News and Opinion about Bill and Hillary Clinton

Of course Hillary isn't a name that's new or unfamiliar to anyone, since she has already served two terms as co-president.  But now her goal is to the the President of the United States, officially and without taking a back seat to anyone.  With that in mind, it's time to learn more about her.

Nobody expects that if Hillary Clinton is elected as President, Bill Clinton will sit in the car and wait for her to get finished with it.  They will serve again as co-presidents.  The people who denigrated the Bush father-and-son team in the White House as a "dynasty" are keeping silent about the Clinton husband-and-wife team.

The Clintons come as a two-for-one package deal.  When one is president, the other is co-president.  Hillary's campaign should be seen for what it is:  an attempted end-run around the Constitution to allow Bill Clinton to serve an illegal third term.

It's hard to imagine a hard-core leftist like Hillary ("It Takes a Village") Clinton becoming the President of the U.S., but with the help of the news media — the news media that only reluctantly reports about the Clintons' many scandals — it is within the range of possibility.

For a while, it appeared that Hillary's biggest obstacle was going to be the Norman Hsu scandal.  But that issue has quickly disappeared from the headlines.  More recently, the Clintons reluctantly released their tax returns, which paint a picture of just another ultra-rich limousine liberal who pretends to be the champion of the little guy.

Also please note that I don't intend this to be an ad hominem attack on Mrs. Clinton, necessarily — I would like to say that it is her platform that I oppose.  At the same time, it is appropriate to call attention to her inability to give a straight, honest answer to even the simplest question.  That's called chicanery.  Very simply, it means that she can't be trusted.

You may think that Hillary has become irrelevant to those of us outside of New York, but she will probably make another run for the presidency in 2012.

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Here are the subsections:
    Suppression of old Clinton scandals.
    The Clinton Library, also known as Little Rock's Fort Knox.
    The William J. Clinton Foundation.
    Hillary's college thesis.
Hillary "It Takes a Village" Clinton is a left-wing Socialist... or worse.
    HillaryCare:  Socialized medicine with a very thin candy coating.
    The Baby Bond:  Hillary attempts to buy votes with other people's money.
    Hillary's leftists friends include the labor unions, homosexuals, AARP, NAACP, La Raza, and Hollywood.
Hillary is in the middle of one or more fundraising scandals which are being kept quiet by the mainstream press.
    Norman Hsu is one of the central figures.
Hillary appears to be a ruthless control freak.
    Hillary's scripted campaign events use pre-arranged shills and audience plants.
Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign
    The launch was a little bumpy
    So she launched it again
    Hillary's use of astroturf
    Hillary Clinton's cloud of corruption
    Hillary announces her socialist economic agenda, July 13, 2015
    The rest of Hillary's platform, and this year's Democratic Party platform
    Hillary's greatly exaggerated intellect
    Old age and poor health
    The extreme wealth and greed exhibited by the "champion of the middle class"
    Disingenuousness, evasiveness and dishonesty
    Hillary Clinton manipulates the media
    Hillary is interviewed (one time only) by CNN
    Media bias in Hillary's favor
    Intra-party politics
    Huma Abedin
    Current scandals
    Imperious behavior and immunity from criticism
    Hillary's secret email servers
          Explanatory press conference #1, March 10, 2015
          Explanatory press conference #2, August 18, 2015
Bill and Hillary work as a team:  when you vote for one, you get the other.
Media bias in Hillary's favor prior to 2016.
    CNN's obvious bias in favor of Mrs. Clinton.
Evidence of poor judgment and other disqualifications from earlier campaigns.
    The "Sniper fire in Bosnia" story.
    More examples of dishonesty and prevarication.
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Years and years of baggage:

BOOM: 12 Versions of Hillary Clinton's Whitewater Indictments Emerge.  New details continue to emerge from Judicial Watch's Freedom of Information Act fight with the National Archives over the release of draft indictments of Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater case.  According to the Archives, release of the indictments — drafted by an independent counsel examining the Clintons' relationship to a corrupt Arkansas S&L and an alleged cover-up — would violate grand jury secrecy and Mrs.  Clinton's personal privacy.  FOIA request denied.  Judicial Watch declined to take "no" for an answer, and so off to court we went.  The case is now in the hands of a federal judge.  In the course of litigation, new facts have come to light.

Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of supporting husband Bill's affairs and destroying the lives of his mistresses.  Donald Trump has accused Hillary Clinton of supporting her husband Bill's infidelity and destroying the lives of his mistresses.  His searing personal jibes at a rally in Oregon came after Hillary branded the GOP frontrunner misogynistic.  'She's been the total enabler,' Trump yelled on Friday night [5/6/2016].  'She would go after these women and destroy their lives.  She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.'

Hillary's Unexpected Problem:  Bill's Political Baggage.  Bill Clinton is a major headache for his wife ... on the campaign trail.  Not because he can be wooly-headed or off message on occasion, or because he reminds us of the endless Clinton vulgarities — the money-grubbing, the sexual misbehavior, the lies, and the stealing of mementoes from the White House.  But because he and his politics are outdated.  Battling against progressive Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has had to repudiate most of husband Bill's signature legislation — on trade, welfare reform and criminal justice, even as she had once championed these accomplishments.  Her detachment from Bill's legacy is perhaps more "conscious uncoupling" than divorce.  Still, it is not what she (or he) expected starting out on this journey.

Hillary Clinton revises history when it doesn't suit her needs.  She and her team focus on suppression of the many old Clinton scandals, major and minor.  For example, she tried not to let anybody read her pro-communist college thesis.  Her whole campaign relies on a steady supply of hypocrisy, dishonesty, chicanery, secrecy, paranoia, flip-flops, and non-committal disingenuousness we haven't seen since... Bill Clinton's presidency!

What is Hillary Hiding?  Hillary has spent her time in the Senate, and her presidential campaign, striving to revamp her image and soften highly negative public perceptions.  Instead of the cold and calculating politician she casts herself as the friendly but tough candidate; instead, of the schemer looking out for number one, she is the leader looking out for the little guy.

Getting Mrs. Clinton:  I think we've reached a signal point in the campaign.  This is the point where, with Hillary Clinton, either you get it or you don't.  There's no dodging now.  You either understand the problem with her candidacy, or you don't.  You either understand who she is, or not.  And if you don't, after 16 years of watching Clintonian dramas, you probably never will.

What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?  The answer by now seems obvious:  It will look like her presidential campaign, which in turn looks increasingly like the first Clinton presidency.  Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners politics, some very good policy ideas, a presidential spouse given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of aides and surrogates pushed under the bus when things don't go right.  Which is to say, often.

'Annie Oakley' changes her tune.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who has cast herself in the past few days as a champion of gun owners, had a very different message when she spoke eight years ago to the Newspaper Association of America.  "CLINTON TAKES AIM AT GUNS," said the all-caps headline on the group's Web site after she told members in May 2000, during her Senate campaign, that "there isn't a more important task" than passing gun-safety laws.

Hillary Fibs in Iowa About Ethanol — She Voted Against It.  During her first visit as a presidential candidate to early-caucus state Iowa, Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke out strongly in favor of boosting the production of ethanol in the United States.  But that's a complete turnaround from her earlier actions regarding the alternative fuel, which is made from corn — and could provide a big boost to the economy of agricultural Iowa. … As a Senator from New York, Clinton has voted at least 17 times against measures promoting ethanol production, the RNC noted.

Ethanol is one of those supposedly good ideas that may not be good after all.

Hillary's First Broken Campaign Promise:  Just two weeks after inviting the American public to "chat" about her bottomless powerlust, Hillary Clinton has already broken her first campaign promise.  At the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting last Friday [2/2/2007], Hillary Clinton made her newest, most left-wing statement on Iraq.  Goaded on by — and trying to drown out — protestors from Code Pink and Iraq Veterans Against the War, Hillary pledged:  "If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will."  And thus she continued the grand tradition of Clintons lying to the public.

Chicanery and triangulation

The amorphous world of Hillary Clinton:  What she personally believes seems to depend largely on the audience. … That's both the beauty and the problem of Hillary Clinton.  She's whatever she needs to be to advance the only agenda to which she is unwaveringly loyal:  the power of Hillary Clinton.

The night Hillary's funny bone went missing.  You learn a lot about people not just by what they say, but by what they don't say.  Or by what they don't do, where they don't show up.  With a Clinton, no move is accidental.  And she is, of course, considered the most likely Democratic candidate for president in 2008.  Could she win?

Many faces of Hillary – none a winner.  There's something oddly satisfying in the possibility that Clinton being herself is politically disastrous.  And, if she's really just playing one more role according to some classically Clintonian political triangulation, there's something equally satisfying to the prospect that even her fans aren't falling for it anymore.

Obama Joins Right-Wing Attack Machine.  [Scroll down] The hit against Hillary as a triangulator wouldn't have as much punch if her husband hadn't lived off poll-driven, situational politics for eight years.  In a general election, a key point of thematic contention will be whether a Hillary presidency will represent change or — as Republicans will argue — an unwelcome return to the 1990s.

The Clintons' 'politics of personal destruction'.  It may seem unfair to single out [Sen. Hillary] Clinton in this matter when the bunker in which she took shelter was crowded with her fellow quivering candidates.  But Clinton is the front-runner, quite possibly the next president of the United States, and so it is reasonable to focus on her and wonder if, as some allege, she indeed does have a spine.  In this instance, it was nowhere to be found.

Hillary Clinton's memory loss:  Hillary Clinton once again asserted during the latest presidential debate that "the American people know where I've stood for 35 years."  Yet, she repeatedly refuses to tell us where she stands on Social Security reform.  And when she does, Mrs. Clinton misrepresents the condition of Social Security when she and her husband left the White House.

Those 27 Words.  What Hillary Clinton was trying to say, it seems, was anything to avoid suggesting that she had made a mistake in voting for the 2002 joint resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq.  Admitting error regarding Iraq has become the litmus test for Democratic candidates.

Anti-war rowdies torment Hillary.  Stopping just a fraction of an inch short of saying it outright, [Hillary Clinton] calculatedly implies that she was duped by the Bush administration into supporting the removal of the Saddam regime by military force.  But if the Bush administration duped her into over-rating Saddam as a threat, then she is left to answer this question:  Who duped her spouse — President Bill Clinton — and his top aides into likewise over-rating the Saddam threat?

At Wal-Mart, Clinton didn't upset any carts.  At a Democratic presidential debate last month, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton described Wal-Mart, the world's largest retail company, as a "mixed blessing."  She spoke from experience.  From 1986 to 1992, Clinton was a member of its board of directors, carefully navigating through a spate of internal policy concerns that now weigh on Wal-Mart's corporate image.

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions.  In six years as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, between 1986 and 1992, Hillary Clinton remained silent as the world's largest retailer waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store workers.

As a Director, Clinton Moved Wal-Mart Board, but Only to a Point.  Mrs. Clinton's six-year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart, the nation's largest company, remains a little known chapter in her closely scrutinized career.  And it is little known for a reason.  Mrs. Clinton rarely, if ever, discusses it, leaving her board membership out of her speeches and off her campaign Web site.

Clintons Mum on Tsunami Donation.  Multimillionaire political couple Bill and Hillary Clinton pledged on Friday [12/31/2004] to make a generous personal donation to relief efforts in the wake of the Christmas tsunami disaster.  But the ex-prez and his senator wife won't say exactly how generous they intend to be.

Liberals slam Hillary over dodge tactics.  In pointed political broadsides from some of the major liberal-leaning publications — including the New York Times and The Washington Post — the New York senator has been the target of surprisingly sharp criticism about her refusal to answer policy questions, investigative reporting about her husband's business dealings and unsavory fundraisers, and even assertions that her candidacy was solely beholden to her husband's political influence.

Slick Hillary:  Without her husband's gift for triangulation and obfuscation, Hillary Clinton has forgotten that if you're going to take both sides of an issue, don't do it in the same room before the same audience.

Clinton Not Ready to Release Tax Returns.  Resisting calls from Barack Obama to release her income tax returns, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday she would only do so if she secures the Democratic presidential nomination and contended her rival had been less than candid about his relationship with major campaign contributors.

What are the Clintons Hiding?  [Scroll down]  When will Hillary Clinton finally release her tax returns?  This isn't such a stretch:  Bill and Hillary's finances are co-mingled, and the senator recently loaned her sinking campaign $5 million.  Indeed, the loan was made at about the same time that Bill Clinton ended a business relationship with another longtime benefactor that allowed him to reap a $20 million bonanza.  On top of the $50 million he's earned for himself and the hundreds of millions he's picked up for his global charities — not to mention his presidential library.  Yet he refuses to identify most of the sources of all this cash.  What's the big mystery?

Clinton Won't Release Taxes Soon.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she won't release her tax returns until she has the Democratic presidential nomination in hand, and not before tax filing time comes in mid-April.  Clinton argued for openness Tuesday night [2/26/2008] during her latest debate with Democratic rival Barack Obama.

Why Clinton Stands to Lose Millions:  Thanks to a little-known provision in 2002's McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform bill, a campaign must repay the loan to a candidate before Election Day.  In this case, that's the nominating convention.  After the election has passed, a bankrupt campaign is limited to gathering just $250,000 from contributors, which means that modest sum is all it can give back to a candidate.  In short, Clinton stands to lose $11,150,000.

Poor Hillary.  The Clintons raked in more than $100 million in personal income since leaving the White House in 2001.  The idea that they would have any trouble paying back their campaign debts or compensating themselves (regardless of what the campaign laws say) for their own money spent on the campaign is laughable.

The $20 Million Blues:  [Scroll down] Clinton, however, might stay in the race in part because of financial reasons.  A little more than $11 million has come from her own pocket, and if she can't raise that by the summer convention, she'll be out the money for good. … If Clinton quits before the convention, she'll have to talk donors into giving her money to retire the debt.

The Editor says...
Maybe she can wring some more money out of the Chinese dishwashers. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Hillary's Debt-ly Sins.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is $20 million in debt — and vendors, consultants and aides in her home state are among those getting stiffed, new campaign-finance records show.  The debt includes the $11 million that Clinton herself lent the campaign.

Fact Check:  Clinton and jobs promised.  She's reminded of it all the time around here, so Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn't have been surprised when her failed 2000 campaign promise to bring 200,000 jobs to economically desperate upstate New York became part of the latest presidential debate.  In her first term in the Senate, the region saw a net loss of 26,500 jobs, according to an analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics by the Business Council of New York State.

Crocodile tears and disingenuousness

Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?  When I walked into the office Monday, people were clustering around a computer to watch what they thought they would never see:  Hillary Clinton with the unmistakable look of tears in her eyes.  A woman gazing at the screen was grimacing, saying it was bad.  Three guys watched it over and over, drawn to the "humanized" Hillary.  One reporter who covers security issues cringed.  "We are at war," he said.  "Is this how she'll talk to Kim Jong-il?"

The Crying GameNever underestimate the Clintonian team.  Hillary Clinton is in the midst of a complete focus-group/poll-driven/handler make-over.  And to the degree she sticks to it (a big if), she will do fine.  As we heard tonight, Hillary has now "found her voice"; she suddenly speaks more slowly, there are more bite-the-lip-like pauses, and she has been reminded not to go into frenetic panic mode or hit that screech-owl high note as much.

Tear-Jerking America's Chain.  Girls stick together when boys gang up.  But let's get something straight:  Clinton wasn't emotional because she cares deeply about the country.  She was near tears because she cares deeply about becoming the first woman president.  Thwarted ambition is the politician's waterboard.

The Latest Version of Hillary Clinton:  [Scroll down] She gushed about her "full heart," and how she had "found my own voice."  Sixty years old, with all that massive experience in the work of transforming the nation, and she's just now finding her voice?  More likely, she's just found a new way to disguise her essential self.  This is not her first conspicuous change of convenience.  When she and Bill were married, she declined to take his last name, only to suddenly adopt it for political reasons after he was voted out of the governor's office in 1980.

Never Underestimate the Power of Tears.  Conventional wisdom says that a woman should never cry in the workplace … Professional women are told that they should get tough enough to never break down in the office under any circumstance.  This week, though, the whole nation saw presidential candidate Hillary Clinton get all teary-eyed as she talked about why she is running for president and how much she fears that America might go backward.

Hillary's Crocodile Tears in Connecticut.  I have just seen Hillary Clinton and her former Yale law professor both in tears at a campaign rally here in my home state of Connecticut.  Her tearful professor said how proud he was that his former student was likely to become our next President.  Hillary responded in tears.  My own reaction was of regret that, when I terminated her employment on the Nixon impeachment staff, I had not reported her unethical practices to the appropriate bar associations.

Ambition unmasked in U.S. presidential race.  The feminist who decided to stand by her serially philandering political meal ticket, was mocked by some for crying her way to victory in New Hampshire this week, raising more questions about just how far politicians are willing to go in the quest for personal glory.  And with every such act, ambition takes another hit, a nasty character trait deployed not with a careful understanding of how it relates to ones values and ideals, but, venally, simply to get ahead.

For Cryin' Out Loud.  There she goes again.  It was another two-hanky day on the campaign trail yesterday [2/4/2008], as Hillary Rodham Clinton teared up at an event targeting female voters on the eve of the Super Tuesday elections.

Little Miss Sunshine.  Notice her gold power suits.  The wide stance.  Notice how Hillary's voice has gone up several irritating decibels as she shrieks, "I hear you," to supporters. Sen. Clinton strategically projects the image of front-runner, despite being in a statistical dead heat with rival Barack Obama. … Just like old times, the Clintons are up to their necks in smoke and mirrors and secrecy.  Despite assurances of government transparency, Sen. Clinton wants the public to know what she wants it to know when she wants it to know.

Hillary's Voice:  I have come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton with either not get the nomination or, if she does, will not get elected.  The reason is her voice.  I don't think there is a man of voting age in America who will want to listen to her every day for four years in office. … Then there are the tears.  What American man wants a President who is prone to burst into tears when she's had a hard day or hears something that touches her deeply?


Hillary Rodham Gore:  The upside is that Mrs. Clinton is raising money from the very industries she is bashing, making her sincerity open to question.  The Center for Responsive Politics reports that Mrs. Clinton has raised $269,436 from the pharmaceutical industry, more than any other candidate, including Republicans, and $220,550 from the oil and gas industry, more than double what her closest Democratic rivals raised from the industry.

Democrats and Heretics:  while Mrs. Clinton criticizes Wal-Mart for its lack of a union and refuses money from its political action committee, Mr. Podesta's firm last year received $260,000 representing the retailer in Washington — making his firm Wal-Mart's most highly paid lobbyist. … Mrs. Clinton's campaign is a who's who of K Street lobbyists, from campaign chief Maggie Williams to communications director Howard Wolfson to a long list of volunteer advisers.  Chances are one, two or several dozen have represented, or continue to represent, positions to which Mrs. Clinton is opposed.

Saint Hillary.  Hillary Clinton is on a personal jihad against what she calls the Republican-led "culture of corruption and cronyism" in Washington.  Corruption?  Cronyism?  She's one to talk.  It's hard to think of a more unqualified candidate for Girl Scout of Washington.  But Hillary, queen of the Arkansas mafia, has appointed herself to that role in this, the next stage of her pre-2008 media makeover.

The Hubbell Standard:  Hillary Clinton knows all about sacking U.S. Attorneys.  Congressional Democrats are in full cry over the news this week that the Administration's decision to fire eight U.S. Attorneys originated from — gasp — the White House.  Senator Hillary Clinton joined the fun yesterday, blaming President Bush for "the politicization of our prosecutorial system."  Oh, my.  As it happens, Mrs. Clinton is just the Senator to walk point on this issue of dismissing U.S. attorneys because she has direct personal experience.  In any Congressional probe of the matter, we'd suggest she call herself as the first witness — and bring along Webster Hubbell as her chief counsel.

The Editor would remind you ...
Attorney General Janet Reno demanded the resignation of all United States Attorneys on March 24, l993.*

Re-written and revised history

Hillary's re-invented history:  Either Mrs. Clinton is, or used to be, dumb as a post, or she made up the story.  As it happens, Mrs. Clinton doesn't always tell the letter-to-NASA story the same way.  As she was inducted in the National Women's Hall of Fame this weekend, Mrs. Clinton said the young Hillary Rodham was 14 and inspired by Alan Shepherd's 1961 trip into space when she wrote to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  But in this transcript of a May 2005 commencement speech by Sen. Hillary Clinton, archived on her own Web site, the young Hillary is 12 when the incident occurs:  "I wrote off to this new agency called NASA, and asked how a 12-year old girl could become an astronaut."


Team Clinton Does Its Best Work In Secret.  Let's face it:  The Clintons will say anything in their quests for the presidency.  Just as Bill Clinton railed against Republican corruption in 1992, promising his would be "the most ethical administration in history," Hillary Clinton now is presenting herself as the antidote of the Republican "culture of corruption" and the antithesis of the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy.  What makes this argument all the more laughable is that secrecy has always been their modus operandi, and their key method of their scandal damage control.

Clinton schedule a mystery.  After a rally in Philadelphia Tuesday night, the traveling reporters covering Hillary Rodham Clinton tried in vain to get an answer to what seemed like a simple request:  What was the candidate's schedule for the next day?  Only one evening event was on the books.  But word had trickled through the press corps that she might also speak at a breakfast meeting of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Or might not.  Or, again, might.

Clinton's Schedules as First Lady to be Released.  The National Archives announced on Tuesday [3/18/2008] that 11,046 pages of Senator Hillary Rodham's White House schedules will be released on Wednesday.  The records were the subject of a legal fight between Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, and the National Archives, which has been slow to comply with a request to release the records, arguing that the vetting process takes time.

Taboo topics

Hillary's Doomed Taboo:  Does Hillary realize that this taboo-enforcement strategy plays into the worst aspect of her public image — the dogmatic PC enforcer whose loyal aides seem, at least in public, to live in zombie-like fear that too much candor could incur her wrath?  I don't think it's too much to draw a line from Hillary's attempt to suppress the speech of her fellow candidates to a general, instinctive distaste for the tumult and self-expression inherent in democracy itself.

Clintons brace for 'wandering Bill' claims.  Hillary Clinton's aides have launched a characteristically withering attack against two long-expected biographies of the Democratic presidential front-runner.  They have dismissed one as "totally discredited" because of a single disputed anecdote, and claim that both simply rehash old ground.

Hillary carefully avoids the use of the Clinton name.

The Mononym Platform:  There's something missing in Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's recently unveiled presidential campaign, something so conspicuous in its absence that it's certain to set off debate — not on Pennsylvania Avenue, but on Madison Avenue.  What's missing is her surname.  Someone has apparently decided that Mrs. Clinton will be the first major single-name candidate since 1952, when Ike's P.R. gurus realized that "Eisenhower" was tough to fit on a bumper sticker.

It's just Hillary, if you please.  As she seeks to become the country's first female president, Clinton wants to be known to supporters simply as 'Hillary' — no married name or maiden name necessary.  Any reference to Clinton, or Rodham, is absent from the New York's senator's official campaign biography except in direct reference to her husband, Bill, or her father, Hugh.


Hill is Right Back to Her Old Ways.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday [3/13/2007] revived a much-ridiculed phrase she first used during the Monica Lewinsky scandal — saying there is a "vast-right-wing conspiracy" to attack Democrats and steal elections.

Is Hillary Cracking Up?  Journalists and Democratic politicians seemed to sense that once again Clintonistas had gone too far.  Of course, the Clintons always do.  They predictably overreact and it gets them into trouble — avoidable trouble.

Clinton:  Right-Wing Conspiracy Is Back.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday [3/13/2007] described past Republican political malfeasance in New Hampshire as evidence of a "vast, right-wing conspiracy."  Clinton's barbed comments revived a term she coined for the partisan plotting during her husband's presidential tenure and echoed remarks she made last weekend in New Hampshire, which holds the nation's first primary.

Suppression of old Clinton scandals
Keywords:  Whitewater scandal, Castle Grande, Madison Guaranty, Webster Hubbell, Arkancide, Rose law firm billing records, cattle futures, carpetbagger, Saul Alinsky, Hassan Nemazee, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, Norman Hsu, Kase Lawal, William Danielczyk, stained blue dress, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, filegate, travelgate, false testimony before a federal judge, concealment of subpoenaed documents, It Takes a Village, Clintonesque.

On January 20, 2001, his last day in office, President Clinton pardoned or commuted the sentence of almost every individual whose conviction had been secured by an independent counsel during his Presidency.*  Hillary Clinton is hoping you don't know this, or you'll forget.

Let me refresh your memory...
Chronology of the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal.

The truth (and lies) behind why Hillary is unfit to be president.  With the mainstream media focused on Donald Trump's political antics, they have mostly ignored the question of whether Hillary Clinton is ethically fit to be president.  Not only is Clinton a documented liar, but she could make history as the first major party candidate to face a federal criminal prosecution.  Even without a prosecution, the damage that has been done to her public image may be beyond repair.  Whitewater.  Travelgate.  Chinagate.  Monica Lewinsky.  Gennifer Flowers.  The Clinton Foundation.  Benghazi.  These are just a few of the scandals that have made the Clinton name synonymous with deceit and duplicity.  But it is her use of a private email server and email account that have permanently branded Hillary Clinton as a liar.

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer.  The emails have become a classic Clinton scandal.  Her use of a private email account became known during the course of the Benghazi investigation.  Thus far, the investigations have found no wrongdoing on her part with respect to the 2012 attacks themselves, but Clinton's private-email use and concerns about whether she sent classified information have become huge stories unto themselves.  This is a pattern with the Clinton family, which has been in the public spotlight since Bill Clinton's first run for office, in 1974:  Something that appears potentially scandalous on its face turns out to be innocuous, but an investigation into it reveals different questionable behavior.  The canonical case is Whitewater, a failed real-estate investment Bill and Hillary Clinton made in 1978.  While no inquiry ever produced evidence of wrongdoing, investigations ultimately led to President Clinton's impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Having A Pair.  [Scroll down]  Haunting her every strident promise of a new freebie began with HillaryCare (remember?).  Then, there are the lingering odors from Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, the Lincoln Bedroom sales, and the Rich pardon during her First Lady years (sorry if I missed one of your favorites).  For her years as US Senator from New York, it's hard to find anything she did to improve or uplift the lives of anyone except the Clintons.  As Secretary of State, had she negotiated a Putin stand down from his imperial ambitions, had she dislodged Kaddafi from Libya and levered an anti-jihadist regime in its place, had she somehow neutralized the North Korean bully, or had she sponsored a peace settlement between the Palestinian National Authority and Israel, there'd be something to talk about.  None of those historic achievements occurred.

Rap Sheet:  The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Despite a laundry list of extremely disturbing allegations involving everything from rape to groping to harassment to character assassination, the DC Media has not only protected white Democrat Bill Clinton, in a number of cases, the media has joined the campaign to destroy these women. [...] Nevertheless, Bill Clinton is the man the DC Media wants as America's very first First Gentleman, and other than Donald Trump, no one in the Republican Party has the stomach to make this the issue it deserves to be.

Exclusive: Kathleen Willey:  Have You Been Raped, Sexually Assaulted By Bill Clinton?  Kathleen Willey, one of the women who famously accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, used a radio interview on Sunday to call on other female victims of Bill Clinton to contact her and consider going public.  Stated Willey:  "As we get closer to the election, I would like to ask once again if there are any women out there who have been assaulted, sexually harassed, raped by Bill Clinton to please, please find the courage to write to me and tell me about it."

EXCLUSIVE — Lucianne Goldberg: 'I Believed Every One Of These Women'.  Lucianne Goldberg, one of the pivotal figures in the Monica Lewinsky affair that rocked Bill Clinton's second term in office, predicts this presidential election season will be a "highly sexed" campaign due to the reemergence of Clinton's sex accusers.  Goldberg, a literary agent at the time of the Lewinsky affair, was in touch with Clinton's publicly known accusers and alleged mistresses.  Regarding those accusers, Goldberg asserted, "I believed every one of these women. ... They were telling you the truth."

Hillary's Electoral 'Luck'.  Consider Hillary's "shrewd" investments as a virtual novice in the futures market.  When Hillary entered the cattle futures market as the wife of the man who was set to become governor of Arkansas, she had virtually no experience or background in this very competitive and complex business.  She was "lucky," wildly, beyond any reasonable probability analysis.  How lucky?  She turned an initial investment of $1,000 into a whopping $100,000 in less than one year.  The only reasonable explanation is that she had illegal help from folks who gave her "advice" and who were also major political contributors to the Clintons. Of course, wildly improbable luck is not evidence of crime, and so when evidence of this profoundly suspicious series of transactions came to public light during Bill's first term as president, nothing happened.  The whole history of the Clintons is one of incredible "luck," which stinks of something other than just good fortune.

13 Incompetent Failures in the Obama Administration.  [Hillary] Clinton's scandals go far back before the Obama administration.  She learned how to hide the truth from the public from Richard Nixon.  She and her husband profited from his political position, over and over again.  First, there was the Whitewater scandal (now being rewritten by the media).  More recently, the Clintons made bank from a uranium deal with Russia, which made a Russian company one of the world's largest uranium producers.  Then there's the Clinton speeches to wealthy corporations, the transcripts of which Hillary refuses to release to the public.

ABC, CBS Say Bill Clinton Rape Claims Are 'Old and Discredited'.  On Wednesday's [5/18/2016] edition of Hannity, Donald Trump dropped the big one on the Hillary Clinton campaign, openly accusing former President Bill Clinton of Rape.  Trump's new line of attack has been telegraphed for months.  And the liberal media reacted in the most predictable way, by claiming it has no basis in fact.  "The rape accusation is decades-old and discredited," ABC's Tom Llamas stated, misleading the audience during Thursday's World News Tonight.  As a refresher of one of the incidents, Juanita Broaddrick accuses Bill Clinton of assaulting her in her hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas.  During an attempt to kiss her Broaddrick claims Clinton bit down hard on her top lip, causing it swell.  According to Broaddrick he forced her down to the bed and assaulted her.  And just before he left, Broaddrick says he told her, "You better put some ice on that," referring to her swollen lip.  Llamas' reporting didn't stop there.  He praised the way Hillary Clinton has been responding to Trump's attacks.

Juanita Broaddrick rejects MSNBC claim that Clinton rape story was 'discredited'.  A woman who claims Bill Clinton raped her is furious that MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell referred to the charge as "discredited."  "I look forward to [Andrea's] explanation exactly how I was discredited.  Should be interesting," former Arkansas nursing home administrator Juanita Broaddrick said Thursday [5/19/2016] on Twitter.  "[Andrea] Mitchell is Clinton lapdog, angry I exposed her bias to Clinton's."  Broaddrick maintains Clinton raped her in a hotel room in 1978.  Her story didn't surface until the final weeks of the 1992 presidential election, where the country's leading newsrooms, including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, ignored it.

Hillary and Her Posse Comitatus.  Donald Trump's counterattack upon Hillary Clinton's exploitation of the sex card has been a long time coming.  But apparently there is today an audience for it.  It is made up of millennial women who knew nothing about Hillary's employment of private investigators to surveil Bill's quarry and otherwise intimidate women who had been the target of his libidinous impulses.  Apparently today women are not as tolerant as they were in years past.

The Hillary Clinton/David Brock File.  Many readers have forgotten David's work and many more were not even born when the Clintons began their journey to the top of Democratic politics.  So as a public service The American Spectator has reached back into its ample archives to bring our readers' David's findings from the 1990s, and occasionally we shall even publish personal memoranda that David wrote to startled interns on our staff and were long ago forgotten by him.  This material will appear regularly here and may be used by the Clintons' present political opponents free of charge.  We expect that the FBI already has this material, but if our early work is helpful to them in their investigations we are glad to oblige.

6 Little Known Horrible Facts About Hillary Clinton.  [#2] Hillary Clinton Filmed Having Imaginary Conversations[.] As crazy and over the top that this story is, it definitely belongs on the list of 6 little known horrible facts about Hillary Clinton.  One of the lesser-known scandals that rocked the White House was call Wackygate, and for good reason.  The bizarre story unfolds with Hillary as First Lady, and having private conversations with her hero Eleanor Roosevelt.  On the surface this doesn't appear to really be that crazy at all, unless you know that Eleanor Roosevelt passed away about thirty years before the Clinton's [sic] moved into the White House.  Even though Roosevelt had passed away, Hillary still wanted to communicate with the former First Lady, and would conduct regular sessions to speak with her at length.

Clintons fiercely suppressing movie putting them in bad light.  Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations may be threatened by a possible indictment over her email server, the loss of American lives in Benghazi and other scandals.  But the Clintons still wield enough power to suppress a movie that reflects poorly on her husband's administration 10 years after the only time it was allowed to be seen.  "The Path to 9/11" was written by Cyrus Nowrasteh, who confirmed to WND this week that the Clintons ordered the five-hour documdrama to be quashed after it drew a stunning 28 million viewers when it was aired by ABC amid controversy. [...] "The Path to 9/11" dramatizes the events leading to the 9/11 terror attacks, beginning with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  It derived many of its scenes from the 9/11 Commission Report.  However, it was "never seen again," Nowrasteh said.

The Trashing of Bill's Accusers: What Did Hillary Do — and Why Did She Do It?  Hillary Clinton has never been asked whether she verbally intimidated alleged rape survivor Juanita Broaddrick.  Nor has Clinton been asked whether she spearheaded the so-called "nuts and sluts" strategy to silence and intimidate women who alleged affairs with or sexual abuse by Bill Clinton.  The books "Hell to Pay" by Barbara Olson and "No One Left to Lie To" by Christopher Hitchens depict Hillary Clinton as the puppet master behind the hiring of lawyers and private detectives to dig up dirt on her husband's accusers.  Bolstering the credibility of Hitchens' book is a foreword written by respected historian Douglas Brinkley, a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC and other networks.  Is this true?

Paula Jones: The Truth About Bill's Women Would 'Destroy' Hillary's Political Career.  The "truth" about Bill Clinton's affairs and alleged affairs would "destroy" Hillary Clinton's political career, declares Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who sued President Clinton for sexual harassment.  Jones made the statements in an interview with Breitbart senior investigative reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein.  The interview aired on Tuesday [3/8/2016] exclusively on Breitbart News Daily, the radio program hosted by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.

Hillary Clinton is an old-hand when it comes to stealing documents.  On a couple of occasions during this election season, I've written in detail about Hillary Clinton and the Whitewater/Castle Grande scandal.  Although the events in question took place 25 years (or so) ago, they are relevant today because at the heart of that scandal, insofar as Hillary is concerned, was the theft and/or wrongful destruction of documents.  Such conduct is also a central issue in Hillary's current email scandal, although this matter also raises concerns that she compromised national security.  Now, the invaluable Judicial Watch has obtained and published an April 1998 memo by the Office of Independent Counsel, called "HRC Order of Proof."  It includes the names of 121 witnesses and a discussion of the evidence to be used at trial against the Whitewater/Castle Grande conspirators.  The memo thus constitutes a road map to the Independent Counsel's criminal case.

Document Theft and Destruction Nothing New for Hillary Clinton.  In the 1990s, the documents Clinton stole and/or caused to be destroyed established her role as the attorney for participants in a fraudulent scheme called Castle Grande.  Clinton, working with Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster, stole hard copies of the billing records of the Rose law firm where they were partners.  They erased the electronic version of these records.  One set of these documents was later found in the White House, just outside Hillary's private office, by an employee.  Another set was found in Foster's attic by his widow, some years after he committed suicide.  Clinton's time sheets (handwritten, as was the practice back in the day) were never found.

Why Whitewater Matters: Newly Released Documents Show A Pattern Of Clinton Deception.  Aficionados of complex financial crime will want a look at a new, never-before-seen document obtained by Judicial Watch.  Last month, Judicial Watch released 246 pages of previously undisclosed Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) internal memos on criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater investigation.  On February 9, this reporter provided more details on the case, based on a newly obtained confidential document.  The document included a description of the case against Mrs. Clinton "in the legal terms of an indictment."

Forget Hillary — Does America really need Bill Clinton back in the White House?  [Scroll down]  Thanks to a worshipful mainstream media and the willful blindness of his fans, the same guy who lied under oath about harassing vulnerable women morphed into a lovable rogue. [...] Except the times have changed.  What 20 years ago could be dismissed as a tacky yet endearing quirk — Oh, that's just Bill being Bill! — is now unforgiveable.  The kids today do not see the commander-in-chief's cavorting with an awestruck intern as merely a personal foible, but as an epic breach of political correctness.  Bill Clinton today is, to young people who never saw his name on a ballot, less a sexy scoundrel than a sexist villain.  The utter wipeout among young people Hillary suffered in New Hampshire to Sanders — who no one will ever confuse with a player — is the result.

A hell of a place.  According to nursing home proprietor Juanita Broaddrick, in 1978, Bill Clinton had raped her in a hotel room in Little Rock in the course of a state conference; and according to her, on May 8, 1991, Paula Jones, a state employee, had been escorted to the hotel room in Little Rock of Gov. Clinton, who then dropped his pants and told her to "kiss it."  (In 1998, Kathleen Willey, a volunteer, would say she had been groped and assaulted by President Clinton in the White House itself.)  Broaddrick says she believes Hillary knew what had happened, and we know that in Arkansas Hillary and Bill's aide Betsey Wright was in charge of the suppression of "bimbo eruptions," i.e., the harassment of Bill's flames and/or victims who might have thought about bringing complaints.

Hillary's financial history is a clear trap for Democrats.  In the late 1990s, I spent a lot of time looking into Bill and Hill's antics and I was convinced by sources working with the Whitewater investigation that the two were the Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow of Arkansas politics — minus the guns, of course.  There wasn't a financial scam they would not run in their home state or a coverup that was beneath them.  They gravitated toward shady real estate deals, although too-good-to-be-true commodities transactions were also a specialty.  Before I continue, let me offer up a bit of full disclosure:  I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992.

Madeline Albright Hurts Clinton's Campaign — but Not for the Reason You Think.  Enlisting the 78-year-old [Madeleine Albright] to chase millennials may seem far-fetched, but it's a gift to voters and to the GOP.  Just as Hillary's claims of advocacy for women encouraged criticism of her husband's sexual misadventures, trotting out Bill Clinton's former Secretary of State allows us to revisit how her husband's presidency all but ignored the brewing Islamic jihad against the U.S.  Hillary Clinton offers her husband's time in office as a halcyon time of peace and prosperity.  The truth is that Bill Clinton, like President Obama, made a cataclysmic choice early on that has cost this country untold amounts of blood and treasure.  That choice was to ignore the numerous attacks on Americans by Islamic radicals, a decision which served to embolden the jihadists behind 9/11.  Like President Obama, Bill Clinton, distracted by endless scandals, led from behind.

The Editor says...
Examples of Islamic attacks ignored (or minimized or covered up) by Bill Clinton include the shooting down on TWA 800, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Woman who accused Bill Clinton of assault to campaign against Hillary presidential run.  One of the women who has accused former U.S. President Bill Clinton of sexual assault says she has agreed to work for an anti-Clinton political group being formed by a former advisor to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer who says Bill Clinton groped her in an Oval Office hallway in 1993 when she came to him tearfully seeking a paid job, said she had agreed to become a paid national spokeswoman for a group being created by Roger Stone.

Hillary Clinton's Abuse of Classified Info Goes Back Decades.  [Scroll down]  The only problem with this story is that Hillary Clinton also made up all sorts of lies to bolster her credentials, including the infamous airport "under fire" lie and the claim that she brought peace to Northern Ireland.  But in this case it's entirely plausible that she had access to information that she wasn't supposed to have in a White House where information was routinely being abused anyway.  And that would mean that Hillary Clinton has a history of abusing classified information going back decades.

Feds fight disclosure of Hillary Clinton Whitewater indictment drafts.  The National Archives is fighting a lawsuit trying to force disclosure of several draft indictments of Hillary Clinton prepared by a Whitewater prosecutor in the 1990s.  In a brief filed late Tuesday, Justice Department lawyers and the Archives argue that disclosure of the draft indictments would lead to an unwarranted invasion of Clinton's privacy and violate a court rule protecting grand jury secrecy.  "Despite the role that Mrs. Clinton occupied as the First Lady during President Clinton's administration, Mrs. Clinton maintains a strong privacy interest in not having information about her from the files of the Independent Counsel disclosed," wrote Martha Wagner Murphy, chief of the Archives "special access" branch that stores records of former independent counsels.  "As an uncharged person, Hillary Rodham Clinton retains a significant interest in her personal privacy despite any status as a public figure."

Keywords: laundered bribe, impossible luck, obvious lie, crooked Arkansas lawyers.
Why a 37-Year Old Clinton Financial Scandal Is Still Relevant.  Under the guidance of an attorney representing Tyson Foods, Hillary Clinton made a $98,540 profit from a $1,000 initial investment in less than one year trading commodity futures.  While $98,540 may not seem like much money relative to the Clinton family's wealth today, it exceeded Bill and Hillary's combined annual income at the time.  When this story was revealed in the spring of 1994, Hillary Clinton's press secretary suggested that the enormous profit was the result of the First Lady's own research — but the Tyson-linked attorney, James Blair, admitted that he advised Clinton when to buy and sell the futures.  Further, there was no evidence that Clinton had previously traded in commodity futures or knew much about the market.

Hillary escaped Whitewater indictment, compared to 'Mafia kingpin'.  Prosecutors looking into the Clinton-era Whitewater scandal considered indicting then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, tied closely to four charged in the affair, but decided in 1998 not to after an internal debate rated a possible conviction at just 10 percent.  Judicial Watch released documents provided by the National dArchives [sic] that showed the "statements of the case" against Clinton and Webster Hubbell, her former Rose Law Firm partner and former Associate Attorney General in the Clinton Justice Department.

Judicial Watch Releases Independent Counsel Memo Laying Out Criminal Case against Hillary Clinton in Whitewater Land Scandal.  Judicial Watch today [1/28/2016] released 246 pages of previously undisclosed Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) internal memos revealing extensive details about the investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton for possible criminal charges involving her activities in the Whitewater/Castle Grande fraudulent land transaction scandal.  The memos are "statements of the case" against Hillary Clinton and Webster Lee "Webb" Hubbell, Hillary Clinton's former law partner and former Associate Attorney General in the Clinton Justice Department.  Ultimately, the memos show that prosecutors declined to prosecute Clinton because of the difficulty of persuading a jury to convict a public figure as widely known as Clinton.

Clinton pardon records offer fuel for Hillary's foes.  Just as Hillary Clinton braces for yet another release of her much-discussed State Department emails, the Clinton Library this week released the largest set of records ever — more than 43,000 pages — detailing her husband's use of his executive clemency powers while he was president.  The long-secret records include new information on some of the late-term pardons and commutations that created controversy, including a pair of pardons that foilowed intervention of one of Hillary Clinton's brothers.

Bill Clinton's 'Roots in Politics' Were Formed Buying Votes in Arkansas.  Bill Clinton said that his "roots in politics" were formed trying to buy votes in Arkansas during his first run for Congress, according to the audio diary kept by his friend and biographer Taylor Branch.  Clinton discussed buying votes with Branch in July 1997 after he returned from the funeral of Hilary Jones, a politically-connected Arkansas man Clinton met during his unsuccessful campaign to unseat Republican John Hammerschmidt in 1974.

"The deal with the Clinton Devil is Over".  For nearly a quarter of a century, the Clintons have been politically bulletproof.  No charge, regardless of how salacious, illegal and true, seemed to stick.  When they detected incoming fire, they activated their tried-and-true protocol:  deny, stonewall, deflect and claim that the nation's business was too important — they were too important — to respond:  "I need to get back to work for the American people."  Exit left.  Get protection from the leftist mainstream media.  They were untouchable, having created a cult of personality rivaled (and surpassed) only by President Obama.  Until now.

How Hillary Clinton lost her feminist base (and her credibility).  It's a classic feminist argument:  Anyone who doesn't support a female Democrat must hate women.  That something else is at play may be just too hard to face.  But face it we must, for this year feminists have a real problem on their hands:  how to square their love of Hillary with the double standard she espouses regarding victims of sexual assault.

Juanita Broaddrick Still Haunts Hillary.  In the catalogue of accusations against Bill Clinton — a litany that includes names such as Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey — Broaddrick's stands out.  It remains not only the most credible accusation against Clinton and the most serious.  It is also the one about which the Clintons have said the least.  The entire record of the Clintons' response to Broaddrick's allegations amounts to one line, from President Clinton's lawyer David Kendall in 1999:  "Any allegation that the president assaulted Juanita Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false."

Hillary's past meets the present.  [Scroll down]  Of course, by now a long line of victims has come forward to tell their stories about adventures with romantic Bill, and in so doing many have told of their fate at the hands of Hillary and her operatives.  For instance, Juanita Broaddrick says she was raped by Bill, Kathleen Willey says she was fondled by him within days of her husband's suicide, to say nothing of Monica Lewinsky.

Exclusive: Juanita Broaddrick Says Bill Clinton Called Her Repeatedly After Alleged Rape.  During a radio interview Sunday, Juanita Broaddrick revealed a shocking new detail about her history with Bill Clinton.  She says that within a few weeks after Clinton allegedly raped her, he started to call her repeatedly with the aim of meeting again.  "I was shocked to say the least that he would have the audacity to call me after what he did to me," Broaddrick said, speaking on "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio," the popular Sunday night radio program.

Linda Tripp reveals Bill Clinton had affairs with 'thousands of women' — including a Second White House staffer.  Linda Tripp, the one-time confidante of Lewinsky who secretly taped her phone conversations and turned them over to a federal prosecutor, said the former president had affairs with 'thousands' of women — and that the former first lady knew about them.  Tripp also said she went public about the Lewinsky-Clinton affair to save her life, as she was worried at the time that she was in danger.

The Editor says...
Hmmm...  Why do you suppose she feared for her life?

Exclusive — Linda Tripp: 'Bill Had Affairs with Thousands of Women'.  In a rare interview, Linda Tripp, a pivotal figure in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, revealed on Sunday it was common knowledge while she worked in the West Wing that Bill Clinton had affairs with "thousands of women."  Speaking on "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio," Tripp for the first time divulged that she personally knew another White House staffer aside from Lewinsky who was also having an affair with Clinton.  That unnamed staffer was mentioned by Tripp in various depositions but she has not spoken about it publicly.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Scolds Bernie Sanders For Commenting About Bill Clinton's Bad Behavior.  At a campaign event last week, an audience member asked [Bernie] Sanders about Bill Clinton's numerous sex scandals, which include an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  Clinton has also been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  Arkansas nursing home administrator Juanita Broaddrick accused Clinton of raping her in 1978, when he was attorney general.  "I was asked a question," Sanders repeated to [Andrea] Mitchell, but the reporter jumped in with what resembled a defense of the Clintons.  "You didn't have to answer it that way though.  Why did you?" she asked.

CNN's Begala, Bash Downplay Clinton Sex Scandals; 'Nobody Wants to Talk About' That.  After NBC's Democratic co-moderator Andrea Mitchell wanted to know from Bernie Sanders in Sunday's debate about whether or not he regretted bringing up Bill Clinton's sex scandals, the post-debate analysis on CNN saw panelists Dana Bash and Paul Begala (a former Clinton aide) less than pleased with the issue and did their best to downplay its significance in the 2016 race.

When Hillary wielded the hatchet for Bill.  Mark Paoletta, a distinguished lawyer who served in the Bush 41 White House Counsel's Office, shows how [David] Brock's honest reporting from 20 years ago confirms Donald Trump's criticism of Bill Clinton's numerous extramarital affairs and Hillary's role in keeping the women involved out of the spotlight.  As Mark shows, "Trump's charges eerily mirror those made by one of the Clintons' biggest defenders in politics today."  Brock describes how, during Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign, Hillary was heavily involved in covering up Bill's affairs and mistreatment of women.

Hillary the Benghazi Bimbo.  Hillary Clinton and her allies furiously and famously defended her husband's sexual predations by targeting the women Bill victimized with media campaigns designed to portray Bill's victims as lying, conniving bimbos. [...] Had these women come forth with their charges against a Republican presidential candidate, he would have been immediate toast in the mainstream media.  But Bill and Hillary were Democrats, so the media went along with the bimbo portrayals even though Bill ultimately paid Paula Jones $850,000 to settle her lawsuit, in the process perjuring himself and losing his law license.  And of course there was then the spectacle of Monica Lewinsky.

NBC Scrapped Story About Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Because She Didn't Have 'Anything New' To Say.  NBC News journalists — including veteran reporter Andrea Mitchell — conducted interviews last week with Juanita Broaddrick, the Arkansas woman who says Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, but decided not to go forward with a story, claiming that there was not "anything new" to report. [...] Broaddrick, a 73-year-old retired nursing home administrator, spoke out on Twitter last Wednesday after 17 years of silence about the alleged rape.

'Enabler' Hillary Clinton haunted by efforts to 'destroy' husband's accusers.  Running to be the first woman president, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has taken a stern stand on combating sexual harassment and assault — and has insisted that every accuser who comes forward has "the right to be believed."  But Mrs. Clinton took a very different approach herself 25 years ago as the wife of then-Gov. Bill Clinton, leading the effort to discredit women who came forward with their own stories of harassment or assault by her husband.

Bloomberg's Halperin: Bill Clinton Allegations Not Only 'Not Disproven, They Were Confirmed and Acknowledged'.  Monday [1/11/2016] on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Bloomberg Politics Mark Halperin, a co-host of the show "With All Due Respect" said that allegations of sexual misconduct aimed at former President Bill Clinton were never "disproven," but instead were "confirmed."  Halperin pointed to a statement from his wife Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, arguing accusers have a right to be heard until their accusations are disproven.  And that according to Halperin means those behind accusations aimed at Bill Clinton should be heard.

Stick a Fork in Hillary: She's Done.  The Clintons have managed to escape a long list of high crimes and misdemeanors on their road to becoming billionaires as "public servants".  Selling military missile technology to Red China in exchange for campaign donations.  Trading rights to nuclear weapons material to Russia for massive contributions to their personal and "Foundation" bank accounts.  Turning $1,000 into over $100,000 in less than a year "trading cattle futures".  Mr. Clinton having allegedly abused, raped or fondled more than a dozen women while his wife dealt with all of the various "bimbo eruptions" through intimidation and other means.  But when clear evidence of a felony emerges — with written evidence provided by Hillary Clinton herself — while an FBI investigation is ongoing, the piper must be paid.

Faux Feminists at NY Times Suddenly Think Bringing Up Sex Harassment 'Way Out of Line'.  Fascinating: The New York Times, an outlet that has respectfully pondered the idea of a flourishing "rape culture" in the United States, and which irresponsibly furthered false accusations against three Duke University lacrosse players accused of rape by a stripper in 2006, suddenly doesn't think sexual harassment is worth talking about.  Or at least not when the accused is Democratic "big dog" Bill Clinton, and the topic might risk his wife becoming president in 2016:  "Mr. Trump is way out of line bringing up Mr. Clinton's philandering."  After Donald Trump re-injected Clinton's sordid sexual past into the news stream, the paper responded on Friday [1/8/2016] with an oddly written, bottom-of-the-page editorial, "Donald Trump Drags Bill Clinton's Baggage Out."  They do not approve, and accuse Trump of trying to "tar" Hillary Clinton in "sexist fashion" to her husband's dark sexual past — even though Hillary herself tore down the reputations of her husband's accusers in order to save the couples' political skin.

It's a Bad Day for the Clintons When Vox Fairly Explains the Rape Allegation Against Bill.  I must admit, when I clicked this morning on Vox's "explainer" of Juanita Broaddrick's rape allegation against Bill Clinton, I expected a whitewash.  I was wrong.  Not only did Dylan Matthews do an excellent job laying out the story, he reminded me of a number of details I'd forgotten.  Her story is infuriating, painting a picture of casual, callous brutality.  Broaddrick, then a Clinton gubernatorial campaign volunteer, claims that Clinton asked to switch a planned meeting from a hotel lobby to her hotel room.  After a few minutes of small talk, Broaddrick says that Clinton began kissing her.  She resisted Clinton's advances, but he "pulled her back onto the bed and forcibly had sex with her."  During the alleged attack, he bit her lip.  When he saw that it was bruised and swollen, she claims he said, "You better get some ice on that."  Then he "put on his sunglasses and walked out the door."

Bombshell Claim: More Clinton Sexual Assault Victims Are About To Come Forward.  Since returning to the campaign trail as an advocate for Hillary, Bill Clinton has been harried by renewed interest in his past sexual misconduct as well as Hillary's alleged role in intimidating his victims into silence.  Roger Stone, author of the New York Times bestselling "The Clinton's War On Women", claims that he has personal knowledge of previously unknown victims who are preparing to come forward with accusations against the former president.  "I identified 24 women who've been assaulted by Bill Clinton," Stone said on The Sean Hannity Show.  "Now some of these women are still terrified.  Some of them have had IRS audits.  Some of them have had their families threatened.  But others have come forward."

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer.  Amid all the scandals related to the Clinton family, Bill Clinton's sex scandals were supposed to be a dead letter.  After all, the former president weathered impeachment proceedings in the late 1990s — in fact, Hillary Clinton's popularity soared at the time.  As those events receded, Bill Clinton became one of the most popular politicians in America, a smiling, drawling avatar of the happy, carefree 1990s.

Juanita Broaddrick: Hillary 'Disgusting' for Silencing Bill's 'Rape'.  A defiant Juanita Broaddrick told Breitbart on Wednesday that she is revisiting her rape allegations against Bill Clinton in hopes of educating a generation of young Americans on the former president's sordid history with women.  She also slammed Hillary as "disgusting" for allegedly attempting to silence Broaddrick years ago while the Democratic frontrunner insisted in a recent campaign ad that women have a right to be believed if they accuse men of sexual assault.

More Rape-Survivors Need to Publicly Heckle Hillary Clinton.  Republicans have two choices in 2016: we either fight like the Left, or we again lose the White House.  With the help of their DC Media allies, the Left is brilliant at throwing Republican candidates off-message and into a defensive crouch.  One way they do this is by heckling Republican candidates at public events.  And if nothing controversial happens at these events, the DC Media repeatedly lies and says something controversial did happen.  This is why I loved Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien heckling Hillary, and why our side needs to send rape-survivors like O'Brien to every single Hillary Clinton campaign event, straight through to November of 2016.

Bill Clinton Avoids Reporter's Question About Reemergence Of Juanita Broaddrick.  Former President Bill Clinton on Thursday [1/7/2016] avoided questions from a reporter about the public resurfacing of Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who in 1999 accused Clinton of raping her in the seventies.  Clinton was campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton, in Cedar Rapids.  "What's your reaction to Juanita Broaddrick's reemergence?" Daily Caller reporter Kerry Picket asked the former president several times, as Clinton was ushered out of the event.

Bill Clinton's sordid past won't help Hillary in a general election.  Hillary Clinton might want to brush up on the life of Woodrow Wilson.  The two have a lot in common now that the tectonic plates are shifting under them.  Wilson is the former president of the United States and of Princeton University and now a poster child for historic revision.  His racist policies were popular a century ago, and were dismissed by most historians as footnotes to his otherwise progressive politics.  But a new generation of liberals is rewriting the standards, and after demands from some students and faculty, Princeton might remove Wilson's name from its public policy school.  Clinton, meanwhile, finds herself in a similar pickle over how she defended her husband for years against sexual allegations.  The new climate, especially the heightened focus on campus sexual violence, makes Hillary's past conduct look positively anti-feminist.

The Clintons' Cosby Meltdown.  As I document in my book The Clintons' War on Women[,] Bill has attacked, over-powered, bit, raped or exposed himself while in a state of arousal to Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broaddrick, Carolyn Moffet, Liz Ward Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Paula Jones, Kathy Fergusen, Christy Zercher and Kathleen Willey, among dozens of others.  CNN's Don Lemon shut off the microphone of a guest who dared raise the issue, claiming Bill's actions are "irrelevant to Hillary."  On the contrary, Don.  Hillary is an accessory after the fact in all of Clinton's sex crimes.

Hillary's Paula Jones nightmare begins.  Hillary Clinton has been counting on the GOP's purported "war on women" theme to generate votes.  The tacit assumption has always been that her husband's pattern of sexual exploitation and even violence toward socially less advantaged females could be disregarded by the public, as it was during his impeachment ordeal of the 1990s.  But important changes have happened in the intervening decades, and a nightmare scenario threatens to unfold: [...]

Exclusive — Paula Jones: Hillary Clinton 'Two Faced,' 'Liar,' 'Cares Nothing About Women at All'.  [Scroll down]  Stated Jones:  "It's really a sad, sad day if Hillary becomes president, because she has allowed her husband to get by with this type of stuff.  Why does he have a right to be back in the White House, the people's house?  "Why is he allowed to be back there with the track record that he has and his wife and the lying that she does and how she tried to discredit all of these women that her husband abused and sexually harassed?"

Can Hillary Go Out In Public?  Hillary Clinton has many weaknesses as a presidential candidate.  One of them used to be her primary asset:  her husband Bill.  Indeed, we never would have heard of Hillary if she hadn't married Bill, and her appeal to Democrats consists largely of nostalgia for his relatively successful administration.  But in an era that is exquisitely sensitive to sexual assault, serial sexual assaulter Bill Clinton may be turning into a liability.  The most serious of the several credible charges against Clinton was asserted by Juanita Broaddrick, who says that Clinton raped her.

Donald Trump Is Smart To Remind Voters Of Clinton Drama.  See, younger journalists and other millennials may have very little understanding of this, but the 1990s were politically exhausting in large part because of the many, many, many, many, many allegations of sexual abuse and harassment on the part of Bill Clinton.  He was famously impeached on one count of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice for how he lied about the sexual relationship he had with just one of these women, his young intern (word to the wise:  don't read the footnotes of the Starr Report if you have and want to keep an even slightly favorable view of the former president, yeegads).  He defended his lies about the sex he had with her on the grounds that he didn't know oral sex (Of various kinds!  Again, do not read the footnotes!) was sex, and that he could — and would! — quibble about the meaning of the word "is."  It was like everything you hate about how Hillary Clinton parses her wrongdoing, but with women claiming rape, exploitation, assault, and other wrongdoing.

Hillary Clinton to Heckler Mentioning Juanita Broaddrick: 'You Are Very Rude,' 'I'm Not Ever Gonna Call on You'.  Hillary Clinton dismissed a heckler Sunday [1/3/2016] during a town hall in Derry, New Hampshire, calling the woman "very rude" and promising never to answer her questions — which concerned Juanita Broaddrick and her allegations of sexual assault from Clinton's husband Bill.

Many 2016 Voters Don't Know Team Clinton Trashed The White House In 2001 — Here's the GAO Report.  When considering how the office of the presidency is regarded by the Clintons, a new generation of voters may not know about Team Clinton:  writing vulgar messages on the White House office walls, destroying furniture, slicing chair cushions, ripping phones out of walls, removing the historical door knobs, stealing items, switching around the fax machines, gluing desk drawers closed, carving into desk tops, removing the "w" key from all the computer keyboards, and much worse.

Rap Sheet: The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  While Bill Cosby is finally doing a long overdue perp walk for an alleged sexual assault some 10 years ago, and I say "long overdue" because dozens of woman claim he did the same to them over the decades, the dozen or so women who claim to be victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton are being victimized once again by a DC Media circling the wagons to protect Hillary, a woman they are desperate to see become president.

Hugh Hewitt Points Out Trump Educating A Generation of Millennials About The Clintons.  As much as most of us dislike Salem Media lapdog Hugh Hewitt, he finally makes the point that needs to be underlined about Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton when referencing history.  A 2016 voter who was a teen during Bill Clinton's time in the White House, is now a thirty something voter who might be learning about the history of Clinton scandals for the first time.  There is an entire generation of the electorate who might be completely oblivious to how vengeful Hillary Clinton was against Bill's victims.  In addition, how many people under the age 30 know about Team Clinton destroying the White House when Al Gore lost to George W Bush?

Playing the 'Bill card' against Hillary.  Hillary Clinton stepped in it big time. Trotting out the "war on women" card that she has played so effectively, she charged Donald Trump with sexism.  But Trump, unlike other Republican candidates in the past, wasn't having any of it.  He fired back, on Twitter, "If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong!"  And boom!  The issue switched to President Clinton's record, turning him from a campaign asset to a campaign liability.  As the only president to be impeached over sexual harassment (technically, for lying about sexual harassment), and as a political figure who has faced numerous accusations of rape and sexual abuse, Bill Clinton isn't a good choice for feminist standard-bearer.  Worse yet, bringing up Bill's misbehavior also brings up Hillary's role in covering for his abuses, and in attacking and humiliating his accusers.

Hillary Clinton Is Not A Feminist.  Since Hillary announced that her husband would be joining her on the campaign trail, people have been debating whether or not it's fair for the GOP to attack Bill's sexual misdeeds in order to indirectly attack her.  This makes sense.  After all, we're talking about a guy who has been accused of the sexual assault of more than ten women.  Think about it:  How is her appointing him really any different than if she'd appointed Bill Cosby?

Steyn: Why Is Bill Cosby Finished While Bill Clinton Is Not? — 'Like Racism Thing'.  In filling in for talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday, conservative commentator Mark Steyn drew a comparison between Bill Cosby, who has lost much of his exposure after allegations that he may have raped numerous have come to the forefront, and former President Bill Clinton, who reportedly will be campaigning for his wife, Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton.  Steyn pointed out that one has become persona non grata while the other has been universally embraced as "the most beloved guy in America."

Bonnie and Clod ride again.  Ol' Bubba is the gift that keeps on giving.  Just when he thought it was safe to hit the road again, Hillary reminds a new generation of voters why wise and prudent men lock up their wives and daughters when Bubba's in the neighborhood.  She has dispatched Bubba to campaign for her next week in New Hampshire.  Bubba knows how to do politics — there's nobody better — and Hillary, who's a whiz at squeezing boodle from contributors with payback on their minds, hasn't a clue.  When she occasionally has a good week, she follows the next with a blunder.  Bubba has stepped forward in recent days to take over the retail end of the family business, and was looking forward to doing what he does best.  But he forgot to put a leash and a muzzle on Hillary, who decided it was a good time to take on Donald Trump.  Not a good idea.

A guide to the allegations of Bill Clinton's womanizing.  On Twitter, Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner, lashed out at Hillary Clinton, directly attacking her husband, the former president, for what Trump called "his terrible record of women abuse." [...] Trump is obviously referring to the sexual allegations that have long swirled around Clinton, even before he became president. [...] But for younger voters who may be wondering what the fuss is about, here again is a guide to the various claims made about Clinton's sex life.

A millennial's guide to Bill Clinton's 20+ sex scandals.  [Monica] Lewinsky was not the only one.  Bill's sexual encounters stretched back throughout his entire political career — which predates the first millennial being born and included cases of sexual misconduct, harassment, assault, and even an accusation of rape.  Unlike the Duke Lacrosse Players or Mattress Girl, these stories had validity but didn't get much mainstream attention.

In Their Own Words: Why Bill's 'Bimbos' Fear a Hillary Presidency.  As women's issues become part of the 2016 presidential race, it may be instructive to review recent statements made by some of Bill Clinton's alleged female victims regarding the ambitions of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Trump is Right about Bill Clinton.  [Bill Clinton] had a successful presidency — with an ugly blot.  Sexism isn't the precise word for his predatory behavior toward women or his inexcusable relationship with a 22-year-old intern.  Yet in the larger scheme of things, Bill Clinton's conduct toward women is far worse than any of the multiple offensive things that Trump has said.  Trump has smeared women because of their looks.  Clinton has preyed on them, and in a workplace setting where he was by far the superior.  That is uncomfortable for Clinton supporters but it is unavoidably true.

Trump: Hillary's bullying of Bill's women may become campaign issue.  Hillary Clinton is already playing the sexism card against Donald Trump but he responded quickly by implying that if she persists in that line of attack, he's going to start bringing up her husband's checkered past.  And her treatment of the women.

Don't Let Liberals Tell You What You Can and Can't Say About Hillary.  Here's the question to the Republican candidates:  Are you going to just sit there and let Hillary's minions tell you what you can and can't say?  Are you going to gloss over Hillary's shameful command of the Clinton attack machine's cruel evisceration of the women who suffered the depredations of her lecherous husband? [...] Are you going to shrug your shoulders about her legacy of monetary corruption (cattle futures!), her track record of deadly failures (Libya!), and her sub-par intellect (when I mentioned to another lawyer how she failed the Washington, D.C., bar exam, he started giggling incredulously and asked "How?")?  Are you going to avoid speaking the painfully, utterly obvious truth:  This unaccomplished, malicious, pant-suited punchline is where she is only because she married Bill Clinton?

Woman asks Hillary: If all rape accusers have the right to be believed, should we believe the women who say your husband raped them?  She's not asking this question idly. Hillary, who's gearing up for a sub-moronic identity-politics campaign, actually did say recently that rape accusers have "the right to be believed" even though her own husband has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault.  How does she resolve that dilemma?  I thought she'd never be asked, for the simple reason that no one in the media would dare risk access to a future Clinton administration by putting her on the spot about it.  But sometimes, my friends, the questions don't come from the media.  Sometimes a candidate has to face the voters.  And that's when magical things can happen.

The Secret Sex Abuse Victims of Bill Clinton.  In many respects, the case of Bill Clinton is similar to that of Bill Cosby.  Bill Clinton, like Bill Cosby, has been enabled by the powerful and by a retinue of flunkeys that profit from Clinton's high status. [...] The common theme among many of Bill Cosby's sex victims was that they did not want to challenge a rich, powerful and popular public figure.  People at the level of Cosby and Clinton have an army of lawyers, PR people and nasty private detectives who they use to crush any woman who would dare to tell the truth about them.

Hillary's 'support' of sexual assault victims is pure hypocrisy.  Hillary Clinton's campaign bought itself an avalanche of mockery Sunday night by tweeting out the candidate's claim, "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported."  Answering tweets harked back to the '90s and Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and others who claimed Bill Clinton assaulted them — with Hillary invariably "supporting" her husband, not the "survivor."

Backfire: Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be 'Believed,' Is Reminded Of Her Husband.  On the night CNN aired a controversial and, as many legal critics call it, flawed documentary on sexual assault on college campuses, Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton tweeted solidarity with victims of sexual assault.  The response could not have been what she was hoping for.

Helping Hillary Clinton Figure Out Her 5 Greatest Accomplishments.  Of course, the real problem Hillary has isn't that she doesn't have achievements; it's just that they're not exploits that anyone would want to base a run at the Presidency on.  [For example,] She has been willing to endure America's most humiliating marriage to achieve wealth and power:  It's fun to guess what Hillary Clinton would have done with her life if she hadn't married Bill and ridden his coattails.  City council member in Little Rock, Arkansas?  EPA bureaucrat?  A lawyer for Planned Parenthood?  She's a very small person who latched onto her husband's very big last name.  In return, she had to stay married to a man who cheated on her.  Constantly.  Worse yet, not only did she know it, the whole world knows it.

Lest We Forget: The Clintons' Chinagate Crimes, the Worst Scandal in American History.  The "Chinagate" fundraising scandal plagued the 1996 Bill Clinton-Al Gore campaign and Hillary was very much involved.  Chinagate aka Commercegate is the most serious scandal in U.S. history.  It involves the transfer of America's most sensitive technology, including but not limited to nuclear missile and satellite technology, apparently in exchange for millions of dollars in contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the Democratic National Committee.  The Chinagate scandal of 1996 ended up in an award of $900,000 in attorney's fees and costs to Judicial Watch ten years later.  The scandal was an apparent scheme by the Clinton administration to sell seats on taxpayer-funded trade missions in exchange for campaign contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign.

Lest We Forget — Hillary's $100K Cattle Scam.  [Scroll down]  All Hillary had to do was put $1,000 of her own money into a block of cattle futures at a time when her husband, then the attorney general, had a thirty point lead for the governorship.  How did Hillary make out?  From her initial investment of $1,000, she came away with $99,537.  Among the community of experts, there is general agreement that between 75 percent and 90 percent of commodity players lose.  And no one turns $1,000 into $100,000.  "The average retail customer has about as much chance of that kind of success as I have of driving to Hawaii," one Chicago-based investment advisor noted.

Whitewater Indictment Haunts Hillary All The Way To Benghazi.  Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Obama regime to obtain a copy of a draft indictment against Hillary for her role in the Whitewater scandal, which involved the former lawyer's work on a fraudulent real estate project for a Little Rock savings and loan that cut the Clintons in on a sweetheart deal.

Lawsuit: Obama Administration Withholding Draft of Clinton Whitewater Indictment.  Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to obtain copies of a 20-year-old draft indictment against Hillary Clinton for her role in the Whitewater scandal.  In a press release sent to reporters late on Tuesday [10/20/2015], Judicial Watch announced its intent to file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against NARA for withholding an indictment written by Hickman Ewing, Jr., the deputy independent counsel and prosecutor investigating Whitewater, in 1996.  The agency admitted it had found the records in March 2015 but is withholding the documents, claiming their release would constitute an unwarranted invasion of Clinton's privacy.

Details from 'The Clintons' War On Women' Will Horrify You.  Hillary Clinton recently put out a campaign video in which she declares that all rape victims deserved to be believed.  But what about Paula Jones?  Juanita Broaddrick?  Kathleen Willey?  Eileen Wellstone?  Carolyn Moffet?  Elizabeth Ward Gracen?  Becky Brown?  Helen Dowdy?  Kathy Ferguson?  Christy Zercher?  That's one of the questions at the heart of Roger Stone's new bombshell book, "The Clinton's War On Women."  In it, Stone, a former aide to Richard Nixon and self described "dirty trickster", chronicles the lengths to which Bill and Hillary Clinton have gone to silence the many women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

21 most consequential Clinton scandals, ranked from most important
[#1]   Monica Lewinsky:  Led to only the second president in American history to be impeached.
[#2]   Benghazi:  Four Americans killed, an entire system of weak diplomatic security uncloaked, and the credibility of a president and his secretary of state damaged.
[#3]   Asia fundraising scandal:  More than four dozen convicted in a scandal that made the Lincoln bedroom, White House donor coffees and Buddhist monks infamous.
[#4]   Hillary's private emails:  Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.

Lucianne Goldberg: Bill's 'bimbos' ... 'they're back!  Lucianne Goldberg, one of the pivotal figures in the Monica Lewinsky affair that rocked Bill Clinton's second term in office, is marveling at how the defining scandal of the late 1990s is now being resurrected as a result of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential bid. [...] Goldberg, who worked as a literary agent in the 1990s, was the person who advised former White House staffer Linda Tripp to record hours of personal conversations with Lewinsky in which the young intern detailed her extensive affair with Clinton.  The recordings were central to the Lewinsky scandal, which became public when Matt Drudge reported on his young website,, that Newsweek editors had killed a story on the president's affair.

Bill Clinton Hushed Evidence Of Iran Terror, Tainting Hillary.  Bill Clinton apparently knew as president that Iran was behind the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing but suppressed the evidence.  It's one of an array of failures arguing against another President Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's Empire of Dirt.  [Scroll down]  Bill Clinton's sordid sexual harassments are ancient history better forgotten.  But Ms. Clinton must accept that her advocacy video about sexual assault and harassment unfortunately dredges them back up.  Do her present boilerplate professions of believing the alleged victim amount to a sort of postmodern "I will let you down" confession?  For two decades of Bill Clinton's political ascendance, Ms. Clinton's own attitude toward women who alleged that they were either harassed or sexually assaulted by Governor and then President Bill Clinton was that they were either delusional or gold-digging connivers.  Nothing that Ms. Clinton said or did ever suggested that Juanita Broddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, or Monica Lewinsky — or scores of others — was anything other than a liar or an opportunist.

The Clintons: Security Risks Squared.  The latest round of revelations — significantly headlined by the New York Times — shows that Madam Secretary's private email server housed top-secret emails.  This is directly contrary to what she has been assuring the world all along. [...] Hillary Clinton is now apologizing on an almost daily basis for her indiscretions.  She now says she "didn't think" about what email system to use.  Let's see:  Her Rube Goldberg health care plan crashed and burned in 1994.  Her eight-year tenure (2001-2009) in the U.S. Senate was marked only by her vote in favor of the invasion of Iraq.  She has been apologizing to her fellow liberals for that vote ever since.  Her time at State was notable for her attack on the pro-life policies of Canada's Prime Minister Harper.  She launched that particular assault in 2010 while on an official visit to Ottawa.  It was the worst example of ugly Americanism in two hundred years of U.S.-Canadian relations.  Most famously, she initiated the "reset" of U.S. relations with Russia.

Hillary Clinton Says Sexual Assault Survivors Have the 'Right To Be Believed' — Does That Apply to Her Husband's Alleged Victims?  Hillary had to know this was awkward, but modern conventions of political correctness now require liberal women to stand unequivocally behind alleged victims of sexual assault.  So, here was Hillary on Monday [9/15/2015]:  "To every survivor of sexual assault... You have the right to be heard.  You have the right to be believed.  We're with you."  That's of course news to a number of women who Hillary not only refused to believe, she actively participated in campaigns to discredit them and destroy their reputations.  From the Washington Post, here's a partial list of women who've accused her husband of sexual assault or other illegal sexual conduct: [...]

How Hillary helps powerful men abuse women.  Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton told a cheering Silicon Valley audience, "There is a special spot in hell for women who don't help other women."  If there is such a place in hell, Hillary has reserved parking there.  It's hard to think of any other politician who has done as much to exploit women while doing so little for them.  Except maybe her husband. [...] Kathleen Willey, one of her husband's victims, responded to Hillary's "Message to Survivors of Sexual Assault," ad by saying, "She believed what happened for sure.  She just chose to ignore the plight of all of his victims, thus enabling him to continue to abuse and rape women in the future."  "She's a lying pig.  I cannot believe that she had the gall to make that commercial.  How dare she?  I hope she rots in hell."  Hillary didn't stand with victims then.  Instead she ran a "war room" targeting the women her husband had harassed in a repulsive political cleanup operation.

Kathleen Willey Not a Big Hillary Fan.  The delusional and tone-deaf Granny Clinton was dumb enough to take to Twitter Monday [9/14/2015] in a message to rape victims, while conveniently forgetting (early dementia) her husband is an accused rapist and serial pervert.  She's probably banking on the fact Democrats really don't care about rape; they just want to use it as a club in their phony "war on Women" nonsense.

Hillary's new video is the most tone deaf ad ever.  A lot of pundits are telling Hillary Clinton to fire her bloated campaign staff, but I have to believe that the problem lies between her ears.  This woman has absolutely no realistic perspective on herself. [...] Does the name Kathleen Willey mean anything at all to you, Hillary?

Hillary Clinton says all female sexual-assault accusers 'have the right to be believed'.  Hillary Clinton provoked a fearsome outrage from the political right on Monday with an online video in which she insists Americans should reflexively side with young women on college campuses who accuse male students of sexual assault.  'You have the right to be heard.  You have the right to be believed.  We're with you,' the Democratic front-runner says in the video, which she addresses 'to every survivor of sexual assault.'

Vetting Hillary.  Mrs. Clinton:  Your husband's staff created the neologism "bimbo eruptions" to describe Bill's affairs at the Arkansas State House and the White House.  If "bimbo" is a fair characterization of your husband's lady friends, what would you call a woman who tolerates, enables, or excuses a philanderer?  Do you think elected officials should risk the dignity of high office or the integrity of security officers (State Police and Secret Service) to solicit or exploit naive and vulnerable girls?  Perhaps you are aware that the Secret Service has been used as cover for sexual escapades of former presidents that include Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and now your husband.  Will that practice continue if and when a woman becomes president?  Will your husband have female interns as helpers or assistants in a Hillary Rodham White House?  Do you still think a presidential dalliance is a private matter, therefore protected, behavior?

Déjà Vu: When Bill Clinton Pardoned His Former CIA Director over Classified Documents on His Home Computer.  Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton insists she did nothing wrong by running all of her government communications, including classified material, through her unsecured, home-brewed computer server.  Perhaps she's forgotten one of her husband's final acts in the Oval Office:  issuing a presidential pardon to former CIA director John Deutch.  Deutch's offense?  Keeping classified material on unsecured home computers.  The pardon came just as Deutch was reportedly going to cop a plea with the Justice Department.  Deutch headed the CIA from May 1995 to December 1996.

Use PsyWar Principles to Stop Clinton and Biden.  Hillary Clinton was closely associated with the Million Mom March (2000-2001), which used children as human shields (note the new language of the argument) to defraud its own donors and volunteers.  The Million Mom March lied to the public, and to its own volunteers and donors, about firearm misuse killing 12 or 13 children a day.  This is true only if one counts "children" old enough to vote, sign contracts, and, more to the point, join gangs like the Crips, Bloods, and Latin Kings.  The Million Mom March also misused 501(c)(3) tax-exempt money to influence the 2000 election.  The Brady Campaign is even stupid enough to admit this on a current web page!  "Moms mobilized on the Internet; many called their members of Congress for the first time.  They offered photo ops, and passed out apple pies to some Congressional leaders, while promising to put others in time-out chairs."  The web page even admits openly that "MMM President Mary Leigh Blek, on behalf of the moms, endorsed Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate at a New York MMM meeting in New York."  It is outright illegal for 501(c)(3) organizations to endorse candidates.  It is therefore vital to use "Hillary Clinton" and "scandal" in the same sentence as often as possible in this context, along with phrases like "diversion of tax-exempt money to influence an election."

Where is the Coverage of Juanita Broaddrick?  Juanita Broaddrick's story is a credible one, and one of the many "bimbo eruptions" that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton handled during her husband Bill's presidential campaign As Linda Tripp, confidante of former Clinton intern Monica Lewinsky, told the Daily Mail how Hillary both enabled and covered up Bill's many dalliances:  Tripp said:  'His political success was largely dependent upon Hillary.  He owed her a great deal.  As is widely acknowledged, Hillary took care of all the 'bimbo eruptions' of which there were thousands in order to present to the world an electable candidate.

Hillary Clinton's camp fears a new 'bimbo eruption' will put the kibosh on candidacy.  In recent weeks Hillary's campaign has found itself increasingly mired in the scandals of the past.  Paula Jones, whose sexual harassment case almost cost Bill the presidency 21 years ago, has already come forward to deliver her verdict on Hillary's bid for the highest office. [...] Similarly Linda Tripp, the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky, felt compelled to speak out against Hillary's presidential bid.

Linda Tripp says Democratic contender is a liar who treats the public with contempt.  It was the scandal that saw Bill Clinton impeached and which threatened to bring down his presidency.  For many, it continues to define it to this day.  But according to the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky as the president's mistress, the real story was never about Monica.  It was about 'subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice... a true abuse of power.'  And it was about Hillary.

Linda Tripp breaks silence after nearly 20 years, unloads on Hillary.  Linda Tripp, the tape-recording former pal of Monica Lewinsky who exposed the intern's affair with President Bill Clinton, broke nearly two decades of silence Tuesday [7/28/2015] and unloaded on Hillary Clinton.  The 65-year-old Tripp tore into both Clintons, but saved her harshest rhetoric for the former first lady, calling her a power-hungry monster who would do anything to get elected.

What Bill's Sex Accuser Just Did Has The Potential To Cripple The Clintons For Good.  In April, Kathleen Willey said of Hillary Clinton:  "I haven't seen one single accomplishment that would give her the credentials to be president of the United States."  The scathing critique went further, as Willey called Clinton a "serial liar" who would attract scandals daily as the 2016 campaign drags on. [...] According to a recent BizPac Review article, Willey has compounded her anti-Clinton stance by launching a new website to solicit accusations from other potential sexual assault victims.

Woman who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment launches anti-Hillary website to recruit other 'victims'.  A woman who has claimed she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1993 is going after his wife with a website chronicling 'a scandal a day' — and she's looking for more sex-harassment victims.  Kathleen Willey testified in a lawsuit brought by Paula Jones against the former president that he groped her and kissed her in a small room near the Oval Office.  The Clintons and their lawyers disputed that claim.  But now Willey says Hillary Clinton is 'the most corrupt human being, the most corrupt politician that this nation has ever seen, man or woman.'

Estrangement from the truth [is] a problem for Hillary.  Hillary Clinton lies.  This is a widely acknowledged fact among people who pay attention and aren't on her payroll.  Nearly 20 years ago, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote:  "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our first lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar."  Younger folks probably have little to no memory of the lies Mr. Safire had in mind, though some might have heard about Hillary Clinton's infamously implausible explanation for how she managed to make a 10,000 percent profit in cattle futures simply by reading The Wall Street Journal.  Suffice it to say that she's been honing her craft for decades.  And that's turning into a problem for her, perhaps her biggest problem.

Hillary is still a bad liar despite decades of practice.  Nearly 20 years ago, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote:  "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our first lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar."  Younger folks probably have little to no memory of the lies Safire had in mind, though some might have heard about Clinton's infamously implausible explanation for how she managed to make a 10,000 percent profit in cattle futures simply by reading The Wall Street Journal.  Suffice it to say that she's been honing her craft for decades.  And it's turning into a problem for her.

Former director: Clinton administration bankrupted CIA ahead of 9/11.  The Clinton administration had bankrupted the intelligence community and refused to let the CIA prioritize anti-terrorism over other major priorities in the late 1990s, leaving the agency stretched too thin in the days ahead of the 2001 terrorist attacks, former Director George J. Tenet said in a 2005 document declassified Friday [6/12/2015].  Mr. Tenet, who was head of the agency at the time of the Sept. 11 attacks and has taken severe criticism for not anticipating and heading them off, said in the document that he took the threat of Osama bin Laden very seriously, and put major effort into trying to penetrate al Qaeda, beginning as far back as 1998.

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Chafee: 'Too many ethical questions' surround Hillary.  Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee's (D) presidential candidacy is less than 24 hours old, and he's already doing something no other Democratic challenger has:  directly bashing front-runner Hillary Clinton's ethics.  During a Thursday morning [6/4/2015] interview on CNN's "New Day," Chafee laid out a litany of ethics allegations that have followed Clinton throughout her career.  "It's a long record going back over decades of questionable ethical practices.  People groan when I bring up Whitewater and all these things, the Rose Law Firm records; it seems like it never stops," Chafee said, mentioning issues from Clinton's time as first lady.

Mika [Brzezinski is] Miffed 'Jabby' Jindal Dared Mention Monica Lewinsky.  Mika Brzezinski apparently thinks that when it comes to discussing Bill and Hillary Clinton — those paragons of integrity — certain subjects should be taboo.  On today's [6/3/2015] Morning Joe, Mika took umbrage that about-to-announce Bobby Jindal dared mention that Bill had lied about Monica Lewinsky.  Mika was miffed that Jindal thought it was "blasé" to bring up Monica.

Kathleen Willey: Hillary [is] a 'Money-Hungry Hypocrite'.  Kathleen Willey, the former White House aide who claims President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in 1993 during his first term, now suspects the former president suffers from dementia, and calls Hillary Clinton a "money-hungry" hypocrite who looks "awfully haggard" and is the "worst role model for a wife and a mother and a politician."  Willey, author of the book "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton," made her scathing comments in an interview Sunday night [5/31/2015] on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, broadcast on New York's AM 970 and Philadelphia 990 AM, as well as online.  She is now seriously questioning the mental health of both of the Clintons.

The Hillary Enigma.  Like most Americans, I first took notice of her when Bill began his campaign to become President.  I recall being struck by the fact that in 1969 as a student at Wellesley College, her 92-page senior thesis was devoted to the community organizer, Saul Alinsky's book.  The title of the thesis was "There is Only the Fight...": An Analysis of the Alinski Model."  She would request Wellesley to deny access to it.  Alinksy was a Communist.  His twelve rules for radicals, unlike the Ten Commandments, are devoid of a moral message.  Instead, the message is "this is how you can win."  Hillary would do well to review Rule 7, "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."  She was already old news when she announced her candidacy and it is becoming older with every passing day as she fails to take questions from the media, participating in totally staged events to look like "one of the people."  She and Bill are not one of the people.  They, like the Bushes, are political royalty.  They have both been around a very long time.

The Hillary Enigma.  There isn't a single Senate bill that she introduced or that is credited to her.  She is said to have worked hard and gotten along well with her colleagues, but her Senate years are a blur in her public life.  Then she made a bid to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate in 2008 and along came Barack Hussein Obama with whom the voters fell in love.  When he was elected, he asked her to become his Secretary of State.  With the exception of the Benghazi tragedy on September 11, 2012, a clear failure of judgment and duty, and about which she lied, her years as Secretary of State reflect her years in the Senate; nothing of any significance resulted, no major treaties, no major anything, except for one more scandal.

Reprise of a famous bimbo eruption.  For the Republicans, worthy or not, Hillary and Bubba are the gift that keeps on giving. Whoever is responsible for writing the thank-you notes has a big job ahead.  The dynamic duo keep a network of warehouses just to house and keep track of the gifts.  No wonder Hillary needs her own Internet server.  Recent gifts have established Hillary as fully the equal of Bubba as a fount of scandal and calumny.  Hillary's scandals are about grubbing for cash, and Bubba was more fun as the bane of nymphs, striking with his pants at his ankles, which many voters — but by no means all — thought was tacky and beneath the dignity of the presidency.  Bubba's final years in office were the stuff of an unscripted reality show, and it had very high ratings.  Who could write a better final scene than a presidential impeachment trial?

Paula Jones warns against voting for Hillary.  She was the woman who almost brought down the president, with her allegations of sexual harassment.  But 21 years after Paula Jones accused Bill Clinton of lurid behavior, she is speaking out against Hillary and insisting that his wife is not fit to be President either — because of her husband's history of bad behavior.  In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online Jones delivers her own verdict on Hillary's bid to become president, saying that her husband's attitude towards women disqualifies Bill from re-entering the White House — while what she calls Hillary's 'lies' disqualify her from the Oval Office.  'There is no way that she did not know what was going on, that women were being abused and accosted by her husband,' she says.  'They have both lied.'

The story of Tripp 'Body Count' list.  During Linda Tripp's two-day deposition with attorneys from Judicial Watch on Filegate issues, she mentioned a "list" that was given to her mysteriously.  While she believes the list was left at her workstation in the White House counsel's office by her former friend Monica Lewinsky, the list originated with WorldNetDaily investigative reporter David Bresnahan.  Known around the Internet as "the Body Count," the list is a collection of names of people associated with Clinton administration scandals who have died mysterious and often violent deaths.  Bresnahan broke the story of the list during the summer of 1997 while researching his book, "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception."

More about the Clinton Body Count.

The Clinton Crime Family.  I have more than 20 years of experience with Bill and Hillary Clinton.  I was numbered at the very top of their enemies list in the 1990s among media people.  They didn't mind hurting their enemies — and they used the power of the state to do it.  They are only too willing to let their friends and supporters pay for their crimes, as top fundraiser Peter Paul can attest, after serving more than a decade behind bars for campaign finance violations coordinated by Hillary herself.  They used the Internal Revenue Service to go after their enemies, their critics and even ex-lovers who posed a threat.  They bullied, harassed, intimidated, and, though no one likes to talk about it in polite company, there is indeed an impressive trail of inexplicable death that has followed in their wake.  The famous "Clinton Body Count" even persuaded Monica Lewinsky not to make unnecessary trouble for the "family."

Cattlegate explained in detail.  [Scroll down]  These results are quite remarkable. Two-thirds of her trades showed a profit by the end of the day she made them and 80 percent were ultimately profitable.  Many of her trades took place at or near the best prices of the day.  Only four explanations can account for these remarkable results.  Blair may have been an exceptionally good trader.  Hillary Clinton may have been exceptionally lucky.  Blair may have been front-running other orders.  Or Blair may have arranged to have a broker fraudulently assign trades to benefit [Hillary] Clintons account.  Many people familiar with these markets think that the first two explanations are exceedingly unlikely.  Well-informed traders rarely trade with such remarkable success and consistency.  In other words, the odds of a trader honestly achieving these results are simply too high for hard-nosed traders to believe.  The Journal of Economics and Statistics placed those odds at 250 million to one.

Monica Lewinsky is offered $1Million by Las Vegas sex museum for DNA-stained blue dress.  It is the item of clothing she is most closely associated with.  But now, Monica Lewinsky has reportedly been offered a whopping $1million for her 'DNA-stained' blue dress, which she wore during her liaisons with then-President Bill Clinton in the nineties.  The 41-year-old has been offered the enormous sum of money by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, which had previously tried to pay her a smaller $250,000 for the infamous GAP dress.

Monica Lewinsky offered $1 million by Las Vegas erotic museum for dress worn during tryst with Bill Clinton.  Monica Lewinsky now has one million reasons to part ways with her infamous blue dress.  The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum is upping its offer to $1 million for the dress Lewinsky wore during her illicit rendezvous with then-President Clinton.  The museum had previously proposed to pay Lewinsky $250,000 for the DNA-stained fashion piece.

Hillary's Armor.  Forty years ago, Hillary would have us believe that she wasn't just the wife of a man running for Arkansas governor — she was a lucky or brilliant investor who in less than three weeks doubled her money.  No, tripled!  No, wait — quadrupled ... no, actually, much more!  "Clinton made almost $100,000 in the cattle futures market," reported Tom Brokaw, and "many wondered whether that was a sweetheart deal arranged for the governor's wife."  Of course it was.  In less than three weeks, Hillary turned $1,000 into $16,427.  "I don't understand how that could have possibly occurred," she said.  "My husband and I missed the fact that we had actually made some money."  A hundred thousand dollars — twice what her husband made as governor.  Who remembers trivia like that?

Put "$16,427 Clinton" into Google, and this is what you get:
White House Defends Hillary Clinton's Profitable Commodities Trading.  In the late 1970's, Hillary Rodham Clinton made almost $100,000 in the cattle futures market, causing many to wonder if it might be a sweetheart deal arranged for the wife of the then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.

I Believe Hillary Clinton.  I have always believed her.  I believed her when she said that her own investment savvy allowed her to realize a 10,000 percent profit by turning a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into nearly $100,000 within ten short months with help from an Arkansas crony, James Blair, just as her attorney general husband was about to become governor.  I believed her when she said that Blair did not arrange to have a broker fraudulently assign trades to benefit her account, even though economists calculated the odds of such a return happening as, at best, 1 in 31 trillion.  I believe Mrs. Clinton and her husband did not pressure David Hale, when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, into providing an illegal $300,000 loan to the Clintons' business partner in the infamous Whitewater land deal.  I believed Mrs. Clinton when she reported as missing hundreds of pages of her law firm billing records and other documents in response to a grand jury subpoena seeking to investigate the Whitewater matter.

The Hillary Baggage No One is Talking About.  Lots of people are talking about the scandals of the Clinton Foundation and how Bill and Hillary Clinton enriched themselves by selling their political influence.  But there's another, more personal side of Hillary's candidacy that no one is discussing.

Hillary, the Loser.  [Scroll down]  Exactly as she's doing today, Hillary stumbled into 2008 under the impression that the presidency was hers for the taking.  She had never run for office before, in any meaningful sense (her Senate seat was in a safe New York Democratic district, the 3rd millennial equivalent of a rotten borough, seized from a befuddled Daniel P. Moynihan on his retirement), and it showed.  She had no strategy, no ground plan, not even a real organization apart from the guttersnipes and hustlers that had infested Bill's White House.  When Obama began walking across the water nationwide, she had no response.  Then it was too late for anything but Bill's Orval Faubus imitation.

The Clinton Myth.  Bill Clinton presided over a failed presidency. [...] The single domestic policy goal that Bill and Hillary sought, health care reform, failed.  Every foreign policy and national security problem under Clinton got worse.  The newly freed Russia began as our friend and ended as our enemy.  Clinton ignored the threat of radical Islam.  He let North Korea make major strides toward becoming a nuclear power.  He ignored genocide in the southern half of Sudan.  As Hillary plans to capitalize on the Clinton Myth, America ought to wonder what the heck she is thinking.  Bill Clinton was a failure as president, just as Hillary Clinton was a failure as secretary of state.

Clinton Foundation cash undermines Hillary's 'champion' claim.  [Scroll down]  But here's the part the Clintons, for all their Ivy League smarts, are incredibly still clueless about:  that it's the appearance of impropriety, of conflict of interest, that hurts.  And that's the (electoral) problem.  These are the same people who debased the White House by selling access to the Lincoln Bedroom.  The same people who pardoned Marc Rich, a fugitive from justice, after receiving large donations from his ex-wife, Denise.  The president waited until his last day in office to issue the pardon.  Even close friends like James Carville said it was a disgrace.  But it wasn't illegal, and in Clintonland that's what counts.

Hillary's Resume: What She Hopes You've Forgotten.  HILLARY assumed authority over selecting a female Attorney General.  Her first two recommendations (Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood) were forced to withdraw their names from consideration, and then she chose Janet Reno.  Janet Reno has since been described by Bill himself as "my worst mistake."  HILLARY recommended Lani Guanier for head of the Civil Rights Commission.  When Guanier's radical views became known, her name had to be withdrawn.  HILLARY recommended her former law partners, Web Hubbell, Vince Foster, and William Kennedy for positions in the Justice Department, White House staff, and the Treasury, respectively.  Hubbell was later imprisoned, Foster committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.

The War on Women: Juanita Broaddrick and Bill Clinton.  To set the stage for why the country needs Hillary Clinton to be the next president, Democrats are trying to force-feed Americans a "war on women" pablum, when such a war — as they present it — does not exist.  For the real "war on women," however, Democrats might turn to Hillary Clinton herself and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Why Hillary's Alinsky Letters Matter.  Alana Goodman's revelation at the Washington Free Beacon of previously unknown correspondence between Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky shows that Clinton has not been honest about her far-left past.  The lost Alinsky letters also remind us of what we ought to know but have forgotten: Hillary is not "Clintonian."  While Bill and Hillary have worked, schemed, and governed as a couple for decades, Hillary has always been to the left of Bill.  As president, she would govern more like Obama than like her husband.

Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed.  Previously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky reveals new details about her relationship with the controversial Chicago activist and shed light on her early ideological development.  Clinton met with Alinsky several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing.  Clinton's relationship with Alinsky, and her support for his philosophy, continued for several years after she entered Yale law school in 1969, two letters obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

Aide who accused Bill Clinton of groping her says 'Americans deserve better than the Clintons'.  Kathleen Willey was a Democratic fundraiser volunteering in the White House during Bill Clinton's presidency who claims the former president kissed and groped her inside a private study off of the Oval Office.  Now, with a potential presidential run by Hillary Clinton in the works, Willey has resurfaced to warn the American public about the 'dysfunctional' former first family.

Why Mrs. Clinton's Entire History Matters.  Mrs. Clinton herself, if given the chance to dictate the review of her past, would doubtless say, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"  And why shouldn't she pretend that all she has done, and that every awful, self-serving lie she has told, means nothing?  Look at the heights she and her husband have scaled by pretending to be sincere, competent, or ethical, while those who know otherwise protect them from themselves.

Hillary Clinton's war on women.  The "bimbo eruptions" that Bill and Hillary thought were well behind them are coming back with a vengeance, and it's only 2014. [...] The fact that Bubba's bimbos were leftovers from an earlier century means that the recollection of them won't be old news to the millions of voters who grew up after the Clintons left the White House.  Fourteen years and two presidents later, a lot has been swallowed by the memory hole.  Bubba's bimbos and Hillary's enabling and manipulation of scandal will be new and titillating stuff.

Hillary, Relentless and Shameless.  The phrase "Clinton fatigue" entered the political lexicon during the previous century; by this point, we surely must have entered the age of Chronic Clinton-Fatigue Syndrome.  But the recent making public of the so-called Hillary Papers — the notes kept by her close friend Diane Blair during Mrs. Clinton's tumultuous White House years, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon — shed additional light on the character of the "co-presidents" who just will not go away.

The Clintons' Legacy of Lies.  It is difficult to explain to Americans, particularly young Americans, what was wrong with the Clinton era, and why we ought not want to re-live it.  The 1990s are sealed into our national memory as a time of great prosperity and expectation — killed off, in Democrats' rewriting of history, by the 2000 recount and all that followed.  The truth is that by 2000, Democrats could not run away from Clinton quickly enough.  It's worth revisiting why.

The Disgraceful Republican Cave-in on Loretta Lynch.  Hillary Clinton didn't have such a bad week after all.  Sure, she's reeling from the latest unseemly revelations about the Clinton Foundation family piggy bank.  But they're only marginally worse than earlier unseemly revelations about the Clinton Foundation.  They are roughly on par with the revelations about how Mrs. Clinton obstructed Congress's Benghazi investigations by purging her unlawful private e-mail system, which was worse than her obstruction of the State Department's Benghazi investigation.  Yet it may not have been as bad as the obstruction of justice that was a staple of her husband's administration.  Those obstructions, in turn, were on par with her husband's selling of a pardon to a fugitive fraudster on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List ... which itself was not quite as bad as his awarding pardons to FALN terrorists — to ingratiate Hillary! with the New York Puerto Rican community (or at least the radicals therein) in preparation for her Senate campaign.

Hillary Clinton has a baggage problem.  The single biggest threat to Hillary Clinton's chances of being elected president next November — more so than any one running against her in the Democratic primary or even her future Republican general election opponent — is a sense among the electorate that the bad of putting another Clinton in office outweighs the good.  What Clinton cannot have — if she wants to win — is lots of voters saying some variant of this:  "I like her and I think she'd probably be a good president.  But, I just don't want to go through all of that stuff again."  Which is why today is a not-at-all-good day for Clinton's presidential hopes.

Hillary's Iran Scandal: The Empress Has No Clothes.  Where to begin as the fairy tale image of Hillary Clinton begins to dissolve under the white heat of a presidential campaign?

Hillary Clinton Must Answer For Libya.  The Mediterranean, now known as "a cemetery without graves," will be crossed by some 500,000 refugees this year, up from about 220,000 last year.  At the same time, a second round of beheadings of Christians by Islamic State terrorists on Libya's beaches over the weekend drives the point home:  Terrorists are on the rise, and a strong base of their operations is in Libya, a failed state that was taken over by a vile menagerie of pirates, slavers and smugglers in the rubble of the toppled Gadhafi regime.  Who's responsible here?  None other than Hillary Clinton, who served as President Obama's secretary of state during the overthrow of the longtime dictatorship of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.

Hillary Clinton's NH Co-Chair Insists He Knows Her Positions, Then Admits He Doesn't.  Hillary Clinton has been so non-committal in choosing where she stands on a number of issues, not even her campaign co-chairman in New Hampshire, William Shaheen, knows.  Shaheen said he knew Clinton's ideology, but when Bloomberg's John Heilemann asked him to explain Clinton's positions on two issues, Shaheen went 0 for 2.  Shaheen said he did not know how his boss felt on the Keystone XL Pipeline or the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Don't let Hillary Clinton escape the blame for Libya's anarchy.  American military adventurism relies on a very backward notion of causation.  When evil men in the world kill their own people, somehow America is to blame for not stopping them.  When American action leads directly to disorder, barbarism, and terror, well, that's someone else's fault.  It's our unspoken doctrine of humanitarian anarchy.

Clintons change foreign donation policy, but it depends on your definition of change.  Here we go again.  Because the Mrs. is seeking the presidency, the Clintons' family foundation has changed its policy on accepting millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments.  It seems many worry that foreign governments might just maybe possibly be seeking favorable treatment from another Clinton administration through the back door — if you can imagine such a thing from the people who brought you Whitewater, Travelgate, Monica, Emailgate and more.  And remember the Lincoln Bedroom business, where Clinton guests overnighted and then later, coincidentally, happened to donate to Clinton causes?

Hillary Has A History of Stiffing Waitresses, Hair Stylists.  While the revelation that Hillary Clinton failed to leave a tip during her stop at a Chipotle earlier this week fell flat — few customers tip at the fast-casual Mexican restaurant — a deeper look at the former First Lady's tipping habits shows she does have a history of stiffing people who depend on tips to make ends meet. [...] Clinton's tipping habits were put front-and-center on Wednesday [4/15/2015] when Bloomberg News reported that Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin, did not leave money in a tip jar after ordering at a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio.

Read Hillary Clinton's Letters to Communist Revolutionary Saul Alinsky.  Law student Hillary Rodham apparently had quite a thing for left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky — more than she seems willing to publicly admit.  The Washington Free Beacon has been diligently uncovering pieces of the former first lady and presumed 2016 presidential contender's past, on Sunday [9/21/2014] publishing letters between the young Hillary Clinton and Alinsky, the author of the community organizing handbook "Rules for Radicals."

Rewriting the History of Whitewater.  Were the Clintons convicted of a crime relating to Whitewater?  No.  Were they even indicted for any such crimes?  No.  Was there evidence that they engaged in criminal behavior in that affair?  Decidedly yes, and it is documented not in the Starr report on Whitewater, which was, in fact, never issued, but in the report put out by Robert Ray, who replaced Judge Starr before he had completed his task.

Clinton Housing Policy Wrecked Economy, Not 1%.  It wasn't the richest 1% or Wall Street bankers who crashed the economy and created the financial wreckage from which working Americans "have fought" to dig themselves out of.  No, that path to destruction was set by Bill Clinton and his social housing policies.  The evidence is overwhelming that Clinton was the architect of the financial disaster that wiped out trillions of dollars in household wealth.  Under his National Homeownership Strategy, Clinton took more than 100 executive actions to pry bank lending windows wide open.

Google/Dems deadly duo whitewashing Hillary Clinton's Past.  A whopping 60% of Democrats want Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) as their next president.  They have decreed America has to have its first woman president "because it's time".  This time the Democrats, Marxist liars holding public office, have joined ranks with the world's largest search engine, with intentions to foist upon a largely unsuspecting America, the First GOOGLE Woman President.  No other politician ever got off to a presidential run with a scrubbed clean slate, but that's what Google — self-proclaimed owners of the truth — will do for HRC.

A breakdown of every scandal swirling around Hillary.  [Scroll down]  Without ever breaking any laws, the Clintons have long appeared to be reaping ill-gotten gains.  Right before Bill was elected governor of Arkansas, family friend James Blair, who also worked as a lawyer for Tyson Foods, helped her turn $12,000 worth of stock — Hillary only had $1,000 in her account at the time — into a near-immediate $100,000 profit.  She did not disclose this until her husband's second year in office.  It was during Bill's first run for president, in 1992, that the Whitewater scandal surfaced.  In the 1970s and '80s, the Clintons and their friends Jim and Susan McDougal had invested in the Whitewater Development Corp.; it was alleged that Clinton, as governor, had pressured a local S&L to loan Susan McDougal $300,000 for real estate investments with the company, and that transactions between an Arkansas bank and Bill Clinton had been concealed.  Neither Clinton was charged, though both McDougals and Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, who served as governor after Clinton, were convicted of fraud.

A brief guide to Clinton scandals from Travelgate to Emailgate.  Hillary Clinton is entering the presidential race in a cloud of scandal surrounding foreign contributions to the Clinton family foundation and her use of a private email account and server to conduct official business while secretary of state.  But she and her husband are no strangers to scandal.  There often seemed to be no end of the scandals during President Bill Clinton's two terms in the White House and Hillary Clinton's campaigns for the Senate starting in 2000 and the Oval Office in 2008.  Political experts began diagnosing "Clinton Fatigue" long ago.

Keeping Hillary Clinton's testimony private is a strategy sure to fail.  After Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Sandy "the burglar" Berger stealing documents from the National Archives and Bill's dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, political reporters got a bit lazy because they had to sit back and wait for the next scandal to break.  The cascading Clintons always served one up.  Some reporters I know openly yearn for a return to the Clinton days.  They miss remarks like what then-Sen. Fritz Hollings of South Carolina said when Bill's poll numbers were falling.  There was no reason to worry, Mr. Hollings said, because, "If they reach 60 percent, then he can start dating again."  The joke illustrated the big difference between the Clintons:  Bill's scandals were for the tabloids, and Hillary's for the business page or the police blotter.  His were perverse fun, hers not so much.  Now that the former senator and secretary of state is about to declare her run for the presidency, happy days for political reporters may be here again.

Report Accuses Hillary Adviser Who Ran Intel Service of Illegally Lobbying for Vladimir Putin Ally.  The Hillary Clinton confidant who was caught running a clandestine intelligence service for her may have also illegally lobbied for Russian President Vladimir Putin's ally in the nation of Georgia.

Top State Department Aide Listed as Clinton Foundation Director.  Hillary Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department was listed as a director at the Clinton Foundation in its corporate records for more than three years after joining the administration, highlighting concerns that Clinton's aides were too close to the foundation during her tenure.  The "William J. Clinton Foundation Corporation" named Cheryl Mills as one its three directors when it applied for nonprofit corporate status in Florida in June 2009 — five months after Mills began serving as Clinton's chief of staff and counsel at the State Department.  The organization continued to list Mills as a director in its annual state filings in 2010, 2011, and 2012. During this time, the foundation updated its office address and registered agent on the same documents.  Chelsea Clinton replaced Mills in the March 2013 report.

Hillary Agonistes.  [Scroll down]  Consider the roll call: Whitewater, the Rose law firm, the miracle of the cattle futures, Vince Foster, Benghazi.  They stand as towering monoliths of pure corruption on the horizon of the American political landscape, fading into the mist down the past forty years and more.  Incidents that would have destroyed anyone else's political career have scarcely even been broached in public; you can bring them up and have no one in hearing distance have any idea of what you're talking about — e.g. her Watergate firing.

Cheryl Mills: The Woman Who Knew Too Much?  The New York Times reports that Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's long-time henchwoman will not be joining the Presidential campaign now presumably in the final stages of formation.  Why?  Perhaps Mills is, to borrow a phrase from Alfred Hitchcock, the woman who knew too much.  Mills, who was the State Department's counselor and chief of staff during the entirety of Hillary's tumultuous tenure, is up to her waist in the Benghazi matter, where the overwhelming evidence is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put politics before the security and safety of U.S. citizens serving their country in that hell-hole.

Meet the Men Behind Hillary Clinton's Private 'Spy Network'.  Two big Clinton stories landed last week.  The first is that Hillary Clinton destroyed the electronic copies of her State Department emails on her private server after the State Department subpoenaed her emails.  The second is that Hillary Clinton had an aide running a "secret spy network" that was, among other things, feeding her information on Benghazi, according to a report by Pro Publica and Gawker.  Earlier this month, I noted the myriad ways that Clinton running her own private email server breathes new life into the Benghazi investigation, but this last revelation takes things to a whole new level.

The Return of the Jolly Roger.  Jeff Gerth and Sam Biddle at Gawker write that Hillary's private email server acted as portal to a private intelligence network that included retired members of special operations, former CIA clandestine personnel and foreign informers.  Acting in some indeterminate capacity over it was Sidney Blumenthal, former aide to president Bill Clinton and now apparently a retainer to the family dynasty.

Clintons Received Money from 'Front for the Government of Iran'.  As President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry close in on a nuclear deal with Iran, it's worth remembering that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation received money from "a front for the government of Iran" called the Alavi Foundation.  The front gave the Clintons $30,000 between April 2005 and March 2006, according to tax forms.  This occurred years after law enforcement officials tied the group to Iranian radicals.

Was Hillary running a secret intel network?  If the motives to wipe the hard drive on Hillary Clinton's e-mail server weren't already crystal clear, a new development last night put it in Ultra HD.  Gawker's Jeff Girth and Sam Biddle uncovered a secret, private intelligence network run by Sidney Blumenthal for Hillary's benefit, apart from the State Department's own Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

Lawsuit: Clintons are guilty of racketeering, influence peddling.  A conservative watchdog has filed a racketeering lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, arguing that the nation's former top diplomat used a personal email server in order to sell access in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation.  The complaint, filed by conservative activist Larry Klayman's Freedom Watch organization, also names Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation as defendants.  It alleges that both Bill and Hillary Clinton "systematically and continuously... conducted a corrupt enterprise" under the definition of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.  The suit also alleges that the Clintons used mail and wire fraud to ignore multiple Freedom of Information Act requests for documents pertaining to State Department waivers to people and business thwarting U.S. sanctions by doing business with Iran.

Clintons Received Money from 'Front for the Government of Iran'.  As President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry close in on a nuclear deal with Iran, it's worth remembering that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation received money from "a front for the government of Iran" called the Alavi Foundation.  The front gave the Clintons $30,000 between April 2005 and March 2006, according to tax forms.  This occurred years after law enforcement officials tied the group to Iranian radicals.

The Clintons have always been about pay to play.  The Clintons only sold nights in the Lincoln Bedroom to just a few hundred of their closest friends, right?  And who can forget Clinton scandal figure Johnny Chung's defining quote:  "I see the White House is like a subway:  You have to put in coins to open the gates."  While in White House exile since 2000 the Clintons have evidently upgraded their subway.  Mr. Chung told the Los Angeles Times in 1997 that he personally handed a $50,000 check to Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff, Maggie Williams.  In 2013 and 2014 the Clinton Global Initiative received donations from Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal — the former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and a member of the Saudi royal family.  The donations were likely a good bit more than $50,000.

We're Going To Reward The Presidency To A Woman Who Enabled A Sex Criminal?  Hillary is a mess.  And we're going to reward the presidency to a woman who's enabled the depredations and exploitation of women by that cornpone husband of hers?  The way feminists have spoken makes us blind to Hillary's record of trashing [women].  They were going to try to destroy Monica Lewinsky.  It's a scandal! Anyone who believe in sexual harassment guidelines should have seen that the disparity of power between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was one of the most grotesque ever in the history of sex crime.

Hillary's coattail career and her glass-ceiling myths.  Strangely, feminists ignore the damning facts about how Hillary got where she is.  Recently, Hillary addressed 5,000 Silicon Valley businesswomen — real career women.  Vowing to "crack every last glass ceiling," a hint at her White House ambitions, she urged them to demand equal pay and promotions.  She invoked her own supposed early struggles to become the first female partner at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas while a new mother.  But in truth, even then she was riding on Bill's coattails.  She got the law job in 1977 — surprise — just after he was sworn in as the state's attorney general.  Then, two years later when he was inaugurated as governor — bingo! — she was vaulted to partner.  Hardly the struggle she now recalls.  Though Hillary was called a trial lawyer, her former colleagues told The New York Times they can't remember her ever trying a case.

Hillary's Haitian Headache.  If you've followed American politics for the last quarter century or so, especially on the national level, you know that when you try to navigate your way through the labyrinth of Clinton scandals, you'd better have a good sense of direction because of the vast number of twists, turns and dead ends each particular scandal road leads.  That said, it's kind of fun to see mainstream media begin to chart out the dirt path that tees off of Clinton scandal road dealing with Haiti.

Hillary Clinton's Top Five Clashes Over Secrecy.  [#3] 1994:  Records from the Rose Law Firm:  U.S. investigators in 1994 subpoenaed the First Lady's billing records from her years at the Rose Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, documents that had been also sought by reporters.  A focus of their interest was her legal work for a failing savings and loan, but records of those billings weren't found.  Much later, Clinton's long-time assistant, Carolyn Huber, said she found in the White House residence an additional box of records that contained the billing memos.  They were turned over to the independent counsel in 1996.  Clinton testified she had no knowledge of how the records wound up where they did.

7 Years Ago Today: Hillary Said She Came Under Sniper Fire in Bosnia, Was Called Out by Sinbad.  Tuesday [3/17/2015] marks the seven-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton telling a campaign crowd that on a 1996 trip to Bosnia she came under sniper fire and was forced to run for cover.  "I remember landing under sniper fire," Clinton said during a George Washington University campaign event on March 17, 2008.  "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."  Clinton added that the feeling in the White House at the time of her visit was "if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn't go, so send the First Lady."

Hillary or Bust!  [Scroll down]  On the face of it, the idea of Hillary Clinton as a feminist trailblazer should be ludicrous.  Forty-four women have already served in the Senate since the first one did 93 years ago.  When Hillary took over as secretary of state in 2009, there had not been a white male secretary since 1997.  Unlike national female politicians like Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton gained public exposure only by virtue of marriage to the powerbroker governor and then president Bill Clinton.  Implicit in her messaging is a return to Bill Clinton's economic good times of the 1990s and the implication that he might well be running half the show — a subliminal and quite sexist message.

Document theft and destruction nothing new for Hillary Clinton.  In the 1990s, the documents Clinton stole and/or caused to be destroyed established her role as the attorney for participants in a fraudulent scheme called Castle Grande.  Clinton, working with Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster, stole hard copies of the billing records of the Rose law firm where they were partners.  They erased the electronic version of these records.  One set of these documents was later found in the White House, just outside Hillary's private office, by an employee.  Another set was found in Foster's attic by his widow, some years after he committed suicide.  Clinton's time sheets (handwritten, as was the practice back in the day) were never found.  To understand why Clinton stole and destroyed the documents, it's necessary to understand the Castle Grande back story.

Hillary's War on the Women Who Boinked Bill.  Why do so many people believe that Bill Cosby is a rapist when he hasn't been convicted?  Because woman after woman keeps coming forward with the same sort of story.  Well guess what?  Woman after woman has come forth with the same sort of story about being harassed by agents of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  We also know Bill and Hillary hired AT LEAST one person who has been caught engaging in the sort of harassment these women faced and turned him loose on them.  In addition, one thing everyone should know about Hillary after her latest email scandal, if they didn't already know it before, is that's she's perfectly willing to engage in criminal behavior that looks sleazy because she believes she can get away with anything.  The way these women Bill slept with, molested and perhaps even raped have been treated by the Clintons while they've paid very little price for it suggests she may be right.  I don't know about anyone else, but I believe that these women were threatened, burglarized and harassed by agents of Bill and Hillary.

Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy revives memories of old White House scandals.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's exclusive use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state, combined with her disclosure Tuesday in a tense press conference that she deleted more than 30,000 e-mails that she deemed personal, has given Republicans a rich line of attack.  The controversy is resurrecting memories of the host of two-decade-old controversies that dogged the first couple during their time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.:  Whitewater, the White House travel office, the Lincoln Bedroom, Vince Foster, the Monica Lewinsky affair, and the pardon of Marc Rich to name a few.

Has the media finally turned on the Clintons?  Think about all those Clinton scandals in the nineties — Travelgate, Cattlegate, Hillarycare, BedroomGate and, of course, "that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."  OK, don't think about all of them.  They were mind-numbing.  But there were a lot.  That pair just denies any wrongdoing.  And they and their minions talk each one to death until everyone is tired of trying to follow the complications they've thrown up.  And then Hill and Bill declare it's old news.  That's what Obama is trying to do with the IRS and Benghazi scandals.  It worked on Fast & Furious, Solyndra and others.  Stall to make the details old.  Then, point out they're old.

How Many Straws on Hillary's Back?  Does anyone still remember Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, shady cattle futures, defiance of subpoenas for billing records at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, the fact that she is the only first lady in history to be subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, and the mysterious presidential pardon during her Senate campaign of convicted Puerto Rican terrorists in New York?  The common denominator in all these fiascos was her assumption that she was above the law — that, and petty avarice. Or rather, Hillary always believed that progressive warriors such as herself needed the resources to do noble work and therefore should be exempt from legal scrutiny.  No matter.  Clinton is probably right that the public either has forgotten all those ethical lapses or wants to move beyond them.

Hillary Clinton's Long History of Hiding Documents.  It doesn't matter.  That's what some in the media have insisted about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's decision to use her own private server and email address to avoid public scrutiny for her entire tenure. [...] Hillary Clinton has a long and inglorious history of alleged document tampering and questionable legal maneuverings.

Why Are Brian Williams and Hillary Held to Different Standards?  The Brian Williams saga has grown so large it now has its first victim of collateral damage: Hillary Clinton.  You all know the story by now and why it relates to Williams:  The then-First Lady and then-teenage daughter Chelsea making a trip to hostile Bosnia.  The video and photos of Mrs. Clinton hugging children and smiling as if making her first foray into Euro Disney.  Not a care in the world, and certainly not someone ducking and running from sniper fire, as she claimed numerous times on the 2008 campaign trail before finally admitting it was all BS while blaming sleep deprivation.  Hillary said in 2008 that she "misspoke," which isn't much different from Williams saying he "misremembered".

Forget Brian Williams, it's Hillary Clinton's lie that matters.  [Scroll down]  In March 2008, giving a foreign policy speech on Iraq about her days as first lady and a trip to Tuzla, Bosnia, she delivered an unbelievable tale.  "I remember landing under sniper fire.  There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."  So, picture that:  Chopper lands, sniper bullets pinging and zinging everywhere, she and her comrades sprinting across the tarmac, perhaps zigzagging to throw off the sharpshooter.

Huge trove of Hillary Clinton White House files set for release.  A massive collection of documents related to Hillary Clinton's policy work as first lady is set to go public this spring, just as her expected campaign to return to the White House could be ramping up.  The more than 150,000 pages of records come largely from the files of Clinton's policy advisers in her husband's White House and cover topics such as welfare, equal pay, family leave, civil rights, race, poverty and health care reform.

The Editor asks...
Do you suppose there is anything in these documents about Webster Hubbell, or Ron Brown, or Vince Foster?

Bill Clinton's Immunity.  Amidst all of the attention being given to Hillary Clinton's inevitable presidential run, there awaits a debate that must provoke intense and thoughtful commentary.  The prospect of returning Bill Clinton to the White House tests our objectivity and risks widening the gap between those with and without privilege.  While president, Bill Clinton entered into a sexual relationship with an employee, showing flagrant insensitivity to the "power dynamics" underpinning their affair.  He conducted liaisons in the White House which still strike notes of incredulity.  When confronted by accusations, he twisted language with artful deliberateness and was able, quite remarkably, to set aside the internal strictures of conscience and personal responsibility.  These facts are not for debate but are now even more relevant.

Why Hillary Is Not Inevitable: Bill's Sordid Past.  Clinton faces multiple challenges and vulnerabilities, and predictions of her coronation are indeed premature.  So daunting are her challenges, I'm shocked she appears to be running.  Clearly taking a paid speech in the late spring means she intends to milk it and perhaps get in later.  It's a good idea.  She won't wear well.  More importantly, Mrs. Clinton has nothing to say.  Her claim to be "dead broke" shows her isolation from the real world.  Her claim that "companies do not create jobs" seems like a sop to the party's hard left.  She has no overarching theme other than it is her turn to be president.

Obama's attorney general pick wants to throw the book at convicted Hillary Clinton bundler.  The U.S. attorney nominated by President Barack Obama to be his next attorney general is asking a federal judge to impose a stiff prison term of up to four and a half years on a former Hillary Clinton fundraiser convicted of making more than $180,000 in illegal campaign contributions.  The request by Loretta Lynch, the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, to reject leniency for wealthy hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal and have him sent to federal prison is the latest example of the tough stance Justice Department prosecutors are taking with those convicted of making so-called conduit contributions — campaign cash that is falsely reported as being made in the name of others.

Morris: I Left When Hillary Hired Secret Police to Go After Woman Victimized by Bill.  Friday [10/31/2014] on OraTV's "Politicking," former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris said it was then-first lady Hillary Clinton's "Nixonian" attempt to attack the woman Bill Clinton victimized and sexually harassed by hiring detectives to dig for dirt in their lives Hillary could use against them to smear their character.

12 Funniest (and Most Diabolical) Hillary Clinton Quotes

19 Times the Government Withheld Documents It Didn't Want You to See.  [#4] In 1996, after nearly two years of searches and subpoenas, the White House reported it found copies of missing documents from Hillary Rodham Clinton's law firm that described her work for Madison S&L in the 1980s.  The White House previously said it did not have the records.  The originals have not turned up.

First Whitewater prosecutor says 'serious crimes' were uncovered in probe.  The first federal prosecutor to probe the financial dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton says he was poised to bring high-profile indictments against top Arkansas political and business figures — based in part on testimony from a chief witness against the then president — when he was abruptly replaced by a panel of federal judges, throwing his investigation into turmoil.

Soon-to-Be-Released Clinton Records Show Attempts to Shackle Militia.  Files scheduled to be released from Clinton White House records will show his efforts to shackle militias and set up a "strict licensing system" for paramilitary groups, Politico reports.  In other words, gun control was to be complemented — and in places, supplemented — by people control.  According to Politico, the release is certain to raise the ire of citizens already concerned about "enhancing government surveillance powers and regulating armed groups of U.S. citizens."

Unconditional Surrender.  The University of Arkansas library has backed down from its decision to block the Washington Free Beacon from accessing its special collections archives following a month-long public uproar.  The library suspended the Free Beacon's research privileges in June after the outlet published a story based on audiotapes from university archives that included Hillary Clinton discussing her 1975 defense of a child rapist.  Library officials said the Free Beacon had violated the university's intellectual property rights by publishing the excerpts without submitting a permission-to-publish form.  However, the library later acknowledged it did not own the copyright for the audiotapes.  The copyright holder, veteran Arkansas reporter Roy Reed, has said he does not object to the audio excerpts being published.

The Clinton Police State Cometh.  Political journalists are going to love the Hillary Clinton presidency.  Judging by the way Team Clinton has responded to a series of books that are critical of the elderly homeowner and her philandering husband, it will be a real treat to cover them in the White House (again).  According to Politico, for example, public relations representatives for the Clinton family have issued a joint statement condemning the recent publication of "trashy" books by Ed Klein, Daniel Halper, and Ronald Kessler, all of which reflect less than favorably on the Clintons.  The spokesmen condemned the "despicable" authors, arguing that "their behavior should neither be allowed nor enabled," and called on "legitimate media outlets" to promptly censor them.

Former Clinton Press Secretary Ensures Blackout of Book.  Former Clinton administration press secretary Mike McCurry is quietly waging a campaign to quash coverage on a new tell-all book that exposes Bill and Hillary Clinton's massive political empire.  McCurry has successfully blocked Politico media reporter Dylan Byers from writing about the bestselling Clinton, Inc., written by Weekly Standard editor Daniel Halper, according to emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  McCurry, who spoke to Halper, now claims that he "only vaguely remembers" the interview.  In the emails, McCurry tells Byers to abandon an article about the book.

Library Coordinated with Clinton Staff Prior to Free Beacon Ban, Internal Emails Show.  University of Arkansas library administrators were in contact with Clinton Foundation officials the same day the university rushed to take action against the Washington Free Beacon for publishing recordings of Hillary Clinton discussing her 1975 defense of a child rapist, according to internal emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  Administrators scrambled to "get the lawyers involved" to draft a "cease and desist" letter to the Free Beacon the morning after the "Hillary Tapes" report, and over a week before the university admitted it did not actually own the copyright for the recordings.

Clinton Donor Bans Free Beacon From University of Arkansas Archives.  A Hillary Clinton donor who serves as dean of the University of Arkansas libraries has banned the Washington Free Beacon from the school's special collections archives, after the news outlet published revealing stories about Hillary Clinton based on documents available at the university library.  The ban came days after the Free Beacon ran a story about Clinton's 1975 defense of a child rapist that drew from audio recordings available at the University of Arkansas library's special collections archives.  However, the ban was not mentioned in a June 16 email to this reporter from Steve Voorhies, manager of media relations at the university.

Rape Victim of Clinton Client Speaks Out: Hillary 'Took Me Through Hell'.  In an interview with The Daily Beast, the victim of Hillary Clinton's first criminal client, an alleged rapist whom she successfully defended, spoke out against the 2016 hopeful's women's rights record.  The victim, whom the Daily Beast did not name, was raped as a 12-year old by two men in an attack that left her in a coma for five days and hospitalized for months afterwards.  Clinton, then a 27-year-old attorney in private practice, represented her alleged rapist in court, and reduced his sentence to one year in prison.  However, the Free Beacon recently unearthed tapes from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, which houses the Clinton's document archives, in which Clinton "appears to acknowledge that she was aware of her client's guilt, brags about successfully getting the only piece of physical evidence thrown out of court, and laughs about it all whimsically."

'Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,' Rape Victim Says.  Hillary Clinton is known as a champion of women and girls, but one woman who says she was raped as a 12-year-old in Arkansas doesn't think Hillary deserves that honor.  This woman says Hillary smeared her and used dishonest tactics to successfully get her attacker off with a light sentence — even though, she claims, Clinton knew he was guilty.

Hillary vs. Walker: Due Process Only Applies If You're A Liberal.  Clinton.  Champion of women, slayer of conspiracies, and a woman who as a lawyer once went hard at a 12-year-old rape victim in Arkansas was simply providing an invaluable constitutional service.  It was her job.  In the Daily Beast, the now 52-year-old victim says that "Hillary Clinton took me through Hell" — a line that would surely eradicate the political aspirations of any Republican candidate.  Man or woman.  Of course, the case against Clinton is not a question of whether the accused deserves a competent defense — this, we hope is settled.  What it should focus on is whether Clinton deployed some of that unbridled ambition to unethically denigrate and lie about a 12-year-old who was raped.

Hillary Changes Story on Rapist Defense, Claims She Had No Choice.  In a video interview with a UK website, Hillary Clinton contradicts her earlier story about how she came to represent a child rapist.  Hillary now claims she had no choice in representing the 41-year-old who raped a 6th grader, a story which is at odds with the one she told an interviewer three decades ago.

Tapes Reveal Hillary Clinton Discussing Her Defense Of Child Rapist.  A newly unearthed audio recording reveals Hillary Clinton engaging in a candid discussion of a case involving a man she defended who had been accused of raping a 12 year-old girl in 1975.  The recording is of an interview with Clinton in which she tells an Arkansas journalist how she obtained a plea bargain for the accused rapist, despite her indication that she knew he was guilty.

The Hillary Tapes.  Newly discovered audio recordings of Hillary Clinton from the early 1980s include the former first lady's frank and detailed assessment of the most significant criminal case of her legal career:  defending a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl.  In 1975, the same year she married Bill, Hillary Clinton agreed to serve as the court-appointed attorney for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old accused of raping the child after luring her into a car.  The recordings, which date from 1983-1987 and have never before been reported, include Clinton's suggestion that she knew Taylor was guilty at the time.

Why Was Hillary Clinton Laughing About Helping Suspected Child Rapist?  It's hardly unusual for a criminal trial lawyer to gossip about a courtroom triumph on behalf of a less than admirable client, often with gallows humor and over drinks after a hard day's work.  But it's highly unusual for a lawyer to boast and laugh about such a circumstance in an on-the-record interview with a journalist — and pretty much jaw-dropping when the lawyer is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Totally Unworthy Liberal Icons.  When Hillary Clinton ran for senator of my state I researched her background to confirm if she was indeed the smartest woman in the world as she was being touted in the media by campaign promoters.  Hillary Clinton's true character surfaced upon this research which completely belied what her campaign was selling.  But they show that the pattern of lies, deceit, fabrications and unethical behavior was established long ago.  Not many Americans even know about her misadventures with the Rose law firm and Madison Guaranty Bank nor have they heard of her fortuitous and dubious cattle futures, Travelgate and Whitewater and other overlooked scandals involving the woman whom many are still touting as the next president of the United States.

Hillary's Chinese Espionage Problem.  Johnny Chung was born in Taiwan but living in Southern California when he was given $300,000 by Chinese Gen Ji of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Military Intelligence because, "We like your president very much."  Among Chung's objectives in using the money were to go directly to Hillary Rodham Clinton and request:  A tour of the White House[,] Lunch at the White House Mess[,] A photo op with the First Lady[,] An invitation to attend the president's radio address. [...] It would be interesting to know who the CIA White House officer was reporting back to at Langley CIA HQ about all this.  Because the PLA money, laundered through Chung and given to Hillary Clinton, comprised a felony and the Agency should have made a criminal referral to the FBI and Department of Justice.

Hillary Milhous Clinton.  She and her husband probably trail behind them more baggage than even Nixon did.  He resigned before being impeached.  The Clintons brazened it through before President Clinton was finally impeached.  He was not convicted, however, and — almost miraculously if you can remember what even Democrats were saying about them — the Clintons continued their amazing political lives.  Though they acquired still more baggage. [...] Now with all her baggage trailing behind her, it is only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton is forced to rebrand herself.  All those years, dating back to Arkansas politics, will prove too much.

I'm Sick To Death Of Bill And Hillary.  [Scroll down]  Hillary herself has more baggage than could fit into Air Force One.  Perhaps the largest and most malodorous piece is the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of court-subpoenaed law-firm records belonging to her.  After going missing for years, they suddenly turned up in her book room on the third floor of the White House.  The FBI's fingerprint analysis of the billing records revealed only the prints of Hillary and White House lawyer Vince Foster, who had committed suicide under suspicious circumstances.  The records were needed to show the extent of Hillary's legal work for a savings and loan involved in fraud.

Clintons Enjoyed Friendly Relationship With Mosque Leader.  The Daily Caller recently reported that Bill Clinton sent a handwritten note on official stationery in March 2000 to Bassam Erstwani, the chairman of the board of the Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, in response to a letter from the chairman.  Clinton's note was released as part of a document dump by the Clinton presidential library.  The note was marked "THE PRESIDENT HAS SEEN 3-10-00."  "I'm interested in all these suggestions.  Let's follow up," Clinton said in the note, in which he also said that it would be good to have support from Muslims. Clinton signed the note "Bill."

Report: Hillary Clinton Accused GOP Staffers of Colluding with 'Extremists' on Internet.  On January 27, 1998, Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC's Today Show. During her interview with Matt Lauer, she claimed that a "vast right-wing conspiracy" had been trying to destroy her husband "since the day he announced for president."  That interview drew a lot of raised eyebrows and became a joke for years afterward.  Hillary's accusation became such a hot-button issue that Clinton's White House felt it had to defend itself and drew up a full 28-page report to "prove" that there was, indeed, a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Hillary's glass jaw.  Do you remember Webb Hubbell, the McDougals, the missing Rose Law firm billing records, Travelgate, or Hillary's surprise acumen at high-risk commodities trading?  Super PACs and other groups will remind voters of all of these case studies of corruption if Hillary proceeds with a campaign.  Democrats are terrified of this likelihood, not because it points to Hillary's distant past, but because it helps illustrate her more recent corrupt behavior — and that of the elite political class she represents.

Major Democratic donor indicted over campaign contributions.  A hotel executive and Democratic fundraiser has pleaded guilty in New York to witness tampering and conspiracy to evade campaign finance laws.  Hampshire Hotels chairman Sant Singh Chatwal appeared Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn.  The candidates were not identified.  Chatwal, whose firm runs hotels around the world, had raised at least $100,000 for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign against Barack Obama.

Hotel Magnate Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Fraud.  Hotel magnate Sant Singh Chatwal, who has lavished campaign cash on everyone from Hillary Clinton to Mayor Bill de Blasio, pleaded guilty today in Brooklyn federal court to campaign finance fraud and witness tampering, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch announced.  Mr. Chatwal, 70, who runs a chain of luxury hotels and other companies, allegedly broke federal law by using straw donors — whom he called "conduits" — to make more than $180,000 in illegal campaign contributions to three candidates in an effort to gain access and influence federal regulations, according to a federal complaint.

Aide who accused Bill Clinton of groping her says 'Americans deserve better than the Clintons'.  Kathleen Willey was a Democratic fundraiser volunteering in the White House during Bill Clinton's presidency who claims the former president kissed and groped her inside a private study off of the Oval Office.  Now, with a potential presidential run by Hillary Clinton in the works, Willey has resurfaced to warn the American public about the 'dysfunctional' former first family.

The Hillary Riddle Begins to Unravel.  Winston Churchill once said that Russia "is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."  So is anything even remotely having to do with Bill and Hillary Clinton.  And just as with the Russians, that is intentionally so.  The Clintons go to great lengths to cover-up their cover-ups.

Clinton-era White House memo from Rose Law Firm adviser.  In a pair of stunning 1993 memos from the Clinton White House, advisers to Bill and Hillary Clinton railed against physicians for putting personal greed ahead of 'Hillarycare' medical insurance reform, and wrote that scheduled listening-session meetings with health care stakeholders were political exercises organized purely for show.

Hillary is sick. Of the media.  It was back on Jan. 27, 1998, that Hillary Clinton first used the phrase "vast right-wing conspiracy" to describe the attacks on her husband. [...] For Hillary, the Monica [Lewinsky] story was the last straw in what she firmly believed was a conservative conspiracy to get her husband.  And Hillary stuck to that belief even after she learned the truth about Bill and Monica.  After all, one or both of the Clintons had been accused of all sorts of ugly things in the preceding years:  Whitewater, being involved in the death of Vince Foster, controversial cattle futures trading, international drug smuggling through Mena, Ark., etc.

The many lies of Bill Clinton.  It was 10 years ago tomorrow that Clinton looked right into a TV lens — thus looking every American in the eye — and told us a bold-faced, despicable lie, the same one he had told under oath in a court case nine days earlier.  The earlier recitation of the lie led to Clinton being impeached, fined by trial court and stripped of his law license.  But it was the public lie, in its brazenness, that ought to make every American skeptical of every word Mr. Clinton says.

Clinton Family Loan Mystery.  Those of us old enough to recall the 1990s can remember presidential half-brother and pardon recipient Roger Clinton, as well as presidential brothers-in-law Tony and Hugh Rodham — all of whom were caught up in the pardon-gate controversy.  None of them has been seen much (or at all) during Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, not without good reason.  I don't want to be too harsh, but let's just say they all firmly seem to fall into the Bill Carter mold of presidential siblings.

The Oil Connection:  It's interesting that Hillary Clinton not only was behind the formation of the oil-for-food program, but that it was a direct contact with an agent of Saddam that accomplished the task.  So, fast forward a few years.  Baghdad has fallen, the doors have been kicked open, and the oil-for-food program has become the oil-for-food scandal.  What seems amazing now is not only the extent of the corruption, but how little most Americans even know about it.  The left is often proud of its hatred for Enron and the $1.5 billion in corruption it represents.  Rightly so — but they so easily excuse nearly 40 billion in corruption in a single UN program.

Seeds of Destruction:  A huge scandal erupted when it became known that Mrs. Clinton's brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham, had lobbied the president on behalf of criminals who then received presidential pardons or a sentence commutation from Mr. Clinton.  Tony Rodham helped get a pardon for a Tennessee couple that had hired him as a consultant and paid or loaned him hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Over the protests of the Justice Department, President Clinton pardoned the couple, Edgar Allen Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo, who had been convicted of bank fraud in Alabama.  Hugh Rodham was paid $400,000 to lobby for a pardon of Almon Glenn Braswell, who had been convicted of mail fraud and perjury, and for the release from prison of Carlos Vignali, a drug trafficker who was convicted and imprisoned for conspiring to sell 800 pounds of cocaine.  Sure enough, in his last hours in office (when he issued a blizzard of pardons, many of them controversial), President Clinton agreed to the pardon for Braswell and the sentence commutation for Vignali.

1994 Redux:  Clinton Hasn't Changed A Bit.  The 1994 [health-care task force] was a debacle of biblical proportions for the Democratic party.  To win the presidency, everyone assumed Hillary Clinton would need to erase memories of her flawed leadership of that catastrophe.  And doing so would mean showing voters she had the capacity for a different kind of leadership, one based on openness to the private sector, appreciation for the complexity of the task, and policy flexibility — not 1990's style war-rooms and the promised destruction of opponents with differing views.

Hillary stranger than fiction.  I have no time for Obama, and I think he'd be a disastrous president.  But he's your ticket out if you're a Democrat who can't face the thought of giving your party to the Clinton mob for another decade.  And, evidently, quite a lot of Dems feel like that.

The Whitewater Proxy:  Hillary's and Bill's scandals have been the elephant in the primary room ever since she first signaled a run.  Yet up to now everyone has been too scared, or too loyal, or too weary to touch the ugly past.  Her Bosnia misspeak is now serving as proxy for all the truths about the Clintons' non-truths, allowing even liberals to break free from their Clinton dependence.

Remembering and then forgetting the Clintons:  [Upon leaving office, President] Clinton garnered unwanted publicity for a greedy duo of mini-scandals first, by lifting several thousands of dollars of White House furniture and his pursuance of a high-priced office in a palatial New York City high-rise.  Then there was his pardon of fugitive-financier Marc Rich, who had been on the run for evading millions of dollars in taxes and doing business with the Iranian government while it held American hostages. … Despite his assurances at the time to the contrary, the pardon had all the appearances of a quid pro quo.

Criminals, Clintons, Campaigns.  The news that Mrs. Clinton has accepted money from three criminals who were pardoned by Mr. Clinton in highly contentious circumstances — or, more accurately, two criminals and Mr. Deutch, who was on the point of being charged by the Justice Department when he was let off the hook — is sure to prove hugely embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton's campaign.

Judicial Watch scrutinizing controversial Clinton White House pardon.  Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the official pardon application submitted to the Clinton White House on behalf of Marc Rich. … Rich fled the United States in 1983 to avoid prosecution on racketeering, wire fraud, and tax evasion charges.  He was one of about 140 individuals pardoned by Bill Clinton in the waning hours of his administration.

Clinton papers reveal donor, embargo ties.  With a large charitable donation in hand, Indonesian businessman Mochtar Riady flew to Little Rock to dine with first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at a 1993 gala honoring her as an "Arkansan of the Year" at a time his company, a multibillion dollar banking conglomerate, was seeking an end to a 30-year trade embargo with Vietnam.

This article includes a long list of Clinton scandals.
Clinton bends the rules — when she can't break them.  America's chief domestic priority this year is to prevent Hillary Rodham Clinton's election as president of the United States.  Beyond her dreadful ideas, she shares her husband's allergy to the rule of law and the basic standards of fairness and honesty that most people expect of themselves.  Instead, the Clintons do whatever it takes to accomplish whatever they want.  And if normal conduct or even federal statutes interfere, they smash right through them.

With Friends Like These ...  It's not that we expect politicians to have squeaky-clean donor lists.  You try running for office without, at one point or another, taking money from someone you probably shouldn't.  Even Barack Obama, Mr. Clean, has Tony Rezko.  But the Frank Giustra-Kazakhstan-Uranium affair, blown open by The New York Times last week, serves as a reminder that the relationship between the Clintons and money has not always been lily-white.  Here, a guide to the unsavory characters who have been associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Over the Top.  "He [Senator Obama] hasn't been able to find a way to be tough with a woman opponent," they say on TV.  But that's not it, or is only half the truth.  The other half is that it has long been agreed in the Democratic Party that one must not, one cannot, ever, refer to the long caravan of scandals that have followed the Clintons for 15 years.  "We don't speak of the Clintons that way."  But why not?  Everyone else does.

Landlord:  Clinton staff stiffed me on rent.  Rochester physician Terry Bennett said he rented a city building to people who worked for Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign — and skipped town without paying the bill.  Making matters worse, Bennett said, the 3,000-square-foot building at 236 Union St. was left trashed.  Campaign signs were left lying all over the place, he said.

The Editor says...
It is reminiscent of the way the Clintons left the White House in January 2001.

Let me refresh your memory about ...
Trashing the White House when Clinton's Staff Left.  White House officials yesterday [6/2/2001] released a list of damage they say was done by outgoing staffers of President Bill Clinton, including obscene graffiti in six offices, a 20-inch-wide presidential seal ripped off a wall, 10 sliced telephone lines and 100 inoperable computer keyboards.

Official GAO report:  Allegations of Damage During the 2001 Presidential Transition.

Departing Clinton Staff Trashed White House Like Never Before.  In 2001, the departing Clinton White House staff made quite a mess, according to [the GAO report]. … When news of this first came out in early 2001, Clinton apologists pointed the finger at previous adminsitrations, saying in effect, "They did it first!"  But the truth is that no administration in decades did as much damage as the Clinton team did on its way out the door.

Clinton Amnesia:  The colossal Clinton gall is matched only by the sure hand with which they manipulate events masterfully, in the face of the knowing contempt of the news media, the Democratic Party and lastly, of course, the American people.  Try and recall the actual Clinton Administration that seems to have disappeared from the collective memory.  Bill blessedly closed his sordid time in power with an appropriate and delightful flourish, pardoning one hundred and forty convicted felons at the last hour while Hillary and her minions stole White House furnishings and property.  They were, and are, beyond parody.

Senator Hillary Clinton:  "He that has ears to hear, let him hear."  If even a fraction of this information is true, it should be cause for alarm.

The Clintons' Terror Pardons:  On Aug. 7, 1999, the one-year anniversary of the U.S. African embassy bombings that killed 257 people and injured 5,000, President Bill Clinton reaffirmed his commitment to the victims of terrorism, vowing that he "will not rest until justice is done."  Four days later, while Congress was on summer recess, the White House quietly issued a press release announcing that the president was granting clemency to 16 imprisoned members of FALN.  What began as a simple paragraph on the AP wire exploded into a major controversy.

What Kind of "Experience"?  Whether in Arkansas or in Washington, Hillary Clinton has spent decades parlaying her husband's political clout into both money and power.  How did that benefit anybody but the Clintons?  For those people whose memories are short, go on the Internet and look up Whitewater, the confidential raw FBI files on hundreds of Republican politicians that somehow — nobody apparently knows how — ended up in the Clinton White House illegally. … It would be hard to find two people less trustworthy than the Clintons or with a longer trail of sleaze and slime.

Whitewater:  Years of legal trouble.  Whitewater.  The word symbolizes years of legal troubles for Hillary Rodham Clinton during her husband's presidency.  The scandal stoked a $52 million criminal investigation and offered moments of extraordinary spectacle, including the unprecedented grand jury appearance by a first lady.  "It's not a first that I'm particularly pleased about," she acknowledged at the time.

If Spitzer, Why Not Clinton?  [Scroll down] Bill Clinton, who admittedly committed perjury and obstruction of justice, ended up being a rock star.  It is well known that when you commit perjury or obstruction of justice, you will receive jail time, since these are acts that go to the very heart of our system of justice that is based on people telling the truth under oath.  Clinton, thanks to DNA and a girl who didn't bother going to a dry cleaner, was clearly guilty of both — perjury and obstruction of justice.  This is all not to mention his other crimes of a sexual nature.  Just ask Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

The Case Against Hillary Clinton:  What do you have to forget or overlook in order to desire that this dysfunctional clan once more occupies the White House and is again in a position to rent the Lincoln Bedroom to campaign donors and to employ the Oval Office as a massage parlor?  You have to be able to forget, first, what happened to those who complained, or who told the truth, last time. … In my opinion, Gennifer Flowers was telling the truth; so was Monica Lewinsky, and so was Kathleen Willey, and so, lest we forget, was Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who says she was raped by Bill Clinton.

Women in the Clinton era:  Abuse, intimidation and smears.  Here is Bill Clinton's legacy of mistreatment of women.  The common threads are that, almost to a woman:  (1) they had some vulnerability that he could exploit.  (2) they were victims of a smear campaign, and (3) there is an eerie similarity to the stories they tell of intimidation, threats, and burglaries of odd items, such as photographs and tapes.

Hillary donors slept in Lincoln bedroom.  Nearly one in five big-money contributors to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign, known as "Hillraisers," are the same donors who surfaced in a 1996 White House scandal involving sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom and other perks to help re-elect President Clinton.

Clinton Considers Giving Up Some Powers.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday [10/23/2007] that if elected she would consider giving up some of the executive powers President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have assumed since taking office.

Clinton vows review of executive power.  Hillary Clinton would launch a policy review as president with an eye towards giving up some of the executive powers accumulated by George Bush, she tells Guardian America in an interview today. … Ms Clinton said the accumulation of executive power had put America into "new territory" because Mr Bush and the vice president had taken the view that were what previously extraordinary powers were now inherent powers that belonged to the White House.

Clinton's Executive Orders.  During his two terms as president, Bill Clinton averaged about one executive order each week.  By doing so, he was able to effectively legislate from the Oval Office.  He wrote executive orders to set aside large tracts of land as national monuments.  He wrote executive orders to restructure federalism.  He wrote executive orders adding "sexual orientation" to laws on federal hiring.  He wrote executive orders prohibiting federal contractors from hiring permanent striker replacements.  In other words, he exercised a legislative function:  he made laws.

Was that $100,000 profit from cattle futures a bribe? The big question, still, is whether Mrs. Clinton was, as she said, just well-advised and "lucky," or whether — via the filter of the futures markets — she took a fat bribe and then coolly lied about it.

Cattle Futures and Conflicts of Interest:  In 1979, Hillary Clinton's trades in cattle futures contracts generated criticism regarding conflict of interest and allegations of disguised bribery.  Her initial $1,000 investment generated $100,000 when she stopped trading ten months later.

Hillary Clinton's greatest hits:  Two months after commencing the Whitewater scheme, Hillary Clinton invested $1,000 in cattle futures.  Within a few days she had a $5,000 profit.  Before bailing out she earns nearly $100,000 on her investment.  Many years later, several economists will calculate that the chances of earning such returns legally were one in 250 million.

Lest We Forget — Hillary's $100K Cattle Scam.  The story intensified in April 1994, when the first couple was forced to pay an additional $14,615 in back taxes and interest after it was learned that the first lady had made more money on commodity trades than had been revealed to the public or to the IRS.

Is the bloom off the Rose Law Firm?  The Rose Law Firm became emblematic of the scandals that dogged Clinton and her husband, Bill, while he was president:  Whitewater; the death of Vince Foster, a Rose partner who became deputy White House counsel; and the missing billing records from Rose that were discovered in Hillary Clinton's book room at the White House.

Obama's HHS Nominee Proved Her Loyalty to Clinton by Digging Through a Dead Man's Trash.  In July 1995, Burwell (then Sylvia Mathews) was one of several key aides questioned by the Senate Whitewater Committee regarding the death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster. [...] Under questioning, Sylvia Mathews and her colleagues denied impeding a police investigation into Foster's death after his body was found in a northern Virginia park.  According to the New York Times, Mathews testified "in laborious detail about what she had found in Mr. Foster's garbage on the night he died."  That experience may come in handy as she prepares to oversee the implementation of Obamacare.

Did someone mention Vince Foster?

Clinton's records vanished after warning of 'very serious' problems.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's Rose Law Firm billing records, found in the White House residence in January 1996 two years after they had been subpoenaed by government regulators, disappeared shortly after the first lady was warned that the firm's billing problems were "very serious" and the then-ongoing Whitewater investigation could result in criminal charges, newly obtained records show.  More than 1,100 pages of grand jury testimony ... say Mrs. Clinton knew considerably more about the firm's billing problems and their potential ramifications than she publicly acknowledged at the time.

The Clintons' Coal-Gate:  Hillary Clinton calls President Bush's talks with the Saudis about increasing oil output "pathetic."  But it's not as pathetic as her co-president husband locking up billions of tons of clean coal in exchange for political contributions.

Democratic Chickens Coming Home to Roost.  When she says she is more "experienced," she is either lying outright, or counting her time as Arkansas' and America's First Lady.  But that's nonsense.  First Lady is not an elected post, or any post.  Clinton was simply the wife of a privileged white male.  Besides, what was her experience as First Lady?  Was it the experience of Travelgate, in which she engineered the malicious prosecution of White House Travel Office director Billy Dale, which ruined him financially, just so she could turn the office into a cash cow for her friends from Arkansas, socialist TV producer Harry Thomason.  Or Filegate, wherein Hillary collected and kept FBI files on hundreds of Republican officials and staffers whom she considered political enemies?

How Hillary Clinton sicced the FBI on the White House travel office.  As speculation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 heats up, the question that must be asked is:  Hillary 2016, prison or POTUS?  Recently, the Washington Free Beacon reported on statements found in archival documents by one of Hillary Clinton's closest friends, Diane Blair, painting a portrait of Hillary as a ruthless First Lady.  Without question ruthless is an accurate description except not only is Hillary ruthless, she is lawless.

Hillary's Smear Campaign.  During the Whitewater investigation, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr investigated the legal work performed by Mrs. Clinton, then a partner in the Rose law firm, on behalf of Jim McDougal and his bank, Madison Guaranty.  Mr. Starr believed that Mrs. Clinton helped orchestrate the fraudulent land deal known as Castle Grande. [...] In the end, no charges were brought against Mrs. Clinton because there was insufficient evidence to prove that she knowingly assisted anyone in the perpetration of a fraud.

Once-secret memos question Clinton's honesty.  The summaries said Mrs. Clinton billed Madison for 60 hours of legal work, spoke with Madison officials about the Castle Grande project on 14 occasions, discussed legal matters with Madison's owners — the McDougals — 16 times, had 28 meetings with Rose firm lawyers on Madison, and met with state regulators about Madison at least twice.  At the time, Madison was seeking help from Mrs. Clinton's Rose Law Firm in Little Rock to fend off state and federal regulators concerned that the thrift was insolvent. … The summary is all that remains, since the original Rose firm billing records for Madison disappeared.

Trustee:  Sen. Clinton's brother owes debts to carnival operators.  Tony Rodham, the brother of Democratic presidential contender Sen. Hillary Clinton, is being asked again to appear in court on debts owed to a Tennessee carnival operator whose owners received presidential pardons from President Bill Clinton.

Pardon Scandal Still Looms for Sen. Clinton's Brother.  A court-appointed bankruptcy trustee asked a federal judge this week to schedule a new court date in a case against Tony Rodham, the brother of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., accused of failing to repay $109,000 in loans from a carnival company whose owners received controversial pardons issued by President Bill Clinton in the last hours of his presidency.

Clinton's Brother Settles Lawsuit.  A lawsuit accusing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother of failing to repay debts to a Tennessee carnival operator has been settled.  Tony Rodham was accused of failing to repay $107,000 plus interest to the bankrupt estate of Edgar Allen Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo, both of whom received a presidential pardon in 2000.

Pardons reemerge as issue in Clinton run.  Six years ago, the launch of Hillary Clinton's career in the US Senate was marred by allegations that her brothers had received payments from people pardoned by President Bill Clinton in the waning months of his presidency.  Now, in the wake of the launch of her presidential campaign, the pardon controversy has reemerged in an obscure court case in which Senator Clinton's brother Tony is battling an order to repay more than $100,000 he received from a couple pardoned by President Clinton.

The Editor says...
The list of people pardoned by President Clinton is not difficult to find.  [1] [2] [3] [4]

Hillary Clinton's Pardongate Scandal:  When you fast forward today and consider the areas where a huge segment of Americans have reservations about another Clinton presidency, the appearance of and real improprieties surrounding everything from Whitewater, the Lincoln Bedroom, Paula Jones, Vince Foster, cattle futures, the Rose Law Firm, Monica Lewinsky and 'Pardongate' provides the opportunity to resurface Senator Clinton's connection to a very dark episode in American politics.

Hill's Brother a Deadbeat.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's youngest sibling is a deadbeat dad who owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support to his politically connected ex, The Post has learned.  In a disclosure that could prove embarrassing for his sister, Anthony Rodham has stiffed his former wife, Nicole Boxer, out of $75,000 in child support, as well as $55,000 in alimony, a source close to the case said.

Hillary's Spousal Albatross.  Hillary Clinton doesn't have the luxury Al Gore did of choosing to dump Bill Clinton on the presidential campaign trail.  She's stuck with him, for better or for worse.  And if she becomes president, so is America.  People always questioned Gore's judgment to cut his umbilical cord from Mother Bill … But in Hillary's case, it's obviously more complicated.  Bill will not just have been a past president with very close ties to President Hillary, should she win.  He won't merely be with her in the White House.  He will be in her space.

A Shower of Gifts for Hillary and Bill:  What's most revealing here is not the gifts themselves — although it is hard to picture one adult giving another a sofa — but how horrified people were at the very suggestion that Hillary would lean on supporters to furnish her house.  The Clintons have long dismissed the criticism of those in the vast right-wing conspiracy whom they don't respect.  But how do you dismiss the views of those you do respect — who insist you would never sink so low, until they are silenced by proof of your grasping?

"Hillary was not in a mood to walk away from her cherished lifestyle simply because the Twenty-second Amendment forced her husband from office on January 20, 2001.  She took the trouble to register with luxury retailers, as though she were about to become an impoverished new bride.  This sent clear signals to donors as to the kinds of items they needed to buy if they expected to stay in Hillary's good graces.  No first lady had ever been quite so crass."
— Barbara Olson,    
The Final Days: The Last Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House,    
Regnery Publishing, Inc. 2001, pp. 63-64.    

Hillary Was Key Partner in Clinton Attack Machine.  With the paperback version of Clinton's memoirs set to hit bookstores in early June, World Ahead Publishing has unveiled Their Lives:  The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine by Candice E. Jackson. Billed as the stories that Clinton left out of My Life, Jackson uncovers the trail of bribes, threats and intimidation that Clinton's inner circle leveled at the women who got in their way.

She blasts Bush over Libby case, but the Clintons abused the power.  The list of investigations, allegations and a few convictions during the Clinton administration was so long and tangled that the cases now morph into a fog.  Distinctions among Travelgate and Whitewater and FileGate and GiftGate and the $100,000 commodities windfall get lost, with only Monica and the stained blue dress forever vivid.  Now and then, that fog is pierced by something that reminds us what a grubby time it was.  The case of Lewis (Scooter) Libby does that.

Do the Clintons Now Support Jail Time For Perjurers?  Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton are absolutely outraged that President Bush granted executive clemency to Scooter Libby, recently convicted of making false statements under oath.  They obviously believe that Libby should serve his thirty month sentence.  Does that mean that they now think that perjurers should go to jail?  Or have they simply forgotten about Bill Clinton's own plea agreement in the last hours of his presidency — for making false statements under oath?  Some people would call that perjury.

A Remembrance Of Pardons Past.  Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made this comment, dripping in irony:  "This commutation sends the clear signal that in this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice."  Is this the same Democratic Party that shamed the White House for eight years in the 1990s with its illicit activity and lying?

Of pardons, perjury, and hypocrisy.  Compare the behavior of Democrats on Bush's pardon for perjury against their behavior concerning Clinton's own perjury and you will find hypocrisy.  Just for fun, add into the mix Clinton's own pardons and you get rank hypocrisy.

Unpardonable Hypocrisy:  The Clintons aren't the only Democrats who've attacked the president for the Libby commutation.  But they're surely the most hypocritical.  "This commutation sends the clear signal that in this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice," wailed Hillary.  Hmm.  Back in 2001, when her husband left office by extending outright pardons and/or clemency to 176 people, all she had to say about it was:  "It's a presidential decision."  Apparently, Bill Clinton's pardon of his own brother (a cocaine-trafficking conviction), as well as of folks who'd paid Hillary's brother tens of thousands of dollars for presidential clemency, had nothing to do with "cronyism."

Bill Clinton blasts commutation of Libby's prison sentence.  Former President Bill Clinton blasted his successor's decision to spare former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby from prison, telling Iowa radio listeners that Libby's case differed from his own administration's pardon controversy. … Bush administration officials, he said, "believe that they should be able to do what they want to do, and that the law is a minor obstacle."

Allow me to refresh your memory...
The Long List of Pardons Granted by President Clinton.

Bill Clinton's old pardons roil 2008 campaign.  It's a blast from the past that Hillary Clinton could probably do without.  Just as Bill Clinton takes a higher profile in his wife's 2008 White House bid, a string of controversial pardons he granted in the last hours of his presidency is back in the news. … Clinton's last-minute 2001 pardons of some 140 people included financier Marc Rich, who fled the US after being indicted for tax evasion and whose ex-wife was a major donor to Democratic causes.  He also pardoned several people close to him, including his half-brother Roger, a convicted cocaine distributor.

Hillary gets her groove on.  It's been a hellish 4 months for Hillary R. Clinton.  She began the race for the presidency, a goal she has been obsessed with since hitching up with boy wander Bill, as if it were her right.  She paid for her claim by putting up with roaming Bill's circus of women, often corralled and marshaled before him by the Arkansas Highway Patrol.  She endured and shared in escapades including hidden commodity and real estate scams, accusations and denials of rape, and drug dealing.  That was BEFORE Hillary rose to co-presidency.

Clinton Fights to Keep Impeachment Taboo.  With a swift response to attacks from a former supporter last week, advisers to the New York Democrat offered a glimpse of their strategy for handling one of the most awkward chapters of her biography.  They declared her husband's impeachment in 1998 — or, more accurately, the embarrassing personal behavior that led to it — taboo, putting her rivals on notice and all but daring other Democrats to mention the ordeal again.

[Attention all Republican strategists:  Hillary just told everyone where her weakness lies.]

Siege Mentality:  The Clintons find themselves victimized and under siege.  The presidency is being stolen from them.  The press is out to get them.  They deride elites and champion the masses.  They live in a constant state of emergency.  But they will endure any humiliation, ride out any crisis, fight on even when fighting seems hopeless.  That might sound like a fair summary of how Bill and Hillary Clinton have viewed the past five months.  But it also happens to describe what, until now, was the greatest ordeal of the Clintons' almost comically turbulent political careers:  impeachment.

The cut-rate pursuit of power:  [Hillary is] not just a frontrunner and a woman, but half of a power couple who may finally be required to pay for the excess baggage, both his and hers.  The former first lady is the most exposed candidate in the race, and the least known.  Despite the endless revelations of scandal and sharp dealing, we've never gotten to the bottom of "Wifewater," her financial killings in the commodities markets or the whereabouts of the lost records that suddenly and inexplicably showed up in the living quarters of the White House.

Hillary's Purpose Driven Drivel:  Listening to liberal politicians attempt to speak about Biblical Christianity is something akin to quizzing porn stars about the finer points of acting. … Would anyone who has tolerated serial adultery, first hand accounts of rape and sexual assault against other women, and an infantile like obsession with never being criticized call their "family" (i.e. the philanderer she's married to and bore a child with) a blessing?

Two Cheers for Obama.  [Scroll down]  Add Clinton's staggering tactlessness to her thirst for funny money (e.g., disgraced fundraisers Norman Hsu, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung), missing legal documents, abused FBI personnel files, politically motivated IRS audits, stolen antiques, and the multifarious wrongdoing that defined the Clinton White House.  Obama has spared America another four to eight years of official lawlessness.  For this he merits abundant applause.

Axelrod Playbook Flashback: Obama Demands Clinton Release Tax Returns.  FROM ABC NEWS - Feb 7, 2008:  Sen. Barack Obama called on his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton to release her recent income tax returns — a move the Clintons have long resisted.  Strapped for campaign cash, Clinton announced this week that she loaned her presidential committee $5 million of her own personal funds, but it was not immediately clear how she came by that much money.

The Clinton Library

The Clinton Library is important for at least two reasons:  It is the vault where a potentially damaging paper trail from the 1990s can be hidden away, despite the best efforts of investigators and journalists.  More importantly, it is apparently being used as a means of funneling unlimited amounts of money into the Clinton [re]election campaign.

Secrets of The William J. Clinton Foundation.  Chicago bankruptcy lawyer William Brandt Jr. pledged $1 million for the Clinton library in May 1999, at the same time the Justice Department was investigating whether he'd lied about a Clinton fundraising event.  The Clinton DOJ cleared him a few months later. … A major investor in cellular firm NextWave — Bay Harbour Management — pledged $1 million in 1999, when NextWave was waiting to see if the Clinton FCC would allow it to keep its cellular licenses.  NextWave didn't immediately get its licenses, and Bay Harbour never made good on its pledge.  And let's not forget the $450,000 contribution from Denise Rich, which was followed by Mr. Clinton's pardon of her fugitive husband, Marc Rich.

The Clinton library's secret files.  A trove of Clinton White House records long processed for release remains hidden from public view at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock — even though the legal basis initially used to withhold them expired more than a year ago. [...] Under the Presidential Records Act, such records can be withheld for up to 12 years after a president leaves office.  However, at the 12-year mark, those broad restrictions fall away and the once-secret presidential papers are generally subject to disclosure.  For the Clinton files, that milestone came and went in January 2013.

Photos from Clinton Presidential Library Link Hillary Clinton to Clinton Presidential Pardons.  Judicial Watch … researchers obtained 34 photos from the Clinton Presidential Library of Hillary Rodham Clinton, then-President Bill Clinton and Grand Rabbi David Twersky at a White House meeting during which the Grand Rabbi and other community leaders allegedly lobbied the Clintons to commute the jail sentences of four Hasidic men convicted of stealing $30 million in government education aid.  The meeting took place in December 2000, just after the New York based Hasidim sect delivered 1,400 votes to Hillary Clinton's Senate 2000 campaign and only 12 to her opponent Rick Lazio.

Clinton Library Is Hillary's Campaign Springboard.  If the opening of Bill Clinton's presidential library had the feel of a campaign event, that's because that's just what it was.

Clinton Library Won't Release Berger Documents.  The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library will not make available to the public the documents that former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger illegally took from the National Archives in 2003.  A letter from the library said the total 502 pages from the Millennium Alert After Action Review (MAAR) are "restricted in their entirety," under federal law and that the documents are "classified in the interest of national defense or foreign policy."

Hillary Clinton Arkansas Papers Unreleased.  It's unlikely that Arkansas papers on Hillary Rodham Clinton's years as the state's first lady will be released before the 2008 election, says the director of the Little Rock library that holds Bill Clinton's gubernatorial files.

Who Was Hillary Clinton?  Hillary Clinton is running for President based in large part on her experience, especially her eight years as first lady.  So it is revealing that she and her husband don't want the media and others to have ready access to the records that might tell us a good deal more about that 1990s "experience."  We're referring to the controversy over records at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, which opened in 2004.  At the time, Mrs. Clinton promised that "everything's going to be available."

Papers?  I Don't See Any Papers.  When author Sally Bedell Smith was researching her new book about Bill and Hillary Clinton's White House years, she flew to Little Rock to visit the one place she thought could be an invaluable resource:  the new William J. Clinton Presidential Library.  Smith was hoping to inspect records that could shed light on what role the First Lady played in her husband's administration.  But Smith quickly discovered the frustrations of dealing with a library critics call "Little Rock's Fort Knox."

Clinton Library Has Responded to UFO Inquiries — Little Else.  Under the Presidential Records Act, presidential records are public records.  But many are complaining about the Clinton library's lack of progress in making relevant records available to the public.  The library opened in 2004, and the records became subject to the Freedom of Information Act in January 2006.

Clinton Library Answers UFO Theorist, Not USA Today.  Even though it says it processes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on a first-come-first-serve basis, the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library has answered multiple requests related to Unidentified Flying Objects made in late February 2006 but not any of the requests made a month earlier by USA Today.

Clinton Library Got Funds From Abroad.  Bill Clinton's presidential library raised more than 10 percent of the cost of its $165 million facility from foreign sources, with the most generous overseas donation coming from Saudi Arabia, according to interviews yesterday [12/14/2007].

How Much Information Can You Really Get From the Clinton Library?  Newsweek reports the national archives says barely one-half of one percent of the 78 million pages of documents and 20 million e-mails stored at the library are open to the public.  Nearly 300 Freedom of Information requests are pending for Clinton documents — and an archives spokeswoman says it is hard to predict if any of the material will be released before next year's election.

Researchers and journalists are finding it hard to get papers out of Clinton's Presidential Library.  Among the documents requested … detailed files on Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, the pardons scandal and even back-and-forth about Clinton's 2000 Senate bid.  Sixteen months after the library started accepting applications, no major request for sensitive documents pertaining to Clinton's first-lady years have been released.

Why We're Touring the Clinton Library:  Like far too many women in this country, all three of us have experienced the crime of sexual assault and the violation of sexual harassment by men in powerful positions.  Each of us has battled with the shame, humiliation, and fear of coming forward to report the assault.  Each of us has worried about how this sexual harassment and assault will affect our careers.  Two of us, however, suffered this kind of experience at the hands of a United States president.

The Saga of the First Lady Files:  Word that nearly 2 million pages of documents related to Hillary Rodham Clinton's time as first lady could remain locked up until after next year's election produced the predictable catcalls among critics suspecting coverup.  But it raises the broader, unprecedented question of how someone's service as first lady should be evaluated in terms of her qualifications to be president in the first place.

Hillary, Under Lock and Key.  The authors of the "Kids First" memo were, of course, Hillary Clinton's staffers from the 1993 health-care task force.  Its discovery validated conservative arguments that the proposed S-CHIP expansion is an integral part the larger movement to nationalize health care.  The AAPS lawsuit successfully exposed this memo, as well as other key documents.  But as Judicial Watch's [Chris] Farrell points out, a great deal of Hillary's record as First Lady remains inaccessible to the public.

Clinton Presses for White House Papers.  Former President Clinton said Friday [11/02/2007] that a letter he wrote to the National Archives was to expedite release of his papers, not slow the process or hide anything as rivals are suggesting in criticism of his wife.  Hillary Rodham Clinton was quizzed during this week's Democratic presidential debate as to why correspondence between her and her husband from their White House years remained bottled up at the National Archives.

Clinton no open book on healthcare.  [Scroll down] But a big part of that history is being concealed.  Hundreds of pages of memos and correspondence involving the healthcare plan of the early 1990s have been withheld, leaving a gap in a historic period when Clinton undertook one of the most ambitious domestic policy forays ever attempted.  Some of the records kept from public view are memos from the early 1990s that White House aides wrote to Clinton about members of Congress, some of whom are still serving.

GOP issuing 'Clinton library cards'.  Republicans across the country are encouraging voters to sign up for a "Clinton library card," a publicity stunt to highlight the dispute over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's White House records.  The Democrats have been arguing over the issue since it surfaced during an Oct. 30 debate, and former President Bill Clinton has since said the debate question about the records kept by the National Archives was "breathtakingly misleading."

Clinton library a closed book.  Almost three years after the library's opening and nearly two years after the administration's archives became subject to federal open-records laws, only a small fraction of the archives has been opened to the public.  Virtually all of the 3 million pages of documents that detail the internal workings of the health-care task force that Hillary Clinton headed remain stored away in boxes, for example.

Several obstacles hold up release of Clinton records.  In her presidential campaign, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York argues that if elected she could hit the ground running, because her days as first lady prepared her for the spotlight and the rigors of the Oval Office.  The voluminous records of former President Bill Clinton's administration would seem to be a great source for proving those claims.  The trouble is, many of the documents haven't been released.

2,600 Pages of Clinton Records Withheld.  The National Archives is withholding from the public about 2,600 pages of records at President Clinton's direction, despite a public assurance by one of his top aides last month that Mr. Clinton "has not blocked the release of a single document."  The 2,600 pages, stored at Mr. Clinton's library in Arkansas, were deemed to contain "confidential advice" and, therefore, "closed" under the Presidential Records Act, an Archives spokeswoman, Susan Cooper, told The New York Sun yesterday [12/18/2007].

Archivists block release of Clinton papers.  Federal archivists at the Clinton Presidential Library are blocking the release of hundreds of pages of White House papers on pardons that the former president approved, including clemency for fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich.  That archivists' decision, based on guidance provided by Bill Clinton that restricts the disclosure of advice he received from aides, prevents public scrutiny of documents that would shed light on how he decided which pardons to approve from among hundreds of requests.

Some Clinton Pardon Papers Still Sealed.  The Clinton Presidential Library … released 2,830 pages of documents this week on pardons President Bill Clinton considered for Rich and others during his last months in office.  But the library withheld another 1,114 pages that archivists said would disclose confidential discussion of advice the former president received from advisers or would violate someone's personal privacy.

The Clintons' Records:  So it turns out that — in the middle of a desperate primary battle — the Clintons are withholding from the public documents from the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library.  This was denied back in December, when our roving national correspondent, Josh Gerstein, reported that about 2,600 pages of documents were being withheld at Mr. Clinton's direction, despite assurances from the former president's office that he "has not blocked the release of a single document from his library."

Hide and seek.  The campaign manager for Sen. Barack Obama has a point.  David Plouffe wants Hillary Clinton to release her income tax returns for the last several years and couple that with a speedier process for releasing papers from the Clinton White House years.  That's so voters will be able to judge whether Mrs. Clinton's claims of experience are justified by what she says she did as a virtual "co-president."  Mr. Plouffe told reporters last week that Mrs. Clinton is "one of the most secretive politicians in America today."  Who would disagree, other than Mrs. Clinton?

Even ABC News wonders...
The Clinton Tax Returns:  What's the Holdup?  After weeks of intense pressure, and more than a year after announcing her presidential candidacy, Sen. Hillary Clinton has offered little explanation for why she has delayed releasing the tax returns made public by most other Democratic presidential candidates in recent years.

The Clinton Runaround:  Have you ever been to a government office to pick up a document — your driver's license, say — only to be sent to another window, where the clerk sends you to another window, where a clerk sends you back to the first to start all over again?  That's what it feels like these days asking Bill and Hillary Clinton about their White House records.

Peace and Bitterness:  The Clintons are resisting the disclosure of a document that could help clarify the New York senator's claims that she was "instrumental" in Northern Ireland peacemaking.  The document's unlikely author:  Chelsea Clinton.  As a Stanford University senior in 2001, the former First Daughter wrote a 150-page thesis on the subject.  Her faculty adviser, Prof. Jack Rakove, has said that Chelsea spoke with her father "at some length" about the negotiations.  But the Clinton camp has declined to make it public.

Fishy Way of Sheiking the Money Tree.  [Scroll down] So how much of Bill's earnings came from Burkle really come from the Emir's petrodollars?  And what does Bill bring to Yucaipa?  A rolodex of contacts made while he was president, and nothing else.  By the way, this is the same Emir who aggressively boycotts Israel and has been cited for human rights violations by the State Department.  How much did Bill get from the Emir and what did he do for it?  The tax returns don't say and the Clintons aren't talking.

The Clinton library's sanitized history.  The description of his impeachment in Bill Clinton's new presidential library beats anything I've ever seen at a supposedly historical exhibit.  Its flawless Newspeak brings to mind the airbrushed prose of the Late Great Soviet Encyclopedia, in which any embarrassing images would be dutifully erased in successive annual editions.

Detractors gear up to build Counter Clinton Library.  A group pledging to build the Counter Clinton Library in Little Rock is moving forward with its plans this year for a rebuttal to the Clinton Presidential Center despite fund-raising delays.

Bill Clinton Never Balanced A Budget And Never Ran A Surplus.  On Friday [9/30/2011] Former President Bill Clinton spoke at the dedication of a bridge at his Presidential library.  During his address he complained that Republicans try to take too much credit for his welfare reform legislation and for balancing the budget.  The two parties can argue about who was behind welfare reform, but no one deserves credit for balancing the budget.  The truth is the United States federal budget was not balanced in any of Bill Clinton's eight years as President.  Not once!

The William J. Clinton Foundation
and the Clintons' ability to raise money for themselves.

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Hillary's college thesis

Another Clinton Cover Up Exposed.  Recently made available for public viewing, Hillary Clinton's controversial college thesis was for years ordered sealed by the Clinton White House to keep her Marxist and socialist views from becoming public.  The 92-page document paints a favorable picture of the radical leftwing community organizer Saul Alinsky, who Hillary refers to as having a "compelling personality" and "exceptional charm."

Hillary's Secret Thesis Reveals Socialist Thinking.  Well, it is finally available to the public, fortunately in time for the public to avoid making the huge mistake of electing Hillary.  By the directive of President Bill Clinton, Hillary's senior thesis was sealed; the only time this has ever been done in the history of Wellesley College.  The reason it was hidden away?  It reveals Hillary's Socialist/Communist philosophy and sympathies.

Hil's College Thesis Reveals Her Mind.  The thesis' title, "There is Only the Fight … An Analysis of the Alinsky Model," exposes Clinton's strong ideological attachment to her most influential mentor, Saul Alinsky.  Reading this work makes it clear why she had to remove it from public view, for Alinsky, who died in 1972, was a radical social activist who preached grass-roots organizing and intense, confrontational politics.

Hillary's Thesis:  The Village Needs an Enemy.  She titled the paper, written to fulfill her Bachelor of Arts degree at Wellesley College, "There is Only the Fight."  It praises the work of radical activist Saul Alinsky, a man who epitomized a self-interested no-holds barred campaign style that Hillary has emulated in later years.  Clinton's savvy-but-ruthless politics, including the "politics of personal destruction" she so often condemns but more often practices, seem rooted in Alinsky's famous rules for radicals.

"There is only the Fight".  Hillary Clinton has a written life plan, but there have been only two copies available to the public — until now.  Written in 1969, and kept under lock and key during her years as First Lady, Hillary's Wellesley College senior thesis has only been readable in person at the campus library and in a single microfilm copy made available to individual researchers on inter-library loan.  Clinton lawyers have previously blocked people who sought to make it public.

Here it is...
"There is only the fight":  Hillary Clinton's 1969 Thesis from Wellesley College.

Hillary's Choice:  Political Power and Alinsky.  Many questioned whether Hillary's tears were real or contrived.  They should read Hillary's 1969 Wellesley College Senior thesis.  Kept under lock and key during her years as First Lady, Hillary's Wellesley College senior thesis has until last summer only been readable in person at the campus library and in a single microfilm copy made available to individual researchers on inter-library loan.

Obama, Hillary and Alinsky's Tactics:  The emergence of a racial tinge to the Democratic Party nomination fight was all but inevitable, given both Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's training as disciples of Saul Alinsky.  Hardball tactics right out of Rules for Radicals provide perspective for understanding the unfolding battle.  Saul Alinsky, the hero of bloodless socialist revolution in America, was a master at explaining how to patiently use whatever weapons one has to bring about the transfer of power from the Haves to the Have Nots.

Saul Alinsky:  the Puppet Master.  Saul Alinsky, who died in 1972, at the age of 63, was a Chicago Marxist.  Among his many books was one titled "Rules for Radicals," in which he explained to his acolytes, "The most effective means are whatever will achieve the desired results."  It took Alinsky 11 words to paraphrase Karl Marx's far more succinct "The ends justify the means."  Alinsky, by the way, dedicated that particular book to Lucifer, whom he coyly referred to as "the first radical."

Rubber-Stamp Approval Slips Over Hil's Chasms of Conflicts.  "The (William J.) Clinton Foundation exists as a temptation for any foreign entity or government that believes it could curry favor through a donation," cautioned Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana.  "It also sets up potential perception problems with any action taken by the secretary of state in relation to foreign givers or their countries...."  Therefore, he concluded, in a sharp reversal of his own logic, "I believe that every member of this committee will seek ways to support Senator Clinton's work as secretary of state."  Huh?

Rules for Radicals:  A Blurred Vision.  Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals," first published in 1971, has been read and assimilated by a number of those who espouse a Far Left agenda.  Our current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, wrote her senior thesis on Alinsky while at Wellesley College.  The following excerpt is from that paper.  "Much of what Alinsky professes does not sound 'radical.'  His are the words used in our schools and churches, by our parents and their friends, by our peers."  Perhaps in your world, Madam Secretary — certainly not in mine.

Section 2
It's not enough to call her a liberal or a progressive.  Hillary "It Takes a Village" Clinton is a hard-core left-wing pro-abortion Socialist.

Hillary Clinton ( Is A Radical.  Hillary is not mainstream.  She's not even on the far left bank of the mainstream.  She is way, way out there — a genuine '60s girl, and the ideas and staff she would bring to the White House would represent a sharp break with all that has gone before in American politics.  With as many as six appointments to the Supreme Court in the next eight years (six Ruth Bader Ginsburgs!) a Hillary Court would be like a Hillary presidency — a radical Bench to back up a radical Administration.  That's the 2008 campaign in a nutshell.

Read this!
Hillary's Radical Skeletons:  The former Goldwater girl would write her 1969 thesis for Wellesley College on the ideas of native Chicago radical Saul Alinsky. … Hillary had one difference with Alinsky:  she did not believe street demonstrations were effective avenues to promote their shared, far-Left values.  Instead, she affirmed her commitment to working "inside the system," because she believed all change came about only by acquiring political power.

How crypto-Marxism won the Cold War.  Today, for the first time in American history we have two — count 'em, two — hard-core Leftists running for the Democrat Party nomination.  The Left hasn't had this kind of chance for power since Truman defeated Henry Wallace in 1948.  Hillary and Obama are Marx twins who only differ in race and gender.  All the media tell us is how great it is to have a woman and a black man running for president.

What else are the media not reporting?

Clinton will eliminate disparities for same-sex couples.  Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said she would defend gay rights as president and eliminate disparities for same-sex couples in federal law, including immigration and tax policy.  Clinton said states such as New Jersey and Massachusetts are extending rights to gay couples "and the federal government should recognize that and should extend the same access to federal benefits across the board.  I will very much work to achieve that."

Clinton Calls for $30 Billion for Home Mortgage Crisis.  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to one of her major campaign themes Monday — the economic impact of the home mortgage crisis — and called on Congress to provide $30 billion to help states and communities lessen the number of foreclosures.

Cradle-to-college socialism:
Hillary Clinton Backs Federal Funding for 'America's Pre-K Movement'.  While senators scrambled to pass a financial "rescue" or "bailout" package that could cost taxpayers up to $700 billion on Wednesday [10/1/2008], Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Kit Bond (R-Mo.) called for expanding the public education system to include 3- and 4-year-olds.  The pre-K programs would be paid for by state funding and supplemented by federal grants.

Going After OPEC:  Hillary Clinton says she wants to dismantle OPEC if she becomes president. ... But Clinton's plan to go after OPEC is a slick PR exercise, and her recent threats against U.S. oil companies are downright dangerous.  "(Oil companies) have record profits," she said, "that they frankly are just sitting there counting because they are not doing anything new to earn it; they are just taking advantage of what's going on."  This is patently false.

Don't Stop Worrying About the Clintons.  On the trail these days, Clinton is waging a campaign whose motto should be "Say Anything." … "We're going to go after OPEC," she hollered, dismissing it as "monopoly cartel" in which members "sit in some conference room a couple of times a year, decide how much oil they are going to produce, and how much they are going to charge for it."  It's a nice idea, but her strategy of changing laws to sue the organization on anti-trust grounds is risible, because it's hard to see how the group would abide by any U.S. court decision.

The "Problem" Of Human Freedom:  Could it be that a foolish and abusive use of governmental power is a causal factor with our energy woes?  Could it be, as [Bill] O'Reilly suggested, that our government's (and Mrs. Clinton's) prohibition of domestic energy development is part of the reason we are now held hostage to the "monopoly" of OPEC?  Not so, for Hillary.  In her leftist world, the problem is that American citizens are enjoying too much freedom.  "Consumers" and "drivers" behave badly, they drive too much, and they drive the "wrong" vehicles; and American oil corporations (just as President Carter told us in the 1970's) are once again raking in "windfall profits."

Will Hillary's 'Secretary Of Poverty' Solve Problems Of The Poor?  "I believe we should appoint a cabinet level position that will be solely and fully devoted to ending poverty as we know it in America," she solemnly intoned. … The media largely ignored her proposal but her former rival John Edwards applauded it.

The Editor says...
You remember John Edwards — the champion of the poor, who pays $400 for a haircut.

Hillary's plan for economic ruin:  Hillary Rodham Clinton sat down with The New York Times to outline her economic plans if elected president, and we now know the sad, sordid facts — how confused the senator is and how intent she is on ruinous policies. … The Times story tells us that Hillary Clinton is generally far more skeptical of free trade and free markets than was Bill Clinton as president.  The truth is that relatively unhampered trade has produced literally millions of jobs for this nation.  It has also driven down prices to far greater benefit for America's poor than any dozen new governmental programs the senator's socialistically inclined imagination might come up with.

Clinton pits herself against business.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) trashed an array of corporate interests in an economic speech in Ohio Thursday [2/14/2008], vowing that as president she would go after oil, credit-card, insurance, pharmaceutical, investment, and loan firms.

Clinton:  Rein in special interests.  Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, criticized for taking corporate special interest contributions, proposed restrictions on a wide array of industries Thursday [2/14/2008] … She said she would rein in oil, insurance, credit card, student loan and Wall Street investment companies and generate $55 billion a year that would be used for middle-class tax cuts, create jobs and pay for an array of domestic programs.

The Editor says...
Senator Clinton's feigned objection to "special interests" is a little hard to swallow.  Are the labor unions a "special interest?"  Are the baby-killing feminists a "special interest?"  Is Norman Hsu a "special interest?"

Clinton Issues Economic Plan.  Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign released a 13-page blueprint for fixing the economy Monday [2/18/2008], detailing the former first lady's plans to achieve universal health care, address the home foreclosure crisis and develop jobs for the middle class.  The pamphlet, which will be distributed to voters at campaign events and posted online, outlines many of the ideas she talks about on the campaign trail each day.  But by pulling them together, the document resembles a populist manifesto … with Clinton championing the needs of working-class voters over corporate and business interests.

Liberal Media is Hillary's Secret Weapon.  All you have to do is look it up.  How hard is this to do?  It would take a reporter about five nanoseconds.  When you've got an "F" from the National Taxpayers Union, a zero from the National Tax Limitations committee, an eight from Citizens Against Government Waste, a twelve from the American Conservative Union, an "F" from the Gun Owners of America, how are you moderate?  When you've got a 95 from the ADA, when you've got a 100 from the Brady campaign against guns, a 93 from the AFL-CIO, a 100 from the State and County Municipal Employees, that doesn't make you a moderate!

Hillary would raise taxes on rich.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday [12/13/2007] said her plan for fiscal responsibility includes tax increases, during a debate at which the Democratic contenders kept it civil and stressed they will "ask" Americans to sacrifice to achieve their policy goals.  "I want to restore the tax rates that we had in the '90s," said the New York Democrat and former first lady.

Santa Claus Politics:  Senator Hillary Clinton's Christmas commercial, showing various government programs as presents under a Christmas tree, was a classic example of calculated confusion in politics.  Anyone who believes that the government can give the country presents has fallen for the oldest political illusion of all — the illusion of something for nothing.

The Hillary Who Stole Christmas.  If you take Hillary's ad remotely as seriously as many are taking Huckabee's, you're left with a disturbing glimpse of not just Hillary's politics but her vision of government.  Her programs, which would cost billions and billions of dollars by even the most generous accounting, are simply "gifts" for the American people.  No sacrifice, no cost, no strings attached at all — save the price of your vote.

Candidates lose fear of wishing 'Merry Christmas'.  In Sen. Clinton's Christmas message, Hillary is bundling up presents for all of us. … "Where did I put 'Universal Pre-K'?" she says.  "Ah, there it is."  If you thought Christmas at the mall was too materialistic, this is bonanza time.  Message:  It Takes A Santa's Village Staffed By Unionized Government Elves To Raise A Child, and I'm Santa and you're gonna need a much bigger chimney for all the federal entitlements I'll be tossing down there.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton and the Neo-Marxist Democrats.  Evidence of the resurgence of Marxism, or neo-Marxism, as a result of the failures of the neo-conservative Bush regime, is evident both in polling data and in the current debate among the participants in the Democrat primary contest.  The leading contender, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, proffers a specific set of concepts designed to assert a "progressive" or positivistic policy whose intention is to "improve" the condition of the American people.

Hillary Rodham, The Making of a Social Radical.  Most know that Hillary Rodham Clinton's politics veer to the outer fringes of the radical Left.  But how many understand the reasons for her conversion from Goldwater conservative to cultural Marxist, and how this would play out during her controversial bid for the U.S. presidency?

Hillary's Chutzpah:  What the Congress needs to do is give us classical supply-side measures.  It needs to incent earning the next dollar, which means the opposite of the kinds of tax increases Mrs. Clinton wants.  It needs to pass the trade agreements awaiting ratification in the Congress.  It needs to stabilize the dollar and work toward a policy of sound money.

Hillary Clinton 'would move US to Left of France'.  America under Hillary Clinton would suffer high taxes and lavish public spending that would make it more Left-wing than France, Rudy Giuliani, the Republican presidential hopeful, has claimed.  His remarks drew anxious gasps from his audience of party supporters in the key primary state of New Hampshire.

The Democrats and Gun Control:  Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly voted for antigun proposals, and co-sponsored many of them.  After Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans and St. Tammany police confiscated guns from law-abiding citizens, violating an explicit Louisiana law.  In some cases, the confiscation was carried out with the assistance of federal agents, and was perpetrated via warrantless break-ins into homes.  The next year, the U.S. Senate voted 84-16 for a homeland security appropriations rider stating:  "None of the funds appropriated by this Act shall be used for the seizure of a firearm based on the existence of a declaration or state of emergency."  Mrs. Clinton was one of the 16 who voted "no."

We're All Gun Nuts Now.  During a campaign debate on April 16, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were asked if the District of Columbia's ban on gun possession, now facing a challenge before the Supreme Court, is constitutional.  "I think a total ban, with no exceptions under any circumstances, might be found by the Court not to be.  But I don't know the facts," said Clinton (Yale Law '73), dodging the question for the third and final time.

Hillary Clinton's Left Hook:  After Hillary Clinton clerked in the summer of 1971 at an Oakland, Calif., law firm run by attorneys with ties to the Communist Party, she never returned to work there.  But she stayed in touch with one of the firm's partners and his wife, and they stayed in touch with her, until they died.

Hillary Clinton's Radical Summer:  In a life marked largely by political caution, one entry on Senator Clinton's résumé stands out:  her clerkship in 1971 at one of America's most radical law firms, Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein.  One partner at the firm, Doris Walker, was a Communist Party member at the time.  Another partner, Robert Treuhaft, had left the party in 1958, several years after being called before the House Un-American Activities Committee and labeled as one of America's most "dangerously subversive" lawyers.

Clinton:  Use Fluorescent Bulbs, Wrap Water Heaters in Blankets.  Visitors [Hillary's] Web site are asked to take a pledge to "confront … global warming and move our country towards energy independence."  The energy-saving advice was posted to coincide with the release of Clinton's new proposed energy policy, which would, among other things, set up a $50 billion strategic energy reserve and phase out the incandescent light bulb.

The Editor says...
The alternative to the incandescent light bulb is the compact fluorescent light bulb, about which I have posted a lot of information — none of it favorable.  And if the people on the political left are really interested in America's energy independence, why do they oppose drilling for oil in Alaska?

The Liberal Card Deck.  Hillary knows she can cream any other liberal presidential candidate, but she still can't figure out how to be more conservative than a conservative.  That concept of personal responsibility as opposed to governmental intrusion to solve societal deficiencies is far beyond her grasp.

Hillary Lurches Leftward:  An Early Abandonment of Her Centrist Strategy.  Hillary Clinton apparently felt the need for these swiftly escalating efforts at flamboyant anti-warism to match the "bring the troops home within months" proposals of her two strongest challengers: former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Obama.  Compounding this dangerous leftward pull on the Democratic Party presidential aspirants is the fierce economic populist message of former Sen. Edwards, who is currently running disconcertingly (for Clinton and Obama) strongly nationwide — particularly in Iowa.

It Takes a Snow Job.  Hillary Clinton is a reminder that self-described children's activists pose one of the greatest threats to children.  Many children's activists are just feminists who don't particularly like children, and certainly don't want to stay home and raise them.  Their children's activism amounts to an attempt to shift responsibility for children from mothers to the state.

There's something about Hillary.  Hillary Clinton is an immensely dangerous politician.  Despite recent attempts to modify her image, Hillary remains an unabashed liberal — a radical on abortion, health care, the judiciary and the economy.  Hillary maintains a 100 percent favorability rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League.

Sen. Clinton's Abortion Record May Haunt '08 Campaign.  The presumed frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, [Senator Hillary] Clinton has a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood.  The same can be said of Democratic Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois, John Kerry of Massachusetts, Joseph Biden of Delaware and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards — all of whom are expected to challenge Clinton for the nomination.  Although helpful in a Democratic primary, a rigid stance on the issue could pose a challenge in a general election.

Hillary Clinton:  Shill for the pill.  Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., portrays herself as a scourge of the pharmaceutical industry, but she has shown that she's willing to help a drugmaker if that's what it takes to profit Planned Parenthood, her indispensable political ally.  Clinton's campaign Web site touts that she has "battled the big drug companies."  Yet she has sponsored many bills that would directly subsidize Barr Laboratories, maker of the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B, which also functions as an abortifacient.

Disturbing Questions about Hillary Clinton and Abortion.  Especially when the issue involves protecting innocent life, the subject of this report, the American people deserve to know the full truth about the Clintons' radical, and often corrupt, agenda.  And Judicial Watch is committed to providing it.  As part of Judicial Watch's Open Records Project, we have examined important government documents about the core public policy issue of abortion.  This special report examines three new documents pertaining to the Clintons pro-abortion policies, with special emphasis on Hillary Clinton's central role in crafting and promoting these policies.

Hillary Clinton:  Still Socialist After All These Years.  The ever-cautious Clinton occasionally exposes her true ideological core.  "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good," she told San Franciscans in June 2004.  As First Lady, she said:  "We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."  Hillary Clinton is a hardened socialist, despite the mainstream media's efforts to portray her as a "centrist"….

Clinton Would Fund Stem Cell Research.  If elected president, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton says she would sign an executive order rescinding President Bush's restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.  She says she also would bar political appointees from altering or removing scientific conclusions from government research without a legitimate reason for doing so.

Clinton proposes to extend Family Medical Leave Act.  Democratic presidential front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) unveiled a plan Tuesday [10/16/2007] that would expand the Family Medical Leave Act to cover 13 million additional workers.

Hillary Weaves.  Indeed, it actually sounded like the woman who wanted to nationalize one-seventh of the U.S. economy was never in favor of big government.  But rather than admit she's a liberal, she pulls the rhetorical rip cord and parachutes to safety:  "I prefer the word 'progressive,'" she proclaimed, "which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century.  I consider myself a modern progressive."  Refusing to define that, she moved on, neglecting to mention that progressives — modern and old-fashioned alike — believe in big government, too.

8 Reasons Why Conservatives Must Defeat Hillary.  Today's Democratic Party and its likely nominee, Hillary Clinton, have moved well to the left of where they were in the pre-George W. Bush era.  That could have some rather serious consequences if she becomes the next President of the United States.

What a difference a Clinton makes.  Hillary Clinton will forever be the Orwellian Big Sister candidate.  She has fallen victim to a video, being screened on YouTube, which portrays her as Big Brother, telling the serried ranks of human drones that she wants a "conversation" about America. … The spoof hits home because it portrays exactly what bothers America about Hillary.

Hillary:  The Big Sister We Can Do Without.  The first is that many people in both parties see her as ideologically repellent. … If the right regards her as a dangerous leftist and the left regards her as an unprincipled accomplice in the Iraq disaster, who really likes her?

Hill Eyes National Cig Curb.  Hillary Clinton lavished praise on New York City's tough anti-smoking laws yesterday — and said she supports smoking bans in public places across the country.  Asked at an Iowa forum on cancer whether banning smoking in public places would be good for America, Clinton replied, "Well, personally, I think so.  And that's what a lot of local communities and states are starting to do."

Look out, Hillary's morphing into Bill.  If you've listened to Hillary Clinton lately, you could be forgiven for thinking you were hearing her husband Bill.  In the last week in particular, she's been positioning herself for a presidential run in 2008, modifying or even lying about her positions in an effort to obscure her hard-left record.  Hillary a centrist?  That's the plan.

Hillary the Chameleon:  I have always considered Hillary Clinton a formidable politician, but I haven't really feared a Hillary presidency because I haven't thought she was electable.  I'm not quite as sure anymore.  Hillary, in her true skin, is too stridently liberal and unlikable to be electable in a national election.  But who says she has to show her true skin? … She has been doing a masterful job of toning down her liberalism a little dose at a time.  Even so, her metamorphosis has been so transparent that even the perennially apathetic and ignorant should be able to see through it.  But many don't.

Sen. Clinton's Slur:  Sen. Hillary Clinton yesterday [9/12/2007] found herself positioned firmly to the left of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding that disgusting New York Times/MoveOn "General Betray Us" attack on Gen. David Petraeus' integrity.  That's not an enviable position for a woman who's trying to convince the American people that she's fit to be president of the United States.

UPI Photo

A Picture Worth 1000 Words

Hillary's refusal to condemn attacks on Gen. Petraeus is unpresidential.  With her refusal to denounce the far-left for its smear of our top commander in Iraq, Clinton has taken another big step away from the center of American politics.  On the most important issue of our times — Iraq and the fight against Islamic terrorism — the Democratic presidential front-runner has thrown her lot in with the radicals, kooks and nuts that litter the wackadoo wing.  And she has turned her back on our soldiers and their leaders during wartime.

It takes a (socialist) village.  Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has unveiled her economic vision.  Should she be given the power to implement it, we can say goodbye to the prosperity and opportunity we have enjoyed since the Reagan years.  In a speech at Manchester School of Technology in New Hampshire, Clinton said it's time to replace President Bush's "ownership society," which she called an "on your own" society, with one based on shared responsibility and prosperity.

Subprime.  Senator Hillary Clinton presents herself as a policy expert and declares her readiness to govern from "day one."  But her recent prescriptions for the housing market should cause doubts for thoughtful observers.

Religion and politics New York style:  In a 1996 address to the United Methodist General Conference, Mrs. Clinton amplified the theme in her book, "It Takes a Village":  "As adults we have to start thinking and believing that there isn't really any such thing as someone else's child … .  For that reason, we cannot permit discussions of children and families to be subverted by political or ideological debate," which, of course, is precisely what she does.

Child's Play.  Hillary Clinton's entire approach to public policy, from her earliest days as a "children's rights advocate," has been grounded in the idea that political differences need to be put aside for the sake of The Children.  In 1996 she proclaimed, "As adults we have to start thinking and believing that there isn't really any such thing as someone else's child." … But here's the thing:  There really is such a thing as somebody else's child.  I don't want to live in a country where there's no such thing as somebody else's child, because that means there's no such thing as my child. … Almost as important, I don't want to live in a country where I am a "subversive" simply by offering political or ideological debate against this vision.

"As adults we have to start thinking and believing that there isn't really any such thing as someone else's child."
[1] [2]

HillaryCare:  Socialized medicine with a very thin candy coating.

What Hillary Knew — In 1993.  Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs' recent comments doubting that Obamacare's employer mandate will ever be implemented — he called it "one of the first things to go" — likely caused heartburn among his onetime West Wing colleagues.  But there's one former Obama administration official whom Gibbs must have terrified more than most.  Years ago, that famous figure testified publicly that if Congress were to pass legislation with an individual mandate to purchase insurance, "we worry that the numbers of people who currently are insured through their employment will decrease because there will no longer be any reason for many employers" to offer coverage, when individuals can receive government subsidies instead.  That figure's name is Hillary Clinton.

Before ObamaCare, IBD Helped Spare The Nation HillaryCare.  Although this editorial was written more than 20 years ago, just replace "Clinton" with "Obama," and it all applies perfectly to ObamaCare, from the phony promises to the bogus financing scheme to the massive new bureaucracy.  It was this editorial and as many as 100 more like it in IBD that helped spare the nation the tragedy that would have been HillaryCare.

Clinton Files: Advisers pushed 'Health Care University,' crafted 'enemies' list.  Members of the Clinton administration were so vigorous about their push for health care reform in 1993 that they pushed the idea of launching a "Health Care University" — and even circulated an "enemies" list of those who opposed the overhaul.  The details were included in the latest batch of Clinton administration documents released Friday by the National Archives.  Included in the 7,500 pages were two curious documents from 1993.

Documents: Biden and Kerry both opposed Hillarycare before they supported Obamacare.  Then-Sens. Joe Biden and John Kerry were both opposed to Hillary Clinton's 1993 health-care reform program, according to documents released by the Clinton presidential library.  Clinton marked a handwritten "No" beside Biden's name on Clinton's list of Capitol Hill lawmakers that she needed to win over for her universal health care law, known as the "Clinton health plan" or "Hillarycare," to pass.  John Kerry, meanwhile, was marked with a "Probably not."  "Hillarycare" ended up dying in the Democratic-controlled Senate in 1994 without coming to a floor vote.

Judicial Watch Obtains 57,000 Pages of Records on Hillary's Health Care Task Force.  Judicial Watch has long been on the trail of the corruption and deceit that were part and parcel of former First Lady Hillary Clinton's National Taskforce on Health Care Reform.  I'm pleased to report that we have scored another breakthrough, pulling back more the veil of secrecy in which the Clintons have long shrouded their most famous policy failure.

Remember Presidents Clinton?  Bill was just half of the 1990s White House duo.  Many argued that Hillary was actually the driving force behind the Clinton co-Presidency, even though Bill was the charismatic face and voice of the administration.  Hillary-Care failed under Bill, but some in America still think that socialized medicine is the answer to our health care challenges.  Nobody believes this more than Hillary, and she has many who agree.

Hillary Clinton:  Upon entering the White House in 1993, then-President Clinton appointed his wife to lead a task force on health care reform, the centerpiece of his agenda.  The finished product was so controversial it was abandoned in September 1994 without receiving a vote in either congressional chamber.  Six weeks later, Mrs. Clinton's political debacle on health care was instrumental in the political maelstrom that installed Republicans in control of the House (for the first time in 40 years) and the Senate.

Hillarycare revisited:  During Hillary Clinton's 1993 visit to Capitol Hill to testify about her proposed health-care plan, she was asked by Virginia Rep. Norman Sisisky what could be done to ease the burden of the plan's mandates on small businesses.  The former first lady responded in her best let-'em-eat-cake style:  "I can't go out and save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America."

Clinton urges health care for all.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday made a stronger pitch for universal health care and again defended her Iraq position, at the outset of a campaign swing through Iowa. … "I have some goals.  One of them is we're going to have universal health care coverage," the New York senator said, prompting loud cheers from the capacity crowd on the Dubuque campus.

Hillary Claiming Bill Clinton's Record.  Hillary was the moving force behind the Clinton presidency in 1993 and 1994 — with primary responsibility for the disastrous health-care plan, which helped hand Congress to the Republicans.  After that, her husband sent her into a polite exile.

Hillarycare will be mandatory.
A second shot at health care for Hillary.  Hillary Rodham Clinton will plunge back into the health care debate tomorrow with a sweeping plan that would require all Americans to sign up for health insurance — putting her at odds with top rival Barack Obama, Newsday has learned.

The Wages of HillaryCare.  Mrs. Clinton's proposal requires everyone to buy health insurance, along with more insurance regulation, a government insurance option for everyone and tax hikes.  Mr. Obama likes all that but his mandate would only apply to children.  He argues that the reason many people aren't insured is because it's too expensive, not because they don't want it.  Mrs. Clinton counters that coverage can't be "universal" without a mandate.

Bend over for Nurse Hillary.  Last week freedom took another hit.  Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled her new health care plan.  Unlike her old health care plan, which took longer to read than most cancers take to kill you, this one's instant and painless — just a spoonful of government sugar to help the medicine go down.  From now on, everyone in America will have to have health insurance.  Hooray!  And, if you don't, it will be illegal for you to hold a job.

It's Not Hillarycare, It's Hillarycon.  Sometimes Hillary Clinton leaves me breathless with the sheer arrogance of her assumption that the American people are like a bunch of straw-chewing rubes eager to buy her latest brand of snake oil. … Hillary knows that the law provides that nobody can be turned away because of their inability to pay for needed medical services — she just hopes the voters don't know that.

Hillary Clinton shills again for health care.  Nearly 15 years after her grand plan to revolutionize American health care collapsed in ignominious defeat, a chastened Hillary Clinton will propose today [9/17/2007] a new easier-to-swallow centrist proposal that focuses on providing universal coverage and reducing skyrocketing medical costs.

The Dark Side of Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan:  The public face of Hillary Clinton's new health care plan is sunny, filled with choices for consumers and bright with promises for better health care for all.  But a close examination of the proposal alongside other initiatives of Sen. Clinton in the past few years reveals a dark side she wants to hide from public view until after the election is over.

Hillary's health care bomb could blow up a good system.  Hillary Clinton just dropped the universal health care bomb that everyone knew was coming.  "I intend to have a universal health care system that does three things — lowers costs for everybody, improves quality for everybody and covers everybody."

Hillarizing Health Care:  The new Hillary health-care plan is very different from the old 1993-1994 Hillary plan.  It is far slyer, and far cleverer, far more well-packaged.  The same arguments that applied to the old Hillary plan do not necessarily apply to the new plan.  But the new health plan ends up in the same place as the old health plan — with the government running everything.

Unlearned Lessons:  HillaryCare II.  This is supposedly the grand lesson [Senator] Clinton learned from her many political scars:  People don't want government-run health care.  But she might want to study her mistakes a bit more closely because her alternative is to provide government-run health insurance, which ultimately is the same thing.  Clinton's plan would yank insurance regulation from the states and impose a series of federal mandates on employers, individuals and insurance companies.

It's Not True That Thousands Died for Lack of Health Insurance, Critics Say.  Last month, when she announced her $110-billion health-care reform plan, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), said, "Each year, 18,000 people die in America because they don't have health care. … But while some experts looking at Clinton's statistics and the issue of a health care crisis said she is correct, other experts said the data and claims are not accurate.

Schip Wreck:  Oregon voters send a message on HillaryCare.  Oregon voters passed judgment Tuesday [11/6/2007] on a plan that would have made their state children's health insurance program "universal."  Sound familiar?  It should, because Oregon reproduced the current Schip fracas in D.C. on the state level — and the referendum took a major shellacking, with voters siding three to two against.  Oregon's expansion was almost identical to the one backed by Congressional Democrats….

Exhuming Hillarycare:  In the 1990s, Judicial Watch, an organization that seeks to hold Democrats and Republicans accountable to the law, pursued members of the Clinton administration. … Now the self-described "public interest group" may have come up with its biggest find of all (so far).  It has obtained records from the library at the Clinton Presidential Center that reveal the internal workings and attitudes of people associated with Hillary Clinton's National Taskforce on Health Care Reform.  These documents penetrate Mrs. Clinton's carefully crafted personae, expose her true character and suggest what she and her Democratic allies would impose on the nation, if given the power.

Hillary's Health Care Cabal:  Judicial Watch released new documents last week from the Clinton Presidential Library regarding Hillary's botched attempt to stage a government takeover of our nation's healthcare system in 1993.  Our investigators found them during a trip to the Clinton Library in Little Rock last year.  Here are a few highlights from what we found.

The SCHIP Hits the Fan.  Hillary Clinton, now seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has put forth a vision of health care for all the uninsured which would be funded by increasing federal income taxes, raising tobacco taxes and raising capital gains taxes.  This would assure a universal health care system, she contends, and move us in the direction of socialized medicine (a term she has been careful not to use).

Hillarycare is mandatory!
Hillary's Plantation Politics.  Both [Obama and Clinton] noted a key difference in their approach to health care.  Each wants extensive government regulation.  But Clinton wants federal government mandates to force individuals to buy her plan and Obama rejects individual mandates.  This key departure in health policy hints at a far more fundamental difference in the mindsets of these two candidates.  Clinton's big-government liberalism is less rooted in liberal ideals than in the interest-group plantation politics that has defined the Democratic Party of recent years.

Clinton health plan may mean tapping pay.  Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday [2/3/2008] she might be willing to have workers' wages garnisheed if they refuse to buy health insurance to achieve coverage for all Americans.

Clinton May Garnish Wages to Achieve Universal Health Care.  Will Sen. Hillary Clinton garnish the wages of people who can afford health insurance but refuse to buy into her universal health care plan?  Maybe.  The Democratic presidential hopeful tried to duck the question Sunday, when ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked her about wage-garnishing three times.  But she didn't rule it out.

Denied.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's dream of overhauling the country's health-care system as the steward of a new Senate subcommittee has reportedly flatlined.  The New York senator had made health-care reform the centerpiece of her presidential campaign.

Reading the Bill...   The White House has pointedly refused to say whether President Obama will read the 1,000+ page health care bill — HR 3200 — now pending before the House of Representatives. ... The language may seem innocuous, but Sec 1866D actually describes the plan for American health care that was first proposed as HR 3600 in 1993 and known as HillaryCare.

Read more about about Obamacare.

Judicial Watch Gets Hillarycare Docs ... After 5-Year Legal Battle.  After a five-year battle with two presidential administrations, Judicial Watch finally got notification of a large cache of documents at the Clinton Presidential Library related to Hillarycare.  How large?  Try 54,527 pages.

Another nearby page has more information about socialized medicine and SCHIP.

The Baby Bond:
Hillary attempts to buy votes with other people's money.

This is a classic example of liberal utopian politics, where politicians promise to provide everything to everybody at no cost.  But this idea only lasted about a week, and when the polls showed what a huge mistake Hillary had made, she wasted no time in retracting the offer.

Clinton:  $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday [9/28/2007] that every child born in the United States should get a $5,000 "baby bond" from the government to help pay for future costs of college or buying a home.  Clinton, her party's front-runner in the 2008 race, made the suggestion during a forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus.

Hillary's baby bounty:  Just last week at a forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus, Hillary Clinton proposed that each baby born in the United States receive a $5,000 "baby bond" from the federal government. … Such a program extends government's hold over Americans' lives, from cradle to grave, and provides yet another "benefit" that can be used to justify higher taxes and greater regulation.  It would help condition otherwise self-sufficient voters to sup at the government trough — to expect government assistance even when it's not necessary.

GOP hits Hillary's 'baby bonds'.  Republican strategists say Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton"s call for giving every newborn $5,000 for education is the first major mistake in her front-running campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  They say it undermines the centrist image the New York Democrat has carefully built and, if exploited skillfully, could prove fatal in the 2008 general election.

Hillary McGovern.  Political candidates routinely do the obligatory baby-kissing.  Hillary Clinton wants to give each baby a check.  Never mind that she'll get the money by raising their parents' taxes.  George McGovern, who parlayed his $1,000-in-every-pot proposal into a 49-state loss in 1972, should sue for copyright infringement after Sen. Clinton told the Congressional Black Caucus' annual legislative conference that every baby born in America should be given a $5,000 "baby bond."

Let the backpedalling begin...
Hillary abandons 'baby bonds' plan.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's quick backtracking from an off-the-cuff "baby bonds" proposal demonstrates her campaign's ability to jump on damage control.  It's been less than two weeks since the New York Democrat casually said, "I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time."

Hillary's friends
Hillary's leftists friends include the labor unions, AARP, NAACP, La Raza, and a large number of Hollywood millionaires.

The Taxpayer Frog In the IRS Pot:  The Communist Party USA openly advocates to "defeat McCain and strengthen Democratic majorities in Congress" and to elect either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in 2008.  The CPUSA itself says electing more Democrats helps the Communist cause.

Clinton Keeps Quiet About Her Own Radical Ties.  When Hillary Rodham Clinton questioned rival Barack Obama's ties to 1960s radicals, her comments baffled two retired Bay Area lawyers who knew Clinton in the summer of 1971 when she worked as an intern at a left-wing law firm in Oakland, Calif., that defended communists and Black Panthers.  "She's a hypocrite," Doris B. Walker, 89, who was a member of the American Communist Party, said in an interview last week.  "She had to know who we were and what kinds of cases we were handling.  We had a very left-wing reputation…."

Clinton gets backing of Maxine Waters.  Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the backing of California Rep. Maxine Waters, an influential member of the Congressional Black Caucus whose support could help blunt charges of racial polarization against the Clinton campaign in the South Carolina primary.

The Clinton family machine:  In the case of AFSCME the back story is yet another example of how the Clinton husband-and-wife team works together as they strive to move back into the White House.  Hillary has diligently done her part as senator from New York, championing AFSCME causes in Congress.

Former president of La Raza named co-chair of Clinton campaign.  An immigration reform activist thinks Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed a great deal about how she really feels about the illegal immigration problem when she announced that a former president of the National Council of La Raza has joined her campaign team.  Senator Clinton (D-New York) says Raul Yzaguirre will co-chair her campaign and lead its outreach to Hispanic voters.

Clinton Polls Best Among Gays, Lesbians.  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York is the clear favorite among gay and lesbian voters, who see her as a champion of gay rights, according to new nationwide poll released today by Hunter College in New York.

Rep. Barney Frank Endorses Clinton, Will Serve as Economic Advisor.  Frank possesses "one of the sharpest minds in Congress," said Clinton, who currently leads the Democrats in national polling.

Gay lawmakers line up to support Clinton.  Both openly gay members of Congress have now endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.  The New York senator secured the support of Tammy Baldwin, the Wisconsin congresswoman who is the only out lesbian in the House, months ago.  And this week Clinton gained the enthusiastic endorsement of House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, the only out gay man currently serving in the chamber.

Clinton's Social Security fecklessness.  In words a more thoughtful Clinton likely would have avoided, the leading Democratic presidential contender told a cheering crowd of AARP policy wonks and political activists that when she's back in the White House, there won't be any talk about cutting or privatizing Social Security.  "This is the most successful domestic program in the history of the United States.  When I'm president, privatization is off the table because it's not the answer to anything," she said.  Also off the table will be any benefit cuts or increases in the retirement age.

Hillary will bring her broom...
Hillary Rodham Clinton rallies at the CWA Hall in Houston.  Saying "it will take a woman" to clean up the problems in the White House, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton today urged about 1,000 Houston-area voters to support her campaign to change America.  "Bring your brooms," the Democratic presidential candidate told the crowd at a union hall in downtown Houston.

Clinton Gets Another Controversial Endorsement.  A former San Francisco mayor, [Democratic Senator Dianne] Feinstein was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992 and she is one of California's most powerful and popular politicians as well as one of the wealthiest members of Congress with a net worth of about $42.6 million.

Alcee Hastings To Lead Clinton Campaign.  Hastings has the dubious honor of being one of only six federal judges to be removed from office through impeachment for perjury and conspiracy to obtain a bribe.  Hastings was wrapped up in a 1983 scandal involving the solicitation of a $150,000 bribe in return for favorable treatment for defendants in a racketeering case before him.

Blaspheming Hillary plays up to Harlem Baptists.  How can these parishioners sing "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" while at the same time shaking hands and clapping applause for the devil's agenda?  That's what goes on when Hillary steps inside a Christian sanctuary — it's called anathema.  It's known in biblical terms as "hypocrisy."

The Clintons' New Escape:  Bill and Hillary Clinton have their eyes on the ball when it comes to 2008, but in the meantime, has anyone noted that they bought a piece of beach property in the Dominican Republic right next to the beautiful domain of designer Oscar de la Renta and his wife, Annette?

Pardon Me But...  Said Tony Snow:  "I don't know what Arkansan is for chutzpah, but this is a gigantic case of it."  Here, after all, is the wife of a president who all but peddled pardons to an assortment of felons and miscreants including one malodorous fugitive from justice who had renounced his American citizenship.  Doesn't this woman recall that on her husband's last day in the White House he signed 140 pardons and several commutations?  … In the wake of the pardons the Federal prosecutor in New York, Mary Jo White, was appointed to investigate what the media was calling "Pardongate."  She was replaced by James Comey, who obligingly cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing.

Hill Hauls In a Cool $10 Million.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's weekend trip to California capped off a breathless week of fund-raising that hauled in nearly $10 million, revealing the reach of her network of wealthy supporters.

Clinton rakes in millions; outraised by Obama.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign has gathered an additional $27 million in campaign contributions in the past three months, but will finish behind rival Senator Barack Obama in the money-collecting sweepstakes, a key Clinton aide said today.

Too Much Money, Too Little Joy.  Hillary Clinton's campaign has announced that the $26 million she has raked in so far for her presidential effort is "staggering."  But the only thing that staggers me is why anybody would give a dollar to these campaigns.

Clinton backs public funds for campaigns.  A day after her campaign announced a record-breaking fundraising haul, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday she would support public funding of campaigns if elected president next year. … In fact, Clinton's campaign was the first to completely opt out of the public funding system that has existed for more than 30 years.

Clinton Woos Black Vote, Targets Obama.  Far from conceding African-American support to the most credible candidate ever of African descent, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., the Clintons are pushing aggressively for the help of their longtime allies in the black business, political and entertainment elite.  Clinton's supporters say she intends to make the Illinois senator fight for every black endorsement and every black vote.

Clintons' Guests De$ert to Obama.  They jumped from Clinton's guest bedroom to Obama's bandwagon. … Movie mogul and former friend of Bill David Geffen led the list of Democratic turncoats last week when he held a fund-raiser for Obama and trashed the Clintons in the process.

Barack Obama isn't the only candidate with ties to a controversial religious group.  When I was profiling [Hillary Clinton] two years ago, I learned about her involvement with a secretive Christian organization called The Fellowship that has operated in the Washington shadows since the 1930s. … There is something deeply strange about the group.  They certainly do not like press coverage, so in that regard Clinton's attraction might make sense.  Reporters hoping to look into the group might want to think again.  A few years ago, The Fellowship's archives, which are held at Wheaton College, the evangelical school in Illinos, were reclassified as "restricted" and placed under lock and key.

This subsection has moved here.

Personality flaws
Without resorting to ad hominem attacks, is it fair to say that Mrs. Clinton appears to be a short tempered, vindictive, ruthless, power hungry control freak who can't give a straight answer?

Can Mrs. Clinton Lose?  She is preoccupied to an unusual degree with toughness.  A man so preoccupied would seem weak.  But a woman obsessed with how tough she is just may be lethal.

Democratic Party Official:  Clinton Pursuing 'The Tonya Harding Option'.  The question is — what will Clinton have to do in order to [win the nomination]?  What will she have to do to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, in order to eke out her improbable victory? … It implies that Clinton is so set on ensuring that Obama doesn't get the nomination, not only is she willing to take extra-ruthless steps, but in the end neither she nor Obama win the gold.

The Card Clinton Is Playing:  As a rationale for why Democratic Party superdelegates should pick her over Obama, it's a slap in the face to the party's most loyal constituency — African Americans — and a repudiation of principles the party claims to stand for.  Here's what she's really saying to party leaders:  There's no way that white people are going to vote for the black guy.  Come November, you'll be sorry.  How silly of me.  I thought the Democratic Party believed in a colorblind America.

Damsel of Distress:  The Democratic Party can't celebrate the triumph of Barack Obama because the Democratic Party is busy having a breakdown.  You could call it a breakdown over the issues of race and gender, but its real source is simply Hillary Clinton.  Whose entire campaign at this point is about exploiting race and gender.

Don't Let 'Moderate' Hillary Fool You.  Hillary eagerly pounces on her political opponents' supposed betrayal of their values, but what about her values?  Far from walking in the footsteps of the Good Samaritan or "Jesus himself," Hillary has consistently revealed a personal and political character the core values of which are ruthlessness, unbounding arrogance and endless ambition.

Clinton's Collateral Damage:  When it comes to politics, the Clinton philosophy is simple:  It's war, and wars are for winning.  Bill put it this way, back in 1981:  "When someone is beating you over the head with a hammer, don't sit there and take it.  Take out a meat cleaver and cut off their hand."

Go Already!  [Scroll down] Clinton's path to the nomination, then, involves the following steps:  kneecap an eloquent, inspiring, reform-minded young leader who happens to be the first serious African American presidential candidate (meanwhile cementing her own reputation for Nixonian ruthlessness) and then win a contested convention by persuading party elites to override the results at the polls.

The Clintons, Race, and the 50-year-old Calculation.  Since I think the Clintons would probably sell their souls and firstborn for another White House tenure, the idea they would play the race card raises no eyebrow here.  They are political creatures first, everything else second and statesmen last.

Hillary I vs. Hillary II:  [Scroll down] Then there's Hillary II.  This is the Hillary who played the cattle futures markets as Arkansas' first lady, allowing a lawyer for the largest employer in the state to "advise" her on futures trades in a manner that brought her remarkable profits — and a lot of questions about how they were made.  This is the Hillary who never convincingly explained the disappearance — and mysterious reappearance — of those pesky billing records at her Arkansas law firm that were sought by a grand jury during the Whitewater investigation.  (No, she's never been indicted for any of this, but that's not exactly the highest standard).  Hillary II is the Hillary who dissembled for years about Bill's other women.  Hillary II is not the dewy-eyed idealist, but the shrewd Machiavellian many see her as now.

Slinging slime is what Clintons do best.  Politics is a game of hard knocks, some below the belt, and it is not for the faint-hearted.  And no one plays political hardball as aggressively as the Clintons.  They are ruthless when it comes to smashing their opponents or anyone else who threatens their political ambitions.  What they are doing to Barack Obama is not all that different from what they did to the women who outed Clinton as a serial adulterer as governor of Arkansas and as president.

Hillary's Dennis Rodman impression:  If the Democrats go forward and nominate Hillary and Bill they will be voting for business as usual, not change at all.  The same ole manipulating lying government. … Democrats are leaning towards nominating Hillary who will create the ugliest political season in the history of the country.  This is mostly due to silly gender bias which the Clintons are doing their best to inflame.

Why Hillary Should Not Be Trusted:
A review of "The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton".  Ms. Buchanan offers this summary:  "Hillary's character is not a pretty sight.  In stride she can lie, cheat, steal, commit perjury, obstruct justice, malign reputations and destroy the lives of innocent people.  Driven by ambition, arrogance, greed, elitism, power and entitlement, Hillary's road to the top has been a bloody one.  Reputations and lives of real people have been left in the dirt along the way.  But it has worked for Hillary.  She made it to the top — and may do so again."

Hillary Scares Me.  With such a preponderance of damning evidence against her already widely disseminated, it strikes me as more than a little strange that this woman is not in prison or a mental institution.  That she has managed to remain not only free, but center-stage in the Democratic Party and a Senator from an "adopted" state is an indictment of our press and her Party.  If she succeeds in lying and manipulating her way into the White House, it will be an indictment of us all.

Hillary's slick willies:  Hillary's persona is simply not compatible with another strong will, male or female — but definitely male, and that itself is a big red flag.  What kind of person would go to work for a Clinton in the first place?  A naive true-believer?  Everyone knows what they would be getting into:  constant war rooms, personal attacks, spin, daily damage control, a boss prone to temper tantrums, placing your own integrity out on the ledge as a shill for a fundamentally dishonest person.

Hillary's Mean Machine Scores a Hit.  Lest any of the Democratic candidates forget, tangling with Hillary Clinton comes at a painful price.

The Candidate's 'Catch Me if You Can'.  ABC correspondent Kate Snow was ready to push through the crowd and ask Hillary Clinton a question until an aide blocked the path of Snow's sound man as he aimed his boom mike in the senator's direction.  "Sorry, we've gotta go," the woman said, though it was clear that Clinton would be shaking hands for some time.

Who's Afraid of Hillary Clinton?  Hillary Clinton may be the Titanic of 2008.  She is widely regarded, and rightly so, as smart and ambitious.  These are fine traits but they often come as a package deal with arrogance and a refusal to admit error.  Clinton has a very lengthy history of refusing to admit when she's wrong — her conflicting and outright deceitful statements concerning her votes on Iraq being only one example — and blaming others for her mistakes, unattractive qualities for the voting public.

The Return of "That'll Teach 'Em" Hillary.  There is nothing independent, nonpartisan, or disinterested about Media Matters and the rest of the Clinton Shadow Party — they are the tanks and bombers and battleships of Hillary's campaign arsenal.  They will do whatever they are asked, whenever they must, to destroy anyone who stands between her and the Oval Office.

Hillary Gets Worst Reviews Yet.  The usual flood of editorials and blog posts after a major presidential debate were particularly harsh on Hillary Clinton this morning following Tuesday night's Democratic debate [10/30/2007] at Drexel University.  Opinion leaders said her performance reinforced negative stereotypes that Clinton is shrill, calculating and evasive.

The Clintons and History:  There's an old joke people here in the capital like to tell about Charles E. Schumer, the New York senator, and over the years I'm sure it's been used to describe other politicians, as well:  The most dangerous place to stand in Washington is between Chuck Schumer and a bank of television cameras.  Well, that may be, but it seems to me that the most dangerous place to be in the rest of the country is between the Clintons and an elected office.

Clinton cries gender, opponents cry foul.  Sen. Hillary Clinton found herself the object of rare ridicule and criticism Friday [11/02/2007] for injecting gender into the presidential campaign as Democratic and Republican opponents blistered her for parsing her words, engaging in secrecy and blaming the male candidates for the controversy.  Even as she denied playing the gender card, she evoked gender with a reference to her own familiarity with the kitchen.

The Editor says...
She's being pounced upon because she's the apparent leader in the race, not because of gender.  She's being questioned and doubted because she is not giving straight answers to simple questions.

The Issue the Democrats Dread.  More significant than Hillary Clinton's supposed gaffe at the end of Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate is the subject around which she tiptoed so delicately:  immigration.  Democrats fear the issue because it could leave them with a set of no-win political choices.

Hillary played the role of victim just long enough to see if it would work.  It didn't.
The pants vs. the pantsuit:  When you're leading the Democratic presidential race, as Sen. Hillary Clinton is, you might expect other candidates to focus their sharpest criticism your way.  Yet the spin coming out of the Clinton campaign is that the men were ganging up on Hillary.  Sorry, but when girls insist on playing hardball with the boys, they don't get to cry foul — or change the game to dodge ball — when they get bruised.

Clinton 'victim' defense apparently backfires.  After Hillary Rodham Clinton's floundering finale at last week's debate in Philadelphia, her campaign counterattacked immediately, almost instinctively, with a tactic that had proved effective in the White House and in two New York Senate races.  They portrayed her as a victim.  In the week following the debate, Clinton and her proxies have suggested, at various times, that she was the victim of sexism, a group ambush by her enemies and journalistic bias.

Big Girls Don't Cry.  Last week, Hillary Clinton's campaign blamed her poor debate performance on sexism.  It was a maneuver that seemed suspiciously aimed at detracting from Hillary's lackluster showing whilst simultaneously shoring up her female support.  But, ironically, it has had the opposite effect.

Pedestrian Down.  Democrats who are nervous about having Hillary Clinton as their nominee had their fears confirmed last night [10/30/2007].  Mrs. Clinton finally stumbled in her seventh Democratic debate once the other candidates decided to chew on her.  Mrs. Clinton responded to the criticism by retreating to her briefing books, giving rehearsed answers to questions in a too loud, slightly shrill voice.  She was pummeled for not releasing White House records kept by the National Archives that would shine light on her claim to be the most experienced candidate based on her service as First Lady.

Hillary a Noo Yawka?  Sez Who?  There was shock and awe on her face.  It was as if no one had ever dared to contradict Hillary Clinton before, far less challenge her directly. … When John Edwards, Barack Obama and the hitherto reliable Tim Russert all stuck pins in her during the Tuesday night MSNBC "debate", Clinton became visibly angry.  Her face was a frozen mask. … Hillary Clinton can dish it out, but she can't take it.

Little big brother:  In the unlikely event that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani face off against each other for the presidency, Americans could be faced with a difficult choice. … Both will also flip-flap like hummingbird wings to avoid appearing over-committed to anything that could lose them votes. … There is no doubt that, despite her faux-folksiness, the softest thing about Hillary is her teeth.  She has an impressive drive for power that is reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher on the rampage.

The power of a Clinton's stare:  In this undeclared war between the candidates, there was no stronger weapon at Clinton's disposal than the Stare.  In the first Democratic debates, Obama seemed visibly uncomfortable with being the object of Clinton's gaze, and avoided eye contact.

Why They Dislike Hillary.  First, many women don't like Hillary because they believe she made a deal with her husband.  That is, she'd stand by him and ignore his infidelities in return for his help in her political life. … Second, many men objected to her leftist ideology.  They see the senator as a big government, limousine liberal who lives large herself, but wants to impose high taxation on those who are achieving in America.  And finally, some of the callers see Hillary as a cold, calculating woman with a sense of entitlement.

Depends What the Meaning of 'Mistake' Is.  Hillary Clinton's rivals would love to paint her as inflexible, programmed, focus-grouped within an inch of her life and intent on bringing nothing less than a full-fledged Clinton Restoration to the White House.  So why is she sitting for the portrait?

"Hugo Chavez in a pantsuit".  [Hillary] Clinton must have been shocked that the free market works so well that some Americans actually profit from dealings other than Whitewater.  So she decided this sort of thing must end.  "The other day the oil companies recorded the highest profits in the history of the world.  I want to take those profits.  And I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy, alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence," she told the audience.  Notice she didn't say tax the profits.  She just said "take."

Some Pieces of Our Minds:  In all of the thousands of photographs of Hillary on the campaign trail, she always appears wearing trousers — not even one photograph of her wearing a skirt.  Not a peep on the subject from any commentator or member of the media.

Control Freak:  Hillary Clinton says our trade deficit and reliance on foreign investors are big problems, and wants to fix them.  But her cure would be far worse than the disease, and should be rejected out of hand.

Books show 'dark side' of Hillary Clinton.  Two new books about Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., give a sometimes unflattering portrait of the presidential candidate and former first lady.

Make that three new books...
Hillary Clinton, a Trojan Horse?  The Extreme Makeover illustrates Hillary's unfamiliarity with the virtue of responsibility, and that she is every bit as prolific and stunning a liar as her husband.  The junior senator's personality revolves around a lust for power, a need to control others, and rampant insecurity.  Anger and irritability are natural attributes, and but only her family, advisors, and the secret service are allowed to observe them.

The Hillary Chronicles:  Worse Than You Thought.  Though bereft of headline-making disclosures, each book contains page after page of new details, some of them so far ignored in the press, that reveal Hillary Rodham Clinton to be even more secretive, even more politically tin-eared, and even more combative than previously known.

Hillary's Hypocrisy:  This woman, who refused to change a comma or a word of her thousand-page-plus healthcare reform bill and, as a result of her intractable stubbornness, sent the bill down to defeat along with the Democratic Congress and almost her husband's presidency, is daring to show herself now as the apostle of compromise.  Unbelievable.

Hair-raising stuff from good ol' Bubba.  Now comes Bill Clinton, who auctioned pardons in the last hours of his presidency, and his shrill surrogate to berate George W. Bush for reluctantly commuting the prison sentence of Scooter Libby.  The president stopped short of granting a pardon. … Most men in his position would go miles out of their way to avoid talking about pardons, but good ol' Bubba … was eager to talk about how he conducted his auction.

The vaulting ambition of America's Lady Macbeth.  This little incident, the skilfully choreographed exploitation of a human tragedy, the cynically manipulated deployment of public sympathy in service of a personal political end, offered a timely insight into the character of the politician who this week launched the most anticipated presidential election campaign in modern history.  There are many reasons people think Mrs Clinton will not be elected president.  She lacks warmth; she is too polarising a figure; the American people don't want to relive the psychodrama of the eight years of the Clinton presidency.

Message Testing Billary:  Emmett Tyrell, founder and editor of the American Spectator and author of "The Clinton Crackup," said Mrs. Clinton's "whole life is a public relations campaign."  In order to win in 2008, he said it would be "politically important" for Clinton to discuss her marriage, but "it's pretty difficult to explain the inexplicable."  He called her the "greatest enabler in the world."

Hillary the Calculator:  When Hillary Clinton announced her presidential exploratory committee while sitting on a couch in her living room, she didn't project warmth so much as a sense that she was desperately trying to project warmth.  As TV producer Steve Rosenbaum wrote of her performance on the liberal website The Huffington Post:  "Hillary is struggling with words that are not her own.  You can practically see the teleprompter reflected in her eyes.  Every word has been word-smithed, every phrase looked at by a team of consultants."

Why Hillary Drops Her Final "G"s.  Why isn't it noticed, or, if noticed, not commented upon?  At least in her Ohio and Texas talks, Hillary Clinton drops the final "G" from the "ing" words (participles, gerunds) — an annoyance, especially to those who've heard her talking to other people and groups where not one "G" is dropped and she sounds like the young woman who gave a famous Wellesley College commencement address, was one of America's 100 most successful lawyers, was first lady of Arkansas and the United States, and has been a successful U.S. senator from New York State for eight years.  Of course, it's clear that Hillary wants to sound more like the audience of "ordinary" people she's pumpin' for votes.

Hillary on 60 Minutes:  'Voters Are Tired of People Who Lie to Them'.  [Scroll down] She also said, "Part of what I believe with all my heart is that the voters are tired of people that lie to them.  They're tired of people who act like something they're not."  Like acting like you have an Arkansas accent?

Hillary, We Thoroughly Knew Ye.  [Scroll down] And so the campaign rolled out (what else?) a new slogan — "The Hillary I Know" — and a new Web site with 38 videotaped testimonials from the senator's friends and constituents.  But the get-to-know-me campaign has hit a snag:  Hillary.

Hillary Clinton:  How Dare You Call Universal Health Care Socialized Medicine?  Hillary goes off on a reporter at the National Association of Black Journalists Presidential Forum for daring to call socialized medicine …well… socialized medicine. What do you think she's angry about more, that she's essentially being called a socialist or that a black man dared wander off the liberal plantation to question her 'we liberals know what's best for you' policies?

Clinton hypocrisy:  Abuse of power in pursuing opponents.  [Scroll down]  The Democratic Party cannot allow her name to appear on a presidential ballot for either office — not in August, not in 2012, not ever.  It's not because she's a woman — the last desperate wild card she had been playing before raising the specter of assassination.  It is because she's a Clinton.  Being a Clinton, she brings to any national campaign trail a wagonload of combustible baggage that the GOP has been salivating to explode at first sight of her name on the Democratic ticket.

Scripted campaign events using pre-arranged shills and audience plants:

Gee, what a coincidence on the trail with Clinton.  At a campaign forum in the [Donnellson, Iowa] fire station, a caucus site come Jan. 3, Clinton happened to be asked about her religious faith.  Practicing Methodist, she responded, adding, "I'm often asked if I'm a praying person, and I am a praying person.  My father prayed at his bedside every night and we prayed at the table over dinner."  Then, someone pointed out that Clinton's childhood Sunday-school teacher, Rosalie Bentzinger, from her Park Ridge, Ill., days, happened to be right there in the very same Iowa fire station at that same moment.  Can you believe it?  The Sunday-school teacher stood up.  Clinton rushed over.  They hugged.

Clinton staff admits planting question on college student.  A Grinnell College student says an aide for Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her a prepared question to ask the presidential candidate during a forum this week in central Iowa.  Clinton staffers acknowledge the incident but claim Clinton did not know the question had been issued when the senator called on the student during a question and answer session with the audience.

The Editor says...
I find it hard to believe that Mrs. Clinton didn't know all about it in advance, especially since it happened more than once.  Keep reading...

New 'Hill Shill' Questions.  Hillary Rodham Clinton faced more embarrassing disclosures yesterday [11/10/2007] about her staff's aggressive efforts to script her campaign appearances, as a second person came forward to claim Clinton's staff tried to use him to plant a question at a campaign event.

Is Clinton campaign too scripted?  At a campaign stop in Newton, Iowa, last week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton peered out at the crowd of 250 people and called on a 19-year-old college student, who posed a friendly question about global warming.  The Clinton campaign insists that the New York senator chose the student at random.  If so, it turned out to be a fortuitous pick.

Hill Shill Spills All.  An Iowa college student pulled back the curtain on Hillary Rodham Clinton's stage-managed campaign stops — claiming the candidate seemed to know to call on her for a canned question at a cooked-up event that was passed off as spontaneous.  Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, 19, said a Clinton staffer waved her off the question she first wanted to ask — then produced a binder with a series of questions she could ask.  The binder, she said, had about eight questions.

Memo to Clinton staffers:  Trust your candidate or find a new one.  Does the Clinton campaign really need to twist a college kid's arm to ask Clinton a question about climate change at a climate change event? … Why would the Clinton campaign do it, especially since getting caught is so embarrassing?  Because the culture of control in presidential campaigning has gotten way out of control.

Student describes how she became a Clinton plant.  The college student who was told what question to ask at one of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign events said "voters have the right to know what happened" and she wasn't the only one who was planted.  In an exclusive on-camera interview with CNN, Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, a 19-year-old sophomore at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, said giving anyone specific questions to ask is "dishonest," and the whole incident has given her a negative outlook on politics.

Hillary Clinton:  I'm So Glad You Asked!  America's trust in the Clintons suffered a horrible blow last week, when it was discovered that Hillary Clinton's campaign staff had planted the "spontaneous" questions being asked by audience members at an Iowa campaign event.  "They were canned," Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff (a Grinnell College student attending the performance) said of the questions that Clinton took.  In a remarkable coincidence, Clinton's answers seemed quite polished — almost prepared, really.

Clinton Aides Prompted Queries at Events.  At two campaign events in Iowa this year, aides to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged audience members to ask her specific questions, a tactic that drew criticism from an opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination and led her yesterday [11/11/2007] to promise that it would not happen again.  Mrs. Clinton, speaking to reporters in Iowa, said she was unaware that her aides had ever planted questions.

The Editor asks...
Did she promise not to do it, or never to get caught again?  And really, how much is a promise worth when it comes from Bill or Hillary Clinton?

Interview with the shill

with the unwilling audience plant.

"Diamond v. Pearl" Student Blasts CNN.  Maria Luisa, the UNLV student who asked Hillary Clinton whether she preferred "diamonds or pearls" at last night's debate wrote on her MySpace page this morning that CNN forced her to ask the frilly question instead of a pre-approved query about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.  "Every single question asked during the debate by the audience had to be approved by CNN," Luisa writes. … "For sure, I thought I would get to ask the Yucca question that was APPROVED by CNN days in advance."

Clinton aides plant student's question.  Under the pressures of major media coverage, with polls narrowing in Iowa, campaigns can potentially control questions and coverage by planning questions ahead of time.  While no campaigns admit to this practice, at a recent Hillary Clinton campaign event in Newton, Iowa, some of the questions posed to the New York Senator were planned in advance, planting some audience members in the crowd.

So Who Was Asking Questions At That Debate?  A couple bloggers have looked into the questioners at last week's Democratic debate, and found more than a few of them have formal, professional ties to the Democratic party.  One, in fact, was political director of the Arkansas Democratic Party. … In the aftermath of the controversy over "planted" questions at Hillary events, one might think CNN would want to keep an eye on this sort of thing.

Clinton, CNN and Fall out from the Debate.  Hillary Clinton's performance at the Las Vegas debate has been overshadowed by charges of planted questions, a planted audience, and curious behavior by CNN that seemed to favor Clinton over other candidates.

Vote for Me.  I'm a Sock Puppet.  You may have seen that some Hillary Clinton "sock puppets" were recently outed on a New Hampshire blog, to the campaign's great embarrassment.  A sock puppet, for those of who you aren't immersed in blog culture, is what they call someone who pretends to be commenting as a regular voter but who is in fact posting propaganda.

Hillary's "Iron My Shirt" Protester Was Yet Another Plant.  Today at a whistle stop in Salem, New Hampshire, an alleged protester raised a sign saying "Iron My Shirt" while hollering the same idiotic slogan.  I do not know anybody in the men's movement who would resort to this level of idiocy.  I do, however, know a few individuals hitting the whistle stops with truly intelligent questions, all of whom have been hustled away literally before they could finish the question.  The way Hillary handled the situation was too smooth and prepared to be a legitimate protest.  Having worked in the entertainment business previously, I know a plant when I see one.

The launch of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign

Introduction by The Editor:
Hillary's long-anticipated presidential campaign was launched on or about April 13, 2015, incorporating a few bizarre features:  A giant van named Scooby, which reminds me more of the van used on the old NBC show, Ironside, a logo that looks a lot like the Cuban flag, and a series of carefully astroturfed public appearances that nobody cared about.  The rollout of the Hillary campaign generated almost no favorable press and was quickly overshadowed by a series of emerging scandals.

Expect even more executive power grabs from Hillary.  Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign launch was meant to present a different side of Hillary — a softer, more humble, less power-hungry version of the candidate.  The "Scoobie" van road trip to Iowa portrayed Hillary as the everywoman, interested only in You.  Hillary was trying to shift the public's attention away from her scandal-ridden days in Arkansas and as first lady, her Wall Street connections, the Clinton Foundation's questionable fundraising and her role as diplomatic field general for a disastrous foreign policy.  Clinton's campaign not only wanted to leave the old Hillary behind, but to distance her from President Obama as well.

The Clintons' Criminal Board of Trustees.  [Scroll down]  Hillary Clinton, of course, is the increasingly radical now 67-year-old presidential candidate who in 2008 somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of what for years before had seemed to pundits far and wide like an "inevitable" victory.  She is the unceasingly devious, condescending plutocrat who at the launch of her 2016 campaign told the American people, "Everyday Americans need a champion.  I want to be that champion."

Hillary Clinton's candidacy could sink.  Sometimes the idea of a thing is much better than the thing itself.  Take the Titanic, for example, or Hillary Clinton's campaign for president.  During the all-important conceptual phase, both benefited from an aura of invincibility — which is a great thing to have, until you meet your iceberg.

Hill and Bill can't hide from shady deals exposed in 'Clinton Cash'.  The Clintons have been playing the political press for idiots.  Revealing what they've been up to took a little bit of work.  It wasn't obvious.  While Bill Clinton was giving a speech about fighting AIDS in Africa, or about educating girls in Asia, reporters simply regurgitated the press release.  They didn't ask:  Who's that shady guy standing next to Bill?  What are his interests?  How much money has he given to, or raised for, Bill, Hillary and their foundation?  And what favorable treatment did the shady guy subsequently receive from Hillary?  When you're a political reporter, complexity is boring.  Curiosity takes work.  Asking questions and looking up information can lead to dead ends.

Does Bill Clinton Not Want Hillary to be President?  I think there is some secret, dark part of Bill Clinton — not that he actually has many "secret" dark parts, but stick with me here — that does not want his wife to be president.  How else can one explain how this most sublime of politicians seems to do everything possible to destroy her chances?  He constructed a shady charity/business empire when he knew full well she would run for president.  He helped screw up her 2008 effort with some dumb remarks about race.  The most recent unforced Bill Clinton error is his revival on the Today show this morning of the "We were so poor" theme, which Hillary already took for a test flight and crash landed with a few weeks ago.

Hillary Clinton's insultingly vapid video.  The more I watch Hillary Clinton's announcement video, the less I like it. [...] For one, the video was relentlessly, insultingly vapid — a Verizon commercial without the substance.  "Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top," Clinton said in what passed for a meaty message.  "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion."  Seriously, this makes Ronald Reagan's gauzy "It's Morning Again in America" commercial look like a Brookings Institution seminar on economic policy.

Hillary Clinton: The candidate of meh.  Hillary Clinton's campaign launch video (no big speech among the little people for her) seems at first like a commercial for Target.  It ends up with a message about — what, exactly?  That all these people who are getting on with their lives just fine somehow need Clinton to be their champion.  Her website is long on biographical information, short on policy positions.  ThinkProgress actually proposed some "economic policies Hillary Clinton could use to energize voters," since Clinton currently has none of her own.

Our fawning press and Hillary Clinton's Iowa magical mystery tour.  Republicans critiquing this comedy should not get too cocky.  A recent Rasmussen poll, taken in the wake of the email scandal, showed that 57% of Americans likely to vote think Hillary will be our next president.  That kind of certainty can become self-fulfilling, causing people to withhold donations and stay home on voting day.  Republicans have to work much harder than they may think to turn this around.

Our fawning press and Hillary Clinton's Iowa magical mystery tour.  No one in their right mind thinks that Hillary is more comfortable traveling 1,000 miles in a mini-van Secret Service convoy than in the back seat of a limo, or on Air Force One for heaven's sake.  If Hillary's advisers think that Iowans are that simple-minded, shame on them.

Big: Hillary debuts new, even gayer campaign logo.  Offhand I can't think of another major Democratic politician who arrived later to the cause of legalizing same-sex marriage by judicial decree than Hillary Clinton, and of course somehow she's the party's prohibitive frontrunner for the nomination anyway.  The more I think about it, the more I think that's an even bigger lefty hypocrisy than letting Obama off the hook for opposing SSM on the trail in 2008.  For every other gay person and Democratic pol in the universe, years-long steadfast support for legalized gay marriage is an absolute litmus test for the base's support [...]

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.  More specifically, it is time for all Democrats to start thinking of candidates other than Hillary Clinton, and of building a bench up as quickly as possible, using all possible twigs.  It's not just that the "one hand clapping" plan of running a non-incumbent without opposition was always problematic.  It's that this particular candidate is not only scandal-prone but a bad politician.  On a meet-and-greet tour she went to Chipotle without talking to anyone, met "everyday people" who were liberal activists, parked her van in a space reserved for the handicapped and unveiled a logo that looks like the directions to the emergency room, where her campaign may be headed.

The Other Clinton Foundation Scandal.  In the wake of revelations about the curious timing between donations to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and favorable policies during Hillary's tenure as secretary of state, the foundation has admitted to making a couple bookkeeping "mistakes" involving foreign donations.  But the foundation, the Clintons and their phalanx of defenders all insist there's absolutely no evidence of any quid pro quo.  If that's the case, just what were these foreigners donating money for?

Clinton Foundation follies starting to roil the left.  To hear Hillary Rodham Clinton's aides and supporters tell it, questions about her family foundation's fund-raising while she was secretary of state are "nothing more than a tangled web of conspiracy theories" by Republican operatives.  Sorry:  The steady flow of disturbing news has concern growing in Democratic circles.  That's likely one reason the foundation's acting CEO, Maura Palley, released a long statement admitting "mistakes" that she insisted were mostly minor clerical errors.

Granny Clinton Ditches 'Common American' Ruse, Flies 1st-Class Back to DC.  She must have been seething to have to drag her baggage (and boy howdy, does this woman have baggage) through Logan Airport under the glare of television cameras and gazes of the average schlubs.  This woman has spent the better past of the past quarter century flying on Air Force One or private jets and now she has to lower herself to fly commercial.

Scooby hits the road at 92 MPH!  Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's security detail led a handful of journalists on two lengthy high-speed chases to homes of influential Democrats on Monday [4/20/2015].  Her lone official appearance on her first day in New Hampshire was a carefully stage-managed small-business roundtable in Keene.  But a lunchtime visit to a main-street bakery and two more appointments later in the day were off-the-books and under the public's radar.  If police radar had been engaged, however, it would have clocked Hillary's signature black conversion van — 'Scooby', for the uninitiated — hitting 92 mph in a driving rainstorm on Interstate 89, where the top speed limit is 65.  No one in the motorcade displayed flashing lights or blasted a siren.

Voters, Hillary doesn't have time for you.  So it looks like Hillary Clinton's idea of a "listening" tour is strictly invitation only.  Just ask the good people of Keene, N.H., a liberal hamlet where a half-dozen workers at a business hand-picked by Clinton's campaign made the cut.  But dozens of unscreened voters standing outside in the rain?  Sorry, Hillary won't be "listening" to you.

Hillary Clinton Flies First Class Back to Washington.  With her first campaign trip drawing to a close, Hillary Clinton traded the Scooby road-trip van for a first-class airplane seat to make the trip back to Washington.  The Democratic presidential candidate flew from Boston's Logan Airport to Ronald Reagan National Airport on Tuesday night [4/21/2015], sitting in row one of the U.S. Airways' first-class section.

All Aboard the (Magical) Mystery Machine.  Hillary Clinton's giant, unmarked black van meandered out of Chappaqua after her announcement video, barreling down the highway into a place a Clinton has seldom seen:  the heartland.  Shielded by Secret Service agents, accompanied by senior staff, and armed with the comforting knowledge that, once in Iowa, she'd be meeting with people as rich as she is, Hillary Clinton embarked on her quest to become one of the "little people."  She stopped for gas that she didn't pump, and ordered lunch from the crosstabs of a demographic poll.  She met with hand-selected Real Americans and failed to notice tip jars in minimum wage restaurants, and though she once tried to make a populist point about CEO wages, couldn't locate a credit card in her wallet that wasn't already registered with her aide.

In N.H., 'accessible' Hillary Clinton ignores supporters.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who has vowed to be "accessible" to New Hampshire voters, left many of her rain-soaked supporters here high and dry when she sped in and out of a public meeting without so much as a hello.  "It should have been advertised that we're not allowed to see her," said Keene resident Michelle Isabelle.

Our fawning press and Hillary Clinton's Iowa magical mystery tour.  No one in their right mind thinks that Hillary is more comfortable traveling 1,000 miles in a mini-van Secret Service convoy than in the back seat of a limo, or on Air Force One for heaven's sake.  If Hillary's advisers think that Iowans are that simple-minded, shame on them.

Government by Google.  It was a mainstream media asking no questions that inflicted a Marxist president on an unsuspecting West in 2008, but it is Google that is keeping him there, and Google which is making the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 all but inevitable.  As much as half of the U.S. population so fervently wishes otherwise, America-hating Marxists in office are there to stay, courtesy of the airtight power bestowed upon them by the most arrogant, powerful and influential company on earth:  Google.

Also posted under News and commentary about Google.

Clinton logo
Hillary's Campaign Logo And The Left's Love Affair With Communist Cuba.  Hillary Clinton's logo has been taking its share of lumps since she unveiled it Sunday [4/11/2015].  Some say it looks like a hospital sign.  Or the Twin Towers.  Or just plain ugly.  We can see that.  But we'd agree with those who say it looks as though it was inspired by the Cuban flag.  Not just because of the visual similarities — the blue stripes and red arrows pointing right — but because it doesn't take a big or surprising leap to make a connection between the two.

Hillary's Antiseptic Campaign: No Contact With the Riff Raff.  Hillary's famous "Listening Tour" started off just as I figured it would.  She stopped at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids to discuss education and how to make it more affordable.  The visit was good for Hillaryphiles, who have no problem overlooking that Hillary has no record of accomplishments and a long history of dishonesty and failure.  That she is running a campaign solely based on the fact that she's a woman.  (Really?)  But to come into contact with Hillary, you must pretend her record matches her rhetoric.  You can't let on you know that she accepts millions of dollars from countries where women are treated like possessions and extreme cruelty is common.  You must also overlook Hillary's long record of paying women significantly less than men.

Keeping Hillary Under Wraps — Don't Open 'Til Election Day.  Hillary is touring Iowa in a van that resembles Scott Brown's truck or even Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine less than a vehicle used to transport very important people and tie up traffic via a motorcade.  What could have less of a common touch than inspecting the peasants through tinted windows while sitting in the backseat of a chauffeured car?

Hillary doesn't have just one Mystery Machine; she has TWO (and a motorcade) to meet 'ordinary' Americans.  Hillary Clinton's security detail arrived at a suburban Des Moines, Iowa fruit processing company on Tuesday [4/14/2015] with an added vehicle — a second Scooby.  After her signature oversize black Chevy conversion van dropped her off at Capitol Fruit Company in Norwalk, Iowa, a visually identical GMC van drove up to the building with a nearly identical Secret Service escort vehicle.  Both armored vehicles have raised roofs, deep-tinted windows and New York license plates.

Hillary's Campaign Is Even Creepier Than You Think.  Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top," Hillary declared in her announcement video, which looked suspiciously like a 1990's Mentos commercial.  "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion."  There are several things wrong with this, so we'll start with the obvious:  Who in America older than the age of 12 wants a politician to be their "champion"?

Why is Hillary's 'Scooby' van parking in handicapped spaces?  Nothing could better represent the "rules are for little people" attitude of Hillary Clinton than cavalierly parking in parking spaces reserved for the handicapped.  But that is exactly what was captured in a video report aired by Omaha television station KETV when it covered her exit from a private meeting with local Democratic leaders in Council Bluffs, Iowa, across the Missouri River from Omaha.  The station's online news report made no mention of abusing the handicapped space, even though the camera clearly captured the Handicapped Parking sign where her van was parked.

Semi-Lifelike Robot, Running for 'President,' Invents Fake Family History.  That would be Hillary!, of course — a woman so dishonest and phony that she's cannot seem to the tell the truth about anything.

At her first Iowa stop, Hillary calls for constitutional limits on free speech.  You may very well have missed it.  But at her first 2016 campaign stop in Iowa Tuesday [4/14/2015], wannabe president Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment if necessary to limit free speech rights granted by the Supreme Court to unions, companies and organizations donating to political campaigns.  Few might have expected the ex-Obama aide to kick off her second bid to infiltrate the Oval Office with such a proposal for fundamental change in settled American law.

Hillary Visits College, Puts 'Everyday Iowans' On Lockdown.  Hillary Clinton's effort to meet with some ordinary Iowa college students during her van tour have apparently inconvenienced those unlucky enough to be caught in her path, according to the Independent Journal Review. [...] However, while some students were meeting with Hillary, according to other students at the school, classrooms that sat along Hillary's planned walking route were put on lockdown, often leaving students stuck in classrooms until the presidential candidate was no longer nearby.

Madam Clinton descends from magical mystery van for coronation as Candidate of the People.  Granted, she has not actually steered an automobile in 19 years and quite possibly has never in her life pumped a gallon of her own gasoline, but Madam Candidate of the People is most at home with The People.

Down the Yellow Brick Road with Hillary.  The idea, I suppose, was to picture the dawning of an idyllic Clintonesque day when unflatteringly called "everyday Americans" — women, gays, the poor, single moms, workers, small business folks — would eagerly join hands with Hillary on her enlightened journey to Election Day 2016.  It was like an infomercial in which she's hawking an age-defying product:  herself.

The astonishing incompetence of Hillary's campaign rollout.  [Scroll down]  No, the source of this disaster has to be at the top, Hillary herself.  She has a reputation as imperious for good reason.  The woman who once commanded that staff in the White House not look her in the face as she walked by likes to be in charge. [...] The idea of driving a van from the East Coast out to Iowa sounds pretty good, just like lots of grandmas might do on the way to visiting family.  But an oversize, tall, shiny black van with darkened windows with a Secret Service convoy does not exactly bespeak ordinary folks.  It looks more like a monarch inspecting her domain.

No Questions, Please: Hillary Announces on Twitter.  America rejoice!  A multi-millionairess serial liar married to a multi-millionaire serial adulterer has just announced for the presidency of our country to save the middle class from impoverishment!

Clinton announces 2016 White House bid.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday officially announced her 2016 presidential campaign, ending months of speculation and anticipation about whether she would seek the Democratic nomination.  Clinton made the announcement in a YouTube video in which she says "Everybody needs a champion.  And I want to be that champion."  The roughly two-minute video begins by showing a cross-section of Americans working to get ahead before Clinton says:  "I'm doing something, too.  I'm running for president."

8 Reasons Hillary Clinton's Campaign Will Be A Train Wreck.  Hillary Clinton has announced what everyone's known for years:  She's running for the Democratic nomination for president.  Anyone not a Democratic partisan who was old enough to be mildly cognizant by the late 1990s is sighing.  After all the scandals and lies and claims of victim status, do we really need to go through all that again?

Hillary Clinton just doesn't get it:  She's already running a losing campaign.  Hillary Clinton joins the race for president today.  If you believe the leaks from her staff, and there's no reason you shouldn't, she'll do it in a video released at noon as she herself flies high above the nation in a chartered plane.  She and her top advisors, all smart people, must think it's a good idea.  It doesn't feel like one.

Liberal Politico Reporter: Clinton Campaign 'Collapsing Completely'.  Politico senior staff writer Glenn Thrush opined on Twitter that the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign was "collapsing completely" before it started, and that she "shouldn't even bother to enter the race."

Clinton's Nixonian path to office.  The effective kickoff of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was an act of deck-clearing so breathtaking, so brazen, that it remains difficult to process.  The former secretary of state summoned reporters to the United Nations, made a statement on Iran nuclear negotiations, then admitted deleting more than 30,000 e-mails she had deemed personal from the account she exclusively used while in office.  This was the culmination of a deliberate, multiyear end run around congressional oversight, the Freedom of Information Act and the archiving of federal records.  Documents she found inconvenient to sort while in government were convenient to destroy after leaving office.

The re-launch of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign
June 13, 2016

All The 'Clinton Cash' Questions Hillary Refuses to Answer.  'We need to stop the flow of secret, unaccountable money," Hillary Clinton said Saturday during her vaunted campaign "do over."  That she said this without a trace of irony is no real surprise.  Ever since the release of "Clinton Cash" — which documented the Clintons' love of secret and unaccountable money — the couple's reaction has been to pretend the scandal has nothing to do with them.

5 takeaways from Clinton's relaunch rally.  [#1] The Democratic Party is moving left fast, and she knows she needs to move with it.  Clinton's spiel was slight on specifics (she'll unveil a series of new economic initiatives in a series of speeches from July to August), but her economic-inequality rhetoric could have been comfortably uttered by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Joseph Stiglitz, Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley.

The Clinton Foundation Reeks of Crooks, Thieves, and Hoods.  Hillary Clinton "re-launched" her floundering campaign Saturday [6/13/2015] on Roosevelt Island, formerly and fittingly known as Welfare Island.  Clinton's desperate effort to associate herself with "everyday Americans" contrasts starkly with the crooked elites with whom she and Bill normally cavort.

Overflow crowd
Bad Signs at the Hillary Announcement.  Nobody perceives Hillary as anything more than a political animal who devotes her spare time to earning vast sums of money.  They do perceive that she is a woman, but that's not going to be enough.  And so, her political campaign kickoff redo Saturday had some bad tidings.  Her speech was fine, but no one seemed to find it really inspirational.  Her crowd was very white, and while enthusiastic, not particularly awed.  And then there was this:  [Photo]

If Republicans can't beat Hillary, they should disband the party.  Hillary Clinton certainly has a flair for the ironic.  "There may be some new voices in the Republican presidential choir," Clinton observed in Saturday's re-annoucement that she was running for president.  "But they're all singing the same old song — a song called 'Yesterday.'"  Clinton was accusing Republicans of being trapped in the past in the same speech that she began by referencing a speech Franklin Roosevelt gave in 1941.  And in doing so, she quoted a song the Beatles released in 1965 — before Republicans Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal had even been born.

Hillary Wraps Her Arms Around Obama and Liberals in Kickoff Speech.  Excoriating Republicans who embrace "trickle-down economics" and hailing a handful of Democratic presidents, one her husband and another who ended her presidential dream seven years ago, Hillary Clinton delivered a campaign kickoff speech today that demonstrated she will wholeheartedly embrace, rather than avoid, President Obama's two terms in office.

'Clinton Cash' author on all the questions Hillary won't answer.  'We need to stop the flow of secret, unaccountable money," Hillary Clinton said Saturday during her vaunted campaign "do over."  That she said this without a trace of irony is no real surprise.  Ever since the release of "Clinton Cash" — which documented the Clintons' love of secret and unaccountable money — the couple's reaction has been to pretend the scandal has nothing to do with them.  Appearing on CNN, Bill Clinton claims that the millions the Clintons made from speeches paid for by foreign individuals and entities who had business before Hillary's State Department were innocent and coincidental.

Hillary Clinton wants to take from the rich and give to the poor.  It was a dramatic do-over of her April 12 Twitter announcement that she was running for the White House for a second time.  Since that launch, her campaign has struggled amid revelations that her family's Clinton Foundation accepted questionable donations, suspicions over her use of private e-mail while secretary of state, and criticism she was ducking questions from the press and public.

Hillary Relaunches Campaign All Over Again.  The second and all-new launch happened today on New York's Roosevelt Island which, ironically, used to be called Welfare Island.  Attendees were told to expect 'airport style security' for the event.  Luckily for Mrs. Clinton's staff, it doesn't look like they had to worry about crowd overflow.

Hillary Campaign Launch Features Staffer That Said 'F U Republicans'.  A top Hillary Clinton campaign official addressed potential volunteers at Clinton's Roosevelt Island campaign launch event Saturday, despite his verifiable hatred of Republicans and membership in an anti-GOP "mafia."  Marlon Marshall, director of political engagement for the Clinton campaign, spoke at the rally where he discussed volunteer sign up numbers and pro-Hillary house parties underway in key early states.  Marshall previously served as President Obama's deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, a baldly political agency overseen by senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Hillary Clinton plays it safe during campaign kick-off in New York, catering to Democratic core.  She catered to her party's core on gay rights, better early childhood education, paid family leave, cutting student loan debt and upending the key Supreme Court decision on campaign finance.  There was nothing especially provocative, even in proposing greater worker share of profits.  And she tried to have it both ways on energy:  calling for more clean energy and the extraction of fossil fuels.

Clinton says immigrants deserve citizenship, 'not second class status,' during NYC speech.  While she didn't go in to specifics during her 45-minute speech, Clinton did say that law abiding immigrants should be offered a path to citizenship, "not second class status," and criticized her Republican counterparts for supporting stricter immigration measures.  "They want to put immigrants who work hard and pay taxes at risk of deportation," Clinton said to the crowd of a few thousand people gathered in New York City.

Pantsuit power: Hillary wants to take from the rich.  "Prosperity can't be just for CEOs and hedge-fund managers. Democracy can't just be for billionaires and corporations," Clinton declared to 5,500 fans under blue skies at Four Freedoms Park. It was a dramatic do-over of her April 12 Twitter announcement that she was running for the White House for a second time.

Welcome to Hillary Island, a Pleasant Little Police State.  Clinton formally declared her candidacy for the Democratic nomination almost exactly a month ago, in April, with a 2:15 video.  "Everyday Americans need a champion," she said then.  "And I wanna be that champion."  Since that time, Clinton has not been heard from much as she has traveled around, talking to some voters and ignoring questions from the media and trying to seem as normal as possible despite being anything but.

Hillary Clinton campaigns to be Obama 3.0.  Please welcome to the presidential race the latest version of the Democratic front-runner:  Ms. Hillary Rodham Obama!  The speech Hillary delivered Saturday on Roosevelt Island made clear her presidency would be Barack Obama's third term.  The policies she would advance as president are intended to deepen Obama's unprecedented enmeshment of the economy and the government.  Ms. Rodham Obama went through an exhaustive list of goodies her presidency would deliver to Americans.  And when I say "exhaustive," I mean exhaustive.

5 takeaways from Clinton's relaunch rally.  Hillary Clinton, who has spent most of the early campaign touting her virtues as a note-taking listener, had lots and lots to say — and then some more — during her epic 2016 kickoff speech on Roosevelt Island.  Much of it was the expected proto-State of the Union stuff — the entire last half was a policy agenda full of vague specifics ("I will rewrite the tax code so it rewards hard work and investments here at home, not quick trades or stashing profits overseas") and wonked-out data points geared to justify government investment ("eighty percent of the brain is developed by age three").

Hillary 2.0 — Clinton Announcement Long on Promises, Short on Specifics.  After two months of beta testing, working out the bugs in a campaign announced on Twitter that featured a cross-country van tour but virtually no interactions with actual reporters, the Clinton campaign relaunched Saturday with an event on Roosevelt Island in her adopted home state of New York.  The former secretary of state took the stage and evoked the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Four Freedoms.  She name-checked the last two Democrat presidents, Barack Obama and her husband, Bill Clinton.  Then she tried to set herself apart from them.

Clinton choice of Roosevelt Island for kickoff rally sparks criticism.  The island, named after former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was chosen for the event because the Democratic frontrunner's career has been inspired by Roosevelt's belief that "America is stronger when we summon the work and talents of all Americans," according to a campaign official.  And Clinton has long considered former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt a role model, the campaign said.  But critics have raised a list of concerns including that the island is notoriously difficult to reach.

Is It Just Me or Does Hillary Talk Like a Robot?  Seriously, she does.  Not only does she pronounce the word "a" slowly and distinctly, like it's the answer to a multiple-choice question, without linking it to the words before or after, and not only does she sometimes put little pauses between each word ("it's ... America's ... basic ... bargain") or in inappropriate spots ("it's the same old ... song"), but she often puts odd stresses on words, seemingly at random:  "too many of our kids never learn as they should"; "we see far more opportunities than threats"; "fight back against those who would drive us apart."  Toward the end of her speech she began to seem a bit more natural, but for most of it, she sounded like a machine that had been programmed to synthesize speech and was still learning the fine points.

The Editor says...
There is a local news anchor here in Dallas who does the same thing — putting emphasis on exactly THE most unimportant word IN every sentence. 

Hillary Clinton, the fightingest fighter in the fight.  Whatever the differences between 1941 and 2015, Clinton decided that the Four Fights, which would be waged mostly with Republicans, would be the centerpiece of her speech and campaign.  "She wrote this speech herself," Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told CNN after the event.  "This was very personal."

The Editor asks...
If she wrote it herself, why did it sound like she had never seen the script before?

Clinton's launch speech to focus on her mother's life.  After nearly two and a half decades in the glare of the public spotlight, Hillary Clinton will reintroduce herself on Saturday by highlighting her personal journey marked heavily by the deprivations faced by her own mother.  Starting with the story of her mother's abusive and traumatic childhood, Clinton will explain the role her family played in making her an advocate for other people, campaign officials told POLITICO, previewing the highly touted speech on New York's Roosevelt Island that will set the tone for the rest of her campaign. (

Hillary Clinton: America's Most Boring Public Speaker.  Forget that she lies incessantly and stands for virtually nothing that's discernible other than her own self-interest, Hillary Clinton is one of the most boring public speakers extant.  I have heard better speeches at high school, maybe even grammar school, graduations than HRC gave in New York Saturday in the second — or is it the third — debut speech of her campaign.  It was problem after problem, cliché after cliché until you couldn't listen anymore.  Needless to say, there wasn't a fresh idea.  No new solutions to these problems on offer, only generalities.

Hillary Relaunch to Have 'Airport Style Security'.  Security will be tight at Hillary Clinton's re-launch in New York City.  It will mimic "airport style security," according to an email from the campaign to people who have registered for the event.

Here Are the Clinton Campaign's Relaunch Talking Points.  Earlier today [6/12/2015], the Hillary Clinton campaign sent out a list of talking points for friends and allies to familiarize themselves with before tomorrow's campaign relaunch.  The talking points reveal that Bill and Chelsea Clinton are "expected to attend" but will not be speaking at tomorrow's event.  The event is considered sold out.  And the next phase of the campaign will feature Hillary telling "her story."

Hillary embarrassing herself with Roosevelt Island 're-launch' tomorrow.  Hillary Clinton's campaign comprises a bunch of clueless dolts, who don't understand symbolism at all.  The choices they have made for tomorrow's event intended to bolster a flailing effort are only digging her hole deeper.  It will be far, far more difficult to attend Hillary Clinton's campaign "re-launch" tomorrow [6/13/2015] than to vote for her, if she gets her way on voting.

Hillary hopes you'll forget her awful campaign start.  Almost exactly two months after Hillary Rodham Clinton's official announcement that she's running for President, she will give her first "official campaign announcement speech," on June 13, according to her Twitter account.  In other words, the Clinton campaign wants a do-over.  Her first rollout was the most disastrous nonfatal presidential campaign debut in modern memory, so she wants another.


9-Year Old Asks Hillary About Gender Pay Equity at Town Hall.  It's a pity that no regular American (a descriptor which automatically excludes 95 percent of all "professional journalists") can get close enough to Granny Catlady to ask her a serious question.  Instead, she's fielding carefully lobbed softballs from the likes of 9-year old Red Diaper Baby: [...] Heaven forbid that the Godmother of ISIS field a serious question, say, like why she lobbied for an invasion of Libya, leading to the rise of ISIS and the little matter of 20,000 "lost" missile launchers.

Hillary Clinton Offers Herself As Dinner Date Prize In TOTALLY RIGGED Sweepstakes.  After raising $45 million in the last few months by hobnobbing with hedge fund managers and wealthy elites, Hillary Clinton's newest fundraising gambit is to obtain cash by offering to eat with some specially-plucked member of the hoi polloi.  The carefully-worded language of the sweepstakes ensures that not just any old rabble can win, though.

Campaign staff drove 'ordinary' Iowans to Hillary's first campaign stop — including health care 'lobbyist in training'.  Hillary Clinton's astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa.  Her Tuesday morning [5/19/2015] visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton.  Bird told Daily Mail Online that campaign staffer Troy Price called and asked him and two other young people to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city.  Price then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour.

You won't believe Hillary Clinton's spin on avoiding the press.  With Hillary Clinton rapidly approaching a month since she answered a question from a reporter, her allies are working to push back on the idea that she is ducking the press. [...] The vast majority of the people who have asked Clinton questions in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada were part of a pre-selected group who sat with her around a roundtable.  That's not exactly like hosting a town hall event in which none of the questions are pre-screened.  And if you look at the questions "regular" people are asking Clinton, they are not exactly the most probing of queries.

Mia Love Obliterates Hillary Clinton With the Stroke of a Pen.  In related Hillary news, the would-be empress held a "listening tour" on a college campus in Iowa (which means no one was allowed to ask her questions and students were actually locked in their buildings to prevent Hill from breathing the same air as the riff-raff).  Oh, and Hillary's 'unscripted' coffee shop sit-down with 'ordinary' Americans turned out to be just as phony as a jetsetter worth $200 million engaging in class warfare.

The plastic candidate with the AstroTurf campaign.  First, there was the video. The 2:19 clip hit all the touchstones:  There were blacks and whites and Hispanics and chubbies and skinnies and gays and straights and men and women (and men with men and women with women).  The quick-cut flurry sought to portray the people in the video as simply Clinton fans whom the filmmaker had skillfully tracked down and captured in off-the-cuff adoration.  But they were nothing of the kind. Instead, they were campaign volunteers for Hillary's last run, or Democratic donors.  All were approached by Team Clinton and asked to appear in the video.  And all were given scripts with exactly what to say for the seemingly "candid" video.

Clinton aide admits they screen 'everyday Americans' for Hillary's campaign events.  A Hillary Clinton campaign official explained on Monday why her presidential advisers have brought pre-screened partisans to some events promoted as an opportunity for the former secretary of state to meet with 'everyday Americans.'  Just steps away in a Keene, New Hampshire bakery, a few run-of-the-mill people decided they didn't want to be seen with her.

Campaign staff drove 'ordinary' Iowans to Hillary's first campaign stop.  Hillary Clinton's astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa.  Her Tuesday morning visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton.  Bird told Daily Mail Online that campaign staffer Troy Price called and asked him and two other young people to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city.  Price then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour.

Hillary's 'everyday Americans': Democrat state campaign manager and a Martin O'Malley supporter.  Three more of Hillary Clinton's 'everyday Americans' have been revealed to have strong links to the Democrat party — including one who could be set to support a rival bid for the White House.  Julie Stauch and married couple Sean Bagniewski and Vidhya Reddy all appear in on the video announcing Clinton's 2016 bid.  They are part of a diverse group of people — from young mothers and people preparing for retirement, to Spanish-speaking brothers preparing to start a business and an Asian-American college graduate looking for her first job — chosen to show aspirational citizens as Clinton looks to speak to to wide demographic of voters.

Hillary's use of astroturf in earlier campaigns

Hillary Clinton's cloud of corruption

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Hillary Clinton's secret email servers

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Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign

Hillary announces her socialist economic agenda, July 13, 2015:

Hillary: As President I Will Stop GOP's 'Mean-Spirited, Misguided Attacks' on Unions.  Monday [7/13/2015] at the New School in New York City, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said as president, she will stop the "mean-spirited" Republican "misguided attacks" on unions, which she argued have helped to increase income inequality.

Hillary Clinton Blames GOP for Everything in Economic Speech.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered an economic speech Monday morning [7/13/2015] in New York that was full of empty sound bites and predictably blamed Republicans for all of America's economic woes, ignoring any problems created by the current Democratic president, Barack Obama.  In fact, her speech was as remarkable for what Clinton didn't say as it was for what she did say.  Just like Obama, Clinton repeatedly pledged to pursue policies that increase costs both on businesses and on wage earners, without any acknowledgment of the negative impacts caused by these policies.

Hillary Clinton's 'new' economic agenda shouldn't fool anyone. It's just recycled rhetoric that hasn't worked.  Let's see: she wants more infrastructure spending, higher taxes on the foreign earnings of U.S. Corporations and hedge fund managers, a higher minimum wage, new rules to make it easier to form unions (card check), more child care subsidies, expanded paid medical leave for workers, and renewable energy subsidies.  Sound familiar?  It's more taxes, more regulatory burdens on employers, the green agenda, more government spending paid for with debt.  One looks at the list of leftist wish list priorities from yesteryear and wonders:  Hillary, is this thin grool really all you got?

Hillary Clinton's Economy Speech.  Former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president in 2016 laid out her proposed economic policy in an address to the left-leaning New School for Social Research in New York on Monday [7/13/2015].  Billed as a policy that aims to "boost the middle class," Clinton offered a hodgepodge of policy platitudes that differed little from Obama administration policies that she admits are not working.

Hillary Clinton moves sharply to left, vows wage hikes, taxes on wealthy.  Hillary Rodham Clinton moved sharply to the left Monday, promising, if elected president, she would demand pay raises for the working class, slap more taxes on the rich and increase government spending on a litany of liberal programs.  The proposals from the prohibitive favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee appeased the party's liberal base, who long have been skeptical of the once-centrist Mrs. Clinton, and drew a stark contrast with Republicans, whose policies she blamed for past economic downturns and growing income inequality.

Hillary Clinton's Uber Speech Belongs in 1930s America.  If he is smart, the eventual Republican nominee will spend 2016 casting Clinton as the spirit animal of a washed-out and intellectually bankrupt generation that belongs nowhere near the levers of power.  If they are really smart, the broader party will make this case broadly and perpetually — and long after next year's election is over.  All political movements are guilty of nostalgia, certainly.  But few of them refuse to acknowledge their sentimentality in quite the same way as does the wing of the Democratic party to which Clinton is currently attempting to agglutinate herself.

Hillary's Trip to 1948.  Progressive" is a funny word, one that often means the opposite of what it appears to mean.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is a wanton and shameless trafficker in Nineties nostalgia, but the odd fact is that she intends to be sworn in as president in 2017 with the Democratic platform from 1948:  weaponizing the tax code for use against disfavored businesses while offering rich new subsidies for compliant corporations, raising the minimum wage, aggrandizing the micromanagerial powers of the Department of Labor, expanding our already insolvent entitlements, adding mightily to our zero-return "investments" in government-school bureaucracies and dodgy energy programs, etc.

Hillary's Tired, Demagogic Economic Proposals.  Hillary Clinton is a walking, talking cliche who spouts decades-old sound bites that were bad enough when her husband first delivered them but are painfully anachronistic today.  Same old material, same old demagoguery.

The rest of Hillary's platform, and this year's Democratic Party platform:

Clinton Promises to Attack Gun Owners on Her "Very First Day" in Office.  The NRA-ILA is a top source for news about issue that could affect our Second Amendment rights.  Not that it is much of a surprise, but the Democrat frontrunner has pledged to assault the Second Amendment on day one if elected.  As usual, she claims she wants to lower gun violence... by stepping on the throats of gun manufacturers.

Hillary Clinton Opposes Heller Gun Rights Ruling, Adviser Says.  Hillary Clinton believes a 2008 Supreme Court ruling that is the linchpin of an individual's right to own a gun was "wrongly decided," her policy adviser told Bloomberg Politics on Friday [5/20/2016]. [...] The stance by Clinton, the all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee, carries potentially profound implications for the future of gun rights in the U.S.  In striking down a longstanding handgun ban in the District of Columbia, the D.C. v.  Heller ruling marked the first time the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment protected an individual's right to own a firearm for lawful purposes such as self-defense in the home.

Hillary Clinton's fierce anti-gun stance could backfire in general election.  Democrats, skittish over pushing gun control since Al Gore's bid for the White House fell short in 2000, are once again flirting with the issue, preparing to pick perhaps the most anti-gun presidential nominee in a generation.  Hillary Clinton's provocations will be on the minds of thousands of Second Amendment activists gathering in Louisville beginning Thursday [5/19/2016] as the National Rifle Association hosts its annual meetings, insisting Mrs. Clinton's fierce gun control stance will once again hamstring Democrats in a national election.  Likely GOP nominee Donald Trump will speak Friday, delivering his fervent pro-gun stance to the one part of the conservative coalition that has quickly and eagerly embraced him — which makes the contrast with Mrs.  Clinton, who's highlighted her anti-gun stance, all the more striking.

Leaked audio:  Hillary says SCOTUS wrong on 2nd Amendment — promises to fight for gun bans.  Recently, Hillary's gun control mask slipped a bit when her daughter Chelsea promised that her mom was eager to return to her gun-grabbing ways.  She promised that a Clinton Supreme Court would issue a "definitive ruling" on the subject — by which she meant overturn D.C. vs.  Heller — and gut the 2nd Amendment.  To remind you of her true intentions, the GOP War Room has cleaned up and re-released some leaked audio from last October.  In it, Hillary makes it plain as day.

The Hillary Myth.  Hillary Clinton sounds like Paul Ryan on the economy.  She says she's for "strong growth, fair growth, and long-term growth."  She would abandon the slow-growth economics of President Obama and return us to those wonderful days in the 1990s when husband Bill was in charge.  This is a different Hillary Clinton from the one we've seen in debates with Bernie Sanders, her socialist rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.  It's the centrist-at-heart Clinton whom conservatives and Republicans eager for an acceptable alternative to Donald Trump can vote for.  Only there's a problem:  This Hillary Clinton is entirely mythical.  She doesn't exist.  As the Democratic party has lurched to the left, she has lurched with it.

Shocker! WV voters don't embrace Hillary's pledge to bankrupt coal industry.  Clinton and Sanders both want to recycle the coal industry into Solyndra reboots, but one difference is that Bernie didn't say so out loud at a nationally televised debate:  [Video clip]

Trump's Not Wrong:  Clinton Wants to "Abolish" Second Amendment.  Donald Trump told his supporters at a rally in Lynden, Washington, on Saturday that the presumptive Democrat nominee would like to abolish Second Amendment. [...] Clinton seems to be of the opinion that she understands the Second Amendment better than the Founding Fathers or the U.S. Supreme Court, as revealed last October.

Hillary Clinton Picks a Doomed Fight With Americans Over Guns.  "Yesterday, once again, this time horrifically on live television," says Hillary Clinton in a video on her presidential campaign website, "we saw the terrible consequences of gun violence."  As it turns out, she's not talking about civilian deaths from drone strikes or bombing raids on hospitals by the U.S. government, but instead about a criminal shooting spree in the United States.  Sure enough, the Washington Post pointed out last week that one of Clinton's signature issues heading into the general election is tightening restrictions on the ownership and use of guns by Americans.

Six Parts of Hillary Clinton's Plan to Disarm Citizens.  [#4] Replace Instant Background Checks With Indefinite Background Checks:  Clinton wants to expand the time frame in which a background for a gun purchase is conducted.  The current time frame is "instant" — via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System — but there is an allowance for the FBI to take up to three days to complete the criminal records search on a would-be gun buyer.  Clinton wants to expand the FBI's three day allowance by transforming it into an indefinite amount of time to complete a search.

Hillary Clinton's coal flip-flop could prove costly in general election.  Hillary Clinton's pitch to voters in Appalachia fell flat this week, and she is in real danger of losing the West Virginia primary to Sen.  Bernard Sanders next week — but analysts say the former first lady has deeper problems in coal country that could spill into the general election.  Mrs. Clinton has shifted positions on coal over the past eight years, moving from high praise for clean-coal technology and the fuel's role in U.S. energy production in 2008 to guaranteeing miners will be out of work and coal mines shut down if she is elected to the White House in November.  Although she has tried to distance herself from those inflammatory statements and salvage her campaign in the pro-coal territory of West Virginia, Kentucky and elsewhere, political analysts say there is little Mrs. Clinton can do to repair the damage.  Attempts to appeal to blue-collar workers in Appalachia and possibly snatch those states from the Republican column in November look futile.

The stalled Obama economy is an albatross for Hillary.  Obama is leaving office, but the woman he wants to succeed him, Hillary Clinton, still needs to sell that line of BS to a skeptical public looking for economic relief as the 2016 presidential election approaches.  Can she do it?  It's hard to say.  But one thing is certain:  Clinton's sales (or snow) job just got a lot harder after Thursday's GDP report — which showed the great Obama economy barely growing during the first quarter of the year, underscoring the bad economic hand she'll be forced to play this election season.

Chelsea Clinton Spills the Beans on Hillary's Plans to Confiscate Guns Using the Supreme Court.  We here are the Federalist Papers Project have been warning that if Hillary Clinton becomes President she will be a true anti-gun president and will seek to confiscate our guns and put a major crimp in our Second Amendment rights.  Now Hilary's own daughter, Chelsea, is flat out admitting that what we have been saying here is 100 percent correct:  Hillary will seek to destroy the Second Amendment.  In an MSNBC broadcast of comments made at a campaign event in Maryland, Chelsea Clinton flat out admitted that her mother would seek to undermine the Second Amendment and take away our rights.  Chelsea also specifically noted her mother will stack the Supreme Court with extremist liberals who will follow her policy to destroy the Second Amendment.

Clinton: I Want To 'Go Further' Left Than Obama On A Number Of Issues.  During an MSNBC town hall on Monday evening [4/25/2016], Hillary Clinton praised President Obama's accomplishments on a number of policy issues, including the economy, but said she wanted to "go further" on other issues. [...] Among the items she named as wanting to "make a big, big push on," included equal pay for women (despite the fact that the Clinton Foundation pays female executives less than their male counterparts), early childhood education, affordable college and deb-free tuition, the Affordable Care Act, mental health, criminal justice reform, and — you guessed it — gun control.

Whether they're qualified or not...
Hillary: My Cabinet Will Be 50% Women.  Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised that her Cabinet would be 50% women if she is elected president during a town hall on MSNBC on Monday [4/25/2016].

Hillary's Soda Tax Endorsement Violates Middle Class Tax Pledge.  Clinton was speaking in Philadelphia on Wednesday [4/20/2016] when she said the following:  "I'm very supportive of the mayor's proposal to tax soda to get universal preschool for kids.  I mean, we need universal preschool, and if that's a way to do it, that's how we should do it.  Clinton used preschool as an excuse for her soda tax endorsement, and the threat to soda and pop drinkers nationwide is clear:  Clinton's official campaign plan calls for universal preschool for the entire country.

Clinton Embraces Largest Soda Tax Ever Proposed In America — What Won't She Tax?  Yesterday [4/20/2016(?)] in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton noted that she was "very supportive" of Mayor Jim Kenney's soda tax plan, the highest such tax proposed in the United States: [Video clip]  This new tax would make a 20-ounce bottle of soda 60 cents more expensive for distributors, who would obviously pass those costs on to consumers, forcing them to pay more for every bottle of Sprite and can of Coke they purchase.

Hillary Wants Your Guns.  Given the Democrats' dismal record when they run on an anti-gun platform, it is hard to believe that Hillary Clinton wants to make gun control her signature issue.  Nevertheless, that appears to be the case. [...] What do you think Hillary means by "chang[ing] the gun culture"? My guess is that she knows next to nothing about the "gun culture" as it is experienced by those who own and use firearms, and what she has in mind is making it really, really hard for anyone to buy a gun.  Except for her armed guards, of course.

Hillary Says 'Amen' To Supporter Who Wants Her To Use Executive Power To Prohibit Guns In Cars.  Hillary Clinton had one word for a supporter who urged her on Thursday [4/21/2016] to use executive action as president to restrict citizens from carrying guns in their vehicles:  "Amen.  "We need you to be able to use your executive powers to legislate that you can't carry guns in cars, you can't bring cars in buildings that are not assured to carry them," an audience member at a campaign forum in Hartford, Conn. told Clinton.  "We need executive powers to say we will fight for life and not kowtow to the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston," he added, referred to the actor and former president of the National Rifle Association.  "Whoa, let the congregation say, 'Amen,'" Clinton responded.

Clinton Vows to Spend 'Every Single Minute' as President to 'Change Gun Culture'.  At a meeting with families of gun-violence victims in Hartford, Conn., today, Hillary Clinton vowed to use "every single minute of every day" to "change the gun culture" in America.  Participants at the event included Erica Smegielski, daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung, and Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose 6-year-old daughter, Ana Grace, was also among the Sandy Hook victims.  Clinton, who has been hammering at Sen.  Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over gun control, said "if anything else were killing 33,000 Americans a year... we would be fully mobilized, doing everything we possible could to save lives."

I predict the members of Hillary's anti-gun gang will be wearing brown shirts.
Clinton:  We Could Have Positive Gangs.  Hillary Clinton said that society needs to have "positive gangs" during a discussion on gun violence Thursday [4/21/2016] in Connecticut.  "You said something that is so important for people to hear.  You know, joining a gang is like having a family.  It's feeling like you're part of something bigger than yourself.  So we're either going to have gangs that murder and rob and do the things that are so destructive to the gang members and to the community," she said.  "Or, we're going to have positive gangs.  We're going to have positive alternatives for young people.  The discussion that Clinton took part in was to push her gun law agenda further to potential voters.

Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control Opportunity on Supreme Court With Scalia Gone.  Chelsea Clinton said Thursday at an event in Maryland that there is now an opportunity for gun control legislation to pass the Supreme Court since Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.  "It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control.  With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the Court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control," Clinton said.  "Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the Court struck them down.  Clinton then touted her mother's record on gun control issues and knowledge that the Supreme Court has an effect on whether many gun control laws stand.

Hillary is a tough talker while whe is surrounded by heavily-armed Secret Service agents.
Hillary Clinton:  We have too many guns 'in our homes'.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton suggested Wednesday [4/20/2016] that Americans have too many guns in their homes.  "When it comes to guns, we have just too many guns.  On the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods," the former secretary of state told a gun violence forum in Philadelphia, according to a clip obtained by Washington Free Beacon.

Hillary Says We Should Rewrite the First Amendment, If That's What It Takes to Reverse Citizens United.  Hillary Clinton endorsed a constitutional amendment today [4/14/2016] to reverse the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United v.  FEC. [...] In Citizens United, the Court ruled that the First Amendment protects unlimited independent political expenditures by nonprofit groups.  The case famously arose when Citizens United, a conservative nonprofit corporation that produces documentaries, made a movie attacking Clinton and released advertisements promoting the movie during her presidential campaign in 2008. A federal court ruled that the regnant campaign laws banned the airing of those ads and the movie in the 30 days prior to the Democratic primaries.

Hillary promises a trillion dollars in new taxes if elected.  Not to be outdone by Bernie Sanders in promising free stuff to voters, Hillary Clinton is promising to raise taxes by an astounding trillion dollars a year.  Taking that kind money out of the economy and putting it into the hands of government bureaucrats will tank the economy.  But of course, with so many members of the voting pubic not paying income taxes, this may actually be an attractive proposition to them.

Hillary Clinton Is Going To Raise Taxes By A LOT.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton confirmed she plans to raise taxes by at least $1 trillion dollars during an interview with New York Daily News released Monday [4/11/2016].  The former secretary of state proposed a slew of new hikes — including a 28 percent cap on itemized deductions to raise $350 billion for college subsides.  Through "business tax reform," she said she plans to bring in $275 billion for infrastructure purposes and plans to raise somewhere between $400 and $500 billion in revenue by eliminating certain deductions, raising the estate tax, capital gains tax and implementing the "Buffett Rule," meaning anyone making over $1 million a year will face at least a 30 percent tax rate.

Clinton's $10 Bil Manufacturing 'Investment' Is Just A Thinly Disguised Gift To Unions.  Clinton calls her plan "Make it in America," but you will look in vain to find any part of it that would actually help manufacturing.  There's no talk of reforming corporate taxes, lifting the heavy burden of needless EPA regulations, or reducing the cost of hiring new workers.  Instead, she wants to get government more deeply involved in the industry — by punishing those that dare to move jobs or investment offshore, while rewarding those that do her bidding.

Hillary Clinton: 'The Unborn Person Doesn't Have Constitutional Rights'.  Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," while discussing her position on abortion, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said under our laws currently "the unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights."

Hillary commits major abortion gaffe.  A gaffe, as Michael Kinsley famously explained it, is when a politician accidentally tells the truth.  And Hillary Clinton did exactly that on Meet the Press yesterday [4/3/2016], violating the rulebook of Planned Parenthood to use language that obscures the nature of abortion, substituting words like "choice" and "fetal tissue mass" to mask the taking of a human a life.  Hillary's sin?  Stating her view that "an unborn person does not have constitutional rights."  Acknowledging that an "unborn person" is what is being killed, or terminated, as the abortion industry prefers to euphemize it, creates legal conceptual difficulties.

Clinton 'unborn person' comments anger both pro-choice, pro-life sides.  Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton ran afoul of both the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the abortion debate Sunday [4/3/2016] when she said constitutional rights do not apply to an "unborn person" or "child."  "The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights," Mrs.  Clinton said on NBC's "Meet the Press."  "Now that doesn't mean that we don't do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to, you know, help a mother who is carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy, to have appropriate medical support."  Mrs.  Clinton also said "there is room for reasonable kinds of restrictions" on abortion during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Hillary: Unborn Children Don't Have Constitutional Rights.  On Sunday [4/3/2016], Hillary Clinton told Chuck Todd that no unborn child has constitutional rights.  "The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights," under our current laws, said Clinton.  She also said that "the woman's right to make decisions" is most important when it comes to abortion.  Most notable perhaps is Clinton's use of "person."  Oftentimes, when talking about a woman's right to choose, pro-choicers will use terminology that suggests the unborn is not a person or human, but a "fetus."  [Video clip]

Hillary: Unborn Babies Do Not Have Rights.  Hillary Clinton says that unborn children do not have "constitutional rights."  In an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet the Press" airing on Sunday [4/3/2016], Clinton said that while it "doesn't mean that you don't do everything possible to try to fulfill your obligations [to help the unborn person], it does not include sacrificing the woman's right to make decisions."  Todd asked Clinton "if an unborn child has constitutional rights" and Clinton replied, "Well, under our laws, that is not something that exists.  The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights."

Where's the Scrutiny of Hillary Clinton on Abortion?  GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is taking a beating from the press over his flip-flops on abortion.  But the leading Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, has escaped serious scrutiny over her extreme position that would seem to prohibit any restrictions on the procedure. [...] During an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC's "Meet the Press," Mrs. Clinton, who is a grandmother, was asked, "Are there reasonable restrictions that you would ever support on abortion?"  She seemed to reply that she supported no limits to abortion up until the moment of birth.

Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Could Use 'Executive Action' to Handle Obamacare's 'Crushing Costs'.  On the campaign trail for her mother, Chelsea Clinton is both giving Hillary Clinton credit for Obamacare's basic framework and distancing her from the boondoggle's massive increase in costs to average Americans. [...] However, Truth Revolt observed last week that Chelsea Clinton told voters that something needed to be done to deal with Obamacare's "crushing costs" and said her mother was prepared to consider "executive action" as a means to bring down those costs.

Clinton would impose campaign finance, abortion litmus tests on court nominees.  Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton urged her supporters to demand that the Senate approve President Obama's Supreme Court pick — even though she herself seemed to undercut Judge Merrick Garland, saying she wanted justices with more varied "life experience" than what he brings to the bench.  Mrs. Clinton said she wouldn't second-guess Mr. Obama's decision to pick Judge Garland to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, but added that if she were in the Oval Office she would search for nominees in the mold of Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  Mrs. Clinton said Justice Sotomayor's Hispanic heritage and underprivileged upbringing brought needed perspectives to the high court.

Hillary Clinton: 'No Evidence' to Suggest Raising the Minimum Wage Kills Jobs.  Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton claimed Tuesday [3/22/2016] there is "no evidence" to prove raising the minimum wage costs jobs.

The Editor says...
This page is full of evidence that the minimum wage is a job killer.

According To Democrats, It's 'Un-American' To Enforce Immigration Laws.  Hillary Clinton made quite the incredulous claim last week.  In an interview with an Arizona radio station, Clinton asserted the U.S.-Mexico border is secure and migration from the Central American country was no longer a problem.  "I think we've done a really good job securing the border," the Democratic front-runner confidently stated.

Hillary Clinton to Miners: Let Them Eat Coal.  By now, most people probably know about one of Secretary Hillary Clinton's biggest campaign gaffes to date:  "we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."  As soon as I heard it, I tweeted:  "Imagine a presidential candidate running for office based on putting people out of work?"  I wasn't the only one shocked by the uncharacteristic clarity of her statement.

GOP's message to voters should be this: Supreme Court fight is about Obama's abuse of power.  This isn't about Judge Robert Bork, or the "Biden Rule" — this is a fight about President Obama undermining the checks and balances established in the Constitution.  For instance, President Obama has tried to essentially shut down our coal industry through new EPA regulations limiting carbon emissions.  These rules would create a massive dislocation to our economy, which has long benefited from cheap energy, including abundant coal.  That there is a significant cost to the economy is clear; Hillary Clinton recently said "We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."  How right, and how cruelly nonchalant that statement is.

Hillary's Federal Education Jackboot Squad.  Clinton wants a cadre of new government educrats to undo the decades-old damage of old government educrats in America's worst public schools.  She pitched her creepy proposal at the Democratic presidential debate in Michigan on Sunday for an "education SWAT team" to swarm down and rescue students from failing districts in decrepit cities such as Detroit (run by whom?  Oh, yeah.  Democrats!).  "I want to set-up inside the Department of Education, for want of a better term, kind of an education SWAT team, if you will," Clinton explained in a bizarre, semi-blaccent, "where we've got qualified people, teachers, principals, maybe folks who are retired, maybe folks who are active, but all of whom are willing to come and help."

The Editor says...
America's "worst public schools" are filled with the illegitimate children from America's worst households.  Decades of godless, fatherless, lawless, welfare-dependent "families" cannot be remedied, normalized and assimilated into polite society by a sudden show of federal force.  Besides, the Department of Education already has a SWAT team, and it's not something to be proud of.  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] (The DOE denies it, of course.)

Norquist: Hillary's Attack on Guns and Fracking Will Cost Her the Election.  Norquist was referring to Clinton's comment in Sunday's Democrat debate where she said, "So by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place." [...] While Clinton has always been terrible on the gun issue, her anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment statement in Sunday's debate was broad and sweeping:  "I think we have to try everything that works to try to limit the numbers of people and the kinds of people who are given access to firearms."

Hillary Was for Fracking Before She Was Against It.  [Scroll down]  In 2014 Clinton also stated with regard to fracking that "expanding production is creating tens of thousands of new jobs," and "lower costs are helping give the United Stated a big competitive advantage."  While Hillary may no longer admit this about fracking, her past statements of support are completely accurate.  According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), fracking has led to reductions in imported energy, down from 60 percent of what the U.S. used in 2004 to 38 percent in 2013.  For 2012 alone, this led to a $284 billion increase in U.S. GDP, 2.1 million jobs created, and increased the income of every American household by roughly $1,200.  Hillary Clinton's criticism of fracking at the recent Democratic debate is a blatant attempt by her campaign to gain power by appealing to the misinformed prejudices and emotions of the extreme left.

Did someone mention fracking?

Clinton Wants to Work to Limit the Numbers and Kinds of People Who Have Access to Guns.  "I think we have to try everything that works to try to limit the numbers of people and the kinds of people who are given access to firearms," Hillary Clinton said at Sunday night's [3/6/2016] Democrat debate in Michigan.  "The Brady Bill, which has been in effect now for about 23 years, has kept more than two million purchases from going forward.  So we do have to continue to try to work on that because not every killer will have the same profile."  Clinton endorsed "comprehensive background checks" for online purchases and those at guns shows.  She aslo wants to make sure gun sales do not proceed if background checks are not completed in three days.

Hillary Clinton's War on Whites.  Hillary Clinton is sweeping the Democratic primaries across the South by capturing nearly all the black votes — a staggering 86 percent in South Carolina.  She's doing it with poisonous lies designed to stoke racial resentment.  Clinton routinely tells blacks they are the victims of "systemic racism" and scolds whites for not demonstrating more "humility."  She falsely claims that discrimination is causing higher poverty rates and incarceration rates in the black community.  There isn't a shred of evidence to back up her claims.  Even so, she gets a pass from the media.

Clinton's Cowardly Capitulation to Black Lives Matter.  This Wednesday [2/24/2016] at a fundraiser in Columbia, South Carolina, Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams demanded that Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton apologize to black people for "mass incarceration."  In a speech Clinton gave twenty years ago, she equated some black youths to "super-predators."  Williams unfurled a handmade sign that included a quote from that speech:  "we have to bring [the super-predators] to heel."  After a tense exchange between the Williams and Clinton, the former was ushered out of the fundraiser.  Thursday afternoon, Clinton capitulated.

Clinton says she'll go further than Obama on immigration.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both said they'll go further than President Barack Obama on the issue of immigration, with Sanders condemning recent deportation raids as "unacceptable."

Hillary X.  [Scroll down]  Hillary as a candidate and a person has no connection to the black community.  Her husband was routinely called "the first black president" during his tenure, but that was meaningless shtick used to placate discontented voters.  What has Hillary done to earn anyone's vote, let alone support specifically from black voters?  Nothing.  Well, nothing except pandering.  Progressives derive their power from division — race, gender, sexuality, income, you name it.  Racial division is their political "comfort food," their most successful weapon.  And it's about to be deployed like never before.

Mrs. Clinton's Ode to Serfdom.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is not qualified to be president of the United States of America, because she doesn't know what the United States of America are.  Terry Shumaker, former U.S. ambassador to Trinidad (I wonder what that gig cost him) and current abject minion in the service of Mrs. Clinton, quotes Herself telling an audience in New Hampshire:  "Service is the rent we pay for living in this great country."  There is a very old English word for people who are required to perform service as a rent for their existence, and that word is serf.  Serfdom is a form of bondage.

Clinton: The Money to Help Americans Pay Their Bills 'Should Come From Those Who Have It'.  "We have to change the tax system so that it is fairer," Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday [1/27/2016].  To her, that means taking more money from the rich and spending it on other people's college tuition, child care, and paid family leave.  "There are things we can do that will relieve the burdens on middle-class families, and the money should come from those who have it," Clinton told a gathering in Marshalltown, Iowa, Wednesday.

Hillary's "blame-men-first" feminism may prove costly in 2016.  During her two presidential campaigns, Hillary Clinton has consistently drawn greater support from women than men.  Is this gender lag due to retrograde misogyny, or does Hillary project an uneasiness or ambivalence about men that complicates her appeal to a broader electorate?

Clinton 'loves' the idea of appointing Obama to Supreme Court.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said she "loves" the idea of appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she's elected president.  At a campaign event in Iowa Tuesday [1/26/2016], Mrs. Clinton told the crowd the next president may have to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices.  When one attendee mentioned Mr. Obama as a contender, she seemed excited by the recommendation.

Hillary Clinton Would Consider Appointing President Obama to Supreme Court.  A second Clinton administration could mean a future Justice Barack Obama.  At a campaign event in Deocorah, Iowa on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton lit up when a voter asked her if she would consider appointing the president to the Supreme Court should she win the White House.  "Wow, what a great idea.  No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow," the Democratic presidential candidate responded.  "He may have a few other things to do but I tell you that's a great idea."

The Editor says...
You can safely bet that [#1] the question was provided to that "voter" by Hillary's staff, and Hillary was in no way surprised by it, since Hillary put on one of the worst phony surprised acts ever seen, and [#2] the question was either written by Hillary herself, or supplied by someone in the White House.

Hillary Clinton's Plan Would Raise Taxes by Half a Trillion Over Next Decade.  Hillary Clinton's proposed tax plan would raise taxes by $498 billion over the next decade and would reduce the economy's size by 1 percent, according to analysis by the Tax Foundation.  In order to pay for the new and expanded government programs Clinton has touted on the campaign trail, her proposed tax plan will increase marginal tax rates on income, labor, and capital, a move that will in turn reduce GDP, lower wages, and eliminate jobs.  Most of the $498 billion in tax revenue over the next decade would come from individual income taxes, the estate tax, and taxes on corporations.

Clinton rallies Planned Parenthood vote, fights all restrictions on abortions.  Once a proponent of making abortions "safe, legal and rare," Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has now dropped the "rare" from her rhetorical pitch as she seeks to rally the Planned Parenthood vote.  Ever more worried by a challenge from Sen. Bernard Sanders, Mrs. Clinton has placed women's rights at the forefront of her candidacy, rallying with a heightened sense of absolutism:  fighting against all restrictions on abortions, including during the ninth month of pregnancy.

Clinton embraces Obama in final stretch, fueling GOP claims of seeking '3rd term'.  If you like Barack Obama, you'll love Hillary Clinton.  That seems to be the Democratic front-runner's pitch as she charges into the final stretch to the Iowa caucuses, embracing the administration's agenda and casting rival Bernie Sanders as a threat to that legacy — a strategy on full display at Sunday's [1/17/2016] primary debate.  On stage in Charleston, S.C., Clinton accused the Vermont senator of wanting to "tear" up ObamaCare, which she called "one of the greatest accomplishments of President Obama, of the Democratic Party and of our country."

Clinton: 'There is no more important issue than reproductive rights'.  Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton told voters in New Hampshire Friday [1/22/2016] that there is "no more important issue than reproductive rights."  "We want to get the economy working for everybody, not just those at the top, [and] we want to get incomes rising," Clinton told attendees of the National Abortion Rights Action League's annual Pro-choice Roe v. Wade Dinner in New Hampshire.  "But those of us in this room also know that human rights, civil rights [and] women's rights matter and there is no more important issue than reproductive rights," she added.

Hillary Wants Bill's Economic Record — Without Any Of His Pro-Growth Policies.  Hillary Clinton has come out firmly against banking deregulation.  She wants to hike taxes on capital gains.  She wants to expand the welfare state and dramatically increase the size of government — by $1 trillion and counting.  She wants to rein in cops and release felons from prison.  She also says that she'll seek Bill Clinton's input on how to grow the economy because of what "was accomplished under my husband's leadership in the '90s — especially when it came to raising incomes for everybody and lifting more people out of poverty. ... I'm going to ask for his ideas, I'm going ask for his advice."  But what Bill — or at least the Bill Clinton who was in the White House from 1993 to 2001 — would probably tell her is to abandon every one of her far-left proposals if she wants to see a return to strong GDP growth.

Hillary's Healthcare Lies.  Hillary Clinton is attacking rival Bernie Sanders, calling his plan to replace Obamacare with socialist single payer healthcare a "risky deal" and unaffordable.  She's telling Democrats the survival of the Affordable Care Act depends on her winning the presidency.  "The stakes couldn't be higher," she warned Iowa voters.  Sunday night [1/17/2016] at the primary debate she repeated it, claiming a Clinton presidency is all that stands between Obamacare and its demise.  Not so fast, Clinton.  Obamacare is on the ropes, and it still will be, even if you're elected president.  You're not leveling with the public about the health law's disastrous condition.

Clinton demands government funding for illegals' attorneys, tells Obama to stop raids.  Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton urged President Obama to halt the new round of deportation raids and called Monday night for the government to pay for attorneys for all children who wind up in immigration courts.  Belatedly joining the other Democratic presidential hopefuls, who criticized the raids more than two weeks ago, Mrs. Clinton said the families from Central America who have flooded across the border in recent years deserve a chance to make their case for claiming asylum.

Hillary Calls for Free Abortions for Medicaid Recipients.  At an event to accept the endorsement of Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire on Sunday, Hillary Clinton called for unlimited taxpayer-funding of elective abortions for Medicaid recipients.  "I believe we need to protect access to safe and legal abortion, not just in principle, but in practice.  Any right that requires you to take extraordinary measures to access it is no right at all," Clinton said.  "Not as long as we have laws on the book like the Hyde amendment, making it harder for low income women to exercise their full rights," she added at the end of a list of restrictions that supposedly deny women a right to abortion.

You Snooze, She Wins.  There's no other way to say it:  Hillary Clinton is very boring.  The Democratic presidential frontrunner's campaign stops are, too.  The members of her traveling press corps look like they'd rather be anywhere else.  So do some of the attendees, who shift in their seats starting around minute 10.  Even the campaign staffers pace the back of the room or tap inattentively on their iPhones as Clinton drones on about finding a cure for Alzheimer's and universal pre-kindergarten.

Clinton struggles to explain difference between socialist, Democrat.  It seems to be the question Democratic Party figureheads don't want to answer:  What's the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?  Hillary Clinton, in an otherwise friendly interview on MSNBC, struggled to answer that question Tuesday [1/5/2016] when asked by host Chris Matthews.

Hillary Can't Explain The Difference Between A Democrat And A Socialist.  [Chris] Matthews asked Clinton, "What's the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?  Is that a question you want to answer, or would you rather not?"  "You'd have to ask [Sanders]," Clinton said before being interrupted by Matthews.  "You see, I'm asking you.  You're a Democrat, he's a socialist.  Would you like someone to call you a socialist?" Matthews asked.  "I am not one," Hillary responded without answering the question.  "OK, well what's the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?" Matthews asked again.  "I can tell you what I am, I am a progressive Democrat," Clinton responded.  "How is that different than a socialist?" Matthews asked a third time.

Hillary Proposes Defense Cuts to Cure Alzheimer's.  Last week, Hillary Clinton pledged to spend $2 billion a year to find a cure for Alzheimer's by 2025 — an admirable effort, no doubt.  At the time, an aide said the program would be paid in the form of tax reforms and other savings.  On Tuesday [12/29/2015], Clinton gave us some indication regarding what those "other savings" would look like.

Hillary's blindness to Muslim extremists is dangerous.  Hillary Clinton chose Minneapolis — with its growing enclave of fundamentalist Muslim refugees — to announce her plan to combat terrorism on Tuesday.  That's like choosing Baskin-Robbins to announce your weight-loss plans. [...] The key to Hillary's anti-terrorism plan is the empty hope that Muslims in America will self-police.

Hillary Clinton caught in another video lie.  [Scroll down]  The solution from the politician in the signature pantsuit?  "Mrs Clinton said that Americans need to work more closely with the Muslim community in their country because 'they will be our early warning signal' against possible terrorist attacks." (DailyMail)  There was no warning signal from the Muslim community for the massacre in San Bernardino, nor will there be for the next terrorist attack wherever it strikes.  "Working closely with the Muslim community"?  No[t] only is Obama working so closely with the Muslim community that some suspect he's one of them, he's installed their members in prominent portfolios in his administration.

The Editor says...
As far as I am aware, there has never been an early warning from "the Muslim community" about an impending Islamic terrorist attack.  They rely on the element of surprise, and apparently the only people with advance knowledge of an attack are the principal actors and a few of their supervisors.  Mrs. Clinton wants us to work (more closely) with the Muslims.  Exactly the opposite is true.  Americans should work against the spread of Islam at every opportunity.

Hillary: Illegal immigrant children must be sent home.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday [11/8/2015] that U.S. should send a clear message that the illegal immigrant children who have been surging across the border will be sent home.  Mrs. Clinton, speaking during a town hall hosted by CNN, said the children should receive the best possible medical care, but should be return to their home countries if their relatives can be located.

Liberals Praise Hillary Clinton's New Ad With Same Sex Couples Kissing.  The Hillary Clinton campaign is out with an ad highlighting her record as an advocate for LGBT rights.  The spot includes images of gay couples kissing each other.  The liberal website Slate praises Clinton for including same-sex kissing in her campaign ad, saying, "Given the distressingly puritanical rules that govern gay PDAs, it's both impressive and heartening that Clinton includes gay kisses in her official campaign spots."

Hillary's ISIS strategy is just as lame as Obama's.  Poor Hillary Clinton: She wants desperately to distance herself from President Obama when it comes to fighting ISIS.  Yet her approach is every bit as lame as the one that's driven his polls through the floor — because it's almost exactly the same.

Hillary's Reichsfluchsteuer Emerges as a New Tax Straight Out of Germany.  The former secretary of state and senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, reportedly will announce on Wednesday [12/9/2015] plans to impose an "exit tax" on companies that move their headquarters out of America or merge with foreign firms to escape America's unreasonably high corporate taxes.

Clinton Plans $1 Tril In New Spending With No Way To Pay For It.  The Democratic front-runner won great applause among unions and the construction lobby when she recently announced her support for a new $275 billion program for public works projects because of "the sorry state" of our infrastructure.  But didn't Barack Obama spend hundreds of billions of dollars on "shovel ready" projects as part of his stimulus program?  There's no word yet from Clinton about what happened to all that money or how she'll pay for the new bricks and mortar.  She is, after all, still promising not to raise taxes on families who earn less than $250,000.  That promise looks more improbable in view of all the other programs Clinton wants to throw money at.

Recipe for tax hikes? Clinton proposals hit $1T mark, Republicans say.  The cost of Hillary Clinton's campaign promises has topped $1 trillion — a spending "binge" that would require middle-class tax hikes to pay for it, Republicans say.  Clinton critics say she hit the $1 trillion mark over the weekend, when she unveiled a $275 billion infrastructure plan.

Hillary Clinton Calls for Additional $275 Billion to Modernize Infrastructure Nationwide.  Hillary Clinton unveiled a five-year, $275 billion plan today [11/29/2015] to rebuild and modernize the nation's infrastructure, which she says will be a "down payment on our future." [...] As part of her infrastructure plan, Clinton also called for Congress to pass the long-time highway bill by the end of the year, and said that she wants Internet in 100 percent of households by 2020.

The Editor says...
A down payment is the first step into long-term debt.  This country is already deeply in debt.  Hillary plans to put the internet into every household without exception, which makes me wonder if she thinks Orwell's 1984 is a how-to manual.  Suppose the Mennonites don't want the internet in their homes.  What than?  If the internet is wired into every house, what happens to the broadcasting industry?

Hillary Clinton panders to middle-class voters with unrealistic tax promises.  If there is a social or economic need, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has a tax credit to match.  She's proposed one for businesses that institute profit-sharing plans (cost:  $20 billion over 10 years); another for hiring disabled veterans; and, as of last week, a tax credit worth up to $1,200 to help families defray the cost of caring for their elderly members at home (a $10 billion, 10-year item).  Coming soon:  changes to Social Security to benefit workers who take time off to care for the elderly.  When it comes to paying for these "targeted" benefits, plus her other promises such as universal preschool, however, the former secretary of state has a clear principle:  none of the 97 percent of U.S. households that earn $250,000 or less per year will be asked to contribute higher taxes.

Bias alert!
The writer at the Washington Post seems to think that taxes are contributions, which the government asks for, as opposed to demanding they be paid under threat of imprisonment.

Even the AP couldn't validate any of Hillary's gun control nonsense.  The Democratic debate on November 14 has come and gone — and Hillary is just like any other Democrat when it comes to the issue of gun violence:  she's completely and utterly wrong.  Just like her former boss, she rattled off talking points that were wholly inaccurate and rested on the border of being a flat-out lie.

Hillary Clinton In 2007: I Want To 'Keep Track' Of Illegal Immigrants.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton once said that she wants to "keep track" of all the illegal immigrants in the United States, to prevent terrorist attacks.  Speaking at an Iowa town hall during her previous presidential campaign in November 2007, Clinton pitched an idea similar to a database for illegals to stop another potential terrorist attack like 9/11.

Clinton says her use of term 'illegal immigrant' was a 'poor choice of words'.  Hillary Clinton said Tuesday [11/24/2015] that her use of the term "illegal immigrant" at a town hall in New Hampshire earlier this month was a "poor choice of words."  "That was a poor choice of words," Clinton wrote during a Facebook chat.  "As I've said throughout this campaign, the people at the heart of this issue are children, parents, families, DREAMers.  They have names, and hopes and dreams that deserve to be respected."

The Clinton solution for refugees: Guantanamo.  Hillary Clinton has joined Barack Obama in accusing Republican of betraying American values for raising legitimate security concerns about admitted Syrian refugees, declaring last week that "slamming the door on refugees isn't who we are."  Funny, because when her husband was president, he "slammed the door" on refugees — the cell door at Guantanamo Bay.

Clinton Wins Gun Control Award From Major Anti-Bill of Rights Group.  The Brady Campaign came up with a new award they named for a former anti-gun New York Governor, Mario Cuomo.  The current anti-gun New York Governor, his son Andrew Cuomo, was on hand at an event in Manhattan to praise Clinton as the recipient of the inaugural "Mario Cuomo Visionary Award."  The primary message of the event was clear:  everyone wants more gun laws, and the only thing stopping their passage are cowardly politicians acting in concert with the NRA.

There's no such thing as dirty energy; nonetheless...
Clinton promises 'enough clean energy to power every home in America'.  If elected president, Democrat Hillary Clinton says she can create enough green energy to power every home in America by the end of her second term.  "By the end of my first term, we will have installed a half a billion more solar panels, and by the end of my second term, enough clean energy to power every home in America," Clinton said at the Blue Jamboree in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday [11/21/2015].

Hillary Clinton's career will sink or swim with Barack Obama's ISIS strategy.  The president is quite the neoliberal — mugged by reality yet refusing to press charges.  His approval rating on foreign policy is consistently underwater.  Two-thirds of the country says it's headed in the wrong direction.  And yet Clinton's ISIS strategy is essentially the same as Obama's.

Why Can't the Dems Say 'Radical Islam'?  Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate offered the country a moment of clarity that exposes just how brittle and discredited the worldview of America's elites has become — and it showed that critiques of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approach to policy are an exposed nerve which will absolutely present a challenge to her in future debates next fall.

Hillary Clinton refuses to say U.S. is at war with radical Islam.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to say the U.S. is at war with radical Islamic terrorists during the Democratic presidential debate here on Saturday [11/14/2015].  "I don't think we're at war with Islam.  I don't think we're at war with all Muslims," Mrs. Clinton said.

Hillary Still Wants to Bring in 65,000 Syrian Refugees.  This is particularly relevant, as early reports on yesterday's attacks in Paris suggest that they may have been committed by Syrian refugees.  Clinton did not explain the specifics of her proposed screening and vetting process.

Hillary Clinton's bought-and-paid-for betrayal of charter schools.  Whoosh! There goes Hillary Clinton, hurtling leftward after another 180-degree cartwheel on a critical issue — this time, a flip-flop on charter schools.  Charters once had no greater fan.  Back in 1996, Clinton hailed them as being "freed from regulations that stifle innovation, so they can focus on getting results."  But the two national teachers unions — the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers — were first to endorse her latest presidential run.  So now Clinton's script on charters might as well be written by AFT President Randi Weingarten (an informal campaign adviser).

Is Hillary Clinton a friend of Israel?  If one looks at Hillary Clinton's public history one finds a lifetime of anti-Israel positions.  But wait some might say, Hillary was a big supporter of Israel when she was in the U.S. Senate.  Indeed, she was.  With the possible exception of the time from her first campaign New York's Senate seat in 2000 to her resignation from the Senate to become Secretary of State in January 2009 — except for the time she needed New York's Jewish voting bloc, Hillary Clinton has never been pro-Israel.  And when she held the position of Secretary of State, she helped Barack Obama craft his anti-Israel positions.  Even before her marriage to Bill, Hillary Clinton was opposing Israel and promoting the forces of terrorism.

Video: New Hillary ad demands more gun control.  In 2008, Hillary Clinton accused Barack Obama of being a gun-grabber.  Seven years later, she's complaining that Obama hasn't grabbed enough guns.  In a new campaign ad launched today, Team Hillary demands more federal action on gun control, apparently sensing a weakness in Bernie Sanders' record — but possibly opening up a large weakness in Hillary's general-election campaign: [Video clip]

The Anatomy of Hillary's Electorate.  The beneficiaries of Obama's spendthrift ways expect the goodies to flow uninterrupted under a Clinton administration.  Here are some key groups.  [#1] The millions of Americans who pay no (or virtually no) taxes and will be getting free health care under Obamacare as well as many other benefits.  [#2] Crony capitalists of one kind or another, especially those in "green" industries despite the fact that there is nothing whatever to show for the billions the feds have handed them.  Remember Solyndra?  [#3] The ever-growing grievance industry, which includes Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH and Al Sharpton's National Action Network. [...] [#4] Academia generally, which benefits from government grants and subsidies funneled through the Department of Education and its various agencies such as the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Editor says...
The article also goes on to say that the Republicans are also up against the feminists, the abortionists, the tax-and-spend statists, the atheists, the emotion-driven shallow thinkers (e.g., public school students), the Muslims, and the news media.

Hillary Clinton Tries to Emulate Barack Obama; Fails.  Clinton insiders have made no secret of her desire to emulate Barack Obama's 2008 "historic" campaign as she makes her second bid for the White House.  Her kickoff campaign video featured the exact same constituencies Obama energized in his bids for the presidency — working women, minorities, gay voters.

Hillary Lets It Slip: If Elected President, She Will Indeed Try to Confiscate Your Guns.  As Hillary Clinton floundered on the witness stand last week, despite withering help from her Democrat apologists who dutifully fell in line and insisted that she can do no wrong, her speech last Friday [10/23/2015] on the subject of private ownership of guns by American citizens has gone largely unreported.  Last Friday, Clinton, in a rare moment of honesty, advocated for the forced confiscation of privately, legally-owned guns from otherwise innocent American citizens.

Girl Gone Wild: Hillary's $350 Billion "Free" College Plan.  Hillary knows Obama won the youth vote in two consecutive presidential elections by promising to erase the burden of college loans.  She also knows the average college student graduates with $33,000 in debt.  Finally, she knows independents and Republicans are offering young voters little by way of a counter offer.  Today I'll lay out a three-step proposal we can use to counter Hillary's offer to strip $350 billion out of the economy over ten years and make college tuition "free."

Hillary Clinton: Illegal Aliens Are 'Law-Abiding' And Cops Are Criminals.  We all know how [badly mistaken] Hillary Clinton is, but she just outdid herself in a big way at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des Moines Iowa on Saturday [10/24/2015].  In the same speech in which she called illegal aliens law-abiding people she suggested that police officers are bigots and criminals.

Arranging American Gun Confiscation.  America's progressive chatter on guns has been shifting noticeably from the abstract language of "control" to the concrete language of "confiscation."  Hillary Clinton is just the latest leading voice to serve notice that the forced disarmament of law-abiding Americans is not the dystopian fantasy of paranoids, but a matter of current policy discussion — and action.

Of course Hillary wants your guns.  Hillary Clinton, who served an administration that ran thousands of guns to Mexican drug lords under Operation Fast and Furious, is now fast and furiously trying to resurrect a failing campaign by taking aim at so-called gun rights "extremists".  In the wake of the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Mrs. Clinton advocated in New Hampshire for a new gun group for "responsible gun owners" apart from the National Rifle Association, which she considers extremist, even though no NRA member has ever been involved in a mass shooting.

Clinton unveils plan for tighter gun control including executive action, expanded background checks.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday [10/5/2015] proposed tighter gun-control measures, including expanded background checks, and suggested that if elected she would use executive powers to achieve her goals.  "I want to push hard to get more sensible restraints," Clinton said on NBC's "Today" show.  "I want to work with Congress, but I will look at ways as president."  She called for expanded background checks for firearms sales online and at gun shows.  Clinton also called for closing loopholes in federal laws that allow for gun-sale transactions to be completed if the buyer's background check is not finished within three days.

Clinton suggests she'd consider mandatory gun buy-backs, sparking fears of 'confiscation'.  Hillary Clinton said Friday [10/16/2015] that mandatory gun buy-back programs like ones in Australia are "worth looking into," sparking criticism that the Democratic presidential front-runner would, if elected, impose gun-confiscation efforts.  Clinton made the comments during a campaign stop in Keene, N.H., when an attendee asked about Australia's 1996 and 2003 buy-back programs that collected roughly 700,000 banned semi-automatic rifles and other firearms.  "I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level, if that could be arranged," Clinton responded.

Clinton goes on the attack over voting rights in Alabama.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Alabama on Saturday [10/16/2015] and waded into the national debate over voter rights, criticizing Republican leaders in this state and others for ID laws that she said have made voting harder for people of color and young people, two groups critical to her chances of winning the presidency.  Clinton slammed Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) for closing 31 driver-licensing offices in rural, mostly black areas, eliminating a source for the — government-issued photo ID that is now required to vote in Alabama.

Hillary Clinton: Gun Ban, Confiscation "Worth Considering".  Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated on Friday [10/16/2015] that she was in support of the concept of the "Australian Model" of gun control, which hinges upon bans of most common firearms and confiscation of the same through forced buybacks.

Hillary's gun confiscation proposal is going to backfire in a big way.  Allahpundit wrote yesterday [10/16/2015] about Hillary Clinton's startling lurch to the left on guns.  The story dealt largely with her fascinating suggestion that the United States should look at a "buyback program" similar to Australia's draconian laws which they instituted in 1996 following a mass shooting in Tasmania.  (Barack Obama made the same reference last year, by the way, though it never went anywhere.)  As AP noted, this wasn't a gun buy back program such as many states and municipalities have offered.  It was mandatory confiscation with a modest cash reimbursement to soften the blow.

Hillary was "Human" and "Likable" Last Week But She's "Tough" and "Candid" This Week.  She's now considering adding the issues of radical black Marxists to her platform.  She met with BlackLivesMatter on Friday [10/9/2015].  "We had a tough conversation about de-centering the police as the key mechanism to ensuring safety in communities.  And we also had a spirited conversation about alternatives to policing," Deray McKesson, one of the leaders of the Campaign Zero, a Black Lives Matter group — told Politico.  These people want the police out of their neighborhoods completely.  The meeting held at the National Council of Negro Women in Washington D.C. is in preparation for her criminal justice reform platform which she will roll out in the next few weeks.

Hillary tells Black Lives Matter she'll end private prisons.  Hillary Clinton reportedly told leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement on Friday [10/9/2015] she will get rid of private prisons.  The meeting with Black Lives Matter comes a day after Clinton was heckled by a protester at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala over her ties to the private prison lobby.

Hillary Clinton and your right to self-defense.  She who has ripped into Republicans for seeking political gain from the four American deaths in Benghazi, Libya, now seeks her own political gain from the dozens of murdered children and young adults in Newtown, Connecticut, and Roseburg.  On the heels of the latter and referring to both tragedies, she launched an emotional attack early this week on the two most recent Supreme Court decisions upholding the personal right to keep and bear arms.  She offered to "fix" them should she be elected president.  Her so-called fix consists of a dead-on-arrival legislative proposal making gun manufacturers financially liable for the misuse of their products and an executive order determining the meaning of certain words used in federal statutes.

Hillary Clinton's Simple-Minded Gun Control Ideas.  After a gunman murdered nine people at a community college in Oregon last week, President Obama said the solution to such violence is obvious.  "It cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun," he declared.  The problem is that we generally do not know a gun buyer "wants to inflict harm on other people" until he does it.  That reality shows the folly of relying on background checks or psychiatric intervention to prevent mass shootings.

Hillary Will Grab your Guns, With or Without Congress' Help.  What Hillary Clinton is doing here is making the mistake of believing that the news media she watches all day is representative of the American people as a whole.  In fact, they are not.  For the last two months solid, the news media has ghoulishly fixated on every tragedy that has occurred in this country and tried to pound home the message that everyone believes it is too easy in this country to buy a gun.  Their transparent campaign has backfired spectacularly.

Hillary Clinton doesn't like that Constitution thing.  Our national institutions were designed to be managed by honorable men.  The seven long years under Obama have shown that even though our institutions are two centuries old they cannot resist sustained attacks by the executive branch.  Never, ever lose sight of the fact that even though Clinton seems to be a doddering old coot she is actually the same stripe of vicious and unprincipled socialist as Obama.

Hillary Clinton Pushes Change Allowing Shooting Victims To Sue Gun Makers In Wake Of Oregon Attack.  In the wake of the attack on Umpqua Community College (UCC) Hillary Clinton is pushing new regulations on gun shows and a change in laws allowing shooting victims and their families to sue gun manufacturers. [...] Of course, the problem with this approach is that the UCC gunman passed a background check for his guns, as did almost every mass shooter of note in the last eight years.

Clinton unveils plan for tighter gun control including executive action, expanded background checks.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday proposed tighter gun-control measures, including expanded background checks, and suggested that if elected she would use executive powers to achieve her goals.  "I want to push hard to get more sensible restraints," Clinton said on NBC's "Today" show.  "I want to work with Congress, but I will look at ways as president."  She called for expanded background checks for firearms sales online and at gun shows.  Clinton also called for closing loopholes in federal laws that allow for gun-sale transactions to be completed if the buyer's background check is not finished within three days.

Why Hillary Clinton's gun control proposal is all wrong.  The Umpqua Community College in Oregon shooting shows yet another case where guns were banned.  With these killers explicitly picking places where victims are defenseless, at some point it should be impossible to ignore.  Clinton's proposals wouldn't have stopped these attacks.  The "universal" background checks on private transfers may raise the cost of law-abiding citizens getting guns.  They wouldn't have stopped any of the mass public shootings during Barack Obama's presidency, including last Thursday's in Oregon.  At some point an enterprising reporter might ask Obama or Clinton to name just one of the cases they have used to push this law where the law would have stopped the attack.

Hillary Believes Gays Booted From Military Should Receive Honorable Discharges.  Hillary Clinton proposed on Saturday [10/3/2015] that the military records of gays, lesbians, and transgenders who were kicked out of the military be amended to show they received honorable discharges.  This is a major bone tossed to one of the most important Democratic Party constituencies — an indication that Clinton believes her support of gay rights gives her a leg up on her challengers for the nomination.

Clinton at private fundraiser: SCOTUS is 'wrong about the Second Amendment'.  At a small private fundraiser in New York, Hillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court and the National Rifle Association on Second Amendment issues, even going so far as to say that the Court is "wrong" regarding this provision in our bill of rights.

Hillary Utterly Unable to Answer How She's Different from Barack, Bill.  [Scroll down]  However, the second half of Todd's interview provided a tougher playground for Clinton, who when pressed to identify the ways she would be different from President Barack Obama, well, couldn't.  After mentioning Clinton's repeated talking point that she is not running for Obama's third term, Todd continued, "What's a couple places you differ?".  Clinton dug in her heels and evaded the question with her best effort.  She noted, "I would have a different job."

Hillary Clinton: We Should Have a 25 Percent National Tax on All Gun Sales.  As we continue to focus on Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server to send and receive top secret, classified information, it's important to remain focused on the rest of her record as well.  Gun control will no doubt be a topic of debate as the 2016 presidential election inches closer and anti-Second Amendment Clinton has a lot of explaining to do.  American's For Tax Reform is out with a new piece reminding voters of testimony then First Lady Clinton gave back in 1993 when she called for a 25 percent tax on all gun sales.  Although her statement was reported by mainstream outlets at the time, it hasn't been reported by any media outlet for more than 20 years.

The Editor says...
Even a 200 percent sales tax on guns wouldn't keep guns out of the hands of homicidal/suicidal maniacs who have reached the end of their respective ropes and have no further need for money.

Hillary Clinton bows to left, takes swipe at Wall Street.  Bowing to pressure from liberal activists, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday [8/31/2015] threw her support behind legislation that would close the "revolving door" between Wall Street and the federal government.  Mrs. Clinton co-authored an op-ed with Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin Democrat, voicing support for Ms. Baldwin's bill that would end huge payouts or "golden parachutes" that Wall Street firms lavish on executives who leave to work in the federal government.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns On Gun Control and Calls for a National Gun Registry.  Hillary Clinton is coming after our guns big time.  The very core of her campaign is Universal Background Checks.  If that goes through it will create a national gun registry and you will no longer be able to sell your guns to whoever you want to.  She also wants all gun owners licensed.  These are precursor steps to seizing and banning guns.  Clinton is blunt about it and feels it is a winning position for her.  How?  Most of America owns guns and cherishes their Second Amendment rights.  They abhor a registry as unconstitutional and they detest being taxed for ownership.

Hillary Clinton Really Is Coming For Your Guns.  Some politicians talk about gun control once in a while.  Clinton has been pushing to curb firearms for decades.  No wonder the NRA has vowed to bring her down.

Hillary Clinton vows to be gun-control president.  "We have got to do something about gun violence in America — and I will take it on," Mrs. Clinton said in an on-camera statement to reports while on campaign trail in Iowa.  In an emotional plea for more restrictive gun laws, Mrs. Clinton said that too many people known that the availability of firearms is a problem in the United States but avoid the subject because "it is hard."

5 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Drop Out Of The Race.  [#4] Hillary Clinton is a hard leftist.  Don't mistake her for husband Bill, who often governed as a moderate Democrat.  She's not as far left as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-identified socialist, but she's close enough.  Her campaign has been filled with calls to "topple" the 1% — a group she belongs to — and to take private money out of political campaigns.  She yowls about income and wealth inequality and talks about "fairness" as if it were something that could be achieved if government just had more power and authority.

Why Progressives Are Wrong to Revere Margaret Sanger.  Margaret Sanger is a saint in the feminist church.  She is a charter member of the progressive hall of fame.  Liberals revere this woman who preached "race improvement" and denounced what she called "human weeds".  Hillary Clinton glows that she is "in awe of" Sanger.  She said so in 2009 upon receiving Planned Parenthood's "highest honor" that year:  its coveted Margaret Sanger Award.  Likewise effusive was Nancy Pelosi when she proudly accepted the award in 2014.  Speaking to Planned Parenthood a year earlier, President Barack Obama, hailed the organization founded by this racial eugenicist committed to creating a "race of thoroughbreds" and purging America's "race of degenerates."

Yet Another Tuitiion-Exploding Education Subsidy, This Time From Hillary.  If elected president, Hillary Clinton has promised to spend $350 billion to make college "more affordable."  The U.S. already has an $18 trillion debt (and growing by the day), but Clinton wants to add to it.  That's not affordable.

Hillary Clinton Says All Cops and Judges are Racists Against Black Men.  Hillary Clinton went on the Al Sharpton radio show on Sunday [8/9/2015] and said that all cops are racist toward black men.  During the conversation, she said, "I believe we need to end the era of mass incarceration.  If you compare arrest records in, you know, in charging of crimes, in convicting of crimes, in sentencing for crimes, you compare African-America men to white men, it is as unfortunately clear as it could be that there is a bias in favor of white men" who are arrested and charged.  She goes on to praise Obama's task force on policing "roadmap for reforms."

Hillary Wants Debt-Free College (Just Like Bernie!).  [Scroll down]  Yes, lots of people have borrowed lots of money, myself included.  Occasionally, that money becomes difficult to pay back.  And the cost of college is fundamentally out of whack with the economy, of course:  as the supply of schools increases for students and demand for higher education decreases for colleges, it follows that higher education costs should go down and not up, even if the majority of the students attending those schools are getting useless degrees in mid-century French film.  But that's not what's happening — as the years go on, college gets more expensive and less necessary, and students are paying back scads of money to the Federal government without an end in sight.

Hillary's College Plan: Bribe Kids to Vote Dem.  Of course Hillary Clinton rolled out a college tuition program that will tax the living daylights out of the Evil Rich to shower students with "free" goodies.  That was always how this was going to work.  From the day Obama seized control of student loans under ObamaCare and blew them into orbit, dumping tons of fresh debt on the shoulders of young people to handle ridiculously inflated tuition, the endgame was always about buying the votes of those kids with debt relief.  Like ObamaCare itself, the degeneration of academic finance is a bid to subjugate the middle class, making them helplessly dependent on government handouts to finance something people in a stronger, more independent America handled on their own.

Hillary Clinton to propose $350 billion college affordability plan.  Calling for a "new college compact," Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday will unveil a $350 billion plan aimed at making college more affordable and reducing the crushing burden of student debt.

Hillary Clinton, Reactionary.  Ostensibly Clinton's candidacy is to be a continuation of her boss's eight years.  The problem, however, is that for all Obama's iconic status, the president polls well below 50% in approval ratings.  He lost both the House and Senate, and the majority of state governorships and legislatures are now Republican, if not solidly conservative.  His signature legacies — Obamacare, the Iran nuke deal, open borders, and massive deficits — poll poorly.  Is borrowing another $8 trillion Clinton's agenda?  Cutting another 25% from defense?  No one believes that Obama's liberal boilerplate — more government regulation, zero interest rates, higher taxes, bigger deficits, smaller defense, more illegal aliens, greater racial hyphenation — is working.

Democratic leader Hillary Clinton: 'I'd defend' President Obama's plan on power plant emissions.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday [8/2/2015] quickly jumped aboard President Obama's plan to impose stricter limits on emissions from power plants, vowing to be a third term of the Obama administration when it comes to fighting climate change.  "It's a good plan, and as president, I'd defend it," Mrs. Clinton said in a statement.

Hillary Clinton comes out in support of Planned Parenthood.  Hillary Clinton is making her position on Planned Parenthood very clear:  She is in full support of the organization.  "I'm proud to stand with Planned Parenthood, I'll never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions," Clinton said in a video released Monday [8/3/2015].

Hillary begs forgiveness from abortion warriors in new video: I am with you, Planned Parenthood!  This is pure litmus-test material for liberals, something Sanders (or Joe Biden?) could club her with if she stayed silent, especially after she already antagonized them with what she said about the clips.  Plus, single women are arguably the most important constituency to her campaign next year, one where she needs to run up the score to offset the GOP's advantage with men.

Hillary Clinton promises to build on Obama climate plan as industry and environmental groups weigh in.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged Sunday [8/2/2015] that if elected she will build on a new White House clean-energy program and defend it against those she called "Republican doubters and defeatists."  Clinton was the first 2016 candidate to respond to the ambitious plan that President Obama will debut on Monday.  Details of the program, which aims to cut greenhouse-gas pollution, were released over the weekend.  The new regulation will require every state to reduce emissions from coal-burning power plants.  In a statement Sunday, Clinton called the plan "a significant step forward in meeting the urgent threat of climate change."

Hillary's 'Progressive' Demise.  Mrs. Clinton has yet to propose a truly new idea.  Each of her few policy positions are regurgitations of populist pabulum that offer nothing innovative, nothing for Americans to get excited about, no hope to improve the lives of people anywhere on the income spectrum, and no future for our nation.  In short, she is a perfect Progressive.

Clinton attacks the GOP on climate change. But her plan has a glaring gap.  Hillary Clinton has a new plan to ramp up emissions-free renewable energy.  That puts her head-and-shoulders above her GOP rivals, who range from climate chickens to climate deniers.  Nevertheless, her plan is plainly worse than what she ran on eight years ago — and it has a glaring gap.  Ms. Clinton's proposal came under immediate scrutiny in part because she hasn't taken a strong stand on the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline since leaving the State Department.  But, like the rest of the debate on the pipeline, this reaction misses the point.  The fate of the planet does not depend on a single oil infrastructure project but on the high-level policy that will shape the market for clean energy.  On this, Ms. Clinton has some ideas; the problem is that they are all second-best ideas.

The Failed Missionary.  [Scroll down]  [President Obama] has created a position at the State Department for a roving gay activist, called the nation's "first special envoy for the human rights of L.G.B.T. persons," to meddle abroad.  Obama has dispatched that envoy to Africa but he wouldn't dare send him to an Islamic conference, say, in Riyadh.  Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, such positions will multiply.  She was the first Secretary of State to declare gay activism abroad to be a "priority of our foreign policy."

Hillary channels Margaret Sanger.  Let's see what Mrs. Clinton finds so laudable about the well-known Margaret Sanger: a leading voice of eugenics, defined as a belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits.  This selfsame philosophy (and its disproven pseudo-science) informed Nazi Germany's racial policies and extermination of Jews and so-called "life not fit for life."  Essentially, Mrs. Sanger's view was the creation of a (white) "master race" by determining or otherwise controlling who has children. [...] That was the underlying purpose of Planned Parenthood, started by "trailblazer" Sanger in 1916.  So why would Mrs. Clinton proudly accept such a dubious honor named for such a nefarious character (especially in light of the history, of which it is reasonable to assume she is aware) and further defend that organization today with the exposure of business practices that would have given Adolf Hitler pause?

Hillarynomics is an unoriginal mess of bad policy.  Hillary Clinton thinks quarterly earnings reports are bad.  She believes something called "short termism" from activist investors like Carl Icahn is the root of all economic evil.  And therefore, according to Hillary, if we all just focused on the long term by jacking up capital-gains taxes, the country would return to those economic halcyon days when she and her husband were running things out of the White House.  At least that's what Clinton proposed Friday in a speech at NYU, in which she strained to sound populist about Wall Street lest she get out-demagogued by Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Hillary Clinton's Clean Energy Plan Is A Farce.  Clinton says she has two big goals that she'll start working on "day one" to combat climate change.  First is to expand solar energy supplies by 700% by installing half a billion solar panels by 2020.  Second is to power "every home in America" with renewable energy by 2027.  She describes these as "bold national goals."  The more appropriate label is "expensive pipe dream."

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Install 500 Million Solar Panels if Voted President.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday [7/26/2015] made tackling climate change one of her key goals were she to enter the White House, pledging to have more than half a billion solar panels installed nationwide by the end of her first term in office.  Clinton also called for a major increase in other renewable-energy sources, saying she wants every U.S. home to be powered by clean energy within a decade, reports Reuters.

The Editor says...
My house is already powered by clean energy, for indeed there is no such thing as dirty energy.

Hillary Clinton Calls Out GOP Climate Change Deniers in New 'Stand With Reality' Video.  Hillary Clinton today attacked the Republican presidential contenders who deny "the settled science of climate change" and laid out two renewable power goals in a new video that outlines part of her plan to tackle global warming. [...] "You don't have to be scientist to take on this urgent challenge that threatens us all.  You just have to be willing to act," she continues.

The Editor says...
Global warming at the rate of one degree per century is not an urgent problem, nor does it threaten us all.  In fact, it doesn't threaten anybody, especially since it has now stopped, all by itself.

The holes in Hillary Clinton's climate plan.  Hillary Clinton's newly unveiled climate vision sounds ambitious on its face:  500 million new solar panels from coast to coast, eco-minded energy tax breaks and enough green power to keep the lights on in every U.S. home.  But just as glaring are the details she left out.  Does Clinton support or oppose the Keystone XL oil pipeline?  Or Arctic offshore drilling?  Or tougher restrictions on fracking?  Or the oil industry's push to lift the 1970s ban on exporting U.S. crude oil?  Clinton avoided all those questions in the solar-heavy climate plan she outlined Sunday night [7/26/2015] and in her speech promoting it Monday in Iowa — and she declined yet again Monday to say where she stands on Keystone.

Hillary Clinton talks big on climate change but silent on Keystone XL.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton set ambitious goals to combat climate change Monday [7/27/2015] but still wouldn't take a position on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that environmentalists warn will contribute to global warming.  Mrs. Clinton has dodged questions about the controversial oil pipeline since the campaign began, and she again ducked the issue even as she vowed to "decarbonize" America and make it the "world's clean energy superpower."

More about the Keystone XL pipeline.

Hillary Clinton resurrects '90s tax policy.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday [7/24/2015] proposed resurrecting tax policies from the time of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, that she promised would promote long-term investments and build a stronger economy.  Mrs. Clinton's plan would replace the current two-tiered tax on capital gains — the profit from selling stock or other assets — with a six-year graduated rate that penalized wealthy investors for selling too early.

Hillary Clinton's Great Depression Strategy.  Hillary Clinton didn't mention 1934 in her speech today about fighting short-termism, but she could have.  The last time the U.S. taxed capital gains roughly the way she wants to was from 1934 to 1941, from the depths of the Great Depression to the eve of World War II.  In other words, when it comes to tax policy, everything old is new again.  In a speech at New York University's Stern School of Business, the Democratic presidential candidate said that giving preferential tax treatment to investments that are held longer would give investors an incentive to be more patient so companies could embark on projects with big upfront costs and long-term payoffs.  "We need a new generation of committed, long-term investors to provide a counterweight to the hit-and-run activists," Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton Defends Embattled Planned Parenthood'.  Hillary Clinton strongly defended Planned Parenthood Thursday [7/23/2015] as the women's health organization reels from the fallout over a sting video released by anti-abortion activists earlier this month.  "For more than a century, Planned Parenthood has provided essential services for women," Clinton said while campaigning at a community college in Greenville, South Carolina.  "And I think it is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years.  And it's really an attack against a woman's right to chose."

Nigh Inconceivably Stupid Would Be a Fair Phrase For Clinton's Tax Hike.  The worst sectors of the worst recovery since World War II are business investment in new plants and equipment and new business start-ups.  These are the biggest job-creators, and their slump is a key reason for the sub-par labor recovery, with low participation rates and high involuntary part-time workers.  So if investment is the problem, what does Hillary Clinton go out and do? She proposes jacking up the tax on investment.  It's almost inconceivably stupid.

Hillary Clinton Calls Law Protecting Lives of Viable Infants 'Extreme and Unacceptable'.  This week, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker signed a law protecting the lives of infants after the fifth month of pregnancy (or 20 weeks after conception), a point in human development when babies can feel pain and survive long-term if born prematurely.  The law includes an exeption for cases in which a physical health issue endangers the life of the mother, but Hillary Clinton still denounced the late-term abortion ban as an "extreme and unacceptable" measure: [...]

Hillary Clinton Calls Law Protecting Lives of Viable Infants 'Extreme and Unacceptable'.  Republicans in Congress have not only tolerated the legality of abortion in pregnancies that result from rape, they have voted since 1993 for laws allowing federal Medicaid funding of abortions in these extreme cases in order to prohibit funding in more than 99 percent of other cases.  But even if one accepts this exception for principled or prudential reasons, it does not follow that this exception must exist in the ninth month of pregnancy.  So does Clinton support any limits on abortion?  She has given conflicting answers over the years, and her campaign still hasn't answered several questions about her position on late-term abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion[.]

Hillary Clinton supports infanticide.  Here the "rape and incest" mantra is just stupid.  Even if we assume a child conceived through rape or incest is totally worthy of death, the idea that a woman could wait for 20 weeks or more to make the decision is ludicrous.  The recent videos of the Planned Parenthood baby parts brokering business leads one to the obvious conclusion that the reason the pro-aborts are fighting so hard over 20 weeks is because that is where the real money is made.  The organs of post-20 week infants are in demand with medical researchers and the researchers don't want organs from babies with "serious fetal anomalies."  They want normal and healthy organs.

Hillary Clinton Attacks Scott Walker's 20-Week Abortion Ban as 'Dangerous,' 'Extreme And Unacceptable.  [Wisconsin Gov. Scott] Walker signed into law on Monday [7/20/2015] in Wisconsin a bill that bans abortions in his state after 20 weeks, when babies in the womb are widely considered to have reached a threshold in their development before birth where they can feel pain. [...] "Gov. Walker signed dangerous abortion restrictions into law in WI — without exceptions for rape or incest.  Extreme and unacceptable," she [Hillary Clinton] Tweeted late Monday evening.

The Editor says...
Does Mrs. Clinton believe that a baby conceived by an act of rape or incest cannot feel pain, or deserves to feel pain?  How does anyone know with any certainty that unborn babies can't feel pain prior to 20 weeks?

National Security Expert Slams Hillary's 'Assault' On Free Speech.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put her willingness to defend the Constitution in serious doubt when she promised Islamic countries the United States government would intimidate Americans who violate their free speech code, national security expert Stephen Coughlin told The Daily Caller News Foundation.  As Secretary of State, Clinton promised an international Islamic organization in 2011 that the United States government would "use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming" to intimidate Americans who improperly criticize Islam or Muhammad.

It's time to get Clinton and the rest of the Democratic field on the record about the Planned Parenthood scandal.  On Tuesday, America's largest abortion company was found to be harvesting fetal parts for a tidy profit.  Within days, other abortion industry atrocities were revisited, the House initiated a congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood, and the cry for Planned Parenthood's defunding became front-page news.  Front page news, that is, if you're not Hillary Clinton or the rest of the 2016 Democratic presidential field.

The World Requires Voter ID, but George Soros and Hillary Clinton Are Determined the U.S. Won't.  It's been over seven years since the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision that was written by liberal favorite John Paul Stevens, declared that voter-ID laws don't constitute an undue burden on people attempting to vote.  But that hasn't stopped liberals from fighting in legislatures and courts against those laws and other efforts to promote voter integrity.  The lawsuits are often brought by Marc Elias, who doubles as the attorney for Hillary Clinton's campaign.  And their efforts have paid off:  Only about 18 states currently require a photo ID to vote.

Hillary Clinton sounds the alarm on meteorites.  Hillary Clinton on Thursday called attention to a dire security threat:  meteorites.  Speaking before a town hall in New Hampshire, the Democratic front-runner said experts should be mapping meteorites and asteroids "on a security basis," noting the importance of scientific research and development in stimulating the U.S. economy.

Hillary Clinton Wants to Run on Climate and She Thinks Democrats Should Too.  Hillary Clinton isn't afraid to talk about global warming — and she wants her fellow Democrats to join her.  In closed-door meetings with House and Senate Democrats Tuesday, Clinton jumped at the chance to discuss the hot-button topic in political terms, numerous lawmakers said.  Clinton delivered a clear message:  Democrats must convince the American public that action to combat Earth's rising temperatures is urgent, and her party can make that case by tailoring their message to different kinds of voters.

Hillary Clinton Is Running On Barack Obama's Policies.  Obama's policies in 2014 suffered a historic trouncing by voters.  But they haven't disappeared.  Far from it.  The agenda that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, unveiled on Monday [7/13/2015] contains almost the entire arsenal of Obama legislative and regulatory policies.  She strongly endorsed ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank financial regulations, while calling for more taxes on businesses, more government spending, more regulations on employers, more union-friendly policies and a higher minimum wage.  She calls it "fair growth."

Hillary: I 'Twisted A Lot of Arms' to Get Iran Deal.  Hillary Clinton issued a lengthy statement tonight not only giving props to the Iran nuclear deal but also basically taking credit for it.

Hillary: I'm Coming For Your Guns.  A tired millionaire recluse who wants to be President of the United States has decided that she needs to run to the left of socialist candidate Bernie Sanders in order to claim the Democrat Party nomination.  Her chosen path to outflank Sanders and to energize the radical left is to pledge to attack the self defense rights of American citizens.

How the Obama Administration Gutted Illegal Immigration Detainers.  In the wake of the murder of Kathryn Steinle — or, rather, the news coverage of her murder — Democrats are back-pedaling from their longstanding and consistent support for "sanctuary" cities.  When asked about the issue, Hillary Clinton followed her usual policy:  she lied.

Hillary Clinton Promises Citizenship For 20 Million Illegal Aliens.  If you were on the fence about Hillary Clinton, and I can't imagine that is the case, she just gave you a really good reason not to vote for her.  At a campaign stop in Iowa, the fading democratic frontrunner for the 2016 presidential race promised to grant citizenship to all of the illegal aliens currently in this country, including those rapists and murderers Donald Trump warned about.  "I want people to know that if they're voting for me, they're voting for comprehensive immigration reform," Clinton told an audience in Iowa City.  So what exactly does Clinton consider "comprehensive immigration reform?"  She gave us a few hints as she slammed Republicans for not passing an amnesty bill.

Hillary Clinton's plan to end Social Security.  Hillary Clinton says she cares about the middle class, but she doesn't.  If she did, why would she want to dramatically reduce future Social Security benefits, suck unaffordable amounts from young people footing the bill and even risk the program's ultimate collapse?  To be sure, she doesn't say that's what she wants, but it's what her pronounced policy preferences could lead to as they also mangled the budget and economy and threatened a calamitous fiscal crisis.

Hillary Clinton's two-faced Israel games.  Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up?  In private sitdowns with wealthy Jewish donors, Politico reports, Clinton is signaling she would be a better friend to Israel than President Obama has been.  That's the same President Obama she served for four years as the nation's chief foreign-affairs officer and policy-maker — including on the Middle East.

Hillary Clinton: Well-Known Candidate of Unknown Positions.  The fact Hillary Clinton is well known is allowing her to keep her policy positions unknown.  Thus far her 2016 strategy completely contradicts 2008's — then Hillary was a policy diva, today we must divine where she stands.  The danger in Clinton's short-term approach is it threatens to increase the long-held questions many Americans have about her.

All Four Democratic Presidential Candidates Support 'Sanctuary Cities'.  As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, twice made public statements backing sanctuary cities.  In 2008, she and two other Democratic candidates, Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, voted against an amendment that would block federal funds from going to sanctuary cities.  And last year, as governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley announced that the Baltimore city jail would stop honoring requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold illegal aliens until they could be deported.

More about California's sanctuary cities.

Refuting Hillary's Ridiculous Claim — She Will NOT Be Better For Israel Than Obama.  Looking at Hillary Clinton's history in public life one finds a lifetime of anti-Israel positions.  But wait, Hillary was a big supporter of Israel when she was in the U.S. Senate.  Indeed she was, but with the exception of the time from her first campaign New York's Senate seat in 2000 to her resignation from the Senate to become Secretary of State in January 2009; except for the time she needed New York's Jewish voting bloc, Hillary Clinton has never been pro-Israel.

Lanny Davis: Hillary Clinton 'Hasn't Changed a Single Position in Her Entire Career'.  Clinton ally and political strategist Lanny Davis argued on Fox Business Network that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has never changed her position on any issue throughout her entire career. [...] "She hasn't changed a single position in her entire career, she has been a progressive Democrat.  So I don't know what you mean by going left.  Name me the issue she went left on," Davis said.  Well, since he asked:
  The Iraq War
  No Child Left Behind
  Criminal justice reform
  gay marriage
  The individual mandate
  Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants
  ethanol subsidies
But other than that, not much.

Comments o' the day, spotted at — of all places — The New York Times.  ["]I don't care for Mrs. Clinton.  She is untruthful and extremely overrated.  Much of her support is based on sympathy because she married a serial philanderer.  But lying is now, for the Democrat Party, the state of the art with respect to campaigning and governing.  It's an indispensable part of modern liberalism.  The whole point is that the Democrat elite and their bureaucrats know better.  They know what's good for the masses.  The masses are dumb and do not know what's good for them.["]

Hillary Clinton is playing the "woman card" too early.  [Hillary Clinton] is already talking about the symbolism of her candidacy as a reason why we should support her.  As she said in an interview with the Des Moines Register in Iowa on Sunday [6/14/2015], "I expect to be judged on my merits, and the historic nature of my candidacy is one of the merits that I hope people take into account."  Well, her campaign can't be pitched as a third Obama term and her own post-government private sector money hunt erodes her credibility in championing solutions to income inequality.  Her record as Secretary of State doesn't exactly shine.  She doesn't appear to feel particularly strongly about any particular issue.  "Fighting for the middle class" isn't exactly a fresh, bold appeal.

If Hillary's Elected President, Get Ready for Massive Obamacare Taxes.  The Supreme Court will soon announce its decision in King v. Burwell, a case that could have far-ranging impact on the Affordable Care Act.  The system more commonly known as Obamacare pays subsidies to taxpayers below 400 percent of the poverty line to cover health-insurance premiums.  The plaintiffs in King argue that the explicit language of the law forbids subsidy payments to those purchasing health insurance outside of a state exchange.  If the Supreme Court decides to follow the explicit textual language of the ACA, people in 34 states could end up with skyrocketing premiums and no way to pay them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: 'There Is Only the Fight'.  That was the title of Hillary Rodham's senior thesis back in her Wellesley College days, a reference to the work of Saul Alinsky, the Frankfurt School's most noxious avatar and a man of still-outsized influence today, having intellectually (if you can call it that) bequeathed us not only the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua but Barack Hussein Obama, both spawned in the petri dish of Alinsky's Chicago.  It was a theme she returned to yesterday, on the occasion of the "relaunch" of her creaky "candidacy" for the Democrat presidential nomination next year.  Fight, fight, fight — the Democrats, it seems, always want to fight.  But who are they fighting for?  And who are they really fighting?

No Kidding: Hillary Clinton wants to be Obama 2.0.  As Barack Obama golfed Saturday, Clinton stood in a glaring sun on Roosevelt Island in the middle of New York City's East River with an adoring if underwhelming crowd.  She even imitated Obama, with a teleprompter scrolling nearly 5,000 words of almost every liberal cliche and talking point you can imagine.  Climate change is "one of the defining threats of our time."  We need to make "preschool and quality childcare available to every child in America.  Let's make college affordable and available to all."  "We can renew the promise of our democracy."  "We should ban discrimination against LGBT Americans and their families."  "It is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men."

20 Hillary Clinton Quotes You Should Read Before Voting For Her
[#8]  "No.  We just can't trust the American people to make those types of choices ... Government has to make those choices for people."
[#9]  "If you have guns in your home, tell your parents to keep them away from you and your friends and your little brothers and sisters." — Hillary Clinton to middle school students[.]
[#10]  "I also believe that every new handgun sale or transfer should be registered in a national registry..."

Fighting for the Black Vote.  Speaking at the historically black Texas Southern University earlier this month, Hillary Clinton gave a fiery speech on voting rights.  She accused Republicans of spearheading "a sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people, and young people from one end of our country to the other."  Clinton's rhetoric is pure demagoguery, a cheap ploy to scare black voters into backing her as strongly as they supported Barack Obama.  But the problem for the GOP is partly of its own making.  So long as the party remains ambivalent about the concerns of black voters, Democrats like Clinton will easily castigate their opponents in the harshest terms.

Clinton Gets Everything Wrong on Voting.  Hillary Clinton made so many false assertions about voting in the speech she gave at Texas Southern University that it's hard to know where to start.  Contrary to her contention, no "barriers" are being imposed on eligible Americans that prevent them from easily registering and voting in our elections.  Let's examine Clinton's claims in light of the facts.

Hillary moves to the edge of the cliff.  Some Democrats concede that moving as far as she can before falling off the edge of the world is risky business, but when even her staunchest friends say they're for her no matter what because she's all they've got, the risk doesn't seem so great.

Hillary Plays the Race Card.  Here we are barely at the half-way mark of the year before the presidential election — and right on cue Hillary Clinton is out there playing the race card, this time using the vehicle of voter ID cards.

Hillary's Divisive, Reckless Rhetoric on Voting Rights.  The late Saul Alinsky, the father of the community-organizing model that inspired both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, would be delighted.  The man who championed moral relativism in tearing down the establishment ("In war, the end justifies almost any means") is calling the tune of the Democratic party on voting issues.  Last March, President Obama rhapsodized about what would happen under mandatory voting:  "If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country."  Obama once served as the lawyer for the disgraced and defunct voter-registration group ACORN, and he is still toeing its line.

Voting Rights is not the Issue.  There are few candidates in recent memory for whom the maxim "the issue is not the issue" applies more than it does to the Duck 'n' Hide presidential wannabe, Hillary Clinton.  Her current strategy is sensible for someone so surrounded by the stench of corruption, cronyism, and incompetence. [...] Given the Clinton strategy, which includes refusing to answer questions from reporters and not taking positions on certain controversial issues while flip-flopping on others, literally nothing the woman says should be taken at face value.

Hillary Sweeps Left in Houston, Sells Early Voting as Civil Rights Issue.  Hillary Clinton ran one of the most boring, tired football plays in Houston this week — Wishbone Sweep Left.  We've seen it over and over again:  tell Democrats that Republicans are out to bring back Jim Crow, energize a moribund, racially motivated base by scaring them into thinking the Voting Rights Act has vanished, and claim that not having a month-long election day means blacks are being targeted for vote "suppression."  The play is tired, familiar, and goes nowhere.

Hillary goes ugly early with racism claims.  Down in Texas for a campaign event aimed at restoring her relationship with black Democrats who rejected her 2008 candidacy, Clinton said that laws requiring voters to show identification at polls were part of "a sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people and young people from one end of our country to the other."  Note the language here.  It's not a misguided effort with an unfortunate result, it is a deliberate effort to prevent minorities from voting.  That's not just racist, that's evil.

Why Voting Rights Reforms Aren't a Silver Bullet for Hillary Clinton.  In her speech Thursday [6/4/2015] on voting rights, Hillary Clinton suggested automatically registering all citizens to vote when they turn 18 as well as expanding early voting and online registration.  Measures by Republican-controlled state legislatures to tighten voter ID laws and limit early and weekend voting hurt minority, poor, and young voters the most, she said.  As many have noted, the support of those groups is seen as crucial for Mrs. Clinton to win the White House.  But the struggle between Republicans and Democrats over voting administration isn't at the core of what's causing voters to disengage from the political process.  There are benefits to making it easier for people to register, but it would take a lot more to energize potential voters who have been sitting out.

Hillary Needs a Faux War on Voting Rights.  Hillary Clinton was in Texas on Thursday [6/4/2015] doing what she usually does:  not taking questions from the press while seeking ways to energize the Democratic base.  In this case, her focus on highlighting a key issue for Democrats:  voting rights.  But contrary to the overheated rhetoric she and other members of her party are employing, this has little to do with fighting actual efforts to stop minorities from voting and everything to do with creating a sense of crisis, particularly among African-Americans, that Republicans are seeking to put them "back in chains."  The main focus of this effort is to invalidate laws requiring voters to have photo IDs while seeking to institute weeks-long periods of early voting.

On Day of Massive Data Breach, Hillary Clinton Advocates Voter Registration Enabled by 'Technology'.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday [6/4/2015] called for "universal, automatic voter registration" enabled by "technology."  Coincidentally, but notable nevertheless, the federal government announced the largest data breach in its history just hours after Clinton told a crowd in Texas that Oregon is "already leading the way" in modernizing its voter registration system — "and the rest of the country should follow," she said.  "The technology is here," Clinton said — on a day when that technology appeared particularly vulnerable.

Clinton calls out GOP opponents by name on voting rights.  Hillary Clinton accused four potential GOP presidential rivals by name of being "scared of letting citizens have their say" as she called Thursday [6/4/2015] for every American to automatically be registered to vote.  Clinton told an audience at the historically black Texas Southern University that she supports the concept of signing every American up to vote as soon as they're eligible at age 18, unless they specifically opt out.  She called for expanded access to polling places, keeping them open for at least 20 days and offering voting hours on evenings and weekends.

Hillary to Call for Expansion of Early Voting Scam Nationwide.  In whatever universe the Democrats are inhabiting, the two most difficult things to do seem to be getting an ID or reading a calendar to plan for 30 minutes at the polls.  While I don't think it helps much to immediately dismiss people on the other side of the political aisle as stupid, the Democrats keep asking us to treat them that way.  The notion that current early voting laws are "restrictive" is laughable.

How Hillary Clinton Wants to Change Voting Rights Laws.  At a campaign event, Clinton is expected to lay out specific policy proposals to address laws that she believes suppress voting — including calling for a nationwide minimum of 20 days of early in-person voting, according to an aide.  Clinton is expected to announce her proposals to tackle "assaults to voting rights" during remarks at the Texas Southern University, a historically all-black college, in Houston, Texas, where she is receiving the Barbara Jordan Public-Private Leadership Award.

The Editor asks...
What did Hillary Clinton do to merit a leadership award?

Fiorina To Hillary: Look At Your Own Office Before 'Lecturing Others' On Equal Pay For Women.  Carly Fiorina kept up her tough rhetoric on Hillary Clinton Wednesday, saying the former secretary of state should worry about her own staff and stop "lecturing others" on equal pay for women. [...] The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was pointing to the revelation that Clinton paid her women staffers 72 cents for every dollar she paid a man during her tenure in the U.S. Senate.

Hillary's Support of Sleazy Corporate Welfare Is a Political Gift — If the GOP Will Seize It.  Hillary Clinton is an artful dodger when it comes to taking positions on lots of issues, but last Friday [5/22/2015] she opened a clear gap between herself and virtually every possible GOP presidential candidate.  Breaking with sincere progressives such as Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary went out of her way to endorse the Export-Import Bank, a little-known government agency that guarantees loans so that American corporations can sell products overseas.  Its charter is set to expire on June 30 unless Congress rescues it from critics who have long opposed its record of funneling the vast majority of its loans to mega-companies such as Boeing, General Electric, and Caterpillar — all of which can easily secure trade financing on their own.  But Hillary appears to have no trouble embracing such corporate welfare.

Hillary's campaign-finance reform advocacy isn't hypocrisy, it's self protection.  Hillary Clinton is making campaign finance reform a major plank of her presidential run.  Laugh if you like at this risible pledge from a candidate who will shatter all previous fundraising records.  But don't call it hypocrisy.  It's something worse than hypocrisy.  Clinton, in advocating the same restrictions on political speech Democrats have sought for years, is pushing for a legal regime that would protect her from criticism while increasing her power and her own fundraising advantages.

Cisneros: Hillary Clinton's only option for VP is Castro.  Henry Cisneros told a Spanish-language television network that Julian Castro is Hillary Clinton's first and only option to run as her vice presidential running mate.  Cisneros told Univision's Félix De Bedout that people within the Clinton campaign have told him that Castro, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former San Antonio mayor, is "the first person on their list."

The Editor says...
Fidel Castro would be an even better match than Julian.  He has leadership experience and probably agrees with the entire Democratic Party platform.

Hillary Clinton's betting that America is moving left.  Polls show that despite two months of problematic stories about destroyed emails and discomfiting revelations about the behavior of the foundation that bears her last name, she remains wildly popular among Democrats.  That fact should give her all the running room in the world — and usually when presidential candidates have running room, they run as fast to the center as they possibly can.

Hillary Clinton's hypocritical bid to settle a grudge and smash free speech.  Her fans may see it as a principled stand, but we suspect it's just Hillary Clinton holding another grudge against her critics.  According to The Washington Post, Clinton told a roomful of supporters (behind closed doors) that as president she would require her Supreme Court nominees to pledge in advance to overturn the 2010 Citizens United decision.  That's the case where the high court upheld the right of a conservative group to air its anti-Clinton documentary, "Hillary: The Movie," and run ads for it during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

Litmus test:
Hillary Clinton's litmus test for Supreme Court nominees: a pledge to overturn Citizens United.  Hillary Clinton told a group of her top fundraisers Thursday [5/14/2015] that if she is elected president, her nominees to the Supreme Court will have to share her belief that the court's 2010 Citizens United decision must be overturned, according to people who heard her remarks.

The Unassailable Virtue of Victims.  If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016 she will not only be the nation's first woman president but our second affirmative-action president.  By affirmative-action president I mean that she, like Barack Obama, will have got into office partly for reasons extraneous to her political philosophy or to her merits, which, though fully tested while holding some of the highest offices in the land, have not been notably distinguished. [...] How have we come to the point where we elect presidents of the United States not on their intrinsic qualities but because of the accidents of their birth: because they are black, or women, or, one day doubtless, gay, or disabled — not, in other words, for themselves but for the causes they seem to embody or represent, for their status as members of a victim group?

Hillary Clinton, Immigration Extremist.  If you like President Barack Obama's constitutionally dubious expansions of presidential power, you'll love President Hillary Clinton.  Obama has repeatedly insisted that the Constitution poses limits on his ability to set immigration policy, and then has repeatedly blown through those limits.  In 2011, he was asked to grant "administrative relief" from deportation to immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as minors.  He responded that it was "just not true" that he had the authority to do so, and that suggestions to the contrary were getting in the way of passing legislation that would provide real relief.

Clinton's bold campaign promises stun immigration advocates, baffle White House.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign pledge to give pro-immigration activists almost everything they want — including expanding President Obama's deportation amnesty to more illegal immigrants — wowed activists but also left them wondering whether she was merely pandering to Hispanic voters.  Her bold immigration agenda also gave pause to the White House, which has argued that Mr. Obama has gone as far as legally possible to unilaterally change immigration laws.  Cesar Vargas, co-director of the anti-deportation Dream Action Coalition, said activists wanted more than words from the Democratic front-runner after Mr. Obama failed to keep promises to illegal immigrants.

Hillary In 2003: 'I Am, You Know, Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants'.  Presumed Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday [5/5/2015] that any immigration overhaul must include a path to "full and equal citizenship."  It was one of her many flip-flops in recent years. [...] Clinton's stance may or may not differ with her potential 2016 opponents, but it definitely differed with what she said to John Gambling in 2003.

Unearthed Audio: Hillary Said She's 'Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants'.  Though you wouldn't know it from her remarks earlier this week, Hillary Clinton was once "adamantly" against illegal immigration and was for erecting a border fence similar to one that protects Israel.  "I am adamantly against illegal immigrants," then-Sen. Clinton said on the John Grambling radio show in Feb. 2003.  "Certainly we've got to do more at our borders," she said, adding that, "people have to stop employing illegal immigrants."

Hillary Clinton's betting that America is moving left.  Hillary Clinton is doing the country a great service.  By making it clear she is going to run for president as an unapologetic left-liberal — with emphasis on the "left" — she has made sure that the 2016 election will be exactly the referendum on America's future it ought to be.  She did not have to make this choice.  Polls show that despite two months of problematic stories about destroyed emails and discomfiting revelations about the behavior of the foundation that bears her last name, she remains wildly popular among Democrats.

Clinton swerves harder left than even Obama.  Leaving hubby Bill to defend their family foundation's fundraising foolishness, Hillary Clinton has made another leap to the left in her basically unchallenged romp to the Democrats' presidential nomination next year.

'I Have Some Questions': Middle-Class Millennial Female Writes Scathing Open-Letter to Hillary.  A young millennial has taken aim at Hillary — and good for her, if you ask me.  She isn't backing down, and she is asking all the right questions.

Hillary's Foolish Amnesty Double Down.  If the current objective of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is to give possible liberal challengers as little room to maneuver as possible then her remarks on illegal immigration yesterday [5/5/2015] was smart politics.  The former secretary of state not only embraced President Obama's extralegal executive orders granting amnesty to millions of illegals but also went further signaling her support for an easy path to citizenship for all 11 million people currently in this country without permission.  By tilting to the left in this manner, Clinton believes she is making it harder for a credible opponent to outflank her with the base of the Democratic Party.  Even more, she appears to think that by doubling down on amnesty, she is guaranteeing a heavy Hispanic turnout in 2016 that will vote for her over any possible Republican rival.

Hillary Clinton says Obama's immigration orders are 'just the beginning'.  Hillary Rodham Clinton threw down the immigration gauntlet on Tuesday [5/5/2015] and pledged that she would extend President Barack Obama's executive orders past their current boundaries if she were to succeed him in the White House.  'I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship,' she told a Las Vegas roundtable of illegal immigrant high school students, including one who said he was transgender and another who identified herself as a lesbian.

Hillary Clinton goes all in on immigration; pledges to outdo Obama.  Hillary Clinton held a Cinco de Mayo event with illegal immigrants in Nevada Tuesday — "an especially appropriate day for us to be having this conversation" — in which she promised to go farther than President Obama in using executive authority to confer legal status on illegal immigrants, and to ultimately to award them U.S. citizenship.  No matter what Republicans might offer to illegal immigrants in terms of legal status, Clinton said, she will offer more.  Changing the immigration system will be a top priority should she become president, Clinton said.  "We can't wait any longer.  We can't wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship."

Hillary Clinton Just Told Immigration Activists What They Wanted to Hear.  What activists really wanted to know ahead of the speech was whether Clinton was prepared to pick up where Obama left off on executive actions.  She gave them an answer.  "I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for you and for your families across our country," she said Tuesday [5/5/2015].

Clinton speaks forcefully for path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Staking a strongly liberal position on the divisive issue of immigration, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday [5/5/2015] that she wants to ensure that illegal immigrants can gain full citizenship under a reform of the patchwork system and the limited protections President Obama has put in place in the meantime.  Republicans want to make sure immigrants can never be more than "second-class" Americans, the Democratic presidential candidate said in sharply partisan remarks that could shake up the presidential contest by pushing immigration to the fore.

The Editor says...
Hillary is right (and at the same time, wrong) about one thing:  I don't want illegal immigrants to be "more than 'second-class' Americans; in fact, I don't want illegal immigrants to get the idea that they are Americans at all.

Clinton To Endorse Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants.  Hillary Clinton will endorse a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants during a campaign stop at a Nevada high school Tuesday [5/5/2015], according to reports.  Politico's Playbook reports that during a roundtable at the majority Hispanic Rancho High School, Clinton is expected to call for a comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes "nothing less than a full and equal path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants.

Hillary Equates Gun Owners With Terrorists, Says They're "Prone to Violence.".  Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks that "gun free zone" signs work, twice claims that modern sporting rifles are "automatic weapons," and states that owners of the most popular rifle sold in the United States today are a small group "that terrorizes the majority of people."  The June 17, 2014 interview shows just how out of touch Clinton is with a nation where the majority of people in this country who favor gun rights.  Clinton went on to bizarrely claim that those who do not bow to her views on gun control are "prone to violence."

Clinton Proposal Could Allow Feds to Ban Book Critical of Clinton Foundation.  Hillary Clinton's proposal to get money out of politics could allow the federal government to restrict or ban the publication of a book that has embroiled her presidential campaign in controversy, experts say.  Clinton called for a constitutional amendment to "get unaccountable money out of" politics in an op-ed for the Des Moines Register published Monday.  Her campaign did not respond to requests for additional details, but legal experts say similar efforts over the past two years would have profound effects on Americans' free speech rights.

Likely Felon Hillary Clinton: Let's Open Up All the Prisons.  [Scroll down]  WaPo black-and-gay-issues writer Jonathan Capeheart got a round of approbation for admitting that everything he thought he knew about the Brown shooting was a lie, and then, a couple of weeks later, listed Brown anyway in the List of the Fallen Black Innocents.  Hillary Clinton is claiming that our jailed are filled with the indiscriminately-imprisoned — that "masses" of people are just winding up in jail.  It is one thing to call for criminal justice reform.  It is another thing entirely to demagogue the issue from a hard leftwing viewpoint and claim that "masses" of prisoners — most of them — are essentially politically prisoners.

Hillary channels Madame Mao: 'deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed'.  Barack Obama was a piker when he wrote about audacity.  Hillary Clinton seems to be calling for nothing less than a Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the United States, mimicking Mao Zedong's wife Jiang Qing, who sought to overturn millennia of Chinese culture in order to impose a communist paradise through the Cultural Revolution.  But of course, Hillary was urging the rejection of our religious and cultural heritage in order to facilitate the killing of unborn children.

Hillary On Abortion: 'Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs And Structural Biases Have To Be Changed'.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday [4/23/2015].  She told attendees at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit that "deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed" for the sake of giving women access to "reproductive health care and safe childbirth."  "Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don't count for much if they're not enforced.  Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper," Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton conveniently evolving.  We are all familiar with then-Senator Obama defending traditional marriage in 2008.  Mr. Obama used Christianity and God to justify his position.  We learned later from Mr. Axelrod that the whole thing may have been just a little "lie" to appeal to black Americans.  In other words, he was always for same-sex marriage but did not have the courage to share that with voters in 2008.  The latest discovery is Hillary Clinton in 2004, or back in the days when she was a hawk on Iraq and defending traditional marriage.

Hillary at meeting with economists: We need to "topple" the wealthiest one percent.  It takes a net worth of around $8 million to join "the one percent."  The Clintons' net worth is estimated at $55 million; Hillary alone got a cool $14 mil as an advance for her dismal memoir "Hard Choices."  The electorate's usually willing to let populists slide on their personal wealth — FDR is the ultimate example but John Edwards was a lefty heartthrob for a time as recently as 2008 — but I wonder if they'll be so forgiving for Hillary.

Martin O'Malley Slams Hillary for Late Evolution on Gay Marriage, Driver's Licenses for Illegals.  On Thursday [4/16/2015], former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley criticized Hillary Clinton for her late evolution on gay marriage and driver's liceses for illegal immigrants.  Clinton's team this week said she believes gay marriage is a "constitutional right" and illegal immigrants should receive driver's licenses.  When she ran for president in 2008, Clinton opposed gay marriage and driver's licenses for illegal immigrants (after much waffling).

Hillary Clinton pushes Supreme Court on same-sex marriage.  As recently as a year ago, Hillary Clinton was sparring with a public radio host about her position on same-sex marriage, defending her past reticence to discuss the issue and falling well short of full-throated support.  Now, in a markedly new position, Clinton is offering just that, calling gay marriage a right afforded by the Constitution.

Hillary Says We Should Rewrite the First Amendment, If That's What It Takes to Reverse Citizens United.  Hillary Clinton endorsed a constitutional amendment today [4/14/2015] to reverse the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.  Clinton said that the Citizens United ruling should be reversed "once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment," according to MSNBC's Ari Melber.

Hillary Clinton on Guns: Not a Big Fan.  The presidential candidate, who once supported licensing and registration, says resistance to gun control "terrorizes" the nation.

When and how will Hillary Clinton break from President Obama's foreign policy?  Over the next 20 months, how many enemies of the United States can President Obama outright lose to or accommodate?  He has embraced Cuba, acquiesced to Iran and gone silent on Syria and continues to be ignored by Russia; he has done much to embolden our adversaries.  Meanwhile, our allies — from Britain and Canada to Japan, Egypt and Israel — are at best bewildered and at worst disgusted with how this administration has conducted foreign policy over the past six years.

Hillary Clinton Won't Spell Out Position on Late-Term Abortion.  Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is dodging a key question in the abortion debate:  Under what circumstances should late-term abortion be legal?  Every declared or likely Republican presidential candidate has expressed support for legislation that would ban most abortions later than 20 weeks after conception — or 5 months into pregnancy — when infants can feel pain and survive if born prematurely.  But Hillary Clinton and her spokesman have declined to spell out Clinton's position on late-term abortion.

The Tough Questions Hillary Faces As Candidate.  First, the political culture has changed dramatically since 2008.  Back then, both she and Barack Obama officially opposed "same-sex marriage," an issue that has changed the political landscape at light speed — becoming an intensely polarizing issue that has even challenged previous assumptions about religious freedom.  Today both Obama and Clinton support same-sex marriage, both acknowledging that their views have "evolved" over the years.

Israel's future: Hillary Clinton's silence on Netanyahu's win speaks volumes.  Following his election victory, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at length with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, and with President Obama, but there's no sign that Netanyahu has heard from Hillary Clinton, who is expected to announce soon that she will run for U.S. president.  This stands in stark contrast to several Republicans contemplating presidential bids who rushed to congratulate Netanyahu right after his "against all odds" win for his Likud Party.

Hillary Clinton Endorses FCC's Title II Designation for the Internet.  Although Clinton defended the FCC's attempt to make the internet a public utility, she seemed open to other ideas to bring about net neutrality.  "They have to have a hook to hang it on, so they're hanging it on Title II," she said, defending the FCC's decision as "the only hook they've got" to bring about change.  Clinton signaled support for "another hook" for net neutrality derived from a "modern 21st century telecom technology act" but conceded that it was unlikely to happen in the near future.

Hillary Clinton veers left in search of the Democratic base.  Hillary Clinton angrily condemned the bleakest results of Barack Obama's economy in a recent speech, but didn't dare say who was responsible for them.  "What would Robert Kennedy say about the fact that still, today, more than 16 million children live in poverty in the richest nation on earth," she said in an address to an elite, well-fed crowd in a Manhattan ballroom at an awards gala to honor the slain Democratic presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton looks to shore up support on the left.  Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner for president, is working hard to shore up support among liberals in hopes of tamping down a serious challenge from the left in the battle for the 2016 nomination.  Clinton has aligned herself firmly with President Obama since the November midterms on a range of liberal-friendly issues, including immigration, climate change and opening diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Hillary Clinton: 'I would consider' anti-Citizens United amendment.  While eying a potential presidential run that would surely be boosted by deep-pocketed super PACs, Hillary Clinton said Monday evening [7/21/2014] that she's open to supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which opened the door to the outside groups and the flood of money that poured into the political process with them.

Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' warns Hillary Clinton will 'finish off' the country.  In his highly anticipated new book and movie "America," conservative author Dinesh D'Souza is warning that Hillary Clinton won't be a clone of her moderate husband, but will instead take the baton from President Obama to continue radicalizing the country and "undo the nation's founding ideals."  "America — Imagine a World Without Her," published by Regnery and set for release Monday, charges that as students of radical organizer Saul Alinsky, Obama and Clinton could have enough time to "unmake and then remake America" into a nation the founding fathers wouldn't recognize.

Hillary Clinton: Gun Laws Are Too Lenient, Must Be 'Reined In'.  During a May 6th speech at a National Council for Behavioral Health conference, while making the case that gun laws are far too lenient and need to be "reined in," Hillary Clinton asserted, "We're way out of balance" on guns.  According to the National Journal, "Clinton said she supports Second Amendment rights, [but] she added that there needs to be a proper trade-off between safety and freedom."

The Editor says...
The government's job is to preserve liberty, not safety.

Pure coincidence? The 'ban bossy' movement and Hillary's campaign.  The bizarre movement to "ban" the word "bossy" because it allegedly stigmatizes girls struck many people as ridiculous.  But on consideration, it is something far more sophisticated and sinister than mere feminist hyperventilating.  Hillary Clinton faces an image problem, and the deep thinkers on her propaganda team know it.  In a debate during the 2008 primary campaign, Barack Obama alluded to it when he called her "likable enough," a backhanded compliment/slap that stung.  The woman who as first lady demanded that military service personnel assigned to the White House not look her in the face is an imperious, demanding, and frosty sort of person.

Memo Says Hillary Supports Single Payer Health System.  A 20-year-old memo says Hillary Clinton backed a single-payer socialist health system, believing ObamaCare-like mega-regulation to be "a crock."  As president, she'd double down on government control.  It's buried over 60 paragraphs into Alana Goodman's investigative article in the Washington Free Beacon this week about unpublished documents exposing Clinton's ruthlessness.

Hillary's Racial Politics.  Hillary Clinton began her 2016 march to the White House last week, and it wasn't a promising debut.  The former first lady and Senator used her first big policy speech since leaving the State Department to portray American election laws as fundamentally racist.  The speech was longer on anecdotes than statistics, so allow us to fill in some of the holes.

Hillary Builds 2016 Campaign on Racial Politics.  Hillary Clinton has worked her way back in the news by making racially-charged remarks to the American Bar Association's annual meeting in San Francisco.  There is, she claimed, an ongoing "assault on voting rights."  But the only "assault" going on is a liberal assault on the truth about efforts to protect the integrity of our election process.

Hillary's race card.  Madam Secretary hasn't missed a beat.  She knows that the calling card of Democrats in the Barack Obama era is a polarizing politics that seeks to fire up minority voters by stirring fears of fire hoses and police dogs.  Its basic vocabulary is imputations of racism; its evidentiary standard is low and dishonest; and its ethic is whatever works — so long as its stirs fear, anger, and resentment.  Get ready for Hope and Change 2.0.  The latest target is the state of North Carolina, which is accused of soiling itself with a new voter ID law, among other changes in its election laws.

Campaign themes and slogans:

First 'Rodham,' now 'Clinton' missing from Hillary's pitch.  First the middle name, "Rodham," disappeared, and now the last name, "Clinton," is MIA in Hillary for America's latest email to donors.  Campaign boss Robby Mook's offer to supporters to donate just $5 to become a "founding donor" never refers to his candidate "Hillary Clinton."  It's just Hillary.  "You're all in to elect Hillary as our next president," he wrote.  "You're proud to be one of the first people to get Hillary's back in this race," he added.

Hillary Clinton Is Learning All the Wrong Lessons From Obama.  Hillary Clinton is clearly looking to emulate President Obama's historic 2008 campaign as she makes a second bid for the White House.  Her kickoff campaign video features the very constituencies that Obama effortlessly energized in his first bid for office — working women, minorities, gay voters.  She's hired several of Obama's top advisers to guide her bid, including pollster Joel Benenson and media strategist Jim Margolis.  Even the name of her campaign organization, "Hillary for America," is a throwback to "Obama for America."

Hillary's greatly exaggerated intellect:

She's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Hillary tries to show 'real New Yorker' Sanders how to ride the subway, but takes five swipes to get through the turnstile.  Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton rode the New York City subway today, in a swipe at Bernie Sanders who said in a recent interview that 'tokens' were still used to pay for the system.  But it was the swiping of a Metrocard that tripped Clinton up, with the former senator from New York swiping her card nearly five times before entering a Bronx station.  America Rising PAC — which produces opposition research against Democrats — already called out Clinton for her multiple swipes, calling it 'shocking' video of an 'out-of-touch' candidate struggling to use her Metrocard.

The Editor says...
I'm not sure it's entirely fair to pin this on Hillary.  The fault probably lies with the transit system machines.  I've never been on the New York subway system, but I have spoken with a co-worker who has been there recently, and he says he had the same trouble.

Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?  [Scroll down]  There is another aspect to her lying.  Hillary has a very ordinary brain, artificially inflated by the left because leftists always consider those who agree with them "smart."  In college she followed the familiar path of lackey to leftism.  Hillary failed the District of Columbia Bar Examination; nearly everyone who takes it passes.  Her legal career was constructed around her husband's political success.  Hillary has for decades been surrounded by flacks and toadies whose work is making Hillary seem and feel intelligent.  Some of the emails released from her server note that these minions, among themselves, note that she is often confused.  The numerous unforced errors in her campaign also suggest a rather mean old lady used to bullying rather than reasoning.  This, too, becomes over time a mental limp, a cognitive sloth, an atrophied intellect.

Clinton confuses Constitution with Declaration of Independence in gun pitch.  Constitution, Declaration of Independence ... whatever.  That seemed to be Hillary Clinton's take on the nation's two most important documents during an interview Wednesday [2/24/2016], as she confused the texts in making the case for more gun laws.  The Democratic presidential front-runner mistakenly cited a "constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" during the interview with host Steve Harvey.

Hillary Doesn't Know Difference Between Constitution And Declaration.  In the grand tradition of liberal lawyers-turned politicians, Hillary Clinton can't seem to tell the difference between the United States Constitution and the Declaration of independence.  Clinton's flub came during an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show when discussing the issue of gun control.  "We've got to say to the gun lobby, you know what, there is a constitutional right for people to own guns," Clinton told host Steve Harvey.  "But there's also a constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Emails show Hillary Clinton had no idea how to check it on a computer.  We've learned a lot about Hillary Clinton's ability to use technology as more and more of her emails from her time at the State Department have been released, and now we know that in 2009 checking email on her computer was particularly perplexing.  In an email released on Monday [2/1/2016] by Judicial Watch, it was revealed that Clinton only knew how to use email via her Blackberry.

Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Empty Pantsuit?  I have spent some time looking through the latest State Department dump of Hillary Clinton's home server emails.  I don't do this in hopes of finding anything explosive; these are, after all, the emails that Hillary didn't delete. [...] The funny thing is how little one learns about any of these things from Mrs. Clinton's email traffic.  Hardly any of the communications are substantive — Sid Blumenthal's are, in fact, almost the only ones.  Hillary's aides mainly send her news clippings and information about scheduling.  And Hillary herself rarely writes anything other than "please print."  In short, the woman appears to be a cipher.

Emails show aides wanted 'super encrypted' Blackberry for Clinton.  An internal email chain from Hillary Clinton's early days at the State Department suggests Clinton's staff initially sought a "super encrypted" Blackberry for the secretary of state before apparently abandoning those plans in favor of a personal device.  The records indicate Cheryl Mills, then Clinton's chief of staff, had pushed for a secure cellphone because Clinton did "not know how to use a computer to do email," according to an exchange obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

New E-mails Released Highlight Clinton's Post-Concussion Confusion.  New Hillary Clinton e-mails released by the State Department on Monday show that the secretary of state was often confused about and unfamiliar with State Department activity in the wake of a serious concussion, relying on her staff to explain department policy and even help her remember her own actions.

Abedin Warned That Hillary "Is Often Confused".  Judicial Watch, that heroic organization, has released a new batch of emails written by Huma Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide at the State Department.  In one of them, from January 2013, Abedin advised another Clinton aide, that it was "very important" to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was "often confused."

Judicial Watch: Huma Abedin And State Department Staffer In Emails — Hillary 'Often Confused,' 'In Bed For A Nap'.  After reviewing more than 35 pages of email from top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Judicial Watch observes that Abedin advised a State Department staffer that it was "very important" to review phone calls with Clinton because she was "often confused."

Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Warned Colleagues That Granny Catlady is "Often Confused".  Rumors of Hillary Clinton's poor physical and mental condition have persisted for years.  Recently biographer Edward Klein revealed that Clinton "is exhausted and depressed a lot of the time" and is battling a host of 'mounting health issues' including 'blinding headaches" that have 'frequently plagued her.'  In newly released State Department emails obtained by Judicial Watch, Clinton's close personal aide Huma Abedin (who has well-documented ties to the terror group the Muslim Brotherhood) warned colleagues that Clinton's mental stability appeared to be deteriorating[.]

New E-mail: Hillary Clinton [was] 'Often Confused' as Secretary of State.  A newly revealed e-mail sent by top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin in January 2013 shows that the then-outgoing secretary of state was "often confused" and had to have her schedule explained to her by staff.  Released to conservative watchdog Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act request, the January 26, 2013 e-mail shows Abedin instructing Monica Hanley, another State Department aide, to remind Clinton of important calls scheduled with world leaders.

Email Reveals Top Aide Huma Abedin Warning State Department Staffer That Hillary Clinton Is "Often Confused".  Judicial Watch today [11/16/2015] released more than 35 pages of emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin revealing that Abedin advised Clinton aide and frequent companion Monica Hanley that it was "very important" to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was "often confused."  The emails, from Abedin's "Huma[at]" address, also reveal repeated security breaches, with the Secretary's schedule and movements being sent and received through Abedin's non-governmental and unsecured Clinton server account.  The emails document requests for special State Department treatment for a Clinton Foundation associate and Abedin's mother, a controversial Islamist leader.

Tech firm gives 'cloud' backup of Hillary's (aka Val the bartender) email to FBI.  This might be of concern to Hillary just as soon as somebody tells her what the "cloud" is and how her email got up there.

Hillary's E-mails Reveal a Startling Amount of Dependency.  Amidst the e-mail revelations, an alarming pattern is developing about Clinton's personal dependency on those inside her inner bubble.  She isn't just delegating important tasks to underlings, as any executive might; these aren't urgent matters of national security, such as aides' fetching satellite intelligence or the latest reports relevant to a managing executive.  Rather, it appears that Hillary is either helpless or unwilling to perform even the most menial and trivial of daily tasks.

Team Hillary has no one but itself to blame.  This has been the riddle of her career:  To get past her and focus on her qualifications.  So it's not like they didn't see this coming.  And whatever Clinton's weaknesses, she comes with the complete control of the party apparatus, a war chest that could top $2 billion and universal name recognition.  If you can't find a cruising altitude with those advantages and no serious competition, you've got to blame operator error.

Hillary May Just Be Dumb.  We presume otherwise because she went to Ivy League schools and because she belonged to a prominent Little Rock law firm and because she has held a couple of important offices since her husband left the White House.  But we all know the real source of her success:  she has been Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton for forty years.  Hillary's undergraduate degree was in political science, a major that requires nothing more of a student than slavish aping of the radical leftist positions of one's professors.  Her admission to Yale Law School was during the heyday of affirmative action, when schools were desperate to find young women to balance the gender quotas.  The jobs Hillary had out of law school were purely ideological positions, first as a staff attorney for the so-called "Children's Defense Fund" and as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Committee at the time of Watergate.  Hillary then tried to become a lawyer in the District of Columbia and took the bar exam for that jurisdiction.  She failed, despite the fact that two thirds of those who took the exam passed.

These Hillary Clinton Emails Raise Troubling Questions.  Emails released by the State Department on Monday [8/31/2015] raise troubling questions about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her ability to lead the country and make it great again.  Clinton, who will celebrate her 68th birthday next month, has been known to make embarrassing memory-related gaffes, and had trouble remembering the things she said and did as secretary of state, the emails show.  In an email dated November 13, 2010, Hillary asked a State Department aide whether she gave an interview to a certain Lebanese newspaper, apparently after reading about it in her daily press briefing.  In fact, the interview occurred just three days earlier, on November 10.

Email bombshells from Hillary's secret account show she didn't know when cabinet meetings were held, was dumbfounded by a fax machine.  Hillary Clinton's emails have been a subject of partisan finger-pointing and hand-wringing since the revelation in April that she had used a private home-brew server to store her messages during the four years she was secretary of state. [...] They describe the ordinary and the shocking — everything from meeting recaps to the involvement in the agency of Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton's 2008 election hatchet-man who had officially been exiled from the administration.

America's "Elites" Are No Longer Elite And Our "Intellectuals" Aren't Intellectual.  [Scroll down]  Even worse are the legions of "elites" and "intellectuals" who haven't accomplished anything of note, truly proven their intellect or shown that they're particularly good at anything.  For example, what accomplishments led anyone to believe that Barack Obama was ready to be President or that the Democrat Party's assumed candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton, is up to the job?  Neither of them are stunning intellects.  Neither have led particularly accomplished lives given the gravitas of the presidency.  Neither of them seem to be extraordinarily gifted at anything.  If either of them were unknown, it seems unlikely that they could successfully run their own small businesses or work their way up through the ranks of a corporation.  In other words, they're both Paris Hiltons of politics who are famous for being famous.


Clinton's Corruption.  The Clinton Foundation "received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments" from corporations, foreign sources and other groups in 2014, The Washington Post reported 10 days ago.  That's in addition to "millions" in foreign donations for the years 2010 to 2013 that were not reported until Reuters asked about them in April.  Which were in addition to millions in foreign donations the Clinton Foundation acknowledged after The Washington Post asked about them in February. [...] In more than two decades in national politics, Hillary Clinton has succeeded only at peddling influence and orchestrating smear campaigns against women her husband molested.  Ms. Clinton is greedy and corrupt.  She has a reckless disregard for the truth and national security.  She has a record barren of achievement.  Ms. Clinton is popular with her party despite all this.

Secret Service Says Hillary Clinton Is A Nightmare To Work With.  [Ronald] Kessler writes flatteringly and critically about people in both parties.  Regarding the Clintons, Kessler presents Chelsea as a model protectee who respected and appreciated her agents.  He describes Bill as a difficult chief executive but an easygoing ex-president.  And Kessler exposes Hillary as an epically abusive Arctic monster.  "When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously," Kessler explains.  "As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident."

5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Isn't Fit To Be President.  [#2] She hasn't accomplished anything.  Sean Hannity has a bit on his radio show where he challenges liberal callers to name Hillary's three greatest accomplishments.  Listening to them hem and haw while they try to come up with anything is hilarious.  What her fans don't want to admit is that despite her mediocre tenure in the Senate and as secretary of state, her real "accomplishments" are being married to Bill Clinton and being female.  Take those two "non-accomplishments" away from her and she wouldn't be in the top 1,000 people considered to be president.

Mark Steyn:  Hillary Presidency Would Be 'Death of the Republic,' 'Descent Into Banana Republic'.  Filling in for Rush Limbaugh Monday morning [5/16/2016], conservative author and pundit Mark Steyn tore into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, promising her presidency would destroy American democracy as we know it.  Steyn began by bringing up the Clinton Foundation, which he called a barely-concealed platform for the rich and powerful to buy access under the facade of charity.  "It's corrupt.  It's stingily corrupt, it's obviously corrupt," he said.  He bashed conservatives like Max Boot and P.J. O'Rourke who say they would likely vote for Clinton because of concerns over Trump's foreign policy.  "Hillary is the embodiment of corruption and therefore the death of the republic," he argued.

Former SEAL Carl Higbie: 'If Hillary Clinton Is the Commander-in-chief, Half the Military Is Gonna Get Out'.  Friday morning's [5/13/2016] guests on Breitbart News Daily included former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, author of [two new books].  SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon asked Higbie if the major problem faced by the American military through the Obama years was a shortage of logistics, weapons, and equipment, or "a problem of will, of taking the fight to the enemy, of having the back of those people, like yourself, who are on the tip of the spear."  "I think the problem is not the men.  The problem is not the budgeting.  The problem is the direction and allocation of assets," Higbie replied.

Hillary's Fingerprints Are All Over Common Core.  So where does Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton stand on Common Core?  The answer is she's squarely on the side of national standards and assessments, because she played a key role, along with other insiders, in getting this statist scheme rolling a quarter-century ago.  That is not to say she can't take a few shots at pro-Common-Core educrats to please parents thoroughly fed up with the math and English prescriptions being imposed on their schools.

This is one weak nominee:  Hillary Clinton's problem isn't Bernie Sanders.  It's Hillary Clinton.  No matter what you think about Hillary Clinton as the presidential primaries wind down, there is one undeniable fact that lingers in the background.  Despite having had enormous advantages from the start of the campaign — no serious competition from within the party, solid support from national party leaders, a massive war chest and a nationwide grassroots network built over the course of decades in national politics — Clinton has struggled to put away a 74-year-old Jewish socialist who has had almost no establishment support.  Say whatever you want about Clinton's lengthy résumé — and her credentials are indeed impressive — her performance this primary season is hardly indicative of a strong candidate.

On this much, Bernie and I agree:
Sanders: Nominating Clinton would be 'disaster' for party, nation.  Fresh off a big win in the West Virginia primary, Sen.  Bernard Sanders' campaign said Wednesday [5/11/2016] the Democratic Party would be courting "disaster" if it nominates Hillary Clinton as its presidential nominee.

12 Funniest (and Most Diabolical) Hillary Clinton Quotes.  "We just can't trust the American people to make those types of choices ... Government has to make those choices for people." [to Dennis Hastert regarding Americans selecting their own health insurance policies when she was pushing for HillaryCare]

Clinton's favorability rating trend points to a Trump landslide in November.  While Hillary Clinton supporters try to hype the unfavorability ratings of her general election opponent, getting ignored in the liberal maelstrom of deceit is the skyrocketing unfavorability rating of their own presumptive nominee.  The more the general public sees of Clinton, the more they despise her.

Hillary Clinton Is A Danger To The United States.  Hillary is dangerous.  Not merely her judgment — her personality.  That's why her newest pitch, that Donald Trump is a "loose cannon," will not play.  She's a loose cannon, too — but she's a calculated loose cannon.  Trump is a faulty firearm, detonating haphazardly; she's a properly working firearm aimed in the wrong direction at all times.

America's Last Election.  Remember that for Hillary, as for Alinsky, politics is not a contest between friends who disagree about the direction of the country; it is a form of warfare and the other side made up of conservatives, republicans, constitutionalists, veterans, and Christians, are an enemy to be vanquished and destroyed.  Too many have seen to have forgotten that Hillary's own senior thesis written in college was titled "There is Only the Fight — An Analysis of the Alinsky Model."  This title was a trademark Alinsky phrase that appealed to Hillary because it suggested a move from the politics of idealism to the politics of pure power.  There is Only the Fight sums up that the only way to get somewhere in politics is through power, working from within the system by any means necessary to achieve it.  This was a break from Alinsky who believed the best way to achieve power was outside the system.  For Clinton, it has always been her stance that once in power, the system can be used as a means to achieve her ends.

Hillary's Legal Troubles Mount As Her Nomination Nears.  Despite being dogged by Bernie Sanders late into the primary season, Hillary Clinton is by all accounts virtually guaranteed her party's nomination.  But even as she gets closer to that goal, she still can't shake the email scandal that has dogged her since March 2015.  If anything, her legal situation is more perilous than ever.

Trump vs. Clinton Is Terrible News for Fans of Free Speech and the First Amendment.  As my colleague Matt Welch has documented, Clinton's "long war on free speech" includes censorship crusades against rap music, video games, movies, and television.  And we're not just talking about ratings systems and warning labels here.  She's also supported federal laws that would penalize the makers and distributors of so-called offensive entertainment.  Clinton is also in favor of empowering the federal government to spy on private communications through such tools as anti-encryption back doors on iPhones and other devices.  And then of course there is Hillary Clinton's well-known view that federal authorities should be able to prevent her political opponents from distributing a documentary film that's critical of her in the days before a federal election.  That particular issue was litigated before the U.S. Supreme Court in a little case called Citizens United v. FEC.

Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest?  After the New York primary, the betting websites are giving Hillary Clinton about a 94 percent chance of being the Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump a 66 percent chance of ending up as the Republican nominee.  But Clinton's big challenge is the trust issue:  The share of voters who have negative feelings toward her has soared from 25 percent in early 2013 to 56 percent today, and a reason for that is that they distrust her.  Only a bit more than one-third of American voters regard Clinton as "honest and trustworthy."

There is just so much wrong with Hillary.  [Scroll down]  Hillary is a feminist who has used her popular husband as a wedge into politics.  All that Hillary has done has a dark underside to it, whether it is the barnacles clinging to failed Hillarycare or the revolution in Libya.  Hillary failed to fortify Benghazi and lied to the families about the cause of their loved ones' deaths.  She blamed a video rather than al-Qaeda, even though she knew the truth.  When Hillary said, "What difference at this point does it make?," she was telling us that the administration's lie to the public about the influence of the video was irrelevant because the American people are irrelevant.  Hillary is a crook with a degenerate legacy that she shares with her pedophilic husband.  Everyone she has touched falls through her fingers like sand.

Nurse Ratched returns to the asylum.  That's my take on Hillary Clinton's conference call with the editors of Philadelphia newspapers earlier this week.  Pressed in the interest of transparency by one of the editors to disclose the transcripts of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street audiences, Madam Hillary quickly drops her public mask.  At a time when she holds no office and is still wooing the electorate, this is what she really sounds like.  [Audio clip.]

Slouching Toward Washington.  Variables buzz around this election like mosquitoes in a swamp.  [#1] Health issues — Bernie Sanders is 73, the Donald 70, and Hillary 67, all hovering around that precarious post-baby-boomer life expectancy precipice.  Hillary appears to be tottering on the edge of actual ill health, going into occasional coughing fits and bouts of confusion.  [#2] Legal issues — we don't know what will happen with the FBI probe of Hillary and her infamous emails.  If 147 agents are really on the case and since, on the face of it, she shouldn't have had that email setup in the first place, she's on some shaky ground.  And Benghazi is always lurking in the background.

Quick, read about Hillary's subway struggle before the media buries it.  Barack Obama used photo ops endlessly when he was president, often flying four hours round-trip at $210K an hour for a 20-minute photo-op to inform workers that hundreds of thousands of jobs were due any minute due to his trillion-dollar stimulus program.  If not run right, however, photo ops can suddenly turn on a politician and bite their South Side — in front of the same leering cameras.  Ask Hillary Clinton after her awkward Thursday experience attempting to enter the New York City subway.  Clinton's had Secret Service chauffeurs for 23 years now.  She hasn't driven a car this century.  She prohibits traveling press from photographing her boarding chartered private jets. [...]

Here's Your List Of Hillary Clinton's 'Accomplishments'.  In April of last year, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman lobbed a big fat softball to Clinton.  "When you look at your time as secretary of state, what are you most proud of?" he asked.  Clinton fumbled around for an answer, talking about relay races.  Even the New York Times noted that her answer "suggests a problem" that she'd face in a presidential run.  A few months later, Diane Sawyer asked Clinton if she had a "marquee achievement."  The answer:  "We've had presidents who have made some tough calls, some of which have worked and some of which have not."  You'd think by now she'd have a solid response, particularly after Fiorina's barb.  Think again.

Keyword:  carpetbagger.
Comey, Clintons and Clemency.  Hillary's friends Robert Treuhaft and wife Jessica Mitford were "avowed Stalinists" who opposed the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and remained committed to the Communist cause.  American Evita charts Hillary's admiration for Marxist theoretician Carl Oglesby and Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky, from whom Hillary learned that "the only way to make a real difference is to acquire power."  After Bill Clinton left the White House, one staffer told Andersen, the entire focus was on "getting Hillary back in."  The road led through New York, where Hillary took aim at the Senate seat vacated by Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  Hillary was not from New York and had never spent more than a few days there, so she needed creative ways to attract votes.

Hillary's Running On 'Experience' — Including Starting Pointless War In Libya.  Hillary is running for President on her "experience," which, indeed, she has a lot of.  But does she have much success?  In other competitive endeavors, like sports, unsuccessful individuals don't usually get much experience because they quickly get fired or replaced.  But Hillary has gotten a lot of experience by being married to a talented politician, who found it a good idea to claim that she really ought to be the president, and then when he got term-limited out, did the usual banana republic thing of running the wife in his place.  But her actual track record ...

It's Not Sexist To Notice Hillary Clinton's Weaknesses.  Now, I'm grateful whenever any cable outlet takes even a momentary break from their strict 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump.  But this speech was difficult to listen to on account of how Hillary's voice in rally settings sounds something a bit like "pterodactyl clawing its way down a chalkboard."  OK, not quite that bad, but it was really off-putting.  I couldn't even pay attention to the words she was saying because my instinct was to cover my ears, weep quietly, and leave the room.

Hillary Clinton: Another Enemy of Israel.  My sense is that many American Jews believe that Mrs. Clinton would be more friendly to Israel than President Obama has been.  But I am not aware of any evidence that supports that belief.  An implacable antagonism toward Israel is nearly universal on the American left.

Clinton, Libya and Israel.  Whether or not Obama's anti-Israel policies will survive his tenure in office depends on who succeeds him.  If Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is elected to serve as the next president, there is no question that they will survive him.  During her four years as Obama's secretary of state, Clinton was a full partner in Obama's hostile policies toward Israel.  Moreover, as her internal emails have shown, all of Clinton's close advisers are hostile to Israel.

'FBI Primary' Hillary's 'Biggest Impediment,' She's One of the Most 'Untrustworthy, Disliked' CandidatesNational Journal Senior Political Columnist Ron Fournier argued that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "biggest impediment really is the FBI primary" and characterized the "very likely" Trump-Hillary general election as one between "two of the most untrustworthy, disliked, most polarizing candidates in our lifetime" during the Fox News Channel's coverage of the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday [2/27/2016].

The H-Factor in voter turnout.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have flouted the law since their earliest political days in Arkansas, after which their contempt for morality and the law continued to grow throughout their years of ascension to and through the White House.  To make it worse, their "no corner left uncut" policy toward the intersection of presidential politics and profit has made these two moral jaywalkers immensely wealthy.  Millions of Americans would quickly cite the Clintons as living proof that if not crime, then most certainly unethical behavior does indeed pay and pay handsomely.  Rubbing salt into our wounds, the Clintons deflect all charges of their corruption with countercharges of national conspiracies by their enemies to discredit them.

The psychodynamics of Hillary's arf-arf.  Hillary Clinton has spent her adult life at war, rumbling over political terrain in a heavily armed battle tank, seeing life through the periscope.  People don't mature from their successes; they learn from being honest with themselves about their failures and correcting the errors which caused the mistakes to happen.  This is why Hillary has learned so little from life.  The Clintons protect themselves, trust no one, always persevere, and prevail over enemies.  There have been many political war machines, but the greatest of these is the Clintons.  The Clintons never fail. [...] The Clintons are the world's preeminent political juggernaut, waging a permanent campaign that protects them from honestly facing themselves or each other.

Republicans Aren't Fighting Hillary, They're Fighting the Hillary-Loving Media.  Hillary Clinton is a red-hot garbage dumpster fire of a candidate.  On Monday [2/15/2016], she barked like a dog to indict Republicans as liars.  That was after labeling Republicans her "enemies," stating that she will not release transcripts of her $700,000 speeches at Goldman Sachs, pretending she doesn't know what it means to wipe a server, standing on her vagina to push her candidacy, and trotting out her lecherous old husband to recite talking points about her genius.  Clinton's speeches sound like a mashup of John Edwards, HAL 9000, and the Wicked Witch of The West atop her broomstick.

Dumb, Dumber and Democrat.  [Hillary] Clinton is a known, corrupt, long-time commodity, untrustworthy and dishonest. Repeatedly, Clinton has been caught lying, particularly when she claimed there were no classified emails on her powder room home server.  There were over one thousand.  "What difference does it make"?  Clinton has imperiled our national security and Americans died.  She was an integral part of a foreign policy so warped and misplaced that we have entered an age where terrorism is thanked and shining democracies slapped down.  For decades, Hillary Clinton has represented the greed and poor judgment that helped create a party of losers — and has she gotten rich from it.  One prays FBI Director James Comey is today's Elliot Ness and Attorney Generals reflecting the leftist ideology of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch will soon become another footnote in history or Hillary may be unstoppable.

Imperfect past tense.  Poor Hillary.  2008 was her year and she blew it, and 2016 isn't the same.  She's 68, close to the end of the timeline for running for president, and she took the wrong job, which looked at the time like a brilliant decision but turned out to be a mistake.  She's tied to a failed foreign policy, tied to Benghazi and Libya, and her new job opened the door to large scale corruption at the Clinton Foundation and to the chance that she took with the personal server, which has led to a brush with the law.

Hillary's Voice Dooms Her Campaign.  So many issues, so little time, which is why I am studiously avoiding any issues about Hillary other than that voice! [...] I'm going to produce more jobs, Hillary says, get incomes rising again, make Obamacare work, improve early-childhood education, pay down student debt, fight for more abortions (oops, "defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions"), on and on, and yet every word comes out sounding like the patronizing, finger-wagging lecture of a screech-owl harpy.  Hillary fan Geraldo Rivera speculates that this unfortunate trait might result from a hearing loss, the kind that makes people who don't hear very well think that other people need to be shrieked at to hear their message.

Hillary Clinton says right-wing conspiracy still exists.  Hillary Clinton agrees there is still a "vast right-wing conspiracy" — and if anything it has only become more richly financed.  During the New Hampshire town hall debate on Wednesday night [2/3/2016], CNN host Anderson Cooper asked the presidential hopeful if she still believes there is a "vast right-wing conspiracy," as she said there was during the late 90s to initially explain the Monica Lewinksy scandal involing her husband.  "Don't you?" Clinton replied, as the audience laughed.  "Yeah.  It's gotten even better funded."  "They brought in some new multibillionaires to pump the money in.  Look, these guys play for keeps.  "They want to control our country."

Hillary Clinton: The vast, right-wing conspiracy is "even better funded" now.  The "vast, right-wing conspiracy" that Hillary Clinton warned about in the 1990's still exists, she confirmed on Wednesday evening — but now it's out in the open and it's "even better funded," she said.  Clinton was asked about that infamous quote during a televised town hall hosted by CNN in Derry, New Hampshire.  "At this point it's probably not correct to say it's a conspiracy because it's out in the open," Clinton said.  "There is no doubt about who the players are, what they're trying to achieve... It's real, and we're going to beat it."

How Hillary's Top Aides Are Rabidly Anti-Israel.  It's no secret that the majority of American Jews identify as Democrat and are heartily embracing Hillary Clinton as their pick for president.  Many members of the Jewish-Democrat community mistakenly believe that, unlike President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is actually a friend to Israel, but newly released emails prove what critics of the former Sec. of State have known for quite some time — that she's anything but.  A new column penned by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach sheds light on the anti-Israel bent of Clinton's top advisers, thus begging the question:  Why would someone supportive of Israel surround herself with such people?  From Sid Blumenthal to former US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering, Clinton's aides have proven, through the written word, how they really feel about the Jewish State.

Vile: Torrent of Appalling, Anti-Israel Screeds Discovered in Hillary Email Dump.  Earlier this week, I wrote about Hillary Clinton's interactions with Sid Blumenthal and her troubling praise of his son, Max Blumenthal's anti-Israel agenda.  Mr. Blumenthal, one of her most trusted advisers, sent her dozens of anti-Israel articles, ideas and advice during her time as Secretary of State.  But the stream of anti-Israel advice received by Ms. Clinton was much more comprehensive.  Now, we see emails between Ms. Clinton and other advisors and the results are equally appalling.  In the entire forced dump of her emails, you will be hard-pressed to find a single note that is sympathetic toward the Jewish state from any of the people she trusted.  The negative, poisonous approach Ms. Clinton established demonstrates that a huge segment of her close advisers and confidants were attacking Israel, condemning Netanyahu, and strategizing how to force Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria at all costs.

You Cannot Support Israel's Existence (and Ours) and Vote Democratic This Election.  In brief, Sanders and Hillary Clinton are really unlikely to depart from the anti-Israel bent of their party as it now exists or substantially to modify the crippling of our intelligence agencies and military vis-à-vis the Middle East.  As evidence I note the following:  Those emails of Hillary's which have been made public reveal a virtual torrent of anti-Israel advice from those so close to her that they communicated on her personal account and often — including Sidney Blumenthal, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, "docs in socks" Sandy Berger.  Then there's her exceedingly close tie to her aide Huma Abedin, another person closely tied to the loathsome and dangerous Moslem Brotherhood.

A Felon By Any Other Name.  Were her last name anything other than Clinton, Hillary would be indicted today.  Actually, she would have been indicted long ago and sitting in prison today.  But her last name is Clinton.  As such, she's on the verge of becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party for president. [...] The Clintons always have been about one thing — the Clintons.  Although there is a certain degree of narcissism necessary to run for public office, and an even healthier dose required the higher up the power ladder one climbs, only the Kennedys rival the Clintons in their naked lust for power and thwarting of the law.

Sister of Benghazi Victim: 'Every American Should Despise Hillary!'  What is absolutely heartbreaking is there is no sign of closure for the families of our Benghazi victims... not with the lies constantly suffocating the truth, and to expect anything other then lies from the Clintons, just seems absolutely impossible.

Is Hillary too Paranoid to Be President?  [Scroll down]  The job of Secretary of State had never meant anything to her except as a stepping stone to the White House.  She took it to fundraise and build up her resume while maintaining total control over her emails, in violation of the law, while displaying no regard for national security by storing highly classified materials on her own server.  But instead of protecting her campaign, the cover-up created its biggest challenge.  The revelation that emails containing beyond top secret intelligence from "special access programs" ended up on her server, which according to a former CIA officer placed the lives of intelligence sources in danger, shows that Hillary's paranoia not only endangered national security, but even risked lives.

Hillary Clinton's Trust Issue.  While both Pew and Gallup Polls indicate that trust in government is at historic lows, the Democrats are saddled with a notorious untrustworthy leading candidate — Hillary Clinton.  This article could have a 3-page bibliography of polls and articles about Hillary's problems with trust; certainly books will be written examining Hillary's (and Obama's) lack of character — in her case going all the way back to rumors about being fired for unethical behavior on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Hearings up to the current informed speculation that the FBI will soon be forwarding a recommendation to the Justice Department that she be indicted for her misconduct as Secretary of State.

Awkward, pandering spectacle of Hillary Clinton trying to 'be real'.  Last Wednesday night [1/13/2016], an hour-long interview with Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, aired on television.  This alone is remarkable.  Few candidates at this level, at this stage of the election cycle, grant any media outlet that much time.  Even more remarkable:  This sit-down wasn't with "60 Minutes," Charlie Rose or "Meet the Press."  Instead, Clinton took questions from little-known former rock 'n' roll groupie and celebrity-hanger-on Amanda de Cadenet, who has a talk show on the Lifetime network.

Land Mines On Hillary's Path To 1600 Pennsylvania Ave..  The latest batch of emails dumped into the public domain by the State Department includes a June 17, 2011, communication between aide Jake Sullivan and the secretary in which "H," as the emails refer to her, four minutes after hearing of technical problems getting talking points sent to her via a secure fax, issues the direction:  "If they can't, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure."  The talking points may have contained classified material from intelligence agencies, and this message not only again contradicts Clinton's claims last year that secrets never passed between "" and the now infamous ""; it shows how cavalier she could be in her handling of materials that could land in the laps of America's enemies.

Hillary Clinton is running the most sexist campaign ever.  Hillary Clinton is waging the most sexist campaign in the history of presidential contests by showing up, dumbing down, girling up, and pretending that her husband's sexual indiscretions — past, potentially present and possibly future — just don't matter.  But sex matters.  And sexual harassment — defined as relations between subordinates and the powerful people for whom they slave — matters, too.  Candidate Clinton infuriatingly plays the chick card, rejecting reality as she sprints to the finish line of the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the cherry on top of a long and sordid career that was founded not on her talent as a deep thinker, stellar speaker or gifted public servant, but on her sterling credentials as a Grade-A doormat.

Hillary Clinton is the most miscast figure on the 2016 political stage.  This is shaping up to be a change election, and nothing about a Clinton candidacy offers change. [...] On our anemic economy, Clinton would be an Obama 2.0; she doesn't even pretend to be something different or new.  She is promising more of the usual Democratic freebies to more people.  Nothing about her policies would stimulate robust growth; she barely even uses the word "growth."  Obama's weakening of America's place in the world has caused anxiety about our national security, and Clinton can't disassociate herself from our foreign policy debacles.  And in the specific instance of Libya, where Clinton was in charge, look what that got us.

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton: From One Who Knows.  You are the same Hillary that you were twenty years ago.  You are cold, calculating and self-serving.  You cannot tolerate the thought that you will soon be without the power you have wielded for the last eight years.  Your effort to stay in power will be at the expense of the state of New York.  I only hope the voters of New York will wake up in time and realize that Hillary Clinton is not an honorable or an honest person.

Hillary Hauls Out Our Former Rapist-in-Chief.  [Bill] Clinton's reaction to his adolescent sexualizing was equally amusing to me.  When accusations were being hurled at him — public accusations — Clinton observed that these slings and arrows might damage his reputation, but they would not affect his "character."  And, of course, in a somewhat perverse sense, he's right — you can't affect something that doesn't exist.  And Clinton, while a charming con man, is a man without content, courage, or character.  And the really sad part of this is that the worthless charmer could probably be re-elected tomorrow.  Indeed, if Hillary, an angry, incompetent witch, had 1/10th of his charm, she would almost be a shoe-in for the presidency.

Keywords:  Carpetbagger, placeholder, springboard, payback.
Hillary Clinton's lame Senate career.  Only three pieces of legislation that [Senator Hillary] Clinton sponsored became law.  None were of much consequence.  One renamed a post office in a New York town with fewer than 2,000 people.  Another renamed a portion of highway outside Buffalo after the late Tim Russert.  The third established a brick house in Troy, N.Y., as a national historic site to honor a 19th century female union leader.  During her Senate career, Clinton sponsored 713 pieces of legislation.  Those were the three that became law.  That's a legislative batting average of .004, and none of the bills had much consequence outside New York.  For the most part, Clinton's bills were merely facelifts of public grounds.

Islam and the West: An irreconcilable conflict?  "I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to Muslims here ... and ... around the world, that there is a 'clash of civilizations.'"  So said Hillary Clinton in last weekend's New Hampshire debate.  Yet, that phrase was not popularized by Donald Trump, but by Harvard's famed Samuel Huntington.  His "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" has been described by Zbigniew Brzezinski as providing "quintessential insights necessary for a broad understanding of world affairs in our time."  That Clinton is unaware of the thesis, or dismisses it, does not speak well of the depth of her understanding of our world.

The antique feminism of Hillary Clinton.  If the older generation of women who identify as feminist is respectful of Hillary's changes over the years, younger women often aren't, with their opinions running from tepid to contemptuous.  The radicalized sophomores on campus have no patience with her coy declaration that she would be "the youngest woman president ever elected."  To the activists on the left, her magic carpet ride into politics and wealth was as a passenger on her husband's carpet, with a sense of entitlement well within the elite establishment.  Her ideological inconsistencies, such as her flip-flop on same-sex marriage, speak of the ways she is perceived as a "has-been feminist" — the over-the-hill Hillary.

The Ugly Truths the Democrat and Republican Establishment Seek to Conceal From Us.  [Scroll down]  Hillary Clinton knows [quite] well that during the Benghazi attacks there were military resources available to interdict them.  But she has famously said "what difference does it make" and, in her view, she's right.  She's not evil, she's indifferent — to the lives lost there and to any other collateral damage including the arming of what has turned into Daesh!  Her goal is globalism, socialism and statism, all for her own personal aggrandizement.  That you are harmed or even killed doesn't matter to her.

That Many? Only 27 Percent of Voters Think Hillary Clinton is Honest.  Chuck Todd reported today [11/29/2015] that a mere 27% of voters see Hillary Clinton as honest and straightforward.  That's not a recipe for success in a presidential election.

A Once in a Century Opportunity.  Hillary will be the worst politician nominated by a major party since the 19th century.  She is mistrusted and disliked.  She has no natural political skills, and her age and baggage weigh her down.  Add a sluggish economy, a nation convinced it is on the wrong path, national and homeland security anxieties, uncontrolled illegal immigration, an NRA on the warpath, and the Democrats, the party of government, arguing for more of it at a time when the government is held in almost universal ill repute, and you've got the storm.  It will turn a spring flood into a tide the likes of which we haven't seen in a hundred years.

Hillary insists' Muslims ... have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism'.  An acid-tongued Hillary Clinton ripped into conservatives on Thursday [11/19/2015] for what she said was an 'obsession in some quarters' with the notion that the global spread of terrorism is a byproduct of the Muslim faith, denying that the two are connected in any way.  'Islam itself is not our adversary,' the former secretary of state said during a campaign speech outlining her foreign policy objectives.  'Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.'

Idiot Hillary: 'Muslims Have NOTHING To Do WHATSOEVER With Terrorism'.  Hillary's logic is so far off from reality that everything she says, especially in this video, is literally painful to listen to.  She is one of two things:  an ignorant loon, or a wicked witch.  There is no other option.  If you don't know what I mean now, you certainly will after you watch this video!

The Lady Macbeth of Little Rock.  At the Democratic debate last Saturday night, Hillary Clinton was caught in a political blunder — she brought up her radical days as a '60 student activist.  As it happens, there was a lot more where that came from, as Daniel Wattenberg's seminal piece from the 1992 campaign captured for all time.

Clinton, other Dem candidates in debate won't use term 'radical Islam'.  Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic presidential candidates are being criticized for declining to use the words "radical Islam" during Saturday night's debate, following the deadly terror attacks in Paris.  Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley declined to use the words after being asked during the CBS debate whether they would agree with GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio saying, "We are at war with radical Islam."  The front-running Clinton said using the term "radical Islam" would be "painting with too broad a brush."

Clinton tells GOP how to defeat her.  Under appropriately polite but devastatingly persistent questioning by moderator John Dickerson, Clinton proved astonishingly incoherent.  We must "root out" ISIS, she said, and implicitly criticized Obama when she said it "cannot be contained, it must be defeated."  At the same time, she said, "it cannot be an American fight."  However, "American leadership is essential."  And yet, she said, "I don't think that the United States has the bulk of the responsibility."  Instead, and breathtakingly, she suggests the person who must take the lead is Syria's dictator, himself responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of his own people and the progenitor of the refugee crisis that is turning Europe inside out: [...]

Hillary Supporters at Campaign Event Can't Name Accomplishments.  The Florida Republican party has released video of Hillary Clinton supporters being unable to name an accomplishment of the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state. To make matters worse, the supporters the Florida GOP interviews are at a Clinton campaign event.  [Video clip]

Hillary's Email: Low-Skilled Hackers Could Get In.  Hillary Clinton wants to be president, but the White House would be a risky place to put her.  She should be nowhere near government secrets, given her unserious attitude about keeping them under cover.  When Clinton was secretary of state, she had the option of using a secure government email account.  Instead, she opted for a personal account handled by a private server — one, the AP says, that was vulnerable to "low-skilled intruders."  This much-discussed email setup, the AP reported Tuesday [10/13/2015], "appeared to allow users to connect openly over the Internet to control it remotely."

Will the real Hill please stand up?  Mark Twain once said that if you don't like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes.  Same thing with Hillary's position on the issues — just wait five minutes, or maybe five focus groups.  She — and the viewing public — caught a break this week when CNN cut the length of the debate from three hours to two.  On some issues, Hillary may now have time to espouse only three or four contradictory positions.

Hillary's desperate pitch: Did I mention I'm a woman?  Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on free trade, changed her policy on Iraq, renounced key laws signed by her husband and proved unwilling or unable to handle the 3 a.m. phone calls from Benghazi.  Her two signature achievements — HillaryCare, later reborn as ObamaCare, and her management of the State Department — both look like dismal failures.  There is only one attribute left that she can't bungle, switch sides on or turn into a scandal:  having double-X chromosomes.  So that's now what her campaign is about.

At the same time...
Clinton Says Fiorina Shouldn't Get a Pass Because She's a Woman.  Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton says Republican rival Carly Fiorina should not be judged any differently just because she is the only woman candidate in the Republican presidential race.

Hillary Is About as Qualified To Be President as Paris Hilton.  [Scroll down]  Here's a woman who would probably be a career bureaucrat in Arkansas if she hadn't married the right man.  However, she endured a humiliating, loveless marriage to him long enough to ride his coattails to a political career.  She was elected as senator of New York — because she was his wife.  She was considered a strong candidate for the presidency — because she was his wife.  After she lost, she was given the Secretary of State position, probably as much as anything to keep her husband and his allies from doing anything to undercut Obama.  Then she was a miserable failure as Secretary of State and it shows in the disasters that the Obama Administration has created all over the planet.  In fact, Hillary's most memorable moments as Secretary of State were when she got Americans killed in Benghazi by ignoring their requests for more security, giving the Russians a button that was supposed to say "reset" when it actually read "overcharge," and an email scandal that is so bad that she'd probably be on her way to prison if... you guessed it, she wasn't married to Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Is a Nasty Piece of Work, Part 632.  I've been saying since March that Hillary Clinton is finished as a presidential candidate because the torpedoing of her campaign is so obviously coming from the White House, aided and abetted by the mainstream media.  While the Washington Post and the New York Times have been dropping bombshell after bombshell on Hillary's corrupt email arrangement, the New York Post has taken the lead on publishing major anti-Hillary hit jobs based on claims of Ronald Kessler, Ed Klein and Roger Stone.

Here's Your List Of Hillary Clinton's 'Accomplishments'.  In April of last year, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman lobbed a big fat softball to Clinton.  "When you look at your time as secretary of state, what are you most proud of?" he asked.  Clinton fumbled around for an answer, talking about relay races.  Even the New York Times noted that her answer "suggests a problem" that she'd face in a presidential run.  A few months later, Diane Sawyer asked Clinton if she had a "marquee achievement."  The answer:  "We've had presidents who have made some tough calls, some of which have worked and some of which have not."  You'd think by now she'd have a solid response, particularly after Fiorina's barb.  Think again.

Is It Unfair to Ask About Hillary Clinton's Accomplishments?  Of Carly Fiorina's many zingers Wednesday night, the one that offers the best preview of the general election was this:  "If you want to stump a Democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton."  Politico Magazine put that question to the test, and found a slew of Democrats with ready responses.  But Fiorina's quip is like many great political slams — although not factually airtight, it points to a broader truth.  The Clinton campaign hasn't solved the problem of finding a way to communicate just what it is that Clinton has accomplished — particularly during her most recent role as secretary of state, but also in the earlier stages of her career.  The folks Politico canvassed had no shortage of answers, but some are rather thin.

Incompetence as a defense:
Clinton: 'I Was Not Thinking a Lot' When I Became Secretary of State.  With a long line of debunked lies, shredded excuses, and abandoned spin attempts behind her, Hillary Clinton finally decided it was time to "apologize" for her email scandal.  Of course, her idea of an "apology" basically amounts to:  I'm sorry you Little People are too stupid to understand what I was up against, as a historic female Secretary of State.  For good measure, Clinton threw in a stiff dose of the amazing Incompetence Defense into her MSNBC appearance — that bizarre, and disturbingly effective, tactic pioneered by the Obama Administration where officials claim to be innocent of wrongdoing by insisting they're not very good at their jobs.

Scott Walker Catches Fire In Virginia: Hillary Clinton Should Be 'Disqualified' From Being President.  Speaking [8/29/2015] before a crowd of a couple hundred at a PWC Young Republicans cookout at the county GOP headquarters, Walker lambasted the Washington establishment and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  He said Clinton's email scandal should mean she is "disqualified" from being president.

If Clinton Loses Her Security Clearance, Could She Still Be President?  For the past six months, the issue of Hillary Clinton's secret e-mail server has mainly played out as a campaign news story, and for good reason. [...] After staying silent on it initially, Clinton held a press conference in which she asserted that the e-mail server never transmitted sensitive material, and that more than half of the e-mails on it had been deleted by her team before turning it over to the State Department.  Clinton pledged never to turn over the server itself, claiming that it was personal property.  Two of those emails from spy satellites and the NSA were classified as Top Secret when they were sent and are classified now.  None of these statements has held up to scrutiny.  A small sample of 40 e-mails from the data given to State was audited by Inspectors General from the intelligence community, which found four e-mails that contained classified e-mails.  Two of those included information from spy satellites and the NSA that was classified as Top Secret/Compartmented Information, the highest classification level for the US — data that was "classified when they were sent and are classified now."

Hillary's rookie errors with classified information.  When I write an op-ed — including this one — I am required to submit a draft to the CIA's Pre-publication Review Board and also the security officer at the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  This is to make sure that I don't inadvertently disclose something that I learned when I had access to highly classified information.  Actually, I very much respect this process, because it protects me as well as the government.  Anyone who has ever held a Special Intelligence/Talent Keyhole (SI/TK) clearance — which is granted by the CIA — is required to do this for life, and the obligation comes from the agreement one signs in order to be granted access to that category of information.  I first signed such an agreement almost 35 years ago and a similar one when I was general counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Why America is done with Hillary Clinton.  Whatever the reason, it's obvious we're not a good fit anymore.  The biggest problem for me is that I don't really trust you.  I tried and gave you every benefit of the doubt, but realize now I was only fooling myself.  Or maybe you were fooling me.  All I know is that you always seem to be hiding something.  I never get the feeling you're being 100 percent straight, and that makes me crazy.  All the whispering to Huma and all those phony stories you tell about yourself and your family.  You just make it up as you go along, don't you?

The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party.  Alinksy succeeded in what would be a crowning achievement:  the recruitment of young idealistic radicals — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — who would go on to climb to the top of political power in the Democratic Party.  Hillary wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College in 1969 on Alinsky's methods and remained a friend of Alinsky until his death in 1972.  A decade later, Barack Obama was trained in the methods and Rules for Radicals in the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago.  Camouflage and deception are key to Alinsky-style organizing.  When Barack Obama was organizing black churches in Chicago and was criticized for not attending church himself, he pivoted and became a regular church attendee, ultimately becoming a member at Jeremiah Wright's radical Trinity United Church of Christ.

Hillary's Qualifications.  How did it happen that, in this the land of Washington, Jefferson, Madison et al, someone so fundamentally dishonest and so unbelievably incompetent should not only aspire to be its president, but should actually be taken seriously in this aspiration by one of the country's two major parties?  I cannot recall any presidential contender from either party over the past 60 years as fundamentally undeserving of such a distinction as Hillary Clinton.  So let's just look at the only two things that she is relying on to stake her claim — her gender and her marriage (i.e. her husband).  Aside from the fact that neither should have any bearing on her claim to high office (or, for that matter, any office) in point of fact, neither should have any bearing on her case for both claims are a fraud, i.e. Hillary is neither feminine nor a feminist.

The long goodbye.  Coming on top of the pay-to-play scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the embarrassing, extravagant sums she demands for her speeches, the criminal investigation into the scrubbed secret server maintained and surrendered by the former first lady may make her a burden too great for her party to carry.  In a recent poll of registered voters, 58 percent say Hillary lied about the emails and 54 percent believe that she weakened the country's security. [...] Can one run a campaign while under indictment?  We may be about to get an answer.

Imagine, if you will:  The Second Clinton Impeachment.
Clinton Email Scandal: A Long National Nightmare Looms.  The Hillary Clinton email scandal has become the Watergate of our time.  But there's a significant difference.  This time, America has a chance to stop a suspected crook from taking office.

Hillary's Unspinnable Problem.  The latest Fox News poll reports that "a 58 percent majority thinks Clinton 'knowingly lied' when she announced in a March press conference that no emails on her private server contained classified information.  A third says there is 'another explanation' for internal government investigators determining secret info was in fact on Clinton's server (33 percent).  Moreover, by a 54-37 percent margin, voters feel Clinton put our national security at risk by using a private email server."  That is extraordinary and arguably poses an insuperable barrier to the White House.

Trump vs. Sanders: Too good to be true?  Clinton does better in Iowa, and she maintains a substantial lead in national polls, but the writing is on the wall for a humbling but face-saving departure from the scene sometime in the next several months.  Thanks to her inability to extricate herself from the scandal surrounding her rogue email server, her failure to adequately answer questions about Benghazi, and her genuinely inauthentic political persona, Hillary is already a mortally wounded candidate.  If you needed any evidence of that, just watch the wolves starting to circle around her as she limps toward her withdrawal announcement.

The Teflon Dame.  She has all the excuses of her husband, but none of the charm.  Aside from which restroom she uses, what exactly is her appeal?  Hearing Hillary Clinton give a speech is like sitting in on a college civics class taught by someone who thinks she's speaking to kindergarteners.  Condescension squared is about as close to an accurate description as you can get.  With all the charm of sweat socks and the warmth of the moon, Hillary Clinton is still leading a major American political party's race for their nomination.

Contentions Hillary Clinton's Privilege.  Among the more charming preoccupations of the modern left is its newfound interest in a mock social science that involves divining forms of "privilege" allegedly enjoyed by otherwise undeserving individuals. [...] The very embodiment of unearned privilege is running for the presidency in 2016, but so few on the left seem equipped or willing to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton has been afforded leeway that anyone else in her present position would be denied.

Clinton must be joking.  Those Clinton campaign strategists are so clever:  trying to just lighten up this whole process, appeal to the young, show they get the joke and turn Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign into a late-night comedy punch line.  In just days, Clinton has issued dire warnings about climate change; been caught jumping on and off a private plane; pledged, because of the plane's emissions, to the make her campaign carbon neutral (without revealing how); jetted to New York City for a $600 haircut; and refused to reveal her position on the Keystone XL pipeline, which those same voters interested in climate change are asking her about.

E-mails expose Hillary Clinton as a small-minded pol.  The latest batch of Hillary Clinton e-mails disclosed by the State Department is perhaps the most interesting.  This is not because there is a bombshell; we know she destroyed "personal" e-mails, so we are not likely to find any real nuggets in those she turned over.  (In one humorous e-mail previously released, she asked whether the e-mail can be printed out "without identifiers.")  No, this tranche of e-mails is revealing because it shows Clinton to be lacking real authority, surrounded and protected by political hacks, filthy rich and obsessed with political power.  In short, this is the real Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's substance-free campaign.  Hillary Clinton's announcement for the presidency and follow-on tour was unique.  First, she is the first front-runner and presumptive nominee of a national party who is a woman.  Second, she says that the reason she should be elected is that she is a woman.  She is not running on her record as secretary of State.  Her time in that role was startlingly devoid of success, unless you count miles traveled as an achievement.  In fact, a fairly strong case can be made that her tenure contributed to the disastrous rise of ISIS, and to the collapse of Iraq.

Hillarious: Hillary Names Her Top Two Accomplishments.  Number 1 is hitting a Staples reset button, and No. 2 involves sitting in a room watching a screen.  Great.

Hillary: The Unease Grows.  Since Hillary's latest scandals have been reported her polling figures have dropped precipitously.  According to a recent CNN/ORC poll, 57 percent of those queried do not trust her.  That is an increase from 49 percent just two months ago.  Only 47 percent say she cares about them, down from 53 percent in March.  Fifty percent say she does not inspire confidence, an increase from 42 percent in March.  More voters have an unfavorable view of her now than at any time since 2001.  That was when the Clintons were in the headlines for stealing White House property and granting dubious pardons.

Situation room
Hillary Clinton lists her second greatest accomplishment ever as... watching TV.  She watched the Bin Laden raid on TV.  That's it.  That's all she's got.  And this is the Democrat Party's de facto Presidential candidate?

Clinton Boasts: I 'Stood Up' to Putin and 'Was in the Situation Room' When Bin Laden Was Killed.  Hillary Clinton's supporters have had a notoriously difficult time identifying a single significant achievement during her tenure as secretary of state, but during her 45-minute speech on Saturday, Clinton tried to name a few.  "I've stood up to adversaries like Putin and reinforced allies like Israel," Clinton said.  "I was in the Situation Room on the day we got bin Laden."  The problem with that first sentence is that it's the opposite of being true:  As secretary of state, Clinton stood up to Israel and reinforced Putin.

An empty resumé:
Brutal Carly Fiorina ad: What's Hillary's biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State?  It's three minutes long, which is about six times longer than an effective ad should be, but the length works here to underscore the point.  Those long seconds of silence when someone's asked to name a Clinton accomplishment feel even longer when you watch a string of people struggling with the question.  It's excruciating.

Stop unfairly asking what Hillary Clinton accomplished as Secretary of State.  The unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton, brought about simply because the poor woman wants to be President, simply has to stop.  All of these pestering questions, one after another, are obviously signs of hatred from people who are jealous of her many accomplishments.  Or at least that's the current line of defense being taken by the Ready for Hillary camp these days.  But what were those accomplishments again?

Hillary Clinton, asleep at the switch.  On September 15, 2012 — just four days after the Benghazi attacks — Monica Hanley, a Clinton aide, sent an email to Hillary at 9:17 a.m. telling her that senior White House official Dan Pfeiffer "has some sensitive items that he would like to personally show you when he arrives."  At 10:43 — almost an hour and a half later — Clinton responded that she "just woke up so i missed Dan.  Could he come back after finish my calls?"

Gender is no credential for the White House.  This early in the presidential cycle, I make no predictions about how the race will play out.  But one thing I'm sure of:  America doesn't need to send a woman to the White House.  Needless to say, many Clinton supporters vehemently proclaim the opposite.  "Hillary Clinton Is Running For President, And I'm Voting For Her Because She's A Woman," reads the headline on a long essay by Gabrielle Moss in Bustle magazine.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, asked whether Clinton's vote for the Iraq War should disqualify her from the support of progressive Democrats, responds that "what's important is what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States."  Never mind old controversies, Pelosi suggests; Clinton's sex is what should animate voters now.

Krauthammer's Take: Hillary 'Hiding in the Bunker' as Clinton Foundation Story Creates Problems.  The curious case of the Clinton Foundation's cash continues to unravel, and it's not good for Hillary, says Charles Krauthammer.  "Where is she?" Krauthammer asked on Tuesday's [5/5/2015] Special Report.  "First, they put out their stooges to go out and defend them; then their daughter, then the husband.  She's sort of hiding in the bunker."  But those proxies are not working out.

Can't be trusted:
Do Americans trust Hillary Clinton? Not when she's running for office.  Carly Fiorina is spending a lot of time making a key argument against the likely Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2016.  Hillary Clinton, Fiorina told George Stephanopoulos in making her official announcement Monday [5/4/2015], "clearly is not trustworthy, about a whole set of things."  Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, she said on "Fox and Friends" in April.  "In effect, @HillaryClinton told us to trust her," Fiorina tweeted in March.  "Nothing in her track record suggests we should do so."  Americans seem to agree.

The Hillary Op-Ed Challenge: How many platitudes can you fit in one paragraph?  In the 1950s, college students used to try squeezing as many of their friends as possible into telephone booths.  In the 1960s, the fad shifted to Volkswagens.  Perhaps hearkening back to her youth, Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines Register that attempts to squeeze as many platitudes it can into the Iowa newspaper's column inches.  One paragraph in particular wins the prize.

Cecily Strong was wrong about Hillary Clinton's appearance being off limits.  If looks lead to snap judgments — or at least first impressions — in, literally, every other aspect of life, it seems counterintuitive that the appearance of a candidate wouldn't matter in politics.  That's especially true in the modern era of politics in which two things are true:  (1) Television is king, and (2) voters are less and less engaged in the actual policy platforms of the candidates.

Unknown motives:
Whatever You Think About Hillary, It's Worse!  I asked a liberal the other day what liberalism was, what exactly it was he supported, and he was stunned that I asked, and then he was just stunned.  He didn't know how to answer because he didn't have one.  It was just a habit. [...] And speaking of habits, that's what Hillary Clinton is.  No one, including Hillary, knows why she is running for president.

Unknown motives:
But why does Hillary Clinton want to be president?  Hillary Clinton has made a career out of wanting to be president of the United States.  But in all this elapsed time she's never been able or bothered to explain Why she wants the nation's highest office.  The Clintons clearly feel entitled to many things.  One of them should not be the Oval Office.

Hillary's Biggest Foe in 2016 Will Be The Weak Obama Economy And The Voters' Realization That She Is Utterly Incapable of Fixing It.  Hillary Clinton's slick campaign video announcing her candidacy for the presidency is being shot down as "insultingly vapid," vacuous and utterly "without... substance."  And this is coming from her liberal friends, not from her Republican critics.  Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus compared the former First Lady's campaign announcement to a Verizon commercial — filled with with a soft, pablum message to persuade voters that she's not the wild-eyed, far left wing, lamp-throwing radical described in recent books about her.

Hillary's Seinfeld Moment.  It's a replay of the Obama campaign of 2008 in which he sought to be the blank slate on which voters could cast their dreams.  Now Hillary wants to be that blank slate.  Of course, it's all meant to say, "Don't think of me as another Clinton or the second oldest president ever elected, I represent perpetual rebirth!"  It's also meant to keep you thinking about something other than her record.

What Hillary's Nomination Would Say About Democrats.  Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for president of the United States.  What her likely nomination says about the Democratic Party and tens of millions of Americans is depressing.  Other than Barack Obama — whose resume consisted of being a charismatic black — it is hard to come up with a less accomplished individual who has run for president in our lifetime.  And, unfortunately, that is saying something.  Moreover, at least Obama had the excuse of having been in public life for only a few years, as a state senator and then a two-year U.S. senator.  Clinton, on the other hand, has been in public life most of her adult years, as a very politically active first lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state.  Yet she has accomplished nothing.

What Does Hillary Clinton Stand For? Getting Elected President, Apparently.  A website for a presidential campaign should probably be fairly simple and easy to navigate.  They don't want to scare away potential voters, donors or volunteers with a site that's too complex to figure out.  Hillary Clinton's campaign may have taken the idea a bit too far.  On Hillary Clinton's campaign site, which launched Sunday along with her campaign, there's hardly anything there at all.  More specifically, there's no "issues" section to help potential voters grasp where she stands on the topics of the day.  It's really easy to find out how to volunteer or donate money.  But want to find out what Clinton stands for, well, she stands for you electing her, it seems.

Three Reasons Hillary Won't Win the Democratic Ticket.  Reason 3: [...] In short, Hillary Clinton lacks charisma, and the Democrat powers-that-be may soon come to understand that they can only exploit her appeal as a potential woman president and her name recognition only so far before that reality sets in.

Some Lunatics Offended by Granny Clinton Being Referred to By Her First Name.  So a woman who's been an utter failure at everything she's ever done is seemingly a shoo-in for the White House and she's a victim of inequality.  Got it.

'Feminist' Hillary Clinton is simply a fool.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first dame ever to have clawed her way to the dizzying heights of American politics through a combination of ruthless cunning and the unabashed pity doled out by gullible voters, most of them Democrats.  She's a lady whose star power is not based on her intellect or contributions to the common good, but on her willingness to excuse randy husband Bill Clinton for turning her into a fool.

Why, Exactly, Do We Need A Woman President?  It appears that those who voted for Barack Obama for president simply because he is black are now urging we vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman.  At a recent public event, Clinton asked her Democrat supporters, "I suppose it's fair to say:  don't you someday want to see a woman president?"  My answer to that ridiculous remark is — 'that would depend on the woman.'  That woman should be as qualified as any male candidate but if they believe that Hillary is eligible than that means they plan to vet her as poorly as they did Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton in 2016: The wrong woman at the wrong time.  Hillary Clinton's long-expected presidential campaign launch came over the weekend.  Despite the recent scandals over her Chappaqua-based personal email server, and the renewed hostility of the press toward her tight-lipped and hostile political machine, Clinton has to be considered the most likely successor to President Obama.  It doesn't matter if she's only ever beaten a small-time congressman and a Yonkers mayor in her previous elections.  The lack of a serious challenge from within the Democratic Party means she has a very clear shot at the nomination and the presidency.

Marco Rubio Calls Hillary Clinton the 'Architect of a Failed Foreign Policy'.  [Scroll down]  Clinton is currently the front-runner among the potential Democratic presidential candidates by a wide margin, and polls over the past few months have shown her leading the Republican field.  However, as Breitbart News reported, a poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) conducted at the end of March showed that Clinton's lead had shrunk since February.  And while she enjoys high name recognition, she also has high unfavorability numbers too.

Hillary's Baggage.  Hillary Clinton's latest misadventures are not just so typically Clintonian, but more to the point, they reveal a fatal flaw in the woman's makeup — she has absolutely no judgment! [...] Now this unaccomplished fraud gets $300,000 a speech to inform her audience of absolutely nothing of consequence.  In the end, perhaps this says more about her audience than it does about her; that is, why would any one pay that kind of money to a person who not only accomplished nothing, but is a charmless political hack?

Hillary is too old to run.  As a woman who is the same age as Clinton, I can understand it.  I travel a great deal — about 100,000 miles a year — but nothing like Clinton will when she runs.  Sixteen-hour days are one thing when you're in your 40s and another as you approach 70.  And, let's face it, women may hold a gender advantage with the public on some personal attributes, but age isn't one of them.  Clinton will be 69 in 2016 — the same age as Ronald Reagan was in 1980 when he ran and won in a landslide.

American Tragedy: The Reality of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  Imagine if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016.  What would it actually be like?  Roughly forty percent of the country will consider the incoming first-term president an extreme serial liar with a sense of entitlement the size of Australia.  Another forty percent will think, yes, she may be dishonest, but all politicians are and we support her anyway.  The middle twenty percent will be some muddle of the previous two views.

Clintonworld's Self-Pitying Shadiness Returns.  Democrats who were not adults in the 1990s have spent the past week learning what it's like to have the Clintons at the head of their party.  It means constantly having to defend questionable behavior.  Is that the way they want to spend the next two to 10 years?  Hillary Clinton is in a strong position to win the Democratic nomination, and right now has no serious challenger.  But the e-mail controversy, and Clinton's stonewalling in response to it, has to be causing some qualms.  How badly do Democrats need her?

The Mendacious, Charmless, Painfully Mediocre And Unelectable Hillary Clinton.  What is it Hillary supposedly brings to the table?  What has she ever done successfully that would make her rate as a top-tier presidential candidate?  Does she know people who donate lots of money?  Yeah.  So what?  Lots of politicians know rich donors.  Does she give a great speech?  No.  Not even close.  She's a terrible speaker.  She's got an irritating, cold speaking voice and she rarely says anything people can unite around. [...] Is she honest?  Not only is the answer no, but her lies are so brazen and so provable that they insult the sensibilities of ordinary Americans.  Claiming that the Benghazi massacre happened because of a YouTube nobody had ever seen, for example.

After Obama, 'Dead-Broke' America Cannot Afford Four Clinton Years.  Like a bad moon rising, a Clinton revival takes shape now as Hillary Rodham Clinton, presumed front runner among Democrats, casts her eyes on the prize she has chased with every fiber of her being for so long — a chance to be elected the first female President of the United States.

Clinton '16 Would Give Gender More of a Role Than Clinton '08 Did.  [R]ather than the assertive feminism associated with her years as first lady, Mrs. Clinton's campaign message will be subtler.  It will involve frequent references to being a mother and grandmother and to how her family has inspired her to embrace policies that she believes would help middle-class families.  As one Democrat close to her put it, voters have learned that she is tough; now she can also present herself as a sensitive candidate capable of nurturing the nation at a difficult time.

A line-by-line rebuttal to the article immediately above:
Hillary: I should be president because I have lady parts.  [Scroll down]  Mrs. Clinton is very much against the forced marriage of little girls, and the rapes, beheadings, and executions of women abroad, and if anyone other than radical Muslim groups start to do these things, I expect she will be the first to speak out against it.

Hillary Clinton is no feminist champion.  [W]hile Hillary made her own way in the world during the 70s and 80s at a law firm, those doors opened for her after Bill was elected Arkansas attorney general.  Prior to that, she was teaching criminal law at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.  Now, that could have led to her work at a prestigious law firm and then higher office (worked for President Obama), but her upward trajectory really started because her husband's name was elevated.

Why Should You Vote For Hillary Clinton? Because 'It's Her Turn'.  Competence?  Qualifications?  Basic sentience?  Such considerations are secondary.  Hillary should be our next president because... well, because otherwise, it's simply not fair.

5 Questions for Hillary Clinton.  [#1] Why are you running for president?  Can you answer this question without mentioning your grandchild? [...] [#2] How would you explain to a normal American why you insist on charging a public university $300,000 to hear you speak?  If your first instinct is to point out that $300,000 is a "special university rate," do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

Hillary is in Worse Shape Than in 2008.  Every advantage Hillary has in 2016, she had in 2008... and she lost.  To make things worse, her circumstances for a presidential run have grown worse since 2008.  Rather than incredulously wondering how Hillary could lose in two years, the more credible question is why so many people now believe she can win.

Hillary Clinton Is a Terrible Politician.  Celebrity homeowner Hillary Clinton is a terrible politician, a [Washington] Free Beacon analysis has found.  This is one of many reasons why some observers have concluded she will never be president.  Clinton, who may ultimately decide not to run for president because, among other factors, the job only pays $400,000 a year, is not polling as well as one might expect of an "inevitable" candidate.  A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal found that 50 percent of American adults could see themselves supporting her for president, compared to 48 percent who could not.

The Obama trap: Hillary Clinton's popularity drops, president's record an albatross.  President Obama's high-risk immigration gamble may have severe consequences for Washington, the country and the Democratic Party, most of all Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton's putative bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is already running into trouble.  The national exit poll from the recently completed midterm elections showed her with less than a majority of voters (43%) saying she would make a good president.  When pitted against an unnamed Republican candidate, Mrs. Clinton lost 40% to 34%.

Family Affairs.  The career of our recently retired secretary of state has been an odd one:  a feminist icon whose main role in life has been that of accessory to her husband, whose understanding of sex roles is as thoroughly traditional as Warren G. Harding's.

Hillary Clinton Could Be the Youngest Democrat Running in 2016.  Grandmother Hillary Clinton, 67, is vying to become one of the oldest world leaders in history.  In order to achieve that goal, however, she may have to defeat a slate of Democratic challengers who are even older than she is.

MSNBC Stumped Trying to Figure Out Any Rationale Hillary Has to Run for President.  The hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe stumped themselves Friday morning [11/14/2014] trying to explain why Hillary Clinton should run for president.  Their conclusion?  There is no rational explanation.  "At this moment, beyond 'it's her turn, it's her time,' there's not a clear articulated rationale for the candidacy as of yet," Bloomberg's John Heilemann said.  Heilemann argued that there is a more obvious explanation for Elizabeth Warren to seek the Democratic nomination than Clinton.

Since Hillary couldn't overcome her Obama link this year, what about 2016?  Emerging financial reports from the campaigns of last week's midterms indicate that Democrat candidates spent upwards of three-quarters of a million dollars just to fly in Hillary or Bill Clinton, or both, as celebrity endorsers.  How'd that work out for the candidates?  As usual when Democrats spend a lot of other people's money, not very well.  Most of the candidates the couple was allegedly trying to help went down to substantial defeats.  By one count, barely 40% of the 54 candidates either Clinton "helped" actually won their election.

Meet your next President.  As far as I am concerned, one of America's worse political blunders, ever, in the history of this nation, was, of all things, the election of Barack Hussein Obama to be our president, not once but twice, first in 2008 and then again in 2012. [...] For those of us who think it cannot not get any worse than what it already is, brace yourselves for the election of a Hillary Rodham Clinton to the presidency of the U.S.

This One Little Secret Could Sink the Hillary Campaign.  It is unclear whether or not Hillary herself is putting her health at risk with a meat-free diet.  What is clear is that she's putting her political future at risk with such anti-carnivore flirtations.  Who wants to have a beer with someone that might scoff at them for eating a burger with their suds?

10 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Hillary.  [D]espite the blanket coverage of the former First Lady and her ubiquitous husband, there are still a good number of interesting facts about her that have been buried over the years.

Go Away, Hillary.  Other than earning her law degree, name one thing that Hillary Clinton has accomplished on her own.  Her accomplishments — slim as they are — have been achieved on the coattails of either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  Had she not been the First Lady, would anyone have ever heard of her in the context of high power political posts?  The short answer is no.  She had traded on her celebrity and name recognition to become a Senator from New York and then, after a failed bid to become the Democratic Party's candidate for President, accepted the position of Secretary of State.  Obama wanted to make sure she was "inside the tent" during his first term and, following that, her resignation has permitted her to now begin distancing herself from a man that many regard the worst President the nation has ever had.

No More Affirmative Action Presidents.  We all make mistakes, but the real question is whether we learn from them.  With many people now acting as if it is time for "a woman" to become president, apparently they have learned absolutely nothing from the disastrous results of the irresponsible self-indulgence of choosing a president of the United States on the basis of demographic characteristics, instead of individual qualifications.

Hillary is a hypocrite because she has to be.  The writer, ambassador and congresswoman Clare Booth Luce once told President John F. Kennedy, "A great man is one sentence."  The same would apply to a woman who aspires to be great, and Hillary Clinton knows what she wants her sentence to be:  "She was the first female president."  Unfortunately, her sentence, written truthfully, would end like this:  "... And she was elected with money donated by rich men."

Hillary Clinton has only one goal, one plan and no idea.  A Politico story, headlined "Searching for Hillary Clinton's Big Idea," reports that it can't find one.  It dissects the Democratic Party's debates on topics ranging from income inequality to income inequality and finds her positions are mushy.  It concludes that, during a campaign, "the pressure will be on to make clear what she would actually do in the White House."  That's easy:  She'd live in it.  That's her Big Idea.

The story isn't that Hillary Clinton is rich, it's that she's an overrated politician.  Because the Clintons are often viewed in tandem, a lot of people have mistakenly transposed Bill's political acumen onto Hillary.  But in reality, her political career has involved winning a Senate seat in New York over a weak Republican opponent in a year that Al Gore carried the state by 25 points — and squandering a massive lead against candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic nomination battle.  While Hillary can stay on message and often seems unflappable, she also lacks the natural instincts of Bill.

Is Hillary Clinton the World's Biggest Blunderer?  We're hearing it again now — that Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the presidency in 2016.  She's unbeatable.  No Democrat stands a chance against her if she decides to run.  The Republicans shouldn't even bother to field a candidate.  Of course, they were all saying the same things about Clinton in 2007.  She became quite evitable when Barack Obama came out of nowhere to steal her birthright with grins, celebrity and empty speeches.  Clinton will probably prove to be just as not-invincible in 2016.  For all the hype that the media builds around her, Hillary Clinton is probably the most over-rated politician on the planet.

Watch Hillary Backers Completely Fail 'Name an Accomplishment Challenge'.  Hillary supporters are ready for a "new, fresh face" in office and that entails checking the vital two boxes of "Democrat" and "first female president."  I mean, what else is there?  Qualifications?

DNC Attendees Can't Name a Single Hillary Accomplishment.  Last week, the Democratic Party had their winter meeting and MRCTV's Dan Joseph decided to ask DNC committee members and guests if they're ready for Hillary — and why.  [Video clip] Some said she had about a hundred moments of greatness when she served under President Obama — but, strangely, couldn't name a single accomplishment of hers, besides marrying Bill Clinton.

Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make?  Watching Hillary get a Liberty Medal on September 10, the day before the anniversary of the attack on the United States soil and the more recent murder of our ambassador and others in Benghazi, I think it's time to review the record of a woman whose life is marked by deceit and professional failure and ask about the sanity and judgment of her ardent supporters.

25 Reasons To Dislike Liberals.  [#17]  Liberals talk up Hillary Clinton as the most prominent and important female politician in America; yet her entire political career is based on the fact that she married Bill Clinton.  That's actually kind of pathetic.

How would he know?
Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton would be 'excellent president'.  "She was a formidable candidate in 2008, she was a great supporter of mine in the general election, she was an outstanding secretary of state, she is my friend.  I think she would be an excellent president," Mr Obama said during a news conference [4/11/2015] at the Americas summit in Panama City.

Bloomberg Politics Poll: Democrats and Independents Don't Want a Hillary Coronation.  If Hillary Clinton is to become her party's 2016 presidential nominee, independents and even Democrats overwhelmingly want to see her earn the title, according to a Bloomberg Politics national poll that also shows increasing headwinds for her candidacy.  As Clinton prepared to formally announce her candidacy on Sunday [4/12/2015], nearly three-quarters of Democrats and independents in the survey said it would be a good thing for the Democratic Party if she were to face a "serious" challenger for the nomination.

Just How Bad a Candidate Would Hillary Be?  The Clintons' foundation received money from foreign governments while Hillary was secretary of state.  Hillary used her own private e-mail system, and not the official and secure government e-mail system, to conduct government business as secretary of state.  She whines about the problems of paying the mortgage(s) on her house(s) as a way to draw sympathy from the middle class.  The stupidity and arrogance of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton must appall Democrats, who find themselves manacled to her.  They have to wonder what else will come out before November 2016.  The simmering scandals are bad enough, but what else may emerge?  Almost everything we eventually learn about the Clintons is smug and ugly.

More disqualifications

Old age and poor health:

Hillary Clinton said to have multiple sclerosis; a stroke risk.  [Scroll down]  On December 10, 2013, then secretary of state Hillary canceled a trip because of an unspecified illness described by the State Department as being merely "under the weather."  Over the course of days, her office doled out more details, drip by drip: [...] We are now informed that she has been living with significant medical issues... that Hillary Clinton is prone to blood clotting and fainting spells.  She is, to put it plainly, a stroke risk.... Mrs.  Clinton's medical records also reveal at least two earlier blood clot incidents (in 1998 and 2008).

Keywords: feeble, sickly, Geritol, COPD, oxygen hose, assisted living, stroke.
Hillary Has Coughing Fit During Race Speech.  In the middle of her Tuesday [2/17/2016] speech in Harlem that discussed race relations, Hillary Clinton had multiple coughing fits that prevented her from getting her words out on more than one occasion.  It got so bad that the audience enthusiastically started chanting "Hillary! Hillary!" to provide encouragement as Clinton started taking sips of water while popping in a cough drop. [...] Hillary also had a coughing fit during last year's Benghazi hearings.

Political hack:
Clinton Surrenders to Yet Another Coughing Fit.  Hillary Clinton gave in to her nagging cough during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club Monday [4/18/2016], battling her itchy throat for a full minute.  The fit began with a light cough that Clinton attempted to alleviate with a sip of water.  When host Angela Yee asked Clinton whether her gender would be an issue in dealings with foreign governments, however, the former secretary of state could not contain her urge any longer.

Hillary is Unqualified To be President, But Not Because of What Sanders Says.  [Scroll down]  I think the main reason she is not qualified that nobody is talking about is her poor health.  She has three blood clots, two in her legs and one in her head.  She trips occasionally.  Her closest aide Huma Abedin says she faints and forgets things easily and Bill says she worries about her.  She's been on the blood thinner Coumadin since 1998 and has lately been having public coughing fits when speaking and during the debates.  This is from the Coumadin she's taking which is a side effect.

What About Hillary's Coughing Fits?  Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit on "The Breakfast Club," one of New York's top-rated radio shows among African Americans.  "Allergy season," she gasped.  "My voice is failing here."  Within minutes, my email inbox was filled with questions:  Did Hillary's frequent bouts of coughing prove she was hiding a serious health problem?  And what about her use of special eyeglasses to correct double vision?

Matt Drudge slams 'media cover-up' of Hillary Clinton's declining health.  Drudge Report creator Matt Drudge slammed what he called a "media cover-up" of Hillary Clinton's "flaring hypothyroidism" after the Democratic presidential candidate suffered another coughing fit on the campaign trail.  Mrs. Clinton, 68, struggled to recover from a coughing fit during a speech at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City Tuesday [2/16/2016], perpetuating rumors that the former secretary of state is in poor health.  She suffered similar attacks last month during a speech in West Des Moines, Iowa, and during the Benghazi hearings in October.

CNN Covers for Hillary's Coughing Fit: 'Choked Up'.  In the most blatant case of the MSM covering for a liberal candidate with a potentially serious health issue that this NewsBuster can remember, CNN's Brianna Keilar has described a Hillary Clinton coughing fit as a case of Clinton getting "choked up."  Readers are urged to watch this clip from Hillary's speech in Harlem today [2/16/2016].  This is someone experiencing a serious, extended, coughing fit.  Yet on Don Lemon's CNN show this evening, Keilar described this as Hillary being "choked up so badly that she struggled to speak for a few minutes and they actually cheered to fill the time."  Rightttt.

Hillary wears glasses on campaign trail for first time at late-night event in Las Vegas — after coughing fit and admission she worries about her health.  Hillary Clinton has been pictured in glasses on the campaign trail in Las Vegas in what is believed to be the first time she has ditched contact lenses while running for the White House.  The Democratic favorite, who has seen her poll lead go from commanding to concerning in recent weeks, met hotel workers at Caesars Palace well after midnight after a day spent largely in Chicago.  She had flown from the mid-west to Nevada in the evening, suggesting she had put on the glasses for the flight.  Until now she has been photographed wearing contact lenses, but was frequently seen in glasses as secretary of state.

Hillary Health Horrors.  [Donald] Trump has publicly questioned whether Clinton has the "stamina" be be president.  "She goes out and she sees you guys for about 10 minutes, she sees you for a little while, it's all rehearsed and staged," Trump told Fox News recently.  "They'll pick a couple of people out of the audience that are like, you know, 100 percent.  She'll sit around a little plastic table, they'll talk to the people for a while.  It's ridiculous," Trump said.  "And then she goes away for five or six days and you don't see her.  She goes to sleep."

Hillary Clinton's Health Is An Issue.  Last July, Hillary's longtime personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, released a short, two-page letter that appeared to give Hillary a clean bill of health.  "She does not smoke and drinks alcohol occasionally," Bardack wrote.  "She does not use illicit drugs or tobacco products.  She eats a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits.  She exercises regularly, including yoga, swimming, walking and weight training."  According to Dr. Bardack, Hillary had completely recovered from the fainting spell, concussion and blood clot in her brain that she suffered while she was secretary of state.  But Dr. Bardack's letter was hardly a detailed medical history.  According to sources close to Bill and Hillary Clinton, the letter wasn't the full story then — and it's not the full story now.

The Editor strenuously objects to ad hominem attacks, such as this one:
Book Claims Clinton Battling Multiple Medical Ailments.  Sources close to Hillary Clinton are whispering that she is very ill.  It is being alleged that she has had multiple strokes and has covered it up.  She is suffering from vicious headaches and insomnia, as well as depression.  Her symptoms bear a strong resemblance to those of Multiple Sclerosis.  She is frequently light headed and swooning on the campaign trail.  Frankly, she looks like hell and like she's on her last leg.  I have suspected for a long time that she was not well and that it might eventually knock her out of the race.  All you have to do is look at honest pictures of the woman that have not been retouched.

Hillary's health and our right to know.  We the people feel entitled to a president of the United States who is in good enough health so that he or she can endure the pressures of the job without suffering a heart attack, stroke or sudden death.  Of course, any good physician will tell you that she can't be entirely sure of health risks, and our presidential candidates shouldn't be gauged entirely by physical criteria alone.  Still, full health disclosure must be a prerequisite for running for the highest office in the land.

The Editor says...
Really?  Does a full disclosure include a drug test?  Would Barack H. Obama have passed a surprise drug test six years ago?  Or yesterday?

Slovenly, unprofessional appearance:
Why Hillary Clinton's Looks Matter.  Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has an interesting rebuttal about why a candidate's looks sometimes matter.  He left out one thing, however, something perhaps a female writer such this one might notice:  Quite often, Hillary looks noticeably disheveled while on official business, and during her tenure as secretary of state looked downright dirty and unkempt.  If that's her situation, it's a tangible sign she's unable to manage the job as well as present herself as the face of America to foreign nations.  Combine it with the fact that she's made significant gaffes while abroad, as well as been seen apparently drunk in public and it's an external reflection of her incompetence.

Hillary embarrasses herself in Britain.  If a prominent Republican in contention for the presidency had suffered a brain injury and subsequently started making the sort of gaffes Hillary Clinton has been spouting, we'd be seeing front page stories on the New York Times analyzing brain function and the likelihood of permanent impairment, complete with charts and solemn pronouncements from academic experts.  But this is the Great Female Hope of the Democratic Establishment, so nary a peep from mainstream media.

The extreme wealth and greed exhibited by the "champion of the middle class:"

Related page:  The wealthy liberal elite pretend to watch out for the little guy.

The massive scale of the Clintons' speech-making industry.  Last week, Hillary Clinton's campaign released her most recent personal financial disclosure, detailing ways in which she and her husband earned money in 2015.  Most of their income came from book royalties and giving paid speeches.  Bill Clinton, for example, gave a speech to the National Association of Manufacturers in March 2015, being paid $325,000 for his time.  You probably don't need to be reminded that $325,000 is more than most people make in a year.  The median income for a family of four in 2014 was $53,657 — what Clinton made about a sixth of the way into that one speech.  And that was one of 22 speeches Bill Clinton gave last year.

Clintons Continue Their Climb Out of Poverty.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have now completely escaped the poverty that plagued them after leaving the White House in 2001, having together earned more than $11 million in 2015 from speeches and book sales.  You may remember, Mrs.  Clinton said she left the White House dirt broke and had to either start flipping burgers, working on an assembly line, or join her husband giving hour-long speeches for absurd amounts of money and having someone ghostwrite a best-selling book for her.  Well that's not exactly what she said.  In any case, she chose the latter, and it seems to have paid off.

Hillary reveals she earned $1.5 million from just six speeches last year and $5 million in book royalties.  Hillary Clinton filed financial documents Tuesday [5/17/2016] showing that in 2015 she earned more than $5 million in royalties from her book 'Hard Choices' and about $1.5 million in speaking fees before she launched her presidential campaign.  Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, continued his lucrative speaking tour through last November, more than six months after his wife entered the race, reaping more than $5 million from banking, tech and other corporate interests.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Made $6.7 Million from Speeches in 2015.  Hillary and Bill Clinton raked in a combined $6.725 million in paid speeches in 2015, a decrease from the year before, according to a personal financial disclosure form released late Tuesday night [5/17/2016].  As a presidential candidate, Clinton has come under fire for paid speeches she gave, particularly to big banks and Wall Street, after leaving the State Department.  Her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, and his supporters have called on her to release the transcripts of these speeches, which she has thus far refused to do.

Huma carries designer shopping bags for her millionaire boss after Clinton stops off at Ralph Lauren for a spot of retail therapy.  Huma Abedin was apparently left carrying Hillary Clinton's shopping bags on Thursday after her millionaire boss stopped in at Ralph Lauren to pick up some designer clothes.  Clinton's top aide looked less than pleased to be carrying expensive shopping and was spotted walking 10 paces behind the presidential front runner after the excursion to the upmarket store in New York.  Another assistant was holding a blue garment bag, which could also have been from the designer store.

Bernie made less in 2014 than Hillary did from a single speech.  Bernie Sanders finally released his latest tax return on Friday [4/15/2016] and the documents reveal he made less in a year than Hillary Clinton did from a single speech.  Sanders's 2014 tax documents show he and his wife Jane reported an adjusted gross income of about $205,000 that year.  That same year, Clinton made an average of $233,600 per speech.  She gave 45 speeches in 2014 raking in a total of about $10.5 million, according to a Politico report.

And yet...
Hillary's State Department Stopped Haiti From Increasing Its Minimum Wage to 61 Cents.  The #FightFor15 movement is continuing to make gains.  After steamrolling through large urban centers such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, now it may be coming to entire states near you.  New York and California recently adopted a $15 statewide minimum wage, and both Democratic presidential candidates have advocated extending the policy nationwide.  While Bernie Sanders has made political hay out of Hillary Clinton's seeming reluctance to fully embrace his rush to $15, she has been coming around to the same talking points of late.  Of course, when the rubber meets the road, Hillary seems to have a different take on drastic wage hikes.  When she was running the show, the State Department helped block Haiti's efforts to increase its minimum wage from 27 cents to 61 cents per hour.

Anti-Walmart Union Stays Quiet as Hillary Gets Big Donation From Heiress Alice Walton.  A major anti-Walmart union is staying tight-lipped about billionaire Walmart heiress Alice Walton's six-figure donation to Hillary Clinton.  The United Food and Commercial Workers Union endorsed Clinton in January, less than one month after Walton contributed more than $353,000 to a pro-Hillary fund.  International president of the UFCW Marc Perrone wrote in a statement, "It is our members' strong belief that Hillary Clinton is not just the strongest presidential candidate, but the right one."

Pay Gap Alert: Clinton Foundation Male Execs Earn 38% More Than Women.  Male executives at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation earn 38 percent more than women executives, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of the foundation's latest IRS tax filings.  The foundation's 2013 IRS form 990 reveals that nearly three times as many men as women occupy the executive suites at the Little Rock, Arkansas-based foundation.  On average, top male executives at the foundation earn $109,000 more than the top female executives with positions in the C-suite.

Hillary's Haircut Inequity.  The Clintons claim that in 2001 when they left the White House in a moving van stuffed to the rafters with $190K worth of stolen items, they were poverty stricken.  Then, between 2001 and 2012, on speaking fees alone, the destitute couple managed to stockpile approximately $160 million dollars.  With that kind of haul, who needs commemorative china and cutlery?  Anyway, now it's 2016 and, thus far, Hillary watchers haven't seen the former penniless first lady/current prosperous presidential hopeful wear the same outfit twice.  In fact, every time Hillary Clinton's bulging eyes approach the podium, if you listen closely, besides the signature squawking and screeching, you'll hear a cash register ring up $1,400 for each and every Nina McLemore power pantsuit she shows up in.

Hillary Clinton's pathological need for cash.  What is up with Hillary Clinton's compulsive lining of her own pockets?  It turns out she has her campaign paying her $250,000 a year.  It's not illegal — but most would-be presidents aren't so venal.  And she truly doesn't need the cash:  Her net worth is $11 million to $52 million.  She's no longer the cash-poor Arkansas first lady who in 1978 turned a $10,000 investment in cattle futures into a fast $100,000.

'Dead Broke'? Hillary Pays Herself Over $250K From Campaign Coffers.  Hillary Clinton has paid herself over $250,000 from campaign money since April 2015.  The first transaction was for $74,042 on April 13, the same month she started her campaign, and the seven total payments since to Hillary have totaled $254,447, The Washington Free Beacon reports.  A Federal Elections Commission rule change in 2002 allowed for candidates to pay themselves using campaign funds, however, this was allowed explicitly for candidates without means who quit their jobs to seek office.

Hillary Paid Herself $250,000 From Campaign Funds.  The Clinton campaign, which did not respond to multiple requests for comment before publication, contacted the Washington Free Beacon after the story was published and said the amounts listed were in-kind contributions to the campaign from Clinton.  "Those are in-kind donations from Hillary Clinton, not payments to her.  Sorry for the slow response," said campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin.

"Woman of the People" Hillary Hawking $50 Designer Campaign Tees.  This morning, I received a personal email from Vogue editor Anna Wintour. [...] It was actually a form letter from the Hillary Clinton campaign announcing that the "woman of the people," who cares so deeply about the middle class that she so obviously belongs to, having toiled endlessly in politics for the last several decades, barely feeding herself on six-figure speaking honorariums and struggling to keep the lights on and private server working in her New York mansion, is selling a line of exclusive "Made for History" tee shirts, designed by some of today's hottest fashion names, starting at a mere $45.

Wage gap: One Hillary Clinton speech more than average CEO salary.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton's charge that corporate CEOs earn 300 times more than their workers isn't just wrong.  It hides another very real wage gap:  She earns more in just one speech than the average American CEO in a year.

White Lady with $650K Speaking Fee Wants Black Americans to Know She's Down with Their Struggle.  [Scroll down]  I'm glad we are finally getting around to airing out a subject that's been put on the back burner for so long.  After the Democrats got a free pass on making the African-American citizens of Detroit significantly poorer for almost half of a century, Hillary probably rightfully feels that there is no level of Demspeak feel-good pandering that she can't get away with now.

Howard Dean Denies Hillary Did Paid Speeches, Gets Shot Down by MSNBC Producer.  Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean tried to claim on MSNBC's Morning Joe Wednesday [2/3/2016] that Hillary Clinton had never received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from colleges, only to be shot down by the show's executive producer later in the segment.  Host Mika Brzezinski first brought up Clinton's speaking fees, asking whether they'd be a problem when it came to relating to college students.  "These kids... will be strapped with $90,000 in debt or $120,000 in debt and she's making $225,000 in one hour," she pointed out.  But Dean took umbrage at that suggestion.  "She's not getting $225,000 for speeches in front of colleges," he insisted.

Hillary hagiography for immature minds.  [Scroll down]  Actually, Hillary's father was not wealthy, and not really that successful in his drapery business.  Some years were good, but others provided little income.  I suspect the economic insecurity Hillary experienced growing up has a lot to do with her compulsive need to acquire wealth and the trappings of power.

Greed Is Clinton's Achilles' Heel.  When Bernie Sanders hits rival Hillary Clinton for taking humongous speaking fees from big banks — notably the $675,000 Goldman Sachs paid her for three speeches while she eyed the Oval Office — he struck Clinton's Achilles' heel.  Both the former secretary of state and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have cashed in since they left the White House in 2000.  The New York Times reported last year that the Clintons earned $139 million from 2007 to 2014.  The Clintons' focus on accumulating wealth clouds their judgment.

The many contradictions of Hillary Clinton.  [Scroll down]  Clinton has also vowed to raise taxes on hedge fund managers.  Is that a way of expressing displeasure with her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who operates a $400 million hedge fund?  For that matter, how did Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, who worked for a consulting firm and a hedge fund despite having no background in finance — reportedly become worth an estimated $15 million?  Hillary Clinton recently proposed a new $350 billion government plan to make college more affordable.  Certainly, universities spike tuition costs, and student-loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion.  Colleges spend money indiscriminately, mostly because they know that the federal government will always back student loans.  Yet, since she left office, Clinton routinely has charged universities $200,000 or more for her brief 30-minute chats.  Her half-hour fee is roughly equal to the annual public-university tuition cost for eight students.

Hillary Promises To 'Go After' Cayman Island Tax 'Schemes,' Though She And Bill Have Made A Ton From Them.  Hillary Clinton criticized the use of offshore tax havens on Monday [1/11/2016], even though she and husband Bill have been paid millions of dollars in investment income, consulting fees and speech honoraria from companies doing business in the Cayman Islands.

Hillary Clinton pocketed $37 million in campaign cash in 4th quarter; $112 million in 2015.  Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign said Friday [1/1/2016] it raised $37 million in the past three months and more than $112 million in all of 2015 to support her bid for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton's campaign-finance hypocrisy.  According to Hillary Clinton's campaign Web site, "Hillary's vision for America" includes "campaign finance reform" as an issue "she will fight for as president," arguing that "we have to end the flood of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political system, and drowning out the voices of too many everyday Americans."  These are inspiring words as our democracy devolves into a plutocracy where the wealthiest have the power to select who governs us.  But they are hard to square with the way Clinton is running her campaign.

Two Clintons. 41 Years. 3 Billion.  Over four decades of public life, Bill and Hillary Clinton have built an unrivaled global network of donors while pioneering fundraising techniques that have transformed modern politics and paved the way for them to potentially become the first husband and wife to win the White House.  The grand total raised for all of their political campaigns and their family's charitable foundation reaches at least $3 billion, according to a Washington Post investigation.

Hillary's 'everyday Americans' base is questioned as ZIP codes at the top of her donor list are among America's richest.  Hillary Clinton's donors have something else in common other than their support for the Democratic candidate.  Turns out, they're neighbors.  The top 10 zip codes of her donor list represent some of the richest neighborhoods in the country, and they're all clustered in Manhattan or near Northwest Washington, D.C.

Eighty-five bundlers each raise more than $100K for Clinton.  Hillary Clinton got a boost from 85 volunteer fundraisers or bundlers who collected more than $100,000 for her presidential campaign during the last three months, her campaign announced Thursday [10/15/2015].

Hillary Clinton's lawbreaking and lying have caught up with her.  Why is Hillary Clinton so unhappy?  According to her, when she and her husband left the White House, they were dead broke.  Yet they left with a truckload of valuable furniture, dinnerware and flatware that was the property of the federal government, for which they were never prosecuted.  They also left with contracts for lectures and speeches worth between $20 million and $30 million in the ensuing years.  And they have done quite well financially.  According to The Washington Post, between the time Bill Clinton left office in 2001 and January 2013, when Hillary Clinton stepped down as secretary of state, Bill alone made $104.9 million for speeches, and Hillary's standard speaking fee is $200,000 a pop.

How The Clintons Have Made $230 Million Since Leaving The White House.  Less than a week before the Clintons left the White House in 2001, they bought a replacement house 15 minutes down the road for $2.85 million.  It was a pricy purchase for a couple who had more than $1 million in legal debt and a net worth of nearly nothing at the time.  But the Clintons had little reason to worry — they were poised to make a fortune.  Over the next 15 years, they earned more than $230 million before taxes.

Clinton Promises to 'Make the Wealthy Pay' and Make 'Companies Share Profits'.  At the very beginning of the debate, Clinton introduced herself as "the granddaughter of a factory worker" to establish her credibility with the middle class.  Later, debate moderator Anderson Cooper challenged her on that point, noting that Hillary and her husband Bill "are part of the one percent."  "Well, you know, both Bill and I have been very blessed," Clinton responded.

The Editor says...
I suppose "blessed" is a code word for greedy.

This Weird Fact About the Clinton Family Fortune Will Blow Your Mind.  Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton are very rich, raking in some $25 million in 2014.  They own multiple mansions.  They vacation in style.  They make 4-5 times the median annual income for giving one speech to a room full of Wall Street executives and/or brutal dictators.  Since they left the White House "dead broke" in 2001, they've pocketed more than $200 million.  But at least some of that massive haul is unaccounted for in their annual financial disclosure, raising some interesting questions, such as, "Where is it?"

The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions.  Since Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001, they have earned more than $230 million.  But in federal filings the Clintons claim they are worth somewhere between $11 million and $53 million.  After layering years of disclosures on top of annual tax returns, Forbes estimates their combined net worth at $45 million.  Where did all of the money go?  No one seems to know, and the Clintons aren't offering any answers.

Clinton raised up to $500K in Puerto Rico visit.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly brought in between $200,000 and $500,000 for her campaign in a Puerto Rico fundraiser Friday [9/4/2015].  Clinton attended the 200-person event at the Condado Plaza Hilton in San Juan for approximately 90 minutes, according to CNN.  Attendees paid between $1,000 and $2,700 each for seats at Clinton's fundraiser.

How long before Hillary drops out?  Another day, another poll to rattle former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. [...] Clinton's coronation as the Democratic nominee was once taken for granted.  Some of it has to do with left-wing Democrats' justifiable sense that she is not one of them but, rather, an entitled millionaire who cuts an odd figure as a populist champion of the middle class.

Clinton to cut vacation short amid controversy.  She and her family planned to spend the last two weeks of August in a Hamptons vacation home that cost $50,000 per week.  Instead, Clinton will attempt to draw attention away from the scandal over her private email use by touting her plans to "reshuffle the deck" in favor of the middle class.

Hillary Clinton plans to spend break from campaigning among 'ordinary Americans' in $50,000-a-week Hamptons home.  Her campaign has centered on her claim that she will be the champion of the middle class if she is elected to the White House.  So the average person will no doubt find it easy to relate to the beachfront mansion that Hillary Clinton is renting for her summer vacation in The Hamptons.  Exclusive pictures obtained by Daily Mail Online show what exactly the Democratic Presidential candidate is getting for her $100,000 — which covers just a two week rental.

The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton's unpaid campaign internships.  Hillary Clinton is offering young people an incredible opportunity — to work for her campaign for... nothing.  Nada.  Zero. [...] But Clinton is on record to the contrary.  "Businesses have taken advantage of unpaid internships to an extent that it is blocking the opportunities for young people to move on into paid employment," she lectured at UCLA in 2013.  "More businesses need to move their so-called interns to employees."

Hillary refuses to take responsibility for her actions.  Here is a woman of the 1 percent masquerading as a populist, a lady so entitled and tone deaf to the struggles of ordinary citizens that she sees no problem with lording her privilege over the masses.  It was just a haircut.  But Hillary's stunning refusal to take responsibility for her actions, big and small, rules her every move.  Last year, she said she and her husband, millionaires many times over, were not only "dead broke but in debt" when they left the White House in 2001.  (After an outcry, she took back the "broke" claim, saying she and her hub are "obviously blessed" and care about the little people.)

Bill and Hillary Clinton spending $100K on Hamptons rental.  Following Hillary Clinton's recently announced plan to help the middle class, she and Bill are again renting a house in the Hamptons for the last two weeks in August for a rumored $100,000.  The Clintons are renting a four-bedroom home from Republican art collector Andre Nasser and his real estate guru wife, Lois, at 44 Broadview Road — a hidden cul-de-sac in Amagansett that boasts wealthy neighbors, including Harvey Weinstein.

Half of Clintons' Charitable Giving in 2014 Went to Their Own Foundation.  Half of Bill and Hillary Clinton's charitable giving last year went to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, according to a review of the latest financial disclosures from their private foundation.  The Clintons earned more than $28 million in 2014 and claimed around $3 million in income as charitable tax deductions, according to tax returns released by Hillary Clinton's campaign last Friday [7/31/2015].  The campaign emphasized Clinton's charitable giving in a press statement, saying that it "represented 10.8 percent" of her income in 2014.  But roughly half of that money — $1.8 million — appears to have been channeled to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

CNN Reporter: Clinton Tax Returns Prove 'Dead Broke' Comment Untrue.  Hillary Clinton's tax returns will not only set a major obstacle in her campaign to prove herself a Regular Person™ but, according to CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny, they prove her past statements to be completely false.  According to her latest tax returns, released by the campaign late this week, the Clintons earned nearly $141 million from 2007 to 2014.

Clintons earned nearly $141M from 2007 to 2014, tax returns show.  Hillary and Bill Clinton earned nearly $141 million over the course of eight years and paid $43 million in federal taxes, according to tax returns her campaign released Friday [7/31/2015].  In a lengthy statement and on her campaign website, Clinton detailed that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid more than $43 million in federal taxes from 2007 to 2014, over $13 million in state taxes and donated nearly $15 million to charity over the same period.  The couple earned a total of $140.9 million, with an adjusted gross income of $139.1 million, the returns show.

Hillary, Bill Clinton earn[ed] more than $139M between 2007-14.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, earned more than $139 million between 2007 and 2014, according to eight years of federal income tax returns released by her campaign on Friday [7/31/2015].

Hard-luck Hillary has pulled down $141M since '07.  Only Hillary Clinton could try to get away with slamming her Republican opponents for siding with the wealthy at the same time disclosing she's filthy rich. [...] So out came the Friday night tax returns and detailed listing of the ridiculously high fees that corporations paid her and her husband to make canned speeches.  Hillary Clinton's standard rate for those speeches was $225,000.  But the fees went all the way up to $400,000.  Bill Clinton was the president, so he gets to charge much more, especially to foreign organizations that have money to burn.  One speech in Nigeria netted him $725,000.

Hillary Clinton's $600 haircut puts Bergdorf on lockdown.  Hillary Clinton put part of Bergdorf Goodman on lockdown on Friday [7/24/2015] to get a $600 haircut at the swanky John Barrett Salon. [...] A source said, "Staff closed off one side of Bergdorf's so Hillary could come in privately to get her hair done.  An elevator bank was shut down so she could ride up alone, and then she was styled in a private area of the salon.  Other customers didn't get a glimpse.  Hillary was later seen with a new feathered hairdo."

Hillary's haircut: $600?  Hillary Clinton reportedly went to great lengths to keep a $600 haircut private and away from prying eyes.

The Editor says...
I don't really care if Hillary spends $600 of her own money on a haircut, but it hardly helps her look like the champion of the middle class.

Hollywood, hedge fund heavies giving to Clinton super PAC.  In all, the super PAC Priorities USA Action will report having raised $15.6 million in the past three months when it files its fundraising information this month with the Federal Election Commission.

Low Information Millennials Think Hillary Clinton's Mansions Belong to GOP Candidates.  It appears the low information youth vote has no idea how fabulously wealthy Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary Clinton Lives the High Life While Unpaid Staffers Struggle to Survive.  The Hillary Clinton campaign likes to brag about its frugal ways, but this austere philosophy is not applied consistently.  Campaign manager John Podesta may take the bus every now and then, but the Clinton campaign is more than happy to pick up the rent tab for Hillary's personal office in Manhattan and to shell out for a private jet to make sure Hillary doesn't have to interact with any commoners before giving a speech on social inequality.  Meanwhile, the campaign has developed a fondness for unpaid interns, and is increasingly hesitant to pay even experienced employees who have previously held paid positions on Democratic campaigns.

Hillary's July Fourth fundraising blitz.  The Founding Fathers might have puzzled over the wealth and scope of Hillary for America events in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and finally New Hampshire on Friday [7/3/2015], the eve of the patriotic holiday.  The events follow the "conversation with Hillary" template — $2,700 per person as a base price, with admission sometimes soaring to $50,000 each among those who aspire to be cast in the role of "host."

Millennials in Shock Over Hillary's Cribs.  Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips decided to play a little game with millennials called "Candidates' Cribs."  Phillips stopped young people in our nation's capital to see if they could guess which presidential candidate had lived in a series of mansions he had displayed on a poster.  A number of youngsters guessed Marco Rubio — I don't know, maybe they heard about his "luxury speedboat".  None, however, pegged Mrs. Clinton as having been privileged enough to live in the lavish abodes displayed.  [Video clip]

Hillary arrives by private jet for Ferguson-area speech on race relations and Charleston 'terrorism'.  Hillary Clinton arrived in a private jet on Tuesday [6/23/2015] to talk race relations at a church whose rooftops can see Ferguson, Missouri.  And she left some in St. Louis's urban black community feeling cold, coming to town for a campaign speech nearly a year after the riot-inducing shooting death of Michael Brown.

Hillary Clinton's shameful charge to a children's charity.  Hillary Clinton says, "Success isn't measured by how much the wealthiest Americans have, but by how many children climb out of poverty."  So why did she charge an exorbitant speaking fee to a charity that helps poor kids?

The Democrats' Love-Hate Relationship With Wealth.  The Democratic Party has made it clear that income inequality will be one of their main issues for 2016.  The fact that the Clintons are multi-millionaires is conveniently overlooked, as are the party's ties to incredibly rich donors.

Hillary Clinton's Hamptons Quandary.  For the past several summers, Bill and Hillary Clinton have done what New York City's moneyed residents have done for decades: They spent their vacation amid the prime beachside real estate of Long Island.  In 2011 and 2012, there was the eight-bedroom, 12,000-square-foot East Hampton rental with a heated pool that the couple took for part of August, the kind of house that typically goes for $200,000 per month, according to local real estate listings.  Then, in 2013, they opted for an equally pricey six-bedroom mansion in Sagaponack with a private pathway to the beach.  (Mrs. Clinton worked on her memoir, "Hard Choices," from a sunny office with an ocean view.)

Hillary Clinton charged the Boys and Girls Club a massive fee to speak at a luncheon.  Hillary Clinton reportedly charged a Boys and Girls Club chapter $200,000 for an appearance, then left the premise without saying hello to children who benefit from the program.  The massive fee, which she donated back to her family foundation, was the largest the Long Beach, California, organization had ever paid a public figure for a speech, Politico reports.  By contrast, the club made $106,000 off the lunchtime, charity event — it's [sic] lowest yield in 25 years.  A contributing factor to the diminished proceeds:  Clinton's large entourage that took up seats that would have otherwise been sold to donors.

Hillary Charged Kids' Charity $200,000 For Speech.  Hillary Clinton charged a kids' charity $200,000 to speak — and she pocketed every dime.  Clinton reportedly charged the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach $200,000 for a speech earlier this year, according to new speaking disclosures made available on the Clinton Foundation website.  Clinton spoke at a Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach fundraiser in California on March 3, reportedly speaking to 300 Long Beach "movers and shakers" at an event that was closed to the press.

Clintons charge big fees to small groups.  When Condoleezza Rice headlined a 2009 fundraising luncheon for the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, she collected a $60,000 speaking fee, then donated almost all of it back to the club, according to multiple sources familiar with the club's finances.  Hillary Clinton was not so generous to the small charity, which provides after-school programs to underprivileged children across the Southern California city. Clinton collected $200,000 to speak at the same event five years later, but she donated nothing back to the club, which raised less than half as much from Clinton's appearance as from Rice's, according to the sources and tax filings.

Protesters greet Clinton outside fundraiser at Dallas mansion.  They came in Bentleys, BMWs, Maseratis and Porsches.  A handful drove Mercedes-Benzes and Lexuses.  At least two luxury Tesla eco-cars made the trip.  Valet attendants parked the cars of the deep-pocketed Democrats for $10 per hour and raced around the neighborhood two hours later as a line of millionaires formed.  The guest of honor, Hillary Clinton, arrived in a black Cadillac for her $2,700-per-plate presidential fundraiser.

Hillary takes 'everyday Americans' campaign to trial lawyers' $11.4 Million Dallas home for $2,700-per-plate fundraiser.  Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said she ants her second presidential campaign to position her as a champion for 'everyday Americans.'  But her two-day fundraising swing through Texas included a Wednesday dinner event at a $11.4 million home in the most exclusive corner of Dallas.

The inside story of how the Clintons built a $2 billion global empire.  Today, the Clinton Foundation is unlike anything else in the history of the nation and, perhaps, the world:  It is a global philanthropic empire run by a former U.S. president and closely affiliated with a potential future president, with the audacious goal of solving some of the world's most vexing problems by bringing together the wealthiest, glitziest and most powerful people from every part of the planet.  The evolution of the foundation, which began as a modest nonprofit focused largely on the ex-president's library in Arkansas, is a nearly perfect reflection of the Clintons themselves.

Hillary Clinton: the gold standard of flawed candidates?  [Scroll down]  Back to their finances, the truth is that the Clintons were obviously never going to be "dead broke."  The earning potential for a former president is astronomical, and Bill Clinton was making, on average, $24,000 a day in the first few months after he left the White House.  Prior to that, the Clintons occupied the governor's mansion in Arkansas pretty much since 1978.  Bill lost re-election in '80, but came back with a vengeance in 1982, remaining the state's governor until he ran for president in 1992.  So, neither of them have really been a power couple for the people, which they're trying to cast themselves as in this election cycle.

The Clintons and the Sultan of Brunei Have a History.  In words spoken from the Sultan of Brunei's lavish Empire Hotel in 2000, President Bill Clinton told reporters that his post-presidency would be about making money:  "Now I have a United States senator to support, I understand that's an expensive proposition."  Clinton traveled to Brunei with his daughter, Chelsea, for an economic summit that was also attended by leaders such as President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Jiang Zemin, then China's president.  The sultan, known in Brunei as His Majesty Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, put on an exhibition of luxury for his summit guests.  Four hundred ninety three new cars were purchased to transport the various dignitaries around town.

By the Way, Bill and Hillary Have Banked More than $30 Million Since Last January.  She's running for president as a "topple the rich" champion of "everyday Americans," and he's just tryin' to pay the bills, y'all: [...] "The former President was even paid $175,000 for a speech in Miami where he appeared via satellite."  Hillary also made six figures for addressing a gathering she didn't physically attend.

Our new normal: Ramadi falls, Obama golfs, tweets and Clinton chit-chats.  It's been weeks now since Clinton took questions on current events, her stance on the Iraq war or her email and foundation fundraising scandals.  The deck is still stacked in favor of rich people at the top, said Clinton, who just reported making $25 million in speech fees with her husband in recent months.

Hillary Clinton was paid millions by tech industry for speeches.  In one of her last gigs on the paid lecture circuit, Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed an eBay summit aimed at promoting women in the workplace, delivering a 20-minute talk that garnered her a $315,000 payday from the company.  Less than two months later, Clinton was feted at the San Francisco Bay-area home of eBay chief executive John Donahoe and his wife, Eileen, for one of the first fundraisers supporting Clinton's newly announced presidential campaign.

Hillary's two-pronged money problem: The scale and the slime.  There is a great deal of doubt about whether a person, who's not exactly relatable to begin with, who has not the natural talent of her husband for connecting with people, and who has been living a life behind the tinted windows of a chauffered town car for some 25 years being shuttled from $100K speech to $100K speech can connect with so-called everyday Americans.

Clintons Earned $30 Million in 16 Months, Report Shows.  Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband made at least $30 million over the last 16 months, mainly from giving paid speeches to corporations, banks and other organizations, according to financial disclosure forms filed with federal elections officials on Friday [5/15/2015].  The sum, which makes Mrs. Clinton among the wealthiest of the 2016 presidential candidates, could create challenges for the former secretary of state as she tries to cast herself as a champion of everyday Americans in an era of income inequality.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have earned over $25 million since January 2014.  A Clinton campaign official told CBS News that Bill and Hillary Clinton together earned just over $25 million from about a total of 100 paid speeches.  They also earned an estimated $5 million from the proceeds of her book, "Hard Choices."  The Clintons accumulated no capital gains earnings in this period, and their federal effective tax rate for 2014 was more than 30 percent, the official said.  Hillary Clinton's speaking fees ranged from about $100,000 to over $300,000.

Schweizer: No One Would Tolerate the Clintons' Behavior From Anyone Else.  Asked about the unwillingness of prosecutors to look at the allegations in the book, [Peter] Schweizer said that this was due to the fact that the book just came out and "people kind of expect from the Clintons that you're going to get scandal.  What I've encouraged people to do is look at these cases, take the name Clinton out of it and ask yourself, would you tolerate this from any other political figure?  And I think the answer is no."

How Hillary Is Winning.  AS fleetly as Hillary Clinton vacuums up the money, she piles up the paradoxes.  She showed fatal weaknesses the last time she chased the presidency and her inevitability evaporated like a California puddle, but she's somehow inevitable all over again.  Invincible, even.  Journalists have to remind themselves daily not to type or say "presumptive Democratic nominee" before her name.  She's fashioning herself as someone uniquely attuned to "everyday Americans" while her husband fashions $500,000 speeches as amulets against the bill collector.  Someone's got to pay for the burrito bowls.

Can a One-Percenter Lead the Democrats?  Does it strike you as an indication of a political party's robust vitality that in a country of more than 300 million people that party has just one likely nominee for president?  Notwithstanding the fact that she has at her disposal nearly a billion dollars, she is 67 years old, and she stands accused of committing at least one felony.  What country are we talking about, the old USSR?  No, we are talking about the contemporary U.S. of A.

Granny Clinton Ditches 'Common American' Ruse, Flies 1st-Class Back to DC.  She must have been seething to have to drag her baggage (and boy howdy, does this woman have baggage) through Logan Airport under the glare of television cameras and gazes of the average schlubs.  This woman has spent the better past of the past quarter century flying on Air Force One or private jets and now she has to lower herself to fly commercial.

Hillary Clinton Flies First Class Back to Washington.  With her first campaign trip drawing to a close, Hillary Clinton traded the Scooby road-trip van for a first-class airplane seat to make the trip back to Washington.  The Democratic presidential candidate flew from Boston's Logan Airport to Ronald Reagan National Airport on Tuesday night [4/21/2015], sitting in row one of the U.S. Airways' first-class section.

Hillary at meeting with economists: We need to "topple" the wealthiest one percent.  It takes a net worth of around $8 million to join "the one percent."  The Clintons' net worth is estimated at $55 million; Hillary alone got a cool $14 mil as an advance for her dismal memoir "Hard Choices."  The electorate's usually willing to let populists slide on their personal wealth — FDR is the ultimate example but John Edwards was a lefty heartthrob for a time as recently as 2008 — but I wonder if they'll be so forgiving for Hillary.

Wealthy Hillary Clinton Lambasting CEOs For High Pay is, Well, Rich.  Hillary Clinton apparently plans to base her presidential campaign on the noble goals of greater fairness and shared sacrifice.  She has already lambasted vast differences in compensation.  "The average CEO makes about 300 times what the average worker makes," Clinton warned.  She is right — but can best appreciate that fact from her own career and family.  Recently, Clinton has demanded up to $300,000 for brief 30-minute speeches.  She apparently believes in the free-market theory that on the lecture circuit, speakers — like CEOs — should be paid as much as the market can bear.  At UCLA recently, Clinton's fee worked out to about $165 per second.  In three minutes of autobiographical chitchat, Clinton pulled in more than the average full-time fast-food worker makes in a year.

No one is buying that Hillary is anything other than the candidate of Wall Street.  It was only a few short years ago that Democrats in high office were openly embracing the anarcho-communist, semi-criminal Occupy Wall Street movement.  There is no small amount of irony in the realization that the Democratic Party is today prepared to nominate a presidential candidate with a history of defending the interests of the financial classes.

By one measure, Hillary earned more than America's top 10 CEOs.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is drawing a populist bead on lavish Wall Street pay packages as she revs up her march to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, but in some respects the fat-per-speech fee she can charge puts her far ahead of the top 10 highest-paid American CEOs.

Clinton to spend $37.92 for every vote in $2.5b campaign.  Hillary Rodham Clinton and her support groups are opening a massive fundraising effort to collect an historically-high $2.5 billion to win the White House, according to reports.  That amounts to $37.92 per vote in the general election for the Democrat, more than ever spent in a national campaign.  The math is based on the votes received by President Obama in his reelection, 65,915,796.

Hillary's $2.5 billion obscene fundraising goal.  Hillary Clinton's newly minted presidential campaign plans on raising — and spending — as much as $2.5 billion.  That was the mind-blowing datum that accompanied Sunday's announcement of Clinton's candidacy.  To give you a sense of just how mind-blowing, consider the fact that in 2012, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney together spent $2.14 billion.

Hillary Clinton's road from riches.  The economic gap between Hillary Rodham Clinton and an average, "everyday American" is wide enough to drive a Scooby van through.  On Monday [4/13/2015], the newly minted Democratic presidential front-runner had nearly completed her 1,000-mile journey from her mansion in Chappaqua, N.Y., to a first campaign event in Iowa, in the van her staff has likened to the rattletrap "Mystery Machine" from the 1960s cartoon "Scooby-Doo."  The trip was intended, in part, to rebrand the former secretary of state, a 67-year-old multimillionaire accustomed to private jets and presidential suites, as a warrior for the middle- and working classes.

'Middle Class Champion' Hillary Plans To Raise $2.5B.  You could feed a lot of 'hongry' childrens for $2.5 billion dollars.  (And who knows how much of this money will have ultimately come from her  slush fund  'foundation'?  So it could be taking the food right out of the mouths of the poor.)  And don't worry, in any case she will spend far more than she raises.  (As her last campaign did.)

Woman with $14 million book advance attacks CEO pay.  [Scroll down]  First, she takes in six times the annual average household income per hour for her speeches, at $300,000 a pop.  It would only take her 50 speeches to get to the same 300x metric she decries here.  Furthermore, Hillary signed a deal in 2013 for a $14 million book advance for the memoir she released last year, which sold unimpressively for such a marquee advance.  On top of that, she'd already received an $8 million advance for her first memoir, "Living History."  That totals $22 million in advance of any work at all, or roughly 440 times what average American households gross in a year.  In the years since the Clintons left the White House, they've earned well over $100 million.  And unlike CEOs at that level, they don't employ many people, and don't produce anything except income for their own benefit.

Hillary's Million-Dollar Air Travel.  Hillary Clinton is, maybe not best know[n] for her utter destitution upon her husband leaving office in the early 2000s, but may be most recently known for her claim that she and Bill struggled desperately to make ends meet once they were relegated to only two homes and lucrative speaking tours that paid in the six figures per appearance.  It now seems that those hard times were even shorter than previously imagined.

Dems stand for poor, vacation like the wealthy.  The Obamas and Clintons sure know how to summer!  And you have to hand it to them, they aren't letting their position as standard-bearers of the party committed to end income equality get in the way.  While the president and his family enjoy a lavish getaway in tony Martha's Vineyard, the woman who wants his job is also indulging in a glitzy summer vacay.  Hillary and Bill Clinton spared no expense for their digs in the Hamptons — shelling out a cool $100G for a three-week stay in one of America's most exclusive summer destinations.

$5 million, $50 million or even more — just how rich is Hillary Clinton?  Ever since Hillary Clinton drew attention to her finances by claiming her family was "dead broke" when they left the White House, speculation has focused on a seemingly simple question: Exactly how rich are the Clintons? [...] In 2010, then-Secretary Clinton's financial disclosures revealed a net worth totaling between roughly $10 and $50 million.  In 2012, the last year for which she disclosed finances, Clinton's net worth was estimated to be between $5 million and $25 million.

Clinton Earns $12 Million Speaking, Writing After Service.  Hillary Clinton has earned at least $12 million in 16 months since leaving the State Department, a windfall at odds with her party's call to shrink the gap between the rich and the poor.  Clinton's income since her resignation as secretary of state in February 2013 is derived mostly from her latest memoir, speeches and paid appearances at corporate retreats, according to an analysis of data compiled by Bloomberg.

Poor Hillary Clinton.  Is this really what "dead broke" looks like?  Seems like the Clintons should be just fine with their two multi-million dollar houses.  No need to add the "White House" to the list.

Hillary Takes Six-Figure Speaking Fees From Universities Raising Student TuitionThe Washington Post reports that likely 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton made somewhere around $1.8 million from eight universities in just nine months.  While paying the former Secretary of State anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 per speech, some of these schools were raising tuition prices on students already burdened by the growing student loan bubble.  Clinton was paid $251,250 from the University of Connecticut not long after the school hit its students with 6.5% tuition increase.

Bill and Hillary Clinton top the list of richest ex-first families.  They may have left the White House "dead broke," as Hillary Clinton claimed, but she and Bill Clinton cashed in so fast and big that they sit atop the list of former first couples who struck gold after the presidency.  Since leaving office, according to financial records and news reports, they have earned at least $155 million from speeches, salaries and book deals, easily outpacing the post-White House incomes of other former presidential families and distancing themselves from the time when Bill Clinton deducted $2 apiece for used underwear donated to an Arkansas charity.

2001 was Hillary's Year of Great Fortune, not of being "dead broke".  The problem is not that the Clintons made a fortune.  This is America, after all.  People are entitled to make a fortune so long as they do so lawfully, and we've not yet reached the point where the law dictates when people have made enough.  The problem is that Hillary is not being straight with the public. [...] In mid-December 2000, a month before Bill left office, Hillary signed a book deal with a near record $8 million advance.

Hard Knocks Hillary.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks everyone should shut up and stop second-guessing her (and her husband's) voracious appetite for money.  Clinton, who charges up to $200,000 to give one-hour speeches to Goldman Sachs executives and others, claims that she and Bill were "dead broke" and in debt following their eight years in the White House, and "struggled" to pay the mortgages on their multiple mansions and finance their daughter Chelsea's education at Stanford, Oxford, Columbia, and Oxford (again).

Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats' Vices.  Since 1992, the Clintons have had exceptional, almost unparalleled political power.  From the point of view of most Americans, they've been wealthy.  But not super-wealthy.  In 1992, they listed their net worth at nearly $700,000.  Yes, they had to spend quite a bit of money on lawyers during their time at the White House.  But even before President Clinton gave his first post-presidential speech or signed his first book deal, he was going to get a pension of about $199,000 per year, plus a taxpayer-funded office, etc.  She was elected to the Senate, with a salary of $141,300.  Hillary Clinton famously declared she and her husband were "dead broke" when they left the White House; of course, around that time they bought a $2.35 million home in Chappaqua.  Between leaving the White House and beginning her Senate term she signed the $8 million book deal for "Living History"; years later, she got a $14 million advance for "Hard Choices."

Clinton spent heavily on charters before races.  Before her 2006 Senate re-election campaign and 2008 presidential bid, then-senator Hillary Rodham Clinton dramatically increased her use of taxpayer-funded charter flights, becoming the Senate's biggest spender on reported charter airfare.  In the four years before the 2008 presidential campaign, she spent more than $300,000 on charters while the four other senators running for president — including then-senator Barack Obama — took a grand total of two taxpayer-funded charter flights.  Clinton spent $225,000 traveling on such charters during her eight-year tenure.  That covers only her own airfare.  The figure rose to $527,000 when the cost of the staff who flew with her is included.  Clinton almost always flew with senior adviser Huma Abedin, and spokesman Philippe Reines was also a regular passenger, Senate spending records show.

Hillary's Messy Habits.  Hillary and Bill Clinton have one home in Washington, D.C., another in Chappaqua, N.Y., and a whole wide world that opens its arms and wallets to them. [...] Although they've long been derided for a surrender of principle when they're on the hunt for donations, their foundation has raked in money in a manner that opens them up to fresh, predictable accusations of that.  Although they've long been cast as greedy — remember the china, flatware and furniture carted out of the White House? — they hit the speaking circuit in a way that only strengthened that impression.

Will the Clintons' Greed Do Them In?  It has long been remarked that a certain Dogpatch air hangs over Bill and Hillary Clinton.  They have, apparently, led separate lives for quite a few years, but one quality that they share is greed.  Indeed, they seem unable to restrain that grasping instinct even when it undermines their presumably more important goals — as, for example, when Hillary extracts $300,000 from universities for 45 minutes of platitudes.

Hillary Clinton [was] paid $300,000 for a speech lecturing the middle class on how they can make ends meet.  Hopefully, her instructions reveal how I can make six figures a speech, which would certainly come in handy.  Can you imagine the hubris of this woman — who has largely disappeared from public view as her "Smart Power" diplomacy initiatives have left the Middle East a boiling cauldron of death, torture, and pain — to dare lecture middle class Americans on making ends meet?

From the Clinton Foundation, a Heaping Pile of Corporate BS.  The Clintons just can't help themselves.  As Bloomberg editor John Heilemann said on Monday [2/23/2015]:  "Their obsession with money ... has been a hallmark of their careers."  When the Wall Street Journal revealed last week that the Bill, Hillary, & Clinton Foundation had quietly dropped its prohibition on donations from foreign governments, many thought it was an especially sleazy move, even for the Clintons.  The foundation's initial response was defensive and evasive, agreeing only to reevaluate its acceptance of foreign donations "should [Hillary] decide to run for office."

Still dead broke: Hillary Clinton makes Grimes pick up the tab for charter flight.  Despite her comments suggesting she and her husband were "dead broke," Hillary Rodham Clinton has had a good year for her personal finances, running a battery of six-figure speeches and scoring a $14 million advance for her memoirs.  But she's apparently not making enough to cover her lavish charter flights to help out her fellow Democrats.  Politico reported that Kentucky Senate hopeful Alison Lundergan Grimes' campaign shelled out more than $17,000 to bring Mrs. Clinton to a campaign rally last month.

Hillary Clinton to deliver Vegas speech for $225G fee.  Hillary Clinton called for businesses to collaborate with universities to make higher education more affordable at a $225,000 speech Monday night [10/13/2014] at the annual University of Nevada Las Vegas Foundation dinner.  "Higher education shouldn't be a privilege for those able to afford it," Clinton told a crowd of approximately 900 people.  "It should be an opportunity widely available for anybody with the talent, determination and ambition."

The Editor says...
In a free country, everything is "a privilege for those able to afford it," so that's why normal people get jobs and make money, with which they can buy what they want, e.g., college education.  Mrs. Clinton is apparently willing to have the government supply college education for everyone, because "higher" education these days (at most universities) is nothing more than leftist indoctrination.

Actually, Getting Rich Is Hillary's Greatest Achievement.  [T]he problem with Hillary isn't that she's wealthy.  It's not even that she became wealthy asking for exorbitant fees while most Americans were living through a brutal recession.  Nor is it that, for the most part, she's lived a privileged life under the protection of taxpayers for decades and still acts like she's broke.  It's that today she has nothing to offer voters but a reconstituted Obama-style populist progressivism that doesn't fit her history.  She may well win, of course.  But that would have more to do with the luck of history than her political skill.

Hillary Clinton's wealth complicates image as populist champion.  When your own minimum wage reportedly is in the neighborhood of $200,000 a speech, it might be difficult to sell yourself as the populist champion of the working class.  In recent weeks, Hillary Rodham Clinton has begun a calculated transition from respected diplomat to fierce advocate for the 99 percent, using a "haves versus have-nots" message to build support among progressives who are desperate for a strong voice to battle Wall Street, protect entitlement programs such as Social Security and promote income equality.  But for Mrs. Clinton, a rich, successful woman and part of one of America's most powerful political families, there are questions about how effectively she can carry that banner if she runs for president in 2016.

Duck This Dynasty.  What does Hillary Clinton have to do with inequality in America?  She's no robber baron, of course.  But the core case against inequality isn't about resentment of wealth — it's about the ways in which the concentration of wealth is making politics increasingly pointless, a game of access and not arguments.  Anyone who fears that future should think twice before casting a ballot for a dynastic politician, because dynastic candidates turn politics pointless in essentially the same way.  They trade on family capital to make elections less meaningful; they are prone to be inflexible and indifferent to inequality; and they have good reason to be even less accountable to the public than ordinary politicians.  Concentrated economic power and concentrated political power are, in the end, two sides of a coin.


Hillary's 50 shades of grey.  Hillary Clinton is false in everything, a gold-plated phony seemingly incapable of uttering a true word.  She lies with abandon.  She lies with the ease of a pathological liar.  Everyone knows it.  Everyone sees it.  Examples could be multiplied endlessly.  Think only of the various statements she has made about her email arrangement.  Has any of them stood the test of time?  I don't think so.  She has told so many whoppers it's hard to keep track of them all.

Hillary Clinton fights to overcome a sordid history.  Indeed, it was a gutter from which she and her husband emerged 25 years ago.  And ever since, they never quit stinking up the American political scenery and then lying about everything.  The woman cannot even give a straight answer about how tall she is.  She was once 5 feet, 4 inches, but in 2008 her campaign announced she was 5 feet, 5 inches.  Now reports are swirling that she is 5 feet, 7 inches.  Some people will lie about absolutely everything.

5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Isn't Fit To Be President.  [#3] She's a liar's liar.  Merely calling Hillary Clinton a "liar" makes her sound too much like an ordinary politician.  To the contrary, Hillary is what a lying liar who spent all her days working at the lie factory on a lying machine would sound like.  She lies about the big stuff, the little stuff and everything in-between. [...] After Benghazi, she told the American people that a video was responsible when she was privately telling people it was a terrorist attack.  She claimed that she came out of the White House dead broke and in debt.  She said she applied for the Marines in 1975 and was turned down.  She claimed she was named after the explorer Sir Edmund Hillary who became famous when she was six years old.  You can go on and on with the list.

Recalling Hillary Clinton's claim of 'landing under sniper fire' in Bosnia.  Readers constantly ask us about Clinton's Bosnia tale, and ask whether we will fact check it.  As noted, The Fact Checker did so eight years ago.  But the original version now appears on the web in very small type, so here it is again.  We have also included new material on what happened next.

New viral video shows Clinton 'lying for 13 minutes straight'.  Hillary Clinton is under fire in a new online viral video that purports to show her lying or changing her tune "for 13 minutes straight," tapping into widespread voter sentiment that the Democratic frontrunner is untrustworthy.  The video, which has picked up nearly 7 million hits on YouTube, is a long highlight reel of Clinton contradicting herself or saying things that turned out not to be true on issues from gay marriage and Wall Street to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and her private email server.

Hillary — just a liar, or 'cognitively impaired'?  Having known Hillary Rodham Clinton since 1974, I have had plenty of occasions to chuckle at her silly lies.  I rolled my eyes when Hillary lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous New Zealand explorer and mountain climber.  He didn't make his historic climb of Mt.  Everest until Hillary was nearly 6 years old.  Hillary also lies about more serious matters, and she has been unchallenged for so long that she seems oblivious and impervious.  What difference, after all this time, does it make?  On the campaign trail in the first quarter of 2016, Hillary publicly chided her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, for being absent as she was "fighting" for health care for all Americans in 1993.  One of Bernie's supporters immediately sent a photo that exposed her lie by showing Bernie standing right there with Hillary at the time.  Who can forget secretary of state Hillary Clinton's lies about dodging sniper fire as she was landing in Bosnia?

Hillary's lying face.  Bill Clinton is an accomplished liar, but it was Hillary who was called a "congenital liar" in William Safire's enduring label.  But she admits she is not a "natural politician" is also not a natural liar, if there is any distinction between the two roles.  An amazing 13 minute compilation of Hillary Clinton's lies in public offers us the opportunity to examine in detail her "tells" when she lies.  [Video clip]

Hillary's latest email lie didn't even last a week.  On Tuesday [5/3/2016], MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asked her outright:  "Have you been contacted — or your representatives contacted — by the FBI to set up an interview" over her e-mail mess?  Clinton gave a flat "no."  Two days later, news broke that the FBI has already interviewed Clinton's closest confidant, Huma Abedin, and other top aides.  And officials close to the probe say Hillary's to be interviewed in the next few weeks — which means she's surely been contacted.

Even Hillary Clinton's pals can't pretend to believe her lies.  Figuring she has the Democratic nomination sewn up, Hillary Clinton this week headed to swing state West Virginia, aiming to "feel the pain" of coal country.  But then she ran into Bo Copley, a recently laid-off miner.  He hit her with her comments from last month, explaining her clean-energy program:  "We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business," she'd said.  Bo didn't like that much:  "I just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of, out of jobs, and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend."

Hillary's Latest Email Disclosures Prove She's a Malevolent, Repulsive Liar.  As New York's sole honest newspaper observed last December, the video fable was Hillary's most repugnant lie, as she told the family members of heroes Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods after the Benghazi attack that she was going to "have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible" for the attacks.

Hillary Clinton Lies (Again), Says Washington Post.  On Tuesday [4/12/2016], the Washington Post's fact checkers gave Hillary Clinton "Three Pinocchios" for blaming Vermont's gun laws, which are like those of most states, for crimes that take place in New York.  Clinton's on-going smear campaign is intended to tarnish the reputation of her competitor for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Vermont's junior U.S. senator, Bernie Sanders.  Clinton is resorting to her dishonest attack because lying is her most highly refined political reflex, and, perhaps partially for that reason, Sanders has defeated her in seven of the last eight state caucuses and primaries.

White Lies Matter.  How bad is Hillary Clinton's image?  This bad:  Fifty-six percent of Americans view her unfavorably, according to the Huffington Post pollster trend. [...] A lot of the reason is Clinton:  her tin ear, her aloofness, her phony eagerness to please, her suspicion of the press and of outsiders, her let us say complicated relationship with the truth, the blithe way in which she dissembles and deceives.

Hillary's Campaign Manager: 'This Election Will Be About Trust'.  Even as he says those words, you know he hopes deep down they aren't true — because if this election really does boil down to trustworthiness, his widely-distrusted serial liar of a boss is in some serious trouble: [Video clip]

Clinton blames Vermont for gun violence in New York.  [Hillary] Clinton said Monday [4/11/2016] at a roundtable in Port Washington, "Here's what I want you to know.  Most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in New York come from out of state.  And the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in New York come from Vermont."  Vermont's Governor, Peter Shumlin, is a Clinton backer.  But he says her claims about his state aren't 'entirely accurate' and hurled an accusation of his own in New York's direction about heroin distribution.

Former Dem senator: Clinton email claim 'false on its face'.  A former Democratic senator on Friday dismissed Hillary Clinton's claim that she used a private server for convenience as "false on its face."  "She's a government official.  The law says the public has a right to know what's going on," former Nebraska Sen.  Bob Kerrey said in an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.  Kerrey, who has endorsed Clinton's presidential candidacy, nonetheless accused her of trying to circumvent the law.

Hillary Caught in Her Own Web of Lies.  Yesterday [3/27/2016], The Washington Post's Robert O'Harrow, Jr. published a startling timeline related to Hillary Clinton's email scandal.  The executive summary:  she's a criminal and a liar, but you already knew that.

How Can You Feel Good About Yourself If You Vote For Hillary?  Here's a woman who lies so often that her name has practically become synonymous with deception.  Unlike her husband, who was such an artful liar that people wanted to believe him when he wasn't telling the truth, Hillary is ham-fisted about it.  She tells obvious lies that everyone from the media to her enemies, to her friends know are lies right from the beginning.  How do you vote for a woman so dishonest that she claims her daughter was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11 or said with a straight face that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia?  When she lies about having her own email server and about putting our national security at risk by having huge numbers of classified emails sent to it, how do you respect yourself when she gets caught lying about it over and over again?

The Art of the Con.  The more successful a con artist appears to be, the easier it is to fool people.  As Bernard Madoff's fraudulent brokerage and investment management businesses grew, his boasts of genius gained credibility.  The more he spent investors' money on his opulent lifestyle, the more they wanted to give him. [...] The most important skill for any con artist is the ability to lie with complete confidence.

Comey speaks, tersely.  On the rare occasions when she is asked about the FBI investigation arising from her use of an insecure email server to conduct official business as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton refers to it as "a security review."v It is, moreover, "a security review" that "was requested," as though the FBI is doing someone a favor.  The woman lies with the ease and abandon of a pathological liar.  Clinton makes it sound routine.  The FBI, however, does not perform "security reviews."  It conducts criminal investigations.  Its handling of the Clinton email matter clearly constitutes a criminal investigation.

Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?  If there is an issue that motivates Americans across the spectrum, it is trust, because we have been lied to so often and so cavalierly by Washington politicians.  No sane person trusts Hillary.  She not only lies even when the truth would serve as well, but she lies about telling the truth, as in her recent CBS interview.  She lies almost as much as her husband.  Compounding this pathological dishonesty are the natural consequences of aging, obesity, and health problems that strongly suggest a slowing down of her mental processes.  The ravages of immoral life and old age clearly have reduced her husband into a very dull mind, and it is likely that many of the same abuses of youth harrowing her husband are affecting her, too.

The liar lies about lying:
The Key to Understanding Hillary Clinton's Lies.  It is the universal experience shared by all humanity of lying to our family and friends, not to mention the rest of humanity.  As we grow in influence and responsibility, the lies can become even more damaging.  Think of tobacco and car company executives, insider traders, and politicians who tell us, "If you like your doctor, y ou can keep your doctor."  The consequences of lying range from the mild interpersonal wound to the death of groups of consumers.  But lying is the one thing all of humanity has engaged in.  Except apparently Hillary Clinton.  In her recent interview with CBS's Scott Pelley, when asked, "Have you ever lied?"  Clinton replied twice with these exact words.  "I don't believe I ever have."  How does she justify this in her own mind?  It's very simple.  It all stems from the word "believe."

Poll: Clinton most defined as 'dishonest,' 'liar'.  A plurality of people in a new poll most associate Hillary Clinton with the words "dishonest," "liar," "don't trust her" and "poor character."  Twenty-one percent of those asked use those words to describe her, according to a new Gallup poll released Tuesday [2/23/2016].  Another 9 percent said "dislike her," while 8 percent said they "like her" and that she's "capable of being president," and another 7 percent said she's "qualified."  An additional 7 percent of people called Clinton a "criminal" and "crooked" and said "she belongs in jail."

Hillary Refuses To Say If She Has Ever Lied To The American People.  She's a pathological case.  If she actually had to list all the times she's lied, her tongue would spin off its roller from the overuse.

A Nice Long Compilation of Hillary Clinton Lies.  13 minute video clip — well worth your time.

Hillary Refuses To Directly Say If She Has Ever Lied To The American People.  Hillary Clinton refuses to definitively say whether or not she has ever lied to the American people.  During a Thursday [2/18/2016] interview with CBS's Scott Pelley, Clinton said, "I don't believe I ever have" lied to voters.  Pelley began by asking Clinton, "You know in '76, Jimmy Carter famously said, 'I will not lie to you.'"  "Well, I will tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer, all the way through my time as secretary of state to level with the American people," Clinton claimed.

Hillary and the Suspension of Disbelief.  A "willing suspension of disbelief" most aptly sums up Hillary Clinton's disastrous 2016 primary campaign, which so far seems more disastrous than her 2008 disastrous campaign. [...] If we did not suspend disbelief about most of Mrs. Clinton's claims, we would trust that all her grandparents were immigrants, that she was named after the explorer Edmund Hillary, that she braved gunfire in Serbia, and that after reading the Wall Street Journal she learned how to invest $1,000 in cattle futures and quickly earn $100,000 in profits.  To believe anything Hillary Clinton asserts requires a willing suspension of disbelief.

Clinton hit for invoking 'everybody did it' defense on email scandal.  Critics are blasting Hillary Clinton for claiming at Thursday night's [2/4/2016] Democratic debate nothing will come of the FBI probe into her email practices and seizing on reports that other former officials received classified information on personal accounts — saying she's glossing over glaring differences between her case and theirs.  "The attempt to paint her predecessors in the State Department as equal offenders in mishandling classified material is an insult to what we now know to be the truth," Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said in a statement Thursday, calling the argument an "everybody did it" defense.

What Hillary Just Said on Camera Could Cost Her the Election.  Hillary just got fact checked on something she said, and the results are in. [...] Is there a rehab for liars?

Hillary Clinton Caught In Bombshell Lie .  With the Iowa caucuses happening this week, this is the absolute worst time for Hillary Clinton to be caught in a lie.  Unfortunately for her, however, one of her pathological lies just came back to haunt her in a brutal way.

A List of 27 Hillary Fibs, Obfuscations, and Lies.  Tuesday night's [10/13/2015] debate featured a master class on lying from the lying liar who lies about her lies, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  She spoke for approximately 24 minutes, and aside from her opening statement — "I'm Hillary Clinton" — virtually every word that exited her mouth was untrue.  But because Hillary appeared to be lady with mild socialist depression in a full-blown socialist insane asylum, nobody laid a glove on her.

The Clintons' political legacy of dishonesty.  Spin and puffery have a long history in politics, but something has snapped in our culture that we no longer even expect our leaders to talk straight.  We have become immune to lies and the liars who tell them.  I blame it on the Clintons.  Their survival despite a quarter-century of shameful dishonesty has led the way in lowering the bar for integrity in public life.

Clinton's email excuses are falling apart.  Hillary Clinton went into damage-control mode when news broke that the inspector general of the intelligence agencies had identified additional classified emails on her private server, including ones containing intelligence on covert "Special Access Programs."  Her campaign even accused the inspector general — an Obama appointee confirmed by a Democratic-controlled Senate — of engaging in a "coordinated leak" with Republicans "for the purposes of hurting her campaign."  Lash out as she might, Clinton's constantly changing email story is rapidly falling apart.  First, Clinton claimed there was "no classified material" on her private server — which turned out to be untrue.  Then she claimed none of the intelligence on her server was "classified at the time" — which also turned out to be untrue.

Hillary Pledges to Ask Husband Bill for Ideas, Advice as President.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked Sunday [1/17/2016] at the Democratic Debate on NBC what type of role her husband and former president Bill Clinton would have if she became president.  Clinton stated she would lean on her husband and ask for his ideas and advice in the White House.  "Well, it'll start at the kitchen table; we'll see how it goes from there. [...]"

The Editor says...
Here we have another disingenuous attempt to be folksy and relatable.  Think about it:  How many years ago did the last conversation between Hillary and Bill take place "at the kitchen table"?  How many years has it been since she has eaten a meal or had a conversation with Bill Clinton in a kitchen?  For that matter, how many years ago did Bill and Hillary have a meal at the same table, or live under the same roof?  The two of them are politically co-dependent, mutually enabling one another, but it's a safe bet that they don't sit and chat at any "kitchen table."

Hillary Clinton comes out against deportation raids in break with Obama.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton joined her rivals Monday [1/11/2016] in opposing the Obama administration's deportation raids targeting Central American immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally and ignored deportation orders.  Speaking at a forum aimed at young and minority voters in Iowa, Clinton said the raids had "sown fear and division in immigrant communities across the country.  People are afraid to go to work.  They are afraid to send their kids to school.  They are afraid to go to the hospital, or even the grocery store."

The Editor says...
How I wish all that were true, but it's not.  Illegal aliens are very comfortable here in the U.S.  They are afraid of no one — especially during rush-hour traffic!  They don't have to know a word of English because there are Spanish-only stations on radio and TV.  (That should be illegal, but it's not.)  Nobody is at the grocery store or the hospital looking for illegal aliens; in fact, the emergency room at the county hospital is their doctor's office.  And if the feds give them any trouble at all, there are hundreds of lawyers ready to help.

Benghazi victim's dad dares Clinton to lie detector test.  Charles Woods, father to former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, said Wednesday [1/6/2016] that the then-secretary of state told him that a YouTube video was the cause of the attacks, but now denies it.  "I would love to sit down with Hillary Clinton, if she'd agree to do it as well, you know at the same table, by the same operator and have a lie detector test," Woods told One America News Network.

The Editor says...
Yes, imagine Hillary Clinton connected to a lie detector.  What a concept.  Ideal for pay-per-view.  Should have been done long ago.

Week After Massive Fundraising Haul, Clinton Team Pleads Poverty In Latest Fundraising Email.  Democratic Party presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton posted a massive $37 million raised for her campaign in the last quarter of 2015, a week later her campaign is saying they don't have enough money to compete with Senator Bernie Sanders.  In an email entitled "Nervous," Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook writes supporters of the dire financial situation the campaign finds itself in for the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.  Citing ad buys by the Sanders campaign, Mook tells supporters, "Adding more TV ads just isn't in our budget."

Who's lying, Hillary or members of several Benghazi victims' families?  On September 14, 2012, at a memorial service for the victims of the Benghazi attacks, Hillary Clinton spoke with members of the victims' families.  At least three of these people say that Clinton talked about the alleged role in the attack of a video produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  Charles Woods, the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, says that Clinton blamed the video and even told him that she was going to have Nakoula arrested.  Nakoula was, in fact, arrested.  Similarly, Kate Quigley, the sister of Glen Doherty, says that Clinton told her the video was to blame.  "She knows that she knew what happened that day and she wasn't truthful," Quigley insists.  Finally, Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, also insists that Clinton said the attack was because of the video.  She has repeatedly accused Clinton of lying.  Clinton, however, denies saying anything about the video to these family members.

Hillary's Server, Monica's Blue Dress, and History.  What the server's e-mails indicate is that on the night that four Americans were murdered in Benghazi, Hillary e-mailed the truth of how they died to her daughter.  She told Chelsea that the Americans were the victims of an organized terrorist attack.  She later admitted that to the Egyptian prime minister also.  Nonetheless she signed a public statement from the State Department proclaiming that the Americans were the victims of a riot provoked by a YouTube video.  After lying to the American people the evening of the attack, she repeated the lie to the victims' relatives when their bodies were flown in to Joint Base Andrews.  Moreover, she stood by her false account when she testified to the House Select Committee.  There are other untruths that have been passed on from Hillary's server.  She has lied about arranging lecture fees from her State Department office for the gifted Bill Clinton.  There are lies about arranging donations for her family foundation, her forthcoming political campaign, and her own speaking fees.  There are lies on the topic of influence pedaling and on whom she kept in contact with.

A Top Ten List of Hillary's Lies, Scams, Hustles and Deceitfulness.  Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton "lies like crazy."  He's in good company.  Nearly 20 years ago, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist William Safire wrote:  "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that [Hillary Clinton] is a congenital liar."  Here, as a refresher course for those with short memories, is a Top Ten List of Hillary's Lies, Scams, Hustles and Deceitfulness.

Hillary Clinton Hit on Trump Is Her Latest Attack on Freedom of Speech.  Hillary Clinton's claim during the last Democratic debate that the Islamic State (ISIS) is "showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims to recruit more radical jihadists" was swiftly proven wrong.  In reality, the latest Islamic State video features Barack Obama ("liar") and her husband ("fornicator"), but never mentions Trump.  More disquieting than its inaccuracy, however, is the fact that Hillary's claim shows that one of the people most likely to be the next president of the United States is a foe of the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of any free society.

Trump: Hillary Is a Liar — 'She Lies Like Crazy About Everything'.  Sunday [12/20/2015] on NBC's "Meet the Press," while responding to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying in the debate last night that he is "becoming ISIS's best recruiter," Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared that to be "just another Hillary lie."  Trump said, "Nobody has been able to back that up.  It's nonsense.  Just another Hillary lie.  She lies like crazy about everything.  Whether it's trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter or an airplane, she's a liar and everybody knows that.  But she just made this up in thin air."

Hillary Clinton's most repugnant lie.  Hillary Clinton still insists she didn't tell the grieving families of the Benghazi victims that an anti-Islam video was to blame.  Yet family members say she said just that, three days after the attack, at the Sept. 14, 2012, ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base.  George Stephanopoulos asked her Sunday if she'd told the victims it was about the film.  Clinton gave a flat "no."  She added:  "I said very clearly there had been a terrorist group, uh, that had taken responsibility on Facebook, um..."  At least four family members disagree.

Hillary Clinton's $275 Billion 'Shovel Ready' Sequel Is Based On Two Big Lies.  When Hillary Clinton announced her $275 billion infrastructure spending plan, she said what every politician says when they try to get more money spent on roads and bridges — that the nation's infrastructure is falling apart.  "I don't have to tell you what a sorry state we're in," she said in Boston over the weekend pushing the added spending.  "Our roads and bridges are potholed and crumbling."  But is that true?  On Monday [11/30/2015], the Government Accountability Office released a report showing that the nation's bridges, at least, are in better shape than they were a decade ago.

What's your favorite Hillary Clinton lie?  The 2016 presidential campaign, like the 2012 one, is going to be determined by the definition of the candidates accepted by the voting public.  Hillary as an untrustworthy liar strikes me as a very accurate definition.  And the possible video ads that could be made are numerous and persuasive.

Hillary Clinton's million little lies.  To hear Hillary Clinton tell it, she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest — even though she was already 6 years old when he made his famous ascent.  On a visit to war-torn Bosnia in 1996, she claimed she and her entourage landed under sniper fire and had to run "with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base" — although videos of her arrival show her waltzing serenely across the tarmac, waving to the crowd.  She blamed the 2012 attack on American diplomatic and intelligence-gathering installations in Benghazi on "a disgusting video" when she knew almost from the first moment that it was a jihadist assault that took the lives of four Americans, including the ambassador to Libya.

Clueless Hillary: 'Muslims Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism'.  Hillary Clinton is the latest suspender of disbelief regarding radical Islam's long-running and deep-rooted role in terrorism.  Just days after eight Muslims belonging to the Islamic State massacred 130 Parisians while praising Allah, the Democratic front-runner schooled the Council on Foreign Relations on the non-Muslim threat.  "Let's be clear," Clinton lectured.  "Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism."  If by "nothing," she means everything, she is correct.

Hillary Clinton and Obama's Lies on Benghazi — Too Many to Count, but Let's Try.  They lied about the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, at the hands of al-Qaeda-tied terrorists.  They lied, but not to protect vital national secrets or flummox America's enemies.  They lied to get reelected.  And they lied directly, knowingly, and repeatedly to the American people.

The Truth Stalks Hillary As Paris Is Attacked.  From bimbos to Benghazi, from demanding investigations into her husband's various personal entanglements to deliberately misleading about the nature of the Benghazi attacks — not to mention her e-mail mess — Hillary Clinton's record has one consistent theme that somehow the liberal media can't quite come to grips with.  In the phrase of the late New York Times columnist William Safire all the way back in 1996, she is seen by many as a "congenital liar."  But you wouldn't know this basic truth-telling problem of Hillary's even existed if you watched, say, CBS.

A Liar to the Corps.  Hillary Clinton tried to become a Marine?  Right.  That was the week after Harry Reid tried to become a Rockette.  Had the Marines accepted her, perhaps her training would have been helpful when her plane came under sniper fire while landing in Bosnia in 1996.  Let me see now.  As I understand it, what we're called on to believe is that a highly employable young Yale Law School graduate, who had led teach-ins against the Vietnam War in college, had worked on the campaigns of Gene McCarthy and George McGovern, and who was engaged to a draft-dodger seeking to become the attorney general of his state, really just wanted to be a lean, green, fighting machine.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Flips Out Over Fact Check Of Hillary.  On Friday [11/13/2015], DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) 10% was on with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, and simply couldn't stand the fact that someone fact-checked Hillary's bogus "I tried to join the Marines" story that she keep trotting out to both burnish her own character and tarnish the Marine Corps as sexist.  When Mitchell challenged the story as simply not making sense, Schultz was indignant at the audacity.  I mean, after all, this is MSNBC.  It's supposed to be electing Hillary, not asking if she's a liar.

Why aren't Hillary Clinton's exaggerations of her life story bigger news?  Hillary Clinton tells a story of how she tried to join the Marines in 1975 but was rejected because she was too old.  The problem?  The story may not be totally true.  As The [Washington] Post's Fact Checker illustrates in a column dedicated to Clinton's Marine claim Thursday [11/12/2015], there's little reason to believe that she — already a very prominent person — would suddenly attempt to join the military.

Two Pinocchios:
Hillary Clinton's claim that she tried to join the Marines.  One Clinton story that has often been greeted with skepticism is her claim, first made in 1994, that she once tried to join the Marines in 1975. On the campaign trail, she brought up the story again. [...] Clinton suggests she simply decided to join the Marines, as part of way to serve the country.  But it makes more sense that she approached the Marines as part of a deliberate effort to test the boundaries available to women, especially given her documented antiwar activities.

Hillary Clinton, Jarhead?  What compelled Clinton to seek to join the Marines?  That's not clear.  But it certainly would have been an odd fit, though not because of her age or sex.  Clinton was a promising young lawyer about to marry a rising political star.  She had been an active opponent of the Vietnam war and, as Maureen Dowd noted at the time, had worked on the presidential campaigns of Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern, strongly antiwar candidates.  Nonetheless, she deployed the anecdote again last week, once more describing the exchange with the recruiter in the 1970s.

17 of Hillary Clinton's Worst Email Lies.  Word came late yesterday that the FBI has expanded its probe of Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified files.  A former assistant director of the FBI, Tom Fuentes, notes that "it's [likely] more than a preliminary inquiry; it sounds like a full-blown investigation ...When you have this amount of resources going into it ... I think it's at the investigative level."

Hillary Clinton's Big Insult To Blacks On Education.  Hillary Clinton insulted African-American parents and their desire for charter schools by repeating old teachers union lies that accuse charters of cherry-picking the best students.  The record shows they don't.

Three Pinocchios:
Hillary Clinton's claim that 90 percent of her emails were 'in the system'.  Clinton clearly erred in saying that the "90 to 95 percent" figure was from the State Department.  This is her own staff's calculation, and she should correct the record.  While not all of the e-mails she submitted to the State Department have been released, what has been made available so far suggests that a substantial majority are to and from at least one "" e-mail address.  It is not an unreasonable assumption that these e-mails are contained somewhere within the bowels of the State Department.  But Clinton cannot make a definitive statement and certainly cannot attribute that to the State Department.

Flashback: Hillary Claimed She Tried To Join The Marines In 1975, Or Was It The Army?  Hillary Clinton once claimed that she tried to join the Marines in 1975, shortly before marrying her draft-dodging boyfriend, future president Bill Clinton.  Or did Hillary Diane Rodham attempt to join the Army, as Clinton suggested in 2008?  Or did she indeed try to sign up for the Marine Corps as part of an experiment to see how receptive the military was to female volunteers, as her friends have suggested?

Clinton cannot tell the truth.  "There was enough political momentum to amend the Constitution of the United States of America," Clinton said, referring to the possible passage of a federal marriage amendment.  DOMA, she argued, was "a defensive action," and "a line that was drawn that was to prevent going further."  There's just one problem with this explanation:  It's a lie.  Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner studied thousands of pages of records from the Clinton White House and found no mention whatsoever of Clinton supporting DOMA on any such grounds.

Two Pinocchios:
Hillary Clinton's misleading claim that 'numerous surveys' show veterans are satisfied with VA medical care.  Post-care satisfaction surveys do not necessarily reflect the population of veterans at the center of the VA scandal, which dealt particularly with patients' access to care.  A large portion of veterans who received medical care may have had positive experiences, but this overlooks the hundreds of thousands of patients who experienced delays in care, or the dozens who died while waiting for care, as the inspector general found.  While she says numerous surveys show veterans' satisfaction, the examples her claim is based on are either funded by the VA or a non-scientific survey of veteran attitudes.

Here Are The 7 (Non-Benghazi) Lies The Press Refuses To Take Hillary To Task For.  CBS's Charlie Rose was confused as to why Marco Rubio would suggest Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi during Wednesday's GOP debate.  If Rose had taken a moment to glance at the evidence, he'd know the simple reason why Rubio said Hillary lied about the Benghazi attacks:  because Hillary lied about the Benghazi attacks. [...] Charlie Rose, and others in the insulated media bubble, seem to be blind to Hillary Clinton's pattern of lies and deception despite the mountains of evidence that show her to be, as the late William Safire wrote in 1996, a "congenital liar".  Here's a list of the (non-Benghazi related) lies the media still has yet to take Hillary to task for: [...]

Hillary Lied About DOMA on Maddow Show.  On the Rachel Maddow Show, Hillary Clinton said that it was the threat of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that led Bill Clinton to sign the Defense of Marriage Act.  This statement is totally untrue.  I was there and there was never any discussion of a constitutional amendment on the subject.

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Care That Everyone Thinks She's A Liar.  America is acutely aware of Hillary's character flaws — how is it possible then that she remains an electoral colossus?  According to Huffington Post's aggregate poll tracker, nearly 52 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton — her worst score ever.  A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 61 percent think she is neither honest nor trustworthy, another record low for Hillary.  She had better numbers in 2008, an amazing statistic considering she lost her party's nomination that year.

Granny Catlady, who lost $6 billion while running the State Dept., blames budget cuts for Benghazi attack.  One of the many rehearsed lies Hillary Clinton recited during her testimony last week was particularly galling.

Did someone mention Benghazi?

Can Nothing Stop the Clintons?  I must admit that in all of my years on this earth I have never seen two people get away with more lies, obfuscation and corruption than Bill and Hillary Clinton.  After listening to her 11 hours of testimony about Benghazi this week, I was sure that some way, somehow she would be held accountable for something.  Alas, that idea was just wishful thinking.

Levin Slams Clinton, Obama, and the Dems for Lying To America's Face.  On Thursday [10/22/2015], former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, answering questions for 11 hours about what she knew about the attacks and when she knew it.  What's clear from her testimony is that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration has lied.  Repeatedly.  Those in the media are predictably spinning Clinton's testimony to make her look undamaged and protect her presidential ambitions.  But on Thursday evening Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin set the record straight:  [Audio clip]

Do Hillary's Lies Matter?  It is of little concern to me that the corporate media says Hillary aced the Benghazi hearing, To me she didn't, and I care more that the public is being inured to public officials' lying. [...] Maybe I've misjudged the voters.  Maybe they really would like a brazen, self-seeking consummate liar.  Because that's what she certainly is.  She dissembled so often in the hearings I cannot possibly keep you awake while detailing them all.

Clinton gaffe brings VA problems into 2016 race.  Sen. John McCain said Wednesday [10/28/2015] that Hillary Clinton's recent comments about the Department of Veterans Affairs should make veterans question whether she can be president.  McCain, R-Ariz., took the offensive, along with Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida, on behalf of the Republican National Committee, which seized on the growing controversy over Clinton's statement last week claiming the VA's problems are "not widespread."  She told MSNBC that the GOP is exaggerating VA dysfunction in a plan to cut funding and privatize the agency.

Hillary's defense of VA: One too many rides on the VRWC pony.  At the very least, Republicans should not assume that the issue is settled.  And neither should the media that rushed to toss hosannas at Hillary last week.  Her bizarre and paranoid rant discounting the deaths of dozens of veterans at the hands of a corrupt VA as nothing more than a political attack on single-payer health care should also remind Democrats that Hillary remains the same haughty, entitled, and unlikable candidate that she turned out to be in 2008.

Sorry, Hillary Clinton. VA Corruption is Widespread.  Hillary Rodham Clinton says the furor over sick vets waiting for health-care is overblown and "not as widespread as it has been made out to be." [...] Sorry, Clinton.  That's wrong.  138 nonpartisan investigations prepared for Congress — count them, 138 — have shown corruption and dysfunction throughout the VA system.  And our ailing vets bear the brunt.

Clinton: Veterans Affairs scandal not a 'widespread' problem.  Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton says the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal is not as "widespread" of a problem as coverage would indicate. [...] The former first lady blamed Republicans for using the issue as part of an "ideological agenda" and said they want the VA to "fail."

More about VA hospitals.

Clinton: I didn't have a computer in my State Dept. office.  Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she did not conduct most of her official business as secretary of state via email, during her testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, remarking that she did not even have a computer in her Foggy Bottom office.  During questioning from Indiana Republican Susan Brooks, Clinton was asked to account for the relative lack of emails to and from State Department officials regarding the situation on the ground in Libya from 2011 to 2012, as the situation deteriorated.

The Editor says...
There's an easy way to refute this claim:  Bring in the current Secretary of State, put him under oath, and then ask him if there was a computer in his office on his first day as Secretary, and ask him if there were any work-related files on that computer when he got there.  This is one of the most transparent lies Hillary Clinton has ever told.  Name one (other) cabinet-level official, at any time in in this century, who did not have a computer in his or her office.  For that matter, name one federal bureaucrat in Washington without a computer in his or her office.  I await your answer.

State Can't Verify Clinton Email Claim Made At Benghazi Hearing.  One of the sticking points in Mrs. Clinton's testimony in front of the Benghazi panel was her claim that 90% to 95% of her work emails were automatically preserved in the State Department's system. [...] But State Department spokesman Mark Toner on Friday [10/23/2015] said the figure is something her campaign is using and referred questions to them for "the rationale or the background behind it."  "I'm not aware that we have given that figure," he said at a press briefing.  "I'm not in a position right now to confirm that."

State Dept. Cannot Confirm Clinton's Email Claim At Benghazi Hearing.  The State Department said that it could not confirm a figure Hillary Clinton cited during testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Thursday, suggesting that it was fashioned by her presidential campaign.  The Wall Street Journal reported that a State Department spokesman said Friday that the agency could not "confirm" Clinton's claim that between 90 and 95 percent of her work emails were already preserved in the State Department's computer system because she emailed other government officials on their work accounts.

Hey Rubes, I Never Blamed a Video for the Attack in Benghazi!  Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's testimony yesterday before the congressional committee formed to investigate the deadly Benghazi debacle that she allowed to happen and then tried to cover up can be summed up in two words:  she lied.

Hillary Clinton: 'I Did Not Email During The Day'.  Hillary Clinton says she did not generally send or receive emails during the daytime during her tenure as Secretary of State, despite copious evidence to the contrary.  "I did not email during the day except on rare occasions when I was able to," Clinton said.  Clinton spent a chunk of time at Thursday's [10/22/2015] House Benghazi Committee hearing defending herself against the suggestion that she exposed classified information on email, saying that she did not conduct the business of the U.S. government on email.

'Smoking gun' emails just released by UK Daily Mail prove Hillary a bigger liar than Tony Blair.  [Scroll down]  But much more important to me than this UK-centric story is what we learn about Hillary Clinton's emails.  Take a look at the memo itself, the top line in the left had column.  [Illustration]  This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that, as my friend Mike Nadler says, "she lied in her numerous statements that there were no classified documents on her server, even with her later qualification that none were marked classified at the time."  At the time she was doing this research, the memo was still classified, only to be unclassified in 2014.  Pantsuit on fire!

Three Pinocchios:
Clinton's claim that 40 percent of guns are sold at gun shows and over the Internet.  So where does the 40 percent figure come from?  It is derived from studies that were based on data collected from a survey in 1994, the same year that the Brady Act requirements for background checks came into effect.  In fact, the questions concerned purchases dating as far back as 1991, and the Brady Act went into effect in early 1994 — meaning that some, if not many, of the guns were bought in a pre-Brady environment.  The survey sample was relatively small — just 251 people.  (The survey was done by telephone, using a random-digit-dial method, with a response rate of 50 percent.)

Hillary's 'Genocide' Lie.  When the late William Safire called Ms. Clinton a "congenital liar," he knew whereof he spoke.  Mendacity is in Hillary's DNA.  There was no genocide in Libya, nothing close.  Although I have written about the Libyan fiasco previously on these pages, the story bears repeating at least in part as Hillary has assumed full ownership of the genocide lie.

Hillary's Glaring Lie Explaining Her TPP Flip Goes Unchecked by Media.  It has happened many times in the past.  A story is covered by numerous websites but which is ignored by the mainstream media because it doesn't fit with their political agenda.  However, rarely has there been such a blatant example of this Web/MSM dichotomy in coverage as what happened this week in view of the fact that it involved a major presidential election issue.  Hillary Clinton claimed her bigtime flip-flop from supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement to opposing it came about because she had recently read the pact.  The big problem for her credibility is that the details of that agreement have not yet been released as was verified by the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest.

Clinton says she flipped on trade deal after seeing it — but it's not public.  Hillary Clinton is drawing head scratches from the White House for saying she decided to oppose the Pacific-nation trade deal after "looking at it" — even though the official text is not public.  The Democratic presidential front-runner addressed her flip-flop on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal she backed as secretary of state, at Tuesday's Democratic debate.  She acknowledged she once called it the "gold standard," but added:  "It was just finally negotiated last week, and in looking at it, it didn't meet my standards — my standards for more new, good jobs for Americans."

Lobbyists for Clinton's 'Enemies' Are Bankrolling Her Campaign.  Asked to name the enemies that she is most proud of during Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton cited industries represented by lobbyists who are among her top campaign fundraisers.  In addition to Iran and the Republican Party, Clinton said she was proud to count "the health insurance companies" and "the drug companies" as her enemies.  Those industries' lobbyists do not appear to share that enmity.  By mid-July, seven of them had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her presidential campaign, according to campaign finance records.

The E-mails and Benghazi.  [Scroll down]  And make no mistake — Hillary Clinton is a liar; actually, Bill Safire flattered her when, in 1996, he called her a "congenital liar."  There is no need to go through the parade of Hillary's lies — Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, the Rose law office billing files, her act of Wall St. alchemy etc., etc.  Hillary's entire life is a lie.  And, more to the point, her current effort to take advantage of McCarthy's blunder is just another case of her dishonesty.

The Clintons' long and mendacious road.  Some journalists who today chronicle the charges facing the Clintons were not even born when it all began.  For those of us with unflagging memories and abundant experience, it goes back decades.  I would date the first official charges of Hillary's crookedness and reckless disregard for the law to Watergate in 1974 when she improbably served on the Watergate impeachment staff.  Her boss then was the general counsel and chief of staff for the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Zeifman, a Democrat.  In a personal evaluation of Hillary's performance he wrote, "I decided that I could not recommend her for any future position of public or private trust."  Why?  Mr. Zeifman had learned that in this historic undertaking "she had lied" to him and to others repeatedly.  Had Americans been attentive then, or at least had Democrats been attentive, America might have been spared Hillary's decades-long cavalcade of mendacity and intrigue.

Bill Clinton in 2001: 'I've Never Had More Money in My Life'.  Bill Clinton privately boasted to a close friend that he had "never had more money in his life" less than two months after leaving the White House in 2001, contradicting a claim by Hillary Clinton that the former first couple was "dead broke" and struggling financially at the time. The former president made the comments just weeks after he left office, according to a contemporaneous audio diary recorded by his long-time friend Taylor Branch and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Past Blast: Hillary Clinton Claimed We "Dodged Sniper Fire".  It's hard to believe it's been nearly 20  years since I traveled with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to Bosnia.  The trip in 1996 would later become grist for the political mill when presidential candidate Clinton claimed — in 2008 — that we had dodged sniper fire on that trip.  I not only had a different memory, but I still had the video from the event and it clearly showed no snipers.  In fact, there were children on the runway in Bosnia to greet Clinton.  Sheryl Crow was on the trip with us, as was comedian Sinbad (to entertain the US troops).  Sinbad, too, pointed out he didn't recall sniper fire.

No, not Obama — the other one.
Why Are Democrats Still Supporting a Compulsive Liar?  From the start, Hillary claimed that she set up the server so she could use just one device for everything.  If that's the case, then why did she continue to carry several devices?  When asked to turn over all of her emails, she delayed and then said that most of them had been lost or deleted.  Yet it didn't take investigators long to find them.  When Hillary finally did hand over her emails, she claimed that it was everything.  Judicial Watch found gaps in the 'everything,' some of which covered several months.  When asked if she had ever used her personal email server to send or receive classified emails, she emphatically said no over and over again.  Yet the more investigators looked into her personal server and email accounts, they found classified information.

The Fact Checker Confirms It — She Is Lying.  Clinton is sticking to her story that the emails she has turned over to the State Department were part of a review that asked former secretaries to do the same.  Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler gave her story three Pinocchios Sunday, meaning that it has a "significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions."  The Clintons are likely to brush that off as more of the vast right-wing conspiracy that's been dogging them since the 1990s, even though the Post is not exactly a collection of right-wing activists.

JW Exposes Hillary Clinton Lie.  I'm sure you've seen and read the usual DC establishment talking heads professing confusion as to why Hillary Clinton would make the "mistake" in setting up a separate email system to conduct government business as secretary of state.  Of course, these types never see the obvious answer — because she had something to hide!  And so did a lot of other Obama administration officials, some still running things at the State Department.  If you have any doubt about this, please take a look at the new State Department records we released yesterday that reveal Hillary Clinton personally signed the authorization for Huma Abedin, her then-deputy chief of staff, to become a special government employee.  The records also show that Abedin declined to provide complete information about her husband Anthony Weiner's financial dealings.

Hillary Caught In Another Lie; How Many Can She Get Away With?  Almost every week, it seems, there's another revelation culled from emails and other documents exposing another falsehood told by Hillary Clinton.  The latest involves her top aide, Huma Abedin. [...] If this were the only boldfaced lie Clinton has told in recent months, it would be bad enough.  But it's just the latest in a long string relating to her private email.  Virtually every claim Clinton made when she first publicly addressed this scandal has turned out to be false.

Could Hillary please start getting her lies straight?  At some point, it becomes tiresome to ask the same question over and over again.  But Clinton leaves us no choice.  How many times must she be caught lying before the current presidential campaign has come to an end?  Clinton had maintained, and in fact swore, that she had turned over all work-related emails from the private server she chose to use, in contravention of government secrecy and transparency laws.  As it turns out, even this claim was untrue.

Another big fat Hillary lie exposed.  Hillary Clinton has been caught in another lie.  She claimed that she was "not directly involved" in her close aide Huma Abedin gaining approval for a suspicious, conflict of interest-redolent job arrangement, but a document has just surfaced putting the lie to that claim.

Hillary Clinton: Come Clean or Get Out.  If the Democratic Party cares to salvage a sliver of moral authority, its leaders and early state voters need to send Hillary Rodham Clinton an urgent message:  Come clean or get out.  Stop lying and deflecting about how and why you stashed State Department email on a secret server — or stop running.

Hillary: No One Is More of a Political Outsider Than I Am.  Sunday [9/20/2015] on CBS's "Face the Nation," when asked about Americans' desire for a political outsider this presidential cycle, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared herself to be an outsider because nothing could be more outsider "than the first woman president."

The Editor says...
This is the sort of logic that only works on the poorly educated.  In other words, Hillary is addressing her base.  Hillary has been a Washington insider since 1993.  She's NOT "the first woman president" (yet) (fortunately), and if she ever becomes that person, she will be the ultimate Washington establishment insider.  Let us all hope that day never comes.

America's descent into lawlessness.  Almost everything former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has stated about her improper use of a private email account and server has been proven false.  A State Department staffer who worked on Mrs. Clinton's private server plans to invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying before a congressional committee about his role in privatizing her email.  But like [Lois] Lerner, Mrs. Clinton has escaped an indictment or jailing.

For Hoodwink Hillary, Lying Is An Art Form.  The painful truth is that her royal highness Hillary Clinton is either a naïve boob or a bald-faced liar.  Thinking people are convinced she is both.  Learning her political lessons well from her husband who once pondered under oath what the definition of is is, old Hoodwink is trying to con the American public into believing that she never received or sent classified information from her private computer server.  She's lying.  Again.  She can't help it.  Hoodwink was the Secretary of State.  Any American who passed the second grade knows the Secretary of State routinely receives highly sensitive e-mails.  To believe otherwise is a willful level of dishonesty and criminal disconnect from reality that is incredibly difficult to comprehend and impossible to accept.

Clinton: Email use was 'fully above board'.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declined a chance to apologize for her email practices Friday [9/4/20-15], saying it was not a good choice but was "fully above-board" and other government officials knew she was using it. [...] She again insisted she did not send or receive any material marked secret, saying the nearly 200 messages already released and marked classified were only designated after the fact and don't indicate she mishandled information.

The Editor begs to differ:
I'd say that's a lie, because there is a mountain of evidence to contradict Mrs. Clinton's claim.

Hillary admits she's bothered that voters think she's a liar.  An eyebrow-raising poll where voters said "liar" was the one word they most associated with Hillary Rodham Clinton has touched a nerve with the Democratic presidential front-runner.

Obama, Bush, Clinton: Secret Agents.  The chief downside for Hillary is that she's a liar.  A big liar.  A lifetime liar.  And the voters know it.  Her mishandling of classified information on her email servers and persistent lies about that along with the revelations that she's under serious criminal investigation by a special branch of the FBI which handles such things, adds to public distaste for her candidacy.

Nobody Cares About the Clinton Email Scandal, Says Clinton Camp.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Hillary Clinton's private email server to determine if its use violated the Espionage Act.  The unsecured server contained top-secret spy satellite information, raising the possibility that Clinton's decision to go outside official channels for her correspondence jeopardized national security.  That being said, the whole situation is a total snooze that is only interesting to the buzzards in the press, Clinton and her allies say.

Words Voters Choose to Describe Hillary Clinton: 'Liar,' 'Dishonest'.  "What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Hillary Clinton?" Quinnipiac asked.  All three of the most popular answers were along the same lines:  "liar," "dishonest," and "untrustworthy."  After those responses, Clinton nets a few positive responses, such as "experience" and "strong."  But then the negative qualifiers begin again, with responses like "crook," "untruthful," "criminal," and "deceitful."

Hillary Clinton Covers Up Yesterday's Cavalcade of Lies With, Get This, More Lies.  The self-imputed Only Honest Man in DC, Ron Fournier, counted Hillary's lies in yesterday's press conference and came up with six.

Hillary Clinton Lies... A Lot.  Hillary Clinton says that she is the most transparent woman in American politics.  There's just one problem — Hillary Clinton lies... a lot.  Ben Shapiro takes a trip in the way back machine to look at a few of the more egregious examples.

Hillary Clinton: Return of the Congenital Liar.  Time after time after time, like clockwork, this "essential characteristic" of deliberately and willfully lying surfaces with Hillary Clinton.  She is Richard Nixon or Lyndon Johnson — or husband Bill — in a pantsuit.  With the keys to the White House handed to her it is hardly difficult to predict that soon enough — perhaps when America can least afford it and desperately needs to keep its eye on the latest terrorist ball — the nation will be consumed in some controversy that revolves around presidential lying.

Cables Show Hillary Clinton's State Department Deeply Involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday attempted to distance herself from the controversial 12-nation trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  During her tenure as U.S. secretary of state, Clinton publicly promoted the pact 45 separate times — but with her Democratic presidential rivals making opposition to the deal a centerpiece of their campaigns, Clinton now asserts she was never involved in the initiative.

Hillary Clinton lies again.  It now appears that Clinton was managing her war using emails that she diverted through a computer server owned by her husband's charitable foundation, even though some of her emails contained sensitive and classified materials.  This was in direct violation of federal law, which requires all in government who possess classified or sensitive materials to secure them in a government-approved venue.  The inspector general of the intelligence community and the inspector general of the State Department each have reviewed a limited sampling of her emails that were sent or received via the Clinton Foundation server, and both have concluded that materials contained in some of them were of such gravity that they were obliged under federal law to refer their findings to the FBI for further investigation.

Hillary's web of lies keeps unraveling.  Such is the self-absorbed arrogance of the Clintons that Hillary actually thought she could get away with the criminal activity of conducting her government business on a personal server and keeping and transmitting classified data in violation of federal law.  It was a server as vulnerable to foreign hacking as any in the private sector that has been hacked, or the servers at the foreign-hacked Office of Personnel Management.  She put her country at risk, and now her personal political ambitions as well.  Only the disinterested Justice Department of the administration she served and a sycophantic press will save her from the incarceration she so richly deserves.

Admit it, Dems: Hillary Could Strangle a Puppy on Live TV, and You'd Still Back Her.  At first Clinton claimed that she needed a single non-governmental email account for "convenience," because she only had one phone.  That claim turned out to be provably false.  Next, she claimed that it didn't matter much, because "The vast majority of my work emails went to government employees at their government addresses, which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system at the State Department."  The latter half of that claim turned out to be provably false, too.  She further insisted that none of the emails contained classified information, a claim that many people with intimate knowledge of such things — such as a former senior State Department official — described with phrases like "hard to imagine."  And her assertion in a CNN interview this month that she went "above and beyond" the email disclosure requirements was — wait for it — false.  In sum, the Democratic Party's 2016 presidential frontrunner brazenly violated government transparency policy, made a mockery of the Freedom of Information Act, placed her sensitive communications above the law, and then just lied about it, again and again.

Estrangement from the truth [is] a problem for Hillary.  Hillary Clinton lies.  This is a widely acknowledged fact among people who pay attention and aren't on her payroll.  Nearly 20 years ago, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote:  "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our first lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar."  Younger folks probably have little to no memory of the lies Mr. Safire had in mind, though some might have heard about Hillary Clinton's infamously implausible explanation for how she managed to make a 10,000 percent profit in cattle futures simply by reading The Wall Street Journal.  Suffice it to say that she's been honing her craft for decades.  And that's turning into a problem for her, perhaps her biggest problem.

Hillary's Latest Whopper.  Yes, this could become a daily feature.  You'll recall that Hillary Clinton once claimed to have been named for Mt. Everest climber Sir Edmund Hillary, even though he didn't achieve that feat until several years after Hillary was born.  No matter.  Her latest claim is that she wanted to be an astronaut, but that NASA wrote back to say, "Thank you very much, but we're not taking girls."  This story might actually be more or less true, not because of NASA sexism back in the 1960s, but because of common sense.  (NASA in the 1960s was struggling to figure out the risks of putting men into a tiny tin can for a few days; did you really expect them to put women of childbearing age into an unknown high radiation environment right out of the box? [...])

How the Obama Administration Gutted Illegal Immigration Detainers.  In the wake of the murder of Kathryn Steinle — or, rather, the news coverage of her murder — Democrats are back-pedaling from their longstanding and consistent support for "sanctuary" cities.  When asked about the issue, Hillary Clinton followed her usual policy:  she lied.

House Speaker John Boehner: Hillary Clinton is lying about State Department emails.  House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday [7/12/2015] accused former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton of lying about the email scandal that is hounding her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  "She is not telling the truth.  She had an obligation to turn these e-mails over," Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Gowdy reveals subpoena Clinton claims she 'never had'.  House Republicans investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on Wednesday [7/8/2015] released a March subpoena issued to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, one day after she said in a nationally televised interview that she "never had a subpoena" in the email controversy.  Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the Benghazi panel, said he had "no choice" but to make the subpoena public "in order to correct the inaccuracy" of Clinton's claim.  Clinton told CNN on Monday that she "never had a subpoena," adding:  "Everything I did was permitted by law and regulation."

Hillary Clinton Lied to CNN. And Everyone Else.  During an interview this week with CNN, Hillary Clinton boldly claimed that her email scandal was no scandal at all.  She flatly declared, "everything I did was permitted.  There was no law.  There was no regulation.  There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate."  Mrs. Clinton certainly operated at the State Department as if "there was no law," but she surely knows better.  In fact, there is a lot of law, including criminal provisions, which governed her conduct.  Here is a partial list: [...]

7 of the most blatant lies in Hillary's CNN interview.  [#1] "People should and do trust me." [...] Fifty-three percent of American voters said Clinton is not honest and trustworthy in a May Quinnipiac poll.  And in a May AP-GFK poll, nearly four in 10 Democrats and more than six in 10 independents said "honest" is not the best word to describe her.  The likeliest contributors:  the thousands of headlines generated from both her "home brew" civilian email server and from news of the Clinton Foundation's Rolodex of foreign donors.

Hillary Clinton's Lies.  Hillary Clinton entered this race treating the press like a nuisance at best; marks whom she could easily distract with a bit of misdirection.  When she's not corralling photographers in their allotted, roped-off stations, she's mocking their efforts to cover her serial mendacities.  In March, while delivering the keynote address during the awarding of the Toner Prize for excellence in journalism, Clinton issued a self-effacing series of jokes joking about her own penchant for paranoid secrecy and her unfolding email scandal.  It was a display of arrogance and chutzpah that would make Donald Trump blush.

Hillary Emails Reveal Axelrod Knew About Private Account Despite Past Claims.  Emails released Tuesday [6/30/2015] by the State Department as part of the Hillary Clinton email dump reveal former White House advisor David Axelrod knew the former secretary of state had a private account despite recent claims. [...] According to the latest batch, two email chains show Axelrod did indeed correspond with the then-secretary of state — once in June, 2009 and again in July, 2009.

Delusional Clinton Campaign Manager Claims Polls Don't Show Hillary is Viewed as Dishonest.  Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook's job is to spin for his candidate, but he went into overdrive Sunday on Face the Nation when asked about her trustworthiness issues with voters.  Host John Dickerson said Democrats have told him that this is by far her biggest issue, saying "polls have shown that voters do not trust her."  "Well, first of all, no poll shows that voters don't trust Hillary Clinton," Mook said.  "No poll says that."  Unfortunately for Mook, polls very emphatically say that.

Clinton adviser: Voters don't care if she doesn't talk to press.  Joel Benenson, senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, said Monday that voters don't mind at all that his candidate has had only minimal contact with reporters so far. [...] Clinton has been criticized for ducking the press, and giving reporters only a few minutes every few weeks to ask questions.  But Benenson said there's plenty of time to ask questions and have them answered, and said Clinton has already answered many questions.

Surprise, surprise, there are more Hillary lies.  Well, well, well.  It appears that Hillary Clinton and her crew have been caught in a couple more blatant falsehoods.  If the same thing had happened to a leading Republican contender for the presidency, the media would have been howling for answers.  Yet there's been hardly a peep of protest regarding the silence from the Clinton camp.

Chronic dishonesty:
Jeb Should Withdraw to Save the Country from Hillary.  The Democratic Party looks determined to nominate a woman for president that a majority of the country thinks a liar.  A recent poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal found a paltry 25% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton to be honest.  And this is before Mrs. Clinton assumes office.  Who knows what would happen thereafter when so many presidents find themselves in crisis situations demanding courage and integrity?  If Mrs. Clinton were to win the presidency, she would do so under a cloud of distrust unprecedented in any of our lifetimes.  She would have no honeymoon period and would not deserve one.

Flying as close to the flame as Hillary dares.  Neither Bubba nor Hillary know how to tell the truth, but both of them are masters at spinning the lie.  The dump of some of Hillary's official emails this week reveals just how she operated as the secretary of State, employing an old courtier to help her deceive and distort the facts about her role in hanging an American ambassador out to die in Benghazi.

Three Pinocchios:
Clinton's inaccurate claim that immigrant detention facilities have a legal requirement to fill beds.  The United States has broad authority to hold immigrants in civil custody while determining whether they legally entered the country. [...] During her recent immigration discussion, the Democratic presidential candidate called for a "better, fairer and more humane" immigrant detention system.  Detention centers privately contracted with the federal government have a legal requirement to fill beds, she said, which makes no sense and is "not the way we should be running any detention facility."

When elites lie without much consequence, the public follows their examples.  Hillary Clinton, to be candid, is a habitual fabulist.  She entered public life lying about everything from her 1-1000 cattle futures con to the location of her law firm's subpoenaed legal documents.  Recently she has been unable to tell the truth in any context whatsoever.  She will lie about big and small, trivial and fundamental, from the immigrant myths about her grandparents to the origins of her own name Hillary to her combat exposure in the Balkans. [...] Her press conference on the disappearing emails was unique in American political history in that everything Ms. Clinton said was, without exception, a demonstrable untruth.

The Democrats' Baffling Behavior.  My perplexity starts with former President Bill Clinton.  How has such a talented man become so tone-deaf? [...] He justified his continued acceptance of speaking fees up to a half-million dollars while his wife is running for president by saying, "I gotta pay our bills."  That isn't likely to go over well with Americans whose median household income each year is one-tenth of what Mr. Clinton earns with one speech.  When he tried to further the "we're just ordinary Americans" image by claiming he and Hillary had taken "almost no capital gains" since leaving the White House, did he not know or care that financial documents filed by Mrs. Clinton when she was a senator show that to be utterly false?

Four Pinocchios:
Clinton's claim that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than some corporations.  "In New York, which I know a little bit about because I represented it for eight years and I live there now, our undocumented workers in New York pay more in taxes than some of the biggest corporations in New York." — Hillary Clinton, roundtable in North Las Vegas, May 5, 2015.

Forbidden Questions.  Might Hillary reveal to us her exercise regime?  Back in 2011 she told Politico about her weekly workouts at home with a personal trainer and a personal yoga instructor.  But we've never actually seen Hillary do anything physical.

Hillary Says! 'We are all immigrants!'  Voilà!  In addition to handling a private/official email problem, flying coach, and carrying her own luggage, Hillary Clinton may now be able to add to her list of outstanding accomplishments singlehandedly resolving the contention surrounding immigration reform.  Recently, on a tightly stage-managed listening tour Hillary, granddaughter of alleged immigrants, revealed her acute sensitivity for the plight of — you guessed it — immigrants.

From Fauxcahontas to the coal miner's granddaughter.  It's one thing for Hillary Clinton to lift Granny Warren's applause lines, but now she's speaking with a forked tongue about her grandparents, just like the fake Indian does.  You know how Fauxcahontas says she's an Indian because her grandma told her she had "high cheekbones"? [...] Now Hillary is out in Iowa making it up about her grandparents, saying, "All my grandparents, you know, came over here."  Er, no.  Actually, only one of them did.

Hillary's Fatal Conceit.  While in the Hawkeye State, Mrs. Clinton's fabrications [...] included the lie that "all my grandparents, you know, came over here (as immigrants)."  Even the liberals at PolitiFact point out that only one of her four grandparents was not born in the United States.

Hillary Clinton Wrong On Family's Immigration History, Records Show.  Speaking in Iowa Wednesday [4/15/2015], former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents.  The story of her grandmother specifically immigrating is one Clinton has told before.

Hillary fudges the truth about her 'immigrant' grandparents.  Hillary Rodham Clinton fudged her family history at a campaign appearance in Iowa Wednesday [4/15/2015] when she described her grandparents as immigrants.  "All my grandparents, you know, came over here and, you know, my grandfather went to work in a lace mill in Scranton, Pa.," Clinton said.  But, acccording to documents posted on, only one of her grandparents immigrated, while the others were born in the United States shortly after their parents arrived.

Ready for Blatant Censorship.  According to Hillary, after her husband was forced to retire from his job as President of the United States, the impoverished couple lacked financial resources with no future job prospects or source of income for Bill.  Hillary, with a husband and one child to support, was forced to find work, any work she could.  And she did.  All by herself.  The financially strapped Clinton family moved to New York State, somehow scraped together money for a down payment and qualified for a mortgage on a $1.7 million home in a town inhabited by the upper 10% in wealth.  Adapting to her new situation, plucky Hillary soon found a job as U.S. senator from her new home state based just on her totally awesome skills.

Hillary Clinton doubles down on poverty claim and says 'relentless persecution' by Republicans made them 'deeply in debt'.  Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton told the German magazine Der Spiegel on Tuesday that she and her husband Bill were indeed 'deeply in debt' when they left the White House and blamed 'relentless persecution' by Republicans for her legal bills after his presidency.  The claim has added fuel to the fire Clinton herself touched off last month when she claimed they were 'dead broke' after their time in the White House.  The former first lady earns $200,000 or more every time she makes a public speech.  The former president has earned a reported $104 million in speaking fees since he left the Oval Office behind him.

Disingenuousness, evasiveness, hypocrisy, obscurantism, secrecy and dishonesty:

Corktown home
While in Detroit Hillary says Trump's policies will bankrupt America.  While pandering to union members in Detroit yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton claimed that the economic policies of Donald Trump will "bankrupt America."  Well, shortly after Detroit's last Republican mayor left office in 1962, liberal Democrat Jerome Cavanagh signed into law a commuter tax and a municipal income tax.  Detroit's first black mayor, Coleman Young, not only was a race-baiter he was a onetime member of the Communist Party.  His economic record made Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev look like a Yankee capitalist.  As for Clinton's old boss, Barack Obama, federal debt has doubled since he took office.

Inside the Clinton paid speech machine.  Hillary and Bill Clinton's highly paid speeches — whose transcripts they steadfastly refuse to release despite pressure on the campaign trail — are cloaked in secrecy.  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both seized on the issue, raising red flags about what the Clintons say behind closed doors to Wall Street firms and other groups that they don't say in public.

November Election Could Rest On Who Voters Hate Least, Trump Or Clinton.  [A]s we pointed out in this space earlier, both Clinton and Trump have a history of flip-flopping on issues, sometimes within a matter of days. [...] She supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership before she opposed it, backed the Keystone pipeline until she didn't, and supported clean coal before bragging that she would kill coal jobs, which was before she said she never said such a thing.  She's been on both sides on charter schools.  Clinton is so flexible that even her accent changes depending on her audience.

Clinton Flip-Flops on Coal, Now Wants Coal to Prosper.  Hillary Clinton has a very complicated opinion of coal.  In March, she proudly declared, "we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."  Now, she says she wants to see coal "continued to be sold and continued to be mined."  Which is it?

What Hillary Clinton said behind closed doors.  Voters have a legitimate interest in exploring what she has said to rooms full of bankers and investors in the context of evaluating her perspective on financial regulations and economic growth.  Does what she says now in public jibe with what she said then to small, select gatherings of the rich and powerful?  If not, what's changed?

Clinton doubling down on transcripts.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is doubling down on a strategy of not releasing transcripts of speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and other investment banks.  Clinton has refused to release any of the transcripts in the face of a pressure campaign from rival candidate Bernie Sanders, who has relentlessly attacked the Democratic front-runner as being too closely tied to Wall Street.  "She's not going to basically create a standard that isn't applied to anyone else in this race," said one longtime Clinton ally and confidante of her position on releasing the transcripts.

Is Hillary angling to be the first black female president?  When it comes to pandering nobody does it better than Hillary Clinton — who is desperate to become the nation's first black female president.  In her latest outreach to New York City's black voters, Mrs.  Clinton told hip-hop radio show hosts that she carries a bottle of hot sauce in her purse.  It was an apparent homage to a lyric in "Formation," Beyonce's latest hit song.  Or as Hot Sauce Hillary calls her, "Bay-on-say."

Hillary pretends to understand Spanish, laughs at joke in a language she doesn't understand.  Visiting a senior center in New York yesterday [4/15/2016], Hillary Clinton went into full phony mode, pandering and pretending to understand Spanish.  Like President Obama, she speaks no foreign languages, yet pretends to be a sophisticated international figure.  The odd thing is that her transparent insincerity seems to be welcomed by many of those present.

Hillary Clinton Deploys "White Noise" Machine to Prevent Media from Hearing Speech.  The Hillary Clinton campaign wanted to make sure that a private speech that the Democratic frontrunner gave Thursday [4/7/2016] in Denver remained private when it turned on a "white noise" machine that made it impossible for the media, which was outside the venue, to hear anything Clinton said.

Clinton hurls static at curious reporters.  Reporters outside a Colorado fundraiser for Hillary Clinton were unable to listen in on her remarks because staffers sent static noise their way.  Judges use static noise machines at times during trials when they want to keep the jury from hearing their conversations with the lawyers.  However, I've never before heard of such devices being employed by political candidates. [...] Having made that choice, it was foolish of Team Clinton to use a static noise machine.  It just fuels the perception that (1) she talks one way to rich people and another way to ordinary folk, (2) she's secretive, and (3) she's ridiculous.  All three perceptions, by the way, are accurate, as her unwillingness to release transcripts of her speeches to fat cats and her use of private email to conduct official State Department business attest.

No, the Clinton Foundation Hasn't Operated With 'Complete Transparency'.  [T]he heart of the Clinton Foundation controversy sits at the intersection of big money and power politics.  It represents exactly the sort of unholy, influence-peddling and -purchasing system that Hillary's primary opponent has railed against, to great electoral effect.  Watch as Mrs.  Clinton assures viewers that any concerns about her family foundation serving as a giant dodgy political "slush fund" (as one good government watchdog called it) should be allayed by her... commitment to transparency.

Clinton: I'm the 'most transparent public official in modern times'.  Hillary Clinton says she's the "most transparent" public official of modern times, slamming critics of her email practices in a new interview.  "I said, 'make them all public,'" she said of her State Department emails on CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Friday [3/4/2016].  "I've been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as I know.

Hillary needs to answer for her war.  Hillary Clinton, running for president, has not held a press conference in the past 88 days.  You'd think she was running from something rather than for something.  And maybe she is.

The NY Times Editorial Board Calls on Hillary to Release Speech Transcripts.  The question of Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches has led to many calls on the left for her to release the transcripts of those speeches.  She was confronted about it during last week's MSNBC Democratic town hall, and Bernie Sanders has been particularly tough on the subject.  And now the New York Times editorial board is calling on Clinton to release them.

Mrs. Clinton, Show Voters Those Transcripts.  "Everybody does it," is an excuse expected from a mischievous child, not a presidential candidate.  But that is Hillary Clinton's latest defense for making closed-door, richly paid speeches to big banks, which many middle-class Americans still blame for their economic pain, and then refusing to release the transcripts.  A televised town hall on Tuesday [2/23/2016] was at least the fourth candidate forum in which Mrs. Clinton was asked about those speeches.  Again, she gave a terrible answer, saying that she would release transcripts "if everybody does it, and that includes the Republicans."

'Ma Lips Ah Sealed!' Hillary Uses Black Accent In Chat With Sharpton.  Hillary Clinton appeared to mimic Rev. Al Sharpton's accent on Tuesday [2/16/2016] while standing right next to the civil rights activist.  "My lips are sealed," Clinton said in an affected accent after an event at the Harlem headquarters of Sharpton's National Action Network.

Hillary Dusts Off Her Fake Black Accent to Talk About Al Sharpton.  Is she doing bad southern?  Or is she being racist?  You decide:  [Video clip]

What She Knows.  Hillary Clinton stepped out to make a statement claiming victory in the Iowa caucuses on Monday night [2/1/2016].  It wasn't clear that she had won and it still isn't, but appearances had to be maintained.  Clinton gave a six-minute speech that almost captures her full awfulness.  She lies with pathological abandon.  She is a gold-plated phony.  She has achieved plutocratic wealth through public service while holding herself out as a champion of the common man.  She struggles to impersonate an authentic human being.

Clinton blasts Wall Street, but still draws millions in contributions.  Even as Hillary Clinton has stepped up her rhetorical assault on Wall Street, her campaign and allied super PACs have continued to rake in millions from the financial sector, a sign of her deep and lasting relationships with banking and investment titans.  Through the end of December, donors at hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and other financial services firms had given at least $21.4 million to support Clinton's 2016 presidential run — more than 10 percent of the $157.8 million contributed to back her bid, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission filings by The Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton: When I'm President, I Won't Let Staffers Do What I Did.  Hillary Clinton said in a Sunday [1/31/2016] interview with Iowa's WHO that if she is elected president, her staff will not be allowed to use a private email for official government use.

Hillary: 'I Just Don't Understand' What 'Establishment' Means.  Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, "I just don't understand what that means" when asked if she was part of the establishment on Thursday's [1/21/2016] broadcast of CNN's "The Situation Room."

"Slave Labor": Hillary Confidante Cheryl Mills Pushes Manufacturing in Ghana with its 23¢ Minimum Wage.  Cheryl D. Mills, long-time friend and confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, is promoting a 23 cents-an-hour wage in the West African nation of Ghana to lure textile and apparel industry companies to invest there even as the former secretary of state advocates a $15-an-hour "livable wage" here.

Former top Clinton aide: 'I want to avoid FOIA'.  A former top aide to Hillary Clinton appeared to joke with reporters that he wanted to avoid open records laws, years before his and other Clinton aides' use of private email accounts became an issue for her presidential campaign.  "I want to avoid FOIA," Philippe Reines, Clinton's combative former adviser, wrote in an email to journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann in February 2009, referring to the Freedom of Information Act.

Hillary Clinton says she won't use the phrase 'radical Islamic terrorism' because 'it doesn't do justice to the vast number of peaceful Muslims'.  Hillary Clinton explained why she refuses to use the phrase 'radical Islamic terrorism', saying that it is unfair to moderate Muslims and acts as a recruiting tool for ISIS.  Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on This Week, the Democratic presidential frontrunner added that the term 'sounds like we are declaring war against a religion', instead of militants.  Clinton has been lambasted by Republican presidential hopefuls for refusing to use the term, alongside President Obama, who argue there is no hope in winning the fight against ISIS without properly identifying the enemy.

The Editor says...
If you listen to the talking points on the political left, the Muslims certainly have a number of "recruiting tools" at their disposal:  Every criticism of Islam, the operation of Guantanamo Bay, the publishing of cartoons, etc.  Is there any evidence that any of these alleged "recruiting tools" have ever been used to actually recruit anyone into radical Islamism?

Stephanopoulos Confronts Clinton On Benghazi: 'I Answered All Of These Questions'.  Much to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's obvious irritation, This Week host George Stephanopoulos asked [12/6/2015] whether or not she could regain American voters' trust following the Benghazi hearings.  Specifically, Stephanopoulos wondered whether or not Clinton could do anything "to get a majority of American to believe" her again and consider her "trustworthy" as a presidential candidate.  "Well, you know," she stammered.  "Obviously I don't like hearing that, George."

Clinton Appears to Equate San Bernardino Terror Attacks With Planned Parenthood Shooting.  [George] Stephanopoulos stated, "As you know, some of the Republicans rivals have criticized you for focusing on gun control after the San Bernardino attacks.  California has some of the strictest gun control laws here, it didn't stop those attacks, either."  "What happened in San Bernardino was a terrorist attack.  No one is arguing with that," Clinton replied.  "Let's not forget, a week before, we had an American assault on Planned Parenthood and some weeks before that, we had an assault at a community college.  I don't see these two as any way contradictory.

New Hillary Ad: '44 Boys Is Too Many' in White House.  Hillary Clinton released an ad this morning featuring girls saying there have been too many boys in the White House.  "It has been ridiculous that there has never been a female president before," one of the girls says, reading from a letter that she wrote to Clinton.  "Forty-four boys is too many," writes another.  The Clinton camp used this as the title of the ad.  "It will be hard work to be a grandma and president," another girl says.  "I know you can do it."

The Editor says...
Anyone who thinks these girls wrote letters to Hillary Clinton is obviously unaware of the meaning of astroturf, in a political context.  Are we to believe that every one of these little girls wrote spontaneously to Mrs. Clinton, because they're all so interested in the outcome of the next election, and even though some of the letters are apparently written with crayons, there's not one misspelled word in any of them?  Hillary Clinton thinks you're stupid, and Hillary Clinton hopes the emotional appeal of a group of precocious little girls will pull just one more undecided (and gullible) female voter over to her side.

The Benghazi hearing.  If you watched closely enough you could tell how isolated Clinton was in her own department.  When talking about State Department employees, she stressed that they were not her staff.  She surrounded herself with partisan loyalists to an extent that should trouble voters.  What was clear is Sidney Blumenthal, her hatchet man and political fixer had a whole lot of access, showering her with e-mails.  In what was surely Clinton's worst moment, Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) asked her why she sent on one of Blumenthal's memos to the White House, removing an "identifier" showing it came from Blumenthal.

Hillary pretends drugmakers, insurers are her enemies.  Hillary Clinton's closest advisors and top fundraisers include drug and insurance lobbyists.  Clinton fought hard to force everyone to buy health insurance, and to force employers to cover all contraceptive costs through insurance.  Her donor rolls include Big Pharma PACs, and drugmakers have paid her six-figure speaking fees.  Yet Clinton claims the insurers and the drugmakers are her enemies.  It's no wonder so many voters don't trust her.

When Hillary Clinton wields the word 'honestly' it's time to watch out, America.  Hillary Clinton and her supporters are basking in the glow of what they believe was her shining performance in the first Democratic debate, but she — and they — should beware when the spotlight turns to the whopper of a lie she told on stage.  Clinton said, "I'm a progressive who likes to get things done.  And I know how to find common ground, and I know how to stand my ground, and I have proved that in every position that I've had, even dealing with Republicans who never had a good word to say about me, honestly."  Pull out the fact checkers when Hillary Clinton uses the word "honestly."

Hillary Compares The NRA To 'The Iranians And Communists'.  Hillary Clinton took aim at the National Rifle Association in Iowa on Wednesday [10/7/2015], hitting the group for what she claims is its "absolutist" stance on gun rights and comparing it to "the Iranians and Communists."

Who's Hillary?  They should put out a new book called Who's Hillary?  On each page, there'd be dozens of drawings of Hillary and you'd have to figure out which was the real one[.]  If any.  There could be the hip, self-mocking Hillary we were treated to on Saturday Night Democrat Toady — I mean Live! — the other night.  There could be the indignant Hillary who tried to weasel out of fair questions on the Today show.  There could be Grandma Hillary who just can't make heads nor tails of those danged email servers — what do you, wipe em with a cloth er sumpin?  There could be southern-accent Hillary, and African American Hillary and teary-eyed Hillary...

Hillary Clinton's Multiple Personality Disorder.  Clinton's persona has morphed so repeatedly over the years to appear to be likeable — to develop that Q factor that propels newscasters and politicians to wealth and power — that she has become a bit of a blur.  There are examples of her chameleon lizard-like history.  She has a pattern of changing her name for example. [...]

Hillary Clinton Is a Nasty Piece of Work, Part 632.  When is this sad farce going to end?  Since she began her campaign for the presidency last spring, we've seen defiant Hillary, aloof Hillary, regretful Hillary, warm and fuzzy Hillary, comedienne Hillary and now this very morning, "visibly angry" Hillary.

Phony accent on demand:
Hillary Clinton Put on Southern Accent for South Carolina Democratic Chairman.  Hillary Clinton recently sat down for a "Chair Chat" with the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic party, Jaime Harrison.  During the interview, as in many of her speeches to people who live in the South, she put on a Southern accent that is absent from her speeches to Northerners.

Hillary Clinton Shows Off Her Southern Accent Again, Y'all.  I do declare, runnin' a presidential campaign can wear a body out!  What with all that flip-floppin' on Planned Parenthood and bein' investigated by the FBI and all, it's no wonder Hillary Clinton needed to just set a spell and visit with her good friends in South Carolina.  The other day, Hillary sat down with Jamie Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, on his web show Chair Chats.  If you've got half an hour of free time and absolutely nothing better to do with it, you can watch their conversation [elsewhere].  Just about anything can be improved with a couple of rocking chairs and a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade.  Even listening to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's Southern strategy? Hillary fakes her accent for local crowd.  Hillary Clinton has started faking a Southern drawl to speak to Southerners, just as she did during her last presidential run eight years ago.  The tactic drew chuckles, derision and not a little resentment when she tried it in 2007 and 2008.  But she was back at it again in Alabama on Saturday [10/17/2015], putting on a heavy twang to express her contempt for Republicans.

Return to Kentucky Fried Hillary.  Madam Hillary was campaigning over the weekend in Hoover, Alabama, so she felt the compulsion to turn on her phony drawl again.  We have much more of this to look forward to, of course, but it serves a useful purpose.  It reminds us that she is occasionally lacking in authenticity.

Nixonian Clinton strikes again.  The Clintons are proving they don't think anything is too small to lie about and that no rule that should be left unbroken.  If there is a way to get around the prohibition on campaigns and super PACs coordinating, leave it to the Clintons to show us the way.

Hillary Clinton Says Two Different Things About Her Emails, Both of Which Can't Be True.  More than 60 percent of voters don't think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy.  Even Donald Trump has a better reputation on that front, which is just embarrassing.  No wonder so many Democrats are biding for Biden.  Hillary and her campaign seem to think this is simply the result of biased media coverage, unfair partisan attacks and right-wing "conspiracy theories."  They insist it's "time to move on."  They should at least consider the possibility that voters have good reason not to trust Hillary.  Because is she really has nothing to hide with respect to her private email server, why do explanations keep changing so often?

Hillary's latest excuse: 'There is no evidence'.  On CNN's "The Situation Room" last week, she faced questions about the claim by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that she should face criminal charges for using a private email account and server to conduct official State Department business, including emails with highly classified information.  Clinton burst into laughter.  She kept up the giggling when asked about the chance that hackers from Russia or China broke into her server to glean national-security secrets.  And then gave the lawyerly answer, "There's no evidence of that."  Well, not yet — the FBI's only started looking for it, years after the breach might've occurred.

Hillary Answers Zero Questions During Wide-Ranging CNN Interview.  Wolf Blitzer interviewed Hillary Clinton for 14 minutes and managed to let her duck every question.  He also didn't ask a single follow up question.  Why even bother interviewing her?

Montage: Watch Hillary Duck Every Question in 14-Minute CNN Interview.  Last night [9/17/2015], Wolf Blitzer managed to score a 14-minute interview with Hillary Clinton, during which he was free to wrest as many answers from the press-shy candidate as he could.  The number of answers she actually gave?  Zero.  Hillary bobbed, weaved, ducked, dodged, and ultimately avoided answering a single question.

CNN Laughs at Clinton for Telling One Audience She's Progressive and Another She's Moderate.  CNN's State of the Union panel laughed Sunday [9/13/2015] after host Jake Tapper showed clips of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claiming to one campaign audience that she was a solid progressive and to another that she was a centrist.

You Can't Choreograph Empathy.  [Scroll down]  And so it is with Hillary's not so magical inventors.  Her campaign dresses her in gingham for Iowa and choreographs the scripted shedding of sad tears for mom and tears of joy for granddaughter.  But Hillary fails to move, neither evoking nor evincing empathy.  They wind her up to dance with Ellen DeGeneres but she's more wooden than Coppélia.

How Hillary Clinton is using old photographs to make herself more 'relatable'.  Follow Hillary Clinton's Instagram feed, and you'll see her as a toddler in Park Ridge, Illinois, riding a tricycle.  On Facebook, you'll meet her as an almost unrecognizable young Arkansas mother with brown hair, big glasses and loafers, spotting her daughter on a pony ride; on the website Medium, she stares out at you, just another earnest face in a crowd posing for a 1965 high school class picture.  In the first television ads of the campaign, she is seemingly from another era, pictured in grainy black and white, about 10 years old with a half-smile on her face, hair pulled back in a pollyanna, holding her mother's hand.

The Weariness of the Whiners.  [Scroll down]  Poor Mrs. Clinton. She was misled about her server, or did not want a handful of clumsy duplicative communication devices or did nothing improper or at least nothing illegal, or at least nothing indictable, or at least differently from past secretaries of State, or never sent classified material, or at least never material that was stamped officially confidential.  Who then caused this scandal?  The New York Times, Fox News, the right-wingers, the Republicans, or the Clinton-haters.

The Clinton campaign puts the 'moron' into oxymoron.  We knew Clinton was going to be funny and warm because her aides told the New York Times she was going to be funny and warm.  "Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say," was the headline on Amy Chozick's piece this week, reporting that "there will be new efforts to bring spontaneity to a candidacy that sometimes seems wooden and overly cautious."  "They want to show her humor," Chozick said of the advisers.  "They want to show her heart."  They want this even though previous such efforts "backfired amid criticism that the efforts seemed overly poll tested."  Maybe they seemed poll-tested because they were poll-tested, but no matter:  "The coming months will also be a period of trying to shed her scriptedness."  Planned spontaneity?  A scripted attempt to go off script?  This puts the "moron" into oxymoron.

Clinton Only Apologized for Emails After Bad Focus Group Reactions.  Hillary Clinton's sudden reversal on whether or not she would apologize for using a private email server while Secretary of State seemed inexplicable; on Friday [9/4/2015] she refused to apologize in an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, but by Tuesday was apologizing to ABC's David Muir.  But The New York Times reported Wednesday [9/9/2015] on the impetus for the change; Clinton watched a video of a focus group that reacted negatively to her email rhetoric.

Hillary will do anything to change the conversation — except be honest.  Before apologizing for the e-mail scandal yesterday, she had gone from iron defiance to painful jokes and then a claim that she was too busy as secretary of state.  "We had so many problems around the world," Clinton said in a TV interview.  "I didn't really stop and think what kind of e-mail system will there be."  Whopper alert!  Of course she thought about it, and plenty.  How else did the server get in her home?  Did it walk in, plug itself into the wall and start humming with classified information?  And she certainly thought about the server when she used private money to pay a State Department employee to maintain it.  She made the decision to operate outside the secure government system every time she received and sent an e-mail at her private address.  By her count, that happened about 33,000 times over four years.

After Raising Millions, Hillary Wants Big Money Out Of Politics.  Trying to revive her flailing campaign, Hillary Clinton has proposed a new campaign finance reform to limit the influence of big donors.  That's easy for her — she's already raised millions from them.

Exclusive: Hillary Paid to Hide Identity of the People Running Her Email Server.  Hillary Clinton paid to hide the identity of the people running her private email server, Breitbart News has learned.  Her attempt to hide details about her server has allowed another faceless company access to her classified email information, while doing little to nothing to secure that information from hackers.  Clinton's private email domain was initially purchased by Clinton aide Eric Hoteham, who listed the Clintons' Chappaqua, New York home as the contact address for his purchase.  But the domain is actually registered to an Internet company designed to hide the true identity of the people running it.

Hillary Clinton revealed to have over a million fake Twitter followers.  Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are not polling well when it comes to their social media fans.  An analysis of the pair's Twitter accounts has revealed that over one million of Clinton's followers are fake, while only 53% of Biden's social media fans are real.

Judicial Watch: State Department Did Not Provide Secure BlackBerry to Hillary Clinton.  Judicial Watch announced that the State Department asserts in its most recent filing with the court the State Department did not issue personal computing devices to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and possibly destroyed the Blackberries of her aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills: [...] "The questions just keep popping up.  Every time the State Department tries to justify its stonewalling, one more bit of information arises," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  "If the State Department was not providing secure email devices to Mrs. Clinton, who was?  Best Buy?  Target?  Mrs. Clinton clearly did whatever she wanted, without regard to national security or federal records keeping laws."

State Department: Mills and Abedin official BlackBerrys likely gone.  BlackBerry devices the State Department issued to former Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin have likely been destroyed or sold off as surplus, a State official said in a court filing Wednesday [8/19/2015].  The secretary of state's information technology office "believes that Ms. Mills and Ms. Abedin were each issued BlackBerry devices," State Executive Secretary Joseph Macmanus wrote in a declaration submitted to a federal court in Washington.  The office, referred to as S/ES-IRM in agency parlance, "has not located any such device at the department" and "standard procedure upon return of such devices is to perform a factory reset (which removes any user settings or configurations) and then to reissue the device to another employee, to destroy it, or to excess it," he added.

The Editor says...
That's the first time I've seen excess used as a verb.

State Department destroyed Clinton aides' BlackBerrys.  The State Department destroyed the BlackBerry devices issued to two top aides of former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and never issued Mrs. Clinton a device at all, officials told a federal court Wednesday [8/19/2015] in a filing that raises still more security questions.  The filing came a day before officials will have to appear in court to detail the steps they took to try to track down Mrs. Clinton's emails, and whatever computers or other devices she may have used to send them.

Whom to blame for Hillary's trust issues?  We understand Mrs. Clinton's paranoia that the right wing is out to get her.  But not all of the 46 percent of Americans who view her unfavorably — according to a July Gallup Poll — are antipathetic toward her simply because her last name is Clinton.  In fact, nearly 20 percent of Democrats view their party's likely standard bearer in November 2016 unfavorably.  Not because they've been unduly influenced by Mrs. Clinton's right-wing detractors, but because her actions reinforce the perception that she is unworthy of their trust.

Hillary Clinton's ridiculous hedge on Keystone XL.  Here's Hillary Clinton's "answer" to a question about whether she supports or opposes the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline at a townhall in New Hampshire today [7/28/2015].  "If it's undecided when I become president, I will answer your question," Clinton said.  "This is President Obama's decision.  I'm not going to second-guess him." [...] If Clinton's position is that she can't take a public stance on any issue that has some sort of pending business before this White House, then she's not going to be able to take a position on, well, anything.

Clinton as champion of small business? That's Hill-arious.  Hillary Clinton does no favors to her presidential campaign and her credibility by declaring that, "I want to be the small business president — somebody who makes it easier for [small businesses] to get started, to grow... to try to optimize the opportunity side of the equation."  Neither the facts nor even a former counselor and domestic strategist to President Bill Clinton support Hillary Clinton's claims to be a small business champion.

What Did Hillary Clinton Talk About During Those Speeches? Cookies, Cars, Camp.  Hillary and Bill Clinton disclosed recently that they earned more than $25 million making speeches to business, trade and special interest groups over the past year or so; millions more went to the family's foundation.  What they actually told those groups is little known.  In most cases, only sponsors, registered guests or paid ticket holders were admitted.  Venues were monitored by the Secret Service and attendees warned to keep the content private.  "Our contract didn't allow us to record or transcribe... and no posting to our website," said Amanda Forster, spokeswoman for Premier Inc., a health-care consultancy that paid Mrs. Clinton $225,500 for a speech in Miami last year.

Did Vince Foster trust Hillary?  Did Ron Brown trust Hillary?
CNN exclusive: Hillary Clinton: 'People should and do trust me'.  In Hillary Clinton's first national interview of the 2016 race, she attacked her Republican rivals on immigration and dismissed the suggestion that the American people have a problem trusting her.  "People should and do trust me," she told CNN's Brianna Keilar.  She blamed the "barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right" for fueling a perception that trust is an area of vulnerability for her.

Clinton Campaign Won't Commit to Releasing Hillary Medical Records.  On Sunday, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager would not commit to releasing her health records during the 2016 campaign.  Face the Nation host John Dickerson pointed out that "Hillary Clinton had a big health scare when she was secretary of state" and asked campaign manager Robby Mook, "will she release her medial records as part of this campaign?"  "I will let Hillary decide that," Mook answered.

Iowa Democrats Want a Candidate Who'll Answer Questions.  A new poll released Thursday [6/4/2015] might contain some bad news for Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton: Iowans want a candidate who is open with the press and voters.  A survey of likely Iowa caucusgoers conducted by the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics from May 25-29 found that 77 percent of the 437 Democrats polled want to elect a nominee who will "meet with and answer questions from news reporters and editors."  An astounding 96 percent of respondents want a nominee who will "take questions from voters."

Phony accent on demand:
Clinton lets loose Southern drawl in South Carolina.  Hillary Clinton, who grew up in Chicago, spoke with a Southern accent during a swing through South Carolina on Wednesday [5/27/2015].  At several points in her talk with minority women small-business owners, Clinton slowed her speech and lowered the timbre of her voice for a Southern drawl.

What Hillary said in her lucrative speeches remains a mystery.  The Clintons earned more than $25 million in 2014 from speech income, and a second list released by the Clinton Foundation this week showed that an additional $12 million or more was directed to the family charity after 2001 from 97 speeches made by Bill, Hillary or Chelsea Clinton to various universities, businesses and foreign entities.  The Clintons have offered no explanation for how they decided which speech earnings to donate to their charity and which to take as income.  The lists offer a glimpse into complex relationships the Clintons have with numerous special interests that hired them as speakers, all of which could pose ethical questions as Hillary Clinton makes a run for the White House.  Clinton has guarded herself from some criticism by keeping the speech texts private and signing contracts in which her remarks must be closely held.

Hillary Clinton's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Friday.  Campaign events with Clinton are "staged" and her staffers will only admit supporters who are "pre-selected" and "pre-screened," Associated Press reporter Julie Pace said Friday [5/22/2015], reiterating a media complaint that is growing louder by the week.  Unsurprisingly, being tightlipped with reporters has not gone over well with newsrooms, but there are other issues that are starting to rub the press the wrong way.

The State Department's In-Kind Contribution to the Clinton Campaign.  The State Department is taking a page directly from the IRS's playbook.  First, you destroy incriminating emails, but don't tell anyone.  Former Top IRS official Lois Lerner and the IRS perfected this as thousands of her emails mysteriously disappeared.  Clinton played that part well, destroying emails on her own private server instead of using the government server, while State Department staffers blocked attempts by the public to obtain public information.  Second, you wait years until the public discovers what you've done.  Third, you deny anything happened to the emails.  Fourth, you cover up.  When that is no longer feasible, you delay, stonewall, obfuscate, and otherwise drag out the process of turning over said emails.

Top Clinton Aides Worked To Limit And Block Access To Public Records.  Cheryl Mills, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, and other top Clinton aides were personally involved in certain Freedom Of Information Act requests during Clinton's tenure at the State Department, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Another day, another press dodge for Hillary Clinton.  Monday [5/18/2015] marked another day and another dodge for Hillary Clinton, who is increasingly coming under attack for not answering questions on the campaign trail.  The numbers are in dispute, but the rough estimate is that Clinton has only fielded 13 questions from the press during the first 37 days of her official candidacy for the White House.

Is Hillary Clinton too much of a 1 percenter to face the press?  It looks like Hillary Clinton is aiming to make it to the White House without answering any questions more challenging than, "How are you liking Iowa?" [...] You have to wonder if the campaign is afraid to expose the candidate — or if the candidate's refusing to submit to the indignity of talking to the sweaty working press.  Almost from the day they left the White House in early 2001, Bill and Hillary Clinton joined the 1 percent — hobnobbing almost exclusively with movers and shakers around the world.

Phony accent on demand:
Video proof: Hillary Clinton has manufactured more accents than Hyundai.  You can't say "phony" enough times to describe Hillary Clinton, but this is truly amazing:  [Video clip]

She's a flip-flopper from day one:
How Hillary Clinton is running against parts of her husband's legacy.  On issues large and small, the Democratic presidential contender is increasingly distancing herself from — or even opposing — key policies pushed by Bill Clinton while he was in the White House, from her recent skepticism on free-trade pacts to her full embrace of gay rights.  The starkest example yet came Wednesday, when Hillary Clinton delivered an impassioned address condemning the "era of incarceration" ushered in during the 1990s in the wake of her husband's 1994 crime bill — though she never mentioned him or the legislation by name.

Bill Clinton's Wife Condemns 'Scourge Of Sexual Assault' In First Big Speech.  Thanks to her husband's actions as president and as the governor of Arkansas, Hillary is no stranger to the sexual assault scourge.

Tracking Hillary Clinton's Use of Every American Accent East of the Mississippi.  Over the past three decades, Clinton's accent has moved around a lot.

Obama, Hillary Clinton pay equality records fall short of Democrats' rhetoric.  Democrats made a big show Tuesday of promoting equal pay for women, unfazed by data showing that both President Obama and leading presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton haven't walked the walk on pay equity.  Mr. Obama declared Tuesday [4/14/2015] to be National Equal Pay Day, a symbolic measure of how far along the yearly calendar a woman needs to work to earn as much as her male counterpart did the year before. [...] But it's well documented that his White House has a history of paying female staffers less than men on average.  An analysis of White House salaries last July showed that there was still a 13 percent pay gap between male and female staffers.

Ready to Defeat Hillary.  Never before has a Presidential candidate played so fast and loose with the truth as has Mrs. Clinton.  From her refusal to shoot straight with the American people on the deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador, in Benghazi, to her unwillingness to play by the rules in the handling of her official emails during her time at the State Department, we have seen time and time again that Hillary Clinton thinks she does not have to follow the laws the rest of us have to follow.

Hillary's biggest problem: she's a phony.  By far, Hillary Clinton is the best-known presidential candidate in the world.  Everybody knows her status, her name, but not where she stands on the issues.  She reminds you in every speech that it's time for a woman, especially if she is the woman in the picture.

More examples of Hillary's dishonesty

Hillary Clinton manipulates the media
  and they don't seem too unhappy about it.

Clinton Uses Noise Machine to Keep Journalists From Hearing Speech.  When Hillary Clinton spoke at a fundraiser in Denver Thursday [4/7/2016], she apparently went to the unusual step of employing a static noise machine to prevent journalists outside from being able to hear her.  Stan Bush, a reporter for local CBS affiliate KCNC, first drew attention to Clinton's use of the machine on Twitter.

116 Days: For the Clinton Campaign Press Corps, Formal Press Conferences Are a Foreign Concept.  116.  That's the number of days since Hillary Clinton has held a formal press conference. [...] Mrs. Clinton did take questions in what can best be described as a pseudo-presser 28 days ago (March 1) at a coffee shop in Minnesota, but the session only consisted of a handful of questions and was relatively brief overall.  Some may count that as a presser (or gaggle), but without a podium and at least five minutes of Q&A, it's not what one could tout as an official press conference.

Audience Member at Dem Town Hall Appears to Admit CNN Wrote His Question.  One audience member named Brett Rosenberg began to ask a question to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton but initially misspoke.  "Secretary Sanders ... Clinton ... Sorry," Rosenberg began.  "That's okay," Clinton responded.  The audience laughed at the mistake while Rosenberg said with an embarrassed smile, "I can see why they gave you this question.  I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why."  Rosenberg's comment appeared to suggest that his question was prepared by someone else and fed to him to ask rather than his own original question.  CNN and the Democratic Iowa Party were the two organizations directly involved with holding and organizing the event.

Israel's Iranian attack plan leaked to reporter by Hillary Clinton: Watchdog.  The news coverage regarding the use by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton of a non-government email system complete with private Internet server has placed other allegations of malfeasance or unlawful behavior by Clinton and her aides in the backseat of the campaign's "Scooby Doo" van, according to a former intelligence official with a specialization in Islamic terrorist groups, Lloyd Victor McKeller.  Allegations that Mrs. Clinton, as Secretary of State, leaked classified data to one of her news media sycophants was ignored, while others who have done far less are sitting in jail cells.

What Was a Member of Clinton's 'Secret Spy Network' Doing While Working for CBS News?  In March, an investigation by ProPublica and Gawker revealed that a "secret spy network" that was not on the State Department payroll, run by longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, was "funneling intelligence about the crisis in Libya directly to the Secretary of State's private account starting before the Benghazi attack."  Now the Weekly Standard has learned that Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of the CIA's clandestine service in Europe who was working directly with Blumenthal as a member of Clinton's spy network, was concurrently working as a consultant to CBS News and its venerable news program 60 Minutes.

Hillary's Weapon of Mass Distraction.  Last week, Hillary Clinton broke her silence on the Keystone XL pipeline and announced — to little surprise — her opposition.  Dusting her fingers with her favorite rhetorical rosin, she described the pipeline as a "distraction from important work we have to do on climate change ... one that interferes with our ability to move forward with all the other issues."  Was the pipeline the distraction?  Or was the distraction the press corps' insistence, after five years of Clinton waffling, that Clinton express a conclusive position on the pipeline's future?  Either way, by invoking the D-word, Madame Secretary swept the entire issue from the agenda.  It's time now to move forward!

NPR: Hillary Timed Keystone Announcement to Pope's Visit.  It would appear that Hillary Clinton's act is wearing thin even among the people at that liberal bastion known as NPR.  Tuesday afternoon [9/22/2015], the headline at an NPR story about Mrs. Clinton's sudden decision to publicly announce her opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline project indicated that her announcement was deliberately timed to coincide with Pope Francis's visit to the United States.

After Clinton Cronies Complain, Big Shakeup at NYTimes.  Ever since the start of the campaign, Hillary Clinton boosters have been complaining about coverage of their candidate in the New York Times.  And today [9/8/2015] the paper announced that Washington bureau chief Carolyn Ryan is being demoted — or shifting roles! — at the paper. [...] Hillary boosters are publicly connecting what they see as bad coverage with Ryan's new role at the paper.

Just in case you thought Hillary might be indicted, Obama spent the weekend socializing with her and Bill.  Not just socializing, I should note, but socializing in public, an implicit reminder to the DOJ and intelligence community that Hillary Clinton's prospects are important to him and his party.  When was the last time the subject of an FBI investigation that's on the front page of newspapers across the country got to party with the president the same week?

CNN's Stelter: Media Not Complaining About Hillary's 'Press Access'.  On Sunday's [8/2/2015] Reliable Sources, CNN's Brian Stelter told Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton's communications director, that "there have not been that many complaints about press access with your media, as opposed to prior Clinton campaigns."  Stelter seemed to ignore Clinton's actual limited press, including her infamous moving rope line to separate herself from the media, and did his best to paint a rosy relationship between the Democratic frontrunner and the national media covering her.

Email Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Fed Questions Before Meet the Press Appearance.  One of the private Hillary Clinton emails released Friday [7/31/2015] reveals that an NBC source was leaking possible questions to the then-Secretary of State's staff ahead of an appearance on Meet the Press.  In an July 2009 email with the subject line "heads up," Clinton staffer Lissa Muscatine wrote, "You probably already know this, but I just heard from a friend who is wired at Meet the Press that David Gregory will ask you about David Maziar, the Newsweek journalist arrested in Iran."

New Hillary Emails: Media, Congress Fed Her Questions.  A great deal of the communication contained in the latest batch of Clinton emails released to the public consists of sycophantic throne-sniffers at the State Department and White House competing with each other to see who can compliment Her Regal Majesty the most.  But now we've got examples of people actively helping her stage public appearances — including, to no one's surprise, the media.  Mediaite reports that one of the new emails shows a source within NBC News leaking Hillary questions in advance of a Meet the Press appearance: [...]

Hillary Clinton Gives Climate Policy Speech In Empty Room With No Audience.  Reading the Associated Press report of Hillary Clinton in Des Moines today you might think she outlined a policy speech on alternate energy to an interested Iowa audience. [...] But what the media didn't report, is the room for her speech was devoid of actual supporters, or the public, or, well, people.

Hillary Clinton's Worst Fears Are Coming True.  [Scroll down]  The New York Times had revealed [7/23/2015] that two independent inspectors general requested that the Justice Department open a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton for possibly jeopardizing national security by handling classified information on her personal "homebrew" email server.  By morning, however, the Times story had been edited several times.  Struck from the account was the contention that Clinton had "mishandled sensitive government information" and in its place was the claim that "information was mishandled" by... someone.  The lead reporter on that story confessed that the alterations were made at the Clinton campaign's "reasonable" request.

New York Times Edits Clinton Email Story At Her Request.  The New York Times altered its story about two inspectors general calling for an investigation into whether Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her secret private email server.  The change to the lede paragraph came at the request of the Clinton campaign, Politico reports.  "It was a response to complaints we received from the Clinton camp that we thought were reasonable, and we made them," Times reporter Michael Schmidt said, according to Politico.

New York Times alters Clinton email story.  The New York Times made small but significant changes to an exclusive report about a potential criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's State Department email account late Thursday night [7/23/2015], but provided no notification of or explanation for of the changes.  The paper initially reported that two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation "into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state."

NY Times changes story about criminal inquiry into Hillary Clinton emails.  How much pull does Hillary Clinton have with the press?  Politico's Dylan Byers noticed a subtle but monumental change to an article in the New York Times this morning [7/24/2015] that altered the thrust of the piece.  The State Department's inspector general is requesting a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's outside email accounts because he suspects that hundreds of classified documents were stored on the server.  Without explanation or notice, the Times changed the focus of the article.

Keywords:  control freak, paranoid, micromanaging.
Hillary Forbids Young Supporters from Talking to Press.  "Here's what struck me," said Susan Page of USA Today, "when I read the coverage in the Des Moines Register this morning [7/18/2015].  Jennifer Jacobs, who's been on your show, was covering this last night.  Big demonstrations outside of young people for O'Malley and Hillary Clinton.  She went up to the Clinton supporters — these are protesters for Clinton — and they were told they were not allowed to [speak to] a reporter."  Page continued, "Now, why in the world would the campaign tell their own supporters who came out to campaign in favor Hillary Clinton ... these are the young people, college kids, for Hillary, and they've been told they can't talk to reporters.  Why in the world would you do that?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are experts at manipulating the media.  Besides the fact that they are both running for president in 2016, what do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have in common?  They both play the media like a fiddle.  They use the mainstream media in the same way:  They say something outrageous, whether it's an outright lie or a provocative statement, then wait for the media to come after them.

RopeGate: Vintage Video Emerges of Clintons Corralling Press in 1992.  A video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows Bill and Hillary Clinton during the 1992 presidential campaign walking down a city street as aides corralled the press with ropes.  The 29-second video shows them roping off reporters like cattle — something many pundits have said Republicans could never get away with.

Clinton Campaign Shuts Out Reporters in NH.  Another day, another acrimonious interaction between the Clinton campaign and the press.  On Monday [6/15/2015], as Hillary Clinton swung through New Hampshire, her staffers denied the designated print-pool reporter for the day, a man whose coverage has proven bothersome to the Clinton campaign, access to a breakfast event in Manchester.  They then turned away journalists from a community meeting in Rochester, telling them to consult the pool report instead.

Why would she announce her candidacy and then go into hiding?
Hillary Hides from Media, Voters for First Month of Campaign.  It's been a month since Hillary Clinton officially announced that she was running for president.  On April 12, Hillary launched her presidential campaign by releasing a video — and then going into hiding as she road-tripped half-way across the country.  And since then, Hillary has kept on hiding from the press — and the voters.  The Democratic presidential candidate hasn't done a substantive interview since entering the presidential race.  She hasn't held a press conference.  She hasn't done an open campaign rally, either.

Hillary Clinton hasn't answered a question from the media in 20 days.  Welcome to day 29 of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign!  In those 29 days — including April 12, the day she announced, and today — Clinton has taken a total of eight questions from the press.  That breaks out to roughly one question every 3.6 days.  Of late, she's taken even fewer questions than that.

Hillary Campaign Handpicks Reporters For Rare Press Conference.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a rare press conference Monday but only took questions from reporters selected by Clinton campaign communications director Nick Merrill.

Obama-Redux: Clinton Camp Denies Event Access to Pool Reporter.  The Daily Mail's David Martosko is today's [6/15/2015] assigned print pool reporter for the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Nevertheless, in keeping with the Obama White House's shoddy treatment of the media, the campaign refused to allow Martosko access to the event Ms. Clinton is holding in New Hampshire.  The campaign claims, quite ridiculously, that Martsoko has not been approved by the campaign, and they just needed a day or so to make a decision.  Rather than let Martsoko attend the event while the campaign sorted things out and made up its mind, he wasn't allowed in.

Hillary Clinton campaign denies access to political editor as Monday's pool reporter in New Hampshire.  The Clinton campaign denied access to the designated print pool reporter in New Hampshire this morning.  David Martosko of was told by Hillary for New Hampshire staffer Meredith Thatcher that he was not approved for Monday's pooled events.  When Martosko asked Thatcher to phone her boss, Harrell Kirstein, he was again told that he had not been approved by the campaign.

One small way in which Hillary Clinton is running like she's already president.  The normal way for a campaign to work, certainly at this early stage of the campaign, would be for the candidate to come out and say, "I'm going to take some questions" and then take some questions.  While a press aide would likely be standing nearby, there would be no middleman, and no list of reporters who would and would not be allowed to ask a question.  Even the President of the United States, who does work off a list at formal news conferences, calls on reporters himself, without an aide standing beside him to announce who will be allowed to speak.

Clinton Camp Tells Ed Henry He Didn't Get to Ask Hillary a Question Because He Asked Her One Last Month.  Fox News correspondent Ed Henry revealed Tuesday [6/16/2015] why he wasn't able to ask Hillary Clinton a question at her press conference on Monday, where his visible frustration was reported by the Washington Free Beacon.  According to Henry, Clinton's press secretary told him that he had already gotten to ask Clinton a question in Iowa, referring to Henry asking the candidate if she would ever acknowledge the press.  Henry pointed out that on May 19 he did not get to ask a legitimate policy question but merely inquired whether reporters would get the opportunity to do so.

An Inside Look at How Hillary Clinton Plays the Media.  On Tuesday night [6/30/2015], the State Department released some 3,000 pages of emails between Hillary Clinton and her aides during her tenure as secretary of state.  The correspondence offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes view of American diplomacy in action, as well as the former first lady's fashion choices.  But some of the more intriguing exchanges involved the media — how her team sought to shape the news, the journalists they considered receptive to their message, and the close degree to which Clinton monitored how she was covered.

Halperin Condones Human Herding, Defends Clinton Campaign Roping Off Reporters.  Mark Halperin came on the side of child leashing and human herding on Monday [7/6/2015], as the With All Due Respect co-host attempted to explain away a hostile incident between the Clinton campaign and the media.  Clinton campaign aides in New Hampshire corralled reporters with rope, forcing them to embarrassingly walk through a Fourth of July parade in a makeshift pen.  Pictures of reporters behind the rope went viral over the weekend, drawing criticism from many.  It was yet another self-inflicted mistake for the campaign that has a rough relationship with the press for its heavy-handed treatment of reporters.  None of that mattered to Halperin, however.

Hillary ditches campaign strategy of not speaking to journalists as her poll ratings sag.  Hillary Clinton plans to give America the chance to 'see more of her' by increasing her interactions with the press, her campaign says.  She'll finally sit for interviews with the national media and will take more questions from press on a day-to-day basis at the urging of her top advisers and husband, Bill, Fox News' Howard Kurtz reports.  She'll grant her first national interview to CNN's Brianna Keilar tomorrow while in Iowa City, to air at a yet to be announced time.

Hillary spokesman: We roped off the media like animals to keep her parade appearance from becoming "chaotic".  Via the [Washington] Examiner, count me in with John Nolte and Sean Davis in wondering why this grand humiliation is being treated as a Hillary scandal instead of a media scandal. [...] This was one of the lowest stakes appearances she'll make as a candidate, in fact, something that could have been boycotted by the press with no risk of missing out on a newsworthy comment.  Instead they submitted to this — for B-roll of her walking and waving.  Why?

5 Reasons Our Lapdog Media Agreed To Hillary's Leash.  Of all days, on the 4th of July, the anniversary of our nation's founding through the audacious Declaration of Independence, like the stupid sheep they are, the American media agreed to be literally corralled and leashed by a powerful politician.  From the fomenting of race riots to the fabricating of evidence against a working class Hispanic man to literally bowing before President Obama, these liars, cheats, cowards, frauds, propagandists, and servants to power who disguise themselves as journalists, have time and again proven they are impervious to shame, even if it means protecting their own personal dignity.

Hillary's email: Manipulating and massaging the media (Except Fox).  For someone who keeps her distance from the media, Hillary Clinton and her team spend a lot of time working the media.  That's my takeaway from the latest batch of her private e-mails — as well as utter amazement at how her pal Sid Blumenthal was so actively advising her, even after being barred from State Department employment by the Obama administration.

'The Worst Visual Metaphor': CNN Panel Blasts Hillary's Reporter Rope Line.  CNN's "State of the Union" panel ripped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her campaign Sunday [7/5/2015] one day after staffers corralled the press behind a rope as Clinton walked in a Fourth of July parade in New Hampshire.  The panel consisting of CNN contributors S.E. Cupp and Van Jones, The Wall Street Journal's Carol Lee, and CNN political reporter Jeff Zeleny roasted Clinton's rope line, with Jones calling it "the worst visual metaphor" for her campaign.

Clinton uses two aides and a rope to lasso journalists away from her on Fourth of July parade.  As Hillary Clinton walked freely down a New Hampshire road, she shook hands and greeted residents with a smile.  But the members of the press accompanying her were a bit more restricted in their movements — as they were guided through the streets with a rope.  The former Secretary of State's campaign staff kept reporters, cameramen and photographers at arm's length as she joined a July 4 parade in Gorham — fueling speculation she is trying to control the media.

Clinton campaign ropes off reporters at New Hampshire parade.  Campaign aides for Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Saturday [7/4/2015] roped off reporters from the candidate as she walked and talked with potential voters during a July Fourth parade in New Hampshire, sparking frustration from the press corps and outrage from the state Republican Party.  "Hillary Clinton continues to demonstrate her obvious contempt and disdain for the Granite State's style of grassroots campaigning," New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn said in a statement.  "The use of a rope line at a New Hampshire parade is a sad joke and insults the traditions of our first-in-the-nation primary."

Hillary Campaign's Press Pool Looks More Like a VIP Room.  For much of April and May, Hillary Clinton limited her contact with the press to such a degree that outlets had to replace her 2016 presidential campaign's coverage with hypothetical questions and countdowns.  Clinton has since started talking to the press again, if only to address the ongoing State Department email scandal, but another wrinkle has popped up — this time with the Clinton campaign's press pool.  According to The Washington Post, the pool following Clinton along her campaign trail looks more like a VIP club, as it has developed a rather exclusionary practice at the expense of outlets who can't afford high travel costs.

Press gobbles up Hillary's spam campaign.  The Clinton campaign is like a funhouse mirror version the Obama White House.  Tightly controlled press access has become no press access.  Opaque accountability has become concrete-thick secrecy.  Augmenting traditional public interactions with, um, unconventional outreach has become a public persona that is just a Spam loaf of stagy interactions.  With the help of a cadre of Obama insiders who pioneered the style, Hillary Clinton is on an expedition into the deep space of an airless, utterly contrived campaign.  And guess what?  It's working.  She and her team are probably delighted in their ability to run for president without actually running and without having to play by the rules (again).

Clinton — 30 Days, 8 Press Questions; Fiorina — 8 Days, 322 Press Questions.  Tuesday [5/12/2015] will mark exactly 30 days since Hillary Rodham Clinton launched her official presidential bid for the White House, yet she still hasn't done a formal sit down interview with national media, setting a record for the longest running presidential candidate without doing so following a campaign launch, as first reported by Breitbart News.  Unlike Clinton, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has been on what CNN coined a "media blitz" introducing herself to voters.

Hillary Clinton Goes 24 Days Without Talking To Media.  The fact that Hillary Clinton — the likely Democratic presidential nominee — hasn't addressed the controversy over her private email server and the fundraising controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation in an interview or with the public seems to be causing the former Secretary of State to take a hit in the polls.

How long will her media allow Hillary Clinton to avoid questions?  Clinton's skating smoothly so far because despite little gripes here and there, media members have largely gone along with the Clinton campaign's determination to protect the party's most likely presidential nominee from awkward questions, gaffes and hypocrisy charges.  Planners do this by plopping her in front of hand-picked sympathizers to ask them questions that allow her to utter the day's themed policy platitudes, as cameras snap and roll.

Here Are All Seven Media Questions Hillary Clinton Has Answered During Her Campaign.  When the press corps comically sprinted across an Iowa lawn in pursuit of Hillary Clinton's van, they weren't just hoping to catch a glimpse of the most-likely Democratic presidential nominee.  They were hoping to ask Clinton questions, and — in the dream scenario — get an answer.  Those answers, however, have been few and far between.  Despite being bombarded with press questions at every chance, Clinton has only personally answered seven inquiries since formally launching her campaign April 12.  Instead, she has spoken directly to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, taking their questions in small-scale events.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Wines & Dines Media at Off-Record Dinners.  ABC's George Stephanopoulos, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, and a half-dozen reporters from CNN were reportedly among the media elites that attended an off-the-record New York dinner with Hillary Clinton's advisers on Friday evening [4/10/2015] ahead of her Sunday campaign announcement.

Clinton spokesman circulates pro-Foundation talking points.  Hillary Clinton is not happy with the recent spate of stories questioning the Clinton Foundation's fund-raising activities.  On Monday morning [3/2/2015], in an email sent to allies in the Clinton orbit, her spokesman Nick Merrill circulated some helpful talking points.

Hillary is interviewed (one time only) by CNN, July 6, 2015.
You may remember that CNN was once known as the Clinton News Network (during the Clintons' first two terms) because of its left-leaning favoritism.

Hillary's coming out speech.  [Scroll down]  Lest anyone think Hillary has changed her mind since 1993, it's now clear that she is competing with Bernie Sanders for the office of socialist-in-chief.  Her speech at the New School for Social Research focused on the failings of capitalism. [...] Hillary hit all the right notes in her coming out speech on Monday, with appeals to working women, unions, illegal immigrants, the LGBT community, environmentalists, and other Democratic constituencies.  But underneath it all was a tired old vision of Big Government coming to the rescue of helpless citizens victimized by the rich.  That has been the orthodox progressive line in this country and elsewhere for over a century, and everywhere it has been tried it has failed.

Hillary Clinton Lied to CNN. And Everyone Else.  During an interview this week with CNN, Hillary Clinton boldly claimed that her email scandal was no scandal at all.  She flatly declared, "everything I did was permitted.  There was no law.  There was no regulation.  There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate."  Mrs. Clinton certainly operated at the State Department as if "there was no law," but she surely knows better.  In fact, there is a lot of law, including criminal provisions, which governed her conduct.  Here is a partial list: [...]

7 of the most blatant lies in Hillary's CNN interview.  [#1] "People should and do trust me." [...] Fifty-three percent of American voters said Clinton is not honest and trustworthy in a May Quinnipiac poll.  And in a May AP-GFK poll, nearly four in 10 Democrats and more than six in 10 independents said "honest" is not the best word to describe her.  The likeliest contributors:  the thousands of headlines generated from both her "home brew" civilian email server and from news of the Clinton Foundation's Rolodex of foreign donors.

Hillary has her own set of rules and facts.  "People should and do trust me," Hillary Clinton remarked in her big CNN interview this week.  That isn't true, of course — the last CNN poll showed that 57 percent of Americans find her to be neither honest nor trustworthy.  To understand why people don't trust Clinton, one need only read or watch the full interview she gave.  For example, Clinton was asked to talk about the controversy surrounding the exclusive use of her private email address and server for her work at the State Department.  Her decision to do this without providing her work emails to State at least somewhat contemporaneously resulted in documents going missing from public freedom of information and congressional requests.

Did Vince Foster trust Hillary?  Did Ron Brown trust Hillary?
CNN exclusive: Hillary Clinton: 'People should and do trust me'.  In Hillary Clinton's first national interview of the 2016 race, she attacked her Republican rivals on immigration and dismissed the suggestion that the American people have a problem trusting her.  "People should and do trust me," she told CNN's Brianna Keilar.  She blamed the "barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right" for fueling a perception that trust is an area of vulnerability for her.

Hillary Clinton's train wreck of a CNN interview.  Mrs. Clinton joined CNN Tuesday night for an interview that was stranger than fiction.  In fact, I'm honestly not sure if the awkward conversation was meant to be self-parody or an earnest attempt at a prime time interview.  The pants suit, the seemingly botoxed brow and resultant crazy eyes, and the passionate dedication to fibbery made for fascinating television.

Hillary Clinton v. Trey Gowdy.  The war of words between Hillary Clinton and Trey Gowdy over her email practices is seriously heating up.  Clinton allies and House Benghazi investigators are clashing over the 2016 presidential candidate's prime-time defense of her email practices, including claims to CNN she did nothing wrong — and had "no obligation" to hand over any correspondence.

Hillary Clinton caught in lie: Benghazi committee contradicts claim of no subpoena.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton's credibility came under new assault on Wednesday [7/8/2015] when the Republican-led House special committee on Benghazi released its March 4 subpoena to refute the former secretary of state's claim that she was never subpoenaed to turn over email.  Mrs. Clinton made the claim Tuesday [7/7/2015] in the first national TV interview of her three-month-old campaign.  It was part of her uneven and at times uncomfortable performance answering questions in front of CNN's cameras.

Here Is the Benghazi Committee's Hillary Clinton Subpoena.  House Republicans on Wednesday [7/8/2015] released the subpoena they issued in early March for emails from Hillary Clinton's private server, a day after Clinton said she had not been subpoenaed for the documents.  Clinton said on CNN Tuesday that "I've never had a subpoena."

Gowdy counters Clinton claim she 'never had a subpoena,' reveals document</