Obstruction and Delay of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

The left-wing fight against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is the most profound example of baseless left-wing obstructionism in this century. Accusations with little or no evidential support are being publicized by the shamelessly biased news media, and the accusations are being treated as air-tight proof as soon as they are brought into public discussion. This amounts to a lynching for a Supreme Court nominee who appears to be very well qualified for the court and not guilty of any of the baseless charges. The bulk of the controversy erupted after the conclusion of the Senate's confirmation hearing, which would have been the time and place to submit such a charge and present the witnesses.

Typically, when a left-wing Democrat realizes he's losing a debate, he will either change the subject or start to shout down his opponents.  In the case of Supreme Court nominees, the candidate's qualifications are almost always beyond any reasonable doubt, which means the candidate must be resisted through dishonest and irrelevant accusations.  President Obama's nominees to the Supreme Court were not given any such treatment, but Judge Kavanaugh is the subject of a series of last-minute accusations by left-wing feminists.

The Democrats have been losing elections for years because their platform is wildly out of step with the American mainstream.  Now they are just stalling.

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Overview / recap articles:

Democrats' Insidious Assault on 'Our Democracy'.  [Scroll down]  But Democrats and left-wing activists should not be taken at their word.  Their actions tell a completely different story:  For all their sanctimonious preening about the modern Republican Party's purported threat to "our democracy," prominent Democrats and left-wing activists have themselves led their own tremendous assault against American democracy.  Consider the U.S. Supreme Court, which the Constitution's framers intended as an anchor of "our democracy" insofar as it protects certain structural safeguards and individual rights against the excesses of majoritarianism run amok.  In September 2018, Senate Democrats discarded millennia of "innocent until proven guilty" civilizational norms with their vicious, unhinged, and unprecedented character attack on then-Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  That weekslong Democratic disinformation campaign, meant to mark a soon-to-be Supreme Court justice with a permanent scarlet letter as a "rapist," culminated with grassroots progressives quite literally banging on the door as Kavanaugh took his ultimate oath of office inside.  How "democracy"-enforcing.

The Biskupic Omission.  The calculated barrage of lies directed at Judge Brett Kavanaugh in his 2018 Supreme Court confirmation hearing should never be forgotten.  The Democrats did everything but physically assassinate Justice Kavanaugh as they assassinated his good name.  Complicit in the assault were the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee including Dianne Feinstein, Patrick J. Leahy, Richard J. Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse — who could forget Sherlock Sheldon? — Minnesota's own Amy Klobuchar, Christopher A. Coons, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie K. Hirono, Cory A. Booker, and one Kamala D. Harris.

Never forget Kamala Harris' cruel lies in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.  When Joe Biden announced that Sen. Kamala Harris would be his running mate, The New York Times called her a "pragmatic moderate."  In fact, she's not at all moderate and is "pragmatic" only in the sense that cynics sometimes ascribe to shameless opportunists.  Considering that Biden, while chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas hearings, helped pioneer the transformation of Supreme Court nominations into hyper-politicized, slander-laden circuses, his running mate's actual record should come as no surprise.  Harris was a ringleader in the circus surrounding Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination two years ago.  Remember that?  She may prefer you forget.

Democrats Are Reaping The 'Whirlwind' Kavanaugh Warned About.  Brett Kavanaugh was a very difficult Supreme Court nominee for liberals to oppose.  He had a stellar reputation, an impeccable record, and a genial disposition.  While members of the Resistance held a protest on the steps of the Supreme Court minutes after President Trump announced him as the pick to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, their early efforts to keep him off the bench showed little promise.  All that changed in mid-September 2018, when the Washington Post carefully packaged and presented Christine Blasey Ford's claim that Kavanaugh had tried to rape her when she was in high school.  The media and Democrats immediately latched onto the accusation in a desperate attempt to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed.  It wasn't the quality of the allegation that led to this reaction.  Blasey Ford had no evidence she had ever met Kavanaugh, much less that he had tried to rape her.

Media Coverage Of Kavanaugh Was Criminal.  Here's How They Can Fix It Going Forward.  Coverage of the Joe Biden sexual assault allegation definitively shows that the media protect political allies who are accused of sexual assault and attempt to destroy those they perceive as political opponents.  It's nowhere near sufficient to simply note that fact.  They must be forced to change their behavior and amends must begin to be made.  They can start by apologizing to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and removing the "sexual assault" asterisk they constantly put next to his name.  Dozens of thoughtful articles have detailed the major media's shockingly disparate coverage of a sexual assault allegation against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden versus the unsubstantiated allegations against Kavanaugh.  It's a low bar, but the charge against Biden is the stronger of the two. [...] There remains no evidence Christine Blasey Ford ever even met Brett Kavanaugh, the man she accused of trying to rape and inadvertently kill her in the 1980s.

Democrats' Endless Virtue-Signaling Over Diversity Now Transitions to White Grumpy Old Men.  Was it all that long ago that the nation was told that Brett M. Kavanaugh was unacceptable for the United States Supreme Court based on a perjurer's allegations?  The allegations against him were horrible lies and defamations, but the Democrats pulled out their Robert Bork/Clarence Thomas character-assassination playbook anyway.  One liar spoke in a fry about how she had to put a second front door into her million-dollar house in her exclusive neighborhood because of Kavanaugh-related phobias.  Then we found out the extra door was installed to bypass zoning restrictions.  She said she no longer could fly, so could not attend a Washington, D.C. hearing.  Only we soon after discovered that she flew the world.  She could not remember a thing about what she claimed had happened to her — not where, not the date, not how she got home.  Others whom she named would not verify her story.  Then came the next liar and the next.

The Kavanaugh Confirmation:  What We've Learned One Year Later.  To bolster [Christine Blasey] Ford's credibility, Pogrebin and Kelly write, "We have seen no evidence of Ford fabricating stories, either recently or historically."  They make a passing mention of the fact that Ford said she has a fear of flying, but her ex-boyfriend said in a sworn affidavit he never knew of Ford's fear of flying during their several years of dating.  But Ford didn't merely claim that she had a fear of flying; her attorneys told Senate Republicans that her fear of flying was so great she needed the September 2018 Senate hearing delayed several days in case she needed to travel to Washington, D.C., by car. [...] Ford flew on a private jet to Washington, and at the September 27, 2018, hearing, prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who interviewed Ford for Senate Republicans, asked Ford how she got to the mid-Atlantic just two months earlier for a separate trip.  "Also by airplane.  I come here once a year during the summer to visit my family," Ford replied.  "In fact, you fly fairly frequently for your hobbies and ... you've had to fly for your work.  Is that true?" Mitchell asked.  "Correct, unfortunately," Ford replied.  Mitchell then noted that Ford had mentioned interest in surf travel to "Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific islands, and French Polynesia.  Have you been all to those places?"  "Correct," Ford replied.  "By airplane?"  "Yes," Ford said.  The evidence is fairly strong that Ford herself perpetuated a falsehood — that her fear was so great she might need to drive across country — in order to delay the hearing, which provided more time for potentially damaging information about Kavanaugh to emerge.

The Kavanaugh Clownshow Cavalcade.  [Supreme Court justice Brett] Kavanaugh went through a meat grinder no American citizen should ever endure solely for the purpose of attaining a government job after a host of Democrat hacks on Capitol Hill and in newsrooms concocted a series of unsubstantiated and clearly false allegations that as an adolescent and young adult he engaged in ungentlemanly behavior with females of his acquaintance.  As those allegations were vetted it became quite clear that the accusers were liars with a political agenda clearly in mind — namely, to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court for fear of his judicial decision in future abortion cases.  The moral implications of destroying a man's reputation and psyche in preservation of the ability to destroy other human beings yet unborn never apparently troubled any of these people, something that holds a lesson for the rest of us.

Trump, Kavanaugh, Lewandowski and our malignant Left.  No sensible person believed the ridiculous accusation Christine Blasey-Ford made against Kavanaugh.  Her supposed closest friend at the time didn't believe her tall tale.  It was unbelievable from the beginning; only truth-challenged leftists would have jumped on that bandwagon thanks to their undying belief that conservatives are even dumber than they are.  It was a tragic travesty that most likely did permanent damage to the psyches of Kavanaugh, his wife and daughters.  That perversion of decency did permanent damage to all of us.  Do any of the perpetrators, especially those Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who savaged the man, care about the horrors they have visited upon that family?  Not one bit.  They are soulless, heartless engines of malevolence.  And they are proud of themselves for inflicting misery on an innocent family.

Timely news and commentary:

Mark Judge:  Democrats Used 'Extortion and Direct Threats' to Pressure Me in Destroying Brett Kavanaugh.  Journalist Mark Judge, the high school friend of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, has publicly claimed Democrats threatened and extorted him into potentially supporting Christine Blasey Ford's allegation of sexual assault.  In an explosive interview with Martha MacCallum for Fox Nation, Judge said Democrat operatives combed through his well-documented history of alcoholism, something he chronicled in the 1997 book Wasted:  Tales of a Gen X Drunk, as a means to blackmail him.  [Tweet with video clip]  "They thought, 'Okay, if we can get Mark Judge involved in this, we can sink Kavanaugh.  But we have to get Mark Judge involved in this,'" Judge told MacCallum.

Democrats Are Running the Christine Blasey-Ford Playbook Again But There's a Big Problem.  The woman behind the late hit on the 2018 Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing is out with a new book and is doubling down on her allegations of assault against the Justice.  But a guy she claimed was there is blowing up her story.  He spoke to Fox News about his story for the first time.  Christine Blasey-Ford was beatified for her "bravery' on "The View" this week to tout the book, but there is ample reason to give it the side-eye.  At the same time she's doing her bravery tour, the man she also accused of participating in the attack has spoken out for the first time and says the reason he doesn't remember being there is because he wasn't there. Recall that Senator Dianne Feinstein knew about the Blasey-Ford claims of a high school-era assault but didn't bring it up until the end of the 2018 confirmation hearing to stall or kill Kavanugh's ascendance to the U.S. Supreme Court.  It nearly worked.

The Hysterical Style in American Politics.  In October 2017, allegations surfaced about serial sexual predation by liberal cinema icon Harvey Weinstein.  The #MeToo furor immediately followed.  At first, accusers properly outed dozens of mostly liberal celebrities, actors, authors, and CEOs for their prior and mostly covered-up sexual harassment and often assault.  But soon, the once legitimate movement had morphed into general hysteria.  Thousands of men (and women) were persecuted for alleged offenses, often sexual banter or rude repartee, committed decades prior.  #MeToo jumped the shark with the left-wing effort to take down conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Would-be accusers surfaced from his high school days, 35 years earlier, but without any supporting evidence or witnesses for their wild, lurid charges.  #MeToo hysteria ended when too many liberal grandees were endangered.

Mark Judge Recalls Democrat Witness Tampering, Extortion, Cruelty During Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation.  Renowned journalist Mark Judge became a household name in the fall of 2018 when Christine Blasey Ford publicly claimed that Judge witnessed Brett Kavanaugh assaulting her at a high school party in the early 1980s — a claim both men vehemently denied.  The moment marked a significant change in Mark's life as he found himself in the crosshairs of what he refers to as the "American Stasi" in his explosive new book The Devil's Triangle.  For the first week of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, everything appeared to be business as usual.  Despite some brief, asinine theatrics from certain Democrat senators (Spartacus, anyone?), it seemed as if Brett Kavanaugh would coast to his rightful place as President Donald Trump's second nominee to the Supreme Court.  That all took a dark, sinister turn on Sunday, September 16, 2018, when the Washington Post published an allegation from psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford claiming that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party in the 1980s to which his longtime friend, Mark Judge, served witness.

Is there a judge anywhere in the US with the courage to say that the Emperor has no Clothes?  Consider how the left orchestrated the horrific abuse of Brett Kavanaugh.  They got an insipid woman to accuse him of some vague not-exactly-a-sexual-misadventure from when he was in high school and with discernible malevolence set out to annihilate the man.  They succeeded.  It was a horror show that the left endorsed and loved.  That's who they are.

Kavanuagh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man.  The [...] show the Democrats staged at the confirmation hearings for Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was a disgusting group denigration of the high office Democrats have been entrusted with.  This was borne out again yesterday when Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley made a third criminal referral, this one against a second Kavanaugh accuser, Judy Munro-Leighton. [...] By itself Munro-Leighton's admission that she lied about Judge Kavanaugh is despicable but, when taken in context of the way the Democrats orchestrated their resistance to Judge Kavanaugh throughout the entire confirmation process, should be disqualifying for high office.  It has been admitted by at least one Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee that from the outset top Democratic senators had been coordinating with the protesters — many of them paid — to disrupt the hearings and to create a false sense of outrage, some in the most despicable manner imaginable.

FBI accused of running 'fake tip line' during Brett Kavanaugh background check.  Seven Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats demanded the FBI explain its use of a novel tip line implemented during a supplemental background investigation into then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.  In a Tuesday letter to Director Chris Wray, Democratic senators accused the FBI of being "politically constrained by the Trump White House," demanding to know what extent the agency vetted tips and whether the administration prevented it from doing so.  The letter was written by Sens. Dick Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Chris Coons, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Richard Blumenthal.  The accusation comes in response to a June 30 letter from Jill Tyson, assistant director for the FBI's Office of Congressional Affairs, addressed to Whitehouse and Coons detailing the agency's supplemental background investigation into sexual assault allegations levied against Kavanaugh after he was nominated by former President Donald Trump to serve on the Supreme Court.

Deranged Senator:  We Demand More Investigations Into... Brett Kavanaugh.  Leftist Senator Sheldon Whitehouse — who has spent much of his adult life as a member at least one all-white social club in his home state of Rhode Island — long ago established himself as a conspiracy theorist.  During the 2018 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Whitehouse distinguished himself as the most aggressive demagogue amid a crowded field of gasbags and presidential aspirants on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  He left no stone unturned, demanding answers on crucial issues ranging from teenage drinking games to fart jokes.  He constructed cockamamie, debunked theories.  He and all of his fellow judiciary Democrats, along with leader Chuck Schumer, demanded Kavanaugh's nomination be withdrawn based on a totally debunked and insane allegation that the now-justice orchestrated a gang rape ring while in high school.  This claim was leveled by a thoroughly discredited, disturbed individual who was represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, who was just sentenced to prison.  Kavanaugh was rightly confirmed, and 'Senator Whiteclub' has never been able to let it go.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission?  Let's Start with Kavanaugh.  [Scroll down]  "Committee investigators found no verifiable evidence that supported Dr. Ford's allegations against Justice Kavanaugh.  The witnesses that Dr. Ford identified as individuals who could corroborate her allegations failed to do so, and in fact, contradicted her," the report states.  Shouldn't there be repercussions for individuals who lie under oath during a Senate hearing, Senate investigation, or FBI investigation?  Last I checked, there were plenty of Trump campaign officials and members of the Trump Administration who faced serious criminal repercussions for allegedly doing just that.  Meanwhile, people came out of the woodwork, were feted on cable news, and were treated seriously in the hallowed halls of the Senate Judicial Committee while blatantly lying and slandering a man who is now serving as a Supreme Court Justice, and everyone walks away as if nothing happened?  You want many of us to take your "truth and reconciliation" commission seriously?  Let's start with truth and reconciliation for the people who slandered this good man.

Senator Accuses FBI Of Running 'Fake' Brett Kavanaugh Background Check.  U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) sent a letter to newly-sworn in U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for his support to investigate the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) background check of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh before he was confirmed.  Whitehouse told Garland in the letter that he thought the FBI's investigation into allegations of misconduct by Kavanaugh was "fake" and compromised by partisan politics, CBS News reported.  "It cannot and should not be the policy of the FBI to not follow up on serious allegations of misconduct during background check investigations," Whitehouse wrote.

Democrat senator calls for Biden's new AG to examine 'fake' Kavanaugh investigation.  Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse called on the new attorney general Merrick Garland to examine the FBI's "fake" investigation into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  The Rhode Island Democrat suggested that the investigation into Kavanaugh's conduct had been incomplete, and asked Garland to examine how thoroughly the FBI had investigated Kavanaugh, according to the Guardian.  The publication noted that the letter could push the DOJ to address questions about the Kavanaugh investigation, though it may not result in the FBI re-examining the matter.

NeverTrump Elites Didn't Help Me During My Kafkaesque Media Show Trial.  [In 2018,] The Washington Post published an article in which Christine Blasey Ford, a psychologist in California, tried to destroy my life.  With the help of the media and opposition researchers, Ford claimed that Brett Kavanaugh — nominated for the Supreme Court and about to be voted out of committee — had sexually assaulted her when the two were in high school at Georgetown Prep in 1982.  Ford claimed that I was in the room where the assault allegedly took place.  She said that I witnessed everything before jumping in and breaking it up.  The entire thing was a set up.  The plan was to tie me, a former drinker with a rebellious past, to Brett.  They wanted to, as the ubiquitous talking point at the time put it, attach us at the hip.  The plot failed.

Fighting Words.  Where was the Democrat who dissented from the public lynching of an exemplary public servant, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, over an incident that never happened 37 years ago at a time when he was a high school kid? [...] If you are white or male or heterosexual or religious — Justice Kavanaugh was all four — you are guilty before the fact.  But if you are a member of a designated (but increasingly imaginary) "victim" group you are innocent even when the facts show you are guilty — like the reprehensible female who lied to Congress in a calculated attempt to destroy Kavanaugh's life and career.  If you are a member of a "victim" group you have an unlimited license to persecute others.

A 'Circus' Senate Hearing?  GOP Sees Gain if Dems Act Up.  At first, the protesters were polite.  They filed quietly into the back of the hearing room, sat in the two dozen or so seats reserved for the public, and waited patiently.  But then, one by one, they started yelling, and then, one by one, they were hauled away by Capitol Police.  On the first day of Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, 70 people were charged with disorderly conduct.  It wasn't any calmer outside the oak doors of the Judiciary Committee.

Dems Are About to Learn How Much Republicans Are Still Seething 2 Years After Kavanaugh Hearings.  Whatever grief the Democrats get in the next month or two was brought about by their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh two years ago.  Their behavior toward Kavanaugh was abominable and unforgivable.  And unforgettable.  They have no doubt moved on.  They've manufactured thousands of crises out of thin air to be outraged about since then, after all.  It's fitting that the symbol for the GOP is an elephant.  Elephants are renowned for their memories.  The Republicans haven't forgotten the Democrats' vindictive psychosis from the summer of 2018.

After the Kavanaugh witch hunt, we owe them nothing.  Democrats are painfully shortsighted people.  While they slandered and smeared Brett Kavanaugh and abetted the hysterical fishwives who shrieked and carried on like scalded cats, many of us on the right were thinking, "Boy, these Democrats are going to regret this."  Well, start regretting it, Democrats.  We owe you nothing[.]  We didn't turn SCOTUS nominations into riotous free-for-alls; they did.  After everything they pulled during Kavanaugh's confirmation, the only response Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans should have to any "you can't fill Ginsburg's seat now" histrionics is to laugh in [their] faces.

Kamala Has Already Struck Out.  [Scroll down]  The final strike is the most disgraceful.  The way Kamala Harris treated Brett Kavanaugh at the 2018 confirmation hearings was the most disrespectful and vicious of the senators.  She stood out at the hearings for her deceitful questioning and the revolting tone of her accusations.  She accepted the flimsiest of evidence in attacking Kavanaugh — for instance, the implausible and unsubstantiated accusation of gang rape — and praised an obviously "deceptively edited video" claiming that Kavanaugh opposed birth control, claiming that it was all about "punishing women."  Her extreme positions were so bad that she was actually called out by the left.  Her attacks — called fear-invoking lies and possibly attempts at a presidential audition — were acknowledged as false and criticized by left-wing PolitiFact and her liberal hometown newspapers, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times.  As President Trump said, she was, indeed, "extraordinarily nasty" to Brett Kavanaugh.

Kamala Harris Was Ringleader In Brett Kavanaugh Character Assassination Attempt.  One of the ringleaders of the Democratic Party's attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh's life in 2018 has been named Joe Biden's running mate for the 2020 presidential election.  Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., used the Kavanaugh nomination in 2018 as a springboard for her failed presidential campaign.  Focusing on her support for abortion and position on the Senate Judiciary Committee that handled the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Harris strongly opposed Kavanaugh's nomination within moments of it being announced, and long before she had a chance to review his record.  She joined other Democratic presidential hopefuls on the steps of the Supreme Court the next day to further express her opposition.  She ran 3,600 different advertisements on Facebook before the second round of hearings began in late September 2018.

A Tale of Two Sets of Rules.  Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's 2018 confirmation hearings were a feeding frenzy.  Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter to her congresswoman in which she accused Kavanaugh of having kissed and groped her decades earlier at a high school party.  The letter made its way to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, whose office allegedly leaked the letter to the press.  Ford had no corroborating witnesses — and, by the way, never accused Kavanaugh of rape.  But that didn't stop the outrage chorus from calling Kavanaugh a rapist.  Due process [notwithstanding], the left — male and female — rallied under the #BelieveWomen banner, insisting that the mere accusation meant Kavanaugh should be presumed guilty.  Reade, on the other hand, has accused Biden of rape, and more recently — in 1993, when he was a U.S. senator.  But he's a Democrat, so the rules are different.  The press ignored the story as long as it could and then dismissed it, Reade's corroborating evidence notwithstanding.  Biden, of course, has denied Reade's allegation.  He (unlike Kavanaugh) is, of course, to be believed.  Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer proclaimed Biden's denial is "sufficient."  The same Feinstein who had no trouble standing behind Ford and her 35-year-old accusations said of Reade, "I don't know this person at all who has made the allegations.  She came out of nowhere.  Where has she been all these years?"

Democrats' Desperation about Tara Reade Is Growing.  So Is Their Hypocrisy.  You might recall that it was [Senator Dianne] Feinstein, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, who withheld Christine Blasey Ford's allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from the Senate so that it could not be properly vetted, in a last-ditch effort to sink the nomination.  Feinstein knew that Ford's credibility was brittle — the alleged victim could not tell us where or when the attack occurred, hadn't mentioned Kavanugh's name to anyone for over 30 years, and offered nothing approaching a contemporaneous witness.  At first, Feinstein did not want to provide Ford's name, or a place or time of the alleged attack, or allow the accused to see any evidence against him, denying him the ability to answer the charges.  Henceforth this brand of justice could be referred to as "The Joe Biden Standard," since it's exactly the kind of show trial the presumptive Democratic nominee promises college kids via Title IX rules.

Democrats Demanded Millions Of Kavanaugh Records, But Stay Mum On Biden's Senate Records.  The hypocrisy of Democrats, and their media allies, is on prominent display in their handling of sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden versus their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh.  Another example of the hypocrisy relates to the demand, or lack thereof, for documents related to the official government work of the two men.  Until they switched at the last minute to Christine Blasey Ford's allegation, Democrats' main message and procedural complaint against Kavanaugh was that they needed to review millions of public records from his time of service in the executive branch.  It was the basis for their theatrics in the first round of nomination hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  At issue was whether these documents were covered by executive privilege, and what kind of precedent it would create to be exchanging these documents between the branches of government.  It wasn't a new argument, but one that rears its head in confirmation battles.

Don't Let The Washington Post Get Away With Memory-Holing Its Anti-Kavanaugh Campaign.  The Washington Post has a problem.  The newspaper led the massive effort against the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by publishing and relentlessly hyping a completely unsubstantiated allegation of sexual assault against him.  Now, the paper is leading Democrats' efforts to bury a similar, if stronger, allegation of sexual assault against Joe Biden.  To accomplish this dramatic turnabout, the paper is collectively trying to rewrite history, pretending the allegation against Kavanaugh had more basis than it did while also pretending that the allegation against Biden has less basis than it does.

The Democrat Left is cruel and sadistic.  Dennis Prager, on his radio program last Friday [2/14/2020], observed that the Left is truly sadistic and cruel.  Leftists enjoy destroying those whose views they find unacceptable.  Consider the despicable and truly sadistic way they treated Brett Kavanaugh.  They concocted a plan, brought in Blasey Ford to do the deed, and went after the man with glee.  The insidious group of thugs who targeted Michael Flynn were absolutely sadistic as well.  They fabricated the crimes he was charged with out of whole cloth.  They needed to destroy the man and nearly did.  He lost his home, as did Roger Stone.  D.C. is worse than a swamp; it devours those who presume to buck its system of skullduggery in search of wealth and power.  President Trump's victory in 2016 put them all back on their heels.

The Democrats are trying to 'Kavanaugh' the impeachment trial.  So out of the woodwork came multiple other accusers, particularly Julie Swetnick, represented by then-Democrat-presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti.  Swetnick pushed her ludicrous story out on cable news.  The story was that Kavanaugh ran gang rape parties in high school in which men lined up in rape trains.  The story was absurd on its face, but Democrats and liberal media treated it as more proof that no vote should be held on Kavanaugh until there were full investigations of all allegations.  Swetnick's claim not only was absurd, her background cast serious doubt on her crebility.  Her claims fell apart when she was pressed.  But she served Democrats' purposes.  This is what "to Kavanaugh" something is: to drag a hearing out with serial accusations and accusers so that the process becomes interminable.

Here's What We All Know About the Media's 'Mistakes'.  In yet another effort to take down Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the media tried to pin another allegation of sexual impropriety on him.  This one failed even more miserably than it did during his confirmation hearings.  The New York Times wrote a piece discussing information provided by attorney Max Stier who claimed that Kavanaugh had acted inappropriately at a drunken dorm party. [...] This claim mirrored that of Deborah Ramirez, who made similar allegations against the judge.  But the story quickly fell apart. when it was revealed that the female student in question denied the story to her friends, claiming that she did not recall any such behavior on Kavanaugh's part and she refused to be interviewed for the article.

Resurrecting Christine Blasey Ford.  [Scroll down]  The psychology professor can now be spared the outrage of conservatives who think of her embarrassing inconsistencies, and uncorroborated allegations as nothing more than a smear campaign against a conservative Supreme Court nominee.  The professor was at the center of a media storm immediately after accusing Judge Kavanaugh of cruelly "groping" her more than 30 years ago.  (There were others to come forth with allegations, but their stories ranged from wholly uncorroborated to tragically absurd:  This included Kavanaugh allegedly participating in gang rapes at multiple parties.)  None of that mattered.  The blitzkrieg of news coverage remained focused on Blasey Ford.  Few reporters in the mainstream media had the intellectual integrity to examine the multitude of red flags undermining Blasey Ford's charges.  She appeared to be such a "credible" accuser.

Kavanaugh Keynote Address Protested by Far-Left Feminists.  Although the allegations against Kavanaugh, including additional ones by Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, were all debunked before his confirmation, a handful of fringe far-left groups still believe that he is guilty.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford accepts ACLU 'courage' award.  In a rare public appearance to pick up an award, the woman who accused U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault says she had a responsibility to come forward, NBC News reports.

Federalist Society Drowns Out Unhinged Protesters With Applause For Brett Kavanaugh.  On Thursday [11/14/2019], thousands of guests gathered in Union Station to kick off the Federalist Society's annual conference in an event famously coined the "Scalia Dinner," a thoughtful nod to the late Supreme Court justice whose writings have served as the foundation of modern conservative jurisprudence.  But this year's dinner was different from recent iterations.  In addition to marking the inception of the National Lawyer's Conference, it featured the first public speaking engagement of Justice Brett Kavanaugh since his contentious confirmation hearings last fall.

Christine Blasey Ford accepts empowerment award: 'I was inspired by Anita Hill'.  Christine Blasey Ford accepted an empowerment award in California on Wednesday [10/30/2019], saying she gained her inspiration from Anita Hill when she publicly accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.  Ms. Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University, was greeted with a standing ovation during a rare public appearance to accept YWCA Silicon Valley's Empowerment Award at their 2019 Inspire Luncheon at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Lies and the Kavanaugh hearing.  [Scroll down]  But now, nine Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee [...] are pressing the Justice Department and the FBI to pursue criminal charges against four people who made false rape and sexual-assault allegations against Justice Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings last year.  Justice Kavanaugh vehemently denied the accusations, and none of them was ever even remotely corroborated.  To the contrary, the most high-profile charge — leveled by his primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford — was never corroborated, not even by her longtime friend Leland Keyser.  Ms. Keyser refused to change her story despite being pressured by mutual acquaintances of the two women.  Mrs. Ford's credibility was totally shredded after she was unable to support her accusation of a sexual assault at a private party in the early 1980s with even the most basic details of when and where it supposedly happened, or how she got there or got home afterward.  Moreover, no one she said was at the same party backed up her claim.

Senators:  Where are charges against Kavanaugh accusers?  Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are asking the Justice Department for an update on the status of criminal referrals of false testimony made by four individuals during the confirmation hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.  "These criminal referrals were not made lightly.  In each of the ... cases, the referred individual made false allegations against then-Judge Kavanaugh.  These allegations were taken seriously and carefully investigated by committee staff, resulting in the diversion of significant resources," said the letter from Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa; Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; Mike Lee, R-Utah; Ted Cruz, R-Texas; John Cornyn, R-Texas; Mike Crapo, R-Idaho;Thom Tillis, R-N.C.; John Kennedy, R-La.; and Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.

Senators push for prosecution of Justice Kavanaugh accusers.  Republican senators are pressing the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against women who made false rape accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing last year.  Nine of the 12 Republican members on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray asking for an update to the committee's four referrals for criminal investigation.

Anti-Trump Psychodrama 10.0?  Susan Blasey Ford's recovered-memory accusations that a teenaged Brett Kavanaugh, nearly 40 years ago, had assaulted her were not corroborated by any firsthand witnesses, and Ford provided no reliable information on the place or date of the alleged assault.  The investigation did turn up plenty of contradictory evidence, including denials from her closest friends and from people she herself named as witnesses to the alleged attack.  Just this September, Kavanaugh 2.0 played out, when two New York Times reporters wished to revise the psychodrama on its first anniversary by publishing new lurid assault charges [...]. That macabre tale imploded within hours after we learned that the supposed victim had no memory of the assault and that the single secondhand hearsay source was a left-wing politico who chose to remain quiet about his former charges.

Anti-Kavanaugh Book Written by New York Times Reporters Flops.  The new anti-Kavanaugh book written by two New York Times "reporters" is a massive bomb.  According to the source you choose, The Education of Brett Kavanaugh:  An Investigation, which received an enormous amount of free publicity through excepts published at the Times and a[n] extensive media tour for authors Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, either sold 3,120 copies or 4,000 copes during its first two weeks in release.  Either way, it's a catastrophe.

New York Times Kavanaugh book bombs, just 3,120 sold, Amazon rank #6,795.  The latest book on Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a critical biography from two New York Times reporters that made new sexual assault charges that were immediately undermined, has suffered an epic sales crash, according to publishing insiders.  Expected to sell at least 10,000-12,000 in the first two weeks and propel The Education of Brett Kavanaugh:  An Investigation onto the newspaper's bestseller hardcover list, it has sold about a third of that in the first two weeks.  A publishing source provided the latest BookScan numbers, which can account for about 80% of sales.  That number is 3,120.  "If you add in ebooks — they may have sold a total of 4,000.  That's one of the most epic bombs in political publishing over the past decade," said the source.

The Death of American Citizenship.  Brett Kavanaugh was nominated, audited and confirmed by the Senate as a Supreme Court justice.  But if the New York Times and cable news can relentlessly charge without proof that nearly 40 years ago he was a teenage sexual pervert, then a distinguished judge can be rendered impotent without legal impeachment.

Leland Keyser, hero.  Leland Keyser was a longtime friend of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers.  According to Ford, Keyser was at the party where the assault supposedly occurred.  Keyser, though, denied that she was at such a party and that she ever encountered Kavanaugh.  None of the other alleged partygoers remembered the party either, but Keyser was especially credible because she was Blasey Ford's friend.  She's also a registered Democrat (and the ex-wife of Bob Beckel).  The more Keyser thought about her friend's story, the less sense it made to her.  She became all the more convinced that the sexual assault did not occur.  This makes Keyser an honest woman, but not a hero.  Her heroism resides in the way she resisted strong pressure to back up Ford's story or, if not, at least be less categorical in denying it.

Another Week, Another Pseudo-Scandal.  Just this last week, we saw the New York chapter of the left-over Left make a last-ditch effort to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh by fabricating yet another spurious complaint that an 18-year-old Kavanaugh had been over-served and acted rudely to a fellow female student at Yale.  Only the student in question had no memory of the incident.  Like every other complaint against the teenaged Kavanaugh, it was a matter of "my cousin Ernie's brother's girlfriend heard from her college roommate that three people whose names she cannot remember told her best friend that someone who might have been Brett Kavanaugh was rumored to have exposed himself at a drunken white-privilege party at Yale 35 or maybe 36 years ago."  That was enough for the wretched New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly to take to the bank.  In fact, it was worse, for the fount of the rumor they published, without mentioning that the woman in question had no memory of the incident, wasn't even your cousin Ernie; it was a Democratic Party activist named Max Stier.

New York Times Kavanaugh Reporter Told Source What To Say.  Year-old texts contained in a Senate Judiciary Committee report show that New York Times reporter Robin Pogrebin engaged in questionable journalistic tactics to shape a false narrative against Kavanaugh by telling a source what to say and by asking sources to confirm information she herself had given them.  And despite including a highly opinionated discussion of the text exchange in their book, the authors never admitted that Pogrebin was a key player in the exchanges.

Why They'll Never Stop Targeting Kavanaugh.  Because progressives have to prove they were right to advance the sexual-assault accusations of Christine Blasey Ford.  They lost that battle; Justice Kavanaugh sits on the court.  They won't stop the assault until they can prove they were right to launch it.

The Great Oversight in the NY Times Kavanaugh Smear.  [Scroll down]  In the Times article, the reporters note that "we found Dr. Ford's allegations credible during a 10-month investigation."  The reporters have blamed their editors for the article's shortcomings.  For the book, however, they have no one to blame but themselves.  Throughout the book, in fact, the reporters would assign the word "credibility" to Ford as though her story was unimpeachable.  It wasn't.  Pogrebin and Kelly simply chose not to look at the evidence.  It stared them in the face.

Kavanaugh Smear an Escalation of Court War.  The fact that the New York Times published one of the most absurd stories in news history, a straight up lie-filled smear of Brett Kavanaugh, shows just how important the battle for the courts is to the Left.  There is no depth to which these people won't dive in an effort to maintain their chokehold on this institution.  But good propaganda has at least a kernel of truth hidden somewhere in it to sow doubt.  This story didn't even have that, making it one of the worst examples of journalistic malpractice in years, topping even the collusion delusion narratives.  Most of the Democrat presidential candidates rushed out to demand Kavanaugh's impeachment based on a series of confirmed lies so transparent that even the New York Times news room is trying to stay clear of the fallout.

NYT reporters haven't kept their story straight about Brett Kavanaugh asking them to lie.  As with all things Kavanaugh-related, you would be wise to take this new allegation with a very, very large grain of salt. [...] Is this story just complete bunkum?  Pogrebin and Kelly have already badly oversold parts of their book, while also authoring an essay for the Times' Sunday Review section that omitted key exculpatory details regarding one of the allegations against Kavanaugh.  Only a fool would continue to accept their explosive claims at face value.

The Entire News Media Is Biased.  They Should Just Embrace It.  [Scroll down]  Obviously, Pogrebin and Kelly have an agenda, just as their reporting was obviously guided to a large extent by their emotions, not the facts.  The problem isn't necessarily that these two journalists are biased against Kavanaugh.  The problem is that they pretend they're not biased when everyone can see that they are.  The entire purpose of their book is to dredge up these horrible accusations — however flimsy, regardless of the credibility of the accusers or the denials of supposed eyewitnesses — and smear Kavanaugh.  If you want to write a book about how you think Kavanaugh was a serial sexual predator in college, and how you believe the accusations against him even though they can't be corroborated, then fine.  Write away!  But don't then go on national TV and claim that you're just a reporter reporting the facts.

The Architect of the Latest Kavanaugh Smear Just Gave a Self-Damning Radio Interview.  There is no substantiated evidence of any sexual misbehavior by Brett Kavanaugh at any point in his entire life.  Several shaky claims have been made along these lines, but all of them are badly undercut by available evidence.  None of them is more likely than not to be true.  Yet in a casual radio interview this morning, New York Times reporter Robin Pogrebin, a classmate of Kavanaugh's at Yale, gave an unintentionally revealing report about her approach to the story.

As Democrats Thrash, Trump Rises Above It All.  The New York Times produced an allegation that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted a woman 30 years ago, and Senators Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and, even more predictably, the almost-brain-dead former congressman Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas), called for Kavanaugh's immediate impeachment and removal.  There was not the slightest question of waiting for the justice's response or for any independent corroboration.  The mere fact that the Times published a story alleging Kavanaugh had drunkenly assaulted someone 30 years ago, without any substantive details beyond hearsay, was enough to prompt three prominent Democrats to demand that Kavanaugh be ousted from the high court.  Three candidates, bear in mind, who among them appear to have the combined support of 30 percent of their party's base.

The latest smear against Justice Brett Kavanaugh part of left's scorched-earth strategy.  Just a few days before The New York Times and Democratic presidential candidates engaged in an outrageous smear of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — a smear the newspaper was forced to amend and walk back — there was a gruesome discovery in a suburb south of Chicago.  Out in a garage in Crete, authorities found the remains of 2,246 babies on property owned by the late Indiana abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.  His family had been going through his possessions when they discovered the stuff of nightmares.

Yellow Journalism to Fake News:  Media lies against Justice Kavanaugh.  [Scroll down]  The New York Times is retracting a story written by two "journalists" about Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh.  It is not only untrue but despite its position in the opinion section, the NYT, media and Democrats began treating the story as news.  Despite that the written lie is really just the fanciful opinion of Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly as well as their employer, The New York Times.  However, as guests later on MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell (another swell story-teller) Pogrebin and Kelly offered, not surprisingly, another opinion; that being that the editor screwed the pooch.  Not our fault for calling a man a sexual deviant by accident.  The story that Judge Kavanaugh was indecent many years ago to a woman in the presence of others is garbage.  The story not including the "fact" that the woman says she knew nothing of the incident.  A fact conveniently left out by the NYT writers and editors.  This is not Hearst and Pulitzer yellow sensationalism.  It is not even an honest mistake.  It is vile contemptible despicable and if they had any, shameful.  Why anyone takes this newspaper, unless they have not-yet housebroken puppies, is a mystery.

Snopes Fact-Checkers Strangely Silent on NY Times' Kavanaugh Smear.  With this weekend's high-profile screw-up by the New York Times — publishing (and then walking back) salacious, unsubstantiated sexual assault accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh that even the alleged victim says she doesn't recall — you'd think the self-described "definitive fact-checkers" at Snopes, those paragons of holier-than-thou virtue who are supposed to be holding America accountable, would have weighed in on the veracity of the story.  You would be wrong — although I suspect astute PJM readers never expected them to play this story fairly.

The alternative 'facts' of the Times' Brett Kavanaugh story.  The whole country knows the Times screwed up big time, but the propaganda sheet formerly known as the Gray Lady is oblivious to what others think.  Grown fat and lazy by the hosannas and dollars of people who hate President Trump, it operates inside a bubble of its own.  Above all, the incident demonstrates that editor Dean Baquet has abandoned the news business and now behaves as a hard-core leftist with a printing press and website.  Defying the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's warning that "you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts," Baquet apparently believes he is powerful enough to create his own facts.  Sadly, given the Times' influence, that might be true in some circumstances.  But not on the Kavanaugh story.  It's too big, too well known and too important to be reduced to a single vision distorted by partisan bigotry.

Kavanaugh's Accuser Max Stier Is Former Clinton Lawyer, Obama Donor.  Max Stier, the man behind a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was not only a former classmate of Kavanaugh's at Yale but also a foe during the Bill Clinton impeachment trial.  Stier, 53, served on the team defending Clinton, while Kavanaugh served on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's team that was investigating Clinton.

Smearing Justice Kavanaugh:  NY Times, Dems employ double jeopardy.  President Trump fundamentally changed the judicial course of the US Supreme Court.  That clearly proved too much for the New York Times' Trump-deranged editors to bear.  That's why the paper attempted to re-adjudicate the explosive sexual charges leveled against Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion.  A venue in which there is no protection against double jeopardy.  Subsequently, the predictably vicious Congressional Democrats piled right on, smearing Justice Kavanaugh as if on cue.

Washington Post Passed On Thinly Sourced Kavanaugh Story Before NYT Published It.  The Washington Post passed on a thinly sourced, unproven allegation about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh before the New York Times published it in a misleading article in Sunday's paper that has since been corrected.  Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly left out exculpatory evidence in an article that claimed [lurid details omitted]  The sole source for the claim was Max Stier, an attorney in Washington, D.C.  Pogrebin and Kelly failed to inform readers in the original article that friends of the alleged victim said she has no recollection of the incident in question.

The Real Reason for That Kavanaugh Smear.  The New York Times on Saturday [9/14/2019] joined The New Yorker and many other media outlets in upending a dumpster full of garbage on its own reputation in an effort to smear Brett Kavanaugh.  After more than a year of digging, the Democrats and their media allies still have no supported allegations of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh at any point in his entire life.  Why would the media do this?  Call it the asterisk strategy.  This is a coordinated, full-on effort to undermine the legitimacy of Brett Kavanaugh's work on the Supreme Court.  The reputations of news outlets are so many eggs that must be broken in pursuit of this omelet.

Mollie Hemingway:  Republicans Must Hold Democrats, Media Accountable for Brett Kavanaugh Smears.  Author and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway told Breitbart News Daily on Monday morning [9/16/2019] that the New York Times had repeated the media's past misbehavior in publishing a new allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday while hiding exculpatory information in their possession.

Brett Kavanaugh, American sex symbol, makes the Gray Lady swoon.  Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court last year despite a flood of women coming from the farthest reaches of America to fantasize publicly about sexual relations with Justice Kavanaugh. [...] Even more worrisome than their present obsession with confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is what happens to their minds when their spiritual idol, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, hangs up her robe for good.  After all, she is 86 years old.

Lindsey Graham, Start Fighting For Justice For Brett Kavanaugh.  Sen. Lindsey Graham, we're still waiting.  We're still waiting for that flash of righteous indignation you showcased during the confirmation hearings of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh to turn into action.  You know, when you turned to your Democrat colleagues and seethed that their efforts to "destroy this guy's life" were "the most despicable things that I have seen in politics."  We're still waiting for that tie-straightening smile in the face of protestors to turn into ... something.

Latest Brett Kavanaugh smear doesn't hold up.  The Brett Kavanaugh lynch mob can't let it go.  Now Democrats want to impeach the conservative Supreme Court justice over a new sexual misconduct allegation in the New York Times so shady, even the newspaper doesn't seem to believe in it. [...] What Pogrebin and Kelly left out of their story, yet reported in their book, is that the alleged victim doesn't remember the incident and refuses to talk about it.  That's journalistic malpractice.  So no corroboration, no evidence, no victim and no witness (only hearsay of one), but the "paper of record" is perfectly fine with defaming Kavanaugh all over again.  By the way, in the book, the authors gratuitously name the woman, including a new surname she uses, even though she doesn't want to talk — and the woman's friends the reporters did speak to say she doesn't remember anything.

The conservatives may be, but what about the invertebrate RINOs?
Bring It On:  Conservatives Are Ready and Willing to Re-Fight the Kavanaugh War.  The vitriolic and disgraceful confirmation battle over US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was thrust back into the news cycle over the weekend, as two New York Times reporters who covered last year's political melee are previewing their forthcoming book on the subject.  Leftists are expressing dutiful outrage over a "new" allegation against Kavanaugh, revealed publicly for the first time in a Times story about the co-authors' work.  To the surprise of nobody who witnessed how Democrats, left-wing activists, and their allies in the mainstream media operated throughout the bruising 2018 fight, this latest development comes with a giant, flashing asterisk:  Not only is there zero evidence of the new accusation, the supposed female "victim" herself reportedly cannot recall or corroborate the incident.

Carrie Severino calls out New York Times' 'shameful attempt to reignite smears' against Kavanaugh.  The short-lived new "allegations" against Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh were so weak that Senate investigators didn't follow up on them during the confirmation process, author Carrie Severino said Monday [9/16/2019].  "This is the weakest of the weak type of allegations.  It's really a shameful attempt to reignite these smears against Judge Kavanaugh that are utterly baseless," said Severino, the founder of the Judicial Crisis Network, on "Fox & Friends."  Late Sunday, the New York Times walked back an explosive report about a resurfaced allegation of sexual assault by Kavanaugh from his college days.

The Editor says...
How could it have "resurfaced" if it had never surfaced before?

Another spurious Kavanaugh smear proves the depravity of the left.  Each time we think the left can stoop no lower into the gutter of the politics of personal destruction, they prove us wrong and descend further into yet another of Dante's circles of hell.  And who is right there leading the charge?  The New York Times, perhaps the most despicable news outlet on the planet, and long ago re-formulated into an arm of the DNC intent upon foisting their particular agenda upon the masses.  Keep in mind that they have nothing but contempt for said masses whom they believe to be dumber than rocks and so easily led down the destructive path of socialism.  So how stupid do they think we are with their latest story, a smear on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?  How stupid could we be, really, that we would fall for another fabricated allegation of sexual impropriety by a man they already put through the wringer?  This time, they've thrown out to us an allegation that even the supposed "victim" does not recall.

NYT updates Kavanaugh 'bombshell' to note accuser doesn't recall alleged assault.  The New York Times suddenly made a major revision to a supposed bombshell piece late Sunday concerning a resurfaced allegation of sexual assault by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — hours after virtually all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates had cited the original article as a reason to impeach Kavanaugh.  The update included the significant detail that several friends of the alleged victim said she did not recall the purported sexual assault in question at all.  The Times also stated for the first time that the alleged victim refused to be interviewed, and has made no comment about the episode.  The only firsthand statement concerning the supposed attack in the original piece, which was published on Saturday [9/14/2019], came from a Clinton-connected lawyer who claimed to have witnessed it.

The New York Times Anti-Kavanaugh Bombshell Is Actually a Dud.  If you opened Twitter on Sunday morning [9/15/2019], you were likely greeted with the bombshell headline of the top trending news story:  "NYT reporters' book details new sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh." [...] The book isn't released until Tuesday, but Mollie Hemingway got a copy, and she writes on Twitter:  "The book notes, quietly, that the woman Max Stier named as having been supposedly victimized by Kavanaugh and friends denies any memory of the alleged event."  Omitting this fact from the New York Times story is one of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice in recent memory.  If you take this confusing accusation in the essay at face value, it doesn't even appear to be an allegation of assault against Kavanaugh.

Latest Kavanaugh Accuser Was Hillary's Lawyer in Clinton Impeachment.  On Saturday [9/14/2019], The New York Times ran a story repeating allegations that Brett Kavanaugh was drunk at a party in college and had his genitals thrust into a woman's face.  The allegation has not been confirmed, and friends of the alleged victim say she has no recollection of the events.  The man telling the story, Max Stier, represented Bill and Hillary Clinton in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was accused of exposing himself to a woman in a hotel room. [...] The story gets even juicier, however.  When Stier originally came forward with this allegation, no one believed him.

Book: Alleged Victim of Brett Kavanaugh Does Not Recall Incident.  The alleged victim of a previously unreported claim of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh does not actually recall the incident — according to the same authors who published the claim Sunday [9/15/2019].

Trump Suggested The New Kavanaugh Allegation Deserves A Libel Lawsuit.  President Donald Trump accused Democrats and members of the press of waging an influence campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sunday, after another allegation of sexual misconduct against the justice appeared in The New York Times.  The president suggested that Kavanaugh bring civil suits for libel and decried "accusations without recrimination."

New Book:  Christine Blasey Ford's Friend Leland Keyser Doesn't Believe Her.  Buried at the end of their new book "The Education of Brett Kavanaugh:  An Investigation," reporters Robin Pogebrin and Kate Kelly quietly admit that Christine Blasey Ford's lifelong friend Leland Keyser did not believe her friend's tale of a sexual assault at a party they both supposedly attended.  Keyser was named by Ford as a witness, one of four who denied any knowledge of the event in question.  The book offers no evidence in support of the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford, but, they write, their "gut reaction" was that her allegations "rang true."  Their "gut" instinct was based on the fact that Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh grew up in the same rough area and she had dated one of his friends.  Further, Leland Keyser had gone out on a date — maybe even two dates, they're not sure — with a friend of Kavanaugh's.  "None of that means that Ford was, in fact, assaulted by Kavanaugh," they write, "But it does mean that she has a baseline level of credibility as an accuser."  It is unclear what they mean.

Smearing Brett Kavanaugh:  NYT, Harris, and Booker live in glass houses.  The New York Times renewed the Brett Kavanaugh smear campaign with claims of decades old sexual misconduct at Yale.  Senator Kamala Harris immediately, and predictably, called for Kavanaugh's impeachment.  One year after the spectacle of his confirmation hearings the Democrat smear merchants and their partners in the media, are gearing up the calculated smear machine.  Ready to provide another round of unprovable claims.  Apparently Democrats are even less informed about the rule of law now than they were a year ago.

Warren: Kavanaugh 'should be impeached' just like Trump.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a 2020 presidential contender, joined calls for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached on Sunday following newly reported allegations of sexual misconduct against him.  "Last year the Kavanaugh nomination was rammed through the Senate without a thorough examination of the allegations against him," Warren tweeted Sunday [9/15/2019].  "Confirmation is not exoneration, and these newest revelations are disturbing.  Like the man who appointed him, Kavanaugh should be impeached," she continued, referring to President Trump.

Dems Seize on Losing Campaign Issue Ahead of 2020.  Reporting from a pair of New York Times reporters on new — though hazy and unsubstantiated — sexual assault allegation has thrust [Brett] Kavanaugh back in the news.  Several leading Democratic candidates for president quickly seized on the report, now revised to note that the alleged victim of the assault doesn't recall the incident, to call for Kavanaugh's impeachment from the Court.  Senators Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) said Kavanaugh should be impeached based on the information.  They were were joined by Julián Castro, Beto O'Rourke, Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.), and Pete Buttigieg.

Kamala Harris wants Kavanaugh impeached after newly surfaced sexual misconduct accusation.  The report of a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has sparked fury among figures on both the left and right.  In a Sunday morning [9/15/2019] tweet, President Donald Trump accused the "LameStream Media" and Democrats of colluding to scare Kavanaugh "into turning Liberal."  And on the left, Democratic presidential candidates former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California called for Kavanaugh's impeachment.

The Editor says...
All it takes is one unsubstantiated report, and the calls for impeachment begin.  There's a lot of due process that should precede impeachment.  Without due process, what we have here is a lynch mob.

Democrats haven't given up on smearing Kavanaugh.  Those who take such things seriously are abuzz about a book that will come out on Tuesday, written by a couple of New York Times  reporters  activists.  It alleges that decades ago, when he was in college, Brett Kavanaugh misbehaved at a party.  As I understand it, the woman toward whom he allegedly misbehaved says she remembers no such thing, but apparently one or more rabid Democrats who say they were at the party are now, many years later, willing to smear Kavanaugh. [...] Beyond that, I have no particular comment, other than to note that we are reminded, once again, that there is literally no depth to which the Democratic Party will not sink in pursuit of power.

Christine Blasey Ford's Father Supported Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation.  Last year, when Christine Blasey Ford emerged after then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to accuse him of attempted rape at a house party when both were teenagers, there were many unanswered questions both about her story and her credibility.  She offered no proof that she and Kavanaugh had ever even met.  She couldn't remember where it happened, when it happened, or how she arrived at or departed from the party.  None of the four alleged witnesses she eventually named, including one of her closest lifelong friends, corroborated her accusations.  Prior to airing her allegations with the media, she scrubbed her entire social media history that indicated she was a liberal activist.

So That's Why Christine Blasey Ford's Father Didn't Come to Her Defense Against Kavanaugh.  When Christine Blasey Ford testified against Brett Kavauagh last year during his confirmation hearing to sit on the Supreme Court, she had the backing of the leftist media, the #MeToo movement, the pro-abortion movement, Hollywood, Democrats in Congress and her activist attorneys.  But noticeably missing from Ford's corner was her family.  Now, thanks to Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino, we know why.  Writing for The Federalist, Hemingway and Severino report Ford's father actually backed Kavanaugh's nomination.

How Feinstein is conspiring to destroy Kavanaugh.  Democratic leaders and their liberal aides, along with professional agitators, are all intermingled and conspiring together to achieve the same objective — in this case, to spike the confirmation of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  Hill Republicans claim Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein engineered the kneecapping of Kavanaugh from both inside and outside Congress — and they have a strong case, though Feinstein insists she merely dealt cards she was handed.  For starters, they argue that Feinstein, who is the top Democrat on the Senate committee vetting Kavanaugh, orchestrated an "11th-hour ambush" of the conservative nod by withholding a letter from the committee's Republican majority alleging sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh until the day the panel was preparing to take a vote to confirm him — almost two months after receiving the letter and well after the vetting and hearing process.

Christine Blasey-Ford Outed By Her Own Lawyer?  [A]ccording to [Christine] Blasey-Ford's uncharacteristically chatty lawyer, Debra Katz, her real motivation in accusing Justice Kavanaugh had more to do with how she thought he might rule on any future abortion cases.  Any free-thinking person who watched the chaos unfold in the contentious Senate hearing knew there was much more to the backstory as Blasey-Ford's testimony had more holes than Swiss cheese and was uncorroborated by any other named witnesses.  But [...] the lawyer is milking her 15 minutes of fame.  And as we now know — thanks to a video recently released by the Daily Caller — she's using her former client as a platform for speaking engagements with feminists.  In a March speech at the University of Baltimore's 11th Feminist Legal Theory Conference, entitled "Applied Feminism and #MeToo," Katz dropped a truth bomb that directly contradicts Dr. Blasey-Ford's stated reasons for accusing Kavanaugh.

Senator calls for probe of Kavanaugh accuser's testimony.  Republican Sen. Thom Tillis has called for an investigation of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid evidence she was partly motivated by a desire to overturn the Roe v.  Wade. abortion ruling.  Attorney Debra Katz is seen in a video stating Ford came forward to testify to the Senate because she wanted "an asterisk next to [Kavanaugh's] name" before he rules against the Roe decision.

Sen. Thom Tillis:  Investigation into Blasey Ford's attorney possible after Kavanaugh remarks.  Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., said comments by Christine Blasey Ford's attorney may be worthy of an investigation after she admitted that her client had political motivations for accusing Justice Brett Kavanaugh of rape.  Ford's attorney, Debra Katz, said Kavanaugh "will always have an asterisk next to his name," while speaking at the University of Baltimore's 11th Feminist Legal Theory Conference in April.  "When he takes a scalpel to Roe v.  Wade, we will know who he is — we know his character and we know what motivates him.  And that is important.  It is important that we know, and that was part of what motivated Christine."

Christine Blasey Ford's Attorney Admits She Wanted 'An Asterisk' Next To Kavanaugh's Name Before He 'Takes A Scalpel To' Roe V. WadeThe Daily Caller obtained a video of Christine Blasey-Ford's attorney, Debra Katz, speaking to a group of the University of Baltimore's Feminist Legal Theory Conference in April.  Katz admits that part of Blasey-Ford's motivation for accusing now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault in July 2018 was political.  Katz said, "In the aftermath of these hearings, I believe that Christine's testimony brought about more good than the harm misogynist Republicans caused by allowing Kavanaugh on the court.  He will always have an asterisk next to his name.  When he takes a scalpel to Roe v.  Wade, we will know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him, and that is important; it is important that we know, and that is part of what motivated Christine."

Why Harris, Booker, and Klobuchar will never be President.  The calculated Russia hoax devised to bring down a presidential candidate, president-elect and then president, is the most serious and egregious political scandal in US history.  Second may be the Kavanaugh hearings.  So determined to not let Brett Kavanaugh be seated on the Supreme Court, the demented Left decided to invent an equally monstrous lie to prevent the confirmation of Trump's choice for the Justice to replace Anthony Kennedy.  I think that every Democrat on that committee had to know that the accusations against Kavanaugh were false, that Blasey-Ford was a plant, a willing dupe in the Democrat scheme to destroy a good man for their political purposes.  The entire fiasco was so unspeakable that in a just world, all the perpetrators would be in prison for fraud, Diane Feinstein among them.  Three of those perpetrators are currently candidates for President, Harris, Booker and Klobuchar.

In her book on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, 'Justice on Trial,' Mollie Hemingway warns of things to come.  There was a secret meeting at a sidewalk cafe near the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden, a meeting that seemed coincidental, almost an accident, just two old friends running into each other on a warm summer day.  One of the men was Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the other was an emissary from the White House.  Kennedy, 82, was determined to personally carry a message to the president without it being leaked.  A day or two later, an armored car took him to the White House, where he told President Donald Trump that he was retiring.

Nadler slammed for 'harassment' after fresh Kavanaugh doc requests.  The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday accused the panel's Democratic chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler, of "harassment" and unethical conduct, after Nadler moved to seek records from Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh's time in the George W. Bush administration.  Nadler's request came days after a liberal lion of the high court, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, defended Kavanaugh as a "very decent, very smart individual," and long after progressive activists have largely moved on to other matters.

House Democrats request Justice Brett Kavanaugh's White House records for review.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler asked the National Archives Tuesday to provide his committee with records related to Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh's time working in the White House for President George W. Bush.  The move gives House Democrats a chance to relitigate the partisan confirmation battle through the committee's oversight efforts.

The Editor says...
Justice Kavanaugh is seated on the U.S. Supreme Court.  The only way to re-litigate his confirmation is to impeach him.  The impeachment of Supreme Court Justices is not something the left wants to popularize.

The Kavanaugh Hearing RevisitedJustice on Trial by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino is a powerful book, whatever a person's political affiliation.  This story reads more like a novel than a fact-filled book.  It explains the historical context of the court nomination system and how political and cultural trends change the shape of the institution over time.  Readers can grasp how the nominating process works and get a behind-the-scenes look at what really happened during the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.  The authors provide an objective account in talking with American Thinker as they point out how the book reflects a respect for the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.

'Justice on Trial' Is The Definitive Account Of Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation.  "Justice on Trial" is a political thriller about sex, power, and lawyers.  In this excellent book, Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist and Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network have provided the definitive account of Brett Kavanaugh's ascent to the Supreme Court.  Both authors were part of the confirmation battle.  In addition to her work at The Federalist, Hemingway is a regular on Fox News.  Severino's group supported Kavanaugh with millions of dollars in advertising.  Following his confirmation, the authors interviewed more than 100 crucial actors in this political drama, including the president, Supreme Court justices, high-ranking officials, and dozens of senators.

New Book On Kavanaugh's Confirmation Has Incendiary Allegations About Christine Blasey Ford.  A forthcoming book on Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court relays incendiary allegations about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, excerpts obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.  In "Justice on Trial" authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino say unnamed peers accused Ford of drinking to excess and accosting boys with some regularity as a student at the Holton-Arms School, a contrast with press accounts that cast her as innocent and naive during that period.

Melania states the obvious about Christine Blasey Ford.  Just like millions of American women, Melania Trump pinned Christine Blasey Ford, the first accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, for a liar in her fantastic tale of high school sexual assault. [...] Perhaps Melania gave Trump the strength to stand by Kavanaugh on the premise that the truth would prevail.  And sure enough, that was what happened.  Which says a lot about our first lady's intuition.  She not only called what was obviously a put-up job being rained down on him by the left as a lie, she was able to discern this, even without being a signficantly political person.

How a climate of outrage persecuted 2 women who refused to take down Brett Kavanaugh.  [Scroll down]  Protesters had been harassing [Susan] Collins for months.  Hundreds of coat hangers, the favored symbol of the abortion-rights movement, had been sent to her field offices in Maine to dramatize the threat to Roe v Wade posed by Kavanaugh's appointment.  In a clever gesture, she donated the hangers to a local thrift store.  She also received a torrent of obscene and threatening voicemails.  One rainy night, after working late, Collins was accosted outside her Capitol Hill townhouse by a man who shined a flashlight in her eyes and filmed her as he asked her questions, implying he was from CNN.  How long he had been waiting for her in the pouring rain she didn't know, but she got past him and into her house, where she called the police.  The man returned later and left a basket containing four potatoes on her doorstep, the significance of which she never determined.

Prison Time for Democrat's 'Vicious' Doxxing of Republicans.  A Democrat U.S. Senate staffer who doxxed Republican senators during the nasty confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, committing what prosecutors called "the largest data breach in Senate history," was sentenced to four years imprisonment.  "Doxxing," according to the U.S. Department of Justice, "is the act of gathering, by licit and illicit means, and posting on the Internet personal identifying information... and other sensitive information about an individual."  In left-wing activist circles doxxing is emerging as an increasingly popular means of waging war on conservatives and Republicans.

Something is terribly wrong in Maggie Hassan's office.  A second former staffer to Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., is now facing federal charges for allegedly aiding a scheme to "dox" Republican senators, their families, and Senate employees during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Samantha Deforest-Davis acted as an inside woman for 27-year-old Jackson A. Cosko, providing him with access to the junior senator's office in 2018 so that he could illegally download confidential Senate information, according to court documents.  Some of the stolen data, which included social security and credit card numbers, home addresses, and personal telephone numbers, was posted to Wikipedia during the Kavanaugh confirmation battle.

Second Democrat staffer is charged over plan to 'dox' five Republicans senators during Kavanaugh confirmation fight.  A former congressional staffer was sentenced to four years in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to illegally posting online the home addresses and telephone numbers of five Republican senators who backed Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.  Jackson A. Cosko, a former computer systems administrator in the office of Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., pleaded guilty to five federal offenses, including making public restricted personal information, computer fraud, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

Dem Staffer Who Doxxed GOP Senators During Kavanaugh Hearings Headed to Prison.  Jackson Cosko, a former aide to Senator Maggie Hassan and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, is headed to prison on Wednesday.  Cosko is responsible for doxxing GOP senators during the Kavanaugh hearings last fall.

Graham And Cotton Demand Investigation Into Leaks.  Senator Feinstein faces an 'investigation' after the 'betraying' the confidentiality that Mrs. Ford requested.  In the midst of the nonstop drama that has surrounded the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, the focus has remained almost entirely on the Christine Blasey Ford allegations.  They've been the center of non-stop reports, editorials, opinion pieces, and more, all throughout the mainstream media, which has suggested that Kavanaugh is unfit due to these unsubstantiated claims.  However, few articles alighted on one very important concept concerning the allegation.  Namely, that question is how, precisely, the letter, which Ford asked to be kept private, ended up in the hands of the media, or who, leaked it.

Democrats:  The 'Post-Truth' Party.  It was a post-truth mindset that fueled the vile attempt to derail the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.  Aided and abetted by the like-minded media, with a mountain of lies, Senate Democrats engaged in one of the worst episodes in American political history.  Only post-truthers clinging to an evil post-truth agenda would take decades-old uncorroborated accusations and treat them seriously in something as grave as a Supreme Court nomination.

Accusation is still not evidence.  Deprived at last of legitimate objections to Mr. Kavanaugh, the Democrats turned, not so reluctantly, to character assassination.  This will be clear enough to the historians, and it is enough now to say that the opposition was bumptiously political, which was fair enough, but political in a way that could not be justified when set against considerable legitimate qualifications of learning, character and integrity.  That was not fair at all, and the Democrats ultimately paid dearly.  The tales told by Christine Blasey Ford, Ph.D., ugly reminisces of childhood, were never corroborated and in fact were refuted by witnesses chosen to corroborate them.  Mrs. Ford was left with a tale as if told by Faulkner's idiot.  There was no corroboration, even from her closest friends.  Accusation is not evidence.  Yet.

Justice Kavanaugh is Still Triggering the Left.  Normally, one would expect that a university fortunate enough to get a sitting Supreme Court Justice to join its faculty would be receiving accolades from its students.  But of course, these are not normal times.  Thus, when George Mason University recently announced that Justice Brett Kavanaugh would co-teach (along with Professor Jennifer L. Mascott) a summer class at its Antonin Scalia Law School, the campus Left was seriously triggered.  Students immediately launched protests, a petition drive, and an ad campaign claiming that they would suffer harm due to the uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault made against Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings last fall.

Ex-Clinton official leads 'dark money' effort to boot Kavanaugh from teaching gig.  A top aide to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign — now leading a liberal "dark money" group — is backing a student effort at George Mason University to get Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh fired from teaching a summer course over misconduct allegations.  A student group calling itself "Mason For Survivors" began circulating a petition last month, so far attracting nearly 5,000 signatures, urging to "terminate AND void ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University" on the grounds that the justice was accused of misconduct.

What We Still Have to Lose.  [Scroll down]  I wrote the first draft after President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court but before the Democrats and the Left launched their disgraceful calumnies against him, aiming not merely to sink his nomination but to destroy his good name.  I always expect the Left to behave badly — very badly — but their treatment of this fine man shocked even me. [...] What the Kavanaugh affair has made clearer to me than ever is that the Left will not stop until all opposition is totally destroyed.  The harm they do to people, institutions, mores, and traditions is, in their view, not regrettable though unavoidable collateral damage; it is rather an essential element of the project.

Lindsey Graham Needs To Pursue Those Who Lied During The Kavanaugh Debacle.  Since taking over three weeks ago as chairman for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham has already staked out several key priorities for the committee.  The list will please conservatives: confirm more judges and investigate the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI for their handling of the Russia collusion investigation, the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and the use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to obtain a warrant to surveil former Trump campaign aid Carter Page.  Yet Graham has so far omitted an equally significant area of inquiry for the Senate Judiciary Committee:  the possible criminal conduct undertaken to thwart the confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Ginsburg is why they fought so hard against Kavanaugh.  The Democrat wrath against Judge Brett Kavanaugh made little sense last September because his vote was not considered a swing vote.  Nevertheless, Democrats beclowned themselves with allegations from a perjuring professor and silly nonsense about fart jokes in his high school yearbook.  But Stan Greene at the Santa Monica Observer had an excellent explanation at the time:  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [...] Greene wrote in September, "She has told key Democratic members of the Senate about her medical condition, including ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein.  This explains in part the 'take no prisoners' attitude of the Democrats during the Kavanaugh nomination, carefully orchestrating weak 37 year old allegations against Kavanaugh by Women he barely remembers knowing in High School and College.

Kavanaugh accusers rocked confirmation process:  Where are they now?  Months after they came forward with their allegations, here's a look at where the women are today.

Ethics complaints against Kavanaugh dismissed.  A panel of judges has dismissed ethics complaints against new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  The judges say the complaints must be dismissed because they were filed under a federal law that does not apply to Supreme Court justices.  That's the outcome many ethics experts predicted once Kavanaugh took his Supreme Court seat.  The complaints deal with statements Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings.  They were filed originally with Kavanaugh's old court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

The Great Presumption.  The presumption of innocence claims thousands of years of storied Western history, "from Deuteronomy through Roman law, English common law, and the common law of the United States," as one Supreme Court decision explained.  That a man is innocent until proven guilty is "axiomatic and elementary, and its enforcement lies at the foundation of the administration of our criminal law."  [...] The general applicability of the presumption of innocence predates the American Founding.  Serious people, therefore, can be permitted offense and alarm at the calls from Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for an indiscriminate "right to be believed" — an affront to both procedural and substantive justice.

Christine Blasey Ford Is the Poster Girl for Fake Sexual Assault Allegations.  It's hard to say with certainty whether Christine Blasey Ford has memory issues, mental problems, or is just a liar, but it is crystal clear that her allegations that she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh aren't true.  So, when Sports Illustrated shoehorned her into announcing an award, it seemed really strange.  Crystal Mangum, the woman who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape, seems like a better fit here, but since she's in prison, Ford may have been the next best option.  Of course, people get very angry when you point out the obvious fact that Ford made a false allegation.

Blasey-Ford's scared little girl voice has disappeared in first public statement since her Senate testimony.  When Professor Christine Blasey-Ford testified against the Supreme Court nomination of then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, my very first impression was that her voice sounded fake.  She sounded like a scared little girl, her voice tremulous, creating an impression of sadness and vulnerability — just the thing to create sympathy.  I immediately wondered if this was some sort of act, or if her mental state was somehow altered for her performance on national television.  As a former professor myself, I wondered how on Earth she could command a classroom with that scared little girl voice.  For the first time since her testimony, we now have the opportunity to hear her voice, and guess what!  She doesn't sound at all like the witness whose fear and suffering moved so many Democrats and feminists.  She sounds like a grown-up, a professor, indeed.  [Video clip]

The New American Revolution.  Plato called them a guardian class of philosopher kings, people who were so enlightened, who saw ideas so clearly, that they knew what was best for everyone.  [Angelo] Codevilla calls them a ruling class, but clearly the origin lies in Plato. [...] Among the clearest manifestations of the ruling class's will to prevent the Trump administration from governing was the full frontal assault on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  It showed, Codevilla notes, that the ruling class had abandoned even the pretense of restraint.  It would do anything, good or bad, right or wrong, to get its way.  It was almost like a child throwing a tantrum: [...]

One Anita Hill moment was enough, voters say.  Did Dianne Feinstein lose the Senate for Democrats by trying to turn the battle of Justice Brett Kavanaugh into a second Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas fight?  The answer is most likely yes.  Sen. Feinstein, D-Calif., didn't intend this when she made the calculated decision to create the fiasco.  But decide she did.  She sat for more than two months on the letter that Christine Blasey Ford sent her.  She released it only when Kavanaugh's hearings were over, so that a new, stand-alone hearing would have to take place.  She refused Ford's request that she be allowed to testify in private and in California, as was her preference, making her instead come to Washington to participate in a day-long, nationally televised he-said-she-said extravaganza.  Was it because Feinstein wanted this to have the same look and feel as the Hill-Thomas hearing, which she saw as a win for her side and her party, and which also had made her a star?

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford still collects pledge cash.  Christine Blasey Ford is no longer in the headlines, but she's still collecting cash through GoFundMe accounts set up by friends and fans who wanted to show their support for her attempt to derail Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh's path to the Supreme Court.  As of Monday [11/12/2018], more than $850,000 had been pledged to the two biggest online solicitations, with one of them, personally blessed by Ms. Blasey Ford, still raking in more than $4,000 over the weekend.

'You Can't Do It Quietly': Top Democrat Overheard Discussing Kavanaugh Impeachment Plans.  The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee was overheard Wednesday discussing Democrats' plans to investigate and try to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler took a series of phone calls while riding the Acela train from New York to Washington, D.C., not knowing that the The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway was also on the train and within earshot.

Incoming Democrat Chairman:  Dems Will Go 'All-In' On Russia, Impeach Kavanaugh For 'Perjury'.  Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., revealed plans for House Democrats to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury and investigate and impeach President Donald Trump for alleged treasonous collusion with Russia.  In post-election chats with various callers while riding the Acela train from New York to Washington, Nadler gave advice to a newly elected representative and discussed potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominees with another.  He also lamented identity politics and the thriving economy and worried about Democrats losing working-class voters while gaining elite former Republicans and suburban women.

The Democrats' pro-woman fraud.  [Scroll down]  All those champions and protectors of women in the Senate, where are they now?  Is Kamala Harris going to pay for Julie Swetnick's defense costs?  Ms. Feinstein and Mr. Booker and Ms. Hirono "believe all women."  Ms. Hirono said it was the responsibility of Justice Kavanaugh to "prove his innocence."  Why aren't Ms. Hirono, Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Amy Klobuchar engaging in a hunger strike as Kavanaugh accusers face criminal investigation?  If these Democrats were serious about what they were doing, and serious about sexual assault, they would be angry.  They would be appalled that people lied; that frauds reversed the impact of what the feminist movement was trying to do for the last 20 years: [...] Instead, we have crickets.  There's nothing about #BelieveAllWomen, because it's not useful anymore.  Like sexual assault as an issue, its political value is spent.

The Gillibrand Standard.  The silver lining of the Kavanaugh show trial, if one may be allowed to speak of such a thing, is that a great many formerly less-than-reliable conservatives finally understand.  They have come to realize what the Left has in store for them, for us, and for the nation. [...] According to the Gillibrand Standard, accusation suffices to destroy.  Not only is no corroborating evidence necessary, to ask for such evidence makes one just as guilty as the accused.  Especially monstrous is to ask questions of the accuser; that is to repeat or compound the alleged crime.  The accusation, once stated, immediately takes on metaphysical certainty.

Battleground-state Dems who opposed Kavanaugh [were] all defeated.  Incumbent Senate Democrats in battleground states who opposed the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination appeared to have paid a price on Election Day, with senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Indiana's Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Florida's Bill Nelson all suffering defeat.  In fact, every Democrat incumbent who supported Kavanaugh in states rated "toss up" by Fox News lost their race.  In contrast, the lone Democrat who voted for Kavanaugh, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, won his race.

Lawyer up, Christine Blasey Ford.  And I don't mean finding one to negotiate a million-dollar book deal.  Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley this weekend released a 400-page report on the False Accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Grassley recommended that prosecutors look into the false accusation of one woman, who now admits she never met the justice.  But Grassley's staff is looking hard at the testimony of the main witness for the Democrats, Christine Blasey Ford, the nutty professor who said Kavanaugh tried to [assault] her in high school.  Did she lie under oath?

Manufacturing a Smear — How the Democrat-Media Complex Turned Brett Kavanaugh into a 'Rapist'.  The day he was sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh made history as the first justice to hire an all-female staff of law clerks.  This was in keeping with his record of hiring more women than men and of sending more women to clerk on the Supreme Court than any other judge in the country during his 12-year tenure on the federal bench. [...] So how did a man who is a proven ally of women, who is universally praised by female colleagues and has never had any complaints lodged against him over his decades-long career, come to be labeled a "rapist" and those who voted to confirm him to the Supreme Court as "rape enablers"?

7 Top Takeaways From Grassley's Report On Brett Kavanaugh's Accusers.  [#7] Grassley Isn't Done:  Although Grassley's report provided a detailed synopsis of the months-long investigation, and exposed several new facts previously unreported (or underreported), the most significant revelation from the weekend release is that the investigation continues.  First, in the opening paragraph, Grassley notes that the memorandum "provides a status update on the Committee's ongoing efforts to review and address additional matters that arose during the course of the investigation, including potential violations of Senate rules, potential witness tampering, and potential false statements made to the Committee in violation of federal law."  According to media reports, "former FBI employee Monica McLean, whom Dr. Ford allegedly coached in a polygraph exam years earlier, and others contacted her to suggest she 'clarify' her account."  Grassley stressed that "Committee investigators continue to pursue this lead to determine whether McLean or others tampered with a critical witness."  Grassley also stressed that "Committee investigators will refer for investigation by the Justice Department and FBI any potential violations of federal law, when warranted.  These referrals will identify individuals who appear to have made materially false statements to the Committee or otherwise obstructed the Committee's investigation in connection with allegations against Justice Kavanaugh."

Senate Judiciary Report On Justice Kavanaugh Released.  The Senate Judiciary Committee, from the office of Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), has released a 414-page memorandum detailing the written statements and interaction undertaken by the committee in which they spoke to 45 individuals and received numerous statements regarding the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh.  The Committee tweeted the following upon release of the report:  "In neither the committee's investigation nor in the supplemental background investigation conducted by the FBI was there ANY evidence to substantiate or corroborate any of the allegations."

Kavanaugh's lying accusers should be thrown in jail.  Forty interviews later and investigators have found nothing — nil, zilch, nada, zero — substantiating the sexual harassment and assault claims made by women against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.  Moreover, one of the women, Judy Munro-Leighton, who had claimed Kavanaugh raped her in what she said was a "vicious assault," has recanted.  Now imagine being a real rape victim, a genuine victim of sexual assault, already frightened about reporting the crime.  That little voice in a real victim's head that says, "Why bother reporting what happened — nobody's going to believe you anyway?"  That little voice just got a whole lot louder.

Grassley probe reveals details behind mistaken identity claims, more.  Weeks after Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation — and the sexual assault allegations against him — captured the country's attention, the Senate Judiciary Committee has released a massive report on those accusations that's largely flown under the radar in the run-up to the midterms.  But the 414-page document, authored by the Republican majority and released over the weekend, contains a number of key revelations.  Among them:  the report summarizes a statement from a man who believes he may have been involved in an encounter with Christine Blasey Ford around the time of her claim of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.  Some of this emerged during the Supreme Court confirmation process, but the report provides more details.

Another False Kavanaugh Accuser Referred to Feds.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has sent the case of a woman who admits inventing sexual abuse allegations to block Justice Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to federal officials for criminal prosecution.  The news came as Grassley's committee unveiled a 414-page report on all of the allegations against Kavanaugh during the confirmation process.  "In the end, there was no credible evidence to support the allegations against the nominee," he said.  The referral of left-wing activist Judy Munro-Leighton came Friday in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray.  Munro-Leighton is 70 years old.  Kavanaugh is 53.

Trump Rips Dems After Kavanaugh Accuser Admits To Making False Rape Claim.  President Trump blasted one of Brett Kavanaugh's "Jane Doe" accusers at a Montana campaign rally on Saturday, saying "she made up the lie" as he derided the accusation as "fake."  Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had requested an investigation of the accuser, Judy Munro-Leighton, who anonymously claimed that Kavanaugh forced her to perform oral sex on him.  Committee investigators found that the woman had "fabricated" her accusation, according to a letter from Grassley to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Gutfeld on Kavanaugh's false accuser.  A woman who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of rape has admitted she made it all up.  When investigators confronted leftwing activist Judy Munro-Leighton, she admitted it was all just a "ploy." [...] Chuck Grassley has referred this creep for criminal prosecution — as well as Julie Swetnick, and her horrible lawyer Michael Avenatti for also making false claims.  Now, it's important that all of these people get what's coming — after due process, of course.  Because what they did to Kavanaugh, could be done to you.  It's also despicable, how much press that the allegation got, versus the press it isn't getting now — once it's debunked.  Which it raises another question.  If the Dems actually believed in these charges, why aren't they pursuing them now?  I mean, so what if he got confirmed?  Why stop justice?  Why aren't they presenting evidence and witnesses?

Senate Judiciary Committee Releases 414-Page Kavanaugh Report.  The Senate Judiciary Committee has released a lengthy report (full pdf below) containing the investigative material from the senate investigation of the Kavanaugh accusations.  On page #27 of the report the senate committee notes their intent to continue investigating the role of retired FBI Agent Monica Lee McLean, who appears to have been 'handling' accuser and best friend, Christine Blasey-Ford.

'No evidence' to back Kavanaugh accusers' claims, Senate panel's report on FBI probe finds.  An investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by multiple women found that no witnesses could provide evidence to substantiate their claims, a letter to Senate Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said Friday [11/2/2018].  According to the 414-page report released by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, investigators interviewed more than 40 people, monitored social media and news reports and reviewed evidence provided by the judge and his accusers.

The Editor says...
The Grassley report about Judge Kavanaugh being falsely accused is coming out only a few days before Election Day.  This is an example of why the Democrats are so gung-ho about early voting.  Vote early, before you have all the facts!

Another Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story.  One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh's accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it "was a tactic" to try to derail the judge's confirmation to the Supreme Court.  Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee revealed the fraud in a letter to the FBI and Justice Department Friday, asking them to prosecute Judy Munro-Leighton for lying to and obstructing Congress.  Mr. Grassley said Ms. Munro-Leighton is a left-wing activist who hijacked another "Jane Doe" anonymous report about a backseat rape and claimed it as her own story, calling it a "vicious assault."

Majority U.S. Women:  Democrats Used Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Accusations for Political Gain.  The majority of American women say Senate Democrats used sexual assault accusations against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for political gain, a new poll reveals. [...] When asked, "Do you think Democrats were genuinely concerned about Dr. Christine Ford and her allegations towards Judge Kavanaugh, or were they just using the allegation for political purposes in order to block Kavanaugh's nomination?" about 55 percent of all U.S. voters say the Democrats were "just using the allegations" to stop Kavanaugh from getting on the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Her Story.  The Senate Judiciary Committee has referred a Kentucky woman to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after she admitted making up an accusation that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had raped her.

Grassley calls for feds to probe woman who falsely accused Kavanaugh of sex assault.  The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday [11/2/2018] asked federal authorities to investigate a woman who made false sexual-assault claims against US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  In a letter to the Justice Department and the FBI, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said Judy Munro-Leighton accused Kavanaugh and a friend of raping her "several times each" in the backseat of a car — but investigators later found out she was a "left-wing activist" who is "decades older than Kavanaugh."

Woman Says She Made False Claims About Kavanaugh, Now She's Been Referred to the FBI.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said in a letter sent Friday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the woman, Judy Munro-Leighton, admitted Thursday that she falsely claimed in an email to committee staff on Oct. 3 that Kavanaugh and a friend had raped her.  In the email, Munro-Leighton claimed to be the author of an anonymous letter sent to California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris on Sept. 19.  In that letter, a person who signed the letter as "Jane Doe" claimed Kavanaugh and a friend raped her in the back of a car.  Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said investigators quickly discovered that Munro-Leighton was a "left-wing activist" who is decades older than Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh accuser referred to DOJ for false statements, Grassley's office announces.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Friday referred a woman who'd accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of raping her "several times" in the backseat of a car to the Justice Department for "materially false statements" and "obstruction."  Kavanaugh, confirmed to the high court on Oct. 6, was infamously accused by multiple women of sexual assault and misconduct before the confirmation.  Judy Munro-Leighton, according to Grassley's office, "alleged that Justice Kavanaugh and a friend had raped her 'several times each' in the backseat of a car."

Why Did Media And Democrats Abandon Their Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh?  What happened to the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation battle?  The claims ranged from Christine Blasey Ford's remotely plausible if unsubstantiated allegation of a violent attempted rape to Michael Avenatti's completely outlandish and also unsubstantiated allegation of hosting serial gang rape parties.  From September 12 to October 6, the claims absolutely dominated all major media.  They ran on the front pages of all major newspapers and filled the hours on cable and network news.  Magazine journalists at The New Yorker ran with the claims, despite massive corroboration problems.  The claims were taken so seriously by the media and some U.S. senators it led to serious delays of the confirmation voting process.  A hearing was held during and after which all the talking heads on cable asserted Blasey Ford was completely "credible."  Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, even maneuvered to reopen an FBI investigation to dig into the claims.  Then they disappeared.  Overnight.

Justice Kavanaugh declines more than $600,000 raised in GoFundMe campaign.  Citing judicial ethics concerns, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh declined more than $600,000 that was donated to aid his family during the firestorm over sexual misconduct allegations that plagued his confirmation.  The judge's decision was announced on Tuesday [10/30/2018] in a message posted on the online fundraising page that gathered the funds.

Democratic Attacks:  Who's Paying?  [Scroll down]  The whole episode was laughable on its face from a legal standpoint:  if you gave a Democratic defense lawyer a case in which the accuser couldn't identify the time or location when and where the incident allegedly took place, couldn't produce any corroborating witnesses, and demonstrably had lied in her basic story (Ford said she was afraid to fly yet had provably flown on multiple occasions for both personal and professional reasons), the defense lawyer would not merely be giddy with how easily the case could be won with "reasonable doubt," but would likely go to the judge and ask that the case be dismissed entirely for lack of evidence.  No doubt, the request would be granted.  It was and remains a ludicrous, transparent political ploy of the lowest kind. [...] Are we to believe that Ford came forward totally voluntarily by herself and then funded her own expenses throughout the ordeal?  Did Feinstein's office pay for everything?  Or did some outside entity concoct the entire thing, find an acceptable accuser with a plausible and suitably unverifiable story, and fund the entire operation behind several layers of completely untraceable money?  It's incredible that no one is asking.

The media's orchestrated smear of Brett Kavanaugh.  Buried in last week's news cycle was a revelation that NBC sat on information that would help exonerate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and further discredit one of his accusers Julie Swetnick.  The revelation is also proof that the mainstream media and the left willfully engaged in an orchestrated smear campaign to try and derail Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation. [...] On July 30, Christine Ford sent a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein accusing Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party in the 1980's.  Feinstein waited for six weeks until announcing on Sept. 13 that she had referred information about Kavanaugh to federal investigative authorities.  This referral came after his confirmation hearings had ended as had the completion of his sixth background check.  Then on Sept. 16, the Washington Post's Emma Brown ran Christine Ford's story.  The article provides no corroborating witnesses.  The only "evidence" Brown sites are therapy notes from 2012 and 2013 which might not even exist.

Why Christine Blasey Ford Has Been Lying Low.  Christine Blasey Ford has kept a low profile since the railroading of Brett Kavanaugh failed to keep him off the Supreme Court.  She will not pursue her sexual assault allegations.  Now that she is a star like Anita Hill, you might have expected to see more of her.  Even if her stunt didn't work, she is still literally worshiped by liberals.  What producer wouldn't welcome her onto cable news to denounce Kavanaugh and the sexist patriarchy?

NBC Tries, Fails To Defend Itself After Sitting On Information That Undermined Kavanaugh Accusers.  An NBC reporter who interviewed one of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's accusers, and who admitted to sitting on evidence that two of his accusers were not credible, is now trying to defend herself and her network.  It's not working. [...] Last Thursday [10/18/2018(?)], NBC acknowledged that a second accuser represented by attorney Avenatti, whose name is still unknown, said her words were "twisted" in her sworn statement and that she never saw Kavanaugh spike punch or act inappropriately toward women.  NBC had this information days before Kavanaugh's confirmation vote, but didn't report it until now.  On Saturday, Snow took to Twitter to defend herself and her network for sitting on information that could have helped Kavanaugh gain some of his reputation back after the salacious allegations.

NBC News Hid Information that Would Have Cleared Kavanaugh of Avenatti Rape Allegations.  NBC News deliberately hid vital information that would have helped clear Brett Kavanaugh of the serial rape allegations Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, leveled against him.  On September 16, Kavanaugh and his loved ones were dropped into a pit of hell due to allegations of sexual assault from Christine Blasey Ford.  Although her story quickly fell apart during public testimony, for the three-plus weeks that would follow, in an effort to derail his confirmation, Democrats and their allies in the establishment media did everything in their power to personally destroy this man as a drunken serial rapist.  NBC News and Avenatti played a huge role in this obscene smear campaign.  One notable example was NBC breathlessly publishing and airing an assault allegation against Kavanaugh that was quickly exposed as a hoax.  NBC did not even bother to independently corroborate this allegation prior to airing it.  A Democrat handed NBC the smear, and NBC ran with it.

'Nothing to Gain,' Kavanaugh Accuser Raises Nearly $1 Million.  During the crucible of Brett Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation hearings, Democrats repeatedly asserted that Christine Blasey Ford had "nothing to gain" by coming forward with her explosive accusation of attempted rape against the Supreme Court nominee.  "You had absolutely nothing to gain by bringing these facts to the Senate Judiciary Committee," Sen. Dick Durbin said during her testimony last month.  This sentiment was echoed by other Democrats, who presented it as evidence that Ford was telling the truth.  "I want to thank you," added California Sen. Kamala Harris, "because you clearly have nothing to gain for what you have done."  In fact, Ford stands to gain some $1 million and counting from national crowdfunding campaigns launched by friends and other supporters, while she is said to be fielding book offers.

Christine Ford's Secret Pain:  Abortion "PTSD" Explains Kavanaugh Accusation.  Ford's powerful secret story points to her personal abortion(s) and not just those thousands she has continually enabled.

Did Christine Blasey Ford's Lawyers Trick Her Into Publicly Testifying?  The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a legal complaint against Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers, accusing them of potentially misleading their client and forcing her to endure a public spectacle she would have rather avoided. [...] In the run-up to Ford's testimony, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) made it clear on several occasions that committee investigators were willing to bend over backwards to allow Ford to tell her story to Congress.  That included an offer to send investigators out to California, where Ford would be able to record her allegations against Kavanaugh away from the eyes and ears of the nation.  But when Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, prosecutor Rachel Mitchell asked her if her lawyers had informed her of other forms in which her testimony could have been delivered.

Will the Feds flip Julie Swetnick against Michael Avenatti?  If you were a federal prosecutor, and given the choice, would you prioritize prosecuting:
  (a) a clearly disturbed woman with a long history of flimflam, but who in herself has no important societal role but for her outlandish and possibly perjurious sworn statements against a Supreme Court nominee, or
  (b) the high-profile lawyer who helped her and a second woman submit possibly perjurious sworn statements, who is a fixture on cable TV, and who has presidential ambitions.
If you say, 'get the lawyer' — come on down.

America's Permanent Mobs.  [Scroll down]  Similarly, in the United States today, accused murderers and thieves enjoy the benefit of conventional standards of evidence during trial, but those accused of sexism and racism by identity politics vigilantes are called dogs and pigs at the outset; hence actual evidence is unnecessary.  This tactic surfaced in the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearing.  If Judge Kavanaugh had been accused of murder, evidence would have to be presented, but since he was accused of sexual misconduct, he was suddenly a "pig"; evidence became unnecessary as the identity politics crowd pronounced him guilty on day one.  Indeed, the act of even asking for evidence was judged sexist and piggish:  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand declared that forcing his accuser to testify was tantamount to silencing her — which was more Orwellian than merely nonsensical.

More Evidence of a Kavanaugh Effect.  Most of us understood, I think, that the Democrats' attempt to bring down Brett Kavanaugh with a pathetically thin allegation of sexual misconduct as a teenager would energize the Republican base just in time for the 2018 elections.  But apparently the "Kavanaugh effect" extends further than that.  A new poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal finds that likely voters in the most hotly contested House races favor Kavanaugh's confirmation by a significant margin.  To be specific, in districts rated as "toss up" or "leans" by the Cook Political Report, voters favor Kavanaugh's confirmation 43 percent to 33 percent.

Christine Blasey Ford's lasting impact.  Have you heard much of or from Christine Blasey Ford lately?  Don't be surprised if the name escapes you.  She's been dropped down the memory hole by her friends in the press and her ex-friends the Democrats, since she stopped being useful when Brett Kavanaugh, much to their fury, was confirmed as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Do you wonder if the Democrats in the Senate or the Judiciary Committee give her a call now and then to ask how she's feeling, now that she's home — if she is home, as she and Kavanaugh both received death threats, and needed protection after her name was leaked to the press.  But there's no reason for them to stay in touch now.  It wouldn't be televised, and attention has moved on to newer sensations — hurricanes, killings, and whether or not the epithet 'Horseface' is an appropriate label for our duly elected national leader to apply to his alleged escort flame.

How the Left Colonizes Education.  [Scroll down]  Patriarchy?  Maybe there's a bit buried over there in the corner, under some ancient equestrian statue that nobody remembered until your chaps needed an issue on which to peacefully protest.  No, the elephant in the room is liberal privilege.  Here's an example.  A liberal woman gets to make an utterly unsupported accusation against a white male federal appeals judge and the whole nation holds its breath for a week.  That is privilege.  That is domination.  That is hegemony.  Not to mention sexism, straight up.  Imagine what would happen if a conservative woman made an accusation against a celebrated Democratic politician.  Would you liberal chaps jump on it?  Would CNN dissolve into self-righteous wrath?  Would the late-night comedians be flogging the issue to death?  Hey liberals, can you spell Juanita Broderick?

Demand an End to Liberal Privilege.  [Scroll down]  For instance, take the Kavanaugh hearings when all the liberals were assuring us that we didn't need to presume innocence until guilt was proven.  Did you notice that not only didn't any of them revise their opinion of the sexual scandals of Bill Clinton — against whom guilt was overwhelmingly proven — but they were also adamant that the same principles they were trying to apply to Kavanaugh didn't apply to Keith Ellison?  This makes absolutely no sense.  If you "believe all women" (and btw, that too is privilege.  Where is the "believe all men?") why not believe Ellison's battered girlfriend, who has the hospital visit to prove it, or Juanita Broderick before you believe Christine Ford?

The Dems October Surprise May be on Them.  Democratic Party ideals are a religion masquerading as a political system.  What they tried to do to Kavanaugh in declaring him a rapist with an absolute lack of evidence, has shown Americans that they do not care who gets hurt in their pursuit of power.  How many male voters thought, "That could be me."  How many women voters thought, "That could be my husband; that could be my son."  Yet Kavanaugh is merely the most egregious of their missteps.  Almost everything the Democrats have done since January 20, 2017, has only served to hurt their chances for the "blue wave."  They took what up until recently seemed to be a sure-thing election sweeping Democrats into control of the House and the Senate and threw it away.

Burning with ambition and lunacy.  In recent weeks, something resembling figurative self-immolation seems to have afflicted the progressive movement, i.e., the Democratic Party.  It's hard to say what's been more damaging — the images of mobs scratching at the U.S. Supreme Court doors and harassing opponents at restaurants, or lawmakers' antics on Capitol Hill.  The Kavanaugh hearings brought out the worst.  California Sen. Dianne Feinstein was caught concealing the 36-year-old allegations of Christine Blasey Ford until it was the only log she could throw in front of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court freight train.  Having helped stage a character assassination, she then accused Brett Kavanaugh of lacking proper "temperament" for justices because he declined to be a robot, and defended his honor firmly and passionately.

Judicial Watch Files Bar Complaint Against Christine Ford's Lawyers.  Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a bar complaint against Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers on Friday [10/19/2018].  Judicial Watch argued Christine Ford's lawyers, Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich neglected to inform their client she could have been interviewed about the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh in the privacy of her own home in California rather than a public hearing in D.C.  Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) offered to arrange interviewers to travel to California to give Ford the privacy she wanted, yet her lawyers never informed her of the option.

Did the Deep State Recruit Christine Blasey Ford?  The revelation that Christine Blasey Ford's high school friend and onetime adult roommate, Monica McLean, happens to be a former FBI agent may have raised so few eyebrows because we've grown accustomed to finding the FBI lurking in the background of major news stories.  The father of Parkland High School student David Hogg, the media's go-to expert on gun control, is a retired special agent.  The 2016 Pulse nightclub mass murderer's father was a long-time FBI informant.  In 2015, an FBI agent was photographing two ISIS-affiliated men just before an off-duty cop moonlighting as a security guard narrowly prevented them from turning a Garland, Texas "Draw Mohammed" contest into a massacre.  Going back a bit further, it turned out that two of the 9/11 hijackers were actually rooming with an FBI informant.

Here's What Democrats and the New Yorker Don't Want You to Know About Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez's Story.  Everyone knows the accusations against Kavanaugh were raised purely for political purposes.  The campaign against Kavanaugh was ready to go the moment his name was announced.  Even if his accusers were sincere, the claims never would have seen the light of day if his judicial philosophy was more congenial to the Left.  Nevertheless, Kavanaugh's enemies insist his accusers should be heard and believed.  But Christine Blasey Ford's claims do not hold up under scrutiny.  And the New Yorker article by Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow that broke the story of his second accuser Deborah Ramirez's allegations is strangely vague on crucial points.  Moreover, once the gaps are filled in, it looks like the narrative we've been fed about how the Senate first learned of Ramirez's story is false and, as Kavanaugh suggested, Democratic politicians were involved in creating and promulgating at least her allegations from the very beginning.

The Lasting Damage of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle.  [Scroll down]  Whether the scars from this fight will affect Kavanaugh in any way as a Supreme Court justice nobody can say.  On some level, everyone knows that the intensity of this battle, and of all the other fights over the Supreme Court for the last 45 years, has been due to Roe v. Wade — what dissenting justice Byron White in 1973 accurately called an "exercise of raw judicial power."  Whenever the American people have come close to taking back that power, so that their elected representatives might be allowed to weigh in on the right to life, Supreme Court battles have been particularly fierce:  first Robert Bork, then Clarence Thomas, and now Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump Wins the Kavanaugh Poker Match.  When the cant and emotionalism and bilious partisanship have subsided, the Kavanaugh episode will be seen as a decisive watershed.  President Trump knew how critical a turn it would be to have a fifth confirmed conservative interpreter of the Constitution for the first time since 1940, three years after Franklin D. Roosevelt threatened to pack the Supreme Court to protect the Tennessee Valley Authority and other key New Deal programs.  He nominated a squeaky clean judge the Democrats would have great difficulty finding a reason to rally support against.  Over 90 percent of the time on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Brett Kavanaugh had voted with President Obama's candidate to succeed Antonin Scalia, Merrick Garland.  Yet he was a presentable conservative who attracted the unanimous commendation of the American Bar Association and was recommended by the Federalist Society.

Witches to Hex Justice Kavanaugh in Occult Ritual in NYC.  Witches plan to place a public hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through an occult ritual on Oct. 20 in New York City, an event sponsored by Catland Books, which describes itself as "Brooklyn's premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space."  The planned ritual has been advertised on Facebook.  "Please join us for a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them," reads the description for the event, "Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh."

Democrat Witches to Hex Justice Kavanaugh in Occult Ritual on Saturday.  Democrat witches and cult members will meet in Brooklyn on Saturday [10/13/2018] to hex Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  The hex will also include all rapists and the patriarchy.  Democrats don't even hide their evil anymore.

Hillary Advocates Violence Unless Democrats Win.  The embattled Supreme Court nominee secured 50 votes in the Senate and was sworn in as Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  The Democrats knew that they would lose so they turned the appointment into a dramatic confrontation that was so outrageous at this point NOBODY in their right mind would ever again throw their hat into the ring.  This was all staged and it is intended to be taken all the way into 2020.  My live sources say the strategy will make Kavanaugh as a poster child and they will label him as a rapist from here on out.  We have crossed the line.  There is no going back.

Kavanaugh May Change Election Map.  [Scroll down]  Because of the superb handling of the challenge, though it arose late and suddenly, by President Trump, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Charles Grassley, the Republicans avoided anything offensive to women, avoided arousing further sympathy for the complainant, Christine Blasey Ford, by having her questioned by a special examiner, an Arizona female prosecutor with a background in this area (Rachel Mitchell), and made no effort to discredit the witness or exploit the several implausible elements of her testimony.  But it was established that there was no support of any kind for her allegation.  The supplementary allegations by Ms. Ramirez (too flimsy for even the New York Times to touch) and a client of the completely unfeasible Michael Avenatti, claiming drug-induced serial gang-rape, debased Dr. Ford's respectable effort.

Confirmation bias:  Brett Kavanaugh and the major media's worst moment.  The Intercept's Ryan Grim first reported that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., possessed a confidential letter alleging an "incident" between Kavanaugh and a woman "while they were in high school."  Soon after the publication of the Intercept report, Feinstein referred the secret letter to the FBI.  Once the story of Kavanaugh's first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, had been made public, all kinds of far less credible accusers were emboldened to come forward with absurd and fantastic stories.  Usually, journalists exercise an amount of caution in such cases.  But so eager were certain reporters and editors to create a pattern of behavior for Kavanaugh that all caution was thrown to the wind, leading to what is easily one of the worst, most humiliating chapters in modern journalism.

After Its Kavanaugh Loss, The Left Gets Even More Unhinged.  Anyone who hoped that cooler heads would prevail after the Democrats lost their full-scale war against Justice Brett Kavanaugh was soon disappointed.  Instead, the left has doubled down, trashing every institution they say contributed to their loss.

The Kavanaugh saga shows we have not yet plumbed the depths of Democratic ruthlessness.  President Trump apologized to Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and his family for the "terrible pain and suffering" they endured during his confirmation process, declaring that "what happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process."  Democrats seem to be taking the opposite lesson from the Kavanaugh fight.  As Politico recently tweeted, "After failing to stop Kavanaugh's confirmation, Democrats wonder if it's time to be more ruthless."  More ruthless?  There are a lot of reasons the effort to stop Kavanaugh failed, but a lack of ruthlessness is not one of them.  Kavanaugh's opponents just tried to destroy a man without a shred of corroborating evidence.  No tactic, no unfounded accusation, was too extreme. [...] Democrats did not lose the Kavanaugh fight because they were not ruthless enough.  They lost because, as always, the left overreached.  Their increasingly brazen and unsupported charges against Kavanaugh backfired, strengthening the GOP's case that Kavanaugh was the victim of a political hit job, and actually helping to secure his confirmation.

Poll finds Republicans driven by Kavanaugh.  The Democrat plan to use lies about Brett Kavanaugh to fire up their base is backfiring like a Model T Ford. [...] "62% of all voters are angry about the U.S. Senate's treatment of Kavanaugh, with 42% who are Very Angry.  56% are angry about how the Senate treated Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, including 35% who are Very Angry," Rasmussen reported.  "64% of Republicans are Very Angry about the Senate's treatment of Kavanaugh, a view shared by 30% of Democrats and 34% of unaffiliated voters.  By comparison, fewer Democrats (48%) are Very Angry about the Senate's treatment of Ford; 28% of GOP voters and 30% of unaffiliateds agree."  The Kavanaugh hearing leveled the election, wiping out the historic midterm election advantage Democrats held.

Christine Ford:  A Singular Fraud.  For what a singular fraud is Christine Ford.  To begin with, as Thomas Lipscomb has shown, she probably lied about the actual purpose of the second front door.  And though she is not a licensed psychologist, Ford tried to use her "psychological expertise" to make people think her memory is infallible. [...] As one might expect, Ford's "scholarship" attests to her interest and background in junk science.  In May of 2008, the Journal of Clinical Psychology published "Meditation With Yoga, Group Therapy With Hypnosis, and Psychoeducation for Long-Term Depressed Mood:  A Randomized Pilot Trial," co-authored by Ford and a number of academics.  The paper discusses how to use "therapeutic techniques," including hypnosis, to alleviate depression, to "assist in the retrieval of important memories," and to "create artificial situations" that will aid "treatment."  Ford et al. cite Herbert Spiegel's and David Spiegel's 2004 book, Trance and Treatment.  Say the authors:  "All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis," so "therapists are only tapping into their patients' natural ability to enter trance state."  But alas, "patients are highly suggestible and easily subject to memory contamination."

Trump's Kavanaugh Apology Showed True Presidential Leadership.  [Scroll down]  In the weeks leading up to Kavanaugh's confirmation, it felt as if the sane portion of the country was being held hostage by the insane portion of the country.  Vague allegations that were neither provable nor disprovable were put forth by a credulous activist media out for destruction.  The media failed to enforce journalistic standards about unsubstantiated and refuted claims.  As mob hysteria built, it seemed that the smear campaign might work and that evidence-free emotions might rule the day.  Even after the failed effort to keep Kavanaugh off the court, the leftist talking point was that the Supreme Court had a legitimacy crisis, and that the new justice would forever be tainted and have an "asterisk" by his name.  Every Sunday news program repeated this notion.  It also appeared in print media.

How Kavanaugh has shaken the midterm elections kaleidoscope.  Even at the ceremonial swearing-in of newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump took aim at the forces who opposed him.  Trump apologized to Kavanaugh for the "terrible pain and suffering" inflicted by sexual assault allegations during his confirmation battle.  "Those who step forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation, not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception," he said, declaring Kavanaugh "innocent" of the charges.  "What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency, and due process."  With that, Kavanaugh continued to shake up the midterm election environment while Trump embraced the change.

CNN's New Talking Point:  Do Not Refer to Anti-Kavanaugh 'Activists' As 'Mob'.  Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin both got triggered when panelists used the "M" word to describe protesters trying to bang down the doors of the Supreme Court.  Well, ok.  How about "thugs"?  Or "unhinged crazies" ?

CNN Debates What Constitutes a 'Mob'.  A panel on "CNN Tonight" with Don Lemon Tuesday [10/9/2018] got very heated while debating what constitutes a mob.  The panelists' comments came in regard to the recent protester trend of harassing elected officials in public; they questioned what exactly constitutes a "mob" and if protesters should be categorized as such.

The Democrats' Moral Confusion.  Indeed, it is wicked to ruin a man's life with an anonymous note. [...] It is unethical to humiliate a good man and his family before the nation.  It is wicked to rob someone of one of the greatest and happiest days of his life, a day he worked hard for his entire life, yes, from those very teenage years.  It is unethical to purposely besmirch the honor of the nation by besmirching a revered and precious institution with gutter politics.  How wicked that it was done to protect federal backing and funding of abortion without limit!  It is wicked to lie in order to make your charges seems more plausible.

Casualty Lists From the Kavanaugh Battle.  [Scroll down]  They thus forced a public hearing of charges of attempted rape against a nominee, demanded the FBI investigate all charges of sexual misconduct when Kavanaugh was a teenager, and ended up losing anyway.  Then the Dems watched protesters dishonor the Senate in which they serve by screaming from the gallery.  It was among the lowest moments in the modern history of the Senate, and it was the Democratic minority that took it down to that depth.  Understandably, they are a bitter lot today.  And the #MeToo movement has been set back.

Kavanaugh lesson:  Resist the 'resistance' or lose.  It's time to resist the "resistance." Left unchecked, this political movement may just cement a Republican majority in Washington for the next 20 years.  Rather than taking back the country from President Trump, this well funded and coordinated effort is setting back the Democrats and disassembling a few of our government institutions at the same time.  Trump's victory gave the left an opportunity to radicalize the Democratic Party.  The idea was simple:  Oppose everything with all we've got.  Energize, protest, flip on the switches of identity politics, use the politics of personal destruction, enlist the presidential hopefuls, go to the courts, spur on special prosecutors, flood social media.

The Kavanaugh Smear and the FBI: A Connection?  The Democrats' Russia hoax and their smearing of Judge Kavanaugh are two of the most appalling episodes in recent political history.  Are they, in some fashion, related?

Senator Heitkamp Had the Dumbest Possible Excuse for Voting Against Kavanaugh.  [Scroll down]  It's not about watching the testimony and deciding whether Kavanaugh or Ford seemed more convincing based on their delivery.  That's not searching for the truth.  It's a self-indulgent exercise in reality television.  It's a Rorschach test.  We make decisions based on evidence and proof.  We go with facts, not personalities.  A Senator empowered to help decide who sits on the Supreme Court bragging that she was going with body language is an embarrassment announcing her lack of responsibility and seriousness.

Stephen Colbert 'Late Show' writer: 'I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life'.  In a social media post on Saturday, a writer for CBS's "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" seemingly celebrated the damage done to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's reputation during his bruising and bitterly partisan confirmation battle.  "Whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life," the writer, Ariel Dumas, posted on Twitter.  Dumas later briefly made her account private, preventing others from viewing her posts without her approval.

Lessons, Warnings, and Potential Reforms Following the Kavanaugh Confirmation.  The court of last resort has become too powerful, taking on a super-legislative role in our republican form of government.  Their role in federal and even state politics needs to be scaled back.  It's time to review judicial review, rethink Marbury v.  Madison.  Should the Supreme Court have the final say on whether legislation withstands constitutional scrutiny?  Congress has the power to limit the size and scope of the judiciary's power.  Doing so would decrease the increasingly partisan wrangling which has strangled the nomination/confirmation process.

Democrats have unleashed a red wave of Brett Kavanaugh-believing women voters.  [Scroll down]  Every fake rape claim, from Tawana Brawley's tale in the late 1980s that four white men kidnapped and raped her, to the fiction Rolling Stone magazine perpetuated when it told "Jackie's" tale of being raped by University of Virginia fraternity members, increases the public's skepticism of sexual assault allegations.  And skepticism quickly hardens to cynicism when the story screams it is a partisan hit job.  The cynicism, however, will not be limited to high-profile cases with clear political motivations.  That is why the Democrats' failed attempt to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court will also backfire electorally when women flock to the polls next month for midterm elections.

Three Horrible Things We Learned About Liberals From the Kavanaugh Hearings.  [#1] Liberals may consider rape allegations against Republicans to be just another political tactic.  There is a very good reason why Christine Blasey Ford's allegations were not leaked until Kavanaugh was about to be confirmed.  Simply put, there was no there there — no date, no time, no location, not even a definite year, and all of her own witnesses refuted her story.  In the case of Deborah Ramirez, she admitted to her own friends that she doesn't remember exactly who exposed himself to her, but she still aimed the allegation at Kavanaugh because it was politically convenient for liberals.

New Witness Against Christine Ford:  She Was Not A Victim, She Was A Party Animal, Heavy Drinker & "Fast".  Little attention has been paid to Ford's high school yearbook (save for those who worked hard to scrub it from the web). [...] If Kavanaugh's yearbook is fair game, so is Ford's.

Democrats: Avenatti Gang Rape Nonsense Blew It for Us.  The ridiculous allegation that Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a gang rapist in high school is what lost the confirmation battle for Democrats, they say, and they're blaming Michael Avenatti (shown), the lawyer who leveled the charge.  Avenatti, a lawyer who represents Stormy Daniels, the blonde bombshell of the blue movie business, denies fault, and says he won't be the scapegoat for the shattering loss.  Unfortunately for Avenatti, the Democrats are right.

Democrats Promise Revenge Following Kavanaugh Confirmation.  Revenge-threatening fundraising e-mails from the head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its liberal stepsister, American Bridge 21st Century, that went out to thousands following the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday perfectly illustrate the state of mind of those opposed. [...] Promises of payback, retribution, infliction of pain, and exaction of revenge are hardly likely to help the Democrats flip the houses of Congress in November.  The outrage engendered by the obscene character assassination of Kavanaugh has ignited fury among Republican voters, putting the Senate well out of reach, according to the liberal Washington Post: [...]

This Kavanaugh Witch Hunt Is Radicalizing Us Normals.  [T]his whole disgusting Brett Kavanaugh grift has radicalized both Normals who usually avoid politics (thereby demonstrating their wisdom) and alleged conservatives who have been living in a fantasy world where our opponents were good faith friends who just disagree with us on some issues.  The Cirque de Kavanaugh disgrace put an end to that comforting delusion.

Grassley Victorious.  Grassley's strategy was simple: give 'em enough rope.  The first accusation from Christine Blasey Ford was a strange farrago, full of inconsistencies, factual lacunae, and logical impossibilities that was immediately repudiated by every witness she named.  But simply dismissing Ford was out of the question — the corrupt legacy media, backed by the Dems and hordes of keening feminists, would have portrayed that as a "second rape" by vicious, unfeeling Republican white males, upending both Kavanaugh's confirmation and, very likely, the midterms as well.  Instead, Grassley posed as sympathetic and accommodating to all but the most unreasonable demands of Ford and her cohort while maintaining a tough front against the Democrats.  The intent was to play the angles carefully in the hopes that the opposition would do something to hang themselves.  And boy, did they.

Alan Dershowitz:  The Constitution won't permit Democrats to impeach Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats seeking to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be hamstrung by the Constitution, according to Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz. [...] Pushing aside the high legal bar, Dershowitz added on Monday that Democrats would also face political ramifications should they try to remove Kavanaugh from the bench.  "That would be absolutely foolish, inconsistent, and hypocritical," he said.  "Those who believe that Bill Clinton should never have been impeached for allegedly lying about his sex life are now going to lead the campaign to impeach Kavanaugh for allegedly lying about his sexual and drinking activities back when he was a 17-year-old?  It's hypocrisy run rampant."

The Liar Christine Ford.  [Christine Ford] was no ordinary wallflower, no simple victim, she created her victimization, invented her abuse.  In the process, she diminished the true abuse of other women.  She was a traitor to her gender, allowing her make-believe assault for political purposes cast shadows of doubt on all other true victims, raising the bar of believability for all others that come after her.  This is what she did, fully understanding that the communists on the Senate Judiciary Committee would cover her lies and protect her from a true investigation of her story.  Christine Ford was a weapon against Donald Trump, a weapon against republican principles, a weapon against those who would stand to pursue conservatism.  If there were any who deserve protests from feminists, it should be the communists, who used Christine Ford as a weapon.

Democrats Never Thought This Far Ahead.  So, perhaps Swetnick really did attend parties where multiple people were having sex with one another, but there's one problem.  No one could put Kavanaugh in those situations.  One would think this would cast a negative light on Julie's character, not Kavanaugh's, but in the world of Democrats you have to spin even the sick and twisted to their favor!  There is more than a little strange attached to this woman, as well as the other accusers.  The mere fact that the first two women openly admitted to being drunk should have provided Democrats with enough reason to take pause.  But that's not the Democrat way.  Thus, the stories became more elaborate, and drunken 30+ year old memories have suddenly become more clear.

Democrats' New Strategy:  Destroy The Institutions Of American Government.  In the aftermath of Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court, Democrats have come up with a plan.  According to The New York Times, Brian Fallon, top spokesman for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, says that Democrats should consider extreme measures.  What measures are more extreme than slandering a judicial nominee as a gang rapist?  Why, simply packing the court, FDR style! [...] Democrats aren't afraid that the Court will do its job — they're afraid that the Court doing its job will mean checks and balances actually work.  So instead, they want to do away with the Court as a functioning institution.

Nancy Pelosi Details 'Wrap-Up Smear' Technique Sounds Exactly Like The Kavanaugh Smear.  Uncorroborated, salacious, off-the-wall allegations of sexual misconduct, including accusations of high school gang rape rings, were leaked to the media by the Left to smear Kavanaugh.  With the "validation" of a complicit, biased media's reporting, Democrats endlessly pushed the baseless accusations, further ruining the reputation of Mr. Kavanaugh and Republicans in general.

Senator Hirono Doesn't Understand 'Corroboration,' Won't Condemn Attacks On Republicans.  Democratic Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono claimed on Sunday [10/7/2018] that there was no corroborating evidence to back up Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's claim that he never assaulted Christine Blasey Ford and that there was corroborating evidence supporting Ford's story.  Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" with host Dana Bash, Hirono said that anyone who watched Ford's testimony "would conclude that she was being very truthful" and that Ford "recollects with 100 percent accuracy is that Judge Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh, assaulted her."

The Editor says...
The revision of history usually begins after much more time has elapsed!  Ms. Ford "recollects with 100 percent accuracy" an event that nobody else can corroborate.  That's not accuracy.

Sen. Collins describes illegal bribes and threats of liberal groups that tried to buy her and it's jolting.  Sen. Susan Collins believes the nation has come to a "very sad place" as opponents of Justice Brett Kavanaugh attempt to "buy votes and buy positions."  The Maine Republican has been feeling the aftermath of her affirmative vote for the Supreme Court nominee which secured his confirmation, which she discussed with Scott Pelley on "60 Minutes" Sunday [10/7/2018].  The anti-Kavanaugh groups targeted the senator ahead of the vote and continued the attacks after she voted 'yes,' taking up the offensive as well in her home state.  "A website went up over these last couple of weeks collecting funds for whoever your opponent may be in 2020," Pelley said.  "And the deal was that if you voted for Kavanaugh, then the credit card pledges would be processed.  If you voted against Kavanaugh they wouldn't process the credit card numbers," he continued.  "And something over $2 million was raised."  Collins denounced the fundraising tactic as a blatant and illegal attempt at bribery.

Graham Challenges Schumer: 'Name One Person on This List You Think Is Acceptable'.  Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) challenged Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Sunday to name one person from President Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court justices that he finds acceptable.  "This is a list that was compiled in November, but [Trump] actually put it out during the campaign," Graham told "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace, as he held up the list.  "There are twenty something people on this list; I'm asking Chuck Schumer, name five, name three, name one that would be okay with you."  Schumer and fellow Democrats tried to pressure Trump and Republicans to withdraw then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after several allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

The Democrats' Constitution Problem.  Now that Brett Kavanaugh has acceded to the Supreme Court, the time is at hand to get to the bottom of this beef.  What was it that so deranged the Democrats that they were willing to try to destroy the good name of a distinguished nominee?  Was it abortion, as some suggest?  Or allegations of sexual assault?  Or the nominee's alleged lying about his time in President George W. Bush's White House?  All of that malarky may have played a role in triggering the Democrats, but our own estimate is that their quarrel is something else.  It is increasingly evident that the Democrats are chafing under the Constitution itself.  Every one of them who holds federal, state, or local office has had to swear to the parchment (the Constitution so requires). They are, though, unhappy about it and want it changed.

Christine Blasey Ford still unable to live at home due to death threats, lawyers say.  Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her, cannot move back to her home due to the volume of death threats she is still receiving, her lawyers told NBC on Sunday [10/7/2018].  One of Ford's attorneys, Debra Katz, told NBC's Kasie Hunt that it's going to be "quite some time" before Ford and her family can return home.

The Editor says...
All that is hard to believe, because [#1] the political left lost the Kavanaugh battle, and [#2] violence and hate speech almost always comes from the political left.

It's not over:  Democrats vow to investigate Kavanaugh.  Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the New York Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee if Republicans lose control this November, said Friday he plans to open a formal investigation into allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh if Democrats take the chamber.  "It is not something we are eager to do," Nadler said in an interview published Friday evening.  "But the Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advise and consent, we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions."

Dems Threaten to Kill Senators, One's Glad They Ruined Kavanaugh.  Democrats are dangerous and they might become more dangerous if they don't start winning after their recent losses.  Widespread violence is in our future.  After the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, who is now an associate Justice and the 114th Supreme Court Justice, the Republicans had to have police escorts as they left the building.  Vice President Pence walked through the crowd, refusing to be cowed.  Many left by secure back exits.  Justice Kavanaugh had to be escorted out a back door and was sworn in during a private ceremony by Chief Justice John Roberts in a separate building.  The Justice couldn't even enjoy the ceremony marking the culmination of his life's work.

One Ford Narrative Too Many.  In the end, the Christine Blasey Ford accusations collapsed.  With them went the last effort to destroy Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the United States Supreme Court.  After thousands of hours of internal Senate and FBI investigations of Kavanaugh, as well as public discussions, open questioning, and media sensationalism, Ford remained unable to identify a single witness who might substantiate any of her narratives of an alleged sexual assault of nearly four decades past.  To substantiate her claim, the country was asked to jettison the idea of innocent until proven guilty, the need for corroborating testimony, witnesses, and physical evidence, the inadmissibility of hearsay, the need for reasonable statutes of limitations, considerations of motive, and the right of the accused to conduct vigorous cross-examination.  That leap proved too much, especially when located in a larger progressive landscape of street theater antics, including Senate disruptions, walkouts, and sandbagging senators in hallways and elevators.

Conservatives Must Realize Kavanaugh Victory Is Not The End; It Is The Beginning.  Will we allow our relief over the Kavanaugh success to lull us into a satisfied stupor?  Or will we rise up with still-sharp memories of what the Democrat party did to this good man and his family, to Senate decorum and to the concepts that keep our society rational?  Our first gut check is right around the corner.

Democrats Respond As Expected To Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation.  Yesterday, finally, the weeks-long circus surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court reached an anti-climax with a 50-48 vote in favor.  The whole proceeding was shameful and more appropriate to a Third World kleptocracy or Chicago alderman's meeting (but I repeat myself) than to anything that should be carried out by the United States Senate.  The very idea that vague and evidence-free allegations from some 37 years ago were seriously entertained as anything other than what they were, that is, a cheap, tawdry, and glaringly transparent attempt by the minority party to destroy a man's personal and professional reputation for political gain and expediency, was disgraceful.

Trauma and Truth.  The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court dealt the #MeToo and #BelieveSurvivors movements their first major defeat.  Those feminist ideologies will continue wreaking havoc throughout American institutions, however — especially the claim that self-professed sexual-assault victims deserve unqualified belief.  That idea — that the presumption of innocence, fundamental to common law, should be suspended for accusations of sexual assault — has been the cornerstone of the campus-rape bureaucracy; during the Kavanaugh hysteria, that conceit jumped out of the ivory tower into the world at large.  It will be no easy task to put it back.

What Will the Democrats Do Next Time?  By the thinnest of margins, Brett Kavanaugh survived the Democrats' smear machine to become the newest Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. [...] But, no matter how transparently false, the smears almost worked.  We live in a dangerously deranged time when emotion, prejudice and hysteria guide public discourse and decision making.  For those who oppose Kavanaugh, no amount of fact-based logic will ever change their minds.  They know what they know and are ready to act again on the basis of their hatred and anger.  That being the case, don't expect the Democrats to mothball their well-oiled smear machine.  As President Trump remakes the judicial branch one appointment at a time, the Democrat smears will continue and, most likely, become even more bizarre and outrageous.

Hillary Clinton is still finding ways to denigrate democracy.  Willing to destroy any part of government they cannot corrupt with partisanship, members of the self-declared resistance are tearing America apart because the election didn't go their way.  They have unleashed a whirlwind of fanatical hate, with violence now routinely threatened and sometimes carried out.  There are no random events.  It is a straight line from the unprecedented plot by President Barack Obama's administration to infiltrate and wiretap the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 to the scurrilous accusations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

Pelosi to file FOIA request for FBI report on sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.  House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi announced on Saturday that she will file a Freedom of Information Act request for the FBI report on sexual assault allegations against incoming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  "In purposefully limiting the FBI investigation, it is clear the Republicans were not seeking the truth," Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, said in a statement.  "They were seeking cover to do what they wanted to do anyway.  To add insult injury they blocked the public's access to the report."

The Mob Defeated, Justice Prevails.  Thanks to the Left's endless, media-aided smears and hyperventilation, there will always be something of a cloud over Kavanaugh in some Americans' minds.  But the FBI's involvement, and the slight prolonging of this process, assisted in dissipating that cloud for many fair-minded people.

This not entirely off-topic:
False reports of sexual assault not as rare as claimed, studies show.  Liberals on TV and social media said repeatedly during the Senate confirmation process that only 2 percent of charges are lies — meaning there likely would be truth in the majority of such charges, such as that of Christine Blasey Ford, who accused now-Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago.  Brent E. Turvey, a criminologist, wrote a 2017 book that dispels this notion.  His research, and that of two co-authors, cited statistical studies and police crime reports.  One academic study showed that as many as 40 percent of sexual assault charges are false.

What Does The Bible Say About False Accusers And #BelieveWomen?  It was a tough fight, one in which liberals pulled out literally every possible stop to win.  They thankfully failed, but this crucial victory didn't come without several disturbing trends, perhaps the most notable being the fact — and this has been brewing ever since the #MeToo movement started — that we are apparently supposed to #BelieveWomen every time they decide to make a claim about a man.  That's right — no matter how outlandish, no matter how far removed by time, no matter how politically motivated, if a woman says it, it's true and it totally happened exactly as she said it did.  And if you don't believe it, you're a sexist pig.  It's an odd, patronizing, dehumanizing claim, actually.  To attribute perfection to half the human population when the truth is so obviously different — as anyone with a daughter knows — is patently absurd, and dangerous.  And yet here we are, for all intents and purposes being called heretics for acknowledging that, indeed, women can and do lie about men.

The Left's Bullying Anti-Kavanaugh Tactics Threaten Our Republic.  This last week, left-wing bullies shouted down senators in the hallways of the Capitol, stormed senatorial offices, and generally endeavored to "occupy" Congress as they once did Wall Street — all to force members of the Senate to reject Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  Among the many disgraces of the two weeks since Christine Blasey Ford's accusation of sexual assault was leaked to the press, the bad behavior of protesters on Capitol Hill may seem low on the list.  But it is something that we should be deeply concerned about.

Kavanaugh, Collins, and Courage Under Fire.  The most important words spoken by Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27 were these:  "I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process."  By then, his family had received multiple death threats and he himself had been relentlessly slandered.  But the judge refused to surrender.  And the nominee was by no means the only victim of vicious Democratic attacks.  Senator Susan Collins, whose vote would inevitably be crucial to his confirmation, was the target of constant harassment and her staff received numerous threats of violence.

Dems face backlash from 'mama bears' angered by Kavanaugh hearings.  In Huntsville, Ala., mom Vickie Freeman had wept for joy as she watched Brett Kavanaugh testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  And now that he's been confirmed as the country's 114th Supreme Court justice, she has a name for herself and other Republican moms galvanized by the tense and partisan confirmation process.  "We are the 'Mama Bears,' absolutely," Freeman told The [New York] Post.  "And it has really fired us up to vote."

Cotton: 'The Democrats' Crazed, Hysterical Attempt at Left-Wing Mob Rule Has Failed'.  Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) released a statement Saturday after the Senate confirmed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying the Democrats' "crazed, hysterical" attempt at mob rule failed.  "Judge Kavanaugh was a distinguished jurist who respects our Constitution and the judiciary's vital but limited role in our system of government.  I expect Justice Kavanaugh will continue to interpret the Constitution and the laws as written, rather than asserting his own preferences as law," Cotton said in his statement.  "Sadly, because Democrats have long depended on activist judges to impose their unpopular ideas on an unwilling people, the Democrats waged a scorched-earth campaign of character assassination against him.  But the Democrats' crazed, hysterical attempt at left-wing mob rule has failed, and rightfully so.  Today is a victory not only for Justice Kavanaugh and his family, but also for the rule of law, due process, fair play, and basic decency."

Kavanaugh sworn to high court after rancorous confirmation.  Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in Saturday night as the 114th justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, after a wrenching debate over sexual misconduct and judicial temperament that shattered the Senate, captivated the nation and ushered in an acrimonious new level of polarization — now encroaching on the court that the 53-year-old judge may well swing rightward for decades to come.

The media want Brett Kavanaugh to suffer long after his confirmation is over.  The battle over Brett Kavanaugh is almost over.  It looks like he gets his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, but oh, have the news media made him pay for it.  It was always a problem for Kavanaugh that he was the one chosen to fill the crucial swing seat on the court (even more of a problem that he was a white man), but now that Democrats and their media friends have run out of ways to delay his confirmation, the obituaries have been written. [...] Thursday evening [10/4/2018], when it was clear Kavanaugh was likely headed for confirmation, the liberal New York Times editorial board said everyone involved in the process, even Democrats, had "failed."

Hysterical 'Kavanope' Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years.  Never have I felt more ashamed of my sex than in the last two weeks watching hysterical harridans trashing tradition, decorum, and common decency.  The Kavanaugh confirmation circus has brought out the worst of womankind — [women] who forced themselves, writhing with hatred and ignorance, into our living rooms and smart devices uninvited and without consent.  I've never felt so assaulted in my life than after watching the fiendish, frenzied temper tantrums of a thousand deranged females during what is supposed to be tedious, uneventful Senate procedure to seat a Supreme Court justice.  These screeching gorgons have bigger problems than Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.  Their performance during this uproarious time has called into serious question their fitness to even participate in any serious matter of state.

The Mob Defeated, Justice Prevails.  Following a disgracefully hideous confirmation brawl, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the United States Senate, and will soon be sworn in as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  All Republicans voted 'aye,' except for Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, who cast a 'present vote' in order to effectively cancel out the absence of a Kavanaugh-supporting colleague who is attending his daughter's wedding.  All Democrats voted nay, except for West Virginia's Joe Manchin, who respected the strong sentiments of his constituents and likely solidified his re-election in the process.  A brutal, draining fight is over.  Justice has prevailed.

Christine Blah-Blah Ford and Her Hippocampus.  One of many cringe-making moments in Christine Blasey Ford's protracted complaint before the Senate Judiciary Committee — and the country — was an affected and dripping reference to her hippocampus.  "Indelible in the hippocampus" was the memory of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her, some 36 years back, asserted Ford in that scratchy, valley-girl voice of hers.  With that, the good "doctor" was making a false appeal to scientific authority.  Ford had just planted a falsity in the nation's collective consciousness.  The accuser was demanding that the country believe her and her hippocampus.  All nonsense on stilts.  We want to believe that our minds record the events of our lives meticulously, and that buried in the permafrost of our brain, perfectly preserved, is the key to our woes.  Unfortunately, scientific research negates the notion that forgotten memories exist somewhere in the brain and can be accessed in pristine form.  Granted, we don't know whether She Who Must Never Be Questioned recovered the Kavanaugh memory in therapy.  That's because, well, she must never be questioned.  Questioning the Left's latest sacred cow, however, is forbidden.

Decisive Political Victory is the Only Way to End This Cold Civil War.  Plenty has been written about the absurdity of running a republic by way of whisper campaigns, uncorroborated smears, and malicious innuendo.  There is no need to rehash the mistreatment — some of it irrevocably damaging — of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  What's important to remember is that this will now be the new norm of nomination battles.  It marks the inevitable decline of our confirmation process over the last 30 years.  I write "inevitable" because as soon as progressivism's explicit living constitutionalism and implicit legal "realism" became dominant on the Left, the descent of the judiciary committee from respectable judiciousness to partisan bedlam was foreordained.  The Left's living constitutionalism means that the Supreme Court is always changing with the times rather than orienting itself to any fixed standard; the Left's legal realism means that even in the exercise of their power — under a fixed or evolving standard — judges are just political operatives like anyone else.

How to Prevent Another Kavanaugh Circus.  Brett Kavanaugh sailed through his confirmation hearings because he is a solid candidate for the Supreme Court.  But Senator Dianne Feinstein concealed the letter from Christine Blasey Ford until the committee vote was pending.  Then she leaked it, and the firestorm started.  She denies leaking, but the evidence is pretty clear that Feinstein is either the arsonist or gave the match to the arsonist.  While Feinstein's leak is a clear violation of trust with Dr. Ford, it's also an ethical violation.  Senate Judiciary Committee Rule II, 1 presupposes fourteen-day advance notice of witnesses in regular order.  There was no reason to not present Dr. Ford in regular order.  If her wish to not testify was sincere, then she shouldn't have appeared at all.  The only excuse for a late reveal was to delay as a Hail Mary pass to derail the nomination.

Planned Parenthood Turns on Their Former Champion Sen. Collins Over Her Kavanaugh Vote.  Planned Parenthood turned on their former ally Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) Friday after she announced that she will be voting to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh despite the eleventh hour sexual misconduct allegations against him.  The nation's largest abortion provider declared that Collins can "no longer call herself a women's rights champion" due to her decision.  Planned Parenthood's "youth squad" even declared that the vote announcement was a "betrayal of people everywhere."  In her speech, Collins concluded that since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, had named four witnesses who could not corroborate her account she did not think Ford's claims met a "more likely than not" standard.

Kavanaugh protesters anti-American, tilting toward mental illness.  It's one thing to exercise a First Amendment right to assemble and petition the government for redress — to "peaceably" gather together for a protest, as the exact language of this particular Bill of Right specifies.  It's another thing entirely to chase senators through the halls of Congress and pro-Kavanaugh politicos through streets of Washington, D.C. [...] Within the past few days, Resist Kavanaugh types have taken to the streets in select cities around the country, honing in especially on Republican senators' district offices and casting aside all cares of common sense to express, angrily and violently at times, displeasure with anyone supporting President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick.

NYTs poohpoohs Trump's claim 'elevator screamers' are Soros paid protesters.  But does he have a point?  The New York Times accused President Donald Trump of rehashing a "well-worn trope of the far right" in his Friday morning [10/5/2018] tweet labeling anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters as paid professionals funded by liberal billionaire financier George Soros. [...] However, one of the women who confronted Flake was identified by Fox News as Ana Maria Archila, the co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), an organization that has received millions from Soros since 2014.  The CPD is one of the participating nonprofit organizations of #CancelKavanaugh, a movement which provided anti-Kavanaugh protestors cash to resolve fines received for engaging in civil disobedience during Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.

These Photos Show Just How Cozy Senate Democratic Staff And Mainstream Journalists Are.  Jennifer Duck, the Democratic staff director for the Senate Judiciary Committee and the former Chief of Staff of Dianne Feinstein appears to be quite close with James Hohmann, the national political correspondent for The Washington Post who has been intensely covering the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

This Sentence From Grassley's Latest Letter to Ford's Attorneys Suggests Huge Discovery About Contact With Dems.  In a letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's legal team, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley asked for records and descriptions of any communications with senators or their staffs.  But he didn't stop there.  Grassley specifically named Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Mazie Hirono "in light of recently uncovered information."

Anti-Kavanaugh Editorials Are Dishonest About Why They Oppose Him.  The Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the New York Times ran editorials today [10/5/2018] opposing Brett Kavanaugh to be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  This is hardly surprising.  What is most disturbing about them is their dishonesty:  they fail to mention their real reason for opposing him — abortion. [...] What makes this so nauseating is the fact that these same papers insist that the Catholic Church is hung up on sex.  Nonsense.  It is not the Church that is obsessed with sex — it's the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and, most especially, the New York Times.  Their refusal to admit why they really oppose Kavanaugh only adds to their deceitfulness.

If Christine Ford's lawyer needs a lawyer, the fat lady's singing.  America now knows that Dr. Ford had her high school friend, the retired FBI-DOJ special agent Monica McLean, who is also a lawyer, involved with her and present for her Senate testimony.  Thanks to Wall Street Journal reporting, we now find out that lawyer McLean was so integral to the conspiracy that she tried to lean on a key witness to "clarify her statements."  This has backfired spectacularly and did absolutely no good for Dr. Ford, since the denial of any knowledge about the alleged event from the witness remained 100% absolute.  In fact, on a human level, it was tragic that she threw a childhood friend so under the bus in putting mysterious health issues in play with millions watching.  Dr. Ford turns out to be a nasty, expedient person.  That bonehead move of Dr. Ford's lawyer McLean showed pure desperation and panic to engage in potential witness-tampering.

Unsolicited Advice to Judge Kavanaugh:  Sue Them All.  There is no office where a person can go to get back his or her good name after a lifetime of effort and achievement is destroyed in a moment by unsubstantiated accusations.  But under our system of justice there is a place where an individual can go to seek redress and accountability for accusations that destroy reputation.

The Editor says...
The rabid left-wing Democrats are vowing to impeach Justice Kavanaugh as soon as they acquire control of Congress.  This is not because of anything Mr. Kavanaugh has done in the past.  It's primarily about the preservation of Roe v. Wade and partly about other recently-acquired left-wing trophies like same-sex marriage, compulsory wedding cakes, anchor babies, Obamacare, and sanctuary cities.  In order to prevent any further abuse of Mr. Kavanaugh and future nominees like him, the entire roster of lying witnesses, purjurers and story-tellers must face criminal investigations of their own, in addition to an exploration of their civil liability resulting from the baseless accusations brought forth in this country's most public setting.  When the lying witnesses and some of their enablers wind up in prison, the next Supreme Court nominee will be more likely to get a fair hearing.

Women's March Leader Linda Sarsour Goes Off on Racist Tirade Against White Women After Speech by Susan Collins.  The left is not taking this well.  On Friday [10/5/2018] Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) delivered an hour speech in defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  The Republican senator used reason and evidence to support her position, something that is unheard of on the American left today.  To close her speech she told the US Senate she would support Judge Kavanaugh and vote to confirm him as the next justice of the Supreme Court.  The left suffered a major meltdown following this historic speech.

How Deep is This Swamp?  The smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh didn't just involve a small team of connected insiders; their enterprise carried across multiple institutions, the legislative branch, political operations and the media.  This SCOTUS smear campaign was a major effort consisting of multiple organizations (inside and outside of government) and multiple people, and it took considerable planning and coordination to execute.

Feinstein v.  Kavanaugh:  Anatomy of a character assassination.  Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was cruising to confirmation until he fell victim to a Democratic character assassination spearheaded by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.  Feinstein, the Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking member, has led the clandestine effort to rub out Kavanaugh's sterling reputation, and with it his candidacy for the nation's highest court.  Exhibit No. 1 is the Sept. 30 report of Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona sex-crimes prosecutor who last week publicly questioned Kavanaugh's chief accuser, Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Liberal Institutions Are Casualties of the Kavanaugh Affair.  The Brett Kavanaugh drama is approaching its dénouement, which means we can now survey the damage to the institutions that tried to ruin the high-court nominee — his life, his career, his family.  That damage is immense.  The next time Donald Trump rails against the "fake-news media," his words will resonate with a larger share of Americans than they did before most of the mainstream media decided to enlist in the Democrat campaign against Kavanaugh.  The next time there is a critical judicial nomination at stake, congressional Republicans and the broader conservative legal ecosystem will be that much more dismissive of white-shoe gatekeepers such as the American Bar Association.

Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court after bitter fight, securing rightward shift.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court justice late Saturday [10/6/2018], just hours after the Senate voted to confirm him to the nation's highest court after a rancorous confirmation battle.  Kavanaugh was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts in a private ceremony, accompanied by his wife and children.  It means that now-Justice Kavanaugh will begin hearing cases before the court on Tuesday.

Winners and Losers of the Kavanaugh Confirmation.  Ford's named witnesses all came down on Kavanaugh's side (either they did not remember the 1982 house party where the alleged assault attempt took place, or flat-out said it didn't happen).  As for Ford's story, it was equal parts devious and leaky.  By "devious" I mean a Kafka-esque web no man could ever extricate himself from — not even with detailed calendars.  By "leaky" I mean full of gaping holes.  Not just her convenient memory lapses, but endless contradictions, deceptions, and in the case of her so-called fear of flying, outright lies.  Accuser number two, Deborah Ramirez?  Her accusation was even weaker.  Again, the named witnesses all backed Kavanaugh, and even the far-left New York Times was forced to report she had been calling around admitting she could not remember who flashed her at a dorm party in 1983.  Accuser number three, Julie Swetnick?  Exactly the kind of hot garbage you would expect from a fame-addicted lawyer made famous by a tabloid outlet like CNN.

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed, Possibly Most Conservative Supreme Court Since 1934.  The vote came in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday [10/6/2018], less than 30 hours after the Senate invoked cloture late Friday morning to end an attempted filibuster by Senate Democrats and one Republican, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Senators invoked cloture by a vote of of 51-49, thanks to the "nuclear option" first engineered by Democrats under former Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in 2013, lowering the threshold from 60 to 51 for presidential nominations.  Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) was in his home state during the final vote, walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.  Daines was willing to take a private jet immediately back to Washington if necessary to cast the deciding vote, but Murkowski — the only Republican to oppose Kavanaugh — agreed to vote "Present" instead of "No" on the final vote, to neutralize the effect of Daines' absence and keep the two-vote margin for Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Leftists are true fascists.  We often hear how the right is fascist.  Maybe that is backward.  The left clearly considers Judge Brett Kavanaugh guilty based solely on the allegations against him.  "Guilty until proven innocent" sounds more like the legal proceedings of Fascist Germany or Italy than a democratic republic.  Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee withheld the allegation of attempted rape until after all meetings and hearings were over, then treated Judge Kavanaugh like a condemned man (no evidence, no collaborative information at all) during the "extra hearing."

Kavanaugh Conservatives vs.  Booker Democrats.  Years from now, perhaps only days from now, when people are no longer quite so inebriated with partisanship, those who wish Brett Kavanaugh well and those who wish him ill will probably agree on one thing:  His defiant September 27 statement denying the charges leveled against him in the course of his Supreme Court confirmation is the defining speech of our time. [...] Now the middle ground was gone, and a new understanding was in place:  Whether Ford was lying or misremembering, what was happening was not a hearing but a show trial.  In that context, splitting the difference could no longer be passed off as moderation.  It was cowardice.  Any Republican who voted against Kavanaugh (and, of course, any Democrat who voted for him) would thereby exit his party.

Rule of the intolerant lefty mob.  Employees of a major company are in open revolt because one of its top executives attended the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, one of his oldest and closest friends.  Such are the depths of intolerance and utter insanity to which the Left has sunk in this whole sordid affair.  Joel Kaplan, Facebook's VP for global public policy, sat two rows directly behind Kavanaugh as he testified.  The two go back 20 years:  They were in each other's wedding parties; their children grew up together.  But hundreds of Facebook employees took to internal message boards to cry foul and worse — unloading a still-ongoing barrage of messages saying his appearance was hurtful, suggested a Facebook endorsement of Kavanaugh and had "triggered" company workers who've been sexually assaulted.  And the mob appears to have won.

Christine Ford's Criminal Record Scrubbed Clean on Database Three Weeks Before Her Letter to Feinstein.  [Scroll down]  But there's more.  There were two other cases on June 17, 1985 (Monday).  They were also in Catawba County on a different day and are under case type — CRIMINAL.  This might be the same case, but two different records were given.  The interesting thing about these two cases against Christine Blasey Ford is that they were last updated on July 7, 2018.  In her testimony Ford said she contacted the Washington Post tip line (and Democrat lawmakers) on July 6th.  That is why July 7th, 2018 is so coincidental.  Is that when they were expunged?

Christine Blasey Ford ex-boyfriend says she helped friend prep for potential polygraph; Grassley sounds alarm.  In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, directly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.  The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted in the declaration, also said Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor mentioned she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998.  He said he saw Ford going to great lengths to help a woman he believed was her "life-long best friend" prepare for a potential polygraph test.  He added that the woman, Monica McLean, had been interviewing for jobs with the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office.

Imagine how quickly Senator Booker would have collapsed under the weight of the Senate's inquisition, if the tables were turned.
Cory Booker:  Ditch Kavanaugh, whether he's 'innocent or guilty'.  Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, amid the ongoing FBI probe into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, suggested the Senate needs to "move on" to another Supreme Court nominee whether Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty.  Booker, D-N.J., days earlier backed the FBI's re-opened supplemental background investigation into Kavanaugh.  But amid speculation that the probe could come to an end any day now, Booker indicated Tuesday that it's too late for Kavanaugh.  He said his "credibility" has already been challenged and his "temperament" revealed at last week's heated hearing with him and accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Kavanaugh saga:  What the FBI report really tells us.  The new FBI report on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh that was being reviewed by senators Thursday [10/4/2018] makes it clear that there is absolutely no reason to further delay the confirmation vote on his nomination.  America would be well-served if the Senate seats this extraordinarily qualified judge on the nation's highest court.

Stephen Breyer Arrested For Underage Drinking & Ginsburg Tipsy At State Of The Union.  While we have been treated to innumerable lectures about how Brett Kavanaugh's youthful beer drinking makes him unsuited for a seat on the Supreme Court, it turns out that some of Court's Lefties like a tipple as well.  Stephen Breyer, was arrested for underage drinking when he was a student at Stanford.  I wonder if the hectoring scolds chastising Kavanaugh think that Breyer should step down.

Republicans Seeing Surges In Approval Numbers As Dems Sink During Kavanaugh Witch Hunt.  As it turns out, dragging a man through the mud for a horrendous crime he didn't commit isn't exactly a good look.  That the success and failure of many a politician rested on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a given, however, the methods which the Democrats employed to try to keep him away from the highest court in the land have been nothing short of disgusting.  This doesn't seem to have played well in Missouri, where Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, who was up against her Republican challenger Josh Hawley, is now down by two points.

The FBI Must Now Investigate Christine Ford.  Here's Why.  The FBI has completed its investigation into Brett Kavanaugh and it looks as if the wrongfully accused judge may be on his way to a Senate confirmation.  Hopefully, for him and his family, the nightmare will soon be over. [...] Kavanaugh has been thoroughly exonerated, but Ford, her team, and Senate Democrats should now come under the microscope.  Coordinated smear campaigns destroy innocent lives and undermine our system of government.  A CNN analyst said yesterday that this is all "just politics."  No, it's a lot more than that.  If this was a calculated effort to lie, slander, and perjure — which is certainly how it looks — then it is not "politics" but a crime, and everyone involved should spend the next several years in a prison cell.

Susan Collins is a 'rape apologist,' Women's March claims following Kavanaugh support announcement.  GOP Sen. Susan Collins on Friday [10/5/2018] was dubbed a "rape apologist" by a women's activist group amid her decision to support the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The Women's March posted a photo of the Maine lawmaker on Twitter with the caption, "This is who @SenatorCollins is" and the words "rape apologist" in a red box across her face.  The post also plugged a website to "cancel Kavanaugh."

Democrat Leader Pelosi Compares Judge Kavanaugh to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.  Nancy Pelosi spoke at an Anti-Kavanaugh protest in Washington DC on Wednesday [10/3/2018].  Pelosi condemned Republicans for their treatment of Judge Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford.  Ford accused Kavanaugh of groping her 36 years ago at an unknown place and time.  The only alleged witnesses all refuted the claim even her good friend of several years who has NEVER been at ANY party with Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats want to destroy Judge Kavanaugh over these baseless accusations.

Grassley Sends Christine Ford's Legal Team Scathing Letter Demanding Therapy Notes, Polygraph Results.  As Christine Ford's allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh continue to fall apart, her attorneys are refusing to cooperate with Senate investigators.  Ford's attorneys are refusing to turn over requested documents.  On Wednesday [10/3/2018], Debra Katz and her fellow attorneys penned a letter to Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.  They will not turn over the therapy notes and polygraph tests.

Obama's America on Display at Kavanaugh Hearings.  President Trump has been in an uphill battle to reverse Obama's efforts to "fundamentally transform" America.  Trump's successes in the past 20 months in erasing the damage of the Obama's eight years are well documented.  But he has a long way to go based on what we saw in the Kavanaugh hearings.  Trump's biggest challenge is to push back Obama's primary legacy of identity politics, which is destroying the fabric of our nation.  Neighbors, family members and old friends have been split apart, by design.  Obama polarized America according to race, ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation, and politics.  Like a deadly cancer, the Obama legacy has metastasized into widespread hatred among Americans that was on display at the Kavanaugh hearings.

Sen. Jeff Merkley demands immediate court ruling to halt Kavanaugh vote.  Sen. Jeff Merkley asked a court Thursday afternoon to quickly step in and delay the Senate from voting on this weekend on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  Mr. Merkley has filed a long-shot lawsuit arguing President Trump has violated the Constitution by withholding documents from Judge Kavanaugh's past, denying senators the ability to make an informed decision on the nomination.  That, he says, violates the Constitution's demand that the Senate give "advice and consent" on nominations.  The Oregon Democrat asked for a hearing Friday afternoon [10/5/2018] or Saturday morning, just before the Senate is expected to hold a final vote on the judge's elevation.

Report: Dr. Ford's Friend Leland Keyser Allegedly Felt Pressured by Ford Allies to Change Her Statement.  Monica McLean, a former FBI agent, and by some accounts, Dr. Ford's "lifelong best friend" is the individual whom Ford allegedly coached prior to taking a polygraph test.  During her testimony before the Judiciary Committee, Ford claimed she'd never "given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test."  When Keyser was brought up during Ford's public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford attempted to politely discredit Keyser's doubts by saying she has health problems.

The Kavanaugh set-up becomes clear.  With each passing day and with each bit of information that seeps out about Christine Blasey Ford, it is clearer and clearer that what the Democrats have done to Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been a setup from the outset.  Most of us are relatively naïve, ready to believe what our news outlets put forth.  We have open minds and were ready and willing to listen to Ford's testimony and consider for ourselves if it was believable.  It was not.  Her testimony was obviously scripted, practiced, massaged, and fabricated out of whole cloth.  Ford may have seemed like a victim, not of Kavanaugh, but perhaps of her Democrat operatives.  Over the past days, however, what is nearer to the truth is that she was and is part of a faction of anti-Trump activists bent upon destroying Kavanaugh in order to deny Trump another nominee to the Supreme Court.

I Was a Crime Reporter in Maryland in the Early '80s.  I Never Heard of Teen Gang-Rape Parties.  I got a full-time job as a reporter at the widely distributed Gazette after graduating from George Washington University in 1979 and doing an internship there the previous summer.  I covered Gaithersburg and Rockville city governments, including the city councils and agencies such as the police departments. (Rockville is the Montgomery County seat.)  I never heard word one about teen parties where girls routinely were sexually assaulted, much less where gang rapes were on the agenda, as Swetnick claims of gatherings attended by Kavanaugh, now President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

The Dems' Total War Against Kavanaugh Is Backfiring Spectacularly.  Democrats may have seriously miscalculated when they decided to mount an unprecedented campaign of character assassination against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. [...] The latest IBD/TIPP poll finds not only that President Donald Trump gained four points in his approval rating, and 7% in the exclusive Presidential Leadership Index.  But the Democrats' 11-point advantage in the generic ballot has been all but vaporized.  It's now down to 2 points, with just a month to go until the midterm elections.

Report: Ford's FBI Friend, Monica McLean, Pressured Witness To Modify Testimony and Statement.  If you thought it was sketchy that Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford's life-long best friend was a recently retired FBI agent and DOJ official, Monica McLean {Go Deep}; and if you thought it was sketchy that McLean and Ford were together on July 30th when Ford was writing a letter to Dianne Feinstein, likely making the friend Ms Ford's "handler" for the operation against Kavanaugh; then it's even more sketchy today with a report that McLean was pressuring witness Leland Keyser to shape her statements and testimony to the FBI.

Josh Hawley Opens Up 8 Point Lead Over Democrat Claire McCaskill Following Vicious Brett Kavanaugh Attacks.  The Democrat Party overplayed their hand with their vicious lies, accusations and smears against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  And now the mob is going to pay for their evil stunts.  One month ago Claire McCaskill held a two point lead over Republican Josh Hawley in the Missouri Senate race.

We are all Brett Kavanaugh.  The politics of personal destruction that the Democrats and the media — but I repeat myself — have used in this despicable campaign to crush Kavanaugh could just as easily be deployed against anybody who gets in their way, male or female.  They keep calling him a "serial predator."  Where's the evidence?  There is none — zip, zero, nada.  They say he enjoys "white male privilege."  What privilege?  Think about some of the "charges" leveled against Judge Kavanaugh, and consider if you could be charged with the same heinous crimes against humanity: [...]

Robert Reich mobilizes MoveOn's anti-Kavanaugh mob to descend on Washington.  [Scroll down]  So what we are seeing here are plans for a massive, humongous, gargantuan, trash-strewing, window-smashing, poop-flinging, pussy-hatted and vagina-costumed rabidly leftwing mob demonstration no matter what happens in this Kavanaugh debacle.  The left just can't stifle its itch to burn tires.  They were going to put on one of their spectaculars demonstrating their love for mob rule, no matter what happened to Kavanaugh.

I'm An Immigrant, Minority Woman Going Republican Over Democrats' Treatment Of Kavanaugh.  All it took was Democrats' treatment of Brett Kavanaugh over the last few weeks to turn me into that elusive creature:  a minority, immigrant woman who supports Republicans.

FBI's Kavanaugh investigation was by the book — just like Democrats demanded.  The FBI has completed a supplemental investigation into recent allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, reportedly finding no troubling information.  Frustrated that the bureau hasn't helped them bring down a nomination they otherwise oppose, Democrats have pivoted to attacking the FBI — specifically, claiming that the inquiry was curtailed to prejudice the outcome by limiting the pool of interviewees.  They're wrong:  The FBI followed procedure precisely.  Indeed, the FBI followed the standard background investigation process the Senate uses for the hundreds of nominations it considers.  And it's exactly the process that Democrats were demanding only days ago.

Opposing Kavanaugh is simply tanking the Democrats.  Last night Allahpundit covered some of the most recent polls which show a bit of a GOP resurgence in some key races heading into the midterms.  But what's causing this disruption in the blue wave?  It didn't take a crystal ball to guess that the Democrats' treatment of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh could be a factor.  Now, however, we have some new polling which attaches solid numbers to that idea.  The Daily Caller as the rundown of a new survey (from Harvard of all places) showing that many Americans still may not be wild about President Trump, and they might not even like Brett Kavanaugh, but they're simply disgusted by the obstruction on display in the confirmation process.  And there is simply no way to spin this in a positive light for the Democrats.  As one Dem strategist put it, this is nothing short of "a disaster."

How Jeff Flake's One-Week Delay Helped Clear Brett Kavanaugh's Name.  When Arizona Republican senator Jeff Flake insisted on an additional one-week delay of the Kavanaugh confirmation vote in order to allow the FBI to conduct a supplemental background-check investigation into allegations of sexual assault, many Republicans feared that it would accomplish nothing other than provide time for more people to smear Kavanaugh with new false allegations.  In fact, the delay has actually helped clear Kavanaugh's name.

Flake: No Corroboration for Ford's Claims in 'Thorough' FBI Report.  Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) told reporters Thursday that there was "no new corroborative information" in the FBI report on sexual allegations against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  "I think Susan Collins was quoted saying it was very thorough but no new corroborative information came out of it," he said.  "That's accurate."  "I wanted this pause, we've had this pause," he added.  "We've had the professionals, the FBI, determine — given the scope that we gave them, current credible allegations — to go and do their review which they've done."

NBC Owes Brett Kavanaugh A Retraction And Apology For 'Perjury' Claims Based On Ramirez Texts.  Several days ago, NBC reporters Heidi Przybyla and Leigh Ann Caldwell released a story titled "Text messages suggest Kavanaugh wanted to refute accuser's claim before it become public."  The NBC article says it is highly suspicious that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was trying to get people to go on the record to refute not-yet-public allegations against him from Deborah Ramirez, a former classmate of Kavanaugh's at Yale.

A Showdown Like No Other.  Ford was a fluent and sympathetic witness at the committee, but all her corroborative parties had fled into the tall grass, and hers is a completely unsupported denunciation.  There were serious inconsistencies in her statements of aversion to flying (though she is almost a frequent long-distance flyer), and especially in her sworn claim not to have known that the Senate Judiciary Committee was prepared to take her evidence in California.  She is a fragile witness, allegedly somewhat retiring by nature.  Close questioning from the FBI, without the #MeToo-intimidated American public watching, will be a challenge for her, especially if the nature of her extensive psychotherapy is revealed.  Not even the Democratic senators made any serious attempt to review the Deborah Ramirez charges against Kavanaugh that the New York Times tried desperately to substantiate, but could not.

Renovation Records Undercut Ford's Exit-Door Account.  Real estate and other records undercut a key part of Christine Blasey Ford's account of why she finally came forward with charges of attempted rape against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after some 30 years.  Ford testified last week that she had never revealed the details of the alleged attack until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband.  She said the memories percolated up as they revisited a disagreement they'd had over her insistence on installing a "second front door" when they had remodeled their Palo Alto, Calif., home.  The need to explain a decision her husband "didn't understand," Ford testified, pushed her to say she wanted the door to alleviate symptoms of "claustrophobia" and "panic attacks" she still suffered from an attempted rape allegedly perpetrated by Kavanaugh in high school during the early 1980s.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says one week is 'too soon' to have Kavanaugh vote.  You knew this was coming.  We all knew this was coming.  When asked Tuesday [10/2/2018] if a Friday vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh would give senators enough time to review the FBI report of the Bureau's investigation into sexual misconduct claims made against him, Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said a Friday vote would be "too soon."  "Well, I believe it is.  I believe it's too soon," Feinstein said.  "It's Tuesday and we have to put all the facts together."

Records Raise Questions About Ford's Double-Door Story.  Former CIA Director John Brennan assures us that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is "a national treasure."  And his former colleague, James Comey, has urged investigators to "dig deeper."  So begin at the beginning of her Senate Judiciary Committee testimony:  "I had never told the details to anyone until May 2012, during a couple's counseling session.  The reason this came up in counseling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive, very long remodel of our home and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that he and others disagreed with and could not understand.  In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail."  Under questioning from Sen. Diane Feinstein, Ford described an agonizing after-effect of the alleged Kavanaugh attack that caused her to demand that second door:  "Anxiety, phobia and PTSD-like symptoms are the types of things that I've been coping with," Ford said.  "More specially, claustrophobia, panic and that type of thing."

Christine Blasey Ford's changing Kavanaugh assault story leaves her short on credibility.  When Christine Blasey Ford testified last week before the Judiciary Committee, America witnessed a haunted woman recounting a devastating trauma.  But putting aside Ford's emotional performance and focusing instead on the professor's testimony reveals numerous inconsistencies in her narrative that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.  As a sex-crimes prosecutor, Republican questioner Rachel Mitchell is well-positioned to "know it when she sees it."  But rather than see Ford as a victim of sexual abuse by Kavanaugh, Mitchell saw her as a witness lacking in credibility.  And this conclusion comes from an expert who knows that there are many reasons victims delay reporting sexual abuse.  Mitchell also recognized that victims may legitimately not remember certain details related to an attack.  But the problem for Ford is not that she doesn't remember everything:  It is that everything she remembers changes at her convenience.

Kavanaugh Accuser's Lawyer Is Vice Chair Of Soros Funded Org Opposing Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh's accuser is being represented by Debra Katz, a Washington D.C. lawyer and the vice chair of the board of the Project On Government Oversight.  POGO co-signed a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Grassley along with a variety of lefty groups demanding Kavanaugh records.  This was the obstruction tactic of choice of the left for trying to secure the Court seat before they fastened on to this latest smear.  Where does PGO gets its funding?  From, among other sources, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation tentacles.

New York Times' dud of a Kavanaugh bombshell co-authored by admitted anti-Kavanaugh partisan.  As if the New York Times' "bombshell" report that Brett Kavanaugh allegedly threw ice at a bar patron during an altercation in 1985 wasn't ridiculous enough already, it turns out one of the story's authors is an outright anti-Kavanaugh partisan.  The Times article, titled "Kavanaugh Was Questioned by Police After Bar Fight in 1985," is part of a larger effort by the press and Democratic lawmakers to establish that the Supreme Court nominee has a history of violent, drunken outbursts.  Also, that he's a liar.  Also, that's he's a serial sexual predator.  Whatever sticks.  "As an undergraduate student at Yale, Brett M. Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a local bar during which he was accused of throwing ice on another patron, according to a police report," reads the article's opening lines.

GOP Senator:  Criminal Referral Should Be Sent for Swetnick's 'Apparently False Affidavit' Submitted by Avenatti.  Sen. Bill Cassidy (R., La.) tweeted on Tuesday [10/2/2018] that a "criminal referral should be sent to the FBI" after Julie Swetnick backtracked on some allegations she levied against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a sworn statement.  Swetnick's attorney, Michael Avenatti, provided the Senate with her sworn statement in which she alleged Kavanaugh was complicit in "gang rape" parties in the 1980s.  Swetnick, however, appeared to backtrack on some of her initial claims in an interview with NBC on Monday night [10/1/2018].  "A criminal referral should be sent to the FBI/DOJ regarding the apparently false affidavit signed by Julie Swetnick that was submitted to the Senate by @MichaelAvenatti," Cassidy tweeted.

Andrea Mitchell Wants FBI to Investigate Kavanaugh Being 'Rude' to Democrats.  During an interview with Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy on Tuesday [10/2/2018], MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell fretted that the seventh FBI background check into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was too restricted.  Her hyperventilating over the issue got to a point where she suggested that the Bureau should actually investigate Kavanaugh for being "rude" to Democrats.  Mitchell began the segment with hand-wringing over Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell criticizing Democrats for unleashing a "deluge of uncorroborated, unbelievable mud" against Kavanaugh.  Rather than acknowledge the poor behavior of liberal lawmakers, Mitchell went after McConnell:  "Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell today escalating his attacks against Democrats as he pushes ahead with a floor vote this week..."  [Video clip]

Cory Booker:  Ultimately It Doesn't Matter If Kavanaugh Is Innocent Or Guilty.  His point is simple:  Why gamble?  There are dozens of other well-qualified conservative judges whom Trump could nominate with no allegations of attempted rape hanging over their heads.  Why put a man on the Court who's destined to saddle the institution with grubby suspicions that he's a sex offender, regardless of what the FBI report says?  But the answer is simple too:  Democrats don't operate in good faith.  Their handling of Ford's letter is proof enough of that.  Any other nominee will face a scorched-earth campaign, if not in the precise terms that Kavanaugh has than with the most incendiary fuel the left can manage against him or her.  Remember, within hours of Kavanaugh being nominated, despite him being very much a "mainstream" choice, Senate Democrats scrambled to declare their opposition.  Booker himself, as I recall, claimed that backing the nominee would amount to complicity in "evil" before the month of July was over.

Flake reportedly "still having issues" with voting for Kavanaugh.  What "issues" could he be having?  He said himself this morning that the FBI report produced nothing new by way of corroboration.  Collins sounded downright chipper about it.  Others were pissed off at how thin the evidence against Kavanaugh had proven to be.

Lindsey Graham to Kavanaugh protester: 'Why don't we dunk him in water and see if he floats'.  Sen. Lindsey Graham continues to scorch the earth in defense of Judge Kavanaugh.  Today, he was confronted by a protester who began shouting at him as he turned to talk with the media.  "You've humiliated this guy enough and there seems to be no bottom for some of ya," Graham said to the woman protester.  The protester responded with something about a polygraph and Graham turned over his shoulder and replied, "Why don't we dunk him in water and see if he floats."  That's a reference to the infamous test for witches in which you throw someone into a body of water and if they float they're guilty.  If on the other hand they sink, well, that proves they were innocent (though unfortunately they're probably also drowned by that point).

Kavanaugh clash reopens stolen valor allegations against Sen. Blumenthal.  At last week's fiery hearing probing sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal lectured the Supreme Court nominee on the implications of telling even a single lie.  "Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus," Blumenthal, D-Conn., told Kavanaugh, reciting a Latin phrase.  "It means 'False in one thing, false in everything.'"  But Blumenthal's own difficult history with the truth is coming back to haunt him amid the Kavanaugh fight, with President Trump and Republican senators slamming him for inflating his military service during the Vietnam War.

With her obscene tirade against Kavanaugh, a Georgetown professor reminds us why people hate feminism.  By now, we are all familiar with the basic allegation that Christine Blasey Ford was sexually assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh at a party during their high school years in the early 1980s.  There is no need to reiterate the charges, nor to go on at length about the complete lack of corroborating evidence put forth so far.  One is only inclined to note, as The Weekly Standard has, that even the American Civil Liberties Union has joined the critics of Kavanaugh in tossing aside a presumption of innocence which it has in recent times extended even to Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, terrorists, known criminals, and pedophiles.  But on Sept. 29, an associate professor at Georgetown University named Christine Fair brought the rage of the Left to a new ad hominem level, at least for someone in so prominent a position.  She went on a Twitter rant about "entitled white men" who continue to defend Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Sorry For Blurting It Out, But Christine Blasey Ford Is A Liar.  Any fair-minded observer of the Kavanaugh proceedings would have noted that no one — Republican or Democrat — so much as laid a glove on his female accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, even though she had come forward to destroy the life of an exemplary individual and his family.  No one dared to do so.  Call this feminine or victim privilege.  Kavanaugh's high school yearbooks with tales of drinking were fair game, but Ford's — which openly talk of the girls' sexual promiscuity and boast of girls passing out at drinking parties — were not.  Nor were her extensive political connections to the anti-Trump left, the pro-abortion movement, the Democratic Party and even the law firm involved in the Steele dossier.  Yes, the sexual crime prosecutor established that Ford lied to the committee when she said she couldn't come to Washington for the hearings because she was afraid of flying.  In fact, as she admitted under questioning, she has frequently flown all over the world for pleasure.  But no one actually confronted her about this.  For example, no one asked her directly, "If you were brazen enough to lie to a congressional committee about this, why should we believe you in regard to anything else?"

Christine Blasey Ford's Ex-Boyfriend Told Senate Judiciary He Witnessed Her Coach A Friend On Polygraphs.  In a sworn statement provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee, a man who claims to be an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford says that he personally witnessed Ford coach a friend on how to take a polygraph exam.  If true, it would mean Ford provided false testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week when she claimed she had never had any discussions with anyone about how to take a polygraph.  The troubling allegations about Ford's polygraph history and potentially false testimony were revealed Tuesday in a letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, to attorneys for Ford.  Ford and her attorneys have thus far refused to provide all polygraph-related documents and media to the Senate for review.

Christine Blasey-Ford Friend In Delaware Was Career FBI Agent and Likely Together During Accusation Letter Construct.  In a letter released last night from a former boyfriend of Christine Blasey-Ford, there was a name curiously not redacted.  The name of Monica L McLean was revealed as a life-long friend who Ms. Ford helped with polygraph preparation.  The media has begun to focus on the letter as outlining a lie told by Ms. Ford during recent congressional testimony.  But the backstory to Ms. Monica Lee McLean is an even bigger story.

Blasey Ford facing perjury trap?  Today [10/3/2018] may be a day to savor.  Senator Chuck Grassley and sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell took heavy criticism in some quarters over the solicitous tone and leisurely pace of the cross-examination of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but it looks as though a perjury trap was being sprung.

Democrats Switch To Plan C To Destroy Kavanaugh — Will GOP Cave This Time?  Anyone notice that Democrats have suddenly lost interest in the sexual assault claim they said was central to Judge Kavanaugh's fitness to serve on the Supreme Court?  Now it's all about his "temperament" ... and what the word "boof" meant when he was in high school.  Can this process possibly sink any lower?

Kavanaugh investigators need to see Christine Blasey Ford's therapy records.  Christine Blasey Ford has no contemporaneous evidence to support her allegation that in 1982, when she was 15, a drunken, 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh forced her onto a bed, tried to undress her, and, when she tried to scream, covered her mouth with his hand.  Ford says she told no one about the alleged attack for 30 years.  But even then, in 2012, when Ford said she shared her secret, it was under circumstances that are not at all clear today.  In statements to the press and in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford has said that in 2012 and 2013 she told therapists about the alleged attack.  She said she has reviewed the therapists' notes from those sessions.  But by all accounts those notes do not mention Kavanaugh by name.  Instead, Ford has explained that her husband, who was present at some of the therapy sessions, remembered that she identified Kavanaugh by name as the person who allegedly attacked her.

New Rules for Men.  And so we have arrived, in the Brett Kavanaugh affair, the inevitable and ultimate apotheosis of #MeToo — the vilification of men qua men.  Now, one accusation alone — no matter how unsubstantiated and uncorroborated — is enough to ruin a man's reputation, nullify his accomplishments and erase his opportunities... for life.  This is apparently the standard set, and accepted, by roughly half of the country as represented by the Democrat party.  We have thus entered something new and dangerous.

Investigate the Senate Democrat Wrecking Machine.  How did we get here?  The Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination circus didn't happen by accident.  The emergence of incredible — and by "incredible," I mean the literal Merriam-Webster definition of "too extraordinary and improbable to be believed" — accusers in the 11th hour was no mistake.  It is my contention that this grand unearth-and-destroy spectacle was planned, coordinated and facilitated by Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats and their staffers.  After the FBI finishes its Freshmen Booze Investigations, Federal Barfight Interrogations and Fraternity Barfing Incidents probe of every last Yale and Holton Arms acquaintance and publicity hound ever photographed with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, every cog in the Resistance Wrecking Machine must be investigated.

Where Is the Polygraph Trail Leading?  Chuck Grassley has sent a letter to Dr. Ford's lawyers requesting more information.  Specifically, Grassley wants the therapist's notes, "all audio or video recordings produced during the course of Mr. Hanafin's polygraph examination of Dr. Ford," and "all written, audiovisual, or electronic materials relating to the allegations raised by Dr. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh that Dr. Ford or her representative previously provided to any reporter or anyone else at a media organization."  That some of this material has been passed "to a nationally circulated newspaper" but not provided to the Senate, Grassley proposes, "suggests a lack of candor."

Social Justice Warriors of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Ever wonder why, while watching the Kavanaugh hearings, you thought you were peering through a keyhole at a particularly unruly and infantile kindergarten class with the teachers off on a two-hour bathroom break?  Think no further than our college campuses today, where so-called Social Justice Warriors rule the roost, isolating themselves in "safe spaces," pushing "trigger warnings," and accusing everybody and his sister of "microaggressions" and "cultural appropriation" while making sure — oh how they make sure — no speaker gets within miles of the premises with a thought that might offend their precious snowflake sensibilities.  If you're looking for the provenance, for the raison d'être of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, why they throw the rule of law, even the simple need for corroboration, out the window, actually laughing it off as completely irrelevant while relying entirely on "feelings" (definitely in quotes) and sex roles out of a gender studies class, it is those Social Justice Warriors.

Shocker: Dianne Feinstein does not want the FBI report released.  Uh-oh!  It looks as though DiFi (or as Clarice Feldman calls her, ChiFi) has an inkling that that traps may be springing and witnesses singing in ways that will not help the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and beyond.  Yesterday, she said of the forthcoming FBI report demanded by Judiciary Committee Dems plus Flake, "It would seem to me that if people are going to be identified, this ought to be held very close."  Wait!  I thought the American people had a right to know!  For reasons known to himself but not me, Mitch McConnell agrees:  ["]McConnell confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the report will only be seen by senators and will not be made publicly available.["]  Is Mitch planning to use it for leverage, threatening to expose bad behavior by Judiciary Committee Dems?  Or the witness Blasey Ford?  Or her well connected lawyers?

Monica McLean: 5 Fast Facts.  The "lifelong best friend" of Christine Blasey Ford has denied that Ford ever coached her on how to take a polygraph exam while applying for Department of Justice jobs.  Monica McLean came forward Wednesday and said in a statement, "I have NEVER had Christine Blasey Ford, or anybody else, prepare me, or provide any other type of assistance whatsoever in connection with any polygraph exam I have taken at anytime."  Ford, a psychology professor, has accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault and passed a polygraph exam about her allegations in August.  The statement from McLean, a retired FBI agent, came after Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent Ford a letter asking her to turn over material evidence relating to her charges against Kavanaugh.  The letter also made a fresh allegation about Christine Ford.  Grassley said that the senators had heard testimony from an ex-boyfriend of Ford's who claimed he had seen Ford coach someone on how to take a polygraph test.  Grassley said, if that's true, it might mean that Christine Ford's own polygraph test is unreliable.

Confirm him, then prosecute her.  I had full faith in the way Chuck Grassley has handled the bag of flaming dog poop that Democrats left on the front porch of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  He knew what he was doing.  And now Democrats find their world collapsing tonight [10/2/2018].

GOP and Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Knew Christine Ford Coached Friend on Polygraph Before Hearing.  Social media was set ablaze Tuesday night after a former long-time boyfriend of Dr. Christine Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he witnessed Dr. Ford coaching a friend named Monica McLean on how to take a polygraph examination.  This is in direct conflict with Christine Ford's testimony under oath to the the US Senate.

Christine Blasey Ford ex-boyfriend says she helped friend prep for potential polygraph; Grassley sounds alarm.  In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, directly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.  The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted in the declaration, also said Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor mentioned she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998. He said he saw Ford going to great lengths to help a woman he believed was her "life-long best friend" prepare for a potential polygraph test.  He added that the woman, Monica McLean, had been interviewing for jobs with the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office.

Renovation Records Undercut Ford's Exit-Door Account.  Real estate and other records undercut a key part of Christine Blasey Ford's account of why she finally came forward with charges of attempted rape against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after some 30 years.  Ford testified last week that she had never revealed the details of the alleged attack until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband.  She said the memories percolated up as they revisited a disagreement they'd had over her insistence on installing a "second front door" when they had remodeled their Palo Alto, Calif., home.  The need to explain a decision her husband "didn't understand," Ford testified, pushed her to say she wanted the door to alleviate symptoms of "claustrophobia" and "panic attacks" she still suffered from an attempted rape allegedly perpetrated by Kavanaugh in high school during the early 1980s.  "Is that the reason for the second door — front door — is claustrophobia?" asked Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.  "Correct," Ford replied.  Ford never specified when the renovation took place, leaving a possible impression that it and the therapy session happened around the same time.

Dems Risk Losing Suburban Women with Kavanaugh Attacks.  [Scroll down]  The shared tears and collective fury are galvanizing women voters, but not in the way Democrats initially calculated.  The Democrats' insistence that due process and a presumption of innocence don't apply to men (particularly conservative white men) is a terrifying prospect for the husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers we love.  The Left still doesn't understand that we don't hate men like they do.  The Democrats' shameful conduct also has quashed their most convincing argument, which is that Donald Trump is a vulgarian who does not have the temperament to lead.  What Republican woman now believes that Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) — who warned American men to "just shut up and step up for once" — or Cory Booker (D-N.J.) or Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) are more prudent or civilized than Trump?  Why would any suburban mother vote to empower a lowlife, bottom-feeding hustler like Michael Avenatti?  Trump's tweets look tame compared to the bile coming from these people.

Kavanaugh Confirmation Is Now a Battle for Basic Human Decency.  The moment Brett Kavanaugh was named as President Trump's selection to fill the latest Supreme Court vacancy, I prepared for the battle that was sure to unfold.  Today's Democrats are in no mood to allow Trump a second constitutionalist on the high court, and following the lead of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's slander of Robert Bork in 1987, it seemed likely that they would mount a furious challenge.  But no one could have foreseen the despicable depths they have plumbed in their desperation to prevent Supreme Court rulings that actually respect the Constitution as written.  Kennedy's attacks on Bork involved a shameful misrepresentation of the nominee's judicial philosophy; the war on Kavanaugh has sparked an all-out personal war that has cast aside every rule of elemental dignity.  It is not merely an attack on the man; it is an attack on fundamental American virtues.  "Innocent until proven guilty" is not just a courtroom precept; it is a recognition of a basic right of anyone accused of anything.  Requiring evidence to back up a charge is not just an academic ideal; it is the least we offer to anyone who faces a damaging allegation.

Judge Kavanaugh Is the Victim of a Great Crime.  [Scroll down]  Out of the blue, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee accuses him of having committed sexual assault when he was young.  There are no details because the senator was keeping the charges secret — just the accusation.  There can be no corroboration because he knows he is innocent.  He is disoriented, bewildered.  How can he defend himself about a crime, an unknown crime at that, he never committed.  But, worse is to come.  In a blaze of publicity the specifics of the unsavory accusation were made public.  The judge is now subject to far worse ridicule and vilification.  He is angry now.  Angry as he, in his innocence, properly should be.  His now visible anger is mocked as being unmanly.  Nothing he can say or do will moderate the vile abuse he is taking.  All who know the truth come to his defense.  But this only subjects his defenders to the same abuse that the judge is taking.

Is there even a single decent Democrat in Congress?  Now we know for sure.  There is not a single decent person among the Democrats in Congress.  Because not one Democrat has had the fortitude to stand up and admit that what they are doing to Judge Brett Kavanaugh is obscene and grossly indecent, we must admit that there is not one of them with the moral sense to know that destroying a man for politics is wrong.  It's not only wrong, but depraved.  Not one Democrat member of the Senate, not one in the House.  Those on the Judiciary Committee are particularly venal.  Not one among the 95% of the leftist media has come to Kavanaugh's defense.  Instead, they too are on a mission to ruin his life and keep him off the Supreme Court.  They do not report the many inconsistencies in Christine Blasey Ford's vague account of her alleged encounter that effectively render it a lie.  NBC never even mentioned Rachel Mitchell's report because it so seriously undermines Ford's narrative.  It is doubtful there ever was such an incident.

White House responds to Kavanaugh ice-throwing bar fight story that is beyond irrelevant.  A newly uncovered police report has revealed an incident involving Brett Kavanaugh in a bar fight in 1985.  With hunting season officially open in scrutinizing all of the Supreme Court nominee's drinking habits and actions during his school years over three decades ago, The New York Times reviewed a police report indicating Kavanaugh was questioned by authorities following the incident.  It appeared from the report that Kavanaugh did not throw punches or break furniture but was questioned by the New Haven, Connecticut Police Department about throwing ice at someone.

Donald Trump:  Voters Are 'Really Angry' over Democrats Mistreating Brett Kavanaugh.  President Donald Trump commented Wednesday [10/3/2018] that his supporters were furious about the way Democrats were trying to smear Brett Kavanaugh. [...] Voters at Trump's Mississippi rally on Tuesday evening chanted "We want Kavanaugh!" when the president first mentioned his nominee to the Supreme Court.

It's All Gone: The Democrats' Dead Ideals.  As the spurious case against Brett Kavanaugh disintegrates, splinters, and re-forms into a cacophony of whiny, irrelevant expostulations, it is instructive to step back and survey the field upon which this battle took place.  The ground is littered with dead and wounded ideals:  civility, dead; basic decency, dead; the presumption of innocence, gravely wounded, ditto for the idea of due process.  And this disgusting carnage is all on you, O ancient one, Dianne Feinstein, and your self-important, preposterous colleagues.  You were desperate to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court so you abandoned any semblance of decency and respect.  You travestied the processes of the United States Senate for the sake of a cynical grab at power.  I'd say that you should be ashamed of yourselves, but, like the thugs that you are, you have no shame.  You believe the acquisition of power is a magical antidote to shame.  You are wrong about that, and one can only hope that you will one day reap some portion of the obloquy you have sowed.  It is not yet clear what the snarling, incontinent attacks on Brett Kavanaugh will mean for him and his family.  Early indications are not encouraging.

Kavanaugh Drank Beer?  He Can't Hold a Candle to Obama's Pot and Cocaine Use.  While liberals express outrage over the fact that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh drank beer — reportedly sometimes to excess — in high school and college, they and the leftist media have largely ignored the extensive partying of former President Barack Obama, who has confessed to heavy pot smoking and cocaine use in high school and college.  Given the drinking limits being set retroactively for Kavanaugh by his leftist critics and arguments therefrom that he is not suited for the high court, it is reasonable to conclude that Barack Obama's extensive illegal drug use would preclude him from a seat on the Supreme Court, or on any federal bench.  Revelations of Obama's partying and drug use are presented in the book Dreams From My Father:  A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama and in the New York Times bestseller Rising Star:  The Making of Barack Obama by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David J. Garrow.

Poll: Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle, Democratic Enthusiasm Edge Evaporates.  Just over a month away from critical elections across the country, the wide Democratic enthusiasm advantage that has defined the 2018 campaign up to this point has disappeared, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.  In July, there was a 10-point gap between the number of Democrats and Republicans saying the November elections were "very important."  Now, that is down to 2 points, a statistical tie.

Ex-Boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford Claims She Told a Falsehood About a Polygraph Test.  Senate Republicans, through less brash methods than the president's, have ramped up their effort to discredit Christine Blasey Ford with a sworn statement from a man professing to be Ford's former boyfriend and contradicting answers she gave before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  In the statement obtained by Fox News on Tuesday [10/2/2018], the ex-boyfriend claims Ford had helped her close friend prepare for a polygraph test, despite Ford's statement to the Judiciary Committee that she had never "given tips or advice" to anyone preparing to take a polygraph test.  The redacted statement by the ex-boyfriend, who has remained anonymous, also claims that Ford had not, in the six years the two dated, expressed a fear of flying or of "closed quarters, tight spaces, or places with only one exit."

How We Know That Christine Ford Is A Liar.  [Scroll down]  Now I think it is time to stop being so gentle.  It is just not possible to avoid the plain reality anymore:  Christine Ford is a liar.  She may still have been victimized in some form at some point in the past, but it is no longer possible for a rational person to conclude that this is all an innocent case of mistaken identity.  Someone is a liar here.  And it seems very clear that the liar is Ford.  There's a reason why sex crimes prosector Rachel Mitchell doesn't find Ford's story credible.  There are too many gaps and the gaps are too suspicious.  It's not just that Ford can't remember — it's that she specifically can't remember any of the details that might prove or disprove her claim.  She also can't remember the things she did and said even in the last few months.  If her memory really is that terrible, she knows her memory is that terrible, and she knows that she can't therefore be "100 percent certain" that Kavanaugh was the assailant.  At a minimum, her claims of certainty are a lie.

Lindsey Graham Sets Trap By Quoting Clinton Defender James Carville; The Left Falls In Head-First.  On Wednesday [10/3/2018], Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made an audience of liberals gasp when he paraphrased prominent Democrat operative James Carville, a rabid defender of alleged sexual assaulter and former President Bill Clinton, while speaking at The Atlantic Fest.  "This is what's degrading:  'This is what you get when you go through a trailer park with a hundred-dollar bill,'" said Graham, when asked about President Donald Trump's "degrading" treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser Christine Blasey Ford.  A collective gasp was heard from the audience, appalled by what Graham had just said.  And they should be appalled, since Graham was showcasing the Democrats' past treatment of female accusers by merely paraphrasing Carville slandering Clinton accuser Paula Jones in the 1990s.

New Evidence Eliminates Christine Blasey Ford's Residual Credibility.  Breitbart News has already gone into great detail to lay out the facts that unravel the allegations Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Since these individual reports, Ford's story has continued to crumble.  Real Clear Politics has looked at the records surrounding Ford's claim that an extensive 2012 remodel of her home involving two front doors triggered her memory of Kavanaugh's alleged 1982 assault attempt.  Documents, however, show that the remodel took place in 2008 and that the second front door was not an odd request from a traumatized woman fearing she could not escape, but someone looking to make extra income renting out part of her home — possibly in violation of local zoning laws.

Kavanaugh's 'Popeye Moment'.  Those who have used Kavanaugh's response to his critics as a criticism of his "temperament" would do well to ask themselves if an honorable man would do anything less than the judge did.  He did not become "unglued."  Instead one witnessed a man whose honor and reputation have been dragged through the mud by night crawlers — individuals who can't hold a candle to Kavanaugh in terms of character -- respond with the controlled, righteous rage of a man who has been wronged.  Of course, having engaged in the worst sort of character assassination, the night crawlers are now complaining that he didn't take it lying down.

Even Joe Scarborough says media carried out biased hit job on Kavanaugh.  Joe Scarborough blamed the media for jumping to conclusions about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's innocence on "Morning Joe" Wednesday [10/3/2018] and admitted its coverage has been a biased and one-sided affair.  "The media coverage of this has been so one-sided, it has been so biased.  There has been the presumption from the very beginning that every single allegation made against the judge was true," Scarborough said.  "And I say this again as somebody who said before the allegations, I didn't think he should be on the Supreme Court.  That this is what happened during the run-up to the Trump election."  "Nobody would even consider the possibility that Donald Trump might win.  And so they were shocked by it," he continued.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Limits of Social-Class Privilege for Conservatives.  Brett Kavanaugh's true sin isn't his connections, his popularity, or his prep school.  His true sin is that he's a conservative.  And now he's a particular kind of conservative — a conservative who matters, a conservative who will have the power (and might actually have the convictions) to threaten one or more of the most sacred elements of progressive jurisprudence.  He can potentially affect the law and the culture in a profound way.  So what we're watching is the systematic revocation of his elite privilege.

The Other Girl in the Kavanaugh Story.  The unquestioned conventional wisdom in Washington these days is that suburban female voters will overwhelmingly reject Republicans in November elections and that the controversy over Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be a contributing factor.  But perhaps many of these voters would first like to know what happened to two particular suburban females in the 1980s.  It won't be easy to find out, because most professional journalists seem to have lost interest in trying to ascertain whether Professor Christine Blasey Ford's compelling testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was accurate.  Judging by recent coverage, much of the press corps is now endlessly fascinated by demands for a broader investigation of her allegation of attempted rape by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh but largely uninterested in the emerging evidence.

Peripheral Thoughts on the Impending Confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.  Initially, at the Judiciary Committee hearing, Christine Blasey Ford presented publicly as a credible witness, describing a horrific event that happened earlier in her life, nearly four decades ago.  She spoke in a voice and demeanor that was compelling.  Although she did not persuade that she was identifying the correct attacker, her basic account of an attack came across as highly credible.  However, it now emerges that several other segments of her testimony — sworn and spoken the same day at the same hearing in the same voice with the same credibility — were lies.  We now know that it is a lie that she has psychological difficulty flying in airplanes.  Rather, we now know that she has flown all over for years and years, not merely compelled by the exigencies of business or family obligation but for fun and leisure.  We now know that it is a lie that she is so claustrophobic that she cannot live in a small place.  Rather, she rented a home of 500 square feet.  We now know that it is a lie that she put two front doors into her home remodel because of claustrophobia derived from the attack to which she testified.  Rather, she was renting out part of her property, and that necessitated a separate ingress-egress for the renter.

Democrats' Complaints about the FBI Investigation Are Absurd.  The Delay, Delay, Delay strategy to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court is taking the predictable course.  Once they got Republicans to agree to the one-week delay, Democrats immediately started complaining that the time limit was arbitrary — that the FBI should have whatever time is necessary "to get the job done."  Therein lies the issue, which Democrats have obfuscated from the start.  "The job" is not the FBI's job, it is the Senate's; and the job is not to conduct a criminal investigation, it is to develop enough information that the Senate can responsibly exercise its constitutional advice-and-consent duty.

The Battle of Brett Kavanaugh.  As the smoke starts to clear over the senatorial battlefield, the outlines of the conflict have come into stark relief.  What began, like Gettysburg, with the accidental clash of two mighty armies, has become a death struggle between the reactionary forces of cultural-Marxist leftism in their purest, most deracinated form, and the restorative powers of the American Republic-as-founded, including the rule of law, the presumption of innocence, and the orderly workings of our constitutional government.  It's a fight only one side can win, and it had better be ours.

Latest Ronan Farrow Report Further Discredits Deborah Ramirez's Brett Kavanaugh Allegation.  The latest reporting from the New Yorker's Ronan Farrow only further undermines Deborah Ramirez's already-discredited allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh.  Ten days ago, Farrow and his co-author Jane Mayer pretty much debunked Ramirez's story as they reported on it.  Ramirez claims that during a drunken 1983 dorm room party at Yale, Kavanaugh aggressively flashed his genitals in her face.  The problems with her story are legion.  To begin with, Ramirez admits she was quite drunk that night. [...]

Dershowitz: If Evidence Shows Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick Committed Perjury, She Belongs in Prison.  Noted author and attorney Alan Dershowitz joined Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the evolving charges against Brett Kavanaugh by accuser Julie Swetnick.  Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti's client Julie Swetnick spoke with NBC News on Monday about the claims she brought forth against Brett Kavanaugh.  Julie Swetnick spoke to NBC's Kate Snow and curiously, her story against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has evolved over the past several days.  Ms. Swetnick, in a sworn statement says she was a victim of one of these "gang" or "train" rapes where Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were present.  BUt her story keeps changing and she has no witnesses.

Washington Post:  "Rachel Mitchell expertly eviscerates the case against Kavanaugh".  Colomnist Marc A. Thiessen of the Washington Post wrote today [10/3/2018] that the case against Judge Brett Kavanaugh evaporated thanks to questioning of his accuser by Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.  This admission comes days after Jennifer Rubin of the same Washington Post mocked Mitchell.  Last Thursday, Rubin wrote, "The last set of questions prosecutor Rachel Mitchell put to Christine Blasey Ford may have been the most remarkable.  She asked if Ford knew that this process — five-minute intervals of questions — was not the best way to determine the credibility of a sexual-assault survivor's account.  One might have construed that as self-defense:  Don't blame me for finding out nothing!  But it also raises the question as to why a professional prosecutor would agree to be used, to be labeled an 'assistant' as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) so insultingly put it, to participate in a farce not designed to get at the truth."

GOP Sen. Ernst:  Red State Democrats Are 'Toast if They Vote Against Kavanaugh'.  Wednesday [10/3/2018] on the Hugh Hewitt's nationally syndicated radio show, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) voiced her agreement with Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) assessment that red-state Democratic senators are "toast" if they do not vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The Campus Comes to Congress.  Americans may disagree about the relative credibility of either Kavanaugh or his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.  But they all witnessed how the asymmetry of the campus governed the hearings.  Ford's veracity hinged on empathy and perceived believability.  There was little requirement of corroborating testimonies, witnesses and what used to be called physical evidence.  In contrast, Kavanaugh was considered guilty from the start.  He had to prove his innocence.  One belief of the university is the postmodern idea of relativist truth.  On campus, all can present equally valid narratives.  What privileges one story over another is not necessarily any semblance to reality, at least as established by evidence and facts.  Instead, powerful victimizers supposedly "construct" truths based on their own self-interests.  As a result, self-described victims of historical biases are under no obligation to play by what they consider to be rigged rules of facts, evidence or testimony.  This dynamic explains why Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J) insisted that Dr. Ford told "her truth."  In other words, evidence was not so relevant.

Whatever it Takes.  The Democrats' current position on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is:  We cannot have someone addicted to beer on our highest court!  What if a foreign power were to ply him with this nectar in a can?  Talk about taking control of our government!  Suppose they throw in a case of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier?  A bitter college roommate is going whole hog, wailing, He lied about being a beeraholic.  By the media's account, Kavanaugh was a bounder, a brawler and a drunk.  And yet he still managed to graduate at the top of his class, go to Yale, then to Yale Law and work in the highest positions in government.  I am in awe of his manliness.  Hemingway has nothing on this guy!  He should be our president.  To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln after being told Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk, let's find out what Kavanaugh drank and send a barrel of it to every college student.

You Don't Think The Clintons Played A Part In The Kavanaugh Attacks?  Check Out This Memo From 1998.  Bill and Hillary Clinton despise Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Anyone who doubts that need only read the following memo by Brett Kavanaugh regarding Bill Clinton's actions against a young woman who was at the time nearly the same age as Clinton's own daughter, as well as the attempted coverup, misuse of federal agencies, etc.  The Clintons don't forget.  Ever.  And how just like the Clintons to help orchestrate a character smear against Judge Kavanaugh for things that never happened because Mr. Kavanaugh was in 1998 adamant that then-President Clinton answer for things that actually did take place.

Senator Flake Appears on 60 Minutes, Show Run by Sexual Predator, to Discuss Kavanaugh.  If there's any show that has the moral authority to attack Brett Kavanaugh, it's 60 Minutes.  60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager was recently forced to resign after sexual harassment allegations from 6 women.  (Fager had also headed CBS News.)  And Fager allegedly maintained a culture tolerant of sexual harassment at 60 Minutes.  CBS CEO Les Moonves was also recently forced out over everything from sexual harassment to sexual assault.

Congratulations — America Divided and in Peril.  This last week saw our senate, one of the highest, responsibility-endowed groups in the land descend into a pit of pitiful.  A classless display of clumsiness trying to deny a most qualified jurist, a model citizen, a capstone of clarity when it comes to dispensing justice — Judge Brett kavanaugh — a life long earned position.  How far down the resistive road of history do we travel to destroy a life?  When an unsupported, unproven, uncorroborated accusation from 35 years ago can derail an truthfully earned appointment, we've reached a point of danger in this country not easily undone.

Republicans face loss of Congress if Kavanaugh nomination fails.  Republicans are in peril as the FBI investigates sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Both GOP and Democratic strategists believe that voters will punish Republicans if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, blaming them for having little to show for controlling the White House and both houses of Congress for nearly two years. [...] "Failure to confirm Kavanaugh would be seen by a substantial portion of the Republican base as a betrayal of the party's promise to appoint strong, proven conservatives to the Supreme Court, and would certainly hurt turnout among those voters in November's midterms," said Michael Steel, a managing director at Hamilton Place Strategies and former aide to John Boehner when he was House speaker.

I'll Drink to Confirmation.  It's pretty clear that with Blasey-Ford's already thin story wilting further, Democrats are now going to Plan B — attacking Kavanaugh for supposed perjury over his alcohol consumption as a student and young man. (Once again, Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment about the alcohol consumption habits of Democratic political figures, or their fondness for sandwiches.) [...] The point ought to be clear:  With six previous FBI background checks of Kavanaugh, unless the FBI is unusually incompetent (possible, as we've seen in the whole Trump campaign saga), testimony of overconsumption would very likely have come up before.  And some of Kavanaugh's accusers on this point, such as one of his freshman year roommates at Yale, have obvious motives for lying about him, as it is well established that they didn't get along.

Hillary Clinton accuses Brett Kavanaugh of being 'out of bounds' during Senate hearing where he said Democrats were motivated by 'revenge for the Clintons'.  Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said Brett Kavanaugh's behavior during his Senate testimony — where he accused the Democrats of getting revenge on him for his work against the Clintons — was 'out of bounds.'  'The performance, the behavior was quite out of bounds.  I don't ever remember anything like that,' she said at the Atlantic Events Festival.  'As someone who has testified,' she added with laughter and to applause.  In October 2015, Clinton testified for a marathon 11 hours before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on the attack on the U.S. consulate there.

Dems got their wish — wimpy Jeff Flake.  I've changed my mind.  I don't believe her.  That was quite an act she pulled off.  So give him the Supreme Court and give her the Academy Award, or at least a lollipop for playing Shirley Temple at 52-years-old.  How could you not have a heart for a woman in tears... a child, that is.  So delicate.  So fragile, she's even afraid to fly, poor dear.  Wobbly Republican Jeff Flake was an easy sale.  She had to be coaxed — according to the scam — to finally get on a plane to testify.  But turns out she flies all the time, around the country, around the world.  Given the limited time there was to examine her — we can only imagine how many more holes there are to her story.

Records Raise Questions About Ford's Double-Door Story.  [Scroll down]  Now that she mentions it, the additional remodeling in effect added a self-contained unit to the house, with its own entrance, perfect for "hosting" or even possibly renting, in violation of the local zoning.  Perhaps a professional office might be a perfect use, if an illegal one.  And in the tight Palo Alto real estate market, there are a lot of games played for some serious income.  And that may answer another strange anomaly.  Because since 1993, and through some listings even today, there was another tenant at what is now the Ford property.  It is listed as this person's residence from 1993 to July 2007, a week or so after she sold the house to the Fords.  Her name is Dr. Sylvia Randall, and she listed this address for her California licensed practice of psychotherapy, including couples psychotherapy, until her move to Oregon in 2007.

Secret History Of The Controversy Over Kavanaugh.  One way to look at the situation of Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee awaiting a Senate vote, is as only the latest episode in the long story of Griswold v. Connecticut.  In other words, it's a story about Yale Law School.  Griswold is the 1965 case in which the Supreme Court struck down a Connecticut law that had outlawed the use of contraception.  The court's opinion, by William Douglas, found a "right of privacy," reasoning in part that "specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance."  Griswold was the basis for Roe v. Wade, the abortion rights case decided by the Supreme Court in 1973.  It was the basis for Lawrence v. Texas, the 2003 case in which the Supreme Court struck down a Texas anti-sodomy law.  It was the basis for Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 case in which the Supreme Court found a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.  In all three cases — Roe, Lawrence, Obergefell — the court's opinions cited Griswold extensively and relied on it.

This Is How Astonishingly Stupid The Allegations Against Judge Kavanaugh Truly Are.  Want to know why Democrats and the Establishment Media are now focusing on Judge Kavanaugh's college drinking habits and speaking out that "for the good of the country Judge Kavanaugh should step aside"?  It's because the allegations leveled against him are so ludicrous, without merit, and pure political hackery that even liberal voters are now shaking their heads over how disgusting and dishonest D.C. politics can be.

The Case against Kavanaugh Is Collapsing.  A very strange thing happened over the weekend:  If you follow Twitter closely, you'll notice that the debate over Brett Kavanaugh moved significantly from the central question of last Thursday's hearing — did he commit sexual assault? — to a raging debate over whether he lied about high-school slang, college drinking, and inside jokes, and whether he was just too "angry" to be a Supreme Court judge. [...] Meanwhile, Deborah Ramirez's allegation — that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a party at Yale — remains essentially where it was last week, uncorroborated and difficult to believe.  She was drinking heavily at the time.  She confesses that her memory contains "gaps."  She even told other classmates that she wasn't certain it was Kavanaugh.  No one else could even confirm he was at the party where the incident allegedly occurred.

Julie Swetnick contradicts sworn statement?  Now she isn't sure if Brett Kavanaugh spiked punch at house parties.  Julie Swetnick, the third woman to publicly accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, appeared during a Monday night [10/1/2018] TV interview to contradict a claim she made against the Supreme Court nominee in a sworn declaration last week.  Swetnick, in her sworn statement, alleges she "became aware of efforts" in the 1980s by Kavanaugh and his Georgetown Preparatory School classmate Mark Judge, among others, to "spike the punch at house parties I attended with drugs and/or grain alcohol so as to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say 'no.'"

Nervous? Feinstein Responds After Republicans Call For Investigation Into Ford's Leaked Letter.  Feinstein uttered a nervous denial Monday evening [10/1//2018] after Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee said her office will be investigated for possibly leaking Ford's letter to the media.  Last week, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein stuttered as she denied she or any of her staffers leaked Christine Ford's letter alleging Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago at a high school party to the media.

Kavanaugh to Get Senate Vote This Week, McConnell Says.  The Senate will vote this week on Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday [10/1/2018].  "Let me make it very clear.  The time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close.  Judge Kavanaugh's nomination is out of committee.  We're considering it here on the floor," McConnell said.  "We'll be voting this week."  The Senate will first need to vote to cut off debate on the nomination before reaching a final confirmation vote.  The FBI is conducting a one-week investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh at the insistence of a handful of Republicans who said they wouldn't vote to confirm him otherwise.

Veteran Sex Crimes Prosecutor Who Questioned Blasey Ford Concludes:  There Is No Case.  The professional opinion of the veteran sex crimes prosecutor who questioned Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week is that there is no evidence for a case against Kavanaugh.  Senate Republicans received a five-page memo from prosecutor Rachel Mitchell that blew major holes in Ford's testimony by intricately pointing out flaws, lack of evidence, professional warning-signs and major inconsistencies in her evidence.  Mitchell detailed at length how Ford's case is crippled by a changing, inconsistent story, habitual inability to identify Kavanaugh in the retelling of the account, inability to have corroborating witnesses or evidence of the event, increasingly vague memories of the event and inability to remember major details of even recent events involving the allegations.

What Does 'Credible' Mean?  Something is wrong with Christine Blasey Ford's story, and not just the fact that none of the people she named as witnesses to her alleged 1982 encounter with Brett Kavanaugh remember any such incident.  There is a conspicuous hole in Professor Ford's biography — some important details seem to be missing — and we don't know what the missing elements might be. [...] Over and over, TV news talking-heads and other pundits have used the word "credible" to describe Professor Ford and her accusation, but why?  What's so credible about her story?  Well, it's detailed and vivid, but the closer you examine the details, the more problems you encounter.  Beyond Judge Kavanaugh's emphatic denial that any such incident ever occurred, there is the obvious problem that Leland Keyser, a "lifelong friend" of Professor Ford, who was supposedly present at the 1982 house party, has said she's never even met Judge Kavanaugh.

Democrats, Call Off Your Dogs.  I just don't get it.  I don't understand how this whole business with Brett Kavanaugh should have descended to such depths.  Here we have a man who was and is a top notch legal scholar.  Unimpeachable judicial credentials.  Yale Law School (where I also went).  Not a blemish against him.  Family man.  Friends to all who need him.  Religious man.  Perfect for the Supreme Court.  And here's this woman who comes out of the shadows and alleges a "sexual" attack on her when she was 15 and he was 17, both drinking under age at a party in the suburbs of D.C.  The woman is now in her fifties.  She didn't report that "attack" for over thirty years.  Then when she did report it, she could not recall where it supposedly happened.  Could not recall how she got there.  Could not recall how she got home.  And her reporting of this incident goes to a U.S. Senator who sits on it until the 59th minute of the 11th hour of Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation.

The Three Lies of Christine Blasey Ford.  In how many instances has Christine Blasey Ford lied?  [#1] Fear of Flying:  Fear of flying is a commonplace among many travelers (so much so that Brian Eno in the 1970s recorded several hours of soothing music expressly designed to ease such fears).  But in Blasey Ford's case, it was presented as a terror so overwhelming, so uncontrollable, as to prevent her from traveling by air under any circumstances.  No — Professordoktor Ford, we were led to believe, would need to drive from Palo Alto to Washington to testify before the Senate Judicial Committee.  This claim fell apart in short order after it was revealed that Ford had lived for a year in Honolulu, a city effectively unreachable except by air, had vacationed in Tahiti and other areas of the Pacific, and regularly flew from California to the east coast to visit family.  In light of all this, the "driving" claim became a running social media joke, with bogus reports of which was the last town she had driven through. [...] [#2] Christine is a Psychologist:  Blasey Ford allowed the public and the committee to believe that she was a psychologist in the full meaning of the term.  She specifically told the committee that she was a "research psychologist". [...] In fact, she is no such thing.  While she has done the course work, and was awarded a doctorate in the field, she still lacks certification.

Eliminating presumption of innocence.  The Marxist Mob's attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh is part of a multi-decadal plan to eliminate the Constitution — which Marxists slander as a a slave document.  The hearing and the FBI witch hunt (and I am sure the Deep State will find something) are a specific attack on the presumption of innocence.  Always look to the outliers when looking to where the Marxist Democrats will be.  Gay marriage is a fine example.  The Fifth Amendment is next.

How TV cameras made that awful Kavanaugh Senate hearing even worse.  Have you noticed during televised football games, when the TV camera on a long boom sweeps over a mass of spectators, it emits some powerful mystical beam causing otherwise normal people to act in strange ways that make grandparents shake their heads?  Even fully-dressed people without painted faces are compelled to shout something indecipherable, to hold up one finger or a sign they prepared in hopes the camera would gaze upon them.  That's what we all witnessed at the disturbing Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Senator Mitch McConnell Badgered At Airport By Anti-Kavanaugh Activists.  Empowered by the impact leftist activists recently had on lily-livered Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, more anti-Kavanaugh activists are seeking action against Republicans.  On Monday, three female protesters badgered Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell while he was walking through Washington's Reagan National Airport, feigning outrage when he would not acknowledge them and slandering the Republican Party as pro-rape, naturally.  Two of the activists have been identified by The Huffington Post as Tracey Corder, Center for Popular Democracy's "racial justice campaign director," and Naina Khanna, Positive Women's Network USA's executive director.

Fight Together or Fall Apart.  [Scroll down]  The Democrats could not defeat Brett Kavanaugh on the merits, because for all practical purposes he is unimpeachable as a candidate, so they must manufacture fake accusations and go back to his high school years to divine a weakness of character not inherent in his history but magically ascertainable from the fact that he likes beer and acted as a teenager when he was a teenager.  The ones who climb the wall of justice and probity to ascertain Kavanaugh's fate include:  A woman who had a Chinese spy working for her for twenty years; a man who lied about serving in Vietnam; a guy who readily admits that at 17, he committed the very same crime they collectively were accusing Kavanaugh of (and who has a make-believe friend named T-Bone); a woman who began her political career by having an affair with Willie Brown; and a woman who, echoing rape apologists of the past, thinks men should "shut up" and take it.  Yet, Feinstein, Blumenthal, Booker, and Harris serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee with little appreciation for irony and a total lack of shame.  The rest of the party is no better; the documented offenses too many to list.

What Memo?  NBC Ignores Prosecutor Memo Questioning Ford's Claims.  Broadcast news networks ABC, CBS, and NBC continued to hammer away at the sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Monday [10/1/2018], using the seventh FBI inquiry into Kavanaugh's past as the latest news hook to keep the Supreme Court nominee's name in the headlines.  But a minuscule portion of the Kavanaugh coverage on these networks (three percent) was given to the memo released Sunday evening by sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, whom Senate Republicans hired to question Christine Blasey-Ford during last Thursday's hearing.  Many have suggested the memo discredited much of Ford's claims.

The Senate Hearings Are Another Expression of the Anti-Trump "Resistance".  As an expression of deeper divisions, the last-minute attacks on Kavanaugh are part of broader pattern.  Trump has been viewed as a threat to all that is good and decent by nearly all Democrats, as well as a goodly swath of insider Republicans, from the beginning.  His Democratic opponents thought Obama was ushering in a new era and that Hillary's inevitable victory would solidify the gains.  His populist rhetoric, agnosticism on free trade, opposition to open borders, and skepticism of foreign alliances are all decisive departures from the status quo ante.  His election spawned the self-proclaimed resistance, which has rejected his legitimacy from the start and sought either indictment or impeachment.

The Pseudo-Republican and the Pseudo-Investigation.  The senator from Arizona is a joke.  But wait, there's more.  Now the party that promotes the rule of law is a complete joke, too.  Republicans have endorsed a pseudo-criminal investigation by the FBI in order to placate the Democrats.  Sure, it sounds perfectly reasonable: we need just one more week to investigate new allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh ahead of a Senate vote on his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.  But wait!  The Senate Judiciary Committee already investigated the allegations.  Not good enough.  We need the incorruptible (ahem) FBI to do to it.

Jeff Flake's Spineless Betrayal.  The shrieking and obstreperous women of Hillary Clinton's "resistance," bussed in by Democratic Party front organizations for the express purpose of physically confronting and intimidating him, appear to have done their job admirably. [...] It's a sorry indication of just how far we've regressed towards mob rule that this even needs to be said, but the only allegations that unquestionably deserve to be raised publicly in a senate committee hearing are those that are credible, serious, and made in good faith.  And Blasey Ford's allegations failed on all three counts.

Epitaph for a Dying Culture.  The coordinated effort to destroy Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court required the systematic refutation of the entire notion of Western jurisprudence by senators and much of the American legal establishment.  And there was no hesitation in doing just that on the part of Senate Democrats, the #MeToo movement, and the press.

Website that archived Blasey Ford's high school yearbook disappears from Google-owned Blogspot.  Now that the high school days of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford are the most important issue facing Americans (according to the media, anyway), it is certainly odd that evidence of student norms at Blasey Ford's own alma mater is being "disappeared" from the web.  First, the yearbook of Holton-Arms High School, the all-girls private academy she attended, was scrubbed from the web on September 17, 2018.

Huge: Christine Ford Published 2008 Article on Self-Hypnosis Used to Retrieve and "Create Artificial Situations".  Christine Ford has not turned over her therapist's notes to the Senate regarding her suppressed memories about Judge Kavanaugh abusing her decades earlier.  This may be because if the memories were revealed through hypnosis they would be "absolutely inadmissible" in the court of law in many states, including New York and Maryland.

Julie Swetnick Told NBC Her Brett Kavanaugh Story, and She Has Serious Credibility Issues.  Julie Swetnick, the third woman to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, sat down for an interview with NBC News' Kate Snow, portions of which aired on MSNBC Monday night.  The story Swetnick told strains credulity.  In the course of the interview, Swetnick contradicted her previous written statement, jumbled the timeline of her decision to come forward, and expressed uncertainty about whether Kavanaugh was actually involved in her own assault.  She also borrowed a few key phrases from the story told by Christine Blasey Ford, the initial Kavanaugh accuser who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.  In stark contrast to Ford, Swetnick was neither persuasive nor believable.  This was not lost on Snow, who cautioned that NBC could not corroborate Swetnick's story, and had discovered that several of her proposed witnesses were deceased.  One person whom Swetnick claimed attended the house parties with her — parties at which women were routinely sexually assaulted, according to Swetnick — told NBC he didn't know her.

Christine Blasey Ford's memories aren't enough.  According to her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford's memory of being sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh in 1982 was shared and recorded for the first time in 2012 — 30 years after the event — because she wanted her remodeled house to have two front doors.  As her husband disagreed with this unconventional suggestion, the couple sought counseling.  It was during the counseling that she described the assault, although Kavanaugh was not named in the therapist's notes.  Oops... Something broke.  Six years later, when Kavanaugh's name was said to be on the shortlist for the Supreme Court, she confided her story to the Washington Post and Representative Anna Eshoo of California, and then to Senator Dianne Feinstein of California.  Six weeks after receiving a letter from Ford, Feinstein revealed its existence to other members of the committee.  By some mysterious process, Ford's name and her allegation then appeared in the press.

Christine Blasey Ford's memories aren't enough.  The #MeToo movement is revolutionary feminism.  Like all revolutionary movements, it favors summary justice.  Since April 2017, more than 200 men have been publicly accused of some form of sexual misdemeanor, ranging from rape to inappropriate language.  A few of these men seem likely to have committed crimes and are being prosecuted accordingly — notably the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.  But #MeToo seems to have created a single catch-all crime, in which rape, assault, clumsy passes, and banter are elided into one.  With a few exceptions, reputations have been destroyed and careers ended without due process.  "I believe her" are the fateful words that, if uttered by enough people, perform the roles of judge and jury.

First Principles Are at Stake in Kavanaugh Confirmation.  As a former member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I participated in four Supreme Court confirmation hearings (for John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan).  None came close to the divisive and circus-like atmosphere the nation has witnessed during the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Still, in the midst of the circus, two quiet and enduring questions about American first principles remain unanswered that are critically important for future generations.  First, it's important to ask why both sides treat Supreme Court confirmation hearings as existential, life-and-death struggles.  The reality is lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court feel like lifetime prison sentences for those of the opposing ideology.

Joe Manchin Under Fire:  Pressure Mounts in WV on Kavanaugh Vote.  Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was told by passers-by at Sunday's West Virginia Pumpkin Festival in Milton, WV, to vote in favor of confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  Manchin has abstained from committing to vote one way or another, claiming to want more time to consider Kavanaugh's nomination.  One festival patron told Manchin, "If you don't vote for him, I won't vote for you."  Manchin replied, "I get that a lot."

With the Kavanaugh Fight, Political Warfare Escalates.  Eventually, we learned the name of his accuser:  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Almost three weeks after she went public, we still don't know much about her.  Before her accusation became public, she took great care to scrub her activities from social media and the internet.  But have no fear.  Even as I write, many people, outraged at her totally unsupported allegations, are piecing together a portrait of a rambunctious party girl who grew up to be an anti-Trump activist.  I look forward to inspecting the portrait when it is finished.  Initially, the curious thing was how the letter — sent, Feinstein insisted, in confidence — was leaked.  I believe I am correct in saying that only three sets of people had it:  Ford's lawyers (why did she engage left-wing anti-Trump lawyers just before this became public?  Who is paying for them?), her local congresswoman, and Senator Feinstein's office.  I am glad that President Trump has asked the FBI to look into who leaked the letter.  I'd like to know.

Guilt by Allegation Is a Frightening Standard.  Thursday's [9/27/2018]Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh was an event many of us likely will never forget.  Some thought it was a hearing about Ford's uncorroborated allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.  They were mistaken.  Thursday was really about who we are going to be as a people and a country moving forward.  It was, for some who haven't been paying close attention, a brutal slap in the face with the realization that we are at war.  It's a vicious, no-holds-barred war of ideologies and worldviews.  It is a war about what we actually believe and how we want to operate as a society.

Grassley responds to Kavanaugh team texts leading Dems to 'witness tampering' accusations.  Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, dismissed the latest Democrat talking point that Brett Kavanaugh's team tried to "tamper" with witnesses based on alleged text messages shown to NBC News.  "The texts from Ms. Berchem do not appear relevant or contradictory to Judge Kavanaugh's testimony," Grassley pointed out in a statement.  "This appears to be another last-ditch effort to derail the nomination with baseless innuendo by Democrats who have already decided to vote no."

Blasey Ford's double door doubletalk.  My online friend Tom Lipscomb has provided important new information on the second door added to Christine Blasey Ford's house, which she told the Senate Judiciary Committee was the cause of a couple's dispute that led to therapy, during which she allegedly "recovered" her "memory" of teenager Brett Kavanaugh's alleged assault.  Tom supplements J.R. Dunn's coverage of that door with intriguing information that might lead to revelations about the therapist, whose notes and identity have been kept secret from the committee, if not the Washington Post reporter, who states that she saw the notes.

NBC Stealth Edits Article Accusing Kavanaugh Of Perjury.  NBC News accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of perjury in a Monday article before editing the piece with additional context that disproved their own claim.  NBC reported Monday evening [10/1/2018] that Kavanaugh was seeking out friends to refute the claims of his second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, before her allegations were published in The New Yorker on Sept. 23.  The report suggested that Kavanaugh was lying under oath when he said the first time he heard about Ramirez's allegation was in The New Yorker.

Kavanaugh no longer teaching at Harvard after outcry.  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who's been battling allegations of sexual misconduct, won't be teaching a class at Harvard Law School this winter after an outcry from hundreds of alumni, according to a report.  "Today, Judge Kavanaugh indicated that he can no longer commit to teaching his course in January Term 2019, so the course will not be offered," Catherine Claypoole, associate dean and dean for academic and faculty affairs, wrote in an email, the Harvard Crimson reported late Monday [10/1/2018].

Three Witnesses Interviewed By FBI In Kavanaugh Probe Don't Remember The Party In Ford's Testimony.  The FBI had interviewed four people in its probe into Judge Brett Kavanaugh as of Monday afternoon, but the three witnesses whom Christine Blasey Ford alleges were at the party in her testimony do not recall the gathering, according to the Washington Post's sources.

Poll: 60% Want Kavanaugh Confirmed if FBI Dismisses Allegations.  If the FBI clears Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct allegations this week, 60 percent of Americans want him confirmed to the Supreme Court.  The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of 1,330 registered voters also found some other interesting nuggets that are good news for Kavanaugh and his supporters.  The top line numbers show that 40 percent found only Christine Blasey Ford's Thursday testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee "credible."

At Kavanaugh hearing, Democrats' outrageous conduct victimizes him, Ford and all Americans.  Fundamental fairness and due process demand every accused person receive a presumption of innocence.  If it did not exist, America would be a police state, where the government could accuse any of us of any crime and convict us without evidence.  The liberty and freedom of each and every one of us would be endangered.

A vote against Kavanaugh is a vote for ambush tactics and against due process.  The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing consumed most of Thursday, and unsurprisingly we learned nothing from the spectacle.  Christine Ford remains unable to marshal any evidence for her claim of a sexual assault.  Brett Kavanaugh continues to deny the charge adamantly and categorically, and with persuasive emotion.  Something enormous nonetheless has shifted over the past weeks of political ambushes, ugly threats and gonzo gang-rape claims.  In a Monday interview, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski noted:  "We are now in a place where it's not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified."  Truer words were never spoken.  Republicans are now voting on something very different and monumental — and they need to be clear on the stakes.  To vote against Judge Kavanaugh is to reject his certain, clear and unequivocal denial that this event ever happened.

Kavanaugh hearings are a national disaster — and the worst is yet to come.  This is a golden age for cynics.  You will rarely go wrong in assuming an absence of decency and courage in the political class.  However low the bar is set, it will not be low enough.  Witness how the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh started as cheap theater and ended in bloodsport.  The process by which we elevate someone to the highest court in the land sunk to the lowest common denominator — and didn't stop.

Ex-boyfriend says Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick threatened to kill his unborn child, 'was exaggerating everything'.  The ex-boyfriend of Julie Swetnick, the third woman to make uncorroborated, lurid allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, told Fox News exclusively on Monday that she had threatened to kill his unborn child and at times even bizarrely asked him to hit her.  "Right after I broke up with her, she basically called me many times and at one point she basically said, 'You will never, ever see your unborn child alive,'" Richard Vinneccy said on "The Ingraham Angle."  According to Vinneccy, Swetnick told him at the time, 'I'm just going to go over there and kill you guys.'"

The Editor says...
That sounds far more serious and more credible than any accusation against Judge Kavanaugh.

White House slams 'ridiculous' NYT report on Kavanaugh's college ice-throwing incident.  Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, called out The New York Times late Monday [10/1/2018] over its report on a 1985 bar fight that allegedly involved President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, throwing ice at a fellow bar patron.  The report said that Kavanaugh and four others were questioned by New Haven police after the Sept. 25, 1985, incident.  A 21-year-old man reportedly claimed that Kavanaugh was unprovoked when he threw the ice at him.

The Editor says...
Throwing ice?  That's all they've got?

Georgetown professor says white GOP senators 'deserve miserable deaths' after Kavanaugh hearing.  An anti-Trump professor at Georgetown University is taking heat for a tweet saying white Republican senators who were at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's hearing Friday should be castrated and endure a miserable death.  Dr. Carol Christine Fair, an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown, said white Republican senators, specifically Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who defended Kavanaugh in a fiery speech, "deserve miserable deaths."  Fair went on to say in her Saturday [9/29/2018] message that the living should "castrate their corpses and feed them to swine."

Media Sink To New Lows In Their Anti-Kavanaugh Smear Campaign.  The media are working overtime not just to prevent the eminently qualified Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court, but to destroy his life as well.  One of their avenues is to make it impossible for him to coach girls' basketball in the future. [...] The article, which was illustrated with a picture of Kavanaugh and one of the girls' basketball teams he coaches, has since been dramatically revised.  Apparently editors at USA Today realized that calling a human being a pedophile with precisely zero actual evidence of any sexual impropriety was indefensible.

The Democrats are Leading Us to Anarchy (or Fascism).  Since the election of Donald J. Trump, progressives and Democrats (but I repeat myself) have maintained a DEFCON 9 level of hysteria, viciousness, and, at times, outright criminality.  From nearly assassinating a dozen Republican Congressmen to confronting political opponents in restaurants — acts endorsed by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) — the climate of political debate is toxic.  It is fair to say, however, that the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh has established a new low watermark.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) held written allegations by Christine Blasey-Ford in secret during the hearings.  Only when they had ended, and the final voting process began, did she bother to release Ford's letter. [...] The Kavanaugh affair is nothing less than a naked political hitjob, with Democrat operatives serving as attorneys, counselors and donors for Ford, Michael Avenatti, and a range of other characters who have suddenly emerged after 35 years.

Anti-Kavanaugh media and Hollywood bias explodes in a bad week for America.  Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was targeted for demonization in a disgusting display of media malpractice this past week, as he was depicted in almost every disparaging way possible in coverage of uncorroborated sexual misconduct allegations against him.  Comments in the media about the judge included:  "MIGHT Be A Serial Rapist," "drunk," "aggressive," "mean" and "probably guilty."  And Kavanaugh was compared to convicted sex offender Bill Cosby.  Journalists didn't just set the narrative, they marketed it, using similar phrasings to emphasize how the audience was supposed to think in negative terms about the conservative judge nominated by President Trump.  This exposed the allegiance of much of the media to the left and Democrats.

Empathy, Accuracy, and Credibility.  It is considered taboo even to suggest that an emphatic Professor Ford at times was inexact and inconsistent in her prior written and current Senate testimonies. [...] Ford, unfortunately, seems to have little memory of how her original letter requesting anonymity surfaced in the media.  Nor does anyone else in the small number who had access to it.  Ford, apparently, has little recollection of an offer — widely reported in the media — from Senate members to fly out to California to alleviate her anxieties about flying.  Strangely, she did not explain how such a fear of flying contradicted her own record of relatively recent and extensive flying both for business and leisure.  One wished that Ford could at last have named one witness who could corroborate her allegations that the 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her 36 years ago in a place where witnesses were apparently present, or at least produced convincing evidence that the testimonies of those alleged to be at the party who had no memory of her narratives were sorely mistaken.

The Democrats and SCOTUS: The Real Record.  The muckraking, character-assassinating, 'get-him-at-any-costs' circus that Bret Kavanaugh's confirmation has devolved into is, sadly, the entirely predictable latest chapter of a book that repeats itself when a Republican president attempts to seat a Supreme Court justice. [...] Indeed, the Republican senator from South Carolina did vote to confirm both Sonja Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.  Among Republicans he was far from alone.  When it comes to confirming justices to the Supreme Court bipartisanship exists only when the Oval Office is occupied by a Democrat, if the American people have handed the White House to a Republican — get ready for a fight.

Even the AP notices a lot of women are supporting Kavanaugh.  [The Associated Press] found a YouGov poll that shows very marginal differences between women who believe Ford and women who believe Kavanaugh, and even found a group of women in South Carolina, who support Kavanaugh, complete with pro-Kavanaugh tshirts.  Note how young those faces look in that crowd.  Other news agencies have picked up on it, too, and either spread the AP story around, or else done their own stories.  It's getting out there.

Amy Klobuchar's big Brett Kavanaugh moment earned rave reviews.  But is it what Democrats demand for 2020?  In a party that by most accounts is searching for liberals and powerful personalities to counteract President Trump, [Sen. Amy] Klobuchar has crafted a brand almost diametrically opposed to that.  In many ways, Klobuchar's running and winning in 2020 would defy conventional wisdom, just as Trump did in 2016.

Pelosi: I'm Praying for 'Divine Intervention' to Stop Kavanaugh.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Friday [9/28/2018] she is praying for "divine intervention" to stop Brett Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court.  Pelosi spent much of her press briefing addressing the controversy surrounding the explosive Senate Judiciary Commitee hearing where Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused him of sexual assault, testified on Thursday.

The Editor says...
It's always puzzling to hear a lying, baby-killing Democrat invoking prayer and asking for divine intervention to advance his or her political ambitions.

Prosecutor That Questioned Ford Shreds Her Case In 5 Page Memo.  Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor who questioned Christine Blasey Ford last week during a hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote a 5-page memo that was released on Sunday which outlines why she would not bring criminal charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Mitchell's memo notes nine significant problems with Ford's testimony and underscores that her case is "even weaker" than a "he said, she said" case.  "A 'he said, she said' case is incredibly difficult to prove," Mitchell states.  "But this case is even weaker than that.  Dr. Ford identified other witnesses to the event, and those witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them.  For the reasons discussed below, I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee.  Nor do I believe that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard."

One Democrat Kavanaugh Accuser Bites the Dust.  Democrats really know how to pick their poster children.  I guess the fact that Plaintiff #3 against Kavanaugh was represented by creepy porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti didn't raise any "blue" flags.  With Democrats, the sleazier the people involved, the more "credible" Democrats claim them to be.  Just like Julie Swetnick.  Look at how she has backfired, as this tweet suggests: [...]

Why Leftists Don't Want Blasey Ford's Past Examined.  The reason Democrats don't want the Blasey part of Ford's past examined is it speaks directly to her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, and not in her favor.  Examining Blasey's past would undoubtedly shine the light on Blasey's drunkenness and promiscuity.  As I've said, I couldn't care less about her drinking or what she did with her body.  But it certainly does speak to issues related to her accusations.  Anybody looking into this matter would agree.

The Complete List of Christine Ford's Lies and Inconsistencies.  The Democrats are now demanding that Brett Kavanaugh be investigated for perjury from his testimony from last Thursday.  Ironically, Ford was actually caught lying and the Democrats demand nothing and insist she is credible.  One example of her lies revolves around a story sghe told the Senate Judiciary Committe about the fact that she was so scared in 2012 of Brett Kavanaugh that she insisted on a second front door.  This is an obvious lie, because the second door was probably to accomodate customers for the business that she ran from her house.  But even more damning is that her application for the building permit called for two front doors — in 2008.

Two Women Unravel Christine Blasey Ford's Story.  We've already documented in our article, "Bombshell:  Christine Blasey Ford's Hidden High School Social Life" Christine Blasey Ford[']s dark relationship with alcohol and the commoditization of sex at Holton Arms, her elite all-girls school in suburban Washington, DC.  Now Blasey Ford's claim that the alleged attack knocked her off kilter for four years has also been debunked by a college friend of hers who tweeted that Blasey Ford continued her partying ways into college.  Denise C. McAllister @McAllisterDen wrote at the beginning of a twitter thread, "Republicans need to stop saying Ford was credible but Kavanaugh is innocent.  She cannot be credible with zero evidence.  A quivering voice doesn't equal credibility.  Allegation is not proof.  Stop being manipulated by a woman's emotions.  You'd think men had learned this by now."

Feinstein Fights FBI From Discovering Ford's Sick Secret, Trump Makes Her Regret It.  [T]he Democrats are already proving why this week-long FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh is not going to be enough for them.  This past weekend, the new narrative by the usual suspects, including crazy Senator Mazie Hirano and disgraced fired former FBI Director James Comey, is that there should be no time limits nor any limits on the scope of what allegations the FBI can investigate.  Stall, delay, and resist until the mid-terms is the Democrats' plan.  And the one person who really has no business in making demands on this FBI investigation, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has been caught doing just that.

Pro-Lifers Press Dems to Confirm Kavanaugh.  Pro-life groups are calling on vulnerable Democratic senators to advance President Donald Trump's nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, to the Supreme Court.  Kavanaugh cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday [9/28/2018] on a party-line vote, a day after Christine Blasey Ford testified that the D.C. Appeals Court judge sexually assaulted her when both were at a high school party.  Kavanaugh has categorically denied the charge and every party attendee Ford has named has denied or sworn under oath that no such event occurred.  Pro-life groups are now calling on the Senate to move beyond the committee hearing and confirm Kavanaugh to the nation's highest court.

Shapiro On Fox News:  Here's How The Democrats Will Handle The Kavanaugh FBI Investigation.  "For weeks, Democrats have been engaged in delay tactics designed to push off Kavanaugh's confirmation beyond November 6," said Shapiro.  "It began with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who received a 36-year-old allegation of sexual abuse on July 30 from Christine Blasey Ford, then did nothing — nothing — about it for weeks upon weeks until it was nearly time to confirm Kavanaugh.  Then, she suddenly came forward with the allegations, demanding a hearing.  Republicans attempted to facilitate one.  Democrats delayed.  Meanwhile, Democrats demanded a full FBI investigation — an investigation they hoped would take weeks on end."  Such an FBI investigation, said Shapiro, is actually "pointless":  "A non-criminal FBI investigation actually has less power to compel testimony than the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The FBI can't subpoena records or force people to testify.  The FBI doesn't come to findings on allegations.  They merely compile statements — the same statements already given under penalty of perjury by witnesses who don't actually back Ford's account.  If those witnesses change their accounts, they may be perjuring themselves."

Without Evidence Against Kavanaugh, Media Focuses on 'Limited Scope' of FBI Probe.  With no new evidence that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attacked Christine Blasey Ford at a high school party 35 years ago, the mainstream media has turned to attack an additional FBI investigation.  CNN reported that the investigation, which was requested by President Trump, is too restrictive in scope to get at the truth.  "New signs emerged Sunday that the administration is taking steps to make sure the probe is narrow and focused — as Republicans seek to forestall further delays to the confirmation process or another erosion of the judge's position," CNN reported in "New questions emerge over FBI investigation of Kavanaugh," by Stephen Collinson.

CNN Promotes Misleading Article With Further Misleading Tweet.  A CNN headline and the tweet promoting the article provided a misleading impression about one of the alleged witnesses to the alleged sexual assault on Christine Blasey Ford by Brett Kavanaugh.  The headline on the article read "Christine Blasey Ford's friend is not refuting Ford's allegation, will cooperate with FBI, lawyer says."  Its accompanying tweet read:  "Christine Blasey Ford's friend, Leland Ingham Keyser, is not refuting Ford's allegation against Brett Kavanaugh and will cooperate with the FBI, her lawyer says."  Activist Ken Gardner pointed out the misleading framing in a reply to CNN's tweet:  "Hi, CNN, she repeated what she told the Judiciary Committee: she has no knowledge of the party and had never met Kavanaugh at any event, with or without Ford present.  If this is what you call 'not refuting,' no wonder no one trusts your reporting."

For Democrats, the Kavanaugh game is 'delay and destroy'.  Counting today (Sunday, Sept. 30) it's been 84 days since Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Of those on the current Supreme Court, the average time for Senate confirmation was 67 days.  From 1967 to 2010, the median time for confirmation was 69 days.  Going all the [way] back to the beginning of our nation, the average time for confirmation is 23 days.  In spite of what some have implied — hoping to encourage even further investigation of a 36+ year-old supposed assault involving teenagers — there's been no "rush" to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  In fact, it's been quite the opposite.

The Kavanaugh hearing and the galling, teeth-grinding hypocrisy of Democrats on criminal justice.  There's been an underreported but rigorous debate in politics over the past few years about the direction of every aspect of our criminal justice system.  There is a near consensus in the political class, and a full consensus among Democrats, that our system is too tough on those accused of crime and and even on those proven to have committed crimes beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They feel too many people are in prison for too long and too many people are convicted of crimes.  They believe those who committed murder as juveniles should be entitled to reopening of sentencing. [...] But agree or disagree with my views on criminal justice, I have never suggested and would never suggest that we convict someone without the most basic corroborative evidence, even with a fresh accusation, much less with one from 36 years ago.

Phase #3 — Dianne Feinstein Demands Details of FBI Investigation.  Dianne Feinstein should not be considered an individual senator in this ongoing scheme.  Many political observers forget it is the position, not the person, that determines who is used in their corrupt processes.  In the Kavanaugh Scheme, the position of "ranking member of the Judiciary Committee" is the value to the resistance, not the individual person.
  •   Phase 1 — Activate last minute delay chaos (prior "Me Too" investment).
  •   Phase 2 — Use sex assault claims to demand investigation, further delay.  Use republicans, not democrats, to establish/frame the delay.
  •   Phase 3 — Use investigation to frame validity narrative; further delay.  Use republican fear, not democrats, to continue the delay.  Manipulate FBI.
  •   Phase 4 — Use "deeply flawed" investigation narrative to penetrate mid-term membrane....  "Let the voters decide".
  •   Phase 5 — The mid-term election.
So far, the DC UniParty is executing this flawlessly.

We Are Finally Getting Rid Of The Treacherous Sissies Who Used To Control The GOP.  [Scroll down]  Kavanaugh is a boomerang that can come back and knock the Democrats out.  They counted on stripping off the suburban women's vote that had been going GOP.  But those suburban women have sons, brothers, and husbands whose lives can be ruined in an instant over some uncorroborated baloney from three decades ago if the Democrat's new rules go into effect.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote against due process, a vote against justice, and a vote against men.

Kavanaugh hearing shows divisive Democrats must be defeated before they destroy America.  Had Feinstein informed the Judiciary Committee back in July, when Ford contacted her, of Ford's allegations, the public hearing of those allegations could have been avoided.  The committee could have investigated the allegations privately and confidentially, as Ford requested, and there could have been a thorough FBI investigation.  This could have prevented the unimaginable pain and pressure on Ford, Kavanaugh and their families involved by airing the allegations that have dominated the news[.]  But Feinstein chose not to do any of those things.  And that tells us what her true intentions were.  Now we know.  By holding a public hearing on Ford's allegations in which she testified, Feinstein and her follow Democrats on the committee were preparing Ford for use as a political weapon.

An FBI Investigation Won't Matter.  As the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate floor, it seems that Democrats and left-wing pundits may very well (thanks to Arizona Senator Jeff Flake) get what they've been asking for: an investigation by the FBI into the accusations of sexual assault against the nominee.  But recent history casts doubt on whether a finding in Kavanaugh's favor would make a difference in the minds of Democrats who decided — long before there was any mention of the allegation — that Kavanaugh was unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.

Democrats' Bad Faith Has Made a Mockery of Kavanaugh Hearings.  To briefly recap how this circus came to town over the past two weeks:  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (R-Calif.) received a letter in July from Professor Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of attempting to sexually assault her 35 years ago when they were both in high school.  Instead of immediately sharing the letter and alerting the FBI of it so they could check out Ford's accusations, what did Feinstein do?  She held that letter back and [according to her] didn't show it to anyone else on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  She didn't say one word to Kavanaugh in either open or closed sessions during his confirmation hearings about Ford's allegations — though she was given ample opportunity to question him at length.  Then only after the hearings concluded and just before the vote would be held to send Kavanaugh's nomination to the Senate floor for a full vote, either Feinstein or someone on her staff leaked the letter to the media.  What happened next is stunning:  Only the Republican senators and their staff on the panel immediately began investigating the letter and its claims, while the Democratic senators and their staff refused to participate in any way.

Kavanaugh accuser Debora Ramirez interviewed by FBI.  Deborah Ramirez, one of the women accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct decades ago, has spoken with the FBI, according to multiple reports Sunday [9/30/2018].  Ramirez has accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a party when they were both students at Yale University in the early 1980s.  She is the second woman to go public with allegations against the judge, following Christine Blasey Ford, who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday about Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulting her at a high school party.  Kavanaugh has vehemently denied both allegations, as well as the allegations brought forth by a third woman — Julie Swetnick.

White House Directs FBI to Interview First Two Kavanaugh Accusers, But Not the Third.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been instructed by the White House to interview two of the women who have alleged sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh, according to people familiar with the matter.  The parameters of the FBI probe don't include interviewing Julie Swetnick, who said this week the Supreme Court nominee attended a party decades ago where she was gang-raped, according to one of the people. [...] The Wall Street Journal has attempted to corroborate Ms. Swetnick's account, contacting dozens of former classmates and colleagues, but could not reach anyone with knowledge of her allegations.  No friends have come forward to publicly support her claims.

Democrats ask for the FBI and now they'd better be prepared for the consequences.  Over the next week the FBI will collect evidence and report back to the Senate what they could find out about in any discrepancies in the testimony of both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford.  In the course of their hurry-up full field effort very interesting heretofore hidden information previously posted on social media sites will be captured and reviewed.  Additionally any electronic information (e-mails) discussing how to orchestrate such a shameful last minute attacks to destroy a human being will be reviewed and analyzed.

Blasey Ford's Curious Omission.  [Scroll down]  It's entirely implausible that the omission could have been a mere oversight.  Remember that Ford's testimony was written out, and she, her lawyer and perhaps even some handlers undoubtedly scoured it with a fine-tooth comb.  They wanted to maximize its impact and ensure she didn't perjure herself.  The only reasonable explanation is that they purposely, tactically omitted part of the story.

Should Professor Ford Be Applauded or Prosecuted?  Feminists have jumped on the Kavanaugh confirmation bandwagon in order to advocate the conviction of all men for the sexual assaults committed by a few men.  Senators Feinstein, Harris, and Hirono "are saying because women have been assaulted, you can't vote for any man who has been accused," explains author and TV commentator Bill O'Reilly.  "So therefore anybody can raise an accusation to disqualify anyone from an appointed position or even running for office."  That is the very definition of a witch hunt.  Is it important whether accusations of men by women are truthful?  It doesn't matter, says Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii.  "Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard," says Hirono, "but they need to be believed."

Healthy Shame Woefully Absent in Washington, DC.  How did the Senate process of "advise and consent" deteriorate into a Supreme Court nominee having to detail his teenage sexual chastity on an international media stage?  Shaming a guiltless person before others inflicts humiliation, disgrace, and disrepute on an entire family — shame without guilt.  This is what the left has been throwing at Judge Kavanaugh and his family for weeks, shaming him through allegations and insinuations of being a sexual predator, a rapist, an alcoholic, even a pedophile, along with death threats to him and his family.  Ironically, these claims are diametrically opposed to the impression millions of Americans have after hearing Kavanaugh's opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Or from the scores of Kavanaugh's friends and classmates who have rallied to his defense.  Or from his former law clerks and legal associates.

Kavanaugh's hearings are a national disaster — and the worst is yet to come.  This is a golden age for cynics.  You will rarely go wrong in assuming an absence of decency and courage in the political class.  However low the bar is set, it will not be low enough.  Witness how the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh started as cheap theater and ended in blood sport.  The process by which we elevate someone to the highest court in the land sank to the lowest common denominator — and didn't stop.  And now the national disaster will be aided by more time and a fresh supply of dynamite.

CNN legal analyst goes rogue, stunningly supports confirmation of Kavanaugh, slams Dems.  CNN may have some regrets after asking a "group of expert commentators" about their reaction to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings with Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford.  While the commentators delivered a predictable narrative on the testimonies of the Supreme Court nominee and the woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her nearly four decades ago, one of the group went rogue.  Citing facts as the basis and not the spectacle that unfolded, CNN legal analyst, Paul Callan, gave a no-nonsense assessment of why he was in favor of the Senate confirming Kavanaugh, while delivering a scathing appraisal of Ford's testimony and Democrats' behavior.

Grassley Refers Hoax Accuser Claiming Kavanaugh Raped Woman on Boat in Rhode Island For Criminal Investigation.  [Scroll down]  Brett Kavanaugh brought up this hoax allegation during the hearing on Thursday [9/27/2018], furious the Democrats dragged out the process for 10 days allowing for an outrageous claim of gang rape and another allegation he raped a woman on a boat to be published by the ravenous media.  "The effort to destroy Kavanaugh may have been criminal," President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said Saturday evening in response to Grassley's criminal referral.

Is there even one Democrat decent enough or disgusted enough to end this Kavanaugh travesty?  The New Yorker magazine's smear against Kavanaugh was an absurdity.  A woman could only remember a self-described drunken event, which supposedly took place over 30 years ago, after she spent six days in discussions with her attorney.  Everyone connected with the alleged event repudiates her attack on Kavanaugh.  The claim by a client of anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti that Kavanaugh was present at the scene of her alleged gang rape was beyond unbelievable.  Classmates and high school friends of Kavanaugh simply repudiated her accusation as having zero credibility, and she provided zero evidence.

Why Another FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh Would Be Pointless.  Campaigns of whatever sort often adopt a mantra, a phrase, or even a single word that's repeated over and over to advance the campaign's goals.  The campaign against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is no different, and its latest mantra is "FBI investigation."  Let's look at this mantra's objectives and its validity.  The call for another FBI investigation, which dominated the Sept. 27 hearing about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh, appears to have multiple partisan objectives, based on statements made by those opposed to his confirmation.

Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Sued by Former Employer For Sexual Harassment in 2000.  The web analytics company WebTrends sued Swetnick back in 2000 and also accused her of lying about graduating from John Hopkins University.  The company accused her of "inappropriate conduct" at work.  She then made "false and retaliatory allegations" against two male co-workers.

Chairman Chuck Grassley Requests Criminal Investigation of Kavanaugh Accuser Jeffrey Catalan.  Mr. Jeffrey Catalan accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting a woman on a boat in Rhode Island.  Mr. Catalan first sent the accusation to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, one of the primary Democrat operatives who was helping to construct the attacks against Judge Kavanaugh.  Senator Whitehouse simultaneously informed the media and the Judicary Committee of the allegations.  Mr. Catalan later recanted his story, saying he made it all up.  Today [9/30/2018], Senator Chuck Grassley requested a criminal investigation of Mr. Catalan for making false accusations.

Leland Keyser's New Letter Tells Us Nothing New.  Late last night [9/28/2018], an attorney for Leland Keyser sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Christine Blasey Ford's sexual-assault allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  In the letter, he reiterated Keyser's initial statement, made under penalty of felony, in which she said she has never met Kavanaugh and has no recollection that the party Ford describes ever occurred. [...] Keyser has now twice stated that she never attended the party Ford describes.  Whether or not she believes her friend is irrelevant; her testimony directly contradicts Ford's claim.

A vote against Kavanaugh is a vote for ambush tactics and against due process.  In a Monday [9/24/2018] interview, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski noted:  "We are now in a place where it's not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified." Truer words were never spoken.  Republicans are now voting on something very different and monumental — and they need to be clear on the stakes.  To vote against Judge Kavanaugh is to reject his certain, clear and unequivocal denial that this event ever happened.  The logical implication of a "no" vote is that a man with a flawless record of public service lied not only to the public but to his wife, his children and his community.  Any Republican who votes against Judge Kavanaugh is implying that he committed perjury in front of the Senate, and should resign or be impeached from his current judicial position, if not charged criminally.

Kavanaugh hearing shows Democrats will stop at nothing to keep him off the Supreme Court.  With the action by the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday afternoon sending the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the full Senate for a vote in coming days, we can no longer focus simply on the details of the moment.  Instead, we need to evaluate the true implications of the events that have transpired over the last two days, culminating in the Judiciary Committee's 11-10 vote in favor of confirming Kavanaugh.  Every Republican on the committee voted in favor of confirmation, while every Democrat voted against the judge.

Business Was Listed Operating Out of Christine Ford's Home — Which Would Explain the Second Door.  Dr. Christina Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that she began having memories related to being abused years ago when she and her husband put a second front door on her house.  As The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday — with photos — the second front door was installed years before she claimed in her testimony.  Now it looks more likely that the second door was not related to any abuse at all.  This may have been totally made up.

Rand Paul calls for something just a little stronger than shrugging at the Senate doxxing scandal.  Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is calling for an investigation into the 'doxxing' of political leaders in the wake of the posting of Sens. Mike Lee's, Orrin Hatch's, and Lindsey Graham's personal phone numbers and addresses on Wikipedia as the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Brett Kavanaugh went on.  And he wants the perpetrators punished.

Female Host Slams Idea Women Should Be Unconditionally Believed, Crowd Boos Her.  CRTV host Allie Beth Stuckey was booed during the 2018 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas after she said that unconditionally believing all women is unjust while she defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. [...] "I listened to both of their testimonies and while I think both are believable, I think only Kavanaugh is credible," Stuckey continued.  "He's the only one that has any substantiation for anything that he said; he's the only one with any corroboration; he's the only one who has gone through six FBI background checks; the only one that has any evidence for anything that he is saying and witnesses to back up what he's saying."  "He's the only one that has that and yet we're supposed to unconditionally believe the woman?" Stuckey asked the crowd.  "Why?  Because of her anatomy?"  The crowd started to boo.

Cotton: Feinstein to be investigated over leaked letter from Ford.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office will be investigated to determine whether it leaked a confidential letter from one of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers, Sen. Tom Cotton said Sunday [9/30/2018].  Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, also said lawyers recommended to Christine Blasey Ford by Democrats will face a Washington, D.C., bar investigation for telling her that Senate Judiciary Committee staffers would not travel to California to interview her about her sexual-assault allegation.  "They have betrayed her," Cotton said on CBS' "Face the Nation."  "She has been victimized by Democrats ... on a search-and-destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh."

The only thing that will stop confirmation madness.  The Kavanaugh-Ford hearings had nothing to do with violence against women.  It's really a debate about Roe v Wade, the infamous decision that created "a right" to an abortion.  Sadly, Roe did not settle the debate.  In fact, we've been fighting over the decision ever since [...] And here we are:  Every Republican nomination to the Supreme Court is now a ruthless battle over abortion.  The Democrats are worried that a right is going to be taken away.  On our side, we'd rather see the issue settled by voters.

Do You Trust Kavanaugh's Inquisitors With Our Future?  The Democratic Party has no real ideology beyond an insatiable lust for power.  If you doubt that, consider a Marist survey conducted last week indicating that only a third of the voters believe Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.  The poll found that only 32 percent of voters believe Ford "is telling the truth about what happened."  The survey also found that a mere 35 percent of women believe Kavanaugh's accuser.

10 Reasons The FBI Will Clear Kavanaugh.  The FBI will conclude its "supplemental" background check into Judge Kavanaugh (its 7th), limiting its time and scope to focus on purely the claims of sexual misconduct earlier than the Democrats hoped.  Those Democrats will resort to additional dirty tactics.  Speeches from all of the Democrats will occur on the floor of the Senate — most opposing Kavanaugh.  They will throw seismic fits, and spittle-flying rants, condemning Kavanaugh, republicans and even the very FBI they begged to investigate all in an attempt to destroy and demoralize Judge Kavanaugh.  Newly dubbed Majority Leader "Cocaine Mitch" McConnell will whip the vote and Judge Kavanaugh will fill the spot of the ninth justice on the Supreme Court[.]  It will conclude one of the ugliest periods of American politics.  Sadly about fifty percent of the American people will be too uninformed to explain why it was so ugly.

In Kavanaugh fight, Democrats move goalposts far, far away.  In the last 48 hours, immediately after Senate Republicans and President Trump agreed to Democratic demands that the FBI investigate the 1982 incident, the Kavanaugh goalposts have moved dramatically.  Now, a key issue is Kavanaugh's teenage drinking, and whether he testified truthfully to Congress about the amount of beer he consumed in high school and college more than three decades ago, and the effect it had on him.

Five Red Flags Concerning Christine Blasey Ford's Credibility.  [#5] Her Bogus Fear of Flying Story:  By her own testimony, she revealed she flew to Washington to give her testimony, contradicting earlier claims that her fear of flying prevented her from testifying.  Rachel Mitchell then uncovered that Ford flies frequently for business and pleasure.  Still, Ford claimed she was hoping the committee would come to her.  Well, it turns out they repeatedly offered, but she claimed she'd been unaware of this fact.  How could she have not known about the offer, which was made repeatedly and reported on widely in the media?  Was she sequestered by her lawyers and completely disconnected from news coverage?  That may be the case, but that seems unlikely.  If she was, they were still obligated to inform her of the offer.  In short, there are only two conclusions we can reach:  She was lying about the fear of flying in order to delay the hearing, or she legitimately didn't know because her lawyers never told her, which proves she's been manipulated by them and the Democrats entirely for politics.  Either option is devastating for her credibility.

On Kavanaugh, CBS's Dickerson Gets Nasty With Tom Cotton.  Was that really John Dickerson interviewing Sen. Tom Cotton on Face the Nation today, or was it a lifelike droid programmed by Dem Sen. Mazie 'Shut Up, Men' Hirono?  The question arises because the normally mild-mannered Dickerson was shockingly combative with Cotton.  View the video, because the transcript alone doesn't do justice to just how sarcastic and confrontational Dickerson was.

Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Completely Exonerates Judge Kavanaugh in New Report!.  After a careful review of all of the evidence put fourth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in her accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell has released a report which completely exonerates the judge.

ABC's Terry Moran Suggests It Would Be Illegitimate To Overturn Roe v.  Wade With 'Male Majority' Court.  On Friday, ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran spoke with George Stephanopoulos about the possibility of Brett Kavanaugh making it to the Supreme Court.  [Partial transcript omitted for brevity.]  During his brief remarks, Moran makes three rather uncomfortable missteps.  First, he suggests that "overturning Roe v.  Wade" with a "male majority" on the court would be illegitimate.  This is a variation of the "no uterus, no opinion" argument often made by abortion advocates in which it's claimed that if one does not possess a female reproductive system, one is not allowed to make judgments about abortion.  The irony of this argument is that Roe v.  Wade was decided by an all-male Supreme Court.  In other words, "no uterus, no opinion (unless that opinion aligns with abortion advocates)."  Second, Moran states that if Kavanaugh were to pass through the Senate, two SCOTUS Justices will have had "credible accusations of sexual misconduct lodged against them."  While the accusations against Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh are indeed serious, they are not necessarily "credible."

Sen. Hirono doesn't answer when asked whether Dems leaked Christine Ford's letter on Kavanaugh.  Sen. Mazie Hirono, who has emerged as one of the most vocal opponents of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, on Sunday [9/30/2018] didn't directly answer when asked if she was confident Democrats didn't strategically leak Christine Ford's accusations against him just days before a crucial Judiciary Committee vote.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., received a letter from Ford in July outlining her claim that Kavanaugh had attacked her at a house party in the 1980s, and her office immediately recommended Ford retain a prominent liberal lawyer.  But, as Sen. Lindsey Graham, D-S.C., and other top Republicans repeatedly noted last week, Feinstein failed to follow committee protocols and notify her colleagues or federal authorities, even on a confidential basis, about the accusations.

Another open-ended fishing expedition!
Klobuchar says Trump administration cannot limit scope of FBI's Kavanaugh investigation.  Sen. Amy Klobuchar said that the White House cannot limit the scope of the FBI's investigation into the allegations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Klobuchar, D-Minn., who had a combative back-and-forth with Kavanaugh during his hearing on Thursday, said that there should be no limits on the investigation that the Trump administration ordered ahead of the Senate's vote to confirm the judge.

Cotton says Feinstein will be investigated over leaked letter by Kavanaugh accuser.  Sen. Tom Cotton said Sunday [9/30/2018] that Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office will be investigated to determine whether or not they leaked the confidential letter from Christine Blasey Ford that detailed allegations of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Feinstein, who represents California and who is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, had received the letter from Ford sometime over the summer and was asked to keep it confidential.  At some point, however, the letter was leaked to the press, although Feinstein denies that anyone in her office is responsible.

Why is Brett Kavanaugh being barbecued by the US Senate, while Bill Clinton goes unscathed?  [Scroll down]  But the current attempt to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated for the US Supreme Court, raises a huge question of hypocrisy and inconsistency.  None of us, it seems to me, can ever know what happened, if anything happened, between him and his accuser all those years ago.  We have to accept that the charges may be true.  Equally we have to accept that they may not be.  But once made, such charges can ruin the lives of those against whom they are made, whether they are true or not, let alone whether they are proved or not.  I have no idea how such things can be fairly resolved.  It has to rest with the consciences of those who make the accusations.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Right to Privacy.  Perhaps I missed it, but I do not recall Andrew Sullivan apologizing to Sarah Palin for speculating that her Down syndrome son was not really her son.  Since Sullivan offers a spirited and intelligent analysis of the brouhaha over Brett Kavanaugh, especially as concerns the separation between public and private behaviors, it would have been a good time for Sullivan to abjure his own past slanders.  Be that as it may, Sullivan throws some raw intelligence at the Kavanaugh proceedings.  He notes, and it ought to be underscored, that those who oppose Kavanaugh have no interest in facts or in empirical evidence.  They are living within their own ideological universe where any and all evidence proves their point.  After all, if Kavanaugh is the Devil, no facts can disprove the assertion.  One feels compelled to repeat that, in the absence of corroborating evidence, that is, in the absence of facts, Dr. Ford has merely explained what she believed happened.  It's a belief, not a fact.  And it cannot be proved or disproved.

Dear Senators Flake, Collins, and Murkowski.  Senator Flake, you were confronted on national television by two activists, both claiming to be rape survivors.  Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila gained national fame over the video of that confrontation, and both say they've never spoken about their experiences before.  The testimony of Christine Blasey Ford gave them the strength, they said, to come forward.  But they haven't, at least as far as I've seen so far.  These women have an opportunity to tell their stories and hopefully get justice.  I hope they do.  And I hope journalists who've granted them hero status, follow up and air their stories so other women won't risk being victimized by their attackers.  But they're also dedicated liberal activists.  There is no investigation, no piece of evidence (or lack thereof) that will change their opposition to Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh Hearing Was The Democrats' Worst Nightmare.  In almost forty years of broadcasting and writing, I've spent a lot of time tracking the fates of the Republican and Democrat parties.  In recent years, the main conservative thirsts have been for a more muscular and unapologetic conservatism and for the bright light of truth to be directed onto the darkest habits of modern leftists.  The election of Donald Trump has propelled us down a road featuring satisfying helpings of both.  But on one stunning day, September 27, 2018, there arose Republican resolve like nothing in recent memory.  The accompanying reputational suicide of several key Democrats tied a bow around a historic day for clarity.  The occasion was the totally unnecessary session of testimony by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his main accuser of sexual misbehavior, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  The occasion was needless because Dr. Ford's story in no way rises to the level of credibility to dislodge the nomination.  No decent society smears people for life based on high school misbehavior, so even if the wholly unsupported story were true, there would have been a strong argument against its relevancy today.

The Feinstein Farce Will Let Rapists Go Free.  In the vast catalog of human cruelty, the crime of rape is one of the most grotesque.  In its perversion of human intimacy, the corruption of human agency in one case and the destruction of it in another, coupled with the absolutely stomach-churning betrayals of trust that so frequently accompany the act, it is granted a special place of horror in our moral imagination.  Indeed, in the eyes of many, the wholesale killing of a human being can be justified more easily than rape, simply because of the disgust inspired by the latter crime.  In our age of moral confusion, rape may stand alone as the one crime that relativism has not been able to dilute.  Again, despite a wealth of literature, art, and history that depicts murders that are provoked, morally excused, or even celebrated, our culture still stubbornly insists that rape cannot be provoked, that it cannot be excused, and certainly that it cannot be celebrated.

Cornyn: This Is The Senate's Worst Moment Since The McCarthy Hearings.  Lindsey Graham's angry speech may have been the most satisfying moment of the second half of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Republicans, at least after Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement.  However, John Cornyn may have hit closest to the mark in his five minutes.  Cornyn tells Kavanaugh that this is the Senate's most embarrassing moment since the McCarthy hearings, focusing on the abandonment of the normal standard of the burden of proof when allegations arise.

Graham warns Dems on Kavanaugh fiasco:  If I'm chairman of the Committee next year, I'll remember this.  I was not prepared for a man I've known for ages as "Grahamnesty" going full MAGA in the span of 24 hours and threatening to lay waste to every liberal in his path.  "I know I'm a single white male from South Carolina, and I'm told I should shut up," he said to open his remarks this morning, alluding to Mazie Hirono's jab last week, "but I will not shut up, if that's okay."  How much Trumpier could he be?  The answer is none.  None more Trumpy.

GOP Senator Calls Out Feinstein - Wants Her Asked Under Oath If She Leaked Ford Letter.  On Saturday [9/29/2018], Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) appeared on Fox & Friends on Fox News.  He said that given the circumstances and Dr. Christine Ford's testimony that she gave no one authority to leak her letter that she sent to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) that Feinstein should be asked under oath whether or not she or anyone in her office did leak the letter.  Cassidy said the FBI "should investigate whether indeed there is this intent to coordinate and, in fact, the actual coordination."

Is Christine Ford a Doctor? — There Are NO RECORDS to Prove This in State of California Database.  During testimony Thursday in front of Senate Judiciary Committee Christine Ford identified herself as a "research pychologist" at the Stanford School of Medicine.  However a search through the Department of Consumer Affairs License Bureau produced NO RESULTS for Christine Ford or deviations of her name. [...] There are no records that show Ford is a licensed psychologist.  This is another direct hit on Ford's credibility.

Last Person Senator Jeff Flake Called Before Asking for Another Week of Supreme Insanity was DAG Rod Rosenstein.  Outgoing and unpopular Arizona Senator Jeff Flake spoke with Rod Rosenstein before announcing that he was delaying Judge Kavanaugh's vote before the Senate for a week.  Flake's move to align with Rosenstein sends a clear message that Deep State is now involved in the Supreme Court nomination process.  Arizona's failing Senator Jeff Flake, who decided not to run for re-election, due to his unpopularity in the Grand Canyon State, hates President Trump.

The Whitehouse Farce.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse appears to take himself extraordinarily seriously.  He speaks gravely.  He comes off as an old-fashioned stuffed shirt.  When he makes a fool of himself he displays great comic potential.  I thought that's what he did as he examined Judge Kavanaugh on his high school yearbook entry in the course of Thursday's Judiciary Committee hearing.  Whitehouse, incidentally, is still mulling it over.  He disputes Judge Kavanaugh's veracity on the evidence of the yearbook.  The FBI is needed to run down the class of 1983.

Sen. Kennedy to Feinstein: 'You Should Hide Your Head in a Bag'.  I don't know what's going on, but the Republicans seem to have found the testicular fortitude to speak the truth and stand up to the scheming Democrats for once.  Sen. John Kennedy's (R-La.) scathing remarks will surely come in as the second most memorable speech of Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation process — second to the unleashing of Lindsey "The Kraken" Graham.  Calling the Senate hearing an "intergalactic freak show," Sen. Kennedy won my heart forever.  Starting at the 4:00 mark Kennedy admonishes:  "To the person who leaked Dr. Ford's letter, to the person who breached Dr. Ford's anonymity, and to the person who did not tell her she could have avoided this by testifying privately in her home in California, you know who you are.  You should bow your head in shame, in my opinion, and you should hide your head in a bag every day for the rest of your natural life."  His remarks were clearly directed at Sen. Dianne Feinstein (R-Calif.), whose shenanigans were exposed at the hearings.

Woman Who Confronted Flake In Elevator Runs Soros-Funded Organization.  Ana Maria Archila, one of the women who confronted Jeff Flake on the elevator at the Capitol after he said he was voting for Brett Kavanaugh, is the co-executive director for the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund.  The Center For Popular Democracy is heavily funded by George Soros.

Flake Allegedly Considering Filing Charges Against Elevator Screamer.  Sen. Jeff Flake was verbally assaulted Friday morning in a U.S. Capitol elevator, and according to a press release put out by "leading national women's group" UltraViolet, he's considering pressing charges against the two women.  The group claims U.S. Capitol Police told "an organizer" for their group Flake is "potentially" pressing charges against two of their members.

Women Screaming At Flake In Elevator Were Soros-Funded Astroturfed Activist Leaders! — Not Victims.  Earlier in the day on Friday Senator Jeff Flake announced he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh out of the Judiciary Committee.  Then he got cornered in an elevator by a screaming leftist for 4 minutes.  About an hour later and after several private talks with Democrats Jeff Flake came out and announced he would only vote for Brett Kavanaugh if an investigation continued on the man for another week.  This was exactly what Democrats were hoping for!

USA Today Smears Kavanaugh as Child Molester.  USA Today ran a column Friday night [9/28/2018] by Erik Brady calling on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be kept away from coaching children even if he is cleared of the last minute uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault that have stalled his nomination.  President Trump ordered a new FBI investigation into Kavanaugh Friday afternoon, noting later that this will be his seventh FBI background check, all of which Kavanaugh passed without a blemish of any kind on his record.

FBI Probe Must Investigate Dems' Collusion to Smear Kavanaugh.  Just like their other tactics throughout this confirmation process, Senate Democrats' demands for an FBI investigation have never been about getting the facts or finding the truth.  If they were, they would have alerted law enforcement months ago, as soon as they learned of the claims.  Instead, they waited until the last minute to leak them in order to delay the vote.  That is why any FBI investigation of the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh should include potential coordination between the Democrat operatives and lawyers that assisted in bringing them forth.

ABC's Moran:  If Two Credibly Accused SCOTUS Justices Overturn Roe v.  Wade, It Would Not Be 'Legitimate'.  Thursday on ABC's special coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, network chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran said if Kavanaugh is confirmed and the high court overturns 1972's Roe v.  Wade, it "would not be a legitimate action."  Moran said, "This was no way to go about picking a Supreme Court nominee or adjudicating this charge."

Kavanaugh Accuser's Legal Team Makes Expected Move, Wants Open-Ended Investigation.  On Friday afternoon [9/28/2018], after the GOP had yielded to Democratic pressure and agreed to extend the confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh one week to allow for a further FBI investigation, there were plenty of conservatives who surmised that the Democrats and their cohorts would not ultimately settle for that agreement, but move the goalposts even farther away so they could delay the confirmation as far as they possibly could.

Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser:  FBI probe should not have 'artificial' limits.  Debra Katz, a lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford, said on Friday [9/28/2018] that "artificial limits" should not be placed on the FBI as it reopens its background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  "No artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation," Katz said in a statement.  She added that letting the FBI do a "thorough" investigation is "critical to developing all the relevant facts."  Her statement comes as Senate Republicans agreed to delay Kavanaugh's nomination for up to a week in order to let the FBI investigate "credible" sexual assault allegations against him.

Still the Party of Lynching.  The disgraceful battle to kill the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court is only the latest cruel, vile public lynching of a good, decent and qualified person by our political left.  The practice has been open for all to see in regard to judicial appointments since Ted Kennedy led with his hateful characterization of Judge Robert Bork.  And we have seen it time and time again, each almost more deceitful and vicious than the one before.  In the early 1990s, Clarence Thomas looked weasels like Joe Biden in the face while sitting before the same Senate committee that now is holding hearings on Kavanaugh and called the low process what it was (and is):  a high tech lynching. [...] So we are stuck with the surreal picture of a man who before was known for an almost spotless character being characterized every minute of the day as a sexual abuser of woman by people who (I am sure) voted twice for Bill Clinton and would have voted for Ted Kennedy at the drop of a hat.

Search and Destroy.  What happened today was, as one of the Republican Senators said, worse than the Bork hearings and worse than the Thomas hearings, as hard as that is to believe.  If you had watched every minute of it, you would well know what I mean.  The Judge was right on the target when he said "Advise and Consent" had now become "Search and Destroy," in addition to becoming an audition for candidates for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.  What happened today, also, at least for this one viewer, is that I will never — although I was very close to this before today — never, never, never ever again believe the summary presented to us by the media, and in this I very sadly and reluctantly include the only news outlet I still have any faith in, Fox News, to tell me what really happened in a given event.  I will always insist on having to see it, from stem to stern, with my own eyes.  The very idea that Fox News would have a Valley Girl airhead like Marie Harf commenting on a man of the unbelievable substance of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and telling viewers what he said and how he said it, is as insulting as I can imagine anything being in this admittedly upside-down world we are now living in.  I made myself watch all of this so I could know whether my previous feeling that the Democrats on this committee were among the most corrupt people who have ever served in the US Senate was well founded.

Ford, Ramirez and a Woman Named Broaddrick.  So, in summary, Ford and Ramirez claim they were sexually assaulted or abused by Kavanaugh, one in prep school, the other in college.  As to the first allegation, Ford admits uncertainty about the year, the house where the attack supposedly took place and how she got to and from the party.  She admits she told no one for decades and only recently talked about the attack while undergoing couples therapy a few years ago.  The named witness to the attacks, as mentioned, has no recollection of this.  As to the second allegation, Ramirez named witnesses, none of whom — so far — has corroborated her story.  In court, these allegations would not survive a motion to dismiss, given the accuser's burden of proof and the accused's presumption of innocence.  This, of course, is not a court of law.  But when Hillary Clinton calls for an FBI investigation into the Ford allegation, the word "shameless" is inadequate.  Clinton, of course, failed to call for an FBI investigation into Juanita Broaddrick's claim that she was raped by Bill Clinton.  Broaddrick further claimed that, two weeks after the alleged rape, Hillary Clinton verbally threatened Broaddrick to ensure that whatever happened would remain private.

The Real Reason Why Democrats Want An FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh.  Jeff Flake flaked out and caved to the Democratic demand for an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh.  There is a reason why Democrats so desperately want this investigation, and, like everything else they say, it has nothing to do with getting to the truth.  If Democrats were interested in the truth, they wouldn't have held onto these allegations until the last minute.  If Democrats were interested in the truth, they wouldn't be entertaining wild stories from emotionally unbalanced women about roving high school rape gangs.  If Democrats were interested in the truth, they wouldn't have announced that they believed Christine Ford before either one of them had actually testified.  If Democrats were interested in the truth, they would have used the opportunity yesterday to actually ask Ford some questions, rather than taking turns giving her, and themselves, high fives.  If Democrats were interested in the truth, they would have asked Kavanaugh about the incident in question rather than spending the entire hearing focused on yearbook scribblings.  Democrats are not interested in the truth at all, whatsoever.  In fact, they've already said that Kavanaugh is unfit for the Supreme Court — no matter what the FBI investigation turns up.

Harris Admits Kavanaugh Smear Is About Abortion.  Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.; shown), a leader in the character assassination against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has admitted that the fight over federal judge is about abortion.  The truth surfaced in a tweet and on her web page, which Sen. Tom Cotton retweeted this morning, noting that Harris, like Hawaii's Sen. Mazie Hirono, is trying to make money on the political hit job.  A few weeks ago, Harris, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, retailed the lie that Kavanaugh believes all birth control induced abortions, and therefore was an enemy of women everywhere.  But at least she's telling the truth now.

Will the Seventh FBI Probe Prove Kavanaugh Was a Criminal Genius?  President Trump and Republican leaders agreed to yet another FBI probe of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, caving to leftist Democrats trying to kill the nominee by character assassination.  The surrender came the same day when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 to send Kavanaugh's nomination to the Senate floor, and GOP Senatorf Flake said that he too wanted another look just to make sure the judge isn't a brutal, drunken teenage rapist.  The key question is this:  What will the seventh FBI probe, limited to less than seven days and "current credible allegations," find out that the first six didn't?

Kavanaugh Character Assassins Must Pay in November.  From Dianne Feinstein's withholding of Dr. Ford's conveniently leaked letter to Kamala Harris's clumsily edited Kavanaugh tape, we have seen the shape of things to come for future Trump nominees.  Senate Democrats will lie, manipulate, and just plain make things up for the sake of power over principle, and the only way to make sure they do not succeed in the future is to make sure in November that there are fewer Senate Democrats.  The timing of President Trump's October 1 rally for GOP Tennessee Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn is coincidental but fortuitous, for the seat being vacated by Bob Corker, who has said yes to Kavanaugh, is one that must be held as others are gained to ensure that Kavanaugh's originalist view of the Constitution is restored as the dominant and permanent philosophy of the Supreme Court.

Mission Impossible:  Find Credible Witnesses In A Political War To Alleged 36-Year-Old Incident.  At least mission improbable, and probably mission unprovable.  The decision to have the FBI reopen their background check to review the "credible allegations" against Brett Kavanaugh — almost certainly limited to the one from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — might end up providing some political cover for senators to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh a week from now.  It seems unlikely to accomplish anything else.  "Credible allegations" won't include the Julie Swetnick claims, which are laughably flawed.  It seems doubtful that the background check will include the claims from Deborah Ramirez, who initially declined to submit them under oath (and still apparently hasn't), and which seem to have been produced with Democratic assistance.  The only "credible" claim is the one coming from Ford — and even that one has significant flaws.

Kavanaugh Vote Is a Victory for Decency and Fair Play.  Brett Kavanaugh has now been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and is headed for a confirmation vote by the full Senate, which he is expected to win.  It should have been easy.  But it wasn't.  Kavanaugh is an accomplished legal scholar and federal judge.  He is widely known as a man of decency and propriety.  But his — and our — political enemies have spent the past few weeks savaging the man's reputation in perhaps the most brazen, brass-knuckled character assassination attempt in modern American political history.

Why the Brett Kavanaugh Smear?  To some extent, the Democrats' bizarre smear campaign against Kavanaugh is explicable on short-term political grounds.  The Democrats' crazed base demands that they #Resist, so resist they will, whether it does any good or not.  But I think there is something deeper and more sinister at work.  Brett Kavanaugh enjoys one of the most spotless reputations of anyone in American public life. [...] In short, everyone who has ever known or dealt with Brett Kavanaugh endorses him.  I think that Judge Kavanaugh's pristine reputation is one reason why the Democrats have unleashed against him a smear campaign unparalleled in American history.  This is the message they are trying to send:  If we can do this to the Boy Scout Brett Kavanaugh, we can do it to anyone.

Why One More Frustrating Week Helps Kavanaugh and the GOP.  It is beyond frustrating that yet another week of delay in the Kavanaugh Saga now is on the horizon, as the Senate Judiciary Committee has authorized a quick, efficient supplemental FBI investigation limited in time and scope.  President Trump, whom The Resistance portrays regularly as an irrational authoritarian who is bull-headed and listens to no one, swiftly agreed to the compromise proposal :"I've ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh's file," Trump said in a statement.  "As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week."  Although few things may seem more frustrating to Judge Kavanaugh's supporters than to wait yet another week for an anti-climactic seventh FBI investigation into his background, the extension of time does offer several potential benefits for both the judge as he prepares to ascend the nation's highest bench and for the Republicans as they go into the November elections.

Can We Trust the FBI?  Peter Strzok.  Lisa Page.  AndrewMcCabe.  James Comey.  Sound familiar?  That's the FBI — the folks who are being asked to investigate, apparently for one week, the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  Yes, that group is mercifully gone now, but who is behind them?  And what have we not yet learned of the internal conspiracy against President Trump currently being investigated by the inspector general?  Who else is involved and who then will be conducting and supervising this investigation?  Will it be the same people?  In other words, can we trust the FBI with this when the institution itself is so tainted and deeply in need of reform?

Maryland authorities say they'll investigate Kavanaugh — if a victim files a complaint.  Authorities in Maryland on Friday said they were prepared to conduct a state-level criminal investigation into sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh — provided that a victim comes forward. [...] But Manger and McCarthy noted that prosecution was unlikely in Maryland because authorities would have to apply the law that existed at the time of the offense, not the law that exists now, Baltimore's FOX 45 News reported.

Christine Ford Caught in Major Lie — Photos Prove House Updates Occurred Much Earlier Than Claims in Senate Testimony!  Supporters of Christine Ford protested outside her home in Palo Alto, California two weeks ago.  CBS Local included a photo of Ford's home in their coverage.  The address has been widely reported online and the home was pictured in the local news.  Dr. Christine Ford's last minute accusations against squeaky-clean Judge Brett Kavanaugh stunned the political world.  But Ford's accusations were questioned when she provided no date, no location and all of the alleged witnesses, including her friend, denied the allegations.  We now have information that shows Christine Ford lied about the entire story.

The Left and the Rule of Lawlessness.  Even as the U.S. Senate appears ready to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Left has already moved on to the next phase of its battle to destroy the rule of law in America: declaring the Supreme Court illegitimate and, thus, that it has no power over them.  Per the Left, an uncorroborated allegation against an individual and their rightfully indignant defense against it render said person unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.  In Kavanaugh's case, whether he is a guilty "gang rapist" or an innocent but "angry partisan," the Left and some NeverTrumpers believe that no 5-4 decision in which Kavanaugh is part of the majority need be heeded.

Why The Senate's Ritual Defamation Of Brett Kavanaugh Threatens Every American.  Any rational observer of the Democrats' non-stop character assassination machine can see that something is seriously sick in our republic.  Instead of allowing Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were permitted to use trumped-up, hip-pocketed charges to stage a show trial more in tune with a totalitarian system.  Like Justice Clarence Thomas before him, Kavanaugh has undergone pre-meditated, well-coordinated attacks by Democrat elites who cling to the apron strings of an anti-human brand of feminism to justify this craft.  There's a good term for the practice they're engaged in: ritual defamation.

Everyone Lost at the Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings.  Yesterday was a spectacle I hope we do not have to experience again.  We watched two human beings, Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, exposed in the rawest possible fashion to the entire world, over the gravest of accusations, with no definitive evidence apart from personal testimony to draw on, 36 years after an alleged crime took place.  It was a grotesque political drama, in which everyone lost.

Body Language Analysis Belies Ballsy-Ford's Credibility.  An excellent body language analysis of Ballsy-Ford can be viewed [elsew]here [...] Take home points:
  •   her rigid body posture contradicts facial tics that reveal nervousness, strongly suggesting she's putting on an act
  •   constant opening and closing of mouth indicates neurological problems
  •   she used "pretty pose" to make herself seem more vulnerable and feminine (again, an act)
  •   she glances at committee members (feinstein crew) for guidance on certain questions, as if they pre-fed her specific answers to questions they told her were coming
  •   she looked defiant and stressed when the three contradicting witness testimonies were read ("these are my enemies who could expose my lying")
  •   she's "using emotion to manipulate her testimony", altering her voice to affect victimhood
  •   "this looks like a professor got together with her liberal friends to take down Kavanaugh"
I'm gonna give my verdict right here:  Blasey-Ford is a sociopath.  She's lying.  Nothing criminal happened to her.  And she knows she won't get called out on her lies, [...]

Lindsey Graham unloads on Dianne Feinstein, Democrats for 'unethical sham'.  Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday [9/27/2018] accused Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee of an "unethical sham" for their handling of uncorroborated accusations against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.  Jabbing his finger at Democrats sitting across the dais, the South Carolina Republican said they had made clear from the start that they would use any tactics to derail Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation, and they have lived up to that dark promise.  He particularly singled out Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the panel, saying she was coaching Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford to hire an attorney a month earlier but sat on the allegations only to spring them at the last moment through press leaks, ensuring the unproved claims played out in stark public fashion.

Jeff Flake Explains Himself.  Jeff Flake barely slept the night before he upended the battle for the Supreme Court.  The Arizona senator had spent days agonizing over what to do with the explosive allegation that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted a young woman when he was in high school.  For hours on Thursday, Flake — a key Republican swing vote — listened intently to raw testimony from the accuser and the accused, searching for something like certainty.  But when it was over, he felt he was no closer to knowing for sure what happened in that suburban-Maryland bedroom 35 years ago.  The next morning, Flake's office announced that, given the lack of corroborating evidence, the senator was prepared to move forward with Kavanaugh's confirmation — but in private, he remained conflicted.  "I was just unsettled," he told me.

Graham becomes Jiminy Cricket of Senate.  Republican Sen. Jeff Flake may have become a momentary hero for Democrats hoping to block Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but Sen. Lindsey Graham has cinched the role as Jiminy Cricket of the U.S. Senate.  Never one to shy away from cameras or fall short on quotable one-liners, Graham came out swinging during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings Thursday and Friday.  Fearing no consequence, apparently, he railed against his Democratic colleagues with righteous outrage and said what was obviously true. [...] Love him or not — and who doesn't love Jiminy Cricket? — Graham said in a very loud non-whisper what every sensible, fair-minded person was surely thinking:  The hearings that ultimately brought both Kavanaugh and Ford to tears were driven by a partisan quest for power without regard for the human collateral damage.

Jesuit magazine demonstrates a special kind of cowardice on Kavanaugh.  Here we have it:  Brett Kavanaugh, product of a Jesuit education, academic overachiever, fine young man, Supreme Court nominee — and suddenly bad stuff to the Jesuits' main magazine based on a single unsubstantiated accusation from a leftist.  So that's why America magazine is now disavowing him.

Julie Swetnick Was Served with Restraining Order by Former Boyfriend.  Julie Swetnick, the third woman to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, was accused of domestic violence by a former boyfriend in 2001, according to Florida court records.  Swetnick's former boyfriend, Richard Vinneccy, told Politico they dated for four years before breaking up, at which point Swetnick threatened violence against him and his family.  The restraining order, filed in Miami-Dade, Fla. on March 1, 2001, was dismissed thirteen days later.  "Right after I broke up with her, she was threatening my family, threatening my wife and threatening to do harm to my baby at that time," Vinneccy said.  "I know a lot about her."  "She's not credible at all," he said, referencing Swetnick's Wednesday allegation that Kavanaugh was "present" when she was gang raped in high school.  "Not at all."

FBI agents reportedly sought interviews with one of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers 'as early as' Friday night.  FBI agents were homing in on a potential witness to interview on Friday night [9/28/2018], shortly after President Donald Trump authorized the agency to conduct a supplemental background check on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, sources in a Los Angeles Times report published Friday.  FBI agents reportedly aimed to schedule an interview with one of the two additional women who came forward with their own accusations of sexual misconduct involving Kavanaugh.  Christine Blasey Ford, a California-based professor who alleged Kavanaugh was "stumbling drunk" when he sexually assaulted her during a small party in the 1980s, was the first accuser who was publicly identified.

Julie Swetnick, a Kavanaugh accuser, faced misconduct allegations at Portland company.  Julie Swetnick, one of the women accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, faced allegations of her own misconduct during a short stint at a Portland tech company 18 years ago.  Swetnick, 55, became the third woman in recent weeks to raise allegations against Kavanaugh.  She issued a statement Wednesday in which she claimed she'd observed Kavanaugh at alcohol-fueled parties where women were mistreated.  Her attorney is Michael Avenatti, a fierce critic of President Donald Trump who is reportedly considering a presidential run in 2020.  Avenatti also represents Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress who claims to have had an affair with Trump before he took office.  The lawsuit was dismissed shortly after it was filed late in 2000, court documents show.

The Art of the Never-Ending Investigation.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen Democrats and the media execute a strategy on which they have become increasingly reliant.  They are currently using this strategy in an attempt to delay and destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Unfortunately, some Republicans — namely Senator Jeff Flake — do not understand this strategy and continue playing into Democrats' hands.

Judge Kavanaugh's Confirmation Said To Be Going Down Under Weight Of Deep State Manipulations.  Rumors are at this very moment swirling via congressional staffers that Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation is in great peril as a handful of Republicans are backing away from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's desire to hold a vote sooner rather than later.  In short, these rumors are confirming what many have feared for days — that the Deep State fix is in.

Why we can blame Roe v.  Wade for partisan chaos.  "Here's my question," tweets legal scholar Jeffrey A. Sachs, obviously in response to the controversy over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, "what is the alternative reality where Roe was never decided, levels of partisan polarization are identical to our own, and the SCOTUS appointments process is markedly better?"  Here's the problem with the question:  If Roe v.  Wade had never been decided, if the Supreme Court had just declined to hear cases challenging the constitutionality of abortion bans, levels of partisan polarization would not be anything like what we see around us.

Kavanaugh Lynching Is a Dress Rehearsal for Trump Impeachment.  Consider.  Ford does not recall how she got to the party where the alleged assault took place.  She does not know where the party was held.  She does now recall how she got home.  None of the other four she said were at the party recall being there.  Her best friend, whom she apparently left behind as the lone woman in a house with a pair of drunken rapists, does not recall any such party.  Nor does she recall ever having met Kavanaugh.  Consider the other charges leveled against Kavanaugh in the last two weeks:  Exposing himself in the face of a freshman girl in a dorm at Yale.  Participating in a series of at least 10 parties in high school where planned gang rapes of drunken and drugged women were a regular feature, with the boys lining up outside bedrooms.  In six FBI background investigations of Kavanaugh, interviewing countless friends and contemporaries from high school days, none of this wild and criminal misconduct of the early '80s was mentioned.

Maxine Waters Could Be In Big Trouble! Rand Paul Calls For An Investigation.  Investigators have traced the IP address of the people responsible for doxxing republicans and found it came from the office of Maxine Waters. [...] If this is true, Waters could be in big trouble.  Rand Paul wants an investigation into the doxxing.

Rand Paul Calls For Investigation Into Who Doxxed Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans.  Sen. Rand Paul called for an investigation Friday [9/28/2018] to determine and punish who published the personal information of three Republican senators during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of sexual assault.  "Yesterday there was an attempt to incite people by publishing the personal information of Senators — including home addresses — endangering them & their families," the Kentucky Republican tweeted.  "This should be investigated & the perpetrators punished.  There is too much hatred and violence in politics these days."

Republican Senators Doxxed by Someone in House Shortly After Questioning Kavanaugh.  An unknown person located in the House of Representatives on Thursday [9/27/2018] posted the personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as well as Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch of Utah.  All three senators sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and their personal information was posted shortly after each questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during Thursday's hearing.  "They appear to be targeting Republican members of the committee after they question Judge Kavanaugh," a Hatch spokesman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Kavanaugh Denies Assault in Emotional Opening Statement: 'Grotesque and Coordinated Character Assassination'.  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh gave a fiery and emotional defense against an accusation of sexual assault leveled by Christine Blasey Ford, saying Thursday his name had been destroyed and he would not be intimidated into withdrawing from the process.  "I'm here today to tell the truth," Kavanaugh said.  "I've never sexual assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever.  Sexual assault is horrific."  He commented on the impact the allegations have had on his family, saying, "My family and my name have been destroyed by vicious and false accusations."

Chuck Grassley Playing Jeff Flake And Dianne Feinstein Is A Thing Of Beauty.  There was a bit of confusion in the Senate Judiciary Committee as Jeff Flake put on his [...] hat and tried to win back his "house consevative" cred with Senate Democrats after he'd announced he was going to vote for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.  Flake was seen flitting in an out of the rooms and caucusing with Chris Coons and Dianne Feinstein.  When they came back in he requested a delay of no more than a week to investigate an event that occurred at an unknown place at an unknown time but was witnessed by people who deny witnessing it.  Chuck Grassley brushed off the suggestion and moved the Kavanaugh nomination to a vote, which passed on an 11-10 vote.  Then, to the surprise of all, he gaveled the meeting to a close, turned off the mikes, and left.  This caused some consternation to the Democrats.

The Party of the Creepy Porn Lawyer.  Democrats stupidly gave Avenatti 15 minutes of fame in March when his most infamous client broke her non-disclosure agreement and said she had sex with The Donald more than a decade ago.  In May, the Washington Free Beacon reported, "The Washington Free Beacon analyzed 108 appearances by Avenatti on MSNBC and CNN over a 64-day period from March 7 to May 10."  He became addicted to the fame.  Last month, he said he may run for president.  That got him some TV time.  Then Democrats got a wacko college professor to lie about being almost raped by Judge Brett Kavanaugh when they went to separate elite high schools in Washington.  Avenatti scrounged around and found a Me-Too client.

Avenatti Client Discredited, Ford's Accusation Now Collapsing.  Wow, what an eventful 24 hours this has been!  The client of the Creepy Porn Lawyer, Julie Swetnick, came forward with her wild "gang rape" tale and was almost immediately was discredited.  First, we learned her ex-boyfriend had gotten a restraining order against her, then Lisa Miller (who partied with the Georgetown Prep football team back in the day) explained she never saw anything like what Swetnick described and, also, there was no way this trashy Gaithersburg girl was at those parties.  Possibly more consequential, at least two men have contacted Senate Judiciary Committee investigators to say that they believe that they, and not Kavanaugh, may have been the preppie boys Ford described having a drunken encounter with at a house party.  This calls to mind the mistaken-identity scenario Ed Whelan discussed last week, and it certainly would explain why Ford was so certain it was Kavanaugh while Kavanaugh was certain it wasn't him.  Memory is tricky, and if you've seen one Irish Catholic prep-school jock, you've seen 'em all.  So the big televised showdown today in the Judiciary Committee may prove to be a complete debacle for the Democrats who put their faith in Ford as the weapon that would destroy Kavanaugh, and as for the Creepy Porn Lawyer's client — wow, she had Crazy Eyes, didn't she?

The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing Played Maximally Well for the Republicans Under the Circumstances.  Thursday's Ford-Kavanaugh hearing posed severe potential pitfalls and minefields for the GOP.  If Christine Blasey Ford were to be cross-examined too fiercely, especially if serially by eleven mostly older Republican men, the stakes would be far more perilous than losing a Supreme Court nominee on the precipice of confirmation.  More dangerously, such a debacle could drive independent white women voters who have backed Republicans and who are enjoying a robust Trump economy, to remain home six weeks from now on Election Day or, worse, to vote Democrat.  However, if Dr. Ford were not to be challenged effectively, that also would imperil Republicans as the GOP nevertheless would be standing by a damaged SCOTUS nominee under a dark cloud.  And, regardless of how the Ford questioning would play, there lay additional peril in Judge Kavanaugh's scheduled subsequent testimony.

No Contest:  Kavanaugh vs. the Committtee.  If Brett Kavanaugh wins confirmation to the Supreme Court, he can thank himself.  With nobody willing to say "boo" to Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh's accuser appeared credible, nice, and likable in her testimony. [...] Don't blame Rachel Mitchell entirely.  Blame the eleven men hiding behind her.  Whereas Democrats constantly interrupted Kavanaugh and turned the hearings into chaos earlier this month, Republicans on the committee did not utter a peep to Ford on Thursday.  This strategy had everything to do with protecting themselves and nothing to do with protecting Kavanaugh, Ford, or the truth.

Kavanaugh, Ford, emotion — and evidence.  Even the most rudimentary notion of due process puts the burden of proof on the accuser.  And while Ford claimed to have "100 percent" certitude that Kavanaugh had assaulted her, she also had zero-percent memory of anything that could substantiate that claim.  She was still unable to offer a time or place or a single corroborating witness to her story.  Every witness Ford maintained had been at the suburban Maryland party where the alleged attack occurred has, under threat of felony, denied knowledge of the assault and stated they have no recollection of the get-together.  This includes Mark Judge and Ford's longtime friend Leland Keyser.  Moreover, Ford, we learned, had never mentioned sexual assault until Kavanaugh's name began appearing in the media as a prospective Supreme Court justice in 2012, and she never specifically cited the judge's name until very recently.

5 Big Problems with Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony at the Kavanaugh Hearings.  Christine Blasey Ford has testified at the Kavanaugh hearings and she seems like a perfectly nice, sympathetic woman, I guess... if she isn't falsely accusing you of sexual assault.  However, there were still enormous problems with her testimony.  [#1] She still can't confirm the basics of her account.  She can tell everyone definitively that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her, but she doesn't know when, where, who took her there or picked her up (she was 15), or pretty much anything of significance.  She has no facts, no corroboration, no medical report, no police report.

Cory Booker, Dems Defeated in Kavanaugh Hearing Despite Orgy of Leaks, Lies, Smears.  Welcome, ladies and rapists, to Washington, D.C. — your nation's capital — where sterling reputations come to die.  Whether you are a man or a woman, a Democrat or a Republican, a conservative or a liberal, we can all agree that this place has become a sewer of lies, a cesspool of indiscriminate human destruction.  All in the name of a blood sport called partisan politics, played by the most dishonest vipers ever found under the earth.  The only bright speck in the whole circus of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings has been the honorable behavior of Republicans on the SenateJudiciary Committee.  Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, bent over backward to accommodate a woman who came forward with alarming accusations against Judge Kavanaugh.  She was given a full, thorough and respectful hearing to level her serious accusations.  Though her claims are strenuously disputed, entirely uncorroborated and riddled with inconsistencies and shifting versions, the woman deserved to make her case.  Mr. Grassley made sure she was able to.

Brett Kavanaugh deserves a Senate vote.  In the 1992 movie "A Few Good Men," Jack Nicholson's character, a military commander, unloads on the lower ranking Tom Cruise character with the memorable phrase, "You can't handle the truth!"  After the appalling hearing in the Senate, Americans can only wish they had the option of handling the truth.  They certainly didn't get that chance Thursday.  GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), in one of the long day's most dramatic moments, scorched the rancid air by pointing at Democrats and calling their conduct "the most unethical sham since I've been in politics."  Both Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, deserved better.  To be pitted like two beasts in a caged fight to the death reduced them to political bloodsport.

Ford Caught In Major Lie? — City Remodeling Permits Show Project She Linked to Kavanaugh Was in 2008 NOT 2012.  Christine Blasey Ford told the US Senate Judiciary Committee that the memories of Brett Kavanaugh "first came up" when she went into counseling in 2012.  In May 2012 Ford and her husband argued over her desire to add "a second front door" to their home.  Ford told the committee on Thursday the desire for a second door was because Brett Kavanaugh made her "claustrophobic."

Compare and contrast Kavanaugh's and Ford's testimonies.  Overcoming her fear of flying for oh, the several hundredth time, overcoming her terror of speaking about her alleged assault supposedly by then-high school student Brett Kavanaugh — "I am here today not because I want to be.  I am terrified." — Dr. (in psychology) Christine Blasey Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C., quiveringly answering their questions as best she could.  Her terrified best was riddled with several significant gaps.  Though she had several weeks to prepare to relate an incident that occurred 36 years ago and supposedly deeply affected her to this day, she couldn't definitively reply to the most fundamental questions about the alleged incident, such as how she arrived at the party, where it supposedly happened, how she got home, or who even paid for her questionable polygraph (lie-detector) test.  As Doris O'Brien observed here a few days ago, "Prof. Ford Flunks as a Female Role Model."  Yes.  Compare and contrast her behavior in front of the committee with that of the accused, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Although unexpectedly and surprisingly smacked with career-killing, family-, friend-, and colleague-killing charges a week and a half ago, Kavanaugh refused to wallow in victimhood, as Ford has.  He gathered his evidence and prepared to answer questions from the committee.  Speaking passionately and eloquently in his own defense, displaying emotion when mentioning his ten-year-old daughter's prayers for Ford's well-being, Kavanaugh replied forcefully and factually.

Lindsey Graham Opens Up About His Powerful Defense Of Kavanaugh.  Senator Lindsey Graham on Thursday said that if his emotional defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the day's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing serves to eventually help the judge get confirmed, it will be "one of the highlights" of his career.  The South Carolina senator appeared with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday night to discuss his vigorous defense of Kavanaugh and why he believes his on-the-fence colleagues — of either party — should support the Trump SCOTUS pick.  [Video clip]

Kavanaugh Hearings Should Change Nothing About His Confirmation.  Despite all the drama preceding the hearing with Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, it changed nothing.  Ford came across as sincere.  But her 36-year-old story still has holes in it and lacks any corroboration (including from a lifelong friend she says was at the party).  Kavanaugh gave a passionate statement emphatically denying Ford's claim.  Democrats grandstanded and issued entirely insincere complaints about rushing the process — after they kept Ford's claim hidden for months and refused to cooperate once her allegation became public.  So, it's hard to see why this hearing would change anyone's mind about whether Kavanaugh is suitable for the Supreme Court.

2020 Democrats rush to latch onto Christine Blasey Ford's political coattails.  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand claimed a prominent seat in the audience during Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and rushed to the cameras afterward to proclaim her support for Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were in high school.  As one of the Democrats eyeing a 2020 presidential bid, Ms. Gillibrand has gone all-in behind Ms. Blasey Ford, declaring her a hero to the country and brooking no resistance from those who question her uncorroborated account.

Christine Ford's Expert Nonsense.  Given her background in psychology, it is not surprising that during yesterday's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Ford should tell us that the laughter of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge is indelible in her hippocampus.  Nor is it unusual that it took the New Republic only a few minutes to publish a characteristically biased and irresponsible article on the subject.

What's in the envelope Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee gave to Ford's attorney during Kavanaugh hearings?  It's a quick moment caught on camera during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings that has a lot of people talking.  Texas 18th District Representative Sheila Jackson Lee walked up to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer and handed him something which he quickly put into his coat pocket.  The viral moment took place during the first recess of the hearing between Dr. Ford and senators, but viewers quickly caught the moment.

Some victims should be shamed.  I watched Fox News last night and saw the excerpts they broadcast of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony. [...] I do not believe that Judge Kavanaugh was the boy who did this, but perhaps it happened with someone else.  Her testimony sounded heartfelt.  I wish she had had a better relationship with her parents.  She concealed from them her attendance at a drunken party.  She did not give them the opportunity to counsel her on how to handle the unexpected behavior and chose instead to try to work it out on her own.  Her parents did not observe the changes in her and try to get her any help. [...] She kept her parents from knowing anything important about her life and instead allowed the trauma to take root.  She learned to live in fear and avoided even thinking about her experience.  How is anyone supposed to deal with something he won't even think about?

Who abused Ford (and Kavanaugh)? It was the Democrats.  The party of the Left has shown that there is no calumny it will not retail, no false or uncorroborated allegation it will not use to whip up ideological passions, and no depths to which it will not stoop to win and hold power.  Let's hope voters look at the noisome spectacle that has just taken place on Capitol Hill and deliver a resounding rebuke to the people who perpetrated it.  Their behavior during the Kavanaugh confirmation process outstrips even the disgraceful conduct of their partisan forebears at the confirmation hearings for Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.  Thursday was a black day, capping a period of bleak weeks in the history of American governance.

Kavanaugh and Graham used political jiujitsu on the Judiciary Committee Dems.  A couple of hours after Judge Kavanaugh's emotional statement, Senator Lindsey Graham delivered the knockout punch, denouncing his former "friends" on the committee for their duplicitous handling of the July 30 letter to Senator Feinstein, victimizing both Professor Blasey Ford (and her family) and Judge Kavanaugh (and his family).  If you missed his use of his five minutes to question Judge Kavanaugh, watch it below.  It was a historic moment, one that will be mentioned in Senator Graham's obituary and cited by historians of our era's politics:  [Video clip]

CNN's Tapper Argues There's 'No Contemporaneous Corroborating Evidence For Any Of The Charges' Against Kavanaugh.  On Thursday morning [9/27/2018], CNN's Jake Tapper, speaking with colleague Wolf Blitzer, frankly stated that despite all the furious allegations hurled at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, there are "no contemporaneous corroborating evidence for any of the charges" against Kavanaugh.

Dems Demand FBI Investigation, Gop Senator Proves They Didn't Investigate At All.  Senator Thom Tillis went after Senate Judiciary Democrats for refusing to participate in the Republicans' investigation in the allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Brett Kavanaugh during his testimony in front of the committee on Thursday [9/27/2018].  [Video clip]

Lindsey Graham Drops Bomb!  Accuses Ford's Activist Lawyers of Withholding Information from Client.  Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) dropped a bomb during his remarks Friday morning in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.  Senator Graham pointed out a major discrepancy in Christina Ford's remarks and the Committee's emails to her attorneys.  Apparently, Ford's far left activist attorneys did not tell her she could testify in private and in California.

The Fever Swamp Creature Dianne Feinstein's Mess.  It all goes back to Senator Dianne Feinstein.  The shady allegations suddenly becoming public.  The late hour shenanigans.  The lying to colleagues.  The using of a clearly damaged Christine Blasey Ford.  The dragging of Brett Kavanaugh and his family through this fetid mess.  Every part of this is the ranking Democrat's fault.  Finally, at the end of the day, Senator Cruz and then Senators Cornyn and Grassley confronted her about her perfidy.  The Senator from California seemed genuinely shocked to be called out.  Her befuddlement is laughable.  How, precisely, did the news of the existence of Dr. Ford come to the public when only Senator Feinstein and a Congresswoman and their staffs had access to the letter in question?

Democratic senators flee committee to protest Kavanaugh vote.  Republicans appear to have the votes to push Judge Kavanaugh through the committee on a party-line vote, and they are moving to speed him to the Senate floor, saying Thursday's testimony by Christine Blasey Ford alleging a sexual assault 36 years ago was compelling, but ultimately unsubstantiated.  Democrats had demanded that before any committee action senators should hear from a man Ms. Blasey Ford says was in the room for the assault.  They tried to force the panel to subpoena that man, Mark Judge.  The committee rejected that on an 11-10 vote, then voted to set a time-certain later in the day for a final vote on the nomination.  At that point a number of the more junior Democratic senators conducted a walkout.

More Stunts:  Female Democrat Lawmakers March into Senate Hearing and Stand in Defiance to Kavanaugh Vote.  The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move forward on a vote to Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Friday [9/28/2018].  Democrats interfered, interrupted and protested the vote to move forward on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.  Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris refused to speak.

Next Step:  Democrats Pledge To Investigate Kavanaugh, Float Impeachment If He's Confirmed.  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh might keep facing political attacks from the left if he is confirmed to the nation's highest court.  Kavanaugh faced an onslaught of attacks from Democrats and liberal activists even before Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford accused him of drunkenly trying to force himself on her while the two were in high school.  Kavanaugh denied Ford's accusation once again in an emotional testimony Thursday [9/27/2018].  Brian Fallon, former press secretary on Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign, predicted Kavanaugh "will not serve for life" if confirmed to the Supreme Court.

No One Has Come Forward to Back Up Ford, Not Even the Person Who Drove Her Home.  Christine Blasey Ford, a psychologist who has been in therapy herself, told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that she has vivid memories of the alleged attack, but not where or exactly when it happened.  In her opening statement, Ford said, "The details that — about that night that bring me here today are the ones I will never forget.  They have been seared into my memory and have haunted me episodically as an adult."  Later, questioned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford explained why she's so sure that a young Brett Kavanaugh was her attacker:  "It's — just basic memory functions," Ford told Feinstein.

CNN's Chris Cuomo Investigates: 'Was Brett Kavanaugh Known at Yale as a Virgin?'.  CNN's Chris Cuomo asked a female classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh if he was "known at Yale as a virgin" in a Thursday evening [9/27/2018] interview.  The far-left anchor for the cable news channel asked this embarrassing question of Lynne Brookes, who attended Yale with Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh Strikes Back.  When Brett Kavanaugh showed up for his confirmation hearing, he was affable and cheerful.  He made a joke about his daughter's television debut.  He complimented senators from both parties.  He was a non-controversial nominee looking to go through the process and then move on to the Supreme Court.  But now Judge Kavanaugh, the sober calm jurist stayed home; instead Mr. Smith came to Washington.  The Kavanaugh who showed up to the Senate hearing today had been through 10 days of hell.  He came in holding his wife's hand, and holding the anger and pain inside until he was ready to speak.  Those were the 10 days that Kavanaugh described in a fierce opening statement as having destroyed his family and his good name.  Those 10 days were the product of calculated delays by Senate Democrats, by the larger Democrat establishment.  Christine Blasey Ford, it emerged, could not only fly, but had flown to Maryland in August, and who did fly to the hearing.  It wasn't a fear of flying that was the problem.  Those 10 days of nonsensical claims of being unable to fly bought the Democrat allies of Ford's legal team and their media collaborators more time to drag a good man's name through the mud.

Senate Judiciary Committee advances Kavanaugh nomination in party-line vote.  The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a party-line vote on Friday afternoon.  That sent his Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate a day after an emotional hearing in which a California professor leveled sexual assault allegations — allegations that Kavanaugh emphatically denied.  The committee voted 11-10 to recommend Kavanaugh, with previously undecided GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona supporting him.  However, that support came with a last-minute caveat that holds major implications for a final vote.  After meeting with Democrats behind closed doors, Flake, who earlier in the day announced he would endorse the nominee, emerged to call for a delay in a full floor vote to allow for an FBI investigation "limited in time and scope."  While backing Kavanaugh at the committee level, Flake said he'd only be "comfortable" moving ahead on the floor if the FBI investigates further.

Kamala Harris Fumes: 'Tyranny of the Majority' Dictating Kavanaugh Vote.  A visibly angry Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) lamented the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as the panel is slated to vote whether the judge's nomination should proceed to the full Senate Friday afternoon.

Report: Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell 'Would Not Charge Kavanaugh or Even Pursue a Search Warrant'.  Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell told Republican senators in a conference meeting Thursday evening that she would not charge Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after hearing testimonies of the Judge or his accuser Christine Blasey Ford.  Mitchell, who took a leave of absence from Maricopa County's Deputy County Attorney and division chief the County Attorney's Office's Special Victims Division to join the Senate Judiciary Committee's team of attorneys for the hearing, "broke down her analysis" of both testimonies to GOP lawmakers.  In a nearly 30-minute presentation, Mitchell went over the "facts that were established and not established" and concluded that not only would she not charge Kavanaugh based on the record of evidence from both parties, but would not even pursue a search warrant for the judge, which in virtually all cases would require the standard of probable cause to be met, Politico reported.

What Sen. Jeff Flake just did on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, explained.  Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., created some late drama in the Senate Judiciary Committee this afternoon.  On Friday morning [9/28/2018], Flake announced he would support Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  But by the time the committee was supposed to vote to advance the nomination to the full Senate floor at 1:30pm, Flake, well, flaked a little bit.  Although he voted to advance the nomination to the floor, Flake asked for a short delay — up to a week, he said, but perhaps shorter — for the FBI to conduct an investigation limited in scope and time on the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh (Flake did seem to say "allegations" plural, rather than limiting it to just the initial allegation from Christine Blasey Ford).  But Flake's request is nonbinding.

Christine Blasey Ford Brought No Evidence but Plenty of Contradictions.  According to Dr. Ford:  She attended a house party miles from her home.  She had one beer.  There were four or five other people at the party, including her best friend, Leland Ingham Keyser.  Brett (Kavanaugh) and Mark (Judge) were already drunk and belligerent.  She went upstairs to use the bathroom.  Suddenly she was attacked from behind and shoved into a bedroom.  Brett and Mark turned the music up so no one would hear her scream as they attempted to rape her.  She got away.  Locked herself in a bathroom.  She waited until it was safe; until she heard Brett and Mark "ping pong" off the walls down the stairs.  After it was safe, she ran down the stairs and left the house.  She cannot remember who drove her to the party or how she got home. [...] The only way her story adds up is if you are trying to weave the stuff of Kafka, where the accused cannot grab hold of something to clear himself, not even with an alibi because there is no where or when.  In this respect, it is all a tad too neat.

Flake Flakes Out.  Earlier this morning [9/28/2018], Senator Jeff Flake said he would vote Yes on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.  But when the Judiciary Committee met and voted, he threw a curve ball:  Flake voted Yes and the nomination went to the Senate floor on an 11-10 party line vote.  But Flake said he will ultimately vote for the nomination only if there is a brief delay to permit another FBI investigation.  Lisa Murkowski followed up by telling an interviewer she supports Flake's call for a delay.  So it seems doubtful that the final vote can be held tomorrow as planned.  That isn't good, but an FBI investigation isn't problematic in itself.  The Agency will interview the people who have already been interviewed and report that they said the things they already have said.  It will add nothing to our knowledge, particularly if, as Flake suggested, "It would be short and limited in scope to the current allegations here."  Which means, I take it, the Christine Ford allegations.  If there is a delay, it needn't be long.  The FBI could probably re-interview the small number of relevant witnesses in the next 24 hours if it wanted to.

No, They Have No Decency — Confirmed.  Some other time perhaps I'll explain why I think Rachel Mitchell's performance in the hearing was actually very effective, even if most of us thought she didn't go for a Perry Mason-like smackdown.  My historian's eye tells me that Graham's speech will rank as one of the top five Senate moments ever — full stop.  It reminds me of nothing so much as the 40-second speech of Joseph Welch in the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings that effectively ended McCarthy.  That, too, was about an act of bad faith. [...] But do not think this matter is over.  The left is not going to give up on Kavanaugh.

Barbara Boxer On Kavanaugh: 'What We Saw Today Is Someone Who You Could Now See Attacking A Woman'.  Appearing on MSNBC following the Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford hearing, former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer told Chris Matthews that "what we saw today is someone who you could now see attacking a woman."

Kavanaugh Accuser's Legal Team Makes Expected Move, Wants Open-Ended Investigation.  On Friday afternoon [9/28/2018], after the GOP had yielded to Democratic pressure and agreed to extend the confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh one week to allow for a further FBI investigation, there were plenty of conservatives who surmised that the Democrats and their cohorts would not ultimately settle for that agreement, but move the goalposts even farther away so they could delay the confirmation as far as they possibly could.

Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser:  FBI probe should not have 'artificial' limits.  Debra Katz, a lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford, said on Friday [9/28/2018] that "artificial limits" should not be placed on the FBI as it reopens its background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  "No artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation," Katz said in a statement.  She added that letting the FBI do a "thorough" investigation is "critical to developing all the relevant facts."  Her statement comes as Senate Republicans agreed to delay Kavanaugh's nomination for up to a week in order to let the FBI investigate "credible" sexual assault allegations against him.

The Palpable, Existential Danger Among Us.  [Scroll down]  Bear in mind this is a distinguished jurist who had endured no less than SIX background investigations by the FBI which uncovered none of these scurrilous allegations; if there was a pattern of sexual misbehavior by Brett Kavanaugh our premier investigative agency would surely have uncovered it.  No red flags turned up — not until a bunch of partisan Democrat political operatives desperate to prevent a doctrinaire constitutionalist judge from taking Anthony Kennedy's swing vote seat on the Supreme Court decided to pull out all the stops in pursuit of that agenda.  In the face of these merciless smears Kavanaugh is forced to confess the kind of sexual truths which, in our current society, are socially disqualifying more than just embarrassing, just to discredit a characterization as a sexual predator concocted purely out of partisan political avarice.  What these people have done to Kavanaugh isn't the usual Washington political antics — and that says much.  After all, it's still very much in the national memory what Democrats in the Senate tried to do to Clarence Thomas, and what they did to Robert Bork.

Stalin Would Approve.  Herewith a few terrifying thoughts about the left's attacks on Brett Kavanaugh.  First, we have entered a genuinely Stalinist world in which all it takes is an accusation from the favored clique, in this case, "progressive" women, to wreck an honest man's career.  There is no trial on facts or law any longer.  As others have pointed out, we now have "guilt by accusation."  If you are a member of the elite class and simply make the accusation against a member of the disfavored class, his life is over.  He's ruined.  He's through.  There's no defense because the accusation itself is its own proof.  Second, I have seen this happen in my own life with my own eyes.  About ten years ago, a close friend was a high official of a major aerospace corporation.  She worked under a boss she did not like.  One day, that man did something rude — not sexual, not illegal — to a friend of my friend.  She determined she was going to "get him."  She wrote an anonymous letter to the head of the company alleging that she — who barely knew the man in the water — had been sexually abused by him.  The abuse?  He had a private bathroom in his office and he made too much noise while emptying his bladder.  Incredibly, the man — who was in his seventies and as harmless as a kitten, to use a phrase my friend used — was fired.  Denied his pension.  Lost most of his stock.  All because of a fictitious allegation about sex harassment.

Cowardly Republicans Grant a False Premise.  When Senate Republicans accepted the premise that Christine Blasey Ford's accusation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh was a legitimate personal complaint rather than a political maneuver orchestrated by the Democratic Party, they placed themselves in the grips of a logic leading them through bargaining about how to accommodate her as he was dogged by a nationwide campaign of personal and political vilification. [...] The circumstances of Ford's accusation — formulated by a Democratic activist, held in pectore by the chief Democratic strategist on the nomination until all other ploys had failed to yield the desired result, and used to achieve delay along with mobilization of Democratic constituencies were as obvious to Republicans as to Democrats.  There was no reason for Republicans to pretend otherwise — except cowardice.

Lindsey Graham Excoriates the Democrats.  [Scroll down]  "You have interacted with professional women all your life, not one accusation.  You're supposed to be Bill Cosby when you're a junior and senior in high school.  And all of a sudden you got over it."  The senator is correct.  Around 200 women have testified to Kavanaugh's respectful treatment of women since high school.  He has mentored female clerks and coached girls basketball.  These are not the actions of a rapist.  "It's been my understanding that if you drug women and rape them for two years in high school, you probably don't stop," Graham explained.  He quoted the American Bar Association's statement in defense of Kavanaugh's integrity.  Then he turned to Kavanaugh's wife Ashley.  "Ashley, you should be proud of this, that you raised a daughter who had the good character to pray for Dr. Ford."  "To my Republican colleagues, if you vote no, you're legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics," Graham said.

Dianne Feinstein Calls Christine Ford A Liar.  The key reason for today's grotesque circus lies at the feet of California Senator and possible ChiCom Useful Idiot Dianne Feinstein.  Christine Ford sent her letter with her half-baked allegation about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to Feinstein.  It was Feinstein who sat on it rather than acting.  It was Feinstein, or her office, who leaked the letter to CNN.  And a substantial body of evidence points to a Feinstein staffer named Heather Sawyer as the source of the leak. [...] Feinstein is not, I think, in any real jeopardy beyond having her dubious reputation as a grifter (check the net worth of her husband since she became senator) and employer of last resort of Chinese intelligence agents made more dubious.  And Cornyn did a great service by pointing out that this whole sorry spectacle was started by the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans' addresses, phone numbers released on Wikipedia pages.  Several Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee had their home addresses and phone numbers released to the public on their Wikipedia pages during Thursday's hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.  The victims included Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin G. Hatch of Utah and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The Kavanaugh Stakes.  The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing consumed most of Thursday, and unsurprisingly we learned nothing from the spectacle.  Christine Ford remains unable to marshal any evidence for her claim of a sexual assault.  Brett Kavanaugh continues to deny the charge adamantly and categorically, and with persuasive emotion.

Kavanaugh smeared, but two men coming forward actually find the real (narrative) killer.  Is the nightmarish miasma of increasingly flimsy charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about to come to an end?  Sure looks like it, as two men step forward and say they were the ones who assaulted the woman who charges Kavanaugh with the assault 37 years ago.

The NRA fights back.  The Democrats have plunged us into a bizarre fantasy world in which Brett Kavanaugh, by all accounts one of the most honorable men in public life, is effectively on trial as a would-be rapist.  Not because there is any evidence to that effect, but because it serves the Democratic Party's political convenience.  I have been waiting for more people on the sane side of the political fence to denounce the Democrats' accusations for what they are:  lies.  If there is one organization that knows how to fight, it is the National Rifle Association.  The NRA has released this ad supporting Judge Kavanaugh and denouncing the Democrats' smears.  It features NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North.  The ad is titled "We Stand With Brett Kavanaugh."  [Video clip]

Visibly angry Kavanaugh denies assault allegations, says process has 'become a national disgrace'.  A visibly angry and emotional Brett Kavanaugh denied under oath that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, telling senators Thursday his name has been "totally and permanently destroyed" by these "false" allegations — after his accuser testified she's "one-hundred percent" sure he tried to force himself on her 36 years ago.  The drastically conflicting statements, delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee in dramatic testimony that carried echoes of the 1991 Anita Hill hearings, left senators to make a judgment call on whose story is accurate.  The Supreme Court nominee's confirmation process was derailed by the 11th-hour charges, and it remains unclear whether the hearing will sway enough senators to secure confirmation.  But Kavanaugh let loose in his hearing appearance, abandoning much of his prepared remarks to blast the process as a "national disgrace" and a "circus."

Kavanaugh killed it.  Watching Judge Kavanaugh's statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I think he is killing it.  He demonstrates indignation and appropriate emotion, every bit as much as Ford.  He has rightly focused his remarks on the game against him played by the Democrats.  Here he has nailed it.  He called them out in every respect.  He omitted only their names, but we know who they are.  The truth shall set us free.  Judge Kavanaugh took the opportunity of his statement to defend his life.  It took him 35 years to build his reputation.  The Democrats have destroyed it.  They have taken away a good share of his life.  He responded entirely appropriately while proclaiming his innocence of the charge and making out the wrong done to him by the Democrats.  He drew on his 1982 calendar to go a long way to refute the allegation raised against him by Christine Blasey Ford.  He addressed facts and cited corroborative testimony.

The Odd Connection Between Kavanaugh Accusers Is a Radical.  Two of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers have an odd connection, although we can't say if it's anything more than that.  None of his accusers have witnesses to back up their allegations or any evidence for that matter — just gossip.  Their stories also haven't been consistent, but two of them, Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford and credible Julie Swetnick have the Debra Katz law firm in common.  Attorney Katz represents Ms. Blasey and her firm represented credible Julie Swetnick ten years ago.  Ms. Katz is a Resistance leader and a pro-abortion extremist and she has ties to two accusers.  The Wall Street Journal published Wednesday interesting details that the Washington Post, Michael Avenatti, and The New Yorker couldn't find.

Blasey-Ford's HS Yearbooks Brag of Drunken Promiscuity, '54 Sex Partners Before College'.  They didn't quite get it all scrubbed from cyberspace quickly enough.  High School yearbooks from Holton Arms preparatory school (Bethesda, Maryland, 1982-1985) purportedly show Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford as a wild party girl in a wild party era, with yearbook passages by classmates bragging of spending the night with adult men during "Beach Week" and enjoying male strippers in G-strings for "Sweet 16" birthday parties.  Let the slut shaming allegations begin.

Ford's 'Beach Friends' Claim Is Curious to Say the Least.  This morning's [9/27/2018] testimony by Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford has been a train wreck of lies and contradictions, the latest involving who she told about the alleged abuse and when.  Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell questioned Ford about whether or not she went to any members of Congress with her story prior to July.  "No," she responded.  Mitchell followed up by asking what motivated her to contact the Washington Post on July 6th, to which she replied that she was "panicking" and her beach friends urged her to call newspapers or her congresswoman.  There's one major flaw in that argument — The Post itself reported that Ford had relayed those terrible memories "only in therapy and with her husband."

Two Men Come Forward to Judiciary Claiming They, Not Kavanaugh, Assaulted Ford.  In a stunning turn of events, two men interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee suggested Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have simply been a victim of mistaken identity.  A statement released by Committee Republicans late Wednesday indicated that on Monday they spoke "with a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982 that is the basis of his complaint."  Ford had offered the initial accusation — the only one with even a slight whiff of possible truth — alleging that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982 at a high school party.

Two Glaring Contradictions Arise From Kavanaugh Accuser's Polygraph Letter.  They probably should have withheld everything.  White House reporter for the Washington Post, Seung Min Kim, posted on social media that lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford would, "under no circumstances," hand over medical records and therapist notes applying to their client to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  She did, however, send them the results of her polygraph test.  A polygraph test is designed to root out liars, and it may have done just that, though inadvertently.

Feinstein Invites Far-Left Actress Alyssa Milano to Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing.  Ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein invited actress Alyssa Milano to the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing Thursday [9/27/2018].  Because the Kavanaugh confirmation process isn't enough of a circus already.

They Want to Lynch Judge Kavanaugh.  Congressional Opponents and some of their allies in the media have adopted an unprecedented standard of guilty until proven innocent to use thin and unsubstantiated claims to smear Judge Kavanaugh who POTUS has nominated for our next Supreme Court Justice.  With blatant disregard for the health of America, women and children in particular, the anti-life contingent continues to peddle violence under the guise of a false narrative for justice by "resisting" the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

More Than 60 Georgetown Prep Alumni Defend Kavanaugh against Latest Charge in Letter.  Dozens of classmates of Brett Kavanaugh who say they knew him in high school rallied to his defense on Wednesday, objecting in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee to the latest grievous sexual-assault accusation leveled against the Supreme Court nominee.  On Wednesday morning [9/26/2018], attorney Michael Avenatti released a sworn statement by Julie Swetnick in which she claims to have known Kavanaugh in high school and says he and his male friends drugged and gang raped girls at parties in high school.  She was raped at one of the parties, she said, but did not say it was by Kavanaugh.

Who Is Julie Swetnick, The Avenatti Client Accusing Kavanaugh Of Attending Gang Rape Parties?  Julie Swetnick, a 55-year-old IT professional living in Washington, D.C., leveled serious allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday, a day before the Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to hear testimony from the judge and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, another woman accusing him of sexual misdeeds when he was in high school.

Ford's Polygraph Presents Another Inconsistency In Who Attended Alleged Party.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's polygraph exam was released on Wednesday, and it reveals another inconsistency in her claim about an alleged assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  In her handwritten statement included in her polygraph, Ford claims that there were "4 boys and a couple of girls at the party."  Ford claims that Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom, groped her and covered her mouth with his hand to prevent her from screaming at a party during high school.  The party was alleged to have occurred in the early 1980s.

The Editor says...
The time to bring this up for public discussion would have been the early 1980s, if one expects the allegations to have any credibility.

Despite new accusers, Democrats war on Brett Kavanaugh could cost them midterm elections.  Have Democrats gone so overboard in trying to demonize Brett Kavanaugh that they risk a backlash from upstanding men and the women who love them?  Let's start with the premise that Democrats want to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the high court by any means necessary.  Their modus operandi is to bring up alleged sexual assault charges late in the game to delay or derail the nomination process.  They see it as a win-win: they either destroy Kavanaugh, discourage the Republican voter base, and deal a significant blow to the Trump presidency (the real target of all this); or Republicans hang together in the face of this political monsoon, confirm Kavanaugh, and alienate women voters in the process, leading to Democratic victories in the midterm election.  Democrats seem to think this political game won't cost them.  But they have left the reaction of men out of the equation.

Kavanaugh's Classmates Fire Back At Avenatti-Represented Accuser.  Dozens of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's classmates from Georgetown Prep high school signed a letter rebutting decades-old allegations of sexual assault by a woman represented by Democratic lawyer Michael Avenatti.  "We never witnessed any behavior that even approaches what is described in this allegation.  It is reprehensible," his classmates wrote, adding, "In the extensive amount of time we collectively spent with Brett, we do not recall having ever met someone named Julie Swetnick.  Nor did we ever observe Brett engaging in any conduct resembling that described in Ms. Swetnick's declaration."

Bill Clinton accuser to make Capitol Hill appearance in support of Kavanaugh.  Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who has accused former President Bill Clinton of rape, will hold a rally Thursday in support of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ahead of his highly anticipated appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Broaddrick, along with representatives of Women for Trump, will be on Capitol Hill Thursday to throw their support behind Kavanaugh and highlight "the hypocrisy of Democrats in how they treat victims of sexual assault," according to a press release promoting the event.  Broaddrick, a former nursing home administrator, claims Bill Clinton forced himself on her in 1978 at Little Rock's Camelot Hotel when he was Arkansas' attorney general.  Clinton has denied the allegations.

Brett Kavanaugh's third accuser's father says he is 'shocked' by her claims — as her history of money troubles and unpaid taxes is revealed.  The woman who says she witnessed Brett Kavanaugh drugging girls in order to rape them with groups of boys at high school parties has a history of financial troubles, according to federal and state tax records.  And her estranged father said he was shocked by the allegations she has leveled against Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.  Julie Swetnick, 55, who was the third woman to come forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault, allegedly failed to pay over $100,000 in taxes and fees in Maryland and to the Internal Revenue Service since 2015.

If they can't prove the charges, senators must confirm Kavanaugh.  Thursday's hearing on the sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh promises to be a circus.  If the past few weeks are prologue, Democratic senators will demagogue in bad faith, Republican senators will embarrass themselves, and most of the press won't even try to assess the veracity of what is said, opting instead for score-keeping and judging the "optics."  We know how Judiciary Committee Democrats will vote.  They are all completely faithful to the abortion lobby and have never considered voting for Kavanaugh.  Some Republicans on and off the committee have tipped their hands, suggesting they'll be voting for Kavanaugh no matter what they hear.  That's a moral error.  Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Kavanaugh are serious and at least deserve to be weighed.

'Odd. I wonder how many of you went to high school parties repeatedly after you were in college?' Don Jr questions.  With just hours to go until Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces public questioning in regards to historical sexual assault claims made against him, the President's son has weighed in.  Speaking to followers through his Twitter account, Donald Trump Jr. publicly questioned the veracity of Kavanaugh's third accuser's account.  Julie Swetnick released a sworn statement through her attorney Michael Avenatti on Wednesday saying Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were there as she was abused by a 'train' of teenage boys at a party in 1982, two years after she graduated high school.  Trump Jr said he found it unbelievable Swetnick would attend high school parties as a college sophomore.

Creepy Porn Lawyer Presents Another Sketchy Kavanaugh Accuser.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his wife Ashley Kavanaugh and their children, who are not from this insane world of political resistance creepers.  Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti presents another ridiculously sketchy accuser to make unsubstantiated claims that supreme court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was part of a traveling band of teenage, predatory, high-school gang-rapists, targeting college-aged victims.  This stuff is insane.  These activists are not stable.

The assault on Kavanaugh is proving Trump voters right.  The attempted political assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is bad for the country, but good for a Trumpian attitude toward American politics.  The last-minute ambush validates key assumptions of Trump's supporters that fueled his rise and buttress him in office, no matter how rocky the ride has been or will become.  At least three key premises have been underlined by tawdry events of the last couple of weeks.  First, that good character is no defense.  If you are John McCain, who genuinely tried to do the right thing and carefully cultivated a relationship with the media over decades, they will still call you a racist when you run against Barack Obama.

Hoax? Fifth accuser recants story of Kavanaugh boat assault.  If you blinked, you might have missed the so-called fifth accusation against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the one involving a boat in Rhode Island, which was recanted shortly after it surfaced.  The Senate Judiciary Committee released a transcript Wednesday of a conference call in which Judge Kavanaugh was asked about an allegation raised by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat.  Mr. Whitehouse informed the committee that a constituent contacted him Monday [9/24/2018] and told him that a close acquaintance "was sexually assaulted by two heavily inebriated men she referred to at the time as Brett and Mark" in August 1985 on a 36-foot boat in Newport, Rhode Island.

Who Really Believes Kavanaugh Is a Rapist?  It was inevitable that, on the eve of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to which Christine Blasey Ford was invited so she could finally testify under oath about her alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, some activist Democrat would produce yet another "victim."  And, sure enough, attorney Michael Avenatti has convinced a woman named Julie Swetnick to sign an affidavit in which she claims that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were involved in a series of gang rapes and that she was among their victims.  The Democrats are clearly growing desperate and their accusations are growing increasingly hysterical.  The Ford fable wasn't very believable, but it involved an alleged incident that could at least be imagined — drunken teens acting like ... well ... drunken teens.  When the air started leaking out of that tale, and Ford's lawyers started making absurd demands they knew the Committee couldn't possibly accept, the Democrats shopped a risible tale involving indecent exposure to the New York Times. But alleged victim Debbie Ramirez couldn't remember much, including whether or not Kavanaugh was present.  When the Times refused to run the story, the hacks at the New Yorker were happy to do so.  Her story quickly collapsed.

The Kavanaugh Standard.  [Scroll down]  Once the decades-old accusations had been made against Judge Kavanaugh, with no corroboration available or likely, the Senate Judiciary Committee had no practical or formal basis for enlarging the discussion about his nomination.  For everyone, the way forward was into a fog.  Then something new happened.  Half of the Senate Judiciary Committee created this standard:  "I believe Christine."  It is an inescapable irony that the Kavanaugh Standard — "I believe" — is being established inside the context of a nomination to the highest U.S. court.  This new standard for court nominees (and surely others in and outside politics) would be that judgment can be rendered in the absence of substantive argument or any legal standard relating to corroboration, cross-examination or presumption of innocence.  In fact, the Kavanaugh Standard would have less intellectual content than liberalism's previous judicial gold standard — agreement with the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade.

Judiciary Committee Staff Have Asked Avenatti for Evidence Six Times.  Senate Judiciary Committee staff have contacted Michael Avenatti on six separate occasions asking that he produce evidence to substantiate the allegation of sexual assault levied against Brett Kavanaugh by his client, Julie Swetnick. [...] Committee staffers first reached out to Avenatti for evidence of his client's claims ten minutes after he tweeted about the allegations Sunday night and, in a subsequent email, provided a link to a local FBI field office so that he might report his client's allegations himself.  "Going back to last Sunday evening (9/23), you Tweeted anonymous accusations against Judge Kavanaugh.  Within 10 minutes, I emailed you and requested that you provide to the Senate Judiciary Committee the specific allegations and any evidence," a Committee staff member wrote in the Wednesday email summarizing their correspondence thus far.

The 45 Tough, Forbidden Questions A Normal Person Would Ask Christine Blasey Ford.  In the off-chance Christine Blasey Ford actually shows up and testifies — I give it under 50% — the wussy GOP senators on the Judiciary Committee are going to treat her with kid gloves, which is awful.  No one making an accusation with such potentially catastrophic consequences for the accused (here, the accused may properly be called "the victim") should escape harsh, penetrating cross-examination.  This is particularly true when the Jenga tower that is her lunchmeat story is teetering on the edge of collapse.  But they will instruct their questioners to use kid gloves nonetheless, because they are terrified of being portrayed as big meanies for challenging her shaky story.

Kavanaugh Accuser Sued Former Employer, Used Law Firm Of Other Accuser.  Julie Swetnick, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of participating in a gang-rape ring during his high school years, sued her former employer for sexual misconduct claims using a law firm run by the lawyer representing one of the other women accusing Kavanaugh.  "Roughly a decade ago, Ms. Swetnick was involved in a dispute with her former employer, New York Life Insurance Co., over a sexual-harassment complaint she filed, according to people familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday.  "Representing her in the complaint was the firm run by Debra Katz, the lawyer currently representing Dr. Ford.  The company ultimately reached a financial settlement with Ms. Swetnick, the people said."

Third Kavanaugh accuser's accusations riddled with holes.  The latest allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are so thin and implausible, they would make Sabrina Rubin Erdely blush.  Erdely was the journalist behind a 2014 Rolling Stone article about a gruesome gang rape at a University of Virginia frat that turned out to be a gigantic hoax.  Erdely ended up with egg on her face — and massive court bills for defamation.  Julie Swetnick, who on Wednesday [9/26/2018] went public as Kavanaugh's third accuser, deserves to have the Senate look into her allegations of "train"-style high-school gang rapes.  But her written statement should give even the most ardent Kavanaugh haters pause.  The document is pockmarked with elisions, more notable for what it doesn't say than what it alleges about President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

It's jujitsu time on the Kavanaugh accusations.  As desperate people intoxicated by early success are wont to do, the Democrat opponents of Judge Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court have overplayed their hand.  We've seen something very like this happen before.  Secure in the knowledge that the national media would devote 90-plus percent of their coverage to the charges and less than 10% of their time and space to Kavanaugh's denials, they held Blasey Ford's charge of assault until the last minute.  They knew that the accusation would not survive extended scrutiny as part of the FBI's background-checking, but all they had to do was stall confirmation and reignite that "war on women" slur of Republicans, resulting in a sweep of the House and Senate.

Prof. Ford Flunks as a Female Role Model.  These liberal insurgents are by no means innocent Davids taking aim at Goliath.  Rather, they are power-hungry government "servants" out to vanquish a well reputed conservative Republican with as many smooth stones as it takes.  Now that the "Me Too" movement has become rooted in our consciousness, Democrats are eagerly harvesting it for selfish political gain.  Any resistance to the assumption that an accusing woman is not immediately and totally to be believed is no longer tolerated.  The very idea has become, in itself, a form of guilt.  We all know the framework of Judge Kavanaugh's ordeal.  What we lack are the details, which no longer matter to those out to destroy him.

Blasey Ford's published medical research includes 6 articles on the abortion pill.  Dr. Christine Blasey has 21 articles listed in PubMed, the best database for medical research.  They cover a variety of topics including rate studies, gender, childhood trauma, depression, therapies like acupuncture and meditation, and chromosomal correlates.  Six of them are on mifepristone, the abortion pill.  For two of them, Blasey Ford was first author.  The subject of mifepristone, or RU-486, as it was known in the past, has always been politically charged.  Some background:  Mifepristone was introduced as "The Abortion Pill" mainly in Europe in the 1980s.  It works by antagonizing progesterone, a hormone necessary for the maintenance of pregnancy.

The other reason why the #MeToo mob is out to Get Kavanaugh.  The far left really, really, really doesn't want Brett Kavanaugh seated on the Supreme Court.  Presumably, that's over his supposed stance on abortion.  And the disgraceful delaying tactics from the Democrats are obviously a "hold-ma-beer" bid to put off a vote until after the midterms, by which time they expect they will be running the Senate.  But there's something else going on as these increasingly fantastical charges come out of the woodwork, long after the harsh Senate confirmation hearings were completed, leaving it fairly obvious that Kavanaugh would be confirmed.  Basically, it's a desire to paint all men, no matter what their cultural upbringing and values, as uncontrolled pigs with the endorsed morals of the left.  The character of these charges is the first clue.

Turns out, 2 of Kavanaugh's accusers have something very 'interesting' in common.  In a report for The Wall Street Journal published Wednesday, Ballhaus and Aruna Viswanatha found that more than ten years ago, Swetnick received a financial settlement in a sexual harassment lawsuit against New York Life Insurance, her former employer. [...] The firm run by Debra Katz, the attorney who now represents Ford, represented Swetnick in that complaint.

Suppressed Blasey Ford Yearbooks Reveal Fast Times at Holton-Arms.  Democrats plan at Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to use the high school yearbooks of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which they say imply he and his prep school pals regularly got drunk and boasted of sexual conquests, to discredit what they call his "choir boy defense" against sex-assault charges leveled by Christine Blasey Ford.  But Ford, whose story suffers from significant gaps in her memory, wasn't exactly a choir girl.  In fact, congressional sources say her own yearbooks, among other things, present a potential issue for her and her character, and Republicans are prepared to cite them in questioning her story through the female sex-crimes expert they've hired.

Attorney: Second Kavanaugh accuser not going to cooperate with 'political theater'.  The attorney for the second woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct on Thursday said that his client would speak with the FBI immediately about her claims, but ruled out partaking in a Senate Judiciary Committee review of her claims.  "The Senate Judiciary Committee is not suited to do this kind of investigation, and she's not going to cooperate with this kind of political theater," attorney John Clune said on CNN's "New Day."  Clune, who is representing Deborah Ramirez, disputed that Judiciary Committee investigators are able to conduct a "real sexual assault investigation" to determine what took place.

Two men tell Senate that they, not Kavanaugh, assaulted Ford.  Two men have come forward to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to claim that they are the ones who actually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford during a house party in 1982 — and not Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Republicans on the committee released a timeline of events late Wednesday, which included details about their interactions with the two men who admitted to the attacks.  On Monday, the timeline recounts GOP staff members interviewing "a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982."  The "encounter" refers to an episode in which Ford claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in a bedroom at a Maryland house party.

Kavanaugh's ex-girlfriend refutes mother's anonymous accusations sent to Senate.  A woman who dated Brett Kavanaugh in 1998 has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he never mistreated her, as alleged in an anonymous letter sent to Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican.  The former girlfriend found the charge "offensive and absurd."  The anonymous letter writer said her daughter "occasionally socialized" with Mr. Kavanaugh in Washington while he was part of the Ken Starr prosecution team.

Kavanaugh, Cold Anger and The Reckoning.  "Donald Trump's supporters are angry", or "uneducated", or "unenlightened", or (Fill_In_The_Blank).  This hate-filled sentiment is clear within the latest vile, nay, evil and horrific smears directed toward Judge Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh and their cherished children.  Now the media narrative controllers are fully engaged along with their political brethren.  Do not look away.  The vulgar lies and filth are now extreme as the ideological entities utilize their microphones in a brutal attempt to tear down the Kavanaugh family.

Kavanaugh hearing is not a trial.  I've never thought the big Ford-Kavanaugh hearing scheduled for Thursday [9/27/2018] would actually happen.  Maybe I'll be proved wrong, but I've never believed Christine Blasey Ford wants to testify.  This hearing is not going to settle the issue of what, if anything, happened 36 years ago — which, as I've noted, is why there is no point in having the hearing.  Senator Chuck Grassley, the Judiciary Committee chairman, should just invite affidavits from the witnesses and call it a day.  Democrats, in any event, would rather have the specter of Ford's testimony than the real thing, given that the latter will highlight:  (a) her inability to recall and relate rudimentary details, (b) the fact that she did not utter a word about the alleged sexual assault for 30 years, (c) the discrepancies between her current version of events and the notes of what she told her therapist, and (d) the fact that the other witnesses she has identified do not corroborate her story.  Moreover, now that Republicans have reportedly retained an experienced female litigator to conduct the questioning, there is no longer the prospect of video clips featuring Ford being grilled by old white guys — grist for what Democrats hoped would be their "War on Women 2.0" campaign ads.

New York Post editorial:  Kavanaugh's new 'accuser' looks like one more Michael Avenatti publicity stunt.  Michael Avenatti tossed another wrench into the Brett Kavanaugh nomination Wednesday, releasing Julie Swetnick's sworn statement that seems to accuse the judge of participating in gang rapes during his high school years.  Emphasis on seems:  She claims she was gang-raped, but not by Kavanaugh.  She makes vague allegations that he engaged in other misconduct, but with no specifics on the victims, the conduct or the when and where.  For example, saying she "became aware" of Kavanaugh's efforts to spike the punch at parties is different from saying she saw them — she won't even say the "efforts" succeeded.  Avenatti won't fill in any of the specifics.  And the statement is not an affidavit, nor has he made his client available to even friendly reporters.

Christine Blasey Ford Has Four People to Confirm Her Claims, But There's a Problem.  Christie Blasey Ford, the woman who is making accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, has announced through her legal team that there are four people who can back up her claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982 at a high school party.  But that's a huge stretch.  The story went viral overnight after USA Today tweeted a story which many liberal activists thought would automatically end Judge Kavanaugh's chances of being on the Supreme Court: [...] The problem?  These four people, who sent "sworn and signed declarations" were told of the assault after (not before!) the 2012 therapy sessions.  And during those sessions about the assault from 35 years ago, Ford never said who the attacker was.

Kavanaugh chaos — What country are we in?  What country are we becoming?  [Scroll down]  This is about whether there are any boundaries left in our politics.  Or whether this is a war where anything goes and the goal is the total annihilation of the other side.  The president cited the toll on Kavanaugh's family as Exhibit A of the damage already done.  Probably referring to the appearance of the judge and wife Ashley on Fox News Monday [9/24/2018], where they both looked shocked and wounded, Trump said, "His wife is devastated, his children are devastated.  I don't mean they're like, 'Oh, gee I'm a little unhappy,' they're devastated."  That could be any family sitting there, their world savagely ripped open because they dared to excel in their field and sacrifice material riches for the honor of public service.  As Trump said, if Kavanaugh is kept off the high court on charges that go back more than 30 years and that have no known proof or corroboration, "it'll be a horrible, horrible thing for future political people, judges, anything you want, it'll be a horrible thing.  It cannot be allowed to happen."  Unfortunately, it is happening, which is why the president was right to drop his earlier more respectful tone toward the accusers and Dems.

Christine Blasey Ford Has Four People to Confirm Her Claims, But There's a Problem.  Christie Blasey Ford, the woman who is making accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, has announced through her legal team that there are four people who can back up her claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982 at a high school party.  But that's a huge stretch.  The story went viral overnight after USA Today tweeted a story which many liberal activists thought would automatically end Judge Kavanaugh's chances of being on the Supreme Court: [...] The problem?  These four people, who sent "sworn and signed declarations" were told of the assault after (not before!) the 2012 therapy sessions.  And during those sessions about the assault from 35 years ago, Ford never said who the attacker was.

Kavanaugh chaos — What country are we in?  What country are we becoming?  [Scroll down]  This is about whether there are any boundaries left in our politics.  Or whether this is a war where anything goes and the goal is the total annihilation of the other side.  The president cited the toll on Kavanaugh's family as Exhibit A of the damage already done.  Probably referring to the appearance of the judge and wife Ashley on Fox News Monday [9/24/2018], where they both looked shocked and wounded, Trump said, "His wife is devastated, his children are devastated.  I don't mean they're like, 'Oh, gee I'm a little unhappy,' they're devastated."  That could be any family sitting there, their world savagely ripped open because they dared to excel in their field and sacrifice material riches for the honor of public service.  As Trump said, if Kavanaugh is kept off the high court on charges that go back more than 30 years and that have no known proof or corroboration, "it'll be a horrible, horrible thing for future political people, judges, anything you want, it'll be a horrible thing.  It cannot be allowed to happen."  Unfortunately, it is happening, which is why the president was right to drop his earlier more respectful tone toward the accusers and Dems.

The Confession Game.  It should be obvious by now why serious but unproven allegations are not litigated in the court of public opinion.

The Editor says...
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Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Is Dictating Press Access to Hearing.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  Ahead of Thursday's much-anticipated testimony by Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, of sexually harassing her in high school, new demands are reportedly being made for the hearing.  Previously, Ford issued a list of demands for her testimony through her attorney.  These demands were mostly accepted, barring a few non-starters, such as the absurd request that Kavanaugh only testifies before her, and thus not get a chance to answer her charges.

Attorney of New Kavanaugh Accuser Caught Lying on CNN.  After suffering countless delays, Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford is set to testify this Thursday.  Ford and her legal team did literally everything they could to delay her testimony as long as possible, including demanding an FBI investigation (after the FBI already said they wouldn't investigate), and claiming that she can't come to D.C. to testify because she's afraid of flying (but used to work in Hawaii).  Another accuser that came forward, Deborah Ramirez, is refusing to testify.  A common theme with the Kavanaugh accusers is that all the witnesses they've identified have refuted their accounts.  Given that those witnesses were submitting their answers under penalty of perjury, it means the only people positively identifying Kavanaugh as an abuser are the ones who won't say so under oath.

If Kavanaugh's nomination can be derailed by allegations without evidence then no one is safe.  Senate Democrats seeking to derail Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination knew they had a problem.  In other prominent cases of the #MeToo era, multiple victims had come forward to corroborate each other's stories and present a pattern of predatory behavior.  But in Kavanaugh's case, not only was there no corroboration for Christine Blasey Ford's accusations, no other women had come forward to accuse him of misconduct.  Democrats needed another victim.

Republican Lisa Murkowski Unsure if She Will Support Brett Kavanaugh After Bogus Sexual Assault Allegations.  Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a key swing vote for Republicans, said she wants to be fair about the allegations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  A pro-abortion Republican, Murkowski has not yet decided how she will vote on the judge's confirmation.  "We are now in a place where it's not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified," Murkowski told the New York Times this week.  "It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed."  She and fellow pro-abortion Republican Sen. Susan Collins are being heavily lobbied by the abortion industry to oppose Kavanaugh.  Republicans hold a slim, two-member majority in the Senate, so every vote is important.  Neither have announced their decision on whether to support his confirmation, but both did vote to confirm President Donald Trump's first nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch.

The Editor says...
There should be no such thing as a "pro-abortion Republican."  Anyone who is in favor of abortion should be ejected from the party.  This country does not need two political parties catering to baby-killers.

Decency dies in the Senate.  Until a week ago, the left had been unable to block Judge Kavanaugh's elevation to the highest court due to his sterling record of judicial temperament and the quality of prodigious rulings in his current role as Circuit Court judge for the D.C. Court of Appeals.  It's important to note that several of his rulings have been upheld by the Supreme Court — unlike the oft overturned Sonia Sotomayor.  So, while not totally unexpected, it's still a bit shocking how the left is ruthlessly shoving aside all semblance of fairness, especially the time-honored principle of innocent until proven guilty. [...] And it's not the destruction of just one man, who is by all accounts completely innocent of the charges against him.  It will be a triumph of the feral street — the raging mob, lusting for blood and accepting nothing less than the head of its hated enemy.

Washington Post 'Conservative' Jennifer Rubin Spreads Fake News About Kavanaugh Hearing Prosecutor.  If Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford shows up on Thursday to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she'll be questioned by Rachel Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona.  Mitchell has been hired to handle the questioning on behalf of the 11 Republicans on the panel, who are all men.  One intent of her selection is to take away criticism that male Republicans are badgering a female "victim" of sexual misconduct.  Of course, as these things go, it didn't take long for liberals and Democrats to begin maligning Mitchell.  Most intriguing was a Twitter post by Jennifer Rubin, who is called "conservative" by The Washington Post, where she writes a column called "Right Turn."

The Editor says...
What happened to I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar?  Now we're being told that a woman with a PhD can't be interrogated by male Senators because that would just be unfair!

An Unbelievable Accusation.  The allegations from attorney Michael Avenatti's client unveiled this morning are stunning.  Some might even call them unbelievable.  The accuser contends she attended at least ten house parties over a three-year period, that began when Kavanaugh was 15 or 16 years old.  She contends that similar parties "occurred nearly every weekend during the school year."  She contends Kavanaugh and his friends engaged in criminal activities including sexual assault "on numerous occasions."  From that description, it sounds like she witnessed sexual assaults and then continued to attend the parties.  She contends Kavanaugh and Mark Judge obtained either alcohol or drugs such as Quaaludes to spike the punch at these parties.

Republicans stand by Kavanaugh, fire back at Avenatti as new allegations jolt court bid.  Republicans signaled Tuesday [9/25/2018] they aren't abandoning Brett Kavanaugh's nomination for the Supreme Court as they cast doubt on graphic new allegations made public by attorney Michael Avenatti, and as Kavanaugh insisted he's never been involved in any sexual assault.  Avenatti on Tuesday tweeted a "sworn declaration" from a woman named Julie Swetnick who claimed the Supreme Court nominee was involved in "gang" rapes in the early 1980s.  She claimed Kavanaugh was "present" when she became a "victim" of one of those alleged assaults.  Swetnick's accusations followed claims of sexual misconduct during high school and college against Kavanaugh from two other women.  Kavanaugh has denied all the accusations, and responded to Avenatti's claim by saying:  "This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone.  I don't know who this is and this never happened."

Kavanaugh says new allegations are 'ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone'.  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh denied explosive allegations Wednesday [9/26/2018] that he was present at alcohol-fueled gang rapes while in high school.  "This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone," Kavanaugh said in a statement released by the White House.  "I don't know who this is and this never happened."  Julie Swetnick, who says she traveled in Kavanaugh's high school circles, leveled the charges in a sworn statement that her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The committee confirmed that it is examining Swetnick's claims, which are the third set of allegations of sexual misconduct to be leveled against Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh and the weaponization of #MeToo.  For far too long, women who brought forward allegations of sexual assault feared retribution and were not heard.  But since the #MeToo movement started less than a year ago, we have seen an overcorrection in society that is dangerous and inarguably anti-men.  And now Democrats are weaponizing that environment and the movement to railroad the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the name of politics.  In the era of #MeToo, we have been coerced as a society to believe a woman's allegations on the basis of her gender alone.  The political party that invented the term "Borking" is using uncorroborated and unverified sexual misconduct charges made by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez as a battering ram against Kavanaugh.

Ford's lawyers give Senate committee polygraph results.  Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford have provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with the results of a polygraph test on her accusation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teens.  The documents indicate the Ford took the test on Aug. 7 at a Hilton Hotel in Maryland.  Ford has told The Washington Post she hired a former FBI agent to conduct the test as she considered whether to come forward with her accusation, and she's said she passed it.  The newly released documents seem to support her claim, but there's no independent expert verification.

Creepy Porn Star Lawyer Michael Avenatti Responds to President Trump With Crude Insult.  Porn star attorney Michael Avenatti responded on Twitter Wednesday afternoon to President Trump calling him a "third rate lawyer" and "low life" over accusations by Julie Swetnick that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh helped get women inebriated at early 1980s high school parties so they could be gang raped.

Time to end the judiciary circus.  The Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus announced last year it was closing after a 146-year run, largely because of high operating costs, costly legal battles with animal rights groups and declining ticket sales, especially after elephants were retired from the show.  Brett Kavanaugh's embattled nomination for the Supreme Court has become a circus, and it's time for the Senate Judiciary Committee to consider closing it to the public.  As Kavanaugh's nomination has shown, these hearings only serve the objectives of special interests and certain politicians, not the general public.  The Constitution is silent on congressional committees, which were established well after the document was ratified.  The Senate Committee on the Judiciary (its official name) was, in fact, not established until 1816.

Vulnerable Senate Democrats Remain Open to Supporting Brett Kavanaugh.  Vulnerable Senate Democrats told reporters this week they continue to keep an open mind regarding their support for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Several Senate Democrats up for re-election this year have remained open to supporting Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court despite the sexual assault allegations brought against the president's nominee.  Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) face three of the most competitive races this cycle and have continued to watch the accusations against Kavanaugh unfold before they give a decision regarding their support.

Rachel Mitchell, prosecutor experienced in sex-crimes cases, to question Kavanaugh and Ford, Grassley announces.  Senate Republicans announced late Tuesday that Rachel Mitchell, a decorated career sex crimes prosecutor with decades of experience, will handle some of the questioning of Christine Blasey Ford at a scheduled hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday [9/27/2018].  Ford, the California professor accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault decades ago, had requested through her attorneys that only senators be able to ask questions at the hearing, in order to avoid a "trial-like" atmosphere.

Murkowski, key vote in Kavanaugh confirmation, signals support for accuser, FBI probe.  Just days before Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee plan to hold a critical vote on whether to recommend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the full Senate, a key swing vote Republican senator, Lisa Murkowski, seemed to suggest that her support for the nominee is wavering.  "We are now in a place where it's not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified," Murkowski said in an interview on Monday night.  "It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed."

The Editor says...
No, it's about whether or not a Democratic Party stooge is to be believed, without any evidence to back up her claims.

Red-state Democrats refuse to come out against Kavanaugh.  Democrats have all the cover they need to vote in lockstep against Brett Kavanaugh.  But a half-dozen of them have refused to go there, even after the pair of sexual assault allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.  Democratic insiders are feeling more bullish than ever that the party's 49 caucus members ultimately will oppose Kavanaugh.  Yet the undeclared bloc of Democratic senators could be a problem for Democratic leaders, who want to put the weight of the nomination entirely on a handful of holdout Republicans.

#MeToo depends on the credibility of the journalists who report on it.  [Scroll down]  Ramirez said she was drunk when it happened and, according to the New York Times, recently told classmates she wasn't sure whether Kavanaugh was the student in question.  She also initially expressed uncertainty to the New Yorker but somehow became certain enough to go on the record six days later.  Her college roommate, who said she was "best friends" with Ramirez, was among those who denied ever hearing such a story; at one point, she speculated that Ramirez might have political motivations.

Eight big problems for Christine Blasey Ford's story.  [#1] For starters, Ford still can't recall basic details of what she says was the most traumatic event in her life.  Not where the "assault" took place — she's not sure whose house it was, or even what street it was on.  Nor when — she's not even sure of the year, let alone the day and month.  Ford's not certain how old she was or what grade she was in when she says an older student violently molested her.  [#2] Ford concedes she told no one what happened to her at the time, not even her best friend or mother.  That means she can rely on no contemporaneous witness to corroborate her story.  [#3] Worse, the four other people she identified as attending the party, including Kavanaugh, all deny knowledge of the gathering in question, including Leland Ingham Keyser, who she calls a "lifelong friend."

Is this the hill they die on?  Given the better than average chance that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the Senate by the end of this week, it's not far-fetched to imagine that future Senate Judiciary Committee hearings will be tainted from the outset, clouded by doubt and much more nefarious behavior by Democrats, and punctuated with despicable vulgarity.  Democrats' grossly miscalculated strategy of character assassination has fallen woefully short of achieving their desired outcome.  Two women, assisted by an army of lawyers, enablers, and far-left political operatives, crafted narratives that not only are devoid of specific details and factual evidence, but feature no corroborating witnesses.  Not surprisingly, all the witnesses named to date have categorically denied the allegations, leaving both of the accusers drowning in a sea of doubt and suspicion.

Will she or won't she?  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today rejected the Democrats' request to delay Thursday's hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  (The real hearing, of course, ended a couple of weeks ago, and this is a post-hearing farce.)

NY Times removes key language helpful to Kavanaugh from article about Yale accuser Ramirez.  On Sunday night, September 23, 2018, The New Yorker published an article about accusations by Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The authors were Ronan Farrow and Jane Meyer.  The New Yorker article noted, deep into the article, that Ramirez's accusations were not corroborated by any witnesses with first hand knowledge, and that Ramirez herself had gaps in memory that were cleared up only after 6 days of thinking about it and consulting with lawyers.  The NY Times covered the story, and had language in its September 23 about Ford testifying that was extremely helpful to Kavanaugh's defense.  The language was added in an evening edit.

Brett Kavanaugh's 1982 calendar being used as evidence against sexual assault allegations.  Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from 1982 is filled with nostalgia of the times and seemingly endless cliches that one would expect from a teenager growing up in a middle-class family.  "FOOTBALL CAMP STARTS," was marked across one day in August 1982.  "Go to Rocky III" reads an entry June 13, 1982.  Later that same week, he went to see "Grease II."  While the green-and-white calendar detailing a summer from Kavanaugh's youth is filled with innocent memories, it now will have a serious use:  attempting to prove his innocence against sexual assault allegations lodged against him amid a bid for the Supreme Court.

Murkowski backs away from supporting an FBI investigation of charges against Kavanaugh.  This looks like a straw in the wind, a repositioning by one of the key wobbly senators who could torpedo Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  After seeming to tell national media she would support an FBI investigation into the charges against Judge Kavanaugh, Alaska's Senator Lisa Murkowski seems to have beaten a hasty retreat.  But both statements are couched in vague language, with the first one prominent in national media and the second one, the retreat, spoken to a far smaller Alaska media outlet, and so far generally ignored by the national mainstream media — even Fox News.

Brett Kavanaugh's 1982 Calendar Released; Grounded Three Weekends.  Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from the summer of 1982 has been released after being submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee — and it reveals an active summer, though the future judge was grounded three weekends in a row.  Kavanaugh submitted the calendar this week as evidence that he was not at a party of the kind referred to by Christine Blasey Ford in her accusations that he groped her drunkenly in the presence of others (all of whom have contradicted her claims).

Kavanaugh Attorney:  Lawyers for Christine Ford Have Not Turned Over Results of Lie Detector Test or Therapist's Notes.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh's attorney Beth Wilkinson went on CUB News on Wednesday morning [9/26/2018].  Wilkinson told CBS the lawyers for Dr. Ford have not turned over the results of her lie detector test or her therapist's notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Feinstein can't guarantee Kavanaugh accuser shows, as Ford bristles over role of female attorney.  The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee acknowledged Tuesday she can't guarantee the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault will show up to testify at a looming hearing, as her attorneys raise concerns about the format.  The news comes as Republicans scheduled a Friday morning Judiciary Committee vote on whether to recommend Kavanaugh's confirmation to the full Senate — a move the ranking Democrat on the committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., called "outrageous."  "For Republicans to schedule a Friday vote on Brett Kavanaugh today, two days before Dr. Blasey Ford has had a chance to tell her story, is outrageous," Feinstein said in a statement.  "First Republicans demanded Dr. Blasey Ford testify immediately.  Now Republicans don't even need to hear her before they move ahead with a vote."

New Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick details parties where girls allegedly were drugged and raped.  A third accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh publicly identified herself Wednesday and alleged that Kavanaugh and others in the early 1980s spiked the drinks of girls at high school parties with intoxicants to make it easier for them to be gang raped.  The woman, Julie Swetnick, said Kavanaugh lined up with other boys, including his close friend Mark Judge, waiting to rape those girls at many parties — and that she once became a victim herself.  The allegations were detailed in an affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury, that was released by Swetnick's lawyer, Michael Avenatti.  Her statement was sent to a senior staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Attorney Michael Avenatti announces third Kavanaugh accuser:  Julie Swetnick.  A third woman made allegations against Kavanaugh on Wednesday.  Julie Swetnick, who attended a different high school in Maryland and is being represented by the lawyer Michael Avenatti, said she attended "well over 10" parties where Kavanaugh was present and saw him "drink excessively at many of these parties and engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior towards girls."  Kavanaugh denied the allegations in his most aggressive statement yet, writing:  "This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone.  I don't know who this is and this never happened."

The on deck justice could be a bigger Dem problem than Kavanaugh.  As more flimsy accounts of adolescent idiocy surface in the Kavanaugh confirmation drama, it appears Judge Brett is going to have a harder time holding onto the highest gavel.  His nomination may be in deep yogurt if Democrats keep trolling for damsels, but they should keep the champagne on ice as his turfing may be nothing to celebrate.  All of this hinges on Thursday's dual testimony between his first accuser, Dr. Christine Ford, and the judge himself, who is eager to issue a public denial in the flesh.  If she is believable and even slightly sympathetic, that may be enough to give the golden gals, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), the yips and they could easily vote no and bet on round two.

Brent Bozell:  The Vast Anti-Kavanaugh ConspiracyWashington Post media reporter Paul Farhi wrote a Sept. 25 article on liberal-media bias headlined "Kavanaugh Supporters See a Conspiracy Afoot."  The Post painted this as a little crazy, like a UFO is involved.  Can anyone imagine the idea of the Democrats and liberal reporters working hand in glove to torpedo a Republican nomination?  Maybe we can remember Supreme Court nominees Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg in 1987, John Tower in 1989 or Clarence Thomas in 1991.  Maybe we can recall John Ashcroft being tarred as a racist in 2001.  In these cases and many others, "objective" reporters lined up and repeated the Democrat talking points as "news" and often succeeded in wrecking nominations.

Drive to destroy Kavanaugh is the worst of feminism.  The Democratic response to the allegation that three and a half decades ago, Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh assaulted a girl at a teenage beer party bears many hallmarks of campus culture, from the admonition that "survivors" should always be believed to the claim that the veracity of the accusation matters less than the history of white-male privilege.  But the most significant import from academic feminism is the idea that a long-ago incident of adolescent sexual misbehavior (assuming that the assault happened as described, which Kavanaugh has categorically denied) should trump a lifetime record of serious legal thought and government service.

Senate GOP Whip:  Committee Vote on Kavanaugh 'As Early As Friday'.  Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn told Neil Cavuto Tuesday that a Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation could come "as early as Friday."  Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of the committee, said the body could vote on forwarding Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate soon after they hear from the judge's accuser, Prof. Christine Blasey Ford.  Cornyn said that Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh will be questioned separately by a female Judiciary Committee staff attorney, and that Republican members will be free to question her as well.

Michael Avenatti Locks Account After Admitting Kavanaugh Accuser Might Not Come Forward.  Attorney Michael Avenatti said his client might now not come forward against Brett Kavanaugh, and then locked his Twitter public profile from view.  After two days of ginning up publicity with the news he has a "100 percent credible" accuser against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, adding that she has "multiple witnesses to corroborate her story" and that she is "willing to take a polygraph," Avenatti appeared to walk back that assurance in a Tuesday morning [9/25/2018] tweet.

Jane Mayer Revisited.  Jane Mayer is the co-author of the New Yorker's outrageous hit piece on Judge Kavanaugh.  In this context readers may recall Mayer's book (written with Jill Abramson) defaming Justice Thomas and supporting the Democrats' late hit on him at the end of his confirmation to the Supreme Court in 1991.  The Democrats sought to turn Justice Thomas into roadkill to prevent a black conservative from taking his place on the Court.  The true victim of a ludicrous smear, Justice Thomas called out the Democrats' 1991 playbook as "a high-tech lynching."  Now the Democrats seek to assassinate Judge Kavanaugh.  We should have a #HeToo hashtag to denominate the victims of this form of leftist politics by other means.  Mayer's work on Justice Thomas is the precursor and analogue of the current assassination frenzy.  Yet another case involving Mayer illuminates the New Yorker's hit on Judge Kavanaugh.  In the late 1990's, Mayer came to the aid of the Democratic maestro of sexual abuse and his angry Democrat allies.  As the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal unfolded Mayer reported that Linda Tripp — remember her? — had a teenage run-in with the law 30 years prior to her involvement in the Lewinsky matter.

We Are Living Nineteen Eighty-Four.  Rejecting Kavanaugh proved a hard task given that he had a long record of judicial opinions and writings — and there was nothing much in them that would indicate anything but a sharp mind, much less any ideological, racial, or sexual intolerance.  His personal life was impeccable, his family admirable. [...] "All women must be believed" is the testament, and individuals bow to the collective.  Except, as in Orwell's Animal Farm, there are ideological exceptions — such as Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, Sherrod Brown, and Joe Biden.  The slogan of Ford's psychodrama is "All women must be believed, but some women are more believable than others."  That an assertion becomes fact due to the prevailing ideology and gender of the accuser marks the destruction of our entire system of justice.

Sen. Chris Coons:  Burden of proof lies with Brett Kavanaugh to prove his innocence.  Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware Democrat, drew double-takes on the right Monday [9/24/2018] after insisting that the burden of proof lies with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to prove his innocence.  Mr. Coons said that Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez "have nothing to gain" and have put themselves "at legal risk" by accusing Mr. Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in his teen years.  "It is Judge Kavanaugh who is seeking a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court and who I think now bears the burden of disproving these allegations," said Mr. Coons in a Monday interview on MSNBC, "rather than Dr. Ford and Deborah Ramirez who should be dismissed with slanderous accusations."  Townhall.com's Guy Benson called the argument "just wild," while the Media Research Center blasted it as the "Dem idea of justice."

Ronan Farrow's Kavanaugh story causes media meltdown.  New Yorker writers Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer pushed back Monday [9/24/2018] against the New York Times' coverage of the latest sexual-misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The Times reported Sunday [9/23/2018] that the reporters' never confirmed "with other eyewitnesses" that Kavanaugh attended a Yale University dorm party where Deborah Ramirez claims he drunkenly exposed himself.  The paper said it interviewed "several dozen people" in a vain attempt to find someone with "firsthand knowledge" to corroborate Ramirez's allegations.

Prof. Ford Flunks as a Female Role Model.  The Democrat leadership has methodically assembled its own stockpile of societal, racial, ideological, and sexual missiles to hurl at the accused.  These liberal insurgents are by no means innocent Davids taking aim at Goliath.  Rather, they are power-hungry government "servants" out to vanquish a well reputed conservative Republican with as many smooth stones as it takes.  Now that the "Me Too" movement has become rooted in our consciousness, Democrats are eagerly harvesting it for selfish political gain.  Any resistance to the assumption that an accusing woman is not immediately and totally to be believed is no longer tolerated.  The very idea has become, in itself, a form of guilt.  We all know the framework of Judge Kavanaugh's ordeal.  What we lack are the details, which no longer matter to those out to destroy him.

Sanders Throws Keith Ellison, Cory Booker In ABC's Face When Asked About Kavanaugh.  White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed to hypocrisy in the Democratic Party's concern over alleged sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, in a Tuesday morning interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."  Sanders was pressed on whether President Donald Trump had already made up his mind on whether Kavanaugh's accusers were lying and whether it demonstrates a pattern in his behavior.  "When Roy Moore is accused, when Bill O'Reilly is accused, when Roger Ailes is accused, when Rob Porter is accused, and now when Brett Kavanaugh is accused, the president consistently every single time takes the side of the man," "GMA" host George Stephanopoulos told Sanders.

With the Kavanaugh Charade, Do Polls Now Replace the Constitution?  The Constitution clearly spells out the role of the Senate in selecting Supreme Court justices.  Article 2 dictates that the president "shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint ... Judges of the Supreme Court..."  Advice and consent means that Senators can provide input, question nominees about their future role as a Supreme Court Justice, then vote to approve the nomination.  Typically, presidents are given deference to make nominations, and as long as such nominees are not clearly unqualified, to confirm these nominees to the court.  Nominees are usually confirmed without much fanfare, even those who are ideologically out of the mainstream, such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, confirmed 96-3.  Barack Obama's two nominees were confirmed, but by a closer margin, Elena Kagan 63-37 and Sonia Sotomayor 68-31.  Enter Donald Trump and "advice and consent" yields to blatant partisanship.  His first Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, squeaked by 54-45.  Trump's current nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is the star attraction in the newest reality show, not featuring housewives, but instead, "The Real Obnoxious Senators of Washington, D.C."

If the Republican Senate Won't Stand Up to the Mob, What Good Are They?  The mob has come for Brett Kavanaugh.  It is very clear in the arguments of those accusing him of sexual assault, exposing himself, and whatever else they will conjure that Kavanaugh is guilty because he is a conservative.  He is guilty because of Merrick Garland.  In each case now, we have claims by progressive activists with progressive activist lawyers who have no eye witnesses and no corroboration.  In fact, in the latest claim, the accuser admits she was not sure till she spoke with her lawyer and dwelled on it for six days.  Then she was pretty sure.  But every one of her named witnesses says she is wrong.  This is a mob effort to discredit Brett Kavanaugh.  If the GOP thinks it can push Kavanaugh aside and replace him with Amy Barret Comey or Mike Lee or someone else, they are wrong.  The mob will come for them too.  The mob will drum up false accusations against them.

The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing took a lot of work to arrange.  Democrats want to scrap it.  Here's what baffles Senate Republicans.  Democrats on the Judiciary Committee insisted that Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford be given a chance to tell her story.  Everybody knows the wrangling that took place over the last week, as Ford's legal team and committee chairman Charles Grassley negotiated over when Ford would appear and under what circumstances she would testify.  Finally, a deal was struck, with all in agreement.  Ford is scheduled to testify this Thursday [9/27/2018] at 10:00 a.m. in Washington.  But now, Democrats want to throw it all out.

The Crucible, Featuring Brett Kavanaugh.  It is impossible to prove a negative.  Since the inception of the very idea of the United States, we have striven for the idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  It is an ideal that separated the United States from many places in the world, and still does to this day.  The reason this idea is so important to the American system is that it is antithetical to liberty to ask someone to prove they didn't do something.  Because it is impossible to prove the negative.  Yet, here we are, with Brett Kavanaugh facing now two allegations of sexual assault.  He will not face trial for either allegation, because there simply is not enough evidence to take it that far.  However, that there will be no trial is a double-edged sword, because it means that Kavanaugh will never have the chance to clear his name, which is now being dragged through the mud by people who dislike him because he is a conservative judge, appointed by Donald Trump to replace a retiring swing vote on the Supreme Court.

The View: 'Guilty' Kavanaugh Will Have to Be 'Impeached' If Confirmed.  The women of The View on Monday [9/24/2018] offered their latest conviction of Brett Kavanaugh, declaring him "guilty" and suggesting that impeachment is next, should the judge be confirmed to the Supreme Court.  Last week, co-host Joy Behar proclaimed Kavanaugh "probably guilty."  On Monday, she's dropped the "probably."  Hypocritically, co-host Sunny Hostin lamented Senate Republicans who have already made up their mind:  "It's Lindsey Graham saying whatever she says won't change my vote."  She angrily lectured, "If you have a jury trial and you have a juror that says, 'I don't care what the star witness says, that won't change my vote,' that juror gets thrown off the jury."

Critics condemn New Yorker over uncorroborated Kavanaugh story: 'Lazy at best, slimy at worst'.  The New Yorker's sketchy report that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have exposed himself to a college classmate decades ago has media critics asking if the prestigious magazine cares more about getting a story or getting it right.

Kavanaugh Accuser's Husband Breaks His Silence, Exposes 'Sick Issue' His Wife Has.  It's not looking good for the liberal professor as she prepares to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday [9/27/2018].

The Smearing Of Brett Kavanaugh Is Truly Evil.  Maybe Brett Kavanaugh is a gang-raping attempted murderer who managed to live a public life of acclaim and honor.  Maybe the devotion to his wife and two daughters, his respect for countless women and their careers, and his wisdom on the bench are parts of an elaborate plot to get away with it.  Anything is possible.  But the idea that the country should convict him and destroy his life with no evidence other than recovered and uncorroborated memories and creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti's say-so is quite insane.

America's Aimless 'Accusatocracy'.  Everyone knows that the entire Christine Blasey Ford challenge to Judge Brett Kavanaugh is nonsense.  Her identified witnesses have deserted her.  She can't remember any precise material fact about it except the identity of the alleged drunken assailant.  She was silent for 30 years and then gave a garbled account to a marriage counselor, which differs materially from what she later said publicly.  Ford is a political activist of the Left and an ostentatious critic of the current administration — her perfect right, but coupled with the many implausible aspects of the timing of this challenge and the unreasonable belligerence of Ford's counsel, it raises questions about motive.  Her account is likely largely or even wholly untrue, as it applies to Kavanaugh, but not necessarily intentionally so.  The Democrats sat on this one, as they did the Billy Bush tape two years ago, waiting for the optimal moment to spring it.

Ms. Blasey-Ford Attorney Casts Doubt on Appearance.  As of last weekend sketchy DC political lawyer Michael Bromwich, joined the legal team to represent the political interests of sketchy Kavanaugh accuser Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford.  Mr. Bromwich sends a letter tonight [9/24/2018] beginning to back-away from his clients prior agreement to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This latest development is entirely predictable.  How can sketchy Ms. Ford deliver credible testimony about a 36-year-old event (at an unknown time and unknown location) where there is ZERO corroborating evidence supporting her claim, and mountains of evidence refuting her claim?

Yale Law Professors Cancel 31 Classes So Students Can Protest Kavanaugh.  Professors at Yale Law School, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's alma mater, cancelled class on Monday to allow students to protest Kavanaugh's confirmation in light of sexual assault allegations made against him.  One professor, James Forman, cancelled his Criminal Law class in an email to his students, writing "I just received a request to cancel class on Monday.  I understand that some students want to go to D.C. to protest or otherwise engage with the Kavanaugh hearings.  Criminal Law is cancelled"

The Democrats have viciously overplayed their hand.  This tragedy that became a farce is now a crime, the crime of purposeful defamation of an innocent man.  The left is so determined to prevent Kavanaugh from becoming a justice on the Supreme Court, they have exposed themselves as the lowlife cheaters they are, without shame or any sense of decency.  When they do not win, they will do anything to undo their loss.  This is what has motivated the left since the 2016 election.  From the moment Trump won, they set about their plans to remove him from office by any means necessary.  The cabal that put this plan into motion cares nothing for the law, the Constitution, or the people they set out to ruin as they have Brett Kavanaugh.

A Stumble Down Memory Lane.  Christine Blasey Ford has told the world that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago, when they were 15 and 17, respectively.  Because it was so long ago, she doesn't know where or when the alleged assault occurred.  But she says she knows what Mr. Kavanaugh did to her, in graphic detail.  The judge denies her accusations categorically.  He attests that he has never treated any woman in the manner Ms. Ford says he treated her.  All of Ms. Ford's three named witnesses don't recall any such party; one denies knowing Judge Kavanaugh.

Abortion Activist:  That Four Witnesses Say Kavanaugh Allegations are False Actually Makes Them True.  When it comes to denying Brett Kavanaugh justice, Democrats have now gone from the merely hyper-partisan and entered the realm of the utterly Kafkaesque.  On today's [9/24/2018] State of the Union with Jake Tapper, former Michigan governor and Christine Ford defender Jennifer Granholm actually said that the fact that none of the "witnesses" that Ford named have any recollection of the alleged incident, "actually corroborates Ford's story."

A puff or two of smoke, but no fire.  Mrs. Ford is just the convenience that Mrs. Feinstein needed.  Once the hearings are over Mrs. Ford will be forgotten and she can return to her couples therapy and continue to put her troubled marriage together.  The judge should understand that there was noting personal in the Democratic destruction of his reputation, the humiliation of his wife and the breaking of the hearts of his two little girls.  Collateral damage, and all that.  Win or lose Mrs. Feinstein will go home a heroine in San Francisco, where the streets in the sanctuary by the Bay are paved with human excrement.  (If you live there you have to get used to excrement of all kinds.)

Fox News interview shows that the Kavanaugh family are the real victims.  The entire appeal of the assault on Brett Kavanaugh's character has been based on the Left's adherence to the ideology of victimology.  In any political situation, there are oppressors and victims, and "justice" demands that the victims triumph.  Regardless of the facts.  That is why Senator Maize Hirono, with enough intelligence to graduate Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Hawaii and graduate from Georgetown Law School, forever discredited herself by telling men to "shut up and step up." Women are the victims of sexual harassment, and that's all that matters.  But with the moving Fox News interview of Judge and Mrs. Kavanaugh yesterday, embedded below, Americans got a view of the way in which this man and his family have been deeply hurt.  If you have not already watched it, I urge you to view the whole thing.  It starts a little slowly, but after Martha McCallum's attempts to lead Judge Kavanaugh into venturing into risky ground, by, for instance, speculating on the motives of his opponents, the talk turns to such matters as how the Kavanaughs are talking to their two young daughters about the horrendous accusations against their father.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker; effort to derail Kavanaugh is plot to protect abortion industry profits.  Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who claims — without any evidence — that Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics.  This discovery brings to light an obvious conflict of interest in Blasey's story, revealing that she works for a pharmaceutical company that manufacturers an abortion pill drug, whose profits could be strongly impacted by future Supreme Court decisions on abortion rights.  Corcept Therapeutics manufacturers and markets an abortion pill drug called mifepristone, and Christine Blasey Ford is a co-author of at least eight published scientific papers produced by the pharmaceutical giant to promote its pills.

Yes, Let's See The Emails That Led To Deborah Ramirez's Accusation Against Kavanaugh.  After 35 years of uncertainty, within the span of six days, [Deborah] Ramirez somehow recovered her memories sufficiently to accuse a Supreme Court nominee of having sexually assaulted her.  And coincidentally, this memory recovery appeared to happen only after her classmates had begun emailing about Kavanaugh's time at Yale following his nomination this summer.  At some point, by Ronan Farrow's own admission, Senate Democrats got involved in the process.  Robert VerBruggen raises a very obvious possibility:  "These emails would appear to be important evidence regarding how this ball got rolling.  They also may bear on the question of whether Ramirez's memory closely matches the anonymous source's simply because they're both the account that was circulating while Ramirez was putting her memories together and contacting her former classmates.  Let's see them."  Yeah, let's.

Flashback: Chuck Schumer Pledged to 'Oppose Kavanaugh with Everything I Have'.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) promised he would launch an aggressive anti-Brett Kavanaugh campaign, saying he would oppose "Judge Kavanaugh's nomination with everything" he has, which he stated the same day in July that President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  On July 9, President Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court.  The same day, Schumer announced that he planned to launch an aggressive campaign to oppose Kavanaugh's nomination.  He would do it, he said, "with everything I have" because the "stakes are simply too high".

Mark Levin: 'Democrats Have Hijacked the Judicial Confirmation Process'.  California professor Christine Blasey Ford has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a high school party in the 1980s, which has thrown Kavanaugh's confirmation process into chaos.  Many Democratic lawmakers have called for the process to be paused until Ford can testify before Congress or until after November's midterm elections, and others have outright said that Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the high court.

Democrats Go Full Authoritarian To Stop Brett Kavanaugh.  Whatever happens to Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats have normalized yet another illiberal position in their pretend crusade to save the Constitution from Donald Trump.  "Doesn't Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?" CNN's Jake Tapper asked Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono this past Sunday.  "I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases," was her unexpectedly honest answer.  Plainly put, Hirono argues that because Kavanaugh — who earned the highest rating from the ABA during his time on the DC appellate court — has a record of originalist jurisprudence, it's probable that he's also a gang-raping sexual pervert and would-be rapist.

Kavanaugh accusers enlist high-powered lawyers, Dem operatives.  The women accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in high school and college have something else in common: they are enlisting a growing number of well-known Democratic lawyers, donors and operatives for their fight against President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.  They include pair of high-profile lawyers who fundraise for top Democrats; the attorney and spokeswoman for former FBI official Andrew McCabe; former advisers to then-Vice President Joe Biden; and even Michael Avenatti — the media-hungry lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels who says he's considering a Democratic run of his own for president in 2020.

NYT Buries News It Couldn't Back Up Kavanaugh Claim, Nuking 'New Yorker' Piece.  With the liberal media in a frenzy thanks to The New Yorker's contribution Sunday night [9/23/2018] in the campaign to smear and stop Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it was rather amusing to see how not only did a slew of fellow liberal media outlets pursue but not publish Deborah Ramirez's claim, but The New York Times admit to coming up empty in the facts department.

Hatch: Democrats' Objective With Kavanaugh Probe 'Is Not Truth, but Politics'.  Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), a member of the Judiciary Committee, on Monday accused Senate Democrats of coordinating a political attack on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Hatch reiterated his desire for California professor Christine Blasey Ford to testify about her allegation of attempted sexual assault, but in a statement he excoriated Democrats for insinuating Kavanaugh's guilt without evidence and seeking out suspect accusers to smear him.  However, he said a new accusation from Deborah Ramirez, who attended Yale with Kavanaugh, was thinly sourced and fits the pattern of a Democratic "smear campaign."  Kavanaugh has categorically denied all the accusations.

The Media's War on Brett Kavanaugh Hits Another Low.  The New Yorker article is significant for several reasons.  The authors are noteworthy — particularly Ronan Farrow, who built his credibility in breaking the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations.  That report was extensive, detailed, and damning and made him one of the leading journalists for the "Me Too" movement.  However, his recent piece on Kavanaugh, which he co-authored with Jane Mayer, a notable left-wing journalist, is a far cry from the level of evidence he provided in his previous reporting on Weinstein.  His story contains a number of holes, which are made all the more stunning given the potential impact of the story.  National Review's Charles Cooke wrote that Farrow's reporting "looks reckless beyond all reason."

Trump Dismisses Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh as 'Highly Unsubstantiated,' 'Totally Political'.  President Donald Trump dismissed the latest allegations Monday against Brett Kavanaugh, signaling his intent to stand by his Supreme Court nominee to the Supreme Court.  "Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding person, and I am with him all the way," Trump told reporters after arriving at the United Nations Monday [9/24/2018].  Trump commented on the unsubstantiated allegations as Senate Republicans prepare to hear testimony from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused him of sexual assault more than 30 years ago.

The Editor says...
Syntax error:  She did not accuse him of sexual assault more than 30 years ago.  She only came up with the accusations this year, and they were only made public in the last two weeks.

Are Democrats Right To Think Women Are Stupid Enough To Believe The Lies Against Judge Brett Kavanaugh?  Democrats in Congress are counting on the stupidity of women.  You see, the allegation that Judge Brett Kavanaugh may or may not have flirted with a girl at a party nearly forty years ago while they were both in high school is absurd on every level.  Democrats know it.  The media knows it.  The idiotic nature of the claim doesn't matter.  They are pushing the false 'sexual assault' narrative believing that most women are stupid enough, intellectually lazy enough, to merely read the false headlines and then neglect to actually learn the facts and thus be manipulated into voting against Republicans in the 2018 Midterms.

Grassley and Trump smoke out the Democrats.  Chuck Grassley's handling of the Fake Rape charges by Democrats against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a Trumpian flair to it.  Grassley used patience to force Ford to testify.  Me?  I would have told her to fly a kite.  But Grassley smoked her out instead.  She will show herself, which is the last thing Democrats want.

How Gillibrand proves Judge Brett Kavanaugh's innocence.  Kirsten Gillibrand's testing of the presidential waters has her embracing the #MeToo movement, which is aimed at reversing American justice's presumption of innocence.  And you thought it was about Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Don't be naive.  Her statement on Kavanaugh was a hoot:  "I believe her because she's telling the truth.  She's asking the FBI to investigate her claims.  She's asking for that kind of review, that investigative work, that oversight, that accountability.  Someone who is lying doesn't ask the FBI to investigate their claims."  You know who else asked for an investigation?  Tawana Brawley.  Crystal Mangum.  And of course Emma Sulkowicz, aka Mattress Girl.  Every single one of them was a liar.  None of them went to prison for their lies.

Of the 5 People at the Alleged Party, Only 1, the Accuser, Has Not Spoken to Judiciary Committee.  In an update released on Sunday, the Senate Judiciary Committee said it has been investigating Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the last week, and it has now learned the identities of the four other individuals Dr. Ford claimed were at the party where the alleged abuse took place.  "They were not, however, all boys, as Dr. Ford apparently told her therapist and the Washington Post," the Committee said.  "The four individuals Dr. Ford claimed attended the party were Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. (Mark) Judge, Mr. Patrick J. Smyth, and Ms. Leland Ingham Keyser.  The Committee reached out to each person and asked for the opportunity to conduct a confidential interview."

Republicans Have A Simple Choice:  Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh Or Get Slaughtered In November.  The rubber is about to meet the road for Senate Republicans.  They have a simple choice: they can vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, thereby ending the baseless and unsubstantiated Democrat- and media-fueled smear campaign against him, or they can kiss House and Senate majorities goodbye for the next decade, if not longer.  In case the election of one Donald J. Trump was not enough to compel the D.C. Republican establishment swamp creatures to wipe the muck from their eyes and see what's happening with their own constituents, Republican voters have had enough of feckless do-nothings whose careers consist of little more than not doing everything they promised to do.

New Yorker hit piece on Kavanaugh is not journalism, it's a bizarre political stage show.  The news that Brett Kavanaugh had a new accuser landed with a thud on Sunday night.  That she had told her story to the New Yorker's Ronan Farrow certainly seemed like the death knell for the Kavanaugh nomination.  Tough and meticulous, Pulitzer Prize winner Farrow had built up a reputation for being a serious journalist, especially when it came to telling the stories of the women assaulted, harassed and otherwise destroyed by powerful men.

The Suicidal Sanctimony of Phony Conservatives.  Christine Blasey Ford made scurrilous accusations against Brett Kavanaugh for actions she claims occurred nearly 35 years ago when they were both minors.  Both Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, who Ford also claims was present have vehemently and categorically denied her claims.  The people who know Kavanaugh, as well as decades of evidence of a life lived with dignity and propriety, support him.  Even one of the people Ford claims was a witness denies her claims.  Ford says that Leland Keyser was a friend of hers and was at the party in 1982.  But Keyser says she has no recollection of the party.  Not only that, she denies knowing or ever being in a social situation with Kavanaugh.

Farce over Kavanaugh hearings descends into tragedy.  Tragedy, the deliberate destruction of a good man and a reputation for honor and integrity built over the decades, is quickly becoming cheap farce.  Christine Blasey Ford, who in collusion with Dianne Feinstein ignited this "highly partisan show" with her accusation that Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her 36 years ago, first said she was willing and eager to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee all about it.  She would go anywhere, any time, to tell what a dirty rotter the teenage Brett was.  So the Republicans on the committee, skeptical or not, offered her a private or a public audience, one with the television cameras sending her story to the millions worldwide, an audience that stars of stage, screen and radio only dream of, or she would talk to the senators in a private session.

Kavanaugh: 'I will not be intimidated into withdrawing'.  Brett Kavanaugh on Monday said he will "not be intimidated into withdrawing" from his Supreme Court nomination after a second woman came forward with a sexual misconduct allegation against him.  Kavanaugh sent a letter on Monday to Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) — the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, respectively — saying the accusations against him are "smears, pure and simple."

Enough with the smearing of Brett Kavanaugh.  A defiant Brett Kavanaugh tells the Senate Judiciary Committee he will not allow the ongoing smears from Democratic sources to intimidate him into withdrawing his Supreme Court nomination.  Good for him.  Especially when the latest onslaught against him from Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer in The New Yorker adds up to a whole lot of nothing.  By Farrow-Mayer's own account, accuser Deborah Ramirez couldn't be certain that Kavanaugh was responsible, and every one of her "corroborating" witnesses disputes her account.

The Madame Defarge of New York.  The national circus around the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has shined a spotlight on Kirsten Gillibrand, the junior senator from New York.  Gillibrand, currently running for reelection, has raised eyebrows around the country with her remarks about the accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.  "I believe Dr. Blasey Ford," she announced during a press conference last week, "because she's telling the truth." Coming from a lawyer and legislator, this tautological statement was underwhelming to anyone looking for facts, but entirely compelling to the senator's intended audience of fellow "believers."

Report: Grassley Hires Former Sex-Crimes Prosecutor To Question Ford During Hearing.  Both Breitbart and Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch are hearing the same thing.  Lest there was any doubt, yes, the lawyer in question is a woman. [...] I'm tempted to make a joke here about even Republicans not trusting Republicans' ability to question Ford respectfully, but of course that's not the reason why Grassley has gone this route.  He's doing this because liberal narratives are indestructible.  No matter how courteous they are to Ford, the howls about patriarchal right-wing men re-violating a sexual assault victim by asking her skeptical questions about what happened to her will follow.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh:  "I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process".  Judge Brett Kavanaugh releases the following letter amid the face of malicious allegations from two politically motivated accusers. [...]

Kavanaugh Says He Has Faith In God During Confirmation Process.  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said he is placing his faith in God and the American people as the public susses out sexual misconduct allegations against the judge.  Two women have come forward after the Senate confirmation hearings to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claims Kavanaugh groped her at a high school party over three decades ago, while Deborah Ramirez alleges he exposed himself to her during a college dorm party at Yale University.  During an exclusive interview with Fox News' Martha MacCallum on Monday, Kavanaugh again said the accusations are "false."

Major problems with New Yorker's second Kavanaugh accuser blunt impact.  The second accusation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, published by the New Yorker, strikes me as highly problematic.  The New York Times, having investigated the same allegation for weeks, chose not to publish anything because it could not corroborate the story told by the woman, Deborah Ramirez.

Judge appears ready to dismiss Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Trump: report.  A U.S. federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday appeared poised to throw out adult film actress Stormy Daniel's defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump on free-speech grounds, Reuters reported.  Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, sued the president in April over a tweet in which he denied her claims of being subtly threatened by a man in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011.

The Kavanaugh Circus Could Destroy the Me Too Movement.  It's been nearly a year since Ronan Farrow torpedoed the career of Harvey Weinstein, printing in The New Yorker a series of credible accusations that the Hollywood producer had sexually abused several women.  His piece touched off a firestorm that led to purges of incredibly powerful men in a variety of industries, finally forcing them to face consequences for their sexual misconduct.  Last night [9/23/2018], though, Farrow and his colleague Jane Mayer did a huge disservice to the Me Too movement by publishing an incredibly thin sexual-abuse allegation against Brett Kavanaugh.  That story, a prime example of how some media outlets and left-wing voices have mishandled the accusations against the judge, will likely create a climate in which fewer victims are believed, more innocent men suffer for crimes they didn't commit, and neutral observers are more inclined to doubt claims of sexual assault.

Liberal PAC Targeting #MeToo-Accused Politicians Only Targets Republicans, Gives Prominent Democrats A Pass.  A political action committee (PAC) affiliated with Women's March is targeting 2018 political candidates accused of sexual misconduct, harassment or other offenses against women.  But so far the PAC's list of targeted candidates only includes Republicans and excludes several prominent Democrats accused of sexual misconduct, domestic abuse or covering up harassment.

Pat Caddell:  For Democrats, 'Everybody Is Roadkill' on Path to 'Beat Kavanaugh'.  Pollster and political analyst Pat Caddell said Democrats view "everybody as roadkill" along a path to "block the nomination" of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. [...] Democrats will destroy lives and families in pursuit of a "political goal," said Caddell.

Kavanaugh accuser, Ford, says no to females doing the questioning.  How is she in charge?  Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans are considering using female staffers to question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at the hearing set for Thursday, but her attorneys pushed back.  Committee Republicans "reserve the option to have female staff attorneys, who are sensitive to the particulars of Dr. Ford's allegations and are experienced investigators, question both witnesses," committee chair Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said in a letter to Ford's lawyers Friday, according to The New York Times.

Yale cancels some classes as law students protest Brett Kavanaugh nomination.  Dozens of students dressed in black staged a sit-in at Yale Law School on Monday to protest the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and demand an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against him.

A Campaign of Personal Destruction.  To believe the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, every accusation against their enemies is true.  Its truth is not a matter of evidence but an issue of their ability to evince — to divine — what is not there; to find penumbras, formed by emanations, in rights outside the Bill of Rights; to guarantee guilt by eliminating the presumption of innocence; to convict on the basis of gender by assigning credibility to certain women who charge certain men with certain wrongs; to have certainty in what the accuser says, while demanding that the accused confess by withdrawing from society before surrendering to authorities.

It's Here, It's There, It's Everywhere.  [T]he left's position is that, if you're in a middle-school girls' bathroom and li'l Jimmy is transitioning in there and you happen to be exposed to her penis, what's the big deal?  Everyone knows penises are nothing to do with blokes anymore and, if you suggest otherwise, you'll be kicked out of every position you hold.  But, if you graduate middle school and make it to Yale and you're exposed to Brett Kavanaugh's penis, or a doppelgänger for Brett Kavanaugh's penis ...whoa!  That particular penis or doppelpenis will traumatize you for the next thirty years.

Ramirez's Yale Classmates Reject Kavanaugh Allegations, White House Stands by Nominee.  The second woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate drunken behavior, Deborah Ramirez, admits "significant gaps in her memories" regarding the college party in question.  Critics note her allegations come after six days of consulting with a Democratic lawyer, other persons she claims were at the party deny her account, and even her college best friend admits, "I never heard of it."

The Democrats Have An Endless Supply Of Kavanaugh Accusers.  My therapist has helped me recover some lost memories from the early 1980s when Brett Kavanaugh kidnapped me and sexually harassed me on board a UFO.  Does anybody want to interview me?  The news which broke from the New Yorker last night under the byline of Ronan Farrow is all the buzz on social media and cable news this morning.  And it's breaking just as Christine Blasey Ford sets forth in her covered wagon for the long trek to Washington where she may or may not testify, depending on the results of ongoing "negotiations" with her attorneys.  Reading into the dismal details, this new story being alleged by Kavanaugh's Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez, is even weaker than Ford's tale, yet the New Yorker decided to run with it anyway.

How Did Christine Ford Not Remember Her "Lifelong Friend" In Her Letter?  We should start with a recent update to the on again, off again plans for Christine Blasey Ford to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  As of Sunday afternoon, Ford's attorneys have announced that a deal has been reached for her to testify on Thursday.  But as always, there are caveats.  The lawyers added that "they still wanted to negotiate the terms of her appearance."  In other words, there's no real agreement yet since we've heard this story before.  But with that out of the way, there's another question hanging over Ford's story which really needs to be addressed.

Will Republicans Surrender To The Dems' Total War Against Kavanaugh?  Even as Christine Blasey Ford's keeps changing the details of her claimed high school assault by Brett Kavanaugh, a new, even less credible, decades-old accusation emerges.  When Democrats sacrificed their ability to filibuster Supreme Court picks, who knew they'd sink this low?  How Republicans respond will determine their fate for years to come.

The real reason the left wants to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.  Dr. Ben Carson, on the campaign trail in 2016, said, "The Roman Empire was very, very much like us.  They lost their moral core, their sense of values in terms of who they were.  And after all of those things converged together, they just went right down the tubes very quickly."  Four years later, that statement rings even more ominous.  Progressives in our country have taken political opposition to an extreme and dangerous level.  No longer do we see a "loyal opposition."  In its place is a hate-filled, revenge-seeking mob no longer constrained by fact, decency, or integrity.

The Palpable, Existential Danger Among Us.  Bear in mind this is a distinguished jurist who had endured no less than SIX background investigations by the FBI which uncovered none of these scurrilous allegations; if there was a pattern of sexual misbehavior by Brett Kavanaugh our premier investigative agency would surely have uncovered it.  No red flags turned up — not until a bunch of partisan Democrat political operatives desperate to prevent a doctrinaire constitutionalist judge from taking Anthony Kennedy's swing vote seat on the Supreme Court decided to pull out all the stops in pursuit of that agenda.  In the face of these merciless smears Kavanaugh is forced to confess the kind of sexual truths which, in our current society, are socially disqualifying more than just embarrassing, just to discredit a characterization as a sexual predator concocted purely out of partisan political avarice.  What these people have done to Kavanaugh isn't the usual Washington political antics — and that says much.  After all, it's still very much in the national memory what Democrats in the Senate tried to do to Clarence Thomas, and what they did to Robert Bork.

Democrats to Michael Avenatti:  You're Not Helping in the Kavanaugh Fight.  On Sunday evening [9/23/2018], just as The New Yorker revealed the identity of a second woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, attorney Michael Avenatti announced that he, too, had "credible information" about Kavanaugh and his high-school friend Mark Judge.  The media-savvy lawyer told The Daily Beast on Monday that his client would be coming forward "in the next 48 hours" with details and accusations that mirrored those already leveled and could, in his estimation, torpedo Kavanaugh's confirmation — all of which would seem helpful for Democrats as they make the case that Kavanaugh is morally unfit to sit on the Supreme Court.  And yet, Avenatti's late appearance in this heated confirmation fight has some in the party fearful that he will end up doing more harm than good — in particular, giving Republicans ammunition to condemn and dismiss the allegations against Kavanaugh as a political hit job.

This Kavanaugh Furor:  How To Execute An Attempted Political Homicide.  As soon as Judge Brett Kavanaugh's once-anonymous accuser started stalling for time over testifying, you knew another sexual assault allegation was in the works.  Sure enough, a New Yorker story dropped Sunday night [9/23/2018], when news competition would be minimal.  It's possible we'll have yet another tardy "revelation" before Thursday's scheduled appearances before the Senate Judiciary Committee, so desperate are opponents of the judge and President Trump.

Farrow: New Kavanaugh Accuser Came Forward Because "Senate Democrats Came Looking".  This is a quickly developing (or perhaps we should say "devolving") story to be sure.  When I looked at Ronan Farrow's dumpster fire of a report on the new Kavanaugh accuser this morning, one seemingly important detail was left out.  We only learned it when Farrow was doing his umpteenth interview of the day on Good Morning America.  When asked about the genesis of the story and how this new accuser came into the public eye, Farrow dropped a bit of a bombshell.  Deborah Ramirez apparently wasn't looking to save the world from Brett Kavanaugh reaching the Supreme Court bench.  The story was out there circulating among reporters (somehow) but Ramirez only decided to speak up after "Senate Democrats" came looking for her.

Multiple Witnesses and Friends Contradict New Kavanaugh Accuser.  The Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative group that has supported Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, issued a statement criticizing the New Yorker magazine for its report Sunday that a second woman has accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.  According to JCN, multiple friends and witnesses have strongly denied claims made by Deborah Ramirez that Kavanaugh sexually taunted her during the time both studied at Yale University.

Kavanaugh Allegations: The Grotesque Theater Must End.  Christine Blasey Ford has identified four people at the party where she claims she was accosted by Brett Kavanaugh.  Now all four have stated — for the official record, where it's a felony to be untruthful — they have absolutely no memory of there ever being such a party.  The fourth to undermine Ford's claim is her former female classmate and lifelong friend, Leland Ingham Keyser.  (And, before you ask, she's no conservative.  As The Weekly Standard noted, she's the ex-wife of famed liberal commentator Bob Beckel and is executive producer of his podcast.)  If this process had a whiff of integrity, that would be game, set, match.  Meanwhile, a second accuser has come forward.  This time about an alleged incident at a Yale party.  She admits being wasted and never considered Kavanaugh the guy who flashed his private parts until last week ... and a week of talking to her lawyers.  However, the people she mentions being at that party — including those who know both Kavanaugh and the woman — all deny the story.

Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez Has Major Holes in Her Story.  Lo and behold, just as Christine Blasey Ford was set to testify against President Trump's Supreme Court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, another "victim" has been dredged out of the ether, and is claiming Kavanaugh harassed her in college.  [Indeed], it's almost like Democrats have a plethora of alleged victims just waiting in the wings, ready to strike when the time is right.  Ford's story of being harassed by Kavanaugh in high school is already standing on flimsy grounds.  She's done everything in her power to delay the Senate Judiciary Committee's investigation into her claims.  And, despite repeated attempts to get her to testify, she's been recalcitrant, making up excuse after excuse about why she can't come to Washington to tell her story.

Kavanaugh Travesty Is a Preview of How Democrats Would Govern if Heitkamp Wins.  Setting aside for a moment the veracity of the accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh — concerning an alleged sexual assault which happened at some time the accuser can't remember and at place she can't recall — the way Democrats have handled the situation has been cynical and partisan in the extreme.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) was aware of the accusation in July yet did nothing to make it public or report it to law enforcement authorities until September.  Shortly before the Senate Judiciary Committee was set to make a recommendation on Kavanaugh's nomination.  She didn't question Kavanaugh about it during the three days he testified before her committee under oath.  She didn't bring it up with him when the two met prior to the meeting in a one-on-one setting.

The Crucible, Featuring Brett Kavanaugh.  It is impossible to prove a negative.  Since the inception of the very idea of the United States, we have striven for the idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  It is an ideal that separated the United States from many places in the world, and still does to this day.  The reason this idea is so important to the American system is that it is antithetical to liberty to ask someone to prove they didn't do something.  Because it is impossible to prove the negative.  Yet, here we are, with Brett Kavanaugh facing now two allegations of sexual assault.  He will not face trial for either allegation, because there simply is not enough evidence to take it that far.  However, that there will be no trial is a double-edged sword, because it means that Kavanaugh will never have the chance to clear his name, which is now being dragged through the mud by people who dislike him because he is a conservative judge, appointed by Donald Trump to replace a retiring swing vote on the Supreme Court.

Dem. Senator:  Kavanaugh Doesn't Deserve 'Presumption of Innocence' Because I Disagree With Him.  On Sunday, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) declared that Donald Trump's second Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, does not deserve the presumption of innocence when it comes to sexual assault allegations against him — because she disagrees with his judicial philosophy.  Indeed, Hirono seemed to suggest that the very principle of "innocent until proven guilty" should not apply in sexual assault cases.  CNN's Jake Tapper asked Hirono, "Doesn't Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?"  According to the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution — and clearly laid out in the case Coffin v. United States (1895) — the answer should be an unqualified "yes."

Washington Suffers a Relapse with Kavanaugh Stupidity.  Without Trump's civilizing influence, pundits, think tanks, senators and their assorted minions on both sides have turned the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice into a giant act of political self-gratification.  The Democrats' various procedural demands on behalf of the accuser have been tactically aimed at upsetting the confirmation vote.  It is pure, unvarnished, politics.  Add to that political maneuvering the fact that the accuser deleted her social media accounts more than likely to obscure her connection to #TheResistance, and there is reason to be skeptical.

Mutliple [sic] Outlets Passed On Second Kavanaugh Accusation, So Why Did The New Yorker Run It?  This, to me, is an amazing revelation. [...] The three major outlets declined to do anything on the story.  In a follow-up tweet, Yashar Ali notes that Deborah Ramirez, Brett Kavanaugh's second accuser, apparently would not talk to the Washington Post or the New York Times.  But, she would talk to... the New Yorker?  That's a pretty weird call.

The Washington Post Sandbagged The Story That Might Have Cleared Brett Kavanaugh.  If you are keeping score, this makes four people — Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth, and Leland Keyser — who have denied this incident ever happened under penalty of perjury.  The only person who has not made a statement under oath is... Christine Ford.  Now the Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel reports that the Washington Post knew of Keyser, they knew of her denial, and they refused to report it.

Resisting a Lynch Mob.  Senator Charles Grassley has rejected as "unreasonable" Ford's demand that she, the accuser, must testify after Brett Kavanaugh, the accused.  Why would Grassley and the other committee members reject this demand?  Don't they understand that the paradigm has shifted and that Ford's sketchy allegations of non-consensual teenage groping by Kavanaugh must be believed and that the burden is on Kavanaugh to somehow clear his name?  Based on that premise, of course Kavanaugh should go first.  Since he has been accused by a woman, it's up to him to explain himself without knowing any of the pesky details such as the exact what, when, and where of his alleged actions.  Those are today's rules.  The old system under which a female accuser had the burden of proof was a product of the oppressive patriarchy.  Under the new, improved, much more efficient justice system, a woman's accusation alone should be enough after which it is up to the squirming male worm to try to wriggle his way out it.  Why?  Because all women tell the truth all the time and all men are pigs and must be destroyed.  Unless, of course, the accused male is a progressive Democrat.

Is This Ford an Edsel?  [Scroll down]  The main character is an obviously highly neurotic woman who claims that more than three decades before she was assaulted by the nominee in a home she can't remember, on a date she can't recall either, and that she was so traumatized by the boozy encounter she didn't recall it until engaged in marital counseling in 2012. Dianne Feinstein, who waited until the conclusion of the hearings to spring this tale, still refuses to hand over the letter by Ford so we don't know all that's in there, though Ford's statements now about the incident do not match the portion of the marital counselor's record of that session made public.  It has been reported that while her lawyers are still insisting on ever-changing absurd procedures which violate the committee rules and any notion of fair play, and postponing the hearing date for specious reasons (while she reportedly plans to appear Sunday night on "60 Minutes").  I wonder who will do the softball interview, with so many — both Les Moonves and Jeff Fager, not to mention former 60 Minutes mainstay Charlie Rose — out at CBS for documented sexual misconduct?

4th purported witness claims no knowledge of alleged Kavanaugh assault against Ford.  In an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Saturday, Leland Ingham Keyser, a former classmate of Ford's at the Holton-Arms all-girls school in Maryland, said she doesn't know Kavanaugh or remember being at the party with him.  "Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford," lawyer Howard J. Walsh III of Bethesda, Md., conveyed in an email to the committee that was obtained by Fox News.

How Feinstein is conspiring to destroy Kavanaugh.  Democratic leaders and their liberal aides, along with professional agitators, are all intermingled and conspiring together to achieve the same objective — in this case, to spike the confirmation of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  Hill Republicans claim Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein engineered the kneecapping of Kavanaugh from both inside and outside Congress — and they have a strong case, though Feinstein insists she merely dealt cards she was handed.  For starters, they argue that Feinstein, who is the top Democrat on the Senate committee vetting Kavanaugh, orchestrated an "11th-hour ambush" of the conservative nod by withholding a letter from the committee's Republican majority alleging sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh until the day the panel was preparing to take a vote to confirm him — almost two months after receiving the letter and well after the vetting and hearing process.

The Left's Show Trial for Kavanaugh:  New accusers with new dubious allegations materialize out of thin air.  Two more women accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of dubious improprieties materialized out of thin air late Sunday [9/23/2018], throwing Senate Republicans' hope of finally confirming the Supreme Court nominee this week even more into doubt.  The new allegations came yesterday amid reports that Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tentatively scheduled a hearing for this Thursday to take testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, 51, who claims Kavanaugh, 53, sexually assaulted her decades ago when he was a high school student.  Suspiciously, Ford can't — or won't — say when or where the alleged incident happened and can provide few details.

Lawyer for Blasey Ford Releases Statement Saying It Doesn't Matter That Friend Named as Attending Kavanaugh Party Doesn't Remember.  In the latest chapter of, "As the Senate Spins on Christine Blasey Ford's Finger", Debra Katz, lead attorney for Blasey Ford dismissed a statement from her lifelong friend claiming not only to not remember the alleged high school party where Blasey Ford claims she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh, but stating she has never been at a party or gathering with Kavanaugh.

Three Witnesses Described by Kavanaugh Accuser Do Not Support Her Claim.  Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford has stated three witnesses were present at the mysterious high school party where she claims supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her approximately 36 years ago. [...] According to the accusations by Ms. Ford there were five people present at the unknown residence, at the unknown time, at the unknown party.  Three boys and two girls.  Four of the people Ms. Ford claimed were present, including the accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh, now publicly state they have no knowledge of anything related to the accusation; including no recollection of any attendance at any gathering at a high school party claimed by Ms. Ford.

Third Named Witness Rejects Kavanaugh's Accuser's Allegations.  In written testimony sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, a third named witness has rejected the allegations made by Judge Kavanaugh's accuser.

For Democrats in Ford-Kavanaugh fight, believing is enough.  The problem with Ford's allegation is that she has produced no contemporaneous evidence to support it.  The Washington Post, which interviewed Ford, reported that she "told no one of the incident in any detail until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband."  That was 30 years after the alleged event.  (Whether the phrase "in detail" has any significance is impossible to know — did she tell someone in a vague manner? — since the Post article is the only public information about Ford's account.)  Ford reportedly named a number of people who she said attended the party.  None has so far corroborated her story.

Hold the Vote Already.  It was a week of pure political theater, a disgrace to everything this country used to stand for, and Democrats loved every minute of what they'd created.  Between the faux outrage and the pearl-clutching across liberal Washington, there wasn't a fainting couch that wasn't engaged.  It was all garbage.  We will never know happened to Christine Blasey Ford in the early 80s, even after she tells her story.  Frankly, I don't care anymore.  When she first came forward I was willing to hear her out.  It quickly became clear, whatever her story was, that her story didn't matter.  By Monday [9/24/2018] it was a liberal feeding frenzy and I was out.

Christine Blasey Ford could indeed be lying.  I knew two girls growing up who lied about being raped.  Or, more to truth, I knew two girls growing up who said they were raped and then a couple days later, recanted.  What actually occurred is really anybody's guess; only they and God, and the guys they accused, of course, truly know the truth.  But the fact is, somewhere along the line, lies were told.

The First Time Was Farce, Too.  The Democrats' current attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh obviously recalls their failed assault on Clarence Thomas, who has gone on to a distinguished career as an intellectual leader of the Supreme Court.  Memories fade, and I had forgotten some of what Hans Bader details at Liberty Unyielding.  I remember this much: the Thomas hearing was televised and gripped the nation.  At the time, most Americans concluded that Anita Hill, who accused Thomas of making inappropriate sexual references while she worked for him, was lying, and Thomas was confirmed by a Democrat-majority Senate.  Over time, the Democrats kept hammering away, and now their press adjunct pretends that Hill somehow carried the day.

With the Kavanaugh Charade, Do Polls Now Replace the Constitution?  Dubbed the "greatest deliberative body," the U.S. Senate has now become a cross between the Jerry Springer show and a teenage mean-girls slumber party.  Rather than taking direction from the U.S. Constitution, the Senate now is a government version of the television reality show Big Brother.  In this show, a group of contestants live together, isolated from the outside world, conspiring, harassing, and bullying each other in order to be the last shrew standing, taking home the grand prize.

As Kavanaugh accuser's story collapses, 'letter to Feinstein' holds damning clue, 'witness' letter makes it worse.  With Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 year ago reportedly agreeing to testify this week before Senate Judiciary Committee, her story continues to unravel.  Adding to the questionable aspect of her accusations, the circumstances in which U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., came to acquire Ford's letter detailing the alleged incident is proving to be fishy as can be.

Feinstein Calls for Postponement of Kavanaugh Hearings.  Saying, "It is time to set politics aside," following the latest uncorroborated accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, is calling for the "immediate postponement" of Thursday's hearing and proceedings related to Kavanaugh's nomination while the charges are investigated.

Desperate Dems trying to torpedo Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.  Is this what the American people really want, the destruction of a respected judge's career along with the time-honored U.S. Senate process to confirm Supreme Court nominees?  There's not a shred of evidence that Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, just Ford's recollections to a therapist during marriage counseling that a sexual attack occurred more than three decades ago.  Ford has said Kavanaugh was the teenager who groped her.

Woman denies attending party where alleged Kavanaugh assault occurred.  A woman whom Christine Blasey Ford said was at a party where Ford claimed she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh is denying that she knows the Supreme Court nominee.  In an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee sent Saturday evening and obtained by POLITICO, Leland Keyser said she does not know Kavanaugh or remember being at a party with him.  The committee believed Keyser was one of the unnamed people referred to in a Washington Post story whom Ford remembered attending the high school party.  Ford told the Post that she remembered Keyser being at the party.

Senate Judiciary Committee Responds to Ford's Demands 'We Determine Which Witnesses to Call — This is Non-Negotiable'.  As TGP's Kristinn Taylor reported, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has rescheduled the planned Monday hearing to Thursday to hear testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Christine Ford has made an uncorroborated accusation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago at a drunken high school pool party that no one else, including the four people she claims were at the party, remembers.

Sen. Lindsey Graham rips Dems for handling of Kavanaugh accuser Ford.  Christine Ford, the California professor accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault more than three decades ago, is "being used" by Democrats who have "betrayed her," Sen. Lindsey Graham told "Fox News Sunday." [9/23/2018]  Graham, R-S.C., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also made clear that Republicans "are not going to turn the hearing over to her lawyers" by allowing them to dictate which witnesses to call, or in what order to call the witnesses.  If Ford's lawyer's persist, Graham said, "there won't be a hearing."

New Yorker Publishes Accusation Containing ZERO Evidence to Support, and 100% of Evidence To Refute.  [Scroll down]  Really, no need to go further.  Why?  Because despite their search, and discussions with "dozens" of potential witnesses... "The magazine contacted several dozen classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh regarding the incident"[. T]he New Yorker was unable to find a single witness to corroborate the story being made by the accuser.  None.  Not a single confirming witness to back up the claim.

Sketchy Business:  Grassley Releases Original Ford Letter to Feinstein.  It's clear the stall tactic behind the original Christine Blasey-Ford strategy was likely due to democrats understanding the accusations would collapse under scrutiny; and as a consequence they needed more time to concoct the Deborah Ramirez construct; which is even more flat out ridiculous than Blasey-Ford.  Judiciary Chairman Grassley releases a batch [see here] of letters and documents.  One of them is the original unsigned Blasey-Ford letter to Feinstein of unknown authorship: [...]

Four Reasons the New Accusations Against Kavanaugh Are Weaker Than Ford's.  As Christine Blasey Ford's accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lost all credibility, it was reasonable to assume there was a reason for all the stalling.  Many believed that somewhere, somehow, leftists would find someone else to come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh.

I Told You So.  I've been saying all week that you could expect another late hit on Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend, and right on schedule, we have the New Yorker story, which, as Paul and Scott have already noted, is pretty thin gruel.  But it was absolutely necessary for the left to come up with a story like this, for several reasons.  First, one thing that is true in virtually all cases of sexual predation (think Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Clinton) is that there is a pattern of behavior, and usually several other women stepping forward.  This trait was conspicuously absent until now.  We know that the media — and no doubt large portions of the Democratic establishment — have been trolling feverishly to find another woman with a story.  This is the best they can do — a hazy, indirect, recovered memory?  Second, even a story as thin as this — even if it falls apart upon further scrutiny — reinforces a subtle aspect of the leftist narrative against Kavanaugh, which repeats the argument made against the wholly innocent Duke lacrosse players a decade ago — namely, that Kavanaugh, as a product of Georgetown Prep and Yale, is a product of "privilege," which for the collective-guilt left these days means you must atone for the sins of your class.  (Recall that something like 80 Duke faculty members signed a declaration attesting to the guilt of the lacrosse team based wholly on this ideological ground.)

Fight for Kavanaugh.  The cynics — or, perhaps more precisely, the realists — believed that the Democrats were playing for time in the hopes of finding another accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.  The cynics were right.  The New Yorker stooped to publish a shoddy story alleging that Kavanaugh exposed himself to a woman while he was at Yale.  The alleged incident occurred at a drunken party when both were in their freshman year.  What's extraordinary is that the woman making the charge, a fellow Yale student named Deborah Ramirez, admits that she hesitated to come forward because there were such large gaps in her memory.

Media: The Democrat Enforcer.  Democrats have repeatedly warned the GOP not to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, but Republicans aren't getting the message.  Send in the muscle.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford steps forward to say she was attacked by Kavanaugh at a drunken episode somewhere, sometime, somehow.  Dr. Ford claims that 36 years ago or thereabouts, she was assaulted by two boys, who, stumbling drunk, jumped on top of her and tried to undress her. [...] On its face, the charge is ludicrous.  Judge Kavanaugh is a sterling example of a decent, honorable man.  He coaches his girl's soccer team, feeds the homeless in his spare time, and has spent a lifetime building his impeccable reputation.  Yet this woman wants us to believe he attacked her in a drunken mêlée.

NY Times, ABC News, Throw Shade on New Yorker Kavanaugh Hit Piece.  The New Yorker hit piece on Brett Kavanaugh published Sunday night [9/23/2018] accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, without corroboration, of exposing himself to a female Yale classmate at a drunken dorm party in the 1980s was met with skepticism by the New York Times and ABC News.  The Times reported, but buried, that it had spent a week investing the accusation by Deborah Ramirez but was unable to find an eyewitness and that Ramirez had recently told several of her classmates she wasn't sure it was Kavanaugh.

Perjury Hedge?  Sure starting to look that way with Kavanaugh's two accusers.  While Democrats and the public holler to each other about who's lying in the 11th-hour sexual abuse charges seeking to shoot down the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and the Drudge Report headlines it as a he-said, she-said case, what stands out is that the two sides in this aren't equal.  It's amazing how much careful hedging against perjury charges Kavanaugh's accusers have taken, in contrast with Kavanaugh's defenders.  Christine Blasey Ford set off a few red flags from the get-go, not only because of first her insistence on anonymity in making the charges, then her vague recall of critical details such as when the incident was and how she got there, and finally her lawyer's crazy conditions for her client to testify before the Senate, insisting that only male Senate members ask questions, Kavanaugh speak first, and lots of time to set up the Senate hearings due to the Hawaii-commuting professor's suddenly disclosed fear of flying, alongside her false claim that the Senate insisted she sit at the same table as Kavanaugh as she made her charges.

The Editor says...
I would like to offer two words of unsolicited legal advice to judge Kavanaugh:  Defamation lawsuit.  If these false allegations are met in court and the lying accusers are shown to be as dishonest as half the country can plainly see, and then they suffer monetary consequences as a result, that would put the brakes on the steady stream of liars coming out of the Democratic Party woodwork.

Ford's accusations against Kavanaugh reveal big problem in media.  In a nation where every major issue ends up in the Supreme Court, it only makes sense a nomination to that court has turned into political combat.  And the media love it.  Journalists have set aside their already pretend neutrality to openly support Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.  They have either skewered Kavanaugh or pushed to delay the hearings in a desperate hope that Democrats take the Senate and stop all future Trump nominees.

The Burning of Brett Kavanaugh.  In the first place, we have no clearly defined morés for sexual behavior anymore.  The sexual revolution has opened a multitude of fearful doors.  Our young women find themselves defenseless in compromising situations and we have no guidance to give them.  We have no way to counsel them — or our young men either — about just where the line is.  Sex is now allowed, performed, promoted.  Women feel they can behave in any way they wish, wear whatever they wish, and men have to hold that line and read feminine signals with no idea of what they mean.  This looseness has been trending for decades and suddenly now we've turned puritanical and are horrified at the very thought of sexual advances happening.  We have no clear idea of what, exactly, "sexual assault" means.  From the precious little detail Ford has given, we can't tell whether she's describing teenaged roughhousing or attempted rape.  She obviously wants us to picture the latter, but if she had suffered such a violent attack, would she not have been visibly distressed at the time?  Wouldn't friends have noticed?  If anything happened at all between these two people, how do we know what it was, exactly?

The Real Victims of the Kavanaugh Smear.  President Trump's predecessor famously justified his high-handed governing style by gloating, "Elections have consequences." That axiom, it seems, doesn't apply when Republicans win.  According to exit polls, 75 percent of those who cast ballots for Trump in 2016 said Supreme Court appointments were "either the most important or an important factor" in their votes.  In other words, they put Trump in the White House and Republicans in charge of the Senate so the high court would abide by the Constitution.  By smearing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats have in effect told the voters to drop dead.  The voters unambiguously signaled that they want the kind of justices on the Supreme Court that Trump has nominated rather than the leftwing ideologues whom Hillary Clinton would certainly have put forward.  Nor do the Democrats have any legitimate reason to resist Kavanaugh's confirmation.  By every objective standard, he is one of the most qualified judges ever to be nominated by any president.  And the calm, thoughtful manner with which he responded to the antics of Democratic Senators during his confirmation hearings further bolstered his credibility.  This left them with only one way to frustrate the will of the voters.

Senator Hirono Didn't Always Tell Men to 'Shut Up' and Believe Accusers.  My, how times have changed.  My, how liberals have changed.  Senator Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, opened the 1991 Anita Hill hearings by declaring that Judge Clarence Thomas must "be given the benefit of the doubt."  In the end, eleven Democratic senators voted to confirm Thomas.  That's not going to happen with Brett Kavanaugh.  Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii threatens to become the new model of Senate inquisitor.  Rather than ask questions of both parties, she has made clear that her mind is already made up:  She condemns Judge Kavanaugh and supports Christine Ford.  Hirono made some truly remarkable statements last week.  "Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed," she insisted.  She added, "I just want to say to the men in this country:  Just shut up and step up.  Do the right thing for a change."

Sen. Hirono Refuses to Say Kavanaugh Has Presumption of Innocence:  Women 'Need to Be Believed'.  On CNN's State of the Union, host Jake Tapper asked Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, about due process and the presumption of innocence for Judge Brett Kavanaugh regarding the allegation by Christine Blasey Ford.  Hirono refused to say he is presumed innocent or that that presumption should be extended.  First Tapper brought up the Wall Street Journal editorial board's position that a "core tenet" of American law, presumption of innocence, is not applied in this case by Democrats.  "'This turns American justice and due process upside down'," Tapper read from the article.  "What's your response?"  Hirono said that if they cared about due process, they would be concerned that there is no FBI investigation being ordered by the President in the case of Kavanaugh.

Mazie Hirono gives away the game.  Senator Mazie Hirono leaped out of obscurity onto the national stage with her startling injunction to "the men of this country" to "shut up and step up ... do the right thing ... for a change" and (presumably) believe the completely unsupported allegations of childhood groping by Judge Kavanaugh leveled by Christine Blasey Ford.  Normally, in politics, it is bad idea to insult ("shut up") and impugn ("do the right thing ... for a change") half the electorate — particularly when one is standing for re-election.  But "Blue Hawaii" isn't just an Elvis movie, and Hirono's Republican opponent in November is Ron Curtis, who received not even a quarter of Republican votes in the crowded primary field.  Hirono is rated a likely solid victor by the Cook Political Report.

The pathetic attacks on Brett Kavanaugh forever stain the Democrat Party.  What an embarrassment to a major political party that 11th-hour surprises involving behavior as a high school student that was never brought to the attention of the police, and for which the statute of limitations would certainly have run even in the event a crime was committed, are where we are.  And for Dianne Feinstein to be trafficking in this, after surviving — thanks to the atrocious refusal of the legacy media to report it — a major scandal involving her employment of an aide who was a Chinese spy as a staffer for some 20 years is nothing short of shameful.  One would think Feinstein would lie low after the disclosure of such careless and incompetent mismanagement of her office — but we already know that Democrats don't take their responsibilities seriously where information is concerned.  We know that thanks to the Hillary Clinton email scandal, we know it after the House Pakistani IT fiasco, we know it from the OMB hack, the DNC email leak, and countless other examples where corruption, incompetence, and disrespect for the law, our state secrets, and the American people have surfaced.

Dems were okay with putting 'sexual predator/rapist' in White House says Clinton accuser Broaddrick.  Juanita Broaddrick had a comeback for Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff after he warned that Republicans should not put "someone who may have committed attempted rape" on the Supreme Court.  "I got one better than that, Shifty," said Ms. Broaddrick in a Friday [9/21/2018] tweet.  "[Y]our party elected a sexual predator/rapist as President & when the evidence was put under their nose, they refused to read it."  She referred to the 1999 impeachment hearings against President Bill Clinton that ended with all Senate Democrats — including Sens. Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein and Patty Murray — siding with the Democratic president, despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

MeToo Madness and the Court.  This is obviously a serious matter with profound personal consequences for Kavanaugh and his family.  It raises important political questions, too, the most important being what effect will such an 11th-hour accusation — in large part clearly a political hatchet job — have on the Supreme Court confirmation process?  Will this new process be fair, or will it only be cynically and successfully applied against male, Republican-appointees for partisan gain?  The answer is obvious.  It will be deployed against Republican-appointed men most of all, to the disproportionate benefit of Democrats, and will ultimately gravely delegitimize the Supreme Court.  But, important as those considerations are, they're not what should most concern us at the moment.  What should concern us principally is the sort of society we're becoming by repetition of this kind of angry, venomous ritual.  The allegations against Kavanaugh are only the most recent and high-profile example — and certainly not the last.

Democrats' sleazy attack on Kavanaugh comes from an old playbook.  The Democrats had a problem.  A young conservative judge seems headed for confirmation to the Supreme Court, and nothing they did was working.  Not the screaming women who had be to evicted periodically from the hearings while shouting obscenities; not the thousands of people who called Susan Collins, told her to **** herself, and said that they hoped that someone would rape her and her assistants; not the complaints of Gloria Steinem, who tied global warming to a dearth of abortions; not the assurance of the famed Biblical scholar Chelsea Clinton that Christianity was really about supporting abortion.  And don't even think about all those red herrings, such as the baby and manger and creche.  The time had come to break glass and break out the ultimate weapon, the one that had (almost) worked last time — the unproveable [sic] claim of abuse that had never been mentioned to anyone at the time it was said to have happened. (Such claims cannot be compared to those of women who did indeed tell others about the abuse they had suffered contemporaneously, such as Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick.)

Kavanaugh meets Kafka in kangaroo court.  If Franz Kafka had written about confirmation hearings, he couldn't have come up with a better scenario than the one now unfolding in the US Senate.  Brett Kavanaugh, who the day before yesterday was an unimpeachable pillar of the legal establishment, stands accused of a heinous offense that it is almost impossible to definitively rebut.  Even if he is completely innocent of the charge that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl at a high-school party 35 years ago, he will be forever considered guilty of it by some portion of the public.  This is not due process, or any kind of decent process at all, but how the Senate conducts its business, especially if you are a conservative jurist on the cusp of confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Professor Ford:  Be careful what you wish for.  Because Senator Feinstein waited until the very last minute to bring up this serious charge, the FBI would be faced with what is called "raw" information in the FBI advise-and-consent vetting process.  I suspect that Senator Feinstein wanted to trigger a full FBI field investigation on this "raw" information, which could then have tied up the process for some time, but she thankfully failed.  Professor Ford, Senator Feinstein, and all associated with this had better understand the potential power of what they were and still are trying to bring down on themselves by calling in the FBI for an investigation.  If the FBI ends up engaged, then the awesome 21st-century surveillance state technology can be employed.  The ability to capture all electronic information can bring the disinfectant of sunshine to the issue.

Transparent Political Hit Job — Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Ford-Blasey, Activated To Advance 35-year-old Accusations.  The timing is transparent: the week prior to Brett Kavanaugh committee vote; the outlet is transparent: the intelligence 'resistance' apparatus, The Washington Post; the accuser is transparent: a far-left California liberal professor, Christine Ford Blasey, anti-Trump 'resistance activist' with an anti-policy background, including recently.  The accusation is transparent:  35-year-old harassment claim/accusation, from high school intended to activate the "Me Too" activists.  The motive is transparent: block the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.

The real Christine Blasey Ford.  "Now I feel like my civic responsibility is outweighing my anguish and terror about retaliation," Christine Blasey Ford told the Washington Post.  "Retaliation"! Au contraire, this will make your career.  Like Anita Hill, you'll dine out on this the rest of your life.  A book or two, a professorship at an Ivy, and the lecture circuit.  Maybe some "journalist" can tell us whether she has proactively retained a booking agency?  I can already hear her keynoting the Democrat convention in 2020.

Tell Professor Ford to fly a kite.  Who [...] is Professor Ford to decide if and when the Senate will vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court?  Ford contends that when she was 15 she and a girlfriend went to a beer party with four boys and wound up in bed with a teenaged Kavanaugh on top of her.  She has conflated this into both attempted rape and potential homicide, raising his charges only to cast shade on his nomination in a cynical abuse of the system.  Like Anita Hill before her, she can lie under oath with immunity — who would prosecute? — and maybe get a book deal out of the ordeal.  Judge Kavanaugh meanwhile gets his reputation smeared by the Marxist Party.  This is how Marxists treat decent Americans.

Trump Blames 'Radical Left Wing Politicians' For Kavanaugh Troubles.  President Donald Trump attacked Democratic Senators for their handling of high school era sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  "Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a fine man, with an impeccable reputation, who is under assault by radical left wing politicians who don't want to know the answers, they just want to destroy and delay," Trump tweeted.  "Facts don't matter.  I go through this with them every single day in D.C."

Ms. Blasey Granted a New Deadline of Saturday Afternoon But Vote's On.  Prior to last night's [9/21/2018] extension to Christine Blasey-Ford, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley had given her five extensions to decide if she will testify.  Last night he gave her another one after she asked for another 24 hours.  According to Reuters, Senator Grassley set a new deadline of Saturday afternoon, but Kavanaugh's confirmation vote is still scheduled for Monday [9/24/2018].

When Every Boy is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes A Monster.  High school has always been a weird and psychologically unstable part of anyone's growing up years, partly because we're all learning the ropes of what "adult" means, and partly because we're isolated with other kids, also all learning the ropes.  (It's not the best system, no.)  But this nonsense with the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — which, by the way, not only doesn't rise to "credible," it's barely past the level of "inane ramblings of crazy woman on the corner" — is being given credibility and the Senate is bending over backward to give that crazy woman the chance to ramble at them.  Any way she wants to.  Which is a symptom of deeper corruption.

Insipid sign
ICYMI: Dem Uses Poster With Spelling Mistakes in Kavanaugh Hearing.  In case you are not watching the circus, er, the Senate Kavanaugh hearing, Democrat Senator Sheldon "OMG We are all gonna die from Global Warming!" Whitehouse grilled Judge Kavanaugh, replete with posters held up by staff.  Too bad Dems don't know how to spell.  Or how to act like grown-ups.

Desperate Democrats Trot Out Children to Testify Against Kavanaugh.  If you want proof that our system is broken, you need only look at today's [9/7/2018] hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, where children who aren't old enough to vote testified against the nominee.  The great sages of the Democratic Party are kids who know little-to-nothing about the role of the Supreme Court, as their testimonies demonstrated today.  First up was Parkland shooting survivor Aalayah Eastmond.  "I am very concerned since learning Brett Kavanaugh's views on guns, and how he would strike down any assault weapons ban," she explained — an opinion no doubt informed by her close reading of his opinions on the matter as well as her knowledge of precedents on the Second Amendment.  (Or were they informed by her activist handlers on the left.)  She also took the time to call out "Second Amendment extremist groups" and "other domestic terrorists."

All Out of Eyerolls.  Senate Democrats unleashed a flurry of coordinated rhetorical assaults this week against President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  At its center were their shopworn tropes about how Kavanaugh, a white man, is a racist, affiliates with white supremacists, and wants to see women die in the streets.  The charges fell flat.  The only people even mildly impressed with the antics, it seems, was a sliver of the progressive base.  They happened to be in the hearing room, actually, screaming unintelligibly and hurling themselves at the poor Capitol Policemen who were tasked with dragging them out.

Tucker Carlson:  If Democrats Delay Kavanaugh Vote for Another Week — His Confirmation Is Over Per Senate Rules.  Here is something the liberal mainstream media will not tell you.  This also explains why the far left attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford refuse to testify before next Thursday.  Democrats know if they delay the Kavanaugh vote for another week his confirmation process will be over.  Tucker Carlson explained the senate procedure on his Friday show.  Make no mistake about it.  Democrats are using the Christine Ford media fiasco not to get to the truth, but to prevent Trump from placing a justice on the Supreme Court.  [Video clip]

Kavanaugh Accuser's Lawyer Caught On Camera: 'We Are Going To Resist'.  Debra Katz, one of the attorneys representing Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, attended a resistance rally against the president in 2017 and promised to "fight back."  Katz is representing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who claims Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the 1980s while the two were in high school.  The lawyer has numerous ties to the resistance against Trump, and was caught on camera at a protest in February 2017 after Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the administration's attorney general.  "We are going to fight back," she told a reporter.  "We are going to resist.  We will not be silenced."  Katz was identified only as a "protester" by ABC's "Good Morning America."

In July, Ford advisor teased 'strategy will emerge — might ultimately defeat the nominee'.  Back in July, the American Constitution Society held a conference call about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and a clip of it was released by the GOP on Thursday.  In the call, Democratic operative Ricki Seidman cautioned participants to stay tuned, despite the partisan makeup of the Senate seemingly being against them.

Timeline of Democrats' Changing Demands for Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony.  The timeline of events following Christine Blasey Ford's decision to go public with her allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh can be characterized as a series of solicitous accommodations on the part of the Senate Judiciary Committee and its chairman, followed by shifting demands and stonewalling from Democrats and Ford's lawyers.  The letters, statements, and public comments from Senate Republicans and the White House make clear their eagerness for Ford to come forward and be heard before the Senate Judiciary Committee, either in private or in public.  At first, Democrats demanded that the accuser be heard.  But once Republicans agreed, the goalposts moved, and moved, and moved — always in the direction of delaying the confirmation vote.

President Trump:  Brett Kavanaugh is under assault by radical left wing politicians.  President Trump is coming to the defense of his Supreme Court nominee.  In a series of tweets Friday, the president said Brett Kavanaugh is a fine man with an impeccable reputation, who is under assault by the radical left.  He added, Democrats do not want answers and don't care to learn the facts.  Instead, they just want to delay and destroy Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Christine Blasey Ford is not the victim here — Brett Kavanaugh is.  The left has been having its usual field day with truth, drumming a beat that Christine Blasey Ford is a victim, simply because she pointed a finger Judge Brett Kavanaugh's way, and therefore she has a right to remain hidden in the shadows, shielded from questioning and criticisms and prying eyes into her past because, after all — she is the Victim.  But let's get the facts straight.  At this point in time, it's Kavanaugh who's the victim.  Thirty-some-odd years ago, when this supposed drunken sexual assault by Kavanaugh allegedly occurred, was the time for Ford to claim victimhood.

Partisan Politics Are Trampling American Ideals in Kavanaugh Saga.  Even if it could be proven that Christine Blasey Ford deliberately slandered Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — and I am not saying that's the case — that act of willful character assassination wouldn't be the worst thing about this horrid chapter in American life.  Donald Trump has received an enormous amount of criticism for the damage he's done to constitutional and democratic norms.  I have been among those critics at times.  But few of his transgressions can hold a candle to the mob assault on many of those norms in recent days.

Media convict Brett Kavanaugh and GOP on grounds of being white males.  The media want you to believe the deck is stacked against Christine Blasey Ford and that the Senate Judiciary Committee should break its back accommodating her lawyer's every wish to get her to testify next week — but the media have already stacked the deck against the accused, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee who Ford has accused of attempting to drunkenly rape her when they were teenagers, is the one coming into next week with two strikes against him:  He's white and a man.  The national discourse, still largely controlled by the national media, is now entirely dictated and dependent on who has the "privilege" and who can claim victimhood.

Women rally in support of Kavanaugh: 'We know the man, we know his heart'.  Dozens of female colleagues, classmates and friends of Brett Kavanaugh rallied in support of the embattled Supreme Court nominee on Friday [9/21/2018], saying they don't believe the sexual assault allegation against him.  The women, who last week wrote a letter of support for Kavanaugh, spoke at a Washington press conference in front of a banner that blared "#IStandWithBrett."  "Brett stood out as the most responsible guy who treated us with kindness and respect," said Megan McCaleb, a former classmate and longtime friend of Kavanaugh.

No matter how low the Democrats go, I'm not ashamed to be a man.  Every morning for the past seven days I have awakened to the horror of the latest obscene Democrat attack on Brett Kavanaugh and the calculated leftist conviction that this 36-year-old accusation is true because all men, especially all white men, are gropers and abusers of women.  With every ridiculous excuse for why they believe this unbelievable allegation, they are attacking my masculinity. [...] Women like [Christine] Blasey Ford and her defenders, not one of whom in Congress has ever met or spoken to her, have done terrible damage to women and girls.  Two generations of women have been taught that men are their enemies, that children are an unnecessary burden, a contribution to overpopulation.  The have been taught to see men as predators when in fact they are natural protectors.

Ben Carson floats 'big picture' conspiracy to explain Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation.  Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson spoke Friday [9/21/2018] of a wide-ranging clandestine plot that aims to disrupt the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.  Speaking at the Values Voter summit in Washington, D.C., Carson tied a sexual assault allegation the judges faces to a group of people actively trying to undermine American democracy.  "If you really understand the big picture of what's going on, then what's going on with Judge Kavanaugh will make perfectly good sense to you," Carson said.  "There have been people in this country for a very long time, going all the way back to the Fabians, who have wanted to fundamentally change this country."

Resisting The Resistance.  Kavanaugh's nomination is a test of the #MeToo movement.  For the Left, #MeToo's sexual Stalinism would be a godsend of a political weapon, because any and all Trump nominees, Republican officeholders, or anyone they dislike for any reason could be sunk by an evidence-free accusation propped up by a credulous media.  And, perhaps because #MeToo has sunk so many prominent figures in the Left's cultural enclaves, they deluded themselves into believing that it would have the same effect everywhere. [...] Brett Kavanaugh, however, is a judge in America, not on campus, and a very smart one.  He and his defenders know how real trials work, and they know how real guilt is assigned.  And so, they are demanding evidence — not assertions, but evidence.  Amazingly, Americans still agree with this standard.  They're not convinced by assertion alone.

Juanita Broaddrick Offers To Testify In Kavanaugh Accuser's Absence.  Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978 while he was running for governor of Arkansas, says she will testify before the U.S. Senate if Brett Kavanaugh's accuser will not.  "Just a thought... If Christine Ford declines to be interviewed Monday... I'm available to answer questions about my Rape by Bill Clinton," Broaddrick tweeted this week in the midst of the sexual misconduct allegations which have plagued the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.

Mazie Hirono Took Money From Democrat Who Admitted to Hitting Wife.  Hawaii senator Mazie Hirono (D.) has stepped into the spotlight this week following sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, blaming "men in this country" for perpetuating sexual assault and telling them all to "just shut up."  Hirono's Democratic colleague in the Senate, Tom Carper (Del.), who has admitted to punching his wife hard enough to give her a black eye, appears to be getting a pass from Hirono, who, even since his admission was revealed last January, has taken campaign money from him.

Grassley agrees to give Ford more time to decide on Senate testimony.  Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of a past sexual assault, accepted the request to speak to the panel next week about the alleged incident, her lawyers told Senate Judiciary Committee staff on Saturday [9/22/2018].  "Dr. Ford accepts the Committee's request to provide her first-hand knowledge of Brett Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct next week," Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, attorneys representing Ford, wrote in a message to the committee.  But the message did not agree to a specified date and time for Ford to speak to the committee and said that "many aspects" of an earlier proposal by the committee were "fundamentally inconsistent with the Committee's promise of a fair, impartial investigation into her allegations."

Christine Ford's Unhinged Attorney Is Wearing Radical Socialist Power Fist T-Shirt at anti-Trump Protest.  In the past week anti-Trump activist Christine Ford accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of groping her over her swimsuit sometime around 36 years ago at an unknown place.  The three men she accused of being present during the incident have all vehemently denied her accusations.  Ford picked at least two far left attorneys to represent her and top Democrat advisers helped her plot her strategy to stall the process and smear Judge Kavanaugh.

What Democrats Have Become.  It is still true: What begins as tragedy can end as farce.  So it is with the case of Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her when she was 15 and he was 17.  As of the most recent available moment in this episode, Ms. Ford's lawyer said her client would not appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee until there is a "full investigation by law-enforcement officials."  Like the Mueller excavations, that could run to the horizon, unable to find anything but unwilling to stop until it finds something.  Let us posit that the one thing not at issue here is the truth.  As a matter of law and fact, Ms. Ford's accusation can be neither proved nor disproved.  This is as obvious now as it must have been when Dianne Feinstein and the other Democrats came into possession of this incident.  Surely someone pointed out that based on what was disclosed, this accusation could not be substantiated.  To which the Democrats responded:  So what?  Its political value is that it cannot be disproved.

Truth should not be held hostage to political calculations.  It is troubling to watch the morality drama play out involving Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is accused of sexual misconduct that allegedly took place decades ago when he was in high school.  Fueled by the desire of Democrats to delay his confirmation vote and the gale-force winds of the #MeToo movement, Judge Kavanaugh's character and conduct is under a public microscope because of these allegations.  Many prominent men recently have lost their jobs and careers because of accusations — and in many cases, because of actual evidence — of mistreatment and abuse.  From corporate titans to media moguls to politicians, no one is immune and the list continues to grow.  When men engage in aggressive and abusive behavior towards women, they should pay the price for their misdeeds.  However, accusations do not equal guilt.

Poking a Hole in Professor Ford's 'Fear of Flying' Excuse.  Personally, I don't think Ford has any intention of testifying, and I don't believe Democrats actually want her to either.  Ford's demands have been crazy and absurd, and the entire negotiation circus feels more like a stalling tactic than a negotiation in good faith on Ford and her team's part.  One of her recent excuses was based on the claim that she couldn't possibly make it to the hearing in time because Ford has a fear of flying (aviophobia) and would have to drive.  Now, let's put aside the fact that Republicans have literally offered to come out to California to accommodate her, and look into this claim.

Back to Anita Hill.  Naturally, people are talking about her, with former vice president Joe Biden — chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time of the Thomas/Hill hearings — saying that Christine Blasey Ford shouldn't be "vilified" as Hill was.  The situations are of course different in important respects.  Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of much worse behavior than then-Judge Thomas was.  The alleged behavior was also more recent, making it easier for senators to evaluate.

Leftists Expand Their War Into All Corners of Society.  This week provided yet another tawdry textbook illustration, when a last-minute allegation of teen sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh — an allegation that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D - California) apparently felt happy to conceal for months — suddenly interrupted his confirmation process.  Keep in mind that Judge Kavanaugh has been nominated to fill the same Supreme Court seat for which the late Judge Robert Bork was nominated in 1987, when the left commenced its infamous ruthless effort to stop his confirmation, for which conservatives and libertarians were wholly unprepared.

No Hearing; Just Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination.  Notwithstanding that Feinstein was well aware almost three months ago of a flimsily supported allegation against Kavanaugh — to wit, that 36 years ago, as a 17-year-old high school student, he groped and tried to force himself on a 15-year-old girl at an underage beer party — the senator sat on the information rather than submitting it to the hearing process.  Although she met face-to-face with Kavanaugh and later questioned him when he was under oath at the hearing, Feinstein did not utter a word about the ancient, unverifiable claim to Kavanaugh.  Instead, the senator referred the allegation to the FBI, without identifying the self-proclaimed witness, despite knowing that:  [#1] The FBI had no jurisdiction to investigate a state-law assault claim.  [#2] Even if the FBI had had jurisdiction, it is federal practice not to investigate and prosecute minors, especially for offenses that state authorities have jurisdiction over, except in rare circumstances involving heinous crimes.  [#3] Even if the FBI had had jurisdiction over the offense, the bureau would never have opened an investigation of a 36-year-old allegation, even if the evidence were strong.

Poll: Only 25 Percent of Women Think Accusations Against Kavanaugh Are Credible.  A new poll from The Huffington Post indicates that only a quarter of women believe that the sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are credible.  25 percent of women responding say that the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are credible, while 35 percent say that they haven't heard enough to decide and 18 percent aren't sure, according to a new poll from HuffPost/YouGov.

A marred confirmation hearing that has embarrassed us all.  The hearing involving Judge Kavanaugh has provided the American public with a firsthand glimpse of the confirmation process in action.  While the hearing was supposed to provide the senators with an opportunity to question Judge Kavanaugh about his thoughts on different issues (some have done this), it has (so far) been marred by childish and partisan conduct embarrassing for the participants and the country as a whole.

Fox News Host Is 'Kind of Stunned' About What Kavanaugh Accuser Is Doing.  "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace admitted Friday [9/21/2018] on "America's Newsroom" that he is "kind of stunned at the idea" that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser "is trying to dictate to Congress" the terms under which she'll testify about her sexual assault allegations.  "I'm kind of stunned at the idea that a witness is trying to dictate to Congress the terms under which she'll testify," Wallace told "America's Newsroom" co-anchor Sandra Smith.  "Usually, Congress sets the terms under which a witness testifies."

Bill Clinton's Former 'War Room' Director Quietly Advising Kavanaugh Accuser.  Brett Kavanaugh's accuser Christine Blasey Ford is getting advice by Democratic super-activist Ricki Seidman, Politico reports.  Seidman, currently an executive at a public relations company, has worked for the Dukakis, Mondale and Clinton campaigns for president.  She served as Joe Biden's communications director when he was named Barack Obama's running mate in the 2008 election, and managed the confirmation of Obama's Supreme Court justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor.  Recently, Seidman served at the the executive director of the liberal voter turnout group Rock the Vote.  Seidman served in Bill Clinton's campaign's "war room" and served as deputy communications director in the Clinton White House, according to Politico.

Sen. Gillbrand:  Asking Kavanaugh's Accuser to Testify 'Is Silencing Her'.  Giving Christine Blasey Ford the opportunity to testify about her unsubstantiated accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is, somehow, silencing her, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) declared Wednesday night.  Refusing to launch an FBI investigation into Ford's claims is also "silencing her," Sen. Gillibrand said in a tweet: [...]

Former Scalia Law Clerk Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford's Case Wide Open.  Accuser Christine Blasey Ford is waging a war on Trump's SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh with decades-old, unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault in an effort to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court.  Judge Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegations and even told Senator Orin Hatch he wasn't at the party in question.  Ed Whelan, Justice Scalia's former law clerk and president of conservative think tank the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), came out in defense of Brett Kavanaugh and said compelling evidence will come out next week exonerating Kavanaugh.

Young Christine Blasey Ford remembered as popular figure in Dewey Beach bar scene in 1980s.  Christine Blasey Ford grew up in Washington's affluent Maryland suburbs, graduated from an expensive all-girls private high school and spent summers immersed in the wild nightlife of this Eastern Shore resort town.  She went on to become a clinical psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California, having earned a psychology degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, master's degrees at Pepperdine and Stanford, and a Ph.D. in educational psychology at the University of Southern California.  But it was those early days — when she was known as Chrissy Blasey, a student at the Holton-Arms School who ran with students from a network of exclusive tony schools just across the border from the District of Columbia — that have landed her at the center of the most explosive Supreme Court confirmation battle in decades.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford's team lays out terms it wants for potential Senate interview, sources say.  Christine Blasey Ford's legal team has asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to agree to certain terms before she sits down for a potential interview over her accusation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago, two sources told Fox News on Thursday night [9/20/2018].  Among the terms:  Only members of the committee — no lawyers — can question her; Kavanaugh cannot be in the room at the time; and Kavanaugh should be questioned first, before he has the opportunity to hear Ford's testimony.  The requests, some of which appeared to be negotiable, capped a whirlwind day of back-and-forth statements.  Ford's lawyers told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she was open to testifying next week, apparently backing off her bid for the FBI to first launch a new inquiry into her allegations.

The Editor says...
Orrin Hatch is a lawyer.  Lindsey Graham is a lawyer.  John Cornyn is a lawyer.  Mike Lee is a lawyer.  Ted Cruz is a lawyer.  The witness is in no position to make demands upon the operation of a U.S. Senate committee, and in particular the insipid demand to be free of interrogation by lawyers should be dismissed instantly.

Ford's attorneys, after being listed on fundraiser for Democrat, pull out of event.  Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin's campaign listed Brett Kavanaugh accuser's attorneys as headliners at a Washington fundraiser slated to take place next month, according to a copy of the invite obtained by CNN.  Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is being represented by attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, both of whom are listed as headliners in a "cocktails and conversation" event for Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat who is facing re-election this fall.  People are asked to contribute up to $1,000 to attend the October 1 event, and a source familiar with the matter said it is slated to take place at their law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks.

Ford's Ridiculous Demands.  Citing "sources," Fox News' Shannon Bream reports on the demands Christine Blasey Ford and her legal team are making as a condition for her testifying about her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh: [...] These demands are absurd.  No questions from lawyers?  I guess Ford wants to be able to claim she's being persecuted by an all-white-male panel.  She doesn't want a woman to examine her, which I imagine is what the Republicans have in mind.  But effective cross-examination is the best way to get at the truth.  And in-practice lawyers, not politicians who once may have practiced law, generally make the best cross-examiners.  If Ford is telling the truth she shouldn't be afraid of lawyers.  The Committee should reject this demand.

Whatever Happens To Kavanaugh, Feinstein Got Exactly What She Wanted.  The leading Democratic figures during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings were presumed 2020 presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.  Both grandstanded to great applause from Democratic partisans, but failed to nick the nomination.  The two young guns made a lot of noise, but it was an older, wiser woman who with a single shot turned a hopeless situation for Democrats into a big potential political win.  Dianne Feinstein was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992, the original "year of the woman."  During the previous year, Clarence Thomas had been confirmed to the Supreme Court despite Anita Hill's allegations that he had sexually harassed her.  The Democrats used the anger many women felt at those proceedings to elect a record number of women to Congress.  It's a play that Feinstein knows well and helped invent.  This week, she called that play again.

For Kavanaugh fight, news media toss their standards in the trash.  When the New York Times launched an ad campaign after Trump's inauguration proclaiming truth is "more important now than ever," we rolled our eyes.  The truth is always important.  No White House resident changes that.  But with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court on the line and allegations of sexual assault rattling the nation's capital, the truth really is more important now than on many other occasions.  A substantial number of major news outlets are not rising to the occasion.  Under pressure from not least the opposed forces of their ideological agenda on the one hand and the importance of the nomination on the other, they are losing their cool, abandoning standards, and showing bias more than usual.

'What are Dems hiding?' Grassley turns up the heat with an eye-opening demand for Feinstein.  Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, fired off a scorching letter to ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein demanding that she turn over the unredacted letter from Christine Blasey Ford, the liberal professor who's accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.  "My staff has made repeated requests for this document — which has become a significant piece of evidence in Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation process — but your staff has so far refused to provide a copy of the letter," Grassley wrote.  "I must review the unredacted letter that Dr. Ford sent to you, dated July 30, 2018.  I ask that you send me a copy of the original, unredacted letter immediately."

The Alinsky-ization of Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats undoubtedly consider Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, of Maine and Alaska, respectively, to be free agents, particularly over Roe v. Wade.  Kavanaugh was relentlessly questioned by Democrats over abortion; the goal was to create doubt that Collins and Murkowski would vote to confirm him.  If uncertainty exists, it's unlikely that Democrats from states President Trump won in 2016 will cross the aisle.

Kavanaugh Accuser Blasey Ford Hasn't Filed A Police Report.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the California researcher who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault in 1982, has not filed a police report with local authorities.  By Ford's telling, the alleged assault took place at a house party in Montgomery County, Maryland, making county police the appropriate venue for a criminal probe.  Thus far, Ford's attorneys have said federal investigators should handle the accusations.  Sgt. Rebecca Innocenti, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County Police, told The Daily Caller News Foundation the department has not yet received a complaint from Ford relating to her sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

There's No Reason to Delay the Kavanaugh Vote Any Further.  "Guess who's perpetuating all of these kinds of actions?" Sen. Mazie Hirono explained, boiling down the Senate Democrats' position on Brett Kavanaugh.  "It's the men in this country.  I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up.  And step up.  Do the right thing for a change."  Demanding an entire gender "just shut up" because it shares in a collective guilt borne of the actions perpetrated by a few people who share their biological features is a pretty ugly notion for anyone to be voicing, much less someone charged with defending the Constitution.  Then again, arguing that the "right thing" for all men to do is surrender their right to due process or any kind of genuine defense isn't much better.

When the puppets won't cooperate:  CNN surprised by women's reaction to Kavanaugh case.  It's always tough when the puppets don't behave.  So it seemed when CNN interviewed five women and found that all five supported the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.  The female interviewer, who was with Anderson Cooper's AC360° team, found that much to her surprise, the Republican women just didn't keep to the script and ended up arguing with them.

Women Support Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Criticize Accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  A video report on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 aired Thursday night has stunned and outraged liberal activists because it shows a group of women Republican voters supporting Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh while criticizing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who has accused Kavanaugh of an uncorroborated sexual assault at a drunken high school pool party decades ago.  The interview with five young to middle aged Florida GOP women was conducted by CNN reporter Randi Kaye.  Kaye asked for a show of hands on whether they believe Kavanaugh when he says Ford's accusations didn't happen.  All five raised their hands.

Kavanaugh's Accuser Is Doing Everything She Can To Avoid Testifying.  First, the Democrats claimed that Republicans didn't want to hear from the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Then when Republicans said they'd love to hear from her, and would she please show up and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrats suggested that such a request was sexist and cruel — that no hearing could be held without an FBI investigation.  Now, in an attempt to look forthcoming without actually coming forth with any credible information, the accuser's lawyers are playing games with the Senate Judiciary Committee.  On Thursday night, lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford outlined a series of demands from the Senate Judiciary Committee in order for Ford to testify under oath.  Let it first be said that Kavanaugh has denied all charges and will testify on Monday under oath; if he's found to be lying, he'll go to jail for perjury.  So this is no game to Kavanaugh.

The Senate Is The Wrong Place To Air Christine Ford's Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh.  The job of the Senate Judiciary Committee is to vet a Supreme Court nominee and vote on whether the entire Senate can vote on the nomination.  It is not a court of law.  Consequently, it should not hear testimony from Christine Blasey Ford or Brett Kavanaugh regarding Ford's allegation of sexual assault.  Neither should it recommend that the FBI conduct an investigation.  Here's the process the committee should recommend that Ford follow instead.  I'll describe a constitutional and practical reason the committee is not the appropriate forum for the Ford matter, and discuss two dangers that could occur if the committee deals with Ford's allegations.

Senate unlikely to grant Christine Blasey Ford's request for Kavanaugh to testify first.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is unlikely to grant Christine Blasey Ford's request to require Judge Brett Kavanaugh to testify first, a senior Senate staffer told The Washington Times.  The aide told The Washington Times that among the conditions Ms. Blasey Ford requested was a request that other witnesses be subpoenaed to testify for the hearing.  CNN reported that Ms. Ford requested that Judge Kavanaugh, who she accused of sexually assaulting her in high school, face questions about the alleged incident first.

Democrats will exploit Kavanaugh's accuser all the way to Election Day.  Are Senate Democrats really interested in learning the truth about the high-school sex-assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh?  Or are they just scheming to exploit it in the fall campaign?  Faced with a backlash against accuser Christine Blasey Ford's refusal to testify next Monday, her lawyer suddenly shifted strategy — saying Ford's prepared to testify "next week," but only under "fair" terms.  Yet the lawyer also insisted that testimony "is not possible" on Monday.  So with committee rules requiring at least a week's notice, that could push off her appearance into October, with a vote on Kavanaugh's nomination not possible until shortly before Election Day.

Believe Him.  In the era of the #MeToo movement, we are expected to automatically believe claims made by women about sexual abuse.  Anyone who dares to ask simple questions about the situation, like who, what, when, where, why and how, is automatically characterized as "doubting the story of a survivor."  Sexual assault is one of the most sensitive areas of criminal misconduct in American society.  Allegations of sexual assault are very serious for all parties involved and they should be treated as such.  Women who are victimized should be taken seriously as they seek justice.  Men who are accused of sexual misconduct have the right to face their accusers, in addition to being presumed innocent until proven guilty.  While the majority of women who make sexual abuse allegations tell the truth, ugly history of high profile cases show some don't.

Nothing More Than Feelings.  Rarely have we witnessed so many people pretend a controversy was about one thing when it was so obviously about another.  Since September 16, when the name of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser became known — Christine Blasey Ford, a California psychologist, alleges that he sexually assaulted her in 1982 — Democratic politicians and most of the mainstream news media suddenly seemed to care deeply whether Kavanaugh behaved reprehensibly when he was 17.  If that's what they are concerned about, we gladly join them.  We hope Ford will accept Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley's invitation to testify, either publicly or privately.  Her claim should be taken seriously.  And although we have some apprehensions about the practice of probing an adult's youthful history in search of culpable behavior, Kavanaugh has now categorically denied the accusation — evidence corroborating her claim would mean he spoke falsely and so shouldn't be elevated to the Supreme Court.

J'accuse as the New Legal Standard.  Two and a half centuries of legal precedent in the United States is based on the assumption of "innocent until proven guilty." [...] Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination is in jeopardy based on the accusation of one woman, claiming sexual misconduct over thirty years ago when both were in high school.  She doesn't remember when the alleged assault occurred, or where it took place, who else was present, or any other information that would support her accusation.  She doesn't want to publicly state her case to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the nation.  Instead, she hides behind her desire for privacy and anonymity, despite this entire stunt being planned, including the accuser hiring an attorney and taking a polygraph test at least a month before she "reluctantly" went public with her accusations.  In other words, Kavanaugh is guilty simply because Christine Blasey Ford cries, "J'accuse," then runs and hides behind the skirts of her attorney and her #MeToo compatriots.  There is only that one word serving as judge, jury, and executioner, throwing due process out the window.

Dershowitz rejects 'I believe her' crowd: 'Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth?'.  Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Friday [9/21/2018] rejected the idea that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser should be believed simply because she is a woman, and said people who say "I believe her" are basing that assessment on almost zero evidence.  "The most disturbing thing is these people who are on television, some people I know and respect, [who say] 'I believe her,'" Dershowitz said on Fox News.  "You never met her.  You don't know anything about her," he said.  "Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth, and men with a special gene for lying?"  "I don't believe her.  I don't believe him," he added.  "I have an open mind, I want to hear both sides of the story and make a determination."

Censure Dianne Feinstein.  Regardless of the fate of Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, the Senate should censure the ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein.  Her deception and maneuvering, condemned across the political spectrum, seriously interfered with the Senate's performance of its constitutional duty to review judicial nominations, and unquestionably has brought the Senate into "dishonor and disrepute," the standard that governs these matters.  As a matter of institutional integrity, the Senate cannot let this wrong go unaddressed.  Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution provides that each House of the Congress may "punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour."  Nine times in American history the Senate has used that power to censure one of its members.  Feinstein has richly earned the right to join this inglorious company.

Sex and 'Mean Girls' Politics.  For centuries writers have depicted the weaker sex's knack for using gossip and manipulation to pursue their ends.  Research on women's in-group relations confirms this natural tendency, in which there was probably once immense evolutionary value.  Such covert aggression may be understood as the functional equivalent of man's more common and overt physical aggression, which, being the stronger sex, he is better able to engage in.  Of course, while their own flaws are fair game, men in our politically correct time are not supposed to talk about this sort of thing, nor anything else that, though strictly empirical and value-neutral in itself, will nonetheless be perceived as "sexist."  Meanwhile, women themselves know the truth of this manipulative tendency only too well:  It is the reason so many prefer "male friends."  Nor is this handy wicked tool so hard to perceive, provided we are willing.  Thus, Christine Blasey Ford — a professor of that frequently sophistical, hysterical, anti-male, and accordingly female-dominated discipline called psychology — has alleged that 36 years ago, when they were both teenagers, Judge Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a party.  Where and when exactly?  Ford doesn't remember.

Here's Grassley Killing Democratic Hopes For An FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh.  Christine Blasey Ford alleges that nearly 40 years ago Brett Kavanaugh, who was 17 years old at the time, tried to sexually assault her.  Alcohol was involved; Kavanaugh was reportedly a drunken mess.  Christmas has come early for Democrats.  They're going to Me Too Kavanaugh, score points with their liberal base, and whip up college-educated urban women in times for the 2018 midterms, right?  The GOP will buckle under the pressure, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake, will break ranks.  Flake being the most key since he's the GOP's winning vote on Judiciary.  None of that is happening.  The GOP is united.  Flake said if Ford is a no-show for the hearing the committee is setting aside to deal with these allegation, postponing the original committee vote on the nomination, which was slated for today (Flake supported this), then he's going to back his party's push to get Kavanaugh through.  It's easy.  Ford can't remember who threw the party, why they were having the party, or how she got there.  Three witnesses she identified said they have no recollection of the incident, nor are they sure there was even a party.  It's shoddy.  It's thin.  It's unprovable.  It has a long shelf life, but the GOP sees right through this.  Democrats want an FBI investigation.  Why?  There's no federal crime.

Christine Ford Adviser Told Democrats in July Call About Plot to Take Down Kavanaugh.  In a July conference call to Democrat leaders, Ricki Seidman — a Democratic operative, former Clinton White House official and current advisor to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — laid out a strategy to defeat the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Democrats need to read the Constitution.  Have Democrats forgotten the Constitution?  Senate Democrats are backing the demand of Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer that her client not be questioned until the FBI investigates her charge that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her some time in the early 1980s.  Leave aside for a moment that there's not much to investigate — she has forgotten key details and has not alleged that there are contemporaneous witnesses other than Kavanaugh and another individual, who has denied that anything of the sort happened.  There is no constitutional warrant for the investigation they seek.  As Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley pointed out in his letter to his Democratic colleagues on the committee, "the Constitution assigns the Senate, and only the Senate, with the task of advising the president on his nominees and consenting if the circumstances merit.  We have no power to commandeer an Executive Branch agency into conducting our [emphasis in the original] due dlligence.  The job of assessing a nominee's qualifications in order to decide whether to consent to the nomination is ours, and ours alone."

'Spartacus Had Roamin' Hands': Cory Booker Admitted To Groping High School Friend Without Consent.  Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is a master actor.  He had his "I am Spartacus" moment, where he said he would release confidential records relating to the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the hellacious and tedious two days of testimony this month.  It related to emails sent at the time Kavanaugh worked at the Bush White House.  It had to do with racial profiling.  The bombshell:  Kavanaugh was against racial profiling after the 9/11 terror attacks.  Oh, and these documents were already given the okay to be released publicly by the Bush team and the Senate Judiciary Committee prior to his hollow grandstanding.  Now, with the allegations of sexual misconduct coming to light, thanks to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) finally releasing a letter by his accuser that she received... in July.  Why did she sit on it for so long?  Why didn't she share it with her Senate colleagues?  Why drop it now?  Well, maybe it's due to the fact that it's as crappy as a Ford Pinto.  Christine Blasey Ford, who says Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her in a drunken episode at a party some 30-plus years ago, made the allegation.  Kavanaugh was 17 years old at the time.  Ford cannot remember who owned the house where the party was held, how the party came about, or how she got there, but she does remember it was Kavanaugh?

Why Christine Blasey Ford's High School Yearbooks Were Scrubbed.  Animal House had nothing on the infamous "Holton party scene".  The resistance media has been singularly focused on Brett Kavanaugh's high school yearbooks, which imply that he got drunk and threw up.  There's no need to imply anything from the Holton-Arms yearbooks.  It's all there in focus, and the written word too.  All of the sordid details as approved for publication by a "look the other way" faculty.  And now it's available for historical/evidentiary review.

Democrats Are Starting to Realize Their Kavanaugh Ploy Is Collapsing.  The Democrats first demanded that everyone hear Professor Ford's accusations.  But now they are stridently opposed to her being put under oath in the United States Senate.  Brett Kavanaugh is perfectly willing to be put under oath and be subjected to Kamala Harris and Spartacus's questions.  But Ford does not want to answer Ben Sasse's questions.  The only reason Democrats could go from insisting we all hear Ford, who was glad to testify before the Senate just a few short days ago, to demanding this all be put off even longer so she does not have to be put under oath is because they are increasingly convinced she would commit perjury.  Concurrent to insisting Professor Ford not be put under oath, the Democrats are equally adamant that she could in no way have mistaken someone else's identity.  They want us to believe that Ford could forget the year, the location, and the number of people present, but they are insistent there is no way should could confuse her assailant for someone else.

Feinstein on Christine Ford Sexual Assault Allegations Against Kavanaugh "I Can't Say That Everything is Truthful".  Ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) admitted Tuesday that she "can't say that everything is truthful" about the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh brought forth by far-left activist Christine Ford.  Last Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein referred a mysterious letter about Kavanaugh to the FBI after holding onto it for months.  She started a firestorm by holding onto this letter about Kavanaugh then releasing it at the 11th hour in a "me too" ambush in an effort to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Mark Levin's blistering rebuke of the Dems' Kavanaugh smears is fire.  On his radio program Wednesday evening, CRTV host Mark Levin issued a blistering rebuke to the progressive Democrats responsible for smearing Judge Brett Kavanaugh these past few days.  "What you see here, ladies and gentlemen, is a battle between those who support the Constitution and those who don't," Levin said.  "Those who support constitutionalism and those who support progressivism."  "Progressives are not compassionate; progressives don't have big hearts," Levin continued.  "They use people.  In the name of people, they destroy people.  In the name of the public, they destroy society.  They are power-hungry.  They are control freaks.  They are authoritarians, and you're seeing it all over TV and all over Congress."  [Audio clip]

Democrats don't want to confirm anyone to the Supreme Court until after 2020 election.  Democrats have an endgame in mind when it comes to thwarting Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation.  Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, revealed as much in an interview this week.  Speaking to Politico, Hirono said Senate Democrats will try to keep retired Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat vacant until after the 2020 elections, should Kavanaugh's confirmation ultimately fail.  That task will be much easier if they manage to recapture control of the upper chamber, which some analysts believe is quickly becoming a stronger possibility.

Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Found Guilty Until Proven Innocent.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape. [...] Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of actual evidence.

Soros-Backed Activists Slip Cash To Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Before Arrests.  Left-wing groups funded by George Soros and other major Democratic donors hand out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, the activists revealed Monday night [9/17/2018].  A coalition of activist organizations including Women's March, the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and Housing Works have scheduled the near-constant disruptions at the Kavanaugh hearings as part of an organized effort to derail the confirmation process in a series of meetings since he was first nominated.  The cash from the donor-funded groups goes toward the protesters' post-and-forfeit payments — a small cash sum paid to resolve low-level misdemeanor crimes and avoid jail time.

Kavanaugh and Ford controversy — It's 1991 all over again and even some honest liberals are upset.  This year, the rise of the #MeToo movement in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal gave the groups added hope that the Kavanaugh nomination could be sunk before a possible Democratic takeover of the Senate in the November elections.  New senators elected in November will take office in January.  It's unknown if the accusation against Kavanaugh will derail the confirmation of the judge, who has served on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for the past 12 years.  Hill's accusations failed to keep Thomas off the Supreme Court, where he has served for the past 27 years.  Ford's story is murkier and less documented than Hill's was.

Kavanaugh's accuser and the curious George Soros links.  Look at what's going on with Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation proceedings for the Supreme Court, and the fingerprints of George Soros are all over it.  First there was a report from June in the Daily Caller that found "a new political advocacy group that vowed to put $5 million behind an effort to stop ... Kavanaugh's confirmation has significant ties to the liberal financier" Soros.  What are those ties?  The group, Demand Justice, established in 2018, gets its money from the Sixteen Thirty Fund — and the Sixteen Thirty Fund received roughly $2.2 million from the Open Society Policy Center, one of Soros' outlets, between the years of 2012 and 2016.

Stephanopoulos, Who Helped Destroy Clinton Accusers, Worries About Kavanaugh Accuser.  George Stephanopoulos, who attempted to destroy sexual abuse accusers of Bill Clinton, is worried about people not believing the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The former Clinton White House operative turned Good Morning America co-host on Tuesday fretted, "... To vote for Kavanaugh, you're going to have to, at some level, be saying, 'She's not telling the truth.'"  The woman in question is Christine Blasey Ford and has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Witness Says [he] 'Never Saw' Alleged Assault by US Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh.  Charges by a Christine Ford, a university professor who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh when both were in high school, are being challenged by Mark Judge, who is believed to be only witness to the alleged incident, according to a letter from his lawyer to the US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman.

Brett Kavanaugh's Wife Hands Out Cupcakes to Reporters Besieging Her House.  On Tuesday night [9/18/2018], the press added yet another indignity to the family of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson revealed that reporters had besieged the family home of Kavanaugh.  The judge's wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, had a very classy response to this situation.  "Per our CBS News cameraman at Kavanaugh's house, his wife handed out cupcakes from Sprinkles to any of the photogs and producers who wanted them," Watson tweeted.

Flashback: Media Using Same Playbook They Used to Smear Clarence Thomas.  We've seen the media and the Democrats use this playbook before.  When Justice Clarence Thomas was well on his way to being confirmed in 1991, the Democrats brought forth Anita Hill to accuse Thomas of sexual harassment, in a last ditch attempt to derail his nomination.  At the time (according to a USA Today October 14, 1991 poll) the public believed Clarence Thomas by 47 percent over Anita Hill (24 percent)... so the media rallied around Hill.  While Thomas and his congressional defenders were demonized, Hill was instantly canonized as a Rosa Parks for her time by the likes of Time's Nancy Gibbs — and she's been celebrated as a truth-telling activist since then.

Extending the Kavanaugh Hearings Is a Losing Game.  A last minute accusation threatens to torpedo Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.  Before the Senate Judiciary committee, Kavanaugh thus far has appeared intelligent, a well-reputed jurist, as well as a doting father and husband.  His colleagues, and even his adversaries, spoke highly of him.  In contrast, the impotent rage of his Democratic inquisitors was vulgar and embarrassing.  Now it appears the Republicans have fallen into a "no win" trap.  Through the machinations of such friends as the flakey Jeff Flake, they have agreed to delay a vote on the nomination in order to conduct a day-long kangaroo court complete with dueling testimonies by Kavanaugh and his accuser, Professor Christine Ford.  Whether Kavanaugh ultimately is confirmed or not, conceding to this hearing will prove to be a mistake.

Democrats' smash and smear agenda reaches new heights.  A nation gawks as Washington sinks deeper into the muck, but put aside your disgust long enough to digest what we're seeing.  Three big things are on display.  First, Democrats are proving again that their force multiplier is a win-or-die zealotry.  They were on a mission to kill anybody President Trump chose to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and, within minutes of Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced he would fight Kavanaugh "with everything I have."  All 10 Dems on the Judiciary Committee pledged to vote no.  They looked silly given the nominee's impeccable credentials, and worse when leftist legal luminaries lined up to praise Kavanaugh as a brilliant jurist and sterling father, husband and mentor.

Feinstein's Handling of Kavanaugh Accusation Has Made Our Politics Even Uglier.  There are very few things I'm sure of in the latest, and worst, chapter in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation saga.  It's like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book in which every chapter ends with a thud at the bottom of an old well or the clanking shut of a dungeon door.  What if Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth that, 36 years ago, a drunken 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh pushed her down on a bed and covered her mouth in an attempt to sexually assault her?  For starters, she'll never get justice.  This will never see a court of law.  There's no way to prove it happened, not least because she cannot provide a time or place where the event allegedly occurred.  The most Ford might get is vengeance by thwarting Kavanaugh's dream of getting on the Supreme Court and destroying his reputation.

Ford's Accusation against Kavanaugh Is Not Credible.  The Dems and the media said Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct, including the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, was irrelevant to Clinton serving as president.  They also said Teddy Kennedy's driving his car into the pond drunk at Chappaquiddick, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to die, while he swam away and waited twelve hours to report to the police, was irrelevant to him serving as senator and running for the presidency.  Now the Dems and the media say any claim of sexual misconduct, no matter how remote and unreliable, is enough to destroy the life of Brett Kavanaugh because they are afraid he will cast a vote to overrule Roe v.  Wade.

Trump says he 'got elected' to pick new Supreme Court judges as he calls on voters to see through the Democrats' 'playbook'.  President Trump has said one of the main reasons he got elected was to pick Supreme Court judges.  In a tweet on Tuesday night [9/18/2018], he also accused the Democrats of deliberately obstructing his latest nomination of Brett Kavanaugh who has been accused of sexual assault.  'The Supreme Court is one of the main reasons I got elected President.  I hope Republican Voters, and others, are watching, and studying, the Democrats Playbook,' he wrote.  Trump, who nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch after his election win, wants Kavanaugh confirmed by October 1, the start of the next Supreme Court term.

The Goal is Delay:  Kavanaugh Accuser Demands FBI Investigation Prior to Testimony.  Debra Katz is the lawyer for the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.  She writes a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley today demanding an FBI investigation prior to any testimony from her client.  The drama-filled motive here continues to be transparent: [...]

Hillary Weighs In On Kavanaugh Accusation; Bill Clinton Accuser Responds.  On MSNBC Tuesday [9/18/2018], Hillary Clinton weighed in on the sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that allegedly occurred 35 years ago when he was in high school, arguing that "we should give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country" rather than continuing with the confirmation process as scheduled.  Her comments were met with fierce backlash from critics, including the woman whose accusation of rape against Clinton's husband was notoriously not given "the benefit of the doubt" by Democrats.  Asked by host Rachel Maddow if Democrats should play the kind of "hardball" Republicans played with blocking the Merrick Garland nomination, or "just go through regular order with whoever Trump has to put up next if the Kavanaugh nomination fails," Clinton called for neither "unilateral disarmament or Defcon-10."  What she really wanted to see, she made clear, was an investigation.

McConnell: 'Pretty Obvious This Is All About Delaying the Process'.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told a news conference Tuesday that Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accuser "certainly does deserve a right to be heard," but at the same time, he called it "disturbing" that Democrats decided to withhold her accusation until the last minute.  Later, an attorney for the accuser, told CNN's Anderson Cooper her client "is prepared to cooperate with the committee" — but not on Monday, and not until the FBI does a full investigation.  "There shouldn't be a rush to a hearing," attorney Lisa Banks said.  And Christine Blasey Ford, through her attorneys, sent a letter to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Tuesday, saying in part that "no sexual assault survivor should be subjected" to the ordeal of testifying on national television about such a "traumatic and harrowing incident."

Kavanaugh cleared for landing on the Supreme Court.  Welcome to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats threw in the towel on their Anita Hill Revival.  Christine Blasey Ford falsely accused of attempting to rape her sometime in the 1980s.  She doesn't know the time.  Or the place.  But she said she started remember it in 2012.  While the political press corps carried the water for Democrats on this one, the bag broke.  Nobody is buying it — outside of foaming-at-the-mouth liberals.  Ford threw in the towel.

Only the People Can End This Democratic Horror Show.  There has already been ample reference to the fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) waited tactically to the last minute before raising this matter of Kavanaugh's alleged drunken grope of a fellow high school student 36 years ago, of which the senator became aware in July.  Neither in public nor private hearings nor in a private one-hour meeting did she bother to raise the subject.  Kavanaugh denies it, no one corroborates it, no illegality is alleged, no subsequent claimants of like behavior have come forward, and scores of women who have known the judge for decades have attested to his irreproachable behavior and character.  It is nonsense; many men have done such a thing, and so have many women, and it absolutely does not, in itself, even if the incident happened, disqualify this nominee or anyone else, at this remove in time, from any office, even in the celibate clergy.  The supporting evidence is the notes, contradictory in places, of the complainant's psychotherapist from a psychoanalytic session, 26 years ex post facto — i.e. the complainant herself a generation later from a psychiatric couch.

The New York Times issues major correction to Kavanaugh sexual assault story.  It's one thing to misspell a name or get a specific date wrong.  It's another thing entirely to report that a supposed witness to a sexual assault says he remembers it happening when he has said the exact opposite.  For an example of the latter, we turn to the New York Times, which published a report Tuesday titled, "Christine Blasey Ford Wants F.B.I. to Investigate Kavanaugh Before She Testifies."

Democrats and the Rape of Justice.  Where were you in the spring of 1982?  Can you verify your whereabouts and produce evidence to establish that you weren't molesting prep-school girls in suburban Maryland?  Christine Blasey Ford insists she's a victim and, while the main suspect is Brett Kavanaugh, perhaps no man can be entirely sure he won't be summoned before the Senate Judiciary Committee in some future investigation.  Feminist "rape culture" discourse, which has sowed a climate of sexual paranoia on university campuses in recent years, has escaped its native habitat and is now wreaking havoc in our politics, to say nothing of its damaging effect on our culture.  Do I want to discuss what allegedly happened at a party in Montgomery County, Maryland, on an unspecified night in 1982? Do you want to read such a discussion?  Do any of us want to watch such a claim litigated on national TV with Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser testifying in front of a Senate panel, with cable-news pundits endlessly rehashing every angle of the sordid saga day after day?

Democrats moving the goalposts on Kavanaugh, again and again.  The latest on the Supreme Court confirmation saga of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a doozy, according to this headline from the Washington Post:  "Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault wants FBI to investigate incident before she testifies to Senate."  That's because it represents yet another effort to move the goalposts in wrapping up this nomination for the Supreme Court.  They've done that a lot, something like four times.  None of us is dumb.  We all know that the Democrats' plan is to run out the clock on the nomination and hope the Senate shifts to the Democrats at the midterms to ensure that only a leftist can be seated on the high court.  If that means ruining an innocent man's life with an unprovable charge, well, that's something the left's comfortable with, because Kavanaugh is a Republican, and not just any Republican, but the worst kind in their books:  a Trump nominee.

Joe Biden:  Prominent Men Accused Of Rape Should Be Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent.  [Scroll down]  He's taking two fair points and letting them lead him to a bananas conclusion.  The first is that women alleging sexual assault should be taken far more seriously than they traditionally have been.  We're almost a full year removed now from the NYT's famous Weinstein expose and and still the aftershocks keep coming:  It was less than 10 days ago that the most powerful man in TV finally departed CBS after a series of accusations of sexual harassment.  Guys like Moonves and Weinstein operated with impunity for decades, apparently preying on scores of women.  A culture where that's possible is a culture that needs more than a bit of fine-tuning in how it treats accusers.  The second is what he says about the "cauldron" effect for a woman who accuses a prominent man of sexual misconduct, particularly if he's prominent in politics and has millions of voters invested in him.  Christine Blasey Ford's claim that she feared being dragged through the mud if she spoke up about the alleged incident with Kavanaugh is perfectly reasonable.  She will be dragged through the mud.  I'd bet cash money that she's been getting death threats since Sunday.

Democrats Go Full Stalin on Kavanaugh and Declassification.  Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer has announced that Ms. Ford will not testify until the FBI completes yet another investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh that everyone knows will never happen.  It was already highly unlikely she was ever going to testify; this is a convenient excuse, a stalling game.  But it is more than the usual cheap political stunt.  It's vicious, ugly, and more than slightly sadistic.

Ford has no right to set conditions for Kavanaugh testimony.  Congress is accustomed to conditional spending and conditional adjournments.  It is not as accustomed to conditional witnesses.  Nevertheless, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has made her testimony on allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh conditional on the FBI launching an investigation into whether he tried to rape her in high school.  The new condition conflicts with assurances from Ford's counsel that she was prepared to state her allegations under oath before the committee if it delayed its scheduled vote on Kavanaugh.  Ford's demand is, to put it simply, out of line, both with her prior statements and with congressional precedent.  It is not that the FBI has not investigated such allegations; it did so with Clarence Thomas.  However, there is no precedent for a quid pro quo demand for testimony by a witness.  Individuals can certainly refuse to testify, yet conditioning testimony on a criminal investigation by a federal agency is well beyond the province of any witness.  There may indeed be a basis for reopening the FBI background investigation, but the priority is to get both the testimony of Ford and Kavanaugh under oath.

CNN, MSNBC, Politico, Elizabeth Warren push dishonestly edited video of Kavanaugh.  If you think Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is the only one who would stoop to circulating a dishonestly edited video of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation fight, you are sorely mistaken.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., CNN, MSNBC, and Politico all showed this week they've no problem sinking to similar lows in pursuit of that sweet, sweet anti-Trump resistance action.  On Tuesday, all four groups shared a truncated video of Kavanaugh, claiming it raises new questions about whether he sexually assaulted a woman in the early 1980s when they were both in high school.

NRO's Ed Whelan:  "Much More" Is Coming To Show That Kavanaugh Is Innocent.  These tweets caught my attention last night, as Whelan is prominent in conservative legal circles and might know of matters afoot behind the scenes that the rest of us plebes aren't aware of yet.  He seems very confident that the Ford matter is about to blow up in Democrats' faces somehow.  [Tweets]  The last tweet implies that there might indeed be criminal activity that needs probing here, but not activity engaged in by the nominee.  Whelan also made a point of reminding his readers that lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee is a federal offense.  Hmmm.  Maybe he knew that Patrick "PJ" Smyth, allegedly named by Ford as an attendee at the party, was about to come forward and say that he never saw misconduct by Kavanaugh.  Whelan tweeted about the Smyth revelation this morning, though, noting that "much more" is still to come.

Democrats Insist on Delaying New Kavanaugh Hearing They Demanded, After Sitting on Allegation for Months.  As I've said many times over, I do not know whether Brett Kavanaugh's accuser is acting in good or bad faith, nor does virtually anyone else.  She could be lying.  He could be lying.  Or they could both be telling what they firmly believe to be the truth, based on an array of faulty, hazy or false memories.  What matters now is how we assess the available evidence, of which there is precious little.  Earlier, I laid out my own attempt at erecting some reasonable, if imperfect, metrics for doing just that.  Setting aside the veracity of Prof. Ford's unsubstantiated claim, I very much harbor increasing suspicions about the motives and behavior of Senate Democrats.  Recall that Sen. Dianne Feinstein — who just yesterday admitted that she doesn't know if Ford is being entirely truthful — has had Ford's allegations in her possession since July, well before Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings were even scheduled.  Over the summer, she reportedly told her colleagues that the accusations were too distant to merit serious scrutiny.  Then, after the hearings concluded, someone (certainly a Democrat) leaked the existence of the accuser's letter, apparently violating Ford's explicit wish to remain anonymous.  This development inevitably led to the emergence of Ford's claims, conveniently timed to detonate during the very short window between the hearings and the Senate Judiciary Committee vote.  Republicans and Democrats alike seem to be frustrated with Feinstein's handling of the entire matter.

CNN's Chris Cillizza Lies About Trump 'Telling FBI to Ignore' Kavanaugh Misconduct Allegation.  CNN's Chris Cillizza lied about President Trump "telling the FBI to ignore an allegation of sexual" misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Cillizza, who has already proven himself to be one of the most flagrantly dishonest staffers at the far-left CNN, tweeted out his lie Tuesday in response to a comment Trump made about the FBI not wanting to investigate the misconduct allegation against Kavanaugh.

Classmate of Kavanaugh Accuser Backtracks after Guilty Claim Goes Viral.  A woman who says she attended high school with Christine Blasey Ford claimed Tuesday [9/18/2018] in a since-deleted tweet that she was certain of Kavanaugh's guilt and remembered the alleged assault being spoken about in school in its aftermath.  "I graduated from Holton Arms, and knew both Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.  Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me, I remember her.  I signed this letter.  The incident was spoken about for days afterwords in school.  Kavanaugh should stop lying, own up to it and apologize," Cristina King Miranda wrote Tuesday morning in a tweet that received thousands of retweets and likes.

NBC: Wow, This Retracted Third-Hand Assertion "Could Loom" In A Kavanaugh Investigation.  [Scroll down]  In other words, readers have to scroll down past the jump to find out that the statement has been retracted.  Does NBC routinely run stories based on sources that retract their statements?

Pro-Life, Conservative Leaders:  Kavanaugh Battle is Largely About Roe v.  Wade.  Various pro-life organizations and leaders have suggested that abortion advocates are pushing the unsubstantiated sexual-assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because of their commitment to Roe v.  Wade, the infamous 1973 Supreme Court case that made abortion legal across the nation.  Pro-abortionists apparently want to derail Kavanaugh's nomination in order to prevent (or delay) a future overturning of Roe.

Dem calls for House uprising if Kavanaugh confirmed without hearing from Ford.  A House Democrat called on his colleagues Wednesday [9/19/2018] to "rise up" if Republican senators push forward with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation without hearing from his sexual assault accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.  "For the men and women of the House of Representatives, we must rise up in disgust and anger and make certain that our voice is clear," Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., said during an interview with CNN.

Sen. McCaskill says [she] will vote against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh.  Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, facing a tough re-election battle in Missouri, said on Wednesday she will vote against confirming President Donald Trump's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh Accuser's Classmate Deletes Claim that Everyone Knew of Alleged Misconduct.  Cristina King Miranda, who says she is a former classmate of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, has deleted her claim that everyone knew of the alleged misconduct.  Ford is accusing Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh of groping her at a house party 36 years ago when they were both teenagers in high school.  After Ford came forward, she told the far-left Washington Post that Ford "told no one at the time what happened to her."  Nevertheless, on Tuesday [9/18/2018], Miranda tweeted that she knew both Kavanaugh and Ford and that "the incident was spoken of for days afterwards in school."  If true, this would be a big deal.  As of now, Ford says she did not tell anyone about the allegation until 2012, which means there are no contemporaneous witnesses who can come forward to claim Ford told them about this at the time.  Furthermore, even in 2012, Ford did not tell her therapist the name of the man who allegedly assaulted her.

It's a Set-up.  Late last night, the partisan Democratic attorneys retained by the putative victim, Christine Blasey Ford, delivered a letter to Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), the Judiciary Committee chairman, contending that before any hearing at which she is summoned to testify takes place, there must be a "full investigation by law enforcement officials [to] ensure that the crucial facts and witnesses in this matter are assessed in a non-partisan manner."  My personal favorite part of the missive is the lawyers' complaint that, based on published reports, it seems that some of the senators have already "made up their minds" about Professor Ford's story.  This takes some gumption, coming from Democratic activists who are working in tandem with Democratic senators who decided to vote against Judge Kavanaugh long before the hearing started.  The lawyers utter this tripe while in the middle of a transparent gambit to block the nomination by delaying it interminably — or at least until after the November election.

CNN Gives Virtually No Air Time to Pro-Kavanaugh Evidence.  Last night [9/18/2018], two of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's high school classmates, each named by accuser Christine Blasey Ford as witnesses to the 1982 assault she alleges Kavanaugh committed, issued public statements flatly denying that they saw anything even resembling Ford's story.  Yet today, CNN viewers have barely heard a peep about these denials, even as the Kavanaugh story dominates their on-air coverage.  From 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Eastern, CNN spent 3 hours and 23 minutes talking about the Kavanaugh controversy, but only about eight minutes of that were devoted to passing along these confirmations of Kavanaugh's denial.  Former classmate Mark Judge, who was named by Ford as being in the room during the alleged assault, communicated his denial to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday:  "I have no memory of this alleged incident....  I do not recall the party described in Dr. Ford's letter.  More to the point, I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes."

Oops! CNN's Jim Acosta Brings on Christine Ford's Classmate Who Says Girls Were Being Abused, But Not By Kavanaugh.  CNN's Jim Acosta invited Christine Ford's classmate on his show on Wednesday [9/19/2018] to discuss the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  But it didn't turn out like they wanted it to.

The Kavanaugh Allegation Process Is A Miscarriage Of Justice For Everyone.  After the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh concluded last week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., revealed that for six weeks she'd hidden a claim he'd sexually assaulted someone.  Christine Blasey Ford then told the Washington Post that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers.  Although she said she doesn't remember where or when the alleged event occurred, she said she believes it may have been in the summer of 1982 and that Kavanaugh's friend Mark Judge was present for the assault.  Notes from a couples therapy session in 2012 show that she spoke of an assault involving four boys, not two, from an elitist DC boys' school.  Kavanaugh isn't mentioned in the notes, but Ford's husband says she told him the name at that time and said she was worried he might be a Supreme Court nominee in the future.  Kavanaugh categorically denies the allegations.  Judge says he doesn't recall any such event and that Kavanaugh didn't behave that way.  Another alleged party attendee named by Ford says he doesn't recall such a party and that Kavanaugh didn't behave that way.

Polygraph exam taken by Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford comes under scrutiny.  One day after Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., raised concerns about the polygraph test taken by Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford, her attorney is refusing to comment on who paid for the examination or provide additional details on how it was conducted.  And experts contacted by Fox News confirmed that while polygraph examinations can be useful, they are ultimately fallible tools that "can be beaten."  Without mentioning any particular instances, one former senior FBI agent said polygraphs would have difficulty detecting deception by sociopaths, psychopaths and committed liars lacking a "conscience."  Even well-intentioned individuals who have come to believe that their false stories are, in fact, true — whether because of therapist-induced memories or other causes — can sometimes pass polygraph tests, former FBI officials and psychology experts told Fox News.

The drive to sink Kavanaugh is liberal totalitarianism.  If Senate Democrats and their media allies manage to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, they will bring America one step closer to a new, liberal style of totalitarianism.  I don't use the "T"-word lightly.  I've spent years pushing back against those who fling it about in free societies like ours.  But totalitarianism doesn't require cartoonish, 1984-style secret police and Big Brother.  The classical definition is a society where everything — ethical norms and moral principles and truth itself — is subjugated to political ends.  By that measure, the Democratic campaign to block Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, based on a hazy, uncorroborated, decades-old assault allegation, tends toward the totalitarian.  Certainly, it has many of the elements of abusive politics that Americans normally associate with foreign lands untouched by the light of liberty and reason.

The Shrill Silliness of Feminism.  What sane person believes feminists today?  Every single time a Republican or conservative stands a chance of being confirmed to the federal bench or elected president, some old story bubbles to the top about a female being sexually assaulted or offended.  Ask Clarence Thomas or Herman Cain or Donald Trump.  These women are lying or delusional or complicit.  What, exactly, happened to the accusation against Herman Cain raised in the middle of the Republican nomination process that he had a long affair with Ginger White, which ended just before his run for the nomination?  Nothing, because her accusation and related accusations by a couple of other women were clearly limp and unsupported by independent sources.  What happened to Anita Hill, who had promised in questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she would not use the fame generated by her attack on Clarence Thomas to write a book and to leverage her prominence into propelling her career?  Well, after Anita Hill used her fame to write a book and to leverage her prominence into propelling her career.

Eviscerating Kavanaugh:  Sen. Feinstein, have you no sense of decency?  [Scroll down]  She insists the assault happened, though when she first told her story to a therapist some years ago, she did not know when, exactly, or where it took place.  And she did not name Kavanaugh at the time.  And he has adamantly denied it ever happened and is willing to publicly confront the charge.  In the short term, this takedown becomes another Supreme Court nomination circus, a hideous televised grotesquerie designed by Senate Democrats hoping to delay or stop Kavanaugh's appointment.  But there are devastating long-term effects here, too, for the republic, which is made up of all of us:  of Democrats, Republicans, independents, socialists, conservatives and many apoliticals.

Christine Blasey Ford Won't Take 'Yes' for an Answer.  Key GOP Senators who have tried to give Christine Blasey Ford the benefit of the doubt are losing patience.  She keeps moving the goalpost concerning what she wants done about her claim that SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago.  In fact, her July letter to Democrat Dianne Feinstein outlining her accusations has yet to be shared with Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.  He issued yet another formal request yesterday [9/19/2018].  But Senator Feinstein and Dr. Ford have been playing games from the start and aren't likely to stop.

Ford Undermines Her Credibility With Lame Excuses For Not Testifying On Kavanaugh.  Moments after Christine Blasey Ford said she'd gladly testify about her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, she changed her mind and started demanding an FBI investigation first.  It looks as though Ford, who first wanted to remain anonymous, now hopes to torpedo Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination without having to answer questions under oath.  Republicans can't let it happen.

Fast times at Holton Arms High when Christine Blasey Ford was a student there.  Since high school keg parties at the elite prep schools attended by Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey are now a matter of consuming interest to the Democrat-media complex, it is perhaps telling that the high school yearbooks of Holton-Arms, the school attended by Blasey, have been scrubbed from the web.

Blasey Ford Must Be Acknowledged and Then Dismissed.  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Georgetown Prep classmate Mark Judge of sexually assaulting her.  She claims that this happened somewhere around 1982 when she was 15 years old and consisted of Kavanaugh groping her while holding her down with his hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream while both 17-year-olds laughed maniacally.  As corroborating evidence of the assault, she provided partial notes from couples' therapy she attended with her husband in 2012.  She released only selected portions of her therapist's notes — what would Democrats call that?  Oh yeah, "cherry-picking," just as many Democrats have described what Trump is choosing to declassify with respect to the Carter Page FISA Court applications.

The anti-Kavanaugh, anti-Trump money trails.  The money trail is never wrong.  You've got George Soros' Open Society Policy Center funding the likes of Sixteen Thirty Fund, and then this Sixteen Thirty Fund, as the Daily Caller initially reported, siphoning off money to a group called Demand Justice aimed at stopping Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.  The ties are tough to discern — but they're there.  Here's how it's all linked:  Tax filings from Soros' Open Society Policy Centershow tens of thousands of dollars have been granted to the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a 501(C)4 initiative that provides money for left-leaning social and environmental issues.  In 2015 tax filings, for instance, the Soros OSPCrevealed it funneled $550,000 to the Sixteen Thirty Fund — an amount that put this initiative at the top 10 of OSPC contributions that year.

In Democrat's feminist kangaroo court, Kavanaugh is a man — and that makes him guilty.  These are the Democratic Party's new standards.  And it goes without saying they are highly subjective.  They're not applied to everyone.  It depends entirely on how useful you are.  Senator Ted Kennedy drove his Oldsmobile off a bridge with a young woman inside.  He fled the scene and left her but he never summoned help.  He didn't want the DUI arrest.  The young woman, Kennedy abandoned, slowly asphyxiated over a period of hours.  Yet just 10 years after doing that Kennedy ran for president as a Democrat.  He died a liberal hero.  The Democratic Party needed Ted Kennedy so they excused virtually everything he did.  You're watching something similar unfold with the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison.  Last month, Ellison was credibly accused of physically abusing an ex-girlfriend named Karen Monahan.  Apparently, Mazie Hirono never heard about it because nobody in the Democratic Party seems to believe Monahan despite the fact that she is a woman.  As Monahan put it "I've been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party," all for the sake of the allegations she made, for daring to speak in public.

Democrats really would sink this low — at what cost to the country?  Note the uproar over Brett Kavanaugh's behavior — nice or nasty — at a high school party he attended at age 17.  This, during the early years of the Reagan administration.  The invitation to a good grime festival comes from Democrats, the national media, and even Republicans like Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona.  Who are we to refuse?  We like our dirt where we can find it.  It is the attribute Democrats give every evidence of counting on to sink a Supreme Court nomination.  Sen. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is shocked, you may have heard, to learn of "credible evidence" that Kavanaugh may have perpetrated violence upon a young woman at a party.  The woman herself says he did.  Which settles things?  Hardly.  Kavanaugh stoutly denies the allegations.  And it was 37 years ago, during the Reagan presidency, and before cellphone cameras.

Juanita Broaddrick Blasts Hillary Calling for 'Due Process' on Kavanaugh Accuser.  Juanita Broaddrick, who alleged then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, blasted Hillary Clinton for hypocrisy in demanding due process for a woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.  Broaddrick, a retired nursing home administrator from Van Buren, Ark., said that all accusers deserve to have their case adjudicated, and that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford should attend a hearing on Monday on her matter.  When asked about accusations against her husband, Clinton said on MSNBC that people "need to take each of these situations on their own merits," and that there should be "due process for everyone involved."

What a remarkable coincidence!
Kavanaugh Accuser's Lawyer Is Vice-Chair Of Soros Funded Org Opposing Kavanaugh.  It's absolutely a partisan hit job.  Kavanaugh's accuser is being represented by Debra Katz, a Washington D.C. lawyer and the vice chair of the board of the Project On Government Oversight.  POGO co-signed a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Grassley along with a variety of lefty groups demanding Kavanaugh records.  This was the obstruction tactic of choice of the left for trying to secure the Court seat before they fastened on to this latest smear.  Where does PGO gets its funding?  From, among other sources, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation tentacles.

Is Christine Blasey Ford Afraid to Face Kavanaugh?  When Christine Blasey Ford finally admitted that it was she who had leveled the uncorroborated charges of sexual assault against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, she was immediately asked if she would be willing to repeat her charges under oath.  Her lawyer, Democratic activist Debra Katz, claimed her client was willing to testify before Congress.  However, according to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, neither Ford nor her lawyer has responded to any of several attempts to confirm that she will attend the Monday hearing that was set up so she can tell her story in Kavanaugh's presence.  Senator Charles Grassley told Hugh Hewitt that the deafening silence raises credibility issues: [...]

Chuck Grassley Has Sent Multiple Requests to Brett Kavanaugh's Accuser for Testimony, She Isn't Responding.  The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape nearly 40 years ago, Stanford professor Christine Blasey Ford, isn't responding to requests from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to testify about her claims.  "We still haven't heard from Dr. Ford, so do they want to have the hearing or not?" Grassley said during an interview with Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday morning [9/18/2018].  "We have reached out to her in the last 36 hours, three or four times by email and we have not heard from them.  It kind of raises the question do they want to come to the public hearing or not?  The reason we're having the public hearing is obviously, well number one, accusations like this deserve consideration and looking into and that's what the purpose of the hearing is.  We wouldn't be having the hearing if Dr. Ford told the Washington Post and other people publicly she wanted to testify."

The Late Hit on Judge Kavanaugh.  Upon the memory and truthfulness of Christine Blasey Ford hangs the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his reputation, and possibly his career on the nation's second highest court.  And much more.  If Kavanaugh is voted down or forced to withdraw, the Republican Party and conservative movement could lose their last best hope for recapturing the high court for constitutionalism.  No new nominee could be vetted and approved in six weeks.  And the November election could bring in a Democratic Senate, an insuperable obstacle to the elevation of a new strict constructionist like Kavanaugh.

Corrupt Media Reported on Kavanaugh Accuser 100 Times More than Ellison Accusers Who Actually Filed Police Report.  The liberal mainstream media continues to lose the trust of the American people.  And they have no one to blame but themselves. [...] Rep. Keith Ellison easlily won his race Tuesday in the Democrat primary for the state's attorney general.  The media has mostly ignored these accusations of violence against Keith Ellison.  Liberal mainstream media reported on the 36-year-old flimsy accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh 100 TIMES more than the accusations against Keith Ellison.

The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored.  It is almost impossible to overstate the damage done to America's moral compass by taking the charges leveled against Judge Brett Kavanaugh seriously.  It undermines foundational moral principles of any decent society. [...] This is another example of the moral chaos sown by secularism and the left.  In any society rooted in Judeo-Christian values, it is understood that people should be morally assessed based on how they behave over the course of their lifetime — early behavior being the least important period in making such an assessment.

The #MeToo Kavanaugh Ambush.  The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of a drunken assault when both were teenagers has now come forward publicly, but that should not deter Republicans from proceeding with their current confirmation-vote schedule.  There is no way to confirm her story after 35 years, and to let it stop Mr. Kavanaugh's confirmation would ratify what has all the earmarks of a calculated political ambush.

Judge Kavanaugh and the left's revenge.  Sadly, in today's court of public opinion, there doesn't even have to be evidence of a crime.  And the crime need not be current.  Without proof, can a man still be held accountable for committing a crime?  You betcha.  The left demands that all female accusers be believed, a mandate antithetical to the Constitution.  Leftists claim that every accusation earns full credibility due to the "seriousness of the charge," regardless of proof or lack thereof.  So the Democrat media run with the accusation, parading politicians from both sides who gravely pronounce the accusation credible, serious.  Just like that, the left has found its political MOAB.  This brings us to Judge Kavanaugh, a man with a sterling reputation and impeccable credentials yet now under the #MeToo shadow.

Dianne Feinstein's Mind-Boggling Decision.  During Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, some Senate Democrats complained that they were not given numerous documents regarding Judge Kavanaugh (i.e., the entire record).  They asked to delay the hearing until such time as the records were produced.  However, at the same time that they were crying foul, Dianne Feinstein secretly withheld a document she allegedly received in July and did not disclose until after the hearing was over.  This "gotcha" eleventh-hour disclosure is yet another chapter in the interminable and embarrassing confirmation process.  The fact that it was first disclosed after the hearing and before the vote (although Feinstein knew about it in July) renders the timing and the motivation behind the disclosure suspicious.  Further fueling this feeling of skepticism is the Democrats' stated desire to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation and the fact that some Democrats have refused to objectively consider any of President Trump's nominees.

Last-Minute Attack On Kavanaugh Is Meant As Warning To All Conservatives.  It's hard to know what to make of the last-second charge against Judge Brett Kavanaugh about an event that allegedly occurred 36 years ago.  What is crystal clear is the message Democrats are sending to conservatives.  "We will do whatever it takes to destroy you."

Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser downplayed sexual misconduct allegations against Clinton, Franken.  Attorney Debra Katz made the rounds Monday on morning television to argue her client's sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be taken seriously, an appeal accepted even by the White House.  But while her client's claims have raised bipartisan concerns about Kavanaugh, Katz, a longtime Democratic donor known for representing sexual harassment accusers, also has a history of downplaying or dismissing accusations made by women against Democratic politicians — including former President Bill Clinton and former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

The Legal Advisor for Kavanaugh's Accuser Is a Big Time Democratic DonorThe Washington Post reported this afternoon that Stanford professor Christine Blasey Ford is the woman behind the confidential letter given to Sen. Dianne Feinstein accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault as a teenager.  According to the Post, Ford initially refrained from revealing the alleged information of a horrendous sexual assault due to privacy concerns for herself and her family.  But she thought it was her duty to come forward on the record after the advice of Washington lawyer Debra Katz.  Katz, however, has a long history of dismissing sexual assault allegations against liberal politicians, donating to left-wing causes, and even publicly demonizing all Trump advisors as "miscreants" who are worse than deplorables.

Three Republican Senators Side With Democrats To Delay Kavanaugh Supreme Court Vote.  Yesterday [9/16/2018] D.C. Whispers warned its readers the bogus allegations against Trump Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, would be front and center this week as Democrats hoped to intimidate enough Republican senators that Kavanaugh's appointment might be delayed and possibly derailed entirely.  That attempt is now happening and proving successful as Republican senators Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, all indicated they were open to delaying the Kavanaugh vote.

Team Trump:  If We Ditch Kavanaugh, We're Signing Our Own 'Death Warrant'.  For Donald Trump's White House, Brett Kavanaugh is increasingly irrelevant to the politics of his own Supreme Court nomination.  Instead, those close to the president view the next few days as a virtual X-ray on the backbone of their party and a litmus test for the future of Trump's presidency.  Those are the stakes that Team Trump has embraced as it and Kavanaugh respond to allegations that the federal appeals court judge sexually assaulted a fellow high-school student — allegations he strenuously denies.  There has been no talk within the ranks about pulling the nomination and going with an equally conservative — if not less controversial — pick, even if it would remove a major complication from the Republican agenda just 50 days before the midterm elections.  To do so, aides and operatives insist, would be a disaster of much greater magnitude:  inviting Democrats to launch more aggressive challenges to future judicial nominees and depressing the very base of conservative voters needed in November.

Kavanaugh Hires Award Winning Female Lawyer Over Assault Allegation.  U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh hired attorney Beth Wilkinson to represent him in an upcoming hearing regarding allegations of sexual assault ahead of Thursday's nomination proceeding.  Kavanaugh hired award winning lawyer Wilkinson of Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz to represent him according to multiple sources, CNN reported Monday [9/17/2018].  Wilkinson has been lead counsel in over 50 jury trials and litigated scores of significant cases for the Army.  She also played a major role in prosecuting the Oklahoma City bombers, according to her website.

Judge Kavanaugh Meets His Anita Hill.  Maybe Sen. Dianne Feinstein had another cold, deciding to release a letter the author requested be kept confidential, a letter accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in high school.  In what was hardly a "Spartacus moment," the cowardly Feinstein withheld its existence during public and closed-door testimony, a private meeting, and personal phone calls with Kavanaugh.  After the Democrats prattled on about not having all of Kavanaugh's documents, here was the self-righteous Feinstein, withholding a document until all else failed to derail Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh Can't Be Disqualified Based On An Unsubstantiated Story From 30 Years Ago.  There is a not-insignificant chance that Ford is being untruthful about some or all of this.  She is a registered Democrat with a political axe to grind.  She brought her accusations to Democratic politicians, not law enforcement.  She changed her story at least once between 2012 and now.  The only two other witnesses — Kavanaugh and Judge — have denied her account.  Dozens of women have come forward to vouch for Kavanaugh's character and integrity.  As far as we know, there are no other accusers.  So, we have a vague accusation from an ideological opponent, unsubstantiated and uncorroborated, presented in a way and at a time calculated to cause maximum political damage.

Red Flags Everywhere in Christine Blasey Ford Accusation Against Kavanaugh.  Once again, the media is complicit with the Democrats in their effort to smear a man who has spent his entire life as an accomplished judge and citizen.  What about Judge Kavanaugh's family?  His daughters?  Do the Democrats really want to go down this rabbit hole?  Judge Kavanaugh has gone through 6 FBI background checks so let's look into Christine Blasey Ford's background.  Two can play this game.  One thing that sticks is that Ford said she felt it was her "civic duty" to tell the story.  For Democrats, the ends justify the means.  Even though Christine Blasey Ford was able to scrub her social media accounts before revealing herself, information was discovered to reveal that she's a liberal activist who gave to many different liberal organizations.

Now Is the Time to Stop Jurisprudence From Being the Plaything of Politics.  The "intergalactic freak show," as Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) so splendidly called it, continues.  For the third time, the progressives have used a last-resort accusation of sexual misconduct to seek to besmear the reputation of a good man and force him to withdraw from the public stage.  It worked with Roy Moore, it failed with Clarence Thomas, and it must not be allowed to succeed with Brett Kavanaugh.  In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, this is more than the usual "he said," "she said," as we had, for example, with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.  Here the accuser, Christine Ford, claims she was assaulted by Kavanaugh and a prep-school classmate, Mark Judge.  Judge and Kavanaugh both vehemently deny the incident ever happened and 65 women who knew Kavanaugh at the time have come forth to affirm that his character was completely inconsistent with what Ford alleges. [...] It is highly unlikely that events from more than three decades in the past, when the evidence is conflicted, could have succeeded in a court of law, but there are now no reliable evidentiary standards for the struggle in which we are engaged.

Is the accusation against Kavanaugh the culmination of a set-up from 2012?  By now you've all heard that Christine Blasey Ford is the woman accusing Kavanaugh of attacking her 35 years ago, a claim he strenuously and absolutely denies.  Her story is a bizarre pastiche of precise details and huge memory holes.  It's also got a big lie planted right in the middle, which is Ford's claim that she always meant to be private and only went public now because she couldn't hide anymore.  That's [a canard].  The moment Ford sent a letter to a Democrat pol, she knew with absolute certainty that this would be a big deal, that her name would emerge, and that she'd become the Democrats' new darling.  But this post is going to focus on one of the more weird things about Ford's accusation against Kavanaugh, which is the fact her therapist's notes date from 2012: [...] Contact your Senator (if s/he is a Republican) and tell your Senator not to go wobbly on this one.  There's a strong likelihood that it's a time bomb, put into place six years ago, and exploding now, sending defamatory falsehoods flying all over the place.

Feinstein's handling of Kavanaugh letter shows complete disregard for truth and justice.  As a prosecutor, a superior court judge as well as elected district attorney.  The way it works is you are innocent until you are proven guilty.  Clear, unambiguous words etched in stone.  Why would anyone ignore this truth, especially the ranking Democrat on Senate Judiciary, Senator Dianne Feinstein, is stunning.  But you shouldn't be surprised.  The left is committed to the removal of a duly elected president, the destruction of our system of capitalism, and now an all-out assault on our system of justice.

Democrats' Kavanaugh smears yet another effort to reverse 2016 election results.  [Christine Blasey] Ford claims she didn't tell anyone about the alleged assault until 2012 when she was in couples therapy with her husband, but even then she didn't mention Kavanaugh's name.  If this sounds like a replay of Anita Hill's last-minute allegations against Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings, it should.  In football a late hit can bring a penalty.  In politics it's all part of the game.

What Should the Senate Do With Brett Kavanaugh?  The Democratic resistance to the Kavanaugh nomination has been an all-out assault on his judicial philosophy and personal integrity from the moment that it was announced. [...] But this last-ditch decision to sabotage Kavanaugh at the 11th hour is a disgusting piece of political propaganda. [...] Putting the information exclusively in the hands of key Democrats thus invited the wholly corrupt strategy that has now unfolded.  First, the Democrats would try to discredit Kavanaugh by engaging in a set of procedural antics and obnoxious substantive questions during the hearing, without mentioning this letter.  When that strategy abjectly failed, they knew they had to go to Plan B, which was to release the letter and the allegation days before the confirmation vote.

The New Refuge of Scoundrels.  Just when observers had concluded the desperate progressive opposition to Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court could not stoop much lower, it most certainly did.  Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), in the news recently for somehow unknowingly employing a Chinese spy as her gofer and chauffeur for 20 years, passed on information to federal investigators that weeks ago had come to her attention from an unnamed, unidentified, and anonymous female who claimed she was a high school acquaintance of Kavanaugh's.  Apparently, we were to believe that the once-anonymous informant had harbored a long-simmering, but heretofore never-voiced complaint of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, which coincidentally reached a peak of unsustainable resentment at the time of his nomination to the highest court in the land.

Republicans should not allow the hit on Kavanaugh to succeed.  Senate Democrats have been desperate to defeat Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  The Democrat-aligned media ran a number of laughable hit pieces on him, leading to such revelations as his purchase of baseball tickets on a credit card and some beer-drinking in his youth.  Shrieking, hysterical left-wing protesters by the dozen were carted out of the hearings, yelling all sorts of insanity and obscenity.  The whole effort was childish, pathetic and transparently political.  Americans of good faith saw that Kavanaugh was eminently qualified for the Supreme Court, with a spotless personal reputation and a gold-standard resume.  It became obvious that the left's outrage stemmed from the prospect of losing the Supreme Court as a tool of progressive policymaking.

No, Brett Kavanaugh's mother didn't foreclose on his accuser's parents' house.  The records show Martha Kavanaugh was one of several judges involved in the case.  The records show she made no ruling pertaining to a seizure of the Blasleys' home.  The records also show that her involvement in the case was minimal.  Basically, she dismissed it, and that's it.  She even dismissed the foreclosure "with prejudice," meaning that, on the merits, the case was over and could not be refiled on the same grounds.  Also, in case you were wondering, the Blaseys still retain ownership of the home listed in the court filings, according to the most current data available from the state of Maryland's Department of Assessment and Taxation.  So no, it does not appear that they lost their home.

Experts doubt claim of 'truthful' polygraph result from Kavanaugh accuser.  Reports about the woman who claims Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago state that she took a polygraph test that deemed her to be "truthful."  But experts interviewed by the Washington Examiner doubt the significance of that finding, and assert that such tests are unable to assess at all whether a person is lying or is truthful.

What is Christine Blasey Ford trying to hide?  After Democrats all but lose the prospect of derailing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, suddenly a new accuser with a 35-year-old charge of groping abuse comes out of the woodwork. [...] But her case rapidly fell apart when it wasn't just a problem from her long ago.  Turns out her present politics has a lot to do with what we are seeing.  She's a fanatic Bay Area far-left activist.  She donated cash to ShareBlue, a generic Democratic front for cash-raising of the Obama-hipster variety.  On Twitter, there was some talk (unverified) that she gave $5,000 to Hillary Clinton, and a more reliable report from reporter Ryan Saavedra that she gave money to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Here Is a Copy of the Letter Far Left Activist Christine Blasey Ford Sent Sen. Feinstein in July on Brett Kavanaugh.  Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are working overtime to delay Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.  On Thursday [9/13/2018], ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) referred a mysterious letter about Kavanaugh to the FBI.  Feinstein had been holding on to the letter since earlier this year.

Ronan Farrow Reports Kavanaugh Accuser Refuses to Come Forward, No Witnesses.  Ronan Farrow — a journalist who has gained notoriety for his investigative reporting on sexual predators, including disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and CBS executive Leslie Moonves — worked with another writer at the New Yorker to report on the last-ditch effort by Democrats to derail Kavanaugh's confirmation.  Unlike Farrow's earlier reports on Weinstein and Moonves — in which victims are named and interviews included in the piece, the Kavanaugh accuser is different — and less credible — for several reasons.

Democrats Pull the Sleaziest Smear in Their Long History of Sleazy Smears.  As someone remarked on Twitter, Democrats are now trying to turn Judge Brett Kavanaugh into Roy Moore, and it's disgusting.  It's also predictable and, in fact, was predicted in a prescient email that "a very smart conservative" lawyer sent to Weekly Standard writer John McCormack.  On Sept. 5 — eight days before Sen. Dianne Feinstein pulled this stunt — the lawyer warned that Democrats would drop a "grenade" after the Senate confirmation hearings, a repeat of the tactic they used with Anita Hill's smear of Clarence Thomas.  This actually surprised me.  After the four-day Soros-funded protest carnival of the hearings, I expected the Kavanaugh nomination to proceed rapidly to a Senate vote.  Like, OK, Democrats put on their little TV show and now we're done, right?  Certainly I could not believe that such a sober clean-cut, Catholic judge, who has served a dozen years on the bench, would be made the target of this cheap smear.

An 11th-hour attempt to slander Brett Kavanaugh.  After several days of showboating and judicial hazing, Democrats pulled out their biggest weapon against Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh: a letter from an anonymous woman claiming sexual misconduct in high school.  There are no words — except, perhaps, desperate, scurrilous and embarrassing to anyone with a conscience and a grown-up brain.  The letter apparently has been in the custody of Judiciary Committee member Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) since July, but it only recently surfaced.  Feinstein says she didn't mention it sooner out of concern for the accuser's privacy and because the events were too far in the past to merit discussion, according to a source close to the senator who spoke to the New Yorker.  Under pressure from colleagues, however, she turned it over to the FBI.

Is Dianne Feinstein the Most Corrupt Senator in the United States?  On top of her McCarthyite smear of Judge Kavanaugh, she's closely tied to both Chinese and Russian operations in the United States.  To date, only one fairly obscure member of Congress has asked our intel people — in this case, the FBI — to look into the alarming case of a Chinese agent becoming her office manager and personal chauffeur. [...] We have apparently hard evidence of Chinese espionage in the office of the number one senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee — the FBI told her about it five years ago, and she did nothing (nor did the bureau) — but nobody seems concerned.

FBI Yawns at Democrat Dianne Feinstein's Pathetic Smear of Brett Kavanaugh.  Yesterday [9/13/2018] Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein announced she had received a letter from an unnamed woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of wrongdoing.  She didn't reveal what was in the letter, didn't share it with Republican colleagues on the Committee for review and referred Kavanaugh to the FBI for investigation.  "I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision.  I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities," Feinstein released in a public statement.

Dianne Feinstein Prepares a Deathblow for Kavanaugh.  Yesterday [9/13/2018], Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein claimed that an anonymous woman may have accused Brett Kavanaugh of doing something in high school.  While the fake news media are having a field day, the truth is that only two Democrats have seen the letter, the person who wrote the letter is refusing to come forward, and we haven't been told what the letter claims, but we have been told that it dates back to when Kavanaugh was in high school.  I'm so old that I remember when people like Feinstein were telling us that Obama's regular, and criminal, use of drugs in high school was no big deal.  But now some anonymous accuser is claiming that Kavanaugh may have done something during high school, and leftists are beside themselves at the horror of it all.

Media Fail:  FBI Not Interested in Feinstein's Kavanaugh Hoax — but 'Pro' Journos Take the Bait.  The FBI will not be investigating Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) last-second attempt to smear Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  After countless hours of hearings, a number of in-depth background checks, thousands of questions asked and answered, and numerous one-on-one meetings with senators of both parties, at the very last second Feinstein dramatically released a letter (she has reportedly had in her possession for months) to the FBI.

Kimberley Strassel picks apart Feinstein's Kavanaugh letter: 'timing here cannot be ignored'.  California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a statement on Thursday alluding to a letter she received that raised concerns about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — but the Wall Street Journal's Kimberley Strassel suggested that the whole scenario didn't exactly add up.  The letter, to which Feinstein referred in a vague statement, is believed to contain an allegation of some instance of misconduct involving Kavanaugh and a woman when they were both in high school.

That Allegation Sat on Dianne Feinstein's Desk Since Late July?  Making the click-through worthwhile:  Senator Dianne Feinstein promises a vague bombshell and Ronan Farrow fills in the details; Mr. Nanny State himself is allegedly running for president; and Democrats say they expect to see another old, familiar face return to the campaign trail in 2020.  Yesterday afternoon [9/13/2018], California senator Dianne Feinstein said she referred unspecified information about Brett Kavanaugh to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but refused to offer any specifics.

MSNBC Panel Mocks Feinstein For "Cheap Last Minute Trick" With Kavanaugh "Smear".  Via the GOP War Room YouTube channel:  On MSNBC's Morning Joe [9/14/2018], Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle slam Senator Dianne Feinstein and Democratic staffers for her letter on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and following leaks to the press as a "cheap last minute trick" and a "true danger" to nomination processes.  [Video clip]

Maybe There Was A Good Reason Why Dianne Feinstein Didn't Make Her Kavanaugh Smear Public.  There is a little more heat and a lot more light available today on the late hit by California Democrat and Chicom agent-of-influence Dianne Feinstein on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Just a recap:  yesterday Feinstein announced she had some super-secret allegation about Kavanaugh that she couldn't share with her Democrat colleagues but which she was happy to share with federal law enforcement.  The FBI quickly punted that particular tar baby (is that term a dog whistle these days?).  And it was revealed that the allegation involved Kavanaugh and a friend, both 17-years-old, locking an unnamed girl "in" a room (what kind of [...] house lets you lock people in rooms from the outside?) but she was able to turn the doorknob without male assistance and make her escape.

Deep State Guards Its Own:  Consider Dianne Feinstein.  California voters sent Dianne Feinstein to the U.S. Senate in 1992 when she won a special election to fill the seat vacated by Pete Wilson, who left the Senate to become California's governor.  At 85 years old, she is currently the oldest-serving member of the Senate.  Running for reelection in 2018, she has already won five previous contests for the high office of senator and is expected to win a new six-year term.  A hardcore leftist, Feinstein can be counted on by socialists and liberals to support legislation that ignores the Constitution she has so frequently sworn to uphold.  During the recent confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, Feinstein made several statements that were simply not true, even termed deliberate lies by some.  Had a conservative senator issued similar, or even lesser, falsehoods during a confirmation hearing for a leftist judge, the mass media would have screamed for his scalp, and used the falsehoods to harm his prospects for the seat on the high court.

Dianne Feinstein, What [...] Were You Thinking?  First of all, what in blazes was Dianne Feinstein thinking?  It was late July when she got that letter from a female constituent alleging that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.  And only this week did she bother to share it with her Democratic Judiciary Committee colleagues?  And not only that.  According to Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer's explosive New Yorker piece posted Friday morning, those colleagues got wind of the letter's existence and had been asking her to share it with them "for several days"? What did she say?  My dog ate it?

MSNBC Panel Mocks Feinstein For "Cheap Last Minute Trick" With Kavanaugh "Smear".  Via the GOP War Room YouTube channel:  On MSNBC's Morning Joe [9/14/2018], Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle slam Senator Dianne Feinstein and Democratic staffers for her letter on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and following leaks to the press as a "cheap last minute trick" and a "true danger" to nomination processes.  [Video clip]

Media Fail:  FBI Not Interested in Feinstein's Kavanaugh Hoax — but 'Pro' Journos Take the Bait.  The FBI will not be investigating Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) last-second attempt to smear Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  After countless hours of hearings, a number of in-depth background checks, thousands of questions asked and answered, and numerous one-on-one meetings with senators of both parties, at the very last second Feinstein dramatically released a letter (she has reportedly had in her possession for months) to the FBI.

FBI Won't investigate Kavanaugh following Democrats' mysterious last-minute accusation that dates back to high school.  The FBI is declining to investigate Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's connection to a Democratic senator's mysterious claim that troubling 'information' had come to her — information reportedly concerning sexual misconduct when he was in high school.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California said Thursda in a statement that she had referred her information to federal investigators, just a week before the U.S. Senate is scheduled to begin a series of votes on his nomination.

Grassley Schedules Kavanaugh Vote for Sept. 20th — Feinstein Pulls Stunt Sending High School Harassment Allegation to Federal Authorities.  Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has scheduled the committee vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for Thursday September 20th.  A full senate vote is anticipated prior to the end of this month.  SCOTUS session begins October 1st.  In a last ditch effort to come up with some scheme or roadblock, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein, has announced she is referring a High School allegation of sexual misconduct to federal authorities for immediate investigation.

Dianne Feinstein's announcement about Brett Kavanaugh and the FBI smells like a political stunt.  Either Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., has the goods on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, or she has gone full Harry Reid.  My money is on the latter.  The ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee released a tortuously cryptic statement Thursday [9/13/2018] claiming her office has referred a Kavanaugh-related matter to federal law enforcement officials.

Report: Feinstein Has Document Attacking Kavanaugh She Won't Share With Other Democrats.  According to a report released Thursday, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, possesses a document regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh that she refuses to share with other Democrats on the committee.  The Intercept reports that other Democrats have requested access to the document, which originated from someone in California, and reportedly delineates an incident between Kavanaugh and a woman in high school.  The information regarding the incident was allegedly forwarded to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who wrote the letter and then forwarded it to Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA), who sent it to Feinstein.  After news leaked about the document's existence, Democrats asked Feinstein for access to the document, but they were rebuffed, according to sources for The Intercept.

The Washington Insider — Media Resistance.  The unglamorous truth is that beyond the marble and white stone, the Imperial City is a snake pit where government careerists, bureaucrats and political appointees, engage in constant intrigues.  Success in D.C. has very little to do with performance and a great deal to do with contacts and publicity.  Everyone important enough to get coverage starts cultivating reporters and anonymously planting stories that make him look good and everyone in his way look bad.  That's the social disease of Washington D.C.  Both the media and the insiders have escalated their usual abusive behavior, with the insiders leaking classified information, doing serious damage while boasting about being a "resistance".  But it's not a dramatic break with the past.  Instead it's a corrupt illicit relationship turning even more corrupt.

Democrats to delay Kavanaugh vote until next week.  Democrats are poised to block a Thursday [9/13/2018] committee vote to advance the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, placed Kavanaugh's nomination on Thursday's schedule.  But Democrats will likely use a committee rule that allows them to keep the nomination on hold for at least another week.  That means a Judiciary Committee vote on Kavanaugh isn't likely to happen until Sept. 20 at the earliest.

Democrats Hope for a Richard Nixon Repeat.  Tuesday morning [9/4/2018], as Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court began, Democrats disrupted the proceedings and demanded immediate adjournment, as scores of protesters shouted and screamed.  Taking credit for orchestrating the disruption, Senator Dick Durbin boasted, "What we've heard is the noise of democracy."  But if mob action to shut down a Senate hearing is the noise of democracy, this may explain why many countries are taking a new look at the authoritarian rulers who can at least deliver a semblance of order.

Kavanaugh Protesters Take Over Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley's Office.  Angry protesters took over Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley's office Thursday morning, day three of the Kavanaugh hearings.  The protesters were demanding Grassley delay the Kavanaugh hearings.  Approximately two dozen left-wing protesters flooded Grassley's office in the Hart Senate Office Building, reported FOX News.  "Chuck Grassley, come out, we've got some things to talk about," the protesters repeatedly chanted.

By Whom Would You Want To Be Judged:  Brett Kavanaugh Or Senate Democrats?  Like ill-bred children tormenting a turtle or some other harmless animal, Senate Democrats spent yesterday circling Judge Brett Kavanaugh poking him with the sticks of repetitive questions on his views on abortion, executive privilege, President Trump's alleged wrongdoing, the Second Amendment and other appeals to their increasingly Far Left political base.  Chairman Chuck Grassley had barely gaveled open the second day of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing when Far Left agitators started screaming and trying to interrupt the hearing.  Grassley then pointed out that Democrats interrupted the hearing 63 times on Tuesday [9/4/2018] and vowed that Wednesday's hearing would be different — and it was, sort of.  Democrats were slightly more inclined to follow some semblance of decorum and agitators were quickly cleared from the room, but the partisan political tenor of the hearing was just as intense.

Cruz Excoriates Democrats Who Want To Delay SCOTUS Hearings Over Document Hunt.  On Tuesday [9/4/2018], Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) skewered Democrats over their demands that thousands upon thousands of documents from SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh's time working in George W. Bush's White House be released and analyzed before hearings can take place.

Democrats' Kavanaugh Tantrums Are An Embarrassment.  Any doubt that Democrats are desperate to stall Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court ended Tuesday, when they made a mockery of the confirmation hearings.  This was nothing more than bad political theater.

Democrats Manufacture "Gun Control" Propaganda Moment During Kavanaugh Hearing.  During the senate confirmation hearing today the full antics of the Democrat political apparatus were on display.  One of their choreographed and manufactured moments happened when a man named Fred Guttenberg was staged to shake the hand of Judge Kavanaugh during one of the recess breaks. [...] Fred Guttenberg is one of the parents from the February Parkland High School shooting, a Democrat and a gun control proponent.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh, like most of America, had no idea who the guy was who was trying to grab him.  It was an entirely staged event put on by Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat party, and coordinated with prior notification to media to anticipate the moment.

Senate Democrats Prove They're Unfit to Govern.  During the first two days of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee demonstrated why their party lost control of Congress, and that they still can't be trusted with a majority in either house.  In addition to interrupting the proceedings countless times on hopelessly frivolous grounds and engaging in outrageous demagoguery, they openly encouraged demonstrators to disrupt the hearings with such disgusting behavior that Judge Kavanaugh's wife was forced to lead his children out of the room on the first day.  These are the very Democrats, remember, who routinely lecture President Trump on matters of decorum.

Democrats wage a losing battle over Kavanaugh.  Many media descriptions of Tuesday's [9/4/2018] hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court called the event "a circus."  It is a reasonable choice of words, given that the first portion resembled an episode of Jerry Springer, minus the chair throwing.  There was real tension as raucous audience members took turns trying to drown out the Senate Judiciary Committee with angry shouts and screams.  It's a safe guess that none was shrieking in support of the nominee, who sat stoically through the rain of insults, though his young daughters reportedly were escorted out to spare them the ordeal.

Senate Democrats Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing 76 Times.  Senate Democrats spoke over Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) and each other 76 times in a raucous hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday [9/4/2018].  [Video clip]

The Democrat Clown Show.  The Democrat Clown show is in full swing at the Kavanaugh Hearing. [...] Their goal is power.  There is nothing they won't do to get it.

Texas Doctors at Kavanaugh Hearing Say They Saw Liberal Protesters Paid "With a Literal Bag of Cash".  President Trump's Supreme Court pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday [9/4/2018].  Democrats and protesters interrupted the the hearing for hours.  Dozens of liberal protesters were arrested and dragged screaming from the committee hearing.

What Do Serial Killers and the Left Have in Common?  Fact is, the last two years of "resistance" has had little to do with upholding morality or fighting for what the Left believes in.  Whatever it may believe in, the Left's pursuit of raw power — its long march through the institutions — has always been its primary goal. [...] The Democrats are utterly abusing the immense powers of the federal government's intelligence and law enforcement capabilities in order to accomplish that which they cannot at the ballot box:  defeat the Republicans.  So terrible has the "resistance" to Trump's presidency been that the Democrats now impede the president's governing abilities, as mandated by the very same Constitution the Left is claiming to defend.

The circus is back in town.  Well, here we go again.  The "Borking of a good man" show is off and running.  It will include 2020 presidential candidates positioning themselves for the first debate of 2020.  "I stood up to Kavanaugh" is now the latest rallying cry of the resistance!  And what would a Supreme Court confirmation be without someone in the back of the room screaming that "her rights" are at risk?  For some, the mere thought of a Justice Brett Kavanaugh is enough to scream this or that.  For many of us, a future Justice Kavanaugh will be a step in the restoration of our constitution.

Three frauds ginned up by Democrats at the Kavanaugh hearing.  The left is out of ideas.  Leftists have absolutely no grounds for opposing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Yet they do, and with a passion.  Attempting to politicize the nomination as a right-left matter hasn't worked.  So now they're stooping to dirty, filthy tricks.  They cooked up an amazing string of them in their Kavanaugh hearing antics, held in the Senate yesterday.  The bottom line in all of them was that they are frauds.  Exhibit A:  The scream-fest in the chambers from leftist crazies that most of us heard about.

Senate Democrats Make A Mockery Of The 'World's Greatest Deliberative Body'.  What a disgusting show that was.  The Senate on Tuesday [9/4/2018] opened the high-profile confirmation hearing for President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.  It didn't take 10 seconds for the whole thing to melt down into chaos.  As Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, moved to call the hearings to order, hecklers began shouting.  And as soon as Grassley spoke, Sen. Kamala Harris, California Democrat, interrupted him, calling for a delay to the hearings because, she said, the committee had just received a batch of 42,000 documents relating to the nominee's work with past administrations.  "We cannot possibly move forward.  We have not had an opportunity to have a meaningful hearing," she said.

Dems shut down Senate over Kavanaugh hearings.  Senate Democrats closed down the chamber floor Wednesday to protest the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.  The hearings were able to continue, but only after the GOP agreed to quit floor business for the rest of the day.  Under Senate rules, committees need consent from both sides of the aisle to meet into the afternoon when the floor is also in session.  Consent is almost always granted — but on Wednesday, Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer refused, saying he was fed up with the push to confirm the judge to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

Dick Durbin Admits:  Democrats Plotted to Disrupt Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing.  Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) admitted Tuesday [9/4/2018] in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court that he and other Democrats participated in a conference call on how to disrupt the hearings.  Durbin was responding to a question by Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), who cited an NBC News tweet from earlier in the morning that reported that Senate Democrats had planned over the Labor Day weekend to use protests and interruptions.

Protests Break Out at Kavanaugh Hearing — Judge Kavanaugh Not Even Sworn in After First Half Hour.  President Trump's Supreme Court pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning [9/4/2018].  Democrats and protesters have interrupted the process for the first half hour.  Judge Kavanaugh has not even been sworn in yet!

Brett Kavanaugh hearing repeatedly interrupted by Dem objections, protests.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday [9/4/2018] vowed to be "a neutral and impartial arbiter" if confirmed to the Supreme Court, after a chaotic first day of hearings on Capitol Hill amid political theatrics and protests from Democrats.  "If confirmed to the Supreme Court, I will keep an open mind in every case," Kavanaugh said.  "I will do equal right to the poor and to the rich.  I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law."  Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings started Tuesday and are set to continue through the week.

Linda Sarsour Arrested For Disorderly Conduct at Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing.  President Trump's Supreme Court pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning [9/4/2018].  Democrats and protesters have interrupted the process for the first half hour.

Democrats Deploy Alinsky Tactics — Create Chaos, Crisis During Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings.  From the first moment the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing began to confirm Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the insane influence of the far-left political apparatus was obvious.  As screaming protesters responded to the cues of Democrats on the committee the coordination and optics were transparent.  Creating chaos and crisis is a typical Alinsky political strategy to advance left-wing causes.  The childish antics, visible rage and unhinged behavior will backfire in a significant manner.  Don't look away; these crazy ideologues are the people who are trying to win the 2018 election.  Imagine if they ever had political power again.

Left-Wing Activists Launch Brett Kavanaugh Protests Across the Country.  Left-wing activists hellbent on stopping President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh organized national protests Sunday, defending abortion and Planned Parenthood.  The "Unite For Justice" activists railed against Brett Kavanaugh for his stance on a number of issues, including abortion, immigration, and Obamacare.  "Senate Republicans are fast-tracking Brett Kavanaugh through confirmation before they even have his records.  Denver is NOT having it!" tweeted the pro-abortion organization NARAL.

Elizabeth Warren is no Ted Kennedy — Her plan to block Kavanaugh won't work.  Is there anything sadder than the sight of progressives solemnly going through their borking rituals when nobody cares?  That's what happened Sunday [8/26/2018], when activists sought to mobilize the public to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.  From Toledo to San Francisco, protesters dutifully showed up with "Kava-NOPE" placards, "Unite for Justice" T-shirts and, of course, their signature "Handmaid's Tale" red frocks, meant to symbolize Judge Kavanaugh as an instrument of the patriarchy.

Dems officially request delay in Kavanaugh hearing.  Democrats on the SenateJudiciary Committee officially requested a delay Friday in the planned confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, saying there are too many questions to move forward with the Sept. 4 planned start.  All 10 Democrats signed a letter demanding the delay.  They listed a lack of documents, and President Trump's mounting legal entanglements as matters that must be sorted out before Judge Kavanaugh faces questions in public for the first time since his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Dem senators cave and agree to meet with Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh is one of the most appealing new faces on the national scene in years.  This guy has got it all — admiration from liberals who have gotten to know him, a stellar record, a gorgeous family, and a record of community service.  The Senate Democrats have realized they were making fools of themselves.  Expect Kavanuagh to be confirmed in September.  The document demands were always a ruse.  They are cutting their losses.

Don't sacrifice Democrats' Senate seats in a futile fight against Kavanaugh confirmation.  Barring some explosive last-minute scandalous revelation, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  Attracting a couple of Republicans to turn thumbs-down on the judge seems increasingly remote.  Nothing that either Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins or Alaska's Sen. Lisa Murkowski have done or said suggests that either of them will jump ship.  Nonetheless, Democratic activists have been hounding Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to coerce West Virginia's Sen. Joe Manchin, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota and Indiana's Sen. Joe Donnelly into falling on their swords by voting against Kavanaugh.  Such acts of self-sacrifice would be unimaginable in today's Senate where careers are not tossed away lightly.  And even in the unlikely event that Schumer could persuade these Democrats to walk the plank, the party would end up being far worse off than it is now.

White House Slams Schumer, Feinstein for 'Disingenuously' Demanding Kavanaugh Docs.  The White House slammed Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Judiciary ranking member Dianne Feinstein for "disingenuously" demanding records about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that are "irrelevant" to his legal views.  "Despite published reports, the White House's requests for meetings between Judge Kavanaugh and Senators Schumer and Feinstein remain unanswered after over three weeks," White House spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement.

Hundreds of Far Left Protesters Line Up Outside of Senator Thune's Office to Stop Meeting With Kavanaugh.  The Hill reported Capitol Police arrested 74 protesters Wednesday [8/1/2018] who were charged with crowding, obstructing, or incommoding, all of which are prohibited under D.C. Code §22-1307.

Schumer asks George W. Bush for help as Democrats try to derail court nominee.  The top Senate Democrat tried to rope former President George W. Bush into the fight over the new Supreme Court pick, saying Friday [7/27/2018] it's up to Mr. Bush to make sure Congress has the documents it needs to vet and approve the nominee.  Sen. Charles E. Schumer fired off a letter to Mr. Bush telling him to order his presidential library to make public all of the records it holds from Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who served as a White House lawyer and staff secretary for Mr. Bush before he won his seat on an appeals court in 2006.

The Editor says...
What does this tell you about Bush 43?

Kavanaugh comes knocking but Democrats won't meet with him.  Many Senate Democrats have refused to hold the traditional meet and greet events with Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh, arguing they have not received all of the millions of pages of documentation related to Kavanaugh's time working in the Bush White House.  Their shut out could ultimately delay the confirmation process and has prompted a threat from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to keep the Senate in session until Election Day if that time is needed to confirm Kavanaugh.

Fill in the blank
One Picture Shows Why Democrats Who are Protesting Trump's SCOTUS Pick are Unprincipled Losers.  Trump could have nominated a reincarnated Earl Warren and he'd face opposition from the goose-stepping, far left, resistance-at-all-costs Democrats.

12 Insane Reasons the Left Opposes Brett Kavanaugh (Yes, These Are Real).  [#2] Brett Kavanaugh Will Kill People:  It does not get any more prestigious than the Yale Law community, and when over 200 students, faculty, and alumni gather together to tell us Kavanaugh will start killing people on the Court, we need to pay attention.  [#3] Brett Kavanaugh Is a White Male:  If you do not find Yalelies compelling, I dare you to deny the wisdom of former members of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, those who have formed the group Demand Justice, and have broken the news that Brett Kavanaugh is a white guy.  [...] [#10] Most of Brett Kavanaugh's Law Clerks Were Women:  The indispensable New York Times reports that of the 48 law clerks Kavanaugh hired over the years, 25 were women, and they are now vouching for his integrity and professionalism.

Ad hominem attack:
NARAL Mocks Trump Supreme Court Nominee Over His 'Frat Boy' First Name.  Many liberal groups have expressed substantive concerns over President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  However, on Thursday [7/12/2018], the abortion advocacy group NARAL voiced a rather odd, personal objection to Kavanaugh:  his first name.

No matter who it is...
Protests Already Planned For Trump's SCOTUS Nominee.  The left-wing group Refuse Fascism is planning a nation-wide protest Monday night after President Donald Trump reveals his Supreme Court nominee.  The protests will go on regardless of who Trump chooses, spanning 12 American cities — Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Honolulu, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, and Seattle, according to its website.

Hillary Clinton Says Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Will Bring Back Slavery.  On Friday morning [7/13/2018], former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, would bring back slavery if he is confirmed to the nation's highest court.  "Let me say a word about the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court," Clinton told the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) at its national convention.  "This nomination holds out the threat of devastating consequences for workers rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, women's rights — including those to make our own health decisions."  "It is a blatant attempt by this administration to shift the balance of the Court for decades and to reverse decades of progress," the former Democratic presidential nominee declared.  Then came the kicker:  "I used to worry that they [the Republicans] wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s.  Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s."

Will Left's Rank Politics Of Rage Keep Trump's Brilliant Pick Off Supreme Court?  The Supreme Court is the sole final guardian of the Constitution, the law of our land.  The Constitution, and in particular its Bill of Rights, were intended to serve as a basic list of irrevocable rights for U.S. citizens.  It's not a tool for unbounded activism, as many on the left seem to feel.  Any judge who doesn't take this seriously doesn't belong on the bench.  Kavanaugh does.

Government by shouting contest:
Protests turn tense outside Supreme Court after Trump picks Kavanaugh.  Protests turned tense at the steps of the Supreme Court Monday night after President Trump chose Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Some protesters were screaming back and forth at each other amid a heavy law-enforcement presence.  Pro-choice activists held purple signs reading "Protect Roe" and "Don't Criminalize Abortion."  Others chanted:  "Kavanaugh has got to go!"  Others shouted into bullhorns, "abortion is violence" and "uphold the Constitution of the United States of America."

Against XX.  If you sense a synthetic quality to the outrage greeting the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by President Trump, you aren't mistaken. [...] Once the announcement was made, the blank name was to be filled in by the Women's March functionary.  In the event, the functionary did a poor job of executing the task, first forgetting to fill in the blank and then misspelling the nominee's name.

Is this all they've got?
Liberals attack Brett Kavanaugh for 'frat boy' name.  The latest line of attack from liberals against Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, is knocking the judge for his 'frat boy'-sounding first name.

Government by mob:
Michael Moore:  "I'll Join a Million Other People" Surrounding Capitol to Delay Vote on SCOTUS Pick.  On Friday's [6/29/2018] broadcast of HBO's "Real Time," Michael Moore stated that to stop President Trump's Supreme Court nominee from being voted on before the 2018 election, he will "join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol."  Moore said, "The idea is... we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening."  Host Bill Maher then asked what Moore meant.  Moore answered, "I'll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol.  I will stand there. ... Bill, let me tell you something, this judge goes through, for the rest of at least — well, all of our lives, it's a right-wing court.  That's it.  It's over."

Without even knowing who the nominee will be...
WaPo's Rubin:  Threaten Maine's LL Bean If Susan Collins Doesn't Vote Against Trump's SCOTUS Pick.  Friday [6/29/2018] on HBO's "Real Time," Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin responded to liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's call to take a million people to the U.S. Capitol to oppose President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy.  According to Rubin, it would be better to apply economic pressure to Maine's LL Bean and Alaska's Alaskan Cruises to convince Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to oppose Trump's picks.

Millions Dead, Constitution Destroyed, And Other Ridiculous Predictions About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  As a public service, we've been collecting some of the more fantastical forecasts about the hellscape that Judge Kavanaugh will unleash on the country should he make it to the Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, political leaders and the media can get away with such outlandish claims because nobody bothers to follow up.  They just make a new round of dire predictions.  We think that needs to change.  So we encourage readers to print and save this for future reference.  See if any of them come to pass with Kavanaugh on the bench.

Maybe the left should answer some questions instead of Kavanaugh.  Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, Senator Chuck Schumer, and others on the left are trying to trash President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, in as many ways possible.  One of their many lines of attack is that Trump knows that Kavanaugh will let Trump off on any potential legal problems, presumably from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The first question that Sargent, Schumer, and other leftists of this state of mind should be asked is which law Trump broke.  What's more, how would some garden-variety stealing-or-lying charge, whatever it is, somehow make it to the Supreme Court?  More to the point, how would that cause any Supreme Court justice to let him off?

Outrage Overload:  This Is How Liberals Went Berserk Over Trump's SCOTUS Nominee.  Last night [7/9/2018], President Donald J. Trump selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to be our next associate justice for the Supreme Court.  He'll be filling the vacancy left by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. [...] Yet, even before the announcement was made, the Left was going berserk.  They had a full-blown meltdown when Kennedy announced his retirement shortly after the official end of the 2017 term.  The news broke a little after Janus v. AFSCME was decided, dealing a blow to public sector unions squeezing non-union members for dues.  It's now an unconstitutional practice to force non-members to pony up money for activities they don't support — and labor unions do a lot of that.  The chances of an aftershock post-SCOTUS announcement were high, and it's still not over.

Women's March mocked for pre-written press release opposing Supreme Court nominee 'XX'.  The Women's March opposes XX.  A pre-written — and poorly edited — statement from the Women's March on President Trump's Supreme Court nomination became the subject of mockery on Twitter on Monday night [7/9/2018], including from Mr. Trump's former press secretary.  The feminist group blasted out a statement shortly after Mr. Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh, saying him confimation would "further erode protections for almost every marginalized group in America."  The introduction to the statement read "In response to Donald Trump's nomination of XX to the Supreme Court of the United States."

'People Will Die': Yale Students, Faculty Outraged Brett Kavanaugh Might End Abortion.  Yale Law School students and faculty wrote and signed an open-letter to the dean Tuesday, criticizing Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court and saying that "people will die if he is confirmed."  The authors and signers of the letter asked Yale Law School Dean Heather K. Gerken to "use your authority and platform to expose the stakes of this moment and the threat that Judge Kavanaugh poses."  "[P]eople will die if he is confirmed," the letter reads, adding that he is a "threat to our democracy."  The crux of the letter is a disavowal for the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide in 1973.

The Editor says...
The Democrats seem to have adopted a bizarre inversion of the truth:  They apparently believe that abortion saves lives, but in reality, every abortion ends at least one life.

Hysteria over Trump SCOTUS pick.  Liberal critics are caught in a classic negative feedback loop, where each dire prediction by one liberal pundit or commentator is repeated and amplified by the next, until you end up so far afield from reality that their pronouncements become parodies of themselves. [...] Liberal hysteria is only partly deliberate.  Many of them have convinced themselves that their lunacy actually has a connection to reality.  In two, three, or five years, when this new court will have had an opportunity to make its mark on the law, and these "rights" that they are warning will be eliminated or curtailed are virtually untouched, will there be sheepish admissions on the part of these pundits that they had it all wrong, that it really isn't nearly as bad as they made out?  Don't bet on it.

Students Bash Trump's Unannounced SCOTUS Pick.  New York University students expressed their dismay over President Trump's pick to replace Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court — the only problem is, Trump has not announced his pick yet.  Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips interviewed several students at New York University about Trump's pick to replace Kennedy, and several students voiced their disapproval of Trump's yet-to-be-announced choice.

NYU Students/Staff Express Outrage Over SCOTUS Pick Not Yet Picked.  Cabot Phillips, the media director for Campus Reform, went to the esteemed New York University to ask the students what they thought of President Trump's choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Their answers were pathetic.  Even though the President hasn't picked anyone, the students are very unhappy with his choice.  One student heard the Justice was "like racist".  "He's quite extreme in his views," said another student of the non-existent Judge.

NPR's Nina Totenberg Sees 'End of the World As We Know It' on New 'Hardcore' SCOTUS.  NPR Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg, best known in recent years as a buddy and cheerleader to "notorious" liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, did not disappoint her liberal audience in freaking out over the new Supreme Court vacancy.  Once again, every potential replacement for Anthony Kennedy promises a "hardcore conservative majority."

The Editor says...
Please tell me why National Public Radio still exists.

The real meaning of Democrats' Supreme Court panic.  Democrats are in a state of sheer panic.  They're panicking because last week, Justice Anthony Kennedy — a reliable vote in favor of certain leftist priorities including abortion and same-sex marriage — announced that he will step down from the Supreme Court, leaving President Trump a second selection.  This apparently will lead to the end of a free America.  According to Jeffrey Toobin of CNN, the remade Supreme Court will spell doom:  "Abortion illegal; doctors prosecuted; gay people barred from restaurants, hotels, stores; African-Americans out of elite schools; gun control banned in 50 states; the end of regulatory state."  None of this is true, of course.  It simply demonstrates the wild overreach to which the left has subjected the judicial branch to date.

All those opposed to concentration camps please stand.
We Went to Families Belong Together Protest.  Here Are 6 Things We Saw.  [#1] Fascist and Nazi comparisons.  Many of the protestors compared the situation at the border to fascist regimes and the Holocaust.

SCOTUS Protests Are as Salty and Ridiculous as We'd Hoped.  President Trump has nominated his pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, and predictably, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth from the left.  The womyn are lamenting all those abortions they want to have but maybe won't be able to have if SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion to the states.  In their minds, this means that they would be automatically dragged into an alley (pregnant or not) and assaulted with a wire hanger by Kavanaugh himself, or something.  I really can't figure it out.  All I hear is a bunch of caterwauling histrionics about how they love to rip human babies into bloody pieces.

Have you noticed that Environmentalists Oppose Every Practical Source of Energy?
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