Liberalism and Secular Humanism

The Democratic Party is the party preferred by atheists and secular humanists.  Liberals are opposed to Christianity (more than any other religion) because it does not permit a society where anything goes.  Liberals would love to see religion removed from American society, because with God out of the way, everything would be permissible.

Liberals, in close cooperation with the ACLU, vigorously oppose the display of the Ten Commandments on public property, prayer in public schools, prayer in any public building or ceremony, or any other religious observance in public.

To convince people that religion is a bad thing, liberal Democrats try to have Americans believe that Christians are secretly plotting to establish a Christian theocracy in America.  Of course that's a vicious canard, but truth doesn't seem to matter to the typical liberal.

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Abortion:  An indispensable component of the Democratic platform.

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