Indoctrination  Displaces  Education
Part One

The public schools in the United States are being used — somewhat obviously — as socialist indoctrination centers rather than institutions of learning.  Evidence of this is abundant, if you look for it, and I have.  Shown below are some of the things I've found.

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Revising history to fit the template of socialist politics

Students are taught to accept feminism and abortion

Revising history to fit the template of socialist politics

This is really about wasted time.  When teachers engage in leftist indoctrination in public schools, it displaces other academic activities that would probably be much more helpful to the students in the long run.  Studying such things as math, spelling, citizenship, geography and applied science would be far more beneficial than listening to the teacher recite the "facts" he or she has learned from Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and Barbra Streisand.

The wholesale elimination of history is at hand:
Recipe for "inclusivity:" remove all books written before 2008 from school libraries.  We keep on hearing about conservatives trying to "ban" books.  By now you know that the arguments we are having are not about banning anything, but about how books are curated by librarians.  No library, and especially no school library, carries every book in print.  Most school libraries have 5-10,000 books total, which is a fraction of a fraction of 1% of the books out there.  Every library is a curated collection, and we are arguing about how best to curate the books to ensure they are age-appropriate and at least vaguely educational.  My guess is that no elementary or middle-school library carries the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or The Anarchist's Cookbook and that it wouldn't be controversial to demand they not be disseminated to students by the government.  Yet when parents question the wisdom of including books that promote underage sex, joining sex apps to meet up with adults, or promoting practices such as "scat play" they are attacked as "book banners."

Creating A George Floyd Scholarship Sends Black Kids The Exact Wrong Message.  The constant push to virtue signal to the idol of social justice is causing some of our historically trusted institutions of academia, health care, and journalism to lose the public's trust and is further splintering our nation.  Minnesota seems to be in the epicenter of it all.  The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota recently endowed a new scholarship to honor George Perry Floyd Jr.  It's the wrong decision and undermines the work of the civil rights movement and what we communicate to black American children across the country.  What happened to George Floyd was a travesty.  But it is important we remain disciplined in acknowledging that tragedy.  When honoring someone's life in a scholarship at an institution of higher education, we should honor the sacrifice, achievement, and virtues of a person's life.

Oxford University May Scrap Sheet Music for Being Complicit in 'White Supremacy'.  The University of Oxford is considering proposals that would remove sheet music from its curriculum over woke claims that teaching the Western form of musical notation has roots in "colonialism" and "complicity in white supremacy".  In response to widespread Black Lives Matter protesters and riots last year in the United Kingdom, music educators at Oxford University have joined the wider iconoclastic movement which has been sweeping through British academia.

Oxford University wants to cancel musical notation.  One of the things about living in a totalitarian society is that, once something has been identified as problematic, everyone ends up competing to attack in the most aggressive way.  Fail to do so, and you may find yourself being the next person identified as problematic.  Perhaps that explains why the University of Oxford, founded in 1096, is contemplating ending sheet music because it's part of white supremacy.  To be honest, it's a little bit hard to make sense of the story because it's so screamingly stupid.  Apparently, music professors are claiming that all Western classical music has "complicity in white supremacy."  This seems to include such composers as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Handel, all of whom were living in continental Europe in the 17th through 19th centuries and none of whom had anything whatsoever to do with Blacks, Africa, or the slave trade.

One person complains, and stuff like this happens:
University of Oxford considers scrapping sheet music for being 'too colonial'.  The University of Oxford is considering scrapping sheet music for being 'too colonial' after staff raised concerns about the 'complicity in white supremacy' in music curriculums.  Professors are set to reform their music courses to move away from the classic repertoire, which includes the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.  University staff have argued that the current curriculum focuses on 'white European music from the slave period', according to The Telegraph.

Wealthy UT Donors Threaten to Pull Support Over Removal of "The Eyes of Texas" Fight Song.  Wealthy University of Texas at Austin donors are threatening to pull their support of Longhorn athletics over the school's ties to a song that takes its name from a quote from Confederate General Robert E. Lee which was first played at minstrel shows.  Thing is, the donors aren't calling on the school to scrap the song; they want to keep it.  Emails obtained by The Texas Tribune show alumni and donors who have been supporting the university financially are threatening to stop donating if UT-Austin president Jay Hartzell doesn't stand up to "cancel culture" and come out in support of the longtime tradition of playing "The Eyes of Texas" after Longhorn home games.

The Right to Pass Down America's Founding Values Is Worth Fighting For.  Last month, the San Francisco School Board voted 6-1 to remove the names of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Paul Revere, and other historic American patriots from 44 schools.  Beyond the names on buildings, what's happening inside classrooms is also distressing.  School systems are being urged to stop teaching about the founding of our country.  Curriculums are being discarded as far-left activists seek to cancel and corrupt American history under the guise of teaching a more honest account of our history.  I have no problem discussing the challenges we as a nation faced in our past, but we've seen woke extremists stoop to new lows to put down our own country and those who founded it, regardless of their stated beliefs at the time on moral issues like slavery.  For example, some extremists launched a nonsensical movement to "Cancel Hamilton."  Alexander Hamilton was a staunch abolitionist who never owned a slave, and even said "no man has a right to rule over his fellow creatures."

The revolution devours all before it.  The latest enactment of that old truth happened Tuesday night in, of all places, a Zoom meeting of the San Francisco School Board.  In that meeting, members voted to strip the names of American historical figures — George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and even California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein — from schools in San Francisco.  What began in recent years as a call to remove the names of Confederate leaders from schools, roads, and military bases, and then to tear down Confederate statues, has now moved on to target all of American history.

'San Francisco can't figure out how to safely open schools but they have time to cancel Lincoln'.  The San Francisco school board has voted to strike the names of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln from the district's institutions, it was revealed Tuesday [1/26/2021].  The former presidents were among the historical figures deemed by the board members to have ties to racism or have 'dishonorable legacies' in a 6-1 vote, which will see 44 local public schools forced to change their names.  The controversial move follows a wave of anti-racism protests that swept the country last summer in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, resulting in statues of Confederate leaders, in particular, being torn down.

San Francisco school board agrees to remove names of 44 Americans on schools including Lincoln.  The San Francisco public school board voted Tuesday in favor of renaming 44 public schools — part of recent, nationwide efforts sparked by the 2020 social justice protests to remove the names of early Americans and others associated with slavery, the confederacy, the treatment of transgenders and other controversial issues.  The board voted 6-1 in favor of the change, which it has been considering since October 2020.  Among the names being removed from the schools are those of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was once a hero.  In some S.F. education circles, he's now a bad guy.  Abraham Lincoln, an iconic American hero, could soon be an outcast in San Francisco, his legacy called into question and his name ripped off a high school.  Lincoln is one of dozens of historical figures who, according to a school district renaming committee, lived a life so stained with racism, oppression or human rights violations, they do not deserve to have their name on a school building.  The debate reflects a nation in turmoil, a reckoning with a racist past that lingers today, toppling confederate statues from town squares and eliminating a large number of Robert E. Lee street signs.

Now They Are Coming After the Pioneers.  The public display of "woke" sensitivity is certainly contagious, and this virus has infected all levels of academic and corporate worlds.  There are no issues too trivial to be affected, including team mascots and logos.  Marietta College, a small liberal arts college in Ohio, has recently announced to its alumni that the College's Pioneer mascot and logo are "under review" in light of "recent events."  This "review" is a symptom of a much larger story.  It is not too difficult to figure out just what are these "recent events," as manifested by the current war on the name Redskins and on the monuments that include those of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.  The name Pioneers may soon join the forbidden ranks of Redskins.  Apparently, any respect for those of European ancestry who first ventured into the Ohio River valley may now be unacceptable for a college that once proudly referred to itself as the Pioneers.

What's in a name change?  The Falls Church School Board has voted to rename Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and George Mason High School.  The vote was unanimous.  The new names apparently haven't been selected yet. [...] As guilty as some White liberals may feel, they aren't on board with overthrowing our system.  Neither are most Blacks.  I doubt that the Falls Church School Board wants to topple the system.  But to appease the militants, liberals are more than happy to topple symbolically the founders of the American system.  When those statues fall and those names change, it's a pretend toppling.  One is tempted to laugh it off.  But symbols aren't meaningless.  Symbolically throwing overboard the author of one of America's two foundational documents isn't a revolution, but it is an erosion.  For the American left, that's the next best thing.

The Editor says...
Maybe they could name the schools after someone the left admires, like H. Rap Brown, Eugene V. Debs, Howard Zinn, or Samuel Dickstein.

Virginia Military Institute removes Stonewall Jackson statue from campus.  The Virginia Military Institute removed a 108-year-old statue of former professor and Confederate general Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson from its campus on Monday [12/7/2020].  The statue was lifted from its pedestal with a crane and is set to be relocated to a Civil War museum which is also operated by the college.

House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Bar Federal Funding Of Schools Teaching Fake History.  Two House Republicans introduced legislation Thursday that would bar federal funds from flowing to schools with curriculum featuring the New York Times' anti-American 1619 Project indoctrinating K-12 students with fake history.  The bill, put forward by Colorado Rep. Ken Buck with Georgia Rep. Rick Allen, serves as companion legislation introduced in the Senate by Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton in July.  "The 1619 Project teaches children a historically inaccurate account of our nation's history," Buck said.  "Federal funding should not go towards schools that teach flawed and inaccurate curriculum in classrooms.  We should be able to acknowledge the stains on our nation's history while still continuing to celebrate the good our country has done."

University to remove World War II murals because they show too many white people.  The University of Rhode Island recently announced plans to remove two murals depicting World War II veterans because it lacks "diversity and a sensitivity to today's complex and painful problems," according to the university.  Kathy Collins, vice president of student affairs, told CBS 12 she received complaints because the two folk-art murals portraying life in the GI Bill era of the 1950s "portray a very homogeneous population" and that most of the people depicted in the murals are "predominantly white."  Collins also told the CBS news affiliate that some students told the school they "didn't feel comfortable sitting in that space."

University removes statues of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin.  It didn't take a protest.  It didn't take a petition.  It didn't even take an official request.  Apparently just the concern that campus statues of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin might draw racial unrest, protests or vandalism prompted Washburn University leaders to quietly and preemptively remove the bronze Founding Fathers after a conversation with the pieces' donor family.  The statues were removed in July, Washburn spokesperson Patrick Early told The College Fix in a telephone interview Friday.  But their removal from the Topeka, Kansas-based public university was first reported in local news outlets only last week.

This is one way to keep public school kids from knowing the "new normal" isn't normal at all:
Chicago-Area Leaders Call for Illinois to Abolish History Classes.  Leaders in education, politics and other areas gathered in suburban Evanston Sunday to ask that the Illinois State Board of Education change the history curriculum at schools statewide, and temporarily halt instruction until an alternative is decided upon.  At a news conference, State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford said current history teachings lead to a racist society and overlook the contributions of women and minorities.  Before the event Sunday [8/2/2020], Rep. Ford's office distributed a news release "Rep. Ford Today in Evanston to Call for the Abolishment of History Classes in Illinois Schools," in which Ford asked the ISBOE and school districts to immediately remove history curriculum and books that "unfairly communicate" history "until a suitable alternative is developed."

Students At University In Wisconsin Demand That Abraham Lincoln Statue Be Removed From Campus.  If you're wondering where all these radical leftists in America came from, look no further than the nearest college campus.  Academia has been spoon feeding a steady diet of leftism to American students for generations.  Now they are beginning to see the fruits of their labor.  At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, students are now demanding the removal of a campus statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Two schools honoring Washington and Jefferson to be renamed in 'support of Black Lives Matter'.  Two public schools in Berkeley, California, will remove their names commemorating Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson amid renewed and widespread calls from the Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality.  The Berkeley Unified School District voted and approved a "Resolution in Support of Black Lives Matter" last week, following weeks of nationwide protests and riots denouncing systemic racism and police brutality sparked by the death of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis police custody on Memorial Day.  Both schools are named after presidents who owned slaves.

Mizzou Students Demand Removal of 'Racist' Thomas Jefferson Statue.  Student protesters at the University of Missouri have circulated a petition that calls on Mizzou officials to remove a "racist" Thomas Jefferson statue from campus grounds.  According to a report by Campus Reform, student protesters at the University of Missouri are calling for the removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue from campus on the grounds that it is "racist."

Tulane University removes 'Victory Bell' after learning of its plantation origins.  Tulane University's "Victory Bell" has been removed from its pedestal on the school's Uptown campus after officials learned it was originally used as a plantation bell.  In a letter emailed to the Tulane community, President Mike Fitts and Board Chairman Doug Hertz said they were informed last week that the bell was originally used to direct the movements of enslaved people on a plantation.  "It is terribly disheartening to learn that it is, in fact, a vestige of a horrific part of our nation's past," the letter said.  "Now that we understand its history as an instrument of slavery, continuing to use this bell in a celebratory manner would run counter to our values."

Indigenous Peoples' Day to replace Christopher Columbus Day at Chicago Public Schools.  Chicago Public Schools will no longer observe Columbus Day.  The Board of Education voted to change the name to Indigenous Peoples Day as other cities and school districts have done.  The board's vote on the issue was 5-2.  The school holiday will be on Oct. 12 this year.  CPS is working to develop new curriculum to more accurately tell the history of Native American cultures.

The Editor says...
Will the new curriculum be more accurate or more politically correct?

Judge voids university's $2.5 million settlement over Confederate soldier statue.  A North Carolina judge this week voided a controversial $2.5 million settlement regarding a Confederate statue on the campus of the University of North Carolina, once more casting doubt on the fate of the statue, including whether or not it will return to the school's campus where it has generated so much controversy.  In December, the University of North Carolina system agreed to shell out that hefty payment as part of a deal to permanently bar the much-maligned "Silent Sam" statue from any UNC campus.  Activists and critics on campus believed the statue was a modern-day monument to white supremacy.

A Divisive, Historically Dubious Curriculum.  Hannah-Jones's essay has come under withering attack from eminent historians such as Gordon Wood and James McPherson for its historical distortions.  But the 1619 Project's curriculum does more than encourage teachers to ignore key elements of the historical record; it asks students to blot them out. [...] Historians, journalists, and politicians frequently accuse one another of twisting history to advance political agendas — and the accused parties always deny the charge.  By contrast, the 1619 Project's curriculum openly encourages such historical revisionism.  Its "reading guide" aims to ensure that students don't miss core partisan talking points.

Millennials Want to Get Rid of Thanksgiving.  According to The College Fix, college students think Thanksgiving represents "oppression" because it is "based off of the genocide of indigenous people."  They see Thanksgiving in terms of the "themes of oppression and colonization."  More to the point, with the focus on eating a "bunch of food," Thanksgiving is "just a bunch of capitalist [nonsense]."  Some of the students "believe most American holidays are rooted in oppression."  Others see Americans celebrating "unethical holidays."  A few proclaim that "no holidays with religious connotations should be observed."  No wonder today's students have such warped views of life; most have no grounding in history.

Washington and Lee U. Students Demand Removal of Washington and Lee Photos from Diplomas.  Students and faculty at Washington and Lee University in Lexington city, Virginia, are demanding that the school remove photos of George Washington and Robert E. Lee from their diplomas.  "We, the undersigned, call on the administration of Washington and Lee University and President William Dudley to provide students with the option of removing the portraits of namesakes Robert E. Lee and George Washington from their diplomas," proclaim the law students in their petition.

The Editor says...
Seems like the students would have been aware of the general appearance of their diplomas since the day they signed up to attend the university.  Get over it.

The Democrat debate was terrifying.  Who are these people?  [Scroll down]  The American Revolution was fought to free the American colonies from the tyranny of and taxation by England.  That same liberty-loving spirit led to the Civil War; freedom-loving Americans fought to end slavery.  The Republican Party was founded to do exactly that.  Any faux historian that says different is lying.  America was founded in 1776, its nationhood cemented with the ratification of the Constitution in 1788.  Legitimate historians are rare these days; nearly all have been politicized by academia and its power to persuade, and by its love of Howard Zinn's slanderous and wholly inaccurate version of US history.  The NYT's silly claim that we have been a nation since 1619 when, according to them, the first slave arrived in the New World is utter nonsense.  Academia is now, with a few exceptions, thoroughly corrupt, committed only to the leftist indoctrination of the unsuspecting young.

South Dakota public schools adding 'In God We Trust' to walls.  Students returning to Beadle Elementary School in Rapid City will find a squeaky clean new gymnasium floor, tall sunflowers in the community garden — and the motto "In God We Trust" painted above the scoreboard.  They won't be alone.  Students in each of the Mount Rushmore State's public schools will see the official national motto, which supplanted "E Pluribus Unum" by congressional action in the 1950s, posted on school property, complying with a law signed this spring by Gov. Kristi Noem.

School board has last-minute change of heart over George Washington mural.  The San Francisco school board voted this week to cover a George Washington mural at a local high school that depicts images of slavery and the death of a Native American.  The 13-panel mural is called "Life of Washington" and though it will be preserved, it will be covered by panels that show "the heroism of people of color in America, how we have fought against, and continue to battle discrimination, racism, hatred, and poverty." [...] Critics of the mural have blasted it as racist and said it is inappropriate for students to see.  "The murals never bothered me," one student said about the mural, according to SF Chronicle.  "In fact, I bet that half of the kids who go to the school never even look up at them when they walk by."

History Is an Ugly Business.  The San Francisco School Board recently confronted perhaps the greatest crisis in the city's history.  Forget fire, earthquake, fear of Japanese attack, and murder of the mayor by a disgruntled ex-city councilman.  Washington High School sports an extensive mural of the first president's life.  By a radical Russian-born artist, Victor Arnautoff, the depiction includes Washington as slaveholder and Indian-killer.  Earlier this year, a "Reflection and Action Group," presumably a Bay Area staple, denounced Arnautoff for glorifying "slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, [and] white supremacy."  The Russian Community Council of the United States then weighed in on his behalf.  The educrats consulted, emoted, and finally decided.  They will spend $600,000 to paint over the murals — a project that will require an environmental impact statement.

The Anti-Cultural Nihilism of the Left.  The final battle lines for America are the history wars.  Conservatives are losing.  There have already been two fundamental revolutions that have reshaped, reconstituted, restructured American society.  The first was Abraham Lincoln and the subjugation of the primacy of the states, Northern and Southern alike, to the dictates of executive fiat and the federal government.  The second was Franklin Roosevelt and the subjugation of civil society to federal bureaucracy.  The first was a political revolution, the second a social revolution.  The third revolution is the ongoing cultural revolution, a revolution that includes factors such as immigration, the teaching and reception of European and North American history, and our own self-understanding as a people with an inheritance and a future.

Math teacher loses job after defending Western Civilization.  A math teacher says she has lost her job at a private school in Southern California for speaking out in defense of Western Civilization — even though she made her comments outside the classroom.  Dr. Karen Siegemund, president of the Los Angeles-based American Freedom Alliance, gave a speech in May at the group's "Long March Through the Institutions" conference, which "explored the Left's ongoing multi-decade takeover attempt of numerous public and private institutions to effect a radical transformation of America."  During her speech, she said "each of us here believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is our heritage, whether we were born here or not."  Shortly thereafter she said she was informed that her teaching contract at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a private K-12 school, would not be renewed.

The War Over America's Past Is Really About Its Future.  The San Francisco Board of Education recently voted to paint over, and thus destroy, a 1,600-square-foot mural of George Washington's life in San Francisco's George Washington High School.  Victor Arnautoff, a communist Russian-American artist and Stanford University art professor, had painted "Life of Washington" in 1936, commissioned by the New Deal's Works Progress Administration.  A community task force appointed by the school district had recommended that the board address student and parent objections to the 83-year-old mural, which some viewed as racist for its depiction of black slaves and Native Americans.

Vermont's governor calls his own state's people irredeemably racist.  Vermont's culture is one of dairy farming, verdant mountain scenery, maple syrup, and small-town hospitality.  Both the governor and the gubernatorial hopeful who may oppose him next year openly characterize Vermonters' culture as innately racist.  Scott praised Donovan's Report declaring Vermont a "White Supremacy Culture" and proudly signed a law March 29 that will create a school curriculum designed to "change the underlying culture of our state."  Like all states, Vermont has racists.  But slavery was never legal in Vermont, being banned in the first state constitution in America.

Obviously the principal was a poorly-educated public school student himself.
Florida High School Principal Said 'I Can't Say The Holocaust Is A Factual, Historical Event'.  There are some things that are just not up for debate.  These aren't political issues.  What happened in Florida didn't center on MAGA hats, flag burning, or the merits of tax cuts.  We actually had a high school principal question whether the Holocaust was a "historical, factual" event.  The Palm Beach Post has the story.  A mother of a student tried for a year to reason with the school administration to, you know, actually teach kids about this terrible period in human history without the nonsense.  She wondered how this was being taught at the school.  The emails between the parent and Spanish River High School Principal William Latson were released and, well, it was not very good.  Latson has since apologized for the wording in these emails, with the school district's deputy schools superintendent saying that he was "counseled" on the exchanges, but not formally reprimanded.

South FL principal apologizes for telling parent, 'I can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event'.  A South Florida high school principal told a parent he "can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event."  Spanish River High School Principal William Latson made the remarkable comment in an email to the mother of a student while discussing history curriculum, according to The Palm Beach Post.  "Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened," Latson wrote in the email, adding that lessons are "not forced upon individuals as we all have the same rights but not all the same beliefs."

Something San Francisco This Way Comes.  The San Francisco School Board last week authorized $600,000 in spending to destroy a mural depicting George Washington at a high school named for him.  "It's rude and disrespectful to people's cultures," a junior at the school told the San Francisco Chronicle.  The school board president agrees.  "I think the images are really harmful," Stevon Cook explains.  "But I do understand the sensitivity about it being art.  It's a difficult position to be in."  The board's vice president, Mark Sanchez, maintains, "Painting it over represents not only a symbolic fresh start, but a real fresh start."  The censorship follows the removal of an "Early Days" statue, which depicted an American Indian laying at the feet of a Spanish cowboy and Catholic missionary, outside the San Francisco Public Library in September.  The city's Historic Preservation Committee voted unanimously to remove it and the Arts Commission dubbed the 2,000-pound sculpture "disrespectful, misleading, and racist" in unanimously voting to censor it.

SFUSD Approves Covering Controversial George Washington High School Mural.  A decades-old mural in a San Francisco school will be removed from public view because of its depiction of Native Americans, the city's Board of Education decided unanimously Tuesday night [6/25/2019].  The unanimous vote directs staff at George Washington High School to develop a project that would remove the 1936 mural by Victor Arnautoff from public view by either painting over it or using solid panels to cover it.  Because the mural is painted directly onto the building's walls, the mural must be covered and cannot be removed.

UC Santa Cruz Will Remove 'Offensive' Bells from Campus.  UC Santa Cruz has announced that it will remove historic bells from the "Spanish Missions" after members of the community called them offensive.  According to a report by Campus Reform, the University of California, Santa Cruz, will remove a major historical artifact from campus.  The reason?  Many in the UC Santa Cruz community argued that the artifact is offensive.  The "Spanish Mission" bells were used between 1769 and 1833 to highlight the path of the 21 California Missions, which were constructed to evangelize Native Americans.

S.F. school board to spend at least $375k to cover over 'racist' George Washington mural.  Historical images of George Washington's life will soon vanish from San Francisco's Washington High School over accusations of racism.  In 1936, Victor Arnautoff, a left-leaning artist who went on to join the Communist Party, created a 13-panel mural that was meant to show an accurate depiction of U.S. history — warts and all.  His art, however, was deemed so offensive this week by school board officials that they will spend anywhere from $375,000 to $825,000 to hide it from public view.

George Washington High School to Erase 'Offensive' George Washington Mural.  George Washington High School in San Francisco, California, plans to remove an "offensive" mural of George Washington.  At a school board meeting this week, no board members spoke in defense of the historical art, which one speaker claims causes "visual offense."

Pioneer statue called 'monument to violent white supremacy,' students, faculty demand its removal.  In celebration of Oregon's roots in pioneering, a statue of a pioneer, known simply as "The Pioneer," was erected a century ago at the University of Oregon.  And now, as the 100-year anniversary of the statue arrives, some in the campus community demand it be removed.  The Pioneer was the focus of a recent protest, at which dozens of students and faculty and others called for its removal and circulated a petition demanding as much, NPR Oregon reported.

The War on History Comes for George Washington.  The perpetual war on history now has the father of our country in its sights as the San Francisco Board of Education considers removing a mural of Washington from a local school.  If the board succeeds in politicizing Washington, whose legacy was once so secured and uniting that his home at Mount Vernon was considered neutral ground during the Civil War, then we have clearly crossed the Rubicon of social division.  Critics of the mural point out that, in addition to Washington, it also depicts slaves and Native Americans — and one of the Native Americans appears to be dead.

Pete Buttigieg Now Taking Cues from Campus Leftists, Wants to Erase Thomas Jefferson.  For the last few years campus progressives, most notably at Hofstra University, have been trying to erase Thomas Jefferson from the public square.  Now 2020 Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg has joined the effort.  Anyone who's familiar with the concept of Year Zero knows what this is really about.  Still, it's surprising to hear it coming from a presidential candidate.

San Francisco School May Destroy George Washington Murals For "Traumatizing" Students.  Imagine having something on the walls of your high school as fascinating as an original 13-panel history of George Washington's life painted by a communist protege of Diego Rivera — and wanting to destroy it.  The artist, Victor Arnautoff, was a respected painter and professor, not some hack brought in to brighten up the kiddies' surroundings.  He was commissioned to paint the series in 1936 by FDR's Works Progress Administration, making the murals part of U.S. history in more than one way.

High School Mulls Removing George Washington Murals Because They 'Traumatize' Students.  A high school in Northern California — George Washington High School, to be specific — is mulling over a push to remove two 83-year-old murals from its hallways.  Critics advocating for their removal say they are offensive to Native Americans and African-Americans.  They say the pair of panels "traumatizes students and community members."

Why they want Thomas Jefferson banned.  Breitbart News reported, "Students at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, demanded on Friday that the school remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson, arguing that it is not possible for the university to have the statue on campus while also being an institution that 'prides itself on diversity and inclusion.'  Students also called on the university to train its faculty and professors to behave in a more politically correct manner."  If you believe in diversity and inclusion, you do not ban people.  These punks are the foot soldiers for oppressors.  Their call to strip President Jefferson of his rightful place on Mount Rushmore is pure sanctimony.  They hate him not because he owned slaves but because he said all men are created equal.  These programmed parrots just say what their previously programmed professors repeat from their professors.  Their hand-me-down thoughts are part of the conformity necessary to install a totalitarian state.

College Students Demand Removal Of Thomas Jefferson Statue Representing A 'Legacy Of Racism And Bigotry'.  The good folks over at Campus Reform report that leftist students at Hofstra University are demanding the college's administration take down a statue of founding father Thomas Jefferson because the statue represents a "legacy of racism and bigotry on college campuses."  Campus Correspondent Sergei Kelley reports that Hofstra students held a second annual "Jefferson Has Gotta Go!" event on Friday.  In addition to demanding that Jefferson's statue be torn down due to his slave-holding past, the group that gathered sought to "expose the culture of bias and discrimination" found on college campuses.

Hofstra University Students Renew Effort to Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue From Campus.  Here we go again.  The school refused to do this last year, but the students aren't taking no for an answer.

Virginia high school could be renamed for interracial couple over Lee.  A northern Virginia high school that is removing Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's name could be renamed for an interracial couple.

In campus attacks on Thomas Jefferson, Dave Brat sees decline of Judeo-Christian tradition.  As an academic from Virginia with a healthy admiration for the Founding Fathers, Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., is in good position to ponder Thomas Jefferson's imperiled reputation at his state's flagship university.  Jefferson is increasingly controversial at the University of Virginia, a school he founded in 1819, where students have taken to protesting statues of him in recent months.  Asked about disputes over the statues in a Wednesday meeting with the Washington Examiner's editorial board, Brat said the tributes to Jefferson should remain standing.

George Washington U. Students Petition to Get Rid of 'Offensive' Colonials Mascot.  More than 200 George Washington University students have signed a petition calling for the school to adopt a new mascot and nickname because the current moniker, Colonials, is "extremely offensive."  "The historically, negatively-charged figure of Colonials has too deep a connection to colonization and glorifies the act of systemic oppression," the petition reads.  It suggests alternative nicknames such as "Hippos" or "Riverhorses."  The Colonials mascot was adopted in 1926 to honor the school's namesake, George Washington, and is intended as a reference to colonial America and the Continental Army.

Student arrested for dousing Confederate statue with red paint.  A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student was arrested Monday and charged with vandalism for dousing a controversial Confederate statue with red paint.  The "Silent Sam" statue has been a focal point of controversy throughout the school year, and many students expressed outrage over Maya Little's arrest, even encouraging others to follow her lead.

Liberal students admit to defacing Jefferson statue at Hofstra.  Several Hofstra University students have openly confessed to defacing a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus with a "Black Lives Matter" sign, and one of the vandals is reportedly facing disciplinary action from the university.  The students strongly denied that their actions constituted "vandalism," insisting that all they did was use university printers to create a BLM sign that they then affixed to the statue's face.

Dixie School District Votes To Change Name Amid Link To Slavery, Confederacy.  After months of debate, the Dixie School District in Marin County is changing its name after critics said it's linked to the Confederacy and slavery.

Washington State Resorts to Shock Tactics, Indoctrination to Teach Tribal History.  Washington State is in the process of implementing a new mandatory curriculum on Native American history in its public schools.  Proposed lesson plans are now up on the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's website.  And some parents in the state are highly disturbed by the content of those lessons which they say indoctrinate students in a one-sided leftist understanding of American history and could be traumatizing for young children.

Texas History Curriculum To Include Truth About Arab Rejectionism As Cause of Middle East Conflict.  Almost buried in a report about how the Texas State Board of Education voted to remove Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the history curriculum of their public schools.. [...] The board also voted to keep in the curriculum a reference to the "heroism" of the defenders of the Alamo, which had been recommended for elimination, as well as Moses' influence on the writing of the nation's founding documents, multiple references to "Judeo-Christian" values and a requirement that students explain how the "Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict" in the Middle East.

Texas State Board of Education votes to erase Hillary Clinton from history curriculum.  The State Board of Education in Texas voted on Friday to eliminate several historical figures, including Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller, from the state's social studies curriculum.  Barbara Cargill, a Texas Republican and member of the board, told The Dallas Morning News that "the recommendation to eliminate Helen Keller and Hillary Clinton was made by [Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills] work groups."

Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum.  History curriculum in Texas remembers the Alamo, but could soon forget Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller.  As part of an effort to "streamline" the social studies curriculum in Texas, the State Board of Education voted on Friday [9/14/2018] to change what students in every grade are required to learn in the classroom.  They approved the removal of several historical figures, including Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller.

The Editor says...
The surprising part of this story is that history is still taught in public schools at all!  Personally, I think Hillary Clinton should stay in the history books, right next to Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

Yale Students Tell English Profs to Stop Teaching English:  Too Many White Male Poets.  Some Yale University students are demanding changes to the English Department curriculum: specifically, they don't think it should feature so many English poets who were straight, white, wealthy, and male. [...] The "Major English Poets" sequence, a mandatory two-course commitment for English majors, is particularly problematic, according to the students.  These classes cover Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, John Donne, John Milton, Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth, and T.S. Eliot.  It's not the most diverse line up, to be sure, but it's the one that best reflects history the way it actually happened.  Inarguably, these are the most influential poets in the English language.  But students think this sequence "creates a culture that is hostile to students of color."

Yale students:  Studying white, male writers creates culture 'hostile to students of color'.  If a group of undergraduate students at Yale University gets its way, the Bard and other white, male poets of yore — such as John Milton, Alexander Pope and William Wordsworth — might be shown the door in favor of a more diverse arrangement of authors.  The group started a petition online aimed at "decolonizing" two courses on "Major English Poets" required for all English majors.  "It is unacceptable that a Yale student considering studying English literature might read only white male authors," the petition states.  "A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity."

Trashing America's heritage.  I've had it with ignorant college students and their professors and academic administrators denigrating the heritage of America and so many great figures of our history.  I've had it with the assault on "dead white males" and the effort to destroy the political legitimacy of their descendants of today because of perceived misdeeds of the past.  And I've had it with people strutting around campuses with the view that their politics is somehow more pristine than that of whites because their ancestors were "victims" in the mists of yesteryear.  Those dead white males built this country.  Sure, they had help from others, but the credit belongs largely to them.  They ventured onto a forbidding continent, with their wives and children, and braved ferocious winters, scarce food, dense forests, and the understandable but dangerous hostility of native populations.

The Murder of History.  Orwell grasped the vital need for real history and he saw how those who lust for power will murder history as their first victim.  Winston Smith, the protagonist in 1984, works in the Ministry of Truth and systematically destroys history so that no clues of its death can even be found.  The virtual elimination of any parts of authentic history that might conflict with the prevailing and politically correct history warps our thinking, usually without us even being aware of our ignorance.

The Chickens of Communism Have Come Home to Roost.  Academia has been blotting out the past and revising history for a while but with increased vengeance since Jimmy Carter founded the U.S. Department of Education on October 17, 1979.  Our children's education has depreciated considerably as evidenced by test scores and the quality of mis-educated youth in our country who can barely read or write a complete and coherent paragraph.  But their fingers fly on Twitter in hashtags and 140 characters, staring constantly like robotic drones into illuminated smart devices.

Students propose Indigenous Peoples' Day.  A group of San Juan College students are taking steps to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples' Day on campus.  Their proposal would have Indigenous Peoples' Day observed on the same day that the majority of the country commemorates Columbus Day.

How Did a Texas Textbook End Up Describing Slaves as "Workers From Africa"?  Another shot was fired in the never-ending battle over Texas textbooks last week, when Roni Dean-Burren of Pearland, Texas, posted a screenshot of her 15-year-old son's new world geography textbook.  The picture was of a map with a caption that exemplifies — perhaps unintentionally, in this case — the controversial changes Texas has made to its social-studies textbooks in recent years:  "The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations."

The White Guilt-White Privilege Shakedown.  The peddlers of white guilt and white privilege want us to believe that evil Europeans, as led originally by Christopher Columbus, invaded the New World to wage a racist war on the peaceful and innocent Native Americans.  The truth is substantially different.  1. The Europeans did not do anything to the Native Americans that they did not do to each other in both Europe and the New World.  Settlers and colonists were as ready to slaughter each other as they were to slaughter natives.  Skin color or ethnicity was far less a factor in making somebody a target for aggression as was possession of land, livestock, or wealth that the aggressor wanted.  2. The Europeans did not do anything to the Native Americans that the Native Americans did not do to each other.  3. The Europeans did not do anything to the Native Americans that the Native Americans were unwilling to do to Europeans.

Common Core Is Rewriting History Like a Tin Pot Dictatorship.  Abraham Lincoln's religion was Liberal, George Bush stole the election, social justice is the only justice, and the Electoral College is a mistake.  That is what students are being taught in their math classes thanks to the federal government and a number of large corporations.  The Core is merely a set of standards according to the proponents.  That is incorrect.  The government and the large corporations own the copyright to the Standards and the lessons are approved and encouraged by the government.  The publishing company Pearson is intimately tied into the government and the Common Core and is one of the worst offenders, spewing misinformation and politically-biased lessons.

Scholars Blast U.S. History Rewrite.  Fifty-five top historians have signed an open letter criticizing the College Board's revamp of its Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum, in which half a million of the nation's brightest students enroll each year.  It is the final U.S. history class many ever take. [...] The College Board has so far dismissed critics of its curricular rewrite as nitpicking, right-wing rubes.  It turns out serious, credible scholars agree with the critics.

College Board's Reckless Spin on U.S. History.  Fifty-five distinguished scholars published an open letter this morning protesting the one-sided and politicized curriculum framework introduced last year by the College Board to prepare high school students for the Advanced Placement Exam in U.S. history.  The scholars assert that the College Board's framework exposes the teaching of American history to "a grave new risk."  It does this and worse.

Seattle School Board replaces Columbus Day with 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'.  The Seattle School Board voted unanimously on Wednesday [10/1/2014] for schools to observe "Indigenous Peoples' Day" on the same day as the Columbus Day federal holiday.  The resolution, in part, said the board "recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible," a local Fox affiliate reported.

Assignment Asking Students Whether The Holocaust Was Real Results In Disturbing Answers And Grades.  Approximately 2,000 eighth graders in the Rialto, CA, school district received a shocking in-class essay assignment in May, which led to an outcry from the community and a public apology from district administrators.  The assignment asked students to discuss whether the Holocaust "was an actual event in history," or whether it was "merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain," the San Bernadino Sun reports.  After the justified outrage ensued, district administrators insisted that not one single student had argued against the reality of the Holocaust.  But the San Bernadino Sun, after sifting through hundreds of student essays, have already found at least 50 which show that that was a lie.

U.S. History Textbook Guts the Second Amendment.  Author John J. Newman has some explaining to do.  His textbook, United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, literally rewrites the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.  On page 102 of Newman's book, the author cuts the Second Amendment in half and leaves out several key words.

Paterson principal is under scrutiny for alleged Thanksgiving announcement.  School officials said Thursday that they were investigating a complaint that a high school principal made an inappropriate announcement before Thanksgiving break. [...] A purported recording of the announcement has been emailed among teachers and was sent to The Record and Herald News.  In the recording, a man can be heard saying: "We must very, very, very, very understanding to our Native Americans, who lost and sacrificed because of the scalping that took place on Thanksgiving.  They were invited to a dinner, and then their lives were taken from them."

Learning from the Holocaust Prohibited at Purdue University, Calumet.  "Why do they teach about the Holocaust, but deny students the opportunity to learn from me?"  My mother, a Holocaust survivor, asked me that question when she learned that she and I were disinvited to speak at Purdue University, Calumet because a presentation about the "Nazi Roots of Modern Anti-Semitism" was deemed "too controversial" and potentially upsetting to some students.  I was stunned by the cancellation and had no answer to my mother's question.

The Vanishing Western Tradition.  For students in the Academy today, the Western Civilization history course, virtually a standard curriculum offering 30 years ago, has disappeared.  This survey course covering classical antiquity to the present was the glue, the all-embracing narrative, that gave coherence to everything else the university taught.  At the very least, students came away from this course with a partial recognition of their civilization and its monumental achievements.  Now Western civilization survey courses have been eliminated from the general education requirements, replaced in large part by courses and programs that either undermine traditions in the West or "Balkanize" the curriculum.

Schools Erase America From U.S. History.  Among the goals listed for the Mexican-American Studies are "social justice" and "Latino Critical Race Pedagogy."  Pictures of the classroom showed the walls decorated with "heroes," such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.  Tucson also offers courses especially for African-American and Native American students.  These classes obviously divide the student population by race, a practice we thought was not supposed to be tolerated anymore.

Textbooks Deny Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II Their Rightful Place in History.  I spent much time during the past few weeks helping my son study for the state-wide World History test he took a few days ago.  Working with him through his studies, I learned his class presented a brand new version of history, a version that never occurred.  Some can argue different versions/interpretations of events that happened centuries ago, but his text book and curriculum distorted events I saw with my own eyes.

Let's Hear It for Tex Avery.  The board's new language called on students to be able to explain how the activities of Senator Joseph McCarthy, as well as those of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the arms race, and the space race, "increased Cold War tensions."  But the board of education further mandated for study "how the later release of the Venona Papers confirmed suspicions of communist infiltration in U.S. government."  This appeared to strike Texas liberals as an outrageous intrusion of right-wing ideology.  Yet the role of the Venona decryptions of Soviet secret intelligence by American code-breakers, in identifying Soviet agents at work in official institutions, has never been questioned by historians of any political sympathy since Venona was released beginning in 1995.

Does Obama Have Something Against Cops?  [Scroll down]  Here's Obama last night in Ottumwa, Iowa, Indian Hills Community College, he held a town meeting. ... Julie Morales, a student at Indian Hills Community College asks the president, "I was wondering what your plan was for our undocumented workers who helped establish our country."  What is this woman being taught?  Undocumented workers helped establish the country?  I didn't have that chapter in my history book in junior high or high school.

History and Ideology in Textbooks.  Teaching is not dictation.  It is not the simple transference of knowledge from one person to another.  That kind of straight-line thinking leads to automatons, not critically thinking, independent-minded citizens.  Rather, teaching should be about encouraging students' minds to expand and grow.

Who Decides What's In Your Kids' Textbooks?  This week in Texas, the State Board of Education will consider curriculum modifications that could impact millions of students across America.  That's because what Texas ultimately decides has great influence among textbook publishers.

Expert:  Reagan Gets the Shaft in Textbooks.  As the Texas textbook battle continues to simmer, [Larry] Schweikart says the first thing he does to determine whether a book is politically slanted is to go to any section discussing President Ronald Reagan.  What you'll find there, he says, will tell you everything you need to know...

Why the Texas Textbook Debate Matters.  Is America a "constitutional republic" or a "democratic" one?  Is Country & Western more of a significant cultural movement than Hip Hop?  Is there such a thing as "separation of church and state"?  These are but a few of the hundreds of questions the 15 elected members of the Texas State Board of Education have been agonizing over for nearly a year as they struggled to reach an agreement and adopt the Lone Star State's standards for social studies.

Culture War Turns to Texas Textbooks.  What do liberal lawmakers in California share with their conservative counterparts in Texas?  Very little.  But this week both are watching the 15 member Texas State Board of Education, which will choose the next generation of history textbooks for most American children.

How Dare You Teach Conservatism!  Texas's elected state board of education, back in March, had the audacity to instruct Texas book publishers as to the need for more philosophically conservative standards in the social studies curriculum.  The Texas market is so large that textbook publishers generally take what Texas dishes out and put it appreciatively to their lips.  The content of a textbook tailored for Texas can influence the content of a textbook adopted in, good heavens, Vermont or New Jersey.  This makes the proceedings vital, not to say controversial.

Textbook Texas.  Post '60s liberal ideology ... holds that state and church were marked at the start for apartness.  The Texas board of education, so far from accepting the postmodern view of things, has ordered a quest for balance.  Members want it noted that the words "separation of church and state" appear nowhere in the Constitution.  As indeed they don't:  deriving instead from a Jeffersonian metaphor.  The need to make plain the difference between what Jefferson wrote in a private letter to the Danbury, Conn., Baptists and the actual language of the First Amendment aches for exposition.  (Whether Texans, or anyone else, should look to the public schools for intelligent exposition of that sophisticated point is a different proposition.)

White calls for removing politics from classroom.  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White said Saturday that if elected in November, he would pick a new chairman for the State Board of Education to "undo some of the damage" from controversial social studies curriculum standards adopted Friday [5/21/2010].  Critics contend they shortchange minorities and push a rosy view of history.

Rebuttal:  Fringe liberal groups and media are working overtime to spread misinformation, hoping to convince Texans that the Board has completely removed Thomas Jefferson from the social studies standards (Jefferson is actually more prominent in the U.S. History standards than anyone else except George Washington) and not fairly representing minorities (approved standards actually contain more minority representation than ever before).  The ACLU and others are using misinformation to force their ideology into the curriculum and force the State Board of Education (SBOE) to delay the final vote on the social studies standards until after the November elections, hoping there will be more liberal representation on the Board.  (Source:  Liberty Institute, Weekly Issues Alert, May 5, 2010.)

Tell the Liberal Left... Stop Rewriting History!  The fringe left is trying to distort the truth and silence thousands of Texans -- including numerous teachers and parents who have called, e-mailed and testified before their State Board of Education (SBOE) member.  The extremists are even using our great Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, as a political pawn.  Jefferson was never removed from social studies as falsely reported by many.  Jefferson will be taught at three grade levels, and the Declaration of Independence and its political ideas are emphasized repeatedly in the standards.

PC textbooks are full of skewed history.  California's textbooks and other materials must instill a "sense of pride" in students' heritages and may not include "adverse reflection" on any group.  Cultural or lifestyle differences may not be portrayed as "undesirable."  Members of minority groups must be shown "in the same range of socioeconomic settings" as those in the majority.

Teachers emphasize the Indians' side.  Teacher Bill Morgan walks into his third-grade class wearing a black Pilgrim hat made of construction paper and begins snatching up pencils, backpacks and glue sticks from his pupils.  He tells them the items now belong to him because he "discovered" them.  The reaction is exactly what Morgan expects:  The kids get angry and want their things back.

When I Was a Boy, America Was a Better Place.  When I was a boy, the purpose of American history textbooks was to teach American history.  Today, the purpose of most American history texts is to make minorities and females feel good about themselves.  As a result, American kids today are deprived of the opportunity to feel good about being American (not to mention deprived of historical truth).  They are encouraged to feel pride about all identities — African-American, Hispanic, Asian, female, gay — other than American.

English Professors Are Detached From Reality.  It's official:  you spend tens of thousands of dollars to send your kids to college.  In return, the colleges turn out graduates who are more ignorant than when they enrolled.  According to a recent report from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, seniors at Yale, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, and several other top schools actually know less about American history and government than entering freshmen.

Indoctrinate U:  A Must See Movie!  Shouldn't universities be promoting different thoughts and viewpoints, encouraging diverse discussion and debate?  Does this homogeneous, narrow-minded, intolerant brainwashing that's happening all over American campuses perk your interest?

School Name Swap Favors Socialist.  A former school official in San Antonio wants to change the name of an elementary school from one with Confederate connotations to one with socialist ones because the former is racist, reports the San Antonio Express-News.  Former Harlandale Independent School District administrator Nick Calzoncit … says he evaluated all the schools in San Antonio named after racists and bigots and singled out Stonewall as the worst.  He wants the school name changed to Cesar Chavez Elementary.

Academic Inbreeding.  By practicing the craft of tracing history that they themselves reject, we can see how we get the revisionist historians who, for better or worse, mostly the latter, now dominate academia.

A lesson in how schools are named:  In Berkeley, Calif., the community at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School has been debating whether to change the name because Jefferson was a slave owner, a motivation that has sparked other school name changes across the country.

Texas History Rewritten:  "Remember the Alamo" toned down to avoid alienating Mexican students.  "School administrators say they … fear that rampant pride will alienate the growing Mexican student population in their midst."

Why Is the Government Printing Textbooks?  Parents of high school students would be well advised to look at "We the People:  The Citizen and the Constitution", a book that is the federally mandated text for what these students learn about the founding and fundamental principles of this nation.  When you [read this book], you will discover that the "self-evident truths" of the Declaration of Independence have been magically transformed into mere "ideas" from the eighteenth century.

Textbooks:  "Where the Curriculum Meets the Child".  With the shift to presenting history from a multicultural point of view — where all cultures and values, including American, are treated as equally valid — history textbooks that present U.S. history to students in a positive framework are becoming less and less common.  When combined with "dumbing down" on writing and skimping on content, the quality of U.S. and world history textbooks has become an issue of major concern to many Americans.

Textbook on Arabs removes blunder.  An Indian tribe has forced distributors of an Arab studies guide for U.S. teachers to remove an inaccurate passage that says Muslim explorers preceded Christopher Columbus to North America and became Algonquin chiefs.  A report that is critical of "Arab World Studies Notebook" says, "One can only wonder if this has ever been questioned by the teachers who use its materials, or if they feel they must agree to any claim made by Muslims as an 'alternative perspective' or risk being labeled insensitive, Eurocentric, or racist."

Just another day in the life of freedom:  The United States, as every child educated in a public school knows, is guilty of terrible sins against minorities, women and the Third World.  When these kids reach college, they are taught even more tendentious nonsense about the rest of the world — about how peace loving and benevolent other nations are compared with us.

Twisted history:  One of the reasons our children do not measure up academically to children in other countries is that so much time is spent in American classrooms twisting our history for ideological purposes.

California Offers Textbook Case of Political Correctness:  A textbook review process in California has changed or eliminated references to everything from the Founding Fathers to hot dogs, leaving many to charge the state with distorting history in the name of political correctness.

Churchill dropped from England's history syllabus.  Britain's World War II prime minister Winston Churchill has been cut from a list of key historical figures recommended for teaching in English secondary schools, a government agency says.  The radical overhaul of the school curriculum for 11- to 14-year-olds is designed to bring secondary education up to date and allow teachers more flexibility in the subjects they teach, the Government said.

College Communities Continue To Be Naïve About Ruthless Dictators:  Many college professors and left leaning students will quickly denounce the United States as a greater danger to world peace but will often ignore ruthless dictators like Castro and Saddam Hussein.  This has been especially the case during the last week when we have observed war protests around the country.

Kill the white man?  Writing in the current edition of Harvard Magazine, Noel Ignatiev, a Harvard fellow and Marxist activist, argues that "abolishing the white race" (give or take a few murders, of course) "is desirable" because it would rectify the overt discrimination of the past.

The Jay Bennish Subsection

The assault on American youth.  The last Global Geographic Literacy Survey, assessing the geographic knowledge of 18-24-year-olds in nine different countries … found, for example, that only 17 percent of young Americans could locate Afghanistan on a map; 29 percent could not correctly identify the Pacific Ocean; and 11 percent were unable to find the continental United States.  If high-school geography classrooms around the United States are anything like that run by "teacher" Jay Bennish, at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado, the results are understandable.

Teacher rebuked for Bush diatribe.  High school teacher Jay Bennish will return to the classroom Monday [3/13/2006] after receiving a rebuke from his school district for delivering a highly charged political lecture during an honors geography class.

Bush-bashing teacher typifies a union bent on indoctrination.  All right, grab your Rand McNally World Atlas and open it to the "Map of the United States as Nazi Germany."  It's on the border of "George W. Bush is Eerily Like Hitler."  At least it is in the classroom of Jay Bennish, the Denver high school geography teacher who is on paid leave because he couldn't find it in himself to just teach his subject.

Unsatisfying end to Bennish affair.  Bennish's return to school Monday ought to trouble district parents, in part because it isn't clear that he really intends to change his ways.  "Jay Bennish has promise as a teacher," Superintendent Monte Moses said in a two-page statement, "but his practice and deportment need growth and refinement."  Yes, that's one way of putting it.  And how will Cherry Creek ensure his "growth and refinement"?  The public doesn't know because the district won't say, citing confidentiality in personnel matters.

Jay Bennish and 1973.  The debate about Jay Bennish, the Colorado high school teacher who confused a diatribe against the Bush administration with a lesson in geography, is not about free speech, but about the meltdown of Western civilization.

Fire Bennish for His Moral and Historical Ignorance.  The righteous indignation against the classroom activism of Jay Bennish has thus far centered on the inappropriateness of such remarks, the obvious left-wing slant of Bennish and his desire to proselytize, and the clear violation of district policy.  All these considerations make a slam-dunk case for getting rid of Bennish quickly, and the school district's plodding attempts to decide what to do simply show how bureaucratic, union-driven, unfocused, and cowardly the regular public school system has become.

Youth indoctrination update.  It's academic and intellectual dishonesty when a teacher, who is supposed to be teaching geography, uses his classroom to indoctrinate relatively uninformed teenagers.  Recording the teacher's comments broke neither school policy nor Colorado law.  But more importantly, I believe that what teachers say in class should be subject to parental and public scrutiny.

We hope the preacher-teacher learned his lesson.  He admitted no wrongdoing for giving an argumentative classroom lecture in which he referred to "eerie similarities" between things said by Adolf Hitler and President Bush. … He wouldn't discuss how he will do things differently when he comes back from paid administrative leave.

Paid Speech in our Classrooms.  Apparently, it's acceptable in the Cherry Creek School District for a geography teacher to use 20 minutes of class time for a left wing, fanatically whacko, socialist diatribe, providing he has made arrangements for Ann Coulter to tell the class what she thinks of communism.  Isn't public education great?  Here's a better idea.  Spend the forty minutes in geography class teaching kids about geography.

Teacher's anti-U.S. diatribe caught on tape.  A high school teacher caught by a student on audiotape in an anti-U.S. and anti-capitalism diatribe was placed on administrative leave after the recording was made public.

[That's his biggest problem.  A lot of controversies fade away quickly, disappear from the news media, and are easily forgotten.  But not if there's a recording of the incident.  Of course, if there was videotape, we'd never see the end of it.]

Jay Bennish, Colorado Teacher, Caught in Liberal Indoctrination Scandal.  A collection of links to news articles about this incident.

Michelle Malkin  has a transcript of "the whole, crazy screed."

Classroom brainwashing:  Governor Bill Owens of Colorado has cut through the cant about "free speech" and come to the defense of a 16-year-old high school student who tape-recorded his geography teacher using class time to rant against President Bush and compare him to Hitler.  The teacher's lawyer talks about First Amendment rights to free speech but free speech has never meant speech free of consequences.

Matt Lauer sets his audience up for ignorance.  The mainstream media positioned this story as a teacher who was disciplined, because, after listening to the president's State of the Union speech, he said Bush sounds a lot like Hitler.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media failed to report the fact that on February 1st, while addressing his high school geography class, Jay Bennish sounded a lot like Osama Bin Laden.

Animal rights activism

It was only a few decades ago that people could engage in hunting, fishing, raising farm animals for food, without being perceived as anything but normal, hard working and productive members of society.  But today there are people whose commitment to animal rights leads them to make trouble for anyone who raises animals for food or fur.  Leather and fur clothing have become politically incorrect, and today's school kids are taught about farming from a very different perspective than the schools of fifty years ago.

To concede that animals have rights — and to teach vegetarianism in school — is a revision of history that conflict with the Bible and leads to the destruction of American traditions.

PETA's School Raid Rolled Into Sushi.  You would be forgiven for thinking that PETA cares more about a school of fish than a school of children.  Once again, the group is swimming upstream from common decency by trying to brainwash children with anti-fishing messages.

Animal Rights Lunatic Is A Dog's Best Friend.  Last week, students at the University of Iowa participated in their school's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Week. Despite the event's emphasis on human rights, Steven Best — philosophy chair at the University of Texas El Paso and co-founder of the Animal Liberation Press Office along with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine spokesperson Jerry Vlasak — managed to worm his way onto the speakers' list and make the case for his decidedly anti-human agenda.  Speaking to over 100 horrified spectators, Best said he'd sacrifice the life of a stranger to save his dog.

School Boards Beware:  An animal rights group posing as a health organization recently wrote school foodservice directors all across the U.S., urging them to serve exclusively vegetarian meals as a response to recent news about mad cow disease.

PETA Coaches Kids on 'Religious' Objections to Dissection:  A militant animal rights group is encouraging children to raise religious objections when asked to dissect animals in school, even if the dissection of animals may not be against their formal religious tradition.

School Nutrition Professionals Flunk PCRM.  The deceptive Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) deserves a dunce cap for pushing its radical animal-rights agenda at the expense of children's health.  So say Albuquerque, New Mexico school nutrition professionals.  After initially assisting PCRM with its annual "school lunch report card," the nutrition coordinator (a registered dietician) for Albuquerque schools "said she probably would not have cooperated with the group ... if she had known more about it."  She told the Albuquerque Tribune:  "Real physicians would not recommend a vegan diet for growing children."

More about The Invasion of the Food Police

Affirmative action, diversity, "black studies," and multiculturalism

This subsection has moved to a page of its own, located here.

Students are taught to accept feminism and abortion

If today's school children can be taught to accept abortion as a normal and harmless part of our culture, then it will be easier to convince them to vote for socialists when they become adults.  Abortion "rights" are an indispensable key to the Democratic Party platform.

Liberal Professor At Hunter College Attacks Pro-Life Students.  Shellynn Rodriquez at Hunter College verbally and physically attacked students handing out pro-life leaflets.  [Video clip]

The Great Feminization of the American University.  My Manhattan Institute colleague Heather Mac Donald has published a provocative new essay in City Journal, titled "The Great Feminization of the American University."  Mac Donald begins by pointing out that women now constitute the ruling majority on campus:  75 percent of Ivy League presidents, 66 percent of college administrators, and 58 percent of recent graduates are now female.  And the consequences, Mac Donald argues, are troubling. "Female students and administrators often exist in a co-dependent relationship, united by the concepts of victim identity and of trauma," she writes.  "For university females, there is not, apparently, strength in numbers.  The more females' ranks increase, the more we hear about a mass nervous breakdown on campus."

In Loco Masculi: The feminization of the American university is all but complete.  Sometimes a single incident efficiently summarizes a larger trend.  So it is with New York University's selection of its new president, Linda Mills, a licensed clinical social worker and an NYU social work professor.  She researches trauma and bias, as well as race and gender in the legal academy.  She is a documentary filmmaker and teaches advocacy filmmaking. [...] The most significant part of her identity, however, and the one that ties the rest of her curriculum vitae together, is that she is female, and thus overdetermined as NYU's next president.  Mills is part of the Great Feminization of the American university, an epochal change whose consequences have yet to be recognized.  Seventy-five percent of Ivy League presidents are now female.

Is Planned Parenthood going to be setting up shop in high schools?  The last two and a half years, as difficult as they've been, have had the virtue of being clarifying.  Nowhere has this been truer than in public education.  Parents who blithely believed the garbage administrators and teachers spouted on Back to School nights finally got a look into their children's classrooms and were, appropriately, horrified.  They've been pushing back, hard, but the unions and school boards, buoyed with self-righteous hubris, are pushing back even harder.  The latest battle is in California's Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District, where the school board has announced that it plans to vote a Planned Parenthood clinic onto a high school campus.

LA High School Promotes Abortion Resources to Students, Parent Permission 'Not Required'.  Van Nuys High School, part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, promoted an organization on their website that provides abortion resources to teens, even pointing out that students don't need parental permission for the lethal procedure.  The organization, called Sex, Etc, is listed on the Van Nuys High School LGBTQ Resources page, along with other far-left organizations like GLSEN.  Sex, Etc. is listed under the "K-12 Educational Resources" section.  The site has an "Action Center" portion of their website with an interactive map of the United States.

Ohio State University 'Sex Week' event encourages students to 'thank' abortion providers.  Several Ohio State University departments are sponsoring "Sex Week" put on by a student organization, which includes one event where students are asked to "help thank abortion providers."  Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness is hosting the "Sex Week," but the organization told Fox News Digital that several Ohio State University departments such as the Ohio State University Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and the College of Social Work are providing financial support for the week-long event.  A spokesperson for Ohio State University said that no taxpayer or tuition dollars are going towards the event.  One event hosted during "Sex Week" is "Valentine's for Abortion Providers" where students can "help thank abortion providers" for the work that they do.

Peaceful Pro-Life Protestor Gets Brutally Assaulted On Camera By A Group Of College Students.  Little is known about this video making the rounds on social media.  It is not yet known which university this incident happened at.  A man with an anti-abortion sign with a murdered fetus is surrounded by some students.  One starts yelling at him, he responds by saying 'you shouldn't murder humans,' to which the female responds fetuses aren't humans.  The two large men get in front of the protestor filming and seem to count down to the assault.  They punch him in the face several times before stomping on him when he's on the ground.  [Video clip]

Republicans Call For Universities That Provide Chemical Abortions To Lose Funding.  Congressional Republicans introduced a bill that would prohibit federal funds from going to universities that provide chemical abortion pills to students.  Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, and Montana Sen. Steve Daines co-sponsored the legislation in response to a 2019 California bill requiring public universities to provide chemical abortion pills to students beginning in 2023.  The California legislation became the first in the nation to require abortion medication on campuses and was signed into law by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.  The bill applies to the 34 campuses in the University of California and California State University systems.  According to NBC News, the law can only be implemented in 2023 if a state commission can raise more than $10 million in private donations to pay for it.

Tacoma middle school teacher is condemned for handing out flyers telling children they can have an abortion at 11 without parental consent.  A middle school teacher from Washington State has come in for criticism after handing out flyers that advised students on sex and how to go about getting a abortion, without first getting the consent of parents.  The fact sheet, which was said to have been produced by Planned Parenthood, told eighth-grade kids aged 13 and 14 that they could obtain abortions 'AT ANY AGE' and without parental consent.  It went on to state they could also purchase condoms 'AT ANY AGE' and that someone could engage in sex as young as 11 so long as their partner was less than two years older than them.

Penn State University will drop 'male-centric' terms like 'freshman' and 'senior,' as well as the words 'he and her'.  Pennsylvania State University has been mocked after axing the words 'freshman,' 'junior' and 'senior[,]' as well as the phrase 'him or her[,]' over fears they're sexist.  Last month, the University's Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs passed the 'Removal of Gendered & Binary Terms from Course and Program Descriptions' resolution with a majority vote.  They said the axed terms were examples of 'male-centric' terminology that needed to be updated with more inclusive words.  Among the concerns raised by the committee were that 'freshmen' were too male-specific, with 'junior' and 'senior' axed for being 'parallel to western male father-son naming conventions.'  The phrase 'upperclassmen' was condemned for being 'both sexist and classist,' while the new rules also lashed Penn's existing documentation for many appearances by he/she pronouns.'

Schoolboy lashes his school for making the boys stand in front of the girls during assembly and 'apologise for rapes committed by their gender'.  Parents and male students were left 'mortified' after their school forced them to stand in assembly and apologise to their female classmates for sexual assaults committed by males.  Brauer College in the south-western Victorian town of Warrnambool held an assembly on Wednesday [3/24/2021] where boys were told to stand up in a symbolic gesture of apology to girls and women.  The move has since sparked outrage among parents of the school who say their children were made to feel ashamed about something they had no control over and didn't understand.

'Social Action' as a Bogus Alternative to True Education.  "Women's Rights and Issues" is different from but also overlaps "LGBTQ Rights."  "Women" have the right to go into women's bathrooms even if they are male.  Similarly, males who call themselves women have the right to play on elementary school and high school sports teams.  Otherwise, the school will be discriminating against — you guessed it — women.  A friend tells me she is no longer allowed to say "boys" and "girls" to her young students.  This long overdue "right" is something female teachers must care about, because if one woman is denied her rights, then all women suffer as a consequence.  The transsexual "woman" is not about common sense, and it is not about the feelings of the females in the teachers' or girls' bathrooms.  It is about equity.

South Carolina elementary school apologizes for a leadership event where boys wore ties at a 'summit'.  A South Carolina school district is apologizing for the way boys and girls were treated differently at an event about leadership and character for elementary school students.  The Pickens Elementary School in Pickens, South Carolina, came under fire after it posted a series of photos on Facebook from a school event on November 19.  The images showed that the students — third through fifth graders — had been divided up by gender, with boys participating in one set of activities and girls doing another set.

The Editor says...
Shocking!  It's almost as if the school officials believe that boys are not girls, or that girls should not wear neckties.  Something tells me the news media would refrain from criticism if they found exactly the same differential treatment of boys and girls in an Islamic school or a Catholic school.  The only mistake made by the school district was apologizing.

L.A. Students Enthusiastically Sign Petition To Protect Unborn Eagles; But When It Comes To Unborn Babies...  In the video below, Prager University's Will Witt asks students in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles to sign a petition supporting the protection of unborn eagles.  All are happy to sign.  Then, he tells them about his "other" petition which supports the rights of unborn babies.  They quickly lose their enthusiasm.

America Under Democrats:  Forcing Americans To Pay For Abortion And Banning Chick-Fil-A.  It's very concerning that so many of the candidates seeking the U.S. presidency — and so many of our lawmakers and elected officials — are ignorant, or maybe just dismissive, of the constitutional rights of those they govern.  It doesn't portend well for people of faith in this country, but the reality is, we shouldn't be surprised that the Hyde Amendment now sits on shaky ground.  The far left has been chipping away at First Amendment rights for years.  From college campuses to places of business, the free speech rights of conservatives, in politics and faith, have long been regularly suspended.  Just last month, news outlets reported that the University of Chicago is now allowing mandatory student fees to fund abortions on campus.  A student government bill to block mandatory student fees from being used in this way was soundly defeated.

Hirono: I Told Eighth Grade Girls 'We Have to Fight for Abortion Rights'.  Sen. Mazie Hirono (D., Hawaii) told a crowd of protesters in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday that she informed a group of eighth graders at a public school in Hawaii that "we have to fight for abortion rights."  "I asked the girls in that group of eighth graders, 'How many of you girls think that government should be telling us women [when] and if we should be having babies?'  Not a single one of them raised their hands," Hirono said.

Here's How Planned Parenthood Is Ruining My State.  [Scroll down]  Universities are places of learning.  These bills view campuses as a mad scientist's laboratory for leftist social experiments.  It isn't the state's job to recommend abortion providers to students, nor to provide abortion drugs on campus.  That's why Students for Life groups and other pro-life organizations have held campus displays to make these extreme laws known, collected thousands of signatures from both pro-life and pro-choice individuals, and made numerous trips to the capitol to testify and meet with legislators to stop the abortion industry from taking over our schools.

Higher education has a gender problem.  With a surplus of women and a shortage of male students, colleges are becoming more and more gender unbalanced.  The more farsighted among university administrators are starting to worry that this will turn universities into a pink-collar ghetto, places that the public thinks of as finishing schools for girls rather than gateways to middle-class stability.  Part of the problem, of course, is that our K-12 system, staffed overwhelmingly by women whom research shows tend to favor girls, leaves a lot of boys demoralized and uninterested in further education.  But another big part of the problem is that college has become an anti-male space.

Univ women's center removes student's blog because it 'challenges' pro-choice view.  The University of Idaho Women's Center removed a pro-life student's blog post because it "challenge[d]" the center's views.  Only after intense public pressure did the university apologize for the censorship and the women's center republished the post.

Official Admits High School Students Dissected the Brains of Aborted Babies.  A new video interview has surfaced that confirms allegations made by the U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives, that staff from the University of New Mexico used brains of aborted babies for dissection by high school students at a summer camp.  Dr. Paul Roth, chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and dean of the School of Medicine, was questioned by Marcie May after a UNM meeting where the disposition of human fetal remains was apparently discussed.

School Board Allows Planned Parenthood Partners to Open Clinic at Local High School.  A Pennsylvania school board approved a plan Wednesday [8/22/2018] to establish a reproductive health center inside its high school that will be run by partners of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion group in America.  Last year, the Reading School Board narrowly rejected a proposal to put a Planned Parenthood-run health center inside Reading High School after a strong public outcry.  However, this summer, the board quietly moved forward with a similar plan, and on Wednesday, approved it in an 8-1 vote, WFMZ reports.

Feminist scholar slams hot-wing-eating show for 'inequitable gender hierarchies'.  Have you ever watched two men devour spicy chicken wings and been so affected by the absence of women that you wrote an academic paper about it?  If not, then you're not as enlightened as the University of Tulsa's Emily J.H. Contois.  The professor of media studies apparently sees toxic masculinity at work in the popular YouTube show Hot Ones, whose host and celebrity guest each eat a plate of hot wings "dressed with hot sauces of increasing intensity."

Feminist prof doubles-down on call to 'hate men'.  Northeastern University professor Suzanna Danuta Walters recently doubled-down on her controversial argument that feminist women have "every right" to "hate men."  Walters told the left-leaning Chronicle of Higher Education that she doesn't "hate men in some generic way," but insisted that "it makes obvious sense for women to have rage" against men who perpetuate the patriarchy.  She also dismissed claims that her argument could be construed as "hate speech," saying it is actually white men who are guilty of "weaponized hate speech."

Northeastern professor asks, 'Is it really so illogical to hate men?'.  A sociology professor at Northeastern University is raising eyebrows with her new op-ed arguing that it's logical for feminist women to hate men.  Suzanna Walters, director of Northeastern's Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program and the editor of the gender studies journal Signs, wrote in her op-ed for The Washington Post last week that in order for men to atone for "all the millennia of woe" they have inflicted upon women, they must stop running for office and resign from power.

Prof gets university to investigate programs that exclude men.  The University of Michigan has launched an unprecedented internal Title IX probe into allegations that 11 of its programs exclude males from educational opportunities and scholarships.  The review was launched in response to a complaint filed by UM-Flint Professor Mark Perry, who contends that such initiatives have contributed to "a huge gender imbalance in favor of women" in higher education.

University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue.  The Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin recently launched a new program to help male students "take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity."  Treating masculinity as if it were a mental health crisis, "MasculinUT" is organized by the school's counseling staff and most recently organized a poster series encouraging students to develop a "healthy model of masculinity."  The program is predicated on a critique of so-called "restrictive masculinity."  Men, the program argues, suffer when they are told to "act like a man" or when they are encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, such as being "successful" or "the breadwinner."

College library helps students lobby for 'pro-choice agenda'.  The Colorado College library offers an extensive online resource intended to help students lobby elected officials for a "pro-choice agenda."  The guide includes several form letters students can send to demand increased access to abortions, as well as links to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice, and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Women's college instructs professors not to call students 'women'.  An all-women's college in Massachusetts tells its teachers not to say "women" in the classroom but rather use the word "students."  Professors are instructed to say "Mount Holyoke students" instead of "Mount Holyoke women," as well as avoiding statements like "We're all women here..." or referring to "the two genders" as part of a Teaching & Learning Initiative.

Prof wants colleges to pay women extra for 'emotional labor'.  A communications studies professor wants colleges to compensate female faculty members for their "emotional labor," such as "supportive communication" and generally "making a person 'feel good.'"  Brandi Lawless argues that emotional labor is equivalent to other academic work, such as teaching classes and grading assignments, blaming the "neoliberal agenda" for making emotional labor an expectation.

California Moves To Force Public Universities To Administer Abortion Pills.  A move is underway to transform California public universities from institutions dedicated to educating and empowering the nation's next generation of leaders into abortion vendors.  The California state assembly is now considering SB 320, a measure that would mandate that all California state-funded universities administer RU-486, a drug designed to induce abortion, on their campuses.  The idea is to have schools partner with mega-abortion providers so that students at risk from a lonely and potentially dangerous abortion can access them from their dorm rooms.  Parents and students should be very worried about this aggressive attempt to reconfigure student health centers from places of healing to abortion franchises in business with detached abortion mega-providers who reap the reward without the risk.  And the risks can be grave.

University to host panel on 'reproductive justice' activism.  The University of Massachusetts, Amherst is slated to host a panel exploring "How Scholars and Activists Can Partner for Reproductive and Racial Justice."  The event will feature reproductive justice activist Loretta Ross and public scholar Rickie Solinger, both of whom have done extensive work on "reproductive justice."

College Professor Argues in Favor of Murdering Newborns.  Once you let a handful of black-robed oligarchs decree that it is your "right" to kill your baby, a slide down the slippery slope is inevitable.

University of Chicago Professor — It Should be Legal to Kill Newborns.  Professor Jerry Coyne, a biologist at the University of Chicago, has convinced himself that murdering infants is morally fine because infants are too stupid to know they're being murdered. [...] He says that if a child in the womb looks like they will have a genetic condition, they ought to be murdered.  This is an arbitrary decision, because what we considered to be life ending conditions 100 years ago are now treatable.  This is an arbitrary decision, because sometimes genetic tests and fetal scans give inaccurate results.

Newtonian Physics is Oppressive to Marginalized People.  A feminist scholar has published a paper claiming that Newtonian physics is oppressive and that we must use "quantum feminisms" to make the science more intersectional.  In a paper for The Minnesota Review, culture and gender-studies researcher Whitney Stark argues that Newton's understanding of physics is oppressive because it has "separated beings" based on their "binary and absolute differences" — a structure that she calls "hierarchical and exploitative" — and the same kind of system is "embedded in many structures of classification," making it "part of the apparatus that enables oppression."

The Feminization of Everything Fails Our Boys.  Make no mistake, if these numbers showed an equivalent (and increasing) educational gender gap running in the opposite direction, the feminist Left would declare a cultural emergency.  Indeed, it has declared a cultural emergency in spite of the dominant educational performance of women.  As [Mark] Perry notes, our colleges are full of "women's centers" and "gender equity" initiatives that are dedicated exclusively to female success (or almost exclusively; some non-gender-binary folks get gender-equity aid as well).  When will there stop being a crisis for women on campus?  When they reach two-thirds of the higher-education population?  When three out of every four college grads are women?

Florida Student Loses Credit for Using Word 'Man' in History Essay.  A student at the University of Florida lost points on an essay assignment for his decision to use the word "man," instead of the word "humankind."  Student Martin Poirier received a B-minus on an essay assignment, despite his professor's claim that the paper was "thoughtful."  The reason?  He dared to use the word "man," instead of "humankind."  "Thoughtful paper, although the writing-mechanics errors are killing you," Professor Jack Davis wrote at the bottom of the paper.

University Hosts 'Masculinity Confession Booth' Instructing Male Students to Repent.  The University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, is hosting a "masculinity confession booth" this week, in which male students are asked to confess sins that may have been inspired by the Western world's emphasis on "hypermasculinity."  Students at the University of Regina had the opportunity this week to confess their "hypermasculinity sins" at a confessional booth on campus.

Womyn? Womxn?  Womban?  Taxpayer-Funded University Ponders Alternate Spellings For 'Woman'.  Missouri State University sponsored an hour-long event last week dedicated to the various ways fringe feminist activists can misspell the word "woman."  The event, entitled "Womyn, Wymen," was held in the taxpayer-funded school's Multicultural Resource Center Annex, reports The Standard, Missouri State's newspaper.  Yvania Garcia-Pusateri, the executive director of Missouri State's five-employee Multicultural Programs staff, led the event.  Garcia-Pusateri kicked off by asking attendees — all of them female — to announce the gender pronouns they prefer.

Lawsuit:  Colorado State refused to fund pro-life student event because it was not 'unbiased'.  More than a year after its purchases of body parts from aborted fetuses were exposed by a pro-life group, Colorado State University finds itself accused of discriminating against pro-life students.  The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a First Amendment federal lawsuit against CSU and several administrators Tuesday on behalf of the campus chapter of Students for Life of America.

Male college students to undergo 'critical self-reflection' of masculinity.  The University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently taking applications for its "Men's Project," a six-week program that aims to counter the alleged harmful effects of society's masculinity paradigms and pressures and empower participants to promote "gender equity."  "Men's Project creates a space for critical self-reflection and dialogue about what it means to be a man and how masculinity impacts us and those around us," organizers state in promoting the effort.

University of Wisconsin Course Examines Negative Effects of Masculinity.  A six-week program offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to counter the effects of the societal expectation for men to be masculine.  The program centers on the premise that masculinity is primarily a societal construct rather than an intrinsic biological reality.  Based on this premise, radical gender theorists argue that masculinity has a toxic influence on society.  The "Men's Project" is a six-week program for male students that asks participants to reflect on the negative effects of the expectation to be masculine.

Public University Punishes Professor For Sex Crime Because He Sang A Beach Boys Song.  The taxpayer-funded University of Kentucky has punished a journalism professor for sexual misconduct because, the professors says, he publicly sang "California Girls" by The Beach Boys.  The professor, Buck Ryan, made his claims of bizarre bureaucratic woe in an op-ed in the Lexington Herald-Leader this weekend.  The University of Kentucky's Title IX coordinator — Patty Bender, according to the public school's website — ruled that Ryan's crooning of "California Girls" was sexual misconduct because the song includes "language of a sexual nature," Ryan writes.

It's Come to This:  Male Students Trained to 'Be Accountable to Feminism'.  Annual tuition at Duke University is $51,265.  And for that price, students receive professional-quality feminist brainwashing.

Claremont students: masculinity is 'toxic to our mental health'.  A group at the Claremont Colleges called "5Cs Thrive" hosted an event Monday [10/3/2016] called "Masculinity + Mental Health" which focused on the mental health problems caused by masculinity.  "Masculinity can be extremely toxic to our mental health, both to the people who are pressured to perform it and the people who are inevitably influenced by it," the event's organizers state in the description.  "We would like to encourage discussion on how to openly talk about our emotions and our wellbeing, and how to engage in masculine identities in a healthy way.

Princeton HR department:  Don't use word 'man'.  The Princeton University HR department has largely wiped the word "man" from its vocabulary.  The relatively new policy in effect at the Ivy League institution spells out the directive in a four-page memo that aims to make the department more gender inclusive.  Instead of using "man," employees are told to use words such as human beings, individuals or people.

The Editor says...
He who controls the dictionary controls the culture.

Princeton dives into the deep end of the political correctness pool.  [Scroll down]  Though Princeton insists this is not policy, merely guidelines, and no words are banned, it encourages the use of a vocabulary that is more gender neutral.  So, instead of man and wife use spouses or partners.  Instead of man made, use artificial, handmade, manufactured, synthetic.  Gone is the verb to man, as in to work something, instead use to operate or to staff.  Throw out workmanlike and replace it with skillful.  No more actresses, only actors.  Coed?  Out.  Replaced by student.  Forefathers?  Gone.  Ancestors is the preferred word.  Forget freshman.  It's now first-year student or frosh.

Princeton scrubs 'men' from campus.  As first reported Thursday [8/18/2016] by the conservative campus news outfit The College Fix, Princeton's Human Resources and Office of Communications issued a four-page memo filled with examples of gender-neutral terminology that must now be used in official school documents, such as:
  •   The word "actress" should be replaced by "actor."
  •   A "cameraman" must now be called a "camera operator."
  •   There will be no more references to a "cleaning lady," but instead an "office cleaner."
  •   New students are no longer "freshmen" but rather "first-year students."
  •   A "mailman" no longer delivers letters or packages, because that's the work now of a "mail carrier," "letter carrier" or "postal worker."
  •   Nothing is to ever be done for the betterment of "mankind" but instead for "humanity," "human kind" or simply "people."

The Corrosion of Conformity on Campus.  In the mid-1990s, Joanna Williams embarked on an English degree "as a very naive 19-year-old" who liked reading.  By the end of the first year, she'd decided that she hated the course.  It turned out to be about "feminism, historicism, postmodernism, Marxism, structuralism and poststructuralism".  Williams and her peers were asked, for example, "to interpret Jane Eyre from a feminist perspective.  'Oh look, he's standing by the chimney, that's a phallic symbol!'  It was very much on that rigid level:  every man is bad, dominating, representative of the patriarchy; every long, tall object is a phallic symbol.  We were pushed into thinking about these works in a particular way."  Not only did this kind of ideological analysis seem all too easy, it also left her "feeling kind of cheap".

Blakely teacher restricts Lego-play to her girl students in the pursuit of gender equity.  In Karen Keller's kindergarten classroom, boys can't play with Legos.  They can have their pick of Tinkertoys and marble tracks, but the colorful bricks are "girls only." [...] Although her approach might anger some parents, Keller is sticking to her guns:  It's all part of a plan to get girls building during "free choice," the 40 minutes of unstructured play time embedded at the end of every school day.

Feminist Teacher's Lesson Plan: Discriminate against Boys.  [Scroll down]  And, of course, innate sex differences evident since time immemorial cannot be allowed, so Keller's leftist sense of equality compelled her to action.  She discriminated so the girls could use the blocks "unencumbered."  Now, this story quickly went viral, and Keller and the school have since backtracked.  It was all a misunderstanding, you see. [...] If Keller is really so concerned about girls being discouraged by the boys' presence (a pity science hasn't yet weeded those creatures out of the species), there's a simple solution:  create separate boys' and girls' Lego areas.  But this wasn't good enough for her; she had to stick it to the boys for being boys.

Books to Avoid When Your Child Brings Home Scholastic Book Order Form.  I'm extremely uncomfortable, as a parent, with the topics some of the Scholastic books cover.  So from one parent to another, here are a few suggested books to avoid when you find the Scholastic form in your child's backpack.  The first one I saw that makes my skin crawl is called Sister Apple, Sister Pig.  Well that sounds innocent enough, doesn't it?  Unfortunately the (very serious) topic this book deals with is abortion.  It paints abortion in a positive light.  It tells of a boy who is told that his aborted sister is still around him.

Pro-Life Banners Removed from USC; 'Approved in Error'.  A series of pro-life banners of images of 11-week-old fetuses in the womb saw mere hours of daylight at the University of Southern California on Tuesday [4/21/2015] prior to being removed by the same university organization that had initially approved them.  The light poles instead featured hand-written signs posted on them reading, "Women deserve the right to choose."

'Eunice the Uterus' Puppet Draws Attention to 'The Abortion Desert' From Idaho to the Dakotas.  So apparently there's a uterus puppet going around the country making videos about abortion clinics and lack thereof.  Yes, there's a puppet named Eunice, and she's a sad uterus.

Can You Spare $250 for Raging Liberalism?  How could a Catholic in good standing ever contribute to a university that teaches students to adore the destruction of innocent human lives, agitate for the redefinition of marriage, and lead the call for "death with dignity"?  How could a conservative with a conscience pad the bank account of any alma mater with as shameful an ideological bent as most of the "greats" in our higher education system?

'Abortion is a gift from God'.  So blares a poster on exhibit at the taxpayer-funded University of Michigan.  So far, I have been able to find no protests from the ACLU or other groups that decry religious expression at venues that belong to governmental authorities.  The poster is the work of Heather Ault, and is part of a campaign called "4000 years of choice."

Art exhibit at University of Michigan honors abortion as awesome 'life-sustaining' act.  An art exhibit currently on showcase at the University of Michigan charts the glamorous history of abortion.  The "4000 Years for Choice" exhibit celebrates abortion as a "life-sustaining act," reports The College Fix.  Previously, the artist has called the practice "a gift from God."  A University of Michigan webpage describes the exhibit as "an exhibition of posters about the age-old practices of abortion and contraception as a means to reclaim reproductive freedom as a deeply personal and life-sustaining act existing throughout all of human history."  The webpage is sponsored by the women's studies department.  The artist behind the artwork is pro-abortion activist Heather Ault, who has committed her professional life to the exultation of the joys of abortion.

Mireille Miller-Young's Heartbreak and Lola's Lament.  Mireille Miller-Young is an Associate Professor of feminist studies at the University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB).  Recently charged with robbery and assault against Thrin Short, a 16-year-old Christian demonstrator in the UCSB "Free Speech Zone," Miller-Young justified her violence against the teenager — who was peacefully urging mothers not to kill their unborn children — as the moral act of a conscientious objector against a terrorist.  This cockeyed characterization seemed like the expression of a functional psychosis.  And how could that professor, without a single notable publication, survive the "publish or perish" rigors of academia — with tenure?

Pro-life teen defiant after alleged attack by feminist professor.  A teenage pro-life demonstrator who claims she was assaulted by a feminist studies professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara during a campus event this month told she is more determined than ever to protest against abortion.  Thrin Short, 16, and her sister Joan, 21, had handed out nearly 1,000 informational pamphlets during a March 4 outreach event organized by the Riverside-based nonprofit Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust before things took an unexpected turn.

California sisters fighting back after professor steals graphic pro-life sign.  Two California sisters told Fox News' Megyn Kelly Thursday [3/13/2014] they are fighting back against a college professor who they say assaulted them and stole their pro-life signs because "no one has the right to take someone else's property."  Thrin Short, 16, and her sister Joan, 21, were part of an anti-abortion protest at the University of California, Santa Barbara when they were approached by Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young.  They say Miller-Young, who teachers feminist studies, grabbed the sign from them, and when they attempted to get it back, kicked and pushed them.

The Pornified Professor Versus Pro-Life Youth.  The other day, this story hit the New Media.  It's one the Old Media will simply never report.  Two sisters, 16 and 21, and members of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, were holding a pro-life sign while demonstrating at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  A choppy cell phone video caught the scene:  Students hurl obscenities at the young girls while a large, imposing woman, with two accomplices in tow, march off with the sign, having ripped it from one girl's hands.  The girls follow the thugs to the elevator, and as the video continues recording, the intimidating woman sneers at the girls, taunts them and dares them to try retrieving the stolen sign while her accomplices laugh.

Catholic Law School to Teach Abortion and Obamacare Advocacy.  A class at Georgetown Law next semester "will have students working with a pro-abortion rights advocacy organization, taught by that organization's senior counsel, Kelli Garcia."  The project is advocating the implementation of Obamacare.

Students Sign Petition to 'Abort' Babies After Birth.  Welcome to George Mason University where some students believe fourth trimester abortion, aka infanticide or "post birth" abortion, should be legal. [...] Earlier this year Florida Planned Parenthood lobbyist Alisa LaPolt Snow argued for infanticide and said the decision to give a baby who survives an abortion medical care should be up to the mother and her doctor.  In other words, she argued it was okay for a baby born alive to be left to die on the operating table.

A Conservative Kid Tries To Survive In California Schools.  My name is Sam Besserman, I'm eleven years old, I live in Beverly Hills, California, and ever since I can remember I have been subjected to political bias in school.  The first time I noticed the bias was actually in preschool where the teacher was reading a book about the importance of mothers and the inferiority of fathers.  I tried to tell the teacher that dads might be just as important.  The teacher responded in a sing-song, "No, listen to me, I'm the teacher."

All eyes on Planned Parenthood field trip.  The school board voted early yesterday morning for an investigation of last week's field trip that brought middle school students to a Planned Parenthood office.  The board told school administrators to investigate the matter, recommend any changes needed to school policies and decide if disciplinary action needs to be taken.

Not Your Mother's Tupperware Party.  Shame the student who thinks of abortion as anything other than a right; this class had over 400 young, impressionable minds (including a freshman-heavy enrollment) and the message relayed eerily echoed that of Capitol Hill Democrats:  anyone who thinks of abortion as something other than a "right" is simply outside the mainstream.

Feminism and the College Curriculum:  Is there any truth to the charge that the traditional curriculum promotes sexism and social injustice?  Is modern higher education in America "oppressive," "undemocratic," "masculinist," and in need of radical reform?  These are charges being directed against the academy by leading academic feminists.

Feminist Victory.  Lawrence H. Summers is stepping down as president of Harvard University. His critics cite a number of missteps – from challenging the eminent African-American professor Cornell West to expressing support for the U.S. military – that contributed to his demise.  But those were minor scrapes; he's leaving because he never recovered from a wound inflicted by the Harvard gender police.

The shibboleths of academe.  As uncomfortable as it might make feminists, the empirical evidence points to small but important differences in scientific and mathematical abilities between men and women.  On average, women perform better on verbal tests, while men demonstrate greater visual-spatial capabilities, and these differences are more striking at both the lower and upper extremes of intellectual ability.

Sex Games:  Coming to a High School Near You.  Title IX turns 35 this month and the bad gals have officially won.  Sex quotas in sports under the anti-discrimination law are de rigeur on college campuses.  And the Bush administration's failure to even challenge this perversion of the law — concocted, for the most part, by and during the Clinton administration — means that eliminating men's sports opportunities in the name of "creating" opportunities for women now has bipartisan blessing.

PC Campuses Hold Peril for Women:  By some counts, women are now a majority on American campuses, receiving most of the degrees, which dispels the notion that the educational system favors boys and oppresses girls.  The trend toward more women in higher education is to be applauded and encouraged, but it also calls for a warning...

Breeding Victimology in Girls and Leaving Boys Behind in the Name of Equality

American Girl's gifts to agency lead school to scrap show.  A Catholic school in Waukesha County is the first non-profit group in the nation to cancel a coveted American Girl Fashion Show amid concerns that the Wisconsin-based doll company behind the show gives money to a national girls organization that presents abortion, contraception and a lesbian sexual orientation as acceptable.

Red and blue bioethics:  Bioethics has hardened into an activist ideology that pervades the medical world, the schools, and government.  This explains why Leon Kass, a moderate conservative who heads the president's committee on bioethics, is under such fierce attack and why Princeton University picked Peter Singer as its first scholar in bioethics.  Singer thinks parents should be able to kill disabled newborns.

Jennifer Rankin's protest.  What harm would it have done to leave her alone? ... Jennifer Rankin wasn't hurting anybody.  She wasn't bothering a soul.  She covered her mouth with red tape in mute protest.  That's all.  For this, officials at Peninsula Shores District School brought out the police?  For this they kept her isolated in a room at the school for an entire day?

Anti-abortion fetus dolls handed out to Norfolk students.  Plastic human fetus dolls — soft, in pink and brown, and about 4 inches long — have been handed out at Oakwood Elementary School by an employee who was put on administrative leave Thursday over the situation.  The dolls, which were distributed over weeks or months, are not authorized by the division as instructional materials, spokeswoman Elizabeth Thiel Mather said Thursday [5/20/2010].

California school settles suit over anti-abortion shirt.  A California school district sued by a former sixth-grade student who was asked to remove an anti-abortion T-shirt has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle the suit.

DeMint: Planned Parenthood in LA high school 'a referral service to more abortion'.  The Planned Parenthood partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District is a dangerous development, according to South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint.  Tuesday [6/5/2012], The Los Angeles Times reported that Planned Parenthood has opened a clinic in Los Angeles' Roosevelt High School to reduce the school's number of unplanned pregnancies.  During an appearance on the Laura Ingraham Show, DeMint blasted the new Planned Parenthood location.  "It's absurd," DeMint said.  "We would never allow that in South Carolina.  But California won't allow Marines to recruit in schools, but they'll allow this kind of thing.  It's dangerous because it tells children that promiscuous, dangerous sex is supported by their government and their political authorities."

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