush has masqueraded as a conservative while actually advancing a liberal agenda.

Kiss your money goodbye:  While our attention has been focused on Osama bin Laden and other threats, our leaders have been shoveling the lard at favored constituencies — and bloating the leviathan in Washington.

 Sidebar:   The National Debt, Down To the Penny.  Does anyone care that it is rapidly approaching seven trillion dollars?

Discriminating Against American Culture:  On Aug. 11, 2000, President Clinton signed Executive Order 13166, which requires federal agencies and any other entities that receive federal funds to make their programs and activities "accessible" to non-English speaking persons.  The order provides that entities that do not comply are guilty of discriminating on the basis of national origin in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Are you outraged yet?  You probably assume that President Bush will just revoke this ill-conceived fiat and be done with it.  But no.  The order remains in full force and effect.

The Real Bush Record:  By most accounts, George W. Bush is an arch-conservative busily dismantling the liberal, big government legacy of the Clinton-Gore years.  But the record compiled by the new administration during its first six months in office shows that the media-generated conservative image is only skin deep.

 New!   The July 4th surrender:  Forty-eight hours after handing the U.N. an ultimatum — either U.S. troops get immunity from the International Criminal Court, or we veto the U.N. mission in Bosnia — President Bush backed down.  The globalists called our bluff, and America threw in its hand.

George "Ticketron" Bush:  President Bush's strong response to the September 11 attacks has formed a Texas-size advertisement for his re-election.  Less noticeable has been Bush's betrayal of the conservative ideals that were supposed to animate his domestic policy with meaning.

Conservatives not satisfied with Bush's record:  Eager to set a bipartisan tone in Congress and avoid legislative gridlock, Mr. Bush signed an education bill that was stripped of many of its conservative reforms, such as private-school vouchers.  He has also signed other pieces of legislation criticized by conservatives, such as campaign-finance reform, massive federal farm subsidies and higher tariffs on steel.

What Would Al Gore Do?  Imagine for a moment what Al Gore might have done by now had he been allowed to steal the election in Florida a year and a half ago.  Does anyone doubt for a moment that Gore would have signed into law virtually every expensive scheme concocted by the Democrats over the last fifteen months?

Bush Security Plan Parallels Clinton-Gore Proposal:  Some members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, were surprised by President Bush's proposed consolidation of federal law enforcement and civil defense capabilities under a new cabinet level Department of Homeland Security.  But some are even more surprised to learn the plan has much in common with a nine-year-old idea hatched in the Clinton-Gore administration, which proposed a significant expansion of domestic police powers.

Bush Backs Racial Preferences:  Contradicting a campaign pledge, the Bush administration backs constitutionally dubious racial set-asides of government contracts.

Clinton-Cohen Holdovers Push Liberal Agenda at DoD:  Clintonoids push leftist agenda at the Pentagon. Lame-duck Defense Secretary William Cohen quietly acted to perpetuate the influence of Pentagon feminists well into the Bush administration.

Overextended Military:  Is This the Bush Administration or Clinton Administration II?  During his campaign for president, George W. Bush blasted the Clinton/Gore administration for straining the U.S. armed forces with too many deployments overseas and promised to pare those military obligations.  Yet in the name of fighting terrorism, he is expanding the U.S. military presence overseas faster than Bill Clinton ever dreamed of doing.

Executive Order 13224:  President Bush Declares Another State of Emergency:  President Bush issued a new executive order declaring another state of national emergency and invoking certain additional standby powers.  President Bush relies on actions of the United Nations as a principal source of his authority to defend the United States.  This curious practice perpetuates the approach taken by President Clinton.

Is Clinton's Justice Department Entering its Tenth Year?  The Congressional Western Caucus recently met at the White House to express disappointment over Bush's failure to reverse Clinton's "War on the West."  Realizing that Bush is fighting a war on western civilization, the Members remained disturbed that policy changes have not occurred, either in the field or in the courtroom.

Liberal NY Senator Considered for Arts Post:  New York State Senator Roy Goodman was tight-lipped Thursday on press reports that he is under consideration by President George Bush to become the next head of the National Endowment for the Arts.

 Editor's Note:   Why does the National Endowment for the Arts still exist?

Limbaugh excoriates Bush on global warming:  Talk-show host wonders aloud how things might have been different under Gore.

Bush Has Only Days to Stop Global Criminal Court:  President Bush has only a few days to decide whether to "unsign" a treaty that enables strangers in far-off lands to try Americans on any number of charges. This time bomb against the constitutional rights of American citizens is one of many booby traps the lame-duck Clinton administration left behind for President Bush.

Clinton's Last-Minute Executive Orders Broke the Law.  In the final weeks of his presidency, former president Clinton issued a spate of executive orders (EOs) that a top conservative think tank tells President Bush are either illegal, improper or just plain political documents, and that many should be junked.

(Have any been retracted?)

Pilots Beg Bush to Allow Guns:  America's airline pilots are imploring President Bush to let them carry firearms to protect themselves and passengers from terrorists.  Though most Americans are pro-choice on this issue, the White House is not.

Bush Loosens Proposal on Medical Privacy:  Doctors and hospitals could disclose private information about patients and provide medical services without prior consent under the Bush administration's proposed revisions of Clinton-era patient "privacy" rules. The administration is gutting privacy, critics protested.

Bush Criticized For Not Keeping Word On Veto Threat:  Sixteen members of the House Republican Study Committee are criticizing President Bush for going back on his word regarding a veto of campaign finance legislation that passed the Senate Wednesday [3/20/2002].

Bush's Un-American and Immoral call for "National Service":  The movement to demand "national service" from our youth contradicts the principle of individualism, on which America was founded.

Bush Wants $190 Billion More for Medicare:  President Bush on Monday [28/Jan/2002] said he would ask Congress for $190 billion to revamp the Medicare system.

Bush Shields Clinton Scandals:  The Bush administration, citing executive privilege for the first time, refused Thursday to honor subpoenas from a House committee investigating campaign finance violations in the Clinton administration and the use of informants in organized crime investigations.

White House Hides Clinton Fund-raising Scandal From Congress:  The House Government Reform Committee on Thursday [9/6/2001] prepared to subpoena the Bush administration for documents relating to Justice Department investigations of the Clinton administration's fund-raising scandal.  But the White House said it was prepared to invoke executive privilege to keep the documents secret, shocking congressional investigators.

Bush marks end of Ramadan:  With the United States on alert against possible attacks coinciding with the end of Ramadan, President Bush held a ceremony at the White House with Muslims to mark the end of their holy month.

What is Dubya hiding?:  What is it about the Clinton-era campaign finance scandals that leaders from both major parties don't want revealed?  That's the most pertinent question any American can ask in politics right now, mostly because of the recent behavior of President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Resurrecting the imperial presidency?:  While he made a few rhetorical gestures in that direction, anybody who thought George W. Bush was running as a limited-government conservative, even during the campaign, was seriously deluded.  Dubya's major attraction to conservatives was that he wasn't Al Gore.

A Really Bad Case of Gas:  After campaigning to restore sound science, reason and responsiveness to the regulatory process, the "Reformer with Results" is now standing by one of the dumbest, top-down environmental edicts on the books.

Bush Open to Accepting Illegal Aliens:  President Bush said Thursday [9/6/2001] he was "willing to consider" ways for millions of lawbreaking Mexican illegal aliens to become permanent U.S. residents, but he would not agree to come up with a plan by the end of the year.

W. Wimps Out on Guns:  The GOP president was silent about the untold number of gun shootings committed every year in self-defense.  Just two weeks ago, a 12-year-old girl in Clarksdale, Miss., saved her mother's life when she shot and killed an abusive ex-boyfriend who had forced his way into the apartment and started choking her mom.

GOP Summer Madness:  If present immigration continues, Liberalism will be set in concrete, and fruitless will be all our labor in the causes for which we are all so passionate.  Abortion?  With nothing but liberal presidents in the future, and with the unbroken string of liberal Supreme Court judges that they will appoint, Roe vs. Wade will be beyond challenge.  Similarly there would be no hope for prayer in school, for lower taxes or smaller government, or for a general raising of our national morals and ethics.

From a Melting Pot to a Chamber Pot:  What Clinton/Gore did not dare do for fear of Republican demagoguery, Bush celebrates.  The legalization of millions, no tens of millions, of law-breaking illegal aliens!

The Costs Of NAFTA Are Driving Home:  State politicians and federal judges are going the limit to protect us all from the horrendous highway hazards of talking on cell phones and not wearing seat belts.  How about manifesting an equal enthusiasm to protect us against an invasion of 4.5 million large trucks that have not passed U.S. safety inspections?

Schoolhouse Crock:  Why George W. Bush's education reforms won't change anything.  President Bush has proposed to increase the Department of Education's budget by 11 percent, to $44.5 billion.  Assuming his budget is passed as is, Title I, which continues to be the largest single item in the federal education budget, would spend approximately $10 billion for a program that has consistently failed to produce any measurable results for close to four decades.

Liberals Refuse to Get Over Election:  Once upon a time winners won, losers lost, and that's how elections worked.  Today, leftists in Congress demand President Bush appoint those who opposed him.  They're not quibbling about a job or two here or there.  They're talking about — pitching a fit about — his ability to staff hundreds of critical federal positions.

The people who tried to mandate 1.6 gallon toilets are now pushing politically correct washing machines.

Tell Big Brother To Get Out Of Our Washing Machines.

Bush administration supports racial preferences:  Never-Ending Supreme Court Case Has Bush Fighting for Affirmative Action.  Back when he was just a hopeful candidate with his eye on the White House, George W. Bush expressed concerns about affirmative action.  "I don't like quotas," Bush said during the third presidential debate against former Vice President Al Gore in October.  "Quotas tend to pit one group of people against another.  Quotas are bad for America.  It's not the way that America is all about."  But the Bush administration's Justice Department is set to defend the policy of awarding some government contracts based on race when it argues the remnants of a long-running case returning to the Supreme Court this fall.

Analysis:  Bush Should Beware of U.N.'s AnnanPresident Bush says that his administration thinks Annan "is doing an excellent job as secretary-general of the United Nations."  Many of the president's supporters do not share that view.

Bush FBI pick tied to Reno cohort:  Mueller helped place Radek in sensitive position at DOJ.  Bush has praised Mueller as a straight arrow who will reform the tarnished bureau, which suffered one embarrassing blunder after another under the Clinton administration — from Waco to Filegate to Richard Jewell to Wen Ho Lee to Oklahoma City to Robert Hanssen.

Myths and Meteorology:  Like the Clinton administration before it, the Bush administration supports international efforts to curb global warming.  Yet the evidence indicates that the earth is not overheating.

Bush's Environmental Guacamole:  As the president embarks on his next 100 days, conservatives must reckon with the Bush administration's chief bungler on environmental issues -- not Whitman, but Bush himself.

Novak: Have Greens Infiltrated the White House?  With growing questions about where the Bush administration stands on some environmental issues, columnist Bob Novak reports that there seems to be some confusion about who's establishing policy on the environment.

Mr. President!  Do you ever wonder why those professional journalists don't ask the really tough questions?  Here are some of those questions!

In case you haven't heard...

Guess What:  Bush Really Did Win

Independent Review Backs Bush's Florida Victory:  An independent, nonpartisan analysis of Florida ballots shows once again that President Bush was the legitimate winner of Florida's electoral votes in the November election.

Recount couldn't elect Gore:  The press has allowed the Democrats, led by the DNC's Clintonoid chairman Terry McAuliffe, to continue to claim the Presidential election was stolen.  They've done so by refusing to report on or by casting doubt on the accuracy of an independent recount showing conclusively that Mr. Bush actually won the popular vote.

New Book:  TV Networks Cost Bush 10,000 Votes in Florida Election In the first of a three-part series in the Times, Bill Sammon zeroed in on the networks' call on election night that erroneously gave the state to Gore - even though the polls were still open and the votes uncounted in 10 of Florida's heavily pro-Bush counties in the state's Panhandle.

It's Official - Bush Won!  The latest recount again confirms that George Bush won the Florida popular vote on election day.  Most of the major media reported the story, but the New York Times didn't see it as "fit to print".

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