Low-level environmental terrorism

Environmentalism thrives on fear and a general sense of impending doom.  Without it, there are no crises to solve, and radical tree-hugging, earth-worshipping environmentalism would be just another relic of the 1960's.  The 24-hour cable news cycle thrives on continuous emergencies as well.  That's why the two go hand in hand.  And if a topic is on TV, politicians soon feel the pressure to do something about it.

If you hadn't noticed, environmentalists are afraid of everything, and the tabloid news media thrives onsensationalism.

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A CNN journalist pens a fascinating insight into the left's dystopian worldview.  On April 7, Bill Weir, CNN's Chief Climate Correspondent, had a son.  Weir wrote an open letter to his son telling him that he was born into Hell on Earth, also known as the modern Western world.  The letter perfectly encapsulates everything the left hates and wants to see destroyed. [...] Weir is a tragic figure because he has eyes but cannot see.  The real tragedy, though, is that people like Weir, through the power of the media, drive too much of America's political agenda.

Dark Money Progressive Groups Spending Millions to Politicize Coronavirus, Spread Fear.  Millions of Americans across the country are, day by day, adjusting their lives to better cope with the economic, social, and political impacts caused by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, as a dark money network simultaneously works overtime to further politicize the festering crisis.  A Democrat-aligned Super PAC announced on Tuesday that it will spend $5 million on negative ads targeting President Trump's response to the coronavirus.

Kids Suffering Nightmares, Lost Sleep Over Climate Fears.  British children have been so propagandized about the supposedly imminent climate apocalypse that nearly a fifth of them are losing sleep and having nightmares about it, according to a survey conducted by the BBC's Newsround, a television news program for children.

Eco-Nut Spits On Lyft Driver For Polluting Air With His Car.  [Video clip]

Can the Coronavirus-Panic-Creating Media be Sued for Closed Businesses and Lost Jobs?  The deliberate panic created over the coronavirus is not victimless.  Far from it.  When the radioactive dust settles from this orchestrated panic-strategy, potentially hundreds of billions will have been lost, thousands of businesses closed, and millions of employees fired.  When the coronavirus first reared its ugly head, many in the media instantly saw it as a cheap and easy way to increase clicks, newspaper sales, viewers, listeners, and most especially Ad revenue.  In the guise of "informing the public," they intended to run scare headlines and stories to spike attention to their sites.

Latest Climate Report Feeds into Alarmist Fearmongering.  The latest National Climate Assessment, released just last week, aims to plant yet another seed of climate catastrophism into the mind of the public.  Predictably, its worst-case scenarios got huge play in the media.  After all, disaster sells.  But the doomsday scenarios that animated talking heads throughout the weekend aren't just highly unlikely; they're close to impossible.

Denver Communist Official Says She Will Use Deadly Virus as Bio Weapon Against Trump Supporters.  Denver Communist Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca is back in the news again.  Back in April 2019 Candi promised to push communism "by any means necessary." [...] Now this:  Cdebaca is getting blowback after she retweeted a call to send coronavirus victims to Trump rallies.  Cdebaca reposted a tweet that said, "For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I'm attending every MAGA rally I can."

Leftist Denver councilwoman cheers idea of infecting Trump rallies with coronavirus.  Denver city councilwoman Candi CdeBaca was hit with calls to resign Tuesday after she showed support for a tweet floating the idea of attending Make America Great Again rallies to infect Trump supporters with the coronavirus.  Ms. CdeBaca tweeted "#solidarity Yaaas!!" in her Feb. 28 response to a Feb. 26 post from Susan Daniel, who tweeted, "For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I'm attending every MAGA rally I can."  The councilwoman's office issued a statement saying her reply was "sarcastic" after she drew thousands of outraged responses on social media, as well as a call from the Colorado Republican Party to resign.

The Only Thing Dems Have to Offer Is Fear Itself.  [T]he American Left is pushing fear as hard as they have ever pushed anything.  We have had plenty of scares since the days of FDR, including the overpopulation, acid rain, and Y2K.  Some scares have changed names, from global cooling in the 1970s, only to be replaced by global warming, climate change, and now extreme weather.  Infectious diseases invoke fear as they are a frequent movie theme, from Andromeda Strain to Contagion.  We were told to fear the bird flu, SARS, MERS, and Ebola.  Now we are to fear Coronavirus.  Every election year seems to have a disease outbreak [...] Academic researchers study how these disease outbreaks influence federal elections.  Is the Coronavirus outbreak on the eve of an election just a random coincidence?

Pseudoscience doesn't get much more pretentious than this.  A new report by a joint commission of the World Health Organization, the medical journal The Lancet and UNICEF has ranked the United States the 39th best country on Earth for raising children, behind virtually every country in Europe and also lots of other places.  Scratch the surface and you'll discover what is driving the report:  climate-change alarmism.  In every way they can think of, elites are trying to make ordinary Americans desperate about climate change, so they can wheel their Trojan horse full of policy proposals into the United States.  The Lancet study was rigged to deliver the desired outcome of a low finish for the United States.  Our low ranking was mainly due to our coming in 151st out of 159 countries for "sustainability."

The Billionaire And The 'Moderates' Are Socialists Too.  Socialism vs. centrism is a charade.  The only choice among all these candidates is between Bernie and Bernie Lite. [...] Nothing empowers collectivists like a crisis, and what bigger emergency requiring massively-expanded government could be conceived than the planet itself being in peril?  "The scientists are telling us that if we don't act incredibly boldly within the next six, seven years, there will be irreparable damage done ... to the entire world."  With that, Bernie managed to halve the 12-year countdown to Armageddon announced a year ago by his most famed supporter, New York City Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

When 'Climate' Isn't About the Climate At All.  The dirty secret of "climate" is that no one claims that any demanded "carbon" tax, cap-and-trade ration coupon scheme or windmill mandate would have a measurable impact on climate (or temperature).  This is in fact a "consensus". [...] Twelve years, or the planet gets it!, per AOC.  Which she then said was sarcasm that only a sea sponge would fall for.  Like WaPo's Tom Toles.  Anyway, Greta then said it was eight years.  Standing next to Prince Charles who, eleven years earlier, had also given us eight years.  It seems so long ago that the British prime minister, Gordon Brown, gave us fifty days.  Wait, that was the same year Charles set the figure at eight years.  The first time.

How will we know when the future is saved?  What does that mean?
School strikes to continue until [the] future [is] saved, says Thunberg.  Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg said on Friday (February 14) that school strikes, now in their 78th week, would go on until those in power did what was required to "save our future".  Hundreds of people took part in a school strike march near the Swedish parliament in Stockholm on Friday, the place where Thunberg started her school strike in August 2018 to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis.

The rise of climate anxiety.  Over the past few weeks Clover Hogan has found herself crying during the day and waking up at night gripped by panic. [...] Hogan said her lowest point came when she heard about the death of half a billion animals incinerated as the fires swept through the bush.  "That was the moment where I felt my heart cleave into two pieces.  I felt absolutely distraught."  The physical impact of the climate crisis is impossible to ignore, but experts are becoming increasingly concerned about another, less obvious consequence of the escalating emergency — the strain it is putting on people's mental wellbeing, especially the young.

The Editor says...
Arson, not global warming, was the proximate cause of the Australia wildfires.  Every proposed remedy for global warming involves anti-capitalism, regress to 18th century technology, and high taxes.  It's all political.  There is no climate emergency.  There is no extraordinary global warming.  Any panic you experience because of global warming is self-induced.

Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless.  At a recent United Nations summit, 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg claimed that the Earth is on the brink of destruction and that older generations are betraying younger ones by not doing enough to stop climate change.  The media has amplified these allegations by giving her speech broad, glowing coverage.  However, the fears she expressed are not grounded in reality.  Thunberg says that she is "one of the lucky ones" who are not already "dying" from global warming and claims that with "today's emissions levels our remaining CO2 budget will be gone in less than 8.5 years." [...] Thunberg says her fears are justified by "more than 30 years" of "crystal-clear" science, but as detailed below, just the opposite is true.  Contrary to predictions made three decades ago, a broad range of environmental and human welfare indicators related to the effects of climate change have stayed level or improved.

Faulty Assumptions Lead to Fake News About Climate Change.  Climate change soon will constitute "a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters," one government study predicted.  By 2020, according to a report on the study in The Guardian, "abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies."  That was 16 years ago.  Now that the year 2020 is upon us, are any of these "doom and gloom" scenarios actually occurring?  Far from it.  Indeed, the planet has experienced a bit of lukewarming.  However, claims of increases in extreme weather are vastly overstated.

Climate doomsayers keep putting sell-by dates on their credibility.  I was slightly surprised when Greta Thunberg announced at Davos that we had eight years left to save the planet.  As long as that?  Admittedly, that's four years less than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who put it at 12, although, come to think of it, that was last January, so presumably she now thinks we've got 11 years left.  But some doomsayers have been much less optimistic.  According to Peter Wadhams, a Cambridge professor interviewed in the Guardian in 2013, Arctic ice would disappear by 2015 if we didn't mend our ways, while Gordon Brown announced in 2009 that we had just 50 days to save the Earth.  Then again, playing the long game can also catch up with you.  In 2004, Observer readers were told Britain would have a 'Siberian' climate in 16 years' time.  We're supposed to be in the midst of that now.  On the face of it, we should be grateful that these gloomsters make such oddly precise predictions.  It's like putting a sell-by date on their credibility.

Suppose a Prepper....  Climate change activists behave exactly like the preppers do.  "The earth will be doomed if the global temperature rises 2 degrees C.  Not only that, this will happen in 10 years, 2 months and 5 days.  After all, this is settled science (whatever that is!). [...] Human beings are the smartest of all life on earth.  We live in all sorts of climates.  We build shelters to survive and live comfortably when the outside temperature is -30 degrees F.  Air conditioning we invented copes with extraordinarily warm temperatures.  But somehow, human beings are not smart enough to be able to find adaptations needed to cope with a 2 degree C increase in the global surface temperature?  That is just incomprehensibly silly!

Michael Moore:  We're Done in Four Years if We Don't Fix Climate Change.  Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on the [sic] Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday [1/21/2020] and said "if we don't fix climate change, like, now," then "we don't have four years," before we're all "done."

John Cusack at Bernie Sanders rally:  World has '10-12-year window' to stop climate change, 'predatory capitalism'.  Actor John Cusack sounded the alarm on climate change and "predatory capitalism" while introducing presidential primary contender Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., during a Saturday afternoon [1/18/2020] rally in Exeter, New Hampshire.  The 53-year-old actor declared that billionaires were "getting nervous," while the corporate media were "confused" about Sanders' campaign.  "And, it seems like every conceivable power structure on earth is trying to kill or derail our movement, but we're still here," he said.

Climate crisis is biggest threat to the planet, warn global elite.  The climate crisis is the biggest threat to global stability, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned.  WEF on Wednesday [1/16/2020] published its annual global risk report, highlighting what its members see as the biggest threats to economic and political stability.  For the first time in the report's history, the top five longterm risks were all linked to the environment.  "The planet is heating, the ice is melting, and we see that the library of species are on fire," Borge Brende, president of WEF, said at a press conference in London to launch the report.  "It's really, really serious."

The Editor says...
There is no global warming, to speak of, above the normal year-to-year background noise.  There is no planetary emergency.  Global warming does not cause political or economic instability.  Yes the planet is heating, on the side that faces the sun, but it's cooling on the other side.  This effect is called day and night.  If you'll just ignore these people, you'll be a lot happier.

Don't Panic, Just Worry.  Simply put, we have become unable to rouse ourselves to take public problems seriously unless we can persuade ourselves that they present immediate and utterly apocalyptic dangers. [...] "The climate crisis is the existential crisis for our world," Elizabeth Warren said in one recent Democratic presidential debate.  "It puts every living thing on this planet at risk."  Not to be outdone, Pete Buttigieg put a deadline on the prophecy:  "Science tells us we have 12 years before we reach the horizon of catastrophe when it comes to our climate."  Andrew Yang thinks inequality is such a threat, too.  "To me, without dramatic change, the best-case scenario is a hyper-stratified society like something out of The Hunger Games or Guatemala with the occasional mass shooting," he wrote in his 2019 book The War on Normal People.  "The worst case is widespread despair, violence and the utter collapse of our society." [...] But most of the time, this rhetoric of cataclysm isn't even deployed in the service of particular policy priorities.  It's simply a way of talking about the danger posed by the other party.

"I Don't Want To Die" — Schools Are Traumatizing Kids With Greta's Climate Apocalypse.  "Mommy, they said that we're going to die in eight years."  That's what Joylaea Blazevik, a distraught eight-year old, told her mother, Lejla Blazevik, following a presentation on global warming at her school, in Toronto, Canada.  "They were terrified with the information," Mrs. Blazevik told the National Post, a major Canadian newspaper.  Along with other seven- and eight-year-olds from second and third grade classes at her school, Joylaea had watched a video of Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen climate crusader, delivering her now-famous "How dare you!" tirade at the United Nations. [...] Following Thunberg's blistering diatribe, a large "carbon clock" appeared on the screen, counting down from eight years, the amount of time the global warming alarmists say we have until carbon-dioxide levels cause the earth's atmosphere to warm by 1.5 degrees Celsius.  "I don't wanna die," one of Joylaea's classmates shouted out, which caused other children to join in, voicing the same horrible dread.

2004 climate-alarmist warning:  Nuclear war, sunken major cities by 2020.  According to experts, climate change will result in "millions" of deaths, major European cities being sunken, nuclear war and global environmental riots... all within the next 5 days.  That's because they made the prediction back in 2004 and said all that would happen by 2020, which is just 5 days away.  "Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters," reported left-wing newspaper the Guardian on February 22, 2004.

The Cartoonish Climate Crusade.  So where are these "catastrophic" shortages of water and energy supply?  Where water is in short supply, it is almost invariably because of "water socialism" (California specializes in this), while conventional energy is in such abundance at the moment that the biggest problem facing energy producers is how to enforce production cuts enough to keep prices up.

Climate change hysteria is the smokescreen for communism's advancement in America.  Just as we are fully aware (at least we should be) that the Green New Deal is an economic plan clothed in the glossy robes of climate change, so too should we be realizing that the entire climate change movement is being driven by a desire for a communist near-future in America.  I assume, or at least I hope, that most activists in the climate change movement do what they do because they sincerely believe the world is going to be uninhabitable in the near future if we don't act immediately.  But just as these people willfully ignore actual scientific data in favor of the pseudo-science cited by their movement, so too have they willfully ignored the fact that the only possible "solution" to the climate change "problem" is giving up everything:  Our property, our rights, and ability to act as individuals.

Climate Nags are Trying to Ruin Christmas.  It all began on the much feared and anticipated "Black Friday," when around the world climate protestors attempted to block the entrances of retailers opening their doors to what is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.  Based on sales figures, most holiday shoppers ignored the protestors. [...] Claiming, "We're in a climate emergency," various climate websites and institutes admonish Christmas shoppers to consider their "carbon footprint" when travelling and making purchases, directing people to change their holiday behavior to save the planet.  Their directives include using public transit or shared rides and to stop online shopping altogether.

The Incredible Story Of How Climate Change Became Apocalyptic.  It's true that apocalyptic narratives have always had a place in discussions of climate.  In 1989 the United Nations warned that the world had "a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control."  But the escalation of apocalyptic climate rhetoric in recent years is unprecedented.  The drumbeat of doom has led some prominent figures to turn on the mainstream climate community, complaining that "climate scientists have been underestimating the rate of climate change and the severity of its effects."  In reality, climate science has not just accurately anticipated unfolding climate change, but has done so consistently for the past 50 years.  There is thus an inconsistency here.  Discussions of climate change have become more apocalyptic, but climate science has not.

Emma Thompson Delivers End-Times Climate Prophecy:  Foretells 'Pets Eaten, Crop Failures, and Ruined Lives'.  Oscar-winning actress and climate activist Emma Thompson has seen the future and behold, it is grim.  She warned Thursday [12/5/2019] the "climate crisis" means Britons must prepare for "crop failures" and the prospect of eating their own pets to survive a future of cataclysmic weather events, great suffering and injustice.

The Editor says...
[#1] Being an actress does not enhance the value of one's opinion about the weather.  [#2] One degree of temperature change per century isn't enough to cause anything of this sort.

Republicans Will Live to Regret Joining Climate Alarmists.  Anxiety about global warming is skyrocketing in the Western world to the point one psychiatrist says, "I believe that everyone now has some climate anxiety."  It's no wonder.  Western leaders stoke the fires.  On November 28, 2019, the European parliament declared a global climate emergency.  Its members were responding in part to a children's crusade to save the planet.  In March 2019, millions of children in over 120 countries skipped school to embark on what has become a series of "climate strikes." [...] "Climate crisis" and "climate emergency" are replacing the neutral-sounding "climate change."  Then there's the threatening "extreme weather," which has become a major focus as warming has stalled over the last two decades. [...] A spokesperson for the climate change activist organization Extinction Rebellion (XR) said the group makes unsubstantiated predictions of billions of deaths within just a few years because "alarmist language works."

Climate activists turn attention to Black Friday: 'Shoppers cannot ignore the climate emergency'.  Black Friday is now a global tradition and, for climate activists, a global problem.  Young people worldwide planned to hold thousands of demonstrations Friday to protest overconsumption and draw attention to climate change ahead of a United Nations climate conference Monday.  In Chicago, demonstrators with the Sunrise Movement Chicago, the Illinois Youth Climate Strike, and other organizations planned to occupy Watertower Place, a major downtown shopping mall.

Climate protesters block stores, disrupt Black Friday shopping.  Protesters around the world disrupted Black Friday shopping in order to draw attention to climate change days before the United Nations met to discuss the issue in Madrid.  The retail holiday saw protests in a long list of countries — including France, Germany, the United States — with some activists entering stores and others holding mock funerals.  Near Paris, climate demonstrators blocked a shopping mall and gathered in from of Amazon's headquarters to protest over-production they say is killing the planet.  To many activists, Black Friday is the epitome of this shift, a purely commercial event designed to boost U.S. retailers ahead of the Christmas holidays, the symbol of capitalism run amok.

The Editor says...
"Capitalism run amok" in department stores is a lot more enjoyable than socialism run amok.

AOC reveals new level of hypocrisy after praising Harvard-Yale climate activists.  The annual Harvard-Yale football game was interrupted by climate change activists shortly after halftime on Saturday [11/23/2019], which is a pretty good idea inasmuch as there's no group more amenable to guerilla activism on the environment than sports fans from two universities where anyone who doesn't believe in the tenets of the climate science movement would quickly find themselves out in intellectual Siberia.  According to The Harvard Crimson, the incident occurred just before halftime at the annual game between the two Ivy League giants.

Environmentalist Killjoys Are Coming for Your Football.  Some of the nation's supposedly best and brightest college students are employing theatrical protest tactics similar to [Greta] Thunberg's, with the message that ordinary life must be disrupted if we are to save the planet.  At the Yale Bowl, the goal was to pressure the two universities to divest themselves of investments in fossil fuels. [...] The students made it clear that their political agenda is more important than allowing people to enjoy an annual entertainment. [...] The Harvard-Yale protest was very much in line with the Thunberg-style politics of angry and intolerant children.  Such demonstrators pay little heed to democratic processes or any counterarguments to their climate catechism.

Climate Myths.  Many people say that we're destroying the Earth.  It all sounds so scary.  But I've been a consumer reporter for years, and I've covered so many scares: plague, famine, overpopulation, SARS, West Nile virus, bird flu, radiation from cellphones, flesh-eating bacteria, killer bees, etc.  The list of terrible things that were going to get us is very long.  Yet we live longer than ever.  Now I'm told global warming is different.

Climate Change Protesters Storm Field at Halftime of Harvard-Yale Football Game.  The 136th edition of The Game between Harvard and Yale has been delayed at halftime after protesters took over the field.  Students from both schools occupied midfield after the Yale band had finished performing.  Some held banners asking their colleges to act on climate change and Puerto Rican debt relief.

Attenborough Tacitly Admits Netflix on 'Walrusgate' Tragedy Porn.  It was one of the most heart-rending animal tragedy episodes ever shown on TV:  hundreds of walruses shown plunging over a cliff to their deaths out of "desperation" caused by climate change.  Or so the story originally went when Sir David Attenborough first told it last year on his Netflix documentary Our Planet, causing much upset to impressionable viewers.

Math is Hard for the Green-Minded.  The best bid drama yet is from Extinction Rebellion, whose ferals were blocking traffic in Melbourne last week, as in other cities, and waving signs demanding "Zero emissions by 2025".  Among the more respectable bidders are the Australian Academy of Science's 500 Fellows, who want net zero emissions by 2050.  They've cheered on state governments pledging likewise.  But here's the problem: the 2050 game can only be played by those willing to ignore maths and engineering.  Do the sums and it's just pixie dust or, more accurately, fraud.  What follows are some calculations and projections. [...] Street blockaders:  Your zero-by-2025 goal would require Australia to create the equivalent of an emissions-free Turkey Point, Florida nuclear power plant — nearly the output of Hazelwood in Victoria — each 11 days from now to January 1, 2026.  That's 33 nuclear plants per year.

The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg.  Behind Greta is a major machine, one that is controlled by major international actors and backed by major funds.  This PR machine has allowed Greta to make the covers of magazines, become the subject of thousands of news articles while being photographed with world leaders and giving speeches at elite organizations such as the United Nations.  Although Greta might very well be genuinely concerned with the fate of the planet, her message is carefully crafted by those who control her to generate a specific response from the youth.  In short, Greta is the face of a major marketing scheme — a tightly coordinated international effort to sell global warming through a specific lens:  Fear, panic, and urgency.

Flight shaming is gaining traction and could cost airlines billions.  Consumers are paying more attention to their carbon footprint and it could cost airlines billions of dollars, Citi said in a note to clients Tuesday [10/22/2019].  The firm said that "flight shaming," which it defines as "the inherent guilt that an individual feels as a result of one's aviation-related carbon footprint" is causing consumers to explore alternative modes of transportation when possible and to look for ways to offset their carbon emissions.  Citi estimates that over the next five years the cost of carbon offsetting economy flights will grow to $3.8 billion per year.  It will either be absorbed by the consumer or the airline.  But really the airline gets hit in both scenarios since if the price is absorbed by passengers the higher cost could lead to an overall slowdown in air travel.

New Report Reveals Climate Change Protesters Are Being Paid, May Be in Trouble Because of It.  We've been bringing you some of the outrageous actions of the climate change gang, particularly Extinction Rebellion, the group that has been incredibly annoying to the general populace in London and who has flexed their ability to annoy in the United States as well.  In San Francisco, they linked hands and blocked traffic on both sides of the intersection at Gates Avenue near the University of San Francisco.  Ironically, their actions were causing more carbon emissions while antagonizing commuters. [...] Activists allegedly from the group got tossed out of a Long Beach, California In-N-Out Burger, screamed with bullhorns in the face of the poor employees and then found themselves in trouble with the police.  But now, the Daily Mail has dropped a big report on the group.  Turns out all that crazy is not free.  And that could spell big trouble for them.

The Derangement Syndromes of Our Time.  There was once a time when the lunatic screaming in the streets that the world was about to come to an end was the extremist, and those of us who believed the world was not about to come to an end were considered moderate and sane.  No longer.  Today, a lavishly financed, petulant teenage truant from Sweden can hector the intelligentsia of the world and receive adoring media coverage, while at the same time the patient logic of one of the preeminent economists of our time is scandalized as a "lukewarm" because he "denies" that the end of the world is nigh.

Scientists gone mad.  The Extinction Rebellion is a criminal enterprise made up of quite clearly disturbed people.  Members have been arrested for blocking the entrance of a London airport, and claiming ownership of it for the mob, while dancing in what appears to be a restricted area behind razor wire.  One particularly childish and self-indulgent "protester" climbed atop a passenger jet to make his point.  Firemen had to remove him with a cherry-picker.  These "rebels" have also used a fire truck to spray fake blood, at one point losing "control of the hose, drenching a bystander and spraying several fellow activists" at the British Treasury building, "as 1,800 liters of an organic liquid containing beetroot spurted out wildly across the street," the Guardian has reported.  Admittedly these are rather petty crimes, but they're gateways to the harder stuff.

The Editor says...
Fake blood has nothing to do with global warming.  If someone is killed by a temperature change of one degree per century — which is what the loons are warning us about — they victims probably would not die in a pool of blood.

Environmentalists have a new target:  Charmin toilet paper.  Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble faces pressure from environmentalists to clean up its act.  More than 150 groups are pushing the maker of Charmin toiler paper and Bounty paper towels to use recycled materials in its products.  Currently, neither of those products uses recycled paper, and about one-third of it is sourced from Canada's boreal forest — a large swath of virgin forest that rings the Arctic Circle and acts as a critical check on climate change.

The Editor says...
Oh, so that's the reason the climate isn't changing.  One forest "acts as a critical check on climate change."  It sure is working well, because there is no extraordinary climate change.  SWRpb3RzIQ==

CNN Tries to Get Interior Department Official Fired for Opposing Jihad Violence.  So it turns out that the acting director of the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management, William Perry Pendley, has denied the Left's "climate change" mythology, and opposes jihad violence and illegal immigration.  CNN's Andrew Kaczynski is out for blood, trying to get Pendley for heresy, that is, for his dissent from Leftist orthodoxy.  My first reaction to this was, so what?  William Perry Pendley is in the Bureau of Land Management.  What does that have to do with "global warming," unless Kaczynski thinks that the sea levels are going to rise and swallow whole cities, including Obama's new beachfront estate, and we're all going to be dead in 12 years?  What do jihad violence and illegal immigration have to do with land management?  Kaczynski here shows that he would have been a terrific Gestapo official: [...]

The climate alarmist cometh.  "It's as simple as this.  We have according to the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] 12 years, but that was a year ago," [Jane] Fonda told the Washington Post.  "So according to their report we have 11 years left.  Eleven years to do something that has never been done in human history.  And if we don't do it, huge parts of the planet are going to be uninhabitable, by the way."  The radical claim, though also touted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been disputed by climate scientists.  Nevertheless, rather than taking a less melodramatic approach to the problem of climate change, Fonda insists on telling us we're likely doomed.  She admits that she still flies in planes and eats meat, popular objects of scorn for the climate activists of the day.  So she says she's targeting the federal government, trying to get the United States to stop funding fossil fuels.

The Editor says...
Huge parts of the planet are already uninhabitable, thanks to socialists like Jane Fonda.  For example, California.  Beware of the urgency to do "something that has never been done in human history."  If it (whatever "something" means) has never been done, there must be a good reason.  We only have 11 years!  Yeah, but how much has changed since we only had 12 years?  Nothing.  Let's just wait 11 years, do nothing, and watch the weather stay exactly the same as it has been all our lives.

Flight-Shaming Catching On In Europe.  There are a number of things that climate activists don't want the rest of us to do, like eating meat and flying on airplanes.  They seem to have decided that discouraging flying is a better bet than compulsory vegetarianism, so several European countries are moving in that direction.  In Sweden, the government "is considering making it mandatory for travel companies to declare the climate impact of their long-haul trips."

Is Climate Change Doomsday Coming?  [Scroll down]  Unfortunately, the planet failed to warm up as predicted, so yet another climate theory was created called climate change.  This all-encompassing label meant that incidents of heat waves, cold snaps, rain, drought, hurricanes, and so on could all be identified as problems resulting from man-caused climate change.  In a 2005 Gallup poll asking people to identify America's biggest problem, global warming didn't even make it into the top ten concerns.  Climate change adherents understood that if this lack of concern persisted, they would never achieve their goal of radically reducing fossil fuel use throughout the industrialized world.  So marketing efforts to "sell" climate change to an unconcerned public ramped up, starting with Al Gore's 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which earned Gore an Oscar and Nobel Prize.

Climate protest boat
Dozens arrested as climate change activists snarl traffic in Times Square.  Climate change activists blocked streets and snarled traffic in the heart of Times Square on Thursday [10/10/2019], resulting in the arrest of more than 60 people, police sources said.  Dozens of demonstrators with the group Extinction Rebellion massed in the morning at the Crossroads of the World, where they plopped a green boat emblazoned with the words "Act Now" in the middle of the street at the intersection of West 44th Street and Broadway.  Some protesters climbed onto the boat wearing life jackets, while several others affixed themselves to the vessel as more protesters surrounded it holding signs that read:  "Tell Congress there is no room in government for climate deniers" and "Save our planet."

Idiotic Environmental Predictions.  In May 2014, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius declared during a joint appearance with Secretary of State John Kerry that "we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos."  Peter Gunter, professor at North Texas State University, predicted in the spring 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness:  "Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable:  by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa.  By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions. ... By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine."  Ecologist Kenneth Watt's 1970 prediction was, "If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000."  He added, "This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age."

Going green is nothing but a scam.  Corporations aren't actually using "green" electricity to power their businesses, they're just pretending they are because millennials want to believe the actions of others are making up for their own carbon footprint.  NBC got seriously mocked recently for its "Confess Your Climate Sins" project.  The self-proclaimed "climate warriors" apparently don't practice what they preach, despite a growing (and profitable) greenwashing epidemic that attempts to control society.  Eating meat?  That's bad all of a sudden, and not for the health reasons your doctor has been warning you about for decades.  Eating meat is bad for the climate.  Ditto plastic straws and single-service eating utensils.  Save the planet, catch a hideous disease from poorly washed restaurant ware.  Air conditioning is bad.  Sweat away your carbon guilt instead.  Honestly, how much of this is an actual problem, and how much is sheep-controlling propaganda pushing a political agenda?

Tourist-Shaming: A Snobby Way to Save the Planet.  More people are pursuing new experiences, broadening their horizons, reveling in nature's splendor, and familiarizing themselves with the world's cultures than ever before.  But to environmentalists, these figures bring displeasure.  Emissions from aviation have spiked to an almost incomprehensible volume.  Worldwide, flights produced 895 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2018.  To the upper-crust jet set, these figures bring discomfort.

The Editor says...
Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.  Thousands of people have very good jobs in the airline industry.  Thousands of others make a little money every month after having invested in airline stocks.  Air travel does not wreck the earth.

The climate crusade marches across America!.  This is a well-executed campaign, what John Robb calls an "open source insurgency" (in his 2008 books Brave New War).  No central organization, just loosely organized organizations with common beliefs and goals.  They produce swarms of doomster claims, a volume beyond critics' ability to refute, broadcast in every medium by their allied institutions.  Here are examples of the different kinds of climate propaganda — the tropes — filling the media, slowly molding US public opinion.

These are the experts?
The Tragedy of Greta Thunberg.  We've finally convinced a generation of Americans to be Malthusians.  According to Scott Rasmussen's polling, nearly 30% of voters now claim to believe that it's "at least somewhat likely" that the earth will become uninhabitable and humanity will be wiped out over the next 10-15 years.  Half of voters under 35 believe it is likely we are on the edge of extinction.  Is there any wonder why our youngest generation has a foreboding sense of doom?  It's the fault of ideologues who obsess over every weather event as if it were Armageddon, ignoring the massive moral upside of carbon-fueled modernity.  It's the fault of the politicians, too cowardly to tell voters that their utopian vision of a world run on solar panels and windmills is fairy tale.

Climate Hysteria Is Damaging Children.  Climate activist Greta Thunberg's recent speech to the United Nations seemed to reveal a deeply troubled individual.  She said her childhood was taken away from her by the looming threat of climate change, and she blamed world leaders for letting it happen.  She has every reason to be upset, but she is directing her anger at the wrong people.  The real culprit is the green catastrophe industry that manufactures crises out of nothing.  The critical ingredient in Thunberg's climate anxiety is her youth.  Had she been older, she would have lived through so many false alarms that she would have grown numb and wary of green catastrophists. [...] Green catastrophism is a never-ending story.  Green activists try to scare people into submission, and the youngest and most ignorant are always the most vulnerable, as evidenced by Thunberg, who falsely believes that the world is heading for mass extinction.

'Dire famine' by 1975: Experts chart worst failures in 'eco-polcalyptic' predictions.  While national leaders participate in Climate Week in New York City and elsewhere, one organization reveals the follies of some past ideas about environmental matters.  "Wrong again: 50 years of failed eco-polcalyptic predictions," wrote Myron Ebell, director, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Center for Energy and Environment, and Steven J. Milloy, a "junk science" expert, and climate scholar.  "Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s.  They continue to do so today.  None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true," the pair said in their analysis.

The Problem with the Climate Strike's Leaders.  One of the key demands of the climate-strike movement is that people respect the science.  But the manifesto for the climate-strike movement isn't just unscientific; it's actively anti-science, and hugely dangerous as a result.  If you go to the Global Climate Strike website and look under "What are we asking for?" you'll find a demand that we "stop burning fossil fuels and ensure a rapid energy revolution with equity, reparations, and climate justice at its heart."  Already, then, this isn't just about saving the planet.  It's about "climate justice," including "reparations." [...] The phrase "climate justice" is the key to understanding their agenda.  The website next leads you to the "People's Demands," the people in this case being a coalition of left-wing global-activist groups.

The danger of doomsday climate fears.  Apocalyptic fears may be a feature rather than a bug of human psychology, but Americans under 25 have grown up under a singular cloud of doom.  Their teachers, the media, and friends have beat their skulls like a drum with the message that climate change, as Joe Biden recently echoed, represents an "existential threat."

The Far Left Is Making Teens Miserable Over The Imminent Destruction Of The World.  Everyone needs to wake up.  And realize what the smartest among us — that would be, the teenagers — know. [...] At a climate forum this week in D.C., teen Alyssa Wiseman made things clear:  "We no longer have the luxury of time." [...] I genuinely feel sorry for teens today.  Many must be abjectly despondent, given all they're being taught. [...] Law enforcement is the Gestapo.  The President is Hitler.  Our fellow Americans are the Nazis.  And there's a clock ticking on all of it.

Climate Activists Block D.C. Roads, Disrupt Morning Commute.  Climate activist groups plan to "Shut Down D.C." early Monday morning [9/23/2019], aiming "to take action all over the district to disrupt business as usual."  The protest follows a weekend of climate strikes across the country and coincides with the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York.

Only a Monster Would Afflict Children with 'Eco-Anxiety'.  What kind of monster afflicts children with eco-anxiety by telling them they will be dead in 12 years?  I'll tell you who:  the child abusers in the establishment media, the environmental movement, and the Democrat Party — that's who.  What's especially disturbing is that children are being taught the opposite of empathy.  Empathy is the most important value an adult can impart to a child.  But what these kids are being encouraged to become is nothing less than wild-eyed, religious fanatics where non-believers are fingered as the enemy, as heretics looking to destroy the world and kill everyone.

Climate 'Experts' Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions.  For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong.  In other words, on at least 41 occasions, these so-called experts have predicted some terrible environmental catastrophe was imminent ... and it never happened.

Mark Levin:  Decades of failed 'eco-predictions' more about politics than climate.  Radio host Mark Levin claimed activists and environmentalists have spent a half-century warning of the dangers of climate change, global warming and sometimes global cooling, but have seen none of their time-sensitive premonitions come true.  The former Reagan White House official said Wednesday on "The Mark Levin Show" on Westwood One that these "eco-pocalyptic predictions" have often been used to advance a political agenda.  "Fifty years of failed eco-predictions, eco-pocalyptic predictions," he said.  "This climate change stuff — we're supposed to destroy our society — the media are now fully behind it."

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions.  Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s.  They continue to do so today.  None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.  What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.  More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science.  While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.

Climate protesters tell carmakers 'the party is over'.  Thousands of protesters marched in front of Frankfurt's IAA car show on Saturday [9/14/2019] to demand a swift end to combustion engines and a shift to environmentally friendly vehicles as Chancellor Angela Merkel's government prepares to unveil climate protection measures.

The Editor says...
The protesters "demand a swift end to combustion engines," but I'll bet they all arrived on a bus, or in their own (non-electric) cars.

AOC: Miami Will Not Exist 'In a Few Years' Without Green New Deal.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) said Wednesday [9/11/2019] that Miami has only a few years left on this planet.  At an NAACP forum, the democratic socialist touted the Green New Deal, her radical climate change plan many have criticized as unrealistic.  Economists, investors, and energy industry experts have frequently noted the plan's astronomical costs and the unreliability of renewable energy, but Ocasio-Cortez said her critics are the ones who are "not realistic."

The Editor says...
If you really believe Miami will be submerged (in the next few years!) because of climate change, you've got bigger problems than just the weather.

Climate Activists Try to Shut Down Heathrow by Flying Drones in Front of Passenger Planes.  Brain-dead climate activists came up with the scathingly brilliant scheme of protesting against airplanes at Heathrow Airport by flying drones in front of passenger planes to prevent them from taking off or landing.  I guess the climate activists got it in their heads that making airplanes crash would be an excellent way to reduce the world's carbon footprint.  Fortunately, British police foiled their plan by jamming drone frequencies.  Several nutcases were arrested and, for the moment, plane passengers have been spared the ordeal of being grounded by idiots who think threatening to kill people is a legitimate way of battling global warming.

We've got to throw everything at the climate crisis.  The climate crisis threatens global sea-level rises of well over half a metre if we fail to act, while tidal storm surges will reach many times that height.  Fiercer and more frequent hurricanes will batter us, and millions of people who live in areas where crops have failed and wells run dry will be forced to flee their homes.

The Editor says...
That was just a brief excerpt.  The article goes on at length in a hysterical recitation of dire predictions of certain doom that's almost completely avoidable, if we don't all spend trillions of dollars to stop climate change right now!  But the writer offers no evidence to back up any of her assorted claims (the Amazon jungle is burning up, the polar ice caps are melting, people are fleeing their homes because of the climate, the sea level is rapidly rising, etc.)  We are supposed to accept these claims, apparently, along with her expensive solutions — whether or not you can see any change in the weather for yourself.

The Climate-Change Depressives.  For the past few years, climate-change activism has shifted its focus from the potential dangers of climate change to the present threat of "climate crisis."  If the idea was to scare people into facing the problem squarely, it's working.  But not in the way activists had hoped.  Some on the left are so convinced by claims of flood, drought, and fire that they now deem the problem unsolvable.  Of course, if all the doomsday tales were actually true, then these climate-change depressives would be dead right.  Lucky for all of us, they've merely been taken in by a publicity campaign gone wild.

Greta Thunberg joins White House climate protest.  After calling out politicians for climate inaction on "The Daily Show" this week, teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is protesting Friday [9/13/2019] outside the White House to demand the U.S. government address the affects of climate change.  The 16-year-old Swede is joined by youth activists in the protest, which marks the start of Thunberg's six-day stay in Washington, D.C.  Along with dozens of other youth protesters, Thunberg chanted, "Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go" as the activists marched outside the White House.

The Editor says...
"Climate inaction" is also known as normal behavior, because the weather can't be changed by legislation.  Nor will marching and chanting stop the weather from changing.  Also, please find something more original than "Hey hey ho ho [fill in the blank] has got to go."

Greenpeace activists suspended from Fred Hartman Bridge.  Greenpeace activists are suspended from the Fred Hartman Bridge to protest the use of fossil fuels ahead of tonight's Democratic debate in Houston.  Twenty-two protesters are on the bridge.  Eleven trained climbers are suspended by ropes and harnesses over the Houston Ship Channel.  Eleven "anchors" are standing on the bridge itself.

Greenpeace protesters arrested after rappelling from Fred Hartman Bridge.  The Coast Guard has reopened the Houston Ship Channel after an hours-long Greenpeace USA protest that ended with the demonstrators being arrested.  The final protester was lowered to safety from the Fred Hartman Bridge overnight.

Houston Ship Channel shut down after 11 Greenpeace activists dangled off bridge ahead of 3rd Dem debate.  Twenty-two Greenpeace USA activists created a blockade on the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, Texas early Thursday ahead of the third Democratic primary debate in Houston.  Eleven of those climbers are dangling over the side of the bridge, an activist said in a Facebook Live video.  The climbers held colorful ribbons and streamers to block traffic under the bridge.  The group aims to "shut down the largest oil export channel in the U.S." for 24 hours.

More than 900 Amazon employees plan strike over climate change inaction.  Nearly 950 Amazon employees who work at its Seattle headquarters and other locations plan to strike on Sept. 20 to convince the company to demonstrate "real climate leadership," they announced Monday morning [9/9/2019].  "As employees at one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, our role in facing the climate crisis is to ensure our company is leading on climate, not following," Amazon Employees for Climate Justice wrote in a Medium post.  "We have to take responsibility for the impact that our business has on the planet and on people."

The Editor says...
Please show me incontrovertible, courtroom-quality proof that Amazon has any impact on the entire planet.  And then get back to work!  Where's that bird seed I ordered last week?

Armstrong: Climate Change Has Been A Routine Scare Tactic Since The 1930s.  [Scroll down]  They have been touting this scenario since the 1930s when there was the Dust Bowl.  It resurfaced after World War II when they were trying to stop rebuilding industry and the housing market which had been destroyed.  The same argument appeared again in the 1960s when there was a great expansion in housing.  However, during the 1970s when things got colder, everything flipped upside down and then it was global cooling that would destroy civilization.

More fake five-alarm crises from the IPCC.  [Scroll down]  Instead of beef, humans must switch to "nutritious and environmentally sound" alternatives like green pepper, soy, asparagus and squash, says the IPCC.  Instead of the full package of beef, pork and poultry, we should eat buckwheat, soy, pears and kidney beans — or other "globally optimal plant replacements."  Of course, locusts, grasshoppers, grubs and other insects are also excellent protein sources, it notes.  The 20,000-some activists, bureaucrats and politicians heading to Salt Lake City for the August 26-28 UN climate change and sustainability conference will no doubt be following that sage advice.

The Amazon Scam.  Emmanuel Macron may not technically be a celebrity, but he tweets like one.  Prior to the G-7 summit, the French president declared on Twitter, "The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produce 20% of our planet's oxygen — is on fire."  He added that "our house is burning," and called the fires an "international crisis." [...] The Amazon fires are catnip for proponents of radical action on the climate.  They pine for a mediagenic, easy-to-understand planetary emergency and are happy to manufacture one as necessary. [...] Is the Amazon the lungs of the world?  No.  This is drivel based on an erroneous understanding of how the atmosphere gets its oxygen.

Alarmists Fanned the Flames Of Amazon Fires Only to Get Burned.  The world was at a standstill last week when news broke out over fires engulfing the Amazon Rainforest in and around Brazil.  Guess who was first blamed for the blaze?  The newly-elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro — who media have dubbed the "Trump of the Tropics." Is that any surprise?  It turns out, however, farmers were responsible for starting the fires.

Cory Booker: 'Climate Change Must be the Lens Through Which We View Everything'.  "Climate change must be the lens through which we view everything — it's the existential crisis of our lifetime and the only way we're going to deal with this threat is if the United States leads," Booker said in his Tweet.

The Editor says...
I've heard some alarmist claims about global warming in the last 20 years, but "the existential crisis of our lifetime" is a bit much.

Protests erupt after DNC committee votes down 2020 climate debate.  Sparking immediate protests at the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting in San Francisco Thursday, the organization's Resolutions Committee voted down a resolution that called for a climate-focused debate among 2020 presidential primary candidates.  The committee's 8-17 vote on the resolution outraged members of the youth-led Sunrise Movement in attendance, who stood on their seats and sang the union protest song "Which Side Are You On?" before walking out.

From not having kids to battling anxiety:  Climate change is shaping life choices and affecting mental health.  Revelle Mast wanted to be an architect when she was a kid.  She changed course in high school, deciding to pursue chemical engineering to address the threat of climate change.  But, last year, she made another life decision:  to go into politics.  "I realized about a year ago that was not feasible on the time scale that climate change is happening," Mast said.  "Nine months ago, I quit my engineering job and went full time into political work."  As global warming — the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere — accelerates, people are grappling with the idea that disastrous conditions may appear as soon as 2040.  The reality of this potentially existential crisis greatly impacts the way some people, especially those who have dedicated their lives to stopping climate change, make life decisions — whether that's going vegan, living in a certain part of the country or deciding against having children.  It even impacts their mental health.

The Editor says...
There is no climate crisis.  Global warming is not accelerating;  In fact, global warming may have already stopped, all by itself.  Going into politics will not change the weather.  The weather outside does not depend on what you eat.  If the weather gets one degree warmer, and that is enough to affect your mental health or force you to move to another part of the country, you are hypersensitive, so please do not move to Texas.

Steyer: A 'State Of Emergency' Over Climate Change On Day One.  Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer of California has big plans for his first day as president.  "I will declare a state of emergency on day one," he said, referring to the need to take on the effects of climate change.  "We are faced with something that will affect the health and safety of every single American, and every single American in the future."

The Editor says...
There is no climate emergency.  If you turn off your television, you won't see anybody who thinks there is a climate crisis.  The weather this year is just like last year's weather.

We're All Going to Starve to Death, Again.  The "experts" insist that deserts are expanding, extreme weather is destroying crops, and 10 percent of the Earth's people are already going without food.  Soon mankind as a whole will be short of food, millions will starve, and nations will be plunged into chaos as populations engage in warfare and mass migration in search of food. [...] Unlike [Thomas] Malthus, who felt that mass starvation was inevitable (and that it would "solve" the problem of overpopulation, albeit at a tremendous cost), the IPCC experts appear to have a kinder, gentler solution:  put all the Earth's resources and industries under the control of the world climate commissars.  Call in the experts to regulate land use, food distribution, and energy production.  Give up our freedom to live as we wish, travel as we wish, and dine as we wish, and the experts will save us.

The Editor says...
Bureaucrats can't grow food, raise cattle, mine coal, or drill for oil.

The Well-Funded Environmental Extremists Of The Sunrise Movement Are Gaining Within The Left.  Photos recently popped up on Twitter of young activists supergluing themselves across passageways within the U.S. Capitol in the hopes of prompting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats to declare a "climate emergency."  These fresh-faced, khaki-wearing rapscallions belong to a group called Extinction Rebellion, or XR, one of several organizations the Momentum Community and its parent, the Boston-based Ayni Institute, "incubated."  Founded in the United Kingdom, Extinction Rebellion now has more than 50 chapters across the United States and hundreds more around the world.  Like XR, the Sunrise Movement is dedicated to advancing climate change legislation worldwide, including declaring climate emergencies.  In fact, its use of terms such as "climate emergency," "climate justice," and similar inventions has been underway since at least the mid-2000s.

Young people blame climate change for their small 401(k) balances.  Mental-health issues affecting young adults and adolescents in the U.S. have increased significantly in the past decade, a study published in March in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology found.  The number of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 reporting symptoms of major depression increased 52% from 2005 to 2017, while older adults did not experience any increase in psychological stress at this time, and some age groups even saw decreases.  Study author Jean Twenge says this may be attributed to the increased use of digital media, which has changed modes of interaction enough to impact social lives and communication.  Millennials are also said to suffer from "eco-anxiety," according to a 2018 report from the American Psychological Association, with 72% saying their emotional well-being is affected by the inevitability of climate change, compared with just 57% of people over the age of 45.

Pseudo scientific hysteria is the wrong answer to climate change.  A year ahead of the US presidential election, exaggeration about global warming is greater than ever.  While some politicians continue (incorrectly) to insist it's made up, far more insist (also incorrectly) that we face an imminent climate crisis threatening civilization.  During this week's Democratic debates, Pete Buttigieg called 2030 a "point of no return," Beto O'Rourke warned we don't have "more than 10 years to get this right" and Andrew Yang claimed climate change has already moved beyond a tipping point:  "We are 10 years too late," he said.  Using climate to energize the base may make short-term political sense, but adding to polarization on the topic just makes it impossible to engage in sensible policy discussion.

Socialists' Weapon of Choice:  Climate Alarmism.  In 1988, just two decades following alarming news headlines about the coming of the next Ice Age, the United Nations rapidly established a Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) to organize conferences, along with an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to conduct scientific studies regarding a brand new impending catastrophe.  This reverse climate crisis, a global warming calamity, was assuredly even worse than the previous opposite one.  And right from the git-go, IPCC had already attributed its causes to human CO2 emissions and underlying carbon-fueled excesses of capitalist prosperity.

Why Should We Subsidise Tomorrow's Rich in the Name of the Climate?  It is a matter of concern to us that Indian governments have been dumping scarce taxpayer resources into renewable energy and other inefficient technologies in the name of "climate change".  Instead of acting as the voice of reason, governments world-wide are having a picnic, feasting on our panic.  When people are scared, it is much easier to raid their pockets.  We are the only party in India (and possibly in the world) that stands for reason.  We believe that everything must be questioned.  In this case, IPCC's own analysis shows there is no harm from climate change.  Yes, you've read correctly:  the IPCC itself has said that there is no harm from climate change.  Of course, you won't be told about this unless you dig deep.

Why Climate Activists Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction.  Last Saturday [6/22/2019], police in New York arrested 70 people protesting the lack of attention to climate change.  They unfurled a banner that read, "climate change = mass murder" with the word "change" crossed out and replaced by the word "emergency."  It was just the latest in a series of high-profile protests organized by an exciting new environmental group, Extinction Rebellion.  In April, police in London arrested more than 1,000 people committing civil disobedience during a week of protests.  As police arrested Extinction Rebellion protesters on Waterloo Bridge, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke to activists at nearby Hyde Park.  "We are now facing an existential crisis, the climate crisis and ecological crisis, which have never been treated as crises before," said the 16-year-old.

Repeating the climate change hoax:  The force-feeding of myopia.  According to our governor, Jay Inslee, Western Washington is already in the middle of a drought.  Meaning that, in normal Seattle-speak, it hasn't rained for three days.  In Jay's panicked opinion, we're locked in a heatwave so intense that it might be given disaster status.  This wild-eyed proclamation has come about because our normal average temperature for late spring is between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  It has rocketed up to 71.4 degrees over the past month.

ABC's '08 Prediction:  NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015.  New York City underwater?  Gas over $9 a gallon?  A carton of milk costs almost $13?  Remember when that happened on June 12, 2015?  No?  This was the wildly-inaccurate world of 2015 predicted by ABC News 11 years ago this week.  Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Bob Woodruff hyped Earth 2100, a special that pushed apocalyptic predictions of the then-futuristic 2015.  The segment included supposedly prophetic videos, such as a teenager declaring, "It's June 8th, 2015.  One carton of milk is $12.99."  (On the actual June 8, 2015, a gallon of milk cost, on average, $3.39.)  Another clip featured this prediction for 2015 "Gas reached over $9 a gallon."  (In reality, gas cost an average of $2.75 four years ago.)

It may be too late to save the natural world, says Prince Charles.  Prince Charles fears the natural world may be doomed as efforts to counter climate change are 'coming too late'.  The lifelong environmental campaigner, 70, admitted the loss of biodiversity 'terrifies me' and said 'the really difficult thing' is presenting acceptable alternatives for people.  He said a key issue is the 'untold damage' done to the world's water cycle, in a nod to the fact that 'we seem to have forgotten that everything in nature is interconnected'.

The Editor says...
If you are terrified by "the loss of biodiversity," whatever that means, then you are a snowflake who watches too much television.

Climate change scare stories reach the point of psychological terrorism.  The corporate media cartels have become hubs of hatred and "journo-terrorism" that targets the psyche of the masses.  The quack science hoax of so-called "climate change" is used to terrorize the public into believing that their planet will somehow be destroyed by carbon dioxide — the very molecule that has been rapidly re-greening the Earth over the past four decades, according to NASA.  Now, a new round of "science" has been studying the mental stress of the victims of this psychological terrorism pushed by the dishonest media, and they've reached an even more bizarre conclusion.  Scientists now claim that climate change is causing "mental anguish" among humans.  Seriously.  Of course, the real source of the mental anguish is the lies and panic propaganda of the corporate media and the pathetic scientific establishment which has figured out that if you want more government grant money, you have to conduct "research" that identifies some new crisis to be blamed on climate change.  In fact, the very phrase "climate change" isn't scary enough yet to achieve the desired goal of mass mental terrorism, so media outlets around the world are now ordering their obedient writers to start using the phrase "climate crisis."

Calling climate change 'catastrophic' makes it harder to find real answers.  Ever notice how, in the last decade or so, we quietly stopped just having storms and started having "extreme weather events"?  It feels like no temperature drop or seasonal downpour is too small for the media to slap a scary name on it and issue minute-by-minute warnings.  Well, now some news outlets and campaigners are trying to do the exact same thing for climate change itself.  "Global warming" isn't scary enough to push through the expensive bills campaigners want.  Instead of "climate change," The Guardian has now decided to call it "climate emergency."  And the British newspaper isn't alone:  Democratic presidential candidates including Beto O'Rourke and Kamala Harris use similar language, as does Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Climate hysteria.  The UK Guardian Newspaper decided that you're not sufficiently alarmed about climate doom.  Climate change is no longer the term of choice with the Guardian and other news outlets.  Get ready to hear the newly invented terms, "climate emergency," "climate crisis," "climate breakdown," and "global heating."  By the way, when did it become the job of a news organization to hype public concern over an issue instead of just reporting the facts?

Don't You Know It's the End of the World?  The annual United Nations Global Environment Outlook is just out, and it goes way beyond anything previously "reported."  Environmentalists are desperate to eliminate fossil fuels and shift energy production to their favored industries, so they've discovered that the climate is not just worsening.  Rather, it's the end of the world.  The report was the product of an organization that calls itself "the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda."  I thought individual countries set their own agendas, not a bunch of bureaucrats with headquarters in Nairobi, but the U.N. begs to differ.

Everything has been 'DIRE' for years:  A history of 'dire' environmental & climate warnings.  Every prediction is "dire."  And every climate summit is the 'last chance.  [Numerous examples.]

Children Have to Listen to Fake News, Too, and It's Not Good for Them.  [Scroll down]  Then there are the children who live each day in the certain knowledge that climate change means they'll never live through their twenties.  The youth-based Sunrise Movement describes its adherents as "ordinary young people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places we love."  Can you name any other organization that identifies it members as "people who are scared"?  When a group of Sunrise kids showed up outside Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office demanding she vote for the Green New Deal, they were pleading, "We have come to a point where our Earth is dying, literally," and "[s]cientists have said that we have 12 years to turn this around."

MSNBC Reporter Compares Climate Change to Alien Invasion.  On MSNBC Monday afternoon [5/6/2019], NBC News technology correspondent Jacob Ward was so concerned about a new United Nations climate change report that he compared the issue to an alien invasion and feared that humanity was failing to confront an "existential threat."  Even liberal anchor Stephanie Ruhle thought he was going too far.

The Brainwashing of a Nation.  Since the Left still lacks total control over the United States, it relies on repetition, itself a form of control and stress, to create fear and panic.  It makes up for its lack of physical control by bombarding Americans with messages meant to inspire fear, love, hate and guilt through the media, through the educational system, through entertainment and through every possible messaging channel.  Global Warming panic is one of a succession of manufactured leftist crises in America that began with a class crisis. transitioned to a racial crisis, and then to an environmental crisis.

Gore's activist group demands broadcasters push 'climate crisis' in their coverage.  The Climate Reality Project, an activist group founded by Al Gore in 2006, is now demanding that major broadcast news organizations refer to climate change as a "crisis" — and have launched a public petition to entreat ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and MSNBC to change their ways. [...] They claim that "less than 4% of news segments" categorize climate matters as a crisis or emergency.  The group wants the networks to categorize such factors as weather events and temperature as an "urgent, existential threat," among other things.  "The words your reporters and anchors use matter.  What they call something shapes how millions see it — and how entire nations act," the new petition states.

The Editor says...
There are many who confuse journalism with activism.  News reports are not supposed to be laden with editorial opinion.  Weather reports are supposed to include factual observations and educated guesses about the conditions we can expect in the next few days.  There is no point in screaming about a climate "crisis" when there is none.  If the national news media are not calling global warming an "emergency," it's because global warming isn't an emergency if it exists at all.  The weather changes seasonally, and there is nothing to be done about it, but to prepare and adapt.

Activists superglue themselves to the globe at Universal Studios to demand climate change action.  Two activists have reportedly glued themselves to the globe at Universal Studios in California to demand action on climate change.  It's the latest in a trend of superglue activism fomented by a group calling itself Extinction Rebellion.  Members have been gluing themselves to various buildings, monuments, truck and other places in London in recent weeks, according to Reuters in The Globe and Mail.

Pete Buttigieg:  Just another climate alarmist extraordinaire.  Mayor Pete — as Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic presidential hopeful from the city of South Bend, Indiana, has been affectionately dubbed by his fawning following in the media — called out climate change as the "greatest security issue of our time" during his recent announcement speech.  And if we don't fix it, we'll all die.  He's yet the latest from the left to use climate change for political advantage by claiming the same.

Al Gore says climate change can 'bring about the end of civilization' during talk in Atlanta: report.  Former Vice President Al Gore turned up the rhetorical heat during a conference in Atlanta on Thursday, where he warned that climate change could bring about the end of civilization.  "What is going on in the public square right now is more important than any time since the Civil War," Gore said before an audience of nearly 2,000 people.  "We are facing an ecological crisis that can bring about the end of civilization."

Debunking Decades of Climate Alarmism.  As The Daily Signal's Jarrett Stepman reminds us, "Panics over looming environmental and climate apocalypse have been with us for a long time."  The rise of environmental and climate alarmism began in earnest during the 1960s and '70s, but the path began long before that.  As Stepman explains, "Thomas Malthus famously predicted in his 1798 book 'An Essay on the Principle of Population' that population growth would overtake food supply and mass starvation would result unless population controls were implemented."  Subsequent centuries have featured similar trepidation.  There are five notable examples, says Stepman, beginning with the inaugural 1970 Earth Day.  At the time, North Texas State University professor Peter Gunter ominously predicted, "By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine."  Conversely, undernourishment has plummeted worldwide.

Our Planet Is Not Fragile.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that "the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change."  The people at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change agree, saying that to avoid some of the most devastating impacts of climate change, the world must slash carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and completely decarbonize by 2050.  Such dire warnings are not new.  In 1970, Harvard University biology professor George Wald, a Nobel laureate, predicted, "Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind."  Also in 1970, Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford University biologist, predicted in an article for The Progressive, "The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years."  The year before, he had warned, "If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000."  Despite such harebrained predictions, Ehrlich has won no fewer than 16 awards, including the 1990 Crafoord Prize, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' highest award.

The Five Top Arguments Against Climate Alarmism.  [#1] Climate alarmism is based mainly around fear of extreme weather.  This concept is deeply rooted in human nature, and has its roots in ancient stories of giant floods, famines and plagues — caused (of course) by man's sins.  Climate alarmists are tapping into that primal fear, and pushing the same idea of extreme weather and floods caused by mankind's carbon sins.  The reality is that there is no legitimate evidence extreme weather is increasing or sea level rise is accelerating.  The fears are baseless.  [#2] Only a small handful of people whom the press and politicians quote over and over again are allowed to state an opinion, and they are claimed to represent 97% of the world's millions of scientists. [... #4] Climate alarmism is completely dependent on graphs and useless climate models generated by a small handful of people.  The graphs are generated through scientifically corrupt processes of data tampering and hiding data.

Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'.  The world's insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a "catastrophic collapse of nature's ecosystems", according to the first global scientific review.  More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered, the analysis found.  The rate of extinction is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles.  The total mass of insects is falling by a precipitous 2.5% a year, according to the best data available, suggesting they could vanish within a century.

An example of news media sensationalism:
It Could Take Joshua Tree 300 Years to Recover From the Government Shutdown.  Though the government shutdown may have ended last Friday [1/25/2019], Joshua Tree National Park will be feeling the ruinous effects of it for hundreds of years.  Throughout the duration of the shutdown, which lasted a record-long 35 days, national parks greatly suffered: human waste piled up, lands were littered with trash, and some campgrounds and other public areas even closed to visitors, as the parks weren't adequately staffed to stay open.  It wasn't until after Joshua Tree closed on January 2, though, that humans became excessively reckless, during which they off-roaded, graffittied rocks, started campfires in illegal areas, and cut down protected trees.

The Editor says...
Sounds like a wee bit of an exaggeration.  Human waste does not stick around for 300 years.  Neither does litter.  Neither do tire tracks.  But aside from that, the obvious solution is to privatize the park.  (By the way, graffiti is not a verb.  Neither is off-road.)  But this whole story seems very far-fetched.  Were a bunch of anarchist maniacs taking advantage the government shutdown, during which they could enter the unattended national parks and spread garbage and feces everywhere?  Sounds like a false flag to me:  Somebody went into the park and trashed it, in order to make the "government shutdown" as ghastly as possible — something that must be avoided at all cost — when in reality very few people outside of a 200-mile radius from Washington DC even noticed the five-week shutdown.

Ocasio-Cortez Preaches The End Of The World In 12 Years Due To Climate Change, Calls It Millennial's WW2.  According to Fox News, the fresh-faced democratic socialist New York congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has joined the doom and gloom ranks of Bill Nye and Al Gore in her prophesying the end times via climate change.  She even compared it to fighting the Nazis: [...] Of course, Ocasio-Cortez didn't explain how the world would end in 12 years, as she's not typically inclined to explain everything.  Just trust her.  We're going to see the world end in 12 years because corporations are producing things and generating waste.

Global Warming Crop Apocalypse Is Just Media Fear-Mongering.  Global warming alarmists and their media allies launched a new scare last week, claiming that global warming is causing crop failures and food shortages around the globe.  In one of their biggest whoppers ever, the media are claiming that global warming has displaced "millions" of farmers in India and is causing — or will soon cause — similar devastation to farmers and crops in Bangladesh, Syria, and Honduras.  Objective evidence, however, decimates the assertion and shows that crop yields continue to set annual records as growing seasons lengthen, frost events become less frequent, soil moisture improves, and more atmospheric carbon dioxide fertilizes crops and plant life.

An example of environmental hysteria:
What's after banning straws?  Going after rising plastic production.  Dozens of U.S. cities made 2018 the year of the plastic straw ban.  But if we really want to reduce the plastic pollution rapidly amassing in our oceans, 2019 must be the year we challenge the fossil fuel industry's plan to aggressively expand plastic production.  Yes, those straw bans help.  Straws contribute to ocean plastic pollution that's expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050.

The Editor says...
[#1] The weight of the fish in the sea must be zero; otherwise, the fish would have to constantly struggle to stay off the ocean floor.  I doubt if the opinion writer at The Hill knows the total mass of the fish in the sea, nor does he or she know what that total mass will be in 2050, or 2150, or 3050.  [#2]  Only about one percent of plastics in the ocean are from the United States.  60 percent of the plastic trash flowing into the sea originates from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. [Source]

Jerry Brown:  Climate change challenges as serious as those faced in World War II.  California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown warned that America and the rest of the world are falling behind in the fight against climate change and likened the challenge to fighting the Nazis in World War II. [...] "We've got to get those zero-emission cars on the road.  We have to figure out new ways of making cement.  We've got to clean up our ships, which are creating more pollution than California and Texas put together.  The technology, the investment, the lifestyle changes, the land-use changes, this is a revolutionary threat."

Pelosi: 'The Existential Threat of the Climate Crisis' Threatens 'The Whole of God's Creation'.  While vacationing in Hawaii on Friday [12/28/2018], House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) announced in a statement that she will be naming Rep. Kathy Castor (D.-Fla.) to chair a new committee the incoming Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will create to deal with "the climate crisis."  Pelosi described the "climate crisis" as an "existential threat" that threatens "the whole of God's creation."  "The American people have demanded action to combat the climate crisis, which threatens our public health, our economy, our national security and the whole of God's creation," said Pelosi.

The Editor says...
According to Gallup, only five percent of Americans consider "Environment-Pollution" to be this country's top problem.  And that category is broad enough to include smoke from wildfires (caused by Democrat mismanagement), bad drinking water in Detroit (ditto), plastic straws in the ocean (a non-problem), styrofoam cups (ditto), light pollution (ditto), carbon dioxide in the air (which is not pollution at all), needles and feces in the streets (caused by Democrat politics), and many other minor issues that have been caused or amplified by people like Nancy Pelosi.  Hardly anyone, according to Gallup, is demanding action to "combat the climate crisis," since there is no crisis.  Minor problems here and there, in Democrat-controlled states and cities, but no crises, and certainly nothing that threatens our national security.  To say that climate problems threaten "the whole of God's creation" is a meaningless emotional outburst intended only to generate headlines and sound bites.  Baby-killing Democrats only mention God when it is politically expedient.

NYT's Editorial Board Claims That 'Trump Imperils The Planet'.  The New York Times editorial board says that President Donald Trump is literally endangering the entire planet with his rolling back of the Obama administration's climate agenda.  The Times' editorial, titled "Trump Imperils the Planet," comes as the print edition published a 12-page special section on the "far-reaching and potentially devastating" consequences of Trump's environmental policies.

Yellowstone Volcano:  Eruption could trigger devastating GLOBAL volcanic WINTER.  A Yellowstone volcano eruption could trigger a volcanic winter, which would plunge the globe into freezing conditions and threaten to cut off food supplies, experts have warned.

The Editor says...
All kinds of things could happen in the next hundred years, or the next thousand.  So what?  Beware of tabloid news sources in which alarming headlines are beefed up with all-caps exclamations.

Climate Change Alarmism Is The World's Leading Cause Of Hot Gas.  Even as anti-gas tax riots raged in France this week, the naturalist David Attenborough warned a crowd at a United Nations climate change summit in Poland that the "collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon."  UN General Assembly President Maria Espinosa told the media that "mankind" was "in danger of disappearing" if climate change is allowed to progress at its current rate.  Speakers, who flew in to swap doomsday stories and partake of the meat-heavy menu, advocated for radical changes to avoid this imminent environmental apocalypse.  These days, "the point of no return" is almost always in view, yet always just out of reach. 

An example of global warming hysteria:
9 effects of climate change that will make your life a living hell.  Climate change is no longer something to fear in the distant future — it's already here. [...] Earth's temperature has already risen 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since the start of the Industrial Revolution around 1750, and we're already on track for warming 2.7 degrees as soon as 2030, according to a recent report released by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  That 2.7-degree increase is the thin red line that scientists have drawn, above which Earth descends into an uninhabitable hellscape that bears little resemblance to the planet we currently call home.

The Editor says...
At last, "scientists" (who have no names) have specified the Goldilocks temperature, above which the entire world is uninhabitable!

California Gov. Jerry Brown Issues Another Bogus Global Warming Prediction.  Mark your calendars.  In five years, everyone will believe the global warming doomsday scenarios repeated ad nauseam by environmentalists.  That's according to California Gov. Jerry Brown.  More likely, it be another in a long line of climate change "tipping points" that never arrive.

The UN's Terrifying, But Ever-Receding, Human-Caused Climate Catastrophe.  For years I assigned statistics students to pick any apocalyptic climate claim in the media and trace it back through the UN reports to its genesis in a scientific study.  I knew they would discover that these reports are not scientific documents based on the peer review process, but political documents "approved by governments" and intended to scare the public into supporting constraints on the production and use of energy.  A powerful publicity machine magnifies the alarm, bombarding citizens with exaggerations and claims of certainty that are proven wrong as you dig down to their underlying scientific studies.

Gore: Jet Stream 'Getting Loopier and Wavier,' So 'We Have a Global Emergency'.  Former Vice President Al Gore declared that scientists predicted hurricane "consequences" of climate change and warned "they're going to get a lot worse still until we stop using the Earth's atmosphere as an open sewer."  Gore was reacting to this week's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report in which 91 authors and editors from 40 countries concluded there's currently a 12-year window to make "far-reaching and unprecedented changes" to avert dramatic effects of global warming.  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the report should be an "ear-splitting wake-up call to the world" as "it confirms that climate change is running faster than we are — and we are running out of time."

The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control, U.N. scientists say.  The world stands on the brink of failure when it comes to holding global warming to moderate levels, and nations will need to take "unprecedented" actions to cut their carbon emissions over the next decade, according to a landmark report by the top scientific body studying climate change.  With global emissions showing few signs of slowing and the United States — the world's second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide — rolling back a suite of Obama-era climate measures, the prospects for meeting the most ambitious goals of the 2015 Paris agreement look increasingly slim.  To avoid racing past warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) over preindustrial levels would require a "rapid and far-reaching" transformation of human civilization at a magnitude that has never happened before, the group found.

The Editor says...
What was so great about "preindustrial" temperatures, or "preindustrial" life?

Terrifying climate change warning: 12 years until we're doomed.  Earth is on track to face devastating consequences of climate change — extreme drought, food shortages and deadly flooding — unless there's an "unprecedented" effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a new United Nations report warns.  The planet's surface has already warmed by 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and could see a catastrophic 1.5 C (2.7 F) increase between 2030 and 2052, scientists say.  "This is concerning because we know there are so many more problems if we exceed 1.5 degrees C global warming, including more heat waves and hot summers, greater sea level rise, and, for many parts of the world, worse droughts and rainfall extremes," Andrew King, a climate science academic at the University of Melbourne, said in a statement to CNN.

The Editor says...
Here's your first clue:  It's CNN.  Doomsday predictions of this sort, in which irreversible disaster is just 10 or 12 years away, have popped up before, and the deadlines have come and gone, and the false prophets are still around, and the news media still falls for it every time.  Also notice that the professor says, "we know there are so many more problems" ahead, but do we really know this?  More problems?  Were ANY problems caused by 20th century global warming?

Exxon takes AG lawsuit to the Supreme Court.  Exxon Mobil is taking its fight against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to the U.S. Supreme Court, appealing a decision from the state's highest court that greenlighted a probe into whether the oil giant hid from the public knowledge of climate change risks.  The $345 billion Texas company argues Healey's use of a long-arm statute to force it to respond to her office's civil investigation is unconstitutional because Exxon doesn't have a significant connection to Massachusetts.

One-sided environmental alarmism in USA Today:
Hothouse Earth:  Runaway global warming threatens 'habitability of the planet for humans'.  Runaway global warming on our planet remains a distinct possibility in the decades and centuries ahead, scientists reported Monday [8/6/2018] in a new study, warning that a "hothouse Earth" threatens the very "habitability of the planet for human beings."  Such a hothouse Earth climate would see global average temperatures some 6 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit higher than they are now, with sea levels 30 to 200 feet higher than today, the paper said.  In addition, even if the carbon emission reductions called for in the Paris Agreement are met — meaning a rise of no more than 3.6 degrees above preindustrial levels — that still may not be enough.

New Claim:  Global Warming Will Knock Out the Internet in 15 Years.  A government-funded study predicts rising sea levels will likely submerge over 4,000 miles of internet cables and more than 1,000 data centers in the next 15 years.  But even the study's authors admit their results are based on the "most extreme" sea level rise scenario of 6 feet by the end of the century.  The study's dire predictions are based on future sea level rise that's worse than even the most "extreme" scenario in the latest National Climate Assessment Special report released by the Trump administration in 2017.

Carbon emissions could throw Europe back to tropical climate last seen 50 million years ago, scientist warn.  Spiralling carbon dioxide emissions could give parts of Europe the kind of tropical climate that it has not experienced for millions of years.  Under these conditions, temperatures comparable to those seen during the recent heatwave are likely to become the norm by the end of the century.

Walsh: Mankind Will Be Extinct Within 50 Years If We Do Not Abolish Plastic Straws.  The Board of Supervisors in San Francisco passed an ordinance yesterday banning straws from restaurants and bars in the city.  San Francisco, like Seattle, will now be a straw-free safe haven.  The refugee fleeing straw persecution can come to the city and live in paradise and contract hepatitis when he steps on a used heroin needle.  But even then he will rejoice, for he is liberated from straws.  Many cities and corporations are following suit.  Another city in California will now hand out possible jail sentences to straw dealers.  15 seconds ago nobody worried about straws.  Now there is a straw crisis and an anti-straw movement to answer it.  Ordinances are being passed.  Laws are being written.

The Editor says...
If plastic straws were made of Polonium-210 or Strontium-90, I could see how he might be right.  But really, it's just plastic!

Pope calls on oil execs to convert to clean fuels.  Pope Francis warned that climate change risked destroying humanity on Saturday [6/9/2018] and called on energy leaders to help the world to convert to clean fuels to avert catastrophe.  "Civilization requires energy but energy use must not destroy civilization," the pope told top oil company executives at the end of a two-day conference in the Vatican.  Climate change was a challenge of "epochal proportions", he said, adding that the world needed an energy mix that combated pollution, eliminated poverty and promoted social justice.

The Editor says...
Anyone who believes man-made climate change might "destroy civilization" is a person with no faith in God and no knowledge of the Bible.

The Parade of Impending Catastrophes.  There are organizations whose purpose is to save us from impending catastrophes.  I'm not talking about the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Red Cross.  I'm thinking of the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the World Wildlife Fund, the National Geographic Society, The National Audubon Society, The Environmental Defense Fund, The Population Connection, and many more.  These organizations depend on impending catastrophes for their lifeblood, to say nothing of their revenue.  So a shortage of real impending catastrophes is a problem.  The solution has been to manufacture impending catastrophes.

The Left's All-or-Nothing Mentality.  These days we've almost become immune to the stunts that members of the left in this country pull to get attention.  Nothing liberals do seems far-fetched anymore.  That's what made the suicide by immolation of LGBT attorney David Buckelso shocking.  Buckel set himself on fire and ended his life not over the issue of gay rights but as an environmental protest.

'Global warming' claims a victim.  [Scroll down]  Reportedly, [David] Buckel recently "turned his attention" to apocalyptic predictions of climate disaster, which he fully bought into, presumably based on the phony scientific consensus propagated by the fraudsters who have to "adjust" real data in order to make their hypothesis slightly plausible.  The fraudsters know well that the human mind is vulnerable to predictions of apocalypse, and that encouraging panic is a great way to generate money.  Buckel was taken in by the panic, and, having vanquished his opponents in the marriage and transgenderism arenas, was convinced that he had a mission to save humanity that could be advanced by a dramatic self-immolation.  The Daily News account states that he likened himself to the Tibetan monks who self-immolated to protest China's occupation of their country.

David Buckel, prominent gay rights lawyer, burns himself to death in New York to protest global warming.  A "green" activist who was a pioneering lawyer for gay and transgender rights — including in the notorious "Boys Don't Cry" rape murder case — committed suicide by setting himself on fire Saturday morning [4/14/2018] in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in a grisly act of protest against the ecological destruction of the Earth.  David Buckel, 60, left behind a charred corpse and a typed suicide note that said he was burning himself to death using "fossil fuel" to reflect how mankind was likewise killing itself, police sources said.

The Editor says...
If only he had turned off his television and just looked around, he could have seen the truth:  There is no "ecological destruction of the Earth" resulting from the production and use of fossil fuels.  Mr. Buckel's situation was pretty bad when he set himself on fire.  Now it is probably much worse.

Even the wrappers for fast food are bad for you.  Fast-food wrappers contain chemicals known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs for short) — and exposure to them appears to slow down the metabolism, according to new research out of Harvard's School of Public Health.  Slow metabolism can lead to weight gain — and can also get in the way of weight loss.  PFASs are used in everything from clothing fabrics to cookware surfaces.

Warmists foiled again:  Answer to what's causing frog populations to decline is just plain embarrassing.  You know the drill because we've seen the same story so many times.  Reports come in that scientists have discovered declining populations of a species of some sort somewhere.  Scientists study.  For quite some time, they come up with no good answer.  Concern grows.  For maximum publicity and popular hand-wringing, it helps to be cuddly, cute, exotic, beautiful, or funny critters.  But even if they are repulsive, sooner or later, global warming is blamed.  Conclusion:  We're doomed!

Claim: Microwave[ oven]s are as damaging to the environment as cars.  Microwaves are as damaging to the environment as cars and users must be taught how to cook more efficiently, scientists say.  The ovens are responsible for 7.7 million tons of the carbon dioxide pumped out from the EU each year — the equivalent of 6.8 million cars.  Researchers say they are fueling global warming with consumers overcooking food to blame.  Microwaves account for the largest percentage of sales of all types of oven in the EU, with numbers set to reach 135 million by 2020.  But scientists at the University of Manchester — the first to assess the environmental impact — say efforts to cut energy consumption should focus on manufacturers offering better education on microwave use.

The Editor says...
To be alarmed by this report, as the authors probably intended, one must first concede that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.  It is not.  If the discussion must continue past this point, first consider how many additional kilowatt-hours would be consumed by the average household in a year if there were no microwave ovens and the only alternative (other than cold food) was a full-size conventional oven.  One must also consider the use of 6.8 million cars to be a bad thing.  But that would mean there were at least 6.8 million people moving from one place to another without having to wait for a government-funded train or bus to take them somewhere.  If freedom comes at a cost, and the only cost is a little more carbon dioxide in the air, that's a win-win situation.

Washington Governor Claims 'Just 59 Days' To Save Children From Global Warming.  Washington state's Democratic Governor Jay Inslee warned there was [sic] "just 59 days" to save future generations from "an endless cycle of crop-killing droughts one year, and rivers spilling their banks the next."  Inslee went on a lengthy Twitter rant in efforts to convince the state legislature to pass legislation to tax carbon dioxide emissions.  Washington residents voted down Inslee's last carbon tax plan by a wide margin in 2016.

How Do Liberals Flunk Science?  Let Us Count the Ways.  One of the easiest jobs in the world has to be that of climate doomsayer.  No matter the weather, the climate kooks can scream, "Man-made global warming!," and the faithful will follow with a hearty "Amen!"  In spite of the folly and the pseudo-science behind the man-made global warming movement, time and again, the modern left insists that it is conservatives — especially Christian conservatives — who have abandoned science and reason.

Experts say chocolate could be impossible to produce by 2050.  How dark do you like your chocolate?  Probably not as dark as this news:  There might not be any left to eat in as soon as 2050.  A chocolate shortage is a looming reality, according to some experts.  Cocoa beans, the plant responsible for one of the world's favorite sweet treats, can grow only in mild, humid rainforest conditions.  Due to global warming, the climates of these cocoa-growing regions are expected to get hotter and drier over time, threatening the lives of the plants.

'Darkest Hour' Warns Viewers About Dangers Of Churchill's Secondhand Cigar Smoke.  He warned Britain and the United States about the rise of Adolf Hitler.  He fought the Nazi war machine alone until Russia and the United States joined him.  And he is a public health menace.  Winston Churchill, it seems, is rarely pictured without a cigar in tow.  And the new Churchill biographical film, "Darkest Hour," wants you to know that "there are serious health risks associated with smoking and with secondhand smoke."  That line is included in the film's credits, which also say that "the depictions of tobacco smoking contained in this film are based solely on artistic consideration and are not intended to promote tobacco consumption."  Not surprisingly, the warning did not distinguish between cigarette smoke, which is inhaled, and cigar smoke, which is not.

Scientists Say Earth Is Doomed Without 'Urgent' Action — Just Like They Did 25 Years Ago.  This week, thousands of scientists issued a bleak and terrifying "second notice" to mankind about how we will destroy the planet unless we take "urgent" action.  If this warning is as reliable as the first notice these scientists issued in 1992, we have nothing to worry about.

Global Warming Will Crush Us With Giant Boulders.  [Scroll down]  Readers will recall James Hansen as the global warming hoax profiteer who has been denounced as a fraud by his former boss, who peddles phony data, who once pushed global cooling, who has called for communist China to lead a boycott to punish the USA, who wants to subject skeptics of the hoax to Stalinesque show trials, who has recruited children to sue to stop the burning of the fossil fuels upon which our economy depends, who raves like an inmate at a psychiatric institution that harmless CO2 emissions are "like setting off 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs each day, every day of the year," and who frankly jumped the shark long ago.

Trying to perpetuate alarmist climate "science".  Several months ago a brief furor erupted when the New York Times leaked the final draft of the upcoming Climate Science Special Report (CSSR), an extremely alarmist rendition of what is supposedly happening with Earth's climate.  Dangerous climate change and weather events, the report says, are due to mankind's use of fossil fuels to create and maintain modern living standards and to the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that result from that energy use.  The CSSR is being prepared by the federal Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) and has been in the works for several years, mostly under Obama and still staffed by diehard alarmists.  The USGCRP consists of the 13 federal agencies that conduct and analyze climate science and supposedly "consensus" views on the topic.  The Times and other news stories speculated that one of the agencies, especially the EPA under Administrator Scott Pruitt, might block the CSSR.  This has not happened, and the Report is now scheduled for release next month.  The CSSR is far more alarmist than any IPCC report.  Most other USGCRP reports have been, as well, thanks in particular to NOAA.  The new CSSR will be an official Federal report, which will give it more credibility than it deserves.

Netflix's 'Magic School Bus' Warns Kids 'Use Green Energy or a Monster Will Eat you'.  Use alternative "clean" energy or a hideous monster will eat you.  This is the heartwarming green message aimed at winning the hearts and minds of young children in the animated Netflix series The Magic School Bus Rides Again.

Now it's a War on Pipelines.  For years, activists claimed the world was rapidly depleting its oil and natural gas supplies.  The fracking revolution (horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing) obliterated that argument, by sending US oil and gas production to new heights.  Indeed, record gas supplies and plummeting gas prices combined with the Obama EPA war on coal to shutter many coal-fired power plants.  So the battle increasingly shifted to the far more emotional claim that continued reliance on fossil fuels (which provide over 80% of the US and global energy that powers modern civilization and living standards) will cause dangerous manmade global warming and climate change.  This gave birth to the climate and renewable energy consortium and the "keep it in the ground" movement.  No evidence to the contrary will budge them from their hysteria-laden talking points on looming climate cataclysms.

Coffee could soon carry cancer warnings on packaging.  Starbucks and a host of other coffee sellers are fighting a lawsuit that alleges roasted coffee beans contain low levels of a carcinogen — and therefore coffee products sold in California, from lattes to packaged beans, should carry Surgeon General-like warnings.  A bench trial on the 7-year-old suit kicked off on Tuesday [9/5/2017].  A little-known public interest group, the Council for Education and Research on Toxics, or CERT, sued roughly 70 companies, claiming the state's Proposition 65, which requires warning labels on anything that contains materials that cause cancer, should apply to coffee.

Climate-change fearmongering has turned totally unhinged.  One of the hallmarks of the "Ugly American" is the habit of thinking foreigners will understand what you're saying if you just shout it louder and louder.  The Ugly Environmentalist does something similar.  He exaggerates the challenge of global warming by using ever more hysterical rhetoric, thinking that if the last doomsday prediction didn't work, this one will.  For instance, Stephen Hawking, the famous astrophysicist, recently said that the consequences of Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord were monumental:  "Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees [Celsius] and raining sulfuric acid."  As Nathan Cofnas notes in The Weekly Standard, this is nuts.

Worst media moments of the week:  NY Mag climate screed wins!  [Scroll down]  "There are now, trapped in Arctic ice, diseases that have not circulated in the air for millions of years," goes one of the milder passages.  It was so bad that climate alarmist and hockey stick creator Michael Mann teamed up with two others to write a response, arguing, "Doomsday scenarios are as harmful as climate change denial."  Mann and his compatriots criticized the New York Mag piece as painting, "an overly bleak picture, arguing that climate change could render the Earth uninhabitable by the end of this century."  They also called it out for errors.  Mann made an interesting comment that seems to go right over the head of eco-journalists, explaining, "fear does not motivate, and appealing to it is often counter-productive."  Yet fear is about 99.99 percent of all media climate catastrophe coverage.

The sky is falling!
The Uninhabitable Earth.  Indeed, absent a significant adjustment to how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth will likely become close to uninhabitable, and other parts horrifically inhospitable, as soon as the end of this century.  Even when we train our eyes on climate change, we are unable to comprehend its scope.

What a dope!
Stephen Hawking [says] Trump's Withdrawal From Paris Farce Will Cause 250° Temperatures, Sulfuric Acid Rain.  The problem with professional doom-mongering is that you have to keep escalating the hysteria or people lose interest.  Before long, your outlandish predictions exceed the credulity of the audience, and you find they are laughing instead of gasping in horror.  Al Gore is one example.  Another is Stephen Hawking.

Global Warming Alarmists Have Jumped The Shark:  Stephen Hawking Claims Climate Change Could Turn Earth Into Venus.  Proponents of man-made global warming have a habit of making frightening predictions that never come true.  Every ten years or so, they tells us that within a decade the human race will have destroyed the planet with our carbon emitting vehicles and power plants.  They say the same thing every time.  The seas will rise several feet, atmospheric temperatures will skyrocket, ecosystems will be obliterated, and human civilization will collapse.  And after ten years passes by without incident, they shamelessly make their next prediction.

World has three years to save humanity from climate change, warn experts.  The world has three years to start making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or face the prospect of dangerous global warming, experts have warned in an article in the prestigious journal Nature.  Calling for world leaders to be guided by the scientific evidence rather than "hide their heads in the sand", they said "entire ecosystems" were already beginning to collapse, summer sea ice was disappearing in the Arctic and coral reefs were dying from the heat.

Sorry, Global Warming Hasn't Caused a Health Crisis.  The statement of Mary Pittman, president and CEO of the Public Health Institute, reads like a script from a low-budget 1950s science fiction film:  "Climate change is perhaps the most important public health issue of our time.  Aggressive, unilateral and mutual action is urgently needed to protect our people and our planet."  Likewise, Alden Meyer from the Union of Concerned Scientists and Dr. Georges Benjamin of the American Public Health Association stop just short of flapping their arms around and shouting "Danger, Will Robinson!"  In an effort to provide some "scientific" cover for these outraged experts, the author of the [Los Angeles] Times piece refers her readers to the climate and health assessment from the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).  Sadly, the scientific credibility of USGCRP is somewhat less than stellar.  It has, for example, consistently overstated the adverse health effects of extreme heat — a phenomenon that has itself been wildly exaggerated without ever being credibly connected to anthropomorphic climate change.

Kerry: Air Conditioners as Big a Threat as ISIS.  Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday [5/26/2017] that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.  The Washington Examiner reported that Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.

Scientists issue dire forecast if America pulls out of climate change pact.  Earth is likely to reach more dangerous levels of warming even sooner if the US retreats from its pledge to cut carbon dioxide pollution, scientists said.  That's because America contributes so much to rising temperatures.  President Donald Trump, who once proclaimed global warming a Chinese hoax, said in a tweet Saturday [5/27/2017] that he would make his "final decision" this coming week on whether the United States stays in or leaves the 2015 Paris climate change accord, in which nearly every nation agreed to curb its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Unholy Alliance Between Big Biz And Big Alarmism.  Cargill, one of America's biggest food and agriculture companies, recently announced its partnership with the Non GMO Project, an organization focused on misinforming consumers about GMO safety, and, as the organization's name implies, ridding the American marketplace of GMOs. [...] Cargill claims this move comes in response to their customers demanding GMO-free products.  If this is true, Cargill is smart to provide products and services that please their customers.  Yet, Cargill could have provided this verification independently and without aligning with a radical anti-GMO activist organization that tries to stoke public fear about GMOs.

Enviros Freak Over Trump's Climate Change Order, But Will Earth Notice?  Listen to the critics, and you'd think President Trump's executive order on federal climate change regulations spells doom for the planet.  But an Obama administration report shows why such fears are wildly exaggerated.

A Handy Primer for Deluded Warmists.  Similar dire climate predictions have been around since the late 1970s.  And in all that time, none has come true.  None at all.  Undeterred, the climate soothsayers ignore their failures and carry on as if nothing had happened.  The fact that good science should produce good predictions, and this is not happening, is also largely ignored.  Instead, impending climate doom, and what must be done to avoid it, is orthodox thought in much of government, academia and environmental groups everywhere.  This thinking is much at odds with key facts.

Top Climate Alarm "Scientist": Get Rid of Cars, Coal, Steel — or Its End of the World.  Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber (shown) wants to take us back to the Stone Age — literally.  In a March 15 interview with the German newspaper Deutsche Welle, the German physicist declared that global warming is so serious that not only must we all give up the use of coal and our internal combustion vehicles in the next 13 years, but we must also ditch concrete and steel — for "wood, clay and stone."  If we don't do this, along with other drastic measures, we are headed toward planetary warming of "4, 5, 6 or even 12 degrees," he claims.  This would bring, he insists, "the end of the world as we know it."  Asked by Deutsche Welle where we stand now with regard to "the world's carbon budget," Schellnhuber responded:  "It's quite mind-boggling — for example, by 2030, we have to phase out the combustion engine.

UN Chief:  Abandoning Paris Climate Deal Will 'Condemn Future Generations to Untold Suffering'.  Ban told a Council on Foreign Relations audience Friday that the accord, reached at a U.N. conference in the French capital a year ago, was "key to sustainable future for us, human being, and our planet Earth."  "To jettison or damage it is to condemn future generations to untold suffering."  Ban declared that the planet was at "a critical juncture."  "We are ... the last generation that can avert the existential threat of climate change," he said.  "We are the last generation to do something to prevent — stop this climate change happening."

Global Freezing: 15-year Ice Age to hit in just 4 years as the sun prepares to hibernate.  A 15-year long mini ice age could be due to hit the Northern hemisphere in just FOUR years as the sun prepares for 'hibernation' — triggering a barrage of cataclysmic events.  A team of experts have warned that huge seismic events, including volcanic eruptions, plunging global temperatures and destabilisation of the Earth's crust will become more common after worrying changes to the surface of the Sun were recorded.  It could take up to 15 years for solar activity to return to normal with extreme weather and freezing temperatures continuing until 2035.  The warning will infuriate environmental campaigners who argue by 2030 the world faces increased sea levels and flooding due to glacial melt at the poles.

The Editor says...
This is news media hysteria:  the sort of material that is written for the purpose of selling newspapers.  One or two degrees of global cooling — or the continuation of the current world-wide stability — is not an ice age.  Notice also that "extreme weather" is blamed on colder temperatures and warmer temperatures.  No matter which direction the average temperature goes, the hysteria will continue until you stop buying the newspapers!

No One Wants to go Broke for Ineffective Climate Change Solutions.  Okay, sure, everyone knows that short-term weather fluctuations have little to do with long-term climate trends, but someone needs to tell the climate-change alarmists.  Because weather, in the form of Hurricane Matthew, is suddenly proof of climate change again.  The Huffington Post pointed to Matthew's "unusual" strength as a climate-change indicator.  A Slate piece made the same point, arguing that "October hurricanes aren't supposed to be this scary."  Newsweek claimed that Matthew "signals the devastation that lies ahead."  The problem for alarmists, as always, is that the true devastation is always just over the horizon.  The present reality never justifies the language of crisis, and as time marches on, more and more of the most hysterical predictions fail.

Feds: Because of Climate Change 'We Will Have to Say Goodbye' to Lady Liberty, Virgin Islands, Yellowstone and More.  The Department of Interior's blog stated Thursday [10/6/2016] that the biggest threat to seven of the most iconic landmarks in the United States is climate change.  "Climate change is the biggest threat to our national parks," the blog stated.  "It's not just a future threat — we're seeing the impacts right now at national parks and other public lands across the country.

The Editor says...
What "impact" of climate change can be seen "right now" at any national park — or anywhere else?

EPA issues 50-state climate warning, flood, drought, 'insect outbreaks'.  The Environmental Protection Agency Thursday unveiled its new online tool to help local officials deal with climate change, and it warns that no state in the nation is safe from disaster.  The "Climate Change Adaptation Resource Center," or "ARC-X," provides a map that break the country into eight regions and every single one comes with a threatening warning and long list of threats to human life.

New Climate Paper: 7 to 13°C / doubling of CO2.  A paper published in Nature claims an estimated 7 to 13°C. / doubling of CO2 — an estimate so wild it has drawn criticism from NASA GISS chairman Gavin Schmidt.

'Climate Change' Named As One of Biggest Threats to America's National Parks.  "Climate change" and "staying relevant" are two of the biggest challenges for the National Park Service as it celebrates its centennial this month, a park service official told CSPAN on Thursday [8/26/2016].  "So climate change is one of our very large threats," said Mike Reynolds, deputy director of NPS operations.

The Climate Change Brigade Are Wrong Again.  A few weeks of not abnormally warm summer weather have prompted light-headed journalists to report not only that this could be the "hottest August for years" and "the hottest year on record" but that, thanks to climate change, we can, within 30 years, expect "killer heatwaves" to become "the norm". [...] This report on the risks posed to the UK by climate change was produced by a special sub-committee chaired by the zoologist Lord Krebs, and made up of a solicitor, a doctor, an engineer, an economist and the former chief executive of the RSPB.  None has any expertise in climate science.  So their familiar predictions about Britain's future climate — more floods, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, etc — were simply parroted from elsewhere.

John Kerry on Air Conditioners and ISIS.  Secretary of State John Kerry recently said that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.  Careerist folks in government parrot the party-line message.  Kerry has heard it from the top-down and buys into it.  President Obama has said that global warming, not the Islamic State was the real threat.  Kerry was negotiating a global climate deal to phase out chemicals used as refrigerants in basic household and commercial appliances such as air conditioning and refrigerators, called hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs.

Kerry: Air conditioners [are] as big a threat as ISIS.  Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday [7/22/2016] that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.  The Washington Examiner reported that Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.  "As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism," Kerry said.  "It's hard for some people to grasp it, but what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself."

John Kerry says air conditioner and refrigerator chemicals are as threatening to human life as ISIS.  Chemicals used in refrigerators and air conditioners pose as big of a threat as ISIS, John Kerry said.  The Secretary Of State traveled to Vienna, Austria on Friday to negotiate an amendment to the 1987 Montreal Protocol, created to protect the ozone layer.  The amendment phases out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), compounds that are mostly used as refrigerants and act as potent greenhouses gases.  Kerry went to Vienna with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Gina McCarthy and compared the fight against climate change to the fight against terrorism during talks with parties to the Montreal Protocol.

Kerry: Air conditioners [are] as big a threat as ISIS.  Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday [7/22/2016] that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.  The Washington Examiner reported that Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.  "As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism," Kerry said.  "It's hard for some people to grasp it, but what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself."

Petition To Remove Air Conditioning From State Department Has Over 1,800 Signatures.  An online petition to remove all air conditioning from Department of State property has gotten more than 1,800 signatures since it was posted online Sunday.  A Change.org user named Hopalong Ginsberg created the petition in response to remarks made by Secretary of State John Kerry claiming air conditioning and refrigerants are as much of a threat to the world as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  The petition garnered 1,869 signatures by Monday afternoon [7/25/2016].

Petition Calls for State Department to Forsake AC, Which Kerry Says Is as Dangerous as ISIS.  Petitions are a waste of time in most respects, but at least this one makes a good point.  Secretary of State Hanoi John Kerry recently proclaimed that refrigeration and air conditioning — two of America's greatest contributions to the modern world — are as dangerous as the Islamic State, which has been inspiring massacres around the world, on the grounds that AC and refrigerators make it be too hot outside according to leftist ideology.

Obama warns poor nations will put planet 'under water' by using fossil fuels.  The world's richest nations have long been fueled by oil, coal and natural gas, but President Obama warned Friday that less affluent countries trying to take the same path will put the planet "under water."  In an interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Mr. Obama said he hoped social-media "connectivity" will help convince developing nations to eschew fossil fuels, which contribute to rising carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere but are also less expensive and more reliable than green energy alternatives.

White House Declares May 23-27 'Extreme Heat Week'.  As part of its efforts to address climate change the Obama administration has designated May 23-27, 2016, as Extreme Heat Week.  According to the White House, the five-day span is dedicated to having federal agencies work with communities to "enhance preparedness for extreme heat events."

Documentary "Climate Hustle" Exposes Global-warming Con Job.  [Marc] Morano allows alarmists to speak for themselves throughout the documentary.  Climate Hustle is packed with clips and interviews of alarmist politicians, "experts," celebrities, and scientists bloviating about alleged man-made global cooling, warming, the supposed urgency of doing something about it, and more.  Hilariously, some of the supposed effects of alleged man-made global warming — everything from weather events and increased prostitution to rape, car theft, airplane turbulence, barroom brawls, and even the extinction of coffee — are highlighted, too.  The humor throughout the film is absolutely fantastic, making it perfect to watch with others of all political persuasions.  Morano also catches some climate alarmists involved in blatant, demonstrable deception.

Let's ditch the doom and gloom and celebrate our improving environment.  The Emmy Award winning series, "Years of Living Dangerously," hosted by Hollywood's greenest actors, produced enough apocalyptic storytelling to leave viewers with feelings of guilt, despair, frustration, and helplessness.  Is it any surprise, therefore, that the International Journal of Mental Health Systems reported that a survey of Australian children found that a quarter were "so troubled about the [environmental] state of the world that they honestly believe tit [sic] will come to an end before they get older.  The result is the feeling that we are locked in a war to save the planet, a war that only can be won with an arsenal of government regulations.  The Emmy Award for "Years of Living Dangerously" was in the category of non-fiction, but fiction might have been a more appropriate category because the facts simply do not bear out many of the gloom and doom predictions.

Black lungs matter!
Clinton Promises Al Sharpton A Task Force To Fight 'Environmental Racism'.  Hillary Clinton will empower the Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency to fight against "environmental racism" through "stronger enforcement" of environmental regulations, she announced on Wednesday [4/13/2016].  "Across America, the burdens of air pollution, water pollution, and toxic hazards are borne disproportionately by low-income communities and communities of color," states a memo on the climate justice initiative released by Clinton's campaign.

The Editor says...
The air in every large American city is cleaner now than it was 50 years ago.  And unless you live in Democrat-controlled Flint, Michigan, the quality of the water supply is more than adequate all over the country.  Big government is far more dangerous than environmental hazards.

Fighting Junk Science.  The government's Environmental Protection Agency promotes junk science because it gives the bureaucracy mission and funding.  The Sierra Club is little more than a junk science 5th column.  The club has adopted global warming as its primary tool for frightening people into paying dues.  The club's war on coal promotes numerous imaginary scares concerning the alleged toxicity of coal.  The Sierra Club deserves much credit for destroying the nuclear power industry and promoting radiation hysteria to scare [...] everyone in the 1970s and 1980s.  The Sierra Club would rank high in a list of subversive organizations that threaten the national welfare.

A word from a toxicologist who defected from the federal junk science army.  [Scroll down] I have a modest archive here at American Thinker that includes essays on EPA misconduct.  Steve Milloy, proprietor of JunkScience.com, and I have written some articles on the same subject together for AT.  We focus on EPA cheating on air pollution research but also human experimentation with air pollutants.  All of our efforts are intended to show that EPA sponsors scare-monger scientists who promote the idea that small particle and other air pollutants are deadly when they are not.  We have written a number of essays about how the EPA cheats on science and creates false scares.  Here is a guy who can confirm the nature of the deceit that we saw and understood from the outside, and he knows the how and why and even the motives.

Global Warming and the Irrelevance of Science.  [Scroll down]  The position of the policy world is clear.  Here is President Obama's constant refrain:  "Climate change is contributing to extreme weather, wildfires, and drought, and that rising temperatures can lead to more smog and more allergens in the air we breathe, meaning more kids are exposed to the triggers that can cause asthma attacks."  Pope Francis, President Hollande, and virtually all state leaders have chimed in with similar proclamations.  And yet, the whole proposition is largely without basis and highly implausible.  The association with asthma that is regularly made by both Obama and Hillary Clinton is a good example of nonsense driven by focus groups who find this to be an effective scare theme.  The other claims are no better.

Apocalyptic weather to trigger epidemics and starvation.  The apocalyptic forecasts threatens to throw the world into a violent chaos.  NASA recently warned that the impact of this year's so-called "Godzilla El Niño", a warming of sea temperatures in the Pacific, could be the worst in history.  Catastrophic weather this year has already seen dozens of countries around the world declare emergencies while the UN warned at least a million children face agonising starvation.  The World Health Organization (WHO) said the "unprecedented situation" could devastate the world with severe drought, flooding, heavy rains and scorching temperatures.  The killer record-breaking phenomenon has already unleashed devastating storms in the United States, mudslides in South America and raging wildfires in Australia.

Don't Be Blown Away by Winter Weather.  The D.C. area endured a big weather event in January — more than two feet of snow in places and high winds... blizzard conditions! [...] For the champions of climate catastrophe, selective "unique" events like this recent blizzard translate into "extreme weather" surely brought on by manmade climate change.  Championing the claim of meteorological mayhem from people pollution is convenient for two reasons.  First, it's so hard to prove or disprove the long-term cause of any particular stormy episode; and second, every weather event is "unique," so the mundane becomes the spectacular simply by designation.

California pushes for warning labels at the pump: Drivers, you're hurting the planet!.  Can you guess where such an idea sprouted from?  Because I can.  The city of Berkeley, with San Francisco possibly soon to follow, has voted to push forward with a plan to affix warning labels to gas pumps.  Their purpose?  To subtly shame drivers for contributing to climate change.

Cult Of Climastrology Members Now Tattooing Themselves With Birth Year CO2 Level.  We learn about this from Warmist Morgan Curtis, who learned about this new fad after taking a long fossil fueled flight to Europe, before engaging in Climate Journey, ending up in Paris. [...] She was in one of the typical Warmist workshops, learning about how to force everyone else to live the life Warmists refuse to live themselves, how to tax Other People, the typical Cultist stuff, in this case, a "sustainable activism" workshop, when she learned of what is called Birthmark, whereby idiots tattoo themselves with the CO2 level of their birth year.

The Editor says...
In other words, you're saying the world was a better place before you were born.

Pope: Climate Change Agreement 'Now or Never,' Humanity on the 'Edge of Suicide'.  Little was accomplished at the 1997 Kyoto conference, [Pope] Francis said, and since then "every year the problems are more serious."  The Pope recounted discussing with college students about what sort of world we want to leave our children, when one of the students asked:  "But are you sure that there will be children from this generation?"

The Editor says...
It's sad but amusing to see that school children have been indoctrinated so completely with global warming alarmism that some of them believe this is the last generation that will be able to reproduce.  That would require a lot more warming than a mere 1° per century.  On the other hand, maybe this kid was just an audience plant, asking a question that was written by a professional agitator.

Obama frets over global warming while adding to it.  Besides themselves contributing to global warming, Obama's 1,750 words in Paris were largely pep-rally remarks, portraying the roughly five-billion-year-old planet as basically doomed until this magical meeting in France, "a turning point, that is the moment we finally determined we would save our planet."  He described for attendees the devastated Alaska he visited last summer, beset by seas "already swallowing villages," erosion, glaciers that melt in the summer, burning forests and tundra.  That's merely a preview of the future, Obama said, "a glimpse of our children's fate if the climate keeps changing faster than our efforts to address it.  Submerged countries.  Abandoned cities.  Fields that no longer grow.  Political disruptions that trigger new conflict, and even more floods of desperate peoples seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own."

In Effort to Fight So-Called "Climate Change," Hysterical Obama Recycles Dire Predictions.  The Climate Clown Conference has kicked off in Paris, and in an effort to drum up more hysteria, our fearless leader is helpfully recycling discredited fearmongering and gloom and doom predictions.  He knows the media won't even notice this stuff so he just regurgitates whatever's on his teleprompter.

Obama in Malaysia: 'You'll See Oceans Rise ... More Drought, More Flooding, Bigger Hurricanes, Typhoons'.  Speaking today [11/20/2015] at a townhall meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, President Barack Obama warned that if the world does not "stop the amount of carbon that we send up" there will be everything from rising oceans to more droughts and more floods and bigger hurricanes and typhoons.  Obama was speaking to a group of people associated with the Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), a program sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

The Editor says...
Carbon dioxide is not carbon, in exactly the same way that water is not hydrogen.

'Life on our planet at stake': Warnings over climate change catastrophe.  If global warming continues on its present trajectory of 4 degrees Celsius, rising sea levels will claim land inhabited by more than 600 million people, according to a survey by Climate Central, a US-based research group.

Environmental activists turn up the rhetorical heat.  What is the endgame of the contemporary green movement?  It's a critical question since environmentalism arguably has become the leading ideological influence in both California government and within the Obama administration.  In their public pronouncements, environmental activists have been adept at portraying the green movement as reasonable, science-based and even welcoming of economic growth, often citing the much-exaggerated promise of green jobs.  The green movement's real agenda, however, is far more radical than generally presumed, and one that former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach said is defined by a form of "misanthropic nostalgia."  This notion extends to an essential dislike for mankind and its creations.

Climate Clowns: 'Hillary Clinton Is Living in a Climate Change Fantasy World'.  [It is] as if the constant claim of it being "undeniable" will make it real.  It is deniable, no matter what these buffoons claim.  They can't prove [anything] and they know it, but they have nothing to offer but fear.  This is how they control you.

Another Climate Alarmist Lets It Slip: Why They Want To Scare You.  The most persistent hobgoblin of the last quarter-century has been global warming, now called climate change but eventually to be known as extreme weather, or some such other fright-inducing name.  The climate activists are constantly bombarding us with warnings, hectoring, hysteria, pleading and threats.  Apocalyptic books have been written and shrill movies made, all in an effort to slow man's combustion of fossil fuels.  Included among these is a new documentary "inspired" by Naomi Klein's book "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate."  If the title isn't enough to give away Klein's motives for attacking the climate "crisis," then a comment she makes in the trailer — please forgive:  watching the entire documentary would be as agonizing as any medieval torture — should.

Obama To Rolling Stone: Climate Change Is So Terrible I Dare Not Tell You The Full Truth.  [Scroll down]  But the thing that ought to scare us all far more than any of the above is the insight it offers into the terrifyingly desperate lengths to which President Obama and his fellow travellers are now prepared to go in order to advance the green agenda.  One of these fellow travellers is Rolling Stone editor Jeff Goodell, who was granted an exclusive audience with the President in order to promote what the video calls "Obama's Climate Crusade".  Crusade?  I thought that word was on the presidential banned list on account of its being offensive to followers of the Religion of Peace (TM).  Apparently, though, climate change is so incredibly important that it trumps any of that minor-league rape, crucifixion and enslavement stuff going on in Syria and Iraq right now.

Climate Insanity on steroids!  [Scroll down]  The alarmist assertions are absurd.  "Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies," Obama recently inveighed.  "If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century."  Projected by whom?  Who concocts these fables?  Nature-driven climate change has disrupted lives throughout human history.  Seas have risen 400 feet since the last mile-thick glaciers melted off the northern half of Asia, Europe and North America.  How did "imperiled" Pacific islands survive that?  Some Alaskan glaciers have been retreating for decades, but Hubbard is growing and Glacier Bay's ice retreat began around 1750.  Arctic sea ice has increased some 26% (400,000 square miles) since 2012, in a cycle that's continued for millennia.

Obama: Forget Iran, jobs, terror, doom looms from global warming.  The president said addressing climate change is urgent and dismissed fears that more environmental controls and regulations would hurt the stumbling economy and jobs.  The pattern of talking up a crisis as a means to control the nation's political agenda and provide a distraction from other news has been very familiar during these interminable 2,416 days of Obama's White House occupancy.  Even if, in the end, little useful action ever ensues on such issues.  But Obama's remarks in Alaska this week were by far his most apocalyptic to date. [...] "There is such a thing as being too late," Obama warned.  "That moment is almost upon us."  Global warming, he said, is "a challenge that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other."

President Obama issues stern warning on climate change ahead of hike on melting Alaskan glacier.  President Barack Obama is painting a doomsday scenario for the Arctic and beyond if climate change isn't dealt with fast: entire nations submerged underwater, cities abandoned and refugees fleeing in droves as conflict breaks out across the globe.

Obama Warns of Planet Beyond Repair: 'Submerged Countries. Abandoned Cities. Fields No Longer Growing'.  In a speech in Anchorage, Alaska, on Monday President Barack Obama warned that if nations do not act to stop climate change "we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair."  "Climate change is no longer some far-off problem," Obama said.  "It is happening here.  It is happening now.  Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies, our energy, our infrastructure, human health, human safety — now.  Today."  "If we were to abandon our course of action, if we stop trying to build a clean-energy economy and reduce carbon pollution, if we do nothing to keep the glaciers from melting faster, and oceans from rising faster, and forests from burning faster, and storms from growing stronger, we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair," he said.

Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska.  President Barack Obama is painting a doomsday scenario for the Arctic and beyond if climate change isn't dealt with fast:  entire nations submerged underwater, cities abandoned and refugees fleeing in droves as conflict breaks out across the globe.

Obama Summer Book List Includes Doomsday Climate Change Extinction Book.  The White House has released a list of books that President Obama is expected to read during his two week vacation with family members.  The list includes the Pulitzer Prize winning book "The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert.  It predicts an upcoming devastating extinction like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.  This disaster, the book asserts, would be partially because of global warming and climate change.

Prince Charles extends climate doomsday deadline by 33 years.  Prince Charles is warning that there are only 35 years left to save the planet from climate disaster, which represents a 33-year extension of his previous deadline.  In March 2009, the heir to the British throne predicted that the world had 100 months "before we risk catastrophic climate change," as pointed out by Climate Depot's Marc Morano.

Editor of Science Magazine Should Resign!  The 3 July 2015 issue of Science features a remarkable editorial by Editor Marcia McNutt.  Titled "The beyond-two-degree inferno," it suggests that an anthropogenic greenhouse (GH) warming of more than 2 degrees C (global average) will literally cause hell on earth, unless we can all agree to reduce emissions of the "infernal" GH-gas carbon dioxide — preferably before or at a UN-sponsored mega-confab in Paris in December.  [...] McNutt's editorial claims a "global threat to food supplies, health, ecosystem services, and the general viability of the planet."  Yet none of these threats are supported by any scientific evidence — even from the usually alarmist UN-IPCC.  She fails to remind us that atmospheric CO2 is the essential ingredient for sustaining carbon-based life on Earth.

Climate Scientists Are Dealing With Psychological Problems.  [Scroll down]  One psychologist who works with climate scientists told [John H.] Richardson they suffer from "pre-traumatic stress," the overwhelming sense of anger, panic, and "obsessive-intrusive thoughts" that results when your work every day is to chart a planetary future that looks increasingly apocalyptic.  Some climatologists merely report depression and feelings of hopelessness.  Others, resigned to our shared fate, have written what amount to survival guides for a sort of Mad Max dystopian future where civilization has broken down under the pressures of resource scarcity and habitat erosion.

The Editor says...
Men without faith live in constant fear.

Breaking: Global warming killed us all 15 years ago.  I don't know if you believe in life after death, but if you accept as valid a grim prediction that ran in the San Jose Mercury News on June 30, 1989, you must be reading this from the grave.  The article, an excerpt from which follows, makes no mention of a scientific consensus, but it does cite as an authority the U.N. Environment Program, which has been in the business of making gloom-and-doom pronouncements for several decades.

Welcome to the 6th mass extinction (which you caused, of course).  The planet is dying.  Or at least the animals on it are.  That's the conclusion of "a team of scientist" as reported in the San Francisco Gate.  This is some dire news to be sure.  With all the animals gone, we're going to be in a lot of trouble, and it's really all your fault. [...] You'll note that a chief member of of that "team of scientists" was Paul Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford. [...] Over at National Review, Wesley Smith takes us for a brief trip down memory lane, to a time when Paul Erlich was writing a wildly popular book (at least wildly popular among the green warriors) titled The Population Bomb.  Ehrlich was issuing some dire warnings then as well.

Mankind will be extinct in 100 years because of climate change, warns expert.  Humans will be extinct in 100 years due to overcrowding, declining resources and climate change, according to a prominent scientist.  The comments were first made by Australian microbiologist Dr Frank Fenner in 2010, but engineer and science writer David Auerbach has reiterated the doom-laden warning in his latest article.  He criticises the recent G7 summit for failing to deal with the problems facing the survival of humanity, such as global warming and exhausting Earth's resources.

The Worrywart Generation.  Apparently a large fraction of America's creative talent is being used for the creation of imaginary anxieties.  These faux phobias are doing great damage to our abilities to live our lives to the fullest.  A partial list of bogus anxieties would include sustainability, GMOs, glutens, pesticides, running out of resources, CO2, fossil fuels, insufficient diversity, climate change, endangered species, landfills, loss of wet lands, carbon footprints, fracking, plastic bags, renewability, sugary soft drinks, and "white privilege."

The Age Of Disinformation.  No doubt national news media outlets are out of control when it comes to weather coverage, and their idiotic claims find their way to us on a daily basis.  The Houston flooding is a great example.  We are being told this is "unprecedented"... Houston is "under water"... and it is due to manmade global warming.  Yes, the flooding in Houston yesterday was severe, and a serious threat to life and property.  A genuine weather disaster that has brought on suffering.  But, no, this was not "unprecedented".  Flooding from Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 was more widespread, and flood waters were deeper.

Date of Climate Doom Comes and Goes.  The nice thing about making predictions of doom is that they really grab people's attention.  Just make sure you don't use specific dates.  Otherwise, people will laugh at you when the predictions don't come true.

Snowfalls Are Now Just a Thing of the Past.  Those of us who grew up in the 1970s recall an era when the media was awash in doomsday, paranormal crankery and conspiracy theories — Bigfoot, looming global cooling, mass starvation and lurking UFOs. [...] Global cooling / warming / climate change / climate chaos was kept alive by old media from the first Earth Day in 1970 (which really taught the value of composting...) until the rise of the World Wide Web in the 1990s.  Any scientist seeking plentiful government funding and/or any politician wishing to reduce his constituents' freedoms could appear on the nightly news and mutter, all but wearing a sandwich board that "we only have five years/ten years/eight years" to save the earth, and no sympathetic media figure would ever refute such a statement with earlier expired final countdowns — perhaps the scientist or politician's own.  Today, as with UFOs and Nessie, it's far easier to illustrate a multitude of failed predictions of doomsday.

Kerry: 'Only Thing Our Generation' May Be Remembered for Is Not Acting on Climate Change.  Secretary of State John Kerry asked Americans to "crank up the volume" today on Earth Day, arguing "we still have time to make a difference" on climate change, "but it's fast running out."  "Make no mistake:  If we let this opportunity pass us by, that may be the only thing our generation is remembered for," Kerry warned in a statement.

Obama: Climate change is the greatest threat to America todayPresident Obama's weekly remarks:  ["]Hi everybody.  Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home.  And today, there's no greater threat to our planet than climate change.["]

Environmentalism and Envy.  Environmentalists subscribe to continually changing prophecies of apocalyptic disaster.  Our topsoil is being washed into the ocean (The Road to Survival — 1948).  DDT is exterminating birds (The Silent Spring — 1962).  Overpopulation will result in starvation (The Population Bomb — 1968).  We will run out of resources and strangle on pollution (The Limits to Growth — 1972).  Acid rain from burning coal will destroy our forests and crops (circa 1985).  Hairspray will destroy the ozone layer and cause cancer (1980s).  Burning fossil fuels adds CO2 to the atmosphere that will cause disastrous global warming (1988-2015).  These prophecies and many others were claimed to be scientifically justified.  The science is always secondary and almost always poor science.  What's important is the thrill of impending doom and the call to activists to engineer a rescue.

Warming seas may spell end to Britain's fish and chips.  Warming seas may spell the end to traditional British food favourites such as haddock and chips, researchers said on Monday [4/13/2015].  Haddock, plaice and lemon sole are to decline in numbers as the North Sea warms by a predicted 1.8 degrees Celsius (35.24 degrees [sic] Fahrenheit) over 50 years, according to research by University of Exeter scientists.

The Editor says...
The writer of the article above can't convert °C. to °F., so the rest of his or her assertions can be proportionally discounted as well.  This is another vague prediction of what might happen in the worst case over the next 50 to 100 years.  In all likelihood, no shortages of fish will ever result from climate change, largely because fish are able to swim up or down to find warmer or cooler water — even if the dreaded 1.8 degree estimates turn out to be accurate, which (in my opinion) they won't.

Enviros Use High Schoolers To Shame Republicans On Global Warming.  Environmentalists are now using kids to "school" lawmakers on the science behind man-made global warming.  On Tuesday [3/10/2015], six high schoolers from states "hard hit" by global warming will go to Capitol Hill to try and convince lawmakers skeptical of man-made global warming that it's real and it's impacting peoples' lives today.  "What I know about climate change is that it's real, it's man-made and there's scientific evidence to back it up," Helen Winston, a high schooler from Nebraska, said in a video produced by the liberal campaign group Avaaz.  "Climate change impacts my life most directly through sea level rise," echoed Jack Levy from Florida.

The Editor says...
Really, Jack?  How much has the sea level risen in Florida in your lifetime?  Maybe a millimeter?  That impacted your life enough to go to Congress and whine about it?  Is that the best you can do?

Failed climate predictions
Failed climate predictions gets a website.  We are a small group who have followed the global warming / climate change issue for some years.  Initially we didn't know which version was correct but we noticed several things.  One was the frequent use of predictions, often scary, that seemed on the surface to be believable.  We wondered whether anyone ever went back to see if the predictions turned out to be true.

White House threat assessment: Climate change as dangerous as terrororism.  President Obama's new national-security strategy ranks combating climate change as a priority alongside more traditional threats such as terrorism, biological emergencies and nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue states.  The White House released an outline Friday of Mr. Obama's updated national-security strategy, the administration's first revision in five years.  Along with confronting terrorist groups such as the Islamic State and working to reverse automatic budget cuts for national defense, the administration cited climate change as a top priority.

EPA Chief: 'Aspen's Climate Could Be a Lot Like That of Amarillo, TX' in 2100.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Gina McCarthy took to the EPA and White House blogs Wednesday [1/28/2015] to declare that "We Must Act Now to Protect Our Winters."  McCarthy was in Aspen, CO, last week, the famous ski destination and home to an X-Games venue, and she warned that without action on climate change, "Aspen's climate could be a lot like that of Amarillo, TX, by 2100."

The Editor says...
Aspen's elevation is 7890 feet.  Amarillo's elevation is 3500 feet.  The climates of the two cities are probably similar right now, except for the altitude.  I find it difficult to believe that a bureaucrat can predict the weather 85 years from now.  Most global warming alarmists are worried about a temperature change of two degrees per century, which would not be enough to kill the skiing industry in Colorado, nor would two degrees of warming turn Aspen into Amarillo.

Climate change brings world closer to 'doomsday', say scientists.  Climate change and the danger of nuclear war pose an ever-growing threat to civilization and are bringing the world closer to doomsday, a group of prominent scientists and Nobel laureates said Thursday [1/22/2015].  "It is now three minutes to midnight," said Kennette Benedict, executive director of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, as the group moved its symbolic "Doomsday Clock" two minutes forward.

The Editor says...
Climate change is a constant:  The climate won't stop changing.  Changes in the climate are not a new development, nor are they sudden changes.  Therefore, climate change cannot lead to "doomsday."  If global warming happens at a rate of one degree per century, and you live for a whole century, you still won't notice it.  Global warming is not a catastrophe.  Unlimited world-wide nuclear war is far more of an immediate threat.

An example of environmental hysteria, with a heavy dose of racism thrown in:
Lion and the Lamb: Climate change and the white male dilemma.  Climate change is a threat to all of humanity, as it is to all non-human species.  Climate change is a threat to all the elements of creation — water, soil, air — which allow for humans to live and to thrive.  Climate change is a threat to everything on the planet, and the window of opportunity to respond is rapidly running out.

Media Should Stop Lecturing Americans About Their Ebola Concerns.  The very moment that the news was confirmed about Dr. Ebola, various reporters started telling everyone to calm down.  But nobody was panicking.  I mean, expressing interest in an unbelievably deadly disease that has spread quickly is not panicking.  Panicking is loading up your car like a prepper who just won the Lottery and heading to your cabin in West Virginia.  I mean, maybe there's someone who has done just that.  But there is no evidence that we have any serious problem with people panicking.

Climate Change is even worse than Ebola says British Medical Journal.  Climate change is even deadlier than ebola according to the editor of one of the world's oldest and most distinguished medical journals.  Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal; established 1840), claims in her latest editorial:  ["]Deaths from Ebola infection, tragic and frightening though they are, will pale into insignificance when compared with the mayhem we can expect for our children and grandchildren if the world does nothing to check its carbon emissions.  And action is needed now.["]

The Crumbling Climate-Change Consensus.  The United Nations Climate Summit will begin in New York this Tuesday [9/22/2014], but environmental activists didn't wait.  All day Sunday, they filled the streets of Manhattan for a march that featured Al Gore, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and various Hollywood actors.  But they certainly didn't act like a movement that was winning.  There was a tone of fatalism in the comments of many with whom I spoke; they despair that the kind of radical change they advocate probably won't result from the normal democratic process.  It's no surprise then that the rhetoric of climate-change activists has become increasingly hysterical.

Using science fiction to push public opinion and/or policy:
United Nations predicts climate hell in 2050 with imagined weather forecasts.  The United Nations is warning of floods, storms and searing heat from Arizona to Zambia within four decades, as part of a series of imagined weather forecasts released on Monday for a campaign publicising a UN climate summit. [...] A UN report last year concluded it is at least 95% probable that human activities, rather than natural variations in the climate, are the main cause of global warming since 1950.

The Editor says...
If that last sentence is true (and it isn't), then human activity must have stopped in 1998, because that's when global warming stopped.

UN Agency Presents 'Imaginary But Realistic' Weather Forecasts for 2050.  In a fresh effort to generate fervor for a far-reaching new global climate agreement, a U.N. agency is releasing videos featuring "imaginary but realistic" weather reports set in 2050, to illustrate the type of extreme conditions it predicts we will face by mid-century.  But the first video in the series of 15 to be rolled out over the coming weeks shows some temperatures for 2050 considerably in excess of those projected in the latest major U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (which has itself been dubbed "too alarmist" by some critics.)

UN Climate Chief: 'Not Very Far' from Considering 'Climate Change as a Public Health Emergency'.  Secretary of State John Kerry has called climate change "the biggest challenge of all that we face right now," and his French counterpart has warned of climate "chaos" in 500 days, and now the U.N. climate change chief is implying that climate change can be viewed on a par with the deadly Ebola outbreak.  Christiana Figueres told a World Health Organization (WHO)-hosted event in Geneva Wednesday that "we are not very far" from the point where climate change should be declared an international public health emergency, according to her prepared remarks.

'Irreversible change' more likely as emissions rise, says UN draft report.  The effects of climate change will grow more severe as greenhouse gas emissions rise, according to a draft United Nations report.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned the "risk of abrupt and irreversible change increases as the magnitude of the warming increases," according to a New York Times account of the draft, which could change before its expected final release in November.  Nations are looking to secure commitments at U.N.-hosted climate talks next year in Paris to restrain enough greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to prevent a 2 degrees Celsius global temperature rise by the end of the century.

The News Media Now Reports All Weather as "Extreme".  In a desperate effort to keep the global warming hoax alive even though it is now called "climate change", the meteorologically challenged print and broadcast media is now declaring all weather "extreme" these days.  The Media Research Institute recently analyzed broadcast network transcripts between July 1, 2004 and July 1, 2005, along with those between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014.  What it discovered was the network coverage of "extreme weather" had increased nearly one thousand percent!

Climate Change Hysteria and the Madness of Crowds.  Years of relentless doomsday prognostications by a variety of public voices spanning the political-scientific spectrum have found their mark in a gullible and guilt-prone public.  There is a Medusa-like quality in the serpentine web of doomsday prophets, including members of the Club of Rome, Paul Ehrlich's "Population Bomb," and the current White House science advisor, John Holdren.  In the U.S., Rachel Carson proclaimed DDT to be environmental enemy number one, and inspired Al Gore to discover "Inconvenient Truths," later found to be not so truthful.

The Risky Business of Extreme Heat Hysteria.  The Risky Business Project led by Michael Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, and Tom Steyer recently released its report on "The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States."  The project's co-chairs have all been out in the media promoting the project's report, and — like sheep — the mainstream media have generally been uncritical of the report's claims.  A core concern repeated throughout the Risky Business report is the predicted massive increase in what are termed "extremely hot days" (defined as days with a temperature exceeding 95°F) throughout the United States over the coming century due to anthropogenic climate change, and the resulting negative impacts of these increasingly numerous "extremely hot days" on the American economy.

The doomsayers and the disasters that never arrive.  [Scroll down]  The creepiest warning comes from an old if not very honored prophet, Dr. Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University, a biologist who is fond of making predictions that never come true but never tarnish his reputation.  He's still an honored professor at an honored university, he still gets his books published and he still gets respectful treatment by the grunions in the media.  The professor's hobby horse — more a pony than a horse — is the notion that we're breeding ourselves to an early end on the great spaceship Earth.  Ronald Bailey of Reason magazine calls him the "irrepressible doomster" who has never been right.  On the first Earth Day in 1970, he warned that "in 10 years all important animal life in the sea will be extinct and large areas of coastline will have to be evacuated because of the stench of dead fish."  He said in 1971 that by the year 2000 Britain would be but a small group of impoverished islands inhabited by hungry people.  "If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000."

Kerry Says — Wrongly — Some Temps This Week Broke 'Every Record That's Ever Been Seen'.  Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Mexico on Wednesday [5/21/2014] that temperatures in Europe and in Vietnam were "unprecedented" and broke "every record that's ever been seen."  However, although it was hot that day, he was off the mark.  Speaking at an environmentally-friendly technology event in Mexico City, Kerry said he had just caught a CNN weather report in his hotel and "saw the temperatures around the world right now."  "Thirty-four degrees centigrade [Celsius] in Vietnam today, in May. Twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-two, thirty-three in places all around Europe," he said.  "Unprecedented.  Breaks every record that's ever been seen."

Americans no Longer Live in a Scientific Society.  In addressing the claims of misused science, no subject is more readily apparent than Global Warming.  To suggest that AGW has been designed to punish more advanced nations and force them to disgorge wealth to the developing world is certainly true.  Moreover, that the ideology is transparently Marxist in origin is obvious to the nth degree.  The employment of "science" in the support of AGW has been so far over the top as to beggar belief.  Despite the announcement that the globe has not increased in temperature for several decades, and scientists were asked to cover this up, it has become a weekly event for some group or person to claim that the earth is on the verge of baking, melting, drowning, or somehow dying.

Scientists Respond to the Obama Administration's 2014 National Climate Assessment.  As independent scientists, we know that apparent evidence of "Climate Change," however scary, is not proof of anything.  Science derives its objectivity from robust logic and honest evidence repeatedly tested by all knowledgeable scientists, not just those paid to support the administration's version of "Global Warming," "Climate Change," "Climate Disruption," or whatever their marketing specialists call it today.

EPIC FAIL — Obama's climate report card.  A team of independent scientists fact checked President Obama's new national climate assessment report and issued it a failing grade.  They wrote that the President's report is "a masterpiece of marketing that shows for the first time the full capabilities of the Obama Administration to spin a scientific topic as they see fit, without regard to the underlying facts."

Scientists Disembowel Latest Green Drivel from Obama.  A group of 15 scientists has issued a scathing attack on Obama's latest environmentalist hyperventilation, the 829-page National Climate Assessment (released May 6), and offer a defense of Promethean Man to boot. [...] Among the signatories are:  Dr. George Wolff, who formerly chaired the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee; Joseph S. D'Aleo, a fellow with the American Meteorological Society; Dr. Neil Laverne Frank, former director of the National Hurricane Center in Florida; and William M. "Bill" Gray, emeritus professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University.

It's a Very Complex World.  It's not by accident that environmental groups all trumpet the same doomsday lies at the same time.  Their leaders get together to coordinate their efforts and the current one is aimed at what they call "de-growth", the reduction of economic growth by any means.  With President Obama blathering about "climate change" threats, it should not surprise anyone to conclude that the horrible economic conditions he has imposed on our nation was not an accident, nor that he focuses on thwarting the provision of energy, the most vital component of economic growth.

More Obama Climate Lies.  The continuing drama of a President willing to lie about the climate continues with the release of a report, the National Climate Assessment.  It is a repeat of all the lies that have been generated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  "The climate report," said Dan Kish, a Senior Vice President of the Institute for Energy Research, "bears a strong resemblance to the IPCC report, only with less science and more rhetoric."  It is "just another attempt to justify more government intervention in American's lives and more attacks on affordable energy and economic growth."  Like Obamacare, the new report is, said Kish, "intentionally confusing and misleading."

The Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction: 'Climate Change' Or Barack Obama?  Working for the Obama Administration on a project called the National Climate Assessment, the scientists warned immediate action has to be taken by governments acting in concert (sounds like global government) to prevent a global catastrophe. [...] The report stated that corn producers in Iowa, oyster growers in Washington State and maple syrup producers in Vermont are all observing climate-related changes that are "outside of recent experience."  Left out was whether dogs and cats are living together in California, but you get the drift; without the help of Obama and other Democrats, planet Earth faces an environmental Armageddon.

Global warming — It's real. It's here. Deal with it.  After several years of work by hundreds of scientists with the Global Change Research Program, a report on the state of our climate was released last week.  The conclusions are bleak.

The Editor says...
The report may be bleak, but there is no global warming; therefore global warming has not caused anything since 1998.

White House sets out looming climate risks for U.S., calls for 'urgent action'.  Flooded rail lines.  Bigger, more frequent droughts.  A rash of wildfires.  Those are some of the alarming predictions in a White House climate change report released Tuesday, part of President Barack Obama's broader second-term effort to help the nation prepare for the effects of higher temperatures, rising sea levels and more erratic weather.

Youth anxiety on the rise amid changing climate.  Child psychiatrists, psychologists and educators say they've seen an escalation in the anxiety levels of today's youth, who are constantly exposed to doomsday talk about the destruction of our planet.  But despite the fact that we live in a world with more volatility and fear, experts say there is hope.  And to stay mentally strong, they all advocate not just calling for change, but acting for it.

The Editor says...
There is no "destruction of our planet."  The kids' anxiety problems aren't due to the climate.  The problem is the constant message of impending doom coming from the public schools and left-wing environmentalists, as well as a great number of godless, fatherless households.  It doesn't help that the public schools are constantly chattering about self-esteem one minute, and the next minute telling the kids they evolved from swamp gas, or bacteria, or monkeys or something.

Kerry: Climate Change 'Forcing Farmers Out of Business and Driving Up Grocery Bills'.  Kerry stressed that "climate change's impacts aren't far off in the future — they are here and now," adding in bold type, "We're increasingly seeing events like those that scientists have long predicted."  "Extreme droughts are hammering crop production, forcing farmers out of business and driving up grocery bills.  More intense floods and storm surges are causing billions in property damage.  The coasts are swiftly eroding, rendering home after home uninhabitable or uninsurable.  We still have a short window of time to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, but the science tells us that window is closing," he said.

The Editor says...
I challenge Mr. Kerry, or you, or anyone else, to name one farmer who was forced out of business because of climate change.  The climate has always changed, and farmers have always planned ahead for it and/or adapted to it when it happened.

Chicken Little 'science'.  A recent story in The New York Times sought to help alarmists raise the decibel level:  "The countries of the world have dragged their feet so long on global warming that the situation is now critical, experts appointed by the United Nations reported Sunday, and only an intensive worldwide push over the next 15 years can stave off potentially disastrous climatic changes later in the century."  I guess we had better get ready for climate Armageddon then because China, one of the world's worst polluters, is not likely to comply.

The Editor says...
When we all dragged our feet, what was the result?  Global warming stopped, all by itself.  Let's all drag our feet for another 50 years and see what happens.

Earth Daze: Overcoming Environmental Hysteria.  A few years back, we were going to be killed by global cooling, overpopulation, pesticide residues, West Nile virus, bird flu, Y2K, cellphone radiation, mad cow disease, etc.  Now it's global warming.  Reporters don't make these scares up.  The recent hype about global warming comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Most of its members are serious scientists.  But reporters don't realize that those scientists, like bird flu specialists, have every incentive to hype the risk.  If their computer models (which so far have been wrong) predict disaster, they get attention and money.  If they say, "I'm not sure," they get nothing.  Also, the IPCC is not just a panel of scientists.  It's an intergovernmental panel.  It's a bureaucracy controlled by the sort of people who once ran for student council and are "exhilarated by the prospect of putting the thumb of the federal government on the scale."

Science and Panic.  Given what was taught in high school, at this point in time, the gas pumps should be empty, our boilers without coal, O-zone nowhere, skin cancer everywhere, and the Midwest a desert covered in trash.  If what my parents were taught was true, the Midwest should be a glacier covered in trash.  My eyes were opened when I learned environmental science from a real environmental scientist.  During my graduate years, my department invited many climatologists to present their research.  Not one of them showed anything to demonstrate that the Earth had warmed, nor did any claim it had.

Climate Control: Brainwashing in schools.  Concerns about environmental education in modern times are not new.  For example, in 1984 Herbert London wrote Why are they Lying to our Children? in response to the following incident described in the book's Introduction:  One evening more than a year ago I came home from university to find my elder daughter — then 13 — with tears streaming down her cheeks... When I gently inquired why she was crying, Staci said, 'Because I don't have a future'.  [She] produced a mimeographed sheet suggesting that a dismal future — or none at all — is what awaits her...widespread famine... overpopulation... air pollution so bad everyone will wear gas masks... befouled rivers and streams... melting of the polar ice caps and worldwide devastation of coastal cities... an epidemic of cancer brought on by damage to the ozone layer... [...]

Nothing but hot air: another alarmist report from global warming brigade.  I have long come to realise how environmental science works:  it starts from the premise that everything in the natural world is under threat, that mankind is to blame and that only drastic changes can save it.  It is bad news if temperatures rise, bad news if they fall, bad news if the climate gets wetter, bad news if it gets drier.  If a type of animal or plant is decreasing it is a man-made tragedy.  If it is increasing it is a threat to the "delicate ecological balance" caused by mankind's mismanagement.  The IPCC's latest summary for policymakers on the "impacts, adaptation and vulnerability" is a fine example of the genre.  It portrays a grim future of mass food shortages and asserts that the effects are already there to be seen."

America Needs a Bunker to Store Its Mountain of Toxic TVs.  As we move to flat screen TVs and computer displays, we're discarding our big, bulky old school televisions and CRT monitors, and they're piling up in warehouses like the one that caught fire in Parowan [Utah], with nowhere to go.  These discarded screens aren't just a fire hazard.  They're filled with lead and other toxic materials. [...] At the very least, we need a place where this growing pile of glass and lead can be cleaned and stored until we know what to do with it.  We need a Yucca Mountain for all our CRTs.

The Editor says...
Glass does not catch fire, and leaded glass is not dangerous, so the problem — if there is one — is the plastic housing and circuit boards in the old TVs and CRT monitors.  Years ago I heard that old CRTs were being shipped to Russia, where they make crystal glassware out of the leaded glass.  This article describes a problem, but an uncontrolled fire in any garbage dump is bad news.

Boxer warns Keystone will cause cancer.  Sen. Barbara Boxer wants to add a new element to the Keystone XL oil pipeline debate: its effects on health.  The California Democrat claims negative health effects from the proposed pipeline's development were ignored by the State Department's environmental impact review.  "The Environmental Impact Statement was woefully inadequate when it came to exploring human impacts of the pipeline," Boxer said Wednesday [2/26/2014] at a press conference held with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and anti-Keystone XL activists and environmentalists.

California Democrat Says Keystone Pipeline Would Cause Cancer And Heart Disease.  California Senator Barbara Boxer has come up with yet another reason to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.  According to the senator, the pipeline would lead to increased serious illness in America.  In a Wednesday [2/26/2014] press conference held with with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), anti-Keystone XL activists and environmentalists, Boxer said the pipeline would add pollutants to the air that would increase the likelihood of people getting cancer or heart disease.

Climate Alarmists [are] Never Called Out For Spreading Fear.  Al Gore was at it again over the weekend, scaring people unnecessarily about global warming.  He, and others like him, should be held accountable for constantly trying to terrify the public. [...] The man has made a post-vice-presidency career of scaring people for no reason.  From his wildly exaggerated "Inconvenient Truth" movie to his claim years ago that the north polar ice cap would be gone by 2013 — it wasn't — to loopy predictions that "we're approaching this tipping point," Gore has been spreading hysteria and fright like a farmer sows seeds.  And so have the Democrats who have followed.  Just last week, Secretary of State John Kerry said global warming is "the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction."  He's clearly taking cues from his boss, President Obama, who has said that climate change is the "global threat of our time."

Caution: This Warning May Be Useless.  For more than 25 years Californians haven't been able to pump gas, go to the grocery store or even buy coffee at Starbucks without seeing a sign with wording such as:  "WARNING: This Area Contains A Chemical Known To The State of California To Cause Cancer." [...] However, I recently examined cancer rates and discovered no evidence that Proposition 65 has lowered cancer incidence among Californians.  There isn't a single empirical study that demonstrates any public-health benefits.

Greenhouse gas sticker
Climate change warning stickers on gasoline pumps?  A group of Bay Area environmentalists wants to slap warning stickers on gasoline pumps, telling drivers that the fuel they're buying is cooking the planet.  The stickers would constantly remind consumers of the link between driving and climate change.  "Human beings are not really wired for seeing the cause and effect of climate change," said Jamie Brooks, with the Bay Area chapter of 350.org.  "The cause is burning fossil fuels, but we're not going to feel the effects until well into the future.  There's no immediate signal to a consumer of gasoline to show their effects on climate."  That's where the labels would come in.

The Editor says...
Those who put political graffiti on other people's private property are truly annoying.  In this case, the left-wing earth-worshiping activists are spreading a lie, because carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

The politicization of Christmas:
Santa Warns In Greenpeace Video Christmas Will Be Canceled Due To Global Warming.  Greenpeace is warning children the world over Santa Claus might not be bringing gifts to them because of global warming.  A "Save the Arctic" video released by the environmental group shows a sullen and dirty Santa — played by Jim Carter of "Downton Abbey" — in a dark, concrete room with water dripping from the ceiling.

Climate Change Isn't Our Top Public Health Threat.  The Environmental Protection Agency chief says global warming is the most urgent threat to public health. [...] And how many Americans die each year due to man-made global warming?  The answer is none, of course.  When confronted with this fact, the alarmists will seamlessly shift to global warming's future threat.  The danger, they say, is out there — somewhere.  Just trust them.  It is.  Even though the climate disasters they've predicted and so tightly embraced have not occurred.  Consequently, we are left to wonder:  If the real threat is to come, how many will die due to man-made global warming in coming years?  No one can say for sure, but we'll venture a guess:  zero.

EPA Chief: 'No More Urgent Threat to Public Health Than Climate Change'.  Ahead of her upcoming trip to China, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy told a liberal advocacy group in Washington on Monday that she has dedicated her life to protecting the environment:  "And I really see no greater issue and no more urgent threat to public health than climate change."

New Attack on Fracking.  Those opposed to fracking have used fear as a weapon:  Fear of well water being contaminated by natural gas, with pictures of "flaming" water faucets; fear of chemicals contaminating groundwater supplies; fear of earthquakes, etc.  They have now opened a new front in their war against fracking.  The new campaign targets homeowners, attempting to scare them about how noise and truck traffic related to fracking might affect their families and neighborhoods; or about how they may have been swindled out of the mineral rights under their homes.

Networks Embrace 'Catastrophic' Warnings of Latest IPCC Report.  The UN's climate panel (IPCC) released its latest warning about "catastrophic" climate change on Sept. 27, garnering the frantic attention of all three broadcast networks that night.  CBS even aired a claim about temperatures rising "more than 200 degrees."  Predictably, the evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC Sept. 27 repeated the IPCC's dire warnings without including any skeptics and without mentioning past failures such as their inability to accurately predict warming or sea level rise.

Another Busy Hurricane Hoopla Season.  This spring, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its annual hurricane forecast.  In its report, NOAA indicated a 70% chance that the 2013 season would be "more active than usual."  So far, they've been wrong.  "More active than usual" has become so common in hurricane forecasting parlance that one wonders what happened to "normal."

Your iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator.  A midsize refrigerator that qualifies for the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star rating uses about 322 kW-h a year, while your iPhone uses about 361 kW-h if you stack up wireless connections, data usage, and battery charging.

The Editor says...
Really?  How much power does "data usage" consume?  Does your phone put out as much heat as your refrigerator?  How big is a "midsize refrigerator" and is the latest Energy Star "midsize" model as good as the one you owned ten years ago?  Even if the assertion (stated in the title) is true, so what?  Your electric appliances consume energy, and you pay the electric bill and enjoy the convenience.  There is no problem here.  The article goes on to say that all the computers in the country "are taking up a larger and larger slice of the world's energy pie."  So what?  That's because our country runs on computers now, and not so much on steel mills and trolley cars.  It is also because the U.S. produces a huge percentage of the world's prosperity.  And "the world's energy pie" is not growing fast enough because of the tree-hugging, earth-worshiping hippies who oppose every practical source of energy — starting with coal.  We should be building more coal-fired power plants, not shutting them down.

Wasserman Schultz global warming hysteria.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz has claimed her Florida constituency will be underwater "in a few short years" because of global warming.

Global Warming? Oops! Never Mind!  Almost every place on Earth today has a different temperature from that of any other location.  So, is our planet's temperature rising?  Do we even know?  However, it is officially admitted:  Global warming stopped 15-20 years ago.  The mainstream media is struggling very hard to explain this away.  They admit that the Earth stopped warming 15 to 20 years ago.  But just you wait — disaster is coming unless we vote liberals into office.  They cannot explain the pause.  Yet they "know" global warming will kill us all unless we vote Democrat.

America's New Theocracy.  Guns.  Soda.  Salt.  SUVs.  Trans Fats.  Plastic bags. [...] Styrofoam.  Fracking.  The Bible.  Rush Limbaugh.  Conservative talk radio.  Fox News.  Plastic bags.  Smoking.  Shark fin soup.  Bacon.  Paper Bags.  Oil.  Coal.  The internal combustion engine.  Incandescent light bulbs.  And don't forget the Foie Gras.  One could keep going, but suffice to say these things are on the short list of things liberals in America either have banned or seek to ban.

The cleaner the enviroment, the more desperate enviros become to tackle the Next Big Scare.
Obsessive-Compulsive Environmentalism.  [T]he irony behind the modern-day environmental movement in America is that the more successful the movement is, the more petty subsequent goals necessarily become.  There is no other choice.  The big environmental organizations have mouths to feed and rents to pay just like any other business. [...] The pressing need to find new problems to solve is moving the big environmental organizations in new directions.  Their unending search for risks to micromanage and overinflate are leading towards a growing war on chemistry and common sense.

Mice are not little men.  Biomedical researchers have long used mice in the lab to learn about human diseases and to test treatments.  Now, a new study strongly suggests that mice are poor models for studying trauma or infections in humans.  In a test comparing the genetic responses of mouse and human immune cells, mice had vastly different reactions to toxins and trauma, according to findings published Monday [2/11/2013] in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Extreme media alert.  The insurance industry appears to be behind all the hype of extreme weather.

Democrats: No VT Skiing, Maryland Destroyed If Global Warming Not Addressed.  A group of House Democrats labeling themselves the Safe Climate Caucus held a press conference today [2/15/2013] to warn that if Congress does not address global warming, the country could face dire consequences, including detrimental effects to California wines and an end to Vermont skiing.  One Democratic representative even worried that global warming could destroy the state of Maryland.

Waxman: Obama Should Regulate Oil Refineries, Household Appliances to Stop Global Warming.  Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said the Obama administration should regulate oil refineries, household appliances, and even renegotiate climate treaties if Congress does not pass legislation dealing with global warming.  "The president will be taking action by executive order through his administration," Waxman said at a press conference on Friday [2/15/2013] unveiling his Safe Climate Caucus, which will work to pressure House Republicans to take up a climate change initiative.

Here's a news bulletin for Mr. Waxman:  Global warming has already stopped.

Government issues warnings, but are rising temperatures a health risk?.  The report concludes that "Climate change is already affecting the American people" and that US communities will face "economic or health-related challenges."  Sadly, common sense is hard to find in the 1146-page document.  The report is driven by the misguided ideology of Climatism, the belief that man-made greenhouse gases are destroying Earth's climate.  According to Climatism, Earth's climate has been unchanging for thousands of years, but carbon dioxide emissions from human society are now causing dangerous global warming.  Further, any change in Earth's climate must be bad for US citizens.  The document uses the word "extreme" more than 600 times to create an alarming picture of the future.

100 million to die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate: Report.  More than 100 million people will die and global economic growth will be cut by 3.2 percent of gross domestic product by 2030 if the world fails to tackle climate change, a report commissioned by 20 governments said on Wednesday [9/26/2012].  As global average temperatures rise due to greenhouse gas emissions, the effects on the planet, such as melting ice caps, extreme weather, drought and rising sea levels, will threaten populations and livelihoods, said the report conducted by humanitarian organization DARA.

Kerry: Climate Change 'As Dangerous' as Iran's Nukes and Possibility of War.  The situation facing the planet because of climate change is "as dangerous" as the possibility of war over Iran's nuclear activities, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) told the U.S. Senate on Wednesday [8/1/2012].  Delivering what his office described as "a major address and current assessment of the global climate change challenge," Kerry acknowledged and bemoaned the success of those who question the notion of human-induced global warming.  He compared skeptics to flat-earthers and decried what he called a "concerted assault on reason."

Earth Summit Babble.  Why anyone still believes anything the UN Environmental Program and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has to say is one of those great imponderable questions.  To prepare you for the flood of totally idiotic predictions to which you will be treated during the June 20-21 Earth Summit, here are just a few and I strongly advise you to ignore all of them.

The Global Doomsayers' Ever-Changing Story.  Part of the preamble to Agenda 21, the action plan that came out of the Rio Earth Summit of 1992, reads:  "We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being."  In the 20 years since, something embarrassing has happened:  a sharp decrease in poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy and a marked reduction in these global disparities.  The conference that begins next week in Rio de Janeiro, on the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Summit, will nonetheless remain resolutely pessimistic about the planet's ecosystems and their capacity to support human beings indefinitely if economic growth continues.

How green zealots are destroying the planet.  Just imagine a world where you never had to worry about global warming, where the ice caps, the 'drowning' Maldives and the polar bears were all doing just fine.  Imagine a world where CO2 was our friend, fossil fuels were a miracle we should cherish, and economic growth made the planet cleaner, healthier, happier and with more open spaces.  Actually, there's no need to imagine:  it already exists.  So why do so many people still believe otherwise?

Age of environmental fear.  The United States is among the cleanest nations on the planet.  U.S. environmental programs have set the standard for the world.  Many other nations copy our regulations wholesale.  We have set tough goals and achieved them.  Lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and carbon monoxide levels have declined precipitously.  Likewise, levels of benzene, arsenic, mercury and many other pollutants have decreased.  Perhaps most important, the life expectancy of the average American has risen from 71 to about 77 years.  But don't expect the government or environmentalists to talk about this success.

Obama 'End of America-Ism": Sad Variant of Global Warming Alarmism.  It's time we start addressing the sheer arrogance of the alarmist point of view.  The earth was here long before us, and will be here long after us.  Simple vanity makes us assume we're incredibly significant, but the greater truth is that as measured against the planet on which we reside, we're the proverbial ant on the elephant's posterior.  We ultimately don't count relative to planet earth, and this should be remembered the next time someone tells us we're wrecking it.

Climate Witchcraft and Post-Normal Science.  If it weren't for the prophecies of doom, climate science would be an obscure academic niche.  Global warming has made everyone in the field rich, at least in academic currency if not dollars.  The wealth has spread to other academic niches that have become more important in light of connections to climate.  Global warming is a huge bonanza for the do-good environmental organization industry.  Organizations like the Sierra Club or the Environmental Defense Fund need a perpetual stream of impending environmental disasters.  When the public becomes bored with an impending disaster that never materializes, a new impending disaster must be found.

Arctic Species Prefer Warmer Climate?  No person could ever get to the end of [the web] sites proclaiming that the Arctic is ground zero for climate change, the ice is melting, permafrost is being destroyed, habitats of everything and anything living there are highly sensitive to even the smallest change in climate, the whole place is fragile beyond belief, and on and on.

Doomsday prophets who never say they're sorry.  During the Cold War, liberal schoolteachers scared the beans out of children with dire predictions about imminent nuclear war.  They had kids saying things like, "if I grow up," not "when I grow up."  In 1989, the media terrified the country over the threat of Alar-tainted apples, but mass poisonings didn't happen.  Most of the false predictions have involved weather.  As the Media Research Center's Dan Gainor reported in his "Fire and Ice" paper, the New York Times warned of a new ice age in 1895.  "It was just one of four different time periods in the last 100 years when major print media predicted an impending climate crisis," Mr. Gainor noted.

Health-scare hocus-pocus.  Drinking too much water can kill you.  Too much vitamin C can be fatal, too.  And your brain actually requires tiny concentrations of arsenic — rat poison — to function properly.  So it's the dose that makes the poison. ... You'd have to drink 1,000 cans of soda every day (for life!) to reach the level of chemical exposure that causes cancer in lab-rat studies.  The same kind of logic applies to acrylamide, a chemical compound commonly found in French fries, coffee and roasted asparagus.

Government Makes a Poor Physician.  American life is characterized by pervasive, low-level anxiety about health risks in our air, water, cellphones, power lines, chemicals, prescription drugs, and, most of all, food — punctuated by periodic panics about this or that (avian flu, "flesh-eating" bacteria, H1N1, SARS, and on and on).  We are healthier than human beings have ever been in the history of the world, but we are beset by an epidemic of worry.  The federal government both responds to and contributes to this fear.

Having Solved All The World's Other Problems...
The EPA Takes On The Deadly Scourge Of ... Hand Soap.  The environmentalists pushing this issue want the EPA and/or the FDA to ban Triclosan, but there seems to be little evidence that the substance is problematic.  It's been used in anti-bacterial soap since the 1920's, and the last time I checked there haven't been any health epidemics kicked off by the use of Triclosan.  What's more, the FDA reports that "Triclosan is not currently known to be hazardous to humans," though they couch that statement in a bit of uncertainty.  Scientists, after all, never like making absolute statements.  They'll never admit that something couldn't be true.  Only that they don't know something to be true.

They're coming for your hand soap.  Antimicrobial hand soaps and body washes are very popular, especially in cold and flu season.  They've been found to be effective in limiting the spread of bacteria, which is why they're so popular.  But, like anything people like, there are people who don't like it, and the people who don't like something are rarely content until their will is imposed upon everyone else.  In this case, the people who don't like it are the left-wing environmentalists who don't seem to like much of anything humans concoct to improve people's quality of life.  Their usual modus operandi is being followed in this case.  Rather than trying to make a case for or against something, these groups have taken to the courts.

Now Obama's EPA is going after your soap.  Under the Obama administration, the EPA has been transformed into a job-killing machine. ... While many are aware of the fight against cap and trade and the EPA's regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, the totality of their smaller actions, which often go unnoticed, is starting to add up.  They already tell us what kinds of light bulbs we can use and how much water we are allowed to have in our toilets.  Now, they have their sights set on our soap.

Dems: Congress's Styrofoam cups could cause cancer.  A group of Democrats complain Styrofoam cups in the House cafeteria could contain carcinogens.

The Editor says...
SO?  If that's what you believe, then don't use those cups.  That will leave more for the rest of us.  But really, styrofoam products have been marketed since 1954*, and if there was anything dangerous about it, we'd all be dead by now.  Lots of things cause cancer, apparently.  Get used to it.

Climate Change and Civilisation Collapse.  One of the most powerful drivers of environmental gloominess and cultural pessimism is the spectre of ecological apocalypse.  The mutation of age-old, religious end-time prophecies into secular predictions of natural cataclysms and societal collapse  — in short, the emergence of environmental apocalypticism  — is perhaps the most significant ideological development in the western world since the demise of Marxism.

Autism Fraud Just the Tip of the Iceberg.  Last year the World Health Organization, having exaggerated the world AIDS problem by 12-fold, then hyped SARS and then spent four years terrifying us over avian flu (remember avian flu?), converted the mildest flu strain in decades (swine flu H1N1) into the first flu pandemic in 41 years simply by rewriting the flu pandemic definition.  Aiding it was a study in Science magazine that completely misrepresented the citations it used as authority.  Likewise, San Francisco last year became the first jurisdiction in the country to put warning labels on cell phones, influenced in great part by a series of studies published in peer-reviewed journals alleging they cause brain tumors.  Yet they're all by a single environmental activist and totally fly in the face of the main body of research.  Plus the city relied on an Environmental Working Group paper that used citations saying exactly the opposite of what the report claimed.

Another Climate Change Scare Is On Thin Ice.  All the scares generated by the false climate science promoted by political agendas disappear from the mainstream media and are rarely heard of again.  There's no follow up in the mainstream media, no apologies for providing false or inadequate information.  Nasty old Mother Nature causes the demise by going about her normal business.

Global Warming / Cooling / Warming / Cooling.  [Scroll down]  The media has written on the dangers of global warming or cooling for almost a century.  Guess what?  The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.  The moon still goes through its phases from full-moon to new-moon and back again as always.  Since Reid Bryson predicting "a billion people starving in 1974," the earth's population has increased by 2.5 billion.  So, as you see, amid the steady proclamation of doom by the media, the politicians, and the scientists, life does in fact go on.  Unfortunately the gloom and doom prophecies do so as well.

All The News That Is Unfit to Print.  [Example #3]  The Gulf Oil Hysteria:  We were told that aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico would be ruined for generations.  Offshore drilling in general was now to become obsolete and synonymous with environmental catastrophe.  Drilling was stopped in the gulf.  Prophets of doom assured us of the scary Exxon Valdez comparisons.  And yet life returned to normal, without much discussion of the absence of permanent damage or why the horror stories proved not so horrific.

Water Is The New Target.  Self-proclaimed environmentalists and people who use the environment as a vehicle for political control, often the same people, have not quite destroyed environmentalism.  They are running out of exotic scares as coral bleaching, ocean acidification and a multitude of other claims prove unwarranted.  A sign of desperation is the shift to much larger targets, but they pose the problem that people know a little more and basic questions raise immediate doubts.

Breaking News! The earth is warming! No wait, it's cooling!  Warnings of global warming have been with us now for two decades, courtesy of the news media.  And surely these respected and long-lived newspapers, magazines and television networks can be trusted to tell us what the current state of the climate is and what it will do?  A least one would think so.  Interestingly, the history of climate reporting is not unlike the reporting of so many other doomsday scenarios, from the "population bomb" which should have caused the death of two billion people by the 1980s, to aids which should have infected the majority of Americans by 2000, to the Y2K disaster that never came to be.

'Sustainable' Poverty:  The Real Face of the Leftist Environmental Agenda.  Since the seventies, the American left has warned of coming famine, overpopulation, total deforestation, urban sprawl, and overcrowding.  The only problem is that none of this has ever happened.  The left lied, and freedom died.

The climate crackup.  The radical green movement is all about scaring the public into adopting unpopular policy initiatives, such as hefty taxes on important sources of energy and increased government direction of our lives through regulation.  The Chicken Little strategy can work if the possibility of major disruptions such as a devastating Katrina-style hurricane push people into embracing protection from Washington.  Unfortunately for the scaremongers, the disruptions just aren't happening.

Eeyore Environmentalism.  Winnie-the-Pooh's Eeyore is funny as a caricature of the pessimist, but it is pathetic in real life.  Yet it is the default mode of environmentalism, which is why Eeyore-like environmentalists are seldom the life of any party.

Now that global warming has fizzled, let's move on to the next crisis.
Climate Alarmism Takes Off in a New Direction.  NASA has just voiced its concern over the threat that our modern technological society is now facing from "solar storms."  Now it's true of course, that our society has become quite dependent on new technology, such as satellite communications and GPS mapping, that is vulnerable to the effects of major solar storms, but NASA seems to be a bit too worried about how big the threat really is.

The Atrazine Scare Is Just the Beginning.  Recently, I reported here on the environmentalists' trumped-up scare campaign targeting atrazine, a valuable, widely used agricultural herbicide.  I quoted a Wall Street Journal editorial that observed, "The environmental lobby also figures that if it can take down atrazine with its long record of clean health, it can get the EPA to prohibit anything."  In fact, the attack on atrazine is just part of the total war against man-made chemicals that is waged today by environmentalists inside and outside of government.

Government 'Cancer Scare' Report So Bogus Even the New York Times Notices.  Hard as it to imagine, a recent government report was so ridiculously hysterical that even the New York Times noticed.  The President's Cancer Panel's released a report entitled "Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk" ... The report was a collection of conjecture, unrelated factoids and, more than anything, a shrill call for more:  more government, more studies and, of course, more money. ... It's the silliest example so far of Obama's "scientific experts" delivering hysteria where hysteria is wanted, but it's sure to be far from the last.

New Global Warming Alarmism from LA Times.  We have now reached the apex of "heads I win, tails you lose" global warming-alarmism.  In his April 18 op-ed for the LA Times, author Eli Kintisch warned that "the world is running short on air pollution, and if we continue to cut back on smoke pouring forth from industrial smokestacks," global warming consequences could be "profound."  Having painted themselves into an environmental conundrum, Kintisch and climate scientists are left debating how they are going to proceed with sulfate aerosols — a natural and anthropogenic air pollutant believed to have cooling properties on the earth's atmosphere.

Global warming follies.  I use Yahoo as the home page for my internet browser.  This exposes me to the daily global warming propaganda Yahoo publishes, with correspondingly outrageous, inflammatory headlines.  These types of articles are specifically selected to frighten us into acceding to the pro-warming political forces' demands, including surrendering our freedoms and our prosperity.

Shut down the IPCC.  The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has announced yet another "flaw" in their reports.  It's time — once and for all — to be very clear about the obvious.  There are serious conclusions to be drawn from the fact that the "flaws" in the UN reports produced bias in only one direction.  The latest announcement admits an error that supported Vegan propaganda against the meat industry.  Researchers have also admitted that there is no scientifically supportable case for the IPCC's exaggerated worst-case sea-level rise (which by the way has been orders of magnitude lower than Al Gore's), dramatic ice-melts in the Himalayas and elsewhere, danger to the South American rain forest, warming of oceans, etc. etc. etc.

EEEEK!, Reports Newsweek.  Just in time for Earth Day at your local supermarket newsstand, Newsweek has published "100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear," a shrill, apocalyptic, scaremongering photo album of favorite hot spots the world over that are threatened with destruction by global warming.

Science and the Toxic Scare Machine.  United States Federal Agency-sponsored research in public health toxicology is as irresponsible and misleading as the IPCC misconduct. ... Well of course we're gonna die, eventually.  This scientific misconduct suggesting that we are going to die from the environment is intended to scare the most anxious and comfortable society in history.  The research is the result of agency money spent to make the public more anxious and push the idea that government is a savior; regulations and programs must be instituted now to rescue us from Armageddon.

Manipulating the Climate Numbers:  [Scroll down]  We've been given some clear answers that weren't serious, ranging from the famed "hockey stick" diagram, that entirely misrepresented planetary temperature trends; to smaller assertions such as, "all the glaciers in the Himalayas will have melted by the year 2035."  This latter we now know was made up from whole cloth, like the polar bear die-off, and a great deal of nonsense about Arctic and Antarctic ice cover.  To my survey, there is not a single aspect of the "anthropogenic global warming" hypothesis that has been left standing by recent revelations, and more shoes drop every day.

This article is an equal mix of environmental alarmism and anti-gun propaganda:
Spent ammo's harm to environment is debated.  Lead in paint, gasoline and drinking water is prohibited as dangerous for health and the environment.  But the material is scattered in abundance outdoors when it comes to hunting grounds and firing ranges.  Tons of lead from ammunition can accumulate on the ground over years and decades.

Government hysteria:  A dread disease, no known cure.  Somewhere betwixt swine and swindle, we've got a flu crisis.  Well, maybe not a real crisis, or even a semi-convincing phony crisis, but the government is working on it.  What we have, actually, is a crisis of hysteria promoted in certain government precincts.

Experts Warn of Impending Phosphorus Crisis.  The element phosphorus is essential to human life and the most important ingredient in fertilizer.  But experts warn that the world's reserves of phosphate rock are becoming depleted.

Build-A-Climate-Scare:  Why You Should Boycott Build-A-Bear.  [Scroll down]  The company also has a website called Build-A-Bearville.com where children can play an interactive video game that, on it's [sic] surface, is unlikely to raise suspicion or sound alarms.  But when your unsuspecting tot logs on and hops a virtual train to the North Pole... you should know that he or she will be informed — by Santa Claus — that Christmas may be canceled this year due to Global Warming.

Christmas Back On! Build-A-Bear Surrenders, Pulls Videos.  Yesterday, we brought you the disturbing story of Build-a-Bear's on-line video series warning kids that the North Pole may completely disappear in just a few days, threatening Christmas.  (Average December temperature in the North Pole is around minus 40 degrees Farenheit.)  Needless to say, the story received a lot of attention and sparked several organized efforts to boycott the company's products.

The Editor says...
If you paid attention in high school, you know -40°F. = -40°C.

The global carbon footprint scam.  I never cease to marvel at the environmental alarmists who create one "crisis" after another using wretchedly bad "science" to support their scams.  On Tuesday, November 24, the Global Footprint Network ... "release[d] new data on the Ecological Footprint of 100 nations and humanity as a whole, and the current ledgers are sobering."  Well, of course, they're sobering.  Everything the Greens announce is sobering because, as you well know, the oceans are rising, the glaciers and polar caps are melting, we're running out of oil, every animal on Earth is endangered, incandescent light bulbs and global warming will destroy all life on Earth, yada, yada, yada.

Only 50 days left to save the world?
I might listen to the doomsayers if they weren't such ludicrous hypocrites.  Not many people understand climate change.  But they can recognise hypocrisy when they see it, and are also likely to count their spoons whenever wild-eyed politicians invoke the impending end of the world.  On Tuesday [12/15/2009], Prince Charles flew to Copenhagen to attend the climate change summit, where he delivered a keynote speech.  He informed his audience that 'the world has only seven years before we lose the levers of control'.  Not at all long, then.

New Panic Hook:  'Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity'.  Prepare for more panic talk about the end of the world as Dr. James Hansen, a leading global warming alarmist whose temperature data has come under question, launches a media tour for his new book out this week...
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Analysis of Alarmism:  Ocean acidification.  As public awareness grows that human caused warming is false the extent and degree of attempts to scare the public increases.  The scare preference is for remote geographic areas such as the Arctic or Antarctic or complex obscure topics ideally with global implications, which the public knows little about.  The latest scare story is ocean acidification, which combines these traits with the advantage of a word with negative connotations and used before in acid rain.

Environmental terrorism in South Africa.  While the globe was still warming and environmentalist claims were modest, the IPCC's case was impregnable.  In these modern times the environmentalists fed the media with scare stories in order to advance their cause.  The media in turn had little interest in repeating the same warnings month after month.  So, climate alarmists were forced to increase the level of alarmism.  Environmental terrorism is the result.  Examples are the fraudulent predictions of the destruction of the animals and butterflies of the Kruger National Park, and the imminent loss of our Proteas (South Africa) and Quiver Trees (Namibia) as a result of climate change.

Climate Myths and National Security.  The President of the United States recently told the United Nations that "global warming" poses a threat to national security and may engender conflicts as populations are displaced by rising sea levels, droughts, floods, storms etc. etc. etc.  However, it is now clear that there is no basis for the notion that the barely-detectable human influence on the climate is likely to prove a threat to climate, still less to national security.

Science, Politics and Death:  Environmental extremism kills.  Millions die annually because of restrictions on DDT, and imposing the "Kyoto" regulations would kill many more.

The Swine Who Live to Scare You.  We live in a world of competing lies, all swirling around us and generated by government and what are now called "non-governmental organizations." ... These are the swine who live to scare you because they know this is the way to benefit from your ignorance, gullibility or because you will not take the time to check out the "facts" they are telling you, using them like cattle prods to make you and others move in the direction they want.

The Administration's Flu Fear-Mongering.  'In keeping with the administration's proactive approach" to swine flu, the White House has announced that President Obama has declared the disease "a national emergency."  It's the second such declaration, with the first in late April.  And in case you didn't know what "proactive" meant before, now you do:  "hysterical."

Millions of swine flu shots wasted.  Germany is stuck with €250 million worth of swine flu vaccine ordered during the height of the flu panic last winter but never used because the mass immunisation campaign was a failure, according to a Friday [5/7/2010] media report.

No More Crying 'Spanish Flu'.  Flu season has officially ended.  We had about 12,000 fatalities, a third the usual number according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.  Yet almost all infections were H1N1 swine flu.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed 18,036 swine flu deaths over the past year, somewhat shy of the 250,000 to 500,000 it estimates die annually of seasonal flu.  So it's hard to imagine that a year ago top public health officials and the media were comparing swine flu to the Spanish flu of 1918-19.

Faces of Influenza PSA:  Everyone should be vaccinated.  The Faces of Influenza campaign is designed to put a "face" on influenza and make money doing it.  The Pharmaceutical companies received numerous duplicitous bailouts which in turn fund this propaganda.

Global blushing.  It's hard to be green when you're red-faced all the time.  It's easy to be red-faced when your cause is global warming doomsterism.  This week, the doomsters were embarrassed to learn, once again, that the planet was not in grave peril.  Antarctica, their greatest candidate for catastrophe, was not melting at an ever-faster rate, according to a report in Geophysical Research Letters, but at the slowest rate in 30 years.

Nonsense has me incensed.  How many times in our own lifetime have the doomsayers, confusing their own mortality with that of mankind, falsely warned we were at the end of days?  Wasn't humanity supposed to have already been cut down by nuclear war?  Global pandemics?  The "population bomb"?  The hole in the ozone layer?  A new ice age?  Acid rain?  Genetically modified food?  Toxic waste?  A catastrophic extinction caused by pollution and pesticides?  Pick your poison.  None of it happened.

Arctic temperatures hit 2,000-year high.  The 1990s were the Arctic's warmest decade in the past 2,000 years, says a study released in Friday's edition of Science. ... Scientists used "natural" thermometers — such as glacial ice cores, tree rings and sediments from lakes — to calculate the temperatures of the Arctic over the past two millennia.  Instruments have been used to measure the actual temperature of the Arctic since the late 1800s.

The Editor says...
Hmmm... where to begin?  One or two "instruments" in the late 1800s would not be enough to perform accurate measurements of the Arctic Circle.  Before that, nobody kept records, so the "report" relies on tree rings, tea leaves and wild guesses.  But even if the current Arctic temperature is the highest in a long time, so what?  It is still plenty chilly at the north pole.

More about polar ice.

Figuring How to Terrify Us Over Swine Flu.  "U.S. health officials say swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die."  So declares an Associated Press article, the writer of which you can picture trying to catch his breath as he pounds away at the keyboard.

The Price Of A Porcine Panic.  There's panic in the streets over a flu outbreak.  "Projections are that this virus will kill 1 million Americans," the nation's top health official has warned.  The virus is swine flu.  But the date is 1976.  And the projection, it turns out, is off by 999,999 deaths.  Direct ones, that is.  The hastily developed vaccine killed or crippled hundreds.

Make way for Obama the Bogeyman.  The World Health Organization (WHO) — helping the Obama administration stir the pot on panicking the public into believing a deadly viral pandemic is headed our way this Fall — is getting a big leg up from the Discovery Channel.  It's been a summer of Internet warnings "the pandemic is coming", and now the Discovery Channel will telecast the definitive Viral Pandemic Survival Show.  News of the coming scare show is available courtesy of Kurt Nimmo at Infowars, those folk challenged by mainstream media as "conspiracy theory advocates".

A pandemic of panic — are we dead yet?  We were all supposed to be in the graveyard by now, done in by AIDS, SARS, bird flu, poisoned peanut butter, Hong Kong flu, killer tomatoes, global warming and strangulation by kudzu.  But here we are, proof that there really is life after death.

Swine-flu Hysteria: Who Dunnit.  Now that the H1N1 swine-flu outbreak appears to be waning, it's time to draw important lessons from what happened.  First, the pronouncements from the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency, were disappointing.  Most flu and public-health experts consider the WHO's decision last week to raise the pandemic flu threat to Level 5, "Pandemic Imminent," to have been alarmist and unwarranted.

The Politics of Global Warming.  One of the first issues to be celebrated as a crisis by these reformers was over-population.  That fad peaked in the '60s and early '70s. ... But the best parallel to the current crusade, the real precursor to the current "panic du jour," was the computer model-based alarmism of the "Club of Rome."

The Great Liberal Pandemonium Machine.  The Mexican swine flu pandemic?  Oh, that's soooo yesterday.  Global Warming?  All those confident "scientific" predictions are falling apart around the world, even as greedy politicians still try to squeeze the last little drops of power and money out of them.  Human flesh-eating bacteria?  SARS?  Ozone holes?  Mad Cow?  The Curse of the Killer Tomatoes?  Water torture?  CO2?  Bee Colony Collapse?  It never ends.  As long as scare stories sell, as long as millions of indoctrinated suckers fall for them they will never end.

After salmonella, bird flu, the Millennium Bug... should we actually be scared this time?  Don't we have the sense that we have seen this kind of panic before, which eventually turned out to have gone way over the top?  The moment which more than any might have set off a severe attack of deja vu came when the BBC Today programme wheeled on an expert from the World Health Organisation to tell us that '40 percent' of us in Britain may catch swine flu — while another unnamed expert was quoted predicting that '1.2 million' Britons could die.

Earth Day predictions from 1970.  The environmentalists were wrong then, and they are wrong today.

Save Capitalism.  Every year Steven Hayward, a scholar at the Pacific Research Institute and the American Enterprise Institute, compiles his Index of Leading Environmental Indicators.  And every year, his findings contradict the alarmists' warnings that the world is on the edge of environmental cataclysm.  From evidence "that tropical rain forests may now be expanding faster than they are being cut down" to the improving health of U.S. ocean fisheries to better outdoor air quality in American cities with the worst air pollution, Hayward shows there's more to be optimistic about than there is to be troubled about.

Pre-industrial CO2 levels were about the same as today.  Why we are told otherwise?  Proponents of human induced warming and climate change told us that an increase in CO2 precedes and causes temperature increases.  They were wrong.  They told us the late 20th century was the warmest on record.  They were wrong.  They told us, using the infamous "hockey stick" graph, the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) did not exist.  They were wrong.  They told us global temperatures would increase through 2008 as CO2 increased.  They were wrong.  They told us Arctic ice would continue to decrease in area through 2008.  They were wrong.  They told us October 2008 was the second warmest on record.  They were wrong.

Real Scientists vs. Media Darlings:  Samuel Epstein alleged a prominent herbicide caused cancer and industrial pollution was creating an epidemic of cancer.  These allegations were rejected by real science, but in the interim they made Epstein very famous.  Irving Selikoff, whose opinions served as a basis for Environmental Protection Agency standards on asbestos, predicted 40,000 deaths per year from asbestos from 1967 to 1977.  The actual number was 522 worldwide.  In 1976 Stephen Schneider supported the view that the Earth was entering a little ice age.  Now he is a leading proponent of the theory of global warming.

Happy Earth Day.  More than 30 years ago political scientist Anthony Downs discerned what he called the "issue-attention cycle," a five-stage process by which the public and especially the news media grow alarmed over an issue, agitate for action, generate piles of scary headlines, and then begin to draw back as we come to recognize that the problem has been exaggerated or misconceived, and the price tag for action comes in.

Zealotry over global warming could damage our Earth far more than climate change.  Over the past half-century, we have become used to planetary scares.  In the late Sixties, we were told of a population explosion that would lead to global starvation.  Then, a little later, we were warned the world was running out of natural resources.  By the Seventies, when global temperatures began to dip, many eminent scientists warned us that we faced a new Ice Age.  But the latest scare, global warming, has engaged the political and opinion-forming classes to a greater extent than any of these.

When Will We Tire of the Fear Mongers?  I have noticed throughout my life that there barely has been a day the news media was not trumpeting a foreboding event, an impending environmental danger, or some risky food or technological hazard clearly intended to generate fear. … Come to think of it, I cannot think of a single environmental or public health "crisis" that has ever proven to be true.  They just fade away as time and reality wear them thin.  Eventually they fall into the shadow of the next "fear du jour."

The Omniphobia Epidemic.  We're afraid of ozone and CO2.  We're afraid of smog and cigarette smoke.  We're afraid of Republicans because they are warmongers, and of Democrats because they are in utter denial of the real world.  We're afraid the earth is warming — or freezing.  Our bee populations are now collapsing.  A new kind of voracious ant is invading.  Only 20,000 polar bears are left in Alaska, way down, from, oh, about 20,000 previously.  Flesh-eating bacteria are attacking people in Africa, again. … We're afraid of drilling for too much oil.  But we're also afraid of pumping too little oil.

Studies Gone Wild:  Death by Shower Curtain?  [Scroll down]  In short, it is a piece of shower curtain research that some experts said just doesn't hold water.  "It's a great example of how quickly a sound bite can become dangerous and contagious," said ABC News medical contributor Dr. Marie Savard.  "The idea that people should be tossing out their shower curtains based on a study that more or less focuses on a single shower curtain is absurd.  This is scare science at its best, or worst, depending on how you look at it."

Report busts the myths on cancer risks.  Breast implants, deodorant and coffee are extremely unlikely to cause cancer, says a new risk report designed to allay panic that everything can be carcinogenic.  The risk assessment developed by an Australian cancer specialist puts in perspective the chance of getting the disease from a range of agents, including dental fillings, marijuana and cured meats.

Mice, Men, and Carcinogens:  When environmentalists and government agencies label chemicals as carcinogens, they often point to rodent tests.  However, the tests have proven to be seriously flawed.  They entail administering massive amounts of chemicals to rodents bred to be highly susceptible to cancer.  Then researchers extrapolate the possible effects of such chemicals on humans who may be exposed to small amounts of the same chemical over their lifetimes.

The Politically Correct Horror Picture Show.  Occasionally, I view the History Channel, and Sunday evening I tuned into a two-hour horror show.  Viewers were treated to frightening scenarios for three-plus disasters, some natural, some of our own making, that are bound to destroy the world and everybody in it, or something just short of that. … This is yet more evidence that those who paint the most horrific pictures of our future are determined that we get one consistent with their jaundiced view of mankind's capacity for self government.

Who Are The Merchants of Fear?  Manmade global warming theory is fed by pseudo quantitative prediction from climate-careerists working primarily off the big, mega-computer General Circulation Models, which include the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Department of Commerce's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab.  These are multi-billion dollar scientific weather bureaucracies as intent on self-preservation and budgetary enhancement as cognate nuclear bureaucracies at Oakridge and Los Alamos.

Heartland President Debunks Global Warming Myths.  The popular press features possible crises on their front pages all the time, because bad news sells and they are in the business of selling copies of their publications and generating ad revenue, not reporting the truth about complicated subjects.  As they say in the business, "if it bleeds, it leads."  These are the same guys who told us Alar, saccharin, Red Dye #2, dioxin, a hole in the ozone layer, electric power lines, and cell phones were all causing cancer epidemics, and that Y2K would shut down the nation's electric grid and banks.

Food dyes may protect against cancer.  Synthetic food dyes — long blamed for causing hyperactivity in children — may have a good side:  some of them may protect against cancer.  Gayle Orner at Oregon State University in Corvallis added the carcinogens dibenzopyrene (DBP) or aflatoxin to the feed of trout for one month, with or without the food dyes Red 40 — one of six recently linked to hyperactivity in children  — or Blue 2.  Nine months later, trout that had been fed either of the dyes in combination with aflatoxin had 50 percent fewer liver tumours, compared with those that had been exposed to aflatoxin alone.

The Editor says...
Hmmm... I'm no psychologist, but maybe the hyperactive kids' problem is overexposure to television, or fatherlessness, or a diet with too much sugar.  Or maybe it's because Mom is constantly on the phone.

Current Exaggeration:  An item in the September 18 issue [of Business Week] discussing the possibility of ocean currents "switching off" and catastrophically affecting the global climate was interesting but incredibly useless.

The Fear Industrial Complex:  Do vaccines cause autism?  Almost certainly not.  Dr. Paul Offit, chief of infectious diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia told me, "It's perfectly reasonable to be skeptical about anything you put into your body, including vaccines.  And vaccines do have side effects.  But vaccines don't cause autism." … Then why are so many kids diagnosed as autistic today?  Because kids we once said had other conditions now are being called autistic.

The Gore Who Stole Christmas.  If climate alarmists are to be believed, Americans must cut their electricity use substantially, and soon, to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions associated with fossil-fuel combustion.  Celebratory holiday lighting — what doomsayer Paul Ehrlich once called "garish commercial Christmas displays" — would surely be the first to go, coming before indoor lighting, cooking, heating, and air conditioning.

Good News About the Environment:  After over 30 years of steady progress and improvement, the media still chooses to emphasize the negative and largely ignore the positive with their coverage of Earth Day events.

Top Ten Junk Science Moments for 2006.  Bill Clinton and Julia Roberts stumped for California's Proposition 87 which would tax oil to fund alternative energy research.  Mr. Clinton and Ms. Roberts claimed that California's air is the "worst in the nation" and that it was linked with more asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, heart disease, lung disease and premature death.  But data (as opposed to political rhetoric) indicate that California's public health is generally better than that of states which fully meet federal air quality standards.  Maybe that's one reason why voters rejected Proposition 87.

The Media Likes Scaring Us, and We Like It.  Listening to us [in the news media], you'd think our growing exposure to pesticides, food additives, and other mysterious chemicals has created America's "cancer epidemic."  But in truth there is no cancer epidemic — cancer incidence is flat, and death rates have been falling for years.  But such good news doesn't get much play.  No interest groups benefit from it.

Environmental Disasters:  The Rest of the Story.  Crying "fire!" in a crowded theater is irresponsible, perhaps illegal.  But spreading terror among citizens by claiming Alar will cause cancer in children, by claiming drinking water is unsafe, and by claiming pesticide residues in food are hazardous to your health is not even a misdemeanor.  Perpetrators of environmental and food safety scares, and even outright hoaxes, are never held accountable for the personal tragedies that result from business failures and the unwarranted fear and alarm they spread.  They are, in fact, often praised by the news media as consumer advocates and protectors.

Global Warming Hurricane Crisis Fails to Materialize.  Throwing further cold water on the asserted link between global warming and the past few hurricane seasons is a study published in the July 28 issue of Science, which concluded modern technology is enabling us to locate and measure the full strength of hurricanes that would have escaped detection prior to advanced satellite and radar technology.  The study noted hurricane seasons in the past were likely much more eventful and ferocious than had been documented, and that the past few hurricane seasons have not been as remarkable as global warming alarmists claim.

Atlantic hurricane forecasts missed by a big margin.  The noted hurricane forecasting team led by Dr. William Gray at Colorado State University has not missed by this much in a long time.  Before the Atlantic 2006 hurricane season started, Gray and his protege Philip Klotzbach predicted it would be well above average.  Instead, it has been slightly below average as the November 30 end of the season draws near.

I'm No Climatologist.  I'm sure Al Gore will find some way to spin the spectacular lack of serious tropical storms this year into more proof of human caused climate damage.  He is probably just waiting for the right moment.

The Environmental Disaster That Wasn't.  Of all the energy-related bad news brought on by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, one piece of good news has gone largely unnoticed.  The two powerful storms did not cause any major offshore oil spills despite dealing a knockout punch to America's biggest oil producing region.

Science Without Sense:  Unscientific public health research costs U.S. consumers billions of dollars each year but does nothing to improve the well being of Americans.  Science Without Sense is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek guide to getting ahead in the field without wasting time on real science.

Climate of Fear:  How can a barely discernible, one-degree increase in the recorded global mean temperature since the late 19th century possibly gain public acceptance as the source of recent weather catastrophes?  And how can it translate into unlikely claims about future catastrophes?  The answer has much to do with misunderstanding the science of climate, plus a willingness to debase climate science into a triangle of alarmism.  Ambiguous scientific statements about climate are hyped by those with a vested interest in alarm, thus raising the political stakes for policy makers who provide funds for more science research to feed more alarm to increase the political stakes.  After all, who puts money into science — whether for AIDS, or space, or climate — where there is nothing really alarming?

Mindless environmentalism threatens to undermine the electronics industry.
Get the lead out:  What would electronics be without solder?  Manufacturers worldwide, including many in the United States, are pumping billions of dollars into testing new materials and converting assembly lines on a whim of ecological alarmism.  The inclusion of lead among the banned substances renders the EU directive especially broad:  Global use of tin-lead solder in electronics totals close to 200 million pounds per year.

WTC death-link doubted.  The city's top health official doubts that the death of NYPD Detective James Zadroga can be conclusively linked to toxins at Ground Zero — even though an autopsy found his fatal illness was "directly related" to his work at the disaster site.  City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said he would be "surprised" if the cause of Zadroga's death can be traced directly to the smoldering World Trade Center wreckage.

Some people say...
Meat is murder on the environment.  A kilogram of beef is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution than driving for 3 hours while leaving all the lights on back home.  This is among the conclusions of a study by Akifumi Ogino of the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science in Tsukuba, Japan, and colleagues, which has assessed the effects of beef production on global warming, water acidification and eutrophication, and energy consumption.

Hollywood Targets Nuclear Storage Facility.  Opponents of the Goshute Indians' plans to build a state-of-the-art nuclear storage facility on their Utah desert reservation flew a small group of activist celebrities to Washington, DC on July 25 to lobby members of Congress to block the Native Americans' project.

Study:  Ships' Diesel Fumes Kill 60,000 Each Year.  Ships belching toxic fumes from diesel fuel contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands of people in Europe, Asia and the United States each year, claims a U.S. report released this week.  As many as 60,000 people living in coastal communities along major shipping routes died from lung and heart complaints as a result of high sulfate emissions from ships in 2002, according to the study released Wednesday [11/7/2007] by the American Chemical Society.

The Editor says...
Nonsense!  If that were true, people would be sick wherever there are ships, especially the people who live and work aboard ships for months at a time.  And if that were true, people who live in big cities would die from exposure to diesel fumes from dump trucks, locomotives and buses -- starting with the homeless bums who generally aren't in good health anyway.

In Man versus Microbe, Germs Will Lose.  The number of writers forecasting humanity's downfall before an onslaught of "supergerms" is countless.  Most notorious is Newsday's Laurie Garrett, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1996 for her hysterical writing on Ebola virus — which kills fewer people yearly than malaria kills every two hours and tuberculosis kills each hour.

Lost and found:  Reports of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker's demise were greatly exaggerated.

Himalayan Glacier Alarms:  Are activist groups and their media allies reporting the truth about global warming, or is truth being trampled in the rush to coerce public opinion?  You be the judge.

Science in the Media Sausage Grinder:  Recent weeks have offered a rich harvest of new "health" threats with splashy headlines warning us about the supposed dangers from processed meats, hair dyes, and tanning parlors.  While all of these stories are all a little odd, perhaps the oddest is the one about how meat increases the risk of stomach cancer.

The Green Scare.  In recent years politicians have gotten good mileage with a Green Scare campaign.  Vice President Al Gore wrote Earth in the Balance, a book filled with green scares, most of dubious merit, far overblown, or simply false, but all requiring central control of property and the economy.  Environmental horror stories are so widely accepted that political opponents are chary of sneering about them.  It's worth reviewing the facts about some famous Green Scare stories, most of which are still repeated as gospel.

Environmental Groups are Using Misinformation to Scare Californians.  A comprehensive new study by top air quality and climate experts discredits recent claims that global warming will lead to more bad air days in California and other states.  The analysis shows that the air quality throughout the nation has dramatically improved over the last 30 years despite generally increasing urban temperatures.  Regulation of greenhouse gas emissions will have no effect on air quality.

UT professor says death is imminent.  A University of Texas professor says the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead.  "Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine," Eric Pianka cautioned students and guests at St. Edward's University on Friday [3/31/2006].  Pianka's words are part of what he calls his "doomsday talk" — a 45-minute presentation outlining humanity's ecological misdeeds and Pianka's predictions about how nature, or perhaps humans themselves, will exterminate all but a fraction of civilization.

UTA Scientist wants 90% of you to die horribly.  Have you ever heard of Dr. Eric Pianka?  No?  Well you might want to learn a bit more about him.  Why?  Because he reportedly wants you to die.  Specifically he wants you to die of Ebola virus.  You might also be interested to know that he is the Denton Cooley Centennial Professor of Zoology at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Oil 'doesn't hurt fish'.  A new report from classification society Det Norske Veritas concludes that Norway's booming oil industry doesn't hurt fish, the country's other major export. … Marine biologist Egil Dragsund of DNV told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Friday [2/17/2006] that small amounts of toxic substances found in some fish don't stem from the oil industry.

Scientists Denounce Scaremongering Activists.  As London's Observer newspaper reported yesterday [9/19/2005], "Britain's leading poison experts united last week to denounce pressure groups for mounting a 'hysterical, scaremongering' campaign about dangerous chemicals in the environment."

Uninterrupted Gloom and Doom.  You will not want to buy State of the World 2005 unless you are worried that you have an overly optimistic personality and believe you need a bit of gloom and doom to bring you down.  Or perhaps you are a statistics junkie and like plenty of numbers, regardless of whether they are accurate or relevant.

The Environmentalists Are Wrong.  Why does the developed world worry so much about sustainability?  Because we constantly hear a litany of how the environment is in poor shape.  Natural resources are running out.  Population is growing, leaving less and less to eat.  Species are becoming extinct in vast numbers.  Forests are disappearing.  The planet's air and water are getting ever more polluted.  Human activity is, in short, defiling the earth — and as it does so, humanity may end up killing itself.  There is, however, one problem:  this litany is not supported by the evidence.

Report:  Forests Are Expanding Worldwide.  Forests are expanding throughout much of the world, according to a study reported November 14 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The study, "Returning Forests Analyzed with the Forest Identity," documents that in many parts of the world, there are more trees today than 100 years ago.  The net growth of forests has been particularly strong in developed countries.

JunkScience.com Announces Top Ten "Most Embarrassing Moments" of 2004.  This list spotlights dubious achievements and irresponsible claims made by health and environmental scientists.

Americans Still Cool On Warming.  How do Americans' global warming fears compare to other environmental concerns?  Consistent with previous years' results, the public ranks global warming almost last — 8 out of 10 different environmental concerns.  The percent of those who "worry a great deal" about specific environmental concerns was greatest for pollution of drinking water, toxic waste contamination, pollution of fresh water bodies, and fresh water for household needs.  Global warming came in [next], followed by species extinction and acid rain.  Even ozone depletion, although almost absent from the news since sometime last century, ranked above global warming.

Is Liquefied Natural Gas a disaster waiting to happen?  Consider its history.  In the last 60 years in the United States, only one person has died in an LNG-related accident.  Countries like Japan use LNG accident-free to get nearly all of their natural gas.  In 1995, LNG facilities in Kobe, Japan, went undamaged in an earthquake that registered 6.8 on the Richter scale!  Contrary to environmentalist propaganda, LNG is not an especially volatile, hazardous material — it is far less hazardous than many commonly used substances, such as propane, since it can become explosive and flammable only under rare conditions.

The tyranny of visions: part III.  Many dangerous impurities can be removed from water or air at costs that virtually everyone will agree are worth it.  But there is no such thing as "pure water" or "pure air," so the only real question is how far you want to go in removing impurities – and at what cost.  Impurities that are deadly at high concentrations can become harmless at sufficiently low concentrations.  In extremely minute traces, even arsenic has been found to have beneficial effects.

The asthma attack.  Name your pollutant, it's been dropping:  particulate matter, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, whatever.  Cleaner air — the result of regulation and improved technologies — should be hailed by environmentalists as one of their signature accomplishments.  Instead, they pretend it doesn't exist.

The Next Environmental Battleground:  Indoor Air.  Are we at great risk?  Probably not.  Human beings have always been exposed to carcinogens that occur naturally in the air we breathe and the food we eat.  If small quantities of carcinogens could kill us, the human race would have been extinct long ago.

The War on Meat:  For far too many years, we have been told that meat is bad for us.  But there is something buried in the human psyche that knows better.

America Is Not Facing an Unavoidable Energy Shortage.  The federal Energy Information Administration recently released a preliminary version of its Annual Energy Outlook 2005, and it paints a surprisingly optimistic picture for the decades ahead.

Legislation Produced In Response To Fear And Panic:  Increasingly, regulation of chemicals is being governed by political responses to public fear and hysteria rather than by careful, objective evaluations of the actual risks and benefits posed by the chemicals and their use.

Global Warming and Little Green Monsters:  Like Lenin, whose birthday is celebrated on Earth Day, modern environmentalists want power.  Green on the outside and red within, they'll do anything to get it, including burning buildings they don't like, planting lynx hair to get control of other people's land, and using junk science to close down legitimate businesses.  We haven't run out of food or raw materials as they predicted in the 1970s, or forests and space to put garbage as they predicted in the 1980s.

The Greens are lying again!  Anyone who reads green propaganda for more than a week or two will discover that the common denominator throughout the literature is misinformation — deliberate, and often outrageous, misinformation.

The Environmentalists Are Wrong:  We constantly hear a litany of how the environment is in poor shape.  Natural resources are running out.  Population is growing, leaving less and less to eat.  Species are becoming extinct in vast numbers.  Forests are disappearing.  The planet's air and water are getting ever more polluted.  Human activity is, in short, defiling the earth - and as it does so, humanity may end up killing itself.  There is, however, one problem:  this litany is not supported by the evidence.

The following synopsis came from this page.
Doom And Gloom Won't Sell Space.  Amongst the forecasts from the '70s were that the world would face massive drought from global cooling, the world ran out of enriched uranium 20 years ago, and out of oil 10 years ago, and by today, democracy and free economic markets have collapsed, as Germany and Japan have taken on superpower duties, running the world.  What crackpot published all these bad forecasts?  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The often-predicted peak that never happens...
Report:  'World at peak oil output'.  The world has reached the point of maximum oil output and production levels will halve by 2030 — a situation that will eventually lead to war and disaster, a report claims. … "It's a very serious result," said Hans-Josef Fell, a German lawmaker from the environmentalist Green Party who commissioned the report.

Wells 'will start running dry in 10 years'.  There is a "significant risk" global oil production could begin to decline in the next decade, researchers have warned.  The UK Energy Research Council (UKERC) said production of conventional oil could "peak" and go into terminal decline before 2020 — and warned the government was not facing up to the risk.

Finding Cancer Just About Everywhere:  New guidelines proposed last April [1996] by the Environmental Protection Agency would enable the agency to label virtually anything it wants as cancer-causing — regardless of what the science says, according to agency-watchers.  Critics say that while science has never been EPA's strong suit, past EPA cancer risk assessments were at least rooted in science by its traditional guidelines.

Cleaner Air Brings Dirtier Tricks.  Since 1970, the total national emissions of the six principal pollutants the EPA tracks have been cut 48 percent, even as energy consumption increased 42 percent and the population increased 38 percent.  Fine particle emissions, technically known as PM2.5 (because it refers to particulate matter 2.5 micrometers or smaller in size, about 1/30 the width of a human hair) have only been tracked since 1993, but by 2002 had fallen 17 percent.  In terms of air quality, they have only been measured since 1998 but by 2003 had dropped eight percent.

The Economic Value of Clean Air Compliance at Nuclear Power Plants.  Nuclear energy is a reliable, low-cost, emission-free energy source.  Nuclear energy provides affordable electricity for consumers.  Nuclear energy is also a source of reliable, low-cost electricity that attracts and supports business and industry, creating jobs.  And, nuclear energy is emission-free.  These facts represents real economic value for states and regions that have nuclear power plants.  The nation's nuclear power plants provide emission-free electricity to one out of every five homes and businesses.

The "Cancer Epidemic" that Never Was.  The culprit list is endless:  pesticides, power lines, cell phones, drinking water, food additives, plastic IV bags and rubber duckies, soap and shampoo, cosmetic products, even crayons.  You name it:  "Man-made" means "malignancy."

2001's green lies:  One of the great benefits of a free press is that it affords everyone an opportunity to access the news about the events of our times, but one of its great drawbacks is that it permits groups with hidden agendas to mask their goals by manipulating public opinion and policy.  With freedom comes the responsibility to be not merely informed, but to be able to discern truth from propaganda.

Honest Al He Isn't:  Don't Trust Al Gore on the Environment.  Vice President Gore is a fine one to talk about "deliberate attempts to mislead the public," as Gore himself is notorious for making inaccurate statements on environmental issues.

Lies, lies and more lies:  Chicken Little's "the sky is falling" story taught a generation of children not to make up stories that are untrue.  Unfortunately, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council and many other environmental organizations failed to learn the lesson.

French fries kill?  Almost no week goes by without a report on some food or environmental danger that can kill us.  It is quite remarkable that any of us are alive given our exposure to secondhand smoke, asbestos, lead in paint, cellular phones and seesaws; our ingesting alcohol, sugar, fat and arsenic-laden water; and our inhaling polluted air.

An antidote to chemophobia:  Understand the truth about chemicals, and you'll come away optimistic about food, nature, technology, and the future, says Dr. Alan Sweeney in his new book, Happy & Healthy in a Chemical World (1stBooks, 2001).  The nearly 200-page book is a must-read and handy reference for persons confronted with anti-technology double-speak.

Scientists Dump Cold Water on Environmental, Health Scares.  It's been a difficult couple of months for purveyors of junk science and others actively spreading scientific misinformation on environmental issues.  The unraveling began late last October when the New England Journal of Medicine reported on a meticulous study, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, which found no evidence that exposure to the chemicals DDT and PCBs is linked to breast cancer.

Misconceptions About the Causes of Cancer:  In standard cancer tests, rodents are given chronic, near-toxic doses.  Evidence is accumulating that cell division caused by the high dose itself, rather than the chemical per se, is increasing the carcinogenic effects and, therefore, the positivity rate.

A Morass of Wetlands Myths:  As with the alleged crises concerning global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, deforestation, biodiversity, and virtually every other supposed calamity the environmental lobby uses to foment public hysteria, the wetlands issue is mired in lies, fallacies, and myths.

Three Things to Know About Wetlands:  (#3) Wetlands regulations are expansive and onerous.  111.5 million acres of land in the U.S is currently covered by federal wetland regulations.  This is equivalent to a landmass larger than the state of California.  Under current federal law, landowners are not compensated when they lose the right to use their property due to wetlands regulations.

Wetlands a ticking 'carbon bomb'.  Northern wetlands, where permanently frozen soil locks up billions of tonnes of carbon, are at risk from climate change because warming is forecast to be more extreme at high latitudes, said Eugene Turner of Louisiana State University, a participant in the conference.  The melting of wetland permafrost in the Arctic and the resulting release of carbon into the atmosphere may be "unstoppable" in the next 20 years, but wetlands closer to the equator, like those in Louisiana, can be restored, he said.

Olympian Task to Bury Urban Myth on Asthma.  An urban myth has grown and continues to be passed on, in spite of warnings that ignorance and uncertainty about its foundation made it more ghost than genuine.

Book Debunks Synthetic Chemical, Pesticide Fears:  Cancer scares raised by the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental activist groups frequently focus on dangers posed by man-made chemicals.  A new book from the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute says that focus is wrong, because synthetic chemicals have little to do with human cancer.

Chemical toxicity:  A matter of massive miscalculation.  No matter how large the experiment or how great the margin of safety, one can never prove that a chemical — or any other factor in the environment, for that matter — is totally harmless.  We can only offer probabilities that there will, in fact, be no harm.  Absolute safety is the complete absence of harm … and it's a goal we can never achieve.

Rainforests are NOT the Lungs of the Planet.  There are many good and scientifically sound reasons for saving rainforest, but the fact that they are the "lungs of the planet" is not one of them.  In spite of their lush vegetation rainforests developed on very poor soils and most of their nutrients are located in the plants themselves or in the decomposing layer on top of the soil.  Only8% is located in the soil itself.

Envirobambaloozed:  Are the environmentalist lying and deliberately frightening us?  That's part of their strategy.

 Dubious:   DuPont in deep water over Teflon's hidden dangers.  Teflon has been hugely successful for DuPont, which over the last half-century has made the material almost ubiquitous, putting it not just on frying pans but also on carpets, fast-food packaging, clothing, eye-glasses and electrical wires — even the fabric roofs covering football stadiums.  Now DuPont has to worry that Teflon and the materials used to make it have perhaps become a bit too ubiquitous.  Teflon constituents have found their way into rivers, soil, wild animals and humans, according to company, government environmental officials and others.  Evidence suggests that some of the materials, known to cause cancer and other problems in animals, may be making people sick.

 Simply insane:   Some people believe that Microwaving Your Food Isn't Safe.

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