Liberals Use Emotion Instead of Reason
when making important decisions

Too many people seem to formulate their beliefs based upon other people's emotional outburts and bumper stickers rather than rational thought and objective examination of facts.  Apparently that is the case all over the country.  Even so-called conservatives know the power of emotional appeal and sentimental rhetoric, which is why, for example, the federal takeover of school standards was given the name of "No Child Left Behind."  What heartless beast of a Congressman would vote to leave children behind?  But you see, the Constitution does not authorize federal involvement in education issues.  The only way to keep people from mentioning that little technicality is to give that federal involvement an irresistibly warm and fuzzy name.

Other warm and fuzzy names that have been successfully applied in the past include "The Fairness Doctrine", "The Great Society" and "Social Security."  So-called conservatives use the same technique, which is one reason almost nobody in the Congress voted against the Patriot Act, even though they hadn't read it.  Many other words in the liberal vocabulary have their connotations — some more sinister than others.

Usually it is the more liberal-leaning voters who operate this way.  That's why political candidates are chosen (subconsciously or not) on the basis of hair styles or general cuteness.  But even without the influence of television, people seem to be easily swayed by sound bites and one-liners.

Liberal (or "progressive") politicians and their allies in the news media would like us all to believe that we live in an endless series of crises that only the government can resolve.  Every day there's another emergency, another shocking update, or another politically incorrect outburst that must be addressed with more legislation.

And no matter what evil deed you've done, liberals will forgive you.  All you have to do is apologize, cry on television, and go into rehab.

Here's a helpful tip for you liberal crybabies:  After fifty years of the same old chant, maybe it's time for something more convincing than, "Hey Hey Ho Ho [fill in the blank] has got to go.

NEA Mussolini Demands 'All the Things' in Unhinged Speech.  At the annual assembly of the National Education Association (NEA) in Philadelphia last weekend, President Becky Pringle addressed representatives of the three-million-member labor union with a bombastic speech that sparked social media comparisons to Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.  In her heavily political speech, Pringle raised such progressive issues as LGBTQ rights, unrestricted abortion, equity and inclusion.  She shouted about the union having "worked hard to rid ourselves of a tyrannical, deceitful, and corrupt [Trump] White House," about resisting any "scheme" such as school vouchers to "drain resources from our beloved public schools," about fighting nonexistent "book banning" in Florida, and about "transforming" the American educational system "into something it was never designed to be — a racially and socially just and equitable system that prepares every student, EVERY student, EVERY STUDENT, EVERY ONE!"

The Press and Pundits Make Wild Claims in the Wake of the Court's Immunity Decision.  On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow warned that the Supreme Court had just unleashed death squads to roam our streets.  CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen announced that murder was now legal (at least for presidents), while others predicted that the ruling on presidential immunity would invite "tyranny."  Anyone reading the coverage would conclude that James Madison has been replaced by John Wick in a new "Baba Yaga" Republic.  President Biden fueled the sense of panic in an address that repeated widespread false claims about the decision in Trump v. United States.  Biden told the country that "for all practical purposes, today's decision almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what a president can do."  That, of course, is not true.  I have long opposed sweeping presidential privileges and powers.  I have long argued that a sitting president can be criminally charged in office.  But the portrayal of this Supreme Court opinion by the left and the media is wildly off base.

About that 'insurrection'....  Democrats and their media toadies like to characterize "MAGA" types as crazed, gun-owning and gun-toting neanderthals of the "far right."  They frequently state or imply that these folks own every type of firearm imaginable, from pistols to shotguns to rifles to AR-15s.  They say guns should be banned because otherwise these gun-crazed fanatics carry them everywhere... and that would lead to bloodshed and death.  They don't just think the MAGA people shoot hundreds of rounds a day out back of their trailer parks, farms, or cabins in the boonies; they think they carry them into the shower, restaurants, bars, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs... everywhere!  The Democrat-Media Complex would have you believe that Trump urged these gun-toting extremists to overthrow the government — and directed them to "attack" the Capitol Building.  And, of course, they say, these mind-numbed Trump-loving automatons did as they were told.  Yet when all these MAGA folks strolled through the People's House in an attempt to seize power and reinstall Trump, not a one of them carried a firearm.  Is it possible that every one of these thousands of "violent" protesters and insurrectionists forgot their weapons?  Every one?

Stark Raving Mad.  You might think the Democrats would be able to keep it together, given that they control the presidency, the Senate, the federal bureaucracy, and the press, and are only a few seats away from controlling the House.  But, for whatever reason, they have gone mad.  Democrats have reached a fever pitch of hysteria that I doubt we have seen before in our history.  One example among many is their mental breakdown over the Supreme Court's presidential immunity decision, Trump v. United States.  As I wrote here, that decision was moderate, middle of the road, and entirely predictable.  While it addressed a novel issue, it is consistent with past Supreme Court decisions.  But to hear the Democrats tell it, the Court has unleashed anarchy and turned the president into a dictator.

Supreme Court's Trump immunity ruling is what the body was designed for — unpopular but constitutionally correct.  Within minutes of the Supreme Court's decision on presidential immunity, liberal politicians and pundits seemed to move from hyperbole to hyperventilation.  When not breathing into paper bags, critics predicted, again, the end of the republic.  CNN's Van Jones declared that it was "almost a license to thug, in a way." [...] Jones warned the justices that "politically it's bad" for them to rule this way.  The comment captures the misguided analysis of many media outlets.  The Supreme Court was designed to be unpopular; to take stands that are politically unpopular but constitutionally correct.  Indeed, the Democrats have become the very threat that the court was meant to resist.  Recently, senators demanded that Chief Justice John Roberts appear to answer to them for his own decisions.  (Roberts wisely declined.)

The Editor says...
This is the first time I've seen thug used as a verb.  Using a noun as a verb doesn't make it a verb.

Gullibility 101.  We watch Washington D.C. like we'd watch a ship steaming way too fast toward a crowd on the pier.  Our nation's capital is so filled with corruption, ladder-climbing, and plain stupidity that it's embarrassing to watch.  This is America?!?  Yet the Democrats we know personally are not guilty of those sins.  Many are smart, hard-working, kind, educated people and yet they voted for the wasted shell in the oval office — a man who is not only suffering from dementia, but has never been very bright, or very good.  A lot of these lovely people appear to be planning to vote for him again.  How can that be?  How can even a third of our compatriots think Biden is okay?  I believe it to be one of the most startling paradoxes of our time.  These proud, sophisticated, overeducated folks are, unlike the power brokers of the party, simply naive.  They're hopelessly gullible.  How they can possibly be both — naïve and sophisticated — is beyond me.

AOC goes bonkers at Bronx Bowman rally, breaking out into black English.  Is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going off the deep end?  Sure seems like it, given her manic campaign appearance before a New York City crowd on behalf of beleaguered pro-Hamas congressman Jamaal Bowman, who's running for reelection, following a string of disgraceful incidents in Congress, such as being caught pulling a fire alarm in an apparent bid to disrupt Congressional proceedings.  [Two tweets with video clips]  Her mania can be seen here, too:  [Advertisement]  [Tweet with video clip]  [Advertisement]  She not only got out of control, bouncing up and down and waving her arms, she fell into speaking black English, complete with 'yalls' and other words and phrases that Democrats think will appeal to blacks in front of black audiences.  Hillary Clinton did this, Kamala Harris did this, and so did many others.  None of them has any sort of down-home black background, it's pure cosplay for them.

The trans superiority narrative.  The narrative is not merely a cry for "trans rights," but an in-your-face rejection of objective reality that begins before birth.  We are now told fetuses know in the womb they are trans, and mentally ill parents are encouraged to believe their infants have similar knowledge and must be transitioned lest they inevitably kill themselves.  "Do you want a trans son or a dead daughter?" supposed therapists and doctors demand.  What portion of the population "identifies" as trans?  That's a difficult question, largely because the only way to determine if anyone is trans is if they are willing to identify as such, and that identification is subject to immediate change.

Is it projection or just horse hockey?  I can't tell.
Chicago Teachers Union President Claims Republicans Don't Want Black Children to Read.  Stacy Davis Gates, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, seems nice.  She verified what a lot of teacher union critics say.  In a radio interview on Sunday, Gates told the host that conservatives don't want black children to learn to read because it is "part of the oath they take to be right wing."  [Advertisement]  Well now.  I must have missed that memo because I don't know anything about an oath. [...] It is as Republicans have claimed for many years — teacher unions are political activists not particularly focused on the needs of American school children.  The union contract being negotiated now with Chicago's public school system calls for an extra $50 [billion] in funding.  That's right — with a 'b'.  The giant hike would pay for wage hikes as well as other demands.  For example, the demands include fully paid-for abortions for union members, new migrant services and facilities, and many LGBTQ-related requirements and training in schools.

Biden Launches $50M Anti-Trump Ad Blitz to Highlight Trump's Conviction.  Joe Biden's campaign launched a $50 million television ad blitz on June 17, 2024, to hit Donald Trump over his 34-count felony business fraud conviction, which many of Trump's supporters describe as witchhunts.  The 81-year-old's ad campaign was created to highlight Trump's conviction by a Manhattan jury on May 30, 2024, attacking Trump by calling him "a convicted criminal who's only out for himself," the New York Post reported.  "In the courtroom, we see Donald Trump for who he is.  Meanwhile, Joe Biden's been working, lowering healthcare costs and making big corporations pay their fair share.  This election is between a convicted criminal who's only out for himself and a president who is fighting for your family," the narrator says in the 30-second ad titled "Character Matters."

The Editor says...
Yes, character matters.  Leaving a packet of cocaine in the White House matters.  Ten percent for the Big Guy matters.  Laundering money through Ukraine matters.  Lying about an abandoned laptop matters.  Stealing the 2020 presidential election matters.  Putting a brain-dead puppet in the White House who will sign any bill they put on his desk really matters.  Not knowing who the puppet masters are matters a lot, because nobody voted for them.

June temperatures [are] at half the level of this time last year.  Temperatures in June 2024 are at half the level of 2023, the Met Office has said, although warmer weather is predicted towards the end of the month.  While London was experiencing 32C (89.6F) a year ago, temperatures were around 16C (60.8F) in the capital on Tuesday.  Similarly Cambridge had temperatures of 30.3C (86.5F) on June 11 2023, and 15C (59F) on the same day in 2024.  Temperatures are around 2C (35.6F) below average for the time of year, with scattered showers this week that could turn into heavy rain by Thursday, while some areas could see ground frosts.

The Editor says...
Somehow I would like to rebut the article above without including a cliché like cherry-picking.  Oops, too late.  It's easy to find examples of a high (or low) temperature on some date that was "half" (or "double") the temperature on the same day in the previous year.  This is made easier by the use of the Celcius temperature scale, in which the day-to-day ambient temperatures are recorded with smaller numbers than in areas that use the Fahrenheit scale.  But a decrease from 32°C. to 16°C. does not mean it's only half as warm outside.  On the absolute (Kelvin) scale, that's a change from 305°K. to 289°K.  Hardly any difference.  This is another example of the news media attempting to make problems sound worse than they really are, and hoping you don't know why they are in error.  These are the same people who sound the alarm about a one-half degree average temperature increase by the end of this century.  On the absolute scale, it's almost no change at all.  It's background noise, especially compared to the temperature differences between day and night and between summer and winter.

AOC Worries Donald Trump Will Imprison Her Should He Win Re-Election..  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recently expressed concern that if former President Trump were to win the November election, he might seek retribution against her by imprisoning her.  Ocasio-Cortez shared her apprehensions during an interview with podcast host Kara Swisher for "On with Kara Swisher," which was published on Thursday.  During their conversation, they covered various topics including the influence of technology corporations, Ocasio-Cortez's previous clashes with Amazon, conservative fundraising by tech moguls, Israel, artificial intelligence, and the upcoming presidential election.  Reflecting on Trump's past rhetoric, particularly his rallying cry of "lock her up" during his first campaign, Ocasio-Cortez remarked, "I mean, it sounds nuts, but I wouldn't be surprised if this guy threw me in jail.  He's out of his mind.  I mean, he did his whole first campaign around 'lock her up.'  This is his motto."

The Editor says...
"Lock her up" was not Trump's motto, nor is it now, but rather a spontaneous chant from some of the crowds at his rallies, and it referred to Hillary Clinton, not AOC.

The Evidence Is In:  Progressivism Is a Mental Illness.  If elections and societal outcomes were about policies, conservatives would win every election, every time.  By an overwhelming majority, the American electorate, even blacks, are desirous of a border wall with illegal migration sharply curtailed.  The public strongly favors mandatory voter ID.  The public wants a stronger police presence to ensure less crime.  A majority of voters prefer lower taxes; school choice; and a colorblind, meritocratic society, rather than the race and gender-obsessed, tribalistic caste and spoils system the Democrats have forced upon us.  Unfortunately, a majority of the electorate vote on base emotion, not policy, and this largely explains why Democrats are more successful at winning elections.  Democrats have made the personal political, injecting politics into all subject matter and all sectors of society, and know how to carve up the electorate by race, playing to ethnic voters' fears and resentments, inflaming and then stroking each tribe's erogenous zones.  This emotion-based play is why outright kooks and racists like AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley are vastly more effective with the Democrat base than hapless and ineffectual Republicans are with the Republican voter base.

Maxine Waters Demands Widespread Investigation of Trump Supporters, Claims They're 'Domestic Terrorists'.  In a recent statement that has stirred significant controversy, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has called upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the Trump fanbase, labeling them as “domestic terrorists.”  Waters expressed deep concern over the potential for violence and unrest from these supporters, accusing them of being a threat to national security and democracy.  [Advertisement]  “I’m going to spend some time with the criminal justice system, with the justice system,” Waters said during an appearance on MSNBC.  “Tell us what is going on with the domestic terrorists?  Are they preparing a civil war against us?  Should we be concerned about our safety?  What is he doing with this divisive language?”  [Tweet]

Punked.  This week, a lot of people and institutions got "punked," that is, humiliated, by their own actions. [...] Let's start with the attack on Justice Samuel Alito.  The Left simply cannot abide the fact that it doesn't control all branches of the government, and threatens to pack the court and, barring that, disparages and tries to force the recusal of justices Clarence Thomas and Alito from the presidential immunity case, if not their removal from the court altogether.  They promote one pretext after another.  Someone — maybe a dummy or a prankster determined to expose them as idiots — reported that once the American flag at Alito's home in Virginia briefly was flown upside down.  In the fevered world of the Left, this represented Justice Alito's support of the January 6 "Insurrection." [...] Not satisfied with this first, not terribly successful, smear of the justice, a second flag, a pine tree with the words "An appeal to God" flown at the family's vacation home, became the get-Alito rallying point.  The usual media mob, and even the once sane Bill Kristol (who years before had endorsed Alito for the court) argued this was further evidence of disqualifying bias by Alito because one person on January 6 waved such a flag.  In fact, the flag is an historic one.  It was created during the Revolutionary War and was used by George Washington's troops.

Escaping from Bloody Reality.  The latest illustration of a disastrous gaffe concerns Kristi Noem, South Dakota's telegenic governor who was seriously considered a potential vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump.  In her forthcoming book, [...] she admitted to personally shooting her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, who was unsuitable for hunting due to her aggressive nature.  Cricket also killed chickens, seemingly for the fun of it.  She further dispatched a goat that smelled "disgusting, musky, rancid," and loved to chase her children, even knocking them down and dirtying their clothes.  The shooting incident happened 20 years ago but the current re-telling immediately went viral and her identity became Kristi Noem, puppy and goat killer. [...] According to the ASPCA's recent data, approximately 390,000 dogs are annually euthanized in its shelters.  An estimated 2 million dogs die in "puppy mills" each year due to being unsellable or no longer able to breed. [...] Clearly, the governor is not a sadistic nutcase, and she explains in her book that the purpose of telling this story is to show that she is willing to make tough decisions when necessary.  Roughly three-plus million dogs are euthanized annually, and 20 years ago Kristi Noem killed one.

The Damaging Modern Cultural Imperative of 'Compassion'.  Once you see misguided "compassion" as the foundational leftist value, it's no longer so confusing to see the relentless push for obscure and societally rare practices such as trans athletes, queer, or other strange and hard-to-define proclivities like gender fluidity.  We are no longer allowed to make judgments based on logic, history, and our powers of deductive reasoning.  Instead, we must travel with the herd and make sure we don't think independently or rationally, lest we realize that compassion is not a foundation but is, instead, the emotion we use that can fend off logic.

You are being nudged.  These strategies of influence exploit the fact that human beings operate almost all of the time on autopilot, making moment-by-moment decisions without conscious reflection and relying on imperfect heuristics to navigate the complexities of the world around them.  The most obvious example of the government's use of behavioural science strategies occurred throughout the Covid years, when the public health messaging campaign, aimed at levering compliance with restrictions and the vaccine rollout, was infused with these covert methods of persuasion.  Three of the most prominent nudges deployed during this period were fear-inflation, shaming and peer pressure — or "affect", "ego" and "norms", to use the language of behavioural science.  A frightened population is typically a compliant one, so we were bombarded with daily death counts and slogans such as, "If you go out, you can spread it, people will die".

Biden's Climate Change Scare Tactics Aren't Working.  First, the stage must be set.  The joke that currently occupies the Bully Pulpit says he's the first climate president, says he's making history by confronting the climate crisis, not denying it.  "I'm taking the most significant action on climate ever in the history of the world."  Now to his latest tactic.  Biden gave a warning on climate change in September 2021, when he surveyed damage caused by Hurricane Ida in New York and New Jersey.  "We've got to listen to the scientists ... they all tell us this is code red. ... The nation and the world are in peril, and that's not hyperbole.  This is everybody's crisis."  While in Louisiana he said, "We don't have any more time." [...] There's little doubt that our "first climate president" is trying to scare people, especially young voters, into thinking climate change has reached crisis mode and we must do whatever it takes to mitigate it — now!

Many of the 'Climate Experts' Surveyed by the Guardian in Recent Propaganda Blitz Turn Out to be Emotionally-Unstable Hysterics.  The Guardian last week published its survey of 'climate experts'.  The results are a predictable mush of fire-and-brimstone predictions and emotional incontinence.  This stunt may have convinced those already aligned to the newspaper's ideological agenda to redouble their characteristically shrill rhetoric, but encouraging scientists to speculate and emote about the future of the planet looks like an act of political desperation, not scientific communication.  For the purposes of creating this story, the Guardian's Environment Editor Damian Carrington contacted 843 'lead authors' of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's reports (IPCC) and 383 responded to his questions.  The actual substance of the survey does not seem to have been published by the paper, but the main response Carrington wanted to get from his respondents was an estimate of how much global warming there will be by the end of the century.

Fearmongering keeps the elites in power.  "CO2 levels are rising faster than ever" read the headline of the StarTribune, citing a recent Washington Post article.  The earth is burning up!  Back in the 1970s, "experts" were certain that the earth was going into a global deep freeze.  And that the "population bomb" would lead to a mass die-off of people in just a few short decades.  (And now most Western nations' fertility rates are well below replacement level.)  Soon thereafter, experts warned that acid rain was going to dissolve all our buildings and statues, and otherwise wreak havoc on us all.  That didn't happen, but groups like BLM and Antifa stepped in to do the job. [...] Purple loose strife is taking over our land, and zebra mussels and spiny water fleas are taking over our lakes, rivers, and oceans!  The glaciers are melting, and we're all going to drown!  Climate change is leading to drought everywhere and we're all going to die of thirst and starvation! [...] The incessant oncoming disasters rarely, if ever, pan out.

Maxine Waters Thinks Trump Supporters Are Training for Massive Attack on Nation.  California sure has a way of finding the worst possible candidates to represent them in Congress.  Many are the most extreme kind of leftists who saw Donald Trump's presidency as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.  Like, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, who, in a recent interview on MSNBC, spouted an unhinged conspiracy theory about evil Trump supporters.  As seen in a clip shared to the social media platform X by RNC Research, Waters spoke to Jonathan Capehart on his show, "The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart."  [Tweet with video clip]

Renowned Scientist:  All Covid-Vaxxed 'Will Die in 3 to 5 Years'.  A world-renowned scientist and leading immunology expert has raised the alarm with an explosive warning to the public that everyone who has been vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots "will die within 3 to 5 years, even if they have had only one injection."  The alert was issued by Professor Dr. Dolores Cahill.  Prof. Cahill has over 25 years of expertise in high-throughput protein array, antibody array, proteomics technology development, and automation.  The experience includes work on how proteins and antibodies can be used in biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

The Editor says...
I don't believe everyone will die from vaccinations any more than I believe doomsday predictions about global warming.  Statements like this make good clickbait, that's all.

Marxist Health Officials Want You Committed.  One of the more insidious features of Marxism's manipulation of language is its stigmatization of opposing points of view as some form of mental disorder.  Opposition to "gay marriage" is said to be a "sign" of homophobia.  Distrusting Islamic terrorists who celebrate 9/11 and shout, "Death to America," is a "symptom" of Islamophobia.  Wanting the federal government to secure our borders and enforce existing immigration law "reveals" underlying xenophobia.  Not wanting biological men to force their way into ladies' locker-rooms and showers suggests that a person "suffers" from dreaded transphobia.  Notice that all these purported psychiatric disorders are categorized as "phobias," or more plainly, as "irrational fears."  Marxists routinely use loaded medical language not only to demonize or disgrace their foes but also to transform any political disagreement into something that it is not. [...] You could say that Marxists are committed to the lie that opposition to Marxism rests on irrational fear.

Joe Scarborough Melts Down Again, Says Trump Supporters "Hate America" and Want a "Dictatorship".  Watching Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe is a front-row seat to the effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Scarborough suffered a humiliating meltdown in March after getting called out for lying about President Trump on X.  Now, in his latest episode of unhinged anger, Scarborough rages that Trump supporters "hate America."  "What's wrong with you?  Who raised you?  What history did you read?  Where are you from?  Because you may claim to be from where I'm from, but you were not raised by the same teachers I was raised by, and you don't read," Scarborough said.

More projection:
Hillary Clinton Says Trump Wants to Kill His Opposition.  Hillary Clinton described Joe Biden and the Democrat party and she trashed Trump during her podcast interview with Marc Elias, a far-left lawyer who helped Hillary purchase the fake Trump-Russia dossier in 2016.  Typical projection.  "Putin does what [Trump] would like to do," Hillary Clinton said to corrupt left-wing lawyer Marc Elias on his "Democracy Docket" podcast.  "Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists into exile, rule without any check or balance.  That's what Trump really wants.  And so we have to be very conscious of how he sees the world because in that world, he only sees strong men leaders.  He sees Putin.  He sees Xi.  He sees Kim Jong Un in North Korea.  Those are the people he is modeling himself after and we've been down this road in our, you know, world history.  We sure don't want to go down that again."

It's time to talk about Eco-anxiety.  ["]If it bleeds, it leads["] has long been newspapers' motto and nothing has changed.  There's even books on the subject, as sociology writers pounce upon social manias like carrion birds.  Ben Cooke in reviewing The Weight of Nature by Clayton Page Aldern says how he reads about climate change and climate disasters every day, without any reflection upon the fact that fatalities from natural disasters (notice the importance of switching 'climate' with 'natural') have been in steady decline over the past 100 years.  In a no way hysteria-led piece of research, Scientists now say that even a pair of jeans could be bad for the environment.  Funny how they're not accusing lab coats, or even pointless face masks, of the same thing. [...] It's little wonder that eco-anxiety involves 'feeling grief, guilt, fear or hopelessness about the future of the planet due to climate change' if experts are competing for the bigger horror story.

Trump Apocalypse Hysteria Is Spiraling Into Madness.  Take a dip in the murky waters of recent Trump Apocalypse journalism — it says there's gonna be a civil war and dictatorship.  But don't worry, not really — it's just the politics of fear.  In a scary article subtitled "Donald Trump is warning that 2024 could be America's last election," New Republic alerts us that, if Trump wins, America is pretty much done being a democracy. [...] Whew.  Once you step across the line into writing about Trump dictatorships and Christian nationalism as living, breathing threats, things get pretty crazy pretty fast.  Why is this?  Occam's Razor says this is all hullabaloo, pure malarkey, with tabloid-jealous writers doing it for the most clicks and dopamine hits, trying to outdo one another trying to whip up fear of Trump.  It is good for business, and very easy to do.  Freed from the old-school journalism restraints of having to muster facts to support opinions, anything — including imagining a civil war — is possible.

No Political Movement On Earth Can Match The Hyperbole Of The Climate-Alarm Community.  When it comes to rank hyperbole, no political movement on earth can ever hope to match the stuff that comes out of the climate alarm community.  They have treated us to so many dire warnings about having just 10 years or 7 years or 12 years or 5 years to ward off certain impending doom since the global warming movement sprung to life in the 1980s that it has all long since become so much background noise to most ordinary citizens.  That in and of itself is a problem, given that, while we "normals" out here in flyover county laughingly dismiss their latest bit of nonsense, the activists and their coordinating policymakers keep doubling- and tripling-down on their freedom and energy security destroying initiatives.  Laugh all you want, but this is all deadly serious business.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.  A great example of the seemingly limitless stream of hyperbole came this week from United Nations executive climate secretary Simon Stiell, who told an audience at the Chatham House think tank in London that previous predictions of having just 12, or 10, or 7 years to act were overly generous.  In fact, in Mr. Steill's version of climate reality, the global community is now down to just 2 short years to reverse the flow of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to stave off catastrophic climate change of some sort or another.

Hidden Behind Climate Policies, Data From Nonexistent Temperature Stations.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts July, August, and September will be hotter than usual.  And for those who view warmer temperatures as problematic, that's a significant cause for concern.  "Earth's issuing a distress call," said United Nations secretary-general António Guterres on March 19.  "The latest State of the Global Climate report shows a planet on the brink.

The Editor says...
The Earth is not issuing a distress call.  There is no climate emergency.

How to spot the next mania: Each new panic follows the same playbook.  The social mania displays a few consistent characteristics.  First and foremost, it never seems like a social mania at the time.  In the thick of a widespread preoccupation, its precepts simply seem like the truth.  Trans women are women; get over it.  Or:  masculinity is toxic; virtually all women have been subject to sexual torment and male abuse of power; regarding any accusations they make, no matter how far-fetched or petty, women must be believed.  Or:  Covid-19 is so lethal, and such a threat to our endurance as a species, that we've no choice but to shut down our whole economies and abdicate our every civil liberty to contain the disease.  Or:  all Western countries are "systemically racist"; all white people are genetically racist; the police are all racist (even if they're black) and should be defunded or abolished; the only remedy for "structural racism" is anti-meritocratic, over-compensatory racial quotas in hiring and education.

Dems Realize They Can't Win on Biden's Record, Stake Everything on Trump-Hate.  Hey, have you heard the news?  "Our democracy" is on the brink.  An unscrupulous narcissist with dictatorial ambitions and a hatred for legitimate political opposition could win the presidency in November, and that will very likely be the last time that patriotic Americans get a chance to elect their chief executive. [...] In fact, there is a very real threat to America's continuing to function as a free republic, but that threat isn't coming from where Democrats are claiming.  They're saying that if Bad Orange Man returns to the White House on Jan. 20, 2025, "democracy" will be dead. [...] This claim is not only absurd and offensive; it's a classic case of projection.  The American republic (remember, kids: it's not a democracy) is indeed in serious danger, but the danger is coming from those who are claiming that they are trying to save it from Trump.

Ready for the 2024 Election Pandemic?  It's that time of the election season again.  Pandemic time!  And this time it's angry!  [Tweet]  I don't want to dismiss the possibility of a genuinely bad pandemic hitting our shores because it is obviously possible.  But really?  After the last few years, you would have to be an idiot not to be suspicious when people start trotting out the "We are all going to die!" meme.  COVID, but 100 times worse!  Disease X.  Bird Flu.

It Seems Climate Extremism Knows No Bounds.  From blocking commutes by lying in traffic to vandalizing priceless pieces of art, it seems there's no conduct too low for the climate extremists[.]  The latest gambit came from a group called "Climate Defiance", which accused the head of Chevron of "killing people" during a disgraceful outburst in New York. [...] An alarming story from the Washington Post detailed that, "vast swaths of the United States are at risk of running short of power."  The rise of emerging technology like AI and data centers are two major drivers.  Power outages become even more frightening during bouts of extreme heat or cold that can quickly become life-or-death situations.  We need more energy from every direction.  Now is not the time to be taking the most reliable players off the board.  Then there is the issue of the environment.  American oil and gas companies are highly regulated and subject to strict standards.  They also are trying good faith partners in environmental stewardship.  Chevron has pledged $10 billion in lower 'carbon' investments and projects by 2028.  Other countries cannot say the same.

Republican 'War on Women' Is a Media Myth.  Republicans have been accused of waging a "war on women" for several election cycles now.  But is there any truth to this claim?  Democrats and their supporters in the media are leaning into an election-year fear-mongering campaign about Republican "bans" on reproductive rights.  In their redefinition, any limitation on abortion throughout pregnancy, even in the third trimester, is a "ban."  Even more disingenuous, Democrats have also accused Republicans of threatening birth control and, most recently, IVF.  Welcome to the political silly season.  Both parties have people on their fringes who take extreme positions, but that doesn't make it the party's position or long-term objective.  And both parties have political consultants who know how to misconstrue the intention behind certain pieces of legislation.

Globalism Thrives on Crisis.  Globalists know that nothing drives public policy so much as the fear of impending death.  Nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles may have scared the snot out of anyone living through the Cold War, but they were (and still are) the gifts that keep on giving for the military-industrial complex and national security surveillance State.  The more catastrophic the consequences of any perceived threat, the more likely that otherwise skeptical human beings will hand over their freedoms in exchange for the elusive promise of personal security.  Political systems specialize in exploiting this "Save Me!" impulse for maximum leverage.  "Looming apocalypse" is Big Government's best salesman every year.  Ghost stories about "global warming" work the same way.

San Francisco man who stabbed Asian woman, 94, multiple times gets probation after soft-touch judge was told he'd suffered 'trauma'.  A San Francisco man who stabbed a 94-year-old in the street has avoided jail after being sentenced to probation and a 'behavioral and mental health treatment program.'  Daniel Cauich stabbed Chinese and Vietnamese immigrant Anh 'Peng' Taylor multiple times in San Francisco's Lower Nob Hill neighborhood in broad daylight in June 2021.  The senseless attack was caught on camera and sent shockwaves through the city during a period of increased attacks on Asian Americans.

The Government Is Not Your Daddy.  It's no secret that many Democrat voters have "daddy" issues.  They grew up in homes without strong, loving fathers and desperately seek from government what they never found in their youths:  a protective authority figure and lifelong role model.  When Democrats with "daddy" issues find their way into power, they force their own psychological deficiencies upon the broader populace.  Why?  Because they try to play "father" to their constituents but have no idea how a good father is supposed to behave.  They scream and shout because they confuse insults and tantrums with masculinity.  They reimagine the ideal male leader as someone who would enjoy wearing make-up and behaving like a teenage girl.  They demand that male "allies" relinquish any say over the healthy delivery of their unborn children.  Instead of taking personal responsibility for missteps in life, they blame their problems on the nebulous "patriarchy" — or rather, the failed fathers of the past!

Synthetic Controversy.  [Scroll down]  Synthetic controversy is often weaponized and deployed in the context of another social media trolling strategy known as "rage farming" or "rage-baiting". Wikipedia defines these terms as manipulative tactics designed to elicit outrage with the goal of increasing internet traffic, online engagement, revenue and support.  Rage baiting or farming can be used as a tool to increase engagement, attract subscribers, followers, and supporters, which can be financially lucrative.  Rage baiting and rage farming manipulates users to respond in kind to offensive, inflammatory headlines, memes, tropes, or comments.  Rage-farming, which has become a widespread troll and bot tactic since at least January 2022, is an offshoot of rage-baiting where the outrage of the person being provoked is farmed or manipulated into an online engagement by rage-seeding that helps amplify the message of the original content creator.  It has also been used as a political tactic at the expense of one's opponent.  You are probably familiar with individual substacks, podcasters and self-styled online "independent reporters" who specialize in these methods.

I haven't seen this many projectors since elementary school.
Kamala Harris Says if Reelected, Trump Will Weaponize the Department of Justice Against His Enemies.  During a campaign appearance in Denver this week, Vice President Kamala Harris warned the audience that if Trump is reelected, he will weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies.  That's a rather ironic statement, considering that this is exactly what the Biden administration is doing right now.  In recent years, Democrats have mastered the art of projection, accusing others of trying to do what they are actually doing in real time.

The true cost of everything.  [Scroll down]  Hope and change was out the window.  That mantra's time had passed.  It was now time to declare an all-out war on those who would destroy our democracy and was reflected in Biden's intro with a "worst of times" reference to FDR's wartime SOTU.  While not outright comparing himself to Roosevelt, the implication was there, and so was the thesis that freedom and democracy are under attack.  Having set his rhetorical table, he moved through his laundry list of issues, taking great care to touch all bases with all potential voting groups.  He laid out a smorgasbord board of pandering to every American, encouraging all of us to take what we wanted because there was more in the kitchen if we would only not rehire the previous cook.  The speech was also a liberal's road map for government largesse that would require Americans to suit up and go to war with big corporations, big pharma, unscrupulous landlords and all those (read: Republican) insurrectionists who are intent on bringing down the world's greatest democracy.  Some examples of Bidenspeak were:  "You can't love your country only when you win," "Trump failed at COVID," "I will restore Roe v. Wade again," and my favorite, which sums up his administration's and his party's credo:  "You can't lead America with ancient ideas."

The Editor says...
The Constitution, the Declaration of Indepence, the Magna Carta, and the Bible are full of "ancient ideas" that are well suited to government.

The Real State of the Union.  Most of the time, a president's State of the Union speech is avuncular. [...] The point of a president presenting himself as everyone's favorite uncle is to sell us on the idea that all is well in the Land of Oz:  "all friendly like" as Eliza Doolittle put it.  But obviously, right now in Bidenomics America, everything is not under control.  So forget Uncle Joe.  It was Biden the Barbarian, politics red in tooth and claw, on Thursday night.  Naturally, the president started out by bellowing that the U.S. is beset by enemies, foreign and domestic.  ["]What makes our moment rare is that freedom and democracy are under attack, both at home and overseas, at the very same time.["]  It's Putin abroad and insurrectionists at home.

Biden Campaign Releases New Ad Comparing Trump and His Supporters to the KKK.  The internal polling on African Americans must be through the roof for Donald Trump.  After his nasty dishonest SOTU Address last night — the Biden team released a new ad on Friday comparing Trump supporters to the KKK.  The Biden ad shows images of Donald Trump with KKK marchers and a noose.  Why is this not flagged by Google-YouTube for violent content and misinformation?  [Video clip]

Fact-Checking the Fabulist in Chief's State of the Union.  During Thursday's State of the Union address, Biden fully displayed his fabulist tendencies.  His assessment of the administration's accomplishments and his impact was not anchored in reality. [...] Of course, he went on a "pay your fair share" rant, accusing Republicans of giving corporations and the wealthy tax cuts.  The top 10% of taxpayers pay roughly 75% of all federal tax collected.  And the U.S. Treasury begs to differ.  The wealthy pay a much larger share of their total income.

Trump's Promise — Retribution or Revenge?  [Scroll down]  The New York Times, with a long history of publishing falsehoods about Donald Trump, has already labeled Trump's potential second term, "The Retribution Presidency."  There is a smell of panic rising from midtown Manhattan and from the Beltway.  Is this revenge or retribution?  Is there a distinction? [...] Here is a summary of the two terms.  Words do matter.
  •   Retribution is a form of punishment imposed by law and legally authorized.
  •   Revenge, in contrast, is a form of personal punishment, one not sanctioned by law.
  •   The ultimate goal of Retribution is to punish the wrongdoer or offender and ensure that justice is served to the victim and public as a whole.
  •   Revenge, however, is a form of payback, to ensure that personal justice is served.  Thus, the goal of Revenge is vengeance or getting even.
  •   Retribution is only carried out for crimes and wrongs recognized in the law.  It is not personal and not fueled by a desire to persistently seek the suffering of the wrongdoer.  Instead, it imposes a punishment that is proportionate to the gravity of the crime or wrong.  Furthermore, it is governed by procedural rules and codes of conduct.
  •   In contrast, Revenge can be carried out for various wrongs, injuries, suffering and any other action considered harmful or hurtful.  There is no limit to the type of punishment imposed and the severity of such punishment.  As mentioned before, Revenge is personal and driven by a strong emotional desire to see the suffering of the person who committed the wrong or injury.
Which of these two words describe what the deep state ruling class has done to Trump versus what he will hopefully do if reelected president?

John Kerry Tries Out A New Climate Catchphrase To Ratchet Up The Fear.  In an interview with The Guardian this week, ex-White House climate envoy John Kerry tried out new language to describe the globalist view of what is happening with the world's climate.  Now, according to Mr. Kerry, we are in the midst of a "climate breakdown."  To review, here is the progression of favored terminology dictated by the globalist elites related to their climate hysteria:
  •   In the beginning, there was "global warming."
  •   Then, the favored talking point morphed into the more inclusive "climate change" to allow the scaremongers to blame every weather event, whether warm or cold, on their problem.
  •   Next, they elevated the fright rhetoric to a nebulous "climate crisis."
  •   When that didn't work to sufficiently hold the public's attention, they elevated it further to a "climate emergency."
  •   Seeing their 2024 election year polls lagging, they now move to the even more alarming "climate breakdown."
Can a "climate catastrophe" or, even better, a "climate collapse" be far behind?

Joe Biden's Scary Speech on Jan. 6.  Just recently, ahead of the anniversary of Jan. 6, President Joe Biden gave a speech near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to kick off his 2024 campaign.  His theme was that the upcoming presidential election will determine whether or not America remains a democracy because a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to end democracy in America.

On Being a White, Male, Nazi, Insurrectionist RINO.  A recent email exchange with a feminist college professor regarding the resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay was abruptly terminated with an angry email informing me that White men were responsible for all the evils in America and that if this group of racist "genocidal maniacs" were eliminated this country would be a more "loving and hospitable" place for women and people of color.  A stance long espoused by the radical American Left and a position increasingly permeating the festering halls of academia.  My immediate thought after the exchange was that we have reached the pinnacle of lunacy in this country and that my résumé is now complete.  I am not only a racist but, due to my sex and skin color, I am also a genocidal maniac who should be summarily executed.  Per many in the Democrat Party, I am a Nazi sympathizer because I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 as well as financially supported, campaigned, and voted for him in 2020 but far worse, I am extraordinarily fond of this nation.  The Biden Administration has categorized me as an "insurrectionist" for attending the January 6, 2021 "Stop the Steal" rally.

So Trump is Really Hitler?  Donald Trump is often compared to Hitler by otherwise normal people.  If they go beyond a simple assertion of similarity the fearful ones do not compare the actions and experiences of the two, but rather they take their worst imaginings of what Trump might do in the future — which, surprisingly, are very like what Hitler did.  These wild fears are too removed from reality to deserve serious consideration.  But we have detailed information about both Trump and Hitler, so real comparisons can be made, and there are significant differences that ought to be remembered.  The first has to do with political activity.  From the end of World War I when Hitler was nearly 30 years old he devoted his life exclusively to seeking power.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, graduated from U. Penn at the age of 22, and for the next 40 years or more devoted himself to making money. [...] In 2016, at the age of 70, Donald Trump, for the first time, decided to seek power.  He subjected himself to years of calumny and subversion and harassment by petty politicians, lawyers, and media personalities.  His net wealth declined significantly.

Taylor Lorenz Whines About Missing Christmas, Blames the Unmasked.  When it comes to the COVID-19 hysteria, it appears most people have moved on.  But others can't seem to let the pandemic go.  Washington Post media activist Taylor Lorenz is one of the latter.  Since it became clear that the coronavirus was no longer a threat, she has been insisting that the rest of the nation should still go through mask and vaccine mandates and take precautions to keep people like her safe.

Dem Rep. Moulton:  We Need Citizenship for DACA Kids.  On Friday's broadcast of CNN International's "State of the Race," Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) stated that Israel and Ukraine funding are important and border security needs to be tightened, but House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) is "catering to the extremists" by putting them together because it doesn't include "a pathway to citizenship for kids like DACA kids, who came here with their parents through no fault of their own, and are essentially living as aliens in their own country."

The Editor says...
No, they are living as aliens in someone else's country, because they are aliens!  If you don't like living as an alien, go back to your home country.

Globalists Fear the Unconquerable.  For fifty years, politicians and oligarchs in search of an excuse to seize greater control over economic activity have urged humanity to fear the weather.  If the recent government-induced hyperventilation over COVID is a harbinger of things to come, politicians and oligarchs will continue to urge humanity to fear pathogenic illnesses.  What if the spirit of Montaigne, Henley, or Kipling instead gripped today's generations as they did in the past?  Children would not be indoctrinated to fear a "climate apocalypse"; they would be assured that humanity is never more ingenious than when it is tested.  Grown adults would not be infantilized to hide under their beds at the sound of a sneeze; they would be encouraged to "keep calm and carry on" for the sake of their families and communities.  Can you imagine political leaders telling those generations who endured the Great Depression and two world wars that the obstacles before them were too daunting to survive?  Yet political "leaders" today throw their hands up in the air at the first sign of trouble and scream for everyone to hear, "We're all gonna die!"

Dictatorship Is as Dictatorship Does.  The lower President Biden sinks in the polls, the more outlandish his claims about his likely 2024 opponent become.  He insists that the main reason he is running for another term is that former President Trump poses an existential threat to "our democracy."  Recently, for example, Biden equated Trump's speeches with the "language you heard in Nazi Germany in the '30s."  This is an increasingly popular theme with Trump's antagonists.  TDS victim Liz Cheney recently told CBS News that electing Trump was analogous to "sleepwalking into dictatorship."  Trump, on the other hand, says that Biden is the real threat: "Joe Biden is the destroyer of American democracy."  In a healthy political environment with a properly functioning Fourth Estate, the voters could easily differentiate between fact and fiction in this surreal debate.  Sadly, the legacy media amounts to little more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.  There are still honest news outlets — like the one you're reading now — but many are being systematically suppressed on behalf of the government through entities such as Newsguard that ostensibly identify and demonetize purveyors of "misinformation."

Joe Biden's dull-witted campaign, plagiarized from Obama.  Anybody smell the aroma of stale campaign narratives, dating from the Obama years?  Look at these talking points coming out from Team Biden's stepped-up presidential campaign on Twitter: [Tweets] [...] It sounds like the consultants and political operatives crafting the Biden campaign can't think of a thing good to say about the Biden administration, so they resort to the old Obama-era tropes, plagiarizing them in the Biden way.  Tax the rich and all will be fixed.  Women make 59 cents on the dollar compared to what men make.  Trump wants to take away your health care.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Blames 'Right-Wing Extremists' for City's Problems.  Democrat Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson blamed "right-wing extremism" for some of the ills facing his crime-ridden city.  Johnson issued his statement about the "far right" during a press conference on Tuesday.  "What we've seen is a very raggedy form of right-wing extremism," the mayor said.  "Everyone knows that the right-wing extremism in this country has targeted democratically run cities, and quite frankly, they have been quite intentional about going after democratically ran [sic] cities that are led by people of color."

The Editor says...
What does "going after" mean?  If someone "goes after" you, does that cause you to make bad decisions?

Pope Francis:  Climate Change Puts 'Life on Earth' at Risk.  Pope Francis asserted Sunday that global warming is contrary to God's plan and presents a significant risk to all "life on earth."  "Besides war, our world is threatened by another great danger, that of the climate, which puts life on Earth, especially for the future generations, at risk," the pontiff stated in a written text, which was read aloud by his aide Monsignor Paolo Braida following the weekly Angelus prayer.

The Editor says...
The Pope is either badly misinformed, poorly educated, delusional, or dishonest to state that the Earth has been operating perfectly for thousands of years, but our use of the internal combustion engine is about to make it uninhabitable.

Another Climate Snow Job.  A federal bureaucrat is telling us that due to human activity, global snowfall is in decline.  There's no reason to be worried, though.  We've seen the climate doomsday predictions before, and somehow they always turn out to be wrong.  Nearly a quarter of a century ago, we were assured by the British Independent that "Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past."  (Don't bother to try to find the story in the Independent's archives — that page doesn't exist or has been moved, presumably because it's an embarrassment to the newspaper.)  In that article, reporter Charles Onians appealed to the correct authorities, citing David Viner, then a senior scientist at the climatic research unit of the University of East Anglia, who declared that "within a few years winter snowfall will become 'a very rare and exciting event.'"  He told Onians that "children just aren't going to know what snow is."

Former Democrat Senator Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Hitler.  MSNBC contributor and former Democrat U.S. Senator of Missouri, Claire McCaskill, recently went on air and wrongly claimed Donald Trump is "even more dangerous" than dictators Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.  While on MSNBC's Dateline, McCaskill stated, "A lot of people have tried to draw similarities between Mussolini and Hitler and the use of the terminology like 'vermin' and the drive that those men had towards autocracy and dictatorship."  She continued, "The difference, though, I think makes Donald Trump even more dangerous, and that is he has no philosophy he believes in."

Joe Biden supporters had an especially paranoid couple of days.  It's amazing that this man was once a congressman, because he clearly has zero understanding of both political philosophies and the American political system — for the umpteenth time, fascism is a leftist ideology and America was never supposed to be a democracy — and on a recently-broadcast televised MSNBC segment, Joe Scarborough issued an ominous warning: if President Trump secures a second term, he will "imprison" and "execute" any and all political opponents that he can.  Projection much?  Who's really been imprisoning and executing political opponents?  Does the name Ashli Babbitt ring a bell?  What about Craig Robertson?  Owen Shroyer?  Or how about the J6ers?  Or, is this a signal of guilt?  Has he done something criminal and he's starting to sweat?  Talk about paranoia!  But it wasn't just Scarborough because Scary Larry, a prominent Twitter Democrat, announced that another Trump presidency meant an official Brownshirt squad, and Trump already had his gang ready to go:  [Tweet]

Why Governments Have Replaced God with Global Warming.  At the United Nations, dopey diplomats speak in flowery clichés about the value of international cooperation.  In the real world, though, governments succeed in corralling their peoples into pens only if everyone is afraid.  North Korea's dictator must make his people afraid of Americans.  America's dictator must make his people afraid of Russians.  The European Union's dictators must make their hodgepodge of nations all afraid of nationalists.  The ruling atheists must make their postmodern peoples all hostile to Israel.  And the whole smorgasbord of manipulative, malicious governments must keep the world's peasants perpetually petrified of COVID... and "hate speech"... and Donald Trump... and, most importantly, "global warming"!

New York Times Claims 'Economic Turmoil' if Trump Enforces Border Laws.  The nation will be pushed toward "social and economic turmoil," if a reelected President Donald Trump tries to enforce Congress's border laws, the New York Times claimed on November 11.  "Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps and Mass Deportations:  Inside Trump's 2025 Immigration Plans," declared the headline for an article about President Donald Trump's campaign promises to enforce border policies if he is elected.

Unhinged Democrats seethe at Republicans even existing.  A viral video of a Democrat abusing a poll greeter on Election Day in northern Virginia encapsulates how the demonization of "MAGA Republicans" and the weaponization of the justice system has unhinged and energized voters on the left.  [Profanity-infused tirade omitted.]  The object of his ire was Matthew Hurtt, the clean-cut young chairman of the Arlington County Republicans, who was handing out sample ballots alongside his Democratic counterpart.  "Have a nice day," Hurtt said pleasantly.  The courtesy only further enraged the aggressor, who has been identified online as a federal government employee — no surprise. [...] Arlington Man clearly has anger management issues, but his freak-out at the imaginary threat posed by his Republican neighbors is by design.  He's a model product of the Disinformation Industrial Complex, brainwashed and triggered by the hateful lies he's been fed about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the nature of Republicans.  He is why Democrats work so hard to preserve their dishonest "narrative" — and that requires censorship of dissenting views and suppression of contrary evidence, as well as seeding lies into the media.  It's why Hillary Clinton salivates about "deprogramming" her political opponents.  She is projecting again.

Was October 7 an Earthquake for the Democrats?  [The average] Joe has always voted for Democrats because a vote for Republicans is unthinkable.  A vote for a Republican would be a vote for
  •   Putting Blacks back in chains,
  •   Pushing grandma off a cliff,
  •   Returning women to their role as domestic servants,
  •   Turning the Earth into a lifeless cinder, and
  •   Giving machine guns to every deranged nut looking for a headline.
In short, Joe has bought the "Republicans are evil" rubbish of the propagandists.  True evil always masquerades as virtue.  Joe has simply been fooled by the virtuous mask — so he votes Democrat.

The Food Insecurity Lie.  President Joe Biden says 24 million Americans "suffer from food insecurity!"  News anchors were shocked that there is "food insecurity in the richest country in the world!"  ABC hosts turned "insecurity" into "hunger."  But in my new video, Rachel Sheffield, who researches welfare policy at the Heritage Foundation, explains, "Food insecurity is not the same thing as hunger.  It just means that they had to rely on cheaper foods, store-brand alternatives ... or reduce variety."  Really?  The alarm about "food insecurity" is based on that?  Well, yes.

The Elite Conspiracy to Monopolize Opinion Through Propaganda.  Sadly, we are not taught how to guard against these techniques, writes Michelle Stiles in One Idea to Rule Them All:  Reverse Engineering American Propaganda.  This ignorance, she says, has "devastating consequences for both individuals and society as a whole." [...] The author's primary motivation in writing the book is to help people recognize the extent of propaganda.  One key, she says, is to pinpoint the distortion of reality through words — size-challenged for fat, and minor-attracted persons for pedophiles come to mind.  Another, she says, is the manipulative infusion of moral connotations into language — science vs. anti-science, and climate denier or climate skeptic for those who question climate change.  She hopes her parsing of numerous examples will teach those who believe in freedom to recognize patterns of manipulation, start to follow the money, listen to whistleblowers, and dig deep to seek the truth and counter tyranny.

The actual 'climate change' agenda.  The latest edition of the State of the Climate Report, published this week in the journal BioScience, begins rather ominously:  "Life on planet Earth is under siege.  We are now in an uncharted territory."  These sentences are meant to instill abject fear and evoke a sense of doom in the general public.  However, they are patently absurd and ought to be disregarded outright.

The Role of the Smartphone and Digital Content in the Left's Revolution.  Christopher Rufo, Douglas Murray, and Victor Davis Hanson have all pointed out that we are in the middle of a cultural revolution that is assailing our culture, values, traditions, and institutions, our national security and sovereignty, our economy, our Constitution and rule of law, and our overall quality of life.  The percentage of Americans saying they are worse off is at its highest level since 2009.  One of the most fascinating aspects of this obvious decline is that leftists have managed to convince a very large portion (in many cases a majority) of Americans to support the divisive and corrosive policies producing their own destruction.  What arguments have leftists used to accomplish this?  Chiefly, though not exclusively, they have employed a trifecta of completely nonsensical tropes about race, gender, and climate.

Climate Change Alarmist Al Gore Declares War on Fossil Fuel Industry.  Climate change alarmist and former United States Vice President Al Gore has blasted the fossil fuel industry, accusing oil and gas companies of "using the atmosphere as an open sewer."  Mr. Gore, whose climate rants have grown progressively more unhinged, said this week that fossil fuel companies are "digging and drilling and pumping up the fossilized remains of dead animals and plants and burning them in ways that use the atmosphere as an open sewer, threatening the future of humanity."

Boston's mayor declares 'heat emergency' for high-80s summer day.  The reputation of "politician" precedes any civil servant, so right off the bat, I hold a less-than-flattering bias against those entering government (to put it mildly); it's a "guilty until proven innocent" prejudice, but I will say, it's evenly applied.  Then last week, Michelle Wu, Boston's hardcore leftist mayor, opened her big mouth and showed (again) just how right on the money one can be when you operate under the assumption that ineptitude and uselessness are shared traits amongst elected officials.  On September 7th, Wu declared a "heat emergency" saying temperatures were expected to reach into the... ready for this?  The nineties.  (Turns out, Thursday the 7th peaked at 89°F and Friday reached 88°F.)

'Experts' swear the world is on the brink of disaster — again.  Weather forecasters have trouble predicting weather accurately a few days out, yet we are supposed to believe they can predict the climate 100  years out within a degree if we just cave to the radical green pushers and surrender all our liberties.  Does that make any sense?

Democrats' 2024 Magic Bullet:  Mass Mail-In Voting.  Put it together and Biden's road to 270 electoral votes is paved on reusing the 2020 COVID playbook.  Hence the recent ramp-up in COVID panic, once again ushering in debates regarding school closings, masking and, ultimately, more sweeping changes to the country's election systems.  Even the most doe-eyed twentysomething Biden White House staffer must realize that the full-on lockdowns of the early pandemic are not coming back.  However, a new COVID variant gives left-wing activists justification to usher in mass mail-in balloting once again — you know, for "safety" reasons.  After all, you don't want grandma to die, do you?

If it Saves One Life and Other Meretricious Lies.  It's not unusual that power-mad politicians justify depriving us of liberty using the appeal to emotion:  "If it saves one life."  Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo justified the statewide shutdown with this poppycock:  "And if everything we do saves just one life, I'll be happy."  Former president Obama said "If we save even one life from gun violence, it's worth it."  Then vice president Joe Biden endorsed that:  "As the President said, if your actions result in only saving one life, they're worth taking."  This is not justifiable constitutionally any more than it is factually:  These actions often cost far more lives than the theoretical one life saved.  Everything in life is a tradeoff.

Red-state university demands faculty 'accept and encourage change for the greater good'.  As always throughout history, "for the greater good" go individual rights and the notions of natural law... and freedom.  "For the greater good" means that if you are in the minority (of anything), you are likely screwed.  And, as individuals, we are all a "minority of one," the ultimate minority.  So do you like your home?  Sorry, it's in the way of plans for a community center/public park/bike path.  You've gotta give it up for the greater good.  Wanna keep your hunting rifle?  That's as may be, but we in government think it presents a hazard to many other people, so hand it over.  Fond of your burger, your gas stove, your gas car, your gas lawnmower?  Too bad, you can't have them... because we say they are bad for the climate.  The greater good, you know.  Are you refusing to comply with a stranger's demands that you address him by his preferred pronouns?  Have you expressed support for J.K. Rowling or Jason Aldean on social media?  Are you a "MAGA" supporter who is planning to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election?  So sorry, but we can't allow that.  You must be ostracized, punished, or canceled (one way or another) for the greater good.

Using the Dictator's — and the Mafia's — Playbook.  During President Trump's presidency, the Dems, leftists, and other anti-Americans screamed that he was going to "destroy Democracy."  Daily we heard warnings about authoritarianism (imposed by Trump), voter suppression (executed by Trump), how he was going to throw Hillary in jail and investigate Biden (his rival).  It turns out that Joe Biden and his Dems are everything, and more, of the authoritarians, vote suppressors, and witch-hunters they accused Trump (and his followers) of being.  Then again, projection has long been a character trait of totalitarians — accuse others of what you're doing or planning on doing.

Self-Involved NASA Climate Scientist Complains about "Climate Grief".  I would like to introduce you to Dr. Kimberley R. Miner, a Climate Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, and a Climate Change Institute Research Assistant Professor.  She is also a Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security in DC and Co-chair of the NASA Interagency Forum on Climate Change Risks, Impacts, and Adaptation.  Given those credentials, you might expect an editorial she prepared for a leading science publication would be a sober, serious analysis of the data related to the Earth's atmosphere, oceanic currents, or geologic history.  You would be wrong.  In Nature, Miner wrote a histrionic, emotion-laden diatribe about "climate grief."

Kimberley Miner: 'I'm a NASA Climate Scientist.  Here's How I'm Handling Climate Grief'.  NASA climate scientist Kimberly Miner of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory & University of Maine: "I am in my mid-thirties, working at NASA as a scientist, and I already have five scientist friends with severe, emergent health challenges.  They are all affected by overwork, exhaustion and extreme stress."  "The best treatment for climate grief, he says, is knowing you've made a contribution to reducing emissions or building resilience."

In California This Weekend, We Saw, Again, How Easy It Is to Panic Americans.  I am writing this column on a beautiful sunny day in Southern California.  It is a Monday in mid-August, so it is not a national holiday, yet in Los Angeles County, where I live, all the schools and all government offices are closed.  Why?  Because, for the past week, the National Weather Service, state and local authorities, and national and local media have been ceaselessly warning that a tropical storm would hit Southern California on Sunday night and Monday with a "life-threatening" intensity not seen since the last tropical storm hit California in 1939, 84 years ago. [...] Unlike the invisible COVID-19 virus, the reason for panic this time was completely visible.  All these people needed to do was walk outside of their home or hotel — or just look out the window.  Had they done so, they would have seen that steady but moderate rain was falling.  Just rain.  No high winds, no downpour, no storm, not even thunder or lightning.

Is This The Most Asinine Sentence Ever Written About 'Climate Change'?  In reporting on a Montana case in which a judge ruled that the state had to include the climate effect of oil and gas permits before deciding on them, the Associated Press showed just how brain-dead the discussions of "global warming" have become.  District Court Judge Kathy Seeley ruled in favor of several young plaintiffs — ranging in age from 5 to 22 — saying they "have a fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, which includes climate as part of the environmental-support system." [...] The ruling was heralded by the likes of Julia Olson, executive director of the Oregon-based Our Children's Trust, which has filed similar lawsuits in other states, who said: "Today's ruling in Montana is a game-changer that marks a turning point in this generation's efforts to save the planet from the devastating effects of human-caused climate chaos."  (Apparently, after "global warming," and "climate change," and "climate crisis" failed to move the needle, the left is trying out "climate chaos.")

Democrats' proposed wealth tax spells doom for entrepreneurs and economic growth.  A group of far-left lawmakers has introduced yet another bill to soak the rich.  The new bill is called the Oppose Limitless Inequality Growth and Reverse Community Harms Act — the OLIGARCH Act, get it?  It would introduce an entirely new tax on wealth above $120 million, starting at 2% and climbing to 8%.  This new tax would be in addition to the income tax.  Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) claims the legislation is designed to "tax extreme wealth, reduce inequality, and combat the threat to democracy posed by aristocracy."

"Global Boiling": An Assault On Reason and Science.  An interesting and troubling double standard is applied to the acceptability of individual actions and those of political agents.  An individual declaring an emergency when none exists, e.g., shouting "fire" in a crowded cinema, would lead to rightful punishment, yet public officials can do so without attracting the same scrutiny.  According to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, "the era of global warming has ended" and "the era of global boiling has arrived."  Of course, this statement was made with little or no sense of perspective or the possibility that any sensible human would challenge or refute it.  This comment is the latest reference relating to what is and has been going on with the weather and climate.  After the warming showed a slowdown; climate change became the operative term, but this was found to be insufficiently alarming.  In turn, climate action became the necessary antidote to a "climate emergency" or "climate crisis."  Having gone full circle, with the focus back to the fetish with high temperatures during a seasonal, localized and predictable heatwave, the assertion is that we are in the midst of climate boiling.

Nancy Pelosi says the U.S. will come to an End if Trump is re-elected.  Nancy Pelosi thinks that the U.S. is doomed if Donald Trump becomes president again and says the latest indictment of the ex-President stands the best chance of getting him into prison rather than the White House.  The former House Speaker launched the war of words with Trump after claiming he looked like a 'scared puppy' during his D.C. court appearance on Thursday.  She also called the third and latest indictment against Trump 'beautiful' and said he knows he is going to have to face the music for trying to overturn the 2020 election results.

Global boiling?  Don't be ridiculous.  And just like that we've entered a new epoch.  'The era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived', decreed UN chief António Guterres last week.  It's hard to know what's worse: the hubris and arrogance of this globalist official who imagines he has the right to declare the start of an entire new age, or the servile compliance of the media elites who lapped up his deranged edict about the coming heat death of Earth. 'Era of global boiling has arrived and it is terrifying', said the front page of the Guardian, as if Guterres's word was gospel, his every utterance a divine truth.  We urgently need to throw the waters of reason on this delirious talk of a 'boiling' planet.

Does it seem as though every news story lately is on climate doom?  [Scroll down]  [Y]ou've probably also noticed that these days that there isn't a news story that somehow doesn't have a climate connection.  That is by design, and not an overwrought term "conspiracy theory."  (The ruling class needs to know that it's used that excuse far too many times, but we digress.)  What are global cooling, global warming, global boiling, climate change, climate crisis, and now climate emergency?  Will it soon be climate calamity, catastrophe, or cataclysm, depending on which sounds scariest and will bring in the most money and votes?  The initiative of the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, proudly announced four years ago, was entitled "Covering Climate Now," "Transforming the media's coverage of the climate crisis."  It quickly amassed more than 170 news outlets from around the world to Rahm this propaganda down our throats.  It triumphantly announced that "Climate Stories Are Everywhere."

UN: Don't Call It Global Warming, Call It "Global Boiling".  When you constantly have to rename and rebrand whatever scam you're pushing this week, it's a scam.  Corporations constantly rename certain products to upsell them or make them sound new and exciting.  It's not junk anymore, it's e-junk or smart junk, and it's not global warming anymore, it's climate change.  No wait, that sounds boring.  Let's switch to Global Boiling, that sounds new and exciting.

U.N. Chief Guterres Warns 'Era of Global Boiling' Is Here.  Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid.  United Nations chief Antonio Guterres on Thursday night rolled out some of his most apocalyptic climate rhetoric to date declaring "the era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived."  He went on to lament how "terrifying" it is seeing children "swept away by monsoon rains, families running from the flames, workers collapsing in scorching heat."  The veteran Portuguese socialist painted his picture of a world in peril during a streamed speech from U.N. headquarters in New York, returning once more to a theme of climate doom he has used almost without respite since he took office.

The Left's Latest Trump Freakout — He Wants To Control The Executive Branch!  It didn't take long for a New York Times article about Donald Trump's plans to "increase presidential power in 2025" for the left to suffer yet another mental breakdown, rushing on the air and in print to call the news "terrifying," "frightening," "menacing," "incredibly alarming."  And, of course, "fascist," or as a University of North Carolina professor took to the Atlantic to declare, "a new kind of fascism."  What has the left grasping for the Xanax again?  Here are the horrifying facts as reported by the Times:  Trump — as well as other Republicans running for office — hope to "increase the president's authority" over the executive branch of government, including "independent" federal agencies.  "He wants to revive the practice of 'impounding' funds, refusing to spend money Congress has appropriated for programs a president doesn't like," the Times reports.  "He intends to strip employment protections from tens of thousands of career civil servants, making it easier to replace them if they are deemed obstacles to his agenda."

Who wants to read 15 tweets about how the Left uses "climate change" as a rhetorical trap?  Auron MacIntyre has some thoughts to help us understand the rhetorical tricks the Left uses and why we so often fall for them.  [Tweet]  We all know the climate agenda is a hoax to gain power, but being reactionary and anti-environment is far from the correct response. [...] The climate changes by definition.  Some lefties, the RFK Jr. types, and maybe even the Al Gores of the world, care about the environment.  But most are using this as a tool to consolidate power in a totalitarian fashion.  I mean, have you read the Green New Deal? [...] Why else would the Left be attaching EVERYTHING to "Climate Justice" or "Environmental Equity"?  It's all about one plan to consolidate power and do so as the "good guys" who care about the planet and the poor.

Join Us in Mocking Ilhan Omar for Saying Earth Broke Heat Record Last Set in 117,977 BC.  Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) called for a "national climate emergency." She says the government must take action because the Earth "broke the record for the hottest day in 120,000 years."  In other words, Omar thinks the Earth broke a record it last set in 117,977 BC.  Except, she does not know that.  Daily temperature records do not date back 120 thousand years ago.  Omar appears to refer to a flimsy report from a local Florida outlet WFLA-TV that matched her tweet.  But even that report admitted it cites a dashboard that dates back to only 1979 and warned data "should NOT be taken as 'official' observational records."  Official enough for Omar, the densest of The Squad members, nonetheless.

Unearthed Video Shows Teachers Union President Ranting And Raving On Stage, Calling Students 'Our Babies'.  A recently unearthed video shows the head of the largest teachers union wailing on stage during a keynote address, calling students "our babies."  During the National Education Association's (NEA) July 3 Representative Assembly, Becky Pringle gave a keynote speech addressing more than 6,000 NEA delegates in Orlando, Florida.  Toward the end of her speech, Pringle shouted about the union's "righteous fight for freedom" and changing "the world for our students."  "We will never bend," Pringle shouted.  "We will never be broken because we are the NEA and we will always do what we must to be worthy of our students.  Thank you NEA for all you do every day for our babies and for our colleagues and for your states and for this country.  Onward NEA.  Onward."

The Brutal Crushing of the Lower 50%.  Last week the WEFers held their summer camp in China.  More to come, they warned us.  More pandemics, more catastrophic global warming, more inflation, hell on wheels, they promise us, Armageddon is coming.  Be very afraid.  The following was a particularly lovely event:  "How to Stay Within Planetary Boundaries - Carrot or Stick?" which focused on whether to incentivize or force compliance with "climate goals".  It was hosted by some joker who edits a magazine called Nature Energy, no doubt funded by the WEF and read by exactly nobody.

The Assault on Our Rights is Not Sustainable.  The Left is big on de-escalation of conflict.  They insist on talk rather than action to address rioting, theft, and even violent assault.  The one place where they will not use it is in politics.  De-escalation of political conflict would require them to do something they are loath to — debate ideas.  The left is instead attacking our right to speech.  Try disagreeing with any element of leftist orthodoxy and see what happens.  Challenging any of their core positions will not be met with robust debate, but with insults, cancellation, and even physical attack.  Challenge them on:
  •   Climate change — you're a denier.
  •   Trans grooming of children — you're a homophobe.
  •   Affirmative action — you're a racist.
  •   Abortion — you're anti-human rights.
  •   2020 election — you're part of the big lie.
The Left insists that words can be a form of assault.  That's a silly assertion that one's opinion is somehow harmful to others.  However, they use that claim as justification for "cancellation," which really is an attack on the well-being of others.

Messaging vs. reality: Democrats leave ordinary Americans behind.  A car in front of me recently at a traffic light had a political sticker on its rear bumper that read, "Leave no one behind — vote Democrat."  The message isn't new, and I've seen the sticker before, but I found it freshly notable because it has surely never been more obviously false than it is today.  It expressed the quintessence of the party's message that Democrats are for the masses, the millions of little guys, rather than the big guys who have too much power already.

If You Think All Teachers Are 'Heroes,' You're Part Of The Problem.  Many factors have contributed to the downfall of America's schools.  One rarely discussed issue is the disproportionate praise heaped on the teaching industry, which has led teachers to believe the scope of their influence ought to extend beyond the teaching of facts and figures.  As a society, we have praised teachers to the extent that even mild criticism of the profession is met with a chorus of boos.  "My sister is a teacher!"  When discussing widespread problems in the profession, instead of presenting an actual argument, those who reflexively defend the industry will often mention having friends or relatives who are teachers, as if this anecdotal tidbit is a meaningful response.  "Teachers are heroes" is practically an infallible dictum.  It is unclear why teachers, by default, deserve the disproportionate praise our society gives them.  Even suggesting that they might deserve merely the same amount of respect we give most other professions (the horror!) will be perceived by many as "an attack on teachers."

Could you point us to some land that isn't "stolen?"
Is America Really Founded on "Stolen Land?".  There are few things liberals in America love to do more than mar the 4th of July with their endless [complaining] about what a rotten country they believe America happens to be.  Maybe they feel like there are so many people celebrating America that they have even more of a duty than normal to show their contempt and scorn for a nation that provided them more opportunities than anywhere else on earth.  For example, take Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the founders of Ben & Jerry's.  They have a success story you probably wouldn't see in a lot of places other than America:  ["]With a $5 correspondence course in ice cream-making from Penn State and a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of it borrowed), Ben and Jerry open their first ice cream scoop shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont.["]  From those humble beginnings, these two diehard advocates of socialism sold their billion-dollar ice cream business to multinational corporation Unilever and became reportedly worth 150 million dollars each.  With that background, you might think Ben & Jerry would be two of the biggest advocates of capitalism and America that have ever lived, but of course, creatures of the Left never seem to look at it that way.

AOC proposes subpoenas and impeachment to limit SCOTUS justices' power following landmark decisions.  Democratic "Squad" member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., slammed the U.S. Supreme Court for what she called an "abuse of power" Sunday, following landmark decisions this past week rejecting affirmative action and Biden's student loan debt plan.  She proposed impeachment and subpoenas be put into play in order to limit the justices' power.  "The Supreme Court is far overreaching their authority," Ocasio-Cortez said on CNN's "State of the Union."  "And I believe, frankly, that we really need to be having conversations about judicial review as a check on the courts as well," she added.

Some of These Reactions to the Affirmative Action Ruling Are Getting Ugly.  It's a cycle of whining we've all come to know from the Left when they don't get their way, and this week was a brutal one for progressives in America.  From this ruling on college admissions to Joe Biden not being able to cancel student debt unilaterally, the Left learned that Biden isn't a king. [...] While liberal America's initial reactions to the affirmative action ruling will undoubtedly be centered on how Justice Clarence Thomas is evil, how we're veering back toward pre-Civil War times, how the GOP is racist, and how the Supreme Court is illegitimate because they handed down a decision we didn't like; it's children's hour.  But a nasty war within America's minority communities is about to erupt between blacks and Asians.  It's the issue that splinters these voting blocs, and it's best to let these two sides duke it out, vent, and take swings at one another because it won't be pretty.  And yes, some Asian progressives will hurl grenades into their own tent, accusing 'Fellow Yellows' of siding with white supremacy if they agree with the Court's decision.

Democrats Don't Care About Democracy.  Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Democrats and their media lackeys have crafted a narrative that they, and only they, are defenders of democracy against encroaching fascism, authoritarianism, and institutional racism.  They have also complained about the anti-institutionalism of "MAGA Republicans" who supposedly threaten America's institutions and rule of law.  Of course, this is a big lie considering the constant demeaning of the Supreme Court as "illegitimate" and "not normal."  To Democrats, democracy means getting everything they want and making sure conservatives, Republicans, and especially Christians never get anything they want.  Democracy is simply a magical abracadabra word, having now taken on sacred and mystical feeling, to be utilized as a bludgeoning force of bloviated rhetoric to legitimize their totalitarian impulses and policies.  They want to strongarm the Court with threats to rule in their favor.  If the Court does so, no problem.  The hypocrisy of Democrats is nothing new.  But it cannot ever be set aside.

Kamala Harris Says 'Book Bans' Make LGBT People 'Afraid' For Their Lives.  Vice President Kamala Harris said Monday that so-called "book bans" make LGBT people fear for their lives.  Allegations of book banning started after Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation protecting parental rights in Florida in March 2022, which led to schools pulling multiple books on the grounds of having explicit content, including "Gender Queer," "Let's Talk About It" and "It's Perfectly Normal."  Parents across the country have raised objections to books with sexually explicit content in recent years.

Four Ways the Deep State Betrays Americans.  In defending America's two-tiered (in)justice system currently dedicated to covering up Biden family crimes while persecuting Trump and his supporters, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland had the audacity to declare that any condemnation of the secret police "constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy and essential to the safety of the American people."  Hear that, plebes?  "Democracy" will survive only if the people's voices are silenced and the powerful institutions are obeyed.  The opinions of commoners are "attacks," while the crimes of institutions are "essential."  To save "democracy," defend the dictatorship!

MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski Claims Abortion Bans Will Kill Women, But None Have Died.  Pro-abortion firebrand and MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski joined New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) on Monday's Morning Joe to discuss Hochul's plans to subvert Republican pro-life legislation.  During the segment, Brzezinski made the brain busting claim that not allowing women to get abortions will leave them dead or sterilized, followed by Hochul's Freudian slip in which she called for utilizing military arsenals against those who oppose abortion.  Brzezinski dedicated the segment to Kathy Hochul's legislation that would enable abortion providers in New York to send abortion pills to women in Republican states, effectively bypassing the laws enacted in those states in the wake of RoeRoe v. Wade's repeal by the United States Supreme Court.  She, along with Hochul and activist Lauren Leader fearmongered about the necessity of abortion, and simultaneously threatened Republicans.

Garland: Questioning the Integrity of the Justice Department Is an Attack on — You Guessed It.  With the sweetheart deal that Hunter Biden just got from federal prosecutors, Attorney General Merrick Garland has once again confirmed that he has taken the Justice Department, which was once the envy of the world for its indefatigable commitment to equal justice for all, and turned it into a squad of legal hit men for foes of the Biden regime and a legal laundromat for the regime's members and cronies, most notably for the alleged president's crackhead influence-peddling son.  Garland himself, however, bristles if you believe your lying eyes on this matter.  On Friday he complained that charges that his Justice Department was doling out frame jobs for dissidents and skates for friends of the regime was a threat to — that's right! — our "democracy."

President Trump Did What Ross Perot Could Not.  As Governor Mike Huckabee noticed during his recent appearance on NewsMax, the affairs of the prevailing political regime are scandals that dwarf Watergate.  Those comprising the Obama-Biden cabal have abused their powers for years with defining hallmarks like illegal surveillance and political persecution; but they've also weaponized the most powerful departments and agencies of the federal government, all funded by your tax dollars, against those (like President Trump) who stand in the way of the monopolization of political power for which they have an insatiable desire.  And, in a manner characteristic of their communist mentality, they consider anything that obstructs their power grab as "evil" and every detrimental action taken against their opponents as "good" — or, according to standard Marxian terminology used by Soviet rulers and similar regimes elsewhere: "progress."

What does 'freedom of the press' mean when the media eagerly join with the censors?  Right now, censorship is more prevalent than at any time in our lifetimes.  And it's actually embraced by the mainstream media, the Biden administration and the Democrats' party as a whole.  The Twitter Files published by a group of independent journalists, show the intense censorship promoted by the administration and its agencies through pressure on the tech companies.  The mainstream media ignores and suppresses the revelations of the Twitter Files and anything else that would embarrass the administration or offend its supporters.  Democrats profess to be concerned about censorship, but only in so far as it involves what they call "book banning" in Florida, which is really regulating what books can be included in public school libraries.  That is something that has always occurred everywhere and with good reason, because some books are not appropriate for young people.  But until it became likely that Governor Ron DeSantis might be a presidential contender, it had never before been called "book banning."

If You Think You've See A Rabid Climate Nut, Wait Until You Get A Load Of This.  [The video clip speaks for itself, with a language warning, of course.  The man in the video is an example of a person who thinks that the person who yells loudest wins an argument.]

If You're Going To Use The Word 'Fascism,' Learn What It Means.  A couple of days ago, we posted a satirical piece, call it a sati-torial, with a list of headlines we're never going to see.  One of them said "Democrats Realize They've Been Using The Word 'Fascist' Wrong For Decades."  There's a lot of truth in there.  The way the political left tosses around that word shows that they have no idea what it means.  Or maybe they do.  And they're intentionally applying it wrongly because they're driven by their depravity.  Either way, we've been hearing it for decades.  And its use has accelerated in recent years along with the irresponsible usage of "white supremacy" and "white privilege."

The Corruption of Climate Science.  For over 50 years, with increasing frequency, corrupted, careerist scientists have produced biased studies that, amplified by agenda-driven corporate and political special interests, constitute a "consensus" that is supposedly "beyond debate." We are in a "climate crisis."  To cope with this climate emergency, all measures are justifiable.  This is overblown, one-sided, distorted, and manipulative propaganda.  It is the language of authoritarians and corporatists bent on achieving even more centralized political power and economic wealth.  It is a scam, perhaps the most audacious, all-encompassing fraud in human history.  It is a scam that explicitly targets and crushes the middle class in developed nations and the entire aspiring populations in developing nations, at the same time as its messaging is designed to secure their fervent acquiescence.

Progressives Are Purely Emotional.  Whether it be DEI, CRT, ESG, the Green New Deal, reparations, newly revised/lowered physical requirements for military/fire/police duty or anything else, compared to conservatives, progressives insist that they know more about the facts of the matter, they feel more deeply and are more compassionate and understanding, and most importantly, progressives contend that their positions are the only ones that will benefit the country.  All high-profile progressives not only claim that they are correct about a given topic, they consistently maintain that conservative positions are not only wrong, but they are designed to deliberately diminish the quality of life for specific demographic groups that progressives think conservatives wish to harm.

Important climate change "Save That Date" in 17 days.  Contrary to the hyperbole on the evening broadcast and the Weather Channel's penchant for naming every breeze that goes by, we are not in bad shape at all.  [Chart, not shown here.]  Although the media has upped their graphics game to match the current CLIMATE EMERGENCY.  Red makes everything more dramatic, so maybe the Luddites will pay attention to our shrieking now.

Will Wokeness Be Our Demise?  People infected with wokeness blame racism, white supremacy, homophobes, misogyny, religion, climate change, capitalism, etc. when things don't go their way.  They insist that a human is a man when biology proves, through DNA, anatomical bone structure, and genitalia she was born with, that the human is female.  And vice versa.  Woke has become a medical industrial money-making vehicle for transgender surgeries and lifelong hormones, starting in early childhood.  Body dysmorphia is a mental condition for which treatment is needed.  Just like anorexia.  Both may be fatal.  The woke want to spread their ideology.  They attempt to control language through invented words and phrases.  They impose rules for others to use:  pronouns, of their choice, for example.  If the pronouns they claim are not obeyed to their satisfaction, they may threaten violence due to trigger words, which they call verbal violence.  Or they may announce that someone hurt their feelings, and that person is therefore evil.

After Pushing Russia Hoax, Hillary Clinton Says Trump Winning in 2024 Would 'End Democracy in America'.  Hillary Clinton misled the American people by fabricating the Russia Hoax to smear President Donald Trump in the eyes of voters.  Clinton's 2016 campaign, with her full knowledge, planted the story and then pushed for investigations from her allies in the FBI and other federal agencies.  In any other country what she did would be called a coup and she would be in handcuffs.

Newsom Melts Down As Target Pulls Some 'Pride' Products Amid Outrage: 'Doesn't Stop Here'.  The governor of the largest state in the country is lashing out on Twitter at the CEO of Target over its decision to remove some of its "Pride" collection products.  On Tuesday night, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) tweeted, "CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage."  "This isn't just a couple stores in the South.  There is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country.  Wake up America," he continued.  Finally, the tweet took a bizarre, fearmongering turn as Newsom claimed, "This doesn't stop here.  You're black?  You're Asian?  You're Jewish?  You're a woman?  You're next."  [Tweet]

Nebraska senator flips out debating ban on sex change surgeries for minors, screams 'we need trans people'.  A Friday morning session in the unicameral Nebraska legislature devolved into chaos after one Democratic lawmaker began shouting her support for transgender people amid a debate on a bill to ban sex change procedures for minors in the state.  The bill, which was ultimately approved by lawmakers and sent to Republican Gov. Jim Pillen's desk to become law, bans sex change procedures for minors, as well as abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy.  In voicing her disapproval to the measure Friday morning, state Democrat Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh slapped the lectern and repeatedly shouted: "Transgender people belong here, we need trans people, we love trans people."

The Durham Probe Exposes Our Elites as Lawless Dictators, and their Allies as Corrupt Collaborators.  When Democrats and NeverTrumpers adopted the term "Resistance" for their efforts to frustrate Trump, they were telegraphing the fact that no rules applied, no means however corrupt or even violent was off the table.  They would leave no rule unbroken, no string unpulled, no method untried.  That was how thoroughly they rejected the voters' will, and how much they despised the voters.  Hillary Clinton's use of the word "Deplorables" quickly backfired.  Instead, supporters of Trump's center-right agenda were smeared with stickier epithets.  They were outright "racists," "white nationalists," "Christian nationalists," or (in Biden's current usage) "domestic extremists."  Not fellow Americans who differed with the politics of our urban, coastal elites, but barely human time-bombs ticking, waiting to explode with violence and hate.

Beware the Globalist 'One Health' Propaganda Merging Pandemic and Climate 'Emergencies'.  First UNICEF, followed by GAVI, the WHO, the UN, the Council of Europe, the BMJ, the Guardian, the Financial Times, Save the Children and now the Labour Party have all told you:  "No one is safe until everyone is safe."  This slogan is designed to garner ideals of equity and togetherness and induce a warm, fuzzy feeling whilst in actual fact it is cold and calculating.  The ultimate purpose of this slogan is to diminish the range of your thought and to perpetuate the state of emergency.  Its teaching is a top-down imposition with no grounding in reality, amplified with mantra-like repetition by many (seemingly) independent voices until it is no longer questioned by the masses.  This is an insidious form of indoctrination.  The techniques employed by these sloganeers are not new and echo those of totalitarian regimes.  Unless we are able to comprehend the power of this manipulation then we cannot safeguard ourselves from the danger that it poses.

Does anyone else have a problem fathoming woke cliches and edicts? 
  [#1]   If diversity is our strength, is unity a weakness?  Should we be the Diverse States of America?
  [#3]   If gender is a social construct, why does it take gender affirming surgery to alter it?
  [#5]   If there are over 20 genders, what is the relevance of a gender reveal party?
  [#6]   If race is a social construct, what is the legitimacy of skin color-based educational and career advancement?
  [#8]   If CRT is a theory, why must we respond to it as fact?
  [#14]   Why in the most technically advanced nation on earth does it take two weeks to learn election results?
  [#18]   If abortion is a woman's health issue, is pregnancy a disease?

Seething Rage in former Institutions of Higher Learning.  The rejection of free speech has seeped out of our universities into K-12 schools and into the culture generally, where it breeds dogmatism, hatred and even violence (talk about fascists?).  One would think that anyone of even modest intelligence would see how dangerous this is but the enormous levels of narcissistic self-absorption, an essential concomitant to the dogmatic intolerance promulgated by the left, instilled into the young over the past decades, prevents people from seeing anything beyond their own imagined reflections.  It is only common sense that the reason adolescent undergraduates refuse to debate certain issues is that they cannot defend them.  If one is really confident in one's views, one is happy, even eager, to debate them respectfully and civilly.  It is likely that, at some level, the undergraduate censors know that their rote recitation of slogans and bumper stickers in a homogeneous leftist echo-chamber does not constitute a serious position.

White House calls Kevin McCarthy's budget a 'ransom note' that would 'give asthma to our children' and let oil companies produce chemicals that 'melt bones'.  The White House amped up its attacks on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's budget Friday as it moves toward a floor vote — calling it a risk to health and environmental programs and would 'poison the lungs of our children.'  It was just the latest attack on an emerging budget document set to get a key House vote next week, amid a standoff over raising the nation's $31 trillion debt limit and House Republicans' demands for cuts.  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the plan put forward by the House Budget Committee amounted to 'holding our economy hostage' that she said would 'kill jobs, fill our cities with smog, and give asthma to our children.'

Karine Jean-Pierre Says House Republicans Want to Fill Our Cities with Smog, Give Asthma to Kids and Poison Children.  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday said House Republicans want to fill cities with smog and give asthma to children.  Karine Jean-Pierre trashed Republicans ahead of Joe Biden's announcement to sign an executive order on 'environmental justice.'  The affirmative action White House spox claimed House Speaker McCarthy's plan will poison children and literally melt bones.

The Editor says...
"Environmental justice" is a contrived expression used by socialists to advance almost any of their causes, because it sounds good but it means nothing.  Nobody ever asks the far-left troublemakers to define this term.  The implication is that the environment unjustly affects some people more than others.  (Wow, that environment is mean!)  I guess the envirnoment can victimize certain groups of people, in the same way that global warming causes everything and everything causes global warming.

Biden Secretary Appears To Cry Because Of Climate Change During Hearing.  President Joe Biden's Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland appeared to begin crying over the issue of climate change while giving testimony during a U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources hearing.  "I really do have to say that all of this is because climate change is the crisis of our lifetime," Haaland said, as she then appeared to start crying briefly.  "We have an obligation to future generations to make sure that we have a planet for them to live on.  And that's why I'm here, and that's why I'm working incredibly hard to make sure that we can realize that transition, that we can have differing energy sources.  We can't continue to be a one-industry country," Haaland said.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The Secretary is delusional if she thinks that the U.S. is a one-industry country (what industry is that?), or if she thinks that climate change is a crisis, or if she thinks there won't be a planet for future generations to live on.  It is as if she gets all of her information from comic books.  She is one of the most poorly-informed public officials I've ever heard.  There is no climate crisis.  The climate is changing, but so gradually that you wouldn't notice any difference if a century's worth of climate change happened overnight.

Young people are too scared to have kids — and climate change hysteria is to blame.  This is terrible.  After all, if almost half our young people are too frightened to start families, there won't be a civilisation left to save.  Their fear isn't just tragic, however.  It's also pathetic.  The future may be fraught with danger, but then, the future always has been.  Say you were young during the Black Death, or the Blitz.  Or, for that matter, at any point during the many millennia before the invention of penicillin, or electricity, or dentists.  Did all those generations of young people think, "We can't possibly bring children into this hideous world.  The future is simply too bleak"?  No.  We know they didn't.  Because if they had, we wouldn't be here.

The Editor says...
These extremely fragile snowflakes actually believe that global warming is about to render the Earth uninhabitable, based on nothing but fear.  Facts don't matter any more, only sensationalism.

Progressives [are] Not Interested in the Good of the Country.  Predictably, progressives always go right to their favorite boogeyman: Gun control.  "When will we learn?  How much more will it take?"  No new gun laws would have prevented any of these shootings.  The cause is far deeper, having more to do with the shifting/diminishing sense of personal responsibility, the distorted and totally unjustified feeling of entitlement amongst the young, and the growing dissolution of the traditional two-parent nuclear family that is no longer present to impart the time-tested values of right-and-wrong the way they did two or three generations ago.  These are the major deep-rooted causal reasons of mass violence and band-aid gun law "fixes" will have no effect.

Scientific American Compares DeSantis to Mussolini.  It is hardly breaking news that many once-trustworthy science and medical publications have been infected by leftist ideology.  One of the worst cases involved the Lancet, which published an editorial in May of 2020 that openly urged American voters to replace then-President Trump.  Sadly, this disease has continued to metastasize.  The latest outbreak just appeared in Scientific American, which published an opinion piece on Friday claiming that the education policies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis "mirror past fascist strategies in ways that are disquieting for American democracy."

Democrats' assault on democracy focuses on whose 'voices are being channeled' not on the law.  This month, there was an "assault on democracy" in Tennessee.  It was not three members halting the legislative process, but rather their expulsion.  It appears that nothing says democracy like a bullhorn and obstructing legislative work.  I recently wrote a column on how American politics has become a simple matter of amplification after Democrats stopped the Tennessee House proceedings with a bullhorn to protest the lack of gun control measures.  I noted, "Today, for many, there is no room for nuance.  Instead, they live in a world occupied only by 'fascists' and 'insurrectionists.'" [...] Vice President Harris did not visit the families of the victims of the recent mass shooting in Nashville, but flew to the state to express her outrage at the expulsion of two legislators.  She praised the legislators while blaming the Republicans for victimizing the families whom she ignored on her visit.

Kansas: Democrat who defied Party on trans sports threatened with death by colleagues.  KS Representative Marvin Robinson (D-KCK) was told to "go die" by a colleague and that he had "blood on his hands" for voting to override Kansas Governor Kelley's veto of a bill banning boys from playing in girls' sports. [...] Contrary to the truth, Democrats keep claiming that banning transgender athletes from playing sports with children of the opposite sex would require "genital inspections" of the kids.  This is a lie.  Not even remotely true.  Children are identified as their biological sex from the time they enter school and athletes often require physical exams by doctors in order to participate.  No school or government official "inspects" a child's genitals, yet this claim is repeated endlessly because... it works.  It sounds awful and confirms the priors of liberals that Republicans are evil.  When the bill returned for consideration after the governor's veto the legislature overrode, putting the bill into law.  Rep. Robinson voted with the Republicans, despite being otherwise progressive.  He prayed on the issue and decided he could not join his Democrat colleagues despite his progressive bona fides.

The Psychological Ties Between Heightened Emotionality and School Shootings.  How can we come together if we can't understand and compromise on any given set of facts?  For some, facts are fungible and can mean whatever you want, which is a logical fallacy.  One plus one must always equal two, and no one can change that!  Increasingly, this is not universally understood.

Racism, Inc..  Hopefully, more and more Americans are becoming aware that modern liberalism is moving increasingly away from any semblance of normalized, rational thought and behavior.  The Left's whole mindset has become radicalized.  One of the Democratic Party's main coalitions, of course, is based on "race" and "racism," and thus their followers are being trained to think in those terms and see almost everything through a "racial" lens.  It is ludicrous in the extreme, but is an unwavering staple of modern Leftist thought.  It isn't really "thought," it's brainwashing, a blind acceptance of propaganda with no real evidence to support it.

Whoopi Mocks Conservatives Who Lost Everything In Tornadoes: 'There Hasn't Been Much Denying Of Climate Change'.  Whoopi Goldberg mocked conservatives during Thursday's broadcast of "The View," claiming that she hadn't heard as many people denying climate change since their houses had been "blown down ... for the fourth or the fifth time."  Goldberg joined her co-hosts on the ABC midday talk show in a preemptive post-mortem of the Republican Party in the wake of former President Donald Trump's indictment on Tuesday — beginning with co-host Joy Behar's claim that the party would never win another election. [...] Behar went on to claim that people would refuse to vote Republican because they didn't want to see more school shootings or tornadoes, appearing to suggest that voting Democrat would somehow prevent those things from happening.

The Progressive Backlash to DeSantis's Permitless Carry Is Baseless and Unhinged.  On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law allowing "constitutional carry" in his state.  Then, progressives and Democrats online had an absolute meltdown in response.  "Sickening," the official Democratic Party's Twitter account wrote of the news.  "Hiding behind closed doors and with the NRA by his side, Ron DeSantis just signed a bill that could make it easier for criminals to carry guns.  He's prioritizing winning the MAGA base over our kids' safety."

The great gun control myth.  Mass murders and school shootings have become so commonplace that the average person can accurately predict the results.  From politicians to special interest groups to private citizens who share the same anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment sentiment, the responses have been reduced to redundant, recycled talking points.
  •   Enough is enough
  •   Ban assault weapons
  •   Who needs weapons of war?
  •   We need gun violence prevention legislation to keep or children safe.

Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman SCREAMS at Republicans as They Leave House Chamber.  Democrats want your guns.  They've turned ALL of our cities into violent [places] and now they want YOU to give up your only protection!  These people are just crazy.  Representative Jamaal Bowman of New York screamed at Republican lawmakers as they exited the Capitol building on Wednesday evening [3/29/2023].  Rep. Bowman was captured on video screaming "They're cowards!  They're all cowards.  They won't do anything to save the lives of our children at all.  Cowards."

Gun Control Activist Takes Over Nashville Police School Shooting Briefing.  A gun control activist took over the Nashville Police's briefing and began ranting about the problem with guns after the officers had concluded giving initial details about a school shooting at Covenant School, a private Christian elementary school that has left three students and three adults dead.  The woman walked up to the microphones and asked the journalists if they were tired of reporting on school shootings.  She revealed she is currently on family vacation with her child but she came down to the scene when the news broke.  "I have been lobbying in D.C. since we survived a mass shooting in July.  I have met with over 130 lawmakers.  How is this still happening?  How are our children still dying and why are we failing them?  Gun violence is the number one killer of children and teens.  It has overtaken cars," the woman said.

Doug Emhoff Compares School Board Meetings to the Holocaust.  Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff compared the "hate" at public school board meetings Wednesday [3/15/2023] to that which motivated the Holocaust, in which the Nazis exterminated six million Jews and millions of other people.  Emhoff was speaking at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, a trendy gathering of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and artists in Austin, Texas.  He was interviewed by the Symone Sanders, the former spokesperson for his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris.

Academia's latest invention: 'petro-masculinity'.  For a member of the academic class, there's a burden to bring something intellectually worthwhile to the table.  When you have nothing to offer (like the vast majority of college professors), you simply invent new scholarly-ish terms.  Instead of "pedophile" or "child predator," academia offers us the softer "minor-attracted person."  Instead of "sexual mutilation" or "medical malpractice," we get "gender-affirming care."  And now, drum roll, please...Cara Daggett, a professor at Virginia Tech and a "climate sociologist," unveils her latest literary horror:  "petro-masculinity."  (Apparently, all it takes to signal academic genius as a leftist is to smash a couple of buzzwords together separated by a hyphen.)

The Grand Unified Theory of Victimhood!
Hillary Ties It All Together, Says Women Are the Main Victims of Climate Change, Especially In Ukraine.  This is why Hillary Clinton rose to the top and came within an ace of shattering the highest, toughest glass ceiling of all:  she knows how to tie together all the Left's favorite talking points into one neat package.  Of course, the end result has nothing whatsoever to do with reality, but when did that ever stop Leftists?

The Editor says...
Oh no, I would say left-handed, transgender, indigenous inner-city women in underserved communities in Ukraine are hardest hit; especially those who are affected by asthma resulting from exposure to second-hand smoke, PM-2.5, and gas-guzzling cell phone towers due to the lack of access to public transportation caused by rising sea levels and boiling oceans.  It's all Donald Trump's fault, obviously.

The Democrats are Down to Begging Their Enemies to Keep Their False Jan 6 Narrative Alive.  The Democrats have assumed quite a few different kinds of attitudes over the course of the last year and all surrounding one topic; the events of January 6.  First, they were horrified and scared of being harmed, then they were righteously furious, then they were stoically pursuing justice.  Their noble quest to bring the guilty to justice over an attempted "insurrection" was one of epic proportions and they would stop at nothing to right the wrongs and protect the country from the murderous and treasonous machinations of Trump and those who consider themselves MAGA fanatics.

At least he didn't say "Democracy."
Ken Burns Calls Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson 'Huge Threat to Our Republic'.  It's been a day of the left and their fellow travelers throwing tantrums over Tucker Carlson's coverage of the Jan. 6 video footage.  I wrote earlier about Tucker's coverage as well as Adam Kinzinger's continued meltdown.  There have been a lot of bad takes.  But perhaps one of the worst came from documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, the guy known for his history documentaries.  Now I must admit to having watched some of his work, including on the Civil War and the history of baseball, and enjoying it.  If you liked his work and thought he sounded knowledgeable, you may want to adjust your opinion after this.  It's a terrible thing to lose one's mind to leftism.  He not only railed on Tucker but he lost it on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as well.  [Tweet]

The Unhinged Meltdowns Outside SCOTUS Over Student Debt Are Something to See.  There have been some pretty nutty meltdowns over the past day regarding the student debt forgiveness matter that is presently before the Supreme Court.  The reaction of Democrats and some in the media has been wild, showing that they don't care about the Consitution, all they care about is paying off their base for the bribe that was offered before the midterms.  They know they will likely lose since there is no support in the Constitution for Joe Biden's ability to unilaterally forgive student debt.  But they want to put on a show now so that the leftists base will blame SCOTUS and not who they should be blaming — Joe Biden and the Democrats who lied to them on this issue.

Neil Oliver Outlines the Weaponry of Words, as Used to Shut Down Truth and Hide Perversion and Corruption.  The slow creep of ugliness into the language of public debate is impossible to ignore.  It is a truly sad state of affairs, a degradation of the quality of discourse, that should finally give us pause, make us stop and take a long hard look at the reality presently being forced upon us.  But the fact is we have grown accustomed to the knee-jerk application of lazy slurs and the smearing of reputations, to the casual abuse of those around us with some of the vilest accusations imaginable. [...] It has been done on purpose and the name-calling has been led and driven by government, by nudge units and the rest of the little wizards tasked with the psychological manipulation and perversion of society.  It really got going with "anti-vaxxer", "covidiot", "covid-denier" and "granny-killer" that became the round-the-clock stock in trade not just of government ministers but most effectively from the mouths of familiar TV journalists and other media figures.  As with "racist", "misogynist" and "transphobe" the panoply of pandemic epithets were the childishly effective bludgeon used to try and knock any and all dissent or downright disobedience on the head.  As well as about silencing and controlling, it has been about division.  Lockdowns and social distancing kept us physically apart, but even more sinister now is the way we are being set at each other's throats, fracturing and damaging the very fabric of society.

Biden claims Republicans are repeating the Joseph McCarthy hearings of the 1950s.  The White House on Thursday blasted the new House subcommittee on 'weaponization' of government with a scorching letter that compared it to red-baiting probes of the 1950s.  'Today, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is launching the Fox News reboot of the House Un-American Activities Committee with a political stunt that weaponizes Congress to carry out the priorities of extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress,' wrote White House spokesman Ian Sams in a four-page memo to 'interested parties.'  The blast also referenced the infamous Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy hearings that followed 1950s House hearings meant to root out communists in government, Hollywood, and other areas.

Jiggery-Pokery Wokery.  As amusing and bemusing as its zealous adherents appear, their devotion to wokeism's edicts (I won't call them "principles") is deadly serious.  Any small business-owner who has had the misfortune of struggling to earn a living near the scene of some perceived injustice providing the pretense for Antifa and Black Lives Matter arsonists to unleash a new criminal campaign of burning, looting, and murdering in the name of "justice," knows that once the woke go berserker, no innocent person or private property is safe.  The woke love to destroy whatever they touch — culture, infrastructure, social cohesion, rational thought.  To be woke is to embrace chaos and injury as a philosophy.  From an anthropological perspective, wokeism is fascinating because its practitioners believe they are creative freethinkers while they act as lobotomized sheep.  Whatever the woke wizards posing as priests tell their needy followers, the woke herds accept as truth.  Russia stole the election from Hillary!  Man-made global warming causes earthquakes!  Black police officers killing a black suspect is proof of "white supremacy"!  These assertions, thrown out to their intended audience with all the intellectual depth of a viral internet meme, are never questioned or analyzed.  They are quickly accepted as doctrinal "truths" to be defended at all preposterous costs.

The Rise of Transgenderism Leaves Civilization Undefended.  If you're like me you've probably had it with being afraid of the sheer rise in power that the transgender movement has amassed in little over two years.  It has many people scared, truly scared.  Scared of saying (I'm going to say it):  Biological men can never be real women; men cannot have babies; referring to oneself as "they" is beyond grammatically infelicitous, it renders one a nonsensical and a conceptual non-entity; the transgender affirmation of adolescents, which means agreeing to visiting a host of atrocities on a child's body and plying it with irreversible drugs, is child abuse; trans women (biological men) have no business participating in (real) women's sports.  There I've said it all — at least as much as I care to for now.  Why are people scared of offending trans people?  Misgendering another person, I am told, is the worst offense you can commit against another human being — as bad as rape and murder.  No kidding.  How did a small minority of people get to command the language, protocols, norms and framing methods of an entire culture in so short a space of time?  Who handed all that power to them, and why?

Biden Ramps Up Another Far-Left Obsession by Claiming Climate Change Worse Than 'Nuclear Weapons'.  We've been covering lately how President Joe Biden and his administration are particularly obsessed with abortion, but on Tuesday afternoon the president reminded how he's equally overly focused on another Democratic talking point, which would be climate change.  Biden addressed the issue during a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in New York City.  Not only did he warn about climate change when it comes to emphasize we have "a real big problem," he claimed that it's even worse than nuclear weapons.  "If we don't stay under 1.5 degrees Celsius incr- — we're going to have a real problem," he said, stumbling over his words.  "It's the single-most existential threat to humanity we've ever faced, including nuclear weapons."  On its face, it's a pretty stunning statement.

Dave Chappelle Says out Loud What Absolutely Everyone Is Thinking About Trans Activists.  [Scroll down] These kinds of protests by the radical trans lobby are nothing more than performance art and they always pick on a group they know won't fight back (again, minus our barricade-throwing heroine).  They are absolute phonies trying to stir up trouble where there isn't any.  It's just the left being the left — the supply of legitimate anti-trans crimes doesn't come close to meeting their insatiable demand, so they try to create it by taunting people not looking for a fight.  Their hope, of course, is that someone will finally snap and fight back, thus they'll be able to make the the claim that the trans community is being victimized.  Unfortunately for the perma-woke, Dave Chappelle's got their number and he's not afraid to say what we're all thinking:  Their ultimate goal is to garner publicity and to create controversy where there isn't any — and it's a tired schtick that's long since run its course.

Enough with the 'Hostage-Taking' Nonsense.  In a column, [Washington Post columnist Catherine] Rampell expands on the metaphor.  "Sorting out the country's fiscal challenges is a worthwhile goal," she concedes, although it is one that should ideally be pursued through the process of regular order (which both parties long ago abandoned when it comes to the budget).  But she contends that "holding the debt limit hostage" in pursuit of that objective will have the opposite of its intended consequence. [...] Maybe overextended analogies and colorful language are necessary to get anyone who isn't steeped in partisan minutia to engage in the otherwise banal process of negotiated cuts to the bloated federal budget.  It reprises the ill-considered rhetorical flourishes Obama administration functionaries deployed to discredit Republican tactics in the 44th president's second term.  Then, administration officials likened GOP members to terrorists "with a bomb strapped to their chest."  Obama himself deemed the GOP's effort to hold one of his nominees, Loretta Lynch, "hostage" illegitimate — an endeavor Sen. Dick Durbin said was the equivalent of forcing this African-American woman to the "back of the bus."  At the time, the White House regularly compared its opponents with "arsonists, anarchists, extortionists, blackmailers," as one reporter summarized.

Nashville woman speaks out after using gun to defend against teen carjackers.  Two teenage brothers, one 15-years-old and the other a year younger, are now in after allegedly carjacking a Nashville woman at gunpoint on Monday morning and firing shots at her hours later when she spotted them driving in the stolen vehicle.  Quaneishia Wiggins says she was on her way to work early Monday morning just after 4 a.m. when she noticed a car driving erratically.  She honked her horn as she drove past the vehicle, but noticed when she pulled in to work that the vehicle was now following her.  When she opened her driver's side door, Wiggins says a juvenile in a ski mask and holding a gun ran up, with two others close behind.  They demanded her phone, wallet, and keys before quickly speeding off in her Dodge Journey.

Biden's 'Jim Crow 2.0' Lie About Georgia's Election Law Just Got Shredded.  The election security law passed by Republican lawmakers in Georgia and signed into law by the Peach State's GOP Governor Brian Kemp drew some of the most outlandish claims from Democrats who, for some reason, oppose making it harder to cheat and easier to vote in elections.  President Biden called the election security law "Jim Crow 2.0" and urged Major League Baseball to yank the All-Star Game from Atlanta, which they did — all based on a lie.  Woke corporations signed an open letter and used it to virtue signal their opposition to what they alleged would be racist disenfranchisement of voters in Georgia.  Celebrities took to their Instagram and Twitter followers to smear the law, furthering false claims.  Failed Democrat candidate for governor Stacey Abrams declared that the law proved definitively that Georgia Republicans were racist and wanted to return, as Biden had hinted, to some revamped iteration of disgraceful Jim Crow policies.  But then the 2022 primary election happened, and voter turnout records were broken.

At Davos, the Rev. John Kerry Signals His Place Among the Elect.  In my 2015 book, Scarlet Letters, I spoke of the emergence of a Neo-Puritan movement in America.  But not until Biden "climate envoy" John Kerry began pontificating at Davos did any prominent member of the Neo-Puritan elect speak specifically to the cult's existence. [...] This Neo-Puritan anxiety inspires the woke to signal their virtue not just on their car bumpers but in their very front yards.  The signs are everywhere: "Black Lives Matter," "Stop Asian Hate," and the wonderfully inclusive, all-purpose dogma display that begins with, "In this house, we believe," and concludes with the laughable, "Kindness is everything."  Not content to proclaim their own virtue, the more sanctimonious among the woke feel the need to contest the worthiness of others.

How Al Gore Amassed a $330 Million Climate Fortune by Terrifying Everyone.  Former Vice President and 2000 presidential election loser Al Gore has spent his post-political career warning anyone who will listen that the earth is in its death throes due to global warming (now called climate change because somehow that's better).  His 2006 documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" amassed $49 million at the world box office and catapulted Al into the top ranks of climate hysterics, and he's never looked back, constantly jetting to meetings around the world to preach his truth.  This week he's at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, because of course he is.  Is he doing this because he truly believes what he's saying, or because he cares so very much about you?  While we can't read his mind, one thing we do know for sure:  climate change has been very, very good to Al Gore.  Though he was worth approximately $1.7 million at the end of his vice presidency, he has now amassed an estimated $330 million fortune, owns houses in Virginia, California, and Tennessee, and receives a cool $2 million a month for a figurehead position at the Generation Investment Management green energy fund he founded with former Goldman Sachs Managing Director David W. Blood.

Al Gore Goes On A Crazy Rant About Climate Change At Davos.  Rain bombs?  Boiling oceans?  600k Herohima nukes exploding every day?  [Video clip]

Al Gore WEF Meltdown: 'Boiling the Oceans,' 'Rain Bombs,' a Billion 'Climate Refugees'.  Former Vice President Al Gore said that "greenhouse gas pollution" was "boiling the oceans," causing "rain bombs," and creating "climate refugees" during remarks at a World Economic Forum (WEF) event in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday.  Gore joined a panel discussion ostensibly examining what the WEF and the White House regularly describe as a "climate crisis" driven by consumption of fossil fuels.  One of the panel's hosts framed it as a "planetary crisis" driving "mass extinction" while "really putting humanity's future at risk."

The Editor says...
People who claim that the oceans are boiling, etc., should be ignored, and certainly should not be given any power.

Why Deception Is Essential to the Left.  News item: Stanford University withdraws its "Harmful Language" list after it received widespread publicity — and universal ridicule.  But other universities are quietly imposing similar "language guidance" albeit without high-profile master lists that would expose them to the withering laughter and contempt they deserve.  News item: The Biden Administration rushes to reassure Americans that there is "no plan" to ban natural gas stoves.  This is a lie, of course.  Lots of progressive cities — and even New York state — are moving to impose bans on all natural gas appliances.  There is no doubt that the climatistas are determined to take away your gas stoves.  What do these two stories have in common?  In both cases the left was too open and explicit about what they wanted, drawing unwanted and premature attention.

Fox's Geraldo Rivera Slammed for Calling AR-15s 'Automatic Rifles'.  Longtime journalist and Fox News co-host Geraldo Rivera received a wave of criticism on Twitter Tuesday after incorrectly identifying the AR-15 as an "automatic rifle."  In an exchange on the opinion roundtable show, "The Five," Rivera discussed President Joe Biden's pledge to ban assault rifles with his fellow co-hosts.  "I submit to you, ladies and gentlemen, there is no legitimate reason ... to have an AR-15," Rivera tells the table.

Get Ready for 'Climate Change Death' Tracking.  With Covid more or less spent as a coercive lever, the regime needs a new body count to justify continued undemocratic policymaking and execution.  Climate change stands at the ready.  So be prepared to start hearing about "climate change death" numbers.  Anytime someone runs himself over with his truck in the snow, it will be labeled a climate change death.  The cause of death isn't the point.  The number is what matters.  If the authorities can gin up sizable enough death numbers, it can use them to support its climate change agenda and create a sense of urgency.  Anything somewhat weather-related will do.  The messaging?  Climate change kills people now.  We need to stop climate change.  To do so, you must surrender more and more of your human rights and freedoms. [...] We've seen this before.  We know how it works.  Alarmism speaks to the personal health and safety of you and everyone around you.  You could die if something isn't done.  You could die if the person next to you doesn't make the required sacrifices.  After all, if you care about the planet and your fellow humans, it's the least you can do.  Do your part.  Just give up the car, they say.  Just ride the bus.  Just move into the city, and live in an apartment.  Just turn in your guns.  Just have less than two kids or none at all.

Let the fearful and godless abstain from reproduction!
Birth Rate in Freefall as 1 in 4 Americans Puts Off Having Kids Due to Climate Fears.  I remember being on a golf course talking politics and a friend "jokingly" called me a "breeder."  I have four kids; he's chosen to forgo parenthood altogether.  After a moment of stunned silence, I realized two things:  one, that there are plenty of folks who think that having children is evil, and two, that this person was not in fact my friend.  He's not alone in his thinking though:  a survey by Veolia, an environmental utility firm, reveals that a quarter of respondents described "not being at peace" due to global warming and said they were "giving up long-term projects such as having children."  The poll should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as the Paris-based company posts other polls on their Twitter feed that all seem to arrive at similar conclusions:  that a majority of inhabitants of the earth spend their waking hours freaking out over the future of the planet.  [Tweet]

Keywords:  Lobbyists, echo chamber, talking points.
The Creepy Cult Surrounding the Gas Stove Panic Gets Exposed.  If you've been on social media the last day or so, you've probably noticed there's a moral panic occurring over gas stoves.  According to Democrats far and wide, they are dangerous, cause asthma, and must be banned by the federal government.  As RedState reported, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushed that line on Tuesday, resulting in much mockery given she herself has a gas stove.  But what's astonishing is that amidst her absolute certainty on the topic, she had never even mentioned the issue prior.  [Tweet]  In other words, in the span of just 24 hours, Ocasio-Cortez saw some questionable study, promoted it on the internet, gained legions of supporters for her position, and then tried to pretend that everyone else had been ignoring her desperate calls.  As Charles W. Cook notes, it's cultish behavior.  Is there anything the New York congresswoman could say that her army of simps wouldn't agree with?  And none of them even gave a second thought as to whether what she was saying was true or made any sense.  It wasn't just Ocasio-Cortez, though.  Other Democrats lined up to preach the dangers of gas stoves, having all suddenly become experts on the matter.  [Tweet]

Consumer Safety Commission Walks Back Gas-Stove Threat amid Backlash.  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Alexander D. Hoehn-Saric issued a statement Wednesday assuring the public that his agency has no intention of banning gas stoves after a commission official drew the ire of the cooking public by suggesting the appliances might be banned in the near future due to the alleged health threat they pose to Americans.  "Over the past several days, there has been a lot of attention paid to gas stove emissions and to the Consumer Product Safety Commission," Hoehn-Saric wrote in an official statement released Wednesday.  "To be clear, I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so."  Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. had originally told Bloomberg News that fears over air quality caused by gas stoves was creating "a hidden hazard."  "Any option is on the table.  Products that can't be made safe can be banned," Trumka Jr. insisted.  The comments came following Senator Cory Booker (D., N.J.) and Representative Don Beyer (D., Va.) urging the federal agency to investigate the issue due to its allegedly disproportionate impact on black, Latino, and low-income households.

The Editor says...
Wait, is this a solution to global warming, air pollution, asthma, or access/equity/fairness/racism?

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says House Investigations of FBI, CIA Will 'Shred the Integrity of the Federal Govt'.  Our tale begins with Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie's revelation that now-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed, as part of a deal with GOP lawmakers opposed to his speakership bid, to the formation of a committee modeled after the 1975 Senate Select Committee, formed by Senator Frank Church, which investigated abuses by the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency, and the IRS, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama.  Enter, ex-Republican Congressman-turned-MSNBC analyst David Jolly and his appearance on Katie Phang's Saturday morning show. [...] I wonder if it occurred to Katie Phang to tell David Jolly, in reference to "shredding the integrity of the federal government," that that ship has already sailed?  Nah, not a chance.  So I will.  The federal government under Joe Biden and Democrat control has already shredded itself, Mr. Jolly, including Attorney General Merrick Garland's, Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Dem Lawmakers Say They Worry Their Republican Colleagues Could Shoot Up Congress.  Some House Democrats are concerned that their Republican colleagues could shoot up Congress after metal detectors were removed from the House of Representatives, they told Raw Story.  "A lot of my Republican colleagues glorify violence and proudly display the firearms they have in their offices, so it just makes me nervous that we could have a workplace violent event.  They're not the most stable people," Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell said in an interview this week with Raw Story.  Metal detectors were first installed in the House of Representatives following the Jan 6. riots, but were removed at the start of 118th Congress.

The Editor says...
I stopped listening when they mentioned Eric Swalwell, and I've never heard of Raw Story.

Focus on emotion over rational thinking says Washington state Department of Health.  The Washington state Department of Health's climate curriculum instructs teachers to focus on "emotions" over "rational thinking", according to curriculum lesson plans.  The department recently released a five-part curriculum to help students learn about the "intersections of biological, societal, and environmental issues."  The second phase of the curriculum, "Climate Change & Pregnancy," tells educators and students to "pay attention" to their emotions as "for too long" science has caused "rational thinking" to be prioritized.  "Climate change and pregnancy"?  Pray tell, "educators," does climate change cause pregnancy?  Prevent it?  Or both at the same time?  In any case, man caused climate change is causing "pregnancy change," right?

Alone At The End Of History.  Pondering the end of the world turns out to be a 21st century preoccupation.  Doomsday has never seemed nearer than now.  "Polls conducted in 2012 across 20 countries found over 14% of people believe the world will end in their lifetime ... The general public believed the likeliest cause would be nuclear war, while experts thought it would be artificial intelligence.  Only 3% of Britons thought the end would be caused by the Last Judgement.  People who proclaim they 'trust the science' are especially sunk in gloom.  For example Greta Thunberg's message to young people is 'you are not going to reach adulthood because of climate change'.  Greta famously wrote, "you lied to us.  You gave us false hope.  You told us that the future was something to look forward to.  And the saddest thing is that most children are not even aware of the fate that awaits us."

The Left cannot argue.  The Left has gotten so intellectually and creatively lazy that they just recycle ad hominem attacks rather than even try to engage in arguments.  They point to "experts" as if that is convincing (we can find an "expert" to say anything); they accuse others of evil as if that invalidates an argument; what they almost never ever do is engage in logical conversations.

The Wasteland of Leftist Compassion.  Compassion is one of the greatest of human virtues.  But effective compassion comes with an obligation to do more than what merely feels and sounds good.  Public policies motivated by compassion must also consider the full complexity of the challenge — the unintended consequences and the reality of human nature — and strike a balance between what is desired and what is possible. [...] Without taking a balanced and holistic approach to compassion, special interests hijack public policy and reap perpetual profits working on problems that never go away.  For them, ineffective compassion is good business.  But it leaves behind a wasteland. [...] Emotional appeals to voters and politicians demanding displays of compassion are the means by which the Left claims the moral high ground.  And in those appeals, and the misguided policies that result, entire industries are created — industries populated by individuals whose careers depend on perpetuating the fraud.

The Climate Alarmists Are Deeply Disturbed People.  We feel confident in saying that not a single prediction of global warming catastrophe has occurred.  The alarmists know their forecasts of doom have been comically wrong.  But rather than admit their errors, they point to natural events as evidence that they're not wrong and keep warning us that the end is near.  There must be something wrong with them.  It was David Viner, a senior research scientist at the University of East Anglia's climatic research unit, who told the Independent in 2000 that within just a few years, winter snow was going to become "a very rare and exciting event."  "Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said, 22 years before snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere reached a record high.  Retired meteorologist Anthony Watts called Viner's foolish statement "likely one of the most cited articles ever that illustrates the chutzpah and sheer hubris on display from a climate scientist who was so certain he could predict the future with certainty."

Are We Living in a 'Post-Truth' Society?  The online Cambridge dictionary defines "post-truth" to mean "relating to a situation in which people are more likely to accept an argument based on their emotions and beliefs, rather than one based on facts." Given this definition, I personally believe much of the United States has transitioned to a "post-truth" society, and many of us will become casualties of this new paradigm before harsh reality steers our nation back to an "objective truth"-based decision-making. [...] What caused our society to reach this tipping point?  I believe that objective truth is dying from a thousand little cuts and these cuts are a purposeful strategy to destroy our society and groom a population so it can be manipulated through feelings.  I will mention a few below (I am sure the reader can come up with dozens more):
  •   Participation Trophies (avoid the trauma of losing and starve the intuition of how to win)
  •   Eliminate Traditional Roles (break down the nuclear family by eliminating mothers and fathers, the distinction between men and women)
  •   Changing Definitions of Words (causing words to have no objective meaning, crippling our ability to communicate with each other rationally)
  •   Toxic Masculinity (discourage boys from becoming men who know how to manage the risks needed to provide for and protect a family)
  •   Teach children how to avoid trauma with trigger warnings and safe spaces (teaches children to avoid facts and data that would promote rational thought leading to objective truth and an informed intuition)
  •   Censor Speech (so that "my truth" will not be confronted by "the truth")
All these assaults on the truth are carefully planned and promoted by those who want to tear down our country to replace it with a new paradigm.

Destroyed ecosystems, drug payments, and child slavery are the legacies of the 'renewable' energy industry.  As conservatives, we often find ourselves on the receiving end of derision and unfounded castigation; we're slandered with ad hominem attacks, labeled "anti-environmentalists" or "science deniers."  Believe that property rights belong to Americans, rather than insects as the Endangered Species Act legislates?  Anti-environmentalist!  Are you concerned the green agenda might be a thinly-disguised attempt to install global communism, given the fact the "green" revolution seems to be meticulously following Marx's instruction for a cultural revolution?  Climate change denier!

Twitter explodes after MSNBC health columnist calls to cancel Thanksgiving, postpone Christmas.  Prominent Twitter users erupted into a series of arguments after an MSNBC health columnist floated the idea of canceling Thanksgiving and moving winter holidays to prevent illness.  On Wednesday, Dr. Esther Choo, a professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, gave her thoughts on how to prevent respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19 and RSV, during the holiday season.  She tweeted that "for so many reasons" Thanksgiving should be canceled, winter holidays should be moved to the summer, and winter holidays should be more "hygge," or cozy.

The Editor says...
I challenge you to find hygge in any dictionary, by which I mean a big dusty old book with a lot of definitions and pronunciations.  It's not only obscure, it isn't even a valid Scrabble word.

MSNBC's Reid: GOP Trying to Keep Thanksgiving 'Simplistic Fairytale' to Erase Genocide.  MSNBC's Joy Reid said Wednesday on her show "The ReidOut" that she believed Republicans want to portray Thanksgiving as a "simplistic fairytale" to cover up for America being founded on "violence" and "genocide." [...] Reid added, "The Klan is still active, and as Americans, we continue to choose violence.  We are a country that chooses violence over and over again.  There is no facet of American society that is untouched by it."

The Editor says...
Suppose you wanted to find a member of the KKK.  Where would you look?  When was the last time the KKK took credit for an act of violence or terrorism?  Upon what basis does Joy Reid claim that "the Klan is still active?"

Leftists are dangerously dehumanizing their political opponents.  On November 3, Sunny Hostin, a cohost on The View, said, "White suburban women voting for Republicans are like roaches voting for the bug spray Raid."  Her hostility supposedly stemmed from Republican opposition to abortion.  A co-panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out her previous opposition to abortion based on her Catholic faith, but Hostin was not deterred.  On the one hand, this is a silly spat on a silly show.  On the other hand, it matters a great deal when someone with a national platform likens people to insects.  Hostin's language is similar to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, in 2018, referring to Jews as termites.

About "Deniers".  It all started with Holocaust deniers.  That phrase has a clear meaning:  it refers to someone who denies that the Holocaust took place.  But liberals saw potential in the locution, an opportunity to disqualify their opponents without actually making an argument.  Thus, they started labeling people as "climate deniers."  What does that mean?  Someone who denies that we have a climate?  There is no such person.  Someone who denies that our climate changes?  There is no such person.  No: a "climate denier" is anyone who questions any of a long list of theories that liberals string together to justify devastating our standard of living for no good reason.  But, hey: they are "deniers," just like Holocaust deniers, so all argument is at an end.  Liberals must have thought that strategy worked, because now we have "election deniers."

Rich people are depriving poor people of cheap energy in the name of climate change.  Few appear to care about climate change more than global celebrities.  In 2019, Leonardo DiCaprio told the U.N., "Climate Change is our single greatest security threat."  Late last year, DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence starred in the Hollywood climate disaster movie, "Don't Look Up." Said Lawrence, "You're watching these hurricanes now and it's hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature's rage or wrath."  In a United Nations speech earlier this year, Prince Harry said "Climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet, with the most vulnerable suffering most of all."  All have urged individuals and nations to radically reduce their carbon emissions.

Three Primary Factors Stopped That Red Wave.  The Democrats have a huge advantage with legions of union foot soldiers who excel at rounding up their lightly-motivated voters and strong-arming them if necessary.  My experience with leftist voters is that they're more emotional than rational, so the Democrats just need to scare them about some issue, and voila!  They get their votes.

Bill Maher Goes Off the Rails, Claims Democracy Will End on Election Day.  Talk show host and "HBO star" Bill Maher reminded the world again this week that he's as intellectually dishonest as he is hypocritical.  The atheist "comedian" went on a deranged rant this week dooming the midterm election results in the face of an undeniable "red wave" of conservative candidates and "election deniers" gaining traction in the polls.  If a "red-wave" did truly hit the ballot boxes this week, the country would likely see Republicans control the House and Senate to Maher's lament.

The Pathetic Democratic Pantheon.  Over the last few months the four icons of the Democratic Party — Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi — have hit the campaign trail.  They've weighed in on everything from "right-wing violence" and "election denialists" to the now tired "un-American" semi-fascist MAGA voter — and had nothing much to say about inflation, the border, crime, energy, or the Afghanistan debacle.  In this, they remind us just how impoverished and calcified is this left-wing pantheon.  So why should we take anything they say seriously, given their own records — and especially given their mastery of projecting their own shortcomings upon others as some sort of private exculpation or preemptive political strategy?

'Blaxploitation' continues to rear its ugly, demonic head.  'Blaxploitation' is a term commonly used to confirm instances of the exploitation of black people. [...] Predictably every two years, the Party/candidates with grotesque intentions to manipulate (therefore abuse and malign) black voters do all they can to agitate the emotion of rage.  It's a known fact:  Voters wholly driven by emotion (in this case, racial agitation) cannot be thoughtful and logical or exercise prudence.  That said, the current Blaxploitation scheme encourages racial animus and rage, so the widespread economic carnage we've endured (inflation, recession, and food/gas shortages) due to bad policies are ignored, while shielding those responsible for bad policies from accountability at the ballot box.  This is why Leftist/Progressive/Democrats inflame every situation into plots with some level of nefariously embedded "racism" and "white supremacy" instigated supposedly by conservatives/GOP, whites, and Christians.

Ardern's Propaganda reaches the Level of Insanity; People who question vaccine safety are linked to Nazis, ISIS, Terrorism, Serial Killers, ....  A few days ago, I wrote that last year's government Covid advice about disinformation, when read today in the light of recently published science, was itself disinformation.  That night I watched 'Web of Chaos', an hour-long Television New Zealand, TVNZ, government-funded documentary compiled with the help of main players from our very own Disinformation Project.  Web of Chaos is deeply anti-intellectual, anti-religious, against medical choice, and politically biased.  Is this just a lone-wolf director giving us his opinion?  No.  It is funded propaganda.  As such, it is part of a wide-ranging ongoing government campaign to control the New Zealand public narrative.

Top Dem Says US Could Become Nazi Germany If the GOP Wins.  Even top congressional Democrats realize they will get creamed next week.  They can't pivot on messaging right now — it's too late.  Sure, now they know that the economy, inflation, and crime were some of the major concerns for voters, not abortion, but that ship has long sailed.  Joe Biden's approvals remain in the toilet, inflation is still here — remember when they said it would be transitory — and 2022 didn't turn into the abortion rights election.  Democrats gambled and lost, so their go-to move is to scare the [...] voters, warning them if the GOP wins, we're going to become Nazi Germany.  It's a comically predictable reaction from a sophomoric party that loves to throw a tantrum when they know defeat is imminent.  They had 18 months to govern and couldn't do that.  Voters have voiced their concerns about the economy, only to be dismissed or smeared as racist by liberals.  When white suburban women, a Democratic-leaning voting bloc, decided to shift to the GOP by a 26-point margin, that should have been a huge red flag for Democrats that their agenda was failing.

MSNBC Lets Go of Conspiracy Theorist Tiffany Cross.  In the same glorious week election-deniers Jake Tapper and Shepard Smith were respectively demoted and left without a show, conspiracy theorist Tiffany Cross was shown the door at MSNBC.  After two years at the far-left outlet, Cross, who hosted a Saturday show called Cross Connection, had become infamous and a running joke for spreading wild-eyed conspiracy theories, most of which were based on what you might call racial paranoia.  In the same glorious week election-deniers Jake Tapper and Shepard Smith were respectively demoted and left without a show, conspiracy theorist Tiffany Cross was shown the door at MSNBC.  After two years at the far-left outlet, Cross, who hosted a Saturday show called Cross Connection, had become infamous and a running joke for spreading wild-eyed conspiracy theories, most of which were based on what you might call racial paranoia.  From last month:  "I would say a civil war is here.  And I don't mean to be hyperbolic."

Control Freaks and the Guilt Trip Travel Agency.  Some years ago, I visited an aquarium in Monterey, California.  At first glance, it seemed like an interesting place, but sadly, I'm one of those people who read the entire sign explaining each exhibit.  After reading a few signs, I realized that each was a composition using a few words to describe the critter in the tank and progressing into a sad description of how man's actions — or even just man's presence on the planet — was causing trouble for the creature on display.  In short, it was one guilt trip after another, until I finally got the message and stopped reading the signs.  If it had been just one aquarium, it wouldn't be worth mentioning.  But this theme is repeated in many places these days.  It is so pervasive that years ago I nicknamed it the Guilt Trip Travel Agency.

Obama says democracy under threat if Republicans win in Arizona.  Former (and sort of current) president Barack Obama used a rally in Phoenix Wednesday night to deliver a crazy remark about America's system of self-government.  The Anointed One asserted that if the Arizona Republican candidates are successful, "democracy as we know it may not survive" there.  He added, "That's not an exaggeration.  That is a fact."  Opinions are now facts, as facts are "disinformation" to the wannabe tyrants called Democrats.  Democrats have routinely asserted recently that "our democracy is in danger" if Republicans do well on a national scale in the upcoming midterm elections.  Now they are doing the same at the local level.  What will they claim next?  "If the Republican candidate wins in West Topeka, our democracy may not survive"?  What gall!

Michael Beschloss Says GOP Victory in Midterms Will Mean 'Our Children Will Be Arrested and Conceivably Killed'.  MSNBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss on Wednesday night warned that if Republican candidates win their races next week, American democracy and the free press could end, historians may no longer exist, and "our children" could all die at the hands of a "brutal authoritarian system."  President Joe Biden said in his Wednesday night speech that, in the upcoming midterms, "democracy itself is "at stake," a message that MSNBC's Chris Hayes and much of the media have been repeating for months.  Hayes played clips from the speech, including the president saying that electing certain Republicans is a "path to chaos" — a comment with which Hayes clearly agreed.

11 Years Ago, Democrats Got Everything Wrong.  They Are Doing It Again.  On January 8, 2011, shortly after 10:00 AM, Democrat Representative Gabby Giffords and 18 other people were shot.  Six died.  Within minutes, every form of media was set ablaze with speculation. [...] By early afternoon, Jared Loughner a white male, had been identified as the shooter.  Loughner was instantly linked to neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  He was linked to the Tea Party and then to the "right wing" generally. [...] By mid-afternoon, a graphic with crosshairs "targeting" Democrat districts was shown on CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post DailyKos, and dozens of other shows and internet sites about every 30 seconds.  The map, they loudly claimed, was definitive proof that Sarah Palin's PAC map had incited Loughner.  Palin was to blame.  The right was to blame.  All Republicans were to blame.  By nightfall, the torches were lit and the pitchforks were out. [...] Almost nothing media initially reported was accurate.  Palin had nothing to do with Loughner's personal grudge against Giffords.  Within weeks, America knew conclusively that Loughner never saw Palin's target map, and that "target maps" have been used for decades.

Warning! Crime Deniers on the Ballot in All 50 States!  Next Tuesday, voters, please remember that Democrats will never run out of excuses for criminals.  They drone on about "racism," "root causes," "poverty," "drug addiction," "his gun dropped," "mental illness," "learning disabilities," "he made a mistake" and "prison doesn't work"!  It's not the government's job to probe criminals' psyches.  These are predators, monsters, feral beasts attacking civilization, with no regard for your property, bodily integrity or life.  The government's only job is to keep them away from us, not to ensure that they have fulfilling lives.

PBS Warns Of Civil War Started By 'Christian' 'White Men'.  PBS took the democracy is in danger hysteria to new levels on Tuesday's Amanpour and Company as Hari Sreenivasan interviewed Prof. Barbara F. Walter to inquire on just how close the United States is to another civil war.  Walter, who wrote the book How Civil Wars Start, warned that all the pieces are in place for "Christian" "white men" to start one.  Sreenivasan began by accepting the premise that a civil war could break out and asked, "You have studied several types of societies who have been on the brink of, who've been in the middle of, a civil war, who've been after, who've survived after one.  How is America on that timeline?  How far along a timeline toward a civil war is the United States?"

Could [Democrat] Politics Be Even More Childish?  Turn on the television, listen to the radio, or take a stroll through the internet.  Democrats and their media confederates are busy dishing out the nonsense in helpings large enough to choke a giant.  Either they are intentionally trying to deceive, or they are extraordinarily puerile.  Or both.  There are no other possibilities.  To listen to the Democrats as they go begging for votes, to consume the tripe that their helpers in the press are putting out, one would think the Republicans are fascist white supremacists who will kill democracy while setting up themselves in a permanent position of unchallengeable power.  Says Keisha Lance Bottoms, a presidential senior adviser and former Atlanta mayor: "This MAGA Republican agenda is an effort to disrupt our democracy.  So, whether it be through November and beyond November, I think it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy — essentially, destroy the United States of America."

Notice "Country over Party" never means "over Democrats?".  It's no secret that Obama and the entire political left believes that Donald Trump peddled outrageous and conspiratorial lies about election integrity in multiple states following the 2020 presidential election.  They continue to boisterously complain that those lies represent a deep and deadly threat to the preservation of our republic.  To save our democratic institutions, progressives are begging the public to set aside politics as usual (meaning legitimate concerns over gas prices, gender mutilation of children, inflation, and a cognitively questionable chief executive) and put "country over party."  I can't be the only one who recognizes that the phrase only ever cuts one way.  When was the last time you heard anyone advocate "country over party" when it would involve rejecting a Democrat Party candidate?  Seriously.  Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, The Lincoln Project, The Bulwark — they all have created an entire political existence out of rejecting Republican candidates in the name of saving democracy.  Cheney just de facto endorsed Nancy Pelosi to remain Speaker of the House because electing a Republican to the position wouldn't be "good for the country."

Dems, Media Demand GOP Call Off Campaign.  Three days out from an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband in their San Francisco home, we still know precious little about the attacker's motivations — or, for that matter, about what precipitated the attack itself.  That hasn't stopped Democratic politicians and their allies in the mainstream media from fingering the culprits — their Republican adversaries — and concluding that, eight days out from an election in which they are bracing for a shellacking, the GOP should spend the final week of the campaign sitting on the bench, reflecting, atoning.  How convenient.  How cravenly and transparently political.  Pelosi herself, meanwhile, is fundraising on the back of the attack.

Stacey Abrams: Georgia Sheriffs 'Want to Take Black People Off the Streets'.  Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia, declared during a debate with Kemp on Sunday night that 107 sheriffs had endorsed her opponent, incumbent Republican Brian Kemp, because they "want to be able to take black people off the streets."  Kemp unveiled the mass endorsement of his reelection bid in November 2021, arguing at the time that "it has never been more dangerous to put on a uniform, and we've seen that during this once-in-a-century pandemic, civil unrest and the radical defund-the-police movement that continues to gain steam in Washington, D.C., and other liberal cities across the country."  "Despite being vilified by many, these men and women get up every day and put the uniform on and serve and protect us," he added.  The governor has characterized calls for defunding the police as "simply an insane idea."  Abrams has denied that she supports defunding law enforcement, but she serves as a leader in multiple organizations that do.

'Save Our Democracy' Is the New 'Russia Collusion'.  At this point, it would save everyone time if Democrats could simply point to a policy agenda item that isn't going to save democracy — if such a thing exists.  If Republicans vote, they are killing democracy.  If they don't vote, they are killing democracy.  The only way to "save democracy," writes The Washington Post's Max Boot, is to empower one-party rule — a position that probably sounds counterintuitive to anyone with a middle-school education. "Now you need to vote to literally save democracy once again," contends President Joe Biden, or we will lose our "fundamental rights and freedoms like the right to choose, the right to privacy, the right to vote — our very democracy."  Chilling stuff.  But it doesn't end there.  You will remember that by failing to "reform" the filibuster, which would entail authorizing the thinnest of fleeting majorities to shove through massive generational "reforms" without any national consensus or debate, we are also killing democracy.  This has been the position not only of left-wing pundits and The New York Times editorial board but also senators tasked with defending their institution.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell lays it on THICK for Fetterman, compares him to Winston Churchill.  It's all hands on deck to save Democrat Pennsylvania Senate hopeful John Fetterman from himself after his historic implosion during Tuesday's debate with his GOP rival Dr. Mehmet Oz and the party's propagandists are frantically trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again to mitigate the damage.  Fetterman's performance was a nightmare scenario for the party and the corrupt, partisan media is pulling out all stops to spin the debacle with the narrative now being pushed that the hulking lieutenant governor's inability to form coherent thoughts and sentences despite having a closed captioning system provided to him was a heroic effort due to his being a stroke survivor, a triumph over his disability comparable to some of western civilization's most towering historic figures.  MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell likened Fetterman to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, laying it on thick with the sort of WWII rhetoric that makes gullible leftists with little real knowledge of history swoon.  [Video clip]

John Fetterman's wife claims 'swimming in America is very racist'.  The wife of Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman claimed "swimming in America is very racist" — as she likened her husband's use of closed captioning to turning up the brightness on a smartphone.  "Historically, swimming in America is very racist, and usually when you look at drowning statistics, it usually affects children of color, because of lack of access," Gisele Fetterman said on the iGen politics podcast on Thursday.  Gisele made the comments while discussing how she and her husband, Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, had decided not to move into the state-owned mansion in Harrisburg but made the pool accessible to the public.

Democrats: The Only Way To Save Democracy Is One-Party Rule.  At this point, it would save everyone time if Democrats could simply point to a policy agenda item that isn't going to save democracy — if such a thing exists.  If Republicans vote, they are killing democracy.  If they don't vote, they are killing democracy.  The only way to "save democracy," writes The Washington Post's Max Boot, is to empower one-party rule — a position that probably sounds counterintuitive to anyone with a middle-school education.  "Now you need to vote to literally save democracy again," contends President Joe Biden, or we will lose our "fundamental rights and freedoms like the right to choose, the right to privacy, the right to vote — our very democracy."  Chilling stuff.  But it doesn't end there.  You will remember that by failing to "reform" the filibuster, which would entail authorizing the thinnest of fleeting majorities to shove through massive generational "reforms" without any national consensus or debate, we are also killing democracy. [...] Then again, if we don't nationalize the economy to avert a climate crisis, we are also killing democracy. [...] The only way to save democracy is to allow one party (guess which one?) to federalize elections, so they can compel states to count mail-in votes that arrive 10 days late, legalize ballot harvesting, force the overturning of dozens of existing voter ID laws, allow felons to vote, create onerous burdens to chill speech, and empower bureaucrats to redraw congressional districts.  Otherwise ... well, you know.

Will 'Democracy Die in Darkness' After November?  The Republicans were always going to win big in November, regardless of what biased pundits professed.  There was likely never a sudden "blue resurgence" or "red collapse" of late summer.  Those fantasies were mostly Democratic Party talking points.  They were readily regurgitated by the fusion media and biased pollsters.  The ruse was transparently designed to dampen conservative turnout and fundraising, while fueling interparty squabbling over supposedly "unelectable MAGA candidates." [...] All the last-minute Joe Biden giveaways like student-loan forgiveness, marijuana pardons, and COVID relief checks will be too little, too late.  All the Trump-derangement syndrome psychodramatic distractions from the January 6 committee to the Mar-a-Lago raid will be too transparently desperate.  And all the shrill 11th-hour warnings of a new variant of racism from the multimillionaire Obamas on the stump will be just that — shrill.

Stacey Abrams Is Just Making it Up As She Goes Along.  It looks like Stacey Abrams was getting into the Halloween spirit during a recent event with Oprah Winfrey.  Abrams, who is running a likely-doomed campaign to oust Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, had a conversation with the media mogul about her race, which isn't going so well at the moment.  She used the opportunity to try to gin up support by scaring [...] the audience.  She made some rather questionable comments in an effort to terrify voters into supporting her over Kemp, who is giving her a thorough thrashing in the polls.  During the discussion, Abrams implied that Georgia residents will have no healthcare if her opponent wins.

MSNBC, CNN contributor claims Republicans will ban all birth control 'Nationwide'.  A known MSNBC/CNN contributor who's also a prolific liar claimed in a [...] tweet posted Friday that Republicans intend to ban condoms, abortion, Plan B pills, and birth control pills if they retake Congress next month.  Never mind that such a drastic proposal would require the approval of President Joe Biden, a far-left Democrat who loves him some abortion and birth control.  "There will be no condoms.  There will be no abortions.  There will be no Plan B pills.  There will be no birth control pills," MSNBC/CNN contributor Tristan Snell tweeted.  "Republicans will ban them all — nationwide, all 50 states and DC.  They've literally promised to do this, and we need to listen — and take action," he added.

The Dem's last talking point.  When the campaign season was ramping up things were already looking pretty bad for the Party.  The economy was sputtering and Biden's popularity was in the toilet, so they had very little to work with.  So they pivoted away from talking about what their "accomplishments" were and what their future plans would be to a very simple, straightforward message: Republicans are very very scary.  Almost every single utterance from Democrats, and pretty much all their commercials have focused on abortion and Donald Trump.  And all of them were about how extreme and dangerous a Republican victory would be.  The message attached to both is:  be very very afraid of Republicans because they want to destroy Democracy and jail your daughters if they don't give in to forced pregnancy.

MSNBC anchors, other media pundits fuel civil war fears over midterms: 'Democracy looks like it's over'.  With the midterms less than a month away, left-leaning news outlets and political commentators are resorting to dark predictions about the future of the country with warnings of imminent civil war if Republicans retake control of Congress in November.  Talk of a second civil war among liberal journalists, television personalities and lawmakers has become increasingly commonplace following the raid on former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home on Aug. 8, after which liberal pundits repeatedly claimed on-air that evolving distrust for the U.S. government among Trump supporters would lead to escalated political violence.  The topic resurfaced weeks later when President Biden called his predecessor and "MAGA Republicans" a threat to "the very foundations of our republic" in a controversial speech in Philadelphia.

MSNBC Host Wants Barack Obama To Lead A Hotline To Save America From Republicans.  MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested Monday that the United States might need a "Democracy commission" or some other organization that could save America from the Republicans — and she thought that former President Barack Obama could potentially spearhead such an effort.  Wallace, who hosts "Deadline: White House" on the left-leaning network posed the question to former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) — and even McCaskill quickly dismissed the idea that a "commission" of any sort was necessary.

How Liberals Respond When You Try to Debate Them.  [Scroll down] It is my belief that this inability to discuss political issues is because my liberal friends look only at online sites that share their worldview; they watch only TV news that reinforces their worldview; they discuss politics only with people who share their worldview; and they often look at social media that make them think the liberal view on a topic is the only rational one to have.  This isolationism creates an echo chamber, where only one type of ideology is allowed in, and this forces liberals to think of conservatives as caricatures of what conservatives really believe.

Sadly, we've become an idiocracy.  Do I need to list all the stupidity currently being presented as fact?  It'd be a very long list.  It's hard even to pick out a few points to address.  I'll try to keep the list manageable:  What makes me most angry daily is "gun violence."  Living in the SF Bay Area, we seem to have a lot of guns causing a lot of violence. [...] It's so much easier to talk about preventing "gun violence" than addressing who is doing the shooting and what societal norms have been trampled to allow such things to fester and grow. [...] If we want to change things, we need to acknowledge that much of the violence comes from Blacks (who prey mostly on each other) and illegal aliens (any violence from them is unacceptable).  Reality, folks! Around here, it's generally the same unhinged, gangbanger cohort doing the shooting.

Liberals Giddy Over Hurricane Ian Because It Might Hurt Ron DeSantis.  It's no secret that the mainstream media and liberal pundit class are not fans of Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.  From the day he took office, through COVID, and amid Biden's border crisis, the media has never resisted an opportunity — however frivolous — to attack the man known to conservatives as "America's Governor."  The media seethed as thousands of weary blue state residents fled from New York and California to Florida's ample freedom, lied through their teeth about Florida's parental rights law, and screeched "Nazi tactics!" when DeSantis gave some illegal immigrants the chance to see how America's elites live on Martha's Vineyard.  But now, even the media has found another low with their anti-DeSantis attacks:  salivating over the chance for a hurricane to devastate Florida and make its governor look bad.

Remembering Hate Speech.  It has been a canard of the Left that "words matter."  We are lectured that "hate speech" leads inevitably to street violence.  So how ironic that the Left defames nearly half of America as dangerous "semi-fascist" extremists, white-raged and privileged, ultra MAGA, and guilty of all sorts of thought crimes from secession to civil insurrection?  And what is the result?  Does this constant demonization matter?  And what are the bitter fruits of such labors?  After all, what did Barack Obama long ago mean by "clingers" or once Hillary Clinton by "deplorables" and "irredeemables"?  What did Joe Biden imply by "dregs" and "chumps" and "semi-fascists"?  Or what did the FBI lovebirds really mean by smelly Walmart goers and "hillbillies"?  After a point, did not America get this monotonous message?  And what does Joe Biden really mean when he recycles his academic advisors' tired tropes of right-wing insurrectionists threatening the republic?

MAGA's Real Crime?  Spotlighting Government Failure.  For a nation not engaged in violent civil war, it sure sounds as if 75 million Trump voters have been officially declared the enemy.  Senator Mazie Hirono says pro-life Americans who oppose abortion are "literally a call to arms."  Representative Hank Johnson says parents attending school board meetings to protest racist, sexualized, and Marxist indoctrination disguised as academic curricula are part of a "coordinated attack happening across the country."  Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan says, "We've gotta kill and confront" MAGA "extremists."  Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas claims that the country's biggest national security threats come from "domestic extremists" who are "radicalized" by "anti-government sentiment" or "false narratives propagated on online platforms."  Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Mark Warner commemorated the twenty-first anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks by equating those heinous acts with the January 6 Capitol protests.

Ron DeSantis' Holocaust — Update.  It's no surprise that Ron DeSantis has become the Democrats' bête noire.  He is just so much better than they are on both policy and politics, and that makes him dangerous to their ability to continue destroying America.  So we have now reached the "Ron DeSantis is a Nazi" phase of demonization.  It's actually kind of glorious to see, because this tactic only works to gin up their communist base while simultaneous waking people up to a genuine crisis at the border.  Few normal people believe DeSantis is really evil, which is why Florida has become a magnet for disaffected Americans who want to move where they are still free to be.

Scientists warn South Florida coastal cities will be affected by sea level rise.  Sea level rise is increasing at a dramatic rate.  Scientists at the University of Miami warn that if we don't act soon, coastal cities and towns will slowly diminish.  Scientists say a few decades from now, downtown Miami will be underwater.  ["]The tide is coming in and eventually it's not going to go back out," says Dr. Harold Wanless, a Geologist and Professor of Geography and Sustainable Development at University of Miami[.]  "Climate change is real.  This isn't something that might happen," he says.  "The problem is, sea level is rising at an accelerating rate now because of ice melting in Greenland and Antarctica.  So for now what is just a high tide — a rare high tide... is going to become a frequent high tide," he says.  So what does that mean for us?  According to Dr. Wanelss's research, by the year 2060, nearly 60% of Miami-Dade county will be underwater.  "Now since the ice melt started we're up to a rate of almost two feet per century," he says.

The Editor says...
[#1] There is no unusual "ice melt" occurring in Antarctica or Greenland that would cause the world-wide sea level to increase by a foot or more.  [#2] All of New Orleans is below sea level.  Somehow they deal with it.  How much of the city of New Orleans is flooded today?  [#3] The professor at the center of this news report will be retired and most likely deceased by 2060, so he will be immune to criticism when his prediction falls flat.

Rubio Labeled 'Transphobic' for Telling the Truth About Pregnancy.  Sen. Marco Rubio provoked the left on Monday by stating a biological truth about pregnancy.  Delivering remarks at the National Conservatism Conference in Miami, Florida, Rubio said as far as he knows, "every single human being that's ever been born was born of a biological woman."  The notion that "men can get pregnant" is propagated by not only woke commentators and professors, Rubio pointed out, but is also being embraced by the likes of the Centers for Disease Control, among others, who have changed their terminology to "pregnant people."  Considering Rubio's talk was titled, "The Loss of Common Sense: The New Divide in American Politics," the criticism he received only proved his point.

Everyone Around Biden Is an Election Denier, Including Him.  If you watched Joe Biden's primetime speech on Thursday, you would have seen him insist that anyone who questions the results of an election is a "threat to our democracy."  "Democracy cannot survive when one side believes that there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win or they were cheated," he claimed.  "And that's where MAGA Republicans are today."  Conveniently absent from his speech was the acknowledgment that Democrats have a long history of believing that the only two outcomes of an election are when they win or the election was stolen — including himself.  In 2020, when a supporter of his told him she thought Trump was an illegitimate president, he agreed.  In 2013, he also said he believed that Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election that he actually lost.  Biden's vice president, Kamala Harris, also said that Trump was an illegitimate president.  Biden's press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, also believes the 2016 election was stolen from Hillary.  On top of that his own chief of staff, Ron Klain, still believes that the 2000 election was "stolen" from Al Gore.

Why 'Educated' Liberal Women Are the Real Threat to Our Republic.  When last Thursday night Joe Biden told America, "Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans" threaten "the very foundations of our republic," he missed the mark.  The real threat comes from the unlikeliest of suspects:  educated liberal females, or "ELFs" for short.  These are the women who will proudly vote Democrat regardless of soaring inflation, rising gas prices, rampant crime in the streets, the unchecked flood of illegal aliens, and oppressive COVID policies that have irreparably damaged all children, the poor most notably.  If NBC's polling from April is to be believed, this is the only demographic cohort more favorably inclined to Democrats in 2022 than in 2018.  Unable to sell these women on his accomplishments — there are none — Biden last week appealed to their paranoia.  What made this pitch strategic is his target audience's proven susceptibility to fear-based propaganda.

Nearly 1 In 4 Democratic Voters Believe Men Can Get Pregnant: Poll.  Nearly one in four Democratic voters believe men can get pregnant, according to a new poll.  The online survey, conducted by WPA Intelligence from August 22-25, found 22% of Democrats agreed with the statement, "Some men can get pregnant."  The percentage rose when only including women, and a whopping 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats concurred.  "Overall, few Americans think men can get pregnant," said WPAi Managing Director Conor Maguire.  "But with 36% of a core Democratic constituency (college-educated white Democratic women) and one out of five Democrat voters believing this, one can see why Democratic leaders coddle the radical gender theory movement."

The recipe for a Democrat October surprise.  The corrupt media are already working overtime to set the stage by playing up the "civil war" potential and predicting violence from "white supremacists and far-right extremists."  The president and Dems in Congress will have no choice but to react decisively to save democracy and protect the American people from this horrible MAGA threat.  The critical decision will need to be made: will they have time for more televised show trials before the election, or should they just move on to declaring martial law and postponing the election indefinitely?  A year ago, I would have thought this scenario impossibly absurd.  I also never thought an ex-U.S. president's home could be raided by the FBI, or a current president could make such a hateful, incendiary, and shall I say "semi-fascist" speech.  Perhaps they will not need to make that decision at all if the media do their "job" and manufacture enough hate and resentment toward Republicans.

White House: Trump Supporters Are an 'Extreme Threat to Our Democracy'.  According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Joe Biden considers Trump supporters an "extreme threat to our democracy."  "President thinks that there is an extremist threat to our democracy," Jean-Pierre said during Wednesday's press briefing.  "The President has been clear as he can be on that particular piece.  When we talk about our democracy, when we talk about our freedoms, the way that he sees it is the MAGA Republicans are the most energized part of the Republican Party.  That extreme — this is an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights."

Joe Biden Calls on Americans to 'Stop' MAGA Republicans.  President Joe Biden called on Americans to "stop" MAGA Republicans, whom he consistently cast as a dark force against democracy in his "Soul of the Nation" prime-time speech on Thursday [9/1/2022].  While much of the president's dark and brooding speech focused on demonizing MAGA Republicans, one particular moment took the demonization a step further when the president appeared to suggest that Americans take up the mantle of isolating Trump supporters.  The president said this after portraying MAGA Republicans as direct threats to American democracy.  "MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution," he said.  "They do not believe in the rule of law, they do not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people."  "MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards," he added.  "Backwards to an America where there is no right to choose.  No right to privacy.  No right to contraception.  No right to marry who you love.  They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence."

The Editor says...
If Republicans "do not believe in the rule of law," why were they all upset about Hillary Clinton's secret email server, Anthony Weiner's laptop, Hunter Biden's laptop, and Sandy Berger's socks?  Why were they all upset about BLM riots, unprecedented quarantines for healthy citizens, Jeffrey Epstein's murder, mandatory vaccinations, and the stolen presidential election in 2020? Why are they now upset about the political prisoners from the January 6th (2021) protest, the wide-open international border, and the noisy protests in front of the Supreme Court justices' homes? If the rule of law doesn't matter, why does anyone even mention the murder rate in Chicago, violent crime in the New York City subways, or the homeless bums defecating in the streets in San Francisco?

Lying Joe Biden is unfit to save the 'soul of the nation'.  President Biden is going to deliver a prime-time speech Thursday on what the White House calls the "battle for the soul of the nation."  It's a timely topic with rich possibilities, but none richer than the notion that the Big Guy is qualified to address America's soul.  Unless he's going to confess how his family made millions by selling access to foreign governments and Communist oligarchs, Biden will be stuck spinning a web of fiction.  No problem there because fiction is what he's good at.

Who Are The Real 'Semi-Fascists'?  President Joe Biden caused quite a stir late last week after accusing supporters of former President Donald Trump of following a political creed of "semi-fascism."  But it's yet another case of the far-left Democratic Party projecting its own grievous sins on the political opposition.  This was Saul Alinsky's 13th rule:  "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."  The Biden administration and the Democrats are following this rule to a T.  They constantly call Republicans, conservatives and those "deplorable" moderate Americans in middle America the most vile names — "racists," "fascists," "Nazis," and worse — and have launched an all-out, non-stop Deep State campaign against the man they fear the most, Donald Trump.

Synopsis: If you drive your car, all the fish in the ocean will die!
For marine life to survive, we must cut carbon emissions.  A study published on August 22 in the journal Nature Climate Change found that if greenhouse gases continue to be emitted at their current rate, nearly 90 percent of all marine species could face extinction by the end of this century.  The most impacted groups would be the ocean's top predators (particularly tuna and shark, since they are hunted by humans for food), areas with large amounts of biodiversity, and coastal fisheries of low-income nations, according to the study.

The Editor says...
Awww.  It's always the "low-income nations" that are hardest hit by global warming.  And it's your fault, for filling up your gas tank, you evil person.  No, the reality is that "low-income nations" will always be miserable places to live, largely because most of them are run by heavy-handed socialist autocrats.  Also note that it's mighty bold to predict that almost all marine life will end in the next 77 years.  Rash predictions of that sort have been made numerous times in the last 60 years, and the dire pronouncements always flop, at no cost to those who make them.

The only people who believe this are those who do not believe the Bible.
Now it's 'mega-floods' that will destroy the whole world.  This time, it is mega-floods in California replacing mega-droughts, and again they are supposedly caused by us and fossil fuels.  Not once do journalists [care] that their previous dire predictions have been 100% false.  To the compliant, complicit media, and other Democrats, floods, droughts, too much snow, too little snow, record cold, record warmth are all caused by us, instead of cyclical and natural.  The solution is always bigger government and more control of our lives.  It is arrogant and ignorant for anyone to pretend they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activities if we just hand over trillions of dollars and let bureaucrats and politicians control all aspects of our lives.  As with long droughts, mega-floods occurred long before humans, fossil fuels, cows, cars, power plants, and everything else we are told causes warming and looming disaster could have been the cause.

The Editor says...
Really?  The whole world will be flooded?  Including Colorado?  Including Nepal?  Where will all that water come from?  Where is the water right now?  Do environmentalists ever think through their ideas before taking them to the newspapers?

The FBI Could Have Just Knocked.  Democrats run around the country and cable news screaming about whatever it is any Republican is doing or saying is a "threat to democracy!"  Meanwhile, the true threat to democracy is a political party that denounces everything and every institution as a "threat to democracy" only when they don't control it.  That's exactly what Democrats do.  Fox News?  Threat to democracy.  The Supreme Court?  Threat to democracy.  Parents at school board meetings not wanting their kids indoctrinated and groomed?  Obvious threat to democracy and terrorism.  Declaring the 2020 election to be suspicious?  You might as well set the Constitution on fire.  The 2016 election?  The 2018 election in Georgia?  [Indeed], the 2000 or 2004 elections?  Not a problem, but 2020 is a threat!  To call Democrats raging hypocrites is to do a disservice to parents with a lit Marlboro hanging out of their mouths lecturing their kids about how they aren't allowed to smoke, a Kennedy telling people not to drink or AOC encouraging people to learn critical thinking skills.  Still, in all honesty, the FBI could have just knocked.

Climate Emergency? What A Crock, Part 1.  Joe Biden did not declare a climate emergency last week, as many in his party urged him to do.  One Democratic senator claimed that the changing climate required "bold, intense executive action" from the president.  Another said Biden needed to move because "the climate crisis is a threat to national security."  But there's no emergency.  It's a wholly manufactured charade.  Though he put off an executive action, Biden said last Wednesday that he has "a responsibility to act with urgency and resolve when our nation faces clear and present danger.  And that's what climate change is about.  It is literally, not figuratively, a clear and present danger.  The health of our citizens and our communities is literally at stake."  His non-COVID fever continued:  "Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world. ... Right now, 100 million Americans are under heat alert — 100 million Americans.  Ninety communities across America set records for high temperatures just this year, including here in New England as we speak."

Climate Emergency?  What A Crock, Part 2.  Just last week, congressional Democrats were urging President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency because some Americans were enduring a patch of hot weather.  Though more than a bit meshuga, they couldn't match the fever of Bill Weir.  The CNN chief climate correspondent said, also last week, that "the fate of life on earth is at stake" because Washington isn't doing more to cool the planet.

The Great Flattening of Joe Biden's Eco-Hammer.  What is a climate emergency?  Since climate is weather averaged over 30 years or more, no one really knows.  Could it have something to do with the summertime heat wave stressing electrical grids in California and elsewhere?  You might think so, but summertime heat waves are short-term weather phenomena.  This is not climate gone wild.  In other words, a heat wave does not a climate emergency make.  Has there been a sudden demand from the American people to do something about climate change?  Considering that only 1% of American families see climate change as one of their biggest concerns, the answer is no.

'Life On Earth Is At Stake': CNN Correspondent Suggests Biden Use Military To Produce Electric Vehicles.  CNN correspondent Bill Weir suggested that the Biden administration mobilize the military to produce electric vehicles and claimed "life on Earth was at stake" due to climate change on CNN Tuesday [7/26/2022].  Weir expressed frustration that the filibuster was preventing Congress from passing legislation and that President Joe Biden was limited in his ability to tackle climate change during his appearance on CNN.  He suggested the nationalization of industries as one method to mitigate the issue. [...] Biden announced executive actions to combat climate change Wednesday [7/20/2022], including funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to combat extreme heat along with efforts to lower the cost of cooling homes.

The Editor says...
How is FEMA expected "to combat extreme heat?"

MSNBC's Malcolm Nance lays out hysterical political horrors if GOP wins back Congress.  If the Republicans prevail in the upcoming midterm elections, it will be the end of democracy, future elections will be cancelled, the U.S. will become a militarized dictatorship and Congress will come to resemble the Russian Duma with weekly impeachments of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris.  The fantastic prediction comes courtesy of MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance, one of the left-wing network's most unhinged members on a very deep bench of cranks, hysterics and conspiracy theorists, a man whose extensive history of fascistic kookiness has endeared himself to the Resistance members.

MSNBC Analyst Says If Republicans Win They'll Cancel Elections, Impeach Biden Weekly.  MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance predicted that a litany of horrors and injustices would certainly follow if Republicans were successful in their efforts to retake control of the House, the Senate, or both in November's midterm elections.

The Editor says...
It would be a waste of pixels to quote any further from the absurd claims put forth by Mr. Nance.

Democrats Discover Another 'Threat to Democracy'.  Before departing for its summer recess, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take up Moore v. Harper, a redistricting dispute between North Carolina's legislature and Supreme Court.  The latter struck down two congressional maps enacted by the former and then imposed its own redistricting scheme.  The North Carolina General Assembly petitioned SCOTUS to rule that this violated the U.S. Constitution.  Predictably, the mere fact that the justices agreed to hear the case at all has produced panic among Democrats and a deluge of dire predictions about the death of democracy.  Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe warns, "Adopting the independent state legislature theory would amount to right-wing justices making up law to create an outcome of one-party rule."  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) predicts, "If accepted, this extreme theory would lay the groundwork to allow rogue state legislatures to overturn the will of the people in future elections."  The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State issued the following hysterical statement:  "The Supreme Court's decision to hear the 'independent state legislature' theory behind the Moore v. Harper case brings us one step closer to a judicial coup."

Taking over from whom?
Dem Cori Bush Hates White People, Claims 'They Are Taking Over the U.S.'.  Squad member and Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo), who is constantly pulling the race card every chance she gets, asserted that she hates white people and that the U.S. is under attack by them.  In a tweet, the left-wing lawmaker said there is a growing "white supremacist movement" in not only her state of Missouri, but throughout the whole nation. [...] According to Bush, "white fear" and "white power" is a "crisis" that would disembark the fundamental and constitutional right to vote.

Don Lemon Throws a Hissy Fit, Demands Republicans Be Treated as 'Danger to Society'.  The new leadership at CNN came in declaring that they wanted to get away from the biased journalism that has been the hallmark of CNN for the past few years.  But it sounds like Don Lemon is throwing a bit of a fit over the concept of being an objective unbiased journalist — something he doesn't exactly know how to be.  He doesn't think it's right to be "fair" to Republicans, because he believes that Republicans are such a danger to society.  [Video clip]

Conflating 'Originalist' with 'Conservative' is a Deliberate Act of Deception.  Immediately after the recent SCOTUS rulings on abortion and the EPA, many voices from the Left immediately labeled the justices "extremist," undemocratic, and dangerous.  They claimed the SCOTUS made a "substantially conservative" turn, because in addition to "originalist" Justice Clarence Thomas, Donald Trump's three appointees also adhered to the same philosophy of interpretation. [...] Kamala Harris accused the Court of telling women what to do with their own bodies.  Elizabeth Warren, presumably representing her tribe's privileged position at Harvard, tweeted that the SCOTUS decided that "it's more important to protect guns than to protect women." Writer Steve Brodner stated, "robed extremists" made a "deadly decision" to "sacrifice women."  AOC, not to be outdone on inflammatory rhetoric, wrote that with these SCOTUS rulings, "We are witnessing a judicial coup in process," — and so on.

After Dobbs, MSNBC legal analyst predicts privacy will be 'abolished,' desegregation next.  MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner argued desegregation and privacy rights could vanish because of the Supreme Court's recent ruling to overturn the landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade.  The former federal prosecutor complained to New York Times columnist and MSNBC guest host Charles Blow about the spate of "horrible" decisions made by the court that upset the left, such as protecting the rights of religious schools and public prayer.  He suggested the court had given states, "unfettered power."

Kamala likens [the] end of Roe v. Wade to slavery.  Vice President Kamala Harris likened the end of Roe v. Wade to slavery by saying that the Supreme Court's ruling was an example of the United States government 'trying to claim ownership over human bodies.'  Harris made the comparison while speaking at the Essence Festival in New Orleans on Saturday. [...] Her remarks were made eight days after the highest court overturned the 1973 landmark ruling, which had guaranteed nationwide abortion access for nearly 50 years.  At least 26 states are now set to enact partial or total bans on abortion, with Democrat-run areas offering to act as 'sanctuaries' for women from states where bans have been imposed to come and receive free terminations.

AOC Wants to Abolish the Supreme Court 'for the Sake of the Planet'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stated the Supreme Court should undergo "reforms" or be abolished "for the sake of the planet."  Moments after President Joe Biden announced in Europe that he supports a carveout to codify Roe v. Wade, a tactic that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has opposed, Ocasio-Cortez stated a "filibuster carveout is not enough."  "We need to reform or do away with the whole thing, for the sake of the planet," she claimed, retweeting a Thursday ruling by the Supreme Court that reduces the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) scope of authority to regulate emissions.

MSNBC's Joy Reid:  A 'Far-Right Christian Court' Is Holding Americans 'Hostage'.  MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid claimed Americans are being "held hostage" by a "far-right Christian court" following the Supreme Court's various rulings which she argued frequently rules "in favor of religious institutions."  Reid made the remarks on the Supreme Court's overruling of Roe v. Wade, holding in the Dobbs case that the Constitution does not include a right to abortion[.]  The far-left anchor then claimed that in a country "that's supposedly founded on the separation of church and state, we Americans find ourselves being held hostage by a far right Christian court."

1988 was 34 years ago.  GHWB [Bush 41] is the last Republican President to be elected without Democrats claiming his election was illegitimate.  2000 was 22 years ago.  For anyone 40 and younger, every Republican President since they were eligible to vote has been considered illegitimate by both Dems and the press. [...] Another part of my internet life is very Left indeed.  I keep my mouth shut over there because that's where I go to try to escape politics.  I am here to tell you that the Kids These Days do not understand what Dobbs did.  They believe, utterly, that abortion was just banned.  They believe that Republicans are an existential threat to democracy and that Republicans should be banned from all manner of things, practicing medicine, practicing law, going to college at all, holding jobs, partaking in society at large.  Because Republicans are evil and cheat.

Josh Hawley Responds Accordingly After Becerra Hints HHS Might Violate Federal Law Over Abortion Ruling.  For the last 18 months or so since the Capitol riot, Republicans have been treated to a chorus of hypocritical lectures from Democrats, their NeverTrump allies, and the mainstream media about how it is unconscionable and un-American to "disrespect our sacred institutions" and "undermine our democracy" by doing things Democrats have done in the past like question election results.  Not surprisingly, those "rules" magically fly right out the window when these same Democrats are hit with election results they don't like or a judicial ruling on which they don't agree, something we've seen play out on a national level in a dangerous way since the Friday Supreme Court ruling where a majority of Justices agreed that Roe v Wade must be overturned.

The news media only quotes the people who are upset and disappointed by the ruling.
Pelosi says Supreme Court is 'eviscerating American rights' following Roe decision.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday [6/24/2022] slammed the Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade, arguing that the justices are "eviscerating American rights."  Pelosi — in remarks at her weekly press conference, which took place minutes after the decision was released — said the ruling is an "insult" and "a slap in the face to women."  "This morning, the radical Supreme Court is eviscerating American rights and endangering their health and safety," Pelosi said.

Michelle Obama leads furious criticism of SCOTUS overturning of Roe v. Wade.  Michelle Obama and Amy Schumer are leading the furious public criticism of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today — with the former First Lady slamming the move as 'horrifying' while warning that it will have 'devastating consequences' for women across the US.

This is what the Left has instead of logical thinking:
Bill Clinton:  Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision has 'put our democracy at risk'.  Former President Clinton is slamming the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying it contributes to putting "democracy at risk" and calling the high court "radical" and "activist."  "This decision puts partisanship ahead of precedent, ideology ahead of evidence, and the power of a small minority ahead of the clear will of the people," Clinton said in a statement on Friday.

Maxine Waters reacts to Dobbs ruling: 'The hell with the Supreme Court.  We will defy them'.  Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., pledged to defy and protest the Supreme Court following its decision Friday overturning Roe v. Wade.  "You ain't seen nothing yet," Waters said from the steps of the court.  "Women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try and stop us.  The hell with the Supreme Court.  We will defy them.  Women will be in control of their bodies.  And if they think Black women are intimidated or afraid, they got another thought coming."  "Black women will be out in droves," she continued.  "We will be out by the thousands, we will be out by the millions.  We are going to make sure we fight for the right to control our own bodies."

The Editor says...
Therein lies the controversy, for those who stop yelling and give the issue a few moments of thought:  The body of the unborn child in utero is not the mother's body.  It is the body of a separate person.

Memo To The Clintons:  Please Go Away And Don't Come Back.  The Clintons are back at the top of the news, claiming in recent separate interviews that we are at risk of "losing our democracy."  Of course we're not a democracy, and shrieking about "losing" it is the Democrats' cover for their campaign to achieve absolute and unchallenged political power in this country.  And no one is more to blame for that than the Clintons.  In an interview with talk show host James Corden, a hopelessly silly man who apparently fawns over every Democrat he talks to, Bill said he believes "there's a fair chance that we could completely lose our constitutional democracy for a couple of decades if we keep making — if we make bad decisions."  Two days later, Hillary, who said she won't run for president in 2024, assured a Financial Times reporter that "we are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy."  It's become a Democratic Party talking point, and fits in neatly with the Jan. 6 show trial.

Joy Behar claims, with zero evidence, voting rights [are] being stripped from Black people.  Joy Behar, co-host of 'The View' has claimed that voting rights are being taken away from African Americans.  She made this claim during an episode celebrating Juneteenth and provided no evidence to back up her bold claim.  [Video clip]  Joy Behar said:  "We should be aware on a day like this that voting rights are being systematically taken away from African Americans and other people too in this country... It's a good day to reflect on that, I think."  However, Behar's comment lacked any evidence or information to back it up.  She did not voice concerns over any particular politics, bills, or anything that would indicate anyone has lost the right to vote.

Barren sloganeering for graduation day.  My advice to graduates would be to fit comfortably and profitably into this marvelous temporal gift of life we've been given.  However, on Graduation Day the tedious amongst us blow up cartoon balloons that say "Go out there and change the world."  These seven words are a literary Rube Goldberg contraption of Kamala Harris proportions; phrases that sound contemplative but in fact are empty of purpose and meaning.  And it just seems like the worst thing to say to a child of 18.  People who think unproductive thoughts want to change the world.  Intellectually insecure Presidents want to change the world.  Journalists of slender and myopic vision want to change the world.  Would-be SCOTUS assassins want to change the world.  Everybody wants to change the world.

Them: 'You Must Care!' Us: 'No.'  We refuse to care about stupid Democrat obsessions.  We don't care about climate change.  It's a hoax designed to fill the hole in lib souls that used to be filled with faith, and for the ruling caste, it's a tool to steal our money and freedom.  We don't care about some alleged moral necessity to disarm normal Americans.  When they whine, "The purpose of guns is to hurt people," we nod.  Yes, they are.  Our guns never have and never will hurt anyone who is not a criminal or an aspiring tyrant.  But when those categories of bad people get uppity, yeah, we reserve our right to hurt them within the bounds of proper laws and morality.  We don't care about claims that America was stolen from other people.  Like every other patch of inhabitable dirt on the planet, America was conquered from people who conquered it from someone else first.  When we make a "land acknowledgment," it goes as follows:  "Yeah, we took it, and now it's ours."

Pa. Democrat Congresswoman Goes Full Nazi, Says GOP Must Be 'Cleansed'.  Despite being an advocate of "civility," "decency," and "unity" in the past, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) has apparently been so radicalized by her caucus that she now says the Republican Party is "diseased" and must be "cleansed."  "This is, in my opinion, a diseased Republican Party.  And it needs to be cured and cleansed," Houlahan said on the Daily Beast's The New Abnormal podcast last month.  "So the stakes of having a Republican, as an example, in my seat are more than just policy differences.  They are democracy, in my opinion."  The GOP is "diseased" and must be "cleansed?" Where have you heard such rhetoric before?  It bears a shocking resemblance to the rhetoric of the Nazi Party.

The dystopian state of our nation.  [Scroll down]  Fear-mongering is their number-one tool; the media, electronic and social, are completely on board.  Fomenting crime, unnecessary COVID mandates, lockdowns, calculated supply chain shortages, the doubling of gas prices, etc. — all these are part of their program to disrupt and destroy what was once the greatest nation on the planet.  Despite the seeming randomness of what is happening, it's all part of their plan:  wreck America as founded, and reconstitute it as their oligarchic playground.

The "Net Zero" Agenda Has Devastating Consequences.  Human beings — regardless of race, religion or culture — like to embrace any belief that is absolute.  This is because absolute beliefs are simple, easy to comprehend, and false positives that offer us a false sense of security. [...] Why bring this up?  Because when hearing statements that are universally absolute like: "the science is settled", you know that we are dealing with a cult, not science.  It is why the governments' statements about carbon zero and the road to zero emissions are dangerous.  Because they're absolute, allow for the demonization, and hence eradication of anyone that opposes this narrative.  It is literally impossible to get to truth without the ability to view the possibilities of other or new facts.  This is true of any field, not just climate science.  As of right now you'll notice the "absolute," which cannot therefore be questioned can be found in the following topics:
  •   Covid
  •   Climate change (CO2 emissions and "net zero")
  •   Ukraine
  •   BLM
  •   LGBQT
  •   Critical race theory
  •   Privileged white males

A friendly reminder that many gun control groups routinely inflate school shooting numbers.  [Threat reader]  [Scroll down]  Are these all instances of gun violence?  Yes.  Are they all problematic in their own right?  Yes.  But packaging these as part of some "school shooting" epidemic is dishonest nonsense.  [Indeed], they literally count a cop who shot himself in his own vehicle vaguely near an elementary school.  Presumably overnight.  In mid-JULY. We've got a 25-year-old fatally shot [and I quote here] "near a school playground."  On a Sunday evening.  A 17-year-old fatally shot outside of an elementary school... on Veteran's Day, when school wasn't in session.  It doesn't get less absurd.  They include an instance where, after a night game for an adult league flag football league, a man fatally shot a member of the opposing team because of an on-field dispute... solely because it happened behind an elementary school. [...] We've got an instance where a stray bullet struck a window of an elementary school while no one was inside the building.  We've got "a couple shots fired near a middle school baseball field on a Friday evening while a 20 year old and friends were taking batting practice," apparently not directed at anyone associated with the school, and as far as anyone can tell there were no injuries.  There are bullets hitting the outside wall of a middle school gym in the early morning before anyone was on the campus, likely during an unrelated drive-by shooting.

It's Time to Drop the Word 'Homophobia'.  [Scroll down]  The word is a tool of ideological warfare.  It frames the argument in a way that one side of the argument is "good" and the other "bad."  It weaponizes language to make one person psychologically healthy and the other psychologically dysfunctional.  It bypasses rational, logical debate in favor of defining the person in the debate.  In this way, it "wins" arguments by intimidating anyone away from even getting into the debate arena.  It silences rational debate by preventing it from ever happening.  Calling someone a "homophobe" is an easy, no-cost way to establish moral superiority on the cheap.  "Logic," "rationality," "clarity," and so on — all part of the hard work involved in defining words clearly and thinking rigorously — are irrelevant.  The point is power.

Democrats Are Fooling Themselves On Guns.  Did you know that 76 percent of voters support the Democrat's "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022?" What kind of depraved fascist wouldn't want to prevent domestic terrorism or the prosecution of domestic terrorists, right?  Now, how many of those voters would support the bill if they knew the FBI had recently investigated law-abiding parents as "domestic terrorists" for protesting against identitarian curriculums and lockdowns in their schools?  I suspect the numbers might look quite different.  Time and time again we see the same process play out.  First, legacy media adopts the Democratic Party's favored euphemisms or language to mislead the public — think, "Don't Say Gay."  Pollsters then wrap their questions in ambiguous, disingenuous, or misleading terms to get the answers they seek from voters.  Once pollsters reinforce their priors, the media reports on the results.  After their rhetoric has been laundered, Democrats claim their agenda is widely popular and thus, democracy is being undermined by those who won't support these preferred policies.

School Shootings — Beyond the Hype and Spin.  Start with the spin.  President Joe Biden, in prepared remarks after the Uvalde shooting, asked, "But these kinds of mass shootings never happen with the kind of frequency that they happen in America."  Actually, the opposite.  The five worst mass shootings worldwide occurred outside the U.S. as did 32 of the top 50, contradicting Biden's assertion.  Then there is the inevitable blame on ill defined "assault weapons," which is a made-up and ambiguous term invented by the anti-gun lobby in the 1980s.  Perhaps the confusion lies in the distinction between automatic and semi-automatic firearms, the latter being what most gun owners and law enforcement use and the former being machine guns, which are incredibly difficult for civilians to obtain legally.

Bedtime for Beto.  Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke disrupted Governor Greg Abbott's press conference called to update the public on yesterday's school shooting.  O'Rourke is one of the breed of politicians — politicians without a conscience and with no thought other than themselves — that finds the moment of unspeakable tragedy fit to undertake histrionic displays and hysterical lectures promoting their favored causes.  I can't believe this is even good politics, but it is what it is, somewhere south of disgusting.

Beto O'Rourke interrupts Texas governor's news conference on school shooting.  Beto O'Rourke, a Democratic candidate for Texas governor, approached the stage during Gov. Greg Abbott's news conference Wednesday, confronting him over the Robb Elementary School shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.  O'Rourke told Abbott the shooting was "totally predictable" and that he was "doing nothing."  "This is on you until you choose to do something different," O'Rourke continued.

Democrats Sure Are 'Historic!'  One thing Democrats in the media sure know how to do is beat a word to death, and they do so collectively. [...] Did you know that Barack Obama's election was historic?  Did you know his reelection was historic?  Were you aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton's candidacy was historic?  As was her term as First Lady, her election to the Senate, and her appointment to be Secretary of State?  Technically, all of those things are historic — historic in that they happened and are a part of history.  I'd also add I found them all to be historically bad, as in one of, if not the worst events in their respective categories.  But that's not how the Democrat Media Industrial Complex means them.  The left uses the word to imply a sense of importance and success.  The problem is there's never any actual success accompanying it.

Dem Rep should have done more research before blaming Dallas shooting on 'white supremacy'.  In a rush to blame all the horrors of the world on dangerous Republican rhetoric, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), was quick to blame last week's shooting at a Korean hair salon in Dallas on "White supremacy" and that racist white replacement theory.  The only problem with her argument?  The suspect in the shooting is a black man.  Standing outside the Capitol Thursday with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) standing approvingly behind her, Beatty told the press, "On Monday, three people in a Korean-owned hair salon in Dallas were gunned by yet another white supremacy replacement theorist."

Hostin Declares All GOP Voters 'Biggest Domestic Threat' to America.  The rhetoric from ABC's The View has steadily grown more and more dangerous and possibly inciting, as co-host Sunny Hostin spent part of Thursday's [5/19/2022] show maligning all 74 million Republican 2020 voters by calling them the "biggest domestic threat" to the country after House Republicans opposed a Democratic-led effort against so-called "domestic terrorism."  Both she and co-host Sara Haines scoffed at concerns that slapping on labels could lead to a slippery slope.  After playing soundbites of GOP opposition on the House floor and Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) calling Republican representatives racist, co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg dismissed the existence of Antifa and called the GOP the real terrorists.

How the Left Shuts Down Talk of Election Fraud.  [For instance,] The Law of Merited Impossibility:  This is when Leftists tell you, "Oh, what you're worried about will never happen," and then when it does, tell you, "It will be for the best and you deserve it, anyway."  One example of this, to counter the Right's "slippery slope" concerns, might be, "Oh, just because men are able to self-identify as women, that doesn't mean they'll be exposing themselves in locker rooms!  Goodness, that will never happen."  And then, when it does, they say, "Now it's the way it should be, and if you have a problem, deal with it because you're homophobic."  As I apply this to election fraud, it might start out with them saying, "Mail-in balloting will never lead to fraud big enough to change elections!" Then, when you suspect it has, they say, "Hey, the important thing is to make every vote count and not disenfranchise any racial group, you racist."

Yale Students Call for 'Unrelenting Daily Confrontation' Against Roe Opponents and Tossing the Constitution.  Some Yale law students are calling for the "unrelenting daily ostracization" of people who disagree with them on abortion — as if they don't ostracize them already anyway.  But in addition to giving conservative students migraines because of their constant caterwauling, the frothing radicals want to toss the Constitution too.  They don't say what we should replace it with.  Because that would require actual thought — something the radicals are unfamiliar with.  They do a great job emoting and wailing and gnashing their teeth, but when it comes to thinking, it's as mysterious as Oak Island.  A first-year law student, Shyamala Ramakrishna, is beside herself with grief and paranoid fear about "conspirators in the Christo-fascist political takeover we all seem to be posting frantically about."  She means those mild-mannered lawyer types in the campus Federalist Society.  Yale Federalists may be upper-class twits, but "Christo-fascists"?  Really now.

Top Democrat Leader Declares 'We're at War,' Asserts Joe Biden [is] off Limits for Criticism.  In one of the most "wait, what?" moments of 2022, a top Democrat leader in the House has declared that the United States is currently at war.  That's not an exaggeration nor an uncharitable reading of the situation.  Apparently, unbeknownst to the public at large, Congress and the White House have managed to enter into a war with Russia without going through any of the constitutional steps to do so.  Truly, nothing surprises me anymore.  [Tweet with video clip]

Woke Hypocrisy:  A User's Guide.  Wokeism is not what it pretends to be.  It fools a lot of people by pretending to be about high ideals.  It pretends to struggle against injustice, overcome oppression, and so on.  But in reality, it's something very different. [...] They want two sets of rules — some for us, others for them.  For example:  Offending them is a terrible thing.  It's so terrible, in fact, that they've been trying to make it illegal to hurt their feelings.  Yet they can offend us all the time.  They insist that subjective feelings are profoundly important — important enough to write laws and even base entire societies on.  Yet our feelings are routinely ignored, minimized, dismissed, mischaracterized, or forcefully suppressed.  They justify everything they do based on their imaginary fantasies and utopian ideals, yet they dismiss everything we do because of the sinister aims they imagine we have.

Liberals: Shut up and Sit Down.  Liberals have invested their entire personas in their liberalism.  If that is proved to be wrongheaded, their lives come apart, or so they believe.  What is striking is that talking to a liberal has become utterly useless.  When you present them with reasonable information and validated facts, they not only do not believe you, they are not listening.  They seem to be mutants without functioning ears.  I have personal experience with this kind of deafness, as have my friends who have family members who behave the same way this student did.  Liberal arguments run out quickly.  At that point, the insults set in because there is nowhere else to go.

Non sequitur of the week:
Clueless Mitchell Wonders If Court Will Overturn Brown v. Board Of Education Next.  MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell wondered on her Thursday [5/12/2022] show that if the Supreme Court cares so little about precedent in Roe v. Wade, will it also overturn Brown v Board of Education.  Because her guest was former Attorney General Eric Holder, nobody pointed out that Brown is the case conservatives cite to justify overturning longstanding precedents.  Mitchell began by asking Holder about the leak of the draft opinion, "How unprecedented, first of all, is the leak?  And the way they came down in terms of breaking president, precedent, ignoring stare decisis and deciding to completely overrule Roe v. Wade after 49 years."

The Thousand-Year Progressive Reich.  Democrat "thought leaders," influencers, politicos, and voters all speak the same progressive patois — sustainability, equity, intersectionality, cultural appropriation, white fragility, and of course racism.  United in kneejerk conformity, they have all mastered the vernacular of victimhood and meaningless platitudes. [...] On a given day, they just know that Mike Lindell and his pillows represent a direct threat to global democracy.  If Oracle co-founder and 2nd tier billionaire Larry Ellison donates a few million dollars for a conservative cause, that's illegitimate dark money and progressives are aghast; however, if 1st tier billionaire George Soros gives tens of billions of dollars to far left progressive causes, that's not dark money, it's philanthropy.  The tattooed wastrels of Antifa, most of them hideously ugly middle-aged white men, have engaged in a years-long orgy of rioting, defacing, and destroying once vibrant downtowns nationwide.

Biden FDA Chief Insists "Misinformation" is Impacting Life Expectancy in the US.  So much for COVID, abortions, cancer, heart attacks, violent crime, or fentanyl killing off people like the plague.  They all need to move aside.  There's a new threat that has been identified by the 'experts.'  Now, the Biden regime says that online "misinformation" — a/k/a the exercising of free speech rights — is impacting life expectancy in the United States, according to Biden's FDA chief Robert Califf.  And no, he isn't talking about all of the "safe and effective" propaganda that has been force-fed to populations around the globe by elitist tyrants who are hellbent on jabbing them full of experimental mRNA treatments — actually, it's quite the opposite.

Swalwell called GOP 'party of mass shooters' in attempt to argue for abortion — It backfired BIGLY.  U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell has once again made a complete fool of himself, this time with a defense of abortion in which he brought up the completely unrelated issue of school shootings to blame Republicans for mass murder as justification for his support for the killing of the unborn.  Drawing on President Joe Biden's recent demonizing of nearly half of the American electorate whom he accused of being the "most extreme political organization" in the nation's history, the California Democrat upped the ante with his latest unhinged Twitter outburst.  "You know who had a heartbeat?  Every child murdered in their school because Republicans are the party of mass shooters.  This isn't about heartbeats.  This is about criminalizing women," wrote Swalwell.

CNN Claims Pro-Life Supporters Will Turn Violent with SCOTUS Victory, Amish Extremists now Threatening ANTIFA Peacekeepers.  This example is just another example of how the Ministry of Truth operates.  Political violence is speech, unless actual speech is heard from their opposition; then, it becomes violence.  War is peace.  Water is dry, etc.  George Orwell sighs.  Knowing there is an increased likelihood of violence incited by far-left democrat activists and the White House, CNN moves their advance narrative engineering team into place to lay the blame for violence at the feet of their political opposition.  With Roe v Wade potentially being overturned, Amish extremists are now going to lay siege to the peaceful assembly of ANTIFA in DC, or something equally stupid.  [Video clip]

A Dem Senator Tried to Play the Abortion Game on Twitter and Lost... Badly.  She's not going away.  She hails from a state bluer than the water which surrounds it.  Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) will be representing Hawaii until the end times, so we just need to get used to what seems to be an endless stream of stupidity.  It was already bad enough that she didn't know what illegal immigration was which led to ICE officials explaining why it's a felony during a Senate hearing.  Do you remember that one from the Trump years?  She was unhinged during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings.  She got hit by her own boomerang during the Ketanji Jackson Brown hearings.  And now, with the opinion in the Dobbs abortion case being leaked where the Court is primed to overturn Roe v. Wade, Hirono decided to wonder if there were any comparable things "that the government can do to men that even comes close to forcing a woman to have a child."

Elizabeth Warren explodes on 'The View', claims police could investigate 'miscarriages' if Roe overturned.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has been "madder than hell" since the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion that overturns Roe v Wade.  The outspoken liberal politician continued her strong defense of Roe during a Friday segment on ABC's The View.  During her guest appearance, Warren offered several extreme hypotheticals on how the U.S. government could abuse women if Roe v Wade is gutted in the near future.  She fretted that miscarriages could be "investigated" by the police or that women might be punished for accidentally injuring their unborn babies while picking up packages in the mail.  She also worried that morning-after pills could disappear, in vitro fertilization could be limited, and women's "most personal choices" would be criminalized.

Intelligence Panel Chairman Adam Schiff Downplays SCOTUS Breach: 'I Don't Care How the Draft Leaked'.  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted on Wednesday [5/4/2022] that he did not care how the draft of the Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade leaked — despite it being an unprecedented breach in the Supreme Court's modern history.  "I don't care how the draft leaked.  That's a sideshow," he tweeted, in remarks reminiscent of his efforts to protect the identity of the leaker of former President Donald Trump's classified call with the Ukrainian president.  "What I care about is that a small number of conservative justices, who lied about their plans to the Senate, intend to deprive millions of women of reproductive care.  Codifying Roe isn't enough.  We must expand the court," he tweeted.

The Editor says...
Nobody is trying "to deprive millions of women of reproductive care."  Killing your offspring is not reproduction, and certainly isn't care.

The American Mushroom Cloud.  The left's reaction to anything that doesn't go its way becomes louder, shriller and more hysterical by the day, if not the hour.  Its response to the alleged draft of a Supreme Court ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade landed like a cruise missile with a hot warhead.  But that's the way today's Democrats operate.  Counterattack any and every event that threatens their agenda by scorching as much earth as possible.  There are plenty of candidates for the most hinge-free response to the draft.  But before we go further, we'd like to highlight Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren descent into madness.  Watch the video with the audio muted.  Does her body language, the spasmodic gesturing, the pointed finger remind anyone of a 20th century figure whose speeches we're used to seeing in black-and-white newsreels?

NBC Reporter Claims Unborn Babies are "Pregnancies That Will Turn Into Children".  One of the more insufferable liberal hacks out there, NBC correspondent Yamiche Alcindor grotesquely minimized life on Tuesday in the wake of Monday's leaked draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, lamenting "women of color... will be forced to have pregnancies that they cannot afford... the will then turn into children" and commiserated with women who believe the end of Roe is "like someone has died."

Dick Durbin Mocks Americans, While Schumer Threatens the Supreme Court.  The meltdowns of the Democrats were something to behold on Tuesday over the leaked draft opinion, suggesting that the Supreme Court was going to overturn Roe v. Wade.  But they were also stoking anger against the Court, threatening and trying to intimidate the justices, and undermine another branch of the government.  Never let Democrats ever argue they're "preserving norms" — all they ever are trying to do is preserve their power, and they don't care what they have to do to hold onto that power.

Sen. Ed Markey Is A Dangerous Insurrectionist Who Must Be Canceled!  The left's freakout over a leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is hardly surprising.  It has a collective breakdown whenever it loses on an issue, even a trivial one.  But what did surprise us was the radical, downright insurrectionist talk spewed by at least one Democrat.  The unprecedented leak of a draft of a Supreme Court opinion — apparently in hopes that it would somehow change the outcome — was a sign of the left's unbalanced mental state.  As soon as the leak hit the internet, protests erupted, calls for packing the court and ending the filibuster re-emerged, and the hyperbole gushed forth. [...] What really caught our eye, however, was what Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said:  "A stolen, illegitimate, and far-right Supreme Court majority appears set to destroy the right to abortion, an essential right which protects the health, safety, and freedom of millions of Americans.  There is no other recourse.  We must expand the court."  Read those words carefully.  Stolen.  Illegitimate.  What does Markey mean?

NBC Host Suggests Republicans Are Nazis.  Elon Musk slammed NBC News on Monday [5/2/2022] in response to a rant from a far-Left MSNBC host who claimed that Musk bought Twitter and turned it over to "the far-right."  MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan, who has compared non-Muslims to "cattle," tried to downplay America's far-Left by claiming that they only want to "give us free health care and free childcare" while claiming that the far-right "wants to give us white supremacy and no democracy."

CNN Analyst Melts Down Over Musk's Purchase of Twitter.  The same leftists who claimed social media isn't censoring conservatives are melting down over Elon Musk's decision to buy Twitter.  Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion dollars last week and the left is not taking it well.  Musk has stated that he believes 'free speech' on social media should match the law of the country.  "I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law," Musk said.  The Biden Regime is so frightened over Musk's decision to buy Twitter that they responded by creating an Orwellian, unconstitutional "Ministry of Truth."  Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story shortly before the 2020 election so Joe Biden is working overtime to make sure he has full control over the internet.

David Brooks says critics of teaching gender dysphoria to young children are, unlike him, "barbarically lunatic" "cruel" "crazies" who "dehumanize" their opponents.  Florida recently passed a law that leftist opponents and their collaborators in the media have branded the "Don't Say Gay" law.  Actually, however, the law does not say "don't say gay."  Rather, the law says:  "Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards."  Note the classrooms to which this prohibition applies — only kindergarten through third grade.  And note the persons to whom it applies — only instructors, not students.  And note the subject to which it applies — only sexual identity and sexual orientation, not any other sex issue.  But using authority figures like teachers to indoctrinate kindergarteners into the wonders of transsexuality is something the left wants.

The Mask Mandate Is Over, and Some Leftists Are Sure We're All Gonna Die.  A federal judge struck down Biden's handlers' mask mandate, and now the true mask believers are sure that we are all doomed, doomed, I tell you. [...] Even Old Joe won't appeal the decision to set aside the mask mandate, which is a tacit admission that he and his handlers know it's nonsense, more superstition and the illusion of protection than anything else, but hey, trust the science, or whatever.

Ten Steps to Totalitarianism.  Does anybody still think totalitarianism can't happen here?  Ask yourself how many of these steps we've already galloped past. [... #6] Doomsday Fear-mongering:  Government power rests on citizens' acceptance that only the State can tackle big problems.  Therefore, government has a natural incentive to invent big problems for its citizens.  Rallying around the flag is not limited to times of war.  Governments have used COVID-19 to mandate personal health treatments, lock down entire economies, censor dissenting points of view, and keep people monitored or under house arrest.  Governments have used apocalyptic tales of climate change to push for greater State control over industry.  Governments have declared emergencies over "systemic racism" and "transgender rights" to assert control over private companies.  Governments insist that "misinformation" is so deadly that censorship must be embraced.  Fear is a tool for maintaining control, so governments mass-produce fear for their own benefit.

Keep Texas Red founder:  Democrats are exploiting human emotions to make people vote for them.  The Democrats are exploiting human emotions to make people vote for them, according to Keep Texas Red founder and author Joseph Vargas.  "We use a lot of the emotion and that's something that works very well with Hispanics.  And pretty much it works with any other race, but they use emotion to make other people, especially Hispanics, feel like they're actually being part of a greater cause.  It's something that's for the common good," Vargas told host Alex Newman during a recent episode of "The Sentinel Report."  "They also use a lot of negative branding and this selective outrage.  And they always change the definition of language.  So you take these things, you have the change in manipulation of emotion, negative branding, selective outrage and language, then you have what I call the Democrat modus operandi, [...]

We Also Are at War as LGBTQ and Other Extremist Cultural Enemies Seek to Destroy Our Way of Life.  Our culture and history are not assured.  Colleges successfully destroy so many.  With almost all liberal-arts department chairmanships and social-sciences tenured professorships locked two decades and more for the Campus Left, a generation has been decimated. [...] AOC is not merely an idiot but a metaphor for her generation, reflecting a four-year "education" costing $160,000 to $200,000 — graduating cum laude in economics — yet not understanding civics, how math works, nor core aspects of American history.  Nor economics. [...] As for AOC-as-Metaphor, she boldly asserts:
  [#1]   The 22nd Amendment passed Congress in 1947 and was ratified in 1951 to stop FDR, who died in 1945, from seeking a fifth term in 1952.
  [#2]   American ICE agents providing shelter, food, and medicines to undocumented aliens at our Southern border are akin to WWII Nazis, and the shelters are equivalent to Dachau and Auschwitz.
  [#3]   Our planet will end in nine years.  Democracy in America will end in ten years.
  [#4]   The surge in crime — including Chicago Saturday night drive-bys, Los Angeles homeless randomly stabbing store clerks to death in fashion boutiques, and New Yorkers pushed off subway station platforms — all directly are the result of a child-care tax benefit ending, requiring parents to pay for baby formula. [...]

The Cathedral or the Bizarre.  [Scroll down]  The psychological sword of the state is the political formula.  A political formula is any thought — good or bad, true or false, crazy or sane — that convinces the subject to love, serve, and obey the officials.  For instance, the slogan "Black Lives Matter" is a political formula.  It exhorts us to support those forces, persons, and institutions that promote, or are purported to promote, "Black Lives."  Since such forces have power (otherwise, how could they promote anything?), they must be official.  Indeed, we wake up every day with these good messages buzzing in every dental filling — a weird condition, especially if purely spontaneous.  The slogan asks you to support a power — which need not be good or bad, true or false, crazy or sane.  It does not ask you to think about how well this regime works for you; indeed, it asks you not to think about that — unless, of course, you are "Black."

Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee Wants Garland to Hunt Trump.  To the Americans who have managed to stay sane amid the prevailing madness, Attorney General Merrick Garland is a hyper-partisan authoritarian who has sicced the FBI on parents who are concerned about their children, exaggerating imaginary threats for political purposes while ignoring real terrorists.  But to the even more rabid members of the House Jan. 6 committee, Garland is a big lovable marshmallow who has been far too easy on the traitor Trump and his white supremacist followers.  They want him to act, to contain the Trump threat, preferably before the "insurrectionists" score big gains in the 2022 midterm elections.  The Associated Press, which can always be relied upon to amplify the concerns of the Leftists in the corridors of power in Washington, reported Saturday that "lawmakers investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol are increasingly going public with critical statements, court filings and more to deliver a blunt message to Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice."

The New Authoritarians.  [Scroll down]  During lockdowns and vaccine mandates, tech and pharmaceutical companies made astronomical profits and were aided and abetted at every turn by their pajama-class foot soldiers.  While lockdowns plunged millions of Americans into conditions of unemployment, despair, and hunger, it gave professionals a luxury:  a time to rest at home and be free from stressors like commuting.  As billionaires saw their wealth surge, the upper-middle class stayed silent or complicit. [...] This silencing had serious repercussions.  It is now commonly acknowledged, for example, that school closures were a mistake, but those who spoke up early lost friends, jobs, and opportunities.  What is dismissed as cancel culture is actually central to the authoritarian project.  A new idea ("flatten the curve," "save Grandma," "two weeks to stop the spread") can be introduced at any moment, and if it's framed as morally necessary and unquestionable, it will receive resounding support from the most well-educated class.

Who Are the Real Haters?  Isn't it interesting that we don't hear conservatives discussing hate, but liberals can't stop discussing hate?  Apparently, when you're a secular humanist, there's nothing that gives so much pleasure as disdaining other humans.  It might also be a case of radicals following Saul Alinsky's every rule.  Here's the big one: whatever crime you commit, accuse your enemies of doing that very thing.  In practice, this permits endless denunciation of Trump, which seems to let progressives feel better about themselves.  We need some shrinks to explore this weirdness.  Projection and transference are psychiatric concepts that explain how emotions can start in one spot and end up somewhere else.  Children who hate their parents might redirect that hatred from the parents to some more convenient target — oh, you know, like a guy named Trump.

Democrats Call Republican Senators Racist for Treating Ketanji Jackson Like Everyone Else.  Here we go again.  Democrats have found yet another opportunity to falsely label their political opposition as racist.  The Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson began on Monday [3/21/2022] and the left is already characterizing Republican senators as vicious racists for daring to question her qualifications.  Even Mr. Magoo could have seen this coming from a mile away.  Several members of the left-wing chattering class have already started lobbing erroneous accusations of racism at GOP lawmakers for questioning the nominee.  Professional race-baiter Elie Mystal wrote a piece for The Nation in which he predicted Republicans are going to do all kinds of racisms to keep Jackson from being appointed to the Supreme Court.

COVID Proves Politicizing Everything Breaks Everything.  While Democrats and "health officials" united to impose vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and numerous restrictions, nothing stopped the pandemic from getting worse.  Everything got worse even after we did everything the Left wanted.  This taps a common thread that passes through so much of the Left's agenda.  As the Left hypes an emotional response to a problem, the rush to action skips over a fundamental question that should precede any mandate or expenditure of public funds:  Does the proposed solution work?  Does the Left's prescription for climate change have any effect on climate?  Does the Left's intervention in education improve educational outcomes?  Does the Left's response to homelessness improve the homelessness problem?  Does funding for drug treatment programs help reduce drug abuse?  Does the Left's foreign policy lead to more peace?  Does borrowing trillions of dollars to "invest in people" lead to more productivity?  Has the Left's stewardship of universities resulted in better-educated graduates? [...] The Left's prescriptions for virtually every social problem always have two things in common.  First, they're expensive.  Second, they don't work.

AOC Whispers to Her Followers That Most People Don't Know What Capitalism Is.  Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York suggested in a recent social media post that most people "don't really know what capitalism is."  In a Thursday Instagram story, the progressive congresswoman whispered a "secret" to her followers.  "Let me tell you a secret," Ocasio-Cortez said in a whisper.  "Most people don't really know what capitalism is.  Most people don't even know what socialism is.  But most people are not capitalists, because they don't have capitalist money.  They're not billionaires."  "The label doesn't matter as much as talking about policies," she continued, still whispering.  "That's easier to understand.  Do you think people should die because they can't afford insulin?  Do you think that fossil fuel CEOs should decide whether the planet gets set on fire?  Me neither."

The 'T' Word.  It is not a word that should be thrown around lightly.  Treason is a word with a very special meaning.  According to Merriam-Webster:  "An overt act to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or sovereign's family." [...] The crime of treason still carries the death penalty.  It is a very, very serious offense.  Treason is the only crime mentioned by name in the U.S. Constitution. [...] Recently, talk show host Tucker Carlson and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard have been publicly accused of treason, or coming close to treason, by the likes of prominent legal scholar Laurence Tribe (who certainly should know better), Sen. Mitt Romney (who isn't expected to know much), ousted Democrat pol Claire McCaskill, talk show host Keith Olbermann (both village idiots), and the harpies at The View, who know absolutely nothing and revel in their own ignorance, on national television.

Whose Democracy Is This, Anyway?  Democrats have been insisting that "our democracy is under attack" ever since Donald Trump's upset election in 2016. [...] It's the official position of the Biden administration that January 6 conclusively proves questioning the election outcome or any other talk that "sow[s] discord or undermine[s] public trust in U.S. government institutions" guarantees more right-wing "[m]ass casualty attacks."  This is their pretext to justify police-state tactics against any political opponent they choose. [...] Neither the Left nor their lapdog media can endure hoi polloi challenging their official narratives.  This is why so many Joe Biden speeches feature scripted outbursts of faux rage that he's "sick of this stuff" and his "patience is wearing thin."  But the Left has worn the people's patience even thinner — by unleashing a hundred official narratives that have, virtually every one, been exposed as cynical hoaxes.  They've picked the wrong time to break ground for their dreamed-of Ministry of Truth.

Biden Promises Executive Action on Climate Change as Energy Costs Spike.  President Joe Biden reassured donors Monday that he would use his executive powers to act on climate change, even as energy prices are at record highs.  "The climate crisis is the existential threat.  That's not hyperbole; it's a fact," Biden said after taking the podium at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser in Washington, DC.  Biden promised to take "aggressive" executive actions on climate regulations even if the Supreme Court overruled him.  He acknowledged that progress on the issue of climate change was difficult to achieve in Congress, hinting that donors could help him pressure lawmakers.

The Editor says...
There is no climate crisis.  The weather is not an existential threat.

The Four Pillars of Vacuity.  The recently appointed New York City schools chancellor David Banks portrays himself as righteous, as an idealist, and as a reformer.  According to him, he is a man with a vision to make right a broken system.  It is a given of new hires to this position that they portray themselves as men who can and will put humpty-dumpty together again. [...] Chancellor Banks has publicly announced his vision supporting what he calls the Four Pillars of his visionary policy.  Under Pillar #1 ("reimagining the student experience") he asks us "Why don't we provide the kind of experiences where kids can't wait to get up in the morning to get to school?"  To have this question as his opening shot at so-called reform should alarm the reader immediately.  Very few students at any age can't wait to get to school.  To posit that as a goal is totally unrealistic.  Has he forgotten that we have compulsory education in the public schools.

The Economic Balloon That May Finally End Progressive Leftism.  The Laws of Economics are as immutable as the Law of Gravity, but few leftists grasp this fact.  When it comes to the Democrats' energy policies, I believe this immutability will finally be the Democrats' downfall.  People are reaching a pain point that the progressives can no longer deflect onto others.  Based on the progressive left's detrimental influence on President Biden's energy policies, the resulting accelerated inflation and energy-cost rise are very visible to average Americans.  The administration acts as if there is no causal connection between the two.  But what can we expect from people who work from feelings and not facts?  Just like they are amazed when we defund police and don't jail criminals and then crime rates spike.  No connection.

'Follow the science': As Year 3 of the pandemic begins, a simple slogan becomes a political weapon.  Two years ago, when science writer Faye Flam launched a podcast to explore why so many Americans were drawn to misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, she settled on a name she figured would steer clear of politics:  "Follow the Science."  The podcast flourished, but its title has posed a constant dilemma for Flam as the phrase "follow the science," far from uniting Americans, became a weapon, wielded in derision by both sides of the national divide over how to confront the coronavirus.  Like so many Americans, when Flam hears "follow the science" these days, she braces for a statement likely to be anything but scientific:  "The phrase became associated with safety-ism and overcaution, like people would use it sarcastically when they saw someone running through a field wearing an N95 mask," she said.  At the same time, "follow the science" also became a taunt deployed by vaccine and mask advocates against those who spurned such mandatory public health measures.

The Power of the Powerless Is Real.  Now consider all of the slogans we daily encounter from government and corporate mouthpieces alike:  Black Lives Matter!; Build Back Better!; Trans Rights Are Human Rights!; The Science Is Settled!; Save the Earth!; Stop Global Warming!; The War on Women Is Real!; We're All in This Together!; Abortion Is Health Care!; My Body, My Choice!  It doesn't matter how vapid, factually incorrect, or contradictory the political slogan.  What matters is that all of us repeat them obediently to prove our allegiance to and faith in the system.

"Blue Anon" Says Russia Is Responsible For Every Problem And If You Doubt It You're A Russian Asset.  Aaron Mate of The Gray Zone joined FNC's Tucker Carlson on Friday to discuss the U.S. government's assertion that Russia plans to fake a justification for war in Ukraine, and how that fits into the larger Trump-Russia collusion/Blue Anon situation.  "I think the reason why this Russiagate/Russian disinformation campaign has been so pervasive is that it serves such a wide spectrum of powerful interests," he said.  "They have an animus towards Russia because Russia is a deterrent to U.S. hegemony."  "We know about QAnon.  There's a cult called Blue Anon, in which Russia is responsible for every single U.S. problem and if you disagree with that, you're a Russian asset."  [Video clip]

Hollywood and Anti-Semitism.  One of the existing mysteries is why actors and celebrities, whose job is to misrepresent people and actions, are taken seriously when they pontificate on political, social, and economic events.  The most recent example is the outburst of support from film professionals speaking out in support of Emma Watson, the British actress born in Paris, who shot to stardom as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter movies, and has become a well-known actress.  Watson, an outspoken feminist who has declared Barack Obama as one of her heroes, issued an Instagram post, illustrating a pro-Palestinian political rally featuring Palestinian flags, overlaid with the words, "Solidarity is a verb."

Biden's 'Anger' Over High Insulin Prices Is Fake.  Here's Why.  On Friday, Joe Biden started yelling in anger during a speech in Pennsylvania while talking about the high price of insulin. [...] Biden isn't furious.  His rage is phony, clearly scripted, probably suggested by one of his handlers who thought that, if he appears more animated and invigorated, it will quell concerns that he cannot handle the presidency — which polls show is indeed a concern for most Americans.

Dear Liberals:  Stop The 'Enemies' Thing.  One helpful thing about our liberal friends is that they always signal to us who their enemies are.  January 6 rioters?  They are "armed insurrectionists."  Parents opposed to Critical Race Theory in schools?  They are "domestic terrorists" and the FBI will know the reason why.  Climate change skeptics?  They are "climate deniers," as in "Holocaust deniers."  Opponents of DEI?  They are "white oppressors" and "systemic racists."  But when Vladimir Putin threatens the sanctity of the Ukraine, President Biden blathers on about a "minor incursion."  So, not really an enemy.

The moment Joe Biden finally lost his credibility.  If President Joe Biden's disorderly and lethal Afghanistan withdrawal was the moment that fractured voters' regard for him, then his vicious Atlanta speech last week may be the moment that defines his presidency.  Speaking Tuesday at Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, Biden uttered venomous, brutal accusations lacking factual basis.  His shouting-in-the-wind delivery was inexplicable, and his decision to lash out at members of his own party — Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema — appears to have only strengthened their resolve not to give in to his demands.  Biden called those who disagree with his political views on legislation "domestic enemies."  He compared them to Confederate President Jefferson Davis and former Alabama Democratic Party Committeeman and ardent, violent segregationist Bull Connor.  In American politics, that is about as divisive as one can get — at least he didn't mention Hitler.

Turning the Tables on Our Tyrants.  There are moments in battle when your opponent commits a tactical error, and if you see it, seize upon it, and exploit it, victory follows.  The COVID-1984 authoritarians have become so enamored with their own power that they are blindly committing such an error today.  For two years now, they have engaged in a classic "divide and conquer" military strategy aimed at weakening any popular revolts against their policies by pitting segments of society against each other.  We must shut down the economy and go into two weeks of lockdowns, or else grandparents will die!  You were either for protecting older people from illness or complicit in their deaths.  We must all wear masks to contain the spread of disease!  You were either "caring" or "selfishly" causing harm.  We must shut down the school system to protect our children!  You were either a responsible parent or a monster.  We must "vaccinate" our populations or we'll never be able to return to normal!  You were either a "good" person or a "science-denier."  Generational differences have been mercilessly exploited to sow division.

The Four Horsemen of the Left's Artificial Apocalypse.  [#4] For over two hundred years, the Malthusians have been obsessed with controlling the world's population.  Eugenics, genocide, and abortion are a few of the evils they have wrought.  Replacing the family with government is an easy and effective way for government to decide who may reproduce.  Convincing people that hydrocarbon energy must be swapped for energies popular a thousand years ago is the surest way to hinder innovation, economic wealth, and generational growth.  Brainwashing people into believing that the planet is about to die is the kind of psychological terror that coerces free people into subjugating themselves by handing total power to unscrupulous government thugs.

The Histrionics and Melodrama Around 1/6 Are Laughable, but They Serve Several Key Purposes.  The number of people killed by pro-Trump supporters at the January 6 Capitol riot is equal to the number of pro-Trump supporters who brandished guns or knives inside the Capitol.  That is the same number as the total of Americans who — after a full year of a Democrat-led DOJ conducting what is heralded as "the most expansive federal law enforcement investigation in US history" — have been charged with inciting insurrection, sedition, treason or conspiracy to overthrow the government as a result of that riot one year ago. [...] That number is zero.  But just as these rather crucial facts do not prevent the dominant wing of the U.S. corporate media and Democratic Party leaders from continuing to insist that Donald Trump's 2016 election victory was illegitimate due to his collusion with the Kremlin, it also does not prevent January 6 from being widely described in those same circles as an Insurrection, an attempted coup, an event as traumatizing as Pearl Harbor (2,403 dead) or the 9/11 attack (2,977 dead), and as the gravest attack on American democracy since the mid-19th Century Civil War (750,000 dead).

Progressives Finally Realize That Covid Is Not a 'Moral Failing'.  Earlier this week, CNN's Chris Cillizza lamented that, throughout the pandemic, "Societally we unknowingly turned having Covid into some sort of judgment on your character."  To remedy this, Cillizza suggested, "We need to recognize that getting Covid isn't a moral failing!  It's a super infectious disease that you can protect against, sure, but can't guarantee you won't get it."  "Unknowingly"?  "We need to recognize"?  "Societally"?  Does Chris Cillizza live in a sensory-deprivation tank?  There has been nothing "unknowing" about the implication that catching Covid is evidence of a "moral failing."  It has been the core of the progressive response to the disease.  We see it every time that someone who disagrees with the maximalist approach to lockdowns, restrictions, or mandates is labeled a "Covidiot."  We see it every time the governor of Florida is described stupidly as "DeathSantis," or the governor of Texas is accused of belonging to a "death cult," or any politician or writer with a different risk calculus than Anthony Fauci is charged with wanting "to kill grandma."

Fear is the Mind Killer.  Witness the fearfulness engulfing Americans:
  •   Fear of the virus.
  •   Fear of being called a racist.
  •   Fear of being cancelled.
  •   Fear of the other.
  •   Fear of defending beliefs.
  •   Fear of our history.
  •   Fear of not being woke.
  •   Fear even of saying the truth.
Fear works. [...] Our Fearful Leader bangs his drum of fear incessantly, hammering a dent into our sense of free ill.  Nine days before Christmas, the President told us, "I want to send a direct message to the American people....  We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated — for themselves, their families and the hospitals they'll soon overwhelm."  Prepare for your winter of death, he advises.  Never in American history has a president openly told Americans to be afraid:  death is coming for you.  Quite the opposite is the norm.

Liberals Pounce on Snowstorm Traffic Disaster in Virginia to Blame Glenn Youngkin, Who Hasn't Been Sworn in Yet.  Hundreds of drivers were stranded on I-95 in Virginia this week due to a snowstorm and an ensuing traffic jam.  Liberals on social media used the opportunity to bash Glenn Youngkin, but there's one little problem.  Youngkin isn't the governor yet.  This was Ralph Northam's problem.  And make no mistake, this was a big problem.

Glenn Youngkin Gets Blamed for I-95 Traffic Snarls as Actual Governor Ralph Northam Appears to Be MIA.  Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been chock full of posts over the last 24 hours or so from understandably angry folks in the Virginia/D.C. area who have either been stuck for hours on I-95 in the middle of freezing temperatures and snow on the roads or who have family members and friends who are. [...] As the frustrations mount and the insane clips and photos of what things look like continue to roll in, some have taken to the Twitter machine to blame Republican Glenn Youngkin, who I should point out is the Gov.-Elect and won't be sworn in until January 15th.

Unvaxxed are 'Extremists, Misogynists, And Racists' According to Canada's Communist Prime Minister.  It's no secret that Canada's racist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who was caught doing blackface just a few years ago just claimed that anyone who refuses to get the death jab that is currently killing people en masse around the globe from heart attacks, strokes, to other forms of death caused by the vax, is a racist, mysoginist, or just a general extremist... all because we refuse to listen to the media and instead listen to the science.  The question is, what have they put into this death jab that they're soooooo worried about you refusing to receive.  Any time the government tries to force you to do something, it's probably not good for you according to history.  [Video clip]

Democracy is not in crisis just because Democrats are losing.  You'll get no argument from me that the riots were anything but bad news, but every day is not January 6.  That's hysteria and the media is inviting more of it. [...] This message from left-wing partisans like Sullivan and Jay Rosen literally boils down to this:  Unapologetically side with the Democrats because anything less is tantamount to abandoning democracy.  Yesterday, fellow progressive Greg Sargent wrote a piece about the "horror show" of Republicans (gasp!) winning state elections.

The Woke Mob's Destruction of the English Language.  Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, a member of the progressive "squad," recently accused those who disagree with student debt cancellation of "policy violence."  That is, to disagree with the left now is "violence."  This kind of linguistic legislation by the left is now common.  Words mean whatever they want them to mean in order to achieve their far-left goals.  Pressley's statement is also an implied threat.  Since violence is justified in response to violence, Pressley is letting American's know what is coming if they do not get their way.  The venomous hatred spewed by the Woke mob in the name of tolerance and inclusivity is indefensible.  That is why they do not defend it.  Instead, they generally try to bully people into submitting to their demands.

Biden nominee equated 'proof of citizenship' with 'voter suppression,' likened felon voting ban to slavery.  One of President Biden's judicial nominees reportedly disparaged various voting restrictions in the United States, including by comparing slavery to the ban on felons voting and "proof of citizenship" to "voter suppression."  "When you add laws that prohibit people with a criminal conviction from voting, it's practically the same system as during slavery — Black people who have lost their freedom and cannot vote," attorney Nancy Gbana Abudu said in a post for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  "And without access to the ballot, a victim of the system cannot elect the very officials pulling the levers to hire the police, determine which cases are prosecuted and what sentences are imposed."

Joe Biden's Top 25 Worst Moments of 2021.  [#9] Joe Biden Claims January 6th Rioters a Bigger Threat to Democracy than Confederates in Civil War:  In July, Biden claimed the January 6h protesters of the 2020 election were more dangerous to the United States than the confederates in the Civil War.  "We're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.  It's not hyperbole — since the Civil War," Biden said in an interview.  "Confederates, back then, never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on January 6."  Biden repeatedly shared this questionable talking point throughout 2021 as he tried to smear his political opponents as "insurrectionists" who tried to overthrow democracy itself.  "I'm not saying this to alarm you.  I'm saying this because you should be alarmed," Biden said.  During his address to Congress, Biden called the protests the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War," ignoring the attack on Pearl Harbor, assassinations of presidents, and previous attacks on the Capitol building.

Biden shifts COVID fearmongering narrative to 'voter suppression'.  President Biden seems to be giving up on his federal COVID vaccine mandate, handing those decisions back to the individual states, while he pivots to laying the groundwork for blaming Republicans for voter suppression in the looming 2022 midterm election wipeout that is on the horizon.  "When it comes to voter suppression, it's no longer just about making it easy for eligible people to vote — it's about whether or not those votes will count at all.  It's simple:  voter suppression is un-American, un-democratic, and unpatriotic," Biden tweeted.  Democrats are expected to get walloped in the 2022 midterm elections due to Biden's unpopularity and his disastrous policies.  He appears to be laying the groundwork to blame Republicans for not federalizing elections, calling it by the misnomer "voter suppression."

Democrats are angry and confused.  [Scroll down]  But perhaps more telling than Democratic anger and vitriol is their apparently genuine misunderstanding of how our republic works.  Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York was reported in the Washington Post as saying, "Why do we have to acquiesce to what members of another party think we should be doing, what so called moderates think we should be doing?"  To which there are several answers.  First, you are not acquiescing to what "members of another party" are saying; you are being defeated by a bipartisan majority in the Senate, made up of at least one member of your own party — there could well be others — and the entire Republican caucus.  They disagree with you.  That's how democracy works:  The majority decides.

America Is Much More than Its Government.  [Scroll down]  Right now we have death, debt, and dystopia brought to us by a man with dementia yammering incessantly about "our precious democracy."  Isn't it revealing that the handful who occupy the seat of government are always so insistent on pretending that they represent "democracy"?  That's called propaganda, friends, so that the real majority is linguistically bullied into submission by fewer Americans than have been killed by the China Virus.  How does one king bring ninety-nine lords to heel?  By whispering into each noble's ear that the other ninety-eight are already on his side.  As it was with feudalism, it is today with the American government:  how dare you stand up to Congress and the White House?  That's an attack on Democracy itself!

Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts Says 'Student Debt Is Policy Violence'.  Joe Biden has announced that the extension on not making student loan payments is ending in February.  This is a pet issue for progressives who wanted Biden to forgive all student debt.  They are not happy that he is not doing their bidding on this and MA Democrat Ayanna Pressley is even calling student debt "policy violence" whatever that means.

Why Is the Left Worried Suddenly About the End of Democracy?  What is behind recent pessimistic appraisals of democracy's future, from Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Brian Williams and other elite intellectuals, media personalities, and politicians on the Left?  Some are warning about its possible erosion in 2024.  Others predict the democracy downturn as early 2022, with scary scenarios of "autocracy" and Trump "coups."  To answer that question, understand first what is not behind these shrill forecasts.  They are not worried about 2 million foreign nationals crashing the border in a single year, without vaccinations during a pandemic.  Yet it seems insurrectionary for a government simply to nullify its own immigration laws.  They are not worried that some 800,000 foreign nationals, some residing illegally, will now vote in New York City elections.  They are not worried that there are formal efforts to dismantle the U.S. Constitution by junking the 233-year-old Electoral College or the preeminence of the states in establishing ballot laws in national elections.  They are not worried that we are witnessing an unprecedented left-wing effort to scrap the 180-year-old filibuster, the 150-year-old nine-person Supreme Court, and the 60-year tradition of 50 states, for naked political advantage.

MSNBC's Heilemann Claims '30 Million People Right Now' Ready to Take Up Arms for Trump.  MSNBC network national affairs analyst John Heilemann said Sunday [12/12/2021] on NBC's "Meet the Press" that there were "30 million people right now who are ready to take up arms" for former President Donald Trump.

Was Trump Right?  UV Light Therapy Shows Promise in COVID Patients.  You're not going to believe this, but you now have more ammunition against the idiots running around saying Trump told people to inject themselves with bleach.  He never did that.  What he did do was inartfully try to describe a new technology that relies on UV light to be injected through a catheter into parts of the body (like the lungs) where the light can act as a "disinfectant" and kill viruses. [...] What this proves is very significant.  President Trump has been maligned and defamed for more than a year based on the lie that the "disinfectant" he mentioned during a COVID press conference was bleach.  The fake news did that.  They turned the word "disinfectant" into bleach before our very eyes and hardly anyone noticed.

Looney Bette Midler Wants Trump Arrested for 'Trying to Kill' Biden.  Liberal activist, washed up entertainer and full time lunatic Bette Midler is calling for former President Donald Trump to be arrested for trying to kill Joe Biden.  Midler claimed to her two million followers that Trump is the devil and attempted to infect Biden with Covid-19 during the presidential campaign in order to beat him.

Bette Midler:  Trump is the Devil, Should Be Arrested for Attempted Murder of Joe Biden.  When did Trump try to kill Old Joe, you ask?  Why, it all goes back to the sensationalistic recent fake news claim that Trump had tested positive for the dreaded killer disease with a 99% survival rate before his first debate with Biden.  As my PJ Media colleague Matt Margolis noted here Thursday [12/2/2021], Trump's test was actually a false positive, followed by two negative tests before the debate, so Old Joe was never actually in any danger.  Midler, however, was unmoved by these facts.

The Editor says...
Not only that, she had a year to get her facts straight, and still didn't.

"The View" on abortion:  These pleasure-seeking right-wingers don't consider the consequences of sex.  I've heard a lot of pro-choice arguments in my day but I've never heard someone accuse the anti-abortion side of the debate of being cavalier about the stakes in pregnancy.  Especially religious pro-lifers.  Normally the left's knock on them is the opposite of Joy Behar's take here, that they view sex through the too-narrow lens of procreation rather than as something pleasurable in its own right.  But Joy's giving away the game, isn't she?  Because pregnancy is difficult and disruptive and expensive for a woman, her view is that women should be able to end that pregnancy as easily as possible.  There are no other moral considerations.

CNBC Pundit Calls Unvaxxed People "Psychotic", Demands U.S. Military Hunt Them Down, Force Vaccine or Force Quarantine.  This is one of the people inside the inner circle of Nancy Pelosi, a good personal friend.  As you watch this short video segment ask yourself about the mental stability of a person who would advocate publicly for American citizens to be hunted down by the U.S. military, vaccinated against their will or forcibly quarantined.  This was actually broadcast to the CNBC audience.  In a twisted display of irony, financial pundit Jim Cramer calls unvaccinated people "psychotic"?  [Video clip]

Government science grants increasingly promote 'woke' ideas, study finds.  Nearly a third of government science grant abstracts now use terminology such as "equity," "diversity," and "inclusion," a new report says, up from just under 3% in 1990.  The report, published earlier this month by the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, details how the National Science Foundation, the government's primary distributor of scientific grants, has substantially increased the use of "highly politicized terms" in grant abstracts.  "The frequency of documents containing highly politicized terms has been increasing consistently over the last three decades," the report says.  "As of 2020, 30.4% of all grants had one of the following politicized terms: 'equity,' 'diversity,' 'inclusion,' 'gender,' 'marginalize,' 'underrepresented,' or 'disparity.'  This is up from 2.9% in 1990."

BLM is all about that holiday cheer, aren't they?  Normal people:  Despite the messiness of human nature and history, we have been blessed with a nation of abundance, learning, and freedom beyond measure, where people of all backgrounds can sit at the table as friends and neighbors.  BLM:  YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL LITERALLY HITLER.  DIE! DIE! [...] All BLM knows how to do is divide.  They won't acknowledge real history.  They want to get neighbors to hate each other so they can conquer the supposedly "stolen" land.

I guess the climate must have changed abruptly in January.
Dem Rep Says Biden's Border Crisis is REALLY Caused by Climate Change.  Democrat Congresswoman Veronica Escobar confused millions of Americans on the steps of the US Capitol Wednesday [11/17/2021] when she claimed "much of the migration" crisis at the US-border is a result of global warming.  "We are seeing longer, hotter summers...  That's killing people.  For those who have been covering the movement of migrants across our hemisphere, there is no doubt that much of that migration is coming from the climate crisis...  Unless we do something, we should expect all of that humanitarian need to continue," said the Congresswoman.  "We can take action this week...  Building a new economy, ensuring there is equity, and we are able to have a planet where we can live!" she added.

Democrat Voters are Among the Most Gullible People on Earth.  The primary reason the United States finds itself in its current predicament is the vast number of credulous and mis-educated Americans who, over the past two decades, have blindly pledged their undying allegiance to the current iteration of Democrat party.  They do so because they have been willingly duped into believing that the political opposition, conservatives and Republicans, are the personification of evil who are hellbent on transforming the nation into a dystopian nightmare.  The philosophical underpinnings of the Democrat party or the falsehoods its elected members regurgitate are immaterial to their voters, as long as this dire threat, as personified by Donald Trump in 2020, is vanquished by any and all means possible, including unconstrained voter fraud and manipulation.

Bizarre UN Video Warns Humans About Coming 'Climate Disaster' Extinction.  In a truly bizarre video released by the United Nations Development Programme on Wednesday, a talking computer-generated dinosaur warns humans that they must take urgent action to avoid what our histrionic friends in the Democrat Party are fond of calling "the existential threat of our time" — climate change (or whatever they're now calling it) action to avoid extinction.  Yes, the extinction of mankind is apparently right around the global warming corner if we don't get [...] in gear and stop being mean to the planet and our environment before we enter into irreversible climate armageddon.  And of course, the talking dinosaur has a name:  Frankie the Dino.

The Editor says...
The climate is changing so little and so slowly that the global average temperature will make an imperceptible small change over the course of your lifetime.  Nobody is going to be extinct.  You will never meet a "climate refugee."  People don't move from one country to another because of bad weather.  There will never be a war fought over global warming.  Most of all, the climate will never be affected by legislation.

We Got Here Because of Cowardice.  We Get Out With Courage.  A lot of people want to convince you that you need a Ph.D. or a law degree or dozens of hours of free time to read dense texts about critical theory to understand the woke movement and its worldview.  You do not.  You simply need to believe your own eyes and ears.  Let me offer the briefest overview of the core beliefs of the Woke Revolution, which are abundantly clear to anyone willing to look past the hashtags and the jargon.  It begins by stipulating that the forces of justice and progress are in a war against backwardness and tyranny.  And in a war, the normal rules of the game must be suspended.  Indeed, this ideology would argue that those rules are not just obstacles to justice, but tools of oppression.  They are the master's tools.  And the master's tools cannot dismantle the master's house.  So the tools themselves are not just replaced but repudiated.  And in so doing, persuasion — the purpose of argument — is replaced with public shaming.  Moral complexity is replaced with moral certainty.  Facts are replaced with feelings.

Why Progressives Think Confronting CRT is 'Terrorism'.  The cornerstone of tyranny is to delegitimize the opposition.  In the age of terror, there is no easier way to delegitimize the opposition than to assert they are terrorists.  The Justice Department, led by that petty tyrant Merrick Garland (thank God he isn't on the Supreme Court), has asserted that parents and anyone in general concerned with critical race theory and other tools of educational propaganda are domestic terrorists.  What a surprise.  Not.  The reason that progressives consider any concern against federal indoctrination as tantamount to terrorism is because progressives cannot allow any opposition to their totalitarian whims.  So much for tolerance and respecting other peoples' opinions.  This is always the impetus of tyrannical movements.  Any disagreement threatens to shatter the illusion of Utopian totalitarian progress.

MSNBC Guest Murphy: 'The Texas Legislature Should Be Impeached for Treason'.  Law professor Wendy Murphy said Tuesday [10/12/2021] on MSNBC that the Texas legislature should be impeached for treason for passing a law banning abortions after six weeks into a pregnancy.  Murphy said, "I think that it is so clear that the six-week abortion ban is unconstitutional.  What everybody should be talking about is whether a state can avoid complying with the Constitution by passing a law that forbids the courts to correct them when they do it."

Video: High School Teacher Bullies Her Unvaccianted Students, Accuses Them Of Killing People — The School Tried To Destroy Evidence.  Tanner is a 10th-grader at Puyallup High School.  He says his biology teacher became upset that some students were improperly wearing their masks.  It set her off on a rant against her unvaccinated students.  She called unvaccinated students "selfish" and said they weren't welcome at school.  She accused her unvaccinated students of killing people by spreading variants of the virus, warning them that they could "literally kill everyone on the planet."  That teacher is now on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into her conduct.  But before the investigation took place, the school's vice principal, who identifies as an abolitionist educator, tried to have the video evidence deleted[.]

What's A Branch COVIDian?  Mom compares unmasked children to "deadly biological weapons, loaded firearms, and homicide[.]"  This is the result of intentional fear-mongering and watching too much CNN.  Happened at Richardson Independent School District, Texas.  [Video clip]

If Government Concern for Your Health was Real (and not Political)....  Hitler embraced this model, saying, as paraphrased in many sources: 'Make the lie big, tell it over, and over, and over again, and the people will believe anything.'  COVID could kill you!  You're selfish for being unvaxxed!  You're spreading it!  Variants are here!  More are coming!  Get vaccinated, and follow on with innumerable boosters as necessary every eight months.  Make that five.  This is so important that we've dispatched all testing protocols.  Don't worry!  The FDA has, or shortly will, approve everything.

FL Dem hysterically claims Jan 6 was FAR worse than 3,000 dead on 9/11.  Former Florida Democrat congressional candidate Pam Keith outrageously claimed that 9/11 was not the worst attack to ever hit the United States in her lifetime, it was the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.  "On 1/6/2021, 9/11/2001 ceased being the worst thing that happened to America in my lifetime.  It's really weird and painful to process and say that.  But it's the truth.  And quite frankly... it's not even close," the current executive director of Fight 4 Florida's Future tweeted on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  "Today makes 20 years since one of the most impactful events of my life.  I was in DC, completely freaked out, in a daze of horror & rage.  Little did I know that the damage of that day would pale SO MUCH in comparison to the ongoing horror visited upon our nation on 11/8/2016," she also tweeted concerning the election of former President Trump.

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart calls Trump supporters 'more worrisome' than the Taliban or ISIS.  On the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart announced that he believed that Trump supporters are more of a threat than the Taliban or ISIS.  Capehart called out 'MAGA and the domestic threat', which he said was far 'more worrisome than any foreign threat', during an appearance at PBS NewsHour on Friday [9/10/2021].  The Washington Post columnist and news host went on to describe the last several years as 'one giant step forward, and then two giant steps back.'

Left-wing ideologues on 20th anniversary of 9/11: The Capitol riot was worse.  Give it a rest, just for one day.  Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the day Islamic terrorists brutally murdered nearly 3,000 Americans, some of whom were crushed by the collapsing World Trade Center towers while others fell to their deaths or were burned alive.  It was a somber occasion, leaving many as angry as they were sad.  However, not everyone treated the anniversary with the gravity it deserved.  Indeed, rather than pause their partisan activism for even 24 hours to mourn the dead, or at least allow the victims of the attacks to grieve in peace, certain left-wing activists continued this weekend to attack their conservative neighbors.  Some even saw the 20th anniversary as a perfect opportunity to draw a straight line between the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and 9/11.

'If It Saves One Life' Is Their Dumbest Argument Yet, But They Continue To Trot It Out.  A favored tactic of the left is using emotion-laden arguments to further their narrative.  Fortunately for them, in the debate over masks in schools, few things are more emotional than the idea of a child dying, whether it's of or with COVID-19 or anything else.  And true to form, they constantly beat the fact that, yes, some children do die of or with COVID, over the heads of those who cite the potentially harmful long-term effects of masking children. [...] In our interactions with each other, the risk of virus transmission has always existed.  Until the COVID era, society had accepted that it cannot properly function without humans having normal interactions with one another.  That view, of course, has largely been jettisoned in favor of widespread public masking, an intervention that has never been proven to work to any significant or relevant degree.  Yet somehow, our overlords have managed to convince the majority of the gullible public that placing a moist, bacteria-laden piece of cloth over a child's mouth and nose will somehow keep that child from getting COVID-19, a virus they pretend is dangerous to children by citing anecdotes instead of data.  Assuming their intentions are good (I know, that's a BIG assumption), they do it because they think "one life" saved is worth any intervention employed, proof of effectiveness [notwithstanding].

Yep, Texas Is Exactly Like Afghanistan Now. 100 Percent.  There are very few issues out there that seem to send progressives right over the edge harder than abortion.  The primary talking point, in the wake of the Biden administration's dismal failure in Afghanistan, is that the Texas pro-life law is exactly the same type of Sharia law the Taliban imposes on women in Afghanistan.  This is mind-bogglingly ignorant rhetoric that we cannot let pass.  First of all, how extremely Islamophobic of the left to attack the religious beliefs of those of the Islamic faith.  The same group that accused the Trump administration of being xenophobic and racist for implementing a ban of travelers from majority-Muslim countries is now just throwing "Sharia" accusations willy nilly.  It is, by their own standards, vile racism.  Second, it is an extremely base-level analysis that doesn't actually do a pro-choice argument justice.  It is simply laziness to jump to that sort of rhetoric.  And we know why they jump to it.

Ex-Obama education chief compares anti-mask Americans to suicide bombers.  A former Obama administration Cabinet official on Sunday compared Americans who oppose face masks and vaccines to suicide bombing terrorists that killed Americans at the Kabul airport.  As the families of U.S. service members that died as a result of the ISIS-K attack in Afghanistan last week met with President Biden, Arne Duncan tweeted that he saw a comparison between the killers in Afghanistan and those Americans who oppose masks and vaccines.  "Have you noticed how strikingly similar both the mindsets and actions between the suicide bombers at Kabul's airport, and the anti-mask and anti-vax people here?" Mr. Duncan said on Twitter.  "They both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them, and are convinced they are fighting for freedom."

Taliban Under The Bed.  After the fall on Kabul, our elitists raced to Twitter and other forums to equate the Taliban to conservatives and Republicans in the U.S. What kind of country are we becoming, in which a significant part of it cannot, or will not, distinguish the difference between terrorism and political differences? [...] Much of the effort to link America's political right to the Taliban is nothing more than pathetic virtue signaling.  It's the screeching of attention-hungry media personalities and celebrities who desperately need to show the world they're on the right side of history, and are morally and intellectually superior than most of their fellow Americans.  Unfortunately, what they say influences others.

Texas Teacher in Tears Likens Lack of Mask Mandates to Mass Shootings.  As Americans face the prospect of reopened schools, some are deathly afraid.  Case in point:  Austin resident Jenny Gillis, who recently posted an impassioned plea.

The Editor says...
Maybe you shouldn't be a teacher if you live in constant fear.  Maybe you should turn off your TV and get some fresh, unfiltered air.

The 'Kids Are Dying From COVID' Rhetoric Is Lacking Serious Context.  At the moment, while kids are returning to classrooms here and across the country, there is a growing trend among reporters, pundits, politicians, and various people with verified platforms on social media panicking about the kids who are dying from COVID-19.  [Tweet]  The piece she links to is this New York Times story on hospitals in Texas.  The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has made high-profile executive decisions regarding COVID-19 safety measures that have gotten a lot of these folks riled up.  The problem is that, despite this surge, we're still not seeing major numbers in children.

Phony Doctor Starts To Laugh While Pretending To Cry About COVID Live During Newscast.  A good crisis actor is hard to find these days.  That is what CBS found out during the evening news with Norah O'Donnell.  This supposed doctor who goes by the name of Mia Meyers starts out talking about how people need to take the Delta variant seriously because of its transmissibility.  She then starts into something about 'our children before launching into her crocodile tear routine, which morphs into full-blown laughter.  Fake news strikes out again!  [Video clip]

Oklahoma School Board Member Says Children Can Commit Murder By Not Wearing Masks.  A local school board member in Oklahoma said Monday [8/9/2021] that she's worried small children might "murder" each other by spreading the coronavirus without wearing masks.  "It's just not OK for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask," said Norman Public Schools board member Linda Sexton.  [Video clip]

Are These Stories Real?  Or Are the Media Trying to Overcome 'Vaccine Hesitancy' by Using Fear Porn?  [Scroll down beyond the highly dubious anecdote.]  On the whole, I'd take my chances on my own rather than to submit to the tender mercies of someone who obviously holds me in contempt.  I have some questions about the entire story.  For instance, according to the CDC, there has not been a single COVID-related death in Alabama under 40 in over a month.  There have only been 110 such deaths in Alabama since the pandemic started.  There is no public data, so far as I can find, that gives the number of intubated patients, the number of patients in the ICU by age, etc., since the vaccine became available.  The absence of empirical data to back up undocumented anecdotes doesn't give me great confidence in the story.  And the source is a Facebook post.

No, libs, the Jan. 6 events weren't a 'coup'.  Here's what Jan. 6 wasn't:  It wasn't the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War."  Nor did it veer anywhere near the vicinity of being as dangerous as 9/11.  Nor was it a "coup" or an "insurrection" — not in any way we commonly understand those words.  It wasn't a "putsch."  Nor did it, as the chairman of the Jan. 6 committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson, claimed, come "dangerously close to succeeding" in upending "American democracy."  That's all a myth.  It was a riot.

Unscripted remarks start to haunt President Biden.  President Biden has been more freewheeling with his remarks in the last few weeks, leading to slip-ups the White House has had to clean up.  The most recent example came Friday, when Biden accused Facebook of "killing people" because of the misinformation spread on the social media network about coronavirus vaccines.  It was a striking statement that triggered a furious response from Facebook.  And on Monday, it became clear Biden had gone further and been more biting than he intended.  Less than three days after his initial remarks, the president reversed course, saying Facebook "isn't killing people."

Joe Biden's Misery Index Rises.  In this past week, we've seen the absurd spectacle of a group of Texas state legislators commandeering a private plane as they fled from Texas to escape the ability of the governor of Texas to require them to return to Austin and discharge the duty they were elected to carry out, in this case, vote on a voting reform bill. [...] The proposed Texas voting rules that occasioned the flight of the Democratic legislators require voter identification, prohibit ballot-harvesting and the casting of votes by one person on behalf of other people, provide a reasonable (i.e., not open-ended) window of hours and days for voting, and assure that the counting process will be witnessed by representatives of all contending parties.  The attempt by the Democrats to portray this as "voter suppression" is an outrage, especially Joe Biden's nonsensical volcanic eruption last week that such efforts have produced the "greatest crisis since the Civil War," even after he had conceded, following months of violent objection, that voter identification is actually not a bad idea.

As they start sentencing January 6 detainees, the Democrats have a problem.  Since January 6, the Democrats have played up the kerfuffle in the Capitol on January as the worst thing ever in American history, while ignoring the innumerable times leftists have aggressively invaded the Capitol. [...] Within minutes of January 6, the Democrats, who had turned a blind eye to the incredible violence of 2020, much of it played out on federal property, had their narrative in place:  When elderly, unarmed people clamored to enter the Capitol — and the Capitol police opened the doors to let them in — that was an "insurrection."  D.C., therefore, had to be turned into an armed camp.  This was a convenient way to hide the fact that, had D.C. been open for business as usual on inauguration day, no one would have turned up to see the doddering mound of corruption that is Joe Biden false swear an oath he immediately ignored.  Since January 6, Democrats have escalated their rhetoric.  Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, likened January 6 to the Exodus and Pearl Harbor.

Fear Free Speech:  Biden Denounces Big Tech as "Killing People" By Not Censoring Speech.  President Joe Biden slammed Big Tech companies this week for "killing people" by failing to engage in even greater censorship of free speech on issues related to the pandemic.  It was a surprising condemnation of companies who have been loyal allies of Biden, including killing stories embarrassing to his family like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before the election.  It also has censored stories questioning his victory in 2020.  Nevertheless, Biden denounced the range of uncensored free speech as the cause of death for many — the ultimate anti-free speech trope for those seeking to convince people to embrace their own censorship.  Biden was asked by a reporter what his message was to "platforms like Facebook" on the subject of "COVID misinformation."  He responded "They're killing people.  The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they're killing people."  This comes as these companies have been criticized for censoring debates over the origin or treatment of Covid-19.

Biden says social media is 'killing people' with vaccine misinformation.  President Biden said social media platforms such as Facebook were 'killing people' as the White House on Friday [7/16/2021] doubled down on the danger of COVID-19 misinformation.  He spoke to reporters minutes after the issue dominated a White House press briefing, with reporters asking whether the administration was spying on American citizens by flagging misleading, dangerous information.  As he left for a weekend at Camp David, Biden was asked if he had a message for social media companies like Facebook.  They're killing people.  I mean it really,' he said.  'Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.  'And they're killing people.'

Trump Winds and Biden Whirlwinds.  What was the catalyst that turned a left-wing Democratic Party into a cultural revolutionary mob?  In other words, why in our 233rd year of the republic are Democrats so intent to destroy the Electoral College, pack the court, admit new states to the Union, junk the filibuster, and federalize national election laws?  What was so wrong with assimilation, integration, intermarriage, the "content of our character," and race as incidental rather than essential to who we are?  What has the woke revolution offered us instead?  Since when did regaining a House majority equate to impeaching a president on the eve of a reelection campaign, with his future and fiercest campaign opponents possibly as senators to be sitting in judgment on him in any Senate trial?  What was common to all the "bombshells" and "walls are closing in" mythologies regarding meetings with Russians in Trump Tower, or mysterious "pings" of Trump tower machines automatically communicating with Russians, or the certain impending indictments of the Trump family?

Biden Implies that Civil War Confederate Soldiers Were Better People Than Trump Supporters on Jan. 6th.  During an unhinged speech on Wednesday in Philadelphia, President Joe Biden implied that Confederate soldiers were better people than the Trump supporters at the January 6th riot because not even the "confederates" during the Civil War "never breached the Capitol."  The comments from Biden came when he accused Republicans of attempting to "suppress and subvert the right to vote" with voter security laws.  "There's an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections, an assault on democracy, an assault on liberty, and assault on who we are, who we are as Americans, for make no mistake, bullies and merchants of fear, peddlers of lies, are threatening the very foundation of our country," Biden stated.

Biden Labels GOP Voting Laws Greatest Threat to American Democracy Since Civil War.  Speaking from the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia on Tuesday, President Biden forcefully condemned the wave of election integrity laws recently passed in red states, calling the laws an "assault" on the right to vote and the "most significant threat" to the U.S. since the Civil War.  There is "an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote," Biden said.

Biden calls GOP voting bills 'odious and vicious' and are 'the most significant threat to democracy since the Civil War'.  President Joe Biden on Tuesday [7/13/2021] launched an assault on attempts by Republican-controlled states to change voting rights laws, blasting them as a 'threat to democracy' and vowing to protect 'free and fair elections.'  'This is election subversion.  It is the most dangerous threat to voting in the integrity of free and fair elections in our history,' he said, speaking at the historic National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  Voting issues have become a top priority for both parties.

20 Questions for Nancy Pelosi About January 6.  No one has milked the events of January 6 more than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).  She set the official narrative early and often, a storyline her scribes in the news media have dutifully repeated without question or scrutiny.  "[Y]esterday, the president of the United States incited an armed insurrection against America, the gleeful desecration of the U.S. Capitol, which is the temple of our American democracy," Pelosi lamented in a hyperdramatic press conference the day after the raucous protest.  She accused President Trump of "sedition" and urged his cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him just two weeks before he officially left the White House.  Nearly every word in her opening statement that day is untrue.  The president didn't "incite" the violence; it was not an insurrection, armed or otherwise, and the only person who used a firearm was a still-unidentified Capitol police officer who killed an unarmed female veteran.

An Ugly War Among Leftist YouTubers Shows Two Common, Toxic Pathologies Plaguing U.S. Politics.  From Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean to Rachel Maddow and countless other liberal cable hosts, casually and falsely smearing people as paid Russian agents is now completely normalized behavior in liberal culture.  And the list of people whose reputations have been destroyed from evidence-free and cynically deployed sexual harassment allegations or other vague accusations of sexual misconduct is too long to comprehensively chronicle.  I examine these two issues in the format of video, which can be watched on the player below, because that is where so much of it has played out and because it seemed that is how the severity and magnitude of these abuses could be most effectively conveyed:  [Video clip]

Controlling the World Is Easy.  [Scroll down]  Whenever you heard raw numbers of cases, hospitalizations, or deaths it was because those numbers were bad.  When they weren't so bad, you started hearing percentages.  Why?  Because certain ways of presenting information can make it seem better or worse than it really is. [...] Going from 10,000 deaths per day to 20,000 deaths per day is a 100 percent increase in the number of deaths.  So is going from 1 death per day to 2 deaths per day.  If you want to scare [...] people in the hope that they continue watching your news program, you headline the story with, "There has been a stunning, 100 percent increase in the number of COVID deaths in just 24 hours."  You're not lying, it's an accurate statement.  It's just presented in an absolutely fraudulent way to manipulate the audience.  That's what so much of what the left does has become.

Sociology professor claims shelter dogs killed due to white supremacy.  Do you know why some dogs in shelters end up perishing?  Simple neglect?  The sad status of being unwanted?  Global warming?  Nope.  According to Katja Guenther, a professor of gender and sexuality studies at the University of California-Riverside, these canine deaths are due to "capitalism, anthroparchy, white supremacy and patriarchy."  Of course.  Guenther says, for example, that people of color who abandon their dogs are likely victims "ensnared in the legal system," forced to leave their animals behind "under the duress of sudden eviction or deportation or arrest."

Women Want to Know Why Men Don't Want to Marry Anymore... Allow Me.  [Scroll down]  Thanks to the design of the female brain, women have trouble having a thought without attaching an emotion to it.  They're more likely to feel their thoughts than men are, and what's more, they're more likely to be expressive about it. [...] But there's a hitch.  In today's society, emotion is increasingly valued over logistical thinking.  Especially for women, the pitfalls are numerous.  "Your truth" is pushed over THE truth.

Virginia Democrats Say Parents Who Want Schools To Reopen Might Be KKK Members.  Shortly after Fairfax County, Virginia, attracted national criticism for bending to teachers union pressure to keep schools closed and for a school board member's anti-Semitic rhetoric, Democrat and union operatives say they found a flyer from the KKK that helps with both issues.  Democrats said that since the flyer purportedly showed that the KKK does not like school board members, and parents angry that schools remained closed for nearly an entire year also do not like school board members, the parents might be KKK sympathizers.

Media has No Standards for Phrase "Surge in Gun Violence" but Loves using it Anyway.  Whenever mainstream outlets use the phrase "surge in gun violence" or "surge of gun violence" you can be relatively assured that they are arguing via left-wing meme rather than any useful statistic.  Most importantly, when someone hears 'gun violence' they are likely thinking criminal use of a gun, when that phrase is deliberately vague so as to overinclude many gun uses that most readers would not intend, such as suicides, defensive gun uses, and accidental discharges.  But this phrase, 'surge in gun violence' is so commonplace that it appears in many mainstream outlets, even when they provide no evidence for the statistical rise in violence, no theory as to why it is rising, and no causal allegation of any kind.

MSNBC Hack Melts Down Trying to Turn Voters Against Trump: 'What If Trump Kills Someone?'  MSNBC left-wing contributor Donny Deutsch really wants people to stop supporting Donald Trump.  During a segment on MSNBC, Deutsch had quite the meltdown trying to "convince" people that they shouldn't support Trump.  At one point, he shouted "what if Trump kills someone" before them insulting Americans by saying "even then" they wouldn't stop supporting the former president.  [Video clip]

Biden tells US graduate class of 2021 that systemic racism is one of 'the greatest crises of our time' and compares it to the Vietnam War.  President Joe Biden told new graduates that systemic racism is one of the 'greatest crises of our time' and said it was an 'inflection point' similar to the Vietnam War.  Biden's brief video message to graduates was released by the White House under his @POTUS address as the coronavirus pandemic has put a dent in commencement ceremonies.  Comparing today's students to those who graduated during the era of the civil rights and anti-war protest movements, Biden encouraged them to seize the moment to tackle climate change and systemic racism which he described as one of 'the great crises of our time'.

Unhinged Joe Scarborough Demands Trump Supporters Leave US and Be Replaced By Immigrants.  MSNBC host Joe Scarborough went on an unhinged rant during his show Morning Joe, demanding that Trump supporters leave the US and be replaced by immigrants.  Of course, any time someone on the right asserts that the Democrat Party is attempting to replace American voters they are called racist, bigoted, conspiracy theorists.  "America, love it or leave it! ... Just leave ... Get [...] out!  We don't want you here," Scarborough shouted.

MSNBC Contributor Calls Republicans 'White Nationalists' Who Support Terrorism.  MSNBC contributor Dean Obeidallah said Sunday [5/23/2021] all Republicans are white nationalists who defend terrorism.  "In the GOP today, you're either defending a terrorist or you're out of the GOP.  That's where they are," said the host of SiriusXM Progress' "The Dean Obeidallah Show."  "It's the party we're dealing with.  They're not a political party, they're a white nationalist movement.  They're a fascist threat to our nation.  That's not hyperbolic, that's academic."

Don Lemon Claims Democratic Party Is The Only One 'Living In Reality' And Also That He Is A 'Journalist'.  CNN host Don Lemon slammed the Republican party on CNN Friday, saying that they are not "operating in reality" and are "obsolete."  "Well, right now, the person who is in the White House is a Democrat," Lemon said.  "The people who are in charge of Congress are Democrats.  The people who are in the majority, slightly, in the Senate, are Democrats.  The only party, now, that is operating in reality, is the Democratic party."  "The Republican party is obsolete," he continued.  "The Republican party is not dealing and living in reality.  So, you cannot negotiate with a party that doesn't operate on logic."

Disgusting MSNBC: Pro-Life Conservatives 'Won't Be Happy' Until Rape Victims Are in Jail.  MSNBC was one step away from saying we were literally in "The Handmaid's Tale", Monday afternoon.  Host Nicolle Wallace and her frenzied feminist panel spent the first twenty minutes of her show hysterically panicking over news that the Supreme Court would be eventually ruling on a Mississippi abortion law that passed in 2018.  The state law bans abortions after 15 weeks where the mother or baby was not in danger.  Apparently, that is radical and extreme to the majority of Americans, at least according to MSNBC's Wallace.  She declared, "Just the decision to take up this case really strikes fear in the hearts of everyone who cares about this issue, which if you look at polls is 65% of Americans that support reproductive freedoms."  Former Democrat Senator and MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill then lectured women younger than her who don't remember life before Roe while she savagely smeared pro-life advocates as callous to rape victims: [...]

Saying "No" to Black People.  San Dimas is a city in L.A. County.  Demographics:  roughly 50% non-Hispanic white, 33% Hispanic of any race, 14% Asian, 1.8% black.  Last month in San Dimas an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy pulled over a woman who was texting while driving, a ticketable offense in this state.  The deputy was a calm, composed Hispanic (as I've often mentioned, the LASD is over 50% Hispanic).  And the driver was a [...] crazy black lady, a college professor (though currently not employed as such) who tried every trick she could to bait the deputy into a confrontation.  Body-cam footage captured the incident.  In a voice dripping with hostility, Textquesha repeatedly calls the deputy a "murderer."  "You're a murderer, you're a murderer."  The deputy remains as cool as Fonzie in a fridge.  He continues about his business, not taking the bait, but not bending.  "You scared me and made me think you were going to murder me," the woman bleats.  "You're threatening to kill me and my son!  You're trying to threaten to kill me."

Dems Comparing Modern Laws to Jim Crow:  Is it Hyperbole, Ignorance, or Dishonesty?  Virtually every day we see new examples of our friends on the left overplaying their hands as they engage in wild exaggerations.  They told us Donald Trump is a Nazi.  (No, he isn't, because a true Nazi leader would have thrown you in a concentration camp for criticizing him.)  They've told us if we use the 'OK' hand signal then we're White Supremacists.  (No, that's been a gesture which has been used for over a century indicating "all is well.")  And they accuse us of being science-deniers if we dare to question climate change conclusions or COVID pandemic propaganda.  (Actually, we're simply demanding logic and accountability.)  But the most egregious of all modern leftist talking points may be with their practice of labeling any law they don't like as akin to "Jim Crow."  Last month, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC), a man with considerable power and without whose support Joe Biden would not have been elected, said of the controversial Georgia voting law from earlier this year, "Just look through it and look throughout history, and you will know that what is taking place today is a new Jim Crow, just that simple."

The Liberals Who Can't Quit Lockdown.  In surveys, Democrats express more worry about the pandemic than Republicans do.  People who describe themselves as "very liberal" are distinctly anxious.  This spring, after the vaccine rollout had started, a third of very liberal people were "very concerned" about becoming seriously ill from COVID-19, compared with a quarter of both liberals and moderates, according to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina political scientist Marc Hetherington.  And 43 percent of very liberal respondents believed that getting the coronavirus would have a "very bad" effect on their life, compared with a third of liberals and moderates.

The Editor says...
The explanation might be very simple:  I suspect Democrats watch television — especially MSNBC and CNN — more than Republicans.  I also suspect they seldom question what they hear on TV; and being godless humanists, they are far more susceptible to the fear that television spreads daily.

If There's Nothing to Hide, Why Are Democrats Freaking Out about the Arizona Audit?  If you have been keeping an eye on the election audit taking place right now in Maricopa County, Arizona, then you also know that Democrats, news propagandists, and "concerned" NeverTrump Republicans are beginning to sound more and more like trapped rats squeaking in fear.  An army of lawyers — many of the same political operatives who manipulated the November election by contravening existing election laws and flooding battleground states with uncontrolled and unverified mail-in ballots — are begging state and federal courts to stop the audit midcourse and petitioning Arizona's Democrat secretary of state and Merrick Garland's Department of Justice to intervene under the absurd pretense that ensuring election integrity somehow deprives voters of their civil rights.  Arizonan and Biden-supporter Cindy McCain has publicly called the vote recount "ludicrous" because "the election is over."  And MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is so terrified of what the auditors might find that she insists that the whole exercise is not only "dangerous," but also the "end of democracy."

US Intelligence agencies challenge Biden's climate alarmism.  The U.S. government's intelligence analysts are failing to match the heated rhetoric used by President Biden and his administration in describing threats posed by climate change, instead dubbing vague "direct" or "indirect" dangers from global warming.  Mr. Biden is set to host a virtual summit of some 40 world leaders Thursday and Friday devoted exclusively to climate change, which the White House now regards as a "crisis" requiring immediate, global action to avert catastrophe.  "There is little time left to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory," Mr. Biden stated in a sweeping executive order signed in January.

The Editor says...
There's always "little time left," and the predictions of catastrophe are always proven wrong.  That's because all the predictions are based on exaggerations.

MSNBC: Don't Know How Florida Bill Will Suppress Voting, But 'A Lot of Bleeding'.  MSNBC correspondent Sam Brock admitted on Thursday's [5/6/2021] Hallie Jackson Reports that critics of Florida's new election law do not know how it will suppress the vote, but are certain it will.  After criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for excluding non-Fox media in the signing ceremony, Brock added "I spoke with a voting law expert who said it's like 1,000 paper cuts.  It's not clear what any one of the components of S.B. 90 will actually do in terms of suppressing the vote.  When you add them all up together, it could make for a lot of bleeding when it comes to voter access, Hallie."

What's Behind Vaccine Hysteria?  If you are reluctant to get the COVID vaccine and beginning to feel overrun by forces pressuring you to get vaccinated, you aren't alone and you aren't crazy.  There's a reason you feel the way you do.  You are being manipulated.  We are being bombarded with commercials pushing us to be socially responsible.  Medical professionals, celebrities, and folks in our communities admonish us not to shirk our civic duty.  Suddenly, the vaccine is the only way to normalcy.  Friends and family openly brag about their vaccinations and gasp in astonishment when they find out you haven't decided or, worse, that you will not get it.  Doctors who inquire also give that disapproving look.  The president routinely stokes fear, recently decrying the unvaccinated.  Andrew Cuomo had the gall to suggest that the unvaccinated "could kill their own grandmother."

COVID Madness, NY Governor Cuomo Calls Unvaccinated Youth "Grandma Killers".  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference today [5/3/2021] pondering why the number of people in the state taking the COVID vaccine is dropping even with increased availability.

'Worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!' Can Biden really be this dumb?  Whoa!  Joe Biden thinks that that relatively mild, wholly unarmed breach of the Capitol was the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!" How historically ignorant are his speechwriters?  They seem to have forgotten about the assassination of Lincoln, WWI, Pearl Harbor and WWII, the Kennedy assassination, 9/11!  Did they really think that line would resonate with anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge?  While the entire speech was banal, this was the most egregious spoken line.  That an American president would utter such an unspeakable lie is the measure of this man.  He is a fool.  Surely, he knows better but he and his handlers believe that most Americans are so dumb, so uninformed, they will accept such a lie as true.

Twitter ridicules Joe Biden after he calls Capitol storming the 'worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War' in first address to Congress.  Joe Biden said during his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening [4/28/2021] that the Capitol storming on January 6 was the 'worst attack' on democracy since the Civil War.  The claim immediately led to major backlash, especially from those on right-wing Twitter, who pointed to a slew of other tragedies in America between the 1860s and 2021 — like the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, Pearl Harbor, presidential assassinations and others.  'January 6 was worse than 9/11?  Or Pearl Harbor?'  Glenn Greenwald, a journalist and former attorney wrote in a Twitter thread.

Lefty yard sign
Do those yard signs signal virtue or stupidity?  On a recent walk, I came across a neighborhood littered with the yard sign in this photo.  It seems the provocative platitudes we've seen on bumper stickers for a century have now taken root in our yards. [...] "No Human is Illegal" deliberately mischaracterizes the debate over illegal immigration.  No one contends that a person entering the country illegally is an illegal human.  Rather, they contend that such a person has committed an illegal act.  Note that Americans opposed to this law-breaking at the border do not call the law-breakers "illegal humans."  They call them "illegal immigrants."  Because they have immigrated illegally.  If I author a yard sign like this, maybe I should include, "Sophistry and Demagoguery are no Substitute for Good Faith Discussion."

This is one of the dumbest opinions ever propagated through an excerpt on this web site:
The climate crisis demands a national Black climate agenda.  Climate change is not an isolated crisis — it is a symptom of our economic system.  That system has jeopardized the future of life on this planet.  According to two independent, globally reviewed and scientifically-based reports give us less than a decade before we reach the point of no return with the global climate crisis. [...] The climate is going through human accelerated change that threatens all life on earth.  It is important that we understand climate change as a byproduct of an economic system based on extraction, exploitation, accumulation through dispossession — and racism.

The Editor says...
[#1] Racism does not cause global warming.  [#2] Ask Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, or any of several overpaid basketball players if they find capitalism (or the weather!) to be especially oppressive because of their race.  [#3] The world-wide economic system has not "jeopardized the future of life on this planet."  The opposite is true.  Many people live much longer now than they would have without capitalist prosperity, even if that prosperity is unevenly distributed.  [#4] How fast is the climate changing?  Global average temperatures are increasing so slowly that if a century of natural changes were to happen in the next two minutes, you wouldn't even notice.  [#5] How many degrees of warming (or cooling) would it take to "jeopardize[] the future of life on this planet?"  If temperatures change at the rate of five degrees per century, wouldn't intelligent people adapt to it, or move to a different latitude?  [#6] The author of the article above appears to be one of those pathetic people who is determined to live life as a perpetual victim, while clamoring for attention on social media.

Cancel culture comes for the cops.  Human nature makes it tempting to put others' actions in the worst possible light.  Social media has made it commonplace.  Woke cancel culture has made it almost a virtue.  This is how we get what we got Tuesday and Wednesday in the aftermath of a police shooting in Columbus:  Celebrities, journalists, and Democrats raced to be the first to get it the most wrong.  Liberals signaled their virtue and won woke points by stripping as much context as possible out of these tragedies.  The difficulty in fitting the facts into the narrative simply made these contortions that much more admirable.  Being uncharitable to the unworthy, favoring politically correct narratives over facts, and stirring up mobs whenever possible are the pillars of cancel culture.  "Accountability" has long been a euphemism cancelers hide behind in order to claim there is no such thing as cancel culture.  Digging up old tweets to get someone fired, objecting to allowing a conservative to write for a major publication's op-ed page, demanding the ability to police private conversations — that's not authoritarian, censorious behavior; it's simply "accountability."  NBA star LeBron James knows the lingo.  He also clearly knows the game:  Facts don't matter, the narrative matters.

The Actual Number of Unarmed Black Men Shot and Killed By Police Every Year Will Blow Liberals' Minds.  Most Americans are convinced there is an "epidemic" of police shooting unarmed black males in America.  This widespread misperception is reinforced with misreportage, sensationalized reportage, missing context, and the lack of reporting on analogous cases.  In February, a survey was released that showed how many adults overestimate the number of adult unarmed black males were killed by police officers in 2019 (the last year with full data available). The Skeptic Research Center published the results, which were broken down by political ideology. [...] The Washington Post's police shooting database further underscores how rare it is that unarmed black males are shot by police officers.  Its reported police killings of unarmed black males in 2019 is far below even the 27 reported by Mapping Police Violence.  It is a total of 11 — fewer than a dozen cases.  If one sorts the database for the last six years, one finds a total of 129 people shot and killed by police.  This is an average of 21 unarmed black males per year out of a population of approximately 20 million.  This is virtually 'one in a million.'

Climate 'Emergency'? Not So Fast.  We are both scientists who can attest that the research literature does not support the claim of a climate emergency.  Nor will there be one.  None of the lurid predictions — dangerously accelerating sea-level rise, increasingly extreme weather, more deadly forest fires, unprecedented warming, etc. — are any more accurate than the fire-and-brimstone sermons used to stoke fanaticism in medieval crusaders.  True believers assert that this emergency can be averted only by eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions.  Greenhouse gases include ubiquitous water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and above all, carbon dioxide, a gas released when fossil fuels are burned to power transportation, generate electricity, and are used to manufacture amenities of modern life.  Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere let sunlight warm the earth's surface.  But they absorb some of the heat radiation from the surface and atmosphere that would otherwise cool more efficiently by escaping directly to space.  Greenhouse gases — and clouds — keep the earth's surface temperature several tens of degrees Celsius warmer than it would be without them.  So far, climate crusaders have refrained from vilifying water vapor and clouds, which make the largest contribution to greenhouse warming of the earth.  Carbon dioxide, demonized as "carbon pollution," is an improbable villain.  Green plants use the energy of sunlight to manufacture sugar and other organic molecules of life from carbon dioxide and water molecules.  A byproduct of photosynthesis is the oxygen of our atmosphere.  Each human exhales about two pounds of the "pollutant" carbon dioxide every day.

Dem Rep. Plays The Victim, Says Capitol Mayhem Was Like Pearl Harbor.  Democrats are not only still bringing up the Jan. 6 chaos at the U.S. Capitol, now some are acting as if it was comparable to one of the worst attacks against America.  During an off-the-rails interview on CNN, Tennessee Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen claimed that the Jan. 6 Capitol mayhem was comparable to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, where over 2,000 U.S. soldiers were killed and the country was dragged into World War II.  "January 6th is a day like that," Cohen said.  "It's a day that should be remembered in America because our democracy was at stake.  It was under attack as much as Pearl Harbor was an attack on our country."  "This was an attack on the United States Constitution," he continued.

Things We Can Live Without.  It must be pleasant to be a liberal.  Every political principle fits on a bumper sticker.  All problems can be chalked up to (1) racism, (2) capitalism, (3) global warming, or (4) Donald Trump.

Once again, Democrats are off to the racists.  Once again the Democrats are off to the racists.  Every time they can't explain their position on some public policy issue, they accuse Republicans and conservatives of being racist.  Look no further than the state of Georgia.  Almost two weeks ago, Gov. Brian Kemp signed SB 202 into law.  It was an election reform bill that Democrats effectively branded as "racist," "voter suppression" and "anti-civil rights."  The law expands early voting for primary and general elections, includes more voting on Saturdays and Sundays, and requires voter ID.  Only in the world of radical liberalism can more of an opportunity to do something be "suppression"; requiring one to prove they are who they say they are as "racism"; and applying the same rules to everyone as "anti-civil rights."

Biden's War on CO2 — Starving Planet Earth.  Carbon dioxide is persona non grata in leftist circles.  Listening to Democrat blathering over CO2, which they exhale copiously with each breath, one would think this gas is poisonous, on par with Sarin or other nerve gases.  In reality, CO2 is plant food, and essential for life on planet Earth.  One of President Biden's first executive orders, signed on January 20, aims to "restore science to tackle the climate crisis."  Joe claims, "the policy of my Administration to listen to the science."  Really? [...] In the executive order, Biden emphasizes the "social cost of carbon," whatever that means.  Is there a social cost of air and water too?  Is the word "social" a convenient excuse to invoke "social justice," "systemic racism," "oppression," "intersectionality," "privilege," and other leftist dog-whistle buzzwords in the grand plan of fundamentally transforming America?

AOC: Anyone who uses term 'surge' about border crisis is invoking a 'militaristic frame'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is condemning the use of the term "surge" when discussing the ongoing border crisis at the southern border.  "They wanna say, 'But what about the surge?'" Ocasio-Cortez said on Tuesday night during an Instagram Live session.  "Well, first of all, just gut check, stop.  Anyone who's using the term 'surge' around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame."  "And that's a problem because this is not a surge, these are children and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded, which by the way is a White supremacist idea-philosophy, the idea that if another is coming in the population that this is an invasion of who we are," the congresswoman continued.

This sounds a lot like the global warming fearmongers.
'Scared' CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warns of 'impending doom'.  CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky became emotional at a White House coronavirus press briefing on Monday [3/29/2021] — her voice breaking as she warned that the US is facing "impending doom" as COVID-19 cases rise again.  "I'm gonna lose the script and I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom," Walensky told reporters at the briefing.  "We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are, and so much reason for hope.  But right now I'm scared."  "I know what it's like as a physician to stand in that patient room, gowned, gloved, masked, shielded and to be the last person to touch some else's loved one because their loved one couldn't be there," she continued.

9 Highlights From Senate Hearing on Federal Takeover of Elections.  Lawmakers listened to ominous references to the South's Jim Crow era and Maoist China as the Senate held its first hearing on Democrats' legislation to nationalize elections while eliminating voter ID and most other state election safeguards.  "This bill has rightly been called the Corrupt Politicians Act because it is designed to keep corrupt politicians in office," Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said as he denounced the legislation.  The hearing Wednesday [3/24/2021] also saw the return of former Attorney General Eric Holder to Capitol Hill to advocate passage of Democrats' bill, and in particular changing how congressional districts are redrawn.  Holder insisted that voter fraud "simply doesn't exist."  And Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded at one point:  "I would like to ask my Republican colleagues, why are you so afraid of democracy?"

The settled science of 'shut up'.  "Liberalism" was the enemy of truth and clarity throughout the Cold War.  Public debate was full of wordplay.  Nimbleness of language ruled the day, with liberals parsing their way through the decay of communism 'til they could blame the decadence of capitalism for all the world's woes. [...] Today's adversary is illiberalism, leftism.  Words still matter, for words constitute the building blocks of ideas.  Argument suffers as one block after another is made "off limits."  Soon enough, entire arguments are forbidden.  Today, the subject can be anthropogenic climate change, the veracity of the November 2020 vote, the efficacy of employing certain antimicrobials in treating COVID-19, or whether the Capitol riot of January 6 is better described an armed insurrection or a pitiful flash mob.  In each instance, the left loudly insists that the issue is "settled."  By that, they mean to say to us, "Shut up."

They Said Things Would Be Much Worse in States without Lockdowns.  They Were Wrong.  Like nearly all US states, Georgia imposed a stay-at-home order in March 2020 in response to demands from public health officials claiming a stay-at-home order would lessen total deaths from covid-19.  But unlike most states, Georgia ended its stay-at-home order after only five weeks, and proceeded to lower other restrictions quickly.  The legacy media responded with furious opposition. [...] All this hyperbole about human sacrifice and recklessness leads us to conclude that states which ended lockdowns quickly must have experienced far worse numbers of deaths from covid than states which maintained lockdowns longer.  Indeed, when it came to lockdowns, we were told, the longer the better.  Ideally, lockdowns shouldn't be loosened up at all until everyone can be vaccinated.  But things didn't turn out that way.  Experts have scrambled to come up with explanations for why this is the case, but the fact remains some of the most strict states (i.e., New York and Massachusetts) have covid deaths at far worse rates than the "reckless" states like Georgia and Florida.

It's Cool to be Conservative.  I believe there are actually two general categories of Democrat voters.  The first are the true leftist zealots who are committed to achieving some form of socialism.  They don't value individual liberty.  They seek top-down control of every aspect of our society.  Their idea of utopia is a world in which elites with superior education manage all aspects of our lives — how we assemble, what we may say, and how we must live.  Their objectives are diametrically opposed to those of our founders.  They can't be reasoned with, and shouldn't be bargained with.  But the second, and larger, group of Democrat voters has more promise.  Although they would never call themselves "conservatives," they actually love America and value its founding principles.  Even so, they continue to vote for politicians promising some variant of socialism. [...] They've come to accept the narrative that's been fed to them by media and academia.
  •   They don't support unlimited abortion, but Republicans are against women's health.
  •   They don't support open borders, but Republicans are cruel racists.
  •   They like energy independence, but Republicans want to destroy the environment.
  •   They don't support a welfare state, but Republicans want the poor to go away and die.

Truths, oaths, and affirmations.  Over the past four years, we have been asked to believe many lies, some small, some big, and some of immense consequence.  To recall just a few:  The Russia hoax, Covington Catholic, Brett Kavanaugh, and BLM. For many of us, these lies have been exposed and discredited, but for many of our neighbors, co-workers, and friends they are unchallenged buttresses of their worldview.  Why, despite all the evidence to the contrary, do these lies persist among so many people?  The answer is that the emotions associated with them persist.  Many people feel that Russian collusion is real, Covington Catholics kids are racist, Brett Kavanaugh is a serial rapist, and BLM is standing up against a racist structure that murders unarmed black men.  Their emotions define their reality.

Pelosi's perverse 'love' excuse for Biden's border disaster.  Showing just how far from reality she operates, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday waved off the growing border disaster by explaining that President Joe Biden's policies are all about a "love of children."  "I trust the Biden administration's policy to be based on humanitarian and love of children rather than political points or red meat for their — for their Republican base," she said.  More:  "The difference between this administration and one before is great in terms of how we meet the needs of these children," including having "a humanitarian reception for them wherever they are."  Reality check:  Biden's policies and irresponsible rhetoric have prompted a surge of unaccompanied children crossing the border.

So where are the nightly network news pictures of all the 'kids in cages'?  The media posted fake news stories with "kids in cages" pictures dating the Obama/Biden years in their four-year collusion with Democrats to destroy President Trump.  So where are the nightly televised pictures today of kids sleeping on cement floors in crowded facilities?  Somehow, we do not see them. [...] Where's Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who went down for a photo-op wearing white, in order to weep in front of an empty parking lot, and compare illegal immigrant detentions during the Trump administration to Nazi concentration camps?  Where is the Hollywood crowd who have always protested Trump's actions?  I must assume none of them really cared and it was always a political attack or else they would be actively protesting.  The Biden administration also clearly doesn't care about how contagious the coronavirus, which migrants are bringing in with them, is.  They are not quarantining the migrant kids who are sick or the kids who have had contact with other sick people.  Nope, they are crowding them into jail-like facilities and then sending them around the U.S. to expose others.

Sheila Jackson Lee:  Texans Who Go Maskless Face 'Destiny of Death'.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) on Wednesday declared Texans who do not wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic face "a destiny of death."  "Do not have a 'remove mask' party tonight, because you will be walking into a destiny of death," Jackson Lee said during a speech on House of Representative floor.  [Tweet with video clip]  Jackson Lee's warning coincides with Texas lifting its mandatory mask restriction across the state.

The Editor says...
Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, unfortunately, really does represent a lot of poorly-educated people in Houston who place their trust and faith in the government, in the news media, and in face masks.  If Covid-19 was anywhere near as deadly and as contagious as the government and the news media would have had us believe a year ago, the face masks most people wear wouldn't do any good, especially when they are worn in such a manner that they are obviously useless.  But perhaps unlike some of her constituents, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee appears to have learned nothing in the last year, beyond what she was told at the outset of the Coronavirus panic.  The rest of us now know that business shutdowns, school closings, and mandatory masks do more harm than good.

The Smug Arrogance Of The 'Science' Crowd.  Last summer, fed up with Democrats' claim that theirs is the "Party of Science," we pointed out that it is in reality the Party of Science Fiction.  We hope others have had their fill, too, and public opinion will force the Democrats to grow up.  "Science" is never invoked by the political left to illuminate, educate, or guide.  It's used to terminate discussion, to shut down debate.  It's employed in exactly the same way "racist" has been used for decades.  Not as a legitimate charge but a bomb thrown into a conversation in an effort to "other" the person or persons the smear is directed toward.  It's a means closing off further dialogue, a bully's tactic. [...] It's a convenient — and shallow — way of showing the rest of us that they're intellectually and morally superior.

Democrat Sits Bravely on Capitol Steps to "Send a Message" to QAnon and Various Other Groups Which Are Not Planning an Armed Insurrection.  Bravely risking nothing at all, sitting behind tall razor-topped fences and National Guardsmen armed with M-16's.  [Derisive tweets]

It's hard to swallow this nonsense, as it comes from a former representative of the Abortion Party.
Beto O'Rourke:  Republican Party Is a 'Cult of Death' — They 'Literally Want to Sacrifice' Lives.  Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D) said Wednesday [3/3/2021] on MSNBC's "Deadline" the Republican Party is a "cult of death."  Discussing Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) lifting the COVID-19 mask mandate, anchor Nicolle Wallace said, "It sounds like it isn't going to work on the science side.  There's a lot of skepticism in Texas that it's not going to work on the economic side as well.  Why is he doing it?"  O'Rourke said, "They literally want to sacrifice the lives of our fellow Texans, for I don't know, for political gain?  To satisfy certain powerful interests within the state?  This isn't hyperbole. [...]"

The Editor says...
Yes it is hyperbole.  It's also a pack of lies.  Tyranny is worse than disease, and mask mandates are tyranny.

Pareto Speaks to Us About Environmentalism.  The emotional core of the belief [in global warming] is fear of modern technology.  Global warming is only the latest of a string of, doomsday scenarios, justified by dubious scientific claims, dating back as far as the 1940's. [...] These scares have in common the theme that modern technology is backfiring.  The scares play to and promote this emotional belief.  To many people, technology is an object of suspicion and fear.  There is romantic nostalgia for an idealized simpler time in the past.  For example, the organic food movement basically advocates growing food by restricting technology to that used prior to about 1930.  This is based on the idea that pesticides and synthetic fertilizer is harmful, a belief that is scientifically not supportable.  Plants don't care whether they get nitrogen from synthetic fertilizer or chicken manure.  Pesticides used to kill insects are not passed into the food product except in microscopic, harmless quantities.  The advocates of organic farming don't mention that half the world population would starve if their less productive farming schemes were universally adopted.

Why Are Dems Nuking GOP Voters' No. 1 Issue?  You've probably seen the poll about the top concerns of GOP voters and Democratic voters; it's been all over conservative media.  The top three concerns of Republican voters are:
  [#1]   Illegal immigration
  [#2]   Lack of support for the police
  [#3]   High taxes
Democratic voters live in a completely different world.  Their top three concerns are:
  [#1]   Donald Trump's voters
  [#2]   White nationalism
  [#3]   Systemic racism
[...] Initially, I was as outraged as you about the hatey-hate Democratic voters.  But then I realized that it all made sense. [...] What would be the biggest threat to the comfortable global educated and credentialed elite and its noble plan to Build Back Better in a scientifically designed Great Reset?  Exactly:  a resurgence of nationalism all across the world.  And "whites" — whoever they are, wherever they are, however they are scientifically identified by top-notch scientists — are in the forefront of this planetary cultural and political movement.  What about "systemic racism?"  Do you seriously think that our liberal friends will ever agree to stop the fight against racists?  Let's face it, liberals have had a glorious 50 years accusing everyone else of being racists; they have made racism the new Original Sin.  But it's in the nature of a tire that it will slowly deflate unless you pump it up from time to time.  There must be racism, there simply must, because the power of our liberal friends begins and ends with the nuclear weapon of "Racist!"

Elite Liberal Guilt (Again).  Why did Democrats and the media elevate the afternoon mob at the Capitol in January into the gravest threat to American democracy in living memory, a veritable insurrection?  For the same reason that they have ridiculously inflated ever since November 2016 the threat of white supremacist uprisings in America.  And for the same reasons college officials have been willing to cast their own institutions as hives of systemic racism and "rape culture," even though the campuses are some of the most progressive zones on planet earth.  And for the same reasons elites everywhere framed President Trump as dangerous, reckless, an outrage, abominable, a Russian asset, a dictator, a crime boss, a maniac.  The reason is this:  such over-the-top alarms and nightmare visions were necessary if sober and rational America was to overcome the disaster of that awful election of yore.

Poll Shows Republicans Care About Issues, Democrats Just Hate Republicans.  A Echelon Insights poll shows that Republican priorities surround the big issues of the day, while Democrat concerns are focused almost solely on hating Republicans. [...] Starting with the most concerned, the top issues of concern for Republican voters are illegal immigration, lack of support for police, high taxes, left-wing media bias, the moral decline of the country, socialism, Antifa, China, late-term abortion, election fraud, tech censorship, and discrimination against Christians. [...] Starting with the most concerned, the top issues of concern for Democrat voters are — no joke — Trump supporters, white nationalism, systemic racism, gun violence, healthcare coverage, domestic terror, police brutality, discrimination against the alphabet people, sexism, voter suppression, student debt, and capitalism.

WaPo During Trump: 'Kids In Cages'; WaPo During Biden: 'Migrant Facility For Children'.  The once-great Washington Post is now just another outlet of Newspeak.  In an Orwellian twist, the Jeff Bezos-owned paper has morphed "kids in cages" into "migrant facility for children."  Throughout former President Donald Trump's four years in the White House, the mainstream media, like the Post, repeatedly cited "kids in cages," claiming foreigners entering the U.S. illegally had their children ruthlessly snatched from them and shoved into cages (it was actually former President Barack Obama who started the practice).

No Proof January 6 Was an 'Armed Insurrection'.  Since the Justice Department launched its nationwide manhunt to track down and arrest anyone involved with the Capitol breach on January 6, hundreds of perpetrators have been arrested.  Most face misdemeanor charges for trespassing or disorderly conduct, but dozens are in jail and denied bond for the thoughtcrime of believing the 2020 presidential election wasn't on the up-and-up. [...] Almost as embarrassing as the bad behavior of a handful of Trump supporters that day is the conduct of the national news media and Washington lawmakers.  The country has been subjected to a public group therapy session of sorts wherein grown adults — Republicans and Democrats alike, elected to defend the country at all costs — now recount their harrowing experiences on January 6, which include running away from no one in particular or insisting, without evidence, that they were on the verge of being "murdered."

The Compound Fractures of Identity Politics.  Every citizen fatality in the custody of a government official — like George Floyd's excruciating death in Minneapolis — deserves a solemn response and ultimate accounting, including both criminal investigation and broader assessment.  The fear and fury flowing from recent law-enforcement casualties, however, have been inflamed and manipulated by opportunists to produce something much more sweeping.  Hard facts and data about our systems of law and policing are being ignored.  Emotional hysteria is increasingly substituted for reasoned problem-solving.  There is enormous pressure to conform to approved ideological assertions, and people expressing alternate views are often railroaded.

Whataboutism Is A Nonsense Word That Defends Hypocrisy.  There is obvious hypocrisy at work comparing the single riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and the summer of violence the nation endured last year.  For progressives this is easy.  They think the violent protests of 2020 were fine.  But anti-Trump conservatives can't really do that.  They don't support Vice President Kamala Harris helping to bail out rioting arsonists and know that if Trump had done anything like it he would have been crucified for it when Harris clearly wasn't.  To get themselves out of this dilemma they appeal to "whataboutism."  The idea has its roots in the Soviet Union, which would use it to deflect from its own horrible actions by pointing to bad actions done by the United States.  It is a version of the tu quoque logical fallacy, but with a big difference.  In the latter, a personal failing of the person making the accusation is appealed to, not an apples to apples comparison of events with similar contexts.  Comparing the way this summer's riots were dealt with and how the Capitol riot is being dealt with is not a fallacy, it's how logic works.  In every aspect of our lives, from law, to science, to medicine, to child-rearing, and relationships, we compare similar past situations when making a current choice.

Trump defense team bounces back.  The defense of Donald Trump at his impeachment trial got off to a rocky start earlier this week.  There's no denying that.  Today [2/12/2021], however, the defense team came back strong in its closing argument.  Trump's lawyers used only about two and half hours of their allotted 16 to respond to the House managers' case.  That was enough to demolish it and to show the dishonesty of the managers' presentation. [...] As I've said before, I think there is a decent, although ultimately unpersuasive, case for impeachment.  But the House was in too big a rush to have made that case.  The Article of Impeachment is an embarrassment, so it's not surprising that the managers relied on emotion and distortion, rather than reason, in presenting it.

Pelosi: US Capitol Police 'Martyrs' Will Get Congressional Gold Medal.  U.S. Capitol Police officers who protected the building during the events of Jan. 6 will receive the Congressional Gold Medal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced on Feb. 11.  Officer Brian Sicknick, who was involved in confronting rioters at the Capitol, died the day after the breach, while Capitol officer Howard Liebengood and Metropolitan officer Jeffrey Smith committed suicide days after the riot.  Eugene Goodman, another officer, was hailed for successfully guiding Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) away from the mob and back to the Senate chamber on Jan. 6.  "It's been such a sad time for us, but as we see what is being presented, we also see the extraordinary valor of the Capitol Police who risked and gave their lives to save our Capitol, our democracy, our lives.  They are martyrs for our democracy.  Martyrs for our democracy, those who lost their lives," Pelosi told reporters in Washington during a press conference.

The Editor says...
The officers who committed suicide are not martyrs.  The officer who went back to his office and suffered a stroke is not a martyr.  The officer who did his job and escorted RINO Romney back to the Senate chamber is not a martyr.  A martyr is someone who is killed because of his or her (religious) beliefs.  Nancy Pelosi is using the unfortunate deaths of three police officers as political leverage, in order to amplify the myth that her political opponents are all dangerous extremists.

What we still don't know about the Capitol riot.  On Jan. 6, supporters of Donald Trump swarmed the Capitol building.  Some forced their way inside, and Washington has never been the same.  It may never be the same.  As a result of what happened on Jan. 6, your descendants will live in a very different country.  Some in Congress have compared that day to 9/11. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has likened it to Pearl Harbor, which spurred America's entry into the Second World War.  Every day we hear new and more florid comparisons from Democratic partisans.  But Tuesay night, CNN outdid all of them by comparing what happened Jan. 6 to the Rwandan genocide.  Keep in mind that close to a million people were murdered in Rwanda in 1994, about 70% of all ethnic Tutsis in the country.  Entire towns were hacked to death with machetes.  People were set on fire and crushed alive by bulldozers.  Hundreds of thousands of women were raped.  It was among the most horrifying crimes in human history.

This Impeachment Of Donald John Trump Is Trial By Feelings.  The case against Donald John Trump in this, his second impeachment trial, is a curious thing.  The single charge is that he allegedly incited a riot at the Capitol by contesting the results of the 2020 election.  But his actions do not meet the legal definition of incitement.  As we are constantly reminded, a Senate impeachment trial is not a criminal trial, so the senators can choose to define incitement however they want, but so far they haven't.  The opening statement from the House managers was almost solely focused on feelings and emotion.  At one point, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., literally broke down in tears while describing the riot.  But what he did not offer was a standard by which Trump's guilt or innocence on the charge of incitement could be based.  This is very important because a precedent is being set here.  Likewise, on day two, the Democrats once again made a mainly emotional appeal, focused on video and images from the riots.

[Announcer voice:]  The following apocryphal recollection appears to have been greatly embellished for presentation at this time.
Squad member Ayanna Pressley says she felt 'deep and ancestral' terror as she barricaded herself in her office during Capitol siege.  Democratic 'Squad' member Ayanna Pressley says she felt a 'deep and ancestral' terror while she was barricading herself in her office during last month's Capitol riots as she slammed white supremacist mobs.  The Massachusetts congresswoman spoke her fear in an interview on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday [2/7/2021] — exactly one month after the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol.  'As a black woman, to be barricaded in my office using office furniture and water bottles on the ground in the dark, that terror, those moments of terror, is familiar in a deep and ancestral way for me,' Pressley said.

Also posted under Perpetual victimhood.

'Drag All Of These People Into Prison': Joe Scarborough Wants 20-Year Sentence For Everyone Who Got Inside Capitol.  MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Monday [2/8/2021] said it is "critical" for the FBI to launch the largest manhunt in U.S. history, to "drag" all of the people who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 into prison, and for them to serve a sentence of 20 years for "committing sedition against the United States of America."  Scarborough, alongside co-host Mika Brzezinski, discussed on "Morning Joe" the recent arrests and ongoing investigation by the FBI into the Capitol riots.  Brzezinski began by going over some of the actions the FBI has recently taken in the investigation.

How did we go so wrong?  Today, we have a political party in power that throws around words like "science" but deliberately ignores actual scientific methods and evidence, and tries to convince us that boys can be girls just by saying so; that babies in the womb aren't actually people; that homosexuality is somehow not a choice, despite no evidence to the contrary; and that "peaceful protests" can include arson, looting, shootings, and even death.  Our culture and our nation are being infected from a self-inflicted wound, perpetrated by elected foolish and selfish elected representatives who cater to feelings not facts.  Welcome to the modern Democratic party.

Jill Biden:  We Owe It to Our Dogs to Keep Wearing Masks.  Jill Biden has urged Americans in a filmed public service announcement to keep wearing their masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Biden appeared in a video with her family's two dogs Champ and Major.  The ad was titled "Puppy Bowl XVII" which coincides with this year's Super Bowl on Sunday.  "The unconditional love from a dog is one of the most beautiful things on earth, and we owe it to them to keep ourselves healthy," Biden said in the video.

The Editor says...
That's all you've got?  Wear a mask because you owe it to a dog?  If I don't have a dog, is it okay to forego the mask now?

Biden's Rapidly Deflating Honeymoon Balloon.  After just two weeks, a few political realities are starting to encroach upon the Biden fairyland, whose nativity was heralded in Fox News' Trump-hater Chris Wallace's assertion that Biden's inaugural address was the best in over 60 years.  After all the tear-jerking promises to emancipate Central American waifs from the "Auschwitz-like" cages, as they were called in Pelosi-speak (despite the fact that President Obama set them up), and the compassion-signaling to the open borders advocates, Biden punted.  He reopened a "cage" claiming to emancipate the country from the "moral shame" of his predecessor.  He is waiting for the reunification of children "ripped out of the arms" of migrant families, although he knows many of the children were brought in as public relations props by people to whom they are not related; in any case, they were abandoned.

All It Took Was One Election for 'Kids in Cages' to Become Acceptable Once Again.  In an amazing announcement this week the Biden administration has declared they will be reopening a facility in Texas this week in order to temporarily house hundreds of migrant youths who have recently entered the country.  If your head just tilted like a dog hearing a harmonica, you are not alone.  All of a sudden, it appears, the concept of housing young children from other countries in a government setting is acceptable.  Yes, this sounds like a contradiction from a narrative we have been served for the past four years, but just you wait.  I recommend wearing eye protection, as the flying shrapnel from euphemisms will be likely.  The location, in Carrizo Springs Texas, will be run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement is tabbed for "overflow" purposes, and will be able to house 700 migrant children.  This is being dubbed a temporary influx care facility.  That's a handy shift in nomenclature.

Unity: MSNBC Host Suggests Using Drone Strikes On Trump Supporters.  During a segment on MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace suggested that the United States could use drone strikes against Trump supporters to stop "domestic terrorism."  The comments came earlier in the week when Wallace was discussing the events that unfolded at the US Capitol on January 6th.  Wallace suggested that the United States could stop "domestic terrorism... with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism."  Luke Rudkowski summarized on Twitter, saying:  "So... they are pretty much saying they have to stop incitement of violence by inciting violence themselves!  This as MSNBC's Nicole Wallace suggests we use domestic Drone strikes on Americans as a solution to lockdown protestors!"

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Full-on Loses It Talking About Trump and Drone Killing People for the Crime of 'Incitement'.  MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace has said some pretty crazy things in the past and she is a full-blown biased Trump hater.  But even she went to new heights with her latest comments about how to deal with people who 'incite' violence.  Listen to this as she claims there's a bulletin that there's a "persistent threat" until the "end of April" from "domestic extremists" built around the "belief" that the election was fraudulent and that the "COVID restrictions aren't necessary" which she claimed were "ideologies pushed by Donald Trump."  Wallace then goes on to talk about how George W. Bush and Barack Obama killed terrorists who incited violence with drone strikes and that Mitch McConnell understood that that was necessary to root out terrorism.  So therefore McConnell should understand the importance of convicting on impeachment.

Mass Hysteria:  Maxine Waters Says Trump 'Should Be Charged With Premeditated Murder'.  After spending 30 years in Washington, there isn't much Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) can take credit for, with the exception of becoming one of her party's best gaslighters.  Because if you can't really accomplish anything legislatively as a lawmaker, then find something else to be good at — right?  "Mad Maxine" was at it again Wednesday during an appearance with one of cable news' biggest racists, MSNBC's Joy Reid, "where she made the bold claim that Trump should be charged with premeditated murder," PJ Media reported, adding:  "Waters even launched a new conspiracy theory by alleging, without evidence, that Trump had 'advance planning about the invasion' at the Capitol."

Who's Running the Asylum?  House Democrat Urges Biden to Declare 'White Supremacy' a 'National Security Threat'.  No, this is not from a sick version of the satire site Babylon Bee.  California Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Twilight Zone) has sent a letter to Joe Biden urging him to issue an executive order identifying white supremacy as a threat to national security. [...] Speier, who chairs the House Armed Services Military Personnel subcommittee, also pushed federal agencies to screen military recruits and those seeking government security clearances for ties to violent extremism on social media, as reported by Reuters.

The 'Big Lie' And Big Liars.  You wouldn't know it by watching the news today, but there was a time when Nazi comparisons were beyond the pale; they'd get you shut out of polite society and denounced by the Anti-Defamation League, now it gets you a cable news contract.  More than that, it gets you elected president of the United States, as Joe Biden has used "the Big Lie" to describe United States senators exercising their constitutional authority to question state certification of the Electoral College vote.  Of course, Biden's framing was, in and of itself, a Big Lie.  Those Senators were not attempting to thwart democracy, they were engaging in it.  They weren't trying to overturn the election results, they were demanding answers to the subversion of the Constitution by state officials circumventing election laws.  That should concern everyone.  You can tell who benefited from the thwarting of rules by who objects to their enforcement, or even looking into it.

A Tsunami of Hate.  [Scroll down]  How virulent is the anti-white and anti-American racism of the Democrat Party?  Consider this unhinged but also unchallenged statement by Vice President Kamala Harris defending the Black Lives Matters rioters whose "protests" caused billions in property damage, led to 25 deaths and injured 2000 police officers in the summer of 2020:  "The reality is that the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human... It's no wonder people are taking to the streets [to protest].  And I support them."

Pelosi slammed for 'inciteful' rhetoric after calling pro-2nd Amendment GOP lawmakers 'enemy within'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's use of inciteful rhetoric shows no signs of abatement, as the California Democrat who previously referred to then-President Donald Trump as a "domestic enemy" called Republican lawmakers the "enemy within."  The reason for this egregious slander is because some GOP lawmakers want to carry a firearm — see Second Amendment.  Continuing to exploit the storming of the U.S. Capitol earlier this month with extreme hyperbole — it wasn't an attempt to overthrow government — for maximum political value, Democrats are working hard to demonize and dehumanize the GOP.  "I do believe, and I have said this all along, that we will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside," Pelosi said Thursday [1/28/2021] while speaking to reporters.

That's all you've got?  How did you make it through high school?
Rep. Cori Bush says 'a maskless Marjorie Taylor Greene' berated her in hallway.  Democratic Rep. Cori Bush said Friday she is moving her congressional office further away from Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after she claims Ms. Greene "berated" her in a hallway.  "A maskless Marjorie Taylor Greene & her staff berated me in a hallway.  She targeted me & others on social media," Ms. Bush, of Missouri, tweeted to her 704,000 followers.  "I'm moving my office away from hers for my team's safety," she wrote.

Is There a "Climate Emergency"?  The word "emergency" means a crisis that threatens immediate harm unless urgent action is taken.  "Climate change" refers to long slow variations in key features of our weather, such as 30-year averages of temperature and precipitation.  It is only measurable over decades and centuries.  Some of the changes can be beneficial and some can be harmful depending on how we adapt.  Regardless of whether climate change is natural or human-caused, the words "emergency" and "crisis" do not apply.

AOC: Ted Cruz 'Almost Had Me Murdered 3 Weeks Ago,' 'Tried to Get Me Killed,' Must RESIGN.  Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exploded on Senator Ted Cruz on social media Thursday; saying the Republican "almost had her murdered three weeks ago" during the Capitol Hill incursion.  "I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there's common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out.  Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren't trying to get me killed.  In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign," posted AOC on Twitter.

The Editor says...
At the risk of encouraging AOC by giving her outbursts any notice at all, let me just state the obvious:  If Ted Cruz is a potential murderer, his resignation from the Senate wouldn't make any difference.

Terrified members of Congress demand funds to hire 24-hour armed guards or local police protection at their homes and demand their addresses are kept secret.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted armed Republican members of Congress as 'the enemy within' the House of Representatives on Thursday as lawmakers asked for additional funds for security amid increasing threats to their safety.  'We will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives,' she conceded at her press conference on Capitol Hill Thursday [1/28/2021].  Asked to specific who she meant by the enemy within, Pelosi forcefully responded:  'It means that we have members of Congress who want to bring guns onto the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.'

'Enemy is within the House': Pelosi warns of GOP security threat.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that House Republicans pose a threat to Democrats, and she pledged additional federal money to boost security in the Capitol.  Pelosi said Congress must pass a supplemental spending bill to provide funds "for security for members, when the enemy is within the House of Representatives of a threat that members are concerned about, in addition to what is happening outside."  Pelosi and Democrats fear Republican members of Congress carrying guns.  The California Democrat has installed metal detectors at the doors to the House chamber, prompting protests from GOP lawmakers.  When asked to elaborate on the enemies comment, Pelosi told the Washington Examiner, "It means we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress."

So much for harmony and unification.
Speaker Pelosi labels Republicans 'the enemy within'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is under fire for labeling Republican lawmakers as "the enemy within." On Thursday, the top Democrat called for better security at the U.S. Capitol and baselessly accused Republicans of endorsing political violence.  Pelosi appeared to refer to remarks by congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.) who said she would bring a gun to the capitol to protect herself.  The House Speaker's remarks are widely seen as a call for a political purge against Republicans.

Democrats Want Biden To Be The Dictator They Said Trump Was.  Donald Trump was treated by the opposition party and media (we repeat ourselves) like no other president in our memory.  He was called a dictator, a tyrant, an authoritarian, and a fascist, to name a few childish invectives hurled his way.  Of course his adversaries were projecting.  It's the Democrats and their media collaborators who yearn for absolute power.  Trump was accused of being a dictator at the same time he was trying to weaken the federal government through tax cuts and deregulation.  The agitators — the elected, unelected, functionaries, and self-appointed — who made the allegations were never required to explain why a dictator would undermine his power base by downsizing the government under his charge; how a tyrant could be impeached twice; how an authoritarian failed to expand his authority during a pandemic; how a fascist brokered peace deals in the Middle East; how someone routinely called "Hitler" willingly walked away from his "dictatorship" after losing an election; how screaming heads could insult him and his family without fear of punishment.  Yet Trump was a dictator just because they said he was.  Questioning the proposition is not allowed.

Democrats Want a 'Return to Civility'; When Did They Practice It?  A 2020 Joe Biden campaign ad described the pending election as an "opportunity to leave the dark, angry politics of the past behind us."  After Biden's election, he, Democrats and media urge a "return to civility."  But when did the Democrats practice the very civility to which they seek to return?  Let's go to the videotape: [...] Former Rep. William Clay Sr., D-Mo., said President Ronald Reagan was "trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from 'Mein Kampf.'"  Coretta Scott King, in 1980, said, "I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party."  After Republicans took control of the House in the mid-'90s, Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., compared the newly conservative-majority House to "the Duma and the Reichstag," referring to the legislature set up by Czar Nicholas II of Russia and the parliament of the German Weimar Republic that brought Hitler to power.  About President George Herbert Walker Bush, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said:  "I believe (Bush) is a racist for many, many reasons. ... (He's) a mean-spirited man who has no care or concern about what happens to the African American community. ... I truly believe that."

AOC: There Are 'Legitimate White Supremacist Sympathizers' In Republican Caucus.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) accused Republican lawmakers of being racists again.  In fact, she claimed that there are "legitimate white supremacist sympathizers" among GOP House members. [...] The socialist lawmaker made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday evening [1/27/2021] during a conversation about her experience with the U.S. Capitol riots.  She previously stated that she chose to hunker down in a less safe area because the more secure area was occupied by Republican lawmakers.  AOC intimated that she was too afraid to hide alongside GOP representatives because she supposedly believed they would harm her since they are white supremacists who hate brown people.

Flashback: Biden Suggested Only "Dictators" Legislate By Executive Order, Then He Signs 33 In His First Week.  Nearly every day of former President Donald Trump's term, someone — either from the opposition party or from the Democrat-aligned media — called him some version of authoritarian.  That was especially the case whenever Trump issued an executive order, many if not most of which were summarily challenged by left-wing groups in court, often successfully.  It never made any sense to call a president whose executive orders were overturned and who eventually got kicked off of all social media a tyrant and a dictator since not too many tyrants and dictators throughout the history of Humankind had their orders contradicted or struck down by any legal body.

Democrats Expose Dynamics of the Oligarchy:  A legal, democratic recall election is now a "coup" attempt by extremists.  "This recall effort, which really ought to be called 'the California coup,' is being led by right-wing conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, anti-vaxxers and groups who encourage violence on our democratic institutions."  That was California Democratic Party chair Rusty Hicks, in a January 12 press conference, joined by Fresno city councilman Nelson Esparza who called the recall "treasonous."  That language prompted Ben Christopher of CalMatters to clarify the matter.  "Unlike a coup, which is an illegal seizure of power," Christopher wrote, "a recall campaign is a democratic mechanism written into the California constitution that allows voters to remove an elected official by popular vote."  This legal, democratic mechanism is what the California Democrats call "treasonous," and it models what national Democrats have been deploying since 2016.

Ayanna Pressley - AP Photo by Jacquelyn Martin
GOP Committed Chemical Warfare by Not Wearing Masks Says Clueless Elected Official.  [Scroll down]  The Biden administration is going to make a feeble attempt of trying to bring the nation together and it will fail in spectacular fashion with comments like these being made. [...] The dirty li'l secret in Dem circles is that once the Orange Guy Bad boogeyman is off to Mar-a-Lago, the nincompoop radicals in the new Socialist Democrat Party will start to pressure Joe and Kamala to do every wacky thing that comes across their fertile li'l minds.  Biden, Inc. won't be able to stop them from raising Cain all over the media, being Don Lemon needs ratings, baby!  And what better way to do that than by allowing people to say their colleagues are committing chemical warfare by not wearing a mask?  I'm sure that this is just the opening salvo and some other crackpot theory that the raging left will bellow will be featured weekly and maybe even daily.

Can Democrats Purge GOP 'Insurrectionists'?  If you aren't worried about the heavy-handed and histrionic reaction by the Democrats to the recent "insurrection" at the Capitol, including the farcical second impeachment of President Trump and the increasingly irresponsible use of words like "seditious" and "treasonous" to describe Republicans, you should be.  Every authoritarian seizure of power since the Athenian coup of 411 BC by a small cadre of oligarchs was ostensibly meant to save "the people" from some manufactured crisis or wildly exaggerated threat.  If you don't think the January 6 mayhem in Washington falls into the latter category, look at its description at Wikipedia, where it's listed under "Coups and attempts since 2010."  If listing the January 6 mayhem in this category seems ludicrously excessive, it's a model of judicious circumspection compared to the absurd portrayals of the incident by the Democrats.

NBC nonsense
Imagine being this detached from reality.  This installment of unhinged hysterics comes to us from NBC News.  ["]WASHINGTON — After last week's deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, members of Congress are expressing something once unthinkable:  that some of their own colleagues may be endangering their lives.  Not in a rhetorical sense, but in a direct and immediate way.["]  Yes, some Democrats in congress are genuinely worried that their conservative colleagues are going to actually murder them.

Trump, supporters likened to Nazis, Saddam's Ba'ath Party in cable-news demonization duel.  President Trump and his supporters were likened to dictators, despots, terrorists, and genocidal maniacs this week by dueling cable news competitors and elected officials.  MSNBC viewers watched programming on Wednesday with analogies to the Ba'ath Party under Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, while CNN's were warned about large amounts of "Nazis" and "Klan" members permeating the Republican Party.  The cable news punditry was punctuated by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California likening Mr. Trump to the terrorist who orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks — Osama bin Laden — during an interview with "PBS NewsHour."

Don Lemon Doubles Down; Says ALL Trump Supporters Are Complicit With The KKK.  CNN's Don Lemon isn't just the dumbest man on television, like President Trump has said, he's also one of the most dangerous.  While his gaslighting in the past has no doubt inspired left-wing kooks around the country to at least consider violence against conservatives and supporters of the president, his recent rhetoric is going to get someone killed one of these days — and when it happens, he needs to be held legally accountable for it.  During his nightly hand-off with another of the network's lunatics, Chris Cuomo, on Wednesday, Lemon proclaimed that anyone and everyone who voted for the president — that would be nearly 75 million Americans at last count — was a member of, or aligned with, the Ku Klux Klan, as well as responsible for the riot-nee-'insurrection' at the U.S. Capitol Building last week.

AOC said she avoided 'extraction points' during Capitol storm because she feared 'white supremacist members of Congress would disclose her location so she could get hurt or kidnapped'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed concern that her own colleagues in Congress might have shared her location to the mob of fanatic Trump supporters while they were storming the Capitol last Wednesday.  Ocasio-Cortez's remarks comes as other Democrats have sounded off on the possibility that some GOP members of the Congress abetted the rioters as they stormed the building.  Lawmakers were instructed to head for a designated 'extraction point' to seek protection from the chaos, but AOC asserted that that wasn't really an option 'because there were QAnon and white-supremacist sympathizers and, frankly, white-supremacist members of Congress in that extraction point who I know and who I have felt would disclose my location and would create opportunities to allow me to be hurt, kidnapped, et cetera.'

The Editor says...
Actual "white supremacists" are extremely rare in this country.  I've known a lot of rednecks, and I've only run across a couple of people who might have been white supremacists, back in the 20th century.  I suspect most people like that are in prison or dead.  But if such a person still exists, he or she generally keeps his feelings private.  It is difficult to imagine that an actual white supremacist would be elected to Congress.  Yet, nobody seems to object when AOC claims there are "white-supremacist sympathizers and, frankly, white-supremacist members of Congress."

Union head says opening schools is 'white supremacy,' suicide concern 'white privilege'.  The president of the Pasco Association of Educators (PAE) claims reopening schools for in-person learning is an example of "white supremacy," and compares listening to concerned parents to following rioters breaking into the U.S. Capitol.  He even says concern over student suicide is an example of "white privilege."  Scott Wilson, PAE president, made a series of unhinged, controversial remarks during a Pasco School Board meeting this week.  The statements come as the union pushes for total remote learning for elementary schools, even with near-consensus from the medical community that it is safe to reopen schools with mitigation policies in place.  The petition the union promotes baselessly calls in-person learning "unsafe and unsustainable."

AOC Loses Her Mind With Hyperbole About Capitol Protest, But Here's a Little Reality Check for Her.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was running fast and free with with the hyperbole when she appeared on ABC with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday [1/10/2021], attacking Republicans over the Capitol protest and demanding "accountability." [...] "We came close to nearly half of the House dying on Wednesday."  She also then later made a misleading comment about the number about police deaths in relation to the protest.  "Five people died and we just learned another officer lost his life," she claimed. [...] First, only one officer has died, he died after he returned to his office and may have died as a result of an underlying medical condition.  The story that he was hit with a fire extinguisher was reported as "fact" but was not confirmed.  Another officer committed suicide, so he did not "lose his life" from the protest.  Second, no, nearly half of Congress didn't come close to dying, no members died, nor were any actually even personally attacked.

Congressman: If an Officer Hadn't Fired the Shot That Killed Ashli Babbitt, Rioters Would've Hanged Black People.  Democratic Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson has strong words about those causing chaos at the Capitol.  Guesting on MSNBC's PoliticsNation Saturday [1/9/2021], the politician claimed that, had a Capitol police officer not fired the shot which struck unarmed Ashli Babbitt (who later died), he and others would've been literally lynched. [...] In response to Al [Sharpton] asking how many congresspeople were there, Hank kept things clear:  The breachers were in business to murder by rope.

The Editor says...
Oh!  That explains it.  Go back and look at the pictures of the crowd.  Everybody was carrying ropes!  Now we know why.

NY state Sen. John Liu sparks outrage with tweet calling Capitol siege scarier than 9/11.  A New York lawmaker from Queens is getting big blowback for tweeting that since Wednesday's Capitol riots, the 9/11 attack is no longer his most frightening memory.  "Seeing the Twin Towers crumble is no longer the most frightening moment of my life," tweeted state Sen. John Liu (D-Queens).  The tweet, which Liu sent at 4:26 p.m.  Wednesday afternoon, as the Washington, D.C., riot unfolded, is still being blasted as tone-deaf days later.

Our only option is a steady Civil Rights movement to make it illegal, step by step, to do this to us.  [Thread reader] Every person on the left believes they just survived the parallel to the rise of Nazism in Germany and they defeated it.  They stopped it.  They believe all Republicans are 1950's white racists.  They feel empowered to live out their Civil Rights warrior fantasies.  They imagine themselves toppling Jim Crow and the Confederacy and the Nazi army in one swoop and every powerful authority is on their side. [...] They think we are the people in old 1950's photos angrily shouting at black school children.  We are not people to them.  We are symbols of what they feel morally driven to remove from the world.  The most powerful people who influence technology see us the same way.

Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted "Coup".  At no point yesterday was the American government at risk of being "overthrown," as members of Congress have laughably suggested.  Per usual, our guardians of consensus can't bring themselves to describe what unfolded with any degree of dispassion or calm.  Instead we're told by the incoming Senate Majority Leader, for example, that January 6, 2021 will now "live in infamy" right alongside December 7, 1941.  Elected officials issued emotional notices that they were "okay," like they had just narrowly avoided being crushed in an earthquake, or escaped the World Trade Center on 9/11. [...] Journalists and pundits, glorying in their natural state — which is to peddle as much free-flowing hysteria as possible — eagerly invoke all the same rhetoric that they'd abhor in other circumstances on civil libertarian grounds.  "Domestic terrorism," "insurrection," and other such terms now being promoted by the corporate media will nicely advance the upcoming project of "making sure something like this never happens again."  Use your imagination as to what kind of remedial measures that will entail.

Biden says Capitol was stormed by 'riotous mob,' 'domestic terrorists'.  President-elect Joe Biden said on Thursday that the supporters of President Trump who attacked the Capitol a day earlier were "a riotous mob" and "domestic terrorists."  And Biden charged Trump with "inciting a mob to attack the Capitol," which he said was the culmination of four years of "unrelenting attack" by the president "on the institutions of our democracy."

Biden References Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels as he Attacks Hawley and Cruz.  78-year-old Joe Biden on Friday [1/8/2021] referenced Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels as he attacked Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.  Biden compared GOP Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to Nazis because they supported President Trump and his "election falsehoods."  Both Hawley and Cruz exercised their Constitutional right when they objected to Biden's fraudulent electors this week when Congress convened in a joint session.  Biden compared them to Goebbels and said, "It's the Big Lie.  The Big Lie."

Keith Olbermann Demands Prison Time For President Trump, Ivanka And Don Jr.  In Deranged Rant.  Not even the prospect of a Biden-Harris administration will satisfy the more deranged elements of the so-called resistance who are braying for revenge. [...] The graying, once-dapper Olbermann has gone completely off the deep end since he was jettisoned by his former employer and outside of a short return to ESPN, he has spent the years since his prime time departure on the internet raving about Trump.  He had previously called for President Trump to get the death penalty for every single COVID death which doesn't seem to be remotely excessive to those with late-stage TDS.

Sen. Murphy:  Josh Hawley Is 'Engaged in the Attempted Overthrow of Democracy'.  Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Wednesday on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" that his colleague Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is attempting to overthrow democracy by announcing he will object to the certification of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral college win in the Senate on January 6.  Mitchell said, "Your Republican colleague Josh Hawley of Missouri announcing today he's going to object to the Electoral College vote certification on January 6.  It's unlikely to change the result, it's not going to happen, but it's going to cause delay, lengthy debate, both Houses in Joint Session.  It's a complicated process that sets off."

The Editor says...
[#1] We live in a democratic republic, not a democracy.  [#2] The people who conspired to introduce massive voter fraud in at least five states are the ones who are subverting democracy and attempting to overthrow President Trump.

Washington Post:  Denying Election Results Is like Denying Holocaust.  In a Washington Post editorial published Wednesday [12/23/2020], authors Deborah E. Lipstadt and Norman Eisen argue for the radical comparison of challenging recent election results with denying that a Nazi Holocaust, the "best-documented genocide in the world," ever occurred.  The essay, titled "Denying the Holocaust threatens democracy.  So does denying the election results," makes several comparisons while suggesting how to combat such "denial."  Claiming to have "learned the hard way" to take Holocaust denial seriously, the authors state they have "watched with alarm the birth of another powerful disinformation mythology," referring to the "false conviction pushed by Trump and his enablers" that the recent election was "stolen."

News readers consider themselves heroes, until the moment they consider themselves victims.
Jim Acosta goes after Trump supporters: 'A number of us received death threats... we feel endangered'.  CNN's prima donna White House correspondent Jim Acosta became a household name not for his reporting, but for his politically-motivated clashes with President Donald Trump.  Acosta has also targeted the president's supporters, only to then complain that he was receiving death threats, which helped ensure that he remained the center of attention.

Unwrapping Liberal Hypocrisy for Christmas.  Each Christmas for the last twenty or so years I have received a Christmas card from a cousin of mine.  She's a very sweet person who, despite a very humble upbringing, has led a very privileged life. [...] This year's synopsis started out waxing philosophic, and it struck me as a very accurate encapsulation of liberal thinking as a whole; she wrote, "I long for world that puts humanity before lines on a map.  I long for a world that admits we're killing our host.  I long for a world alive in the realization that humans, everywhere, are remarkably similar.  I long for a world that recognizes an education is about far more than training for a job or vocations...". It goes on for another line or two, but I think you get the point.

The Editor says...
The lefty propaganda is then skillfully picked apart and exposed for what it is.

Charles Payne cracks down on Democrat's claim capitalism is form of 'slavery'.  Fox Business host Charles Payne slammed Congressman-elect Jamaal Bowman over his "dangerous" claims about American capitalism.  Payne called out the incoming New York Democrat for being part of a "concerted effort" to attack the nation and its system of capitalism in order to usher in an alternative that has proved "disastrous" everywhere else.  The host of "Making Money with Charles Payne" spoke with Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher about Bowman's claims that capitalism is a form of "slavery."

The Left Redefines Resistance as 'Sedition'.  It was inevitable that the Democrats would overreact to legal challenges by President Trump and other Republicans to corrupt election practices in swing states, but some responses have been unhinged even by their standards.  One recurring refrain is particularly disturbing — that lawyers, members of Congress, and state attorneys general who supported post-election litigation are guilty of sedition.  At least one Democratic congressman insists that attorneys representing the president in such challenges should be disbarred and that House members who supported Texas v. Pennsylvania in the Supreme Court shouldn't be seated in Congress.  One of the defendants in that ill-fated lawsuit described it as a "seditious abuse of the judicial process."  This dangerous view of dissent has a long, sordid history among progressives.

The Dehumanization of the Non-Compliant.  On a major highway here in western Montana, there's a blinking sign like those generally used in construction zones.  Usually these signs tell you to slow down or move over for a closed lane.  For the last several months, however, it's had a different message.  "Wear masks," it blinks.  "Be kind."  The message is clear.  If you do not wear a mask, you're not being kind.  And unkind people are bad people. [...] The flip side of the "kind, good humans wear masks and stay home" doctrine is, of course, that the people who question the status quo are unkind.  Who likes unkind people?  No one.  And while the conventional belief started as merely "anti-mask people are wrong," over the months it has become something far different.  Now, these are the things leveled repeatedly and loudly about the non-compliant:
    They are stupid, mentally deficient.
    They are incapable of reason, unwilling to "believe science."
    They are okay with people dying; in fact, they kill people themselves with their conduct.  They are murderers.
    They are evil.  They don't care about people.
    They are sociopaths and psychos.
    They are inhumane.

MSNBC Hack Steve Schmidt Compares Trump Supporters To '20s Or 30s' Nazi Germany.  MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt proved once again he's a liberal hack who will say the most outrageous things imaginable about Trump supporters.  During an interview on "Deadline," Schmidt — a Never-Trumper who cofounded The Lincoln Project — compared supporters of President Donald Trump marching in Washington, D.C., over the weekend to brownshirts from Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany in the "1920s or 1930s."  "But we should all be terrified of what we saw this weekend in Washington, D.C., and we should think about it," Schmidt said.  "What is it that we saw this weekend in Washington?  What was it?  They weren't wearing brown and black uniforms like they would have in Italy or in Germany in the 1920s or 1930s, but they're the same people," he continued.

Schiff: Republicans Who Signed on to TX Lawsuit a 'Danger to the Country'.  House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Friday [12/11/2020] on MSNBC's "All In" that Republican lawmakers and attorneys general who signed on to the Texas lawsuit to contest the presidential election results of four battleground states were all "a danger to the country" because they only care about "perpetuation of their power."

Having lost their boogeyman, the Dems will lose their evil radicalism.  I voted twice for President Trump.  But he has indisputably been a polarizing figure.  He doesn't seem to mind; he basks in his opponents' hatred.  The Democrats are more than happy to oblige him.  The last Republican they hated with this fervor and fever was Abraham Lincoln.  At least in the case of Lincoln, the Dem hatred was on the basis of policy, not personality.  The Dems hated Lincoln for his policy against slavery.  (An aside:  many millennials think Lincoln was a Dem and the southern slave owners were Republicans.  It's possible they are taught that.)  In the case of Trump, the Dems originally hated him not for his policies but for his existence.  They hated him because he denied the presidency to their anointed one, Hillary Clinton.

The Left's Adoption of Schrödinger's Cat.  Anyone having the misfortune of being exposed to CNN or MSNBC for more than a few minutes during any discussion of COVID-19 will likely hear the mantra "follow the science;" repeatedly.  It's likely to be heard on discussions on climate change as well.  But while those topics have multiple aspects that remain unsettled, there are other subjects on which science is much more precise.  Men have one X and one Y chromosome in every cell in their bodies, whereas women have two X chromosomes, regardless of how one "identifies;" that's science.  A 21-week old fetus is likely to be able to survive outside of the womb, which clearly makes it a human being; that's science.  Viruses don't discriminate based on ideology, choosing to infect attendees at pro-Trump rallies while passing over peaceful BLM protesters; that's science.  For the Left, to "follow the science" means to ignore the science they don't like.

Unhinged: Atlanta Mayor Says Trump Will 'Eat His Own Children'.  It's clear that Democrats will continue spewing sick and twisted rhetoric against President Trump and his family until the end of time.  That was just made even more apparent on CNN.  During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Democratic Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said President Trump would "eat his own children".  Yes, really.  "He will eat his own children, I'm sure, if he found it prudent.  He's now picking a fight with Brian Kemp... the governor who he was closely allied with," she said.  She also suggested that Trump would "turn on anybody if the situation warrants it."

Contesting Election Results in Court Isn't the End of Democracy.  Quite the Opposite.  Is a disputed presidential election the end of democracy as we know it?  That's what many pundits and members of the legacy media are claiming as President Donald Trump has challenged election results in a number of states — both legally and rhetorically.  It seems that much of the media hivemind now insists that voter fraud never happens, that it's equally impossible for an election to be stolen or tainted in any way, and that going a few weeks with two rival candidates both declaring victory (including one they really don't like) means we are witnessing the end of America as a free country.  It's amazing that this is the case after countless Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, insisted that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the 2016 election, a story that most major media outlets ran with for years without providing any hard evidence.

How Mail-In Voting Makes Social Pressure So Much Easier.  Emotional extortion seems to be more widely and openly practiced these days.  Just when I thought it couldn't get much worse, a young woman on TikTok proudly displayed the story of how she and her five sisters had "intense exchanges" with her terminally ill father.  Her problem was that he was conservative and planned to vote for Trump.  She explained — on index cards to background music — that the talks were hard because "we'll almost certainly lose him in the next few weeks/months."  In the end, the father told them that he voted "for Biden-Harris 2020."  The gushing daughter reported that her father said he did so "because it matters to my girls and my girls matter to me."  She actually saw this abuse of a father's love as a victory she should publicly declare.  No matter one's favored candidate, such deathbed badgering is ghastly.

Dem senator: 'Hundreds' of Trump-appointed judges 'too far right to be allowed to sit peaceably'.  Sen. Chris Coons is calling for sweeping federal court reform following Justice Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying there are "hundreds" of President Trump-appointed judges in the lower courts who are too right-leaning to be "allowed to sit peaceably."  Mr. Coons, Delaware Democrat and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the comments during an appearance Monday night [10/26/2020] on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show," saying Democrats need to have "a wide-open conversation about how we rebalance our courts."  "Yes, the two Supreme Court seats that have been stolen through these processes that are wildly hypocritical have been used to jam through nominees," he said.

Democrats go ballistic after Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation.  Amy Coney Barrett's ascension to the Supreme Court marks the first time in 81 years that the Republicans will have a majority on the Supreme Court.  The Democrats, rather than accepting gracefully that the regularly applied constitutional rules finally stopped favoring them, have responded with a complete meltdown.  They've resorted to apocalyptic predictions, hysterical rants, and threats, lots and lots of threats.  The last time the Democrats behaved this disgracefully was in 1860, a temper tantrum that ended in a civil war that left over 650,000 Americans dead. [...] Chuck Schumer, in a surge of hysteria and stupidity, ranted that the confirmation was a "sordid chapter" in American history and "one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate."

Out of the gates, calls for Justice Amy Coney Barrett's impeachment emerge over Pennsylvania.  Less than 24 hours after she was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Amy Coney Barrett is already being asked to recuse herself from a case and liberals are calling for her impeachment.  Barrett will begin hearing oral arguments next week after being sworn in at a private ceremony at the Supreme Court Tuesday.  But her confirmation late Monday — with not a single Democrat vote — set off apoplectic reactions from the left and calls for packing the high court in revenge.  Critics of President Donald Trump have already begun the impeachment narrative against his Supreme Court pick should she not recuse herself from a Pennsylvania election case.

The Editor says...
All this talk about impeachment is just a way to agitate the Democrat base and get out the vote.  The impeachment hype will disappear after the election.

Rob Reiner Claims Trump's Closing Strategy Is to 'Kill as Many Americans as Possible'.  Far-left Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner belted out another wild rant exactly one week before Election Day, claiming that President Donald Trump's "closing strategy" is to "kill as many Americans as possible."  "Trump's closing strategy:  Blanket the country with super spreader rallies and kill as many Americans as possible," wrote Rob Reiner on Tuesday [10/27/2020], bizarrely suggesting that the president is trying to kill his own countrymen.

The Editor says...
[#1] There is a reason this man is known as "Meat-Head."  Think for just a moment about what he's claiming.  President Trump is a politician, running for re-election.  Why would he go around the country attempting to demimate his voter base, by spreading disease?  [#2] If someone wanted to "kill as many Americans as possible," the Coronavirus would be a very ineffective weapon — masks or no masks.

Behar Rages, Says Trump Should Be Charged With 'Crimes Against Humanity'.  ABC's "The View" co-host Joy Behar says President Donald Trump and members of his administration should be charged with "crimes against humanity" because of its immigration policy and vowed to not "be a part of a country" that separates children from their parents.

Handmaid's Fail:  Liberal Cosplay Couldn't Stop Amy Coney Barrett from Joining Supreme Court.  Amy Coney Barrett officially joined the Supreme Court on Monday, one year to the day after President Donald J. Trump successfully assassinated ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and 38 days since the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Barrett was sworn in at the White House after the Senate voted 52-48 to confirm her nomination, an outcome favored by a majority of Americans.  Barrett's "her-storic" ascension to the High Court is a victory for Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Republican Party, and all Americans who support greater female representation in government.  Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said today "will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate," while Sen. Ed Marley (D., Mass.) denounced Barrett as a "racist," sexist" "homophobe." Others suggested Barrett was secretly plotting to reinstitute slavery in the United States.

The Editor says...
Do the Democrats really think people are that stupid?  Do they really think the voters will believe that one person can "reinstitute slavery in the United States?"

Joe Scarborough:  Trump 'Would Kill Reporters If He Could Get Away With It'.  MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asserted on Monday that President Trump would "kill reporters" if possible and that Russian President Vladimir Putin is more open to answering "tough questions" than Trump.  Scarborough, who hosts MSNBC's "Morning Joe" and has long feuded with the president, slammed Trump for how he handled an interview for CBS's "60 Minutes" program with reporter Lesley Stahl.  Trump ended the interview midway through and eventually released an unedited version ahead of CBS's airing of the program.  Scarborough said that Trump avoided answering Stahl's questions, then went on to assert that Trump would be worse to reporters than Putin if Trump could "get away with it."

The Editor says...
A lot of people would kill reporters if they could get away with it.  And not just reporters.  But in almost every case, they can't get away with it, largely because of the deterrent known as capital punishment.

With All the Nazi Talk in This Election, Who Were the Nazis?  [Scroll down]  Who were the Nazis, and what do they stand for?  Few people can answer that correctly, despite their strong emotional attachment painting their political foes as such.  To understand the Nazis accurately, you have to read their own quotes and propaganda.  The story told by the Nazis themselves depicts a very different party than what modern journalists would like us to believe.  The Nazi (National Socialist German Workers Party) or National Socialists as they called themselves, had the following five key characteristics:
  •   The Nazis were a self-proclaimed socialist movement that called for the end of capitalism, abolishment of non-labor income (interest and finance), and proposed an all-powerful central authority to regulate the market
  •   Racial identity politics was used to identify an oppressor class (Jews), that embodied both the evil nature of capitalism and the anti-German nature of communism
  •   Strong nationalistic pride was a core pitch to the people to justify a stronger central authority
  •   The party used militant radical socialist activists to harass businesses and political enemies with acts of violence
  •   Limitations on free speech and removing access to dissenting views

Bill de Blasio: 'Observers' will protect NYC voters on Election Day.  The city will deploy a team of "observers" to low-income and immigrant communities to thwart voter intimidation on Election Day, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday [10/23/2020].  "Clearly President Trump has tried to discourage people from voting, suggested election results will not be legitimate," the mayor said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."  "Some of his followers clearly have been practicing intimidation tactics around this country."

The Editor says...
How are these "intimidation tactics" being implemented?  The election hasn't happened yet.

Vile Scarborough:  You're 'Un-American' If You Vote for Trump.  While most left-wing journalists try to channel all their anger at President Trump, they will occasionally go straight to the punch and just start attacking people who support him.  On Tuesday morning [10/20/2020], the co-hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe scolded American voters who dare, for any reason, to vote for Trump.  With Election Day exactly two weeks away, and millions of Americans already voting, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski decided it was time to launch a brutal verbal assault against Trump supporters.  Apparently triggered by Trump speaking publicly about the Biden family's alleged corruption on Monday, Scarborough whined that it's unacceptable to vote for him for any reason.

Warren delivers doomsday warning, says Trump threatens 'all life on this planet'.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought a truly apocalyptic warning to Minnesota in her attempts to get voters to support Joe Biden.  The Massachusetts Democrat told students in St. Paul over the weekend that "all life" would be subject to extinction if President Trump wins reelection in November.  "What has Donald Trump done for four years?" she asked Sunday [10/18/2020].  "He not only hasn't made things better; he has actively made them worse.  He withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord; he's put a coal lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.  What could possibly go wrong?  He has opened up for offshore drilling, and he has said yes to the oil companies.  They can drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve.  Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet.  And on November 3 we will hold Donald Trump accountable!"

Democrats fears of 'threats to democracy' ring hollow.  In June, Senator Kamala Harris called President Trump a "clear and present threat to American democracy."  Two months later, former President Obama threatened, "This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that's what it takes to win."  This has become a consistent talking point.  Yet these same critics speak and act as if America were irredeemable and American institutions were inconvenient obstacles.  The message of late is that America is racist, unjust, and built to sustain inequity.  The Biden-Harris campaign believes that America exhibits systemic racism.  Something with a "systemic" characteristic is tainted to its core.

New contender for top unstable liberal meltdown could be right here, folks.  Enjoy!  For people who claim to be so reasonable, sane and democratic, self-identified Democrats have a proven record of acting stunningly unhinged.  From threatening to blow up the White House to assaulting children, Democrats have exhibited a loud, endless cacophony of unbridled rage ever since President Donald Trump stepped into the White House as president roughly four years ago.  One would think that their shenanigans would have tapered off once they'd seen that the president wasn't going to usher in "a new age of darkness," as the Democrats at The Guardian had put it in a piece published right before the 2016 election.  But no, it hasn't — if anything, their irrationality has only grown, so much so that these days it's hard to tell whether they're under the influence or not.  [Video clip]

New Jersey mayor's Facebook post blasting Trump and his supporters prompts outcry.  A New Jersey mayor has come under fire for a private Facebook post that condemned President Donald Trump and likened his supporters to "religious zealots" who want to "enact the Christian version of Sharia law."  The post, allegedly from Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver, was shared Saturday [10/10/2020] on the Hunterdon GOP's website.  "This is day one of the new SCOTUS terms — the religious zealots want to enact the Christian version of Sharia law," the post reads. [...] Hunterdon GOP Chair Gabe Plumer, who shared the post online, derided it as "shameful" and "insulting," and called on Driver to resign.

9 Warning Signs of Democrat Radicalization.  When was the last time Democrats looked happy about anything?  For them, we are in a perpetual state of danger and misery.  Unconscious racism taints everything in America.  Masculinity is toxic.  Carbon dioxide emissions — the very gas we exhale with each breath — guarantee the planet's doom in five or ten or twenty years' time.  Math is racist.  Merit is racist.  Working hard, owning a home, getting married, and having children are all threateningly normative.  Virtue and vice are too judgmental.  The representative image of the Democratic Party is no longer FDR or JFK; it is the indelible video clip of a young woman screaming at the sky on the day of President Trump's inauguration.

They Want You To Be Afraid.  [Scroll down]  Oh no, the flu is going to kill you!  Or the Proud Boys are coming, all 23 of them!  Or NRA people with guns will get you!  Or Mike Pence is gonna handmaid you!  Or Russians!  There's always something you have to be afraid of, and always something they promise to protect you from — if you only obey. [...] You're supposed to be scared of getting sick so you give up your rights.  You're supposed to be scared of rioters so you elect [Joe Biden] and he'll call them off before they get to your suburb.  You're supposed to be afraid to say what you think to avoid being cancelled and losing your job.  But Trump is not afraid, nor should you be.  That is not to say that the threat posed by the elite is not real.  They can hurt you, but it is the fear of being hurt they use as their tool.

Even Dem Lawmakers Seem Shocked by Jennifer Rubin's Suggestion for Walter Reed.  President Trump is back at the White House after spending a few days recovering from the coronavirus at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, the nation's largest joint military medical center.  While he was in the hospital's presidential suite, Trump had the energy to carry out some of his duties and record a few videos to provide updates on his condition for the American people.  He even summoned the energy to make a visit to his supporters who had gathered outside the hospital.  He hopped in a car with a few Secret Service agents and waved to fans as they drove by.  But that drive-by resulted in another round of negative media coverage for the president.  Outlets accused Trump of putting those spectators and his Secret Service detail in danger.  And Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin put the blame on Walter Reed.  "Walter Reed MDs are morally and professionally responsible for allowing this," Rubin wrote of the decision to either allow Trump to greet supporters outside the hospital or to be released on Monday.  In her next series of tweets, she asked if there were any adults at Walter Reed.

The Editor says...
[#1] President Trump's fans wouldn't have objected if he had come out to greet them face-to-unmasked-face and had shaken everyone's unwashed hands and kissed their babies.  [#2]  If Barack H. Obama had done exactly the same thing that Trump did, i.e., drive by and wave, it probably would have been portrayed as the warmest expression of goodwill that the reporters had ever seen.

Brzezinski on Trump Returning to WH from COVID Bout: 'Isn't This Manslaughter?'  MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski on Tuesday asked if President Donald Trump could be guilty of "manslaughter" if he got someone at the White House sick and they eventually died as a result of his having the coronavirus.  Brzezinski said she hopes it does not happen, but asked host Joe Scarborough if Trump is endangering the lives of members of the Secret Service by exposing them "to his deadly virus."

The Editor says...
Apparently it ain't that deadly, Mika.  And since nobody died as a result of this incident, it's not manslaughter.

CNN analyst, fmr. FBI agent: 'We have a biological terrorist in the White House'.  Asha Rangappa, an analyst for CNN and a former special agent for the FBI, tweeted a thread on Tuesday [10/6/2020] in which she said, "We have a biological terrorist in the White House."  This follows President Donald Trump returning to the White House on Monday evening after treatment for the Coronavirus at a military hospital and the news that more senior White House and military officials testing positive for the virus.  [Tweets]  In defending her claim, Rangappa cited a Justice Department memo stating back in March that the novel Coronavirus "appears to meet the statutory definition of a biological agent" and that those who engage in the "purposeful exposure and infections of others" could be charged for terrorism-related offenses.

The Editor says...
[#1] President Trump lives in the White House.  That is his residence.  If he wants to run around his house with no mask, that's his decision to make.  [#2] If the "purposeful exposure and infections of others" is a crime, why aren't the BLM rioters all in prison?  At least the ones who spat on the cops and threw bottles of urine at them. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Trump Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  [T]he Left's reaction to President Trump's China virus convalescence has been so psychotic as to be unprecedented in modern American history.  Any semblance of class, perspective, and patriotism has gone with Gone with the Wind, banished, as usual, by media madwomen blasting even the hospital that cured him.  "When Trump walked through the doors, Walter Reed had a sterling reputation," tweeted once sane New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.  "As he walks out 72 hours later, its reputation is in tatters.  There's nothing Trump can't ruin."  Dowd's Washington Post counterpart Jennifer Rubin surpassed her rabidness on Twitter.  "Congress might want to defund Walter Reed.  It is a public health hazard."  Even if you differ with Trump ideologically, nothing he has done — or not done in the case of the pandemic — merits such open guttural hatred, often rising to a death wish for not only Trump but us who support him.

Hollywood Celebs Erupt with Rage over Trump Leaving Walter Reed: 'Faking Recovery!' Doctors 'Lying for a Mass Murderer'.  Hollywood elites experienced an epic meltdown after President Donald Trump tweeted that he would be leaving Walter Reed Military Hospital on Monday evening.  At the center of Hollywood's temper tantrum was the president's advice:  "Don't be afraid of Covid.  Don't let it dominate your life."  Those words set off a Hollywood freak out in which celebrities launched social media attacks at the president and even his medical team, spreading conspiracy theories and wild accusations intended to hurt Trump.

Leftists Explode Over Trump Taking Short Ride Outside Hospital:  Charge Him With Crimes, Remove From Power.  Left-wing media figures took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon following President Donald Trump temporarily leaving Walter Reed Medical Center and taking a short drive to see his supporters who were outside showing their enthusiasm for the president.  The most notable hit came from Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, who called for the Maryland Attorney General to "indict Trump for reckless endangerment" and "assault."  [Tweet]  Rubin suggested that Trump needed to be immediately removed from power through the 25th Amendment and claimed that the GOP was a "death cult" and not a "pro-life party."

White House Correspondents' Association Whines Reporters Weren't Invited On Trump Drive.  The White House Correspondents' Association complained on Sunday afternoon [10/4/2020] that journalists were not invited on President Donald Trump's short drive outside of Walter Reed Medical Center, calling it "outrageous."  The statement came as journalists complained about Trump allegedly not wearing the right kind of mask during the drive while others called for him to face criminal charges and to be removed from power.

Barrett Nomination Revives Obamascare Tactics.  The first question asked by moderator Chris Wallace during Tuesday night's presidential debate was about President Trump's nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court.  After Trump explained why he nominated her, former Vice President Joe Biden claimed, "She thinks the Affordable Care Act is not constitutional."  He went on to imply that, if confirmed, Barrett would join a cabal of conservative justices in a plot to strike down the "reform" law.  The consequences of this, Biden said, would be to eliminate the health coverage of "a hundred million people who have pre-existing conditions."  This sordid scare tactic was routinely deployed by the Democrats in their failed attempt to retake the Senate majority during the 2018 midterms.  It has no basis in reality, of course, as the president pointed out immediately:  "There aren't a hundred million people with pre-existing conditions."

Joe Biden Supporter Cries When She Spots Trucks With Trump Flags.  Thanks to Twitter and other social media echo chambers, we've created a segment of society that can't handle an opinion different than their own.  Watch as this Joe Biden supporter have a complete meltdown when she spots a couple of pickup trucks flying Trump 2020 flags.  [Video clip]

Contrary to appearances, sometimes karma does get leftists.  What's been frustrating for four years is that Democrats are escaping well-deserved consequences.  Those behind the Russia hoax, which is easily the most serious political scandal in American history, have not only walked free, they've gotten rich through book deals and speaking engagements.  In America's Democrat-run cities, Soros-funded prosecutors won't charge people who have acted violently and, often, seditiously.  This sense of karmic passes may explain the enthusiasm for a video showing a driver so busy signaling her disdain for Trump supporters that she crashes into another car — only to learn that the police were eyewitnesses. [...] This video is one more in a series of videos showing screaming, white, leftist women.  At the beginning of the Black Lives Matter protests, I wrote that leftism harms white women.  I included in that article several videos showing deranged, self-righteous women.  With the election drawing near, it's getting worse.

Crazed Woman Frantically Flips Off Trump Rally, Then Something Hilarious Happens.  Friends don't let their friends drive while suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Unfortunately for the woman in this video, she must not have any friends willing to speak sanity into her life.  Upon seeing a Trump rally on the side of a road, she decided it'd be a great idea to let her foot off the brake, hang out the window, and frantically throw up the bird at people.  That didn't go well.  Be sure and watch to the end because it gets even better.  [Video clip]

Liberals on a dose of lunacy to protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat.  The mouth-frothing rage of Democrats over the possible filling of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat on the Supreme Court before Inauguration Day is shocking, but predictable, after the "Summer of Love" we've endured.  Now they're threatening to "burn it all down" if Republicans fill the vacancy soon.  Hysterical RBG cultists holding vigil in Washington on Saturday night warned of a "civil war."  Threats to kill Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell flooded Twitter, and dozens of police had to guard his Kentucky home as protesters descended on it.  It wasn't just random psychopaths on social media threatening to "storm the White House and burn it to the [...] ground."  High-profile liberals issued dire threats on Twitter.

Dems Are About to Learn How Much Republicans Are Still Seething 2 Years After Kavanaugh Hearings.  The Democrats are an unstable and emotional lot on their best days.  Their politics, after all, are logic-free and purely emotion-based. [...] They're not going to take this well.  They're rallying around Ginsburg's purported "last wish," which I don't for a moment believe happened.  It sounds like those convenient "My 8-year-old said..." stories they love to make up over on the Left.  Democrats are such ghouls and so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome I can see any one of them lying about a loved one's dying words to score some political points, especially because ORANGE MAN BAD.

As a Trump-hating son shows, nobody does self-righteous hatred like the left.  Leo Guinan ("he/him") has bravely and smugly gone public with his decision to blackmail his father for being a Trump-supporter.  Unless Daddy changes his ways, he'll never see his grandchildren again.  Guinan oozes self-righteous hatred.  The only good thing about his post is that people were appalled and contemptuous.

Crazy Lady Meltdown While Driving.  When someone dies and you're more worried about yourself and not actually mourning the person.  [Video clip, language warning.]

Biden: Elect Trump and watch the suburbs burn and flood and get blown away.  Finally, both presidential candidates agree on one thing: after the election, the suburbs are gonna burn, baby.  If we elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump claims, they'll burn as Black Lives Matter forces police into further retreat.  If we re-elect Trump, Biden warns, then the climate will burn the suburbs.  Frankly, I'd take my chances with climate change over BLM and the Democrats pandering to them.  But wait, Biden says, there's more!  Suburbanites won't just get the fire, but the floods and the wind, and who knows what else[.]

President Trump may be battered by the waves, but he will not sink.  [Scroll down]  What ails the left is that leftists believe everything they think, and their thinking is characterized by pomposity and intolerance.  One has to look no farther than Twitter to be clobbered by the gross intolerance of Democrats.  They are rude, profane, wholly without manners or grace.  There are the vicious rioters in the streets whom the Democrats refuse to condemn, and there are the equally vicious boors who drive the contempt in which social media is drowning.  Those often anonymous haters hide behind their not so clever handles like schoolyard bullies who cry for their mothers if their true identities are discovered.  That's when they cry "racism," or "white supremacy," or "white privilege," even if, as most of them are, they are white.  There is nothing more absurd than watching a young white female carrying a Black Lives Matter sign shouting obscenities in the face of a black policeman to illustrate the depth of the left's vacuity.

The Importance of Rules.  [Scroll down]  The "official" Black Lives Matter organization are nothing more than domestic terrorists with a catchy slogan of passive-aggressive perfection.  After all, only a racist or white supremacist would ever suggest that black lives don't matter.  It's the same sort of cognitive manipulation that ideological movements tend to employ as a tactical maneuver against their opponents; for example, by their own labeling techniques "pro-choice" advocates imply that anti-abortion people are actually opposed to the ability to choose between life and death by arguing that a fetus is not a baby, while the "pro-life" movement is drawing attention to the fact an abortion is the death of a human being.

Analysis of the phrase, "Black Lives Matter".  [Scroll down]  Aside from progressive mayors, BLM rioters, and Dylan Roof, one is hard-pressed to find Americans of any political persuasion who behave like black lives don't matter.  In fact, conservatives take this statement to the next logical steps.  Black lives, White lives and Hispanic lives matter.  Unborn lives matter and police lives matter.  But by declaring Black Lives Matter, they are concerned only with black people who have been shot by police.  The justification for the shooting, or the lack thereof, or any other pertinent fact of a specific case, does not factor into their reasoning.  The black victim is merely a prop, brutishly exploited to peddle an anti-police narrative.  But don't posit to a yard sign prophet any of these seemingly a priori statements without first donning a face shield, because spittle will most definitely fly.  By insisting that all lives matter rather than just those of a single race, you are somehow the racist.

From riots to the filibuster, liberal America won't accept political opposition.  America's left-wing has taken a dark and dangerous turn, now openly expressing a desire for its political opposition to be delegitimized, criminalized, intimidated and ultimately banished.  This attitude has been boiling since Donald Trump became president.  He's too dangerous to be allowed to speak, they said, as the likes of Sen. Kamala Harris called on Twitter to suspend his account.  But that seems quaint compared to the left's rhetoric of the last few days.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi labeled Republicans "domestic enemies" and "enemies of the state" in an unhinged rant rivaling any of Trump's crazier tweets.  And that was after Rep. Ayanna Pressley called for GOP officials to be harassed with "unrest in the streets."

Democratic senator says Trump 'deliberately killing people' by holding rallies.  Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said Saturday [8/29/2020] President Trump is "deliberately killing people" with his rallies amid the coronavirus pandemic.  "Can we take the gloves off and tell the truth?  Trump is deliberately killing people," Murphy wrote on Twitter.  "He holds rallies where people get infected.  On Thursday, no social distancing or masks, sending a clear message that the CDC should be ignored."  "His plan is to kill people.  Let's just say it," Murphy continued.  On Friday, the president held a rally in New Hampshire for supporters, however masks were mandatory as were temperature checks.

The Editor says...
[#1] Think about it.  Why would President Trump kill his own supporters?  [#2] Where is the Senator's concern for the spread of coronavirus among the rioters in Democrat-controlled cities?  [#3] The pandemic (if it ever was a pandemic) was over at least a month ago.

The Collapse of the Democrat Brand.  The Democrats' brand has collapsed beyond repair and they know it.  The current strategy to prevent the flock from fleeing the pasture is not preserving their brand, but branding the alternative option as so deplorable that it's beneath consideration.  The only way to cover up the noxious fumes of leftism is to double down on the negative branding of Republicans as a party of hate.  "Love Trumps Hate," "Make America Hate Again," "Hate Has No Home Here" — these are merely a few of the slogans attempting to link hate to the conservative brand.  Hate speech, hate crimes, hate groups — everything is "hate."

Translate this.  Kamala Harris makes my skin crawl.  She gives synthetic products a bad name.  Her acceptance speech as the Democrats' vice presidential nominee this past Wednesday night (text here) was meant to apply the veneer of normality to her characteristic bizarreries.  I want to pause only over one passage, beginning with this statement:  "And while this virus touches us all, let's be honest, it is not an equal opportunity offender.  Black, Latino and Indigenous people are suffering and dying disproportionately."  Why?  She explains:  "This is not a coincidence.  It is the effect of structural racism.  Of inequities in education and technology, health care and housing, job security and transportation."  How does that work?  Harris continues:  "The injustice in reproductive and maternal health care.  In the excessive use of force by police.  And in our broader criminal justice system."

Biden's speech managed to be simultaneously vapid and disgraceful.  Here's a short list of Biden's platitudes:  Trump is darkness.  I am light.  FDR was a great president.  Help young people by ending Trump's darkness.  America is racist.  More darkness, more light.  You must judge Trump's entire presidency by looking at the six months of the Wuhan virus and its damage to the economy (damage wrought, though he doesn't say it, by Democrat politicians).  America had the worst virus outbreak in the world.  (That's not true, by the way, but it is true that Democrat policies, especially regarding nursing homes, made it horrifically worse than it should have been.)  Trump will kill the economy.  Trump will take people's insurance.  Wasn't Obama great?  Trump isn't great.  No one suffers in America the way minorities do.  Trump didn't protect Americans, but I will. [...]

The USPS Lunacy Continues:  Democrat Lawmaker 'Chains' Himself to Mailbox:  Trump's 'Not Getting This One!'  As the Democrats continue to charge that Donald Trump wants to do away with the US Postal Service, a Democrat Congressman from Oregon (where else?) has come up with a "unique" way to demonstrate his opposition to Trump — by "chaining" himself to a mailbox.  Rep. Peter DeFazis, who represents Oregon's 4th Congressional District (in which the left-wing college town of Eugene is located) "chained" himself to the mailbox on Tuesday, in defiance of the Trump administration's proposed changes to the the USPS.

CNN screen shot
Dems and media pushing Trump = Hitler and Mussolini as never before.  There is more than a whiff of desperation in the re-emergence of the thermonuclear bomb of hysterical rhetoric, that President Trump is just like (or even worse than!) Hitler.  Never mind the absence of death camps — the very fact that his enemies are free to employ the most irresponsible and vile language against him without disappearing in the dead of night refutes the charge.  Yet we have taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR pushing the comparison hard ("Trump is the most dangerous figure in human history"), and, on the same weekend, the man who handed the Democrats' nomination to Biden joining the absurdist chorus as one of CNN's most prominent anchors accepts the comparison to Mussolini and even Hitler and moves along to the next topic.

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Hysterical About 'Unmarked' Police Vehicle Arresting Wanted Criminal.  It must be exhausting for radicals to be always outraged about everything.  I don't know about you, but it would get real boring real quick to have to respond to everything that happens in American society as if the world were teetering on the brink of destruction. [...] The New York City Police Department is being accused of kidnapping an innocent woman off the streets and tossing her into an unmarked SUV.  It outraged the ACLU.  It outraged Black Lives Matter.  And it outraged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who got the vapors because, well, the ACLU apparently said to get hysterical.

No Holds Barred at the House Lynch Session.  [Attorney General William Barr] is strong and fierce, does not give an inch, does not get thrown off message, sticks to his guns, and sticks it to those who would take him down. [...] For the Democrats the hearing [7/28/2020] was "no holds barred."  No lie was off the table.  No insult was beneath them.  Under the guise of asking the Attorney General to answer questions, they rather used their allotted time to berate him, to berate President Trump, and to lie about the Antifa and other anarchist-driven riots that seek to undermine our Republic and to tear away our freedom.  They were not asking questions, and they did not allow Barr to answer them or speak when he tried.  Rather, they were like a parent on a tear against a child in big trouble, or a boss on a rampage about to fire his or her employee.

Maxine Waters:  Trump 'Is a Wanna-Be Dictator Acting Like a Dictator' with Portland Officers.  Wednesday [7/29/2020] Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told TMZ President Donald Trump was "acting like a dictator" by sending federal agents to Portland to quell protests.

The Editor says...
For an example of "a wanna-be dictator acting like a dictator," look no further than Barack H. Obama.

The distraught and desperate Democrats are flailing.  The left loves the vocabulary of the Third Reich.  Nancy Pelosi, who was horrified whenever Trump called COVID-19 the Wuhan virus, now calls it the "Trump virus."  No verbal assault is too low for leftists.  As usual, the Democrats make the mistake of assuming that Trump-supporters are rather stupid, easily manipulated by their mono-minded media and sound bites.  They don't seem to grasp the fact that much of America is laughing at them for their misplaced arrogance and crying for the residents of those cities being destroyed by leftist officials and the well organized, well funded anarchist groups that have turned them into war zones.  What's their plan?  To discredit the outcome of the election before it takes place.  Every Democrat who appears on a cable or network news program as well as every radical on CNN and MSNBC has received his talking points:  Trump will refuse to leave the W.H. if he loses, he will use the military one way or another, he will commit voter fraud, etc.  These are all things leftists actually do.

MSNBC's Brian Williams Whacks Federal Agents as 'Jackbooted Thugs,' Invokes Mussolini.  Twenty-five years ago, former president George H.W. Bush quit the National Rifle Association over a fundraising letter which referred to federal law enforcement as "jackbooted thugs."  This delighted the media elites then.  The script has flipped.  Now the term is welcomed by left-wing media outlets.  Several times this week, MSNBC host Brian Williams has used his primetime show The 11th Hour to hype Twitter comments by never-Trumper MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt in which the bitter former Republican slammed federal agents in Portland as "jackbooted thugs" and "stormtroopers."  On Wednesday's [7/22/2020] show, the MSNBC host even had Schmidt on as a guest and gave him a platform to further bash federal agents, with Williams provocatively invoking Benito Mussolini's Italy.

Democrats continue to lay the groundwork for Resistance II: The Civil War.  It started with Hillary Clinton, who has spent the last three-and-a-half years insisting that she was cheated out of her rightful place in the Oval Office.  Last week, she opined, "Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he's going to go quietly or not."  And then she issued the marching order:  "And we have to be ready for that."  How does one get ready to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States?  After all, the Democrats' Deep State efforts during Trump's first term have failed.  Democrats are therefore getting their ducks in a row for a more aggressive challenge. [...] Now, Rep. Maxine Waters (D., the slums of L.A.) is on the job.  And if you thought Krugman and Pelosi were unhinged, Waters shows that they're rank amateurs.  Waters was on Joy Reid's new "ReidOut" show on MSNBC.  To Waters, when she looks at Portland, it's 1938 in Berlin all over again.

The Left is signing up citizens to physically remove President Trump from office if he loses.  The left continued to spread the narrative that President Donald Trump may refuse to leave the White House if he loses the election in November.  And left-wing political commentator and Young Turks host Cenk Uygur added to the conspiracy theories on Tuesday [7/21/2020] as he, too, offered a way to rid the country of the president in case the United States military "does not remove him from office" after a supposed loss in November.

The Climate Virus:  Hysteria Needs To Shelter In Place.  [Scroll down]  That's a heavy load of mania for the public to bear.  So we'd like to present a single headline in rebuttal:  "Climate-change hysteria costs lives — but activists want to keep panic alive."  It tops an op-ed in the New York Post written by Michael Shellenberger, who last month apologized, "on behalf of environmentalists," for being part of the "climate scare we created over the last 30 years." [...] He said he decided to speak out last year "after it became clear to me that alarmism was harming mental health."  The author and activist cited "a major survey of 30,000 people around the world," which discovered "nearly half believed climate change would make humanity extinct," and reported that mental-health professionals are routinely finding "themselves addressing adolescent anxiety over climate."  One in five United Kingdom children, he says, have "reported having nightmares about it."

The Age of Conspiracy.  [Scroll down]  "Like every successful con," Rupert Darwall writes in Green Tyranny, "maintaining audience credulity depends on preventing the audience from noticing what the trickster is up to," a tactic known in the trade as "defining the baseline" — that is, by deceptively touting how damaged the world would be minus whatever transformation is envisioned.  In all too many instances, there is no dispositive proof that such would be the case.  Much to the chagrin of our false prophets, the seas do not rise to engulf our cities and low-lying islands, famine does not fall upon the land, populations do not grow extinct, the air is not becoming unbreathable, the spring does not grow silent, and the world does not end on a given date — though it may on the next given date, or the next.  We can always hope.  Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the media and the large digital platforms to enlighten us since these, especially Google, have become manifestly, and often confessedly, manipulators of search results as well as agents of disinformation, organs of censorship and propaganda outlets lobbying for one side of the political divide.

Thomas Sowell: 'Systemic Racism' Has 'No Meaning'.  Conservative African American economist Thomas Sowell says that the term "systemic racism," which is central to the Black Lives Matter movement, has "no meaning." [...] Sowell, who recently turned 90, was born poor in North Carolina, and grew up in Harlem before attending the Stuyvesant magnet school and moving on to the Ivy League and the University of Chicago.  Initially attracted to the left, Sowell eventually rejected socialism in favor of conservatism.  He has written some of the most important critiques of left-wing dogma.

Schiff: Country Continues to Be 'at Jeopardy' Without Trump Financial Records.  Thursday [7/9/2020] on MSNBC's "The Last Word," House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said if Congress was delayed in receiving the financial records of President Donald Trump because of court battles, "the country continues to be at jeopardy during that delay."

Is It Time For Americans To Start Talking About The Devil?  [Scroll down]  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that all these anti-white radicals have consciously entered a pact with the Devil.  Yes, there are those Alinskyites who have deliberately sold their souls to Satan, but most radicals are unwittingly under his spell.  Think about it:  Do you ever wonder why it is so impossible to communicate facts and logic to an Open Borders zealot?  Try as we might we can never break the hypnotic hold that anti-Historical American Nation malice has on these people.  Do they not seem like they are operating under a kind of otherworldly spell?  Saint Paul warns us that Satan's minions often appear as "ministers of righteousness" exercising the art of soul murder by employing the language of goodwill.  In due course, today's ministers of righteousness are working overtime to ruin the lives of ordinary white people like Amy Cooper, Nick Sandmann, or Paula Deen.  They experience a moral thrill whenever they cancel, dox, and deplatform people whose only crime is being white.

The Philosophy Behind Our Culture Wars and the Advancing Nihilism:  Post-Modernism.  In my last article, [...] I submitted that the culture wars taking place in the streets and universities across the United States and parts of Europe were symptoms of a larger moral pandemic whose philosophic roots both spawned and legitimized anarchical impulses run amok.  I pointed out that moral relativism advances the idea that there are no objective criteria to adjudicate among competing truth claims.  Its ruling principle is subjectivism.  What one feels is the truth constitutes the truth.  Logic and reason, according to the more radical school of subjectivism, is the creation of racist and imperialist white constructs.  But if nihilism is the logical concomitant of relativism, one must now ask:  what is the school and the philosophical foundation of relativism?  What first foundational principles underscore the relativism that gives rise to the nihilism in the streets and in our educational systems?  That school of thought is postmodernism.

The Democrats' Bonfire of Inanities.  Emotion is now fact.  Even worse, emotion has become a guaranteed right.  Whatever one feels is correct and justified ,no matter how ignorant or detached from reality or history it may be.  Furthermore, any misguided grievance one may have based on that troubled emotion empowers that person with the right to do anything he wants.  Tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus or Andrew Jackson?  Sure.  Deface a statue to Robert E. Lee or Arthur Ashe on Monument Avenue in Richmond?  Have at it!

The Movement to Destroy a Nation.  Nation-wide protests weeks after George Floyd's murder turned into a movement to destroy a nation.  Parading as an attack on racial injustice, the movement has turned into an obliteration of history.  This week that devastation set its eyes on faith.  Less than one week ago, protesters rekindled the call for removing confederate statues.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in a show of solidarity with the protest mob, removed two portraits of former House speakers who were part of the Confederacy.  From there, the momentum quickly shifted to anyone whose statue is seen as offensive, who may have held racist or politically incorrect views of another era, or who may (or may not) have owned slaves or supported slavery at any time.  Never mind that the qualifiers of what constitutes "offensive" is blurred; the momentum of eradicating history is ruled by emotion, not reason.

Counsel of the Woke.  In hindsight, it's astonishing how quickly Americans ceded political authority to the public-health apparatus.  This isn't only antithetical to self-rule; it also accords constitutional protection to elite causes — and only elite causes.  Attending a Black Lives Matter protest is permissible.  Attending a church service is not.  Left unchecked, the progressive-scientific alliance will penetrate additional domains of life.  Whether it's "housing is healthcare," "harm reduction saves lives," or "antiracism is public health," slogans abound for subsuming science into politics.

The Democratic Party hates science.  Today's Democratic Party insists that a beautiful, full-term human baby just about to be born isn't really a human being and therefore can be slaughtered at will — maybe even after he or she is born — just as long as "the mother and her doctor" agree.  The Democratic Party's top leaders also passionately warn that the entire earth will become uninhabitable within 10 years due to global warming — unless, that is, America goes full totalitarian/socialist right now and adopts their Green New Deal at an estimated cost of $93 trillion.  After all, it's "settled science."  The modern Democratic Party likewise contends there are dozens of different genders that never before existed throughout history, that men can menstruate, get pregnant and have babies, and that if you don't agree with all this, you're a deplorable bigot.  And anti-science.

How Sweet to Be a Democrat.  They seem to think it's game to engage in despicable acts and dare anyone to hold them accountable.  No matter how bold and in your face the act, no matter how crazy the statement or preposterous the proposal (think Green New Deal), they know they will not be seriously questioned or held to account, let alone disciplined. [...] They can do and say whatever they please, safe in the knowledge that they have the media in their pockets and that most younger people haven't been taught anything that's true or that matters and therefore have no way to sort truth from fiction.  They know that many — if not most — folks rely solely on emotion, not reason and evidence, to determine what is real and what is fake.  They utilize this knowledge and those people in their incessant quest for power at all costs.

Harvard Professor:  "Defunding The Police Is Not A Solution And Could Cost Thousands Of Black Lives".  A Harvard university Professor has urged that defunding the police would cause more loss of life, citing figures showing that there are "450 excess homicides per year" when police are not able to do their jobs proficiently.  "Defunding the police is not a solution and could cost thousands of black lives," professor Roland Fryer wrote in an email to the College Fix.  Fryer has recently authored a research paper titled "Policing the Police:  The Impact of "Pattern-or-Practice Investigations on Crime," noting that police are less present when 'viral incidents' occur, meaning crime, including homicides increase... a lot.  "Our estimates suggest that investigating police departments after viral incidents of police violence is responsible for approximately 450 excess homicides per year" the paper reads.

'We Need to Have a Conversation'.  Recently, the ability to "have a conversation," let alone actually solve a problem, has shriveled like a piece of rotting fruit.  In part, the violence of this last week demonstrates that, but the problem has been a long time developing.  Any productive conversation requires certain components, and if any are missing, communication, and therefore the development of solutions, becomes impossible.  Let me list these components:  [#1] Vocabulary:  Those trying to talk to each other must have a common vocabulary that they use to mean the same things. [...] I've lost any understanding that I ever had of what racist means and I have no idea at all what is meant by systemic racism.  What system?  Are there racist policies in the post office?  Do police departments have black arrest quotas?  If there are policies at fault (I think of the welfare system, the easy availability of abortion services, or the deplorable condition of schools in black neighborhoods), those affected need to address those issues directly.  Stealing Rolex watches isn't likely to be helpful.

Why Did they Close the Schools?  On March 12, 2020, a banshee-like cry went out to an email list of public health professionals and government officials who were then in a state of mental meltdown.  Pull the trigger now, screamed the memo.  Close the schools.  As with any email chain, there were a few dominant voices who post more than others and with more passion, while others shrink back in fear of being shamed.  Such was the case here: one disciple of computer modeling, Dr. Carter Mecher of the Veterans Administration, was convinced that the coronavirus was another Spanish Flu.  Why he didn't explain.  Mostly he wanted to try out his closure/lockdown/social-distance model on which he had been working for 14 years since he first became a convert to agent-based modeling techniques.  Coronavirus of 2020 was as good an excuse as any.  Mecher emerged as the leader of the list, sending hundreds of messages of increasing alarm.

50 Questions About Racism In America.  Yesterday [6/5/2020], while running some errands, I witnessed a group of young, mostly white "protesters" peacefully demonstrating at a major intersection during the middle of the day.  Out of roughly 40-50 people, approximately three were black, there were a few white males, and a couple of "older folks."  The rest were young high-school-aged white females.  They were holding up signs that read, "I can't breathe" and "Black Lives Matter."  For the record, I am generally against all kinds of protests like this, not because I don't believe in the reason behind the protest, but that I believe it to be a general waste of time.  I'm not convinced that anyone drives by a sign that says, "I can't breathe" and suddenly changes their mind about people's right to breathe because some pink-haired high-school girl was holding up a sign.

Maxine Waters Freaks Out:  Remove Trump 'Before this Would-Be Dictator Takes Us All Down'.  Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on Friday, an outspoken progressive politician who has publicly demanded President Trump's removal from office, wondered if anyone in Trump's cabinet would invoke the 25th amendment "before this would-be dictator takes us all down."  Waters, as demonstrators across the country began to take to the streets for Friday night protests, proclaimed that Trump is "amassing the power of a dictator" and asked if any "brave" figure within his cabinet "would move to initiate the 25th amendment to remove him from office."

The Editor says...
When Barack H. Obama conducted himself like a dictator, Rep. Maxine Waters raised no objections.

Leftists Rage over President Trump's Church Walk:  Trump Is a 'Fascist'.  Prominent leftists on Monday [6/1/2020] raged over President Trump's walk to St. John's Episcopal Church after authorities cleared out protesters in the area around Lafayette Park, accusing the president of having demonstrators "viciously attacked" for a "photo op" and deeming him a "fascist."  The president concluded his Rose Garden address by announcing his intention to "pay my respects to a very, very special place."  From there, Trump departed, walking to the historic church that rioters targeted on Sunday night.

People nurture and savor their pleasurable fear.  The odds of a young healthy American catching and dying of the COVID virus are roughly 1 in 70,000 and going down.  Their odds of dying of sunstroke are ten times greater.  Their odds of dying in a car wreck or by suicide are a thousand times greater.  So why are many young healthy people afraid of dying of the virus?  I have a theory.  It's because fear is pleasurable. [...] Moreover, fear is not just highly stimulating but is also easy to get.  We can simply watch a scary movie or take a roller coaster ride.  Or get hysterical about COVID killing us.  Ah, you say, but there's no real danger in those things.  That's the point.  That's why they're perfect methods for stimulating fear.  With safe scary things like COVID, people get all the enjoyment of fear stimulation with none of the effort required to deal with real danger.

On Trump-Hatred.  It has now become common for leftists to accost those who differ by going into hysterics.  Hysterics often exhibiting shrieking about how Trump lies, and how he's the most awful person in the world.  This has become somewhat normative for the left.  I have personally witnessed many left-leaning individuals who act otherwise sane, erupt in reckless anger, going on diatribes of how Trump lies.  All the time.  This malicious soul eating anger, its zeal, its unbridled passion is something exhibited by most leftist elites, yet excused.  It's beyond over the top, it's beyond unsetting, but there it is for all to see.

An absurd and outrageous shot at Bill Barr.  The Justice Department's decision to dismiss the prosecution of Gen. Flynn caused left liberal heads to explode.  None exploded more loudly than that of Norman Ornstein.  He tweeted, "Bill Barr is a fascist."  No serious analyst would make such a claim, even in the heat of the moment.  It's certainly not fascist to call for review of a case in which a public servant may have been set up for prosecution by his political enemies, and then to drop the prosecution based on a thorough review by a respected U.S. attorney.  If Barr had ordered dismissal of the case against the recommendation of that U.S. attorney, his action would be problematic, but not fascist.

CNN, MSNBC Suffer EPIC Meltdowns Over 'Nuts,' 'Terrifying' Flynn Decision; 'The Fix Is In!'  In a Thursday afternoon that felt like a trip back to life before the coronavirus pandemic, CNN and MSNBC were not only apoplectic over the Department of Justice dropping its case against retired General Michael Flynn, but despondent over the "demoralizing," "destructive," "nuts," and "terrifying" "injustice" that signaled "the collapse of the Justice Department" and "the rule of law."

Schiff: Dropping Flynn Case 'Puts Us Back in the Category of Almost an Emerging Democracy.  On Thursday's [5/7/2020] broadcast of MSNBC's "All In," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) reacted to the dropping of charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn by stating the move "really puts us back in the category of almost an emerging democracy, where the rule of law is not yet firmly established, where prosecutorial decisions are made on the basis of politics."

The Five Worst Types of Virtue-Signaling.  [#1] Virtue-signaling the implausible, for cheap applause:  In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed concerns about the potential economic damage of banning citizens from working by claiming, "if everything we can do saves just one life, I'll be happy."  A few days later, Cuomo tweeted, "My mother is not expendable.  Your mother is not expendable.  We will not put a dollar figure on human life."  It might be surprising that an ardent supporter of unrestricted abortion would profess such a commitment to saving lives, but even if we ignore Cuomo's abortion stance, his statements instantly qualify as among the worst of its kind.  This type of virtue-signaling is particularly egregious because upholding this newly declared standard is so impractical that it's obviously insincere.

In Wisconsin, yet another Democratic 'we're all going to die' claim fails.  When the Wisconsin Supreme Court allowed Wisconsin's election to proceed on April 7, Democrats claimed that Republicans were trying to kill people.  It turns out (surprise!) that Democrats were wrong again.  On April 6, a day before Wisconsin residents were set to go to the polls to vote, Wisconsin's governor, Tony Evers, citing virus concerns, canceled the elections so they could be rescheduled for June.  The Legislature, however, countered that order by filing an emergency appeal with the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  That same day, the state Supreme Court, in a 4-2 ruling, blocked the order, allowing the election to take place.  The United States Supreme Court also ruled that absentee ballots had to be received by the end of Election Day to be counted.  Taken together, these rulings prevented ballot harvesting of the type that turned long-standing Republican counties in California bright blue.  Democrats were apoplectic.

COVID-Shamers And Seven Of Their Most Ridiculous Arguments.  From the safety of their beltway townhouses, leftists point their judgemental fingers at anyone who isn't meeting their definition of "social distancing" or who, worse, expresses any opinion about the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic that they disagree with. [...] Here are several of their most ridiculous retorts, and how to counter them:  "You want grandma to die." [...] "You just care about stock market." [...] "Gazillions will die." [...] "The virus will decide when things return to normal." [...] "You don't care about science." [...] "If one life is saved it's all worth it."

MSNBC contributor says Trump's 'crime cult' wants mass murder, 'many more to die'.  Whereas the craziest denizens of the political right tend to inhabit the outermost fringes of the movement, the most demented denizens of the political left tend to be mainstream left-wing media stars.  Take so-called "journalist" and author Sarah Kendzior, whose work has appeared in Al Jazeera, Marie Claire, The Guardian, The New York Times and The Boston Globe — and whose commentary has frequently been featured on MSNBC's "AM Joy."

Dem lawmaker wants Trump prosecuted at international court for 'crimes against humanity'.  A Democratic state representative in Ohio said she "can't take it anymore" and vowed to refer President Trump to the International Criminal Court for "crimes against humanity" over Trump's promotion of a drug that has not been conclusively proven to fight the coronavirus.  State Rep. Tavia Galonski tweeted Sunday [4/5/2020] after President Trump spoke about hydroxychloroquine at his daily press briefing.  The drug, normally used to treat malaria, is one of several that the president has pointed to as showing promise in the fight against COVID-19, but its effectiveness has been a subject of debate.

How 'Triggerism' Replaced Factualism on Islam.  One upon a time, whenever two or more parties disagreed, the logical thing for them to do was resort to argumentation.  It was not enough to say, "I'm right and you're wrong" (unless they were children).  The winner of the debate was the one who could better substantiate his position — that is, the one whose position better accorded with reality.  Today, the one side that is wrong about virtually everything, the liberal left, has forgone argumentation, and even sophistry, precisely because it cannot contend with those armed with facts.  It has, instead, relied on conditioning its adherents to react to so-called "trigger" words and concepts — never mind if those words and concepts accord with reality or not.

Shouting Democrat ruled out of order in House floor speech on coronavirus bill.  In a heated debate regarding a proposed economic relief bill to provide financial protection for American businesses and workers during the coronavirus pandemic, one Michigan Democrat demanded to be heard after her allotted speaking time on the House floor had expired.  Donning pink latex gloves, Rep. Haley Stevens shouted at colleagues on Thursday [3/26/2020] even as she was ruled out of order.  Stevens' voice grew louder despite House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's attempts to give her more time to finish speaking. [...] At times during her explosive speech, other members of the House attempted to shout Stevens down, but she kept speaking as the gavel punctuated her out-of-procedure action.

The Editor says...
Video of this outburst, and profound disregard for the rules of order in the House, can be found here.

Watch out for the Chicken Littles gleefully pushing panic and doom.  [Scroll down]  Unfortunately, the explosive growth over the past decade of social media has given rise to a kind of panic loop, a second-by-second retailing of the worst possible scenarios raised by the outbreak.  There is something peculiar going on in the way certain people are discussing the coronavirus — journalists, pundits and the armies of "influencers" endowed with a blue checkmark for no obvious reason.  It's almost as though they are taking a salacious pleasure in the grimmest and most haunting possibilities.  It's like Chicken Little is secretly thrilled the sky is falling.  Social media is full of those who are gripped by a perverse hunger to convey their unshakable belief in the transcendent seriousness of the present crisis by slathering any and every horrendous possibility it raises on our daily bread — and then sating their hunger by gobbling it up with salacious zest.  This is an obscenely effective way to make precisely the impression social media is designed to make — which is just that, to make an impression.

I am coronaed out.  Folks, I have had my fill of corona-mania.  Also, I am sick of people accusing me of being irresponsible and insensitive for not surrendering to the absurd Democrat and fake news media narrative that says Trump is handling the virus wrong and we're all going to die.

Time to scrap the Goldwater Rule.  There are few ironclad rules in American politics.  But here is one: if you are a Republican, no tactic is too disreputable to be deployed against you.  I think for example, of the disgusting campaign waged to keep Judge Robert Bork from the Supreme Court in the 1980s. 'Lion of the Senate' Ted Kennedy led that charge ('in Robert Bork's America...'), though he was aided by a young senator named Joe Biden.  Journalists went through Bork's trash and reviewed the movies he rented for incriminating evidence.  Other campaigns of vilification against Republican Supreme Court nominees include the one conducted against Clarence Thomas and, most recently, the extraordinary full-court press against Brett Kavanaugh.  But the calumny is directed not just against judicial nominees.  Every Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan has been compared to Hitler ('literally Hitler') by the left.  Even the Grecian Formula candidate, Mitt Romney, was made an honorary Nazi during his campaign for president in 2012.  (Joe Biden got in on the action then by warning blacks that he would put 'y'all back in chains'.

Disorder in the courts:  Federal judge blasts Chief Justice John Roberts.  A federal judge leveled harsh accusations against Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the conservative majority, claiming that they are "actively participating in undermining American democracy."  Judge Lynn Adelman of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin blasted the Roberts-led court in an article titled "The Roberts Court's Assault on Democracy," set to be published in the Harvard Law & Policy Review.

Here's How Eric Holder Helped the Obama Administration Transform the Democratic Party into a Party of Thugs.  Nancy Pelosi sat before a group of Northwestern University students on Monday morning [3/8/2020] and said, "Civilization as we know it is at stake."  No, she wasn't talking about the coronavirus, she was talking about if President Trump wins the election.

Nancy Pelosi: 'Civilization as We Know It Is at Stake' in 2020 Election.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Monday waxed hyperbolic about the 2020 presidential election, telling an audience that "civilization as we know it is at stake."  Pelosi made the remark during a speech at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, [3/9/2020] according to Fox News correspondent Rob DiRienzo.

Big Tech's Civilization-busting Bias.  Roughly speaking, approximately 35 percent of the electorate will vote Democrat and 35 percent Republican regardless.  It's the 30 percent in-between who'll "decide" the election.  Capturing a majority of them will likely win you the day.  Now, these are people who, like so many others, often make emotion-based voting decisions.  They have no firm party allegiances and choose who they perceive is the best candidate.  So, if you alter their perception, you alter their vote.  This is what big Tech does.  By exposing voters to just the right news at just the right time, they manipulate opinion.

There's a reason he's known as "Meat-head."
Rob Reiner:  If Dems Don't Take Out Trump in 2020 We Will Lose Our Democracy and Earth.  Director and actor Rob Reiner warned Monday on MSNBC's "All In" that if the Democratic presidential nominee does not beat President Donald Trump in 2020, America will lose our Democracy to Trump's authoritarianism.  Reiner also said the earth would become uninhabitable due to inaction on global warming.

Dick Van Dyke Backs Bernie Sanders:  Four More Years of Trump Is the End of Democracy.  Hollywood writer-singer-dancer Dick Van Dyke formally backed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a video endorsement on Friday [2/21/2020], warning voters that another four years of President Trump will effectively end American democracy.  Sanders, 78, touted the video endorsement from the Mary Poppins legend, 94, in an apparent effort to appeal to older voters.  Van Dyke described himself in the video endorsement as a "very enthusiastic" Sanders supporter and warned that American democracy will cease to exist if Trump wins the election in November.

Chris Matthews facing calls to resign for comparing Sanders Nevada victory to Nazi invasion of France.  MSNBC host Chris Matthews is facing backlash online for equating Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders's win in the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses to the Nazi regime's takeover of France.  During a conversation with MSNBC anchor Brian Williams Saturday night, the Hardball host likened the democratic socialist's decisive victory in Nevada to the Nazi's victory over France in World War II.

Chris Matthews Melts Down — Compares Commie Bernie Sanders Winning Nevada to France Falling to the Nazis in 1940.  Apparently Bernie Sanders does not give Chris Matthews a tingling sensation up his leg. [...] Communist Bernie Sanders won big in Nevada with 55% of the vote with 5% reporting[.]  MSNBC's Chris Matthews melted down and compared Communist Bernie Sanders winning the Nevada caucuses on Saturday to France falling to the Nazis in 1940.

Why Democratic Enthusiasm Is Down.  Why aren't their voters more motivated?  The answer is that a political campaign that relies on stoking voter rage against any politician, including Donald Trump, for an entire presidential term is doomed to become rather dull.  This is particularly true if the iniquitous actions attributed to the President consistently turn out to be wildly exaggerated or simply fabricated.  The Democrats have leveled so many absurd accusations against Trump that most informed voters just yawn when they read about yet another "bombshell" revelation that allegedly confirms his fell designs on democracy.

Meacham Meltdown on NBC: 'Monarch' 'King' Trump Now 'Above the Law'.  As it appears more and more likely that the Senate will be moving to exclude witnesses and acquit Donald Trump, the journalistic reaction has become frenzied.  After MSNBC compared it to letting a wife beater go, NBC's Jon Meacham on Friday [1/31/2020] fretted that the Senate is making Trump a "king" who is "above the law."  He warned, "President Trump is functionally a monarch at this point.  If the king does it, it's okay."  The NBC historian panicked, "I think the significance of today and going into the weekend and into next week is, I think, it is now arguable... that Donald Trump may well have now become the most powerful president in American history."

10 Years Later:  Gloomy Predictions Following Citizens United Decision Didn't Happen.  Predictions that the decision by the Supreme Court 10 years ago in Citizens United v. FEC (Federal Election Commission) would allow "dark money" to invade and take over the political process in the United States have failed to materialize.  Instead, the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech has been strengthened in the political arena, to the benefit of the Republic.  Some Democrats still haven't gotten the memo.  Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.) declared just last week that "Ten years after Citizens United our democracy has reached a crisis point.  Just look at the ever-increasing amount of secret money flooding [into] our elections."  The New York Times whined at the time of the ruling that the decision "paved the way for corporations to use their vast treasuries to overwhelm elections ... thrust[ing] politics back to the robber-baron era of the 19th century."  Udall didn't bother to check his facts, and the Times is silent over the failure of its gloomy prediction.

Tom Steyer accuses Trump of 'torturing' children and committing 'crimes against humanity'.  Presidential candidate Tom Steyer accused President Donald Trump of "torturing" children and committing "crimes against humanity" in his latest campaign invective.  The California billionaire made the incendiary comments while appearing on C-SPAN Tuesday [1/28/2020].  "He's not opposed to immigration, he's opposed to immigration by non-white people," claimed Steyer.

David Hogg:  "Black," "LGBTQ" and "Non-binary" Women Founded Gun Control "Centuries Ago".  Did the Russians hack David Hogg's brain?  Some observers may thus wonder after a tweet the anti-Second Amendment activist and now Harvard freshman sent on Sunday [1/26/2020].  "This is a tweet for for [sic] the founders of the gun violence prevention movement started centuries ago by almost entirely black, brown and indigenous lgbtq women and non binary people that never got on the news or in most history books," wrote Hogg, 19, a survivor of the 2018 Parkland mass shooting.  "We may not know all your names but thank you."  It's tempting to say here, "Babylon Bee or Onion, is that you?"  No satirist could have made an anti-gunner look more ridiculous, and we do have to consider the remote possibility that Hogg is trolling (though he has no history whatsoever of exhibiting humor).

The Mass Media's Campaign of Moral Panic.  In early October, Chuck Todd stared stone-faced into MSNBC's living rooms and intoned gravely, "I don't say this lightly, but let's be frank — a national nightmare is upon us.  The basic rules of our democracy are under attack from the president[.] ... [T]hat all but ensures his impeachment in the House of Representatives. ... This moment should arguably be a national emergency.  The Founding Fathers would have considered it a national emergency — if the president publicly lobbied multiple governments to interfere in the next election.  It's tough to say lightly, but this is the moment we're at."  Said lightly or not, coming a week after House speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement of an impeachment inquiry, Charles David "Chuck" Todd — the 12th incarnation of Meet the Press moderators and NBC News's political director, responsible for all aspects of NBC's political coverage — was initiating a "moral panic."  Using his platform as the voice of "the longest-running program on network television," and arguably mass media's highest-profile soldier in the Trump resistance, Todd's intention was deliberate and unmistakable: to instill public fear.  It had moral panic written all over it — perfect for an impeachment.

Making the Planet Fit for Food:  Climate Protesters Attack Vermont's Dairy Farms.  The Vermont Governor's annual "State of the State" address was interrupted this year by a loud group of protesters, who refused to stop screaming bizarre slogans until the Vermont State House session was closed so they could be physically escorted from the building.  Amidst their shouts of "I'm afraid I'm going to die!" and "Climate justice is migrant justice!," were repeated condemnations of Vermont's "dairy industry."  This vague "industry" boogeyman is actually nonexistent in Vermont.  The state's dairy farms have steadily declined, and even its largest operations are puny in contrast to the mega-dairies elsewhere.

Hey, GOP! This is What Pushback Looks Like.  Republican voters have lamented for years over the lack of pushback from their elected leaders.  Democrats and the media hurl baseless and libelous accusations at Republicans, only to be met with a weak defense at best, or silence at worst. Republicans want to push granny off a cliff, make senior citizens eat dog food, starve children and put them in cages.  Republicans are racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic, mean-spirited, and ignorant.  Watch any cable news show and get a healthy dose of this garbage.  If you don't like the news, watch late night "comedy," entertainment award shows, or virtually any television series to hear much the same.  It's one-way propaganda with no pushback.

Don't Panic, Just Worry.  Simply put, we have become unable to rouse ourselves to take public problems seriously unless we can persuade ourselves that they present immediate and utterly apocalyptic dangers. [...] "The climate crisis is the existential crisis for our world," Elizabeth Warren said in one recent Democratic presidential debate.  "It puts every living thing on this planet at risk."  Not to be outdone, Pete Buttigieg put a deadline on the prophecy:  "Science tells us we have 12 years before we reach the horizon of catastrophe when it comes to our climate."  Andrew Yang thinks inequality is such a threat, too.  "To me, without dramatic change, the best-case scenario is a hyper-stratified society like something out of The Hunger Games or Guatemala with the occasional mass shooting," he wrote in his 2019 book The War on Normal People.  "The worst case is widespread despair, violence and the utter collapse of our society." [...] But most of the time, this rhetoric of cataclysm isn't even deployed in the service of particular policy priorities.  It's simply a way of talking about the danger posed by the other party.

'I Voted For Clinton' Hashtag Trends After Iran Strike.  Then Hillary Clinton's Iran Strategy Surfaced.  The hashtag, #IVotedForClinton, trended Tuesday night [1/7/2020] and Wednesday morning as those who proudly voted against President Donald Trump expressed their moral superiority in the wake of Iran's missile attack on several Iraqi bases hosting American troops.  There was just one big problem:  Hillary Clinton also had an aggressive Iran strategy that included the possibility of a major — "obliterating" — attack.  The hashtag began trending Tuesday night, as word broke that Iran had retaliated against the United States for killing Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani in a surgical strike inside Iraq last week by targeting U.S. military stationed at Iraqi military bases.  The attack did not result in any casualties and may have effectively ended climbing tensions.

The nightmare scenario if Hillary or Biden controlled foreign policy today.  A dive into Hillary Clinton's and Joe Biden's past statements about Iran reveals that America is very lucky that neither occupies the White House.  Looking at their past statements shows that each was an unguided, unprincipled missile who would have made a dangerous Commander-in-Chief.  The DailyWire reports that, since Iran took over the news, the hashtag "#IVotedForClinton" started trending on Twitter: [...] The problem is that Hillary's past behavior had nothing to do with respect, dignity, or statesmanlike behavior.  Hillary, after all, was the Secretary of State who boasted after Muammar Qaddafi's death, "We came, we saw, he died."  (This of course is the same woman who laughed when describing how she her clever legal tactics protected a child rapist from getting convicted.)  When it comes to spiking the football over people's deaths, Hillary and dignity . . . well, let's just say they're not a matched set.

The Media Claims That The NFL Discriminates Against Black Coaches.  The Facts Tell A Completely Different Story.  There has been a renewed panic this year over the supposed lack of black head coaches in the NFL.  To be precise, this panic is renewed every year around this time, when the demographic make up of new coaching hires inevitably fall short of the media's arbitrary expectations.  USA Today tells us that the NFL is "failing coaching candidates of color."  A column on Yahoo Sports laments that "black coaching hires" remain at a "dismal level."  We are not told precisely what the Black Coaching Level is supposed to be.  The Washington Post reports that black coaches are suffering from a "denial of opportunity."

Gun 'sanctuaries' compared to slavery, 'dangerous,' 'ugly,' 'disturbing'.  A new line of attack on Virginia's fast-growing gun sanctuary movement, which is propelling similar pro-gun efforts in other states, compares it to slavery, drawing criticism from movement leaders who have won support in 91% of the state's counties.  In the latest Washington Post slam on the movement, dubbed "vigilantism" in a recent editorial, the paper gave space Sunday to a critic who said the "thinking" behind the organic movement is what propelled slavery and opposed the civil rights movement.  Peter Galuszka called the movement "disturbing," "reactionary," "hysteria," "ugly," and "dangerous."

Pelosi's Democrats unite and catalyze the GOP.  Have you ever heard congressional Democrats pay such homage to the Constitution?  A Martian visitor to the House Democratic impeachment speeches might conclude that he happened upon a cult of constitutional originalists — that earthling James Madison's ghost had possessed every last one of them.  If I hear the words "threat to our democracy" one more time, I might just have to surrender out of sheer listener fatigue. [...] Despite all their professions of love for "our democracy," they are fair-weather supporters of our system and of the people's will, flouting the system whenever it serves their ends.

New Yorker Editor: 'Future of the Earth' Hangs on Trump's Impeachment.  CNN's so-called Reliable Sources has become a home for nutty pontificators.  Host Brian Stelter has welcomed unethical shrinks who have claimed President Trump was the most prolific killer in human history, a former cult member who claims Trump was a "destructive cult" leader, and Dan Rather.  During Sunday's latest edition, he had on New Yorker editor David Remnick, who proclaimed in all seriousness that the "future of the Earth" hung on Trump's impeachment and removal from office.  In talking about what he hoped would change after impeachment, Remnick said he wanted people to understand how high the stakes were when removing Trump from office.  According to him, it was larger than one man; the future of democracy and the world were hanging in the balance.

Nancy Pelosi Compares Impeachment to Battle of the Bulge Against Nazi Germany.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) launched the debate over the impeachment of President Donald Trump on Wednesday by comparing the Democrats' struggle to remove him from office to the Battle of the Bulge against Nazi Germany in World War II.  Described as "Hitler's Last Gamble," the battle began in December 1944, when the Nazis sent 200,000 troops into a surprise attack against American forces.  Though the Americans prevailed, 100,000 were killed or wounded over two months of fighting.  Pelosi drew an analogy between the impeachment debate and that battle, the largest ever fought by the U.S. Army.

Gov. Tim Walz to Trump on refugees: 'The inn is not full in Minnesota'.  Gov. Tim Walz notified the Trump administration Friday [12/13/2019] that the state will continue to welcome refugees, pointedly saying that the "inn is not full in Minnesota."  In a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Walz wrote that he rejects the intent of President Donald Trump's recent executive order requiring state and local governments to independently approve the resettlement of refugees in their communities.  The DFL governor also sought to highlight the contributions of immigrants and refugees.  "Minnesota has a strong moral tradition of welcoming those who seek refuge," Walz wrote.  "Refugees strengthen our communities.  Bringing new cultures and fresh perspectives, they contribute to the social fabric of our state.  Opening businesses and supporting existing ones, they are critical to the success of our economy.

The Editor says...
[#1] Using the phrase "the inn is not full" is an attempt to inject the emotional appeal of Christmas as a diversion.  This is particularly offensive coming from an official of the Abortion Party.  [#2] The immigrants who are being called "refugees" are, in my opinion, no such thing.  They just can't get food stamps in the countries they came from.  [#3] "Refugees strengthen our communities" is an outright lie.  The people calling themselves refugees are either destitute and in need of a handout, or they are Muslims coming here to reproduce rapidly, outnumber us at the ballot box, and then take over the country.  If they were all millionaires and doctors, they might strengthen the community, but they're not.  [#4] "Bringing new cultures and fresh perspectives" is code for the imposition of Sharia law.  It's also code for, "they can't speak English."  [#5] Immigrants are not "critical to the success of our economy."  The economy is doing well already.

Also posted under Lies about immigration.

Emma Thompson Delivers End-Times Climate Prophecy:  Foretells 'Pets Eaten, Crop Failures, and Ruined Lives'.  Oscar-winning actress and climate activist Emma Thompson has seen the future and behold, it is grim.  She warned Thursday [12/5/2019] the "climate crisis" means Britons must prepare for "crop failures" and the prospect of eating their own pets to survive a future of cataclysmic weather events, great suffering and injustice.

The Editor says...
[#1] Being an actress does not enhance the value of one's opinion about the weather.  [#2] One degree of temperature change per century isn't enough to cause anything of this sort.

Pelosi: 'Civilization as we Know it Today Is at Stake in the Next Election'.  During a town hall on CNN on Thursday [12/5/2019], House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that "Civilization as we know it" is "at stake" in the 2020 election, and that she doesn't know if America can "sustain" a second term of President Trump.  Pelosi said, "[T]he damage that this administration has done to America, America's a great country.  We can sustain.  Two terms, I don't know."

Republicans Will Live to Regret Joining Climate Alarmists.  Anxiety about global warming is skyrocketing in the Western world to the point one psychiatrist says, "I believe that everyone now has some climate anxiety."  It's no wonder.  Western leaders stoke the fires.  On November 28, 2019, the European parliament declared a global climate emergency.  Its members were responding in part to a children's crusade to save the planet.  In March 2019, millions of children in over 120 countries skipped school to embark on what has become a series of "climate strikes." [...] "Climate crisis" and "climate emergency" are replacing the neutral-sounding "climate change."  Then there's the threatening "extreme weather," which has become a major focus as warming has stalled over the last two decades. [...] A spokesperson for the climate change activist organization Extinction Rebellion (XR) said the group makes unsubstantiated predictions of billions of deaths within just a few years because "alarmist language works."

How America's Students Need to Get 'Woke'.  Today's university students want to "wake" the nation to problems that they and their professors have identified as threatening our very existence.  And they issue these periodic alarms in hyperbolic terms:  we have just 10, 20 — fill in the blanks — years to end fossil fuel use or else die from global warming.  They warn us that there is a veritable war waged on American women who have been limited to a mere 800,000 abortions on average per year.  Sexism must explain why only 56 percent of college students are women.

We Must Confront 'Climate Change' with Reason Rather Than Emotion.  As you might imagine, alarmists who want to motivate a lackadaisical public would want something more dramatic than "climate change."  Most surveys that ask us to rate "the most important thing'"among a list of policy choices generally rank "climate change" at or near the bottom.  Other priorities are seen as more important, including health care, the homeless, unemployment, education, and perhaps even fixing potholes.  So, ramping up the emotion of "climate change" is important if it is to have a higher priority, and especially if major transformations in lifestyle and government expenditures are required.  The winning terms in Spark Neuro's research were "climate crisis" and "environmental destruction."

CNN Hopes Americans Fret Over Climate 'Catastrophe' This ThanksgivingCNN Newsroom co-host Jim Sciutto and "climate correspondent" Bill Weir spent time Wednesday [11/27/2019] warning it may be "too late" to stop the upcoming environmental global catastrophe.  While most Americans are going to be enjoying their families and remembering what they are thankful for this holiday, the CNN duo claimed families would be sitting around worrying about how the world is going to become uninhabitable in the next decade.  Sciutto opened the segment hyping a new United Nations report that warned humanity was running out of time to stop the impending catastrophe.  "Folks, this is important.  A new United Nations report warns that countries are running out of time to limit — just limit, the climate crisis and it could soon be too late to prevent temperatures around the world from rising to near catastrophic levels.  This is real!" Sciutto fretted, really laying on the dramatics.

The Editor says...
There is no climate crisis.  There is no extraordinary world-wide temperature increase:  Certainly nothing you'd ever notice, and definitely nothing that can or should be fixed by shutting down all industrial activity.

The Emotionalism of the Left.  Those on the left claim they hold their views because they are intellectually superior to those of us on the right.  But studies have shown that liberals are more emotional than conservatives.  Perhaps this is the real reason for their views.  If you look at the positions liberals take on issues, it's easy to see how their emotions drive them, crowding out logic and facts.

After the Impeachment.  There's rough road ahead no matter which of the opponents wins.  The two sides of the deepening conflict are very different in their composition and hot-button issues, but also especially in responses to losing. [...] Here, the Traditionalists, who rely more on factual content and logical coherence, are at a distinct disadvantage in that their issues don't stir the emotions as much as those employed by the Resistance.

Liberal Pundits, Activists Strike Back After Obama Suggests Democrats Not Move Too Far Left.  Liberal pundits and activists criticized former President Barack Obama on Saturday morning after he suggested the Democratic Party should avoid leaning "too far left" ahead of the 2020 election.  Democrats laid into the former president after he urged them to consider a moderate approach during a fundraising meeting Friday [11/15/2019].  Climate activists and pundits turned on Obama, suggesting on Twitter that he was enabling that white supremacists gain a foothold in American politics.

The Editor says...
What does white supremacy have to do with the climate?

Impeachment by Focus Group.  Anyone following the increasingly desperate Democratic impeachment effort will by now be aware that they have exchanged the term "quid pro quo" for "bribery" and "extortion."  They rebranded President Trump's alleged offenses, according to a Washington Post report, after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee conducted a number of focus groups to test their messaging.  The use of a marketing tool for something so serious confirms that, for the Democrats, impeachment is just another election strategy they hope will get traction if they dumb down the narrative.  This betrays breathtaking contempt for the nation's institutions as well as the voters.

Democrats Are Failing the Reality Test.  It's hard to think of a major Democrat issue and proposed solution that is not a fake.  It's an emergency.  What's the emergency?  Everything.  The planet, white privilege, transgender rights, Nazi policies on the border, killer cops.  A health care crisis so dire the government must ban private insurance, private doctors, and private hospitals.  Most of all President Trump is a walking emergency.  His voters are hate-filled bigots who love his authoritarian tendencies.  They are a danger to our democracy.

Nancy Pelosi Says 'The Growing Climate Crisis is the Existential Threat of Our Time'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) issued a statement on Monday [11/4/2019] condemning President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and declaring that the "growing climate crisis is the existential threat of our time."

The Editor says...
There is no climate crisis.  The weather is not an existential threat.  Nobody care about global warming any more.  Even if you're as old as Nancy Pelosi, the climate is indistinguishable today from the climate in the year you were born.

How Did Democrats Get Here?  Ordinary Democrats' extreme hatred of Trump and his supporters is far from normal.  Insisting we enforce immigration laws on the books is not the second coming of Hitler.  Democrats genuinely believe it is.  They talk themselves into nonsense, while Trump is gains popularity among Hispanic voters (who made up 30 percent of the audience at his rally in New Mexico).  The fact that Presidents Clinton and Obama both urged securing our borders makes no difference.  When Trump obeys American law, he is evil.

Bernie Sanders:  Trump Is Racist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Homophobe, Religious Bigot.  Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) campaigned in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Sunday night alongside Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and attempted to slam President Donald Trump with unsubstantiated labels.  "This is, in addition to all of that, a president who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a xenophobe, a homophobe, and a religious bigot," Bernie Sanders claimed.  "This is a president who is trying to divide us up based on the color of our skin, where we were born, our sexual orientation, or our religion."

Pete Buttigieg: 'We Will Not Recognize' America if Donald Trump Is Re-Elected in 2020.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Friday [11/1/2019] that Democrats would not recognize America if President Donald Trump was re-elected in 2020.  "This country cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump," he said.  "We will not recognize it if he gets reelected."

Steve Schmidt:  If Trump Is Not Impeached the American Republic Will No Longer Exist.  On Thursday's broadcast of MSNBC's "Deadline," Steve Schmidt, John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign manager, said President Donald Trump must be removed from office by impeachment or "we don't live in the American republic that existed from 1787 until 2017."

Alex Vindman's Impeachment Testimony Completely Rested On His Personal Opinions.  A lot of rhetoric is being thrown around, both in print media and on TV, about Lt. Col. Alex Vindman's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee about President Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine.  He has been lauded by Democrats and the press (excuse the redundancy), and most of the commentary and reporting ignores any analysis of his allegations about the call.  In Vindman's testimony, I see more appeals to emotion than to analysis and reason.

Democrats may come to regret choosing impeachment over independents.  Ukraine.  Doral.  Impeachment.  Syria.  Schiff and Pelosi.  Hunter and Joe.  Trump and Trump.  Impeachment.  Secret hearings and secret Russian "assets."  Impeachment.  The media can't get enough of it.  Most people have had enough already.

Democrats Seek to Drown Trump in Drama.  Democrats are running their own version of a hostage scenario, only they've taken a sizable portion of the American public hostage to their eardrum-splitting insanity.  Their hope is to create a crushing wave of noise and disruption through the use of bogus impeachment screeds, relentless media attacks, Antifa violence, never-ending investigations, daily Deep State leaks, Intelligence Community hits, strategically placed partisan polls, and the rest of the tactics they are deploying.  That noise becomes overwhelming, which is the point.  The never-ending churn is intended to wear out America to where enough voters so desire a return to "normalcy" that they will submit and vote for the Democrat.  They are trying to force voters to wave the white flag.  Their hope is that drama-exhausted voters will blame President Trump for their misdeeds and pull the lever for the Democrat.

Anti-Trump Psychodrama 10.0?  What do the Kavanaugh hearings, Jussie Smollett, the Covington kids, the Mueller investigation, and now the Trump phone call all have in common?  Staged melodrama, media collusion hysteria, progressive demands that justice be served immediately, promises of walls-are-closing-in blockbuster revelations from new witnesses, supposed surprise revelatory documents, fusions between Democratic politicians and Washington bureaucrats — and then bust, nada, and teeth-gnashing as the truth catches up to various rumor-mongers.

MSNBC: Only Liberal Media Watchers Understand 'Sins of the President'.  Appearing on MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle on Friday morning [10/4/2019], NBC News senior media reporter Dylan Byers warned that President Trump's reaction to the Democrats' impeachment push was a "very strategic effort" and argued that only those getting their news from liberal media outlets would truly understand the "sins of the President." [...] [J]ust minutes before this segment, anchor Stephanie Ruhle declared the President to be a "sociopath" and labeled all Republicans as his "enablers."  Not exactly sober news coverage.

In Trump impeachment, 'no one is above the law' could backfire on Democrats.  "No one is above the law," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she announced the Democratic effort to impeach President Trump over the Ukraine matter.  The phrase has become a Democratic mantra in the new impeachment push.  But it could, in the end, serve to highlight the weakness of the Democratic strategy. [...] Democrats might better say, "No president is above impeachment," which lacks punch but is more accurate.  Doing so, however, would emphasize the political nature of the battle and could make it more difficult for Democrats to win broad support for removing Trump.  So they say, "No one is above the law."  But what, exactly, does that mean?

Krugman: Either Trump Goes to Jail, or 'Thousands of Journalists' in 'Prison Camps'.  Shelby Talcott at the Daily Caller reports New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman was making wild and silly prdictions again, this time about the Trump impeachment attempt:  "Starting to look like two possible outcomes:  Trump and a number of others end up in jail, or thousands of journalists end up in prison camps." [...] This is the kind of crud that leftists throw non-stop, even now, when there isn't a single example of a journalist in jail, despite their wild predictions before the inauguration.

Climate Hysteria Is Damaging Children.  Climate activist Greta Thunberg's recent speech to the United Nations seemed to reveal a deeply troubled individual.  She said her childhood was taken away from her by the looming threat of climate change, and she blamed world leaders for letting it happen.  She has every reason to be upset, but she is directing her anger at the wrong people.  The real culprit is the green catastrophe industry that manufactures crises out of nothing.  The critical ingredient in Thunberg's climate anxiety is her youth.  Had she been older, she would have lived through so many false alarms that she would have grown numb and wary of green catastrophists. [...] Green catastrophism is a never-ending story.  Green activists try to scare people into submission, and the youngest and most ignorant are always the most vulnerable, as evidenced by Thunberg, who falsely believes that the world is heading for mass extinction.

St Greta Thunberg and the fake Climate Change Children's Crusade.  [Scroll down]  Which leads to the current issue of Greta Thunberg and her inflammatory public remarks.  Her exploiters chose to incorporate her vulnerability as an organic part of their latest PR stunt.  This possesses the hallmarks of a well-funded, worldwide propaganda movement that chose to exploit Greta Thunberg and elevate her to the level of secular saint.  These evil clowns have clearly taken advantage of a vulnerable young woman and have managed to weaponize her condition.  That's considerably worse than what got Michael Knowles exiled to Fox News Purgatory for life.  Even worse, far from any opponent using Greta's Asperger's condition as an opening for ad hominem attacks, at least one hard left publication — The Guardian — chose to shamelessly exploit the situation to add even greater levels of virtual signaling to this already appalling case of child exploitation.

Far-Left 'MSNBC' Conspiracy Theorist Joy Reid Says 'White Christian Men' Want Apartheid In America.  Joy Reid, a far-left conspiracy theorist and host on 'MSNBC,' said 'White Christian men' want to bring racially segregated apartheid to America in order to keep power.  [Video clip]

Colorado Communists Protest Outside ICE Warden's Home: 'No Borders, No Nations!'  Communists and anti-enforcement activists in Denver, Colorado, protested outside the home of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility warden, shouting, "No borders, no nations, no racist deportations!"  As Breitbart News has chronicled, Abolish ICE Denver, Denver Communists, and Denver Action Network organized outside the home of Aurora's ICE processing center warden Johnny Choate, arriving in shirts reading, "Let them all in," and, "Close the concentration camps."

Writer Freaks Out Over People Eating Delicious Chick-fil-A: 'They're Eating Fried Chicken SPITEFULLY!'  A Canadian publication, The Star, has printed an unintentionally hilarious editorial by a very disgruntled LGBTQWTF writer, Andrew Wheeler.  Mr. Wheeler is very upset.  His outrage and dismay have been caused by your love of delicious chicken from Chick-fil-A.  How dare you???  In an essay entitled "Chick-fil-A is ideologically opposed to my existence," Wheeler rails against the insensitivity of people who love chicken and waffle fries because it hurts his feelings, or something.

Swedish Teen Activist Exploited by Left Lectures US Congress on Alleged Climate Change.  When the left isn't killing unborn babies, they're exploiting children.  First they trotted out David Hogg to lecture us on the 2nd Amendment, now a 16-year-old from Sweden is lecturing us on non-existent global warming.  16-year-old Swedish 'Climate Change' activist Greta Thunberg appeared before US lawmakers on Wednesday [9/18/2019] to lecture the US on the climate hoax.

Good News.  I rarely watch cable news anymore.  It's all hysteria, all the time.  CNN: "We are destroying the planet."  MSNBC: "The middle class is disappearing!"  President Donald Trump says drug trafficking "is worse than ever!"  I'm glad my favorite magazine, Reason, cuts through the gloom and tells us the truth:  There is less war and more food.  We live healthier and longer lives. [...] It's a surprising message, since most journalists tell us everything's terrible.

Omar Compares Migrant Shelters to Dungeons Used in African Slave Trade.  Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) compared migrant shelters in the U.S. to dungeons used during the African slave trade, according to a video that surfaced Saturday evening [9/14/2019].

How AR-15s Became the Plastic Straws of the Gun World.  Demagogues need scapegoats.  Yet just as banning plastic straws won't make a dent in the ocean-polluting plastics problem, banning "assault rifles" (which aren't) won't save even one life.  It's tragic how, just like faddish teenagers playing a dangerous or stupid social-media-driven prank, so-called adults go on misguided, media-driven, lynch-mob kicks.  Remember when SUVs were demonized as planet killers approximately 15 to 20 years ago?  Some environmentalists claimed that SUV drivers were essentially "hate group" members, and other vandalism-crazy greenies would, ironically, set fire to the vehicles to combat global warming.  Yet SUVs currently appear more popular than ever, and all is quiet on the gas-guzzler front.  What happened?  The demagogues and their dupes have moved on to a different neurotic fixation.

Hands Off the Electoral College.  Everyone had that one annoying childhood friend who would spoil every game. [...] Nothing better typifies the Left's disdain for our institutions today.  The Supreme Court was fine until President Trump appointed two constitutionalist justices, but now, Democrats are openly supporting court-packing to ram their agenda through.  The Senate was fine for centuries, but now, when Democrats control the House but not the Senate, leftists openly call for its abolition.  The latest fad on the left is the push to eliminate the Electoral College, which has lately been tarred as a "racist scam," a "misogynistic and sexist" institution, and the "greatest threat to our democracy."

We've got to throw everything at the climate crisis.  The climate crisis threatens global sea-level rises of well over half a metre if we fail to act, while tidal storm surges will reach many times that height.  Fiercer and more frequent hurricanes will batter us, and millions of people who live in areas where crops have failed and wells run dry will be forced to flee their homes.

The Editor says...
That was just a brief excerpt.  The article goes on at length in a hysterical recitation of dire predictions of certain doom that's almost completely avoidable, if we don't all spend trillions of dollars to stop climate change right now!  But the writer offers no evidence to back up any of her assorted claims (the Amazon jungle is burning up, the polar ice caps are melting, people are fleeing their homes because of the climate, the sea level is rapidly rising, etc.)  We are supposed to accept these claims, apparently, along with her expensive solutions — whether or not you can see any change in the weather for yourself.

The Climate-Change Depressives.  For the past few years, climate-change activism has shifted its focus from the potential dangers of climate change to the present threat of "climate crisis."  If the idea was to scare people into facing the problem squarely, it's working.  But not in the way activists had hoped.  Some on the left are so convinced by claims of flood, drought, and fire that they now deem the problem unsolvable.  Of course, if all the doomsday tales were actually true, then these climate-change depressives would be dead right.  Lucky for all of us, they've merely been taken in by a publicity campaign gone wild.

This man is a buffoon.
Beto O'Rourke declares 'right' to live close to work; rich should 'be forced' to live among poor.  Presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke says it is a fundamental "right" for individuals to live near their place of employment and that wealthy Americans should "be forced" to live among the poor.  "Living close to work shouldn't be a luxury for the rich.  It's a right for everyone," the former Texas congressman tweeted Monday evening [9/9/2019].

One thing to change:  Anecdotes aren't data.  One death from a self-driving Tesla makes worldwide headlines, but the 1.25 million deaths each year from human-driven vehicles don't.  Small children are traumatized by school drills that teach them how to hide from rampage shooters, who have an infinitesimal chance of killing them compared with car crashes, drownings, or, for that matter, non-rampage killers, who slay the equivalent of a Sandy Hook and a half every day.  Several heavily publicized police shootings have persuaded activists that minorities are in mortal danger from racist cops, whereas three analyses (two by Harvard faculty, Sendhil Mullainathan and Roland Fryer) have shown no racial bias in police shootings.  Many people are convinced that the country is irredeemably racist, sexist, homophobic, and sexually assaultive, whereas all of these scourges are in steady decline (albeit not quickly enough).  People on both the right and left have become cynical about global institutions because they think that the world is becoming poorer and more war-torn, whereas in recent decades global measures of extreme poverty and battle deaths have plummeted.

The leftist, Democrat socialist, Green Hypocrite folks talk a good story.  [Scroll down]  Many in this new category are celebrities, politicians, and others with megaphones far louder than their own green moral turpitude.  They're everywhere, it seems, spewing death and destruction from inside their gas-guzzling limousines and Lear jets.  They attend meaningful conferences the world over the better to preach to us of the virtues of ceding trillions of dollars to fend off global climate change.  Examples of fatalistic rhetoric by these greenies unfortunately abound.  U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez famously warns us that we have but ten years to live.

San Francisco Declares NRA a 'Domestic Terrorist Organization'.  San Francisco, the "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens — now crowded with homeless people camping and defecating on sidewalks — has just declared the National Rifle Association a "domestic terrorist organization."  The resolution, which the Board of Supervisors passed unanimously Tuesday, urges the rest of the country to "do the same."  The resolution accuses the NRA or mustering "its considerable wealth and organizational strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence."

The Return of the Tea-Party-is-Racist Smear.  [Scroll down]  My most vivid recollection of the great Tea Party's Taxpayer March on Washington on the National Mall on September 12, 2009 was the white Tea Partiers being overjoyed to meet and greet the few black Americans that turned up at the event.  It was even a bit embarrassing to see how pathetically glad they were to see African-Americans joining their parade.  So there you are:  if the Tea Partiers were overjoyed to see blacks at their march, that's racism, straight up!  But hey:  If you opposed any of President Obama's initiatives, they called you a racist.  If you oppose Affirmative Action or "diversity and inclusion" they call you a racist.  If you attack any liberal black politician they call you a racist.  If you oppose any liberal program they call you a racist.  Not to mention that if you disagree with a feminist they call you a sexist, and if you disagree with an LGBT they call you a homophobe.

Rejection of Moral Absolutes Plagues the Modern Left.  Recently, the GOP candidate in Louisiana's governor's race, Ralph Abraham, made headlines — headlines! — because he ran a 30-second ad that included the phrase "as a doctor, I can assure you, there are only two genders."  They were so aghast at MSNBC that host Chris Jansing declared that Abraham's comments were "incendiary."  According to NewsBusters, Jansing's guest — because the Left must have its "experts" explain to us why there are not only two genders — went even farther and said that to declare that there are only two genders is now "despicable" and "un-American."  In other words, a statement that, just a few years ago, the vast majority of us would've considered so obvious that it was patronizing is now "incendiary" and "despicable."

The Amazon Scam.  Emmanuel Macron may not technically be a celebrity, but he tweets like one.  Prior to the G-7 summit, the French president declared on Twitter, "The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produce 20% of our planet's oxygen — is on fire."  He added that "our house is burning," and called the fires an "international crisis." [...] The Amazon fires are catnip for proponents of radical action on the climate.  They pine for a mediagenic, easy-to-understand planetary emergency and are happy to manufacture one as necessary. [...] Is the Amazon the lungs of the world?  No.  This is drivel based on an erroneous understanding of how the atmosphere gets its oxygen.

AOC's Instagram Rant Confirms Her Cluelessness About Climate Change.  During an Instagram live video, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., discussed her thoughts on climate change.  Her comments were riddled with factual inaccuracies.  In part of her video, Ocasio-Cortez said, "Even when I was on vacation, I woke up in the middle of the night at 3:30 in the morning just concerned about climate change."  As the video continued, Ocasio-Cortez said diseases are going to escape from frozen glaciers and humans will "contract" them.

Yes, Immigrants Should Be Less Dependent On U.S. Welfare, And So Should Everyone Else.  The Trump administration announced long-awaited "public charge" immigration regulations this week, and the furor immediately kicked up to derangement level.  Reason's Shikha Dalmia called the policy a "complete abuse of the original understanding" of the law.  In the Washington Post, opinion writer Paul Waldman said the policy sends a message:  "We hate you and we don't want you here, and if you come we will treat you with all the cruelty we can muster."  CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin went so far as to call the proposed regulation "un-American."  There is very little nuance left in political discourse.  Every administration policy is said to be the key to saving America or the final step in dooming it, depending on your point of view.

The battle cry of the politically homeless.  I'm tired of the toxic tribalism infecting the very foundations of our democracy, straining our relationships, and poisoning our view of our fellow humans.  I'm tired of everyone being outraged, getting worked up over the latest news cycle only to forget about it two hours later.  Tired of being afraid to voice my own opinions, of knowing how saying the wrong thing at a barbecue while someone is filming on their iPhone could result in a nationwide clarion call for my head on a pike.  I'm tired of rage mobs and cancelations.

SUNY Women's Studies Staffer:  Milking Cows Is 'Sexual Assault'.  A new research paper published last week by a staff member of the women's studies department at SUNY Brockport makes the case that the dairy industry's production process involves the "rape" and "sexual assault" of cows.  According to a report by Campus Reform, a staff member of the women's studies department at The College at Brockport, State University of New York argued in a recently published academic journal article that the production of milk on farms is akin to "rape" and "sexual assault.

The Left and Its Dishonest 'Truths'.  [Scroll down]  So how does the Left lie to mischaracterize?  It's oftentimes subtle, but it comes as follows:  If you believe in legal, controlled immigration and want to prevent illegal crossings by supporting border walls, then you are anti-immigrant and a xenophobe.  If you oppose programs such as affirmative action because you believe that blacks are just as capable at succeeding or failing as whites, it doesn't matter.  You hate black people and are therefore a racist.  If you believe that welfare programs should be used more as a helping hand, for when one truly needs them, rather than as a perpetual handout, making one a permanent ward of the state, it doesn't matter.  You hate the poor.  Dare challenge the basic premise of the "gender pay-gap" by stating that the "77 cents on the dollar" average is not based on an objective apples-to-apples comparison — and voilà:  you are now a women-hater!  If you believe that men who self-identify as women shouldn't be allowed to compete in women's sports because it would be unfair for women, it does not matter!  You are a transphobe.  You may not have a problem personally with "marriage" defined between two members of the same sex.  However, what if [...] you still adhere to the biblical definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman?  Guess what:  you're a homophobe.

Red Flags and White Supremacists.  For the past two years, the left's 'go to' words were "Russia," "Mueller," and "collusion."  Mueller's investigation and report were a big swing and a miss and not surprisingly these words have quickly been erased from the vocabularies of cable news anchors and their panels.  On a dime, coincident with a handful of mass shootings, the left's new favorite words are "racist" and "white supremacist."

Proposed Gun Laws Would Do Nothing to Prevent Mass Killings, and Everyone Knows It.  The demonization of "assault weapons" is merely a pretext to get gaggles of ignorant, squealing soccer moms who don't know a muzzle from a buttplate to demand what the Democrats have always wanted: total gun control.

Civil War Over 2nd Amendment?  Pay Attention.  This is the time when a good government can go bad, when the laws of freedom that have governed us for over 200 years are in jeopardy.  It could easily lead to civil war to have everyone who owns a semi-automatic rifle instantly become a criminal.  It's what happens when people run on emotion rather than rational thought on the consequences of their actions.

Nicolle Wallace Apologizes for Saying Trump Is 'Talking About Exterminating Latinos'.  On Tuesday night [8/6/2019], failed McCain/Palin campaign official, former Republican, and MSNBC's Deadline:  White House host Nicolle Wallace apologized for claiming during Monday's show that President Donald Trump has been "talking about exterminating Latinos."

MSNBC host apologizes after guest said 'natural conclusion' of Trump's rhetoric could lead to an 'extermination' of Latinos.  MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace issued an apology Tuesday evening over remarks made during a panel discussion stemming from a guest's suggestion that President Trump has been "talking about exterminating Latinos."  On Monday [8/5/2019], Wallace led a conversation where USA Today opinion columnist Raul Reyes slammed Trump's remarks condemning white supremacy since he had "basically declared open season on Latinos" during his entire presidency.

NBC News contributor raises suspicions over Trump's order to fly US flags half-staff until Aug. 8.  NBC News contributor Frank Figliuzzi said Monday [8/5/2019] that President Trump's decision to fly American flags half-staff until Aug. 8, in response to the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, could be seen by white supremacists as a nod to Adolf Hitler.

Language Now Has No Meaning.  The most fascist group in America today is called "Antifa," short for anti-fascist.  Any criticism of a non-White is called "racism."  Any criticism of a non-male is "misogyny."  An innocent righteous Caucasian male gets tagged before a Senate Judiciary Committee by a perjurious woman as a "rapist."  Even the term "Holocaust" is up for grabs.  Rashida Tlaib finds it "calming" to think about the Holocaust.  Every thing you don't like is a "Holocaust," and every person you don't like is a "Nazi," and every place you don't like is a "concentration camp."

10 Things Democrats Want to Take Away.  Lately, Democrats have been talking a lot about "what's at stake."  Want to know what's at stake?  A booming economy, safer communities, and a strong military.  When everyday Americans look at their bigger paychecks or the "now hiring" signs in their hometowns, they have only one party to thank for that.  Spoiler:  it isn't the Democrats.  No, they fought us every step of the way as we worked to help everyone in this country have a chance at a better life.  When we rolled back regulations that were hurting families and small business owners, they voted NO.  When we overhauled an outdated tax code so that workers and families could get ahead, they voted NO.  And they had plenty of chances to help us with border security, and they always voted NO.

The Suicide 'Squad'.  They're like a Pavlovian experiment gone wrong — whenever anyone challenges them or their assertions, or does not immediately capitulate to their every demand, "RACISM!" is cried.  For the first time in my life I have some pity for Saturday Night Live writers because how do you mock that?  You could have them act rationally in a skit, but that wouldn't work.  For comedy to be truly funny it has to be based in reality.  And the Gang of Four don't live in reality.

The Left's Shorthand Smear Tactics.  Bringing up truths — even when uncomfortable or inconvenient — is not "smearing."  Neither is asking legitimate questions about the ideology, background, or constitutional eligibility of "people of color in politics."  The "smearing" happens when the media, in near-perfect unison, silences the askers with the awful charge of racism.

Genius! Beto O'Rourke:  "In My Administration We Are Going to Make Sure No One Is Criminally Prosecuted for Being a Human Being".  Beto O'Rourke came out with a new promise to voters on Sunday [7/14/2019].  The liberal darling and dunce told reporters he will "make sure" under his administration that "no one is criminally prosecuted for being a human being."  Thank goodness!  That is such a relief.

Fake News Begins With Fake Language.  The term "Alien" has been all but expunged from the immigration vernacular, even though it is a term that is an integral element of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). [...] The media now uses more obfuscating terms to describe illegal aliens.  In addition to referring to them as immigrants (thereby insulting and impugning lawful immigrants) lately they refer to them as "asylum seekers" and "migrants." [...] For many Americans, however, the term "asylum seeker" falsely engenders legitimacy and creates sympathy for illegal aliens.  "Sanctuary Cities" promise to protect "immigrants" from ICE.  Immigrants need no such protection.  Those jurisdiction protect illegal aliens including criminals, fugitives and potentially terrorists.  Americans are well-known for being compassionate and thus using such terminology is designed to generate empathy and obfuscate the truth.

CNN's Bakari Sellers:  Trump Administration Is 'Literally Terrorizing People' With ICE Raids.  Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum argued Sunday [7/14/2019] that the Trump administration is "literally terrorizing people" by going through with planned ICE raids on illegal immigrants under deportation orders.  During a panel segment of "State of the Union" with Jake Tapper, Gillum called the raids a "strategy" designed to "demonize black and brown people" in order to secure a second term in the White House.

Could I have some news with my emotions, please?  Emotion now blankets the media landscape like an infant's crib at bedtime.  Google "Shepard Smith emotional," and up come nearly 3 million results, many of them focused on the Fox anchor's recent visceral response to immigrant suffering.  A search of "Rachel Maddow crying" delivers more than 1 million offerings, many for the MSNBC host's reaction to border detentions and the Mueller report.  "Brooke Baldwin tears" uncovers nearly 2 million entries for the CNN reporter's reaction to a variety of news events.  They are not alone.  Contemporary culture trusts feelings over facts, rewards heated emotion — tears or anger — and rejects medium cool.  The effect on journalism is unmistakable.  And a lot of the blame can be placed on those all-too-common twin devils:  television and the internet.

Former Border Patrol Chief Tom Homan Explodes at Hearing, Goes Off on Unhinged Democrat.  For months Democrats claimed the record border crossings was a manufactured crisis.  Now they are attacking US Border Patrol for not having enough resources.  Congress is responsible to provide resources but they refuse to do their job.  The Democrats took turns attacking former ICE Director Tom Homan.  Rep. Garcia was particularly vile with his attacks on Homan.  Have we not learned from the internment of Japanese Americans?... Do you not care?  Is it because these children do not look like children that are around you?  I don't get it.  Have you ever held a deceased child in your arms?

Why Climate Activists Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction.  Last Saturday [6/22/2019], police in New York arrested 70 people protesting the lack of attention to climate change.  They unfurled a banner that read, "climate change = mass murder" with the word "change" crossed out and replaced by the word "emergency."  It was just the latest in a series of high-profile protests organized by an exciting new environmental group, Extinction Rebellion.  In April, police in London arrested more than 1,000 people committing civil disobedience during a week of protests.  As police arrested Extinction Rebellion protesters on Waterloo Bridge, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke to activists at nearby Hyde Park.  "We are now facing an existential crisis, the climate crisis and ecological crisis, which have never been treated as crises before," said the 16-year-old.

The Lost Left.  What an amazing last week we've had. [...] It wouldn't be correct to judge where the week started, as every one of the Democrats' unnerving errors built upon a previous gaffe.  For example, there was Frederica Wilson, the abjectly, obscenely idiotic congresswoman from the Miami area, who threw a tantrum and demanded that people who make fun of members of Congress ought to be "prosecuted."  Wilson's laughable outburst, or at least her latest one in a never-ending string of them, built upon a similarly stupid statement by her fellow Democrat Congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who amid a shameful trip to a holding facility along our border with Mexico alleged that illegal immigrants housed in that facility were forced to drink out of toilets.

How odd that nobody ever noticed this until now.
Congresswomen Tweet 'Declaration of Independence Is Sexist, Racist, Prejudiced'.  On the Fourth of July, Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) marked Independence Day by tweeting an article from the progressive news outlet Salon, condemning the Declaration of Independence because the document "did not condemn slavery, protect the rights of women or include Native Americans."

Open Borders Mean Closed Opportunities for National Prosperity.  "We Believe No Human is Illegal."  "Black Lives Matter."  "No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor."  One [sign] in my ultra-liberal neighborhood speaks to me more than the others, however, as it tends to provoke a personal identity crisis.  "Everyone is Welcome Here," it reads. [...] This particular slogan also invites questioning as to where the other limits of this sentiment are drawn.  Because surely not everyone should be welcome.  To say that everyone — no matter their character or intentions — is welcome into a country does not just contradict logic and infantilize ethics, politics, and civil society.  It also means that you simply do not have a country anymore.

Democrat 2020 illegal immigration hysteria reaches new heights.  The madness kicked off with the question of what should be done to the thousands of people converging daily at the southern border.  Kamala Harris announced that she "will release children from cages."  John Hickenlooper expressed his utmost disbelief "that this country would sanction federal agents to take children from the arms of their parents, put them in cages, actually put them up for adoption[.]"  "This president, though, for immigrants, there is nothing he will not do to separate a family, cage a child," Eric Swalwell chimed in.  To anyone affected by amnesia, let it be known that the president signed an executive order last year that directed the Department of Homeland Security to keep families together after they were detained crossing the border illegally.

Democrats' New Favorite Word to Bludgeon Trump: 'Ethical'.  Last fall, the New York Times published a "definitive list" of Trump's ethical violations.  With a definitive list already in print, why continue with more now, as the paper did June 13 with a story about the president's comments on listening to trash on his opponents?  Obviously, the Times isn't done with "unethical."  On June 13, Nancy Pelosi got a lot of press for saying, "He does not know right from wrong," but the truth is, that's a ridiculous generalization.  It's the sort of thing progressives, or children, say when they don't like someone.

While We Are on the Subject of Nazis....  The Nazi seizure of power and subsequent destruction of democracy were made possible by Nazi fearmongering that manipulated a German public into voting away their rights.  But it must be noted that the circumstances that led to Hitler's rise to power were something of a perfect storm, and they bear no resemblance to modern America. [...] This has not, however, stopped either party from engaging in more than a little fearmongering of its own. [...] Following the Trump-Hitler comparison, [Don] Lemon suggested an equivalence between Trump supporters and the Kool-Aid drinkers at Jonestown, Guyana.  He also says, "For people of color in this county, this [i.e., the presidential election] is a life or death issue."  This is absurd.  No one, no matter their color or creed, faces "life or death" circumstances at the polls in 2020.

AOC: I'm Outraged That Mitch McConnell Killed The House Border Bill I Voted Against!  The outrage never stops with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.  Today she expressed outraged that a House border funding bill did not pass in the Senate.  She said this despite the fact that she vocally opposed the same bill and refused to vote for it when it was passed by the House earlier this week.

Biden Likens Cultural Effects Of Trump's 2016 Victory To RFK's Assassination.  Former Vice President Joe Biden compared President Donald Trump's 2016 election victory to the assassinations of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King.  Trump's victory awakened the millennial generation to the importance of getting involved in politics, Biden said in an interview Saturday [6/22/2019].  The former vice president is one of 25 prominent Democrats running against Trump in 2020.

The Editor says...
There are not "25 prominent Democrats" running in the 2020 election.  There are about six or eight who have any reasonable chance of being nominated (and then soundly defeated by Trump), followed by various party insiders, mayors and miscellaneous bureaucrats that nobody outside of his or her home state has ever heard of.  The chaff and the dregs are just adding background noise.  And the whole process, in my opinion, is a charade, because the Democratic Party machine has already selected the nominee.

Dangerous Derangement.  America cannot continue as a republic without the acceptance that one party routinely will be turned out of office.  Democrats no longer accept that bedrock principle of American liberty.  They see themselves as the only party entitled to govern.  "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and the Russian collusion frame-up are two faces of the same coin:  Democrats now reject the orderly succession of power through duly constituted elections.  Democrats have whipped the nation into mass hysteria for three years.  It's a destructive game, manipulating people into a rage until Americans see each other as enemies.  Most dangerous of all, driven by the social justice agenda of Obama progressives, Democrats are purposely delegitimizing our democratic institutions.

Ocasio-Cortez Showcases the Left's Reverse McCarthyism.  Backing up one's arguments with facts and sound reasoning is difficult and time consuming, especially when you try to defend a demonstrably bankrupt ideology like socialism.  It's much easier and less time consuming simply to yell "Nazi!" at all conservatives and draw half-witted historical comparisons as Ocasio-Cortez did.

AOC compares border crisis to Nazi Germany as the US gives free healthcare to illegal immigrants.  Because freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., once said that "a very, very long time ago" she had Jews in her family, I'm assuming it's culturally fine for her to make Holocaust comparisons as she sees fit.  But are we allowed to call her an airhead for effectively accusing U.S. Border Patrol agents, which are currently breaking their backs to to save dying Central Americans, of functioning like Nazis?

'I don't use those words lightly': AOC compares US southern border to the Holocaust.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused U.S. immigration officials of running "concentration camps" on the U.S. southern border.  Ocasio-Cortez spoke to her followers on Instagram in another one of her live, unscripted videos on Monday evening [6/17/2019].  The New York Democrat said current U.S. immigration policy rivals the Nazi's treatment of Jews and other prisoners in World War II.  "The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are.  They are concentration camps," Ocasio-Cortez said.

Responsible people recoil when politically pejorative terms are hurled around.  The word "Racist!" has no meaning anymore.  During the Wasted Obama Decade, Holy War rampages by Arab Muslims on Jihad were called "workplace violence," but opponents of Obamacare were called "Racist!" When one compares a contemplative reasoned federal judge who is pro-life with David Duke and Adolf Hitler — well, "Racist!" means nothing.  Maybe that is the reason that the true racists — Al Sharpton, Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, etc. — never are called "Racist!" but instead hurl the epithet at others who simply agree with the economic principles of Milton Friedman or the founding principles of the Constitution.  There is no end to the outrageous defamation and hyperbolic character assassination.

Where's The Apocalypse?  With less than 10 days until the first Democrat debate, the most relevant question each and every candidate should be asked is, "Where's the apocalypse?"  Where is the doom and gloom we were assured would follow Donald Trump's ascendency to the presidency?  Where is the economic meltdown?  Where is the tyrannical usurpation of power?

A Movement of Professional Victims and Conspiracy Theories.  If the radicals had red hats, they would say, "They're Out To Get You."  TOTGY has been the leftist motto since before Marx learned to shave and then decided to stop doing it.  The arc of history may bend toward many places, but the black rainbow serviced by a snarling leprechaun with a PhD and a cocaine problem always begins and ends in the same paranoid place.  They're destroying the planet.  They're hoarding all the wealth.  They start all the wars.  They're dividing the country.  They're killing kids in schools.  They're conspiring with the Russians.  They killed JFK.  The Democrats crave inspirational leaders for the same reason that alcoholics need mouthwash.  It covers up the ugly stench.  Lefties love packaging their hateful ravings, paranoid delusions and plans for world domination with moving soliloquies about everyone coming together to make a difference.

When did Congressional testimony become performance art?  In the last 10 years, the rules of the game have changed.  Politicians, activists and writers are no longer giving testimony to a committee, as [Alexander P.] Butterfield did in 1973.  They are competing for attention and influence on the internet.

Dem Marsha Fudge shouts at GOP rep after being scolded for bashing Trump and 'dumb' supporters on House floor.  Blinded by righteous indignation and hatred of President Donald Trump, Democrats treat rules and protocol as mere inconveniences when it comes to attacking Trump.  All of which made for an interesting exchange on the House floor Tuesday when a Republican member clashed with a colleague from across the aisle.  In an apparent effort to skirt the rules, Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, read an alleged constituent letter that described the president as a "mobster, a con man, a gangster" and said he was "sexually condescending to women."

'Foolish insult': Biden blasted for promising to 'cure cancer'.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has received a wave of backlash for promising to finding a cure to cancer if he is elected in 2020.  "I've worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I'm elected president you're gonna see single most important thing that changes America, we're gonna cure cancer," Biden said in Iowa on Tuesday [6/11/2019].  When Biden was vice president to President Barack Obama, he had led the "Cancer Moonshot," which resulted in a report outlining recommendations for funding and areas to focus research.  Biden also lost one of his sons, Beau, to cancer in 2015.

It may be too late to save the natural world, says Prince Charles.  Prince Charles fears the natural world may be doomed as efforts to counter climate change are 'coming too late'.  The lifelong environmental campaigner, 70, admitted the loss of biodiversity 'terrifies me' and said 'the really difficult thing' is presenting acceptable alternatives for people.  He said a key issue is the 'untold damage' done to the world's water cycle, in a nod to the fact that 'we seem to have forgotten that everything in nature is interconnected'.

The Editor says...
If you are terrified by "the loss of biodiversity," whatever that means, then you are a snowflake who watches too much television.

The Seven Self-Serving Stratagems of the Despotic Left.  Today America is in a state of confusion and uncertainty as a vast swath of the American electorate is deluged with inscrutable conversations by the body politic meant only to obfuscate and deceive.  Among these are the fictitious wonders of socialism, the necessity of an across-the-board transformation of a supposed flawed culture, and the invented character failings and policy shortcomings of a faux tyrant, Donald Trump.  Lost amid all the storm and fury of accusations, fabrications, fealty to failed ideology and childish name-calling is the reality that the threat to this nation is not any failed philosophical belief or the duped throughout society espousing them, but the increasing number of zealots manipulating the masses to vote for them through utopian promises and empty rhetoric.

The UN's species extinction fraud.  We have encroached on the habitat of some animals.  But in fact not a single species has been shown to be either threatened or endangered by warming of the Earth by man's increasing use of fossil fuels and the carbon dioxide emissions therefrom.  The recent alarmist report, to the contrary, issued by the UN, contains no physical evidence whatever.  It is entirely based on cherry picked sampling data which is then fed into a mathematical equation primed to yield the absurd alarmist report which a willing media announces in shrieking tones (as usual).  These people know they are lying but are not bothered by it, which is why we get so many horrid politicians.

Climate change scare stories reach the point of psychological terrorism.  The corporate media cartels have become hubs of hatred and "journo-terrorism" that targets the psyche of the masses.  The quack science hoax of so-called "climate change" is used to terrorize the public into believing that their planet will somehow be destroyed by carbon dioxide — the very molecule that has been rapidly re-greening the Earth over the past four decades, according to NASA.  Now, a new round of "science" has been studying the mental stress of the victims of this psychological terrorism pushed by the dishonest media, and they've reached an even more bizarre conclusion.  Scientists now claim that climate change is causing "mental anguish" among humans.  Seriously.  Of course, the real source of the mental anguish is the lies and panic propaganda of the corporate media and the pathetic scientific establishment which has figured out that if you want more government grant money, you have to conduct "research" that identifies some new crisis to be blamed on climate change.  In fact, the very phrase "climate change" isn't scary enough yet to achieve the desired goal of mass mental terrorism, so media outlets around the world are now ordering their obedient writers to start using the phrase "climate crisis."

Calling climate change 'catastrophic' makes it harder to find real answers.  Ever notice how, in the last decade or so, we quietly stopped just having storms and started having "extreme weather events"?  It feels like no temperature drop or seasonal downpour is too small for the media to slap a scary name on it and issue minute-by-minute warnings.  Well, now some news outlets and campaigners are trying to do the exact same thing for climate change itself.  "Global warming" isn't scary enough to push through the expensive bills campaigners want.  Instead of "climate change," The Guardian has now decided to call it "climate emergency."  And the British newspaper isn't alone:  Democratic presidential candidates including Beto O'Rourke and Kamala Harris use similar language, as does Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Impeach or get off the pot, Democrats.  When House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler and Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the United States had been plunged into a "constitutional crisis," a large swath of the media took to plying this fantasy for them.  "Ever wonder what a constitutional crisis looks like?  Well, open your eyes," CNN's Don Lemon explained to his viewers.  "The president of the United States is just blowing right through our system of checks and balances, the very thing that is supposed to keep our Congress, the judiciary, and the executive branch working, which means our country working."  None of this is remotely true.  Our checks and balances are working exactly as they should.

Cohen Pushes Pelosi to Impeach Trump Because He's 'Raping the Country'.  Rep. Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.) on Monday called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, accusing him of "raping the country."  Cohen stood up and yelled for Trump to be impeached during a Democratic Steering and Policy Committee meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), prompting Pelosi to push back saying, "This is not about politics, it's about what's best for the American people," according to Politico.

Study: Many Democrats Claiming Mental Distress After Trump Election Were Faking It.  In the wake of the 2016 election, liberals nationwide were claiming significant mental/emotional distress.  Last month so-called comedian Chelsea Handler claimed Trump's election drove her to drugs and to seek psychiatrist help for anxiety relief, yada, yada, yada.  But, according to a new study published in SAGE Open (an open-access, peer-reviewed, academic journal), many registered Democrats were embellishing their mental anguish "as a means to back their party."

CNN Goes Melodramatic To Push Gun Control Agenda After Colorado Shooting.  CNN took to not only politicizing the recent school shooting in Colorado but doing so with a melodramatic new gimmick.  Brooke Baldwin simply emoted into the camera as images flashed behind her on a screen.  First, you see Baldwin at her desk at CNN.  Then, you see the inside of a classroom where students are discussing the incident.  "I'm afraid that one day I'll go to school and I'll never come out," one grieving student sobs.  "What actions will you take to protect people like me and my classmates from this happening?"  Then we see Baldwin again, hands folded in her lap, glaring angrily at the camera.

"Little Girl Voice" of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling America to Fascism.  The "little girl voice" is a prime prop in the lexicon of Justice Democrat Casting Call Winner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).  Tell folk the planet on which they live will be dead and gone within 12 years, and what you get is a scare monger's Big Fail.  Say it in the plaintive voice of a 'little girl' and all bleeding heart liberals will flock to your rescue like seagulls to strewn garbage.  Little girl voices always engender immediate sympathy.  Just ask Christine Blasey Ford during her epic attempts to destroy Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  But everything about AOC is a well orchestrated ACT of which her little girl voice is only the most recognizable part.

Gillibrand says Roe faces doom with Kavanaugh on SCOTUS.  Presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., warned Wednesday that "radical" Supreme Court Justices like Brett Kavanaugh put abortion rights in grave danger.  "We used to believe in precedent in this country," Gillibrand said during an appearance on MSNBC.  "But under President Trump, he's trying to upend the entire court system."

Don't You Know It's the End of the World?  The annual United Nations Global Environment Outlook is just out, and it goes way beyond anything previously "reported."  Environmentalists are desperate to eliminate fossil fuels and shift energy production to their favored industries, so they've discovered that the climate is not just worsening.  Rather, it's the end of the world.  The report was the product of an organization that calls itself "the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda."  I thought individual countries set their own agendas, not a bunch of bureaucrats with headquarters in Nairobi, but the U.N. begs to differ.

Trump vs.  Congress Isn't a 'Constitutional Crisis,' It's How the Constitution Is Designed to Work.  House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say we are now in a "constitutional crisis" because Attorney General William Barr declined to comply with a Judiciary Committee subpoena for the unredacted Mueller Report and underlying materials based on President Trump's assertion of executive privilege.  The Judiciary Committee responded by recommending, with a party-line vote, that Barr be held in contempt.  The Democrats' pronouncement comes amidst other disputes between the executive and legislative Branches:  Barr's no-show at a Judiciary Committee hearing; the Treasury Department's refusal to provide the House Ways & Means Committee with Trump's business and personal tax information; and the unresolved effort by the House Intelligence Committee to get the full Mueller Report, ostensibly for counterintelligence purposes.

Adam Schiff:  America Will Not Survive Another Four Years with Trump.  Sunday on ABC's "This Week," House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) proclaimed America could not survive another four years of Donald Trump as president.  Schiff said, "I don't think this country could survive another four years with a president like this who gets up every day trying to find new and inventive ways to divide us."

Fake Illegal Alien Families.  Remember Time magazine's fake-news "Crying Girl," promoted in June 2018 as a global symbol of Trump's heartless "zero tolerance" stance?  Two-year-old Yanela Sanchez was never separated from her mother.  In fact, she had been dragged across the border unbeknownst to and against the wishes of her father back in Honduras.  He obliterated the "all migrants are simply escaping persecution and violence" narrative by revealing that he had a "good job" and the family's life was "fine."  He "never got the chance to say goodbye" to his daughter before his wife paid a coyote $6,000 to bring them to the U.S.  Yanela's mother, who now bides her time awaiting an immigration-court hearing in migrant housing in Washington, D.C. (most likely subsidized by you and me), abandoned her husband and three other children for a chance to win in the asylum-fraud lottery.  She made the decision to tear her own family apart, not Trump.

Children Have to Listen to Fake News, Too, and It's Not Good for Them.  [Scroll down]  Then there are the children who live each day in the certain knowledge that climate change means they'll never live through their twenties.  The youth-based Sunrise Movement describes its adherents as "ordinary young people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places we love."  Can you name any other organization that identifies it members as "people who are scared"?  When a group of Sunrise kids showed up outside Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office demanding she vote for the Green New Deal, they were pleading, "We have come to a point where our Earth is dying, literally," and "[s]cientists have said that we have 12 years to turn this around."

Did Swalwell Really Just Compare Mueller Report to September 11?  Yes.  Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who thinks President Trump is a Russian agent (and, yes, I will mention this every day until the primary), has made another farfetched comparison.  On Twitter, he put special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation on par with the attack on Pearl Harbor and the September 11 terror attacks by way of condemning Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin.

The Brainwashing of a Nation.  Since the Left still lacks total control over the United States, it relies on repetition, itself a form of control and stress, to create fear and panic.  It makes up for its lack of physical control by bombarding Americans with messages meant to inspire fear, love, hate and guilt through the media, through the educational system, through entertainment and through every possible messaging channel.  Global Warming panic is one of a succession of manufactured leftist crises in America that began with a class crisis. transitioned to a racial crisis, and then to an environmental crisis.

Hirono to Barr: 'You Lied to Congress ... You Lied ... You Should Resign!'  At a hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election held today by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono (Hawaii) spent nearly all of her allotted time not asking questions of the witness, Attorney General William Barr, but berating him as a flunkie for President Trump and repeatedly accusing him of lying to Congress.  "You lied to Congress," claimed Hirono.  "You told Rep. Charlie Crist [D-Fla.] that you didn't know what objections Mueller's team might have to your March 24th so-called summary.  You told Sen. Chris Van Hollen [D-Md.] that you didn't know if Bob Mueller supported your conclusions, but you knew.  You lied.  And now we know."

Biden goes light on policy, heavy on emotion.  Joe Biden has a healthcare plan, but doesn't "have the time to completely lay out all the details."  He also has a proposal for college debt, but no specifics on that either because "I don't have time; I don't want to keep you standing any longer."  The former vice president's ideas on climate change and foreign policy?  Also works in progress.  Yet there's time for relatively lengthy anecdotes about how his dad long ago was unable to secure a loan to help send him to a school he wanted to attend.

David Attenborough, dead bats and how radical Green propaganda relies on tragedy por.  "Tragedy porn" is now a standard green propaganda technique.  You've probably been on the receiving end of it, and will recognise it once I describe it.  First of all you need a victim.  Animals — preferably fluffy ones, and preferably with large eyes — are ideal, but people will do at a pinch.  Then you have to film them in the process of dying or otherwise suffering.  A presenter or scientist needs to be on hand to describe the events, preferably choking away their tears.  Then you blame global warming.  It is often an effective technique, but care is required.  Last week, tragedy porn proved to be the undoing of Sir David Attenborough, when on Netflix a carefully contrived story that global warming was driving walruses over cliff tops unravelled over the course of a week, as a series of flaws were discovered in the narrative and in the tales spun by the production team as they attempted to cover up what they had done.  Once it emerged that the production team may well have played a role in causing the tragedy, it all started to look a bit problematic.

Indy Deli Owner Welcomes NRA Guests, Councilman Says He's Feeding Nazis.  The City of Indianapolis welcomed the NRA convention to town last week.  You won't be surprised to know that not everyone was thrilled with the members' presence.  It's not every day, however, that a city-county councilor becomes so unhinged that he accuses a Jewish deli owner of "feeding Nazis".  That's what happened when Brian Shapiro, owner of Shapiro's Deli, welcomed convention-goers to Indianapolis and extended his hospitality.

Another Warning Of 'Imminent' Climate Catastrophe.  The Washington Post, apparently written and edited by the descendants of Henny Penny, is advising us to "start planning for the fact that climate change is" going to cause natural disasters to become more destructive.  "The Environmental Protection Agency published a 150-page document this past week with a straightforward message for coping with the fallout from natural disasters across the country," the Post reported over the weekend.  "The language, included in guidance on how to address the debris left in the wake of floods, hurricanes and wildfires."  Apparently we are to be not only supposed to be frightened by the report, we should also exasperated because it "is at odds with the rhetoric of the EPA's own leader, Andrew Wheeler."  But then being "at odds" with previous predictions of human-caused weather catastrophes means being in accord with reality.

Fake Climate Science and Scientists.  Real science — and real scientists — seek to understand natural phenomena and processes.  They pose hypotheses that they think best explain what they have witnessed, then test them against actual evidence, observations and experimental data.  If the hypotheses (and predictions based on them) are borne out by their subsequent findings, the hypotheses become theories, rules, laws of nature — at least until someone finds new evidence that pokes holes in their assessments, or devises better explanations.  Real science does not involve simply declaring that you "believe" something, It's not immutable doctrine.  It doesn't claim "science is real" — or demand that a particular scientific explanation be carved in stone.

Hillary Clinton Compared The Mueller Report To 9/11.  Hillary Clinton weighed in on special counsel Robert Mueller's report in a Wednesday op-ed and compared "the president's possible obstruction of justice" to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  The 2016 Democratic nominee for president claimed in the op-ed that the Mueller report revealed a "serious crime against Americans" committed by President Donald Trump.  Her allegations come after Attorney General William Barr announced on April 18 there was no evidence Trump conspired with Russians or committed an obstruction of justice.

Democrats Are Using Ilhan Omar As An Excuse To Chill Speech.  Democrats have spent the past two-plus years accusing the president of the United States and his allies of seditiously conspiring with our enemies to destroy "democracy."  For the most part this fairytale has been cynically deployed by politicians to undermine the legitimacy of a Republican presidency, yet millions of Americans now believe their votes were upended by a foreign power.  There is no more serious charge against an elected official than treason.  Then again, for decades before the 2016 election, Democrats argued that Republicans were literally killing their fellow Americans when cutting taxes, murdering the sick when rejecting nationalized health care, and sentencing the poor to death when rejecting socialist schemes.  Not to mention suppressing the minority vote when asking for ID, engaging in Nazi-like actions when enforcing existing border laws, and destroying the world when failing to embrace a takeover of the economy.  And so on.

Beto O'Rourke's 3 Lies That Will Cost Him the Election.  [#3] Trump Put Kids in Cages:  This is the biggest lie of the bunch.  Before we destroy it, we'll acknowledge that under President Trump, immigrant children have been separated from their families.  That's the closest thing to a tinge of truth in Beto's statement.  Here's the real breakdown.  The separation of families at the border is a law that was written by Democrats, signed into law by President Clinton and then upheld by Democratic judges in the 9th Circuit.  It isn't President Trump's policy at all, and anyone who paid any attention would know that this practice happened under Obama's 8 year reign.  The change that President Trump introduced was to get rid of the actual cages.  Maybe you've seen a picture circulating of children in chain-link cages?  That was under Obama's Administration.  It was Donald Trump who ended that practice.  Beto isn't stretching the truth on this one.  He's telling as big a lie as there is.

Pelosi: 'It Is Deeply Alarming That the Trump Administration Official Who Put Children in Cages Is Reportedly Resigning Because She Is Not Extreme Enough'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said in a statement Monday morning "that it is deeply disturbing" that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is resigning because she is "not extreme enough for the White House's liking."  "It is deeply alarming that the Trump Administration official who put children in cages is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough for the White House's liking," said Pelosi.  "The president's dangerous and cruel anti-immigrant policies have only worsened the humanitarian suffering at the border and inflicted vast suffering on the families who have been torn apart," Pelosi said.

The Editor says...
[#1] The president's efforts against illegal immigration are merely an attempt to enforce the law.  There is nothing dangerous or cruel about keeping invaders and freeloaders out of this country.  [#2] If there is any "humanitarian suffering at the border," it is entirely the fault of the Central American opportunists who have been lured to the north by the aroma of food stamps, AFDC, and an excessively-high minimum wage.  [#3]  Many of "the families who have been torn apart" are not families at all.

Eric Swalwell's New Campaign Slogan Ruthlessly Mocked On Twitter.  Less than an hour after tweeting his presidential bid announcement Monday evening [4/8/2019], Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell used another tweet to share with America what appeared to be his new campaign slogan.  "Are you ready America?" Swalwell tweeted.  "Let's go big, be bold, and do good!"

Beto O'Rourke Is Fauxbama.  "Let us be clear: we will not be defined by our fears or the smallness of our differences; we will instead be known by our ambitions, our aspirations and the resolve, the creativity, the service and sacrifice by which we will have achieved them," O'Rourke says on Twitter, delivering the kind of pre-chewed pablum Obama could have delivered, and probably did.  It's possible to get excited about this kind of thing, but it takes some doing.  "Whatever our differences — where you live, who you love, to whom you pray, for whom you voted in the last election, let those differences not define us or divide us at this moment," O'Rourke said at his El Paso campaign kickoff.  "Let's agree going forward, before we are anything else, we are Americans first."  As if anyone was saying we were Hungarians first.

Sen. Udall: 'We Now Have a New Kind of Refugee - Climate Refugees'.  Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) used his opening statement at an Appropriations subcommittee hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency's 2020 budget request to warn about the existence of "a new kind of refugee — climate refugees" — a byproduct of climate change.  "First and foremost, this administration has abandoned all efforts to fight climate change, and you've personally doubled down on that by denying climate change is even a major crisis.  Administrator Wheeler, climate change is a major and very real crisis," said Udall, ranking member of the Subcommittee on Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies.

The Editor says...
The climate changes constantly.  It always has.  Neither short-term nor long-term changes in the weather are crises.  Moreover, there are no climate refugees.  Nobody is coming to this country because the climate in their former home country is insufferable.  Residents of the U.S. routinely move from one place to another, in some cases annually, because they like the weather somewhere else.  (For example, one might live in Houston in the winter and Kennebunkport in the summer.)  Such a person is not a climate refugee.

Social Justice Is at Odds with American Ideas of Justice.  The Left has a particular interest in what it misleadingly calls "social justice."  This demands that historical injustices committed against members of particular victim groups require not only government assistance, but also the differential application of criminal justice.  This is the root of the Left's recent talk of "mass incarceration."  The racially different outcomes in criminal sentencing are deemed a massive injustice without regard to differences in the per capita rate of crimes.  According to this way of thinking, the fairness of the procedures that were involved in any particular person's incarceration may be ignored; the mere fact of inequality of outcome by itself cries out for justice in the eyes of the Left.  Leftist social justice is diametrically opposed to the Anglo-American tradition of individualized justice.

Why do the least-bright people rise to the top?  That the greatest nation on the planet has to suffer fools like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, every anchor at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, Bill Maher, all the late-night not-comics, celebrities who pay to get their kids into colleges they would not be admitted to on their own merit, is a tragedy, the tragedy of wealth and success.  Our left bothers itself with mounting numbers of gender identities, intersectionality, non-sensical notions about race (they now support segregation), and the thoroughly idiotic obsession with climate change.  This is the plight of a wealthy nation.  The leftists have to invent things to be mad about.  There can never be happiness, gratitude for what our nation has accomplished and provided to the rest of the word.  No.  There can only be anger, dissatisfaction and rage against old crimes, slights and perceived offenses.

The perils of the 'Chicken Little' approach to fighting climate change.  The United Nations opened the bidding by announcing last year that we had 12 years to keep the pace of climate change from accelerating too fast to contain the damage.  Like a high-school game of telephone, this quickly became a blanket statement that we have "12 years to save the planet." [...] There are people who nonetheless believe that climate change is a world-threatening calamity and that exaggeration is a necessary tool to galvanize public opinion.  If you Google the phrase "12 years to save the planet," you will find people who think it's literally true.

Democrats Introduce $100 Million 'End Diaper Need' Act.  Two Democratic congresswomen on Thursday introduced the "End Diaper Need Act of 2019", a bill they say "would create a $100 million demonstration program for distributing free diapers and diapering products in states, communities, and nonprofits around the nation to help reduce the diaper need in low-income families and underserved communities."  Representatives Barbara Lee from California and Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut are the sponsors.  "No family should have to choose between buying diapers for their child or buying groceries — but that is exactly the situation many families face every day," said Congresswoman DeLauro in a press release.

The Editor says...
From what I've seen at convenience stores, the lower-class customers have plenty of money for cigarettes, beer, and lottery tickets.  In fact, they're probably poor because they make unwise choices and they have faulty priorities.  In the example above, the Congresswoman claims that there are poor people who can't buy groceries if they buy diapers.  Nonsense.  People like that don't buy groceries at all.  You and I are already buying their groceries with food stamps.

Changing the Rules.  The news cycle is so unnaturally shrill as if it was the status quo itself was screaming.  From unenacted policies to the automatic assignment of blame to Western civilization the news cycle has become one continuous rant.  Referring to the root causes of the Christchurch mosque massacre a Slate article argued: "we are a nation born of shame.  A white-majority Australia exists only as the result of a genocidal invasion."  Speech has never been more dangerous nor points of view more opposed.  When the demand isn't "why didn't you denounce this" or "why didn't you apologize for that" it is may be "why did you misgender me?"  You can go to jail for saying "he" instead of "she".

Cory Booker blames flooding in the Midwest on lack of empathy.  Senator Cory Booker got his sanctimonious platitudes mixed up yesterday [3/18/2019] in an on-air interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.  The topic was "hate" and the unspoken target beyond obvious, so perhaps secure in the knowledge that there would no probing challenges coming his way from MSDNC, he put his brain on auto-pilot as he activated the synapses, leading to his store of vaguely profound-sounding empty banalities.

Beto the Buffoon.  During his online announcement speech, O'Rourke warned that the United States faces "maximum peril," but the nation remains the "the last great hope of Earth."  At a speech in Iowa, O'Rourke warned that "not to be dramatic, but literally, the future of the world depends on us right now."  In other words, if Americans do not elect Beto as their next President, the world may self-destruct.  Clearly, this candidate is a total clown.

Inslee: Humanity Down to 'One Chance at Survival' Because of Climate Change.  Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee said humanity is down to one last "chance at survival" because of climate change.  Campaigning in New Hampshire, the single-issue Democrat called for a "full-scale, full-throated" response to combating the weather.  "We have exactly one chance left to defeat climate change — and that's during the next administration," Inslee said during a living room stop in Bedford, N.H., over the weekend, the Guardian reported.

We will never bow to the leftist mob's attempts to silence us, no matter what.  As anyone who has ever been caught in its gears can tell you, the great American outrage machine is a remarkable thing.  One day you're having dinner with your family, imagining everything is fine.  The next, your phone is exploding with calls from reporters.  They read you snippets from a press release written by Democratic Party operatives.  They demand to know how you could possibly have said something so awful and offensive, and ask something like, "Do you have a statement on how immoral you are?"  It's a bewildering moment, especially when the quotes in question are more than a decade old.  There's really not that much you can do to respond.  It's pointless to try to explain how the words were spoken in jest or taken out of context, or in any case, bear no resemblance to what you actually think or would want for the country.  None of that matters.  Nobody cares.  You know the role you're required to play.  You are a sinner that needs the forgiveness of Twitter.

Al Gore says climate change can 'bring about the end of civilization' during talk in Atlanta: report.  Former Vice President Al Gore turned up the rhetorical heat during a conference in Atlanta on Thursday, where he warned that climate change could bring about the end of civilization.  "What is going on in the public square right now is more important than any time since the Civil War," Gore said before an audience of nearly 2,000 people.  "We are facing an ecological crisis that can bring about the end of civilization."

Democratic Presidential Candidates Perfect Orwell's Language Manipulation.  Then there is Cory Booker, a speaker who often reverts to the rhetorical device known as "the big stick."  When asked about paying for the Green New Deal, Booker responded by raising his voice and barking that "we can have it both ways."  By this he implies that there would be no crippling cost to eliminating carbon fuels.  Sen. Booker did not explain just how this would work, as if vigorously asserting that having it both ways were the same as doing so.  But what is really meant by "having it both ways"?

Debunking Decades of Climate Alarmism.  As The Daily Signal's Jarrett Stepman reminds us, "Panics over looming environmental and climate apocalypse have been with us for a long time."  The rise of environmental and climate alarmism began in earnest during the 1960s and '70s, but the path began long before that.  As Stepman explains, "Thomas Malthus famously predicted in his 1798 book 'An Essay on the Principle of Population' that population growth would overtake food supply and mass starvation would result unless population controls were implemented."  Subsequent centuries have featured similar trepidation.  There are five notable examples, says Stepman, beginning with the inaugural 1970 Earth Day.  At the time, North Texas State University professor Peter Gunter ominously predicted, "By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine."  Conversely, undernourishment has plummeted worldwide.

Truly Bad People.  "The world is coming to an end" is meant to inspire only disaster avoidance if obedience is granted to liberals' demand.  This occurs on nearly every issue.  Climate change will kill you, unless Democrats get their way.  President Trump is going to start a civil war if he's not reelected.  You name it and Democrats are offering a false choice between destruction or salvation, a salvation that can only be granted by surrender.  An Associated Press story on global warming opens with, "A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed..."

Kamala Harris Asks CBP: Why Do You Take Toys Away From Children in Your Custody?  At a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) expressed more concern about the welfare of illegal alien children in U.S. custody than she did about the welfare of those same children on the perilous journey north, when they are subject to all kinds of injury and sexual abuse.  Harris was particularly concerned about allegations of sexual abuse in U.S. detention facilities; and about the removal of toys from children in Customs and Border Protection custody.

Hillary Clinton says country is in 'full-fledged crisis' during speech in Selma to mark 'Bloody Sunday'.  Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered a stark view of the country on Sunday, comparing the current "crisis in our democracy" to the turbulence that occurred amid the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.  Speaking during a reception in Selma, Ala. to mark the 54th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" and to receive the International Unity Award at the Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King Unity Breakfast, Clinton said that the United States is facing a "full-fledged crisis in our democracy."

The Age of the Hyper-Authentic Para-Social Pseudo-Celebrity Politician.  Have you noticed more and more politicians broadcasting their visits to the dentist or live-streaming themselves cooking their favorite Instant Pot mac-and-cheese recipe or posting footage of themselves chugging beer in their kitchen (as Beto O'Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren have all done)?  You're not alone.  These efforts at hyper-authenticity are rapidly becoming the new normal.

The 5 Biggest Widely Accepted Lies in Politics.  [#5] Diversity is a strength:  While you might be able to make the argument that diversity of thought is a strength, diversity itself is a weakness.  In fact, much of the political infighting, hatred, and disagreement in modern American politics centers around diversity.  Every disagreement between a liberal minority and non-liberal white American is summed up as racism.  Every failing of a woman or female disagreement with a man is summed up as sexism.  We can't have a sane immigration policy because it's declared as racism against Hispanics.  Accusations of racism and sexism have almost completely replaced arguments and rational thought on the Left because who needs to have good ideas if you can just argue that your opponents' arguments are invalid because they're bad people? [...] All across the planet, the more diversity you see in culture, the more strife, bloodshed and, problems you see.

Rep. Omar Laments Low Pay of McDonald's Employees Who Work '40 Hours a Day'.  Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.-Minn.) said in a Thursday morning hearing of the House Education and Labor Committee that the Chief Executive Officer of McDonald's gets paid $21.8 million a year while the median earnings for workers at the restaurant chain "who put in 40 hours a day" is $7000 per year.  The hearing was examining the possibility of lifting the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.  On Thursday evening [2/7/2019], Omar tweeted out a video clip of her talking at the hearing about McDonald's workers who put in "40 hours a day."  Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D.-Mich.) then retweeted Omar's tweet.

The Editor says...
Please think before you tweet — unless you're a Democrat.

Why Climate Change Isn't Science.  Strictly speaking, "Climate Change" theory isn't really a scientific theory at all. [...] What "Climate Change" is, is a bunch of doomsday predictions.  Now, predictions are the critical part of the scientific method.  They are what enable a theory to be proven or disproven.  If they prove false, they're also the best way to refute a theory.  Climate change alarmists have made lots of predictions.  Perhaps too many, because not one of their predictions whose expiration date has passed has proven correct.  Here's a sampling, courtesy of Anthony Watts [...]

The Unilateral Disarmament Of Conservatives.  Conservatives will always have logic, facts and commonsense on their side, but that only goes so far.  Where they fail is in the emotion-driven narratives.  Of course, they (the Left) have a willing and compliant media structure behind them who would rather spends hours of coverage about the plight of an illegal immigrant caravan and devote scant minutes to the victim of a crime at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

DC school won't play sports at Christian school where Karen Pence teaches: 'They feel unsafe'.  A progressive school in the nation's capital said its students will not be playing sports at the school where Second Lady Karen Pence teaches part-time because of safety concerns.  Jessica Donovan, headmaster of Sheridan School, a K-8 institution located in northwest D.C. that has a tuition of more than $36,000 a year, sent a letter to parents saying Immanuel Christian School's policies were an "obvious challenge" given the school's "fundamental belief in diversity and inclusion."

The Editor says...
This is the first time I've seen anyone claim that a lack of "diversity and inclusion" was a safety issue.

Harris Urges Gun Control:  Put Members of Congress in a Locked Room With Autopsy Photos of Babies.  Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) told a CNN town hall Monday night she has a "harsh" suggestion on how to force Congress to pass stricter gun control.  Citing the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Harris noted that "twenty 6- and 7-year-old babies were massacred," but still, Congress "failed to act."  "I think somebody should have required all those members of Congress to go in a room, in a locked room, no press, nobody else, and look at the autopsy photographs of those babies.  And then you vote your conscience.["]

The Editor says...
A six-year-old is not a baby.  I wonder if Ms. Harris would care to see photos of some of the millions of actual babies killed by the abortionists that her party eagerly supports.

The Famed 'Doomsday Clock' Is Little More Than A Liberal Angst Meter.  When the Doomsday Clock launched in 1947, the initial setting was seven minutes to midnight.  Since then, it's gone up and down.  The furthest it got from doomsday was 17 minutes in 1991.  But it's clear from its movements over the past seven decades that the Doomsday Clock is more about politics than any sort of scientific measure of the risk of nuclear annihilation.  After all, the Clock routinely counted down after a Republican wins the White House, and ticked up when Democrats reclaim the presidency.

Apocalypse Creep.  Nothing says "end of the world" like a big fake clock.  The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists gave its annual Doomsday Clock presentation on Thursday [1/24/2019] and announced that it's still two minutes to midnight.  Last year, the group of 15 scholars and scientists moved the phony minute hand of fate 30 seconds closer to Armageddon, from two-and-a-half minutes to midnight to its present setting, 11:58 pm sharp.  By the Bulletin's logic, we're as close to the end as we've ever been.  The whole thing is adorably retro.

Mean-Spirited' Partisan Extremists.  The Left, and the mainstream media are highly adept at poisoning the well of public opinion.  For years they have used labels to malign, disparage and frame the narrative of the day along the lines of Republicans are racist, xenophobic, sexist, hateful, evil, and my personal favorite, "mean-spirited."  The "mean-spirited" label was used liberally (pardon the pun) and, though vacuous, was used to good effect by the Left — all without the bother of having to support their "counter-arguments" with facts.  Not enough resources for health care for all, that's "mean-spirited."  Denying DC statehood?  That's "mean-spirited."  Failing to end the government shutdown?  That's "mean-spirited."

Ocasio-Cortez Preaches The End Of The World In 12 Years Due To Climate Change, Calls It Millennial's WW2.  According to Fox News, the fresh-faced democratic socialist New York congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has joined the doom and gloom ranks of Bill Nye and Al Gore in her prophesying the end times via climate change.  She even compared it to fighting the Nazis: [...] Of course, Ocasio-Cortez didn't explain how the world would end in 12 years, as she's not typically inclined to explain everything.  Just trust her.  We're going to see the world end in 12 years because corporations are producing things and generating waste.

The Shaming of Karen Pence.  In scarcely a week, the vice president's wife has become a public face of hate.  CNN's John King suggests that what Mrs. Pence has done is so grievous maybe taxpayers shouldn't fund her Secret Service security protection.  The American Civil Liberties Union says she's sending "a terrible message to students."  The Guardian sees in Mrs. Pence a reminder of "the vice-president's dangerous bigotry."  During a Saturday night performance in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga told her fans that what Mrs. Pence has done confirms she and her husband are "the worst representation of what it means to be Christian."  A former Washington Post editor and senior writer for Politico tweets:  "How can this happen in America?"  So what is this terrible thing Mrs. Pence has done?  She plans to teach art part-time at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia.  This is a small private K-8 academy where Mrs. Pence has taught before.  It adheres to a biblically rooted view of human sexuality.

In this age of contention, even a simple census question prompts outrage.  Questions for the census come and go through the years, reflecting changes in society during the 10 years since the previous population count.  When the country was largely rural, for instance, the census asked about the acreage of specific crops.  The first national headcount in 1790, which found 3.9 million people in 13 states, also inquired how many white women and slaves lived in the household.  On its face, the new census question is quite simple really, asking if the respondent is a U.S. citizen.  It was a short-form census question until 2010, when President Barack Obama deleted it.

Alyssa Milano: 'The Red MAGA Hat Is the New White Hood'.  Actress and leftist activist Alyssa Milano smeared the millions of Americans who support President Donald Trump and wear his "Make America Great Again" hat, equating them to the racist killers of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Editor says...
She's an actress.  Her opinion is no more important than yours or mine.  But the sensationalists in the so-called news media seem to think that actors' opinions sell newspapers.  And of course, "selling newspapers" is just an expression, because nobody buys newspapers any more, except perhaps the owners of caged birds.

How the media convinces us we're all outraged — even when no one cares.  Lazy media reporters who are too lazy to even actually speak to people anymore are instead constructing Potemkin Villages of fake hate, fake disgust and fake outrage.  They're Contemptkin Villages.  No one really lives there.  The laziest hacks can build them using tweets, even tweets from anonymous Twitter accounts.  Somehow these hacks are employed at places like the BBC and the [New York] Times. [...] Shameless online editors today figure that readers will click through to anything that is supposedly making anyone mad.  And if the underlying story doesn't actually contain any evidence that anyone has blown his lid, too late!  Made ya click.

New Oversight Chairman Calls All-Out Probe of Trump 'a Fight for the Soul of Our Democracy'.  The new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says he will do all he can to investigate President Donald Trump and his administration over the next two years.  "We are in a fight for the soul of our democracy," Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" that aired on Jan. 13.  "And you've got to understand that.  This is serious business."  Cummings said that, as chairman of the committee, he has the authority to investigate anything he deems appropriate to examine.

Why are people in DC such pigs?  The shoe is on the other foot in the shutdown, and EPA workers do not like it.  Regulators who have to put the screws on businesses and force factories to close find themselves laid off. [...] The Guardian did a story on the plight of EPA workers, "'It's ruining people's lives': federal workers count cost of shutdown."  The story went as expected.  White-collar workers face blue-collar blues.  Randy Erwin, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees, said, "This shutdown isn't funny anymore.  Right now, it's ruining people's lives."  Not having a border wall ruined a few lives as well.  Ask the Angel Moms.

How many times have the media predicted doom because of Trump, and how many times have they been dead wrong?  On Thursday [1/10/2019], there was a screaming headline on Drudge saying, "Doomsday."  The article was from NBC News, and the source of the doomsday report was the ever reliable Mark Zandi of Moody's.  The purpose of the report was not to be objective news, because anyone with a brain knows that the shutdown will end soon.  The purpose was to scare the public, tamp down economic growth, and destroy Trump.

Shutdown reaches the people-will-die stage.  People Will Die is the last-resort of the Democrat Party arguments.  CBS reported on June 26, 2017, "Nancy Pelosi warns 'hundreds of thousands of people will die' if GOP health bill passes."  The Daily Caller reported on July 10, 2018, "'People Will Die': Yale Students, Faculty Outraged Brett Kavanaugh Might End Abortion."  The Guardian reported on September 19, 2018, "'People will die': Obama official's warning as Trump slashes refugee numbers."  And of course, CNBC reported on December 4, 2017, "Economist Larry Summers predicts 10,000 will die per year due to tax reform."

The Incredible Shrinking Credibility of the Climate Movement.  I'm old enough now to have lived through several predictions of environmental doom.  The purveyors of this eve of destruction theme come at us regularly, issue one forecast after another that is never realized and are seldom held to account.  I've learned enough at this point to know they'll always be with us.  No amount of facts, history or logic will change that; there's just too much emotional investment and too many special interests involved.  Human nature is human nature and it isn't pretty.  Nonetheless, the truth eventually outs as those who buy into the fear and the distortions invariably take things too far and illustrate the emperor has no clothes.  That's the tipping point and it looks like we're about there.

How the Left Appropriates Christianity.  This mess at our southern border is stirring up the Sunday-school wannabes again, and as a Christian and a conservative I am getting tired of being schooled by liberal Christians and nonbelievers about what my opinions should be, about what Jesus would do. [...] Biblically speaking, the blending of cultures is pictured as risky at best.  In fact, during the movement of the Jews into the land God had promised them, they were sometimes told to annihilate an entire nation, including its women, children, and livestock.  There was no "Love thy neighbor" in that because these lands contained cultures of incredible evil, cultures that celebrated throwing their babies into the fires of the idols they worshipped.  There is no loving a neighbor like that and there is no loving Islam, either.  There is no loving MS13.  No loving child predators and human trafficking.  No loving the poisoning of youth with drugs.

Era of the Trumper Tantrum.  Mothers and fathers drag their six and seven-year-old children 2,000 miles to the border of another country and scream, "Let me in!" And when those children die — one after the father refuses medical care — the media stand up, stamp their feet, and angrily scream the question, "How could you?" But their ire is directed at America, not at the criminally negligent parents, because it's our country's responsibility to honor and obey whatever a tantrum thrower insists is his right. [...] The forever angry and outraged Democrats, historically anti-illegal immigration when they thought aliens would provide cheap labor benefitting industry (can't have profits unless they get to give the money to friends and family), are now pro-illegal alien who come here for benefits and are willing to vote illegally.

Proof That Everything Liberals Say About America and Immigration Is Wrong.  Democrats have done their best to portray America as xenophobic simply because they voted for a man in President Trump who seeks to curb illegal immigration.  "Trump takes us back to the darkest days of American xenophobia," a headline for an op-ed in the Washington Post reads.  "(Trump) and the rest of his immigration allies also sound like the very people back then who made it their goal to make America white," they wrote.  This new survey by Pew puts that ridiculous notion to rest.

Pelosi: 'The Existential Threat of the Climate Crisis' Threatens 'The Whole of God's Creation'.  While vacationing in Hawaii on Friday [12/28/2018], House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) announced in a statement that she will be naming Rep. Kathy Castor (D.-Fla.) to chair a new committee the incoming Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will create to deal with "the climate crisis."  Pelosi described the "climate crisis" as an "existential threat" that threatens "the whole of God's creation."  "The American people have demanded action to combat the climate crisis, which threatens our public health, our economy, our national security and the whole of God's creation," said Pelosi.

The Editor says...
According to Gallup, only five percent of Americans consider "Environment-Pollution" to be this country's top problem.  And that category is broad enough to include smoke from wildfires (caused by Democrat mismanagement), bad drinking water in Detroit (ditto), plastic straws in the ocean (a non-problem), styrofoam cups (ditto), light pollution (ditto), carbon dioxide in the air (which is not pollution at all), needles and feces in the streets (caused by Democrat politics), and many other minor issues that have been caused or amplified by people like Nancy Pelosi.  Hardly anyone, according to Gallup, is demanding action to "combat the climate crisis," since there is no crisis.  Minor problems here and there, in Democrat-controlled states and cities, but no crises, and certainly nothing that threatens our national security.  To say that climate problems threaten "the whole of God's creation" is a meaningless emotional outburst intended only to generate headlines and sound bites.  Baby-killing Democrats only mention God when it is politically expedient.

Ocasio-Cortez Accuses White House Of 'Starving Out' Puerto Rico.  Democratic New York Rep-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez amplified her criticism of President Trump's handling of Puerto Rico's recovery in a late-night tweet on Friday [12/28/2018].  "The White House is starving out the island of Puerto Rico by denying the disaster recovery funds it needs," Ocasio-Cortez said.  "First went the schools.  Now, women are going missing across the island.  If we let this to happen to some Americans, what prevents it from happening to others?  To all of us?"

The Media Was Still Unglued in 2018.  The comparisons to dictators (especially Hitler) were once shocking, but no longer.  These smears arrive almost daily.  Take perpetually malcontent Steve Schmidt lecturing on MSNBC. Trump "creates a mass sense of victimization amongst his base," he said.  "And then he asserts extraordinary claims of power to protect the victims from the scapegoated populations and the nefarious conspiracy.  That is fundamentally illiberal, deeply un-American, and, frankly, could be straight out of Munich circa 1928."  Then there's the racial panic.  "Killing black people is an old American tradition, but it is experiencing a revival in the Trump era," wrote New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.  Trump & Co. is responsible for encouraging the murder of blacks?  O-o-K.  Krugman wrote this junk after a lone gunman killed two African-Americans at a supermarket in Louisville, Kentucky.  Any terrible event can be quickly blamed on Trump.

Students Want 'Clarence Thomas' Building Renamed.  Then They're Asked To Explain Why.  In October, students at the Savannah College of Art and Design launched a petition calling for the removal of the name of "anti-woman" Justice Thomas, a native of Savannah who happens to be a conservative, from one of the campus buildings.  Campus Reform notes that the petition has managed to rack up over 2,000 signatures from students and community members.  In a video posted Monday, Campus Reform media director Cabot Phillips visits the Georgia school to find out why students are so enthused about erasing Justice Thomas's existence on the campus.  The same students who are all in for signing the petition also admit that they actually don't know much, if anything, about the justice.  Nonetheless, that doesn't stop one student from comparing him to "Hitler."

What's 'immoral' about caring for America's poor first?  Congressional Dems are butting heads with President Trump over his demand for $5 billion to continue building a wall along the southern border.  Likely incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vows she won't spend one dollar for a wall and calls the idea "immoral."  Not building the wall is what's truly immoral.  Allowing poor migrants to flood across the southern border forces taxpayers to toil longer and pay more taxes to feed and house them, accommodate their children in public schools and pay for their medical care.  Americans are already maxed out caring for our own needy, including the homeless sprawled on city streets.  This nation has some 40 million people in poverty, one out of every eight people and one of every six children.  That's far higher than the share of people living in poverty in Canada or the UK.

Stop Equating Every Immigration Situation with the Holocaust!  During the past two years when liberal groups disagreed with President Trump on a particular immigration situation, they tried justifying their position by comparing the plight of the refugee or immigrant to that of victims of the Holocaust.  Just recently, Representative-elect from the Bronx Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez equated the plight of the Caravan people to that of the Jews in the 1940s trying to escape the Holocaust and attempting to sail to America.  It was similarly brought up two years ago when tens of thousands of Muslims leaving Syria toward the United States were met by a President who wanted to place a ceiling on how many could enter and who rightfully demanded they be vetted comprehensively, as opposed to what had previously been rather perfunctory and easy questioning.

America's Trojan Horses Are Sacking Us From Within.  The most deceptive Trojan Horse trots around as compassion.  By twisting the meaning of equality, fairness and justice, liberals shame politicians into overspending on social programs, ignoring federal laws, and giving special rights to "victim" groups.  The migrant caravan is the latest victim group.  Carrying the Honduran flag, thousands of migrants stormed the Mexican border headed for America, taunting Trump along the way.  They used women and children as human shields, attacked U.S. Border Patrol, and admitted they're just looking for a better life.  The "caravan" turned out to be a Trojan Horse — unarmed intruders disguised as asylum seekers.  But the rock-throwing didn't stop CNN's Chris Cuomo from trying to disarm us with compassion.

Is Open Borders the Biblical Stance?  On my Facebook (FB) page, one poster said that anyone who doesn't support open borders "has no conscience" and is "unaware of the Bible."  One FB friend accused me of being an "evil virus" because I don't support open borders.  Another, an influential Catholic author, is accusing anyone who doesn't support open borders of being "satanic".  Another shared a popular meme declaring, "Real Christians would be waiting for the caravan with food, water, clothing, and offering any help needed."  I've been trying to talk to those calling me "satanic" and a "virus."

The National Anthem Protests — Do Facts Matter?  NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who started the protests, did so over the supposed widespread instances of police brutality against blacks.  Kaepernick said, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. ... There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."  According to the Centers for Disease Control, since 1968 police killings of blacks have declined nearly 75 percent.  According to The Washington Post, almost 500 whites were killed by cops in 2015, an average of more than one a day.  Two hundred fifty-nine blacks were killed by the police.  Most suspects killed by police had a weapon.  Now for some perspective.  Do you know anyone who has been struck by lightning?  Neither do most people.  Yet each year an average of about 300 Americans are killed or injured by lightning.  That's approximately 40 more than the number of blacks killed by the police in 2015.  Is there an "epidemic" of Americans being struck and injured by lightning?

Establishment Media Smear Trump as 'Nazi,' 'Virus,' 'Unfit to Be Human'.  The video below, compiled by the Media Research Center, is not a compilation gathered from the darkest recesses of the Internet, is not cherry-picked from some obscure left-wing YouTube show.  This is the establishment media, this is CNN, this is NBC News, this is the Washington Post, this is the New York Times, this is ABC News, and this is CBS attacking President Trump and his supporters as "Nazis," "white supremacists," a "virus," and "unfit to be human."  [Video clip]

Democrats have intentionally divided the country and stoked fear among the public for a very long time.  Democrats have always tried to scare the people on food stamps, Medicare, social security and Medicaid.  Republicans want to starve children.  Democrats support Iran that spreads terrorism and pledges death to Israel and death to America.  Democrats are the ones who support Louis Farrakhan, not Republicans.  Democrats are the ones that had the KKK leader as an honorable leader in the Senate for years, not Republicans.  Democrats are the ones that pushed the fictional "hands up don't shoot" narrative to gin up racial hate and hate towards cops, not Republicans.  Who knows how many deaths and how much violence that caused.  Democrats are the ones who created a fictional dossier to destroy a political opponent and used the Justice Department to spy on them.  The person that shot up the Jews in Pittsburgh hates Trump yet somehow the media blames Trump.  The media has supported Democrats no matter what they say or do and now they are willing enablers and participants in seeking to destroy Trump and other Republicans no matter how much propaganda they have to spread.

The left is desperate and floundering badly.  Readers of AT are likely to have seen the many, many clips of deranged leftists who spew their anti-Trump venom 24-7 on CNN and MSNBC.  No reason to name them all — they all say exactly the same things.  Each one of them morphs seamlessly into the next one.  It is hard to imagine the level of their rhetoric being worse than it was throughout the 2016 campaign, but it is.  They have gone off the rails, out of their minds. [...] The left's accusations have ramped up beyond calling Trump Hitler, Stalin, tyrant, dictator, etc.  They call him racist a thousand times a day, even though the man has never said or done a racist thing in his life.

Is It 'Hate Speech' to Tell the Truth?  Americans are no longer a free people, if debate on major public-policy issues is effectively criminalized, which is what the Democrats and their allies are attempting to do with regard to our immigration policy.  We are now being told in effect that it is "hate speech" to express opposition to the open-borders agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and such of their billionaire donors as George Soros.  Democrats and their media allies have recently taken to declaring that it is a "dog whistle" of racism and anti-Semitism for any Republican even to mention the name of Soros in connection with the immigration issue.  If you don't think the United States should throw open its borders to welcome the caravan of Honduran migrants now headed north through Mexico, and if you call attention to how Democrats are cheering on this horde of would-be foreign invaders, well, you must be some kind of Nazi who wants to kill Jews.  Or at least that's the general drift of liberal rhetoric in the final week of the midterm election campaign.

It's Democrats, Not Republicans, Who Are The Extremists Today.  Every day in the run-up to the midterm elections, the mainstream news peddles the same message:  Republicans are extremists.  But look at the data, and you see that it's Democrats who are increasingly well outside the mainstream. [...] Here's a tiny sampling of recent headlines:  "How Republican Extremism Became Normalized."  "Yes, the Republican Party Has Become Pathological."  "Why Are Republicans Promoting Ultra-Right Extremism."  "The Proud Boys, the GOP, and 'The Fascist Creep.'"  What evidence is there of this, other than President Trump's often abrasive rhetoric, and the actions of a few crazed lunatics?

NBC Journalist:  Stop With the False Equivalencies.  It's 'Plain as Day' That Republicans Are Just Worse.  [Scroll down]  Democrats routinely and reflexively argue against GOP policy proposals in deeply emotional and doom-laden terms, frequently claiming that if implemented, Republican ideas would dehumanize, harm, or even kill large groups of people.  Liberals deployed the 'people will die' panic against the healthcare bill, and the tax reform bill, and even assailed a shift in internet regulations as a severe affront to human dignity — thus unleashing a grotesque cascade of racism and threats against the official who spearheaded the change.  While opposing Republican budget tactics under divided government, an Obama administration spokesman referred to the opposition party as "kidnappers" "arsonists" and "suicide bombers."  The previous Vice President — who once warned a heavily black audience that the 2012 GOP presidential ticket would put them "back in chains" — compared Tea Party Republicans to "terrorists."

Rage Makes You Stupid.  Our politics is full of performative outrage, histrionics that are designed to imbue unserious people with an air moral seriousness and to keep the rubes emotionally invested long enough to get them to a commercial break.  It almost inevitably is the case that people have the strongest feelings about the things they know the least about; people who actually know about any subject of genuine interest understand that such subjects tend to be complicated, and that expressions of outrage, however cathartic, do not render them any less recondite.

Hollywood's Midterm Meltdown: 'No Human Beings Are Illegal;' Being Transgender the 'Truest Form of America's Freedom'.  Less than two weeks from the most expensive and, perhaps, consequential midterm election in a generation, some of Hollywood's most influential stars have taken to social media to spew deranged and self-centered hot takes about President Donald Trump and the issues facing the nation.  Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, among other Hollywood figures, said the thousands of migrants marching toward the U.S.-Mexico border are being used by President Trump as a "racist fear tactic to win the Midterms."

MSNBC's Alter: 'You Can Kiss Democracy Goodbye' If GOP Keeps Congress.  On Sunday's [10/21/2018] MSNBC Live, longtime journalist and liberal MSNBC contributor Jonathan Alter proclaimed that "you can kiss democracy goodbye" if Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives as he also complained that the press are not being tough enough on President Donald Trump as he has given the media more access before the midterm elections.

Senator Heitkamp Had the Dumbest Possible Excuse for Voting Against Kavanaugh.  [Scroll down]  It's not about watching the testimony and deciding whether Kavanaugh or Ford seemed more convincing based on their delivery.  That's not searching for the truth.  It's a self-indulgent exercise in reality television.  It's a Rorschach test.  We make decisions based on evidence and proof.  We go with facts, not personalities.  A Senator empowered to help decide who sits on the Supreme Court bragging that she was going with body language is an embarrassment announcing her lack of responsibility and seriousness.

The Liar Christine Ford.  The forces of darkness and hate have receded just a bit from their full-throated screaming fits surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation.  Their bullying tactics of doxing of Senators and threats of constant harassment of individuals did not yield the outcome they sought.  These are the acts of communists determined to destroy the political machinery of the republic.  It is a mistake to believe that the protesters were in the halls of Congress out of some sense of injustice.  Communists do not function that way.  Communists are proactive, they design (and in many cases, including this one, PAY for) the protest before they have a cause, because it is not an action that communists protest, it is the very functioning of the republic.  Their goal is to have ONLY their side heard in any debate and to drive their enemies out of the public square.  The Kavanaugh confirmation merely illuminated their tactics, it was not the cause of it.

Some anti-Kavanaugh protesters were paid to help make 'viral moments,' Vice News editor says.  Advocacy groups paid protesters opposing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to help create "viral moments," including the now-famous elevator confrontation of Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a top editor for Vice News claimed Sunday [10/7/2018].  Shawna Thomas, appearing on ABC News' "This Week," said a lot of protesters were "normal people who were mad" about Kavanaugh's nomination.  However, she also added that "we also saw people who were organized."  She singled out one of the women who confronted Flake on Sept. 28, saying that one of them worked for the advocacy group UltraViolet and "was paid" to "steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators."

Hirono: Protesters Running Senators Out of Restaurants Justified Because of White Supremacists.  Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said protestors forcing U.S. Senators to leave restaurants, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was justified "because when you look at white supremacists and all that."

Kavanaugh Foes Fill Senate Gallery With Sounds of the Insane.  I was in the Senate gallery this afternoon when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed.  You would have thought I was at an exorcism in an insane asylum.  Perhaps you were watching on television and heard the disruptions, though you certainly didn't see them.  The attenuated audio probably didn't catch the frightening, incoherent shrieking — including the lingering screaming and howling as they were being dragged down the hallways outside the gallery.  If there was any doubt that the opposition to Kavanaugh was unhinged, uncivil, disruptive, rude, and borderline nuts, my experience in the gallery made it clear.

MSNBC Freaks:  Kavanaugh Confirmation Means Racism, 'Back to the '50s'.  Just seconds after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, MSNBC hosts suffered a meltdown, raging against a country founded on "the idea that being a free white" man gives you all the power.  Host Joy Reid suggested that feeling returned on Saturday as Mitch McConnell imposed a form of tyranny.  Reid slimed, "Mitch McConnell has decided that order means that people like Mitch McConnell, men like him rule.  He believes in rule.  Democrats tend to believe in governing.  Republicans believe in rule."

Hysterical 'Kavanope' Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years.  Never have I felt more ashamed of my sex than in the last two weeks watching hysterical harridans trashing tradition, decorum, and common decency.  The Kavanaugh confirmation circus has brought out the worst of womankind — [women] who forced themselves, writhing with hatred and ignorance, into our living rooms and smart devices uninvited and without consent.  I've never felt so assaulted in my life than after watching the fiendish, frenzied temper tantrums of a thousand deranged females during what is supposed to be tedious, uneventful Senate procedure to seat a Supreme Court justice.  These screeching gorgons have bigger problems than Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.  Their performance during this uproarious time has called into serious question their fitness to even participate in any serious matter of state.

Social Justice Warriors of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Ever wonder why, while watching the Kavanaugh hearings, you thought you were peering through a keyhole at a particularly unruly and infantile kindergarten class with the teachers off on a two-hour bathroom break?  Think no further than our college campuses today, where so-called Social Justice Warriors rule the roost, isolating themselves in "safe spaces," pushing "trigger warnings," and accusing everybody and his sister of "microaggressions" and "cultural appropriation" while making sure — oh how they make sure — no speaker gets within miles of the premises with a thought that might offend their precious snowflake sensibilities.  If you're looking for the provenance, for the raison d'être of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, why they throw the rule of law, even the simple need for corroboration, out the window, actually laughing it off as completely irrelevant while relying entirely on "feelings" (definitely in quotes) and sex roles out of a gender studies class, it is those Social Justice Warriors.

Sharpton: Trump Base Are Like People Who Attended Lynchings After Church.  Friday on MSNBC's "Deadline," Al Sharpton said President Donald Trump's supporters are like people who "would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality."  When host Nicolle Wallace asked why the president is graded on a curve, Sharpton said, "Because I think that we're dealing with a bully and he's been able to make people defensive that ought not be defensive.  They ought to be on the offense.  And we need to stop apologizing for calling out what it is.  What he is doing is outrageous.  When he mentions Adam's article about the lynchings, let's not forget these people would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality.  And that's what we're seeing today."

Sen Hirono Claims Women Don't Lie.  Senator Mazie Hirono claims women don't lie.  The Hawaiian representative is clearly living in denial.  I guess that's the only way to join the ranks of the far left female senators.  The limelight of Pelosi, Mad Maxine and Elizabeth Warren has a certain shine to it, and Senator Hirono obviously wants to join their club.  Sure, she's said a lot of moronic things lately, but most of them are pure opinion.

Susan Collins is a 'rape apologist,' Women's March claims following Kavanaugh support announcement.  GOP Sen. Susan Collins on Friday [10/5/2018] was dubbed a "rape apologist" by a women's activist group amid her decision to support the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The Women's March posted a photo of the Maine lawmaker on Twitter with the caption, "This is who @SenatorCollins is" and the words "rape apologist" in a red box across her face.  The post also plugged a website to "cancel Kavanaugh."

Antifa Website Calls for 'Slaughter' of 'Fascistic Border Patrol Dogs and Their Bosses'.  In a post Thursday [9/20/2018] at far-left antifa website Incendiary News, an activist advocated for revolutionaries to rise up and "slaughter" what he called "fascistic Border Patrol dogs and their bosses," Far Left Watch reported on Friday.  Disturbingly, far-left activists have in recent months become more brazenly militant and violent in their rhetoric on their websites and social media, as PJ Media has documented [elsewhere].  The author of the Incendiary News piece, Ulrike Salazar, likens Border Patrol agents to SS troops who "take away young boys and girls, tear apart families, throw away undesirables into dark and cramped dungeons."

'The System's Not Working' Is Liberal Speak For 'We're Not Getting What We Want'.  Democrats are increasingly comfortable arguing against the "undemocratic" Constitution, seeing the system as the opposition.  We see it most notably with opposition to the Electoral College, but centralizing federal power has long been a goal of the Left.  If you support big government, it's useful, but it's also an expedient political argument to offer a civic-challenged electorate that recoils at the word "undemocratic."  Many liberals don't believe in proportional representation at all because they'd like to see New York and California dictating how people in Idaho and Arizona live their lives.  That's no secret.

Nancy Pelosi:  Civilization 'In Jeopardy' If GOP Takes Senate.  On the one hand, California U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi claims that Democrats are not "fear-mongers;" on the other hand, she believes civilization is doomed if Republicans take control of the Senate from Democrats in November.  The former speaker of the House made those dramatic, incongruous statements on "Real Time with Bill Maher," which aired live from Washington, D.C. Friday [9/14/2018].  Maher asked Pelosi about recent polling which shows that the GOP is likely to take over the upper chamber and asked, given gridlock in Washingon, why it matters that Democrats keep control.  "It would be very important for the Democrats to retain control of the Senate," Pelosi told Maher.  "Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate."

Joe Scarborough says Trump is 'a bigger threat to the American dream than foreign adversaries' in 9/11 op ed.  The feud between President Donald Trump and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has been kept under wraps in recent months, but it exploded in a very big way on Tuesday [9/11/2018].  That is when The Washington Post published an editorial by Scarborough with the headline 'Trump is harming the dream of America more than any foreign adversary ever could'.  Scarborough wrote in his piece about that 'the tragic lessons of that time are still lost on our leaders,' referring to both George W. Bush and Barack Obama as well as Trump.  He did single out Trump however in the headline and to close the piece, while suggesting that the president's supporters were complicit in his actions.  He also tweeted it out.

The Intoxicating Effects of Socialist Benevolence.  [Scroll down]  It doesn't matter that the welfare state actually creates more of the poverty and dependence it was instituted to abolish.  The intentions behind it are benevolent.  Which is one of the reasons it is so seductive.  It flatters the vanity of those who espouse it even as it nourishes the egalitarian ambitions that have always been at the center of Enlightened thought.  This is why Stove describes benevolence as "the heroin of the Enlightened."  It is intoxicating, addictive, expensive, and ultimately ruinous.

The Elephant at the Southern Border.  Imagine a low-I.Q. person trying to follow a public debate on, say, spending more on education, that includes such basic economic concepts as opportunity costs and trade-offs.  Can he draw the connection between government mandating cheaper medical costs and fewer doctors?  Probably not.  Ditto for calculating non-economic costs, especially non-obvious ones.  Try explaining to those who can't get past 6th grade that artificially high minimum wages in practice harms intended beneficiaries, since these mandates raise the cost of hiring alleged beneficiaries.  Or that alluring soak-the-rich tax rates will fail, since the wealthy will escape confiscatory taxes or refuse to invest in economically productive ventures.  Can they grasp America's foundational political principles? [...] Such intellectual insufficiencies almost guarantee widespread Bernie Sanders-style demagogy, a world where voters embrace free lunches thanks, supposedly, to an endless supply of billionaires agreeable to being fleeced.

A marred confirmation hearing that has embarrassed us all.  The hearing involving Judge Kavanaugh has provided the American public with a firsthand glimpse of the confirmation process in action.  While the hearing was supposed to provide the senators with an opportunity to question Judge Kavanaugh about his thoughts on different issues (some have done this), it has (so far) been marred by childish and partisan conduct embarrassing for the participants and the country as a whole.

God Bless Judge Kavanaugh.  Any trick.  Any sneering innuendo.  Any vile trick will do to try to upset Judge Kavanaugh.  My favorites are the idiotic sniping by our California Senator "Kamala" Harris.  She's trying to "trap" Judge K. into saying he either met or did not meet with some unnamed person about the Mueller inquiry into Russian witch craft.  There's no point to the questions and no point is ever dragged forth, except that Kamala Harris is a fool.  Then there's New Jersey's Cory Booker, who wants to show that he's even more of a fool than our Senator Harris.  He's got some public papers which he's trying to show are secret and he's Martin Luther King, Jr. by revealing papers that are already public.  How stupid can you get, Senator?

The Cory Booker you see has always been an imaginary creation.  Cory Booker is Spartacus!  Cory Booker is the Saint of Newark.  Cory Booker is your friend.  Wait long enough, and Cory Booker can be your hero, too.  This week, the future presidential candidate defiantly claimed to put his Senate job on the line during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, announcing that he would illegally release confidential emails sent by the nominee in 2001 and 2002 concerning racial profiling — a topic that could potentially derail the president's pick.  Never mind that the emails weren't confidential or that the documents merely demonstrated that Kavanaugh had expressed opposition to using racial profiling in post-9/11 law enforcement screenings.  Facts are a trifling concern when you're a self-styled hero.

UN poverty report blasting Trump, US for 'hatred for the poor' uses data from last year of Obama's presidency.  A recent United Nations report blasting President Trump and America in general for harboring "contempt" and "hatred for the poor" is based on highly inaccurate data that can't easily be used to compare the U.S. to other nations.  The U.N. report's main contentions read like an attack on the Trump administration by the Democratic Party:  America has 40 million poor people, including 18.5 million who live in extreme poverty; U.S. policies regarding the poor are "cruel and inhuman;" the Trump tax cuts aren't working and will worsen inequality; and the U.S. needs to spend less on defense of our nation and more on social programs.

Cory Booker Has a Performative Streak.  Sen. Cory Booker amped up the drama around Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings Thursday when he passionately defended his decision to release confidential documents about the judge's record.  Booker said he understood the consequences could be expulsion from the Senate.  Booker's political career is marked by making performative gestures that attract attention going back to his time as a city council member in Newark.

Democrats' Kavanaugh Tantrums Are An Embarrassment.  Any doubt that Democrats are desperate to stall Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court ended Tuesday, when they made a mockery of the confirmation hearings.  This was nothing more than bad political theater.

Kaepernick won't stand for the flag but he'll bow down to the Nike dollar?  'Believe in something, even it means sacrificing everything.'  Those are the words emblazoned across NFL star Colin Kaepernick's face in Nike's new campaign to mark 30 years of its 'Just Do It' advertising slogan.  'Sacrifice' is a big word, meaning 'to give up something that is valuable to you in order to help another person'.  'Everything' is an even bigger word, meaning 'all that exists'.  So to sacrifice everything is a major undertaking.

Our New Hollywood Overlords.  The one thing the progressive left doesn't understand about most Americans is they don't live in a constant state of jealousy and envy of people who have more than they do.  They aren't looking to empower the government to take from someone with more to give things to them.

Polis: Women Will Die if Republican Wins Gubernatorial Election.  Democratic Rep. Jared Polis, a candidate for governor of Colorado, warned voters on Thursday [8/30/2018] that women will likely die at an increased rate if they elect his Republican opponent, Walker Stapleton.  "If Walker Stapleton was elected, mortality for women would likely go up with these policies he's advocating, the HIV infection rate would go up," Polis said.

Barack Obama in 2008: Both Parties 'Have Monkeyed Around With Elections'.  Barack Obama warned supporters that politicians had "monkeyed around" with elections, during a campaign speech at Kent State University in New Philadelphia, Ohio, on September 3, 2008.  Then-Senator Obama (D-IL) said:  "I come from Chicago.  It's not as if it's just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past.  Sometimes Democrats have, too.  You know, whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to tilt things in their direction."

Flashback: Here's a Long List of Top Democrats Saying "Monkeying Around".  Yesterday [8/29/2018] a firestorm erupted when Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis said during an interview on Fox News, "The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state."  His Democrat opponent Andrew Gillum and his friends in the leftist media immediately pounced, saying the use of the term was a "racist bullhorn."

Why Cold-Hearted Law Enforcement Is Necessary.  In recent weeks, the story of the wife of a U.S. Marine who was forced to leave the country because she was an illegal alien tugged at our collective heartstrings.  Stories like this give even the strongest Trump supporters pause.  While this instinctive sympathy for the Marine's plight shows that we are human, it doesn't change the fact that cold-hearted law enforcement is good policy.  It is true that the administration could keep an eye out for such special cases and intervene to avoid having them stir up controversy and second guessing.  Doing so would be a mistake, however.  These hard stories can be helpful, even if the conventional opinion is that they show how "mean" Trump's administration is.  The ruthlessness involved in absolute unbiased enforcement of the laws has a certain appeal.

The Dems' big problem.  [We] were warned by such geniuses as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich that a Trump presidency would cause the sky and markets to fall, that our streets would be filled with wretched, smelly homeless, that we would be, by now, experiencing mind-blowing Grapes of Wrath-like poverty. [...] The Dems, who not too many months ago touted Venezuela as the nation to emulate.  The Dems, who claimed that Trump's new tax plan only put peanuts in the working man's pockets.  The Dems, who claimed that Trump's taunting of North Korea's baby-faced leader would result in nuclear carnage.  The Dems, who prophesied that Trump's tariffs would doom our economy.  The Dems who put all their marbles on outing Trump's collusion with Russia...  What have they accomplished?

Dealing with Democrats' Swarm Tactics.  The entire left-wing tactic is formulaic:
  •   Make the accusations.  That alone is often enough to do the trick, even if the accusations are completely baseless — remember Harry Reid accusing Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes.
  •   Find someone to corroborate the accusations with verbal, unreliable, one-sided statements.
  •   Enlist the media to perseverate on whatever the accusations are to the point of blocking out the real news and ignoring any information that might exonerate the accused.
  •   Demand that the Republican targets immediately resign and admit to their guilt.
  •   Hype the mantra that this is part of the Republican culture of corruption or Trump tyranny or far-right-wing hate or Alt-Right fascism and that is why constituents must vote for the Democrat.

Immigration — The left's recruiting tool and deceptive marketing ploy.  Like local elections, every time the left wants more money for schools, or community sympathy for immigration or some other social policy — it's always about the kids.  And using kids as pawns in their political power play is nothing more than abusive and embarrassing for those who strive to understand the real issues at hand.  Confusing a controversial issue reliant on truth and facts is always best disguised with emotional tears and subtext.  Something many on the left tend to do repeatedly.  It's hard sometimes to know where their stance is.  Of course it also swings pro or con based on the current sentiment of voters as to the immigration issue needs/benefits/compassions/legality and all-important election cycles.

Watch as ex-CIA analyst falls victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome, goes berserk on CNN.  We now have a visual depiction of the onset of a Trump Derangement Syndrome episode, causing a presumably serious person to lose self-control.  If the psychology and psychiatry professions were not so politicized and left wing, it could be useful documentary evidence for DSM-6 to include TDS as a recognized diagnosis.  Friday [8/17/2018], on Anderson Cooper's CNN show AC 360 (with substitute host Jim Sciutto), ex-CIA executive Phil Mudd reacted badly to the charge from fellow panelist Paris Dennard that "courtesy" security clearances for former national security officials enable them to cash in.  The video below is worth watching for its 1 minute and 43 seconds of TDS building into a full-blown breakdown.  [Video clip]

Charlottesville Is In A State Of Panic Over A Few Nazis Who Might Not Even Show Up.  A year after violent brawls and a vehicular homicide marked a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the town is shutting itself down for three days.  Is this because the Nazis are coming back?  No, it's because they might come back, a speculation that is spinning a fair number of people around here into a full-blown panic.

Cory Booker laments 'savagely wrong' state of American culture.  Sen. Cory Booker implored an audience in New Orleans on Friday [8/3/2018] to combat the "savagely wrong" state of American culture by thinking about the importance of a "civic gospel."

Booker: Senators Who Support Trump's SCOTUS Pick Are 'Complicit in Evil'.  Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) urged all Democrats to oppose President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, saying anyone who supports him is "complicit in the evil."  "I'm here to call on folks to understand that in a moral moment there is no neutral.  In a moral moment there is no bystanders," Booker said, alongside senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

When it comes to Brett Kavanaugh, fear is the Left's most powerful weapon.  From the moment President Trump announced his second Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, reactions from the Left have been extreme.  Though the president's shortlist contained jurists who struck even greater fear within the hearts of leftists than the final candidate, the usual crowd continues to warn us of impending doom.  Too many individuals see every event during this presidency through an apocalyptic lens.  There is no saving any strength for crises that actually cause legitimate concern.  Each day is an exhausting repeat of the one before, complete with hand-wringing and fear-mongering.  On Tuesday [7/31/2018], Justice Anthony Kennedy ended his 30-year tenure on the high court.  His official departure is the start of a new chapter, one that is sure to include a sharp increase in hysteria as we get closer to confirmation hearings.

The Democrat Future Isn't Socialist, It's Crazy.  Leftist politics is based on outrage.  The greater the outrage against class, race, gender or identity, the greater the totalitarian overreaction of terrorist violence it justifies.  But the Pelosis and Schumers want radical outrage without radical violence.  And that just leaves its base hopelessly and helplessly enraged.

Democrat Socialist Rising Red Star Ocasia-Cortez: Enforcing the Border Is "On the Same Spectrum as Ethnic Cleansing".  Why aren't the media asking other Democrats if they agree with this idea?  That is standard media procedure for Republicans whenever one Republican makes a statement that commands less than majority support.

Church Swaps 'Caged Jesus' for Mirror in 'ICE Detention' Protest Display.  The Indianapolis church that gained Internet fame overnight for putting statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a cage at the beginning of this month replaced the statues with a mirror Thursday [7/24/2018] to encourage "self-reflection."  Christ Church Cathedral placed a small mirror with the phrase "#EveryFamilyIsHoly" inside the chain-link fence on Thursday morning as part of its latest campaign to protest the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Also posted under the one-sided separation of church and state.

"Occupy ICE" Finally Ejected from Portland, But They Left a Nasty Surprise Behind.  It happens every time a group of unwashed, miserable liberals gathers.  From the Dakota pipeline to numerous environmental movements, when leftists come together to demonstrate, you can count on a few things.  First, you can count on nothing happening.  Liberals love to march and rally.  But rarely do they have any real goals or objectives.  It's all about making a lot of noise for the cameras.  The liberal media will cover it like it's the most important event in history.  They never have anything meaningful to say or clear intentions once the excitement is over.  Do you know what "Occupy Wall Street" was really meant to achieve?  How about the "Women's March"?  Exactly.  These "movements" are nothing more than grownup temper tantrums.

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Zero-Tolerance Policy on Spectrum of 'Ethnic Cleansing'.  Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" enforcement policy is on the spectrum of "ethnic cleansing." [...] This is not the first time left-wing activists vehemently opposed to President Donald Trump's immigration agenda have made sensational accusations about "ethnic cleansing."  After Trump referred to MS-13 illegal immigrant gangsters as "animals" earlier this year, the pro-amnesty group United We Dream group also accused Trump of "building up a racially motivated rationale for his immoral and brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing."

Deliver Us to Evil.  So many have written about the left's meltdowns over the past years — meltdowns that include our mainstream media, or what I call the Democrat-media complex.  The left has been (correctly) called unhinged, serial liars, power-mad, angry, out of control, spite-filled, envious, spoiled, while constantly engaging in toddler-like tantrums.  The left has been exposed (correctly) as brimming with hatred for opponents, being filled with inane, oft-times insane beliefs.  These are the libertine #MeTooers who all knew that their heroes were sexual predators, are fully gender confused, and are unsurpassed hypocrites.  The left apparently now supports socialism, despises free enterprise, can't abide religious expression (hate god), can't handle other opinions or debate, believes so many things that simply aren't so, is trying to squelch the First Amendment as much as it can in institutions it rules, has embraced the invasion of America by illegal aliens and the replacement of the American voting population by said illegals, and supports the demonization of white males.  And that's just the short list.

Just How Far Will the Left Go?  Trump as Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin is now old hat.  Trump as traitor was boring long ago.  What can one say after she has compared Trump's agenda to Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, and 9/11?

If the tax cuts, immigration policy, or NATO and Russian summits are equal to killing 3,000 Americans, what is left to the imagination?  If talking sloppily about Putin is tantamount to the Holocaust, then what exactly was the Holocaust, a bad press conference?

The Greatest Hysteria in American History.  You and I are living through the greatest mass hysteria in American history.  For many Americans, the McCarthy era held that dubious distinction, but what is happening now is incomparably worse.  For one thing, any hysteria that existed then was directed against the greatest evil in the world at the time: communism. [...] In contrast, the country is choking on hysteria over the extremely unlikely possibility — for which there is still no evidence — that Donald Trump's campaign colluded with the Russian government to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, and the absurdity that President Trump works for Russian President Vladimir Putin.  For another, the mainstream media did not support McCarthy.  Most in the media were highly critical of McCarthy.  Today, the mainstream media are not the voices of caution.  They are the creators of the hysteria.

The Trump/Putin Summit Is the Worst Thing Ever Until the Next Worst Thing Ever.  Here's a secret everyone knows:  this Trump/Russia/Treason thing is nonsense.  The Russians will do whatever they can to destabilize our country, and have been trying since long before Teddy Kennedy actually did collude with the Reds against Ronald Reagan.  Of course they want to destabilize us.  They're Russians. [...] It's kind of hard to have a rational discussion with people screaming "traitor" and "treason," especially when they have been screaming "traitor" and "treason" for the last 18 months and we've seen no traitoring or treasoning.  But the facts don't deter them.

Trump Keeps on Ticking.  Pearl Harbor.  Kristallnacht.  Treason.  High crimes and misdemeanors.  These are some of the hyperventilating left's overheated and ludicrous characterizations of President Trump's remarks at his Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin.  Listening to the Democrats and their wholly owned media subsidiary, you would have thought that Trump had (a) smilingly handed Putin a large red "reset" button or (b) had been caught on a hot mic during a global nuclear security summit murmuring to Putin's representative that, after the midterm elections, he would have more flexibility in his dealings with Russia or (c) had signed off on a deal to give the Russians control of 20% of America's uranium reserves in return for a $140,000,000 donation by Russian interests to his family's foundation and a $500,000 fee paid to Melania for giving a speech in Moscow or (d) endangered national security by transmitting classified government documents over an unsecure private email server or (e) paid Russians for salacious, unverified slime to discredit Hillary Clinton or (f) during a presidential debate casually dismissed the Russian threat by joking that "The 1980s called; they want their foreign policy back."

MoveOn declares low wages 'violence'.  In their campaign for a $15 job-killing minimum wage, the leftwingers at have declared low wages "violence." [...] Because it shows how unserious they are, and it also shows that by negating the meaning of words, they can justify real violence as their result.  If the minimum wage as it is is 'violence,' well then what is to stop a bloody uprising in response?  They characterize everything except real violence as "violence" these days, as Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds has noted.  It goes to show that the left really has a hostility to the idea of words having meaning.  This fuels their extremism, as ever crazier things ever more divorced from reality are said, as words are completely drained of meaning.

Dems' Big Lie About Kavanaugh.  Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says Democrats can sink Kavanaugh by showing how his appointment will lead to a court majority that "repeals ACA with its protections for pre-existing conditions."  It's demagoguery.  And it's working, as demagoguery too often does.  Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), a frequent Trump ally, is already moaning that the SCOTUS appointment will determine if "West Virginians with pre-existing conditions will lose their healthcare."  Not true.  Even if the Supreme Court does strike down the ACA someday, the era of insurance companies turning down applicants with health problems is over.  Across the country, Republican and Democratic state lawmakers agree on that.  They are busy devising smarter ways to protect people with pre-existing conditions and keep insurance affordable, with or without Obamacare.  Not one of these plans throws people with health problems under the bus.  Democrats' rhetoric about losing coverage for pre-existing conditions is hysteria.

Exploring the Depths of Democrat Depravity.  Democrats act on emotion.  It is essential for them to prove that the Trump presidency is illegitimate, a mistake, illegal, improper, and should never have happened.  They want Republicans banned from all venues, disappeared, silenced permanently.

What is roiling the water in DC? Abject fear!  [Scroll down]  As for the left-wing media tools, they are equally disoriented by the successes Trump is racking up with alacrity — so disoriented that they are self-destructing before our eyes.  Any montage of the not-analysts on CNN and MSNBC throughout the last few days reveals a full group meltdown of monstrous proportions.  Their shark-jumping criticism of Trump over the Putin press conference has made their mania over the border look like a toddler tantrum.  This time they have exposed themselves for who they really are:  terrified, ignorant, blinkered narcissists discovering they are completely irrelevant.

Cummings Slams Politically Charged Trump EPA Program.  Turns Out To Be Obama EPA Program.  On Friday evening [7/13/2018] there was a story at Politico which didn't seem to gain much traction, what with all of the Trump activity going on.  Congressman Elija Cummings (D-Md) is the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee and he's demanding that committee chair Trey Gowdy issue a subpoena to the EPA over their handling of both FOIA submissions and requests from Congress for documents, saying that Scott Pruitt's administration was "screening" requests based on political sensitivity.  These were all part of a skyrocketing number of such requests the EPA has received under the Trump administration, [...] So this is the program that Cummings has "discovered" and determined to be involved in assigning special handling to requests deemed "complex or politically sensitive."  Turns out that's exactly why the program was set up by Barack Obama's EPA.

No, this doesn't make Democrats sound like kooks.  "The Obama Administration's CIA director, John Brennan, charged that President Trump's post-summit press conference with Russia President Vladimir Putin was an act of treason," Grabienews reported.  "Donald Trump's press performance in Helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of 'high crimes and misdemeanors,'" Brennan tweeted.  "It was nothing short of treasonous.  Not only were Trump's comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin.  Republican Patriots:  Where are you???"  Treason requires the nation to be at war, which was why communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with espionage and not treason for giving the Russians secrets to build their first nuclear bombs.

Left's Claims Of 'Treason' On Trump-Putin Talks Smack Of Dangerous Political Hysteria.  We don't believe President Trump served his presidency well by meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.  It was a summit without an agenda, and as far as we can tell achieved nothing concrete politically or strategically.  His performance at the press conference deserves criticism.  That said, the hysterical response from the mainstream media, the Washington leftist power elite and the progressives that are the new de facto rulers of the Democratic Party was so extreme it makes one think they're losing it.  Following Trump's talk with Putin, lefty talking heads exploded with talk of "Treason."

Ann Coulter:  Media, GOP, Democrat Reaction to Trump-Putin Summit 'Exactly Like Muslim Ban' HysteriaNew York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says the establishment media, Republican Party, and Democrat reaction to President Donald Trump's historic summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin is "exactly like" the hysteria that followed the president's call for a travel ban from a handful of Muslim-majority countries.  In an interview with talk radio host Howie Carr, Coulter said the establishment media and both political parties are reaching a level of outrage that has not been seen since Trump's announcement in 2015 that he would implement an immigration ban from a handful of countries with Islamic terrorism issues.

An MSNBC analyst was 'nauseous' about the Trump-Putin meeting.  [Scroll down]  During the 1:00 p.m.  Eastern hour of MSNBC Live, the network's national security analyst and former Obama official Evelyn Farkas lambasted the President's performance as "despicable" and "outrageous," and called for "mass resignations" from the Republican Party.  Such an attractive picture.  So let me ask her something:  Was she nauseous when Obama said he would be flexible with Russia?  Nauseous when Hillary did the reset button with Russia?  Nauseous when Obama laughed at Mitt Romney back in 2012 when he said Putin and Russia were dangerous?  Nauseous when Obama reneged on commitment to put in missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic?  Nauseous when Obama called off the cyber investigation against Russian hacking?  Nauseous when Hillary and Obama let the Russian buy 20% of U.S.-produced uranium?  Nauseous when Obama reneged on our commitment to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian invaders?  Nauseous when Obama refused to enforce his own red line threat in Syria?  Nauseous when the DNC wouldn't let the intelligence agencies or the Justice department have access to the very hacked DNC computers? [...]

CNN Anchor Calls Russian Meddling 'A Terror Strike'.  CNN host Michael Smerconish went on a rant Saturday morning calling the Russian election meddling "a terror strike."  [Video clip]

Save the children, say the pro-choicers.  The hypocrisy is astonishing, the level of ignorance and self-delusion mind-boggling, the cognitive dissonance textbook.  Protesters march, chanting, "Hey, hey, hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today?"  Immigration activists block a bus carrying the children of "immigrants" to a holding facility and roar, "Set the babies free!"  These are likely the same people who champion the separation of children from their mothers' wombs by means of the vacuum hose, the scalpel, or drugs.

Democrat's 'Purple Heart' remark at Strzok hearing spurs veterans to plan protest march.  Some veterans in Tennessee say they're planning a protest march following a congressman's comment this week that embattled FBI official Peter Strzok deserved a Purple Heart for enduring a House panel's grilling over allegations of bias against President Donald Trump.  Sean Higgins, an Air Force veteran from Memphis, is leading the upcoming march, the Tennessean reported.  Higgins told the paper that many constituents of Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen are [very angry] after Cohen said Strzok deserved the military award.

Jeffrey Toobin's Clueless Supreme Court Meltdowns Should Embarrass CNN.  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement has ignited a competition in Big Media for apocalyptic hot-takes on how a marginally more conservative Supreme Court will destroy America.  CNN's senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin seems bent on taking home the trophy for the most molten meltdown.

SCOTUS Panic Shows Gov't Has Too Much Power.  The left — including our reliably leftist media — has had prodigious success defeating GOP candidates by lobbing deceitful personal attacks ("Paul Ryan will push granny off a cliff!"  "Bush is Hitler!"  "Mitt Romney caused people to die of cancer!").  And they have thwarted Republican policy initiatives with hysterical warnings of the catastrophes that will transpire.  ("Poor people will starve!"  "The environment will be destroyed!")  More concerned about bad press than of betraying their constituents, congressional Republicans have managed to do precious little, despite control of both houses of Congress since 2014.

The Nomination of [Fill In The Blank] to the Supreme Court Means [Really Bad Things].  We all know that Cheeto Hitler is a deep-cover Russian agent who stole the election even though Hillary got the popular vote and it's not fair. [...] We must not allow Trump to destroy this beautiful country we claim to love even though it's also somehow the worst place in the world.  It's time to call your senators.  Make clever signs and hold them up at rallies while chanting slogans.  Think up inspiring hashtags.  Do anything you can to make your voice heard.

Pelosi: 'Civilization As We Know It ... Is at Risk in This Election'.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said in a Rolling Stone interview that civilization as we currently know it is "at risk" in the 2018 midterm election.  "You have something like 104 districts that are more favorable than the Conor Lamb district Democrats won in Pennsylvania.  That's probably too big a playing field to be serious about funding races all across it.  How do you narrow it down?" Rolling Stone reporter Tim Dickinson asked.  "Civilization as we know it today is at risk in this election.  We have to win," Pelosi responded.  "We have to win."  Pelosi added that if the election was held today, Democrats would win.  "If the election were today — no question we would win," Pelosi said.  "But you have to be aware of the undercurrents.  Because you don't know what can come along — and what comes along eclipses what you're doing."

On Immigration and the Supreme Court, Democrats Are Snookered.  The president's press secretary, Sarah Sanders, was evicted, ex officio, from a Virginia restaurant that appeared to be named after its bellicose owner (The Red Hen), as she then stormed across the street and demanded a competitor not serve Mrs. Sanders either.  Maxine Waters, the egregious and inexplicably prosperous African-American foghorn of racist demagogy for decades from the Great Arsenal of Political Stupidity, California, called on the Democratic faithful to harass Trump supporters in all circumstances.  The Homeland Security secretary was heckled and derided unmercifully in a Washington restaurant as she tried to have her dinner, and protesters then gathered in front of her house and shouted obscenities (because her department is in charge of immigration).  This was over the unmitigated nonsense about 2,300 children abandoned by illegal intruders into America, being "torn from the arms of their parents."  They are fed and sheltered better than they are accustomed to in the countries they fled, and their parents had no business putting them at this risk.  The United States has 2,700,000 minors separated from parents in prison; 400,000 children in foster care; 760,000 separated from parents in the military, and there are over 16,000 children in insalubrious shelters in New York City alone.

Bible-Ignorant Church Puts Mary and Joseph in Cage 'Like Trump Immigrants'.  The leaders of a Christian church in Indianapolis have proven their complete lack of Bible literacy by creating a display featuring Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in a cage to protest President Donald Trump's immigration policy.  Only, Joseph and Mary were not immigrants, so the whole absurd display is Biblically ignorant.  Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis placed a cage made of a chain-linked fence on its lawn and then put the usual nativity scene of statues of Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph inside as a way to represent the Holy Family being detained by Donald Trump's immigration authorities.

Indianapolis church locks up Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus to condemn immigration policy.  An Indianapolis church made a bold statement on a lawn near Monument Circle Tuesday morning, placing statues of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus inside a fence to condemn the current immigration policies.  Christ Church Cathedral, also known as "The Church on the Circle," locked up Mary, Joseph, and Jesus as part of its Every Family is Holy campaign.  The church's dean, Steve Carlson, said the campaign is to bring awareness to and condemn the United States' zero-tolerance immigration policy.  "They were a homeless family with nowhere to stay," Carlson said.

The Editor says...
Joseph and Mary were not homeless.  They were forced out of town by Big Government.  And if "every family is holy," what do we need churches for?

If America Is So Bad, Why Do They Keep Coming Here?  As Americans celebrate the country's 242nd birthday, clamoring left-wing progressives loudly and incessantly paint the republic as a very dark place.  The United States under President Donald Trump is routinely described as something out of "The Handmaid's Tale" and in the grips of white supremacists, or — in less incendiary terms — "white nationalists."  Trump himself is regularly compared to Adolf Hitler and called a Nazi.  Liberals complain that Trump is "kidnapping" illegal immigrant children and throwing them in "cages."  Those "cages" — which actually are care facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) — have alternately been characterized as "internment camps," "black sites" and "concentration camps."  What's more, activists on the Left contend that America is so thoroughly racist that individual acts of kindness and respect are insufficient to overcome "institutional racism," innate bias and "white privilege."

Remember, the Democrats are the people who said George W. Bush was a warmonger.
Billionaire Democrat Donor Calls For 'Nuclear War' To Stop Trump.  Billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer called for a "nuclear war" to stop President Trump — then took back his comment after the interviewer called his point "sobering."  "Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction," Steyer told The Rolling Stone in an interview published Friday [6/29/2018].  He was elaborating on his belief that it is imperative for Congress to impeach Trump immediately, because the "checks and balances system" set up in the constitution isn't working, and the only other option is to wait around for economic disaster and war.

Ben Garrison meltdown cartoon
We may be in for a long, hot summer.  Michael Moore has had enough of Trump.  He wants to 'go to war.'  Such talk seems at odds with his outspoken commitment against firearms, but he told Stephen Colbert "It's time to put our bodies on the line to stop Trump!" In that respect he possess a formidable, if corpulent weapon.  He also labeled Trump as 'evil.'  Colbert lamented that 'we are supremely screwed' because the president gets to appoint another conservative Supreme Court Justice.  Colbert pitched a hissy fit and said Trump would fundamentally change the course of the Supreme Court.

Open Borders Ralliers Raise Holocaust Imagery to Vilify Trump Administration.  Open borders protesters in Washington, DC, laid the defamatory slurs on thick in protest signs attacking President Trump, his administration, and Republicans as racists on the basis of separating minors from adults who illegally cross the U.S. southern border.

Mob Violence and Gun Ownership.  It has become clear that attempted political overthrow is being effected through emotional waves.  The zealots, conditioned to react hysterically to whatever triggers have been implanted, escalate their hyper-emotional, anti-intellectual reactions with each propagandized day.  Sadly, this also has caused people who have access to facts and should know better to become pliant on the basis of disinformation concerning the legal need to conduct investigations of illegal border-crossers who misuse children.  This has been the policy since Clinton was president, but suddenly it is Hitlerian, because temporary separation of family members is the same as killing 6 million Jews and enslaving the rest.  What is also different is the extent to which members of the Democrat base are being encouraged by normalizing mob violence.

'We're Looking at the Destruction of the Constitution': Kamala Harris Rips Trump's Potential SCOTUS Picks.  California Senator Kamala Harris (D) claimed that President Trump nominating a new justice to the Supreme Court in the wake of Anthony Kennedy's retirement means "we are looking at the destruction of the Constitution."  Harris, considered a potential opponent to Trump in the 2020 presidential election, said on MSNBC that Trump has consistently nominated "ideologues" to lifetime appointments on other federal courts.

He Survived Nazi Concentration Camps — He Has a Message for Those Who Think America Runs Its Own.  High-profile members of America's media and political circles have used amplified, irresponsible rhetoric to describe President Trump's immigration detainment policies.  Terminology from Nazi Germany is now regularly used to describe American immigration policy in the public arena.  Many have likened illegal alien detainment facilities on the Southern border to "concentration camps," referred to Trump as a "Nazi" or "Hitler" and call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents the "Gestapo."  Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal likened America's zero tolerance immigration policy to the "cattle cars of Nazi Germany."  Many pundits and politicians have echoed the sentiment.

One Flew Over The Democrat Party.  On one hand, they run from discussions of ANYTHING with tangible measurements — i.e. economics and crime — while on the other hand, their emotional message resonates with high school kids like David Hogg — because they are themselves childish.  Their arguments are childish, their solutions are childish, their lies are childish, and their behavior is childish.  And now the children are becoming dangerous.  [Video clip]

Outrage, Inc..  [F]eigning and fomenting outrage is now the principal strategy of the American Left.  That such campaigns are centrally orchestrated and conducted can no longer be plausibly denied.  The onset is too discrete; the shrieks of outrage are too well tuned.  The unanimity displayed by the participants — elected officials, media allies, and various activists — cannot be a spontaneous phenomenon. [...] Leftist mouthpieces, including elected officials, lie, distort, conceal, misattribute, and generally manipulate information to get private citizens' attention.  In their awareness that ordinary men can't focus on many things at once, leftists strive to keep us occupied with whatever they can feign outrage about.

Delusion About Detentions:  On Family Separation at the Border.  Upstanding journalists, their fellow right-minded pundits, and progressive elected official friends are outraged!  According to them, the Trump Administration's approach to immigration enforcement is cruel, un-American, inhumane, barbaric, and even medically dangerous. [...] The problem is the facts are at odds with the conventional media interpretation of existing legal precedent, prior administrations' practices, and even relevant federal statutes.  You know, the law.  But being wrong on the facts has never stopped the media and their useful idiots in the commentariat from maligning the Trump Administration unfairly to suit their agenda.  Now they're shrieking about "baby jails."  It's insane.

Amazon Employees Say ICE Contract Is Like Assisting Hitler With The Holocaust.  Amazon employees sent an open letter to CEO Jeff Bezos Friday protesting the company's contract with Immigration and Customs Enforce (ICE), comparing it to IBM's contract with Adolf Hitler during the second world war.  "As ethically concerned Amazonians, we demand a choice in what we build, and a say in how it is used.  We learn from history, and we understand how IBM's systems were employed in the 1940s to help Hitler," the letter states.  "IBM did not take responsibility then, and by the time their role was understood, it was too late.  We will not let that happen again.  The time to act is now."

The Editor says...
It is astonishing that presumably well-educated adults can live in such ignorance.  President Trump is disrupting the establishment, but he's acting within the law.  For a better example of an American president acting like a dictator, take a close look at Barack H. Obama.  Moreover, I don't think the holocaust victims were sneaking into concentration camps by the thousands.  And I don't think ICE is executing illegal aliens.

Academics blast immigration enforcement as 'child abuse'.  Professors and university administrators across the country are blasting the Trump Administration's policy of separating illegal immigrant families at the border as "immoral," "unethical," and "government-sanctioned child abuse."  An open letter signed by more than 3,000 professors even declares that anyone who doesn't speak out against the policy is "complicit with nothing less than child abuse and torture."

Is The United States On A Road To Becoming Ungovernable?  Generations of Americans have complained about government, but they have always gone along with the system.  Unfortunately, things are changing in a fundamental way.  Instead of just complaining about government, Americans are being trained to think of government as the enemy.  We certainly witnessed a great deal of this under Barack Obama, and without a doubt Obama was absolutely terrible, but now under Donald Trump things have gone to an entirely new level.  We literally have millions of people in this country that truly believe that President Trump is the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler and that the Republican Party is a bunch of fascists.  Of course some conservatives have been saying similar things about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrats for years.  But with Trump we are witnessing something that we have never seen before.  The mainstream media is actually pounding the drumbeats of hatred for our president day after day, and when you say something long enough and loud enough some people are going to believe you.

No more 'internment camps': Democrats disrupt congressional hearing.  U.S. President Donald Trump told Republican lawmakers on Tuesday he would back either of the immigration bills making their way through the House of Representatives, as the outcry grew over his administration's separation of immigrant parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

No child should be used as a protest prop.  Actor Ron Perlman earned nearly 8,000 retweets when he posted a picture of a small crying child in a cage with the words "Trump, Sessions, McConnell, Ryan, this is on YOU!"  When multiple people responded with a link to Snopes informing him that the photo was a fake, and actually of a child at a protest, Perlman tweeted back:  "Maybe it's you!  Maybe you're fake."  The photo told a story he wanted to tell, and the fact that it wasn't real was irrelevant.  As of Thursday, the photo remained up on Perlman's page.  It's what used to be called "fake but accurate" but today goes by President Trump's preferred term, "fake news."  It's just too good to check.

Gun Lies, Myths, Half-Truths, and Conspiracy Theories.  What conspiracy theorizing Democrats call "assault weapons," "assault rifles," and "weapons of war" are identical to hunting rifles: same functionality, magazine capacity, rate of fire, and caliber.  The only difference is the aesthetic.  Saying "weapon of war" is far heart-poundingly scarier-sounding than "the shooter used a rifle that our fathers, uncles, and cousins used to hunt deer and quail."

Kellyanne Conway Rips Media for Comparing Child Detention Centers to Concentration Camps.  Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway slammed media outlets on Sunday [6/17/2018] for comparing child immigrant detention centers to concentration camps.  "What an outrageous disrespect to the 6 million who perished [in the Holocaust]," Conway said of the comparison during an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press".  MSNBC and other outlets have been reporting from inside the shelters for illegal immigrant children who are separated from their parents at the border.  Reporters discovered that children are cared for by trained professionals and are kept in relatively good conditions, but that hasn't stopped some commentators from likening the shelters to "concentration camps."

All Apple employees now get standing desks — and Tim Cook has said he believes 'sitting is the new cancer'.  Most of what happens inside Apple Park, the iPhone company's stunning new headquarters, is top secret.  But Apple CEO Tim Cook recently disclosed one new detail about the work environment:  Everyone gets a standing desk.  "We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks.  If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it's much better for your lifestyle," Cook said in a recent interview with The Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein published on Wednesday [6/13/2018].

The Editor says...
Sitting is not cancer.  Sitting does not cause cancer.  For that matter, smoking is not cancer.  Working in a coal mine is not cancer.  Moreover, cancer is not inevitable, whether you sit or you stand or you smoke.  Alas, sometimes you have to do what the boss wants, even though he's a fool, a control freak, or an egomaniac.

America the Horrible?  American women live under a suffocating patriarchy.  Rape culture flourishes in the United States.  Toxic masculinity stunts the emotional and professional growth of American females.  Sexual harassment and predation are ubiquitous in American workplaces.  College campuses are maelstroms of sexual violence.  Female students need safe spaces where they can escape abusive male power.  These propositions are self-evident to a large, interlocking establishment of government bureaucrats, progressive politicians, college administrators, faculty, "activists," professionals, and journalists.  Yet this same establishment is up in arms over a recent declaration by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions that female aliens caught trying to enter the country illegally will no longer be automatically considered for asylum by dint of claiming that they are victims of domestic abuse.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses the Trump administration of "staggering cruelty" in condemning "vulnerable innocent women to a lifetime of violence and even death."  The American Bar Association charged that Sessions would "further victimize those most in need of protection."

To Trump's Critics:  Where's the Beef?  Bill Maher, caring and wise leftist that he is, longs for a recession, as that offers the best chance of getting rid of Trump.  Who needs all those stinking jobs, anyway?  A befuddled George Soros recently observed that "everything that could go wrong" has indeed come to pass, and moreover, he is certain that Donald Trump is "willing to destroy the world."  Oh, and lest you haven't heard, Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Hitler, fascist (a word that has lost all meaning in modern popular discourse), and the dumbest man ever to be elected president.  Yet in all of these dire warnings and assertions, precious little evidence for such eschatological claims is ever offered, even as all data to the contrary are studiously ignored.

'Separating babies from their mothers is immoral': Catholic leaders denounce Trump's zero-tolerance border protection policy.  Leaders of the Catholic church are criticizing the Trump administration over its border protection policy, saying that separating mothers who illegally come into the US from their children is 'immoral'.  Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, called out president Donald Trump and his 'zero-tolerance' policy on Wednesday [6/13/2018] during the the group's spring conference.

AMA Unscientifically Calls Gun Violence a "Disease".  Crime is not a health problem.  Murder is not a disease.  When people who claim to be guided by the rules of science start throwing around overheated rhetoric like that, they lose all credibility.

The Right to Discriminate.  The left has created a macabre myth that runs counter to the whole experience of mankind.  The left has persuaded the gullible masses of America, including, sadly, most conservatives, that "discrimination" by individuals and businesses is wrong and that it violates the Constitution.  Precisely the opposite is true.  All serious cognition and all honest moral judgments involve discrimination.  When individuals and businesses are not free to discriminate, then the power to determine what is true and false and good and bad becomes the sole property of the state — or that even more odious creature, that lobotomized Frankenstein monster, "society."

Constitutional Crisis?  What Constitutional Crisis?  What if that constitutional crisis over the subpoena or indictment of Donald Trump that every TV pundit, wringing sweaty palms, has forewarned never comes to pass?  By constitutional crisis, I mean an unprecedented state of affairs that contributes to a decline in the Constitution's perceived legitimacy or sends a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off emergency pleading to the Supreme Court.  Looking wide and far, I see no such decline, no such headless chicken.  Do you?  Even Trump's whimsically executed pardons, which come loaded with potential pardons for those who've been indicted in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's investigation, have done no more "damage" to our faith in the Constitution than, say, President Bill Clinton's pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich.

Schumer Gets Hysterical After SCOTUS Defends Ohio's Voter Registration Process.  On Monday [6/11/2018], Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ripped the Supreme Court's decision to rule in favor of the "Use it or Lose it" voter registration process, saying it would "disenfranchise" voters.

Cher: 'Scott Pruitt Deserves to Be in Prison'.  Pop icon Cher has joined the chorus of liberals demanding that Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt be imprisoned for his alleged crimes against nature.  The "Believe" singer took to Twitter on Sunday [6/3/2018] and said, "Scott Pruitt deserves to be in prison."

The Astonishing Silliness of CNN.  The good people at CNN can do what they want, but this blatant chyron-splaining sends a rather clear and unfortunate message:  that they think their audience is daft and incapable of figuring things out for themselves.  CNN is frequently breathless when no one should be breathless, which would be kind of exhausting, if anyone cared.  Take this headline from the network's website this week:  "The 45 Most Astonishing Lines from Donald Trump's Nashville Speech."

Hard Truths About School Shootings and Gun Violence.  In response to the tragic shooting at a Santa Fe, Texas high school earlier in May, former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan tweeted, "What if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe?  My family is all in if we can do this at scale.  Parents, will you please join us?"  Duncan's shoot-from-the-hip reaction embodies the "action for the sake of action" mentality that so often follows in the wake of heartbreaking school violence.  Duncan, the former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, served as secretary of education under President Barack Obama.  Apparently, Duncan is taking advice from Chicago's mayor and former Obama chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel, who infamously quipped, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Dear Ex-Friends in #TheResistance.  As the whole charade you have been suckered into over the last 18 months starts to fall apart — that Trump would not survive his presidency; he would be betrayed by his own staff, family, and/or political party; he would destroy the Republican Party; he would be declared mentally ill and removed from office; he would be handcuffed and dragged out of the White House by Robert Mueller for "colluding" with Russia — let me remind you what complete fools you have made of yourselves.

Watch: Far-Left Parkland Activists Scream On Grocery Store Floor, Demand Boycott.  Parkland gun control activists threw themselves on the floor of a Florida grocery store on Friday, screaming and yelling for customers to boycott the store because of political donations that it had made.  The "die-in" was organized by far-left activist and provocateur David Hogg, who has launched multiple boycotts aimed at those who support the NRA or who criticize him.

Hillary Clinton Just Said If You Believe in the Rule of Law, Vote Democrat.  Hillary Clinton, the poster child for corruption, scandal, pay-for-play, lying to the American people, and of course, illegally using private email servers to handle classified information, believes the Democrat Party is the way to go if you respect "the rule of law."  Not only did she say it, but she said it with a straight face.  "If you believe that standing up for evidence and reason and respecting the rule of law is critical to our democracy," Clinton claimed, "you've got to vote for Democrats."

Weasel of the Week:  Educrat Arne Duncan.  Beltway education bureaucrats abhor families who choose to keep their kids out of public schools — unless it's to grandstand over gun control.  Behold Arne Duncan, longtime pal of Barack Obama and former U.S. Department of Education secretary, who called last weekend for parents nationwide to withdraw students from classes "until gun laws (are) changed to keep them safe."  Emotions are still raw after a teen shot 10 classmates and teachers to death in Texas last week.  But Duncan has no excuse for his cynical, made-for-cable-TV exploitation of the Santa Fe High School massacre.  Existing state laws banning minors under 18 from purchasing or possessing guns didn't stop the shooter.  Neither did laws against possessing sawed-off shotguns or pipe bombs.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  Let's Face It, The NRA Is Just Shy Of Being A Terrorist Organization.  It's fun to compare this rhetoric to Democratic rhetoric about groups that actually are terrorist organizations.

Big news that the MSM downplays and ignores.  Democrats are acting as though they are morally opposed to Gina Haspel because of the intensive interrogation techniques after 9-11.  Somehow, they weren't outraged when they voted for John Brennan even though he was higher up than Gina Haspel at the CIA at the time.  They didn't seem concerned at all about waterboarding when they and John McCain voted for Brennan.  Selective outrage and selective morality indicate that they don't really care.  They appear to be sexist because they are willing to vote against an extremely qualified woman while they voted for a man with the same history or worse.

Rep. William Lacy Clay on 2020 Census Citizenship Question: 'American Version of Ethnic Cleansing'.  Democrats who oppose the Trump administration's move to add a citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. Census held a press conference at the Capitol on Tuesday, including Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr. (D-MO), who compared it to killings based on race.  "Let's not fool each other," Clay said.  "We know what this is."  "This is the Trump administration's American version of ethnic cleansing in order to blur the lines of accuracy in the Census," Clay said.  "That's what this question is about."  "That's what the motivation is," Clay continued.  "This is to have an inaccurate Census so that they can continue denying the fact that this country is becoming more browner and blacker."

The Obama Legacy Deserves To Be Destroyed.  In 2012, Obama told the nation that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which by any standard was a stand-in for legislation, was merely "a temporary stopgap measure."  By the time Trump overturned it, the measure represented "who we are as a people."  That's because by "temporary" Obama always meant "until Democrats can make it permanent through the courts or electoral victories."

The Semantic Whoredom of the Left.  [Scroll down]  I realized it wasn't just their etymology that was faulty but that these people had in fact built themselves an entirely new language, with words that are in common use [...] voided of their signification and filled with meanings they were never meant to have, meanings that can only be understood if you share the basic assumptions of leftist liberals. [...] There are a few hundred other words that have similarly been beaten until they lose all self-respect and now are passed from mouth to mouth in leftist circles as a sad parody of the words they used to be.  Possibly the most common of those is "racist."

This is not a man with a sound mind.
Chelsea Manning vows to eliminate US borders, close prisons and abolish ICE before it commits 'ethnic cleansing'.  Chelsea Manning is no longer living as a transgender woman in a male military prison, serving the lengthiest sentence ever for revealing US government secrets.  She's free to grow out her hair, travel the world, and spend time with whomever she likes.  But a year since former President Barack Obama commuted Manning's 35-year sentence, America's most famous convicted leaker isn't taking an extended vacation.  Far from it:  The Oklahoma native has decided to make an unlikely bid for the U.S. Senate in her adopted state of Maryland.

Cultural-appropriation Outrage Shows People Are Desperate To Be Offended.  Without cultural appropriation, American blacks would never have picked up European musical instruments to create the blues and jazz.  Without cultural appropriation, white and black artists alike would never have spun these wonderful creations into rock and roll.  Nearly every meal you've ever eaten is the byproduct of centuries of cultural appropriation, to one extent or another.  This column is written in English, a language that contains hundreds of thousands of words appropriated from other tongues.  Just under two-thirds of our language derives from Latin or French.  About a quarter is Germanic in origin.  And about a sixth comes from Greek, Arabic and other languages.

The left preemptively blames Trump for Hawaiian lava and volcano response.  It's been unspeakably stressful for the people affected by the volcanic activity right now, so whipping up fears is rather appalling.  What's even less helpful is the sort of scaremongering we are seeing from the left, on Twitter, claiming President Trump doesn't want to help the people of Hawaii affected by the volcanic activity, as if that were actually true. [...] Seems that in the case of Trump, the pre-emptive Katrina-style blasts are starting before any disaster has even happened.

Pelosi and Democrats trying to scare women into voting for them.  For a long time, the Democrats have been successful by scaring people into voting for them.  It's a tactic used when you can't persuade people on policy.  Americans were recently reminded of the Democrats' usual refrain when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declared President Trump's tax cuts as "Armageddon."

Columbia Instructor:  Going Vegan Fights Racist Violence.  According to an instructor at Columbia University, eating a vegan diet can help fight racist violence.  The adjunct lecturer, Christopher-Sebastian McJetters, made the comments during a lecture for Cornell Students for Animal Rights, according to the Cornell Daily Sun.  "I want to talk about the psychology that goes into why we do this, the way that we do this, and the ways that animal violence and exploitation manifests itself outside of our food system," he said.  According to McJetters, "what we do to other animals informs how we treat one another on this planet, and it is always — always — someone who doesn't have institutional power, and they're usually brown."  "Whiteness has analyzed us and decided that we are not worthy of our individual selves and our individual bodily autonomy and that we get to be objectified and used," he said.  "Both of us, black people and animals."

Can America Survive the Latest Plague?  The left survives within a self-made mirage that uses well written speeches containing caring and poetic language and emotional appeals that appear to be on the side of good, protecting the weak and needy in society.  But in fact, the left exploits and manipulates both weak and poor to continue to remain in power.  Consider the infected American cities of Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago, where the left has total control and can implement whatever programs it wants, and look at the result:  perpetual devastation, crime, and misery.

Emma González Makes an Absurd Ideological Saint.  The major problem in [Rebecca] Mead's article is that she implicitly compares González's tears and, one assumes, her acts, with those of St.  Joan.  But Joan of Arc died for her faith.  She was a martyr.  The gravity of this act, the courage she had, and the power this gave her over her oppressors simply is not comparable to anything that Emma González may have done.  Mead's intent is to show great courage and perhaps even sacrifice on González's part but she digs a hole for herself when she unwittingly reduces González and her pain to a "political expression" and "performance."  In the event that González was just engaged in a theatrical performance, then we have to take it for what it is.  There is no shred of honesty, only manipulation of images to evoke a certain response from the people.

Scammed by a Black, a Woman, and Now a 17-Year-Old.  Leftists believe that the masses are as shallow as they are, placing surface appearance above character.  That is why leftists select front-persons based on race, gender, etc. to be the face of leftists' attacks on mainstream Americans. [...] For example:  Obama's skin color provided cover for him to unconstitutionally further leftists' mission to transform America into a socialist-progressive nation.  Opposing Obama was declared racist.  Leftists assumed that Hillary would win the White House and they could use her gender for cover to continue implementing their agenda.  Hillary and her fellow leftists still blame her crushing electoral defeat on misogyny.

Stop Using The Holocaust To Push Gun Control.  Since WWII, we've heard countless warnings not to compare world leaders with whom one might disagree to Hitler.  There are few in subsequent world history who quite compare as leaders who have orchestrated mass murder at the hands of state agents:  Pol Pot, Slobodon Milosevic, the Kims of North Korea.  Those with a healthy sense of historical frame of reference would not dare compare a political opponent or event to those of the Holocaust.  The systematic murder of millions of Jews at the hands of a government was, thankfully, an anomalous event in human history.  What Nikolaus Cruz did when he killed 17 innocent victims in Parkland was atrocious.  But is it really comparable to genocide?

Oh no! 1% of our economy is in danger.  According to the insipid press, President Trump has ignited a trade war with China that will bring down both economies.  The press is better at presidential election predictions than it is economics. [...] The tariffs will affect less than 1% of the economy.

Do 5 Million Americans Really Live in Third World Poverty?  Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton recently published an op-ed in the New York Times titled "The U.S. Can No Longer Hide from Its Deep Poverty Problem."  Deaton asserted that 5.3 million Americans (or 1.7 percent of the population) live on less than $4 per day and "are as destitute as the world's poorest people. ... [Their] suffering, through material poverty and poor health, is as bad [as] or worse than that of the people in Africa or in Asia."  But measurements of poverty and deep poverty based on income are seriously flawed, because U.S. government income surveys:
  •   omit or severely undercount most of the $1.1 trillion that the government spends on means-tested welfare assistance each year;
  •   omit or undercount off-the-books earnings, which are prevalent in low-income communities;
  •   omit the incomes of cohabiting partners and parents; and
  •   ignore assets acquired in prior periods.
The omission and undercounting of welfare aid is particularly troubling.  For example, in 2016, federal, state, and local governments spent $223 billion on cash, food, and housing benefits for low-income families with children, an amount three times that needed to eliminate all official poverty and ten times that needed to wipe out deep poverty among them.  But the Census Bureau's income surveys counted only $7.6 billion of this spending for purposes of assessing poverty or deep poverty.

The Teenage Demagogues.  These young activists are making our public debate even more poisonous and less civil, and are doing it as teenagers.  They are precocious that way. [...] The student activists presume that there is a ready solution to mass shootings that everyone knows, and the only reason why someone might not act on this universally accepted policy is malice or corruption.  This makes the other side the equivalent of murderers.

Who Runs March for Our Lives?  Follow the money.  It's a strange political fact, but nearly every major anti-gun group has been a front group. [...] Everytown for Gun Safety was formed out of two other groups:  Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Both are actually front groups for Michael Bloomberg, the lefty billionaire and former boss of the Big Apple, who used New York City resources to host at least one of its websites.  So Everytown is really New York City.  March for Our Lives is on every cable channel, but who runs it?  The photogenic teen fronts are out front.  But it's obvious to everyone that a bunch of teens don't have the resources and skills to coordinate a nationwide movement.  Instead it's the experienced activists who are actually running things.

Gimme That Old Time Religion.  The biggest albatross of environmentalism is its well-deserved reputation for apocalypticism:  the world is always going to come to and end because of... plastic bags!  Bee colony collapse disorder!  Endocrine disruptors!  Velociraptors! [...] Why, people often ask me, are environmentalists so gloomy about the human prospect?  I have a simple answer:  it makes them happy.  Seriously:  if you point out to environmentalists the data showing many environmental problems on the national and global scale are improving, they usually go into a rage.  Good news is bad news.

Before anything was known about the perpetrator or his motives...
Black Caucus members call for action on Austin bombings.  Congressional Black Caucus members want the bombings in Austin, Texas, to be classified as "terrorist attacks" — and are calling on officials to determine whether they are "ideologically or racially motivated."  While the two young men injured in the most recent blast are both white, all of the other victims have been either black or Hispanic.

The Editor says...
Do they really believe the cops weren't already working on those questions?

Parkland Kids:  The Return of the Grieving Activist.  According to many gun-control advocates, 18-year-olds are too immature to handle guns — but are mature enough to advise us on gun policy.  Thus we're told we must "listen to the voices" of the young Parkland shooting survivors.  Not only that, we're not to question or oppose them because they're young, they're survivors and, by golly, because it's absolutely devastating to the anti-gun agenda!  There's something truly reprehensible about this situation, and it's not conservatives criticizing the positions of activist Parkland students such as David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.  It's that liberals are using the students as human props and human shields, letting them throw the punches and then condemning the assailed if they dare defend themselves.

CNN Runs Story Comparing ICE Agents To Nazis.  The full article tells the story of a Jewish woman who is hiding a Catholic, Latino family from deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  "For the woman, the link from the present to the history of World War II is strong," the authors write, noting that Jewish people also feared being kicked out of their homes during the Holocaust.  The article apparently does not feel the need to point out the key differences between Jewish people during the Holocaust and illegal immigrants in the U.S. — chiefly that Jewish people were being exterminated by their own government.  A number of people lashed out at CNN for the offensive comparison.

'Believe All Women' at Your Peril.  The "Believe All Women" meme is now rooted in our manifold hierarchies of oppression.  It will continue to do untold harm to both men and women unless we can return to the approximate sanity of the past, before the absurdly named "Twitter" feeds, the duplicitous and unaccountable intimacy of Facebook, and the Fake News Media came to substitute for investigative justice.

Fugitive Cities Have Harbored 10,000 Criminal-Alien Recidivists.  The phrase "sanctuary cities" is warm and welcoming.  Sanctuaries are safe, cozy, and sometimes therapeutic.  This term is also a deceptive euphemism for something thoroughly unacceptable.

I hope Democrats defend sanctuary cities.  It's bad policy, and it'll cost them.  Open-border radicals in California and other liberal strongholds must be held accountable.  Of course, liberals would have you believe that they are only interested in protecting the poor, the oppressed and the hardworking who have nowhere else to go.  But in many cases, their actions allow dangerous and sometimes repeat criminals to be shielded from deportation or prison.

NRA called 'terrorist organization' in billboard funded by former Clinton staffer.  A new controversial Florida billboard is targeting the National Rifle Association as a "terrorist organization."  The anti-NRA billboard is funded by Claude Taylor, a former White House staffer for President Bill Clinton, through MAD DOG PAC, a political action committee that also erected billboards calling for President Trump's impeachment in states across the country.

Virginia Democrats 'Offended' And 'Emotionally Shaken' By Republican Citing Historical Facts.  So far, I like what I see from [Nick] Freitas who is now running for the Republican nomination to challenge Tim Kaine's U.S. Senate seat.  However I'm reluctant to go further than that because so many politicians who once appeared reasonable to me have disappointed me greatly.

The First Amendment Is In Far Greater Danger Than The Second.  A case in point of this change has been the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting.  Despite the complexity of the issues involved and the diversity of views held by Americans as to the proper response, the elites have pursued a scorched earth campaign against those who do not hold their black-and-white views on guns.  In the news media, a narrative emphasizing the immediate necessity of national gun control legislation has become a 24-hour rallying cry, with victims of the tragedy exploited to advance this narrative and brand those who disagree as somehow complicit in the violence.  Meanwhile, corporations have begun to sever ties with the NRA, sending a message that only one side of the debate is socially acceptable while the other is deserving of punishment. [...] Make no mistake:  an America with total elite control over the population and where dissent from their views is vilified is not an America at all.

Trump's Win is the Reichstag Fire of Internet Censorship.  It's no coincidence that the central conspiracy theory surrounding the 2016 election involves free speech or that the solution is internet censorship.  The claim that Russian trolls and bots rigged the election has zero actual evidence behind it.  But it's a convenient tool for not only delegitimizing Trump, but the very idea of a free and open internet where anyone can say anything they choose.  Senator Ben Cardin, Rep. Jerry Nadler and other members of Congress compared the election influence conspiracy to Pearl Harbor.  Rep. Jim Himes went even further, suggesting that it had eclipsed 9/11 by claiming that it, "is up there with Pearl Harbor in terms of its seriousness as a challenge to this country."  What they're really saying is that Democrats losing an election is worse than the murder of 3,000 people.

An Open Letter to David Hogg.  Who is David Hogg and why should we care?  He seems to think he is now a policy expert and can arrange for his thoughts and opinions to be taken seriously.  How many times have you heard him on CNN or MSNBC slandering those who disagree with him or heard him say "I am not going to allow".  My first thought is who [...] does he think he is.  The son of a supposed FBI agent father and a VIP mother who works for CNN (his own words) what makes him any more expert just because he was in the building next to where the shooting occurred?  His condescending attitude and his inability to see past the myopic preening group that are his handlers is self serving.  His present course will allow him to move forward in his future plans as either a journalist of politician, another progressive leftists that can lie easily and do nothing more than push the Alinsky principles forward.  He is the perfect "victim" he can say and demean anyone he likes and lie about facts and can do it with impunity because he can always fall back on being a "victim".  Any who call out his lies or his demeaning of others will be set upon by the socialists who are cheering him on.

How Identity Politics Is Made to Destroy Us.  In January, when negotiations over the fate of 800,000 DACA recipients broke down, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) blamed the impasse on the alleged racism of President Trump and his senior advisers.  "Last night the president put forth a plan," Pelosi told the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  "Let me just say what I said last night, that plan is a campaign to make America white again."  This was not only an obvious lie, but a spectacularly brazen one, since Trump's announced plan would provide a path to citizenship not only for the illegal aliens who had benefited from President Obama's constitutionally suspect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, all of whom are nonwhite, but for a million additional illegals, mainly from Latin America, who are also mainly nonwhite.

Sheriff Scott Israel shoves aside NRA as scapegoat for Parkland massacre.  Leftists love scapegoats when they get to choose them.  But their narrative on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass slaughter is crashing and burning.  The statist gun-grabbers thought they had another golden opportunity when 17 people were massacred at a high school in an affluent suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Plenty of articulate student survivors and grieving parents to mobilize for kangaroo court town halls and to be bussed to Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. spelled good visuals and heartbreaking stories.  The knee-jerk response of the left-media combine following a school shooting always is to blame the NRA, which stands in the way of dreams of tyranny.  If only Americans didn't have access to guns, we'd all be safe, goes the familiar mantra, ignoring mass slaughters in gun-restrictive locales the Bataclan in Paris.

Remark By Teachers Union President Shows Just How Inhuman Political Discourse Has Become.  In a recent BuzzFeed News article about the difficulties that "school choice Democrats" will face in the near political future, one interviewee made a remark that disturbed me. [...] Weingarten's comment is, in a word, destructive.  She attributed to DeVos, as if it were a simple fact, a negative internal characteristic she couldn't possibly know to be true.  DeVos "doesn't care about children."  That's a serious accusation, yet Weingarten didn't hesitate to make it.  If this were a one-off remark, perhaps it wouldn't be so troubling.  However, these types of statements have become the first response in nearly all political debates.

Nikolas Cruz Is the Result of 'It Takes a Village'.  Does everyone see what the Democrats have done?  They've pitted children against us, thereby mainstreaming and normalizing child exploitation.  What the Democrats did to Parkland student Emma Gonzalez was as sickening a display as any I've ever witnessed.  They coaxed an understandably distraught child to spew one debunked Democrat lie after another — and, of course, plenty of invective toward President Trump.  David Hogg, a 17-year-old Parkland student, asked on CNN:  "If you can't get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?"  Normal question from a 17-year-old, right?  Wondering aloud if he came up with that question all on his own, with such emotionally vivid lingual sophistication and political acumen, must make me a grumpy old gun nut who thinks our youth are stupid.

The Contemptible American Left.  The American left, whose enthusiasts traffic constantly in victimhood and noble intentions, are once again exploiting and manipulating a tragedy.  They are now shamelessly claiming not only that teenagers who have been victims of or witnesses to a shooting must be the recipients of the nation's sympathy, but that whatever they say — however inane or uninformed, as long as it conforms with the left's anti-gun orthodoxy — cannot be questioned.  Their unfortunate experience gives rise to their newly minted status as unassailable spokespersons in any debate regarding gun control.  Therefore, anyone who has the temerity to question or criticize these newly anointed voices of reason is an insensitive brute who favors continued and unabated gun violence.

Why The Left Finds Wisdom In The Shrieks Of Parkland's Traumatized Teens.  Leftism's cult of youth is coming out in glorious display by showcasing Stoneman Douglas High School students and their pending movement for severe gun control measures.  Yes, "cult" perfectly suits a media rendered awe-stricken and rationally stunted by the shrieks of children.  They share a psychological profile with historic cultists, from Adolph Hitler's Nuremberg crowds to Jim Jones' flock:  the mind shuts down and rewires itself to make rational — in a democracy! — such Manichaean claims like "You're either with us or you're against us."  But so much of leftism makes sense when you realize it's a species of Christian heresy, gnostic millenarianism to be exact, that perverts so many of orthodox Christianity's fundamental teachings.

Let It Snow!  Let It Snow! Let It Snow!  Stop calling "snowflakes" snowflakes. [...] The irony is that a snowflake is so intricate yet so impromptu, suggesting the existence of an intelligent designer, while the snowflakes are so unintelligent as to make intelligent design inconceivable.  It takes faith to believe in a designer we cannot see, when what we do see can cause us to lose faith in ourselves.  What I see is rage instead of reason, groupthink instead of independent thought, tribalism instead of trial and error.  If the snowflakes bury this country with their illogic, blanketing the deserts and the plains with fury — bombarding the hills and the streets with fear — the sunshine of truth will be unable to melt their mountain of lies.

Schoolboy Cameron Kasky.  The U.S. media apparatus — specifically for current events, CNN and Jake Tapper's narrative engineers — consistently indoctrinate and manipulate children.  Indeed, in the history of Fabian political advancement children have always been a focus point for advancing their authoritarian control objectives.  However, today — as with prior history, the media's ideological lust intoxicates them, and the engineers have a tendency to go too far.

The Florida School Shooting:  Typical Leftist Exploitation.  When I first heard about the terrible Florida school shooting, I knew that the American left (Democrats, fake news, and Hollywood) would shamefully exploit the victims the way they always do.  The leftists' manual, Rules for Radicals, says, "In the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication."  In other words, "Never let a crisis go to waste."  Always exploit the victim's pain and suffering to further the leftist agenda.  We've seen leftists repeatedly use this insidious, heartless tactic.  Every time a tragic incident happens, cold, calculating leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms, pretending to have their best interests at heart, vowing to fix the problem.  But rather than seek real commonsense solutions, leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate:  Christians, gun-owners, the NRA, conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non-victim-minded minorities, and straight white men.

Teenage Survivors Are Not Immune from Criticism When They Push Gun Control.  Democrats have perfected the art of using sympathetic public figures to argue for positions most Americans reject, then accusing critics of mean-spiritedness when they disagree.  We saw that tactic in the Khizr Khan controversy in 2016, when a Muslim father whose son died fighting for the U.S. blasted Donald Trump from the podium at the Democratic National Convention.  When Trump responded, he was accused of attacking a Gold Star family.  Likewise in the gun control debate, where people who disagree with impassioned calls for gun control from some of the students who survived the Parkland shooting are being accused of attacking children.

Do Not Let the Children Lead.  America is not a juvenilocracy.  It is a constitutional republic.  There is a reason we don't elect high school sophomores and juniors to public office or allow them to cast ballots.  There are many, many reasons, actually.  Pubescents are fueled by hormones and dopamine and pizza and Sonic shakes.  They're fickle and fragile and fierce and forgetful.  They hate you.  They love you.  They need you.  They ignore you.  They know everything.  They know nothing.  All in the span of 10 seconds.  I know.  I have two of them.

Leftists Use Teens as Pawns for Gun Control.  First, a point we always make.  So-called "assault weapons" are nothing of the sort.  That's a made-up term by the Leftmedia meant to make people afraid of what is a basic semi-automatic rifle with certain cosmetic features.  Find out the truth here.  Second, it's incredibly unfortunate that teenagers likely suffering post-traumatic stress from a horrific attack are being held up as the sage voices of reason and unassailable moral authority.  The Left is using these kids as pawns to advance gun control, and it's arguably even more sick than politicians making a platform out of the caskets of Sandy Hook's children.

'KILL THE NRA' Scrawled Across Vandalized Billboard In Kentucky.  The leftist push for gun control in the wake of a Florida school shooting took a turn for the bizarre — and creepy — Tuesday morning [2/20/2018], after a billboard in Louisville, Kentucky was vandalized with the words, "KILL THE NRA."  The billboard is apparently "calling out the National Rifle Association following the recent school shootings in Kentucky and Florida," according to local media.  The message was signed, "Resist 45" — the calling card of a local Kentucky group that "opposes President Donald Trump" (to put it mildly) — likely some of the same people who have been suggesting Republicans have "blood on their hands" for supporting gun rights.

Democrats Blame Republicans, Demand Gun Control After Florida School Shooting.  Democrats immediately politicized the Florida school shooting that left at least 17 people dead on Wednesday and demanded gun control legislation, even before it was known how the shooter got his gun and whether any proposed legislation would have stopped it.  Some Democrats blamed Republicans for Wednesday's [2/14/2018] tragedy, without citing any evidence whatsoever.

Dem Congressman With Violent District:  Mass Shootings [are] Caused By Poverty.  Who knew?  All these shootings weren't caused by guns, but by poverty.  So let's end the whole gun control thing and just work on more poverty programs.  Or does that just apply to Dem districts?  Poor Democrats shoot people because of poverty.  Rich Democrats shoot people because guns exist.  Do Democrats ever take responsibility for anything?

The Angry Liberal Mob.  Have you ever wondered why liberals, particularly activist liberals, are so angry all the time?  It's not that they're angry people, or at least it's not just that they're angry people, it's for a different, very important reason — anger overrides logic.  Anger is kryptonite to logic, and for liberalism to work, to attract a large audience, logic has to be overridden.

Sen. Menendez: 'Chain Migration' Is 'Cruel' To Descendants Of Slaves.  "Chain migration" refers to immigration policy that allows the extended families of immigrants to join them in the United States.  According to Menendez, who is fresh off of a corruption trial, the term is "cruel" and "obscene."  "I find it obscene, the phrase 'chain migration,'" Menendez told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.  "It is incredibly cruel to those whose ancestors were brought to this country in chains in slavery."  "It is a dehumanizing element of what is, in essence, family reunification, which has been the core of American immigration principal for over a century," Menendez continued, "the belief that when we have families together, that ultimately they strengthen not only themselves and help each other but they help build communities and help build our nation."

How the Left Plays at Oppression and Encourages Tyrants.  I've been seeing graying women with t-shirts proclaiming they're resisting, watched colleges and universities fly their flag at half mast, and banged my head gently against the dashboard at cars with bumper stickers proudly proclaiming the driver a member of the resistance.  I've heard women proclaim they're marching for lost rights, though no one can answer me on what rights they lost.  Oh, yeah, I've also been informed, loudly, in public spaces, that liberals are afraid to speak their mind and that the awful dictator, Trump, has chilled their speech. [...] They know they can go around sloganeering and screaming and calling a freely elected president a tyrant and the equivalent of Hitler, and no one will do anything.

The Fake National Security Behind Obama's Watergate.  Before the Nunes memo was released, Democrats, the media and its intelligence sources insisted that it would undermine national security, reveal tradecraft secrets and even get agents killed.  Senator Cory Booker warned that it might be treasonously "endangering fellow Americans in the intelligence community."  It was, but not in the way that he meant.  The memo didn't have anything resembling classified information it.  Neither did the Grassley-Graham criminal referral which was heavily redacted to screen out all the "classified information."  What did the classified information consist of?  The Grassley-Graham criminal referral went through two FBI redactions.  Julie Kelly at American Greatness compared the two versions to see what was hidden.  Most of the redactions in the first version, that were exposed in the second version, involved the problems with the FISA warrant application's reliance on Christopher Steele.  The references to the FISA warrant, which is classified, allowed figures in the FBI to redact it.  But none of the references reveal anything damaging to our national security.

Our Infrastructure is not Crumbling.  One of the great myths of American politics, no matter who is president and no matter who runs Congress, is that our infrastructure is "crumbling."  Former president Barack Obama repeatedly warned us about our "crumbling infrastructure."  President Donald Trump now tells us that our infrastructure is "crumbling."  The next president is going to hatch a giant plan to fix our crumbling infrastructure as well, because most voters want to believe infrastructure is crumbling.  The infrastructure is not crumbling. [...] So "crumbling infrastructure" peddlers play on this concern by habitually agonizing over things like the impending outbreak of tragic bridge collapses that will kill thousands.  They bring up tragedies like the 2007 disaster with the Interstate 35 bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis even though, according to federal investigators, the collapse was due to a design flaw rather than decaying infrastructure.  Many outlets and politicians simply ignore the inconvenient fact that the rare fatality involving infrastructure typically has nothing to do with "crumbling" and everything to do with natural elements or human error.

Hillary Clinton Predicts Women Will 'Bear the Brunt' of 'Climate Change'.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted Monday [2/5/2018] during a human rights event at Georgetown University that climate change will force women to "bear the brunt of looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to ..."  Such migration won't be led by men, she maintained, but rather by women "when all of the grass is finally gone as the desertification moves south and you have to keep moving your livestock or your crops are no longer growing."

The Editor says...
What amount of global warming or cooling would prevent crops from growing?  If such a change ever took place, would it be possible to move your livestock to a more favorable area?  As usual, those who spread climate doomsday predictions are hoping the general public won't think it through.

The Memo Reveals The Coup Against America.  The Democrats and the media spent a week lying to the American people about the "memo."  The memo was full of "classified information" and releasing" it would expose "our spying methods."  By "our," they didn't mean American spying methods.  They meant Obama's spying methods.  A former White House Ethics Lawyer claimed that the Nunes memo would undermine "national security."  On MSNBC, Senator Chris Van Hollen threatened that if the memo is released, the FBI and DOJ "will refuse to share information with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees."  Senator Cory Booker howled that releasing the memo was "treasonous" and might be "revealing sources and methods" and even "endangering fellow Americans in the intelligence community."  The memo isn't treasonous.  It reveals a treasonous effort by the Democrats to use our intelligence agencies to rig an election and overturn the will of the voters.

Luis Gutierrez Stormed Out Of House Chamber During SOTU.  Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez stormed out of President Donald Trump's first State Of The Union address Tuesday night as "USA" chants erupted on the House floor.  Toward the end of Trump's speech, Gutierrez was spotted on camera getting up and exiting the chamber after Trump praised monuments across the country.  As members of Congress applauded the president's comments, the Illinois Democrat rose from his seat and walked out the door.

Using Nullification To Destroy Federalism.  [Scroll down]  In other words, the so-called "Dreamers," who are here illegally are being defended along with other illegals who, in addition to being illegals, are also criminals.  And this is all under the name of diversity.  Trump is being characterized as a pathological xenophobe.  This enforcement is presumably motivated by his hate and the hate of his supporters for non-white peoples, especially Hispanics.  And this pervasive and obsessive anti-Latino tendency is reinforced by an additional dimension of his mindset, and that of his Christian, conservative, dumb, working-class mindsets, by Islamophobia. [...] This rejection is always appended with the suffix "phobia."  Phobias are fears, but not merely fears.  They are irrational fears.

Unhinged: Michael Moore assails Trump, 'unfit,' 'narcissist, 'sociopath,' 'threat to humanity'.  One of the chief organizers of Monday's counter-State of the Union in New York City is charging that President Trump needs to be overthrown before he ends the world.  Really.

How a Civil War Happens.  When Democrats control the Senate, then Harry Reid and his boys and girls are the sane, wise heads that keep the crazy guys in the House in check.  But when Republicans control the Senate, then it's an outmoded body inspired by racism.  When Democrats run the Supreme Court, then it has the power to decide everything in the country.  But when Republicans control the Supreme Court, it's a dangerous body that no one should pay attention to.  When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren't even allowed to enforce immigration law.  But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws.

The Democratic Party of Today.  Identity politics encourages fraud.  Remember the white woman, Rachel Dolezal, who claimed to be black and thereby took a position in the NAACP somewhere?  She was exposed as a fraud, but continued to claim that she was black.  Few people seemed to care.  This is what the Democratic Party has come to.  It is not only that the party is filled with phonies, but that the party has no standards.  It is without class.  It is the party of maudlin claims and easy outrage, often childish outrage.

Trump forces Democratic hand on immigration.  Ah, the Art of The Donald.  Kick back and enjoy the ride.  "Trump plan to offer citizenship to 1.8 million undocumented immigrants," the BBC reported.  How did the illegal aliens react?  "Let's call this proposal for what it is:  a white supremacist ransom note.  Our fear, our pain, and our lives must not be used to shackle our parents and ban those seeking refuge; we must not be used to tear apart the moral fabric of this country," the group United We Dream said in a statement.

Dick Durbin Claims Amnesty Is 'Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'.  Democratic Senators believe amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants is the "civil rights issue of our time," declared Sen. Dick Durbin, just before he voted January 22 to end the 2018 budget filibuster.  Durbin's promotion of illegal immigrants above African-Americans and other Americans spotlights the party's decision that Americans' deficits in wealth, job opportunities, and education are subordinate to the party's strategy of allying with business to import foreign voters via the nation's mass-immigration laws.

Transgenderism Is an Intellectual Disease.  Are we really helping people just because we choose not to hurt their feelings?  Hurt feelings used to be considered a necessary step along the way of learning to live well.  Avoiding them at all costs now seems to be the very summit of human wisdom.

Apple: Get Ready For Our $350 Billion US Investment — Thanks To Tax ReformCrumbs, Nancy Pelosi will say — it's all crumbs!  Twenty thousand American workers over the next five years may disagree.  Apple announced today that they plan to invest heavily in their US infrastructure, in large part because of the tax reform bill that Democrats claimed would kill people.

The further Oprah-izing of America.  Years ago, when Oprah became a national phenomenon, I coined the phrase "the Oprah-izaton of America."  It seemed as though Oprah had seduced many Americans into placing feelings above facts and logic.  Fake news media and most politicians have become Oprah-ized, behaving as though feelings trump everything.  For example, rather than honestly dealing with the negative consequences of illegals invading our country, leftists and politicians are most concerned with the emotional side of the issue.

The Weaponization of History and Journalism.  Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author.  Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth.  Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated.  They want to read what they already believe.  It is comforting, reassuring.  When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry.  The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want.  There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a country's myths.  On the Internet successful sites are those that play to one ideology or another, to one emotion or the other, or to one interest group or another.  The single rule for success is to confine truth to what the readership group you serve believes.

The Left's False Vision of Economics and Morality.  Commentaries by the left repeatedly emphasize the words "fairness," "morality," "equality," "community," and "the poor."  According to the left, morality and fairness are economic concepts, not biblically based, divinely approved commands.  Morality and fairness are undermined by "disparity."  The rich, and possibly those awful, fanatical, and outrageously hypocritical conservative Christians, are disrupting "community" (sometimes referred to as the "global village"). [...] The idea of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer expresses resentment for the rich and is a ploy of demagogues rather than a significant or useful economic concept.  The drumbeat of class warfare is a bottomless pit.

Ex-Obama Treasury secretary:  Tax cuts 'leaving us broke'.  Former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew expressed concerns about the new GOP tax law's impact on the debt, arguing that it is "leaving us broke" and could lead to cuts in social safety net programs.  "I fear that the next shoe to drop is going to be an attack on the most vulnerable in our society," Lew said in a Bloomberg interview.  "How are we going to pay for the deficit caused by the tax cut?  You're going to see proposals to cut health insurance from poor people, to take basic food support away from poor people, to attack Medicare and Social Security."

The Editor says...
Memo to the former Treasury Secretary:  Deficits are not caused by tax cuts.  Deficits are caused by spending borrowed money, mostly on stuff we don't really need.  Call me if you need further advice.

Environmentalists Freak Out Over Trump's Repeal Of Rule Which Never Went Into Effect.  The green energy, "keep it in the ground" folks are off to a bad start in 2018.  It turns out that another one of Barack Obama's signature "achievements" in energy regulation, the one which would heavily regulate fracking on federal lands, is going away.  Given what a dirty word "fracking" has become in liberal circles, this is causing all manner of outrage on the left.  There's only one catch here... the rule in question never even went into effect for even a single day.

Railroaded: The Real Reasons Al Franken Is No Longer A Senator.  Three weeks after volunteering as Democratic Party tribute Hunger-Games-Style, Al Franken has finally relinquished his Senate seat.  Operation:  Moral High Ground, the Democrats' transparent plan to claim victory in America's #metoo moment, was a simple one.  Step One:  Run Al Franken out of town.  No ethics investigation.  No consideration of Minnesota voters.  No censure or lesser discipline.  Just an aggressive Franken-ectomoy.  Step Two:  Sit back and wait for alleged pedophile Roy Moore to win a Senate seat in Alabama's special election.  Step Three:  Make sure Franken's exit shares a news cycle with Roy Moore's entrance.  It would have been the Holy Grail of partisan juxtaposition — the split-screen video image to end all split screen video images.  Step Four:  Scream into the echo chamber that Republicans are the Roy Moore party and Democrats are the party of women.

17 Things That Need To Die With 2017.  [#6] Democrats claiming that Republican legislation will kill people.  From the 2012 ad showing a Paul Ryan-look alike literally shoving Granny off a cliff to their panic attacks over any discussion of repealing Obamacare to the latest whinging over the tax bill, the Democrats love to assign a death toll to Republican policies.  Just look at the nonsense over Net Neutrality.  According to Twitter, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was changing the policy because he was the puppet of big internet companies who were going to destroy the internet as we know it and charge you $10 per tweet and blood will run in the streets and all sorts of horrors.  It's been a few weeks since and somehow we all survived.  AOL Instant Messenger is dead, but the rest of the internet still lives.  The hysteria was even worse over the tax bill.

Virginia Dem:  GOP Government 'Dangerous to All Living Creatures,' Especially Federal Workers.  Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) urged Congress before the holiday break to protect federal workers in the event of a government shutdown, adding that a "united" federal government under Republican leadership is "dangerous to all living creatures."  "They've already been asked to sacrifice in a way no other group in America has been asked to sacrifice, contributing well over $200 billion to deficit reduction," he said on a conference call Dec. 20 with American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National President David Cox Sr.

'Morning Joe' guest worried Trump might invalidate 2018 midterm elections — even though he couldn't.  A guest on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" oddly declared Friday that she is worried President Trump may try to invalidate the 2018 midterm elections to avoid a Democratic Congress — something the President can't actually do.  Regular co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were absent, but Republican pollster and Washington Examiner columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson more than made up for the extreme anti-Trump rhetoric that MSNBC viewers have come to expect from the liberal morning show.

In Attacking Trump Tax Cuts as 'Theft,' Democrats Prove They Don't Believe in Private Property.  When Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate passed historic tax reform that will decrease taxes for more than 80 percent of Americans, Democrats branded the tax cut a "heist."  Terms such as "looting," "theft," and "heist" suggested that Republicans weren't giving Americans back more of their hard-earned money, but rather stealing from the poor to give to the rich.  This rhetoric is revealing — it shows that Democrats no longer believe in private property, a cornerstone of American values and the basis on which President Abraham Lincoln argued against slavery.  "Shamefully, Republicans were cheering against the children as they rob from their future and ransack the middle class to reward the rich," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tweeted, adding the hashtag #GOPTaxScam.  She was far from alone in adopting such rhetoric.

On what basis is this claim made?
Kathy Griffin Claims She'd Be 'Shot' By A Trump Supporter If She Went On A National Comedy Tour.  Comedian Kathy Griffin claims that, while she's doing well on tour overseas, she's unable to do a U.S. national comedy tour because she'd "be shot" by a Trump supporter.  Speaking to Politico Wednesday [12/27/2017], Griffin says that, after posing for a controversial photo that showed her holding up Donald Trump's (fake) severed head, she's received death threats that she's afraid Americans will act on.  "I wish I could tour in the U.S. without getting shot — I know I can't.  I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when the tweet happened.  It was canceled in 24 hours," Griffin said, apparently unaware that the backlash to her photo was not simply swift but also, generally, bipartisan.

Attn. Nancy Pelosi!  CBS News finds families who WON'T be killed by the tax bill.  You know it's bad for the Dems when even the mainstream media can't give an assist.  Here's a CBS News story that did NOT cooperate with the Democrat narrative of "Armageddon" and mass misery.

Psychologist says he sent a gift-wrapped package of manure to Steve Mnuchin's Bel Air mansion.  A Los Angeles psychologist says he hand-delivered gift-wrapped package of manure to Steve Mnuchin's Bel Air mansion because the GOP tax bill is 'bulls***'.  Robby Strong identified himself as the man who dropped off a box of horse manure at Mnuchin's house in an interview with

Democrats 'manufacturing a crisis' over prospect of Mueller firing, sources say.  Democrats are "manufacturing a crisis" with their drumbeat of warnings about the possible firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, sources familiar with the relationship between Mueller's office and President Trump's legal team say.  The sources insisted to Fox News that Mueller is not going to be fired, and the discussion is nothing more than speculation and rumor.  Further, they said the legal team has an "excellent" and "very professional" relationship with Mueller and his team.  "The fact is [Democrats] have been caught red handed manufacturing a crisis and all the phony allegations," one source said.

The Democrats Stink of Weakness and Defeat.  Armageddon, she called it.  That was Nancy Pelosi, the insane woman who is somehow in charge of the Democrats' House caucus, speaking about the just-passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  The bill would later pass in the House, largely on the same party lines it's passed throughout the legislative process, due to procedural necessities, Wednesday [12/20/2017].  [...] We wouldn't take Pelosi seriously, because it's impossible to truly do so.  After all, she's completely crazy and it's obvious to anyone who bothers to observe both the gibberish emanating from her lips and the unstable body language surrounding it.  Except that the unhinged sentiments she offered as a reaction to the passage of a bill which will provide a tax cut to 80 percent of the American public aren't just hers.  They belong to the entire Democratic Party.

New York Times Column Says Trump Is About To Stage A Coup.  A New York Times contributor cranked the President Donald Trump-hysteria-meter to 11 on Thursday when he wrote the president "and his allies seem on the verge of staging a coup against independent institutions and the rule of law."  In the column "The Real Coup Plot Is Trump's," New York Times contributor and Harvard University lecturer Yascha Mounk warns readers about the upcoming assault on American democracy that the president is plotting.  Fox News host Jesse Watters recently claimed that in the midst of all the alleged bias within the FBI, that "we have a coup on our hands in America."  Mounk doesn't cite any evidence that Trump is preparing to fire special counsel Robert Mueller — the president, after all, has said repeatedly that he doesn't intend to.

Taxpayer rebellions in the blue states?  The Democrats are hysterical about the Trump tax reform.  You'd probably be hysterical, too if someone was about to blow up your little kingdom.  For years, high-tax states benefited by passing the cost to the rest of the country, or allowing their residents to write off their state taxes on their IRS return.  In other words, the real losers of Trump tax reform are the state legislatures in California and Illinois, [...]

On the Left, It Is All Hysteria, All the Time.  I have been observing politics for a long time, and have never seen anything like the present moment.  The Democrats have dialed the hysteria meter up to 12, and absolutely everything is a crisis.  One type of faux crisis is particularly transparent.  It is exemplified by the Left's current fit over net neutrality, a policy that few understand and, I think, fewer still have much reason to care about.

Hundreds of EPA Employees Have Quit Under Trump.  Over 700 employees at the Environmental Protection Agency have quit or taken early retirement during the Trump administration so far, bringing the agency close to employment levels not seen since Reagan.  ThinkProgress, whose senior editor is scared of his plumber who he fears may have voted for Trump, is warning that the exodus will lead to "dirtier air" and "dirtier water."  "Since Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt took over the top job at the agency in March, more than 700 employees have either retired, taken voluntary buyouts, or quit, signaling the second-highest exodus of employees from the agency in nearly a decade," the liberal blog reported.

The Editor says...
As I have said numerous times since at least September 26, 2011, the EPA could disappear tomorrow and the air and water would not get dirtier, because all 50 states have their own EPA-equivalents.

Guilt By Accusation Is The New NormTime has named #MeToo its 'Person of the Year' and every other day the hashtag lynch mob drags someone else in front of the spotlight.  The accusations range from rape to harsh words.  The evidence is hearsay.  The target is shamed, fired from every job he ever held and purged from polite society.  Some are guilty.  Some might be innocent.  But we'll never know because there's no investigation.  The time frame between accusation and purge is hours or days when it takes your average HR department a week to file a form.  Just like in every totalitarian leftist state, the accusation is enough.  And then it's on to the next one. [...] And don't ask any questions.  Only bad people ask questions.  Only bad people want proof.  Only bad people don't instantly believe an accusation.  And you're either with #MeToo or with its targets.  But maybe we should start asking a few questions.

Will Net-Neutrality Zealots Apologize When The Internet Fails To Crash And Burn?  On Thursday, the FCC voted 3-2 to overturn the Obama administration's 2015 regulatory regime, under which the FCC had granted itself virtually unlimited authority to regulate internet service providers in the name of "net neutrality."  In a tweet after the ruling, the ACLU said the decision "represents a radical departure that risks erosion of the biggest free-speech platform the world has ever known."  Mignon Clyburn, one of the two Democratic commissioners at the FCC, claimed that overturning the Obama rules would give "the green light to our nation's largest broadband providers to engage in anti-consumer practices, including blocking, slowing down traffic, and paid prioritization of online applications and services."  Most of the other reactions aren't fit to print here.

Net neutrality is dead.  Good riddance.  Net neutrality is dead.  This is a good thing.  Even if there were no other compelling arguments in favor of killing net neutrality (though there are), the end of net neutrality would be welcome because it will frustrate the hopes of the largest group temper tantrum thrown by non-toddlers in recent American history.  Has this country ever seen a more simperingly childish mob than the one responsible for the outcry over this boring prudential question concerning the allocation of hertz?  Has so much canned emotion ever been spilled over so bland and technocratic and uniquely prudential an issue?  Having strong feelings about net neutrality — which essentially mandates that your internet service provider treats all internet traffic and data equally — is like getting upset over a public-access TV debate on the generic ballot or the proceedings of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans, and Insular Affairs.  If nothing else, ludicrous statements like the one from the heads of the New York, Brooklyn, and Queens Public Library systems calling the proposed change "appalling" and the gravest threat to education this country faces do the helpful work of reminding us that, like public schools, libraries in this country are now little more than transmission centers for digital entertainment.

Liberals Love Lynch Mob 'Justice'.  Last week, Democrats forced two of their own (Senator Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers) to walk the plank in response to mere allegations of wrongdoing, in a transparent attempt to position their party to try to score political points against President Trump and the GOP.  In neither case did a court of law determine that the two politicians had engaged in wrongdoing.  Nor did a congressional ethics panel take testimony, gather evidence or make findings.  Instead, to appease the appetites of a rabid liberal mob (and out of political expediency), Democrats stripped two of their colleagues of their right to a fair hearing and forced them to resign under a cloud of shame.

Dear Democrats:  Does Trump do anything that's not racist?  A good journalist should ask John Lewis and himself what policies of Trump make him a racist.  A bad journalist would just repeat over and over again the claim that Trump is a racist, no questions asked.  People claim that Trump is anti-Muslim because he has severe vetting on six or seven Muslim countries.  Since there are around 50 majority-Muslim countries, how could that policy be anti-Muslim?  They also claim that Trump is a racist because he wants to enforce our immigration laws that John Lewis and Congress wrote.  Enforcing laws of the land is certainly not racist.  Every policy I have seen that Trump has proposed seems to involve transferring the power and money from the federal government back to the people, where it belongs.  Not once have I seen a policy that is not for all races, all religions, and both sexes.  So why is Trump called a racist?

That Democratic rhetoric about taxing the rich?  It's a con.  Democrats have asserted for years that the rich aren't paying enough in taxes.  In her Democratic National Convention speech in 2016, Hillary Clinton put it in the party's characteristically way, saying "Wall Street, corporations, and the super-rich are going to start paying their fair share of taxes."  Never mind that, according to the most recent data, the "1 percent" pay more than 25 percent of all federal tax revenue, more than the bottom 60 percent of income earners combined.  Democrats are usually loathe to give a specific number, but whatever the rich are paying, it isn't enough.

Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring.  Have you noticed that if you fail to do, think, and vote exactly the way that the liberals and their Fredocon minions demand, you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, child molesting, greedy, NRA terrorist determined to murder kids?  Yeah, you probably have.  And you've probably also realized that if you do everything that the liberals and their Never Trump minions demand, you're still a racist, sexist, homophobic, child molesting, greedy, NRA terrorist determined to murder kids.  When you understand that, you're on your way to being conservative woke.  And when you're conservative woke, you're ready to deploy the most powerful non-bullet firing weapon in your liberty-loving arsenal — your devastating capability not to [care] what the liberals and their Conservative, Inc., cruise-shilling Benedict Arnold buddies say.  When you don't care anymore, they got nothing.

A Time for War:  The Gathering Storm.  [Scroll down]  This past weekend was a perfect example.  Brian Ross starts a series of false reports, so bad that the stock market dives, the leftist media breathlessly reports that President Trump is finished, and do their version of a happy dance.  Except, the report was not true, the networks once again proved to be unworthy sources of news, just repeating a false narrative.  Then the tax plan surprisingly passed the Senate.  The left, as usual, had a collective hissy fit, droning on about how lost we are as a country.  Oh, the horror!  Tax cuts!!  We're doomed!!!

Recap of the half-baked opposition to Roy Moore:
Experts Killed Epistemology.  A few weeks before an election, a newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos publishes a rambling set of memories about dates that Roy Moore went on roughly forty years ago.  Three stories involve Moore dating teenage girls of legal age when he was in his early thirties but courting them with nothing more than a kiss and respecting their families and honor.  A fourth involves a far-fetched tale about Moore luring a fourteen-year-old out of a courthouse, stripping down to his underwear, and trying to molest her.  A din rises from the lairs of angry LGBT advocates who have hated Roy Moore for years.  They just happen to have come under fire with unprecedented attention to pederastic grooming in gay Hollywood.  Joining these longstanding antagonists of Moore are the familiar voices from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the predictable squad of NeverTrumps — Ross Douthat, David French, Ben Shapiro, etc. — rushing to drop more of the headlines we have come to expect from them.  The straw men multiply and start marching into the bonfire on cue.

Pelosi: GOP tax proposal 'the worst bill in the history' of Congress.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared unequivocally on Monday that the GOP tax overhaul is the worst legislation ever considered by Congress.  "I have said that this was stiff competition by some of the other things they have put forth, is the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress," Pelosi said during House floor debate on the tax proposal.  Pelosi cited the rushed process and impact on the deficit to justify her assertion.  [Video clip]

How Democrats Corrupt English To Create Hysteria.  Whenever the rare threat of a passable Republican bill emerges, we learn from Democrats that thousands, or perhaps millions, of lives are at stake.  Once it passes, we learn that America is over.  Taxes?  Health care?  Bogus international treaties?  Internet regulations that were only instituted last year?  It really doesn't matter.  These days, the rhetoric is always apocalyptic and always bellicose.  How did so many liberals convince themselves that tax reform (a rare cut that is, according to sometime-reliable Washington Post factcheckers, only the eighth largest in history) signals the implosion of American life?  Everyone tends to dramatize the consequences of policy for effect, of course, but a Democratic Party drifting towards Bernie-ism is far more likely to perceive cuts in taxation as limiting state control and thus an attack on all decency and morality.  Taxation is the finest tool of redistribution, so it's understandable.

Democrats — Still the Party of Slavery after all these years.  According to Melissa Harris-Perry people have "...the right to health care, and to education, and to decent housing and to quality food at all times."  Perry is certainly not the first Democrat to argue that people have a "right" to the labor of others.  I have been fielding this argument in the course of debates about health care for years.  To be fair, I think sometimes such rhetoric is simply the result of a lack of deep thinking.  But like it or not, health care, education, housing, and food are all either services or tangible items which come from the labor of real people, people who many Democrats believe should be compelled to toil without compensation to provide for the "rights" of others.  To put it more simply, people like Harris-Perry are calling for certain people to be forced to work without compensation for the benefit of others.  Anytime you designate a good or service that must be produced by someone to be a right, you make the producer a slave.

Anti-Trump MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks rural Americans are 'core threat' to democracy.  MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks that rural Americans are "the core threat to our democracy" and pointed to a series of tweets by liberal author Jared Yates Sexton that claimed Trump supporters "do not believe in the Constitution or any founding principles unless they're advantageous" as proof of her far-left theory. [...] Reid, who tweets so often that it's amazing she finds time to do anything else, has a feed that is essentially the anti-Trump talking points of the far left on a daily basis.

Progressives Whine about Obamacare Premiums.  It's wrong, of course, to revel in the misfortune of others.  I nonetheless laughed aloud when I read what the editors of the New York Times imagine is a heart-rending tale of several Obamacare supporters who, having ignored years of conservative warnings about the inevitability of premium increases under Obamacare, now lament the financial difficulties they face due to the high cost of health coverage.  It would be easier to feel sympathy for these people if they admitted they were wrong about the "Affordable Care Act."  But progressives don't do that.  Instead, they blame President Trump and the GOP.  The author of the piece takes us to that vortex of progressive virtue, Charlottesville, Virginia, and attempts to tug on our heart strings with the stories of people like Sara Stovall.

This must stop
Democrat Fundraising Letter Tied Tax Cuts To Neo-Nazis.  Democrats certainly don't appear to have an issue with using fear to fundraise.  A Senate Majority PAC mailer with an enclosed letter from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tied together the Kremlin and neo-Nazis with corporate tax cuts.  "This Must Stop," the mailer says above the words, "Corporate Tax Cuts.  Discrimination.  Kremlin.  Medicaid Cuts.  Bribes.  Repealing Health Care.  Neo-Nazis."

Know the facts:  Anti-gun activists utilize emotional grief to line their pockets.  The Second Amendment is under siege now more than ever.  Every day, we see more assaults made on our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.  Radical gun-grabbing organizations like Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are just a few of the national organizations that seek to take away law abiding citizens' guns, and it's not much better at the university level.  There's a Student Pledge Against Gun Violence and a campaign to "Keep Guns Off Campus."  In many cases, students cannot exercise their recognized rights just because they step foot on campus.  These radical organizations employ misleading phrases to win over new supporters such as "Secure freedom from gun violence", "Disarm Hate," and "take common-sense steps to save lives".  However, they don't tell you what gun-grabbers' real intentions are.  These organizations carefully craft phrases they know will cause an emotional response from Americans.  It's all propaganda used to fill their pockets and combat their boogeyman:  the National Rifle Association.

Do Trump's liberal critics seem increasingly unhinged?  Last week's anniversary of Trump's election sparked widespread teeth-gnashing by the nation's pundits.  Trump is supposedly the gravest threat to American democracy since the secession of the Confederacy.  His presidency, probably, continues to be a boon for antidepressant sales across the land.  New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, in a column last week headlined "Anniversary of the Apocalypse," lamented the "terror-struck and vertiginous days" after Trump's win and the ongoing "metaphysical whiplash" and "hideous interregnum," which leaves her "poleaxed by grief at the destruction of our civic inheritance."  Professor Henry Giroux of McMaster University frothed that Trump's "ascendancy in American politics has made visible a culture of cruelty, a contempt for civic literacy, a corrupt mode of governance and a disdain for informed judgment that has been decades in the making."

Democrats Bring Words to a Gun Fight.  What kind of vermin mocks prayer and politicizes human tragedy after a dark-hearted creep who reportedly bought dogs online and used them for target practice walks into a church and kills 26 innocent people?  Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, for one, and leftists at large.  Just after the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting, Warren tweeted:  "Thoughts and prayers are not enough, GOP.  We must end this violence.  We must stop these tragedies.  People are dying while you wait."  The Hollywood hypocrite crowd paused from sexually assaulting each other long enough to attack the faithful for their "thoughts and prayers."  Meanwhile, Democrats chimed in, mocking Christians and promoting gun control.  As if gun control would have prevented this deranged nut job from illegally acquiring guns and shooting innocent people, including young children and a pregnant woman point blank.

Senator to Colleagues:  Is Political Backing from Gun Industry 'Worth the Blood'?  One of the biggest gun-control advocates in Congress ripped colleagues after the Sutherland Springs, Texas, mass shooting, telling fellow lawmakers to "shed" their "cowardly cover and do something." [...] "As long as our nation chooses to flood the county with dangerous weapons and consciously let those weapons fall into the hands of dangerous people, these killings will not abate," he added.

The Editor says...
As long as known violent atheist nut-cases roam the streets, the background check system fails miserably, and church-going citizens fail to prepare to defend themselves, bad people will kill good people.  I'm somewhat surprised that half the congregation wasn't armed and ready for this now-deceased perpetrator.  At times like this, political opportunism doesn't help.

Chelsea Handler slammed for political tweet hours after Texas mass shooting.  Comedian Chelsea Handler has drawn criticism for a tweet blaming Republicans just hours after a mass shooting in Texas.  Handler tweeted on Sunday afternoon:  'Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed.  What country?  America.  Why?  Republicans.'  At least 27 are feared dead after a gunman stormed into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday morning [11/5/2017], among them the pastor's 14-year-old daughter.

The Congressional Black Caucus:  Purveyors of Black Urban Decline.  Every week a prominent Democrat is in the news labeling their opposition as racist as if it is some sort of sport.  Do you support school choice that helps struggling black parents end generational poverty?  Racist.  Call out black crime rates that disproportionately claim black victims?  Racist.  Criticize the welfare state that keeps black people hooked on government handouts?  Racist.  Are you a Republican?  Automatic racist.  And if you're a black conservative like I am, it's even worse.  No substantive conversation can take place in this environment.

NY Times:  We Should Give Dreamers And People Illegally Crossing The Border Legal Protections.  It's always something.  Always some sort of sob story.  Always some feelings based excuse for people to break our laws and violate our sovereignty.  We read in the article about the supporters being enraged that Trump would dare try and stop people coming in illegally, because something something.

If Corn Pops are racist, what about Cocoa Puffs or Count Chocula?  Kellogg's has apologized after a member of the Social Justice Breakfast Brigade complained about racially insensitive artwork on a package of Corn Pops.  The artwork included cartoon characters shaped like corn kernels frolicking about in a shopping mall.  All but one of the kernels was yellow.  The lone brown kernel was working as a janitor. [...] The notion that a major American company was forced to apologize after somebody got their flakes frosted by a cartoon corn kernel demonstrates just how perpetually offended and overly sensitive we've become.

Anguished Liberals Plan to 'Scream Helplessly at the Sky' on Anniversary of Trump Election.  Progressives have taken their Trump derangement syndrome to a whole new level.  Thousands of anguished libs in Boston and Philadelphia will be taking part in scream fests on Nov. 8 to commemorate the anniversary of Donald Trump's election.  Liberals in other cities around the country are likely to step up to the crazy plate as well as the big day draws near.  Over 4,000 Facebook users in the Boston area have RSVP'd to attend the event they're calling "Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election."

Who Says We Spend 'Too Much' On Health Care?  There's no question that the U.S. devotes far more resources to health care than any other country.  Health spending in the U.S. accounts for more than 17% of GDP.  Among industrialized nations, the next closest is Sweden, where health care is 12% of its economy.  In Canada, health care spending is less than 11% of GDP.  In the U.K., it's 9%, according to the World Health Organization.  So what?  The U.S. is a very rich country, and as a result, Americans spend more on just about anything than any other country in the world.  The U.S. spends more per capita on advertising, more on national defense, more on information and communications technology, more on leisure activities.  The country also gives far more to charities than any other nation in the world.

Holder: 'Our Democracy Is Under Attack' — I Don't Know If I'll Run for Office.  On Monday's [10/23/2017] broadcast of MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show," former Attorney General Eric Holder stated he didn't know if he will ever run for office and argued that between gerrymandering and voter suppression laws, "our democracy is under attack."

Everything you know about police shootings is wrong.  Ninety-five percent of officers go through their entire careers without discharging their weapons.  Contrary to public image, officers do not wish to be in a deadly-force incident and do everything in their power to avoid it at all costs, often times to their own peril.  There are about 34,000 arrests each day in this country and well over 10 million a year, and in many of those arrests suspects are taken into custody safely even when many are extremely violent.  Only a very small number result in shots fired.

Democratic chairman:  Trump 'most dangerous' president ever.  Trying to quell accusations that he is ousting activists from the party's left flank, Democratic Chairman Tom Perez told fellow Democrats on Saturday [10/21/2017] that unity is crucial in the fight against President Donald Trump, whom he lambasted as an "existential threat" to the nation.

Trump doesn't owe Obama anything.  It's nine months into the administration, and there is no rest for the hair-on-fire coverage.  Whether it's Trump's move to make changes to NAFTA, decertify the Iran deal, eliminate some ObamaCare rules or cut taxes, each is greeted with a collective howl of outrage.  Every report is a parade of horrors that celebrates critics as truth-telling prophets.  All the code words about cruelty to the poor and benefits for the rich are trotted out, capped with warnings about race and gender impacts.  The hyperbolic language is designed to stoke partisan fear and rally the resistance. [...] And so it goes, day after day, issue after issue.  Stripped of policy fig leaves, the media reaction amounts to, "You can't do that!  That's not how Barack Obama did it!"

The Normalization of Gun Violence Lies.  It takes six months in America to get an x-ray, but you can buy an AR-15 immediately.  That is one of the lies pushed by gun control advocates in the United States.  It is easier to buy a gun in the United States than vote.  Never mind that one needs photographic identification to do the former and, in still many places, not the later.  But again, this is a lie pushed by gun control advocates.  The very people who tell us Donald Trump is a fascist would have us hand over all our guns to him.  The very people who demand Christians provide goods and services to certain weddings or be put out of business tell us we can trust them with our freedom if we give up our guns.  The problem with gun control arguments in the United States is that so many of the gun control advocates lie.  Having never touched a gun, let alone fired one, they make stuff up.  We see this routinely in the news media.

Enough Already with 'Pay Your Fair Share'.  Taxes are the next frontier.  Republicans are the party of lower taxes and smaller government, aren't they?  That's what I always thought until the past 16 years.  The national debt doubled under a Republican president, then doubled again under a Democrat president — while the GOP controlled Congress during most of those 16 years.  If health care reform is a harbinger of tax reform, it's likely that nothing will happen.  Taxes will remain where they are.  And hopefully, many GOP representatives and senators, after 2018, will not remain where they are, primaried into early retirement.

Jimmy Kimmel Versus Our Constitutional Rights.  There may be no more menacing threat to liberty than shallow fools like Jimmy Kimmel, who relies on cheap emotional tactics to sell authoritarianism to glassy-eyed nitwits.  Characteristically, he leapt at the chance to exploit the Las Vegas Massacre to advance his agenda, shamelessly blaming the bloodshed on Republicans.

Now it's a War on Pipelines.  For years, activists claimed the world was rapidly depleting its oil and natural gas supplies.  The fracking revolution (horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing) obliterated that argument, by sending US oil and gas production to new heights.  Indeed, record gas supplies and plummeting gas prices combined with the Obama EPA war on coal to shutter many coal-fired power plants.  So the battle increasingly shifted to the far more emotional claim that continued reliance on fossil fuels (which provide over 80% of the US and global energy that powers modern civilization and living standards) will cause dangerous manmade global warming and climate change.  This gave birth to the climate and renewable energy consortium and the "keep it in the ground" movement.  No evidence to the contrary will budge them from their hysteria-laden talking points on looming climate cataclysms.

Protesters disrupt, delay Obamacare repeal hearing.  Protesters upended the GOP's sole hearing on a last-gasp Obamacare repeal right as the gavel fell Monday [9/25/2017], forcing its Republican chairman to recess the session until he could get order.  "No cuts to Medicaid!  Save our liberty!" the protesters chanted repeatedly.  Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican, tried to restore order by banging the gavel but then waited for Capitol Police to break it up.

The Editor says...
Was there no liberty in this country before Medicaid?

The Left catapulted Valerie Plame to stardom without figuring out what she thinks.  Valerie Plame is many things.  The left-wing darling just tweeted an article accusing Jews of starting American wars.  After the predictable blowback, Plame first encouraged her audience "to put aside your biases" and read the article before admitting that she "didn't do my homework on the platform."

"White Privilege" Is A Racist Concept.  I, and many other black Americans, have spent a lifetime hoping I would be judged by who I am rather than assumptions made solely based upon the color of my skin.  I am disgusted when I hear people on cable news channels and other news platforms use the label of "white privilege" when referring to an individual they have most likely never met.  Even worse, when it is used in reference to a group of people that are undoubtedly uniquely diverse in nearly every way beyond the color of their skin.  Just as with the other well-known reprehensible titans in the world of derogatory terms that we can all agree are soaking in racist intention, the label of "white privilege" is used to strip away all the intricacies that make up an individual's character and delegitimize their accomplishments.  In a broader sense, terms like these are used to even question an individual's right to exist in a given space because of the color of their skin.  I cannot understand why there is not more push back when the label "white privilege" is used.

Ideology unbound.  Often when the Left talks about having a national conversation they mean the thoughts that occur to them and no one else. [...] Imprisoned by their own imperatives they arrive at policy positions — such as limits on free speech — which they regard as "settled" even though hundreds of millions may not even know what they are talking about.  This insidious process of begging the question is typical of totalitarian propaganda which made abundant use of expressions like "undeniably", "unquestionably" or as "everyone knows" or their more modern equivalents like as "all decent people agree ...", "the science is settled" or "this is not who we are" to assume what must otherwise be proved.  But it nevertheless compels obedience like a herd driving itself along.

The Nazi Tar Baby.  Putting fascism on the "right" end of your antiquated political scale probably makes sense, as it was opposed to what is on the "left" end of that scale.  That means, of course, you are embracing a base assumption of Progressives.  They argue, as a matter of core morality, that all opposition to them is reactionary and incoherent.  Therefore, nothing on the Right can exist in isolation.  It can only exists in opposition to the Left.  In that regard, they are correct about fascism.  It was a devil with an expiry date that has long past.

Hate on display — climate activists go bonkers over #Irma and nonexistent climate connection.  Here is a collection of some of the most hateful tweets, essays, and posts from climate alarmists that are trying to pin hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the shoulders of climate skeptics.  I must not be trying hard enough, because I'm not on the death sentence list.

Climate Depot's Morano receives threatening email: 'You and your children should be burned in public'Marc Morano received the following barely literate email:  ["]Although it is my belief that you and your children should be burned in public.  Not be cause [sic] you are " a skeptic", I honestly believe that you know the science is true, but because you are to [sic] cowardly to engage in a real dialog. [..."]

Don't buy into all of that rosy PR about DACA.  Who wants to deport "Dreamers"?  Not many people, it turns out.  Even veteran immigration restrictionists seem willing to legalize this subset of immigrants in the country illegally if it is part of a package deal.  That's true even though a lot of what's said about the DACA recipients is PR-style hooey.  For example, it's often said — indeed, former President Barack Obama just recently said — that the approximately 800,000 of them were "brought to this country by their parents."  Well, many were.  But that's not required to qualify as a protected Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipient under the various plans, including Obama's.  You just have to have entered the country illegally before age 16.  You could have decided to sneak in against your parents' wishes.  You're still a "Dreamer!"

Obama's Preening Facebook Post on DACA Sidesteps His Own Culpability.  [Scroll down]  On the matter of "cruelty," tell me:  Was it cruel to ignore the DREAMers in 2009 and 2010?  Were they any less dream-filled or striving at that time?  Was it cruel to implement a legally shoddy, admittedly temporary policy that could be instantly reversed by a subsequent president, thereby injecting chaos and fearful uncertainty back into DREAMers' lives after they'd already identified themselves to the federal government?  Was it cruel to touch off the unaccompanied minor crisis at the southern border, which was heavily attributed to reports of an amnesty for children? [...] Finally, where in the constitution is the president afforded special dispensation to abolish "cruelty" or enforce "basic decency" as he sees fit, regardless of the separation of powers?  Take a moment to consider the right-wing projects that might be accomplished under Obama's subjective, law-ignoring, "that's not who we are" standard.

Tired of sob stories?  Here's some tales you might not have seen.  Have you read enough sob stories about "Dreamers" yet?  Amazing, isn't it, that the United States was somehow able not only to survive but also to prosper and thrive for almost 200 years before the massive invasion by the Third World began after Ted Kennedy's Immigration Reform Act of 1965.  How did we get along with all these wonderful illegal immigrants who are, after all, only committing the crimes Americans can't be bothered committing anymore?

There Is No Such Thing As a 'Deserving DREAMer'.  Over and over again, from the mouths of politicians in both parties, identity politics purveyors and cheap labor lobbyists, we hear the same refrains about President Obama's 800,000 amnestied illegal alien youths:  "They don't deserve to be punished."  "They deserve protection."  "They deserve the American dream."  Deserve, deserve, deserve.  Over and over again, in countless cookie-cutter op-ed pieces published over the past month, so-called DREAMers have vociferously lamented President Donald Trump's push to eventually undo their unconstitutional five-year reprieves from deportation plus coveted work permits.

America's Post-Charlottesville Nervous Breakdown Was Deliberately Induced.  Wars are won or lost based mostly on perceptions of events, not on what actually happens.  This is true for any given battlefield, whether it's the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam or the ideological battlefield over the future of the First Amendment as played out in Charlottesville in 2017.  The reality of what takes place in the public arena is always secondary to any projected illusion.  So let's never forget this:  Whoever has the power to dictate public perceptions of reality is in a position to dictate public opinion and behavior.  Abusing language and images to stir up emotions is an ancient trick of power-mongers.  And once journalism turns into unchecked propaganda, we become trapped in its dangerous illusions.

Where Are All the White Supremacists?  Still flailing desperately like a half-crushed bug about its electoral defeat last November, the modern left is tossing the term "white supremacist" at any suspected counterrevolutionaries with the same zealous abandon that Antifa chucks urine-filled bottles at old white ladies who wave American flags.  We are led to believe that race doesn't exist — which would imply that white people don't exist, either — but that through some sort of socially righteous prestidigitation, white people are easy to spot and must be scapegoated for all human, animal, and plant suffering across the universe from the dawn of time.  And if you think that's a ridiculous burden to bear, that's only because you're a "white supremacist."

Nazi-Hunting Fantasies Have Unhinged The Left.  I'm worried that the Charlottesville riots are making the Left psychologically unhinged in the same way that they have been unhinged by the election of Donald Trump, only more so.  The problem with their reaction to Donald Trump is that he seems to so totally vindicate all of their political prejudices that he justifies an even more vicious vilification of anyone who opposes their agenda.  Everyone who supports free market capitalism is a rich jerk who looks down on poor people?  Check.  Anyone who complains about political correctness just wants to be a sexist boor?  Check.  Anyone who talks hawkishly about Islamic terrorism must be driven by a neurotic need to prove his masculinity?  Check.

Dakota Access Pipeline Developer Sues Greenpeace Over 'Eco-Terrorist' Campaign.  Energy Transfer Partners, the developer behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, has sued Greenpeace and several other groups for what it calls a 'campaigns of misinformation."  ETP argues in the lawsuit filed Tuesday [8/22/2017] that environmental groups are running a racket designed to raise money by emotionalizing issues.

Will The Left Start Calling For New York To Be Renamed?  Ever since the Charlottesville protests, the Left has ramped up their crusade against Confederate monuments and street named after Confederate generals.  Using their logic, they should be calling for renaming the leftist mecca of New York, whose namesake is derived from a slave trader.  The Daily Caller reminded everyone that New York is named after the former duke of York, James Stuart, who would eventually become King James II.  James formed the Royal African Company (RAC), which eventually "became the largest single company involved in the slave trade," according to a 1999 UNESCO paper.  The RAC traded an average of 5,000 slaves per year from 1680-6 and a total of 30,000 from 1680-1700.  The company remained in the slave trading industry until it moved to trading gold dust and ivory in 1731.

If Nazis and KKK are Trump's base, how did he win the election?  [Scroll down]  CNN contributor, presidential historian, and left-wing Democrat Douglas Brinkley supplies an actual number, saying "10 to 15 percent of Trump's base are KKK white nationalists and alt-right racists."  Really?  Given that Trump received about 63 million votes, that would mean close to 10 million are KKK members or racists.  The broader implication is that those of us who voted for Donald Trump and still support him are all racists.  Not in the abstract, either.  A friend of over 40 years who despises Donald Trump called me "a white racist" over my continued support of the president.  As if calling me names will make me change my mind.

Democratic Former Senator Finally Says What Left Is Thinking:  All Republicans Are Nazis.  In a recent column for The Guardian, former Democratic senator for Wisconsin Russ Feingold clarified what all this controversy about white supremacists and Confederate statues is really all about:  Republicans are Nazis.  "The lesson from Charlottesville is not how dangerous the neo-Nazis are," he writes.  "It is the unmasking of the Republican party leadership.  In the wake of last weekend's horror and tragedy, let us finally, finally rip off the veneer that Trump's affinity for white supremacy is distinct from the Republican agenda of voter suppression, renewed mass incarceration and the expulsion of immigrants."  Finally, finally, someone on the Left just came out and said it.  Being a Republican is apparently no different than being a white supremacist.  Supporting a lower marginal tax rate puts you in the same company as the Ku Klux Klan.  Therefore, punching a Nazi is the same as punching someone wearing a MAGA hat.

USA Today redefines 'racist' so it applies to pretty much everyone.  Racism is a serious thing.  Racism is a horrible thing.  Racism deserves to be treated as a serious, horrible thing.  Those who are truly racist need to be called out as such, held accountable for their awful attitudes and never allowed to turn their attitudes into action that can hurt anyone.  But we're in danger of losing our seriousness on the subject of racism, and it's precisely because the media and the left are more interested in using the issue as a wedge, even to the point where they're goading supposed Republicans into signing on with this foolishness.  If everyone is a racist, then racism is meaningless.

Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'.  Brad Dacus was thousands of miles away in California last weekend when the Charlottesville protest erupted, so he was flabbergasted when CNN labeled his Pacific Justice Institute a "hate group."  "Here are all the active hate groups where you live," said the CNN wire story headline on Chicago's WGN-TV website.  The article listed the 917 organizations on the Southern Poverty Law Center's much-disputed "hate map," which names racist groups like the Aryan Nation alongside mainstream conservative organizations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council.

The Democrats Wanted Charlottesville.  Leftists, liberals, Democrats, progressives, and the media (it's all the same) wanted these riots — and in keeping with their longstanding efforts to control the national conversation, they want the Nazis and white supremacists labeled as "alt-right." [...] They want every description of Nazis and white supremacists to include the descriptor, "alt-right" because then anyone who defines himself as a man of the right can more easily be transformed into a Nazi for the benefit of the less informed.

A story about deleting history.  My guess is that most of the people bringing down monuments are caught up in a rage and have not thought through just exactly what they are doing.  After all, why would anyone bring down a statue that honors the Confederate soldier as just happened in Durham, North Carolina?  We can disagree about the war, but can't we honor the men who were drafted or volunteered to fight?  Isn't that what The Vietnam Memorial is about?

The Civil Rights Con.  [H]ere is what is now defined as equivalent to the abolition of slavery, suffrage for women, and the elimination of government sponsored racism:
  •   Those who willfully choose to be identified and defined by what they do in the privacy of their bedroom must be given governmental protection and recognition
  •   Despite what science may determine, the nation, in order to insure equal rights and outcomes, must ratify that there are no differences between men and women.
  •   What is considered to be a mental illness by scores of medical professionals (transgenderism) must be recast as not only normal behavior but a government protected civil right.
  •   All white people, even those living in squalor in Appalachia or the inner cities, are privileged citizens because of their skin color and must, because of their inbred racism, defer to the other races in order to insure the elimination of their racist proclivities.
That this litany of "civil rights" even exists or is seriously being equated to the essential civil rights movements of the past beggars the imagination.

The "Poor Illegal" Media Narrative and Why It's Not Working.  It is not compassionate to Americans or immigrants to allow illegal aliens to ignore our laws.  The corruption rampant in Los Angeles County and throughout other major urban areas follows from the arbitrary disregard for our nation's legal sovereignty and cultural integrity.  The liberal, marginalized national media still wants to push an illegal alien sob story narrative at all costs.  Look over the list below of the latest sob stories the national readership endured over the past week (and month): [...]

A Brain Is a Terrible Thing to Wash.  Nazi propagandist Joe Goebbels reportedly said, "A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth."  'Everyone knows that the Russians interfered in the U.S. election.'  When it is discussed on TV, it is mentioned without qualification.  It is a known and accepted fact.  It is on a par with saying the earth is round.  However, ask for evidence.  There is none.  There is a dossier.  This dossier was so poorly created that even Vice President Joe Biden believed it was bogus.  If you can't fool Joe Biden you can't fool anybody.  After months of investigation by thousands of researchers eager to make a name for themselves, the result is zero.

Rights are Rights, and Military Service Isn't One.  When Donald Trump announced his plan to ban transgender people from military service, [opposition] quickly began trending on Twitter. [...] Whether you support President Trump's policy or not, Americans must reconsider the claim that everyone has a right to military service.  The political theory of the social compact — under which the Founders built America — says natural rights, i.e., true rights, are synonymous with personhood and belong to you simply because you exist. [...] [T]he progressive theory of rights has blurred the lines between privilege, opportunity, discrimination, and rights:  Now, privilege and opportunity are synonymous with rights, and discrimination is what happens when anyone cannot enjoy privilege and opportunity, regardless of whether discrimination happened.

The Identity Crisis of the American Left.  Many supporters of leftist leaders are clearly in a state of confusion regarding the nature and direction of the dangerously morphing Democratic Party.  The "militants" change their slogans as often as teens swap subcultures, and they come up with new names quicker than a snake can shed its skin. [...] They know that "Trump is a Nazi" but can't explain why.  If you disagree with them, you are "a Nazi," too.  The "militants" fancy themselves a revolutionary movement but are unwilling to use logical thinking; they hope to "acquire personality" in a rioting crowd and resolve identity conflict through flag-burning.

An attack by Trump "on the whole LGBT community"?  The question of whether transgender people should serve in the military is first and foremost a decision about how best to defend America militarily.  The purpose of our armed forces is not to promote or reject the LGBT agenda.  Its purpose is not to serve as a model for tolerance of transgender and other LGBT people, or to afford them employment opportunities, or even to treat them fairly as individuals.  The purpose of our armed forces is to defend the country from its enemies.

Agenda Behind Global Warming Alarmism.  The alarmism got a big push in June 1988 when James Hansen, of NASA's Goddard Institute, testified before a senate committee that he was "99 percent" sure that global warming was already underway.  He was a very small minority in the scientific community, but that's not the impression the media gave.  The same media that scarcely a decade earlier were publicizing warnings of a coming ice age pounced on Hansen's statement and were now filling the public with warnings of the opposite threat and familiar claims that something must be done "before it's too late."

The Zeroth Amendment.  Calling someone "racist" is now approaching a blood libel.  The word "racist" is increasingly a dog whistle for violence by masked blackshirts against anyone so demeaned.  The differences among white voters were stark:  Only 11 percent of white Trump voters labeled as racist the view that American whites have a moral right to vote that the immigration system not be exploited to drive them into political and cultural impotence.  In contrast, 73 percent of Hillary's white voters think that it's racist for white Americans to have an opinion on who gets to immigrate.

The Voter Purges Aren't Coming, Just Another Silly Democratic Narrative.  On the morning of the first meeting of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity, Vanita Gupta — the head of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division under the Obama administration — published a "Moon Landing Was Faked"-level rant about the Committee's supposed dangers to American democracy.  She really did title it "The Voter Purges Are Coming."  They aren't, Miss Gupta, but your op-ed does a tremendous job of making the case for an immediate purge of Obama-era executive branch hires.

Perez: 'It's a War on Voters' Being Waged by Republicans.  Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said Wednesday that Republicans are trying to "trample on our most sacred freedoms."  The comments were part of Perez's Time magazine op-ed written in response to President Donald Trump's Voter Integrity Commission.

Cummings: Voter fraud commission will 'suppress the vote'.  Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) slammed President Trump's voter fraud panel on Wednesday, arguing that the real motive behind the presidential commission was to "suppress the vote."  In a series of tweets, Cummings went after the commission for not investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and accused the panel's vice chairman, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, of not respecting voters' personal information.

The Editor says...
The voter fraud commission is indeed an attempt to suppress the votes — of dead people!

Impersonators of God.  Obama himself began his presidency with the odd notion that he could control the world with a series of speeches — not speeches announcing particular policies, but speeches constructed entirely of grand dreams and virtue-signaling tropes.  Not to be ignored is the left's confidence in flinging the word "racist" like a voodoo curse.  To be fair, the tactic of shaming their opponents has worked well for them for decades — withering weak Republicans in place like Christ's fig tree.  We drown in the perennial mantras of "diversity," "social justice," and "white privilege" — vague ideas that are moldable enough to suit whatever magic incantation the circumstance requires.  All of it nonsense.

Climate-change fearmongering has turned totally unhinged.  One of the hallmarks of the "Ugly American" is the habit of thinking foreigners will understand what you're saying if you just shout it louder and louder.  The Ugly Environmentalist does something similar.  He exaggerates the challenge of global warming by using ever more hysterical rhetoric, thinking that if the last doomsday prediction didn't work, this one will.  For instance, Stephen Hawking, the famous astrophysicist, recently said that the consequences of Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord were monumental:  "Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees [Celsius] and raining sulfuric acid."  As Nathan Cofnas notes in The Weekly Standard, this is nuts.

ICE Director:  There's No Population Of Illegal Aliens Which Is Off The Table.  It really is a simple concept:  anyone who is unlawfully present in the United States can be picked up and subject to deportation orders at any time, regardless of who they are, what their age is, or how they came to the country.  Every illegal has their own sob story, designed to bring out the squishes in defense of allowing the illegal to stay in the country.

Al Gore Likened The Climate Change Movement To Campaign Ending Slavery.  Former Vice President Al Gore compared the fight to end man-made global warming to the abolishment of slavery and the push for gay marriage.  "The abolition of slavery, woman's suffrage ... and more recently the gay rights movement," Gore said Thursday about the importance of staying ahead of the curve on environmental issues.  The mission to reduce the Earth's temperature is on par with other "great moral causes" that have improved humanity, he told an audience at the EcoCity World Summit in Australia.  Gore has made similar comments in the past.  He told reporters in 2013 that so-called climate change "deniers" are like alcoholic fathers who act belligerently when someone mentions the issue.

Conspicuous Wealth and Consummate Hypocrisy.  It's no secret one of the most enduring pillars of the American Left's political strategy is class warfare.  And no one is a bigger target than wealthy Americans.  Make that some wealthy Americans, like the Koch brothers.  Harry Reid insisted they're un-American "shadowy billionaires" who "pour unlimited money into our democracy to rig the system."  Billionaires like Tom Steyer, who donated $100 million to Democrats in 2016, or George Soros, whose far more shadowy political contributions dwarf those of the Koch brothers?  Some "fat cats" are more equal than others.

Why They Hate Trump So Much.  One of the reasons the Leftists are so angry at President Trump isn't so much because he won, even though Leftists are incapable of being gracious losers.  It's that they were told that the Second Coming of Typhoid Mary would occur, and like all children, are mad that Papa CNN and Mama MSNBC were wrong.  See what I did there?  They aren't angry that CNN and MSNBC and the entire Democrat Media Complex lied to them, but that they were wrong.  Which is, of course, how they are still able to hold their Parental Media Betters in high regard, even as CNN implodes.  Every day since the election, then, Leftists have tried everything under the sun to de-legitimize a duly-elected president.  He didn't win the popular vote!  "Not My President"! Find faithless electors!  Impeach him!  More than 50 classless Democrats boycotted the inauguration.  And, of course, the "Russian hacking" claims.

Liberals Are in Trouble — and They Know It.  Gone are the days in which liberals worked inside a consensus and engaged in debate with others.  Everywhere, liberal democracy seems to be endangered by the breakdown of political discourse.  This is due to a great crisis inside the left worldwide.  It is no longer a movement of ideas.  Liberals have no new ideas because they have adopted such an extreme relativism that they no longer strongly believe in anything.  Everything is fluid and undefined.  In this way, they have undermined their own foundation of logic and authority that is essential to the functioning of any political movement.  As a result, the old days of rational debate are over.  The left exploits emotions and resentments, but can no longer be held to the logic of ideas.

What a dope!

Stephen Hawking [says] Trump's Withdrawal From Paris Farce Will Cause 250° Temperatures, Sulfuric Acid Rain.  The problem with professional doom-mongering is that you have to keep escalating the hysteria or people lose interest.  Before long, your outlandish predictions exceed the credulity of the audience, and you find they are laughing instead of gasping in horror.  Al Gore is one example.  Another is Stephen Hawking.

Global Warming Alarmists Have Jumped The Shark:  Stephen Hawking Claims Climate Change Could Turn Earth Into Venus.  Proponents of man-made global warming have a habit of making frightening predictions that never come true.  Every ten years or so, they tells us that within a decade the human race will have destroyed the planet with our carbon emitting vehicles and power plants.  They say the same thing every time.  The seas will rise several feet, atmospheric temperatures will skyrocket, ecosystems will be obliterated, and human civilization will collapse.  And after ten years passes by without incident, they shamelessly make their next prediction.

Bernie Sanders Attacks Fox News.  Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' office crafted and published a video attacking Fox News commentators for mocking Sanders' claims that the proposed Senate health care bill — which was recently shelved due to a lack of votes — would cause "thousands" of people to die.  Sanders' Twitter account posted the video, which reached almost three minutes in length, with the caption:  "Fox News may not like it, but these are the facts:  Thousands of our fellow Americans will die if the Republican health care bill is passed."

A piece of hateful plastic
Stray Piece of Plastic Wrap Investigated as Hate Crime.  Libs are getting desperate in their search for racism against someone other than whites: [...] Now even stray pieces of rubbish count as racist if they have knots in them, on the grounds that nooses have knots, and as we all know, only black people were ever hanged.

MSNBC Contributor:  Hillary Lost Because Obama Is Black.  MSNBC contributor Wendy Sherman believes that Hillary Clinton may have lost the election because it was too hard for America to elect the first female president directly after the first black president.  Sherman was on a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival discussing modern political technology when she segued into the bizarre comment.

The Left Espouses Dangerously Stupid Health-Care Rhetoric.  Earlier this month a political zealot went to a baseball practice intending to kill as many Republican congressmen as he could.  As often happens after such horrible events, various politicians and media figures suggested that we should tone down the rhetoric and not paint everything in apocalyptic terms, casting Republicans or Democrats as villains with traitorous or evil intent in their hearts.  Words have consequences, they sagely said into the TV cameras.  Two weeks later, many of the very same people are describing Republicans as murderers for proposing changes to Medicaid.  "Forget death panels," Hillary Clinton tweeted.  "If Republicans pass this bill, they're the death party." Senator Elizabeth Warren said the tax cuts in the bill amount to "blood money."

Democrats React To GOP Healthcare Bill With Same Hate Speech That Incited Scalise Shooting.  Many suggested the shooter James Hodgkinson was motivated to kill Republicans by years of hateful rhetoric spewed by Democratic party politicians.  For years the Democrats have portrayed Republicans as rich, greedy, narcissistic, fat-cat, corporate chieftains and/or hillbilly, gun-toting, misogynist, xenophobic religious fanatics who hate Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and want to reinstitute slavery.  For example, pro-life Republicans aren't characterized as anti-abortion they are described as conducting a war on women.  Republicans that wanted America to control its borders were called anti-Hispanic, or the GOP members who called members of ISIS, radical Islamist terrorists were described as hating Muslims, etc. [...] Any pretense of toning down the rhetoric ended on Thursday [6/22/2017] as the senate GOP release[d] their version of a repeal/replace Obamacare bill.  Within minutes of the bill being posted online the attacks began.

Despite What You've Heard, The Senate Bill Doesn't Slash, Gut, Or Even Cut Medicaid.  First, the Senate bill doesn't change Medicaid at all for three years.  That means spending on the program will continue to grow, just as it is slated to now — at an annual 5% clip — until 2021.  What does that mean in dollar terms?  Under the Senate's "shredding" reform, Medicaid's budget in 2021 will be $85 billion bigger than it is this year, and $209 billion (or 79%) bigger than it was in 2013.  What about after that?  Under the Senate plan, there'd be a three-year transition to a new way of financing Medicaid.  And then, starting in 2025 federal Medicaid spending would be capped each year, with the cap set to grow at the overall inflation rate.

If A Trump Supporter Had Shot A Democratic Congressman.  It is not possible to understand the left — and, therefore, the media and the current state of American life — without understanding how the left uses and relies on hysteria.  Hysteria is to the left as oxygen is to biological life.  From the moment Donald Trump was elected president, America has been drowning in left-wing hysteria, all fomented by the media and the Democratic Party.  The charge of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is hysteria.  The claim that the president engaged in obstruction of justice is hysteria.  As I have pointed out, the charge of Trump's election unleashing hate and anti-Semitism, which dominated American media for months, was hysteria.

Despite not knowing a anything about it, 66% of millennials oppose Trump budget.  Just like Congress passes bills before they know what's in them, millennials are passing judgement on President Donald Trump's budget before the full details are known and understood.  Millennials, which mostly get their news from Facebook, couldn't possibly understand the impacts of Trump's budget overhaul, but in a GenForward poll, 66 percent of young Americans say they oppose the budget because it helps the rich.  How exactly does the Trump budget help the rich?

Trump's education cuts aren't 'devastating,' they're smart.  It's the end of the world as we know it — at least that's what some people would have us believe about President Trump's education budget.  It's "a devastating blow to the country's public education system," according to National School Boards Assn.  CEO Thomas Gentzel.  More like a "wrecking ball," says Lily Eskelsen Garc'a, president of the National Education Assn. teachers' union.  No, it's a veritable "assault on the American Dream," insists John B. King Jr., former Obama administration secretary of education.

What Happened To The Hysteria About Trump-Induced Anti-Semitism?  If you think about it, there is never an extended period of time — one year, let's say — during which society is not engulfed by a hysteria induced by the left.  The mother of them all is global warming, or "climate change," as the left has come to call it (because the warming was not quite enough to induce widespread panic).  Hysterics like billionaires Al Gore and Tom Steyer, along with virtually all the Western news media, warn us that the existence of life on Earth is threatened by carbon emissions.  But in its longevity, global warming is almost unique among left-wing hysterias.  In general, left-wing hysterias last for much less time, from a few months to a year or two.  And when they end — because the hysteria is widely recognized as fraudulent — they're immediately dropped and completely forgotten.  The left never pays a price for its hysteria.

'People Will Die... Seas Will Rise': CA's Brown Signs Energy Deal with China.  Tucker Carlson debated a Bay Area radio host over his support for Gov. Jerry Brown's (D-Calif.) clean energy accord with China.  Brown previously slammed President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris accord, warning that "people will die, habitats will be destroyed and the seas will rise."  Carlson pointed out that it is unconstitutional for a state to usurp federal powers and act on its own when dealing with other nations.  KGO's Ethan Bearman said the agreement signed with President Xi Jinping is nonbinding and therefore still legal.

Media Bias In Action:  NY Times Makes Obama The Victim Of His Incompetence.  The concern here is we are a culture that demands a ton of information, and we want it fast.  Twitter, Facebook, Apple News, news alerts and email alerts keep us up to date on every bit of news we want from sports to politics.  Unfortunately, an environment also exists wherein people are happy to read a headline and not read an article.

Sorry, Global Warming Hasn't Caused a Health Crisis.  The statement of Mary Pittman, president and CEO of the Public Health Institute, reads like a script from a low-budget 1950s science fiction film:  "Climate change is perhaps the most important public health issue of our time.  Aggressive, unilateral and mutual action is urgently needed to protect our people and our planet."  Likewise, Alden Meyer from the Union of Concerned Scientists and Dr. Georges Benjamin of the American Public Health Association stop just short of flapping their arms around and shouting "Danger, Will Robinson!"  In an effort to provide some "scientific" cover for these outraged experts, the author of the [Los Angeles] Times piece refers her readers to the climate and health assessment from the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).  Sadly, the scientific credibility of USGCRP is somewhat less than stellar.  It has, for example, consistently overstated the adverse health effects of extreme heat — a phenomenon that has itself been wildly exaggerated without ever being credibly connected to anthropomorphic climate change.

The Anti-Trump Tide Recedes.  The tide is going out and the whole collusion nonsense (which Tom Friedman of the New York Times said was as serious as the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks) is now down to dark murmurings about the president's son-in-law speaking after the election with the Russian ambassador.  Jared Kushner has let it be known that the ambassador called him and that he will be happy to testify under oath to any appropriate congressional committee whenever he is asked. [...] Neither the president nor his son-in-law evince the slightest concern about the strength of their constitutional and legal positions, and the rather besieged air of the first hundred days White House has faded as the rabid nature of the Schumers and Schiffs has also abated.

The Left's Betrayal Of Terrorism's Victims.  The recent massacre of Ariana Grande concertgoers in Manchester at the hands of a Muslim suicide bomber prompted the usual celebrity blather about conquering terrorism through love.  Pop superstar Katy Perry, for example, pleaded "No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.  We're just all loving on each other and we should just stay loving on each other."  Sorry, but as much singalong fun as The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" was half a century ago, it's not a counterterrorism strategy.

An avalanche of pullouts from the Paris Climate Agreement?  The screeching brouhaha over President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement could, at first glance, be called a global episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  But with the intensity of the rage, it seems to be more than that.  Former United Nations has-been and ex-president of Ireland Mary Robinson called the U.S. a "rogue state."  France's President Emmanuel Macron offered "refuge" to America's climate scientists, as if these people were actually in danger of losing tenure or maybe a grant, not to mention an imaginary knock on the door at midnight.  Former Obama "mind meld" Ben Rhodes calls it "moral wreckage," adding:  "The rest of the world will watch in horror."  Billionaire greenie Tom Steyer calls Trump's act "a traitorous act of war."  We know they've gone off the deep end.  Obama's legacy is at stake, for one.

Kerry: 'Kids Will Have Worse Asthma' Thanks to Trump Ditching Paris Climate Deal.  Former Secretary of State John Kerry ripped President Trump's decision to abandon the Paris climate deal yesterday, saying the lungs of American children will take the hit.  "He is not helping the forgotten American ... their kids will have worse asthma in the summer," Kerry said on MSNBC Thursday [6/1/2017].

Pelosi says Trump 'dishonoring' God in global warming decision.  Rep. Nancy Pelosi said Thursday [6/1/2017] that President Trump was "dishonoring" God and questioned whether his grandchildren will even be able to breathe air after his announcement a day earlier that he would withdraw from the Paris climate accord.  "How is he ever going to explain to his grandchildren what he did to the air they breathe — assuming they breathe air," she said at her weekly press conference.  She compared the president to racist segregationists during the civil rights movement, said Mr. Trump's decision was yet another reason he needed to release his tax returns, and said the U.S. has isolated itself from the world, joining just Syria in rejecting the Paris agreement as too onerous.

The Editor says...
It is somewhat disturbing that one of the country's most rabid supporters of abortion, for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy, has the temerity to accuse someone else of dishonoring God.  But in this case, Ms. Pelosi is attempting to make a connection where none exists.  The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could double, and you'd probably never notice, except that your lawn would be greener.  The Paris agreement has nothing to do with air pollution.  Nancy Pelosi apparently hopes you don't think for yourself.

Tom Steyer:  Trump Breaking Paris Climate Deal Would Be a 'Traitorous Act of War'.  Liberal megadonor Tom Steyer issued a statement that if President Donald Trump pulls America out of the Paris climate deal, that would not just be treason, but an "act of war" against the American people.  He ended his statement by demonizing Trump, the fossil fuel companies, and the Republican Party.  "If Donald Trump pulls the United States out of the Paris agreement he will be committing a traitorous act of war against the American people," Steyer declared in a statement Sunday.  "The Paris Agreement is essential to leaving a healthy, safe and prosperous world to our children, but Trump is making it clear that he's willing to sacrifice America's best interests for the sake of special interest profits."

ACLU: U.S. Exiting Paris Climate Accord Is 'An Assault on Communities of Color'.  Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord is racist, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) declared in response to President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the climate deal President Barack Obama unilaterally committed the U.S. to without the Senate's approval.  "Pulling out of the Paris Agreement would be a massive step back for racial justice, and an assault on communities of color across the U.S.," ACLU warned in a Twitter post Thursday [6/1/2017].  "Climate change doesn't affect us all equally," it states, claiming "Black and brown people are more likely to live near coal plants."

Someone Needs To Say It — 'Profit' Isn't A Bad Word.  Profit and surplus are measures of a company's financial success, i.e., its ability to pay its own way and finance its future.  In a competitive, free-market, law-and-order economy, as we have in the United States, prices and ultimate profitability are controlled primarily by market forces.  When government steps in and interferes with these natural forces, bad things often happen.

Kerry: Air Conditioners as Big a Threat as ISIS.  Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday [5/26/2017] that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.  The Washington Examiner reported that Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.

Heroin dealers deserve prison, not sympathy.  The deadly poison that is heroin made its way to your small town from Mexico, where it was grown and processed, later to be trafficked to your neighborhood where its target customers were someone's children, parents, brothers and sisters.  But right now, when you open the newspaper or turn on the television, you learn that the person that brought the drugs into your neighborhood, which ultimately made their way to your child, is considered by many in both the media and the public to be a "non-violent, low-level drug offender."

Federal Prosecutor Says DOJ's New Focus On Drug Crimes Will Target People Wearing 'Heavy Gold And Chains'.  A federal prosecutor said Thursday [5/25/2017] that the Department of Justice's efforts under Jeff Sessions to aggressively prosecute drug crimes will target people wearing "heavy gold and chains."  The attorney general gave a speech in Memphis where he touted his recent charging memo that rolls back former Attorney General Eric Holder's policy to not charge many drug offenders with mandatory minimums.

Democrats probably think this is air-tight logic:
Pelosi Complains Trump's Trip 'Wasn't Even Alphabetical'.  On Thursday [5/25/2017], House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) questioned President Donald Trump's failure to visit countries in alphabetical order.  Asked at a press conference to comment on Trump's trip abroad, Pelosi expressed concern that Trump didn't start with Canada (with the letter "C") like previous presidents:  "I thought it was unusual for the President of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first.  Saudi Arabia?" Pelosi said.  "It wasn't even alphabetical.  I mean, Saudi Arabia."

The Democrats' Second Secession & America's New Civil War.  [Scroll down]  The left has created a term of art — "people of color" — to promote its collectivist views on ethnicity and race.  "People of color" is not grammatical English — we do not refer to "crayons of color" or "televisions of color."  It is a French construction, reflecting the way French people speak.  "People of color" is an invention of ideologues to serve an ideological purpose, which is to organize the world into the categories of cultural Marxism — into oppressors and oppressed. [...] The whole world is people of color except white people — the designated oppressors.

Strong Enough.  Did anyone realize the onslaught that a Democratic loss would bring?  Did anyone predict just how juvenile and inane the Democratic base would be?  Did anyone understand the petulance and nastiness Democratic officials would display?  Did anyone predict how hyperbolic and crazy the leftist media would become?  It is disconcerting how many have become so unhinged over the past years.  Even so, it's not possible to have guessed just how extreme and hyperbolic the left would become.  Championing "resistance" as if they were in a revolutionary cadre in a South American country was not expected.  Acting like whining toddlers en masse was not anticipated.  A media in total hysterical lockstep to unearth any evidence that Trump was bad, going as low as critiquing two servings of ice cream for him, was not foreseen.

Democratic Party fundraising crashes and burns.  [R]eading the media, I was under the impression that Democrats are fired-up, energized by the sheer awfulness of Donald Trump.  All those women marching in funny hats, all the anger, all that negative media coverage must assuredly mean that the Democratic Party is prospering, buoyed by anger-fueled donations.  Actually, not so much.

Dem insiders now worried about dashing the scandal expectations of their base.  Lots of people on the left are making money and are buoyed by a level of anger and discontent among the Democrat base that has not been seen since the election of Abraham Lincoln.  Just yesterday, Democrats in California, meeting at their state convention, disgraced themselves with a scene of mass vulgarity that has no precedent on American politics that I know of.  Along with money and enthusiasm, the Blame Russia Strategy has created soaring expectations among the base that President Trump will be removed from office because the evidence of treason — so far lacking — just must be there, simply because they desire it so deeply.

Behold the Democrats' Olympic-grade Flip-flops on James Comey.  Democrats and liberals who were once driven by concern for the common man now are fueled by little more than opportunism, hypocrisy, and situation ethics.

The Most Asinine Claim About the AHCA.  If one takes seriously the wild characterizations of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that have appeared in the media since last week, the Republicans have transformed the House of Representatives from a branch of the national legislature into a veritable abattoir.  The GOP is not merely guilty of "consigning thousands of people with serious illnesses to death," as one erstwhile news outlet put it, "the Republicans are taking health services away from disabled children, women who give birth, and survivors of rape and sexual assault."  And what has motivated the GOP to wreak such carnage?  Why, racism, of course.

The Unscientific Claims of the March for Science.  The posters were wittier and there were fewer pink hats, but last weekend's March for Science was no less about partisan grandstanding and name calling than any other political rally.  The message this time?  We are pro-science and anyone who disagrees with us is anti-science. [...] Marchers allege "an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery."  They are fighting for "science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest."  For all its lofty rhetorical appeal, however, the argument suffers from glaring flaws in logic.  The Marcher for Science conflates scientific findings with public-policy choices.

Bill Nye, the Scientism Guy.  If you loved Bill Nye the Science Guy, do yourself a favor and don't call up the kiddie entertainer's new Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World.  Bitter, angry, shouty, conspiratorial, vulgar, wheedling, given to absurd hyperbole, and blithely eager to wreak punishment on his enemies, Nye comes across mentally as several milliliters short of a beaker.  It's as if Kermit the Frog somehow morphed into Michael Moore.  The new show (supposedly aimed at adults but still written at a grade-school level) uses occasional references to science to introduce simple political advocacy, broken up by bad jokes and interludes of actual screaming.

Schumer: Money for Border Wall Could Be Used to 'Give Just About Every American Broadband'.  "The money is better used elsewhere," Schumer said.  "If the wall is $50 billion dollars, you could use that money to give just about every American broadband."

The Editor says...
Maybe the Senator's assertion (about what can be purchased with $50 billion dollars) is true, but generally [#1] just because you have money on hand, that doesn't mean it has to be spent, and [#2] one prioritizes budget items and spends money on the things one needs the most.  The border wall is a matter of national defense which is needed a lot more than "broadband" service for every American.  (Or a lot of other things — like close-up pictures of other planets.)  Illegal aliens can be deterred with low-tech physical obstacles that are only a little more daunting than the Rio Grande.  Razor wire, for example.  And [#3] broadband service is really overrated:  Most Americans watch too much television already.

Clearing the Cobwebs.  Liberals have no rational point to make, but they make it loudly, wearing ridiculous costumes, shouting obscenities and marching, marching, marching.  They even marched for science!  Who is against science?  Is science something we vote for?  An activist Muslim woman, who is in favor of Sharia law, organized the women's march.  What?!  Are we to assume that the women's movement is now in favor of female genital mutilation and honor killings?

'Science' Know-It-Alls on the March.  The multiple thousands who marched throughout America and the world last weekend hoped to whip up support for "Science."  Well.  I'm sold.  And what next?  Do more than a handful doubt the indispensability of Science to the human condition?  Science's God-given nature may in these secularizing times meet with less affirmation than in the old days.  But who turns his back on Harvey, Pasteur, and Salk, not to mention Edison, Willis Carrier, and the inventor of the triple blade razor?  The question posed last weekend:  "Are we Americans pro- or anti-science?"  The question behind the question:  "Who defines Science?" There the fighting commences.

The March for ... What?  The March for Science is tomorrow and no one in their right mind would say they are against it because of its name.  First of all, you are standing against the right of people to march for whatever cause they wish.  Second, you would be portrayed as someone who is against science.  I am all for science.  I think the climate changes.  It always has and always will.  Yet I have been portrayed as anti-science and a climate change "denier" by many who will be marching for things I certainly believe in.  Just who does not believe in science?  It's a straw man the marchers are marching against.

The Greatest Threat to America Isn't Islam — It's the Left.  The left has found the great weakness of conservatives:  their conscience and decency.  When someone accuses them of being racist or some other form of evil, their reflex is to apologize and appease.  The more conservatives placate and soothe, the louder the left screams racism — because it works.  The cultural decay of our civilization will continue until conservatives choose to stand up and say "enough."

Former University Professor Suggests the NRA Is 'More Dangerous' Than ISIS.  A former University of Missouri journalism professor is suggesting that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is more dangerous than ISIS.  George Kennedy, former managing editor at the Columbia Missourian newspaper and professor emeritus at the university's prestigious journalism school, brought up the comparison in a column published Thursday [4/20/2017] by the Missourian.

The Editor says...
When journalism students are taught by political activists, it should be no surprise when the students become activists themselves, masquerading as journalists.

Alt-Left Insanity:  Steal The Vote From White Men, Then Steal Their Stuff.  The alt-left are like the Rosie Ruiz of politics.  Ruiz won the 1980 Boston Marathon and she did it in classic liberal style. [...] Liberals learned their lessons from Rosie.  The way to win is to fix the race.  Now they apply that strategy wherever they can — workplaces, academia and, of course, media.  Their way to fix every race is to make every race about race.  Elections?  Racist.  Business?  Racist.  Dating?  Racist.  Picking up someone's pencil and being polite to her?  Yep, you got it, racist.  Because somehow you expect people who are illegally in America to, you know, obey the law.

The "Resistance" Democrats Are A Terrorist Party.  What does #Resistance really mean?  It means the overthrow of our government. [...] Leftist media outlets are feeding the faithful a fantasy that President Trump will be brought down.  There is fevered speculation about the 25th Amendment, a coup or impeachment due to whatever scandal has been manufactured last.  This fantasy is part clickbait.  Leftist media outlets are feeding the worst impulses of their readers.

The Left's New Cure-All: 'Science'.  Alas, this March for Science does not appear to be largely about science, or about people who know a great deal about science, or even about people who want to know a great deal about science.  Keeping up with today's hottest trends, the March for Science has wrapped itself in identity politics, cranked up the oven to "scorch," and potentially set things on track to unceremoniously collapse into one giant intersectional soufflé.  The troubles brewing within the March for Science surfaced in January, marked by a now-deleted official tweet:  "Colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, queer-, trans-, intersex-phobia, & econ justice are scientific issues."  Since then, the addled march has torn through four different diversity statements, shellacked by critics on both sides.

How many buzzwords can the liberal media write in one sentence?  I was reading a very poorly written Los Angeles Times article about North Carolina legislators introducing a bill to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and I was surprised to read the following sentence:  ["]Opponents of the legislation castigated it as an unnecessary step that will stoke division in a state still reeling from the fallout of a controversial bill regulating which bathrooms transgender people can use.["]  I have rarely seen a sentence so sensationalistically, so chock-full of so many liberal buzzwords.  The over-dramatization of facts makes this news article read like an action thriller.

Flashback:  When Dems Loved the Nuclear Option.  When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid triggered the nuclear option for most presidential appointees in 2013, Democrats were ecstatic.  MSNBC's Chris Hayes cheered the move as "an armative win for democracy," while his colleague Rachel Maddow gushed:  "This is a huge freaking deal.  This is like 3-inch headlines.  This is like people who don't even care about politics really ought to care about this!"

Democrats Aren't the Opposition.  The Media Is.  The only thing standing between Trump and his agenda, whatever that is, is the media.  Just look at how terribly the Democrats have handled the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  Spurred on by their progressive base to "resist" anything and everything Trump does, the Senate Democrats made a huge strategic error in choosing to filibuster the appointment.  Not over any specific policy reason, mind you.  Mainly because the seat was, in their words, "stolen."  But the Republicans didn't steal anything; that seat was in the hands of the American people the whole time.  The Democrats, with their silly "stolen seat" rhetoric, pretended the GOP didn't make the open Supreme Court seat a major voting issue.

Self-Busting Myths.  Most people recognize the markets are probably overvalued and a correction of some kind seems likely, particularly since there has been a wild, almost runaway bull market since Trump's election.  And yet every day the market drops 100 points is a signal the president is about to destroy the economy.

The Meals On Wheels Lie Keeps Rolling Along.  Let's start with a basic fact.  Contrary to news reports last week, President Trump is not eliminating funding for Meals on Wheels.  He's not even cutting it.  How do we know this?  Meals on Wheels says so.  A statement issued by Meals on Wheels America on Thursday notes that 35% of the revenues at the 5,000 or so local Meals on Wheels programs come via the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program.  Trump's budget outline says nothing about this program whatsoever.

Meals on Wheels Program Will Not Be Eliminated by Federal Budget.  Various media outlets have published articles claiming that the Trump administration's federal budget will eliminate funding for the Meals on Wheels program, whose volunteer drivers deliver hot meals to senior Americans across the country.  But the federal budget is cutting funds to a federal grant program that provides just three percent of the Meals on Wheels revenue budget, and the program will still receive significant federal funding.

Supreme Court needs judges like Gorsuch because America has leaders like Schumer.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., [...] trotted out three people, representing supposed "victims" of [Judge Neil] Gorsuch's jurisprudence.  He hoped to demonstrate that Gorsuch is hostile toward workers and cancer patients, and takes the side of "the powerful" and corporations against the "powerless" little guy.  Never mind that in all three cases, one of which was decided unanimously by a three judge panel that included one of former President Bill Clinton's appointees, Gorsuch scrupulously applied the text of the laws as written by the Congress in which Schumer serves.  Schumer just didn't like the outcomes or, to be more precise, he hopes the outcomes might be sufficiently tear-jerking that they can inflict damage on the judge's chances of confirmation.

Seniors Won't Starve if Meals on Wheels Loses Government Grants.  There are hundreds of Meals on Wheels organizations around the country, so it's hard to generalize, but overwhelmingly, the groups get the majority of revenue from charitable giving, not government funds.  In 2015, for instance, the national Meals on Wheels reported that government grants accounted for just 3 percent of its annual revenues of $7.5 million.  Meals on Wheels for San Diego County in California says that government grants made up just 1.5 percent ($68,534) of its revenues of $4.4 million. [...] As Matt Welch writes, we have gotten so used to increased government spending on everything that any cut to any program is automatically cast in apocalyptic terms.

Science is real
The Liberal Testament of Lies Says 'Science Is Real'.  Over the last few weeks yard signs have been cropping up like crocuses in my very liberal north Seattle neighborhood. [...] This yard sign is a Testament of Lies.  Everything on the sign is a lie; it is a list of bullying lies, non-negotiable demands that liberals want to ram down your throat.  But the one that struck me was the sans-serif extra-bold condensed SCIENCE IS REAL.  No it's not, liberals, and it just shows how little you know of science that you would think that.  The last chap that thought science was real was Thomas Aquinas.

Confessions of a Climate Change 'Denier'.  A few days ago I had a conversation with a very smart university professor of history and somehow the climate change subject came up.  Almost instantly he responded to my thoughts by saying:  "You must be one of those deniers who rejects the science consensus."  This is the new form of intellectual bullying and it's intentionally designed is to stop the conversation not advance it.  In the academies it is a technique to close off scientific inquiry.  When the liberals talk of consensus, what consensus are they talking about?

Trump's Budget is an Attack On the Bureaucratic State.  So according to journalists, Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts are "big," "deep," "dramatic," "massive," and so on.  With each breathless adjective — often coupled with excellent verbs like "gut" and "slash" — they add to the apocalypticism that's engulfed the Left.  "Reading through the Trump budget," tweeted The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof, "I feel as the Romans must have felt in 456 AD as the barbarians conquered and ushered in the dark ages."  Vox claimed that the budget plan is a proposal to "dramatically remake the federal government."  If only.  In perspective, all of this melodrama is over probably less than 1 percent of the national budget.

Disagreeing With Democrats Is Now Considered Un-American.  Sen. Charles Schumer can barely get through an interview without calling one Trump policy or another un-American.  When he heard that the administration was considering using 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants, he called it "one of the most un-American things that would happen in the last century."  (It turns out that such a plan was never under consideration.)  When Trump signed an executive order suspending visa applications from terror-prone countries, Schumer called it un-American.  When Trump revised that order, Schumer said "it is still un-American."

Soros-Financed Groups Provided Script for Anti-Trump Town Halls.  An organization partnered with far-left groups that calls itself the Revolutionary Love Project distributed an actual script with anti-Trump talking points for citizens to use when meeting with constituents in town halls, including during last week's Congressional recess.  The script provides word-for-word language suggestions that accuse the Trump administration of "xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia."  It asks activists to use the descriptors to petition their representatives to "forcefully condemn" and support legislation opposing President Trump's immigration and border security agendas.

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No, Repealing Obamacare Won't Kill Off Thousands of Americans.  Among the most popular of the potentially looming tragedies cited by proponents of Obamacare is that thousands of Americans will die if Republicans are successful in repealing it.  David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler at the Chicago Tribune, for example, posit that "repealing Obamacare will kill" as many as 43,000 people every year due to a lack of health insurance.  Note that they don't just suggest that 43,000 people will die as a result of the repeal.  Specifically, their argument is that Republicans, and you that may support the effort toward repeal, will kill them.  It's hard to miss the political currency they're aiming for with the shocking headline.  Their argument is utterly insane.

No, Obamacare Has Not Saved American Lives.  Repealing the Affordable Care Act, Democrats say, will "make America sick again."  Bernie Sanders warns "36,000 people will die yearly as a result."  But as with most ACA defenses, these claims describe an imaginary health-care reform that works, not the legislation passed by Congress in 2010.  In reality, the best statistical estimate of the number of lives saved each year by the ACA is zero.  Some studies do suggest that health insurance can saves lives.  But these focus either on individuals with private coverage or on the Massachusetts health-care reform law of 2006, which primarily expanded private coverage within the Bay State.  The ACA, by contrast, is primarily an expansion of Medicaid; in recent years, the share of Americans with private insurance has declined.

How illegal immigrant advocates demonize Trump and terrify people.  The New York Times describes 11 million people — those who are living in the country illegally — as sleepless with anxiety, waiting for the "fists pounding on the door, the agents in black, the van ride, the cell."  Who has thrown such fear into this community?  How about the Left, aided and abetted by the liberal media, which has purposefully distorted President Trump's immigration policies, characterizing them erroneously as a radical departure from past practices?  In a feverish blast to donors sent out yesterday [2/22/2017], the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee claims that "Donald Trump plans to add thousands of immigration agents and begin deporting "almost all" undocumented immigrants."  That is, excuse the expression, fake news.  Trump is doing no such thing.

'Refuse Fascism' Organizer Tells Tucker, Trump Is 'Operating Out Of Hitler's Playbook'.  Political activist Sunsara Taylor told Tucker Carlson Tuesday night [2/21/2017] that, "in the name of humanity, [the] 7 billion people on this planet need to pour into the streets" and protest President Trump.  "Look, we're facing an emergency," the "Refuse Fascism" organizer told The Daily Caller founder.  "Humanity is facing an emergency.  A fascist regime has seized the reins of power in one of the strongest — no the sole super power in the world.  Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler's playbook, only they have nuclear weapons."

CBS: Trump Immigration Order Creates 'Climate of Fear' for Illegal 'Citizens'.  The journalists at CBS This Morning on Wednesday [2/22/2017] openly fretted that Donald Trump's new immigration orders "could create a climate of fear" for illegal "citizens."  (Yes, co-host Gayle King used the word "citizen.")  Talking to USA Today bureau chief Susan Page, Anthony Mason worried, "This could create a climate of fear in the immigrant community, if it hasn't already."  Page agreed, "I think it has."  She justified, "Remember that two-thirds of illegal immigrants have been here at least a decade.  So, they're really part of the fabric of our life.  Although, admittedly, they're here illegally."

The Editor says...
It doesn't matter if an illegal alien has been in this country for 30 years or 30 minutes.  In fact, if an alien has been here illegally for more than a year, and hasn't made any attempt to acquire naturalization or get permission to be here or learn English, that indicates that he or she has no intention of assimilating.

Trump Is Beating the Media at Its Own Game.  [The Left] doesn't respond to arguments with arguments but with stigmatizing names designed to end debate.  As the communications arm of the left, the media conforms perfectly to Lenin's method.  Instead of rebutting the arguments of conservatives, it has found it easier to brand them as "enemies" of science, women, minorities, the poor, and so on.  Whenever editors say that they refuse to acknowledge "two sides" on such matters as "marriage equality" or Darwinism or climate change, they are paying homage to Lenin's devious politics by shorthand.

The Uses of Populism.  Populism is certainly identified with lots of grassroots movements, from far left through the center to far right.  The common tie is that ordinary voters feel estranged from an elite class in politics, government, the media, and entertainment — a phenomenon that dates from the Solonian crisis at Athens and the Gracchi of Rome to Ross Perot, the Tea Party, and Donald Trump.  Often prairie-fire outrage manifests in emotional responses to existing affronts rather than carefully crafted policies designed to remedy perceived grievances.

Normalizing Degeneracy.  [Scroll down]  His group is another one of these "antifascist" movements you see with kids wearing masks, smashing Bank of America windows, and punching "Nazis" (anyone who disagrees with them) in the face.  They purport to be about equality, but I just had an epiphany and realized they're actually mentally ill perverts who are at war with normalcy because it exposes them for the freaks they truly are.  One of their favorite accusations is we are "normalizing white supremacy."  This sounds like a world where skinheads with swastika tattoos pack your groceries and it's very confusing if you take it literally, but what it really means is:  "Normal" is the worst thing imaginable.  If you recognize it as a concept, you're a Nazi.

The continuing liberal meltdown.  During the election and after the inauguration of President Trump we've been swamped with vile, sanctimonious lectures from the smug smart set, a privileged class of superrich celebrities, actors, television comedians and music performers.  We've had screeds from Meryl Streep, Madonna and Ashley Judd.  Robert De Niro assured us earlier in the month that he still wants to punch Mr. Trump in the face.  Lena Dunham continues to whine, Susan Sarandon and Cher remain bereft for the nation, and want us to know how horrible they feel.  Because it's their feelings that matter.  The most revealing aspect of the continuing liberal meltdown is how anti-woman the so-called feminist movement has really become.

Stop Calling Donald Trump A Fascist, Because He's Not One.  He might be a bully, a cynic, and a misogynist.  His statement to Bill O'Reilly over the weekend drawing a moral equivalency between the United State and Russia was disgraceful and idiotic.  His casual comment about destroying the career of a Texas state senator who wants to reform civil-asset forfeiture laws was thuggish and disturbing.  He incessant tweeting is irritating and foolish and needs to stop.  But Trump's not a fascist, and nothing he's done since taking office suggests he's setting America on the path to a fascist dictatorship.

Justice Ginsburg:  Yeah, I Would Support Changing The Electoral College.  Hillary Clinton ran for president — and she lost.  But the Left still can't let it go. [...] There was a huge outcry to abolish or tweak the Electoral College because liberals think that whoever gets the most popular votes should be president, which also exposed that they also failed civics class.  The popular vote means nothing.  Whoever wins the majority of the Electoral College is elected president of the United States.  Trump won the majority of the states (30) and 304 electoral votes.  He won.  No one disputes that, not even Clinton's campaign team.  Yet, we saw endless thought pieces about how the Electoral College was antiquated (wrong) and had racist roots (even more wrong).

Innocence, Foolishness, Stupidity and Which is Which?  There are loaded words out there.  Words that have been given meaning far beyond their normal weight, if one can call it that.  Refugees is such a word.  It is far more loaded than other words in the same family, like immigrants, or migrants.  It seems to outrank citizens.  Europe has largely surrendered to refugees.  The word carries along with itself ideas of empathy, pity, caring, welcome, fugitive, displaced person, asylum seeker, boat people.

Hashtag Mentality and Today's College Students.  [Scroll down]  A simple fact check, or reading of the executive order would have revealed that Trump's executive order was not a Muslim ban.  It was a temporary freeze on the inflow of individuals from the most war-torn countries in the Middle East.  Dozens of other Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, were never affected by the order.  Social media-driven mobs, however, likely don't know that Indonesia is host to more Muslims than any country in the world.  It doesn't matter.  Social media users don't care.

The Environmental Left and Keystone XL.  [Scroll down]  With respect to climate change, Keystone XL would transport 830,000 barrels per day of Canadian crude oil, the total GHG emissions from which would be 147 [to] 159 million metric tons per year on a life-cycle basis.  In the extreme case in which that oil does not displace any other crude oil production elsewhere in the world, the increase in GHG emissions would be about 0.4 percent of the world total.  So:  what would the resulting temperature effect be in the year 2100, using the National Center for Atmospheric Research climate model, under the highest IPCC assumption about the climate sensitivity of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations?  Answer:  about four ten-thousandths of a degree, a number rather inconsistent with apocalypse view of Keystone XL as a "carbon bomb that would cook the planet."

Useful Idiots No More.  "Tell him you are a Muslim, tell him you are a Muslim," Nancy Pelosi instructed Congressman Andre Carson at an anti-Trump rally on Monday, moments after she had just introduced him as a "Muslim member of Congress."  She apparently felt that the crowd hadn't sufficiently gotten the point.  Pelosi normally rattles on about the dangers of "religion in politics," but on Monday night [1/30/2017] she very much wanted religion in it — and not just any religi