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This website contains numerous facts, views, opinions, statements and recommendations of third party individuals and organizations.  Ideas and issues discussed on these pages generally reflect the opinions of the editor, made on the basis of information found at sites and locations which are all referenced and linked, as well as conversations and correspondence with people whom we believe to be well meaning, honest and accurate, but may not be completely objective.  Information provided on this website is believed to be reliable, truthful and accurate when posted, and most of it has been obtained by us from sources believed to be very reliable.  While we have used reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information found here, and while we intend for the information contained in this website to be accurate, beneficial and informative, we do not guarantee that this information is without error, nor do we make any other representation, certification, warranty or guarantee that the information is accurate, complete, understandable, verifiable, correct, true, up-to-date, and completely free of technical inaccuracies or factual or typographical errors, or that the information will always be timely.  After all, errors sometimes occur, and sometimes the best information becomes outdated.  We will from time to time revise the information in this website, and reserve the right to make such changes without notice.  We reserve the right to remove or alter, for any reason, or for no reason, any contents of this website without notice.

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Other websites and internet resources are occasionally characterized in our Links pages as "Good" or "Excellent"; however, this is a superficial recommendation and is not intended to cause anyone to believe that a complete and continual review of any other website has been undertaken, or that we necessarily agree with everything stated on any other site.  Furthermore, the designation "New" signifies nothing other than the recent appearance of this item in our lists (i.e., it's new to akdart.com, even if it was published long ago).

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If you're interested in this topic, be sure to read A Brief Explanation of Cookies.


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We look forward to communicating with you and have provided many places on this website for you to contact us, and welcome your comments about akdart.com.  For example, we would appreciate it if you would if and when you have set up a link to our site, learned something from our site, or if you find any aspect of it especially informative or entertaining.


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If any part of these terms and conditions is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of remaining provisions.


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Please note that special interest websites like akdart.com do not set the stage for the English language, nor is the editor an authority on the correct usage of English.


Every aspect of this disclaimer applies to the disclaimer itself, except for this sentence.  Any waiver of any provision of these terms and conditions, in order to be valid, must be made in writing and personally signed in permanent ink by Andrew K. Dart, using his usual and customary signature.

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