Feminism  and  Abortion

Statistics document an average of 1.4 million legal abortions performed annually from 1973 to 1998.  Two to five percent of these pregnancies are terminated due to incest, rape, fetal abnormalities, or the mother's health, while the rest are simply a means of birth control.  Abortion has thus become a lucrative industry.  Abortion providers are confronted with a choice between their consciences and the immense profit to be gained.  As a result, abortions are not only being performed upon request, they are being sold to vulnerable and uninformed women.*

Remarkably, all Democratic Party presidential candidates strongly support the practice of abortion in spite of their religious affiliations, if any.  That's because abortion is an indispensable plank in the Democratic Party platform.  True conservatives believe human life is sacred and worthy of protection.  Liberals believe there should be no restrictions on abortion.

Abortion is the unjustifiable homicide of an unborn person.  It's that simple.  If someone is an inconvenience to you, that doesn't give you the right to kill him or her.  That's true of an unborn baby, or someone like Terri Schiavo, or your 99-year-old grandmother.  When people list their justifications for abortion, they often say that the poor girl isn't married, she isn't ready for motherhood, or the child will grow up to be a burden on society, probably won't have a father around, may grow up to be a criminal, etc.  The same can be said of most two year old children!

The mere fact that a person is not breathing on his own doesn't mean that the person is not alive.  At least that's what they say in CPR classes.

Perhaps you have heard expectant mothers say, "I'm eating for two."  That's because they know that the unborn child is a new and separate person, not just a growth, not just a lump of tissue, not just an extension of the mother.

Justifying abortion does not depend upon whether or not the unborn baby can feel pain.  Babies are born with the ability to feel pain, and I dare say the sense of pain doesn't develop overnight.  An unborn baby is unable to breathe, and is thus unable to scream, but that doesn't justify manslaughter.  There are plenty of painless ways to commit murder as well, but it's still murder!

It's not about "choice".  If you are pregnant, you have already made your choice.  But if you are already at that point, you must not make matters worse by making another unwise decision.  There are plenty of people around who adopt unwanted children.

The chronic prevaricators in the socialist Democratic Party tend to cloak their discussion of abortion with the term "reproductive rights."  But no politician in this country (in China, yes, but not here) is denying anyone the right to reproduce within the bonds of holy matrimony.  You're also free, from a strictly secular standpoint, to live like an alley cat and give birth to as many illegitimate children as you like, provided you pay their expenses; however, a thousand years from now I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

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Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 734.
Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 734.

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