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Don't Give an Inch.  For five years, the Democratic party and their allies in the corporate media, the coddled government bureaucracies, and the Big Tech platforms have fought Trump with every weapon at their disposal.  They uncritically and feverishly repeated every deranged theory that Trump was really a Russian asset operating as Putin's Manchurian candidate, and then cheered on his impeachment for it.  An FBI lawyer altered evidence to spy on a U.S. citizen while texting "viva la resistance" to his colleagues.  When, less than a month before the election, Facebook and Twitter outright banned the circulation of a New York Post story involving corruption in the Biden family, media outlets happily did the same.  The New York Times accused Trump of faking his post-COVID White House appearance with a green screen and using secret Twitter code to activate right-wing extremists.  CNN is now settling libel suits for its role in instigating a vicious social media campaign and physical threats against a Catholic high school kid — all for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat.

Inside the media's relentless crusade to destroy President Trump.  Yes, the mainstream media is liberal and biased.  But at least in the past, that bias was largely a function of insularity.  Most reporters weren't even fully aware they were prejudiced politically; everyone they worked and socialized with held the same left-of-center views.  That's changed in the age of Trump.  The press has embraced its bias, joined the Resistance and declared its allegiance to one side of a partisan war.  It now openly declares those who offer any fair defense of this administration as Trump "enablers."  It writes off those who question the FBI or Department of Justice actions in 2016 as "conspiracy" theorists.  It acts as willing scribes for Democrats and former Obama officials; peddles evidence-free accusations; sources stories from people with clear political axes to grind; and closes its eyes to clear evidence of government abuse.  This media war is extraordinary, overt and increasingly damaging to the country.

The media will never live down the ignominy of the Russian collusion hoax.  The left-wing media will never learn to tell the truth.  That was reinforced when we learned that even though special counsel Robert Mueller's cleared President Trump of false claims against him, many in the media energetically spun the report in a way that perpetuated their anti-Trump narrative of the last two years.  This is the same media that write thousands of articles and hit pieces on Trump over the past two years, claiming that he stole the election from Hillary Clinton by means of an elaborate, but unexplainable, scheme with Russian President Vladimir Putin or some other Russian.  They were never sure who.  In fact, they had nothing more than rumor and innuendo, but they had an agenda they were determined to accomplish regardless of the facts or truth:  destroy Trump and anyone associated with him.

The Press Has Entered A 'Trump-Hate' Cycle.  I think it was Molly Hemingway of the Federalist who first pointed it out, that there is a cycle that the press goes through in their Trump hatred.  They first go into Russian Collusion, who and where the Russians and here is Boris Badenoff and Natasha and Paul Manafort and all of these things.  Then that blows up because it's all nonsense, it's all completely ridiculous.  When that's exposed, they go into racism.  Oh, the racism, it was Donald Trump, this shooter in New Zealand referenced Donald Trump.  The image of him that we created, inspired him.  But it's somehow Trump's fault.  Trump says some of the same words.  He speaks English and they speak English.  It's incredible, the connections are just endless.  He walks upright and so do they!  Then that falls apart and people start to roll their eyes.  When all of that won't wash, they go back to the routine that he is crazy.

Trump exposed how worthless the press is.  In a delightful column, Charles C.W. Cooke, editor of National Review Online, skewered the Washington press corps, which is broken.  He blamed not President Donald John Trump for this breakdown.  Of course not.  President Trump exposed how worthless the press is.  Cooke wrote, "Not since Florence Foster Jenkins [an heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice] have Americans been treated to such an excruciating example of self-delusion.  The most vocal among the press corps' ranks cast themselves openly as firefighters when, at worst, they are pyromaniacs and, at best, they are obsequious asbestos salesmen.

The public now says only 9% of Trump news coverage is 'fair'.  It is a very persistent phenomenon:  the media is biased and hostile toward President Trump.  Multiple complex studies from the Media Research Center have confirmed that 90 percent of broadcast news coverage of Mr. Trump and his administration has been negative since the president took office almost two years ago.  Now comes confirmation of blatant bias across the entire news media from another source.  "Respondents decisively side against the media when it comes to fair and unbiased coverage of the President and Republicans," says a new survey from McLaughlin & Associates which reveals that only 9 percent of Americans now say that news coverage in general is "fair or not biased" regarding Mr. Trump and the GOP.

CNN's Existential War With Trump.  It may be unwise or monotonous for President Trump to harp on CNN as a purveyor of "fake news." And the constant refrain "enemy of the people" should not be used of a media outlet, even one as prejudicial as CNN.  Yet Trump's obsessions with CNN are largely reactive, not preemptive.  After just 100 days in office, before his own agendas could even be enacted, the liberal Shorenstein Center at Harvard reported that 93 percent of CNN's coverage of the Trump Administration was already negative.  Just one in every 13 CNN stories proved positive.  That radically asymmetrical pattern (shared by NBC/MSNBC) had never been seen before in the history of comparable media analytics.  No one at CNN sought to explain the imbalance, leaving the impression that the news organization had more or less joined the progressive opposition.

Hilarious compilation of media announcing Trump's imminent political demise.  President Trump has accomplished a historic triumph of political jujitsu in the face of unprecedented levels of media hysteria directed against him.  Unlike every other major GOP figure in my lifetime, he has not caved-in to media-generated waves of criticism, but rather turned his opponents' fury against them, using the (borrowed) expression "fake news," often supplementing it with the even more inflammatory expression, "enemy of the people."  And it has worked. [...] The media's hysteria has firmly established them as unfair bullies in the minds of a plurality, if not outright majority of Americans.  Like Godzilla drawing power from the hi tension electric lines he crossed, the mainstream media is energizing Trump's support.

Left Says Dial Down Rhetoric As They Get More Hateful.  The left — Democrats and media — have predicted the fall of Donald Trump as they tried to take him down from before he was even inaugurated.  Everything was a bombshell that would finish him.

The media encourage violation of the law.
  •   The liberal media are pushing for a quiet coup to get President Trump removed from office. Right after President Trump made a few admittedly goofy comments in his summit with President Putin, many newspapers immediately labeled him a "traitor" and openly encouraged his Cabinet to resign to push him out of office.  The media constantly try to undermine the presidency by claiming that Trump is a traitor or a puppet, without a shred of evidence.  The media are seeking to undermine and remove a branch of government they disagree with.
  •   When Obama used nonexistent "discretion" to stop enforcing our immigration laws, the media hailed him as compassionate.
  •   When President Trump decided to enforce existing immigration laws, he was criticized as a "hardliner" who hates Hispanics.
  •   When Trump withdrew from a nonexistent treaty with Iran, which was never submitted for confirmation, Trump was called a war-monger.
  •   The media generally insist that laws exist where none applies (such as abortion and redefining marriage and now for the "transgendered") and insist that constitutional rights for the Second, Tenth, and (for their enemies only) the First Amendments be abridged.

Study Shows 90% Of Trump Administration Media Coverage Is Negative.  President Donald J. Trump unloaded today on the mainstream media for contributing to the dilapidated state of trust in America's institutions and his administration, saying that 90% of the coverage was negative, which has put the lives of many at risk.  The 90% figure is corroborated by two studies, one taken in 2017 and one taken in 2018, conducted by the Media Research Center which "studied all broadcast evening news coverage of the President from January 1 through April 30, and found 90 percent of the evaluative comments about Trump were negative — precisely the same hostile tone we documented in 2017."

The Zombie Media.  For the sake of our own mental clarity, we have to delete the phrase "liberal bias" from our vocabulary.  A "bias" is a tendency, sometimes even an unconscious tendency, to favor one thing over another.  A "biased journalist" is a person who has some deeply held beliefs that tend to color his assessment of the world.  Such people may lean in one direction, but they still imagine that they are looking for and reporting the truth.  The idyllic days of biased journalism are over.  This isn't the 1980s.  This, my friends, is a brave new world.  To say CNN is still trying to report the truth but leans a little to the left is like saying the serial killer John Wayne Gacy cared a lot about young people but just got a little overly enthusiastic at times.  The liberal media are not engaged in journalism, except on those rare occasions when they cannot find some angle of a natural disaster on which to grind their political axes.  They want to destroy both Trump and his supporters — period.  They will incite, inflame, obfuscate, and outright lie in the pursuit of that goal.

Why I write.  Intelligent people once revered a free press, and supported newspapers, radio, and television.  We did not always like what we read, heard or saw, but we accepted their reports as a fair and balanced presentation of the news.  Over the years, we noticed a creeping liberal bias.  Certain reporters were not trustworthy.  Then a couple of anchors, most notably Dan Rather who forged a memo to try to derail President Bush 43's re-election effort in 2004.  Fake, but accurate.  However President Trump's candidacy and presidency have been the real eye-opener.  The media's full-court attack on Trump is relentless and insistent.  The WikiLeaks of emails show that there is no happenstance.  The media attacks on Trump are coordinated.

50 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era:  The Definitive List.  We the media have "fact-checked" President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet — and he's certainly given us plenty to write about.  That's probably why it's so easy to find lists enumerating and examining his mistakes, missteps and "lies."  Our repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump's claims are "lies" when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump's statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they're established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories — without labeling them as opinions.

The Firesign Theater Media.  The "mainstream media" (CNN, MSNBC, the three networks, the major newspapers, et al.) are so consumed by Trump hysteria that it places them squarely in this Firesign Theater zone.  Nicholas Kristof and his wife talk about the president in bed.  Brian Stelter describes himself as "Trump addicted."  Any psychiatrist can tell you that monomaniacal, pathological hatred has its surreal aspects.  Trump as the great white (orange?) whale and the media as Captain Ahab.  MSNBC's exegesis of the importance of the Mueller investigation in its various guises is a good example of this "Credo quia absurdum" (I believe because it is absurd) approach.  Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Ruhle, and Chris Hayes constantly strain to outdo themselves with conspiracy theories.  One would think there were more Russians involved with the Trump campaign than populate the pages of War and Peace.  More entertaining are the nightly shouting matches on Don Lemon's CNN show.

The Inspector General's Report Will Expose the MSM as Treasonous.  What is being exposed now is an attempt by our highest law enforcement agency working in concert with our intelligence agencies and, evidently, the blessing of the former administration itself to block the candidate of the opposing party, even to defraud and spy on him, that is to, as others have said, "set him up."  And then, if they were unsuccessful, make it impossible for him to govern.  In addition, in all probability, the same players conspired to make certain Hillary Clinton was not indicted for a crime for which virtually any other American would have done jail time.

Time magazine bias
The Common Complaint of Bias in the Media (True).  Ann Coulter, "New York Times best-selling author and conservative columnist" said today [8/29/2018] at Breitbart that she just wants President Trump to "destroy the media" — even if nothing else is accomplished by his administration.  She was specifically offended by the media's "distaste" that the president tweeted about the killing of white farmers occurring in South Africa (not to be mentioned), and she added I want him to expose where the Democratic Party is going with things like their chant "No borders, no wall, no USA at all," Gov Cuomo saying America was never great, or the New York Times hiring Sara Jeong who just tweets hatred and venom towards white men.  Well, I can't disagree with Ann all that much.  A former editor for the New York Times, David Leonhardt, claimed that American racism is the only reason Americans care about the death of Molly Tibbits at the hands of an illegal alien.  (No it's not racism, it's the ILLEGAL part.)  We don't like 20 year old college students being brutally murdered.  The only reason Democrats try to stick the Republicans with the racism tag, is because Democrats have such a long and dreadful history of their own racism.  They thought electing the first black president would finally absolve them of their history.  But they haven't changed their behavior.

Timely news and commentary:

The media loses the game.  What the media have done to America is beyond reprehensible.  It sinks to evil.  They deliberately hid POTATUS' frailties and his dementia.  They deliberately ignored his inability to do the job.  They deliberately gaslighted us by continuously lying about the border being closed and the economy doing well and EVs being environmental saviors, as though the environment needed actual saving.  They deliberately lied about Trump's nonexistent crimes and the imaginary danger he posed to the American democratic process. [...] Their irrational hatred for Trump and for conservatives in general prevented almost an entire industry from serving the American people by reporting the news, digging for news, and telling the whole truth instead of half-truths, when they bothered telling any truth at all.  The media have become Manson.  They need to be dissolved and flushed down a deep, dark hole.  If Americans would stop watching a Democrat-run media on TV and would turn instead to alternative media, the truth would shock most of them.

'Torrent of Lies': PolitiFact's 100 Percent Anti-Trump TILT Underlined by PBS.  As we noted PBS tried hardest to support the Biden spin after their disastrous debate, on Friday night, the PBS News Hour strongly stuck to the Biden narrative that Trump lost the debate by unleashing a flood of lies.  PBS turned to the badly disguised Democrats at PolitiFact for analysis, whose post-debate analysis couldn't find anything Trump said was true.  They loaded 14 claims that were all rated as false.  PBS especially hated Trump's completely accurate argument that the Democrats favor abortion up until birth:  [Transcript]  As we've pointed out repeatedly, the 2020 Democrat Party platform opposes all restrictions on abortion.  Where they pretend that they stand by Roe's language about third-trimester abortions, in reality the Democrats pushed the "Women's Health Protection Act," which would repeal all state restrictions on abortion and allow post-viability abortions.  Then came their segment with PolitiFact's Samantha Putterman, who recounted their totally tilted evaluations, as PBS conveniently skipped over the three out of 11 occasions where they rated Biden as false.  [Video clip]

Sunday Smiles.  One of the more interesting bits of spin — actually, the ONLY bit of spin from the Democrats that is actually working — coming out of the debate was that whatever you think of Joe Biden's performance, Trump spewed nothing but one lie after another.  The Democrats keep saying it.  The media repeats it endlessly.  Joe may have pudding for brains, but Trump is dangerous and lies constantly.  On its face, the claim is ridiculous.  Joe Biden pushed so many hoaxes during the debate that it was laughable.  Snopes just put the final nail in the coffin of the "fine people" hoax just a few days ago, and Biden trotted it out again.  It was pathetic.  When Biden's mouth is open one of two different things come out:  incoherent rambling or some version of a hoax.  But the biggest liars who were exposed last night were the mainstream media and all the people who have been telling us that Joe Biden is sharp as a tack, doing handstands while solving the dark matter conundrum and curing cancer every day.

CNN's Debate Moderators Were In Bed With Deep State's Fake Anti-Trump Campaign.  Both of CNN's moderators for Thursday's presidential debate have deep ties to intelligence officials who peddled now-debunked conspiracy theories about former President Donald Trump.  Jake Tapper and Dana Bash are both intimately connected to former deep-state officials who pushed the now-discredited Steele Dossier and the hoax that reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop was a product of Russian election meddling.  The duo will preside over the first presidential debate Thursday between Trump and President Joe Biden.  Tapper published a story based on a leak from James Clapper, former President Obama's Director of National Intelligence, indicating that Russia had hacked DNC emails on behalf of Trump and that the Trump campaign had coordinated with Russian officials, according to RealClearInvestigations.  Neither Tapper nor Clapper initially disclosed that this false reporting relied heavily on the now-discredited Steele Dossier.  Bash was married to Jeremy Bash, a former CIA chief of staff in the Obama administration, from 1998-2007.  Both Jeremy Bash and Clapper were signatories to a 2020 letter from dozens of former intelligence officials falsely attesting that the Hunter Biden laptop story broken by the New York Post had "all the classic earmarks" of a Russian disinformation operation.

Solutions to the Debate Moderator Problem in Presidential Debates.  In the 21st century, journalist debate moderators have exclusively occupied the presidential debate moderator position.  Despite a proliferation of rules governing the debates, there are no rules governing the journalist moderators.  This in the past 25 years leads to a growing domination of the journalist moderators.  In 2020, Fox News journalist Chris Wallace surpassed the 25% of time speaking threshold.  In the 20th century, moderators often spoke less than 10% of the time.  The lengthy questions offered by journalists combined with excessively short answer times such as 90 seconds create a communication context ripe for misunderstanding and misstatements. [...] These problems take place against the publicly understood backdrop that journalists are perceived as taking sides with the Democratic Party, a perception recently demonstrated by CNN's cutting off a Trump advisor on air who sought to criticize Jake Tapper's history of attacks on President Trump.  Public perceptions are not without empirical evidence for this concern.

Debate moderator's husband is one of 51 spies who lied about Hunter laptop to steal election.  Far left CNN will host the first presidential debate on Thursday night between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  Trump-haters Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will "moderate" the debate.  There is no word yet if CNN has leaked the questions early to Joe Biden's camp like they did for Hillary Clinton.  Moderator Dana Bash is not without controversy.  Bash's former husband is an attorney and former Chief of Staff at the CIA.  And, Jeremy Bash is one of the notorious 51 liars from the intel community who signed a letter in 2020 claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.  Bash and the others obviously knew this was a lie.

The Media Plot to Question Trump's Cognition is in Full Swing.  The latest well-coordinated plan among the legacy media to bail out Joe Biden's floundering reelection bid is coming clear this weekend.  Biden's significant cognitive decline has become too much for even left-wing media outlets to ignore.  The issue shows up repeatedly in the polls, where strong majorities do not believe that Biden is sharp enough to handle his current job, to say nothing of four more years as the leader of the free world.  This is not a fixable problem, because Biden will only continue to decline.  In response, the press had clearly decided that if they can't make Biden look better, they will need to try to convince the public that Donald Trump is just as bad.  They've begun watching him like a hawk, looking for the slightest verbal gaffe they might be able to highlight and claim that he is also in cognitive decline.

The Editor says...
Even if Trump were half as senile as Biden, which he isn't, it's still better to vote for Trump, because Trump isn't getting bribes and kickbacks from Ukraine and China.

MSNBC analyst urges the military to act to stop Trump's election.  Crazed MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch recently urged the U.S. military to release an ad campaign against former President Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming presidential election. [...] What happened to the long-cherished American concept of separating the civilian government from the military?  Democrats' disdain for civilians combined with their control of the military.  That's what happened.  Deutsch has previously spoken of "the evilness of Donald Trump" and labeled him as nothing more than the "Chief Crime Boss."  In this particular appearance, he slandered nearly half of all Americans, stating, "If you vote for Trump, you're the bad guy."

Newt Gingrich:  The Trump Trial Is 'The Most Dishonest, Corrupt Trial Of Any Political Figure In American History'.  [Scroll down]  Newt went on to suggest that leftist news organizations and their fake news are also dangerous.  He cited the book, The Making of the President 1968 by Theodore H. White.  In it, he said, there's "an entire chapter on how dishonest and biased the news media has become and how much they all fell in line, repeating the same stories and deliberately attacking conservatives.  [It began in] 1968.  It just got steadily worse from there on and today it is, an incestuous, totally dishonest system in which if you were to try to stand for conservatism, you'd be driven out of the newsroom almost overnight.  That's happened at the New York Times and it's happened at National Public Radio.  We've seen, senior people who were forced out because they violated the hardline, left-wing anti American norm that now defines the culture of the newsroom.  And the newsroom has become a key part of the establishment."  And, he noted, it was a network consisting of the FBI, the CIA, the Democratic Party, the New York Times, the Washington Post, that came together in 2016 to try to destroy Trump, and they've been at it ever since."

U.S. Intelligence Deserves the Distrust It Is Generating.  President Obama sought to change the demographics and the political complexion of the federal work force, and intelligence leaders such as CIA director John Brennan (2013-2017) made clear that they intended to change the organizational cultures of agencies in politically significant ways.  They succeeded brilliantly, with overt activism in defense of Obama/Brennan changes beginning in 2016, when Trump emerged as a potential threat to the "progress" that Obama's policies allegedly had achieved.  This radical change became glaringly obvious when former CIA deputy director Michael Morell invoked his CIA credentials in a New York Times op-ed to rationalize endorsing Hillary Clinton for president while harshly criticizing Trump.  Morell then became one of the "talking heads," along with Brennan, former director of national intelligence James Clapper, former CIA director Michael Hayden, and several dozen less-senior people whom the mainstream liberal press promoted as legitimate observers of everything relevant to their anti-Trump campaign.

Groupthink Chorus Emerges at Trump Trial.  Covering former President Donald Trump's trial on television is a difficult job.  There are no cameras in the courtroom, so TV news has to rely on quick messages from staffers watching the trial in an overflow room in the Manhattan courthouse where Trump is being tried for making false bookkeeping entries concerning a nondisclosure agreement he had with the porn actress Stormy Daniels.  Without being able to televise the proceedings, some news networks that are committed to wall-to-wall coverage of the trial — primarily CNN and MSNBC — are reduced to filling the time with talk.  A lot of talk. [...] If you're following the trial, you might notice that a lot of the commentary sounds alike.  Many pundits have jumped on to the false bookkeeping "election interference" train and tend to say the same things that their colleagues are saying.  There's a reason for some of that uniformity.

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Plans for You to Not See Donald Trump on Platforms Before Election.  In a significant shift from its previous approach to elections, Mark Zuckerberg's Meta is distancing itself from politics, which could have a profound impact on the 2024 U.S. presidential election.  An analysis of posts by the Trump and Biden campaigns show both have faced a 60 percent drop in engagement between 2020 and 2024 on Facebook.  The Washington Post reports that as the 2024 presidential race between incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump intensifies, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is making significant changes to its approach to politics on its platforms.  This shift comes after years of courting the political world, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg once touting Facebook's influence in the 2016 election, stating, "We helped millions of people connect with candidates so they could hear from them directly and be better informed."

MSNBC Host Says Trump 'Promised American Carnage' — He Promised the Opposite.  MSNBC's "This Weekend" co-anchor Symone Sanders-Townsend (who was also Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) 2016 national press secretary), declared on Saturday's episode of the hopelessly biased show that Trump "promised carnage" in his January 2017 Inauguration Day address.  Just one problem.  Sanders-Townsend either blatantly lied or had zero idea what she was talking about.  Trump not only didn't "promise carnage" — he promised the exact opposite, which we'll get to in a bit.  I suspect the truth was a bit of both.  Sanders-Townsend had zero idea what she was talking about, other than the word "carnage," and she ran with it.  Given her probable hatred of Trump, perhaps she assumed he said what she said he said.

Jon Stewart found to have overvalued his NYC home by 829% after labeling Trump's civil case 'not victimless'.  Jon Stewart is facing online backlash after the comedian opined on air this week that Donald Trump's civil real estate case for overvaluing his properties was "not victimless" — when it turns out the price of a previous home sale finds Stewart doing the exact same thing, The [New York] Post has learned.  On Monday night, Stewart, 61, unpacked Trump's $454 million appeal bond, calling out experts framing the former president's New York civil case as not causing direct harm to any individual.  "The Daily Show" host rolled a clip of CNN's Laura Coates interviewing "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary, who commented that the ruling didn't "go over well" with the real estate industry that was now fretting over the possibility of becoming the next target.

Paul Krugman is angry at farmers.  Former Enron advisor and current New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is angry at farmers.  What's earned his wrath is that they vote for Donald Trump.  He says they vote for Trump because they're afflicted with "white rural rage."  Let's examine the components of Krugman's catchy phrase "white rural rage."  As for rural, it is certainly true that Trump does better in rural areas than in, say, downtown Chicago or Baltimore.  Then again, everybody does better — wherever they are — than they would in the toilets of downtown Chicago or Baltimore. [...] Millions of the people who voted for him are Black or Hispanic or Asian.  His supporters are — dare I say it? — diverse.  Is this entire multicolored constituency full of rage?  Maybe.  Which brings us to the last of Krugman's angry accusations about Trump voters — that they're full of rage.  That, he says, is because they're losers in a changing economy and changing world.  They're deplorable.  They're bitterly clinging.

Media Tools Who Lost Their Minds Over 'Bloodbath' [are] Silent as James Carville Calls for Trump Assassination.  Nothing to see here, just James Carville chatting with Anderson Cooper and calling for Trump's assassination on CNN.  [Tweet with video clip, numerous additional tweets.]

Why bloodbath became the word.  The DNC got the media to clutch its pearls by lifting one word from this quote from Trump's rally this weekend in Vandalia, Ohio:  "If you're listening President Xi and you and I are friends but he understands the way I deal.  Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you're building in Mexico right now and you think you're going to get that and not hire Americans and you're going to sell the cars to us.  "We're going to put a 100 percent tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you're not going to be able to sell those cars if I get elected.  Now if I don't get elected it's going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that's going to be the least of it, it's going to be a bloodbath for the country.  That'll be the least of it.  But they're not going to sell those cars."  Bloodbath.  That was the only word Democrats wanted Americans to hear because Trump made a powerful statement for two reasons.  [#1] His was the first public acknowledgement by a politician that Red China plans to use our relationship with Mexico as a loophole to avoid tariffs on its products, Red China knows our law better than we do because it is constantly working its way around them.  [#2] President Trump is vowing to stop Xi and make any investment in Mexico invalid.  I mean, if Xi wants to waste billions building a plant to sell cars to Mexicans, that's fine.  He might make back millions but Trump will thwart his efforts to ship them north and take over another American industry.

Regime Media:  ABC World News Tonight Advances The Bloodbath Hoax.  Despite clear, documented context to the contrary, ABC continues to push the discredited piece of Biden campaign propaganda known as the Bloodbath Hoax, and ties it to the Capitol Riot.  Additionally, ABC promoted a 2024 version of an immigration narrative that was trotted out both in 2015 and 2019.  Watch as ABC's Chief Biden Apple Polisher Mary Bruce broadcasts campaign disinformation from behind the anchor desk, framing correspondent Maryalice Parks' video package:  [Video clip]  As I said during my recap of the Sunday shows, to accept the idea that people who are the elite in the industry of communicating with words are suddenly unable to comprehend plain English requires multiple significant suspensions of disbelief.  That's not to say that some of these elites are not intellectually deficient.  But not to this extent.  Which leaves willful deception as the only likely reason why reporters, correspondents and anchors would, in near unanimity continue to promote Trump's assessment of damage to the American automotive industry under a second Biden term as both a violent threat and a January 6th-adjacent attack against democracy.

President Trump Warns of a Looming Bloodbath in the Auto Industry Related to Chinese EV Plants in Mexico - Media Go Bananas.  Having previously written about the issue of three major Chinese EV makers putting massive investment into production facilities, the remarks by President Trump in Ohio warning of a "bloodbath" in the auto industry are exactly accurate.  According to media, last December the three Chinese auto manufacturers, MG, BYD, and Chery, announced they were going to spend billions building new EV manufacturing plants in Mexico.  Each Chinese auto manufacturer was going to spend between $1.5 to $2.0 billion.  The Chinese don't make that much of an investment in something unless they are sure the U.S. government is going to force the EV market to exist.  These manufacturing plants would crush the U.S[.] EV market.  Drawing attention to the issue, President Trump said he can stop the pending crisis.  However, if he did not win the election the American auto industry would end up with a "bloodbath" of closed plants, lost jobs and diminished labor union workforce.  Trump is not wrong.  [Video clip]

Media Bloodbath:  Elon Musk Is Now More Trustworthy Than Every Major News Outlet.  Shortly after Donald Trump made remarks at a rally in Ohio, Joe Scarborough posted on X: "Donald Trump's America.  And he is proud of it.  Promised another 'bloodbath' if he loses again."  The picture was from the Jan. 6 riot.  Soon after, however, Scarborough deleted the post.  We can't say for certain why, except that he hit the delete button shortly after Elon Musk responded to "Morning Joe" with this comment:  [Tweet]  At least Scarborough had the good sense to take back his inflammatory and wildly out-of-context portrayal of what Trump had said.  The same can't be said for almost every other major news outlet, which ran blood-curdling headlines about Trump's supposed call to violence if he loses.

Trump's Promise — Retribution or Revenge?  [Scroll down]  The New York Times, with a long history of publishing falsehoods about Donald Trump, has already labeled Trump's potential second term, "The Retribution Presidency."  There is a smell of panic rising from midtown Manhattan and from the Beltway.  Is this revenge or retribution?  Is there a distinction? [...] Here is a summary of the two terms.  Words do matter.
  •   Retribution is a form of punishment imposed by law and legally authorized.
  •   Revenge, in contrast, is a form of personal punishment, one not sanctioned by law.
  •   The ultimate goal of Retribution is to punish the wrongdoer or offender and ensure that justice is served to the victim and public as a whole.
  •   Revenge, however, is a form of payback, to ensure that personal justice is served.  Thus, the goal of Revenge is vengeance or getting even.
  •   Retribution is only carried out for crimes and wrongs recognized in the law.  It is not personal and not fueled by a desire to persistently seek the suffering of the wrongdoer.  Instead, it imposes a punishment that is proportionate to the gravity of the crime or wrong.  Furthermore, it is governed by procedural rules and codes of conduct.
  •   In contrast, Revenge can be carried out for various wrongs, injuries, suffering and any other action considered harmful or hurtful.  There is no limit to the type of punishment imposed and the severity of such punishment.  As mentioned before, Revenge is personal and driven by a strong emotional desire to see the suffering of the person who committed the wrong or injury.
Which of these two words describe what the deep state ruling class has done to Trump versus what he will hopefully do if reelected president?

Psaki and her pink(o) hat
The 'Russia Collusion' Reboot Is Going To Be Terrible.  "We're all wondering this question, Speaker Pelosi, what do you think [Vladimir] Putin has on him?" White House press secretary turned MSNBC White House spokesperson Jen Psaki asked the former speaker of the House this week.  "I mean, it sure seems like something, as you've said a few times, given that he refuses to criticize him, that he seems to be a fanboy of him.  Are you worried?"  By "him," of course, Psaki is referring to Donald Trump.  He is virtually the only thing they talk about.  Psaki can beg the questions because Trump recently went on a hyperbolic rant about our European allies failing to meet their North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) obligations — a decades-long problem.  "I don't know what he has on him, but I think it's probably financial," Pelosi theorized.  "Either something financial he has him on or something on the come — something that he expects to get."  If Democrats had common decency, they would cook up a fresh conspiracy theory for us in 2024, because, really, the prospect of reliving the same hysterics over Russia for another year — or four — is just depressing.  Yet Russia collusion fanfic is on the uptick as the 2024 presidential election approaches.  The reboot features many of the same characters — Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and so on — who are already scaremongering about Putin's influence on the GOP.

CNN Tries To Get NATO Chief To Denounce Trump, He Praises Him Instead.  On Sunday [1/28/2024], ABC's Martha Raddatz tried and failed to get Gen. Charles Brown to attack Donald Trump as he tries to pull a Grover Cleveland and return to the presidency.  On Wednesday, it was CNN's Poppy Harlow's turn to try to get someone to denounce Trump.  However not only did Harlow, like Raddatz, fail, but NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg actually had positive things to say about Trump.

Is the Electoral Fix Already In?  The fix is in.  To "protect democracy," democracy is already being canceled.  We just haven't admitted the implications of this to ourselves yet.  On Sunday, January 14th, NBC News ran an eye-catching story:  "Fears grow that Trump will use the military in 'dictatorial ways' if he returns to the White House."  It described "a loose-knit network of public interest groups and lawmakers" that is "quietly" making plans to "foil any efforts to expand presidential power" on the part of Donald Trump.  The piece quoted an array of former high-ranking officials, all insisting Trump will misuse the Department of Defense to execute civilian political aims.  Since Joe Biden's team "leaked" a strategy memo in late December listing "Trump is an existential threat to democracy" as Campaign 2024's central talking point, surrogates have worked overtime to insert existential or democracy in quotes.

New York Times Editorial Board Begs Republicans to Abandon Trump.  On the eve of the Iowa Republican caucus, the New York Times editorial board begged Republicans to abandon 2024 frontrunner former President Donald Trump in a piece Monday morning.  In the piece titled "The Responsibility of Republican Voters," the left-wing newspaper tried to guilt Republicans into supporting someone else. [...] Noting he had a "clear path" to the nomination, the board said, "It is imperative to remind voters that they still have the opportunity to nominate a different standard-bearer for the Republican Party, and all Americans should hope that they do so."  The board suggested it had the American public's interest in mind.  "This is not a partisan concern.  It is good for the country when both major parties have qualified presidential candidates to put forward their competing views on the role of government in American society.  Voters deserve such a choice in 2024," it said.  The left-wing paper said Trump had "badly damaged the Republican Party and the health of American democracy."

Media Freak Out As Trump Cleans Up In Iowa.  Republican voters in Iowa selected their preferred presidential nominee, and the media aren't happy about it.  Former President Donald Trump cruised through the Iowa caucuses Monday night, decisively beating his leading opponents, former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.  Considering Trump is the Republican pick not only in Iowa but, as polling suggests, the rest of the country by roughly 50 points overall, you'd think corporate media outlets would be interested in what he had to say after polls closed.  They weren't.  MSNBC refused to air Trump's victory speech, and CNN cut away after showing him briefly, but both networks reportedly televised the entirety of the speeches delivered by Iowa losers DeSantis and Haley.  MSNBC's Rachel Maddow admitted that her network refused to transmit Trump's remarks because the MSNBC arbiters of truth decided the former president is guilty of wrongthink.  "Of course, there is a reason that we and other news organizations have generally stopped giving an unfiltered, live platform to remarks by former President Trump," said Maddow.  "There is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things.  That is a fundamental truth of our business and who we are.  And so his remarks tonight will not air here live.  We will monitor them and let you know about any news that he makes."  [Tweet]

The Editor says...
In other words, We will decide what's newsworthy and just show that much.

Fourth Estate, Fifth Column.  Formerly known as the "Watchdogs of Democracy," most of today's media is the propaganda arm of the American Left.  As vicious as a starving predator during the Trump years, this once snarling beast has now become a pussycat, rubbing at the ankles of Joe Biden as he, or his handlers, scratch behind its ears.  When the former Republican administration occupied the halls of power, this Fifth Column was capable of almost any calumny, no matter how destructive.  Indeed there were cases which, in other generations or situations, their reporting might have been considered treasonous.  No single matter relating to the conduct of the Donald or his team was beneath their microscopic scrutiny, and even the slightest misstep — real or imagined — was reported by nightly newscasters with grim expressions and deathly-serious tonalities.  It seemed that the only standard used to determine what was "fit to print" was the degree to which a story could be used in an attempt to damage that prior occupant of the White House or his appointees.

Media Outlets Bury Revelation That Epstein Accuser Retracted Trump Allegations.  Media outlets buried the revelation that an accuser of the late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein had retracted former President Donald Trump from her allegations.  On Monday, multiple media outlets ran reports of Trump having been named in the latest Epstein documents, but failed to note in the lede of their articles that the accuser had actually retracted those allegations in 2019.

Trump's brief to the Supreme Court is solid, well-written, persuasive, and underreported.  Six days ago, Donald Trump's lawyers filed a 34-page brief in the Supreme Court.  In legal-speak, their brief is called a "petition for certiorari."  It asks the U.S. Supreme Court to review the 4-3 decision by the Colorado Supreme Court banning Trump from the Colorado ballot.  This case presents one of the most important legal and political issues of this century:  Whether a state can exclude a national candidate from the state's ballot on the grounds that he committed a federal crime that he was never convicted of or even charged with.  But the media has largely ignored Trump's brief.  I have not seen a single news report about it.  Reporters embarked on crazy endzone dancing when the Colorado decision came out last month, which has apparently left them too woozy and hungover to report on a particular salient fact — namely, that this play is almost certainly under review by the real Supreme Court.  And initial indications point to the on-field ruling being overturned.

Let's Stop Using the Words: 'Trump Tried to Overturn the 2020 Election'.  After almost three years — and as Democrats in Colorado and Maine ban Donald Trump from the Centennial State's ballot — it is beyond time for the media to stop "reporting" that "Trump tried to overturn a presidential election" and to quit referring matter-of-factly: to "the election that Trump lost"; to "Trump's defeat" and his "baseless" "false claims"; and to "Trump is challenging the results" of "Biden's victory (in, say, Georgia)" and to "swing the election in his favor."  It is equally time for news organizations to stop "reporting" that the four (who's counting?) indictments are nothing more than valid or understandable (if ill-timed) reactions to punish Trump for his ("criminal") attempts to "disenfranchise voters" and thus "subvert democracy."  This is not a neutral, objective, and non-partisan view of of the facts of the 2020 election.  Far from it.  No.  It is the (self-serving) DNC version.  It is akin to asking "When did you stop beating your wife?"  Phrases like "baseless fraud claims," "sham election investigations," and "false claims of election fraud" come straight from the Democrat party.

Democrats and Media Deceptively Change Trump's Word 'Retribution' to 'Revenge'.  The latest misinformation that the Democrat "news"-media colluders (hereafter the DNC) to smear Donald Trump before the 2024 election is that Trump called for "revenge" for his political opponents if wins re-election in 2024.  Brett Samuels in The Hill says that "Trump signals he's out for revenge in his second term."  The Daily Mail and the left-wing The Guardian, both in the U.K., makes the same accusation.  Politico states that in a second term, Trump will be seeking revenge.  Felon Michael Cohen, now a regular useful expert guest on CNN, stated to Jake Tapper that he could be the target of Trump's revenge, to which Jake replied, "That has occurred to me too" (thereby admitting that his view of Trump is tainted by self-interest).  The Washington Post, which used to be a newspaper, reports that Trump and his allies plot revenge" in his second term.  The Huffington Post announces that Trump "vows vengeance" against "vermin" in his second term.  CNN states ominously that in his second term Trump will use his justice department "for revenge."

Our Dysfunctional Press.  Meet the Press, one of TV's most iconic news programs, transitioned to a new host on September 17th.  That morning saw Kristen Welker anchor her first show after succeeding long-time host, Chuck Todd.  It would be easy to take the position that it would be Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum.  But in the spirit of writing this column and being part of the journalist world, I committed to giving her a shot.  She was able to book former President Donald Trump for her first show, no question a big "get."  Trump is difficult to watch as a guest because of his repetitive rhetoric and chest pounding, so watching was indeed a commitment.  He was a prince compared to her.  It wasn't just that she dripped with disdain for Trump.  That would be expected since she is aligned with the left-wing press.  The questioning was truly atrocious and lacked any professional standards. [...] At 22 minutes into the show, I had enough.  Why do I need to listen to someone who is not practicing journalism?  She is a political advocate.

The Latest Media Nonsense to Try to Take Down Trump.  Former President Donald Trump is increasing his lead over Joe Biden in the polls.  Democrats and other assorted anti-Trump folks are losing their minds that he might win again.  The lawfare leveled against him hasn't stopped people from supporting him.  So the anti-Trump crew is making all kinds of hilarious predictions about Trump and what he might do in order to try to ward people off from voting for him — everything from he's going to shoot people in the street to somehow he's going to shut down the internet and misuse the "doomsday book."  It's so stupid, but it shows how desperate they are.  So if they're desperate and everything has failed to stop him, what would follow next?  Ah, a new shiny object to try to take him down:  a missing binder.  CNN, those paragons of journalistic integrity, and the usual suspects are peddling the story of a binder that supposedly went missing with Russian information in it while Trump was in the White House.

CNN Begins Apoplexy Narrative Around "Missing" 10 Inch Declassified Dossier That Details Trump-Russia Conspiracy.  [Scroll down]  In short, President Trump declassified documents that show how the institutions within the U.S. government targeted him.  However, the institutions that illegally targeted President Trump are the same institutions who control the specific evidence of their unlawful targeting.  These examples of evidence held by President Donald Trump reveal the background of how the DC surveillance state exists.  THAT was/is the national security threat behind the DOJ-NSD search warrant and affidavit.  The risk to the fabric of the U.S. government is why we see lawyers and pundits so confused as they try to figure out the disproportionate response from the DOJ and FBI, toward "simple records" held by President Trump in Mar-a-Lago.  Very few people can comprehend what has been done since January 2009, and the current state of corruption, as it now exists, amid all of the agencies and institutions of government.  Barack Obama spent 8 years building out and refining the political surveillance state.  The operators of the institutions have spent the last six years hiding the construct.  President Donald Trump declassified the material then likely took the evidence to Mar-a-Lago, leaving the DOJ to make it public.  The people currently in charge of managing the corrupt system, like Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, Chris Wray and the Senate allies, are going bananas.  From their DC perspective, Donald Trump is an existential threat.

Subtle Like a Brick Through a Window - CIA Outlet Approves Donald Trump Assassination.  I have stayed away from this subject for eight years; however, everyone in/around U.S. politics knows the Washington Post, owned by Big Tech Amazon, is effectively the PR firm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  No one inside the DC beltway does not understand this basic truth.  Therefore, when the husband of State Dept official Victoria Nuland, a man named Robert Kagan, writes an op-ed in the CIA newsletter, effectively calling for President Trump to receive the Julius Caesar treatment, the non-subtle message is for the CIA to repeat their Kennedy performance and kill President Trump.  As alarming as this acceptance might sound, there are no intellectually honest people who would deny it.

Newsweek reported Trump got booed at the Palmetto Bowl.  Come listen to the "boos" for yourself.  [Several video clips prove otherwise.]

The future looks Republican.  In presidential elections there's no such thing as a Pyrrhic victory.  Winning is everything — and neither party would ever openly admit there could be advantages to losing.  Yet the outcome of the 2020 election wasn't entirely unlucky for the Republican Party or even Donald Trump himself.  And as both parties look to next year's contest, far-sighted strategists can see a bigger picture beyond Trump and Biden.  Whoever won in 2020 was going to face the ugly but necessary task of withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan, where twenty years of nation-building had failed to establish a free state that could resist the Taliban.  Trump might have executed the withdrawal more successfully than Biden.  But if he had, would the media have covered him more favorably?  Of course not.  If Trump had exited Afghanistan in the most orderly manner possible, the establishment media would still have covered the story as negatively as it covered every other Trump achievement.

Deep State Throat Sends a Warning.  "Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears" headlined the October 4 report in Newsweek.  "The federal government believes that the threat of violence and major civil disturbances around the 2024 U.S. presidential election is so great that it has quietly created a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter:  Donald Trump's army of MAGA followers."  Author William M. Arkin, an "award-winning journalist" and author of best-selling books, thus sets the tone right from the top.  Donald Trump has "followers," language readers might expect for a religious cult leader, and these followers constitute an "army."  The challenge for the FBI, Arkin explains, "is to pursue and prevent what it calls domestic terrorism without direct reference to political parties or affiliations — even though the vast majority of its current 'anti-government' investigations are of Trump supporters, according to classified data obtained by Newsweek."  That data is not the article's only source.

Donald the Inevitable.  Readers may recall that I favored a DeSantis-Trump duel for the nomination until the day they really did indict Donald Trump.  It was then that the reality of the depth of the evil we fight hit home.  I will say it again: we have no choice but to re-elect him if we are to retake the republic from the bananas.  I am not alone.  In its report on despondent Never Trump donors, Disney's ABC said, "Trump hasn't polled at less than 50% in 538's national average since late August."  That is the immediate American reaction to the Mugshot — which Never Trumpers thought was going to save them but actually sank them.  But they valiantly go down with the ship.  The Washington Examiner — owned by Philip Anschutz, a Never Trumper — blames Trump for the indictments.

General Milley's Own Private Constitution.  [A recent] article serves up the usual, proclaiming Trump an existential threat to Mom and apple pie, never mind democracy, all without details or explanation.  Readers of the Atlantic just know it is true and the author, Jeffrey Goldberg, sees no reason to expand on the idea.  The real danger here is not poor journalism (we're used to it) but the promotion of the idea that Trump is inherently dangerous and, without men like General Milley willing to warp the Constitution, we will all die in some Trumpian nuclear hissy fit. [...] A healthy portion of the Atlantic article details what Milley felt was Trump's disrespect for the military (Trump's deferments but not Biden's are mentioned.) The Atlantic's Jeffery Goldberg writes. "Milley's family venerated the military, and Trump's attitude toward the uniformed services seemed superficial, callous, and, at the deepest human level, repugnant."

You can't drain a swamp from a raft in the middle.  Democrats will pervert the law in unimaginable ways to prevent a second Trump presidency, and the mainstream media will publish any lie to help them.  They will convict him a hundred times of a hundred crimes.  They impeached a former president for the first time in history; why not impeach a president-elect?  The legal maneuvers to prevent the inauguration of a president who is obsessively hated by the federal government, the left-wing media and corporations, and who has already been outlandishly persecuted for seven years, are unimaginable.  If all else fails, much of this nation will be burned to the ground.  Other things too awful to speak of could happen.  Gullible, emotional people raised to a fever pitch of hatred against one man for seven years might do anything.

CNN, with John Kelly's help, resurrects the lie that Trump insulted America's veterans.  The old adage is that a lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants (or boots) on.  That's what CNN and former Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly are counting on because they're resurrecting debunked claims that Trump attacked America's veterans and those who died in battle.  After all, as the late, unlamented Harry Reid said in 2012 after lobbing charges against Mitt Romney that he knew were false, helping to keep Mitt out of the White House, "Romney didn't win, did he?"  John Kelly is another member of the military cadre that turned so hard against Donald Trump, despite having served as Donald Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security and Chief of Staff.

Bring back the chaos then.  Less than a month after President Trump's inauguration, Time magazine rolled out the Democrat-RINO message of a chaotic White House.  Its proof was as thin as the hair atop John Fetterman's head.  Time reported, "Federal judges in four courts froze a hastily issued Executive Order barring certain immigrants from entering the country.  Intelligence officials leaked descriptions of classified intercepts in a winning attempt to force Trump to fire his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, who had misled the nation about his ties with a Russian diplomat.  Then more leaks came, from current and former officials to the New York Times, asserting that Trump campaign aides and senior Russian intelligence officials had been in contact during the 2016 presidential campaign. [...]"  That was not chaos.  That was sabotage by the deep state and its seditious resistance.  The leaks were illegal and impossible to fact-check.  But reporters claim they need access and so they go with leaky stories regardless of how true they may be because they need access to even juicier stories that may or may not be true.

A Preview Of How The Dishonest Media Will Lie And Mislead About Trump's Show Trials.  As we wait for the political show trials of Donald Trump to begin, it's good to remember a hard and fast rule:  Quotes and summaries of events reported by the corporate media are always either half wrong or deliberately misleading.  A perfect example of that truism was provided this week by Axios' Mike Allen, who claimed Monday that Georgia Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis included an "Easter egg" in her I'm-a-very-serious-lawyer indictment.  Allen said that a specific portion of the documents had "a twist" that "could spoil" Trump's legal team's effort to have the entire case moved to federal court, a move that could possibly secure him a more favorable jury (as opposed to the pool of "marginalized, underserved and disadvantaged" voters he would surely get in Fulton County).  That "twist" is an open letter Trump sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in September 2021, which was after the former president was out of office, thus supposedly undercutting the Trump team's assertion that the criminal charges are purely federal in nature, rather than addressable at the county court level.  In that letter, the indictment notes, Trump solicited Raffensperger to "unlawfully" undo the 2020 election outcome "and announce the true winner."

Washington Post tries to do a hit job on a non-woke bank that loaned to Trump.  President Trump has had a lot of ups and downs in his real estate career, which means his relations with banks and credit can be pretty dicey.  The matter was made worse for him in the wake of the January 6 protests, where wokester banks outright cut him off.  His Trump Organization financial operation however did find a bank that would loan to his organization, a relatively small bank in San Diego called Axos Bank. and that set the Washington Post scrambling to look for some seedy Biden-style corruption.  They found nothing.  They must have spent some time on this, however, because they ran a story, and had to satisfy themselves with innuendo that maybe something could be wrong.

How modern media became the world's second-oldest profession.  Hillary Clinton's campaign came up with the idea to smear Trump as a Russian asset (the Steele Dossier), to deflect attention from her own email scandal.  John Brennan's CIA got wind of this plot and briefed both the Obama White House and FBI on the scheme.  Instead of exposing the dirtiest of political tricks in history, both camps seemed to say, "What can we do to help?"  And help they did!  Much of it came in the form of strategic leaks to media outlets to get what they all knew was disinformation into the pages of the nation's most influential media outlets for the express purpose of sliming Trump's election as illegitimate and his presidency as primarily serving the interests of Vladimir Putin.

Preparing America for the unthinkable.  Recently, I was watching Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. [...] As a teaser just before the Data Download on this particular show, Chuck Todd said, "It is not uncommon for former leaders to be jailed or prosecuted after leaving office."  He went on to use banana republics like Guatemala and Panama as his first examples. [...] Although no American President has ever been jailed after leaving office, Chuck Todd's point was clear:  It's not so bad that former President Trump, who has been charged with 37 felonies by Joe Biden, will go to jail for possibly 400 years.  It happens all the time.  No big deal.  Get over it America.

Are the media turning against Joe Biden?  It's nearly impossible to get as much favorable press coverage as President Biden received in the first two years of his administration.  Compare him to former President Trump, for example.  The Washington Post kept a running total of all the "false or misleading claims" Trump made, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant they happened to be.  By combing through every word the man uttered about just about anything, the Post managed to assemble "30,573 false or misleading claims" he made while in office.  What was the quality of these falsehoods?  Here are a few hints.  One example, counted 250 times by the Post's editors, was:  "We rebuilt the United States military." Another, counted nearly 500 times in the Post tally, was a typical presidential boast: "We also built the greatest economy in the history of the world."  Perhaps it was a silly thing for Trump to say — given even a slightly charitable interpretation, this statement had been true at every point since mid-2010.  But it also remained true until 2021, when the pandemic hit.

So Trump is to blame for the media's absence of interest in Biden and his scandals?  It is bad enough that Joe Biden blames President Trump for his incompetence and destructive policies.  It is much worse when the media, the politicized Justice Department, other government bureaucrats, and other Democrats collude to cover up the corruption of the Bidens, and seek to destroy Trump with lies and endless investigations and then blame Trump for their actions. [...] How many times have they called Trump a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, Russian stooge, and dictator to disparage him while they campaigned for Hillary and Biden?  When Trump stopped people from traveling from China at the beginning of COVID, Biden and others called him a xenophobe and racist.  Soon after that they disparaged Trump for reacting too slowly to COVID.  How many times was Trump called a racist for doing his job to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress?  The media, entertainers, and other Democrats essentially stopped reporting on the border as soon as Biden took office.  That shows the concerns for kids were fake and the attacks were political.  The media went as far as showing pictures of kids in cages during the Obama/Biden years and lied by saying they were happening because of Trump.  They essentially would do anything to gin up racial hate and division against Trump.  Biden and others spread lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up hate and division.  No matter how many times Trump denounced white supremacists, including at Charlottesville, Biden continues to spread the lie.

Fox News Retracts Fake News Hit Piece on Donald Trump.  Fox News retracted a hit piece against former President Donald Trump and admitted they "inaccurately attributed" an anti-Trump quote to former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. [...] Fox News ultimately retracted its story.  Now, the webpage's headline reads "Correction," with the following editor's note, "This article inaccurately attributed a quote to former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and has been retracted."

Amanpour Teams Up With Obama To Warn That The GOP Threatens Democracy.  CNN's Christiane Amanpour recently interviewed former President Barack Obama for an hour-long special that aired Thursday night that carried the pretentious subtitle Will Democracy Win?  CNN was not subtle in trying to portray Republicans as a threat to democracy, beyond the subtitle, the opening narrator hyped the location of the interview, "An in depth conversation on the state of American democracy from the birthplace of democracy, Athens, Greece."  Early on in the interview, Obama described U.S. institutions as "creaky" from the strain of allegedly anti-democratic sentiment.  Amanpour took that idea and ran with it, "So, let's ask about the creaky or not institutions in the United States.  The spectacle of a former president being federally indicted, [...]"

CNN And MSNBC Spend 95% Of Tuesday On Trump.  Former President Donald Trump was arraigned on Tuesday on charges related to the retention of classified documents and CNN and MSNBC wanted to make sure you were of it.  A study of the two networks from 5 AM to midnight Eastern found that 95.21 percent of their non-commercial air time was devoted this one issue.

How the Media Reacted to Biden Falling Versus Trump Not Falling.  Then:  In 2020, then-President Donald Trump slowly descended a ramp at West Point in New York after taking a weird sip of water, and mainstream media pretended it was a national crisis. [...] Now:  Joe Biden, 80 and seen as too old to be president by most Americans, fell at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado on Thursday, and media rushed to assure the nation that the president was totally "fine," as per the White House.

Obsessed: CNN and MSNBC Mention Trump by Name 399 Times in 10 Hours.  In 2016, former CBS head honcho Les Moonves said Donald Trump's presence in politics "may be bad for America, but it's [...] good for CBS."  Clearly Mooves was not the only network head to have made such an assessment.  On Thursday, just on CNN and MSNBC, Trump was mentioned by name a whopping 399 times between 6:00 am and 4:00 p.m. ET.

CNN shows Anderson Cooper 360 and Primetime make NO mention of discredited FBI probe into baseless Trump-Russia claims network previously claimed were 'corroborated'.  Struggling CNN spent all of primetime ignoring John Durham's investigation that tore apart the FBI for launching a baseless probe into claims of Donald Trump's collusion with Russia.  The network's two highest profile nightly shows - Primetime and Anderson Cooper 360 - each failed to mention the probe by the special counsel in two hours of programming.  CNN was among liberal media outlets obsessed with Trump-Russia collusion claims when they first emerged, with since-fired former anchor Don Lemon claiming the infamous Steele Dossier had been partly corroborated.

Liberal commentators blindly dedicated hours to baseless claims that Trump colluded with Russians.  Liberal commentators who pushed the claim Donald Trump colluded with Russia were delivered an embarrassing blow on Monday when John Durham's long-awaited report said there was no 'factual evidence' to justify a drawn-out FBI inquiry into the allegations.  News pundits and comedians spent countless hours rehashing the theory that Trump and his campaign officials conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton.  Their coverage was often couched by reference to several inquiries into the matter.

Liberal commentators blindly dedicated HOURS to baseless claims that Trump colluded with Russians.  Liberal commentators who pushed the claim Donald Trump colluded with Russia were delivered an embarrassing blow on Monday when John Durham's long-awaited report said there was no 'factual evidence' to justify a drawn-out FBI inquiry into the allegations.  News pundits and comedians spent countless hours rehashing the theory that Trump and his campaign officials conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton.  Their coverage was often couched by reference to several inquiries into the matter.  But Durham's report, the latest to center on the allegations, found that the Department of Justice and the FBI 'failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law' when launching the Trump-Russia probe.  Several investigations, including the Mueller probe, have now failed to uncover evidence that Trump and his aides colluded with Russia.

The Left's 2020 'Fake Electors' Narrative Is Fake News.  Headlines recently proclaimed that eight of Trump's "fake" electors accepted immunity deals.  Of course, in reporting the news, the corporate outlets all missed the real story — that the electors' testimony failed to incriminate anyone, including Trump, and that the county prosecutors engaged in massive misconduct.  Equally appalling, however, was the corrupt media's continued peddling of the "fake electors" narrative.  There were no "fake" electors.  There were contingent Republican electors named consistent with legal precedent to preserve the still ongoing legal challenges to the validity of Georgia's certified vote.  Nor was appointing an alternative slate of electors some cockamamie plan devised by Trump lawyers.  On the contrary, Trump's election lawyers and the contingent electors followed the precise approach Democrats successfully used when the date Congress established for certifying an election came before the legal challenges John F. Kennedy had brought in Hawaii were decided.  And that approach allowed Kennedy to be certified the winner of Hawaii's three electoral votes on Jan. 6, 1961, even though the Aloha State had originally certified Richard Nixon the victor.  The Hawaii scenario in 1960 mirrors in every material respect the facts on the ground in Georgia on Dec. 14, 2020 — the date both the Democrat and Republican presidential electors met and cast their 16 electoral votes for Joe Biden and Donald Trump respectively.

How Liars Wreck a Country.  Last year, Forbes concluded that "only 16% of adults in the U.S. say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in newspapers, and just 11% said the same for television news."  Anyone confronting these stats must conclude that our media are deeply incompetent or crooked or both.  The New York Times announced a few years ago that defeating Trump was the important thing.  They gave themselves a free pass to lie all they want.  How can they now reclaim their honor or their usefulness? [...] Unfortunately, our liberal journalists do not care about true or false.  When they hear an assertion, they try to determine whether it will help their agenda... their narrative.  If it won't help, they know they must attack the assertion, typically by declaring it debunked, fake news, or misinformation.

WaPo Reporter Tells Wallace: No Evidence Linking Trump To Proud Boys Violence.  The conviction of Proud Boys leaders for "seditious conspiracy" on Jaunary [sic] 6 energized MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace.  She was ready to pounce — on Donald Trump.  She was hoping to parlay that into a prosecution of Trump.  It had everything but the "lock him up" chants.

The Marriage of the Media and the Security State.  t is now all too obvious that the corporate media colluded with corrupt elements of the security state to alter the outcomes of two presidential elections.  Their first foray into election interference failed because, in 2016, they underestimated the power of social media and allowed Donald Trump to speak directly to the voters.  They fixed that problem in 2020 by convincing Facebook and Twitter to censor legitimate news stories while disseminating disinformation.  And it is no coincidence that former Obama and current Biden administration officials were involved in both interference schemes.  One such official, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, testified before Congress last week that he facilitated the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal at the request of then-Biden campaign advisor Antony Blinken.

New York Times goes full Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The propagandists participating in this anti-Trump exercise were [New York] Times Opinion (as propaganda) columnists Lydia Polgreen, Ross Douthat (the Never Trump voice), Carlos Lozada and Michelle Cottle of the Times editorial (as propaganda) board.  Polgreen started the anti-Trump propaganda by expressing surprise (dismay) that the former president had no prior arrests and suggested that was because he "always manag[ed] to wriggle out of trouble."  Ms. Polgreen thereby suggests that she studied at the Pelosi "guilty unless you prove your innocence" school of law.  Ms. Cottle (sharing Ms. Polgreen's conclusion) did not think Mr. Trump would end up in prison.  Thereupon, Douthat interjected:  "If we don't think he's going to end up in jail for any of these potential prosecutions [sic], then the purpose of a prosecution is a symbolic conviction?"

The media-Deep State mind meld.  ABC recently went so far as to blur out the front of the podium at which Donald Trump was delivering his post-indictment speech, so those watching couldn't see the number that was placed there for them to text if they wanted to receive official campaign notifications and updates.  Yet no network has ever deigned to prevent people from reading any message on any podium at which Joe Biden was speaking, before or after he became president.

The Powerful Media Pretend They Are Powerless.  It's unintentionally laughable when cable news hosts like Rachel Maddow break in to announce that MSNBC will not be airing any of Donald Trump's post-arraignment speech live because "there's a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things."  These pompous announcements aren't simply about what's true and what's false.  They are about how the media elites run our democracy by telling us what happenings we're all supposed to be talking about and what should be shamed out of existence.  Or take, for example, how Washington Post "Fact Checker" Glenn Kessler spit nails that conservatives are talking about George Soros throwing a million dollars at a leftist PAC right after it pledged a million dollars to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the man now prosecuting Trump.  Kessler proclaimed, "The intense focus on Soros is misplaced."  To connect factual dots between Soros and Bragg is "incendiary."  He's the Focus Checker instead of the Fact Checker.

MSNBC's Hayes: Lots of People, Including Me, Are 'Permanently Scarred' by Trump's 2016 Victory.  MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes said Wednesday on his show "All In" that many people, including him, were "permanently scarred" by Donald Trump's 2016 presidential victory.  Hayes said, "Even by the standards of our time, of this day and age in the avalanche of news and spectacle, this sort of dizzying clawing for your attention the last 24 hours have really been something else.  So I want to begin tonight by just taking a second here to try to collectively just wrap our heads around the meaning and significance of what we have seen in the last 24 hours."

Taxpayer Funded PBS Leads Coverage of Trump Case With Author of Anti-Trump Book.  Taxpayer funded PBS kicked off their coverage of the Trump case tonight by speaking to a woman named Andrea Bernstein, who is the author of an anti-Trump book.  PBS has always been liberal, but like most of the media, has gone to the extreme left in recent years.  It's fine if they want to do that, but they should not be allowed to do it using tax dollars.

Trump Isn't A Special Case, He's A Test Case.  Liberals might be scratching their heads over why potential Donald Trump rivals are rushing to denounce his indictment.  The reason is simple.  Conservative Republicans know that if this assault is allowed to stand, they will be next.  The left, as well as the rabble of never-Trump Republicans, like to tell everybody that the unprecedented measures taken against Trump — culminating with this week's indictment — are justified because he poses a unique threat to our precious democracy.  Just to review, we're talking about measures like Democrats impeaching him twice on the flimsiest of grounds.  Like federal law enforcement engaging in a coordinated campaign to smear him as a Russian stooge.  Like journalists dropping any shred of objectivity and professionalism to attack Trump, up to and including peddling obvious falsehoods.

Fake stories and witch hunts on Russian collusion.  The media and other Democrats knew there was no evidence of illegality or collusion, yet the stories persisted for years for the sole purpose of destroying a President whom they disagreed with.  The government, journalists, and former intelligence officials colluded to bury the story of Biden family corruption specifically to hide the truth before an election.  Biden didn't pay anybody to squelch the story.  They did it because they were actively campaigning for him.  Hunter's business partner visited the White House sixteen times while Joe was VP yet somehow the media, who say they care about facts and corruption, still don't care.  Democrats also pretend that Joe is telling the truth when he said he never had anything to do with Hunter's business deal and that he and his family never received money from foreign sources.

Sunday Shows Spend Nearly An Hour on Trump, Ignore Hunter Biden Scandal.  Continuing the week-long trend of the leftist media ignoring each and every new revelation in the rapidly growing scandal surrounding the Biden family's corrupt overseas business dealings, the Sunday shows all blatantly ignored this latest Biden scandal in favor of a familiar media spectacle:  Donald Trump.  The four liberal Sunday talk shows, which consist of ABC's This Week, CBS's Face the Nation, NBC's Meet the Press, and CNN's State of the Union spent a combined 46 minutes and 46 seconds obsessing and sometimes gleefully reporting on the news that former President Donald Trump could be indicted over his involvement with former porn star Stormy Daniels.

Watching the wheels fall off the statist juggernaut.  [Scroll down]  The release of the full load of Jan. 6 surveillance footage has tipped the scale.  This was foreshadowed by the obvious rigging of the congressional hearing on the subject — where so much information was withheld and the members of the panel were selected almost entirely for their bias.  The resulting political demise of Liz Cheney meshes well with today's cascade of dominoes.  Although the Jan. 6 "event" will have little, if any, actual effect on the destiny of our nation, the Deep State's big guns had to come out.  Why?  Because they have to destroy Trump.  Their lapdog media's bullets are just bouncing off his chest...and their many malfeasances are becoming ever more obvious.  Proving Trump a criminal is their only way out, and their acquired sloppiness is helping to escort them to the losing side of history.

Fox News Is Reportedly Shadowbanning Donald Trump.  After a number of Trump-endorsed Republicans lost key elections in the midterms, the many wings of Rupert Murdoch's media empire began to urge the party to move past the former president.  Now that dynamic may be escalating in a way that could hurt his shot at the GOP nomination in 2024.  According to four Trump aides who spoke with Semafor, the former president is now facing an unofficial ban at Fox News, with the network refusing to book him or even talk much about him in the context of the Republican presidential primary.  "It's certainly — however you want to say, quiet ban, soft ban, whatever it is — indicative of how the Murdochs feel about Trump in this particular moment," said one aide.  Another said they've heard directly from people at Fox News that the policy exists.

Bombshells, Landmines, and Nemesis.  For much of 2017 through 2021, Americans suffered the "bombshell" and "walls are closing" mythologies first of Russian collusion, then of supposedly vast Russian social media investments to sabotage the election.  From there we moved on to the Alfa Bank ping-pong fable, the supposed Putin bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan that Trump was said to have ignored and, of course, the idea that Hunter's laptop was just "Russian disinformation."  These were journalistic sins of commission, warping the news cycle to advance ideological agendas and win elections.  There emerged, however, other real landmines of omission — things the media deliberately ignores, but have the potential to go off and blow up a presidency.

So when is the FEC going to fine the media outlets that bury stories or post false ones to influence elections?  The National Enquirer was fined $187,500 by the Federal Election commission for squelching a story about Donald Trump because they said it was a prohibited in-kind contribution to influence an election. [...] What about fining all the news outlets that continuously published fake news stories about Russian collusion?  Those were obviously in-kind contributions seeking to destroy Trump and influence elections, too.  The fines should be huge for all the media outlets that caught and killed the true Hunter Biden abandoned laptop story showing the corruption of the Biden family before the 2020 election.  They are still killing the story.  They are also killing all the information out of Twitter that shows how corrupt the media has been as they colluded to elect Democrats.  How many years did the media catch and kill stories about the Clintons' serial mental and physical abuse of women in their attempt to influence elections?  Did ABC News bury the Jeffrey Epstein story to protect Bill Clinton and others?

Panel that awarded Pulitzers for Russiagate stories mum after scathing exposé on reporting failures.  The panel that awarded Pulitzer Prizes to the New York Times and Washington Post for reporting related to the discredited Trump-Russia collusion narrative has gone mum as it faces new scrutiny following publication of a four-part series in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) documenting the establishment media pillars' lapses from their claimed journalistic standards.  The 19-member Pulitzer Prize board for 2017-2018 was comprised of various journalists, professors and writers, including several current or former staff members of the New York Times or Washington Post.  Just The News reached out to 13 members of the panel to find out if the CJR exposé had prompted second thoughts about the Russiagate prizes.  Neil Brown, president of the Poynter Institute had an auto reply set, saying he was out of the office, while Steve Coll, former dean of Columbia Journalism School, had an auto-reply saying he is on sabbatical.  None of the other board members replied.

Most media abandoned standards of fairness in a stampede to defeat Donald Trump.  Rather than perform the journalists' duty of informing the public of news, many of today's reporters and editors concoct narratives about events that consistently align with the agenda of the Democratic Party.  This overt embrace of partisanship is a major factor in two developments roiling the nation.  The first is a hardening of polarization that deeply divides voters and leaves government unable to agree on solutions to even basic problems.  The second is that mistrust of the media is proving contagious, with Americans losing faith in most institutions, including those in the private sector as well as government.  Even the military, which long stood above the political fray, suffers from declining public trust, adding to fears that America is headed toward a second civil war and is more vulnerable to foreign adversaries.

The DC anti-Trump brigade behind the 'big bad bot' stories that duped the media.  Last week, the great Matt Taibbi revealed that a shadowy group called "Hamilton 68" had been accusing anyone and anything they don't like of being, or being influenced by, a Russian bot.  "Instead of tracking how 'Russia' influenced American attitudes," Taibbi notes, "Hamilton 68 simply collected a handful of mostly real, mostly American accounts, and described their organic conversations as Russian scheming."  Simply in terms of volume, Taibbi estimates that Hamilton 68 "may go down as the single greatest case of media fabulism in American history.  Virtually every major news organization in America is implicated, including NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post.  Mother Jones alone did at least 14 stories pegged to the group's 'research.'  Even fact-checking sites like Politifact and Snopes cited Hamilton 68 as a source."  But what is Hamilton 68?  It is, Taibbi writes, a "computerized 'dashboard' designed to be used by reporters and academics to measure 'Russian disinformation.'"

The press versus the president, part one.  Before the 2016 election, most Americans trusted the traditional media and the trend was positive, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.  The phrase "fake news" was limited to a few reporters and a newly organized social media watchdog.  The idea that the media were "enemies of the American people" was voiced only once, just before the election on an obscure podcast, and not by Trump, according to a Nexis search.  Today, the US media has the lowest credibility — 26 percent — among forty-six nations, according to a 2022 study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.  In 2021, 83 percent of Americans saw "fake news" as a "problem," and 56 percent — mostly Republicans and independents — agreed that the media were "truly the enemy of the American people," according to Rasmussen Reports.

The Removal of Donald Trump from Twitter.  [Thread reader]  The world knows much of the story of what happened between riots at the Capitol on January 6th, and the removal of President Donald Trump from Twitter on January 8th.  We'll show you what hasn't been revealed: the erosion of standards within the company in months before J6, decisions by high-ranking executives to violate their own policies, and more, against the backdrop of ongoing, documented interaction with federal agencies.  This first installment covers the period before the election through January 6th.  Tomorrow, @ShellenbergerMD will detail the chaos inside Twitter on January 7th.  On Sunday, @bariweiss will reveal the secret internal communications from the key date of January 8th.  Whatever your opinion on the decision to remove Trump that day, the internal communications at Twitter between January 6th-January 8th have clear historical import.  Even Twitter's employees understood in the moment it was a landmark moment in the annals of speech.

Twitter files dump reveal frenzied conversations before Trump was banned after the Capitol riot.  Newly released internal documents suggest that Twitter's former head of safety Yoel Roth was meeting weekly with the FBI and show instances of the FBI flagging tweets related to the 2020 election for deletion.  Journalist Matt Taibbi shared the claims in a new Twitter thread on Friday night, one week after sharing the first tranche of so-called 'Twitter Files' turned over by the company's new owner Elon Musk.  The new thread covered the months and weeks leading up to then-President Donald Trump's ban from Twitter following the Capitol riot, shedding light on the increasingly frenzied internal efforts within the social media site to moderate his baseless claims of election fraud.

The Editor says...
[#1] Trump's claims of election fraud were not baseless, nor was he the only one making such claims.  [#2] If Trump's claims were baseless, why silence him?  If he's digging himself into a hole, why stop him?

Twitter Files: Executives Met with Federal Agencies Amid Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal, Allowed FBI to Report Tweets.  Elon Musk's Twitter released another batch of internal discussions on Friday, which revealed that executives at the social media company had met with federal agencies amid the Hunter Biden laptop story, and that the FBI reported tweets it didn't like to workers at the company.  On Friday night, journalist Matt Taibbi posted a lengthy Twitter thread — the third release of what are known as "Twitter Files," which include revelations that federal agencies meddled with posts on the platform, among other notable issues.

The Media's 'Strange New Respect' for Mike Pence.  Republicans, especially those running for president in 2024, know how to get treated "respectfully" by the mainstream media: denounce or at least distance yourself from former President Donald Trump.  Former Vice President Mike Pence has learned that lesson and is being treated much better than he previously was by the media.  Expect Mike Pompeo, Chris Christie, Larry Hogan, and Ron DeSantis to follow in Pence's footsteps.  But, for now, Pence, who has written a book [...] that highlights what the media describes as his "split" with Trump, has earned what the great Tom Bethell in this journal called the "Strange New Respect Award."  Bethell used the award to describe once-reliable conservatives who supported or adopted liberal policies.  Today, it describes once-reliable Trump allies or supporters who have turned against the former president.  Previous winners include John McCain and Mitt Romney, both of whom the media disparaged until they turned against Trump.

WaPo wonders: Why did the Capitol police bungle Pelosi's security?  How did an intruder make his way undetected to the home of the House speaker long enough to break into it and attack her husband?  The Capitol police provide security for Congress and especially for its leadership, including Nancy Pelosi's home, which is covered by real-time, 24/7 surveillance.  And in this case, the CPD's cameras actually caught the intruder coming onto the property and breaking into the house.  If that's the case, though, why did Paul Pelosi have to call 911? [...] Apparently, the first notice of something amiss at the Pelosi house picked up by surveillance is when they saw police lights flashing on the cameras.  They had to roll back the video to discover that the assailant could be clearly seen on their cameras approaching and then breaking into the Pelosis' home.  Oof.  The Post uses this as a springboard mainly to tie the attack and the failure to a massive wave of threats connected to the riot on January 6, 2021.  Capitol Police didn't install surveillance cameras and live monitoring last year, however, as the excerpt notes.  They didn't get installed after Trump took office either, or even when Trump started campaigning, even though the WaPo's story mentions Trump six times in the course of the article.

Former CNN & MSNBC Chiefs Give Absurd Reasons for 'Blackout' of Hunter Biden Story Before 2020 Election.  Former CNN and MSNBC executives sat down with Michael Smerconish and were pressed on their lack of coverage for the Hunter Biden story prior to the 2020 election.  "[There's a] controversy that you may think is bullsh*t," Smerconish said. "Let me give you an example.  I believe — they know this, because I talked about it on air.  I think that the Hunter laptop was worthy of more airing than it received right before the election.  Either of you agree with me on that?  Do you regret?  How about — if I ask you this way, specifically, do you regret not dealing with it before the election?"  "Well, I mean, I think — I think we — the question is, we did deal with it,' former CNN chief Jeff Zucker respondedd.  "But to the degree that, you know, you would have thought was appropriate.  I think the answer is in the final two weeks, you know, it was looked at.  We did not know enough about it.  There was not, you know, there was not within two weeks of the election, the ability when the messenger on that story was Rudy Giuliani, okay?"

Trump Team Savages New York Times For Hyping The Movement Of Boxes.  Donald Trump's spokesperson claimed The New York Times engaged in "some of the most irresponsible reporting imaginable" after the outlet published a story claiming an aide for the former president moved around boxes at Mar-a-Lago before and after a subpoena to return classified materials — despite not knowing what was actually inside the boxes.  The NYT published a story Thursday claiming a Trump aide was caught on camera moving boxes "out of a storage room" at Mar-a-Lago "both before and after" the Department of Justice issued a subpoena asking for the former president to return all classified materials.  The storage room in question was one of the rooms subject to investigation by the DOJ in its August raid, the outlet said, citing anonymous sources "familiar with the matter."  The NYT states twice in its reporting that "it is unclear if the boxes that were moved were among the material later retrieved by the F.B.I.," apparently indicating that the outlet is not certain that the boxes being moved had any classified materials that the FBI was looking for.

Donald Trump Sues CNN in $475 Million Defamation Lawsuit.  Former President Donald Trump is suing CNN in a $475 million defamation lawsuit, according to a complaint filed in federal court on Monday [10/3/2022].  The lawsuit focuses on the network's characterization of Trump as being a "racist," "Russian lackey," "insurrectionist," and its "persistent association" of Trump to Adolf Hitler and Nazism.  "[T]he time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements made about me and both, directly and indirectly, my strong, devoted, and patriotic supporters," Trump said in a statement released shortly after his attorneys filed the lawsuit.

Donald Trump sues CNN claiming defamation, seeks $475M.  Former president Donald Trump sued CNN for defamation on Monday, seeking $475 million in punitive damages and claiming that the network had carried out a "campaign of libel and slander" against him.  Trump claims in his lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., that the network had used its influence as a leading news organization to defeat him politically.  CNN declined to comment on the case.

The Editor says...
Trump is striking while the iron is hot.  A year from now, they might not be worth $475 million.

American Democracy Is in Extremis.  The 900-pound gorilla lurking in every voting place in America as we enter the last month before the midterm elections is the fact that the national political media are continuing to repeat, almost in unison, that any possible dispute over the legitimacy and authenticity of the 2020 presidential election result has been resolved.  The evidence for this claim has been the failure of the many actions undertaken by Rudolph Giuliani on behalf of then President Donald Trump, and Sidney Powell acting independently but in the same interest, which made exaggerated claims and sought unrealistic remedies from the courts.  The national political media were approximately 95 percent hostile to Trump according to independent media surveys by Pew Research and the Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy.  They reckoned that by debunking the Giuliani-Powell efforts, they would discredit all concerns about the authenticity of the election result.

Ron DeSantis Is Now Worse Than Donald Trump.  Since about mid-2015, no man has been more hated by the mainstream media and their Democrat allies than Donald Trump.  The hysteria surrounding the now-former president has essentially not ceased since he came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his run for the White House.  Things have been so insane that the moniker "orange man bad" was coined.  Everything Trump does is scrutinized in the tenth degree.  Anonymous sources constantly form the basis of press stories that often turn out to be false.  To this day, Trump is still accused of being a white supremacist foreign agent for the Russians.

Dems want the midterms to be a referendum on Trump, not bungling Biden — and the media are compliant.  Teddy Roosevelt's daughter Alice once said that he was "the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral."  No matter what was going on, he always wound up the center of attention.  The same could be said for former President Donald Trump.  No matter what's going on, he somehow seems to wind up driving the conversation.  And today's news almost seems calculated to bring Trump to the forefront.  You have the FBI's questionable raid on Mar-a-Lago, where the same agency that covered up Hunter Biden's laptop sent G-men to run their fingers through Melania's underwear.  You have President Joe Biden's positively Mephistophelean red-lit speech in Philadelphia following his declaration that his opponents are "semi-fascists."  You have Democratic officeholders in New York and Georgia trying to prosecute Trump.  All generating steady Trump-related headlines.  Well, if it seems calculated to bring Trump to the forefront, it's because it is calculated to bring Trump to the forefront.  The truth is, the Biden people would rather this election be a referendum on Trump than a referendum on Biden.  That's because if it's a referendum on Biden, the Democrats will lose, hands-down.  And the press knows this, which is why it's cooperating.

LA Times columnist blames Trump for crime in California.  It's hardly a secret that the crime rates in California are out of control.  We've been talking about this tragic fact here until we're blue in the face.  The critical question that everyone needs to be asking is "why." How did things get so far out of control?  Los Angeles Times columnist Anita Chabria gamely took a stab at the question on Friday.  She first listed the correct collection of suspects sharing the blame, including permissive, soft-on-crime laws and the permissive, soft-on-crime officials who enact and enforce those laws.  But she then sweeps those answers away and reveals the real culprit.  Clearly, the wave of killings and other crimes in the state of California is the fault of the Bad Orange Man.  Yes, folks, the person who has not been in office for more than nineteen months and has never lived in the Golden State must be at fault.

Trump-deranged media races again to tarnish ex-prez via unnamed sources.  In the wake of the FBI raid on ex-President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, The Washington Post and New York Times are running breathless, anonymously sourced stories suggesting "grave" Trump misdeeds.  Have they learned nothing about crying wolf?  "Classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the items FBI agents sought" in the raid, the WaPo reported, revealing nothing about the biases of its unnamed sources who have full license to distort or even lie — as similar anonymous sources did for years during the "Russiagate" fiasco.

Media is back to anonymous, one-source stories on Trump that we can't trust anymore.  It feels like old times.  In the wake of the FBI raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club, the mainstream media are in a feeding frenzy the likes of which we haven't seen since he exited the White House.  The usual suspects, like The New York Times and Washington Post, which spent the four years of Trump's presidency consistently and spectacularly beclowning themselves, are at it again.  Dare we say that it has "all the hallmarks" of media incompetence?  Take The Washington Post:  Using its signature anonymous single-source style, it broke the alleged news that Trump was in possession of documents "related to nuclear weapons."  What exactly does that mean?  Honestly, based on Post's coverage of Russiagate, when so many "bombshells" fizzled when the details emerged, you have to wonder if it's the White House pastry chef's recipe for nuclear chocolate cake.

New Media Conspiracy Drops Surrounding Trump Raid, This Time About 'Surveillance Footage'.  The revelation that Trump is being investigated under the Esponianage Act set leftwing hearts aflutter with wild speculation that the former president is a foreign agent for either Saudi Arabia or that old standby, Russia.  No matter that Hillary Clinton was also investigated under that provision after which then-FBI Dir.  James Comey pronounced no reasonable prosecutor would charge her.  And while you'd think Trump should get the same treatment, you must be unaware of the "orange man bad" provision written into the nation's laws.  Regardless of what the DOJ decides to do, though, the game here is the same one that's been played for the last seven years.  The government uses its power to target Trump followed by a deluge of unsubstantiated leaks to the press who dutifully use them to push the narrative that the walls are closing in, and by the time the facts actually come out, conventional wisdom has taken hold.  It's so boring and predictable at this point.

Fox News [is] Banning Trump.  The New York Times reported Friday that Fox News has not had Donald Trump on its network in over 100 days, which the paper said was part of a larger strategy to eliminate the former president as a major GOP player.  Trump's last appearance on Fox News came April 13 on "Hannity."  But, The Times noted, even Trump has complained his longtime friend "doesn't seem to be paying him much attention anymore."

Howard Kurtz shows NYT story about Trump and Fox is FAKE news.  Sorry, Newsmax.  "It's been more than 100 days since Donald J. Trump was interviewed on Fox News," begins a New York Times article that came out on Friday.  In it, the leading evil newspaper in America claims that "skepticism" about President Trump "extends to the highest levels of the company."  They say the network is "snubbing" Trump, and not "coincidentally" but as part of a deliberate effort to minimize him.  Howard Kurtz addressed it on Sunday [7/31/2022].  "I can report there is no edict whatsoever against having Trump on this network.  I reached out myself with an invitation some weeks ago, and people close to the president confirm he hasn't yes to any Fox show or been turned after asking to be on a Fox show.  Just for the record."

Donald Trump Announces He Is Suing CNN, Will Target Other Media Outlets as Well.  Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced his intention to sue CNN, one of the prime purveyors of what Trump has famously deemed "fake news," over "repeated defamatory statements" against him, warning that he will take similar action against other media outlets as well.  The 282-page letter, addressed to CNN's Chief Executive Officer Chris Licht as well as CNN's executive Vice President and General Counsel David Vigilante, demands the network publish what is described as  ["]...a full and fair correction, apology, or retraction, in the same editions or corresponding issues of the website publication in which the aforementioned articles, transcripts, or broadcasts appeared and in as conspicuous a place and type as said original article, transcript or broadcast within ten (10) days from the date of service of this notice.["]  "Failure to publish such a correction, apology, or retraction will result in the filing of a lawsuit and damages being sought against you, CNN," the letter reads, detailing several examples of what Trump's team contends is defamation.

Pulitzer Prize Board Stands by Awards Given to NYT, WaPo for Russia Hoax Reports.  The Pulitzer Prize Board on Monday [7/18/2022] announced it is standing by awards given to the New York Times and Washington Post for their reports on the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.  "In the last three years, the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries, including from former President Donald Trump, about submissions from The New York Times and The Washington Post on Russian interference in the U.S. election and its connections to the Trump campaign — submissions that jointly won the 2018 National Reporting prize," the organization's statement reads.

The Trump-Haters Are Now Desperate.  Peggy Noonan and I have recently confirmed that our political disagreements absolutely will not stand in the way of our long friendship.  This is timely, as in her latest pronouncement upon the ever-shifting and more desperate perspective of civilized Trump-hate (defined here as making some effort at analysis, no matter how nonsensical, and not just primal scream therapy like most Trump-haters) in the Wall Street Journal on June 16, she presented the most delusional version of the Trump-cancellation argument that has yet been made by any otherwise serious person still capable of rational comment on the subject.  The five thin and vibrating tent poles holding up the porous canvas of Trump-denial now, according to Noonan, are:  2020 was a pristine election incapable of serious doubt; Trump was trying to overturn the election result by intimidation on Jan. 6; there's no merit in the Trumpism without Trump argument — his administration was a complete failure in every policy area; his scores of millions of supporters don't really support him and they're deserting him; and all those who turned themselves inside-out and in some cases violated election and vote-counting statutes to bring Trump down have no responsibility whatsoever for the almost indescribable catastrophe of the present administration.  The proportions of this failure need not be considered.  Both parties will just take lots of emetics, allowing nature to take its course, and move on as if the Trump-Biden years never happened.

A feeble attempt to blame Trump:
Monkeypox may have been spreading 'under the radar' for months or years.  The monkeypox virus, which has now been diagnosed in hundreds of people in 26 countries, may have been quietly circulating for years before its sudden emergence worldwide, some scientists speculate.  Infectious disease experts and scientists at genetic labs are urgently looking for clues to explain why a virus that has been found in West Africa for half a century and typically doesn't spread readily from person to person made such a dramatic and troubling appearance in the past month.

The Editor says...
Whenever the first sentence in an article includes "some scientists speculate," and the implication is that (aha!) Donald Trump is responsible for something (bad) after all, the rest of the article isn't worth reading.  I used to really like NBC News, but that was back when Huntley and Brinkley were delivering it.

Leftist DC Archbishop Gregory Stands with Pelosi and Her Abortion to Birth Policies — Will Not Order Priests to Refuse Her Communion.  Washington DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory released a statement in 2020 during the deadly BLM-Antifa riots attacking President Donald Trump for visiting the John Paul II National Shrine.  The DC Archbishop Gregory lectured President Trump on "defending the rights of all people even those with whom we might disagree" while at the same time attacking him for visiting a Catholic Shrine.  This was during the BLM rioting that caused $2 billion in damages to property nationally and numerous deaths.  President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the shrine for a religious freedom event.  They visited the Catholic Shrine before signing an executive order promoting religious freedom.  First Lady Melania Trump is a practicing Catholic.  The media failed to report this important detail in their hit pieces on President Trump.

Media standards for covering Biden and Trump?  Make that a double.  It's truly amazing how differently news stories are handled, depending on whether or not Donald Trump can be painted as the villain. [...] This week's example was yet another previously unthinkable event happening in Dementia Joe Biden's dysfunctional, dystopian America: a nationwide shortage of baby formula.  Ask yourself, how loud would the media be screaming if Donald Trump had done absolutely nothing as this shortage of baby formula developed.  And the suddenly the shelves were empty and young families were panicking over whether they'd have enough food to feed their infants.  And simultaneously, the criminal illegal aliens swarming across the Southern border were being delivered endless pallets of free formula that law-abiding American taxpayers can't even buy — let alone get for free, forever, on every welfare program known to man.

Compare and Contrast:  Trump White House Correspondents Dinner vs. Biden White House Correspondents Dinner.  The media cheered and applauded Joe Biden Saturday night at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.  The dinner is an annual event where media hacks join together to bash Republicans and give each other awards for their fake news reporting.  The reporters were thrilled to honor Joe Biden as the country goes to hell outside of their bubble.  In his speech Biden attacked President Trump and Republicans and misquoted Ronald Reagan.  It was typical Biden.  But the media hacks loved him.  This was a far cry from how they treated President Trump and his press secretary.

Media Hoax:  No, Kevin McCarthy Did Not Say Trump Should Resign Over J6.  There they go again.  The left and NeverTrump infotainment propagandists are busily twisting and spinning their claims that then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wanted President Trump to resign after J6.  The implication being that he was so personally mortified by the "insurrection" (that wasn't) that he personally wanted the president to resign as a traitor.  Or something.  However, and completely unsurprisingly, if you listen to the audio they are touting as "evidence," you can clearly tell that he is discussing a particular circumstance:  Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans pursuing removal of Trump from office via the 25th Amendment.

Fact-Checkers Don't Always Check Facts.  "Fact-Checkers" are often just propagandists with a cute title.  In a perfect world, fact-checkers would check just facts.  However, all too often, the anointed arbiters of truth equate opinion as fact and label rhetoric or even parody as "false." Donald Trump was "fact-checked" by the Washington Post 30,573 times. [...] Politifact fact-checked Ron DeSantis when he told high school students that they could take their masks off and offered "They don't do anything."  Politifact labeled that statement false.  Yes, masks "do something," like a screendoor on a submarine will, technically "stop" some water, but from a practical standpoint, cloth masks are near to useless.

Full Piers Morgan Interview Proves Ex-President Did Not Storm Off Set.  Piers Morgan appeared to vindicate former President Trump on Tuesday when he aired the full interview between them and included the original, undoctored ending.  "Piers Morgan screened the second part of his interview with Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon, revealing that the former president did not storm out," reported The Independent.  Controversy erupted last week when Piers Morgan released a heavily edited teaser advertising an upcoming interview with the former president on his show Piers Morgan Uncensored, in which it appeared that Trump stormed off the set when questioned about a rigged 2020 election.  Audio released to Breitbart News later revealed that not only did the president stay for the duration of the interview, he left on friendly terms.

No, Trump Did Not 'Storm Off the Set' of Piers Morgan's Interview Show.  On one level, the claim by media personality Piers Morgan that Donald Trump "stormed off" the set when he brought up the 2020 presidential election is just plain creepy.  But if the only side of the story you get is from Morgan trying to goose ratings for his new show — the side the mainstream media wants you to see — Trump comes off as an unhinged maniac.

Deceptive Edits:  Audio Contradicts Piers Morgan, Shows He Warped Trump Interview Ending in Promo.  Audio provided by former President Donald Trump's team to Breitbart News of the end of Trump's interview with Piers Morgan proves that Morgan and his team deceptively edited the interview to make it appear as though it was a contentious ending when it was not.  A 30-second promotional clip that Morgan released on Wednesday afternoon seemed to show Trump flying off the handle and walking out mid-interview as a righteous Morgan asked him tough questions about his views on the 2020 election.  But the full story seems to indicate that Morgan's team deceptively edited the clips together to make it as nasty as possible for Trump — and to drive up the ratings for Morgan's new show.  Morgan's new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, launches next week on Talk TV, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

The Regime Media's Quandary:  By Exposing Joe Biden They Exonerate Donald Trump.  The regime media (the amalgamation of the legacy media, elitist opinion writers, and the internet troika:  Google/Facebook/Twitter) finds itself in a quandary of its own making.  As the nation descends into recession and societal turmoil, the candidate for whom they prostituted themselves, Joe Biden, reveals on a daily basis that he is not mentally or physically capable of being President.  Further, it has become increasingly more difficult to continuously obfuscate not only the ongoing revelations in Hunter Biden's laptop but Joe's life-long history of corruption and mendacity.  By comparison, for four years, despite a lack of evidence coupled with numerous exculpatory investigations, this same cabal incessantly promoted the fictitious narrative that Donald Trump was a racist, a xenophobe, a demagogue, and the most corrupt person to ever serve as president of the United States.  Accordingly, the regime media proclaimed that was in the nation's vital interest to replace Trump with the "decent, honest, and honorable" Joe Biden.

It was Watergate until it wasn't.  During the Trump presidency, I observed the following rule about breaking news, especially negative ones about President Trump.  I would hear the news and wait a day or two.  Why?  Because there was a good chance that the news would turn out to be fake news.  The latest example was the famous "phone time gap."  Where was President Trump during those hours?  Was he hiding in the basement planning the attack on the Capitol?  The media went crazy, from another round of experts to outrageous speculation.  Some even brought up the tired line about this being "worse than Watergate."  How did it turn out?

Oops! Another 'walls closing in' narrative about Trump hiding phone records with a 7-hour 'gap' falls apart.  A couple days ago, the press was wildly celebrating the demise of Donald Trump over Jan. 6 matters.  They breathlesslyclaimed there was a seven-hour stretch of congressionally subpoenaed phone records that was missing from the White House transcripts on Jan. 6.  It had to have been removed.  There had to be a coverup!  It's the coverup that'll getcha.  The walls were once again closing in on Trump.  Gotcha. [...] Worse than Watergate, they hollered.  Except that ... oops, they actually found all of the tapes.  There was no gap.

Latest January 6th 'Bombshell' About Donald Trump Smolders in Ruin.  Some days ago, CBS News ran a "BREAKING" report asserting that there were gaps in the White House telephone logs from January 6th.  The story centered on two assertions:  One, that the Trump administration had altered the call logs, and two, that the then-president had used a burner phone during the time period in question.  From there, the implication was made that those actions were taken to cover up an organized insurrection being directed by Donald Trump. [...] Now, if you read RedState, you may be aware of a similar story that dropped a few months earlier.  Back in February, the January 6th Committee started leaking about a major revelation involving gaps in the White House's phone records.  Yet, if you read past the hysteria at the time, what you would have found is that there was no actual gap.  Rather, calls were being made on the phones of staffers and other phone records reflected that.

Another 'Walls Are Closing on Trump' Story Has Collapsed.  How many of these stories do we have to endure from the liberal media before they understand that Donald Trump is not going to be indicted on anything.  The "walls are closing in" stories are too many, but each one has the same ending:  Trump wins.  The walls were closing in when creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was using Stormy Daniels to wage lawfare on Trump.  She got stuck with paying for Trump's legal fees, around $300,000, and he is currently in jail for trying to extort Nike.  The January 6 select committee is trying to indict Trump for rebellion to prevent him from ever running again.  That's failing miserably as there is no evidence of that ridiculous allegation.  This committee is also going away next January when the GOP retakes the House in the 2022 midterms.  The Russian collusion circus was a myth.  Democrats impeached him twice.  Trump is in the hall of fame of just owning liberal America — and he lives rent-free in their heads.

The COVID Hall of Shame — So Far.  Let us not declare an end to societal disruption by governmental decree justified by COVID-19.  Who can know what the CCP, CDC, WHO, or DNC (all looking so similar recently) will unleash upon us tomorrow?  If it's in their interest to wreak havoc, they will try — and may succeed. [...] When some enterprising soul discovers an existing treatment for a new health threat, he or she usually becomes an overnight hero, especially when the treatment is safe, cheap, and widely available.  When President Trump spoke of the promise of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19, the national media scoffed, because they considered Trump an ignoramus.

President Trump Weighs In On His Interview With Nelk Boys that Was Deleted From Youtube after 5 Million Views.  President Trump appeared on the Full Send podcast with the Nelk Boys, who are extremely popular social media influencers with 7 million subscribers and 1.15 billion views.  YouTube deleted the video after receiving over 5 million views because it violated their community guidelines.  [Tweet]  Some clips were shared on Twitter after Youtube canceled the interview.

Liberals Always React Like Third-Graders.  [Scroll down]  Stunned and horrified over Hillary's unexpected, shockingly humiliating loss in 2016 — perhaps the biggest upset in American presidential political history — liberals at every level, in every position, went on a four-year temper tantrum of irrational, hysterical rejection of reality.  Democrat politicians refused to work with President Trump, rebuffing his numerous efforts to forge compromise and move his Pro-American agenda forward.  For elected Democrats, trying to deny President Trump any political success whatsoever was far more important to them than actually delivering benefits to the general population.  Liberal pundits and media reporters followed in lockstep.  Negative report followed negative report.  At one point, the Media Research Center said that over 90% of the TV network reporting on President Trump was negative.

'Those Who Make Peaceful Revolution Impossible Will Make Violent Revolution Inevitable'.  Every single American with a functioning brain knows that Donald Trump won the election in 2020 and that everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to the mainstream media to the Democrat party to Never Trumper "conservatives" conspired to steal it.  And they did.  Of course, the theft of the election comes after four years of continuous attacks.  The genesis of most of those attacks was the activity John Durham laid out in his court filing:  Hillary Clinton's funding the fabricated data suggesting Trump was colluding with the Russians in order to steal the election.  The Democrats produced, proffered, and peddled this pure propaganda, and the media parroted and promoted it.  Millions of Americans bought it, hook, line, and sinker, leading to a Special Counsel to investigate ties between the Russians and the Trump campaign.  That Special Counsel and the media's constant promotion of the "Russian collusion" hoax kneecapped Trump's administration.

The absurd 'Russiagate' Pulitzer of the NY Times and Washington Post.  "For deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest," the citation from the Pulitzer Prize board begins, "that dramatically furthered the nation's understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the president-elect's transition team and his eventual administration."  Except the journalism that the Pulitzers honored — a 2018 National Reporting prize shared by the Washington Post and the New York Times for reporting on Russiagate — did no such thing.  It led to a dramatic misunderstanding, suggesting that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to help sway the 2016 election — a grand conspiracy that we now know never existed.  Oh, it was "deeply sourced," in that deep-state Democratic bureaucrats, furious that Trump had won the White House, were falling over themselves to talk anonymously to reporters.

Revisionist Media 'Explainer' Articles Insist Nobody 'Spied' on Trump.  There's a second wave of media reaction to John Durham's latest filing on the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.  The first wave was silence, hoping somehow the whole story would vanish.  Now, the second wave is "Explainers," which attempt to hem and haw defensively through the whole business.  The Associated Press "Explainer" was headlined "How the latest Trump-Russia filing generated buzz."  This article was sent to me on Twitter by a fellow who apparently hates Donald Trump with the energy of a thousand suns, so that illustrates the type of people who eagerly share these dismissive articles.  The AP reporter on this was Eric Tucker. [...] This is the threat that Durham represents.  He is exposing that everything the Clinton campaign did here was to politicize national security agencies, sharing its smears with the FBI and the CIA to spur spying on Trump advisers, to inflame media coverage, and then to taint the judicial process through the Mueller team, where 11 of 16 prosecutors were Democrat donors.  Five of them were Clinton donors.

Washington Post, New York Times should give back their Pulitzers for Russia-Trump 'reporting'.  With the entire Russiagate affair exposed as a Clinton campaign fabrication, it's the clear duty of The Washington Post and New York Times to give back the Pulitzers they won for "reporting" the fake news.  Clinton campaign cash ordered up the "Steele dossier," with Democratic operatives providing some of the rumors and a cynical Russian exile asking buddies to supply rank speculation for the rest.  Other Clintonites actually hacked Trump computers, including White House ones after he took office, to create another smear, as Special Counsel John Durham's latest filing revealed.  That's all there ever was:  A Team Clinton scheme to make her e-mail scandal look tame by comparison, and so win the 2016 election, followed by a longer drive to cripple the new president.  It was a true "war on democracy," abetted by the two papers in endless, breathless "reporting."

Time to end the witch hunt obsession with Donald Trump.  President Clinton gave U.S. technology and advanced military weapons know-how to China, but no one is obsessing over hunting him down to finish him off.  Obama put critical U.S. assets off-limits, such as low-pollution coal, to send business to his old home in Indonesia.  Yet no one calls a search party to apprehend him for declaring U.S. coal reserve areas "historic sites."  So why on Earth is there a nearly psychotic obsession with destroying Donald Trump and his family?  Is the left that afraid that it may not have a candidate who can compete in 2024 for the miserable Oval Office job of trying to undo all the damage Biden did during his term?  What's wrong with resurrecting Al Gore or ponying-up Hillary?  It's not as if she ran off with top secrets in her laptop and hid it in her bathroom or anything, right?  Even if she did, the mainstream media wouldn't give an investigation like that the time of day.  They still haven't held Hunter accountable for his laptop.

Veteran newsman slams the media bias in coverage of President Trump.  Veteran newsman Ted Koppel, during an interview with Dan Abrams for the News Nation, expressed concern about the state of the U.S. mainstream media.  Koppel said he is stunned at opinion pieces that run on the front page of newspapers that would have never received such positioning in decades past. [...] There is no difference between Democrats in the media and Democrats in active politics.  At times, politicians lead and the media follows, on other occasions the converse occurs.  Bari Weiss, a liberal, was compelled to resign from the NYT for daring to deviate from the groupthink.  In her resignation letter, Weiss described how the NYT had devolved into an intolerant self-righteous echo chamber where personnel with the 'wrong' opinion are tormented by the woke mob while editors and management look the other way.  When an anti-Trump news story breaks, they are so overcome by a desire for it to be true that they abandon all skepticism and journalistic practice and get before a screen or feverishly begin writing their hit-jobs.  The piece receives blandishments at any editorial stage and is published.

Conspiracies as Realities, Realities as Conspiracies.  Consider that the Trump election of 2016, the transition, and the first two years of the Trump presidency were undermined by a media-progressive generated hoax of "Russian collusion."  The "bombshell" and "walls are closing in" mythologies dominated the network news and cable outlets.  It took five years to expose them as rank agit-prop.  Robert Mueller and his "dream team" consumed $40 million of Americans' money and 22 months of our time — to find the nothingburger that most of the country already knew was nothing.  Yet the subtext of the 2018 Democratic takeover of the House was the media narrative that Trump, as Hillary Clinton put it, was an "illegitimate" president, due to Russian collusion.  Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claimed on national television that Trump was a "Russian asset."  Former CIA head John Brennan assured the nation that the president was "treasonous," due to his supposed "lies to the American people."  All sorts of politicians, retired military, and news anchors echoed the charges.  The lies and myths of has-been British spy Christopher Steele made him a leftist hero.  They were repeated ad nauseam as truth.

Twitter Allows Iranian Threats To Assassinate Former President Trump.  Twitter is allowing official Iranian government accounts to issue death threats against former president Donald Trump and other Trump administration officials.  Twitter's refusal to remove these ongoing threats is renewing congressional scrutiny on the social media platform.  Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the regime's paramilitary fighting force that engages in terrorism and assassination plots, tweeted during the weekend that it will take revenge for the death of terror mastermind Qassem Soleimani, who two years ago was killed in Iraq in a drone strike ordered by Trump.

The Sinking Ship of the Democratic-Media Alliance.  As Trump cleaned up in the 2016 Republican primaries, the Democratic strategists reached to the bottom of their campaign bag of tricks.  Late in the campaign came the 11-year-old Billy Bush tape, in which Trump had made some inelegant locker-room macho comments about how a celebrity could take almost unlimited liberties with women.  This failed to kill him.  It was stale, dated, and not exactly a startling revelation.  Next, the Democrats produced a pastiche of lies and defamations collected by a former British intelligence officer that, with the illegal collaboration of the senior intelligence agencies and the FBI, was leaked to the media as the fruit of an intelligence investigation — and thus did not require journalistic corroboration.  Despite fervent efforts to get this story out, it had only just broken the surface when Trump won the election.  The Democrats then instantly switched from inevitable Clinton victory mode to impeachment mode and fastened the lead weight of the completely fabricated Trump-Russia election-fixing collusion fraud around Trump's ankle.  When Trump announced that the Obama Administration had been tapping his campaign telephones, the media thunderously declared that he had no proof.  Yet when the proof eventually emerged, they had moved on the first of the phony impeachments over an unexceptionable call to the president of Ukraine.  Finally, COVID enabled a mighty smear-job of Trump as "anti-science" and forced an economic and academic shut-down that allowed the hostile media to blame him for the resulting recession.

Did Gallup End 'Most Admired' 74-Year Polling Tradition to Avoid Trump Placing First?  Frequent consumers of news may be aware of Gallup's annual poll measuring the "most admired man" in America which is typically announced a few days before New Year's.  The poll was done yearly from 1946 through 2020, with 1976 the only year that was skipped.  NewsBusters pointed out a year ago that liberal news media lost interest in the annual poll after Donald Trump started edging out Barack Obama for first place, whereas the networks previously enjoyed using the survey to embarrassing Trump as sitting President failing to come in first place.  This year, a Google search conspicuously shows no sign that Gallup conducted such a poll for the past year, possibly because they couldn't stand that thought having to report what likely would have been Trump coming in first again this year — after the January 6 riot.

Washington Post readership declines sharply now that Trump has left town.  [P]ortions of this excerpt indicate that (1) consumers of mainstream media sources have, to a considerable degree, lost interest in reading about politics and (2) the loss of interest is due to the fact that the MSM doesn't have Donald Trump to kick around as much as before.  These conclusions are supported by the fact that during one stretch of 2019, nearly all of the 50 most popular articles on the Post's home page were related to politics, whereas in the same period of 2021, just three of the top 10 pertained to politics (by the Post's reckoning).  I strongly suspect that the clear majority of those "most popular articles" back in 2019 had Trump as their focal point.  Given the new landscape, the Post is strongly considering devoting more resources to areas other than politics, according to the Journal.  But that might be easier said than done.

Fake News Newsweek Mocks Trump for Having 200 Tickets Left Unsold in Arena That Holds 21,000.  You really cannot trust a single thing the fake news mainstream media is reporting anymore.  On Saturday night [12/18/2021] President Trump held an event with Bill O'Reilly in Houston, Texas at the Tokyo Center.  The arena was packed to capacity.  But you wouldn't know this if you read fake news Newsweek.  The far-left publication actually mocked President Trump for the 200 tickets that were not sold before the event started this afternoon.

Mainstream Media Downplays Crowd Size at Trump Rally in Sunrise, Florida — Event Was Larger Than All Biden Rallies in 2020 Combined.  Big Mainstream Media is at it again.  They can't help but mislead and lie when it comes to President Trump.  On Saturday [12/11/2021] President Trump and Bill O'Reilly held an event in Sunrise, Florida.  The History tour was a great success.  But you wouldn't know it from the Mainstream 'fake news' media. [...] What the media will never report is the size of Biden events in the 2020 Presidential race.  In the two months leading up to the 2020 Election, Joe Biden couldn't get more than 2,000 people at all his events.  At the same time, President Trump had 1.1 million at his events.

Someone Should Tell the MSM That Trump Is No Longer President.  [Scroll down]  The Atlantic has long had a reputation for offering content that is occasionally very good then bouncing over to the straight-up Froot Loops side of the street.  This particular article is just bat-you-know-what crazy.  It's pure leftist fantasy that's motivated by the fact that they've all got daddy issues and have been unable to quit Donald Trump.  As I've written many times, he's not merely living rent-free in their heads, he's building highrises and giving them away to all of their demons.  What's really going on here is that the Democrats know that they can't run on anything that President Pervwhisper is doing, so they have to keep running against Donald Trump.  It reeks of desperation, and I think that they're about to find out that the anti-Trump tantrums have a shelf life that isn't as long as they thought.  Their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are toiling feverishly to convince the low-info types that Trump's bogeyman under the bed powers are growing exponentially.

Was Trump Right?  UV Light Therapy Shows Promise in COVID Patients.  You're not going to believe this, but you now have more ammunition against the idiots running around saying Trump told people to inject themselves with bleach.  He never did that.  What he did do was inartfully try to describe a new technology that relies on UV light to be injected through a catheter into parts of the body (like the lungs) where the light can act as a "disinfectant" and kill viruses. [...] What this proves is very significant.  President Trump has been maligned and defamed for more than a year based on the lie that the "disinfectant" he mentioned during a COVID press conference was bleach.  The fake news did that.  They turned the word "disinfectant" into bleach before our very eyes and hardly anyone noticed.

Washington Post Columnist Claims Press Is Tougher On Biden Than They Were On Trump.  Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has hilariously claimed that the media is harder on Joe Biden than they were on Trump.  People in media really believe no one remembers anything that has happened over the last five years.  The media was outright hostile to Trump and everyone in his administration every single day.

Biden's top aide Ron Klain complains press coverage is too negative.  He's the Whine House Chief of Staff.  President Biden's top aide, Ron Klain, took to Twitter Saturday to decry press coverage of his boss.  The chief of staff — known to insiders as the "Prime Minister" for his outsize influence inside the West Wing — shared an opinion essay from the Washington Post arguing that Biden was receiving worse coverage than former President Trump.  The piece from Post opinion columnist Dana Milbank warned that "My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy."

Why Jussie Smollett deserves to be punished for his shameful hoax.  On January 29, 2019, African American actor Jussie Smollett who is gay claimed that two masked men wearing MAGA hats hurled racist and homophobic abuses at him.  He claims that they proceeded to punch him, pour a chemical substance over him, put a rope around his neck and berate him with "this is MAGA country."  He also claimed that he had received a hate mail consisting of a barrage of racist invectives.  The US mainstream media gleefully carried and amplified the story because it fits their narrative of far-right Trump supporters persecuting a gay man of color.  Instances such as these explain why very few in the US trust their news media.

Five Trump-Russia 'Collusion' Corrections We Need From the Media Now — Just for Starters.  Five years after the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded collection of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories known as the Steele dossier was published by BuzzFeed, news outlets that amplified its false allegations have suffered major losses of credibility.  The recent indictment of the dossier's main source, Igor Danchenko, for allegedly lying to the FBI, has catalyzed a new reckoning.  In response to what the news site Axios has called "one of the most egregious journalistic errors in modern history," the Washington Post has re-edited at least a dozen stories related to Steele.  For two of those, the Post removed entire sections, changed headlines, and added lengthy editor's notes.  But the Post's response also exhibits the limits of the media's Steele-induced self-examination.  First, the reporters bylined on those two articles, Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger, and their editors have declined to explain how and why they were so egregiously misled.  Nor have they revealed the names of the anonymous sources responsible for deceiving them and the public over months and years.

The Corrupt Media Did Not Fall For The Russia Collusion Hoax.  They Were Part Of It.  Soon after Special Counsel John Durham indicted Igor Danchenko, the "Primary Sub-Source" of the Steele dossier, on five counts of lying to the FBI, the press paused to feign a moment of public introspection.  The corrupt media's attempt to frame their failings as mere confirmation bias, however, holds no truer than the Russia-collusion hoax they peddled for five years. [...] The first step of what appeared, at least momentarily, to be the kick-off of a mea culpa parade came earlier this month when the Washington Post amended large segments of two articles covering the Russia-collusion storyline, one from March 2017 and the second from February 2019.  Both articles had named Sergei Millian, a Belarusian-American businessman, as the individual identified as "Source D" in the Steele dossier.

Trump Calls on Pulitzer Prize Board to Rescind Awards to Washington Post, New York Times.  Former President Donald Trump is calling on the Pulitzer Prize Board to rescind awards given in 2018 to the staffs of the New York Times and the Washington Post for their reporting that fueled the hoax that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. [...] Trump added, "For two years, these institutions feverishly pushed one Russia story after another and — despite lacking any credible evidence — attempted to persuade the public that my campaign had colluded with the Russian government."  He called on the news outlets to voluntarily surrender their awards, but if not, he expected the board to act.

Retract Every Russian Collusion Story and Fire Everyone Who Wrote Them.  [Scroll down]  But the [Washington] Post should not just unapologetically correct the phony stories on Millian; every single article, column, and video that supports the now-debunked Russian collusion hoax should be retracted with a lengthy explanation.  Tom Hamburger, who was in cahoots with Simpson from the start and met with Simpson and Christopher Steele in September 2016 to accelerate the narrative weeks before the presidential election, should be fired.  Immediately.  So, too, should Helderman.  And Post editors should force the pair to return the Pulitzer Prize they won, along with several New York Times reporters, in 2018 for "deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation's understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the President-elect's transition team and his eventual administration."  This unfolding scandal is not only about how inaccurately the media covered Sergei Millian or the bogus Steele dossier.  There was no collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russians.  Period.  And everyone knew it at the time.  Tom Hamburger knew it, Rosalind Helderman, everyone at MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and more knew it was fabricated garbage peddled by a well-known paid smear merchant who was disguising another paid political operative as a "western intelligence officer."

The Russia hoax was the journalism version of check kiting.  The Russia hoax, as President Trump correctly called it, is turning out to be a legal problem for some and a credibility collapse for journalism. [...] In the real world, the victims of check kiting end up in the courts, trying to get their money.  In the media world, they click the channel off or cancel their subscriptions.  Can anyone read a story based on sources close to the information and take it seriously anymore?  I don't.  I take those stories as seriously as I do those polls based on "adults."  Let's hope Mr. Durham understands how important his task is.  He owes the country an explanation for how something like this could happen.

YouTube Hides 'Dislikes' Following Mass Downvoting of Biden Administration Videos.  YouTube has announced it will hide 'dislikes' from videos to curb "creator harassment," with critics pointing out that this is merely a way of removing the huge amount of downvotes on videos posted by the Biden administration.  "YouTube has announced that it'll be hiding public dislike counts on videos across its site, starting today," reports The Verge.  "The company says the change is to keep smaller creators from being targeted by dislike attacks or harassment, and to promote "respectful interactions between viewers and creators."  The dislike button will still be there, but it'll be for private feedback, rather than public shaming."  Quite how viewer feedback in the form of a thumbs down icon represents "harassment" is anyone's guess, but the immediate response to the announcement from many was that the Google-owned company was merely moving to protect the Biden White House from ridicule.

The Editor says...
When did YouTube make any effort to protect the Trump White House from ridicule?

Discredited anti-Trump Steele dossier was embraced by liberal media:  Here are five of the biggest offenders.  Special Counsel John Durham's investigation into the Trump-Russia probe has further discredited the infamous Steele dossier, which provided the roadmap for the liberal media to paint the former president as compromised by the Kremlin and even a possible sexual deviant.  Durham indicted Russian national Igor Danchenko, who is believed to be the sub-source for former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier.  The scandalous dossier — funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign through law firm Perkins Coie — provided the liberal media with countless anti-Trump headlines, cable news segments and helped set the tone for years of daily, feverish Russiagate coverage.

3 points about the news media.  [Thread reader]  The vast majority of disinformation, propaganda and lies that flooded the country over the last 5 years did not come from MAGA boomers on Facebook or 4Chan teenagers but the largest and most influential liberal corporate media outlets.  These are not cases where media outlets erred.  They deliberately lied.  The way to know that is they refuse to acknowledge evidence proving they lied.

Our mostly complicit, compliant, sycophant press has no concern about facts, only Democrat power.  What happened to Donald Trump in 2016 and beyond dwarfed Watergate.  Most of the media not only didn't care about the corruption of the Democrats, but were also major participants in seeking to destroy a candidate, and later president, they didn't like.  Special counsel John Durham has started to hit paydirt with three arrests so far, the tip of the iceberg, and the story is essentially buried because the media don't care, and they don't want the public to know the truth.  If the public learns the truth, they will see how dishonest, corrupt, and dangerous the media are.  They will set out to destroy anyone they don't want in elective office.  The truth and evidence are never necessary when they are campaigning for Democrats.

Russiagate, More Like Watergate.  CNN Chief Media Reporter Brian Stelter hopped on the set of Reliable Sources last weekend, and offered his take on Special Counsel John Durham's recent indictment of former Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussmann, calling Durham's probe a "total bust."  This was in the context of accusing other networks like Fox and OAN of a pattern of "lie, rinse, repeat." [...] A long list of press figures — from Stelter's own CNN colleague and shameless intelligence community spokesclown Natasha Bertrand, to reporters from The New Yorker, Time, MSNBC, Fortune, the Financial Times, and especially Slate and The Atlantic — were witting or unwitting pawns in a scheme to sell the public on a transparently moronic hoax, i.e. that Donald Trump's campaign was communicating mysterious digital treason to Russia's Alfa Bank via a secret computer server.  The story sounded absurd from the start, and was instantly challenged by experts.

New York Times Fawns over Jen Psaki After Disastrous Week for Biden Administration.  After a dismal week for the Biden administration on several fronts, the New York Times published a "puff piece" profile on White House press secretary Jen Psaki, which repeatedly praised her as "straightforward" and "professional," Fox News reported Sunday [9/19/2021].  The Times piece, which was published on Friday, is titled "Bully Pulpit No More:  Jen Psaki's Turn at the Lectern" and details her rise to "political fame" and her journey to becoming an "unlikely cultural force."  The piece was also published in the Boston Globe over the weekend.

The media refuse to call Biden a liar on Afghanistan despite the evidence — unlike what they did with Trump.  You won't find a more powerful example of the media's pro-Democratic tilt — and outright hostility toward former President Donald Trump — than their refusal this week to call out President Joe Biden as a downright liar, as they did with his predecessor, when it comes to his comments about his Afghanistan pullout.  Back in July, the prez flatly rejected suggestions that the intelligence community feared an increasingly rapid collapse of the Afghan government as US troops withdrew.  "Your own intelligence community has assessed that the Afghan government will likely collapse," a reporter noted at the July 8 presser.  Biden denied it.  "Can you please clarify what [intelligence officials] have told you?" he was asked.  Biden fumed again:  "They did not — they didn't — did not reach that conclusion."  Indeed, the president insisted that the idea there's "going to be one unified government in Afghanistan controlling the whole country is highly unlikely."

Joy Behar calls Ron DeSantis a 'sociopath' with 'white supremacist base' who rejects mask mandates.  Joy Behar wants to know whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can be accused of "negligent homicide" for his rejection of COVID-19 mask mandates.  The co-host of ABC's "The View" exploded on the Republican's continued opposition to government mandates regarding the contagion while blaming him for hospitalized children.  "This sociopath, this dangerous criminal, he tells schools that they will rescind funding if they insist upon a mask mandate," Ms. Behar said Tuesday.  "So now the Broward County school board says you don't have to wear a mask.  I mean, what is he doing?  What is he doing?" Ms. Behar then framed Florida's resistance to COVID-19 mask mandates as a result of "white supremacist" thought.

The Editor says...
The lying godless Democrats are as afraid of Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott as they are of President Trump.  The Democrats' propaganda ministry, a/k/a the "mainstream" TV networks, are happy to spread the notion that life in Florida and Texas is just awful because of the "far right" governors of those states.  Of course, the opposite is true.  The propaganda doesn't just come from news shows:  It also gushes from midday talk shows which are designed to entertain women 18 to 34 years of age.

The Problem With Peggy.  Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday [7/31/2021] is a very clear exposé of the profound political division in America today.  Her position is that Donald Trump is a deadly combination of crazy, dishonest, and incompetent, that there can be no possible question that he was and is unsuited to be president, and that he was unquestionably honestly defeated in the presidential election.  More, he deliberately incited a violent assault upon the U.S. Capitol on January 6, his party is afraid of him even though his support is thin and diminishing, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's investigation into the events of January 6 must be pursued with energy and thoroughness, for the chief purpose of ensuring that Trump never returns to public office.  This is the epiphany of the comparatively civilized Trump-hater and it is almost entirely false.  At no point does Noonan dispute the accomplishments of the Trump Administration, and I do not recall that she has ever disputed them.

MSNBC Contributor Spews HATE: Fox News Is Al Jazeera, Trump Is Bin Laden.  Jonathan Capehart's Sunday show on MSNBC devoted a segment today [8/1/2021] to slamming Fox News for its coverage of the January 6th Capitol breach.  And NBC contributor Dean Obeidallah slimed Fox News as Al Jazeera and analogized Donald Trump to the greatest mass-murdering terrorist in US history.  When columnist Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts asked what people would sacrifice, Capehart responded by claiming that Fox News and Republicans on Capitol Hill "have sacrificed their soul."  A bit later, Capehart, somewhat out of left field, blurted out that "whiteness is a [...] drug."  But capping all the inane commentary was Dean Obeidallah.  He said that Fox News is "the Al Jazeera of America after 9/11."  Plumbing even more absurd depths, Obeidallah claimed that President Trump is "the Osama bin Laden of January 6th."

Delaware US Attorney Blocked Hunter Biden Warrants and Subpoenas in Order to Protect the Joe Biden 2020 Election Effort.  Baselines are always important when reviewing information; I cannot stress this enough.  When the corrupt [institutional] officials within the DOJ and FBI need to justify their corrupt activity, or get out in front of any exposure of their corrupt activity, they consistently run to two media outlets, The New York Times and Politico.  [State Dept use CNN, Intelligence Community use Washington Post]  This is the one constant you will notice in all reporting.  That is the baseline for Politico writing today about U.S. Attorney David Weiss intentionally burying information about an investigation of Hunter Biden in the summer and fall of 2020 in order to protect the candidacy of Joe Biden.  USAO Weiss of Delaware stopped the investigation of Hunter Biden, stopped issuing grand jury subpoenas, and stopped the issuance of search warrants in order to keep the public from knowing that Hunter Biden was under a criminal investigation.

'One of the Worst Narratives for Us': Facebook Execs Feared Trump Win.  Facebook executives were terrified of being blamed for a Trump presidential victory, according to a New York Times story.  Those same executives later censored the Hunter Biden story that helped Joe Biden win the presidency. [...] This is the same Facebook that violated its own rules to censor the Hunter Biden story before the presidential election.  Director of Communications Andy Stone tweeted then that Facebook would be suppressing the New York Post story, saying, "While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want be clear that this story is eligible to be fact checked by Facebook's third-party fact checking partners.  In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform."  The International Fact-Checking Network's Associate Director Cristina Tardáguila called that move "dangerous."  Yet now it's pretty clear why they did it.  Facebook executives were terrified about being called "a far-right echo chamber," and didn't want the blame for a Trump sequel.

It's Different When Biden Does It.  In politics, there are rules for Democrats and rules for Republicans.  They are not the same, not even close, and each set of rules is an ever-changing word salad ready to be tossed in whatever way leftists demand they be depending upon the situation.  Things that, say, Donald Trump did while president which were met with outrage are met with silence when surpassed by Joe Biden.  In the mail this week came a prime example of just this fact to millions of Americans.  An April 14, 2020, Washington Post "news" story entitled, "In unprecedented move, Treasury orders Trump's name printed on stimulus checks," birthed yet another "scandal," according to the Democrat media.  The story started simply, if buffoonishly, enough with, "The Treasury Department has ordered President Trump's name printed on stimulus checks the Internal Revenue Service is rushing to send to tens of millions of Americans, a process that could slow their delivery by a few days, senior IRS officials said."  This was a scandal, the Post declared.

The Obama Team Coordinated With Big Tech to Install Joe Biden.  One America News host Natalie Harp does a deep dive into the election influence operation carried out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  After outlining the background information, including the amount of money Zuckerberg spent on the 2020 election and who he gave it to, Ms. Harp interviews NY Rep Claudia Tenney (NY, CD-22).  As Harp and Tenney outline the money from Mark Zuckerberg was specifically designed to influence the 2020 election and the process of using mail-in ballots.  The money from Zuckerberg and others was used to pay for "ballot mules" and a myriad of corrupt election actions.  [Video clip]

The Mainstream Media's Obsession with Trump Continues.  Former President Donald J. Trump has been out of office for over five months now, and all indications are he's been thoroughly enjoying himself.  Whether strolling around Mar-a-Lago or playing eighteen holes at Trump National, Trump is undoubtedly mixing in business and politics, but for him that's recreation.  The Donald is clearly having a great time.  The mainstream media, however, continues with their unholy fixation on the billionaire, as Donald Trump lives rent-free in their craniums.  They are at the point where it's fair to question their mental wellness.  They need an intervention.  A few minutes spent surfing the web yesterday showed that not only has the media's preoccupation with Trump not subsided, it's as bad as ever.  The websites for all three major broadcast news channels — ABC, NBC and CBS — all had at least one Trump headline at the top of their homepages, as did Politico, and most other leftwing sites.  Yet not surprisingly, the leftwing cable news channels' fascination was at a different level.

Former Trump Official Slices Fauci Apart Over Hydroxychloroquine Fiasco.  Donald Trump scored a major win over the liberal media. [...] Hydroxychloroquine has finally been proven as an effective treatment for COVID.  Russian collusion was a hoax.  The Russian bounty story in Afghanistan was another whopper.  Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op.  And Hunter Biden's laptop is real.  The hydroxychloroquine one is significant since it was weaponized heavily against the Trump administration.  The president was trying to save lives and all the media did was attack him.  It's why they're the opposition press.  And Dr. Anthony Fauci's refusal to endorse the treatment caused thousands of unnecessary deaths.  That's the allegation that Peter Navarro, Trump's director for now-defunct Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said he had around 60 million tablets of this stuff that could have been used to treat some 5-6 million patients.  Fauci refused to budge.

Five MSM Lies for Which Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused.  [#1] The Russia Hoax:  For those of us on the political right, it's easy to forget the magnitude of this farce.  We were bombarded with nonsense every day, we agonized over the ridiculousness of it all, and many of us have tried to put this circus behind us.  The loser of the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton, along with her Democrat apologists, pushed on this narrative from the beginning.  Trump was an illegitimate president due to his collusion with Russia leading up to the election, they said, an infraction so malicious he may have actually been guilty of treason and deserving of the death penalty.  There have been instances of political malice between parties in our nation's past, but never one quite like this.  What made this charade so absurd was the media's complicity in it.  This wasn't just a situation of the media tilting a storyline and inserting opinions into supposed news articles, they actively hyped the story ad nauseum and actively participated in the misinformation.  "The walls are closing in on Trump," they told us.  "We have another bombshell regarding President Trump and Russia," they promised.  It was all a lie, as the Mueller Report clearly proved.

Here Are Eight Fake News Narratives About Trump the Media Has Admitted Were Always Wrong.  Supporters of President Donald Trump discovered early in his tenure that whenever he claimed that the news media had gotten something wrong about him or his administration, he was nearly always proven right.  Eventually. [... For example,] COVID-19 lab-leak was just a wild Trump conspiracy.  Except it isn't.  And it wasn't.  Chinese sources at the time made similar claims, but they were suppressed.  So, too, were U.S. experts who offered the same explanation that Trump tried to offer.  But while big tech was busy banning and censoring even experts who offered up the lab leak theory, the media was mocking and deriding them as well, especially Trump.  Lo and behold:  Washington Post Senior Reporter Aaron Blake recently admitted that the "mainstream media overcorrected when it came to one particular theory from Trump and his allies:  that the coronavirus emanated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, rather than naturally."  Other media types also admitted they didn't believe the leak narrative because Trump did.

MSNBC Hack Melts Down Trying to Turn Voters Against Trump: 'What If Trump Kills Someone?'  MSNBC left-wing contributor Donny Deutsch really wants people to stop supporting Donald Trump.  During a segment on MSNBC, Deutsch had quite the meltdown trying to "convince" people that they shouldn't support Trump.  At one point, he shouted "what if Trump kills someone" before them insulting Americans by saying "even then" they wouldn't stop supporting the former president.  [Video clip]

'Morning Joe' Throws Hissy Fit After Another Trump Conspiracy Was Debunked.  Anyone who is a fan of former President Donald Trump knows he is almost always proven right when he says something.  He was right about Obama spying on him.  He was right about there being no 'Russian bounties' on American troops in Afghanistan.  He was right about Joe Biden's 'quid-pro-quo' threat to Ukraine when he was vice president.  And Trump is very likely going to be proven right about the 2020 election 'shenanigans,' when all is said and done.  You know what else Trump was right about?  His claim that he did not have protesters 'gassed' at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., for a photo op of him holding up a Bible in front of St. John's Church.

Another False Narrative Exposed:  IG Report Shows Lafayette Park WAS NOT Cleared Using Tear Gas So President Trump Could Attend St Johns Church.  In May and June of 2020 Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors were rioting all over Washington DC, attempting to destroy statues, looting businesses and lighting fires.  The Mayor of DC allowed the protestors space to destroy the city.  The epicenter of the left-wing rioting and violence was Lafayette park, across the street from the White House.  Thus began a major controversial narrative in June of last year as the media and democrats decried how the U.S. Park Police cleared protestors from Lafayette Park shortly before President Trump walked to St. John's church.  The media shouted that President Trump told park police to fire tear gas into the crowd and dispurse the protesters in any manner or method.  However the report today shows President Trump had nothing to do with it.  It was all lies, all of it.

Yet Another Media Tale — Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op — Collapses.  For more than a year, it has been consecrated media fact that former President Donald Trump and his White House, on June 1 of last year, directed the U.S. Park Police to use tear gas against peaceful Lafayette Park protesters, all to enable a Trump photo-op in front of St.  John's Church.  That this happened was never presented as a possibility or likelihood but as indisputable truth.  And it provoked weeks of unmitigated media outrage, presented as one of the most egregious assaults on the democratic order in decades.  This tale was so pervasive in the media landscape that it would be impossible for any one article to compile all the examples. [...] All of this came crashing down on their heads on Wednesday afternoon.  The independent Inspector General of the Interior Department, Mark Lee Greenblatt, issued his office's findings after a long investigation into "the actions of the U.S. Park Police (USPP) to disperse protesters in and around Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, on June 1, 2020."

Inspector General Report Debunks Claim That Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters To Clear Lafayette Park For Photo Op.  On May 31, 2020, Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led rioters set the historic St. John's Church in Washington, D.C. on fire during a night of particularly vicious rioting that had the city looking like an apocalyptic war zone.  Here are images of what the city looked like that night as well as the church:  [Tweets]  The next day, President Trump gave a speech at the White House denouncing rioting and promising aggressive action to combat protest violence if states didn't act to combat it themselves.  About 10 minutes before his Rose Garden speech started, the Park Police began forcibly clearing Lafayette Park where the protesters were, enraging the media who framed reports of what happened by claiming Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr had ordered them cleared and "tear-gassed" so he could walk from the White House to St. John's Church in order to stage a photo op with Bible in hand.  It was an allegation Trump and Barr categorically denied.  But as per the norm, the media had set a narrative and they weren't going to let it go.  Here we are a year later, and an IG report released just today confirms Trump and Barr were telling the truth the entire time.

Trump hails 'exoneration' after watchdog finds DC's Lafayette Park was not cleared for Bible photo-op.  An internal government investigation found no evidence that protesters were forced out of a park near the White House last year to clear the way for then-President Donald Trump to pose for photos outside a graffitied church.  "Thank you to the Department of the Interior Inspector General for Completely and Totally exonerating me in the clearing of Lafayette Park!" the 45th president said.  Interior Department Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt released a 37-page report Wednesday that said the violent clearout at Lafayette Park had nothing to do with Trump's photo op — concluding that a contractor installing "antiscale fencing in response to destruction of property and injury to officers" the previous two days was instead to blame.

The New Secession Crisis: The Democrats have already left the Union.  The Democrats have already seceded from America's historic conception of nationhood in many respects: [...] THEY have turned the media into a propaganda arm of the ruling political party, using their media proxies to engage in a full-time war against Trump's policies and any policy they oppose.  Journalists have abandoned all pretenses of fairness and balance.  During the election campaign, they censored or refused to report on stories, such as Hunter Biden's possible involvement with his father in corrupt dealings with the Chinese government, that would negatively affect Democrats.  This was done in conjunction with the coordinated demonization of the opposition candidate.

Another Deranged Trump Vengeance Fantasy from Vanity Fair.  It takes no great imagination to determine what is probably the focus of the mind of Vanity Fair's Bess Levin.  Even a quick perusal of her articles over the past year reveals her disturbing obsession with Donald Trump 24/7.  So obsessed is Levin with Trump that she will even lie in her articles to make up fake quotes about him such as her March 8 screed in which she put a false quote in Lindsay Graham's mouth where he supposedly said, "I'm willing to overlook the fact that Trump has probably beaten a few homeless people to death."  Most responsible periodicals would have said "no" and maybe had her checked by a therapist.  The fact that she remains employed at Vanity Fair says something about the ethics that magazine.

Democrat pundit Donna Brazile leaves Fox News for ABC because she's 'accomplished what she wanted' with Donald Trump losing presidential election.  Former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile has left Fox News after claiming she's 'accomplished what she wanted' with Joe Biden's election win.  Brazile has made multiple appearances on ABC News' Sunday news show This Week and was listed as a contributor with the program on ABC last weekend.  'When my contract expired, they offered me an additional 2-4 years,' Brazile told The Daily Beast when asked about her departure from Fox, 'But I decided to return to ABC.'

Mollie Hemingway:  Media Killed Lab-Leak Theory, They Couldn't Let Donald Trump Be Right.  Mollie Hemingway called it a scandal that the media downplayed the lab-leak theory under the Trump administration but are giving it credence now on Wednesday's edition of 'Special Report.'  ["]I think it's not just that the Biden administration couldn't have Donald Trump having said anything true.  The media really play a role here, too.  You just pointed out, Bret, this is what we knew a year ago.  And the media thought that there were two options, basically, you can blame China for how they handled this, you know, viruses can come from anywhere, how you handle them is key.  So many problems with how China handled this, even if you leave aside it was always a strong possibility that it came out of this Wuhan Institute of Virology, they couldn't let Donald Trump or Mike Pompeo be right.  So they couldn't even be curious about those origins.["]

It's Important To Be Honest About What Today's Media Actually Are.  [Scroll down]  These media activists were completely the opposite with Trump.  They weren't professional or honest or trying to get at the truth.  They were the adversarial political opposition, working relentlessly against him every single day and at each press availability.

Biden, Reversing Trump, Permits a Key Putin Goal: a New Russian Natural Gas Pipeline to Germany.  That the Kremlin had taken over American political institutions through its blackmail control of former President Donald Trump was a media conspiracy theory as pervasive as it was deranged.  This once-exciting script was excavated from the CIA's Cold War basement, dusted off by their operatives, and then kicked off by the intelligence community's purposeful dissemination of the now-debunked Steele Dossier.  And once this fairy tale was launched, there were seemingly no limits on the depths to which media figures would sink to promote it.  Journalists published best-selling books and column after column hyping this melodrama of international intrigue.  In what was just one of many low points, MSNBC's host Chris Hayes earnestly interviewed New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait about the latter's 2018 cover story speculating that Trump may have been groomed as a Russian intelligence asset since 1987.  "Unlikely but possible" declared the on-screen cable graphic as Hayes spoke, summarizing the media's Trump-era renunciation of all standards of rationality and evidence for disseminating unhinged conspiracies to their audience, at great profit for themselves but great harm to everything and everyone else.

Peddlers of Russiagate Won't Take Truth for an Answer.  On April 16, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported that the Justice Department is investigating Kash Patel — who had worked with Rep. Devin Nunes and later the Trump administration to reveal the Russiagate hoax — for the "possible improper disclosure of classified information."  Ignatius said he received the tip from "two knowledgeable sources" who "wouldn't provide additional details."  Violating the bedrock principles of American justice and journalism, this article is an exercise in thuggery as the government uses a powerful media outlet to intimidate and besmirch a citizen without evidence.  With nothing to respond to, how can Patel defend himself?  If Patel is lucky, the federal government has only placed a sharp sword over his head that may not fall.  If not, he might be dragged into a lengthy court battle that could drain his finances and also cost him his freedom.  We don't know if Patel broke the law, but note that the administration has shown no interest in pursuing former FBI leaders such as James Comey and Andrew McCabe, who improperly disclosed information regarding Russiagate.

The National Review Would Like You to Stop Upsetting the Left.  In 1867, Karl Marx published Das Kapital.  And it was Trump's fault.  Or as Jim Geraghty at the National Review argues that the "the most lasting legacy of the Trump presidency will be a culturally dominant progressive left."  Geraghty blames President Trump for undermining a strategy of polite surrender that is exactly the reason why the Left dominates our culture (as it has for 70 years), our politics, and now even corporations.  The culturally dominant progressive left that the National Review was built to fight against, before it decided to instead fight against Trump, was around long before Trump was born.

Establishment Media Still Fixated on Donald Trump Four Months After Office.  The establishment media's fixation on Donald Trump before and after his astonishing 2016 victory over failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has sustained itself post-presidency. [...] Facebook renewed Thursday [5/6/2021] its suspension of Trump, which Media Research Center's Brent Bozell suggested is "Another win for censorship and the suppression of dissenting voices, and a loss for free speech.  Trump also remains banned on Twitter indefinitely."  Evidently, the established media, in harmony with their big tech oligarchs, seem soothed that Trump is blatantly restrained.  CNN said of Facebook's suspension, "the ultimate decision from the Oversight Board is a blow to Trump, denying him a sizable platform to use as a bully pulpit as he attempts to retain firm control of the Republican Party while out of office."

PolitiFact only conducted 13 fact-checks on Biden in his first 100 days — while doing 52 for Trump's.  Fact-checking website PolitiFact only conducted 13 checks on Joe Biden in his first 100 days — compared to 52 for Donald Trump, a new study has revealed.  PolitiFact, which insists it is non-partisan, carries out checks on statements made by or about politicians and scores them with its 'Truth-O-Meter.'  Not only did it publish four times as many fact-checks on Trump, but the website flagged 106 statements which were made about Biden.

The Never-ending Hunt for a Trump Crime.  President Biden's son, Hunter, had a lucrative position with a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, and it raised suspicions that this created a conflict of interest respecting U.S. policy toward Ukraine.  Suspicions about improper influence upon the Bidens by certain Ukrainian officials were heightened when Joe Biden publicly bragged that he was effective when he threatened to cut off aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired.  Although the FBI received Hunter's laptop with relevant evidence, to my knowledge the FBI declined to examine it.  In the course of his representation of Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani traveled to Ukraine in December 2019, accompanied by a team from One America News.  OAN produced a documentary of the trip in which it publicized the relationship between Hunter and Burisma and Joe Biden's publicly admitted action to cover this up by getting the prosecutor fired.  The first account I read was in the Washington Post, where Ellen Nakashima, Shane Harris, and Tom Hamburger clearly megaphoned the FBI story in an account which suggests we are seeing the phony baloney Russian Collusion tale being repeated with the same sort of willing collusion by the press, a role long played by Nakashima.

Bill Maher now admits Russiagate was 'reported erroneously' after years of pushing Trump collusion narrative.  "Real Time" host Bill Maher offered a rare admission about the Russia collusion narrative that he himself promoted during the Trump presidency.  For years, like many other liberal news outlets and late-night comedians, Maher pushed the conspiracy that the Trump campaign was in bed with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential race, even going as far as declaring then-President Trump a "traitor" for what Maher perceived was Trump's favorable treatment of Russia following its election meddling.  However, during Friday night's panel discussion, Maher touched on the subject of "Russiagate" while addressing the FBI raid of Trump ally Rudy Giuliani.

'That is a campaign violation': Donald Trump tells Sean Hannity CNN broke law.  Donald Trump has accused CNN of committing a 'campaign violation' after a technical director with the network admitted on camera that they stood in opposition to his presidency.  The former president spoke to Sean Hannity of Fox News, and was asked what he thought of a sting carried out by Project Veritas, a conservative watchdog group.  An undercover reporter met the CNN camera operative through a dating app, and then filmed him discussing the network's approach. [...] 'What they are doing is a massive campaign violation.  When you look at what they did.'  Trump, who has been at war with social media companies since he was removed from their platforms following the January Capitol riot, called for more regulation of their operations.  He said they were biased towards Democrats, and needed more scrutiny.

Once the story of the century, the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory has all but vanished.  It had all the makings of a once-in-a-generation scandal: allegations of political sabotage from a hostile foreign power, the willing cooperation of an upstart political candidate, a stolen election, a compromised U.S. national security system, and a genuine threat to the stability and integrity of the United States itself.  Yet after several years of claims from politicians, activists and commentators that President Donald Trump and/or his campaign actively colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, the scandal itself has essentially died, with no evidence ever having arisen to substantiate those explosive allegations.  The death knell of the conspiracy theory was likely the March 2019 release of the special counsel's report on the conspiracy theory; the open-ended, years-long investigation, headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, was ultimately unable to find any strong evidence that the Trump campaign had collaborated with the Russian government to win the 2016 race.

Watch: CNN Staffer Goes on Five Tinder Dates With Project Veritas Spy Recording the Whole Thing.  James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has just released new, secretly recorded footage on Tuesday that reveals CNN employees describing how the network worked to support President Joe Biden's campaign during the 2020 presidential election.  Mediaite has learned that this is the first in a series.  CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester played the video's starring role.  "Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right?" the video shows Chester telling someone off-camera.  "Without saying it, that's what it was."  As is the case with videos made from source material captured from hidden cameras, one should approach the final product with a healthy dose of caution.  Post-production editing is a dark art that can materially change the meaning and context of many things that seem obvious at first blush. [...] But in this instance, there are enough examples of full and complete comments made by Chester that were clearly not crafted out of thin air, or misleading editing tricks.

CNN Director Admits Network Airs Political Propaganda, Outlines Network Efforts to Remove President Trump and Boost Joe Biden.  Project Veritas and James O'Keefe strike again with undercover video of CNN executives admitting their goal was to boost Joe Biden and eliminate President Trump in the 2020 election.  Additionally CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester admits the network is engaged in propaganda to advance the COVID narrative.  Quite a remarkable bit of undercover expose' by Project Veritas.  [Video clip]

CNN Director Admits Network Pumps 'Propaganda' And 'Speculation' — "Our Focus Was To Get Trump Out Of Office".  Project Veritas has released a stunning new undercover video of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester admitting his network fueled speculative propaganda against President Trump in order to remove him from office.  In the clip below, Chester admits the network will soon shift to fear-mongering over climate change.  "Fear sells," he gloats.  "No one ever says those things out loud, but it's obvious."  Earlier this week The National Pulse exposed CNN's Gabby Orr after she promoted a demonstrably false story concerning President Trump and Congressman Matt Gaetz.  [Video clip]

Project Veritas caught a CNN director telling the partisan truth.  Every conservative who's ever watched CNN has known with certainty that the media outlet is acting as a propaganda arm of the Democrat party.  However, when we point that out, we get gaslighted.  We're told that we're paranoid, that we can't distinguish facts from our delusions, and that we're sore losers.  That's why conservatives reveled in Tuesday's Project Veritas video drop because it vindicated them completely.  Charlie Chester, CNN technical director, openly revels in the network's "propaganda" to "get Trump out of office."  Sadly, when CNN talks, people still listen.  The mere fact that Joe Biden is in the White House, despite a storied career of lies, plagiarism, vulgarity, viciousness, creepiness, and continuously bad foreign policy decisions, tells you that the people who voted for him (and there were real, legal voters who did vote for him) were on the receiving end of some heavy-duty indoctrination.  Thanks to Project Veritas's efforts, we finally have confirmation that CNN deliberately engaged in this indoctrination.  Here are just a few statements from Chester that will give you a feel for the video, even if you can't or don't want to watch it" [...]

Breaking: Trump Fires Back at NY Times' Claim He Cheated His Campaign Contributors.  Donald Trump fired back at the New York Times over a hit piece the Old Grey Lady ran this weekend about his 2020 campaign fundraising operation.  The Times article claims that the campaign hatched an "intentional scheme to boost revenues by the Trump campaign and the for-profit company that processed its online donations, WinRed."  "The tactic ensnared scores of unsuspecting Trump loyalists — retirees, military veterans, nurses and even experienced political operatives," the report claimed.  "Soon, banks and credit card companies were inundated withfraud complaints from the president's own supporters about donations they had not intended to make, sometimes for thousands of dollars."

NPR takes back the Hunter Biden story.  Well, who knew that Hunter Biden was going to write a book and talk about it on TV?  It caught NPR off base, and they had to issue the following statement [...] Okay, so they made a mistake.  Doesn't everybody make mistakes?  The problem is that this mistake was more than writing the wrong date on forgetting to sign the check.  In this "mistake," the Biden campaign was given a pass on the subject.  Biden operatives didn't have to answer detailed questions because NPR and others did it for them.  In other words, the Biden campaign could simply say several media sources had discounted the validity of the story.  Keep in mind that this "mistake" was made in mid-October, about the time it could have influenced a few voters.  The second problem is that every mistake made during the Trump years was always in the same direction.

CNN's "COVID War" Special Was a Scripted Fauci and Birx Reality Show.  The dynamic duo of Drs.  Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx spent nine months of 2020 (February-October) appearing to be the adults in the room who had to deal with, as the legacy media loved to frame it, an ever petulant, ill-informed, and dangerous President Donald J. Trump.  In CNN's 'COVID War' Special on Sunday [3/28/2021], I surmise that all doubt was removed on who the adults were, and it certainly was not these doctors.  The wholesale campaign to throw the president, and others, under the bus on the COVID policy that they helped to create, then taking credit for the COVID breakthroughs that they had little to do with, is reminiscent of children jockeying for position to benefit themselves.

These 6 Stupendous Hoaxes Are Reasons to Give Media Narrative About 'Asian Hate' the Hairy Eyeball.  [#2] Trump Is a Russian Secret Agent:  The FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies conspired with Hillary Clinton and other Democrat operatives to dirty up Donald Trump and/or prevent him from becoming president.  The conspiracy continued into his presidency with the aid of the media wing of the party leaking false stories of Trump's attorney going to Prague for meetings with Russians, Deutsche Bank follies, General Mike Flynn's fake "affair," Trump Tower meetings between Trump's aides-de-camp and Russians, and other notorious truly unbelievable stories about hookers peeing on beds and the like.  The media ate it up.  Of course, Trump hired hookers to urinate on a bed!  It was totally on brand, they reasoned, with the actual Russian-based formulated stories told by Christopher Steele as their north star.  Their obsession with Trump-Russia continues apace with the recent stories about Hunter Biden's laptop being "Russian disinformation" and using that evidence-free claim as reason to impose a pre-election news blackout of the story for fear it would dirty up Joe "The Big Man" Biden.

Study: Media Reported Only Bad COVID News (Until Trump Lost).  A study published by the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research finds that coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic by the domestic press was overwhelmingly negative.  More negative than the international press.  More negative than the local press.  And more negative than the science.  But then a funny thing happened after President Donald Trump lost his reelection bid.  Researchers at Dartmouth College and Brown University did a content analysis of tens of thousands of COVID-19 news stories to look at the levels of negativity.  What they found was that 87% of the stories published by the top 15 news sources in the country were negative in tone.  That compares with 50% of international news sources, and 64% for scientific journals.  They also found the mainstream media were 25 percentage points more likely to be negative than more general U.S news sources.  What's more, this overwhelming negativity included even "areas with positive developments, including school re-openings and vaccine trials."

Comparison of Biden vs.  Trump Media Coverage of the Border Crisis.  The mainstream media is made up of biased hacks.  I know, hardly groundbreaking, but this montage put out by our friends over at the Media Research Center is worth the watch for its sheer entertainment value alone.  I mean, it takes real skill to lack this much shame, as you'll see in a second.  The setup is that the border has deteriorated to unseen levels, with over ten thousand illegal alien children now in custody.  Meanwhile, the general surge at the border is also at historic levels.  The Biden administration is not prepared, and their policies and rhetoric caused a dangerous humanitarian crisis that didn't need to happen.  In other words, things are objectively worse, and there are more "kids in cages" today than at any time during the Trump administration.  Yet, this is the comparison in coverage.

DOJ Prosecutor Now Says Trump Could Be *Charged* for Capitol Riots.  A Department of Justice prosecutor believes that former President Donald Trump could be charged for his alleged role in the Capitol riots.  The DOJ federal prosecutor, Michael Sherwin, made the bombshell assertion on 60 Minutes on Sunday [3/21/2021]. [...] The news media has been pushing for Donald Trump's prosecution for the Capitol riots since January 6th.  "Trump must be prosecuted," the Week argued in January.  "Trump can and must be prosecuted," the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin opined.  "Trump must be prosecuted, or we should just admit presidents are above the law," Business Insider proclaimed.  "Lawyers inside the Washington, DC attorney general's office are working to determine if it is legally viable to use district statutes to charge former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the insurrection," an ABC affiliate reported in January.

Rewind: CNN, MSNBC Spent 50 Mins Analyzing Trump's Ramp Walk, Water Glass.  On Friday morning [3/19/2021], President Joe Biden repeatedly fell up the steps of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base and almost immediately, comparisons ensued as conservatives and Republicans recalled the liberal media's wall-to-wall coverage of then-President Trump holding of a water glass and walking slowly down a ramp at the June 13, 2020 West Point commencement.  For CNN and MSNBC, the ordeal was treated like the 21st century's Zapruder film.  A NewsBusters analysis has found that CNN and MSNBC spent a heaping 50 minutes and 55 seconds (excluding teases) on June 15 reveling in the ordeal as a sign of Trump's supposed mental and physical decline that had to be further investigated.

Sellout's remorse.  The other side of buyer's remorse is seller's remorse.  That happens when you sell or even give away something that you miss after its gone.  Rich Lowry, editor of the Never Trump Review, has a variant called sellout's remorse.  He sold out his once-conservative magazine's reputation to gain brownie points among the elitists.  His Against Trump issue was a political and intellectual failure because 1. Trump won the presidency, and 2. Trump was the most successful conservative president in decades.  Opposition from Fake Conservatives helped Democrats stymie President Trump's completion of the wall.  As hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens gather at our border, Lowry realizes the price paid for selling out.

5 Other Totally Bogus Stories Designed To Hurt Trump The Media Got Away With.  The correction by The Washington Post concerning false information about a phone call between former President Donald Trump and the Georgia secretary of state's chief investigator is no anomaly.  The neglect of truth and preference for anonymous sources is deeply ingrained in the corrupt left-wing media's strategy.  "You will notice that establishment media errors, omissions, mistakes, and outright lies always slant one way — against me and against Republicans.  Meanwhile, stories that hurt Democrats or undermine their narratives are buried, ignored, or delayed until they can do the least harm," Trump said in a statement Monday in response to widespread corrections from The New York Times, CNN, ABC, and so on.  The Washington Post correction struck right to the core of why journalism is dying and has been for years, and it served as a reminder of the media's lack of ethics and standards throughout the Russian collusion scramble.  Here are five major Trump-Russia stories the media botched. [...]

A Storm Over the American Republic.  Much of the mainstream media have ceased being news organizations and have become anti-Trump activists.  For publishing all that fake news, The New York Times and the Washington Post were even awarded Pulitzer Prizes.  When, in 2020, the summer riots became destructive and Trump talked about using the military to restore order and protect property and lives, his political opponents compared him to Hitler and Goebbels, and indignantly defended the rioters as essentially "peaceful protesters", acting in the name of legitimate grievances.  They apparently overlooked that the Insurrection Act was invoked by several Presidents, such as President George H.W. Bush in 1992, after California Governor Pete Wilson requested help to quell riots in Los Angeles.

4 Times The Media Admitted They Miss Trump.  Since announcing his candidacy for President in 2015, Donald Trump has dominated the national news cycle — largely to the benefit of legacy media companies.  As a growing amount of their airtime centered upon their hatred of the businessman turned politician, many witnessed sharp increases in their audience sizes.  The New York Times, for instance, saw more subscriptions in the last three months of 2016 than all of 2015 combined.  During election week in 2020, CNN saw a 135% increase in viewership over the first week of November 2019.  After the inauguration of President Biden, however, legacy media saw double-digit drops in their viewership.  CNN and MSNBC respectively experienced 44% and 19% decreases in ratings, respectively.  Following President Trump's departure from the White House, many left-wing journalists already appear nostalgic for their former arch-nemesis.

Three Times Biden and Trump Did the Same Thing, and the Media Reaction was Totally Different.  It is a widely understood fact that media coverage of the Trump administration was, to say the least, massively critical.  While some of this was justified as a result of objective reporting, a large portion — if not a majority — was the result of hyper-partisanship within the legacy media with the apparent goal of undermining the Republican president in preparation for the 2020 election.  Nothing demonstrates this shameless partisanship more than the legacy media's reaction to events that are almost entirely identical, with the one difference being the political affiliation of the man in the White House.  Here are three examples of Trump and Biden doing — effectively — the same thing but with vastly different media coverage. [...]

Why media coverage of Biden is nothing like Trump's... nor Obama's.  We all remember very clearly the way mainstream media covered Donald Trump.  From the moment he had officially won the Republican nomination for president in 2016 until today, the "unbiased" press treated him like the spawn of Satan.  It was all Trump-hate, 24/7, with nary a mention of the tremendous good that he brought to America and the world.

Jill Biden's Really Amazing First Month As First Lady Vs That Trump Woman.  You probably remember all the fawning news and magazine coverage during Melania Trump's four graceful years in the White House.  The oohs and aahs about a stylish first lady who speaks five languages, an immigrant from Slovenia who crafted a successful career as a super model, how supportive yet carefully candid she is about her controversial husband, how protective she is of her only son.  Her investment in and clear fondness for children, especially sick ones both at home and abroad.  And her campaign to combat childhood bullying.  You remember a good deal of that sympathetic coverage, don't you?  No, you don't.  You can't.  There was none.  Because TDS.

7 Reasons Fake News Media Had a Very Bad Friday.  [#2] Impeachment Implosion:  The fake media were forced to broadcast Team Trump's brilliant and brutal impeachment rebuttal, the closing arguments, which included utterly [condemnatory] video of every major Democrat and all kinds of fake media anchors doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing — disputing election results, calling on supporters to "fight," etc.  Best of all, after years of the media's outright lying to the public, the networks were all forced to broadcast the truth:  the full unedited video that debunks their "very fine people" hoax.

Yahoo News Reporter Compares Covering Trump To Fighting D-Day.  A national correspondent for Yahoo News compared journalists covering the Trump presidency to soldiers fighting on D-Day in a recent article for The Atlantic.  Alexander Nazaryan, who has worked for Yahoo News since 2018, made the comparison in a Thursday [2/11/2021] article originally titled "I Miss the Thrill of Trump," which was later changed to "I Was an Enemy of the People."  The lengthy piece, which details his time covering Trump, claims the past four years reminded journalists of their need to maintain an "adversarial" position toward those in power.  What earned him the most attention, however, was his mention of the Allied invasion of Normandy.  "Covering the administration was thrilling for many journalists, in the way that I imagine storming Omaha Beach must have been for a 20-year-old fresh from the plains of Kansas," Nazaryan wrote.  "He hadn't signed up for battle, but there he was, liberating France."

The Editor says...
Poorly-educated reporters, who often think of themselves as heroes, seem to think that war is exhilarating and fun.  They also seem to have slept through their history classes, or they wouldn't make flippant (direct or indirect) comparisons of Trump to Hitler.

Our Tarnished Institutions and the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  The only bright side to this situation is that the people now cannot ignore the lies being pumped out by what we thought were our institutions.  We can thank Trump for that.  He said what he would do, and then did it.  The contrast to business-as-usual was stunning and refreshing.  We liked it and wanted more of it.  Which the swamp could not allow.  Russia!  Russia!  Russia!  Ukraine!  Impeachment!  Systemic racism!  BLM!  Pandemic!  Insurrection!  Is there a previously-trusted institution which hasn't cried wolf about the bad orange man in the last four years?

Time Magazine Gushingly Profiles The Successful 'Conspiracy' To Rig The 2020 Election.  Corporate media has spent the last year arguing that Donald Trump's claims about 2020 election integrity amount to "seditious" conspiracy theories.  While maintaining that narrative despite the cognitive dissonance, Time magazine's Feb. 15 cover story pulls back the curtain on a "conspiracy" among a "well-funded cabal of powerful people" in an "an extraordinary shadow effort" that successfully pushed Trump from office.  "In a way, Trump was right," writes Time national political correspondent Molly Ball.  "There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes."  She later describes this "conspiracy" as something that "sounds like a paranoid fever dream — a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information."  Trump was treated like he had three heads for complaining the election was "rigged."

ABC's Terry Moran:  Trump Is a 'Fuhrer' to Republicans.  ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Moran compared former President Donald Trump's control over the Republican Party to a "Caesar" and a "Fuhrer" Wednesday [2/10/2021] on his network's coverage of the second impeachment of Donald Trump.  Moran said, "Whatever you think of this case, they have risen to the moment.  This is an atrocity in our history, an atrocity against our Democracy, and the care with which the Democratic House managers of this impeachment trial have come prepared, their argument is organized, they are ringing the notes of patriotism and the emotion of the attack itself, and surrounding that with what they hope is an evidentiary trail from Donald Trump to that attack.  That is their challenge here."

How the Times misreports the impeachment.  The New York Times reported on February 8 that David Schoen, one of the lawyers representing private citizen Donald J. Trump in his Senate trial on impeachment, has asked that the Senate not to convene on Saturday because Mr. Schoen is a Sabbath-observing Orthodox Jew.  The article, by Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman, stated that Schoen is among "a second group of lawyers who has stepped in to represent Mr. Trump in his second impeachment trial."  This account then explained that the first set of Trump lawyers for the second impeachment trial "quit after [they] refused to commit to the former president's preferred trial strategy — that they defend him by repeating his baseless claims that the election was stolen from him."  The interjection of the invidious words "baseless claims" leads one to speculate that Times reporters are required to insert anti-Trump propaganda in their coverage of Donald Trump lest staffers demand the immediate termination of any Timesperson who does not comply with the paper's anti-Trump line.

Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active.  We've heard over and over from Big Media that President Trump and his team lost numerous court cases linked to the 2020 election.  But this is not accurate.  Here's what we identified from our research of an accurate and updated list of court cases:
  •   There are 81 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
  •   In 45 cases President Trump was the plaintiff
  •   In 34 cases President Trump is not the plaintiff
  •   In 2 cases President Trump is the defendant
  •   In 72 cases illegal voting is alleged
  •   In ZERO of the 72 cases where illegal voting is alleged has evidence been allowed to be presented
  •   30 cases remain active

Buyer's Remorse?  Let's Blame the Press.  [Scroll down]  Evidence of legacy news media propaganda during the four years of the Trump administration are legion.  Reporting about the Biden family influence-for-graft business was nonexistent.  In fact, Joe's brother and his son received millions of dollars from China, the Ukraine, and Russia. [...] The legacy media didn't bother to mention that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation, and that Joe may be implicated.  Hunter Biden's laptop had been abandoned and its contents were legally disclosed.  The contents revealed that Joe Biden was actively involved in Hunter's business dealings — even to the point of sharing an office with a Chinese businessman.  The laptop even disclosed that a percentage of the business proceeds were to go to Joe.  Yet Joe has always claimed he had no involvement in Hunter's business.  The legacy media spiked stories on the subject and social media censored anyone attempting to report it.

Scorned and mistreated, Melania Trump deserved much better from the media.  It's safe to say that no president's wife has been treated more disrespectfully and disgracefully than Melania Trump, who exited the White House on Wednesday after four tumultuous years.  Throughout history, several first ladies — notably, Rachel Jackson, Mary Todd Lincoln, Edith Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan — were attacked or criticized on personal or political grounds, sometimes viciously so by their husbands' political foes.  Yet, in more recent times, the general rule became that first ladies were basically untouchable unless they were working for the administration in an official role, as was the case with Hillary Clinton when she chaired President Clinton's health care task force in 1993. [...] The first ladies who have occupied the White House since then — Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump — have not held positions within the administration.  But of these three, only one was met with such a high level of vitriol from certain quarters of the press despite conducting herself with grace and class:  Mrs. Trump.

Congratulations Mainstream Media — You Helped Get Rid of the Man Who Made You Rich and Relevan.  The mainstream media may be celebrating Joe Biden's victory now, but they won't be when they realize the cottage industry focused on trashing President Donald Trump is about to disappear.  Love him or hate him, President Trump kept America and the world on the edge of their seats.  For some, he was charming, funny, and entertaining.  For others, he was a cartoon villain, a monster, and a 'threat to democracy' — but for all, he was someone they couldn't take their eyes off.  His presidency was magnetic.  Every day there was something new and exciting for people to bicker and debate over.  News sites flourished.  It was the most politically active the public has been, possibly ever.  Because of this global fascination, people who would normally be considered nerdy and boring White House reporters became viral sensations.  Suddenly, they were making the rounds on late night shows and penning best selling books with sensational headlines and alarm bells about a pending third World War.

Liberal Media Immediately Backhands Melania; Says Jill Biden Will "Bring Fashion Back" To The White House.  The mainstream media believes that swapping out a 50-year old super model with a 69-year old lady is going to "bring fashion back" to the White House.  Yes, really.  Refinery29 published an article titled "Dr. Biden is bringing American fashion back into the White House starting with this subtle sparkly coat"

GOP Leaders in D.C. Don't Represent 74 Million Trump Voters.  [Scroll down]  Then came the Washington, D.C., unrest involving President Trump's crowd.  The liberal media blew that out of proportion into "the darkest day in American history," even though it was a small case of unrest compared with "the BLM summer of hate, rioting and murder," even though it may have involved antifa instigators, even though Capitol Police were captured on camera letting protestors into the building, even though it involved a few hundred people out of a crowd of a million or more, even though no one burned down or looted the Capitol.  The media made believe it was Pearl Harbor.  Here's the thing.  Trump has had hundreds of rallies for six years now.  Millions have attended, maybe 20 million-plus.  And there's never been one window broken, one property damaged, one person shot, one police officer attacked.  Yet after one incident in D.C., it's used as a trigger to ban and censor mention of the fact that the election was clearly stolen; to ban, censor and impeach President Trump; to ban and censor conservatives; and to label all 74 million Trump voters as "domestic terrorists."

Rep. Adam Schiff, House intel panel chairman:  Trump should not get briefings.  Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Sunday that President Trump should not be given access to intelligence briefings.  Mr. Schiff, California Democrat, told CBS' "Face the Nation" that Mr. Trump cannot be trusted with the nation's secrets now or in the future.  He also accused allies around the world of withholding information from the U.S. out of fear that Mr. Trump would not safeguard it.  "He certainly can't be trusted."  Mr. Schiff said.  "We have seen this president politicize intelligence, and that's another risk to the country."

Did CNN Accidentally Prove That Trump Did NOT Call for Violence at the Capitol?  The political Left and their allies in the mainstream media have gloated over the second impeachment of Trump.  In record time, an article of impeachment alleging President Trump incited an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol were filed and approved by the House of Representatives. [...] But according to a new report from CNN, "Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control, a federal law enforcement official says."  This completely undermines the entire case Democrats made for impeaching Trump.  CNN's story also seems to support other reports that that the FBI had warned Capitol Police a day before the assault that there was evidence that an attack on the Capitol was expected and being planned on social media platforms, including Twitter.

We Need a New Media System.  [Scroll down]  Instead, outlets like CNN and MSNBC took a Fox-like approach, downplaying issues in favor of shoving Trump's agitating personality in the faces of audiences over and over, to the point where many people could no longer think about anything else.  To juice ratings, the Trump story — which didn't need the slightest exaggeration to be fantastic — was more or less constantly distorted.  Trump began to be described as a cause of America's problems, rather than a symptom, and his followers, every last one, were demonized right along with him, in caricatures that tickled the urbane audiences of channels like CNN but made conservatives want to reach for something sharp.

President Trump Takes a Hit for the Team.  [Scroll down]  No president since Lincoln has labored under a higher degree of difficulty than Trump.  I cannot recall seeing a positive headline in any major media during the duration of his presidency.  The fact that America's most beautiful and stylish first lady never made it onto the cover of a magazine suggests just how monolithic was the opposition.  And still Trump never apologized, never backed down.  In the 2020 election, Trump showed us just how inherent was the Left's fondness for fascism.  Big Tech crossed something of a Rubicon two weeks before the election when its agents colluded in censoring the Hunter Biden story.  Big Media helped their allies across.  With the story blocked, Biden had a chance of winning.  Using COVID as a cover, Democratic operatives in key states just had to steal thousands more votes than usual.  Big Media and Big Tech colluded by mocking those who dared question the rigging of the election, and the FBI sat on its hands.  Although Trump had carried congressional Republicans to unexpected wins, most collaborated with the conspirators by either keeping silent or scolding Trump for daring to question the outcome.

CNN Parties Over Twitter's 'Amazing' Choice to Ban Trump:  He's 'Been Kneecapped!'  Mark it down, NewsBusters readers:  January 8, 2021 will go down as one of the greatest days in the lives of more than a few CNN charlatans due to the massive, unprecedented crackdown on American free speech, including Twitter's permanent banning of President Trump.  On CNN's Situation Room, the mood was euphoric as they celebrated the "amazing situation" and "historic moment" of Twitter having "kneecapped" Trump before our very eyes, even though it was many years later for these censorship fiends.  Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta delivered the news, feigning concern for what Trump will do now and how it'll affect his "state of mind" considering "he's been unstable."  Acosta boasted that, if Trump were to send out a video message, the White House would have to rely on the media even though they're "their least favorite people in the world."

Reporters Flip Out After McEnany Delivers Stern Message And Doesn't Take Questions.  On Thursday afternoon [1/7/2021], White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reiterated President Trump's call for peaceful protests.  When she abruptly ended the press conference without taking questions, the dozens of left-wing reporters lost their minds and began shouting.  "The violence we saw yesterday at our nation's capital was appalling, reprehensible, and antithetical to the American way... The president and this administration condemn it in the strongest possible terms," McEnany said in part.

Hundreds of Trump supporters flock to DC ahead of vote.  Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump descended on the nation's capital Tuesday to cheer his baseless claims of election fraud a day before a congressional vote to affirm Joe Biden's victory.  Just blocks from the White House, protesters — many without masks — gathered in Freedom Plaza to decry the vote in the Electoral College.

The Editor says...
[#1] President Trumps claims of election fraud are not baseless.  [#2] The Associated Press writer apparently thinks that individuals congregating in public without face masks is newsworthy.  It's a detail important enough to put in the second sentence of the article above.  Either the AP writer finds such behavior offensive, or he or she is making note of it in case there's a surge of Covid cases next week.

Media Freakout Over Leaked Trump Call With Georgia's Raffensperger.  The latest Trump freakout comes courtesy of the Washington Post, who mysteriously received a copy of a recorded call between Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, and President Trump.  [Link to the transcript of the call]  Nothing in the call is surprising, especially if you are familiar with the things Trump has been saying since the election and if you recognize that Trump tends to speak in a clumsy, casual manner.  The WaPo selects some pieces of Trump's dialogue to make it seem like he is asking Raffensperger to create votes and manufacture a Trump victory in Georgia.  To pretend there were not serious irregularities with the voting in Georgia at this point in the game is just willful ignorance.  According to data scientists testifying before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee less than a week ago, "election data indicates that more than 30,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump and another 12,173 votes were switched to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden."

The media are lying about Trump's phone call with Raffensperger.  The mainstream media and Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, are utterly disgraceful, dishonest, and manipulative people.  Raffensperger released a private phone call that the media immediately claimed — falsely — showed Trump begging Raffensperger to fraudulently find enough votes for Trump to win.  In fact, Trump called Raffensperger to get him to stop obstructing the fraud investigation. [...] Here's what really happened on the phone call.  First, Trump wasn't the only person on the phone.  Also present were Mark Meadows, Mike Pompeo, and multiple attorneys.  There isn't the slightest chance that they would have allowed Trump to beg Raffensperger for illegal votes or to threaten him.  Second, contrary to what the media implied, Trump was not operating off the premise that he lost Georgia.  If that had been the case, it would indeed have been wrong for Trump to beg for Raffensperger to "find" votes for him.  Instead, Trump was operating from the assertion that he won Georgia.

One of Trump's greatest triumphs was exposing media's rotten underbelly of unrelenting bias.  President Donald Trump's exposure of the liberal media's bias will go down as one of his "biggest services" to the country, according to political analyst Jeffrey Lord.  The columnist and contributing editor at The American Spectator told Fox News that Trump has helped "out" the hypocritical media figures who have dropped the masks on their biased attempts at so-called journalism and damaged their own reputations in attacking the president for four years.

How to Steal an Election in Four Steps.  [Scroll down]  In truth, President Trump likely received between 74.5 million and 76.5 million votes, winning both the popular vote and the electoral vote handily.  The media reported none of this, except anecdotally as Republican griping.  They reported that Biden had won, and that he was the president-elect, though he was not because the count was still in progress.  Major broadcast media refused to carry important updates by the President of the United States and ridiculed anyone who questioned the integrity of the election:  Trump was a cry baby:  Giuliani was unbalanced; Sidney Powell was a conspiracy theorist.  When Fox News chose to ignore stark reality in favor of the lie (Tucker Carlson accused Powell — perhaps the most respected attorney in Washington — of making claims she could not substantiate) it lost a huge chunk of its viewership to Newsmax and OANN, networks on which the news is not scripted in advance.  The Left went into, "Why can we all just get along" mode.  "A time for healing," said the newspapers.  They defended mail-in voting, the count stoppages, Dominion software, etc.  Evidence did not matter to them, only selling the narrative that Biden was the victor.  They enlisted the help of Trump-hating Republicans like Mitt Romney, Chris Christi, and Paul Ryan to implore Trump, the overwhelming winner, to concede.

Keith Olbermann Demands Prison Time For President Trump, Ivanka And Don Jr.  In Deranged Rant.  Not even the prospect of a Biden-Harris administration will satisfy the more deranged elements of the so-called resistance who are braying for revenge. [...] The graying, once-dapper Olbermann has gone completely off the deep end since he was jettisoned by his former employer and outside of a short return to ESPN, he has spent the years since his prime time departure on the internet raving about Trump.  He had previously called for President Trump to get the death penalty for every single COVID death which doesn't seem to be remotely excessive to those with late-stage TDS.

The Trump-Hating Media Prepare For A Long Nap Under Biden.  [Scroll down]  The national media are, by virtually any recognized metric, now collectively far to the left on the political spectrum.  They hate Trump, capitalism, America's history and culture, and all the blue-collar, hard-working, tax-paying schlubs out there who make it all possible.  The media began the year in COVID-19 denial, pretending, along with leading Democrats, that the fast-spreading virus was nothing to worry about.  They quickly did an about-face after realizing that virus could be weaponized politically against Trump.  Since then, Americans have been subjected to non-stop propaganda on everything from vaccines and hydroxychloroquine to lockdowns and mandatory masks.  The goal:  weaken Trump, and turn Americans into terrified "yes" people, subservient to bureaucrat-scientists such as Anthony Fauci.  That's what's also behind the media campaign to blame Trump, not the communist Chinese, for the novel coronavirus.  No sooner had the virus emerged than the media were reporting that Trump had "slashed" Centers for Disease Control spending, implying he had left us vulnerable.  Wrong.  His budgets increased CDC spending every year.

Trump complains that Melania has not featured on a single major magazine cover while First Lady.  President Donald Trump has taken time out of his Christmas Day to hit out at the nation's glossy magazines for failing to give Melania Trump a cover while she was First Lady.  Michelle Obama, 56, appeared on a whopping 12 covers during her eight years in the White House while Melania, 50, has not appeared on a single cover through her husband's four-year term.  The president on Friday night retweeted a comment from right-wing publication Breitbart that called out the 'elitist snobs in the fashion press' with Trump adding that Melania is 'the greatest of all time'.

Why an Editor's Open Letter to Journalists Got Totally Wrecked in a Single Twitter Thread.  [Scroll down]  Journalists were rightfully mocked for the last four years for being outright terrible at their jobs.  The bias was always there.  During the Trump administration, it reached absurd new heights.  There wasn't even a half-[hearted] attempt at hiding it.  Journalists should get a pat on the back for doing their job.  What job?  Burying the shoddy and reportedly corrupt dealings of the Biden family, how Hunter Biden got rich off his daddy's name because he's a perpetual screw-up, how he didn't report $400,000 from an unethical arrangement in Ukraine, and how he's under investigation for tax fraud.  Oh, and Joe is involved too.  Some of these deals, like the one in China, were being hashed out when Joe was still VP under Obama.  It's enough of a story that 17 percent of Biden voters said they wouldn't have voted for Corrupt Joe in the 2020 election if they had known about this pile of dirty laundry.

Thanks, Dems, for stealing Christmas.  On election game day, Trump went into the locker-room at halftime with an enormous lead.  Trump was five touchdowns ahead.  During marching band performance, the crack Fox News announcers declared Biden the winner in Arizona and stabbed Trump in the back.  When Trump returned to the field of battle, he was losing by three touchdowns.  This was obviously impossible but the Dems in the stands on the opposite side of the field cheered Biden's sudden and miraculous good fortune.

Everything considered bad by the 'Animal Farm' liberal media before Nov. 3 is now good.  Media cross-examination of the president is now an out-of-date idea.  The time for gotcha questions has come and gone.  Why ask a president whether he is a traitor or a crook when you can focus on his favorite flavor of milkshake or compliment him on his socks?  The old pre-election truth was that new vaccines take years to develop.  The new postelection truth is that it's no big deal to bring out new vaccines in nine months.  Impeaching a first-term president after his first midterm election — on a strictly partisan vote, for political reasons other than the U.S. Constitution's "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" — is now a terrible idea. [...] It would be unprofessional for university psychologists and physicians from a distance to diagnose, in pop fashion, the mental faculties of a President Biden.  Certainly, there would never be talk about Department of Justice officials contemplating wearing a wire as part of an entrapment scheme to remove a President Biden through the 25th Amendment.  That would almost constitute a coup attempt.

Tainted Tallies Tell Tall Tales.  [Scroll down]  Speaking on an episode of War Room:  Pandemic, [Rudy] Giuliani asserted that the American people have not yet had the opportunity to examine evidence that appears to have corrupted some vote counts in key battleground states.  "Facts have been kept from them," Giuliani declared.  "Not a single court decision has had a hearing yet.  They haven't heard from a single witness.  They haven't looked at a single tape.  They haven't listened to a single recording.  There are thousands of them."  Amber Athey voiced the sentiments of many when she wrote, "The media has been claiming since the election ended that President Trump's claims of voter fraud are 'baseless' and 'without evidence'.  That just is not true.  The President's lawyer gave examples of [voter fraud.] ... But everyone is too busy mocking him to pay attention." [...] A December 2020 Fox News national survey of registered voters found that 68% of Republicans, 26% of independents, and 10% of Democrats believe that the election was stolen from Trump.

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Yes, It Was a Stolen Election.  As Americans continue to watch the 2020 election controversy unfold, the very same publications that spent years lying about President Trump's "Russia collusion" are once again telling us what we are dutifully supposed to believe.  The Los Angeles Times, for instance, assures us that Trump's "baseless" and "dangerous" claim "that the election was rigged to benefit Joe Biden" has been thoroughly "debunked."  The New York Times proclaims that "Trump's false election fraud claims" are founded upon nothing more than a "torrent of falsehoods."  Sneering at "how Trump drove the lie that the election was stolen," The Washington Post mocks Republicans who "are still pretending that there was election fraud."  And warns that "Trump's obsession with overturning the election" has now begun to spiral "out of control."  But so much for what the comic books have to say.  What follows is a compilation of vital facts that will demonstrate, to anyone interested in following the truth wherever it may lead, that the 2020 presidential election was indeed rife with fraud, and that Joe Biden, if he should in fact be sworn into office next month, will be an illegitimate president from the very start.

Congratulations, National Review!  You Got Your Wish!  The biological entity known as Joseph R. Biden will be inaugurated on January 20.  Success has a thousand fathers — and one of them is a conservative publication where many principled conservatives spend their days tearing down the most conservative president in generations.  I therefore would like to congratulate National Review and its principled conservers of conservatism on a job well done.  At long last, your efforts to undermine Donald Trump and make yourselves irrelevant have borne fruit.  For National Review this has always been less about policy and more about "personal and moral character."  With Joe Biden, National Review can finally have a man of real character in the Oval Office. [...] The incoming "president" is a caricature, his running mate has a voting record to the left of Bernie Sanders, his staff is determined to turn America into a Venezuela-of-the-North, but, you know, character.  It was all worth it, these principled conservatives will tell you, because conservatism had to be destroyed in order to save it from Trump.

Twitter Hinting They'll Dump President Trump If Biden Is Inaugurated.  Social media has had a love-hate relationship with the right.  They loved the revenue and traffic our sites and brought them, but they hate the very ground we stand on, especially President Trump.  They are now hinting they will kick the President off the platform if Joe Biden is sworn in as President.  Democrats thought they had a lock on social media when they leveraged Facebook's data-mining tools to get the vote out for Obama.  You can only imagine their horror when they saw Trump turn the tables on them in 2016.  They were blindsided when the right broke new ground as great innovators and pioneers with our use of Social Media to bypass media gatekeepers of information.

News Anchors Say The Quiet Part Loud.  WQAD anchors, Katherine Bauer and Morgan Strackbein didn't know they were live when this candid conversation took place last weekend.  [Video clip]

What the American Aristocracy Has Wrought.  The mainstream media have been in lockstep with the #Resistance, liberal court orders, and the critically stupid — Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Swalwell, Waters, Nadler, et al.  Journalists never stop to investigate the veracity of their statements, despite their poor record of telling the truth, even as they maliciously "fact-check" Trump administration officials.

The Vaccine Naysayers Got It Wrong.  Today I'm reminded of the host of media experts who flogged the seriousness and reliability of the Steele dossier for months and years only to evaporate when we later learned that document wasn't reliable.  To his great credit, the Washington Post's Erik Wemple devoted 10 articles to tracking down some of the dossier's promoters and asking them how they felt about it in retrospect.  As I pointed out at the time, a lot of the journalists he spoke with had no comment.  People like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who made the dossier a key part of her program for years simply moved on to greener pastures.  There was zero price to pay for being so wrong for so long about something so important.  I'm reminded of that today because of this Twitter thread by Glenn Greenwald highlighted by Twitchy.  Greenwald points out that some of the same outlets flogging the the dossier were also confident that a vaccine by the end of the year was a pipe dream.  Stop and enjoy the smug condescension in this first clip from MSNBC:  [Video clip]

MSNBC Hack Steve Schmidt Compares Trump Supporters To '20s Or 30s' Nazi Germany.  MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt proved once again he's a liberal hack who will say the most outrageous things imaginable about Trump supporters.  During an interview on "Deadline," Schmidt — a Never-Trumper who cofounded The Lincoln Project — compared supporters of President Donald Trump marching in Washington, D.C., over the weekend to brownshirts from Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany in the "1920s or 1930s."  "But we should all be terrified of what we saw this weekend in Washington, D.C., and we should think about it," Schmidt said.  "What is it that we saw this weekend in Washington?  What was it?  They weren't wearing brown and black uniforms like they would have in Italy or in Germany in the 1920s or 1930s, but they're the same people," he continued.

Systemic discrimination?  In the U.S.?  Study after study shows that the mainstream media have presented President Trump and stories surrounding his administration in a negative light roughly 90 to 95 percent of the time, while fawning over Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.  Almost every newspaper and magazine features page after page of smears, innuendo and outright lies about Trump and his every action, while proffering glowing coverage on his political opponents.  And then there is Big Tech.  The giant social media companies have made a mockery of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which indemnifies "platforms" from potential legal issues stemming from their content.  They have eagerly utilized the benefits the act grants to those entities supposedly not censoring and discriminating content, while continually censoring and discriminating against content, including that of the President of the United States, in the manner of a partisan "publisher."

Biden is Muellered.  The premise of the Mueller probe was to find out if Donald Trump colluded with Putin to rig the election.  President Trump did not.  Hillary lost fair and square in what may be the last trustworthy presidential election.  But as this false premise of Russian Collusion was used as an excuse to spy on Obama's political opponent, the question became what did the FBI know and when did it know it?  This was a cover-up, and as we were taught in Watergate, the cover-up is worse than the crime.  And the crime is itself is pretty heavy.  So there is hope for justice this morning.  And you can see why the news media went with a fake story about Barr saying there was no election fraud.

The Media Stole the 2020 Election Before a Single Vote Was Cast.  The media stole the 2020 presidential election, plain and simple.  They did it over the course of four years by creating a caricature of Donald Trump and convincing voters that to save the country and the planet, his defeat was imperative.  They persuaded millions of voters that the president who had turned the economy into a job-creating engine, made us energy independent, secured the borders, transformed an activist judiciary, and returned sanity to American foreign policy, was a monster — a racist megalomaniac, an enemy of the environment, a bungling foreign-policy loner, and an anti-science know-nothing.  I've been following media coverage of campaigns since Goldwater.  I worked in a newsroom for 19 years.  In terms of bias, I thought I'd seen it all.  I was wrong.  Media assaults on Trump were wall-to-wall bias, 24/7, bias on steroids.  A survey by the Media Research Center found that between June 1 and July 31, coverage of Trump by the networks was 95% negative, while coverage of Biden was 67% positive.

CNN daily nightmare is unfolding courtesy of James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.  Appearing last night on Hannity, James O'Keefe joked about an advent calendar — like daily set of presents for CNN and its CEO, Jeff Zucker.  If you haven't heard already, Project Veritas has been recording telephone conference calls at CNN, courtesy of an inside whistleblower, according to what O'Keefe told Hannity.  While CNN is fulminating about a lawsuit, O'Keefe is confident in his legal advisers' position that recording and releasing the calls is legal.  CNN's new corporate parent, AT&T, is rumored to be trying to sell the network in order to reduce its corporate debt.  There are already worries that if Trump does not prevail in his lawsuits and Biden takes office, CNN will not be able use TDS as a lure for viewers.  Further damage to its credibility via release of phone calls will not help in gathering viewers.

CNN's Zucker Busted By Project Veritas Saying President Trump Not Conceding is Like 9/11.  Project Veritas released tapes on Tuesday [12/1/2020] of CNN's 9 a.m. rundown calls that they have secretly been recording for months.  These tapes expose CNN president Jeff Zucker and several other CNN executives expressing their extreme political biases against the president.  "This is yet another investigation Project Veritas has conducted into CNN, and once again they've demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnect with journalistic ethics," said Project Veritas founder and CEO James O'Keefe.

Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud.  Disputing President Donald Trump's persistent, baseless claims, Attorney General William Barr declared Tuesday [12/1/2020] the U.S. Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 election.  Barr's comments, in an interview with the The Associated Press, contradict the concerted effort by Trump, his boss, to subvert the results of last month's voting and block President-elect Joe Biden from taking his place in the White House.

The Editor says...
[#1] The Associated Press is biased against Trump and cannot be trusted.  [#2] If you look at what Mr. Barr actually said, the headline is misleading at best.

Did President Trump Spring a Trap on Treasonous Democrats on Election Night?  So certain were the complicit media of a win for Clinton that they predicted a 95% probability of her winning.  But the same blunder — born of Democrat arrogance and overconfidence from years of triumphant cheating — would not occur a second time in 2020.  The media would, during Trump's first term as president, embark on creating the illusion that the most popular president since Ronald Reagan was actually reviled.  This Big Lie would be endlessly repeated, in hopes of making enough people believe a loss to Biden was in the cards for Trump.

There's More Than One Way to Steal an Election.  The evidence is strong that the Democratic Party press swung this year's election to Biden by its selective non-coverage of critically important news stories that reflected well on President Trump or poorly on Biden.  The Media Research Center has conducted extensive polling in seven key swing states.  The MRC asked Biden voters whether they were aware of certain facts or news stories, and if they were not, whether awareness of those facts or issues would have caused them to change their vote away from Biden. [...] You might think that Democratic voters simply don't care about the facts.  But that isn't what respondents said in this survey.  MRC asked whether, if the respondent had known a particular fact, he would nevertheless have voted for Joe Biden, voted for President Trump, voted for a third-party candidate, or not voted at all.  It turns out that all of these under-reported stories had the potential to swing significant numbers of voters away from Joe Biden.

Poll: One In Six Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They Had Known About Scandals Suppressed By Media.  A new report from the Media Research Center shows that the media's lack of coverage and big tech's suppression of certain issues and scandals surrounding Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden could have cost President Donald Trump the election.  The survey results report that 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for the Biden-Harris presidential ticket if they had known about at least one of the eight news stories that were suppressed by big tech and mainstream media outlets.  "This is not happenstance.  This is not coincidence.  This is not oversight and this is not just a mistake," president and founder of Media Research Center Brent Bozell said at a press conference Tuesday.  "These were deliberate decisions that were made thousands of times, literally thousands of times, to either twist or to not cover it at all, which we found in this case."

Democrats And Media Are Reaping Fruit Of 4 Years Of Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories.  A prominent liberal legal academic who spent the last four years pushing outrageous, discredited, and debunked conspiracy theories about Donald Trump stealing the 2016 election said on Fox News Sunday that refusal to accept the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election threatens the country.  "He is undermining democracy because there are millions of people who will believe him even though there is nothing to his arguments and no evidence to back them," Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe said of President Trump's litigation regarding the November election. [...] Tribe began pushing the Russia collusion theory on July 25, 2016, well after the Hillary Clinton campaign had secretly developed and begun running its "Russia collusion" campaign operation, but before the FBI had started its Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  "I'm not into conspiracy," he wrote, before suggesting Russian oligarchs had compromised Trump with business deals and made him develop a foreign policy that U.S. allies should be responsible for more of their own anti-Russian defense budgets.  A follow-up tweet said Trump was hiding his tax returns in order to hide his business relationship with Vladimir Putin.  By July 28, 2016, Tribe was wondering if Trump had committed the capital crime of "treason."  By July 29, 2016, he was proposing wringing Trump on charges of violating the Logan Act.  On October 17, 2016, he began suggesting Trump had rigged the election against Clinton.

Flat Out TDS: Media Is Already Trying to Erase Trump Being President.  News broke yesterday [11/20/2020] that President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump, Jr. had tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.  Now most normal people on both sides of the aisle would wish him well, perhaps even telling the president they wished his son well.  Not so much Yahoo.  Here's the headline from the Yahoo article about the news:  Former reality TV show host's son tests positive for COVID-19.  Yes, that's how they're now trying to describe President Donald Trump.  They're so incapable of accepting the reality they can't even put it in a headline and they're hoping to obliterate his presidency simply by obstinacy.

Thinking about that flailing Fox News betrayal.  As the world watches an attempt to impose an alternate reality on the American electorate, there are those in the mainstream media who, in response to corporate pressure and left-leaning proclivity, have now resorted to prematurely referring to mumbling Joe Biden as "president-elect."  That's why, of late, every word issuing forth from the media indicates that concern with what may have happened during the presidential election has more to do with demoting Trump than preserving the future integrity of a constitutional republic.  A perfect example is in the left's insistence that there is zero evidence to support claims that 102%+ voter turnout, 3:00 A.M. data dumps, corpses who vote, statistical models signaling foul play, communist Chinese influence, and electioneering poll workers dressed in Biden/Harris T-shirts had an impact on who won.

Media and Democrats Decide They Love Forever War Now Because Orange Man Bad.  Donald Trump caused much consternation within the beltway last week after he announced that he would follow through on pulling most of the remaining troops out of Afghanistan.  As per our usual agreement, the neoconservative contingent, including Mitt Romney, lost their minds demanding that a "reason" be given for attempting to end a 20 year war.  You know, because being at war is now the default and needs no defense or something.

A Vegas oddsmaker's take on Fox News and the election grift.  [Scroll down]  At that point, something very weird occurred.  It didn't happen at CNN or MSNBC, it happened at Fox News.  You all remember that Fox refused to call Florida, Ohio, or Texas for Trump, even though Trump was miles ahead in those three states.  Additionally, even though Trump was also significantly ahead in Virginia, Fox nevertheless called the state for Biden.  But that wasn't the worst: ["]And then it happened.  It was the most bizarre call in Election Night history.  Fox News called Arizona for Biden.  Why?  It wasn't even close to over.  There was no reason on earth to make that call.  Arizona is STILL not over 8 days later.  CNN still hasn't awarded Arizona.  ABC pulled it back from Biden only 24 hours ago.["]

'I Don't Call On Activists'; Kayleigh McEnany Obliterates Room Full Of Screaming Reporters.  Towards the end of her Friday press briefing, Kayleigh McEnany triggered a room full of screaming liberal journalists with a phrase that is spreading across Twitter like wildfire.  As she wrapped up her briefing, the reporters started literally screaming at her.  In response, McEnany simply leaned into the microphone and said "I don't call on activists".  That simple phrase triggered even more unhinged screaming from them, and it was a thing of beauty.  [Video clip]

White House press secretary SLAMS CNN 'activist' reporter.  White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany blasted a CNN reporter as an "activist" during her Friday press conference.  McEnany pushed back the accusation that President Donald Trump has been acting unreasonably since the election on November 3rd.  "So while every legal vote is counted, let us not forget the inexcusable transition, or lack thereof, that President Trump had to endure in 2016," McEnany said.  As McEnany made her way out of the room, Kaitlan Collins of CNN heckled her.  McEnany immediately clapped back at the reporter, stating "I don't call on activists."  [Video clip]

Vainglory of the Press.  Of all the claims that have been made in this election, the most astounding is the idea that the proper authority to certify the winner — and dispose of all objections — is the press.  That would be the same press that proved to be so inaccurate in respect of what would happen in the past two elections.  It is now in high dudgeon over the fact that millions of Americans lack for confidence in its decision to call the race for Mr. Biden.  What vainglory.  "Day by day," the Washington Post editorializes this morning, "President Trump's efforts to overturn the results of a free and fair election grow more brazen." Notice the en passant nature of its reference to the election being free and fair.  It dasn't acknowledge even a possibility that determining the freeness and fairness of the blasted election is the point of all the challenges and litigation.

The press conference the media mocked, derided, and refused to cover.  I watched the news conference Thursday conducted by President Trump's campaign attorneys, and later visited the websites of the major networks to see what their interpretation of the bombshell would be.  CNN said they wouldn't even air the news conference because it was 'so bananas' and 'full of BS.'  Yes, really.  MSNBC linked to a Chuck Todd commentary saying:  "This has been a bonkers press conference."  ABC linked to this headline:  "Promising more lawsuits, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani recycles debunked claims."  CBS News, at 9:32 p.m., had no mention of the news conference at all.  NBC News put out:  "Rudy Giuliani baselessly alleges 'centralized' voter fraud at free-wheeling news conference."  Fox News's Kristin Fisher blatantly called Giuliani a liar.

Fox News continues to alienate its viewers.  Fox News continues to insult its audience.  This time, the insults came from Kristin Fisher, who was speaking from either ignorance or malice when she attacked Rudy Giuliani after Trump's legal team gave a press conference.  The press conference was the equivalent of an opening argument in a trial.  Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis each stated one aspect of the upcoming case:  Giuliani described on-the-ground voter fraud, Powell described a sophisticated computer system created in Venezuela to steal votes, and Ellis reminded people that this was an opening argument rather than an evidentiary hearing.  The evidence, she said, will come.  The conference was essentially a preview of coming attractions.  In a trial, first you tell your story, then you prove your story, and then you summarize your story.  The legal team is at Phase One.  That didn't stop Kristin Fisher from proving that she's a lousy listener and is staggeringly ignorant about how the American legal system works.

CNN Gets in on the List Game, Targeting 'Enablers' of Trump's Election 'Defiance'.  In the past few days, Democrats and their allies in the #NeverTrump movement have started the ominous practice of compiling blacklists of Trump supporters or those who refuse to immediately trumpet Joe Biden's contested and as yet unconfirmed victory in the November election.  CNN, perhaps afraid of falling behind, ran a report listing every single Republican senator who has refused to congratulate Biden so far.  At the bottom on the screen, the outlet singled out the president's dastardly "enablers" who dared to stand up for Trump's right to raise legal challenges in response to serious concerns about potential fraud.  On Tuesday, CNN published a list of 49 Republican senators guilty of the unspeakable crime of waiting for the final confirmed election results.

AT&T reportedly looking to sell CNN after 'hit' from 'hating Trump': Gasparino.  AT&T is reportedly looking at selling CNN to pay its massive debt, but the cable news company may have hit its peak "hating Trump," Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino argued Friday [11/13/2020].  "CNN does not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore and their ratings will take a hit," he told "Tucker Carlson Tonight," given the current projected presidential election results.  He reports that AT&T is "financially unstable" with $150 billion in debt.  "They need to cut costs.  There's an active investor out there," Gasparino said.

Did Fox News's premature Arizona call for Biden trigger the massive cheating operation?  [Scroll down]  But at 11:20 P.M., Fox News made a shocking announcement by calling Arizona for Joe Biden.  Never mind that about 900,000 votes were yet uncounted, including absentee ballots.  Other news outlets, including The New York Times and CNN, did not make a call until two days later. [...] There are two problems with this call.  First, you don't call it when it is still in statistical probability.  The word "most likely" means that the chance is less than 100%.  You call a state for one candidate when it is mathematically impossible for the other candidate to catch up.  Secondly, when [Arnon] Mishkin and his team were deliberating whether to make the call for Biden or not, the percentage of the votes counted was most likely still about 60% or so.  Arizona is not a solid blue state.  Trump carried the state in 2016 by a healthy 3.5% margin. [...] The question is, why did Fox News call it so early?  Or, rather, who is Arnon Mishkin?  Mishkin is a registered Democrat.

Stop the Coup.  [Scroll down]  The left elite press has sure gotten the message: it's Trump and his followers who "may" steal the election.  Democracy dies in orangeness — even if voters overwhelmingly agree that orange man is, in fact, good.  Ed Kilgore is not worried about any of this.  His concern, he says, is that "if conservative opinion leaders convince each other and a big segment of Trump voters that Biden won't accept a constitutionally legitimate loss, that's all it may take to rob the 2020 presidential election of legitimacy."  Buddy.  Pal.  Robbing the presidency of legitimacy is the full-time job of your side since, er, before Trump took office.  Do you remember your colleague Jonathan Chait's deranged essay and its totally not insane conspiracy theory graphic about how the President of the United States was a Russian agent and Putin was his handler?  No matter.  Kilgore is deeply concerned that if the Republicans mistakenly believe what the Democrats are saying and doing is real, the Republicans might refuse to concede the election and then "all hell really could break loose."  You mean, like, riots and stuff?  Ed, your side is doing that already, and telling us they plan more of it.  Lots more.

Disgraced Fox News Retracts False House Race Projection — 8 Days Later!  Obviously, the biggest Election Day loser will either be President Trump or Joe Biden, depending on who ultimately wins the presidential election, and the second biggest loser will be congressional Democrats, who lost seats in the House and failed to retake the Senate majority, but another major loser — without any question — is disgraced Fox News.  The bottom is falling out of Fox's reputation, and there are reports that the once-respected outlet is suffering in the ratings.  None of this should surprise anyone, especially with the countless botched calls and outright lies still being uncovered during the dumpster fire that was Fox's Election Night coverage.

NBC Trots Out Al Gore to Demand That Trump Issue A 'Proper Concession'.  The ballots are still being counted — and, in some states, being recounted — for the 2020 presidential election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  No winner has been declared but, somehow, some of the people on NBC News believe that the president should concede.  But, in a hilarious fashion, they want him to concede the way former Vice President Al Gore did after the 2000 election.

Mika Brzezinski Wants 'Law Enforcement' to Go After Trump to Prevent Leaking National Secrets.  MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski voiced her concerns on Thursday about President Trump leaking government secrets once he is out of office and suggested for "certain sections of law enforcement" to go after him.  Brzezinski predicted Trump will use state secrets to enrich himself and his family when he goes back into business full-time.  "Again, I'll just say that Donald Trump has access to everything and when he leaves he continues to have a good deal of information he can use to his benefit and his personality has shown that he doesn't have a lot of discipline beyond using information or people or relationships to his financial gain.  It's always about the money," Brzezinski said.

The Editor says...
Ms. Brzezinski seems to be accusing Mr. Trump of crimes which he has yet to commit.

Don't Give an Inch.  For five years, the Democratic party and their allies in the corporate media, the coddled government bureaucracies, and the Big Tech platforms have fought Trump with every weapon at their disposal.  They uncritically and feverishly repeated every deranged theory that Trump was really a Russian asset operating as Putin's Manchurian candidate, and then cheered on his impeachment for it.  An FBI lawyer altered evidence to spy on a U.S. citizen while texting "viva la resistance" to his colleagues.  When, less than a month before the election, Facebook and Twitter outright banned the circulation of a New York Post story involving corruption in the Biden family, media outlets happily did the same.  The New York Times accused Trump of faking his post-COVID White House appearance with a green screen and using secret Twitter code to activate right-wing extremists.  CNN is now settling libel suits for its role in instigating a vicious social media campaign and physical threats against a Catholic high school kid — all for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat.  Media outlets that breathlessly ran with a fake story about Trump killing an entire pond of koi fish refused to cover the violent riots that broke out across the country this summer.  They stood in front of buildings that were literally on fire, claiming the protests were "fiery, but mostly peaceful."  They told us that border walls don't stop illegal immigration, riots don't spread COVID-19 (but schools and church services do), and Joe Biden would win in a landslide.

The biggest loser in this election?  Confidence in the voting process.  I was looking at one breathless report from the Associated Press while having coffee this morning and was struck by how desperately many MSM outlets seem to be to bat down any questions about how fairly, accurately and legally the counting is being handled.  At this point, they're attacking Republican objections to perceived irregularities more stridently than they are the President himself.  Words such as "baseless" and "unproven" are dominating the headlines this weekend.  And reporters are more interested in which Republicans are going along with Trump or gainsaying him than the underlying questions being raised. [...]

When Establishment Republicans Tell You This Election Was on the Level, Do You Believe Them?  I saw the major news networks cut away from live remarks by the president of the United States because he was questioning how his leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan could disappear in the middle of the night with unexplained vote dumps for his opponent.  The same media establishment that has spent four years calling the 2016 election stolen and illegitimate is worried that Americans might believe that the 2020 election is stolen and illegitimate.  Nothing strange about that.  It's the media's job to decide what we hear and how we think, and I certainly have no right to consider conflicting opinions from the elected president.  Mika Brzezinski told me that once.  Television journalists are like brave firefighters running into burning buildings on our behalf, so whatever evidence they choose to burn in the process should totally be left to their discretion.  They may be Democrats, and they may have all fallen for the Democrats' Russia disinformation hoax for four solid years, but they definitely don't take sides.  They've said so.

Trump Forces CBS to Cover GOP Wins in the House, They Fact-Checked Him.  In a press conference on Thursday, President Trump covered a vast range of topics dealing with the 2020 election, including the "great achievement" in the House of Representatives were Republican women won the day in large numbers.  Of course, those victories had been largely ignored but Trump's mention of them forced the CBS Evening News to finally acknowledge those victories.  But instead of just reporting on who those women were, anchor Norah O'Donnell wanted to fact-check the President.

All Trump Needs to Do to Win is Win Pennsylvania and Arizona (or Nevada or Wisconsin or Michigan) and It's Over.  The Democrats, Big Tech, the media and some state election leaders are working together to steal this election from President Trump.  The President is winning and he has an easy way to win.  All night last night the media got together and failed to call big states that showed Trump winning.  The President led in Florida and Texas for hours, but the media would not call these states for Trump.  This way the media could keep the narrative alive that Joe Biden was leading in the race.

Trump Campaign Declares 'Victory' In Pennsylvania; Media Outlets Have Not Called It.  The Trump campaign has declared victory in Pennsylvania.  Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said that the president is declaring victory in Pennsylvania, though no major media outlets or election watchers have called the race for President Trump.  "We are declaring a victory in Pennsylvania.  This is not based on gut or feel.  This is based on math," Stepien told reporters on a press call on Wednesday afternoon [11/4/2020].

Worried NBC Can't Believe 'Unacceptable' Trump is Competitive.  Appearing on NBC's Today show Wednesday morning [11/4/2020], the network's resident Democratic Party shill and senior Washington correspondent Andrea Mitchell was bewildered that President Trump, "who is deemed unacceptable," could possibly be competitive in the still undecided election.  Later on the show, Biden campaign surrogate and so-called "historian" Jon Meacham lamented that Trump voters refused to "change their minds."  "And I think it leaves big questions about what is the future of the Democratic Party?'s a party that is running against a candidate who is deemed unacceptable by traditional democratic, you know, standards," Mitchell fretted early in the 8:00 a.m. ET hour.  [Video clip]

Twitter slaps warning label on Team Trump S.C. victory tweet.  Twitter censored the Trump campaign Tuesday night, slapping a warning label on a tweet claiming victory in South Carolina.  The Team Trump account posted that "President @realDonaldTrump wins #SouthCarolina!" shortly after 8 p.m., an hour after polls closed.  Mr. Trump did win the state — unsurprisingly since no Democratic presidential candidate has won South Carolina in nearly a half-century.  The 2020 Biden-Harris ticket made little effort to win the state and no handicapper saw a Democratic victory there.

The Mainstream Media's COVID Cover-up Continues.  [Scroll down]  The Left and their media can't afford to have President Trump's positions legitimized.  If someone comes out and backs Trump's COVID-19 plans, the media have to cover it up.  They have to discredit them, even if that means winking and nodding to Joe Biden's absurd claim that 44,000 scientists/doctors are "nobody."  If it appears likely that a vaccination will be available to potentially save thousands of lives, Democrats must try to instill fear of its safety lest President Trump is blessed with good news, and the media must cover that up as well.  They must do everything they can to ensure Trump loses next Tuesday, up to and including persisting with the outrageous cover-up campaign they've been engaging in for months; regardless of what harm they might cause.

Scarborough: If Trump Tries To Declare Victory Tomorrow Night, We Won't Carry The Live Feed.  [Scroll down]  This is shaping up to be a highest-possible-stakes version of Twitter shutting down the New York Post's Hunter Biden story.  A media platform decides that certain information is too unreliable and inflammatory for its users to consume, so it blacks it out.  By dropping the Trump feed, Peacock would be making a statement about how much it trusts its viewers to responsibly process questionable information the same way Twitter made a statement about how much it trusts its readers to handle Huntergate.  With an important difference.  The Post liked to remind people that no one, including the Biden campaign, successfully challenged its story or proved that it's a dirty trick perpetrated by a foreign intelligence service.  Twitter blacked out a major news story due to suspicion, not proof.

Jake Tapper stunned by exit polling, voters OK with Trump virus response.  CNN's Jake Tapper was taken aback on Tuesday as Election Day exit polling confirmed that nearly half of voters are OK with President Trump's handling of coronavirus.  The host of "The Lead" and his panel of guests were dumbfounded over the 48% of voters who said the administration is doing "well" in its response to the global pandemic.  "Uh, 48% of the country, Dana, saying that the handling of the pandemic is going well," he told colleague Dana Bash.  "Uh, that's a very high number considering that empirically, uh, it is not going well!  I mean, there is no health official who says it's going well at all."

The Movement against Elites.  [Scroll down]  Glenn Greenwald, writing about his resignation from the Intercept and, more broadly, about the media's incompetence, points out the "undeniable truth that journalists with national outlets based in New York, Washington and West Coast cities overwhelmingly not just favor Joe Biden but are desperate to see Donald Trump defeated."  Many journalists do not try to hide their bias; instead, they "make little secret of their eagerness to help Biden win."  The same can be said of Twitter, which joined legacy media in suppressing the Hunter Biden story by locking the New York Post's account after the paper published it in the first place.

Will the Mainstream Media Disappear a Trump Election Victory?  Entrepreneur and Dilbert-creator Scott Adams has put forth an intriguing possibility about the election outcome.  Even if President Donald Trump wins re-election, the mainstream media may attempt to undo the election by reporting that he lost.  The half of the country that lives inside the media misinformation bubble may believe this, and it may instigate a period of instability and uncertainty.  Before Trump, anyone who said anything like what Adams has proposed as a possibility would be deemed a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist, and with good reason.  But during Trump's presidency, the mainstream media have disregarded the truth, to the point where they openly tell lies that half the country immediately recognizes as disinformation.

CNN, MSNBC prime-time shows skip historic 33.1% GDP growth amid economic recovery.  CNN and MSNBC may still call themselves 24-hour news networks, but their most-watched shows in prime time continue to avoid some of the biggest headlines.  On Thursday morning, the Commerce Department announced that the gross domestic product (GDP), the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the U.S. economy, surged by 33.1% on an annualized basis in the three-month period from July through September.  The previous post-World War II record was a 16.7% increase in 1950.  Refinitiv economists expected the report to show the economy had expanded by 31%.  However, despite the encouraging and historic economic figures amid the nation's recovery from the coronavirus shutdowns, it received no mention on CNN's and MSNBC's biggest programs Thursday night [11/29/2020].

ABC Affiliate in Philadelphia Refuses to Air Restoration PAC Ad Highlighting Biden Corruption.  An ABC affiliate in Philadelphia reportedly declined to air a Restoration PAC ad focusing on the Biden family corruption in the final week leading to the election, Breitbart News has learned.  This week, Restoration PAC, which has spent millions on advertising in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in this election cycle, announced a nearly $1 million ad blitz in Pennsylvania in the final stretch of the election.  The 30-second spot focuses primarily on Biden's claim that he has "never spoken" to Hunter Biden about Hunter's overseas business dealings.  The ad began airing in Philadelphia markets on Wednesday.

CNN Freaks Out Over Voter Turnout In Florida As Election Day Nears.  During a segment on Friday on CNN, CNN's Alisyn Camerota said that Democrats are worried about the Republican voter turnout in Florida, specifically when it comes to Miami-Dade county.  The panel noted how Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade county in 2016 but lost the overall state in 2016.  In 2020, it appears that the Democrat's lead is slipping even worse.

CNN Refuses to Run Ad Criticizing Biden.  You may not have even noticed it if you ever watch the Cable News Network (CNN), but over the last four years there has been a subtle, nigh-imperceptible shift in attitude toward President Donald John Trump (R).  Back in 2016, CNN cheered Trump's campaign.  They gave him countless hours of free airtime and were absolutely delighted when the GOP nominated him.  They couldn't believe their luck!  But then Trump... y'know... won.  So now they don't seem to like him quite as much.  If you watch carefully and read between the lines, it's almost as if they're insanely desperate to get him out of the White House.

Yes, [the] Media Are Rigging [the] Election Against Half The Country.  Here's How.  Even if Donald Trump had lost the 2016 election, instead of [winning] it in a surprise, the media's coverage of his campaign and supporters would have been a horrific failure.  They presented that race as unwinnable for Trump and as if his support was inexplicable.  Their response to their 2016 failures has been not to improve their journalism in any way, shape, or form, but to decide that they didn't do enough to bias that election in their preferred direction.  Their nearly four-year temper tantrum has resulted in far worse 2020 campaign coverage than even the depths of their 2016 coverage.  It's as if they looked to the Candy Crowley debate in 2012, when she went out of her way to back Barack Obama when he said something false, and viewed it as a model, not an embarrassment.  Once again, regardless of the outcome next week, Big Media is actively at war with half of the American people and are desperately working to rig an election against them.

Logically indisputable reasons why President Trump should be reelected.  [Scroll down]  The defeat of the president would also reward the most disgraceful, comprehensive, and prolonged media smear campaign in American history: the solidarity of 95 percent of the national political media in a constant denigration of the president and the aggressive whitewashing of his opponents.  These practices have reduced the public regard for the media to the mid-teens.  A free press is essential to a functioning democracy but it cannot exist if no one attaches any credence or significance to its existence because of its own grievous dishonesty.

Trump calls for firings after 'Anonymous' revealed as little-known official.  President Trump on Wednesday [10/28/2020] called for the New York Times to fire employees responsible for an explosive 2018 op-ed after its anonymous author was revealed as little-known former Department of Homeland Security official Miles Taylor.  "Who is Miles Taylor?  Said he was 'anonymous', but I don't know him — never even heard of him," Trump tweeted during a campaign trip in Arizona.  "Just another @nytimes SCAM — he worked in conjunction with them.  Also worked for Big Tech's @Google.  Now works for Fake News @CNN. They should fire, shame, and punish everybody associated with this FRAUD on the American people!"  Trump said moments later at a campaign rally, "Anonymous turned out to be a low-level staffer.  A sleazebag.  He's never worked in the White House.  Anonymous was a nobody, a disgruntled employee who was quickly removed from this job a long time ago for, they tell me, incompetence."

Miles Taylor Admits He Was 'Anonymous' WH Official Behind NYT 'Resistance' Op-ed.  Miles Taylor, chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security under Kirstjen Nielsen, revealed Wednesday [10/28/2020] that he was the anonymous "senior" white house official who authored a critical op-ed of President Donald Trump.  The 2018 op-ed published by the New York Times described President Trump as "impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective" and said that he was just one of many officials in the administration working against the president.  Taylor revealed his identity to prominent media outlets on Wednesday afternoon, despite denying he was responsible for the op-ed in previous interviews.

Infamous 'Anonymous' Op-Ed Writer and Trump Official Has Been Revealed, and It's Hilarious.  Some years ago, a supposed "high-level" Trump administration official penned a scathing op-ed in the pages of The New York Times.  That set off a wave of speculation.  Was it Nikki Haley?  Was it Jared or Ivanka Trump?  There was even talk it could be Mike Pence.  Well, the identity of that person has finally been revealed and it's absolutely hilarious.  The media have egg all over their face after this revelation. [...] You probably had the same reaction I did.  Who is this guy?  And how does this qualify as a "senior level" Trump administration official?  Further, given his meager rank at DHS, how exactly was he even in a position to influence policy the way he asserted he could in his original op-ed?  Remember, this guy painted himself as literally steering Trump away from tyranny.  This was an absolute grift, nothing more, and the media fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

How America Becomes Totalitarian.  After four years of the Trump presidency, it is evident to those of us who do not suffer from TDS that if President Trump is an authoritarian dictator, he is an ineffectual one.  He has been compliant with the Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election and an impeachment trial.  In both instances, he was cleared of any wrongdoing, and he did not impose retribution on his detractors.  Maddow, Reich, and other purveyors of anti-Trump pabulum continue to operate with impunity.  The staff of MSNBC and CNN have not been rounded up by the FBI and taken to the gulag in Siberia.  On the other hand, while many leftist media outlets, particularly of the cable news variety, are working hard to make the case that President Trump is the second coming of Mussolini, we are witnessing the advent of a new "soft" authoritarianism in America.

With CNN Contract, Another 'Resistance' Leaker Cashed In On Anti-Trump Vendetta.  The author of an anonymous 2018 New York Times op-ed identified as a senior Trump White House official claiming to be an undercover agent of "The Resistance" was unmasked Wednesday [10/28/2020] as Miles Taylor, a former staffer in the Department of Homeland Security.  "More than two years ago, I published an anonymous opinion piece in The New York Times about Donald Trump's perilous presidency while I was serving under him," Taylor wrote in a Wednesday statement, going on to claim authorship of "A Warning," an anonymous Trump resistance book published last year.  Since his departure from government, Taylor has pivoted to political punditry, publicly endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden while making the rounds on cable television.  Taylor joined CNN as a contributor in September, although the network has claimed it was unaware that Taylor was behind these particular anonymous writings from an anti-Trump federal bureaucrat.

Never More Biased:  TV Blasts Trump with 92% Negative Coverage; 66% Positive for Biden.  Four years ago, the Big Three broadcast evening newscasts tried to destroy Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign with historically negative press coverage.  This year, those newscasts are doubling down, with coverage that is even more hostile to the Republican.  Meanwhile, his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, is enjoying mostly positive coverage and a friendly media that's virtually ignoring all topics — such as the scandal swirling around his son, Hunter — that might harm his prospects.  For this study, the MRC analyzed all coverage of President Trump and former Vice President Biden on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from July 29 through October 20 (including weekends).  This is the same time period examined by the MRC four years ago, in advance of that year's election.  This time around, it's obvious that the networks are pouring their energy into confronting and criticizing the President, not equally covering both campaigns.  During the twelve weeks we examined, Trump received 839 minutes of coverage, compared to just 269 minutes of airtime for Biden, a three-to-one disparity.

Washington Post piece calls on media to report Hunter Biden leaks as foreign disinformation, even if it 'probably' isn't.  An analysis piece in the Washington Post stated journalists should treat the leaked emails allegedly recovered from Hunter Biden's laptop as a foreign disinformation campaign, even if the claim lacks evidence.  "Take a step back, and the Russian interference of 2016 holds valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in 2020," wrote Thomas Rid in the Washington Post under the paper's "Perspective" section.  "We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren't."  "What an incredible admission in the Washington Post, wow.  The hubris it must take to issue journalistic marching orders this contrived in full view of the public," Daily Caller editor Geoffrey Ingersoll said of the Washington Post's article on Twitter.

The big Trump rallies you don't see.  "I can't believe there aren't any newspeople here," said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and pickup trucks idling in long parallel lines in a vast big-box-store parking lot Saturday, waiting to join the Interstate 70 Trump Train.  Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.  It was the biggest political rally no one saw.

'Truth' Over Facts.  [Scroll down]  To see how this works, go back to the 2016 election.  The strong female lead was not just running for personal gain, but to change the world for those who would follow her.  Hillary Clinton was the feminist Mary Sue, praised by everyone, but handed everything she wanted, because girl power is real and you go girl.  The script said she would win a massive victory, humbling the terrible white male antagonist and thus confirming second-wave feminism.  When she lost, we immediately got a new narrative.  This one was focused on the nefarious forces that vanquished the strong female lead in the first episode.  The Russian collusion story, which was always nonsense, was driven entirely by the left's need to believe.  That's important.  It's why they could consume all sorts of ridiculous plot devices like the Mueller investigation.  Since the plot demanded a dramatic investigation of the villain, one was written into the script.  The Russian collusion story was a big hit, but the sequel, the Ukrainian impeachment story, was like most sequels in that it should never have been made.

The media promised to do better after Trump's 2016 win — instead, they got worse.  They could not conceive of a Donald Trump victory, and so they portrayed this event as a near-impossibility.  To their credit, they admitted it, and they vowed to do better next time. [...] It sounded promising.  But what did the media do after the dust settled and Trump geared up for reelection?  Like a guy who comes out of rehab and heads straight for the nearest martini lounge, they relapsed.  They couldn't help themselves.  They went back to putting 99 percent of their efforts into telling themselves a story they all believed:  that Donald Trump was not just a horrible Republican president — aren't they all? — but an actual threat to the Republic:  Fifth Avenue Hitler, Benito Trumpolini, Orange-White nationalist.  Virtually every national story they told the public ignored heartland concerns and came straight from the point of view of liberal Manhattan — Fantasy Island.  To the media, Russia collusion is just about to be proven after four years of trying, Trump's tweets matter more than Trump's economy, and a pandemic that hit harder in Western Europe is all his fault.

Facts Matter:  Trump's Real Record on Race.  Whether it's Chris Wallace, or Savannah Guthrie, or Jim Acosta, some other loudmouth reporter screaming the "denounce" demand as the President walks by, this demand, premised upon a lie, gets repeated ad nauseam by dishonest journalists.  Their purpose is to create a false impression that Trump has done something, or said something in the past, that makes him a "racist."  But nothing could be further from the truth.  The president's record shows something quite the opposite of the insinuations shouted by the Trump-hating members of the liberal media.  In fact, the president's record, over time, pictures a man with a huge heart and great compassion and love for the African-American community in the United States.

The mainstream media is losing control.  Just a little over a week away from the election and the mainstream media's narrative is beginning to fall apart.  It's been four years in the making, but it seems that things are unraveling.  In the four years, they have been on the anti-Trump bandwagon, we have dealt with a Russia hoax, a wasteful Mueller investigation, and an impeachment debacle.  In each instance, Democrats and the mainstream media have failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing.  Despite thousands of articles and millions of dollars spent, there is very little to show for it.  It has not stopped them as they continue to fight against President Trump, attempting to influence the election any way they possibly can.  They continue to refuse to cover anything that is against Joe Biden, even though the evidence is mounting.

Piers Morgan slams 'hyper-partisan' journalists on Hunter Biden story.  British personality Piers Morgan on Friday [10/23/2020] blasted the U.S. mainstream media for playing politics by continuing to ignore the Hunter Biden email scandal.  "I don't care if you're pro-Trump, anti-Trump ... at the very least these journalists are revealing themselves to be hyper-partisan," Morgan, who is editor-at-large, said on "Fox & Friends," reacting to members of the media ignoring the issue.  CNN's Jake Tapper claimed the charges were "so heinous, I'm not even going to say them ... just completely made up."  Morgan, also co-host of "Good Morning Britain," said, "Journalists should have a duty if they're impartial to investigate it with the same aggression and enthusiasm they would if the name Biden was switched to Trump, and it's not been done."

Tapper: Hunter Biden Story 'Too Disgusting' to Cover on CNN.  CNN's Jake Tapper is the epidemy of modern journalism; partisan, incurious, grossly opinionated, and dedicated to his cause.  Tapper was involved in a panel discussion with political commentator Bakari Sellers and made some startling statements about the Hunter Biden story that show what's terribly wrong with journalists and CNN. [...] As an aside, Tapper and CNN didn't consider it "too disgusting" to report on every salacious rumor about Donald Trump before and after the 2016 campaign.

Jake Tapper declares Hunter Biden claims 'too disgusting' to repeat on CNN.  CNN anchor Jake Tapper declared that the growing allegations made against Hunter Biden ahead of the final presidential debate are "too disgusting" to repeat on-air.  Ever since The New York Post released its initial batch of emails that allegedly came from Hunter Biden's laptop, a trove of other emails and text messages emerged suggesting impropriety between his foreign business deals and his father Joe Biden while he was vice president.  During a panel discussion on what advice President Trump and Joe Biden should take ahead of the final debate, Tapper alluded to the line of attacks the president is likely to make against his Democratic opponent and his son, though he avoided sharing details of the explosive claims to his viewers.

CNN's Tapper:  Trump Was 'Off in Breitbart Land Talking About Laptops'.  CNN anchor Jake Tapper said President Donald Trump's attacks at Thursday night's [10/22/2020] presidential debate about former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings were "off in Breitbart land."

Donald Trump Owned the Debate Stage — and Joe Biden Along With It — in the Third Presidential Debate.  This one wasn't even close.  If there had been a referee, this was a TKO in the 3rd round.  From the very start — without being rude — Trump demanded that the exchanges end on his terms.  Over and over he demanded — politely — that Kristen Welker allow him to respond.  Sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds.  Some of his responses were better than others — some were exceptional.  And I can't think of a SINGLE instance where Biden demanded the opportunity to come back in himself with something else to say.  By force of personality Trump demanded the final word time after time, Welker was forced to give it to him lest it look like the debate was about her rather than about voters being able to hear from the candidates.

Leslie Stahl's Behavior in that Trump 60 Minutes Interview Got Even Dumber.  60 Minutes is really, really mad.  As Kira Davis and Nick Arama both covered yesterday, Trump preemptively released the interview to counter the selective editing and narrative pushing Leslie Stahl, the interviewer, and company were looking do.  Initially, anonymous claims were made to major networks that Trump had "stormed out."  The President's video shows that was false.  Then you got idiocy like this, where Stahl insists that the Hunter Biden emails shouldn't be reported on because they "can't be verified." Ignoring the fact that the media report on all manner of unverified gossip when it's anti-Trump, Stahl's excuse is also nonsensical, as the emails have been verified in multiple ways.

Are We Approaching the Real-Life World of Orwell's 1984?  [Scroll down]  Another powerful tool for achieving group control is hatred.  Like fear, hatred's consuming obsession can overwhelm large groups of people into addictive frenzy.  In 1984, the citizens of Oceania are subjected to daily "Two Minute Hate" sessions and a weeklong Hate Holiday.  This practice has been carried to extremes in recent years with the nearly 24-7 "Trump" hate forums that are broadcast by even once respected news outlets.

A calm, masterful Donald Trump made mincemeat of Joe Biden.  As expected, [Kristen] Welker was a biased moderator.  To her credit, she asked Biden about China and Ukraine, although she left the topic as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, as with Chris Wallace and, during the town hall, Savannah Guthrie, every question that Welker posed to Trump came from a Democrat, not a neutral, position.  Even more irritating than the premise of her questions, though, was Welker's determination to cut Trump's rebuttals off immediately while letting Biden answer at length.  Indeed, when Trump reminded Biden that Hunter walked out of China with $1.5 billion and started discussing the newly released emails, Welker frantically interrupted Trump to ensure that Biden wouldn't have to try to answer the question.  Welker also argued constantly with Trump, something she never did with Biden.  Candy Crowley apparently set a new standard for moderators getting into it with Republican candidates and we may as well get used to it.

The Media's Shameful Hunter Biden Abdication.  In an interview with National Public Radio's public editor today, Terence Samuel, managing editor for news, explained why readers haven't seen any stories about the New York Post's Hunter Biden email scoop.  "We don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don't want to waste the listeners' and readers' time on stories that are just pure distractions," Samuel reasoned.  "And quite frankly, that's where we ended up, this was ... a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way."  Samuel, sadly, speaks for much of the media, which has ignored or dismissed the emails out of hand.  In her 60 Minutes interview with the president (released preemptively by the White House), Lesley Stahl vigorously denies that Joe Biden is in the midst of a scandal.

The New York Times Discovers China.  The latest revelations about Biden family influence peddling in China are having an adverse effect on the patriarch's prospects of becoming President.  Despite the best efforts of the Fourth Estate and the big social media platforms to censor the story, it is eroding Biden's lead in the polls and has driven his campaign back into its Delaware hideout.  Thus, with the grim inevitability of Greek tragedy, the New York Times has suddenly discovered that President Trump is the true villain of the piece.  Before he became President, it seems, Trump pursued a few unconsummated business deals in China and has a dormant bank account there.  This soporific Times story has received more coverage by the media during the past 48 hours than the Biden corruption story has received during the past 48 months.

"You both have insulted 60 Minutes and me".  The president of the United States of America gave [Lesley] Stahl an exclusive interview for Sunday's 60 Minutes show.  They went on for 36 minutes before it ended.  60 Minutes said he walked out on her.  He replied by releasing the video of the unedited interview.  He posted it on Facebook. [...] Now Americans can see for themselves what he said and what she said.  CBS thought this next exchange was pertinent.  Our president:  "The biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign.  They spied on my campaign, Lesley."  CBS:  "Well, there's no real evidence of that.  You know, this is '60 Minutes.'  And we can't put on things we can't verify."  And yet the spying was verified.  And of course 60 Minutes does not verify its stories.

Media's Uphill Battle to Create a Self-Fulfilling Election Prophecy.  The media effort in 2020 is indeed very similar to 2016 in that current narratives are a psychological effort to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Baseline 101: Everyone naturally wants to be on the winning team.  The media effort, and that means all media including social media and big tech, is to push down Trump support and elevate the appearance of Biden support.  I really wish people would deeply consider this. [...] Everything you are witnessing right now is about psychological control to create the false illusion of reality within your own mind.  Essentially, professional media gaslighting with an agenda and purpose.  This is not a conspiracy theory, those who are coordinating the effort have admitted exactly what they are doing.

Trump's Greatest Accomplishments Are What He Hasn't Done.  When President Donald Trump returned from Walter Reed Hospital, where he was being treated for COVID-19, he landed on the White House lawn in Marine One, walked up to the White House, scaled the steps, and waved from the balcony.  It was a beautiful scene for tens of millions of Americans who had spent days in prayer for their president.  The media reaction was beyond hysterical.  Some said that Walter Reed had destroyed its reputation by taking in a sick patient and returning him healthier.  The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin sought to defund the hospital because it had done its job.  Angered by his triumphant and quick return to the White House, they said the scene was reminiscent of dictators.

A Self-Righteous Stelter Upbraided By 30-Year News Veteran In Testy Exchange Over Hunter Biden Emails.  Longtime Congressional reporter Susan Ferrechio challenged CNN's Brian Stelter during a testy exchange over the veracity of Hunter Biden's emails.  During a joint appearance on the BBC's "The Media Show," Ferrechio argued that media writ large was approaching the Hunter Biden story with a level of skepticism that had not been present when the stories were unflattering to President Donald Trump.  Stelter pushed back, saying that ethics in newsrooms have not changed.

Lesley Stahl with no face mask
Trump pounces on CBS News star for not wearing a mask with him.  [Scroll down]  President Trump's White House has had strict rules about staff and visitors using masks in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  And the president sometimes has used one despite the fact he's not often actually mingling with crowds.  There also are requirements for testing.  Democrats have claimed the president personally is responsible for the more than 200,000 deaths attributed to the Chinese virus.

Vile Scarborough:  You're 'Un-American' If You Vote for Trump.  While most left-wing journalists try to channel all their anger at President Trump, they will occasionally go straight to the punch and just start attacking people who support him.  On Tuesday morning [10/20/2020], the co-hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe scolded American voters who dare, for any reason, to vote for Trump.  With Election Day exactly two weeks away, and millions of Americans already voting, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski decided it was time to launch a brutal verbal assault against Trump supporters.  Apparently triggered by Trump speaking publicly about the Biden family's alleged corruption on Monday, Scarborough whined that it's unacceptable to vote for him for any reason.

Trump threatens to ruin '60 Minutes' exclusive by airing [his] own copy of [the] interview.  President Trump said Tuesday [10/20/2020] he's considering posting his interview with Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes" before its scheduled airtime so viewers can see "what a fake and biased interview is all about."  "I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME!" Mr. Trump tweeted.  "Everyone should compare this terrible Electoral Intrusion with the recent interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden!"  The interview is set to air on Sunday night on CBS.  White House staff also recorded the interview.  The president also tweeted out a photograph of Ms. Stahl without a mask in the White House after her interview with him.  "Much more to come," he promised.

The fix is in for the final presidential debate.  President Trump will be silenced during the second and final presidential debate Thursday night if he tries to raise any issues that might be too uncomfortable for Joe Biden or the swamp that backs him.  There can be no question that the Commission on Presidential Debate is doing its utmost to defeat him, further exposing that extent of insider D.C. swamp forces conspiring against him by limiting the access of the American people to relevant information.  Two recent actions by the Commission on Presidential Debates reveal the outrageous information control strategy being implemented.  Kristen Welker, the debate moderator, is a highly partisan Democrat working for highly partisan NBC News.  Welker even celebrated Christmas at the Obama White House with her parents, major donors to Obama.  Welker also has hidden her social media accounts, which ought to be a disqualifier for moderating a presidential debate.  Nevertheless, she was empowered to choose debate topics that favored Biden and eliminated the very topics that President Trump would want to discuss.

QAnon: The Media's Latest Obsession.  Big media has had multiple obsessions during President Trump's first term.  From Stormy and Avenatti to the myriad tell-all books about Trump, his administration, and his family.  From Russia and an innocuous phone call to Ukraine, to his taxes and how many scoops of ice cream he is served.  These are all red herrings, a way to pick at Trump while studiously avoiding serious policy issues, what he is actually accomplishing as president, promises made becoming promises kept.  The latest obsession is QAnon, in the media and recently at the NBC town hall event.  Despite being billed as a question and answer session, it was more of a debate between President Trump and NBC's partisan newsreader Savannah Guthrie.  Of all the issues facing America in 2020 and of concern to voters, QAnon is not on the list.  Yet she laser focused on QAnon starting with[,] "Let me ask you about QAnon" to which Trump responded, "I know nothing about QAnon."  Rather than moving on to the economy or healthcare, she obsessively persisted, insisting that Trump denounce "the fringe conspiracy theory."

The Unapologetic Bias of the American Left.  [Scroll down]  When early on in the Trump Administration, the liberal Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy found that in the first 100 days all news coverage was on average 80 percent anti-Trump — 93 percent negative in the case of CNN and NBC — no one seemed embarrassed.  Again, since May 2017, the bias has not merely increased but is now a badge of honor — whether it was the months of "walls or closing in" fake stories of imminent Mueller investigation indictments of the Trump family or the serial "Trump is finished" psychodramas about the Logan Act, the Emoluments Clause, and the 25th Amendment.  No one in the media, to this day, after the Mueller implosion, the findings of Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and the recent releases of Russian intercepts about the Clinton gambit to fabricate a "collusion" election narrative, has ever said "We were wrong" — because they really think they were "right" in pushing even untruth, given their hatred of Trump.

How Big Tech is Working on Stealing the Presidential Election From Trump.  Allum Bokhari, an investigative tech writer for Breitbart, published a book last month explaining how Big Tech intends to defeat Trump.  If anyone should know, it's him, having written about Big Tech's attacks on conservatives for years.  And it's important to read this book, because the censorship is now so vast it is difficult to learn about it by merely digging up article after article.  In #Deleted:  Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election, Bokhari goes over how it's being stealthily done on many fronts, usually under the guise of something else.  Big Tech uses certain buzzwords to justify its censorship, cleverly all vague, used as excuses to crack down on conservative content.

Biden's Big Media Malarkey Machine.  If you believe the media, Joe Biden is heading toward a landslide of such historic proportions that even Texas may tip into the Democrat's column.  Of course, no intelligent person actually believes this, but the propaganda organs of our national media are so devoted to Team Joe that the possibility of turning Texas "blue" continues to be the subject of allegedly serious reporting.  A well-informed source in Texas tells me GOP internal polls show a tighter-than-usual contest there, and Democrats are bombarding young Texans with get-out-the-vote text messages, but this is a state Trump won with a comfortable margin of more than 800,000 votes in 2016.  Nevertheless, the media are dreaming the impossible dream.

Trump never had COVID, say three of 'The View' hosts who now believe he faked the whole thing.  Two of the hosts of the ABC talk show "The View" admitted this week that they believe President Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis was fake.  Their admission came Thursday, a day after tech giants Facebook and Twitter began suppressing an unconfirmed story about Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's youngest son, Hunter, that media pundits had claimed was a "conspiracy theory."  The first admission was made by co-host Whoopi Goldberg as she was responding to a fellow co-host's complaints that the idea of herd immunity — which is currently being considered by the White House — "seems cruel, seems callous."  "It doesn't look good anywhere," Goldberg responded before suddenly trotting out what could be the conspiracy theory of the year.

Media, Democrats Melt Down Over 'Nodding Woman' From NBC's Trump Town Hall.  If you watched NBC's town hall event featuring President Trump on Thursday night, you probably noticed a woman in the background who at certain points nodded in approval at the answers Trump gave to the questions that were asked, including the ones from combative town hall moderator/Biden stand-in Savannah Guthrie. [...] At the beginning of the town hall, Guthrie noted that the voters in attendance were a mixture of Biden supporters, Trump supporters, and undecided voters.  With that in mind, you wouldn't think it'd be a big deal to those watching at home to see the occasional positive reaction from the woman to Trump's responses.  But Democrats, the mainstream media, and Never Trumpers were so angered by the woman's reactions and apparent support for Trump that they set out on social media in droves to find out who she was in an attempt to shame her.

The Editor says...
The news media and the Democrats "melt down" over anything that makes Donald Trump look good.  The news media and the Democrats share the same agenda and the same goals, so they are pulling in the same direction.

Donald Trump:  We're Running Against the Media and 'Big Bad Tech'.  President Donald Trump on Friday said his reelection would send a message to not only the mainstream media but the "Big Tech" companies of Silicon Valley.  "The biggest thing we can do?  November 3rd," Trump said.  "We're not just running against Joe Biden.  We're running against the left-wing media and we're running against Big Tech."  The president spoke about new reporting from the New York Post about former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter pursuing lucrative foreign deals while his father was in office.  "All of this is being covered up by the media and 'Big Tech,' Trump said.

NBC caved to 'enormous pressure' to make town hall a 'nightmare for Trump'.  Last night, NBC's Savannah Guthrie morphed from debate moderator into a vehement, partisan opponent during a town hall-style television program with President Trump, as both Andrea Widburg and E. Jeffrey Ludwig chronicle this morning.  In doing so, she and her bosses at NBC and its parent Comcast at least partially satisfied Trump-hating critics, who exerted what New York Times reporter Ben Smith called "enormous pressure" to make the experience "a nightmare."  Some of the pressure came from the network's own employees, current and former.  But the network posed as bravely fair in offering Trump equal time and a purportedly similar to that given Biden recently in the same city, Miami.

Conservatives erupt in anger after Savannah Guthrie grills Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' — while ABC host 'forgets to ask Biden about his son Hunter's emails.  Conservatives have erupted in anger after NBC's Savannah Guthrie grilled Donald Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' while ABC's George Stephanopoulos was accused of forgetting to ask Joe Biden about his son Hunter's emails.  Trump and Biden both held their town halls Thursday evening, with viewers forced to choose between the clashing timetables after the president scheduled his to go head to head with his competitor.  On NBC, Trump was asked about coronavirus, QAnon, his own diagnosis and his taxes by Guthrie while, on ABC, Biden spoke LGBTQ rights, court packing and the 1994 crime bill with Stephanopoulos.  But Republicans voiced outrage about the president's campaign event, accusing Guthrie of turning the town hall into a 'debate' and arguing that he faced a much tougher round of questioning than his rival.

Dueling town halls:  Experts grade President Trump and Joe Biden.  President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden's dueling town halls on Thursday night [10/15/2020] offered each of the candidates a chance to showcase their strengths and sway undecided voters.  But despite airing in the same time slot, the competing events weren't evenly matched.  The Post's panel of election experts — two for each town hall — generally found that the questions posed to Trump were tougher, with NBC host Savannah Guthrie acting as an adversary and fact-checker to the president.  Biden, meanwhile, was mostly lobbed softballs as ABC host George Stephanopoulos stayed largely hands-off.

Savannah Guthrie Blasted For Hostile Behavior Toward Trump During Town Hall.  Leftist Savannah Guthrie was slammed online on Thursday night [10/15/2020] for her hostile and biased behavior toward President Donald Trump during an NBC News town hall event that was held in place of the second presidential debate, which was canceled last week.  Guthrie, whose husband was former Vice President Al Gore's traveling chief of staff during the 2000 presidential election cycle, was repeatedly combative with the president while Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden fielded mostly softball questions during a competing town hall event on ABC News.  Media reporter Joe Concha highlighted one such instance of Guthrie's aggressiveness toward the president, writing:  "Trump denounces White Supremacy multiple times.  Savannah Guthrie follows by accusing Trump of dodging.  This is already an absolute joke.  And does the audience get to ask questions?  Trump pushes back by asking why Lester Holt didn't ask about Antifa.  Trump denounces white supremacy a good four times.  Guthrie: 'It sounds like you're dodging.'"

Donald Trump at NBC Town Hall:  Here We Go Again, I Denounce White Supremacy.  President Donald Trump on Thursday, during a town hall in Miami with NBC News, denounced white supremacy yet again.  Savannah Guthrie, the moderator of the town hall, asked the president why he hesitated to denounce white supremacy in the first presidential debate.  "You always do this," Trump replied.  "You've done this to me, everybody ... I denounced white supremacy."  Amid some crosstalk with Guthrie, Trump repeated, "I denounced white supremacy for years, but you always start off with the question."  Trump asked why NBC News never asked Biden whether or not he denounced Antifa.  Guthrie accused Trump of dodging the question.  "I denounce white supremacy, what's your next question?" he replied.

Trump's NBC town hall turns into [a] debate with [the] moderator — and Trump wins.  Some news events live up to their billing.  The NBC town hall with President Trump Thursday night [10/15/2020] lived down to it.  "Today" show anchor Savannah Guthrie was supposed to be the moderator at an event where the president would take questions from citizens in the audience.  Instead, she hogged the time and peppered Trump with numerous questions about his personal health that few Americans could answer as specifically as she demanded.  It wasn't a town hall, it was a debate.  Except instead of Trump debating Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, as originally planned, Trump had to debate Guthrie.

When it came to the dueling town halls, every eye was on this person.  There are a lot of substantive comments to make about the two town halls.  Trump held up well even though Savannah Guthrie was attacking him like a maddened chihuahua.  Biden also held up well thanks to George Stephanopoulos's gentle handling and an increasing number of very long commercial breaks.  (And was Biden fed the questions in advance?  He seemed unusually prepared.)  But the real star had to be the woman in the red mask sitting behind Trump.  She nodded supportively every time he answered and shook her head every time the maddened chihuahua interrupted and interrogated him.  What made Ms. Red Mask's support even more striking is the fact that she's black.

11 Hacks, Leaks, And Hoaxes That Twitter And Facebook Didn't Throttle — Because They Hurt Trump.  On Wednesday, Twitter and Facebook banned their users from sharing a link to an explosive report from the New York Post containing emails indicating Hunter Biden had lucratively monetized his father's vice presidency through international business dealings.  A massive public relations disaster ensued, including fierce reactions from senators and members of Congress with tech oversight.  In response, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed Twitter had banned the link because it included private information obtained through hacking.

Destroying the Institutions We Inherited.  The bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates was formed in 1987 for two purposes: to ensure that during every presidential campaign, candidates would agree to debate; and to ensure that the debates would be impartial and not favor either major party.  Unfortunately, in 2020, the commission so far has a checkered record on both counts.  Conservatives have argued that the moderators of the first presidential debate and the vice presidential debate — Chris Wallace of Fox News and Susan Page of USA Today — were systematically asymmetrical in their questioning.  The moderators asked both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to explain prior controversial quotes and then to reply to critics' accusations.  The moderators did not pose the same sort of gotcha-type "When did you stop beating your wife?" questions to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden or vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

9 Warning Signs of Democrat Radicalization.  When recently inaugurated President Trump tweeted that Obama had his "wires tapped" during the 2016 campaign, the mainstream media mocked and scorned him as a conspiracy theorist and loon.  They then spent four years trying to prove to the American people that Trump had conspired with Russia to "hack" the 2016 election and steal legitimate victory from Hillary Clinton.  "Russian collusion" has been a journalistic obsession, and it was all a lie.  There is, however, considerable evidence that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama conspired with John Brennan at the CIA and James Comey at the FBI, along with numerous other high-ranking intelligence, law enforcement, and State Department personnel, to frame candidate and then president Trump as an agent of a hostile government.  All the American institutions that demand public respect have peddled baseless conspiracies for four years, while those few Americans who have defended President Trump from attack have been denigrated as kooks and charlatans.

Establishment Media Accuse Trump of Blaming Gold Star Families for Catching the Coronavirus.  Members of the mainstream media implied that President Donald Trump blamed Gold Star families for catching the coronavirus, after he mentioned an event with them during an interview on Thursday [10/8/2020].  Trump mentioned that he met with Gold Star families at an event recently and did not want to enforce social distancing with them despite the risk of COVID. But some in the media interpreted that as Trump blaming the families for catching COVID.

Presidential Debate Commission Ideology Exposed — Chairman Connected to Soros, Color Revolution and Steele Dossier Group.  Put this in the 'things that make other things make sense' file, and give full credit to Revolver News for the research and citation assembly.  You might have seen Presidential Debate Commission Co-Founder Frank Fahrenkopf on Fox News last night trying desperately to explain and justify why the presidential debates were randomly modified to be a virtual format.  However, a terrific deep investigative dive into the background of Fahrenkopf and the people who make up the debate commission reveals a scale and scope of ideology that is almost jaw-dropping in sunlight; and that research completely explains how and why this group has supported far leftist candidates for decades.

Steve Scully suspended indefinitely by C-SPAN for lying about his Twitter account being hacked.  The man who was to have moderated a town hall-style debate tonight between President Trump and ex-VP Biden has been suspended from his job as C-SPAN's political editor after admitting to lying about his Twitter account being hacked. [...] Scully had asked Trump-hater Scaramucci for advice on dealing with Trump's criticism of him as a NeverTrumper.  By lying and claiming that his account was hacked (the third time he made such a claim) Scully opened Pandora's Box, with his employer, the Commission of Presidential Debates, and the FBI announcing investigations.  He likely concluded that his lie was going to be exposed and may have feared legal consequences if an FBI investigation came to that conclusion.

C-SPAN's Steve Scully suspended after admitting to lying about Twitter hack.  C-SPAN suspended political editor Steve Scully indefinitely on Thursday [10/15/2020] after he confessed to lying about his Twitter account being hacked following an exchange with former White House aide-turned President Trump critic Anthony Scaramucci.  Scully was slated to moderate the second presidential debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden scheduled for Thursday night.  The Commission on Presidential Debates canceled the event Friday after the president declined to do the debate virtually after testing positive for COVID-19.  C-SPAN announced last week it was conducting an investigation into the alleged hack.

Well, Steve Scully's 'I Was Hacked' Defense for Unprofessional Trump Tweet Just Got Shredded.  The second presidential debate is done.  It's canceled.  They wanted to do it virtually — and didn't tell the Trump campaign about these tweaks first.  Trump refused.  Yet, before that development, this contest was heading for rocky shoals.  The moderator for the second debate was C-SPAN's Steve Scully.  He's the network's political editor and was a former intern for Joe Biden.  He shared an anti-Trump New York Times op-ed in his feed and then was caught asking former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who has now turned against the president, for advice on Twitter. [...] Supposedly, this was not him.  Get this — he was hacked.  That was Scully's excuse for this unseemly interaction.  His account was nuked for a bit, but then came back.  It's now back, but his tweets are protected.  Yeah, well, even Politico noted Scully's past tweets that shred the "I was hacked" defense.  This isn't the first time Scully has stepped on a landmine and used this as an excuse.

Lift up the Rocks and See the Snakes.  [Scroll down]  The Commission on Presidential Debates:  Another pile of snakes under the rock was exposed this week when the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) — without notice to the President — announced it was changing the format of the forthcoming scheduled debate and making it a virtual debate, not a live one.  Of course, such a move suggests the President is infirm and infectious and gives the feeble Biden a great opportunity to cheat out of eyeshot.  This sneaky move by the commission comes after the partisan performance of the "moderators" it chose for the presidential and vice-presidential debates.  Former Senator Bob Dole tweeted that he was friends with the Republican members of the bipartisan CPD and all of them were anti-Trump. [...] But the trouble for the CPD not only involved their ploy of changing the rules without notice and consistently choosing biased moderators.  It turns out the moderator for the scheduled debate, C-SPAN's political director Steve Scully (a former Biden intern and Ted Kennedy staffer), tipped his hand.  He tweeted to Anthony Scaramucci, no ally of the President, seeking advice on what to ask Trump.  When caught out, he deleted the tweet and claimed he'd been hacked.

Trump rips Steve Scully 'hack' claim following canceled debate: 'His bosses are furious at him!'  C-SPAN host Steve Scully has been hit with a tidal wave of skepticism over his claim that a tweet from his account reaching out to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was the result of a hack.  President Trump sounded off against the selected presidential debate moderator after the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) officially canceled the second debate. "@SteveScully, the Never Trumper next debate moderator, got caught cold.  Pulled out the old, 'I've been hacked', line.  That never works.  His bosses are furious at him as he's lost all credibility!" Trump exclaimed.  According to a statement from C-SPAN, Scully "did not originate the tweet" in question.  The statement added that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was investigating the incident "with the help of authorities."

Steve Scully has history of blaming 'hackers' for posts made on his Twitter account.  Presidential debate moderator Steve Scully claimed through a statement by C-SPAN Friday that he believed his Twitter account was "hacked" after a tweet showing him reaching out to outspoken Trump foe Anthony Scaramucci went viral Thursday night [10/8/2020].  However, resurfaced tweets show that Scully has a history of blaming hackers for his social media posts.  The "Washington Journal" host appeared to reach out to the former White House communications director, who has become a vocal supporter of Joe Biden, in the now-deleted tweet that read: "@Scaramucci should I respond to trump."

Debate commission says Steve Scully was hacked in tweet to Scaramucci.  An official at the Commission on Presidential Debates claimed the moderator of the planned second faceoff between President Trump and Joe Biden had his Twitter hacked before sending a public message to Anthony Scaramucci.  The co-chairman of the body, Frank Fahrenkopf, made the claim to Fox News radio host Brian Kilmeade while defending Steve Scully, the scheduled moderator of the second debate and C-SPAN political editor.  "Steve is a man of great integrity, okay?" Fahrenkopf told Kilmeade.  "I don't know this question about whether he tweeted something out or not, I do know, and you'll probably pick up on it in a minute, that he was hacked ... Apparently, there's something now that's been on television and the radio saying that he talked to Scaramucci ... He was hacked.  It didn't happen," he added.

Debate Moderator and Biden Pal Steve Scully Panics and Deletes His Twitter Account After Claiming He Got "Hacked".  Steve Scully was supposed to moderate the second scheduled presidential debate that was set for October 15 in Miami.  That was until the debate commission changed it from an in person to virtual town hall Thursday morning which prompted President Trump to cancel in protest of the unannounced change.  On Thursday night Steve Scully tweeted publicly a question to Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci, asking, "Should I respond to Trump?"

Why don't they use the telephone instead of Twitter?
Debate moderator Steve Scully raises eyebrows with tweet asking Scaramucci 'should I respond to Trump'.  Presidential debate moderator Steve Scully raised eyebrows on Thursday night with a tweet that is having critics question his objectivity ahead of the second matchup between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  Scully, who is best known as the political editor of C-SPAN and host of "Washington Journal," sent a cryptic message that caused quite a stir on social media.  "@Scaramucci should I respond to trump," according to a tweet from his account.  That message appeared to be directed at former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who was once a supporter of President Trump but has since joined the #Resistance and has been outspoken in favor of Biden's candidacy.

Busted? Debate Moderator and Former Biden Intern Steve Scully Tweets to Trump-Hater Scaramucci, "Should I Respond to Trump?"  Steve Scully, the moderator of the second scheduled presidential debate that was set for October 15 in Miami.  That was until the debate commission changed it from an in person to virtual town hall Thursday morning which prompted President Trump to cancel in protest of the unannounced change.  On Thursday night [10/8/2020] Steve Scully tweeted publicly a question to Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci, asking, "Should I respond to Trump?"  Scully served as an intern to Biden years ago but still maintains a relationship with him.  Scully also worked for Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

The End of Covid Hysteria.  [Scroll down]  Fact is, most of the country is sick of the hysteria.  Most simply want to live their lives, intelligently with caution, and return back to what we all remember was a decent life. [...] And of course, the Democrat response has been "to not let this crisis go to waste."  Meaning:  let's try to hurt Trump's re-election prospects by blaming it on him, by shutting down Democrat-run states with harder lock downs.  It'[s] hiding behind "protecting the public" in order to hold down economic data so Trump can be blamed for a poor economy.  You might ask, what kind of people would do that?  Well, the modern Democrats would.  Let me say it loud and clear, the Democrat-media complex has attempted to use this crisis with hysterical responses to everything to hurt Trump.  Hurting the American people?  Who cares?  They don't care.  What kind of people do that in the middle of a pandemic?

Gregg Jarrett lambastes the media as 'willing accessories to the Russia hoax'.  Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett believes that there will be troves of proof demonstrating government officials' egregious misconduct during the Russia collusion probe once all of the materials get declassified.  Jarrett told the "John Solomon Reports" podcast [...] that he thinks "when all of it is declassified there will be a mountain of damning, incriminating evidence about just how devious and corrupt these government officials were in the Russia hoax."

The End of Covid Hysteria.  Most of the nation was stunned by the news that Donald and Melania Trump had contracted COVID. [...] The amount of insanity and hysteria poured into Trump's diagnosis by the Democrat/media complex the rest of the weekend was almost funny to watch.  Did his doctor lie?  Did he lie?  What about the 25th Amendment, the procedure of presidential replacement, the coming election, the pending Supreme Court appointment, the number of people surrounding him who were infected?  How dare he take a five-minute ride with Secret Service agents to thank his well wishers!  Non-stop around the clock hysteria.  Almost none of it was helpful, and most of it was true as believing the sky is falling.  Gotta love our responsible, fact-driven media.

NBC Caught Again Manipulating Joe Biden Town Hall With Planted Audience and Advance Script.  The Washington Free Beacon has done a great job exposing the intentional and manipulative intents of NBC and Lester Holt during a recent town-hall event with presidential candidate Joe Biden.  At this point American media have become Pravda in their efforts to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election.

Why are networks afraid to let voters ask Joe Biden some tough questions?  TV networks are airing free infomercials to help Joe Biden, then pretend, absurdly, that they are being even-handed.  ABC, CNN and NBC call them "town halls."  NBC this week even tried to fraudulently pass off blatant Biden backers as neutral, uncommitted voters.  "We are surrounded by dozens of undecided voters," NBC's Lester Holt claimed.  Yet what followed was a nonstop volley of softballs and loaded, anti-Trump questions:  Was Biden surprised President Trump got COVID?  How will Biden lead the nation when faced with "bullies" like Trump?  Not asked were questions like:  Does Biden embrace Democrats' threat to pack the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed?  And why hasn't he blasted Antifa or Black Lives Matter violence?  Nor did anyone ask about his waffling on fracking or the Green New Deal.  Or grill him on the millions his family earned from foreign sources while he was in office.

MSNBC's Joy Reid is accused of hoping president dies after sharing late Herman Cain timeline.  There's not much outside the killing of unborn babies that the left holds sacred, but the continued disrespect for Herman Cain, who died last month after contracting COVID-19 ranks among their most despicable acts.  Of course, when it comes to despicability, MSNBC's latest prime time star, Joy Reid, could be the poster child, but she sunk to a new low this week when she referenced the late businessman to comment on how ill President Trump looks.  An assessment that left Media Research Center's Curtis Houck wondering if she was hoping the president dies.

The Left's 'Mostly Peaceful' Revolution/Coup.  Yet, when you have the media as a fully owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, it is easy to propagate the million little lies needed to sell the big lie.  Examples of their prevarications are:  Woodward's "Trump hid COVID's danger" revelation; the Atlantic's "Trump insulted soldiers" expose; the New York Times release of Trump's taxes and the supposedly shocking information they contained, and lastly, the coordinated accusations that Trump embraces white supremacists (fabled but despicable creatures rarely seen in the wild).  Oh, and Trump's COVID diagnosis is fake.

On Trump and the virus.  President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center a few days ago.  His messaging during this unfolding drama first drew criticism from those who claimed he should have been more transparent about every detail, every step of the way.  And the usual venomous bile and frenzied attacks came spewing from the the cackle of hyenas that is the White House press corps no less than #resistance goons like Ilhan Omar and Jennifer Rubin.  But why should they hold back?  They have all but stated publicly that they want the president dead, lo these four long years.  It would be dishonest of them at this point to wish him well.  We aren't just watching different movies anymore, as Scott Adams used to say — we need an analogy that goes far beyond that one.  The new norm the press has established is a baseline of fear and hysteria.  They live in a completely alternative intellectual, emotional, and psychological reality.

Brzezinski on Trump Returning to WH from COVID Bout: 'Isn't This Manslaughter?'  MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski on Tuesday asked if President Donald Trump could be guilty of "manslaughter" if he got someone at the White House sick and they eventually died as a result of his having the coronavirus.  Brzezinski said she hopes it does not happen, but asked host Joe Scarborough if Trump is endangering the lives of members of the Secret Service by exposing them "to his deadly virus."

The Editor says...
Apparently it ain't that deadly, Mika.  And since nobody died as a result of this incident, it's not manslaughter.

Even Dem Lawmakers Seem Shocked by Jennifer Rubin's Suggestion for Walter Reed.  President Trump is back at the White House after spending a few days recovering from the coronavirus at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, the nation's largest joint military medical center.  While he was in the hospital's presidential suite, Trump had the energy to carry out some of his duties and record a few videos to provide updates on his condition for the American people.  He even summoned the energy to make a visit to his supporters who had gathered outside the hospital.  He hopped in a car with a few Secret Service agents and waved to fans as they drove by.  But that drive-by resulted in another round of negative media coverage for the president.  Outlets accused Trump of putting those spectators and his Secret Service detail in danger.  And Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin put the blame on Walter Reed.  "Walter Reed MDs are morally and professionally responsible for allowing this," Rubin wrote of the decision to either allow Trump to greet supporters outside the hospital or to be released on Monday.  In her next series of tweets, she asked if there were any adults at Walter Reed.

The Editor says...
[#1] President Trump's fans wouldn't have objected if he had come out to greet them face-to-unmasked-face and had shaken everyone's unwashed hands and kissed their babies.  [#2]  If Barack H. Obama had done exactly the same thing that Trump did, i.e., drive by and wave, it probably would have been portrayed as the warmest expression of goodwill that the reporters had ever seen.

Trump Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  [T]he Left's reaction to President Trump's China virus convalescence has been so psychotic as to be unprecedented in modern American history.  Any semblance of class, perspective, and patriotism has gone with Gone with the Wind, banished, as usual, by media madwomen blasting even the hospital that cured him.  "When Trump walked through the doors, Walter Reed had a sterling reputation," tweeted once sane New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.  "As he walks out 72 hours later, its reputation is in tatters.  There's nothing Trump can't ruin."  Dowd's Washington Post counterpart Jennifer Rubin surpassed her rabidness on Twitter.  "Congress might want to defund Walter Reed.  It is a public health hazard."  Even if you differ with Trump ideologically, nothing he has done — or not done in the case of the pandemic — merits such open guttural hatred, often rising to a death wish for not only Trump but us who support him.

Defending Trump from a Tornado of Liberal Lies.  In terms of policy points, the public agrees that Trump won Presidential Debate One, but many voters were disgusted by the "bullying" and raucous "tone" of the debates.  Many blame Trump; not surprisingly, Chris Wallace, the supposedly objective and gentlemanly moderator, blames Trump.  But any clear-eyed viewer could see that the moderator quickly lost control of the debate as Wallace was setting up traps for the president by the slant of his questions.  Trump got the first question with two minutes to answer.  During those first two minutes, Biden interrupted, and Wallace did not call him on it.  Things went downhill from there.  Trump will not attack first, but if someone falsely accuses him, he definitely fights back.  The inestimable Victor Davis Hanson described Wallace's questions as "asymmetrical" and "prove you are not guilty" questioning with a "gotcha" technique.  Any way you cut it, those are outright attacks and only toward one of the candidates:  Trump.

Defending Trump from a Tornado of Liberal Lies — Including the Lie that Trump is a Liar.  Rolling Stone claims that Trump is a "Hall of Fame" liar.  Other leftists call him a "pathological liar."  CNN says the "defining characteristic" of the Trump presidency is the "bombardment of lies."  You can even buy T-shirts with that logo.  The internet is full of references to the Washington Post's claim that President Trump has made more than 20,000 false claims, averaging 23 lies a day.  A close look reveals that any generalized statement, any opinion some snowflake finds "hurtful," any rounded-off number, and anything the left disagrees with is ipso facto judged by these supposed fact-checkers to be a lie.  Note that these "lies" include general statements like Trump saying he has "tremendous support" from blacks; the Washington Post deems this a lie because no poll had been taken to prove it.  When Trump said he was "ready to send the National Guard to Minneapolis and Seattle if local officials requested it," some local officials said he was lying.  Trump claimed that Obama and Biden "spied" on his campaign and they "knew what was going on."  This is repeatedly declared a vicious lie even though evidence has come to light showing that actually happened and that top officials knew it — including Número Uno himself!

Why Do Republicans Fall for the White Supremacy Trap?  As his opening gambit, Wallace asked Trump a question fully irrelevant to the state of the nation:  "Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?"  "Sure," replied Trump.  The questioning should have ended there, but when Wallace persisted, Trump made the appropriate rejoinder, "Sure, I'm prepared to do it, but I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right wing.  I'm willing to do anything, I want to see peace."  Instead of exploring the incessant left-wing violence that has crippled any number of cities, Wallace and Biden tag-teamed Trump into an ambiguous declaration about the Proud Boys, a curiously interracial, right-wing group 90 percent of the audience had previously not heard of, including possibly the president.

NBC town hall panned as 'Biden infomercial': 'Undecided voters' didn't seem so 'undecided'.  NBC's town hall featuring Joe Biden did not receive the warmest reception on Monday night [10/5/2020].  The outdoor, televised event, which aired on both NBC and MSNBC, took place in the swing state of Florida and moderator Lester Holt told viewers that all of the Miami attendees were "undecided voters." [...] Then the "undecided voters" were able to speak to the former vice president one-on-one.  Of the roughly eleven voters who were able to ask questions, one was described as "leaning" towards Biden, one was described as a "registered Republican" that was also "leaning" towards Biden, one was described as a former registered Republican who "voted for Hillary Clinton" and other one voted for Clinton in 2016 but he, too, according to Holt, voted for Republicans "in the past."  None of the attendees were described as a Trump voter or "leaning" towards voting for the incumbent president.  All of their questions were primarily focused on Biden's plans as president rather than tough questions that challenged the candidate on his 47-year record.

Reporter on Hot Mic After Docs Say Trump is Improving: 'This Wasn't as Fun as Yesterday'.  Doctors at Walter Reed gave everyone good news on President Donald Trump's health on Sunday after he went in for treatment for COVID-19.  Well, one reporter didn't think it was good news.  A hot mic picked up one reporter saying, "That wasn't as much fun as yesterday."

The Democrats' Long Temper Tantrum Will Reelect Trump.  It's quite obvious to me that the Deep State and the Democratic Party that staffs it never got over the fact that their nefarious misuse of our intelligence agencies and hoodwinking the media didn't work any better than their constant efforts after his election to remove Donald Trump from office and continue their autocratic grifting.  This week was no exception. [...] Any sentient viewer of this week's debate had to be disgusted.  The moderator, the questions, the format all combined to make this an upscale version of an old-time "Saturday Night Live" debate.  I have believed for a long time that there should be a timekeeper and no moderator.  That the debate should be on one national policy question with each candidate given 20 minutes to make his case and the remaining time left for rebuttal.  Instead, Chris Wallace used his role to interrupt the president, prop up the failing Biden, and ask questions about "white supremacy" long answered — even to him in 2016 — in an effort clearly to smear Trump.

Second Debate Moderator Shared "Never Trump" Article.  The second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is set to be plagued with allegations of bias, and it hasn't even happened yet.  Scheduled for October 15th, the second debate will be moderated by C-SPAN's political editor Steve Scully.  He's one of the hosts for the call-in show "Washington Journal" and the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly."  He also previously served on the board of the White House Correspondents' Association for nearly a decade.  As many have already reported on, one of Scully's first jobs was an unpaid internship for Joe Biden when he was eighteen years old, which involved him working Biden's mail room.

NYT, WaPo, LA Times Assign Top Reporters To Update Trump's Obituary, Report Says.  According to The New York Times' Ben Smith, top reporters at three of the major newspapers in the nation, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times have been assigned to update President Donald Trump's obituary.  Those reporters include Peter Baker at The New York Times, Marc Fisher at The Washington Post and Mark Z. Barabak at The Los Angeles Times, Smith claimed people from the various papers confirmed to him. [...] The major newspapers preparing their obituaries for Trump's possible death may likely be premature; on Saturday evening White House physician Sean Conley, D.O., released a statement on President Trump's health which indicated he had improved significantly since he had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Full Crowley.  [Scroll down]  Something similar occurred with Fox News moderator Chris Wallace in the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  Like [Candy] Crowley, he lost control of the debate.  And similarly, much of the crosstalk grew out of Wallace's asymmetrical "prove you are not guilty" questioning.  Wallace's gotcha technique was to spur the candidates with a "scandal" question to rev them up, and then after two minutes, abruptly and vainly try to cut them off — as if to spur and whip a bronco and then demand on command that the infuriated horse stop his obnoxious bucking.  Trump, in the manner of Mitt Romney in 2012, was the more frequent debate interrupter, furious likewise about the similar imbalance of both the questions and the moderator's call for order.  For much of the night, Wallace grimaced as he asked Biden to explain a few misdemeanors while demanding Trump defend his presumed felonies.

Wingman Wallace Successfully Shielded Biden.  In July 2017, Chris Wallace confronted Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump's legal team, with breaking allegations that Donald Trump, Jr. participated in a meeting with at least two Russians at New York's Trump Tower in June 2016.  Characteristically, Wallace simply made an allegation without really posing a question. [...] Just a few months later, attorneys for the Clinton campaign were forced to admit to hiring Fusion GPS that, in turn, had hired Christopher Steele.  Then it was discovered that Fusion GPS had a longstanding relationship with Veselnitskaya (the same Russian from the Trump Tower meeting) and that one of the Fusion GPS founders dined with her the night before and the night right after the infamous meeting.  I am unable to locate any interview in which Wallace confronted any Democrat with the revelations that Clinton ginned up the Russia collusion scandal to distract from her email troubles.

Biased 'newsman' Chris Wallace [was] paraded on [his] network way too much after [the] debate debacle, viewers note.  On Friday [10/2/2020], two days after Fox News host Chris Wallace's widely panned moderation of the first presidential debate, the embattled newsman-turned-liberal advocate reportedly made approximately eight appearances on the network, leading some to wonder if he was being "paraded" out in an attempt to restore his damaged reputation.  Yet his appearances seemed to always involve him either trashing President Donald Trump and his top officials, or lecturing the president's supporters about one thing or another.  During one appearance that afternoon [10/3/2020] on Fox News' "Outnumbered," he used the president's coronavirus diagnosis from earlier that morning to lecture the president's supporters about wearing a mask.

Trump campaign calls out second debate moderator who interned for Biden, worked for Ted Kennedy.  President Trump's campaign is calling out C-SPAN anchor Steve Scully, who's moderating the second presidential debate, for his ties to former Vice President Joe Biden.  Steve Scully, who serves as a host for C-SPAN's "Washington Journal," interned for Biden after coming to Washington, D.C. as a student, according to Marie Claire.  He later worked as a staff assistant for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., a Democratic icon who was honored at the party's 2012 convention.

September jobs report:  US economy gains 661,000 payrolls, unemployment rate ticks down to 7.9%.  The US economy saw another 661,000 jobs added back in September and a modest improvement in the unemployment rate, as the recovery in the labor market continues as a stagnating rate.

The Editor says...
Bias alert:  Adding 661,000 jobs doesn't sound like stagnation.

"RSR Cycle" Repeats — Fox News John Roberts Goes Bananas on Racism.  The RSR Cycle is a pattern.  Racism, Sexism, Russia... wash-rinse-repeat.  Obviously background polling shows the Trump campaign is making strides gaining additional black voters in 2020.  Cue the return of the racism narrative:  [Video clip]  It doesn't matter how many times President Trump denounces, renounces or decries statements of racism in any form; the narrative engineers have a mission.  Racism, Sexism & Russia.

Minnesota paper pulls story mocking Trump's COVID diagnosis, condemning liberals taking the high road.  A Minnesota newspaper has removed a piece from its website that mocked President Trump and first lady Melania Trump over their positive tests for coronavirus.  City Pages, an alternative weekly covering Minneapolis and St. Paul, published an article Friday headlined, "Let's laugh at all these very good 'Trump has COVID' tweets."  Editor-in-chief Emily Cassel led the piece by writing, "So President Trump and the First Lady have COVID. Man, anyone else just in a really, inexplicably good mood this morning?"  Publisher Mary Erickson described the article as "insensitive and in bad taste."

Media outlets suggest White House 'can't be trusted' to be truthful about Trump's health.  Several mainstream media outlets expressed skepticism of White House statements about President Trump's health Friday following the announcement that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.  Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan led the charge following the president's diagnosis, writing a column with the headline, "Journalists, beware:  This White House can't be trusted to be truthful about Trump's health."

The Editor says...
It is the news media who can't be trusted to tell the truth.

MSNBC's Joy Reid suggests Trump is faking COVID diagnosis to 'get out of the debates'.  MSNBC host Joy Reid raised eyebrows on Friday for suggesting that President Trump was fabricating his coronavirus diagnosis to "get out of the debates."  President Trump shocked the world late Thursday night when he revealed that he and First Lady Melania Trump had contracted the coronavirus.

Chris Wallace Rips the Mask Off Completely, Sinks to a New Low.  Chris Wallace has been a hot topic of discussion since his recent performance as a moderator of the first presidential debate.  To be frank, he was absolutely awful in the role, exhibiting bias that not even I thought he had in him, and I've been a critic of his for a long time.  Wallace hasn't stopped since though.  He's actively chosen to lie about some of Biden's answers, claiming that the former VP answered the question about packing the Supreme Court when he clearly didn't.  In fact, it was Wallace who saved him by moving on instead of pressing.  Now, Wallace is weighing as if he's a medical expert, trashing Scott Atlas, who is serving as a senior advisor to the President during the current pandemic.

Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ad.  Facebook has reportedly removed a recent ad from the Trump campaign, claiming that the ad features factually incorrect information about refugees and the coronavirus pandemic.  NBC News reports that Facebook stated this week that it took down political ads by the Trump campaign that claimed that accepting refugees from abroad could increase the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. [...] Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said in a statement on the removal:  "We rejected these ads because we don't allow claims that people's physical safety, health, or survival is threatened by people on the basis of their national origin or immigration status."

The Editor says...
They don't allow such claims — even if they're true.  Americans most certainly are at risk when immigrants come here, especially those who have never been to a doctor, and those who are running from the law.

Trump slams potential rules changes for future Biden debates.  President Trump on Thursday slammed potential changes to rules for future presidential debates after the acrimonious first clash with Joe Biden this week.  "Why would I allow the Debate Commission to change the rules for the second and third Debates when I easily won last time?" Trump wrote on Twitter.  The Commission on Presidential Debates, which since 1987 has organized the forums, said Wednesday it's considering moves to make the two additional debates more orderly.  "Last night's debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues," the commission said.

America's Chris Wallace Problem.  [Chris] Wallace's dismal performance as moderator in Tuesday's [9/29/2020] presidential debate reminded many viewers of such previous instances in which the Fox News Sunday host has shown his prejudice against Trump.  And this matters, not only because of how that ugly televised carnival might affect the election, but because of what it tells us about the sad state of journalism in America. [...] Consider this question he aimed at President Trump:  "You have repeatedly criticized the vice president for not specifically calling out Antifa and other left-wing extremist groups, but are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities, as we saw in Kenosha and as we've seen in Portland?"  Where is the evidence that "white supremacists and militia groups" were to blame for violence in Kenosha or Portland, Oregon?  Wallace's question was not only tendentious, but counterfactual.

Chris Wallace rips Dr. Scott Atlas' credentials after he predicts Trump will make full and fast recovery.  Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has joined the Beltway chorus throwing shade on Dr. Scott Atlas, who has been advising President Trump on the federal government's pandemic response.  In an on-air discussion, colleague Sandra Smith teed it up by asking Wallace — who in the exchange described himself as a truth teller — for his opinion about the doctor's optimism for the president's possibly quick recovery from COVID.  Wallace is neither an expert on public health nor apparently debate moderation, the latter based his disastrous performance in emceeing the presidential debate on Tuesday night.  But lack of medical credentials isn't stopping Wallace from dismissing Atlas' claim that President Trump and wife Melania will make a rapid and complete recovery from COVID-19.

Here Were CNN's WORST Moments Immediately After Trump's COVID Diagnosis.  Throughout Friday's early hours, CNNers repeatedly expressed best wishes to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump after having tested positive for the coronavirus.  But behind those best wishes, CNN not only levied their usual, poisonous rhetoric, but plenty of subliminal levels of apocalyptic brainstorming, gloating, and calls for a return to global lockdowns.  Perhaps worst of all, it led off CNN analyst and former Obama flack Sam Vinograd claiming the President's diagnosis could "be the most dangerous moment that the U.S. government has ever faced."  No word on why the Civil War, Cuban Missile Crisis, four presidential assassinations, September 11, 2001, or two World Wars tested America and her government less.

C-SPAN moderator Steve Scully will have to decide whether to cut President's mic.  The next presidential debate may give moderator Steve Scully the ability to turn off Donald Trump's microphone but some fear that won't stop the president from interrupting and talking over Joe Biden like he did in their first meeting.  The two candidates will face each other next on October 15 in Miami for a town-hall style debate moderated by the C-SPAN host.  The rules of engagement will be different at that meeting, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Wednesday, in an attempt to curb the chaos from Tuesday night's debate, which was compared to a dumpster fire.

The Editor says...
This arrangement should (but won't) include a chess timer to see whose mike is muted the most.  What's to prevent the "moderator" from cutting off President Trump's mike and leaving it off?

The Presidential Debate Commission Tried, And Failed, To Ambush Trump.  Tuesday night's presidential debate was not supposed to go down like that.  Most everyone agrees that the debate, which quickly devolved into a chaotic shouting match between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden (with frequent, one-sided interruptions by moderator Chris Wallace), was a disaster.  But for the Commission on Presidential Debates, the body that oversees and runs these things, it was a complete failure.  The debate was supposed to be an orchestrated ambush of Trump, with Wallace playing a key role helping Biden land punches and avoid getting flustered by Trump.

Chris Wallace Accused Of Bias Against President Trump While Moderating Debate.  Multiple viewers are speaking out against presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace and are slamming the host for coming off as biased against President Trump.  The Fox News host received heavy criticism for the way he moderated the first presidential debate Tuesday night with viewers accusing Wallace of failing to control the discussion between the two candidates.

Is Chris Wallace a White Supremacist?  After four months of looting, arson, window breaking, vandalism, intimidation, physical assaults, stabbings and shootings by Black Lives Matter and antifa, the first thing on the media's mind is ... getting Trump to condemn "white supremacists"!  It would be as if, on the morning after Pearl Harbor, the League of Nations demanded that FDR condemn American aggression in the Pacific.  Why on earth was Trump being badgered by both debate moderator Chris Wallace and Democratic nominee Joe Biden to denounce "white supremacy"?  And why wasn't Biden ever asked to condemn the nonstop violence by antifa that actually has been consuming the country for more than 100 nights now?

Last night's biggest debate loser:  Chris Wallace.  [Scroll down]  Rather than let the two candidates fight their way out themselves, moderator Chris Wallace kept repeatedly inserting himself in the middle, and kept scolding Trump while rarely if ever rebuking Biden.  Trump did more interrupting, so a moderator would need to restrain Trump more, but never once did Wallace rebuke Biden for his own interjections or for the name-calling that Biden did.  Worse than that, Wallace broke the rules himself.  Just before the debate, Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto explained that everyone had agreed that Wallace would not act as a fact checker on stage.  If either man erred or lied, it was up to the other candidate to call that out, not the moderator.  Within about the first half hour or so, Wallace began breaking that rule, fact-checking in real time, almost entirely with Trump — except on one notable occasion when Biden couldn't remember which side of the Green New Deal he was on.

Trump vs Biden and Wallace
Chris Wallace gives disgraceful one-sided debate performance; viewers increasingly blame Fox News.  For someone who said beforehand that he was not going to make the debate about himself, Fox News moderator Chris Wallace found himself right in the middle of the fray throughout the night, often siding against President Donald Trump.  To be fair, the first presidential debate was a train wreck, with the president proving yet again that, first and foremost, he is a brawler, an outsider taking on the political establishment so firmly entrenched in Washington, D.C.  From the perspective of the Trump campaign, their candidate "turned in the greatest debate performance in presidential history" against "weak" Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but Trump was quick to go after Wallace after the debate.  Taking to Twitter, Trump shared a meme suggesting it was a two-on-one contest.

Trump Battles Debate Moderator Chris Wallace: 'I Guess I'm Debating You'.  President Donald Trump and Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace sparred within the first ten minutes of the first presidential debate, prompting Trump to retort:  "I guess I'm debating you, not him, but that's OK, I'm not surprised."  Trump's remark came after Wallace attacked Trump, picking up on his contender Joe Biden (D)'s accusation that the president was trying to eliminate Obamacare without having a replacement. [...] Even before their exchange, Wallace repeatedly interrupted Trump to let Biden speak, with pleas of "Mr. President let him finish," and "Please let him speak."

'I'm Not Going To Answer That Question': Biden Refuses To Say If He Will Pack The Supreme Court.  Joe Biden refused to say whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court when questioned during Tuesday night's [9/29/2020] presidential debate. [...] "He's not answering the question," President Donald Trump responded.  "I'm not going to answer that question because," Biden said before Trump interjected, "Why wouldn't you answer that question?"  "Would you shut up, man?" Biden responded before debate moderator Chris Wallace told the candidates that they were moving on to the next segment.

The Editor says...
Chris Wallace, and many other left-leaning TV "moderators," always feel the urgent need to move on to the next topic, change the subject, or go to a commercial break whenever a Republican gets some traction and momentum.

Chris Wallace Faces Intense Backlash, Including From Colleagues, Over Bias During Debate.  Fox News host Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, faced intense backlash on Tuesday night for what was widely deemed as bias in the debate in the favor of Democrat Joe Biden and against Republican President Donald Trump. [...] Attorney Harmeet Dhillon wrote on Twitter:  "Chris Wallace is a disgrace.  Republicans need to stop allowing the slanted media to have any role in debates in future years."  Actor James Woods wrote on Twitter:  "Chris Wallace is shamelessly biased.  It's a beautiful demonstration of fake news in action.  I'm actually glad it's happening, because you can see it for yourself."  Journalist Yashar Ali, who was Hillary Clinton's co-chair on her 2008 presidential campaign, wrote on Twitter that there was "no doubt" that "Wallace is not doing a good job as a debate moderator."  Newsweek editor Josh Hammer wrote on Twitter:  "Just an inexcusable effort tonight from Chris Wallace.  And I say that as someone who is generally a fan of his."  Federal co-founder Sean Davis wrote on Twitter:  "Chris Wallace is now reading Biden's energy plan back to him to remind Biden what's in his plan.  I have never, never seen anything like this from a moderator."

Slow Joe's So-So Show.  Trump knew going in that moderator Chris Wallace would step on pretty much all of his answers and bail Joe Biden out whenever he could.  And because of that obvious expectation, Trump would harass Biden and flummox Wallace for the full 90 minutes.  It didn't matter whether Trump looked obnoxious in doing it — he was one against two, and he'd have to hold his own the best he could.  Those expectations were met, and Wallace held his thumb on the scale every bit as much as Trump's supporters figured he would.  That was one factor that allowed Biden to survive the first debate.  But he couldn't win it.  Joe Biden can't win a debate.  Not anymore.

Chris Wallace is a miserable debate moderator.  Chris Wallace was always going to be a terrible choice as a moderator for any of the three presidential debates, let alone the first one, but good God, did he fulfill that destiny with flying colors.  We knew it back in July when Wallace attempted to fact-check President Trump on the accurate claim that former Vice President Joe Biden was on the record committing to defunding police departments.  Biden is, in fact, on record committing to that, and yet, Wallace pretended we hadn't heard it with our own ears.  The Fox News anchor was supposed to show up and moderate a debate, with it having expressly been stated that he wouldn't operate as a fact-checker, and yet, that's all he did for at least the first hour of the debate.

Chris Wallace Falsely Implies Trump Never Condemned White Supremacists.  CLAIM:  Debate moderator Chris Wallace implied that President Donald Trump never condemned white supremacists.  VERDICT:  FALSE.  President Trump has done so repeatedly, despite what Wallace — and Joe Biden — have suggested.  During the first presidential debate, Wallace challenged President Trump to condemn white supremacists.  It was an astonishingly ill-informed — and inflammatory — challenge, and repeated a lie that Biden has told frequently in the campaign.  Trump has condemned white supremacists repeatedly.

The debate:  Trump was great, Chris Wallace was a dreadful disgrace.  Chris Wallace's overt defense of Joe Biden throughout the debate on Tuesday night was so obvious, so blatant, he should be proscribed from ever "moderating" a debate again.  Wallace's performance was as Biden's protector, his advocate, and that is undeniable.  He stepped in at every moment Biden seemed lost: court-packing, lack of support of law enforcement, and Hunter's criminality.  The debate was so poorly managed.  The questions were designed to aid Biden, to coddle him.  No wonder Trump felt duty-bound to interrupt.  Trump was debating both Wallace and Biden and only one of them is sentient.  Wallace's intent was clear — sabotage Trump.  Wallace succeeded only in looking like the stooge he is. [...] Wallace even brought up the Charlottesville charge but did not admit it was a manufactured lie without giving Trump the time to deny the lie.  Wallace completely ignored and tried to derail Trump's bringing up Hunter Biden's criminal corruption.  Why was that not a viable subject for discussion?

Chris Wallace:  Trustworthy Debate Moderator?  Chris Wallace, the moderator of the first presidential debate Tuesday night, insists he will try to remain "as invisible as possible."  That would certainly be a welcome change from his performance in the final 2016 debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  A lot of Democrats no doubt assume Wallace will go too easy on the president simply because he hosts a talking-heads show for the "conservative" Fox News network.  But Wallace is not an admirer of Trump.  Nor is he above gotcha questions and phony "fact checks."

NYT Debunks Three Media Conspiracy Theories With Trump's Tax Returns.  I don't even know where to begin with the story on President Donald Trump's tax returns in The New York Times.  There is so much wrong with it that someone like me, with no accounting or tax background, can figure out the article is worthless.  But how about the three media conspiracy theories debunked by the story?

NY Times Meddles in Election with Dud on Trump's Taxes.  Now we're recycling Trump's taxes, and they got him again, folks.  They got him again.  They thought they had him four years ago on this.  They thought they had him three years ago on this. [...] By the way, folks, isn't the New York Times using this tax information to sway an election?  Well, isn't that illegal?  Isn't that meddling in an election?  What's the difference in this and whatever they alleged that the Russians were doing in 2016?

Ignoring Clinton Charity Frauds to Attack Trump for Paying Taxes.  Yesterday [9/28/2020], the New York Times published 10,000 empty words on Donald Trump's taxes, a barrage of self-inflicted wounds gutting the integrity of the editorial staff and management of this publicly traded, yet family influenced company.  Yet it was not an effective indictment of any Trump family member.  It is not a crime to offset losses against income, a fact that has been true for decades.  And, it is profit-seeking businesses, and their owners and employees that produce the bulk of taxable income, yielding revenue needed to defray expenses of government.  Over decades, generations of Trumps employed thousands of New Yorkers directly and indirectly producing incomes and spending that filled tax coffers at federal, state, city and county level.

New York Times Fails at Outlining President Trump's Taxes Again.  Once again the New York Times attempts to make an issue out of President Trump's real estate holdings working as a tax shelter and reducing income taxes.  In the article the Times completely obfuscates the way income taxes are strategically offset by depreciation, mortgage interest and the entire reason why real estate ownership is viewed as a business. [...] Anyone who has ever operated a business knows that offsetting income is one of the primary reasons to be self-employed.  Additionally, the Times completely skips over the tens-of-millions in payroll taxes paid by the Trump organization and tens-of-millions in property and sales taxes paid by all of the various Trump properties.

Who cares about Trump's tax returns?  Is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump's tax affairs are opaque?  Or that he is not as rich as he claims?  Is it really all that horrifying that he has for years claimed business losses in order to offset his significant income tax liability?  Does it appall us that the Trump family used a Delaware-based consulting group to pay themselves?  Of course not.  The New York Times's big Trump tax files splash on Sunday is therefore something of a flop.  It is well-timed — an election is fast-approaching and the story might give Biden a good attack line in the big TV debate on Tuesday night.  The reportage is quite interesting, too, especially to those of us who take a sordid interest in how the richest among us can get away with paying so little to the government.  But there is no smoking gun.  Despite clearly exhaustive efforts, the Times investigative team has failed to uncover any illegality or clear wrongdoing.

Editor's piece 'How To Cope When A Family Member Says They're Voting For Trump' goes viral for wrong reasons.  A woman who works as an associate editor for a news outlet geared toward "millennial moms" has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.  Last week she penned a piece advising people "How To Cope When A Family Member Says They're Voting For Trump." [...] The piece went viral because folks rightly feel that differing viewpoints shouldn't require therapeutic advice to handle.  Not unless you're 13, that is.  It also went viral because of the author's typical misconception of what it means to be a supporter of President Donald Trump.

New York Times Debunks Several Conspiracy Theories with Trump's Tax Returns.  The New York Times' exposé on Donald Trump's tax returns suggests that the president has suffered financial losses for many years, resulting in many years when he paid little or no federal income tax.  The Times speculates that the presidency itself is Trump's only hope to recoup his losses, either through burnishing his brand or using his political power, ignoring conflicts of interest.

The Times is proud that it released Trump's tax returns, but it shouldn't be.  The New York Times is undoubtedly pleased that it published more than two decades' worth of Donald Trump's tax returns.  The self-congratulations are premature.  The Times' article reveals that Trump was telling the truth all along about his audit.  We can also see that Obama's policies benefitted rich people.  Finally, because the policies show how our complicated progressive tax system will always benefit rich people with good accountants, the Times unwittingly advanced the argument for a flat tax.

Revolution 2020.  [Scroll down]  Suffice it to note that not a day in four years has gone by without the news media hyperventilating or ruminating on some allegation of Trump's wrongdoing or wrongbeing.  For what?  Again, the list of subjects is so exhaustive that it is easier to note that there is hardly any mortal transgression of which he has not been accused. [...] Nor has the media forgone any occasion to protect, foster, and embellish narratives in support of each and every member of the "intersectional" coalition and to shut out or denigrate alternatives thereto.  It labels as false and/or as "hate speech" facts and arguments that counteract its narratives.  Since the ruling class can be certain of the media's unquestioning support, it need not worry about truth.  For example, do physicians in America and around the world use hydroxychloroquine successfully against the COVID-19 virus?  Yes, correct — but banished as if it were false because it is politically incorrect.  Riots, arson, and looting are leading so many to relocate from America's major cities as to cause urban vacancies and a house-building boom in the country?  Fact.  But politically incorrect fact, indeed, racist.  Repeat: "mostly peaceful protests, mostly peaceful protests."

15 Times Chris Wallace Went After Trump.  The upcoming presidential debate comes with a dose of anticipation, not just for the showdown between President Trump and Joe Biden (D), but between Trump and moderator Chris Wallace, given that the Fox News personality has a lengthy history of criticizing the president himself.  Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace will moderate the September 29 presidential debate, which will take place at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio.  While some progressives have balked at the thought of having a Fox News personality moderate the first debate, Wallace has remained a steadfast critic of President Trump, which could provide another contentious element to the debate, given the anchor's public positions and remarks throughout Trump's presidency.

Press pounds Republicans on court vacancy, but hypocrisy is widespread.  The media love nothing better than to pounce on hypocrisy.  Especially when it comes from the Republican side.  Within moments after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many journalists, not just commentators, were ripping Mitch McConnell and his colleagues for vowing to push through a Trump nominee as her replacement.  I expect hypocrisy from politicians of all stripes, and I'm rarely disappointed.  They are very practiced in the art of intellectually justifying whatever it is they want to do in the exercise of raw political power.  And if the circumstances change, they just conjure up new talking points that may be totally at odds with what they did before.

ABC Town Hall Masquerades Anti-Trump Activists as 'Uncommitted' Voters.  Multiple voters characterized by ABC News as undecided — and selected to pepper President Donald Trump with questions during a network town hall — are longtime Trump critics.  While the network claimed its Tuesday [9/15/2020] town hall "provided uncommitted voters the opportunity to ask the president questions about issues affecting Americans," a Washington Free Beacon review of social media posts found that two of the questioners have long denounced Trump.  Kutztown University professor Ellesia Blaque — whom ABC repeatedly identified as "uncommitted" in its coverage of the town hall — praised vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris during the Democratic primary, saying she would "be there, volunteering" for the California senator in Pennsylvania.  The English professor was not shy about her partisanship, calling Trump a [series of derogatory names] in a slew of 2019 tweets.  She is a self-described "liberal Democrat," according to her Facebook profile, [...]

Why Trump's negative press spurs millions to like him even more.  With Election Day in sight, the mainstream media is reaching a fever pitch in its quest to malign, discredit and defeat Donald Trump.  The media's disinformation campaign against Trump, however, may not be achieving the desired results.  Joe Biden maintains a lead in public polls, but according to the Real Clear Politics polling averages, the gap is closing both nationally and in battleground states.  Evidence of enthusiasm on the ground is also real:  Thousands are again attending MAGA rallies, as Trump takes Air Force One on a "whistle-stop" tour of the country.  One can almost hear the collective gasp from establishment-media quarters:  Can this really be happening again?  Won't any of our Devastating Reporting ever catch up with the Donald?  In fact, Trump has succeeded — and will likely continue to succeed — not in spite of the media campaign against him, but, at least in part, because of it.

Cuban caravan
Media Completely Ignored Thousands Of Cubans Rallying For Trump In Florida At Mother Of All Caravans.  A massive caravan of Cuban-Americans rallied in support of President Donald Trump in the Sunshine State on Sunday [9/13/2020] shouting through megaphones to let the world know about their support for the president.  Over 4,000 cars and trucks ascended on Florida's Doral Central Park, flying Trump 2020 flags and blaring their horns while people hung out of their sunroofs and windows waving Trump flags.  Their car windows were painted with slogans like "No Communism," "Vote for Trump" and "Free Cuba."  Yet, in this era of fake news, as to be expected, the mainstream media completely ignored the monumental turn out of Hispanic Trump support in Florida, the coveted battleground state and home to the majority of refugees from Cuba.

The Extortionist Democrat Media Industrial Complex.  The DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) and the Democratic National Committee are political extortionists. [...] The Democrats and DMIC do not believe that Biden will win.  The Democrats are pre-empting their own loss, why they'll lose, and why they won't accept the results.  The DMIC never asks, "What if Biden doesn't concede?" because its money is on a Trump re-election.  It's the exact opposite of 2016; the Democrats and DMIC were 100 percent certain that Hillary Clinton would win, especially after the Access Hollywood tape. [...] Vote for the man who regularly forgets his own name, and forgets where he is, or it will be impossible to avert a constitutional crisis and the arsons of 55 and over communities.  The Democrats and DMIC will never again accept the results of an election in which they lose — ever again.  There is simply too much talk of violent insurrections not to take them seriously, and the vast majority of that talk originates from Democrats.

America's China Class Launches a New War Against Trump.  Chances are that by the time you get to the end of this article, there will be news of another information operation targeting Donald Trump.  There's one a day now — each trumpeting a new mortal threat to the republic or some dastardly revelation based on sources that are usually anonymous.  Whatever it is, it will serve the same purpose as the hundreds of similar sallies launched over the last four years — namely, to preserve and protect the position and privileges of America's ruling elite.  Trump stories are rarely about Trump.  The same stories, or versions of them, would have targeted anyone who threatened to sever the American political, corporate, and cultural elite's economic lifeline to the Chinese Communist Party.  It is largely because Trump sought to decouple the United States from the CCP that America's China Class, which owns the platforms on which Americans communicate, has waged a relentless campaign of information warfare against him through its social media and prestige media brands.

Kayleigh McEnany drops the mic on press for not asking single question about historic peace deals.  White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out D.C. journalists for ignoring the historic Trump-brokered peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Israel and Bahrain known as the Abraham Accords.  In yet another — of many — mic drop moment by the relentless McEnany at the daily news briefings, she chided the naysaying White House press corps, plus House Speaker Pelosi, for hypocritically downplaying an enormous foreign policy achievement.  "I did not receive a single question about [peace deals].  That was the first time it's happened in a quarter of a century.  If Obama and Biden had achieved this, it would look a lot different.  You wouldn't have Chuck Todd saying he's uncomfortable with the deal that brings peace between the United Arab Emirates and Israel and Bahrain.  You wouldn't have CBS calling it a business deal.

Trump [has been] fielding roughly five times more reporter questions than Biden since July.  President Trump fielded 867 more questions from reporters than Joe Biden over the last two months.  That number is five times the amount of queries that Biden answered between July 19 and Sept. 15, a review of the candidates' interviews and briefings shows.  Trump answered a total of 1,141 questions from a Washington press corps that he maintains is openly hostile to his administration, while Biden responded to just 274 questions from local networks and liberal cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC.  During the week of Aug. 9, the president took 196 questions from journalists while Biden answered just three.

How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump.  To circumvent the Soviet mainstream media, dissidents created what they called the "samizdat," their word for the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state.  To circumvent our mainstream media, conservatives have created their own samizdat, an unorganized network of blogs, public forums, news-aggregators, online publications, talk radio shows, citizen-journalists, and legal monitors such as Judicial Watch, a truth force that one Second Amendment blogger aptly called "a coalition of willing Lilliputians."  Despite repeated attempts by Big Tech to thwart the samizdat, the internet has given the Lilliputians unprecedented reportorial power, and social media — Facebook and Twitter most prominently — have given them an ability to distribute their message in ways Soviet dissidents could only imagine.  It was the samizdat that carried Donald Trump to victory in 2016 and, barring massive vote fraud, will carry him again in 2020.

Here's Why There Will Be No 'October Surprise'.  Trump's progressive opponents have already blown their shot, over and over again.  From the Russiagate collusion hoax to the impeachment fiasco, they have pulled out all of the stops to smear the president and it hasn't worked.  Put simply, unless the left manages to unveil actual evidence of an actual scandal the actually impacts the country, their efforts will amount to a whole lot of noise that is ultimately devoid of meaning.  Like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the will not be taken seriously except by those who already want to buy what the corporate media is selling.

The Trump Scandal Absorption Level Has Been Reached.  [Scroll down]  We're being lied to on a daily basis.  We're being manipulated by a minority that, without the media, would be invisible.  This minority is literally so small that if the media were not sponsoring them, we wouldn't see them.  Now, as you know, psychologically, this sufficient works.  A lot of people on our side think that we are outnumbered — and the truth is, not only are we not outnumbered, they're not even close to outnumbering us.  Despite how you feel, despite how it might look.  And I'm talking specifically about the Marxist radical leftist.  Not the usual liberal Democrats that we know are out there.  I'm talking about the Antifas and the Black Lives Matters.  They are nowhere near a majority of in this country.  They are a tiny minority, and we're being told by CNN and the New York Times every day that the country has now made the move to Marxism.

The Hill Repeats Misrepresentation of Trump 'Kool-Aid' Comment.  The Hill has followed the Washington Post in misrepresenting some of Donald Trump's comments to Bob Woodward, suggesting that the President refused to empathize with black Americans.  Like the Post, the Hill's headline suggests that Trump said he didn't feel a need to understand the "pain" of Americans, "particularly black Americans."

Trump Inherited a Meek Economy and Made It Roar.  Once again, Democrats are trying to attribute President Trump's economic success to President Obama — and their claims are no truer than they've ever been.  Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, claimed last month that Trump "inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden" and "ran it straight into the ground."  The media parrot these claims.

Media Takes Trump Comment To Woodward on BLM Wildly Out of Context, the Reasons Why Are Clear.  The MSM and Democrats are in full-scale "October surprise" mode a month early, as the crumpling Atlantic hit piece on President Trump and the just-released Trump interviews from media hero/icon Bob Woodward have shown us.  The latest entrant into their "let's fling pooh onto the wall and see if it sticks" campaign comes courtesy of another deliberately distorted Trump quote to Woodward, this time on the issue of alleged systemic racism and so-called "white privilege."  CBS News is one of the few news outlets that reported on Trump's answer from a June 19th interview accurately.

The Hyperbolic, Hyperpartisan Atlantic Magazine.  Let's list some additional evidence that The Atlantic is a hyperpartisan outlet.  [#1] Laurene Powell Jobs, the multi-billionaire widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs who bought a majority share in The Atlantic in 2017, celebrated Hillary Clinton in Time magazine in 2015 as a "revolutionary" figure and "one of America's greatest modern creations."  In 2016, Mrs. Jobs donated $2 million to her Priorities USA super PAC via her nonprofit and hosted a $200,000-a-plate fundraiser that raised more than $4 million.  [#2] In the 2020 cycle, Mrs. Jobs donated the individual maximum contribution of $2,800 to eight different Democrat presidential contenders, not just Joe Biden, but Michael Bennet, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang.  Since Biden became the nominee, she has donated $600,000 toward Biden.  In June, she donated $70,800 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.  [#3] Atlantic Media Company owner and chairman David Bradley also donated the maximum to Bennet and Klobuchar.  In this cycle, he's donated thousands to Democrat Senators Ed Markey, Tina Smith, and Mark Warner.  Neither of these owners gave to Republicans.

Dr. Fauci Just Put a Stake Through the Heart of the Woodward Story Against Trump.  [Scroll down]  They dropped something today that is already being shot down about Trump supposedly telling Bob Woodward that he tried to play down the coronavirus.  But seen in context, it's pretty clear that what he was trying to say was that he was trying to keep down panic.  This was February 7th, before it was even known if there was any community spread, before even the first case was officially found in New York City.  This was when the only person acting was Trump, when he had formed a task force, declared a public health emergency, activated the CDC, and cut travel with China.  All this, while Democrats were calling his responses hysterical xenophobia.  My colleague Scott Hounsell has a good breakdown of how this is such a smear, especially given Democrats' own reaction and considering the context of the time.

Bob Woodward Has Blood on His Hands.  Journalist Bob Woodward released excerpts from his latest book yesterday [9/9/2020], sending the media and Democrats into a frenzy over the revelation that President Donald Trump publicly downplayed the severity of the coronavirus while privately knowing how serious the problem could be.  The President defended himself by saying that his administration didn't want to start a panic, which is something that a lot of leaders tend to try to do.  In order to show strength and to keep their citizens from panicking, they publicly downplay the severity of threats while privately working to solve the issue.  Barack Obama, in an interview with Woodward, was recorded as saying America could "absorb" a terror attack like we did the 9/11 attack.  He was viciously attacked by the right for minimizing the attack and downplaying the threat of another terror attack on American soil.  The same folks in the media and the Democratic Party who are attacking Trump now defended Obama's comments then.

Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin is married to a Trump-hating leftist.  Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin, citing anonymous sources, said she confirmed key details of an article in The Atlantic.  The piece claims President Donald Trump characterized veterans and fallen American soldiers as "losers" and "suckers."  Fox News doesn't believe the report, and John Bolton, John Kelly, and many others who were with the President said the story is not true.  Bolton said he was with the President the entire time, and if it were true, he would have devoted a chapter in his book to it.  She stood by her report, characterizing her sources as "unimpeachable."  The story has now changed to President Trump called the generals "losers" and "babies."  The Associated Press and The Washington Post heard the same gossip and claimed they can confirm it.  However, they are putting new meaning to the word "confirm."  They are only "confirming" gossip by anonymous sources.

Everybody but Trump is wearing a mask
The Hill's 'gotcha headline' on Trump rally bites back when photo tells different story.  Perhaps the Hill just needs to hire "more experienced" interns?  Following President Donald Trump's rally in North Carolina this Tuesday [9/8/2020], The Hill published a story titled, "Trump, supporters gather without masks in NC despite request from local GOP official."  For the story's featured image, The Hill used a photo of the president standing before a crowd of cheering supporters.  [Photo]  Notice anything odd?  As noted by the president's son Donald Trump Jr. in the tweet below, everybody standing behind his father was wearing a mask.

That look when CNN host gets surprised by a nurse with stunning defense of Trump's COVID response.  A registered nurse appeared to surprise a CNN host during a panel discussion of the administration's response to the COVID-19 pandemic when she heartily defended President Donald Trump's actions.  Michele Morrow of North Carolina, who said she has been working in her industry for more than a quarter of a century, was part of a panel of women voters featured during a segment hosted by CNN's Alisyn Camerota.  During the segment, the subject turned to the administration's coronavirus actions.  "I'm a nurse, and I've been a nurse for 27 years.  And the response to the pandemic has actually been President Trump's greatest achievement," Morrow said.

Left-Wing Media Have Jumped the Shark.  It is easier to discover an intelligent statement from Joe Biden than it is to find a real journalist in America today.  In the Trump era, American journalism has moved from trying to hide its hardcore left-wing agenda to openly advocating for the Democratic Party.  For decades, the American news media have been liberal.  Studies showed consistent and overwhelming support among the news media for Democratic candidates for president.  Even a landslide loser such as 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern was the runaway favorite among American journalists.  Previously, the liberal media made a minimal effort to hide their true objectives; however, today, there is no disguising their extreme hatred for President Donald Trump.  Their purpose is clear, not to give fair and accurate reporting, but to advocate for the defeat of President Donald Trump and the election of former Vice President Joe Biden.  At the president's frequent news conferences, he is subjected to insulting, mean-spirited attacks masquerading as questions.  Never has the media treated a president so rudely.

Desperately Derailing Donald.  One always expects the media surprise leak of a purported hidden scandal as a presidential campaign winds down.  Remember the last-minute "discovery" of George W. Bush's undisclosed 24-year-old DUI arrest in 2000?  Or the October 7, 2016 effort of the Washington Post to publish the hoarded 11-year-old "Access Hollywood" tape, just two days before Donald Trump's second debate with Hillary Clinton?  We should expect lots of these "bombshells" and "walls are closing in" pseudo derailments.  Except Trump has been the most widely investigated, probed, attacked, and smeared president in history.  And so the scandal-field has pretty well been picked over, as those fired like Omarosa Manigault Newman, Anthony Scaramucci, John Bolton, and others have long ago more or less lectured us that Trump is nuts, crazy, dangerous, stupid, ignorant, and so forth.

Fmr Acting AG Whitaker:  Facebook, Twitter Algorithms Could Be Viewed by DOJ as an 'Illegal Campaign Contribution'.  Friday [9/4/2020], during an appearance on Fox News Channel's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker argued for a Department of Justice investigation into how Facebook and Twitter were altering their algorithms for the sake of politics.  Whitaker told host Tucker Carlson he did not see American democracy surviving another election cycle under the circumstances by which those social media outlets function.  "Yes, I actually do believe we are going to get to the bottom of this insidious, really, censorship of mostly conservative voices on social media," he said.  "And I think the Department of Justice has been looking at this issue, and I also believe that because of the way the algorithms that Facebook and Twitter and the like use to provide your news feed, I think that could be viewed, and maybe viewed by this Department of Justice, as a campaign contribution, an illegal campaign contribution, that ultimately, I think, they will step in and take action."

America's tech tyrants will do anything to elect Biden.  If you watched Tucker Carlson's show on Friday night [9/4/2020], you're probably pretty depressed right now.  The entire show was devoted to the fact that the Big Tech companies — Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube (which Google owns) — are working hard to ensure that Trump cannot win the presidency.  Their work takes many forms.  There's the money aspect — these young(ish) tech titans emerged from an American education system that taught them to hate their country. [...] Tucker discussed the known fact that Google has altered its search algorithms to ensure that, when people type in a query, the search engine will not return any conservative sites in its answers. [...] Through YouTube, Google also pulls down or demonetizes conservative content, especially content that channels the Democrats' Wuhan virus narrative.  Facebook does the same.  Twitter routinely locks out conservative views with which it disagrees, including censoring President Trump.

Fox News Decides to Go Full CNN.  Over the last several days, a report from The Atlantic has been making the rounds.  In it are accusations that the President doesn't like John McCain (shocker), but more importantly, that he didn't want to visit a cemetery in France because he thinks dead soldiers are "losers."  As I laid out in my original debunking of this story, we already have documentary evidence from multiple sources, including some who hate Trump, that the reason for not going to the cemetery was purely about the weather.  No one has gone on record saying Trump said any of the things alleged, though some have gone on record to say it didn't happen.  Gen. Kelly, who is named as having heard the comments, has remained quiet despite having no reason to do so.  All of this points to the story being nonsense, or at the very least, extremely misleading (i.e. perhaps some ancillary part is true, like bagging on McCain).  Unfortunately, Fox News has decided to lower its journalistic standards to those of CNN and help push this garbage.

ABC News downplays good news in latest jobs report.  The latest unemployment report issued by the government was unexpectedly positive, but readers wouldn't know it from the tweet ABC News issued Friday morning [9/4/2020].  [Tweet]  While the tweet correctly noted the number of jobs added last month, it also said that the unemployment rate fell "slightly" to 8.4% from July.  Slightly?  In July ,the government reported that the unemployment rate was 10.2%.  Expectations by economists predicted that the August rate would be in the neighborhood of 9.8% which would qualify as a slight improvement.

Here's How We Know The Atlantic's Hit Piece on Trump Is Pure Fiction.  A report published Thursday by The Atlantic cited anonymous sources claiming that President Donald Trump didn't want to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018 because the troops there who died in battle were "losers" and "suckers.  The media has largely reported on this story as though it were true or at least likely to be true.  "The Atlantic Magazine is dying, like most magazines, so they make up a fake story in order to gain some relevance," Trump tweeted on Friday.  "Story already refuted, but this is what we are up against.  Just like the Fake Dossier.  You fight and fight, and then people realize it was a total fraud!"  Even CNN's Brian Stelter seemed to acknowledge that the claims of anonymous sources aren't as convincing.

Coincidence? Hours After The Atlantic's Hit Piece on Trump Came a Pre-Produced Commercial.  The "story" in The Atlantic about President Trump derisively speaking of fallen U.S. troops has been widely debunked by people who were actually there, as my PJ Media colleague Matt Margolis writes, and now there's even more reason to doubt its veracity.  Within hours of The Atlantic's hit piece on Trump, there was a far-Left "Vote Vets" commercial on the air about it and a question about the Atlantic story was the first one asked at a Joe Biden campaign presser. [...] [I]t's as if they were working together or something.

Trump-Hater John Bolton Debunks Anonymous Atlantic Hit Piece On Trump's Veterans Record.  Fired former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who released an anti-Trump book earlier this year that sought to offer one last breath into the Democrats' February impeachment hopes, debunked The Atlantic hit piece published Thursday.  The magazine's story relied entirely on anonymous sources to charge the president with making disparaging remarks on WWI veterans.  Thursday night [9/3/2020], Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg offered new allegations on why the president didn't visit the graves of fallen WWI soldiers on a 2018 trip to France, which the White House has continued to claim was due to inclement weather.

John Bolton Rejects Atlantic Story: 'I Was There'; 'I Didn't Hear That'.  Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has disputed a story in The Atlantic claiming that President Donald Trump called fallen World War I soldiers "losers."  Bolton told the New York Times Friday [9/4/2020] that "I was there" and "I didn't hear that."  The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg published an article titled "Trump:  Americans Who Died in War Are 'Losers' and 'Suckers'."  The story also claimed that Trump skipped a 2018 visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris, where the fallen of the battle of Belleau Wood are buried, because he feared rain would ruin his hair.  Goldberg's sources were all anonymous.

ABC: Joe Biden Isn't Senile, You Guys, That's Just What The Russians Want You To Think.  Has anyone noticed a slowdown with Joe?  He isn't drooling, he isn't muttering to himself any more than plenty of other people do, but something seems different.  Or maybe rather than different, something seems deeply familiar.  No, it isn't the sort of cognitive decline we've all seen with loved ones.  Rather, according to ABC's latest nuke, the encroaching senility that has our former vice president hiding in his basement is simply... Russian propaganda.  Don't laugh!  This is serious stuff.  National security!  It took four reporters, with help from a fifth to write this story.  It runs nearly 1,600 words.

Double Standard:  Nets Tout Biden's Kenosha Visit After Slamming Trump's Tour.  After President Trump visited the riot-torn city of Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday [9/1/2020], the liberal media were outraged because state and local leaders (who they failed to label as Democrats) had asked him not to come.  And before Trump's arrival, the networks treated him like a hurricane, saying the residents were "bracing" for landfall.  That was in stark contrast to how they praised the Thursday visit from their presidential nominee, Joe Biden, despite the fact the Democratic governor asked him not to come also.  The opposition to Trump's visit was almost consistently the first thing the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC brought up in their Tuesday reports.  "Despite local officials telling him to postpone his trip, President Trump in Kenosha, Wisconsin, today, touring a building destroyed in protests after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.  Met by supporters and protesters, he pushed his law and order message," whined correspondent Alex Perez on ABC's World News Tonight.

Presidential Debates Commission Picks a Former BIDEN Intern to Moderate Trump-Biden Presidential Debate!.  The Commission on Presidential Debates announced its three moderators for this year's planned debates. [...] Chris Wallace from FOX News — a major Trump hater, Kristen Welker from NBC, another far left Trump-hater and Steve Scully from C-SPAN will moderate this year's debates.  Wallace is a complete anti-Trumper.  The far left FOX News host ruined FOX News Sunday and made it unwatchable.  Wallace attacked President Trump in December saying, "I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history."  Kristen Welker from NBC is a member of the White House Press Corps, a horribly hostile Trump-hating group that thought it was funny to ridicule the president's White House Spokeswoman on her looks at their annual dinner while she sat on the stage.  And Steve Scully has an interesting resume.  He was a former intern for Joe Biden!

Evidence Shows the Media Doesn't Really Care About Evidence.  Read an article from any mainstream media outlet regarding an even remotely controversial subject broached by President Trump, and it is likely to include the statement, "President Trump claimed, without evidence..."  Use of the phrase is so frequent, it is likely that writers at the New York Times and elsewhere have it pop up in the auto-fill functionality on their laptops.  Type in "President Trump," and the words "claimed without evidence" automatically appear to the side in opaque font, and all they have to do is hit their arrow key to auto-fill the phrase.  The practice has become so prevalent in the media's wonderland that they no longer wait to include the phrase in the body of an article, they now put it right in their headlines.

CNN's Cillizza:  Trump Labeling 'Protests' as 'Riots' a Sign of Desperation.  CNN's Chris Cillizza might have outdone himself over the past weekend.  Although he has long had a reputation for extreme silliness, his analysis about President Donald Trump identifying what are obviously riots as "riots" rather than "protests" are a sign of "desperation," according to Cillizza.  What made Cillizza's observation particularly absurd was that the picture at the top of his weekend article (which was updated early Monday morning) showed a large burning building with a couple of armed law enforcement officers in riot gear in the foreground.  However, the true icing on the cake of Cillizza's silliness is that he not only tweeted his laughable observation but actually included that same picture from the article that completely undercut himself as you can see below.  As a result, Cillizza set himself up for the Mother of All Mockery on Twitter.

Democrats Turn on a Dime, Suddenly Admit These are Violent Riots.  In case you missed it, the Democrat/media talking points turned on a dime over the weekend.  As if like magic, every Democrat/lefitist/communist talking head on your television did a 180 from the talking point "these are peaceful protests" to "these are violent riots and they're all Trump's fault".

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MSNBC's Cross:  RNC's Black Speakers 'Looked Like a Modern-Day Minstrel Show to Me'.  During Sunday's broadcast of MSNBC's "AM Joy," host Tiffany Cross criticized the Republican National Convention for its diverse presentation of speakers throughout the week.  She dismissed the display as being reflective of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.  Instead, Cross urged viewers not to be "fooled" by Republicans and said the "slew of black speakers" looked like a "modern-day minstrel show."

The Editor says...
If there had been no blacks in attendance at all, these same people would have denounced the Republican convention as racist.  But apparently there were too many black speakers, so the Republican convention was racist.

For the Establishment Media, NASCAR Garage Rope Was a Crisis but Repeatedly 'Executing' Trump Is Just Fine.  If someone had hung a noose in the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, that would have been a racist outrage.  Granted, there wasn't a hate crime involved, and it didn't take long for everyone to suss out that the "noose" (actually just a knot on a garage pull-rope) had been there since the previous autumn, meaning it wasn't put there to target Wallace, who is black.  However, the stench of the scandal-that-wasn't still remains — and any time the societal aspect of stock car racing is brought up, talk of the Bubba Wallace "noose" isn't far behind.

The Wrong-Way Washington Post Inadvertently Admits Trump Saved Over 900,000 Lives From Virus.  On March 19th of this year The Post predicted this for 2020:  "In the worst-case scenario, America is on a trajectory toward 1.1 million deaths."  As this is written this last week of August, Fox News reports that there have thus far been 176,816 thousand deaths in the United States from the COVID virus since the virus first arrived in America in January.  Doing the math?  Subtract the actual 176,816 deaths from The Post prediction of 1.1 million deaths — and that means there has been no "worst-case scenario" and that the Trump administration's relentless efforts to control the spread of the virus has in fact saved the lives of 923,184 Americans.

CNN Cuts Off Trump Speech, John King Accuses President Of 'Wrong, Misleading, Or Outright Lies'.  CNN cut into President Donald Trump's speech Monday morning at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte to break down the president's comments.  Trump, a frequent critic of ballot harvesting and mail-in voting was speaking on the topic Monday [8/24/2020] when CNN anchor Anderson Cooper broke into the broadcast to accuse the president of going "negative" in the convention's "first moments."  "He started off falsely attacking mail-in voting," Cooper said.  "He's continuing to attack mail-in voting as his postmaster general testifies that the attacks are 'unhelpful.'  That's his own postmaster general.  He also criticized the media for airing the postmaster's hearing instead of his roll call."

Media instantly pan GOP convention headlined by Trump and his son.  About an hour into the first night of the virtual proceedings, The New York Times ran this banner headline:  "GOP Pushes Falsehoods and Fear at Convention."  CNN and MSNBC, which carried virtually every minute of the Democratic convention, kept breaking in with fact-checking, criticism and punditry.  That's not to say the GOP show was above aggressive analysis.  Several of the speakers made over-the-top, even apocalyptic charges against Joe Biden at the Democrats that stretched well beyond traditional political hyperbole.  But in terms of the media applying roughly the same standards to each convention, it wasn't even close.

Media Rose Garden Outrage is the Stuff of Fertilizer as They Get Every Detail Wrong.  It seems the derangement in the press to demean anything the president and his wife are connected with can be limitless.  As Becca Lower mentioned there was an immediate backlash from the press when it was announced that the First Lady Melania Trump was unveiling the restored White House Rose Garden.  Rather than praise, or at least some introspection as to what had been undertaken in the process, members of the media were content to simply lash out, and in so doing avoided anything resembling facts.  A number of journalists were content to just leap at the First Lady for trashing Jaqueline Kennedy's beloved garden, for chopping down her cherry blossom trees, and for smearing the honor of John F. Kennedy.  Some of these vaunted minds in the press felt they made a stinging point by showing pictures of the garden in full bloom during the Obama years and then showing the "joyless", oblivious to growing seasons and the flower types.  They of course went as far to call the light colors of the new roses "racist".

7 Big Stories Corporate Media Is Ignoring Because The Truth Might Help Trump.  [#5] COVID-19:  Corporate reporting on COVID-19 provides another stark example of the Trump litmus test it constantly applies to news:  Does the story help the president or hurt him?  Coverage of hydroxychloroquine as a possible therapeutic provides the clearest proof of this, as best illustrated by the national coverage of the death of a man who "ingested" fish tank cleaner, spun as a Trump-induced death.  But more subtle bias by omission is prevalent as well.  For instance, under other circumstances, the harm widespread school closings cause to especially low-income and at-risk children would be the nightly news narrative.  Personal interest stories featuring single moms, unable to work and supervise the online schooling of their children, would run.  Special-needs children struggling without individualized educational plans would be profiled.  Heartstrings would be pulled, and pressure would be brought to bear on leaders refusing to open schools.  But because Trump wants the schools open, the coverage has focused instead on the risk to children and teachers of returning to the classroom.

The Biden-Harris Levitation.  After some reflection, it becomes clear that the extreme improbability of this process is the result of it not really being a race between two pairs of candidates for national office.  It is surely the last round in the great battle between Donald Trump and the national political media.

Trump Walks Out of Presser After Reporter Won't Stop Talking.  Donald Trump did another presser from his golf club in New Jersey today.  Like yesterday's, it went fairly well for the President, with him announcing sweeping executive action to help American families.  In essence, he dared the Democrats to sue and block the move after they've stonewalled any progress on a Congressional relief package.  Regardless of what you think of the principles behind such actions, he obviously has the legal precedent to do it after Obama's presidency and it's a very smart political play that boxes in Nancy Pelosi.  The press conference ended up closing down early though, with Trump walking out after a reporter refused to let him call on someone else after she had already asked her question.

Study: 150 TIMES More Negative News on Trump than Biden.  As the pandemic grinds on, the Big Three broadcast evening newscasts are among the highest rated programs on television today — and that means millions of viewers are witnessing the most biased presidential campaign coverage in modern media history.  I've been studying the news media and elections for more than 35 years.  Trust me — there's never been anything like it.  A new MRC analysis of all evening news coverage of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in June and July found these networks chose to aim most of their attention and nearly all of their negative coverage on Trump, so Biden escaped any scrutiny of his left-wing policy positions, past job performance or character.  From June 1 through July 31, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts focused 512 minutes of airtime on the President, or nine times more than the 58 minutes allotted to Biden.

Trump Busts Democrats With So Much Truth, MSNBC Cuts Away, and Dems Double Down on the Crazy at the Convention.  Gotta say:  Democrats and their compliant media allies just seem to be phoning it in today as the Democratic National Convention starts as a virtual exercise.  Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is actually in Wisconsin, that place that Democrats seem to have real difficulty getting to and wouldn't win without.  MSNBC's Chuck Todd announced that Trump was counter-programming with campaigning while the Democrats were holding their virtual convention.  But listen to how he handles it, without even a semblance of being fair or giving any time to what Trump is actually saying or covering the minority business owners who had good things to say about Trump.  [Video clip]

Media Unleashes Fake News Avalanche After Trump Requests Florida Mail-In Ballot.  It's hard to pinpoint which mainstream media lie about President Trump over the last four years has been the most egregious and flagrant.  But my personal opinion is that the fake news they continue to spread about his position on mail-in voting should easily rank in the top five.  They've provided us with numerous examples just in the last day alone.  It all started when it was reported by USA Today on Thursday that Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had requested mail-in ballots Wednesday for Florida's primary, which is next Tuesday.

NBC Refuses to Credit Trump for Israel-U.A.E. Peace, CBS Chides It.  It was an out of left field and out of character development for 2020: The Trump administration helped to broker a Middle East peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates Thursday.  The UAE recognized Israel's right to exist as they planned to establish embassies and an economic relationship, and work on a COVID-19 vaccine.  But the raging liberals of NBC Nightly News refused to give President Trump credit, while the CBS Evening News seemed to suggest the President was stealing credit.  As if the peace deal just naturally spawned of its own accord, NBC anchor Lester Holt suggested it was just "a deal announced by the White House."  The report was delivered by chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel, and at no point did he mention the Trump administration's role in brokering the deal.

Beige Page Is Becoming a "Go To" Conservative News Source.  The secret has been out a while now.  With conservatives becoming increasingly disenchanted with a daily deluge of anti-Trump content, panic-inducing headlines about COVID-19 and protests, and tabloid-type stories — even on sites once considered hubs for conservative news — several websites have emerged to fill the gap for the tens of millions of conservatives that have felt abandoned by modern news outlets.  But one is beginning to stand out from among the rest — Beige Page.

Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld Dismantle CNN After Claim That No News Orgs Exist To Tear Down Trump.  Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld slammed CNN on Monday after CNN media reporter Brian Stelter aired a segment over the weekend claiming that no news organizations existed to tear down President Donald Trump.  The segment came as Stelter aggressively defended presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over the week, claiming without evidence that "entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden."

Former CNN exec says 'for better or worse' future relevance of network is directly tied to Trump.  A former executive for cable news pioneer CNN says the network's future "relevance" is directly linked to President Donald Trump, suggesting that if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins in November ratings will crash.  In a story regarding the "Trump Bump" — a reference to the boosted coverage of the president has provided networks and news organizations — the outlet Digiday noted how media adjusted its business and revenue models to account for the increased attention.  Included in the story are interviews with former CNN correspondents and executives who discussed the network's decision to take a confrontational approach to covering President Trump and how, over the past three-and-a-half years, often that became 'the story.'

The Mainstream Media Is at the Point of No Return.  [Scroll down]  No entity in the United States was more devastatingly affected by the 9.0 magnitude political earthquake that took place on November 8, 2016 than the mainstream media.  Not only had they contributed mightily to the election of Donald Trump, a man they loathed, but they had willingly allowed him to make them the target of national derision and contempt.  After the election, the anger and single-minded determination of the mainstream media to seek revenge and prove they could still remove or destroy a President was palpable. [...] The electorate has been privy to innumerable "fake news" stories about Trump, his family as well as his Administration, which continue to this day after virtually hundreds of stories over the past three-plus years have been disproven.  It is now an unquestioned fact that the mainstream media, throwing away any pretense of objectivity, has overtly and unabashedly allied itself with the Democrat party and its dominant wing, the radical Marxists/socialists.

ViacomCBS is Meddling in the Presidential Election.  [Scroll down]  CBS Corp. and Viacom Inc. merged again one year ago this week, forming a $28-billion company.  In this current iteration, ViacomCBS includes CBS, CBS News, Showtime, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, BET, CMT, MTV, Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, and the Smithsonian Channel, to name just a few of its assets — and one more:  the book publisher Simon & Schuster.  So, what's the problem?  This company is making its purpose the defeat of President Donald Trump this November, and it is ruthless and relentless in that pursuit.  In some ways, it's nothing new.  Back in 2004, CBS News attempted to defeat George W. Bush's run for re-election against John Kerry.  It had a second 60 Minutes program at the time, hosted by Dan Rather, and it manufactured a story full of lies, fake documents, and dishonestly edited interviews to make it appear as though Bush had used political influence to get in the Texas Air National Guard and avoid going to Vietnam.

Exploring Citizen Trump.  [Scroll down]  As [Robert] Orlando perceives it, Donald Trump's choice of enemies are not without irony, given his background.  Trump comes from the establishment himself.  Nonetheless, the brash, cocky New Yorker has brilliantly pitted himself against the establishment.  He would overcome the political system in 2016.  That first included the Republican establishment.  How could one man, with no political resume, overcome a field of 16 highly credentialed Republicans also vying for the job?  Once he won the GOP Primary, how could he persevere when being out-funded by the Democratic Party establishment, or when out-strategized by one of the most corrupt political machines in the history of the presidency, the Clintons?  Once in the Oval Office, could he survive an unprecedented blitzkrieg of media attacks still going on today?

Facebook, Twitter Censor President Trump's Fox News Interview.  Facebook and Twitter censored a video clip of President Donald Trump's recent interview on Fox News' Fox & Friends over alleged coronavirus "misinformation."  Facebook said it removed the video of the interview because President Trump claimed that children have heightened immunity to coronavirus.  The Trump campaign stands by this claim, but Facebook disagrees, and used it as an excuse to prevent American citizens using the platform from hearing what their president has to say.  This is despite repeated assurances from Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the platform will not censor politicians.

Facebook removes Trump post for first time citing coronavirus misinformation rules; Twitter also clamps down.  Facebook and Twitter are both taking action after a video shared by President Trump they say contains misinformation about the coronavirus.  "This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19 which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation," Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois told Fox News in a statement.  In the removed video, the president told Fox & Friends that schools should remain open.

CNN screen shot
Dems and media pushing Trump = Hitler and Mussolini as never before.  There is more than a whiff of desperation in the re-emergence of the thermonuclear bomb of hysterical rhetoric, that President Trump is just like (or even worse than!) Hitler.  Never mind the absence of death camps — the very fact that his enemies are free to employ the most irresponsible and vile language against him without disappearing in the dead of night refutes the charge.  Yet we have taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR pushing the comparison hard ("Trump is the most dangerous figure in human history"), and, on the same weekend, the man who handed the Democrats' nomination to Biden joining the absurdist chorus as one of CNN's most prominent anchors accepts the comparison to Mussolini and even Hitler and moves along to the next topic.

CNN Happily Floats the Idea of Biden Skipping All Presidential Debates.  Rush Limbaugh has been saying for weeks that Joe Biden would skip the presidential debates in the fall.  Now former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart has taken to to argue Biden should skip it, in an article headlined "Joe Biden could still lose this election."  On Saturday [8/1/2020], Michael Smerconish put him on TV to make the case, and quoted from it:  "Whatever you do, don't debate Trump.  Trump has now made more than 20,000 misleading or false statements according to the Washington Post.  It's a fool's errand to enter the ring with someone who can't follow the rules or the truth."  On Twitter, Sen. Ted Cruz cracked "Basement strategy, part 2."  It never occurred to Smerconish to ask Lockhart that if it sounds undemocratic for Trump to talk of moving the election, doesn't it sound undemocratic for Democrats to talk about skipping the tradition of presidential debates?  This is CNN, the network that gave about 27 Democratic candidates hours and hours of "town hall meetings" with fellow Democrats, but somehow they can't advocate for a two-sided debate.  Instead, Smerconish just suggested Trump would make hay out of it.

Jake Tapper scolds Trump for airport 'mini-rally' in Florida, but John Lewis crowds still ok.  CNN activist Jake Tapper got triggered when President Trump briefly spoke to a small group of supporters who had gathered on the tarmac at the Tampa, Florida airport to greet him.  Tapper fumed on Twitter:  "Trump holds event with Florida supporters at Tampa airport, with little distancing or mask-wearing."  President Trump responded by noting that the gathering was not a rally (otherwise there would've been a larger crowd), but a small group of Florida law enforcement officers who were there to greet him.  "Jake, this wasn't a Trump Rally, but rather a very successful gathering of the great Sheriffs and Law Enforcement (of Florida) who gave me their unequivocal ENDORSEMENT," Trump tweeted.  "No Defund the Police here.  Best Wishes!"

CNN Piece on What Critical Swing Voters Are Thinking Now.  If you just listened to the liberal media, pretty much all you would hear is polls show that Joe Biden is ahead.  We saw how well that worked for them when they predicted Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.  That's why it's incredibly important to hear what real people are thinking.  So listen to what Rich Thau, a focus group moderator, the moderator of the Swing Voter Project, has to say.  He says he's hearing strong support for President Trump from critical swing voters that could turn the election.

Trusting the Election to the Mr. and Ms. Potato Heads of the Left-Media.  Florida and Texas combined have more than 55 electoral votes. [...] It seems very likely that in 2020 Florida could go either way — either [D]emocrat or [R]epublican.  Texas seems to present an even greater threat to [D]emocrats. [...] We don't see left-leaning, liberal media outlets publishing articles with headlines reading, "Texas — Lower Concentration of COVID-19 Infections than 19 other States" or "Seven States/Territories with higher COVID-19 Death Rates than Florida."  Headlines like these might indicate that Trump is handling the COVID-19 Crisis adequately.  CNN and their "Mr./Ms. Potato Head" Common-tators (pun intended), reporters, editors, and writers are not working to educate the U.S. population with neutral, unbiased information about Florida and Texas, the two key states in the 2020 presidential election.  However, they are working to campaign for the left, for the Democrats.  They are working to push a non-Trump, non-Republican, pro-panic agenda, and they are doing it to sabotage President Trump and the Republican Party.

MSNBC's Biden Backers Demand Voters End Trump's 'Reign of Terror'.  On Sunday afternoon's MSNBC Live with Alex Witt, during a discussion of President Donald Trump's use of federal agents to counteract rioters in Portland and how it might impact this year's presidential election, MSNBC contributor and liberal historian Jon Meacham conflated segregationist Democrat George Wallace with non-segregationist Republican conservatives like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.  After Meacham encouraged viewers to vote against President Trump's "reign of terror" in November, MSNBC Republican Michael Steele agreed with him and encouraged Democrats to turn out to vote against the President.

Rooting for the Virus?  CNN Boasts Pandemic Is 'Beating' 'Irrelevant' Trump 'Badly'.  Through its rhetoric on the coronavirus pandemic, CNN has made it abundantly clear its goal has been to send Americans into mentally-crippling fear over the coronavirus pandemic and blaming President Trump directly for the rampant loss of life.  Thursday's Situation Room did that in reacting to the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, bragging that "the chickens [have come] home to roost" for the "dishonestly rosy" Trump as it's "beating him and beating him badly."  In other words, optimism and hope for tomorrow is poisonous to the health of CNN's narrative.  There's an obvious balance between denial of the pandemic's seriousness and outright doom and gloom, but CNN has never been concerned about that or our collective psyche.

A Put-Up Job.  [Scroll down]  The news matters for three reasons.  First, almost all the public investigation and damaging narrative about "Trump-Russia collusion" came after investigators knew how little supporting evidence there was.  Second, the more we learn about the ensuing investigations, the more they look like concerted abuses of government authority.  We give law-enforcement and intelligence agencies tremendous power so they can protect us; when they abuse that power, they need to be held accountable and reined in.  That seldom happens to anyone in Washington's sprawling bureaucracies, which protect their own within the gurgling ecosystem of power, profit, regulation, and rent-seeking.  Just ask Lois Lerner.  Third, when the FBI, Department of Justice, and intelligence agencies act in biased, partisan, and illicit ways, they cut to the very heart of our constitutional democracy, damage our institutions, and undermine trust in them.  That is exactly what happened in 2016 and afterward.  Public trust was undermined by these prolonged investigations and the narrative about them.  It will be undermined further as we learn how the investigators themselves likely pursued partisan goals, ignored crucial evidence, and broke laws to do it.

Much Ado About Nothing, Anti-Trump Version.  The historic division between those who approve and disapprove of the president is nowhere clearer than in the Sherlock Holmes-like assiduity of his media enemies excavating ludicrously trivial matters that they portray as monstrous ethical lapses that disqualify Trump from any responsible office.  They give new meaning to the concept of the blindfold of justice by overlooking the fact that President Trump has been the victim of the most egregious constitutional illegalities ever committed in the United States.  It need hardly be added that the same poisoned-tip spear-carriers of the Democratic media were among the most shameless peddlers of the Russian-collusion fraud and the asinine impeachment that surpassed even Kafka:  Trump was not accused of "nameless crimes," but of acts that not only are legal but for the commission of which by Trump no probative evidence was produced.

Don Lemon Takes Cognitive Test On Air to Own the Orange Man, Screws It Up.  One of the cardinal rules about mocking someone is that you yourself should not do worse than the person you are mocking in your attempts to mock them.  CNN's Don Lemon, in all his brilliance, apparently didn't realize that last night when he took the airwaves.  In what I'm sure he thought was going to be an absolutely killer segment owning the orange man, he decided to take a cognitive test on air.  This was an attempt to make fun of Trump for talking about the cognitive test he had recently taken.  That discussion happened during a Fox News interview.  The problem?  Lemon screwed up the cognitive test on live TV.

Disgusting CNN: Trump Wearing a Mask Like 'Potty Training' a Child.  Proving the cable channel is no longer a news network, on Tuesday's New Day, CNN co-hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota brought on political correspondent Seung Min Kim to launch juvenile insults at President Trump.  Berman was particularly obnoxious, as he completely shunned his guise of being a journalist to compare Republicans praising Trump for wearing a mask to parents "praising a kid for learning how to potty train."

How to Spank the Establishment Media.  It's astounding how the establishment media allows known Democrat liars to continue spewing out their vicious falsehoods without challenge.  Our legacy media has concluded, perhaps correctly, that Americans just aren't concerned about serial lying, even by contenders for high office.  July 5 on NBC's "Meet the Press," former Obama official Susan Rice said this:  "The president went to Mount Rushmore and then stood at the White House yesterday on our independence weekend and decided that he was going to stake his legacy and his campaign on preserving Confederate monuments and the relics of slavery."  One wonders how Rice would know that the president had "decided" such a thing, for nowhere in his July 3 address at Mt. Rushmore nor in his July 4 address, did President Trump use the word "Confederate," and when he spoke of "slavery," it was in the context of its evil.  But did moderator Andrea Mitchell ask Rice why she was making such an accusation?  Of course not; what do you think "Meet the Press" is, a news program?

America Held Hostage.  Things we thought were sacrosanct, the icons of our national identity, now are scorned.  We can pretend that this doesn't matter.  They're just statues, after all.  But they do matter.  Not for the pleasure they give the rioters so much as for the pain they inflict on patriots who love America.  Nor has it stopped with the vandalism.  We've gone to the next level, with the looting and rioting.  In the last month major cities have become unsafe, as rioters work out the logic of what "resistance" means.  American stores lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and merchants boarded up their stores for protection.  Nothing to see here, folks, said the liberal media, which gaslighted the looting and the boarded-up storefronts, and portrayed the riots as peaceful protests against an illegitimate president. [...] We're in the middle of a chicken game, where the Left tells us they'll let this go on as long as Trump is president.  The liberal media will ignore the riots, the liberal mayors will tell the local police to stand down, the liberal prosecutors will promptly release anyone arrested.  Try to defend yourself, and you'll find yourself prosecuted.

Kayleigh McEnany is so effective that the MSM now lying by deceptively editing her comments.  Yesterday [7/16/2020] saw a new low in irresponsible media reporting on a briefing by a presidential press secretary.  Many media outlets outright lied about what Kayleigh McEnany said by cutting her off mid-sentence in a comment on schools reopening, thereby creating an impression that was opposite of the truth. [...] Kayleigh McEnany has been devastatingly effective as President Trump's press secretary, holding the media accountable for their lies and letting viewers of her press briefings know what questions the pressies are not asking but should.  This campaign of lies is evidence that the MSM knows she is a threat to their ability to fulfill their political function as propagandists and have decided to unite in lies about her.

Trump calls Wallace out over faux disbelief of what radicals are teaching our kids.  Fox News host Chris Wallace expressed disbelief when confronted with the indisputable fact that American children are being taught to hate their own country.  Speaking at Mt. Rushmore earlier this month, President Donald Trump correctly pointed out that "children are taught in school to hate their own country, and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but that were villains."  Weeks later on Fox News' "Fox News Sunday," [7/19/2020] Wallace brought this quote up while speaking with the president for an interview that aired this Sunday.

How Would The Media Cover School Reopening If Hillary Clinton Were President?  The media has set new, ahistorical, and impossible to achieve goals that must be achieved before reopening — such as guaranteeing that *no one* will get sick if schools reopen.  That's insane.  Even if we get a vaccine for this, that claim WILL NEVER be true, any more than it is of influenza or anything else.  No wonder that Dr. Scott Atlas said yesterday he feels like he's "living in a Kafka novel."  "I'm not sure how many times it has to be said, but the risk to children for this disease, for fatalities, is nearly zero.  I mean, this is totally antithetical to the data," he said.  Atlas is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a health-care expert, and former professor and chief of neuroradiology at the Stanford University Medical Center.

The Editor says...
Someone (other than me, of course) should set up a web site to show the way current news events would be reported if Hillary were president.  It would be amusing but tiresome, I suspect.

MSNBC Thinks the Russia Hoax Will Still Work on You in 2020.  As the 2020 presidential election fast approaches, so do media attempts to incite voter hysteria about the chances of it being stolen.  On Tuesday's Morning Joe, dutiful MSNBC co-host Willie Geist brought on left-wing author David Shimer and former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to try to rebuild the Russian election interference narrative.  [Video clip]

Nets Cover-Up Biden Quoting Mao, CBS Campaigns for Him Instead.  If President Trump were to quote one of the world's deadliest dictators in a positive way, the liberal media would have a Chernobyl-level meltdown.  In fact, they tried to claim his campaign's use of a bald eagle was a nod to Nazi Germany.  But when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden quoted Mao Tse-tung during a Monday evening campaign event, his allies at ABC, CBS, and NBC covered it up.  Instead of reporting on Biden's controversial comment, Tuesday's [7/14/2020] CBS Evening News took to campaigning for him.

Media Attacks Trump For A Factual Statement About Law Enforcement And Race.  The media is famous for its attempts to completely assassinate and misconstrue Trump's words to benefit its agenda and this week was no exception.  In an interview with CBS, reporter Catherine Herridge asked Trump why black people are still dying at the hands of law enforcement.  Trump responded by saying that more white people are actually killed by police every year.  He also noted that he thought the question was "terrible."  According to Statista, Trump's statement is true:  more white people are killed by police every year in total.  In just 2020, 204 white people and 105 black people were fatally shot to death by police in the U.S.  In addition, the FBI data published in the Uniform Crime Report shows that white people are far more likely to be arrested than black people.

Does Trump have a secret well of unreported support?  The media routinely avoid any good news that would help Trump's re-election.  Perhaps the most convincing evidence has been the performance of the stock market.  Again, the return to work is brisker than experts predict as people are allowed to do so by governors.  Perhaps the return to normal school functioning is the greatest threat for the Democrats; the economy cannot fully recover from the COVID shutdown until schools allow parents to resume their jobs.  The reporting is all focused on negativity regarding the risk to children.  In fact, the teacher unions want to keep schools closed, which gives teachers their full income without any risk as an essential worker.  Their political clout is noticeable but will likely backfire.

Media Bias:  CNN national political reporter's 'analysis' piece contains opinion.  CNN National Political Reporter Maeve Reston in an analysis piece published last Saturday claimed that President Trump during his July 3rd speech at Mount Rushmore attempted "to play on the fears" of individuals "who view the rise of Black Lives Matter as a threat to the historical dominance of White people."  Reston's piece neglected to mention that President Trump in his speech extolled the ideal of racial equality, an ideal which is, by definition, itself a threat to the "dominance of White people."  "We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed," Trump declared during the address.  "Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God."  Reston's claim that the president sought to exploit the fears of a minority "who view the rise of Black Lives Matter as a threat to the historical dominance of White people" thus breaks the boundaries of straight news reporting and constitutes an unacknowledged interpretation lacking plausible substantiation in the referenced text.

Brazen Lying Is Media's Latest Escalation In Campaign Against Trump.  The "dark and divisive" line above came from The New York Times, in what was falsely presented as a "news" report on the speech.  The Washington Post's Robert Costa and Philip Rucker claimed in a screed bizarrely not labeled as opinion, "Trump's push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans who have long enabled him."  [George] Stephanopoulos hosts "This Week," a Sunday show on ABC.  He was out on Independence Day weekend, so his co-host Martha Raddatz filled in.  She opined that Trump had delivered "anything but a message of unity" and a "very grim message for America."  Raddatz further shared her anti-Trump campaign narrative:  "This speech was not the only time in the past few weeks the president has seemed eager to turn the attention back to the issues of race in this country, how does he expected to get re-elected with a message like that?"  It may seem quaint to do so in this day and age of fact-free opinion, but let's look at the actual words of the Trump speech that Raddatz claimed was grim and racist: [...]

A Nightmare Campaign of Outright Idiocy.  As we get into high summer, there must be a very large number of Americans now actively considering whether the country is going mad. [...] In the absence of a feasible presidential nominee, the Democratic campaign is being conducted by the national political media with almost the sole exception of Fox News and its affiliates, the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.  The New York Times has at least declared that its objective is not simply to report even-handedly but to oppose the Trump Administration.  All the others do the same without acknowledging it.  This is the general and entirely voluntary immolation of the professional integrity of the American news media.  The majority of Americans recognize and respond in polls that they think the media is untrustworthy.

The most dishonest, biased news coverage of our lifetimes — and it's about to get worse.  What really seems to have raised the press' hackles was Trump's dissent from their reverent attitudes toward Black Lives Matter and apparent indifference to those tearing down statues of Lincoln, Douglass, Grant, abolitionists and women's-rights advocates.  "Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities," Trump said, accurately.  That's not the message most in the media want voters receiving in the months running up to November.

Trump Was Right All Along:  The Fake News Media Really Is The Enemy Of The People.  Firework smoke still lingered in the sky over Mount Rushmore as journalists began their daily routine of story-spinning, as if their very lives depended on headlines reflecting the exact opposite of true events.  President Donald Trump's pro-America speech, dripping with unity and patriotism, was decried in legacy media as diabolical.  Just moments after the star-spangled spectacle, The New York Times blasted out a news alert, calling the president's remarks "dark and divisive" and condemning his Independence Day speech as insufficiently focused on the Wuhan virus.  ABC News claimed "Trump pushe[d] racial division" and defied pandemic rules, while the Washington Post opted for "dark" descriptors and blamed Trump for "exploit[ing] social divisions."  One honest look at Trump's speech spikes these media fictions into orbit.

Press Now Plumbs Its Own Depths Of Depravity.  There has never been a presidential campaign in the United States where the administration was so massively opposed by the principal press outlets as in this election.  Nor, in at least a century, have the national political media so widely and thoroughly discarded the traditional criterion for journalistic professionalism: the clear division between comment and reporting. [...] Many aspects of the Trump presidency are unprecedented; he is the first president never to have sought or held a public office, elected or unelected, or a high military command; and this is the first presidency, at least in living memory, in which almost the entire national political press have completely and constantly misreported the president's public remarks and policies.

Behind the Media's Breathtakingly Dishonest Coverage.  "I don't think I've ever seen such dishonest and biased coverage of any event."  That was Brit Hume, who has been covering events for more than 50 years for Fox News, ABC News and investigative reporter Jack Anderson.  The event, as you may have guessed, was President Donald Trump's Independence (without the scare-quotes) Day speech at Mount Rushmore.  The speech was, according to The New York Times, a "dark and divisive speech" designed to deliver a "divisive culture war message."  The Washington Post called it a "dystopian speech" and a "push to amplify racism."  Absent from their stories were quotations supporting racism.  Nor did Illinois Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth supply any quotations to support her claim that Trump "spent all his time talking about dead traitors."  Trump mentioned no Confederates but did quote the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

The Media Outright Lied About Hydroxychloroquine Just to Destroy Trump.  The media has spent the last four months outright lying about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine just to destroy President Donald Trump.  Washington D.C. journalist Drew Holden recently took the time to compile a large number of stories built entirely on lies pushed by the left-wing media.  Holden jumped to his Twitter account with an amazing thread that has to be seen to see the lies spread by our sold-out, anti-American media.

Trump encourages weekend dump of Fox News: 'Watch OANN & Newsmax instead.  Much better!'  President Trump is fed up with Fox News Channel and is calling for an exodus of viewers, specifically on weekend afternoons.  Following a segment on the network reporting that his poll numbers are trailing Joe Biden in swing states, the president unleashed his comments on Twitter, accusing Fox News of becoming like CNN and "MSNDC," his nickname for the network he sees as a Democrat mouthpiece.

Trump stands up for America.  AP calls it racist.  I see where the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians may drop their names in favor of some other group to honor.  Polls have shown Indians don't care.  The Washington Post reported in 2016, "Nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, according to a new Washington Post poll that shows how few ordinary Indians have been persuaded by a national movement to change the football team's moniker. [...]"

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump Scoops the Democrats.  With a rousing Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore, President Trump certainly laid down the principles on which he will now go to the hustings.  His choice of a setting put him before the famed monument to four presidents — each of which is a target of the movement that has been seeking to besmirch or destroy statues of our national leaders.  Mr. Trump left no doubt in respect of which side he is on.  Had the President left any such doubt, the morning papers cleared them up.  The Times led with a long geschrei about how Mr. Trump had sent a "discordant" message.  The Washington Post complained that Mount Rushmore is "painfully complex."  Our guess, though, is that tens of millions of Americans managed to figure it out — that Mr. Trump intends to stand against the attacks on our national heroes.

CNN Actually Made an 'Outrageous' Claims List About Trump's Mt. Rushmore Speech.  President Trump visiting Mount Rushmore sent the liberal media into a total meltdown yesterday.  The fallout is still doling out insane attacks against a speech that was patriotic and attacked the Left's ongoing campaign to erase our history.  Yeah, it's pretty explicit as to why the media is hyperventilating right now.  One, Trump is still president.  Two, he's Republican.  And three, he's a cheerleader for America — how awful, right?  Well, CNN, the go-to for garbage anti-Trump takes, decided to compile a list of the most "outrageous" claims made by the president last night.  I'm not kidding.  And, uh, for those of us who aren't mind-broken by Trump or are normal in cognitive function, you're going to find this list confusing.  Why?  There's nothing outrageous about it; Trump just said it so these clowns go into an epileptic fit.

Fake News Media Jumps the Shark.  On Thursday [7/2/2020] the Trump economy created 4.8 million jobs.  It was the best economic report in US history!  The unemployment rate dropped from 13.3% to 11%!  President Trump made the announcement today in front of the White House Press Corps.  But rather than focus on the historic economic news — The White House press corps asked if President Trump is "more focused in preserving the confederacy."

They are trying to start a war.  When Corona fails again, they will try to start a war with Russia.  The other day, the New York Times was subtly and not so subtly promoting the claim that President Trump was standing callously by and coddling Russia's Vladimir Putin even as Putin was busily offering the Taliban bounties for the bodies of dead U.S. servicemen.  It was the old "Trump is a Russian agent" canard whipped out in a new form. [...] President Trump denied it.  His acting director of National Intelligence at the time, Richard Grenell, denied it vehemently. [...] And for what it's worth, even the Russians denied it.  But the Times pressed on with the claim and even did some additional reporting to claim that it had proof. [...] Fortunately, there was CBS's Catherine Herridge, who batted back at the press at its own game — and found some pretty exculpatory backing for the Trump administration's statements.

Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks.  Much of the case for the Iraq War was based on the Bush administration's claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.  When the United States declared an end to the war late in 2011, more than 4,400 American military members had been killed and nearly 32,000 wounded.  No weapons of mass destruction had been found.  It's one of the most significant and catastrophic intelligence errors in U.S. history.  A bipartisan commission found that U.S. intelligence "seriously misjudged" Iraq's weapons program because of their "heavy reliance on a human source — codenamed 'Curveball' — whose information later proved to be unreliable."  The commission wrote, "Even more misleading was the river of intelligence that flowed from the CIA to top policymakers over long periods of time — in the President's Daily Brief (PDB)" and other reports that were "more alarmist" and "less nuanced."

Surprise:  Latest Deep State Leak Pushed by Leftwing Media Is Another Huge Lie.  There was never anything about Russians paying the Taliban bounties on American soldiers to report.  This was low-level gossip (at best) that was never corroborated even in a small way.

Media Learned Nothing after their 2016 Polling Disaster.  [Scroll down]  This must be it for Trump and his supporters.  How can Trump overcome a double-digit deficit to the Democrat candidate?  Just look at Trump's Tulsa rally with empty seats despite over a million ticket requests.  First the virus, then protests and riots, now anarchy in Democrat run cities as the new normal for America, all destroying the Trump presidency.  The latest chapter in the NeverTrump manifesto, starting with Russian collusion and Mueller, to Stormy and Avenatti, Omarosa and Scaramucci, Bolton and Mattis, each one supposedly the end of Trump.  Not widely discussed were the 7.7 million Tulsa rally viewers on Fox News, setting a Saturday ratings record, not to mention those watching on other internet video platforms.  After the media spent the previous week predicting illness or death for anyone foolish enough to brave the Trump rally, and attendees were threatened by Black Lives Matter protesters, many chose to stay home avoiding getting beaten up or worse.  Joe Biden gave a speech in a gymnasium, drawing perhaps a few dozen.

MSNBC Hosts Fret Over Trump Vowing to Punish Rioter 'Terrorists'.  In the aftermath of President Donald Trump declaring Thursday night [6/25/2020] on Fox News Channel that he would take action against rioters who are tearing down statues, MSNBC anchors Brian Williams and Chris Jansing both fretted over his words, and did not clarify that his comments were aimed at violent protesters.

CNN's Brianna Keilar opines on Trump's focus amid coronavirus pandemic.  CNN host Brianna Keilar during a recent television segment sharply criticized President Trump over the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.  "More than 122,000 Americans have died in the last few months.  This is more than every war since the start of the Korean War combined.  And the president barely mentions them or their families, he doesn't even acknowledge the collective loss of the nation.  Instead he turns the pandemic into a racist punchline for his rally goers to cheer," Keilar said. [...] Keilar's opinionated assertion about the president's focus falls outside of the realm of neutral reporting.

Think twice about why the media attacks William Barr.  Two years ago, I criticized President Trump for his endless attacks on then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Now, Attorney General William Barr is being similarly attacked by Trump critics, and some media coverage shows the same kind of blind rage without reason. [...] Piling on Barr has never been more popular - but the basis for this criticism has never been weaker.

US brands four Chinese state media outlets 'foreign missions'.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has branded four more Chinese state-run media outlets as foreign missions, a decision that subjects the employees to the scrutiny and restrictions applied to diplomats and undercover intelligence officers.  "The decision to designate these entities is not based on any content produced by these entities, nor does it place any restrictions on what the designated entities may publish in the United States," State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said Monday.  "It simply recognizes them for what they are."

Yamiche Alcindor Tries to Gotcha Kayleigh McEnany On Statues, Gets Schooled.  Yamiche Alcindor is at it again.  The PBS "journalist" who prides herself in letting her activism take center stage in her reporting decided to try out a new gotcha question today.  She asked Kayleigh McEnany about confederate statues and a Trump comment noting "our heritage," as if nothing else is going on in the country right now except Robert E. Lee memorials being destroyed.  McEnany was having none of it.

Barr hits establishment media for 'bovine silence' on collapsed Russiagate narrative.  Attorney General William Barr hit the establishment media in an interview aired Sunday [6/21/2020] for what he called its "bovine silence" regarding the debunked narrative of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.  In an interview on "Fox Sunday Futures," Barr also asserted that the various government investigations into the Trump campaign's possible ties to Kremlin were the "closest we have come to an organized effort to push a president out of office" since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Barr has long questioned the FBI's decision to open a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign in July 2016.

Brad Parscale:  Campaign Was Not Duped, Media Scared Supporters from Tulsa Rally.  Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale on Sunday [6/21/2020] berated the media for savaging the campaign's small crowd size in Tulsa on Saturday, despite boasting a million campaign ticket requests beforehand.  "For the media to now celebrate the fear that they helped create is disgusting but typical," Parscale wrote in a lengthy statement to reporters.  "And it makes us wonder why we bother credentialing media for events when they don't do their full jobs as professionals."

Massive Trump Crowds Inside and Outside Tulsa BOK Center — 6.7 Million Online Viewers!  The liberal mainstream media can't get their talking points straight.  They want to condemn President Trump for holding such a large rally during the coronavirus pandemic.  They also want to lie to Americans that it was a failure and no one showed up.  It must be very difficult being the fake news media these days.

Unhinged CNN Spends Two Hours Mocking Rally, Questioning Trump's Health.  Why would CNN even bother going live on Saturday night [6/20/2020] for Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma?  The network didn't plan to show the event.  Instead, reporters spent two hours gloating over a lower crowd size and questioning Trump's fitness to serve.  After warning for a week about the health risk of attending the rally, Blitzer opened the show at 8 PM this way:  "But in a surprising development, turnout for the event has been smaller than expected.  The campaign is blaming protesters.  The campaign is blaming the news media for the crowd size.  Clearly, not a full house."  Reporter Ryan Nobles declared victory even before the speech had begun:  "Wolf, the Trump campaign was hoping that they were going to be able to demonstrate an enormous amount of enthusiasm behind the campaign and also make the point and the economy were ready to reopen.  And at least by their own standards, fell short of those goals."  "They certainly did," cheered Blitzer.

White House says CNN refuses to give them airtime to refute scandalous claims detailed on Bolton's book.  More and more, CNN seems to be doing away with any pretense that it's an actual news outlet when it comes to covering President Donald Trump.  Casual viewers may be excused if they believe the network dedicates 24/7 coverage to destroying the Trump presidency, as it is all bad news all the time when it comes to the nations' 45th president.  After giving disgruntled former national security adviser John Bolton's new book red carpet treatment, a book that features enough scandalous allegations against Trump to ensure brisk sales — one such claim being that he asked China to help him with the 2020 election — CNN apparently had little interest in offering the administration an opportunity to refute the claims.  That's according to a spokesman who spoke the Washington Free

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots.  It seems no great event or upheaval in our national life can pass now without the media lying to our faces about it.  They lied about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia in 2016.  They lied about the Mueller probe and Brett Kavanaugh and former national security adviser Mike Flynn.  They lied about Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president and the impeachment farce that ensued.  They lied about the coronavirus and the lockdowns and the White House response.  And now they're lying about the riots.

Designer Fake News.  I see the media is still banging on about Donald Trump's June 1 visit to the boarded-up and burned-out St. John's Episcopal Church across from the White House. [...] Last week I mentioned in this column that back in 1968 when America last went up in flames on an epic scale Bob Kennedy left the campaign trail where he was campaigning for president to inspect the damage done to Washington's black neighborhoods and perhaps instill calm.  I speculated that Donald Trump might have had Kennedy's walk in mind when he trudged through Lafayette Park to St. John's.  As of this writing no one has mentioned Kennedy's exemplary behavior.  The Washington Post droned on for more than a page about President Trump and his "failed" effort on June 1 to "bring us together."  Yet Bob Kennedy was not mentioned.  As I said last week, it seems that for some people Trump can do nothing right.  Certainly, his walk to St. John's was all wrong.  The newspaper could find no witness to intercede on the president's behalf.  So why not mention Bob Kennedy?  Could it be that Bob's walk down smoldering 14th Street might put Donald's walk to St. John's in a better light?

Trump Campaign Calls CNN's Brian Stelter 'Sexist' for Attack on Jenna Ellis.  President Donald Trump's re-election campaign accused CNN media reporter Brian Stelter of sexism on Sunday [8/14/2020] for telling campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis that her children and grandchildren would be ashamed of her one day.  In what Mediaite called a "trainwreck" interview on Stelter's show, Reliable Sources, the host quizzed Ellis about the campaign's threat to sue CNN over a poll last week that showed former Vice President Joe Biden fourteen points ahead.

Frank Luntz tweet.  Tonight [6/11/2020], @ChrisCuomo criticized Trump's economy while using data that stops in 2016.  This is complete incompetence.  Journalistically and editorially.

CNN's Brian Stelter goes on the attack, only to have his prey turn on him.  Brian Stelter, aged 34, rotund, and squeaky, went from creating a college blog about TV and cable news, to working as a media reporter at the New York Times right out of college, to becoming the host of CNN's (ahem) Reliable Sources and a chief media correspondent.  He's had that last gig for seven years.  Stelter thinks he's a journalist.  However, when he had senior Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis on his Sunday show and tried to humiliate her for daring to support Trump's entirely accurate attacks against the drive-by media, Ellis called Stelter out for what he is:  An activist, rather than a journalist.  Before diving into the Ellis beatdown on Stelter, it's worth remembering that Stelter does not report on the news.  Instead, he serves as a conduit for the Democrat party.

Snapchat CEO says platform has 'First Amendment' right to censor Trump, Zuckerberg weighs in.  The CEOs of two of the world's biggest social media platforms are attacking President Donald Trump anew as they angle to censor some of his comments and 'fact-check' his responses.  Snapchat chief Evan Spiegel is defending his platform's actions to limit the reach of the president's content by actually invoking the First Amendment's free speech guarantee while urging other platforms to do the same.  Spiegel, who heads up Snapchat and Bitmoji, made his remarks during an interview with Bloomberg News that was published Thursday.  They come after Twitter started fact-checking President Trump's tweets last month, referencing cherry-picked articles to support the claim that he's been dishonest.  "The government is explicitly threatening private platforms about exercising their First Amendment rights," Spiegel said.

Desperate FakeNews Media in Overdrive.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the saying goes.  As the presidential election nears, Democrats, the media, and NeverTrumpers realize that President Trump is still popular, incredibly at 40 percent approval among likely black voters according to Rasmussen.  Their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, belongs in a memory-care center rather than the White House, as this video from Joe's recent appearance on The View demonstrates.  One only needs to look at the faces of the harpies on the show as Joe struggles to utter a coherent sentence.  The Senate has finally awoken to its oversight responsibility and is beginning to hold hearings over the ObamaGate sedition conspiracy, which the media is dutifully refusing to cover as they are too busy chasing and fact-checking Trump's latest tweets.  Several media stories, presented as gospel, are now crumbling as fast as the Russian collusion fable which we heard about non-stop for four years from the DNC cable news networks.

If You Search 'Racist' On Twitter, President Donald Trump's Account Is The First To Appear.  If you open up Twitter, search the word "racist," and then select the "people" tab, President Donald Trump's Twitter account tops the list.  Users began noticing the issue on Friday [6/5/2020].  As of this writing, the search results remain the same.

Kayleigh McEnany shreds Jim Acosta after he criticizes police.  White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany suggested CNN's Jim Acosta should respect police officers rather than concoct stories about them since they are "protecting you as you come into this building each and every day."  The tense exchange began with Acosta falsely accusing the President of having "gassed and pummeled protesters" as he engaged in a walk Monday to St.  John's Episcopal Church. [...] Acosta has been brutally beaten by McEnany on multiple occasions as he does his best to preen for his left-leaning audience at CNN.  Things never work out in his favor.

McEnany pounds Acosta with facts on what really went down at Lafayette Square, he still can't comprehend.  White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany fact-checked CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta this Wednesday after he spewed a blatant lie at her.  The lie was the fallacious and already debunked claim that the Trump administration had "gassed and pummeled protesters" prior to President Donald Trump's "powerful" walk to St.  John's Church earlier this week.  To make matters worse, he spewed the lie while referencing deceased civil rights hero and legend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Politico Reporter Questions Trump's Relationship with God:  Why Didn't He Read from His 'Prop' Bible?  Gabby Orr, White House reporter for Politico, issued a string of demonstratively ill-toned questions following President Trump's visit to St. John's Episcopal Church, asking why he did not pray or read specific verses from his "prop" Bible.  Orr made her remarks in response to a tweet from Trump campaign Coalitions Director Hannah Castillo, who praised Trump for boldly walking through Lafayette Square to visit St. John's Church, which was set on fire the night prior.  The president stoically held up a Bible upon arrival — an action that drew both outrage and criticism from progressives, celebrities, and media personalities.

The Editor says...
If President Trump had read from the Bible, the news media would have denounced it as an establishment of religion.  I don't recall anyone in the press questioning Barack H. Obama's relationship with God — or even his relationship with Allah.

Media Falsely Claimed Violent Riots Were Peaceful And That Tear Gas Was Used Against Rioters.  Following days of violent riots and looting in cities across the country, Washington, D.C., announced a 7 p.m. curfew on Monday night.  About the same time, President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the Rose Garden.  Afterward, he walked through Lafayette Park to St. John's Episcopal Church, which rioters had set on fire the night before.  Standing before the church sign, which reads "All are welcome," President Trump, who previously said he'd be paying his respects to a very special place, held up a Bible.  The speech announcing the country would return to rule of law and protection of civil liberties, the walk through a park that the night before had been given over to rioters, and the visit to the vandalized historic church where every president has worshiped since James Madison, were reassuring to many in the country.  For the media, however, these actions were further proof that Orange Man Bad is literally the worst, restoring rule of law is criminal, and standing in front of a church holding a Bible is an assault on the American conscience.

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots.  [Scroll down]  Every once in a while, you get a pundit who's so bad at lying, so unconvincing in his role as a serious newsman, the mask slips.  Often, that pundit is CNN's Don Lemon, a not-very-bright man with a penchant for letting his mask slip — like when he lost it on-air laughing at a stupid joke about how Trump supporters are ignorant rubes.  On Sunday [5/31/2020], as American cities were burning and looters were rampaging through the streets, Lemon implored America, "Open your eyes.  We are teetering on a dictatorship."  He didn't mean a dictatorship of the mob, which would have actually made sense given the facts.  No, for Lemon and his CNN colleagues the real threat is Trump, who had the audacity to declare that if mayors and governors couldn't get their cities under control, he would.

The lying about Donald Trump is now completely out of control.  Anti-trump liberals (i.e., Democrats and the media) just have to find something — anything — wrong with the president, even if it means making it up.  The perpetually not-President Hillary Clinton on Monday shared a side-by-side photo of the White House, one lit up in a rainbow spectrum from 2015, when Barack Obama was in office, and the other appearing almost in pitch black with no lighting.  "Elections matter," tweeted Clinton. [...] Yet it turns out the photo passed off as a metaphor for Trump's apathy toward police brutality and racism was actually, like the rainbow White House, from the Obama years.  So pervasive was that meme on social media that the Associated Press was moved to fact check and let liberals know that, sorry, the slam dunk on Trump was actually an embarrassing rebound.

Imagining covid-19 under a normal press.  [The New York] Times embraced abnormalcy in August 2016 when it demanded journalists abandon objectivity when covering Donald John Trump.  The Times demanded that journalists treat every statement by him as a lie that he must somehow prove.  The Times also demanded that journalists no longer seek his side of the story when reporting the news. [...] The Pandemic Panic is on the press, not the president.  The press has politicized the covid-19 response.  A normal press would have been careful and balanced in its reporting.  This press is loony.  At one press briefing four different reporters in four different ways asked the president if calling the Chinese Virus the Chinese Virus was racist.

There Is No Journalistic Defense For Not Answering Kayleigh McEnany's Questions.  New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany isn't letting so-called journalists get away with inane questions in the briefing room at the expense of real news, and the media don't like it.  This was on full display over the weekend during the latest media-Trump administration go-around, when McEnany sparred with reporters over the Obama administration's malfeasance with regard to former national security adviser Michael Flynn.  After a contentious exchange about President Donald Trump's call for governors to allow churches to reopen, one reporter asked McEnany whether Trump has considered pardoning former President Barack Obama for illegal wiretapping, spying, and other potential crimes.  McEnany said she had spoken to the president about the Flynn matter but not that particular question.  Then things got interesting.

They've earned someone like Kayleigh.  In the age of instant news, do we even need a daily White House press briefing? [...] It's obvious to me that many in this press corps are political activists, such as Jim Acosta of CNN.  They are confrontational to make news rather than to obtain information for readers and viewers.  They are like the umpire who makes controversial calls just to lead the sports report.  Do you understand now why President Trump is just giving them a taste of their own medicine?  He's tired of political activists with press passes.

In praise of Kayleigh McEnany.  Is Kayleigh McEnany the best Press Secretary in history?  I think she may be.  True, it's early days.  She was elevated to the position only in April and presided over her first briefing just a few weeks ago on May 1. But so far her tenure has been glorious.  Despite having attended both Georgetown and Harvard, where she took a law degree, she remains quick-witted, forthright and occupies a cant-free zone that suffuses the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room with a spirit of patriotic candor that is as welcome as it is rare in the self-involved purlieus of the so-called mainstream media.

Twitter Adds Labels to Trump's Tweets for First Time.  Twitter added information to refute the inaccuracies in President Trump's tweets for the first time on Tuesday, after years of pressure over its inaction on his false and threatening posts.  The social media company added links late Tuesday to two of Mr. Trump's tweets in which he had posted about mail-in ballots and falsely claimed that they would cause the November presidential election to be "rigged."  The links — which were in blue lettering at the bottom of the posts and punctuated by an exclamation mark — urged people to "get the facts" about voting by mail.  Clicking on the links led to a CNN story that said Mr. Trump's claims were unsubstantiated and to a list of bullet points that Twitter had compiled rebutting the inaccuracies.

Trump says 'big action to follow' after Twitter puts fact-check label on his tweets.  President Trump indicated he would take action against Twitter after it affixed fact-check labels on his tweets.  "Twitter has now shown that everything we have been saying about them (and their other compatriots) is correct.  Big action to follow!" he tweeted Wednesday [5/27/2020].  Hours earlier, Trump threatened to regulate or shut down social media companies because conservatives felt their voices were being censored by the platforms.  Twitter placed the label on the president's tweets for the first time Tuesday when he tweeted about mail-in voting in California.  The warning linked to a page with tweets and articles discussing the issue.

Trump wins the lockdown wars.  President Trump has won the lockdown wars as coronavirus-related restrictions on businesses are eased across the country, so far with few signs of dire health consequences for the population.  Just weeks ago, the question was whether to reopen, with the first states to press ahead accused of engaging in human sacrifice and killing their residents to appease the "Trump death cult."  New York Times columnist Paul Krugman asked, "How many will die for the Dow?" as recently as Thursday [5/21/2020].  Now, the debate is primarily over how quickly and to what extent reopening should take place, with the stragglers mainly blue states.

Sorry, media:  You're not victims no matter how much 'abuse' you take.  President John Adams signed a law making it a crime to criticize the government; 20 newspaper editors were imprisoned.  Andrew Jackson not only had his own paper, edited by a member of his cabinet, but it got government subsidies.  Kayleigh McEnany hurting your feelings is not a constitutional crisis.  You buy ink by the barrel, fill the airwaves 24 hours a day and get millions of clicks on your websites.  Victims?  Get over yourselves.

Trump is right about the huge potential for ballot fraud in Michigan's election.  To hear the mainstream media tell it, President Trump is somehow paranoid at Michigan's latest gambit to mail absentee voting applications to all registered voters in the state.  Here's the selectively distorted reporting from the Detroit News: [...] They ran it with a photograph of Trump with a photoshopped color manipulation that exaggerated the color of his skin as well as his blue tie to colors not consistent with the lighting in the room. [...] Notice in the story how the reporter takes pains to state that these mail-in ballot applications will go to 'qualified' voters, as if Trump were somehow against that.  Fact:  They will go to any name on the voter rolls, and the problem Trump is bringing up is that the voter roll list is absolutely filthy, loaded with names of people who have moved away, leaving golden opportunities for Democrats to stop over at those mailboxes and pick up the unopened mail.  The report correctly notes that Trump said 'ballots' rather than 'ballot applications,' but that too is red herring.  Where exactly does the writer think ballots come from other than ballot applications?

Of Course COVID-19 Deaths Aren't a 'Trump Death Toll'.  Does anyone seriously think that if Donald Trump were not president, the coronavirus pandemic would have never hit America?  The super PAC Democratic Coalition — which supports presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden — apparently does, because it has launched a series of ads describing deaths from the coronavirus as the "Trump Death Toll."

CNN Becomes Unhinged Because Trump Decided to Golf... Without a Mask.  CNN has made a name for themselves as one of the most anti-Trump networks out there.  After all, they heavily pushed "Russia!  Russia!  Russia!" When Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no collusion took place between the Trump campaign and Russia, CNN focused their coverage on Ukraine and a supposed quid pro quo.  Then it was impeachment.  Anything that is anti-Trump can be found on CNN.  So it's no surprise that one of their photographers captured pictures of President Trump golfing *GASP* without a mask on Saturday.  Not only was he golfing with a few other people but he was riding in his own golf cart.

Susan Rice Makes New Claim; Media Rolls Over.  Unsurprisingly, the media are all too happy to take Rice at her word regarding new information about her role in the controversial prosecution of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.  It was all a reminder, as if any was needed, that you can tell all the tall tales you want and make the most implausible assertions, and the media won't care so long as they are at Donald Trump's expense.

Keeping America Skeered.  When President Trump announced that he was taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to protect himself against contracting COVID-19, the Democrats and their mainstream media propaganda machine reacted with disbelief, horror, panic, and outrage. [...] Why are these people so upset?  After condemning Trump as a traitor in the employ of the Russians, smearing him every hour of every day for the last three-plus years, praying to Gaia that he would fall into Special Counsel Robert Mueller's carefully laid perjury trap, impeaching him, and continuing to demand his removal from office and the imprisonment of his staff and supporters, I would have thought that they would be delighted at the idea of Trump poisoning himself with a dangerous, unproven drug.  I mean, wouldn't it solve all their problems if Trump did them the favor of going the way of that poor guy whose wife fed him chloroquine-based fish tank cleaner?

'View' Gives Schumer Nearly Half the Show to Attack Trump, GOP on Coronavirus, Election.  The hosts of ABC's The View gave Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer free rein on their Thursday [5/21/2020] show to spin for Democrats on coronavirus relief, Obamagate and the 2020 presidential election.  Schumer was on for nearly half the show, excluding commercials and was only given two semi-challenging questions, both from co-host Meghan McCain.  You could tell this was going to be a cakewalk for Schumer just by how Whoopi introduced him:  "Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is fighting battles on a lot of different fronts right now in this crazy crisis, and he's giving us an update on what the Senate and the White House need to do next.  Please welcome our friend, Senator Chuck Schumer," she stated.

Trump Is Winning His Standoff With The Press.  Even more unrelenting than the daily death counts and we-are-all-doomed coverage of the coronavirus has been the media's increasingly hostile — if you can believe that — coverage of Trump during this once-in-a-lifetime crisis.  No matter what he does, the press attacks him for it.  Case in point is CBS News' Paula Reid.

The American Media Has Betrayed America.  For over three years, and only with the occasional exception of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, the entire American media establishment, online and offline, has been complicit in spreading lies; despicable, anti-American lies.  They spread the Russian collusion hoax for nearly three years, shamelessly exaggerating every smug utterance from the loathsome House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA). Again and again, they predicted that this time, Trump's presidency was done for, and when Trump finally was exonerated, they just moved on to the next hoax.  The catalog of malpractice committed by these malicious partisan hacks who call themselves journalists in America is too vast to summarize.  The terrifying "white nationalists" who, they insist, are a serious threat to the Republic and of whom we must live in perpetual fear.  The baseless smears of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  The Ukraine impeachment.  The perennial "climate crisis," which can always fill in whenever there isn't some more useful phony story to spread.  And all of it, every single bit of it, was calculated to take down President Trump and stigmatize anyone and everyone who ever supported him or even just defended some of his actions.

Kayleigh McEnany slams media's 'apoplectic' reaction to Trump taking hydroxychloroquin.  White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany made an appearance Tuesday on "Fox & Friends" and slammed the media for its "apoplectic" reporting on President Donald Trump announcing he is taking hydroxychloroquine to ward off COVID-19.  The president told reporters Monday that he has been taking the anti-malaria drug for about a week and a half, and the media world imploded — even on Fox News, as host Neil Cavuto did his best Shepard Smith impersonation, warning everyone that they're going to die.  McEnany was asked why Trump decided to talk about taking hydroxychloroquine.

Media in Panic Mode over Latest Presidential Polls.  CNN, in their dogged and unending quest to overturn the 2016 presidential election and drive President Trump from office, is in full-on campaign mode.  Just as in the last presidential election cycle, opinion polls are a campaign staple of the media and the Democrat party.  Polls are not being used as they should, to reflect public opinion, but instead to shape opinion, a form of political propaganda.

Joe Scarborough:  Trump is not taking hydroxychloroquine.  MSNBC's Joe Scarborough speculated that President Trump is lying about taking hydroxychloroquine to help prevent contracting the coronavirus.  The president has repeatedly touted the anti-malarial medication, which has not shown substantial evidence of preventing or treating COVID-19.  However, some of the medical experts assisting in the White House's response have demurred on his praise of the drug, considering the lack of clear proof that it can help coronavirus patients.  Trump announced on Monday [5/18/2020] he's been taking the medication for a couple of weeks, and the White House physician later said they decided the "potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks."  The next morning, the host and namesake of Morning Joe accused the president of lying about taking the drug.

S.E. Cupp Gets Upstaged by Actual Pharmacists After Trying a Dunk on Trump for Taking Hydroxychloroquine.  Predictably, the mainstream media went absolutely bonkers after President Trump told reporters Monday that he had been taking hydroxychloroquine as a Wuhan coronavirus preventative after consulting with the White House doctor.  "After numerous discussions he and I had about regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks."  Dr. Sean Conley, Trump's physician, said in a statement Monday night [5/18/2020].  Trump has been touting the drug for the last two months as a potential treatment for the virus, much to the dismay of our pearl-clutching mainstream media.

Nets Have a Meltdown After Trump Says He Takes Hydroxychloroquine.  Even though the FDA says the use of Hydroxychloroquine was up to a patient and their doctor, Monday's evening newscasts saw ABC, CBS, and NBC clutch their pearls after President Trump admitted he's been taking the anti-Malaria drug for several days to prevent catching coronavirus.  Acting as though he was self-medicating and not telling viewers that the drug needed a prescription to obtain it, which meant his doctor approved it, these liberal networks decried the medial precaution.  ABC's World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News kicked off their newscasts with the headline stealing development.  "But, of course, the headline that immediately took over all the others, when late today, the President said he's been taking hydroxychloroquine for more than a week," announced ABC anchor David Muir.  He added:  "But, of course, it led to immediate questions about why he's taking it, with the FDA warning that no one should be taking the drug for coronavirus outside a hospital or clinical trial."  Reporting on how the President said he had spoken with the White House physician before he started taking the drug, ABC chief White House correspondent Jon Karl didn't mention that it needed a prescription [...]

WaPo's new mantra is Just Don't Report.  As the walls close in on Obama's use of the FBI to spy on political opponents, the Washington Post has a simple solution for a press that aided and abetted him:  If something looks bad "just don't report that it does."  The full quote by columnist Greg Sargent is, "There is a legitimately difficult editorial challenge in figuring out how to scrutinize a mostly conventional politician who is running against a bottomlessly corrupt and dishonest opponent like Trump, as Brian Beutler has noted, without placing a similarly sized question mark over both of them.  "There's just no doubt that this happened in 2016, as has been widely documented.  "This is plainly on its way to happening again.  But it doesn't have to.  One way to avoid this:  If something doesn't actually 'boost' or 'lend fodder' to a big claim that Trump is making, just don't report that it does.  "It's simple, but it's a start."  Just don't report.

A Handy Guide To Writing The NeverTrump Column.  With so many people stuck at home these days, many are contemplating dipping their toes into the world of professional writing.  While it's true that many journalists have been losing their jobs or taking pay cuts, especially in the time of virus, some niche areas are still booming.  Provided you have the correct prerequisites, writing the NeverTrump column could be a quick and easy way to write essays for fun and profit.  Aside from the fact that important daily newspapers and blogs around the country run the NeverTrump column every day, making it a target rich environment, it has another advantage.  You only have to write it once.  After that you just move a few words around, replace Russia with Ukraine, emoluments for tax fraud, whatever really.  You could probably even set up a template and a thesaurus algorithm and make the whole enterprise as quick as pushing one button.  For those of you who think you are ready to jump into this exciting world, who think they posses that special mixture of smugness, selective fact use, outrage, and profound conceit, here's a quick how-to guide to get you started.

A word about Republican loyalty.  Good people who love our country are frustrated with Trump for not publicly pushing back against Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.  Folks, I know Trump is doing his best to reopen America despite tremendous pressure against reopening by Democrats and fake news media propagandists. [...] It is wise to restrain from publicly criticizing Trump because Democrats and fake news media arrogantly and blatantly lie about everything.  They will spin the slightest crumb of criticism to claim Trump supporters are abandoning him in droves; finally facing the truth that Trump is racist, crazy, dangerous and must be removed. [...] Fake news media protects Democrats, falsely portraying them as paragons of compassion and our intellectual superiors.  Every move Obama made was reported as brilliant.  Everything Trump says and does is reported as stupid, racist, cruel, and impeachable.

Lockdown Logic.  [Scroll down]  Because the media hate President Trump, he must be blamed for the coronavirus.  Since March, the Trump-hating media have been telling us that the president has caused this pandemic because Republicans are anti-science, whereas Cuomo and other Democrats are pro-science.  Therefore, anyone who criticizes or opposes Trump's policies is automatically anointed as an advocate of "science," whereas anyone who supports or agrees with Trump's policies is a Dumb Republican.  Because the president and his supporters are generally in favor of returning to normal life sooner rather than later, therefore Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are convinced that "science" requires many more months of government-mandated lockdowns.  Because their logic is entirely a function of partisan politics — "Orange Man Bad!" — these self-appointed apostles of "science" cannot be bothered to notice the distance between reality and their own beliefs.  The Cult of Eternal Lockdown is always willing to seize on anything that looks like "evidence" of their own superior knowledge, while ignoring every fact that might contradict their worldview.

'Obamagate' Isn't A Conspiracy Theory, It's The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time.  A string of recently released documents have confirmed that the entire Russia-Trump investigation, which eventually entrapped Flynn and forced then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, was an unprecedented abuse of power that amounted to organized effort by the Obama administration to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election.  It was in effect an attempted coup.  If you haven't picked that up from the news media, it's not your fault.  Instead of grappling with the implications of newly released details about what Obama officials were doing to undermine the incoming Trump administration during the transition, the mainstream media have fixated on Trump's use of the term "Obamagate," dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.

Jiang with or without a mask
CBS reporter got the response her 'question' deserved.  The mainstream media's latest heroine/victim is CBS reporter Weijia Jiang who got into a tussle with President Trump at his May 11 coronavirus briefing.  Jiang, of Chinese descent, asked Trump an argumentative question, got an argumentative response, and assumed that the response was personal based upon her race, rather than what she said.  The case is a microcosm of what's wrong with the media, both in terms of pure bias, basic competence, and professionalism.

The Editor says...
What is the point of wearing a mask at the White House, if it's okay to pull the mask off long enough to yell at the President?  The fixation on masks is a sham and a farce.

CNN's Brian Stelter Melts Down Over Conservative Media Exposing Russiagate Conspiracies.  Call it a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome, CNN's Brian Stelter suffered an on-air meltdown Sunday [5/10/2020] over conservative media paying any attention to arguably the largest spy scandal in American history instead of breathlessly covering ongoing public health pandemic, which, center-right outlets are still doing.

The Editor says...
I think this exposes the real purpose of the coronavirus hysteria:  The media-induced virus panic is deflecting attention away from the Obama spying scandal, just as it comes to light in the middle of an election year.

Trump abruptly ends news conference after fiery exchanges with CBS, CNN reporters.  President Trump abruptly ended his Rose Garden news conference on Monday after a round of exchanges with CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang and CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins.

The Editor says...
A reporter played the race card and the victim card at the same time.  Refusing to play that game, President Trump walked away.

Reporter Asks Trump Asinine Question:  Is Chinese Food Racist?  It Goes Downhill From There.  The media establishment has become an absolute clown show, with CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang cast as the ringleader during Monday's press briefing circus.  Instead of asking President Donald Trump any relevant question as a means to better inform Americans amid the pandemic, Jiang opted for grandstanding with a question about as frivolous as the infamous "Is Chinese food racist?"

Gowdy Identifies Reporters Who Allegedly Peddled Misleading Adam Schiff Leaks.  Former Rep. Trey Gowdy accused reporters from CNN, Politico and The New York Times on Sunday of helping House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff "peddle" the now-debunked conspiracy theory of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.  Gowdy was asked in an interview on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" to identify reporters he believed took leaks from Schiff for stories related to the Intelligence panel's Russia investigation.

It Never Ends:  Now MSNBC Suggests Vladimir Putin Was Behind DOJ Dropping Case Against Michael Flynn.  The media over the past few years has reported a false narrative that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia during his 2016 campaign to steal the election.  That narrative was proven false after a lengthy special counsel investigation found no evidence of such collusion.  Media outlets and their Democrat supporters refused to acknowledge that they got the story wrong or that they were biased in their reporting.  They are continuing that behavior now that the Department of Justice dropped its charges against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. [...] But even though Flynn appears to have been vindicated and the victim of FBI entrapment, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell had a different take:  That Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the DOJ's charges being dropped.

Drudge Report Becomes Sludge Report.  Matt Drudge's media links compilation has been one of the sites I've checked every morning for the last decade.  The Drudge Report always had links to sites with stories I would not see on my trusted sites.  I say "had" because I am weaning myself from it due to the dramatic shift in bias I've observed, especially in the most recent months.  The Drudge Report has become part of the leftist media cabal slanting coverage to defeat President Trump.  There were dramatic revelations in the plot to get Trump this week — virtually ignored by The Drudge Report.

Kayleigh McEnany Pivots From Briefing Question To Full-On Attack On CNN.  White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany pivoted Friday from a question from PBS Newshour's Yamiche Alcindor to an attack on CNN.  McEnany began the briefing by outlining the Justice Department's decision to drop the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, but Alcindor's question focused on the press secretary's comments about Trump from five years earlier.  [Video clip]

Could Media Please Stop Publishing The Exact Same NeverTrump Column Over And Over Again?  Media outlets treat conservative Americans as second-class citizens whose arguments don't need to be listened to or engaged with.  Instead, they take the vanishingly small number of column inches or pundit panel seats they have and give the "conservative" slots to people who repeatedly disparage conservative elected officials, their voters, and their policies.  In some cases, the supposed "conservatives" have long ago renounced their conservatism.  The Washington Post's Max Boot, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin, and Twitter's Bill Kristol receive a great deal of mockery for their boring obsession with Orange Man Bad, an obsession that has led them to renounce every one of the policy positions they once held.  Even as their positions change in response to whatever Trump has said, NeverTrump is known for writing the same column over and over again.

Jesse Watters Imagines What The Media Would Sound Like If Obama Were President During Pandemic.  The media has been unable to put their hatred of Trump aside, even during a national crisis.  For the past several weeks, whenever Trump held a presser, journalists constantly tried to play gotcha with Trump.  They really seem to think that is their job.  It's a massive departure from the way these same people covered the Obama administration.  This week on The Five of FOX News, Jesse Watters tried to imagine what the media would sound like right now if Obama was still president.  [Video clip]

Donald Trump Defends Tone: 'Hostile Press' Treats Me 'Worse than Lincoln'.  President Donald Trump on Sunday [5/3/2020] defended his hostile tone with the press during a Fox News town hall at the Lincoln Memorial. [...] "I am greeted with a hostile press, the likes of which no president has ever seen," Trump said.  Pointing to the statue of Abraham Lincoln, Trump recalled that he also got terrible press.  "They always said Lincoln — nobody got treated worse than Lincoln.  I believe I am treated worse," Trump said.  Trump said he has to fight with the press or they will destroy him.

Flynn documents are the 'smoking gun' on Comey's FBI.  Had the Department of Justice (DOJ) released the newly disclosed documents related to Gen. Michael Flynn three years ago, instead of fired FBI director James Comey improperly leaking his "memos" on President Trump, there definitely would have been a special counsel — only it would have been investigating the FBI for gross abuse of power, not the Trump administration.  The new documents are in effect the "smoking gun" proving that a cabal at the FBI acted above the law and with extreme political bias, targeting people for prosecution rather than investigating crimes.  DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found 17 violations of policy and procedure in the initiation of the investigation of President Trump's campaign.  Special counsel Robert Mueller's report found no evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion.  And yet, much of the media coverage of all this has been so riddled with bias that, in a recent poll, 53 percent still believe Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election.

Disinfecting the Left-Wing Media.  As well as President Trump has done in those daily press briefings discussing the federal government's fight against the Wuhan ChiCom virus, it might be time to put those to bed.  The reason?  He's beaten the Democrat activists in the White House press corps to a pulp, he's destroyed their credibility, and he's captured as much of the confidence of the American people as he can in those press conferences.  And at this point the Dem activists are simply going to report what they want to report, the facts and reality [notwithstanding].  Trump has noticed that, skipping the briefing on Saturday and expressing frustration with the media's refusal to offer anything like responsible journalism on the virus.

Remember the Hong Kong flu?  An I'm-so-cute-and-clever reporter recently asked the president if he deserves to be re-elected, given the number of deaths from the coronavirus, noting that the number is greater than American fatalities from the Vietnam war. [...] Times have changed since 1968.  Big tech overlords are wielding incredible power, the hostile media are pure propaganda, the left will stop at nothing as it adheres to the edict by "any means necessary."  These past couple of months, leftists have proven that they're rather fond of totalitarian rule.

Reporter Compared Coronavirus Deaths To Vietnam To Rip Trump.  But During Vietnam, Another Virus Killed More Americans Than The War.  On Monday, a reporter from New York Magazine asked President Trump whether he deserved to be reelected, since more Americans had died from the coronavirus than died in the war in Vietnam.  She may have been unaware that at the height of the Vietnam war, there was something that killed more Americans than the war did, and it was a similar virus — and no one questioned whether a president should be elected or not because of the virus, known as the Hong Kong Flu.  In 1968-69, the Hong Kong flu ravaged the world; it wound up killing more than one million people worldwide, over 100,000 of them in the United States.  No lockdowns were imposed and people still went to work, albeit lessening bus travel and implementing social distancing and more washing of their hands.

Questions Reporters Might Ask Liberals.  [#1] What is the number of Americans who would have died from the Wuhan Flu under President Biden?  That seems like a pretty basic question that no one ever asks these bozos.  You have to have a scale to measure these things by.  Where is the cut-off between a good outcome and a bad one in terms of mortality?  Is it 10,000?  20,000?  What's the number?  All we know is that one death is acceptable.  If it weren't, the Dems would have cast off Floatin' Ted Kennedy the minute he showed up with a neck brace and a martini.  [#2] If Trump is the cause of all the deaths in America, what is the cause of all the deaths in Europe and Asia?  It seems fair for the accusers to explain what different factors caused the carnage overseas, where Trump was not president.  That is, unless all the Chinese coronavirus deaths are Trump's fault.  And don't be surprised if some of our ChiCom chump media goes there.

Disgraceful! Hack Reporter Asks President Trump if the Man Who Lost 50,000 American Lives Should be Re-elected?  Despite their dismal ratings the liberal mainstream media continues to spiral out of control.  On Monday [4/27/2020] during his daily coronavirus press conference his final question was from a liberal hack who asked him if the man who lost 50,000 Americans should be re-elected.  What a disgrace.  The reporter is Olivia Nuzzi from New York Magazine.

About Those Press Conferences.  [Scroll down]  Anyone who watches the entire press conference sees the context, and why the president is legitimately upset with the constant "gotcha" attempts while the nation has more serious concerns.  But few in the nation do watch all of them. [...] Trump's retorts are cut and pasted into network news sound bites designed to make him sound petty at a time of national uncertainty and indeed panic.  Good news:  The virus seems to be more widespread but less lethal, and here earlier, than once imagined, while its infectiousness is nearing its peak if not descending in many places.  But this good news is lost amid the media stridency.  Instead, the public gets 20-second distortions in the evening news that Trump wants us to drink Lysol.  Second, the coronavirus is not just a medical challenge, at least not anymore.  How Americans will fare also hinges on the economy, our national security, and the viability of the Constitution.

The Media Versus Trump.  The underlying fact in Trump-media relations has not changed:  He detests most of them, and most of them detest him.  Again, they are all within their rights to have these opinions, but this stand-off implies an inaccurate balance of propriety. [...] It would have been inconceivable, prior to 2017, that any president of the United States would have been peppered with insolent and provoking "questions," or interrupted so rudely, or debated with so aggressively, by the White House journalists, as this president has through many of these coronavirus briefings.

The left's 'listen to the science' mantra is growing old.  Trump listened and that's the problem.  Our Democrat politicians and the members of the media who show up at those briefings uninformed, aiming only to entrap the President, haven't missed a paycheck or lost a dime.  The millions of small businesses that have been shut down, many of them permanently, do not seem to enter their minds.  They have embraced this virus as though they've won the lottery; it's another crisis they mean to exploit in every way possible.  Their essential talking point?  Blame Trump and claim he is ignoring science.  That they think they are convincing anyone with half a brain would be amusing if it were not so deadly serious.  Oh, they are convincing the uninformed, the headline readers, but our media is well and deservedly loathed by all thinking persons for good reasons.

Study: Washington Post Bashes Trump Virus Response with 25-to-1 Negative Headlines.  As the leading newspaper in the nation's capital, the editors of The Washington Post know much of their influence comes from their ability to set an agenda for the many powerful political and media people who read it on a daily basis.  And the first thing those powerful readers see every morning are the big headlines on The Post's front page, framing the news the way The Post's editors want them to see it.  In the 100 days since the coronavirus epidemic began to receive significant news coverage, The Post has used its front page to undermine the administration's response to the unprecedented crisis, with dozens of headlines flagrantly editorializing against the President and nearly everyone on his team.

Levin bashes media for fixating on Trump's disinfectant comment while ignoring Biden's 'obvious dementia'.  Conservative radio host Mark Levin took aim at the mainstream media Friday, calling them out for their perceived treatment of President Trump compared to the way reporters generally treat former Vice President Joe Biden.

ABC Hypes Trump's 2020 Chances Getting 'Decimated by This Coronavirus'.  While they are rightly spending a lot of time covering the coronavirus crisis, the media were still political entities.  ABC proved that fact during Sunday's This Week when three of their journalists (chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, chief White House correspondent Jon Karl, and senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce) hyped how President Trump's campaign messaging took a massive hit and his poll numbers were sinking.  One even floated the idea that the Senate majority could be in play.  Stephanopoulos led the trio in their hopeful 2020 banter.

Virus Strikes Media Dumb.  There's a lot of important news this week which is getting insufficient coverage. [...] Instead, we are back to story number one:  How to refashion news on the Wuhan virus to attack the President.  As been the case from the beginning, the press is using every foul means to demean him and make this the Trump Virus, ignoring his measured approach and successes.  This week they glommed onto his remarks in a presser that revealed the contagion curve is flattening and diminishing to suggest that Trump had called for something as possible remediation — bleach injection — that he had not.  In some cases, they flat-out lied about what he said.  In others they edited the presser video to achieve the same distortion.  Regular readers of this site know a great deal about press information manipulation and lies.  I write this in the hope that you will share it with those others who still don't get it.

After 50+ Coronavirus Press Conferences Trump Asks:  Why Have Daily Press Conferences for 'Lamestream' Media?  President Donald Trump did not hold a daily press conference Saturday, expressing his frustration with the process.  The White House has held at least 50 press conferences with the Coronavirus Task Force in the past two months, according to the White House Youtube channel.  "What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately," Trump wrote on Twitter.  The daily press briefings have been a fixture of the Trump White House for the last few weeks during the coronavirus pandemic, even during the weekends.

Who Would Be Your First Pick if Americans Could Vote Reporters Off the White House Briefing Island?  I have watched nearly every Corona Task Force presser.  I took a day off after the Lysol ridiculousness to lower my blood pressure.  However, I find the briefings to be very informative.  The president gives an overview and then introduces members of the Task Force to update on specific items.  The media hates these forums, because they can't control the information that is available to the public.  This is a great reason to keep airing them.  The most tedious portion of the pressers are the questions from the members of the White House Press Corps.  They are political reporters trying to ingest health, science and business information.  Either their employers do not pay for internet access, or they are deliberately obtuse.

Media Blamed Trump For Man Dying From Fish Tank Cleaner.  The Plot Thickens.  Remember when an older Arizona man and his wife ingested fish tank cleaner in late March, triggering the man's death?  Remember when prominent critics such as Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan, among others, blamed President Trump for the man's death?  Now there's more information that makes the story of the man's death far more mysterious than previously imagined.  As The Washington Free Beacon reports in a lengthy piece describing 68-year-old Gary Lenius, the Arizona man who died on March 22 from the fish tank cleaner, Lenius appears to have been anything but some loony guy who would take such a step without considering the consequences.

'View' Admits Worse Economy Gets, More Biden Has to 'Benefit' at Election:  He'll 'Take Care of Us'.  The hosts of The View are doing their best to prop up Joe Biden's presidential campaign, even offering him free advice and future media appearances on their show.  After Joy Behar confidently claimed Biden could disappear and still win the election, she had a change of heart on Friday's show, saying that he needed more media air time to counteract Trump's "bloviating."  Each host fawned over the "sane" and "stable" Biden as their dream president.  At one point, Meghan McCain even admitted that more people losing their jobs to the coronavirus lockdown, could only help Biden's campaign.  Co-host Whoopi Goldberg began the show wondering if Biden needed to "excite" the base or stay out of the limelight.  Behar said she was done with Trump's "excitement" and she wanted someone who was "sane" and "stable" like Biden: [...]

Trump walks out on fake news reporters.  As opposed to other days when the president has been content to answer questions for an extended period, a clearly ticked off and exasperated President Trump took the press to task and abruptly left the daily White House virus briefing on Thursday [4/23/2020].  His ire was motivated by reporters piling on to ask passive aggressive biased questions.  The briefing started out calmly, as the president made an opening statement and then turned the podium over to Veep Mike Pence to continue the presser.

Fake News:  Trump Didn't Tell People to Inject Bleach or Lysol Into Their Veins to Fight Coronavirus.  On Thursday, liberals thought they finally had the smoking gun, the excuse to oust President Donald Trump as mentally unfit for office.  Some called him "President bleach," claiming he had suggested people should inject bleach or Lysol into their veins to fight the coronavirus. [...] Then the commentary.  "Trump unquestionably is unfit to serve as president.  He endangers every American.  Most directly, he endangers his supporters, many of whom either believe the virus is a hoax (prompting them to engage in dangerous behavior) or now that injecting/ingesting disinfectants is in order," tweeted MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner. [...] Trump wasn't telling people to drink or inject bleach — he was asking whether or not it would be possible to clean inside the body with a similar disinfectant.  He also insisted, "you're going to have to use medical doctors with" any such practice.  In other words, "don't try this at home, kids."

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace:  Coronavirus 'Silver Lining' Is Damage to Donald Trump.  It's no secret that MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace and just about everyone else on the payroll at MSNBC are not fans of President Donald Trump.  During Thursday's [4/23/2020] broadcast of MSNBC's "Deadline:  White House," Wallace put that sentiment on display by suggesting a positive result stemming from the coronavirus pandemic was that it would inflict harm to him politically.

Leftists' outcry over Trump's 'Lysol' talk makes them look like fools.  Over on Twitter, the left is having a field day.  Tide Pods?  What could be more exciting than to claim that President Trump endorses eating Tide Pods as a solution to the coronavirus pandemic?  Never mind that he didn't.

Media erupt over Trump comments on disinfectant and sunlight to cure coronavirus:  Here's what he said.  President Trump, in his White House coronavirus task force briefing Thursday, appeared to suggest that light and disinfectants might have the potential to treat the coronavirus — prompting a number of stories condemning the comments, others seeking to defend the president and a scathing tweet from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.  The comments even prompted a statement from Reckitt Benckiser Group, the makers of Lysol, warning against improper use of disinfectant products.

Chinese media sharing anti-Trump clips from Trevor Noah's Daily Show to slam US.  Chinese state media have been sharing anti-Trump clips from comedian Trevor Noah's The Daily Show with audiences eager to slam the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. [...] The New York Times described Noah as "loved" by Chinese viewers for his comments bashing the Trump administration's response to the pandemic.  One clip from The Daily Show, which Noah took over after comedian Jon Stewart left in 2015, was shared on the Chinese-owned tabloid Global Times and featured conservative pundits and President Trump downplaying the coronavirus at its onset.

Regarding China, Trump has been right every step of the way.  Since Wuhan virus became a "thing" in America, the media have abandoned any pretense that they are honest news brokers.  At CNN, they've made themselves into news.  During the press conferences, reporters don't ask Trump questions aimed at eliciting information for the American people.  Instead, they ask only questions they hope will harm him.  And because Trump triumphs, they want to censor the press conferences.  The media have therefore turned most of the current narrative into a battle between pro- and anti-Trump people on the question of whether Trump responded in a timely and appropriate fashion as news about the Wuhan virus unfolded.  Lost in all of this is the fact that Trump warned America a long time ago that China is a dangerous actor.

Press does the 'gotcha' dance over 'Trump-touted' NIH hydroxychloroquine non-recommendation, flunks basic reporting.  For the press, it's quite the "gotcha" dance.  The National Institutes of Health's refusal to recommend the use of the common anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine in combination with the antibiotic azithromycin for the treatment of COVID-19, was proof positive according to the "science" that President Trump was wrong about the use of the drug, as well as an incompetent who was touting quack medicine, given that he noted the treatment as promising in one of his tweets.  They've finally got something to pin on him.

The Cult That Rewrites History:  Part 1.  On Monday April 13th, at the daily presidential briefing held by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, took a most interesting turn.  During the first half hour of that briefing, Trump and his CCP Virus emergency response team took more than a month and a half of carefully constructed lies that Democrats and the DNC Media Complex have been using to relentlessly attack him, turned the tables, and utterly destroyed them.  The President did this by simply playing a video for the reporters present, and the entire country watching on television.  What this brief video clip did, is establish the correct timeline showing who was doing and saying what and when they were doing and saying those things.  Trump's masterful use of that video during the daily national emergency briefing absolutely destroyed the Democrats and Fake News Media's talking point that he ignored/didn't do anything in the early days of the pandemic.

1984 Comes to Life:  The Cult That Rewrites History — Part Two.  It's probable that every single reporter that reacted emotionally to the video President Trump played at the briefing came out of that Cultural Marxist academic system.  They have likely spent decades of their lives training their minds to enthusiastically love whatever Big Brother is giving to them to say today, and memory-holing the past.  That's why you notice them reacting so emotionally to the video presentation.  They can't hide it, and they are certainly not faking it.  It hit them right where they live.  Right in the center of their own self-image.  He took their power away from them.  Let me tell you something:  you wind these people on a very deep and personal level when you will not let them have their precious memory hole.  You injure them when you do not let them rewrite the history they are so desperate to rewrite.  And especially so, when it is imperative for their politics that the public either not know, or quickly forget something.  You are taking away their power and they know this.

Trump Unloads On Media During Coronavirus Briefing.  President Donald Trump took the fight directly to the media this week, playing a video of all of their poor coverage of the coronavirus outbreak and showing all of the steps the Trump administration has taken to try to mitigate the pandemic.  CNN accused the president of playing "propaganda," while CBS News' Paula Reid falsely claimed that the administration had a "gap" where they didn't take any action in February.

The Pharisaical Spirit.  It's not possible to say enough bad things about these people.  They were recruited by jackals of the first degree; "journalism" professors, famous television anchors, famous reporters, famous politicians, mostly from another generation. [...] You would think that during a national crisis they would be interested in serious questions that would inform the public.  But they're not, and we can see what they are doing.  They are doing the bidding of their Pharisaical teachers.  The ones that turned their disciples into twice the spawn of hell they were.  The liars.  The narrative builders.  They can't control themselves in their lust to blurt out to the journolist world-order their contempt for Trump.

A free nation cannot long survive if its press takes sides.  On March 16, the New York Times' Mara Gay posted a stunningly dishonest tweet about President Trump's conversation with state governors concerning medical equipment needed to treat coronavirus patients:  [Tweet]  Gay lied in saying Trump told governors they are on their own, thus misleading readers to think he refused to provide the governors with federal funds for critical medical equipment.  Below is what Trump actually said — the part in boldface is what Gay selectively quoted, everything else is what she maliciously omitted:  "We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves.  Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself." [...] What Gay did was journalistic malpractice at its most evil, a fake news political hatchet job against a president she hates in hopes of torpedoing his re-election.  Mara Gay is no rookie reporter who made an innocent mistake.  She's a member of the New York Times Editorial Board.  Her dissembling brand of destroy-Trump journalism has been practiced non-stop for nearly four years by virtually the entire mainstream media.

Mainstream media in America truly is an enemy of the people.  Listen to the questions asked by the talking heads on news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and the other leftist media outlets.  Over 90% of their news coverage of Donald Trump is negative, much of it arising from disingenuous, dishonest commentary and questions asked by MSM news hosts.  These media people are fanatical and rabid over their personal campaigns to find fault with "everything American", and to blame conservatives.  There is no shame among the biased reporters who accuse Trump of pushing Grandma under the bus and killing WWII vets, just to juice the Dow.  The media bristles at the term "fake news", but they bristle because they know it's accurate.  Deep down, some of these so-called journalists know it's true. [...] Ask yourself who you trust more to tell you the truth — the American political commentators or the Trump White House.

Media Prefer Hating Trump to Helping America.  The liberal media are urging Joe Biden to form a shadow government to upstage President Donald Trump's crisis response effort, which illustrates its consuming partisanship — and its insufficient attention to the health and welfare of the American people.  MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle floated the idea during an interview with former Barack Obama staffer Jim Messina.  Referring to Trump's COVID-19 daily press briefing, Ruhle asked, "Should Joe Biden be counterprogramming that?  Should he be creating his own shadow government, shadow Cabinet, shadow SWAT team, and getting up there at a podium every night, saying, 'Here's the crisis we're in.  Here's what we need to do to address this'?"  I'll concede that if Biden were to follow Ruhle's ludicrous suggestion, Trump would be the biggest beneficiary.  If some are still unaware of Biden's diminishing competence, they would certainly learn of it in counter-press briefings.

CCP Journo Who Lied to Trump Faces Up To $16,000 Fine.  The Chinese Communist Party-employed journalist who lied about where he was from during a press conference with President Trump could now face $16,000 in fines.  The National Pulse exposed Ching-Yi Chang on April 9th, after he told President Trump he was from Taiwan.  In truth, he works for Dragon Television, owned in turn by Shanghai Media Group, one of the largest state-owned media groups in China.  Now, according to Taiwan's Liberty Times, Ching-Yi could be facing punitive action from Taiwan.

Hey, NBC News, You Buried This Critical Detail in Your Article About Hydroxychloroquine.  Well, it looks like NBC News is at it again.  With no vaccine against the Wuhan coronavirus, there have been reports that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine has been effective in combating the symptoms of the virus.  It is not a cure and it has yet to get the seal of approval from the task force as something which is recommended as a treatment for those infected with COVID-19. It's a stopgap until we get a vaccine, giving us some breathing room regarding preventing future deaths.  It's a hopeful story that the anti-Trump opposition press is trying to squash.  They can't have hope.  That means Trump is doing something right.

Late-Night Groupthink Comedians Scramble to Attack Trump on WHO.  The biggest joke in former President Barack Obama's endorsement video for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was his warning about what Biden is facing.  "It won't be easy," he said.  "The other side has a massive war chest.  The other side has a propaganda network with little regard for the truth."  Obama has almost the entire news media eating out of his hand, and he still whines about Fox News, that irksome "propaganda network."  The left complains whenever it can't corner every media market and squelch any uprising of conservative dissent.  It's "propaganda" and "disinformation" when you disagree with the left's wonderfully compassionate worldview.  Then there are the comedians, who are even more urgently on the verge of complete groupthink.

Acosta: Trump 'Really Highlighting Some of His Authoritarian Impulses.  Wednesday on CNN's "Situation Room," network White House reporter Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump of "really highlighting some of his authoritarian impulses."  Acosta said Trump was doing so by claiming he can do "whatever" he wants with states regarding the pandemic coronavirus recovery.  Today at the coronavirus task force briefing, Trump said, "We have the right to do whatever we want," on reopening or closing down states.

The Editor says...
Where were Mr. Acosta's concerns about Barack H. Obama's "authoritarian impulses?"

Media Hope In COVID-19 They Finally Have The Event That Will Destroy Trump.  Unable to chase Trump from office through Russia, Russia, Russia; impeachment; and incessant whining about the Electoral College, the media are now riding the coronavirus panic.  If they could just convince the public the president is responsible for every COVID-19 death, that he acted too soon, and acted too slowly, that he's wielded too much power, and not enough, that he hasn't said enough, but now he's said too much, they could get their man elected in November.  It's almost as if the press was working from a list of Get Trump bullet points.  Showing a level of irresponsibility that borders on evil intent, the media have put in the overtime to poison malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.  Why?  Because Trump said it "could be a game-changer" and held "tremendous promise" in the treatment of the Wuhan virus.  But they can't allow him to be right, to have so obviously contributed to the solution.

Suppose Trump Had Acted Earlier Against the Wuhan Virus.  Petulant propagandists, disguised as journalists, have a new talking point. [...] Their new narrative is that Trump could have and should have acted sooner and if he had, all would be normal in the world.  This is the latest chapter in the book of Orange Man Bad, previous chapters including the Ukraine phone call, Russian collusion, Mueller, Stormy, Avenatti, Omarosa, and Manafort, just to name a few.  Say what you want about the Fake News media, but they are persistent and determined, even if they remain "an enemy of the people" as characterized by Trump.  Too bad their energies are always directed against Trump, rather than subjects given only a brief glance, such as Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's emails, the Steele/Brennan dossier, and real election interference.  The New York Times, briefly distracted by rewriting their tweets describing Joe Biden being credibly accused of sexual assault, took up the role of drum major in the media's Get Trump jihad.

Hydroxychloroquine: A New Low for the Liberal Media.  [Scroll down]  The liberal Democrat media could possibly be afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome so severely that they can no longer think straight.  Although conceivable, even the angriest CNN and MSNBC celebs or the ones with lowest SAT scores should sense, by instinct if nothing else, the non-viability of their jihad against hydroxychloroquine.  Even lower life-forms can tell when they are too far out on a limb, as the lib-Dem media are on hydroxychloroquine.  Even the media's reptilian-type collective brain can discern a threat to self-preservation.  What if the drug works?  What if it works as well as it appears to be working?  That outcome would leave the lib-Dem media humiliated, with the meager remnants of their credibility in shambles. [...] The media know full well that scaring people away from using an effective medical treatment can cause fatal consequences.  That, apparently, is their intention because they aggressively perpetrate cynical scare tactics nonetheless.  Perhaps they despise Trump so much that they relish the prospect of more American coronavirus fatalities, just to damage the President.

Trump Exposes Phony Journalists with Video Montage.  [Scroll down]  But he had to do that yesterday, folks.  And it was great because it was nothing but their words.  It was nothing but video clips of the media themselves lying and getting things wrong and purposely distorting things.  He just zapped 'em.  I mean, just exposed them to the world.  This is the kind of thing that needs to happen constantly.  The American people who aren't aware need to be made aware what the media is. [...] And while their job title category might be journalists, this is not what they are practicing.  What they are practicing is opposition.  Whatever Trump is for, they guaranteed to be against it.  Whatever Trump is against, they are guaranteed to be for it.  Why are they for or against anything?  They are media.  Their pretense is that they are objective and fair and all of that.  It isn't the case.

Brutal Trump-de-Force at the Coronavirus Hearing Leaves Media Screaming 'Pull the Plug!'  Donald Trump absolutely lit up his own Coronavirus Task Force press briefing with a more than six-minute, tour-de-force media takedown that had CNN and MSNBC sputtering and reaching for the plug.  Trump said hello and turned the media briefing over to the NIH's Dr. Anthony Fauci to clarify his words uttered on CNN on shutting down the country earlier to prevent more deaths.  Then, Trump took over and it was ON.  He listed the timeline of his response to the coronavirus and presented a video of incorrect statements by the press on COVID-19.

Media Will Sabotage America's Reopening; Here's How Trump Can Stop Them.  The go-forward strategy for America has to be that we get back to work and knock out COVID-19 by using nature's vaccine (herd immunity), but doing so ensures a 24x7 media meltdown during which President Trump will be blamed for literally every death that follows.  And say what you correctly will about the media being a joke and having lost all credibility:  If we reopen the nation and let the virus spreads like wildfire (because all indications are that it will), it will be very easy for the media to incite a national panic attack while blaming President Trump for the hundreds of negative stories they fabricate and manufacture.  It's a tough spot for the president and our nation to be in.  Of course it would be great if we had an intellectually honest and fair media that we could rely on during crises, but that's just not the America we live in today.

One Day After Arguing With President Trump, CBS Reporter Paula Reid Has to be Told Four Times to Leave Coronavirus Survivor Meeting.  CBS News reporter Paula Reid had to be told four times by a White House staffer to leave the room at the end of a meeting between President Trump, Vice President Pence and COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus survivors.  Reid's latest stunt comes a day after she argued like a petulant teenager with Trump at Monday's White House coronavirus task force meeting.  Reid was positioned directly across the conference table from Trump with the press pool and started to pepper him with questions after he ended the event by telling the press pool he would "see you in a little while" (at the daily briefing). A female staffer had to order Reid four times to leave, the last warning coming inches from Reid's face as the staffer had to physically intimidate Reid to get her to leave, like one does with a belligerent drunk at a party.  The staffer did so with her arms behind her back to ensure there was no contact.

As we rebuild from COVID-19, we cannot allow the Democrats, the liberal media or China to take us for a ride.  If you have followed American politics over the past four years, you likely picked up on the hatred Democrats harbor for President Donald Trump.  Perhaps the best example of this hatred is liberal darling Bill Maher's comments from 2018 when he said he was hoping for a crashing economy because it was the only way to defeat President Trump in 2020.  This perverse thinking perfectly exemplifies the mindset of the modern-day Democratic Party, and unfortunately, Americans are forced to witness this irrational hatred on a daily basis.  If President Trump says the sky is up, the Democrats will say it is down.  If he says north, the Democrats will say south.  This irrational hatred is a very dangerous game to play during the COVID-19 pandemic that has paralyzed our country and shattered our economy.  Now more than ever, Americans are relying on accurate information and instead of providing that, too many Democrats would rather grandstand on why President Trump is wrong — even when he is right.

CNN, MSNBC cut away from Trump briefing, called it "propaganda".  Both CNN and MSNBC cut away from live coverage of a White House press briefing on the coronavirus after President Trump began to play a compilation of news clips that put his handling of the pandemic response in a good light. [...] MSNBC also cut away from the briefing when Trump aired a video promoting his handling of the pandemic.  Trump said the video was put together by White House staff[.]

Full Video of Trump Exposing Media With Their Own Words.  A combative Trump showed the video below, which led CNN and MSNBC to cut away from the live coverage of the press event.  [Video clip]

The Media Controls the 'Crisis'.  The media's power is enormous, and unmitigated by constitutional checks and balances.  And it's in the service of a party — the Democrats — not the government or the people.  Yet the media's actions are entirely legal, and constitutionally protected, making it effectively unstoppable.  The founding fathers in their wisdom anticipated all manner of shenanigans that could undermine republican government, but it's probably safe to say they did not see this one coming.  Underlying all the media generated hysteria over COVID-19 is the determination to undermine and if possible unseat President Trump, part and parcel of a campaign that's been ongoing for three years.  If bringing the country to its knees is the price of removing Trump, the media and their Democrat patrons are all in.  Will the American people put up with it? [...] The media has the ability to effectively hamstring the country whenever it wants in service of its social and political ends.

CNN chyron
CNN Goes Full Resistance:  Chyrons During Trump Coronavirus Briefing Read Like Democrat Attack Ads.  CNN repeatedly posted statements on screen attacking President Trump during Monday's White House coronavirus task force briefing with such viciousness they read like attack ads by the Democratic Party.  Indeed, a Biden campaign official tweeted her approval of CNN's attack on Trump.  CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz posted a series of photos of CNN's chyron statements: [...]

Donald Trump Goes to War:  Shows Media Video of Their Reporting Failures on Coronavirus.  President Donald Trump on Monday showed reporters at the White House press briefing a video of their own reporting on the coronavirus, pointing out their failures and his success.  "We have a few clips that we're just going to put up, we could just turn the lights down lower, I think you'll find them interesting," Trump said.  "And then we'll answer some questions, I'll ask you some questions because you're so guilty, but forget it."  The president played the video on the screens at the White House press briefing room.

Chris Wallace Dabbles in Some Really Dishonest Hindsight.  As we entered this Sunday morning [4/12/2020], one of the things that's happened throughout the past week is a rash of misleading hindsight regarding how the White House responded to the Wuhan virus crisis.  We've seen outlets which not only downplayed the risks, but chastised the President for taking early actions, now pretending they were making the right calls all along.  The Times tried this tack a few days ago, claiming that Trump was "warned" of a possible pandemic in January and presenting it as if he ignored those warnings.  Enter Fox News' Chris Wallace, who I guess wanted to get in on the action.

Those slamming Trump over chloroquine should remember AIDS-medication wars.  After President Trump noted in March that an anti-malarial drug had shown some success in treating COVID-19, according to reports from clinicians, his opponents slammed him for playing doctor and flaunting the "audacity of false hope," in the words of CNN's Stephen Collinson. [...] Rachel Maddow demanded the media stop broadcasting Trump's briefings, because "it's misinformation."  The New Yorker called Trump's interest in the efficacy of the drug, known as chloroquine, "quackery," "eccentric," "a reminder, if one was needed, of his scorn for rigorous science."  USA Today, Vox, The Daily Beast, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and NBC News all piled on. [...] It's true that chloroquine is "untested" as a therapy for COVID-19, and that its possible successes are "anecdotal."  But how could it be otherwise?  The virus and the disease are brand new.  There are no tested, proved therapies for it.

NPR proves true AG Barr's claim the media is on a 'jihad' against hydroxychloroquine.  [Scroll down]  NPR illustrated perfectly [Attorney General Bill] Barr's assertion that the media is on a jihad against a medicine that is indeed proving to be a "game-changer."  This is utterly unprincipled behavior and consistent with everything we've come to expect from a media suffering from unmitigated Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The Canadian Way of Dealing with a Pandemic:  Ineffective, Clueless, and Dishonest.  The culprit in the lethal melodrama that is being played out around the globe is China.  Yet, if we are to believe many of our politicians and journalists, the good guy working to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 is — you guessed it — China.  Some self-serving politicians in the U.S. would like to refer President Trump to the International Court of Justice in the Hague for crimes against humanity for his handling of the crisis — Ohio State Representative Tavia Galonski apparently can't stomach Trump's promotion of hydroxychloroquine, which ironically has already saved the life of fellow Democrat Karen Whitsett.  A reporter for Phoenix TV tried to put Trump in a bad light by asking whether he was cooperating with China, in her estimation obviously the heroic partner in the struggle.  It turns out that Phoenix TV has intimate ties to Communist China and is linked with the PRC's Ministry of State Security.

Media's Latest Strategy To Fight Trump:  Remove Him From His Press Conferences.  For years, the media complained that President Donald Trump wasn't holding enough press conferences.  Now, as the media's poor performance in his daily coronavirus press conferences is on worldwide display, they're begging him to leave his own press conferences, and leave them alone to craft their anti-Trump storylines.  When March polls showed Trump receiving unusually high marks for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the media receiving their traditionally low marks for it, many journalists began pushing for censorship of the press conferences.  While many outlets tried this approach, it obviously failed with viewers who turned to other outlets for the news they sought.  The media, however, continued to be mocked for the prevalence of silly and unserious questions from reporters who clearly think they come off better outside their echo chambers than they do[.]

Maybe there's a reason why dire projections about COVID-19 have been wrong.  Any new disease that's successfully left animals behind for human-to-human transmission is highly risky.  Nevertheless, the current insanity gripping the world is based upon highly dubious computer models, making those models as dangerous as a virus.  On March 8, MSNBC's Chris Hayes attacked Trump for trying to manipulate downwards the expert projections about COVID-19 deaths.  One month later, Hayes was back, attacking Trump for intentionally manipulating the numbers upwards: [...] Hayes is an unprincipled moron who will say anything to hurt Trump but his monomania highlights how very wrong the original high-death predictions have proven to be.  The Washington Post's Philip Bump tried to explain away one set of wildly inflated predictions by saying that the experts' were accurate but that later behavioral changes caused lower numbers: [...] The problem is that the model Bump looks to assumed 100% social distancing, which hasn't happened[.]

Stop the 'anecdotal' nonsense.  The president's daily coronavirus press briefings immediately degenerate into full-blown verbal assaults from a shrill, mostly hateful press once questions begin.  Reporters vie with one another to see who can win the daily prize for the best "gotcha" question rather than focus on how best to help the American public.

If Trump Can Lead U.S. Back To Work, Democrats Will Have Shot Their Bolt.  [Scroll down]  Trish Regan rightly saw that the press and official Democrats were going to attack Mr. Trump from every angle on the issue — for dismissing it at first (as they did themselves) and moving too slowly to expand testing facilities (even as Abbott Laboratories brought out an easy and swift testing device), and by claiming the president was an anti-science moron until he assembled a strong professional task force to manage the crisis.  They criticized his championship of hydroxychloroquine until New York governor Andrew Cuomo revealed on Monday [4/6/2020] that he was dispensing it to tens of thousands of New Yorkers with initial success.  Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC had already declared that we should "follow the money," and implied that the president had a financial interest in that drug, a decades-old malaria remedy.  This was so grossly defamatory, it could pass as criminal slander if the president wanted to press his rights.

MSNBC contributor says Trump's 'crime cult' wants mass murder, 'many more to die'.  Whereas the craziest denizens of the political right tend to inhabit the outermost fringes of the movement, the most demented denizens of the political left tend to be mainstream left-wing media stars.  Take so-called "journalist" and author Sarah Kendzior, whose work has appeared in Al Jazeera, Marie Claire, The Guardian, The New York Times and The Boston Globe — and whose commentary has frequently been featured on MSNBC's "AM Joy."

Here's How Pro-Beijing Outlet Phoenix TV Made It Into The White House Coronavirus Press Briefing.  A reporter from a Hong Kong outlet aligned with the Communist Party of China is a member of the White House Foreign Press Group and has rotating access to White House press briefings.  That is how the Phoenix TV reporter was able to push pro-Beijing talking points, touting Chinese aid to other countries, during the White House coronavirus task force's press briefing on Monday.  Her question prompted President Donald Trump to question if she was working for China.

Without Any Evidence, 'Morning Joe' Suggests Trump May Have Financial Tie to Malaria Drug.  If you've been watching President Donald Trump's daily White House press briefings, you've likely noticed the president is fighting a war on two fronts.  On one hand, he is attempting to guide the country through a battle against a foreign contagion that is not only killing thousands of Americans but also putting millions more out of work.  On the other hand, Trump is fighting a separate war against members of the establishment media, many of whom sit in chairs in the briefing room cloaked as journalists — ready to strike with their baited questions and hateful insinuations.

Abject stupidity:  Mika Brzezinski claims Trump is pushing antimalarial drug as COVID treatment because of 'financial ties'.  When more people tune in to watch old cartoons than watch your morning 'news' show, you have to do and say outrageously stupid things in order to 'get noticed.'  Enter Joe Scarborough and wife Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC.  On Monday [4/6/2020], Brzezinski actually suggested that the reason why President Donald Trump is pushing anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a possibly effective treatment for coronavirus — you know, the pandemic that has 9/10ths of our country in shutdown mode — because of a "financial tie."  Meanwhile, her parrot husband kept asking on the show why the president would push "an unproven drug" as a potential cure for a disease that has been successfully treated with it, according to a growing number of doctors.

How depraved is the 'resistance'? Enough to root for vast death by COVID-19.  [Scroll down]  The press thinks they've boxed him in but they have in fact set him free.  At this point, as one can see from the daily briefings, they are just noise, annoying and rather foolish.  They hate Trump, want to see him defeated, and don't mind using sick and dead people, the more the better, to take him down.  They, our press and electronic media hacks, are barely a notch above the criminal class and the public knows it.  How could they not?  Their blatant lack of character, ethics or integrity is on display each and every day.

How the liberal media weaponizes COVID-19 against Trump.  Instead of a rallying point for America, our fight against the pandemic has become a political football.  New York Times media critic Ben Smith has even suggested that America could have averted the coronavirus crisis altogether during "two crucial weeks in late February and early March," when Fox News Channel's "hosts and guests, speaking to Fox's predominantly elderly audience, repeatedly played down the threat of what would soon become a deadly pandemic."  Let's get the facts right.  In Mr. Smith's cherry-picking of Fox News Channel transcripts, he ignored altogether the larger point the hosts and guests had made: the "hoax" they complained about was the partisan media onslaught against the president's handling of the crisis, not the crisis itself.

ABC's Jonathan Karl Invites Chinese Communist Party to Attend White House Coronavirus Briefing.  Remember when President Trump said the U.S. media were the enemy of the American people?  Well, consider this:  In another clear example of how the U.S. media will do anything in their effort to undermine President Trump, yesterday they held hands with Chinese communists.  ABC News chief Washington DC narrative engineer Jonathan Karl is the current rotating head of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA).  The WHCA has a customary and traditional role of selecting the journalists who will participate in the White House daily briefing.  Yesterday [4/5/2020] WHCA head Jonathan Karl invited a known propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the briefing room to question President Trump.

President Trump Blasts ABC's Jon Karl, "You're a Third-Rate Reporter!"  President Trump held another Coronavirus task force briefing on Monday [4/6/2020].  As usual, the hack reporters would rather argue with President Trump than ask pertinent questions about the ongoing pandemic.  Trump wasn't having any of it on Monday.

The AP begins revising history to attack Trump.  The media are not only rude and confrontational at press briefings, but they're also re-writing history about how and when information on the virus came to light.  Facts don't matter.  There is only one goal:  Get Trump.  Toward that end, manipulating timelines has become quite popular as evidenced most recently in this AP report: [...] China lied, caused a global pandemic, and created circumstances in country after country that would make it more difficult to control due to lack of medical supplies.  WHO lied.  And our own experts seem to have been blindsided.  Along the way, time was squandered by the CDC, not the president.

Brzezinski on Trump Pushing Hydroxychloroquine: 'There's Got to Be Some Sort of Financial Tie'.  Monday, MSNBC "Morning Joe" co-host Mike Brzezinski reacted to President Donald Trump's Sunday press conference with the White House coronavirus task force discussing the coronavirus pandemic.  Host Joe Scarborough noted Trump is "pushing an unproven drug" in hydroxychloroquine to help combat the virus.  Brzezinski then speculated Trump continues pushing the drug because "there's got to be some sort of financial tie to someone somewhere."

Hack Reporter Asks President Trump About Shutting Down Grocery Stores to Stop Spread of Coronavirus - So We All Can Starve.  President Trump on Sunday held another Coronavirus press conference.  A hack reporter actually asked President Trump about shutting down grocery stores and fast food joints.  "So why even have a few businesses open?  Why don't they shut everything down?  Groceries stores are open, fast food places — why even take a little chance?  Just shut all of it down temporarily," the reporter said.  Really?!  So we will all just starve to death — as long as we don't die of Coronavirus!

Reporters Without Masks Grill Trump About Not Wearing a Mask.  Reporters at the White House press briefing on Sunday repeatedly asked President Donald Trump why he chose not to wear a medical mask.  One reporter, who was not wearing a mask, noted the former Vice President Joe Biden said he would start wearing a mask outdoors, and he asked President Trump if he and the White House task force would start wearing masks.  "Are we getting to the point where we might see the members of the coronavirus task force also wear face coverings?" the reporter asked.  Trump said the advisory was voluntary and that he would have no problem with anyone wearing a mask.

Corona Meltdowns.  Watching the media deal with the daily White House briefings reminds the country that we have never had journalism of this low character before — not in the acrimony over the Founding, not in the furor during the Civil War, not even in the age of yellow journalism at the turn of the 20th century.  Reporters do not wish to transmit knowledge to the public that might aid in confronting the virus.  They do not even wish to clarify murky statements from public officials to ensure Americans know exactly what the government wants them to do.  Instead, journalists during White House briefings fixate on two agendas.  One is to goad the president into saying something sloppy, by repeatedly suggesting that in reacting to the virus, he was in error, that he is cruel and heartless, or that he is dangerous.

Media mystified as America rallies behind President Trump during coronavirus crisis.  For decades, Americans have rallied behind their president in time of crisis, so it's no mystery that President Trump's approval ratings are up.  Except, that is, to anti-Trump obsessives — including much of the media.  "Who Are the Voters Behind Trump's Higher Approval Rating?" a New York Times headline asked last week.  That is:  Who could possibly think he's doing a good job — when no one at the Times does?

President Trump needs to set the country free now.  For weeks now, nearly every media outlet has behaved as though the Covid19 virus was a cause for celebration.  They broadcast the numbers like they show the stock market or election returns.  It is positively ghoulish.  Even Fox News, which used to have more sense, has capitulated to the hysteria; that network, too, is all in on manufacturing panic and fear.  They are engaged in panic-mongering.  They are encouraging the wholesale destruction of the American economy.  The worst are hoping and wishing for that outcome.  That is how much they are willing to sacrifice to see the president defeated.  The American mainstream media is the most dangerous enemy of America.  There can no longer be any doubt about that fact.  For nearly four years, they have worked hand in hand with the Democrat party to do whatever harm it can to this country if it will take Trump down and out.

Leftist group called 'Free Press' blasted for attempting to 'weaponize' FCC, urging Trump briefing censorship.  Despite a steady wave of attacks from much of the media in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented national emergency, President Donald Trump's ratings on handling the crisis have been strong.  The nightly White House briefings have much to do with that, as the president stands before the nation and gives them an update on the actions being taken to counter the coronavirus — updates that come without the typical liberal media filter.  It is in that regard that an influential far-left media group has petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to develop a wide-ranging censorship plan of Trump's press conferences, The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway reported.

Donald Trump Shuts Down Reporter for 'Gotcha Question' on Jared Kushner.  President Donald Trump shut down a question from a reporter on Friday, dismissing what he described as a "gotcha question" about his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  CBS reporter Weijia Jiang questioned why Kushner said "our" stockpile while referring to the federal stockpile of medical supplies versus state stockpiles.  Trump was not amused.

President Trump Stands Tall.  [Scroll down]  His daily coronavirus press briefings are examples of tireless hands-on presidential leadership.  President Trump is aware of every small detail.  He knows which drugs are looking promising as treatments; he knows which companies have begun to switch over to manufacturing ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE); he knows how many ventilators are in stockpile, where they are, what the plan is for distributing them.  He knows what new hospitals are being built by the Army Corps of Engineers, how many beds they have, when the Navy hospital ships will arrive and where they'll be.  Trump enacted the Defense Production Act to mandate that our industries switch their manufacturing capability over to coronavirus-needed items.  Swift, positive action.  Instantly beneficial to the country.  It was totally sloughed off and minimized by the liberal media and his political opponents, both of whom would have jumped on him had he not done this.

New leftist meme: 'Donald Trump has blood on his hands'.  It's right there, big as life, in the subhead of a Boston Globe editorial:  "Much of the suffering and death coming was preventable.  The president has blood on his hands."  Not content to say it just once, the editorial board repeats itself in the body of its j'accuse: [...] Some may think that accusing a president of having blood on his hands is beyond the pale.  Liberals certainly did when critics of Barack Obama accused him of having blood on his hands after he failed to act during a terrorist raid on an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi in 2012.  When the smoke cleared, four members of the U.S. diplomatic corps lay dead, and the White House's only response was to attempt to cover up its inaction with shameful lies.  The media played along back then, but that was only because they loved Obama as much as they now loathe Trump.

Did someone mention Benghazi?

PBS and NPR Offer Journalism by Liberals for Liberals.  The enormous coronavirus stimulus package was festooned with goodies for key Democratic constituency groups including $75 million in "emergency" funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which offers grants to PBS and NPR stations.  That's on top of the half-billion Congress already authorized for the year.  They call it "public" broadcasting, but it's niche broadcasting by liberals for liberals.  Even during this self-isolation, PBS aired a documentary slashing the National Rifle Association, and NPR celebrated the 12th anniversary of then-Sen. Barack Obama's speech about toxic Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  The PBS heroine of the moment is White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, who [...] has been squabbling with President Donald Trump.

Did someone mention NPR?

Washington media agonize over covering the Trump coronavirus briefings.  President Trump's coronavirus press briefings have given a locked-down nation some semblance of a daily routine during the pandemic.  But, like everything else in Washington, they are also a source of controversy, as critics pan the events as equivalent to campaign rallies and urge the media to stop covering them. [...] This all highlights the difficult balance between holding the president accountable and focusing on current coronavirus information instead of political controversies.  Is it better to remind the public that Trump has previously compared the coronavirus to the flu, or should his current warning that the pandemic is more dangerous take precedence?

MSNBC's Hayes: 'Crazy to Me' Everyone's Still Carrying Coronavirus Briefings Live.  On Monday's broadcast of MSNBC's "All In," host Chris Hayes stated that it's "crazy" to him that media outlets are still taking the White House's coronavirus briefings live, "when you've got the MyPillow guy getting up there talking about reading the Bible."  Hayes began by saying that Trump uses the briefings as "propaganda sessions, regularly spewing misinformation and lies when he is at the podium.  They have morphed into something akin to Trump rallies without the crowds."

On Coronavirus, Trump Takes Charge.  [Scroll down]  At his press briefings, about a third of the journalists routinely arraign the president for his alleged previous utterances, attempt to mousetrap him, debate with him, and imply that he is distributing more aid to states that have voted for him than to others.  Never in my time of watching these press encounters with the president, going back to the Eisenhower era, has there been such a blatant attempt to provoke the president to immoderate responses, or a more sustained effort to misrepresent what he says and does.  The fact that it is finally blowing up in their faces must aggravate the frustration and the rage of the anti-Trump media beyond imagination.  They are grossly demeaning the status of the free press, which is dangerous for any democracy; none of their bullets now wounds the target.

CNN Abruptly Cuts Away as 'My Pillow' CEO Mike Lindell Announces His Factories Will Crank Out 50,000 Masks by Friday.  My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his factories will be cranking out 50,000 face masks by Friday in an effort to help Americans during a time of crisis.  President Trump called Mr. Lindell up to the lectern to speak for a few minutes on Monday [3/30/2020] at his Rose Garden press conference and the media went crazy.

Mainstream media mocks White House appearance of 'My Pillow Guy' Mike Lindell despite contribution to virus fight.  Several members of the media were quick to dismiss the presence of "My Pillow" founder Mike Lindell at the White House coronavirus press briefing despite his company's ongoing contribution to combating the outbreak.  Lindell, who was among several business leaders who spoke at Monday's presser, announced that his company is aiming to increase its production of cotton face masks from 10,000 to 50,000 per day.

Media Reaction To Yamiche Alcindor Dustup With Trump Shows Why Their Approval Ratings Are Low.  The ongoing dysfunctional codependent relationship between the political media and President Donald Trump flared up again on Sunday afternoon during a Rose Garden press conference on the government's handling of the Wuhan virus that has swept the globe.  Trump needs the media to act the way they do so he can dunk on them and look good by comparison.  The media are enjoying the short-term rush of their war with Trump, wearing his abuse as a badge of honor among their peers.  On Sunday [3/29/2020], the media were pretty sure they had Trump in a bind when he reacted negatively to a question by PBS's Yamiche Alcindor.

Karl Claims In Book:  Trump WH Staff Thinks His 'Mental Illness' Makes Him a 'Genius' Leader in Crisis.  Towards the end of Monday's [3/30/2020] Good Morning America, ABC's Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl got the opportunity to plug his new tell-all book about covering President Trump to co-anchor George Stephanopoulos.  Though the interview was very short, the two journalists managed to fit in as much Trump-bashing as they could.

Once again, Trump was right and the media were wrong.  We first learned about chloroquine in mid-February, when Sun Yanrong, the deputy head of the China National Center for Biotechnology Development, announced that it was one of three drugs that the Chinese had successfully used to treat coronavirus.  For a month, the media thought chloroquine could be the answer.  For example, in early March, UPI reported favorably that South Korean experts recommended anti-malarial drugs to treat coronavirus.  On March 17, NBC News reported that chloroquine was one "of the options being explored" because it was "useful in blunting the effects of coronavirus."  Everything changed, though, on March 20 when, in a press conference, President Trump said he was optimistic that chloroquine would be a magic bullet against coronavirus: [...] Almost instantly, the media stopped touting chloroquine's potential and, instead, threw shade on the medicine.  The media reported on Dr. Fauci's more cautious view as if he had said Trump was lying, instead of merely saying that there were still studies to be done.

Obama Bro Dan Pfeiffer Mansplains to Dr. Deborah Birx on How to Do Her Job, It Does Not Go Well.  Key White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Deborah Birx has been like the calm within the storm during the daily press briefings the White House holds on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.  Where Dr. Fauci is all about the science, and President Trump is focused on giving an overall view of what's being done, Birx uses her platform to ease the panic that has set in for some thanks in large part to the media's deliberately sensationalistic reporting.  Such was the case on Wednesday and Thursday, when Birx cut through some of the hysteria to scold the media on their faulty doomsday narratives and selective analyses of the numerous all-over-the-map projections that exist about when Wuhan coronavirus cases in the United States may peak.  But for Obama bro Dan Pfieffer, Birx was doing it wrong.

Leftists' Latest Lies Against Trump and American Capitalism.  At this Wednesday's press briefing by President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force, President Trump was asked one of the most insulting questions that he has ever been asked during his presidency — and that's saying something.  A "reporter" wanted to know, "how many deaths are acceptable?" The president's response was firm and direct:  "How many?  None.  Okay?  How many deaths are acceptable to me?  None.  Okay?  None, if that's your question." [...] The question is sinister because it is a thinly veiled way of pushing the left's latest false narrative against President Trump — he is more interested in prematurely pumping up the economy to bolster his re-election campaign than he is in saving lives.  The message also is that greedy capitalists care more about profits than human life.

Media meltdown over Trump's suicide warning shows the press can't let its hatred go.  Even a pandemic can't shock the media out of its blinding hostility to President Trump — witness this week's absurd press eruption after he warned of a likely rise in suicides.  "People get tremendous anxiety and depression, and you have suicides over things like this when you have terrible economies," Trump noted at a briefing, adding that he believes the isolation many Americans face thanks to social distancing will also lead to more mental-health issues.  There's nothing incorrect — or even controversial — in those remarks.  But media outlets that would normally echo any concern about higher mental-health risks proceed to be outraged.  The New York Times ran multiple pieces that called Trump's claims "baseless" — despite its own past coverage.

Fox News Cuts Away from White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing.  Fox News Channel made the decision Friday to cut away from the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing in order to have a panel discussion during The Story, which is hosted by Martha MacCallum.  Critical information that Fox News viewers missed after the cutaway included statements from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, certain doctors, and company CEOs who discussed their plans to get lunches to homes for children.

How Extreme Are You to Think The U.S. Press Is Far Too Nice to Trump?  If you think the American media is too neutral toward Donald Trump?  You might be playing tetherball around the pole of the leftist extreme.  Take, for example, Mehdi Hasan, a columnist for The Intercept website and a "presenter" for al-Jazeera English.  He was celebrated on Friday by the socialist British newspaper The Guardian for lamenting the alleged pro-Trump press. [...] Mehdi Hasan makes regular appearances on cable — from The Lead with Jake Tapper to AM Joy to giggles with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.  Are they all killing people like Trump?  To be truly righteous, they must viciously attack the current administration.

Coronavirus Causing a Right Turn.  [W]henever Trump speaks directly to the American people, they believe him, gravitate to him, and love his America first agenda.  This is why Democrats/fake news media continuously seek to block Trump from communicating directly to We the People.  Absurdly, they claim his tweeting is an impeachable crime.  The Democrats'/fake news media was thrilled when coronavirus hit our shores, giving them an opportunity to demand that Trump stop holding rallies.  The mega thousands who attend Trump rallies include a growing number of Democrats eager to jump aboard the Trump Train.  To further block the people from hearing Trump, fake news media has outrageously decided to stop broadcasting Trump's coronavirus update press conferences.

Trump Official Says US was Dealt a Bad Hand by China, CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment.  On Thursday [3/26/2020], White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro appeared on CNN.  Hosting the show was Brianna Keilar. [...] Keilar did not even try to be subtle.  This exchange belongs in a textbook about media bias.  When a "journalist" refuses to even listen to an opinion they disagree with, it can no longer be called journalism.  She declared her guest's comment to be "just a waste of time" and "just ridiculous."  Keilar deserves to be fired.  Instead, CNN will probably give her a raise and a bonus.

Smug CBS Reporter Tries to Ambush Trump at Task Force Briefing; He Swats Her Like a Fly.  We all know the main objective of most reporters in the White House press pool is to bait the President into making an inflammatory statement that they can rush off and broadcast to the world.  On a more personal level, they strive to appear as savvy and bold as possible in the presence of their peers and for everyone else they know will see it.  CBS reporter Paula Reid was especially full of herself at Wednesday's [3/25/2020] White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing[.] [...] I am constantly amazed by the way the media treats this President right to his face.  What is he doing wrong here?  He is doing all he possibly can to help the country move through this crisis.  And very few in the media are willing to acknowledge that.  Instead, they show up everyday at his task force meetings to try to belittle him.

As Trump's Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begin Censoring Press Conferences.  The political media have been working extremely hard to craft a narrative that the spread of the coronavirus was essentially the fault of the man they had blamed for all other ills in recent years.  How could the people not accept that narrative, particularly considering that most everyone in the media was pushing it?  Things got worse when additional polls showed Trump receiving high ratings at the same time that the media received poor ratings.  A brand new Gallup study — "Coronavirus Response:  Hospitals Rated Best, News Media Worst" — was particularly bad news.  When Americans were asked about nine different institutions and political leaders, they gave majority approval to all but the media.  President Trump has a 22-point net approval rating while the media's net approval rating was negative 11 points.

Trump tears into media at coronavirus briefing.  President Trump doubled down Wednesday on his assertion that the media wants to keep the country closed in order to prevent his reelection during his daily coronavirus briefing at the White House.  After Trump had earlier slammed the "LameStream Media" on Twitter, CBS News correspondent Paula Reid asked the president if his recently announced goal of reopening the economy by Easter was solely a political strategy.

The resurrection of America, Trump-style.  Donald Trump plays a different game of chess.  He thinks several moves ahead, as any chess master would, but he also plays multiple games simultaneously.  He contends with a confrontational media, an insatiable Democratic House leadership, and ill prepared state government-managed health care facilities.  Trump would be amazed should he get true bipartisan support in his effort to stem the coronavirus crisis.  Trump chose to express his desire for a return to normal.  He hoped America could reopen by Easter.  The media immediately rushed to condemn him.

Donald Trump claims 'fake news' is pushing need to lockdown in the face of coronavirus out of hatred of him.  President Donald Trump on Wednesday [3/25/2020] complained the 'fake news' wants him to keep the economy shut down so he loses re-election this fall.  'The media would like to see me do poorly in an election,' he said at the daily White House coronavirus briefing.  President Trump repeatedly refers to news stories he doesn't like or are unflattering to his administration as 'fake news' and he has grown visibly frustrated with stories critical of his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump Roasts Media to Their Faces During Coronavirus Briefing.  President Donald Trump absolutely roasted the media to their faces during his coronavirus press briefing on Wednesday.  After being questioned by CBS News' Paula Reid about his proposed Easter timeline and his tweet about the "lamestream media," Trump let her have it.

The media are engaged in a shameful sustained attack against Trump.  Horrified at the thought that Trump is proving to be a good president whom Americans have come to respect, the media have decided upon a two-pronged approach.  The first prong is to get Trump off the air. [...] The other media tactic to destroy Trump, even if it means terrifying Americans and killing hope, is to oppose him reflexively.  This is no more obvious than with chloroquine as a potential life-saver.  Trump expressed the hope that it would work, so the media are piling on to say that it can't possibly work.

The Viral Impeachment.  Hillary couldn't manage it.  A tsunami of smears about "collusion" with nefarious Russians wasn't sufficient.  Not even a hysterical impeachment circus led by bug-eyed ringmaster Adam Schiff did the job.  All hopes of a Trump removal are now pinned on coronavirus fever.  Indeed China, liberalism, and germs are all more preferable than Trump's second term, to the mainstream media.

Andrea Mitchell Fears 'Skyrocketing' Approval for Trump Amid Pandemic.  During her 12:00 p.m.  ET hour show on Wednesday [3/25/2020], MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell revealed her greatest fear amid the coronavirus pandemic — Donald Trump's approval ratings going up.  She fretted over likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden "having difficulty" getting his message out during the crisis and support for the President "skyrocketing."

The media want chloroquine to fail if that will mean Trump fails.  Very soon after the coronavirus hit America, reports emerged that chloroquine, an older malaria drug, and its analogue, hydroxychloroquine, were helpful against the virus, especially when used in conjunction with azithromycin, an antibiotic.  Trump expressed a strong hope that these drugs would effectively treat those with serious coronavirus cases.  The media reflexively struck back.  They first accused Trump of lying about the drugs' potential value.  Now that it's become clear that Trump was accurate, the media have a new tactic, which is to present chloroquine as a deadly drug that will kill more than it cures.  For the media, it's never about the actual issue; it's always about "getting" Trump.

Increasingly Unstable Media Demand Blackout of Trump's Coronavirus Briefings.  For the first time since World War II, for the first time in nearly 80 years, Americans have no idea what their country will look like a year from now, and the corporate media want to impose a full blackout on the daily briefings the American president is making to the American people.  There's a lot of jokes out there about the hypocrisy of how this demand is coming from the same media that had a tantrum over the White House canceling the daily press briefings.  But this time we're talking about something so much more than hypocrisy.

If NBC's Peter Alexander Did Nothing Wrong, Why Are the Media Lying About It?  Everyone in the establishment media are screaming about how NBC's Peter Alexander did nothing wrong, but the media are also lying about what he did. [...] Before I get to the actual facts, let me just say that watching our media behave in such an unserious way during these serious times is, well, not at all surprising.  These people are all part of a garbage cult, a garbage cult where not a single one of them has the moral courage to come out and tell the truth.  And here is the truth:  On Friday, after Trump expressed his own personal optimism and sense of hope about chloroquine, a malaria drug that may or may not (and the president was clear it may not work) mitigate the coronavirus, Alexander decided to debate and argue with the president.

ABC Gives 10 Seconds to [Their] Own Poll Showing Approval of Trump's Crisis Response.  After weeks of the broadcast network using the coronavirus pandemic as a cudgel to attack the Trump administration, on Friday, ABC's Good Morning America could only bother to spend 10 seconds on their own poll finding that 55% of Americans approve of the President's handling of the crisis.

Trump UNLOADS on Fearmongering NBC Hack Peter Alexander.  President Trump UNLOADED on another far left reporter Friday morning [3/20/2020] during his daily coronavirus press briefing.  NBC's Peter Alexander was the latest hack reporter determined to use the daily briefing to attack President Trump.

CNN Anchor John King Snaps Over Trump Press Conference.  CNN anchor John King snapped on air Friday [3/20/2020] over a testy exchange President Donald Trump had with NBC White House Correspondent Peter Alexander during a White House press briefing.  The president told Alexander that he was a "terrible reporter" after Alexander asked what Trump would tell Americans who are scared about the coronavirus pandemic.  "It was a perfectly valid question and what the president did to Peter Alexander is reprehensible," King said.

Calls Increase for MSM to Stop Airing Trump Live: 'You Will Get People Killed'.  Calls are increasing for cable networks to stop airing President Donald Trump's press conferences live as critics believe Trump is turning White House news briefings into virtual campaign rallies that can "get people killed" with lies about the Coronavirus crisis.  The pressure only increased after Trump's Friday briefing.  The Atlantic's James Fallows believes the attention-starved Trump is turning the press conferences into "virtual campaign" rallies and Trump would actually lose interest in showing up if the media did not cover the briefings live.

Flashback: Let's Take A Look At How The Press Covered Trump's China Travel Ban.  Media outlets bashed President Donald Trump back in January after he implemented a travel ban from China because of the novel coronavirus — a move that many other countries have now followed.  The Trump administration first made the announcement Jan. 31, 2020, announcing they would restrict foreign nationals recently in China from entering the U.S.  They also announced that some Americans who recently traveled to the country would be put into quarantine for a time upon their arrival back to the U.S. The novel coronavirus first originated in Wuhan, China.

The Media Are Embarrassing Themselves Over Trump's Use Of 'Chinese Virus'.  Yesterday [3/18/2020], amid the ongoing economic and social disruptions caused by the coronavirus, rising numbers of infections and deaths globally, and widespread closures of schools and other extreme measures imposed across the country, the mainstream media decided we should have a national debate about whether it's racist for President Trump to call it the "Chinese virus."  In what can only be described as a moment of unconscious self-parody, the media pretended not to understand why Trump would refer to the virus in geographic terms — as if they'd never heard of the Spanish Flu, West Nile Virus, Ebola, Zika, Lyme Disease, or the many other diseases named for their places of origin.  As if they haven't been doing the same thing for months.  Why?  Because the mainstream media's ranks are populated by biased hacks who don't care half as much about reporting accurately on the Wuhan coronavirus as they care about making Trump seem like a racist.

Chris Cuomo blasts Trump for saying 'Chinese virus': 'It could have come from anywhere'.  CNN commentator Chris Cuomo admonished President Trump for repeatedly calling the coronavirus "the Chinese virus."  "Calling it the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus or the Kung Flu.  Listen, you may think it's clever, but it's hurting," Cuomo said on his nightly show on Wednesday.  "The idea, 'Well, it did come from China.'  Then why doesn't Fauci and other top health officials, why don't they call it that?  You know why?  Because it could have come from anywhere."  The virus, which has sparked a global pandemic, is believed to have originated in an animal market in Wuhan, China.  Trump has said he uses the phrase "Chinese virus" for accuracy purposes.  Critics say Trump is being racist or is scapegoating.

Donald Trump:  American 'Corrupt Media' Media Siding with China.  President Donald Trump criticized American media for siding with China on Thursday [3/19/2020] at the White House.  "It is fake news.  It's more than fake news.  It's corrupt news," he said.  "They write stories without calling anybody."  Trump denied media reports of "chaos" in the White House.  "I have no chaos.  I am the one telling people to be calm," Trump said.  "We have unbelievable professionals."  The president cited recent "fake phony" stories from the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post critical of the White House's handling of fighting the virus.

When Wuhan Virus Departs, World Will Be Changed.  [Scroll down]  Hardest hit of all, however, is the media, whose anti-Trump mania, reliance on manipulative if not imaginary "anonymous sources," eagerness to be seduced by former members of the intelligence community, general ignorance of almost every specialized field they encounter, political naiveté, and absolute fidelity to the party line ("Wuhan" is now racist) has rendered a once-proud profession little more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic National Committee and a constant reproach to truth, justice, and the American way.  At a time of dying newspapers and laid-off reporters, the media has chosen to go down with its "principles," rather than adhering to its former standards of objectivity and professionalism.  They wanted "change" and now they've got it[.]

Majority of Independents Aren't On Board With Media's Politicization of the Wuhan Virus.  "Never let a crisis go to waste."  That famous quote has become a hard rule in the left's playbook and they use it to the point of abusing it.  It doesn't matter what it is, be it the loss of innocent life at the hands of a madman or a pandemic that started in a foreign country and now threatens ours.  The media has been working overtime to see to it that the Wuhan virus pandemic that has swept the globe is a consistent weight on Trump's presidency.  Be it telling flat-out lies about Trump's actions or declaring Trump racist for calling the virus by the very name the leftist mainstream media had been calling it for weeks, the left is out to make the Coronavirus a sickness that infects the Trump presidency as it infects the American citizenry, hurting its citizens by health or by economic means.

Did Obama Botch the Response to the H1N1 Outbreak?  Here's What the Media Isn't Telling You.  There appears to be a coordinated effort amongst Democrats and the media to destroy the public's confidence in the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic.  It's irresponsible and causing panic.  I have no doubt that when this pandemic is over it will be clear the Trump administration handled it far better than Obama handled the H1N1 pandemic.  I think the media knows this too, so they're working overtime trying to erode the public's faith in the Trump administration's response in the hopes of ruining his chances of being reelected.  And Trump, being Trump, isn't letting them get away with it.  He's compared the Obama administration's response to the H1N1 pandemic with the Trump administration's response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to show things are better than how the media is trying to present it.  In response, the fake news media has tried to debunk Trump's criticisms with fact-checks that ignore key details from the H1N1 outbreak in order to cover-up the Obama administration's inadequate response.

The American press's entire energy is bent towards destroying Trump.  The mainstream American media have abandoned journalism's formerly-prized ethos of "who, what, where, why, when."  There is no pretense anymore that they serve a purpose other than maligning Donald Trump in the hope of destroying his presidency. [...] The media are currently outraged that Republicans are less panicked by the coronavirus than Democrats are.  Part of that may be because Democrats are ruled more by emotion than by reason.  A lot of it, though, is because Republicans have no reason to trust the media.  If members of the media believe that saying something will hurt Trump, they'll say it — and that's true whether what they're saying is honest or not.  If the media hysterically use coronavirus to attack Trump, Republicans instinctively assume (a) that coronavirus isn't that bad and (b) that Trump's doing an excellent job of handling it.

Paul Krugman Celebrates Stock Market Rout Because He Thinks It Hurts Trump.  Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning trade economist and New York Times columnist, celebrated the sharp decline of the stock market due to the coronavirus on the grounds that, in his opinion, it would hurt President Donald Trump.

I am coronaed out.  Folks, I have had my fill of corona-mania.  Also, I am sick of people accusing me of being irresponsible and insensitive for not surrendering to the absurd Democrat and fake news media narrative that says Trump is handling the virus wrong and we're all going to die.

Here's Why the Deep State and Wuhan Virus Are Like White on Rice.  The Democrat-media complex and their Deep States allies have elevated the Wuhan virus crisis to virtually a mass hysteria over the past couple of weeks.  Their goal is transparent, of course:  to instill fear, to tank the economy, and to ascribe blame for everything on President Trump as a means of setting the table to take him out in the November election since their impeachment farce (and other gambits) have failed to get the job done beforehand. [...] This is precisely the reason why the Democrats and their lickspittle media are weaponizing the Wuhan virus crisis.  It is yet another overt attempt on their part to take out the president.  Compare their hysterical actions over the past few weeks to the virtual silence during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu epidemic.  Obama didn't even declare a national emergency until over 1,000 Americans had died of the disease, yet President Trump has been repeatedly castigated for his supposedly "chaotic response" to the Wuhan virus.

The Media Succumb to Raging Case of Katrina Virus in Hopes of Infecting Trump.  The media have been afflicted with a raging case of Katrina virus.  There's no known cure for the self-inflicted disease as long as a Republican occupies the White House, but political experts say the Katrina virus will instantly reverse course if a Democrat ascends to the nation's highest office.  As you may be aware, "Katrina moment" is to disasters is what Watergate is to corruption.  Anything can be a Katrina moment if you add enough sizzle from the media.  The "Katrina moment" never quite stuck to any number of President Obama's missteps from Benghazi to the H1N1 outbreak.  That's what a fawning press will do for a president.  Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the media has been waiting for President Trump to do or say something in order to pin the Hurricane Katrina label on him.

Coronavirus By The Numbers.  Big media is all about ratings, view, and clicks, hence their axiom, "If it bleeds, it leads." A viral outbreak is the perfect story, on par with a missing Malaysian airliner or a celebrity football player named OJ on trial for murder.  The added bonus is that any negative news can be laid at the feet of a president loathed by the media, who just so happens to be running for reelection.  The media is in full campaign mode, trying desperately to drag the carcass of one of their corpselike candidates across the presidential finish line.  Stoking fear over quarantines and supply chain disruptions have sent the stock market on a downward roller coaster ride.  One of President Trump's major achievements is the roaring economy.  Taking the stock market down 25% or more may help the Democrats. [...] Look also at past viral illnesses, far more lethal than coronavirus.  The fatality rate for MERS and SARS was 34.4 and 9.5% respectively.  Neither illness generated as much media hysteria as coronavirus.

Not helpful:
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Excited About Prospect Of Coronavirus Becoming Trump's Katrina.  The people who work at MSNBC seem to obsess about how to bring down Trump's presidency 24 hours a day.  Every single issue that comes up is framed through a lens of how it can be used to damage Trump.  Coronavirus is no exception.  Nicolle Wallace and her panel of 'experts' recently talked about how the disease could be Trump's Katrina.

RNC cites 14 times Democrats and media politicized virus.  When Meet the Press host Chuck Todd today [3/1/2020] repeatedly challenged Vice President Mike Pence to "name some names" of Democrats or media figures politicizing the coronavirus to damage President Trump, Pence gave just one example before he was cut off. [...] Under fire all day in the media for its handling of the coronavirus, a plan put in place six weeks ago that has included flight bans from infected areas, the Republican National Committee late today fired back with a list of at least 14 examples of prominent media and Democrats using the virus to hit the president.

9 Times The Media Weaponized Coronavirus Coverage To Attack Trump.  With the first U.S. coronavirus fatality confirmed in Washington state this weekend, one would expect media coverage to provide American people crucial, but measured information about the oncoming pandemic.  Yet many members of our corporate press only see the public health crisis as another opportunity to attack the president.  Last week, The Federalist's Political Editor John Davidson pointed out how the deadly global epidemic became a political talking point overnight, and predicted "we should expect the media to start stoking hysteria, the politicians to pile on the recriminations, and for everything — the disease itself and its aftereffects on public life — to get much worse."

115 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era:  The Definitive List.  We the media have "fact-checked" President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet — and he's certainly given us plenty to write about.  That's probably why it's so easy to find lists enumerating and examining his mistakes, missteps and "lies."  But as self-appointed arbiters of truth, we've largely excused our own unprecedented string of fact-challenged reporting.  The truth is, formerly well-respected, top news organizations are making repeat, unforced errors in numbers that were unheard of just a couple of years ago.  Our repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump's claims are "lies" when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump's statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they're established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories — without labeling them as opinions.

Think Trump is 'outrageous?' He's nothing compared to these past presidents.  Unprecedented, unprecedented.  Everything is unprecedented.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Except it pretty much has.  Whenever you see the word "unprecedented" in the media, you should ask yourself:  Has this reporter ever read a history book?  Make the case against Trump if you want to, but if you pretend the sorts of things he does are without precedent, you simply make yourself look ignorant.  Virtually any presidency you examine is guilty of far worse acts than whatever you think is the worst thing Trump has ever done, from John Adams' Alien and Sedition Acts, a breathtaking offense against freedom that was meant to punish political resistance, to Millard Fillmore's Fugitive Slave Act, which made it so the evil tentacles of the South's slavery regime could reach up North and pluck back people who had successfully made it to freedom.

The Hoax Hoax.  It's 2020.  By now you should recognize the characteristics of media fraud.  There are various incarnations, endlessly redeployed: [...] So once again, we have a "bombshell" manufactured to hurt President Trump that turns out to be a giant dud.

Networks Bury Trump's India Visit, Gave Obama's 21x More Coverage in 2010.  President Trump's state visit to India received less than a single minute of evening news coverage from broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC).  But back in 2010, those same networks dedicated more than 20 times as much coverage (18.5 minutes) to then-President Obama's India trip, often making it the top item of their nightly broadcasts.  Each of the evening newscasts allocated just a single news brief to Trump's trip, all on February 24 (the first day of the visit).  NBC and ABC spent a paltry 13 and 15 seconds respectively on the Presidential excursion.  While CBS's report lasted just 23 seconds, it was the only one even to mention the President's trade negotiations — albeit with a single sentence.

ABC reporter to be 'reassigned' after undercover sting catches him revealing how ABC spikes stories, covers Trump unfairly.  A veteran correspondent was suspended by ABC News after a Project Veritas video caught him on camera criticizing the media and calling himself a "socialist."  The network's senior correspondent David Wright was suspended late Tuesday following the release of the latest footage from Project Veritas which showed him accusing ABC News of not reporting some newsworthy stories and for ignoring some of President Trump's accomplishments.

Project Veritas:  ABC Reporter Says Networks' Interest In Trump Is Outrage, Investigation And Backstabbing.  Project Veritas released another undercover video this morning, this one featuring ABC reporter David Wright.  Wright is seen discussing the state of the news business at an informal gathering for media professionals held in a bar.  During the discussion, Wright admits to being a socialist and not just a Democratic Socialist like Bernie Sanders.  According to a recent study of journalists based on their Twitter interactions, that makes him just like most journalists.  In keeping with his socialist views, Wright criticized ABC News as having become a just another profit center for its owner.  "Like now, you can't watch Good Morning America without there being a Disney princess or a Marvel Avenger appearing.  It's all self-promotional," he said.

ABC News reporter suspended and barred from political coverage after Project Veritas sting.  ABC News suspended one of its veteran correspondents after he was secretly recorded discussing the downsides of the network.  David Wright, 56, who has reported for ABC's signature news programs, including World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and Nightline, was suspended late Tuesday night [2/25/2020], the Washington Post reported.  The suspension came the day before Project Veritas, a conservative muckraking organization known for secretly recording targets in the media, released a video of Wright identifying as a "socialist" and trashing network executives.

ABC News Suspends Reporter On Eve Of Project Veritas Exposure.  ABC News has suspended a reporter involved in an upcoming Project Veritas video the evening before the project is set to be released.  Project Veritas, a conservative watchdog group, plans to release a video Wednesday exposing bias at ABC News, founder James O'Keefe tweeted.  Veteran reporter David Wright was suspended Tuesday evening [2/25/2020] ahead of the project's release, according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation.  ABC News did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller.

The Editor says...
There are many others.  He's just the one who got caught.

Liberal Bias 'Accelerating Wedge In Our Society,' Began With 'Love Affair' for Obama.  At a forum in California recently aired by C-SPAN, two news media veterans admitted — what all too many of their colleagues still deny — that liberal bias and overt hostility to Donald Trump is hurting the country and threatening to destroy the relevance of journalism.  "I think a liberal bias is increasingly embedded in the journalism as a result of the Trump experience and it's accelerating and deepening the wedge in our society between the left and the right," declared Van Gordon Sauter, president of CBS News for two stints in the 1980s.  He blamed universities for the lack of an ideological mix in newsrooms:  "Our colleges, which are dominated by liberals, liberal professors, are churning out these students who never hear another opinion."

Trump-hating DIA analyst pleads guilty to leaks to honeytrap reporter.  Ali Watkins, it seems, wasn't the only one.  The still-employed New York Times reporter set a new low bar in swamp journalism by sleeping with her sources, in her case Senate intelligence staffer James Wolfe, who got a two-month jail sentence for leaks to her, but in her case, ended only in her reassignment to the Times' New York City desk.  It's still going on, and a new case of it signals it's apparently widespread practice in the mainstream media.

Deep State snakes slither back after FBI, CIA swamp draining.  [Scroll down]  Soon The Washington Post had its own scoop, a report that "Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders' campaign."  Whoa, Nellie!  Inquiring minds are confused.  Whose side are the Russians on?  How can it be that Putin is trying to help both the Republican nominee and the likely Democratic nominee at the same time?  Is he stupid?  The better question is this:  Do Deep Staters and their media handmaidens think Americans are stupid?  Yes, they do.  They count on it.  It is troubling that Trump and Sanders were given conflicting information, suggesting that the intel officials don't have their facts right.  More telling about the aim is the fact that both briefings were leaked, demonstrating that nothing has changed and that insiders are still using classified information for political purposes.

MSNBC Hopes for 'Global Financial Crisis' Helping Dems in 2020.  On Friday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle talked to CNBC contributor Dan Nathan about how the booming economy may factor into the 2020 presidential race.  Without any substantiation, Nathan wildly speculated that there could be another "global financial crisis" which would provide something "Dems can run on" in the fall.  Nathan, a longtime Democratic Party donor and principal at the investment consulting group RiskReversal Advisors, began by arguing that the nation's historically low unemployment was actually a bad thing: "...the labor market is really tight, and economically, in an election year, that could pose a really big problem when you think about it here because we're just not seeing the sort of economic growth that you might expect at this stage of the recovery over the last ten years."

Trump Grants Commutations To Several Women In Need In 'Clemency Spree,' Media Focuses On 'Corruption'.  President Donald Trump granted clemency to eleven people Tuesday [2/18/2020] in what mainstream media outlets are calling a "clemency spree," but many are ignoring the several women — including women of color — who were granted relief from long prison sentences, in pursuit of headlines tying Trump to "corruption" and "white collar crime." [...] Angela Stanton received a pardon, at the behest of Alaveda King (neice of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.), after serving "a 6-month home confinement sentence for her role in a stolen vehicle ring."  After doing her time, Stanton went on to become an advocate for former inmates, pioneering "re-entry" programs for those returning to the workforce from a stint in prison," focusing on the critical role of families in the process," according to the White House's official statement on the matter.  Trump, it seems, built on his earlier criminal justice reform initiatives in deciding to commute the sentences of several other women, including Crystal Munoz, who served her time with Alice Marie Johnson — the woman found herself free after forging a friendship with Kim Kardashian West who, subsequently, took her case to the White House.

Panicked Democrat Establishment Turns To Bloomberg.  This wasn't how the 2020 race was supposed to be.  The establishment had a plan to take back control of Washington, D.C. Donald Trump had seized control and they needed to get it back.  After surveying the options, the plan was to give Joe Biden, President Obama's vice president, the nomination.  The media did their part, suppressing negative messaging about the 77-year-old who has never won a presidential primary or caucus.  They pushed an impeachment designed to suppress President Trump's numbers heading into the election year.  Instead, it helped Trump and hurt Democrats.

Why the media wants you to forget about Michael Avenatti.  Attorney and former media darling Michael Avenatti was convicted on two charges of extortion against Nike last Friday [2/14/2020].  His fate caused a deathly silence among some of the anti-Trump, cable news anchors who not so long ago were venerating him as a president-in-waiting. [...] CNN handed Michael Avenatti a whopping 107 live interviews in 2018, while MSNBC gave him 81.  Avenatti totaled 214 appearances across every network.  At one point, MSNBC and CNN carried dueling 'live' interviews with Avenatti.  But Avenatti's cable news appearances alone aren't why the media wants you to forget him — it's because he was a part of their special anti-Trump club.

27 Problems With Media's Latest Failed Attack On Attorney General William Barr.  Nearly the entire political media establishment worked with anonymous sources inside the government and Democratic offices to spread the false conspiracy theory that Trump was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.  This false and dangerous conspiracy theory negatively affected national security and foreign policy, sidelined Barr's predecessor at the Department of Justice, and generally made it difficult to run the executive branch or secure good political appointees to work in the administration.  As the media did with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who accurately raised the alarm about Russia collusion story, they have put out a series of attacks and hit pieces on Barr and John Durham, the federal prosecutor Barr appointed to investigate the FBI's spying on the Trump campaign.  The playbook is for the media and Democrats to discredit whomever they decide is a threat.

Media Will Never Understand The Country So Long As They Keep Hating Trump Voters.  Trump supporters know exactly what the media think of them, in part because the media are constantly proclaiming it. [...] As we move further into the 2020 cycle, you're going to see a lot more of this sneering contempt for Trump voters from the media, especially for voters in rural and exurban areas.

Stephanie Grisham:  Networks refusing White House airtime after good week for Trump.  White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed a slew of networks declined to book a White House official for Sunday programming after a good news week for President Trump.  Grisham, in a Friday night [2/7/2020] appearance on Hannity, acknowledged the White House will not get much airtime to discuss the State of the Union address, the president getting acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial, and a strong jobs report.  "I have got to tell you there is not going to be one White House official on any of the Sunday shows this weekend.  Only Fox Business is taking a White House official to talk about what an amazing week this president has had, and I do find that timing very, very suspect," she explained.

CNN's Cascading Credibility Crisis.  The truth is that [CNN host Don] Lemon frequently uses his nightly program to belittle President Trump and his supporters.  Like the time he said that Trump supporters should "go read a book," and "start your learning process from there."  Or the time he called President Trump a "5-year-old" and mimicked a child throwing a tantrum and then said:  "take your marbles and your toys and you go home because the kids are laughing at you."  Or the time he said Trump supporters had "tired, lazy, uninformed, uneducated, and ignorant" reasons for defending President Trump.  Or the time he told CNN's Chris Cuomo:  "I don't think every Trump supporter is a racist..."  Or the time he told Trump supporters "bless your heart," and, in case the implication went over anyone's head, added that the comment is said "in the south and you know what it means."  No wonder The New York Times reportedly insists their journalists not appear on "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon" for being too partisan.

Triggered Media Spits Venom After Trump's Post-Acquittal Speech at the White House.  Corporate media news outlets reacted with predictable venom to President Trump's triumphant post-acquittal victory lap, Thursday [2/6/2020].  Trump presided over a jubilant crowd of conservative politicians and supporters in the East Room of the White House, and was in the mood to celebrate.  It was a joyful and raucous event that most people in the room appreciated.  But not the sourpusses in the mainstream media.  The president was greeted by thunderous applause as he entered the room to "Hail to the Chief" blaring in the background.  Trump took the opportunity to personally thank members of Congress who had pushed back against the Russia and impeachment hoaxes, and he also called out the villains.

Trump Had America's Top TV News Anchors Over for Lunch — and Ate Them Alive.  Donald Trump served various television news personalities a lunch described by one White House guest as soup and filet of sole Tuesday [2/4/2020] — but soon the assembled anchorpeople were eating out of his hand.  Much to the disappointment of folks at CNN, nobody at the long table — who included NBC's Lester Holt and Chuck Todd, ABC's David Muir and George Stephanopoulos, and CBS's Norah O'Donnell and Margaret Brennan — bothered to ask why the president had gone out of his way to exclude the cable network run by Trump's former friend Jeff Zucker.  "MSDNC isn't here as well," Trump quipped — to polite chuckles but zero protests (not even by Meet the Press and MSNBC anchor Todd) from his captive audience, who were there ostensibly for a briefing on tonight's State of the Union address but instead were treated to a lot of presidential boasting about his poll numbers and the "through-the-roof" stock market, and a lot of gloating about the "fiasco" of Iowa's Democratic caucuses and the general disarray in the out-of-power party.

Seconds After Speech Ends, Brian Williams Assails 'Dark,' 'Bizarre' State of the Union.  Just seconds after Donald Trump ended his third State of the Union address on Tuesday, — a speech that saw tributes to the heroics of our military and awarding Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom — MSNBC's Brian Williams, immediately bashed it as "dark," "bizarre" and "unusual."  The honesty-challenged journalist also scolded the "many points [that] differed from the truth."  Williams launched into attack mode, decrying:  "Hard to put how unusual this was from the Speaker of the House ending by pointedly ripping up the text of the speech, to the President here engaging for the second time the Chief Justice who is sitting as judge at his impeachment trial, which continues tomorrow."

MSNBC Host Leaves Beltway Bubble, Shocked To Find Iowa Farmers Support President Trump.  In MSNBC's daytime lineup, host Katy Tur was shocked when she met Iowans who supported President Trump.  Tur sought out Iowa farmers in hopes they would publicly complain about Trump and his trade war with China.  It's conventional Democratic knowledge that Trump's trade war with China, including the consequential tariffs, are harming farmers' bottom lines, particularly in the swing state of Iowa.  However, this conventional wisdom was shot down when Tur asked farmers for their thoughts on the tariffs.

10 Embarrassing Obama Gaffes the Left Needs to Be Reminded of After Trump's Kansas Gaffe.  Perhaps one of the pettiest aspects of politics is the way political opponents pounce on gaffes.  Most gaffes, while they make for good humor, are typically not consequential blunders that mean anything beyond an innocent verbal flub or a harmless typo.  When President Trump made his infamous "covfefe" tweet four months into his presidency, many people couldn't let it go, and the coverage a simple typo received was undeniably excessive.

Trump Excludes Shocked CNN From Traditional News Anchor Luncheon Before State of the Union.  CNN media reporter Brian Stelter announced today [2/4/2020] that he's shocked, SHOCKED that the network's main anchors appear to have been left off the guest list of the traditional White House pre-State of the Union luncheon.  The luncheon is an intimate off-the-record confab in which the president usually gives an insight into what he'll talk about in his annual congressional address.

Blame media for impeachment.  The impeachment is a circus the media should have shut down in August by outing the whistle blower.  But the media refused to.  It is seething over President Trump's historic and stunning electoral victory, which has rendered the press blind with rage and utterly useless.  A media that should be a guardrail against bad policy failed Democrats.  The cheerleading by the media was quantifiable.  Nicholas Fondacaro at Media Research Center wrote, "Evening News Spin: 100% Negative on Trump Defense, 95% Positive Dems." [...] Mollie Hemingway wrote, "The media always owned this impeachment process.  Pelosi did her best to avoid impeachment but the media all but forced her into it.  They championed it every step of the way and provided help, including the blocking of arguments against it. [...]"

Media's NeverTrump Voices Drown Out Republican Perspective.  Outside of the Beltway, Republicans and conservatives steadfastly opposed to Trump are a small minority — more than 90% of Republicans approve of the president.  Yet, judging by the column inches and TV appearances being doled out, NeverTrump Republicans might be the most overrepresented demographic in America.  Nearly 63 million Americans voted for the man, and it's an indictment of the media that they are unwilling or unable to find anyone who speaks for them.

CNN Don Lemon panel faces intense backlash for mocking Trump supporters as illiterate 'credulous rubes'.  A CNN panel is facing intense backlash on Monday night [1/27/2020] for mocking Trump supporters as "credulous boomer rubes," even sparking fierce condemnation from President Trump and his presidential campaign.  The panel, which originally aired on Saturday night during special live coverage of the impeachment trial, featured CNN anchor Don Lemon, New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali, and ex-GOP strategist Rick Wilson discussing the heated exchange Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had with an NPR reporter, where he allegedly challenged the journalist to point out Ukraine on a blank map.  Wilson used the topic to mock President Trump as well as his supporters.

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This is why nobody cares about the impeachment trial.  Does there exist a more unabashed partisan than Adam Schiff? [...] Over and over again Schiff repeats things about the president that are, to the objective observer, not criminal, not impeachable, and driven by contempt.  You don't have to be a die-hard Trump homer to see that Democrats do not have the impeachment goods they said they had, and they knew from the get-go that this was going nowhere in the Senate, so they set out to stage a production, a spectacle to tarnish the president and the GOP while signaling their own virtue.  This is clear, even to ordinary Americans like myself.  Yet the liberal media, with its high level of self-importance and low level of self-awareness, acts like each boring, fanciful, inconsequential monologue is the newest iteration of the "I Have a Dream" speech.

MSNBC Hosts Furious That Senators Not as Committed to Impeachment as They Are.  If you've watched any of the impeachment trial on TV this week, you know that it's been an incredibly boring affair.  In spite of this, the hosts at MSNBC, who are deeply emotionally and professionally invested in the outcome, are annoyed that members of the Senate aren't sitting on the edge of their seats. [...] What does it say about this impeachment effort, that members of the media are angry with senators for not being as invested in it as they are?

George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Telling ABC Studio to Cut-Off Trump Defense Attorney.  A good reminder of what we can expect when President Trump's defense team has their first opportunity in five months to defend him.  During a broadcast segment on ABC news reporters in the Capitol were interviewing President Trump defense attorney Jay Sekulow.  Back in the ABC studio, Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos did not want to see ABC broadcasting statements from the defense and he is caught on camera using hand signals to tell the producers to cut-off the broadcast.  Stephanopoulos realized he was caught:  [Video clip]

'Objective' Liberal Media Fall All Over Themselves to Praise Schiff.  Liberal media folks are fond of claiming they're not biased.  CNN's Chris Cillizza said, "Let me say for the billionth time: reporters don't root for a side.  Period."  Yet we see their bias daily, despite their protestations. [...] Grabien put together a great supercuts video, with some of Cillizza's colleagues at CNN, as well as folks from MSNBC and elsewhere.  Let's watch them fall in love, with House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), who as one of the House impeachment managers, was pushing the case for the Democrats.  [Video clip]

Should You Hate the Media?  The national TV press is presently controlled by six major corporations that use their vast power to profiteer while attempting to destroy ideological enemies.  The coverage of Donald Trump's presidency has proved that statement beyond any reasonable doubt.  The stage was set early when a New York Times columnist wrote that because Mr. Trump was so loathsome (to him and his liberal colleagues), the basic tenets of fair journalism no longer applied.  Get Trump was the new rule.  The mandate of an honest journalist is to seek the truth, even if the facts of a story go against your personal belief system.  It is wrong to simply publish accusation and allegations, you must scrutinize all charges.  If you cannot find solid facts to prove a story, you then must balance it, giving both sides equal weight.  Did that happen in the Russian-collusion situation?  Of course not.

Facts the Wall Street Journal overlooked.  The Wall Street Journal ran a piece, "How Trump Has Kept Solid GOP Support Throughout Impeachment."  The story made it seem like President Donald John Trump has twisted arms and bribed Republicans to get them to toe the line.  His innocence — indeed, no crime is cited in the articles of impeachment — does not seem to come into play in the minds of the people now at the helm of what was once America's finest newspaper.  But the main reason Republicans stick with The Donald is he is good president.  He is fulfilling his promises, as well as the broken promises of the two Bushes.

If CNN Can't Take Punches, They Shouldn't Be Throwing Them.  As a guy who grew up in Philly I'd like to inform CNN that you don't get to come to the playground, smack everyone around and then run to the teacher when they hit you back.  So here are a few jabs for you purveyors of pure, unbiased truth.  Lets run down the list of people you told viewers are likely to take down Trump over the past few years.  James Comey, Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Michael Avenatti, the whistleblower, the SDNY, Andrew McCabe, Stormy Daniels, and now John Bolton and Lev Parnas.  The mathematical probability of being that wrong, that often while acting in good faith falls somewhere between zero and zero.  Do they hate their viewers?  Its like they are in an abusive relationship with them where they prey on their emotions, contently promising a better, Trump-free tomorrow, constantly disappointing that expectation.

The Media will Hold Their Own Impeachment Trial.  The dilatory tactics of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to keep the Senate impeachment trial going with constant demands for new witnesses and new evidence is intended to tarnish the president with the stain of impeachment "forever."  It will also give media the opportunity to prosecute Trump's impeachment on CNN and MSNBC, and in the New York Times and Washington Post, for the purpose of turning the public against Trump and his reelection, no matter what happens in the Senate.  They know they cannot get a guilty verdict in the upper chamber, so they will strive mightily for a guilty verdict from the public with a new Christine Blasey Ford emerging daily; Lev Parnas is merely the first.  Like synchronized swimmers, Media heads will ask that day's Julie Swetnick leading questions to get the answers they want — something that wouldn't be allowed in a court.  The goal is to get the public to convict Trump despite the House prosecutors' inevitable loss in the Senate.

Impeachment Crusade Blinds Media to Trump's Accomplishments.  Americans see beyond spin and media narratives, but ascertaining what has been going on in Washington behind the sea of impeachment headlines can be difficult.  A new Media Research Center analysis found that from the time that Democrats' impeachment push began on Sept. 24, the evening newscasts on CNN, ABC, and NBC gave the president's historic economy and trade developments just nine minutes of coverage, combined, out of 1,098 total minutes.  Conversely, impeachment efforts and Ukraine received 849 minutes of airtime.  That means news on Trump's economy made up far less than 1% of the coverage.

TV's Trump News:  Three-Fourths Impeachment and 93% Negative.  In the first 100 days since House Democrats began their impeachment push on September 24, ABC, CBS and NBC have aggressively aided the effort.  A Media Research Center analysis finds the Big Three evening newscasts have battered the President with 93% negative coverage and promoted impeachment at the expense of nearly all other Trump news.  At the same time, the broadcast networks donated at least 124 hours of wall-to-wall live coverage as they pre-empted regular programming in favor of House Democrat-led impeachment activities.  On the other hand, the networks' frenzy over impeachment has meant the Democratic presidential candidates have been barely visible on the evening newscasts, even though voting is due to begin in just three weeks.

Obsessive broadcast coverage of Trump [is] still 93% negative.  It is a tradition that continues:  almost all the broadcast news coverage about President Trump has been negative in recent months.  And there has been plenty of it.  "In the first 100 days since House Democrats began their impeachment push on September 24, ABC, CBS and NBC have aggressively aided the effort.  A Media Research Center analysis finds the Big Three evening newscasts have battered the President with 93% negative coverage and promoted impeachment at the expense of nearly all other Trump news," write Rich Noyes and Bill D'Agostino in their analysis of the coverage.  The conservative press watchdog has consistently gotten the same results in previous research dating back to Mr. Trump's campaign days.  On average, the broadcast news coverage of the president was 91% negative.

Prominent Trump- and Fox News-hater gets punked by a joke about POTUS — and then writes a fake news story.  Gabriel Sherman is a widely published writer of articles in some of the country's leading mainstream magazines.  Currently, he's a Vanity Fair special correspondent in addition to being a frequent NBC News/MSNBC contributor.  Sherman's favorite target for his screeds, aside from President Trump, is Fox News, its management, and its on-air personalities. [...] On Friday [1/10/2020], it appears that Sherman was finally hoisted on his own petard — or, in the current vernacular, "punked."  Appearing on fellow Vanity Fair special correspondent Nick Bilton's podcast Inside the Hive, hosted on the magazine's servers, Sherman told an anecdote that he and Bilton gleefully agreed summed up "the latest evidence of the president's mental decay."

The Obama Administration's Guerrilla War.  In the modern era, it is difficult to come up with an administration that has spent as much energy trying to sabotage its successor in office.  Obama administration officials have worked tirelessly to embed themselves into media outlets as supposedly objective voices.  After President Donald Trump oversaw the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and as missiles fell from the night sky into Iraq from Iran, those voices took to the airwaves to push the Obama line against Trump.  In the American media, with help from former Obama staffers, Trump was the bad guy and Iran was the good guy.  Iran deescalated tensions.  Trump made things worse.  On CNN, Jim Sciutto of the Obama administration sat as an objective news anchor.  CNN also now has Valerie Jarrett's daughter, Laura, in an anchor chair, too.  They tossed a co-anchor for their early morning news show to make room for the daughter of one of Barack Obama's most ardent defenders.  But we are supposed to pretend there is no bias.

The Fantasy War That Never Was.  Over the past few weeks, the media have been singing in 100-part harmony that America is headed to war.  From Fox News and CNN, to MSNBC and the New York Times, media magpies have been proclaiming that America is going to war with Iran, thanks to the rube-in-chief who has no idea what he is doing.  The New York Times declares the U.S. and Iran are, "At the edge of war."  The Wall Street Journal at least asks, "Will the U.S. and Iran blunder into war?" [...] We have been at war with Iran for 40 years, since the Georgia peanut farmer thought the semi-thuggish Shah of Iran was a bad guy, and a religious fanatic would be a better choice to lead the country.  The reality is that President Trump is changing course, fulfilling a campaign promise to get America out of the endless wars instigated by his predecessors.  His doctrine of national security through economic strength is paying dividends.

Media More Interested in Using Iran Situation to Hurt Trump Than to Accurately Report News.  While the news media continues to lecture Americans that truth matters, there are apples that are not bananas, and Trump voters like to be lied to, the media is continuing its relentless campaign to turn the Iran situation into a smear campaign against the Trump Administration.  It started with the press, including the New York Times, LA Times, and various TV outlets, lying about Vice President Pence.  The Vice President accurately noted that General Qassem Suleimani orchestrated the travel of ten of the 9/11 hijackers through Iran to Afghanistan to help them keep a low profile.  The 9/11 Commission report actually states that Iran did this, though it did not name Qassem Suleimani directly.  There is no dispute that Suleimani had to be the one authorizing it.  The media took the 9/11 Commission report's failure to name Suleimani directly as a chance to say the Vice President was lying.  He was not.  He got it right.  The media got it wrong — badly wrong.

The Media's Worst Year.  [Scroll down to Exhibit C]  How in the tank is NBC anchor Chuck Todd for the Democrats?  He enthusiastically read from a letter that said, "Why do people support Trump?  It's because people have been trained from childhood to believe in fairy tales... Show me a person who believes in Noah's ark and I will show you a Trump voter."  The media dump barrels of ink and shred precious airtime pondering how anyone could possibly support the president.  But, Todd deciphered the Trump code by mixing a dash of Noah with a pound of fairy tale dust.  He followed this up by indicating that some voters like to be lied to, by which he meant all Trump voters.  This is someone who the media pretends is a respected journalist hitting a triple by partaking in the media's three favorite pastimes; declaring the intellectual superiority of liberals, attacking Christians and people of faith, and disparaging Trump voters.  If he was a real journalist, the mother of all fairy tales was right in front of him — the Russian collusion fabrication to cover up an ongoing coup attempt to remove a duly elected president, a fairy tale that he and his merry band of NBC Democrats have gleefully advanced.

CNN focuses on Trump's twitter typos
CNN's Brian Stelter Does Deep-Dive Data Analysis on Trump's Twitter Typos.  CNN's Brian Stelter used up three-and-a-half minutes of his basement-rated Sunday show to blow the lid off of President Trump's Twitter typos.  Well, two things we can all spell is "3.6 percent unemployment" and "a 40 percent decline in viewers."

CNN Anchor Describes Bin Laden's Death As A 'Nothing Burger' Compared To Soleimani Killing.  CNN's chief international anchor described the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011 as a "nothing burger" compared to Thursday's [1/2/2020] killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani.  The leader of Iran's elite Quds Force was killed during an airstrike Thursday ordered by President Donald Trump near the Baghdad, Iraq, airport, the Pentagon said in a statement.  "Qasem Soleimani was at the height of his power when he was taken out.  Unlike Osama bin Laden, who was a forgotten, you know, nothing burger, sort of hiding in a villa in Pakistan," CNN's Christiane Amanpour said Friday.

By sheer coincidence, every "mistake" worked to Trump's detriment.
109 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era:  The Definitive List.  We the media have "fact-checked" President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet — and he's certainly given us plenty to write about.

Despite Intense Media Disinformation Zogby Poll Shows President Trump Beating all Dem Candidates.  The scale of media involvement in the 2020 election will likely be the most massively biased propaganda effort in the history of U.S. media manipulation.  Together with the big tech effort from control operatives in social media, the scale of unified effort is likely to exceed Orwellian proportions.  However, that said, after three years of constant media propaganda and narrative engineering, recent polling shows President Trump beating all Democrat candidates.

The Religious Bigotry of NeverTrumpers.  The mockumentary that aired Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" featured many sidesplitting moments; host Chuck Todd and other Democratic activists disguised as journalists spent an hour solemnly discussing the "assault on the truth" inflicted by Donald Trump and his "cult-like" followers.  The very same propagandists responsible for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories about collusion between Team Trump and the Russians proceeded to scold the president, his advisors, and conservatives for allegedly spreading fake news and conspiracy theories.  It was hilarious.  The executive editor of the Washington Post, the news organization that has published thousands of stories pushing the Russian collusion hoax, lamented: "[W]e live in an environment where people are able to spread crazy conspiracy theories and absolute falsehoods and lies."

'Like Hitler': Linda Ronstadt sees 'great parallels' between rise of Trump and Nazi Germany.  Musician Linda Ronstadt drew parallels between the election of President Trump and the rise of the Nazis in Germany during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.  "You have read a lot about the Weimar Republic in Germany, and you sort of see great parallels between then and now," Cooper said in a preview clip released Monday [12/30/2019].  "Well, great parallels," said Ronstadt.  "There were a lot of chances.  Hitler rose to power; there were a lot of chances to stop him, and they didn't speak out.  And the industrial complex thought they could control him once they got him in office.  And of course, he was not controllable."  "I think a lot of people, though, would be surprised to hear comparisons between what happened then and now," Cooper suggested.

The Editor says...
The ability to sing does not enhance the value of your opinion.

Making Journalism Great Again.  A new year is upon us, and I am keenly aware of the Fourth Estate's four New Year's Resolutions for 2020:  (1) get Trump; (2) get Trump's friends and family; (3) ridicule anyone who has voted or would consider voting for Trump; and (4) protect the Democratic Party from scandal. [...] Chris Wallace has gone so far as to claim that there has never been a more dangerous time for the First Amendment than when the President of the United States exercises his free speech.

Trump-Hating NY Times Pouts Trump Doesn't Throw Christmas Parties for Journalists.  The front of the New York Times Sunday Styles section was a microcosm of self-absorbed journalists indulging themselves over the holidays:  "The Pall Before Christmas."  It was written by Shawn McCreesh, previously an editorial assistant to Maureen Dowd and who here shares Dowd's contemptuous irreverence toward Trump[.]  It takes some gall, after prominent Democrats have encouraged confrontation of Trump staffers (and the Times running op-eds advocating "doxxing" migrant detention center employees), for the paper to suddenly wonder where everyone is.

New Yorker editor David Remnick: 'It's a source of great frustration' people still support Trump.  The New Yorker Editor David Remnick said Sunday that it's "a source of great frustration for the press" that Americans still continue to support President Trump despite last week's impeachment drama.  During an appearance on CNN, Mr. Remnick was asked by "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter whether anything was going change now that Mr. Trump had been impeached by the Democrat-controlled House.

Christian Post editor quits over pro-Trump editorial:  It's 'bad for the Gospel'.  An editor for The Christian Post announced his "abrupt" resignation Monday night [11/23/2019] over an editorial that he says positioned the evangelical Christian newspaper as being "on Team Trump."  Napp Nazworth, who has worked for the Christian Post website since 2011, according to The Washington Post, announced in a series of tweets that he could no longer work for the publication in good conscience over its pro-Trump stance.

The Editor says...
Presumably, he could now go to work for a magazine with an anti-Trump stance and be perfectly comfortable with it.

NBC News Smears Trump's Conservative Judges as 'Anti-LGBTQ'.  "A third of Trump's court nominees have anti-LGBTQ history, report finds."  That was the headline at NBC News on Monday evening [12/23/2019], though the "report" in question was produced by a liberal LGBTQ advocacy group, Lambda Legal.

Who Will Protect Us From The Press?  We have been told since the birth of this great nation about the importance of the "fourth estate" in the functioning of a free and fair democracy. [...] And, yet, from the inception of this witch hunt the majority of the so-called "mainstream" media outlets have exercised no true journalistic function whatsoever.  Staffed by individuals ideologically aligned with Hillary Clinton and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party they have simply lapped up every bizarre claim and accusation and repeated them into a megaphone without any attempt whatsoever to vet the information they were printing or broadcasting.

Corrupt Democrats Pushing America toward the Abyss.  If America had an even remotely responsible media establishment, preferably one that does not tweet out something like "Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo team," corrupt intelligence leaders would not have the latitude to plan a coup.  Democracy truly does die in darkness, and the Washington Post and its hopelessly corrupt media colleagues are committed to bringing that darkness.  No Republican would be so bold.  The media would violently and endlessly scream bloody murder if Republicans tried to impeach President Obama for any number of his very real acts of corruption and failed leadership until Republicans backed down in shame.  The two parties traditionally operated under a form of political deterrence and were able to work effectively together within that system.  That ended when Democrat accountability disappeared under the corrupting influence of their rise in cultural and media power, stoked mercilessly by the Obama administration.

Silicon Valley conservatives to launch Drudge Report competitor with 'Free Matt Drudge' campaign.  Three anonymous Silicon Valley conservatives have announced their intention to create a news aggregation site to rival the Drudge Report following what they describe as his recent leftward tilt. [...] Some have suggested the Drudge Report started their ideological transformation during the impeachment investigation into President Trump's conduct surrounding Ukraine.  However, one of the founders disagreed, claiming that said shift could be seen on the day after Trump was inaugurated.  "This is something that began the day after the election.  You could watch it in real time starting at about 9:30 a.m. a day after the election," that founder told the Washington Examiner in an interview.

Boston Globe refuses to run anti-impeachment ad.  The Boston Globe last week rejected a Christmas-themed anti-impeachment ad from America First Policies, a group supportive of President Trump.  Earlier this month, the group announced a $2 million ad buy to spread its message against impeachment, for newspapers across the country in districts represented by House Democrats — but districts that Trump won in 2016.  The ad featured a Christmas sweater background with text reading, "Sweaters aren't the only ugly thing you will see this December... SHAM IMPEACHMENT."

Donald Trump will prevail over 'scalp-hunting' journalists.  If, as expected, the Democrats' impeachment dies a quick death in the Senate, it's not just Speaker Nancy Pelosi who will have been thwarted.  Presidential scalp-hunting by a biased media will be another Washington game disrupted by Trump.  Backed by a press corps eager to get Trump, Pelosi felt confident to authorize the flimsy effort to remove the president from office.  She assumed media bullhorns would push the public into her camp and that would win her Republican votes for a bipartisan takedown.  She certainly got the media support, but the public and the GOP aren't following.  Indeed, the harder that Reps.  Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler push and the louder the anti-Trump media scream, the more the public resists impeachment over the Ukraine piffle.

Trump campaign mocks newspaper editorial boards for backing impeachment.  The Trump campaign dismissed a number of editorial boards at major news publications that have announced their support for impeaching President Trump.  The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this week on two articles of impeachment:  abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  It will then go to the Senate for a trial, where it's expected to be dismissed quickly.  The Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and USA Today have all called for Trump to be impeached based on the articles.

Editorial shows why newspapers should die.  USA Today demanded that Congress "Impeach President Trump."  The editorial is a testament to the uselessness of editorial boards.  Only the uninformed would fall for the newspaper's misrepresentations of the facts. [...] The argument that "Trump used your tax dollars to shake down a vulnerable foreign government to interfere in a U.S. election for his personal benefit" is an abomination.  It was Joe Biden who did so as vice president when he used a billion-dollar loan guarantee to coerce Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a company that paid Biden's coke-addled son, Hunter, a million dollars a year.  Joe Biden bragged about it in 2018. [...] The newspaper never gave Donald John Trump an endorsement, a chance, or an apology.  It has zero credibility with President Trump's supporters.  And they will decide whether a telephone call is worthy of impeachment.

Bully plays victim:
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace accuses Donald Trump of 'the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history'.  A respected Fox News Channel host raked President Donald over the coals this week for his treatment of political journalists, who he has called 'the enemy of the people' and a more potent 'opposition party' than the Democrats.  Trump's regular verbal broadsides against the reporters who cover him may not be the most direct such attack in American history:  Abraham Lincoln ordered the jailing of Northern newspaper reporters and editors who publicly opposed freeing black slaves in the South as a rationale for a civil war.  The current president has moved to temporarily suspend two reporters' White House credentials, and his use of social media to demonize his First Amendment-protected antagonists has had the most stinging impact on the profession in generations.

The Editor says...
President Trump's actions against the heavily-biased news media are far outweighed by the non-stop propaganda campaign waged by the "mainstream" reporters covering the White House.  In my opinion, the American people can see this bias, and they are solidly on Mr. Trump's side in this dispute.  Exposing the news media as Socialist/Democrat activists has been one of Mr. Trump's greatest achievements.

Joy Behar Upset Majority of Voters Not Backing Impeachment:  Trump 'Tactics' Are Working!  A new Quinnipiac poll out Tuesday [12/10/2019] revealed the Democrats' push to impeach President Trump appears to be working against them with voters, with a slight majority now opposing impeachment.  The hosts of The View were upset at this news and lashed out at their Republican guest co-host, former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie on Wednesday's show, blaming Republican "tactics" for persuading voters against impeachment.  Sounding like she worked for MSNBC, Behar grumbled that the poll was a sign Trump's "tactics" were swaying public opinion: [...]

Nolte: Massive Media Fail As Poll Of Polls Prove Trump's More Popular Than Obama.  Real Clear Politics, a non-partisan (and indispensable) site that tracks countless polls and averages them, also tracks the job approval numbers for President Trump and former (thank heaven) President Obama in a way that allows us to see how the two presidents compare on this same day during their respective presidencies. [...] We are now entering our fourth year of a media jihad against Trump, a hate campaign unlike any other in modern history.  Literally, billions and billions and billions of corporate dollars are being spent by every corner of the establishment media to destroy one man, this one man:  Trump.  The "Very Fine People" Hoax, the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Fish Food Hoax, the Brett Kavanaugh-Rapist Hoax, the Kurds Are Being Exterminated Hoax — I'm forgetting a hundred more — and now we have this laughable Impeachment Hoax.  Compare that to Barry Obama, a man this same media spent billions and billions and billions of corporate dollars to shield, to protect, to assure and reassure the public of his unique magnificence, competence, and holiness.

Washington Post blasted over column urging journalists to 'reach the undecided' on impeachment.  The Washington Post is taking heat over a column urging journalists to "reach the undecided" in the country who have yet to be swayed on the topic of impeachment.  In a piece titled, "Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not changing any minds.  Here's how journalists can reach the undecided," Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan argued Thursday [12/5/2019] that "not much has changed" during the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump in recent weeks despite all the media attention it has received.  "So, is the media coverage pointless?  Are journalists merely shouting into the void?" Sullivan asked.  She later cited Columbia University journalism professor Bill Grueskin, who suggested that journalists have a "movie-trailer approach" to impeachment coverage.

The Cacophonous Fantasyland of Anti-Trump Hysteria.  The disgraceful hooting and whistling that greeted Melania Trump last week when she spoke against the opioid epidemic in Baltimore, and particularly the somewhat supportive description of it in parts of the anti-Trump media, illustrate the depths that have been plumbed by the Trump-haters.  The first lady's performance in her difficult position has been entirely dignified and positive.  She has not uttered an inappropriate word or made any awkward or unsuitable gesture, and enjoys quite widespread public approval.  Nasty criticism of her in the media cannot be seen as anything but an indication of the malice and desperation of Trump's enemies.

Why Are Taxpayers Subsidizing Get-Trump Propaganda?  The name "All Things Considered" would suggest a wide-ranging survey of viewpoints on today's issues.  That's the name of the taxpayer-subsidized nightly evening show that National Public Radio broadcasts to a national audience.  So it is particularly maddening when NPR broadcasts yet another segment featuring a discussion among three anti-Trump pundits who seem unable to consider anything that doesn't help NPR's quest to take down the president.  Before turning to impeachment, the segment began with NPR host Ari Shapiro, New York Times columnist David Brooks, and Vox writer Matthew Yglesias finding something nasty to say about the president visiting the troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving.  It was a perfect little echo chamber. [...] But Afghanistan was not what they really wanted to talk about.  The trio quickly pivoted to impeachment.  They used the segment to reassure listeners that the president had absolutely no defense against the charges against him.  Brooks repeated a variation of this same assertion three times.

More about NPR.

Sharyl Attkisson compiles list of 101 notable media mistakes on Trump.  As the dominant media in the United States have degenerated into propaganda organs for the Left, a few honest reporters have distinguished themselves by sticking to the truth, even as it has cost them their high visibility posts.  Sharyl Attkisson, a 3 decade veteran of MSM broadcasting who was spied on by the Obama administration (her computer was intruded upon) and is fighting back (she needs your support!), is holding her former MSM colleagues responsible for their excesses in attacking President Trump.  Now, she is compiling a growing list of notable media mistakes in reporting false stories about President Trump.  It's the Fake News Follies.

Democrats Want to Manage, Not Represent, the People.  The trivial nonsense that populates the mainstream media on most days has little relevance to the life of the average person.  The elite media is a sounding board for the anxiety, narcissism, and jealousy of rulers afraid of losing their prestige, as if all Americans shared or should share their fears.  Pro-establishment propaganda is repackaged in shrill, misplaced, childish rhetoric about the Constitution (a document for which they have previously had little regard) and what the Founding Fathers (men they are otherwise pleased to call racists beyond contempt) would have done about the Orange Menace.

Conservative Media Killing Operation Mockingbird.  Clearly, there is a coordinated fake news media campaign to instill hatred for Trump, America, Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, and straight white men.  It is as if a daily memo is sent to Democrat media operatives.  "Okay everyone, the phrase of the day is "Trump is an existential threat."  Every news broadcast finds a way to fit it in.  "Here's Amy with the weather report."  "Thanks Jim.  It will be stormy today.  And speaking of stormy, Trump is an existential threat."  No one knows what "existential threat" means.  But it sounds smart and is intended to sell the lie that Trump is extremely dangerous.  Democrats are currently blitzing the media with their lie, "Trump is a cult leader."  What they are really promoting is Trump supporters are a small minority of mind-controlled hateful crazies.

Poll: Majority of Republicans think Trump is a better president than Lincoln.  A majority of Republicans believe President Trump is a better leader than Abraham Lincoln, who guided the nation through the Civil War.  The Economist and YouGov conducted a poll from Nov. 24-26 of 1,500 American adults.  In the wide-ranging poll, researchers asked Americans to compare Trump to past U.S. presidents.  Fifty-three percent of Republicans said that Trump is a better president than Lincoln.  For Democrats and Independents, Lincoln is considered to have been the better president with 94% and 78%, respectively.

MSNBC host calls Republicans 'racial' cult for ranking Trump as better president than Lincoln.  MSNBC host Joy Reid slammed Republicans as President Trump's "racial and religious cult" after a poll showed that a majority of them view Trump as a better president than Abraham Lincoln.  "There's a lot of ways if you look at like the public religion research institute numbers that, you know, it isn't just a pejorative to say that it's a cult," Reid said Saturday [11/30/2019] on her show. [...] Reid's comments came during a discussion about a poll conducted this week by The Economist and YouGov, which found that a majority of Republicans consider Trump a better president than Abraham Lincoln.  The vast majority of independents and Democrats considered Lincoln to be the superior president.

Afghanistan Thanksgiving:  Trump makes the press look like boobs.  For the U.S. troops abroad, President Trump made a major personal sacrifice by skipping his own Thanksgiving in order to surprise them by helping to serve them theirs.  Under cover of secrecy, he flew nearly 7,000 miles, met with them, praised and cheered them, took selfies with them, served them in the chow line, and generally gave the brave fighting men and women in the world's most forlorn hellhole something to smile about.  It was a lovely presidential gesture, well in keeping with past presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who also made holiday trips to cheer the troops.  But unlike them, he also had a goodie for us back home:  he managed to expose the press as presumptuous boobs. [...] Newsweek meant to criticize Trump for golfing on Thanksgiving, which actually would have been an acceptable thing for him to do, given that it was a holiday and every chief executive needs what project managers call "maintenance time."

Newsweek fires reporter who wrote inaccurate story on Trump's Thanksgiving Day plans.  The Newsweek reporter who wrote an inaccurate story about President Trump's Thanksgiving Day plans has been fired.  The outlet's original story claimed the president only planned on tweeting and golfing during his holiday break, neglecting to mention his trip to Afghanistan.  Newsweek's Jessica Kwong, whose Twitter handle identifies her as a political reporter "covering Trump administration and family," initially published the article Thursday morning [11/28/2019], before the president's trip to Afghanistan was announced publicly.  The story's initial headline was, "How is Trump spending Thanksgiving?  Tweeting, golfing and more."

Newsweek Fires Journalist Responsible for False Story About President Trump's ThanksgivingNewsweek has fired the journalist who was responsible for the false story that President Donald Trump spent Thanksgiving "tweeting" and "golfing," when in fact the president was secretly traveling to Afghanistan to surprise U.S. troops for the holiday.  Newsweek told Breitbart News in a statement that the magazine has moved away from "knee-jerk political snarkiness" to focus on real reporting.

Trump blasts Newsweek over story on his Thanksgiving plans.  President Trump slammed Newsweek over its story on his Thanksgiving plans, which the mag said would include "tweeting, golfing and more" — before he ended up making a surprise visit to US troops in Afghanistan.  "I thought Newsweek was out of business?" the president wrote, quote-tweeting his son Donald Trump Jr.'s photo of the commander in chief serving Thanksgiving dinner to the service members at Bagram Airfield, north of Kabul.  Attached to the image was a screenshot of Newsweek's Thursday morning story, with the headline:  "How is Trump spending Thanksgiving?  Tweeting, golfing and more."

Donald Trump Mocks Newsweek for Fake Thanksgiving Headline.  President Donald Trump mocked Newsweek after they reported Thursday [11/28/2019] he spent Thanksgiving golfing and tweeting.  In fact, the president was secretly traveling to Afghanistan to visit deployed American troops.  "I thought Newsweek was out of business?" Trump wrote on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of the article and photos of him with the troops in Afghanistan posted by his son Donald Trump Jr.

CrowdStrike: a Conspiracy Wrapped in a Conspiracy Inside a Conspiracy.  Long story short, the Democrat-media complex has successfully convinced one half of the world that Trump is a Russian agent.  Now they're acting as if they'd spent the last three years in a coma, unaware of any bombshell stories about collusion.  And bombshell stories without any continuation are a telltale sign of fake narratives.  The only consequence of these bombshells is mass amnesia among the foot soldiers.  The Trump-Russian outrage is dead, long live the Trump-Ukraine outrage.  And when that outrage is dead, the next outrage that will be just outrageous.  The current impeachment narrative alleges that Trump used military aid as leverage in asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden (which implies the Democrats know Biden is dirty, otherwise why bother?). What's not in this picture is CrowdStrike.  Even though Trump mentioned it in the phone call, it has nothing to do with the Bidens nor the Javelin missiles.  CrowdStrike has nothing to do with impeachment.  We're told it's just a silly conspiracy theory in Trump's head, that it's a nonissue.

Rep. Cohen:  We Can Impeach Trump Again.  On Wednesday's [11/27/2019] broadcast of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said House Democrats could impeach President Donald Trump again.  John Berman asked, "Given the fact each day it seems we learn more about what the president knew and when he knew it, are you concerned that this impeachment process is being rushed through before all the facts are known, more stuff may still come out?"  Cohen said, "Well, I think things will come out.  Things will come out for as long as he's president and after he's president. [...]"

The Editor says...
Can President Trump still be impeached after he's no longer president (beginning in January 2025)?  If so, let's have another look at the grounds for Obama's impeachment.

'Watergate' Doesn't Mean What the Press Thinks It Means.  I was reflecting this week on my brief stint, many years ago, as a newspaperman.  It was a job I loved.  I signed on not too many years after the Watergate scandal, and journalists were still flush with heroic ideas about themselves. [...] I look back now and the whole thing seems a sham, a self-congratulatory illusion created by leftists in both the news media and in Hollywood.

CNN's Joan Walsh attacks president Trump, Melania's treatment of hero dog Conan.  If CNN contributor Joan Walsh has a say in the matter, the Democratic Party has just been given another article of impeachment in the wake of President Donald Trump's "terrifying" aloofness toward the military dog Conan.  Hey, when hating Trump is your business, it doesn't take much to get you worked up.  Conan, the hero dog who was injured in the raid which led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was honored at the White House on Monday, receiving both a medal and a plaque.  Yet, Walsh opted to respond to what proves to be a proud moment for military dogs and their effectiveness by trashing Trump and the first lady, who not only selected a "macabre" coat to wear but — egad! — "moves away from Conan multiple times!"

Rush Warns His 15 Million Listeners to Not Trust Fox News.  The formerly conservative network is going to keep moving towards the political Left, Rush said on Friday.  He believes it is to appease the "radicals" and "big wigs" that help them with advertising, he told his 15 to 20 million followers.  "I can't tell you the number of people who are complaining to me about Fox and their analysis here.  And, folks, all I can tell you is there's nothing new about that," said Limbaugh.  He has blasted Fox News several times, including seven weeks ago when he called them the never Trumper network.

CNN's Joan Walsh Tweets She's 'Shocked' Trump Did Not Sexually Assault Hero Dog.  CNN's National Affairs Correspondent, Joan Walsh, said she was "shocked" President Trump didn't sexually assault the hero military dog visiting the White House on Monday [11/25/2019].  Walsh dedicated a whole Twitter thread to critiquing the body language of both Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as they welcomed Conan, the dog that took down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

CNN's Ana Navarro refuses to believe 2 polls showing 34% of blacks approve of President Trump.  Yesterday's [11/25/2019] news that two different respected polls are showing 34% of African-Americans approving of President Trump is such bad news for Trump-haters that some refuse to believe it.  Among those who presume to speak for African Americans is "proud Nicaraguan-AMERICAN" Ana Navarro, a CNN contributor who is nominally a Republican (she supported Jeb! in 2016), but who announced that she voted for Democrats for president and governor of Florida because of her hatred for President Trump.

Liberal media trying to 'diminish' Trump, downplay seriousness of IG Horowitz's FISA report.  The mainstream media is trying to "diminish" the president's claims that Justice Department (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz's upcoming report on alleged FISA abuse will be "historic," former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Fox News Contributor Jason Chaffetz said Saturday [11/23/2019].  Appearing on "Fox & Friends:  Weekend" with hosts Pete Hegseth, Ed Henry, and Rachel Campos-Duffy, Chaffetz said that it is no coincidence that after the president's exclusive interview on "Fox & Friends" Friday, "less than eight hours later New York Times and Washington Post almost simultaneously within the hour come out with a story trying to diminish what the president was saying."

The Media Neither Read the Transcripts Nor Watched the Hearings.  The media seem not to have watched the impeachment hearings:  they stopped paying attention the moment the witnesses' prepared statements were leaked and the Democrats' talking points were posted.  Nor did many journalists bother to read the transcripts of the witnesses' depositions in the earlier, closed-door hearings.

Attempt to Shame Trump Supporter on Daily Show Panel Completely Backfires.  Comedy Central host Roy Wood Jr. sat down with a panel of African-American voters to get their take on what black voters want in a presidential candidate, and their responses seemed to surprise him.  The similarity among the six African-American voters he sat down with in Atlanta last week is that they voted for President Obama in 2012, with the exception of one who was too young at the time.  "Which candidate do you think best understands the needs of the black voter?" he asked.

Media Unleashes Criticism After Trump Brings Hero Dog To White House.  The media went after President Donald Trump on Monday during Conan's visit to the White House, attacking him for a litany of reasons, including making jokes to the press and not standing close enough to the dog.  Conan, who is credited with getting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to kill himself during a special forces raid last month, went to the White House on Monday to visit with Trump, first lady Melania Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence.  While many people used the moment to celebrate the dog's heroic actions, some members of the media fretted about Trump's behavior during the event.

CNN, MSNBC Refuse to Carry Live WH Event for Conan the Dog from the Baghdadi Raid.  On Monday morning [11/25/2019], CNN and MSNBC missed an easy lay-up that would have reinforced their love for America and our military.  Instead, they refused to carry live the public portion of a White House event honoring Conan, the Belgian Malinois dog who became famous for their heroism during the October 26 raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  In CNN's case, the Jeffrey Zucker-led network's hatred for Trump led them to not even acknowledge that the event took place during Inside Politics and since then (as of this blog's publication).  And for MSNBC, there was a 34-second brief before a pivot back to the only story that matters to the press, which is removing President Trump from office.

CNN's Brian Stelter Hosts Segment Branding President Trump a 'Destructive Cult Leader' Who is Using 'Mind Control'.  This network, which wants you to believe that they are neutral and unbiased, continued on to hold a serious discussion about how to make people stop supporting the president, while disparaging them as crazed cult members.

Peggy Noonan Reminds Us Why Trump Won.  Three years after outsider Donald Trump blew up the political world with his implausible victory over the consummate insider, Hillary Clinton, many establishment Republicans still don't get it. [...] The grande dame of the disgruntled NeverTrump Republicans has been the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan, whose columns on Trump usually sound like a mash-up of the prescriptions of Emily Post and a snobbery redolent of Lady Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey.

Reuters Deletes Story Meant to Make Trump Look Bad After Realizing it Made Obama Look Bad.  Reuters completely deleted a wire story concerning the number of children in migrant detention centers after discovering that the author's figures were from 2015 and do not reflect the current number of children in such centers.  Adding an editor's note or something of the like was tossed for a complete revocation, which is always last and worst case scenario in the news world.

Media Acknowledged Ukrainian Election Meddling Until It Hurt Their Impeachment Efforts.  As the endless impeachment hearings drag on, congressional Democrats and the mainstream media are pushing the narrative that Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election is a fictitious theory.  But that's not what they said just after President Trump won the election. [...] However, the corporate leftist media were the ones that initially reported on Ukraine's meddling in the 2016 election.  Now, those facts contradict their narrative, which means we must ignore them.  Lucky for us, the internet doesn't scrub their former reporting away.

Nets Cheer Sondland 'Directly Implicating' Trump, Then Admit He Didn't.  During an 11:00 a.m. ET hour break in Wednesday's [11/20/2019] impeachment hearing, all three broadcast networks eagerly proclaimed the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, was "directly implicating" President Trump in a "quid pro quo" with Ukraine.  However, just minutes later, those same networks admitted that Sondland never heard any such thing directly from the President.  "Well, Gordon Sondland, clearly the man of the hour there, as we are halfway through the questioning," Nightly News anchor Lester Holt declared during NBC's special coverage.  He further claimed that Sondland "dropped a lot of bombshells" and "Is now implicating the President directly."  He emphasized that Sondland "had direct communications with the President." [...] The only problem with those pronouncements?  They weren't true.

Did Vindman Leak Info About Delay of Aid to Ukraine to Politico; Same Article Schiff Used to Kick-Off Scandal.  On Monday, investigative journalist Paul Sperry tweeted that, "BREAKING: Suspicions grow on Hill that Vindman was the source of leak of suspension of US aid story to, whose national security beat is now controlled by Intelligence Community embed Natasha Bertrand, who has links to radical globalist organizations."  Politico's Natasha Bertrand is listed as a contributor to the Politico story cited above. [...] Later that day, Adam Schiff tweets the Politico article and writes, "Trump is withholding vital military aid to Ukraine, while his personal lawyer seeks help from the Ukraine government to investigate his political opponent.  It doesn't take a stable genius to see the magnitude of this conflict.  Or how destructive it is to our national security."  Is it possible that Vindman and Schiff were in cahoots?  Vindman plants an article, and then Schiff runs with it?  It's a perfect illustration of circular reporting.

Nets Follow Pelosi Marching Orders: 'Bribery' Mentioned 43 Times.  Following Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Thursday morning [11/14/2019] press conference in which she accused President Trump of "bribery," the broadcast networks spent the next 24 hours featuring the term 43 times in evening and morning show coverage.  All of it designed to boost the impeachment crusade against Trump.  After Thursday's evening newscasts dutifully assaulted viewers with the "bribery" buzzword a whopping 19 times [...], Friday's morning shows kept up the onslaught with another 18 mentions [...].

Poll: 53% of Black Voters, 60% of Other Minority Voters Say Media Are Trying to Help Impeach Trump.  Both black voters and other minority voters are more convinced than white voters that most reporters are trying to help impeach President Donald Trump, rather than report the news fairly — with a majority of each of the three groups holding that view — a new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals. [...] 53% of black voters and 60% of other minorities, compared to 51% of whites, said reporters are trying to get Trump rather than report the news fairly.

Impeachment Frenzy:  TV Networks Blast Trump With 96% Negative News.  With virtually no chance Senate Republicans will vote to remove President Trump from office, House Democrats' drive for impeachment is more likely aimed at creating a deluge of negative daily headlines hoping to cripple Trump going into next year's election.  If that is indeed Democrats' goal, then the three broadcast networks are doing everything they can to help achieve this partisan objective.

'News' Shows Try to Beat Trump Senseless.  The networks are always and forever going to try and beat this president senseless with negative coverage.  It's out of control.  The latest study by the Media Research Center's Rich Noyes finds that during the six weeks since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the inquiry (Sept. 24 through Nov. 5), "the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts churned out 398 minutes of coverage to the Ukraine scandal."  Important, yes, but it's "more than three-fifths of all administration news during this period."  It neatly resembles their fiendish obsession with their last "fake news" chapter:  Trump and Russia.  Here's what's truly amazing.  The tone of overall coverage was 96% negative.  That makes the long-running average of 90% look good.

Meet the Press Panel Hopes Dems Can 'Dramatize' Impeachment Hearings With Crying Witnesses.  Following Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd grilling Republican Senator Rand Paul and tossing softballs to Democratic Congressman Jim Himes on Sunday [11/11/2019], regarding impeachment, the political panel admitted that House Democrats had an uphill battle in upcoming public hearings.  The worried journalists urged liberal lawmakers to "dramatize" those hearings as much as possible and hoped some of the witnesses would cry or become "emotional."  "I think in those two segments, with Rand Paul and Jim Himes, we had a good snapshot of how difficult this is going to be for the — for the Democrats to convince the country that this is extraordinary behavior that disqualifies the President from office," The Washington Post's David Ignatius admitted.  He also acknowledged that impeachment effort against President Trump looked "purely partisan."

How the Deep State Media Operate.  The targeted, coordinated and swarming feeding-freezing journalism for political ends appears to be, not just the product of individuals, but a collaborative effort between media outlets and the Deep State, which is transnational and may have been and may still be an intimate element in the perpetration of the anti-Trump narrative.  In many ways similar to Journolist, the British Integrity Initiative describes itself as an organizer of an international "network of networks" of "experts, opinion formers and policy makers" to "counter Russian disinformation."

President Trump. vs. the Media.  Since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, leftists in the mainstream media, which is to say virtually all of the mainstream media have abandoned nearly every pretense about who they are, what they represent, and what are their goals.  It is safe to say that many of the problems we face in America today are directly attributable to the fact that, because of their warped worldview, the vast majority of the American media simply won't tell the truth.  This is especially troubling when one considers that the American media has lied and continues to lie on almost every moral issue debated in America.

AP reporters colluded with FBI against president.  The next time you are talking to a Washington reporter, make sure he is not colluding with the FBI.  Otherwise you could have big problems, the way Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's 2016 campaign manager, did following a meeting four Associated Press reporters had with Andrew Weisman, then chief of the Justice Department's Criminal Fraud Section, and other FBI agents.  It was at this April 2017 meeting that the Washington AP reporters provided the FBI with information about Manafort, including the code of a locker that Manafort maintained at a storage facility in Virginia.  Two months later, prosecutor Weissman, a Hillary Clinton supporter, went to work for Robert Mueller's Russian collusion probe.  There he led the subsequent investigation and prosecution of Manafort in a failed effort to prove Trump Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

CNN panel frets that Dems let Bolton & Mulvaney pass: 'It's a big sacrifice to give up those witnesses'.  CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin is pouting because House Democrats have decided not to compel the testimony of acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and disgruntled former National Security Adviser John Bolton.  Toobin claims Mulvaney and Bolton might be able to offer damning testimony against President Trump in the Democrats' doomed impeachment efforts.

Who on earth watches The View and why?  Though The View has been on television since 1997 and its numerous hosts have come and gone, it is a mystery as to who watches it.  In its formative years, it may have been watchable, even occasionally newsworthy; Barbra Walters was an actual journalist.  Now, from the clips that are picked up and aired by other news outlets, it has clearly devolved into a slugfest — vicious, leftist women attack their guests if remotely conservative.  There is zero respect for any guest with a politically incorrect opinion.  They slobbered over Chelsea Clinton as if she were the Queen of England and attacked Donald Trump Jr. as if he were a serial killer on the loose. [...] [T]he women on that panel are as uninformed as they are vicious.  There is nothing worse than the pomposity of the unlearned.  They feel entitled to verbally assault any guest, no matter how gracious that guest may be, if they hold even slightly conservative views.

Don Jr. 'View' appearance takes surprising turn when hosts scold cheering audience: 'This is not a MAGA rally!'  Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, appeared on "The View" this Thursday [11/7/2019], and right from the get-go there were fireworks.  Literally within seconds of the segment beginning, co-host Whoopi Goldberg threw the first punch by refusing to say Trump Jr.'s full name, reportedly at the beckoning of fellow co-host (and anti-Trump zealot) Joy Behar.  [Video clip]

Trump Derangement Is Destroying Political Analysis.  The last four years of political punditry and analysis have been objectively wretched.  Regardless of your feelings about the present political moment, precisely no one can defend the quality of the analysis that dominates the airwaves and pages of our corporate media.  They told us throughout the 2016 campaign that the notion of Donald Trump winning the presidency was a joke.  The mockery increased as election day drew near.  From the Washington Post:  "Donald Trump's chances of winning are approaching zero."  At 10:20 P.M. on election night, The New York Times assured us that "Hillary Clinton has an 85% chance of winning." [...] Their numerical confidence colored their reporting throughout the campaign in ways that materially supported their political cohorts, chiefly Hillary Clinton.

Lefty Pundits to Democratic Presidential Field: 'You're Losers!'.  Over on the far left, New York magazine's Jonathan Chait writes that the latest battleground states poll shows that Democrats are living "in a fantasy world."  [...] As Chait is forced to conclude, "if you've been relying on national polls for your picture of the race, you're probably living in la-la land."  Normally this is where I'd advise you to read the whole thing, but we are talking about Chait here.  It's just impossible for him to write an analysis piece about candidates in his own party without throwing in all sorts of anti-Trump talking points.  When I want my readers to know what's going on in the Democratic field, they don't need to wade through horse hooey about Trump's "abuses of power" or his "attempts to eliminate health insurance for millions of Americans."

Where were the whistleblowers on foreign policy during Obama's terms?  [Scroll down]  Instead of the media being unbiased observers and reporters, they have been active participants in the indoctrination of the public that Trump is a lawbreaker, ignores the Constitution and is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, dictator and fascists among other names as they say Trump is divisive.  The meddling by the media to destroy Trump and elect Democrats is much more dangerous to the integrity of our elections than anything Russia or any other foreign country has or is doing.  When the media is intentionally peddling false stories about Russian collusion, lies about what Trump said about Charlottesville, blocking opposing views on climate change, attacking Kavanaugh with no evidence or burying the Jeffrey Epstein story they are campaigners, not reporters.  They are anything but fact checkers.

Levin: Five Ways the 'Unfree Media' Are Contributing to 'The Greatest Scandals in American Politics'.  In a series of tweets, [Mark] Levin blasted liberal media dishonesty, negligence and bias in their efforts to help Democrats impeach President Donald Trump.

NY Times' 10-Page Attack on Trump Twitter's Racist, Conspiratorial, Anti Media-Madness.  President Trump's dangerous Twitter.  That was the paper's overriding obsession in Sunday's edition.  The enormous story launched on the top half of the front page and jumped to a special 10-page section, "The Twitter Presidency."  The timing is apt, considering the paper is pressuring Twitter to be better than Facebook and actually squelch political messaging as the 2020 campaign nears.  This enormous, breathless expose, which reviewed every tweet and retweet the President sent from Jan. 20, 2017 [to] Oct. 15, 2019, was put together by (inhale) Michael Shear, Maggie Haberman, Nicholas Confessore, Karen Yourish, Larry Buchanan, Keith Collins, Matt Flegenheimer, and Mike McIntire.  Their multi-month investigation uncovered all sorts of Trump Twitter iniquity: [...]

The Military-Intelligence Complex.  We know from a variety of disinterested watchdog institutions and foundations that the media has offered 90 percent negative coverage of the Trump Administration.  CNN in its anti-Trump zeal has ruined its brand by serial fabrications and firings of its marquee biased reporters.  An entire array of CNN journalists and analysts either has resigned, been fired, retired, forced to offer retractions, or been disgraced either for peddling ad hominem crude attacks on Trump, displaying unprofessional behavior, concocting or repeating false stories, engaging in obscene commentary, or being refuted, including but not limited at times to Reza Aslan, Carl Bernstein, Donna Brazile, James Clapper, Marshall Cohen, Candy Crowley, Kathy Griffin, Julie Joffe, Michael Hayden, Suzanne Malveaux, Manu Raju, Jim Sciutto, Julian Zelizer, and teams such as Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Harris, and Gloria Borger, Jake Tapper, and Brian Rokus.

Envy is a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Envy is a pure evil.  It is not an exaggeration to say it afflicts the NeverTrumps, the entire Left, and a large segment of the Democratic Party.  Trump's opponents hate him not for his mistakes, tweets, or manners, but for his achievements — achievements they themselves could never produce.  They are even highly envious of Trump's wife, Melania, a most gracious and beautiful first lady, especially when contrasted with the oafish Michelle Obama.  The media are loath to report anything good about Melania and take gratuitous shots at her at every opportunity.  Why?  They want to damage Melania only because she's the wife of Donald Trump.  That is hate inspired by envy.

Media-Democrat Tantrum [is] a Fear Response.  [Scroll down]  U.S. attorney John Durham's now criminal probe into alleged misconduct at the Justice Department. [...] It is within this environment that the Washington Post ran one of the most appalling headlines of all time.  How dare President Trump ruthlessly kill an austere religious scholar, and one with such beautiful wire-rimmed glasses?  The full media are in one of the craziest spin cycles on record as they desperately try to drown out any favorable news for the president.  Every shred of positive news damages their desperate discrediting effort.  This is why the media quickly pivoted to gleefully reporting that government bureaucrats and D.C. elitists booed President Trump at the Washington Nationals baseball game shortly after he oversaw the elimination of the world's most wanted terrorist.

Media Can't Stand Trump Winning — Ever.  With the elimination of al-Baghdadi, the journalists and pundits gritted their teeth and acknowledged that this mission and Trump's approval of it reflected well on him.  But that lasted five minutes.  And then came the parade of "buts."  But this victory won't stop impeachment.  But it won't stop ISIS.  But Trump was too specific about the mission.  But he thanked Russia first.  But he didn't inform House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the mission.  But he was too raw in describing the dead terrorist as "crying" and "whimpering."  And so on.  And so on.  Chris Matthews trashed Trump for "hotdogging it," for destroying a chance for national unity because he "turned it into a weird kind of torture."  On ABC's "The View," host Whoopi Goldberg asked, "So can we at least agree that the world is a better place without this guy in it?"  Joy Behar nastily responded, "Who, Trump or ... Baghdadi?  Which one?"  The crowd roared with approval.

Most of broadcast TV's Trump impeachment coverage relies on anonymous sources, study.  A new study has found that the majority of coverage dedicated to the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump is based on reports from anonymous sources.  The Media Research Center revealed on Tuesday that in the month after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., formally announced the launch of the impeachment inquiry, 322 minutes of air-time was tallied between ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News with 140 individual news segments.  Among those segments, roughly 57 percent "relied at least in part on information from anonymous sources."  Comparing the evening news programs, both "CBS Nightly News" and "NBC Nightly News" tied with approximately 60 percent of their coverage relying on anonymous sources while "ABC's World News Tonight" came in at 54 percent.

The Real Reasons Why Legacy Media Are Freaking Out Over Trump's Successful Baghdadi Mission.  Legacy media outlets responded to President Trump's announcement of the U.S. military's successful mission against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with their trademark hostility and anger.  That's because the inarguably good news threatens corporate media goals for shaping foreign policy, impeaching the president, and defeating Trump in 2020.

NY Times thinks it found the real enemy in al-Baghdadi raid:  TRUMP.  [Scroll down]  The Times does not identify its sources.  Let's say they really exist, is it a shock that the Times could find some people to criticize Trump on just about anything?  Note that there is no claim the raid had been greenlighted and was interrupted.  Or even that there was actionable intelligence.  To accept this as interference, you'd have to say no troop movements or changes in policy could be ordered until al-Baghdadi was capture or killed — something that already had taken years of unsuccessful efforts.  The Times also admits that the "military called off missions at least twice at the last minute" without claiming those aborted missions were related to the troop withdrawal.  Also, actionable intelligence only became available a few days ago.

Trump vs. the barbarians at the gates.  All the Sunday News programs have become unwatchable but for Maria Bartiromo's on Fox Business.  Even Fox News Sunday is only marginally less biased than the other networks.  No one looking for actual news and real journalism bothers with any of them:  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or CBS anymore.  Tapper, Todd, Stephanopoulos, et. al. are each agents of the Democrat party dedicated to bringing President Trump to his knees.  Why?  Because he is not one of them.  Because they loathe him and the people who elected him.  They have contempt for him and for us.  Their contempt is on display 24/7 on all but Fox News which has recently been inching toward becoming just like the rest of them, hopelessly biased against all things conservative.

Multitasking the Intelligence Community Roundup.  [Scroll down]  But note that Clapper, funny though he was, was not himself laughing.  I don't blame him.  The spook-turned-media-lap-dog is as much in the crosshairs as anyone, except perhaps another spook-turned-media-lap-dog, former CIA director and Gus Hall voter John Brennan, who now lends his authoritative anti-Trump commentary to MSNBC.  By the way, what is it with these new escalators that transport former senior intelligence and law enforcement personnel to lucrative posts in the anti-Trump media?  Is it part of their severance packages?  It's not only Clapper and Brennan.  The same happened to Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI. McCabe may be a trailblazer.  He was the first of the gang whom federal prosecutors recommended be indicted for leaking.  He won't be the last.

Former Obama Photographer Suggests al Baghdadi Raid Photos Were Staged Then Quickly Backtracks.  Almost immediately, the left began to downplay and besmirch the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  It seems as though they have a problem acknowledging vital victories when doing so reflects positively on President Trump.  Democrats and the media have even questioned why Democrats weren't informed of the raid.  Nothing was off-limits.  Pete Souza, the former official White House photographer under Barack Obama, took to Twitter to suggest that the photos released by the White House of the Situation Room during the raid were staged.

Trump economy surges and Biden and Obama hog the credit.  This is the continuing history rewrite of the left to explain the booming economy in the third year of Mr. Trump's presidency.  Today we are at or below record levels of unemployment, inflation and interest rates in half-a-century.  Wages and salaries are rising at their fastest clip in at least two decades.  There are an all-time high 7 million unfilled jobs in the United States.  The Washington Post is freaking out about the continued good news on the economy — and especially the latest data — that I reported on these pages two weeks ago that median household income is up by $5,003 since Mr. Trump became president.  This was based on Census data, but The Post ranted last week that Donald Trump continues to "inflate his own numbers."  Nearly every assertion in the article was wrong or twisted — and Mr. Trump was right.

GOP Has A Choice:  Fight Anti-Trump Coup Effort Or Surrender Government To Democrats.  Corporate media is trying to spin the Ukraine story as if it is something other than what it is.  As if it were legitimate and quickly moving.  Mike Allen of Axios opined of impeachment that "It's remarkable how fast it has gotten off the ground.  You can see how quickly the Ukraine phone call came out of nowhere to become the all-consuming impeachment topic — way faster than the impeachment inquiries into Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton."  Yes, this is a really good talking point if you ignore literally everything that has happened since November 8, 2016. [...] Just as in 2000, the media screeching over Rep. Matt Gaetz and his colleagues fighting the secret efforts — which are literally being led by a man who lied to the public for years, falsely claiming he held evidence of Trump's treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election — is not an objection to what Gaetz and his colleagues did but anger that some Republicans have the audacity to fight back against what Democrats and the corporate media are doing.

Chris Wallace of Fox News Shocks Viewers with Anti-Trump Diatribe.  Now that anchor Shep Smith has left the Fox News Channel, it seems Chris Wallace is the network's new anti-Donald Trump mouthpiece.  During an appearance on "America's Newsroom" on Friday, Wallace blasted pro-Trump Republicans who are complaining about the impeachment inquiry while dismissing concerns from White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.  Republicans stormed a closed-door impeachment hearing this week and are saying the impeachment probe is plagued by a lack of transparency.  "America's Newsroom" anchor Sandra Smith played a clip of Conway on "Fox & Friends" this morning [10/25/2019], asking, "Where's the process?"  Wallace responded to the clip, saying, "My feeling is that if you are having trouble with the facts, you argue process.  That's what Republicans are doing right now."

Journalists are doing nonstop PR for the intelligence community.  Of the many disturbing examples of media malpractice in the Trump era, none are so alarming as the press's unswerving deference to current and former members of the intelligence community.  They can be perjurers, power abusers, perhaps even killers-by-drone, but as long as they oppose President Trump, they can expect journalists to give them a sympathetic ear.  For partisan operatives such as former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, both of whom lied to Congress under oath about consequential matters, media coverage has never been so friendly.

This should have been done two years ago.
President Trump Cancels WaPo and NY Times Subscriptions Across ALL Federal Agencies — Saves Taxpayers Thousands.  On Thursday [10/24/2019] President Trump kept another promise to the American people.  Trump canceled subscriptions to the Washington Post and The New York Times across all federal agencies!

Opposed to Transparency:  Nets Smear 'Rogue Republican' Sit-In as 'Sideshow'.  In an attempt to force House Democrats to hold public hearings for their impeachment investigation, Republican members staged a sit-in in the hearing room and delayed the process for five hours.  But the "journalists" in the liberal media were appalled by the idea of transparency for Democrats.  ABC, CBS, and NBC attacked and smeared the GOP lawmakers during their Wednesday evening newscasts.  CBS Evening News was the most furious.  Critically failing anchor Norah O'Donnell kicked off the opening tease in a panic, declaring "chaos at the Capitol!  Rogue Republicans crash the impeachment inquiry delaying a top defense official's testimony.  Democrats call in the sergeant at arms to break up the protest."  After the teases, O'Donnell began by informing viewers their first segment would be about the "dramatic sideshow" put on Republicans.  "As if on cue, following President Trump's orders yesterday for Republicans to get tougher on impeachment, a group of Republicans barged into a closed-door hearing today," she chided.

A Washington Post headline unintentionally gives away the game.  The headline below tells us a lot more than the Democrat partisans at the Washington Post intended.  ["]After two weeks of closed-door testimony, a clearer portrait of Trump's role emerges["]  How does closed-door testimony tells the Washington Post and its readers anything?  By leaks, of course.  So, a "clearer portrait" is being painted by leakers with the agenda of damaging President Trump.  There is no pretense of presnting a full picture that would include information that would not support the Democrats' agenda.

Trump campaign to sue CNN over pro-impeachment bias, demands 'substantial payment'.  Outraged by secretly taped anti-Trump comments attributed to CNN President Jeff Zucker and others at the cable network, President Trump's campaign is vowing to sue the company for "a substantial payment of damages."  In a four-page letter to CNN, Zucker, and Executive Vice President David Vigilante, Trump attorney Charles J. Harder cited years of anti-Trump bias at the network and claimed the cable giant has broken its promise of "excellence in journalism."

Trump Campaign to Sue CNN over Pro-Impeachment Bias.  In the wake of recent footage released by Project Veritas showing significant anti-Trump/pro-impeachment bias at CNN, President Trump's campaign is vowing to sue the network for "a substantial payment of damages," according to an exclusive report from Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner. [...] f course, the media is protected by the First Amendment.  However, Trump's attorney, who represents him and his campaign, said in a letter to CNN that the network's bias violates the Lanham Act "by constituting misrepresentations to the public, to your advertisers, and to others" to distribute "truly fair and balanced" news.

The Secret Word Is:  Extortion.  I happened to catch this presser live yesterday because I love watching the media beclown themselves.  The media is so incredibly disrespectful and accusatory toward the unlucky staffer forced to throw chum at the sharks.  Do they even care how they look when they are shouting accusations at the WH's sacrificial representative?  Acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney showed up to tell the vultures that the G-7 summit would be held at Trump Doral in Miami.  Obviously this was a massive trigger for the press corp because EMOLUMENTS.  The media also wanted to talk about the Ukraine call that is the lynch pin of the Impeachment Follies and Mulvaney obliged them by chatting.  He should have refused and walked out because it never matters what is actually said, the media will characterize it as a smoking gun level admission of guilt.

Project Veritas:  Zucker Coached Tapper to Badger Kellyanne Conway.  A short clip released by Project Veritas Wednesday [10/16/2019] reveals how CNN president Jeff Zucker directed one of its top news personalities to relentlessly grill a Trump official during an interview.  Media Coordinator Christian Sierra divulged on tape that Zucker actually went into the control room while anchor Jake Tapper was interviewing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and told the executive producer to skip commercials and extend the seven minute interview to 25 minutes just to "[...] nail her."

CNN false super
CNN Falsely Claims White House 'Admits to Quid Pro Quo' with Ukraine.  CNN claimed Thursday [10/17/2019] that the White House "admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine."  That appeared to be the opposite, in fact, of what happened during a press conference with acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.  Mulvaney told reporters that there had been no quid pro quo, as described by those pursuing his impeachment — that President Donald Trump had not withheld aid from Ukraine until it agreed to investigate his potential 2020 presidential rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

President Trump Immolates ABC's Jon Karl In Must-See Television.  This afternoon [10/16/2019], President Trump and Italian President Sergio Mattarella held a press conference at the White House.  One of the questioners was ABC's Jon Karl.  Karl's presence was nearly guaranteed to be a lightning rod because Karl has been in the middle of demanding that President Trump "condemn" a video he had nothing to do with because it resulted in hurt feelings [...] Unless the media decide to clean up their act and behave as though they were not an arm of the Democrat party, every Republican and conservative should treat them as though they are the enemy.

CNN whistleblower says it is an 'unwritten rule that you're 'not welcome if you support Trump' in second part of 'expose'.  The CNN 'whistleblower' who claims the network is driven by a die-hard bias against Trump claimed on Tuesday [10/15/2019] that employees who support the president are 'not welcome' there.  Cary Poarch gave an interview to Project Veritas along with secretly recorded video tapes from inside CNN's Washington bureau which he says proves his claim that the company, and Zucker, are 'obsessed' with bringing the president down.  In response, Trump said the alleged whistleblower's claims could constitute a lawsuit.

CNN Slammed by CNN Staffers:  Jeff Zucker as Captain Ahab.  In a stunning story that James O'Keefe's Project Veritas is now releasing this week, a series of CNN president Jeff Zucker's morning staff meetings were secretly recorded — by a CNN staffer (who, for sure, has quickly been fired.)  The findings, as here, were released just as CNN prepared to co-host Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate with the New York Times. [...] After all these months and months of pushing the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that has now crashed and burned, not to mention the Stormy Daniels business, Democrats are now all about Ukraine.  And Jeff Zucker is exactly right — everything that has been done since the president took office is designed with one goal in mind:  impeachment.

CNN Whistleblower Reveals Network 'Vendetta' Against Trump, Obsession With Impeachment.  A CNN whistleblower leaked video showcasing CNN President Jeff Zucker's vendetta against President Trump and obsession with pushing stories of impeachment.  "Jeff Zucker, basically the president of CNN has a personal vendetta against Trump," said Nick Neville, a media coordinator at CNN. "It's not gonna be positive for Trump.  He hates him.  He's going to be negative."  The whistleblower identified himself as Cary Poarch, a satellite uplink technician at CNN's Washington, D.C. bureau.  "When I came to work at CNN, I mean it was my dream job," Poarch said.  "And that dream, actually turned into a nightmare."  Poarch recorded the 9:00 a.m. morning calls held by Zucker, in which he urged CNN employees to focus on the impeachment narrative.  "Let's just stay very focused on impeachment," Zucker said.  "We're moving towards impeachment.  I mean, don't like, you know we shouldn't pretend this is going one way.  And so, all these moves are moves towards impeachment."

CNN Exposed as a Pure, 100 Percent Democrat Information Operation.  [Numerous video clips]  In short, CNN is not — I repeat, is not — a news network.  It doesn't practice journalism.  It doesn't reporting objective facts.  It's a corrupt, diabolical information warfare campaign aimed at destroying the American republic.

James O'Keefe Releases CNN Insider Video — CNN President Gives Daily Instructions To Target President Trump.  Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe has released part-1 of an insider video series highlighting daily instructions from CNN President Jeff Zucker to his organization.  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect to this insider report is the 9:00am daily instructions from the president of a news organization telling his executives which aspects of the political effort to disparage President Trump should be their focus.

Veritas: CNN whistleblower impeaches fake news network's tattered credibility.  Ask Project Veritas.  They'll tell you that Cary Poarch is a whistleblower of a different sort.  First, he's not a secret minion of the CIA, spreading disinformation to help moribund Democrats oust the duly-elected president of the United States.  Second, his information is firsthand and recorded for posterity by a hidden camera under his control.  In fact, Poarch works as a satellite uplink technician for the Washington, D.C. bureau of fake news CNN.

Project Veritas Exposes CNN's 'Personal Vendetta' Against Trump.  CNN is one of the most visible and prolific anti-Trump networks out there.  Over the weekend, James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas team announced that they were working on a series based on information brought to them by an insider at the network.  It's what you'd expect from staff and management that has become infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Most of the top hosts hate Trump.  CNN president Jeffrey Zucker hates him as well.  So, it's not shocking that the animus leeches into the programming.  Zucker is heard on calls, giving marching orders to focus on impeachment and ignore other stories.  He rips Fox News for peddling conspiracy theories and pretty much being fake news, which is just rich coming from this network that's perpetually in third place.

James O'Keefe Releases CNN Insider Video — CNN President Gives Daily Instructions To Target President Trump.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has met with prominent conservatives in recent months seeking their perspectives on how his platform polices content.  Zuckerberg has met with a number of journalists, commentators, and at least one lawmaker over a number of "off the record" dinners and meetups.  Zuckerberg is reportedly attempting to build relationships in Republican circles to help fend off potential pressure from President Trump's Department of Justice.  Trump has made overtures about breaking up Zuckerberg's company on grounds that it is an unfair monopoly, something the social media titan wants to avoid.

'Hard-Hitting CNN Journalist' Jim Acosta Came to a Vile Conclusion About Trump Supporters In Minneapolis.  The mainstream media is often unsure why President Donald Trump has dubbed the term "fake news" and why he continually calls them out for their shoddy reporting.  CNN's Jim Acosta is one of the so-called "reporters" who has been at the forefront of Trump's battle with the press. [...] On Friday, Acosta shared pictures and videos from his trip to Minneapolis to cover President Trump's Keep America Great Again rally.  It's standard practice for journalists to share these sort of things, especially as they happen.  But Acosta proved exactly why President Trump and average Americans take issue with the legacy media.

NBC Political Director Presses Mattis to Attack Trump, General Refuses.  Fresh off of touting the simplicity of the Democratic impeachment narrative against President Trump earlier that morning, NBC political director Chuck Todd took to Meet the Press and pushed former defense secretary, General James Mattis to attack the President.  The retired General refused to acquiesce to Todd's prodding and declared it was "the worst time, I think, for military people to step out like that."  In the pre-recorded interview, Todd's pressing for political declarations started with a question about one of the liberal media's oldest obsessions:  Russia.  "Are you concerned that while the country speaks with one voice on a governmental level when it comes to Russia that the political leader is not?"  "Yeah, I won't make political assessments right now.  The military job is to protect this experiment.  This America.  And the American people will decide who the political leaders will be.  I have a lot of faith the American people will be represented by the right political leaders," Mattis declined to answer.

Media doesn't want credibility.  There are no unintended consequences in politics.  The mass media's loss of credibility is deliberate — a campaign to end objectivity, which is the foundation of a free press.  Consider today's news that a former ambassador to Ukraine ambassador dumped on President Donald John Trump.  The Washington Post reported, "Ousted ambassador Marie Yovanovitch tells Congress Trump pressured State Dept. to remove her."  So?  Ambassadors work at the will and pleasure of the president.  Just as Jim Comey did.  The press knows this but reporters and their editors believe readers are dumb enough to believe these people are above politics.  Many reporters described the FBI as an independent agency.  It is not, or at least it shouldn't be because then it would turn into a nest of vipers.

Report: William Barr, Rupert Murdoch Meet Privately as Trump Sours on Fox News.  Attorney General William Barr and media mogul Rupert Murdoch met privately in New York City on Wednesday evening [10/9/2019] as President Donald Trump ratchets up his attacks on the Fox News Channel, according to the New York Times.  The details of their discussion are unknown, as press representatives for the Trump official and chairman of the Fox Corporation refused to comment to the Times.

GOP Senator RIPS Into Chuck Todd's 'Very Biased' Open, Fight Ensues.  Why would Republican appear on the "mainstream" Sunday shows?  You could wonder after Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was disgusted by moderator Chuck Todd's "very biased opening" segment on Meet the Press [10/6/2019], and Todd openly fought with him and wouldn't let him finish a point as Johnson tried to tell him what he should ask John Brennan later in the show.  Brennan received gooey sympathy.  Todd moaned and groaned and then said "I have no idea why Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here.  I have no idea why we're going here."  When Johnson said this is why people hate the media, "This is not about the media!  Senator Johnson, please!!"  As in "please stop criticizing the heroic press."

'Groundhog' Dems again 'left' behind.  [Scroll down]  None of this would matter if two elite publications were shouting in the wilderness.  In fact, the Times and The New Yorker very much reflect — and help shape — the mindset of the Democratic Party.  As such, they illustrate how far anti-Trumpers have strayed into the impeachment wilderness.  After Robert Mueller failed to deliver the promised goods, the left and their media handmaidens foolishly seized on the Ukraine issue in the hope it could be spun into impeachment gold.  To judge by the look of things so far, they're getting more dross than gold.  The bid to take down the president is off to a rocky start.

Zero members of Trump administration appear on Sunday talk shows.  The Trump administration was noticeably absent on Sunday's cable news lineup, with not a single member making an appearance on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS or NBC. [...] President Trump is in the midst of an impeachment storm over allegations that he pressured Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.  The Sunday shows are widely viewed as a space for political actors to speak directly to the public and relay their perspectives on pressing political issues.

After Trump, We're Next.  With the media, their unctuous allies in scurrility, the left knows every specious allegation will be portrayed as fact in every article, on every news panel, and in every talking-head utterance.  It used to be the "big lie."  Now it is a million little lies told by a camarilla of politicians and skirling media that they hope will rid the left of their Orange Man bane.  The left must make sure that someone like Trump never happens again, should they succeed at deposing Trump, or better yet, damaging him to the point where he loses in 2020, for defeating him at the polls can be trumpeted as the "will of the people."

Meet the Press Chuck Todd:  More liberal media anti-Trump bias.  NBC's Chuck Todd is among those journalists who only want to destroy President Trump and America.  On this Sunday's broadcast of NBC's "Meet the Press," Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has a verbal throwdown with Chuck Todd who is seemingly unable to accept that Johnson supports the President.  A typical response from the never-Trump media.  Nonetheless, the Todd, who keeps looking down at his talking points attempting to goad the Senator into a response, once again proves the media bias against President Trump.  And their barrage of abstract-distract reporting attempting to keep Americans from the truth that Ukraine is corrupt.

The Times and Post Push Spygate Cover-Up With Barr Attacks.  [Scroll down]  Conspiracy theories?  It is a fact that the infamous and long debunked dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  Russians played a role in giving British ex-spy Christopher Steele totally unverified "information" — which was then used to get FISA warrants.  Which is to say, members of the Obama administration were using US intelligence agencies to spy on Clinton's political opponents.  And they relied on false information supplied by foreigners — the British Steele and his Russian sources.  By the very standards of the [Washington] Post itself as put to work uncovering the Watergate scandal, all of this is in fact a huge political scandal.  Yet the Post tries to frame this as some sort of wacky conspiracy theory.  One can only ask:  What is the Post afraid of?  Why they felt need to coverup facts instead of shining a light on them?  The answer is obvious.  There is a fear that Barr is on to something and that dirty deeds will in fact be exposed.

MSNBC: Only Liberal Media Watchers Understand 'Sins of the President'.  Appearing on MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle on Friday morning [10/4/2019], NBC News senior media reporter Dylan Byers warned that President Trump's reaction to the Democrats' impeachment push was a "very strategic effort" and argued that only those getting their news from liberal media outlets would truly understand the "sins of the President." [...] [J]ust minutes before this segment, anchor Stephanie Ruhle declared the President to be a "sociopath" and labeled all Republicans as his "enablers."  Not exactly sober news coverage.

Fake news media
Anger Over Impeachment is Best Directed at the Fake News Media.  The newsfakers at the Associated Press have a report out this morning pushing the claim that Attorney General William Barr was "surprised and angry" when he found out that President Trump had mentioned him on his July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky.  The source for the AP's fake report?  A "person familiar with Barr's thinking," who "was not authorized to speak about the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity."  In other words, there are two possibilities here:  [#1] an Obama loyalist still embeded in the DOJ who just made it all up, or [#2] the AP reporter just made it all up out of whole cloth in order to create a juicy "news" story.  This reliance on a single anonymous "source" is the worst kind of journalistic hackery, and it is what has enabled the Democrats and their deep state army to keep the nation in a state of perpetual uproar for three solid years now.

President Trump: Media not just fake, it's corrupt.  President Trump is criticizing the mainstream media for its coverage of the impeachment inquiry.  During a press conference with the President of Finland Wednesday [10/2/2019], the president got into a heated back-and-forth with Reuters reporter Jeff Mason.  It began after Mason asked a question implying the president was pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.  President Trump said Biden is, in fact, corrupt and asked Mason to move on to other topics.  The reporter refused to move forward, which triggered the heated exchange.

Internet killed the media star.  Jake Tapper of CNN has wasted most of the last 3 years of his life trying to end the presidency of Donald John Trump prematurely. [...] Tapper, whom I had such high hopes when he moved to CNN, threw away a couple of decades of credibility by being in league with the Obama White House when it planted that Russian dossier on President-elect Trump.  That led to the Mueller investigation.  Which exonerated President Trump.  Which led to depression among the anti-Trump tribe.  Because Tapper accepts Democrat talking points, he believes that the Armies of Davids that side with The Donald receive marching orders from the president.  That is projection.

Rudy Giuliani Wrecks ABC's Narrative Engineer George Stephanopoulos.  Remember, in the deep & factional political weeds George Stephanopoulos is 'team Cinton'. [...] Stephanopoulos is more concerned with defending Team Clinton (DNC hack via Crowstrike) than defending Team Obama (Joe Biden selling influence).  Giuliani knows the factional nuance; and as a result he immediately side-steps the part of the Ukraine narrative that Stephanopoulos is prepared to defend (Clinton).  Instead, Giuliani goes to the part of the Ukraine narrative that surrounds Team Obama (via Biden), where Stephanopoulos is less invested.  Smart move.  Rudy Giuliani, having avoided the Clinton trap, then rips the legs out from under the Biden-Ukraine defense and beats Stephanopoulos over the head with the truth hammer.  [Video clip]

CBS Margaret Brennan Embarrassed Herself During Meltdown Debate With Rudy Giuliani Over Ukraine.  Remember when CBS hid President Obama's admission about Benghazi being an act of terrorism, and was later exposed for their corrupt political bias?  Well, this is worse.  During a Face The Nation segment today [9/29/2019], host Margaret Brennan was trying to refute Rudy Giuliani's evidence about corruption in Ukraine.  Unfortunately for Brennan, the truth has no agenda.  Margaret Brennan kept interrupting Giuliani and saying CBS had spoken to the Ukraine prosecutor.  Giuliani asked "which one?"  Brennan ignored. [...] Giuliani started laughing because Lutsenko was the corrupt prosecutor Joe Biden demanded to be installed.  [Video clip]

Chris Wallace insults Trump defenders more aggressively than usual over Ukraine call.  Fox News anchor Chris Wallace went against the grain on Friday, blasting Trump and his "defenders" for trying to make "nothing out of something" over the Ukraine bruhaha.  Wallace called arguments made by Trump's supporters "astonishing" and "deeply misleading."  "America's Newsroom" anchor Sandra Smith pushed back, but Wallace wasn't having it.

CNN Just [Omitted] 540 Words to Frame Trump for [a] 'Favor' He Never Requested.  In the media's efforts to tie President Donald Trump with its latest conspiracy theory, CNN skipped an entire section of the released and unredacted transcript of a phone call to charge Trump with requesting a favor he never asked for.

CNN Counts Down The Number Of House Democrats Who Support Impeaching Trump With 'Impeachment Clock'.  CNN is anticipating impeachment proceedings to begin against President Donald Trump with an "impeachment countdown clock."  The network has a graphic behind the anchors that is adding up the number of House Democrats who support impeachment.

'President Isn't Telling the Truth': Nicolle Wallace Cuts Away from Press Conference.  Wow!  The MSNBC host of Deadline:  White House, Nicolle Wallace, declared President Trump to be a liar on Wednesday (how original) and used that as an excuse to cut away from the televised press conference almost 24 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared the House's formal attempt to impeach the President.  Perhaps Trump's truth telling about Joe and Hunter Biden was too much for her to tolerate.  In any event, it was a stunning act of anti-journalism.

MSNBC cuts from Trump speech: 'We hate to do this, really, but the president isn't telling the truth'.  MSNBC cut from President Trump's press conference on Wednesday, claiming the president was repeating lies about his political rival Joe Biden as a "deflection" from the impeachment inquiry.  "We hate to do this, really, but the president isn't telling the truth," MSNBC host Nicole Wallace said as the network cut from Trump's speech.  "These allegations against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that he's repeating have been investigated by the Ukrainians. ... The Wall Street Journal included in their report on Friday that the Ukrainians view this issue as having been investigated and adjudicated," Wallace said.  Trump's press conference followed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) Tuesday announcement that the House would launch a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump.  "What's amazing is that what Trump appears to be trying to do is to turn his own impeachment into a big deflection," Wallace said.

The Editor says...
When did any television network fact-check Barack H. Obama's speeches in real time?  When did any television network cut off an Obama speech (or press conference) because the Talking Heads decided he was lying?

Trump-Ukraine story is what you get when the media imagines the facts.  The now-released transcript of President Trump's July phone call with Ukraine's prez, Volodymyr Zelensky, shows just why Americans have so little faith in the news media.  Turns out, the document shows none of the Trump abuses suggested in press accounts over the past few days — distortions that have already triggered Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "official impeachment inquiry."

Network Morning Shows Hype Trump Impeachment 17 Times [in One Day].  On Monday [9/23/2019], the network morning shows managed to feature some variant of the word "impeachment" a total of 17 times while reporting on President Trump's phone call with the President of Ukraine about corruption allegations against Joe Biden's son Hunter.  In addition, ABC, NBC and CBS eagerly touted a letter from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accusing Trump of "lawlessness."

Clapper: Even If We Get a Transcript of Ukraine Phone Call, Can We Be Sure It's Accurate?  Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told CNN Monday night that getting a transcript of President Trump's July phone call with the new Ukraine president "may not be such a great thing."  "You know, I hate to suggest this, but it's crossed my mind that even if we got a transcript, well, can we be assured that's actually what was said?  So getting a transcript may not be such a great thing, either."

Liberal Fake News Media Ignores Indian PM Modi's Amazing Introduction of President Trump in Houston.  On Sunday President Trump held a joint rally at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The NRG stadium was PACKED with Indian-Americans.  President Trump used the opportunity to celebrate India, its workers and its leader Prime Minister Modi.

Yup, Looks Like That Big Anti-Trump, Whistleblower Story Was All Smoke And Mirrors.  The media has spent the past few days speculating all the ways in which the Trump presidency could end after a whistleblower lodged a complaint regarding President Donald Trump's communications with an unknown foreign leader.  It turns out the complaint is nothing more than a rumor reported by someone in the intelligence community.  Buried in a lengthy CNN article about the complaint is the following paragraph:  ["]The whistleblower didn't have direct knowledge of the communications, an official briefed on the matter told CNN. Instead, the whistleblower's concerns came in part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work, and those details have played a role in the administration's determination that the complaint didn't fit the reporting requirements under the intelligence whistleblower law, the official said.["]

The Trump whistleblower may not be a whistleblower at all.  The latest media mass hysteria over a whistleblower's complaint that, according to "reportedly involved allegations President Trump made a troubling and unspecified 'promise' to a foreign leader," is based on precious little information.  That has not stopped journalists from convicting Trump in the court of public opinion and predicting his imminent demise.  Who exactly is this unidentified "whistleblower"?  What is the specific nature of his or her "urgent concern" complaint against the president?  Does this complaint really qualify under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA)?  These are just a few of the most fundamental questions that remain largely unknown.

Ukraine and Biden:  Deep State "Whistleblower" stages Russia Hoax II.  A Deep State "whistleblower" has unleashed a left-wing media firestorm about private conversations President Trump had with a series of foreign leaders.  In doing so he has exposed the entire issue of Joe and Hunter Biden's corrupt relationship with Ukraine.  However, the "whistleblower" has no first-hand knowledge of the conversation.  It is nothing more than yet another baseless acquisition by democrats seeking any avenue to impeach the president.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Denies Trump Put Pressure on President During July Call.  On Saturday [9/21/2019] Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko denied that President Donald Trump put pressure on President Volodymyr Zelensky during a July phone call.  Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko spoke with the media on Saturday morning.

Despite Warnings Media Steps on a Rake With "Whistleblower" Story.  [T]he media cannot say President Trump didn't try to warn them about throwing fake-news rakes in front of their narrative parade — then wondering why they keep getting black-eyes.  Here we go, the details begin to surface.  With more reporting by John Solomon, cited and attributed to on-the-record officials in the State Department and Ukraine, a much more clear picture emerges.  In reality, and unfortunately as expected, the fulsome picture is 180° divergent from the media narrative.

Shamelessness and Ignorance Unlimited.  [Scroll down]  What is going on here?  Some employee at CIA learned of a phone call between President Trump and some foreign leader.  This employee did not like what the president said.  And because the conversation involved classified information, he called himself a "whistleblower" and informed "former officials," who took what is now "Whistleblower-gate" to the Washington Post.

Trump milks the Kavanaugh backlash.  President Donald Trump, like most of the conservative sphere, is riled up about the treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh a year after the judge's hyper-polarizing confirmation hearings.  And he's channeling that energy into his key 2020 tactic of leaning heavily on political grievances and divisive moments to excite his base.

The Editor says...
Bias alert:  If there was ever a president who maximized the "tactic of leaning heavily on political grievances and divisive moments to excite his base," it was Barack H. Obama.

CNN: Everything but the News.  For a while, we thought MSNBC had temporarily usurped CNN as the font of fake news — although both networks had tied for the most negative coverage (93 percent of all their news reports) of President Trump's first 100 days in office.  A cynic would argue that CNN had deliberately given Trump undue coverage during the Republican primary on the theory that he would be the weakest Republican in the general election and would therefore be the weakest challenger to Hillary Clinton.  CNN president Jeffrey Zucker at one point had bragged that in the primaries, Trump made CNN money.  Only later, after Trump's nomination, did Zucker regret giving so much airtime to Trump and his boisterous rallies. [...] So CNN's Zucker gave copious coverage to Apprentice-star Trump both to win ratings and to ensure the nomination of a candidate who was polling anemically against Hillary Clinton — with the intention of then reversing course and destroying Trump in the general election.

President Roadrunner Versus Media Coyote.  Mainstream American news media continues their Wile E. Coyote routine with President Trump.  And just like the cartoon, you quickly figure out after a couple of episodes they're never going to catch Trump's roadrunner.  This week's episode featured Media Coyote telling us President Roadrunner has lost his magic in North Carolina and in no way would Dan Bishop be able to pull off a victory in the state's 9th Congressional District because of the roadrunner's unpopularity.  KABOOM!  Another prediction blows up in Media Coyote's face as Bishop wins Tuesday night [9/10/2019].

U.S. poverty falls to lowest level since 2007 and media's response is downright comical.  Did you hear that the poverty level fell below where it was prior to the economic collapse twelve years ago?  Probably not, because legacy media doesn't want you to hear about that.  They don't want you to realize the economy is in better shape than it's been in decades. [...] They don't want you to know this because if you realize you're doing better, you're more likely to acknowledge much of this is due to President Trump's first term in the White House.

ABC Moderator Jorge Ramos Makes Several Misleading Claims During 2020 Debate.  A news anchor moderating the Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, Sept. 12 made several misleading claims within seconds of each other.  Jorge Ramos, a Univision anchor, claimed that President Donald Trump "called Mexican immigrants rapists and killers" and "tried to ban Muslims from entering the country."  He also said Trump "supported the chant of ... 'send her back.'"  "Do you think that people who support President Trump and his immigration policies are racist?" he asked South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Same as it ever was: anti-GOP Media slams the economy.  As it did in 1992, the anti-Republican media is covering Trump's economy as negatively as possible while keeping a straight face.  After all, unemployment is at historical lows, most Americans feel optimistic about their own economic future, and most credit Trump with the growing economy.  Trump's predecessor was the first president since 1949 to preside over an economic recovery without a single year averaging at least 3% gross domestic product growth.  But Democrats, the media and Trump-hating pundits seem almost giddy at the prospect of a recession.

Media Fails to Report Update on Debunked Study on Links between Trump Rallies and Hate Crimes.  Earlier this year, the mainstream media ran a story that 2016 Trump rallies led to a spike in hate crimes in the areas in which they were held.  Specifically, a study claimed that there was a 226 percent increase in counties which hosted rallies for then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.  The study, entitled, "The Trump Effect:  How 2016 Campaign Rallies Explain Spikes in Hate," was submitted by Ayal Feinberg, assistant professor at Texas A&M University ya Commerce, and professors Regina Branton and Valerie Martinez-Ebers at the University of North Texas.  The study tracked hate crime reports from the Anti-Defamation League in counties that hosted 300 Trump rallies from 2015-2016.  But, before the study went through the academic peer-review process, the mainstream media picked the story and ran with it.  CNN, the Washington Post and Vox published stories on the study at the time, claiming that Trump's words led to a wave of hate crimes.  However, two graduate students debunked the study by replicating the methodology.

There's A Good Reason People Hate The Media.  On Tuesday morning [9/10/2019], the liberal media was in a tizzy — National Security Advisor John Bolton had been fired or resigned.  It didn't matter which, there was a "shake up" in the Trump administration and these Democrats with press passes were ready to pounce. [...] The American people aren't watching, they aren't interested.  Who cares if Bolton was fired or resigned?  That he's gone now is all that matters, and that only matters to a very few.  The opening left by Bolton will be filled by someone else, and life will continue.  By next week, fewer people will remember this than care about it now.  The Bolton exit is the latest "STOP THE PRESSES" moment from an opposition media desperate to find something, anything with which to damage President Trump.

Newsrooms all ran with junk study purportedly showing Trump rallies cause hate crimes.  Several major newsrooms owe their readers a retraction.  Media outlets fell over each other this year to promote a study purportedly showing that counties that hosted Trump 2016 campaign rallies later experienced a 226% increase in hate crimes.  The study has been thoroughly debunked this week, leaving several news organizations with egg on their face.  As it turns out, uncritically parroting the findings of an unpublished study that conforms perfectly to specific political biases is apparently a dangerous gamble for ostensibly serious news organizations.

Washington Post Writer Has No Idea Why, After All Of His Columns And Hard Work, Trump Is Still In Office.  [Washington Post columnist Max] Boot's comments sound like an article out of the Babylon Bee, but sadly, they've come from a regular newspaper.  This deluded man, who once or twice a week writes a column denigrating the President believes that his opinion is so important, it can remove a president from office.

Trump's Real Opponent in 2020: The Liberal Media.  Forget the Democrats.  The real opponent of President Donald Trump's re-election has already taken the field.  It isn't Joe or Bernie or Liz or Kamala or any of the rest.  The real Trump opponent in 2020 is the mainstream media.  In fact, the "Hate Trump Media" as Sean Hannity correctly labels it, or the Leftist State Media as I call it, never left the field after the 2016 election.  It spent the first two-plus years of the Trump presidency insisting that Trump had colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the election.  Then, when the results of the Mueller probe were released - shock.  There was no there, there.  So without missing a beat, as revealed in the leaked transcript of that New York Times staff meeting, it was on to the next anti-Trump theme:  Trump is a racist.

Joy Behar:  Obama Is a Decent Man, Trump Is Not.  Monday on ABC's "The View," co-host Joy Behar said former President Barack Obama was a decent man while she believed President Donald Trump is not.  During a discussion about 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris not rebuking a town hall audience member calling Trump "mentally retarded," co-host Abby Huntsman brought up when in 2008 then-presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told a supporter Obama is "a decent, family man."

Obsession: Broadcast coverage of Trump 11 times greater than Democratic hopefuls.  Trump-bashing has become a tradition in broadcast news, with anchors, correspondents and pundits supplying near non-stop negative coverage of President Trump and his administration.  The coverage has been, on average, 90% negative according to a series of studies by the Media Research Center.  These days, the Democratic presidential hopefuls are paying a price for this obsession.  Networks' "fixation on Trump" is leaving comparatively little airtime for his would-be presidential challengers, the conservative press watch dog says in a new analysis released Monday [9/9/2019].

Media Meltdown over Trump's Hurricane Predictions.  The Trump-hating media has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder since November 2016, relapsing into insanity after each Trump tweet.  The latest trigger is Trump's tweet about the potential course of Hurricane Dorian. [...] It's a typical Trump tweet with presidential well wishes ahead of a massive potential hurricane.  It took only one word to send the media into a psychotic state.  That word was Alabama, one of several states that could have been affected by the hurricane.  CNN, blissfully unconcerned that Joe Biden often doesn't know where he is or who he was vice-president for, was outraged that Trump is "spreading false information during an emergency situation".  This is even more of a national crisis to CNN than when they learned that the President gets two scoops of ice cream.

Trump isn't 'ramping it up' against the media before 2020, he's responding to it.  When the Washington Post hired Margaret Sullivan as a media critic in 2016, no one knew that she would become what every single other media "critic" in the national press is:  an apologist for everything wrong about the industry she's supposed to be critiquing.  A case in point is Sullivan's latest column, which accuses President Trump of "ramping it up" with his "attacks on the news media" ahead of the 2020 election.  She describes these "attacks" as "ugly and destructive."  At no point does she address the shocking amount of lies and deliberate misrepresentations by the media (including in her own paper) about Trump and the administration.

Trump kills the White House press briefing, 50 years after it was born.  The White House briefing room has many functions:  a storage space for tripods and camera gear, a backdrop for visitor photos, a temporary workspace for journalists without a desk.  What it is not, at least since March 11, is a venue for President Trump's press secretary to brief reporters on administration policies.  Next week will mark six months since the last White House "daily" briefing, another erosion of transparency and democracy under Trump or a sad indictment of the "fake news" media's incivility, depending on your view.

Ex-Trump Aide Expresses Alarm at 90 Percent Negative Trump Coverage, McCurry Mocks Him.  On Friday [8/30/2019], the American Political Science Association had a panel discussion on President Trump and the media, which later aired on C-SPAN.  Former deputy press secretary Raj Shah expressed alarm at NewsBusters studies by Rich Noyes (and other studies) showing 90-percent negative coverage of the president.  Former Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry wise-cracked that's because 90 percent of Trump's actions are crazy.

In praise of Melania Trump, the first lady treated terribly by the media.  There is a good reason Melania, 49, might be "aloof" with the media, and that is because the attacks on her are more vicious, personal and unrelenting than any first lady has endured.  Whatever you think of her husband, you can't say she has behaved with anything but dignity in her role, despite ugly provocations, which include attacks on her young son, Barron.

It becomes clearer every day that most journalists would rather have Democrats in power than a good economy.  Like everything else, whether it is fictitious Russian collusion, claiming Trump is mentally incompetent, claiming everyone hates us overseas, and playing the race card, the media is essentially campaigning for Democrats instead of doing their job of reporting the truth.  The strategy appears to be working somewhat because, despite record job openings, wages rising faster than any time while Obama was in office, and record low unemployment, especially for minorities and the less-educated, tax cuts that benefitted almost everyone, stock markets near record highs, many people have been indoctrinated to believe the economy is collapsing.

Media Puff Up Trump's Republican Primary Challengers.  President Trump enjoys a Reaganesque 90-plus-percent approval rating among Republicans, and any support given to a challenger only serves the purpose of helping elect a socialist.  The brutally terrible Walsh is the Republican equivalent of Bill de Blasio, a candidate so bad that no sane person takes him seriously, but CNN trumpets that he could "make some real trouble for Donald Trump" as MSNBC compliments him on the "soul-searching" he has done.

The Editor says...
The news media thrive on friction, competition, cliff-hangers, and controversy.  If none of that is available, they will make it up.  But the show must go on, and the sponsors want to see some big ratings, so the broadcasters have to make a splash every day.  It's a business, more than a public service.  Stories about a primary challenger are really exciting in TV newsrooms, because the news media hates President Trump.

Lawfare Expects McCabe Arrest — That Explains Why CNN Hired Him.  [Scroll down]  Knowing the DOJ was likely to indict McCabe, CNN could help frame a narrative that serves both their interests.  That narrative was already in the New York Times article describing the potential for the indictment.  When McCabe is charged the media narrative will be it's because he took the job with CNN... Trump/Barr weaponizing the DOJ and trying to kill free speech etc.  CNN doesn't have to defend their action in hiring a known liar, they'll instead frame McCabe as a victim, a fellow traveler to the larger cause of justice — whose indictment is evidence of how far Trump and Barr will go to destroy their enemies etc.

The What They Actually Said Rule.  The Associated Press today engaged in a clickbait that predates the Internet.  In it, the reporter makes a statement in the form of a question, then attributes the statement to the interviewed person.

NYT's Bret Stephens:  Trump 'Either Mentally Unwell or Morally Unfit, Maybe Both'.  Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," New York Times columnist Bret Stephens said President Donald Trump was "either mentally unwell or morally unfit."  Stephens said, "The real issue for Republicans is simply to call out the fact that the president does not stand in any way for the traditional conservative economic principles that have defined the party for the better part of last 70 years."

Crazy News Network bores us with worse than Hitler tripe.  Brian Stelter had a psychiatrist on his show to say President Donald John Trump is worse than Hitler.  Instead the man said the president was worse than Hitler, Mao and Stalin combined.  For this Stelter apologized after people pointed out the president has not killed 100 million people.  Stelter tweeted, "I agree that I should have interrupted after that line.  I wish I had heard him say it, but I was distracted by tech difficulties (that's why the show open didn't look the way it normally does, I had two computers at the table, etc). Not hearing the comment is my fault."  Apparently CNN is about as well equipped as a UHF station in the 1970s.

Recession?  Headlines in Search of a Story.  On August 19, the Washington Post's first sentence summed up their one-dimensional angle on the National Association for Business Economics' August survey:  "Most economists believe the United States will tip into recession by 2021, a new survey shows, despite White House insistence the economy is sound."  So it went, with most establishment news outlets bent on finding the gray cloud around today's current sterling economy.  Negative news sells.  Perhaps it has always been thus, though it certainly seems most prevalent when it is adverse to this administration.

Trump Infuriates White House Press Corps By Taking A Bunch Of Questions So Often.  Back in the 1980s, President Reagan used to dodge questions from the press as he walked toward his presidential helicopter, Marine One, on the lawn of the White House.  With ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson in his terrible toupee yelling "Sir!  Sir!" at him, Reagan would cup a hand around his ear, shrug his shoulders as if he couldn't hear, then walk off, all without missing a stride.  The press complained loudly back then.  But President Trump does it a bit differently.  As he strolls toward his chopper, he stops and takes questions — sometimes a whole bunch of questions.  And wouldn't you know it, the press don't like THAT either.

Gutfeld on Cuomo's Trump aging conspiracy.  Once the face of hard news, CNN is now the butt of America's jokes.  The latest oddity?  Chris Cuomo conspires over President Trump's appearance.  Yep.  He looks exactly the same as when he became president, and that can't be good. [...] Only on the Clown News Network can an anchor wonder if the president is "augmenting his physical reality."

Chris Cuomo Criticizes Trump for Not Aging Enough.  CNN host Chris Cuomo's Tuesday [8/20/2019] closing monologue on Cuomo Prime Time criticized President Donald Trump for not aging enough in office and urged Trump to "care more" and sleep less.  Cuomo's comments came after Trump stated Tuesday that "nothing keeps me up at night" in response to a question about Chinese military strength.  Cuomo compared these words to former president Barack Obama's admission to ABC's Barbara Walters in 2008 that "there are a lot of things that keep me up at night."

Trump: NYT Just Admitted What I've Been Saying All Along About Their Anti-Trump Agenda.  [Scroll down]  "The Failing New York Times, in one of the most devastating portrayals of bad journalism in history, got caught by a leaker that they are shifting from their Phony Russian Collusion Narrative (the Mueller Report & his testimony were a total disaster), to a Racism Witch Hunt," Trump wrote in a pair of tweets.  "'Journalism' has reached a new low in the history of our Country.  It is nothing more than an evil propaganda machine for the Democrat Party.  The reporting is so false, biased and evil that it has now become a very sick joke ... But the public is aware!"

CNN discovers that combining Trump Derangement Syndrome with ignorant reporters leads to embarrassing corrections.  CNN's Chris Cillizza tried valiantly to hew to the Party Line when writing about the story that President Trump is exploring the concept of acquiring Greenland from Denmark.  We know that everything the 45th President does is bad, so the only question for CNN people is how to pick and present the data that tries to prove the point. [...] Who could possibly write such drivel?  And what kind of editor would let the contention that we'd be better off with Russia owning Alaska (and its vast natural resources including oil and many minerals) strategically placed at the top of the Western Hemisphere?  And what about the nearly three quarters of a million Alaskans?  I know that CNN wishes Sarah Palin had never been governor of a state, but really do we want to tell all those other Alaskans that they and their home state are a mistake?

New York Times chief outlines coverage shift:  From Trump-Russia to Trump racism.  Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the New York Times, said recently that, after the Mueller report, the paper has to shift the focus of its coverage from the Trump-Russia affair to the president's alleged racism.  "We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well," Baquet said.  "Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story."  Baquet made the remarks at an employee town hall Monday [8/12/2019].

New York Times Admits 'We Built Our Newsroom' Around Russia Collusion HoaxNew York Times executive editor Dean Baquet accidentally admitted to the whole wide world that for two years his far-left newspaper was "built" around spreading a hoax.  When I say "accidentally," what I mean is that he likely didn't know he was being secretly recorded and that his remarks would be made public.

MSNBC Host, Analysts Speculate About Removing Trump From Office.  An MSNBC panel speculated Friday afternoon about potentially removing President Donald Trump from office due to his mental state, pointing to reports he is exhibiting "signs that were similar to the early stages of Alzheimer's."  "He attacked a man who turned out to be one of his own supporters," host Nicolle Wallace said.  "I don't know where there are many schools in America you can bully somebody like that and not get suspended."  Wallace referenced a supporter who was removed from a Trump rally after the President made fun of his weight.  Afterward, the supporter said Trump had nothing to apologize for and that "he's the best thing that ever happened to this country."

The Democrat Party Is A Joke That Would Cease To Exist Without The Media's Support.  The media abandoned impartiality and objectivity decades ago but they still at least tried to fake it.  Today, as Trump repeatedly batters them with the truth they should've been pummeled by for decades, they've also abandoned even the impression of impartiality and objectivity.

Nine Themes in El Paso Shooter's Manifesto the Media Ignored to Blame Trump.  A closer look at the [El Paso shooter's] manifesto attributed to shooting suspect Patrick Wood Crusius shows that the author did not have a coherent political viewpoint.  While the text contains racist language targeting the Hispanic community, it also evidences hatred toward what the writer labeled "average Americans" and calls for a decrease in the general American population.  Missing from much of the news media coverage is that the manifesto promotes far-left policy prescriptions including universal healthcare and a socialist-style "universal income."

'New York Times' Changes Trump Headline to Appease Far-Left Extremists.  The far-left New York Times caved to the leftist Twitter mob with a major switch in headlines between its first and second editions.  The first print edition's headline read, "Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism."  But after the Blue Checkmark Mafia freaked out, the Times caved with a late edition headline that reads, "Assailing Hate But Not Guns."

More about the New York Times.

Chris Cuomo:  Trump's 'Teleprompter' Speech 'Hit All The Right Notes,' But Was Just 'Lip Service'.  Chris Cuomo said President Donald Trump "hit all the right notes" in his Monday "teleprompter" speech against white supremacy following two mass shootings over the weekend, but also contended that the words were just "lip service."  The CNN anchor's Monday night "Cuomo Prime Time" comments came during a larger segment about the concept of adjusting U.S. terrorism laws to cover white nationalist terror.

CNN Host Don Lemon Demonizes Black Pastor Who Won't Call Trump Racist.  On Tuesday evening, CNN's Don Lemon spoke with Rev. Bill Owens, founder of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP).  Owens had met with Trump earlier that day.  Yet it quickly became clear Lemon had no intention of learning anything about the meeting.  Lemon, seemingly obsessed with Trump's recent tweets attacking Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), pressured the pastor to talk about the Cummings tweets, something Owens considered irrelevant.  After Owens resolutely refused to condemn Trump as a racist, Lemon launched into personal attacks against him.

Fox Veers Left.  The continued listing to port of Fox News, which rose to prominence precisely because it cut through the politically correct swamp fog that passed as media news just as Donald Trump sliced through the swamp itself on his way to the White House, was on full display on Fox News Sunday [7/28/2019] when host Chris Wallace joined Democrats whose latest charge of Trump racism occurred when Trump reminded Baltimore Rep. Elijah Cummings that conditions in his rat-infested congressional district were worse than conditions in ICE detention centers on our porous southern border with Mexico.

Another "Fox News Sunday," Another Trump Official Schools Anti-Trumper Chris Wallace On Racism.  President Trump's harsh words for House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Saturday morning dominated the otherwise quiet, summer weekend news cycle. [...] Because Cummings is black, the cries of "Trump is a racist" began almost immediately.  Well, it's another Sunday and you know what that means.  It means that anti-Trumper Chris Wallace gets to practice his debate skills on yet another Trump administration official.

Media Claim Trump Is Racist For 'Infestation' 'Rat' Tweet About Baltimore.  These Videos Tell A Different Story.  On Saturday, the media painted President Donald Trump as a racist for tweeting about the disastrous conditions in the district in West Baltimore represented by Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD). [...] "Baltimore had the worst homicide rate among the nation's 50 largest cities last year and the second-highest violent crime rate overall, according to new data from the FBI," The Baltimore Sun reported in 2018.  Video filmed by politico Kimberly Klacik also reinforce President Trump's tweets.  In the videos, Baltimore residents complain about the rough conditions and desperately beg for government officials to "help."

AP wants voters to punish Trump.  Shocked to see Mueller reveal himself as a hapless ineffective prosecutor, "reporter" Lisa Mascaro of the Associated Press sat down and wrote an analysis, which is one-sided and aimed at shaping public opinion.

Nets Lament Mueller 'Blunted Momentum', Didn't 'Move the Needle' for Impeachment.  The day after the disasters that were the Democratic-led hearings with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) seemed crestfallen that their high hopes for President Trump's impeachment were puttering out.  Their Thursday [7/25/2019] flagship evening newscasts reflected that mood as they talked about the hearings not having the "punch" needed to push certain Democrats to back impeachment, leaving a "divide" in the party.

A Media Outlet Finally Dug Into the Epstein-Clinton Ties, and Surprise, Clinton Lied Again.  Over the past few weeks, I wrote a few pieces pointing out the absurdity of the media's coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein travesty.  For the opening act, the major networks and papers were really interested.  Why?  Because there was a member of Trump's administration that worked on Epstein's sweetheart plea deal.  That was all the hook the media needed to make the story about Donald Trump.  But then something happened.  Alex Acosta resigned and the hook was gone.  Suddenly, the media didn't care anymore.  The story died overnight because there was no longer a vehicle to attack Trump, [...]

CNN's Stelter Rages Against Trump Backers After Bad Mueller Day: 'Reject the Lies'.  CNN claims its Reliable Sources program "examines the media world — telling the story behind the story — how the news gets made."  But Brian Stelter's show, and his Reliable Sources newsletter have become something much different.  It's become first and foremost about ranting against President Trump as a liar, as a racist, as mentally unfit, as a budding authoritarian — in short, it's drenched in leftist ideology.  Journalism is secondary.  Stelter's newsletter after the Mueller hearing effectively demonstrates this.

CNN panel laments failure of Dems to bring down Trump: 'Certainly seems like Trump is winning'.  Robert Mueller's testimony before two different House committees yielded little if any wins for Democrats who were hard-pressed to find any encouragement even at CNN.  Panelists on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" on Wednesday [7/24/2019] reacted to the former counsel's testimony earlier before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, discussing the general failure of Democrats to take down President Donald Trump.

Media reacts to Mueller-geddon.  The media thought Mueller would bring the impeachment finally of President Donald John Trump.  Instead, Mueller's testimony made impeachment a joke.  His rambling answers to questions that had to be repeated several times symbolized the incoherency of the Democrat resistance.  They have accused President Trump of so many things that turned out to be untrue so many times that the media is no longer believed by an overwhelming number of people.

Vogue Editor:  Why Discuss Melania Trump In An Interview When Michelle Obama Is So 'Incredible?'.  Vogue Editor Anna Wintour couldn't be bothered talking about First Lady Melania Trump, not when her predecessor Michelle Obama "was so incredible."  Wintour spoke to The Economist last week but apparently only wanted to speak about the fashion accomplishments of Obama — even when the question was about Trump.

Unfit To Print Episode 17: Pro-Trump Women Punch Back At CNN's Biased Questions.  CNN tried to bait a group of Republican women into calling President Donald Trump racist, but it backfired when the women fought back.  The video of these women calling out CNN's Randi Kaye for her biased questioning is an all-time classic, [...]

On Jeffrey Epstein and a New Yorker attack on me.  The election of Donald Trump has pulled American debate away from objectivity and turned publications into actors in a political battle.  After Donald Trump's election, the New Yorker magazine lost no time nailing its colors to the anti-Trump mast.  David Remnick, its editor, lamented that Obama — a 'man of integrity, dignity, and generous spirit' — was being supplanted by 'vulgarity unbounded, a knowledge-free national leader' who would 'set markets tumbling', 'strike fear into the hearts of the vulnerable, the weak' etc.  This set the tone for the magazine's subsequent reporting.  Those sympathetic to Trump are treated in the same way — as I have found out.

Norah O'Donnell's 'Evening News' Debut Becomes Trump Hatefest.  Just like NewsBusters warned folks about the likelihood that the 2015 CNBC Republican presidential debate moderators could be nutty, we struck gold again on Monday [7/15/2019].  Following numerous studies about the liberal tilt of CBS's Norah O'Donnell, the debut episode of O'Donnell's CBS Evening News made it apparent that the newscast will return to being virulently anti-Trump, waging war against the President after his "racist" "tweets."  O'Donnell even set the tone from the first words out of her mouth in the opening teases:  "Tonight, the President denies his tweets are racist, [...]"

FBI's spreadsheet puts a stake through the heart of Steele's dossier.  Some in the news media have tried in recent days to rekindle their long-lost love affair with former MI6 agent Christopher Steele and his now infamous dossier.  The main trigger was a lengthy interview in June with the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general, which some news outlets suggested meant U.S. officials have found Steele, the former Hillary Clinton-backed political muckraker, to be believable.  "Investigators ultimately found Steele's testimony credible and even surprising," Politico crowed.  The Washington Post went even further, suggesting Steele's assistance to the inspector general might "undermine Trumpworld's alt-narrative" that the Russia-collusion investigation was flawed.

Brennan Mueller Russia Hoax:  Co-conspirators of the Democrat Party Press.  Time and again the members of the fourth estate have acted in nefarious fashion against the interests of the truth.  Against the interests of the public.  Against the principles of the Republic.  Actively and dishonestly working as designated purveyors of Kremlin disinformation in the form of the Steele dossier.  As water boys doing the bidding for high government officials.  Of putting forth a narrative now proven, years later, to be a hoax.  A lie.  A deliberate attempt to work with forces at the highest levels of the Obama White House to undermine and destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump.  These aren't journalists.  They are partisan warriors using the cover of journalism to conduct hit jobs on the designated targets.

As White House 'Social Media Summit' opens today, MSM unite in vehement disparagement.  The variety and vehemence of put-downs in the media today [7/11/2019] must reveal fear.  Nothing else could account for the near hysterical reaction to a meeting aimed at free speech.

Media Magic — How a Democrat Pedophile Became a 'Trump Scandal'.  [Scroll down]  As stories go, a child sex case involving a Palm Beach billionaire was pretty big.  It was covered in the British press, in Florida media, at The New York Post, and at Fox News.  Bill O'Reilly led with the story on his Fox News show.  But CNN and MSNBC did not breathe a word about a Democratic prosecutor refusing to hold a Democratic child rapist accountable.

Seven Facts About Obama's Immigration Record Liberals Refuse to Admit.  [#2] Obama separated families at the border:  The most common rebuttal I've heard on social media to the issue of which administration built the cages housing immigrant children is that Trump separated families at the border, while Obama did not.  In their minds, the moment Trump became president, unaccompanied minors stopped coming across the border, and instead, it was full of families, that were then thoughtlessly ripped apart by an evil and mean Trump administration.  Well, the left doesn't want to see this, but the separation of families at the border was a continuation of an existing policy that preceded Trump (and Obama) and Obama absolutely separated families at the border.  [#1] Obama built the cages for immigrant children:  Not even Snopes could deny this one.  Two former Obama administration officials have publicly acknowledged this fact, and the media even reported on the migrant detention facilities that were built by the Obama administration — but those reports lacked the outrage you see today.  There is a lot of photographic evidence of migrant detention facilities during the Obama years, with children crowded in caged areas, sleeping on concrete floors, that just didn't resonate with the media or the political left at the time.  It's almost as though they were trying to protect Obama's legacy.

These Days, It's Conservatives Doing Real Journalism.  For decades, members of the media masqueraded as practitioners of objectivity, supposedly uninterested in politics or policy.  But the truth always comes out, and when they could no longer conceal their bias we were assured that it was possible to pick sides privately while remaining objective professionally.  Now, in the age of Orange Man Bad, everything is upside down and any semblance of objectivity is considered unethical, an accessory to the "crimes" of the current administration.

Wishful thinking on the part of ABC News:
Trump reaches career-high approval, yet faces a range of re-election risks:  Poll.  Bolstered by a strong economy, Donald Trump reached the highest job approval rating of his career in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and runs competitively for re-election against four of five possible Democratic contenders.  Yet he remains broadly unpopular across personal and professional measures, marking his vulnerabilities in the 2020 election.

Who Really Believes Biden Can Beat Trump?  According to a new Washington Post-ABC poll, however, if the 2020 election were held today, Biden would beat President Trump by 10 points.  If this inspires skepticism, it won't be ameliorated by the finding in the same survey that Trump's approval rating is at the highest point of his presidency.  The new poll found that 47 percent of registered voters say they approve of Trump compared to 42 percent in April.  Meanwhile, Biden's lead among the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination is dwindling.

A stain on the Lincoln Memorial.  The white marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial are a sacred place for America.  And they're about to get stained.  It's the place of reckoning for our great nation's original sin — the practice of slavery and the segregation and racism that still rock this country today.  And it's a place that honors sacrifice and the earth-moving impact of eloquence on American history.  Now a showman with no appreciation for that history is going to squat on that spot this July Fourth.

The Editor says...
How very dramatic.  I suppose the monuments in Washington really are sacred, if you're a humanist, and the government is your god.  But the writer (of the article immediately above) seems to have forgotten all about Barack H. Obama's highly political speech at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2013.

Media Predictions of "Tiny Crowd" For Trump July 4 Speech Proven Spectacularly Wrong.  The media ran headlines right up to the day of President Trump's July 4 speech predicting only a "tiny crowd" would show up.  How spectacularly wrong they were. [...] In reality, photos from the event show crowds stretching the full length of the national mall.

CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN Join MSNBC, Will Not Air President Trump's July 4th Celebration.  President Trump is planning a massive military parade this year in Washington DC for the 4th of July. [...] Many Democrats are not supportive of the event.  Code Pink will fly a Baby Trump blimp.  And MSNBC will not carry the "Salute to America" live event.  And now this:  ABC, CBS, NBC announced today they will not air President Trump's July 4th American Celebration.

MSNBC's Joy Reid:  Trump Having July 4th Parade To Threaten Americans.  MSNBC conspiracy theorist Joy Reid said on Tuesday [7/2/2019] that she believes that President Donald Trump is trying to send a "threat" to "his fellow Americans" by having a July 4th celebration that will feature tanks and military aircraft.

The Editor says...
It must be miserable to live in constant fear and ignorance.  But why spread it around on television?

Obnoxious tanks?  What does MSNBC think 'rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air' means?  The resistance to President Donald Trump has become so toxic that nothing is off-limits when it comes to finding reasons to denigrate the president, not even the 4th of July. [...] With Trump getting involved in the annual 4th of July celebration in Washington, an MSNBC panel took great exception to plans to display brand new Abrams tanks — the president toured the manufacturing plant in Lima, Ohio, in March and heaven forbid he should be proud of what is being produced.  Of course, what really irks the left is that Trump opted to get involved in the annual event, and is putting his own stamp on the festivities.

The shameless smears of Melania Trump and now Stephanie Grisham.  For the last four years — since the day then-private citizen Donald J. Trump announced he was a candidate for president — some members of the media have been unfairly, relentlessly, and cowardly attacking Melania Trump.  A woman who, when single, carved out a place for herself in a very tough industry.  A woman who speaks six languages.  A woman who is an exceptional mother.  A woman who now, as first lady, not only brings class, elegance, and dignity to the White House but has decided to use her own platform to take on social media bullying.  In other words, a woman who would and should be seen as a role model, especially to young women across the country.  Many in the liberal media — along with Hollywood and academia — are truly terrified of the confidence, intellect, grace, and unbending resolve of Melania Trump, and feel they have to tear her down at every opportunity to prevent her strong and reasoned voice from reaching the American people.

Twitter to start policing gov't officials, will slap 'disclaimer' on Trump's tweets that break its 'rules'.  Twitter has announced that it intends to add what would essentially be warning labels and disclaimers to tweets posted by world leaders that allegedly violate the platform's controversial and highly inconsistent policies concerning abuse, harassment, threats and so-called hate speech.  While the social media network has denied that this new rule has anything to do with President Donald Trump, there's a strong belief that the rule is in fact centered on stymieing him.  "[T]here are certain cases where it may be in the public's interest to have access to certain Tweets, even if they would otherwise be in violation of our rules," the social media network announced in a blog post Thursday [6/27/2019].

Ignoring FLOTUS is the Mainstream Media's loss.  A glaring failure of the mainstream media is their inattention to one of the most stunning and charming first ladies ever to grace the White House, Melania Trump.  You will search in vain for a Vogue cover shoot.  You won't find anywhere an in-depth feature on how the first lady manages policy issues while being a charming, multi-lingual representative of the United States of America.  There are few serious stories about her personal business pursuits, which have made her the wealthiest First Ladies with a personal net worth of $50,000,000.

Media rolls out "without evidence" meme — without evidence.  So far this month, the president has charmed the Queen, eloquently memorialized D-Day, got Mexico to help defend our border, and even got a nice birthday card from Kim Jong Un.  President Donald John Trump also has averted World War III with Iran.  To counter his making of America great again, Democrats today promised to trot out Mueller next month to flog Russian Collusion, a horse so dead its head belongs in a Godfather movie.  President Trump went on the offense, telling Fox Business Network that Mueller terminated text messages between Pete Strzok and Lisa Page when they were with the FBI.  Hello, obstruction of justice.  That's destruction of evidence.  The president's words were, "Robert Mueller terminated their text messages together.  He terminated them.  They're gone.  And that's illegal.  That's a crime."  Media reaction was as uniform as the Korean Army.

Trump: Smarter Than The Experts.  Remember the bold predictions made by the New York Times' economist and resident expert, Paul Krugman?  The Nobel Prize winning economist said that the economic fallout of a Donald Trump presidency would be severe and widespread, predicting that it could "plunge the world into recession."  He penned his view in an opinion piece published the day after the election.  Calling Trump both "ignorant and irresponsible," he said that his election would be the "mother of all adverse effects."  He warned that the new administration could quickly undo the progress that markets had made in the eight years since the financial crisis.  He was wrong.  The Trump economy continues setting records.  Employment, real wages, consumer confidence, all moving ever higher.  We wait in vain for a correction or apology from Krugman or the Times.  They rarely find room to share the good economic news with their shrinking readership.  The truth does indeed die in darkness.

Even if this were true, it would be unwise for CNN to make any favorable mention of their competition.
CNN Claims Trump Gets All His Military Advice from Fox News.  Since President Trump took office, CNN has been trying to gaslight the country into believing that the President's friendly relationship with some of the hosts on Fox News was somehow not a standard part of Washington D.C.'s revolving door (Obama hired at least 30 liberal media folks).  Now, during Sunday's [6/23/2019] so-called "Reliable Sources", host and media janitor Brian Stelter took the feud with their better-rated rival further and suggested that the President got seemingly all of his military advice from Fox News.  Trump recently called off a planned military strike on Iran because it would have left 150 people dead.  He had let it be known that he felt it would not have been a measured response to Iran's aggression, since they had not killed anyone in their attacks.  To that development, Stelter wondered:  "So, where is President Trump getting his information, his advice?"

Trump and the Latest Polls:  Summertime Blues or More Fake News?  Recent polls show President Donald Trump in big trouble, likely to lose in a landslide to many of the 20-plus Democrat contenders.  Once again, the media tell their dwindling audience how "the walls are closing in" on Trump and how no one likes him.  Should Trump-supporters be worried?  Or is this just the latest edition of the Fake News Gazette, courtesy of the Trump-loathing media?

Trump's 'Orlando Poll' Makes Stale Bread Out of Of Fox Poll.  [Scroll down]  "And not only did we fill it up, but we had 120,000 requests... congratulations!" President Trump said in his opening remarks.  CNN, which couldn't handle Orlando's rousing welcome of the president, cut away from the reality of his popularity, the truth being too hard to take.  "CNN broke away from President Trump's 2020 kick off speech shortly after the crowd began chanting "CNN S****!" [...] [CNN reaction] [...] This from the same television network which continues to refrain from ever commenting on how demented Democrats do not "seize this moment to do something different" other than expressing their hatred for the man who beat Hillary Clinton two and a half years later.  The same network which dropped 30 percent in ratings over the past few weeks and the one carrying on the pretence that Donald Trump was never elected president.

Does anyone doubt that Trump is the Rocky of American politics?  President Trump's rally on Tuesday [6/18/2019] to officially launch his 2020 campaign for re-election was a tour-de-force.  The twenty thousand people in the arena, along with the thousands of people outside watching on jumbo screens were all on the same page:  He has been a great President these past two and a half years and they want more of the same.

The Editor says...
Reuters posted a deliberately misleading series of crowd photos, making it look like there were maybe two or thee hundred people present, and almost that many press photographers.  When Trump speaks about fake news, this is what he's talking about.

CNN cuts out of Orlando rally after Trump gets crowd chanting [in derision].  Those with big egos tend to be overly sensitive to criticism, and well, judging by the way the folks at CNN reacted Tuesday evening [6/18/2019] to President Donald Trump's presidential election re-launch, they must have egos bigger than life itself.  As the crowd began chanting "CNN s****" and the president panned the media for their poor ratings, the left-wing network quickly cut away from the rally to begin its daily airing of grievances.  Some reports suggest that MSNBC also cut away from the event.

Don Lemon And CNN Can't Stop The Trump/Hitler Comparisons.  In a discussion with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Don Lemon once again made a Trump/Hitler comparison.  [Video clip] [...] This was shortly after CNN cut away from the Trump rally when the President attacked the media and the crowd started chanting "CNN s****".

Turns Out The Reported Racist Delay Of Harriet Tubman's $20 Note Was Fake News.  A few weeks ago, it was announced that a new $20 bill graced by Harriet Tubman wouldn't be shown in 2020.  This set off a wave of condemnation and claims of racism backed by absolutely no evidence.  We are supposed to believe that Trump dislikes non-whites so much that he personally intervened in the situation and delayed the project. [...] Now, more details are coming out and as per usual, there's a lot more to the story and none of it involves Donald Trump at all.

The External Roots of Spygate.  Over the past three years, the MSM has done a thorough job brainwashing its captive audience into believing that Putin preferred, supported, or even colluded with Trump in the 2016 elections.  Not only was this untrue, but even the idea of such a preference, much less collusion, was ridiculous in the U.S. in the spring of 2016.

CNN 'eviscreate' banner
CNN slammed for hyperbolic chyron, declares Biden to 'eviscerate' Trump in Iowa speech.  CNN is arguably a heavily partisan network whose contributors, anchors and pundits have no qualms about openly displaying their pro-Democrat, anti-Republican bias.  Take for instance the glaringly biased chyron that appeared on CNN early Tuesday morning [6/11/2019] after 2020 contender former Vice President Joe Biden released a transcript of what he intended to say during an event in Iowa later that afternoon: [Screen shot]

CNN's Acosta 'Regrets' Media Did Not Stand in Solidarity More Against Trump.  Sunday [6/9/2019] on CNN's "Reliable Sources," CNN White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta revealed one his "regrets" in life is the media not standing together in solidarity.  Acosta lamented he has "missed some opportunities" to challenge President Donald Trump labeling the media "the enemy of the people."  "You know, I wish at times that the press had been a bit more in solidarity with one another in standing up to this White House and saying, 'Listen, 'You know, the president can't call us the enemy of the people.  We're not going to go along with that.'  Acosta told host Brian Stelter.  "I think we've missed some opportunities here and there to challenge that."

Irish bar debunks fake news that Don Jr. and Eric Trump skipped out on bill.  Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the eldest sons of the president, were targeted by fake news after a recent bar crawl where they picked up the tabs of their fellow patrons.  A Saturday [6/8/2019] story from The Daily Beast was published with the headline "Eric and Donald Trump Jr.  Still Have Not Paid Irish Bar Tab."  While leftists made the story go viral and immediately used the headline to trash the Trump family some more, the whole thing was complete and utter nonsense.  Reporter Arthur Schwartz almost immediately jumped at The Daily Beast and the authenticity of their story.

Impeachment Fever:  Democrats whip themselves into a frenzy.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, over at the Democrats' top propaganda arm, MSNBC, we have guests complaining that it's impossible to get onto the network unless they promise to talk about impeachment.  No other topic is to be broached.  And for those who do, "no TV for you."  CNN is beating the drum hard for impeachment, too, giving lots of airtime to professors and more professors calling for it.

Anti-Trump Traitors Rip Blindfold Off Lady Justice.  What anti-American zealots in government and media are doing to president Trump is unprecedented and should scare [...] every American.  They have created a parallel universe void of truth and reality.  In the midst of Trump actually making America great again, millions of Americans believe Trump is a Russian agent, mentally ill, and leading America to destruction.

Trump-McCain Tarpgate: Yet Another Outrage That Wasn't.  By the time I learn enough about the latest current-events kerfuffle to realize I don't care, it turns out to be [nonsense] anyway.  And so it is with the outrage du jour:  Tarpgate. [...] Now, it's not exactly a secret that John McCain hated Trump's guts, and the feud has continued even after McCain's death.  Trump still badmouths a corpse, much to the delight of Trump's biggest fans.  So this story sounds plausible.  It sounds like something Trump would do, and something Trumpkins would defend.  But does that mean it actually happened?  Sure, it confirms my prejudices, but does that mean it's true?  It's starting to sound like maybe it isn't.

NY Times reportedly directing writers away from appearing on heavily partisan cable shows, MSNBC not happy.  In what appears to be an attempt to appear less partisan than usual, The New York Times is now reportedly requesting that its "journalists" and "reporters" abstain from appearing on conspicuously partisan programs such as MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show."  This fascinating revelation was unveiled Thursday by Vanity Fair's Joe Pompeo, who was tipped off by MSNBC itself about a Times reporter who was recently forced to cancel a scheduled appearance with network host Rachel Maddow because of this new request.

CNN [is] Now Officially The 'Hate Trump' Network.  CNN has been bashing Donald Trump from the day the billionaire announced he was running for president.  It hasn't been pretty.  In May 2017, Harvard University researchers found in a study that CNN's coverage of President Trump was 93% negative, just 7% positive.  "CNN and NBC's coverage was the most unrelenting — negative stories about Trump outpaced positive ones by 13-to-1 on the two networks," the study noted.  "Trump's coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity."  So it's hard to imagine that it has gotten worse — but it has.

Trump Finally Has the Wind at his Back.  President Donald Trump has been sailing into the wind, against the tide, dragging an anchor, for the first two years of his presidency.  And despite these hindrances, he is presiding over a booming economy and record low unemployment, circumstances that were said to be unattainable without a magic wand, according to the last president. [...] The wind against him has been the virtually nonstop negative media coverage each and every day.  Not just anti-Trump spin, but actual fake news.  Media outlets bristle when accused of peddling fake news, but one has to only look to last weekend for the latest example.  Time columnist Ian Bremmer fabricated a Trump quote and set it loose in the Twitterverse, only to be immediately retweeted by other Trump haters like CNN's Ana Navarro, before being deleted.  No contrition was offered since in their view the quote "could have" been true.

The hoax and due diligence.  Nothing illustrates the decline of serious journalism more than the fact that many of the major media, particularly CNN and MSNBC, have participated (and to some extent continue to participate) in massive hoaxes which would have been easily disproved with basic due diligence. [...] The Russia collusion hoax will probably do major damage to those media organizations that did the most to push it.  There were basic legitimate questions:  Did the Russians try to influence the 2016 election?  Were they trying to benefit Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or just make mischief?  An independent, non-partisan investigation may have been justified.  But from day one, it was obvious that the goal of the investigation was to get Mr. Trump and not reveal truth.

Impeach or get off the pot, Democrats.  When House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler and Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the United States had been plunged into a "constitutional crisis," a large swath of the media took to plying this fantasy for them.  "Ever wonder what a constitutional crisis looks like?  Well, open your eyes," CNN's Don Lemon explained to his viewers.  "The president of the United States is just blowing right through our system of checks and balances, the very thing that is supposed to keep our Congress, the judiciary, and the executive branch working, which means our country working."  None of this is remotely true.  Our checks and balances are working exactly as they should.

CBS Hosts Laugh at Dumping Milkshakes on 'Right-Wing' Politicians.  The journalists at CBS This Morning on Tuesday [5/21/2019] laughed at a new trend by militant leftists:  Dumping milkshakes on politicians they don't like.  Co-host Tony Dokoupil began with a whimsical recounting:  "In the latest of a series of attacks on right-wing politicians, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage was doused with a milkshake yesterday.  That was actually salted caramel if anyone is wondering."  This prompted laughter from Dokoupil's co-hosts.  Continuing the jovial discussion of political intimidation, he added, "I'm sure it feels great.  I'm sure people love the feeling.  Pictures fly around the world."

Her 'Sad Life': WaPo White House Reporter Whines About Covering President Trump.  Ashley Parker, White House reporter for the Washington Post, whined online Thursday night [5/23/2019] about her "sad life" having to cover President Trump.  Parker complained that her smartphone buzzed every four minutes and instead of it being a message from her husband it was (tweets by) President Trump.

The Editor says...
Here is your problem:  You have made yourself a slave to the cell phone.  You are in a miserable situation of your own making.  You put yourself on a leash.

Impeachment Coverage Has Surged as Public Interest Wanes.  The Democratic clamor for presidential impeachment seems to be growing by the day.  The topic became front-page news again this week with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statement that President Trump "engaged in a coverup" regarding the Russian collusion investigation.  Looking closely, we see that media coverage of impeachment ticked up shortly after Trump's election and really took off in the aftermath of his firing of FBI Director James Comey in May 2017, accelerating steadily over the last two years.  Meanwhile, web searches about impeachment seem to have largely faded.

MSNBC Host Pushes Democrats to Begin Impeachment Hearings.  MSNBC's Kasie Hunt gunned for Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings, offering them a playbook on how to do so.  "How badly do you want it?  Impeachment could be Dems' only path to key information," the accompanying MSNBC video's headline coaxed.

Media Curiously Incurious About What Amash Finds Impeachable on Trump, Dishonest on Barr.  Justin Amash got just what many observers say he wanted from his remarks that President Trump should be impeached — a lot of ink from an adoring mainstream media.  But that media, which prides itself on asking touch questions and speaking truth to power, mysteriously never inquired what specifically Amash, a Republican who represents the Grand Rapids, Mich., area, saw in the report from special counsel Robert Mueller or in Attorney General William Barr's interpretation of it that led him to believe Barr has misled with his report or that Trump deserved to be impeached.  Multiple outlets quoted Amash's tweets.  "President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct," read one.  "Contrary to Barr's portrayal, Mueller's report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment," read another.

The Booming Jobs Market Mystifies the Press, When They Notice It At All.  Wages are rising for the lowest-paid workers.  Minority groups have never had it so good.  People at the margins are getting pulled back into the labor market.  So why, they ask, is the country "not quite exuding the self-possession or excitement that should accompany these exceptional times."  First of all, that claim that nobody is celebrating the current economy is wrong.  Every measure of consumer confidence and optimism is up.  In some cases, way up. [...] The fact that the NPR reporters aren't aware of this shift in confidence says more about the bubble they live in than what is actually happening in the country.  Inside this bubble, it's all doom and gloom, anger and frustration, and an absolute fixation on driving President Trump from office.

The Media at Their Lowest.  On any number of subjects, building a wall between Mexico and the United States being a current topic of the day, there are literally dozens of video recordings of Democrats contradicting themselves from the position they took even a decade ago.  Joe Biden once pounded the pulpit demanding that we build a wall.  With Joe Biden as the Democratic frontrunner for U.S. president, you've seen that contradiction reported all over the national mainstream media, haven't you?  Contrast that with anything and everything Donald Trump says.  The media are quick to pull any quote, any tweet out of context or bend it out of shape to promote the narrative that the president is an unhinged liar.

CNN anchor asks if Trump will give 'foaming at the mouth speech' on Fourth of July.  CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota asked if President Trump would give a "foaming at the mouth speech" in which attendees "clamor for violence" in response to a report that Trump has taken charge of Fourth of July celebrations in Washington, D.C.  The Washington Post reported Friday [5/10/2019] that Trump has moved the annual fireworks display from its usual location near the Washington Monument to West Potomac Park and he wants to address attendees from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

NYT Trump Taxes Story is Funniest News of Year (so far).  Seriously, the 'Trump-taxes' story has to be the biggest, funniest, most well documented, and most absurd, ongoing snipe hunt in history.

When Will Trump Finally Drop the Hammer on the Deep State?  The current Pravda-like media enjoys the comfort of existing within their own leftist echo chamber.  Creating and perpetuating false narratives have become the accepted method of all those who are involved in attempting to destroy this president and ultimately our nation.

Headline shows how terrible DC journalism is.  The Washington Post headline was meant to be scary but it was hilarious.  It read, "Trump is already set to use the government to destroy the Democratic nominee." Really?  How is he going to do that?  Is President Donald John Trump going to use the IRS to punish critics?  Obama did.  Is President Donald John Trump going to use the NSA to spy on opponents?  Obama did.  Is President Donald John Trump going to use the FBI to infiltrate opposing campaigns?  Obama did.  Is President Donald John Trump going to use contacts with foreign governments against his opponent?  Obama did.  Is President Donald John Trump going to obstruct justice to avoid indicting his party's nominee?  Obama did.

Washington Post's 10,000 Trump untruths is about 25% fake news.  President Donald Trump, according to one well-publicized tally, has told 10,000 whoppers during this presidency.  His falsehoods include such incredible claims such as accurately stating the number of new jobs since the election.  Or Trump saying he signed executive orders that he did, in fact, sign.  Or claiming that Sen. Bernie Sanders, who wants corporate taxes to increase, worker wages to rise, and stock buybacks to end, wants 401(k) values to "dissipate."  If those don't sound so fraudulent, that's because they're not.  The Washington Post's count of what it calls "false and misleading statements," and what other media outlets quickly short-handed to "lies" by Trump, is itself inflated.

French ambassador:  US press 'so anti-Trump that I do understand' Trump going direct to the people.  G rard Araud, the outgoing French ambassador to the United States, said he sympathizes with President Trump and how he handles the "anti-Trump" press.  "The press, to be frank, is so anti-Trump that I do understand that the natural reaction of Trump is to go over the head of the press," Araud told the New York Times.  Trump, who Araud described as a "big mouth," has long railed against the "fake news" media.  Some of his favorite targets are the New York Times, CNN, and NBC, particularly over their coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and unflattering reports about him or his administration.

5 Times The Mueller Probe Broke Prosecutorial Rules That Ensure Justice.  CNN recently published an article arguing that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should not have issued a report suggesting the president may have committed obstruction of justice without actually reaching this conclusion.  CNN is obviously disappointed because inside the leftist echo chamber the obstruction case seems undisputable [sic]. [...] The Mueller report poisons public opinion without bringing charges.  It should have been written on a postcard, because the outcome of a criminal proceeding is binary:  Guilty or not guilty.  There's no middle ground under constitutional principles.  President Trump is not guilty until the Senate convicts him otherwise.

Trump Opponents Never Tire of Losing.  For well over three years, Donald Trump has been under attack.  He has been subjected to unprecedented slander by the media, dirty tricks by the Democrats, legally dubious investigations, and sabotage by the deep state.  Yet he is not only still standing, he has a record of accomplishments that any president would be happy to claim after two years in office.  One would think his opponents would be able to divine a message from this.  To wit, their time might be better spent working on behalf of the voters rather than launching further futile attempts to bring Trump down.

Propaganda, Trust, and the Media.  He who holds the reins of communication shapes the opinions and to a large extent the direction of the country, and for now, the left has a near monopoly on much of what Americans are exposed to. [...] They publish and air lies made out of whole cloth without a shred of fear of accountability as they debate amongst themselves whether Trump is either incompetent or treasonous.  According to a May 2017 report from the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, "Trump's coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity."  Negative reports outpaced positive ones with 80 percent negative against 20 percent positive.  Trump's coverage was merciless.  In no week did the coverage drop below 70 percent negative and it reached 90 percent negative at its peak."  Regarding Trump's fitness for office, the New York Times had published 6 to 1 in negative coverage while the Washington Post ran negative coverage at a staggering 24 to 1.

Top 10 things the media got wrong about 'collusion' and 'obstruction'.  The prestige press has some explaining to do — for subjecting the nation to a long, cruel ordeal named "collusion" and "obstruction."  Almost two years and millions of column inches later, special counsel Robert Mueller has revealed the theory that President Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia has been just that.  All that remains of collusion and obstruction is the media's shattered credibility.

Media & Democrats, For The Good Of The Nation, It's Time To Admit You Were Wrong.  When media figures are still demanding impeachment of a president who was found to have done NOTHING WRONG it only further emphasizes the point that this entire Mueller boondoggle was never about the truth but only a means by which these people wanted to harm President Trump, his tens of millions of supporters, and by doing so, all of America.

What's the Next Fake News?  It now transpires that the cheating and collusion was done by the FBI, working in cahoots with Hillary's campaign, and The New York Times and The Washington Post knew it but chose instead to write the very opposite, that it was the Russkies and Trump.  Mueller even told them so during the investigation, but they chose the big lie instead.  This should have been a death blow for the reputation of any newspaper, but if one watches zombie and sci-fi programs on television all day and night, as Americans tend to do, how on earth can they recognize fake news when they see it?  Everything Trump said or did these past two years sparked an avalanche of thunderous denunciations from both reporters and editorial writers.  Reporters wrote editorials and writers simply lied and presented theories as facts, and they continue to do so.

Media pulled off big con with Russia collusion story.  The whole thing was one giant lie.  And everybody peddling it — from House Democrat leaders, to Senate Democrats running for president, to the Senate Republican who reported the whole thing in the first place, to the roaring lions of the Great White Media — knew it was a lie. [...] Now that he is in the White House, President Trump has carried on delivering on issues that regular Americans actually care about.  But the press ignores all of those issues.  All they care about is the Russia collusion hoax.

Press throws tantrum ahead of release of Mueller report.  Attorney General Bill Barr scheduled a press conference for 9:30 a.m. today [4/18/2019] ahead of his voluntarily releasing to the public the Mueller Report.  The press already knows the report clears President Donald John Trump of collusion, but led by Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, the press is not accepting this.  There is a call for reporters to boycott the press conference.  Transparency in government is the last thing the modern press wants.

Media doubles down on stupid.  Having debated whether to boycott Bill Barr's press conference on the Mueller Report, the press decided instead to boycott reality.  Many in the media now portray the report as worse than an indictment.  They want to salvage something because they bet the farm on his indictment and wound up as losers. [...] Mueller was sent to find a crime.  Instead he found an innocent man, who objected.  Democrats and the media now say those objections are obstruction of justice.

Liberal Reporter Tells Colleagues To Get Off The Russian 'Collusion Crackpipe'.  The Mueller report has been released and guess what; Attorney General William Barr's summary was accurate.  There was no collusion.  There was no conspiracy.  On the obstruction charges, there wasn't enough evidence to bring forward formal charges.  Here is where Democrats will make their last stand.  Obstruction junction is ahead.  It's the only thing the Left can keep going from this clown show.  I'm all for it.  The longer the liberal media looks like idiots, the better it is for us.  And if the Russian collusion myth was bad, the obstruction nonsense will be a whole other level.

Terms of Impeachment:  Media Mention The I-Word 309 Times in One Day.  Although the Mueller report did not recommend any charges against the President, liberal journalists on cable and broadcast networks spent Thursday suggesting to audiences that impeachment was imminent, if not inevitable.  Throughout Thursday afternoon [4/18/2019] and Friday morning, liberal talking heads on cable and broadcast news networks mentioned impeachment an astonishing 309 times during their coverage the of the newly-released Mueller report.  MRC analysts examined a 24-hour span of coverage on liberal cable (CNN, MSNBC) and broadcast (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks, from 11:00 a.m. EDT on Thursday to the same time the following day, for every instance where the term "impeachment" — or some permutation thereof — was used by hosts, analysts, or contributors.  In total, the word came up 309 times, with the vast majority (286) coming from cable networks CNN (148) and MSNBC (138).

Adam Schiff: The Media's Pin-Up Doll.  There are times that even The Onion — the popular satirical newspaper — can't compete with the outlandish coverage produced by allegedly legitimate news publications.  Newsweek magazine's front-cover swoon over Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) this week is one such example.  The interview portrays Schiff as a warrior-martyr, fighting the evil Trump regime for the good of the country.  He blasts Attorney General Bill Barr; regurgitates long-disproven allegations of Trump-Russia collusion; and again insists many of his Republican colleagues have private misgivings about President Trump but refuse to air those grievances in public for fear of retribution.

Obama turned the FBI into the KGB.  From the beginning I knew that Obama spied on Americans.  He wiretapped the phones at the Associated Press, and the organization shrugged it off.  Oh the bosses may have complained for show, but consider the protest when President Donald John Trump kicked Acosta out of the press pool. [...] In the eyes of our myopic media, Obama could do no wrong, and President Trump can do no right.  But the truth is Obama was a sneaky [rascal] who turned the FBI into the KGB.  Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, is one who has believed all along that President Donald John Trump was right.

Fox News' trio of libs, Smith, Wallace and Rivera, rush to bury the mere thought of Trump's sanctuary city plan.  Certain Fox News media personalities seem suddenly scared witless by the prospect of the president sending all the overflow border migrants to sanctuary cities.  On Friday, President Trump confirmed that he is considering a move to have migrants who arrive at the border to be bussed only to sanctuary cities.  It's a beautifully Karmic idea, but of course, his political opponents are stumbling all over themselves proclaiming that it can't happen, that it's presidentially inappropriate, that it's illegal, and on and on.  The news brought out the best in Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace, who couldn't wait to slam the proposal six ways to Sunday.  Smith immediately insisted that he had heard "immigration officials stated that doing so would be illegal."

Lara Logan calls out CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo: 'Are these opinion shows or news programs?'.  Former CBS News journalist Lara Logan has taken aim at two CNN primetime hosts.  Logan, a former "60 Minutes" reporter, criticized Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo for not clearly stating whether they are journalists or "opinion hosts."  "My concern as a journalist is trying to figure out what the facts are and trying to figure out what people are actually representing and what they're trying to do in the election," Logan said during "Hannity" on Wednesday night [4/3/2019].

Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable for Russiagate.  After the Mueller report plopped with a wet thud on the media, everyone is blaming everyone else.  MSNBC and CNN are blaming the fake experts they invited on and interviewed night after night, urging them to make outlandish predictions that Mueller would soon have Trump locked up for treason.  Like Inspector Renault, they're shocked that the baseless claims they had been repeating were nonsense.  And a few of the experts who turned it up to 11 will no longer be invited into media green rooms.

George Papadopoulos Slams MSM for Being 'Complicit' in Collusion 'Psy-Ops'.  Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos hailed Breitbart News and other conservative news media outlets for being "truth-seeking," for not falling for what he called psychological operations, or "psy-ops," to push a narrative of Russian collusion.

Dems, Media Prepare Conspiracy Theories To Discredit Mueller Report.  Democrats and the establishment media are floating conspiracy theories about special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation in order to discredit his finding of no collusion.  Mueller delivered his report to Attorney General Bill Barr last weekend, and Barr sent a letter to Congress summarizing the report's principal findings:  no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and no conclusion on obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

Fake news is going to get it in the teeth in 2020.  Leftist presidential candidates of all (correction: the same) stripes are preparing to do battle with President Trump in 2020, pushing their menu of spoiled and smelling Venezuelan-style socialist ideas for voters.  Trump will swat them away like flies, but he's not looking in their direction much.  His real target, according to the Atlantic Monthly, is going to be the press.  Instapundit has found a beauty from within the Atlantic Monthly report, noting that Republicans are raring to go after the mainstream media, using their atrocious strings of lies and "narratives" that fell apart after the Mueller report on the fake Russian collusion.  They will do it when the press starts reporting biased dreck about Trump himself, citing their tattered credibility.  Here's some of it: [...]

Can the Media Ever Earn Back Our Trust?  After it was revealed on Sunday that the two-year investigation conducted by special prosecutor Robert Mueller found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, the finger pointing began.  This time, the national media was under the microscope.  It's one thing to hear baldly partisan idiocy from the opposing political party and its candidates — we expect that.  It's another thing altogether when crazed accusations are being spewed by the press 24/7/365 as if they're fact.

The Media Must Face Consequences for the Russia Hoax.  So, the Mueller report finally dropped and lo-and-behold, the most obvious hoax in recent history turned out to be a hoax.  For all of Trump's faults, collusion and obstruction aren't among them.  The various excuses by those who perpetuated this fraud have been fascinating to behold. [...] Never again can we take their word for what is "fake news" and what is not.  Never again can we allow them to dictate who should be on social media and should not be.  The mainstream liberal press has betrayed the trust of the American people in a cynical ploy to try to remove a President they openly hate while lining their own pockets.  Don't allow them to move on to the next topic as if nothing happened.  Their credibility is gone.  Don't let them forget it.

Media's 'Without Evidence' Trolling Is Yet More Evidence Of Their Bias.  Because they hate President Trump and are disgusted by his supporters, the mainstream media have recently started trolling us by adding "without evidence" to headlines and chyrons that bear Trump's claims.  And they only do it for claims made by President Trump and those who support him.  If you oppose President Trump, your claims — no matter how insane or unhinged — get published without any filters.  But if you support President Trump, your claims are instantly refuted so as to prejudice readers and viewers.  And you need only look at how the media deploys "without evidence" for proof that it's nothing more than that:  Partisan hackery to deceive audiences with the added bonus of angering and disenfranchising those deplorable Trump voters, all under the guise of journalistic integrity and as such a brutal and sustained assault on the credibility of the entire Fourth Estate.

Can the Mueller Report Cure the Media of TDS?  For most Americans, it was good news that we don't have a Manchurian candidate living in the White House.  For TDS victims in the media, however, it was a calamity.  Commentators stormed, sobbed, and emphatically insisted that Trump hadn't been exonerated.  But a few liberal journalists are calling on their colleagues to recognize that Russiagate was just a symptom of TDS and that the only cure for the latter is a return to the business of reporting the actual news. [...] [W]hen the story was discovered to be a work of fiction, CNN simply ignored the myriad questions raised by its journalistic malpractice.

WashPost Fact Cops Still Imply 'No Collusion' Is a False or Misleading Claim.  Robert Mueller's report finding no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government has caused problems for the "fact checkers."  Take the Washington Post "Fact" cops.  Their most recent claim is that Trump is guilty of 9,179 "false or misleading claims."

Rachel Maddow, the left's powerhouse on cable, doubles down on the collusion angle.  Rachel Maddow, the queen of collusion, is not backing down.  A day after Attorney General William Barr said special prosecutor Robert Mueller hadn't found collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian agents, Maddow — primetime TV's primary and most tenacious proponent of the conspiracy angle — still wasn't buying it.  Instead, Maddow moved on to two related questions:  Did Trump obstruct justice?  And did Barr let him get away with it?

Into a Mating Net with the Fourth Estate.  Now roughly half the people in the country (and probably more since publication over the weekend of the summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report) see the corporate left-wing media for what they are — vile propagandists who hate Trump supporters, not just as citizens and voters, but because they conceive of them as unworthy human beings.  Neither the slandered nor the slanderers are going to change.  So now what?  It's too late for change because, as polls have shown, the media have accumulated a string of witnesses to their journalistic crimes, most notably their unforgivable promotion of the Russian collusion hoax.

Trump Campaign Sends Memo to TV Producers Ripping Them for Officials Who Made 'Outrageous' Russia Comments on Air.  Following the findings laid out by Barr, the Trump campaign sent a memo to television producers to say there should be some media "introspection[.]"  The memo, obtained by multiple reporters, points to "Democrat leaders and others lying to the American people by vigorously and repeatedly claiming there was evidence of collusion" on several networks.

NBC 'Today' host Savannah Guthrie asks Sarah Sanders if Trump owes Mueller an apology.  Sometimes it's almost too much to take.  This morning [3/25/2019] Savannah Guthrie of NBC asked the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders if President Trump owed Special Counsel Robert Mueller an apology.  Sanders deftly parried the ridiculous notion with the statement that "Democrats and the liberal media owe the president and they owe the American people an apology."

Bonfire of the Media Vanities.  Every major news outfit from CNN to the New York Times loves to use the phrase "conspiracy theory" to label some notion crazy, regardless of whether it is actually a conspiracy theory.  These and most other news outlets just spent two years peddling a cockamamie conspiracy theory that the blunderers inside the Donald Trump presidential campaign somehow pulled off an illegal collusion scheme with the Russians to sway the outcome of the 2016 election.  This theory was never anything but far-fetched, given what we know.  It was mainly driven by disbelief that Trump could have been elected without cheating.

Washington Post's Next Conspiracy:  Maybe Trump 'Repaying' Putin for Kremlin's Election 'Help'.  After special counsel Robert S. Mueller's final report found no collusion between Donald Trump or his 2016 campaign and Russia, the editorial board of the Washington Post spun a new conspiracy — Trump's "deference" to Russian President Vladimir Putin could be "repayment for the Kremlin's help during the presidential race."  The Post did not specify to which "deference" it was referring.  Trump has taken a hardline approach toward Russia, rejecting its annexation of Crimea, sanctioning Russian entities and checking Russian influence in Syria among many other actions.

Lara Logan, formerly of CBS, sounds off on media's treatment of Trump, other liberal bias.  Former CBS News journalist Lara Logan says the mainstream media is not allowing President Trump to be "normalized" as the nation's leader and accused CNN, among others, of passing off opinions as fact in a Fox News interview set to air Sunday [3/24/2019].  "I've never seen the press corps behave the way they do today," Logan told host Mark Levin on "Life, Liberty & Levin.  "So, it stands out to me because it's a departure from what I've seen throughout the last three decades.  There is something actually much more significant about what you're seeing happen with the White House press corps."

Mueller Delivers Liberals A Giant [Dud].  It's not often I, like most of America, make a point to watch MSNBC or CNN.  [...] Everyone on those two channels should have been apologetic, gaslighting the country for 2 years before having the curtain ripped back so thoroughly should have been met with some humility.  They should have been begging their audience for forgiveness.  They were not.  Hilariously, these knuckle-dragging buffoons tried to play the "We have to wait and see what's in the report" card.  Suddenly, pragmatism and a desire to avoid speculation became the order of the day.  It was as if the people who hear dog whistles in everything a Republican says had been deaf to their own voices for 2 years.

The American Media Destroyed Themselves over the Mueller Investigation.  With only a few exceptions — Fox News, the editorial pages (not the front pages) of the Wall Street Journal, and a handful of websites — the better part of the American media has spent the last two years fulminating about Trump-Russia collusion we now know never existed.  Actually, we always knew that, but finally, it's official.  It was always a bunch of — excuse the expression — trumped up baloney that made no sense except to those who wished so deeply to believe it was true.  Which makes the people who were doing that fulminating — media, politicians and (usually retired) intelligence figures, who were, as is becoming increasingly clear, betraying the American Constitutional system with impunity — sick and evil.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews livid over Mueller report: 'How could they let Trump off the hook?'.  MSNBC host Chris Matthews expressed outrage on Friday upon hearing reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had completed his Russia investigation and submitted it to the attorney general — with further indictments not expected.  Matthews began his show by summarizing the breaking news, but stressed that Mueller handed his report to the Department of Justice "without ever directly interviewing the president of the United States."

Mika Brzezinski Stunned as She Reads Off Teleprompter: 'No More Indictments' by Mueller.  MSNBC's Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski was caught off guard Friday morning as she read the latest news on the Mueller investigation off the Teleprompter.  Brzezinski could not control her shocked reaction as she read an ABC report that "no more indictments are coming from the special counsel."  Brzezinski's eyes narrowed and blinked as a stunned look crossed her face while her voiced strained in pitch as she questioned what she was reading.

Conspiracy Theorist Rachel Maddow Cries on Air Over Mueller Report and Announcement That There Will Be No More Indictments.  MSNBC's top Russiagate conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow burst into tears on Friday [3/22/2019] — after the past two years of her reporting was revealed to be nonsense.  On Friday, it was revealed that there would be no more indictments from Robert Mueller's office, sealed or otherwise, which completely contradicts the tall tales that she has been selling her viewers.

Journalism Dies in Self-Importance.  I suppose it's true that "Democracy Dies in Darkness," as the Washington Post's slogan says.  But journalism may also die, by morphing into forms that can no longer be described as journalism.  Journalism may come to mean a crooked scandal sheet, or high-minded propaganda.  Sometimes squalor and self-righteousness are equally disreputable.  The Post's apothegm, somehow off-kilter, with its alliteration and self-importance, was a purposeful bit of branding, designed to claim high ground and to poke a thumb in President Trump's eye every morning.

CNN's Trump Hatred Results in Double Digit Rating Collapse.  Last place CNN's already humiliating ratings nosedived by double digits last week.  Even more than usual, some ten days ago the far-left CNN launched a 24/7 jihad against President Trump, going so far as to question his mental health, his patriotism, blaming him for a mass murder in New Zealand, and serial lying about his response to Charlottesville.  But this unhinged hate campaign obviously turned off a considerable number of Americans.

Stick a Fork in O'Rourke.  [Robert F. O'Rourke] is the candidate the media have been looking for.  They savagely attacked Donald Trump three years ago because they thought he was a rich vulgarian blowhard who couldn't speak in sentences, didn't know anything, couldn't run a two-car funeral, stole his money, and colluded illegally with a foreign power.  There was never any truth to any of that, apart from Trump's boorishness at times, which has almost completely ended. [...] Almost everything they said about Trump, except the source of his money and any foreign connection (which was a pack of lies in respect of Trump anyway), applies to Beto.

White House Slams 'The View' For Pushing Conspiracy Theory About Melania Trump.  The White House pushed back against online conspiracy theories that ABC's "The View" amplified on Monday, saying that the left-leaning show's baseless attacks on Melania Trump as she tried to comfort families who lost loved ones in Alabama during a tornado were "disgusting."  The first lady visited Lee County, Alabama with President Donald Trump on Friday [3/8/2019] to survey the damage from a recent tornado that killed 23 people, and, during the trip, she was repeatedly attacked online by leftists who promoted conspiracy theories that she was using a body double.

The Editor says...
There is far more evidence that Hillary Clinton was represented by a body double when necessary.

What new jobs?  Broadcast news ignores Trump triumphs in the economy, study says.  The big three networks — CBS, NBC and ABC — have essentially ignored President Trump's triumphs related to the economy and job creation in the last 15 months. [...] "In the past 15 months of their coverage of regular jobs reports, the networks almost never gave Trump any credit for that economic success.  Stories sometimes mentioned that he was taking credit or celebrating good jobs news.  But out of 45 broadcasts the night of monthly jobs reporting, there was just one network story about jobs that gave Trump any credit at all — they refused to credit him nearly 98 percent of the time," wrote analyst Julia Seymour, who led the research for the conservative press watchdog.  CBS, NBC and ABC also overlooked news about record unemployment among African Americans and Hispanics.

Foraging For Mushrooms.  Now that Trump is president, and the promise of his impeachment is fading, the MSM wants everyone to live in an agitated state of a new fear and dread. [...] It's not that Reagan didn't have enemies, but none who were actually rooting against their country just to take him down.  President Trump doesn't have that luxury.  When he walked away from the little potbellied pig from NoKo — who serves as a stand in for China — because he demanded some appeasement from the US it was not surprising that the MSM blamed our President rather than our enemy.

CNN's Vinograd:  Trump's CPAC Speech Had Moment That Sounded Like Hitler.  On Saturday's "CNN Newsroom," CNN National Security Analyst Sam Vinograd stated that during President Trump's CPAC speech, he sounded "a lot like" Adolf Hitler, and that he also made statements "that really looked like Vladimir Putin scripted his speech."

Fake Scandal Alert:  Former Trump Campaign Staffer Alleges He Kissed Her Without Consent.  There will be a LOT of these kinds of stories ramping up throughout 2019 so hold on tight Trump supporters.  The Left Wing Media is more determined than ever to see President Trump defeated in 2020 — at any cost.

DOJ Planned a Coup Against Trump, and the Press Doesn't Care.  Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein, along with other Department of Justice (DOJ) officials, plotted a political assassination of President Trump.  Listen closely so you can hear the mainstream media's crickets.  Former FBI acting Director McCabe confessed on 60 Minutes and elsewhere that he and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein discussed ousting the president in May 2017, even going so far as contemplating Rosenstein's wearing a wire to capture the words of the president regarding his reason for firing Comey.  Their weapon for ousting the duly elected president:  the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Schiffting to Phase 2 of Collusion.  There's been no more reliable regurgitator of fantastical Trump-Russia collusion theories than Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.  So when the House Intelligence Committee chairman sits down to describe a "new phase" of the Trump investigation, pay attention.  These are the fever swamps into which we will descend after Robert Mueller's probe.  The collusionists need a "new phase" as signs grow that the special counsel won't help realize their reveries of a Donald Trump takedown.  They had said Mr. Mueller would provide all the answers.  Now that it seems they won't like his answers, Democrats and media insist that any report will likely prove "anticlimactic" and "inconclusive."  "This is merely the end of Chapter 1," said Renatto Mariotti, a CNN legal "analyst."

NBC & CBS Promise Russia Investigation Will Continue Regardless of Mueller Report Findings.  After news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be delivering his final Russia investigation report to Attorney General William Barr in the coming days, on Thursday [2/21/2019], NBC's Today show and CBS This Morning promised viewers that the investigation would continue regardless of Mueller's findings.  Touting how "Several government officials say Robert Mueller is close to wrapping up" during a report for the Today show, correspondent Peter Alexander finished the segment by assuring: "...many legal experts say just because Robert Mueller is winding down does not mean the investigating stops, with federal prosecutors in Manhattan and elsewhere expected to follow up on pieces of the investigation."

Look What CNN Is Outraged Over Now.  The media are outraged over the silly, like how President Trump gets two scoops of ice cream or doesn't have a pet dog in the White House.  They are also incensed over what they believe is serious, that Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, despite there being not one iota of evidence supporting their belief.  It's much like believing that Elvis and Bigfoot are regularly splashing around with the Loch Ness Monster.  There is plenty the media could be outraged about but are not.  Where is the outrage over the Obama administration spying on its political opponent's presidential campaign, then, when caught, using unverified opposition research to obtain a FISA warrant to cover its misdeeds?  Followed by finagling a special counsel appointment to put the blanket of investigational secrecy over its illegal and treasonous activities?  No outrage.

Real Scandal Of Trump Term Starts To Unravel.  The most immense and dangerous public scandal in American history is finally cracking open like a ripe pomegranate.  The broad swath of the Trump-hating press that has participated in what has amounted to an unconstitutional attempt to overthrow the government are reduced to reporting the events and revelations of the scandal in which they have been complicit, in a po-faced ho-hum manner to impart to the misinformed public that this is as routine as stock market fluctuations or the burning of an American flag in Tehran.  For more than two years, the United States and the world have had two competing narratives:  that an elected president of the United States was a Russian agent whom the Kremlin helped elect; and its rival narrative that senior officials of the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and other national intelligence organizations had repeatedly lied under oath, misinformed federal officials, and meddled in partisan political matters illegally and unconstitutionally and had effectively tried to influence the outcome of a presidential election, and then undo its result by falsely propagating the first narrative.  It is now obvious and indisputable that the second narrative is the correct one.

Democratic and Republican Résumé-Enhancers.  [Scroll down]  Donald Trump, in contrast, was subjected to intense media scrutiny and won the 2016 election despite the media's allegation factory running nearly 24-7.  The media breathlessly announced, sometimes with hundreds of references in a single 24-hour news cycle, that Trump was dishonest; crude; hateful; and a racist reality TV personality in danger of ruining the economy, starting WWIII, and so on.  But many voters ignored the media's focus and instead looked at Trump's record of building businesses (Trump owns approximately 500 business entities employing about 22,000 people) as well as his skills in negotiating and compromising with different groups in order to achieve meaningful and long-lasting results.

CNN Mocks Trump for Eating Omelet During Border Emergency.  To prove that there's a border emergency, President Trump must stop eating omelets!  Ridiculous, you might say.  And yet, on this morning's [2/18/2019] New Day, CNN's John Avlon, Alisyn Camerota and Jeff Toobin mocked President Trump for eating an omelet, somehow suggesting it debunks the existence of an emergency.

Media Hypes Roger Stone 'Revelation' That Has Been Public For A Year.  News outlets and media pundits on Friday [2/15/2019] seized on a court filing in the special counsel's case against Roger Stone that referred to communication the longtime Trump confidant had with WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, the group of alleged Russian operatives suspected of stealing Democrats' emails during the 2016 campaign.  The court filing, which was touted as new, bombshell evidence by numerous news sources, including CNN and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, may be less than meets the anti-Trump eye.

Autopsy of a Dead Coup.  All through the 2016 campaign and during the first two years of the Trump presidency the media's treatment, according to liberal adjudicators of press coverage, ran about 90 percent negative toward Trump — a landmark bias that continues today.  Journalists themselves consulted with the Clinton campaign to coordinate attacks.  From the Wikileaks trove, journalistic grandees such as John Harwood, Mark Leibovich, Dana Milbank, and Glenn Thrush often communicated (and even post factum were unapologetic about doing so) with John Podesta's staff to construct various anti-Trump themes and have the Clinton campaign review or even audit them in advance.  Some contract "journalists" apparently were paid directly by Fusion GPS — created by former reporters Glen Simpson of the Wall Street Journal and Susan Schmidt of the Washington Post — to spread lurid stories from the dossier.  Others more refined like Christiane Amanpour and James Rutenberg had argued for a new journalistic ethos that partisan coverage was certainly justified in the age of Trump, given his assumed existential threat to The Truth.

7 Big Takeaways From Andrew McCabe's Planned Coup:  Much Of This Seems Like A Cover-up.  The fact that a shoddy, misspelled, Russian-sourced document paid for by Hillary Clinton tricked America's "top intelligence officials" is embarrassing.  It shows the utter stupidity of many of our so-called elites.  But it also opens up the FBI and DOJ to serious reforms, or even opens up these top FBI and DOJ officials, who signed off on spying on the Trump campaign, to potential criminal prosecution.  Even McCabe's action of ensuring the investigation would go on if he was fired should be seen in this light.  That explains much of what has gone on since November 2016.  Since the election, these partisans have implemented a sophisticated media leak campaign to generate hysteria, and now that seems to be collapsing.  Doesn't the media always remind us that the cover-up is usually what gets you, not the original crime?  As a side note, what happens to the left-of-center media's ratings and subscriptions if (or when) all this Russia stuff goes away?

Terrified Todd:  What If Trump's National Emergency Is Found Constitutional?!  The liberal media were irate at President Trump for declaring a national emergency in order to address the crisis on the U.S./Mexico border, but they were looking forward to other liberal organizations challenging the move in court.  During NBC's Sunday Today [2/17/2019], political director Chuck Todd was confident the national emergency would be struck down but feared what would happen if the courts somehow upheld it.

Why is Trump, and not Obama, the so-called 'dictator'?  It is dangerous to our freedom and prosperity when most journalists, instead of holding all powerful politicians to account, support one party no matter what they say or do and seek to destroy the other party with misleading and inaccurate articles.  It degrades journalism to indoctrinate the public with misleading and false stories disguised as news.  Well, here we are again.  They are doing it again now, and not even a true matter of national security is stopping them.

Fact Check:  Barack Obama Installed Golf Simulator in White House.  Barack Obama was the first U.S. president to install a golf simulator in the White House, according to a bombshell report in the far-left Washington Post. [...] [W]hat we have here is yet another example of just how determined the Washington Post and the rest of the media are to live in their own heads; because they don't even realize what a dazzling self-own this report is.  Seriously, think about it:  the Washington Post "bombshell" on President Trump updating Obama's golf simulator, and doing so with his own money, just proves once again how useless and corrupt the establishment media are.  But with its stupid bombshell about Trump's golf simulator, all the far-left Post is doing is admitting it did not report on Obama's golf simulator, is admitting that were it not for the Post's obsessive hatred of Trump, the public never would have learned about Obama's golf simulator.

Russia Hysteria Proves America's Foreign Policy Establishment Is A Raging Dumpster Fire.  Chuck Todd got his MSNBC pals together on "Meet the Press Daily" to have a serious, objective, and intellectual discussion of foreign policy and politics.  Just kidding.  The Senate Intelligence Committee had just announced it found "no direct evidence" of collusion between President Trump and Russia.  Democrats dispute this, without giving much reason why, which is a story in itself.  But Todd and his panel largely ignored that.  They were laser-focused on former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort's legal troubles, which is supposedly the next bombshell in the Russia investigation.

Pushing the Hoax Makes Money.  In spite of Jones and Strzok both correctly assessing the Russia hoax as "no big there" or a "nothingburger," it's kept going by gobs of money gushing out of true believers.  Trump-Russia has been great for business.  The media has raked in ratings and ad revenue pushing the hoax.  Billionaire Tom Steyer has committed $40 million towards impeaching Trump.  Anti-Trump social justice warriors can buy a lot of pink hats with that kind of money.  Additionally, billionaire George Soros is lavishing additional funding on Fusion GPS to continue its "research."  When one googles "Mueller," a paid advertisement from Common Cause comes up early in the search results.  That ad campaign must cost a fortune.  Also, don't forget that at least three journalists accepted money from Fusion GPS to work on special Russia research.  Whoever these journalists are, they have not proudly stepped forward to claim credit for helping Fusion GPS's research, so we have no way of knowing whether that same research ended up in their articles.  Even the Washington Post lamented the role of Fusion GPS's money in "renting" journalists to push stories.  We should be skeptical of any story that requires millions of dollars in dark money to perpetuate.

Poll: Media's All-Out Assault on Trump Only Hurts Trust in Journalists.  Polling proves that public trust in the establishment media has collapsed in every imaginable way during Trump's presidency.  There is no doubt anymore that corporate media's ongoing assault against President Trump has backfired in a way that journalists will never recover from.  An IBD/TIPP poll asked about "the public's perception of the mainstream news media" and found that "fully half the country says its trust in the media decreased over the past two years," while only eight percent say they have more trust in the media.

Pennsylvania paper drops syndicated cartoon over Trump insult.  At least one newspaper says it has dropped the syndicated cartoon "Non Sequitur" after a vulgar message to President Donald Trump appeared in it.  The Butler Eagle in Pennsylvania reported Sunday [2/10/2019] that the "shot at President Donald Trump" will cost cartoonist Wiley Miller "his place in the Eagle's Sunday comics."  A scribbled message in one panel of that day's cartoon appears to begin with "We fondly say go ..." followed by the message to Trump.

Trump's wild popularity overseas is one of media's best kept secrets.  The mainstream media pretends that their scorn for President Trump is almost universally shared overseas.  While globalists everywhere (along with their media allies) dislike him for standing up for national sovereignty, a rising tide of populist revolt is shaking them to their core.  And Trump is a hero — even a superhero — to the growing number of anti-globalist populists around the world.  Stark evidence of this popularity of President Trump comes from Italy, where a populist government won power — though the media tend to ignore this.

The Biggest Threat To Press Freedom Is The Media Itself.  When you look at the media problems of the Trump era — the errors all uniformly cut in one political direction, the over-reliance on compromised sources, the refusal to make basic corrections and retractions, the eagerness to grant anonymity to anyone airing damaging and wholly speculative claims, and so on — these are all existing problems that Trump merely accelerated.  It appears that the entire journalism industry is establishing norms that could soon be defined as running afoul of libel law. [...] The message the media should be receiving right now couldn't be clearer:  Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

MSNBC Host, Liberals Were Not Happy Over This Word President Trump Used To Describe Democrats During State Of the Union Address.  Democrats really don't like this word to describe their party or agenda.  President Trump's State of the Union did call for unity, but MSNBC host Kasie Hunt lamented that the president using the word "Democrat" instead of Democratic to describe the party was inherently partisan.  Well, this set off similar reactions from the liberal Twitterverse.  For starters, yes, it is partisan, which is why Republicans use it.  Second, for all the talk of unity, we all knew this was never going to happen.  Democrats hate Republicans.  They hate Trump.  They can't stand him.

Watch CNN try to rationalize away their own instant poll showing 76% of viewers positive on Trump's SOTU.  I don't think the suits at CNN anticipated either the quality of State of the Union speech that President Trump delivered or the positive public reaction to it when they went to the expense and trouble of an instant poll.  The segment they broadcast on it is a classic of rationalization, attempting to minimize the outcome that went so contrary to their own prejudices.  A stunning 59% were very positive, with another 17% somewhat positive, for a grand total of 76% — a landslide in anyone's book.

Press now using 'fact-checking' to shout down President Trump.  Anybody notice anything creepy about the press coverage of the president's State of the Union message?  What I saw, on my Apple News feed last night, was a string of "fact-check" stories from the nets and the major print media rolling across my iPhone feed.  It was literally three in a row, with no story on the actual State of the Union address, not even a transcript.  It's as if the press has turned the whole thing into a de facto exercise of shouting the president down with hollers of "lies!" before his message could even get out.  They're doing it under the rubric of "fact-checking."

CNN Hosts Devastated As Another Russia Scoop Collapses.  Show hosts and analysts alike were in a panic over at CNN Thursday evening, as all present struggled to spin a new development in the ongoing Trump/Russia saga that dealt a death blow to one of their pet narratives.  According to CNN's own reporting citing multiple Senate investigators as sources, neither of the two phone calls to blocked numbers that Donald Trump Jr. made back in June of 2016 were to his father. [...] Despite CNN's incessant posturing as an unbiased, objective news organization, hosts were unable to conceal the very noticeable atmosphere of disappointment and begrudging acceptance that pervaded that evening's coverage.

Is the collusion theory dead?  "Whom did Donald Trump Jr. speak to on his phone in between calls setting up the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians?"  That is the question the New York Times asked about "one of the more tantalizing mysteries of the whole Russia affair" in a glossy report on the campaign.  Hundreds of stories referenced the "blocked numbers" and speculated that those belonged to President Trump, who wanted an update on collusion efforts from his son.  Last year, when asked by Wolf Blitzer of CNN if he was confirming that Trump Jr. phoned his father, House Intelligence Committee member Andre Carson simply said, "Stay tuned."  So we did, until this week, when it was revealed that Trump Jr. apparently phoned two business associates.  The mystery over the blocked calls follows a series of overhyped collusion points that failed to pan out.

Levin: Here's why the MSM never came across Ralph Northam's yearbook photo.  [Mark] Levin noted his surprise that, for all of the investigative resources that mainstream media outlets have and despite Northam's previous state-level candidacies in Virginia, the photo didn't turn up until now.  "He was lieutenant governor of Virginia.  He ran for governer of Virginia. ... So my question is, why wasn't it discovered by the media when he ran for lieutenant governor? ... Why wasn't it discovered by the media when he ran for governor of Virginia?"  "Where was the Washington Post?" Levin asked.  "I'll tell you where they were.  They were busy hunting down Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and all the rest."

Yet Another Reason Why CNN Isn't A Real News Organization.  Nowadays, it's typical for reporters to berate President Trump.  Gone are the days when decorum and simple manners reigned in the White House briefing room.  The situation has grown even worse in recent days.

Linchpin of conspiracy theory about Russia collusion at Trump Tower meeting blows up.  The conspiracy theorists seized on Trump Jr's cell phone records, showing two calls to blocked numbers.  Aha!  The candidate must have been preparing his son for the meeting, himself collaborating!  Why else would people block their numbers?  It shows intent to conspire (or something).  Of course, in the real world, lots of people have blocked numbers for all sorts of reasons, but in the minds of conspiracy theorists, ordinary things can take on extraordinary significance — if you are sufficiently woke.

The Credible Press:  An Autopsy.  To be fair, any semblance of objectivity was abandoned long ago, but the finer, final particles blew away with the wind in November of 2016 with the election of one Donald J. Trump.  And with them any pretense of professional ethics.  Exhibit A is the recent revelation by the Media Research Center that throughout 2017 and 2018, 90 percent of the coverage of the President by the nation's three largest television networks was negative, despite an off-the-rails successful economy.  Rest assured that if the current economic rocket ride was happening under the management of Bill Clinton or, nay, Barack Obama, the evening news would truly be all rainbows and butterflies.  Yet because the Orange Man is in office they would have us believe we are on the brink of the Apocalypse.  Even more disturbing is the fact that many of Trump's accomplishments involve causes the American left, and the liberal mainstream media, supposedly hold dear:  record low unemployment for minorities; the winding down of long-standing wars; prison and sentencing reform; and proposals to protect the children of illegal immigrants.  Yet the expected celebration has been replaced by unanimous demonization.

Thousand Layoffs in Single Day Proves 'Trump Media Boom' Is Fake News.  In a single day, 1,000 journalists were sent packing.  The far-left conspiracy site Buzzfeed laid off 220 — which is 15 percent of its staff; Verizon wiped out 800 media jobs, including an entire division at the Huffington Post, and America's largest newspaper chain, Gannett, let go dozens across the country.  And yet... How many establishment media outlets have spent the last two years bragging about the "Trump Media Boom?"

British newspaper issues apology to Melania Trump, will pay substantial damages over article.  The Daily Telegraph apologized to first lady Melania Trump on Saturday for publishing an article that included "a number of false statements."  The British newspaper has also agreed to pay Trump "substantial damages" and legal costs over its Saturday magazine cover story "The mystery of Melania," from Jan. 19.  "We apologise unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations," The Telegraph said.  "As a mark of our regret we have agreed to pay Mrs. Trump substantial damages as well as her legal costs."

U.K. Telegraph Issues Published Apology to First Lady Melania Trump.  Libel laws in the U.K. must be much more favorable to the victim than in the United States.  The U.K. Telegraph published a retraction to a previous story written about First Lady Melania Trump that is labeled "An Apology": [...]

Who Leaked the Bogus WikiLeaks Email About Don Jr.?  [Scroll down]  Once again, the American public was witness to two distinct set of rules this week:  When you are on the wrong side politically, you are hauled out of your home at dawn in your pajamas by FBI agents wielding firearms.  When you are on the right side politically, you not only escape justice, you earn accommodating news coverage while controlling powerful government committees.

CNN's Navarro Tells Fed Workers:  Rack Up Bills at Trump Hotels, Refuse to Pay.  The mood at ABC's The View alternated between sheer glee over Roger Stone's arrest Friday morning [1/25/2019], and anger over the government shutdown.  Friday co-host Ana Navarro gushed that furloughed workers should essentially dine and dash at Trump property hotels to show their disgust for the administration.

The real evil of fake news.  Leakers have been embedded in the Trump administration from the start to sabotage the president's agenda.  Although under-reported by the liberal media, text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page blew the lid off this conspiracy.  Strzok conducted the railroading of Michael Flynn and let former secretary of state Hillary Clinton slide over her use of a personal email server for official communications.  He was caught dead to rights in a text saying to his mistress:  "I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go."  Entities such as the Washington Post and the New York Times blow constant smoke with the hope that these crucial details can be forgotten down the memory hole, so you might think the fact the FBI investigated Trump as a possible Russian agent is somehow noteworthy.

Trump says he told Sarah Sanders 'not to bother' with press briefings, blaming inaccurate coverage.  President Trump on Tuesday said he told Sarah Sanders "not to bother" giving press briefings, citing inaccurate coverage, as the White House press secretary continues her longest stretch away from the podium.  "The reason Sarah Sanders does not go to the 'podium' much anymore is that the press covers her so rudely & inaccurately, in particular certain members of the press.  I told her not to bother, the word gets out anyway!  Most will never cover us fairly & hence, the term, Fake News!" Trump tweeted.

Media slams Trump for delaying Pelosi's trip after fawning over House Speaker's attempt to delay State of the Union.  The mainstream media widely praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she requested that President Trump delay his annual State of the Union address, but Trump's move to stop a Pelosi-led overseas trip amid the government shutdown was mostly frowned upon — showcasing the media's double standard.  MSNBC and CNN featured pundits fawning over Pelosi for urging the president to delay his delivery until the government re-opens, or deliver the address in writing.  Ari Melber said she was "playing hardball," while Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon parroted each other, both declaring that the House Speaker was "flexing her muscle" with the move.

Apologies Aren't Enough After The Covington And BuzzFeed Media Fiascos.  In the span of a couple days, the mainstream press pushed two stories that caused a flurry of outrage.  Neither was true.  Both were the direct result of the media's pathological hatred of President Donald Trump.

More about News Media vs Covington Catholic High School.

Media shuts out prominent Hispanic pastor who agrees with Trump on border.  The national media appears to have little interest in Ramiro Peña, the Texas pastor who remains one of President Donald Trump's most prominent Hispanic evangelical supporters and advisers.  Much like a recent PBS/NPR poll that showed 50 percent of Latino adults approve of Trump's job as president, up a whopping 19 points from December, the media has not been eager to cover Peña's significant role, which included advising the president on the crisis over U.S. border security.  "The deliberate suppression of Pastor Peña's views, which are shared by tens of millions of people throughout the country, was especially glaring when President Trump recently visited South Texas," reported MCR's Newsbuster.

The 'Trump Hid His Meetings with Putin' Stories Begin to Unravel.  On Sunday [1/13/2019], the mainstream media launched a new ploy to promote their Trump-Russia collusion narrative with a story that first appeared in the Washington Post titled "Officials in dark on Putin talks."  A similar piece was published in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, titled "Trump didn't use notetakers at Putin/ Meeting."  Cable-news networks and Democratic congressmen claim these stories indicate that President Trump held secret discussions with Russian president Putin that were revealed to no one.  For example, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) told CNN on Sunday that the U.S. government "does not know" what Trump and Putin discussed.  It is now clear that these stories were misleading, if not mostly false.

ESPN Host Suggests Trump Was Racist for Serving Clemson Players Fast Food.  An ESPN host suggested Wednesday [1/16/2019] it was racist for President Donald Trump to serve fast food to the Clemson football team at the White House, saying such food being given to players of a "predominately black sport" gave her pause.  Paid for by Trump, the White House offered a spread of Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King and Domino's pizza to the Clemson players on Monday [1/14/2019] when they visited to celebrate their national championship win.  While the players appeared to enjoy the food, some political and sports observers took Trump to task for what they considered a low-class gesture.

Clemson Football Stars Loved Their Trump-Hosted Dinner At The White House [and] Call It "A Blessing."  As the media predictably attempted to lambast President Trump for serving an all you can eat fast food buffet at at White House gathering to honor the Clemson football program, some players on that same Clemson team are pushing back in the president's defense.  Apparently the fake news media is once again spinning a false narrative.  The players loved the opportunity to go to the White House, were honored to be hosted by President Trump, and found the meal pretty [...] tasty.

The Media's Trump-Russia Death Spasms.  Not coincidentally, the legitimacy of the Mueller probe took on new life over the weekend after the New York Times published a "bombshell" report that confirmed the FBI began an investigation into President Trump in May 2017. [...] But the reality is that the Times article and resulting hysteria are the death spasms for Trump-Russia election collusion.

Networks' nightly newscasts have 'incessantly hostile' tone toward Trump, study indicates.  A new study by a conservative media watchdog group concludes that the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts have covered President Trump with negative spin 90 percent of the time, but claims the coverage has done little to sway the public's overall opinion of his administration.  Media Research Center senior editor Rich Noyes analyzed every episode of "NBC Nightly News," ABC's "World News Tonight" and "CBS Evening News" since Trump's Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration.  Noyes noted that the "tone of coverage remains incessantly hostile" and was only positive 10 percent of the time.

CNN Hiring John Kasich Is Another Never Trump Payoff.  If a restaurant already has more than enough cooks, why hire another cook?  If a car dealership is already overflowing with cars, why buy another car?  If a construction site already has more than enough day laborers, why hire another day laborer?  If a far-left news organization already has a massive pile of Never Trump voices, why hire John Kasich?

The Democratic Party is running on fumes (and Trump knows it).  Since 2015, the old media oligarchy has been unsuccessfully trying to pin Donald Trump to the ground like Gulliver, but he contemptuously breaks every one of their slings and arrows.  Their Lilliputian cords have failed to bind this political giant.  When Trump says something, he means it.  And does not back down. [...] His feistiness is reminiscent of another outspoken president, Harry S. Truman.  Truman also ignored manufactured polls.  During his 1948 campaign, which the press predicted Truman was supposed to lose, someone yelled out from the crowd he was addressing, "Give 'em hell Harry!" which became a rallying cry.

We the Press.  Frank Bruni, formerly the New York Times's White House reporter and now a columnist for the paper, has a long, long op-ed that is unintentionally revealing.  It is headlined, "Will the Media Be Trump's Accomplice Again in 2020?"  As though the press were pro-Trump in 2016!  "We have a second chance.  Let's not blow it."  A second chance to help a Democrat beat Donald Trump.  Bruni's piece displays a remarkable lack of self-knowledge.  Republicans should be happy to note that he still has no idea why Trump won in 2016:  he thinks Hillary was a fine candidate, and it was the press's fault for not being sufficiently anti-Trump.

Stupid New York Times tricks.  An obituary the New York Times recently published illustrates how averse that journal is to giving credit to Donald Trump for anything good, while maintaining a claim on journalistic integrity.

The Morning After:  Nets Criticize Trump 8X More Than Dems.  Wednesday's network morning shows provided an avalanche of negative reviews for President Trump's Oval Office address to the nation calling for border security legislation to end the government shutdown, with anchors and correspondents offering up a staggering 43 statements critical of the presidential speech.  By contrast, only a scant five critiques were made of the Democratic response delivered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  The glaring disparity in negative coverage of Trump versus congressional Democrats, a difference of over eight to one, also included 13 statements in which both sides of the aisle were blamed for the budget impasse.  However, the analysis of the dueling public addresses on the NBC, ABC, and CBS broadcasts was heavily slanted against the President.

Media had no problem calling it a border 'crisis' in 2014 under Obama.  Both Democrats and most news media are yelling as often as they can that there is no border "crisis," even though they spent the last year telling everyone there was and even though they had no problem explicitly calling it a "crisis" in 2014, when the situation was the exact same as it is now.  "We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the borer that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all," then-President Barack Obama said in the Rose Garden in 2014.  "In recent weeks we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children arrive at the border, brought here and to other countries by smugglers and traffickers."  This is no different than what President Trump said from the Oval Office on Tuesday.

The Atlantic Ties Extremism to Trump Despite Clear Facts.  Journalist Charles Duhigg writes in a longform piece in The Atlantic about the cause and effects of anger.  While Duhigg is somewhat more balanced toward President Trump than many of his mainstream media colleagues, he fails to report full context about the extremists who perpetrated criminal behavior last year.  Writing about the decline in America's social trust, Duhigg gives credence to common anti-Trump media tropes that seek to divide rather than provide an accurate portrayal of the president's positions.

President Trump to Liberal Media:  I'd Say 80% of You Are Possibly in Coordination with the Opposition Party — He's Right!  President Trump spoke with reporters on Thursday morning outside the White House before traveling to inspect the US southern border.  President Trump slammed the mainstream media for their complete bias against him and the American people.  Trump challenged them to go to the border and rent a helicopter.

Mika Brzezinski: 'The Networks Should Refuse to Turn Over the Airwaves' to Trump's 'Lies'.  "I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.  Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern," President Trump tweeted on Monday afternoon [1/7/2019].  By Tuesday morning, Trump's most dedicated media critics were urging news networks not to carry Trump's address, because he'll simply be spreading "a steady stream of lies."

The Editor says...
Hey, Mika, here's what a steady stream of lies sounds like.  "If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it."  "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."  Obamacare will save you "about $2,500 per year."  "The NSA is not abusing its power."  "If you make less than $250,000 per year you won't pay one penny more in taxes."  "I said that the Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning."  "You didn't build that."

NYT Hack Defends Paper's Non-Stop Attacks on President Trump Despite His Historic Presidency.  Over the past few days, former NYT editor Jill Abramson has slammed her former newspaper for being "unmistakably anti-Trump" in preparation for the release of her new book "Merchants of Truth."  As President Donald Trump has claimed, Abramson said the slanted coverage is a direct result of the financial benefit the struggling newspaper has seen from an increase in subscribers due to their crazed coverage of Trump.

President Trump Accuses Liberal Media of Becoming Crazed Lunatics Who Have Given Up on Truth.  The Trump economy is setting new records by the day.  The Trump administration's foreign policy has seen major wins in Korea, Syria and with NATO.  American workers are happy and making money again after the long, painful slog through the Obama years.  But rather than focus on the president's many successes the liberal media continues to attack this Republican president with every breath.

TV Networks Consider Not Airing Trump's Border Security Address.  Several major television networks are apparently unsure whether or not to air President Trump's live address to the nation on border security Tuesday [1/8/2019] due to concern over what he will say.  According to The Hill, CNN and Fox News Channel are planning to air Trump's address on border security, while the basic cable networks CBS, NBC, and ABC have not committed one way or the other.  MSNBC has not made a public comment one way or the other, and the network has repeatedly opted not to air Trump events before.

The Results of Obama's Presidency Still Don't Matter to Journalists.  I read frequently what a good or even great a president Barack Obama was, and how his administration was virtually free of scandals.  We also frequently hear how bad a President Trump is and how corrupt he is.  Somehow when journalists and others spew forth with these generalities, I never see the examples of what makes Obama good or great, and what makes Trump so bad.

CNN's Brian Stelter Wants 10-Minute Delay on Trump Events:  Why 'Carry His Lies Live?'.  CNN media reporter Brian Stelter promoted the idea of TV networks filtering President Trump's live events Thursday, suggesting producers use a 10-minute delay and edit out parts where Trump tells "lies."  "Trump is the mis-leader in chief — spreading falsehoods every single day — so why should TV networks carry his lies live?  A reliablesources reader suggests a '10 minute delay,'" Brian Stelter said in a tweet Friday morning [1/4/2019].

Proof That Everything Liberals Say About America and Immigration Is Wrong.  Democrats have done their best to portray America as xenophobic simply because they voted for a man in President Trump who seeks to curb illegal immigration.  "Trump takes us back to the darkest days of American xenophobia," a headline for an op-ed in the Washington Post reads.  "(Trump) and the rest of his immigration allies also sound like the very people back then who made it their goal to make America white," they wrote.  This new survey by Pew puts that ridiculous notion to rest.

Another Year of Torrential Media Bias.  CNN has spent a year doing segments on this or that "controversy" in the Trump administration, which, upon closer inspec