Islamic Indoctrination and Favoritism in Schools

The American public school system is notorious for spending lots of money on each student, failing to produce well-educated kids, and along the way, coming up with lots of really bad ideas about education.  One of the worst ideas is inviting Muslim indoctrination into the schools in the interest of multicultural "tolerance" and "awareness."

Religious studies are generally unwelcome in public schools, with the exception of the study of Islam.  Perhaps there are those in the education system who think that a broader understanding of Islam will make it easier to rationalize barbaric acts of mass murder, such as we saw on September 11, 2001.  But there is another more likely goal:  making all religions morally equivalent, so that no specific religion is considered superior to any other.

The word "Islam" means "submission".  All Mohammedans are commended to wage war against the unbelievers until they submit to Islam and the entire world becomes Islamic.*

The U.S. is at war with Islamic terrorists who are willing to fight to the death to destroy the American way of life.  It is obvious (to most people) that homicidal maniacs and their enablers should not be teaching classes in American schools.

Islamic indoctrination and favoritism in schools

Rebels without a Clue.  The Islamic regime has embraced pro-Hamas university student protesters in the U.S. and is offering scholarships to those who have been expelled or are facing harsh academic discipline. [...] The neo-left students have paradoxically embraced the Khomeinist regime's "theological" objectives, parroting their prefabricated slogans and sporting the obligatory keffiyehs — sold on Amazon for anywhere from $9.99 to $30.  Spurning all thoughtful debate, claiming that Palestinians are incapable of speaking for themselves, these "disciples" have appointed themselves as the voice and arbiters of the "oppressed," and anyone who tells them otherwise is an enemy.  They call it freedom of speech, their human and civil rights.  However, they support the regime that bans their fellow students in Iran from higher education and suppresses those same rights.  And it's not as though these protesters have no information to read about.  One has to wonder what these expensive universities teach these students, because they show no signs of a spirit of free inquiry.

The young children facing anti-Semitic abuse at school — while their teachers remain silent.  "It started with a fellow pupil saying 'Heil Hitler' to my son — in the classroom, the school corridor and the playground."  Sarah's teenage child didn't want to go to school the day after this happened.  "He was very upset," she says.  "He was also worried about reporting it and being seen as a snitch.  There are incidents all the time and it's not a nice environment for him."  Sarah's son attends a state secondary school in Surrey.  As a Jewish pupil, he had experienced one incident of anti-Semitism there before Oct 7 last year.  But since Hamas's terror attack on Israel and the ensuing war in Gaza, the British schoolboy has found himself at the sharp end of an escalation in anti-Semitic abuse from his peers, some of whom have taken to incorporating the word "Jew" into his name.

A Landmark on the Road to Decline.  We've known for decades that our educational systems have been failing to educate the young, even as politics, social fads, and culture war propaganda have replaced foundational skills like reading, writing, basic science, critical thought, and history.  More inimical to learning is the illiberal attacks on First Amendment rights to free speech and academic freedom, and the enforcement of a rigid orthodoxy that punishes and "cancels" those who challenge the party line.  Such a regime stifles truth and replaces history with false narratives that serve autocratic agendas.  The protests in support of Hamas, antisemitism, and genocide show how ignorant of basic historical facts are many students attending our most prestigious universities.  Consider the historical terms like "imperialism" and "colonialism" incessantly chanted like mantras.

'Alarming': 9-year-old girl attacked at school for 'not being Muslim'.  Police in the town of Savage, Minnesota, are now investigating an attack on a little girl at a local school by assailants, schoolchildren, who told officials they beat her up because "she wasn't Muslim."  Alpha News reports Minnesota mother Shawna Larson is demanding answers after her 9-year-old daughter was "jumped" on the school playground by a group of girls.  The school wouldn't report the incident to police, so she did.

Berkeley public school students march to Jewish Community Center and chant slogans at preschoolers inside.  Just as Hamas targeted young children, even babies, for unthinkable torture and death, pro-Hamas demonstrators in Berkeley targeted a Jewish Community Center (NOT an Israeli facility) with preschool students in class as they chanted slogans through a bullhorn and marched.  Even worse, the students who walked out were reportedly accompanied by two vice principals from the Martin Luther King Jr.  Middle School as they intimidated the innocent toddlers, guilty solely of being Jewish.

Boston High School Students Join MIT Anti-Israel Encampment.  An anti-Israel encampment swarmed MIT before police came in to break it up.  Officials cleared it out, but a few people remained after the 2:30 PM ET deadline given by the university.  Those people will be suspended.  They returned, too.  During the afternoon, people chanted, "We are the Intifada," a day after people literally called for ethnic cleansing.  [Numerous tweets with video clips.]  Boston high school students walked out of class and made their way to MIT to join the anti-Israel encampment[.]  [More tweets.]

Confirmed: Nearly Half of Protesters Are Not Students or Faculty.  For some time now we've been hearing rumors that the increasingly violent pro-Hamas protests on American university campuses were not really "homegrown" activities at all, but were being incited by outside groups of paid, professional agitators.  Now, following some investigation into police reports released by officials, we appear to have confirmation.  Quite a few of the protesters arrested at Columbia University were not affiliated with the school.  At City College, that was the case with more than half (60%) of those arrested.  So who are these professional agitators?  The media is describing them as "veteran protesters," but they appear to be getting their funding from people associated with George Soros.

The End of Old Left-wing Mythologies.  The current radical and often violent protests on mostly blue-state, supposedly elite campuses have exposed in toxic fashion what the left has become.  And yet, in a paradoxical fashion, the campus insanity has offered the nation some moral clarity.  [Advertisement]  What's surprising is not that the demonstrators are violent and nihilist, but that they are, on the one hand, so openly and crudely anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-American, and yet on the other hand, so passive-aggressive, narcissistic, and weepy.  [Advertisement]  Nevertheless, the antics of the campus cry-bullies have exploded myths that were for so long foisted on the American people by politicos and the media.  [Advertisement]

Ongoing Jihadist Infiltration into America.  Alleged pundits scratch their heads in puzzlement and ask: how did all these pro-Hamas outbursts suddenly appear on American universities?  They are, in fact, not some spontaneous eruption, but clearly the product of an ongoing jihadist campaign to infiltrate America's school system.  Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Ismail Haniyeh, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, and Yasser Arafat before them have for decades educated American universities to jihad.  Recent events attest to their disturbing success.  One such group, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) was established in 2005 by University of California Berkeley lecturer Hatem Bazian.

Majoring in Jihad.  These are the same youthful, useless idiots who are always banging on about banning "hate" speech, yet the words coming out of their mouths are vile, offensive, and crude.  How can a sane person denounce "hate" while effusing nothing but hate?  I want to grab a literature major by the collar and point out the irony, but I'm no longer convinced the youngest among us know how to read.  They certainly know little of history.  They don't even know who their friends and enemies are. [...] For 1,400 years, Islam has made two things abundantly clear:  (1) it is not a religion of peace, and (2) it has no interest in modernizing.  I hope the hundred-pound, non-binary, climate apocalypse major wearing Rainbow sandals while protesting against Western colonialism doesn't have to find that out the hard way.

The Neo-Nazi Left.  This spring, thousands of keffiyeh-wearing youth are marching in America's streets, occupying its college campuses, and proclaiming their allegiance to Hamas, a terrorist organization which has already made its mark as one of the bloodiest, most inhuman and inhumane political armies on record.  The chants calling for the killing of Jews and attacks on American ships make it clear that murder is their heartfelt aim.  Who are these people?  The most that anyone seems ready to say about them is that they are "protesters."  But it's not as though they are protesting a right that has been taken away from them.  They're not "protesters" or "activists", they're supporters of a genocidal terrorist movement.  They are a Neo-Nazi Left.  How could college faculty and students call for the murder of millions of Jews because they are Jews?

Camps Intifada:  Students for Theocratic Authoritarianism.  I still believe that classic Western liberalism is the best system for assuring prosperity and peace, and authoritarianism, particularly of a theocratic nature, is a disastrous governance style.  Watching the encampments and riots on college campuses, I see that too many young people have missed this lesson and instead support violent, barbaric, theocratic authoritarianism. [...] In the absence of a federal response, private litigation is likely to prove particularly damaging to those who have funded and encouraged or tolerated these campus outrages.  Several are in the works.  At least three have already been filed.  The most significant was a suit filed in Virginia this week alleging that the National Students for Justice in Palestine, coordinated with Hamas, an organization federally listed as a terrorist organization, to orchestrate these campus attacks.  The suit claims that NSJP "has effectively become the campus arm of Hamas" [...]

There Are Two Sets of Rules for Speech.  In January, a junior at Columbia University, Khymani James, told a disciplinary committee at the school that Zionists "don't deserve to live."  "Be grateful that I'm just not going out and murdering Zionists," he instructed them.  Then, James headed back to campus, scot-free.  (If he hadn't also posted a recording of the meeting to his social media site, discovered four months later, there might never have been any repercussions at all.)  It was the sort of stunt a star quarterback for the football team could have gotten away with a generation or two ago, when college coaches might have been eager to sweep sexual assault allegations under the rug.  Or the son of a major donor to the university.  James apparently enjoys a level of privilege every bit as sacrosanct:  as a leader of the pro-Palestinian encampment at an Ivy League school, he could threaten Jewish students at his pleasure, university codes of conduct [notwithstanding].

U.S. Campuses: Grooming Terrorists.  While protesters at Columbia University and Yale University celebrate Hamas and its "resistance" (a euphemism for violence and terrorism), Arabs have been ridiculing the "pro-Palestinian" demonstrators on American college campuses.  For these Arabs, including some Palestinians, there is nothing "pro-Palestinian" about supporting the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group, whose members slaughtered 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped more than 240 others on October 7, 2023.  It is also ironic that the current wave of protests on US college campuses comes at a time when most Palestinian and Arab universities remain quiet.  One would have expected to see such protests at university campuses in the West Bank and several Arab countries.  True, there were some relatively small protests at a few universities in Jordan and Egypt, but they did not come close to the wave of antisemitism sweeping college campuses in the US.  Those who are chanting "we are all Hamas" on the streets of New York and U.S. college campuses are not helping the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip even slightly.  They are being used as human shields by the terrorist group Hamas in its genocidal war against Israel and Jews.

Hundreds Of Harvard Students Submit To Islam.  These ignorant students from around American campuses are going all in with Islam to prove how anti-Israel they are.  [Video clip]

Truth Has Become A Casualty In Modern Journalism.  Across America, college campuses have become a tinderbox of irrational, inflamed rhetoric and violence toward Jewish students and, of course, Israel.  The favorite villain of the left, progressive, Marxist, and Islamic jihadi instigators of global hatred has always been Israel.  Why is this the case?  An old idiom explains this phenomenon well: "Follow the money."  Recently, Amir Tsarfati revealed interesting data from the US Department of Education and the National Association of Scholars.  Since 2001, the tiny nation of Qatar has given roughly $5 billion to American universities, with approximately $2.7 billion given between 2014-2019.  Some might wonder why this matters.  It matters because Qatar also happens to be the home of the leadership of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The University of Washington canceled its planned protest because it was too white.  This sounds like a sit-com set-up, but it's not:  The progressive Democrats at the University of Washington in Seattle, a very white, very affluent public institution, wanted to hold a pro-Hamas, antisemitic rally.  However, they had to call it off because there were way too many white kids and way too few actual Muslims to provide cover for these kids' anti-American activities!  One of the things many have noticed is that the campus protests we're seeing are mostly taking place at rich students' colleges and prestigious state institutions, both of which have a combination of rich white kids, affirmative action kids (grants and scholarships), and foreign students (especially beloved at chichi state institutions, where they pay full fare, in cash), many of whom come from Muslim countries. [...] Muslim countries have been pouring money into academia, money that pays for the institutions' vast faculty and administration infrastructures.

Who runs the American agitprop machine?  Today we wonder why Hamas child-killers always sound far from sanity, and why the North Koreans seem to live in an even more different universe.  The answer is simple: if you enforce total uniformity on any group, it turns into a cult.  They listen to only one voice.  That's how you make mob cults, exactly how the Columbia faculty created a new Hitlerjugend screaming slogans with no consequences, because all the authorities have surrendered.  Make everybody march to the beat of the same drum, and you've got a mass cult.  That's why they all yell the same words from the same book at the same mass demonstrations in the same locations.  Normal people don't march in lockstep, but today's hateful mobs do, because they have one group mind.  You don't need A.I. to turn people into robots.

Was it all that Baby Proofing?  Watching the idiocy on college campuses this week and seeing all the explanations for protests in favor of murderous Hamas, two tweets seem particularly on point.  There's the great David Burge (Iowahawk) who calls these outbursts "Hamas slumber parties," and says "This is like staging a pro-Nazi lunch counter sit-in and getting mad that people won't treat you like you're a modern-day Rosa Parks."  He attributes protests for the Intifada and slogans reading "from the River to the Sea" by numbskulls who have admittedly no idea what they are protesting as the result of baby-proofing houses, "There is," he says, "no better educational experience for a child than finding out what happens when you stick a butter knife into an electrical outlet."  I think he's right.  Helicopter parents who shield kids from the consequences of their actions have raised a generation of reckless, entitled, ill-educated brats.

Allah Goes to School.  Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit.  ["]State security officials warn against Islamization of schools:  A study from Lower Saxony on the attitudes of Muslim students shocks the republic.  Now a state security guard is warning against Islamization in the classroom.  German children may convert through coercion.["]

Columbia University Student Calls For The Death Of 'White Supremacists And Zionists'.  Khymani James says he feels 'very comfortable' calling for Nazis, White supremacists and Zionists to die. [...] Khymani James is a student leader of Columbia University's anti-Israel Gaza Solidarity Encampment.  [Video clip]

We are the West's last generation before the new Dark Age begins.  There is now a striking correlation between levels of education and holding stupid, destructive ideas, between being highly credentialled and falling for every fashionable conspiracy theory, every tribalistic affliction, every online fad.  This madness has culminated in the explosion of anti-Semitic hatred on campuses across America, in scenes that should not be acceptable in any civilised country.  They include the harassment of Jewish students, blockades, threats of violence and pro-Hamas and pro-Iran sloganeering by activists camped out in tents.  These protests are even more toxic than those of 1968:  today's woke ideology is totalitarian, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-family, anti-capitalist and collectivist.  It rejects as illegitimate not just conservatism but also Left-liberalism and democracy.  It promotes anti-white hatred and Israelophobia.  Its supporters loathe the West and automatically back our enemies.  They demonise successful minorities as "white adjacent".

CNN Analyst Demands Colleges 'Allow Space' for Anti-Semitic Rallies.  Anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas rallies have been spreading like hateful wildfire across American universities, with encampments spouting up in UT Austin and Harvard on Wednesday.  And on CNN News Central that afternoon, Harvard professor and former Obama DHS official Juliette Kayyem demanded that universities like hers "allow space" for those mini-Nuremberg rallies.  "And I'm pretty clear about this," Kayyem declared.  She demanded that schools "allow space for students to protest" in favor of Hamas.

Columbia University Protesters Proclaim 'We Are Hamas'.  As far as the student protesters at Columbia University and other universities are concerned, they're making a strong and principled stand for justice.  Yet events at Columbia and elsewhere have taken an ugly turn, with the protesters sounding more like the National Socialists (remember, that's what "Nazi" means) of 1930s Germany than any actual crusader for human rights.  When this latest social contagion has run its course and the hysteria has died down, these students would do well to consider carefully what they're actually supporting.  It's clear that they haven't done so as of yet.  The New York Post on Thursday published video of a man wearing a kippah and with an Israeli flag draped over his shoulders passing by a crowd of protesters at Columbia.  One young man shouted at him, "Keep it moving, you Zionist pig!"

German Students Are Converting To Islam Out Of Fear.  Schoolchildren are converting to Islam in German schools as Christian students feel like outsiders and are desperate to try and fit in, a new study has warned.  'More and more parents of German children are turning to counseling centers because the Christian children want to convert so that they are no longer outsiders at school,' a state security officer told the German tabloid Bild.  A study by the Criminal Research Institute of Lower Saxony found that 67.8 percent of the surveyed students believe that the Koran is 'more important' than the laws in Germany.  [Video clip]

Columbia Denies Campus Access to Jewish, Pro-Israel Professor.  Prof. Shai Davidai, a Jewish Israeli who has led counter-protesters against anti-Israel demonstration at Columbia University, was denied access to the main campus on Friday, ostensibly for his own safety from an anti-Israel mob. [...] As Breitbart News has reported, Columbia has been a hotbed of explicitly pro-terror and antisemitic rhetoric.  A local rabbi told Jewish students to return home for their own safety, and classes were moved online on Monday.

University safe spaces [are] reserved for terrorist supporters.  So these are the racist Americans President Biden warned us about.  Isra Hirsi got bounced from Barnard College over the weekend after being jailed for refusing to obey police orders to disband a 20-tent "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" on the lawn of Columbia University in New York during a vicious anti-Israel protest last week.  The college campus demonstrations include calls for Israel to be "burned to the ground" and Jews to be shipped "back to Poland."  Yikes.  Also: "Hamas, we love you.  We support your rockets, too."  The open embrace of terrorists and personal targeting of Jewish students at Columbia and elsewhere has become so brazen that Jewish students have been warned to go home for the remainder of the year.  For their own safety.

The Truth About Israel.  The brain-dead Millennials protesting on their Columbia University campus against Israel probably believe the debunking of the IDF claims of the October 7 massacre.  Columbia University has always been the site of student protests since the Vietnam War.  Of course, most of those students were afraid of being drafted and killed in battle so in some way, one could understand the reason behind these demonstrations.  There is, however, absolutely no good reason for these students to be involved in these preposterous demonstrations which are probably planned and paid for by left-wing Soros-funded anti-American organizations.  After the NYPD finally arrested more than 100 of these protesters at the university, what did they find? [...]

New anti-Israel tent city takes over Columbia University lawn.  A massive new anti-Israel tent city took over Columbia University on Sunday, just days after an NYPD raid cleared another intrusive encampment there and cuffed more than 100 protesters.  At least 30 tents were sprawled across the Manhattan Ivy League school's West Lawn in front of Butler Library along with piles of food and supplies as embattled university officials struggled to contain the growing crisis.  The upheaval and threats to Jewish students have become so intolerable that a prominent rabbi at the prestigious school urged them Sunday to stay home — and university officials told them they could take classes online.

Columbia Rabbi Urges Jewish Students to Go Home as Protesters Openly Cheer Hamas, Chant 'Burn Tel Aviv to the Ground'.  Pro-Palestinian protesters outside Columbia University late Saturday night openly advocated for Hamas terrorism against Israel, yelling "Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!" as well as other pro-violence slogans.  Heated protests have roiled Columbia's campus in the last week.  New York City police arrested 108 anti-Israel activists on Thursday after the university's president asked law enforcement to step in and break up the "Gaza Solidarity Encampment."  Dozens of protester tents occupied campus for over 24 hours, which the university deemed a safety concern and a violation of university policies.  "We say justice, you say how?  Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!," protesters shouted Saturday night, according to footage posted by Israel War Room.  [Tweet]

Pro-Hamas Protests Rage Into the Night at Columbia University.  The ongoing protests at Columbia University heated up Saturday with approximately 200 demonstrators partaking in yet more anti-Israel, pro-Hamas displays.  A notable incident occurred when a student was taken away on a stretcher and received medical attention from Columbia University EMS, a university spokesperson told The New York Post.  A group of student protestors used black umbrellas and a tarp to obstruct the view of the woman as she was taken away on a stretcher.  The exact condition of the student remains unclear.  [Advertisement]  The charged atmosphere included "death to Israel" chants and police in riot gear clashing with the protestors outside of a locked university campus gate at West 115th Street and Broadway in New York City.  [Tweet]

Anti-Israel Protesters at Yale Tear Down American Flag.  Anti-Israel protesters at Yale University tore down an American flag on Friday night as they occupied the campus in what Jewish students have called an act of intimidation against them and against the university.  The video circulated on social media on Saturday and Sunday, with kaffiyeh-clad activists whooping and cheering as they tore down the Stars and Stripes.

Mob rule at Columbia.  The Columbia Spectator reports on the suspensions issued for for participation in Wednesday's "Gaza Solidarity Encampment."  One of Ilhan Omar's daughters (Isra Hirsi) is among the suspended students.  The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.  The Spectator quotes Columbia undergrad Maryam Alwan, another one of the suspended students.  Alwan told the Spectator that she received a letter informing her of her interim suspension from the Center for Student Success and Intervention [!].  "I think all of these administrators need to get a grip and listen to their students and watch the news and see how many people have been killed," Alwan told the Spectator.

Mohamed Abdou, Deep Admirer of Hamas, Now Teaching at Columbia.  Mohamed Abdou is an "Islamic scholar" who is lost in admiration for Hamas, and how it managed to launch its "stealth" attack on October 7.  What most of the world sees as unspeakable atrocities, with Hamas operatives beheading babies, burning children alive, raping, torturing, mutilating, and murdering Israeli girls, cutting the breasts off women and using them to play catch, cutting off the genitalia and gouging out the eyes of men, murdering children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children, Mohamed Abdou sees as glorious deeds of derring-do, by a greatly outnumbered force of brave Muslim warriors, and he wants the whole world to know it.

Hezbollah's Covert U.S. Training Ground for Muslim Children.  In a Sharia-adherent event that has attracted considerable attention, the Islamic Al-Mustapha Girl Scouts recently held their annual Takleef Celebration at Great Revelations Academy, a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan.  This controversial school has connections to staunch supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime.  The ceremony, deeply rooted in Shiite Islamic tradition, marks the coming of age for young Muslim girls, imposing upon them the rigorous observance of Sharia law, including the controversial practice of wearing the hijab.  The troubling implications of such Islamic ceremonies reinforce a doctrine of female subjugation and raise profound concerns about the integration of Muslim communities into Western societies.  The Takleef Celebration Event is a pivotal moment in the lives of young Shiite Muslim girls.  It signifies their obligation to start observing Islamic practices, such as fasting, praying, and dressing modestly (often, girls are given their first chador, a full-length body covering) from as young as nine years old.

Non-Muslims need not apply for this exemption.
This Minnesota school district is going to let kids opt out of LGBT curriculum after Muslim families brought lawsuits.  Huh, it's almost like there's one group of religious people in the US who get special treatment.  The St.  Louis Park school district in Minnesota is going to let students opt out of being catechized by the LGBT Rainbow Cult, but only if those kids are Muslim.  [Tweet]

Wild Fight Breaks Out At A School In Minnesota.  A massive fight broke out at Lakeville North High School on Tuesday.  Teachers were overpowered, police had to be called, and students were threatened with suspension if they shared the video.  [Video clip]

San Francisco School District Directs Teachers to Resources That Condemn 'Israeli Terrorism' as Worse Than Hamas.  San Francisco Unified School District administrators instructed high-school teachers to engage in classroom discussions about the Israel-Hamas war using an educational resource that argues, "Israeli terrorism has been significantly worse than that of the Palestinians," according to memos obtained by a parental-rights watchdog group and shared exclusively with with National Review.  In memos to social-studies and ethnic-studies departments, discovered by Parents Defending Education, the district provided teachers with a host of resources to help lead classroom discussions on "war, terrorism, colonization, and seeking peace."  The first of the listed resources, Teach Mideast, promotes multiple anti-Zionist articles and viewpoints, including an article published by Jerome Slater at the Middle East Policy Council.

New York and Texas public school classrooms feature map of the Arab World that erases Israel and replaces it with a united Palestine.  New York and Texas public schools are displaying maps in classrooms that replace Israel with a a united Palestine.  One map, hanging on a classroom wall at PS 261 Zipporiah Mills in Brooklyn since at least April, is a colorful display of the Arab World with popular landmarks.  However, where Israel and Palestine would usually be is one shaded area labeled 'Palestine', with no mention of Israel at all.

Anti-Israel Girl Who Attacked Teenager in IDF Sweatshirt Graduated From Barack Obama School for Social Justice.  The chick who lost her mind on a 16-year-old in an IDF sweatshirt graduated from the Barack Obama School for Social Justice.  Not kidding.  Palisade Preparatory School in Yonkers, NY, changed its name to the Barack Obama School for Justice at the start of the 2022-23 school year.

Also posted under schools named for Obama.

Why Are So Many British Schoolchildren Going on 'School Strike' to Protest Against Israel?  One of the reputed origins of the myth of the Pied Piper were the Children's Crusades, events which supposedly took place around 1212 across Europe, when a visionary child-preacher is said to have inspired 30,000 youngsters to follow him on a military march to the Holy Land of Palestine and Jerusalem, to recapture it from representatives of an infidel occupying religion.  Today, historians often dispute whether or not any of this actually happened, or at least accuse accounts of being highly inflated.  Children's Crusades have certainly been happening up and down Britain during late 2023, ever since Hamas's attack on Israel on October 7th and Tel Aviv's consequent military response.  These birthed the 'School Strikes for Palestine' movement, in which thousands of children, some of them far too young to have any real idea of the issues at stake, have been groomed out of lessons and onto the streets shouting Islamist slogans by contemporary adult Pied Pipers.

The Modern-Day College Campus is a Breeding Ground for Anti-Semitism.  When conflicts in the Middle East exposed the cracks in the foundation of the United States' higher learning institutions, many college presidents tried to appeal to American democratic values to seal the gaps.  The trouble is, it's been so long since universities upheld democracy that most college presidents don't even recognize it anymore.  After a disastrous congressional hearing on anti-Semitism on December 5, University of Pennsylvania's president Liz Magill has been sacked for attempting to excuse violent anti-Semitic threats on Penn's campus.  Harvard's President Claudine Gay is also facing calls to resign following a federal investigation into Harvard University for possible civil-rights violations.  Harvard University, however, has issued a statement in support of her leadership despite the fallout over her morally inept testimony before Congress.  MIT appears to have similarly stood by its President Sally Kornbluth.  These are not the only renowned higher learning institutions accused of turning a blind eye to allegations of anti-Semitic harassment.

The Harvard President Scandal Has Become So Bad It Could Be Killing Off D-E-I.  Things have not calmed down on the campus of Harvard.  Quite the opposite — behind the ivy-choked masonry in Boston, the atmosphere is roiling.  After the campus president inflamed the country, we now have faculty members stepping up to decry her stature, and businesses are showing signs of backing away from the once austere character of the college's graduates, as we are seeing evidence of a viral mindset infecting this school.  You know things are bad when a story like this not only remains in the news cycle but continues to evolve.  Following her testimony before Congress over the actions (or specifically, the lack thereof) towards blatantly antisemitic protests and calls for violence against Jews, Harvard's President Claudine Gay continues to be a fixture.  In the wake of her appalling appearance, we have come to see she operates in a realm that is divorced from reality.

I wish we had been wrong.  We have been warning for years about the pernicious and corrosive impact of the racialization of education under the umbrellas of Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  We told our readers and anyone who would listen that these ideologies set students against each other, against their parents, against their own country, and against Israel and Jews.  On October 7, and 8, and 9, and beyond, the putrid hate generated by these ideologies spewed forth on campuses, shocking the nation.  Our readers were not shocked.  I wish we had been wrong.  But we were right.

Islamism is rampant in French schools.  The existential war relentlessly waged against Western culture and freedoms should serve as a warning to Britain:  integration is not "oppression" but a gift to the populations who have chosen to live in our societies; a promise of success and happiness in the economic and political system that made such a promise possible.  The French like the British Left have bought into a narrative that serves the people who want to destroy that, and the danger is that their centrist allies, needing their votes, refuse to be warned.  As government after government, from the Netherlands to Denmark to Italy to the US is faced with public anger over botched integration, there will be more victories for a radical Right that may not have better answers, but at least seems to acknowledge reality.

Who is teaching Jew-hate to the young?  The strange outburst of pro-Hamas, antisemitic demonstrations on multiple college campuses in recent weeks suggests that it's more than a fringe of the student body that finds this repugnant kind of protest appealling. [...] Something happened that twisted the minds of the young for them to adopt such repellent views.  Some possibilities include the influence of TikTok, which seems to be the petri dish for antisemitic propaganda, and the young are its biggest consumers.  But there is also the influence of their schools and teachers.

Where did they get that idea?
Majority of Americans 18-24 think Israel should 'be ended and given to Hamas'.  A majority of young Americans said they believe Israel should "be ended and given to Hamas," according to a shocking poll.  The survey, conducted THIS WEEK by Harvard-Harris polling, found 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 said they believed the long-term answer to the Israel-Palestinian conflict was for "Israel to be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians."  Only 32% said they believed in a two-state solution, and just 17% said other Arab states should be asked to absorb Palestinian populations.  The figure was in stark contrast to other age groups, which all dramatically preferred a two-state solution.  Just 4% of Americans 65 and over said they felt Israel should be ended.

Once Revered, the Harvard Brand Is Now Officially Toxic.  Few tests at Harvard University, I'd presume, are what anyone would deem as easy.  But when it came to the easiest one of all, Harvard flunked in spectacular fashion.  The only reason Claudine Gay isn't being called "the former president of Harvard" today is because the university decided to not fire her, despite overwhelming pressure to do so after she waffled about the right of anti-Israel protesters to call for the genocide of Jews on campus.  And she did so under oath on Capitol Hill, no less.

Why Are There So Many Mentally Unstable Progressives In Education?  I'm not on TikTok, and I recommend you delete your account if you are (or your kid's accounts, if they have them).  If you don't think you can live without it you can cut out the middleman and send all your personal data to the Chinese consulate (or reach out to Eric Swalwell's office and ask for Fang-Fang's number, same difference).  But putting aside the communists who run it, there's a big problem with the communists who use it — many of them are teachers, and a disturbing percentage of them are mentally unstable.  This isn't just about TikTok, it's about academia.  Major universities in this country are run by diversity hires who couldn't bring themselves to condemn calls for genocide because they were made against Jews.  When the presidents of Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania testified on the Hill last week, their steadfast insistence that calls for genocide needed "context" to determine if they were bad or not was insane.

Presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn Tell Congress that Calling for the Genocide of Jews Does Not Necessarily Violate their Campus Code of Conduct.  On Tuesday the House Education Committee invited the leaders of MIT, Harvard, and Penn to testify in front of Congress.  During their testimony Rep. Elise Stefanik asked the educators if calling for the genocide of Jews violates the code of conduct on their campuses.  Not one of the campus leaders could answer the question.  Presidents of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and MIT smilingly say that calling for genocide of Jews isn't necessarily against their code against harassment and bullying on campus.  MIT dean Liz Magill suggested it was not a violation unless it led to actual genocide.  Wow!  It's open season on Jews at these American universities!

Teachers 'self-censoring lessons for fear of offending Muslim pupils'.  Up to one in five teachers are self-censoring their lessons for fear of offending Muslim pupils in the wake of the Batley Grammar School controversy, a study has found.  Some 19 percent of English and art teachers surveyed said they had self-censored comments and lessons to avoid causing religious offence following the row, in which a teacher was forced into hiding after he was targeted by campaigners and parents for showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in class.  More than half of teachers — 55 percent — said they would not use any images of the Prophet Mohammed in classrooms, even during the teaching of Islamic art or ethics.  The figure rose to nearly two thirds — 64 percent — among art teachers.  Policy Exchange, a centre-Right think tank which commissioned the YouGov poll of 1,132 teachers, warned the findings suggested that self-censoring was creating a de facto blasphemy code in schools across the country.

High School Flying Palestinian Flag Sparks Outrage.  A public high school in Oakland, California, is receiving a backlash online after photos circulated of a Palestinian flag flying outside of its building earlier this week.  On Tuesday, freelance journalist Zack Haber shared a photo to X (formerly Twitter) of the flag on a flagpole outside of Fremont High School, a ninth- to 12th-grade school that is part of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD).  It's unclear who raised the flag or how long it was on the pole, but some X users have bashed its display amid tensions in the U.S. over the Israel-Hamas war.

Questions surround Palestinian flag raised outside Oakland public high school.  A Palestinian flag flew on the flagpole outside the entrance to Oakland's Fremont High School this week.  It was unclear when the flag was raised, and neither leadership at the school nor with the Oakland Unified School District responded to J. requests for comment.  A photo of the flag was shared widely on Tuesday on X, formerly Twitter.  The flag was gone by Wednesday, according to a local news station.  Zack Haber, a freelance journalist and substitute teacher at Fremont High School, took the photo.  He told J. on Friday that he photographed the flag not on assignment for a news story but because he "thought it was something to document."  Haber said he supported whoever hoisted the flag as an act in support of Palestinians.

Republican Lawmakers in Florida Target Scholarships and Grants of Students Who Support Hamas.  Florida college students who "promote" Hamas and other designated terrorist organizations could have their scholarships, grants and other benefits yanked from them under a new bill proposed Wednesday by Republican lawmakers.  The idea is the latest attempt by Florida policymakers to punish college students who are expressing support for Palestinians as the Israel-Hamas war rages on with tensions enflamed on campuses across the country.  Already, Florida has attempted to disband Students for Justice in Palestine groups at two state universities while Gov. Ron DeSantis on the GOP presidential campaign trail pledges to cancel student visas for anyone sharing "common cause with Hamas."

MIT Didn't Suspend Protestors Violating Rules Because They Could Be Deported.  Pro-Hamas protestors on the campus of MIT were warned that if they didn't disperse — they were violating campus policies that prohibited interfering with academic activities and the free movement of students and staff — they would be suspended.  The protestors were warned several times and failed to disperse.  Jewish students were prevented from entering the campus through the main entrance and were rerouted.  [Tweet with video clip]  Once the protestors finally dispersed the administration decided to not follow through on their threats to punish the students for violating the policies of the school.  It was a bit of a surprise because MIT President Kornbluth seemed ready to follow through on her threat.  So why didn't she?

Why Didn't MIT Expel Violent Students?  Some of the worst anti-Semitic campus outbursts of recent weeks have been at MIT.  Pro-genocide activists physically prevented Jewish students from attending classes, and refused to disperse when ordered to do so by university officials.  Normally you would assume that a student who engaged in such barbaric conduct would be expelled.  Yet MIT has treated its anti-Semites with kid gloves.  Why?  MIT's President Sally Kornbluth has now made a statement that apparently explains MIT's inaction:  [Omitted for brevity, among other things.]  There you have it: the pro-genocide students (or many of them, anyway) are non-Americans, most likely from the Middle East.  They have brought their unAmerican attitudes with them to this country.  MIT doesn't want them to be deported, likely in part, at least, because they are rich kids who pay full freight.  Foreign students are a cash cow for universities, often being nearly the only ones who pay the university's sticker price.  So for MIT, left-wing ideology and financial interest probably go hand in hand.

Oberlin College Under Federal Investigation For Campus Culture Of Antisemitism.  After years of fighting antisemitism at her alma mater, Oberlin College graduate Melissa Landa has finally had a breakthrough.  In September, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) announced it is investigating the charges she filed against the school back in 2019.  Thanks to a Trump-era executive order, the OCR probe could cost the school millions of dollars in federal funding.  Legal Insurrection readers have had a break from nonstop news about Oberlin, whose six-year court case with Gibson's Bakery was doggedly covered here until it ended last December.  But this high-stakes legal battle puts the school back in the spotlight.  And it comes amid a nationwide surge in campus antisemitism emboldened by the October 7 Hamas massacre:  From thousands of miles away, the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust unleashed the worst outbreak of antisemitic attacks on college campuses that anyone can remember.  Most of the the campus "pro-Palestine" rallies hold themselves out as political protests against Israel.  But they inevitably show their true colors — they're really attacks on Jews:  [Video clip]

One Thing's For Sure, College Kids Are Really Stupid.  College rots your kid's brain.  Within 4 years they'll believe communism is the way, America is systematically racist and Hamas are freedom-fighting heroes.  [Video clip]

Is Campus Rage Fueled by Middle Eastern Money?  Since Hamas's October 7 massacre, it has been hard to miss the explosion of antisemitic hate that has gripped college campuses across the country.  At Cornell, a student posted a call "to follow [Jews] home and slit their throats," and a professor said the terror attack "energized" and "exhilarated" him.  At Harvard, a mob of students besieged an Israeli student, surrounding him as they bellowed "shame, shame, shame." At dozens of other campuses, students gathered to celebrate Hamas.  The response from school administrations has been alarming.  With few exceptions, in the immediate aftermath of October 7, university presidents issued equivocal statements about the initial attack.  Some professors even celebrated it.  And the focus on the part of administration bureaucrats has been on protecting the students tearing down posters and being shamed for doing so.

Higher Ed:  Now it's Just Loco.  [Scroll down]  Major law firms have offered to represent Jewish students at universities which have allowed this harassment.  Other firms have withdrawn employment offers and threaten to never hire students involved in anti-Semitic campus attacks.  A number of major donors have said they will no longer contribute to schools which tolerate this, Steve Eisman, for example, has said he no longer — "ever" — wants his name associated with the University of Pennsylvania.  And similar big donors to the school are withdrawing patronage over its support for Hamas and anti-Semitism.  We can endorse legislation that limits foreign donations to these schools and provides some real oversight into the use to which they are put.  Whether a big or small donor, you can keep your wallets shut when the begging letters come, and fight to end federal and state contributions to these cesspools.

The Genocidal Logic of Academic Ideology.  After October 7, students rallied at universities around the United States to denounce Zionist "genocide," hold vigils for the Palestinian "martyrs," and applaud Hamas's efforts at "decolonization."  (High school students, too, walked out of classes to protest the Israeli military response.)  Students and faculty at several schools also ripped down posters of kidnapped Israelis.  A Jewish student was beaten at Columbia, and Jewish students at Cooper Union had to take shelter in a library from a mob chanting "Free Palestine!"  And a student at Cornell threatened to shoot, stab, rape, and slit the throats of his Jewish classmates.  Anti-Semitic incidents have spiked in the United States and globally since October 7.

WashU sides with the anti-Semites.  On Wednesday the 25th of October, a group of students walked out of classes at Washington University in St. Louis to protest Israel's response to the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas.  The students claim that Israel is currently carrying out a genocide in Gaza, and that Israel's calls to evacuate the area are tantamount to ethnic cleansing.  The protestors demanded that the WashU administration capitulate to three demands:  That the university condemn the Israel counteroffensive, they rebuke pro-Israel statements made by two faculty members, and WashU sever ties with Boeing, a company which supplies the Israeli armed forces.  The students who participated in this protest no doubt think of themselves as champions of the beleaguered.  They imagine that they are on the right side of history and that by standing up to the evil colonialist power that is Israel, they will be remembered for their righteousness.  Unfortunately for these misguided children, these beliefs are an inversion of the truth.  While the Palestinian people cannot be blamed for the brutal attacks that took place on October 7th, they are certainly supportive of the destruction of the only Jewish state in existence.  The students of WashU walked out of class on the side of anti-Semitism, and there is no way to dispute that fact.

Let's Close All the Government Schools.  A couple of days ago I got from a friend a video featuring Gazan pre-pubescent boys telling the camera how they want to go kill Israelis.  Here are some of the quotes:  "They teach us in school that Jews are fickle, bad people."  "I am ready to stab a Jew."  It's pretty shocking to see little kids saying that.  Until you think a little, and then you realize:  of course.  Of course, the schools in Gaza teach the kids to hate the Jews.  That's the whole point of government schools.  To teach the kiddies who to hate.  That's why all the college kids are peacefully protesting for the Palestinians.  That's why "51 percent of [Americans] aged 18-24 believe what happened in Israel on October 7 was justified."  That's why liberal Jews are suddenly waking up to realize that they are not in Kansas anymore.  That's why activists want the federal government to categorize homeschoolers as domestic terrorists.

Anti-Semitic Academia Finally Getting Punched in the Wallet.  Yes, parents, this is what a small fortune gets you when you send your kids off to have their minds polluted by the leftist filth that controls Academia.  These kids didn't come out of the womb being virulently anti-Semitic, they had to be conditioned.  To be sure, the American public education indoctrination mill helped get them there, but it's the lunatics in Academia's ivory towers who are responsible for the finished product.  As I said in a recent podcast, the students are only working with the facts that their professors presented to them.  A handful of college presidents and boards of regents have issued statements condemning anti-Semitism and Hamas, but that can all be filed under "Too Little, Too Late."  The damage to young minds has already been done.

Dershowitz: The Gay and Trans 'Students for Palestine' Should Go Volunteer in Gaza.  On Wednesday's broadcast of Newsmax TV's "The Record," Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz urged the students who have blamed Israel for the Hamas terrorist attacks against it to go volunteer in Gaza, especially members of groups representing gay and transgender students for Palestine.  He also argued that the willingness of these groups to overlook Hamas' treatment of women, gay people, and transgender people is the "best proof that this is all antisemitism" because "these protestors are willing to give them a pass on these core issues, as long as they also hate Jews and the nation-state of the Jewish people."  [Video clip]

George Washington University projects Hamas-glorifying slogans on a building with Jewish donors' names.  Like an ignorant radical madrassa in some benighted fist-waving burg like Mogadishu or Kabul, George Washington University has allowed presumably students to project Jew-hating pro-Hamas statements on the wall of one of its august buildings in the heart of Washington, D.C.  [Tweet]  "Glory to our martyrs"?  "Divestment from Zionist genocide now"?  "Free Palestine from the river to the sea"?  Had enough?  There's more.  Adding insult to injury, check out the building they chose to spew their sickening Hamas slogans on:  [Tweet]

The Sickness of Our Universities — and the Cure.  The sheer madness that has gripped many elite universities since October 7 and the butchery, rape, torture, and mutilation of some 1,000 Israeli civilians by Hamas murderers have shocked the public at large.  Campus craziness is, of course, nothing new.  But quite novel for campuses was the sudden jettisoning of prior campus pretenses.  Universities have brazenly dropped their careful two-faced gymnastics to reveal at last — unapologetically, proudly, and defiantly — the moral decay that now characterizes American higher education.  Recent news stories have exposed this rot to the world, and will have grave repercussions for higher education in the next few years.  The Nazis once desecrated the tombstones of dead Jews.  Our campuses have updated that hatred.  Students now tear down pictures of Jewish captives kidnapped or murdered by Hamas.  University presidents do not condemn the hate-filled rallies supporting the killing of Jews in Israel, even though, according to their own safety-first ideology and prior proclamations about systemic hatred, these rallies instill a "climate of fear" in some students.

1 in 4 ISIS brides returned to Sweden now work in Swedish schools, shocking report reveals.  More than a quarter of all ISIS brides returned to Sweden from the Al-Hol camp in Syria are now working with young children in the Swedish education sector, an investigation by the Expressen newspaper has revealed.  Of the 81 women confirmed to have fled Sweden to join the Islamic State at the peak of its power and subsequently repatriated, 21 were found to now be employed in Swedish schools, kindergartens, and asylum centers for kids.  The bombshell report evoked a strong reaction from government ministers who questioned how radicalized individuals who were willing to join a terrorist organization had been permitted to work with young people upon their return to the country.  "This shouldn't have been allowed to happen," said Education Minister Lotta Edholm in response to the news.

Time for Billionaire Donors to Face Reality.  An important repercussion of the recent campus anti-Israel/pro-Hamas rallies is that major university donors, many of whom are Jewish, say that they are re-thinking their continued support of their alma mater.  The billionaire Ronald Lauder has threatened to end his donations to the University of Pennsylvania.  Fellow Penn alum, Marc Rowan, who has donated some $50 million recently asked fellow mega donors "to close their checkbooks."  TV producer Dick Wolf, another Penn alum, joined this chorus while the Huntsman family has already shut its checkbook.  Four thousand donors just signed a letter denouncing Penn's support of anti-Semitism.  Nor are these Penn donors unusual as billionaires at other schools have finally awoken from their slumber.  Can these aroused financial titans root out anti-Semitism?  No doubt, the closed checkbooks will alarm top administrators who will promise "steps will be taken," but, sadly, matters will not change, rhetoric aside.  No university will de-fund anti-Israel organizations since this generosity for student groups is a long-standing policy and administrators cannot anticipate what campus groups will do next.

The Editor says...
The college administration can't predict what student groups will do next, but they can dissolve, disband, and expel any group of students that steps out of line.  They can, but they don't.

University of Michigan Law School Exposed — Rotten to the Core.  This is the last article of a 10-part series that J. Christian Adams and I started over six months ago to expose the radical curricula of the top 10 law schools as rated by U.S. News & World Report last year. [...] UMich is just as bad as the other schools, if not worse.  If you want to spend almost $100,000 a year to turn your son or daughter into a radical, America-hating extremist whose goal is to bring down our republic, particularly our supposedly white supremacist legal system, then Ann Arbor is the place to go.  None of this is surprising given the recent news about student organizations at various colleges, including law students, supporting Hamas terrorists and their kidnapping and murder of Israeli civilians, the same way the infamous, anti-Semitic German American Bund of the 1930s supported the Nazis.  Law students at three of the law schools we have covered — Harvard, NYU, and Columbia — have had job offers from law firms withdrawn because of their support for these terrorists.  No shock that the University of Michigan has such groups, too, like the "Young Democratic Socialists of America," who applaud Hamas's killing spree as the "revolutionary will of the people," and "Students Allied for Freedom and Equality," who call on "honor[ing] our martyrs" in "resist[ing] imperialism."  Given the militantly leftist curricula and faculty at those schools, the student support for Hamas is no surprise.

California: High School Students March Through Hallway Chanting Genocidal Anti-Israel Slogan.  High school students dressed like terrorists were seen on video marching through the hallway of Balboa High School in San Francisco, California on Wednesday chanting the genocidal anti-Israel slogan, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."  The demonstration was part of coordinated protest at Bay Area schools orchestrated by AROC: Arab Resource & Organizing Center[.]  [Tweet]

United Federation of Teachers Subsidiary Will Rally With Pro-Hamas Socialist Groups.  A subsidiary of the nation's second-largest teachers' union will join the Democratic Socialists of America to protest Israel's retaliatory strikes against Hamas terrorists.  The Movement of Rank and File Educators, which describes itself as a "caucus of the United Federation of Teachers," will cosponsor Friday's "Ceasefire Now Rally for Gaza" in New York City.  The presence of the group, which claims it "fights for social justice" and "empowers workers in schools," could cause problems for its parent organization.  The Democratic Socialists of America's last rally drew bipartisan denouncements after participants celebrated the terrorist attacks that killed over a thousand Israelis and at least 30 Americans.  [Tweet]

Stealth Jihad in American Education.  Islamic law — Shari'ah — requires Jihad to be waged as "warfare against non-Muslims" until all the world is under Islamic law.  Jihadist doctrine is advanced by both violent techniques and "civilization jihad," a stealth subversive effort to destroy Western civilization from within a nation by its own hand.  The pattern of Islam is to use the courts, schools, art museums, and other major institutions including outreach to churches to infiltrate, gradually introduce Shari'ah, and then finally take over a nation.  American education is a prime target.  For decades, billions of petro-dollars have been donated to American universities for the purpose of altering public opinion and U.S. foreign policies.  This subversive shaping of the mindset has reached a wide swath of American society through students studying for careers in banking, business, law, public health, education, and urban studies.  Through university outreach, programs on the Middle East are developed and provided to K-12 and adult education students.

Can It Get More Absurd Than This?  By now you have heard that the law firm of Winston & Strawn withdrew its offer of employment to NYU student Ryna Workman after she issued a statement claiming "Israel bears full responsibility" for the terrorist attacks of 10/7.  Believe it or not, a white-shoe law firm didn't want to be associated with supporting terror attacks including rape, murder, beheadings, and the burning of babies. [...] Well now her fellow students at NYU are not just sticking up for their oppressed colleague, they have declared that Winston & Strawn is committing "violence" by withdrawing their offer of employment.  Rape and murder?  Not violence.  Failing to pay 6 figures to a terrorist sympathizer?  Systemic oppression and violence.

University Of Pennsylvania Students Chant 'We Want Jewish Genocide' During Protest March.  Students at the University of Pennsylvania shout "We want Jewish genocide" and "There is only one solution" and "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."  Their students also speak about how the civilian victims deserved to die and you see them tear down missing posters of the women and children who were kidnapped by Hamas.  [Video clip]

IDF Releases Intercepted Phone Call Between Hamas Members Admitting To Bombing Gaza Hospital.  The IDF has released a recording of what it says was an intercepted phone call between two Hamas operatives who discuss the failed Islamic Jihad rocket that landed on the Gaza hospital.  IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari further accuses media outlets of running with Hamas's toll, though the terror group could not have tallied the death toll of some 500 so soon after the explosion.  "Many media outlets immediately reported the unverified claims by Hamas, the lies by Hamas," he says[.]  "I want to make something clear:  It is impossible to know what happened as quickly as Hamas claimed it knew," he says.  [Video clip]

Nobody robbed you of your opportunity.  You threw it away!
Harvard Students:  Losing Job Opportunities Over Our Hamas Support Is the Actual 'Violence' Here.  The bogus victimhood is bottomless.  Because grievance is the coin of their realm, and because many of them are incapable of arguing any other way, it should be unsurprising to see figures like Rashida Tlaib and various other Hamas apologists and anti-Semites claim that somehow they are the ones who've been wronged over the last two weeks.  In a development that truly defies parody, Harvard students who signed an egregious, terrorism-justifying statement are now whining about the "bullying" they've experienced over the moral disgrace to which they signed their names.  They're even soliciting financial donations to (supposedly) finance mental health support in the face of this hardship.  The hardcore Left has labored for years to twist the meaning of the word 'violence' beyond all recognition, expanding it to entail virtually anything that they don't like, while exempting various manifestations of actual, physical violence that they happen to favor.

So, it's all about the Benjamins after all!  In 2019, Rep. Ilan Omar let her views on Jews be known when she tweeted, "It's all about the Benjamins, baby" in a sleazy reference to hundred dollar bills. [...] Have you ever wondered why so many of America's youth, in colleges and universities and even public government schools, have a vociferous, cult-like admiration for all things Arab, and in particular, all things Palestinian?  And their dislike for Jews, Israel and secondarily America?  How does this fixation fit with their fixation with social justice, equity, and intersectionality?  It doesn't!  How does this youthful zeal for all things Palestinian jive with the manner in which Palestinians treat women?  It doesn't.  How does this zeal for all things Palestinian blandly co-exist with the disdain, disfigurement, and even death of LGBTQ members when discovered by the Islamists among them?  It doesn't[.]  Omar's Benjamins comment was the ultimate in projection.  For decades, a waterfall of Benjamins have been flooding American colleges and universities from a multitude of Arab countries.  These Benjamins come from Qatar, Oman, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

Universities Slow To Condemn Hamas Were Quick To Issue Statements About George Floyd, January 6.  Universities across the country that were quick to take stances on events like the death of George Floyd or the January 6 Capitol riot are either refusing to take an institutional stance on the terrorist attacks in Israel or correcting prior statements to explicitly condemn Hamas after facing backlash.  Northwestern University and Williams College have opted not to take a position on the attacks whereas Harvard, Cornell, Ohio State and Stanford University amended their statements after receiving criticism for not condemning Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror organization.  However, these institutions released statements condemning events including Supreme Court decisions, the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 2021 and/or the killing of George Floyd.

The Stain Yale Can Never Erase.  Last month, the President of Yale, Peter Salovey, announced his eleven-year run would end in June 2024, capped by record-setting financial success. [...] Amidst the accumulation of billions, President Salovey found time on October 10, three long days after Hamas attacked Israel, to write five paragraphs that will forever stain Yale, its author, the supine Yale Board of Trustees that permitted the letter to be sent, and the more than 5,000 faculty members who have yet to pen a written objection.  The bravest line of the letter is here.  "As a member of the Yale community, I am compelled by our shared sense of humanity to condemn the attacks on civilians by Hamas in the strongest possible terms."  But it turns out, that's it.  Nothing follows about the specifics of the attack, the point-blank execution of hundreds at the music festival, the burning alive of men, women, and children, the rapes and mutilations, kidnappings, the hour upon hour hunt and extermination of those surviving the initial attack, the murdered babies, the boasting online, the ecstatic celebration of death, in all, horrors so unspeakable that seasoned war correspondents have said it exceeds in cruelty anything they have ever seen.

The Alternate Universe of Anti-Israel Protestors.  The sudden outpouring of anti-Israel, pro-Palestine outrage on countless campuses is hardly surprising given how universities are so grievance group friendly.  More surprising is the content of these protests, namely proclaiming a morally upside-down world where Israel is the oppressor and Hamas the victim (the Harvard letter said, "Palestinians have been forced to live in a state of death, both slow and sudden.") Here the killing of innocent civilians and the beheading of babies counts for nothing while Humas savagery becomes noble "resistance." It is this rejection of reality that is truly puzzling.  What allows college students and even a few professors to justify the anti-Israel rage?  That this occurs at some of America's top schools — Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford — makes it all more remarkable.

Today's elitist college students are good at standardized tests, but they can't figure out good and evil.  At America's elite universities, such as Yale and the rest of the Ivy League, as well as NYU, Stanford, and some others, there are thousands of students who see themselves as Masters of the Universe.  In reality, they have the right family connections, and they are very good at taking standardized tests, such as the SAT.  Or, instead of being old money types like McCoy, they check the right woke boxes.  Ryna Workman, who is non-binary (box one), Black (box two), and a leftist (box three), in her (Workman prefers they/them pronouns) role as president of the NYU Student Bar Association president, wrote a hateful anti-Israeli statement about the October 7 attacks that, among other things, said that the Jewish state "bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life."  Among those murdered were babies.  The Nazi's Einsatzgruppen also indiscriminately killed babies — and many others — during the Holocaust.  People calling their political enemies Nazis is as old as the Nazi movement and almost always it's an overstated charge — but calling Hamas members Nazis is accurate.

Billionaires who have pumped $500 million into Ivy League schools back out over failure to condemn the Hamas terror attack on Israel.  Ivy League schools face a multi-million dollar dip in funding after being blasted for failing to condemn Hamas' terrorist attacks against Israel.  Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania have been hit hardest by the backlash — with a host of alumni calling on the colleges to do better as some revoke their funding entirely.  Billionaires Ken Griffin has called for Harvard to take a robust stance in defense of Israel, and criticized students defending the Hamas attack.

Your Tax Dollars At Work:  Financing Virulent Antisemitism On Campus.  Shortly after Hamas began its bloodthirsty campaign against Israel, student groups started issuing statements praising the terrorists and blaming Israel.  If you were appalled, you're not alone.  But you're also helping to pay for it.  At Harvard, 31 student groups made news when they announced that they "hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence."  That prompted hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman to call for getting those students' names so that "none of us inadvertently hire(s) any of their members."  At least a dozen businessmen endorsed Ackman's call, according to the New York Post.  This was hardly an isolated incident.

U.Va. Professor Offers Extra Credit to Attend Anti-Israel Rally, Sparks AG Probe.  As the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to develop, U.S. university students and professors continue to use their platforms to engage in political activism.  This time, a University of Virginia professor, Tessa Farmer, offered extra credit to her students if they would attend an anti-Israel rally, Fox News reported.  Farmer, who teaches "global studies" and "anthropology" at the college, prompted her class to attend a Students for Justice in Palestine rally for additional "points."

College Students Backtrack on Hamas, Rush to Hide Connections and Pro-Hamas Statements.  Less than a week after Israel was struck by a devastating mass invasion by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, American college students who initially voiced support for the terrorists have now been forced to recant their statements for fear of being canceled.  As Just The News reports, perhaps the biggest example thus far is the story of Ryna Workman, the president of NYU Law's Student Bar Association.  Workman, a black woman who identifies as "non-binary," had applied for a job with the law firm Winston and Strawn; after she had initially been accepted, the firm then sent out a public statement revoking her job offer after she stated that Israel "bears full responsibility" for the terrorist attacks, which she described as "Palestinian resistance" and "necessary."  Elsewhere, students at Harvard are now facing backlash after over 30 student groups signed onto a public letter denouncing Israel as an "apartheid regime," calling the Jewish state "the only one to blame" for the violence.  Three days after the attacks, the list of signatories was removed, although archived versions still exist which include the full list.

Civilizational Suicide: "Decolonization" leads inevitably to barbarism.  Harvard finds itself in an ideological bind.  Following Hamas's horrific terror attack against Israel, the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee issued a statement, co-signed by 33 other student groups, blaming the Jewish state for the murder, rape, and mutilation of its own citizens by Hamas.  "Today's events did not occur in a vacuum," the statement read.  "The apartheid regime is the only one to blame."  The reaction was swift.  The media, the public, and prominent political figures condemned the students for rationalizing atrocities against innocent people, including women, children, and the elderly.  Harvard's administration, long accustomed to toeing the radical line, hesitated for days before releasing a generic statement of condemnation and writing that "no student group — not even 30 student groups — speaks for Harvard University or its leadership."  Meantime, former Harvard president Lawrence Summers expressed surprise, wondering on social media why the university could not "find anything approaching the moral clarity of Harvard statements after George Floyd's death or Russia's invasion of Ukraine."  It is hard to believe that Summers is being sincere.

Muslim Student Attacks Jewish Students At VERY Anti-Semitic Washington University.  Students at the University of Washington and across the country at Georgetown University gathered to praise the Hamas terrorists who butchered 1,300 Israelis over the weekend, launching the region into a bloody war.  At the University of Washington, video footage captured several Jewish students in tears as they pleaded with an administrator to put a stop to the pro-Palestinian rally, at which students condoned violence against Israel and the Jewish people.  [Video clip]

Campus Cowardice and Where the Buck Stops.  Contrast what colleges will tolerate with what they won't.  Microaggressions are met with moral condemnation.  Meanwhile, campuses will tolerate — even glorify — the wanton murder of Jews — actual violence.  Indulge in this at UCLA and you can get extra credit.  Yale professor Zareena Grewal has spent the last few days apologizing for Hamas on social media.  "Settlers are not civilians.  This is not hard," she said on X, as more horrifying details emerged about the pogrom in southern Israel.  Grewal also explained that you shouldn't feel too sorry about the kidnapping of an Israeli woman taken back to Gaza on a motorbike by Hamas because she had once served in the IDF.

Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer quits Harvard board, blasts university's president over Hamas student letter.  Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer and his wife are resigning their posts on the executive board of Harvard's Kennedy School in protest of school President Claudine Gay's belated lukewarm response to the student letter blaming Israel for the massacre committed by Hamas terrorists on Saturday.  Ofer, the shipping and chemicals magnate whose net worth was valued by Forbes at $14 billion as of Thursday, said that he and his wife were quitting the board, according to the Hebrew-language news site TheMarker.  Ofer and his wife, Batia, who is also a member of the executive board, said they resigned "in protest of the shocking and insensitive response by the president of the university, who did not condemn the letter by student organizations who blamed Israel for the massacres."

The Intersection Of Evil:  Hamas, Antifa, BLM, Harvard And Barack Obama.  [Scroll down]  While Antifa conspicuously stays out of sight, Black Lives Matter, the darling of the Democrats, shows up in party hats and whistles, with "chapters across the country," Mediaite reports, "celebrating the terrorist attacks that have claimed hundreds of innocent lives in Israel."  Harvard students made a splashy appearance, as well — nearly three dozen campus groups have sided with the barbarians.  According to the media, a coalition of 34 Harvard student organizations issued a joint statement in which they said they "hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence," as "millions of Palestinians in Gaza have been forced to live in an open-air prison," and "the apartheid regime is the only one to blame."  Harvard President Claudine Gay says that the groups don't speak "for Harvard University or its leadership." But don't they?  Aren't they saying out loud what most administrators and professors — not just at Harvard but at universities and colleges across the West — want to say, but don't yet feel free to publicly voice?  Isn't contempt for Israeli Jews exactly what the students have been taught?

Son of British Billionaire Leads Harvard Palestinian Group Behind Pro-Terror Letter.  British Perfume tycoon Jo Malone's son helps lead the Harvard Palestinian student group that was behind the pro-terror statement that blamed Israel for the Hamas massacre that left more than 1,000 Israelis dead.  The billionaire's son, Josh Willcox, is one of the three Harvard students who runs the school's Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee, according to a report by the Daily Mail.  The group, which released a pro-terror statement in response to the recent Hamas attacks against Israel, said, in part, that "We hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence."

Cambridge student welfare officer celebrated Hamas terror attacks online.  The Cambridge Students' Union welfare officer has been labelled a "disgrace" for liking tweets in support of Hamas's attack on Israel.  Harvey Brown, who is responsible for improving the welfare of University of Cambridge students, "liked" a series of Twitter posts that support the assault, including one heralding "a day of celebration" as "Hamas fighters cross into their colonisers' territory".  It has sparked outrage from Jewish students at the university who said they felt "unsafe", while Gillian Keegan, the Education Secretary, has written to university bosses demanding that they do more following multiple incidents of pro-Hamas sentiment being expressed by Left-wing students on campuses in recent days.

Now's The Time To Ruthlessly Purge The Universities.  Americans are witnessing the extent to which elite colleges and universities have turned our children into terrorist sympathizers, creating the perfect opportunity for state governments to clean out our hallowed halls of learning.  Our national university systems were once a beacon of Western civilization.  But for decades, the right called attention to slipping academic standards as well as the forced adherence to far-left progressive ideology on college campuses that largely went unnoticed.  Learning loss doesn't matter to the left as long as your graduating child has an anxiety disorder about climate change, thinks boys can turn into girls and, most importantly, isn't an evil conservative.  Parents ignored the right's warnings that their children were being taught to glorify the heinous acts of Stalin and Mao.  Instead, they continue to prop up the system, working overtime to end their own way of life.

Bill Ackman wants Harvard to name the students blaming Israel for the Hamas attacks so that he and other CEOs don't hire them by accident.  Bill Ackman, the billionaire hedge fund manager and founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, has asked Harvard University to reveal the names of students who signed a statement holding Israel "entirely responsible" for the deadly conflict in the country.  Ackman put pressure on Harvard University in a post on X, saying he — and other high-profile CEOs — wanted to see the names so that "none of us inadvertently hire any of their members."  A Harvard graduate himself, Ackman continues, "the names of the signatories should be made public so their views are publicly known."  Critics pushed back on Ackman, saying he was acting against the students' right to free speech.  But Ackman, reportedly worth $3.6 billion, shot back that he is "100% in support of free speech," adding: "I do, however, object to students putting out a statement holding Israel 'entirely responsible' for terrorists' heinous and despicable acts, but doing so anonymously under a corporate veil while leveraging the Harvard brand."

The Editor says...
As a practical matter, the students have the right to free speech, as long as it isn't conservative speech.  Do they also have a license for hate speech?  When they publish hateful messages, is their anonymity guaranteed?

Publish the Names of Students and Professors Who Support Hamas Lynching and Rapes.  Student groups at many elite universities — including Harvard, Yale and Columbia, CUNY — have come out in support of Hamas at a time when its terrorists have raped, murdered and kidnapped women, toddlers, the elderly and other civilians, and have reportedly beheaded babies.  The immoral groups that support such atrocities are composed of both students and faculty members.  Many of these individuals hide behind their organizations' names and refuse to identify themselves.  They do not want to be held accountable in the court of public opinion for their own despicable views.  The open marketplace of ideas, which I support, allows students to hold and express these views, but it also requires transparency so that the rest of us can judge them, hold them accountable and debate them.  There are, of course, rare occasions where anonymity is essential.  For example, during the civil rights period of the 1960's, identifying members of civil rights groups endangered their lives.  There is, however, no such fear here.  Groups that oppose Hamas have not been known to advocate violence against those who support it.  To the contrary, it is pro-Israel advocates who have been threatened with and suffered from violence.  The students who anonymously vote to support Hamas' recent attacks need not be fearful of anything but disdain and criticism.  They should be willing to subject themselves to the marketplace of ideas.

Harvard students having second thoughts about siding with Hamas.  Earlier this week a collection of 30-some progressive groups at Harvard signed a letter saying Israel was "entirely responsible" for Hamas' attacks.  But there has also been some substantial pushback on those groups since then.  [Tweet]  Some people pointed out the glaring double standard.  Harvard is a place where microaggressions are very serious but siding with terrorist murderers, not so much.  [Tweet]  There have also been serious consequences for at least one student at another law school who lost a job she had lined up with a corporate law firm because of a similar statement.  And then yesterday a large group of professors at Harvard came out with their own letter which correctly concluded the students were condoning the mass murder of civilians.

At least a dozen more CEOs endorse Bill Ackman's vow not to hire Harvard students who blamed Israel for Hamas terror attack.  Over a dozen business executives are joining the call to blacklist the Harvard students who put out a statement that blamed Israel for the Hamas attack, while the group whined about being persecuted in the aftermath.  CEOs from EasyHealth, Belong, FabFitFun, Inspired, DoveHill and many more joined billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman in the charge of outing the members of 31 student organizations who issued the statement on Sunday.  Ackman said, 'One should not be able to hide behind a corporate shield when issuing statements supporting the actions of terrorists, who, we now learn, have beheaded babies, among other inconceivably despicable acts.'

CAIR Wants Schools to Consult Mosques Before Teaching Sex Ed.  Prayers in schools and any kind of religious content, from the Ten Commandments to Christmas songs, remain widely opposed by litigious leftist organizations like the ACLU. And even the most modest efforts to keep kids from being exposed to graphic pornographic content have been assailed by the Biden administration which has sued school districts for trying to keep kids safe.  That's why CAIR's guide telling schools how to treat Muslim students is so extraordinary.  The Islamist organization lays out rules for Islamic school prayers and tells schools to consult with mosques about sex ed.  It warns schools against allowing Muslim girls to interact with boys in co-ed environments like swimming and dancing.  And, in a time when leftist governors and school boards force girls to shower with transgender boys who claim to be members of their sex, it even insists that Muslim girls should shower in their burkinis even in single sex settings.  But what is truly extraordinary about the CAIR guide is that there will not be a word of protest against it from the same political establishment and media that smeared Florida laws empowering parents to protect students from sexual content as "Don't Say Gay".

Georgetown, oldest Catholic university in U.S., erects large mosque on campus.  Georgetown University, which touts itself as the oldest Catholic Jesuit university in the United States, founded in the 1790s, recently completed a major construction project erecting a large mosque on campus.  "On March 18, Georgetown officially opened the Yarrow Mamout Masjid, the first mosque with ablution stations, a spirituality and formation hall and a halal kitchen on a U.S. college campus," the university stated in a news release.  It opened in 2019 but construction was completed earlier this year to much fanfare, with a dedication ceremony March 18 drawing Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who issued a proclamation recognizing the mosque, the release stated.

Islamic sharia law still floats along under the American surface.  After 9/11, the West discovered that the Muslim world imposes its blasphemy laws on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  Every few years, they remind us, sometimes with blood and sometimes without, that sharia's proscription on images of Mohamed applies to everyone.  The latest example of this "sharia for all" philosophy happened at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a professor was just fired for showing pictures of Mohamed in a class about Islamic art.

Stealth Jihad is Alive and Well.  Appeasing Islamists or whitewashing their ideas under the claim of religious tolerance and multiculturalism only strengthens the jihadists' aims and results in sacrificing freedom in the country.  Moreover, Islamists never compromise because "they have a goal, a vision, a determination, and even a sense of identity and values that Western multiculturalists cannot even imagine.  Over the years, Islamists have taken... the 'soft jihad' into America's classrooms.  Under cover of 'Arabic instruction,' public schools and taxpayer funded private and charter schools were 'implementing a religious curriculum.'"  Americans need to take the Islamists at their word.  Their goal is the total evisceration of American values and liberty and the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.  The exquisite irony is that they use our democracy to destroy our democracy unless we stop them.

Florida Teacher Is Fired After Video Of Her Interrupting Muslim Prayer In Her Office Goes Viral.  A Florida teacher was fired after she was apparently caught interrupting Muslim students as they prayed and accusing them of practicing "magic" in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.  The video — which was posted Thursday and has since raked up more than a million likes — shows three students at Franklin Academy, a charter school in Pembroke Pines, performing a prayer as one recites "Surah At-Tin" from the Quran, according to NBC News.  [Video clip]

Female Muslim students at Syracuse demand special swimming time.  A group of female Muslim students at Syracuse University is demanding the university pool provide special hours for female swimmers due to their religious beliefs.  The group of female students at the New York university said that it cannot swim in the presence of men due to Islamic religious beliefs that require women to be fully covered in the presence of men, according to the Daily Orange.  "Usually I'd have to fix my scarf while I'm in the pool, but if you're in an environment where it's just girls, you don't really care and you can swim, you're more comfortable," student Sajiah Naqib told the campus newspaper.  But the group of students said that a "girl's only" time at the campus aquatic center was insufficient to meet their religious needs due to the high degree of visibility through the facility's windows.

Head of Top Muslim University Offers Mind-Blowing Historical Whitewashing of Islam.  On April 24, the grand imam of Islam's most prestigious institution, Al Azhar, delivered an address before the heads of state, with Egyptian president al-Sisi sitting in the front row, during state-level celebrations of Laylat al-Qadr (the "Night of Power"), which, in Islamic teaching, is the night when Allah first revealed the Koran to Muhammad.  Considering the occasion of the speech and the speech-deliverer himself, Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, Islam was praised to the ceiling.  Of especial interest, however, was al-Tayeb's rendition of history.

New Jersey politicians want to teach children the wrong lessons about 9/11.  [Scroll down]  The closing section of the bill requires that schools provide, "strategies for teaching tolerance and accepting and embracing people of different religions and cultures" and "each public school shall annually organize a school commemorative event that will enhance student awareness of the events of September 11, 2001.  In addition to providing students with information concerning the events of September 11, 2001, the commemorative event shall provide students with age-appropriate opportunities for discussion on conflict resolution, diversity, and tolerance for people of different religions and cultures."  The act explicitly mandates lessons in "accepting and embracing people of different religions and cultures" and "conflict resolution, diversity and tolerance."  These sound exactly like what the terrorists who attacked us needed but the words are not directed at them.  They are directed at the victims of their attack; they're directed at us.

Does CUNY's Professional Union Enable Terrorism?  It is a felony to provide material support to terrorists.  It is not unlawful, however, for PSC CUNY, Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine, and various women's and gender studies departments around the country to publish one-sided condemnations of Israel while they whitewash Hamas' terroristic violence and use of Arab civilians as human shields.  This makes the entire BDS movement a collective enabler for terrorism not only against Jews and Christians, but also peaceful Muslims, women, and LGBT people in the Middle East.

California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer 'Culturally Appropriate' Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays.  Christian children in California aren't allowed to pray in schools, but Muslim refugees are given halal food and provided prayer rooms.  California schools in Sacramento are preparing for a huge influx of Afghan refugee students.  Joe Biden purposely turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban and packed evacuation planes with tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans and flew them to the US.  The Afghans are being dispersed all over the country and California agreed to take in at least 5,000 refugees.

Prayer in Public Schools Is Back, as Long as It's Prayer to Allah.  Prayer in public schools has been a hot-button issue in the United States ever since the Supreme Court ruled against it in the landmark 1962 decision Engel v. Vitale.  But now it's back, at least in one school district in Newsomland.  EdSource reported Monday that California's "Elk Grove Unified School District began offering culturally appropriate meals and setting aside rooms in many of its middle and high schools for prayer during Muslim holidays in preparation for the additional Afghan refugee students it expects in the next month."

Washington state HS calls off 9/11 football tribute because some could be offended, report says.  Students at a Washington state high school wanted to mark the 20th year since the Sept. 11 attacks by wearing red, white and blue at a patriotic-themed game but were refused because the event could "unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently," according to a report.  Jason Rantz, a host on KTTH 770/94.5 FM, reported that the event was canceled by an unnamed staffer at Eastlake High School in Sammamish "at the last minute."  A student told the show that he was informed that the "red, white and blue was going to be seen as racially insensitive and may affect people in a way that we will not understand and for that reason that we were to change our theme."  The station posted a screengrab of an email from one of the school's associate principals to a parent that said she understands the "sacrifice and values our flag represents, but I think they [school leadership] just did not want to unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently."

Virginia Education Department Instructs Teachers To Avoid Teaching About Muslim Extremism On 9/11.  Virginia's Department of Education hosted a speaker who instructed teachers to exclude the role Muslim extremism played when teaching students about 9/11.  In a PowerPoint delivered by "Education Leadership scholar" Amaarah DeCuir, teachers were instructed to avoid using language that could pin the events of 9/11 on Muslim extremism.  The lecturer pointed to the heightened anti-Muslim sentiment that allegedly ticks up around the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  "School and classroom 9/11 commemorations are sites for increased anti-Muslim racism," the presentation reads.  "This year's 20th anniversary commemorations will likely result in heightened risks of racist discourse, threats, and violence targeting Muslim students in schools and society.  Educators are well-positioned to disrupt these risks by centering the socio-emotional needs of Muslims in their commemoration plans."

Virginia Public Schools to Focus on Muslims As Victims in Teaching About 9/11.  On Thursday [8/26/2021], the Virginia Department of Education published a video entitled, "Culturally Responsive and Inclusive 9/11 Commemoration," detailing how Virginia public school teachers should handle the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 jihad terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.  The emphasis on that day and thereafter must not be on the ideology of the attackers or the ongoing jihad terror threat; rather, the focus is entirely on acknowledging and eradicating what the video calls "anti-Muslim racism."  The video is narrated by a hijab-wearing woman, Amaarah DeCuir, who describes herself as "Professorial Lecturer, School of Education, American University & Paragon Education Consulting, President."  One would think that with all her expertise, Ms. DeCuir would know the elementary fact that Islam is not a race, and that there are Muslims, and Islamic jihadis, of all races.  And of course she does know that, but she is operating in this video on the basis of the Leftist contention that opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women really stems from an irrational animus against Muslims as a people, and hence is a "racialized" form of "hatred."  Yes, it's toxic nonsense, but that's the Left for you.

Strangely Nazi-like talk at a Pennsylvania college.  Franklin and Marshall is a private college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania whose annual tuition exceeds $63,000 a year.  If the recent "Franklin & Marshall Faculty Statement in Solidarity with Palestine," as signed by two dozen F&M professors, is in any indicator of the school's quality, students should look into public universities whose tuition is one third of this or even less.  More to the point is the fact that Godwin's Law ceases to apply when somebody really does talk like a Nazi.  The letter's first paragraph refers to "refugees expelled and driven from their homes during the Nakba (1947-49) that accompanied the creation of the state of Israel."  "Nakba" (catastrophe) does not refer to Israel's well justified seizure of land in the 1967 war — the third war that its neighbors started or provoked in less than twenty years followed by the one in 1973 that could have started the Third World War.  The Anti-Defamation League explains that pro-Palestinian sources use "Nakba" to depict the creation of Israel as a catastrophe and deny Israel's right to exist.  That, as opposed to arguments over the subsequently occupied territories, is anti-Semitic.

Canada: Ontario gives $300,000 to Muslim organizations to help combat 'Islamophobia' in schools.  Among the problems here is that "Islamophobia" is undefined.  Since it is used to refer both to heinous crimes such as the recent murder of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, as well as to honest analysis of the motivating ideology of jihad violence, it is likely that such analysis will now be further inhibited, if not criminalized outright, in Canada.  At least some of this money will go to programs that teach that the Qur'an and Sunnah, properly understood, teach peace and tolerance.  It will then be harder to stop Muslims who don't believe that, because even to acknowledge that such people exist will be "Islamophobic."

Seattle Education Association:  Poster Child for School Vouchers and Right to Work.  Mondoweiss reports that the Seattle Education Association (SEA) passed a resolution endorsing the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement and also called for an end to collaboration between the Seattle police and Israeli military.  While I cannot give legal advice, SEA may have exposed itself to something called ultra vires, or "outside powers."  An ultra vires act can conceivably put a nonprofit organization's tax exemption at risk.  The American Studies Association (ASA) was in fact sued under the ultra vires doctrine but had the suit dismissed because the court found that an anti-Israel boycott did not violate its charter or bylaws.

Publicly Funded University Appoints Antisemitic Farrakhan Supporter as Ethnic Studies Dean.  California's Jewish communities warned that the push for ethnic studies was just educational antisemitism.  And, indeed, the ethnic studies movement is full of Farrakhan allies, from BLM's Melinda Abdullah to the dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at California State University.  Her name is Julianne Malveaux.  She enjoys long walks on the beach and hating everyone.  Especially Jews.

School Board Member Pledges Allegiance To Allah During High School Graduation, Calls For Jihad, Rants Against Capitalism And Whites.  A school board member gave a graduation speech in which she told a mainly-immigrant class of high schoolers that they were entering a world filled with "racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, [and] white supremacy," and encouraged them to remember their "jihad" and reject the concepts of objectivity and neutrality.  Fairfax County school board member Abrar Omeish gave the keynote address at the commencement for Justice High School in Falls Church, Virginia on June 7.  [Video clip]

Rutgers University Chancellor and Provost apologize for condemning rise in anti-Semitic attacks.  Apparently, higher education in America has been so poisoned by the radical left that condemning a rise in physical attacks on innocent American Jews is now forbidden — unless one simultaneously indicates support for the very cause being advocated by the groups most prominent in the current attacks. [...] The American left appears to be succeeding in enforcing an unspoken rule that any condemnation of anti-Semitism by a public figure must be counterbalanced by a ritual denunciation of "Islamophobia" or support for Palestinians.  This is what happened in 2019 when, following Rep. Ilhan Omar's "'anti-Semitic' and 'pernicious' comments," congressional Democrats succeeded in defeating a condemnation of Jew-hatred on its own and forced adding language condemning "virtually all forms of bigotry, including white supremacy."  Is there any other group subjected to similar requirements?  Does CAIR denounce Jew-hatred when condemning what it believes to be "Islamophobia"?

NYC principal under fire for email imploring staff to support Palestinians.  A Brooklyn middle school principal this week urged teachers and administrators to demand government sanctions against Israel — sparking outrage and a pending probe by the school system's independent investigator, The [New York] Post has learned.  In an email sent amid the since-suspended fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists, Principal Amanda Bueno told staffers at MS 136, "If you have been watching the news in absolute horror, you are not alone."

Community college to pay six figure settlement to prof whose test question offended a Muslim student.  Scottsdale Community College will pay $150,000 to settle a lawsuit from a professor accused of anti-Muslim bias.  The college was of accused of prematurely criticizing political science professor Professor Nicholas Damask for including three quiz questions about Islamic extremism on a quiz.  One asked, "Where is terrorism encouraged in Islamic doctrine and law?"  The correct answer was "the Medina verses" in the Qur'an.  Student Mohamed Sabra, who is Muslim, complained, alleging that Damask's exam forced him to "either disavow his religion or be punished by getting the answers wrong on the quiz," according to a lawsuit filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations against Scottsdale Community College and Damask last June, according to AZ Central.

University of Maryland Peddles Propaganda for the Mullahs.  Most Western think-tanks, universities, and media outlets over the past four decades, and especially under Trump, have justified the Islamic Republic's policies, normalizing the regime's behavior and refraining from covering repression in Iran compared to other countries.  Compare covering the Khashoggi case with the murder of Zahra Kazemi and Sattar Beheshti by the Western media: a mountain of news against a pebble.  But some of these centers have become propagandists of the Islamic Republic not just because of their enmity toward Trump; rather, their programs and products are supplied from Tehran, and the Islamist regime pays for them.  The University of Maryland's Center for International and Security Studies is one of them.  The site of this center, as well as the IranPoll Institute, which co-conducted the survey, is also silent about its funding sources.  In today's world, a lack of transparency means corruption.  If the funds of these centers are not financed from dirty money, the Alavi Foundation and exchange offices in Tehran, why are their sources not announced?  What does an academic and polling center have to hide?

Harvard Lends a Hand in the Effort to 'Islamicize' Science.  A few days ago, an email from Zahra Takhshid (granddaughter of Mohammad Yazdi, former head of the Islamic Republic's judiciary) was sent to some people, and I was one of the recipients.  In this e-mail, a plan for the Islamization of information technologies in the field of law, especially sharia, was proposed.  This is apparently the research project of Takhshid as one of the lecturers at Harvard Law School.  Harvard University, which once trained members of the U.S. Supreme Court, is at one of its lowest points today, where the Islamicization of the internet and information technology has been promoted by the granddaughter of one of the founders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

California Is Cleansing Jews From History.  [Scroll down]  But three years later, when the first draft of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) was released, [Elina] Kaplan couldn't believe what she was reading.  In one sample lesson, she saw that a list of historic U.S. social movements — ones like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, Criminal Justice Reform — also included the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement for Palestine (BDS), described as a "global social movement that currently aims to establish freedom for Palestinians living under apartheid conditions." Kaplan wondered why a foreign movement, whose target was another country, would be mischaracterized as a domestic social movement, and she was shocked that in a curriculum that would be taught to millions of students, BDS's primary goal — the elimination of Israel — was not mentioned.  Kaplan also saw that the 1948 Israel War of Independence was only referred to as the "Nakba" — "catastrophe" in Arabic — and Arabic verses included in the sample lessons were insulting and provocative to Jews.  Kaplan, 53, a Bay Area mother of two grown children who describes herself as a lifelong Democrat, was further surprised to discover that a list of 154 influential people of color did not include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, or Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, though it included many violent revolutionaries.  There was even a flattering description of Pol Pot, the communist leader of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, who was responsible for the murder of a quarter of the Cambodian population during the 1970s.

California: ISIS Jihadi Stabs Four in University Classroom, University Blames Toxic Masculinity.  The FBI last Wednesday [11/25/2020] released new details about the case of Faisal Mohammad, who in November 2015, while he was a freshman at the University of California, Merced, entered a classroom and stabbed four people.  It was already known back at the time of the attack that young Mohammad was a jihadi:  The College Fix reported that he "was found to have an image of the ISIS flag, a handwritten manifesto with instructions on how to behead someone, and reminders to pray to Allah."  The new information that has just been released about the case only confirms this, and shows up the abject idiocy of the university's utterly predictable reaction to the attack. [...] The University of California Merced is no different from any other campus all over the country today: full of self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual, indoctrinated bots who have been thoroughly imbued with the notion that when Islamic jihadists attack us, it is our fault.

Administering 'Truth' in our Schools.  [Scroll down]  In yet another public school case, not only was there no action against a teacher for promoting the Islamic faith in a world history class, but a court of appeals upheld a requirement for a dissenting student to recite the Islamic conversion prayer in violation of her religious beliefs.  When 11th grader Caleigh Wood, of La Plata High School, in Maryland, refused to intone, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah," she was threatened with a failing grade.  Students at the school were required to watch presentations that endorsed Islam and criticized Christianity and the Pope.  Ms Wood refused to complete her assignment, citing religious objections, and sought an alternative, which the school rejected.  Her lawsuit documents that no portion of the Bible or any other non-Islamic religious texts were covered in class.  Instead of viewing this as religious coercion, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the teacher "did not violate the Establishment Clause" of the First Amendment in teaching about Islam as part of a history class.  Later, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to review Ms Wood's appeal.

Another 9/11 is Unlikely — and That's not Good News.  The initial reaction to 9/11 was, indeed, one of heightened alertness and sudden awareness of the possibility that we were faced with a clash of civilizations.  The Islamists had played their hand too soon, and they quickly realized that it was not a good idea to wake a sleeping giant.  Thus, they resumed their cultural jihad.  It proved to be a highly successful program.  After 9/11, one would have expected that Islamic beliefs would have come under increased scrutiny.  Initially, that was the case.  But suspicion quickly gave way to affirmation as jihadists in business suits began a campaign to emphasize the kinder, gentler side of Islam.  They were particularly successful in converting American educators to the idea that 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam.  Before long, schools were presenting Islam as a victim of hatred, discrimination, Western imperialism, and Islamophobia.  And not long after, any critique of Islam became strictly off-limits — even among members of our security establishment.

Biden Vows to Stamp Out 'Islamicphobia'.  The presidential campaign of 2020 has so far unfolded in more of a crisis atmosphere than any campaign in decades. [...] In the midst of all this, on July 20, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden demonstrated anew the disturbing priorities of his increasingly anti-American party.  Instead of addressing the sharp rise in crime and lawlessness, the demonization of American history and culture, the Left's assault on the Second Amendment and other basic rights, or any of the other burning issues of the day, Biden chose to address the "Million Muslim Votes Summit," hosted by Emgage Action, which claims to be is the largest Muslim PAC in the United States.  In the course of his rambling remarks, Biden declared:  "One of the things I think is important, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith."  In the midst of what could very well turn out to be a second American civil war, or even the end of the United States as a free republic, Joe Biden is preoccupied with getting our schools to proselytize for Islam more intensively than they already do.  For make no mistake: that is what Biden means when he says he wishes that our schools taught more about Islam.  Schools already teach about Islam as a major world religion.  That teaching has already been widely criticized as whitewashing the crimes committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings, and Biden wants even more of that: [...]

Academia Bows to Islamic Terror.  The most corrupting influence on our democracy is rooted in political correctness in our education system.  Whereas there once was an emphasis on civic education as a means to imbue the citizenry with the values of the Constitution, that emphasis has long been diminished.  From elementary school through college, basic requirements in American history and civics have been replaced by political trendiness.  Consequently, it is not surprising that our educational system has produced generation after generation of college administrators who suffer from an embarrassing ignorance of the fundamental political values of the republic.

Trump Exposes the 'Great Disparity': Islam Good, Judaism and Christianity Bad.  While the Dept. of Education letter was directed at CMES, virtually every other Middle East Studies department in America — whence so many Middle East "experts," "analysts," and policymakers emerge — can be accused of the same exact things, including whitewashing and promoting Islam, while ignoring its victims.  Nor is this double standard limited to higher education; basic indoctrination begins in public schools.  For example, Caleigh Wood, an eleventh grade Christian student in a Maryland high school received a failing grade because she refused to compromise her faith by making a written profession of the Muslim creed or shahada — "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."  School officials denied her father's request that she be allowed to be given an alternative assignment.  She was, moreover, forced to view a series of pro-Islamic PowerPoint slides, which included the following statements:  "Most Muslims' faith is stronger than the average Christian"; "Men are the managers of the affairs of women" and "Righteous women are therefore obedient."

Taxpayer money wasted on Russia and Islam.  [Scroll down to page 9]  A recent NEH grant awarded $290,000 to study the Soviet and Russian perspectives on Islam.  But there's something missing in that description: anything related to the US.  The study is part of a larger program at George Mason University and is funded by a private foundation.  This is a reasonable project, but it should be funded in its entirety as a private project.  I see no reason that $290,000 of our money should support a private study of Soviet and Russian "understanding of cultural coexistence" with Islam.

What Happened When a Jewish Activist Confronted Tlaib's Jew Hatred at Rutgers.  On Sunday [2/9/2020], Rutgers University hosted the 14th Annual Interfaith Prophet Muhammad Conference.  The speakers were Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who had just falsely accused Jews of a blood libel, Craig Considine, a Catholic apologist for Islam who supports BDS, and Imam Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini, an Iranian-trained Shiite cleric who had accused Israel of being behind ISIS.  This panel of Jew hatred was a project of Muslims 4 Peace promoting Islamic migration.  But the founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism instead showed up to ask them some tough questions about hate.  "What about your anti-Semitism?" Dov Hikind, a former elected Democrat official who now takes on anti-Semitism in his former party, challenged Rep. Tlaib as she declaimed about racism in America.  Hikind was immediately confronted by a man in a keffiyah.  Rutgers police officers surrounded the founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism and escorted him out of the room for asking an elected official about anti-Semitism at a state university funded by the taxpayers of New Jersey.  The "Interfaith" Mohammed conference had consisted of two Muslim panelists and one token Christian who spends much of his time promoting Islam and bashing Israel.  There had not been a single panelist of another religion.

Harvard Declares Koran 'Best Book on Justice'.  Muslims around the world are thrilled at the recent news:  "Harvard University ranks the Koran as the best book on justice," is the January 20, 2020 headline of a report published by Youm7, a popular Egyptian news site visited by millions of Arabic readers.

In England, Muslims are Turning Christmas Into Festivus.  The latest manifestation of Islamic supremacism, leaching the meaning out of Christian observances, comes from Whitehall Primary School. [...] ["]Children at a primary school have been told not to sing the word 'Lord' in the Christmas carol Away In A Manger, so that pupils of all beliefs can join in....["]  But which is more important:  to allow Christian children to recognize Jesus as their "Lord," as they have for two thousand years, or to change utterly what Jesus signifies, in order to make sure that "pupils of all beliefs can join in"? [...] We all know the answer:  it is the swelling population of Muslims, who now feel numerous and powerful enough to demand that Christians change the essence of their religious observances to accommodate them.

Teachers at U.S. School Threatened to Tell Muslim Girl's Parents After She Removed Her Hijab.  Teachers at a school in the United States threatened to tell a Muslim girl's parents that she had removed her hijab, arguing that it was part of her "culture." [...] By attempting to enforce their deluded, progressive perception of Islam, the teachers almost put the girl at very real risk of abuse.  The story illustrates how befuddled leftists have no idea about how the modesty culture within Islam operates to the extent where girls and women are beaten and sometimes killed for not wearing their hijab.

Dearborn Public Schools Spark Protest by Adopting All Halal Meat Policy.  The Dearborn Public Schools website states it matter-of-factly:  "Dearborn Public Schools ensures all meats served in our schools are certified Halal."  Now one courageous mother is fighting back, challenging Dearborn public school officials to explain why they have done this and to provide options for students who object to halal food.  The mother wrote to Dearborn schools superintendent Glenn Maleyko, noting, "Schools have never changed lunches to fit any other religious needs.  If one needed a special diet due to religion or health, they did what all other students do, bring a lunch from home."  Maleyko responded:  "The decision was based on operational considerations only, not religion.  By implementing an all Halal meat option we have increased the number of students that we are serving[.] ... It would cost a lot more to provide both Halal and non-Halal meat."

Court Kicks CAIR Out of San Diego School District.  In a landmark case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been forced out of the San Diego Unified School District.  A lawsuit was brought against the district for partnering with CAIR and allowing the Islamist organization to run a discriminatory, unconstitutional propaganda program in its schools.  The court agreed with this assessment.  The program in question gave Muslim students special privileges and gave CAIR the power to change the district curriculum to make sure Islam was looked upon more favorably.  Students and parents were made to watch biased videos, CAIR officials were allowed to teach students and teachers about Islam and students were trained "how to become allies with Muslims students."

Trump Administration to UNC and Duke:  Quit Promoting Islam on Our Dime.  Will the Trump Administration move against the radioactive wastelands of far-Left indoctrination and Islamic proselytizing that our nation's colleges and universities have become?  On Friday [9/20/2019], it made a small, long overdue step in that direction:  Associated Press reported that "the Trump administration is threatening to cut funding for a Middle East studies program run by the University of North Carolina and Duke University, claiming that it's misusing a federal grant to advance 'ideological priorities' and unfairly promote 'the positive aspects of Islam' but not Christianity or Judaism."

Trump threatens to halt funding of a Duke-UNC Middle East program.  They say "that politics makes strange bedfellows."  Consequently, what is arguably the best college basketball rivalry in the country has led to an alliance against the Trump Administration.  The dispute is over an Islamic studies program of Duke University and the University of North Carolina (Duke-UNC).  The crux of the controversy, according to the Clarion Project, lies in a consortium program offered by the two universities.  The program is "to promote foreign language instruction for the purpose of preparing students for careers in diplomacy and national security."

Trump Admin Tells UNC, Duke to Revise Islam Program or Lose Taxpayer Funds.  The Trump administration is calling on the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Duke University to revise their joint Middle Eastern studies program or lose taxpayer funding.  According to the Department of Education, the program offers very few, "if any," programs focused on the historic discrimination against religious minorities in the Middle East, and lacks balance, focusing on the "positive aspects of Islam" while having an "absolute absence" of a similar focus on the positive aspects of Christianity and Judaism.

Muslim kids in Philly dance to chopping heads jihad song, and we still don't know why.  In April, a group of kids at the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia were captured on camera dancing and lip-syncing and performing on stage to a happy little ditty of chopping heads and leading armies of Allah and torturing enemies and other Islamic political and religious principles.  And the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations announced an investigation.  Investigation, indeed.  Now:  Where are the results?  Hat tip for the Middle East Media Research Institute for helping bring this to light.  If there's one thing both political parties should be able to come to agreement on it's that little kids in America ought not to be singing songs that promote the chopping of others' heads.  Yes?

9/11 "Never Forget" memorials face censorship, vandalism.  Students at a Michigan high school were told they could not display posters promoting Young America's Foundation's "9/11 Never Forget" project because the images were too violent.  Grosse Pointe High School North rejected the posters because they included images of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, along with other images of atrocities committed by Islamic radicals.  YAF spokesman Spencer Brown said on "The Todd Starnes Radio Show" that administrators feared "the content was too violent."

Are American Voters Helpless?  [Scroll down]  Islam, like Communism, Nazism, and other isms, is ideological to its core.  It still retains its poisonous ideological connection with Nazism and the Arabic version of Hitler's Mein Kampf and its fictitious propaganda.  We also know that the American educational system has been invaded by Saudi Arabia as well as other rich-oil Arab nations of the Persian Gulf region.  Well, we know that Islam is a religion of war, not peace.  Again, no elected official has made a single attempt to stop this.  In many U.S. States, schoolchildren are indoctrinated and taught propaganda that praises Islam, while Christianity, Judaism and other true religions are squelched.  Once again, those who we elected into office are silent.  Perhaps they do not like to rock the boat for fear of losing their chances of being reelected.

The demise of public education.  While promotion in public schools of faith-based ideology is supposed to have been prohibited, according to the Supreme Court of the United States, the faith-based ideologies of socialism, Marxism, nihilism, Islamism, Satanism, Darwinism, and others continue to be propagated in public schools.  This is clearly unlawful.  It is prohibited.  And it is destructive.  But Americans across the country do and say little even to express their opposition to the practice of indoctrination.

Boy Scouts of America Must Not Allow Radical Islamic Brainwashing.  Cub scouts in Houston are likely being indoctrinated with radical Islamist values, including support for Iran and hatred for Israel and America.  This must be stopped!

California's Proposed 'Ethnic Studies' Curriculum Lauds Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib.  California's proposed new model "ethnic studies' curriculum for children in public high schools includes several controversial topics — including the study of Reps.  Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) as important leaders.  A section of the model curriculum proposes that students learn about "significant figures" in the Arab-American community, including Omar, Tlaib, and Palestinian-American radical Linda Sarsour — all of whom have been widely accused of antisemitism for the extreme rhetoric they use in criticizing Israel and those who support it.

Radical Indoctrination:  Coming to a Public School Near You.  One bizarre lesson called "Hip-hop as Resistance" professes to demonstrate "how Hip-hop can be used to resist oppression and counter hegemonic beliefs perpetuated through the media," while "introducing students to Arab-American Hip-hop."  It pledges to help shatter Muslim stereotypes:  "fundamentalists, extremists, militants, fanatics, terrorists, cut off hands, oppress women, jihad as 'holy war'," or of Palestinians wanting to "blow up airplanes," "destroy Israel," and "drive the Jews to the sea."  (Actually, critical thinking about jihad and Islamic intolerance in classrooms and elsewhere is labeled Islamophobia, an evil that merits a separate lesson in the syllabus.)

The Editor says...
Those are not stereotypes.  Muslims really do fly hijacked airplanes into office buildings.  They really do oppress women, cut off the hands of thieves, and strive to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea.  Stereotypes cannot be shattered when they are based on facts.

California Introduces Radical Anti-Semitic High School Curriculum.  [Scroll down]  Public research materials viewed by the [Washington] Free Beacon reveal that several committee members behind California Department of Education's Draft Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum are outspoken critics of Israel.  One member, Samia Shoman, is a Palestinian-American who teaches in the San Mateo Union High District.  Her lesson plans on Palestinian history have been featured as a teaching tool by the Qatar Foundation International, a group tied to the nation and its efforts to proliferate boycotts of Israel.  Shoman is also a pro-Palestinian activist on Twitter.  Another committee member, Gaye Theresa Johnson, an associate professor at UCLA college of social sciences, also has supported pro-Palestinian causes on Twitter, including retweets from pro-Iran individuals who have deemed Tehran as the victim in the ongoing nuclear standoff with the United States.

NJ High School Allows Muslim Proselytizing In Class.  Memorial High School in New Jersey has come under fire after it allowed two Muslim students to proselytize for their religion in multiple classrooms and allowed banners invoking the Muslim god Allah and urging students to celebrate Ramadan to be hung on school grounds. [...] "A public school district would never hang posters praying for Jesus Christ to shower students with love and wisdom," asserted FCDF Executive Director Daniel Piedra.  "Apparently the Left's notion of the so-called 'separation of church and state' only applies to Christians."

Danish students [are] being taught to get down on their hands and knees and pray to Allah.  Leaked video shows the horrific scene of Danish children (mostly Christian) being forced to learn Islamic prayers in the classroom.  Says school principal, Gert Hougaard, it's all part of "Get to know your classmates" week.

On the Moral and Legal Status of Islam in the United States.  A number of US public schools are commemorating Muslim holidays and holding Islamic prayers towards Mecca.  Rocky Mountain High school in Colorado in 2011 became the first school in the United States to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, replacing "One Nation Under God" with "One Nation Under Allah."  Revolutions of the deepest kinds always begin with our children.

Big Win for Students of San Diego School District.  The "Anti-Islamophobia Initiative" was developed under the direction of Hamas/CAIR as a "holistic" plan to supposedly protect muslim students and their families from bullying and discrimination.  As part of the mandated training initiative, staff and students had to receive instruction by Hamas/CAIR officials on "how to become allies to muslim students," and Hamas/CAIR is empowered to revise school curriculum to "portray Islam more favorably."  Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund stated the initiative violated the Constitution because it singled out Muslim students for preferential benefits and empowered Hamas/CAIR with governmental decision-making authority.

Minnesota Students Assigned to Color Reverential Photos of Rep. Ilhan Omar.  In her short time in Congress, freshman U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar has made a name for herself as a vehement anti-Semite.  She infamously invoked age-old anti-Semitic tropes when she tweeted "It's all about the Benjamins [$100 bills], baby," accusing the pro-Israel organization AIPAC of donating to politicians in order to secure favorable treatment of the Jewish state.  Omar is also an ardent supporter of the Hamas-funded Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.  Now it appears that despite her highly controversial record and short career in public service, schoolchildren in Minnesota are being taught to venerate the fledgling politician.

U.S. School Fails Christian Student for Refusing Islamic Prayer.  "Most Muslims' faith is stronger than the average Christian."  "Islam at heart is a peaceful religion."  Jihad is a "personal struggle in devotion to Islam, especially involving spiritual discipline."  "To Muslims, Allah is the same God that is worshiped in Christianity and Judaism."  "Men are the managers of the affairs of women" and "Righteous women are therefore obedient."  The problem is that those statements were part of the instruction in a public school in Maryland, and one of the students in the classroom now is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to condemn such religious lessons funded by taxpayers.  The Thomas More Law Center has submitted a petition asking the high court to take up the case of student Caleigh Wood.

Ummah Day in Philadelphia.  Young schoolchildren attending the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia are being taught to be enemies of Jews and are being indoctrinated in the culture of violent Islamic jihad. [...] In the video you will also see Muslim women looking like typical public-school teachers organizing and supervising the children as they recite these heinous and barbaric lines — as if they were singing lines from The Little Mermaid in the local middle-school spring musical.  That's perhaps even more chilling.  After the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) discovered this video and Fox News reported on it, the Muslim American Society posted a statement on Facebook explaining, "The center celebrated 'Ummah Day' where children sang songs from their cultural traditions... not all songs were properly vetted.  This was an unintended mistake and an oversight in which the center and the students are remorseful."  Translation?  "Oops!  You weren't supposed to see that one!"  The Islamic Center's leaders are remorseful because they got caught indoctrinating their children in violent Islamic jihad.

An Academic Umbrella for Bigots.  There is a lot of justifiable hand wringing over the Israel bashing and overt anti-Semitism in American academia.  The bias is correctly blamed on the leftist "progressives" who buy into the libels promoted by Moslem/Arab students and their campus affiliated organizations.  It is no secret that Saudi Arabia has poured a huge sum of dollars both from government and private donors into American colleges to promote whitewashed Islamic studies and influence opinions on the Middle East.  However, there is another culprit, namely the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) which feeds faculty to universities and colleges throughout the nation.

Standing Up to Anti-Semitism.  On April 22, the Muslim American Society (MAS) uploaded a video on its Philly Facebook page, filmed at its 6th annual Ummah Day celebrating diversity.  In the video, children are seen singing and dancing in Arabic to a YouTube song known as the "revolutionaries anthem."  Four girls are highlighted, fluently reading Arabic scripts advocating violence to regain dominance over the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem: [...] MAS originally dismissed the video as a mere "oversight", without embarrassment or apology.  MAS also claimed that MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute watchdog group that uploaded the video had provided a false translation.  MEMRI stood by its translation which was subsequently confirmed by an Arabic studies professor at Drexel University.  Shortly thereafter, MAS reported that an unidentified person in charge of the event had been dismissed and that the organization reaffirmed its longstanding opposition to anti-Semitism and was forming a commission to assist in sensitivity training, bless their hearts.  MAS recently issued a third iteration of the event claiming that the girls in the video, supposedly demonstrating Arabic proficiency, didn't understand the words they were reciting and every volunteer in attendance was too busy and/or didn't understand Arabic sufficiently to intercede.

MAS Lied About School in Jihad Video Being a "Separate Entity".  The Muslim American Society (MAS) Philadelphia chapter had a clear message after a shocking video showed up on its Facebook page last month showing school children lip-syncing to a pro-jihad song that called for beheading and torturing Israelis.  We have nothing to do with it, MAS-Philadelphia said in a statement condemning the video's content.  Even though the school is called MAS Leaders Academy, and even though it was among many school videos posted on MAS social media outlets, the statement described it as "a separate entity renting space from MAS Philadelphia."  Pennsylvania corporate records tell another story.

Muslim American Society's History Belies Its Concern Over Kids' Jihad Video.  The Muslim American Society (MAS) claims it is disturbed by a video, exposed last week by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, showing school children lip-syncing a pro-jihad song calling for Israel's elimination and the torture of its people.  The videos showed school children singing along and gesturing in a light choreography with a "Birds of Paradise" song that says, "The blood of the martyrs is calling us," and urges revolution "until we liberate our lands ... and we crush the traitor."  The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) subsequently found a separate part of the program that featured young girls reading a script:  "We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque.  We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling His promise, and we will subject them to eternal torture."  The videos from the event have been removed from Facebook. [...] The thread running through all of these examples — from Omeish's 2000 speeches to the Philadelphia "Ummah Day" program with schoolchildren — is a call for jihad to eliminate Israel.  It keeps happening no matter how many times MAS claims the rhetoric does not reflect the beliefs of a movement created by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

The Editor says...
How many more Islamic indoctrination centers exist, from which we haven't seen leaked videos like this?

Muslim American Society says 'disturbing' video of children wasn't vetted.  A video showing children speaking in Arabic about sacrifice and chopping off heads wasn't vetted before being posted on the Facebook page for the Muslim American Society's Philadelphia chapter, and it does not represent their values, the executive director of the national group said Sunday [5/5/2019].  Executive Director Ayman Hammous said the Muslim American Society learned of the content of the video after the Middle East Media Research Institute posted a translation Friday.  The society issued a statement calling the video "disturbing" and condemning the words used in it.  "It does not represent our understanding of Islam, nor the understanding of the mainstream Muslim community," Hammous said in an interview Sunday.

The Editor says...
Ri-i-i-ight.  Then apparently all the people who work at MAS Philadelphia — at least those who were involved in the staging and production of this video — misunderstand Islam in exactly the same way.  Is that what Mr. Hammous would have us believe?  No, I think the Philadelphia center was quite proud of the kids, and was embarrassed when the video was leaked.  Here's a project for an ambitious reporter:  Go interview all the kids who appeared in this video and ask them if they have been taught anything different since the video came out.  The video production wasn't the kids' idea.  Adults were involved from beginning to end:  Adults who don't know that Muslims are supposed to keep quiet until the time is right for an all-out uprising.

Also posted under The ingredients for future terrorist attacks.

Philadelphia Muslim Society Investigating Alarming Video Of Kids Threatening Murder, Calls Incident An 'Oversight'.  The national Muslim American Society says it is investigating a disturbing video that surfaced online last week showing a handful of children at a Philadelphia Islamic center performing a song about decapitating their enemies and martyrs sacrificing their lives to reclaim Jerusalem.  The group is calling the video a "mistake" and an "oversight."

'We Will Chop Off Their Heads' for Allah, Children in Philadelphia Muslim Society Say:  Reports.  Disturbing footage has emerged from an Islamic Center in Philadelphia, showing children lip-syncing to songs and reading poems saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for Allah.  The Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia (MAS Philly) uploaded videos on April 22 to its Facebook page.  The videos show children singing lyrics that appear to call on the next generation of Palestinian youth to embrace terrorism and glorify suicide bombers, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).  The boys were shown to be lip-syncing a song, during which several of them held up a copy of the Quran.

Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah.  Disturbing footage of Muslim kids saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for the "army of Allah" surfaced from an Islamic center in Philadelphia.  The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page celebrating "Ummah Day" in which young children wearing Palestinian scarves sang and read poetry about killing for Allah and the mosque in Jerusalem.  The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a watchdog group, alerted Fox News to the video.  "These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country — including in Pennsylvania," MEMRI said in a statement.

Muslim Youth Indoctrination on Full-Display in America.  Lyrics to the songs explicitly call on the next generation of Palestinian youth to embrace terrorism and glorify suicide bombers.  But these children are not performing in Ramallah or Gaza.  This hate-filled song was played in Philadelphia and proudly broadcast on Facebook.  The Muslim America Society (MAS)'s Philadelphia chapter held an annual "Ummah Day" on April 17, featuring delegations of children representing several countries across the Middle East and North Africa.  The event's theme was advertised to focus on the "Golden age of Islamic science."  Instead of focusing exclusively on the Islamic world's scientific achievements, however, part of the day was devoted to showcasing children forced to embrace radical Islamist culture.  And it's more common than most people realize. [...] MAS, which prosecutors say was founded in 1993 as the "overt arm" of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, has a long history of promoting violent incitement in the U.S.

Ilhan Omar Allowed To Talk To Elementary Students Behind Closed Doors — Parents & Press Allegedly Not Allowed.  On Friday [4/26/2019], jihad Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) visited elementary and middle school students in Minneapolis, but allegedly, parents and the press were allegedly not allowed to attend.  However, not to miss a moment in the spotlight without any serious questioning of her clear Islamic agenda, Omar posted video of her arrival at Anne Sullivan Community School.  "One of the best parts of my job.  It's so rewarding to be back in-district visiting with dedicated staff and curious students," Omar wrote on Twitter.

Terrifying video on antisemitic conference at the University of North Carolina.  Ami Horowitz, the investigatory filmmaker who often exposes campus madness, has produced a video that ought to terrify anyone familiar with the history of Weimar Germany.  Then, as now, universities were among the leaders in whipping up Jew-hatred and actually persecuting Jews.  One of the neglected aspects of the origins of the Holocaust is that the purge of Jews from Germany's famous universities opened up new career possibilities for those faculty and students who remained once their institutions were Judenrein.  We are not (yet) at the point of expelling Jews from faculties and student bodies, but we are at the point of violent attacks on Jews being justified by faculty members at prestigious universities, as a jaw-dropping interview in Horowitz's latest video shows.  We are also at the point where multiple academic departments at such a university — a publicly owned and funded institution of (purported) higher learning — are comfortable sponsoring an academic conference with open Jew-hatred, and government funds (nearly a quarter million dollars!) are allocated to sponsor it.

Dearborn Islamic School Linked to Iran, Hezbollah PropagandistsClarion Project has discovered that a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan is linked to diehard supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime.  The school teaches students from kindergarten through 9th grade.  Great Revelations Academy was founded in 2015 by open supporters of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.  By their own admission, the school's founders are dedicated to spreading his message.  Fadlallah was a supporter of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and is considered to be a key inspirer of Hezbollah.  Some go so far as to describe him as the terrorist group's "spiritual leader."  Fadlallah supported the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut that killed 241 U.S. Marines (who were serving as peacekeepers) as well as 58 French troops and six civilians.  In 2005, he reiterated his support for suicide bombings against Israel.  When he died in Lebanon in 2010, Hezbollah called for three days of mourning.  Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei sent his condolences.  One of the academy's founders, Fouad Bayoun, told Arab-American News that one of the purposes of creating the school was to pass along Fadlallah's teachings to children in America.

Are Democrats Pushing Sharia Law?  [Indeed], the federal government illegally funded a national curriculum titled "Access Islam."  This indoctrination program outrageously teaches students how to become Muslim — how to pray as a Muslim, how to perform Islamic "daily worship," and how to perform the "core duties" of being a Muslim.  A California school banned all Christian-based books from its library, including books by Christian authors.  Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Hermsmeyer says they do not allow "sectarian materials" on their state-authorized lending shelves.  Public schools are celebrating Islam while banning Christmas.  Public education is the battlefield of the culture war.

California School District Forced to Dump CAIR's Islamic Indoctrination Program.  The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund forced an unprecedented lawsuit settlement on the San Diego Unified School District, which partnered with the terrorism-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, requiring the district to shut down its discriminatory, unconstitutional "anti-Islamophobia initiative."  The embattled CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in 2007 in an alleged criminal conspiracy to support both HAMAS and the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.  In 2014 the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR a terrorist organization.  CAIR, which poses as a Muslim civil rights organization, falsely claimed that President Trump's election caused a wave of attacks on Muslim students in the San Diego school district.

ISIS teacher arrested
Ex-Texas teacher indicted for trying to work for ISIS.  A former substitute teacher from Texas has been indicted for allegedly trying to work as an English teacher for ISIS.  Warren Christopher Clark, 34, was captured recently by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Justice Department said.  Clark had allegedly submitted a resume and cover letter to the Islamic State, noting that he had a bachelor's degree from the University of Houston, worked as a substitute teacher in Sugar Land, Texas, and had done teaching stints in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Islamic Activist Advocates Using Public Schools to Convert Americans to Islam.  In a video clip that has recently gone viral, Islamic activist Sharifa Alkhateeb talks extensively about using U.S. public schools to proselytize Islam and convert America to an Islamic nation.  "We are in the process of developing Islamic education for our children.  And yes, all of us have the hope and dream... of creating not only Islamic schools that cooperate with each other but Islamic schools systems that would span the country, that's what our further objective is," Alkhateeb explains.  "So as we approach the public school system, we have to approach it with that credo, that we see ourselves as worshipping Allah in being involved with them in any way."

Elite Universities Hide Information On Funding From Qatar.  The nation of Qatar, a Sharia-law monarchy that has been accused of trying to influence other countries' governments, gave $1 billion to elite American universities since 2011, according to Department of Education data.  Some universities have refused to discuss where strings are attached to that money.  The Qatar Foundation, for example, filed a lawsuit against the Texas attorney general Oct. 12 to hide information about the $225 million Qatar has awarded to Texas A&M University since 2011.

CAIR in the Classroom:  Islamist Group Partnering with Public Schools.  In 1993, Ibrahim Hooper, director of strategic communications for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said that, "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.  But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that.  I'm going to do it through education."  Twenty-five years later, CAIR could be making headway on that goal, through its relationships with US public school districts in at least three states.  CAIR — an Islamist group and United Arab Emirates-designated terrorist organization that bills itself as a defender of civil rights — has achieved special concessions for Muslim students and launched the inappropriate insertion of religion into publicly-funded education.  Meanwhile, pushback from parents and outside organizations is building.

Students made to read sob-story about Muslim boy named 'Osama' on 9/11 anniversary, parents outraged.  Parents of students in a New Jersey middle school are furious that a teacher skipped a 9/11 anniversary discussion and opted to read a fictional story about a Muslim boy named "Osama" instead.  On the anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks masterminded by Osama bin Laden, a social studies teacher at Glen Meadow Middle School in Vernon Township decided not to have students discuss the day of mourning honoring the thousands killed, the New Jersey Herald reported.

Islamfreie Schulen
When will somebody tell the far-left commies at the Huffington Post that Islam is NOT a race?  "Germany's New 'Far-Right' Campaign Poster Is Unsubtly Racist," reads the misleading headline in the Islam-pandering, far-left wing rag, Huffington Post.  The poster, from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party says:  "Islam-free Schools" and shows a group of smiling German schoolchildren.  The poster is from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party which is not "far right," but increasingly mainstream populist in Germany, the result of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Open Door Muslim immigration polices which have flooded Germany with more than 1.5 million Muslims in the past 3 years.  If anything, the ad is pro-German and anti-Islam, which is a religion, not a race, and should never be a part of any that belongs in a public school.  They aren't talking about NO Muslims in school, they are talking about NO Islam in school.

Professor tells students: 'American intervention is the primary CAUSE of terrorism'.  An American Studies class at the University of Massachusetts Boston teaches students that United States military intervention is the primary cause of terrorism in the world today.  How do I know?  I was briefly enrolled in the Fall 2018 course.  Paul Atwood, a former Vietnam-era Marine turned anti-war protester, teaches The U.S. and Intervention in the Middle East.  During the course's first two lectures earlier this month, I listened as Atwood, a senior lecturer in the College of Liberal Arts, scrutinized instances of American military intervention with what I perceived as a conspiratorial lens, including the assertion that the U.S. government knew more than it has let on about the terrorist acts of Sept. 11, stopping short of calling it an inside job.

Ripon College Rejects "9/11: Never Forget" Posters to Protect Muslim's Feelings.  Citing bias reports filed during last year's 9/11: Never Forget Project, administrators at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, ruled that YAF's 9/11: Never Forget Project posters are creating an "environment" where "students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed."  As a result, Ripon administrators will not allow the Ripon Young Americans for Freedom to hang the flyers as part of their work to remember the victims of September 11 or other victims of radical Islamist terrorism.  When leaders from Ripon YAF pressed administrators in a meeting to explain what was objectionable about the posters which merely depict history, the school's "Bias Protocol Board" failed to provide anything more than the usual bizarre leftist excuses that rely on feelings, rather than facts, to back up their censorship.

Massachusetts Taxpayers Sue Over Anti-Semitic, Pro-Islam School Lessons.  A group of Massachusetts-based taxpayers are suing the school committee in the city of Newton, a wealthy, liberal enclave, over what they claim is the leadership's ongoing promotion of anti-Semitic school materials and the promotion of Islamic religious beliefs, according to an announcement from the organization handling the lawsuit.  Education Without Indoctrination, a local community group driving the lawsuit, "claims multiple violations of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law stemming from the school committee's handling of a burgeoning scandal over anti-Semitic lessons and the promotion of Islamic religious beliefs as objective facts in the public school district's history classes," according to a press release from the group.  The lawsuit stems from a controversy of Newton Public Schools use of what the group claims are "unvetted educational materials" produced by the Saudi Arabian oil company ARAMCO and the Qatari government, which has long been cited for its funding of terrorism.

Somewhat off-topic ... maybe.
Islamic Relief Offers Summer Lunch In DeSoto.  The Islamic Relief USA's summer feeding program is being made possible a little closer to home this year since the organization awarded a $10,000 grant to a local group — the Family Joint Venture Foundation (FJV).  The grant is to help feed children during the summer, as part of the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Summer Food Service Program.

The Editor says...
I don't exactly see how the dots connect here, but somehow the USDA — the federal government — is giving money to Islamic Relief USA, to supply meals to low-income kids.  Does an imam pray before the meal?  Is nothing said about Islam after everyone has had lunch?

Why We Fight Islamic Indoctrination In U.S. Public Schools.  All you have to do is look at what's happening in the Netherlands to understand why the Thomas More Law Center is so zealously fighting against Islamic indoctrination in public schools across the United States.  Parents in the Netherlands can't stop their children from being subjected to Islamic indoctrination.  In fact, parents who refuse to let their children attend mosque trips, are subject to fines and are often bullied by their schools.  Such bullying also happens here in the United States as witnessed by Libby Hilsenrath when she made the public aware of Islamic indoctrination in the Chathams Middle School.  But, parents in the United States have the Thomas More Law Center and our Constitution to stop this indoctrination.  Hugo Bos, investigating Islamic indoctrination in Dutch schools, is aware of the lawsuits fighting Islamic indoctrination being filed by the Thomas More Law Center in the United States.  The Church Militant website contains a disturbing article on how Dutch Children are being forced to submit to Islam.

Dutch Children Forced to Submit to Islam.  Parents in the Netherlands can't stop their children from being indoctrinated with Islam against their wishes.  A new report from Cultuur onder Vuur (Culture Under Fire) documents evidence from hundreds of cases where children in Dutch schools are instructed by an imam on how to pray and how schools are taking measures to hide these trips from parents.  Church Militant spoke with Hugo Bos, the campaign leader for Culture Under Fire, who said they started investigating Islamic indoctrination in Dutch schools after they found one video of a school trip to a mosque.  "We found it very shocking," he said.  "We found proof of 19 cases where children took part in Islamic rites."

Good morning, class.
Video: "We found over 1,500 errors" in social studies textbooks.  Roy White, expert on Sharia-supremacist penetration of Texas schools gives insight into the influence of Sharia supremacy in the nation's school system, particularly in social studies textbooks.  [Video clip]

Teaching about Islam in U.S. schools.  [Scroll down]  Islam "promotes kindness and compassion" and "opposes violence"?  If he said the same thing about Catholicism, it would provoke a flood of letters to the editor detailing the militant, misogynistic, and child-abusing nature of Catholicism, accompanied by threats to cancel the subscription.  But you can get away with saying such pleasant things about Islam because very few will complain.  Mr. Yoffie claims that there is a "huge and profound ignorance about Islam."  That's true enough, but it's not what he thinks.  He seems to assume that students are kept in the dark about all the positive aspects of Islam when exactly the opposite is true.  Not only does he appear to know little about Islam, he also seems to know little about American schools.  The bland "kindness and compassion" version of Islam that he wishes they would teach, is what they do teach and have taught for many years.

What do children learn when textbook publishers rely on Islamist advisors?  [Scroll down]  The first thing you notice is the brevity of the account.  9/11 is arguably, the most important event to have occurred thus far in the 21st Century.  Yet it merits only one short paragraph in a book which purports to acquaint students with "the modern world."  The next thing you notice is that there is no mention of Islam or Muslims, only of "terrorists."  Glencoe Publishers' Modern Times gives a slightly more detailed account of 9/11, including the fact that "More Americans were killed in the attacks than died at Pearl Harbor or on D-Day in World War II."  Yet, once again, there is no mention of Islam or Muslims — the perpetrators are simply "terrorists."  That's a bit like teaching about Pearl Harbor without mentioning the Japanese, or discussing D-Day with no reference to Nazis.  One textbook does refer to "Middle East terrorism" and "Muslim movements," but hastens to add that "the vast majority of Muslims believe terrorism is contrary to their faith."  The upshot of this "reverential treatment of Islamic history" is that textbooks "give a false picture — or no picture at all — of grave threats to the U.S. and world" — including "the life-and-death threat of nuclear terror."  While educators and textbook publishers are fretting over diversity and sensitivity, the ATC study rightly calls attention to the threat to national and international security posed by the whitewashed version of Islam presented in our schools.

12-year-old girl's homework includes writing a letter to her family about becoming a Muslim.  Mark McLachlan, 43, from Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, has slammed the decision by the Kepier School to ask pupils to pen the note.  He has refused to let his stepdaughter, who he has asked not to be named, complete the task after failing to see what the letter would accomplish.  Mr McLachlan said:  'I know as part of the national curriculum they have to learn about all religions.  'I just don't see why they should ask a child to write a letter addressed to their family about converting to another religion.  I really just don't see what the letter will gain.  'If they want children to learn about Islam, then go teach them all about it and its history.  'What I don't want is a school asking my stepdaughter to look into reasons for converting to another religion.

Islamization in American Schools.  While jihadists across the globe are busy slitting throats, American school children are taught that jihad is an "inner struggle" and Islam means "peace."  While Muslim rape gangs destroy the lives of teenage girls in England, American teenagers learn that Muhammad was a champion of women's rights.  And although American students are taught all the gruesome details of the Atlantic slave trade, they learn little if anything about the Arab slave trade which took many more lives.  If Islam is part of the curriculum in your child's school — and it probably is — you can be almost certain that it is treated in a deferential fashion.  If your child's school uses prepackaged materials that look as though they were vetted by a committee of Muslim apologists, they probably were.  And if you notice that your boy or girl is practicing Arabic calligraphy, don't worry.  He or she is just writing that "there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."

Survival Education:  Islam in the Classroom.  Should schools teach about Islam, and if so, how should they teach it?  There's a general consensus among educators that when dealing with controversial subjects, schools should maintain a distinction between teaching and preaching — between an objective presentation and advocacy.  But some contend that line has already been crossed in regard to Islam in the classroom.  In Chatham, New Jersey, a parent is suing the school system for forcing 7th grade students to watch a set of videos in their World Cultures and Geography class that essentially proselytize for Islam. [...] The fact is, many American schools have blurred the line between teaching and preaching.

Christian dad sues school for Islamic indoctrination of his daughter.  The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced that it has agreed to represent Richard Penkoski in his fight with the Mountain Ridge Middle School, located in West Virginia, over the Islamic indoctrination of his 13-year old daughter.

Judge green-lights parent's lawsuit against public school teaching 'Islam is the true faith'.  A federal judge has refused to toss out a lawsuit brought by a parent against the Chatham, New Jersey, school district, which showed seventh-graders a pro-Muslim video that included an invitation to convert to the "true faith."  In denying the school district's motion to dismiss the case, U.S. District Court Judge Kevin McNulty said the motion was worth only "minimal discussion."  Kate Oliveri, an attorney with Thomas More Law Center, is representing Libby Hilsenrath, whose 12-year-old son attends Chatham Middle School.  Oliveri said the decision to let the lawsuit proceed came as no surprise.

Muslim professor made students remove shoes, praise Allah before entering office.  A newly retired Muslim professor at the University of Connecticut was caught on camera last year ordering students to remove their shoes and praise Allah before entering his office.  Felix Coe, a former professor of biology at the public university, was seen berating a female student for not removing her shoes before addressing him in his office, according to a video posted last week by Jihad Watch.

School's 'Shahada' assignment draws legislator's attention.  A state lawmaker in West Virginia is looking into what's behind the report that a public school in his hometown had its seventh-graders practice some of the Pillars of Islam and write out that religion's main creed.  OneNewsNow reported last week that Mountain Ridge Middle School in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, asked its seventh-graders to write out the "Shahada," a Muslim's main confession of faith by which one converts to Islam.  One of those students shared with OneNewsNow her discomfort and her feeling "weirded out" by that particular assignment.  State Delegate Marshall Wilson (R-District 60) — who also has a seventh-grader in that school — says he's going to get to the bottom of the controversy.

Yes, Your Child Could Be Indoctrinated — It Can Happen to Anyone.  Radicalization is a process of changing a person's thinking.  Jihadi recruiters use many kinds of manipulation to trap young adults into thinking that whatever is wrong with their life now, it will be rainbows and lollipops if they join a terrorist organization.  Young girls who fantasize about getting married and having babies are fooled into thinking that meeting a jihadi fighter online is their dream come true.  Young men who fantasize about being the hero of the story are made to believe they can free the Syrian civilians from their peril or miraculously save the world.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Militant jihadism is just what it seems to be — a brutal, evil, barbaric, bloodthirsty ideology seeking to turn naive young adults into killers for a political cause.

Islamizing the Schools:  The Case of West Virginia.  This is an outrage, but it is common nationwide: the Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Mountain Ridge Middle School in West Virginia is "instructing junior high students to write the Islamic profession of faith ostensibly to practice calligraphy."  Students are made to write out the Shahada, which states:  "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."  [...] In order to convert to Islam, one says the shahada.  Saying the shahada makes you a Muslim.  The shahada is what is on the black flag of jihad.  No non-Muslim student should be forced to write or say the shahada without the qualifier "Muslims believe that..."  This is because it is a statement of faith.  If the school exercise is requiring students to write it, it should be clear from the wording of the exercise that this is Islamic faith, not the student's faith.  That distinction has been glossed over in many, many school textbook presentations.

Jewish parents outraged after NY school holds moment of silence for Gaza dead.  Several Jewish parents expressed outrage over the weekend after children at a New York City school were instructed to observe a moment of silence for the dozens of Palestinians killed during clashes along the Gaza border.  The announcement of the Tuesday tribute at Beacon High School in Hell's Kitchen was made by a student over the school's PA system.  It was not clear whether the decision had been approved by the school principal.  The New York Post, which reported the story, said it was not able to reach principal Ruth Lacey for comment.

Why Is This Being Taught in Public Schools?  A West Virginia parent is upset after his daughter was asked to write the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, as part of "calligraphy practice" in her world religion class.  The shahada — which states, "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger" — is used in the conversion process to Islam.  Rich Penkoski objected to the assignment that his seventh-grade daughter Brielle was given, saying the religious nature of the assignment was inconsistent with what students were asked to do while studying other religions.

Islamic Indoctrination Taking Place in Georgia Schools.  Islamic indoctrination is reportedly taking place in Georgia schools, which are even implying that Allah is the same as the Christian and Jewish God.  Charisma News reports that Georgia schools are required by the Georgia Department of Education to teach about Islam, but some believe the schools have taken that mandate too far.  The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) reports that in one Atlanta-area school, students were given an assignment asking them to fill in the blank of a sentence that stated, "Allah is the [blank] worshiped by Jews & Christians."  Children filled in the blank with the words "same God."

Weekly Islamic call to prayer in Texas public high school.  There's a special space for Muslim students at Liberty High School — room C112 — an empty classroom provided by the school for daily prayer sessions.  School officials initially opened up a small conference room for Islamic prayers in 2009 after they noticed some Muslim students leaving on Friday afternoons to pray, and demand eventually forced them to dedicate an entire classroom for the ritual.  "This is my seventh year at Liberty, my first year it kind of started when a core group of students were leaving campus every Friday for Friday prayer," principal Scott Warstler told Wingspan, the student site.

Indoctrination: US Schools Promoting Islam, Censoring Christianity!  The Columbia Daily Herald in Middle Tennessee reported details of the allegations.  In the Maury County school district, the paper reported parent Brandee Porterfield said her daughter "brought home school materials containing the Five Pillars of Islam."  School officials explained, she told the Herald, that Christianity was not part of the state's standards, so it wasn't covered.

UK: Funding Textbooks That Teach Children to Blow Themselves Up.  This past weekend it emerged that last year the British government funnelled £20 million to Palestinian schools.  A review by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) found that these revenues go towards funding a curriculum which omits teaching peace, promotes the use of violence — specifically jihad — and encourages martyrdom.  An analysis of the textbooks used in Palestinian schools funded by the UK government — using UK taxpayers' money — found that these textbooks, which come from the Palestinian Authority (PA), "exerts pressure over young Palestinians to acts of violence."

UK: "Teacher Handbook" Supporting Extremism?  Sweeping reforms in Britain's education system are having an unintended dangerous consequence:  the infiltration of extremist Muslim influence on the teaching of Religious Studies.  This influence is visible in The Oxford Teacher Handbook for GCSE Islam, authored by a small team of educational specialists and Muslim community leaders.  The purpose of the manual is to guide British teachers lacking in-depth knowledge of Islam to help their students pass the Religious Studies General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), the UK's public examination for pupils at the end of Grade 11.

Muslim cleric who advocates wife-beating, stoning, hatred for non-Muslims speaks at St. John's University.  This hate-filled savage can speak at a university with no problem, but when one of my colleagues or I am invited to speak at any college or university in the country, there is a huge uproar.  Protests.  Petitions.  Denunciations.  "Safe spaces."  This speaks to how deeply corrupt our academic establishment is today.  Universities are not institutions of higher learning.  They're centers of hard-left indoctrination.

Orlando, Florida Middle School to Host Syrian Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed.  Less than two years after 49 people were slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the Greenwood Lakes Middle School in coordination with Muslim community groups in Orlando have decided to host a Syrian sheik who has called for the killing of gays and all Jews.  In a flyer created for a "Positive Parenting Skills" conference, Islamic scholar Dr. M. Rateb Al-Nabulsi is listed as a "special guest speaker" at the event, which is being held by the Security Advancement Center (SAC), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and Aisha Cultural Center in Orlando.

Stop Indoctrinating Our Children.  To enhance "cultural diversity," students at Maryland's La Plata High School were ordered to copy the Islamic creed "Shahada" which states in part, "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."  One worksheet distributed by the school states, "Most Muslims' faith is stronger than the average Christian."

Islamic indoctrination now being force fed to American public school students.  In one 'Geography' class in Virginia, when students are forced to write the Islamic shahada (Islam's declaration that there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet), over and over in Arabic, it no longer has anything to do with geography or calligraphy and everything to do with Islamic proselytizing in public schools.

Austrian teacher breaks ranks to talk about Islam in schools.  A veteran teacher with 25 years experience talks openly about the increasingly difficult job of getting through to students with migrant backgrounds who are preoccupied with their faith and culture.  [Video clip]

CAIR California Crams Islam Down the Throats of Children in San Diego.  The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund reports:  "The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) yesterday (March 14, 2018) issued investigative subpoenas to the California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its local office in San Diego.  The subpoenas are part of FCDF's federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the San Diego Unified School District's (SDUSD) 'anti-Islamophobia initiative.'  The multi-year program was developed under the direction of CAIR as a "holistic" plan to supposedly protect Muslim students and their families from bullying and discrimination.  As part of the initiative, staff and students must be taught by CAIR officials "how to become allies to Muslim students," and CAIR is empowered to revise school curriculum to portray Islam more favorably."

Cincinnati professor forced out after claiming Muslim women are safer in U.S..  A University of Cincinnati professor is being forced to retire after he told a Muslim student that female Muslims are safer in the U.S. than in the Middle East.  University of Cincinnati assistant professor Clifford Adams has been placed on administrative for the remainder of the semester and will retire May 1, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

San Diego Schools Ordered To Reveal Correspondence With Muslim Advocacy Group.  A federal judge ordered the San Diego Unified School District on Tuesday to hand over evidence detailing its correspondence with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about the implementation of a controversial anti-Islamophobia bullying initiative at San Diego public schools.  The development is the latest in a long-running saga concerning school officials in San Diego coordinating with CAIR, an American-Muslim civil rights and religious organization with known links to a number of anti-Israel groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.  The controversy began in April when the San Diego school district announced it was launching an anti-Islamophobia initiative to combat what it described as a vast and underreported epidemic of anti-Muslim bullying in the district's schools.

Councilman Pressured to Quit for Wanting Islam Out of Public Schools.  In yet another sign of the confusion of our age, Plano, Texas City Councilman Tom Harrison is in hot water.  Mayor Harry LaRosiliere wants him to resign, and local Muslim groups are planning protests until he does.  His crime?  Calling for a ban of Islam in public schools — in which no religion is supposed to be taught as fact or favored.  The ACLU and atheist groups fought for decades to get Christianity out of American public schools, but are they rushing to defend Tom Harrison?  Of course not.

Are public school officials giving Islam special treatment in Iowa City?  These are interesting times in the Heartland.  On February 13, 2018, a meeting of the Board of the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) took place.

Does Islam get special treatment in Eastern Iowa schools?  Christmas is not specifically recognized by the ICCSD in terms of being a special holiday.  On the 2017-2018 district calendar Christmas is listed as a "Holiday," along with Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, Labor Day and some others.  But the date of December 25th simply falls within the two week period that is labeled "Winter Break." [...] Our young Muslim activists are calling for the two holiest days of Islam to be given special treatment by having each of them declared a specific school holiday for which schools will be closed; an idea to which the ICCSD Board seems receptive.  In addition, we have an elementary school principal who is planning on using public school resources and grounds to recognize one of those two religious days a month before it even occurs!

Plano Councilman Pressured to Resign Over Facebook Post Calling for Banning of Islam from Schools.  Tom Harrison has issued a groveling apology, which you can read in its nauseating fullness at the end of this news article, but that isn't enough.  The local Muslims are planning protests and intend to keep up the pressure until he resigns.  And what was his crime?  He called for Islam not to be taught in public schools, just the way Christianity and Judaism and other religions aren't.  We have seen over the years many, many examples of Islam being taught as fact in American public schools.  Why should Tom Harrison or anyone else have to apologize for standing against that?

Taxpayer-Funded Bias on Middle East Invades K-12 Classrooms.  The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) recently published a study about the introduction of factually inaccurate and partisan information related to Israel and Middle East politics in public school history curricula.  The study focused on Newton, Massachusetts, where teachers used materials recommended by Harvard University's Center for Middle Eastern Studies.  But the problem isn't limited to Massachusetts.  All around the country, educators are being trained to teach politically motivated courses by US government-funded Middle East centers.  As I wrote in The Arab Lobby, Israel's detractors have become increasingly aggressive at infiltrating K-12 curricula to shape the views of Americans from an early age.  Their goals are to demonize Israel and present a sanitized education about Islam.  Their willing accomplices are faculty at prestigious universities, many of whom are BDS advocates, who often receive funding from Middle East sources.

Who Is Finding Their Way Into American Students' Minds?  As long as our American youngsters receive this poisonous propaganda as a paltry substitute for a solid education of the region, we will never learn to acknowledge and appreciate the extremist ideology of radical Islam that is trying to defeat us.

Muslim Tries to Get UCF to Expel Student Who Refused to Try On Hijab.  A Twitter fight between two University of Central Florida students went viral after Rayyan Sukkarieh called for the expulsion of Kathy Zhu.  The controversy began Thursday afternoon [2/1/2018], after Zhu tweeted photographs of Muslim students holding an event where they were encouraging students to try on a hijab and giving out free head coverings.

NJ Mom Sues School for Islam Indoctrination.  A New Jersey mother is suing officials and teachers in her son's middle school charging that seventh-grade students were subjected to Islamist propaganda and explicit calls to convert to Islam.  No other religion was being taught to their children except for Islam.  The suit, filed in a U.S. district court against the Chatham Middle School, claims the students' First Amendment rights (freedom of religion and separation of religion and state) were violated by the curriculum used in their World Cultures and Geography class.  Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer, whose sons were exposed to the course material, originally brought their concerns to the attention of the school board.  Instead of an actual investigation, Hilsenrath charges that those concerns were disregarded.

New Jersey Middle School Sued Over Islamic Propaganda, Explicit Call to Convert to Islam.  The Thomas More Law Center ("TMLC"), a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday evening in the New Jersey District Court against several officials and teachers of the Chatham Middle School and the School District of the Chathams, located in New Jersey.  The lawsuit, claiming several violations of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, was filed on behalf of Libby Hilsenrath and her minor son.  Seventh-grade students at Chatham Middle School were forced to endure Islamic propaganda and an explicit call to convert to Islam through a disturbing set of videos in their World Cultures and Geography class.

New Jersey Teacher Urges Kids To Convert To Islam.  A teacher at a New Jersey Middle School gave students an assignment pressuring them to convert to the "true faith" and celebrating the slaughter of Christians.  However, as soon as one mama bear saw her child's homework, she unleashed a brutal counter-attack that had the teacher immediately regretting the sick lesson.

Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches.  [Scroll down]  British universities are also advancing Islamic law.  The academic guidelines, "External speakers in higher education institutions", provide that "orthodox religious groups" may separate men and women during events.  At the Queen Mary University of London, women have had to use a separate entrance and were forced to sit in a room without being able to ask questions or raise their hands, just as in Riyadh or Tehran.

High school student suspended for debating Islam with Muslim — in debate club.  A Missouri high school that suspended a student for making critical comments about Islamic extremism says he's not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.  Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High's nationally ranked debate club, says he was just trying to have a friendly debate.  During his free period Oct. 17 at the public school near Kansas City, Lonsdale joined a spontaneous conversation among acquaintances about the nature of Islam.

Stop university support for terrorists: the ten worst schools.  While America's eyes are focused on the battle to defeat ISIS and cease the relentless series of global terrorist attacks, at colleges across the United States, a coalition of terrorist-linked organizations are waging a propaganda war to destroy the Jewish state, annihilate the Jewish people and fan the flames of hatred for America as Israel's "protector."  Led by Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association, and Jewish Voice for Peace, these organizations do not launch rockets at Israeli civilian targets or dig terror tunnels under Israeli kindergarten classrooms.  But they spread propaganda and take money and marching orders from those who do.  Their mission is to whitewash actual terrorist attacks and promote the genocidal lies of terrorist organizations, specifically Hamas, whose stated goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.

School District to Consider Punishing Students Who Say "Terrorist".  A school district near Allentown, Pennsylvania says the best way to end hate speech is to ban hateful words.  The Saucon Valley School District is considering a policy that would ban five words if they are used in a hateful way, according to local news reports.  One of the words that could be banned is a derogatory word for a woman — the other is a racial slur typically used in rap music.  The other words on their proposed list include retarded, terrorist and gay. [...] The policy was reviewed but not voted on at Tuesday's [11/28/2017] school board meeting.

Nashville Middle-Schoolers FORCED to Visit a Mosque.  Students from Metro Nashville Meigs Middle Magnet School visited the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN).  Under the guise of innocent religious talks, the school directed students to embrace the practices of Islam.  Dina Sirois, operations director of the mosque, told students they would "talk about beliefs and practices in Islam."  Then she systematically insinuated Islam is superior to Christianity and Judaism.  Her remarks were not at all the balanced, open interpretation she pretended they were.

British School Instructs 12-Year-Olds to Write Letter Explaining Conversion to Islam.  The P.C. dhimmis in charge of education in Britain are so eager to embrace a Muslim future, they have assigned kids to give reasons for converting to Islam — enraging their parents.

Teacher Forces Children To 'Convert To Islam' — Fed-Up Father Fires Back With Epic Response.  Our friends over in England are way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to forcing Islam down the throats of school children.  Mark McLachlan was furious when his 12-year-old stepdaughter brought home an assignment from her school asking her to "Write a letter to family about converting to Islam."  The 43-year-old didn't let his daughter work on the assignment, and instead wrote up his own essay (below) with a heavy dose of the reality of Islam.  He said that he recognizes that the children are all expected to learn about "all religions" but he doesn't see why the students should be required to talk about leaving their own religion and choosing Islam.  As a Catholic I would be infuriated to have to deal with such an assignment and would have happily accepted a child in my care receiving a zero.

University Creates Religious Conduct Code Because Muslim Students Pray Too Loudly, Flood Bathrooms.  A moderately prestigious university in Germany has instituted a religious code of conduct in response to complaints about Muslim students praying noisily in the library and flooding campus bathrooms with water as they ritually cleanse their feet.  The University of Hamburg is the site of the new set of religion-related rules, reports Times Higher Education, a London-based education news website.  The 42,890-student university is the first in Germany to institute such a code.  The University of Hamburg's executive board determined that the religious code of conduct is necessary after receiving numerous complaints.

Public school forces students to pretend to be Muslims in the "Islamic" city of Jerusalem as part of a class assignment.  Not only that, they were assigned to work in groups in which they would simulate a historical Hajj (pilgrimage) to Islam's holiest city — Mecca (aka Makkah) in Saudi Arabia — during class.

Muslim school's policy of segregating boys from girls is unlawful sex discrimination, Court of Appeal decides in landmark ruling.  An Islamic faith school's policy of segregating boys from girls is unlawful sex discrimination, Court of Appeal judges have today ruled.  Three Court of Appeal judges in London overturned last year's finding by a High Court judge that Ofsted was wrong to penalise the mixed-sex Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham.  Inspectors had found that separating the pupils — to the extent that they were forced to walk down different corridors — left them 'unprepared for life in modern Britain'.

Separate but equal facilities are acceptable again!
Kellogg and Brown University to Offer Segregated Dinners for Black, Muslim Students.  Liberal Brown University is set to offer segregated dinners for black and Muslim students on the tail of recent Antifa protests that have turned violent over the last few months.  Purporting to offer "racial reconciliation," Brown administrators took a $300,000 grant from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) to "break down racial hierarchies and create a positive narrative about race in the community," the College Fix reported.  The money was supplied by donations by liberal organizations such as the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Newman's Own Foundation.

Univ of Kansas opens women's only lunchroom as 'safe space' for Muslims.  At the conclusion of the Student Senate meeting on Jan. 27, Diversity and Inclusion Director Omar Rana announced the creation of a women's lunchroom in the Office of Multicultural Affairs.  Room 102 of the OMA is available from noon to 1 p.m. on weekdays, mainly for women on campus who require a safe space to eat lunch due to religious attire that cannot be removed in public, Rana said.  He said the process to get the lunchroom approved was lengthy and required the exploration of many campus resources, including Student Senate.

Islamic Rules in Danish Schools.  Some Muslim schools in Denmark appear to be employing anti-Semitic teachers, enforcing gender inequality, employing violence against students, offering poor education in general, and teaching jihad.  There are 26 Muslim schools in Denmark.  While they operate independently of the public schools, the state sponsors them heavily — as it does other independent schools in Denmark — covering 75 % of their budget.  The demand for Muslim schools in Denmark has grown in the last decade, as Muslim schools have increased their number of pupils by almost 50% since 2007; they now cater to almost 5,000 pupils.  (It is unknown, however, how many Muslim children learn in the so-called "Koran schools," where Islam and Arabic are taught after school to those children who do not attend a Muslim day school.  Koran schools — as revealed in the Danish TV documentary "Sharia in Denmark") — are not under any supervision from state or municipal authorities).

A Master's Degree in Whitewashing Islam.  For countless Norwegian citizens, is essential reading.  For the nation's cultural elite, however, it is anathema — a major chink in an otherwise almost solid wall of pro-Islam propaganda.  So it is no surprise to learn, via Universitetsavisa, the student newspaper at the University of Oslo, that a Religious Studies student there, Royer Solheim, has written a master's thesis on, in which he describes it as a locus of "hate rhetoric," "Islamophobia," and "conspiracy theories."  Nor is it a surprise that he was graded an A.

Has Islamic Indoctrination Overtaken American Schools?  There is an insidious program featuring a white-washed, and thus untrue, version of Islam that has permeated our educational institutions, beginning in kindergarten, winding its way through the 12th grade, and into our universities.  In circuitously slick ways, the Saudi government has managed to insinuate its own version of Middle Eastern culture and history, and strictly positive views of Islam, upon millions of American students thus indoctrinating them to a biased, pro-Islamic position when the full truth is far more complex and, not surprisingly, not quite as glowingly favorable.  Journalist Stanley Kurtz has explored the depth of this interference and warping of American kids' perceptions of Middle Eastern culture in an extremely illuminating essay, Saudi in the Classroom.

Professor Sounds the Alarm:  Palestinian Propaganda is 'Infiltrating' American Education.  Originally published in Legal Insurrection and reposted in the pro-Israel outlet The Algemeiner on Monday [8/7/2017], political science instructor Miriam Elman decried how content, such as the Arab World Studies Notebook that a Massachusetts high school praised as providing an "Arab point of view" and a "balanced perspective," is anything but unbiased.  According to the American Jewish Committee, the textbook consists of an "overt bias and unabashed propagandizing," such as demonizing Israel as the antagonist in every Arab-Israeli war, and praising Muslim fighters for their "gentle treatment of civilian populations."

You Decide If There Is Religious Indoctrination in the Schools.  A blog radio host named Barry Secrest of Conservative Refocus reported recently that students in Virginia are being taught to explore and understand the basic beliefs of Islam as well as the Five Pillars that guide Muslims in their daily life" as follows:
  •   Muslim Prayer
  •   Zakaat
  •   Ramadan is Here
  •   The Hajj:  Islamic Sacred Pilgirmage
The students are assigned an art project which consists of creating adorable little "posters illustrating the Five Pillars of Islam" for display throughout the entire school.  It's not likely photos of Jesus are going up anytime soon.  Can you imagine if Evangelicals or politically conservative Jews started proselytizing in the schools?  The Access to Islam seems to be on the border or over the border of preaching to us.  There is a fine line between understanding and indoctrinating.

Highest Dutch court orders government to fund new Islamic school.  The Netherlands' highest court on Wednesday [7/26/2017] told the government it must fund an Islamic school in Amsterdam that authorities had tried to ban, tapping into a divisive debate about the role of Muslim culture in Dutch society.

Judicial Submission:  Top Australian Law School Teaches Sharia Law 'Benefits'.  Australia's most prestigious law school accommodates two courses which call for elements of sharia law to be incorporated in the mainstream legal system — including allowances for polygamy and lowering the age of consent to end opposition to child marriage.  The courses also chide judges who denounce Muslim values during sentencing.

Austrian City Bans Pork in Kindergartens to Accommodate Muslim Children.  Salzburg has banned pork in city-run kindergartens in what local officials have defended saying it meets the needs of Muslim children.  The ban was not advertised or announced and has been in place for some time until parents of children attending kindergartens in the city noticed that pork was never present on school menus.  An official from the Salzburg mayor's office said the ban on pork was both for health reasons and "among other things, the needs of Muslim children", Kronen Zeitung reports.  The office of the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) deputy mayor Anja Hagenaue confirmed the accusations saying that while there was no official order given by the left wing government, the ban had been in place for around five years.  Ms. Hagenaue added the children preferred chicken and carrots to pork.

New York City high school won't serve prom food until 9PM due to Ramadan.  Brooklyn Tech seniors will gather at Pier Sixty for the prom on June 3, but not all their classmates will be able to attend the big bash at the hot spot billed as the largest waterfront venue in Manhattan.  The party this year falls during Ramadan, a month-long time of religious fasting and prayer for observant Muslims.  "Obviously the date wasn't the best date," said senior Pakeza Sahbbir, who will be not attending.  "You're not suppose to listen to music during Ramadan, so that's why it's not really allowed."

Prom night conflict pits Muslim students vs. education officials.  Students at an elite New York City high school petitioned to change the date of their senior prom — scheduled for June 3 — because it conflicts with the Muslim observance of Ramadan, but the school has denied the request, the New York Post reported.  "I think it's kind of unfair because there's a major population of Muslims at Brooklyn Tech," Pikeeza Shabbir said.  The annual holy month for Muslims requires that observers consume no food or drink from sunrise to sunset.  The Brooklyn Technical High School senior prom starts at 7 p.m. — while the sun is still out.  The dance was planned months in advance, New York education officials told CBS2, so it will not be rescheduled.  Dinner is expected to be served after sunset, at 9 p.m.

Should Muslim Kids Get Special Prayer Rooms & Food In Public Schools?  Is anyone else tired of someone showing up on our shores and expecting the rest of the nation to conform to their standards?  Because that's their end-game.  In candid moments, they will even say so.

High school in Muslim-controlled city has girls-only prom for Muslims.  Five Muslim girls from Hamtramck High School started "Princess Prom" in 2012 to give girls the opportunity to dress up as they please and dance the night away.  Last year, 230 girls showed up to the dance at the PNA Banquet Hall in Hamtramck.  This year, the team expects about 250 in attendance.  The event is intended to create a safe space for Muslim girls who normally cover up in hijab to let their hair down in an environment with no boys and no cellphones.  Phones are banned to prevent problems with photos being posted to social media.

Mom Fundraises to Get Books Featuring Muslim Children Into Schools.  A Philadelphia mom recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to get children's books featuring African-American Muslim children to West Philadelphia schools.  Melanie Bartlett, who is raising her own daughter as a Muslim, has already raised over $6,000 and is still growing.  The campaign is backed by the West Philadelphia Coalition Against Islamophobia (WPCI), a grassroots group that fights against and raises awareness about Islamophobia.  Bartlett's husband, Aziz, is on the board.

Separate but equal:
Detroit School to Hold 'Muslim Girls Only' Prom.  Segregation is all the rage these days.  Under the banner of "social justice," more and more schools are dividing their students into increasingly niche groups to provide them with "safe spaces" apart from each other — the polar opposite of inclusivity and integration.  With the goal of creating a "safe space" in mind, a Detroit school has set out to hold a girls-only prom to celebrate traditional Muslim customs.  It's being created for girls who would otherwise be prohibited by their ultraconservative Muslim families from going to regular proms, where attendees are allowed to have fun and dance with members of the opposite sex in good old American tradition.

UK Discrimination:  Bagheads good.  Capheads bad.  Student at Bromley College refuses to remove her cap unless Muslim women are forced to remove their headbags.  Caroline Powell, in Bromley College buildings, has been told repeatedly to remove her cap, but believes that, while Muslim women are allowed to wear headbags, this represents double standards and discriminates against Christians and other non-Muslim women.

San Diego:  Ground Zero for Islamic Indoctrination in American Public Schools.  The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) history of accommodation to the demands of Muslim students began in 2007.  That year, Carver Elementary School in East San Diego ignited controversy when 100 Somali Muslim students transferred from a closed charter school.  To accommodate these new students, the school rescheduled its recess periods to allow a 15-minute break each afternoon for Muslim prayer.  The school also added Arabic to its curriculum and removed pork and other non-halal food from the cafeteria.  The outcry forced the school to rescind the break, but it simply shifted the lunch hour to accommodate Muslim prayer.  SDUSD wasn't as accommodating to a Christian student in 1993 and was successfully sued when it denied a high school student's request for a lunchtime Bible study group.  This past week, SDUSD, in collaboration with the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR), instituted an anti-bullying campaign aimed specifically at protecting Muslims students.

New York State Democrat Assemblyman introduces a bill requiring "Halal Compliant" lunches for public schools.  Don't you find it interesting that such a bill has NEVER before been proposed for Kosher lunches in New York City schools, even though Jewish students make up a vastly larger percentage of the student population than Muslims do?  Whatever happened to bringing a bag lunch when you don't like what's on the menu?

Parents protest mini-mosque in pubic school.  The Peel District School Board (PDSB) says the debate over Muslim prayers in publicly funded schools is over.  But parents from many different faiths are speaking out against public officials giving preferential treatment to one religion.

Terror-linked CAIR's Islamization of San Diego Public Schools.  The (SDUSD) [San Diego School District] has been working with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on "anti-Islamophobia" plans, including adding lessons on Islam in social studies classes and adding Muslim "safe spaces" to campuses.  The plan is to be implemented in the fall with the start of the new school year.

Primary school took pupils to meet an 'extremist' imam at the mosque where Lee Rigby's killers worshipped.  Primary school children were taken to meet an Islamic preacher described as 'extremist' at the mosque where Lee Rigby's murderers worshipped.  The trip saw pupils from Kilmorie Primary School in Lewisham, London, meet controversial preacher Shakeel Begg, who the High Court said 'promoted and encouraged religious violence'.  Students at the school, aged eight and nine, were taken to the Lewisham Islamic Centre to take part in a discussion with the imam.

Your tax dollars at work:
PBS Islamic Lesson Plan Encourages Students to Identify with Radical Jihadists.  A PBS high school lesson plan encourages students to empathize with young Palestinian terrorists who want to become suicide bombers to achieve martyrdom and suggests they would rather die because Palestinians have less land and are restricted.  The "Dying to Be a Martyr" multimedia lesson plan is available free of cost to teachers and students at PBS Learning Media, reports Justin Haskins at the Heartland Institute.  It utilizes videos titled "Martyrdom," "Suicide Bombing," and "Israel and Palestine," as well as internet sites and primary sources "to examine the roots of the Middle East conflict."  Students are asked to be able to understand "why individuals and groups sometimes turn to tactics of terrorism."

San Diego school district to create Muslim safe spaces, boost Islam lessons to combat bullying.  Muslim safe spaces, increased lessons on Islam during social studies classes, and other measures will be adopted by San Diego Unified School District to combat bullying.  The Council for American-Islamic Relations and school officials in southern California collaborated on a "holistic" approach to bullying that will likely be implemented this fall.  The changes, which include adding Muslim holidays to school calendars, are the result of a study directed by the San Diego school board in July 2016.  "It's more of a comprehensive program, not just a curriculum," said Stan Anjan, the district's executive director of family and community engagement, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Wednesday.  "We're looking at it from a very integrated and holistic approach."

Two New Jersey mothers are being attacked by their community for speaking out about the indoctrination of their children to Islam in the public schools.  Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, commented:  "The promotion of Islam is worse than what the mothers presented to Tucker Carlson.  After viewing one of the videos which the seventh graders were directed to watch, I can't imagine any objective person saying this is not Islamic indoctrination.  Clueless school administrators across our nation are allowing this type of indoctrination to take place and it's up to vigilant parents to stop it.  Libby and Nancy should have been praised, not pilloried."

'Adam and Eve' lesson gets teacher cast out of religious school.  An argument over Adam and Eve between a city-paid teacher and third-graders at a private Muslim school has landed the instructor in pedagogical purgatory, The [New York] Post has learned.  English teacher Nina Kossman committed the sin of "telling the truth," she said of her expulsion from the Razi School in Woodside, Queens, which uses taxpayer-funded city Department of Education teachers in a federally-mandated program for poor kids.  Kossman infuriated parents by telling their children that Adam is "not real."  She noted that Judaism, Christianity and Islam share the myth, thinking it would "help build up tolerance" for other faiths.

U.S. Education Department Asked to Eliminate Lesson Plans on Islam.  The Christian Action Network (CAN) says the U.S Department of Education is funding an Islamic education program in America's public schools, in which students in grades 5 through 12 are taught the Islamic way of life in a way that crosses the line from academics to indoctrination.  "'Access Islam' is funded by the Department of Education and is being promoted on various websites," Martin Mawyer, president and founder of CAN, tells Breitbart News.  "So, PBS Learning Media is one of the websites that is promoting it.  The Smithsonian also promotes it, the Indiana Department of Education promotes it, and even the United Nations promotes it."  [Video clip]

Christian group threatens Department of Ed over publicly funded 'Islamic indoctrination'.  The U.S. Department of Education is funding an "Access Islam" program on PBS LearningMedia that "is nothing more than indoctrinating students into Islamic religious beliefs, duties and action," according to Christian Action Network president Martin Mawyer.  CAN sent a "Letter of Demand" to end the Islamic education program to both PBS and the Education Department, and is threatening a federal lawsuit if they fail to take action.

9/11 from terrorist's perspective [is the] basis for [an] Iowa State assignment.  9/11 was bad.  But let's pretend it wasn't.  That's the challenge some International Studies students at Iowa State University faced in an assignment obtained by The College Fix.  "Write a paper that gives a historical account of 911 from the perspective of the terrorist network," the project rundown stated.  "In other words, how might Al-Qaeda or a non-Western historian describe what happened."  Though the description acknowledges the terror attack was a "heinous action," it encourages students to view the events "from other perspectives."  The university defended the proposal for the 500-word minimum essay.

Journalist called "racist" for questioning Muslim prayer in public schools.  Kevin J. Johnston is a journalist who runs  He has covered the issue of Muslim prayer accommodation in the Peel Public School Board and has been called "racist" for his troubles.  [Video clip]

First Amendment controversy brews over Texas high school's prayer room.  A Texas high school's on-site prayer room — which serves as a spot where Muslim students can pray — is stirring controversy.  Liberty High School in Frisco established the room in 2009, but Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is concerned that the room may be off-limits to students of other religious denominations.  He said in a letter Friday to the school district that any exclusion would be inconsistent with the First Amendment's protection of religious liberty.

There's a special place in hell for easily intimidated leftist principals who turn public schools into mini-mosques.  To ensure Muslim Supremacist demands for special religious accommodations in American public schools are met, Muslim students are advised to drop to the floor and pray anywhere they want at any time during the day... which is disturbing to everyone else. [...] No such accommodations for Christian students.

Mayor Calls Criticism Of Muslim Prayers In School 'Hate Speech'.  Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey is dismissing critics who object to Muslim students having Friday prayer sessions in public schools as purveyors of "misinformation and hateful speech."  Jeffrey was responding to critics in a letter she released Thursday as Toronto-area parents in the Peel District School Board are preparing a full-scale protest on Saturday [3/11/2017] to demand that public schools not promote one religion over another.  The parents have organized a "Canada First" movement and plan a "Walk to Oppose Religion in Schools" this weekend at Celebration Square near Square One in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto.  They are also opposed to the motion introduced by local Liberal Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid that would ban "Islamophobia" and potentially make their protest subject to hate crimes legislation.

Criticizing Sharia is 'hate speech,' Georgetown students say.  Georgetown students protested a speech by Nonie Darwish, a Muslim woman who grew up in Egypt but fled for the U.S. and Christianity, becoming an outspoken critic of Sharia.  Calling Darwish "Islamophobic," students demanded that her "hate speech" be censored, including the secretary of the GU College Republicans, who resigned in protest.

Georgetown Professor Condones Rape And Slavery Under Sharia.  In a lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (a Muslim-Brotherhood-linked group) and in subsequent questions and answers following his talk, Georgetown Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown, a convert to Islam, declares:  "It's not immoral for one human to own another human."  He waxes poetic about the great life a slave has under sharia law (versus slavery under white men in the South) without actually defining that life.  Perhaps, as Clarion Project has done, he should get his information from a Yazidi girl from Iraq.

Schools are Teaching Islam but Banning Christianity:  These Jersey Moms Want to Find Out Why.  There's a new trend in public school curriculum that, chances are, you know nothing about.  If you think your kids are getting an unbiased education and that all forms of religion are left out of the classroom, think again.  Your child, like many others, may be subjected to Islamic indoctrination.  That's exactly what's happening in schools in New Jersey.  But in one small town, two moms are fighting back.

Slavery and Non-Consensual Sex OK, Says Muslim Georgetown Professor.  That slavery and non-consensual sex can be okay is not a sentiment you expect to hear from someone employed in politically correct academia — but it obviously is acceptable when a politically correct kind of person says it.  This appears the case with Georgetown Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown, who stated in a recent talk that it's "not immoral for one human to own another human."  A 39-year-old convert to Islam, Brown reportedly expressed the above beliefs in a Feb. 7 lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Herndon, Virginia.  Titled "Islam and the Problem of Slavery," the professor apparently believes there's only a problem with slavery when it's not governed by Islam.

'Five Pillars of Islam' worksheet for six-graders angers in South Carolina.  A South Carolina elementary school is under the microscope after a parent realized her six-grade child was tasked with a "Five Pillars of Islam" worksheet.  Alston Middle School in Summerville has a class called "Survey of Civilization," which includes lesson plans on different religions, economies, and geographic regions.  A local CBS affiliate was recently sent a classroom assignment that has some parents angry that they weren't given more details beforehand.

Public School Parents Angry After Middle Schoolers Learn How Sharia Law Is Totally Awesome.  A group of parents in Southern Indiana has expressed alarm because their children in the local taxpayer-funded middle school are learning that Sharia law is a delightful concept beloved by women forced to live under its yoke.  The Sharia-related assignment at issue is for seventh-grade students at Highland Hills Middle School, just north of Louisville, reports The Courier-Journal, the main regional newspaper.  The assignment provides a reading passage ostensibly written by a 20-year-old woman named Ahlima who resides in Saudi Arabia.

UK: State Forcibly Indoctrinates Schoolboy For Saying 'Muslims Are Trying to Take Over'.  A 14-year-old British schoolboy was forcibly indoctrinated by the state in accordance with an "often secretive anti-radicalization" program for saying "Muslims are taking over the country" and suggesting the Burka should be banned.

Harvard University Launches Fellowships in Islamic Law to Influence U.S. Policy.  Harvard Law School has announced the launch of a series of paid fellowships for research on issues of Islamic law during the 2017-2018 academic year, aimed at influencing public discourse and U.S. policy on Sharia.  According to a recent email sent by the director of Harvard's Islamic Legal Studies Program, Intisar Rabb, the launch of the new program comes "just in time" for the beginning of the Trump administration and has the goal of "building a community of Islamic law scholars in the academy" as well as informing "policy and media discourse about Islamic law."

School lesson says Christians are treating Muslims harshly.  A classroom assignment on Islam says one negative effect of the Crusades is that Christians are still treating Muslims harshly.  "I almost fell over," said Barbara Light.  Mrs. Light, of Westwood, New Jersey, was helping her 13-year-old daughter prepare for a World History test when she discovered some rather shocking lessons.  "The Christians' harsh treatment of Muslims in the Holy Land led to bitterness that has lasted to the present," one worksheet stated.  Another worksheet asks students to identify "one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present."

Univ of Kansas opens women's only lunchroom as 'safe space' — for Muslims.  At the conclusion of the Student Senate meeting on Jan. 27, Diversity and Inclusion Director Omar Rana announced the creation of a women's lunchroom in the Office of Multicultural Affairs.  Room 102 of the OMA is available from noon to 1 p.m. on weekdays, mainly for women on campus who require a safe space to eat lunch due to religious attire that cannot be removed in public, Rana said.  He said the process to get the lunchroom approved was lengthy and required the exploration of many campus resources, including Student Senate.

Muslim University of Maryland students demand prayer rooms in every major building and ask that their names be kept from Donald Trump.  Muslim students at the University of Maryland are asking for prayer rooms to be built in every major campus building as part of a lengthy list of demands to staff.  They also want bus shuttle services to local mosques to be laid on by the university and are asking for their names to be kept from President-elect Donald Trump if he creates a nationwide Muslim registry.  Their requests were among dozens issued by 'marginalized' students to the university's president last month.  In their request for prayer rooms, the students said it was difficult to access the current space provided and often resorted to praying in stairwells as a result.

Oklahoma University Accommodates Muslim Prayer, but not Christian prayer.  The University of Oklahoma has opened a new reflection room to host Muslim students wishing to pray during the day, giving them a sense of belonging and welcome.  "Prayer is very important to me.  It's my priority to pray on time every day," Maeen Alqohaif, a mechanical engineering junior, told The Oklahoma Daily on Monday, December 5.  "This room is very convenient because I come (to the library) to study, and at the same time I don't have to go all the way home and pray.  I can just pray here."  Alqohaif used to pray between the narrow bookshelves in a corner of the Bizzell Memorial Library.  He later discovered a room on the second floor of the library, which was implemented at the request of the Muslim Student Association.

Hate Spaces.  On a November night in 2004, almost four hundred students at Columbia University sat crowded into the theater of the University's Lerner Hall to watch a troubling 25-minute film that was finally being released to the public, "Columbia Unbecoming," produced by Dr. Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser.  The film, which exposed instances of student intimidation at the hands of some professors in Columbia's department of Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Culture (MEALAC), was shocking, and revealed what many had already suspected about Columbia's program — and other Middle East studies programs elsewhere:  that under the veneer of purported scholarship and high-minded academic goals, there had developed a hothouse of intellectual rot, an entire area of academic study guided by what Middle East scholar Martin Kramer has called "tenured incompetents."

Fury as German primary school 'forces' children to chant 'Allahu Akbar' in Muslim prayer.  Pupils at a primary school were forced to chant "Allahu Akhbar" and "there is no God but Allah", an appalled father has claimed.  The father of the pupil at the girl's primary school in German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen discovered that his daughter had been forced to learn the Islamic prayer when he discovered a handout she had been given.  He claimed she had been "forced" by teachers to memorise the Islamic chants and forwarded the handout to Austrian news service unsertirol24.

German parents may face trial after refusing mosque field trip.  The prosecutor's office in Germany's Itzehoe is reviewing whether or not the parents of a seventh grader may have to appear in court because they failed to pay a truancy fine over a skipped field trip to a mosque.  The 13-year-old student's parents refused to allow their son to join his classmates on the June 14 school trip of this year to a mosque in the northern German town on Rendsburg, prosecutor Peter Müller-Rakow said on Wednesday [10/26/2016].  The field trip was reportedly part of a geography lesson.

Pupils at German primary school after an influx of migrants are 'forced to recite Muslim Allahu Akbar prayer'.  Primary school pupils were 'forced to recite Muslim Allahu Akbar prayer', according to an angry father.  The parent said his daughter was told to learn the Islamic prayer at the school in German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where it has been reported residents are 'suffering' due to a migrant influx.

Test message
Holland: School children taken to mosque, forced to pray to allah.  This photo is dated October 30, 2014.

Dutch school children submit to Allah.  Girls and boys of primary school Vinkenbuurt, native Dutch blond lying prostrate to pray to Allah in Ghulzar-e-Madina mosque in Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel, in the east-central area of Holland.

Univ of Georgia installs foot washing stations for Muslims.  So they can pray to Allah.  The Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Students Association (MSA) requested them and the university coincidentally built them — at taxpayer's expense.

Foot bath
Is it a mop sink, a Muslim footbath, or an extra urinal for students at the University of Georgia?  Looking at this picture at first glance you see just a regular mop sink in the bathroom right?  Well I work at the University of Georgia in the same shop as the brick masons, when they got the work order they were a little bit curious as to why they wanted a mop sink right in the front of the bathroom when there's a custodian closet right outside the bathroom with a mop sink in it.

Sullivan County parent complains about Islam curriculum, wants textbook change.  A Sullivan County mother, upset about the way Islam is taught in her child's school took her concerns to the board of education Monday night [10/3/2016].  Michelle Edmisten was the only parent to speak during public comment about how Islam is being taught in schools.  She pleaded with the board asking for an immediate change.

Kansas City schools
KC Public Schools Submit to Islamic Supremacy 2016.  A formal declaration of dhimmitude on the part of KC Public Schools.

Kansas City Public Schools Submit non-Muslims to Islamic Supremacy & Sharia.  Same as in the graphic above, but the text is much more readable.

Video: Islamic Schools in Minnesota Teaching Sharia Law.  Just like in the UK and Middle East.  [Video clip]

Tennessee: Middle schoolers will still be indoctrinated with Islam under "new" standards.  In other words, they are hiding the teaching of Islam under new headings like Asia and Africa.  Areas of the world conquered by Islamic jihad and terror. [...] Only the historical events that Muslim supremacists want to indoctrinate American children with make it into the textbooks.  Jihad, sharia, beheadings, stonings, honor killings and much more are never mentioned.

Islam will still be taught in 7th grade under new draft standards.  Students will continue to learn the origin and central features of Islam in middle school under new draft standards proposed by the Tennessee State Board of Education.  The teachings of Islamic culture and history have been a subject of controversy among some parents across the state and there has been a strong backlash to the standards as they were previously written due to what some described as an effort to "indoctrinate students."  But the changes to the standards for all grades, currently under review, are meant to streamline the content teachers are expected to teach students in any given grade, said Laura Encalade, director of policy and research.

New Jersey 2nd Graders Taught: 'Allah loves those who make themselves clean'.  The reality is, since 9/11, Americans have had their liberties taken away, their incomes plundered to pay for wars and "homeland security" — that has failed with deadly results as Muslims continue to slaughter Americans on American soil and public schools continue to subject students to Islamic indoctrination at all levels.  Most often by design and with intention.

NJ 2nd grade health class: 'Allah loves those who make themselves clean'.  Barnegat father Chris Sharpe was flabbergasted when his second-grade daughter showed him what her class has been studying in school.  The Cecil S. Collins School student recently showed Sharpe a school worksheet that quotes from the Quran about cleanliness and explains to students how to keep up their appearance, including their traditional Muslim hijabs and thawbs, the Ashbury Park Press reports.  "Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure," the worksheet reads.

School Gives 2nd Graders Worksheets On Keeping Hijabs Clean.  When a young girl came home from school in New Jersey, her father was shocked at what she brought home as a worksheet.  On it were instructions on how to keep hijabs (head coverings for women in Islam) and thwabs (Muslim robes) clean and neat.  There was also a quote from the Quran on the printout:  "Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure."  Chris was alarmed and furious over it as he should be.

Barnegat school health handouts:  Allah loves cleanliness.  The father of a second-grader in the Cecil S. Collins School was alarmed to see references to hijabs and thawbs — clothing worn by religious Muslims — and a quote from the Quran included in a health and hygiene worksheet given to his daughter.  The worksheet included instruction about cleanliness and neatness not just of shoes and clothing but of a student's hijab and thawb, an ankle-length robe-like garment worn by Muslim men, according to pictures sent to the Asbury Park Press by Barnegat father Chris Sharpe.  The sheet also included a reference to a Quran quote that read "Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure."

A California University's Troubling Ties to Terrorism.  San Francisco State University (SFSU), which has a well-deserved reputation as a breeding ground for anti-Israel radicalism, became national news in April.  That's when campus police stood by as a hate-Israel group, the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), shouted down and disrupted a lecture by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, prompting much criticism of SFSU's president, Leslie Wong.  But there's worse.  As revealed by an investigation into SFSU by Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, SFSU has partnered with a Palestinian university that's a hotbed of radicalization.  What our investigation turned up:  SFSU signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with An-Najah University of Hebron in 2014 at the behest of Rabab Abdulhadi, director of SFSU's Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED) and founding member of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

Parents furious after Catholic school teacher reads out sections of the KORAN before class prayers.  Parents have been left fuming after discovering a history and geography teacher has been reading excerpts of the Koran to their children at a Catholic boy's high school.  Jesse Pittard, who teaches both subjects at Christian Brothers' High School, in Lewisham in Sydney's inner-west, has come under fire from parents for reading out sections of the Koran to his year seven students at the start of the day during home room and before classes.  Parents and students told Daily Mail Australia Mr Pittard began reading excerpts to students at the beginning of the semester in July and claimed he has since read 'more than half' the Koran to them.

Not an American school, but still relevant:
Islamic school in UK teaches children to kill gays ISIS style and reject multiculturalism.  A shocking video exposes a Muslim school in the UK teaching students that Europe is evil has gone viral.  The video, which originally appeared on LiveLeak, was posted on YouTube and shared by Steven Crowder.

Calls for compulsory school Islam classes after axe attack.  On Monday evening [7/19/2016], an attacker whom investigators believe was a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, seriously wounded four people with an axe and is reported to have shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) several times.  Terror group Isis later released a video in which the youth made threats in Pashto while holding a knife.  Senior figures in the church had already called at the end of May for Islam classes to become compulsory at schools.  The head of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, said that religious education was the best way to immunize Muslim youths against the dangers of Islamist fundamentalism.

Children's Character Curious George Observes Ramadan.  The beloved American children's book character Curious George is breaking fast for Ramadan this year — with chocolate-covered bananas, of course.  The just-released children's book "It's Ramadan, Curious George" celebrates the Muslim holiday, teaching kids about the sacred month.

The Illogical As The Most Logical.  [Gun-free zones are] a classic example of the illogical being passed off as the most logical.  This is the "sweet spot" of American liberalism.  It is how they have managed to keep the Bible out of schools on a pretext to separation of church and state, yet allowed Muslims to pray on school grounds as a measure of diversity.  Why doesn't it work in the Christian's favor as well?  Because that would be logical, but they promote the illogical as the most logical.

Public Schools Teaching Students to Hate America As Left Appeases Muslims With 'Religious Literacy' Training.  [Scroll down]  Americans might ask further: why are people who want to "fundamentally change" America running the country?  Indeed, those who have been educated to believe America is hateful will govern accordingly.  American education is about to take another leftward lurch from the Common Core standards, to the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework, and now with the Advanced Placement European History (APEH) curriculum — which diminishes Christianity and ignores Islamic conquests in Europe and Islam's tradition of jihad.  "The almost complete excision of Islam's 1400-year violent confrontation with Christendom also makes it almost impossible for students to understand that killings by modern jihadists fall squarely within the historical tradition of Islamic war," David Randall, National Association of Scholars director of communications and the author of a report on the APEH framework, told Breitbart News.  "The jihadists actually understand that history far better than students educated by APEH do."

Florida:  America's Jihad Playground.  The Muslim Students Association, founded by the radical Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood whose stated purpose is to wage "grand jihad" on America, is active at the publicly funded University of Central Florida in Orlando.  The group defiantly brought un-indicted terror co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj to campus.  He's the black Muslim convert and inflammatory imam tied by federal prosecutors to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and New York City landmarks bombing plots.  Wahhaj served as a character witness for convicted terror mastermind Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheik), called for replacement of America's "constitutional government with a caliphate" and roots for our nation to "crumble" so Muslims can take over.

Professor At America's Worst University Praises Severing Thieves' Hands Under Sharia Law.  At a panel discussion on Islam and terrorism at Florida Atlantic University, a professor on the taxpayer-funded school's faculty praised the Sharia law practice of cutting off the hands of criminals who steal.  The words of wisdom concerning the notorious Islamic penal code came from Bassem Al Halabi, an electrical engineering and computer science professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Bowing kids
Hey, Teacher, Leave Those White Kids Alone!
Children in Dutch primary school De Vinkenbuurt are being taught Islam.

My Country Was of Thee.  We are a Christian culture.  Or we were.  Now all things Christian are fair game for ridicule, lawsuits, physical attack.  Not only are our school children being robbed of their opportunity to learn our Christian heritage, they are being assaulted on one hand with anti-Christian teaching in many of their classes, followed by Islamic propaganda.  The phrase separation of church and state masquerades as a constitutional statement applicable only to Christian concepts.  A student entering public school from an un-churched family could complete his entire education and never hear the name of Christ, never know His story, let alone His message.  He'll know who Mohammed was, but not Jesus.  This student, like our president, will have no idea what made this country the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

More Islamic Indoctrination in Our Public Schools?  What if your child or grandchild's public school forced them to write out the Shahada — the Islamic conversion creed — while "having skipped Christianity"?  What if your child's study guide had a section called "Origins of Islam" that included statements such as, "Around the age of 40, the angel Gabriel told Muhammad that he was to be a prophet of Allah."?  Stated as fact, not belief.  Yet, according to reports and numerous contacts to the ACLJ, that is exactly what is happening.  In fact, children are being forced to learn how to convert to Islam and recite that "Allah is the only God."

School Teaching Creationism With Video From Islamic Sex Cult.  Youngstown, Ohio, students are learning creationism in school with materials from a Islamic, Holocaust-denying group accused of being a sex cult.  A curriculum map recommends teachers in this public school district show a creationist video, Cambrian Fossils and the Creation of Species, as part of 10th-grade science education.  The video claims that the Cambrian Explosion "totally invalidates the theory of evolution."  The Cambrian Explosion was a time period, nearly 550 million years ago, where, over the next tens of millions of years, the number of species on Earth experienced a (relatively) rapid expansion by evolutionary standards.  Christian creationists regularly point to this explosion of life as evidence for creation by God and against evolution.  Blink and you'd miss the Islamic connection in the video.  A black screen flashes for less than one second that says "this film is based on the works of Harun Yahya."  In the right corner, there's a gold bubble that says, "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" in Arabic.

New Documentary: The Islamization of our (American) SchoolsThe Islamization of our Schools is a documentary film now in production at the studios of PRB Films and the Christian Action Network.  It is expected to be released this year.  From the producers of Europe's Last Stand:  America's Final Warning and Homegrown Jihad, the new documentary film will detail how Islamic education is infiltrating public schools and indoctrinating children into the Islamic faith.  From forcing students to declare that "Allah is the one true God" to requiring students to recite the "Five Pillars of Islamic Faith," public school curricula and textbooks are becoming a source of outrage for concerned parents.

Islamic whitewash for little kids
I Love Islam: What Muslim-American children are being taught.  What are Muslim-American children being taught in private Islamic schools?  We can learn about some of it by looking at the I Love Islam series used to teach elementary-level Muslim-American children about Islam.  This series consists of five textbooks, each with a corresponding workbook and teacher/parent guide.  It is published by the Islamic Services Foundation (ISF).  According to the introduction to the series, its purpose is to gradually introduce Muslim students "to the essentials of their faith" by bringing "to light the historic and cultural aspects of Islam.  And according to the ISF website, the I Love Islam series "is one of the best-selling Islamic curriculums in the US and Canada.  So what does this series teach?

This happened in France, but could soon happen here:
Muslim students at elite French university under fire for Hijab Day event.  Students at an elite Paris university sparked fierce debate Wednesday [4/20/2016] by inviting classmates to wear the Muslim head scarf for a day.  The event at Paris's Sciences Po university was held to raise awareness of treatment of women who wear the hijab, but the initiative was fiercely criticised on social media and by student union representatives.  The event was held in the wake of Prime Minister Manuel Valls' controversial statement that he wished to ban all forms of religious headscarves at French universities.

Tennessee: Proposed School Voucher Program — Teaching Kids to Hate Infidels.  [Scroll down]  For the third time the legislature has not passed this bill.  So, it seems the will of the people is not to use their tax dollars to send children to private schools.  Maybe there's a good reason. [...] Had the school voucher bill passed in Tennessee, Anoor Academy (Knoxville), Pleasant View School (Memphis) and Nashville International Academy (Nashville), would have been eligible to receive voucher money.  All three are private Islamic schools.  All three are accredited by AdvancED, a regional accrediting organization.  Once they are accredited these schools get classified as "Category III" under the Tennessee State Board of Education rules.  Category III schools were eligible for vouchers under the proposed school voucher bill.  In 2013, Anoor Academy's promo video showed a row of the textbook What Islam Is All About.  This book denigrates Jews and Christians and teaches that the warlord Muhammed is the perfect example to follow.  It also states that "there is no separation of Masjid and state," that "Muslims dream of establishing the power of Islam in the world," and that living under sharia law is the preferred state for all humankind.

Atheist Group Objects to Muslim Prayer Spaces at University of Iowa.  A litigious atheist organization known for its lawsuits challenging Christian prayer and symbols in public spaces and Bibles in public schools is now voicing objection to the designation of a Muslim prayer space at the University of Iowa (UI).  The Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) says it is "questioning the appropriateness" of the two prayer rooms created primarily for male and female Muslim faculty and students at UI.

Kent School District Removes Pork From Menus to Appease Muslims.  As recently reported by ACT For America, The Kent, Washington school district has changed their food options and removed all pork products, in order to accommodate Muslim dietary needs according to a frustrated parent.  Dave Brabo, a resident of Renton, Washington recently expressed his concerns with the new policy to school officials.  Specifically Mr. Brabo spoke with the school's Director of Nutritional Services, Tom Ogg, who informed him that "he was well aware of the issues (and the slippery slope) with the changes to menu options due to Muslim religious beliefs, but he said lots of Muslims had complained and threatened the school by reporting them to the U.S. Department of Education."  Mr. Brabo was told that if the school system doesn't "accommodate the Muslim dietary needs that their federal and state funding would be cut or pulled."  He was told that the school system may be doing this in order to better accommodate incoming refugees.

Yet another reason to homeschool:
New York City teacher fined $300 for showing ISIS video.  A New York City teacher was fined — not fired — as punishment for showing a video of an ISIS beheading to a middle school class.  A veteran teacher at the South Bronx Academy for Applied Media says she mistakenly showed a video of an Islamic State beheading to her eighth grade class.  She was fined $300, at the discretion of an arbiter, while the City Department of Education pushed to fire her, according to a report from the New York Post.  "This teacher demonstrated a complete lack of judgment, and this incident betrayed our schools' promise to provide a safe and supportive environment," Department of Education spokeswoman Devora Kaye told the New York Post.

Dept. of Justice Enforcing Sharia in Public Schools.  Criminalizing free speech is about to happen.  Well, only if it is construed as anti-Muslim, or anti-Islam.  The Department of Justice is moving swiftly by implementing a new enforcement effort that will follow up any investigations with possible prosecutions for what they say has been backlash to Muslims since 9/11, particularly Muslim Students in public schools. [...] Not only is Islam disproportionately represented in textbooks, it is inappropriately instructed, including children repeating the Islamic profession of faith, the Shahada.  There is no historical value of children narrating the prayer that is recited when one converts to Islam.  Most parents have stated they do not reject students from learning about Islam, but it must be historically accurate, which it is not.

DOJ Announces New Effort to 'Promote Religious Freedom' in the Nation's Schools.  Under the banner of civil rights enforcement, the U.S. Justice Department plans to "promote religious freedom" in the nation's public schools by cracking down on discrimination and bullying, especially as it may affect Muslims.  The new enforcement effort announced on Tuesday will "expand" DOJ's ability to investigate and prosecute complaints; lead community outreach; and develop guidance for federal prosecutors.

Marine banned from daughter's graduation after objecting to Islam lessons.  A former Marine is asking a judge to lift a no-trespass order ahead of his daughter's graduation after her high school reportedly banned him from campus for objecting to classroom lessons about Islam.  "She's in the final semester of her senior year, and as it stands right now, she's going to have to go through that life experience without her dad there," said Kate Oliveri, a lawyer from the Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center who is representing John Kevin Wood and his family, The Washington Post reported.

Simon and Schuster Launches Muslim Imprint for Children's Books.  Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing announced the launch of Salaam Reads, the first imprint at a major publisher focused on Muslim characters and stories.  The imprint, which takes its name from the Arabic word for "peace," plans to publish books for readers of all ages, including picture books, as well as middle grade and YA titles.  Salaam Reads will reside within the larger Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers imprint, led by publisher Justin Chanda and executive editor Zareen Jaffery, and aims to publish a minimum of nine titles per year for all ages.

Students told to write essay on their conversion to Islam.  British moms and dads were fuming after a school instructed students to write an essay explaining why they had converted to Islam.  Gemma Gough posted the assignment on Facebook[,] and said her child would not be completing the assignment.  "This is not acceptable," she wrote.  "Kids are too impressionable and imagine if these letters got in the wrong hands in years to come."

Mother rips Islam school worksheet: 'My son will not be a part of this'.  A California mother made it very clear her son would not be describing the Five Pillars of Islam or listening to an Islamic call to prayer.  Tara Cali posted a photo of a worksheet on Facebook she says was handed out in her son's 7th grade history class.  Titled, "Islamic Beliefs and Practices," students were to list the Five Pillars of Islam and scan a QR code with a mobile phone or tablet, which would take them to a YouTube video of "a call to prayer at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul."  Cali was incensed by the lesson and made it clear her son would not be completing it.

This Marine vet was banned from his kid's school after objecting to Islam lessons.  John Kevin Wood says his daughter's school has banned him from campus for more than a year, illegally punishing him for raising objections to classroom lessons about Islam.  Now he's gone to court for help, asking a judge to remove the ban so he can watch his daughter graduate from high school.

US Dept of Education urges schools to teach Islam to 'create anti-bias learning environment'.  As parents across the country storm school board meetings over a perceived overemphasis on Islam in the curriculum, bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. are suggesting ways teachers can focus more on the religion.  A recent blog posted to Home Room, "The official blog of the U.S. Department of Education," points out that terrorist attacks in Paris and California sparked anti-Muslim incidents in schools and other places.  Muslim students, and those perceived to be Muslim, could be bullied, and the government wants teachers to know how to "create an anti-bias learning environment" by focusing specifically on those students and their faith.

The Islamization of American Schools.  Apparently American Muslims are not American.  Oh, they may think they are, but this is evidently not the case. [...] They want to be treated like everyone else.  They say they don't wish to be treated differently than any other American.  But is this really true?  Evidently not, at least far as the school administrators at the New York World School of Inquiry, in Rochester NY are concerned.  A request from a single Muslim student prompted Principal Sheela Webster to host a "World Hijab Day event the week of February 1 which 'encouraged girls to wear the Muslim religious head covering.'"  And what made "World Hijab Day" so much more special — not a single parent was notified ahead of the event.  They found out about it on the news, which being New York, probably breathlessly reported on it, extolling the schools diversity and inclusion.  In her defense, Principal Webster was just following the lead of our federal Department of Education, which claims that these types of events will help combat Islamophobia by sharing "inspiring examples like Walk a Mile in Her Hijab, whose goal is to spread awareness about Muslim cultural traditions and to combat anti-Muslim bias."

Reality TV: Obama at the Mosque.  [Scroll down]  After 9-11, we saw an understandable movement in public schools and colleges to teach more about Islam and the Mideast.  But we have now moved effectively to advocacy.  There is a politically correct force-feeding of Islamic values and beliefs, without critical evaluation or thinking.  School curriculums pretend there is no conflict between Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of Muslims around the world, and Western values, American culture, and U.S. laws.

TN school board mulls ban on classroom materials 'from terrorist groups'.  [Scroll down]  The policy proposal comes amid public outrage in Tennessee and numerous other states over Islamic lessons many parents believe venture into religious indoctrination.  Many students, for example, are require to read, write and recite the Islamic conversion prayer, pledging allegiance to Allah, EAGnews reports.  Parents across Tennessee have repeatedly raised issues included in middle school world history lessons, prompting heated discussions at school board meetings and a vow from state officials to review standards ahead of schedule.

Parents sue public high school for 'religious indoctrination' after their daughter was 'forced to convert to Islam in world history class'.  The parents of a Maryland teenager have launched a lawsuit against their daughter's public high school, claiming the district forced the 16-year-old to take classes that promote Islam over Christianity and Judaism.  John Wood, a former Marine, and his wife Melissa Wood, have filed a civil rights complaint against La Plata High School, alleging their daughter — identified only as C.W. — spent one day in a modern history class studying Christianity, followed by two weeks immersed in Islam.

Christ Hidden in Our Schools, While Muhammad Roams the Halls Freely.  Jesus Christ has had to go into hiding in our schools today, while Prophet Muhammad roams the halls freely.  In the U.S., the media mocks those who make their Christian practices public — such as praying for victims of terrorism or young people committing to abstain from sexual relations until married.  Yet that same media attacks those voicing concerns about terrorism's link to Islamic beliefs as being Islamophobic.  In America, we see a nation so intimidated by political correctness that people in positions of responsibility make illogical decisions concerning the observation of a Christian holiday.

Lawsuit: Public school forced my child to convert to Islam.  A public high school has been accused of radical Islamic indoctrination by forcing children to profess the Muslim statement of faith, ordering them to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and teaching that the faith of a Muslim is stronger than the average Christian, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday [1/27/2016].  Thomas More Law Center filed the lawsuit on behalf of John and Melissa Wood.  They accuse La Plata High School in Maryland of subjecting their teenage daughter to Islamic indoctrination and propaganda.  And when Mr. Wood complained — the school banned him from campus.

Austrian Parents Shocked After Deity Name Switched to Allah in School Song.  Parents in an Austrian town are outraged over a word switch in a traditional children's song, after a teacher thought it appropriate to replace the word "God" with "Allah."

California Public School Holds Hijab Day, Hilarity Ensues.  Thursday [1/29/2015] was Hijab Day at NP3 High School (Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep), a public charter school in Sacramento, California.  Predictably, the school responded to concerns over why a public school would be hosting such an event with charges that critics were motivated by "hatred" and "bigotry."  The whole episode became an illustration of how Islamic supremacists are manipulating politically correct, multiculturalist pieties to advance their agenda.

Denver: Schoolgirls Forced to Wear Headscarves, "Ankles Must Be Covered" on School Trip to Denver Mosque.  School girls at a Douglas County public school in Colorado are being forced to cover up from head-to-toe to visit a mosque on a school mandated Common Core trip.  There are no requirements to visit a Greek Orthodox cathedral or synagogue.  Here again we see that anywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is American law that has to give way.  The subjugation and oppression of women are enshrined under the sharia.  Young school girls should not be forced to "respect" a dress code that represents honor violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage, et al.

Colorado school district requires girls to cover ankles, wear head scarves on trip to mosque.  A world religions class is taking a field trip to a Denver mosque and the school is requiring girls to dress in what is described as a Sharia-complaint manner.  KNUS radio host Peter Boyles reports the Douglas County school system issued these rules to students in a notification to parents: [...] "Public schools are forbidden from holding girls to different standards than boys," Boyles notes.  "They're holding these girls to a different standard — it's a religious reason.  "Islam dictates many, I believe — personal belief — repressive practices against women and Islamophobia will trump womens' rights.  Animal rights every time, and the environment."

In England:
UK Muslim School Fails Inspection Over Pro-Stoning Books.  A Muslim school in the UK failed governmental inspections after textbooks endorsing death by stoning and gender inequality were found in the school library, according to The Daily Mail.  Three books which "undermine the active promotion of the rule of British law and respect for other people" were reportedly found by the inspectors at Jamiatul Ummah School in East London.  The school is a fee-paying, all-boys secondary school.

Waterbury schools to respect Muslim holidays.  Starting next fall, all schools in the Waterbury School District will be honoring two of the Muslim religion's most holy days by not scheduling tests, field trips or major school events on those days.  It started with more than 300 signatures on a petition and has come full circle.  Thursday night [2/5/2015], the Waterbury Board of Education voted to honor two Muslim holy days.  Fahd Syed says he is happy because his children won't have to choose between education and religion.

New York City Adds Two Muslim Holy Days to Public School Calendar.  New York will become the nation's first major metropolis to close its public schools in observance of the two most sacred Muslim holy days, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday [3/4/2015], a watershed moment for a group that has endured suspicion and hostility since the Sept. 11 attacks.  Several municipalities across the country — including in Massachusetts, Michigan and New Jersey — have moved in recent years to include the holy days, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, in their school calendars.  But New York City, with its 1.1 million schoolchildren, dwarfs the others in its size and symbolism.

Why some US districts are adding Muslim holidays to the school calendar.  An affluent school district in suburban Maryland has become the latest district to recognize Muslim holidays on its calendar, a move that reflects a growing push for greater inclusiveness in schools across the United States.  Howard County, which is home to many of the wealthiest communities in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, announced Thursday [1/14/2016] that it would expand its list of religious and cultural holidays.

Christian professor suspended after wearing hijab.  A tenured professor at Wheaton College was put on administrative leave after she wore a traditional headscarf as part of her Christmas Advent devotion and said she was doing it in solidarity with Muslims.

Wheaton College says view of Islam, not hijab, got Christian teacher suspended.  If Wheaton College professor Larycia Hawkins had simply donned a headscarf to support her Muslim neighbors without explaining herself, she still might be administering final exams this week. [...] "I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book," she posted Dec. 10 on Facebook.  "And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God."  That explanation rankled some evangelical Christians, who read her statement as a conflation of Christian and Muslim theology, even if they supported her symbolic gesture.

The Editor says...
If Allah exists at all, he was, like everything and everybody else, created by God.  Allah and God are not equivalent.  Islam and Christianity are neither equivalent nor compatible.  Anyone who claims to be a Christian has no business celebrating, excusing, or supporting Islam.

Professor at Christian college who wore hijab in 'solidarity' with Muslims leaves school.  A political science professor from Wheaton College, a small Christian school outside of Chicago, who wore a hijab to proclaim her "solidarity" with Muslims, has "found a mutual place of resolution and reconciliation" with the school and the two will part ways.  Larycia Hawkins also said that her gesture was an acknowledgment that Muslims and Christians worship the same god.  After recommending that she be fired, the college's Provost withdrew his request and turned the matter over to the college president who reached the confidential agreement with Hawkins that has led to her leaving the school without being fired.

Blaine High School in Minnesota has kids sing Allahu Ackbar.  Minnesota is a joke.  It's the home of Walter Mondale, Jesse Ventura and Keith Ellison.  Now, Blaine High School in Minnesota is forcing students to sing songs with Arabic words, including the phrase "Allahu Akbar".

Public schools struggle with lessons about Islam amid renewed fears of terrorism.  In 1963, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for a Pennsylvania school to read 10 Bible verses to students each morning, without comment or context, and to make the students recite the Lord's Prayer.  (The case was brought by a family of Unitarians.)  But in Justice Tom C. Clark's opinion, he wrote that "one's education is not complete without a study of comparative religion or the history of religion and its relationship to the advancement of civilization."  The key, he said, was presenting religion "objectively as part of a secular program of education."

Virginia county cancels classes Friday over Islam lesson backlash.  A Virginia county shut down schools Friday [12/18/2015] amid security concerns after parents loudly objected to a world geography lesson that including a teaching on Islam.  Augusta County school district officials first held a meeting with upset parents on December 11.  Four days later, the same day covered the story, school officials held another meeting, during which some parents demanded the teacher be fired.  On Thursday [12/17/2015], School Board President Eric Bond announced the decision to cancel the next day's classes.

Augusta County schools closed Friday after parental outrage over Arabic assignment.  The controversy stems from a homework assignment at Riverheads High School that some parents called Islamic indoctrination.  Kimberly Herndon said she felt her rights as a parent had been violated when her ninth grade son came home with the assignment.  "It asked him to copy the Shahada, the Islamic statement of faith which translates to "there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah," said Herndon.  The assignment said it is meant to give the students, "an idea of the artistic complexity of calligraphy."

Parents' Outrage Over 'Muslim Indoctrination' Assignment Leads To Schools Closure.  Augusta County Public Schools in Virginia are closed Friday [12/18/2015,] after parents objected to a ninth grade geography assignment that required students to copy the Shahada, an Islamic statement of faith that says, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."  Kimberly Herndon said she was "shocked that this was sent home, shocked that this was in the schools [and] shocked that this was right here in our small town," reports  Herndon added she felt her rights as a parent had been violated.

Parents' outrage after Virginia high school students are asked to practice calligraphy by writing 'There is no god but Allah'.  A lesson in calligraphy has caused an uproar among some parents at a Virginia high school when students were instructed to write a Muslim statement of faith that read:  'There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.'  The incident took place on Friday during a world geography class at Riverheads High School in Staunton.  The lesson of the day focused on world religions, among them Islam. As part of the assignment, social studies teacher Cheryl LaPorte had her ninth-grade students copy a piece of Arabic text known as the shahada, which is the most common Islamic creed.

Students practice calligraphy by writing "There is no god but Allah".  A Virginia school district is defending a classroom assignment that required students to practice calligraphy by writing the Muslim statement of faith, "There is no god but Allah.  Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."  Female students at Riverheads High School in Augusta County, Virginia, were also invited to wear Muslim clothing — a story first reported by The Schilling Show.  The school district convened a meeting on Dec. 11th to discuss the assignment with outraged parents.

Muslim prayer room at Catholic high school in Michigan sparks debate.  Some parents outside Detroit were questioning a Catholic high school's decision to allow a special room for Muslim students to pray, Fox 2 reported Wednesday [12/16/2015].  Brother Rice High School, an all-boys school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, reportedly granted a request from Muslim students to use the religious reflection room throughout the day.  Roughly a dozen of the school's 800-plus students are Muslim, according to WXYZ.  One unnamed parent told the news station the room was "unconscionable," arguing that her son's paid Catholic education would be "undermined."

Professor at Christian college wearing hijab during Advent.  Larycia Hawkins is a political science professor at Wheaton College, a Christian college in Illinois.  On Thursday [12/10/2015], she announced on her Facebook page that she will wear a hijab throughout Advent as a symbol of solidarity with Muslims.  She plans to wear it everywhere:  to work, to class, to church, and on the plane ride home for the Christmas holiday.

Students sing "Allah Akbar" at holiday concert.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Ramadan song — at least in Blaine, Minnesota.  There was a big controversy after Thursday's [12/17/2015] holiday concert at the local high school — when the teenagers belted out a praise song to Allah.

Parents Question Choice To Sing 'Allahu Akbar' At Holiday Concert.  Some parents in the Anoka-Hennepin School District are questioning a choir teacher's decision to use a song about Ramadan performed in Arabic at a holiday concert.  At Thursday night's [12/17/2015] concert at Blaine High School, one of the songs students will be singing includes Arabic words, including the phrase "Allahu Akbar," which means "God is great."

California Middle School Makes Kids Sing About Spreading Islam.  Parents in Orange County are outraged after seventh-graders were asked to sing a song about spreading Islam in class.

Schools sing praise to Allah, create propaganda posters for ISIS.  Are American public schools on the verge of becoming taxpayer-funded Madrassas?  In 2001 the founder of the Institute on Religious and Civic Values boasted about a covert plan to conduct a "bloodless" revolution inside American public classrooms — promoting an increased emphasis on the Islamic faith.

CA 7th graders sing Islam 'fight song' penned by teacher.  Parents recently voiced their concerns to the Ocean View School Board about a song a seventh-grade teacher authored about Islam that they believe is inappropriate.  Nichole Negron and her mother Susan Negron told school board members Nichole's seventh grade son came home from Spring View Middle School recently with a song his teacher passed out in class about Islam.

University of Minnesota Rejects 9/11 Remembrance Because it Might Incite Racism.  Here's another instance of political correctness on a college campus going a smidge too far, courtesy of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities:  A proposed resolution to recognize the 9/11 terrorist attacks on campus each year was rejected by the Minnesota Student Association as it may potentially violate a "safe space" on campus.

Maryland's largest school district closes for Muslim holiday.  Striking a blow for "fairness," Maryland's largest school district will be closed for a Muslim holiday next fall.  The Montgomery County Board of Education voted 6-2 Tuesday [11/10/2015] to cancel classes on the Islamic holy day of Eid al-Adha next school year.  More than 156,000 students are enrolled in the suburban Washington, D.C. district, according to Fox Baltimore.  It will likely fall on Monday, September 12.

School District Outlaws Depiction Of 'any religious leader' After Mom Protests Muhammad Drawing.  A school district superintendent in semi-rural Southern California has completely outlawed all drawings of all religious leaders on campus because a history teacher assigned a vocabulary worksheet that asked students to draw images of Muhammad. [...] The seventh-grade history assignment at High Desert School in Acton, Calif. was a worksheet called "Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam."  It featured several words including Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad.  There was space for students to sketch their own images representing the various words.

The Editor says...
In addition to teaching about Islam, does the same school also teach the history and characteristics of other religions?

Islam and 9/11 Not Connected, 12-Year-Olds Taught in America.  Parents in Illinois are outraged that a public school there is painting a positive picture of Islam and teaching impressionable young students that Islam bears no responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States.  This is just the latest incident demonstrating a growing trend in American education to portray the intolerant, slavery-sanctioning, woman-oppressing, genocidal, and relentlessly expansionist Religion of Peace as a misunderstood force for good or as just another world religion, no better or worse than the others.

U.S. Islamic Schools Teaching Homegrown Hate.  The Washington Post on Monday [2/25/2002] revealed that one such school outside Washington, D.C., uses textbooks teaching 11th graders that "the Day of Judgment can't come until Jesus Christ returns to Earth, breaks the cross and converts everyone to Islam, and until Muslims start attacking Jews."  Other accredited Islamic schools in America have world maps on classroom walls that exclude Israel.  Some such schools promote class discussions that portray Usama bin Laden as "simply the victim of ... prejudice" against all Muslims in America.

Anti-Israel Third Grade event in Ithaca (NY) — Controversy not going away.  A storm of controversy erupted when the Ithaca, NY, chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace brought Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi to a third grade class.  Tamimi is best known for the viral videos and photos he creates by sending children, including his own, to confront Israeli soldiers.  Tamimi, who argues that it is the "duty" of children to engage in acts of resistance, was on a now-concluded U.S. national tour co-sponsored by JVP and the Chicago branch of Amnesty International.

In Australia:
Muslim children walk out when national anthem is sung.  A Victorian primary school has been criticised for allowing Muslim children to walk out of assembly while the national anthem was sung.  Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School says a religious month of mourning is the reason Islamic children are able to opt out of singing or listening to the anthem.  Lorraine McCurdy, who has two grandchildren at the school, told 3AW she was furious when school officials invited students to leave during Advance Australia Fair.  "Two children got up and said 'welcome to our assembly' with that a teacher came forward and said all those who feel it's against their culture may leave the room," Ms McCurdy said.

Pews Removed From Wichita State Chapel to Retrofit It for Islam.  It isn't only in occupied Sweden that liberal dhimmis want to alter Christian churches so as to adapt them for Islam.  It is even happening in Kansas. [...] Those who don't like it have been loudly found guilty of "Islamophobia."  The next step will be to decorate the "faith-neutral space" with crescent moons and Arabic squiggles.

Heartland fury as university renovates chapel to accommodate Muslims.  A decision to make a university's chapel "faith neutral" to accommodate Muslim students has created great angst in the nation's Heartland after critics were accused of being Islamophobic.  Last May, Wichita State University ordered workers to remove all the pews and an altar inside the Harvey D. Grace Memorial Chapel.  The pews were ripped from the floor and replaced with portable chairs to make room for Muslim prayer rugs.

Georgia Schools are Teaching Kids "Allah is the Same God Worshipped by Jews and Christians".  There's nothing necessarily wrong with children learning about Islam.  But learning about Islam to the exclusion of Christianity, and that Allah is the same God worshipped by Jews and Christians, has a lot of parents angry.

For 1st time, New York City schools close for Muslim holiday.  Thursday [9/24/2015] was the first time the [New York City] schools serving 1.1 million pupils closed for a Muslim holiday.

Should public schools close for Muslim holidays?  Public schools in the US close in observance of Christian holidays including Christmas and Easter, and now other religious denominations are asking for their holidays to be respected, too.  This Thursday [9/24/2015] is Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice, one of the biggest holidays of the year for Muslims, and school administrators must decide whether or not to close school for the day.  In New Jersey, where almost 2 percent of the population identifies as Muslim, several school districts have recognized Islam's holidays for years, reports  But some are holding back.

School accused of Islamic indoctrination.  Maury County, Tennessee is in the heart of the Bible Belt.  So it's understandable why the local church ladies got all shook up when they discovered that school children had been forced to declare, "There is no God but Allah."  Seventh graders at Spring Hill Middle School spent three weeks covering Islam in a Social Studies class — enraging some parents who say the lessons crossed the line into indoctrination and proselytization.  "I am not pleased that my 12-year-old was taught the Islamic conversion prayer," parent Brandee Porterfield told me.

7th Graders In Tennessee Made To Recite 'Allah Is The Only God' In Public School.  Middle school parents in Tennessee are up in arms on learning that their children were instructed to recite and write, "Allah is the only god," as part of a world history project.  In the Maury County School District, students were assigned a Five Pillars of Islam project that included the translation of the pillar of "Shahada" as being, "There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is his prophet."  Joy Ellis, the mother of a seventh-grader at Spring Hill Middle School, said that Christian children should not be instructed to write the Shahada.  "This is a seventh grade state standard, and will be on the TCAP," Ellis said.

Why Does Common Core Require Teaching Islam?  Should parents be penalized for demanding that their child be exempted from the required teaching of Islamic in Common Core curriculum?  Should a teach or public school administrator penalize parents and children for seeking exemption?  Parents are finding out the answers to these questions first hand.  To date, public school students are required to:
  •   Attend public school-sponsored trips to mosques, which also require non-Muslim girls to wear head scarves
  •   Question if the Holocaust was "merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain"
  •   Learn Islamic indoctrination via vocabulary lessons, and world history (from an Islamic perspective), including the five pillars of Islam
  •   Pledge allegiance to the flag in Arabic
  •   Have school days off for "Muslim holy days"
  •   Proselytize to younger school children by creating a pamphlet about Islam to "introduce Islam to 3rd graders" by describing Allah as the same God of Christians and Jews
  •   Recite in class the Shahada ("There is No God but Allah") and kneel and learn to pray the Muslim call to prayer

Lawmakers fear Islamic 'indoctrination' in schools.  Tennessee seventh-graders spend a portion of their time in a world history course studying "the world of Islam."  The amount of time spent on the topic, and what students are actually learning during that time, has some lawmakers and parents in an uproar and the state planning to review standards.  "There is a big difference between education and indoctrination," U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a statement issued Thursday [9/10/2015].  "It is reprehensible that our school system has exhibited this double-standard, more concerned with teaching the practices of Islam than the history of Christianity.  Tennessee parents have a right to be outraged and I stand by them in this fight."

Progressive Media Mocks Texas Seniors Peacefully Protesting Arabic Immersion School Opening.  Progressive media ridiculed a handful of harmless middle aged and senior citizens peacefully protesting outside the gates of the nation's first Arabic Immersion Magnet School in the Houston Independent School District (ISD).  The Arabic immersion school opened yesterday [8/24/2015] for 132 pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.  The protest group numbered about 30 people, at its height.  They waved American and Israeli flags in solidarity of Western and Judeo-Christian values.

The Editor says...
Presumably, an English-only school would be met with a news media frenzy and a series of picket lines and indignant politicians.  But as long as it's just Arabic, which will facilitate and abet those who are bent on forcible domination of the world, everything's okay.  Hey, what about that baseball game last night?  Man, what a catch!

Barack Obama Praises Moves to Recognize Eid as Holiday.  President Barack Obama on Thursday [7/16/2015] wished Muslims in America and around the world "Eid Mubarak!" or a blessed Eid, praising efforts to recognize the end of Ramadan as a holiday.  "The holiday is a reminder to every American of the importance of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs," he said in a statement that also hailed New York City's decision to add Eid to the official school calendar.

School Staff Trained On Islam, Bows To Allah At Local Mosque On Taxpayer Dime.  Approximately 50 teachers and officials from Pennsylvania's recently gathered at a taxpayer-funded workshop during church services at a local Baptist church to learn about the problems Christian children face in today's secular educational environment.  No, wait.  Scratch that.  That didn't happen.  That's totally wrong.  Instead, approximately 50 teachers and staffers in the town of Lebanon, Pa. attended a workshop at a local mosque to learn all about Islam and Arab culture, reports.  The workshop occurred on Monday [6/8/2015].  It was, indeed, funded by taxpayers.  Lebanon School District superintendent Marianne T. Bartley was among the school officials on hand.

Duke University Sides With Islamists Against Feminist Speaker.  Duke University's mission statement says it is dedicated to "promot[ing] an intellectual environment built on a commitment to free and open inquiry."  Yet when Asra Nomani, a journalist and author of two books, came to speak on "The Paradox of Women in Islam," the university almost rescinded her invitation.  The Muslim Students Association sent an email smearing her as a friend of "Islamophobes" and discouraged students from attending.

Mason principal cancels Muslim event, apologizes.  It was pitched as an event that would "celebrate diversity" — students would wear a headscarf for a day to get a taste of Islamic culture.  It backfired.  Mason High School canceled "A Covered Girl Challenge," and principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart sent an apology Thursday [4/16/2015] to district families.

School Writing Assignment: 'Pretend You Are a Muslim'.  High school students in Wisconsin were asked to pretend that they were Muslims for a 10th grade World History writing assignment.  Union Grove High School teacher Beth Urban asked students to write a five paragraph essay in which they pretend they are a Muslim male or female in the U.S.  "Give three examples of what you do daily for your religion and any struggles you face," Urban instructed.  The assignment has some questioning why this is part of a World History class and also if similar assignments were given for other religions.

Common Core ties to Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.  "Where did Common Core come from?" is a question I often hear from parents as I travel the country speaking about the Islamic infiltration of America. Because in 2014-15 America, public school students via Common Core are:
  •   Participating in public school-sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense, girls must wear head scarves (Colorado parents complain)
  •   Debating whether or not the Holocaust was "merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain," (an eighth-grade assignment defended by the Rialto Unified School District, Los Angeles)
  •   Pledging allegiance in Arabic (New York)
  •   Observing two "Muslim holy days," (New York City)
  •   Being taught Islamic vocabulary lessons (North Carolina)
  •   Being taught Islamic culture (Tennessee)
  •   Being taught world history from Islamic perspective (Florida) that includes learning about the five pillars of Islam (Maryland father, a Marine Corps veteran, complains and is banned from school grounds)
  •   Told to proselytize by creating a pamphlet about Islam to "introduce Islam to 3rd graders" that introduces Allah to children as the same God of the Christians and Jews (Michigan)
  •   Reciting in class the Shahada, "There is No God but Allah," and the Muslim call to prayer (Massachusetts)

Did someone mention Common Core?

Common Core Islamic Indoctrination Textbook Has Floridians Outraged.  Common Core Islamic indoctrination of students in American schools is overt.  This is the goal.  In Volusia County Florida, hundreds are protesting the ode to Islam that is "World History," a Common Core approved high school history textbook.  With an entire chapter dedicated to the virtues of Islam, and not a single chapter for Christianity, the textbook has Floridians in a frenzy.  And who is the biggest pusher of Common Cores besides leftist progressives?  The Islamic Society of North America, another Muslim Brotherhood front group, along with Hamas-CAIR; and in Florida, Hamas-CAIR is on the offensive.

Williamson County, TN Schools Ban Christianity and TEACH Islam.  Julie West, founder of Parents for Truth in Education, finds some scary stuff on the Williamson County, TN Schools website.  She goes to the 7th grade Social Studies page and points out a few shocking things, beginning with the fact that we have been told "Common Core is only Language Arts (English) and Math."  First red flag.  Here are other red flags that prove Common Core has an Islamic agenda prepared for the minds of our next American generation. [...]

Upstate N.Y. School Apologizes For Reciting Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic.  The pledge was read in Arabic during Wednesday morning [3/18/2015] announcements at Pine Bush High School, located 65 miles northwest of New York City.

One nation under Allah: Fury after school recites pledge in Arabic.  Students at Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, New York, knew right away there was something not quite right about the Pledge of Allegiance.  That's because the pledge was being recited in Arabic.  "One nation under Allah," the student body president announced over the intercom system on Wednesday [3/18/2015].  Reaction in the upstate New York high school was swift, and so was the backlash, The Times Herald-Record reports.  Furious students tried to shout down the recitation in their classrooms.  Other students sat down in protest.

California Accredits Nation's First Muslim College ... Founded By Jihadists.  The same California college board that accredited Stanford and Berkeley has certified the nation's first Muslim college in what the left is cheering as a breakthrough for diversity.  In fact, it's a breakthrough for jihadism.  The Western Association of Schools and Colleges last week officially — and naively — recognized Zaytuna College, making the Islamist school eligible to receive federal grants and accept foreign Muslim students on visas.  But before liberals celebrate too loudly, they should know that Zaytuna was founded by pro-jihadists who hate America and Jews and want to turn America into an Islamic state.

First Muslim College in US to Gain Accreditation.  The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has bestowed "initial accreditation" on Zaytuna College, a Muslim institution in Berkeley, California, making it the first accredited Muslim college in the nation.  The association will permit the college to offer an accredited "Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Law and Theology," according to the College Fix.

New York City schools will close for Muslim Eid holidays.  New York City will recognize Muslim holidays Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha on the official school calendar starting in September, Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Fariña said Wednesday [3/4/2015].  In the upcoming 2015-2016 school year, schools will close Sept. 24 for Eid al-Adha so that thousands of Muslim families in the city can observe the day, de Blasio said.  Eid al-Fitr, which falls during the summer, will be designated a holiday for kids attending summer school.

Florida father furious at school lesson: 'Muhammad is the messenger of God'.  Ron Wagner, a Florida father, said his son's world history book has gone too far with a lesson that teaches Muhammad is the messenger of God.  One part of the book, for instance, reads:  "There is no god, but God.  Muhammad is the messenger of God," he said, quoting from his son's Lyman High School history book, WFTV reported.  "Students were instructed to recite this prayer as the first Pillar of Islam, off of the board at the teacher's instruction," Mr. Wagner said.  "For it to be mandatory and part of the curriculum and in the textbooks, didn't seem right."

Dad protests Islamic lessons at school.  Ron Wagner read from part of his son's world history book, "There is no god, but God.  Muhamad is the messenger of God."  Wagner is not reading the Five Pillars of Islam from the Quran, but rather his son's 10th-grade world history book from Lyman High School.  "Students were instructed to recite this prayer as the first Pillar of Islam, off of the board at the teacher's instruction," Wagner claims.

Is Islamic Indoctrination Being Taught in LA Public Schools?  Concerns have arisen over the perceived teaching of Islam in California's seventh grade school curriculum.  Questions have been raised as to whether the education within these classrooms are merely teaching about Islam or preaching the faith, in what many now view as a scandal of indoctrination of youth.

Hijab Day at NP3 High School.  A Jihad Watch reader in the Sacramento area has sent me [a] flier, showing that today is NP3 Hijab Day at NP3 High School.  NP3 stands for Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep; the school is in the Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento.  This all started with a student at NP3 High who is an intern for the Hamas-linked terror organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  This student gave a presentation about Islamophobia and Islam at what was a mandatory staff meeting that also included an official CAIR representative.  The school then now [sic] decided to sponsor an official "Hijab Day" in cooperation with Hamas-linked CAIR.  The flier also shows that another Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization, the Muslim Students Association, is also involved.

Democrats will appoint Muslim to the House Intelligence Committee who said US schools should be like Islamic madrassas.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is set to appoint a Muslim lawmaker to the Intelligence Committee, congressional aides said Tuesday, giving him access to some of America's most closely held secrets in the war on terror.  The move will come as the world is still grappling with an al-Qaeda death squad's massacre last week of journalists at the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, executed because they had published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Muslim call to prayer to sound at Duke University.  A weekly call to prayer for Muslims will be heard at Duke University starting Friday [1/16/2015], school officials said.  Members of the Duke Muslim Students Association will chant the call, known as adhan or azan, from the Duke Chapel bell tower each Friday at 1 p.m.  The call to prayer will last about three minutes and be "moderately amplified," officials said in a statement Tuesday [1/13/2015].

The Editor says...
"Moderately amplified," at first.  Then the volume will probably go up half a decibel every week.  Muslims know all about boiled frogs.  These things have to be introduced gradually.

Duke backs down, cancels Muslim call to prayer from chapel tower.  Duke University has abandoned its plan to transform the bell tower on the Methodist school's neo-gothic cathedral into a minaret where the Muslim call to prayer was to be publicly broadcast.  "Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and welcoming campus for all of its students," university spokesman Michael Schoenfeld said in a statement.  "However, it was clear that what was conceived as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect."

Islamic Prayer Call from Duke Chapel Cancelled Within 48 Hours of Announcement.  Duke University has abandoned its plan to transform the bell tower on the Methodist school's neo-gothic cathedral into a minaret where the Muslim call to prayer was to be publicly broadcast.  "Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and welcoming campus for all of its students," university spokesman Michael Schoenfeld said in a statement.  "However, it was clear that what was conceived as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect."

The Editor asks...
What was the intended effect, if not the popularization (the endorsement) of Islam?

From Church Bell Tower to Minaret and Back Again.  Supposedly Duke University thought turning the majestically Gothic bell tower of famous Duke Chapel into an Islamic minaret for every Friday call to prayer, heralded as "interreligious reimagining of a university icon," would be non-controversial.  But the bow to campus multiculturalist ideology, thanks to nationwide publicity, barely lasted 24 hours.  A campus spokesman curtly announced that what had been intended as unifying had become undesirably divisive.  So the Muslim student group, which serves the five percent of Duke students said to be from Islamic backgrounds, will continue to worship in the chapel basement and will issue prayer calls outside the chapel instead.

Duke cancels plan for Muslim call to prayer from tower.  Days after announcing that a Muslim call to prayer would echo from its historic chapel tower, Duke University changed course Thursday [1/15/2015] following a flurry of calls and emails objecting to the plan.

Christian Bureaucrats At Duke Plotted Broadcast Of Islamic Prayer Calls From Iconic Bell Tower.  That plan was rescinded at the last minute after massive public outrage.  But wait!  There's so much more!  An impressively thorough investigation in The Chronicle, Duke's student newspaper, shows that employees of Duke Chapel's Christian and interfaith ministries came up with the idea to transmit the Islamic call to prayer on the campus.  The Christian-hatched plan was formulated back in September because, advocates for the sounding of the Muslim prayer call proclaimed, the stately Duke Chapel has traditionally accommodated events for a diverse array of religious groups and student groups.

Allah in our schools.  Jihad, in its many guises and forms, is being waged across America.  No aspect of our society has been untouched by this relentless attack.  Including our schools.  Our education system has been infiltrated by the enemy, as the next generation of Americans is brainwashed with white-washed Islam.  The assault is coming from all directions and it never sleeps.

Common Core Vocabulary Teaches About Mohammed and Islam.  Farmville, North Carolina has given their high school seniors Commonc Core aligned lessons on Prophet Mohammed and Islam.  Some parents and students would like to know why.  "It really caught me off guard," a Farmville Central High School student who was in the class said, according to Todd Starnes.  "If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school — how is this appropriate?"

High School: Islamic vocabulary lesson part of Common Core standards.  Parents in Farmville, North Carolina want to know why their children were given a Common Core vocabulary assignment in an English class that promoted the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.  "It really caught me off guard," a Farmville Central High School student who was in the class told me.  "If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school — how is this appropriate?"  The Islamic vocabulary worksheet was assigned to seniors.

High School: Islamic Vocabulary Lesson Part of Common Core Standards.  Parents in Farmville, North Carolina want to know why their children were given a Common Core vocabulary assignment in an English class that promoted the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.  "It really caught me off guard," a Farmville Central High School student who was in the class told me.  "If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school — how is this appropriate?"  The Islamic vocabulary worksheet was assigned to seniors.

Tennessee School Teacher Distributes Nation of Islam Racist Handouts For Third Grade Instruction.  You only need to read the following paragraph to spot the intents and motives of the third grade teacher for Harold McCormick Elementary School teacher in Elizabethton, Tennessee:  "The teacher also told Sommer [parent] that her son was not supposed to take the Nation of Islam handout home.  It was supposed to stay in the classroom.  That bit of news caused her great alarm." [...] Yes, one can see how a parent of a third grader might take exception to such classroom instructional materials provided by the Nation of Islam.  But the sunlight brought by a parent to media reporter Todd Starnes has created an even worse situation for the school, the administration thereof, and the school superintendent et al.
[Italics in original.]

Yale to Host Radical Terror Sheikh Who Advocated Killing of U.S. Soldiers.  Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, the head of Tunisia's controversial Islamist Ennahda Movement, is scheduled to head a lecture Tuesday afternoon [9/26/2014] [at] Yale's Law School, according to the school's website.  Al-Ghannouchi's upcoming appearance at the Ivy League school could become controversial given the sheik's longtime support for radical terror groups and his past calls for Muslims to wage "unceasing war against the Americans."

Pro-Palestinian students bring hate, intimidation to campus, critics say.  Students for Justice in Palestine, with nearly 100 chapters on campuses around the nation, has become increasing strident in promoting its agenda, staging "die-ins," handing out mock eviction notices in dormitories, and raising funds for Hamas-aligned groups, according to Jewish watchdog groups.  Individual members have been accused of assaulting students, vandalizing property and hurling anti-Semitic slurs at Jewish students, all in the name of their cause.

Professor accused of meeting with terror groups on state university's dime.  Responding to charges a professor engaged in Mideast politics on the taxpayer dime, San Francisco State University officials offered bland reassurances that the school investigates "any allegations that a member of the University community misused state funds."  According to a California Public Records Act inquiry requested by the nonprofit group AMCHA Initiative, "Professor Rabab Abdulhadi received more than $7,000 from SFSU to fly to Jordan, the West Bank and Israel to meet with members of known terrorist organizations."

Teacher admits campaign to install Muslim staff at schools.  A senior teacher at the centre of an alleged plot by religious hard-liners to seize control of governing bodies has admitted that there was a campaign to install Muslims in leading roles at schools in Birmingham.  Nearly 20 schools in the city are currently being investigated over claims that male and female pupils were segregated, sex education banned and extremist clerics praised in assemblies.

Christians lie and wives must have sex or go to hell, Trojan Horse pupils told.  Children were taught that all Christians are liars and attempts were made to introduce Sharia law in classrooms as part of an alleged 'Trojan Horse' takeover plot of Birmingham schools, an inquiry has found.  The inquiry commissioned by Birmingham City Council found evidence of religious extremism in 13 schools as school governors and teachers tried to promote and enforce radical Islamic values.  Schools put up posters warning children that if they didn't pray they would "go to hell", Christmas was cancelled and girls were taught that women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be "punished" by angels "from dusk to dawn".

The Islamization of American Public Schools.  Endless concessions and accommodations to Islamic demands only give way to more demands for even more Islam, as shown in the recent blockbuster revelations of an Islamic takeover of UK public schools.  What is less well known is the same kinds of things are happening here in the United States.  So outrageous were the allegations that the usually subdued and sharia-compliant British authorities initiated an investigation into the charges that devout Muslims covertly sought to "Islamize" the public schools in the UK.  The bombshell was dropped last month in a leaked letter, describing an operation purportedly named "Trojan Horse."

An Exercise in Indoctrination: Cal Professor Requires Students to Tweet about 'Islamophobia'.  A University of California, Berkeley professor is requiring 100 students to create Twitter accounts and post comments about "Islamophobia," anti-Islamist Muslim activist Tarek Fatah reports.  In his Toronto Sun column Wednesday [2/5/2014], Fatah, a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, describes the "panicked message" he received from a Berkeley student taking a class taught by Hatem Bazian.  Bazian directs the school's Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project.

The next five items pertain to England, but they serve as a warning to all:
Children of 8 are 'racist' if they miss Islam trip:  School's threatening letter to parents is met with outrage.  Parents were ordered to send their children to a workshop on Islam or have them labelled as racist for the rest of their school career.  They were sent a letter warning that the primary school pupils would have a 'racial discrimination note' put on their records if they did not go.  Families were told to pay £5 per child for the Explore Islam trip next Wednesday [11/27/2013] to Staffordshire University, which would involve Year 4 and Year 6 children being shown Islamic artefacts.

When Liberal Preferences Meet Islamic Principles.  There was a recent scandal that, as much as anything else, illustrates the intellectual emptiness and moral ennui of the modern liberal man.  It occurred in Britain but reflects a wider phenomenon; what can be said about it can be said about happenings in Sweden, France, Holland, Canada or Belgium — or the United States.  It was discovered recently that Muslims in seven London schools were indoctrinating children with Islamic propaganda, ignoring Western culture and refusing to inculcate the "British values" of the moment.  The situation was such that all of one school's library books were in Arabic and many students couldn't tell investigators whether they should follow British or Sharia law or which was more important.  And one of these schools, mind you, was a state-run Church of England institution — that happens to now be upwards of 80 percent Muslim.

Head teachers raise 'serious concerns' over Islamic school take-over.  Schools across Britain are likely to have been targeted in an alleged Islamist plot to take over classrooms, head teachers have warned.  The National Association of Head Teachers said it had found "concerted efforts" to infiltrate at least six schools in Birmingham.  But the union also said that the scandal had "connections" to other large cities.

'Cover-up' by UK schools in alleged Muslim takeover plot.  Schools involved in an alleged plot to impose conservative Muslim teaching on pupils across Britain's second city sought to deflect scrutiny by putting on hastily arranged "shows of cultural inclusivity", officials said Monday [6/9/2014].  One school in Birmingham arranged an assembly on Easter and a lesson on Christianity especially for a visit by education inspectors, according to Prime Minister David Cameron's Downing Street office.  The finding is included in one of two official reports into allegations of a plot to take control of the leadership of schools in the city in central England and impose Islamic principles such as gender segregation.  The so-called "Trojan Horse" plot was first raised in an anonymous letter, which was leaked to the media earlier this year.

One Rule for Islamists and Another for Everyone Else? It's not Fair.  How long do you think a white teacher would last in a British primary school if he were to tell his class of seven-year olds that all non-Christians were "filthy heathens"? [...] Not very long, I expect. [...] So how come for one particular minority the rules are different?  How come, when a Birmingham teacher told his Local Education Authority that he had seen signs of an attempted Islamist takeover in local schools as early as 1993, his warnings were ignored and he ended up being dismissed for "gross misconduct"?

Parents slam pro-Islam slant in Florida school textbook.  Hundreds of parents, angry at what they say is a biased student textbook with a decided pro-Islam slant, have launched a campaign demanding equal religious representation and planned a protest at the school board meeting this week.  The book, "World History," devotes fully 32 pages — an entire chapter — on "Muslim Civilizations," including descriptions of the Koran and a listing of the Five Pillars of Islam, The Daily Caller reported.  But noticeably missing is information on any other religion.

Christianity Under Attack in America.  [Scroll down]  In 2001, the Byron Union School District in Byron, California instituted a three-week unit on Islam for 7th-graders.  Students took Muslim names, recited Islamic prayers, and celebrated Ramadan.  When parents sued the school on the grounds that the course was "officially endorsing a religion," the U.S. Supreme Court rejected their appeal, leaving intact an earlier ruling by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that deemed that the unit did not violate the Constitution and had an "instructional purpose."  In 2009, the same court of appeals upheld a ban by Henry Jackson High School officials in Everett, Washington against an instrumental performance of Ave Maria at a 2006 commencement ceremony.

New York schools may close for Muslim holidays.  Schools in New York, the biggest city in the U.S., might be about to implement shutdowns on certain Muslim holy days, as both mayoral candidates running for City Hall have said they support such a move.  A report in the New York Daily News says that Bill de Blasio, the Democrat, and Joe Lhota, his Republican opponent, believe both Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha should be added to the holiday calendar along with other major religious observations, including Christmas, Good Friday and Rosh Hashanah.

Tennessee high school students visit mosque, get Qur'an — not visiting church or synagogue.  The public school officials behind this reveal by their choices of visits that the real agenda here is to make these Tennessee students "accepting of the other," because that is the whole problem of jihad terrorism, doncha know — if Americans were more accepting of Muslims and Islam, jihad terror would be a thing of the past.  There are so many initiatives like this, such as the Arkansas school that planned to feature a Muslim speaker on September 11, that it is hard to escape the conclusion that they really believe this nonsense.

Students Take Field Trip to Mosque, Receive Koran.  A Tennessee high school has decided to revise its field trip policy after a group of freshmen were taken to an Islamic mosque where they were given copies of the Koran and while a student who opted out of the trip was given a worksheet that alleged Muslims treated their conquered people better than the United States treated minorities.  The students were in an honors world studies class at Hendersonville High School and the field trips to the mosque as well as a Hindu temple were part of a three-week course on world religions.  But some parents objected to the trips and wondered why the school would tour a mosque but not a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue.

Pledge of Allegiance skipped, Muslim poem read at Boston school on 9/11.  The principal of Concord Carlisle High School in Boston issued an apology Wednesday after a Muslim poem was recited over the intercom on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, and the Pledge of Allegiance was not.  According to principal Peter Badalament, a "small number" of people were outraged at the poem, which was meant to promote "cross-cultural understanding," reported.  Apparently, the Pledge of Allegiance was not read because of some confusion.

Bulletin board at Wichita school showing Five Pillars of Islam removed.  A bulletin board at a Wichita elementary school that illustrated the Five Pillars of Islam has been removed "because of the misunderstanding that has been promoted by ... one photograph," district officials said Monday [8/19/2013].  The bulletin board at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary was intended to aid students' study of major religions of the world, district spokeswoman Susan Arensman said in an e-mail.  It featured five white, construction-paper columns and the words, "The Five Pillars of Islam."

Kansas public school promotes 5 Pillars of Islam.  The display was reportedly part of a religion component being taught at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet School, a school district spokesperson told Fox News' Todd Starnes.  "The bulletin board that originally caused the concern does represent the 5 Pillars of Islam — in a historical context of their studies," the spokesperson said.

School Defends Textbook Calling Muhammad "God's Messenger".  School officials in Florida are defending a textbook that declares Muhammad as the "Messenger of God" after critics accused an Islamic education group of launching a stealth jihad in American public school classrooms.  The Prentice World History textbook being used in Brevard Public Schools includes a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism.

Strings attached?
Tucson schools to take $465,000 from Arab charity with Muslim Brotherhood ties.  Last week, the governing board of the Tucson Unified School District asked the school board to accept a $465,000 curriculum grant from the Qatar Foundation International, a global philanthropic organization with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of the terrorist group Hamas.  The grant money is intended to implement "innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom," reports the Arizona Daily Independent.

Islamic Supremacist Nominated as UC Student Regent.  A UC Berkeley senior who is a venomous supporter of the jihad against Israel and member of several Islamic supremacist groups with links to jihad terror has been nominated to become the University of California student regent for the 2014-15 academic year.  The student regent participates in a board that sets policies for the entire University of California system, which consists of ten campuses throughout the state.  Sadia Saifuddin is expected to be confirmed as student regent by the full Board of Regents next month.

Islamizing the Public Schools.  The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is pressuring public schools in this country to make special accommodations for Muslim students and to deny comparable accommodations for students of other faiths.  For example, CAIR's instructional material for teachers entitled "An Educator's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices" advises schools to permit Muslim students who wish to attend Friday congregational worship (known as Jum'ah) to "request a temporary release from school."

Terrorists driven by low self-esteem, Florida high schoolers told.  It's low self-esteem and the need for a "sense of belonging" that drives terrorists to join groups that kill in the name of religion, according to an online lesson plan for Florida high school students.  The world history course on "Invisible Warfare" — offered by the Florida Virtual School, the nation's first statewide Internet-based public high school — begins by asking students "what comes to mind" when considering the concept of fundamentalism and then prompts them to think of the term in a religious context.  It later defines terrorism as the act of using fear or violence to accomplish certain political or religious goals.

Muslims in Maryland petition schools to close on Eid, like on Christmas, Yom Kippur.  Schools are usually closed on Easter Monday and Rosh Hashanah — why not Eid al-Fitr?  That's the question Mimi Hassanein, a resident of Brinkow, Md., asks herself every time the Eids fall on a school day.  The two most important Islamic holidays — Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha — are traditionally spent praying and feasting with family and friends.  But Hassanein says that every year, her grandchildren and other Muslim youth in her school district are forced to choose between their religion and their grades.

Second university sounds alarm over segregation at Muslim student events.  Leicester University voiced concern after photographs emerged showing hand-written signs directing male and female students to sit in separate sections at a public talk on the existence of God organised by the university's Islamic Society.

How Muslim proselytizing creeps into public schools.  The Loudoun County School Board is reaching the denouement of a multiyear deliberation about an application for a charter school that has strong ties to Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamist.  His followers have already started some 135 American charter schools.  Their focus is to promote an increasingly Shariah-dominated Turkey.  Incredibly, the school board's members are studiously avoiding any acknowledgment or discussion of the role of Fethullah Gulen and his movement in the charter school.

Texas Lawmakers Blast 'Anti-American', 'Anti-Christian' Curriculum.  Texas lawmakers are putting educators on the hot seat after public school curriculum surfaced that promoted Islam and socialism while deconstructing American values and patriotism.  School children were exposed to lessons that labeled the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism.  They were also instructed to create flags for socialist and communist countries.  And they were also given in-depth lessons in the Islamic faith that included classroom readings from the Koran.

Fort Collins students read Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic.  "We do say the Pledge of Allegiance on Mondays at Rocky Mountain High School," principal Tom Lopez said.  Students have always said it in English.  This year, a group with about 30 students approached Lopez with a request to translate and recite the pledge in other languages.  "They had to go through me for approval, and I reviewed it pretty carefully," Lopez said.

Outrage as high school recites Pledge in Arabic saying 'One Nation Under Allah'.  Fury is brewing at Rocky Mountain High School, in Colorado, after a multicultural student group were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic — replacing 'one nation under God' with 'one nation under Allah'.  Following Monday's pledge, Principal Tom Lopez has been inundated with complaints from outraged parents concerned that saying the Pledge in any language other than English is unpatriotic.

School Recites Pledge in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah?.  A Colorado high school principal is defending his decision to allow students from a cultural club to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — and denied that it was attempt to push an Islamic agenda.  Tom Lopez, the principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, told Fox News he has received a number of telephone calls and emails from outraged parents — but he stands by his decision.

Stealth Islamist Charter Schools Under Investigation.  If one believes that the battle for the nation's soul is occurring, not just in Washington, D.C., but in schools across the nation, the steady advance of Turkish-Gulen Charter Schools may be cause for alarm.

Texas Teaching 'Allah is the Almighty God'.  In the 70 percent of Texas public schools where a private curriculum has been installed, students are learning the "fact" that "Allah is the Almighty God," charge critics of a new online curriculum that already is facing condemnation for its secrecy and restrictions on oversight.  The program, called CSCOPE, is a private venture operating under the umbrella of the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative, whose incorporation documents state its independence from the State Board of Education of the Texas Education Agency.  Other reports previously have raised alarm over the curriculum's depiction of the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act on par with the 9/11 attack.

Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Girl's Hand Cut in Forced 'Islamic Hand Sign' Drill.  An elementary school teacher in Chesapeake, Va. has been charged with simple assault after a parent claimed her daughter's hand was cut open as a result of the teacher yanking her arm aggressively while trying to teach students an "Islamic hand sign."

Virginia Public School Teacher Charged with Assault after Forcing Child to Make Islamic Hand Sign.  Whatever else happens, let's make sure we don't lose sight of the real problem:  Islamophobia.  After all, wouldn't it be racist, intolerant, and bigoted of us not to allow Muslim public school teachers to cut children while forcing them to make Islamic hand signs?

Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks.  Political Correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools.  Drop Christianity down the Memory Hole, but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Islam.  Even the mainstream media have provided extensive coverage of the steady stream of court cases and ACLU threatening letters aimed at removing all signs of Judeo-Christianity from public schools.

Northeastern U's Muslim Chaplain Removed After Video Exposes Support for Terrorists.  In what may be the first time a Muslim religious figure was removed from a campus position by a university administration, Boston's Northeastern University told Imam Abdullah Faaruuq that his services as chaplain for Muslim students were "no longer needed."  This happened just days after [] published an expose documenting that Faaruuq is a supporter of convicted Islamist terrorists who is inciting Boston Muslims against the U.S government.

Public schools: teaching reading, writing, and... the Koran?  You can't have a moment of silence in public school anymore because someone is offended.  People are pushing to have the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance stopped because it has "God" in it.  Christmas trees are removed, Christmas pageants are renamed "holiday pageants", and every shred of Christianity is being removed, bit by bit, by those who scream "separation of church and state!"  Yet in Minneapolis at Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school, children are being taught Islam and the Koran on the public taxpayers dime, and no one questions it or says a word.

Stealth Islamic Propaganda Shown to Six Million American Students.  On May 16 and 17 of 2012, Channel One Network, a national distributor of educational videos and newscasts viewed daily by over 8,000 middle and high schools, aired a two-part video series, titled "Young and Muslim in America" and "Islam in America."  In "Young and Muslim in America: How being a part of Islam changed ten years ago, Part 1," students watch as Muhtasham Sifaat, 18, kneels on a prayer rug inside an empty classroom.  His voiceover explains how he moved around a lot when he was younger, but Islam has given him stability.  What is not revealed is that Mr. Sifaat is a political activist serving as a chapter president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), one of the most radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America.

Arabic mandatory at NYC public school.  An upper Manhattan public elementary school will be the first in the city to require that students study Arabic, officials said yesterday [5/23/2012].  Beginning next semester, all 200 second- through fifth-graders at PS 368 in Hamilton Heights will be taught the language twice a week for 45 minutes — putting it on equal footing with science and music courses.

Atheist group honors TN student who portrayed Jesus as fictional.  Summit High School sophomore Jeff Shott has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship for dressing like Jesus Christ on fictional character day.

The Editor says...
How much scholarship money would he get for dressing like Mohammed?  There are some who believe he's a fictional character.*

Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks.  Political correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools.  Drop Christianity down the memory hole but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Islam.

Parents won't quit fight over CAIR indoctrination.  Parents in a Florida school district say their fight is not ending over district officials' decision to openly promote a representative from the local Council on American-Islamic Relations group, whose national organization has ties to terrorism, to speak to their students and then refuse to listen to parental concerns.

Tampa parents rip school for letting controversial Muslim group speak to students.  Parents in Tampa are the latest to protest school officials inviting a controversial Muslim civil liberties advocacy group to speak to students.  Dozens of people showed up at a Hillsborough County school board meeting Tuesday night to complain that a member of Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, spoke to history students at Steinbrenner High School last fall.  They cited the group's past connection to a terror financing case involving the terrorist group Hamas.  The group, which purports to promote diversity and tolerance of the religion, has met a similar reception in Texas and Georgia in recent years.

Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah'.  A Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric "there is no truth except Allah" made it into the repertoire.  James Harper, a senior at Grand Junction High School in Grand Junction, put his objection to singing "Zikr," a song written by Indian composer A.R. Rahman, in an email to Mesa County School District 51 officials.  When the school stood by choir director Marcia Wieland's selection, Harper said, he quit.

Expert Warns Against Singing Islamic Prayer Song.  It is ridiculously easy to convert to Islam.  Just say it.  Leaving Islam, not so much.  For the believers, death is the punishment for apostasy.  Obviously the student who refused to submit to inadvertent conversion was wiser than the rest of the schmucks who went along with the dangerous teacher/choirmaster.  He quit the choir.  And then had to leave school because of the death threats that followed.  Of course, the dhimmified school backed the teacher, while keeping the student front and center in the line of fire.  Such ignorance is unforgivable.  Abandon the public schools in droves.  Home-school.  Or consider fully vetted religious and/or private schools.  American public schools are dangerous in every way imaginable.

Report on Biased Textbooks Goes to 500 Superintendents.  The report lists several quotes from textbooks teaching students that the 9/11 attacks were a response to U.S. foreign policy.  For example, one book says, "What were the sources of Muslim anger? ...bin Laden declared that the attacks were a response to the 'humiliation and disgrace' that have afflicted the Islamic world for over eighty years."  Another teaches that Bin Laden was motivated by the "military presence of the sacred soil of the Arabian peninsula and its support for Israel's hostility to Palestinian nationalism."  The ideology of radical Islam is not discussed.

Harvard Fires Critic of Jihad.  Harvard has dropped economics courses taught by a Hindu professor, Subramanian Swamy, president of the Janata Party of India and a former Union Cabinet minister, because of something that had nothing to do with economics:  he wrote an editorial that Muslims find offensive.

It's Called 'Christmas,' Stupid.  The University of California, Berkeley, provides a prayer room in the student union for Muslim students, and the University of Michigan-Dearborn has installed footbaths for Muslim students, as have a dozen other universities.  A technical school in Minnesota has installed footbaths, but the coffee cart's Christmas music has been turned off as a violation of the separation of church and state and, perhaps, insulting to those taking a footbath.

Hamas High School in Florida?  Why is a representative of a terror-linked organization, a defender of jihad terror groups and an apologist for Islamic supremacism welcome to speak in public schools? ... [W]e have been able to identify one school — Steinbrenner High School — where a representative of CAIR spoke to students.  An informed source tells me it was the notorious Hassan Shibly.  Shibly has a track record of defending jihad terrorist groups and acting as an apologist for the worldwide jihad and Islamic supremacism. ... Anywhere CAIR speaks, freedom's defenders must be given a platform as well.  We are not an Islamic nation in which truth is blasphemy.

Fighting Radical Islam — the Educational Threat.  The education our children receive about Islam doesn't come only from the media.  In fact, information about Islamic culture is taught in public and private schools across the U.S.  From kindergarten to college, our children may be susceptible to mistruths about Islam, and its relationship to the western world.  There is a dedicated stealth curriculum campaign by factions of the Muslim world to paint Islam in the most positive light, and that may not be a bad thing.  The problem is that references to Radical Islam are being completely whitewashed.

Islamizing the Curriculum in Georgia.  Many of us have been calling out and exposing the destructive propaganda war that is being waged in our nation's classrooms.  Time and time again, we find extensive lessons on Islam in the public schools, extolling Islamic misogyny and waxing poetic on sharia and the brutal oppression of non-Muslims and apostates.  Last week, we found that schools across Georgia were Islamizing the curriculum by selling misogyny to children.  They were using a lesson plan that glorifies the cloth coffin that Muslims dress women in, as well as polygamy.

From Crayons to Condoms.  We've all heard stories about teachers and students not being allowed to pray in schools or bring their Bibles to school.  But unfortunately, when it comes to Islam there is a new standard. ... Islam is not always being taught just as a comparative religion class but actually involves students in Islamic religious rituals.  One teacher reported that while she was substitute teaching she was instructed to leave the classroom for an hour while another school employee came to the classroom to lead the students in their prayers to Allah.  Certainly the ACLU would file a lawsuit if a public school led children in prayers to God.

Public School Converted To Islamic Center.  As you read this, be mindful that it could just as easily be your community — and probably will be, eventually.  Farmington, Michigan's Public School Board of Education voted unanimously to sell their vacant Eagle Elementary School to the Islamic Cultural Association for $1.1 million.  The transaction was kept secret until the sale was nearly complete.

Texas Schools Instituting Mandatory Arabic Language and Culture Classes.  It seems that it was a well-kept secret.  Residents in the Mansfield Independent School District in Texas found out just this Monday evening that the district had decided to force some of their children to take Arabic language and culture classes.  As for the impetus behind the move, as they say, just follow the money:  The program is a condition for receipt of a federal grant.

A FLAP Develops Over Mandatory Arabic Classes in Texas.  If one of the main goals of the Department of Education is to educate parents on why they might want to consider the option of private or home schooling, then mission accomplished.

Parents Say Textbooks Give Islam a Makeover.  Three North County residents contend a textbook used to teach seventh-graders about the Islamic religion in the San Dieguito Union High School District "romanticizes" the history of the religion, and they want the district to use supplemental information to provide what they say would be a more balanced view.

The Subversive Agenda of our Public Schools.  Multiculturalism, certainly, but I am particularly concerned personally with the Islamic slant of public school textbooks. Of all the arenas in which the stealth jihad is advancing, the most crucial is in our schools, where stealth jihadists have found a welcoming environment among teachers deeply steeped in the multiculturalist ethos.  With the mandate of "tolerance" robbing many educators of their ability to evaluate non-Western cultures critically, teachers are highly susceptible to an organized campaign by U.S.-based Islamic organizations and their primary benefactor, Saudi Arabia, to present a view of Islam that whitewashes its violent history and intolerant religious imperatives.  Meanwhile, in America's Islamic academies, teaching materials, some direct from Saudi Arabia, instill unequivocal hatred toward non-Muslims and a deep suspicion of Western culture.

Standing Up for Persecuted Christian Teachers — in America.  Two teachers at Dearborn's Fordson High School, Bryan Purcell and Georgene Stergalas, were repeatedly harassed by the then-Muslim principal Imad Fadlallah.  (He has since been replaced by another Muslim principal.)  As we've noted in the press release announcing the lawsuit, it was clear that the harassment was brought because these teachers are Christians and not Muslims and because the principal wanted to replace Christian teachers with teachers who are Muslims, Arabs, or Arab Muslims.

De Facto Shariah Law in America.  In the State of California, 7th-grade students at Excelsior Middle School in Discovery Bay, California adopted Muslim names, prayed on prayer rugs, and celebrated Ramadan under a state-mandated curriculum that requires instruction about various religions.  In 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court again declined to hear legal challenges by concerned Excelsior parents, who complained that the instruction was actually religious indoctrination and that Christianity and Judaism were not given equal time and exposure.

Public school children forced to pray to Allah.  Where is the ACLU, which sues schools which dare mention Jesus or permit football teams to pray before games?

School Apologizes After Students Pray to Allah on Field Trip to Mosque.  A Massachusetts school district has apologized to parents after a group of schoolchildren participated in midday Muslim prayers during a field trip to a Boston-area mosque.  The incident occurred in May when a social studies class from Wellesley Middle School toured the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, one of the largest mosques in the Northeast.

Public School Field Trip Results in Islamic Indoctrination.  This a sixth-grade class from a public school in Wellesley, MA, working with another of these innocuous-sounding "charities" that are really leftwing fronts, using taxpayer-funded field trip time to take unsuspecting children to a mosque that's notorious for its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, for the kids to be indoctrinated.  There's no excuse for this.  Everyone on the school's staff who had anything to do with this trip should be fired.

Countering Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools.  The fight against Islamic indoctrination in the schools won a victory in Texas last week.  But the forces pushing to obfuscate the nature of Islam's jihad imperative hold the high ground in the education industry, forcing parents and realists to continue to fight.  The Texas Board of Education issued a press release on Friday, 9/24/10, which included a self-described "most debated item on the board's Friday agenda" — a non-binding resolution that barely passed by a 7-6 vote, with two members absent.

'Diversity' Perversity:  NY Schools Teaching Whitewashed Islamic History.  The egregious bias in this exam, and its structured, requisite evaluation by teachers, is transparent and disturbing.  Two examples of complementary "Official Historical Documents" which students are required to read and discuss — one pertaining to Islamic Spain, the other Reconquista Christian Spain — along with very specific teacher evaluation guidelines they must satisfy for the best grade, epitomize the naked indoctrination being promoted.

Schoolhouse Shariah.  California's educrats have put out new rules for teaching Islamic studies to seventh-graders in public schools, and they are as biased as ever.  They'll also likely spread eastward.  The lesson guidelines adopted by the bellwether state whitewash the violence and oppression of women codified in Islamic law, or Shariah.  And they're loaded with revisionist history about the faith.

Islamist Propaganda in the K-12 Classrom.  A highly disturbing phenomenon is rising in our public school system today with hardly a peep of protest from parents and from our society at large:  students are being force-fed a curious and bizarre narrative that presents Islam in a glowing — and historically mangled — light, while Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition are demonized and smeared.

Teen suspended for criticizing Muslim student.  The teen says an issue over the American flag is why she was written up and handed a five-day suspension from Springstead High School this week for criticizing a Muslim student.  Heather says the other girl was sitting down during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror.  With the decline of communism, the Left began to support Islamism.  Whereas journalists, novelists and activists led the charge in the first wave, Glazov explains in the second half of the book [Unholy Alliance, the most vociferous defenders of Islamism now come from the Ivory Tower.

US Public Schools Teaching Children Pro-Islamic Propaganda.  Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus and the 9/11 murderers were not Islamic Fundamentalists but simply a generic "teams of terrorists."  That's the caliber of politically corrected [nonsense] many of our children are being taught in American public schools — and it's past time all parents took serious notice.  A five year study by Gary Tobin and Dennis Ybarra of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research cites hundreds of such errors and distortions found in "28 of the most widely used social studies and history textbooks in the United States."

Minnesota College Begins Islamization Makeover.  The first public college in the nation has now earnestly begun the Islamization of its campus.  We presume this is only the first of many other colleges and universities that will now follow suit.  Minneapolis Community and Technical College announced in March that it will renovate its bathrooms, in order to install ritual foot-washing basins for Muslims' who are preparing for their prayers.

Hate Speech At San Francisco State University.  The virulence of anti-Israelism and antisemitism at The University of California, Irvine campus ... has been so flagrant and endemic in recent years that it actually prompted an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, the findings of which were issued in a damning 2007 report.  But San Francisco State University is not far behind in the ignoble way it has enabled its Muslim students' organizations to create a veritable reign of terror on campus against Jewish and pro-Israel students, while simultaneously attempting to silence voices of opposition...

Critic Says Islamic Extremism Gets Whitewashed in American Textbooks.  An education expert is warning that some American textbooks present a biased view of Islam and offer a sugarcoated picture of Islamic extremism, a trend that has parents worried about what's being taught in public schools.  In numerous history textbooks, "key subjects like jihad, Islamic law, the status of women are whitewashed," said Gilbert T. Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council, an independent group that reviews history books and other education materials.

Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools.  American educators have been bending to the will of the grievance-mongers ever since the 9/11 attacks.  Remember the jihad-sympathizing admonition included in the NEA's touchy-feely, post-9/11 curriculum:  "Do not suggest that any group is responsible" for the terrorist attacks, parents and teachers were advised.  But feel free to conjure up homeschooling "wackos" and Christian "New Crusaders" to avoid offending the Muslim lobby.

Islamo-Fascism Week III:  "Stop the Jihad on Campus".  In October 2007, more than one hundred campuses hosted Islamo-Fascism Awareness weeks to make university communities aware of the Islamist threat and the danger it poses.  In April 2008 a second Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week focused on the network created in America by the Muslim Brotherhood and that includes the Muslim Students Association and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Textbook Lies About Islam.  Why, at a time of war, are students at top U.S. military schools denied an objective treatment of Islam's war doctrines?  A report by the American Textbook Council sheds light by showing how these academic failures have much deeper roots.

Horowitz Speech on Radical Islam Has Repercussions at Northwestern.  Less than a week after defaming David Horowitz by claiming that he spreads "blatant lies about Islam" and criticizing the College Republicans for "bringing such an offensive and divisive speaker" to campus, the Muslim-cultural Students Association (McSA) at Northwestern has announced plans to bring infamous Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers to campus.

School for scoundrels.  Despite a report by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom that the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., has continued to use textbooks that teach hatred of everyone not of their specific brand of faith, the U.S. State Department has yet to act to close down the school. … One would be hard-pressed to find a greater threat to public health, safety and welfare than this training ground for a new generation of jihadists.

Report:  Maryland Textbooks on Islamic Teachings Dumbed Down.  According to the New York Examiner, a new report issued by the American Textbook Council said that administrators who approved books for use in the Montgomery County school district caved into pressure by pro-Islamic groups seeking to present a less violent interpretation of Islam.  Gilbert Sewall, director of the council, stated that, for example, the definition of jihad has gone through "amazing cultural reorchestration" in textbooks, losing any connotation of violence, the Examiner wrote.

The Most Muslim University in America.  At the University of California, Irvine the Muslim Student Union (MSU), a virulently anti-Semitic and anti-American student group, holds several programs which unabashedly support terrorist groups and unjustly denounce Israel, America, and the Western world.  MSU events have featured speakers like Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill, Muhammad al-Asi and Amir Abdel Malik Ali, and have had titles such as "Hamas:  the People's Choice" and "Israel:  The 4th Reich."

Islamic Textbook Teaches It's OK to Kill.  A federal investigation released Wednesday [6/11/2008] reveals that some Islamic textbooks are teaching kids it's okay to kill adulterers and converts from Islam.  The books have been used by the Islamic Saudi Academy, which teaches 900 students in grades K-12 at two campuses in Alexandria and Fairfax.  The school receives much of its funding from the Saudi government.

Schoolboys disciplined for 'refusing to pray to Allah'.  It was claimed that the boys, from a year seven class of 11 and 12-year-olds, were given detention after refusing to take part in a practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.  Yesterday [7/4/2008] parents accused the school of breaching their human rights by forcing them to take part in the exercise.

Schoolboys punished for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah.  Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and 'pray to Allah' during a religious education lesson.  Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

Islam in America's public schools:  Education or indoctrination?  Islamists, or those who believe that Islam is a political and religious system that must dominate all others, are focusing less on the military and more on the ideological.  It turns out that Western liberal democracies can be subverted without firing a shot.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the educational realm.  Islamists have taken what's come to be known as the "soft jihad" into America's classrooms and children in K-12 are the first casualties.

Celebrating Open Tent' Day — Kids Dress Like Arabs.  Only in the west can one see a school that hosts a day when school children are encouraged to dress like, act like, and "learn about" those trying to kill them and all in a day that the country is in the midst of war.  And only in the west would the media help celebrate such an outrageous example of support for what, in truth, are our enemies.

Principal has new job after 'Islam 101' controversy.  The Friendswood Junior High principal who outraged some parents by allowing an Islamic group to make a 40-minute presentation to students last month is now off the job.  In a two-sentence statement sent late Wednesday, the school district said Robin Lowe "has accepted another administrative position effective immediately."

Multiculturalism Gone Berserk:  Why are school children forced to "bow to the altar of multiculturalism" as they did at the Amherst Middle School when kids had to celebrate something called "Open Tent Day" by parading around the school dressed as Saudi Arabians, according to

Muslim presentation at Friendswood school draws fire.  Parents of some junior high students are upset they weren't notified about a school presentation on Islamic culture, an omission that violated school district policy.  The parents' letter-writing campaign stems from a May 22 presentation at Friendswood Junior High, where two Muslim women gave a 30-minute presentation about Islamic life as part of a yearlong study of respect, tolerance and culture, The Galveston County Daily News reported Saturday [5/31/2008].

Wall of silence broken at state's Muslim public school.  Recently, I wrote about Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights.  Charter schools are public schools and by law must not endorse or promote religion.  Evidence suggests, however, that TIZA is an Islamic school, funded by Minnesota taxpayers.

Islam and the Textbooks:  [Scroll down] What the comparison revealed were content distortions and inaccuracies that have not occurred by accident.  These lessons and the process by which they are put into America's classrooms raise serious concerns about the integrity of world history as a subject.

Education or Indoctrination:  Inquiring Minds Want to Know.  Two thoughts come to mind as I reflect on this story.  The first deals with the notion of the "double standard"; the second, with "duplicity."  Our current climate of political correctness in this country has produced a dizzying double standard as it relates to Christianity and its competing world views -- including Islam.

Ohio's Jihadist Public University Professor.  A history professor at a public Ohio university is an outspoken supporter of Palestinian terrorism who regularly works on his renowned Jihad web site while drawing a state paycheck.  The Kent State University teacher, Julio Pino, is a Muslim convert who says his Jihadist news service provides battle dispatches, training manuals and Jihad videos to brothers worldwide.

Who's Behind the Censorship of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week?  The three co-equal branches of the Unholy Alliance — Islamic radicals, far-Left activists, and academics — have returned to their usual level of discourse — intimidation, slander, ad hominem attacks — in an attempt to ban Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week from college campuses before it ever occurs.

In England:
Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims.  Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government backed study has revealed.  It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.  There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades — where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem — because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.

Also in England:
Muslim pupils learn to cut off hands of thieves.  Up to 5,000 pupils attending weekend schools across Britain are being exposed to textbooks claiming that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, and that some offences could be punished with stoning.  One book for six year-olds warns that those who do not believe in Islam will be condemned to "hellfire" in death.

Scholastic joins education industry's campaign for Islam.  The Junior Scholastic "news magazine" that is written for elementary students and used in thousands of public schools across the United States has published an article promoting "madrassa" school life for American children who are Muslims, much to the outrage of some parents.  "Remember way back in grade school and getting Junior Scholastic magazine in school?  Well here is an example of what JS has devolved into.  Force-feeding the barbaric propaganda of Islamic madrassas down the throats of my 7th and 4th graders.  Disgusting," a father wrote WND about the issue, published in November.

Teacher resigns after placing "destroy America" in students' word search.  Students said former Smithfield-Selma High Spanish teacher Khalid Chahhou gave them an extra-credit "word search" Thursday [11/16/2006] that required them to translate vocabulary words and find them in a grid of letters.  They started seeing other words such as "destroy" and "terrorist" and eventually put together a few sentences that decry violence against Palestinians and appear to condemn the United States for its involvement in the conflict.

At universities, little learned from 9/11.  The feminists at Harvard seek to remove every vestige of patriarchy in America, but they have said almost nothing about the complete dismissal of women's rights by radical Islam.  To do so would be to attack Islamic culture, and according to multiculturalism, every culture is equal and none is evil.

Oregon Students Wear Islam Dress For Class.  Officials at a public school in Oregon are defending a seventh-grade social studies unit on Islam that included students dressing in traditional Islamic dress.  Kendlee Garner of Nyssa told the Ontario Argus Observer that she objected to the amount of time dedicated to the unit on Islam — four weeks — as well as the wearing of religious garb and the lack of parental notification.  She said her son told her about the activity, and when she objected, he got an alternate assignment in the library.

Ex-teacher gets 15 years for aiding terror group.  A federal judge yesterday [8/25/2006] sentenced a former third-grade teacher at a Muslim school in Maryland to 15 years in prison for providing support to a terrorist organization known as the "Virginia jihad network," which used paintball games to train for a holy war.

The Visiting Jihadist:  Throughout America, universities are turning a blind eye while their campuses are being invaded by those propagating a violent form of hatred known simply as radical Islam.  This month, one such campus will follow this insidious trend.  On March 17th through the 18th, the University of Central Florida (UCF) will be hosting an imam who has ties to terrorists and has publicly pledged his support for those who commit suicide in the name of Allah.

Christian Parents Sue After Students "Become Muslims":  A public school in Byron, California is being sued after forcing Christian students to pretend they were Muslims for three weeks.  As part of an Islam simulation" project, students prayed in the name of Allah, chose a Muslim name, and played a "jihad" dice game, according to the group that filed the lawsuit.

Islam studies spark hate mail, lawsuits:  (Parents say "Biased" state-adopted textbook distorts world history in favor of Muslims.)  Word of public-school students pretending to be Muslims, wearing robes, simulating jihads and memorizing verses from the Koran in a seventh-grade California classroom touched off a firestorm of debate, but WorldNetDaily has learned these classroom exercises are neither isolated to one school district nor are they anything new.

A New "History" Book in the Spirit of Multiculturalism:  Could it be that an important textbook is proselytizing American 12-year-olds to convert to Islam?

Muslim groups rally behind undisputed cheerleader of Islamic terrorism.  When former college professor — and alleged terrorist — Sami al-Arian was unexpectedly acquitted Tuesday [12/13/2005] on eight counts and received a hung jury on the other nine, many leading Muslims could barely contain their glee.

How wonderful.  This is just what we need.
Over 10,000 Saudi Students are Bound for the US.  More than 10,000 Saudi students will travel to the US to attend university as part of a government-sponsored program following the adoption of new measures by the Ministry of Higher Education aimed at facilitating travel procedures for Saudis.  In total, 21,000 Saudis are expected to take part in the program in the next four years.

UNC "Islamic Indoctrination" Case Heating Up:  A Christian attorney says students who sued a university over a mandatory Muslim indoctrination course should not have to reveal their identities.  A group of students is suing the University of North Carolina for attempting to force them to participate in a pro-Islamic reading program, claiming the program amounts to government sponsorship of religion.  They sued anonymously out of fear of retaliation from radical Muslim extremists.

Judge Rules Pro-Islamic Reading at UNC Constitutional:  Participation No Longer Required of Incoming Students; Attorneys Filing Appeal.

The Cutting Edge in American Education:  "Become a Muslim warrior":  Militant Islamic lobbying groups want Islam taught as the true religion, not as an academic subject.  They take advantage of this indulgence, exerting pressure on school systems and on textbook writers.

9th Circuit Says Islam in Public Schools is Okay.  In what can only be seen as a double-standard, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that teaching Islam in a public school does not amount to indoctrination, even though the court's rulings indicate recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance apparently does.

Islam studies spark hate mail, lawsuits:  (Parents say "Biased" state-adopted textbook distorts world history in favor of Muslims.)  Word of public-school students pretending to be Muslims, wearing robes, simulating jihads and memorizing verses from the Koran in a seventh-grade California classroom touched off a firestorm of debate, but WorldNetDaily has learned these classroom exercises are neither isolated to one school district nor are they anything new.

A Patriotic Professor is Falsely Accused:  If higher education is an enlightened search for truth, these misguided Muslim students have chosen a dead end paved with lies.

Pants on Fire!:  An independent report has found Orange Coast College professor Ken Hearlson innocent. So why are the Muslim students who lied to get him in trouble still in school?

San Diego State Student Charged with Harassment for Patriotism:  Student's crime was objecting to Muslim students' joy at September 11th attacks.

Muslim mythology thrives on PC college campuses.  Youth lends itself to stridency and naïveté, making campuses fertile fields for hatemongers and paranoia peddlers, providing an ideal home to delusional Muslim mythology.  And political correctness has served as ignorance's accomplice.

"Spiritual warfare" grips Univ. of Wisconsin:  2nd-year resident dismissed after questioning Islamist lecturers.

Jihad for Kids:  It contains no foul language or sexual innuendo.  In fact, it aims to instill reverence for God and obedience to His commands.  Nevertheless, one educational CD-ROM marketed to children aged five and up is one of the most disquieting products ever aimed at pre-teens.  The Islamic Fun! CD-ROM teaches Muslim children about a smorgasbord of Islamic topics.

The Cutting Edge in American Education:  "Become a Muslim warrior":  Militant Islamic lobbying groups want Islam taught as the true religion, not as an academic subject.  They take advantage of this indulgence, exerting pressure on school systems and on textbook writers.

The Answers are Simple, the Decisions are Hard:  A recent news item told how a California public school had adopted an Islam curriculum in a well meaning effort, I suppose, to create peace among diverse religious elements in our nation.  They teach these days that diversity is the new religion, and it is often put forth with an inflexible boldness that belies its so-called "tolerance" and disparages all other singular faiths such as Christianity or Judaism.

Pro-Islam indoctrination at Yale University

Giving Yale the finger:  Since the New York Times and Wall Street Journal broke the news about the admission of Taliban official Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi to a special student program at Yale, we've received numerous emails from outraged Yale Alumni.  One email stood out from the rest — "I won't give Yale one red cent this year, but maybe I will give them a red fingernail instead!"  She was referring to the Taliban's policy of pulling the fingernails off of Afghani women who dared to wear fingernail polish.  Some of these women even had their thumbs sliced off as punishment.

[Oh yes.  There's a religion of peace for you.  Maybe they're just misunderstood.]

You've Got Mail (It's From Yale).  A university official calls Taliban critics "retarded" while the university maintains a stony silence.

Educating the Taliban at Yale.  Imagine if you were in college and found out that the guy next to you in class had worked as a propagandist for one of the most oppressive regimes of modern times.  For some Yale students, this is not a theoretical question.

Yale alumni relations' response:  "Are you retarded?".  We'd be lying if we said we were surprised at the public outrage to Yale's admission of former deputy foreign secretary of the Taliban, Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi.  It was an outrageous and indefensible decision, and America knows it.

It's the visas, stupid!  The ACLU is suing the U.S. Government to force it to grant Tariq Ramadan a travel visa so that he can take up his teaching position at Notre Dame while awaiting the trial on his 2004 visa denial. ... Both the Yale situation and the Notre Dame case ... illustrate the critical importance of a visa process with teeth.

Sayed and de Man at Yale:  Three weeks after the New York Times revealed that former Taliban official Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi is attending classes at Yale, many at the university still have little to say about the controversy.  Meredith Startz, president of the Yale Political Union, told me "there's more discussion of military recruiting among people at Yale than about the Taliban student."  That's partly because Ms. Startz's own organization is discouraging discussion of the subject.

Yale's Taliban:  defending the indefensible, part I.  Yale is in a dilemma.  It made a huge, indefensible blunder when it admitted the senior advisor to Mullah Omar as a special student, and now it's taking hits from students, from alumni, and from the media.  How can Yale spin its way out of this one?

Yale's Taliban:  Defending the indefensible, part II.  Uncanny, isn't it?  There's a reason the Taliban sent this fellow abroad to lie for them.  He's good.  He's smooth.  He plays limousine liberals like fine violins.  Even now the Yale administration and most of its faculty and students — especially those on usually vocal left — are refusing to speak out against the evil he represented.  Their ignorance is willful.  Their gullibility is inexcusable.  Their silence is damning.

God and Juan at Yale?  After clearing a significant procedural hurdle earlier this month, University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, who is better known as a left-wing Israel-bashing blogger, could soon be offered a full tenured position at Yale.

Other relevant web sites:

Campus Watch,  a project of the Middle East Forum, reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America with an aim to improving them.  The project mainly addresses five problems:  analytical failures, the mixing of politics with scholarship, intolerance of alternative views, apologetics, and the abuse of power over students.

Jihad Watch.  Because the West is facing a concerted effort by radical Muslims, most of whom are ignored by the Western media, to destroy the West and bring it forcibly into the Islamic world.  That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad.  Jihad Watch is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology plays in the modern world, and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts.  We hope to alert people of good will to the true nature of the present global conflict that radical Islam is waging against the rest of us.

Islam:  The Religion of Peace -- and Terror.

Kafir Nation:  Exposing the so-called "peaceful" religion for what it really is.

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