The Proposed Ground Zero Mosque

Muslims have always built mosques on the sites of their conquests.  The destruction of the World Trade Center's twin towers was just another in a never-ending series of Muslim victories.

The President of the United States, on August 13, 2010, endorsed the idea of a mosque at Ground Zero, cloaking the idea in "freedom of religion."  What would have been the reaction if a Republican president had endorsed the construction of a Christian cathedral at the same site?  The word theocracy would have been on the front page of every major U.S. newspaper the next morning.

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Mike Bloomberg:  "I Was Never Prouder" than When I Argued Muslims Have Every Right to Build a Mosque "Near the World Trade Center".  Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke today [3/2/2020] at the annual AIPAC Conference in Washington DC.  During his comments Mayor Bloomberg bragged about his greatest achievement while mayor:  "I was never prouder than when I stood in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty and argued that Muslims had every right to build a Mosque anywhere in our city, including near the World Trade Center."  So that's his greatest achievement?

Ground Zero Mosque grounded.  Remember all the shouting last summer about the Ground Zero Mosque?  68% of the country opposed the mosque, which automatically pushed liberals on the side of the mosque.  It marked the first time that liberals supported a religion.

The 9/11 Gazwa and the Cordoba Mosque.  I shall never forget that very sad morning in September nine years ago, when Arab-Muslims committed their Manhattan and Washington, D.C. Gazwa, leaving about three thousand innocent people murdered.  "Gazwa" is an Arab term used to indicate a successful attack upon the enemy or an invasion of enemy territory.

Radical Islam's conquest of America.  America is surrendering in the war against radical Islam.  This is the real meaning behind the decision to build a 13-story mosque and Muslim cultural center 600 feet from the site of ground zero.  A New York City panel gave the green light Tuesday for the project — despite intense resistance from many families of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.  Most New Yorkers and Americans do not want this mosque erected:  It will be a symbolic monument to the triumph of Islamism in the United States.

Not At Ground Zero.  The story of the proposed mosque at the site of the World Trade Center has been thoroughly misrepresented, as have the parties behind the project.  They present themselves as ambassadors of moderate Islam.  Daisy Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, says the project aims to put the Muslim community "at the front and center to start the healing."  Ms. Khan knows better, because she is also Mrs. Feisal Abdul Rauf, the wife of the main Islamic cleric behind the project.

Further Travels Of Imam Feisal.  While debate rages over plans for an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, the imam behind this project, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is not available to answer questions in New York.  Since locating the absent Rauf last week in Malaysia, I have now discovered that he's about to embark on a nearly month-long swing through the Middle East, with plans to visit Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.

Democrats startlingly silent on "ground zero mosque".  Yesterday [8/3/2010] President Obama's spokesman pointedly declined to take a position on the planned Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan, calling it a local issue.  In fact, prominent conservative opponents of what they call the "ground zero mosque" succeeded in elevating it into a national issue weeks ago.  And yet, Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn't commented.  Neither has Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Nor have many of the members of New York's supposedly liberal congressional delegation.

No mosque.  There is an awful lot of blowzy thought swirling around the proposed mosque to be raised two blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.  Frankly, I doubt that at any other time in our history, such a debate would be taking place.  People would know that when thugs intoning "Allahu Akbar" have slaughtered hundreds of innocent Americans on American soil, it is inappropriate to raise a mosque nearby.  The majority of Americans alive today know this.  Polling indicates that with them, it is a nonstarter.

The Mosques of War.  [Scroll down]  After the conquest of Mecca in the year 630, Muhammad transformed the Black Stone in the Ka'aba, which ancient pagan Arabs had worshiped, into the paramount Islamic holy place.  It became known as the Masjid al-Haram, or Sacred Mosque.  During the Arab invasions of neighboring lands in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond, under the new banner of Islam, numerous synagogues and churches were converted into mosques.  In Damascus, Syria, the church of St. John is now known as the Umayyad Mosque.  Also in Syria, the mosque of Job was originally a church.  The Islamic tide swept into Egypt, and many Christian Coptic churches were converted into mosques.  From North Africa, the conquests continued into Spain and Portugal, where again churches were converted into mosques.

The Manhattan Mosque and Women.  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the ACLU, and the go-along-to get-along throng who support building a massive mosque at Ground Zero need to explain why they're okay with a Shariah version of Jim Crow laws for women in America.  Are they ignorant or just indifferent to backers of the mosque who promote Shariah law as compatible with U.S. law?

The Mosque's Imam Is A "Moderate" But Abe Foxman Is A Bigot?  I trust the Imam and the Muslims at the new Ground Zero "Cordoba" mosque to tell me the truth of what they think about Israel and the United States.  After 9/11, the Imam said America shared responsibility for the destruction of the World Trade Center.  Now, that same imam refuses to condem Hamas.

Muslims Speak Out Against the Ground Zero Mosque.  In the Ottawa Citizen published on August 7, 2010, two Canadian Muslims write that "Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation."  Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, both authors in their own right, sit on the board of the Muslim Canadian Congress. ... Raza and Fatah go on to say that "we Muslims know the idea behind the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation to thumb our noses at the infidel.  The proposal has been made in bad faith and in Islamic parlance, such an act is referred to as "Fitna," meaning "mischief-making" that is clearly forbidden in the Koran."

Greg Gutfeld To Open A Gay Bar Next To Ground Zero Mosque.  No, this is not a joke.  In fact, it is instead one of the most brilliant pieces of provocations in recent years.  Greg Gutfeld from Fox News' Red Eye announced today via his blog that he is actively speaking to investors and plans on opening a gay bar next to the controversial mosque being built near Ground Zero in New York.

Free Speech Lawsuit:  NYC Bans "911 Images".  It seems that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invokes certain freedoms only when they serve his 2012 agenda — and freedom of speech is not high on his list. ... Last month, I signed a contract with CBS Outdoor to run a "Preservation of Ground Zero" bus ad campaign.  The campaign was paid for in full. ... The ad was refused.  When I asked on what grounds, CBS Outdoor told me that the city said that "images of 911 were not allowed."  I was floored.  I said, "It is American history.  How can it be banned?  What about Pearl Harbor?  Is that censored too?  On what grounds are 911 images banned?

NY bus ad showing mosque, burning Twin Towers OK'd.  New York City's transit agency has approved a bus advertisement that depicts a plane flying toward the World Trade Center's towers as they burn along with a rendering of a proposed mosque near ground zero.

Tax dollars to build mosques.  The State Department is sending Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf — the mastermind of the Ground Zero Mosque — on a trip through the Middle East to foster "greater understanding" about Islam and Muslim communities in the United States.  However, important questions are being raised about whether this is simply a taxpayer-funded fundraising jaunt to underwrite his reviled project, which is moving ahead in Lower Manhattan.

Greg Gutfeld, genius.  The irony is thick enough to cut with a knife.  Park51 developers are offended at Gutfeld's idea and have now called on him to "consider the sensibilities of Muslims."  How would one do that exactly when making a bar targeting openly gay Islamic men?  Perhaps building a butcher shop or a women's swimwear store right next door would do the trick.

Ground Zero Mosque is Not a Religious Freedom Issue.  After the New York City Landmarks Commission voted unanimously last Tuesday to deny landmark status to 45 Park Place, thus clearing the way for the construction of an Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg framed the entire controversy as an issue of religious freedom.  But he is ignoring some of the key issues that make this less a question of religious freedom and more one of whether or not Islamic supremacism is going to advance unimpeded in the United States.

The Inkblot Mosque.  [Scroll down]  On the other hand, for the Americans who believe that Islam is a barbaric throwback, and who believe the vast majority of Muslims calling themselves 'moderates' will not only not resist but actively assist when sharia (Islamic law) comes creeping into our social fabric, as it has in the UK, and who have lost loved ones in the far-flung wars against "extremism," the Inkblot Mosque is a symbol for the looming specter of the enslavement of the United States, the suicidal 'tolerance' of Americans for the intolerant, and the funeral dirge of a society slowly slouching towards Gomorrah.

The State Department's Islamic Supremacist.  It's unbelievable but true: the imam of the projected Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is on a grand tour to Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates — paid for by the U.S. State Department with taxpayer money.  The State Department confirmed Tuesday [8/10/2010] that they were sending Rauf on this mission.

The Ground Zero Mosque and Conquest.  Having worked in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and the home of its most extreme form, Wahhabism, I was shocked that a New York City neighborhood community board, in its ignorance, recently voted 29 to 1 to support a request to build a mosque and a Muslim center near Ground Zero.  Muslims have always built mosques on the sites of their conquests.

Ground Zero Mosque Goes Radioactive.  The latest assault of the stealth jihadists has suddenly gone national.  And so has the push-back by freedom-loving Americans.  With help from two of our country's most prominent leaders — former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich — Americans are being alerted to a truly horrifying prospect:  The site where nearly 3,000 of our countrymen were murdered on September 11, 2001 is at risk of being defiled by a 13-story, $100 million megamosque.

NYC Imam Needs Deporting.  The New York City imam at the center of a controversial mosque-building project makes an interesting case for restoring ideological exclusion.  Feisal Abdul Rauf has been a Muslim imam in New York for 25 years and chairs the Cordoba Initiative.  The initiative acts as a vocal apologist for Muslim excesses and an advocate for a Muslim political agenda.  He is also a key player in the proposal to build an Islamic center with a mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site...

Why the Ground Zero Mosque Must Be Stopped.  Planting a mosque just two blocks from where Muslims murdered Americans on 9/11 in the name of Islam is a huge slap in the face.  Why shouldn't Muslims be sensitive enough to realize that a huge mosque planted right near the horrific wound to the U.S. created at Ground Zero by Muslims is outrageous to us?  They claim a right to be insulted by cartoons mocking their prophet, even to the point of beheading people.

Obama's Ramadan White House Bow to Islam.  Obama's strategy for fight has been his ongoing battle against ordinary Americans, and that fight has been stylized by lobbing insults at the constituency (usually on Friday nights) before departing for another vacation or golf game.

Obama's Ramadan Delusions.  This year's Ramadan message from Barack Obama is the latest in a long line of warmly complimentary communications that he has addressed to the Islamic world over the last eighteen months.  Reciprocally warm and friendly greetings have yet to arrive from those to whom Obama has addressed these messages, but the President appears undaunted.  Eighteen months into his presidency, he seems to be clinging more determinedly than ever to the idea that soft words about Islam will turn away the jihad — despite the total lack of confirming evidence.

Kneeling Before Holy Jihad.  Led by the National Council of Churches (NCC), the Religious Left is backing the proposed Ground Zero Islamic Center while denouncing the mosque's skeptics as "hateful."  Revealingly, the statement endorsed by 40 religious "leaders" is relatively narrowly comprised of top NCC officials, left-wing Catholics, Muslim groups, and mostly second-tier Jewish groups, plus J Street.

Obama Defends Plan for Mosque Near Ground Zero.  President Barack Obama defended the plan to build a mosque near the site of the 2001 terror attacks in New York, telling Muslim guests at a Ramadan dinner at the White House that the nation's commitment to freedom of religion "must be unshakable."  Mr. Obama's remarks came after weeks of the White House sidestepping the debate that has roiled New York and the nation since developers announced plans to build a $100 million, 13-story mosque and Islamic cultural center just two blocks from the World Trade Center site.

Obama Sides with Ground Zero Mosque Builders vs. Americans.  Obama has shown his true sentiments now, after weeks of concealing them, on an issue of deep significance not only to the families and loved ones of 3,000 slaughtered Americans but also to the vast majority of his fellow citizens.  He has once again revealed himself to be divorced from the values and concerns of his countrymen.

Obama backs new 'Ground Zero' mosque near site of September 11 disaster.  President Barack Obama has come out in favour of allowing a mosque to be built near the site of the former World Trade Centre, destroyed nine years ago by Islamic extremists in hijacked airliners. ... The Obama administration had not taken a stand previously on the mosque, which would be part of a $100 million Islamic center to be built two blocks from where the disaster took place.

The First Un-American President.  "As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country." — Barack Hussein Obama, spoken at a White House dinner to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan! ... This statement regarding the defiling of Ground Zero, favoring a mosque where the same religion that spawned the 9/11 killers would be preached, may finally convince the deniers that Obama is and always has been a Muslim.

More evidence that Obama is a Muslim.

Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site.  President Obama delivered a strong defense on Friday night [8/13/2010] of a proposed Muslim community center and mosque near ground zero in Manhattan, using a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan to proclaim that "as a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country."

Obama's Ground Zero Mosque.  At a White House celebration of Ramadan tonight in the company of representatives of several of the Nation's most prominent Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, President Obama announced his strong support for one of their most immediate objectives:  the construction of a mega-mosque and "cultural center" at Ground Zero.  In so doing, he publicly embraced the greatest tar-baby of his presidency.

Legitimate Questions for the President.  Mr. President, should they or should they not build a mosque steps away from where radical Islamists killed 3000 people?  Please tell us your position.  We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they?  And, no, this is not above your pay grade.

Palin's Point:  President Obama, with his back-to-back statements on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, has managed to get himself in a position where Sarah Palin has both the high ground and the practical route to progress.

Islam Means the End of Religious Freedom.  At an Iftar dinner in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama proclaimed that he supports the building of the Ground Zero mosque as part of his "unshakable commitment to religious freedom".  Which of course sounds very noble and good, until you ask a single question, Where is the religious freedom in the Muslim world?

Barack Obama, Apologist-in-Chief.  President Obama's speech on the occasion of the Ramadan dinner in the White House presents difficulties that are becoming his trademark.  Why does he find it necessary to be an apologist for Islam?  He started it in his speech in Cairo a couple of years back, which also had elements that were downright creepy.  Now he justifies the building of a mosque at Ground Zero because Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else.  This is obviously true, but a mosque in this site of mass murder committed by Muslims is not about freedom of worship, it is a statement of supremacy and conquest.

How stupid does Obama think we are?  Pretty stupid.  Already getting trounced in the polls, Democrats are reeling over the President's decision to side with the Muslim Brotherhood over the American people by endorsing the Ground Zero mosque.  So he's trying to close Pandora's Box.

Let the backpedaling begin!
Under Fire, Obama Clarifies Support for Ground Zero Mosque.  President Obama on Saturday [8/14/2010] sought to clarify his comments supporting the building of a mosque near ground zero that have ignited a political firestorm ahead of a difficult election season for Democrats.

9/11 relatives group blasts mosque support.  A group representing relatives of victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on Saturday roundly condemned President Barack Obama's support of a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero.

No, Mr. President — We're not traumatized.  Penetrating commentary on President Obama's remarks last night on Islam, 9/11, and Ground Zero is already available.  The lawyers at Powerline dissect Obama's high-flown rhetoric...

An Awful President, A Worse Theologian.  [Scroll down]  This is revealing:  the ultimate destination of multiculturalism is platitudinous stupidity.  All religions, Obama tells us, are really the same, and can be summed up in the Golden Rule.  Actually, there is no religion that can be reduced to the Golden Rule, least of all Islam.  Islam does not enjoin believers to do unto infidels as you would have infidels do unto you.  On the contrary!  Islam tells its followers to subdue infidels; to kill them; to, at best, reduce them to dhimmitude.  The Golden Rule is antithetical to Islam.

Hillary and the Ground Zero Mosque Imam.  It is time for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to step up to the plate and investigate Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, who is currently touring the Middle East at the expense of American Taxpayers as an envoy of her Department of State.  Claudia Rossett, one of America's premier journalists, today reveals several disturbing facts that more than warrant an official investigation.

Obama's Clintonian speech pulls rug from under mosque supporters.  When President Obama used the occasion of the White House Ramadan iftar dinner to announce his support for the Ground Zero mosque, some of his partisans rushed to praise what they viewed as a ringing endorsement of the controversial project. ... The problem was, just hours after the speech, Obama began to back away from his clarion call.  I wasn't defending the mosque project, he explained.  I was just defending the right of Muslims to build "a place of worship and a community center" on private property in Lower Manhattan.

Two days later...
Obama's "forceful" support of Ground Zero Mosque already changing.  Doesn't the look on Obama's face in today's Drudge Report cover story, detailing that Obama is "forcefully" approving the Ground Zero Mosque, say it all?  In the caption of the Drudge photo, Obama in effect, wishes us all "As-Salumu Alaykum" from the White House.  At least he's not shouting "Alu Akbar!"  Yet.

Obama Okays Victory Mosque.  Americans are aghast that the president approves of the construction of a Victory Mosque by a pro-terrorism imam six hundred feet from Ground Zero.  Revolting, yes.  Shocking, no.  One thing we know about Barack Obama is that he is committed to ruling in direct opposition to three-fourths of the American people on all core issues.

Obama mosque retreat.  President Obama carefully backpedaled on his support for building a mosque near Ground Zero, saying yesterday that he was merely defending the legal right to religious freedom — but not giving the project his stamp of approval.

Obama Apologizes for Stupid Americans' Opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque.  It's amazing that Obama lacked the foresight to see that supporting the construction of a $100 million mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero, something that 70% of Americans oppose, won't end well.  But I guess when your closest advisors are Valerie Jarrett the slumlord, Robert Gibbs the clown, Rham Emmanuel the communist, and Michelle Obama the millionaire's wife, equating "religious freedom" with an Islamic cultural center whose purpose is to promote Sharia law is the kind of progressive garbage you get.

Unshakeable Bam's latest shaky stand.  Thanks for nothing, Mr. President.  Now we know how Arizona feels.  First Obama stood with the president of Mexico as he bashed Americans as bigots for exercising their right of democracy on illegal immigration.  Now he stands with the developers of a mega-mosque near Ground Zero that, outside of Mayor Bloomberg, few New Yorkers want.

Muslim leaders to abandon plans for Ground Zero community center.  Insiders say Muslim spiritual leaders behind the controversial initiative are considering giving up on the former World Trade Center location, in a gesture of appeasement.

Reid breaks with Obama, comes out against Ground Zero mosque.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said an Islamic center shouldn't be built near the site of the 9/11 attacks.  Reid, who is locked in a tough reelection campaign, broke with President Obama in calling for the New York center to be built somewhere else.

Kelo at Ground Zero.  Building the mosque means that two commercial buildings on which New York City now levies real estate taxes will be replaced by a house of worship on which the city will not levy real estate taxes.  Meanwhile, New York City is so short of tax revenues that it has been reducing the number of teachers in its schools, not hiring police and firemen needed to protect its citizens, delaying infrastructure repairs and cutting back on social services for the poor.

White House tries to move on from debate over controversial N.Y. mosque.  Many Republicans appear intent on making the comments a midterm election issue.  But now that the president has had his say, the White House communications shop is looking to move on, according to spokesman Bill Burton.

Obama backtracks over Ground Zero mosque.  Barack Obama has backtracked over his support for plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero.  The U.S. President was hit by a furious backlash from victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks after he backed the highly controversial plans in a speech on Friday.

The Dutch Connection:  The Funding of the Ground Zero Mosque, Part 1.  The organization behind the proposed Cordoba Initiative — more commonly known as the Ground Zero mosque — is the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA).  As reported previously, the government of the Netherlands has been implicated in the funding of ASMA — $500,000 and $1,000,000 respectively, in separate instances — and thus can be considered a co-financier of the Ground Zero mosque.

Republicans Fault Obama for Endorsing Mosque Construction Near Ground Zero.  House Republican leader John Boehner (Ohio) says the decision to build a mosque two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11 terror attacks in lower Manhattan is "deeply troubling" — and so is President Barack Obama's decision to "endorse" the mosque construction.

Obama backtracks on ground zero mosque controversy.  Weighing his words carefully on a fiery political issue, President Barack Obama said Saturday that Muslims have the right to build a mosque near New York's ground zero, but he did not say whether he believes it is a good idea to do so.  Obama commented during a trip to Florida, where he expanded on a Friday night White House speech asserting that Muslims have the same right to freedom of religion as everyone else in America.

Obama Fumbles Mosque Question.  'Let me be clear," Pres. Barack Obama said at Friday night's iftar dinner at the White House before making what nearly everyone took to be a deeply felt endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque. ... "As a citizen, and as president," Obama said, "I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.  That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances."

You've Lost America, Mr. President.  The true intentions of the mosque builders were revealed when they turned down NY Governor David Patterson's offer of state land in return for re-locating the mosque away from Ground Zero.  They refused.  That this "factoid" was seemingly irrelevant to the president speaks volumes.  It is worth remembering this is the same president who belittled ordinary Americans for "clinging" to religion.  I guess Muslims "clinging" to a location that infuriates the overwhelming majority of Americans is perfectly fine, even after it's been revealed for the rankly provocative plan it truly is.

The pro-mosque left has no principles.
Is Harry Reid Un-American?.  President Obama's pratfall over the Ground Zero mosque has provoked a lot of commentary to the effect that the White House lacks "message discipline" and the president speaks in a condescending and elitist tone.  These criticisms are true, but they should not detract from the substantive deficiency of the pro-mosque left.  What purports to be a principled stance is in fact nothing of the sort.

Who is Funding Alexi Giannoulias?  The Ground Zero mosque controversy has reawakened concerns about some Islamic Centers in the United States and their funding sources.  As Claudia Rosett recently noted, we really don't know where Feisal Abdul Rauf found $100 million to fund his mega-project in lower Manhattan.

Arab TV Director:  Ground Zero Mosque would be 'Monument' for Terrorists.  The director of Al-Arabiya TV, a popular Arab-language news station, wrote that "Muslims never asked for" the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, and "do not care about its construction," in a column for London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on Aug. 16.

What About the Ground Zero Church?  The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America accused New York officials on Tuesday [8/17/2010] of turning their backs on the reconstruction of the only church destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks, while the controversial mosque near Ground Zero moves forward.

Our Clueless Professor.  Have we ever had a president so disconnected from the heart of America?  On Friday night, at a White House iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast, Obama strode directly into the blazing controversy over whether a mosque should be built two blocks from Ground Zero.

Ground Zero Sum Game.  Yes, America was founded on the principles of religious freedom, but practicing religion isn't the issue.  Unlike Christians and Jews in most Muslim nations, Muslims in America are free to practice their faith.  The issue is whether they use that freedom to ultimately undermine freedom for people of different faiths, or no faith.  It isn't America's obligation to demonstrate our tolerance, as if by doing so those within Islam who wish to destroy us will ultimately transform into religious pluralists.  It is their obligation to demonstrate their own tolerance in the face of much evidence of Islamic intolerance and violence by radicals.

The President Distorts Arguments on Ground Zero Mosque.  In the process of his unfolding explanations, the president seemed to be arguing with phantoms, or with straw men.  None of the prominent critics of Cordoba House deny that Muslims deserve the same freedom as other religious groups to build houses of worship to serve their adherents.  But no faith community can use religious liberty as an excuse to build whatever they want wherever they want it.

The Ever 'Present' Obama.  When he was in the Illinois legislature, Barack Obama developed a reputation for voting "present" on tough issues rather than taking a firm stand.  "In the Illinois state Senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times 'present,'" said Hillary Rodham Clinton in one of her debates with Mr. Obama.  "That's not yes, that's not no.  That's maybe."  Some political observers were reminded of that record over the weekend as the White House struggled with what seemed like two different positions on the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York.

The Beginning of the End of the Ground Zero Mosque.  A column (h/t, MEMRI) in the August 16, 2010 London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, director of Al-Arabiya TV and the paper's former editor, "A House of Worship or a Symbol of Destruction?"  should mean the end of plans for a mosque near Ground Zero.  Mr. Al-Rashid supports President Obama's stand for the mosque in principle (as he supports Obama-like or even beyond-Obama-like policies with respect to the Middle East).  He's no neocon.  But his practical case against building the mosque is irrefutable.

Just the Facts, Imam.  A Muslim terrorist attack damaged a building, allowing Muslims to pick it up for a fraction of the price, in order to build a mosque on the spot.  Some people might say that sort of thing is tacky.  A little like coming by to make an offer on the house, after your cousin murdered the entire family who lived there.  Sure, you might claim that you're not responsible, but it just doesn't look good.

Standing on a landmine.  Obama's stance on the Ground Zero mosque should signal to Israel that the president is so wed to his ideology that he will push it regardless of political conditions.  US President Barack Obama's warm endorsement of the plan to build a mosque by the ruins of the World Trade Center tells Israel — and its enemies — everything we need to know about the president of the United States of America.

Bam to New York:  Drop Dead!  Some New Yorkers literally did drop dead nine years ago, because they chose to end their lives by falling from the top floors of the World Trade Towers rather than wait for the inferno to kill them by burning and asphyxiation.  President Obama's Friday night declaration of support for the Ground Zero Mosque was a giant middle finger aimed at New Yorkers and America.

Obama's flimflammery in the name of faith.  Barack Obama, like all flimflam men, is a master of words.  But unlike the best of the flimflam men, he can't keep his stories straight.

Why Stop at a Muslim Gay Bar?  Greg Gutfeld created quite a stir when he suggested building a bar catering to gay Muslim men next to the proposed Cordoba House (read: 9/11 victory mosque).  But why?  The simple answer is that criticizing Islam is incredibly taboo.  But more paradoxically, criticizing Islam in a way that legitimately shows its intolerance and barbarous abuse of human rights around the world appears to be even more off-limits.

President Obama's Mosquerade.  At a Ramadan Iftar dinner at the White House, the president says building a mosque near Ground Zero is just a real estate deal.  Of course, 9/11 was just a "man-caused disaster."  So is his presidency.

The Cynical Brilliance of Imam Rauf.  Almost everything about the proposed Ground Zero mosque was cynically brilliant.  Start with the notion of a "Cordoba Initiative."  In the elite modern Western mind, Cordoba has been transmogrified into a mythical Lala Land of interfaith tolerance.  To invoke the city is to prove one's ecumenical credentials.

Nancy Pelosi calls for investigation into opponents of Ground Zero Mosque.  The most powerful woman in government "join[s] those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded."  KCBS radio in San Francisco interviewed the Speaker. ... Pelosi made a fool of herself calling the tea parties "Astroturf," and this remark is, if anything, even stupider.

The Media and the Mega-Mosque.  It was deceptive.  At a White House dinner with Muslims celebrating Ramadan, Barack Obama finally weighed in on the Ground Zero mosque controversy.  Incredibly, he lectured Americans about the religious freedom of Muslims "that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan."  Those were prepared remarks, a clear and very deliberate effort to skirt the issue.  But this time, it was blatantly sophomoric, too.

Pelosi's poison.  The San Francisco Democrat (actually, San Francisco roots explain a lot) wants to form up a posse and set off after the evildoers fomenting opposition to the Ground Zero mosque.  "There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some," she told a hometown radio interview Tuesday. ... Now, if she succeeded in rounding up the obvious suspects, polls suggest she'd have more than 60 percent of the American public in custody.

A speaker, not a listener.  These can't be easy times for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  But even the prospect of a crushing defeat in November, and the related recriminations from within her caucus (which probably have already commenced), can't explain her call for an investigation regarding protests against the building of the Ground Zero Mosque.

The incremental Islamization of America.  According to polls, nearly seventy percent of Americans are against building a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.  They instinctively understand that it's offensive to build a mosque near the ground where radical Islamists perpetrated the worst domestic attack in American history. ... Rather than debating whether or not Muslims should be allowed to build a mosque at Ground Zero (they have a Constitutional right to do so), we should be questioning why they insist on building it in that exact location.

What Objection to the Ground Zero Mosque Is Not.  Liberals who two years ago abandoned their humdrum lives to become career alarmists about Sarah Palin's Pentecostalism now wish to be taken seriously as misty-eyed champions of America's tolerance of diverse faiths.

Critics attack State Department program sponsoring Ground Zero imam's trip.  Amidst the contentious debate surrounding the building of a mosque and Islamic community center at Ground Zero, it was revealed that the imam behind the project — Feisal Abdul Rauf — will soon be departing on a State Department-sponsored trip to the Middle East — and American taxpayers will be footing the bill.

Who's in charge of the State Department these days?  Hillary Clinton.

Muslim mosque-teers.  There are no words to express the outrage Americans would have expressed if the Japanese government had proposed to build a memorial to their fallen soldiers at Pearl Harbor immediately following World War II.  We can only hope President Truman would have ordered our military to carpet-bomb and firebomb the Japanese again for being so rude and stupid.  Slice it any way you want, but the Muslim community is being tremendously rude and stupid for wanting to build a mosque so close to Ground Zero in New York City.

AP Orders Staff:  'Stop Using the Phrase "Ground Zero Mosque"'.  In an unusual move, the Associated Press has publicly released an advisory memo to its reporters on how to cover of the Ground Zero mosque story — and the first rule is that journalists must immediately stop calling it the "Ground Zero mosque" story.

Iran cash might fund Ground Zero mosque.  The developers of the Ground Zero mosque are refusing to flat out reject cash for the project from Holocaust-denying Iranian nuke nut Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  "I can't comment on that" was the reply of mosque spokesman Oz Sultan yesterday when asked specifically if the fund-raising would extend to Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Democrats Looking for a Way out of the Mosque Mess.  President Obama may not regret his decision to jump into the Ground Zero mosque controversy, but many of his fellow Democrats seem to feel differently.  As more Democrats are ensnared in the controversy, pressure is building on the White House to solve the problem the president created with his remarks.

Cordoba mosque protest rally Sunday near Ground Zero.  A grassroots coalition of groups opposing the Cordoba House Islamic center and mosque's placement at Ground Zero will protest its construction Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Park 51 site, on the northeast corner of West Broadway.

Report of Investigation Park 51.  What do "global warming," "global governance" and "sustainable development" have to do with the proposed "Ground Zero mosque?"  One would think absolutely nothing; however investigation into the money, organizations and people behind the project has uncovered some revealing and disturbing connections.  An extensive analysis of these findings provides the missing insight into the larger agenda, motives and modus operandi associated with what is now known as the Park51project.  It also reveals the reasons behind the persistence of the insipid and insulting project and why it remains viable in the face of such visceral opposition.

Background of Cordoba House/Park 51 New York mosque revealed on radio show.  Master Private Investigator Doug Hagmann has done it again.  He has pieced together an intricate web of movements and money trails behind this New York mosque and poster child for this project, Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf.

Erection of a Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero is an Insult to All Americans.  Since the very first mention of the erection of a Muslim Mosque almost on top of the ground desecrated by Muslims in an attack to destroy Amerrica's financial capabilities by fire-bombing the World Trade Center's two skyscraper buildings, Obama and his favorite people on earth, the Muslims, have been lying about their plans for the new edifice.

Which Islam Will Prevail in America?  The real battle for religious freedom lurks beneath the Ground Zero mosque controversy.  It is sadly ironic that our public debate presents the mosque proponents as the partisans of liberty:  That includes everyone from imam Feisal Rauf, the project's sharia-touting sponsor, to President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, and the rest of the Islamist-smitten Left, to the GOP's own anti-anti-terrorist wing.  Yet, wittingly or not, when they champion this mosque and its sponsors, it is the agenda of an alien and authoritarian Islam that they champion — an Islam against which many American Muslims chafe.

'Ground Zero' imam on Mideast tour to make Islam 'Americanized'.  The imam behind the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero surfaced yesterday far from the controversy — in Bahrain, where he's on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Middle East to spread good will.  Appearing in public for the first time in weeks, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, speaking at a mosque near Bahrain's capital of Manama, said he wants to "Americanize" Islam — but dodged questions about the uproar over his planned mosque and community center.

Are those who want a mosque at Ground Zero, Ameriphobes?  It is hard to believe that liberal politicians and some media are saying that those who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero are using the issue to divert attention away from real issues like the economy.  They have labeled the naysayers as Islamophobes:  a term that has less meaning today than ever before.  Here's why.

Standing for Freedom Against Pelosi.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent threat to "investigate those opposing the mosque" at Ground Zero is indicative of how sick our once-free society has become.  Clearly her remarks were directed at those of us who are leading the opposition to the gross offense and humiliation of the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque.  But more than that, it is a direct threat to the 70% of Americans vehemently opposed to the mosque.

Did someone mention Nancy Pelosi?

Stuck on Stupid.  Aside from their general ineptitude, President Barack Obama, New York City Michael Bloomberg, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, three of the most influential politicians in the country, have something else in common:  they are completely and utterly wrong on the Ground Zero Mosque debate.

Obama Backing Mosque Defies Religious Freedom.  As the emotional debate over building the Ground Zero Mosque continues, President Obama announced his support for the Muslim initiative. ... In citing the need to preserve "the writ of our Founders," Obama ignores history and a major concern about Islam cited by two of our Founding Fathers.  He also fails to grasp the concept that religious tolerance does not mean embracing religious intolerance.

Obama's Muslim Outreach.  It has been clear to all from the start that religious freedom has never been the issue with the Ground Zero mosque.  Beyond that, and according to an Aug. 6-10 CNN Poll, 68% of Americans oppose construction of the mosque with 29% favoring construction.  If the Muslim community — 1.3% of the U.S. population — were sincere about promoting religious tolerance in the United States, one would think it would demonstrate that by showing enough discretion to build the mosque elsewhere.  Unless promoting religious tolerance is not really the issue.

Islam is the New Communism.  Paul Hsieh wrote an excellent article about America's weakness in regards to the war against terrorists.  However, he claimed that the mosque is distracting us from the real issue of Iran's nuclear weapons program.  I respectfully disagree.  The real issue is that we are fighting a war with Islam.  The mosque, rather than distracting America, has brought her full attention to it.

Speaker of the Institutionalized.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a national embarrassment with a long train of gaffes and abuses. ... Pelosi told a San Francisco radio station on Tuesday [8/24/2010] that she wants to know who's funding those opposed (make that nearly 70 percent of Americans) to building a mega mosque at Ground Zero.

A De Facto Affirmative Action Program For Islam.  The planned building of that mosque at Ground Zero — the story that should not and will not go away — has reopened a national wound.  The in-your-face-absurdity of the whole thing is missed only by elitist politicians and those willfully blind to history, not to mention clear and present danger.  The poster child for such nefarious naiveté has to be New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

The No-Go Mojo Man.  Nowhere is Obama's lack of metaphoric testosterone clearer than in his tack with the Ground Zero mosque issue.  Obama said that the mosque should be built because this is a simple "freedom of religion" issue, which of course is false — the mosque can be built anywhere, just not on the secular holy site that is Ground Zero. ... The real issue here is the one Obama did not address:  the responsibility of Islamism for the 9/11 attacks, and the association between the Muslims backing the Ground Zero mosque and Islamist ideology.

Imam Thanks Obama.  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf used his taxpayer-funded Mideast tour yesterday to praise President Obama's qualified support for the mosque near Ground Zero.  "I am grateful to President Barack Obama and all those who expressed support for our project," Abdul Rauf said at a dinner for student leaders in the Gulf state of Bahrain, the Gulf Daily News in Bahrain reported.

Is Obama 'American Enough'?  The good news for President Obama is that this week is likely to be better for him than last week was.  The bad news?  Last week!  A week so bad, as we observed Friday, that the president ended it by clinging to his religion as the media revived the stupid-people-think-he's-Muslim trope.  This, of course, was the result of his decision at the end of the previous week to weigh in on, then run away from, the debate over the Ground Zero mosque.

Talk About a Cartoon Controversy.  Why is no one questioning the media's sham portrait of the Cordoba House/Park 51 mosque detractors?  On Sunday, the New York Times' Frank Rich leveled a flurry of nasty accusations at those on "the neocon and the Fox News Right" who object to the placement of the mosque near Ground Zero.  He substantiated none of them.

The document that should stop the Islamic "Victory Mosque".  Racists, Xenophobes and bigots.  Those are just a few terms used to describe the opponents of the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero.  These characterizations could possibly be avoided, however, by more fact-based protest.  To date, defenders of the center seemed undeterred, despite all that is know about the project front man.  Look just a bit deeper.

The Sharia Law Victory Mosque Must Go.  I'm getting pretty peeved by likes of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Time Magazine, the mainstream media and every other liberal jerk out there claiming the 70% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque are a bunch of ignorant bigots.

The Mosque Is About Submission Not Tolerance.  The Muslim sponsors of the 11-story, $100 million Cordoba House, to be built just blocks from ground zero, claim it will serve as a bridge between Islam and the West.  But its construction is inciting a level of anger that can only serve to mute potential dialog and, most sense that its location is really meant as provocation and humiliation.

When It Comes to the Ground Zero Mosque: 'Truth Is the New Hate Speech'.  The left is dismissive of the grief and offense caused by the prospect of a victory mosque at Ground Zero.  The left is contemptuous of how 9/11 families and the majority of Americans feel; they're sick in their fierce rush to erect the mosque.  They're even trying to blame me for America's natural and logical response to an Islamic supremacist mosque being built on a site that was part of the 9/11 attack.  The Geller hit pieces have been coming fast and furious and obvious, as if discrediting me will make the pain and anger over the mosque go away.

One Mosque at a Time.  In 630 AD, Muslims captured Islam's holiest city, Mecca.  It was there that a mosque was erected at the Ka'aba on the site of a building built by Abraham, the Judeo-Christian Old Testament father of faith.  Muslims honor Patriarch Abraham for siring desert-dweller Ishmael, son of slave woman Hagar.  Muslims claimed Abraham for Islam by building a mosque around the original Abrahamic structure, encircling the building and calling it the Masjid al-Haram.  In the 7th century, when Islam triumphed over Damascus, the Church of Saint John the Baptist (believed to enshrine the head of the baptizer) was destroyed and replaced with a mosque. ... Most notably, the struggle for religious dominance continues between the Muslims and the Jewish seed of Isaac on what was once the Jewish Temple Mount, site of Solomon's Temple.

The Mosque.  This will be short and to the point.  Of course there should be no mosque built in New York City near the site we call simply Ground Zero — the place where once stood two towering buildings filled with life and people and commerce.  All disappeared at the hands of some fanatically driven Muslims nine years ago and now it's just an empty place called Ground Zero.  And — incredibly — some think it would be a good idea to build a mosque and an Islamic community center very close by.  A mosque, of course, is a place of worship exclusively for members of the very religion in whose name the twin towers were attacked and the people massacred.  To most of us this is unthinkable.

Cowardice Behind Support Of Ground Zero Mosque.  The very idea of having a mosque built close to Ground Zero — where thousands of innocent people were murdered by Islamic radicals — would have been inconceivable in an age of sanity.  Instead, liberal politicians such as Mayor Bloomberg and State Attorney General Cuomo are bending over backward to turn this into a religious rights issue.  Why?  Because they're cowards.

Cashing In On Ground Zero.  Among the prime planners of a $100 million Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero, it's not just Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who is visiting the Middle East this summer at U.S. taxpayer expense.  The State Department is also about to send Rauf's wife and Cordoba Initiative fellow director, Daisy Khan, on her own taxpayer-funded "public diplomacy" trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Mosque's Saudi Patron.  New dots are emerging from the probe into who's behind the Ground Zero mosque, and the radical Muslim Brotherhood is coming into view.

Obama is Making Everybody Angry.  It's almost as if President Obama's agenda includes provoking anger at himself.  Taking opposite sides over a two-day span, Obama first indicated opposition to the building of a mosque on the edge of Manhattan's Ground Zero, and the next day opposed the idea.  After voicing his support Friday night, he reversed himself after his remarks sparked a firestorm of criticism, saying that he was merely noting that the Mosqueteers had a right to build there.

GZ Mosque Supporter Can't Bring Himself to Call Hamas a Terrorist Organization.  Like his friend Imam Feisal Rauf, Imam [Dawoud] Kringle won't answer the question.  I pressed him, pointing out that it is a very simple question.  And it is:  Quite apart from the fact that Hamas is formally designated as a terrorist organization under U.S. law, Hamas's own charter makes abundantly clear — indeed, wears like a badge of honor — that Hamas exists solely for the purpose of driving Israel out of Palestine by violent jihad.  Yet the imam cannot bring himself to say Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Is Imam Rauf Going to Be Another Reverend Wright?  Self-described Sufi moderate Imam Rauf may prove to be an Islamic version of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  With Wright, the Left kept insisting that outrage over his racist and anti-American remarks was driven by right-wing racism, and for a while, the narrative worked — hence Obama's pre-under-the-bus assertion that he "could no more disown Reverend Wright than" etc.  But then Wright committed the mortal sin of insulting the elite media right at their embryo, at the D.C. National Press Club.  So too Imam Rauf.

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright?

Recovery Bummer.  "There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some.  And I join those who have called for looking into how ... this opposition to the mosque is being funded."  -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, weighing in on the proposed Ground Zero mosque.  Boy do I feel silly.  I've made a "political issue" out of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero in two straight columns, and no one has "funded" me a nickel for it.

Chris Matthews' latest verbal blunder.  Discussing the Ground Zero Mosque:  "Suppose they built this thing right square over....right over the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem."  Obviously, he does not realize that the Dome of the Rock Muslim "Shrine" was built directly on the site of the 2nd Temple...

Michelle Obama made dusk visit to Great Mosque of Granada during Spanish trip.  While President Barack Obama was "forcefully" endorsing the Ground Zero Mosque, Michelle Obama was paying homage with her presence to the Great Mosque at Granada, which overlooks what was once Islam's most important outpost in Europe, the Alhambra palace in Granada.

American 'Bigots' Versus Media Propagandists.  Once the Constitutional issue was resolved — and it was resolved when Americans demonstrated that they clearly understood the First Amendment — the issue became one of respect.  How has the left framed the issue of respect?  Americans must completely respect Muslim sensibilities — even as the Muslims involved with the project completely ignore Americans' feelings.

ABC News Tries To Incite Incident At Mosque Protest.  In 1989 during my first gig as an investigative reporter with the Guam Tribune, my editor sat me down and I've never forgotten his warning, "It's the job of the news media to report the news, not incite it."  Tell that to ABC News.

ABC News Issues 'Reprimand' To Their Ground Zero Mosque Plant.  ABC News has reprimanded one of its employees for trying to start some kind of ruckus during Sunday's Ground Zero Mosque protest.

The mosque near ground zero and its meanings.  Rest assured that Islamic extremists abroad are watching avidly.  They see Americans debating the legality and the wisdom of the mosque's placement, and chuckle at how easy it is to turn our curious Western scruples against us.

Oikophobia:  Why the liberal elite finds Americans revolting.  If you think it's offensive for a Muslim group to exploit the 9/11 atrocity, you're an anti-Muslim bigot and un-American to boot.  It is a claim so bizarre, so twisted, so utterly at odds with common sense that it's hard to believe anyone would assert it except as some sort of dark joke.  Yet for the past few weeks, it has been put forward, apparently in all seriousness, by those who fancy themselves America's best and brightest, from the mayor of New York all the way down to Peter Beinart.

El-Gamal's rap sheet.  I noted awhile ago that Park51/Cordoba House developer Sharif El-Gamal appeared to have no track record of any actual shovel-in-the-ground projects, and today's NY Daily News reveals the real-estate investor's rather lengthy rap sheet.

Zero interest payment loans at Ground Zero mosque?  This is a proposed $70 million, tax exempt loan to a house of worship that also would pay no taxes to the City of New York, to finance a structure opposed by a majority of New Yorkers.  The city's officials find no problem with this, apparently.

America — Behind the Mosque.  We've had nearly a month now of fruitless acrimony over the Ground Zero mosque.  About everything that can be said has been said.  Little-read Newsweek and Time have published a near dozen "I accuse" essays about America's supposedly yokel intolerance — as if we did not get their message at about screed two.

Ground Zero Imam:  I've 'Always Been' a Jew and a Christian.  Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are one in the same.  That's according to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero mosque.  And New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg agrees.

Absurd Lies about Cordoba.  The idea that Muslims, Christians, and Jews "lived and shared together" in medieval Cordoba could perhaps be dismissed as a rhetorical flight of fancy, but the idea that Christianity and the Inquisition ended the brilliance of Cordoba is a deliberate lie.

Hatch stands up for Park51.  Breaking ranks with fellow Republicans who have widely criticized President Obama's First Amendment defense of the proposed Islamic center near ground zero, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch weighed in Monday [8/30/2010].

Any Islamic Building Near Ground Zero is Offensive.  Our founding fathers were come fresh from the crushing domination of the Church of England, the government established "ruling" church.  The framers of the Constitution and it's subsequent amendments had no problem (reference the Federalist Papers for further reading on this) with the American people including or excluding God in any other aspect of either public and certainly private life, as long as it did not become the "established government religion", like say, oh I don't know, Sharia Law wants to be!

The Cordoba House and the Myth of Cordoban 'Ecumenism'.  The "Golden Age" of pluralistic Muslim rule, alluded to by Rauf's proposed mosque title, has been thoroughly debunked by historians.

Why There Shouldn't Be a Mosque at Ground Zero.  Those favoring construction of a 15-story mega-mosque at Ground Zero say that those who oppose it are racists and bigots.  It is absurd to suggest that the 70% of Americans who oppose the building of the mosque do so out of hatred of Muslims.  Americans don't want a victory mosque marking the site of the 9/11 attacks.  They don't want an insult to the 3,000 Americans who were murdered there by Islamic jihadists and for whom Ground Zero is a cemetery.

Muslim lawmaker:  Mosque opponents are birthers, 'proponents of bigotry'.  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), one of two Muslims serving in Congress, recently claimed that opposition to the planned Lower Manhattan mosque is not led by 9/11 families, but by birthers and religious bigots.  In an interview with BBC Radio that aired Monday, Ellison sought to undermine opponents of the proposed Islamic center to be built two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage.  Shhhhhhh, we're told.  Don't protest the Ground Zero mosque.  Don't burn a Koran.  It'll imperil the troops.  It'll inflame tensions.  The "Muslim world" will "explode" if it does not get its way, warns sharia-peddling imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Pardon my national security-threatening impudence, but when is the "Muslim world" not ready to "explode"?  At the risk of provoking the ever-volatile Religion of Perpetual Outrage, let us count the little-noticed and forgotten ways.

Muslim Non-Assimilation.  The small town of Richmond, Maine, offers a key to understanding why we need be concerned, not only about building a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City, but anywhere.

Don't Make Me Behead You!  The flim flam imam ought to run for congress.  It's just a matter of time before the Democrats recruit him.  He's a natural master of doublespeak.  Rauf issued his warning about inflaming the normally peaceful and tolerant Muslim world right after assuring us that had he the slightest inkling that building a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero would cause upset, he never would have proposed such a thing.  Of course, if the Victory Mosque doesn't go forward, we will be severely punished.  Be nice to the jihads and maybe they'll behead you last.

Who Is the Enemy?  According to a Washington Post poll, two-thirds of Americans do not want the Cordoba House mosque built near ground zero, and half of all Americans harbor negative views about Islam.  They don't want the mosque by ground zero because they think Islam had something to do with those 3,000 massacred Americans.  Are they entirely wrong?  How do we win a long war when we cannot name the enemy?

The Times, the Mosque and Islam — No Moral Nuance.  One of the most common self-assessments of the left is that conservatives rarely see nuances in moral questions, while liberals always do.  That this is a false conceit can be demonstrated with regard to almost any position held by the left.  There is no nuance in liberal positions on abortion, race-based affirmative action, capital punishment, embryonic stem cell research or just about any other social issue.  Two such issues are the current Cordoba House Islamic center controversy and Americans' perceptions of Islam.

The Endless Wars of Islam.  [Scroll down]  In regard to the Park51 mosque, both critics and supporters are getting the context wrong.  They're framing the debate as if it were a New York or American affair — a local dispute over land use.  This is dangerously naive.  The context isn't New York in the year 2010, but the whole world since the seventh century.  If you ignore that, you miss the entire point, and are reduced to explaining the protests as examples of bigotry or religious intolerance.

Rauf on the Ropes.  The white flag hasn't reached the top of the flagpole yet, but Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf all but surrendered on Monday morning [9/13/2010] in his battle to build a Muslim interfaith community center with a prayer room two blocks from Ground Zero.

Crawling Out from under the Rauf.  [Scroll down]  The objective of the stealth jihadists and the Muslim Brotherhood proxies in the U.S. (CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA, et al.) is to impose Islam and Sharia on the U.S., and so it is with Ground Zero Mosque Imam [Feisal Abdul] Rauf.  Rauf is mainstreaming the Sharia and the jihad ideology.  And in suggesting that those of us defending American freedom and opposing his Ground Zero mosque are "extremists," he is trying to place 70% of Americans squarely on the same moral playing field as the Muslim terrorists who flew planes into buildings and have since committed close to 20,000 Islamic attacks of violent jihad across the world.

The Obvious Questions on the Ground Zero Mosque.  The Cordoba Initiative's planned thirteen-story Islamic community center which will be constructed at only 600 feet from Ground Zero, and the ensuing political turmoil that it has created, demonstrates the exact point of ideological battle that is the civilizational clash between Islam and the West.  Much of the media has gone off the deep end, painting any opposition to a mosque near Ground Zero as typical American Islamophobia (though regrettably for some, like the burn a Quran crazies, it is just that).  Meanwhile hate crimes against Jews continues to outstrip those against Muslims by 6 to 1 with hardly a yawn from the media.

Welcome to Islamerica.  In Islamerica, you have freedom of speech so long as what you say does not offend Muslims.  Take Derek Fenton, the New Jersey transit worker, who burned a few pages of the Koran on Saturday, September 11.  He chose to do so in front of the proposed Ground Zero mosque site in New York.  Police quickly escorted him away, presumably for fear his actions would send already rambunctious protesters into a rabid frothing frenzy.  On Monday, Fenton went to his New Jersey state job and received his pink slip.  He was fired.  For weekend behavior in another state.

Ground Zero Imam's Group Trained NY Times Mosque Reporter.  A New York Times reporter, who has co-authored several fawning articles on the Ground Zero mosque, previously attended a media training program run by the mosque's organizer, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, according to the group's website.

Take Back America:  What does it mean?  Far-left wackos believe George Bush blew up the Twin Towers.  This same crowd reacts as vampires at the very mention of anything Christian while preaching to us about being more tolerant of Muslims.  They support the building of a mosque near Ground Zero.  Filmmaker Michael Moore, whose movies reflect a belief that America is the greatest source of evil in the world, said, "I am opposed to the building of the 'mosque' two blocks from Ground Zero.  I want it built on Ground Zero."

Islamic deception in lower Manhattan.  At the direction of some of the principal planners of the Islamic cultural center at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, Muslims from across the five boroughs of New York and New Jersey are quietly being urged to attend Friday prayer services that are being held at the former Burlington retail store on Park Place.  This is being done to deceptively inflate Muslim demographics in lower Manhattan while creating a misleading but convincingly effective visual display of the need for the center.

Crime & Punishment in Islamic Law.  This article examines classic Islamic law, the "Shari'ah," regarding crime and punishment.  Recently, the "Ground Zero Imam" Egyptian Feisal Abdul Rauf claimed Muslim and American law were essentially the same.

No Taxes For The Ground Zero Mosque.  Developers of the Ground Zero mosque have applied for federal grant money to help with its construction.  They may have the right to build it, but having taxpayers foot the bill would be the ultimate insult.

NBC "People of the Year;" shades of 1939.  In the event you didn't tune in to the NBC Thanksgiving special "People of the Year" with Matt Lauer, you missed that distinction being bestowed upon (among others) Sharif El-Gamal, the developer behind the "Ground Zero mosque" in New York City.  Appearing very comfortable answering a short series of softball questions from "Lauer the enabler," El Gamal wants us to believe that his intentions to build an iconic symbol of Islamic conquest are noble.

Multiculturalism Hits The Wall.  [Scroll down]  The summer was in large part given over to a public debate concerning the New York "victory mosque," a Muslim "community center" proposed as a replacement for a building so close to the WTC site that it had been heavily damaged during the attack.  Spearheading the effort was an imam named Feisal Abdul Rauf, one of those lucky individuals chosen by the government as a representative of Islam.  Rauf was employed by the State Department to plead the American case to Muslims overseas.  The mosque controversy was one of the encounters that sets the public at large in direct opposition to the elite.  Americans as a whole were repelled by the proposal, while academic, media, and government figures (among them Bloomberg and Obama) feigned incomprehension.

Unethical:  Bloomberg/Rauf Collusion.  They're emailing each other?  The New York Daily News reported Thursday [12/23/2010] that "Mayor Bloomberg's top deputies went to great lengths to help those trying to build a mosque at Ground Zero — even drafting a letter to the community board for them, newly released documents show.  City Hall on Thursday released a flurry of emails between its brass and Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam pushing to build a mosque near the sensitive site, and his supporters."

The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2010.  [#3]  Feisal Abdul Rauf:  It's bad enough that this creep insists on trying to build a celebratory mosque at Ground Zero, but the fact that he's applying for government funds to do it and keeps claiming it's about "building bridges" makes him absolutely intolerable.

Mega-Mosque's New Foundation.  Ground Zero mosque promoters think they've found a less radioactive frontman for their project.  But their new imam appears worse than the one they're sidelining.

Ground Zero Mosque's New Imam has Radical Ties.  After dominating the headlines in the run up to the November elections, the controversy over a proposed thirteen-story Islamic cultural center and mosque to be located two blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan has largely abated.  Last week, however, the developers of Park 51, as the project is known, suddenly announced that the controversial imam who had been the chief public proponent of the mosque was leaving the project to focus on other initiatives.

New imam quits embattled Islamic community center.  A Park51 imam announced his resignation Friday, just three weeks after being appointed to his post at the embattled Islamic community center in New York, according to a written statement Friday [2/4/2011].

Mosque's relocation not to be believed.  A New York City construction worker who witnessed the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, is skeptical about a recent comment from the Muslim cleric at the center of the controversial "Ground Zero" mosque.  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told The Buffalo News recently that if a suitable site was offered, he would consider another location for what is now being called the Park51 project.

Islamic Supremacism Trumps Christianity at Ground Zero.  While New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg works in anxious haste to build the cultural obscenity that is the Ground Zero mosque, the iconic St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was built in 1916 and destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center towers by Muslim terrorists, remains vanquished, unable to rebuild.

Ground Zero Mosque Financier Accused of Fraud.  Allstate Insurance is suing Hisham Elzanaty, the Ground Zero Mosque's top financial backer, for running a "highly developed and sophisticated kickback scheme."  He is alleged to have fraudulently set up medical facilities, despite not being a licensed professional.  He then presented Allstate Insurance with inflated medical bills and engaged in illegal fee-splitting arrangements, it is claimed.  He is being sued by Allstate for $5.1 million.

9/11 memorial without prayer.  [Mayor Bloomberg]'s tone-deaf moral equivalence when it comes to Ground Zero sensibilities is still stunning.  Faced with opposition to the proposed mosque, he said, "I think it's fair to say if somebody was going to try, on that piece of property, to build a church or a synagogue, nobody would be yelling and screaming."  No, because it wasn't Christians or Jews who hijacked jetliners and rammed them into the Trade Center's Twin Towers, killing nearly 3,000 people.  That's kind of an important detail.

Con Ed seeks to evict Ground Zero mosque unless developer pays back rent.  Con Ed has given the Ground Zero mosque an ultimatum:  Pay the $1.7 million you owe in back rent, or we'll terminate your lease and take back our property.

No community programs at 'Ground Zero' mosque a year after the controversy.  It's all pray and no play.  The Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero that opened with great fanfare a year ago is now an empty space with no community programs.

Ground Zero mosqueteers are liars: No community programs, just prayer.  The NY Post sounds surprised that the Ground Zero mosqueteers were liars.  We're not.  It's the modus operandi of mega-mosque builders.  Sell it as one thing, but build a beachhead for Islamic supremacism.

The Ground Zero Mosque and Media Sleight of Hand.  The entire controversy over the Ground Zero mosque is an illuminating example of how the media manipulates public perceptions.  Now the central deception — that the Ground Zero mosque was never really a mosque at all — has been fully revealed. [...] The entire episode showed how far the mainstream media's version of events can be from reality — an increasingly important lesson nowadays.

Ousted Ground Zero mosque leader stole millions, suit says.  The married founder and former religious leader of the controversial Ground Zero mosque project allegedly embezzled millions from his Muslim charity to lavish gifts on a special lady friend, buy a sports car and vacation around the globe, according to a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled financial backer.

Former 'Ground Zero mosque' imam accused of pocketing donations.  The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by several donors, accuses Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf of diverting $167,000 from private donations and $3 million from the Malaysian government for his personal use.

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples.  [#28]  Ground Zero Mosque:  The media outdid itself in the Ground Zero Mosque battle and always came down on the side of those that wanted to build the thing on the very grounds where Muslims murdered so many thousands of Americans on that dark day on September 11, 2001.  Take an AP report, for instance, that tried to characterize the Ground Zero Mosque as just one of many Muslim mosques in the area.

It's Official: Ground Zero Mosque Defeated!  It was a long battle.  President Obama announced his support for the mosque at an Iftar dinner, no less.  Then-Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg supported the mosque as well, claiming hysterically that "if we don't build it, the terrorists will win!" The media actively campaigned for it — the elites in their increasingly fragile ivory towers relentlessly stumped for the Cordoba mosque (euphemistically called an Islamic center with a prayer space) for years.  And yet despite all this opposition and much more, the people stood up and fought against the Ground Zero Mosque, and won.  An army of Davids.

Sharia-Compliant Financing for Condos, Islamic Museum at Ground ZeroThe New York Post reports that Sharif El-Gamal and his banking partners announced Wednesday [5/18/2016] that he secured "Sharia-compliant financing" to build a luxury condominium tower and an Islamic museum on the same site as the proposed Ground Zero Mosque — four blocks away from where the Twin Towers once stood. [...] El-Gamal scrapped his plans to build the mosque in 2011 after receiving tremendous backlash from the community, but according to the Post, his plans for a smaller museum seem to be passing under the radar unchallenged.

Museum Devoted to Islam Now Planned for Mosque Site Near Ground Zero.  The developer who once proposed a mosque and Muslim community center near ground zero now plans a museum devoted to Islam at the same site.  Sharif El-Gamal said in a statement he wants to build a three-story museum "dedicated to exploring the faith of Islam and its arts and culture."  He said he commissioned French architect Jean Nouvel to design a 5,000-square-foot museum.  The building also would include a sanctuary for prayer services and community programs.

The Ground Zero Mosque Project Is Back.  The infamous Ground Zero Mosque project, a long buried effort to build a triumphal mosque at the site of the worst jihad terror attack in American history, is back.  Construction has yet to begin, but it will: the shady developer behind the Ground Zero Mosque scheme, Sharif El-Gamal, has been working to build this sinister structure for years.  We defeated the Ground Zero Mosque project once before.  The 16-story mosque that El-Gamal initially planned to build there has not been built.  Our efforts in showing what an insult it was to the American people and to the victims of 9/11, and how many Muslims worldwide would inevitably view it as a triumphal mosque built on the site of a jihad attack, defeated it.  Tens of thousands of people came out for our rallies in lower Manhattan against this celebration of this 9/11 attacks, and El-Gamal was beaten in the court of public opinion.

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