Liberals are out of step with America

Left-wing liberals are the people who are trying to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance.  They're the ones who want to remove the Ten Commandments, and all other references to God, from public buildings.  They are trying to force the Boy Scouts to allow homosexual Scoutmasters.  Liberals are pushing for same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption rights in every state.

Most normal, average everyday people don't want America to become a godless, amoral Socialist state.  Except in a few states on the east and west coasts, and some parts of Minnesota, the average American does not think the way liberals think.  Liberals are completely out of step with mainstream America, and they must rely on subterfuge to win arguments.

Clinton, Abrams, Democrats Don't Accept Outcome of Georgia Governor's Race.  Democrat Stacey Abrams ended her run for Georgia governor on Friday [11/16/2018], but she didn't give an ordinary concession speech, accusing her opponent of centering his campaign around voter suppression and calling the outcome an "erosion of our democracy."  Abrams lost by nearly 55,000 votes to Republican Brian Kemp, but in a speech The Weekly Standard described as "contemptible," Abrams made erroneous and misleading claims about the results to essentially deem the entire race a fraud.

Democrat Losers:  Undignified and Dangerous.  What do Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Bill Nelson have in common?  Each asked the voters for important positions of leadership and promptly proved themselves unworthy of those offices when the answer was "No."  It isn't necessary, of course, to revisit Gore's reluctant acceptance of reality or Clinton's querulous hypocrisy.  The tawdry details of those episodes are well known.  But the long-term harm they wrought on the republic merits consideration.  The extent of that damage was clearly demonstrated Friday [11/16/2018], when Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams finally admitted that the laws of mathematics could not be overcome by frivolous lawsuits.

Networks Silent as Dem 2020 Hopeful Compares ICE to KKK.  Under most circumstances, a sitting United States Senator and potential presidential candidate comparing a federal law enforcement agency to the Ku Klux Klan would be major national news.  However, after California Democrat and 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris did exactly that during a Senate hearing on Thursday, the broadcast networks decided it wasn't worth a single second of coverage.  During a contentious confirmation hearing exchange with Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Ronald Vitiello, nominated to become the permanent head of the agency, Harris grilled him about a tweet he sent out three years earlier labeling the Democratic Party "neo-Klanist."  Vitiello promptly apologized for the social media post and acknowledged that it was inappropriate.

American't: From Midterms to End Times.  Trump's 2016 victory will not MAGA; it was merely a stay of execution, a prolonging of the inevitable.  This should have been obvious in a country that could elect Barack Obama and then, like the Titanic having backed up to hit the iceberg again, re-elect him.  If it wasn't, it should be obvious now that the Democrats have seized the House in a Watergate-level rout. [...] But this isn't your grandfather's Democrat Party.  Voters this time empowered socialistic to socialist to closet-communist, sexual devolutionary, rabble-rousing, low-I.Q., no virtue, ignorant freaks who often encourage political violence by their Antifa-Brownshirt useful idiots.  So it's not your great-grandfather's America, either.  Digging into the electoral numbers also tells a tale.  Ninety percent of blacks, 79 percent of Jews, 77 percent of Asians, 69 percent of Hispanics and 59 percent of women voted Democrat — same as usual.

Kamala Harris Wants to Be Your President!  She Thinks ICE Is the KKK.  Kamala Harris compared ICE to the KKK during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing to consider the nomination of Ronald Vitiello to be the new director of ICE.  He has been serving as the Acting Director.  Vitiello had once referred to the Democratic Party as "liberalcratic" or "NeoKlanist" and Kamala brought that up to humiliate him.  He explained it was wrong to make those comments and he was sorry he offended people.  He wasn't referring to the KKK, he explained.  Kamala didn't care since she was leading up to something quite different.  The presidential hopeful wanted to make a comparison between ICE and the KKK.

The Lonely Mob.  President Obama authorized the extrajudicial killing of American citizens as a national-security measure; President Trump is an angry tweeter.  But it is the latter rather than the former that apparently presages the rise of a Falange Americana.  That is how you know that this is a fundamentally unserious point of view.

Democrats vs. the Constitution.  Having taken control of the House of Representatives, the Democrats face an enormous and perhaps insurmountable political barrier to achieving their agenda.  It's not the Republicans.  It's the Constitution.  "Kill the Constitution" would not be a winning campaign slogan for the Democrats, and you will rarely hear an American politician running against the Constitution as such.  But it is the Constitution and the American constitutional order — not Senator McConnell — that currently vexes them.

The Great Progressive Collapse.  Scott Wallace, the grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's former vice president and Communist sympathizer Henry Wallace, was criticized for co-chairing a fund that gave liberally to anti-Israel organizations and to the virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Western British politician George Galloway.  His allies promoted him as a pioneer "on climate justice" and promised to expand Social Security and impose sick- and medical-leave plans on firms.  Ultimately, Wallace cost the Democratic Party a key swing district in the affluent suburbs of Philadelphia.

Thread breaks down money wasted per Beto O'Rourke vote and the Left flips out.  Robert O'Rourke lost last night even though he raised more money than any other person who has ever run for the Senate.  Hollywood dumped millions of dollars into his campaign hoping to beat Cruz ... and Bob still lost.

Battleground-state Dems who opposed Kavanaugh [were] all defeated.  Incumbent Senate Democrats in battleground states who opposed the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination appeared to have paid a price on Election Day, with senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Indiana's Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Florida's Bill Nelson all suffering defeat.  In fact, every Democrat incumbent who supported Kavanaugh in states rated "toss up" by Fox News lost their race.  In contrast, the lone Democrat who voted for Kavanaugh, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, won his race.

Andrew Gillum Marches With Anti-Semitic Racist Who Led Anti-Semitic Pogrom.  If the left really cares about anti-Semitism, maybe it should stop palling around with anti-Semites?

Democrat Stacey Abrams Admits Her Plans May Require Georgians to 'Turn Their Guns In'.  During a November 4 appearance on CNN's State of the Union Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) admitted that a possible outcome of her gun control plans could be that "people would turn their guns in."  She said other options might include "buybacks" and/or "grandfathering in" certain firearms, so current owners could keep them but be barred from selling them or transferring them to other individuals.

Gillum: Police Are Going 'Too Far' if They Pull Out Gun, Baton, Taser in Line of Duty.  Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee in Florida's gubernatorial race, said Wednesday [10/31/2018] that police are going "too far" if they have to pull out a gun, baton, or taser when approaching a potential suspect.

Why liberals laughed at a wounded veteran.  Conservatives rightly are getting on the case of Peter Michael Davidson of the SNL political hour for mocking a Navy SEAL's war wound.  The target was Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw whose only crime is being a Republican.  Davidson is now as repulsive as Samantha Bee, who called the First Daughter the C-word, and Stephen Colbert, who called the president a homophobic slur.  No one lost their job.  They said this in scripted, taped remarks.  That means they spoke for their network and its corporate owner.

As the Caravan Approaches:  There Probably Will Be Blood.  If the Democrats succeed in eviscerating our southern border — and that is their plan:  DACA, catch-and-release, abolish ICE — they can overcome a century of their losing the support of Americans who once trusted them — blue-collar ethnic Catholics, union workers, married women, seniors.  Instead, they can win just by importing tens of millions of new voters unschooled in American values, clueless as to the Constitution, knowing and caring nothing of our culture and higher purposes.  Between suffering Illegals, encouraging cemetery turnout, and granting suffrage to felons, they can win back lost numbers.

Intra-party civil war engulfs Missouri Dems, dooming McCaskill re-election bid.  A week ago, [Claire] McCaskill's campaign released a radio ad distancing her from "crazy Democrats" in an effort to pick up some votes from the substantial majority of Missouri voters who chose Trump in 2016.  She seems to have seen the left wing takeover of her party and realized that her home state voters would be repelled by the "democratic socialism" and identity politics obsession that plays well in the Bronx and Berkeley, but which leaves most Missourians somewhere on the spectrum from indifference to anger.

Andrew Gillum Attends Event Hosted By Anti-Israel Organization Following Mass Attack On Jews.  Florida's Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum spoke at an event hosted by an anti-Israel organization the day after the deadliest attack on Jews in American history.  Gillum and his running mate, Chris King, spoke at a "Muslims for Gillum" rally Sunday [10/28/2018] at Apna Bazar in Orlando, Florida.  The event was co-hosted by Emgage, an American Muslim lobbying organization.  Only a day earlier on the Jewish Sabbath, 11 people perished in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh after an individual carried out a mass shooting while reportedly shouting, "All Jews must die."  Emgage has been a vocal supporter of Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, and repeatedly endorsed his candidacy for governor of Florida.

It's Democrats, Not Republicans, Who Are The Extremists Today.  Every day in the run-up to the midterm elections, the mainstream news peddles the same message:  Republicans are extremists.  But look at the data, and you see that it's Democrats who are increasingly well outside the mainstream. [...] Here's a tiny sampling of recent headlines:  "How Republican Extremism Became Normalized."  "Yes, the Republican Party Has Become Pathological."  "Why Are Republicans Promoting Ultra-Right Extremism."  "The Proud Boys, the GOP, and 'The Fascist Creep.'"  What evidence is there of this, other than President Trump's often abrasive rhetoric, and the actions of a few crazed lunatics?

The Sad, Sad Culture of Progressivism.  If you've ever read anything written by any progressive over the age of forty, chances are pretty good that you've been exposed to a certain weary, self-indulgent, spiritually-agonized tone.  It is very recognizable, like the smell of decay that's characteristic of a swamp.  By comparison, leftists under the age of forty are likely to have more-or-less the same tone that they were born with — the high-pitched tone of an infant that is not getting its way.  Older leftists have usually run out of this youthful vigor, just like the rest of us.  They do not participate in Antifa riots on the streets.  They think about such youthful protests with a sense of nostalgia, remembering their wild, radical college days — whether they actually experienced them or not.

6 Liberal Democrats Photographed With Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.  Here are five photos of prominent Democrats with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam — a man who recently compared Jews to termites.

Time to flee Democratic Party.  With the female unemployment rate at 3.6 percent — the lowest in 65 years — women should be burning their pink hats not knitting new ones.  A well-paying job allows women to live life on their own terms, make their own choices and pursue their dreams — unbeholden to anyone.  Isn't that the bedrock of feminism?  Hence it's high time women stop thinking with their ovaries and start thinking with their pocketbooks.

Andrew Gillum's Comments On Law Enforcement Are 'Disgusting' And A 'Disgrace,' Says Florida County Sheriff.  Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey called out Florida's Democratic nominee for governor, Andrew Gillum, on "Fox & Friends Saturday" for his "disgusting" comments about law enforcement.  "Andrew Gillum has no idea what it takes to serve as a law enforcement officer," Ivey said.  "As such his comments about law enforcement officers and those that wear our badge, they're a disgrace.  They're disgusting."  Gillum appeared on the "Pod Save America" podcast Wednesday" and said "At the time that a law enforcement official has to go to a weapon, to a gun, to a baton, to a taser, they have already had to go too far."

When Democrats' tactics backfire.  Here are 10 big-ticket causes that have put Democrats largely on the wrong side of most Americans ahead of the midterm elections:
[#1] Support of sanctuary cities.  Most Americans, even Hispanics, oppose sanctuary cities.
[#2] Blaming "racism" for everything.
[#3] Silencing certain views.
[#4] Opposing border enforcement.  About 80 percent of Americans support secure borders.
[#5] Backing those who kneel for the American flag.
[#6] Impeaching President Trump.
[#7] Abolishing ICE.
[#8] Chasing Republicans out of restaurants.
[#9] The Kavanaugh chaos.
[#10] Illegal immigration caravan.

Ellison's shirt
What's This?  Just The DNC Deputy At A Communist Parade Wearing A "I Don't Believe In Borders" Shirt.  For those paying attention, the intent of today's Democrat Party is clear.  It hasn't been the party of John F. Kennedy for a very long time.  Instead, it is the party of anti-Americanism, government slavery, and open borders that would see traditional America destroyed and absorbed into a globalist nightmare.

Feeling the urge to protest?  Then you're most likely a liberal woman.  If you're one of those citizens still with the conscientious stamina to follow the daily news flood (and you must be if you're reading this), you could be forgiven for thinking Americans protest pretty much anything and everything in existence — the National Anthem, guns, pipelines, flag, fake news, police, Congress, you-name-it.  We even have protests of protests.  It turns out, however, that only a small minority of us even consider protesting something.  Hard to believe probably.  But barely one-in-three Americans has ever even considered protesting something.

Not Guilty:  The Tea Party and Violence.  [W]ith the help of fake news media, Democrats/leftists have deceived many Americans into believing that Conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and Tea Party people are the hateful aggressors.  We are not.  We are the ones minding our own business.  Meanwhile, Democrats/leftists are demanding that we stop celebrating Christmas and Easter.  Democrats/leftists demand that teachers stop addressing students as boys and girls; deeming it hateful and discriminatory.  Democrats/leftists are demanding that they be allowed to kill babies even after they are born.  Democrats/leftists are demanding that schools assist students with abortions and sex changes without parental knowledge or consent.  Democrats/leftists demanded that prayer and Bibles be banned in schools, while mandating that LGBTQ lessons become mandatory in public schools.  LGBTQ lessons include instructions on [details omitted by The Editor].

Pelosi unveils just how bad a Democratic House would look.  Fact is, this is a real menagerie of the worst elements of left-wingery, people famous for their lockstep adherence to Pelosi's flying monkey commands, and famous only for the diversity of their idiocies.  These are people famous for making stupid and malevolent statements such as Maxine Waters, dolts who make specious, fact-free arguments such as Adam Schiff, lunatic machine pols such as Jerry Nadler, Benghazi liars such as Elijah Cummings, FARC terrorist-coddlers such as Jim McGovern, open borders advocates such as Raul Grijalva, and just garden variety left-wing irritants such as Nita Lowey, Carolyn Maloney, and Nydia Velasquez.

Beto O'Rourke's Marxist Support Network Exposed.  Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke doesn't like to be called a socialist.  Why then, does he employ several Marxists on his campaign?  Why does Beto hang around with Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) supporters and other radicals?  DSA, despite its name, is a Marxist/communist organization.

Three weeks before Election Day, Democrats bare their fangs.  Mark Salvas, the executive director of the county Democratic Party in Pittsburgh, Pa., lost his job last week.  The reason?  Long before he was hired, the Gulf War veteran and loyal Democrat had posted a picture of himself and his wife on Facebook, with two phrases superimposed:  "I stand for the Flag," and "I kneel at the cross."  Democrats came across this old post and decided it was "insensitive."  Even though Salvas believes that NFL players should be allowed to kneel in protest if they like, his expression of what he does is offensive.

Some people are really hard to like.  I really, really don't like progressives.  I don't like their raunchy language, their rude behavior, their physical vileness.  I don't like them interrupting lunch, or shouting down a speaker I want to hear, or lying to smear people they disagree with.  I don't like them pretending to be wounded in their souls when somebody says a word they disapprove of.  I don't like them murdering babies in the womb and calling it reproductive health.  I don't like their vindictiveness, their gathering at the homes of political adversaries and making lives miserable, their faking hate crimes and race crimes.  I don't like that they pay hoodlums, gangs, and other bad people to riot and destroy.  I don't like their assaults on American institutions.

Change the rules?  Why the Left is slamming the Senate and Electoral College.  Liberals who are unhappy with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh are starting to complain that the Senate itself is undemocratic.  Liberals who are unhappy with Donald Trump as president are starting to complain that the way he was elected is undemocratic. [...] I just don't think it's a winning argument to say that the problem is these institutions, and rules that have been in place for more than 225 years, rather than the failure to prevail in debates and win elections.

What Do We Have In Common?  America stands at a precipice.  It's a moral precipice of our own making:  We're not facing any external existential threat, or any serious economic crisis.  Nonetheless, we're at each other's throats in a shocking and unique way. [...] A nation is a people united by history, ideals, culture, institutions.  But we've been steadily chipping away at each element of that nationhood.  Our history now divides us. [...] On the one hand are "red state" Americans, steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian principles and mores — Americans who believe that our rights are God-given, and that liberty must be balanced by traditional moral virtue.  On the other hand are "blue state" Americans, steeped in egalitarian principles and mores — Americans who believe that rights spring from government, and that inequality is a more pressing concern than individual liberty, and that systems of traditional virtue merely mask hierarchical power structures.

Yes, Women Can Lie.  [Scroll down]  Leftism is, and has always been, about trying to persuade the general public to accept as truth things that are objectively false, from Marxist economics ("It works even though it never has") to the New Soviet Man ("We can breed selfishness out of the human character") to Lysenkoism ("Genes are a myth!").  In current times, we should have shut that [stuff] down the minute leftists told us that asthma inhalers were a greater threat to the polar icecaps than the private jets of millionaires (let's not forget that the CFC inhaler ban was passed under George W. Bush — another example of Republicans going along with leftist insanity so as not to be slammed as Hitlers by the people who slam us as Hitlers anyway).  And now, it's become a litmus test that to not be condemned as a Hitler, one must accept that a man who thinks he's a woman "on the inside" is actually a full-fledged biological woman.  That's what the left does.  Like cult leaders, leftists are not content to believe their own nonsense.  They must force you to believe it, too.  Because that's how you know you've broken someone, that's how you know you can bend them to your will... when you can persuade them to see what isn't there, and accept as truth that which is objectively false.

Democrats' Arizona Senate Nominee Caught on Tape Bashing Arizona.  Yesterday [10/10/2018], we touched on the Arizona Senate race, wondering if a new poll showing Republican Martha McSally bouncing out to a six-point lead is an outlier or a trend.  The GOP has sought to highlight Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's past radicalism — she protested the Afghanistan war in a pink tutu, and her organization portrayed American soldiers as murderous skeletons inflicting "US terror" — as well as her biographical...shall we say, enhancements.  But in a blue-tinted year, with Democrats highly motivated, Sinema has held onto a modest lead.

The new and devolved Democratic Party considers you the enemy.  [Scroll down]  This leftist rage reached its full bloom with the false charges against Justice Kavanaugh of attempted rape and gang rapes.  I doubt that any rational person, even the Dems on the Judiciary Committee, believes that Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford or that he was involved in gang rapes.  The Democrats announced their opposition to Kavanaugh minutes after he was nominated by President Trump.  They demanded a seventh FBI investigation, which produced the same results as the first six FBI investigations:  Kavanaugh is squeaky-clean and innocent of the charges.  There are numerous examples of how these leftists view Americans who do not agree with them.

Kavanaugh:  What Have We Learned?  [#2] The Democrats have no ideas, no principles, just tactics.  If you were under the misapprehension that the Dems were acting on principle, they were more than happy to shatter that illusion.  Over and over, at every turn, they insisted that their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh was no different than what those evil Republicans did to Merrick Garland.  Even if you agree with that — and in order to make the comparison, you would have to quote a single Republican who ever accused Garland of organizing gang rapes — it's pretty stupid to admit that you're trying to destroy an innocent man's life for nothing more than revenge.  The Dems wanted payback, and they didn't care how they got it.  They didn't stop for one second to consider the ramifications of what they were doing.  They were unmoored by principle and heedless of scruple.  Attack, attack, attack.

Kavanaugh Foes Fill Senate Gallery With Sounds of the Insane.  I was in the Senate gallery this afternoon when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed.  You would have thought I was at an exorcism in an insane asylum.  Perhaps you were watching on television and heard the disruptions, though you certainly didn't see them.  The attenuated audio probably didn't catch the frightening, incoherent shrieking — including the lingering screaming and howling as they were being dragged down the hallways outside the gallery.  If there was any doubt that the opposition to Kavanaugh was unhinged, uncivil, disruptive, rude, and borderline nuts, my experience in the gallery made it clear.

Kavanaugh protesters anti-American, tilting toward mental illness.  It's one thing to exercise a First Amendment right to assemble and petition the government for redress — to "peaceably" gather together for a protest, as the exact language of this particular Bill of Right specifies.  It's another thing entirely to chase senators through the halls of Congress and pro-Kavanaugh politicos through streets of Washington, D.C. [...] Within the past few days, Resist Kavanaugh types have taken to the streets in select cities around the country, honing in especially on Republican senators' district offices and casting aside all cares of common sense to express, angrily and violently at times, displeasure with anyone supporting President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick.

It's a Miracle.  Those pink-hat-wearing throngs are irate and motivated to vote.  But what [Senator Dianne] Feinstein and her Senate Judiciary Committee colleagues have done is remind so many other women that their husbands or brothers or fathers or sons could at any moment have their lives ruined by false (or at least unproven) sexual assault accusations, perhaps decades old, made by a woman with an axe to grind, whether political, business-related, personal or otherwise.  It goes without saying that many politically moderate men who were feeling unmotivated to vote next month have also been shaken out of a complacent stupor and seen the risk that the "guilty until proven innocent" Democrats pose to them, and to their fathers and brothers and sons.

We Must All Sacrifice for the Environment (But I meant you — not me!)  We laugh at those who object to some policy that seemed perfectly OK, when they thought it only applied to others.  We make fun of Al Gore proposing the end of fossil fuels, while jetting around the world in his private plane.  We chortle about politicians advocating gun control while surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards.  In truth, such hypocrisy is common, because the desire to control other people's behavior is human nature.

The 'Kavanaugh Effect' Gives GOP Hope for Mid Terms.  When it began, Democrats believed that the battle to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would energize their voters to turn out for the midterm elections next month.  Instead, this latest poll from NPR/PBS/Marist appears to show that the Democrats' smear tactics have energized Republicans.

Even Democrats are noticing how their Kavanaugh stunts are poisoning their blue wave.  The left can be pretty amazing in its refusal to learn from history. [...] Its series of stunts around the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh — and the incredible one-sided bias of its media lackeys — is starting to suggest a conclusion for leftists similar to what the left dealt itself during the Clarence Thomas hearings at midterms:  a loss of nine congressional seats.  These people don't learn.  But some of them do notice problems going on.  The smarter ones in the lefty press are noticing falling Democrat fortunes in polls.

New poll suggests Heidi Heitkamp in trouble if she votes against Kavanaugh, hurting Democrats' chances of Senate takeover.  A new poll shows Republican challenger Rep. Kevin Cramer leading Sen. Heidi Heitkamp by a 10-point margin, with North Dakotans overwhelmingly in favor of confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Losing a race in North Dakota would make it significantly more difficult for Democrats to retake the Senate.  The poll, from Strategic Research Associates and North Dakota's NBC affiliate, shows Cramer opening up a 51 percent to 41 percent lead over the Democratic incumbent.  The poll also finds North Dakotans support the confirmation of Kavanaugh by a 60 percent to 27 percent margin.  Furthermore, the survey found that at 21 percent, more people rated Kavanaugh as their top concern than any other single issue.

Sen. Claire McCaskill Comes Out Against Kavanaugh.  Falls Behind in Polls.  Red-state Democrat Claire McCaskill is now losing in the polls after coming out against Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court last week.

Poll: Josh Hawley Takes Lead Over Claire McCaskill After She Announces Opposition to Kavanaugh.  A new poll released by The Missouri Scout on Saturday [9/29/2018] shows that Republican challenger Josh Hawley has taken a two point lead over Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in the Missouri Senate race just days after she announced she will be voting against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Hawley leads McCaskill by a margin of 48 percent to 46 percent in the poll conducted by Missouri Scout over two days, from Wednesday, September 26 to Thursday, September 27.  McCaskill announced her opposition to Kavanaugh on September 19.

It's All Gone: The Democrats' Dead Ideals.  As the spurious case against Brett Kavanaugh disintegrates, splinters, and re-forms into a cacophony of whiny, irrelevant expostulations, it is instructive to step back and survey the field upon which this battle took place.  The ground is littered with dead and wounded ideals:  civility, dead; basic decency, dead; the presumption of innocence, gravely wounded, ditto for the idea of due process.  And this disgusting carnage is all on you, O ancient one, Dianne Feinstein, and your self-important, preposterous colleagues.  You were desperate to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court so you abandoned any semblance of decency and respect.  You travestied the processes of the United States Senate for the sake of a cynical grab at power.  I'd say that you should be ashamed of yourselves, but, like the thugs that you are, you have no shame.  You believe the acquisition of power is a magical antidote to shame.  You are wrong about that, and one can only hope that you will one day reap some portion of the obloquy you have sowed.  It is not yet clear what the snarling, incontinent attacks on Brett Kavanaugh will mean for him and his family.  Early indications are not encouraging.

What Does 'Credible' Mean?  Something is wrong with Christine Blasey Ford's story, and not just the fact that none of the people she named as witnesses to her alleged 1982 encounter with Brett Kavanaugh remember any such incident.  There is a conspicuous hole in Professor Ford's biography — some important details seem to be missing — and we don't know what the missing elements might be. [...] Over and over, TV news talking-heads and other pundits have used the word "credible" to describe Professor Ford and her accusation, but why?  What's so credible about her story?  Well, it's detailed and vivid, but the closer you examine the details, the more problems you encounter.  Beyond Judge Kavanaugh's emphatic denial that any such incident ever occurred, there is the obvious problem that Leland Keyser, a "lifelong friend" of Professor Ford, who was supposedly present at the 1982 house party, has said she's never even met Judge Kavanaugh.

Josh Hawley Opens Up 8 Point Lead Over Democrat Claire McCaskill Following Vicious Brett Kavanaugh Attacks.  The Democrat Party overplayed their hand with their vicious lies, accusations and smears against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  And now the mob is going to pay for their evil stunts.  One month ago Claire McCaskill held a two point lead over Republican Josh Hawley in the Missouri Senate race.

We Are Finally Getting Rid Of The Treacherous Sissies Who Used To Control The GOP.  [Scroll down]  Kavanaugh is a boomerang that can come back and knock the Democrats out.  They counted on stripping off the suburban women's vote that had been going GOP.  But those suburban women have sons, brothers, and husbands whose lives can be ruined in an instant over some uncorroborated baloney from three decades ago if the Democrat's new rules go into effect.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote against due process, a vote against justice, and a vote against men.

New Poll:  Josh Hawley Jumps to Lead Over Claire McCaskill After She Announces Opposition to Brett Kavanaugh.  The trouble with Claire McCaskill is she keeps thinking her constituents live on the coast.  Republican Josh Hawley jumped to the lead against Washington Democrat Claire McCaskill in the latest Missouri Senate poll.  Josh Hawley now leads the Democrat Senator by two points.

Democrats Lose Advantage with Middle Class Americans While Political Gender Gap Collapses, Gallup Poll Shows.  The Democratic Party's advantage among American women suffered a six percent swing over the past year, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.  Women are still more likely to view the Democrats favorably than they are Republicans, but the difference has contracted.  A year ago, 35 percent of women said they viewed Republicans favorably.  Democrats had a 14 point advantage, with 49 percent viewing the party favorably.

Dear Moderate Democrats:  Your Party Has Completely Abandoned You.  I grew up in a small town in rural New England, which has long been a stronghold for Democrats.  My grandfather was a carpenter, and for many years as a boy, my father was, too.  Several of my family members are or used to be members of labor unions, and many of them have for years consistently and exclusively voted for Democratic candidates.  For much of my young life, their commitment to the Democratic Party had puzzled me.  The values I grew up in my small town were the same American values that have made this country exceptional for more than two centuries: self-reliance, hard work, and individual liberty.  Yet, come Election Day, much of my family and many of my neighbors would march off to the polls and pull the lever for candidates who seemed to embrace policies that are in complete contradiction to these ideals.  And the older I get, the greater the divide grows between what Democratic voters in small towns and cities across the country think they're getting from the politicians they vote for and the actual policies being proposed and implemented by Democrats.

Hello, Liberals:  Can You Spell F-A-S-C-I-S-M?  I'm a live and let live guy, or at least I pretend to be.  But our liberal friends don't believe in live and let live.  Politics is their religion, and politics is all about bullying.

The Descent into Progressive Madness.  The progressive street is leading fossilized Democrats into a sort of collective madness.  The dinosaurs of the party desperately seek relevance by sounding crazier than the new unhinged base that disrupts Senate hearings, loudly pronounces a new socialist future, and envisions octogenarian Maxine Waters as more the future of the party than is septuagenarian Nancy Pelosi.  The spectacle is right out of Euripides's Bacchae, as the creaky old guard of the polis, Tiresias and Cadmus, dress up in trendy, ridiculous ritual costumes to stumble along after the racing and frenzied young maenads in their lethal courtship of suicidal Dionysian madness.  Six-term senator Dianne Feinstein is running against a far more radical Democrat, Kevin de León, in California's general election.  (He added the accent and the "de" to his name in midlife, thereby enhancing his ethnic authenticity.)

Double-Double Failure for the Left's Fast Food Boycotts.  Democrats, initially spurred by California DNC chair Eric Bauman, are calling for a boycott of In-N-Out for its having donated $30K to the California GOP in 2017.  "[L]et Trump and his cronies support these creeps," he tweeted.  "These creeps," as he put it, are "a California institution that some hold with the same level of esteem as the Golden Gate Bridge and Joshua Tree," according to the Los Angeles Times.  That alone might run the boycott efforts into the brick wall of regional pride — and there's nothing more American than that.  But there's another, more thoughtful reason why Californians and reasonable people everywhere may dismiss the calls to boycott.  Ashley Reese of The Slot writes that she's "never been more insulted by a burger" in her life.  She should have known, she says, that this revelation was coming.  After all, she knew that In-N-Out "hid Bible scriptures on their soda cups and burger wrappers," and that "reeks of GOP."

Beto O'Rourke Just Showed Everyone How To Lose An Election In Texas.  There are two ways to guarantee you'll lose a statewide election in Texas:  campaign for abortion or campaign against guns.  Texas Democrats accomplished the first in 2014, when Wendy Davis lost the governor's race to Greg Abbott by 20 points.  Now they're determined to do the second.  Beto O'Rourke, the photogenic Democratic congressman from El Paso hoping to unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in November, declared at a SXSW event Monday that there's no reason an AR-15 should be sold to a civilian.  According to Politico's Michael Calderone, O'Rourke, who's not shy about swearing on the campaign trail, added, "I have no idea how that polls and I [don't care] what the NRA thinks about it."

Massachusetts City of Somerville Scrapping Columbus Day In Favor of 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'.  Somerville, Massachusetts is the same city where a leftist recently urinated on American flags at a veterans' memorial cemetery.  Now the city is kicking Columbus Day to the curb over political correctness.

Somerville Mayor Says City Will Observe Indigenous Peoples' Day, Not Columbus Day.  The city of Somerville is ditching Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day, Mayor Joe Curtatone announced Thursday [9/13/2018].  Somerville joins Cambridge and other places in New England like Portland, Maine and Durham, New Hampshire by choosing to recognize those who lived in the Americas before European colonization instead of Christopher Columbus.  "Columbus Day is a relic of an outdated and oversimplified version of history," Curtatone wrote in Facebook post.  "We all know there's more to the story than a nursery rhyme."

Even Democrats Want 'Mad Maxine' to Stop Impeachment Talk.  Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren called out "Mad Maxine" Waters over her repeated calls for President Donald Trump's impeachment.  The California Democrat has been one of Trump's most outspoken critics, and she continues to double down on her anti-Trump rhetoric.  Waters, who took heat earlier this year for urging her supporters to confront Trump administration officials in public, said in Los Angeles over the weekend that some Democratic leaders have asked her to stop talking about impeaching Trump.

Enemies Within.  Young corporate executives believe and pander to the left's negative view of America.  This is why we see corporate advertising supportive of lies such as that America is destroying the planet and that cops routinely murder blacks.  Leftists have instilled in our youths the lie that people around the world have too little because evil, greedy, and selfish Americans have too much.  This is why many youths believe that it is only fair that we open our borders to whoever wishes to enter.  And how dare we expect immigrants to assimilate, speak English, and embrace capitalism?  Youths believe that defending our borders against the invasion of illegals is racist and hateful.  Our kids have also been taught the lie that Christians, conservatives, and Republicans are haters obsessed with suppressing women and minorities.  Corporate executive operatives of the young enemies within movement believe that a majority of Americans share leftist disdain for their country.  This is why the NFL originally rallied behind [Colin] Kaepernick, leading the charge of pro football players taking a knee in protest against our National Anthem.

Beto O'Rourke's Campaign Requests VFW Hall Take Down American Flags Before His Rally There.  Ted Cruz's Challenger, Beto O'Rourke has made a name for himself by saying that he can think of "nothing more American" than kneeling during the National Anthem.  We can now add stripping American flags from a VFW hall to things he thinks are good.  According to the Examiner, O'Rourke's campaign had rented out a Veteran of Foreign Affairs Hall for a campaign rally in Navasota, TX, and requested that the VFW Post 4006 Commander Carl Dry take down the American flags in his building ahead of the event.

As In-N-Out boycott plan flops, Dem party chief dines alone, GOP feasts.  California state Democrats are distancing themselves from the state party's chief after he called for the boycott of a beloved burger chain after it donated cash to the state's Republican Party.  The political feud began last week when Eric Bauman, head of the California Democratic Party, called for the boycott of California-based In-N-Out over its $25,000 donation to the GOP.  Et tu In-N-Out?

Left-Leaning Fast Food Fans Lose Appetite After In-N-Out Burger Donates To California Republicans.  Cult fast food chain In-N-Out Burger is getting served after it was revealed the restaurant chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. [...] The late CEO, Rich Snyder, was an evangelical Christian and supporter of Republican candidates, and current president Lynsi Snyder is also devout.  Like cult chain Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out doesn't make its founders' Christian values a secret, per se.  Customers just might be so focused on their Animal Style burgers that they don't notice the references to Bible quotes printed on the wrappers.  However, it's not clear that the company's current leadership is nearly as aligned with the Republicans as that of Chick-fil-A, a company that has backed organizations that restrict LGBT rights.

Democratic leader's call for In-N-Out Burger boycott meets its own resistance.  Anthony Grigore is a Democrat.  But as he waited Thursday at an In-N-Out Burger in El Segundo for his meal, Grigore made it clear party loyalty would only go so far.  Just hours earlier, the head of the California Democratic Party called for a boycott of the famed burger chain after a public filing revealed that the company had recently donated $25,000 to the state's Republican Party.  "Eating at In-N-Out is such a standard thing to do across California," Grigore said, dismissing the boycott idea as a bit silly.

Head of Calif Dem Party foolishly asks people to choose between party loyalty and In-N-Out Burgers.  Trump Derangement Syndrome blows up in the face of Democrats, once again.  California's far-left progressives dominate the Democratic Party and love to ban things.  Foie gras, plastic straws, and large containers of sugary soda are examples of food- and beverage-related matters.  But asking Californians to forgo In-N-Out Burgers is a bridge too far.  Late Wednesday night [8/29/2018], Eric Baumann, chair of the California Democratic Party, read an article in Los Angeles Magazine informing him that In-N-Out Burger had donated $25,000 to California's Republican Party.  He tweeted out a call for a boycott.

In-N-Out burger chain receives invitation from Alabama lawmaker amid calls for California boycott.  An Alabama state senator has invited the California-based In-N-Out hamburger chain to his state after some California Democrats called for a boycott of the chain over donations made to the state's GOP.  State Sen. Phil Williams, a Republican from Rainbow City, Ala., tweeted his invitation Thursday night [8/30/2018].

The Party Of Free Stuff And Illegal Aliens Is Not The Workingman's Friend.  Just this week the Democratic Party in Florida nominated Far Left Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor.  Gillum, an outspokenly progressive African-American, is the candidate of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and Far-Left billionaire Tom Steyer, founder of the "Need to Impeach" super PAC.  According to reporting by The New Yorker's Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Gillum's campaign platform calls for a steep corporate-tax increase to pay for a billion-dollar boost in public-education spending, a repeal of Florida's Stand Your Ground law, Medicare for all, and a fifteen-dollar-an-hour minimum wage, abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the impeachment of the President.

Hollywood Elites Gush over Socialist Andrew Gillum's Victory in Florida.  Hollywood elites gushed over the victory of Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum in Florida's Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday, after the socialist-backed candidate scored an upset victory over his more moderate opponents.  Gillum, who received the backing of prominent socialist figures including Sen. Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, defeated Rep. Gwen Graham and former mayor of Miami beach Phillip Levine with 34.3 percent of the vote.  He was also endorsed and funded by left-wing billionaires such as Tom Steyer and George Soros.

The Party Of Free Stuff And Illegal Aliens Is Not The Workingman's Friend.  Democrats once passed themselves off as the party of the working guy; pro-union, pro-American manufacturing, pro-infrastructure and anti-communist, but today's Democratic Party looks nothing like the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy.  In the age of Donald Trump Democrats have become, not the party of the American working man, but the party Trump companies come backof free stuff and illegal aliens.  Leading Democrats, such as Senators Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio have called for the abolition of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency — which would in effect open America's borders to the entire world.  Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders has long-advocated debt-free college and the Democrats' marquee congressional candidate, New York Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made free college and Medicare for all hallmarks of her campaign.

There Should Be a Trump Impeachment Vote — and Republicans Should Schedule It.  Not to put too fine a point on it, Democrats are not the ones known as the Stupid Party and so are well aware that a campaign centered on impeaching Trump is electoral cyanide.  As Democratic representative Eric Swalwell so eloquently put it, "[r]ight now, we're not in the majority, and so running on that, I think, misses the issues that people care about at home."  Translation:  "Don't mention the impeachment!"

DNC Goes Gender-Neutral, Demands Equal Numbers Of Men And Women On Committees.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has passed a rule during its summer meeting in Chicago, Illinois, that includes gender-neutral language in an effort to be more inclusive to the LGBT movement.  In addition, all committees must have equal representation of men and women, but those who self-identify as gender nonbinary will not be counted as male or female.  The rules, according to CNN, now say that DNC committees "shall be as equally divided as practicable between men and women (determined by gender self-identification) meaning that the variance between men and women in the group cannot exceed one (1)."

The Editor says...
Demanding specific percentages of men and women is not "gender neutral."  Pandering to "non-binary" homosexuals does not benefit normal men or women.

A Perfect Storm Threatens America's Survival.  Nothing defines this issue more than N.Y. governor Cuomo, who said America "was never that great."  Whaaat?  Is he referring to the country regarded as the hope of the free world that saved Europe and Asia from fascist tyranny, the country that has given the world transformative improvements in medicine, technology, music and the arts, the country that created the highest standard of living in the history of the world, the country that sacrificed over 300,000 of its men to end slavery, the country with a Constitution that defines the rights of the individual against progressive governments?  When obstruction and self-dealing become the primary goals and policy of one of the two major political parties instead of trying to make our country greater, you know there's a problem

Democrats Are Leaving Their Party in Droves.  Conservatives Should Pay Attention.  Nearly every WalkAway has a unique reason for leaving the Democratic Party.  Some of the most common reasons I've encountered are:
  •   The Democrat Party rejects Christian values.
  •   Liberal rhetoric on helping the poor does not match up with reality.  For instance, Democrat-run Los Angeles now has 55,000 homeless people living on the streets.
  •   The left frequently denounces the armed services, law enforcement, and the American flag.  Many military veterans are outraged by this.
There are countless others.  But the wellspring of the #WalkAway movement has less to do with policy than with the realization that Democrats and the left invariably use despicable methods to achieve their goals, and without remorse.  To the left, winning is all that matters.

Beto O'Rourke says 'nothing more American' than NFL anthem protests.  Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke has jumped into the NFL national-anthem fray by defending players taking a knee during the ceremony, saying he could think of "nothing more American."  In a response going viral on social media, the Democrat seeking to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, compared the NFL kneelers to civil-rights icons like Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders during a campaign appearance last week in Houston.

Overthrow the Church of Leftist Guilt.  Democrats still need the vague feel-good vision of America to appeal to voters' patriotism — it's hard to run a country that you hate.  And so they use aspirational language effectively to campaign while hiding their overwhelming disgust with the nation.  They have never been proud of America.  They are only proud of what America could be if everyone capitulated to their demands.  Mainstream liberals do not advertise this fact loudly, but they don't hide it, either. [...] We should not be bullied by the embarrassed and penitent metropolitan congregation that believes that America is inherently flawed and expects the rest of the country to pick up the tab for our sins.

The media keep falling into the Trump trap.  Donald Trump has long demonstrated a knack for getting his political opponents to make fools of themselves.  Sen. Marco Rubio learned this the hard way on the 2016 campaign trail when he tried to out-Trump Mr. Trump.  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former CIA chief John Brennan got caught in the trap last week.  Mr. Cuomo took issue with Mr. Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again," telling an audience full of Democrats that "we're not going to make America great again — it was never that great."  The audience booed.  Mr. Cuomo was attempting to insult the president but wound up insulting the country and then spent several days walking back what he said.

Cuomo says America 'was never that great'.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo stunned the audience at a bill-signing ceremony Wednesday by saying America "was never that great" as he mocked President Trump's 2016 campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."  "We're not going to make America great again," Cuomo said while signing a bill dealing with human trafficking.  "It was never that great.  We have not reached greatness.  We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged."  Some audience members could be heard ooohing and groaning at Cuomo's comment.

CNN Commentator Agrees With Gov. Cuomo That America Was Never Great.  CNN commentator Angela Rye said on Wednesday night [8/15/2018] that she agrees with Gov. Andrew Cuomo's assertion that America was "never that great."  [Video clip]

"Never That Great".  New York governor Andrew Cuomo says that America was "never that great," and he's entitled to that view, but it would be interesting to know where the U.S. ranks in his personal list of great nations.  And it's amusing to imagine what the late Mario Cuomo, who so frequently praised America for the singular place that it is — "the greatest nation in the only world we know" — would have to say, especially in private, about his impulsive son's latest outburst.  Cuomo delivered his caustic observation at a bill-signing ceremony cum campaign pep rally on Manhattan's Lower East Side, and it might be a mistake to take it for much beyond what it was:  just another rhetorical drive-by shooting aimed at Donald Trump, the bête noire of New York Democratic politics.  But let's unpack it anyway.

Trump: How can Andrew Cuomo survive saying America was 'never that great?'  President Trump on Friday [8/17/2018] asked how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo can "survive," after he took a dig at Trump's campaign slogan and claimed America "was never that great."

Andrew Cuomo Doesn't Understand Greatness.  Greatness, alas, eludes Andrew Cuomo, the misspoken son of an eloquent father who axed any chance of his own elevation with a few very ill-chosen words. [...] Cuomo's words recall his comments in 2014, when he said that pro-life adherents were "extreme conservatives" who had "no place in the state of New York," a rather harsh stance he was forced to walk back but which scratched a deep itch in the base of his party, one that had been festering there for some time.  Thirty-four years ago, his father Mario saw nothing great in the United States under Ronald Reagan, which he described solely in terms of its negative qualities, at the Democratic convention in 1984.

MAGA: Trump's bulletproof campaign slogan.  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week joined the ranks of prominent Democrats who have shown that attacking President Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan isn't as easy as it looks.  Speaking in New York City Wednesday night [8/15/2018], Cuomo tried to make the point that America can always do better and needs to do more to stop discriminating against women.  But instead he said America was "never that great," prompting shocked gasps in the audience.

Never That Great, Huh?  The United States exported baseball, rock 'n' roll, chocolate chip cookies, and almost every great classic movie to the world.  We helped eradicate yellow fever and created a vaccine for polio.  Americans won a share of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 55 of the last 75 years.  Americans first trod on lunar soil, experienced the speed of sound, and explored the North Pole.  The U.S. armed forces helped liberate slaves, free Europe from the Nazis, and defeat the Evil Empire without firing a shot.  America rebuilt the places it destroyed.  Since Andrew Cuomo's birth, his homeland — he was actually born here despite his self-birther insistence otherwise — took in four times the number of immigrants as the world's second-leading destination point.  But for Andrew Cuomo, all of this does not translate into greatness.

NYT Editorial Board's Mara Gay: 'America Was Never Great' Is 'Honest,' Not a 'Gaffe'.  Mara Gay, a member of the far-left New York Times editorial board, believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) was being honest when he said America "was never that great."  She also agrees with the sentiment.  During a speech before supporters Wednesday [8/15/2018], Cuomo was very clear about why he does not believe America has ever been great.  After criticizing President Trump's "Make America Great" slogan, Cuomo laid out his reasoning.  "We're not going to make America great again.  It was never that great," he said, as his supporters laughed and gasped.

Cuomo backtracks, says 'America has always been great'.  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, told reporters on Friday [8/17/2018] that "America has always been great" after he was slammed by President Donald Trump for saying this week that the country "was never that great."  Cuomo, whose name has been floated as a potential Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, qualified his comments in a conference call.  "The expression I used the other day was inartful, so I want to be very clear:  Of course America is great, and of course America has always been great — no one questions that," the governor said.

The Editor says...
If there is no question, why did you say it, Governor, as part of a speech that you wrote, or someone wrote for you?  Nice try, but it's too late to backtrack now.  Good luck with your career as a lobbyist.

Cuomo Was Never That Great.  One of the greatest contributions of the Trump presidency has been the President's uncanny ability to provoke people into revealing their hidden innermost selves.  He draws it out of them.  It is amazing, uncanny. [...] Look at what he has drawn out of Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andy McCabe, Bruce Ohr.  It is unbelievable.  For those who wondered how deep the Deep State is — indeed, whether there even is a Deep State — look at what this President has uncovered. [...] And now, without doing anything we can identify, the President effectively has ended the elevated aspirations of New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo's Office Backtracks After Governor Says America 'Was Never That Great'.  America "was never that great" and won't be great until all Americans share true equality, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday [8/15/2018] in a speech blasting Republican President Donald Trump and his slogan, "Make America Great Again."

Ted Cruz slaps down Beto O'Rourke over his support of national anthem protests!  The TedNado took aim at Beto O'Rourke like he was shooting at liberal fish in a barrel after Robert Francis (his real name) supported the national anthem protesters. [...] I just don't understand why Robert Francis O'Rourke thinks that being for the protest will help him in Texas.  Either way, liberals are pouring money into this race because they hate the TedNado so much.  I can't wait to enjoy their disappointment when he trounces Robert Francis.

Nice Ladies [are] Leaving the Democratic Party.  During and after the election, many women stopped buying what the Dems are selling.  They come from every generation, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and region of America.  These women warm my heart because I have been waiting and hoping that ordinary Democratic voters would be revolted by their party's embrace of vitriol and violence.  It appears to be happening at last.  They are walking away from Democrat politicians, cultural and media icons.  The treatment of Trump and his voters has been a step too far.  Bottom line: these nice, normal women don't feel comfortable being members of a club full of haters.

Democrats Double Down on Identity Politics With Transgender, Muslim, Minority Candidates.  On Tuesday, Democrats in various states took up the identity politics banner, pushing candidates who fit the minority mold.  The August 14 primaries elevated transgender, Muslim, black, and socialist candidates, further cementing the Democratic Party's national radical identity politics brand.

DNC chief Tom Perez plays to tiny audience at mall — empty seats in front row!  Democrats claim they have the enthusiasm edge heading into the November midterm election, but an appearance today [8/15/2018] by DNC Chairman Tom Perez may leave many wondering if that's true.  Perez appeared at Plaza Fiesta, an "indoor Latin shopping mall" in Atlanta, stumping on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Can Keith Ellison Turn Lawman?  Ellison represents Minnesota's 5th congressional district covering Minneapolis and inner-ring suburbs.  It is an increasingly far-left Democratic stronghold.  A Bernie Sanders supporter to the left of the Democratic party's left wing, Ellison himself represents the tilt of the 5th district's Democrats.  He is nevertheless a most peculiar candidate for the top law enforcement job in the state.  Allegations of domestic abuse involving a recent girlfriend of Ellison made news this past Sunday [8/12/2018] and continue to reverberate.  Ellison denied the allegations in a statement on Sunday afternoon.  It is difficult to anticipate how they will play out in the current environment, especially on the left, where such charges are more or less presumed true.  By Monday they had already been reported in depth by Elham Khatami in a Think Progress report.  Even if true, however, the charges would be the least of Ellison's disqualifications for this office.

Keith Ellison, Democratic Party Radical, Takes Primary for AG in Minnesota.  Media outlets began to call the Democratic Primary for Minnesota attorney general with just over 20 percent of the vote counted Tuesday night.  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has won in a landslide.  Ellison looks to have secured a comfortable majority of Democratic primary votes in a five-candidate field in which he had by far the most prominent public profile.

USA Today Op-Ed Writer: 'Abolish Presidency'.  In the latest episode of leftists attempting to ban everything they do not like, USA Today op-ed called for the abolishment of the United States presidency in a piece published Friday [8/10/2018].  "This is a man who openly conspired to cheat with the help of a hostile foreign nation in a federal election," said Tina Dupuy, offering no evidence for the ridiculous claim because, of course, there is none.

Democrats used to be for the middle class.  Not anymore.  Democrats were once known as the party of rural families, union members and the white working class.  It is now associated with the coastal elites, nouveau socialists, the "resistance" and all manner of identity politics.  The point is that Democrats have turned their backs on the voters who once lifted them to consistent congressional majorities and occasionally into the White House.  They may win in dozens of districts scattered across the country in the fall, it may even be a "blue wave" election.  But they still haven't come to terms with the fact that thousands of their former supporters believe that a wealthy, former reality TV star, casino mogul and New York real estate developer understands America's working class better than Democrats.

Antifa to Protest 'Alt-Right' in D.C.: Abolish ICE, No Borders, Close Prisons.  Law enforcement and city officials are preparing for protesters and counter-protesters to descend on Washington, DC, this weekend.  According to the website, the Antifa side of the equation has purposes far beyond responding to the Unite the Right 2 demonstration set to take place on the Charlottesville, Va. rally anniversary on Sunday at Lafayette Park across from the White House. [...] The Antifa counter-protest website, calling the event "Shut It Down DC" and "Trans and Queer #ResistDance Against White Supremacy," states a much broader purpose and is supported by a long list of left-wing organizations, including Black Lives Matter, Anarchist Agency, Fredrick Socialists, D.C. Antifascist Collective, Millenials for Revolution, Occupy Wall Street, and Philly Antifa.

No Borders, No Nation.  Following the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the DSA [Democratic Socialists of America] has enjoyed spectacular growth, recruiting legions of outraged Berniecrats from the failed Bernie Sanders campaign, as well as hordes of "Resistance" militants from the Hillary camp.  The DSA, reportedly, has mushroomed from 7,000 members and 15 local chapters in 2000 to 44,000 members and hundreds of chapters in 2018.  It has seized the open borders/no borders cause, which until very recently was only seriously proposed by such elements of the extreme Left as the Communist Party USA, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and La Raza (The Race), the ultra-radical Mexican irredentist group that seeks to reclaim the American southwest as "Aztlan" or "Mexifornia."

"I'm Confused": Dem Senator Has No Clue that Illegals Break the Law When Crossing The Border.  On Capitol Hill, ICE official Matthew Albence has to explain to Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) that illegal immigrants break the law when crossing the border.  This woman is a Senator?

Cory Booker Backtracks After Being Photographed Holding Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli-Wall Sign.  Senator Cory Booker was photographed holding a sign bearing a pro-Palestinian movement slogan.  The image appeared on the Twitter feed of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a self-described "coalition of 330+ groups" working "for a US policy toward Palestine/Israel based on freedom, justice, and equality."  "From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go," the sign read.

Freeing People from Left-Wing Lies.  A recent Pew survey shows that leftists are much more likely not to want to associate with people who don't share their political views than are conservatives.  Furthermore, leftists are more likely not to know any conservatives.  Look at the electoral map from 2016 — the blue areas are all tiny and tightly grouped.  Essentially, most leftist voters live in an intellectual bubble where the fake news media provide the propaganda, and their friends repeat, hence reinforce, the lies, making them seem credible.  This even impacts the fake news reporters themselves.

Vast Majority of Americans Won't Vote For a Socialist, New Poll Finds.  Seventy-six percent of respondents in a recent survey said they would not vote for a "socialist candidate," while 24 percent of those polled said they have no problem with the hypothetical candidate.  Those results conflict with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez's prediction that young politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — a dues-paying member of New York City's chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America — represent his party's "future."

Democrat who knelt during Pledge of Allegiance should resign.  A Connecticut lawmaker — a Democrat, of course — is facing backlash for kneeling, NFL style, during the Pledge of Allegiance during a recent Board of Selectmen meeting.  And well she should.  Now, she needs to resign and the story will be complete.  Selectwoman Melissa Schlag said she knelt at a meeting earlier this month to protest President Donald Trump and his Helsinki appearance.  But a selectman's meeting is a time for selectman business — for the people's business.

New poll shows Americans think Dem Party is pulling far away from mainstream USA, has leftists baffled.  As Democrats ramp up their rhetoric and unhinged hatred of President Donald Trump, it seems Americans are taking notice.  The majority of voters surveyed in a new poll conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal declared that the Democrat Party is "out of step" with America.

Obama's Dying Vision:  The Only Card in the Democratic Deck.  What Democrats don't seem to understand is that Hollywood is not a "messaging" apparatus, nor is parading Trump-hating celebrities into the spotlight a winning substitute for a clear enunciation of what the Democratic Party stands for and whom it represents. [...] The truth is, the Democrats have no message.  There is no vision.  There is no agenda.  There is no Democratic counter to "Make America Great Again."  Nor is there a leader to voice such a vision and stamp it with his imprimatur if there were one.  And therein lies the rub.  Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?  Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Perez, Ellison, Sanders, Clinton, Gillibrand, Feinstein, Warren, Durbin, Booker, Waters?  This is a motley crew, to say the least, and hardly visionaries, and nary a one who has an electable, national cachet that can inspire transformative change.

Latest Poll Finds Today's Democrat Party Scares the [...] Voters.  The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll finds that today's Democrat party scares the[...] voters.  With party leaders like Maxine Waters pushing violence and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushing Socialism, Americans are turning away from the radical far left party.  More than 56 percent of voters find the Democrat Party out of step with American mainstream.

Dems Try To Deny What Their Party Is Fast Becoming.  Democrats have been very busy lately trying to tell the public that theirs is not an extremist socialist party.  But the public sees through the smoke screen.  Just a third now see the Democratic Party as mainstream.

Does the Republican Party have the guts necessary to win the midterms?  Trump won the nomination and the presidency on the voters' belief that this guy, at last, was someone who meant what he said on immigration.  He, and the Republican Party, can hold the House and the Senate if they focus the electorate's attention on the Dems' immigration lunacy, and then, secondarily, on the president's amazing economic results.  On immigration, the Dems' agenda has become a smorgasbord of electoral emetics that only needs to be served up to American voters to produce a collective gag that will be heard round the country.

"Occupy ICE" Finally Ejected from Portland, But They Left a Nasty Surprise Behind.  It happens every time a group of unwashed, miserable liberals gathers.  From the Dakota pipeline to numerous environmental movements, when leftists come together to demonstrate, you can count on a few things.  First, you can count on nothing happening.  Liberals love to march and rally.  But rarely do they have any real goals or objectives.  It's all about making a lot of noise for the cameras.  The liberal media will cover it like it's the most important event in history.  They never have anything meaningful to say or clear intentions once the excitement is over.  Do you know what "Occupy Wall Street" was really meant to achieve?  How about the "Women's March"?  Exactly.  These "movements" are nothing more than grownup temper tantrums.

Cory Booker Tells Supporters to 'Get Up In the Face' of Republicans.  I'm telling you, this is the result of some insane left-wingers getting their foot in the door of the Democrat party, and now everybody in the room is having to outdo the crazy.  Cynthia Nixon has been yanking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to the left and now he's mumbling about President Trump being on a "jihad."  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousted a longtime staple of the party and presumed heir to Nancy Pelosi, and he's now mumbling about reparations for illegal immigrants.  Now, you've got people like Maxine Waters screeching about taking to the streets to call for Trump's head and Booker encouraging them to "get up in the face" of Republicans.

Deliver Us to Evil.  So many have written about the left's meltdowns over the past years — meltdowns that include our mainstream media, or what I call the Democrat-media complex.  The left has been (correctly) called unhinged, serial liars, power-mad, angry, out of control, spite-filled, envious, spoiled, while constantly engaging in toddler-like tantrums.  The left has been exposed (correctly) as brimming with hatred for opponents, being filled with inane, oft-times insane beliefs.  These are the libertine #MeTooers who all knew that their heroes were sexual predators, are fully gender confused, and are unsurpassed hypocrites.  The left apparently now supports socialism, despises free enterprise, can't abide religious expression (hate god), can't handle other opinions or debate, believes so many things that simply aren't so, is trying to squelch the First Amendment as much as it can in institutions it rules, has embraced the invasion of America by illegal aliens and the replacement of the American voting population by said illegals, and supports the demonization of white males.  And that's just the short list.

Hollywood's Obvious Liberal Overtones Result in Box Office Flops, Rob Reiner Edition.  [Rob] Reiner's last six films completely flopped, including his latest, "Shock and Awe."  "Shock and Awe" earned a measly $45,856 at select movie theaters over the weekend along with withering reviews.  Liberal film critics blamed his heavy hand for the movie's woes.  Here's's brutal assessment:  "Shock and Awe" is "a plodding film with ill-placed, klutzy exposition and credibility-defying and/or colorless characters that are spokespersons for various predictable viewpoints."

Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba put Democrats and their beloved S-word on the spot in Florida.  Two countries, which are closely watched by Florida's immigrant population, are getting absolutely hellish as a result of socialism:  Venezuela and Nicaragua.  Cuba already is an awful place.  Venezuela, which was so praised by [Bernie] Sanders in the past, is already well known, and no, we have not seen anything negative about it from either Bernie or Alexandria [Ocasio-Cortez].  Don't even imagine that either will bring up the horrors of Cuba — we already know they'll be touting Cuban relations.  The other festering boil of socialism is Nicaragua.  It's getting really bad there now; it looks as though an all-out civil war is getting underway; and yes, the news is starting to cover it.

Kansas congressional race attracts national spotlight.  But who is the star?  One day in July demonstrated the identity crisis facing Kansas Democrats as they seek to capture a congressional seat for the first time in a decade.  Roughly 2,000 people packed into a swampy-hot hall at the Reardon Convention Center in Kansas City, Kan., Friday night [7/20/2018] to hear U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, as he led a rally for Brent Welder, a Bonner Springs attorney mounting a campaign for Kansas' 3rd District on an unabashedly progressive platform.

Where Do 'Centrist' Democrats Turn in 2020?  Two of the three most prominent 2020 possibilities have long identified with the Democratic left, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as have possible darkhorse candidates, Senators Sherrod Brown and Jeff Merkley.  Several others, like Senators Kamala Harris, Chris Murphy and Amy Klobuchar, while not aggressively ideological, have no strong connection to the Clinton-Obama centrist tradition.

The Editor says...
There is nothing centrist about either Hillary Clinton or Barack H. Obama.  The two of them are left-wing extremists who have only recently been overtaken on the left by Bernie Sanders and others who are flat-out socialists.

Here Are The 34 Democrats Who Voted Against Measure Supporting ICE.  Make no mistake; abolish ICE is still an issue the progressive Left wants to push.  More Democrats are joining the chorus that's rapidly becoming a litmus test for candidates.  At the same time, more than a few are more than aware that this isn't really a winning issue.  It's good for deep blue enclaves that elect democratic socialists, but not so much in Middle America and swing districts.

House Democrats vote 'present' on resolution supporting ICE.  Most House Democrats voted "present" Tuesday [7/17/2018] on a resolution aimed at forcing them to clarify whether they support U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, after some Democrats have criticized the agency's role in enforcing U.S. immigration laws.  The House passed a nonbinding resolution saying lawmakers support the "officers and personnel who carry out the important mission of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement."  A two-thirds majority was needed to pass it, and because Democrats voted "present" instead of "no," it passed easily in a 244-35 vote.

Yes, Democrats Are Now The Party Of Open Borders.  We've been seeing a lot of articles these days defending Democrats against charges that they are for open borders.  But recent events show that the party has, in fact, morphed into one that reflexively opposes virtually any attempt to secure the southern border.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Bashes Trump Supporters.  A recent poll shows grassroots Republicans approve of Presient Donald Trump's performance in Helsinki, despite the best efforts of liberal Democrats and media pundits to trash the president for absolutely everything he did/does and said/says.  The Axios/SurveyMonkey poll asked,"Do you approve or disapprove of the way Trump handled his press conference with Putin?" Seventy-nine percent of Republicans approved.  "Who [...] are these people?" an incredulous Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," asked on Friday's show.  He and his ilk are stunned that President Trump would invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the United States, when Trump's recent meeting in Helsinki was "called treasonous" by the elites.

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner's 'Shock and Awe' disappoints at box office with dismal opening weekend.  Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner's Bush administration-bashing "Shock and Awe" was a disappointment during its debut weekend with an embarrassing box office intake.  "Shock and Awe" grossed only $41,000 on its opening weekend after being shown in only 100 theaters, according to Box Office Mojo.  "Shock and Awe" finished No. 34 overall, behind numerous movies that have already been in theaters for several weeks, according to the service.  Reiner's film lost to other movies that were played in a limited number of theaters, including "Eighth Grade," which was shown in only four theaters but managed to gross $252,284, according to the site.

The left is hemorrhaging, #WalkAway movement.  The left is hemorrhaging a lot of people lately.  It's not just boring, white, middle-class people, either.  It's losing demographics the left has considered its own for decades but who are now seeing the light and moving on. [...] This includes gays.  This includes blacks.  This includes Hispanics.  This includes women.  This includes young voters.  This includes, in short, everyone horrified by the violent, pugilistic, intolerant actions the left has promulgated in the last few years.  As one commenter put it, "I can't express a single different idea from my liberal friends.  I will instantly become the enemy.  I refuse that way of thinking, because it's NOT thinking."

The Democratic Party left me behind — and I'm not alone.  I am a Democrat who has spent the last two years often criticizing my own party and fellow Democrats. [...] Yes, there's grassroots energy in the Democratic Party, but party leadership is essentially bereft of ideas.  [2016] was the year I joined millions of Americans in losing faith in the ruling class of both parties and in many of our political institutions.  It was also the year this voter became increasingly frustrated that our national media outlets — cable, network and legacy news media — have self-bifurcated into stark pro- and anti-Trump factions.  The real divisions, as I see it, aren't between Democrats and Republicans, but between the political and corporate ruling class and the national media establishments that support them, on the one hand, and the rest of us.

Abortion Advocates Think Amy Barrett is a Member of a "Cult" Because She's Catholic.  The mudslinging against Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a possible nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, continued this week with abortion activists claiming she is a member of a "cult."  She is believed to be one of four candidates that President Donald Trump is considering to fill retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat.  Particularly abhorrent to abortion activists, Barrett is a devout Catholic, a conservative and a woman.  Abortion supporters have honed in on Barrett's affiliation with People of Praise, an ecumenical Christian group that focuses on prayer, counseling, marriage guidance and acts of service for families in need.  Labeling the group a "cult," abortion activists claim Barrett is a "dangerous religious extremist" because of her affiliation with the group.

The Next American Revolution: #WalkAway.  Democrats who believe that they have a permanent hold on the African-American vote should take a look at how these voters view their position on immigration.  A recent Harvard-Harris survey found that African-Americans are the racial group most opposed to unlimited immigration.  Whereas 79 percent of whites want to prioritize legal immigrants based on what they can contribute to our society, fully 85 percent of African-Americans hold that view.  A party that advocates open borders and the abolition of ICE is going to get fewer and fewer of their votes.

Polls: No, Of Course Americans Don't Want To Abolish ICE.  "Abolish ICE" isn't a solution, argues my colleague Ed Morrissey at the Daily Beast today, it's a slogan.  Indeed, and that's being generous.  It started as a Twitter hashtag, per HuffPost.  As the phrase started showing up more online, desperate opportunists like Kirsten Gillibrand who are looking for an angle to shore up their left flank in the 2020 primaries glommed onto it.  Just like that, the hashtag #AbolishICE had become the slogan "Abolish ICE," which had in turn become a semi-serious policy proposed by a semi-serious U.S. senator.  And once it did, other supposedly serious 2020 contenders had to keep pace with Gillibrand by proposing it too.  Suddenly Democrats have a problem.  No one to the right of the DSA thinks "abolish ICE" will help claw back Rust Belt voters who flipped from Obama to Trump in the last election, but because it's gone from zero to "litmus test" overnight with Gillibrand's and Warren's help, the party leadership can only run so far from the idea without getting into trouble.

North Carolina Social Justice Activist:  Boycott July 4, Crash Other People's Cookouts.  In Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, social justice activists are telling their followers to boycott the Fourth of July this year, not to buy hot dogs or fireworks, and even to crash other people's cookouts.  They say they refuse to celebrate until America addresses what they see as endemic racism; one referred to the current climate as "Trump terror."

Democrats leaving the Party in droves as #WalkAway campaign gains real momentum.  A movement to abandon liberalism and the Democratic Party has gained some serious traction after a video featuring a gay New York hairdresser went viral.  "Once upon a time, I was a liberal.  Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal," Brandon Straka said in the video seen by some five million people on Facebook and YouTube that ignited the #WalkAway campaign.

Less Than 1 in 3 Dems [are] Proud to be American.  You can't hate America and be proud of it except in those brief moments, when as Michelle Obama noted, it mirrors your own aspirations.  And when your aspiration is to destroy America, you can only love America when it's killing itself.

In U.S., Record-Low 47% Extremely Proud to Be Americans.  This Fourth of July marks a low point in U.S. patriotism.  For the first time in Gallup's 18-year history asking U.S. adults how proud they are to be Americans, fewer than a majority say they are "extremely proud."  Currently, 47% describe themselves this way, down from 51% in 2017 and well below the peak of 70% in 2003.

Warren joins calls to get rid of ICE.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Saturday [6/30/3018] joined calls from the left to get rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), saying it should be replaced with something new.  "The president's deeply immoral actions have made it obvious we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and that works," Warren said during a rally in Boston.

Poll: Half Of Democrats Support Sanders' Ejection From Restaurant.  Increasingly, Democrats want to politicize every aspect of life and treat political opponents as enemies in every phase of it.  In that, they are increasingly isolating themselves culturally from every other demographic, and that will have an impact on whether voters trust them with leadership.  Few people really want to live their lives as though they're in a phony war with their neighbors — it's exhausting to even contemplate, let alone sustain.

Remember, the Democrats are the people who said George W. Bush was a warmonger.
Billionaire Democrat Donor Calls For 'Nuclear War' To Stop Trump.  Billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer called for a "nuclear war" to stop President Trump — then took back his comment after the interviewer called his point "sobering."  "Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction," Steyer told The Rolling Stone in an interview published Friday [6/29/2018].  He was elaborating on his belief that it is imperative for Congress to impeach Trump immediately, because the "checks and balances system" set up in the constitution isn't working, and the only other option is to wait around for economic disaster and war.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Attends Lunatic Abolish ICE Protest, Gets Booed Off Stage.  There was a mass demonstration in Los Angeles Saturday [6/30/2018] for open borders and the dismantling of ICE.  Hundreds of leftists and Spanish speaking immigrants attended the event. [...] As if the exploding crime, massively increasing homelessness and stifling traffic weren't enough, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is facing a new obstacle to his presidential hopes.  First he was seen at the Los Angeles March For Immigrant Children not reacting at all during an extremist's speech who called the founding of America "criminal".  Then things went from bad to worse when hizzoner was booed off stage by lunatic leftists who think Garcetti is a lying sellout who's not extreme enough for them.  They held up a sign calling Garcetti's sanctuary city policy a lie and then proceeded to boo him offstage.

'Abolish ICE' Zealots Occupy Fantasy Island.  "No ban.  No wall.  No borders at all."  That is the radical rallying cry of the Democratic Socialists of America.  Waving desecrated U.S. flags, grubby fists and ratty anarchy banners, DSA's professional protesters are targeting Trump administration officials, threatening immigration enforcement agents, and blockading detention facilities and processing centers nationwide.  On a similar note, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., proudly marched in a parade last week with a T-shirt emblazoned with "Yo No Creo En Fronteras" — Spanish for "I don't believe in borders."  These are abjectly unserious people, operating in bad faith, who pose a serious threat to our nation's well-being.

Michael Moore: 'Electoral College — Get Rid of It, Democrats!'  "I'm just saying that the majority of Americans are very liberal," liberal activist Michael Moore asserted on Thursday night [6/28/2018] in an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

The Editor says...
The Colbert program is taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City (according to Wikipedia) and the majority of the people in New York City may be "very Liberal," but that doesn't mean the rest of the country agrees.

Dem Senator Calls For ICE To Be Abolished — Forgets What She Said About Illegal Immigrants In 2009.  Democratic Senator and potential 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand has called for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be abolished.  The far-left position has gained popularity on the fringes of the Democratic Party as the immigration debate heats up in the country.  Gillibrand joins New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who said Friday [6/29/2018] "ICE's time has come and gone.  We should abolish ICE.  We should create something better, something different."  However, when Gillibrand was just elected to a rather conservative House seat in Upstate New York, she was singing a different tune on illegal immigration.  According to a report by the New York Times from 2009, Gillibrand was a hawk on immigration, advocating for strict enforcement of our immigration laws.

The 'Abolish ICE' Movement Is As Crazy As It Sounds.  The 'Abolish ICE' movement is gaining steam.  Activists are protesting in front of Immigration and Customs Enforcement buildings across the county.  The Daily Caller's Stephanie Hamill and Henry Rodgers crashed the organized protest in Washington D.C. on Wednesday [6/27/2018] to find out why some are calling for the agency to [be] abolished.  They left with more questions than answers.  "America Uncensored" is a Daily Caller program dedicated to political stories dominating the news cycle.  The DC's Stephanie Hamill is a straight shooter who isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks.

Pelosi: 'Our Values Are About ... Honoring the Vows of Our Founders'.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said in her weekly press briefing on Thursday [6/28/2018] that the Democratic Party is about "honoring the vows of our founders."  "Our values are about supporting America's working families, about honoring the vows of our Founders, about honoring the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, honoring the aspirations of our children," she said.  "That is why we vote so much alike because we have shared values," she said.

The Editor says...
What were "the vows of our Founders" and why do we need to honor someone else's vows?  Aside from that, as is typical of a leftist, Ms. Pelosi mentions a number of issues on which there is little disagreement, in order to make it seem that Democrats are in sync with every clear-thinking God-loving American.  But that is not the case.  I don't know of any values that I share with a socialist, tax-and-spend, California baby-killer.  Besides, Ms. Pelosi is a pro-abortion Catholic.  She isn't even in agreement with her own people.

Dems All In on Kicking People Out of Restaurants Over Their Politics.  But as usual, it's only meant to go one way.  The minute Obama is sent packing from some restaurant, we'll be having another "national conversation" about what terrible people we are.  As long as it's just Sarah, the Dems are all in.

Dems' emerging litmus test:  Support for abolishing agency that guards borders.  Democratic lawmakers and candidates are increasingly seeking the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement as part of their suite of demands in D.C.'s heated border battle.  The calls reflect not only the deepening divide between the two partisan poles on immigration — with one side seeking a border wall, and the other looking to dismantle the lead enforcement agency — but the growing influence of the progressive wing.  More and more Democratic politicians have embraced such causes as 'Medicare for all' and a federal jobs guarantee.  Now, they're getting behind the call to abolish ICE, with gusto.

It's Crazies All the Way Down.  Just in the last few days, the liberal outrages have been hard to keep up with:  hounding the Secretary of Homeland Security out of a restaurant, then "demonstrating" on her lawn with chants and blaring audio of crying children; denying the White House Press Secretary and her family dinner at a Virginia restaurant; trying to get Hall of Fame basketball player Kevin McHale fired from his job as an NBA announcer because he attended a speech by the President of the United States; falsely accusing an ICE agent who is a double amputee as a result of an IED explosion in Afghanistan of being a neo-Nazi; confronting the Attorney General of Florida as she left a movie theater.  And that is only a partial list, covering only the last few days. [...] How many Americans know about these outrages?  How many understand that the Democratic Party's most stalwart supporters are stark, raving mad?

Laura Bush shows Democrats are desperate.  Many readers likely are wondering why Laura Bush put her name on an op-ed condemning President Trump for enforcing a border protection law that her husband signed into law.  The short answer is she is all the Democrats have left.  Their leadership is too tainted by scandal or incompetence (and in the case of Hillary, both) to persuade anyone.  Bill is a joke with his pants around his ankles.  Obama's legacy quickly shrank like a cheap T-shirt in its first wash.  Not one of their 2020 candidates had sense enough to give President Trump a sportsmanlike chance, which renders their sermons on morality to be the political opportunism in the eyes of even among the low-information voters who are the bedrock of their electoral battle plan.

Antonio Sabato Jr.: Democrats Care About Everyone, Except Americans.  Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than American citizens, warns actor-turned-GOP congressional candidate Antonio Sabato Jr.  "They care more about everyone else but the people in this country, who make this country great and we are going to keep making it great," Saboto told Gateway Pundit on Sunday as he attended a Virginia Women for Trump event at the Trump International Hotel in DC.

The Party Of Tolerance And Diversity Is Neither Of These Things.  Based on the recent violent actions and words of the radical liberals in the Democrat party, here are some of the likely valuable principles that the DNC will run on in future elections:
  •   If you disagree with President Trump's elimination of transgender people from the American military, you can kick Republicans out of your restaurant.
  •   If you don't like President Trump's treatment of immigrants trying to enter America illegally, and forgetting that Trump is following the same laws that Obama pretended to follow in previous years, you can harass Republicans in any restaurant they enter.
  •   If you disagree with President Trump's immigration policy, you can stand outside the homes of all Republicans and shout insults and obscenities at them all night long.
  •   If you disagree with President Trump's immigration policy, you can scream at and insult Republicans in public and keep them out of any movie theater in the nation.
  •   If you don't agree with the legislation passed by Congress concerning immigration law, you can harass ICE agents and seek out the agents' children and harass them at their schools.
  •   If you disagree with President Trump's position on anything, you can threaten his son with homosexual rape and get away with it.
  •   If you ask a cake-maker or a pizza shop owner to do something contrary to their ethics and religion and if they decide to not do the work, you want done, you can sue them and ruin them financially.

How to Re-Elect Trump.  The political left is now repeating that mistake as its cultural and political vanguard sends a message of condescension, hostility and now ostracism to anyone who voted for Mr. Trump or has worked with or for him for the good of the country.  Their relentless contempt might end up re-electing him.  On that score don't underestimate how the refusal by a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will resonate politically.  Ms. Sanders had taken a seat at the Red Hen with several others on Friday when owner Stephanie Wilkinson asked her to leave.  Ms. Wilkinson told the press, which is turning her into Rosa Parks, that her restaurant "has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation."  Except toward people who don't share Ms. Wilkinson's views.  Rest assured every Trump supporter in America will be reminded of this episode from here to November.  The message:  Now you're so deplorable they won't serve you in their restaurants.

Why Do They Hate Us?  A new study by the Washington Times shows that 90% of the broadcast coverage of President Trump remains negative, even after the accomplishments of his first 500 days.  Certainly, the so-called intelligentsia hate Donald Trump, but they hate Trump not just as an individual — they hate him because he sides with us. They've hated us — those heartland Americans clinging to our guns and religion — long before Trump came along and will do so long after he is gone.

Hollywood Confirmed Its Role as Voice of 'Anti-America'.  Some of the biggest names in Hollywood gathered at the 72nd Tony Awards on Sunday night [6/10/2018] to join actor Robert De Niro in trashing President Donald Trump. [...] Hailed by mainstream news outlets as a "brutal takedown of the president," De Niro's adolescent tantrum confirmed Hollywood's absolute disconnect from the American heartland, lost in its self-made bubble of anti-Trump hysteria.

The Left Achieves Perfection.  Leftists have achieved perfection, and for once not only in their own minds.  Yes — for the first time, modern leftists have managed to be perfectly wrong on every single issue.  Let's just look at some major issues where one would think that any decent human being would get the right answer.

The Democrats Descend Into Farce.  A farce is a comedy marked by buffoonery and crude, ludicrously impossible events.  So is the Democratic party.  Take Nathan Larson, who is running for congress in Virginia as an ndependent [sic].  Larson supports pedophilia, incest, white supremacy and marital rape.  I am not kidding.  So naturally you ask:  How on earth did this felonious loon get in the race?

Nathan Larson is a pedophile and a white supremacist.  And he's running for Congress.  Nathan Larson, a man who advocates pedophilia, white supremacy and rape, and who served 16 months in prison for threatening to kill the president, is running for Congress.  The 37-year-old accountant from Charlottesville, Va., is running as an independent in Virginia's 10th congressional district.  Larson identifies himself as a "quasi-neoreactionary libertarian." His platform includes drug legalization, the elimination of all regulations regarding firearms and "putting an end to U.S. involvement in foreign wars arising from our country's alliance with Israel."  Larson's unorthodox candidacy further complicates an already wild race in Virginia's 10th.  Six Democrats, including one who said President Trump poses as much of a threat to democracy as Osama bin Laden, are vying for the nomination to take on Republican incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Dear Ex-Friends in #TheResistance.  On November 9, [2016,] you awoke from a self-induced, eight-year-long political coma to find that White House press secretaries shade the truth and top presidential advisors run political cover for their boss.  You were shocked to discover that presidents exaggerate, even lie, on occasion.  You became interested for the first time about the travel accommodations, office expenses, and lobbyist pals of administration officials.  You started counting how many rounds of golf the president played.  You suddenly thought it was fine to mock the first lady now that she wasn't Michelle Obama.  Once you removed your [pink] hat after attending the Women's March, you made fun of Kellyanne Conway's hair, Sarah Sanders' weight, Melania Trump's shoes, Hope Hicks' death stare; you helped fuel a rumor started by a bottom-feeding author that U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley slept with Donald Trump.  You thought it was A-OK that Betsy DeVos was nearly physically assaulted and routinely heckled.  You glorified a woman who has sex on camera for a paycheck.  You have learned all kinds of new things that those of us who didn't willfully ignore politics for the past eight years already knew.

NYT Whitewashes Democrats' Ties To Anti-Semite Farrakhan.  The New York Times whitewashed several Democrats' ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in an article that ran in Wednesday's paper.  Farrakhan is a notorious racist and anti-Semite who has praised Adolf Hitler as a "very great man," called white people "devils," blamed Jews in Hollywood for gay marriage and described Jews as "satanic."  Several congressional Democrats have ties to Farrakhan and the leaders of Women's March have publicly declared their support for him.

Socialists Running As Democrats In Primary This Tuesday.  Richard Becker, candidate for State Representative in Kentucky's 35th District, is a member of the radical Marxist organization:  "Democratic Socialists of America" (DSA) and a "union organizer."  The other DSA member is Ryan Fenwick, who is running for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky.  The Louisville DSA is putting all of their weight behind their candidates, encouraging fellow comrades to "put socialists in power" in order to "defeat capitalism."

A grim spectacle:  The left fully revealed.  Over the eight years of the Obama administration, the Democratic Party moved left, then more left, then hard, radical, Alinskyite left.  Terrible damage was done to the country as a result. [...] The Democratic Party has devolved into a manic state of hysteria in which its members no longer know right from wrong or good from evil.  The Republicans in Congress had better step up to the partisan plate and fight these traitors to their own country, or we are lost.

Chuck Schumer spends the day defending MS-13 from Trump's 'animal' comments.  Democrats sure do seem to have a lot of strange "protected classes" lately.  Obviously, they've always liked to put people into groups, fan the flames of a victim mentality, and then play those groups against each other.  It's just what they do.  But, in the last couple of weeks, they've decided to defend Iran, Hamas, and now — the icing on the cake — MS-13.  If you're unfamiliar with MS-13, and I pray to God you are, they're a violent gang made up mostly of Salvadorans whose motto is "Murder, Rape, and Control."  They are, unarguably, one of the most violent gangs on the face of the earth, and the horror stories shared by their victims' families are heartbreaking beyond words.

Here Are The Five Senators Who Voted Against Haspel.  A handful of senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee voted against President Donald Trump's pick to lead the CIA Wednesday [5/16/2018].  The committee voted 10-5 Wednesday in favor of Gina Haspel, who must now be confirmed before the entire Senate body before she can become the next CIA director.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  Let's Face It, The NRA Is Just Shy Of Being A Terrorist Organization.  It's fun to compare this rhetoric to Democratic rhetoric about groups that actually are terrorist organizations.

Nazis And Socialists Are The Same Bunch Of Idiots.  The notion that Nazism was a "right-wing" ideology has been perpetuated by recent generations and is profoundly incorrect.  The perverse rewriting of history obfuscates the true causes and consequences of the Nazis.  It also dishonors the millions lost to the Holocaust.  Worse, this kind of absolute ignorance of history is a sure path to repeating it.  In fact, most Americans don't really understand who the Nazis were.  The Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  They were demonstrably self-proclaimed socialists.

All that's wrong with the left in one Politico article.  Did Politico's Evan Mandery set out to expose the authoritarian nature of the American left in this article called "What Happened to Alan Dershowitz"?  I'm not sure.  Regardless, he has done a good job of it. [...] But missing from Mandery's article is any evidence or serious example that would remotely support this alarmist rhetoric.

Sean Hannity accused of repeatedly evicting tenants who paid no rent.  The great things about liberals is that even though most have never run a business, they all know exactly how businesses should be run. [...] I get the feeling that if liberals ran Hannity's properties, very quickly they would run them into the ground like public housing.

The Democrats' War On Capitalism.  Polls show that today's Democratic Party and capitalism appear to be on a collision course.  A November 2015 New York Times/CBS News poll found that 56% of Democratic primary voters said they held a positive view of socialism.  A Morning Consult/Politico survey in June 2017 asked if a hypothetical replacement for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should be a socialist or capitalist.  More Democrats opted for socialism, with 35% saying it's somewhat or very important that her replacement be a socialist, while only 31% said the same for a capitalist.  Indeed, one of the Democrats' loudest voices, filmmaker Michael Moore, recently praised Karl Marx, the ideological godfather of communism.

Moviemaker Michael Moore wishes Karl Marx a happy 200th birthday.  Controversial filmmaker and vocal Trump critic Michael Moore, took to Twitter Saturday to extend enthusiastic birthday wishes to Karl Marx, the German philosopher, economist, historian, journalist and revolutionary who published "The Communist Manifesto" in 1848.  Moore, famous for films that have advocated universal health care and put capitalism in the crosshairs, tweeted an endearing message seeming to praise Marx and, in a series of tweets to follow, defended his name against those who attempted to "distort" it.

Karl Marx:  Talking Points for Deplorables.  Marx launched a million killers to help solve the overpopulation problem that so obsesses our lefty friends.  But let us remind the world that this fearless prognosticator was stunningly wrong on just about everything, and let us count the ways, so you can rag on your lefty friends whenever the mood takes you.

Keith Ellison sports 'I don't believe in borders' T-shirt.  A video posted online Monday [5/7/2018] shows a Democratic Party leader wearing a T-shirt calling for an end to U.S. borders while participating in a local May Day parade in Minnesota last Friday.  Democratic National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison, D-Minn., wore a black shirt that read, "Yo no creo en fronteras."  In English, that sentence translates to, "I don't believe in borders."

Sixties Counter-Culture Anarchism Is Alive and Well.  Today's left and its minions on the campuses and in angry organizations find their voices in the Democratic Party, and, as one voice, they are lashing out against reality, especially the reality of our Constitution and the higher reality of natural rights.  Although drug advocacy and Eastern mysticism are not the central tenets of its adherents, today's left is in part birthed by the 1960s counter-culture figures.  The reality of there being two sexes is being denied. [...] The rights of the U.S. Constitution are often seen as obstacles to progress.

The Democrats' favorite sport:  Ruining people.  The Democratic Party today has moved so far to the left, become so radicalized, that it is a blight on the American landscape.  Its favored strategy is to destroy everything, anyone, and anything that stands in its way — thus the Mueller witch hunt that has cost so many so much.  Gen. Flynn has lost his house.  Michael Cohen's homes and office were raided. [...] How to achieve the Marxist society they favor?  Destroy everyone, every conservative, pro-Constitution person and every person of faith who reaches or aspires to a position of power, and do it by any means, no matter how low, no matter how illegal, no matter how immoral.  This is what they do.

Why Are Millennials Turning Against Democrats?  The Answer Is Simple.  A new poll shows that the millennial generation has suddenly soured on Democrats just before the Blue Wave was supposed to crash over Republicans in Congress.  There's a good reason for their change of heart.  The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll of 16,000 millennials found that support for Democrats among this generation dropped to 46% — a nine-point plunge from 55% just two years ago.  Just 39% of white millennials now say they favor Democrats.  It also found that more millennials say the GOP is a better steward of the economy.

Fear of the Left:  The Most Powerful Force in America Today.  Leftism — in its incarnations, such as Marxism, communism and socialism; expressed through egalitarianism, environmentalism and feminism; in its denigration of capitalism and Western civilization, especially America and Israel; in its supplanting of Christianity and Judaism; through its influence on Christianity and Judaism; in its celebration of race; and in its replacing of reason with romanticism — has almost completely taken over the news and entertainment media and institutions of education.  There is a largely (though not entirely) nonviolent reign of ideological terror in America.  In almost every area of life, people fear antagonizing the left.

The ex-husband of Barbara Bush-basher Prof. Randa Jarrar speaks out.  Randa Jarrar, the Fresno State University tenured professor who demonized Barbara Bush shortly after her death and mocked her critics by pointing out that she has tenure and cannot be fired from her six-figure job shaping young minds, ought to become a poster child for the depths to which academia has sunk.  Her status is under review according to university officials, no doubt worried about alumni giving declining, so there is a decent possibility that she will become a cause célèbre on the left, should she lose her job.  More attention on her would be perfect, as far as I am concerned.

Democrat Jackie Speier:  DNC lawsuit 'not in the interest of the American people'.  Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat from California, views the Democratic National Committee's new lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia, and WikiLeaks as a "side-bar" that is "not in the interest of the American people."  The lawsuit, filed Friday [4/20/2018], alleges that the trio conspired to tip the scales of the 2016 election against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  Speaking with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Speier, who endorsed Clinton in 2016, said she is "not very supportive" of the legal endeavor she described as an "ill-conceived idea."

No, Trees Are Not People Too.  For a newspaper that prides itself on its supposed devotion to science and rationality, the New York Times sure does publish a lot of tripe anthropomorphizing plants.  For example, there was that professor who appeared in the Sunday Opinion section arguing that "peas are a who," and that humans should only eat fruit and vegetables from perennials that we harvest "as a gift of vegetal being."  Then there was the Times' science columnist (!!) Natalie Angier claiming the plants "are the ethical autotrophs" because they don't kill to stay alive.  (Well, there are those Venus flytraps, but never mind.)  Now in the Book Review, novelist Barbara Kingsolver seriously asserts in her review of a novel in which trees are characters, that they are people too.

Senator Booker's lust for ignorance.  We have an endless war in Afghanistan, a dictator gassing civilians in Syria, a nuclearized Korean peninsula, trade agreements under negotiation, tensions between Russia and its former Soviet satellite republics, an Islamic invasion of Europe, and frenemies in NATO.  So what did Democratic Senator Cory Booker ask the nominee for secretary of State about?  Gay sex.  Oh, Senator Booker did not want to have sex with the nominee, CIA Director Mike Pompeo.  No, Booker wanted to embarrass Pompeo.  Instead, Booker sounded like a loser, a man unable to match wits with a nominee to the Trump Cabinet.  Meanwhile, Democrats are blocking the confirmation Richard Grenell as ambassador to Germany because he is gay.  Democrats are all for gay people, unless they are conservative.  Ditto black people.  Ditto Hispanics.  Ditto women.  Booker's question revealed the senator and his staff are unable to keep up with the news.

What a Crumby Thing for Cory Booker to Say.  Never mind the eight years during which President Obama accumulated more debt than all prior presidents combined.  [Senator] Booker insists that keeping too much of our paychecks and not the government spending too much is what drives up the national debt.  If Booker has any plans for cutting spending outside the military, they are the only thing in Washington that has not been leaked.  Letting people keep more of what they earn is not "spending," and companies giving more of what they earn to their employees is not spending, either.  Booker is typical of those who believe that all money belongs to a government that decides how much of it we will be allowed to keep in exchange for our votes.

Cory Booker disgraced himself questioning Pompeo.  First, [Senator] Booker posed as an advocate of religious liberty, angrily quoting something Pompeo earlier said about the need for Muslims to speak out against jihad terror attacks: [...] I have to wonder if Booker would quiz a Muslim nominee for office on the topic of his religious beliefs about marriage.  He seems to think you can't ask Muslims about their views on jihad terror, but it's OK to hector believing Christians on their adherence to doctrine.

Is Progressivism Satanic?  [Scroll down]  But what if Progressivism is not just a political preference, but instead originates from a more powerful and sinister source — and carries with it the existential danger that origin implies?  After all, if Satan is the great deceiver, would not political and cultural movements that appear to be secular in origin, actions and goals serve his purposes?  Would not (secular) politics and culture be natural (if not inevitable) avenues for advancing his aims?  Indeed, since his followers are by definition unbelievers, then is not some sort of secular "faith" and "church" indispensable for harnessing humans to advance his evil aims?

The 8 Most Twisted Policy Positions of Your Modern Democrat Party.  [#5] The Farrakhan Lovers:  While serving in Congress, eight Democratic members of the House of Representatives met with Louis Farrakhan, who has been labeled "the leading anti-Semite in America" and praised Adolf Hitler as "a very great man."  [#6] Hatred for Midwesterners:  Prominent Democrats have engaged in disdainful and divisive rhetoric towards conservatives:  Barack Obama said small-town voters across the Midwest "cling to guns and religion" while Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters "deplorables" and implied states that voted for Trump were "backwards looking," sexist, and racist.

The Democrats' Plan to Transform America.  Obviously, Democrats are out of sync with the American people.  Most Americans want to restrain government and keep more of their money.  They believe in a strong military and defense, in killing, not appeasing terrorists.  They don't want stupid regulations and high taxes to get in the way of economic growth and job creation.  Instead of listening to the people, Democrats are trying to get different people to vote.  It doesn't matter if the people are actually eligible to vote.  All they need do is cast ballots for Democrats.

Americans Grapple With Evil Amid Decline in Religious Faith.  Blaise Pascal once described a "God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man."  But in modern-day America, few statements can raise eyebrows more swiftly than expressing faith in the transcendent.  From Joy Behar mocking Vice President Mike Pence as mentally ill for believing that God guides him, to former President Barack Obama ridiculing "bitter" people who cling to guns or religion, the "enlightened" claim to have progressed past the simplistic explanations of those who still believe in the existence of good and evil.

Memo to Laura Ingraham:  Never Beg.  The reality is, the more you apologize, the more the left will come after you.  If you show weakness, if you let them smell blood, you're finished.  The left preys on those they deem vulnerable.

Corporations Endanger Free Speech with Ingraham Boycott.  The war against freedom of speech that has emerged on our college campuses the last few years is now metastasizing to many of our private sector companies, large and small.  That is the ominous conclusion we can draw from multiple businesses — from Johnson & Johnson to Nestle — instantly pulling their advertising from Fox's "The Ingraham Angle" because Laura Ingraham made some ill-considered tweet mocking high school gun control activist David Hogg's college admission difficulties.  They did this even though Ingraham apologized the next day.  Hogg, for his part, dismissed the apology, preferring to continue his proven method of nonstop profanity-laced screeds, such as his attacks on Marco Rubio for "putting a price on children's heads."  That Hogg, a seventeen-year-old, still acts like one — in fact, a not very mature one — is hardly surprising.  What is concerning is that all these companies appear to buy his views hook, line and proverbial sinker without stopping for a moment to consider what they might entail.

NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan Says Dem Party Is 'Abandoning Catholics'.  The Archbishop of the Diocese of New York criticized the Democratic Party in an opinion piece published Friday, "Fox & Friends" reported.  Timothy Cardinal Dolan, who principally preaches at St.  Patrick's Cathedral, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Democratic Party platform appears to be abandoning its former pro-life stance.  Dolan, however, underlined that he is a man of God, not a man of Washington or Albany and has had differences with all political parties.

Trump and the Great Unmasking of the Left.  Former Justice John Paul Stevens, once upon a time a Republican but now a long term beltway establishmentarian, openly called for repeal of the Second Amendment.  Not "common sense gun control measures" anymore, the mask that gun grabbers formerly wore.  It used to be taboo to mention confiscation of guns or repeal of any part of the Bill of Rights, but in their fury, those restraints on candor are being forgotten.  The NRA, already experiencing a spike in its membership, now has an even stronger appeal to civil libertarians.  "Hands off the Bill of Rights!" is a powerful appeal beyond the ranks of gun owners.

No, Hillary Clinton:  It's the Red States that are Dynamic.  Hillary Clinton is being universally panned by Republicans and Democrats for her recent rant against people who voted for Donald Trump.  While giving a speech in Mumbai, India, Clinton boasted that she "won the places that represent two-thirds of America's gross domestic product."  She went on:  "So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward." [...] Many have commented on how her speech was offensive and arrogant — which it was.  But what hasn't been noted for the record is that Clinton had her facts wrong.  For at least the last two decades, most of the dynamism and growth — as measured by population movements, income growth and job creation — has been fleeing from the once economically dominant blue states that Clinton won and relocating to the red states that Trump won.

Mr. Hogg's Revolution.  [Parkland, Florida, activist-brat David] Hogg, who has become one of the primary faces of the anti-gun movement and is notable for his impassioned and occasionally profane attacks on the NRA, parents and conservative politicians, revealed the true aims of the "March For Our Lives" movement — a Leftist revolution in America.  In this aim the "March For Our Lives" movement joins in its anti-constitutional aims, the "Black Lives Matter" movement, the "Women's March," the "Occupy" movement, Antifa, and the rest of the so-called Resistance in the Soros-funded Left.  But what makes Hogg different is that he actually comes right out and says their goals will be accomplished outside of the political process in a "revolution" if need be.  "Revolution" is a great pop culture slogan and lends itself to the composition of protest songs and slogans, t-shirts and psychedelic posters, but few purported revolutionaries like David Hogg really understand how revolutions are accomplished — and it is not through speeches and slogans.  History proves that there are really only two kinds of revolutions:  Those that seek to extend liberty, and those that seek to curtail it.

Openly atheist Dem trumped by Republican landslide in special election in Tennessee.  Openly atheist Democrat Gayle Jordan lost a special election on Tuesday to fill a vacant seat in the Tennessee Senate.  Republican Shane Reeves won in a landslide, according to unofficial results from the Tennessee secretary of state.  He received 13,139 votes compared to 5,179 votes for Jordan.

Leftism and Degeneracy:  A Beautiful Thing.  In a nutshell, leftists are using government to make the weird and freaky mainstream while trampling traditional principles and values underfoot — declaring them hateful, intolerant, and laughable.

Beto O'Rourke Just Showed Everyone How To Lose An Election In Texas.  There are two ways to guarantee you'll lose a statewide election in Texas: campaign for abortion or campaign against guns.  Texas Democrats accomplished the first in 2014, when Wendy Davis lost the governor's race to Greg Abbott by 20 points.  Now they're determined to do the second.  Beto O'Rourke, the photogenic Democratic congressman from El Paso hoping to unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in November, declared at a SXSW event Monday [3/12/2018] that there's no reason an AR-15 should be sold to a civilian.

Red-state senator Jon Tester gets a 'zero' on Trump agenda votes.  Two-term Montana Democratic senator Jon Tester has joined a chorus of red-state Democrats with a newfound affinity for Trump voters after continually voting with the Democratic caucus against the president's agenda. [...] Tester and other red-state Democrats are attempting to cozy up to Trump voters, but their records show they vote in lockstep with the Democratic caucus against the president's priorities.  A review of Senator Tester's votes on big-ticket Republican bills and nominees in Trump's first year is instructive.

Obama Alum, Grandson Of A Munich Terrorist Is Running For Congress.  Democratic candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar is running for Congress in California to unseat scandal-ridden Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter.  A San Diego native, Campa-Najjar says he wants to serve the community that helped raise him, serve his family and friends, and provide the 50th District of California a leader who is not embattled in scandal, a reference to incumbent Hunter.  Campa-Najjar supports a number of policies backed by the growing hard-left faction of the Democratic Party.  He is a staunch supporter of a universal health care system, like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-All proposal.  Like Sanders, an Independent, Campa-Najjar has no solution for how to pay for a universal health care system, but still thinks it is the system of the future.

Farrakhan, The Left, and Anti-Semitism.  As documented here many, many times, "playing the race card," as racism is politely called these days, is part and parcel of the Left in America and always has been.  What once was slavery and segregation are now laughably called "identity politics."  And most assuredly, a thorough going part of that racism is anti-Semitism.  And when the spotlight is turned on, in this case on a leader of the so-called "Women's March" and various members of the Congressional Black Caucus or various other lefty Democrats, there is much hemming and hawing at having been caught in the act.  But the "why" behind all of this latest go-round over left-wing support for Farrakhan — the man who once proclaimed that "Hitler was a great man" — is simple to understand.  This streak of racism is part of the larger racial agenda that the Left has been preaching for decades.  To wit:  divide by race.  Win elections.  And if, in this case, it means hanging with one of the most vicious anti-Semites of the day?  So be it.

California's Reputation for Loony Left Behavior Only Gets Worse.  Move over, San Francisco.  Oakland, the city of 420,000 people just ten miles away on the other side of the Bay Bridge, has shoved you aside for the title of Loony Left Capital of the country.  Hasta Muerte, an Oakland coffee shop whose name means "Toward Death" in Spanish, is refusing to serve police in uniform in order to show concern for the "physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves."  All over the country, coffee shops love to serve up coffee and doughnuts to cops knowing that customers appreciate the security their presence represents.  But at Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee-owned co-op, the message to the men and women in blue is:  Take a hike.

Oakland Coffee Shop Will Not Serve Cops for 'Safety of Customers'.  Oakland coffee shop Hasta Muerte Coffee refuses to serve police due to a concern for the "safety of customers."  The policy came to light after NBC Bay Area reported the coffee shop refused to serve an officer in uniform on February 16.  KCRA reports that the store took to social media, saying, "We have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves."

At the Box Office and Voting Booth, Leftist Fantasies Bomb.  Because most people live in something vaguely resembling the real world, the disparity between the left's hysteria — their imaginings of Russian conspiracy, of Gestapo governance, of abusive power — and the facts of Trump's actual presidency — tax cuts, regulation rollbacks, Constitutional judges and the occasional unruly tweet — makes the self-serious emergency activism of the "resistance" seem like a child's game, a silly fantasy.  And so, instead of the hero's welcome the left always seems to be expecting, the people keep giving them the bum's rush.

Hollywood's Oscars Night Tanks as NRA Membership Skyrockets.  Hollywood's biggest night of the year turned into one of the smallest as viewers refused to watch a conga line of virtue-signaling celebrities preen about politics. [...] So, we have people flocking to gun rights organizations and running from Hollywood.  Why do you think that is?  Hollywood doesn't want to face the reality that it's because people are fed up with condescension from celebrities who don't value Americans' civil rights.

2018 Poll:  Immigration/Gun Control Top Issues for Voters; Russia 'Collusion' Dead Last.  Immigration/border security along with "gun control/Second Amendment" are the issues that voters care most about going into the 2018 midterm elections while Russia "collusion" ranks dead last, according to the latest USA Today/Suffolk University poll.  The poll shows that Republicans may be better off focusing on immigration and border security in the midterms to energize the party's base, as immigration/border security was the top issue for Republican voters (17% compared to 9% for Democrats) while gun control/Second Amendment was the top issue for Democrats (17% compared to 9% for Republicans).  The third issue that was most important to voters was taxes.  Though House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has derided the tax cuts as "crumbs," many Americans have been seeing the benefits of the tax cuts in their paychecks.

The Price Dems Pay for Purges.  For the Democrats, America did not begin in 1776 but more like 1966.  From that mentality has come a perpetual purge in which no American tradition is safe from censure.  The Democrats can't rest until post-1960s liberalism becomes the only acceptable political philosophy in America.  We're told by prominent Democrats that companies like Chick-fil-A don't deserve to operate and organizations that quote the Constitution belong on "extremist" lists.  Democrats goad companies into boycotting the NRA and demand that judges drive mild-mannered Christian bakers out of business.  But all of this radicalism comes at a political price.  Voters have consistently rejected Obama's vision of a "fundamentally transformed" America.  His presidency was a disaster for the Democrats, causing them to lose a record number of seats at the federal, state, and local level.

The Florida School Shooting:  Typical Leftist Exploitation.  When I first heard about the terrible Florida school shooting, I knew that the American left (Democrats, fake news, and Hollywood) would shamefully exploit the victims the way they always do.  The leftists' manual, Rules for Radicals, says, "In the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication."  In other words, "Never let a crisis go to waste."  Always exploit the victim's pain and suffering to further the leftist agenda.  We've seen leftists repeatedly use this insidious, heartless tactic.  Every time a tragic incident happens, cold, calculating leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms, pretending to have their best interests at heart, vowing to fix the problem.  But rather than seek real commonsense solutions, leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate:  Christians, gun-owners, the NRA, conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non-victim-minded minorities, and straight white men.

Democrat Dallas Mayor — Move the NRA Convention Out Because of JFK or Something.  The liberal Democrat mayor of Dallas (elected by ghetto voters) doesn't want to the NRA convention to be held in Dallas.  His reason?  Because JFK was assassinated in Dallas back in 1963.

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem urges NRA to find a new home for their convention.  A leader in Dallas politics does not want the National Rifle Association to meet in his city.  Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway is urging the NRA to find a new home for its annual convention.  He says the meeting is not appropriate in Dallas in the wake of last week's school shooting in Florida.  Caraway also points to the past tragedies in Dallas, including the 2016 ambush that killed five Dallas officers, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Editor says...
The City of Dallas has been working for decades on various ways to make the city more attractive to large conventions, even going so far as to build a nice hotel adjacent to the downtown convention center.  By attempting to turn away convention business merely on the basis of his own misguided left-wing views, Mr. Caraway is undoing a lot of other people's work.

I Wish I Were as Bad a Christian as Mike Pence.  The liberals say [President] Trump is such an awful person, which apparently excuses their monomaniacal obsession with destroying his presidency.  Yet Vice President Mike Pence is one of the finest people around, and they can't stand him, either.  Big surprise.  Remember how they ridiculed Pence for saying he has a rule that he won't dine alone with a woman who's not his wife or attend events where alcohol is served without his wife?  Pence didn't originate the rule.  I've heard variations of it from Christians, including my pastor, for years.  Well, the left wouldn't tolerate that innocuous practice of self-discipline.  No, his rule to avoid any appearance of impropriety or unnecessary temptation incurred the wrath of some liberals.  They said that refusing to meet with women is a form of discrimination because it deprives them of informal networking opportunities that could advance their careers.

How the Left Plays at Oppression and Encourages Tyrants.  [Scroll down]  I mean, we know that the left does not and has not, ever, so far as I can tell stood up to real tyrants.  They not only slavishly lick the boots of every communist dictator, worship the cursed corpse of Che, slaver all over the writings of mass murderers like Mao, but they're too timid to say that North Korea is a [hellhole], or to call out the Muslims on their aggression.  They are against all religion, except the one which might kill them.  So that gets mindnumbing appeasement.  Meanwhile, they walk around proclaiming they're resisting, and keep talking about how their free speech is being curtailed.

Why Liberals Root Against America.  Hundreds of American companies are bringing jobs to America and paying American workers bonuses.  Democrats sat stone faced.  The lowest black unemployment rate in 40 years.  Democrats smirked.  We are defeating ISIS in the Middle East.  Ho hum.  They acted like petulant 12-year olds who fold their arms in defiance and pout miserably when things don't go their way.  Many on the left are suffering from a severe case of anti-Trump derangement syndrome.  ATDS sufferers crave bad news.  In a bright sunny economic sky, they point to the single cloud.  This is why Nancy Pelosi could only sniff that the bonuses workers are getting from the tax cuts are "crumbs."

Tax cuts and more money in your pocket is nothing but a 'dark cloud' for Democrats.  Last week President Trump's tax cuts started to get personal as people across the country logged into their bank accounts and began to find increases in their paychecks.  The doom and gloom tax cut scenario the Democrats tried to sell the American people started to become exposed as nothing more than highly charged rhetoric.  This from a party desperate to justify why not a single one of them voted in favor of letting people keep more of their money.  As people's wallets began expanding this week it just got real.  More money back in the hands of people of every income level — brought to you by President Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

Democratic congresswoman caught playing 'Candy Crush' during SOTU.  It's a scenario all gamers can relate to.  You're deep into a game, maybe rescuing Princess Peach in "Super Mario Bros." or stopping your family from drowning in "The Sims."  But then you have to stop gaming and go to work.  Well, one Democratic congresswoman has come up with a solution — just keep gaming.  Rep. Brenda Lawrence, D-Mich., was caught doing exactly that on her phone during President Trump's State of the Union on Tuesday [1/30/2018].  A photo, from Getty Images, appears to show Lawrence playing the addictive match-three game "Candy Crush Saga."

Sourpuss Democrats Self-Immolate at State of the Union.  Let's give them the award straight up:  Worst Performance by a Minority Party at a State of the Union Address.  They broke the record.  They get the prize with no runner-up for years to come.  Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi watching Trump's speech looked like a pair of sullen six-year olds on a sugar crash the day after Halloween.  Bernie Sanders looked mummified.  Schumer was slumped so deeply in his chair he was almost falling through the crack.  Other Democrats, even ones who should have known better or secretly felt otherwise, sat on their hands.  You could see them glancing at each other, wondering whether they were allowed to applaud or stand up.  What a bunch of cowards.

Dems offer us a Clinton and a Kennedy — will they ever learn?  [Scroll down]  As usual, once public sentiment actually seeped in, Clinton addressed the issue in more detail.  Hence the 18-paragraph-long disquisition on Facebook.  Seems someone's thinking about running again.  Yet Clinton's essay underscores what a terrible candidate she is and always has been.  She offers nothing more than self-serving prevarications under the guise of explanation:  She didn't want to take away a man's livelihood.  The young woman who complained was reassigned (because the victim should be inconvenienced).  She liked her new post!  We're in a different era now!  How was Hillary to know, way back in 2008, that sexual harassment should never be tolerated?  "For most of my life," Hillary wrote, "harassment wasn't something talked about or even acknowledged."  Except for the bulk of the 1990s, when her husband was accused by multiple women of harassment and by one of rape and Hillary worked to publicly discredit them.  Other than that, no knowledge.

The Night the Democratic Party Committed Political Suicide.  It's perfectly fine to be respectfully opposed to the politics of one party or president.  That's acceptable.  That's as American as apple pie.  But that's not what happened on Tuesday night.  Democrats were outed as the party that is rooting for America's failure.  Rooting against a booming economy.  Rooting for misery, instead of prosperity.  Rooting against job creation.  Rooting against a booming stock market.  Rooting against employee bonuses.  Angry about the lowest black unemployment ever.  Angry about the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever.  Angry at the lowest female unemployment in 18 years.  They openly frowned, grimaced, groaned and looked sick to their stomachs when President Trump celebrated the American flag, the national anthem, American freedom, and American opportunity. [...] But wait, it gets worse.  Democrats appeared to be on the side of murderous MS-13 gangs.

Dems offer us a Clinton and a Kennedy — will they ever learn?  [Scroll down]  Which brings us to Joseph Kennedy III.  Until Tuesday night, he was unknown to most Americans, yet he was chosen to deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union.  There he was, a grandfathered-in congressman worth a reported $18 million, product of Stanford and Harvard Law, standing in front of a gleaming car, an American flag and a Bengals banner at a vocational school — all those condescending, blue-collar signifiers.  He wore a tie and shirtsleeves, the car's hood open as though he'd just been tinkering with it.  Kennedy offered broad strokes and hit all the progressive talking points but was overshadowed by drooling lip balm.  Oh, and he spoke in Spanish!

Trump Divides Americans And Un-Americans.  There are two stories of America.  One is the American story and the other the un-American story.  On one side there are pilgrims settling a new land and on the other colonists ethnically cleansing the native population.  One side sees war heroes and the other sees killers.  One sees brave police officers and the other genocidal bigots in uniform.  One sees America.  And the other hates it.  At the State of the Union, we saw those two halves divide up the House Chamber.  We saw American elected officials stand for the flag, for the anthem, for veterans, for Jerusalem and for In God We Trust.  And we saw the un-American officials selected by corrupt urban machine politics stay seated.  The leaders of America and un-America were there in one room while America's story was told.

The Shabby, Sophomoric Behavior of Democrats at the SOTU.  The Democrats loathe the tax reform that has kick-started the American economy.  They abhor the return of American manufacturing and the bonuses so many companies have doled out to their employees.  It was not so long ago that Obama essentially swore that "those jobs are never coming back."  "Crumbs," billionaire Pelosi called their bonuses.  The left today hates our military.  They hate the notion of national security.  Like Obama, they cannot abide the unfair advantage, as they see it, of American might, American success, and American freedom which they are always trying to impede, to restrict, to regulate and tax.  The left has been doing its best to turn the United States into Venezuela for two generations.  Progressivism is socialism.  Venezuela is how it ends.

The Shabby, Sophomoric Behavior of Democrats at the SOTU.  It is difficult to imagine a more galling demonstration of incivility than the Democrats in the room for Trump's SOTU speech.  They scowled, frowned, and sat on their hands throughout the speech.  They could hardly be bothered to acknowledge the heroes in the audience when they were introduced.  While the Dems brought illegal immigrants, Trump invited actual paragons of American character and the families of victims of illegal immigrant crimes, as well as a victim of North Korea.  It was embarrassing, like watching the anti-Semites in the UN stomp out of the room when Benjamin Netanyahu speaks.  How is it any different?  Our Democrats behave exactly like the most racist, intolerant people on the planet, and in their own Capitol.

Resistance: Here's What Democrats Refused to Applaud During Trump's SOTU Address.  With many of them clad in black, the Democrats who did show up to President Trump's first State of the Union address Tuesday night [1/30/2018] were not happy about it.  In fact, they seemed so focused on opposing everything he said they couldn't even bring themselves to applaud things that are normally considered bipartisan.

Despite Dems' Petulant Scowling, Trump's SOTU Was Strong and Effective.  From start to finish, Democrats looked like they were attending a funeral.  Some didn't stand, and many did not applaud, as the president entered the chamber and made his way to the lectern, bucking a long bipartisan tradition.  They rose and cheered when they absolutely had to, but remained seated and stone-faced throughout much of the speech — including appearing glum or bitter as Trump celebrated unequivocally good news for the American people.  It wasn't a great look.  We get it, guys — you don't like Trump and you oppose most of his agenda.  But looking downright angry when the president accurately notes that, for example, black unemployment is at an all-time low looks really strange.

Rep. Tim Ryan Is Forced to Explain Why He Honored a Deported Man Instead of His Legal Constituents.  While some members of Congress brought illegal aliens to President Trump's State of the Union speech last night, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) announced that he was leaving the chair next to him empty, in honor of an Ohio resident who was deported.  The man had been in this country illegally for years, and Ryan said he did not get a "fair hearing."  Ryan told Fox News's Tucker Carlson Tuesday night [1/30/2018] he's "for border security" to bar drugs and felons from entering the U.S., but he said people who are contributing members of society should be allowed to pay a fine and back taxes to gain legal status.  But Ryan's point was lost on Carlson, who asked Ryan why he didn't leave the seat open to bring attention to Ryan's legally present constituents who have died from drug overdoses, for example; or even for those who are at risk of losing their pensions, which is another issue close to Democrats' hearts.

Democrats panic over avalanche of good economic news.  Democrats sound plain silly as they continue to attack the GOP tax cuts.  Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said at a recent town hall that $1,000 bonuses "wouldn't go very far," and they were taxable, so it wouldn't really be $1,000 after all.  Amazingly, she also said she hadn't heard of any bonuses bigger than $1,000.  Is she really that out of touch?  As Fox Business host Charles Payne noted in a tweet, Wasserman Schultz represents a district where the median household income is $50,000.  Does she think her constituents wouldn't welcome a $1,000 windfall?

The Idiots That Don't Concede Elections.  Here in America, the Democrats have failed to concede the last two normal change elections that went against them:  the 2000 presidential squeaker election and the 2016 election.  But you will search long and hard among your liberal acquaintance for anyone that understands how serious this is.

Trump's SOTU Guests Include Heroes, Homeowners, Dems Invite Transgender Veteran, Illegal Aliens.  On Monday [1/29/2018], President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania announced their special guests at the President's first State of the Union address on Tuesday: [...] Meanwhile, Democrats' guests at the State of the Union include: [...]

If Pelosi Brings Illegals to SOTU, Trump Should Bring ICE Agents.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a number of other Democrats plan to fill the House gallery with illegal aliens when President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address.  ABC News reports at least 24 House Democrats plan to bring illegals — the so-called "Dreamers" — to watch the Tuesday night speech from the House gallery.  The illegal aliens will be sitting in seats that in previous years were meant for brave military heroes, law-abiding taxpayers and America's best and brightest.  The sad truth is that Democrats would rather align themselves with foreign invaders who violated our national sovereignty, thumbed their nose at the rule of law, and pillaged and plundered taxpayer-funded resources.

Trash from the Women's March
The noble, environmentalist left.  CBS News reported that the protesters at the #WomensMarch "left their signs and posters on the barricade facing the west front of the Capitol building, where Mr. Trump's inauguration ceremony took place."

Liberals Hate Constitutional Government.  We should be grateful to Ryan Cooper for acknowledging so forthrightly in The Week what has been obvious to conservatives for a long, long time — liberals really really hate the Constitution, because limited government is an impediment to their endless dreams of ruling over us more completely and fixing every human problem[.]  [His article is called,] "America's Constitution is terrible.  Let's throw it out and start over."  Cooper makes five main points, some of which merely expose his constitutional illiteracy.

The Great White War.  [Scroll down]  These are the people who tell me I vote against my interests while they actively spit on my interests.  These are the ones who endorse trade and immigration policies that don't adversely affect them yet have rendered much of working white America hopeless, suicidal, and strung out on pills.  They are the ones who are statistically far more likely to be descended from the white slave-owning class than they are from the far more numerous descendants of white indentured servants, yet they've successfully scapegoated poor whites and left them bearing the brunt of black resentment.  These are the ones who'd like to imagine that Klansmen and skinheads and cops are roaming the streets indiscriminately beating and murdering nonwhites.  They are either ignorant of the modern statistics regarding interracial violence or they'll find some half-[baked] sociological excuse to justify it.  Living largely as they do in gated and secure communities, they rarely get their hands dirty with such trifles, anyway.

Linda Sarsour endorses Chelsea Manning for US Senate.  The traitor formerly known as "Bradley Manning" announced their candidacy for United States Senate in Maryland Monday [1/15/2018] and the former Army private has already lined up a key endorsement of sorts, none other than anti-Israel activist and pink-hat-wearing-angry-woman-march organizer Linda Sarsour: [...] Manning served a little over seven years (including time served during investigation and trial) of a 35-year sentence in Leavenworth for espionage and theft of over 700,000 military including battlefield videos and diplomatic cables from classified computer accounts.  (This was back when the The Swamp took classified diplomatic documents seriously and didn't reward the breach of these state secrets with a nomination for president.)

Are there enough mentally ill voters in Maryland to elect 'Chelsea' Manning to the Senate?  Bradley Manning, the traitor who was convicted of violating the Espionage Act, was sent to prison, changed his name to Chelsea, and was pardoned by Obama.  Now he is running for the Senate in Maryland in the Democratic primary against incumbent Senator Ben Cardin.  Are there enough mentally ill voters in Maryland to elect Bradley to the Senate?  Let's take a look at Democratic interest groups in Maryland.

Mika Brzezinski's Friends Embarrassed to be Americans in Paris.  Bad news, everyone.  We have failed Mika Brzezinski's wealthy liberal friends.  When they jet off to places like Paris, they are embarrassed to be Americans.  Now we've done it.  In the months since the election, Morning Joe on MSNBC has become a one stop shop for Trump Derangement Syndrome.  In this instance, Mika Brzezinski really went out of her way to show how in touch she is with average Americans.

MSNBC star Mika Brzezinski's jet-setting friends are 'embarrassed' to be from America.  "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski said her jet-setting friends are embarrassed to be Americans while discussing if there was any reason for optimism in the Trump era on Monday [1/8/2017].  "I had some friends that went to Paris over the holiday... and they said they were just viscerally embarrassed to be American," Brzezinski said.

The Editor says...
It's always annoying to hear the wealthiest people in America complaining about how tough their lives are.  Here's a suggestion:  Why don't you quit your job, renounce your citizenship, and leave the country?

The Left Wants to Talk about Mental Health.  Let's Start with Theirs.  These are the people who are so sane they want us to believe they can declare other people insane without medical degrees or any kind of expertise.  Not only do they think dressing up as genitalia is a delightful and totally normal thing to do on a Saturday, they also think beating up statues is a worthwhile endeavor. [...] These very same people also believed that President Trump watches a cobbled-together TV station called the Gorilla Channel for 17 hours a day.

Veterans Call on Anti-Issa Group to Return $100k From Jane Fonda.  Military veterans who support Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) on Tuesday [1/2/2018] demanded that a Democratic group aimed at defeating him return a $100,000 donation it recently received from Jane Fonda, who turned 80 in December.  Around 15 veterans outside Issa's office holding flags and sporting their combat ribbons recalled Fonda's controversial 1972 photo shoot in North Vietnam, where she was photographed sitting behind an enemy anti-aircraft gun.  The stunt earned the actress the nickname "Hanoi Jane."  "Democrats, Democrats, you should be ashamed, taking Commie money from Hanoi Jane," the vets and Issa supporters shouted at a group of Democratic protestors gathered across the street.

Pavlich: 'Every Single Democrat Voted Against the Middle Class'.  Katie Pavlich said on "Outnumbered Overtime" that by opposing the tax bill en bloc, Democrats voted against the middle class.  Pavlich called Wednesday a "historic day for the president."  After being required to vote again on the tax bill after Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) found violations of the Byrd Rule in the original bill, it passed both chambers by Wednesday afternoon [12/20/2017].

Nancy Ditches Tax Protest After No One Shows Up.  Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bailed on a "highly-anticipated" protest against the GOP tax cuts making their way through Congress on Monday, ditching the event at the last minute after only dozens of liberal demonstrators turned up at the event inside the Capitol.  A reporter for left-leaning MSNBC news was on the scene to cover the event, but was forced to admit the blatant failure on-air, saying the protest was nothing like "what we saw with the healthcare law."

Poll Shows Nation Divided Between America First And Blame America First.  For conservatives, according to [a new] poll, the most patriotic organizations and individuals include the National Rifle Association, Chick-Fil-A, the Republican Party, Fox News and Hobby Lobby.  The least patriotic to conservatives are:  CNN, The New York Times, NFL, Planned Parenthood, Target, Starbucks, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton.  Liberals think the most patriotic institutions and people are the Democratic Party, Colin Kaepernick, the U.S. Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood, Michael Moore, The New York Times, and the NFL.  The least patriotic to liberals are Chick-Fil-A, Fox News and Hobby Lobby.

Sex and the Single Goal.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, the alleged unpopularity of Trump hasn't harmed a single Republican.  Despite 5 well-funded Democrat assaults on GOP House districts in 2017 special elections, the Democrats failed to flip a single seat.  These elections — in Kansas, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina, and Utah — were all billed by the Democrats as referenda on Trump.  The Democrats managed to lose them all.  Finally, it appears likely that the most controversial candidate endorsed by Trump thus far, former Alabama Judge Roy Moore, will beat Democrat Doug Jones in tomorrow's election and win the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became AG.

Trump impeachment vote fails overwhelmingly.  House Democrats overwhelmingly joined Republicans on Wednesday to defeat an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.  But 58 Democrats supported the bid to consider impeachment over the objections of House Democratic leaders, who viewed the measure as a distraction in a Republican-controlled Congress.  The motion to sideline the measure — killing the effort — was approved 364-58, with four Democrats voting present.

Exclusive: Liberal Organizers Incentivize Protesters To Get Arrested.  Organizers with the left-leaning group Housing Works told protesters they must "risk arrest" in order to be reimbursed for airfare to Washington, D.C., according to an internal email obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.  "We will transport, house and feed you, and deal with all legal support.  Caveat: if you are far away from DC and expensive to transport, we can probably only fly you if you can risk arrest," the internal email told supporters.

Ten congressional Democrats want lenient treatment for young terrorists who murder Israelis.  Palestinian terrorist leaders often use teenagers to commit acts of terror because they know the Israeli legal system treats children more leniently than adults.  Now 10 Democrats belonging to the Congressional Progressive Caucus are trying to give terrorist leaders yet another reason for using young people to murder even more innocent civilians.  Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., introduced legislation Nov. 14 — co-sponsored by nine other Democrats — calling on the State Department to "prevent United States tax dollars from supporting the Israeli military's ongoing detention and mistreatment of Palestinian children."

Virginia: Muslims Call For "Force" To Be Used Against "Infidels" To Accept The Koran.  [Scroll down]  I don't know about you, but this is nothing more than treason.  This is clearly setting up teaching to overthrow the government of the united States and establish Islamic law here.  Where is the Attorney General in Virginia?  Where is the Governor?  Oh wait, they are Democrats.  They are complicit in this treason.

The Democratic Party Is Dead.  For years, we have been hearing that the Republican Party was on the ropes: when Bill Clinton won in 1992 and 1996; when Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012; when the tea party launched in 2009; when Texas Senator Ted Cruz and company shut down the federal government for a few days in 2013.  (Remember when we were told that voters were going to "punish" Republicans in 2014? Yeah, that was right before they handed the GOP control of the House and Senate.)  When Donald Trump roared into the primaries in 2015 and knocked out his more — shall we say — traditional GOP rivals one by one, and even (perhaps especially) since Donald Trump's election, the media's go-to narrative has been how the Republican Party is fragmented and crumbling.  Now we know that it's the Democratic Party that's rotting from within.

Why The Left Hates Thanksgiving.  Senator Schumer wants to argue about tax reform at Thanksgiving dinner.  And he has a handy chart for lefties to take along and wave at their more conservative relatives while screeching about the 1 percent.  In an article titled, "The Case for Ruining Thanksgiving," GQ Magazine urges its readers to punish their parents who voted for Trump by staying away, insulting them or ranting about police brutality.  The Scientific American wants readers to push Global Warming over mashed potatoes.  The organizers of the Women's March want you to accuse your uncle of having "white privilege."  Desperate lefties can text Standing Up for Racial Justice at the dinner table and get anti-Trump talking points.

Al Franken is getting away with it.  That's why Roy Moore will win.  Embattled with multiple allegations of sexual abuse and inappropriate conduct, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore refuses to quit his campaign in Alabama.  He still thinks he can win, despite the pleadings of national Republicans and conservative media.  The truth is, he's probably right, and D.C.'s institutional hypocrisy is to blame.  Moore's voters are refusing to quit on him.  Elected Alabama officials are defending him.  Some are more enthusiastic about Moore's campaign now than before The Washington Post first printed the bombshell allegations against Moore.  Why are voters sticking with a man accused of such horrible things?  Firstly, it's because the alternative offered by the Democrats, candidate Doug Jones, is far too extreme in his support for unrestricted abortion — an anathema to pro-life Alabamians who share in the disgust toward Moore.

Conyers: Allow 'People Who are Incarcerated' to Vote.  Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said that all felons should have the right to vote.  "I'm for allowing people who are incarcerated to have the right to vote.  Why not?  They're citizens.  No matter what they've done, and I'm not defending any of their conduct, but all of it wasn't bad — but all I'm saying is expanding the vote and eliminating structural barriers is critical," Conyers said at this month's annual Legislative & Policy Conference organized by Al Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN) on Capitol Hill.

Big Bird Flies Again.  On Nov. 7, Bill "Tale of Two Cities" de Blasio — a Marxist bird/man hybrid who enjoyed trips to the Soviet Union as a student, worked for Nicaragua's brutal communist Sandinista regime, and illegally honeymooned in Cuba — won 66 percent of the vote in the president's hometown, defeating Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis (28 percent) and Independent candidate Bo Dietl (1 percent) to become the first Democratic mayor to be reelected for a second term in New York City since Ed Koch in 1985.  In an alternate universe, little things like ignoring a top imam's warnings not to disband the city's post-9/11 religion-of-peace surveillance program (which had been monitoring the mosque Sayfullo Saipov attended), protecting illegal-alien drunk drivers and 4X deported MS-13 gang members who sexually assault 2-year-olds from federal authorities, letting repeat criminal offenders off the hook, demanding boutique hotels put up homeless people, fudging crime-rate numbers, decriminalizing public urination, and skipping a massive NYPD swearing-in ceremony (where a vigil was held for Miosotis Familia, a 48-year-old officer and single mother of three who was brutally executed while sitting in her car) for new recruits in order to protest Trump alongside masked protesters at the G20 summit in Germany just might ever so sour a mayor's chances for reelection.

Leaked Democrat Donor and Activist Conference Agenda Shows White Men No Longer Welcome in Party.  A copy of the conference agenda was leaked to the Washington Free Beacon who reported on it today [11/17/2017].  Pelosi will headline the event along with George Soros.  But if you skim through the weekend agenda two things are clear:  [#1] Democrats want to spread their far left California values of open borders, Socialism and identity politics across the US[.]  And [#2] white men are no longer valued or welcome in today's Democrat Party.

The Revolution Has Been Postponed.  [I]t seems that Antifa can take its place in the left-wing tar pits along with the SDS, CISPES, ANSWER, Occupy, and all the other undergrad revos who vowed but failed to bring down the rude capitalist monolith known as the United States. [...] The left in this country can never depend on a broad-based movement.  It simply isn't there.  Most Americans are not interested.

CNN Correspondent:  Dems Might Need To 'Alienate Some White Voters' To Gain Black Votes.  A CNN correspondent suggested Tuesday that the Democratic Party may need to "alienate some white voters" in order to shore up the black vote.  CNN White Correspondent Abby Phillip said on "The Lead With Jake Tapper" Tuesday [11/7/2017], "Virginia is the kind of state that highlights the key problem for Democrats right now, which is that in order to bring out African-American voters you might have to alienate some white voters."  She continued, "It's a purple state.  It's a place where Democrats still have to appeal to some white voters.  So that balancing act is really difficult for them to strike right now."  [Video clip]

The California NAACP wants 'The Star-Spangled Banner' removed as the national anthem.  The California NAACP is seeking state lawmakers to support its campaign to remove "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem, according to The Sacramento Bee.  The Bee on Tuesday reported that the California NAACP passed a resolution at its state conference last month aimed at the song's removal.  The resolution urges Congress to rescind "one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon" in "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Get rid of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' as national anthem, state's NAACP urges.  When California lawmakers return to the Capitol in January, the state chapter of the NAACP will be seeking their support for a campaign to remove "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem.  The organization last week began circulating among legislative offices two resolutions that passed at its state conference in October:  one urging Congress to rescind "one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon" as the national anthem, and another in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who launched a protest movement against police brutality among professional athletes by kneeling when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played before games.  "We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick," California NAACP President Alice Huffman said.  "I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed."

Poll:  Views of Democratic Party hit lowest mark in 25 years.  Favorable views of the Democratic Party have dropped to their lowest mark in more than a quarter century of polling, according to new numbers from a CNN poll conducted by SSRS.  Only 37% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Democrats, down from 44% in March of this year.  A majority, 54%, have an unfavorable view, matching their highest mark in polls from CNN and SSRS, CNN/ORC and CNN/USA Today/Gallup stretching back to 1992.

Poll: Dem favorability drops to lowest point in 25 years.  Only 37 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic Party, according to a new survey.  A CNN poll conducted by SSRS found favorable views of the Democrats are at their lowest point in the poll in more than 25 years.  A majority, 54 percent, have an unfavorable view of the Democrats, according to the poll.  About one-third of liberals have an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party.

Democrat walks out of moment of silence for Texas massacre victims.  A junior Democratic congressman walked out of a moment of silence Monday night for victims of this weekend's mass shooting at a Texas church.  In a video posted to Facebook Monday evening, California Rep. Ted Lieu said that he would not join his colleagues who were observing the moment of silence in the chambers of the House of Representatives.

Democrats' civil war isn't bringing them closer to understanding why they lost.  [Scroll down]  Party strategist Stanley Greenberg notes that "the Democratic Party today is divided over whether it wants to focus on the economy or identity" — that is, identity politics.  Much of the base wants to go "full Bernie," and embrace free college and national health insurance.  Yet this ignores the fact that Bernie Sanders did so well in the primaries mainly because Clinton was the same horrible candidate she's always been.  This wing of the party thinks President Barack Obama was too centrist.  Hmm:  Is that why the party lost 14 governorships plus nine Senate and 60-plus House seats on his watch?

The left's failed civil war.  What promised to launch an "Antifa apocalypse" for America proved instead to be not a bang, but a whimper.  Only a handful of the usual radicals showed up in a few liberal cities to carry signs supplied by the Revolutionary Communist Party, which idolizes the Marxist totalitarianism of Mao Zedong.

Antifail: Low Turnouts At Nationwide 'Refuse Fascism' Protests.  Refuse Fascism, the group behind this weekend's multi-city Antifa rallies, claims to be "organizing millions of people to drive out the fascist Trump / Pence regime."  Actual turnout on the first day of their nationwide rallies was far lower.  The group, founded by Revolutionary Communist Party chairman Bob Avakian, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to promote the rally, and has enjoyed free press in the national media in the past few days.

Liberals are out of step
Released JFK Documents Suggest Lyndon Johnson Was Former KKK Member.  That [Lyndon B.] Johnson would have been a member of the Klan wouldn't be much of a surprise, frankly.  As a member of the Senate, he fought vigorously against civil rights legislation favored by President Eisenhower and Republicans.  Early in his political career, Johnson was guilty of all kinds of statements in support of Jim Crow laws in the South.  This isn't verified proof that Johnson was indeed part of the Klan.  But given the political circumstances from which he rose (deep South, Democrat-dominated Texas), it's not that far-fetched.  In fact, more likely than not, Johnson mixed around with a racist crowd to get his political start.

John Lewis Wishes a Happy Birthday to 'Madame President' Hillary Clinton.  Democratic Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) wished a happy birthday to "Madame President Hillary Clinton" on Tuesday afternoon, even though Clinton is not actually president of the United States.  President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, defeating Clinton with an upset victory in November.  But that did not stop Lewis from describing Clinton as the commander in chief on her 70th birthday.

Despicable People.  Just when you thought liberals had sunk as low as they could, they break out the shovel and start digging.  Nothing is sacred anymore.  Nothing is off limits, and everything is political.  This week showed us once again there is nothing Democrats won't exploit, no grave they won't dance on, if they think they can score political points.  And there's nothing "journalists" won't spin, won't lie about, and no hypocrisy too great to prevent them from smearing their political opponents.

The Left's Last Spasm.  The Democrats, America's de facto leftist party (note how a sworn socialist, Bernie Sanders, is effectively exercising leadership of the party without anyone so much as blinking) have lost over 1,000 offices nationwide in the past year.  The GOP controls nearly two-thirds of all governorships and nearly half of state governments.  The left's political presence and influence is negligible across vast areas of the heartland.  They have abandoned the working class, the bedrock of any leftist movement, in favor of representing transsexuals, ball club millionaires, and noncitizen criminals, not a strategy with much of a future, on the face of it.  The year since the 2016 electoral debacle has witnessed a number of off-elections to replace cabinet picks, each one hailed by the media as the turning of the progressive tide, each one won by the GOP.

Hillary & Harvey:  Birds of a feather.  Harvey Weinstein has been exposed in the media as the sexual predator he is, and Hillary Clinton has been exposed as the craven money-grubber she is; money over morality is the mantra she lives by.  These people, the D.C. and Hollywood elite, live by different rules, rules under which faith, hope, and love have no place, no place at all.  They are about two things and two things only:  power and money.  And the two species feed off each other.  The entertainment industry wants and craves the deference of Democrat elites.  The D.C. Democrat establishment relies on the financial magnanimity of the film and television crowd, from the studio heads to the actors.  That is a lot of people with a lot of money, all of whom have an inflated view of their own importance on the world stage.  None of these folks ever gives a thought to the hopes, dreams, or concerns of citizens who live between the coasts or exist outside their own privileged bubbles.

It's Official:  Democrats Are The Extremists Today.  [Scroll down]  Given the way politics gets reported these days, it's easy to conclude that the widening gap is the result of Republicans become more extreme in their views.  That is, after all, a mantra among Democrats and the press.  The GOP is the party of racist, sexist, xenophobic, right-wing extremists, we hear over and over again, while Democrats are but humble centrists.  The Pew data, however, make it clear that the shift toward the extreme has happened among Democrats, not Republicans.  This can be seen in dramatic fashion when you look at where the center of each party was in 1994, and where it is today.

The Left's Sirens Are Already Hinting Our Culture Wars Will End In Another Civil War.  Pick your issue.  On immigration, 84 percent of Democrats say immigrants strengthen the country, while only 42 percent of Republicans say the same.  Ten years ago, those percentages were nearly identical.  On environmental regulation, 77 percent of Democrats say more regulation is worth the cost, compared to just 36 percent of Republicans.  A decade ago, that spread was 67 and 58 percent, respectively.  On whether Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence, 65 percent of Republicans say it does while 69 percent of Democrats say it doesn't.  When Pew first asked that question in 2002, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the partisan gap was just 11 points.

Texas Democrats Hesitant to Embrace Gay Candidate for Governor.  A successful Dallas businessman pledging to spend in the seven figures out of his own bank account to run for governor in 2018 should be a great get for Texas Democrats.  Yet the party doesn't seem to be getting behind Jeffrey Payne, whose business happens to be a gay bar.  Payne, owner of gay leather bar The Dallas Eagle and winner of both the international and Texas Mr. Leather competitions in 2009, officially launched his campaign this week saying, "There's no reason to think that someone who is gay can't do a job, and here it's being governor and representing people."

The Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast:  The Great Black Deception.  This breakfast was all about exploiting black's Christian heritage to deceive them for the purpose of furthering Leftists' anti-Christian agenda.  Every musical performance praised Jesus.  Leftists despise Jesus, aggressively seeking to ban the God of Christianity from the public square.  Several of the all-Democrat speakers quoted the Bible to strengthen their political deceptions.  The truth is, quoting the Bible is as repulsive to Leftists as showing Dracula the cross.  I thought, does anyone in that hall know Obama led a leftist war on Christianity, making him the most anti-Christian president in U.S. history?  Do y'all know the 2017 Women's March and Trump resisters whom you've praised at this breakfast seek to continue the Leftists' war on Christianity?

77% Of Voters Want No Sanctuary Cities.  Once again, Democrats are on the wrong side of a crucial issue.  Seems to be a regular problem for these out-of-touch elites.  American voters in key battle ground states were polled, and 77% said they want NO MORE sanctuary cities.

Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights.  I don't agree with liberals often, because I'm not an idiot and because I love America, but when they once again say, "We must have a conversation about guns!" I still couldn't agree more. [...] But we really don't need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms.  They're rights.  There's nothing to talk about.  This goes for all our rights that the left hates, like the rights to speak and write freely, to practice our religion as we see fit, and to not be railroaded by liberal authority without due process.  Leftists hate our rights because they hate us, and when we assert our rights it gets in the way of their malicious schemes to dominate and control us.

Michael Moore: 'We Have Got to Get Rid Of Trump,' 2nd Amendment.  In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas, celebrities have decided to use death as a stump for their activism.  And of course, who better to lead the way than professional protester Michael Moore.  Moore is not backing down on Trump.  He told anchor Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, "We have got to get rid of Trump."  Even in the case of war with North Korea, Moore wanted only to "get rid of" Trump.  He said, "We are in the French Resistance."  So America is now occupied by Nazis?  He continued, "Don't even stop to think.  If Trump is taking us to war, you have to automatically assume this is an insane idea from an insane man, it's a lie we're being told."

The New Democratic Party.  [Bernie] Sanders said the US is "complicit" with Israel's "occupation" of Judea and Samaria and Gaza.  He said that he would consider cutting off US military aid to Israel.  He argued the US should take a more evenhanded approach to Israel.  No similar statements have ever been made by any major presidential contender or political leader in either party.  And yet, they have raised no outcry among his fellow Democrats.  Sanders's rise has unleashed forces in the party such as former Nation of Islam spokesman Rep. Keith Ellison and BDS activist Linda Sarsour.  Both have been outspoken in their antisemitism.  Both routinely defame and delegitimize American Jews who support Israel.  And both are all but unanimously embraced as leaders by their partisan colleagues.

As Obamacare repeal implodes (again), Democrats prepping for single-payer self-destruction.  Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., introduced a single-payer health care bill he calls "Medicare for All," and to date, 15 of his Senate colleagues have signed on as co-sponsors.  Undoubtedly, Sanders think that the failure of two (and counting) Republican attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare means the public is suddenly enamored with single-payer, government-controlled health care.  But progressives and their ilk evidently can't remember all the way back to 2010, 2014 and 2016, in which opposition to heavy-handed government-managed health care sent Republicans to Congress in droves and helped elect Donald Trump to the presidency.

CNN's Marc Lamont Hill Admits 'I Don't Stand for the National Anthem'.  On Friday's [9/22/2017] CNN Tonight, during a discussion of President Donald Trump speaking out against Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who have kneeled instead of standing for the national anthem, far-left CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill admitted that he also does not stand for the anthem.  Hill:  "I come on here every week and talk about white supremacy — I say Donald Trump is a white supremacist — I don't stand for the national anthem — and CNN still employs me."

Hillary Clinton Thinks Moral Of '1984' Is That We Should Trust The Government And Media.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign memoir includes a questionable interpretation of the central lesson of George Orwell's novel "1984," namely that individuals should trust those in positions of authority.  Clinton's memoir "What Happened," released Tuesday, suggests the goal of the government-sanctioned torture featured prominently in Orwell's novel is to erode trust in the authoritarian overlords who control all aspects of society.  This perspective is diametrically opposed to the central lesson most readers have drawn from the book since it was published in 1949.

It's Been 10 Months and Democrats Still Have No Answer to This Question.  More than 10 months after the 2016 election, California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier still has no answer for who the leader of the Democratic Party is.  When asked who her party's leader is an interview Wednesday afternoon [9/13/2017], Speier dodged the question and declined to name a single Democratic leader.

Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking 'the red pill'.  The mainstream media failed to see the rise of Donald Trump in 2016.  Now it's overlooking another grassroots movement that may soon be of equal significance — the growing number of liberals "taking the red pill."  People of all ages and ethnicities are posting YouTube videos describing "red pill moments" — personal awakenings that have caused them to reject leftist narratives imbibed since childhood from friends, teachers, and the news and entertainment media.  You might say that those who take the red pill have been "triggered."  But instead of seeking out "safe spaces," they're doing the opposite, posting monologues throwing off the shackles of political correctness.  Their videos can feature the kind of subversiveness that was once a hallmark of the left — before the movement lost its sense of humor.

Democrats give away the Rust Belt by alienating Catholics.  A clip of Martha Plimpton's exuberance over the "best" abortion she ever had played out on the television overhead of a gas-station counter somewhere along U.S. Route 422 between Ohio and Pennsylvania.  A woman with a name tag noting her as the manager rolled her eyes and said to no one in particular as she went about stacking the shelves behind the counter, "And they wonder why people don't vote for Democrats around here anymore."

The Kind of Person Buildings Will Be Named After Instead of Thought Criminals.  If you want to know what people are, look to what they revere.  For her cold-blooded murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, Assata Shakur (a.k.a.  Joanne Chesimard) is regarded as a role model not only among Black Lives Matter types, but also by liberal fellow travelers in the Women's March and at ESPN.

Your Beliefs Are No Longer Allowed.  American progressives have fnally gone all the way to a totalitarian vision, demanding control over not just your behavior, but your thoughts and beliefs.  This as the price of simply living without being attacked. [...] Do you believe in traditional marriage but don't care that gays marry?  Think it's OK teenagers take hormonal injections to swap genders but it's not right for your kids?  Don't really give a hoot about someone who identifies as "xe"?  Well, too bad, sucker.  The new dispensation doesn't care for your waffling.  Going forward, your private beliefs must align with your public stance.  No exceptions made or allowed.

Luis Gutierrez:  Democrats ready to shut down government if Dream Act fails.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said he and other liberal House Democrats are prepared to support a government shutdown if House members fail to pass the Dream Act and protect hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants from being deported.  "We have a Democratic caucus where I know the vast majority of the members of the Democratic caucus are ready to say 'If there is no pathway forward, not only for the 800,000 and for visas for all of you, but also for the rest of immigrant youth through the Dream Act, then there is no government for anyone,'" Gutierrez said Friday [9/8/2017] during a press conference with the United We Dream advocacy group.  "We will shut it down or let the Republicans keep it open with their own votes."

In A Religiously And Politically Polarized Country, Is There Still Hope For Shared Ground?  Without a shared language of belief, every difference threatens to pull us further apart. [...] We are not "one nation," perhaps largely in part because we don't believe we're "under God" anymore.

Guy who never served calls four-star general a disgrace to the uniform.  Luis Gutiérrez — a Democrat congressman who never served in the military — had the temerity to call Marine general a disgrace to the uniform.  What uniform did Luis Gutiérrez ever wear?

The people of Houston would rather starve than eat this
Texan Posts Photos of Absolutely Barren Grocery Store After Hurricane, With One Hilarious Exception.  [Jennifer Lopez] Fuller is a food writer and foodie based in Houston.  Fuller has donated her skills and time to helping people affected by the flood get food where and when they need it.  While gathering supplies at a local grocery store last week, she posted multiple photos of the sparse and sometimes entirely empty shelves.  Here are the sections and images of the completely picked over shelves: [...]

Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food.  [Photo]

NH Dem Chair:  Rural, Disaffected Voters Are 'White Supremacists'.  New Hampshire's Democratic Party chair referred to rural, disaffected voters as "white supremacists" and "extremists" on Sunday [9/3/2017].  WMUR9 told its viewers that Look Ahead America, an organization that reaches out to "disaffected, patriotic Americans" may be headed to New Hampshire next.  "New Hampshire's going to be, probably, the state we advance to next," Matt Braynard, the executive director said.  "We've identified maybe 15,000 inactive voters who we would consider disaffected, patriotic Americans.  And potentially 100,000 or more unregistered adults we're going to reach out to."

That Time When Democrats Really, Really Liked The Border Wall.  The Daily Caller reported on Obama's border wall support back in 2016:  ["]A leaked internal memo from Barack Obama's 2008 campaign says that fencing at the US-Mexico border could help cut down on illegal immigration.["] [...] Well, by progressive standards, Barack Obama is now a racist.  Yet, it also shows how insane the Left has become over the past decade.  The descent into identity politics and the general shift leftward in political orientation has led the Democratic Party to become insanely out of touch with ordinary Americans, especially in immigration.

Democrats Literally Have No One Under 55 Who Can Run In 2020.  The GOP is the dominant political force in the country, but that won't last forever.  Democrats will find a way to win again, but as the Left looks to 2020, the impact of having less of a talent pool for candidates is explicitly clear.  The state and local level supplies these candidates and the GOP has plenty of them.  For Democrats, it's a choice between geezer world and pre-school concerning candidates.

Those Who Don't Fight Evil Fight Statues.  With regard to fighting communism — which, aside from Nazism, has been the greatest evil in the modern world (it killed and enslaved far more people than Nazism) — the left was an obstacle, not an ally.  The left in the West and elsewhere did far more to enable communist evil than to stop it.  The same holds true with regard to the greatest evil in the world at this time:  totalitarian Islam, or Islamism.  The left is doing precisely what it did during the war against communism:  It's fighting the anti-Islamists, not the Islamists.  Just as it labeled anti-communists "cold warriors" and other derisive epithets, the left labels those fighting Islamism as "Islamophobes" and, of course, "racists."  In the moral order as perceived by the left, it is the anti-Islamists who are the enemy of the good.

The Clownish Commissars of the Culture.  It must come as bitter news to the commissars that most Americans, according to the latest polling, have no interest in joining their frenzied assault upon Robert E. Lee.  The commissars have had to content themselves with ugly little victories in university towns and urban hellholes.  Just visit Baltimore if you want to see what the left's "fundamentally transformed America" looks like.

Polls shows majority of Americans think Confederate statues should remain.  A majority of Americans think Confederate monuments should be preserved in public spaces, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, a view that is at odds with efforts in many cities to remove them.  The 18-21 August poll found that 54% of adults said Confederate monuments "should remain in all public spaces", while 27% said they "should be removed from all public spaces".

The DNC: America's Most Notorious Hate Group.  In December 2015, President Obama lauded [Black Lives Matter] for shining "sunlight" on the problem of racist policing in America, and on a subsequent occasion he likened BLM to the abolition and suffrage movements, which he said were also "contentious and messy" but ultimately noble.  And on July 13, 2016 — a mere six days after a BLM supporter in Dallas had shot and killed five police officers and wounded seven others — Obama hosted three BLM leaders at a lengthy White House meeting along with the legendary racist anti-Semite, Al Sharpton.  By then, Sharpton was well-established as "Obama's go-to man on race."  Indeed, Obama had addressed Sharpton's National Action Network on multiple occasions, lauding the organization for its "commitment to fight injustice and inequality," and for doing work that was "so important to change America."  He had also characterized Sharpton as "a voice for the voiceless and ... dispossessed," and had praised Sharpton's "dedication to the righteous cause of perfecting our union."  From January 2009 through December 2014, Al Sharpton — the most visible racist anti-Semite of the past generation — visited the Obama White House on 72 separate occasions, including 5 one-on-one meetings with the president and 20 meetings with staff members or senior advisers.  And the DNC had no problem with any of this.

Offending ACLU tweet photo
ACLU Apologizes For Tweeting Photo Of White Baby With U.S. Flag.  The American Civil Liberties Union is doing damage control after Twitter leftists denounced the group for sharing a picture of a white baby holding an American flag.  In a tweet sent Wednesday afternoon [8/23/2017], the ACLU captioned a photo of a Caucasian, blonde-haired child wearing a free speech onesie and waving a flag, "This is the future that ACLU members want."  Leftists were furious over the post because they believed it endorsed white supremacy.

ACLU admits to 'white supremacy' after tweeting photo of white baby with U.S. flag.  The American Civil Liberties Union backpedaled Wednesday [8/23/2017] on tweeting a photo of a white baby holding a U.S. flag after users called it racist.  The seemingly harmless photo showed a blond-haired toddler in a "Free Speech - ACLU" onesie holding a U.S. flag and what appears to be a colorful toy dog.  The tweet read, "This is the future that ACLU members want."

Katie Pavlich:  ACLU response to liberal outrage over white baby 'abhorrent and disgusting'.  The American Civil Liberties Union began a political firestorm earlier in the week over just one tweet.  And when they were appraised of the situation, they made it even worse.

U.S. Judge Orders Deportation of Convicted Terrorist and Women's March Organizer.  A federal judge ordered Thursday [8/17/2017] that convicted Palestinian terrorist and Women's March organizer Rasmea Odeh be deported from the United States, and her citizenship, revoked.  Odeh was previously convicted in Israel for masterminding a pair of 1969 bombings that left two civilians dead and fourteen injured.  She was later released as part of a prisoner exchange, and she moved to the United States.  When she entered the United States, Odeh stated she had no criminal record.  In 2013, she was indicted in federal court for immigration fraud, and in 2015, was sentenced to eighteen months in prison.  The prison sentence was to be followed by deportation.

Just listen to all the booing when Trump brings up the media!  [Video clip]

All in:  The left is through messing around.  We have seen the recent drive to take down Confederate monuments that had been around for one hundred years or more.  Enraged by Trump's press conference, the left is now calling to erase the Founding Fathers.  Trump was not wrong in asking if it were to end with Washington and Jefferson — he just didn't go far enough.  The left's goal is to eliminate the Constitution.  Every argument made against the Founders can also be made against their historic document.  Whether the left achieves this through elections or civil unrest, it has started the ball rolling, and it will be difficult to stop.

Poll: 62% of Americans Favor Keeping Confederate Statues.  A new Marist poll finds that 62% of Americans believe statues of Confederate leaders should be allowed to stand.  What's more, a majority of self-identified "Soft Democrats" say Confederate monuments should remain.

America's Second Civil War.  What has changed since 1965?  It is not history.  There have been no great new discoveries about [Robert E.] Lee.  What has changed is America herself.  She is not the same country.  We have passed through a great social, cultural and moral revolution that has left us irretrievably divided on separate shores.  And the politicians are in panic.  Two years ago, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe called the giant statues of Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson on Richmond's Monument Avenue "parts of our heritage."  After Charlottesville, New York-born-and-bred McAuliffe, entertaining higher ambitions, went full scalawag, demanding the statues be pulled down as "flashpoints for hatred, division, and violence."  Who hates the statues, Terry?  Who's going to cause the violence?  Answer:  The Democratic left whom Terry must now appease.

Seattle's Statue of Communist Dictator Vladimir Lenin Under Fire.  A growing number of people on social media are calling for the removal of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin's statue in Seattle.  Many social media users, from a prominent Seattle venture capitalist to the estimated 900 people who follow the Facebook group Seattle, Tear Down This Lenin Statue! are calling for Lenin's statue to be removed.

Trump Gets it.  Trump jumped to the chase.  He gets the progressive mind.  He asked, "Will you tear down George Washington's statue next?  Do you like Jefferson?  He was a slave owner.  Will you tear down his statue, too?  You are changing the history and changing the culture."  Finally, we have a leader who fights back against the tyranny of the culture-changing socialists.  Trump understands that these actions are warm-ups.  The progressives are tearing down Confederate statues, and they are kicking and spitting on the memorials to the dead because they cannot yet kick and spit on President Trump and his voters.  If they could imprison Trump and deport his voters, they would do that and not worry about statues.  They are lashing out where they can.

Moonbat Model Family.  Congratulations to the media on finding the perfect model family to encourage us to emulate.

Charlottesville and Truth.  The principles of freedom are universal (all men) and are granted by God.  Our founding documents enshrined these rights, and were "exceptional" in their development and institutionalization.  There is a counter-movement that seeks America's destruction and the imposition of a new covenant, predicated on the wisdom of man or, more particularly, a select group of men, who seek to manage the affairs of all man.  These two contradictory principles are reflected as liberty and tyranny.  Freedom and totalitarianism.

Control in the States
Do the Democrats Know How Much Trouble They Are In?  The Democratic Party has never accepted the result of the 2016 presidential election, and Democrats in Washington are working feverishly to destroy the Trump administration.  At the moment, it appears that they might well succeed.  But the current drama in Washington shouldn't obscure the bigger picture:  the Democratic Party is in deep trouble.  Tonight [8/3/2017], the Governor of West Virginia will announce that he is switching parties and joining the GOP.  This isn't a big deal, since he was a registered Republican until 2015, when he decided to run for governor as a Democrat.  But as of tomorrow, this is what the map of the U.S. will look like.

Trump-haters can't help themselves, creating Trump voters in New Jersey.  Keep it up, you coastal elites.  Keep telling the unwashed deplorables how much you loathe them, where they live, their tastes, habits, and even where they go on vacation.  Ridicule the things about President Trump that endear him to people that resent the people who seem to be in charge of everything.  In fact, go ahead and deliver a scathing insult to the Garden State of New Jersey and its estimated 8.994 million residents.

Trump Vs.  MS-13.  President Trump's intensifying crackdown on transnational crime gang MS-13 is being met with fierce resistance by the Left.  Understanding the leftist mind is an inexact science but the complaints seem to center around the idea that in the Trump era trying to eliminate an ethno-culturally non-diverse criminal organization is somehow racist, no matter how horrifying and brutal the group's crimes against innocent Americans may be.  The Left habitually sides with antisocial causes, putting partisanship over the interests of the American people.  Left-wingers promote so-called sanctuary cities which are magnets for illegal aliens and the crime that accompanies them.  They don't care about the damage such policies do to American society.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Comes Out for North Korea.  Don't worry, it'll be mainstream in a few years.  Like the rest of the Green Party's positions that trickled down to the moderate left and then the Democrats.  Still in this time when the Democrats temporarily bewail treason, it's nice to remember the origin of fellow travelers, useful idiots and collabotators.  And [that there is] still no left-wing regime too awful for the left to defend.

Let the Dems Be the Transgender Party.  Trump's uncomplicated defense of common sense is nothing if not conservative.  He doesn't need "commissions" to tell him whether or not enlisting men who pretend to be women and women who pretend to be men hurts military readiness.  Anyone with five senses and a functioning intellect can see that it does.  It is only under the vast experiment against common sense that is liberalism could such obvious truths fall into disfavor.  Of course, the stupid party is joining the evil party in this experiment against common sense.

Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller.  In the most vocal opposition to president Donald Trump yet, former CIA Director John Brennan said that if the White House tries to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, government officials should refuse to follow the president orders, as they would be — in his view — "inconsistent" with the duties of the executive branch.  "I think it's the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out.  I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue.  That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future," Brennan told CNN's Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, effectively calling for a coup against the president should Trump give the order to fire Mueller.

Maxine Waters for President?  Please Let It Happen!  Maxine Waters running for President in 2020 would be a dream come true for Republicans.  It seems impossible that Democrats would find the elderly liberal extremist desirable.  If Trump took the working class away from the Democrats, could Maxine Waters get them back?  Highly doubtful.  Yet, as the American Mirror points out, Maxine Water's impending trip the New Hampshire indicates she might be trying out for a run.  As much as Liberals want to win the next presidential race, they seem to want to hate Trump Americans more.  That is the appeal of Maxine Waters.

Group that Protested NRA Over 'Violent' Rhetoric Embraces Convicted Cop Killer.  The group behind last week's protest against the National Rifle Association over rhetoric it claimed was a "direct endorsement of violence" wished a convicted cop killer and fugitive a happy birthday on Monday [7/17/2017].

Tribune Columnist Slams National Anthem.  Exercising the freedoms of speech and press that so many have given their last measure of devotion for, Chicago Tribune contributor Diana Goetsch has penned an op-ed defending disgraced and unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his infamous taking the knee during the national anthem.  Not stopping there, Goetsch goes on to slam the national anthem as a "pompous battle number" that wasn't played before sporting events until 1942 in the dark days of World War II.  One wonders if Goetsch has pondered the possibility that were if not for the sacrifice of veterans during World War II, she just might be plying her trade writing her tirades in Japanese or German.

Video: DNC Leader at Obamacare Rally Praises Health Care System in Cuba.  Yes, people are upset with the Republicans after the healthcare "repeal/replace" debacle.  But Democrats have no ideas.  Nothing.  Except opposing President Trump.  So they resort to preposterous lies.

Think Tank:  Reconsider Caring For Your Kids Because Money Matters Most.  What happens when you choose to stay at home and care for your children?  Some may argue that giving up a 9-to-5 job gives them ample opportunities to connect with their offspring and watch them grow.  Even other parents might suggest that this time at home is beneficial not just to their children's long-term happiness, but also to their own.  But not so the Center For American Progress.  They've been crunching the numbers, and they want you to know that giving up your career to care for your children is a huge financial mistake: [...]

Seattle Councilman:  Cleaning Poop Off Sidewalks Is Racist.  A Seattle, Wash., councilman implied that a new effort to clean excrement off the side walk outside the local courthouse could be racist Tuesday.  The crime and smell of urine and excrement have gotten so bad outside a King County courthouse that two judges are scrambling to find ways to fix the situation, reports the Seattle Times.  King County councilmember Larry Gossett isn't a fan of one solution to power wash the feces from the sidewalks to tamp down on the smell.  Power washing the sidewalks is too reminiscent of civil rights activists being hosed down, he said.

Obama's white elitist Animal House.  So it comes to light in the latest Obama tell-all book that President Obama ran a very, very undiversified Animal House in his speechwriting operation.  And all those soaring speeches that made the New York Times swoon were actually the work of a cynical leftist white-boy frat house operation, tailoring their soaring Obama lines for the elites between swigs of beer and gropes of women.  Such is the atmosphere described by David Litt, an Obama speechwriter who joined the frathouse at age 24 and then wrote his tell-all book, naively thinking the public wouldn't be disgusted.

John Wiley Price Says "No" To Fallen Officer's Day.  Dallas police are furious about remarks from an elected official who they believe is refusing to honor police officers ambushed one year ago.  A year ago, Dallas residents watched in horror as five police officers in Dallas were gunned down, targeted simply for the badge and uniforms they wore.  As the one year anniversary of the ambush approached, the Dallas County Commission voted on a resolution to make July 7 a day to honor all fallen law enforcement officers.  All commissioners voted "yes," except for Commissioner John Wiley Price.

WaPo's Capehart:  Trump's Use of Term 'Western Civilization' Triggered MeWashington Post opinion columnist and MSNBC weekend show Jonathan Capehart declared Saturday [7/8/2017] that President Trump's speech in Poland, wherein he used the term "Western civilization," in fact "triggered" him. [...] The issue, of course, is that Western civilization, its history and contributions to humanity, have been perverted in academia, media, the arts, and popular culture.  The end result is a current generation that hasn't the foggiest notion what its own culture stands for.  Worse, they've replaced it with one anathema to the core principles of the Enlightenment and liberalism upon which Western culture is predicated.

Liberals Can't Deal With A President Who Takes America's Side.  The West is superior to the rest of the world in every significant way, we should aggressively back our allies over our enemies, and the guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be America's interests.  No apologies.  No equivocation.  No doubt.  What are your questions?  Well, if you're a normal American, you won't have any questions — these truths are self-evident.  But if you're a progressive, you're gonna have a little sissy snit fit like so many libs did in the wake of the President's triumphant Warsaw speech.  There's one thing that always sets them off — uttering the truth/heresy that not only is Western civilization the best and most advanced culture in the history of humanity, but the United States of America is its greatest manifestation.  The immigrants and refugees get it.  Which way are they always headed?

The New Left's Fake Patriotism.  After eight years of betraying America to Chinese hackers, Iranian nuclear negotiators, Islamic terrorists from Iraq to Libya, Cuban Communists, Columbian narcoterrorists and yes, the dreaded Russians, the left wants us to believe that they have left behind the error of their ways and love this country again.

Some People Just Can't Take a Joke.  Kathy Griffin holding a bloody Trumpish head wasn't a Trump joke.  It was an ISIS joke, and anyone who thinks ISIS is a laughing matter is way out of touch.

The Most Abused President in History.  The American media, including social media, is overwhelmingly anti-Trump.  The heart of the matter is that the left does not wish to make America great again.  Leftists wish to see America diminished.  They do not favor "America First," "more and better jobs for American workers," "lower taxes for individuals and businesses," "repealing and replacing Obamacare," "greater national security," "immigration security," and other Trump initiatives.  They favor fewer good jobs, higher taxes, less military spending, open borders, and bowing to the world outside the U.S.  The media are guilt-ridden over our national history, as they see it, of racism and class oppression.  They despise the middle class, and they live in a politically correct nightmare of benefiting from any sort of privilege or unfair advantage.

What Is the Alternative to Trump Derangement?  If they weren't trying to destroy the president, Democrats would have to focus on an agenda most Americans don't support.

Process vs.  Product:  Why the Dems Keep Losing.  Memo to Tim Ryan (and please pass it along to Maureen Dowd):  Republicans are winning all over the country, as much or more in local and states races as in national ones, not because Donald Trump makes robo calls, because he tweets, or because he "motivates the base."  Nope, the Republicans are winning everywhere because people like what they are selling.  They especially like what Donald Trump is selling:  an America-first attitude that unapologetically makes the U.S. economy and U.S. national security top priorities.

Why Democrats keep losing.  [#9] They advocate weird sexual public practices.  Privately, anyone can be what he wants if his choice harms no one else.  Publicly, if a man who believes he is a woman walks into a public space historically reserved for women, then this action endangers the women because he may be just a pervert.  The Dems can't keep advocating obvious nonsense and expect the larger public to like them.

How'd that referendum on Trump work out?  The special election in the 6th District of Georgia was universally billed "a high-stakes referendum on Trump" in all the much hyped build-up coming from the left and its media allies. [...] After all, weren't President Trump's poll numbers down? [...] Wasn't President Trump engulfed in scandal for colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 election that was rightfully Hillary Clinton's?  Weren't the leftists whispering, "President Pence"?  Rubbing their mousy hands together with glee, it's pretty clear that leftists thought they had a certain victory in the bag with that "narrative," along with a perfect post-election analysis, no matter what the Georgia voters thought about it.

Congressional staffers boo Trump at unity baseball game.  Dozens of congressional staffers erupted into boos, jeers and even vulgar gesticulations Thursday [6/15/2017] when President Trump appeared in a video at the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park.  Mr. Trump delivered a message of unity, but some fans in the stands weren't having any of it.  One man shouted an expletive at the video screen as Mr. Trump was telling the fans:  "We are showing the world we will not be intimidated by threats."

Dem Staffers Boo Trump At Congressional Baseball Game.  I was glad to see that the Congressional Baseball Game went on as planned last night.  They didn't let some left-wing lunatic ruin it by trying to kill GOP congressmen for disagreeing with him.  It was a show of unity.  It was a beautiful display of the things that bring us together, no matter what sets us apart from each other.  It was American AF.  So of course, Democrats had to try to ruin it.

Big Names Headline The People's Summit In Chicago — It's A Who's Who Of Communists.  The commies have truly come out of the closet.  The whole gang will be getting together in Chicago on June 9th thru the 11th.  Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore, Danny Glover and Van Jones will be headlining the People's Summit.  Chicago is where the headquarters of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is located.  They are still labeling themselves as progressives, but anyone with two functioning brain cells knows these are devout communists... comrades in arms.  Thousands will join them to plot taking back America from President Trump and the Republicans.  It will be one giant war room.  This should be common knowledge now and come as no surprise to anyone.  Van Jones has a long, violent history of being a Marxist.  Don't believe his protestations that he has reformed, he hasn't.  Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist... in reality, he's a communist and the current healthcare plan he is presenting to Trump should prove that.  He is pushing single payer healthcare.  Michael Moore is a Marxist film producer and the editor of The Nation.  And Danny Glover never met a communist or dictator he didn't love.

Sides square off in rallies over Islamic law vs.  Constitution.  Demonstrators at small but raucous gatherings around the country yesterday [6/10/2017] raised the specter that extremist interpretations of Islamic law might somehow spread across the U.S., but many of the rallies drew even more boisterous counter-protests by people who called such fears unfounded.  Hundreds of counter-protesters marched through downtown Seattle, banging drums, cymbals and cowbells behind a large sign saying "Seattle stands with our Muslim neighbors."  Participants chanted "No hate, no fear, Muslims are welcome here" on their way to City Hall, where dozens of anti-Shariah protesters rallied.

Luis Gutierrez Whines:  Breitbart News Coverage of Illegal Immigrants, Muslim Refugees Too Harsh.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) whined about Breitbart News' coverage of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees during his recent commencement address at Cambridge College.  "Breitbart and Fox News didn't invent their opinions on Mexicans and Central Americans or Muslims," he claimed the day after the London Bridge terror attacks.  "They're just recycling them."  He told Cambridge College's graduates, "I say lift the Muslim ban and tell the Supreme Court to say it's unconstitutional and un-American."

It was a merger, not a replacement.
Los Angeles replaces its gay pride parade with 'resist' march.  Members of the Los Angeles-area gay community were expected to walk en masse through the city on Sunday [6/11/2017] in a so-called Resist March against President Donald Trump, an event taking the place of the annual pride parade.  Organizers of the Resist March say the 3-mile walk will begin in Hollywood at 8 a.m.  PDT and culminate with a rally in gay-friendly West Hollywood featuring U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and groups such as GLAAD, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Reality Winner Is A Loser, And So Is U.S. Secrecy.  That 25-year-old Reality Winner — yes, that's her real name — was caught giving out top-secret information is no great surprise.  After all, she is a far-left anti-Trump activist who called him an "orange fascist" [among other things] and once tweeted to rapper Kanye West to suggest he make a T-shirt saying "Being white is terrorism."  (For the record, Winner is herself white.)  She used the hashtags "Resist" and "NeverMyPresident" on her Facebook page and, as the Daily Caller notes, "appears to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders and other progressive icons, such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore."

NSA Leaker: 'Being White Is Terrorism'.  The woman charged by the Department of Justice with stealing "Top Secret" information from the National Security Agency apparently believes being white is a form of terrorism.  That's according to a tweet the alleged leaker, Reality Winner, sent in February.  Winner, who is herself white, tweeted at rapper Kanye West that he should make a shirt declaring whiteness an act of terror.

NSA leaker Reality Winner will plead guilty after admitting to FBI she smuggled classified documents out of the office.  Reality Winner, the former National Security Agency contractor charged with leaking a classified document to a US news outlet, has decided to plead guilty.  Winner, 26, is scheduled to plead guilty in US District Court on June 26, according to US Department of Justice spokesman Ian Prior.  Online court records show a plea agreement was filed on Thursday [6/21/2018].  Court documents did not indicate what exact charge Winner will plead guilty to, although she was indicted for one count of violating the federal Espionage Act.

Federal Judge In Georgia Sentences NSA Leaker To 63 Months In Prison.  A former NSA contractor, who pleaded guilty to leaking classified information last June, is sentenced to more than five-years in prison.  26-year-old Reality Winner was sentenced to five-years and three-months in prison Thursday [8/23/2018], following a plea deal with prosecutors.  During a court testimony, Winner claimed she did not mean to harm national security.

How Do We Encourage Terrorism?  Let Us Count The Ways.  For years, terrorists have been hailed as celebrities, fawned over by journalists, and deferentially received in the halls of power.  Examples could fill a dozen columns. [...] At the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York on June 11, the guest of honor will be Oscar Lopez Rivera, an unrepentant member of the FALN terrorist group who spent 35 years in federal prison for plotting to overthrow the government.  When convicted terrorists are treated to parades on Fifth Avenue, it encourages more terrorism everywhere.

After Losses, Democrats Struggle to 'Un-Pelosi' the Party.  Frustrated with the leadership in their party, some heartland Democrats are looking to decouple themselves from Nancy Pelosi and the other coastal elites calling the shots.  The People's House Project, a super PAC founded by former MSNBC host Krystal Ball, aims to recruit candidates and raise money in a structure separate from national Democrats.  The reason?  Democrats have veered too far to the left and chosen a message that's toxic in much of the United States.

In her bubble, Kathy Griffin thought nothing was out of bounds in mocking Trump.  Imagine living in a bubble so impermeable, it didn't occur to you that retailing a photograph of a decapitated president's head would be a horrendous career move — a bubble in which you don't know anyone who doesn't think the world would be a better place once Donald Trump had had his head cut off.  That is the world Kathy Griffin lives in.  This Times Square Rolex knockoff of Joan Rivers knew the photograph of her holding the decapitated and bloody head of the president of the United States was edgy and provocative.  That's why she was excited to pose for it.  That's why she sent it to TMZ.  That's why she initially defended the picture to the journalist Yashar Ali by claiming it was "art."

Today's Democrats have no problem embracing known terrorists.  In case you haven't heard, [NYC] Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is the prime suspect in the decision by the board of the Puerto Rican Day parade to honor a convicted terrorist, Oscar López Rivera, as a National Freedom Hero.  Her "hero" was found guilty of trying to overthrow the government of the United States with FALN, a terrorist organization that carried out 120 bombings in New York, Chicago and elsewhere.  Its 1975 bombing at Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan killed four people.  López Rivera defended violence as necessary to free Puerto Rico from American colonialism so it could become a socialist country.  None of that makes him an American hero — except to Mark-Viverito, a radical Puerto Rican with a long affinity for homicidal maniacs.

Pelosi: 'It's Hard' to Say 'President Trump,' He Has No Respect For the Job.  Tuesday at a discussion hosted by the Commonwealth Club, Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that it was "hard" for her to say the words "President Trump."  When Pelosi referenced "the new president of the United States," the moderator said, "I noticed you don't say President Trump."

Portland Tries to Stamp Out Free Speech.  The mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler, is trying to block a free speech rally in his city: [...] That isn't even coherent:  "violent protests between far-right and far-left protesters"?  Actually, the violence has been perpetrated by far-left criminals.  There are no instances of "far right" protesters trying to prevent a liberal from giving a speech.

Fascist Portland Mayor Wants Free Speech Rally Canceled.  What a shock.  After an AntiFa, Bernie Sanders voter shot and killed two people last week in Portland, Oregon, their Democrat mayor wants to cancel a Free Speech rally because of the Sanders' voter.  This is liberal fascism on display.

Shocker: Study Shows Physically Weak Men Tend to be Liberal.  In news that will surprise absolutely no one, a new study reveals that girly men are more likely to favor socialist policies.  The study, conducted by researchers at Brunel University London, looked at the height, weight, physical strength, and bicep circumference of 171 men, along with their views on wealth redistribution and income inequality.

Democrats Love Affair With Communism.  A bill narrowly passed the house in California, repealing part of the law enacted during the Cold War era in our country's history when communists were really active and infiltrating our government, attempting to overthrow it.  The bill proposed to eliminate the section which allowed the firing of public employees if they were members of the Communist Party.  The bill now goes to the Senate and its author, Democrat Assemblyman Rob Bonta, hopes that it will pass.  "Assemblyman Randy Voepel, a Southern California Republican who fought in the Vietnam War, said communists in North Korea and China are still a threat."  Assemblyman Travis Allen, also a Republican, said that "this bill is blatantly offensive to all Californians.  Communism stands for everything that the United States stands against."

Leftists Literally Boo God and Concept of God-Given Rights at GOP Rep. Dave Brat's Town Hall.  Representative Dave Brat — the conservative favorite who ousted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican primary back in 2014 to represent Virginia's 7th District — held a town hall on Tuesday night, and the media narrative coming out of the constituent meeting was essentially universal. [...] But if you read through all fourteen articles (which I did), you'll find that every single one misses or just willfully skips over the most newsworthy part of the entire town hall: leftist members of the audience actually loudly booing the very mention of God and God-given rights.

Democrats Pitch Local Election as Referendum on Trump.  Then Their Guy Lost.  By a Lot.  With the nonstop anti-Trump flow on the mainstream media, Democrat Heath Mello thought he could tap into that during his run.  He even got the backing of Democratic darling Sen. Bernie Sanders (and the city itself went for Hillary Clinton in 2016, making it home turf for a Democrats).  But Mello lost on Tuesday [5/9/2017] to incumbent Republican Jean Stothert, who defeated the 37 year old 53 percent to 47 percent.  It's the third time the Democrats have pitched an election as a referendum on Trump.

The Real Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost In 2016.  In short, to many Americans now living through economic tough times, the Democrats have become the party of the rich and the connected.  Some 77% in the poll said that Trump's policies would help all classes of Americans, vs. just 58% for congressional Democrats.  Even so, that leaves out one key point that appeared nowhere in the Democratic Party analysis that we saw — that is, the Democratic Party has veered sharply leftward in recent years.  They easily capture the bright Blue population centers on both coasts, but increasingly have trouble capturing the middle, both geographically and metaphorically.

Now We Know:  It's Liberals Who Are Out-Of-Touch, Arrogant, Smug And Intolerant.  We've been arguing for some time that if you want to find intolerance, extremism, hate and bigotry in this country, it's thriving on the left.  The past week provides several bits of fresh evidence of this.

Dartmouth Study Finds Democrats Are The Least Tolerant Students.  A new survey of students at Dartmouth College found that those who identified as Democrats are the least tolerant on campus.  In the campus-wide field survey, students of all political stripes were asked how comfortable they would be about living with a roommate who holds opposing political views.  Of the 432 students surveyed, only 39 percent of students who identified as Democrats said they would feel comfortable living with a Republican, 16 percent said they felt neutral about the proposed arrangement, while 45 percent, a plurality, said they felt uncomfortable.

Jon Ossoff Has Never Voted in a Runoff Election, But He Wants You To.  Jon Ossoff wants your vote.  He's the 30-year-old Democrat running in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District.  The only problem?  He rarely ever votes himself.  A CNN report last week found that Ossoff did not vote in the 2012 presidential election.  Instead of procuring an absentee ballot while studying at the London School of Economics, Ossoff chose not to exercise his civic duty.  Then on Tuesday [4/25/2017], the Washington Free Beacon dropped an even bigger bombshell:  Ossoff, who is in a runoff election with Republican Karen Handel, has never voted in a runoff election, despite numerous opportunities.

Poll: 67% Of Americans Say The Democrats Are Out Of Touch With Their Concerns.  Sixty-seven percent of Americans say the Democratic Party is out of touch with their concerns — that's more than those who think the Republican Party or President Trump are out of touch with most Americans' concerns, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

The Ugly Face of Socialism.  Recall how so many entertainment elites flocked to Venezuela when the tyrant and socialist dictator Hugo Chavez came to power.  Folks like Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, and others celebrated and dreamed of this utopia.  However, if these individuals had taken the time to read and study political philosophy they would have realized that socialism is rooted in five basic principles, tenets — wealth redistribution, nationalizing of production, expansion of the welfare state, social egalitarianism, and secular humanism.  In my estimation, these are principles not to be admired but feared.

March for Science:  Sympathy for Our Enemies.  Though the [March for Science] event is disguised as a rally for all things sciency, it is in reality intended to be a massive protest against President Trump, Republicans, and climate-change "deniers."  Its Twitter page has nearly 350,000 followers, and its website mentions "diversity" and "inclusion" repeatedly while saying nothing about specific scientific issues.  It has come under fire from some within the scientific establishment for being too divisive and overly obsessed with identity politics, and for excluding scientists who might not toe the Democratic-party line.

NBC Sports:  U.S. Flag at Baseball Games Too Political.  Everything is political to the overly sensitive mind of today's leftist.  When the Atlanta Braves unfurled a gigantic flag for the playing of the national anthem, it prompted an ultra sensitive member of the partisan media and his Twitter followers to express a whole host of ridiculous claims.  In a Twitter post this weekend, NBC baseball writer Craig Calcaterra complained that the presentation of Old Glory evoked overly political tones.

Editor of liberal magazine Mother Jones claims 'Tomahawk missiles' are offensive to Native Americans.  The editor-in-chief of a prominent liberal news organization has been slammed on social media for suggesting that Tomahawk cruise missiles are an example of cultural appropriation.  Clara Jeffery, who runs the non-profit publication Mother Jones, received a barrage of responses after speculating that Native Americans might be offended by the naming of the missiles which were launched by President Trump this week.  'That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans [sic],' she tweeted on Saturday.  Twitter users immediately disparaged Jeffery's statement and her account was inundated with responses that went viral.

Why Do Leftists Hate America?  [Scroll down]  Calling NAFTA a disaster, Trump said he took us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  The audience erupted with applause.  Trump is swiftly dismantling many of Obama's anti-America agenda items.  It dawned on me:  this guy is simply implementing commonsense policies in the best interest of America and her citizens who elected him.  So why is the American left responding with such unprecedented vitriol and bold, treasonous obstructionism?  The simple answer is that leftists hate America and her biblical values.  Therefore, when Trump came along vowing to make America great again, he ignited the leftists' hate, fear, and rage.  Why such hate for one's own homeland?

Montana Democrats Vote Against Bill Banning Sharia Law, Call It 'Repugnant'.  Senate Bill 97, introduced by Keith Regier (R-Kalispell) bans the application of foreign law in Montana's courts, with the debate particularly focused on Sharia Law, a form of Islamic law typically used in the Middle East.  Although the bill passed on party lines by 56-44, Democrats claimed it was designed to target Muslim communities.  "I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different," said Rep. Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula, while debating the bill.

NBC's Today Devotes Two-Minute Discussion to 'Old-School' Pence Policy.  In the wake of left-wing hysteria over Vice President Mike Pence avoiding going out to eat alone with a woman who is not his wife, NBC's Today seized on the story during Friday's show and devoted a nearly two-minute-long discussion to the topic, debating whether or not such marital fidelity was a "wise policy."

Drexel Professor Wants to 'Vomit' When Passenger Gives Uniformed Soldier First-Class Seat.  Associate professor in the history and politics department at Drexel University George Ciccariello-Maher ignited a Twitter firestorm on Sunday [3/26/2017] when he tweeted that he was trying not to "vomit or yell" when he witnessed a fellow passenger aboard his flight give up a first class seat to a uniformed soldier.  "Some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier.  People are thanking him.  I'm trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul," he tweeted.

The Editor says...
For the entire duration of military history, the rank-and-file soldier has never had any control over foreign policy.  Anyone old enough to vote should know that, and anyone who doesn't should not be teaching in a university.

State Rep Caught Tipping Off Illegal Aliens About ICE Raids.  Massachusetts state Rep. Michelle DuBois posted a warning to illegal immigrants on her Facebook page Tuesday about upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that are rumored to be taking place in the area.

Feinstein: Constitution A 'Living Document;' 'Originalism... Very Troubling'.  Several Senate Democrats were unified in deriding originalism as a judicial philosophy during Monday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court justiceship[.]  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), ranking Democrat of the committee, described originalism as a "very troubling" jurisprudential approach.  The Framers, she added, intended for the Constitution to be continuously reinterpreted over time [...]

Maxine Waters goes completely unhinged.  Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is making a strong case to become the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Long an exploiter of loony left memes, such as the contention that the CIA deliberately spread a crack epidemic in America's inner cities, Waters loves the attention and praise she garners from voicing the radical thoughts other crazy lefties shy away from.  She owes her national profile to her readiness to glorify the 1992 Rodney King rioters in Los Angeles as participating in a "rebellion," not a "riot," justifying the looting of many Korean-owned stores as "mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes[.] ... They are not crooks."  For Waters, President Trump represents an opportunity to capitalize on the anger and resentment the sore losers on the left are embracing.

"Frantic Yelling Ensued".  Congressman Steve King (R-IA) has noticed just how extremist today's respectable conventional wisdom has become.  So King has been exercising a Trump-like knack for trolling the Establishment with blunt truths that enrage goodthinkers into revealing just how much their worldview is founded upon hatred of average Americans. [...] King is [portrayed as] particularly hateful because he represents Sioux County, Iowa, which Stanford economist Raj Chetty's big 2015 study of IRS returns from 1996 to 2012 found to be the single best county in America for raising children who are upwardly mobile.  Sioux County is extremely white, Protestant, native-born, traditionalist, and prosperous.  It represents the egalitarian essence of everything that coastal elites find deplorable about the people they currently preside over.

The Only Thing She Got Wrong Was Everything.  In a new black-and-white short film, Madonna declares we have entered a "new age of tyranny" where "all marginalized people are in danger" and "where being uniquely different might truly be considered a crime."  Notice what stirs her to this declaration of modern tyranny.  It's not an angry mob at Middlebury College surrounding Charles Murray and assaulting a professor. [...] It's not a judge imposing a fine of $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a wedding.  It's not civil asset forfeiture, where law-enforcement authorities can seize property from someone without charging them with a crime. [...] It's not the vast domestic surveillance tools in the hands of the National Security Agency.  No, it's the legal democratic election of a president and congressional majorities she doesn't like.

Democrats announce bill to revoke Trump's 'extreme vetting' order.  Senate Democrats announced a bill Monday [3/13/2017] to revoke President Trump's latest extreme vetting executive order, saying it's discriminatory and counterproductive to the country's efforts to influence allies.  Led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, the new bill is succinct — it cancels the March 6 order that suspends the refugee program and puts a 90-day halt on most admissions from six Middle East and African countries.  "President Trump's discriminatory executive order isn't about strengthening our national security.  It's a transparent effort to fulfill his campaign promise to implement a 'Muslim Ban,'" Mrs. Feinstein said in a statement.

The American Left Discovers Its Inner George Wallace.  Leftish activists are campaigning to have the Confederate flag removed from statehouses, statutes of southern statesmen removed from campuses and public spaces, and the names of campus buildings changed to remove any they deem racist.  These very same campaigners, or at least their leaders, are finding time to demand that their cities and states interpose their authority between the federal government and the people of their city or state.  The word hypocrisy fails to do their work the dishonor it deserves.  The doctrine of interposition, born in 1798, was the work of none other than James Madison, author of the Virginia Resolution. [...] The left is attempting to breathe life into the slave-owning and segregationist groups' interposition doctrine.

What Has Gotten Into the Democrats?  Why are they so bellicose toward Moscow?  What happened to détente?  What happened to perestroika and glasnost?  And how about their long-time fear of a "nuclear winter" and their longing for a "nuclear freeze"? The Democrats have always been big on mixing rhetoric with climate.  Though admittedly, Putin and his fat cat cronies have changed over the years from the Soviets of old.  The old Soviet economy was something that Bernie Saunders and Pelosi and even the Schumer of recent edition could identify with.

ANALYSIS — TRUE: During emotional, 2-minute standing ovation for SEAL widow Carryn Owens, key Democrats sat on their hands.  Based upon their reactions to President Trump's outstanding speech before Congress yesterday, Democrats oppose jobs, affordable health care, fighting Islamic terrorism, great educations for inner-city children, and — most of all — America's ability to defend itself.  In the latter case, a 2-minute standing ovation to remember the sacrifices of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens and his widow Carryn was purposefully dissed by Democrat leaders.  Many remained seated and silent during the teary-eyed memorial.

Seven Things Democrats Didn't Stand For During Trump's Address To Congress.  Democrats refused to stand and applaud multiple times during President Donald Trump's hour-long Tuesday night address to Congress.  A few things Trump spoke to Congress about included creating jobs for the country's citizens, immigration reform, bolstering the military, lowering drug prices and returning power to the states.  Democrats, in response, refused to react when Trump mentioned America and putting Americans back to work.

Since Trump's Win, Dems Have Flipped Zero Seats in Four Blue State Special Elections.  In the middle of President Trump's well-received address on Tuesday [2/28/2017], a liberal writer and commentator excitedly tweeted out some breaking special election results out of Connecticut, racking up thousands of retweets.  The Left, which has been methodically stripped of power by voters since 2008, is casting about for evidence that their feverish "resistance" is tipping the political pendulum back in the other direction.

Top Democrats Refuse To Stand, Clap For Navy SEAL Widow Honored By Trump.  On Tuesday evening [2/28/2017], President Trump spoke to a joint session of Congress — and gave what was obviously the best speech of his career.  The best moment was obvious, too: his tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William 'Ryan' Owens. [...] And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) apparently sat there and didn't cheer as the incredible moment progressed, along with Senator Bernie Sanders and others [...]

The Democrats are not done ruining the country.  This is really not your father's Democratic Party.  Joined at the hip, after last week's roll call in Atlanta, are Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, two radicals chosen to lead the Party and the nation entirely leftward.  Their constitution is not our Constitution and if they ever get in, prepare for an America favorable to Sharia law.  If at any time that crowd gets control of the White House, or Congress, forget Judeo/Christian values because they don't like Christians and they don't like Jews.

What They Are Saying:  Dem Response Is A "Fiasco".  The Democratic Party just turned to 72-year old former governor Steve Beshear to give their response to President Trump's address to Congress, and the media quickly slammed Beshear for giving a clunker of a speech, calling it a "fiasco," "overcorrecting," and even comparing it to a "Life Alert" ad.  Beshear was so ill prepared for the speech, he even accidentally described himself as a "Republican."

Target shares plunge on weak sales outlook.  Target Corp. reported a steeper-than-expected decline in fourth-quarter same-store sales and said it expected sales to continue to fall this fiscal year, sending its shares tumbling 13 percent in premarket trading Tuesday [2/28/2017].  The company has struggled with declining sales as shoppers increasingly gravitate to online retailers such as Inc. and spend more on big-ticket purchases such as cars and home renovations rather than electronics, food and apparel.

The Editor says...
Or maybe it's because Target took the lead in welcoming transvestites and perverts into their restrooms, and now there's a massive nationwide boycott of Target as a result.

It's Official:  Liberals Only Care About Illegals and Muslims.  Hey, liberals!  There's a reason why illegal Hispanics and jihadis aren't represented by the system.  In the first place, they have broken the law by coming here without completing the administrative state's vital and voluminous paperwork.  In the second place, they intend to break the law by violently overturning the United States government and its separation of church and state, replacing Western culture with Sharia law.

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez Is No 'Moderate' At All.  One of the amazing things about the now-completed Democratic National Committee chairman's race was how former Labor Secretary Tom Perez became perceived as the "moderate" or "centrist" choice.  This occurred in part because he was aligned with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic primary, and partially because his biggest rival was Rep. Keith Ellison, former member of the Nation of Islam, the congressman who meets with radical terror-sponsoring Saudi clerics, the one with the anti-gay imam, the one who used to "go on all the time about 'Jewish slave traders.'"  "Less radical than Keith Ellison" is an awfully low bar to clear.  Relax, fans of the Nation of Islam, Perez says he wants to make Ellison "the face of the Democratic Party," and I am sure many Republicans are ready and willing to help him out in that task.

Just How Bad Is Tom Perez?  Everyone seems to think the Democratic Party dodged a bullet in selecting former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez over radical Islamist Rep. Keith Ellison for party chairman.  A look at Perez's record shows that the party dodged nothing.  Ellison's appeal to Democrats was in his openly deranged radical extremism, he was billed as the outsider, the upstart, the new wave to freshen up the stale party that had lost so badly last November.  Perez was somehow declared the moderate by default.  Fact is, he was just as extreme in his views, but less noisy than Ellison.

Starbucks Brand Crashes After Announcement of Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim 'Refugees'.  The Starbucks Coffee brand has taken a major hit since the company's announcement that it would hire 10,000 Muslim "refugees" in response to President Donald Trump's temporary travel moratorium in January.  Starbucks was one of those early to criticize President Trump for putting a temporary hold on immigration from a list of seven terror-torn countries flagged by the Obama administration.  In response, the coffee house giant pledged to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees over five years in protest against Trump's order.

Watch foul liberal protesters LOSE IT when Louisiana townhall opens with PRAYER!  Wow, you won't believe this video.  Apparently the far left liberal protesters hate Christianity so much they scream out in horror like demons stuck in a pig when Jesus' name is mentioned.  [Video clip]

Protesters Freak Out After GOP Town Hall Opens With A Prayer.  Liberal protesters became enraged when a Louisiana town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy opened with a prayer earlier this week, screaming at the chaplain as he tried to lead the crowd in prayer.  The protesters, who were there with a local chapter of anti-Trump group Indivisible, can be heard groaning and shouting as the chaplain says, "In God we trust."  One man can be heard saying, "Pray on your own time!" Others shouted incredulously, "Prayer?  Prayer?"  Video of the event, first reported by The Washington Free Beacon, reveals one woman shouting the name "Lucifer" while the chaplain invokes God's name.  Other, non-protesting attendees can be heard trying to shush the protesters.

Town hall agitators explode at the name of Jesus.  Louisiana State chaplain Michael Sprague and the unidentified Vietnam War veteran should be commended for maintaining their composure in the face of such verbal barbarism.  The Feb. 22 town hall meeting in Metairie, was quickly overrun by the angry mob — much like other town hall meetings hosted by Republican lawmakers across the country.  The mainstream media would have us believe the unruly demonstrations are part of an organic, grassroots effort.  But I sincerely doubt many in the mob were actually residents of Louisiana [...]

Democratic Senators Are Avoiding Town Halls.  Democratic Senators have been avoiding town halls with their constituents, even though ten of them are up for re-election in 2018.  Only been a few have taken on town halls, the New York Post reported on Friday [2/24/2017].  Hillary Shields, a member of Kansas City Indivisible, said that her Senator skipping out on an invitation for a town hall suggests that lawmakers are "afraid" of the people they represent.  "Seems to me that all these members of Congress are afraid of their constituents," Shields said of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.), who refused an invitation to attend a town hall.

The Democrats who don't dare face voters at town halls.  Recent weeks have seen a flood of media reports on Republicans facing angry constituents at town-hall meetings, so it's nice to see the Associated Press point out that many Democrats have been dodging town halls altogether.  Specifically, AP's Steve Peoples notes that Senate Democrats up for re-election in states that President Trump carried on Election Day just don't want to show up.  Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), for one, sent a staff member rather than attend a Kansas City town hall last weekend.  She will chat with voters this week via Facebook Live — a much more controlled environment, where angry mass shouting isn't an option.

Perhaps they also pretend she's healthy, wise and honest, and makes substantive speeches with her delightful voice.
Fake News Site Lets Liberals Live In Alternate Reality Where Hillary Is President.  Liberals seeking refuge from reality now have a fake news website where they can pretend to live in a world where Hillary Clinton is president.  "Approval ratings for President Clinton hit 89 percent," "Confused by fake news, Redditers think Trump is president" and "DOJ considers charging Trump with treason" are just a few headlines featured on, a satirical news site devoted to covering stories from an alternate universe where Hillary won last November's election.  "In the midst of a Constitutional crisis, this is our response," the site's description reads.  "Long live the true president, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Internal Secession and the Road to Ruin:  Two Countries.  The difference begins with manners.  Throughout the campaign Trump's partisans forgathered in huge rallies, applauded, calmly went home, and later voted.  At the same time we saw on Clinton's behalf mobs of ill-bred, worse mannered, loutish, perennial adolescents blocking highways, shutting down rallies, engaging in vandalism and physically attacking supporters of Trump.  Cars were destroyed, fires set, ATMs smashed.  Black Lives Matter, always ghetto predators, were worst, but low-grade college students and their equally dismal professors joined in.  They were obscene, infantile.  And naive:  They apparently believe that they harm Trump though of course their behavior drives people in the other direction.

The Muslim Face of the New Democratic Party.  [Scroll down]  One case, among countless others:  The anti-Trump women's march was co-led by an Islamist in a hijab.  It is well worth reading the front-page exposé on Linda Sarsour, because she is a leader of so many of the causes that Obama promoted as president:  Occupy Wall St., BDS, Black Lives Matter, the Muslim Brotherhood.  After 9/11, Sarsour rose in power by promoting the jihadi fiction of "Islamophobia." The Democratic Party uses this accusation to fight Republican national security measures and accord itself unmerited moral superiority.  Sarsour's Islamic group was a big success.  It prevented the New York Police Department from conducting surveillance of Muslim groups and mosques the police suspected of promoting terrorism.  For her work, Ms. Sarsour was honored by President Obama as a "White House Champion of Change" and was invited to the White House seven times. [...] She did not sneak into the White House or get placed on the podium of the Women's March by mistake.  The Democratic Party rejects moderate Muslims and is happy to ally itself with Muslim-American radicals.

Shoving Alinsky's Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left's Ugly Face.  Alinsky's Rules are relatively simple, and they make sense when you are fighting a conventional opponent with an interest in maintaining the status quo.  The Rules are terrific for dealing with an old-school conservative guy who drives a Buick, enjoys gardening, and doesn't want any trouble.  They aren't so effective against conservative brawlers who like to punch, and who aren't too fussy about whether it's with tweets or with fists.  The Rules are not some magic incantation; they are simply some tactical principles that work in certain kinds of fights against certain kinds of opponents — particularly ones willing to unilaterally disarm in the face of an unprincipled enemy.

No Republicans Need Apply.  One of the less understood criticisms of progressivism is that it is totalitarian, not in the sense that kale-eating Brooklynites want to build prison camps for political nonconformists (except for the ones who want to lock up global-warming skeptics) but in the sense that it assumes that there is no life outside of politics, that there is no separate sphere of private life, and that church, family, art, and much else properly resides within that sphere.

WA College Helps Parents 'Cure' Their Toddlers of Racism and Sexism.  The workshop, for parents of children aged 3-6, includes a presentation, handouts, group activities, and homework that will help you cure your young children of any attachment they have to rational thought.  That way, they don't have to wait until college to find out that their ideas about race and gender are outdated.  The class is taught by a grad student who, according to the event page, is "engaged in education initiatives focused on inclusion and equity."

Gratitude for 84 Lumber.  As with most everything the cultural left touches these days, the backlash has been worth more than a few chuckles.  If you don't believe me, go on 84 Lumber's Facebook page and read the comments under the company's postings regarding the commercial.  A vast majority of the user replies are scathingly negative and reflect the same views that produced a map with 85 percent of American counties colored red just a few months ago.  Are those views xenophobic and anti-immigrant, as the left proclaims, or are they simply the views of those who recognize that there are no global human rights declaring unrestricted entry or immigration to the United States?

The United States Cannot Survive as Presently Constituted.  The inauguration of Donald Trump sparked national protests — obscene, vulgar, and crude — by the Left.  Over sixty congressional Democrats boycotted his inauguration.  Plans to impeach him were in the works — before he had even done anything.  And when Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by cracking down on immigration from Muslim countries — for the purpose of preventing jihadist terror attacks — the Left took to the streets once again.  And that was just Trump's first week in office.  What do Americans of the Left and the Right have in common?  Nothing  — except hate for each other.

Trump's Best Asset May Be His Unhinged Opponents.  The good news for Democrats is that the apathy of many of their voters — which contributed to Hillary Clinton's losing in November — is gone now that Donald Trump is president.  "We have never in living memory seen an electorate as fired up and angry and engaged as they are right now, Ben Wikler, Washington director of the left-wing group, told RealClearPolitics.  The bad news for Democrats is that the fires of protest could burn so brightly that they alienate moderate voters and threaten any Democrats who decline to throw gasoline on the fires.

Democrats are becoming the party of secession.  Some call it Trump Derangement Syndrome, but that's too kind.  It's not a temporarily insane reaction, it's a calculated plan to wreck the presidency, whatever the cost to the country.  Things never seen in the modern era are now rapidly becoming common.  Impeachment talk already is rumbling in the party's hothouses, and Trump was met with a lawsuit the minute he took the oath.  Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the top Dems in Congress, led a raucous demonstration Monday night, as if they are community organizers.  And Obama couldn't bear the irrelevance after eight days out of office and felt compelled to encourage disruptions.  This is Third World behavior and it's now the M.O. of one of America's two political parties.

Normalizing Degeneracy.  [Portland's Resistance movement] is another one of these "antifascist" movements you see with kids wearing masks, smashing Bank of America windows, and punching "Nazis" (anyone who disagrees with them) in the face.  They purport to be about equality, but I just had an epiphany and realized they're actually mentally ill perverts who are at war with normalcy because it exposes them for the freaks they truly are.  One of their favorite accusations is we are "normalizing white supremacy."  This sounds like a world where skinheads with swastika tattoos pack your groceries and it's very confusing if you take it literally, but what it really means is:  "Normal" is the worst thing imaginable.  If you recognize it as a concept, you're a Nazi.

Obama:  Jihadophile.  [Scroll down]  Obama is a jihadophile.  He has made that clear in a thousand different ways during his eight years, enough time to plant agents and suborn U.S. government personnel.  No wonder we couldn't do anything effective to resist jihad; Obama even refused to use the words "Islamic terrorism."  But he is still beloved by a veritable snowpack of campus flakes.  Exposing the real enemy is only the first step in national defense.  Fighting the enemy is a next step, and even today the Democrats and EuroSocialists are self-righteously refusing to do that.

Not All Refugees Are Welcome.  Militant mayors in Seattle, Denver and New York City re-declared themselves open-borders sanctuaries — or as I call them, outlaw cities.  All of California will now consider declaring itself a "sanctuary state."  Radical progressive companies vowed to hire 10,000 refugees (Starbucks), provide free housing to refugees (Airbnb) and subsidize left-wing legal efforts to fight President Trump's refugee moratorium and enhanced visa-holder vetting (Lyft).  Reasonable people can argue about the details and implementation of Trump's policies.  But the John Lennon-addled "Imagine there's no country" crowd is post-reason.

Congressional Democrats Sing "Commie Anthem" to Protest Donald Trump.  Congressional Democrats sang "This Land Is Your Land," a song called the Communist Anthem by its author Woody Guthrie.  Guthrie said that joining the Communist Party "was one of the best things he had ever done."

Government by mob:
Feinstein Invokes Saturday's March As Reason to Delay Sessions Confirmation Vote.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Tuesday used the recent women's march on Washington as an excuse to delay a confirmation vote on Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general.  "I'm asking that the vote for Sen. Jeff Sessions be held over until next week," Feinstein told the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Feinstein pointed to the 188 pages of written responses Sessions has submitted at the request of committee members:  "Our staff needs time to go through these answers and we need time to put them in context with what we know and what we've learned about Sen. Sessions's record," she said.  "And I also believe it's important to reflect on this nomination in light of the demonstration we saw this weekend."

This misguided Democrat proposal would negate the deterrent effect of mutually assured destruction.
Democrats try to take nukes away from Trump:  Senator and Congressman propose new law banning the President from firing weapons without a vote.  Two Democratic lawmakers have put forward bill that would take away President Trump's access to the nuclear codes.  The new law, introduced by Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Rep. Ted Lieu of California, would prevent the President from launching nuclear weapons without first a obtaining a congressional declaration of war.  Under current legislation, the US president can launch a nuclear strike regardless of whether or not America is under attack.  In a statement, Markey said that nuclear war is the 'gravest risk to human survival,' and expressed concerns about Trump having access to the nuclear button.

The Editor says...
Wait, I thought the libs believed global warming was the greatest threat to human survival.  So global warming is not an absolute certainty, but nuclear war is?

Three Mainstream Media Lies on Trump's First Day.  Lie #3: The anti-Trump protests in Washington, D.C. were important.  The protests were nothing more than the venting of outrage at Trump's election.  For all the talk of "women's rights," there was nothing particular to point to that Trump had done about anything relating to women.  The demonstration was large, but also disorganized, as well as vulgar, and protesters left heaps of trash over the various routes they took, including protest signs abandoned at Union Station as they left the capital.

White Candidate For DNC Chair Says Her Job Will Be 'To Shut Other White People Down'.  Sally Boynton Brown, a white woman running for chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Monday that if she is chosen to lead the party her job will be to "shut other white people down."  "My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt," Brown said during a DNC candidate forum.

Idaho Dems Exec Director:  DNC Should Train People In 'How to Shut Their Mouths If They're White'.  During Monday's Democracy in Color DNC debate, Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director and DNC Chair candidate Sally Boynton Brown stated that "my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.  My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh, no, I'm not prejudiced.  I'm a Democrat.  I'm accepting.'  My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege."  And argued the DNC should have training for people in "how to shut their mouths if they're white."

The DC Women's Tantrum.  The day after Donald Trump took the oath of office to become the forty-fifth President of the United States, radical liberal feminazis took to the streets of Washington D.C. and put on a disgusting display of hedonism and hate.  What was billed as the "Women's March on Washington" quickly devolved into what any sound-minded political observer knew it would, and the worst of the American left was on unhinged display for all the world to see.

One-third of House Democrats refuse to participate in peaceful transfer of power.  Just a few months ago progressives were warning that failure to publicly accept the results of the election was a threat to our democratic system.  Yet, as of today, one-third of House Democrats say they will skip the inauguration of Donald Trump, the public ceremony marking the peaceful transition of power.  Yesterday [1/17/2017] I noted that the number refusing to attend the DC event was 52 but by today it had jumped up to sixty-five.  Very few of these lawmakers are claiming they are too busy to attend.  Instead, Democrats have announced they will protest the incoming president by refusing to take part in the ceremony.

Krauthammer: Democrats' Boycott of the Inauguration Is 'Scandalous'.  When Donald Trump is sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States, more than 60 Democrats will not be in attendance. [...] [Dr. Charles] Krauthammer noted the protesters out in D.C., saying many of them are "incoherent" when it comes to explaining what they're protesting.  He argued that members of Congress are supposed to be the "adults" who set an example.

Trump Inauguration Protesters Work Hard For His Re-Election.  Yes, a lot can and will go wrong with the Trump administration over the next four years, so it's impossible to predict the next election.  But everything in the behavior of Trump's opponents on the Left tells us they are determined to learn nothing from this past election and to double down on everything that drove voters into Trump's camp.

The Left Is Thoroughly Bamboozled.  As Inauguration Day approaches, the leftist media, the Democrats, and the moonbats that make up the nation's academic class are well and truly melting, as surely as the wicked witch of the Wizard of Oz melted when Dorothy tossed some water on her.  So thoroughly, deeply convinced of their own superiority in all things political, legal, cultural, gender, and all branches of learning that they have created their own parallel universe in which Trump could not possibly have won, everyone loves Obama and Obamacare, the economy is booming, unemployment is low, humans are destroying the planet with global warming, global cooling, climate change, and/or bad weather, and Hillary was a shoo-in to win the 2016 election.  They actually believed, without a shred of actual evidence, that Hillary Clinton was qualified to be President even though her record is one of incompetence, poor judgment, corruption and failure.  They have been bamboozled for so long that they have lost the ability to see reality.  They want no part of it because in their parallel universe these things cannot possibly be true.

Here are the Democrats Who are Skipping Trump's Inauguration.  At last count, over 50 Democrats have announced they will be skipping President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, January 20.  The majority of them are from the deep blue state of California.

And Now The Left's War On Normal Americans Truly Begins.  [Scroll down]  In Hollywood, the left is piling on anyone who refuses to completely reject Trump and, by extension, all of us normals.  Look at Nicole Kidman, who the fascists attempted to crucify for simply saying what Hillary Clinton had been saying right up until she lost — that you ought to accept the legitimacy of the winner.  Look at the death threats against a blind opera singer.  Look at those clowns lecturing us at their awards shows/narcissism orgies.  As the left always does, it is relying one fear to enforce its creepy conformity.

A Modest Proposal — To All Those Boycotting Members of Congress.  The first time I met Democrat Maxine Waters was nearly a generation ago when she was a Member of the California State Assembly.  At the State Capitol with the Republican Minority Leader of the State Assembly, I entered a "Members Only" elevator just as Assemblywoman Waters was about to close the door.  She gave the Republican Leader a dirty look, then glanced at the customary "no smoking sign" and blew smoke in my face.  A Member of the U.S. Congress since since 1990, Maxine Waters remains perennially angry.  If Al Sharpton were a transsexual, he would be Maxine Waters, except she may be more demagogic, if that is possible.  A quintessential political hack, she sees everything in terms of race, gender, class, in that order.  Extra points if you're a Palestinian or Muslim.

'Resist Trump' Meeting Refuses to Recite Pledge of Allegiance.  Left-wing organizers refused a request to recite the Pledge of Allegiance during a "Resist Trump" meeting on Sunday sponsored by to plan protests against the President-elect.  The pledge was rejected because it was "not on the agenda."

Freshman Democrat Kamala Harris grills CIA director nominee on climate change.  Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., grilled CIA director Mike Pompeo on whether climate change was a leading national security threat during his Senate confirmation hearings Thursday.  "CIA Director Brennan, who has spent a 25-year career at the CIA as an analyst, a senior manager and station chief in the field, has that when 'CIA analysts look for deeper causes of rising instability in the world, one of the causes those CIA analysts see is the impact of climate change,'" Harris began.  "Do you have any reason to doubt the assessment of those CIA analysts?"  Pompeo, a Republican congressman from Kansas, replied that he was unfamiliar with the material Harris was referencing but that the CIA would gather information on all threats to American security, including any that stem from climatic activity, and present them to policymakers.

Hollywood, spare us your hypocrisy.  [P]eople hate being lectured by Hollywood.  Why?  Partly it's because Los Angeles is a strange, alien land full of beautiful eccentrics who use private jets like the rest of us use cabs.  Partly because their politics are often far-left and absurd.  But also because Hollywood is grossly hypocritical.

Judge Jeanine asks:  Are Americans worried about Russian hacking?  In her Street Justice segment on her Fox News show, Judge Jeanine Pirrro asks people on the street if they are worried about Russian hacking.  For the most part, they aren't.  [Video clip]

Liberals Awake From an 8-Year Moral Coma.  For eight years, the voices of what passes for morality on the left were utterly silent as the values of generations of Americans were flushed down the drain.  Those Americans whose desires, experiences and values differed from the leftist elite were treated as worthless garbage, no longer necessary to the imminent liberal utopia, except as a source of revenue.  Christianity was treated like a virus to be extinguished, or revised and controlled to accommodate leftist ideology.  Speech that offended the shameless was branded as hateful, and those daring to openly object to the onslaught of vice and immorality were falsely smeared with every vile epithet the liberals could conjure.

Perfect: DNC Chair Candidate Forum to Be Held at Anti-Israel Restaurant.  Brent Scher of the Washington Free Beacon reports that the Democratic party's slate of nominees for DNC chair has agreed to participate in a candidate forum hosted at a restaurant owned by a rabid critic of Israel.  The decision to hold it there may give the leading contender for DNC chair — the rabidly anti-Israel and one-time Louis Farrakhan backer Keith Ellison — something of a "home field" advantage.  Sadly, however, it's far from clear that any of the participants will feel out of place.  The restaurant in question is called Busboys and Poets.  It is owned by Andy Shallal, an Iraqi-born anti-Israel activist.  According to Shallal, Israel is an "occupation" force guilty of "terrorizing" the Middle East.  Shallal has also claimed that the United States receives its "marching orders from Tel Aviv."  Ellison likewise said in 2010 that United States foreign policy is governed by "what is good or bad" for Israel.  Shallal uses his restaurant to promote his anti-Israeli views.

Celebrities Call for 'Month of Resistance' to Fight 'Fascist' Trump.  Rosie O'Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are among the dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists who have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump.  "No!  In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!" reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times on Wednesday [1/4/2017] by the group Refuse Fascism.

Marijuana legalization supporters to hand out 4,200 joints at Trump inauguration.  Marijuana legalization activists in the nation's capital plan to hand out thousands of joints during President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration as a way to raise awareness about the fragility of legal pot under his administration.  DCMJ, the advocacy group behind the ballot initiative that legalized pot in Washington, D.C., in 2014, will take to the streets Jan. 20 to give away 4,200 joints — or about 40 ounces of marijuana.

What Are They Afraid Of?  What's causing all the frenzy on the left is just this:  the realization that after eight years of weak and undemocratic governance, democracy has reasserted itself.  The American heartland is disgusted with what they've done, from Obamacare to Black Lives Matter to transgendered bathrooms to a feeble foreign policy that emboldens our enemies.  The truth is that most Americans are not progressives and never will be.  They are conservative by nature.  They believe in small business, family, God, and the right to self-defense.

Watching the Fakestream Break Down.  Psychologically, there is no difference now between the Democrats and Jim Jones or Scientology.  Closed-minded utopian cults are all the same: they all follow messianic personalities like Obama and Hillary, and they all drive out any source of dissent.  But dissent and open debate are what keeps us in touch with reality, a point that applies to nations as well as individuals.  North Korea is run by a closed cult, like Iran and Saudi Arabia.  No dissent is allowed, and little by little a Party Line takes over that drifts out of touch with reality.  Because Eurosocialism is identical to Obamanoia, we are seeing stunning parallels between the U.S. and Europe.  The same political ideology is running things over there and over here.  These people are still stuck in soft Marxism, having learned nothing from the fall of the Soviet Empire.  They are doomed to failure.

Liberal Logic.  If a man says he's Napoleon Bonaparte, he needs help, but if he says he's a woman he's perfectly sane and if anyone refuses to go along with him he's being oppressed.  If 97% of scientists say that man made global warming is real anyone who disagrees should be put in prison.  When 100% of scientists say that human life begins at conception it has nothing to do with abortion.  If Russia publishes true facts about Hillary it's foreign interference in our election.  If illegals, i.e. foreigners, vote in our election it's a good thing.  Clubbing a baby seal to death is evil.  Dismembering an unborn human girl without anesthetic is a societal good.  Getting water to California's central valley farmers isn't as important as protecting the delta smelt.  It's okay if wind turbines kill 4200 bald eagles each year.  Saying all lives matter is racist.  Saying only black lives matter is not.

The Christian Left Has Become Unhinged.  The left, who used every possible means at their disposal to curtail religious liberty (believers must bake cakes or take pictures at LGBT "weddings," etc.), project onto Conservatives the tactics that they employed when they were in power.  They appear to have no comprehension of the fear many Americans felt under President Obama's threats to "fundamentally transform America."  They were very happy to lump Evangelical Christians into a "basket of deplorables."  In their eyes, it was perfectly legitimate to portray mainstream Evangelicals as "alt-right" to be feared and hated because of their "extremism" and punished for living out their faith in everyday life.

Warning to Democrats:  The rules have changed.  Weeks after the election, they still don't get it.  We still hear the litany of worn out excuses, such as "We didn't get our message out."  The Russians did it.  The FBI did it.  Bernie supporters betrayed us.  Blacks did not vote.  The election was stolen.  Hillary won the popular vote (albeit with massive voter fraud, of which Detroit is only the tip of the iceberg with its 120-percent voter turnout in many Democrat precincts). [...] After decades of indoctrination in the public schools and universities, a population of newly minted liberals has filled the big cities and the coasts, feeling entitled to win elections, even when they don't vote.  Merely disagreeing with them incites them to anger, sometimes to violence.  Thus, they rarely if ever hear what we conservatives have to say.

Free therapy because Trump won?  According to the New York Post, Mayor Bill de Blasio is creating a citywide safe space for New York City's municipal workers and offering them psychotherapy sessions to deal with the results of the presidential election.  Taken literally (and we should), the mayor is telling citizens of New York City that they should indulge any potential weakness inside them that makes them believe they can't deal with the results of American democracy when the results don't go their way — that they're easily injured, inherently weak and don't have the personal fortitude to keep fighting for what they believe in.

Whoopi Goldberg:  Celebrating Christmas And Getting An Abortion Is The Same Thing.  "The View" host was talking about the right to display Nativity scenes on Tuesday [12/13/2016] when she brought up abortion out of nowhere.

Another Intelligence Agency Agrees With the FBI: The CIA Was Wrong About Russia Helping Trump.  Despite what the American government would like you to believe, not everyone in the world is convinced that Russia is the Reason Trump is President-elect today.  In fact, not everyone within our own intelligence community is convinced that they had anything to do with our election.  I mean, is it so hard to believe that millions upon millions of Americans got fed up with being called "racist" and "sexist" and "homophobic" every time we dared disagree with the liberal/progressive narrative?

Liberals get hysterical over the 'alt-right' but we are living in their 'alt-left' world.  There is no alt-left.  They are not alternative.  Their mainstream is radical and out of the American mainstream on almost everything.  This was quite obvious as liberals bemoaned the death of Fidel Castro, a man his own daughter called "a tyrant."  The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. summed up years of devotion, recalling how, "the oppressed the world over joined Castro's cause of fighting for freedom & liberation."  Some liberals distanced themselves from that love affair, though many have embraced left-wing dictators from Stalin to Chavez.

Democrats, Not Trump, Racialize Our Politics.  Democratic pundits are calling on their party to court working-class and non-coastal whites in the wake of this month's electoral rout.  But the Democratic Party is now dominated by identity politics, which defines whites, particularly heterosexual males, as oppressors of every other population in the U.S.  Why should the targets of such thinking embrace an ideology that scorns them?

Progressives without Power.  There are 25 states in which the state legislatures and governorships are controlled by Republicans, and two states with executive/legislative divides in which there are Republican legislative majorities large enough to override a veto from the Democratic governor.  Sixty-eight of the country's 98 partisan state legislative chambers are Republican-run.  There are only four states with Democratic governors and legislatures; it is true that these include one of our most populous states (California), but the majority of Americans live in states in which there are Republican trifectas or veto-proof legislative majorities.  Two-thirds of the nation's governors are Republicans; more than two-thirds of our state legislative houses are under Republican control.  Republicans control both houses of Congress and have just won the presidency.

Jill Stein praises Fidel Castro: 'A symbol of the struggle for justice'.  Green Party perennial presidential hopeful Jill Stein praised former Cuban strongman Fidel Castro on Saturday, as encomiums by many left-of-center politicians continued to roll in following his death.

Arkansas Dem switches parties, hands GOP a supermajority in state house of representatives.  This is the stuff of nightmares for Democrat bosses.  Already acutely aware of the down ballot disaster Obama has inflicted on the party, they now have to deal with abandonment, as ambitious politicians see the handwriting on the wall.  This party is going nowhere for at least the present.

Former Sanders Spokeswoman:  "We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party".  Symone Sanders, former spokeswoman for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, appeared on CNN Wednesday afternoon [11/23/2016] to weigh in on the future of the DNC and the Democratic party.  Sanders dismissed the idea of Howard Dean returning as DNC chairman commenting, "we don't need white people leading the Democratic party right now."

Yeah, we can tell.
Fewer U.S. parents spanking their kids.  Spanking and hitting children to discipline them has been on the decline among U.S. parents — rich and poor alike — since 1988, a new study finds.  According to the researchers, the number of mothers with an average income level who considered physical discipline acceptable decreased from 46 percent to 21 percent over two decades.

The Editor says...
The Bible says the man that spares his rod hates his son.

Democrats have enthusiastically become the "anti-White people" Party.  It's pretty simple math.  Whites still make up nearly seventy percent of the population of the United States.

A Tactical Suggestion For Democrats:  Tone Down Your Hatred Of Straight White Men.  After Republican defeats in Presidential elections, the Mainstream Media constantly calls for the GOP to fundamentally change by putting illegal aliens on the Path to Citizenship.  After this Democratic defeat, however, there have been numerous reassurances that the general strategy of Electing a New People is foolproof in the long run.

Millennials Are In Election Hell Because Politics Has Become Their God.  The freak-out is especially acute among millennials.  These are the "nones" and the "spiritual but not religious" bunch we've heard about the past decade.  Millennials, we were told, didn't abandon faith per se — can the human spirit truly live without faith? — they simply redirected it away from "organized religion" toward other things, chief among which was politics.  I wonder how that's working out for them.

Oregon official who bullied Christian bakery owners loses election.  An Oregon bureaucrat who waged political jihad against the owners of a Christian bakery was given the heave-ho by voters.  Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian was defeated by Republican Dennis Richardson in his bid to be Secretary of State.  It's the first time a Republican has been elected to a statewide office in Oregon since 2002.  So consider this — Avakian was too liberal for what is arguably one of the most liberal states in the country.  Avakian, a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA crowd, was thrust into the national spotlight when he declared war on a Christian bakery in 2013.

Getting Stupid.  While it certainly appears so when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don't seem to have much interest in explaining to the "protesters" that Trump will be president and it's time to go home, it's often worse than that.  Take, for example, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), who came right out and said "God bless the protesters."  That's a man who supposedly will carry the Democrats' standard in 2020.

Soros and Other Far Leftists Instigate Revolution Against Trump.  [Scroll down]  Even well before the presidential election, Soros was busy behind the scenes fomenting combustible street protests that burst out of control.  For example, the Washington Times has reported that "Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations."  Soros is anti-police.  He tweeted a reference to an article published by his Open Society Foundations, entitled "Let's Reduce, Not Reform, Policing in America."  The author described policing as "the armed enforcement of the interests of the most powerful over those who would challenge that power."  Her proposed solution was not better police training or accountability, but simply to "shrink the size and scope of police forces, reduce the number of gadgets at cops' disposal, and constrain their ability to ensnare us."  Without adequate police to prevent or constrain riots, protesters will have free rein to intimidate those whom they see as their political enemies.

Democrat Luis Gutierrez Threatens War If Trump Enforces Immigration Law.  There have been a lot of crazy reactions from the democrats now that Donald Trump has won the presidency but none as insane as this one from US Representative Luis Gutierrez.  The [trash]-talking homeboy from Illinois is threatening to go to war with Trump, ICE, DHS, and the entire federal government if the next president dares to enforce our country's immigration laws by deporting illegal aliens.  Did I say insane?  I meant treasonous.

Democrats Are Losing the Culture Wars.  Democratic operatives criticized the Clinton campaign team for taking the Rust Belt for granted.  Bernie Sanders and his ascendant left-wing flank of the party blames the party's closeness to Wall Street.  No one is pointing a finger at the most glaring vulnerability:  the party's cultural disconnect from much of the country.  On issues ranging from the president's hesitance to label terrorism by its name to an unwillingness to criticize extremist elements of protest groups like Black Lives Matter to executive orders mandating transgender bathrooms, the administration offended the sensibilities of the American public.

Watch Crowd BOO Wanda Sykes for Attacking Trump & Supporters.  Celebrities just can't seem to get the message that people don't want to hear the political rantings from someone paid millions of dollars to play pretend all day.  Yet somehow, they keep doing it, even though it never ends well.  Wanda Sykes is the latest example of someone who had to learn that lesson the hard way.  [Video clip]

Cluelessness Runs Deep.  Republicans are capturing one state legislative body after another; they now control more than two-thirds of them.  Somehow, though, both national and local media fail to catch on.

Blue Nation Protesters.  Blue Nation wants to secede from the union.  Members of Blue Nation have threatened to move to Canada, but Canada has officially asked them to stay put.  Members of Blue Nation have threatened, via Twitter, to assassinate the President-Elect.  This is their character.  Yes, Red Nation would have felt much the same had Hillary Clinton been elected, but there was a little matter of placing the nation's most shameless felon in charge of the nation's law enforcement apparatus that led to those feelings.  Blue Nation wants to assassinate Donald Trump, because he does not think like they do.  Those are some serious differences.

New York Times executive editor: 'New York is not the real world'.  New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet said his newspaper's insular world view is at fault for so wrongly misreading the election that saw Donald Trump become the president-elect.  In an interview with Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg, Baquet said he and his publication at large did not see Trump's coming success on Election Day because they do not understand much of the country's voters.

Obama Spokesman: 'Far Too Early... to Discern Exactly What Message Voters Were Trying to Send'.  On the day after Americans chose Donald Trump over a woman who promised to defend and "build on" Barack Obama's policies, a White House spokesman said he doesn't know what message the voters were trying to send.  "[T]he results of the election are not even 12 hours old, and I think it is far too early, at least for me, to discern exactly what message the voters were trying to send last night," Josh Earnest told reporters on Wednesday [11/9/2016].

The Communists Behind the Anti-Trump Protests.  From reading the various mainstream media accounts of these events, one comes away with the distinct impression that they are grassroots actions that began organically among ordinary, concerned, well-meaning citizens.  But alas, if one were to think that, one would be wrong.  Contrary to media misrepresentations, many of the supposedly spontaneous, organic, anti-Trump protests we have witnessed in cities from coast to coast were in fact carefully planned and orchestrated, in advance, by a pro-Communist organization called the ANSWER Coalition, which draws its name from the acronym for "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism."  ANSWER was established in 2001 by Ramsey Clark's International Action Center, a group staffed in large part by members of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. [...] Since its inception, ANSWER has consistently depicted the United States as a racist, sexist, imperialistic, militaristic nation guilty of unspeakable crimes against humanity — in other words, a wellspring of pure evil.

Hillary's failed campaign revealed:  She turned off women, black and Hispanic voters who showed up for Obama (and that was AFTER trying out 84 slogans).  Hillary Clinton expected to win.  She was set to ride into the White House on the back of huge margins among women, minority and millennial voters.  Newsweek even sent out advance 'Madam President' souvenir issues to book stores.  But in the end Clinton lost the race to Donald Trump.  And exit polls reveal that the target demographics her campaign relied upon — sometimes favoring up-and-coming groups over historic Democrat supporters — simply did not show up as planned.  The data help to paint a picture of a campaign whose headquarters, isolated in their ultra-liberal Brooklyn, were disastrously out of touch with America's reality.

Celebrity Meltdowns.  It's been some low-hanging fruit watching celebrities react to this election, but low-hanging fruit is delicious.  Lady Gaga asked that we "say a prayer America" and then blew Trump's mind by standing outside one of his buildings with a sign that said "Love trumps hate."  This is a powerful message because Trump hates love.  He was hoping that eventually he could wipe out all the love in America but Gaga was ensuring him that no matter how hard he tried, it would still be there.  Where do these people get their views from — Dr. Seuss?

Celebrities, Have the Grace to Fulfill Your Promises.  The Left was quite positive that the first woman to be president would triumph, and obviously the whole thing was quite a shock.  Celebrities, always eager to get their faces or persons before any available camera, did so.  But just what is a celebrity?  They are people who are famous because you might recognize their face or their name.  They prefer to think that because they may or may not have some name recognition, that the world is interested in their political opinions — it isn't.  Unfortunately there are always some star-struck reporters around who are.

Hillary supporters trash lawn outside Independence Hall.  Last night, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gushed about how much they love America, but the evidence left behind by her supporters may tell a different story.  The Clintons and Obamas rallied Pennsylvania supporters outside Philadelphia's Independence Hall late Monday night, and on Tuesday morning, trash still littered the ground at the site.  Local resident Ed Mac posted several photos from the location, shows garbage strewn across the lawn.

Clinton sycophants blinded by the light.  It is said of toxic narcissists that they manipulate two kinds of people:  those who do not see the abuse and those who purposefully ignore the abuse.  Who among all those telegenic defenders cannot see the truth of who these people are?  Podesta's emails are a virtual road map, as Thomas Frank wrote in an already famous Guardian article that lays out how this country is being run by a small cadre of wealthy, inter-connected elites whose mission in life is only to preserve their own power and wealth.  This crowd helps each other, each other's kids and families.  They cover for each other, lie for each other, defend each other when legal problems arise because so many of them are lawyers.  What is stunning in the Podesta emails is that there is absolutely nothing in any of them that mentions any concern about the country, its citizens, its productivity, economy, or culture.  The emails are only about winning, by any means necessary.

All the Queen's Men.  [Scroll down]  What do the leading men in Hillary Clinton's campaign have in common?  Quite a lot:
  •   All support the sexual revolution's ascendency over religion, morality and religious liberty.
  •   All support the primacy of sex over either family or faith.
  •   All support the dominion of abortion over the dominion of life.  Put another way:  They all support a throwaway culture where human lives are expendable if found to be inconvenient, over a culture of unconditional love.
  •   All also support divorce over unconditional love which upholds the dignity of their current and former spouses.  Continued conquests in the sexual revolution are valued more highly than spouses.
  •   All support genderless, same-sex marriage as fully equal to conjugal, complementary marriage, which, whether wittingly or unwittingly serves as a mocking condemnation of the one true definition of marriage.  They just don't see marriage as a big deal.
  •   All support a decayed form of manhood that seeks sex without consequence, without commitment, with either women or men — and mostly with younger women and younger men.

Why do liberals glorify JFK's promiscuity?  [Scroll down]  This kind of glorification of Kennedy continues to make me laugh, because it's not just magazine authors and professors who do it.  Democrats continue to hold him (and Bill Clinton) up as paragons of their party while claiming Republicans are the anti-women party.  Now we have an entire book telling men that being like Kennedy is the cool thing to do.

Hillary Clinton to campaign with cop critic Jay Z.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is heading to Cleveland Friday [11/4/2016] to campaign with rapper Jay Z, who, along with his wife Beyonce, have drawn fire for their songs and statements accusing police of brutality.  It takes place at Cleveland State University and is part of the music industry giant's get out the vote effort.

I Want a President Who Loves America, Part Trois.  Well, here we are, a week to go before the presidential election of 2016, and one thing is clear.  One of the candidates snuggles up to the American flag when he does his rallies and he tells us that he can Make America Great Again quickly, really quickly.  And the other candidate?  Well, let us just say that she is not exactly celebrating the fundamental goodness of America.  If I understand the meaning of "Stronger Together" rightly, it means that unless we in the Coalition of the Fringes hang together we will hang separately, what with the national menace of white-male locker-room talk and women all over America getting harassed by billionaires and blacks getting shot by white policemen.

North Carolina Democrat Defended Bars That Banned Military.  North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross spoke out in defense of state bars that chose to stop admitting members of the military.  Ross has been forced to answer for much of the work she did as head of North Carolina's ACLU branch during her Democratic primary battle and current campaign to unseat Republican Sen. Richard Burr.  Critics of her ACLU record have pointed to cases that Ross took up and also cases that she chose to ignore, such as a Vietnam veteran who asked for her help after being told he could not fly the American flag on his property.  One group that never received her help was a group of active military members in North Carolina who were told they could not attend certain bars because they were part of the armed forces.

Voter App Reports 74% of Millennials Support Voter ID, 51% Support Border Wall.  According to an exclusive report from the "Tinder for Politics" app Voter, around 74% of its Millennial-based audience support the requirement of an ID to vote, while 51% support building a border wall.  69% also support using the term "radical Islam" to describe ISIS — something which President Obama has frequently refused to do — while 59% oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Horowitz: Is the University of Chicago a Safe Space?  There are many ways to suppress free speech, the right to which is the foundation of all our other rights, and our democracy as well.  Many leftists would like to outright suppress the speech of those with whom they disagree.  But given the fact that most Americans still believe that the First Amendment is important, they are forced to resort to other measures.  One of these is to obstruct speakers who challenge them by disrupting their events and shouting them down.  An even more effective and more common tactic is to slander those whom they disagree with and call them "extremists" and "racists" and the whole bag of "deplorables" that Hillary Clinton so imprudently identified.

Michael Moore:  Trump Voters Are 'Legal Terrorists'.  Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore said in a recent interview that Donald Trump voters are "legal terrorist[s]" and that society should treat the Republican presidential candidate as it would a pedophile.  Moore made the provocative remarks in an interview with Rolling Stone while pitching a new documentary, "Michael Moore in Trumpland."  Moore said he went to union halls for the film and met with longtime Democrats who are considering voting for Trump in November.  His goal, he said, was to force them "to think about the damage they could do by being a legal terrorist on November 8th."

The Editor says...
It takes a special kind of paranoia to compare voting to an act of terrorism.  Legitimate voting (as opposed to voting more than once, voting under someone else's name, and voting while dead) is one of the most peaceful, honorable and orderly ways to participate in government.

The Left and the Masses:  Part III.  When Barack Obama referred to ordinary working people as people who are "bitter," and who "cling to guns or religion," that was not just a peculiarity of Obama.  He was part of a centuries-long tradition on the left.  No one so epitomized the 18th century left as Jean Jacques Rousseau, who likened the masses to "a stupid, pusillanimous invalid."  In the 19th century, Karl Marx said, "The working class is revolutionary or it is nothing" — in other words, millions of human beings mattered only if they carried out his vision.  Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw included the working class among the "detestable" people who "have no right to live."  He added:  "I should despair if I did not know that they will all die presently, and that there is no need on earth why they should be replaced by people like themselves."  It sounds very much like Hillary Clinton's view of the "deplorables" who support her opponent, or Bill Clinton's characterization of the same people as "standard rednecks."

Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs:  Americans Who Want to Limit Immigration Are 'Fundamentally UnAmerican'.  Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs executives that Americans who want to limit immigration are "fundamentally un-American," according to the leaked transcript of her private October 2013 speech made public by WikiLeaks.  Clinton's statement is significant because it suggests that, according to polling data, Clinton views an overwhelming majority of the American electorate to be "fundamentally un-American."  According to data from Pew Research Center, 83% of the American electorate would like to see immigration levels frozen or reduced.

The New War Between the States.  In this disgusting election, dominated by the personal and the petty, the importance of the nation's economic geography has been widely ignored.  Yet if you look at the Electoral College map, the correlation between politics and economics is quite stark, with one economy tilting decisively toward Trump and more generally to Republicans, the other toward Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies.  This reflects an increasingly stark conflict between two very different American economies.  One, the "Ephemeral Zone" concentrated on the coasts, runs largely on digits and images, the movement of software, media and financial transactions.  It produces increasingly little in the way of food, fiber, energy and fewer and fewer manufactured goods.  The Ephemeral sectors dominate ultra-blue states such as New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Connecticut.

Tim Kaine "Opposes Death Penalty" But Embraces Theology That Idolizes Mass-Murderers.  The comradeship between the "Liberation Theology" Tim Kaine admits to embracing while working as a missionary in Central America and mass-murderer Che Guevara is such that some of the cheekier proponents of this Catholic heresy (as denounced by Pope John Paul II himself) depict an iconographic "Chesucristo," with Christ impersonating Che Guevara in the famous t-shirt/emblem.

Ben & Jerry's Faces Boycott After Endorsing Black Lives Matter.  Socially conscious ice cream company Ben & Jerry's faces calls for a boycott after the company announced its support for the Black Lives Matter protest movement this week.  "Systemic and institutionalized racism are the defining civil rights and social justice issues of our time," the Vermont-based company said in a statement posted on

The Editor says...
The worst business move you can make is to tie contentious politics to an otherwise broadly-appealing product.  I'm proud to say that Ben & Jerry's ice cream has never touched my lips — even though I've heard it's pretty good.

Black Lives Matter tactics prompt questions about true aims of social justice movement.  Protests over police shootings of black men.  Outrage over gender bias in business and government.  Panic over melting ice caps and rising sea levels.  Demonstrations against the "1 percent."  Racism.  Sexism.  Environmentalism.  Classism.  What's a social justice warrior to do?  Protest without end, apparently.  D'Artagnan Scorza, executive director and founder of the Los Angeles-based Social Justice Learning Institute, says the social justice movement aims to uplift different groups who have been staggered and stymied by the weight of historical prejudices, oppression, exclusion and other transgressions.

Voters Hit Back at Pro-Clinton Celebrity PSAs.  Celebrities, and particularly movie stars, have an irritating tendency to believe that just because they were in That Big Movie from ten years ago, the American public should automatically care about their political opinions or which candidate they're going to vote for in this year's election.  That's why so many of them are apparently lining up to do not-at-all-subtle anti-Donald Trump "voter registration" public service announcements.

CPAC: Kaine most liberal VP pick ever, beats Biden, Gore, Ferraro, Muskie.  Republican running mate Mike Pence, the Indiana governor and former House leader, is the "most conservative" vice presidential nominee of the last 50 years, according to the American Conservative Union's grading system. [...] By comparison, Democratic running mate Sen. Tim Kaine has the lowest ACU grade in 50 years, zero.  That is even lower than populist hero former Sen. Hubert Humphrey, former Vice President Al Gore and even Vice President Joe Biden.  In fact, Kaine is the only nominee with a perfect zero lifetime rating, and he is even lower than President Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the top of the ticket, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Endorsing Clinton Costs Newspapers Subscribers.  Newspapers that have traditionally endorsed Republicans for president are paying a financial price — cancelled subscriptions for crossing over and endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton.  According to The New York Times, the cancellations were coming in every ten minutes at The Arizona Republic, which had never endorsed a Democrat for president in its 126-year history.

Several newspapers that endorsed Hillary Clinton for president have taken huge subscriber hits.  The Arizona Republic, one of Arizona's largest newspapers, endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president last week.  The paper could have never imagined what followed.  According to the New York Times, who spoke with the paper's editorial page editor, the paper received cancellation calls every 10 minutes following the endorsement.

MSNBC Panelist: 'The Public Should Not Trust Police Officers'.  Saturday on MSNBC's "AM Joy," while discussing the recent police shooting in North Carolina, the co-director of Advancement Project, civil rights attorney Judith Browne Dianis, said, "the public should not trust police officers."

Congressional Black Caucus demands nationwide law enforcement crackdown.  The Congressional Black Caucus is demanding that Attorney General Loretta Lynch immediately take action to prevent police killings with a nationwide crackdown on law enforcement.  "The world is watching and we cannot continue to ignore these killings," said Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., presenting the letter to the media Thursday [9/22/2016] while the entire caucus stood in support outside the Department of Justice.  The Congressional Black Caucus' letter urges Lynch to "aggressively pursue investigations, indictments and prosecutions through the Office of Civil Rights against any and all law enforcement officers who harm or kill innocent unarmed black men, women and children.

The Useless Left.  Who supports Republicans?  Principally folks do work of value, like producing food, healing the sick, growing cotton, drilling oil, building houses, mining coal, protecting us as policemen and soldiers, healing the sick.  Productive people.  Who supports Democrats?  Principally those sloths whose "work" has nothing of real value to ordinary Americans at all like sociology professors; government bureaucrats; public school administrators; blood-sucking lawyers; and, of course, that vast army of leftists who live off welfare and other entitlements and who do not even pretend to do any work at all.

Seven Deadly Reasons Why the Left Loves Islam.  Imagine that some splinter Christian sect existed that preached a sneering contempt for women, sex slavery, hatred for Jews, death to non-believers (and homosexuals), child-marriage, religious conquest, segregation and gross religious discrimination, and the legitimacy of lying whenever it suited the church's purposes.  Imagine that it had been practicing all these evils since shortly after its founding, and had left mountains of corpses on three continents — complete with burned libraries, looted cities and ruined civilizations.  Do you think that secular leftists would spend their time and energy making excuses for such a church? [...] Why would leftists who are outraged, say, that the Catholic church won't ordain women or that Southern Baptists won't celebrate same-sex weddings, give a pass to a faith that endorses child polygamy and executes homosexuals?

I'm Deplorable and I'm Proud.  Friday night [9/16/2016], Hillary Clinton said out loud what our progressive friends have long been thinking.  It may cost her the election.  Half of Donald Trump's supporters, claimed Hillary, were merely anxious about the future.  The other half belonged in a "basket of deplorables."  What made them deplorable, said Hillary, was that they were "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it."

Clinton Campaign Charges College Students $500 To Attend 'Conversation with Chelsea' Event.  The Clintons understand the average American.  They know what it's like to be dead broke.  Hillary Clinton is so a woman of the people.  She's just like you.  (Except for making millions of dollars off the backs of the taxpayers and suffering from Disingenuous Lying Seahag Syndrome).  Bill Clinton is just like you!  (Minus being an unapologetic rapist, of course.)  Chelsea Clinton is just like you!  (Except for getting paid $600,000 a year by NBC to basically do nothing.)

'Deplorable' Hillary Clinton Maligns Nearly 50 Million Americans.  Clinton's remarks completely conform with the liberalism that she shares with top Democrats — from K Street to Sunset Boulevard.  As they see it, hordes of the great unwashed live in "flyover country."  They are not educated or elegant enough to have reached Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, or — the most elevated place of all — Washington, D.C.  So, enlightened people like Hillary and her supporters must make decisions for these benighted souls.  Thus, Washington should tell these people what to do, every day, all day long.

23 great reasons to vote for Trump!
These 23 Celebrities Say They'll Leave The Country If Trump Is Elected.  Amy Schumer recently told BBC Newsnight that anyone who doesn't like Hillary Clinton is uninformed.  She went on to say that she would move to Spain if Trump was elected.  "It's beyond my comprehension if Trump won.  It's just too crazy," she said.  Okay then.  But Schumer's not alone in her anger.

The Editor says...
Yes, please do leave the country, renounce your citizenship, and agree never to return, in person or on film.

It's a 'basket' case.  If Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are so confident of winning this election, why are they becoming more hysterical by the day?  "You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables," she said Friday night in New York.  "Right?  Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it."  The national polls are pretty much dead even right now.  So Hillary just wrote off one-quarter of the U.S. population — 80 million or so Americans.

The Editor says...
At the very least, this name-calling on Hillary's part will motivate less-than-enthusiastic voters to be sure and get to the polling place on Election Day.

The Dragon Comes With a Suitcase.  The Western left has the habit of preaching from a moral height while simultaneously describing its history as one unending crime.  You've heard the teaching moments.  "I live in a house built by slaves."  "You didn't build that!"  This whole country is stolen!  Say it often enough and someone will believe you.  Somebody did.  The trouble is you can't rise from the toilet to suddenly preach from a great moral height.  It's possible to do one but not both simultaneously.

NeverTrumps and the End of America as We Know It.  The election of Hillary Clinton would mean final defeat for American conservativism — for at least a generation and almost certainly for much longer than that. [...] The US Supreme Court will become a five vote rubber stamp for the Left immediately upon Clinton's appointment of Justice Scalia's replacement.  That majority will be sustained or enlarged by whatever further vacancies come Clinton's way.  So, adding it all up, the number of new future statist client voters after Clinton will be in the neighborhood of 26-38 million:  11-20 million amnestied illegals; 12 million new, almost exclusively third world, statist voting legal immigrants; and another 4-6 million newly arrived illegals.  With the full power of the federal executive branch in their hands, and no opposition from an increasingly partisan federal judiciary and Supreme Court, the re-empowered Left will move its newly chosen voters around as it chooses — to the states where their voting presence will have the greatest effect.

How to Be a Liberal.  It's easy to be an American liberal.  All that is required are hypocrisy and ignorance.  Ignorance is an absolute must, but especially ignorance of three things:  economics, human nature and all of recorded history.  One has to be truly economically illiterate to believe that high taxes encourages productivity, that union-imposed labor regulations don't dis-incentivize hiring, that energy regulations don't raise prices on the poor and working class.  Likewise, to be a liberal you must pretend that men and women are exactly alike in every respect and that communism produces the most happiness for the most people.

Hillary's Long, Cozy Love Affairs with Racists.  During her first presidential campaign eight years ago, Mrs. Clinton spoke at an event held by Al Sharpton's National Action Network, where she crowed about the "long and positive relationship" she had enjoyed with Sharpton and his organization.  Noting that "I don't ever remember saying 'no' to them," Clinton vowed "to remain their partner in civil rights" for as long as there was breath in her body.  Sharpton, you may recall, is the vile, foul-mouthed black socialist who has done more to poison race relations in America than virtually anyone other than Barack Obama.  And nothing whatsoever has changed in Mrs. Clinton's estimation of Sharpton in the years since then.

Sorry, Hillary:  Trump's policies are clearly better for blacks.  On everything from education to jobs to crime, Trump's policies offer a lifeline to people who have been losing ground for decades.  Hillary's policies will just exacerbate them.  And no amount of speeches will change that.  On education, Trump strongly supports school choice.  This would give inner-city blacks a way out of horribly performing public schools.  Clinton attacks charters and clearly opposes other forms of school choice, opting to protect teachers unions at the expense of students.  And who's harmed the most by illegal immigration?  Who's most likely to suffer unemployment or wage reductions due to the added competition?  Young, unskilled blacks and Hispanics.  The biggest beneficiaries?  Wealthy people who get to pay less for lawn care and housecleaning.  But crime is the immediate, life-and-death issue for so many blacks and Hispanics trapped in high-crime urban areas.  Too many come to physical harm, have their property stolen, or lose their jobs as businesses are driven from their neighborhoods.  Clinton seems more focused on helping criminals rather than their victims.

Democrats' Platform for Revolution.  [Scroll down]  Obama never met Alinsky personally; the latter died when Obama was a young boy. [...] Hillary, for her part, actually got to know Alinsky personally.  She was so impressed with Alinsky's theories and tactics vis a vis social change, that during her senior year at Wellesley College she interviewed him and subsequently penned a 92-page thesis on his ideas. [...] During her senior year, Hillary was offered a job by Alinsky but chose instead to enroll at Yale Law School.  Alinsky's teachings, however, would remain close to her heart throughout her adult life.

Manufactured Grievance: [Scroll down]  You are right that the number of depressed and confused men driven to enter the ladies' room is practically zero as a percentage of American men (gay or straight), but that's not the point.  You are right that good studies show police are less likely to shoot and kill black men than other men, but those facts don't matter.  You are right that America is a good country, but again you don't get it.  The point is to elevate the perceived victimhood of all minorities through the girls' bathroom issue, of black Americans by making "all lives" a slur, of successful women by converting reasonable and humane abortion restrictions into a century-reversing threat to their livelihood.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Doesn't Think Killing 49 Gay People Counts As An Attack.  Judith Butler has claimed that Islamic terror groups are progressive.  Maybe Jill Stein agrees.  Either that or she's utterly unaware of anything that happened after 1932.  Considering that she is the Green Party candidate, that is an entirely real possibility. [...] Does constantly plotting terror attacks count as an imminent threat?  Not to the Green Party which decided that its figurehead needed to be even more delusional and ideologically driven than Bernie Sanders.

Austin, TX city council member offers good advice to kids, catches hell from the left.  According to the leftists who dominate politics in Austin, Texas, it is outrageously offensive to tell young people to get an education and a job, and "do something useful and produce something in your society so you don't have to live off others."  Austin City Council member Don Zimmerman is currently experiencing vicious criticism for this sound advice.

Green Party Nominee Wants To 'Explore' Disarming Police Officers.  Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee for president, on Sunday said she would like to "explore for the future" the idea of taking away guns from police officers in order to "address this scourge of racist violence."  The liberal candidate has talked about disarming police officers before.  Asked by ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" to explain how that would work in a society where there are already millions of guns, Stein said:  "Exactly, which is why I used the term something to explore for the future."  Stein spoke of the "need to actually hold police accountable so that we can address this scourge of racist violence."

Clinton Sought Support of Black Lives Matter, Spurned Law Enforcement Union.  In what is looking to many in the law enforcement community like a snub, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has decided not to seek the endorsement of the nation's largest police union.  She has instead — rather conspicuously — sought the endorsement of Black Lives Matter activists, and her efforts have garnered mixed results according to Kerry Picket of The Daily Caller.  After holding meetings with BLM activists for almost a year, Picket reports that Clinton received the endorsement of the BLM-linked "Mothers of the Movement" but failed to secure the support of BLM co-founder Alicia Garza.

Communist Party Unites Behind Hillary.  The Communist Party USA may not control many actual votes, but what they lack in support is made up for in enthusiasm.  That passion was in full display with a seven-person team of "reporters" covering their national political convention last month.  And their convention was the Democratic National Convention that nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton as their undisputed candidate for president of the United States.

The Madness of Democrat Science.  [Scroll down]  Democrats believe that the earth is at the mercy of natural forces that brought it from a hot molten state to a cooler solid one, then through ice ages in which glaciers formed and then melted to create many of our great lakes and then new ice ages came and ended and today, if the temperature rises half a degree in fifty years, it's a sign that driving your car is causing the apocalypse and the government has to take over the oil industry.  Democrats believe in building brilliant new machines that can look right inside a woman's body and see a tiny baby forming in the womb with completely shaped fingers and toes and a beating heart and a brain — images that must never be shown on television so you won't feel bad when you rip the baby to pieces because you really wanted a Sagitarius and you're due in June.

Democratic Party Suffers Nervous Breakdown In Philly.  The Democratic National Convention was almost literally a disaster area.  Bernie Sanders suspended all party rules on the floor of the convention to personally nominate Hillary Clinton by a voice vote.  Left-wing protesters rampaged in the streets.  Pro-Bernie delegates walked off the convention floor in protest.  Agitators seized the mainstream media's control center against an outnumbered police force.  Speakers were booed.  Green Party candidate Jill Stein crashed the event and emerged as the new Bernie Sanders in the general election.  A man set himself on fire stomping on a burning American flag.  America now has a real two-party system: one party is the Populist Nationalists.  The other party is the political class.  The Democratic Party is the political class.

Bernie Is a Mainstream Democrat.  At this point, people who are willing, even eager, to support a full-blown Commie are legion — and growing.  This is not surprising, given the daily onslaught of left-wing propaganda from Hollywood and the media and the relentless indoctrination in our public schools and universities.

There Has Not Been a Non-Lawyer on a Democratic Presidential Ticket for Three Decades.  Democrats nominated two lawyers for the ninth consecutive presidential election at last week's convention in Philadelphia, something Republicans have not done since 1972.  Both Hillary Clinton, who went to Yale Law School, and running mate Tim Kaine, who went to Harvard Law School, worked in private law practices before entering the political realm.  It has become a given for Democrats to nominate lawyers in recent decades.  All of the party's candidates going back to 1984 — Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, John Edwards, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, Bill Clinton, Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, and Geraldine Ferraro — went to law school.

Democrats Abandon Workers to Trump.  [Scroll down]  Smart liberal journalists smell the coffee.  "Donald Trump's Working-Class Appeal Is Starting To Freak Out Labor Unions" was the headline over an article in The Huffington Post.  But because the unions are endorsing Mrs. Clinton, the Trump candidacy has the potential to drive a huge wedge between the well-paid union leaders and the workers they claim to represent.  "Hillary Clinton has supported virtually every trade agreement that has cost this country millions of jobs and is on the exact opposite side from rank-and-file union workers whose jobs she has destroyed," Trump says.  "Clinton has helped negotiate the [Trans-Pacific Partnership] and is its biggest booster — there is no doubt she would enact it if given the chance — yet more betrayal of union voters whose jobs would vanish as a result of this deal."

Has Clinton Written Off Working-Class White Men?  The Democratic convention in Philadelphia this week was a shrewdly planned, well-choreographed, star-studded celebration of diversity, inclusion and social justice.  A party now dominated by progressives also tried reaching out to moderate or defecting Republicans with decorated veterans, some tough talk on national security and passionate displays of patriotism.  But for the white working-class men drawn to Donald Trump — the very voters who were for decades the foundation of the Democratic Party — the message was clear:  We've pretty much given up on you.  The convention, which started on a divisive and dramatic note with leaked emails showing the Democratic National Committee had favored the candidacy of Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders all along, ended up, by most accounts, a great success.  Yet it also illustrated what polling shows — that the ascendant coalition in the Democratic Party of women, young voters and non-whites may no longer find common cause with blue-collar white men.

Democratic Convention Celebrated an Attempted Cop Killer.  Let's be blunt about this.  Not only did Democrats on the floor of the convention interrupt a moment of silence for fallen police officers.  The official, mainstream, establishment leadership of the Democratic National Committee celebrated, by inviting his mother onstage, a man who actually attempted to kill a police officer.  Honored along with other mothers of blacks killed by white police officers, in an event titled "Mothers of the movement," was Lezley McSpadden, whose son Michael Brown was shot in August 2014 by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson, Mo., police officer.

Philly police say uniformed cops were barred from DNC floor.  Some Philadelphia police officers say they were barred from patrolling in uniform on the floor of the convention while it was in session — spurring claims that Democrats are anti-law enforcement.  Rudy Giuliani on Thursday first raised the issue of uniformed cops not being allowed to mingle with delegates on the floor.  "Philadelphia police officers are not in the convention hall.  They're not allowed in uniform," said Giuliani, a Donald Trump adviser who was monitoring the Democratic convention.

What if an Anti-American Cult Had a Convention?  Have you ever wondered what it might look like if a cult that enabled death and destruction and chaos and anarchy had its own national convention? [...] At such a convention, we might expect that God and religion are so objectionable that they are booed and marginalized.  Why, they might even boo during the invocation at the outset of the convention, though why such people would have an invocation is beyond me.  Perhaps they await the blessing of the entity to whom Saul Alinsky, one of their patrons, dedicated his book.  Certainly that would make sense.  After all, such a cult would probably have officially removed the actual God from its party platform years ago.

A Career Sexual Predator Makes The Case For Hillary At The DNC.  Amid the freakshow of the Carter mummy phoning in, the mothers of criminals, random mildly famous celebrities, the Sandernista walkout and Howard Dean doing the scream that ended his career one more time, the other Clinton took the stage.  In an evening featuring discussions about sex trafficking, the highlight was a sexual predator.  In an evening that featured 9/11 victims, the highlight was the man who left America vulnerable to 9/11 and refused to take out Osama bin Laden.  And Bill being Bill, the lying didn't take too long to get started.

Giuliani: Uniformed Police Officers Not Allowed on Democratic Convention Floor.  Thursday [7/28/2016] on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends," in an appearance from the site of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called the convention "the most anti-police" and "the most anti-law enforcement" he had ever seen.  However, he also said that according to "high-ranking police officers" in Philadelphia, uniformed law enforcement was not allowed on the floor of the convention.

Old Glory's Old News To The New Democrats As The Palestinian Flag Flies At The DNC.  The flag of pan-Arab nationalism, born out of violent rebellion and struggle (or jihad), was flown today on the floor of the Democratic National Convention.  What it means that the flag of "Palestine" can be spotted in Philadelphia, with not an Old Glory in sight, is that the Democratic Party of America is taking a hard-left turn.  Bernie Sanders delegate Ali Akın Kurnaz is being credited on Twitter with raising the flag which represents a violent struggle against the only functioning democracy in the region, Israel.  This is the only reasonable interpretation of what hard-left activists attempt to dress up in the garbs of "human rights" and "self-determination".

As ISIS Attacks Mount, Dems Target The Real Threats:  Refrigerators And The Rich.  In the past 12 months, ISIS launched or inspired nearly 40 terrorist attacks around the world that have claimed more than 1,600 lives.  Almost a third of those deaths occurred in this month alone. [...] Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday — and we are not making this up — equated the global war against refrigerants with the war against ISIS.  "Yesterday, I met in Washington with 45 nations — defense ministers and foreign ministers — as we were working together on the challenge of (ISIS) and terrorism," Kerry said at a conference in Vienna, where he was negotiating a deal to phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons, a refrigerant used in household fridges and air conditioners.  "It's hard for some people to grasp it, but what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself."  And at the Democratic convention, not one of the 61 speakers who got up on the dais Monday uttered the word "ISIS" or "Islamic" or "terrorism" or "terrorist" or "terror," according to an analysis by Politifact.  Not one.

No American flags visible at DNC on Day 1.  Patriotism took a back seat to racial grievances last night at the Democratic National Convention, as no American flags were visibly present at an event dedicated to picking a political leader for the United States of America.

Democrats procure flags for convention stage after embarrassing oversight leaves Old Glory missing from Monday night's festivities.  After slogging through a boisterous convention on the floor, Democrats were forced to make a last-minute adjustment to the on-stage decor, after a report pointed out there were no American flags present.  Democrats unveiled a sleek stage to the nation Monday, after the convention had been in the works for months.  As speaker after speaker took the stage, screens behind them produced stunning scenery of the country and cool grey backgrounds.  But there wasn't a single American flag onstage — notwithstanding the fact that most of the speakers were lawmakers, who each have Capitol offices festooned with flags and other patriotic ware.

The Editor says...
I really doubt this was an oversight.  It is most likely the stage was designed months ago — without U.S. flags — and it was changed only after news reports showed the Democrats appearing to be less than proud of their own country.  (The stage was probably designed for the best appearance on television.)  Barack H. Obama obviously hates America, and the Democrats haven't said anything bad about him, one can reasonably surmise that they must be in agreement.

For Democrats, Is It 'Great America' Or 'Hate America'?  In recent days, Democrats at the convention have repeatedly said "America is already great," an obvious rejoinder to Donald Trump's now-famous catchphrase, "make America great again." Fair enough.  But if those attending this convention think America is great, they have a funny way of showing it.  No American flags.  Little visible appreciation for the blessings our country confers on all who are born here.  Just resentment, anger, and a surprising number of flags of foreign tyrannies, like Cuba and Nicaragua.  And if Democrats think America is already great, why are they seeking to change it to its very roots?

Democrats Worship Their gods at DNC.  Outside the 8ft wall surrounding the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia on Monday [7/25/2016] TRUNEWS has discovered footage of what seems to be a series of demonic rituals.  [Video clip]

No Visible American Flags Present At The Democrat Convention.  The Daily Caller is at the Democratic National Convention and it doesn't look like there are any American flags.  The stage is bland and grey, with no red, white or blue present.  A thorough look at the crowd present also turns up no American flags.

DNC 'Interfaith' Prayer Space Has No Sign Of Any Religion Except Islam.  The Democratic National Convention has curtained off several "interfaith" spaces for prayer, but the only sign of religion in any of the spaces is Islam.  Convention goers looking to get in touch with the god of their choice can visit the "Interfaith Prayer Room" on the first floor of the Wells Fargo Center, which consists of a series of spaces sectioned off by curtains.  A sign hangs over the first space, which is simply an empty room.

Tim Kaine's radical beliefs and anti-American ties.  One of the best ways citizens can determine whether an elected official has anti-American ties is to research which organizations provided support to that individuals' campaign.  Tim Kaine has enjoyed support from the National Muslim Democratic Council, the communist-aligned Alliance for Retired Americans, and one of the most vile and influential organizations you never heard of:  Council for a Livable World.  In the 2012 election, Tim Kaine was supported by the Asian American Action Fund.  The "socialist infiltrated, anti-Israel 'two state solution' JStreet PAC endorsed Tim Kaine in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine's Islamist Ties.  In 2007, Kaine was the Governor of Virginia and, of all people, chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the state's Immigration Commission.  A Muslim organization against Islamism criticized the appointment and reckless lack of vetting.  Federal prosecutors said in a 2008 court filing that MAS was "founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America."  A Chicago Tribune investigation in 2004 confirmed it, as well as MAS' crafty use of deceptive semantics to appear moderate.  Convicted terrorist and admitted U.S. Muslim Brotherhood member Abdurrahman Alamoudi testified in 2012, "Everyone knows that MAS is the Muslim Brotherhood."

Congressman who once feared Guam could capsize compares Jewish settlers to 'termites'.  A Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee compared Jewish Israeli settlers to termites on Monday while speaking at an event sponsored by an anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of the Jewish state.  Rep. Hank Johnson, D- Ga., launched into a tirade against Israel and its policies toward the Palestinians, comparing Jewish people who live in disputed territories to "termites" that destroy homes.  Johnson also compared Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a remark that drew vocal agreement from those in the room.

Clinton invites families of blacks killed by police to speak at convention.  Philadelphia's police union is blasting Hillary Clinton for inviting relatives of victims of police shootings to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week, but failing to include relatives of slain police officers.  John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, said the union was "shocked and saddened" by the planned choice of speakers at the convention, which opens Monday in Philadelphia.  "The Fraternal Order of Police is insulted and will not soon forget that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are excluding the widows and other family members of police officers killed in the line of duty who were victims of explicit and not implied racism," Mr. McNesby said in a statement.

Black Bishop Calls For All Christians To Leave Democratic Party.  Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr. (E.W. Jackson) has issued a plea for all Christians to leave the Democratic Party. [...] In his plea for Christians to make an exodus from the Democratic Party, Jackson refers to the Party as cult-like and cites the following reasons for his statement and actions:
  •   Pro-abortion
  •   Rejection of biblical family model and values
  •   Open hostility to anyone who expresses their Christian values including Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A and Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas
  •   Actions taken against cities and towns for displaying crosses at memorials
  •   Actions taken against anyone who invokes the name of Jesus during prayers at official events

Democrats, Have You No Shame?  George Will has decided to abandon the party of which he was a member for 52 years.  Though I don't agree with his rationale, he took a stand because he disagrees with the stances of the Republican nominee.  Though he may disagree with Trump on more than a few issues, he disagrees with Clinton on virtually every issue.  But it isn't just issues as much with Clinton as it is her moral standing.  Do you see any Democrats leaving their party over their soon-to-be nominee?  No, because Democrats have no shame.

Senate Dems block votes on immigration issues, including sanctuary cities.  The Republican-controlled Senate failed Wednesday to advance efforts to change federal immigration law — including one to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities.  The vote was 53-44, failing to get the minimum 60 votes to begin debate on the issue.  The measure attempted to block congressional funding for sanctuary cities — municipalities that ban police from cooperating with immigration officials to potentially deport illegal immigrants.  Senate Republicans also failed to get enough votes to advance their proposed Kate's Law — named after Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot in July 2015, allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had multiple felony convictions and was deported several times prior to the incident.

As Far as MSM is Concerned, America Was a Mistake.  This Fourth of July holiday, as you celebrate America's independence, perhaps you would care to try something new:  Perhaps you would like to join with the MSM and, instead, denigrate America's independence.  As in, you could wish that it had never happened.  Yes, perhaps you would put down that hotdog and those red-and-blue streamers, stop watching the parades and the ball game, ignore all the fireworks, and instead, join with Dylan Matthews at Vox, who tells us that, in his opinion, the American independence of 1776 made the world worse off.

Transgender women running for House, Senate seats.  The U.S. may soon see its first transgender senator and member of Congress, as two transgender women are running for Congress as Democrats.

Why the Left Hates Referendums.  To the left nations are archaic constructs, impediments to the left-wing ideal of a world without national identities.  This utopia, governed ultimately by a worldwide Brussels — the United Nations or something like it — will be run by a secular totalitarian clergy consisting of left-wing parties; left-wing intellectuals in academia and the media; big corporations vying for government subsidies; and big labor, whose leaders embody the love of power.  Fellow travelers include environmentalist and feminist organizations and the religious Left (to the extent that organized Western religion will exist in a left-wing-run world).  Since its beginning, the major, if not only interest the left has had in people is to control them.  That is the reason for the left's fear and loathing of referendums.  Every referendum gives people who are not yet controlled by the left the exceedingly rare opportunity to exercise power.

Judge Richard Posner: 'No value' in studying the U.S. Constitution.  Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner sees "absolutely no value" in studying the U.S. Constitution because "eighteenth-century guys" couldn't have possibly foreseen the culture and technology of today.  In a recent op-ed for Slate, Judge Posner, a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, argued that the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the post-Civil War amendments "do not speak to today."

The Crazy People Have Taken Charge of the Democratic Party.  As Ben Shapiro documents, the newly-announced draft Democratic Party platform vividly illustrates that the extremists are taking control.  In areas from taxpayer-funded abortion to immigration to the minimum wage to the death penalty to jailing climate change skeptics, the official party platform pushes the party further to the left than it has ever been, even in the McGovern era.  And the more Democrats believe that the GOP has disabled itself from running a contested presidential campaign, the harder they will push their party to the left.

Democrat lawmaker claims Constitution was intended to INCREASE government power.  Representative Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, said it "really bothers" him when Americans argue the founders wrote the Constitution to give citizens the power to limit the size of federal government.  Nadler's remarks on the Constitution came during a House Judiciary Committee hearing regarding accusations that former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen made false statements during an inquiry into his agency's political targeting scandal.  The Democrat claimed the actual purpose of the Constitution was to increase government power, with the Bill of Rights being the only portion of the document intended to hamstring the government in any way.

Honorees withdraw from San Francisco pride parade protesting extra police.  The stepped-up security surrounding San Francisco's LGBT pride celebration has caused two honorary grand marshals and a health clinic that serves sex workers to withdraw from the event's signature parade.

Black Lives Matter withdraws from S.F.'s Pride Parade due to increased police presence.  Black Lives Matter Bay Area and other organizations said Friday [6/24/2016] that they will not participate in this weekend's San Francisco Pride Parade due to increased policing in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting.  Black Lives Matter, which was to be an organizational grand marshal for the parade themed "For Racial and Economic Justice," cited concerns over the San Francisco Police Department's "recent track record of racist scandal and killings of people of color" and how first responders can be a source of harm to "queer communities of color."

The Immaturity of Supporting Hillary Clinton as a Woman.  It is hard to imagine a more immature or morally primitive stance than that of progressive women (and men) who argue how important it is to support Hillary Clinton because, as your local college would put it, she identifies as a woman.  One perfect example of such thinking was the recent statement made by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright at an event on behalf of Clinton.  Albright announced that "there is a special place in hell" for women who don't support women, meaning in this instance, for women who don't vote for Clinton.  It is important to note that such immature thinking is to be found only on the left.  Racial solidarity, ethnic solidarity, class solidarity and gender solidarity all matter to the left, not the right.

The American Left is Evil:  Orlando Shooting.  Leftists are the minority.  However, they own the federal government, social media, public education, Hollywood, and the Democratic party.  They incite misdirected anger, hate and guilt to bully the public into embracing their anti-American and anti-God agenda.  Because the Left controls the media, they get away with falsely portraying their opposition.  The Left takes disapproval of them forcing their agenda on us to absurd extremes.  For example:  If you say "no" to men using girl's restrooms, Leftists in the media brand you an insane hatemonger who seeks the murder of all homosexuals.  If you disagree with the Left's illogical obsession with disarming Americans, repealing the second amendment, Leftist media brands you a racist toothless idiot redneck that wants to shoot all people who do not look like you.

Our Nation is at War.  ["]Yesterday we saw a political show on the Senate floor, with Democrat after Democrat standing for hours, incensed not at ISIS, incensed not at radical Islamic terrorism, but incensed that Americans have a right to keep and bear arms.  This is political distraction.  This is political gamesmanship.  I think the American people find it ridiculous that in response to an ISIS terror attack, the Democrats go on high dudgeon that we have to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.  This is not a gun control issue.  This is a terrorism issue.  And it is nothing less than political gamesmanship for them to try to shift to their favorite hobbyhorse of taking away the Bill of Rights from law-abiding citizens.["]

Joe Manchin laments Fifth Amendment: 'Due process is what's killing us right now'.  West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin told an MSNBC panel on Thursday that the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is "killing us" in terms of preventing gun violence.  Mr. Manchin, a Democrat, referred to due process as an inconvenient "firewall" when it comes to denying Americans firearms.

The American Left is Beneath Contempt.  The United States has just experienced the worst terrorist attack on its shores since September 11, 2001.  Forty-nine innocent fellow Americans were wantonly slaughtered by a radicalized Muslim, and traitor, who had pledged his allegiance to a foreign entity, ISIS, whose declared objective is the reinstitution of the Islamic Caliphate and the butchery of western infidels.  These victims were murdered primarily because they were in a gay night club, thus subject to summary execution under Sharia Law, and secondly because they were Americans.  Yet, today nearly all of the voices from the Left, and their front group, the Democratic Party, choose not to focus on the victims, the terrorist or the blood stained failure of their approach in dealing with radical Islam.  Instead they are using this tragedy to unabashedly pursue one of their primary ideological objectives:  the de facto repeal of the Second Amendment.

Paranoia strikes deep.  Into your life it will creep.
No time for Blue Angels.  John Avalos, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, says the Blue Angels, the celebrated U.S. Navy-Marine Corps aerial acrobatic team that has thrilled 260 million spectators since it was formed in 1946 to demonstrate precision flying, is no longer welcome above San Francisco.  Mr. Avalos wants to ban flyovers of what he sneers are "killing machines," because the squadron of six McDonnell-Douglas F-18 Hornet fighter jets "strike terror in the community" when they "strafe neighborhoods." Mr. Avalos, who sounds like he has watched too many war movies and confuses "strafing" with aerial acrobatics.  "It's about the terror that they cause in people when they strafe the neighborhoods," he tells the San Francisco Chronicle.  "That's something I hear about all the time when the Blue Angels fly overhead."

Why won't the Left admit the inconvenient truth about Islam?  It hates everything else they love.  How much longer can we continue to deny a fault line has been drawn?  On one side Islam and Muslims defined by it.  On the other the LGBT community, defined by their right to love as they please.  Over the last two days, the deference of the liberal Left to Muslims over the LGBT community has been excruciating to watch.  Unable to reconcile the two causes they champion, they have an awkward inconvenience they dare not face.

RI Official:  Flying Old Glory from Trucks Makes Firefighters Look Like ISIS.  A local official reportedly told firefighters in Rhode Island that they should not fly the American flag from their trucks.  Fred Gralinski of the Central Coventry Fire District bizarrely compared it to ISIS flying its black flag while riding around in Iraq or Syria.  "They look like a bunch of yahoos," Gralinski said at a board meeting.  "Like in the paper, like ISIS in Syria going to take over a city.  I don't think they need that big flag on the back of the truck.  That's not America to me.  Those are a bunch of terrorists.  So, I'm going to ask you to take the flag off that truck."

Animal rights activists charge Bernie's stage and the Secret Service makes them wish they hadn't.  [Video clip]  To sum up the 2016 election so far:  Bernie fans violently interrupt Trump rallies because he's not far left enough.  Bernie fans violently interrupt Clinton rallies because she's not far left enough.  Bernie fans violently interrupt Bernie rallies, because even he is not far left enough.  If you're seeing a pattern here it's because, when your ultimate goal is the full blown dissolution of the U.S. system of government and economics, no one on Earth is far left enough.

Progressive Boot Camp.  [Scroll down]  Everything the Progressives do has a purpose, and usually not the one that is stated by them.  Gay marriage, for instance, or transgendered bathrooms, or Black Lives Matter uprisings, have little to do with fairness for homosexuals and everything to do with breaking down the dominant culture.  It recruits a certain number of children or young people and turns them into social justice warriors, telling them they are fighting for freedom and justice.  Those who won't joint the campaigns are seen as the enemy, and are forced into silence through shaming, through bullying, through acts of aggression.  You are taught that everything you were was weak and pathetic, oppressive and, well, wrong or even evil.

Hillary Clinton's fierce anti-gun stance could backfire in general election.  Democrats, skittish over pushing gun control since Al Gore's bid for the White House fell short in 2000, are once again flirting with the issue, preparing to pick perhaps the most anti-gun presidential nominee in a generation.  Hillary Clinton's provocations will be on the minds of thousands of Second Amendment activists gathering in Louisville beginning Thursday [5/19/2016] as the National Rifle Association hosts its annual meetings, insisting Mrs. Clinton's fierce gun control stance will once again hamstring Democrats in a national election.  Likely GOP nominee Donald Trump will speak Friday, delivering his fervent pro-gun stance to the one part of the conservative coalition that has quickly and eagerly embraced him — which makes the contrast with Mrs. Clinton, who's highlighted her anti-gun stance, all the more striking.

Huffington Post:  Jesus Was First Transgender Man.  The Huffington Post has uncovered a fact that thousands of Biblical scholars and theologians have missed:  Jesus was the first transgender man.  To HuffPo writer Suzanne Dewitt Hall, "the current flap in conservative Christian circles about bathroom access is a bit baffling."  She claims that God created transgenders in Genesis, after all.  But even worse are "Christians who claim to take the Bible literally.  Of course they don't actually do that," she says; they "impose their own filters on stories and phrases to fit their particular ideology."  That's not what Hall is doing when she claims Jesus was a transgender, not at all.  "The Bible tells us that Eve was the first example of human cloning," as well as the first transgender woman.

BuzzFeed Hits Obama From the Left:  Too Many 'Straight White Men' on Supreme Court.  In an interview streamed on YouTube and Facebook Live on Monday [5/16/2016], Buzzfeed News legal editor Chris Geidner grilled President Obama over his nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court: "...a large part of your legacy on judicial nominations has been diversifying the federal bench....  You had an opportunity with this nomination to, for the first time in the nation's history, if the justice was confirmed, to have a Supreme Court that was not a majority of straight white men.  Why didn't you take that opportunity?"

Former SEAL Carl Higbie: 'If Hillary Clinton Is the Commander-in-chief, Half the Military Is Gonna Get Out'.  Friday morning's [5/13/2016] guests on Breitbart News Daily included former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, author of [two new books].  SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon asked Higbie if the major problem faced by the American military through the Obama years was a shortage of logistics, weapons, and equipment, or "a problem of will, of taking the fight to the enemy, of having the back of those people, like yourself, who are on the tip of the spear."  "I think the problem is not the men.  The problem is not the budgeting.  The problem is the direction and allocation of assets," Higbie replied.

With Gender Bender Bathrooms, Liberals Jump the Shark.  The culture of the People of the Creative Self has two strains.  On the one hand is the absolute right to be creative and challenge the status quo; that is what they demand for themselves.  But creatives also advocate for the People of the Subordinate Self using the politics of rights.  Hillary Clinton said it the other day:  "we're going to defend our rights — civil rights, voting rights, workers' rights, women's rights, LGBT rights, and rights for people with disabilities."  Because we're all helpless subordinate victims.  Rights talk has turned out to be political gold for liberals, so why not combine the right to be creative with the rights of helpless victims?  You demand your right to be edgy and out there with the demand to be cosseted as a helpless victim in your safe space.

Enthusiastic Hillary rally speaker chokes on saying 'under God' as Hillary smiles standing next to her.  It's your must-see video moemnt of the day — 16 seconds that crystallized the religious stance of the modern Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's distance from the Deity.  [Video clip]

Sneering Jon Stewart Mocks: 'When Was America Great?'.  A sneering Jon Stewart on Monday [5/9/2016] wondered, "When was America great?" The former Daily Show host appeared with David Axelrod at the University of Chicago and mocked conservatives.

New Chicago Schools Bathroom Policy Proves Liberals' Extreme Agenda.  Chicago Public Schools announced on Monday [5/2/2016] that students and staff must be granted unfettered access to intimate school facilities based on their chosen gender identity.  Put concretely, boys now have the "right" to undress in the girls' locker room before gym class so long as they say they would feel more comfortable doing so.  Kids and teens have many things to worry about as they grow into adulthood and get an education.  But having to deal with people of the opposite sex in their bathrooms and showers shouldn't be one of them.  This latest front in the bathroom wars proves that same-sex marriage was merely the start, not end, of the left's LGBT agenda.

UnAmerican ESPN.  What a joy it must be to be a leftist knucklehead.  There's your opinion — and then there's hate.  There's free speech for all — except those who disagree with you.  There's tolerance for everyone — except the opposition.  There's every kind of diversity — except diversity of thought.

Dear New York Republicans:  Let's talk about New York values.  [T]rue conservatives fully understand what Sen. Cruz meant with those words.  He didn't mean the New Yorkers who rallied together for 9/11.  Instead, he meant:  [#1] The New York Times, which is nothing more than a house organ for the Democrat party. [...] [#2] The New Yorker, which was once a soft Left magazine that aimed to make its middle-class readers feel cultured, but that is now a hardcore Leftist publication that actively, aggressively proselytizes for the Democrat party and for Democrat causes (especially climate change). [...] [#8] A city that annually aborts more black babies than are born.  In other words, a profoundly racist city that has established a cultural that encourages blacks to commit genocide against themselves.

San Francisco:  Pot Event Attendees Leave Behind 15,000 Pounds of Trash.  The cleanup crew began work at 6 a.m. [4/21/2016] and did not leave until 10 p.m.  "Not exactly a leave no trace moment out there," commented Phil Ginsburg, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department manager.  The crews picked up "countless bottles of Shasta soda, beer cans, Fruit Loops boxes and butts.  Last year, the workers picked up more than 17,000 pounds of trash.

Drop The T From LGBT.  The post-marriage culture war is asymmetrical in the group known as LGBT.  Gay, lesbian, and bisexual activists have carried the rainbow banner for transgenders for issues that truly matter, such as employment and housing.  Now the time has come for a genuine sanity check for them to stop enabling kookier parts of the trans agenda.  The current bathroom policy debate illuminates the growing gap between the concerns of the transgender community and of the LGB community.  Perhaps those who favor gay marriage do not want any part of enabling pedophiles in wigs having easier access to kids in bathrooms.

Hoyer Okay with Biological Men Using Women's Restrooms.  House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said on Tuesday [4/19/2016] that people "ought to be able to use the restroom of the gender they identify with. asked Hoyer at his weekly meeting with reporters at the U.S. Capitol:  "There has been a great deal of controversy lately about North Carolina's bathroom law.  Do you believe that biological males should be allowed to use the ladies' room in federal facilities and parks around the country?"  Hoyer did not directly answer the yes or no question, but instead stated his "position" on the issue.

Turning American Law Upside Down for the Transgendered.  Our nation's centuries-old commitment to free speech and religious liberty was already under threat.  But it took men wanting to use women's bathrooms and vice versa for the Left to truly show its hand, plainly and unequivocally declaring that American legal traditions should be set ablaze.  Yesterday [4/18/2016], the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights published a "Statement Condemning Recent State Laws and Pending Proposals Targeting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community" — a statement motivated by new Mississippi laws protecting religious freedom and by North Carolina's much-discussed "bathroom law.  The Commission claims that any law requiring men and women to use bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex "jeopardizes not only the dignity, but also the actual physical safety, of transgender people whose appearances may not match societal expectations of the sex specified on their identification documents."

When Did It Become Controversial To Keep Men Out Of The Women's Bathroom?  Determining what percentage of the population is actually transgender is very difficult.  For example, would Bruce Jenner have counted before he started dressing in women's clothes or not?  But, the best estimate puts transgenders at about .3% of the population.  However, if you're talking about people who've had hormones and surgery and also dress in the opposite gender's clothes as opposed to simply "feeling like a woman," it's most certainly lower.  On the other hand, roughly 50.4% of Americans really are women.  That means there are 168 women for every transgender person in America.  Even if we accept that a transgender man dressed like a woman would be embarrassed to go into a men's bathroom, doesn't it make more sense for him to be uncomfortable than all those women?

Why Does Liberalism Have "Favored Groups"?  We hear generally that "political correctness" is hampering the War on Terror.  The bottom line is that the left doesn't want to hold the members of certain groups responsible for their actions.  I suggest that several things motivate the left.  Perhaps the most fundamental reason why they seem to smile on Islam is their disdain for Christianity and Christian culture.

NY Gov. Cuomo Bans State Travel to North Carolina But Encourages Cuba Visits.  New York's Democratic governor banned state travel to North Carolina this week, citing its residents' supposed lack of equal protection under the law, weeks after he announced efforts to facilitate travel from New York to Cuba, which is ruled by a repressive communist dictatorship that routinely imprisons political dissenters.  "In New York, we believe that all people — regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation — deserve the same rights and protections under the law," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo in announcing a ban on "non-essential" state travel to North Carolina.  The move came in response to a new North Carolina law that restricts gendered restrooms to people of their respective biological sexes.

America is Still Great. Keep It That Way — Vote Smart.  The hysteria about Donald Trump's success as a presidential candidate only confirms the fact that the media and the establishment that promoted him are ignorant of history.  If there are riots to come then they will come from the Democrats who've crossed over to Trump in despair at their own pitiful candidates.  Conservatives don't riot.  They may sulk but they don't riot.  They were not there in 1968 at the Democrat convention.  Conservatives don't have progressive terrorists like Bill Ayers in their membership.  Conservatives aren't looking for cradle to grave support from the government.  Conservatives want a smaller government that will protect them against invaders not invite them in to rob and attack the innocent.  Conservatives want a government that will allow citizens the right to defend themselves as written in the constitution.  Conservatives want the government and bureaucrats to leave them alone.

The Questions Liberals Never Have to Answer.  [Question #3]  Why do you support legally persecuting millions of Christians who quite correctly believe that they cannot live in accordance with their faith if they participate in a gay wedding?  Who's a worse person, a Christian cake maker who happily serves gay customers, but believes it's wrong for her to cater a gay wedding or a gay couple that deliberately searches out a Christian cake maker who can't participate in their wedding so they can sue her?  Why should little girls be forced to share a bathroom with grown men who claim they "feel like" women?  What about their safety?  What about the fact that many of them don't feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with someone with male genitalia?  Are you helping people or hurting them by falsely telling them they can change their sex and encouraging them to mutilate themselves through surgery instead of encouraging them to get psychiatric treatment?

NY Town Board Votes Against Reciting Pledge of Allegiance at Meetings.  This member of a town board simply wanted to honor her country and community at its bimonthly meetings.  But that was sharply rebuffed last Monday [3/14/2016], when one leader called her idea to recite the Pledge of Allegiance "a total waste of time."

How the left revels in violating the 10 Commandments.  The left, righteously posing as protectors of women, blacks, gays, students, immigrants, the poor and other societal "victims" (while demonizing conservatives and Christians as selfish, racist, anti-science, anti-woman, anti-immigrant and homophobic), in reality is the primary cause of the vast majority of the misery, suffering and injustice it claims to oppose. [...] But this should not in any way surprise us.  Because if we delve just a little deeper into the subject, we'll see that the left's efforts at "fundamental transformation" couldn't possibly have any other effect on America than to deceive, corrupt, enslave and break millions of human beings — body, mind and soul.  And that is because the political and cultural left — I'm talking now about people animated by the worldview, policies, strategies and deepest motivations of people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — simply cannot operate without violating all of the Ten Commandments.

Rep. Honda Introduces Bill to Allow Homosexual 'Partner' Overseas to be Deemed 'Spouse' for Immigration Purposes.  Representative Mike Honda (D-Calif.) reintroduced the Reuniting Families Act (RFA) with added language that would allow homosexuals in the United States to petition to bring their "spouse" here from countries that do not allow same-sex marriage.  Even though the two persons are not legally married, the bill would allow the homosexual partner abroad to be labeled a "spouse" for immigration purposes to expedite the process.  The bill defines the relationship as a "permanent partnership."

Tennessee lawmaker: ISIS should be allowed to recruit at colleges.  Speaking on behalf of a bill centered around free speech, a Knoxville-based lawmaker on Wednesday [3/16/2016] said a terrorist organization should be allowed to recruit on college campuses in Tennessee.  While presenting a billed dubbed the "Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act," Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, fielded a question from Rep. John DeBerry Jr., D-Memphis, about whether he believed ISIS should be able to stand in the middle of university campuses and "recruit for ISIS."  "Yes," Daniel replied.  "So long as it doesn't disrupt the proceedings on that campus.  Yes sir.  They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause.  I think it's just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints."

Hillary Clinton: Another Enemy of Israel.  My sense is that many American Jews believe that Mrs. Clinton would be more friendly to Israel than President Obama has been.  But I am not aware of any evidence that supports that belief.  An implacable antagonism toward Israel is nearly universal on the American left.

Clinton, Libya and Israel.  Whether or not Obama's anti-Israel policies will survive his tenure in office depends on who succeeds him.  If Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is elected to serve as the next president, there is no question that they will survive him.  During her four years as Obama's secretary of state, Clinton was a full partner in Obama's hostile policies toward Israel.  Moreover, as her internal emails have shown, all of Clinton's close advisers are hostile to Israel.

Media vs. Democracy: The Case of Poland.  For half a century or more, our morale has been under deliberate attack by partisans of the Left.  This attack is very clever and very dangerous.  Break the morale of the country and our nation's dynamism, our prosperity and our future will be broken, as well.  The Left lies.  They sneer at patriotism.  They distort our history.  We are villains.  Political Correctness tries to control our thought.  Fracturing the American Melting Pot into contending racial, ethnic and economic factions shatters our unity and purpose.  Much more dangerous than these tactics is denial that America is exceptional.  We hear this often, nowadays.  We hear it in the schools and the movies.  We hear it from "progressive" politicians.  We hear it in the News.  We even hear it from the White House.  People who propagate this fiction are not friends of America, they are America's adversaries.

The H-Factor in voter turnout.  Think about this situation:  not only do the Democratic Party insist on running a candidate who is hands down the most reviled woman in America, but they insist on doing so in the face of revelations that would already have required any other candidate to step down and retire from all politics.  But those Democrat power brokers are so hell-bent on their party electing the first female president that they'll even support a candidate who, were she Jane Doe, would be facing multiple federal felony charges and likely serious prison time.  Hillary has had a lot of time since Bill left office to make lucrative promises to a lot of powerful people, so that those folks have a clear interest in seeing her made president, criminal or no — in fact, probably even better if she is, because she'll be easier to manipulate.  And that, folks, is who the Democrats think should be our next president.

'Social Justice': What Khmer Rouge And Bernie Sanders Share.  Much has been made of the signature economic failures of the Democratic candidate's professed socialism.  The ongoing economic collapse in Venezuela is Exhibit A.  But going hand in hand with socialism is "social justice" a concept that sounds noble for its presumption to level "the distribution of advantages and disadvantages in society," in the name of equality.  "My run for office was a manifestation of commitment to social justice," Sanders said as he began his presidential run.  And "social justice" made another appearance, this time, in the form of what they did in Cambodia after the last helicopter lifted off from the U.S. embassy roof in Saigon in 1975, an act explicitly sought by Sanders' anti-war left.

Poll: Almost 60 Percent Of Democrats Think Socialism Is Great For America.  A clear majority of Democrats believe socialism has a "positive impact on society," according to a poll by the American Action Network (AAN).  The political and economic system that wreaks havoc across the world from Venezuela to North Korea is enjoying widespread support in the modern Democratic Party.  A telephone poll of 1,000 likely Democratic primary voters found that when capitalism and socialism were polled head to head, socialism won by 15 percentage points, with just 25 percent of respondents saying they favored capitalism.

Another special interest group:
Hookers for Hillary prepare for Nevada caucus: Bunny Ranch prostitutes hit the road to help Clinton reach the White House.  Hookers for Hillary are back out on the road in a bid to help the Democratic candidate to a much-needed victory.  The group of prostitutes work at the legal brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Carson City, which is owned by Dennis Hof, who made headlines after Lamar Odom was found unconscious in one of his establishments last year.

Harry Reid Defends Superdelegate System: Iowa, New Hampshire Too White To Decide Future Of Country.  Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) defended the superdelegate system in the Democratic party nominating process in an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Thursday [2/11/2016].  Reid said Iowa and New Hampshire have "no diversity."  Reid said he asked himself, "how in the world could we have the future of this country be dependent" on these two states?

Bernie Sanders: 'True believer' socialist is part of the new Democratic 'establishment'.  At this point, [Hillary] Clinton certainly has the odds in her favor of winning the nomination, but it would not surprise me to see her lose Iowa once again, and then lose the nomination, too.  However, it won't be because she is the establishment candidate — it will be because Bernie Sanders is the establishment candidate.  It just depends what establishment you are talking about.

The Left is the Real Terror Threat.  The greatest obstacle to defeating Islamic terrorism is still the left.  The left helped create Islamic terrorism; its immigration policies import terrorism while its civil rights arm obstructs efforts to prevent it and its anti-war rallies attack any effort to fight it.  In America, in Europe and in Israel, and around the world, to get at Islamic terrorists, you have to go through the left.  When a Muslim terrorist comes to America, it's the left that agitates to admit him.  Before he kills, it's the left that fights to protect him from the FBI.  Afterward, leftists offer to be his lawyers.  The left creates the crisis and then it fights against any effort to deal with it except through surrender and appeasement.  Islamic violence against non-Muslims predated the left.  But it's the left that made it our problem.  Islamic terrorism in America or France exists because of Muslim immigration.  And the left is obsessed with finding new ways to import more Muslims.

Lena Dunham and the Banality of the Disgusting.  Dissociation is a mental state caused by abuse in which the mind dulls and clouds over, making it more difficult to act for one's own happiness, welfare, and safety.  A totalitarian regime, be it communist, Nazi, or progessivist, cultivates this overcast and immobilized consciousness in several ways.  It undermines the personal, private sphere of life — the home and natural family — and places the pre-eminence of the state, aka the village, above the home.  Secondly, totalitarianism undermines morality based on God and theistic religion.  In the United States, that is the Judeo-Christian code.  The state, through its educational and propaganda systems, tries to indoctrinate a new code of conduct based on the regime's ideology.  The regime redefines good and evil, ostensibly to benefit the volk, or folks, a word often used in Obamaspeak.  Private economic success is redefined as greed.  The natural family becomes a harmful patriarchy, where abuse and oppression arise.  The state assumes control over basic necessities for children.  Privacy of personal information protects only people who have something to hide.  But American progressivism departs from communism and Nazism in its special reliance on moral chaos.

NBC's Todd to Clinton: '43% of Likely Democratic Caucus Goers Identify as Socialist'.  On NBC's "Meet the Press" today [1/17/2016], anchor Chuck Todd asked former Secretary State Hillary Clinton about a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll in which 43 percent of likely Iowa Democratic caucus goers described themselves as "socialist" while only 38 percent described themselves as "capitalist."

Bernie Sanders: Unfit to Be President.  You see, even though Sanders is running as a Democratic-Socialist, thereby reflecting the strong leftward shift of the Dems over the past 40 years, and his lifelong admiration for Eugene Debs, his entire career, including his support for the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and visits to Cuba, reflect a strong Communist attachment.  His entire career is based on a criticism of capitalism with no expressed respect for its enormous successes.

Don't be fooled by Bernie Sanders — he's a diehard communist.  As polls tighten and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders looks more like a serious contender than a novelty candidate for president, the liberal media elite have suddenly stopped calling him socialist.  He's now cleaned-up as a "progressive" or "pragmatist."  But he's not even a socialist.  He's a communist.  Mainstreaming Sanders requires whitewashing his radical pro-Communist past.  It won't be easy to do.  If Sanders were vying for a Cabinet post, he'd never pass an FBI background check.  There'd be too many subversive red flags popping up in his file.  He was a Communist collaborator during the height of the Cold War.

Sanders's Proposed Universal Healthcare Plan Covers Undocumented Immigrants.  Last night, prior to the first Democratic debate of the year, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released his new healthcare plan.  At the debate itself, he and frontrunner Hillary Clinton went around the issue a little, but one interesting aspect of his proposal was conspicuously left out.  Sanders's plan includes coverage for undocumented immigrants, which wasn't even explicitly mentioned in the proposal he released to his website.  Instead, an aide confirmed to Politico late last night that millions of illegal residents would receive health care coverage under his envisioned single-payer plan. Endorses Bernie Sanders.  Progressive organization announced Tuesday [1/12/2016] that it is endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders for president after a record amount of members voted to support him.  Sanders achieved the largest margin of victory in the organization's history receiving 267,750 votes (78.6 percent).  While Hillary Clinton only gained 14.6 percent of the more than 340,000 votes and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley received less than one percent of support.

Sanders campaign endorsed by  Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday [1/12/2016] received the endorsement of, a grassroots organization that has been at the forefront of liberal causes.

Is the Left Even on America's Side Anymore?  [Scroll down]  Exploiting the myth of Muslim persecution, progressives oppose scrutiny of the Muslim community, including terror-promoting imams and mosques.  They immediately denounce proposals to screen Muslim immigrants as religious bigotry, and thus close off any rational discussion of the problem.  Led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Democrats have enabled the Islamist assault on free speech, which is a central component of the Islamist campaign to create a worldwide religious theocracy.  Most notoriously the president and his operatives cynically spread the lie that an obscure Internet video about Mohammed was behind the Benghazi terror attack.  Speaking like an ayatollah before the U.N. General Assembly, shortly after the attack, Obama declared:  "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."  What an American president should have said is:  "The future must not belong to those who murder in the name of Islam."

This Is Bernie Sanders.  Throughout his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders has been Hillary Clinton's strongest rival, by far, for the Democratic nomination. [...] When Sanders was a young man, he joined the Young People's Socialist League, the youth wing of the Socialist Party USA.  In 1963 he was an organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, whose leadership subsequently grew increasingly militant, eventually culminating in the racist excesses of Stokely Carmichael, who exhorted blacks to "fill ourselves with hate for all things white," and H. Rap Brown, who urged blacks to "wage guerrilla war on the honkie white man."  Sanders also worked briefly for the communist-led United Packinghouse Workers Union, and participated in a California hospital project organized by the American Friends Service Committee, an organization that unambiguously supported the Soviet cause while opposing America throughout the Cold War.

Clinton struggles to explain difference between socialist, Democrat.  It seems to be the question Democratic Party figureheads don't want to answer:  What's the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?  Hillary Clinton, in an otherwise friendly interview on MSNBC, struggled to answer that question Tuesday [1/5/2016] when asked by host Chris Matthews.

Joy Behar: Bill's A 'Dog,' But I'd Vote For Him, Like Women Voted for Kennedy After Chappaquiddick.  ABC's "The View" panelist Joy Behar said she would still vote for Bill Clinton, even though he's a "dog" "because he votes in my favor" just like women voted for Ted Kennedy after Chappaquiddick, and that Republicans voting against the Violence Against Women Act is more important than anything Bill Clinton did on Tuesday.

House Democrats Move to Criminalize Criticism of Islam.  December 17, 2015 ought henceforth to be a date which will live in infamy, as that was the day that some of the leading Democrats in the House of Representatives came out in favor of the destruction of the First Amendment.  Sponsored by among others, Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, as well as Eleanor Holmes Norton, Loretta Sanchez, Charles Rangel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Kennedy, Al Green, Judy Chu, Debbie Dingell, Niki Tsongas, John Conyers, José Serrano, Hank Johnson, and many others, House Resolution 569 condemns "violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States."  The Resolution has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Muslims have more DNC delegates than Montana, Utah and Oklahoma put together.  The number of Muslim delegates attending the Democratic National Convention has quadrupled since 2004.  Muslims had around 5 percent of the delegates in a Democratic Party convention for a country where they aren't even 1 percent of the population.

After Terror Atrocities, Democrats Show Solidarity With Islam.  As the jihad against America escalates, Democrat politicians don't leave anyone guessing as to whose side they are on.

Ed Schultz Denigrates Constitution as Old 'Piece of Paper' That is 'Totally Outdated'.  Got a soft spot for the oldest written constitution in the world, the one for which every president upon taking office must swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend?  Then you're clearly a "jackass" according to Ed Schultz, who joins a long sordid list of lefties who can't hide their contempt for the founding charter that George Washington once described as "a guide which I will never abandon."  Yes, he was the Father of our Country, but clearly didn't have a clue.

Liberals Praise Hillary Clinton's New Ad With Same Sex Couples Kissing.  The Hillary Clinton campaign is out with an ad highlighting her record as an advocate for LGBT rights.  The spot includes images of gay couples kissing each other.  The liberal website Slate praises Clinton for including same-sex kissing in her campaign ad, saying, "Given the distressingly puritanical rules that govern gay PDAs, it's both impressive and heartening that Clinton includes gay kisses in her official campaign spots."

The Left has gone stark raving mad since the San Bernardino shootings.  If you were online, you could watch it happening in real-time, as the early confident predictions of white redneck Christian-fascist shooters — complete with wishcasting about the distance to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic — gave way to the realization it was another jihad attack. [...] It was a major bit of signaling in the Left's tactical alliance with radical Islam, a way of letting them know American liberals were fully on board with their quest to restrict the free-speech rights of U.S. citizens.

Democrats visit mosque to show solidarity.  Democratic lawmakers visited a mosque on Friday [12/4/2015] to show solidarity with Muslims in the wake of rising anti-Islamic rhetoric.  They also showed resistance to any attempts by Republicans to restrict Syrian refugees from entering the country.  Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., attended prayer service at a Northern Virginia mosque on Friday [12/4/2015].  The visit was in response to try and tamp down rising anti-Islamic rhetoric, but comes at a time when Congress is beginning negotiations on how to fund the government.

De Blasio vows to protect Muslims against hate crimes.  Mayor de Blasio told more than 200 people at a Queens mosque Friday night [12/4/2015] that Muslims have the same rights as all New Yorkers and vowed the city would protect them from hate crimes by bigots seeking scapegoats for the recent terror attacks in California and Paris.  "We are here to say that with every tool we have as a city and with all the capacity of the greatest police force on earth, we will protect this community," said de Blasio at the Jamaica Muslim Center.  "We reject in New York City hate crimes of all kinds.  We take them very seriously."

The Editor says...
Hmmm...  Innocent Americans are ruthlessly shot and killed, and many others seriously wounded, in an episode of Islamic terrorism, and the response from the Left is to run to the aid of the Muslims and their sympathizers.  As George W. Bush once said, "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

The Left's Assault on 'Thoughts and Prayers' Revealed Its Anti-Christian Bigotry and Rank Political Posturing.  As the San Bernardino, Calif., attack unfolded in real time, most Americans knew that dozens of their fellow citizens were suffering, with hundreds more terrified.  They knew police were tracking down at least two depraved killers who were armed and dangerous.  They also knew there was absolutely nothing they could physically do to stop the killers or heal the victims, so they did what people of faith have been doing since the dawn of human awareness — they prayed.  They prayed for protection and courage for the police, for healing and comfort for victims, and for the stamina and precision of the surgeons.  They prayed because they know God is sovereign and because that was the single most effective thing they could do — in that moment — for their fellow Americans in grave need.  Suddenly, however, a cascade of leftist politicians and elite journalists pounced.  Shut up about "thoughts and prayers," they said, and "slink away."

Media Bias That Makes You Sick.  A so-called "Media Activism Research Conference" is being held next year in Canada to expand even further the "progressive" causes available to journalists.  The event is described as a "Gathering for Grassroots and Transformative Media" at Lakehead University and "an opportunity to develop collaborations and networks among anti-capitalist, feminist, anti-racist, trans, queer and Indigenous alternative media activists and activist-researchers by sharing knowledge, skills and experiences on grassroots and transformative alternative media."  Brace yourselves for one of the seminars, which concerns "Queer anarchist autonomous zones and publics:  Direct action vomiting against homonormative consumerism."  According to my research, and I may not have gotten to the bottom of this, it seems as if media activists in Canada are exploring vomiting as a form of social protest against capitalism.

The Editor says...
I guess you'd have to be a public school student to understand how terroristic vomiting on random strangers would make the general public sympathetic to a left-wing cause, or to understand how capitalism is a threat to homosexuals.

Yesterday's Giants, Today's Dwarves.  The latest round of condemning the past on the moral criteria of the present started with banning the Confederate flag from public places.  Now it is on to airbrushing away progressive old white guy Woodrow Wilson, in Trotskyized fashion, from public commemoration. [... but] No one is insisting that the great work of Martin Luther King Jr. be dismissed from the pantheon of American heroism because he was a known plagiarist and often a callous womanizer who did not live up to our current notions of gender equality.  The racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger is still a saint.  No one is claiming that Franklin Roosevelt was a third-rate president because his State Department was full of racists and anti-Semites, who were not too bothered by reports reaching the United States about the Final Solution, and who green-lighted the illegal internment of Japanese-Americans.

Cruz: Most violent criminals are Democrats.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said late Monday that most violent criminals also identify as Democrats.  "Here is the simple and undeniable fact — the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats," he said on "The Hugh Hewitt Show" that evening.  "There is a reason why for years the Democrats have been viewed as soft on crime," Cruz continued.  "They go in and appoint to the bench judges who release violent criminals.

The Surging Anti-American Sentiment of the Left.  The Democratic party spews lies on a daily basis as they concern themselves with single, concrete-bound, range-of-the-moment projects and demands, without regard to cost, context, or consequence.  If it furthers the power and control of the party, they'll utter lies, force through legislation, slander opponents, and destroy whatever gets in their way.  They loathe the man that is independent and unafraid to take a stand for what he believes in, specially if that belief is rooted in Christianity, conservatism, and capitalism.  The left are cowards, hypocrites, and most of all self-hating parasites who despise the American way of life.

The Democrats' Boutique Issues.  When Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the Keystone pipeline from Canada, she said climate change was the reason.  In the first Democratic presidential debate (CNN), Martin O'Malley listed the greatest national security threats to America as nuclear Iran, ISIS, and "climate change, of course."  And in the second Democratic debate (CBS) — it was the day after the Paris terrorist attacks — Bernie Sanders insisted climate change "is directly related to the growth of terrorism."  These comments were disingenuous (Clinton), exaggerated (O'Malley), and absurd (Sanders).  But there was another problem, the issue of global warming itself.  In polls, voters list it as one of their lowest priorities, even while paying lip service to it as a serious matter.  Yet President Obama and Democrats can't stop talking about it.

The Strange Case of the Secular Progressive-Islamist Alliance.  Indeed, often the affinity of these two outlooks is frightening.  For instance, both share an animus bordering on hatred for Christianity and Judaism, with the secular progressives trying to expunge Christians from public life, while Islamists yearn to annihilate Jews.  Certainly, academic progressives do nothing to discourage the anti-Semitic hatred of Muslims from being expressed on American campuses, as David Horowitz recently pointed out.  Why, he wonders, do prominent American universities, such as Brandeis and UCLA, permit offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood to have free rein on their campuses?  "Any other group that preached hatred of ethnic groups or supported barbaric terrorists who slaughter men, women and children as part of a demented mission to cleanse the earth of infidels would face campus sanctions, disciplinary action, and be charged with conduct code violations."

Democrats Unveil New Strategy: Take Unpopular Positions.  The DNC put out an ad attacking Republicans for talking about "radical Islamic terrorism," which the Democrats said was "inciting fear."  Just one problem: 60% of voters say we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism.  Then there are the Syrian refugees.  President Obama says it is un-American to oppose importing thousands of Syrian refugees, above and beyond current limits, and Harry Reid says he will block any effort to "pause" the importation of Syrian refugees.  But 63% of voters oppose Obama's refugee plan.  Apparently a large majority of Americans are un-American.

Tolerance in the face of tyranny is insanity.  Don't you yearn to have this nation led by someone who views its safety as his or her primary responsibility?  Neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton will even call Muslim jihadists by their name, fearful of offending the wine-and-brie crowd.  Don't they understand what's happening in France is not theoretical?

DNC Ad Attacking Republicans for Saying 'Radical Islam' Is Laughably Stupid.  A new ad from the Democratic National Committee attacks Republican presidential candidates for using the term "radical Islam."  Entitled "Inciting fear isn't presidential," the ad argues that the use of the term is offensive to Muslims.  [Video clip]  I've seen my share of nasty, bizarre, and over-the-top political ads.  But this may be the first that I can honestly say is just plain stupid.

New DNC ad criticizes Republicans for using the term 'radical Islam'.  President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and most Washington Democrats are desperate to avoid using the term "radical Islam" to describe, well, radical Islamists.  Forget reason or logic; toss away reality.  What Obama and the Democrats are doing by denying the existence of radical Islam is throwing a bone to Muslims who, themselves, are hostages to a fantasy.  The Democratic National Committee has now enabled that fantasy by releasing what Mediaite's Alex Griswold calls a "stupid" ad that criticizes Republicans for connecting Islam with terrorism.

Immigration and animal rights protesters crash Christian GOP candidate forum in Iowa: 'I don't care about the law!'  A quartet of immigration activists and a gaggle of animal rights protesters disrupted a Republican presidential candidate forum organized by an evangelical Christian group on Friday night in Iowa, shouting about deportations and 'violence' toward fish and turkeys.  'I feel like this is being conducted in Berkeley, California,' moderator Frank Luntz quipped as police escorted one agitator out.

The American Left Hates Americans More Than They Hate ISIS.  There are a number of compelling arguments to continue to allow Syrian refugees into the United States.  A number of prominent evangelical leaders are making those arguments.  But the American left is not.  Though they favor bringing Syrian refugees into the country, they have decided that Americans are just a bunch of racists who cannot bear debate.  The President of the United States has taken the tacit of claiming it is all political.  To the left, everything is political so they cannot fathom that some Americans might have looked at the events of Paris and decided we might want to be more cautious.  Nope.  To the political left, it is polling, politics, and racism.

Here's The Truth About Socialist Bernie Sanders' Vermont.  Vermont's 8.95 percent state income tax rate is the seventh highest in the country, according to the Tax Foundation.  The state's projected 2.7 percent growth rate ties it with seven other states as the fifth-slowest, according to  Vermont's liberal policies, small size, homogenous demographics and low birth rates make it more like a small European country than a state sometimes, [Economist Art] Woolf said.

To defeat ISIS we need grownups.  On the day ISIS-related terrorists spread out across Paris and killed more than one hundred people, Barack Obama claimed ISIS was "contained."  After the attacks, liberals actually tried to argue that the attacks in Paris showed how successful Barack Obama had been because ISIS was having to lash out to get attention.  Yes, liberals actually argued this.  Earlier this year, while President Obama still considered ISIS to be a junior varsity team, he said the greatest threat to humanity was global warming.  At Saturday night's Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders reaffirmed that global warming was the greatest threat to humanity and was also the root cause of terrorism in the Middle East.

Liberals Are Losing the Culture Wars.  In Tuesday's [11/3/2015] elections, voters rejected recreational marijuana, transgender rights, and illegal-immigrant sanctuaries; they reacted equivocally to gun-control arguments; and they handed a surprise victory to a Republican gubernatorial candidate who emphasized his opposition to gay marriage.  Democrats have become increasingly assertive in taking liberal social positions in recent years, believing that they enjoy majority support and even seeking to turn abortion and gay rights into electoral wedges against Republicans.  But Tuesday's results — and the broader trend of recent elections that have been generally disastrous for Democrats not named Barack Obama — call that view into question.

Obama Unleashes His Pro-Criminal Agenda.  The most radical left-wing American president in history is defining deviancy down by attempting to de-stigmatize criminality.  The Left views criminals — especially minorities — as victims of society, oppressed for mere nonconformism.  Because it needs their votes, the Left is pressing for the restoration of felons' voting rights.  Of course, a criminal record carries with it a degree of social stigma, as it should.  Removing or watering down that socially beneficial stigma reduces disincentives to commit crimes and hinders the marginalization of the antisocial.  Without stigma and social ostracism, society would eventually collapse.  This is fine by our malignantly narcissistic Marxist president who, seeing the law in capitalist America largely as an instrument of oppression, seeks to blunt and retrofit it.

From Houston, Signs of How the Democratic Party Is Bound to Fracture.  There is an ugly and seldom-acknowledged racial dynamic animating the politics of the Left:  The ranks of the Democratic party swell with black, Hispanic, and immigrant voters, but the party is run by wealthy liberal white ladies:  Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Randi Weingarten, Bernie Sanders (honorary liberal white lady), Nancy Pelosi, etc.  The message:  "You people provide the votes, we'll make the decisions."

This Isn't A Culture War, It's A War On Culture.  When liberal Houston — a city with a three-term lesbian mayor — overwhelming rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance for the transgendered (among others), a hysterical New York Times editorial accused voters of being transphobic hate mongers with blood on their hands.  There are, perhaps, some other possibilities.  For example, maybe a majority of voting Houstonians believed they could handle these social interactions without orders from the city council?  Maybe, without any animus, they believe genetically corresponding girls and boys should use girls and boys restrooms?  Maybe they find laws micromanaging the affairs and relationships of business owners intrusive?  I find myself in the last group.

Houston LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance rejected by voters.  An ordinance that would have established nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender people in Houston failed to win approval from voters on Tuesday [11/3/2015].

Ohio votes down legalizing pot for medical, recreational use.  Ohio voters rejected a ballot proposal Tuesday [11/3/2015] that would have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana in a single stroke — a vote-getting strategy that was being watched as a potential test case for the nation.

The Bottomless Economic Ignorance of Bernie Sanders.  Yes, I know, pointing out that Bernie Sanders is an economic ignoramus is not a heavy lift; economic ignorance is the whole point of socialism.  (As Hayek reminded us, "If socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists.")  But just as we have too many kinds of deodorant (said Sanders), we may as well have too many observations of Sanders's abyss.

Kentucky Democrat Gives Religious-Themed Speech After GOP Victories: 'Mary Did Not Ride An Elephant Into Bethlehem'.  Kentucky's Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo stumbled Tuesday night [11/3/2015] following big Republican victories, giving a bizarre speech covering Jesus, religion and the Bible and remarking that Mary "did not ride an elephant into Bethlehem" before giving birth to her son.  The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway reported on the odd moment that did not appear to be received well by the assembled Democrats, who offered muted applause to his remarks.

Watch Clinton supporters cheer for Sharia law.  California prankster and liberty activist Mark Dice has again taken to the streets to reveal the alarming stupidity of some Americans.  For his latest video, Dice asked Hillary Clinton supporters how they feel about Sharia law.  [Video clip]

Welfare Mom Has 52 Kids/Grand-kids: A victim of Leftist Deceptions, Promises and Betrayals.  Aborted babies iare what the Left brings to the alter as a sacrifice in worship of the earth to save the planet and poke a finger in the eye of Jesus.  Make no mistake about it folks.  The Left despises Jesus.  Therefore, the Left gives abortionists (Planned Parenthood) free rein to do whatever; kill babies born alive, sell baby heads for profit and so on.  No PP behavior is too brutal or extreme as long as 3000 babies a day continue to be murdered in America funded by taxpayers.  Isn't it interesting that it is not enough that the left has free rein to engage in anti-God activities?  They are hell-bent on forcing Christians and taxpayers to approve and fund them.  PP does not need the $500 million of taxpayer funding it receives annually.

Elijah Cummings Wins Pea Brain Award for IRS Defense.  Congratulations to congresscritter Elijah Cummings (D-MD). To honor his loyal partisan defense of (not to mention collusion with) IRS corruptocrats Lois Lerner and John Kostiken, the coveted Public Servant Pea Brain Award has been bestowed upon him.

Why Liberals Identify with Criminals.  Liberals are five times more likely to use marijuana and cocaine than conservatives.  A natural consequence of drug use is fear of the police.  While the U.S. has an overly soft policy towards drug users, users are nonetheless afraid of the consequence of getting caught breaking the law.  This fosters in liberals an anti-cop mentality, since the police are the agents of society that enforce society's laws against drug use.  If a liberal dislikes the police because he thinks they are unfairly targeting his "harmless" drug use it's not a big step for him to assume that cops are racist and violent towards other "innocent" people.

Bernie Sanders Praising Brutal Communist Dictator and Mortal Enemy of the United States.  Bernie Sanders isn't some flaky but well-meaning lovable curmudgeon.

Hillary Clinton: Illegal Aliens Are 'Law-Abiding' And Cops Are Criminals.  We all know how [badly mistaken] Hillary Clinton is, but she just outdid herself in a big way at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des Moines Iowa on Saturday [10/24/2015].  In the same speech in which she called illegal aliens law-abiding people she suggested that police officers are bigots and criminals.

National Journal map
Whose Shrinking Island?  One of America's parties is turning, increasingly, into a Washington, D.C.-based island that has alienated most voters.  But that describes the Democrats, not the Republicans, and Barack Obama is a major reason for the Democrats' downhill slide.  But neither self-knowledge nor contact with reality has ever been a strong suit for President Obama.

Bernie-backers' hate for Clinton [is their] only right idea.  You can always tell a Bernie Sanders supporter — but you can't tell him much, especially if he hasn't gulped his morning Zoloft yet.  First it was those blue "Bernie" bumper stickers on their Priuses.  Now in the moonbat districts, the signs are popping up in front yards — more than four months before the presidential primary here.  Those signs are less a political endorsement than they are a fashion statement.  It's easy to ID one of Bernie's Kool-Aid drinkers, and not just at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's with their reusable cloth grocery bags.

Journalists covering the Dem Debate didn't even STAND for the National Anthem!.  Here's all you have to know about journalists and how much they love the country that they're supposed to be serving by being responsible members of a free press. [Video clip]

If Hillary wins, she has quite the reconstruction project ahead with her own party.  [Scroll down]  Republican supremacy at the state level has forced Democrats into a pickle regarding candidate recruitment for congressional races.  There are a dozen competitive House seats next year, and in some cases, they can't find anyone to run against the incumbent Republican.

The Two Hour Democrat Debate: A night the Democrat Party should be ashamed of.  [Scroll down]  The Socialist parasite who lived off taxpayers by collecting unemployment so he could campaign, eventually convinced enough voters to elect him so that he could spend the rest of his career living off taxpayers while berating them for not paying enough taxes.  Back when he was living off unemployment, he campaigned for an end to "all time limitations for unemployment benefits."  Up on stage, Bernie Sanders is still a miserable failure of a human being who couldn't work for a living, and has spent his career fulminating against successful people because they have mastered the secret of success that eludes him.  And the secret is... working for a living.

Who You Callin' 'Extreme'?  I can see very little of today's Republican Party that you can't find in Barry Goldwater's Conscience of a Conservative, or in his infamous nomination acceptance speech of 1964.  On the other side, lots of Democrats, including both Clintons and Barack Obama, opposed gay marriage until very recently.  Leading Democrats — including Al Gore, Richard Gephardt, and Jesse Jackson — were opposed to abortion-on-demand well into the 1980s.  Try to find a prominent pro-life Democrat today.  It wasn't that long ago that Bill Clinton had repositioned Democrats as a fiscally responsible, market-friendly party.  Now the Dowager Countess of Chappaqua is running against his legacy, while Bern-It-Down Sanders is channeling the id of the Democrats who are disappointed that Obama isn't left enough.  And it's Republicans who are extreme?

Million Man March speaker chants 'Down, down USA'.  A female Native American speaker led a crowd in a chant of "down, down USA" at the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday [10/10/2015].  In her speech, the woman claimed that former Libyan dictator Muammar "Gaddafi is still alive" and called on President Obama to pardon Leonard Peltier, a Native American activist who was convicted of murdering two FBI officers in 1975.

Tens of Thousands Rally With Farrakhan in DC to Chants of "DOWN, DOWN USA".  Louis Farrakhan is a hate monger who plays on peoples' fears and hate and uses it to demonize whites, Jews, police and anyone else in his crosshairs.  Farrakhan's speech reached back hundreds of years to find the injustice he thinks people bear in the present day.  He said they — minorities — are denied the "human right of self-determination."  Leftists made these extremists into a permanently injured class who think they are entitled and who live as victims.  The damage the left has down will probably take years to counter if it can be countered at all.  Farrakhan compared the Republican presidential field to a "whore" who was prostituting herself for money.  This despicable human being called America "hypocritical" for challenging human rights issues abroad, and said Jews "have no forgiveness in them."

Black Lives Matter leader compares Ferguson rioters to those behind Boston Tea Party.  A prominent Black Lives Matter activist has offered a defense of violent looters who plundered U.S. cities like Ferguson and Baltimore in a lecture series delivered at Yale.  DeRay McKesson, 30, was invited to the prestigious school to lecture on the movement, which began in earnest after unarmed black teen Michael Brown was killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri.  McKesson was hired for a two-part series, and as part of the preparation for the for-credit course at Yale's School of Divinity, he told students to read an article which describes looting as a 'righteous tactic'.

Luis Gutierrez Endorses Ryan For Speaker.  As CNN is now reporting, "Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on MSNBC called Ryan one of the smartest men in the GOP.  'He would be good for the country,' Gutierrez said.  'He would be good for the Republican Party.  Paul Ryan is the kind of individual that would work with people on the other side of the aisle and that's what we need.'"  Gutierrez has worked tirelessly to expand immigration levels and open America's borders up to the rest of the world.  As Gutierrez once declared, "I have only one loyalty ... and that's to the immigrant community."

The Editor says...
If Congressman Gutierrez says he is loyal only "to the immigrant community," presumably meaning immigrants who are not U.S. citizens, he should be impeached.  His loyalty should be to the United States alone.

Sanders Adviser Calls for Repeal of Columbus Day.  Near the end of Mel Gibson's film "Apocalypto," we see Christian missionaries arriving in the New World to save the natives from a culture of death that celebrates beheadings and human sacrifices to pagan Gods.  Gibson has said he based the dramatic landing scene on the fourth expedition of the great Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.  But celebrating the spread of Christianity has become so politically incorrect that a New Age adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has called for repealing Columbus Day.

Hillary tells Black Lives Matter she'll end private prisons.  Hillary Clinton reportedly told leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement on Friday [10/9/2015] she will get rid of private prisons.  The meeting with Black Lives Matter comes a day after Clinton was heckled by a protester at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala over her ties to the private prison lobby.

Bolshevik Bernie and the Communist Spy.  In a 1,500-word article about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, The Washington Post waited until the 25th paragraph to note that the self-declared socialist faces an "obstacle" to winning the presidency.  The paper said that "...Sanders has not faced the kind of media scrutiny, let alone attacks from opponents, that leading candidates eventually experience."  The authors, Philip Rucker and James Wagner, added, "Sure to follow his summer surge is an autumn of investigations that could reveal new details about his personal background and record."  What these investigations would find is that Sanders was a collaborator, if not a member, of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the same group that backed Obama's run for the presidency.  DSA describes itself as the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.

Sanders: America Was Founded on 'Racist Principles'.  Monday [9/14/2015] at at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said America was founded on "racist principles," but as the election of the first African-American President Barack Obama shows we have come a long way.

Pelosi Celebrates Iran Nuke Deal: 'This Is Historic. This Is Grand.'.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) expressed tremendous enthusiasm and optimism at her press briefing today about the nuclear deal that the Obama administration and five other governments has negotiated with the Iranian regime of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei.  Pelosi called the deal "historic," "grand," and "visionary."  The Congress is currently considering the deal in an unusual procedure that does not handle the international agreement as a treaty but as an agreement between the president and a foreign government.

Are You Pro-Mengele Or Anti-Women's Health? Can You Explain Why?  The series of Planned Parenthood hidden camera videos being slowly released by the Center for Medical Progress has reopened raw wounds around what had been a relatively quiescent debate about abortion.  The images are indeed shocking, yet public opinion could not be more polarized. [...] Welcome to the world of pluralistic democracy, where believers and atheists must learn to live and govern together.

Liberalism and Optional Law.  The sad reality is that rule of law — that the laws apply equally to all Americans — no longer exists in America.  Obama's imperial presidency, sanctuary cities, and the liberal establishments refusal to enforce laws they don't like means that the law does not apply equally, even in principle, to all Americans.  Some cite the Constitutional remedies such as impeachment but the reality is that the liberal politicians have no honor and will support their own no matter what, as they did when Bill Clinton committed perjury to protect himself from sexual-harassment charges.

Islamists and the Democrat Party: Co-belligerents in the War on America.  It should surprise no one that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has joined the Black Lives Matter movement.  It is logical that CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirator in the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for providing support to the terrorist group Hamas, should join a group which has contributed to an atmosphere of violent incitement and hatred against police officers across the nation.  While Islamic radicals seek to rid the world of heresies and of the infidels who practice them, leftists desire to purge society of the vices allegedly spawned by capitalism — those being racism, sexism, imperialism, and greed.  Although their motivations are different, fundamentalist Islam and the radical political left are both devoted to totalitarianism, have a shared hatred of Western civilization and Judeo-Christian democracy and they are equally determined to extinguish liberty and subjugate the individual, either to Sharia or the state.

Would Hillary's Election Cause an American Civil War?  Hillary Clinton is a liar not just about the absurd (that her husband's serial infidelities were caused by the rightwing conspiracy) but about our national security.  Richard Nixon never came close to that.  I can explain in two words what allows Clinton to lie about our security to the extent she has.  It's not stupidity.  She is not a stupid woman, although she may be far less bright than she is given credit for.  It is moral narcissism.  She and her supporters think they are so correct in their views that anything they do in behalf of those views is fine, legal or not.

New Hillary Clinton Supporter Refused to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance.  The latest endorsement for Hillary Clinton comes from a New York City politician who has refused to stand during or recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States.  New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and endorsed Clinton on Wednesday, is known for her decision not to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance as a protest of her home territory's current status.  Though Mark-Viverito has refused to explicitly state her opposition to pledging allegiance to the United States, her colleagues say it is a symbolic "protest" of the United States.  City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, also a Democrat, has said that Mark-Viverito told her that she does not stand because she wants Puerto Rico to be granted independence.

Dems Officially Endorse Anti-Cop BlackLivesMatter Movement.  The Democratic National Committee has officially endorsed the increasingly violent Black Lives Matter movement whose paranoid radical left-wing members accuse police nationwide of systemic anti-black racism and brutality against black suspects.  Throwing their lot in with black racists and radical Black Power militants who have openly expressed support for the murder of police officers, Democrats embraced a statement that slams the U.S. for allegedly systemic police violence against African-Americans.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns On Gun Control and Calls for a National Gun Registry.  Hillary Clinton is coming after our guns big time.  The very core of her campaign is Universal Background Checks.  If that goes through it will create a national gun registry and you will no longer be able to sell your guns to whoever you want to.  She also wants all gun owners licensed.  These are precursor steps to seizing and banning guns.  Clinton is blunt about it and feels it is a winning position for her.  How?  Most of America owns guns and cherishes their Second Amendment rights.  They abhor a registry as unconstitutional and they detest being taxed for ownership.

Joan Walsh: I Don't Know Any Liberals Outraged by Illegal Immigration.  Looks like Up With Steve Kornacki is becoming the go-to place for liberals to let their radical cats out of the bag ... Yesterday, as we reported here, Josh Barro of the New York Times said that the only way to impact violent crime is to undertake a "massive" gun grab.  Today [8/30/2015], it was the turn of Salon's Joan Walsh to admit that she doesn't know "any liberals upset — outraged" by illegal immigration.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Redefines 'Vulgar'.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the quintessential left-wing shill.  When it comes to shamelessly mouthing liberal talking points, the woman will defend just about anything.  Of late the DNC mouthpiece and supporter of the unrestricted slaughter of 4,000 babies a day has jumped aboard the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, because as long as the black life is outside of the womb and not on the streets of Chicago, Debbie does believe that "black lives matter."  In addition to embracing that tortured logic, Wasserman Schultz also celebrates the ongoing dissolution of the First Amendment.

Pro-Planned Parenthood Rally At Governor's Mansion in Louisiana Draws Paltry Crowd.  Around two dozen pro-Planned Parenthood protesters stood outside the governor's mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Thursday [8/20/2015] to protest Governor Bobby Jindal's recent decision to have the abortion provider investigated and defunded.  When the Jindal administration caught wind of Planned Parenthood's plan to hold a protest in the pro-life governor's front yard, they came up with a brilliant plan to counter them.  Jindal had a huge screen set up outside the governor's mansion, and ran each of the seven disturbing expose videos of Planned Parenthood on a continuous loop for the duration of the protest.

Did someone mention Planned Parenthood?

Why Liberals are Dangerous.  Liberals define a compassionate nation as how long that line is of people showing up for their daily allotment of free fish.  In America today, 94 million Americans are unemployed.  And yet, they have all the necessities and many of the luxuries of working Americans.  Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps.  Millions of capable Americans are receiving disability.

'Respectable' Journalism is Slipping: Atlantic Writer Thinks Religious Believers Belong in Straitjackets.  Jeffrey Tayler is a respected journalist — an author of multiple books, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, and a frequent commentator on NPR's venerable All Things Considered.  Review his Atlantic author page, and you'll see a collection of sober-minded, interesting articles — written from a leftist perspective, to be sure, but many of them are certainly worth reading.  I haven't caught his NPR commentary, but I expect they would be worth hearing.  I enjoy thoughtful liberal commentary, and The Atlantic is still often a destination site for the best the Left has to offer.  But that's Mr. Tayler as Dr. Jekyll.  Mr. Hyde emerges over at Salon, [...]

O'Malley: American citizenship is 'a human right'.  Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley took his pro-immigration stance to a new level Friday [7/24/2015] by declaring citizenship "a human right."  O'Malley, who has long been an advocate for illegal immigrant rights, has made amnesty a centerpiece of his campaign since he declared two months ago.  His comments come in response to Texas health officials asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by immigrant parents who were denied birth certificates for their U.S.-born children.

The Editor says...
If it's true — and it isn't — that U.S. citizenship is a human right, then one would be able to select and acquire the citizenship of any country in the world — or all of them!  This would result in the dissolution of international borders, and, in no time at all, anarchy.

They Really, Really Don't Like Him.  Obama is unpopular, and he has been unpopular for a while.  The most straightforward definition of a popular president is one who garners at least 50 percent approval in public opinion polls.  The last time Obama hit that mark in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls was April 2013.  Excepting brief boosts corresponding to his reelection and the killing of Osama bin Laden, he has consistently been under 50 percent in the RCP average since December 2009.  This makes him one of the least popular presidents in postwar history.

Illegal Immigrant Moderates Democrat 'Presidential Town-Hall'.  One of the highest-profile panels of NetRoots Nation, an annual confab of left-wing activists and bloggers, was a "Presidential Town Hall," featuring Democrat candidates Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.  The panel was moderated by Filipino citizen, journalist, and illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas.  Even in 2015, it would perhaps seem odd to have a foreign national moderate a discussion between two candidates for the U.S. Presidency.  These are not fringe candidates, mind you, but statewide officeholders who have a plausible claim to be the nominee for the Democrat party.

Black Caucus members seek name change for city of Fort Bragg.  mbers of the California Legislative Black Caucus have asked the mayor of Fort Bragg, in the northern part of the state, to seek a change in the city's name to disassociate it from the Confederate army general for whom it is named.  Fort Bragg began in 1857 as a military outpost to oversee the Mendocino Indian Reservation.  One of its founders named it after his former commanding officer, Braxton Bragg, who later became a general in the Confederate Army.  Before joining that force, Bragg was a general in the United States Army.

Ed Murray, Seattle mayor, proposes Sharia-compliant housing.  Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced plans to increase housing in the city for Muslims who follow Sharia law, which prohibits payment of interest on loans.  Mr. Murray's housing committee recommended the city convene lenders, housing nonprofits and community leaders "to explore the best options for increasing access to Sharia-compliant loan products," according to the proposal.

This would be front-page news if it happened to a Republican.
Literally zero people support Lincoln Chafee in new poll.  Lincoln Chafee has no support, according to a recent poll.  That's right, literally zero people said they support the former Rhode Island Republican senator and independent governor for the Democratic presidential nomination.  The Monmouth University poll released Wednesday had Chafee trailing Hillary Clinton at 51 percent, Bernie Sanders at 17 percent, Martin O'Malley and Jim Webb — both at 1 percent — with 15 percent still undecided.

Rural Wisdom and the Gathering Storm.  The furor over the Confederate flag, think I, has little to do with the Confederate flag, which is a pretext, an uninvolved bystander.  Rather it is about a seething anger in the United States that we must not mention.  It is the anger of people who see everything they are and believe under attack by people they aren't and do not want to be — their heritage, their religion, their values and way of life all mocked and even made criminal.  The talking heads inside Washington's beltway, in editorial suites in New York, do not know of this anger.  They do not talk to people in Joe's Bar in Chicago or in barbecue joints in Wheeling.  They are cloistered, smug, sure of themselves.

Leftists Want Minnesota Flag Taken Down Because It Shows White Man Working.  This is deliciously ironic.  It's akin to the Left cannibalizing their own history. You see, that flag commemorates the Leftist unions — the labor Left — the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.  Yep, Marxists.  So, a flag that Progressives contrived as their own for uber Left-leaning Minnesota is not Marxist enough for them evidently.  It's too white.

Fooling ourselves: Everything is going as (they) planned.  Late night TV hosts like Jay Leno had used many videos of college students woefully ignorant of facts every grade school child should know so it comes as no surprise that the dumbing-down of Americans is factual but not at all amusing because these low-infos can vote.  A faux email recently made the rounds alleging a false attribution but it illustrates perfectly what I feel is America's greatest problem-ignorance.  "The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president."

Hilarious: 'million person march' to take down Confederate flag in Columbia, SC draws almost nobody.  You might expect the usual disputes over crowd size when a leftist group calls a "million man person march."  Usually these feature aerial photos and arguments over how many individuals are crowded how densely into a certain amount of space.  But with the "million person march" that promised 'the flag will come down," called by Operation Ferguson yesterday [7/4/2015] in Columbia, SC, this was not a problem.  The only photo available of the event shows three people, all of them onstage.

Rapper Opens BET Awards Singing About Police Brutality Atop Vandalized Cop Car.  Kendrick Lamar opened the BET Awards Sunday night [6/28/2015] rapping about police brutality while on top of a vandalized police car with a ripped American flag waving behind him.

Confederate Flag Controversy [is] a Complete Misdirect.  The left's decision to politicize the South Carolina shootings by immediately swiveling to a longstanding racial controversy demonstrates their sick inability to allow America to move beyond racial divides.  Every conservative in America called for [Dylann] Roof to fry.  That wasn't enough for the left — the same left that defends rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore and hero-worships Che Guevara and Mumia Abu Jamal.  That left generated conflict because without racial conflict, it cannot survive as a viable political movement.  And for the left, politics trumps American unity every time.

Sorry Bernie: Voters would choose gay, Muslim, atheist president before a socialist.  Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' surge in the presidential race against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton continues to gain speed, but a new poll finds that his self-description as a "Democratic socialist" is a killer when it comes to eventually getting voted into the White House.  A new survey from Gallup found that of 11 background characteristics voters would consider in choosing their next president, that of socialist was dead last, with just 47 percent saying that they would vote for a socialist, and 50 percent saying they wouldn't.

Wasserman Schultz to officiate gay wedding beside Supreme Court.  With the Supreme Court poised to rule on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage this month, Democratic Party boss and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Monday plans to demonstrate where she stands on the issue:  She will be the first voting member of Congress to officiate a gay wedding.

Indiana Democrats Are Worried Their Candidates Aren't Pro-Gay Marriage Enough.  Public opinion is moving so quickly on gay marriage that even its supporters are struggling to keep up.  Such in [sic] the case in Indiana, which was at the center of the national LGBT-rights debate this spring after a "religious freedom" bill was met with overwhelming opposition from voters and business leaders.  In a state where same-sex marriage only become legal in 2014, this year's backlash against the measure was an unpleasant surprise for state Republicans, including Gov. Mike Pence, whose image and approval suffered in the wake of the controversy.

The Dictatorship of Godless Perverts [...] cannot permit anyone to question the regime's absolute authority.  The commissars of the regime will tell you "what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman," and you are not permitted to talk back to them.  There can be no discussion or debate.  If you do not endorse the Official Truth, you must be silenced.  You must be punished if you refuse to repudiate your opposition, because everything you "consider natural and normal" — your "basic, deep-rooted ideas" — "will need to change."

Democrats' Happy Memorial Weekend Tweet: No American Flag, Just Obama and Ice Cream.  On May 22 the Democrats (@TheDemocrats) tweeted a "Happy Memorial Day Weekend" tweet with a picture of President Obama eating an ice cream cone in an ice cream shop. Not an American flag to be seen, no soldier's death being hallowed.

Obama's Memorial Day Ice Cream Gloat.  Why would the Dems circulate such an over-the-top, downright piggish picture on Memorial Day 2015?  Because Dems have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the sensibilities of others, family members counted among the fallen or not.  Because Democrats of the day have no taste.  They have no class, they have no couth.  Being so consummately wrapped up in their me-first selves, they have nothing to offer anyone else.  They're too caught up in feathering their own nests while millions of their American brothers and sisters struggle their way through a post-Constitutional America.

Hastings: Members of Congress Need a Pay Raise.  Rep. Alcee L. Hastings made the politically tone-deaf case for raising salaries for members of Congress Monday [5/18/2015], pointing to the high cost of living in the District of Columbia.  "Members deserve to be paid, staff deserves to be paid and the cost of living here is causing serious problems for people who are not wealthy to serve in this institution," the Florida Democrat said at a Rules Committee meeting, referring to the average member's $174,000 annual salary.  "We aren't being paid properly," he later added.

Rep. Johnson on Taxes: 'We Don't Have Enough'.  Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says when it comes to taxes, "we don't have enough to do what the government — and do what the country needs the government to do and that's the problem."

Poll: Democrats now view socialism as favorably as they view capitalism.  What's the key factor here?  Democrats drifting left over time as Clinton's coalition was replaced by Obama's?  Or the word "socialism" being watered down since its Cold War heyday?  The One promised us a transformational presidency.  Mission accomplished.

Democrats Now Cast Terrorists as Victims.  The notion that a rape victim deserved to be raped because she was wearing a tight outfit lights up all our red lights.  This is the case first and foremost because it absolves the rapist of responsibility for his crime. [...] One of the foundations of liberal societies has always been that victims of aggression are not to blame for their attackers' behavior.  Over the past few days, we have witnessed a dangerous erosion of this principle among American elites.

John Paul Stevens says some Guantanamo Bay detainees should be given reparations.  Retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens said this week that the government should compensate detainees still being held at Guantanamo Bay even after authorities determined that they did not pose a threat to the United States.  Stevens's call to give reparations to dozens of detainees at the U.S. military detention center in Cuba comes as the Pentagon is racing to move these inmates ahead of possible congressional action that could restrict transfers.

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist. 52 percent of Democrats are OK with that.  When he first won election to the House in 1990, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) embraced his political identity.  "I am a socialist and everyone knows that," Sanders said, responding to an ad that tried to link him to the regime of Fidel Castro.  He continued:  "They also understand that my kind of democratic socialism has nothing to do with authoritarian communism."  Times change.  With the Cold War fading in the rear view mirror, being nice to Cuba isn't the political liability that it once was.  And no longer does the term "socialist" carry the same stigma it once did — in part because self-identified socialists are few and far between.

How Riot Supporters Think.  [There is] an article in Salon endorsing urban guerrilla warfare as a viable strategy for "the oppressed."  It's important to take articles like this very seriously.  One is tempted to shrug — "well, it's Salon" — and go on with one's day.  But Salon is not The Socialist Worker.  It isn't even what Ramparts used to be.  It reaches a much wider audience, and those who read it and write for it are not solely members of obscure sects like the Revolutionary Communist Party.  They are registered Democrats and independents.  They are students, teachers, journalists, and the baristas at Starbucks.  They're all around.

Friendly Reminder: 52 Percent Of Democrats View Socialism Favorably.  [W]hile some might scoff at Sen. Bernie Sander's (I-VT) self-described "democratic socialism and think it won't resonate with the electorate, let's not forget the Reason-Rupe poll that showed just as many Democrats who viewed capitalism favorably, viewed socialism with the same regard.  Philip Bump at the Washington Post noted this flashback today, but also included that self-avowed socialists have done miserably in national elections.

Woman Texting During National Anthem At White House Correspondents Dinner Outrages America.  Shortly after President Barack Obama arrived on the stage for the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, the band began to play the National Anthem. [...] Then CNN cameras panned the crowd, showing dinner attendees with their hand over their heart — except for one woman who was buried in her cell phone. [...] The woman on her phone was Washington Post writer Helena Andrews.  She responded on Twitter that she "was taking notes.  On my phone.  Because it's 2015."

The Editor says...
Everybody else in the room lives in 2015, too.  The difference between them and Ms. Andrews is that they have enough respect for the flag and the national anthem to set aside their own petty personal priorities for one minute and pay their respects.

Al Gore's Climate Change Concerts Won't Commit To Being Vegan Only.  PETA is demanding to know:  Why won't Al Gore's climate change music festival go vegan?  On stage at Davos this year, Gore and Pharrell Williams announced the return of the Live Earth music festival — a concert series meant to raise awareness of climate change.  And now the animal rights group is demanding each of the concerts exclusively serve vegan products, arguing that Gore's own group touts the benefits of giving up meat to reduce greenhouse gas production.

The Editor says...
Hamburger does not cause global warming, and a Live Earth festival to "raise awareness of climate change" is obviously a waste of time, since all the tree-hugging hippies in attendance are already well aware of the global warming talking points.

Hidden Conservatism and Abortion.  Gallup asks this question every year, and the results are always the same:  in almost every state of our nation, some years in every single state, respondents describe themselves more often as conservatives than liberal.  Battleground Poll data for more than a decade has shown, in every single poll, that an overwhelming majority of Americans call themselves conservative.

The Quest to Boot Old Hickory Off the $20.  This week, Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire introduced the Women on the Twenty Act, legislation aimed at putting an American woman on the $20 bill.  Shaheen's efforts nod to an initiative by Women on 20s, a group that is lobbying to change the $20 by 2020.  That year Americans will mark the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Flies Communist Flag Over State Capitol.  In "honor" of his meeting [4/5/2015 (?)] with China Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has posted the Chinese flag between the American flag and the state flag at the capitol building in Olympia.

You Don't Need a Rainbow Sticker to Let People Know You're Black.  To recap:  Tim Cook and the left are happy to do business in countries that stone to death or otherwise jail gay people, but will not do business with Indiana [...]

Nebraska senator compares police to ISIS, suggests he'd shoot a cop.  A Nebraska state senator compared American police to Islamic terrorists and suggested he'd shoot a cop if only he had a weapon.  State Sen. Ernie Chambers said during a legislative hearing on March 20 that you don't have to go halfway around the world to find an ISIS mentality.  It can be found in America because police terrorize blacks every day.

New Republic Writer: The Word 'Taxpayer' Tilts In Favor of Conservatives and Should Be Eliminated.  You don't have to be Frank Luntz or George Lakoff to know that linguistic framing matters a great deal in politics.  Sometimes, however, nuance is in the eye of the beholder.  The New Republic's Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig, for example, considers "taxpayer" an ideologically weighted term.

Could Houston's Barbara Jordan replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill?  Celebrated Texas politician Barbara Jordan could be the new face of the $20 bill, if a movement called Women on 20s gets its way.  The nonprofit selected Jordan as one of 15 finalists to be the new face on the $20 bill by 2020 — the year marking the centennial of women's suffrage.

The Editor says...
Must everything be politicized?  Barbara Jordan, for those of you outside of Texas or younger than 30, was a Congresswoman from Houston in the mid-1970s.  She was a pretty good orator, but more importantly, she was a black lesbian activist lawyer in a wheelchair — everything liberals admire most.  If President Jackson is to be replaced on the 20, let's be sure the new face will make the liberals regret they ever suggested this idea.  How about a picture of Vince Foster, Mary Jo Kopechne, or Bill Gates?

Group pushing to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 selects Harriet Tubman as their candidate.  A group campaigning to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman has announced who they want that woman to be:  Harriet Tubman.  Starting in March, the non-profit Women on 20s held two rounds of voting in which the conductor of the Underground Railroad claimed victory over 99 other trailblazing women including Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt and Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation.

The Shame of the Democrats.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress on Tuesday regarding the dangers of nuclear talks with Iran, but more than 50 Democrats in Congress have decided to boycott his speech.  The number of Democratic members of Congress who announced they would be skipping the speech continued to grow as Tuesday approached, with a running count by the Hill putting the number at 56.

Pro-Nuclear Iran Democrats Throw Temper Tantrums Over Netanyahu's Magnificent Address to Congress.  Perhaps because it highlights the contrast between a leader and a community agitator with extremely questionable motives.

Bibi's grand slam: Boxing in Obama on Iran's nukes.  For six weeks, the president and his team have been letting it be known just how angry they are that the leader of the House of Representatives invited the Israeli prime minister to speak about the threat from Iran.  The enraged leaks and overt hostility toward the head of state of an ally have been unprecedented.  The White House even tried to engineer a mass Democratic boycott of the speech, an effort that either (take your pick) met with success because 50 members of his party agreed to it, or was a failure because 75 percent of elected Democrats on Capitol Hill defied him and chose to attend.

Here's the List Of 26 Anti-Jew Democrats Turning Their Backs On Israel.  23 in the House and 3 in the Senate.

54 terrorist-supporting Democrats not attending Netanyahu speech.  54 Muslim terrorist supporting Democrats will not attending Benjamin Netanyahu address to Congress tomorrow morning.  Latest addition to the terrorist supporting Democrats include fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren.

Which Democrats shun Netanyahu's address to Congress.  They each offered different excuses from "We know what he's going to say" to "I hardly ever attend such speeches" to "It's a tawdry stunt" to "I am offended."  Other than that, these Obama backers are in full support of Israel, or will be when fundraising time rolls around next year.  But dozens of Democrats, who have long taken Jewish money and votes for granted, have announced they will boycott the address to a joint session of Congress today by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the United States' closest Middle Eastern ally.

List of Lawmakers Skipping Netanyahu's Speech.  Dozens of lawmakers, almost all Democrats, will miss Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.  In separate statements, many of the lawmakers are accusing House Speaker John Boehner of undermining the president by inviting Mr. Netanyahu to speak to Congress — and are critical of the timing of the speech, which comes two weeks before the elections in Israel.  The prime minister is expected to talk about Iran and the U.S. effort to negotiate a deal to curb Iran's nuclear program.  The White House said that President Barack Obama won't be meeting with Mr. Netanyahu during his time in the U.S., citing the timing of the elections.

Susan Rice AIPAC Speech: Crowd Cheers for Iran Policies Obama Admin Opposes.  The audience at Susan Rice's Monday night speech at AIPAC's (America-Israel Public Affairs Committee) 2015 Policy Conference expressed open displeasure with the Obama administration's policies towards Iran — not by booing the National Security Advisor — but by applauding in approval of policies she disagreed with.

Top Dem On The House Veterans Affairs Committee Is Skipping The Big American Legion Conference.  The top Democratic member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee is skipping the American Legion's national conference in Washington, D.C. this week.  Hosted annually, the conference usually brings in top elected officials and, especially, the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate veterans affairs committees.  But Florida Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown has other plans, according to her director of communications, David Simon.

Patriotism deficit: It's just the way liberals are.  A Pew Research survey last year found that 46 percent of "steadfast conservatives" believe that the United States stands above all other countries; only 11 percent of "solid liberals" believed the same.

Nothing but the Truth.  [Scroll down]  If the lie is repeated enough, if outside information or opposing viewpoints are not permitted or tolerated, if those receiving the disinformation are hungry, dehumanized, uneducated, or tortured enough, anyone can become a believer in the inconceivable (that two plus two could really equal five) or the implausible (that global warming is a greater existential threat than radical Islamic terrorists).  This is how we came to believe there are dozens of genders even though thousands of years of science and human history confirm the existence of only two.  This is how we came to believe that homosexuality is not a choice but an alternative physical attribute that cannot be controlled; that gay sex is equivalent to heterosexual sex, even though only the latter results in reproduction; that abortion is a social good and constitutional right that should be encouraged; that a family with two daddies is exactly the same as a family with a mommy and a daddy; that blended and broken families are just as good as traditional families; and, that fathers are superfluous.

Why Secular Elites Ignore Religion.  It is not too brash to say that "religion" is the one field that is frequently disallowed in serious discussion by the urban, bi-coastal crowd.  For years the New York Times best-seller list would not contain any religious book.  If you listened to NPR from 1970 to 1990, you would think that no one in America ever had a religious thought.  Since that time, it appears that somebody woke up and sent an internal memo indicating that religion is now a legitimate subject for thinking people.

The Democratic case for Impeachment.  The notion of casting their ballots for a young, good-looking, articulate, black-American struck the right nerve for millions of voters.  But his obsessive desires to fundamentally change America into debt-laden, socialist utopia for bisexual transgender unionized illegals do not.

Ellison: 'I've Often Asked Myself Why You Should Have to Register to Vote'.  Speaking at the U.S. Vote Foundation's Voting and Elections Summit earlier this month, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said "we need to make voting easier," and "I've often asked myself why you should have to register to vote."  In his remarks in the opening keynote address, Ellison said, "Now I also think we need to make voting easier.  It should be easier.  In other countries it's easier.  Why should voting be so difficult?  Tuesday?  Who thought that up?  I mean the fact is, is that there's wide variation in when people can vote.  You can't necessarily register to vote on Election Day.  I've often asked myself why you should have to register to vote.  Why shouldn't it be automatic."

Ideology by state
Gallup: Only Three States, D.C., Tilt Ideologically "Liberal".  Many fewer Americans are willing to identify themselves as "conservatives" than in years past — but we still have a significant edge.  In only three states and the District of Columbia are there more self-professed liberals than conservatives.

Hating the Duggars.  If you're not familiar with the Duggars, there are, well, 19 of them. The Duggars are devout evangelicals following what they believe is God's plan for their family and fertility.  They have their own reality TV show.  Actually, it's now 19 Duggars and counting, as some of the older children are having little Duggars of their own.  That mere reproductive fact infuriates a large number of very angry people on the left.  But to make liberals' nightmares worse, the Duggars display their lifestyle on a popular TV show broadcast by The Learning Channel (TLC).  That the Duggars have a platform, even as a mere bizarre curiosity to the 99.9% of people who have no desire to produce 19 children, is driving many liberals into fits of rage.  Once again jettisoning their professed sacred cows — tolerance, diversity, open-mindedness, and let's add freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and opposition to censorship — they're insisting the Duggars' show be canceled.  For many of them, this has become an obsession turned into a crusade, as they are hellbent in driving the Duggars off the air.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Marriage Cop.  Does Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz approve of your marriage?  It may depend upon the religion of you and your spouse!

Decoding the Left.  Liberal academics speak like this because they're obsessed with identity politics.  They see society as organized into groups and are determined to refer to those groups without sounding offensive.  And since the threshold for offense has been lowered to the level of a limbo bar at a drunken house party, the English language must be rinsed and sterilized accordingly.  Hence "non-binary POC," which sounds like something I forgot during a high school chemistry quiz.

Michelle Obama Praises Movie-TV Industry for Promoting Same-Sex Marriage.  Speaking to a group of television and screenwriters in Washington, D.C., on Friday [1/30/2015], First Lady Michelle Obama praised the movie and television industry in the United States for promoting same-sex marriage.  "Every day, through the movies and TV shows and ads you all create, you have the power to shape our understanding of the world around us," said Mrs. Obama.  "You challenge our most strongly held beliefs.  You influence our opinions on current events."

Communist Party USA Chairman Vows Cooperation With Democratic Party.  The chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA has penned a 2,023-word manifesto making the critical point that American Communists are eager to work with the Democratic Party to advance the modern communist agenda and achieve communist goals.  Communist Party chairman John Bachtell published his essay last week at People's World, a "daily news website of, for and by the 99% and the direct descendant of the Daily Worker."  "[L]abor and other key social forces are not about to leave the Democratic Party anytime soon," Bachtell promised.

What 'American Sniper' Tells You About Its Critics.  I am not at all surprised that Michael Moore and Seth Rogen don't like American Sniper.  For them, the idea of military sacrifice is absurd.  We get an idea of how badly they understand the motivation of the modern American fighting man and woman when they can't tell the difference between someone like me, with 15 years of experience in law enforcement, military intelligence, and counterterrorism, and a Nazi.

The 'American Sniper' Freakout: Why the left can't tolerate this movie.  The film, which opened wide January 16, shattered the record for the largest opening weekend of a film released in January, a month traditionally considered a graveyard for ticket sales.  The film pulled in $105 million its first weekend against its $60 million budget — and the film that previously held the record for largest January weekend is Avatar, the highest-grossing picture in history.  Already, American Sniper has the markings of a cultural phenomenon.

The Furor Over American Sniper: The One Percent on the other One Percent.  Clint Eastwood's masterpiece, American Sniper, has shattered box office records and touched a chord in movie audiences across the country.  The film has also unleashed an unbecoming waft of snarkiness from a pair of Hollywood insiders — Seth Rogan and Michael Moore, men who have monetized their own constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of expression and made themselves into millionaires — the lucky 1% of our population.

Optimistic Obama out of touch with Americans.  The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, on the heels of the hostage situation in Australia and the slew of ISIS beheadings, have rattled Americans — and for good reason.  Over 80% of the electorate believes that there will be a terrorist attack on American soil.  And, unfortunately, in light of what we now have seen is possible in Western nations, it is my belief that they may not be wrong.  In light of this, the president's claim that we are stopping ISIS's advance is not only wrong in real terms, but shows an administration that is out of step with American sentiment.

MSM Says Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam.  Two events recently transpired that forced mainstream media to address a question they habitually dodge: Is Islam intrinsically violent?  First, on New Year's Day, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi — a world leader, and a Muslim — did the unthinkable when he publicly asserted that Islamic texts and thinking have made the Muslim world a scourge to humanity.  The MSM ignored it until, as if to prove his point, Muslim gunmen shouting "Allahu Akbar" killed a dozen people in offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris.

No supporters show up for 'protest' to be held on I-40 bridge.  The protest was planned by a group calling themselves The Black Revolutionary Organization.  In a news release, they said the plan was to meet at Mississippi Greenbelt River Park at 4 a.m., march over the A.W. Willis bridge, cross the I-40 Hernando DeSoto bridge and block the westbound lane of traffic.  The protesters said the march would be a "massive call to action for police reform and an end to police brutality."  No protesters showed up to the park.

'American Sniper': Same Leftists Defaming Chris Kyle as 'Killer' Wanted Every Iraqi Dead.  Because they are freaked out over what the critical and box office success ($105 million opening weekend) of "American Sniper" might mean for our culture and on Oscar night, the very same Hollywood Left (and Left in general) who poured their wicked hearts and souls into a campaign that would have resulted in the murder of millions of innocent Iraqis, are now falsely accusing American hero Chris Kyle of murdering Iraqis.

American Sniper — Record Breaking Box Office Smash Hit.  Americans love God, are patriotic, love the military, and have been under increasing leftist assault for almost 6 years.  This is why Clint Eastwood's patriotic movie about U.S. hero sniper Chris Kyle has hit at exactly the right time for a confluence of success.  The Box Office Records are being obliterated so fast the predictions of the Hollywood types are having to be revised upward by the hour — and the progressive Left is apoplectic in rage.

Seth Rogen: 'American Sniper' Is Equal to Nazi Propaganda.  Actor Seth Rogen — along with fellow obese star Michael Moore — is unhappy with Clint Eastwood's blockbuster, American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper.  Rogen is so unhappy, he compared the record-smashing film to a fake Nazi propaganda clip.

The Editor says...
The opinions of actors and actresses are no more valuable and substantial than yours or mine.  Especially if they compare the right wing to the Nazis.  For indeed, the name Nazi is a contraction of "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" — the national socialist party in Germany.  The socialists are on the political left, not the right.

Chris Kyle's Widow Overwhelmed By 'American Sniper' Success, Elites Unhappy.  In spite of the vitriol spewed toward the movie "American Sniper," Americans flocked to see the Clint Eastwood biopic of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in record numbers.  The previous record for a movie opening on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend was set last year by "Ride Along," which opened with $41 million.  "American Sniper" is estimated to have more than doubled that, bringing in an astounding $90.2 million.  Many in Hollywood and the media have express their dislike of the film, claiming it glorifies war.

'American Sniper' Targeted By Michael Moore; Says Shooters "Cowards".  The film stars Bradley Cooper as Kyle, who was killed after returning from Iraq in early 2013 at a Texas shooting range by a former soldier with PTSD whom he was mentoring. The movie about his life scored Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screening nominations on January 15 from Academy voters.  In a surprise snub, past Oscar winner and current DGA nominee Eastwood didn't get a nom for Best Director.  In a major consolation, the movie was a massive hit at the box office this weekend, its first in wide release, as it set box-office records for a January film (and for Eastwood's work) with an estimated $105 million for the long holiday weekend.

Americans love war heroes, despite what Hollywood liberals think.  Clint Eastwood's new movie, "American Sniper," marks the return of the American war hero.  Heroism on the battlefield had never gone away, of course, far from it (witness the Medals of Honor awarded for acts of extraordinary valor in Iraq and Afghanistan).  But the classic war hero is more than just brave or fierce.  He is famous and almost universally acclaimed.  On top of his battlefield exploits, he is a cultural phenomenon.  That is what "American Sniper" unquestionably makes of Chris Kyle.

Pro-War on Terror Films Crush Anti-War on Terror Films at Box Office.  Anti-American films are costly box office bombs at a rate of nothing less than 100%.  On the flip-side, pro-American films make money.  Many are outright blockblusters [sic].  Moreover, almost every the anti-American film produced over the last decade has also been an artistic failure, while many pro-American films have garnered positive reviews.  Let me boil this down for the leftwing-impaired:  Lies make for lousy art and can't be sold to the public.  And here's another lie Hollywood was spreading a few years back — the lie that in an international film market, Americanism doesn't sell.

Democrat Leftists and Islamists Join Forces to Promote Terrorism.  I agree completely with Trevor [Loudon] when he says that 2015 could usher in chaos, unrest and violence as we have not seen in our lifetime.  The Communists are now joining hands in America with the Radical Islamists, forming an American Intifada — an uprising, resistance, revolt.  They are using racism as the building blocks and their hate for America as the glue to forward massive havoc and violence in our streets.

Top Democrat: 'Un-American' to Question Muslim Lawmaker on Intel Panel.  Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said those who criticize the appointment of Democratic Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) to the Intelligence Committee because he is a Muslim are "un-American."  Schiff, who is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said he has been "deeply disturbed" by the reaction by some to Carson's appointment last week.

Democrats will appoint Muslim to the House Intelligence Committee who said US schools should be like Islamic madrassas.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is set to appoint a Muslim lawmaker to the Intelligence Committee, congressional aides said Tuesday, giving him access to some of America's most closely held secrets in the war on terror.  The move will come as the world is still grappling with an al-Qaeda death squad's massacre last week of journalists at the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, executed because they had published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

NYT gets weepy over cop-killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley.  He was a victim! The man who cold-bloodedly shot Officers Ramos and Liu gets a shocking amount of sympathy and understanding from the New York Times today.  The three (!) writers assigned to the story, Kim Barker, Mosi Secret and Richard Fausset present us such empathy as:  ["]In reality, Mr. Brinsley's short life was a series of disappointments.[..."]

Five Reasons Why the Senate 'Torture' Report Became a Flop.  Congressional Democrats, leftwing groups, and the mainstream media were certain this month's Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA enhanced interrogation program (which they call torture) would spark a groundswell of anger against Bush administration officials and the CIA that would change the subject from the president's growing unpopularity and the Democratic Party's poor showing in the mid-term elections.

USA Is Biggest Threat of World Violence Today, Says Boston Globe Columnist.  "The United States of America threatens the world with violence in ways that no other country does," says novelist and journalist James Carroll in a recent interview in Salon Magazine, "and that boils down to our refusal to disarm after the end of the Cold War."  Carroll, a long-time anti-war activist, blames America's "unchecked, monumental national security establishment" for "defining our nation in terrible ways."

As I Was Saying About That 'Torture' Report.  It's basically a sham, a false-flag operation with the hapless Dianne Feinstein as the designed drop-box, designed to make the Bush administration look bad, the Democrats look "moral" (stop laughing) and the White House look innocent (no, really, stop laughing).  For proof, you need look no further than this glowing tale of the bond between two men as lovingly depicted by the Chief Stenographers of the Obama administration, the New York Times: [...]

Massive Media Fail: Only 29% Oppose CIA Interrogation Methods.  A Pew Research poll finds that the mainstream media and Democrats failed miserably in their coordinated attacks against the Bush Administration (and America) over Bush-era enhanced interrogation methods employed by the CIA against 3 terrorists to stop future terror attacks (and hunt down 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden).  Only 29% said the methods in question were unjustified.  A majority of 51% consider them justified.  A clear majority refused to buy into the media's lies about these methods not working.  A full 56% believe correctly that the intelligence gathered stopped future terror attacks.  Only 28% disagreed.

Was Feinstein a Useful Idiot or What?  I kept asking myself, why would Senator Feinstein approve a "report" whose main effect inevitably would be to damage America?  And it occurred to me that it might be a mistake to try to understand this bizarre event in the usual context of domestic politics.  It probably belongs to a different realm of analysis:  national security, international affairs, and espionage.  Maybe that was really the point of the operation.  It benefits our enemies, after all.

Tell Us Again Which Party Is Filled With Extremists.  [W]ho is the darling of the Democratic Party and its legions of media helpers?  Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  Warren is so far to the political left that she almost can't be found on the charts.  The FiveThirtyEight blog says that she "would be the most liberal Democratic nominee since 1972," meaning that she'd be the most leftist candidate for the Democrats since George McGovern.  The senator who represents you-didn't-get-rich-on-your-own land has positioned herself as an eager regulator of private enterprise and private affairs, a class warrior and privileged populist.

News Flash for Sen. Feinstein: Americans are OK with CIA tactics.  For days now Americans have heard graphic details of intense CIA interrogation tactics imposed on a handful of captured terrorists years ago and deemed torture by the media and Democrats on Dianne Feinstein's oddly-named Senate Intelligence Committee.  The goal, of course, in those early post-9/11 attack days when almost 3,000 had just died was to encourage these fellows to divulge details about other plots and plotters planning further expected attacks on the homeland.  The rough methods included exposure to sleep deprivation, terrible music, cold temperatures and water-boarding similar to that imposed on U.S. Special Forces candidates.  Democrats and sympathizers who do not see the country in an undeclared war with terrorism profess profound shock at such ruthless methods against helpless prisoners by a Republican administration.

The Self-Hating Americans.  They hate America.  They hate themselves for being Americans.  And in a vivid display of just how far self-hating Americans will go to smear their own country, look no further than this quickly infamous leftist-generated so-called CIA report.

Liberals believe that Christianity, Judaism and religiosity contribute to the stubborn bad character traits of Americans.  If Americans would stop clinging to religion, the nation could progress and lean forward.  Because this is so evidently true, elite jurists have turned the First Amendment religion clauses inside out.  Formerly read as an insurance for religious liberty, it is now obvious to our elite that public expressions of religion are illegal with one important stipulation:  if the religious expression offends a preponderance of a community then the expression is to be encouraged.  Satanists should be able to set up public memorials in Oklahoma — not because it does not violate a supposed notion of 'separation of church and state' — but because it so upsets Christians and other American religious conventions.  For the American deceptionalist, life has a civic container of secular privilege.

Make a Liberal Mad, Shop Here.  From deep in the bowels of Crazytown come these helpful hints for members of the Hive looking for places not to patronize.  According to writer Mindy Fischer, the major don'ts include Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Exxon and Cracker Barrel.

Democrats lost the South through culture war and elitism.  With Mary Landrieu's gigantic loss on Saturday [12/6/2014], following Hagan's surprise loss and Pryor's thumping, the Southern Democratic senator is officially extinct.  In the House, there are no White Democrats from the South.  Why did it happen?  In short:  Democrats waged a culture war against the South, trying to force Southerners to stop "clinging" to their guns and to God. When you try to make it illegal for people to conduct their own affairs according to their conscience, you tend to lose their votes.

The Democrat Select Committee On Intelligence Releases Their "We Hate America" CIA Report.  The media is claiming CIA Director John Brennan is angry about the release of the CIA report.  [Nonsense]!  That is a complete and total ruse meant to deflect attention away from the real reasons why the former White House advisor, and fellow ideological traveler, was selected for the top job in the CIA.

Torture Report: Another Obama Insult to Allies.  It's not enough that the Obama administration has offended nearly every ally of the United States.  Now, the Democratic Party with the full approval of the White House has endangered them as well.  That is the likely upshot of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA interrogations, which is evidently so threatening to some of the countries that participated in our post-9/11 security measures that their leaders pleaded against its release.  What countries?  A 2013 report from the George Soros-sponsored Open Society Justice Initiative says 54 governments cooperated with the U.S. in our interrogation and detention measures, including 25 European countries and Canada.

CIA interrogations report: Feinstein offers aid and comfort to enemy, stabs heroes, allies in the back.  Can anyone cite one practical good accomplished by releasing this gratuitously destructive report at this time?  Will revealing successful practices make us more secure?  No.  The report provides a propaganda windfall for Islamist fanatics.  Will it benefit our allies?  No.  It exposes those who took great risks to help us in the wake of 9/11.  Will it "set the record straight?"  No.

The Bitter End.  Louisiana's Mary Landrieu is flailing in the political current. [...] And she's anchored by weight of her own choosing.  Landrieu didn't have to ignore opinion polls and vote for Obamacare, but she did.  She didn't have to vote for radical Obama nominees like Debo Adegbile, pro bono legal advocate for cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, but she did.  It was her own choice to vote against repealing the medical device tax and to vote increasingly pro-abortion in a pro-life state.  She started her Senate career somewhat left of her Louisiana mentors Breaux and Bennett Johnston, and moved even further left.

Progressives Seem Unaware the Election Results Proved Their Policies Aren't Popular.  After the widespread Democratic defeats in the recent midterm elections, had these liberals learned anything?  Would they propose any new policies?  The short answer:  no.

Poll: Obama pays the price of a unilateral presidency.  A new Quinnipiac poll shows broad public dissatisfaction with President Obama and his legacy achievements.  Just 39 percent of those surveyed approve of Obama's performance in office, while 54 percent disapprove.  Just 40 percent approve of the Affordable Care Act, while 54 percent disapprove.  And just 45 percent approve of the president's recent executive action on immigration, while 48 percent disapprove.  There is a theme running through the numbers, and it is that unilateral action, whether by the president himself (immigration), or by a single political party (Obamacare), alienates a significant part of the electorate, including independents, and makes it hard for a leader to win the support of a majority of the American people.

The Forgotten Americans.  In our vast nation of 320 million people, there are still millions of mostly middle-class voters, along with the proverbial white working class, who are ignored by Democrats.  They feel desperately squeezed by the higher taxes necessary to fulfill the dreams of progressive elites.  And they feel they are not on the receiving end of government entitlements the way the underclass is, while being a regular target of cheap progressive rhetoric, from "clingers" to "stupid."

How the Democrats Lost Texas.  While Texans have always welcomed newcomers, they have never liked invasions.  They didn't like it when Santa Anna did it in 1835.  They didn't like it when the Yankees did it during the Civil War and Reconstruction.  And it's pretty clear from the midterm election results that they definitely didn't like it when Jeremy Bird and his team of Obama organizers known as "Battleground Texas" did it in 2013.

Aid and comfort to the enemy:
Dem Sen. Udall Considers Reading CIA Torture Report on Senate Floor.  Outgoing Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is reportedly considering "all options" to reveal the long-concealed CIA torture report, including reading the entire classified report on the Senate floor.  Udall, who has been a fierce opponent of torture and of NSA surveillance programs throughout his tenure, lost his re-election bid to GOP Rep. Cory Gardner.  And now, some civil libertarians are encouraging Udall to cement his legacy and "go out with a bang" by invoking the seldom-used "speech or debate clause" of the U.S. Constitution, which gives lawmakers immunity even if they reveal classified information.

It's Almost Official: The Democrats Are the Party of the Devil.  One of our major parties is so closely associated with godlessness, with evil, with everything so antithetical to the divine that even the mere mention of God's name in a polling place constitutes a message in opposition to that party.

Salon: 'Forced Troop Worship and Compulsory Patriotism Must End'.  Radical leftist writer David Masciotra waxes somewhat less than eloquently that Americans who think all soldiers and police are heroes are childish, and betray "a frightening cultural streak of nationalism, chauvinism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism" in a piece published Sunday [11/9/2014] on

Mpls. Mayor Flashes Gang Sign with Convicted Felon; Law Enforcement Outraged.  [KSTP] has obtained a photo of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges posing with a convicted felon while flashing a known gang sign.  The man in the photo is a twice-convicted felon for drug selling and possession and illegal possession of a firearm.  He is currently sentenced to five years at the St. Cloud Correctional Facility, with the prison term stayed for three years while he is under supervised probation until 2016.  If he violates terms of his probation during that time, he will serve the five years behind bars.

Losers.  Fairly or not, the face of the Democratic party has been Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  Not only were these three unappealing personalities prone to gratuitous slurs and strange outbursts, but their politics were demagogic and far out of the mainstream.  They should and will soon disappear from the American political landscape and recede back into the mediocrity from which they somehow emerged.

Flashback: When Presidents Respected the Constitution.  The concept of limited government is the fundamental divide separating conservatives and liberals.  Conservatives hold dear the Constitution's enumerated powers clause and the protections of property guaranteed by the Constitution's Fourth and Fifth Amendments.  Liberals behave as if the Constitution did not exist.

Major consumer media study finds liberals far less tolerant than normal people.  How do you stack up in a national sampling of political news consumers — your sources, habits and friends?  A fascinating, major new survey by the Pew Research Journalism Project is examining political polarization in the United States of 2014.  The report comes just two weeks before a crucial midterm election that will be widely read as a six-year verdict on Barack Obama's performance and agenda, whatever that is today.

Kerry: Defaming Islam is as Bad as Rape.  Western elites are stuck in permanent hysteria over supposed Islamophobia, but the sale and rape of women and girls is a lot worse than any supposed insult to Islam.  Furthermore the Islamic State is not insulting Islam.  Its religious scholars know Islam far better than a scholar of windsurfing like Kerry does.  Kerry released a press release in response to an ISIS magazine explaining the Islamic basis for their actions.  If Kerry were really capable of debating the issue, he would have responded with citations from the Koran instead of hot air.

Red states give more to charity. It's because of religion.  Wealthier Americans gave less to charity in 2012 than they did in 2006, while poorer Americans gave more, a new analysis from The Chronicle of Philanthropy indicates.  It's the most recent look at giving from the periodical, and that gap in giving — particularly given the recession that occurred between those two years — is what jumped out to them.  Something else caught our attention.  Of the states that gave the most to charity in 2012, the top 17 all voted for Mitt Romney that year.  The bottom seven states in giving all voted for Obama.

Leading Dem Insider: Save America, Scrap The Constitution.  Harry Reid is a determined radical, intent on limiting freedom, overturning American traditions, and remaking our institutions in the name of crushing the opposition and empowering the left.  His attempt to amend the First Amendment to curb free speech is a natural extension of his obliteration of longstanding Senate rules that promote deliberation and minority input.  But Reid seems almost moderate by left-wing Democrat standards.  Take Donna Brazile, vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee for voter registration and participation.  For her, eviscerating the First Amendment is small potatoes; she wants to scrap the entire U.S. Constitution.

Global Citizen Festival Fights Poverty By Leaving A Mess.  If you caught any of the Global Citizen Festival on MSNBC Saturday night, you saw millionaires and billionaires decry "extreme poverty" around the world.  The concert was held in New York City's Central Park and involved an elaborate stage and light show by the likes of No Doubt, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.  They could easily end a lot of poverty if they wanted, but...  Since the hypocrisy of people who made their fortunes through capitalism complaining about it is obvious, I'll just say this on that:  Capitalism is so awesome that you can even get rich by telling people it's awful.

Democrats Unfazed.  Obama hasn't lost one single billionaire donor.  They are holding firm.  It is only independents who are running away from the Democrat disaster — citing Obama's record on terrorism, foreign policy, immigration, the economy, and health care.  The puzzle is that 84% of Democrat voters are completely unfazed.

See the 10 Dumbest Idiots from the People's Climate March.  If you believe the media, today's People's Climate March was a gathering of grandmothers, adorable kiddies and smiling college students in polar bear costumes to urge us all to live in miserable poverty in order to save the planet from a threat that doesn't exist. [...] But when most people hear the word "People" and "March" in one sentence, they think commies.  And indeed there were plenty of Commies there.  Also terrorist supporters and random lunatics from the great asylum that is New York City.

Climate change skeptics call out marchers' 'hypocrisies'.  Manhattan's flood of green protesters had climate-change skeptics seeing red Sunday [9/21/2014].  "Their love for the Earth is so real, they couldn't even use a trash can," tweeted a disgusted @chelsea_elisa, along with a photo of an overflowing trash can in Manhattan, after tens of thousands of marchers invaded the city on fleets of smog-producing buses.

Poet: I 'would've died' for my aborted daughter's 'right to choose,' just 'like she died for mine'.  What kind of mother asks her baby to die for her?  And what kind of media outlet celebrates that?  To take the second question first, The Huffington Post is promoting a video featuring Scottish "poet" Leyla Josephine, celebrating her decision to abort her daughter.  [Video clip]

A Kafkaesque standard of morality:
Poet: I would have died for my aborted daughter's right to choose, just like she died for mine.  She starts by imagining the moments she would have shared with her daughter had she been born, then takes to repeating "I am not ashamed," as if trying to convince herself by incantation that she really isn't.

Sanders: 'I Do Not Want to See This Become ... War Between Christianity and Islam'.  The 22 senators who voted [9/18/2014] against arming Syrian rebels in the continuing resolution came from each party and had different reasons for their objections.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who may be contemplating a run for the White House, told MSNBC he voted "no" because "I do not want to see this become a war between east and west, a war between Christianity and Islam, a war between the United States and ISIS."

Senator Blocks Ted Cruz bill to seize passports from ISIS fighters who return to the US.  A showdown over the passports of so called 'foreign fighters' — Americans and other westerners who have joined the ISIS terror army in Iraq and Syria — came to a head on Thursday [9/18/2014] when a U.S. senator killed legislation aiming to strip them of their citizenship.  Democrat Mazie Hirono, a freshman senator from Hawaii, objected on the Senate floor when Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to fast-track his 'Expatriate Terrorists Act.'

Voters Care About Jobs, Economy, Not Green Agenda.  The world is aflame in violence and barbaric acts of terrorism, and Secretary of State John Kerry is running around warning one of the biggest problems facing the planet — ranking "right up there" with "terrorism, epidemics, poverty (and) the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction" — is global warming.  Good thing almost no voters agree with him.

Dem wears flip-flops to House floor.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee sporting a pair of white flip-flops with her pearls while on the House floor on Monday [9/8/2014].  While the Texas Democrat was all business on top — wearing a red suit jacket with a black and white scarf and pearl necklace — she was ready to hit the beach on the bottom, with her toe-baring shoes.  The House feed on C-SPAN did not capture the summer recess-worthy thongs.

Dem Senate Candidate Dodges Questions About Ties to Communist Group.  The Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Montana last month dodged questions about her ties to a group that explicitly advocates the abolition of capitalism in the United States.  "That sounds like contemporary communism," said Montana Public Radio reporter Edward O'Brien of the Industrial Workers of the World, a labor group for which Montana legislator Amanda Curtis' husband is a representative.  Her ties to the group have come under scrutiny since she won the Democratic nomination for Senate.  She replaced disgraced Sen. John Walsh (D.) on the ticket after it was revealed that he plagiarized his final paper at the Army War College.

Why Won't Endangered Democrat Senate Candidates Repudiate Their Todd Akin?  There are a whole bunch of Democrats running for Senate this year, though in this case "running" seems to mean running as far away as possible from failed liberal messiah Barack Obama.  You'd practically think they were Tea Partiers by the way they publicly espouse conservative principles like support for the family, protection from crime, and respect for religion.  But they can't run away from their duty to repudiate the single most offensive, anti-woman, anti-family, anti-Christian candidate running under their Democrat Party's banner.

Elijah Cummings' Plan for a Police State Run by a Federal Czar.  IRS targeting-advocate, Rep. Elijah Cummings, [...] and his Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members, sent a letter Monday [8/26/2014] to President Obama demanding a police czar and national regulations that would in effect nationalize local police forces.  "The administration must quickly establish a national commission to review existing police policies and practices," the letter reads.  "And identify the best policies and practices that can prevent more Fergusons and vastly improve policing in communities across the nation."  The letter calls for the appointment of a federal czar within the Justice Department to monitor and oversee local police departments that receive federal funding.  They will end up bullying and abusing local police.  The CBC claims they want to stop the militarization of police while they are actually demanding nationalization of the police in all states, a move that would ensure the U.S. would one day be a police state.

The Democratic Shift to the Left.  It would take a heart of stone, as the fellow said, not to laugh out loud at President Barack Obama's recent comparison between the two major political parties.  "Ideological extremism," he told The New York Times, "is much more prominent right now in the Republican Party than the Democrats.  Democrats have problems, but overall if you look at the Democratic consensus, it's a pretty commonsense, mainstream consensus.  It's not a lot of wacky ideological nonsense, the way it is generally fact-based and reason-based."  Spoken like a true partisan:  My Side is calm and reasonable, and Your Side is full of raving lunatics.

Montana U.S. Sen. Candidate Mocks Gun Owners, Christianity, the Bible, and the Family.  Montana State Senator Amanda Curtis (D-76 Dist.) is running for U.S. Senate and will no doubt be trying to run away from her past statements mocking guns, Christianity, the Bible, and the family.  She just stepped into the race in place of John Walsh, the Democrat candidate who had to step down amid a plagiarism scandal.  On August 22 the Tea Party Express posted a compilation of Curtis's statements that include laughing at gun owners who stress the importance of having a gun for self defense.

Montana Dems Replace Plagiarist With Socialist in Senate Race.  Montana Democrats are banking on a long-shot liberal Senate candidate to replace the disgraced John Walsh, but their choice might be too radical even for the increasingly extreme party.  Democrats are hoping that Montana state representative Amanda Curtis will be the next Elizabeth Warren:  an outspoken and unapologetic liberal who can fire up the base and raise big bucks from like-minded benefactors.  A self-described "punktuator" who has been seen sporting a mohawk and studded denim jacket with the iconic anarchist "A," Curtis is certainly distinct from most Montana politicians.

The Constitution Lives in Ferguson.  [Scroll down]  Liberals can't stand the Constitution.  No less than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg advised Egyptians caught in the chaos of a dictatorship that "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012."  Former Justice John Paul Stevens has written a book titled Six Amendments:  How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, in which, as noted by Richard Wolf in USA Today Stevens would "reduce gun violence, abolish the death penalty, restrict political campaign spending, limit states' independence and make Congress more competitive and less combative."  And, of course, there is that now much cited 2001 radio interview with State Senator Obama in which he complains that "the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties."

Lehmberg Democrats Drunk On Their Own Power.  [B]ecause Ferguson is a city which is two-thirds black run by a white mayor and an overwhelmingly white police force, and because there has been a history of tension between the cops and the black community, the [Michael] Brown case was too juicy for the race industry not to politicize.  Within days of the shooting, Jesse Jackson had weighed in, only to ultimately be booed when he committed the unmannerly act of fundraising among the aggrieved in Ferguson.  So had Al Sharpton, who managed to incite a riot on Sunday [8/17/2014].  And Eric Holder swung into full Trayvon mode, descending on Ferguson with FBI agents and DOJ community organizers in tow and by the weekend demanding a third autopsy of Brown.

Change is coming in Colorado, but not by a landslide.  Voters in Colorado are evenly divided right now on who their next governor will be.  Support for incumbent Governor Hickenlooper is softening, and he's looking weak in the polls.  It's not hard to see why.  He led an unconstitutional incursion on Second Amendment rights.  He continues to delay progress on energy exploration in the state, even arranging for a November ballot measure on fracking to be killed and the process to be handed over to a commission appointed by himself.  He won't take a position on the Keystone Pipeline either.

A World In Chaos, And Kerry's Talking Climate Change.  As the world melts into chaos and threats to the U.S. homeland multiply, America's top foreign policy official seems bizarrely, even dangerously, fixated on ... global warming.  In remarks at the East-West Center in Honolulu on Wednesday, Kerry repeated his claim that climate change is "the biggest challenge ... we face right now."  To which we respond:  Can he be serious?

Kerry: Climate Change is 'The Biggest Challenge of All That We Face Right Now'.  The global impact of climate change is "the biggest challenge of all that we face right now," Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Hawaii Wednesday [8/13/2014], putting an issue he feels passionately about at the center of a speech entitled "U.S. Vision for Asia-Pacific Engagement."

Democratic phonies are on the run.  What's with all the Democratic Senate candidates being caught displaying a condescending, insulting contempt for voters?  The latest embarrassing incident involves Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, who suffered the indignity of having her 144-page campaign plan leaked.  By the way, whatever happened to political professionals applying the "Washington Post rule"?  That rule is simple:  If it wouldn't be flattering if it was published in The [Washington] Post, don't put it in writing.  Anyway, her entire blueprint for faux authenticity has been published, and it contains all of the usual and contrived political maneuvering that voters find so disgusting.

Dem Rep to Illegal Minors: 'I Felt Ashamed' of America.  Tuesday [7/29/2014] at the Congressional Progressive Caucus' Ad-Hoc Hearing on the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) said she "felt ashamed" her country has handled the influx of illegal immigrant children

The Editor says...
They're the ones who are breaking the law, and she's the one who is ashamed.

Eleanor Holmes Norton says 'you don't have a right to know' what's going on in government.  Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, angrily sputtered during a congressional hearing Friday [7/25/2014] that the White House should not be held up to scrutiny, saying that there was no right to know what it was doing behind closed doors.  "You don't have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government, my friend.  That is the difference between a parliamentary government and a separation-of-powers government," Norton said during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.  It was, to put mildly, a significant departure from the more traditional liberal stance that openness and transparency are must to prevent abuses of power by government officials.

The Editor says...
Here's the good news:  Ms. Norton is a "non-voting congressional delegate."  Now for the bad news:  Barack H. Obama wants to change that, by giving statehood to the District of Columbia.

Democrat Rep: 'You Don't Have a Right to Know' What's Going on in Your Government.  Remember when the Obama Administration was meant to serve as the model for how a transparent government is supposed to operate?  That promise of "hope'n'change" has produced the most secretive government administrations in the history of this nation. [...] What Norton seems to have confused is that it is the very principle of scrutiny that defines a government that is equipped with a separation of powers. Each branch of government checks the power of the other branches of government.  It's amazing that America possesses even one citizen who would believe such an obvious falsehood; it's even more outrageous that America has a representative in Congress who believes this.

US wealth based on theft? Progressives and their dangerous view of America.  Is the wealth of America based on theft?  This allegation lies at the heart of modern progressivism, and provides the justification for government seizure and government redistribution, not only within America but also from America to the rest of the world.

How to Renounce America and Still Be Called a Patriot.  This story is about a gilded class of people and corporations enriched by the new American economy while the rest of its citizens pay the tab.  The protagonists could be any number of institutional elites, but this column happens to be about a Democratic senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, and his daughter, Heather Bresch, the chief executive of Mylan, a giant maker of generic drugs based outside Pittsburgh.  Her company's profits come largely from Medicaid and Medicare, which means her nest is feathered by U.S. taxpayers.  On Monday [7/14/2014], Bresch announced that Mylan will renounce its United States citizenship and instead become incorporated in the Netherlands — leaving this country, in part, to pay less in taxes.

Bruce Braley's War on Chickens.  Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) threatened to sue a homeowners' association after a chicken crossed onto his vacation home property in Iowa, again raising concerns that the Senate candidate is out-of-touch with farmers in the state, the Iowa Republican reports.  The dispute started this spring after one of his neighbor's chickens appeared on his vacation property in Holiday Lake, Iowa.

Iowa Senate candidate Braley threatened lawsuit over chicken in his yard.  The dispute started this spring after one of his neighbor's chickens appeared on his vacation property in Holiday Lake, Iowa:  "Braley's wife Carolyn attended a May 8 meeting of the Holiday Lake Owner's Association to complain about the fowl.  The dispute escalated, causing the association to incur nearly $1,700 in legal fees after Braley called the association's attorney with an implied threat of legal action.

Big Majority Favors Sending Alien Minors Home.  Three in five Americans say the tens of thousands of minors who have crossed the border "should be ordered to leave the U.S."  What about that do the Congress and president not understand?

Obama the Betrayer.  Obama will be historic for his fanatical leftism, which has no precedent in American history.  The biggest headline is Obama's ideology, not his race.  The left is a revolutionary cult, one that has no compunctions about violations of laws or human rights — for what they imagine to be a utopian cause, of course.  But every single power cult in history is all for love and peace — once it takes over.  Head-chopping Muslims sing the song of love and peace just as well as the left.

Proud to be an American? You're probably not a true liberal.  Michelle Obama took some heat in 2008 for saying that, "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country..."  As it turns out, that sentiment isn't all that unusual on the far left of American politics.  According to a new Pew Research Center study, only 40 percent of consistently liberal Americans say they often feel proud to be Americans.  The other 60 percent say that doesn't describe them.

Only 40 Percent of Liberal Democrats "Proud to be American".  In little more than two hundred years, Americans empowered the individual; defeated slavery, Nazism, military Shintoism and Communism; refined mass production; invented human flight; created 75% of all medical innovations on the planet; put a man on the moon; invented the telephone, the Internet and the search engine; and advanced humankind in millions of other ways, in every field and endeavor.  And these Democrats prefer some other land, some other country.  What that they would move there, permanently.

She would have been no help in World War II.
Dem Rep: I'm Uncomfortable With Us Feeling It Has Moral Authority.  In an interview with KABC radio last week, Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA) offered the liberal world view of globalism before nationalism last week during an interview about the on-going crisis in Iraq.  Hahn said she was "kind of uncomfortable" with the concept that the United States could claim any moral authority in using military action.  "I'm kind of uncomfortable with, you know, with the United States feeling that we do have some moral authority to go into these other countries and use military power to solve problems," the California lawmaker said.

U.S. Rep. Sean Maloney Marries Same-Sex Partner.  New York's first openly gay member of Congress has married his longtime partner.

Undocumented fight for in-state tuition.  They just earned diplomas at North Carolina high schools, but it's proving much harder to get to the next level.  A group of young un-documented immigrants hit the halls at the North Carolina General Assembly Tuesday, fighting for in-state college tuition — despite the fact they were brought to the US illegally by their parents.

The Editor says...
It doesn't matter if they were brought here by their parents or by global warming or by the Tooth Fairy.  If they are here illegally, they are not entitled to the privileges that citizens enjoy.

New York Dem: It's time to give the vote to illegal aliens.  Daily Caller tells us it's the first bill of its kind in the nation; giving adults here illegally the opportunity to vote in state and local elections.  The legislation is being introduced by state Sen. Guestavo Rivera and is designed to "integrate illegal immigrants, who are estranged from participation in civic, economic and political life."  What could go wrong?

New York Dem: Illegals Should Have The Right To Vote.  New York state Sen. Guestavo Rivera wants to pass legislation to give illegal immigrants the right to vote in local and state elections, Reuters reports.  In terms of the broad benefits available to non-citizens, this bill is the first of its kind in America.  The main objective of the New York Is Home Act, according to Rivera, is to integrate illegal immigrants, who are estranged from participation in civic, economic and political life.  The legislation not only gives illegal immigrants the right to vote, but establishes a kind of second-tiered citizenship on a state level, in which illegal immigrants can apply for tuition assistance, health insurance and driver's and professional licenses, among other benefits.

The Ghost of John Edwards.  John Edwards' old campaign manager, Josh Stein, is the current North Carolina Senator in District 16.  He's also among the most extreme and dangerous politicians in the state.  Among the reasons he is dangerous are a) his assertion that killing unborn children is a fundamental constitutional right and b) his suggestion that Senate Republicans are more dangerous than Islamic extremists.  It is bad enough that this former disciple of John Edwards is serving in our state senate.  To make matters worse, he also wants to be the next attorney general of the Tar Heel State.

Majority of Americans do NOT want Obama to shut down Guantanamo Bay.  Most Americans do not want President Obama to shut down the United State's terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a poll released this afternoon.  Americans continue to be wary of releasing prisoners with terrorist ties like the ones swapped last month for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl or moving them to prisons in the U.S.  Two in three Americans told Gallup that they want president Obama to keep the 149 suspected terrorists being held at Gitmo under lock and key on foreign soil instead of shutting down the camp.

Dem Congresswoman: Taliban "Part of Fabric of Afghanistan", Not Terrorists.  [A]t least she said in plain language what used to be confined to policy papers and vague terminology.  Obama's endgame is to bring the Taliban into the government.

Dem rep compares Taliban to soldiers in American Revolution.  A Democratic congressman offered a curious analogy on Monday to explain why the U.S. is dealing with the Taliban — apparently comparing them to soldiers in the American Revolution.  According to sources, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., made the comparison during a House briefing late Monday [6/9/2014] with administration officials on the trade of Taliban members for American Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Nadler apparently made the point that the Taliban, as non-state actors, have a status similar to that of American soldiers who fought the British during the Revolutionary War.

The Obama Doctrine.  To leftists like our president, we are the bad guys.  Sharia law is a right.  Israeli's self-defense and sovereignty are wrongs.  Islam is a beautiful religion; Judaism and Christianity are backward and hateful.  Islamophobia is real.  The jihadi threat is not real.

White Teacher Says He Helped Write Common Core Because Of His 'Privilege'.  An educator who helped write Common Core standards said Monday that one of the reasons he contributed to the curriculum was because he is a privileged as a white man.  Dr. David Pook teaches at The Derryfield School and Granite State College. [...] The Derryfield School, where Pook teaches history and English, is a bastion of "white privilege" itself.  Its student body is 91 percent white, and the annual cost of attendance is over $28,000, Campus Reform reports.

Dem Congressman: 'We've Proved That Communism Works'.  Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia — fresh off being caught eating his own earwax on camera — was caught red-handed in another gaffe this week, claiming that low crime rates in border cities with lots of federal immigration workers is proof that "Communism works."  Garcia made the comment during a Google hangout he convened last week to talk about comprehensive immigration reform with supporters.  The Democrat attempted to point out how, for all their talk about limited government, many Republicans are fine spending loads of government money on border security.

Dem Rep: Communism Works!.  "The safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the America's, which is Juarez.  Right?" Garcia asked a Google Hangout participant.  "Two of the safest cities in America are on the border with Mexico.  Of course, the reason is we've proved that communism works.  If you give everybody a good government job, there is no crime," Garcia said.

The Editor asks...
Does El Paso, or any city in the world, have zero unemployment and zero crime?

Why Are Democrats Afraid of Tom Steyer?  Democrats have made casting conservatives as beholden to the ultra-rich central to their 2014 strategy, and that makes it awkward when a billionaire of their own puts himself front and center. [...] Steyer's persona, the skeptics feel, opens Democrats up to charges of hypocrisy, and leaves too much of the party's profile in the hands of a man who has been popularly elected to exactly nothing.

6 Times Democrats Demonstrated Their Hatred of the Bible.  Putting aside the rocky seas and cross-currents of modernity, Kerry's statement that most people do not want to live based on "something that was written down a thousand plus, two thousand years ago" demonstrates his — and his party's — enormous hatred for the Bible.  They see the Bible as an antiquated document, a dire opponent of the new, modern morality.  Kerry makes no distinction between the Koran, the Old Testament, or the New Testament; he makes no distinction between the myriad streams of religious thought throughout history.  They are all the same.  Anyone who believes in ancient codes of morality is out of step with history.

Kerry on Religion: 'Not the Way I Think Most People Want to Live'.  During a talk to the U.S. embassy staff in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the first stop on his trip to Africa, Secretary of State John Kerry remarked about what he called the "different cross-currents of modernity" and the challenges they present on the African continent.  The comments contain a veiled reference to religion, and the part that religion might be playing in some of the current conflicts in Africa: [...]

King Barack's Court: A Flippant Regime.  Despite its seriousness, Benghazi has literally become a joke to the left wing of the ruling class. Fortunately, only to them.  A large majority of Americans (60% of voters) want Congress to keep investigating the attack and ensuing political scandal.  Even more (61%) think the White House is covering up the details.  That's more people than support same-sex marriage (59%), but you don't hear administration officials flippantly dismissing the issue of equal rights.  And it's not just Benghazi.  The glib dismissal emanating from the White House also covers issues like the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits, the Keystone XL pipeline, NSA surveillance of American citizens, and the Fast and Furious gun debacle.  Like Benghazi, Republicans have widespread support to pursue all these issues according to polls.  And like Benghazi, Obama surrogates consider them all political theater rather than legitimate concerns.

Why Elizabeth Warren is perfectly positioned for 2016 (if she wanted to run).  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says she's not running for president in 2016, and we believe her — for the most part.  But there is one thing that will keep the pilot light of the Warren for President speculation aflame:  the almost-gaping hole in the Democratic primary that seems tailor-made for her.  Look no further than the new Washington Post-ABC News poll for a little glimpse into that void.  The poll shows that a huge portion of the Democratic base not only dislikes Wall Street and big business; its voters actually think these institutions are inflicting harm on them personally.

The Faux Conservative Evangelicals Fighting for Immigration Reform.  Although the article simply refers to them as "faith leaders," they are all part of the same group that has been working with Jim Wallis for some time, allegedly funded with Soros money.  Soros is making a habit of using evangelicals, as he did with the funding of Telos, an outreach to convince evangelicals to be pro-Palestinian.  Among those on the Telos advisory board, we find Dr. Joel Hunter, Obama spiritual advisor; Lynne Hybels (Willow Creek Church); and Samah Norquist, wife of Grover Norquist.  The immigration group Soros funds is known as the Evangelical Immigration Table and is made up of a wide array of "social justice" evangelicals who have been criticized previously for their approach to the immigration issue.

Fighting Inequality: Rule Of Law Vs. Legal Plunder.  [Thomas] Piketty claims he is not a Marxist but rather a socialist with a belief in private property.  Yet, the contradiction should be apparent:  One cannot defend private property and at the same time call for a massive taking of property.  Piketty reveals his preferences when he states: "Capitalism and markets should be the slave of democracy and not the opposite."  In his view, property is not a natural right prior to the law; it is a creation of the state. Hence, the majority should be able to use the power of government/legislation to heavily tax the rich and near-rich.  The purpose would be to rid the world of inequality.  This is his moral imperative.

Liberals Digging Their Political Graves.  I don't think that our all-American liberals have really thought through their sophomoric ideas about striking a "balance between free speech in a democracy and protection against racial abuse in a multicultural society" and the use of the IRS to punish their enemies.  One repression leads with iron logic to the next, and each injustice provokes its own head of rebellion.  At some point, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), you and your fellow House Democrats may have to embarrass yourselves and walk back your partisan insouciance, and admit that your opponents were right about the IRS and True the Vote.

Radical group's founder helps Dem candidate.  One of New Mexico's candidates for Governor is downplaying his ties to a co-founder of the radical anti-government Weather Underground.  Democrat Alan Webber has raised the most money out of the five candidates vying for the party's nomination and the right to take on Governor Susana Martinez in the November election.  It turns out Webber got some fundraising help from a controversial source.

A Lesson in Liberal/Democratic Party Hypocrisy.  What do Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, Michele Bachmann, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and TW Shannon all have in common? [...] They are hated by liberals and Democrats. [...] They are women and minorities who honor God, family, and country.  They are self-reliant, extremely successful and do not view themselves as victims.  Liberals and Democrats will not tolerate such liberated independent thinking by women and minorities.  It threatens the foundation of the Democratic Party which is built on insidious evil lies, class envy, and victimhood-ism.

How many books has Jay Carney read?  [Scroll down]  Mike, another conservative in attendance at Saturday's cattle call for Republican presidential hopefuls, spotted a poster in the Carney-Shipman kitchen — shown in another Washingtonian MOM picture — that's a take-off on Soviet propaganda art.  'I know that picture,' said the visitor from Nashua.  'The original Russian poster asked, "Have you volunteered?"  It's sort of like "Uncle Sam Wants YOU," only for communists.'

What A Disembodied Finger In Jay Carney's Photo Says About Media Propaganda.  [I]t's amusing to note the lengths to which the media will go to make Democratic bureaucrats appealing to us.  In the run up to the 2008 election, the Atlantic hired a hate-fueled leftist photographer who took unflattering photos of John McCain for their profile.  And yet here we have a popular magazine going out of its way to make the condescending Jay Carney look more human.  Because they'd do the same for Bush, right?

Why do Jay Carney and Claire Shipman decorate their house with Soviet propaganda posters?  The moral blindness of the American Ruling Class is on display.  The Washingtonian Magazine, a glossy lifestyle and politics rag, has published a fawning profile of D.C. power couple Jay Carney and Claire Shipman that was a bit more revealing than intended.  At the top of the piece was a photo of mom Claire with her son and daughter, flipping a fried egg in their beautiful kitchen/great room.

Three pictures in the Washingtonian that make Jay Carney look ridiculous.  The most decadent Beltway publication yet conceived, Washingtonian, has outdone itself with its latest celebration of what life is like inside the city fueled by your forcibly confiscated money.  The publication recently ran with a profile of White House Press Sec. Jay Carney's wife, ABC News personality and working mom Claire Shipman.  Carney's two beautiful children are also profiled in the piece, but the profile itself is largely irrelevant.  What is worthy of dissection are the three featured images that add value to the profile.  And by "value," we mean guffaws galore.

Obama's press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda.  It's the sort of adoring journalistic exercise reserved for only the most handsome of the power elite. [...] But keen observers may notice the kitchen decor in the photo:  Soviet propaganda posters.  They really are the perfect pop of color whether you are the dour and sincere Nikita Khrushchev or the cheeky press-wrangler for a president who is constantly accused of being a socialist himself.

The Real Meaning of Soviet Agitprop in Jay Carney's Kitchen.  As soon as the photograph of Soviet propaganda posters in Jay Carney's kitchen hit the Internet, right-wing pundits began to draw conclusions about White House Press Secretary's ideology, morals, and political leanings.  It was as if things that a man merely places on his walls and looks at day after day can be any indication of his life choices.  If that were so, the meals in Carney's kitchen would also probably match the menu of the place and time of the posters.  His family would be living on a diet of beets, gruel, occasional rat, and thinly sliced boiled jackboots, which is what many Soviets ate at the time these posters were produced.

Oh Look, an Obama Staff Democrat Who Thinks a Bloodthirsty Communist Dictatorship is Cute!  [Comment #1:]  The ironic thing is that there is more food on those counters than you would have found in any Soviet grocery store.

Update:  Mr. Carney enjoys the fruits of capitalism.
Jay Carney cashes in.  Jay Carney just left the White House podium and he's already joined the ranks of George W. Bush, Tom Brokaw and Mike Ditka in one profitable enterprise:  lecturing on the private speaking circuit.  The former Obama administration flack signed on this month with the Washington Speakers Bureau, a gig that came with a signing bonus and is likely to yield payments as high as $100,000 per speech to share his personal presidential anecdotes and analysis of the next two election cycles.

Uninstall Firefox.  The left is out to crush individuals and companies with whom it differs.  This is especially so today on the issue of same-sex marriage.  Perhaps the most dramatic example of this took place last week.  The governing board of the widely used browser, Firefox, forced the company's CEO, Brendan Eich, to resign. [...] All these years, the left, after coining the term "McCarthyism" in order to disparage the right, had fooled most people into believing that it is the right that suppresses liberty.  The truth, of course, has been the opposite.

Dem Rep.: 'Members of Congress Are Underpaid,' Can't Afford to 'Live Decently'.  Do you think members of Congress are overpaid or underpaid?  Most likely you'd go with the former, but Democratic congressman Jim Moran argues it's actually the latter.  In an interview with CQ Roll Call, Moran says, "I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid."  The House recently took up a bill to freeze members' paychecks, placing another halt on the annual cost-of-living pay increases they would normally get and keeping annual salary at $174,000.

Testing and Detesting SGO.  At week's end, retiring Cong. Jim Moran (D-of course, VA-unfortunately) told Roll Call that Congress was underpaid.  Before we could see clearly through our laughter-teared eyes, he added that "I understand that it's widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world."  And he said all that with a straight face.

Juan Williams Clashes with Eric Bolling: 'We Need America to Be a Gun-Free Zone' .  The tragic Fort Hood shooting this week reignited the debate over shootings in gun-free zones and whether gun-free zones are generally more prone to this kind of horrible violence.  On Cashin' In Saturday morning [4/5/2014], Eric Bolling and Juan Williams tussled over mental health and the gun culture, with Williams saying, "I think we need America to be a gun-free zone."

Your Political Leaders Are Unsurprisingly Terrible at Empathizing with Your Salary.  Democratic Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia wants you to know that, at $174,000 a year, members of Congress are underpaid.  Because Jim Moran, like others, doesn't understand actual economic hardship and, frankly, isn't that great at politics either.  Moran is not the only public official to make a dubious claim about salary hardship in the past 24 hours.

78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote.  A federal judge last week upheld the right of states to require proof of citizenship before allowing someone to register to vote.  Voters continue to overwhelmingly support such a requirement.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 78% of Likely U.S. Voters believe everyone should be required to prove his or her citizenship before being allowed to register to vote.  That's up from 71% a year ago.  Just 19% oppose that requirement.

Former Top Biden Adviser Endorses Famous Marxist Tenet.  In 2009, Jared Bernstein helped craft President Obama's economic stimulus law in the White House, directing over $800 billion in taxpayer funds to various liberal priorities.  On Tuesday [3/25/2014], he endorsed a famous and important tenet of Marxism in an open congressional hearing.  "Dr. Bernstein, if I utter the phrase to you 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,' do you look upon that generally favorably or generally unfavorably?" Rep. Mick Mulvaney asked the former top economic adviser to Vice President Joe Biden at Tuesday's House Financial Services Committee hearing.  "Generally favorably," Bernstein answered, to which Mulvaney replied:  "Thank you, sir, I have no further questions."

One wonders what the Senator would prefer to replace the Judicial Branch.
Sen. Patty Murray: 'Stunning to Me' That 9 Justices Will Decide Hobby Lobby Case.  "I've worked hard to make sure that women have access to the right kinds of health care, and it's their choice, not their employer's choice," Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday [3/25/2014].  "Sitting in that court today, it was stunning to me to recognize that nine people are going to make that decision — and will decide for a long time to come — whether women have to question when they go to work every day what the shareholders of that company's religious views could be."

The Editor says...
I'm impressed that Senator Murray managed to get both the "health care" and "choice" buzzwords into one sentence.  But killing your children is not health care, and homicide is not a legal "choice."

Democrat Wants His Party to Officially Come Out Against the Second Amendment.  The Daily Surge has a clip of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) on Bill Maher's HBO show.  Ellison says the Democratic Party should just be honest about its stance on guns. [...] For some reason, Americans murdered by drug cartel members along the border never came up.  Neither did the victims of Chicago's gang violence.

Obama's Rogues Gallery Of Radicals.  America is a country of 320 million people, most of them holding to traditional values.  Yet President Obama keeps mining the fringes for his hires.  Does he have any friends who aren't crackpots?  Seriously.  The president keeps saying he champions the middle class and its values.  But his choices of people to help him run the country are the most extreme in U.S. history, and his second-term nominations are more radical than the first.  No sooner had even some Senate Democrats joined Republicans in voting down a cop killer-coddler for civil rights chief, Debo Adegbile, than Obama sent up a 2nd Amendment-basher for U.S. Surgeon General.  Dr. Vivek Murthy advocates doctors asking patients if they keep guns in the home, a shocking invasion of privacy.  Murthy may also have a rocky path ahead of him, but other extreme-left nominees are getting confirmed.

Has Charles Rangel Forgotten the Real 9/11?  [Scroll down]  We should have been aware of where this nation was headed when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008.  As soon as we heard Michelle Obama say after her husband's selection as candidate, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country...," we knew how little respect both of them had for America. [...] I hope and pray that in the upcoming elections we band together and elect those who love our country and have always been proud of it.

Senate chaos: Democrat says cabinet secretaries can ignore GOP questions.  The Democratic chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee declared Wednesday that cabinet secretaries do not have to answer questions at hearings if they don't feel like it, the latest breakdown in collegiality.  In a politically-charged atmosphere during a hearing on increasing the minimum wage, HELP Committee Chairman Tom Harkin brushed aside ranking Sen. Lamar Alexander's request for a "yes or no" answer from Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.

Burlington voters opt to give up gun rights, gut state preemption.  Three City of Burlington resolutions were passed by voters Tuesday, Vermont's WPTZ News Channel 5 reported this morning.  The measures are now headed to the state legislature, where it will be decided if municipalities will be given the power to override state preemption protections.  Voters chose to allow authorities to seize firearms at domestic investigations (Yes: 5,579 / No: 2,066), ban firearms from establishments that serve liquor (Yes: 5,194 / No: 2,517), and require firearms in the home to be locked up (Yes: 4,351 / No: 2,971) in an election that marks the latest battle in a long campaign being waged between "progressive" Burlington Council members working with Gun Sense Vermont, and the Vermont Federation of Sportmen's Clubs.

Poll: 65 percent support Keystone construction.  Sixty-five percent of people support the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline between the United States and Canada, a new poll finds.  A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Friday [3/7/2014] shows only 22 percent are opposed to the project.  The poll shows there has been little movement in support or opposition to the pipeline in the last year.  A Pew poll last April found 66 percent backed construction.

New Post-ABC News poll: Keystone XL project overwhelmingly favored by Americans.  Americans support the idea of constructing the Keystone XL oil pipeline between Canada and the United States by a nearly 3 to 1 margin, with 65 percent saying it should be approved and 22 percent opposed, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.  The findings also show that the public thinks the massive project, which aims to ship 830,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta and the northern Great Plains to refineries on the Gulf Coast, will produce significant economic benefits.  Eighty-five percent say the pipeline would create a significant number of jobs, with 62 percent saying they "strongly" believed that to be the case.

Mr. Farrow and the Obama Syndrome.  Young, charismatic, good-looking, hip, and glib are all superficial traits that supposedly cerebral liberal elites have a bad habit of believing trump experience, knowledge, humility, and what the Greeks called pathei mathos, learning through requisite pain.  Once someone is acclaimed as a liberal prodigy by elites, stamped with the right Ivy League brand and aristocratic contacts that resonate through networking and cocktail parties along the Boston to D.C. corridor, all normal cross-examination seems to end.

Dirty Harry Reid Goes Around the Bend.  Harry Reid delivered another salvo against the Koch brothers on the floor of the Senate today.  On reading it, the reaction of any normal person would be that he has gone off his meds.  That a Senate Majority Leader should indulge such crazed vituperation against a couple of private citizens, on the floor of the Senate, dramatizes how low our democracy has fallen.

NY lawmaker: Parents should take parenting classes.  New York state Sen. Ruben Diaz Jr. introduced a bill that would require parents of elementary school children to attend a minimum of four parent support classes.  If parents don't go, 6th graders won't move onto 7th grade.  Leslie Venokur, the co-founder of Big City Moms, called the idea "crazy" and "insane."

The Editor says...
When the news media says "parents," that almost always means "mothers."  And somehow the writer of this article forgot to mention that the State Senator with the totalitarian idea is a Democrat.  Oops.  The word "Democrat" was probably omitted because there was no room for it.  No, wait — the article was posted on the internet, where space is unlimited.

Front-runner to lead North Carolina Democratic Party a Nation of Islam member, formed an all-black political party.  North Carolina Democratic Party chairman Randy Voller is considering naming former Nation of Islam leader Benjamin Chavis as the state party's new executive director.  Voller was expected to announce Chavis' hiring at a Wednesday [2/12/2014] press conference, but canceled the event Tuesday night during a conference call with party leaders, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.  An interim executive director is being tapped for 30 days while Voller and his cohorts "explore a permanent replacement."  Voller made clear on Tuesday night's call that Chavis is his preferred choice for the job.

American Humanist Association demands students stop feeding starving kids.  The American Humanist Association sent that message to a school in Robbinsdale, Minn., accusing them of violating the U.S. Constitution by allowing students to participate in a community service project at a church that involved preparing meals for impoverished children in Haiti. [...] "The school has clearly violated the Establishment Clause," AHA attorney Monica Miller wrote in a threatening letter to the school and district officials.

DNC's Donna Brazile: Reform Immigration So Illegals Can Vote.  During the February 2 airing of This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Democratic National Committee vice chairwoman Donna Brazile stressed that Obama cannot stop short of full citizenship on immigration reform because citizenship will allow current illegals to vote.

Hundreds of Career Prosecutors Revolt Against Eric Holder.  Hundreds of career Justice Department lawyers have broken into open revolt against Attorney General Holder over his support of legislation that would drastically cut back on mandatory minimum sentences for drug pushers.  The legislation Holder supports, known as the Durbin-Lee bill, would overturn the current mandatory minimum sentences not only for marijuana violations but for all drug offenses, including major and repeat trafficking in heroin, meth, PCP and other extremely dangerous, and often lethal, drugs.  This was too much for hundreds of federal prosecutors.

Pete Seeger-Commie Lover until the End.  Only in America would a singer who insults a U.S. President (Lyndon Johnson) as "a big fool" in song be awarded the National Medal of the Arts by a U.S. President (Bill Clinton), hailed as a "Living Legend" by the U.S. Library of Congress, and be invited to play at a U.S. Presidential inauguration (Barack Obama's.)

Gov. Cuomo to conservatives: Leave NY!  Gov. Cuomo has a message for conservative Republicans — you don't belong in New York.  Cuomo said Friday [1/17/2014] that members of the GOP with "extreme" views are creating an identity crisis for their party and represent a bigger worry than Democrats such as himself.  "Their problem isn't me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves," the governor said on Albany's The Capitol Pressroom radio show.  "Who are they?  Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that's who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that's not who New Yorkers are."

Why Is a Teachers Union Fighting on Behalf of Convicted Child Molester?  There's outrage in Michigan after the union, Michigan Education Association, began fighting to win a $10,000 severance payment for a convicted child rapist.

NY Times and the Left: Champions of Polygamy.  The New York Times, ever eager to push any meme that undermines the Judeo-Christian devotion to traditional morality and the single heterosexual family unit, has progressed from championing LGBT rights to its newest passion:  polygamy.  The Times is not alone; other leftist media outlets such as Huffington Post are leaders in the effort, too.

Bill in the China Shop: 'We Won't Wait, We'll Do It Now'.  We all knew we were in for something completely different when the inauguration of self-described "progressive" Bill de Blasio as New York's mayor began with a keynote from pro-Communist activist Harry Belafonte.  The 86-year-old singer has a history of extremism.  He has been an infamous house guest of Fidel Castro, called Colin Powell and Condi Rice "house slaves" of the Bush administration, and last year compared the free-market Koch brothers to the Ku Klux Klan.

Ripping Off the "Progressive" Mask.  It is a sad fact that telling a lie these days has become more convenient than telling the truth.  This is a terrible commentary on those with access to our major media.  Consider the coverage of the inauguration of Bill de Blasio as New York City's mayor.  The term "progressive" is used in most accounts to describe him and his backers.  De Blasio accepts that term.  Yet, by any objective measure, he is a dedicated Marxist, and has been for most of his life.  For example, he never disavowed his support for the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua.  He claims to have honeymooned in communist Cuba, when such a trip was illegal.  His wife was a member of a Marxist collective.

Comrade De Blasio Takes Over.  Communist-sympathizing radical Bill de Blasio has laid out an ambitious, far-left agenda as he begins what is destined to be a disastrous reign as New York's 109th mayor.  Leveling left-wingers, with their perverse obsession with income equality, are looking eagerly to the city in the hope that the new mayor will "morph New York City's municipal machinery into a closely watched laboratory for populist theories of government that have never before been enacted on such a large scale," according to a fawning New York Times profile.

Environmental Fascists Move to Ban Plastic Gift Cards.  The left's environmental fascists go after another hugely popular capitalist standby, the plastic gift card. N

Swirling the Bowl.  Covered with the stench of debacles including Obamacare, the NSA, Syria, Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP, while demonstrating a level of incompetence so great that it must give pause to all but the most committed members of the cult of unlimited government, few liberals will be willing to dig through the muck to reclaim their once-prized possession.

Obamacare Panders To Gay Community.  President Obama is now hoping that the gay community will "come out" and sign up for the embattled Obamacare plan, as a new video pandering to "the boys" has just been released to help with enrollment.

Jon Stewart Chuckles Over 'Knockout Games,' Claims [it is] not a Trend.  Stewart brought up the brutal attacks on The Daily Show Monday night, chortling along as he described a series of physical assaults on innocent victims.  The liberal comic couldn't scrounge up much sympathy for the victims, nor did he think it might be helpful to boost the penalties against such assaults. [...] Instead, he used his favorite tool — the cherry picker — to insinuate the trend doesn't actually exist while calling once more for stricter gun controls.

Barbara Walters on Obama: 'We Thought He Was Going To Be The Next Messiah'.  Yes, she really said it.  On CNN's Piers Morgan Live Tuesday [12/17/2013], in a brief discussion about President Obama, Barbara Walters actually said, "We thought that he was going to be — I shouldn't say this at Christmastime, but — the next messiah"[.]

Barbara Walters: We Thought Obama Was 'the Next Messiah'.  Barbara Walters said the difficulties engulfing President Barack Obama are a reflection of the let-down people are feeling from the high expectations they had during his earliest days in office when she and others thought he was going to be "the next messiah."

Pelosi calls for Obama to halt deportations.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi privately has urged the Obama administration to halt deportations for some illegal immigrants, saying that President Obama needs to use more "discretion" to reduce the number of people he's kicking out of the country.  In an interview with Telemundo over the weekend, Mrs. Pelosi said that just being in the country illegally is not enough of a reason to be deported, and she said illegal immigrants must have something more serious on their records.

The Editor says...
Analogy:  Just breaking into Ms. Pelosi's house should be no reason to call the police, unless she has evidence of some other crime as well.  Why does the US-Mexico border exist, if there is to be no enforcement of it?

Who Funds the Far Left? You'll Be Surprised.  The Center for American Progress is a left-wing organization that is closely associated with the Obama administration.  Its principal product is a web site called Think Progress.  Think Progress is part of the internet cesspool that modern liberalism has become.  Written by hack left-wing bloggers, it is bitterly hostile to free enterprise.  It is a low-rent site that traffics in the most absurd smears and conspiracy theories.  Many have wondered for some years who finances far-left web sites like Think Progress.  As of today, we know at least part of the answer, as CAP released its corporate donor list for the first time.

GE, Walmart, AT&T, Google Among Center for American Progress Donors.  On Friday [12/13/2013], the Obama- and Clinton-allied Center for American Progress finally revealed its long-sought corporate donor list after heavy pressure arising from CAP's quasi-lobbying history.  That scrutiny ratcheted up following the announcement that CAP founder John Podesta would be formally joining the Obama administration. Both Politico and The New York Times called for the donor list to meet the public eye.  And so CAP handed over the list to the leftist Huffington Post.

Dems Are the Out-of-Touch Extremists.  The public overwhelmingly believes the country is headed in the wrong direction, that current economic policies aren't working, that President Obama is doing a bad job, that government should be smaller and that ObamaCare should be repealed.  But not Democrats.  On issue after issue, in fact, Democrats are the outliers by wide margins, according to an analysis of the December IBD/TIPP survey.  They are, by and large, Pollyanna-ish about the economy, they can see no evil when it comes to Obama or ObamaCare, and they are extremists when it comes to the size and role of the federal government.

EPA Chief: 'No More Urgent Threat to Public Health Than Climate Change'.  Ahead of her upcoming trip to China, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy told a liberal advocacy group in Washington on Monday that she has dedicated her life to protecting the environment:  "And I really see no greater issue and no more urgent threat to public health than climate change."

Democrats Face Battles in South to Hold the Senate.  Sen. Mark Pryor, speaking to a group of college officials, recently offered a biblical solution to Washington's gridlock.  Politicians should follow the teachings of Jesus, the two-term Democrat said, quoting from the Sermon on the Mount.  Dale Leatherman, an administrator at a Baptist college, warmed up to the Arkansas senator after those remarks but said he still couldn't imagine voting for Mr. Pryor next year.  "Even though he personally supports conservative ideas," Mr. Leatherman said, "I struggle with the fact that he's part of a party that does not."

The seasonal liberal hatred of America.  As inevitable as the turkey and football that go with Thanksgiving is the liberal moaning about the evil of America.  A collect [sic] of liberals took to social media to demonize America and Thanksgiving.  Ronan Farrow, who is a new host on MSNBC, was one of the first to get in the act.

America has gone from government of laws to semi-political banana republic.  The rule of law has been replaced in Washington by "yes we can."  The events we witnessed Thursday [11/21/2013] in the Senate, that is Majority Leader Harry Reid's success at invoking the so-called 'nuclear option,' stripping the minority party of its primary power to block nominations, have become a stunning capstone to what has been already a steady erosion of a government of laws down to a sort of semi-political banana republic.  We are now living in a republic in which politicians do what they want without regard to tradition or the best interests of our country.

Pennsylvania Town Clings to Its Guns, Ousts Mayor.  Many of these people feel attacked on all sides for many activities that they consider normal, such as hunting, going to church, flying a flag on holidays or every day, and wishing store clerks a "Merry Christmas!"  So when Mayor Bloomberg brings his circus to town to build his own fame and to spread money around, or when Washington decides it wants to start regulating gun ownership with more background checks, these people react in the only respectful way they know:  They vote out of office those who are infringing on their way of life.

ESPN Commentator: National Anthem a 'War Anthem,' Shouldn't Be Played Before Games.  On ESPN's Around the Horn, frequent guest Kevin Blackistone said that football games should not include the singing of the national anthem beforehand, as that added to the "military symbolism."  He actually called the Star-Spangled Banner a "war anthem."

Rob Reiner aka Meathead: 'Obama Is Right Around Where Reagan Was' Politically.  It really is hysterical listening to liberal Hollywoodans talk about politics.

Grayson, media bias, and the new totalitarianism.  [Alan] Grayson is a great example of the "soft" media bias that shields Democrats.  He's a [person] who daily says the kind of idiotic and offensive things that would immediately end any Republican's career.  More importantly, if he was a Republican, every other member of the party would be routinely asked to denounce him, right up to the President. [...] We saw the same thing with Filthy Filner, whose party affiliation had all but vanished from media accounts before his sordid tale was done.

Jay Z's American Fascism.  Who would have believed that a performing genre (it is a stretch to call it "music") dominated by convicted and confessed criminals, brutally misogynistic, preaching and practicing violence, would come to dominate American popular culture?  Jay Z, who brags of dealing drugs and shooting an older brother in his youth, and pleaded guilty to stabbing a record producer, could "help shape attitudes in a real (sic) positive way," according to President Obama.  Jay Z texts regularly with the president and is a regular White House visitor after opening Obama campaign rallies.

How Crazy Are The Democrats?  The Democrats have achieved a public relations coup that any ministry of propaganda would be proud of.  Worried that the United States is $17 trillion in debt?  Radical!  Unconcerned about deficits that pile up as far as the eye can see?  Responsible!  Unhappy about an anemic economy in which a generation of young people struggles to find full-time employment?  Traitor!  Content with record levels of poverty and non-employment?  Moderate!  Want to get rid of a law that is opposed by most Americans, decimates the economy and is patently unworkable?  Crazy!  Delighted at the sight of millions of Americans losing their health insurance and being demoted to part-time employment?  Public-spirited!

The Political Left And The Criminalization Of Dissent. wants Republican leaders arrested for "seditious conspiracy" against the U.S.  The initiative, of course, won't get anywhere, but it does provide a peek into how some among us respond to disagreement.

Dem Rep. Steve Cohen: Tea Party Republicans Are 'Domestic Enemies' We Took Oath To Defend Against.  Watch out, Alan Grayson: you've got competition when it comes to uttering the ugliest slur on Tea Party Republicans ...  Sure, you've compared them to the Klan.  But fellow Dem Steve Cohen has upped the ante.

The Editor says...
There can be no reconciliation with a politician who believes that those who adhere to the Constitution are his enemies.  I see secession as the only way out of the mess this country is in.  Let the other 49 states go bankrupt.

Only 2 People Attend 'Obamacare and You!' Event in South Carolina.  Last night [10/10/2013], the organization formerly known as President Obama's reelection campaign, Organizing for Action, held an Obamacare event in Greenville, South Carolina.  The event was called "Obamacare and You!"  "Let's discuss what this Affordable Care Act means for you and your community.  This session will help you understand the benefits and will equip you to spread the word about the benefits of Obamacare in your community.  Come out and get the facts!!," the event advertisement said.  But it wasn't widely attended.  Only two people, in addition to the two organizers, showed up.

Harry Reid Wants Americans To Suffer From Shutdown.  Word came this week that the National Institutes of Health has suspended therapy-dog visits to sick children at its clinical center because of a 25% reduction in staff, even though volunteers run the program. [...] It's comforting to know, however, that the House and Senate gyms are still open, that the government had enough money to buy a mechanical bull and, while the feds barricaded the open-air National Mall and threatened to fine and arrest those who walk there, they'll let an immigration amnesty rally take place on those same grounds.

Obama as Napoleon.  [Scroll down]  Mr. Obama, on the other hand, began the year with 54 percent of voters on his side.  Since the shutdown, 17 percent have abandoned him.  A majority think Mr. Obama hasn't negotiated, at all or enough.  Sixty-two percent disagree with the way the Democrats handle the deficit, which is to say, most people realize spending more money won't create a surplus.  Since 81 percent haven't felt any effects of the shutdown, many of them are not likely to care very much how it's resolved.

The Threat We Face.  The president, his chief operative Valerie Jarrett and his chief political strategist David Axelrod all came out of the same Communist left and the same radical new left as I did, and all have remained heart and soul a part of it.  As someone who turned his back on that destructive movement, I can say with confidence that they have not. [...] Instead of calling themselves communists or socialists they call themselves liberals and progressives.  This camouflage is very old.  I never once heard my parents and their party friends refer to themselves as Communists.  They were progressives — and registered Democrats.

Reid Claims Media Is Unfair to Democrats.  In an interview with Politico, Senator Harry Reid argued that the media is being unfair to Democrats in its coverage of the shutdown.  Reid said he believes that there is no way someone viewing the situation objectively could conclude that Democrats are at fault for the shutdown.  "You and other journalists have a real shortcoming in that you are trying so hard to be fair that you are unfair," Reid said.

Allow me to present abundant evidence to contradict Senator Reid.

What Democrats Really Care About.  To understand what motivates Obama, it's important to understand a critical aspect of liberalism:  liberals are all about a will for power, not about caring for the poor.  A key core attribute of most liberals is a sense of smug superiority:
  •   Atheist liberals believe they are better than those fools who believe in God.
  •   Liberals who give little of their own money to charity believe they are better than Christians who sacrifice to help the poor.
  •   Liberals who have no children believe they know better how to raise children than do families who actually have children.
  •   Racist liberals believe that they are better than blacks, which is why white liberals believe they can define who is authentically black.
  •   Liberals who've never run a business or created a job believe they know better than American businessmen how to run a business.

Wendy Davis favors driver licenses for immigrants here illegally.  The Fort Worth Democrat, who is due to announce her plans Thursday, said in response to questions at the Texas Tribune Festival that she favors:
  ·   Granting driver licenses to immigrants in the country illegally, citing business backing for the idea.
  ·   Re-regulating college tuition only if the state steps up to the plate with the money needed to subsidize the move.
  ·   More investment in public education, including making pre-kindergarten available to all students.

Extremely Extreme Extremists.  Democrats and their media allies have spent the past week labeling Republicans "anarchists," "fanatics," "radicals," and "terrorists" who are wholly to blame for the situation that we are told will soon lead to a government shutdown.  And if all you know about this situation is what you get from the media, you might actually believe that this is a crisis created by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his fellow conservatives who sought to use the vote on a short-term spending bill as a means of preventing implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare.

Ted Turner: Men Should Be Barred From Political Office For 100 Years.  Media mogul Ted Turner reiterated an absolutely absurd idea Sunday [9/22/2013].  Appearing at the International Women's Earth and Climate Summit in New York City, Turner proposed "men be barred from political office.  They could do everything else, be president of universities, business leaders, but they just couldn't serve in any elected position for 100 years".

OFA Uses Navy Yard Shooting to Fundraise.  Organizing for Action, the non-profit group that branched off the Obama campaign, used this week's Navy Yard shooting to ask supporters for donations in an e-mail.  The e-mail asks supporters to "chip in today" after supporters sign an online petition to push for more gun-control measures.

Catholic University to Welcome Communist Leader.  With no room for opposing views or questions, Seattle University is planning to host a talk, complete with a book signing and reception for Angela Davis, on October 17. [...] "It would be difficult to find a speaker who contradicts the teaching of the Catholic Church on more levels than Angela Davis.  Stalin, maybe?  She is a notorious feminist, Marxist, communist, socialist who engages in pro-abortion, pro-same-sex "marriage" activism," James Bascom wrote for TFP Student Action, a group whose goal is "Defending Moral Values on Campus."

Obama says Republicans blocking his efforts to fight economic inequality.  The president has powers to fight income inequality, President Obama argued in an interview broadcast Sunday, adding that Republicans in Congress have hobbled his efforts to do it. [...] "I think the president can stop it," Obama said, when asked about the growing income gap.  "The problem is that there continues to be a major debate here in Washington, and that is, how do we respond to these underlying trends?"

The Editor says...
Income inequality is not something to be fought, especially by the leader of a supposedly free country.  Income inequality results from inequality of skill, talent and experience.  Income inequality is the reward for hard work and the punishment for laziness.  The elimination of income inequality is one of the primary goals of Communism.  It is also apparently one of Barack H. Obama's primary goals.  What does that tell you?

Putin Exposes the Secrets of American Liberalism.  There is an unspoken sub-text at play here:  what President Putin said in his column is pretty much what American liberals and leftists have been saying about the United States since the 1960s.

Wendy Davis Wants Double-Barreled Assault on Texans' Gun Rights.  One would think that the Democrats in Texas would take a lesson from its decades of defeat and moderate toward the middle.  That doesn't seem to be in the cards.  [State Senator Wendy] Davis has become a national name thanks to her pink-shoed filibuster of a bipartisan abortion law that a majority of Texans support.  The media made her a national darling among themselves, but she lost the fight and her protest devolved into madness and anarchy by the end of it.  She is now known chiefly for that single unsuccessful effort, which will galvanize pro-life forces against her if she runs statewide.

Joe McCarthy was right.  They're everywhere.
Communist Groups Helped Organize Petraeus Protest.  Protests against General David Petraeus Monday by CUNY students were organized by an ad hoc committee that includes several Communist groups.  A leaflet for the protests, which refers to Petraeus as a "war criminal" and "mass murderer," says that the events were organized by the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY and were endorsed by the Internationalist Group, Workers Power-US, and IGNITE.  These groups are explicitly Communist in nature.

The Real Reason College Costs So Much.  Another school year beckons, which means it's time for President Obama to go on another college retreat.  "He loves college tours," says Ohio University's Richard Vedder, who directs the Center for College Affordability and Productivity.  "Colleges are an escape from reality.  Believe me, I've lived in one for half a century.  It's like living in Disneyland.  They're these little isolated enclaves of nonreality."

Obama Flag at March on Washington Gets Twitter Riled Up.  We know a picture is worth a thousand words.  Apparently it's also good for fifty stars.  An American flag with President Barack Obama's face where the fifty stars normally go caused a bit of a stir on Twitter, where some objected to the "hero worship" of Obama, and complained that it was part and parcel with the rally's overall "Democratic" feel.

Obama flag
Pledging Allegiance To The Flag Of The Obama Nation.  A U.S. flag with the president's face replacing the field of stars resurfaces at the March on Washington's 50th anniversary, turning the symbol of freedom many have fought and died for into a campaign prop.  It has been a while since President Obama accepted his first nomination among faux Greek columns in Denver in 2008.  But judging from the reappearance of the "Obama flag" at a march celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, the cult of personality that has risen around him has not been diminished or discouraged.

The Editor says...
Look at the creases in that flag.  That thing is a commercially available product — not just a one-of-a-kind creation put together by a fanatic.

Executive Editor of NYT Picks Cuba as Vacation Spot.  In a long article bemoaning the fact that the new CEO of the New York Times likes to keep his eye on the newsroom, an interesting anecdote reveals executive editor Jill Abramson has a special vacation destination when she wants to unwind:  Cuba.

Efforts to Repeal Stand-Your-Ground Falter, Fail ... Backfire?  The much ballyhooed efforts to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in Florida have suffered an ignominious and well-deserved death.  An enormous and bi-partisan majority of Florida legislators — 72% — this week overwhelmingly declined to hold a special session for the purpose of even debating the repeal of SYG.

The 25 Stupidest Liberal Quotes of the Last Decade.

How much did it cost U.S. taxpayers to airlift Bo, the First Dog, to Martha's Vineyard?  This is the worst kind of arrogance and hubris ever displayed by a U.S. president when millions are struggling to put food on the table.

Hot air in Las Vegas.  What happens in Las Vegas, despite what they say, does not always stay in Las Vegas.  Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, has invited Democratic politicians and liberal activists to gather there Tuesday [8/13/2013] to sit still for sermons about global warming and to think big thoughts about clean energy.  The congregation will hear how it's not so much about taking control of the weather as about how to promote more government subsidies for impractical sources of power that nobody else wants.

Let Them Eat Wind.  [Scroll down]  The rot is greater than just Obama.  Nancy Pelosi has never worked in a real job or even lived in a community of Americans who actually worked in productive jobs and created consumable wealth.  Dick Durbin, who also lived his whole adult life in places that produce only court cases and laws, has no clue about what makes America tick.

OFA Attracts One Person for ObamaCare Event.  Organizing for America, the advocacy off-shoot of Barack Obama's reelection campaign, has declared August as a month of "action."  It is taking a page from the Tea Party playbook and trying to show grass-roots support for Obama's agenda.  Its first event on Sunday [8/4/2013], Barack Obama's birthday, was to promote the benefits of ObamaCare.  In Northern Virginia, a base of support for Obama, it attracted one volunteer.  One.

Political Correctness Run Amok.  The Office for Civil Rights in Seattle, a Fox News report informed us last week, instructed city workers about no longer using terms that some people in Seattle might deem offensive.  I wondered when first reading this if they were talking about scores of white employees using the N word.  No, that's not it.  The words they are complaining about include the following:  "citizens" and "brown-bag lunch."  Not to be outdone, New York City's Department of Education warned about such dangerous words as "dinosaurs," "birthdays," and, last but not least, "Halloween."

"Brown bag" controversy reveals chink in the armor of language police.  I tend to make light of the language police when it comes to the Saturday Night Card Game, but it's actually a very serious subject.  The incessant attempt to turn race-neutral phrases into racial testing grounds is part of a larger political war in which race agitators seek to turn everything into a discussion of race all the time in every sphere of life.

Seattle bans words 'citizen' and 'brown bag'.  A memo which was circulated within local government in Washington state, before being leaked to local TV station KOMO News, advised state workers that they should refrain from using such phrases in official business.  According to the memo, the word 'citizen' is offensive to those Seattlelites who are residents in the city, but not US citizens.

Seattle officials call for ban on 'potentially offensive' language.  Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms "citizen" and "brown bag" are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions.  KOMO-TV reports that the city's Office of Civil Rights instructed city workers in a recent internal memo to avoid using the words because some may find them offensive.

Which political party is notorious for offensive language?

The Democrats just can't seem to take America's side.  The current Democratic standard-bearer (and U.S. president) believes that Ho Chi Minh was inspired by America's founding fathers and, apparently, that Harry Truman should have cooperated with the mass murdering Vietnamese Communist.  The previous Democratic standard-bearer, John Kerry, considered the U.S. troops who fought against Ho Chi Minh's forces to be like "the Army of Genghis Khan."  Kerry is now our Secretary of State.

Defunding: Framers' Remedy For Presidential Lawlessness.  Two weeks ago, the House Appropriations Committee stripped the scandal ridden Internal Revenue Service of nearly one quarter of its 2014 budget as punishment for its targeting of political groups and its costly boondoggles.  Shockingly, Senate Democrats voted to increase the IRS' budget.

The Editor says...
That's not shocking at all.  The IRS is the gas tank from which the liberals draw the fuel for their tax-and-spend utopia.  The IRS is the best friend the liberals ever had.  Nobody but a left-wing liberal politician has any affection for the IRS.

On Abortion, It's Liberals vs. Public Opinion.  If pro-abortion activist Wendy Davis was seeking to move the polls on public attitudes toward abortion and her own political fortunes, she seems to have succeeded — though surely not in the direction she intended.  After Davis's media blitz, Texas voters still made clear they'd vote against her for governor.  And now the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll confirms what has been the case all along:  Davis and the Democrats hold extremist views on abortion.

What Do the Microscopic Rallies for Trayvon Mean?  According to Reuters, in New York a grand total of 2000 people showed up Saturday to protest in favor of Trayvon Martin in the George Zimmerman trial. [...] More New Yorkers show up for pizza at Ray's between 6:00 and 6:05 in the evening.  In our second most populous city, my hometown of Los Angeles, the results were even worse, according to the Los Angeles Times.  A measly 400 people demonstrated.  The totals in Miami, closest big city to the event, were 300.  In other words, the turnout was somewhere between minuscule and puny — maybe, at best, fifteen thousand people nationwide in a country of 314 million.

'Stand Your Ground' Against the Left.  This administration has a disturbing propensity for manipulating tragedy and doing all in its power to jab sharp objects into open wounds.  To Holder and the president, the isolated events involving Trayvon Martin, which have not been publicly replicated anywhere else in America on any regular or reported basis, serve as yet another excuse to launch sweeping radical attacks on the rights of all Americans.  They loathe the ability of citizens to protect themselves against the left's predators, whether social or political.

Va. ramps up restoration of voting rights to some felons.  Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) could restore the voting rights of 10,000 non-violent felons by the end of his administration — nearly twice the number he has granted in 3½ years in office, administration officials said Monday.  With no statewide felon database and no electronic records before 1995, the administration faces an uphill battle over the next six months to locate the thousands of former, non-violent felons scattered across the commonwealth.

The Grim Effects of Liberals' Death-Obsession.  Question:  What do homeless dogs, poor babies, and the infirm elderly have in common?  Answer:  Liberals want them all dead.  Static analysis, the absence of the virtue of hope, and a failure to realize that joy can exist in suffering are the hallmarks of modern liberalism — the result of which is an inhuman and arrogant callousness.

26 percent of Obama supporters say tea party greatest terrorist threat: poll.  About half of all voters see radical Muslims as the biggest terrorist threat to the country, but among those who approve of President Obama's performance, the tea party is not far behind, according to a new poll.  Fifty-one percent of likely U.S. voters consider radical Muslims to be the bigger threat to the country today, and 13 percent say the Tea Party is, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

A quarter of Obama supporters think the Tea Party is America's top terror threat.  Rasmussen has just published an extraordinary poll which highlights the deep-seated prejudice against the Tea Party among both US government workers and supporters of President Obama.  According to the poll: ["]Half of all voters consider radical Muslims the bigger terrorist threat facing the nation, but supporters of President Obama consider the Tea Party to be as big a danger.["]

Why does the left want to suppress free speech?  Many people on the political left don't much like the First Amendment. [...] Anyway, here are some examples of liberals trying to shut down speech.

Biden: 'At least five senators' would like to change gun control vote.  Vice President Joe Biden said Friday [6/21/2013] that "at least five senators" have called him looking for a way to change their votes to support expanded background checks.  Speaking to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Las Vegas, Biden said the 45 senators who voted to block the background checks deal brokered by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) have seen "the bottom fall out" of their approval ratings.

Case Closed? Far From It.  Right now the IRS story looks stalled and confused.  Congressional investigators are asking for documents — "The IRS is being a little slow," said a staffer — and interviewing workers.  Pieces of testimony are being released and leaked, which has allowed one congressman, Democrat Elijah Cummings, to claim there's actually no need for an investigation, the story's over, the mystery solved.

MSM is Lying: Conservatives Are the Mainstream.  Liberals decry as "kooky" those of us who believe that the institution of marriage should continue to remain the union of one man and one woman.  Expecting the president to obey the Constitution is also declared by Obama media sycophants and the mainstream media a bit nutty, mean-spirited, racist, and extreme.  The left, assisted by their buddies in the MSM, use a very effective tactic to render conservatives politically impotent.  They accuse us of being haters and aggressors, all the while forcing every item on their socialist/progressive list down America's throats.  Conservatives who were simply minding their own business are branded the bad guys.

White House reconsiders pick of 'Founding Founders' over 'Founding Fathers'.  Throughout United States history, the group of men who assembled in Philadelphia in 1787 to write the nation's Constitution had been known as the "Founding Fathers," a moniker used even on official government websites.  But the use of the "fathers" may have been a step too far for the Obama administration.  In a Thursday [6/13/2013] post on the White House's blog, Keith Donohue, the communications director for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission at the National Archives, announced that the papers of the "Founding Founders," otherwise known as the Founding Fathers, are available online.

The Editor says...
You would think that the well-paid "communications director" could come up with something less insipid and redundant than "Founding Founders."

Alleged Pedophile Ambassador Protected By State Dept Is Major Obama Bundler.  We are being governed by a bunch of sickos.  There's no other way to look at this.

Second Colorado Democrat facing recall over gun vote.  Gun-rights advocates submitted signatures Monday [6/10/2013] against a second Democratic state lawmaker in the escalating backlash against the Colorado legislature's recently approved gun control bills.

Schumer: Put Aliens Who Forged Documents on Path to Citizenship.  Americans might generally think that if someone forges a document and uses a Social Security number that does not belong to them, they should go to jail.  Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., believes if you are an illegal alien and you do these things, you should become a U.S. citizen.  He made his case for this in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Some Democrats will say anything to keep the IRS from being scrutinized.
How Many Things Can Jim McDermott Get Wrong in Five Minutes?  Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) attacked victims of IRS targeting at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing today [6/5/2013], saying that it was their fault they were targeted because they applied for tax-exempt status.

Durbin wonders: Does [the] First Amendment apply to bloggers, Twitter?  Thanks to the Obama administration's attacks on the Associated Press and its representation in federal court that Fox News' James Rosen is a spy for asking questions, one has to wonder whether the First Amendment applies to anyone in the Age of Hope and Change.

Why a Level Playing Field Matters in U.S. Politics — and How the IRS Helped One Side.  One thing that puts "progressives" at a disadvantage in these ongoing Obama scandals is that many of them admit they want the American federal government favoring the Left.  Some of the more honest among them have said they have no real problem with the power of the federal government being used to suppress Conservatives since it tilts the political field in the correct direction.

Obama should end up on Mount Rushmore say a third of George Washington profs surveyed.  According to a survey of George Washington University professors, some 30 percent generally endorse the eventual addition of President Barack Obama's face to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  The survey, conducted and reported by The College Fix, is hampered by an extremely limited sample size.  Nonetheless, the results are fascinating.

Congresman Rangel sides with the IRS, not you.
Rangel worries honest IRS agents are now 'getting a bad shake'.  Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Sunday [5/19/2013] said that he feared the Internal Revenue Service scandal over political targeting of Tea Party groups would unfairly stigmatize other workers at the agency.  "The biggest problem is that tens of thousands of IRS workers that work hard with all of this stigma being tax collectors, are getting a bad shake out of this," said Rangel during a panel discussion on ABC's "This Week."

Dem Sen: Second Amendment Not Meant For Citizens To Take Up Arms Against Government.  Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) on states nullifying federal gun laws: [...] ["]The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God given right, always had conditions upon it like the First Amendment has.  The idea that the Second Amendment was put in there in order to allow citizens to fight their government is insane.["]

Ellison To FBI: Nothing To See In Muslim Community.  By arguing that there's no need to investigate the Muslim community, Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison is going out on a very shaky limb.  Almost nobody believes that anymore.

Dick Durbin At May Day Immigration Rally: Communists? What Communists.  On Wednesday [5/1/2013], Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) joined nearly two thousand trade unionists, open communists, socialists, anarchists and illegal aliens at Chicago's May Day march and rally.

Feminism may be dead: 72 percent of Americans say they're not 'feminists'.  It is likely disappointing news for old school bra-burners and Gloria Steinham-inspired activists.  "Has feminist become a dirty word?" demands a new Economist/YouGov Poll released Wednesday [5/1/2013].  "Feminism is a mixed bag in the eyes of most Americans.  Overall, 28 percent consider themselves to be feminists, 72 percent do not," the findings report.

Recalls underway for Colorado Democrats: 1st Amendment is not absolute.  Recall petition drives are well under way for four pro-gun control Democrats in the Colorado state legislature. [...] There are a very few cases about the right to collect petition signatures outside of places like grocery stores but they all come down on the side of the signature gatherer's First Amendment rights.

Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws to Enforce.  During her testimony on the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday [4/23/2013], Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that she, President Barack Obama and other political officials at the top of this administration have the authority to decide which laws to enforce, and which ones to ignore.

Why Liberals Still Detest Fox News.  More than 16 years after its founding and 11 years after it assumed its current perch as the most-watched cable news network, Fox News remains the favorite punching bag of the left.  Liberals take it as an article of faith that Fox is not merely biased but a travesty that serious people should ignore.  But the notion that there is something unholy about what is broadcast on Fox or that its mix of news and opinion is uniquely biased has never stood up to scrutiny.

DOJ seeks deportation of family persecuted in Germany for homeschooling.  [Scroll down]  Unfortunately, the U.S. government appealed the ruling granting asylum to the Romeikes, and the Immigration Board of Appeal reversed Judge Burman's decision.  That tribunal found that "there is no indication that [the actions taken against the family] are motivated by anything other than law enforcement." [...] Thus, what Americans traditionally would have deemed a clear case of persecution becomes, to the current left-liberal way of thinking, "law enforcement."  I can't help but wonder what other infringements on liberty will one day soon be shrugged off as mere law enforcement.

LA's Largest Teachers' Union Endorses Racist Anti-Semite for City Council.  Ron Gochez [...] is affiliated with racist groups such as MEChA, La Raza and the African People's Socialist Party.  And he also has a history of saying racist things.

New Dem. Finance Chief Dined With Fidel CastroPolitico reported this morning that "Henry R. Muñoz III of San Antonio — an Obama bundler and a national chairman of the Futuro Fund, a group of Latino leaders who raised money for the president's reelection — is expected to be named DNC Finance Chair, the first Latino to hold the title."  What's also interesting about Muñoz, though Politico omitted this fact, is that he at least once dined with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Obama's Not a "Liberal" — He's a Communist.  Let's get the terminology right.  The fact of the matter is, the entire Democrat party today is Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Collectivist/Statist.  There are no more conservative or moderate Democrats.  They all support the big government collectivist agenda — and they're all willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to maintain it. [...] Communists are liars.  Obama will lie right to our faces and not feel a second of shame because the ends justify the means.

Just 44 percent say Obama should control guns laws.  As Obama prepares new gun control legislation, the poll found that just 44 percent believe that laws governing guns should be the responsibility of the federal government.

America's Coming Gun War.  To most Americans, an armed guard in a school is a good idea in our too-violent nation.  Most Americans realize that when shooting breaks out in a gun-free zone — a school, movie theater, mall — the first call goes to 911 to get cops with Glocks and a SWAT team with black rifles there as soon as possible.  Most folks understand why air marshals on planes might have to be armed.  Most folks know that the people running up the death toll in murder capitals like Chicago are not using AR-15s.  And many Americans yet accept that in the last analysis it is a man's duty to be the defender and protector of his wife and children.

Texas AG Proposes 'Double-Barreled' Lawsuit Challenge if City, County Ban Gun Shows.  According to the Austin American-Statesman, the City of Austin, Texas and Travis County are both looking at proposals to limit gun shows in their jurisdictions. [...] This is Texas, but Austin and Travis County are the blue dot in the red sea here.  They're more than a little out of sync with the rest of the state.

Pelosi says upcoming fiscal deals should include greater tax increase.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday [1/6/2013] that recent tax increases are "not enough" to solve the country's fiscal problems and argued that additional hikes should be included in upcoming deficit-reduction deals.

New York congressman introduces bill to abolish presidential term limits.  New York Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano reintroduced a bill in Congress on Friday to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which places term limits on the U.S. presidency.  The bill, which has been referred to committee, would allow Barack President Obama to become the first president since Franklin Roosevelt to seek a third term in office.

Dem House Proposal Would Allow Obama to Run For More Than 2 Terms.  Before you take up arms against the government, keep in mind this has been proposed before in 2011 and died in committee.  It would have to get two-thirds support in both houses, including our radical right-wing hostage House of Representatives, and after that, three-quarters of the states would have to ratify it, or 38 states, which is nearly impossible.

The Editor says...
Or Obama could bypass the Congress and implement it himself, which is entirely possible.  It's worth noting that some Congressmen are willing to introduce bills which have no hope of passing, thus wasting everyone's time.  A law of this sort would require an amendment to the Constitution.  The only reason a Congressman might introduce such a futile bill is if he or she knows the Constitution has been ignored and bypassed for so long that anything goes.

An Appeal for Dictatorship Comes Out of the Closet at the New York Times.  True to form, the New York Times saw out 2012 by publishing another apology for dictatorship.  In his op-ed, Louis Michael Seidman — Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University — argues that the Constitution should be abandoned.  The suggestion is so preposterous that it is tempting to dismiss the article altogether, but to do so would be to miss some very revealing implications.  The article is not so much a suggestion of constitutional reform as an open call for dictatorship.

The Editor says...
Rather than abandoning the Constitution, let's abandon the New York Times.

State Rep's anti-Free Stater post draws local, national criticism.  A Democratic state lawmaker's recent web post critical of the libertarian-leaning Free State Project has gone virtually viral in the past few days and, as one might expect, has drawn criticism.

New Hampshire Legislator: We Need to 'Restrict Freedoms' of Conservatives.  A New Hampshire legislator wants her constituents to know that she feels conservatives are the "single biggest threat" her state faces today, and she wants to use her powers to legislate to "pass measures that will restrict" the freedoms of Granite State conservatives.

Vanity Fair: Second Amendment 'Must Be Removed from the Constitution'.  On January 2, Vanity Fair ran an all-out attack on the constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and common sense in a column by Kurt Eichenwald titled, "Let's Repeal the Second Amendment."  Eichenwald's approach consists of attacking the NRA, arguing that gun owners avoid discussing more gun control by saying they don't want to "politicize" shootings, and taking the standard progressive position that there wasn't really a right to keep and bear arms until Justice Antonin Scalia created one in recent Supreme Court decisions.

Understanding the Progressive Mind.  [Scroll down]  Libertarians loathe no federal agency as much as they do the Internal Revenue Service.  They view it as an unwarranted expansion of the State into their lives, and they see an agency full of people who have way too much power over the daily lives of others.  Progressives, on the other hand, believe that the IRS has too little power.  The mission of the IRS — to seize tax revenue — is utterly important for it is the IRS that ultimately allows us to pay for the "Social Contract" that Progressives believe is central to life itself.

When In The Course Of Human Events...  [Scroll down]  So why do I write this essay?  Because we have an individual in our Senate, Diane Feinstein, who is proposing to put forward a facially-invalid law, on top of the 20,000 already-invalid gun laws on the books, purporting to violate The Second Amendment.  She doesn't [care] that what she proposes today, had she done so in 1775, would have instantly precipitated Concord as soon as word was passed.  She thinks she can get away with this based upon your inaction over the last few decades when similarly-bogus and facially-void laws were both proposed and passed.

Give Up On The Constitution? The Political Left Already Has.  For many, the Constitution is the barrier that blocks government from trampling a free people.  Yet many on the political left see it as a hurdle to their ambitions.  Consider the constitutional law professor who wants to kill it.

Unmitigated propaganda in the New York Times:
Let's Give Up on the Constitution.  As someone who has taught constitutional law for almost 40 years, I am ashamed it took me so long to see how bizarre all this is.

The Editor says...
The writer of the article immediately above is identified by the New York Times as "a professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University," which tells us a lot about the potential for anti-American indoctrination at Georgetown.  He never gets around to his alternatives to the Constitution, but apparently he would prefer that the America-hating Marxist, Barack H. Obama, be pronounced America's not-so-benevolent dictator, bypassing the ballot box.  The whole article sounds like sedition to me.

Subverting the Constitution.  Louis Michael Seidman, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University, is no fringe figure.  He is a pillar of the left wing legal establishment, graduate of Harvard Law, former clerk for Thurgood Marshall, and notable figure in the Leftist "critical legal theory" movement. [...] Seidman has taken to the pages of the daily bible of the progressive establishment, the New York Times, to lend respectability to a movement to subvert the Constitution, and turn to an undefined system which inevitably means the loss of our safeguards against tyranny.  All expressed in superficially reassuring prose.

Hey! Let's have a 'Burn the Constitution Day!'  I don't believe the Constitution is holy writ nor do I think that the Founders had all the answers for today's America.  But all public officials and members of the military swear fealty to our founding document for a reason; it is the most visible, the most tangible representation of our sovereignty as a nation.  We don't have kings, or castles, or ancient ruins to which we can point and say our sovereignty lies within.  It is the Constitution that unites us as a people.  And positing the notion that we should just throw it away is outrageously stupid and disquietingly radical.

Also posted under Anti-American indoctrination in schools, Analysis of the New York Times, and Threats to the Constitution.

CNN's Morgan: Amend The Bible.  Piers Morgan has done it again, this time saying that both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are "inherently flawed" and need new "amendments."  During Morgan's Monday, December 24 broadcast of his cable spectacle, CNN's British import once again attacked America's most deeply held principles by slaming both the Constitution and the Bible.

Kerry Backed LGBT 'Immigration Equality' to Stop Deportation of Gay Partners.  For the last two years, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), the nominee to be the next secretary of state, has called for "immigration equality" to prevent the deportation of illegal alien same-sex partners of legal U.S. residents.  In May, shortly after President Barack Obama announced his support for homosexual marriage, Kerry and 16 other Democratic senators sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

"Progressive" talk radio station shuts down, feels betrayed.  From the website of WVKO 1580AM in Columbus, "Ohio's Progressive Talk":  ["]It is with great sadness I must inform WVKO's listeners that once again, Progressive Talk will be silenced on the Columbus airwaves.  Our one-year lease on the station is about to expire, and at this time there is no way that we can continue operating the station.["]

The Editor says...
Left-wing talk radio has been tried many times and has never been commercially successful, because (1) there aren't that many leftists, partly because they feel free to abort their offspring, (2) if you've heard one episode of a left-wing rant program, you've heard them all, (3) advertisers won't support tax-and-spend anticapitalists who are trying to put those advertisers out of business, or under the control of the government, and (4) the message from left-wing talk radio is tiresome and disheartening:  There is never anything uplifting in the extemporaneous rant of a baby-killing totalitarian marxist.  A lot of late-night right-wing radio is tiresome, too, but at least it's punctuated with pride in our country, love of freedom, and faith in God.

Black Skin Privilege.  As it happens, the term "white skin privilege" was first popularized in the 1970s by the SDS radicals of "Weatherman," who were carrying on a terrorist war against "Amerikkka," a spelling designed to stigmatize the United States as a nation of Klansmen.  Led by presidential friends, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather terrorists called on other whites to renounce their privilege and join a global race war already in progress.  Although their methods and style kept the Weather radicals on the political fringe, their views on race reflected those held by the broad ranks of the political left.  In the following years, the concept of "white skin privilege" continued to spread until it became an article of faith among all progressives, a concept that accounted for everything that was racially wrong in America beginning with its constitutional founding.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee: It's Not 'Tradition' to Call It a Christmas Tree.  Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I-R.I.) told on Wednesday that his administration calls the decorated evergreen tree erected in the Rhode Island State House in December a "holiday tree" — rather than a "Christmas tree" — because that is what the tree is traditionally called.

Obama voters love socialism.  While 90 percent of liberal Republicans and even 51 percent of moderate Democrats oppose socialism, 59 percent of liberal Democrats view socialism positively.  This is Obama's base:  liberal Democrats, the young and African-Americans.

45 percent of US Democrats favour socialism.  Rasmussen has just published a major poll on US voter attitudes towards socialism.  It reveals that Democrats are evenly divided in their views on socialism, with 45 percent viewing it favourably, and 45 percent negatively.  This is a strikingly high level of support for socialist ideology within a political party in the United States (and the ruling party at that), and strongly suggests that Democrats are increasingly moving towards a continental-European style approach to economic issues, advancing a big government agenda that resembles that of European Social Democratic governments.

Dem Rep. Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution to Restrict Freedom of Speech.  Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says, "corporations control the patterns of thinking" in the United States and that the Bill of Rights to the Constitution should be amended so that the government is given the power to restrict freedom of speech.  "We need a constitutional amendment to allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations," said Johnson.

Chicago's Sandi and Jesse Jackson Jr. — the perfect "Machine" Democrats.  Sandi Jackson is a Chicago alderman, a member of one of the most corrupt criminal groups in the nation.  Thirty-two Chicago aldermen have been hauled off to prison over the past four decades.  Others have resigned in disgrace.  There is always some kind of federal investigation of the Chicago City Council going on.  The Chicago City Council is the overworld to the crime syndicate's underworld. [...] Chicago alderman make over one hundred thousand dollars a year.  They also have lavish expense accounts, Cadillac pensions, and Rolls Royce medical insurance.  There are other perks and pleasures they receive.

5 Signs Of Societal Degeneration In America.  [#4]  Politics: As a society, we moved from expecting politicians to be better than the rest of us to expecting them to be more degenerate than the rest of us.  Ted Kennedy left a woman to die in a tidal pool and was reelected.  Marion Barry was reelected after being caught smoking crack.  Barack Obama is the first President to be elected after admitting he used cocaine.  Barney Frank had a prostitution ring run out of his apartment.  Just this last election cycle, Jesse Jackson, Jr. was reelected from the Mayo Clinic.  Because of the partisan leans of states and gerrymandering, for a majority of politicians, they have lifetime appointments and elections are mere formalities.

Was the 2012 Election Stolen?  [Scroll down]  Remember, the Democrats have been honing this act for many, many years.  And vote fraud is Democrat domain.  Liberals are the situational-values set, people who for years insisted that right and wrong is relative and that if it feels good, do it.  And what feels good to them at election time is stealing votes to win — and they do it.  They relish it, in fact.

Victory of the Demagogue.  [Scroll down]  What is that Democratic base?  It's quite simple, a cobbled, bare majority of "victims" comprised of blacks, browns and women.  It didn't matter to them that their unemployment was at record highs and their communities and lives devastated the last four years.  It didn't matter that the President deliberately killed the oil, gas and coal industries and hundreds of thousands of jobs, or supported the teachers' unions over the right of their children to get vouchers to go to quality schools of their choice, or supported the auto unions over the mom and pop shareholders who owned stock, or that he crushed the middle class.

We're Not in 1980 Anymore.  In 1980, Americans would not tolerate rising unemployment.  In 2012, not only is high unemployment accepted as a fact of life but receiving food stamps is encouraged.  There was also no concept of gay marriage in 1980. [...] Thirty-two years ago, being wealthy and successful was considered something to aspire to and be proud of.  Today, it is a source of bitterness, envy, resentment and, in some quarters, the very epitome of evil.

Congressman Calls for $12 Billion in New Debt to Pay FEMA for Hurricane Sandy.  Representative Chaka Fattah (D-Penn.) is planning to introduce a bill to provide an additional $12 billion in funding to FEMA to help the agency deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Fattah says the money should be provided without any offsets, meaning that the government will have to add the total to its already $16-trillion-plus debt.

The Editor says...
Left-wing politicians apparently see hurricanes as some kind of sweepstakes — an excuse to ask the federal government to pay for everything.  It is as if they believe Uncle Sam has such deep pockets that he can throw money at every state and local problem.  Federal money has to come from somewhere.

The Presidency Loses Its Final Traces of Dignity. The desecration of the presidency under Obama has been so methodical and obvious.  We've watched Obama literally — not figuratively — bow to foreign leaders, chew gum at the ASEAN Summit and elsewhere, inhabit the Oval Office in Casual Friday outfits, put his feet up on every piece of furniture in sight — historic or not — host entertainers in the Situation Room, and wonder aloud "whose a-- to kick."  Meanwhile, his wife stages potato sack races in the East Room and his vice president suggests Republicans will put African Americans back in chains and giggles through his debate with GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Why Is Obama so Nasty and Vulgar?  Rude, insulting language about Romney from the president.  Vulgar sexual innuendo, aimed at seducing young women to vote for him.  The vice president asking a bereaved parent about the size of his murdered son's testicles.  It's quite a spectacle.  We're a fractious people, and our politics have always been full of colorful language, but I can't recall the current depth of vulgarity.  The "politics of personal destruction" have gotten uglier.

Debasing the Presidency.  Critics are harping that Barack Obama is running a campaign that in its coarseness, smallness, and pettiness marks a new low in American politics.  Why are they so outraged?  He has behaved this way ever since he moved into the Oval Office.  Many people have criticized Barack Obama for his failures as president. [...] The list goes on and on, with nary a word of criticism from the journalists, professors, and pundits who would decry such steps as dictatorial actions of an imperial president had they been undertaken by a Republican.  The New York Times would be calling for impeachment by now.

Radical lesbian knocking on Senate door.  Wisconsin's voters are poised to break new ground on the cultural front:  electing the first openly lesbian U.S. senator.  This would mark a watershed for the homosexual movement — and a major blow against traditional America.

The Democratic Party has lost its mind and its way.  Its political philosophy of inclusion and progress has been consumed by virulent strains of anger, dishonesty and intolerance.  Its leaders don't just want to win an election; they want to silence any American who disagrees with them.

Clooney Calls First Amendment 'Unfortunate'.  The Hollywood community has been mostly silent about the anti-Muslim filmmaker whose work the Obama administration blamed on the recent surge of Middle Eastern violence.  Bette Midler actually wanted the filmmaker charged with murder for his actions.  Few of her peers stood up for the filmmaker and, by extension, an artist's right to free speech no matter how offensive said speech might be.  Now, arguably the biggest name in film, Oscar-winner George Clooney, is weighing in on the subject.

Pa. lawmaker refuses Pledge of Allegiance at House meeting.  The drama unfolded at what was billed as a non-controversial House State Government Committee meeting Wednesday morning [10/3/2012].  Republican Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) asked Josephs to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance; a rather routine request that became anything but when Josephs refused.  "Based on my First Amendment rights and based on the fact that I really think it's a prayer.  I don't pray in public," she said as lawmakers were standing to recite the Pledge.

Hillary: 'Loosen Regulation' Because 'Too Many People Still Can't Find Jobs' — In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya.  Speaking to a group of foreign ministers from Arab nations at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on Friday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed support for loosening regulations, particularly on small businesses, because "too many people still can't find jobs" — in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Study: Only 15 Percent Of Democrats Believe Economic News Is Bad.  New data found that just 15 percent of Democrats believe that recent economic news is mostly poor, a percentage that took a significant drop from the 31 percent of Democrats polled last month who did think that economic news was mostly bad.  According to the study, the 15-percent clip is among the lowest percentages during President Barack Obama's nearly four years in office. [...] Sixty percent of Republicans find that most of the economic news is bad.

Shame.  The people who booed the God of love, now rush to the defense of a hateful Allah.  The people who p***ed on the Christ of redemption, now bewail the hurt feelings of a damnable Islam.  The people who denounced the death of civil liberties under the Patriot Act, now make rationalizations as brown-shirted cops drag a man from his home at midnight for the crime of posting a video on YouTube.

Where Does That Thirty Percent Come From?  About one in three Americans would support the Obama Administration right up until its agents stood him or her up against the wall.  Why is that?

Peter Schiff Baits DNC to "Ban Corporate Profits".  Free-market financial analyst, author and radio talk-show host Peter Schiff made some waves online with his baiting of delegates at this week's Democratic National Convention. Schiff, microphone in hand, trotted down to the DNC confab in Charlotte, North Carolina, and asked delegates to agree to a platform change to ban all corporate profits.  About half of those filmed on his YouTube video, which already has more than half a million views in just a few days, did agree.

NYC gay bar hosts Obama fundraiser.  Outside, posters of President Obama and the first lady were the only signs that Eastern Bloc was closed for a private party.  To some regulars of the grungy gay bar in Manhattan's East Village, the $100 minimum cover charge seemed too pricey for a Saturday night.

The Charlotte Freak Show.  Not since the tear gas and mass arrests of Chicago 1968 have the Democrats put on a convention that better demonstrated to the American people the sorry state of the left's values and ideals.  From the opening refrains that echoed the macabre yet unifying obsession amongst Democrats in Charlotte to promote the killing of unborn children to the culminating moment of President Barack Obama telling us why we need more of him in our lives to survive, the Democrat National Convention revealed just how deplorable things have become in that party.

Book: 'The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor'.  In the 1940s, Obama's Hawaiian mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was extremely active in Chicago Communist Party fronts, campaigns, and newspapers.  He worked alongside the political ancestors of David Axelrod, Obama's chief strategist, and Valerie Jarrett, Obama's closest adviser.  For Axelrod, the political ancestors were the Canter family, Harry and David Canter — so far to the left that they actually lived in Moscow and worked for Stalin's government just before relocating to Chicago.  The Canter family mentored David Axelrod in Chicago in the 1970s.

Obama: the real radical.  Obama [...] had a chief of staff who said "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste."  More than a century before that, a man who would become the first such progressive said that a crisis is a terrible thing not to create.  Crises, said [Woodrow] Wilson, are periods of "unusual opportunity" for gaining "a controlling and guiding influence."  So, he said, leaders should maintain a crisis atmosphere "at all times."

A few words about the 2012 Democratic National Convention:
My Abortion, 'Tis of Thee.  If bankrupting the country, destroying its economy and using its legal documents to roll joints wasn't bad enough, the people responsible for all this thought it would be a fine idea to make their national convention about abortion and gay marriage.  It was either that or any other random thing that will hit the right buttons on the sort of people who leave their buttons exposed to the air.

Obama's Big Lie Campaign.  How else do you run on a record that includes the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, falling incomes, low-paying jobs and little hope of a brighter future?  You trot out dozens of speakers at the week's Democratic Convention, culminating with Bill Clinton, to repeat untruths that would make George Orwell proud.

Planned Parenthood President Speaks at Democratic Convention.  Shoving aside countless hours of research, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said Wednesday [9/5/2012] at the Democratic National Convention that before birth control was legalized women were unlikely to finish school and had life expectancies not much higher than the age of 50.  In her speech, she also noticeably omitted the word "abortion" while railing against pro-life Republicans such as Rep. Todd Akin (Mo.).

Undocumented immigrant to speak at convention.  Tonight, for the first time, an undocumented immigrant will speak at a national political convention.  Benita Veliz, 27, was brought to Texas from Mexico by her parents when she was 8 years old.  She was threatened with deportation in 2009 after rolling through a stop sign and getting stopped by police.

Democratic convention: God is thrown out, then brought back in.  Unusually in this age of super-produced, carefully manipulated political events, the Democrats suffered a catastrophic fit of mismanagement yesterday.  The ever-vigilant press noticed that this year's Democratic party platform not only failed to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but also pointedly ommitted any reference to God — which was unprecedented in a national party manifesto.

Democrats Bring Platform Debacle on Themselves.  [Scroll down]  There's little doubt that the party appears to be lurching leftward at this year's convention, especially compared to 2008 when the party and Obama made serious outreach efforts to faith groups and pro-lifers.  This year, the heavy emphasis on abortion and other liberal social issues is undeniable, and it's also hard to argue that the party base's positions here — such as advocating taxpayer subsidization of abortion until birth — are way out of step with the mainstream.

DNC Chairman Villaraigosa's Extremist Past.  [Antonio] Villaraigosa, whose original name was Tony Villar, entered UCLA as a transfer student from East Los Angeles Community College in 1972.  He joined the UCLA chapter of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), and was leading it by 1974.  MEChA is an Hispanic separatist organization that encourages anti-American activities and civil disobedience.  The radical members of MEChA who refer to themselves as "Mechistas," romanticize Mexican claims to the "lost Territories" of the Southwestern United States — a Chicano country called Aztlan.

Losing It in Charlotte.  Lee Atwater couldn't have written a better script for the Democratic National Convention that just ended in Charlotte.  The Charlotte fiasco was a less violent version of the fiasco in Chicago in 1968, except the lunacy was now inside the venue, not outside. [...] The young radicals of 1968 have become the old radicals who now control the Democrat Party.  They put on a convention this week characterized by incompetence, radicalism, and race.

Bishop McKenzie, Democratic convention speaker, spoke at Jeremiah Wright's retirement.  Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, a speaker Tuesday night [9/4/2012] at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, is a close associate of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Church bulletins obtained by The Daily Caller show that McKenzie was one of 15 speakers — including Father Michael Pfleger and Cornel West — who spoke at Wright's retirement ceremony as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in February 2008.

Did someone mention the TUCC?

Democrats have removed God from the Democratic National Committee platform.  David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network noticed the omission and compared the language in the 2012 DNC platform to the language in the 2008 platform.  In 2008, the DNC platform read: ["]We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.["]  In 2012, the words "God-given" were removed, [...] In addition, there is no mention of "God" in the "Faith" section of the platform as well.

For Liberals It's Always 1936.  No one today in this country lives in anything like the sort of poverty that millions of sharecroppers in the South and unskilled industrial laborers in the North knew in 1936.  By the standards of 1936, most American families are filthy rich and those who aren't receive massive assistance to raise them above the poverty line.  The national debt in 1936 was 40 percent of GDP.  Today it is over 100 percent.  The deficit in 1936 was 5.5 percent of GDP, this year it will be over 7 percent.  But for liberals like Maureen Dowd it is always 1936.  The problems of 1936 are the problems today.  The solutions for 1936 are the solutions for today.

The Rich versus Everybody Else in Obama's America.  The core Democrat constituencies are either so rich it doesn't matter to them, or else they don't pay taxes, they don't work, or they work for the government.  The rest are there because they get their news from late-night TV comics and the New York Times, and they think Republicans are evil morons after their birth control.

Barack Obama: Social Issues Extremist.  Democrats have seized on Rep. Todd Akin's (R., Mo.) incendiary remarks about "legitimate rape" in an effort to paint Republicans as "extreme" when it comes to abortion and, by extension, all social issues.  Not only does this strategy expose the Democratic Party's reluctance to talk about jobs and the American economy — which continues to struggle through the worst recovery in American history — but it also raises questions as to which party is actually more out of touch with public opinion on social issues.

DNC's convention [...] 'Grand Imam' told followers United States will fall unless it 'accepts the Islamic agenda'.  Not only are the Democrats having a Muslim prayer session at their convention, but they are also got two individuals to lead the 'Jumah' that aren't exactly squeaky clean.  According to The Blaze, of the leaders of the Muslim prayer session is Jibril Hough, who according to according to Dr. Jasser once spoke at a mosque that was owned by the North American Islamic Trust.  You remember them don't you?  The North American Islamic Trust was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial as one of the entities "who are and/or were members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood."

20,000 Muslims Warm-Up Act for Democratic National Convention.  Will what Barack Obama calls "one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset", the Muslim call to prayer end the first day of the kickoff to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, NC?  According to the Charlotte DNC homepage, 'The Jumah at the 2012 DNC' will welcome some 20,000 Muslims to Charlotte, DEM-dubbed an "official event".  'Jumah at the 2012 DNC' starts Friday afternoon, Aug. 31 jumah prayer followed by a myriad of other as yet unidentified programs and events, but leading up to the Islam Regal Banquet.

Transgender DNC delegate delivers sermon at local church.  For Janice Covington, being selected as the first openly transgender delegate from North Carolina to the Democratic National Convention was "better than amazing" and is the culimination of a long journey. [...] She also told the Wedgewood audience that she will lobby elected officials during the DNC for the passage of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would bar discrimination in hiring based on gender identity or sexual orientation.  The church's pastor, the Rev. Chris Ayers, called Covington "a hero and a pioneer."  Ayers, 53, said that half of the congregation are members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and his church is home to people of all Christian traditions as well as people of other faiths and agnostics and atheists.

America's Historic Cokehead President.  Does it bother you that the most powerful man on the planet was a longtime drug user?  Does it bother you that he has attempted to use his drug abuse to gain credibility with young Americans?  Does it bother you that his acknowledgment of having been a serious drug user has been given a pass in the news media? [...] Barack Obama is the first U.S. president to admit to cocaine abuse, to describe it in a manner designed to impress the young, and to get away with it.  It's historic.

Bloomberg: 'Nobody Has Come Across the [U.S.-Mexico] Border in a Long Time'.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last week that "nobody" had illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in a "long time."  He also advised that it would be easier for those wishing to illegally immigrate to the United States to simply buy a ticket to fly here and then overstay their visa.

Holder: Justice shares 'common cause' with gays.  Attorney General Eric Holder drew raucous applause when he affirmed that the Department of Justice and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) lawyers and activists share a "common cause."  In speaking to a gathering of LGBT lawyers in the ballroom of a Washington hotel on Thursday evening [8/23/2012], Holder praised "the strength of your passion" in the fight for equality. ..."

Celebrating Ignorance.  [Conservatives] see liberals pretend that theoretical explanations of unobservable phenomena that allegedly occurred at the origin of the universe is the same as testable and repeatable operational science, and then supposedly "validate" their conclusions through circular reasoning without ever acknowledging the assumptions at the heart of "evolution."  So many conservatives reject those interpretations of the data.  Now, it's fair to say that not all conservatives who reject evolution (just like not all liberals who accept it) have done much digging into the issue.  But exactly what is their offense?  They are simply content trusting the Word of God over the word of people like Joe Klein.

Obama slammed for fundraising with 'pro-drug dealing, anti-police' NBA player.  Obama is in New York City raising campaign cash with 'NBA Heroes' — a selection of former and current basketball stars including Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning.  But the all-star line up also includes New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, who is currently seen in a YouTube video and DVD that promotes drug use and threatens people who 'snitch' to police about drug dealers and other criminals.

The Herd of Independent Minds.  Just about any gregarious conservative can register the same complaint:  his friends of a liberal persuasion firmly believe in evolution, the hydrocarbon menace, technogenic global warming, and the virtues of green energy; they are convinced that racism is still rampant in America, that all the ills of inner-city schools can be cured by throwing more money at them, that criminals are actually victims of society, that voter fraud is a myth concocted by evil conservatives, that cheating at the polls is a sacred right of minorities, that illegal immigrants have committed no crime even though the word "illegal" is self-explanatory, that George Bush attacked Iraq at the behest of Halliburton to grab Iraqi oil...

Wash Post Poll: Large Majorities Want Smaller Federal Gov't, Say Gov't Controls Too Much.  A survey of 3,130 American adults conducted by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation between July 25 and August 5 discovered that large majorities of Americans favor a smaller federal government and believe the government controls too much of our daily lives.  The survey discovered these results even though only 25 percent of the people it polled were Republicans, while another 34 percent were Democrats and another 34 percent were Independents.

The Most Divisive Campaign in American History.  Romney appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with the last four years.  Obama appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with America.

Gallup: D.C. is the Only Place in the U.S. Where the Majority Believes the Economy is Getting Better.  In a massive survey that Gallup conducted of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, it turned out that D.C., home of the federal government itself, was the only place where a majority of people said they believed the economy was getting better.

Democratic Party platform group backs gay marriage.  The national Democratic Party's platform committee endorsed gay marriage Saturday [8/11/2012] for the first time and called for the repeal of a federal law that recognizes marriage as between a man and a woman.

Obama nominates Asian-American lesbian for federal judgeship.  President Obama nominated a Brooklyn prosecutor Thursday [8/2/2012] to be the first gay, Asian-American woman on the federal bench.  Pamela Ki Mai Chen, a seasoned civil rights prosecutor, was recommended for the post by Sen. Chuck Schumer.  Chen, who did not return a call for comment, is unlikely to go before the Senate for confirmation until after the presidential election.

What Parallel Universe Is This?  [Scroll down]  In fact, I can't think of a single significant deregulation of anything during the Bush-Cheney administration.  That Sunstein isn't left enough for today's activist Left, and that an adult human being could write of "deregulation" during the Bush-Cheney years, shows how great the gulf is between Left and Right today.

Lawmakers: Candidates almost being stalked.  More than four dozen House members from both parties will tell party leaders Thursday [8/2/2012] that it's time to put a halt to the increasingly invasive tactics of campaign trackers.  "Over the last few election cycles, the use of trackers has increased.  Sometimes it even borders on stalking," a letter to be delivered to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) states.  "We believe filing candidates, sometimes with hidden cameras, while they take care of routine family activities like grocery shopping and posting videos of their private residences is a step too far."

Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket to London Soiree.  The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month ($4,284).  And, she does this as Americans continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment.

Michelle Obama sparks fury after splashing out on $6,800 designer jacket.  Political commentators have expressed their fury over the fact that Michelle Obama wore a jacket worth $6,800 to the pre-Olympics Opening Ceremony reception at Buckingham Palace on Friday [7/27/2012].  Though the dazzling J Mendel jacket and skirt won critical acclaim from the style set, some pundits are furious that she elected to spend so much money on a garment while so many in the U.S. are suffering financially.

Dumbest Senate Majority Leader Ever?  Is this really the best the Democrats can do?  Do they not have any Senators or Congressmen who are actually — you know — smart?  Competent?  Not embarrassing?  The bar is low, but apparently Reid and Pelosi are the best they can do.

Chuck Schumer: There Should Be Limits to the First Amendment.  While debating the DISCLOSE Act last night [7/17/2012] on the Senate floor, New York Senator Chuck Schumer called for restrictions on the First Amendment, citing other laws and regulations already in place in the United States that do so.

5 Ways Liberalism Destroys Virtue.  Liberals begin with the proposition that conservatives are unwitting dupes at best and evil at worst while other liberals are on the side of the angels.  This leads them to excuse just about any and every behavior from killing cops (Muhammad Abdul Jamal), to terrorist bombings (Bill Ayers), to treason (Jane Fonda) as long as the perpetrator has the right beliefs and is useful to the movement.  When you think that the only real crime is disagreeing with your ideology, you can make a hero out of a drunken, disreputable coward who left a woman to die in a tidal pool or even come up with justifications for why it's fine for the Department of Justice to help Mexican cartels get weapons they used to kill more than 300 people as part of some misguided political stunt to encourage gun control.

The Politics of Cognitive Dissonance.  "Don't repeat conservative language or ideas, even when arguing against them."  That bit of advice, No. 1 on a list titled "The 10 Most Important Things Democrats Should Know," comes from the promotional material for "The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic" by George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling. [...] By intentionally refusing to challenge, disprove, understand or even acknowledge the existence of the other side's argument, you allow that argument to grow in strength and win converts.  This is an important insight, not only into the way the left debates and otherwise communicates, but into the way the left thinks — or fails to think.

The Democratic Party as the Party of Race.  As someone who was a sixties civil rights worker, wrote movies for Richard Pryor (successfully) and Whoopi Goldberg (unsuccessfully), and has had the pleasure of working with many talented African Americans at PJ Media for nearly seven years now, I think I have earned the right to write what should be painfully obvious to everyone — most of the racism in America today is from blacks (aided and abetted by white liberals) toward whites.  In fact, it's getting to be outrageously so.

Transportation Secretary LaHood pines for Chinese authoritarian government.  This is pretty shocking stuff from a cabinet secretary.

GOP unnerved by Democrats' candid camera techniques.  Politicians recognize they give up a degree of privacy when they run for office.  But Democrats are testing the outer limits of that understanding with a practice that raises questions about when campaign tracking becomes something more like stalking.  While most serious campaigns on both sides use campaign trackers — staffers whose job is to record on video every public appearance and statement by an opponent — House Democrats are taking it to another level.  They're now recording video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates and posting the raw footage on the Internet for all to see.

Rep. Carson: America's schools should use madrassas as 'model,' 'where the foundation is the Koran'.  Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson claimed in late May that America's schools should be modeled after Islamic madrassas in video that recently surfaced.

Investigate Radical Christianity!  According to the esteemed Bible scholar Rosie O'Donnell, it's "just as dangerous as radical Islam."

Crowds gather as today's expanded [homosexual] Pride Parade kicks off.  Crowds gathered along the newly re-routed path of the annual Chicago Pride Parade as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn were at the front of the parade as it began its march from the Uptown neighborhood.

Obama Forgets Anniversary.  Thursday [6/21/2012] marked the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution with no word out of the White House.  The White House website did not mention the anniversary in its blog or any other portion of its website.

Naomi Oreskes, Conspiracy Queen.  Naomi Oreskes is the environmentalist Noam Chomsky.  She thinks that anyone who questions environmentalist doctrine is evil.  Her crusade is to expose the presumed ulterior motives of the critics.  According to Oreskes, if you question the dubious studies concerning secondhand tobacco smoke, you must be in the pay of tobacco companies.  If you question global warming, you must be working for a fossil fuel company.  If you question the DDT ban, you must part of a right wing conspiracy to weaken faith in government regulators.  Oreskes is the author of one of the silliest articles ever to appear in the journal Science.

Gadhafi is hero to NY House candidate.  Charles Barron calls Robert Mugabe and Moammar Gadhafi his "heroes."  He compared Israel's government to the Nazis, says he won't salute the American flag, and once offered that he wanted to "slap" the nearest white person.  And come January, he could be central Brooklyn's newest congressman, if voters here give him an upset victory in the Democratic primary on June 26.  Barron, a longtime New York City Councilman, is running for the congressional seat being vacated by the retiring Rep. Edolphus Towns (D), a 30-year House veteran whom Barron tried to unseat in 2006 and again earlier this year.

Liberal and Incompetent.  [Scroll down]  The liberalism part is widely understood and easily documented.  After running a clever campaign in 2008 where he positioned himself as a centrist, President Obama has been the most liberal president since Jimmy Carter.  He jammed through a government takeover of health care that has never enjoyed the support of a majority of Americans, not on even one single day.  It is bad policy and it is unpopular and he jammed it through anyway.  It cost the Democrats control of the House, but President Obama considers that a small price to pay.  This Administration lurches America every day toward a model of government that is patterned after European style socialist policies.

Ben & Jerry's Pushes Occupy Defacement of Currency.  Co-founder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream Ben Cohen is launching a new campaign to help his friends in the Occupy movement.  No, he isn't donating his millions of dollars to charity.  He's going to help distribute rubber stamps which can be used to deface dollar bills.  Cohen's goal is to get "thousands of people to buy rubber stamps and stamp any currency that comes into their possession."

Obama's Hope ... And Climate Change.  'Obama has an ambitious second-term agenda," wrote Ryan Lizza in this week's New Yorker.  "The President has said that the most important policy he could address in his second term is climate change," supposedly to "improve the world."  So forget about the abysmal jobless numbers above 8% for over three years, or the $15 trillion deficit that threatens to turn the U.S. into Greece.  No, amid those very real calamities, climate change is more important.  If this isn't a sign of a president out of touch with reality, what is?

Only in America...
  •   Only in America could the President talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000 a plate campaign fund-raising event.
  •   Only in America could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal work force is black while 12% of the population is black.
  •   Only in America could we have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee, both turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.

Obama Forced a Change Nobody Wanted.  Barack Hussein Obama promised to transform America with an ill-defined message of change during his 2008 campaign.  As Americans discovered what that change involved, they began to reject it.  It was a change to the Left, to liberalism, to socialism.  The first sign of rejection was the 2010 election when voters returned power in the House of Representatives to Republicans.  Since the 2006 midterm elections that gave the Democratic Party a sweeping victory and elevated Nancy Pelosi as the first woman to become Speaker of the House, Americans have had an opportunity to experience the liberal agenda and they don't like it.

Why Obama Strikes Out In Court.  As the world awaits the Supreme Court's ruling on ObamaCare, there's a larger story that the pundits are missing:  the court's rejection of the Obama administration's increasingly extreme claims on behalf of unlimited federal power.  This term alone, the high court has ruled unanimously against the government on religious liberty, criminal procedure and property rights.  When the administration can't get even a single one of the liberal justices to agree with it in these unrelated areas of the law, that's a sign there's something wrong with its constitutional vision.

Krugman: 'We're Talking As if a Billion Dollars Was a Lot of Money'.  Liberal economist and Obama apologist Paul Krugman appeared on ABC's "This Week" [6/3/2012].

President Obama gets enthusiastic welcome at L.A. gay event.  The LGBT community turns out in force to celebrate the man who has been dubbed the nation's 'first gay president.'  It's a striking change from last year, when he was heckled for not supporting same-sex marriage.

Obama Heads West for Big LGBT Fundraiser with More Celebrities.  President Obama will hit the campaign trail hard Wednesday [6/6/2012], collecting cash in two California cities with big A list stars including Ellen DeGeneres.  His two day swing includes a large gala of the LGBT Leadership Council, an organization he started in 2007 for the gay community to organize and fundraise on a larger scale.

Obama hails LGBT Pride Month.  [Quoting from Barack Obama's proclamation:] From generation to generation, ordinary Americans have led a proud and inexorable march toward freedom, fairness, and full equality under the law — not just for some, but for all. [...] The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community has written a proud chapter in this fundamentally American story.

7 elected officials switch to Miss. GOP.  A sheriff in central Mississippi said Wednesday [5/30/2012] he's switching from Democrat to Republican because of President Barack Obama's support of same-sex marriage.

Where is President Obama Today? Fundraising and Partying with Rich and Radicals.  Fridays usually include a video wrap-up of the week just completed.  But so far today [6/1/2012], nada.  If and when the White House gets around to emailing the official schedule out, it will note that on the day that we learned unemployment has ticked back up to 8.2% and previous jobs numbers have been revised negatively, President Obama is not focused on the economy at all.  His schedule would show that Obama is holding six fundraisers for his re-election campaign.  And chances are, you can't get in to see him.

Meet Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose 'Job' Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence.  Drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer, forger and Indiana Speedway Bomber (who is also believed to have played a role in the assassination of a grandmother), Brett Kimberlin, spent 17 years in prison before his ultimate re-absorption into American society.  He started a non-profit dubbed "Justice Through Music (JTM)" that has, since at least 2005, been funded by George Soros' Tides Foundation and Barbara Streisand among other leftists.  Along with his associate, Kimberlin also started an organization called "Velvet Revolution" that supports the Occupy movement.

Feinstein: Get Ready for More Aggressive Molestation at the Airport.  An influential Democrat senator from California, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Diane Feinstein, wants more sexual molestation at America's airports.  Appearing on Fox News over the weekend, Feinstein criticized Americans for complaining about hands down the pants groping by the government.  She said "it's very important that TSA keeps up its efforts" despite the fact the "public has not been terribly sympathetic" to an endless parade of fake terror threats — the most recent admittedly perpetuated by the CIA — that are used to violate their privacy in the most intimate way.

DOJ pressures university to allow 38-year old man access to women's restrooms.  Watch out, you ladies at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith:  Those feet under the stall next to you might just belong to a 38-year-old man.  Despite opposition from female students, UAFS has decided on "advice of counsel" to allow a 38-year-old anatomically-male, transgendered student access to the women's bathrooms on campus.  According to a report from the conservative Campus Reform, the university decided to reverse its transgender policy after receiving a letter from the Department of Justice.

Follow the Money: One in Six Top Obama Bundlers Identify as Gay.  Heeding the journalistic adage to "follow the money," the Washington Post has found that every one out of six of President Obama's top fundraising "bundlers" who have hauled in $500,000 or more publicly identify themselves as gay.

Obama Loses the Average White Guy Vote.  The problem for President Barack Obama and down-ticket Democrats on November's ballot is that average white guys aren't just found in West Virginia; they're in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other states, too, and they can tip this fall's election.  According to Gallup's latest battleground numbers, Obama's main electoral strengths are with voters who are nonwhite, nonreligious, single or postgraduates.  Republican Mitt Romney's strength is with white voters, particularly men, those who are religious, and those who are 30 or older.

Dems Choose '60s Radical's Daughter for Race Bait Training.  According to the Washington Examiner, House Dems are ready to take on the election season with professional "race bait" training from someone who learned the art from the best.  Their expert instructor, Maya Wiley, has plenty of connections current and past to make her the ideal choice.  Currently with the Center for Social Inclusion, Maya has a resume that any progressive would envy, including work with Soros' Open Society, NAACP, Tides, and the ACLU.

Homosexuality is Not Normal.  North Carolina is now the 31st state to approve a constitutional amendment on marriage.  NC voters banned same-sex marriage, also barring legal recognition of unmarried couples by state and local governments.  And now Obama has come out with a public statement exclaiming he is absolutely in favor of gay marriage.  For once, I am elated at something he has done.  This "evolving" position coming from Obama is more proof of how out of step with the American people he really is.

The Antietam of the culture war.  Only six states have approved homosexual marriage, while 30 have imposed a constitutional ban.  In North Carolina, a ban not only on same-sex marriage but also civil unions, though opposed by Obama and Bill Clinton, carried on Tuesday with 61 percent of the vote.  Republican turnout in North Carolina's primary was up half a million, the highest in history.  And this is a state Obama carried in 2008, a state whose largest city, Charlotte, will host Obama's convention.

Read this article:
Meet the Radical DOJ Lawyers Suing Sheriff Joe.  Today [5/10/2012] the Eric Holder Justice Department sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  The civil rights lawsuit was filed by the notorious Civil Rights Division, headed by truth-challenged Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez.  Perez formerly headed the illegal alien advocacy organization Case de Maryland.  But the radicalism of the legal team aligned against Sheriff Joe does not end with Tom Perez.  Let's meet the radical Justice Department lawyers who drafted and filed this complaint.

Obama's same-sex evolution.  Adopting an evolving position is a classic political dodge, allowing Mr. Obama to claim to be sympathetic to the concerns of homosexual activists while not offending traditionalists.  His stance is calculated to grab centrists whose votes he needs in November.  It gives him wiggle room with leftists who are curious why he won't be more explicit.  But when Mr. Obama says he is evolving, he does so with a wink.  His liberal supporters know where he really stands.

Obama: Michelle influenced gay marriage decision.  First Lady Michelle Obama contributed to the president making his long-delayed declaration of support for gay marriage, which he positioned as an outgrowth of his Christian faith.  "I think same sex couples should be able to get married," Obama told ABC today.  He explained that his wife, Michelle Obama, influenced his thinking on the issue.

VP Biden Says He's "Absolutely Comfortable" With Same-sex Marriage.  President Obama has sent his second in command on ahead with a message for voters in the upcoming presidential election:  legalizing same-sex marriage will be a major rung of the Administration's re-election ladder.  During an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press May 6, Vice President Joe Biden said that he would be just fine with fully legalizing homosexual relationships.

Whoops: Joe Biden Seems To Endorse Gay Marriage.  Joe Biden seemed to shift in the Obama administration's position on gay marriage this morning [5/6/2012] on NBC's "Meet the Press."  But then the Obama administration backtracked, saying the Vice President Biden was simply reinforcing President Obama's position and past statements on the issue.

High Court Humpty Dumptys.  At least as far back as Woodrow Wilson, progressives and liberals have seen our anti-tyranny Constitution as an obstacle to imposing their self-presumed superior morality and wisdom on everyone else.  So it was unremarkable when, in February, The New York Times disgorged an article trashing the Constitution as an unworthy model for the rest of the world.  Remarkable is what was omitted from the responses, which focused on Justice Ginsburg's urging drafters of new foreign constitutions not to consult the one she took an oath to defend.  She and others complained that it did not provide sufficient "rights."

Communist sympathizers in Congress.  Just as a spokes person from the Communist Party U.S.A (CPUSA) pointed out in Politico recently that there are no actual card carrying members in Congress at the moment, that does not mean that there are not those that are not only sympathetic, but also those that are "progressing" the like agenda.  This would not be the first time that this would be the case either.  When you look back in history you see examples of this in the late 1930's into the 1940's with those that surrounded FDR as well.  They served in Congress and in upper positions of his administration just as they do today with the Obama administration.

Seven Of The Most Disturbing Quotes From Members Of The Obama Administration.  Birds of a feather flock together and so when we see Barack Obama stacking his cabinet with radicals, it tells us a lot about his mentality.  Of course, the fact that his entire term in office has been nothing but a slow motion evisceration of the American dream should tell you a lot about how he thinks, too — but a little more evidence is always welcome.

Liberals Litter on Earth Day.  There are many things about liberals that are infuriating, but one of the most aggravating is their unabashed hypocrisy.  From the President of the United States to Earth Day revelers in a San Francisco park, what sets liberals apart from sane people is that they rarely do what they demand from everyone else.

Obama Policies Are Clearing a Path for a Dictator.  Podesta's Center for American Progress in their definitive essay, The Power of the President, Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change subtly outlines a virtual blueprint for a U.S. Presidency that rules by fiat, ignoring the laws of the nation.  Their reasoning is that Congress has failed to act, but that is nothing more than an excuse to circumvent our Constitution.  With obfuscating language, it says that the President should use the powers he has to ignore Congress and the confines of the Constitution.  It outlines a plan for an extremely powerful Executive Branch.

Keep the First Amendment.  The phrase "stunning development" is used far too often in our politics, but here is an item that can be described in no other way:  Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats, frustrated by the fact that the Bill of Rights interferes with their desire to muzzle their political opponents, have proposed to repeal the First Amendment.  That is precisely what the so-called People's Rights Amendment would do.

Taking a scythe to the Bill of Rights.  Controversies can be wonderfully clarified when people follow the logic of illogical premises to perverse conclusions. [...] Now comes Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) with a comparable contribution to another debate, the one concerning government regulation of political speech.  Joined by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), 26 other Democrats and one Republican, he proposes a constitutional amendment to radically contract First Amendment protections.  His purpose is to vastly expand government's power — i.e., the power of incumbent legislators — to write laws regulating, rationing or even proscribing speech in elections that determine the composition of the legislature and the rest of the government.

Joe Kennedy III calls for ending 'cheap oil'.  As gas prices continue to soar around the country, Joe Kennedy III, the Democratic candidate for Rep. Barney Frank's seat, wrote an online letter to supporters calling for an end to "cheap oil."  "Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama — they've all talked about the same thing:  the need to wean ourselves off our debilitating dependence on foreign oil," Kennedy wrote.  "The cycle that allows cheap oil to trump tough choices has to stop," he continued.  "Forty years is enough."

Obama is out of touch with average Americans.
Barackward.  Obama rarely spends time with average Americans, and can seem smug and downright clueless about their lives when he talks about them.  We got a glimpse of this ignorance in the 2008 campaign, when Obama told a room full of San Francisco donors that Midwesterners cling to guns, religion and xenophobia.  It surfaced again last year when he told a woman at a town hall event that he found it "interesting" that her unemployed engineer husband couldn't find work.

The cream of the Democrat crop:
'Female Michael Moore' to Face Off Against Man Who Fears Guam, an Island, Will 'Capsize'.  Georgia's 4th Congressional District may provide America its most entertaining matchup evah.  Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Communist 9-11 Truther who lost the seat in 2002 and won it back in 2004, will face off against incumbent Rep. Hank Johnson, who won it in 2006.

Protesters Mock National Anthem at Wisconsin Tea Party.  Not long ago, it was unthinkable to disrespect the National Anthem in anyway whatsoever.  However pro-labor union protesters showed no hesitation in crossing that line on Saturday [4/14/2012] in Madison, Wisconsin.

Rep. Barney Frank plans to marry longtime partner before retiring from office.  Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) plans to marry his longtime partner in July, which will make him the first member of Congress in a same-sex marriage.  "I think it's important that my colleagues interact with a married gay man," Frank said in an interview with New York magazine published online Sunday [4/15/2012].

Biden: Al Franken is a 'leading legal scholar'.  Vice President Joe Biden described former Saturday Night Live comedian, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., as a "leading legal scholar," presumably in the Senate, today.  "He has been one of the leading legal scholars," Biden said of Franken today [4/11/2012], according to the pool report.  He also said that Franken "is deadly serious" as a senator.

Obama's Bible: The Alinsky Testament.  The Obama we see on the campaign trail sounds more like a preacher and less like a community organizer.  People familiar with orthodox Christian teaching — as opposed to liberation theology — will instantly note that the scriptures in question convey the exact opposite message from that which Obama intends. [...] But the most interesting facet of Obama's religious references is not his leftist interpretation of the message; it is the left's sudden tolerance for mentioning scripture in public.

Most Americans back gun lobby, right to use deadly force.  Most Americans support the right to use deadly force to protect themselves — even in public places — and have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association, the main gun-lobby group, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.

Allen West Rips the Lid Off Congressional Progressive Caucus' Real Far-Left Agenda.  Speaking before a town hall in Jensen Beach, Fla., the popular congressman said: "I believe there's about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the communist party."  A staffer later explained that he was referring to the far-left congressional Progressive Caucus, all of whose members have truly radical pasts.  West's statement ignited a firestorm.  How dare he suggest that any of us could possibly be communist?

Time to Stop Being Intimidated by the Left.  [Scroll down]  As is the case with a spoiled child whose parents consistently explain away and cover for their creation, so too with Barack Obama, as the mainstream media, the entertainment complex, the unions, the Democratic Party hierarchy, and the hardcore left are quick to protect their creation regardless of how much of a fool he makes of himself.  However, Barack Obama is not alone in self-aggrandizement; virtually all those who espouse the tenets of American leftism have an extraordinarily high opinion of themselves.

5 Reasons Liberals Are Such Unpleasant People To Be Around.  [#4] Liberals aren't very religious:  Liberals are overwhelmingly either atheists or agnostics, people who don't take their religious beliefs very seriously in the first place, or people who allow their ideology to completely subvert their religious beliefs.  This is no small matter because religion is one of the great civilizing forces.

Progressive Caucus Budget Proposes $2.9 Trillion Spending Hike.  [Quoting Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.):]  "This budget responds to what the people want, what the economy requires and what the Progressive Caucus believes in.  I look forward to a national discussion about what's in this plan, and I'm excited to stand behind it."

Liberals' budget would raise taxes to an all-time high.  If you want to know why House Democrats lost 63 seats in the 2010 elections — the largest political defeat since 1938 — look no further than the budget put forward this week by the 83-member Congressional Progressive Caucus.  Perhaps unsatisfied with the title they used last year — "The People's Budget" — the CPC calls this one the "Budget for All."  It raises taxes to levels never seen before — not even during World War II — guts defense spending and splurges on a number of liberal priorities.

The Nation's Top 50 Progressives... and Socialists and CommunistsThe Nation's list of leading American "progressives" is an illuminating insight into the American left and the very essence of "progressive" thought — whatever that might be.  Take a look at it, study it, think about it.  This is truly a teachable moment.

Mob Rule Trumps Rule Of Law In Trayvon Martin Killing.  A Democratic ex-Black Panther congressman is escorted off the House floor for disrespecting the institution by wearing a hoodie.  Dividing Americans is no way to react to violence.

Dem pulled from House floor for Trayvon hoodie.  Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., lost his right to speak on the House floor after he violated rules by putting on a hoodie and sunglasses in honor of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen shot last month.  "May God bless Trayvon Martin's soul, his family and — [inaudible]" Rush said as he was removed from the House floor this morning for wearing a hoodie.

Hoodie-wearing lawmaker escorted from House floor.  Rep. Bobby L. Rush was gaveled out of order and escorted from the floor of the House of Representatives chamber on Wednesday [3/28/2012] after he took off his jacket to reveal he was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood, and then proceeded to pull the hood over his head while reading his statement.

Wearing A Hoodie Doesn't Make You Hoodlum, But Wearing One On The House Floor Makes You A Disgrace.  "Just because one wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum," Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) declared as he donned a hoodie and sunglasses on the House floor — at which point the session's chair called the sergeant-at-arms to enforce the House rule on decorum.  In a theatrical stunt to comment on the controversy surrounding the shooting of hooded Trayvon Martin, Rep. Rush pulled a hoodie over his head and went on a rant.

Pelosi: Rush 'Deserves a Great Deal of Credit for the Courage' To Break House Rules.  You would think that Nancy "drain the swamp" Pelosi, the minority leader, would reprimand the Congressman Rush for making a fool of himself and disgracing the Congress.  But no.

20 Phenomenal Fringe Benefits Of Being A Liberal:  [For example,] [#1] If you're a politician, no matter how dumb you are or how poor your decision-making is, the press will still never question your intelligence.  [#2] You can claim to personally speak for everyone in your gender or racial group, like you're their leader, and the press will take you seriously.

David Alexrod Jokes About Voter Fraud.  President Obama's chief campaign advisor David Axelrod recently joked about voter fraud in both his and Obama's favorite city of corruption, Chicago.

Dems: Vote for accused bribe-taker.  In the parks, churches, bowling alleys and VFW halls of Illinois, candidates for president, state supreme court, state representative and every office in-between made their last-minute pitches before Tuesday's primary elections.  Perhaps the most audacious plea came from West Side Democratic elected officials who urged voters to support an Illinois House member charged with bribery.  It looks bad, they acknowledged, but it will prevent the seat from falling into the hands of Republicans.

Obama's Triumphal Statist Presidency.  In the March/April issue of the Washington Monthly, Paul Glastris offers a long essay in defense of Barack Obama. ... Glastris has unwittingly created a glossary of radical statism as a defense of Obama.  His own words:  "legislative tonnage," "reform," "takeover," "biggest stimulus in history," "sweeping regulations," "protection," "vast expansion," "Net neutrality," "greatest increase" in still more "protection," and "revolutionary reform."  To liberals, this is the poetry of paternalism but to the rest of America it's a nightmare lexicon.

They Call These Accomplishments?  Obama wasn't kidding when he promised to fundamentally transform America, and he has succeeded in doing so, to the everlasting detriment of the country.  Four more years of this and it's hard to imagine what kind of shape we'll be in.  Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper and Siyu Hu co-wrote the piece for the Washington Monthly.  If you want to see just how far apart red America and blue America are, you must examine their list, recognizing that they are actually bragging about these "accomplishments."

Malia Obama guarded by 25 Secret Service agents on spring break in Mexico.  Barack Obama's eldest daughter is spending her springbreak [sic] in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca in the company of 12 friends — and 25 Secret Service agents.  The US President's 13-year-old daughter Malia is staying at a downtown hotel in the city famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved native American traditions, an official said.

The Editor asks...
Would you send your 13-year-old daughter to Mexico for her own little spring break romp?  There's a lot more to this story.  Read all about it here.

The Vetting: Obama Teaches Constitutional Law — Part I.  Obama's an extreme legal leftist.  He thinks that banning infertility treatment for unwed couples is akin to sterilizing them.  He thinks that there is no connection between childbearing and childrearing and the integral value of marriage.  He thinks that arguments about "tradition" are troubling.

Obama flag courtesy Don Van Beck
Photo courtesy Don Van Beck.
American flag with President Obama's image sparks outrage at Florida Democrats.  An American flag with President Obama's image in place of the stars flew over a Florida county's Democrat headquarters long enough to enrage local veterans who called the altered banner "a disgrace."  Lake County Democratic Party officials took down the flag, which flew just below a standard Old Glory on the flagpole outside headquarters in Tavares following complaints by local veterans.  But merely taking it down wasn't enough for several local veterans, who said they fought for the flag Betsy Ross made famous, not one with a politician on it.

Dems entangled in Obama flag flap.  President Obama's face in place of stars on an American flag flying at Lake County Democratic Headquarters in Tavares irked a group of veterans on Tuesday [3/13/2012], who found themselves engaged in a verbal confrontation and the threat of police action when they requested the flag be taken down.  The matter was resolved peacefully when Democratic party officials removed the flag.

Obama flag flies again.  In 2008, someone in Seattle decided to make a buck by peddling Obama flags, American flags with the image of The Won replacing the stars.  I guess his image alone represents the 57 states.  The Democratic Party in Lake County, Florida, bought one and now, in the final year of Barack Obama's presidency, the Flag of the Obamanation has created a stir.

Remember, this flag was flown at the Democratic Party Headquarters.
The Obama Spangled Banner.  We're getting a lot of e-mail about a faceplant from the Democratic Party in Lake County, Florida, which decided to run a little Obama worship up the flagpole to see who'd salute.  Not veterans in the local community, who dragged the media out to the Democratic headquarters to make sure they reported on the altered flag they flew. .... It's one thing for someone to go to the trouble of producing that flag, but another level of cluelessness to actually fly it — and especially at the party's HQ.  It demonstrates a deep disconnect between the Democratic Party leadership and the people they claim to represent.

Palin: Let the Vetting Begin.  Do we ever want to elect someone like Obama again?  Someone with close ties to people like Jeremiah Wright, Derrick Belle, Tony Rezko and an admiration for Saul Alinsky to name a few.  The answer is no.

The Myth of "Middle-Class" Uncle Joe.  The nation's vice campaigner in chief went on the attack against Republicans this week, clad in full populist armor.  "These guys don't have a sense of the average folks out there," said The Everyman.  "They don't know what it means to be middle class."  But who was his audience?  Nope, not blue-collar workers in Allentown, Pa. Biden was speaking to an exclusive club of $10,000-per-couple campaign donors gathered at the home of the Senate's $200 million man, Democratic Mass. Sen. John Kerry, in Georgetown, D.C.

White House doormat.  [Scroll down]  The latest, and one of the most ominous, examples of Mr. Obama's low regard for the Constitution came to light in congressional testimony last week by Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta.  He told incredulous senators that the United States would only go to war in Syria if it got international permission.  Wherever you come down on the advisability of America engaging militarily in yet another Middle Eastern nation, if we decide it is in our national interest to do so, it should be up to our elected representatives, not the United Nations, the Arab League or some other multilateral entity.

The Obamacare Shellacking.  Democratic support for President Obama's controversial health care overhaul may have single-handedly caused the party's historic "shellacking" in the 2010 mid-term elections, a new study finds.  The study was conducted by a group of political science professors and published this week by American Politics Research.  It found that, had it not been for the health care law, House Democrats likely would have held at least 25 seats and maintained their majority.

The Left's War on Christianity.  Liberalism is so unrelentingly hostile to Christianity that it's virtually impossible to be both a devout Christian and a devout liberal at the same time.  To be a liberal Christian means you either have to completely gut your religious beliefs to make them compatible with your political inclinations or alternately, you have to spend your days cowering with your eyes down while your fellow liberals demean, smear, and mock everything you should hold dear.

Ever Get the Feeling the American People Are Going One Way and Obama Is Going Another?  The American people don't see things the way Obama does:  they certainly don't see proper governance of this country the way he does.  Thus more and more polls show a significant and growing divide between those who support Obama's agenda and those who are tired of it.  For example, because all the "free" stuff Obama's giving away has to be paid for by someone, the President is pushing for higher taxes on the wealthy whom he claims need "to pay their fair share."  But 75% of Americans think the wealthy are already paying too much.

Debbie's Date with Radicalism.  Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing criticism for her upcoming appearance at a fundraiser hosted by an American Muslim leader who was placed on the Federal Terrorist Watch List.  Wasserman Schultz is set to keynote an annual fundraising dinner for EMERGE USA, a Muslim community group led by Khurrum Wahid, a controversial attorney with a track record of defending accused terrorists and associating with Muslim Brotherhood-backed groups.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Empowers a Radical Muslim Fundraiser.  A radical Muslim group with ties to the Obama Administration will be featuring the head of the Democratic National Committee, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as the keynote speaker for its annual fundraising banquet this coming April.  By agreeing to partake in the event, Wasserman Schultz is helping to further this organization's nefarious agenda of placing Islamists into positions of American power and influence.

A Guide to the Liberal Mind.  As a great fan of Jeff Foxworthy, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to use his hilarious you-might-be-a-redneck comedy routine in an attempt to characterize the liberal mindset (tweaking Jeff's formula a bit to convert it from the suppositional to the unconditional). ... [For example,] If you believe that Obama is an intellectual giant whose IQ is off the charts even though you have no idea what his IQ actually is, you are a liberal.

Americans support Keystone XL pipeline, poll says.  Americans who have heard about the Keystone XL pipeline overwhelmingly support the proposal to carry Canadian oil across the United States to Gulf Coast refineries, according to a Pew Research poll released Thursday [2/23/2012].  Among those who knew about the pipeline, 66 percent said the federal government should approve the project.  The poll found only 23 percent opposed it.

Congresswoman Kathy Hochul Booed Over Birth Control Policy.  Representative Kathy Hochul (D-26th District) was booed at her own town hall meeting on Friday morning [2/24/2012] in Lancaster.  The packed crowd was critical of Hochul for supporting President Obama's plan to require religiously affiliated employers, such as hospitals and schools, to provide full contraception coverage to female employees.

Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and Jewish Leaders Swear Disobedience to HHS Contraception Mandate.  Would you go to jail — or even close down your hospitals and schools — rather than violate your religious faith, a Republican lawmaker asked religious leaders at a House hearing on Thursday [2/16/2012].  The answer, given under oath, was unanimous:  They will disobey.  "We're not going to violate our consciences," William E. Lori, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Bridgeport, Conn., told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) in response to Gowdy's question about the Obama administration's contraception mandate.

Liberals and the Constitution.  Liberals typically erupt in outrage if you suggest they don't respect or understand the Constitution, let alone defend it. ... But the prize for this week's liberal obtuseness about the Constitution goes to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who told an Egyptian television audience that "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012."  Instead, "I might look at the constitution of South Africa.  That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, had an independent judiciary."

The Sacred Dogma of the Left.  The church's allies — evangelical Christians, Tea Partiers, and other non-Catholic conservatives — are motivated by a conviction that, theology aside, the Obamacare edict forcing the church to pay for procedures it finds morally objectionable is an unconstitutional trespass on the free exercise of religion.  But what is it that motivates those on the left?  Why do they care so deeply about the kind of insurance coverage Catholic employers provide? ... For the left, the fight isn't about social justice or the proper scope of the state.  It's about the contraceptives.  It's about sex.

The Editor says...
One group is concerned about upholding the Constitution and preserving freedom for future generations, while another group is primarily motivated by fornication while trying to avoid parenthood.  Which group consists of rational, sober-minded thinkers, and which group is wildly out of step with the majority of Americans?

For some people, Obama isn't far enough to the left!
Big Donor Deserts Obama Over Climate Change.  President Obama has lost the financial support of San Francisco philanthropist Susie Tompkins Buell, one of the Democratic Party's most generous benefactors, who says the president has "not been vocal enough" on climate change, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Thursday [2/16/2012].

Maxine Waters: Boehner and Cantor 'Demons'.  Maxine Waters reminded us today that, should Democrats win back the House, she is in line to become the next chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee.  If that doesn't scare you, then just watch this video.  In it, she calls Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor "demons" who "would rather do whatever they can to destroy this president, rather than for the good of this country."

Maxine Waters calls Republican leaders 'demons'.  Rep. Maxine Waters, no stranger to controversy, is turning heads once again, this time for describing House Republican leaders as "demons."  The California Democrat's comments, which surfaced Wednesday [2/15/2012], were made last weekend at a state party convention in San Diego.  Video of her speech shows her rallying Democrats to win back control of the House in November.

Boxer: Insurance rights trumps religious rights.  Senator Boxer warned yesterday [2/14/2012] that if the HHS contraception mandate was repealed it would set a dangerous precedence of religious rights trumping the right to be insured.

Christians and the Democratic Party.  Most of my friends are true Christians, believing wholeheartedly that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.  But many of them will almost blindly enter the voting booth every two years and pull the lever for the Democrats. ... And how many of these faithful will allow their party faithfulness to trump their biblical beliefs when this November's election rolls around?

Wash Post Journalist: 'Maybe the Founders Were Wrong' to Guarantee Free Exercise of ReligionWashington Post political writer Melinda Henneberger shockingly stated, Wednesday [2/8/2012], that "maybe the Founders were wrong" to guarantee religious liberty.  Henneberger appeared on Hardball to discuss the Obama administration's decision to force the Catholic Church to provide birth control in health care.

Justice Ginsburg Should Resign.  Did you know that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks the South African Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are preferable to the United States Constitution?  You think I'm kidding?  It's right there on the front page of yesterday's New York Times.

Obama's war on the Catholic Church isn't just insensitive — it's un-American.  Since the 1960s, the US [Catholic] Church has embraced a variety of Social Gospel that prioritises filling stomachs over saving souls.  Its liberalism has progressed to the point where some churches are barely even Catholic anymore.  In Los Angeles, the only semi-orthodox Catholic church is the one surrounded by barbed wire on Mel Gibson's estate.  The house of worship that I attend, just off Sunset, enforces hand holding during the liturgy and boasts "a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ youth."  The two are presumably synonymous.

Hoyer: 'The Fact Is You Don't Need a Budget'.  [Scroll down]  The last time the Senate passed a budget was on Apr. 29, 2009.  The federal government has since been operating on funds approved through a series of continuing resolutions (CR), raises in the debt ceiling, and several appropriations bills.  The last CR was passed in mid-December 2011, by both the House and Senate, and signed by President Barack Obama.  That $915-billion deal, along with several appropriations measures, will keep the federal government operating though the end of fiscal year 2012, on Sept. 30.

Newt Struck Gold, Promptly Abandoned Mine.  America as founded is being ripped out from under us in broad daylight, and this rip-off is being propelled and celebrated by our education, entertainment, and media elites.  Far deeper than the "economic versus social" meme debated by shallow and isolated strategists and pundits, something much more foundational is going wrong, and so few are willing to confront this fact.

Wasserman Schultz: Romney is "Extreme Right" and Obama is "Moderate".  Local Congresswoman and chair of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz is President Obama's biggest cheerleader, and that was apparent in her interview with Jack, Tedd and Corey on AM Tampa Bay.

God bless Jan Brewer.  Obama is the ultra-left-wing president who sometimes tries to hoodwink those of us who know better — that would be those of us who didn't vote for him and never will — into believing that he's some sort of moderate.  Obama is the guy who tries to pretend he's tough on illegal immigration, while chiding us for having a "broken" immigration system and making it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens.  And he's also the man who believes the horrendous 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision is nothing less than God's 11th commandment.

These Dems spin better than Rumpelstiltskin.  How profoundly America has changed since January 2009.  I was pondering this the other night during the State of the Union address.  Did you know that our elite military units like the Navy SEALs are now examples of America at its absolute finest?  Why, wasn't it just a few years ago that Sen. Dick Durbin was comparing these very same troops to the Khmer Rouge and Joe Stalin's Red Army?

Here's why union membership keeps falling.  Folks in Springfield, Ill., witnessed a bizarre scene two years ago.  Thousands protested outside the Capitol, chanting:  "Raise my taxes!  Raise my taxes!  Raise my taxes!"  Who protests for higher taxes?  Government unions do.  The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees helped organize the rally.  This is the new face of the union movement.

WH: Obama is clearly a 'centrist'.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney believes that President Obama has "a centrist agenda," and he seems to doubt the existence of a plausible counterargument from the Republican Party.

The Editor says...
In order to believe that Barack Obama is a centrist, one would have to believe that there roughly equal numbers of Americans who are to the left and the right of Obama, politically speaking.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While there may be a few thousand people who believe that Obama isn't radical enough, there are millions who believe that he is the most radically leftist President in American history.  The White House press secretary will say whatever he is told to say.  That's his job.

President Obama reveals who he really is — and this picture isn't pretty.  By rejecting the Keystone XL oil pipeline, President Obama did more than just pander to environmentalists.  He shredded attempts by his handlers to cast him as a pragmatic and reasonable man who can appeal to independent voters.  Instead, he stands naked as an ideologue willing to sacrifice workers on the altar of special-interest politics.

I Finally Understand Democrats.  In order to believe that Democrats have the answer today, you would have to believe:
  •   That you can grow the entitlement class beyond the taxpayer class and never hit critical mass where there is no money left.
  •   That using the military to oust a murderous thug dictator in 2003 was criminal, and using the military to oust a murderous thug dictator in 2011 was noble.
  •   That the best way to grow the wealth of the private sector is to take all the money out of it.
  •   That the best way to make us energy independent is to block any effort to produce more petrocarbons in this country.
  •   That more unemployment checks create more jobs.

Dem Rep. Ellison: Let 16-year-olds vote.  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said late last week that the United States should lower the voting age by two years, to 16.  "Why shouldn't 16-year-old vote?"  Ellison tweeted last week, according to Minnesota's Fridley Patch.  "They can drive.  Some have jobs.  Let's empower our youth."

The Editor says...
On the contrary, the Editor believes that 16-year-olds should not be licensed to drive on public roads and highways.  The Editor also supports the repeal of the 26th Amendment.

Top 5 'let them eat cake' moments of the Obama White House.  Incident:  The first lady and daughter Sasha took a five-day trip to southern Spain, shopping, visiting coastal towns and lunching with the nation's king and queen.  Criticism:  Mrs. Obama and her daughter stayed at a five-star coastal resort where rooms run from $400 to almost $7,000 per night and the first lady was photographed wearing an off-the-shoulder top from pricey designer Jean Paul Gaultier, causing critics to blast the seeming show of extravagance during a period of 9.5 percent unemployment.

Leftism Makes You Meaner.  Two examples in just the past week offer compelling evidence.  Prominent left-wing commentators used the way in which Rick Santorum and his wife handled the death of one of their children to attack — make that mock — the former Pennsylvania senator.  In a lifetime of observing and participating in political debate, I have seen a lot of meanness.  But one just assumes that some things — not many, just some — are off limits to political pundits and activists.  Among these few things, one has to believe, is the death of a child.  But I was wrong.

Big Government's Debauchery Of Human Capital.  The short life of Gabriel Santorum would seem a curious priority for political discourse at a time when the Brokest Nation in History is hurtling toward its rendezvous with destiny.  But needs must, and victory by any means necessary.  In 2008, the left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin's live baby.  It was only a matter of time before they moved on to a dead one.

Making Eco-village in Green Mansions.  Loudon County, Virginia, is one of the richest counties in the nation.  They are now at the forefront of implementing the environmentalist green agenda of living in an eco-village.  The residents are "a typical middle class mix of mostly white-collar workers."  If we consider this group typical middle-class, we should consider the price of homes in this utopian "paradise."  The last home bought in this Shangri-La in September 2011, a foreclosed home, cost $359,000.  Some sell between $895,000 and $1.7 million.

The Real Sleeping Giant.  Americans who consider themselves Tea Partiers are a minority of the country, even if a significant and motivated one.  The real majority, one which Democrats are foolishly antagonizing, are those of us who refuse to accept the left's claims that Americans of one economic class are the enemy of those in another economic class.  A recent poll by Gallup shows that the efforts of Obama and the Occupiers may be backfiring against the beggar-thy-neighbor Alinskyite left.

Voting Rights? It All Depends.  Yesterday [12/10/2011] a motley coalition of left-wing groups operating under the name Stand For Freedom marched in New York City, ostensibly to support voting rights.  A large number of groups were represented, almost more organizations than people: the NAACP, the ACLU, SEIU, CAIR, the Communist Party, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, the Hispanic Federation, the United Federation of Teachers, the Action Network, NOW, several Democratic politicians, and many more.  Despite the event's wide-ranging sponsorship, only 1,000 to 2,000 people showed up to march.

Hillary's Surreal State Department.  Hillary Clinton was once seen as a radical busybody, clamoring for this or that absurd invented right, such as the right of children to sue their parents.  Now she is seen as a safe establishment figure.  But the truth is that she hasn't changed.  She is still a radical scold.  Back in the days of the Clinton presidency she pushed the world to embrace an international right to abortion.  These days her ambition is to impose upon all the nations of the earth "LGBT" rights.  Bill Clinton's State Department was famous for its Christmas trees adorned with condoms as ornaments.  Hillary's State Department is even more radical; it seeks to turn the world into San Francisco.

Are Democrats the New Minority?  New polling from the Gallup Organization includes striking details that ought to alarm the administration and its allies.  For the first time, substantial majorities of those who describe themselves as Democrats in the age of Obama say they are unmarried and irreligious — in a nation that overwhelmingly values both marriage and religion.

Connecting the Obama-Communist Dots.  [Scroll down]  The book sheds light on certain activities and affiliations of certain members of the government such as U.S. representatives Maxine Water [sic] (D-CA) and John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI).  These two, along with former Oakland mayor Ron Dellums, are sponsors of MECA (The Middle East Children's Alliance), an organization founded originally by activists Barbara Lubin and Howard Levine.  Lubin, as it turns out, is allied with the Workers World Party, a Marxist-Leninist sect aligned with North Korea.

Disorganizer-in-Chief.  Occupy Oakland called for a general strike — the city grinding to a halt, banks unattended, and schools closed.  What they got was a few thousand protesters vandalizing banks and briefly closing a unionized port, but more important, a mayor happy to facilitate it all.  Wednesday night would have been no more disturbing than a vigorous though destructive demonstration by the lefties of the Occupy movement — except that it occurred with the endorsement of Oakland's mayor, Jean Quan.

Barack Obama is facing an anti-Big Government revolution.  Three major polls this week will give a jittery White House cause for concern. ... Taken as a whole, this week's polls paint a picture of a country that is emphatically rejecting the Big Government experiment of the past few years, and turning more and more towards conservatism.  The surveys are representative of a sea of polls revealing a deep-seated and mounting opposition to the highly interventionist economic policies of the current US administration, with the latest RealClear Politics average of polls showing 73 percent of Americans believing the country is moving down the "wrong track".

A Majority of Democrats Seldom or Never Go to Church, Says Gallup.  A majority of Democrats — 52 percent — say they seldom or never go to church, according to Gallup data published Monday [11/7/2011].  That result is based on Gallup's daily tracking polls conducted between June 1 and Aug. 31 of this year.

Occupiers part of grand alliance against the productive.  Way back in 1968, after the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, Mayor Daley declared that his forces were there to "preserve disorder."  I believe that was one of Hizzoner's famous malapropisms.  Forty-three years later, Jean Quan, mayor of Oakland, and the Oakland City Council have made "preserving disorder" the official municipal policy.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Saying Life Begins at Conception Is 'Extreme and Radical'.  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Thursday [11/3/2011] that for states to enact constitutional amendments that say human life begins at conception is "an extreme and radical step."

Gillibrand bill encourages LGBT adoption.  For the first time in Senate history, a bill has been introduced to encourage agencies not to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples seeking to adopt.

They should Occupy Prison.  This is the face of liberalism, America.  It is lawless, selfish, disrespectful and above all mean.  The Democratic Party's embrace, promotion and even logistical support of the Occupy Wall Street movement likely will backfire.

Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes.  For example, regulatory adviser Cass Sustein believes those promoting what the government categorizes broadly as "conspiracy theories" should have their freedom of speech curtailed. ... Science adviser John Holdren believes sterilants should be put into the public drinking water in order to decrease fertility rates.  However, Holdren is not the only Obama minion wanting to do away with what Ebenezer Scrooge dismissed as the "excess population" before this famed miser's Yuletide change of heart.  Obama Healthcare Adviser Ezekiel Emanuel thinks that those below or above a certain age range should be denied medical treatment.  Basically put a bullet in granny's head.  Obama's Secretary of Energy believes you should be permitted to color your roof any color you want so long as it is white.  And speaking of colors, Obama's FCC appointment Mark Lloyd believes White folks should be denied FCC licenses.  Obama's State Department Legal Adviser Harold Koh believes that Sharia law should be consulted as a source for American jurisprudence.

The Full Alinsky.  If you want to see the future of America under the shade of Saul Alinsky, Rochester is a good place to start.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Calls on Government to Hire All Unemployed Americans for $40,000 Each.  Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has offered his own $804 billion jobs plan that calls on the federal government to hire the nation's 15 million unemployed Americans for jobs paying roughly $40,000 each, and bail out all the states and cities facing budget crises.  In an interview with the Daily Caller on Wednesday, the Illinois Democrat applauded President Obama for directing his staff to greenlight job-creating initiatives without congressional approval after his $447 billion jobs bill was defeated in the Senate this week.

Jackson, Jr: Obama should 'declare a national emergency,' add jobs with 'extra-constitutional' action.  Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that congressional opposition to the American Jobs Act is akin to the Confederate "states in rebellion."  Jackson called for full government employment of the 15 million unemployed and said that Obama should "declare a national emergency" and take "extra-constitutional" action "administratively" — without the approval of Congress — to tackle unemployment.  "I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past," Jackson said.

Rivals from both sides slam Jackson's call to bypass the Constitution.  Political firebrands hit Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. from both his left and his right Thursday afternoon [10/13/2011], reacting to the Illinois congressman's call for the president to bypass the Constitution to deal with the jobs crisis.  During a Wednesday interview with The Daily Caller, Jackson said President Obama should "declare a national emergency" and use "extra-constitutional" measures to create jobs.

Profiles in Cluelessness.  [The Wall Street protesters] apparently want to see the end of our current financial system in order for it to be replaced with some Utopian Shangri-La where everyone chips in and we all live in harmony.  But who really knows?  Few of them can even coherently answer a question, let alone articulate what they're actually doing.

Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March.  The "Occupy Wall Street" rally gained thousands of new supporters as New York City became protest city on Wednesday [10/5/2011] when the group marched to City Hall.  The protests, however, were not without incident.  The NYPD said that there were about a dozen arrests Wednesday night.

The extremist nut jobs of Occupy Wall Street.  The selfish, greedy and jealous, mostly white, mostly comfortably middle class, mostly hollowly educated adult children involved with Illegally and Possibly Criminally Trespassing Wall Street, otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS) have begun to realize how selfish, greedy and jealous — not to mention what "extremist nut jobs" — they are.

The Editor says...
Their list of demands includes a $20 per hour minimum wage for everyone, whether employed or not.  I guess that means everyone should be paid $20 per hour, around the clock, for doing nothing.  (The audacity of such a demand is almost incomprehensible.)  They also demand free college education.  But with a guaranteed income, why bother with college?

Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement.  House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she supports the growing nationwide Occupy Wall Street movement, which began on the streets of downtown New York City in mid-September. ... Pelosi added that the failure of TARP, commonly known as the bank bailout, to add liquidity to the Main Street marketplace is fueling Americans' animosity towards Wall Street.

The Editor says...
TARP was Obama's idea.  If it's a failure (and it is), your beef is with him, not the banks!

Roseanne, the Red Queen.  Although the revolutionary bloodlust of the Left is never far beneath the surface, sometimes it takes a crisis to bring it out into the open.  Take the case of Roseanne Barr, a self-described socialist and proud ACORN member. ... "I do say that I am for the return of the guillotine and that is for the worst of the worst of the guilty," Barr deadpanned.  "I first would allow the guilty bankers to pay, the ability to pay back, anything over $100 million [of] personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million.  And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should go to the reeducation camps and if that doesn't help, then be beheaded," said Barr who happens to have a reported net worth of $80 million, a comfortable $20 million below her decapitation cutoff.

The Editor says...
Liberals ordinarily oppose capital punishment.  Apparently the only thing worse is capitalism.

This quote is being posted from multiple sources just so nobody can deny its authenticity.
Perdue suggests suspending Congressional elections for two years — was she serious?  Speaking to a Cary Rotary Club today [9/27/2011], N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue suggested suspending Congressional elections for two years so that Congress can focus on economic recovery and not the next election.  "I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.  I really hope that someone can agree with me on that," Perdue said.  "You want people who don't worry about the next election."

Democrat Governor Bev Perdue of NC Wasn't Joking.  We have the audio of Bev Perdue suggesting the elections be canceled and she's not joking, as you will hear, and it's quite interesting.  The Democrats, the more they get in trouble, and the more that things unravel, the more they show us who they really are.  She's not the first one suggesting we cancel the elections.  Peter Orszag, the former budget director of the White House, suggested pretty much the same thing in the New Republic last week.

Democrats Emerge From Closet, Oppose Democracy.  How many Democrats are National Socialists at heart?  Quite a few, I suspect, and every now and then the Democrats' totalitarian urges break through to the surface.  Thus, we have the Governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue, suggesting that we "ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years."  The press assures us that she was just kidding.  I would modestly submit that suspending elections is not something an elected executive should kid about.

Dem Governor suggests suspending elections.  During the Civil War elections were not suspended.  During the worst of the "Long Depression" (the Panic of 1873 until 1879) no elections were suspended.  And during the Great Depression, (1929 to 1939) no elections were suspended.  Why now?  What event has occurred that even warrants such obscene speculation?  ObamaCare.  The far left cannot have a new, and hopefully more conservative, Congress (House and Senate) repeal ObamaCare, as it is their not-so stealthy vehicle on which the far-left bases its hopes of destroying our Constitutional Republic.

(Un)Democratic.  Peter Orszag, formerly Obama's budget director and now a vice chairman at Citigroup, recently penned a column in the New Republic titled:  "Too Much of a Good Thing: Why We Need Less Democracy."  No joke, folks.  "To counter gridlock," he wrote, we may need to make our political institutions "a little less democratic."  "A little less democratic"?  As in you no longer have the right to object to what the government does?  Seems Hitler, Stalin and Mao tried that, but it didn't work out.  That's bad enough.  But North Carolina's Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue stuck her foot in it too, suggesting "we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years" so it can run up trillions more debt.

Tim, Liz and Bev Equals Moe Larry and Curly.  [Quoting Gov. Bev Perdue:] I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. ... You want people who don't worry about the next election."  Maybe you don't, Bev, but I'd bet my life most Americans want members of the ruling class, not only to be worried, but terrified of losing their jobs if they don't do right by the people.  This stooge from North Carolina may not remember, but that's exactly why Democrats got shellacked in 2010, after they rammed ObamaCare down the public's throat.

What was Bev Perdue thinking?  On Tuesday [9/27/2011], during a Q & A at a rotary club meeting, North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (D) made a very odd suggestion.  Asked what she could do to turn around the economy, Perdue gave a rambling, two-minute answer that included this tidbit:  "I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.  I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.  You want people who don't worry about the next election."

Warning: The threat of suspended elections is real.  It is crucial to not let this day go down without remembering what Perdue said.  Don't let the state-controlled mainstream media lure you back to sleep by saying if there is no election, then why is Obama so diligently campaigning.  Obama is not campaigning.  He is preparing for Stage Two of the Total Transformation of America, using taxpayer money to prepare his Internet-identified "troops" for the coming Marxist Revolution.  He must not be allowed to get away with it.

Warning: The threat of suspended elections is real.  With absolutely no proof of any kind of who he really is, Barack Obama made it to the Oval Office in 2008. ... Only suspended elections would guarantee his re-election.  North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue was not joking when she spoke about suspending elections.  Nor did she pick the idea out of thin air.  Perdue was giving the suspend-congressional-elections idea its first oxygen for her hell-bent-for-leather boss.  It is crucial to not let this day go down without remembering what Perdue said.

Democrat Strategies Right Out Of V.I. Lenin Playbook.  Vladimir Lenin, leader of the socialist revolution in Russia, published multiple tutorials for like-minded revolutionaries around the world.  Someone in the Obama administration must be familiar with his writings. ... The theme of "broken government" is popular among liberals — so much so that the governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue, recently said:  "I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover."  Peter Orszag, former director of President Obama's Office of Management & Budget, wrote an article titled "Too Much of a Good Thing — Why We Need Less Democracy."  Top mainstream Democrats such as Purdue and Orszag are in alignment with Lenin's teachings.

Obama to speak at gay rights dinner.  Obama is scheduled to speak at the Human Rights Campaign's 15th annual dinner on Saturday night at the Washington Convention Center, the group announced.  Close to 3,000 people are expected at the event for the nation's largest organization fighting for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

Barack Obama's desperate Hail Mary.  The second Summer of Recovery failed to materialize, and now the Autumn of Despair is settling in.  The president's approval ratings are at record lows.  Americans identify themselves as conservative by a 2-1 margin over liberal, and it's widening.  The Democrats just lost two House special elections, including one for a "safe" New York seat they've firmly held for 88 years.  And this after taking a "shellacking" — the president's own word — in last year's midterm elections.

Obama leans further left.  The reason Obama keeps tilting left is that so many independents have dumped him and he has almost no chance of getting them back.  So energizing libs for a massive turnout is his next-best hope.

Schakowsky: Americans don't deserve to keep all of their money.  A lot of reaction Wednesday morning [9/14/2011] to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's interview with Don Wade and Roma.  Schakowsky said that Americans don't deserve to keep all of their money because we need taxes to support our society.

White House Official Compares Illegal Immigration to Jaywalking.  Cecilia Munoz, the White House director of intergovernmental affairs, compared the federal crime of being in the country illegally to jaywalking.

The Let-Illegals-Drive-without-a-License Bill.  Gil Cedillo is of one of California's most radical pro-illegal-immigrant state lawmakers, which is why he'll never encourage illegals, with or without licenses, to drive themselves back across the border.  Leave it to a liberal to come up with a law to assist lawbreakers in their efforts to break the law.

Loud And Clear, And Repeated.  The American people vehemently oppose the program of massive government expansion and intrusion the Obama administration has undertaken.

The Public Has Rejected the Democratic Agenda.  Obama's popularity has plummeted to little more than 40 percent approval.  Suddenly, Democrats worry that the public anger could be contagious.  It might infect them as well — in the way a sinking George W. Bush hurt congressional Republicans up for reelection in 2006.

Does a President's Faith Matter?  [During the 2008 presidential campaign,] Liberal commentators and leftist media types around the country fell all over themselves in an attempt to downplay any significance or relevance Obama's spiritual views might have on his character or leadership. ... But fast-forward to today, introduce a handful of conservative Christians into the Republican primary, and be amazed at how quickly the spiritual beliefs become relevant.

Warning: This Could Make You Sick.  The award for vilest politicization of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 goes to the AFL-CIO.  The organization has chosen to hijack the moment and turn it into a plea for anti-austerity union activism.  Consider this message from AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, posted on its website.

Americans Vote Conservative — With Their Moving Vans.  Conservatives yearn for a big, clarifying electoral victory in November of 2012, but they're already winning decisively whenever Americans vote with their feet — or their moving vans.  New Census numbers show citizens fleeing by the millions from liberal states and flocking in comparable numbers to bastions of rightwing sentiment.

A President Who Promotes Sodomy.  President Barrack Hussein Obama has of late been heaping great praise on homosexuality.  He has indicated that he is now rethinking his position on homosexual marriage, and Vice President Joe Biden has led the way in expressly supporting "gay" marriage.  He said there is an "inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage."

Obama Administration Blames the Messenger.  The Obama administration wants to "pivot" to jobs.  A bit late, I would say.  They wasted a year pushing health care reform.  That passed with zero Republican votes in the House and Senate, and about the same number of Republican ideas.  When the Democrats controlled both branches of Congress and the White House, they shoved their approach down the throats of Republican in Congress, and an American public that opposed it then, and still opposes the legislation by a 3-to-2 margin.

Jackson Lee at Radical Islam Hearing: Let's 'Have a Hearing on Right-Wing Extremists'.  At a hearing of the House Committee on Homeland Security today about the radicalization of young Somali American Muslims by the al-Shabaab terrorist group, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said the committee should hold a hearing on "right-wing extremists" in the United States.

Lies of 'People for the American Way' Exposed.  The PFAW, a leftist activist group and "watchdog" of what it deems to be the fearsome and shadowy Religious Right in America, was created in 1981 by former TV producer Norman Lear to combat Christian conservatives, promote progressive policies, and elect progressive candidates.  It features such fair-minded intellectual powerhouses on its board of directors as actor-and-politician-wannabe Alec Baldwin and Seth MacFarlane, whose animated TV series Family Guy routinely and viciously ridicules Christians and conservatives.  Currently in the crosshairs are those who speak out about the dangers of Islamic radicalization and the stealth jihad in this country.

Unbalancing Act: America needs more media bias, claim some on the left.  What the self-styled opponents of balance really want is something resembling a state media monopoly — but one that is nominally independent and that is pliant when liberals run the government and adversarial when conservatives do.  That is more or less what existed between the 1970s and the late '90s, when competition greatly weakened the authority of the formerly mainstream media.  Strident leftism is not going to restore that authority.

Dem. Lawmaker: 'We Don't Have a Deficit Problem Right Now'.  Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) argued at a news conference with the Congressional Out of Poverty Caucus that the United States does not currently have a budget crisis.  "That's the real crisis — the unemployment, not the deficit.  We don't have a deficit problem right now.  In the long term, we have a deficit problem — we've got to get it under control but not right now," said Nadler at the Capitol on Wednesday [7/27/2011].

Senate confirms first openly gay man to federal bench.  J. Paul Oetken on Monday [7/18/2011] became the first openly gay man confirmed to the federal bench.  The Senate approved his nomination 80 to 13.  Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who recommended Oetken to President Obama for the nomination to the District Court for the Southern District of New York, offered a ringing endorsement from the Senate floor prior to the roll-call vote.

Liberals, Democrats More Likely to Disbelieve Bible, Says Gallup Poll.  Liberals and Democrats are more likely than conservatives, moderates, Republicans and independents to believe the Bible is nothing more than a book of fables and legends made up by man, according to a new Gallup poll.

Because he's not radical enough...
The Left Starts to Dump Obama.  It appears that the left is washing its hands of Obama.  In recent days we've seen a number of left-wing spokesmen ranging from Bill Maher to Frank Rich dismissing Obama as a disappointment — too centrist, too moderate, not at all the American Lenin they'd ordered.

Senators Appear in 'It Gets Better' Video.  Thirteen Democratic senators have added themselves to the chorus of people telling young gays and lesbians that "It Gets Better."  At a Wednesday [6/30/2011] news conference, several of the Democratic lawmakers unveiled their nearly five-minute entry to the nationwide video series that reaches out to bullied gay and lesbian youth — with a message that not only is the best yet to come, but that momentum was on their side.

If You're Not Involved in Politics, Don't Complain.  The Governor of New York State made it the sixth state to allow same sex marriages in spite of the opposition of church leaders and religious groups who see this legislation as an attack of their core moral principles.  Frankly I am surprised that this legislation didn't pass earlier because New York is one of the more liberal states due to the apathy of the silent majority of its residents.  The mainstream media (MSM)is trying to demonize the current social conservatives vying for the GOP presidential race but the truth is that those on the left have found a way to engineer social change through the courts and legislation bypassing the will of the people.  In almost every case these changes are enacted by the Democrats in power and that is because special interest money is always funding their campaigns.

San Francisco goldfish ban exposes America's liberal nutjobs.  [Scroll down]  The proposal will probably be kicked into the long-grass, as was the commission's proposed ban on the sale of kittens and puppies last year.  Other things the city has considered outlawing are MacDonald's Happy Meals, supersizing in fast food chains and circumcision.  Obviously, smoking in public places was stopped years ago.  The goldfish ban might seem like a silly story, but it does expose several liberal pathologies.

As we go over the cliff, just who is in the driver's seat?  The problem is that when man obtains full control over himself and thus declares God irrelevant, if not dead, we can no longer assume any truths to be self-evident.  That all men are created equal is just a hypothesis.  That all men have certain unalienable rights is an assertion without any predicate.  That "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" have any inherent value is an unproven proposition.  Indeed, instead of taking for granted certain fundamental propositions about the worth of the individual, the importance of right action, and the value of honor, mankind finds itself in the position of being manipulated to serve that which is convenient rather than that which is constant.

The general public likes cheap and simple incandescent bulbs.  So, naturally...
Obama touts energy-efficient light bulbs.  President Obama said Monday [6/13/2011] that advanced lighting technology is an essential component of his administration's push to make commercial buildings more energy efficient.

More about mandatory fluorescent light bulbs.

The Energy Disaster Continues.  The cornerstone belief of American liberals is that the United States is too rich and too powerful.  And, if you want to make America poorer and weaker, the easiest way to do so is by preventing the development of our energy resources.  Such a policy hobbles our economy and causes massive transfers of wealth from the U.S. to other countries, many of which are hostile.  Liberals think this is all to the good, but pretty much every other American disagrees.

HHS Official Tells Youth Summit: We're Recruiting LGBTs to Adopt Kids.  David Hansell, who runs the federal government's Administration for Children and Families, told a group of high school students at the U.S. Department of Education's "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)" youth summit on Tuesday [6/7/2011] that the Obama administration is recruiting "LGBT parents" to adopt children.

Gov't 'Has Finally Come Out of the Closet'.  Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke at the first "Federal LGBT Youth Summit" on Monday [6/6/2011] after being introduced by a homosexual on her staff, who said the secretary "gets us" and is "tireless" in her support of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender youth.  "Your federal government has finally come out of the closet in support of LGBT youth," said Pam Hyde, HHS administrator for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.

Graying Deity Of Pre-Internet Journalism.  It was a statement so telling, and so over the top, that within hours the Times removed it from its Thursday [6/2/2011] web story announcing Bill Keller's replacement as executive editor.  "In my house growing up, the Times substituted for religion," said Abramson, the former Washington bureau chief.  "If the Times said it, it was the absolute truth."  That is how the left-leaning media establishment in America wants it.

Bidens holiday in Hamptons.  Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spent Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons at the home of Internet pioneer and gay, bisexual and transgender-rights activist David Bohnett.

The shaky case against Chick-fil-A's founder.  [92-year-old Samuel Truett] Cathy is also an enthusiastic Baptist, and one domain of his charitable giving reflects that fact.  Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays, includes religious language in its mission statement, and donates some money to causes like the Campus Crusade for Christ.  Consequently, a meme has developed on left-leaning and pro-gay-rights websites in the past year that Chick-fil-A is virulently anti-gay.  Since then, the nonagenarian Samuel Truett Cathy has gone from a noted philanthropist to a hate-figure — in two senses of the phrase — for many liberals, and has gotten a string of very negative press.

Sisterhood and the SEALs.  It was just a matter of time before the successful Navy SEAL operation against Osama bin Laden on May 1 provoked a complaint that SEAL teams are all-male.  Sure enough, Washington Post pundit (and founder of the feminist website Anna Holmes came through last week with a column denouncing the "paternalistic, discriminatory" exclusion of women from special-operations units and comparing that exclusion to racial segregation.

Circumcision ban to appear on San Francisco ballot.  A group seeking to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has succeeded in getting their controversial measure on the November ballot, meaning voters will be asked to weigh in on what until now has been a private family matter.

Obama's "Common" Associations.  While Michelle Obama may have only recently found a reason to be proud of her country, she has long been proud of rapper Common.  Mrs. Obama and her husband do not want to celebrate the National Day of Prayer in the White House, and the latter "forgot" to do a Presidential Proclamation on Easter — but having Common in the White House is a priority.  This president — and apparently his wife, as well — does not understand or relate to the views of average Americans.  Most of us read Common's lyrics and cannot fathom why the president would allow this person to be feted in the People's House.

Despite outrage, Common performs at the White House.  Rapper and poet Common may have incited controversy this week when the White House invited him to perform at a poetry event.  After all, he has rapped about shooting police and has written lyrics calling for the "burn[ing] of former President George W. Bush."  But Common kept things pretty tame when he took the stage in the East Room at Wednesday night's "Evening of Poetry" along with other musicians, poets and artists.

Why I Take Obama's 'Common' Offenses Against Officers Personally.  President Obama continues to use the White House as a platform to dishonor police officers.  On May 11, Obama and First Lady Michele welcomed a rap poet who celebrates cop killers to the White House.  Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., known professionally as "Common," performed a few days before thousands of police officers arrived in Washington for "National Police Week," the annual memorial to honor fallen officers.

Angry Mob Chases Would-Be Flag Burner Off LSU Campus.  A mob of angry protesters chased a would-be flag burner at Louisiana State University (LSU) off campus Wednesday [5/11/2011] to chants of "USA, USA."  Graduate communications student Benjamin Haas had earlier been given permission by the school to burn the flag.  But because he lacked a local burn permit, he agreed instead to read a statement in an area of the university known as free speech alley.  As Haas read the statement, a crowd around him erupted into cheers and jeers, many shouting [profanities].

Another Democrat That Hates the US Constitution.  Making it easier every day to assert that Democrats hate the U.S. Constitution, once again we find a Democrat in Congress expressing disgust with the law of the land.  This time extremist, left-wing Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D, CA) was heard complaining to a lefty radio host that many of her new colleagues are just too ... concerned with whether or not the actions of Congress are Constitutional.

Napolitano backs 6-year old's pat-down.  The shock of a video of a Transportation Security Administration screener patting down a 6-year-old child has drawn anger and even a subsequent potential legislative response.  But the TSA's actions were not improper, says Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

More about the abusive and invasive searches at the airport.

The Democrats' Fiscal Disconnect From Americans.  The deteriorating fiscal condition of the federal government under President Obama and the Democratic majority during Obama's first two years in the White House stands in sharp contrast with what Americans were doing to shore up their financial condition over the same time period.  While Obama and the Democratic majority pulled us further into debt, more Americans reduced their debt and reined in excess spending.

Top 10 Outrageous Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes.  With a rating of 100% by Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) and a 0% rating from the American Conservative Union (ACU), Wasserman Schultz is a hard-core leftie.  These Top 10 Outrageous Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes prove the point.

Congresswoman Feigns Southern Accent to Deride Tea Party Lawmakers.  A Democratic congresswoman, frustrated with her interactions with a new class of Tea Party-backed conservative lawmakers, mocked them this week by talking in a Southern accent and referring to them as "Moe," during an interview on nationally syndicated radio show.  Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., told liberal host Stephanie Miller that every time she tries approaching one of the 87 freshman lawmakers in an effort to build relationships, they're always complaining about something being unconstitutional.

WA Democrat: 'I'm Tired of Reading the Constitution and All the Silly Things'.  Be proud, Washington's 7th congressional district, as your congressman, Jim McDermott, expresses his exasperation of "silly stuff" like "reading the Constitution."

Liberals think you're stupid.
Six of Ten Political Insiders Believe Public Is Ill-Informed.  When it comes to policy, the political class doesn't have a lot of faith in the public's IQ.  In the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll, a solid majority of political operatives — 59 percent — said the public didn't "know enough about the issues facing Washington to form wise opinions about what should be done."  There was a sharp partisan difference between the two parties:  By more than a 2-to-1 margin, Democratic Insiders believed the public didn't "know enough," while a slight majority of Republicans thought they did.

George Soros: Demagoat.  While the liberal and mainstream media get in a tizzy about who they deem as conspiratorial figures on the right such as Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and, most recently, the Koch Brothers, they often ignore a more shadowy figure who seems to have his tentacles in nearly every progressive organization and cause that seeks to undermine the American way of life.

Senator Dick Durbin's Deceptions.  This morning [3/29/2011] Senator Dick Durbin, senior Democrat of Illinois, is holding a Senate Judiciary hearing on "Protecting the Civil Rights of American Muslims."  Sounds all well and good.  Who could be against the civil rights of Muslims or for that matter any group?  Except when you start to scrutinize the Senator's close and long time relationship with radical Islamic groups and even Hamas terrorists, one has to wonder whose civil rights the Senator is trying to protect?

Whose side is he on?
Conyers calls for inquiry of treatment of Muslim Americans.  The ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has called for an investigation into claims by American Muslims that they are being harassed by U.S. customs and border officials while trying to cross back into the country from Canada.  Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) asked the Justice Department (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to investigate allegations made by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that American-Muslims are being handcuffed, interrogated and sexually harassed for hours by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents along the northern border.

Why The Left Cried When Osama Died.  The death of Osama bin Laden has driven a stake into the heart of the Left, causing progressives to bleed and moan as their unholy alliance with radical Islam absorbs the devastating May 2 blow.  The radical Islamic half of the romance is in agony as it sheds bitter tears for the mass murderer.

The Conservative States of America.  America is an increasingly conservative nation, by ideology and by political affiliation, according to polling results from the Gallup Organization.  While conservatives have long outnumbered liberals and moderates across the U.S., the study sheds new light on state-by-state patterns.

Minn. legislator wants Jesus out of Senate prayers.  A Jewish Minnesota lawmaker is asking Senate leaders to allow only nondenominational prayers to open sessions, after feeling "highly uncomfortable" when a Baptist pastor repeatedly mentioned Jesus Christ and Christianity in one of the invocations.

Is Rep. Weiner Aiding Efforts To Have Justice Thomas Disbarred?  Megyn Kelly discussed reports that Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner is leading a charge to have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas disbarred for perjury and investigated for allegations of bribery.  Weiner has passionately argued before for Thomas to recuse himself for cases on healthcare reform because of an alleged bias, and now if these reports are true, Weiner is intensifying the fight.

Most Americans are tired of deficit spending, inflation, and high taxes, but...
Liberal group pushes for $382 billion stimulus.  A liberal think tank is calling on Congress to embrace a $382 billion stimulus plan to lower unemployment.  The call from the liberal Demos group comes as the White House and congressional Democrats and Republicans argue over how greatly to cut this year's spending.  House Republicans have proposed a total of $61 billion in cuts this year, while the White House has agreed to a total of $10.5 billion in cuts.

E Pluribus Tucson: Uprising in Arizona.  Baja Arizona (the working title) will almost certainly remain a dream, but it suggests the growing chasm between the state's Republican leaders and its frustrated liberal minority.  For decades, there has been friction between Pima County and its more conservative northern neighbor, Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix. Residents of Pima County (pop. 1 million) have often joked about forming their own state.

More about the liberals' push for a 51st state.

We Don't Fetishize the Constitution; We Dread Tyranny.  What we recognize is that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  That is, what it says must be followed, until the text is amended or a new basic law enacted.  Because a Constitution that is not knowable, a Constitution that is twisty-stretchy and dictated by the needs of the moment, is no Constitution at all.  When the law becomes whatever the current ruling clique decrees, then we have taken the first step (and middle, and last) on the road to serfdom.

Wisconsin Dems lead the way in the abrogation of duty.  The Spider Hole Party will regret escalating this into a national crisis, because it highlights their greed, and their total abrogation of duty.  Wisconsin Democrats hiding in Illinois is really no different than Barack Obama dropping an absurd and delusional budget on Congress.  Both are the actions of a Party that has run completely out of ideas, and has no clue how to deal with the collapse of the unsustainable system they have built over the past few decades.  They've retreated to animal instincts, screaming for even more spending, and snarling in rage when any of their hoarded loot is threatened.

Hypocrisy, the Liberal God.  Within the whirlwind of controversy following the shootings in Tucson last Saturday, we have seen a very determined attempt by the Left and their in-house propaganda machine, otherwise known as the mainstream media, to attach blame to the conservative right in general, and talk radio, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, among others, in particular.

More about the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The Progressive Disdain for the Rule of Law.  When progressive Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer declared last Sunday on CNN that the three branches of government consist of the "House," the "Senate," and the "president," was he really that confused?  Or does he have a deep-rooted desire to eliminate the Judiciary from our government's constitutional structure, and this came out of his mouth as a Freudian slip?

Harry Reid:  'The American people love government'.  Congress has generated its lowest approval rating in decades.  President Barack Obama is treading the 50 percent line with his approval ratings.  Yet whether the American people know it or not, they love their government — or so says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Read it again, John.  I thought it was a good idea for the Constitution to be read aloud on the floor of the House of Representatives as that body kicked off its new session. ... But what seemed like a good idea turned out to be a great one.  For instead of good naturedly going along with the exercise, or suffering in silence, a number of leftists publicly displayed their lack of comfort with, if not contempt for, the Constitution.  Thus, the public received its clearest indication to date that the left regards the words of the Constitution as an impediment to its agenda.

Liberal distaste for the Constitution.  The Constitution was read at the opening of the new session of the House of Representatives yesterday [1/5/2011].  What was most remarkable about this was the almost hysterical opposition from congressional Democrats and left-wing commentators.  In what should have been a united celebration of the nation's foundation document in a period of partisan rancor, liberals instead reinforced the view that they are profoundly uncomfortable with the essential truths underlying American freedom.

Progressives and the 'Bad Stuff' in the Constitution.  It is hard to actually believe that something as prototypically American as a public reading of the U.S. Constitution by people recently sworn to uphold it could be at all controversial.  For that matter, it is even harder to believe that such an exercise should become the subject for ridicule by the very people — the press — whose free speech the founders went out of their way to protect.

The Constitution Fetish.  Is there anything richer than a gaggle of smarmy progressives snickering at the conservative "Constitution fetish"?  "Fetish" is the fashionable Left's latest suggestive imagery turned talking point, a dig at the new Republican majority in the House, which began its session this week by reading the Constitution aloud.  It's as if Dracula were complaining about a crucifix fetish.  "Fetish," like "tea-bagger," slides easily off the tongues of the Big Thinkers who get their dithering law from Dalia Lithwick and their sophomoric style from Bill Maher.

New GOP Constitution rule irks House Democrats.  In the next Congress, Republicans will require every bill to cite its specific constitutional authority, a reminder to color inside the lines drawn long ago by the Founding Fathers.  The rule is a mostly symbolic overture to the Tea Party, for which an animating cause was that much of the congressional agenda over the last two years, including the president's health care law and the bailouts for Wall Street, has been unconstitutional.  But some House Democrats are steamed at the charge their agenda has gone beyond Congress's constitutional authorities.

Why the Constitution — and What It Means — Matters.  Having taken control of the House of Representatives, Republicans plan to begin their political journey by today [1/6/2011] reading the American Constitution word-for-word.  This is simply too much for those on the left.  According to the Washington Post's Ezra Klein, it's a "gimmick."  The Constitution, you see, was written "more than 100 years ago" and is very, very hard to understand.

U.S. Congressman Slanders the Constitution.  For more than 200 years, Americans have revered the Constitution as the law of the land, but the GOP and tea party heralding of the document in recent months — and the planned recitation on the House floor Thursday — have caused some Democrats to worry that the charter is being misconstrued as the immutable word of God.  "They are reading it like a sacred text," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the outgoing chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties, who has studied and memorized the Constitution with talmudic intensity.

Environmentalists: Give Trees the Right to Sue.  What if a trimmed tree could sue as an amputee or a shucked clam could claim wrongful eviction?  In an effort to ban everything from drilling oil to incinerating garbage, about a dozen communities across the country have adopted ordinances that give nature legal standing and water down the rights of businesses.

The liberal love affair with Islam.  Liberals deride Christianity and Catholicism in particular for its strict approach towards sexuality, claiming that prohibitions against abortion, contraception, homosexual sex, and premarital sex are simply oppressive forms of prudish patriarchy.  But Islam is every bit as traditional on these matters; indeed, Muslim nations are the best allies the Vatican has at the U.N. in fighting against funding for third world family planning initiatives.  You can't reasonably deride one while accepting the other.  Furthermore, Islam goes way beyond Christianity by embracing doctrines that actually are oppressive, demeaning to women, and tyrannical.

Whoopi Goldberg Doesn't Believe Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor.  Whoopi Goldberg on Tuesday [11/23/2010] demonstrated an absolutely staggering ignorance concerning a variety of subjects.  Appearing on Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor," Goldberg admitted not knowing what a madrasa is, said it wasn't the Japanese that attacked America at Pearl Harbor, and claimed Muslims in America are more persecuted than Jews.

Elected Office Doesn't Come With A Crown.  How out of touch with America is the political left?  It's convinced it has the authority to reign.  But this country was founded on the idea that the governing was to be done by representatives, not rulers.

Liberal Democrats Are Traitors to Our Military Brothers and Sisters.  So many states controlled by liberal Democrats used their authority to insure that ballots being sent to the military forces from their states were delayed long enough to prevent their submission in time for the November 2, 2010 national elections.  This is not only treasonous and traitorous; it is absolutely a case of stabbing their own state citizens in the back to prevent them from voting.

It's Not Political Correctness but Brutal Liberal McCarthyism.  We need to exhibit unceasing defiance against the petty bureaucratic overlords who tell us what we can and cannot say or do.  Perhaps the shot at Fort Sumter began this week when the crowd at the League of Women Voters defied the overlord who said the Pledge of Allegiance was out of order.  They stood up anyway and recited the Pledge.  The message there was clear:  Liberal elitists are out of order.  This is our country.  We're not going down.  The battle has been joined.

Thirty-six Reasons to Vote Democrat.  [#5] If you want to pay through the nose in taxes until you are 70 so union thugs in purple shirts can retire in security at age 50 — vote Democrat.  [#6] If you like the fact that people who actually know the Constitution get laughed at by people who are ignorant of it — vote Democrat.  [#7] If you want the entire country to be like Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, Chicago — vote Democrat.

The Inversion Narrative.  Since January 1, 2007, the Democrats have ... grabbed the reins of an enormous portion of our economy in arenas as diverse as banking, the auto industry, health care, energy, home ownership, and student loans, as well as homeland security, the courts, and the military.  In the eyes of a large portion of the electorate, they have spent taxpayer money wildly and recklessly.  Perhaps more importantly, the Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Frank Democrats have thumbed their noses at the will of the populace and passed an unpopular monstrosity of a health care bill, and did so by reconciliation, in defiance and with an aura of a legislative rebellion against the people.

This Is America, Stupid!  Democrats have made an unprecedented mockery of representative government, ignoring the will of the people with arrogant disdain.  Elitist hypocrites who campaigned on "love" for the poor party hearty on the hard-earned money of America's producers, jet to debauchery-ridden Europe to scorn our good name, and come back home only to spend our children into serfdom.  The words "public servant" have almost become synonymous with "tax cheat."  American companies are threatened with open thuggery by a power-mad administration of academics who wouldn't know how to actually produce a single cent if their very lives depended upon it.

Liberal Democrats Get Desperate and Dangerous in Days Before November Elections.  In these waning days prior to the November 2, 2010 elections, liberal Democrats are openly showing how dishonest, desperate and despicable they really are.  They have gone well past the point of being good Americans with their hate-filled attempts to win at any cost.  They are exhibiting Hate Crimes mentality resulting from the despondency of falling out of favor with the good, honest American voters.

By Their Own Words Shall Ye Know Them.  Regarding the "respect" they demonstrate for the American public with regard to passing legislation:
 •  "I love these members, they get up and say, 'Read the bill.'  What good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?"
      — Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.)
 •  "We have to pass the (health care) bill so you can find out what's in it."
      — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
 •  "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works."
      — Sen. Chris Dodd, (D-CN) on the financial regulation bill.

The Soros empire.  George Soros is back.  The leftist billionaire wrote a column this week calling for the legalization of marijuana.  In the Wall Street Journal's op-ed pages, Mr. Soros supports California's Proposition 19, the ballot initiative that would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana and its domestic cultivation.  Proposition 19 is a major step toward Mr. Soros' ultimate goal:  the legalization of almost all hard drugs — including cocaine and heroin.  This is a cause Mr. Soros has pushed — and bankrolled — for decades.

The Lawyers' Party.  The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers' Party:  Barack Obama is a lawyer.  Michelle Obama is a lawyer.  Hillary Clinton is a lawyer.  Bill Clinton is a lawyer. ... Harry Reid is a lawyer.  Nancy Pelosi is a lawyer.

Impeaching Chief Justice Roberts for "Judicial Activism".  The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports that Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) is so upset about the Supreme Court's recent free speech ruling in Citizens United v. F.E.C. that he is "investigating" whether or not to impeach Chief Justice John Roberts.

Former ACORN Official Condemns Voters' Spontaneous Pledge of Allegiance.  At a debate sponsored by the Illinois League of Women Voters between Democratic incumbent Rep. Melissa Bean, GOP challenger Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer Wednesday, the audience loudly objected when the moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, insisted on proceeding without reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  In the end, she didn't stand a chance against the 300-member audience.

Another Debate Audience Recites Pledge When Another Moderator Says 'No'.  What is it with the League of Woman's Voters and the Pledge of Allegiance?  For the second time in less than a week a congressional debate began with a request for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, and for the second time in a week the League of Woman's Voters moderator said no, and for the second time in a week the audience got up and said it anyway.

Conyers Hits Obama Administration, Tea Party at Socialist Event.  At a gathering for the Democratic Socialists of America, Congressman John Conyers criticized both the administration of President Barack Obama as well as the tea party.  The 23-term congressman from Michigan's 14th district said the tea party is "small and dismissible" and noted that if he was president, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs would have "his bags packed" for "trashing the progressives of the left."

Don't Vote if You Didn't Do Your Homework.  I understand why Democrats are enamored of get-out-the-dopes drives such as Rock the Vote.  Having every drug addict, goth, Wiccan, vampirist, criminal, cross-dresser, sideshow geek, and The Hills Have Eyes mutant do the walkie-pully-poll thing between drunken slumber and a night's partying may not make America stronger, but it sure makes the Democrat Party stronger.  Hey, they know their constituencies, which together, to borrow a Pat Buchanan line, look like the bar scene in Star Wars.  And just think:  this used to be the party of the common man.  Now it's the party of the uncommon man.

Barbara Boxer, Code Pink's favorite Senator.  As a US Senator, [California Senator Barbara] Boxer voted against health care reconciliation bill amendments to exempt veterans from a new tax on medical devices, including prosthetics such as artificial limbs.  Perhaps the most revealing window into Boxer's true feelings towards our military is her close alliance with Code Pink, a radical leftist group that reviles American troops as terrorists and assassins while praising their enemies as freedom fighters.

An Enemy Within — Code Pink and Its Democrat Enablers.  Last week, American Thinker published evidence that Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressmen Henry Waxman (D-CA), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) made it possible in 2004 for Code Pink and other radical groups to deliver $600,000 in cash and supplies to enemy insurgents and their families in Fallujah.  Two days later, Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson posted the diplomatic letter Waxman wrote to assist Code Pink's mission.  Waxman's Republican opponent, Korean War veteran and former Marine Chuck Wilkerson, calls the letter a "smoking gun."

Barbara Boxer Approved Code Pink Trip to Fallujah.  So would aiding and abetting terrorists to kill US soldiers qualify as behavior unbefitting of a sitting US senator?  On October 12, Scott Swett at the American Thinker reported that Senator Barabara Boxer (D-CA) along with Representatives Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Henry Waxman (D-CA) secured diplomatic courtesy letters that allowed anti-American Code Pink activists to travel to Fallujah, Iraq.  The radicals traveled to Fallujah in late 2004 to donate $600,000 worth of humanitarian aid to the people who had just killed 51 Americans and wounded 560 more earlier that month.

Move Over 'Hanoi Jane' — Meet 'Baghdad Barbara'.  Shockingly and tragically, at the same time our servicemen were staring into the eyes of evil, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Henry Waxman were conspiring with radical leftist groups Code Pink and Global Exchange.  Groups who were committed to America's defeat in Iraq and were providing aid and support to our nation's enemies.

Did someone mention Code Pink?

Obama's Post-Election Attack Plan.  Just in case you have not heard the news, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are gearing up for the mother of all battles just after the election.  They know that the American people are about to go to the polls and hand them a massive repudiation of their left-wing agenda, and they're not happy.  Refusing to accept defeat, these three are planning a counter attack.  Instead of taking to heart the unmistakable message of the American people, they're moving, full steam ahead, in the opposite direction.

Democrat Dirty Tricks:  The Next Round.  [Scroll down]  In August 2008, a former director of the George Soros-sponsored proudly declared in the New York Times a witch hunt against anyone donating to Republicans — the bigger the target, the better the aiming.  Tom Mattzie declared he would send "warning" letters to the top 10,000 GOP givers "hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions" that are, of course, the lifeblood of the GOP since most of the media is in liberal hands.

Communist, Socialist 'Partners' of One Nation Protest Left out of News Accounts.  An official NAACP video for Saturday's One Nation rally (featuring their leader Ben Jealous, among others) claims that their movement includes "Conservatives and moderates, progressives and liberals."  But a look at the actual "endorsing organizations" on the One Nation website doesn't list conservative groups, but it does include the Communist Party USA, the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (founded as a "moderate" wing of the CPUSA), the International Socialist Organization (publishers of, and the Democratic Socialists of America (as well as?its Chicago, Detroit, and New York chapters).  And the liberals get mad when you associate them with socialism.  Well, what are these groups doing on this list, then?  Where are the media worrying about "fringes" and "extremists"?

More about the OneNation rally.

Speaking Of Which.  Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., Congress' only admitted socialist, explains how spending is a drug that never satiates.  Sanders is always described as Congress' lone socialist, but what a misleading factoid that is.  World Net Daily recently reported that the Democratic Socialists of America, successor to the defunct Socialist Party of America, boasted on the Web site that "70 of its members currently serve in Congress."  They include House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., and 10 other Judiciary panel members, such as Memphis Democrat Steve Cohen.

Obama's Core Supporters and the Corruption of Idealism.  The core supporters who not only facilitated the rise of Obama, but hijacked the traditional Democratic Party and have led it to the brink of electoral ruin need to be understood.  To understand the psychology of Obama's core, it is necessary to define the development of the baby-boomer generation and the leftist segment in particular.

Communists to Be Welcomed at Progressive March.  [Scroll down]  The mainstream media, however, can be expected not to highlight the fact that the Democratic Party and its constituency groups, which are running the rally, have made common cause with communist groups dedicated to the destruction of the American system and withdrawing U.S. military power from the Middle East in the face of global Islamic terror.

Take the Fight to the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party is in thrall to totalitarian forces which seek the end of liberty and the purging of Judeo-Christian exceptionalism from public consciousness.  One of the most troubling trends over the last fifty years has been the expulsion of American values from one of the two major political parties.  Far too many Democrats for comfort would prefer to have America like Sweden.  Lost also has been much of what — for want of a better term — could be called decency.

Take Back America:  What does it mean?  Far-left wackos believe George Bush blew up the Twin Towers.  This same crowd reacts as vampires at the very mention of anything Christian while preaching to us about being more tolerant of Muslims.  They support the building of a mosque near Ground Zero.  Filmmaker Michael Moore, whose movies reflect a belief that America is the greatest source of evil in the world, said, "I am opposed to the building of the 'mosque' two blocks from Ground Zero.  I want it built on Ground Zero."

'Crazy' Or Finally Wise To Elite Agenda?  'Liberalism under siege is an ugly sight indeed," said Charles Krauthammer in a recent column, pointing out that overwhelming majorities of Americans have repudiated liberal agenda items such as:  ObamaCare, Obama's stimulus, building an Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero, redefinition of marriage to include same-sex marriage, lax immigration law enforcement and vast expansion of federal power that includes unprecedented debt and deficits.  The nation's elite and the news media see being against the Obama-led agenda as being racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, mean-spirited and insensitive.

41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes.  Over the years a lot of suspicion has built up across the country about Washington and its population of opportunistic transients coming to see themselves as a special kind of person, somehow above average working Americans who don't labor down in that monument-strewn former swamp.  Well, finally, an end to all those undocumented doubts.  Thanks to some diligent digging by the Washington Post, those suspicions can at last be put to rest.  They're correct.

Democrat Alderwoman hits poll worker with car.  As the nation turns against them, more and more Democrats are going nuts, behaving in bizarre, and sometimes violent ways.

Do Most Christians Decorate Christmas Trees Like the Obamas?  Our beloved president has expressed bewilderment at recent polls showing large numbers of Americans doubt his commitment to Christianity.  Because we hate to see our president even a wee bit flummoxed, let's help him out.  Do most Christians you know choose to decorate their Christmas tree with smiling images of Chairman Mao, who murdered at least 50 million of his countrymen, as well as signed photos of transvestite Hedda Lettuce?

The Left's Unlikely Alliance with Islam.  As we look around the world at the countries that practice Islam as a state religion, it is almost incomprehensible that the left should defend Islam so fervently.  We don't have to look to the radicals in the Taliban or Hamas to see issues that most Americans would question.

Environmental Protection Agency considering a ban on lead ammunition.  After health care and immigration, apparently the White House doesn't feel it has sufficiently irked voters enough.  Bringing the NRA and upset gun owners into the mix should really do wonders for Democrats at the ballot box.

Standing for Freedom Against Pelosi.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent threat to "investigate those opposing the mosque" at Ground Zero is indicative of how sick our once-free society has become.  Clearly her remarks were directed at those of us who are leading the opposition to the gross offense and humiliation of the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque.  But more than that, it is a direct threat to the 70% of Americans vehemently opposed to the mosque.

Speaker of the Institutionalized.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a national embarrassment with a long train of gaffes and abuses. ... Pelosi told a San Francisco radio station on Tuesday [8/24/2010] that she wants to know who's funding those opposed (make that nearly 70 percent of Americans) to building a mega mosque at Ground Zero.

Cowardice Behind Support Of Ground Zero Mosque.  The very idea of having a mosque built close to Ground Zero — where thousands of innocent people were murdered by Islamic radicals — would have been inconceivable in an age of sanity.  Instead, liberal politicians such as Mayor Bloomberg and State Attorney General Cuomo are bending over backward to turn this into a religious rights issue.  Why?  Because they're cowards.

When It Comes to the Ground Zero Mosque: 'Truth Is the New Hate Speech'.  The left is dismissive of the grief and offense caused by the prospect of a victory mosque at Ground Zero.  The left is contemptuous of how 9/11 families and the majority of Americans feel; they're sick in their fierce rush to erect the mosque.  They're even trying to blame me for America's natural and logical response to an Islamic supremacist mosque being built on a site that was part of the 9/11 attack.  The Geller hit pieces have been coming fast and furious and obvious, as if discrediting me will make the pain and anger over the mosque go away.

More about the proposed Ground Zero mosque.

Barack Obama Vs. Majority Public Opinion.  Obama chose the most left-wing Supreme Court justice in history, Elena Kagan.  He ignored the Gallup poll showing that 42% of Americans wanted a new Supreme Court justice who would move the court in the conservative direction, while only 27% wanted it to move more liberal.  Obama is even pressing for "card check," one of his many payoffs to the unions, even though 61% of Americans oppose this, according to Voter Consumer Research. Card check would make it easier for unions to organize workplaces by getting rid of the secret ballot.  Obama is still pushing cap-and-trade, which the voters have dubbed "cap and tax" because it will make electricity and all kinds of energy cost every American thousands of dollars a year.

Socialist Party of America reveals 70 Democrats as belonging to their caucus.  Two things of note in this revelation.  The first is the astonishing number of Democratic House members who not only belong to the Socialist Party of America, but even more incredible, don't mind if people find out about it.

Obama doesn't trust you.  The assumption that conservatives or opponents are bigots is part of the problem that Obama faces with the American public.  President Obama just can't shake his ingrained ideological prejudices against the everyday American.  That ideology is on display in Obama comments concerning officer James Crowley, to his comments on people that cling to their religion and guns.  This makes Obama's response even more vexing for the self professed community organizer proudly looking to defend a perceived victim.

Dismantling America.  It is no coincidence that those who imagine themselves so much wiser and nobler than the rest of us should be in the forefront of those who seek to erode Constitutional restrictions on the arbitrary powers of government.  How can our betters impose their superior wisdom and virtue on us, when the Constitution gets in the way at every turn, with all its provisions to safeguard a system based on a self-governing people?  To get their way, the elites must erode or dismantle the Constitution, bit by bit, in one way or another.

The Lawyers' Party.  The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers' Party.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are lawyers.  Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama are lawyers.  John Edwards, the other former Democrat candidate for president, is a lawyer and so is his wife Elizabeth.  Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not graduate.)  Every Democrat vice presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen, went to law school.  Look at the Democrat Party in Congress:  the Majority Leader in each house is a lawyer.

Rep. Pete Stark doesn't believe there are constitutional limits on federal government.  What is Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., thinking?  Following the publication of a video in which the congressman derides his own constituents for their concerns over border security (suggesting that they probably "kill people"), Stark spoke at a town hall in which he noted that there are few limitations on the federal government.

Stark Raving.  The federal government, according to Democratic Rep. Pete Stark, can do anything it wants.  If there are indeed no checks on the state's power, as the congressman claims, then the state is a tyrant.

The Autumn of the Left.  I have noted before that according to Battleground Poll results over the last ten years, conservatives are about sixty percent of the population, liberals are roughly thirty-five percent of the population, and all the others — moderate, don't know, and refused to answer — are consistently about five percent of the population.

Popular California Flag Mural Deemed Graffiti, Painted Over.  California residents are up in arms that a flag mural — paying homage to victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks — was painted over after the state ruled it was graffiti.

The White House Against The World.  Once the darling of everyone, this administration now seems to be at odds with everyone, fussing, feuding and defending itself.  Not since Carter have we had a White House so divorced from public opinion.

School District Sued for Banning Bibles on Religious Freedom Day.  For years, the Collier County School district allowed a local Christian organization, World Changers of Florida, to distribute free Bibles to interested students during off-school hours on January 16 for Religious Freedom Day.  Now the group is filing suit after being told by the school board that it can no longer distribute the Bibles on campus because they do not provide any educational benefit to the students.

Dishonoring Stalin's Victims.  He was a hardworking dictator, often in the office 16 hours a day.  It takes considerable effort to cause the deaths of perhaps 20 million human beings.  And death was Stalin's primary political instrument.  Statues and busts of Stalin were once mass-produced in Russia as icons of a political cult.  Few can now be found on public display outside his hometown of Gori, Georgia, where some people remain perversely proud of a local boy made bad.  But a newly cast memorial bust of Stalin now stands at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va., accompanying sculptures of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill.

Delegitimizing Liberalism.  [Liberalism is] sustained principally by two things, both powerful:  myth and interest.  If liberalism as a political and societal force is ever to be marginalized, it first must be separated from the myth that it grows in the same garden of liberty and republican virtues as conservatism and libertarianism.  Voters and the public need to learn and appreciate that liberalism is largely a statist creed alien to the nation's heritage.

Is it art or propaganda?
Artwork at Sacramento County law library called anti-Christian.  Visitors entering the Sacramento County Public Law Library downtown will see a work of art that has outraged critics who say it is anti-Christian and should be removed.  The controversial mixed-media art is titled "Moral Values" and is part of a 63-piece exhibit that opened in the building last month.  It features a Bible with a label stripped across the cover that reads:  "Warning!  May Impair Judgment."

The Immorality of the Moral High Ground.  Throughout the War on Terror, liberals have been lecturing us on the virtue of holding on to the "Moral High Ground", which is their way of saying that we should forgo trying to defeat terrorists military, and instead show them up with our superior civil liberties.  Yes, Abdul, you may have a suitcase nuke, but if we catch you, we'll still pay for your legal defense.

The Jobs Americans Should Not Have to Do?  [Scroll down]  What seems to be going on here is a war against the notion that any American citizen should do any kind of non-academic work before the age of 25 — before, that is, a college degree and a couple of years of law school have been completed.  If that is indeed the mentality we are drifting into, it is based not on the real America, but on a fantasy America that exists only in the imaginations of our cognitive elites.

The Left's Use and Abuse of Children.  [Scroll down]  Obama has already appointed transexuals to high positions.  And then there's Elena Kagan, about to become a SCOTUS.  While she presents as unassuming, at Harvard, she was a firebrand.  There, Kagan reportedly strong-armed Harvard's health insurer to pay for sex change operations for staff and students.  So an 18-year-old who wasn't sure about his career choice could, without parental knowledge or approval, reconfigure his private parts.  Kagan also spearheaded a campaign to make bathrooms unisex.  Apparently, she considers gender-neutral johns to be a constitutional right, more compelling than the First and Second Amendments.  Kagan and Obama and all the president's czars are secular fundamentalists.  They are trying to force-feed a radical agenda to this country.  And they're doing it, in part, by recruiting impressionable children.

Did someone mention Elena Kagan?

Another Patriotic Holiday, Another Day of Liberal Flag-Avoidance Syndrome.  Once again on a patriotic holiday, only two flags flew on my block, and it breaks my heart.  What is it about liberals that makes so many so disinclined to embrace patriotic symbols, to show the world that they care?  My block is in upper Northwest Washington, D.C., a beating heart of liberal America.  On the Fourth of July, as usual, one flag was flown by a couple who had long government careers in defense and science.  The other was at my house.

Obama's war on the traditional family.  President Obama has wasted little time in using his executive branch power to give the country a leftward shove.  In just the past few weeks, the administration has ramped up programs intended to reshape conceptions of the family.  When it comes to moral values, it is clear that radical leftists are driving the agenda.

When Lame Ducks Bite.  [Scroll down]  Perhaps what's most disturbing about Democrats' naked political ambition is the contempt it bespeaks for the opinions of the ordinary Americans who voted them into office.  If voters clearly oppose a party's agenda and send a clear message to that effect — whether it's by electing a formerly unknown member of the opposition party to a U.S. Senate seat in a special election or voting that party out in massive numbers during midterms — a decent respect for the will of the people would seem to compel obedience to voters' expressed wishes.

Franken confirms he'll back Kagan.  Sen. Al Franken will vote to confirm Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, he confirmed today [7/6/2010].  Speaking with reporters via phone from Hanoi, Vietnam, Franken confirmed what had been widely expected.

The Editor says...
What's he doing in Hanoi?  A town hall meeting with his constituents?  If you live in Minnesota, ask yourself this question:  Do you expect your U.S. Senator to make cordial visits to North Vietnam?

Americans relate to Founders, not Progressives.  The polls and the post-2008 election results show that the purported beneficiaries of the Obama Democrats' programs are unenthusiastic about voting and people with modest incomes are trending heavily Republican.  The only enthusiasm for the Obama Democrats' policies comes from David Brooks's "educated class":  people who are or identify with the centralized experts tasked by the Obama Democrats with making decisions for the rest of us.

Texas Democrats keep fighting voter IDs despite idea's popularity.  Texas Democrats have staked out political ground that trumpets their beliefs and will ignite supporters at the party's state convention this week — protecting the rights of eligible citizens to vote.  The only problem — especially for a political party that hasn't won a statewide office in 15 years — is that when it comes to whether voters should have to show a photo ID, 70 percent of Texans disagree with the Democrats.

Obama's Father's Day message about what you'd expect.  A holiday like Father's Day would not be complete without Barack Obama taking full advantage of the opportunity to poke his finger in the eye of convention.  On the White House website, in homage to heads of traditional families, Barry in his Presidential Proclamation 2010 exploited Father's Day to make political points with the gay community.

Obama inches toward gay agenda.  President Barack Obama is chipping away at his long list of promises to gay voters but has yet to earn the enthusiastic backing of the reliably Democratic voting bloc.

Obama's Ideal American.  [Scroll down]  The implication of Gallup's polling numbers was that as people entered traditional family life, established a pattern of regular church attendance, earned more money and grew in experience, they were less likely to approve of the job Obama was doing.  Politically, Obama's ideal American, I pointed out at the time, was an unmarried, unchurched, poor and inexperienced individual.

Democrats Are From Pluto.  [Scroll down]  "How can a man win an election without spending money?"  You can hear the hurt in their voices, the feeling of betrayal, like someone who stepped out onto his patio only to find himself at the bottom of a sinkhole.  Politics is supposed to be about cash, wads of it, splashing in all directions, enriching the media and the consultants and the candidates themselves.  How can folks be rallied to a cause without spending on streamers and balloons and flyers and ominous radio ads delivered in hushed voices?  Free votes are an outrage, it seems.

Atlanta Journal Columnist Tucker Says USA is 'The Enemy'.  Columnist Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner, has found the enemy and he is us.  During a recent episode of the Chris Matthews show, Tucker decided that because we are "addicted to petroleum" we are our own enemy just as much as communism was our enemy during the Cold War.

Obama Administration to Expand Family Medical Leave Act to Gay and Lesbian Employees.  The Labor Department is poised to announce new regulations this week that order U.S. employers to give gay employees equal treatment under the law, allowing those workers unpaid time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  Critics say the Obama administration is going too far.  "They're trying to redefine marriage and family by these arbitrary policies with no debate by congress, no public discussion about it," says Carrie Gordon Earll of Focus on the Family.

Hillary Clinton Urges State Department Employees to Let Teens Know It's Okay to Be Homosexual.  At an event celebrating Gay Pride Month on Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraged State Department employees to let teenagers know homosexuality is okay. ... Clinton's remarks are part of a high-profile campaign by the Obama administration to mark Gay Pride Month with gatherings at various federal agencies, including the State Department on Tuesday.  The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have held similar events.

Boxer Declares Climate Change as the Greatest Threat.  Terrorism.  Nuclear weapons.  Corrupt and oppressive regimes.  Sen. Barbara Boxer said last week that climate change — not any of that other stuff — will stand as the "leading cause of conflict" over the next two decades.  The comment was apparently based on reports and studies over the past few years that have linked climate change to other security issues, but her colleagues — as well as her Senate campaign opponent — described the prediction as a big stretch.

The hate-crime wave that's not.  What's the biggest crime problem facing Massachusetts today?  After the gut-wrenching story of a 14-year-old gunned down in Dorchester, you might say it's street violence.  Given that we've had three speakers of the House indicted in a row, a state senator due to be sentenced in September and a city councilor awaiting trial on bribery charges, perhaps you think it's public corruption.  But if you're Barack Obama's top prosecutor in Massachusetts, you know the answer:  hate crimes.

Obama's Treachery:  [Scroll down]  Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed — and, by the way, was enabled by a far greater proportion of Republican than Democrat U.S. senators — Democrats and liberals have been grandstanding self-promoters decrying voter disenfranchisement.  But where is this purity of process when it comes to arriving at the actual names on the ballot?  And who are now the champions of suppressing free speech through revival of the Fairness Doctrine and eliminating the U.S. Senate rules on the filibuster and cloture?  The Democrats.  Who are now advocating the regulation of journalism through the Federal Trade Commission?  The Democrats.

The Secret of America:  The entire goal of the Left is to murder the idea of the goodness and righteousness of freedom, of self-reliance, of independence, of merit, of virtue, of hard work, of honor, of courage, of sacrifice, of loyalty, of morality, of faith, of the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property.  The Left, in politics, media, education and entertainment, despise the idea that is America.

Obama isn't radical enough for some Democrats.  Borosage knows that Obama is the most liberal president since Johnson.  He knows that Obama is moving the left's agenda more successfully than any president in the past 40 years, and yet he is "dismayed and disaffected."  How on earth can that be?  How can one see one's own ideology sustain its greatest movement forward in close to half a century and be... disappointed?  It takes a particularly extreme and rigid ideologue to consider President Obama insufficiently liberal.

The Cuckoo's Nest.  [Scroll down]  If you add $5 billion of debt every day of your presidency — as Barack Obama has done with the help of Congress since he entered office — you are a contemplative moderate.  If you believe in drilling for more oil, you are at best a wretched boob, at worst a tool of corporate interests.  But if you support the corporate interest of creating a fabricated market for the non-commodity of carbon dioxide so it can be "traded" and taxed to deliberately make energy expensive for citizens ... well, you've got some serious smarts.

Jobs report a nightmare for Obama progressivism.  [Scroll down slowly]  Progressives generally, and Obama especially, encourage expectations as large as the 1,428-page (cap-and-trade), 1,566-page (financial reform) and 2,409-page (health care) bills they churn out as "comprehensive" solutions to this and that.  For a proper progressive, anything short of a "comprehensive" solution to, say, the problem of illegal immigration is unworthy of consideration.  For today's progressive president, the prospect of a jobless recovery is a comprehensive nightmare.

The Left and Islam:  A Love Story.   [Scroll down]  For all their disagreements on matters like women's rights, gay rights and abortion, Islam and the Left are in harmony on big-picture matters:  They are authoritarian, totalitarian in the sense of wanting to control all aspects of human existence, virulently anti-capitalist, and regard the individual as existing merely to serve the collective.  Consequently, they have the same obstacle in common:  our freedom culture — i.e., Western liberalism, U.S. constitutional republicanism, and their foundation, individual liberty.  Historically, Islam and the Left ally when there is a common enemy.  But I'd stress that what I am talking about here is an alliance, not a merger.

Obama Missed A Great Chance.  President Obama had a golden Memorial Day opportunity to show the country that (contrary to his left flank) he is not anti-military and not anti-Christian, by telling Attorney General Eric Holder to order the Park Service to permit volunteer veterans to replace the Mojave Cross that was stolen on May 9.  But he let the atheists and those who sneer at our veterans win the day.

Obama, Proclaiming LGBT Pride Month, Pushes Repeal of DOMA.  Citing his commitment to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), President Obama on Friday [5/28/2010] issued a proclamation declaring June 2010 "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month."  The president also emphasized his intention to secure "adoption rights" for same-sex couples and end both employment discrimination against LGBT individuals as well as the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) compromise that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the military.

Obama the Abject.  President Obama promised us we would make history.  We certainly have.  Last week, he invited Mexican President Felipe Calderón to the White House.  There, in the presence of his foreign guest, President Obama humiliated himself and us by his attacks on the new Arizona law passed to cope with illegal immigrants.  But it got worse.  Soon, Calderón was invited to address a joint session of Congress.  There, in the well of the House of Representatives, the Mexican leader himself sharply criticized Arizona's law.  He was applauded by Democrats from both houses, even given a standing ovation.

Revenge of the Coffee House Marxists.  When I was a political science graduate student in the 1980s, the Cold War was still raging, and my university was filled with leftists who were pulling for the Sandinistas, the Nicaraguan Marxists, and other various and sundry Communists around the globe to defeat Ronald Reagan and the United States.  These folk used to meet in the local coffee house and practice talking Marxist gibberish to one another.  After the Cold War ended, I often wondered what happened to my "Coffee House Marxists."  Where did they go? What are they doing now?  It turns out that a substantial chunk of them have gone to work for the Obama Administration.

Go back to Mexico.  Mexico's President Felipe Calderon ought to know a lot about illegal immigrant abuse.  His country has one of the worst migrant human-rights records in the world.  During his state visit last week, Mr. Calderon repeatedly — and with support and encouragement from the White House and congressional Democrats — made his opinions known on a variety of American domestic issues, including immigration and gun control.

Libs Stand Tall — For Mexico.  Whether liberals like it or not, there is an "us," and there is a "them."  While we may share common bonds as members of the same species, virtually everything else is defined by the nature of a particular national ethos.  It is worth remembering that the North American continent and the South American continent were discovered and built by the same groups of people at the same time.  It is also worth remembering that Old World civilizations in Europe and Asia had a "head start" of several hundreds of years over the Americas.  If borders are inconsequential, then how ... did the United States leap to the head of the pack in less than two hundred and fifty years?

Obama:  June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.  As he did last year, Obama today [5/28/2010] declared June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month."  But this year the announcement comes as Congress began moving to repeal the controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy used by the US military when dealing LGBT service members.

Another Sham Stimulus Bill.  Given the choice between retaining power in the short term or doing what's right for America, which would you choose?  Most Americans, I believe, would be willing to sacrifice a great deal for their country, and this willingness to sacrifice has always been the great pillar of American democracy.  Unfortunately, there is no fondness for sacrifice in Washington these days, especially among the Democratic leadership and its supporters.

Obama and the New Normal.  [Scroll down]  It used to be off-limits for the president and Congress to target private citizens.  Not any longer.  It's now open season on anyone who dares to disagree.  The New Black Panthers wielding billy clubs?  Maniacs biting off fingers?  The deafening silence from the Powers that Be rings in the New Normal.  And what about the omnipresent gender-bending and "alternative lifestyles"?  Every possible sexual proclivity is now front and center.  A couple of transgendered men/women have been appointed by Obama to top government spots.  The transgendered and the polyamorous?  Just another lifestyle choice — the New Normal.

Supreme Court To Face Mecca.  The reason Democrats are obsessed with controlling the courts is that unelected judges issuing final edicts is the only way liberals can attain their insane policy agenda.  No group of Americans outside of Nancy Pelosi's district would vote for politicians who enacted laws similar to the phony "constitutional rights" liberal justices proclaim from the Supreme Court.

Transgender anti-discrimination bill is a tough sell for centrist Dems.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership are pushing legislation, written by Rep. Barney Frank, that would made it illegal for employers to discriminate against transgendered people.  The bill scares centrist Democrats, who don't want to be forced to vote on a hot-button issue popular on the left as they approach November congressional elections in which heavy Democratic losses are expected.

May Day Immigration Protests:  The Other Side of 'Mostly Peaceful'.  A large group of protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally for worker's and immigrant rights downtown broke off into a riot vandalizing about a dozen businesses around 10:30 p.m. Saturday [5/1/2010], police said.

Boycotting Arizona.  Most members of Congress like to bring home the bacon to their districts.  But Arizona's Raul Grijalva wants everyone to boycott his state to protest its immigration law.  Who, exactly, is he serving?

Support for Obamacare still tanking.  Americans don't like redistributionist schemes because they know that when politicians talk about "spreading the wealth" while promising they'll only take from the rich, the Middle Class always ends up being the ones with their wealth redistributed.  The rich take care of themselves as they always do.  This is why Democrats soft pedaled the redistributionist aspects of Obamacare.

Narcissism, Power, Fear of Death, and Liberalism.  Could it be that for liberals and certain therapists endowed with self-importance but without religion, influencing others is all they have?  Forcing others to do as they wish fends off their fear of insignificance, which is why it is so urgent that others go along.  It keeps their legacy alive.  Notice how many times people bring up "Ted Kennedy's legacy" of health care.  Is this more about keeping Kennedy's name immortal and his image alive than about real solutions to real-world problems?

Thanks For What?  Rather than protesting the greatest expansion of government in U.S. history, Tea Party attendees should be thanking Big Government for all it's done.  At least, that's what President Obama thinks.

Hillary Clinton:  'We Have a Lot to Learn' About Energy Policy From Other Nations .  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told officials from more than 32 Western Hemisphere nations on Thursday [4/15/2010] that the United States is looking to those nations to develop better energy policies and practices.  "For our part, we believe the United States has a lot to learn," Clinton said at the Energy and Climate Ministerial of the Americas in Washington.

Sick Thinking From 'Mainstream' Leftists.  The Obama left, realizing it has really stepped in it with the American people by cramming Obamacare down our throats, has decided to blunt the backlash against it by tarring, yet again, mainstream conservatives as racists, bigots, homophobes and violent.  Its tactics are objectively despicable.

Totally Unworthy Liberal Icons.  For those who do not know about "Hanoi Jane" just Google her smiling picture sitting on a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun.  There may be false stories about what she said but the real ones can't be denied.  She said publicly that the POW's were lying about being tortured and called them hypocrites.  She made a half-hearted apology when Vietnam vets protested filming of one her films and explained that she was young and foolish.  Oh really?  Fonda was almost 35 when she went to Hanoi.

Jane Fonda Decries Hanoi Jane 'Myth' 'Created by Right-Wingers'.  On Monday's [4/5/2010] Larry King Live on CNN, guest Jane Fonda portrayed herself as a victim of a "myth" that was "created" by "right-wingers" about her infamous "Hanoi Jane" visit to Vietnam to protest the Vietnam War.

Forever 'Hanoi Jane'.  Hanoi Jane — I will not refer to her otherwise — is apparently attempting another one of her periodic reinventions as part of her continuing quest to remain in the cultural spotlight she craves.  She recently appeared on Larry King to whine about how "right wingers" labeled her "Hanoi Jane" and created a "myth" about her visit to Vietnam in 1972.  She was kind of unclear about exactly what "myth" she is referring to.

From Hanoi Jane to Imam Obama.  Befitting an actress, she had her picture taken. Sitting at a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft battery.  Smiling, wearing a military helmet, Fonda happily posed as her Communist hosts grinned and laughed along with her at the image of the famous American leftist film star clapping with joy as if she were poised to shoot down their enemy — American pilots.  Later, Fonda took to Radio Hanoi to broadcast her views to the world.  She accused the President of the United States of being a "war criminal" and insisted that returning American POW's who said the North Vietnamese had tortured them were "hypocrites and liars."  In a flash, Fonda won the nickname "Hanoi Jane."  It was not meant with affection.

Hanoi Jane, QVC and the triumph of capitalism.  The explanation for why Fonda's segment was cancelled depends on who's answering the question.  A spokesperson at QVC stated that a scheduling conflict had caused Fonda's snake-oil sale to be axed.  Fonda is skeptical of QVC's response.  She claims that top network executives caved to unnamed "extremists" who were pressuring the network to cut Fonda's segment because of her liberal political activism.

Reminder# 11,487: Hollywood Hates You.  Conservatives will stomach certain actors and actresses, even if that individual has gone out of their way to constantly insult who we are and what we believe in.  Jane Fonda, however, is something lower than that.  She doesn't simply hurl insults at us, she's given aid and comfort to those who were not only were fighting to enslave an entire population under communism, but were killing the American servicemen selflessly fighting to keep that population liberated.

The Rape of America.  It's no coincidence that the race for the presidency began with vile behavior against Hillary Clinton — a high-tech wilding of sorts, with her body and sexuality defiled.  But the abuse of Clinton was a walk in the park compared to what has been done to Sarah Palin.  Because she's a conservative, and an attractive, younger woman, the debasement has progressed at a fever pitch.  And just like in a gang rape, people who could have done something about it didn't.  In fact, the liberal media and many Democrats have stood around watching, egging on the players.

72% Support Offshore Drilling, 59% Favor It Off California and New England.  Voters support offshore oil drilling more than ever, and most don't agree with President Obama's decision to limit where that drilling can be done.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 72% of U.S. voters believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed.  Just 12% disagree and oppose such drilling, with another 16% who aren't sure.  This is the highest level of support for drilling found in nearly three years of surveying.

More about offshore drilling.

Meet Your Lords and Masters.  It's bad enough that Robert Byrd is a former Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, but the earmark king of the Senate is also a 93 year old sick-bed senator who rarely makes it into work.  Unquestionably, he's too ill to pay attention to his job day-to-day, but you can count on his aides to wheel him in, beat the buzzards away from him with a stick and show him which lever to pull any time the Democrats need a key vote in the Senate.  Whatever may be said of Robert Byrd, one thing is for sure:  he doesn't belong in the Senate anymore, if he ever did in the first place.

Obama's halo blinds Democrats to trouble ahead.  Magical thinking has returned to Obamaland and Democrats are lining up for their unicorn rides.  Listening to the analysis of Democrats and the swooning press corps suggests that between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon all of the realities of American politics had been wiped away.  Passing an unaffordable health bill over strong public objections on a straight party-line vote:  a political masterstroke.

Where Do Jews and Christians on the Left Get Their Values?  Many Americans find it difficult to understand why Jews on the Left — including many who would call themselves "liberal" rather than "Left" — continued to enthusiastically support President Obama after the revelations about the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish views of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the religious mentor and close friend of Obama.  This confusion is all the greater now that Obama has humiliated the prime minister of Israel and created the most tense moment in American-Israeli relations in memory.

What It's Really About:  Insurance Reform Was Never About Health Care.  Past liberal administrations began the march toward socialization, expanding government control and provision, demonizing capitalism, and shifting responsibility away from individuals and onto government.  ObamaCare will take its place in the liberal cavalcade of massive government growth initiatives alongside Welfare, Social Security, and a multitude of entitlement programs.  Democrat Senator Dick Durbin said the massive taxes and vast expansion of government required to run the program would simply be, "The cost... of having the kind of America we want to have."  What kind of America was he referring to?

Bart Stupak, Gullibility, Mendacity, and the Party of Death.  [Scroll down]  At the time I covered the dinner for the New York Sun, I didn't think it was wise to use such hyperbolic language about the nation's majority political group, but those strong words are overdue in describing the culture that's being promoted today.  Abortion on demand, embryonic destruction, euthanasia, and animal rights now displace human rights.

'This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation at the Expense of Non-Motorized'.  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that federal transportation policies will no longer favor "motorized" transportation, such as cars and trucks, over "non-motorized" transportation, such as walking and bicycling.  LaHood signed the new policy directive on March 11, the same day he attended a congressional reception for the National Bike Summit, a convention sponsored by a bicycling advocacy group, the League of American Bicyclists.

Lib Talker Malloy Calls for Deaths of Limbaugh, Beck and O'Reilly.  As the mainstream media hyperventilate over what is now regularly being referred to as rightwing hate speak, liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy Friday actually called for conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly to commit suicide.

5 Ways Liberals Misjudge the American People:  One of the reasons liberals tend to do such an incredibly poor job of governing is that they fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the American people.  Given that liberals also fundamentally misunderstand Christianity, the Constitution, economics, and human nature, I guess it's no big surprise that they don't get the American people either.

What Democrats Think of the American People:  Democratic leaders in the House are apparently moving towards the "Slaughter Solution" of avoiding a direct vote on the health care legislation and instead passing the Senate health care bill by voting to "deem" it passed.  As they do so, they keep reassuring the media — and each other — that the American people don't care.

Obama in dire need of an intervention.  Denial is a river that runs through the White House, where the denizens are in the grip of two major delusions:  One, that the country really wants really expensive big government, and two, that Obama is "sort of like God."

Deadly Triumvirate Destroying America.  [Scroll down]  The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us.  Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.  The republic can survive a Barack Obama.  It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

Blue dogs or dead dogs?  "Blue dog" Democrats are apparently an endangered species — a SELF-endangered species.  They are rushing like lemmings off the towering cliff of government-run health care and into the gaping maw of unelectability.  Why?  The blue dogs are being enticed to commit political suicide for the good of their party.

Obama:  Polls Do Not Reflect the People.  President Obama was out stumping for his health care bill in Ohio today.  In the conclusion of his speech, he told the crowd that he would ignore the polls and do what the people want.

The Editor says...
I wonder what Mr. Obama thinks a poll is.

The Road Ahead for ObamaCare:  The "health-care summit" has come and gone, and it was a good day for the Republicans.  They were sharp and focused, the Democrats meandering and ineffectual.  The latter came off more like wishful ideologues or naive amateurs than like practical realists with sensible solutions.  They seemed disconnected from economic and budgetary realities, and from the electorate.

Conservatives Rule?  Demographically, conservatives do rule; politically, they are chronically shut out.  Why this happens is a big subject on which we have written many times.  For now, let's just note the most recent Gallup poll finds that conservatives are now America's most numerous ideological group.

A Conservative Manifesto:  From MSNBC on, every liberal elite outlet sniffs with distain at the very mention of the word "conservative."  They sip their overpriced chardonnay as they nibble truffle-enhanced Pâté de foie gras while declaring in their upper class accents that conservatism is out of step with everyday America.  It is not surprising that even now these pseudo intellectuals consider the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts to be aberrations.

Obama's Progressive Goose and Our Conservative Gander:  Asked by Oprah to grade his own performance during the first year of his presidency, Barack Obama did not hesitate to pat himself on the back:  "a good, solid B-plus."  The conservatives are genuinely puzzled by the president's blithe confidence.  How can this man view his patently disastrous rule as near-perfect?  Is he delusional?  Not at all.  It's just that Obama sees things differently. ... Barack Obama is a lifelong radical, and his ideology compels him to see the world through a revolutionary prism.

Clyburn:  'We've got to spend our way out of this recession'.  The U.S. government must spend its way out of the recession, the Democrats' third-ranking House leader stressed Monday [2/1/2010].  Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the House majority whip, said that trying to find greater savings in the budget, which was released by President Barack Obama this morning, wouldn't help alleviate the recession.

Pete Stark's bizarre ethics interview.  Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) sounds like an ethics investigator's worst nightmare. ... Stark has a history of eccentric statements, including an infamous line in 2007 about the Iraq war in which he accused Republicans of sending soldiers "to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."  He also called Republicans "chickenhawks" who denied children health care.

The liberals pounce on Brit Hume:
If You Can Find a Better Deal, Take It!  Someone mentioned Christianity on television recently and liberals reacted with their usual howls of rage and blinking incomprehension. ... [Brit] Hume's words, being 100 percent factually correct, sent liberals into a tizzy of sputtering rage, once again illustrating liberals' copious ignorance of Christianity.

Throwing Brit Hume to the lions.  If there were doubt that much of the media is hostile to traditional faith, especially traditional Christianity, that doubt has been drowned in the wake of a vicious verbal assault on Fox News analyst Brit Hume.  Histrionic fulminations against Mr. Hume's inoffensive expression of faith expose an ugly strain of anti-religious bigotry that is spreading inside this country's liberal establishment.

The Soul of Tiger Woods.  The first rule of dinner-table conversation is no hot talk about politics or religion.  Apparently, there's a rule regarding the discussion of religion during political talk shows, too.

It's Not Socialism, It's Communism.  If you felt a frisson of fear on news that the Senate had passed Obamacare the day before Christmas, then you now know what it was and is like to live in a dictatorship.  The voice of the people was ignored in a demonstration of raw political power. ... Healthcare "reform" is not about uninsured Americans.  It is not "socialism."  It is Communism, effectively putting the entire nation's healthcare system under state control.

Commie Watch, Updated.  [Scroll down]  Just to recap, the Communist Party USA is in favor of
  •  President Obama, his win in 2008 (which the CPUSA takes some credit for) and his reelection in 2012.
  •  A Democrat majority in both houses of Congress.
  •  Charlie Crist, the AFL-CIO, Rick Nagin, Rudy Lozano, Organizing for America and MoveOn.
  •  ObamaCare, unemployment compensation, the Harkin education jobs bill, the Miller Local Jobs for America bill, the Murray bill.
  •  FDR and LBJ.
On the other hand, the CPUSA is against
  •  The Republican Party.
  •  The Tea Party movement.
  •  Arizona's immigration law.
  •  And, of course, free markets and limited government.

Liberals think other Americans are extremists.  Being for gay marriage and unrestricted abortion are outside the mainstream — as are the $787 billion stimulus, the takeover of the auto industry, and a government takeover of health care.  That last one is incredible.  Health insurance companies have to be one of the least loved institutions in America. ... But Americans love Congress even less.

The Government Still Hasn't a Clue.  Last month we saw the scientific climate experts exposed as conniving manipulators in Climategate.  On Christmas Eve, the United States Senate passed a health reform bill with 2,000 pages of undigested expert ideas on gaming the health system with untested administrative rules and commissions. ... These liberals, Progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves next are clueless.

Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Tree.  Why let a holiday season come between the White House and making some political statements?  The White House pegged controversial designer Simon Doonan to oversee the Christmas decorations for the White House.  Mr. Doonan, who is creative director of Barney's New York has often caused a stir with his design choices. ... For this year's White House, he didn't disappoint.

Feinstein Says It's 'Morally Correct' to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.) told that using tax dollars from pro-life Americans to pay for insurance plans that cover abortion is morally correct.

Baca-backed bill would legalize millions of immigrants.  Congressional Democrats on Tuesday [12/15/2009] launched a renewed effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  Rep. Joe Baca, D-San Bernardino, is a co-sponsor of the bill that provides a path to citizenship for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country.

The Editor says...
There has always been a path to citizenship available to immigrants.  It sounds as if Mr. Baca is offering a substantial shortcut.

What's The Rush?!  What should we label this administration?  Democrat?  No.  They seem different than the olden-day Democrats.  Progressive?  Isn't that just a fancy name for Neo-Communist?!  Well, whatever the label that history will lay on them, they are America Haters.  They are Freedom Haters.  They are People Haters.  And, many of them are God Haters.  And, they are in a big, big hurry! ... because they are hoping to CHANGE our country from a Capitalist nation to a Socialist nation before anyone notices!  And, before the 2010 election!

Democrats:  Answer These Questions or it's Buh-bye in 2010.  By now, the American people realize that the leaders of the Democrat party don't have much respect for the principles that made this country great.  Their only interest is in remaining in power while pretending that they're concerned for the working class.  What a joke.  It's the working class that always gets hammered by the socialist policies of the liberal left.  It's clearer every day that Democrats stay in power by subverting the laws of the land whenever it suits them.  Every single time legislation is introduced to combat voter fraud, the Democrats prevent it from getting out of committee.

Laughing at the Left.  If the consequences for this great nation of ours weren't so serious and the policies preferred by the left weren't so dangerous, one would really laugh, almost uncontrollably, at the beliefs and (il)logic of American liberals.  Based on things they have actually said or done, here are some of the things they really, truly seem to believe.  They believe we can spend our way out of debt.  They believe taking money from one part of the economy to give to another part somehow makes the economy bigger.  They believe people who have never run a business can run a business better than people who have spent their whole lives running businesses.

Abortion foes 'stunned'.  By declaring he will vote for the Senate health care bill, Ben Nelson touched off a firestorm of criticism Saturday [12/19/2009] on abortion.  Nebraska Right to Life said it had been "betrayed" by the Nebraska Democrat, long an abortion opponent, who agreed to support compromise language on abortion.

Buying green could make you more likely to lie, cheat and steal: study.  Buying green may help save the planet, but a new study suggests it might also make you more prone to cheat, steal, and be selfish.  In a paper to be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science, University of Toronto researchers Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo Zhong studied how students behaved after being given the option of purchasing environmentally friendly products, like organic yogourt or biodegradable laundry detergent, or conventional items.

Obama's World and Welcome to It.  [President Obama] tours the world on our dime apologizing for our alleged failings and transgressions.  He goes to Denmark in order to lobby for the Olympics, in order that his corrupt Chicago cronies could cash in on crooked land deals, but he doesn't go to Germany to help commemorate the falling of the Berlin Wall.  Next, instead of expressing the grief that every decent American felt over the slaughter of American soldiers and an unborn baby by an Islamic terrorist, this bozo gave a partisan shout-out at a Native American shindig.  Then, for good measure, he warned us not to jump to the conclusion that the Islamic terrorist was an Islamic terrorist.

Huffington Argues Glenn Beck Should Be Excluded from Constitutionally Protected Freedom of Speech.  Want to know how the left really feels about free speech?  Look no further than Huffington Post editor and co-founder Arianna Huffington.

Obama's Safe Schools Czar Tied to Lewd Readings for 7th Graders.  President Obama's "Safe Schools Czar," already a target of social conservatives for his past drug abuse and what they say is his promotion of homosexuality in schools, is under fresh attack after it was revealed that the pro-gay group he formerly headed recommends books his critics say are pornographic.  The group under fire is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which Kevin Jennings, now the assistant deputy secretary for safe and drug-free schools in the Department of Education, founded and ran from 1990 to 2008.

So much for e pluribus unum.
Sen. Conrad Suggests That People Who Don't Believe in Civilian Trials for Terrorists Should Leave America.  Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) told that civilian courts are well-suited to prosecute al Qaeda terrorists and that "if people don't believe in our system, maybe they ought to go somewhere else."

Senator Conrad's insulting defense of trying KSM in New York.  Democrat Senator from North Dakota, Kent Conrad, while defending the Obama Administration's decision to try al Qaeda terrorists in civilian courts, said:  "If people don't believe in our system, maybe they ought to go somewhere else."

Did someone mention civilian trials for terrorists?

The Media See Moral Grays Even In 9/11.  The Washington Post "news analysis" on the front page carried the headline "9/11 trial could become a parable of right and wrong:  Before worldwide audience, both prosecution, defense seek control of narrative."  Does the Washington Post really think that the death and destruction of 9/11 "could" be right, or "could" be wrong?

New study:  More Democrats than Republicans believe in ghosts, talking with the dead, fortunetellers.  For example, 21 percent of Republicans report that they have been in touch with someone who is dead, while 36 percent of Democrats say they have done so.  Eleven percent of Republicans say they have seen a ghost, while 21 percent of Democrats say so.  And nine percent of Republicans say they have consulted a fortuneteller, while 22 percent of Democrats have.

Now Obama wants to put an ACORN fund-raiser on the federal bench.  Hamilton ignored a felony conviction on a man's record when being prosecuted for his third felony drug crime to avoid imposing a life sentence, for which Hamilton was unanimously reversed on appeal.  Hamilton also struck down a law requiring convicted sex criminals from reporting information to police to track their whereabouts.  He also petitioned the White House for clemency for a police officer who produced child pornography.  He has also shown surprising hostility to people of Christian faith.  He ruled that any prayers uttered in the Indiana statehouse that invoke the name of Jesus Christ are unconstitutional and cannot be permitted.

The Totalitarians Among Us.  This is a month in which the president of the United States has co-sponsored a UN resolution with the police state of Egypt to ban speech that defames religion; a month in which the Democratic Party has placed an amendment on a defense appropriations bill to make anti-gay speech a thought crime, and in which the White House has launched an all-out attack on the Fox News Channel because it didn't like what Fox commentators were saying.

Frank Rich and the State of Liberal Commentary:  If one had to read one columnist to appreciate the state of contemporary left-wing commentary, my nomination would be Frank Rich of the Sunday New York Times.  No well-known leftist columnist better exemplifies the worst aspects of today's left.  Virtually every piece is filled with anger, filled with ad hominem responses to arguments, filled with insults of opponents and at the same time devoid of intellectual arguments.

Terrified Voter says NJ Dems Using Gangbangers for GOTV.  How would you like to be a New Jersey police officer and look out your window and see several known criminals, including a man you arrested several weeks ago and another who had just been released from prison for shooting a cop?  And then find out that the men were sent into the neighborhood by the Democratic Party for GOTV operations — complete with lists of voters names, addresses and phones numbers!

Conyers to Introduce Constitutional Amendment Making Health Care a 'Right'.  During his speech at a recent National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) said he is introducing a constitutional amendment that would establish health care as "a right" for all Americans.  "We need a real serious bill and, by the way, the fundamental question, 'Is health care a constitutional right?'" he said.  "I mean, do you have a right to health care in the American system of government or not?"

The Nation's Climate Change Solution:  'Make the Recession Worse'.  A lefty magazine editor has come up with a list of brilliant solutions to the planet's purported climate change problem:  make the recession worse, make goods more expensive, and restrict all intercontinental travel to blimps.  So said Emily Douglas, web editor for The Nation, who, when asked Wednesday [10/14/2009] how we could "reverse our culture of consumerism," replied immediately "make the recession worse."

Besieged czar, EEOC chief safe, Obama tells homosexual crowd.  President Obama last night received a warm welcome at the annual dinner of the homosexual support group Human Rights Campaign, promising to sign hate crimes legislation, to repeal both Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act and to continue supporting his besieged appointments as "safe schools czar" and head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Democrats Vote To Give ACORN Regulatory Authority Over Financial Institutions.  During consideration of H.R. 3126, legislation to establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee voted to pass an amendment offered by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) that will make ACORN eligible to play a role in setting regulations for financial institutions.

DNC Uses Flag Desecration Video to Raise Funds.  As a heart monitor beeps ominously in the background, a graffiti artist paints over the Stars and Stripes with phrases criticizing opposition to the Democratic legislation, including 'profit over life' and the crossed-out words 'death panel.'  The whole flag is eventually smeared with paint and blacked out.

My Congressman Is Nuts: Alan Grayson Edition.  Alan Grayson.  How did this clown get elected?  Even Democrats are asking themselves that.  The man who delighted in claiming Republicans want the sick to die to save the taxpayers money, was so proud of his obnoxiousness that he started a website to celebrate himself...

"My Congressman Is Nuts" Dot Com.  Alan Grayson's recent self indulgent behavior has paralyzed his ability to serve as an advocate for the citizens of Central Florida.  On December 16th 2009, the day on which the Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor, Central Floridians will again say no to the overreaching government intrusion propagated by Grayson.

Grayson threatens to imprison critic.  File this story under the pot calling the kettle black.  Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), prone for throwing his own political bombs at Republicans, has threatened a local critic with five years in jail for creating the website ""  The Orlando Sentinel reports that Grayson wrote a letter this week to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the federal government imprison Republican activist Angie Langley for five years because of her website criticizing him.

Grayson wants to send critic to jail for five years.  Not everyone thinks imitation is the best form of flattery.  In fact, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando took such offense at a parody website aimed at unseating him that the freshman Democrat has asked that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder investigate the Lake County activist who started the anti-Grayson website ""

End the escapades.  In just his first term in Congress, Orlando's Alan Grayson has become the toast of the blogosphere and a sought-after interview on cable news channels.  He has done it with a series of inflammatory statements and stunts.  But he may have jumped the shark last week.

Will We Lose It All?  Sadly, you meet people like this every day:  the know-it-all at the office, the busybody at church, or the irritating uncle that insists on dominating every discussion at the holiday table.  Your neighborhood association board is a protected habitat for this species.  Alone, and in these settings, such people are just a grating annoyance.  However, group them together and allow them to hold taut the reins of power, and true danger quickly arises where mere pomposity once sat.  The mechanisms of government carry with them the unspoken yet omnipresent threat of force.

Dangerous Zanies.  Allow me a prediction.  This administration is going to turn out more zanies than the past two Democratic administrations combined.  Yet — and here is the ominous part — they are going to present a real threat to liberties that Americans take for granted, particularly freedom of speech.

An Olympics We Can Believe In.  The picture now comes into sharp focus.  Americans voted for president a man who thinks that government creates wealth; that "greed" caused the current economic crisis; that taxpayers should provide health insurance for those who don't have it; that a government-induced housing and financial crisis can only be addressed by more government; that government can more efficiently and profitably run businesses than can the private sector; that "global warming" requires the imposition of job-killing and price-hiking action against emitters; and that government should "spread the wealth" by taking from those who have "too much" and giving to those who have "too little."

A Warning to Washington.  Tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of angry Americans stormed Washington last weekend to oppose ObamaCare and government spending.  How'd Democrats react?  By redoubling efforts to pass "health-care reform"...

Jones was recruited not in spite of his wacky beliefs but because of them.  Just how comfortable was the Obama team with the far left, radical statements and beliefs of Van Jones?  Obviously, they believed he fit right in.

Liberals and Van Jones:  Why Are They Defending Him?  By now we all know most of what there is to be said about Van Jones.  What is most interesting, however, is how so many representatives of mainstream liberalism have no compunction at all about honoring Jones as one of their own, and of condemning Barack Obama for casting him to the wind, as if the administration had no good reason to do so.

Steal this!  A Canadian study shows that people who buy green products tend to lie and steal more than those who don't.

Democrats and the one-party mentality.  Those in the White House and on Capitol Hill have little practical experience with political opposition.  They mostly come from urban areas.  The middle class that might be expected to oppose them in local elections departed for the suburbs and exurbs decades ago.  Congress and the White House need to remember that while our major cities are mostly left wing fiefdoms rife with corruption and nanny state rules and regulations, as a nation this is still a government of laws, not authoritarian busybodies.

Liberalism is a Cult.  It would be easy enough to dismiss [Jim] Jones as just another cuckoo, except that he was a man well-connected in left-wing circles.  Mayor George Moscone had appointed him Chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority.  He was on a first-name basis with Walter Mondale and Rosalynn Carter.  Governor Jerry Brown, Lt. Gov. Mervyn Dymally and Assemblyman Willie Brown, all attended a testimonial dinner honoring Jim Jones in 1976.  What makes that date all the more remarkable isn't just that it was a scant two years before Jones choreographed the mass suicide, but three years after a series of critical newspaper articles had appeared and after eight members of the cult had defected and warned the world that he was a deranged menace.

Constitutional Chess.  Since the passage of "The Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937" (and the attempted "packing" of the Supreme Court by FDR) the rules of interpreting the Constitution have been rigged to support a progressive ideology.  The Constitution has become "a living document."  The Constitution means either whatever the Congress wants it to mean or whatever five out of the nine justices sitting on the Court at the present time say that it means.

Our National 9/11 Schizophrenia.  Today one-third of Democrats believe that President Bush was involved in the planning of September 11.  Best-selling books have alleged that 9/11 was a planned government operation.  Novels were published and movies screened envisioning the assassination of George W. Bush.  Politicians as diverse as Robert Byrd, Al Gore, and John Glenn all compared the president or his policies to Nazis or Brownshirts.

Soros:  Republic Enemy #1.  What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopath's lack of conscience.  He considers himself to be a world class philosopher, despises capitalism, and just loves social engineering. ... Soros is a real life version of Dr. Evil — with Obama in the role of Mini-Me.

Charlie Rangel says Obamacare Doesn't Spend Enough Money.  [President] Obama has announced his determination not to sign a bill that adds "one dime" to the deficit and he's also said that "his" bill will feature a low, low $900 billion price tag.  Both of these Obama points seem to be vexing Rep. Rangel because, well, it's just not enough.

Jaw Dropping Arrogance From Obscure Congressman.  It is not just the career safe seat members of Congress and the Senate who are vulnerable to getting caught up in the arrogance and elitism of power.  Relative back bencher Baron Hill from Indiana's 9th District might well have surged into the lead in the contest to see which member of congress had the most out of touch and arrogant attitude during the town hall meetings.

The Improbable Political Existence of Teddy Kennedy.  What [Ted Kennedy] did should not have only disqualified him from public office, but just voting for him should be considered a lapse in moral character that gets you shunned from society.  It's up there with being an open racist.  How in the world has anyone taken Massachusetts seriously while that guy was their senator?

Congress Is Shooting the Messenger.  So convinced is the left that their health care reform is right, that not only are all others wrong, but their very opposition means they have committed a wrong.  They have dare challenged the pharaoh's view and now they must pay — in the past, with their lives; today, with their reputations.  If they hold a tea party to protest, they're quacks.  Vent their rage at a town hall, they're stooges.  Question the president's agenda, they're racists.

Liberals think you're stupid.
America's Death by Professor.  This is an administration stuffed with academics.  And not just any academic:  These are educators from elite universities, the kind of experts prized by a political and media elite seeking confirmation of a worldview that expects, notes the Washington Examiner, "the rest of us ... to shut up and do as we are told."

We do get it, Mr. President; we just don't like it.  It's a modern marvel how the increasing opposition of the American public to President Barack Obama's plans for us is explained away by administration officials and certain Democratic legislators — such as California Sen. Dianne Feinstein — as a sign that the people just don't get it.  A panel of pundits chatting with Charlie Rose on his talking-head fest the other evening came to the conclusion that Tea Partiers and their ilk are too stupid to know what's good for them.

What's really wrong with the Cybersecurity bill?  The problem with S.773 is not what it purports to do but the fact that Barack Hussein Obama happens to be the president of the United States.  Despite the fact that the United States is at least nominally a democracy and citizens have the right to go to the polls and freely vote every two or four years, Obama and the Democrats in Congress are governing exactly like a fascist state.  They impose their will regardless of how many Americans oppose it.  Whether their policies and actions actually make the country better off are of no consequence.

Have a good vacation, Mr. President.  The president obviously needs to relax, and he picked a good place. Obama carried [Martha's] Vineyard with 75 percent of the vote last November, and the Clintons vacation there all the time.  The chances of running into Rush Limbaugh on the island are slim. ... A bunch of swell folks own island property, people like Mike Wallace, Diane Sawyer, Michael J. Fox, Spike Lee, Bill Murray and Ted Danson.

Something Fishy.  For liberals, the morally correct stance on every issue is by definition the liberal one.  It is a moral imperative that everyone have health insurance, consequences be damned.  To cite possible negative repercussions of liberal policies is to reveal yourself to be ethically and intellectually degenerate.  Just look at what liberal pundits and politicians are saying about anti-Obamacare protesters:  Paul Krugman vilifies them as racists; to Nancy Pelosi, they are literally Nazis.  Got that, America?  If you're against government-run health care, you're not just a Nazi, you're a racist Nazi.

A Plurality of Americans Describe Themselves as Conservative.  When it comes to party identification, Democrats have been making all the gains recently.  But when it comes to ideology, 40 percent of Americans described themselves as conservative, 35 percent as moderate and 21 percent as liberal, according to a Gallup analysis of its 2009 polling.

Protest for Me, But Not for Thee.  Middle-class Americans, myself among them, have watched for 40 years, as one angry group after another has managed to get its way, and more and more entitlements from our purses to theirs, using the tactics designed by the liberal fascist revolutionary, Saul Alinsky.  One would need to be buried under a rock not to understand by now that small groups of angry people can get what they want.

No, Mr. Conyers, we expect you to read the bills.  If it weren't for the Great Health Care Debate of 2009, would we all know what a sorry excuse for a congressman Rep. John Conyers of Michigan really is? ... The man's been in Congress more than 40 years and, apparently, doesn't bother to read bills.  Well, at least not the long ones.  And he revealed this:  He not only doesn't bother to read the long bills, but he would also need lawyers to interpret them once he did read them.  How does a man with a mind like this get elected to the House of Representatives, and get elected repeatedly?

Rules for Radicals:  A Blurred Vision.  Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals," first published in 1971, has been read and assimilated by a number of those who espouse a Far Left agenda.  Our current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, wrote her senior thesis on Alinsky while at Wellesley College.  The following excerpt is from that paper.  "Much of what Alinsky professes does not sound 'radical.'  His are the words used in our schools and churches, by our parents and their friends, by our peers."  Perhaps in your world, Madam Secretary — certainly not in mine.

The Collapsing Global Left.  Conservatives can take heart from the crushing blow that taxes and spenders received in the California election.  Six propositions were on the ballot in May.  All six passed the California Legislature easily.  Republicans in the legislature generally opposed them.  The five supported by the Left were defeated by huge landslides.  Four of those five were defeated in every single county in California (the fifth barely carried the San Francisco area.)

How Liberal Is San Francisco?  The District Attorney of San Francisco worked on behalf of illegal aliens in order to expunge drug convictions from their records.  And she now says that the illegal aliens were "following the rules."  One must read this sort of gibberish three or four three times to make sure that the words are not truncated or a reporter's very bad joke.

Obama's Science Czar:  Traditional family is obsolete, punish large families.  President Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, took a controversial and amoral approach to the science of population by recommending mass compulsory sterilization and even forced abortion (and/or forced marriages) under certain circumstances.  His 1977 tome, Ecoscience, which he co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, also displays a revealing disregard for the institution of the traditional human family.

It gets worse:
Obama's science czar suggested compulsory abortion, sterilization.  Internet reports are now circulating that Obama's Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, penned a 1977 book that approved of and recommended compulsory sterilization and even abortion in some cases, as part of a government population control regime.  Given the general unreliability of Internet quotations, I wanted to go straight to this now-rare text and make sure the reports were both accurate and kept Holdren's writings in context.  Generally speaking, they are, and they do.

Why the Public Isn't Buying It:  [Scroll down slowly]  All these Democratic leaders understand that their home turf tilts far left of the rest of the nation.  But a politician's political base is ultimately his or her reality principle.  Moreover, most of these leaders — though Obama obfuscated this in his campaign — have strong, long-held convictions that are well on the left of the American political spectrum.  These are the people — the House leaders more than Obama, surprisingly — who have shaped the Democrats' stimulus package, cap-and-trade legislation and health-care bills.

Be it Resolved, Jacko a "global humanitarian".  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) has embraced the inevitable:  introducing a resolution honoring global "humanitarian" Michael Jackson — certain to delight Republicans who see Jacko as a great wedge issue.  So far, she's got only a single co-sponsor:  Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.).

Jackson's Death Sparks Fierce Debate in Congress.  Michael Jackson's death — and controversial life — has sparked a fierce debate in Congress, with one Democrat introducing a resolution to honor the King of Pop as a "humanitarian" and a Republican representative blasting America's obsession with a "lowlife."  Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas, is calling on Congress to recognize Jackson as a "global humanitarian and a noted leader in the fight against worldwide hunger and medical crises"...

A Congress Full of Michael Jackson Wannabes.  On June 26, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas, and Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif., introduced a resolution on the floor of the House celebrating the King of Pop.  Their resolution runs a full 1,539 words, almost six times as long as Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. ... According to Congress, Jackson is the Madame Curie of 1980s rock.

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee's Personal Brand of Revisionist History.  Here's an interesting history lesson from a U.S. member of Congress — Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas.  Not only does she think we won the war in Vietnam, but she's apparently under the impression that the country is still divided along the 17th parallel. ... That kind of history can't even be classified as "revisionist," it's just plain idiotic.

The Editor says...
Maybe her side DID win the war.  Think about it.

Sheila Jackson Lee on Chinese Health Care.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas) made headlines this week for claiming that health-care repeal means "killing Americans."  In an exchange with National Review Online at the Capitol tonight [1/19/2011], she used China as an example of universal coverage.

Sheila Jackson Lee: Obamacare is a Consitutional Right.  The second a massive, unpopular government entitlement program enters its implementation phase, it instantaneously transforms into a sacrosanct Constitutional right.  That's the word from noted Constitutional scholar Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

Sheila Jackson Lee Says Repealing ObamaCare Violates Constitution.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas, said on Tuesday afternoon [1/18/2011] that repealing the national health care law would violate the Constitution.  Arguing that the Commerce Clause provides the constitutional basis for ObamaCare, Jackson Lee said repealing the law by passing Republicans' H.R. 2 violates both the Fifth Amendment's right to due process and the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Likens Islamic Radicals to 'Christian Militants' in U.S..  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Texas) likened "Christian militants" to Islamic radicals in a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday [6/15/2011], suggesting they posed a comparable threat to the rule of law in the United States.  At the same hearing, a witness told the committee that the conversion of U.S. prison inmates to radical Islam is an "evolving threat" to national security.

'Christian Militants' Might 'Bring Down the Country'.  At a congressional hearing on Muslim radicalization in U.S. prisons, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said that investigators needed to analyze Christian militants in America because they too might try to "bring down the country."

Sheila Jackson Lee's Compassionate Liberalism.  There are few members of Congress more churlish and arrogant that Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee.  Several years ago Hill staffers voted her the biggest windbag and one of the meanest people in Washington.  So it comes as little surprise she's being sued by a former staffer who's claiming Jackson Lee verbally abused her and mocked her disability.

Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) on Friday [7/15/2011] strongly suggested that members of Congress are making it difficult for President Obama to raise the debt ceiling because of his race.  "I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness [toward] this president," said Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.  "Why is he different?  And in my community, that is the question that we raise.

Trumping the Race Card.  What does racial prejudice have to do with the debt ceiling debate?  For the average person the answer to this question isn't obvious.  But according to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, it is the most salient factor that's shaping the debate.  Last Friday the congresswoman delivered a stunning speech on the House floor where she spuriously implied that Republican opposition to raising the debt limit stemmed from their virulent racism.

Jackson Lee accused of bias? Astonishing.  Over the years, many of us have followed with mild amusement the tales of purported misbehavior of the not-so-gentlewoman from Texas, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.  She's been ranked the "meanest" member of the U.S. House by Washingtonian Magazine.  A Daily Caller exposé earlier this year suggested she's the worst boss in Washington.  A recent Houston Chronicle analysis showed her office has the highest turnover, by far, in the Houston congressional delegation.  She goes through chiefs of staff the way some people go through sneakers:  11 since 2000.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee — And the Race Card.  Black U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, says "the minority community" blames racism for the Republican refusal to increase the debt limit without conditions.

62 Million Voiceless Americans.  Is it still called debate when only one side controls the conversation?  That's the question the 62 million Americans who didn't vote for Obama are asking themselves. ... Why hold a conversation?  The left is in control and there is no need to consult with the people they were elected to govern.  The politicians and the experts know best.

An Anti-Business President.  Democratic presidents are not famous for appointing businessmen, merchants, or entrepreneurs to their cabinet or senior White House staff.  These are people who have started or run private businesses, created jobs, met payrolls, and made profits.  Thus they might be sensitive to how government can help or hurt business enterprises, especially during an economic downturn.  The number of such people appointed by Obama:  zero.  Members of his cabinet and White House staff come predominantly from government, academia, think tanks, and the law.

Powerful Democrat Calls Illegal Aliens 'Free Loaders and Scam Artists'.  Most liberals regard illegal aliens as "Undocumented Democrats" and a veritable gold mine of opportunity for holding on to political power by coddling to those here unlawfully.  For that reason, most Democrat politicians have abandoned patriotic concern about homeland security, the rule of law, stability of the American economy and social order, and preservation of American language and culture.  In fact, one can search high and low for a liberal with a patriotic, pro-America stance on illegal immigration, and that search will usually be futile.

Heterosexual Pride Month.  Obama came through on his campaign theme of 'equality' Monday [6/1/2009] by proclaiming June as "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month".

POTUS to LGBT: "Welcome to Your White House".  ABBA's "Dancing Queen" filled the East Room, as more than 200 prominent gays and lesbians gathered for the first ever celebration of Pride month at the White House.  The President and First Lady entered to thunderous applause.  President Obama told the group he is committed to equality for their community.

Sleepwalking into disaster.  The public opinion currents in America today are becoming eerily similar to those circulating in 1993.  Today, just as then, Washington liberals are getting complacent.  They're ignoring mounting evidence that the American people don't share their desire for bigger government, higher taxes and a liberal social agenda.

Mandatory paid-vacation bill introduced.  Mandatory paid sick leave has been grabbing headlines, but now Florida Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson has introduced a bill that would require employers nationwide to provide paid vacation.

Do Liberals Crave A Master?  Contemporary liberals, having abandoned the belief in God-given inalienable rights, masochistically crave a worldly master.  This master is a sadistic god-substitute who will provide the stern discipline needed to force economic equality and "fairness" by requiring painful sacrifices and bestowing government-created rights onto obedient and acquiescent groups of left-leaning masochists.

Leaking Intel for Fun and Political Advantage.  Once again history is repeating itself.  Two incidents — one involving Joe Biden and one involving the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — prove Democrats are still in the habit of releasing classified intelligence to discredit the CIA or the Republicans and, at the same time, stonewalling on releasing non-threatening information that would cast either in a positive light.  It's politicking of the worst kind; manipulating the nation's most important secrets for a cheap boost in the polls.

Unpatriotic, inconsistent left.  There was a time when protecting the American people and defending our common national interests was a nonpartisan issue.  Since the radical left took over the Democrat Party in the 1960s, that ceased to be true. ... The leftist idealism is this:  Our rights are determined by the state, and thus the state must be all-powerful, not by some abstract idea about God.  Therefore, power of the people must be limited, not the power of centralized government or the state.

Secretary Loophole.  When Timothy Geithner worked at the International Monetary Fund, he managed a feat that probably very few Americans have even contemplated:  he got himself reimbursed by his employer for taxes he never paid. ... From his time at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to his turbulent four months so far at Treasury, Geithner has made a career out of seeking — and usually finding — ways to do what most people thought the rules wouldn't allow.

Obama lurches left.  When stumbling off a roller coaster, have you ever had that nauseating sensation you were still moving, even while standing firmly with both feet on the ground?  Such is the case with the Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media, with their cries that the GOP has moved far to the right and marginalized itself.  In fact, it is the Democratic Party that has sped far left, creating the huge policy gap between the two parties.  The political center is no longer the halfway mark between the two parties.

Liberal Fantasyland.  After Prohibition ended, the murder rate subsided.  By 1953 it fell below 5 per 100,000 and would stay below that level through 1963, reaching the lowest murder rates since 1906.  Then the criminal reform movement took over.  The Map v Ohio decision (exclusionary rule) came in 1961.  Miranda warnings were mandated in 1966.  The Gun Control Act was enacted in 1968.  The murder rate doubled between 1961 and 1972, and would hit its highest point ever, 10.7 per 100,000, in 1980, Jimmy Carter's last year as President.

Alan Grayson to introduce Paid Vacation Act.  Rep. Alan Grayson was standing in the middle of Disney World when it hit him: What Americans really need is a week of paid vacation.  So on Thursday [5/21/2009], the Florida Democrat will introduce the Paid Vacation Act — legislation that would be the first to make paid vacation time a requirement under federal law.

The Obama-Wanda Sykes Chilling Laugh Fest.  Last Saturday [5/9/2009], at the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, she wished an American citizen to die because this citizen disagrees with the politics of the American president.  Wanda Sykes isn't of any interest to me.  The fact that the American president was five feet away from her and had to laugh about her joke was of interest.  A comedian wishes a citizen dead and the president laughs?

Obama sows seeds of demise.  When the Obama administration crashes and burns, with approval ratings that fall through the floor, political scientists can trace its demise to its first hundred days.  While Americans are careful not to consign a presidency they desperately need to succeed to the dustbin of history, the fact is that this president has moved — on issue after issue — in precisely the opposite direction of what the people want him to do.

There Will Never Be a Middle Ground.  President Obama campaigned on uniting the country and creating a post-partisan environment.  Watching the differences displayed this past week regarding the release of the CIA memos about interrogation techniques; it is quite evident we will never bridge the gulf that divides us.

In time of victory, why is the left so angry?  These should be happy times for liberals and the Democratic party as a whole.  They control the White House and both houses of Congress, while opposition Republicans are leaderless and lost.  So why do some Democrats, particularly those farther to the left, appear so angry?  If you doubt it, just watch a few minutes of MSNBC, where the recent nationwide series of "tea parties" to protest federal spending and taxes set off an angry, almost manic response.

Does the President Understand Real America?  When Barack confided to friends in San Francisco that he was having trouble in Pennsylvania because these folks "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them ... as a way to explain their frustrations," he revealed that he does not really understand a part of the nation he now leads.  It is this part of America that does not comprehend how the president could sit in Trinidad and listen to the scrub stock of the hemisphere trash our country — and say nothing.

Deliver Us from Fear.  We've basically lived in fear of society's deterioration since the end of World War II, when the United States emerged as a nuclear superpower, and became the target of various governments, dictatorships, religions and political ideologies pinpointing America as an evil influence on the world.  Then the forces of the cultural left sprouted in our own country, telling us our post-war society was sexist, racis