Terrorist attacks reported as "isolated incidents"

Since October 2001 there has been a trend in the "mainstream" news media to cover up acts of terrorism, calling them "isolated incidents".  Some examples of this are shown below, but I'm sure there have been other similar cases.  It's not difficult to connect the dots when dots are so plentiful.

One of the most obvious cases of the government dimissing a terrorist attack as an "isolated incident" was the first one after September 11, 2001 — the crash of American 587, in New York City, just two months after the 9/11 attack.  The plane was still smoldering on the ground when government officials began making extraordinary pronouncements that there was "no connection to terrorism" and it was just an "unfortunate accident."  I could go on at length about this case... and I did, on this page.

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Two examples of incidents that were hushed up and thrown down the memory hole are Northwest Flight 327 and American Flight 587.

There have been many other similar cases.

One of the most prominent recent cases is that of the Boston bombing.

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Bottom line:  Islam IS NOT a "religion of peace."


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Don't Accept Terrorism as the New Normal.  "Today, millions of Americans mourned and prayed, and tomorrow we go back to work," President George W. Bush began his address days after 9/11. [...] Bush may have meant well, but his assertion that, "our nation was horrified, but it's not going to be terrorized" was wrong.  Being terrorized can be expressed just as much through adaptation and numbness as through fear and anger.  The failure to fight back and end the state of terror is what being 'terrorized' looks like just as much as public outbursts of panic and hysteria.  Getting back to normal without dealing with the problem is not resistance; it's acceptance.. Living with terror is integrated into everyday routines.  What once seemed horrifying slowly becomes the new normal.

It's not about Israel, colonialism, globalism or capitalism; it's about Islam.  Beslan.  Mumbai.  Paris.  Manchester.  New York City.  Nairobi.  Luxor.  Sulu.  Kibbutz Be'eri.  186 children murdered in a school in Beslan.  Dozens of children taken hostage from a Catholic school in the Philippines.  Two teachers were beheaded, but not the girls.  "We do not kill women.  We will just enslave them," the Jihadists promised.  8-year-olds gunned down in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi.  The terrorists asked their victims to name Mohammed's mother to tell apart the non-Muslims from the Muslims.  In Luxor, Egypt, the terrorists danced, sang and killed and mutilated the foreign tourists.  They "took all the young women, the girls, and disappeared with them.  I don't know where they went with the women, but they hurt them.  We could hear screams of pain."  Among the dead was Shaunnah Turner, a 5-year-old British girl.  Pregnant women and children murdered in Israel baffle the world.  They seem implausible because each time they happen, we forget.  A few days of horror pass and we move on.  When a Muslim terrorist set off a bomb in Manchester at a concert full of children and teens, there was shock and outrage.  Nails were pulled out of children's faces.  "This attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice, deliberately targeting innocent, defenceless children and young people," then Prime Minister Theresa May fumed.  That was 6 years ago.

Islamist Terrorism Again:  A Herd of Elephants in the Room.  The latest Islamic terrorist attacks in the West — in England on October 15, and Denmark two days earlier — were shocking, given that the war on terror was supposedly behind us.  These attacks raise questions.  At this point, there is not just one elephant in the room, but a whole herd.  For a start, initially there was the usual reticence on the part of the mainstream (legacy) media to call the dreadful attacks acts of terrorism.  The Guardian — always a friend to Islam, despite the contradictions between its support for feminism and gay rights and Islamic orthodoxy which opposes both — was quicker to acknowledge the Islamic terror link when, on October 15, a long-serving and popular English Member of Parliament, Sir David Amess, died after being stabbed 17 times in a frenzied but carefully-planned and executed attack by a man of Somalian heritage.  Two days earlier the Guardian had been more reluctance to cite terrorism as a motive when five people died in the bloody attack in Kongberg, Denmark, in which five people died.  It was initially keen to downplay the link between Islamic ideology and terror attacks by telling its readers the perpetrator will undergo psychiatric evaluation.  Ever keen to label Islamic terrorists as victims of mental health issues, this enthusiasm for using psychological problems as an excuse inevitably evaporates whenever supposed right-wing extremists and terrorists are identified.  This elephant in the room is never discussed by the MSM.

Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism?  The discussion about the horrific slaying of Tory MP David Amess is set to change.  Possibly radically.  The police's decision to treat his murder as a potential terrorist incident, with an Islamist motivation, is likely to shake up how the media elites in particular talk about it.  Out will go any implacable political anger and the insistence that we search for the cultural and intellectual influences behind this barbaric act.  In their place we'll see demands for calm.  Don't feel too much fury, we'll be told.  Don't extrapolate.  Don't blame it on any one faith or ideology.  Don't be Islamophobic.  The liberal media will likely stop stirring up passionate feeling about this heinous crime, and instead seek to suppress such emotion.

Biden Makes Islamic Terrorism Great Again.  or the past several years, global terrorism was in retreat and had dropped off the list of Americans' fears entirely.  Now, after the debacle in Afghanistan, it's suddenly front-page news again.  Will a revival of terrorism be President Joe Biden's legacy?  Rewind the tape to 2015.  ISIS — which emerged as a powerhouse after President Barack Obama's decision to evacuate Iraq — was claiming huge swaths of land, to the surprise of Obama (who had dismissed ISIS as the "JV team").  And, not coincidentally, the number of terrorist attacks spiked.  In 2013, there were four Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide.  By 2015, the number had exploded to 106, three of them in the U.S. [...] In December 2015, terrorism was at the top of the list of problems facing the United States, according to an ongoing Gallup poll, beating out the economy, government, and guns as chief concerns.  Obama, meanwhile, kept telling the nation that defeating ISIS would be a long and arduous process, which was true only because Obama was micromanaging the effort.

Who Commits Most of the World's Extremist Violence?  Even a superficial glance at the record indicates that of the nearly 20,000 people killed in thousands of extremist killings in 2017, white supremacists were responsible for very few.  The worst terrorist event of 2017, according to the State Department, was the explosion of a truck bomb outside the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, which killed more than 580 people.  This violent act is believed to have been the work of Al-Shabaab, which was responsible for 97 percent of the 370 instances of extremist killings in Somalia in 2017, accounting for about 1,400 deaths — mostly civilian.  The remaining violent acts were carried out by Jabha East Africa (ISIS-Somalia), a dissident Al-Shabaab splinter group.  The deadliest extremist attack in Egypt's history took place in 2017, when ISIS-Sinai terrorists converged on a mosque in Sinai during Friday prayers and slaughtered 312 people, including 27 children, when they came outside.  Also in Egypt that year, on Palm Sunday, an extremist suicide bomber connected to IS-Egypt killed 30 Coptic Christians at a church in Tanta.  He coordinated his actions with another suicide bomber, who killed 16 people at a church in Alexandria.

Judge Jeanine and the paradoxes of the post-9/11 world.  [D]ays after 9/11, even as Bush was planning the Afghanistan campaign, he told the American people that "The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam.  That's not what Islam is all about.  Islam is peace."  In the eighteen years since, the Western political and media establishment have continued to echo that lie.  Jihadists have struck Bali, Madrid, Beslan, London, Mumbai, Fort Hood, Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Manchester, Barcelona, and New York again — just to name a few of the deadlier and more high-profile incidents.  Yet, perversely, the lie about Islam is stronger than ever.  Throughout the West, schoolchildren and college students alike have been fed a picture of Islam that's pure propaganda.  Yes, one has the impression that many people are more aware of the reality of Islam than they used to be — but one also has the impression that they feel more cowed than ever into keeping quiet about it.

10 Questions About the Compatibility of Islam with America.  The Religion of Peace website counts 34,034 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide since September 11, 2001.  Mosques financed by Saudi Arabia and Iran are primary sources of Jihadist activity.  Israel has foiled at least 40 ISIS attacks in Western countries in just the last three years.  Since 9/11, an additional 158 Americans have been killed in 53 separate acts of deadly Islamic terror or Islam-related honor killing in the United States.  Hundreds of mass murder plots have been thwarted or botched.  Between 5 [and] 25% of Muslims in America believe that violence in defense of Islam is justified.

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples.  [#43] Lone Wolf Terrorist:  This leads us to the general penchant of the media to ignore the Muslim connection to many of the mass shootings since 911. While the Tea Party or conservatives are often the first people the media blames for such crimes, Islam is consistently downplayed or entirely ignored as playing a role in these shootings or attempted terror attacks.  The case of a 26-year-old man from Massachusetts is a good example of this.  Few reports of the arrest of Rezwan Fedaus mentioned he was a Muslim.  Instead, the Old Media likes to characterize these killers (or killer wannabes) as "lone wolf gunmen," as if they popped up spontaneously from the earth fully grown with no connection at all to Islamic terror.

The Wall is National Defense.  America maintains hundreds of overseas bases, builds and develops increasingly sophisticated conventional arms, continues to slog on inconclusively in Afghanistan, and, in spite of a smallish uniformed military, still spends mountains of money. [...] In spite of these expensive efforts overseas, American soldiers and civilians have continued to be killed by periodic attacks by Islamic terrorists at home, including the 55 victims of the Pulse nightclub attack, the five dead from the Chechen refugees who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombing, the five victims of Muhammad Abdulazeez, who shot up a military base in Chattanooga Tennessee, and the 14 victims of the San Bernardino terrorist attackers, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.  In the case of the Boston bombing and the San Bernardino attacks, the perpetrators were not only Islamic immigrants but were permitted to enter the country after the 9/11 attacks.

European Holiday Life With Jihad — New Threats, Weak PC Governments and Terror Barricades Decorated for Christmas.  Concrete K-Rail Barriers, positioned to stop terrorist attacks by vehicles, dressed up like Christmas decorations around the local holiday markets.  What a ridiculously sad and pathetic visual of everything wrong in Europe.  Amid the anxiety of anticipating the next Jihadist attack, which everyone knows is not if — but rather 'when', it would appear joy is somewhat lowered on the scale of relativity.

Islamic terror is not a law enforcement puzzle, it's a war.  Another sickening Islamist terror attack, this time on the streets of New York.  On each occasion we seem to go through the same ritual — sympathy, condemnation, a parade of well-meaning statements from government officials insisting that the terrorists "will not win."  Fine.  But forgive me for feeling a certain sense of frustration.  The truth is, we are not taking this threat seriously enough.  Our response needs to be much more aggressive. [...] First, we should remove all known Islamists from our country.  If they are not U.S. citizens, they should be immediately deported.  If they are naturalized U.S. citizens, they should first have their citizenship revoked.

Why Bureaucracies Don't Stop Terror.  Of course Sayfullo Saipov "had been on the radar of federal authorities," as the New York Times put it in a report that had the stink of inevitability on it.  Who else was on the radar of the relevant law-enforcement and intelligence agencies?  Omar Mateen, Syed Farook's social circle, Nidal Hasan, Adam Lanza, the 2015 Garland attackers, the Boston Marathon bombers ... The 2015 Paris attackers were "on the radar" of French authorities, as were the Charlie Hebdo killers.  The Copenhagen terrorists were known to local authorities.  Man Haron Monis, who staged an attack in Sydney, had written a letter to Australia's attorney general inquiring about whether he'd get into legal trouble for communicating with ISIS.  The men behind the Quebec car-ramming and the shooting at parliament were known to Canadian authorities.  Mehdi Nemmouche, who murdered four peoples at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, was a convicted armed robber who was under surveillance after traveling back and forth to Syria. [...] The Sayfullo Saipov case is another instance of serial institutional failure, from immigration authorities to domestic counterterrorism forces.  We've given them tremendous amounts of money, manpower, and investigatory authority.  Now we need to see results.

The Language of Losing.  [Scroll down]  But the reason the west's enemies are able to pile up a continuous corpse count in Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Orlando, San Bernadino, Ottawa, Sydney, Barcelona, [Your Town Here] is because they have "safe havens" in France, Germany, Britain, Scandinavia, North America, etc.  Which "safe havens" are likely to prove more consequential for the developed world in the years ahead? [...] You can't connect what's happening in Molenbeek, Malmö and the other "safe havens" of the west with the "safe havens" of the east if you think what's going on is about random "maniacs" adopting "false religious garb".

Burn-through.  Narratives are powerful but not omnipotent.  The Lone Wolf Narrative can be sold to the public only while attacks fall below a certain frequency.  Once the attacks happen too frequently the script fails and the public begins to wonder if the Lone Wolves aren't really a pack.  Even the immense media resources at the disposal of progressives can be overcome by a strong signal from events.  The presence of jamming can sometimes be inferred from an excessive number of "sudden" or "unexpected" events that appear in full blown form without the slightest warning.  Their sudden onset is explained by the pop out when they pass the filter.  When things appear suddenly and very close at hand it might be because they're past the blinders.  The presence of too many sudden and unexpected events of the same type could be a sign that a filter is in operation.

Should We Embrace the "Inevitable Reality" of Terrorism?  Those who support freedom know that "freedom is not free," as those who support diversity equally understand that "diversity is not free."  Both freedom and diversity require sacrifice.

Why do Muslims always shout "Allah Akbar" when they carry out or threaten to carry out a terrorist attack?  The answer will help you argue against Muslims and their leftist useful idiots when they say "terrorism has nothing to do with Islam."

Anatomy of Lone Wolf.  It is a mistake to dismiss the Lone Wolves as "cowardly and depraved".  On the contrary their tactics require a willingness to die and the intelligent use of abundant dual-use materials that is rarely if ever equaled by the political leadership of the West.  The September 11 attacks are a superb example of how creative and determined a foe the Jihadis can be.  Using box cutters and wide-bodied aircraft the Muslim world could not invent for itself[,] a handful of highly motivated men killed thousands of people in the heart of Manhattan. [...] And attack they do, surprisingly yet unsurprisingly.  It is Western leadership that is more deserving of criticism for turning in such a poor defensive performance despite their vast resource superiority.  Obsessed with looking good, timid to the point of inactivity, determined at all costs to proclaim their own virtue, the Western elites have proved singularly incapable of combating their vastly weaker foes.  The ritualualistic candle-lighting, trite speeches, frightened processions and self-congratulation of the political class are completely ineective against [the] laser-like menace of their foes.

Keep Calm and Propagandize On.  In 2006, Melanie Phillips wrote a book called Londonistan:  How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within. She argued that Britain was a sitting duck for Islamic terrorists, owing to its idiotic embrace of political correctness, multiculturalism, and religious relativism.  The left greeted the book with hisses and dismissed Phillips as an alarmist crank.  But on Monday [3/20/2017] her description of Britain's capital as "Londonistan" came graphically to life, as a terrorist chose one of its chief symbols, the area around the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, as the place to plow his car into pedestrians and then stab a police officer.  The initial reporting after terrorist attacks these days is often full of hesitation and curious silences.  The death toll is usually low-balled and the identity of the attacker is left hazy for as long as possible.  So it is not surprising that the first reports on this attack identified the terrorist as merely "Asian."

Five Days and Two 'Known Wolf' Terror Attacks, Yet No Apparent Concern from Western Governments.  We've seen two more "Known Wolf" terror attacks in the West, and yet Western government authorities seem unwilling to acknowledge, let alone begin to address, the "Known Wolf" terror problem.  I first identified the "Known Wolf" terror trend and coined the term in October 2014 here at PJ Media, noting that many, possibly most, Islamic terrorists who actually committed terrorism in the West were already known to Western law enforcement, national security agencies, and intelligence services.  Yet sufficient action was not taken to prevent them from conducting terror attacks.

A Complete List of Radical Islamic Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Under Obama.  In a speech at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, President Obama declared that "[n]o foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland."  The claim earned perfunctory applause, but a closer look at the reaction of many of the servicemen and women there made clear what they really thought about the administration's handling of national security.  The President's claim — which he has repeated in some form or fashion over the last few years — is an obvious rhetorical attempt to gloss over the reality of the threat of radical Islamic terror on American soil.  The attempt to disconnect "lone wolf" terrorists from the terror organizations who often inspire them does nothing to alleviate the pain of those who have suffered at the hands of jihadists and only hurts prevention efforts.  Rhetorical tricks aside, the reality is that during Obama's tenure scores of innocent Americans have been murdered on U.S. soil by jihadists, most of whom were inspired by or acting under the direction of foreign terror groups, particularly the Islamic state.

Here Is Your Complete List Of Islamic Terror Attacks During The Obama Administration.  Tuesday's [3/22/2016] deadly terror attack in Brussels, Belgium was yet another Islamic terror attack that has occurred during President Barack Obama's administration.  Obama's weakness on the world stage and failure to even utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism" has emboldened the Islamic jihadist movement and has caused their evil expansion and growth.  Here is the complete list of Islamic terror attacks that have occurred under Obama's watch.

Right-wing think tank declares 72 terrorists from Trump's banned countries have been convicted in the United States since 9/11.  A report released by the US Senate provided information on the 580 individuals convicted of terrorism in America since the 9/11 attacks.  The conservative non-profit Center for Immigration Studies claim they obtained a copy of the information, which was originally released in 2016 by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, then chaired by new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

White House publishes list of 78 terror attacks that the media 'ignored' - including Orlando, San Bernardino, Bataclan and Nice truck attack.  The White House has released a list of 78 terror attacks that the press had 'ignored' following President Donald Trump's claims that the media was 'very, very dishonest'.  The attacks dated from September 2014 to December 2016, all of which the president believed were 'underreported' as he put the blame on the media Monday.  Trump's administration said the attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino, Brussels, Nice and the Bataclan in Paris 'have not received the media attention they deserved' and released the list on Monday night [2/6/2017] as proof.

Trump: 'The Very, Very Dishonest Press Doesn't Want to Report' on Threat from Radical Islam.  In a speech today at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., President Donald Trump said that "the very, very dishonest press" doesn't want to report on the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorists determined to strike the homeland.  Trump also vowed that he would not allow "radical Islamic terrorism... to take root in our country."  "Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland as they did on 9/11, as they did from Boston to Orlando to San Bernardino and all across Europe.  You've seen what happened in Paris and Nice.  All over Europe, it's happening.  It's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported, and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it," Trump said.

Surprise: All Those Lone Wolf ISIS Attacks Weren't So Lone Wolf After All.  During the Era Of Obama, we were told time and time again that any attack by hardcore Islamic extremists, also known as Islamists, were lone wolf attacks.  Even though virtually all of them pledged allegiance to ISIS, we were told that there were no links, and, of course, the requisite "it has nothing to do with Islam!"

Yes, Foreign-Born Immigrants Have Committed Terrorism.  Among such individuals:  the Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston Marathon bombing, who were both born abroad.  Tamerlan was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1986, and Dzhokhar was reportedly born in Dagestan.  The 2015 Chattanooga Recruiting Center shooter, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was born in Kuwait and lived in Jordan before migrating to the United States at the age of six.  He killed five people.  Ohio State University attacker Abdul Razak Artan, who ran over several fellow students with a car before attacking them with a butcher knife, was a refugee born in Somalia who had only been in the United States for two years.  Ahmad Khan Rahimi, born in Afghanistan, detonated a bomb near a 5K run event, then another in downtown Manhattan in October of last year.  Dahir Adan, a Somali born in Kenya who immigrated to the United States as a child, launched a mass stabbing attack at a St. Cloud Minnesota mall in 2016.  And these are only a few recent examples.

The Obama Presidency — By the Numbers.  Obama is fond of saying that international terrorist organizations have not pulled off a large-scale attack on [America] during his presidency.  That is true — but obscures a change in tactics.  Although Obama did achieve a widely celebrated victory by killing Osama bin Laden in 2011, with increasingly frequency, so-called "lone wolves" have responded to calls from groups like the Islamic State to plan and carry out their own acts of terror.  And lone wolves can cause plenty of carnage.  A Muslim couple shot up a party in San Bernardino, California, killing 14 people in 2015.  A Muslim man who fired randomly at an Orlando nightclub killed 49 people.  According to the terrorism index tracked by the Institute for Economics and Peace, there were 105 terrorist incidents resulting in 93 deaths from 2009 through 2015.  According to a database maintained by researcher William Robert Johnston, 2016 brought nine attacks and 53 deaths.

Shut Down America's Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany.  On the same day as the Berlin attack, there was a knife attack at a Virginia Metro station by an African Muslim, Ali Ahmed Mohamound.  A similar knife attack occurred in New York City the day before, with the suspect still at large.  All this followed on the heels of November's Ohio State knife attack by Somali Muslim refugee Abdul Artan.  These attacks typify the kinds recommended in ISIS literature, and ISIS claims credit for most of them.  With Berlin, Brussels, Orlando, and so many other horrific attacks this year, San Bernardino and Paris almost seem like old news.  Although we view these events with horror and growing alarm, the outgoing Obama administration is literally importing terrorists through our nation's refugee programs.  Because private contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees and other needy populations, the resettlement program has built-in incentives for uncontrolled growth.  This harmonizes with the Left's open borders agenda, which seeks to swell the rolls of new Democrat voters while weakening the influence of traditional (read conservative) America.

Obama Says 'No Foreign Terrorist Organization' Has Planned, Executed Attack on U.S. During His Term.  President Obama delivered his last major speech on national security at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida on Tuesday [12/6/2016], boasting that "no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack" in the U.S.

A Complete List of Radical Islamic Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Under Obama.  In a speech at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, President Obama declared that "[n]o foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland."  The claim earned perfunctory applause, but a closer look at the reaction of many of the servicemen and women there made clear what they really thought about the administration's handling of national security.  The President's claim — which he has repeated in some form or fashion over the last few years — is an obvious rhetorical attempt to gloss over the reality of the threat of radical Islamic terror on American soil.  The attempt to disconnect "lone wolf" terrorists from the terror organizations who often inspire them does nothing to alleviate the pain of those who have suffered at the hands of jihadists and only hurts prevention efforts.

Leaked FBI documents show that more than 7,000 'terrorist encounters' occurred within the US in a year.  More than 7,000 terrorist encounters have occurred within a single year in the US, according to leaked FBI documents.  The sensitive FBI data obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed that most of the encounters occurred near the US-Mexico border.  Some of the incidents which are classified as 'Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounters' indicate that suspected terrorists attempted to sneak into the US across the border.

Muslim Refugee Terror is Changing America.  The wave of Muslim refugee terror began with a bomb targeting a U.S. Marine charity run in New Jersey.  By evening a pressure cooker full of shrapnel has exploded outside a Manhattan building for the blind.  An hour later, a rampaging Muslim terrorist began stabbing people inside a Macy's, asking them if they were Muslim and shouting the name of "Allah," the genocidal Islamic deity of mass murder.  And that was one Saturday, two Muslim refugees and a wave of national terror 1,200 miles apart.  What did Elizabeth, New Jersey and St. Cloud, Minnesota have in common?  New Jersey has the second largest Muslim population in the country.  This isn't the first time it was used as a staging ground for Muslim terror.

Why FBI Suspects Keep Attacking Americans.  Why does the Obama administration keep failing to thwart Muslim terrorist attacks in the U.S. after receiving apparently good intelligence warning of those attacks?  It turns out that Americans keep turning in budding Muslim terrorists to the Obama administration and the administration keeps on doing nothing.  For example, the alleged mastermind of the weekend pressure-cooker bombing in New York City was turned in by his own father but the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to do much of anything about him.  These intelligence failures have become a recurrent theme in the Obama era, with deadly results.  Excluding the events of the last few days, there have been 89 Muslim terrorist plots and attacks in the United States since Sept. 11, 2001 and 25 of those have taken place since the beginning of 2015, according to David Inserra of the Heritage Foundation.  Counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka, vice president at the Institute of World Politics, blamed political correctness for the FBI's inability to do something about Rahami before he acted.

Will Terrorist Attacks Be The New Normal?  With three separate incidents that seem at first glance to be Islamic terrorism, America again faces the question:  Is this our inevitable future, one filled with murderous attacks by a growing group of people who despise us?  It's not a pleasant question to ask.  But the first-blush evidence from attacks over the weekend — including a pipe-bomb explosion before a U.S. Marine-sponsored running event in Seaside, New Jersey; a bomb set off in a dumpster in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 (and another unexploded device found just blocks away); and a maniac stabbing 9 people in Minnesota while muttering about Allah — says they can't be written off as merely random.

Forget the Economy — It's the Jihad, Stupid!  There's little question the Obama administration has done an horrendous job dealing with Islamic terrorism.  The rise of ISIS is significantly on the president's hands, not just because he inanely called the mega-terrorists a JV team, but because his failure to keep sufficient U.S. troops in Iraq gave the Islamic State the opportunity to grow and thrive.  The success of the Islamic State has given rise to a worldwide epidemic of so-called "lone wolves" who aren't really alone, but local players (sometimes banded together) who take their inspiration from ISIS.  They don't care whether the Islamic State is controlling Mosul or even Raqqa.  They care about jihad.  And there seem to be more of them every day, in all corners of the world.

The Truth About the NY and NJ Bombings (and the Minnesota Mall Attack): We Are At War.  The Orwellian bias and naked propaganda of the leftist media, such as refusing to call acts of terrorism terrorism, and criticizing Trump for calling a bombing a bombing, really has jumped the shark and gone full retard.  Which is why they have lost nearly all credibility among the great mass of the people.  It is so ridiculous that even the average formerly asleep "bread and circuses" distracted sheeple are now able to see it.  That is a good thing.  But the "mainstream" media, and the SJW communist fanatics that infest the Democratic party (same thing, really) refuse to see how they are killing their own credibility and legitimacy.  So be it.  Let them keep responding to radical leftist and jihadist terrorism by ignoring it or by trying to blame it on "racism."

Three Violent Attacks:  Connect the Dots.  Stories like these are isolated events, featuring people who are easily dismissed as marginal, but they illustrate, and flow from, the most important issues of our time.

Exposing 5 Little Known Facts about Islam Politicians and the Media Are Deliberately Concealing from You.  Despite the fact that the perpetrator, named as Sami Ayad, a "Frenchman" apparently, shouted what the media incorrectly call "an Arabic phrase meaning God is greatest," police insist there's no evidence showing he'd been radicalized or motivated by politics.  They didn't go as far to say he's suffering from a mental illness this time.  True to form, the media is downplaying any connection to Islam.  Instead of accurately describing Ayad as a "French Muslim", he's portrayed as a "Frenchman."  Furthermore, the exclamation "Allahu Akbar" is not an Arabic phrase nor does it mean "God is greatest" as the duplicitous media reports state.  It's an Arabic phrase specific to Islam [...] and it means "Allah is greater."  Meaning Allah is greater than your Gods and greater than your man-made governments and laws.  These kinds of desperate attempts to disconnect from Islam atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of their deity are deployed by both politicians and the media in the aftermath of each attack.  They're deliberately concealing the truth about Islam in order to maintain the "it's a religion of peace" narrative.

Good News:  Media Decides Islamic Terrorism is a Mental Illness.  The growth in Islamic terrorism is leading the media to even more bizarre realms of propaganda.  So unable to deny Islamic terrorism, they insist that it has nothing to do with Islam.  It's a mental illness.

The Great Gun-Control Distraction.  Since ISIS burst on the international scene, the death toll has more than tripled.  Jihadists have killed 73 American men and women in just two years.  And that number would be much higher if not for the courage and bravery of local police.  The list is sobering:
  •   From April to June, 2014, Ali Muhammed Brown killed four Americans on a "mission of vengeance" against the United States.
  •   On September 25, 2014, Alton Nolen beheaded an Oklahoma woman with a knife.  His social media pages were covered with evidence of jihadist leanings and motivations.
  •   On May 3, 2015, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi attacked an exhibit of Mohammed images in Garland, Texas.  They wounded a security officer, but police killed them before they were able to carry out mass murder.
  •   On July 16, 2015, Mohammad Abdulazeez killed five people at two Chattanooga recruiting stations.  FBI director James Comey declared that Abdulazeez was "inspired/motivated" by terrorist propaganda.
  •   On November 4, 2015, Faisal Mohammed went on an ISIS-inspired stabbing spree — wounding four — before he was killed by campus police.
  •   On December 2, 2015, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS then killed 14 people and wounded 21 at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, Calif.
  •   On January 8, 2015, Edward Archer pledged himself to ISIS and attempted to assassinate a Philadelphia police officer.  The wounded officer chased down and apprehended Archer before he could commit any other acts of violence.
  •   On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen pledged himself to ISIS and killed 49 people and wound[ed] 53 at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Platitudes and Hashtags Won't Stop Terrorism.  After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the social media slogan "Je Suis Charlie" went viral.  After the ghastly Paris attacks last November, Facebook supporters swathed their profile pics in the French flag.  The victims of the San Bernardino jihadist assault in December got short shrift because the city unfortunately doesn't have a flag to make virtue-signaling convenient.  But after the Brussels slaughter in March, the French tricoleur was swapped out for Belgium's black, yellow, and red.  Now that fifty Orlando gay clubgoers are dead and another fifty-plus wounded, rainbows abound.  These are the touching but ultimately empty gestures of a culture that is already resigned to losing the clash of civilizations.  They will do nothing to save lives the next time around — and there will continue to be many more "next times" throughout the West until we say no more, until we refuse to accept that suffering terrorist savagery is our new normal.  We must reverse our mindset, think like conquerors instead of the conquered, and deal aggressively with the source of all this misery:  Islam.

No, We Are Not 'Doing Everything We Can'.  It is a mistake — one that we insist on repeating — to tell ourselves that the jihadists and ISIS groupies who perpetuate terrorist spectaculars such as the attack on the Pulse nightclub outside Orlando are irrational, that they are mentally disorganized lunatics of the familiar-enough sort exemplified by Jared Lee Loughner and John Salvi, who may or may not believe themselves to be acting in the service of a particular cause.  Lunacy is not what we are seeing with domestic jihadists.  What we see instead is the pursuit of specific cultural and political ends through acts of violence directed at symbolically important soft targets.  We speak of "lone wolf" jihadists as though this phenomenon were somehow independent of the wider Islamist project.  It is not.  The model of "leaderless resistance" in the service of terrorist projects is not new, and it has not been employed by the Islamists at random.

Under Obama: 8 Islamic Terror Attacks That Could Have Been Prevented.  It didn't take long after the attack at a gay bar in Orlando, which claimed 49 lives and injured at least 53 others, for the public to learn that the terrorist, Omar Mateen, had been on a terrorism watch list and was twice interviewed by the FBI.  In fact, FBI director James Comey said on Monday [6/13/2016] that there were "strong indications of radicalization." In other words, this attack didn't come out of the blue.  So why wasn't something done before Sunday?  This has become a deeply troubling pattern during the Obama administration.  In fact, in all the past major Islamic terror attacks carried out on U.S. soil, federal officials either ignored or overlooked warning signs that arguably could have prevented the carnage.

Trump: 'For every terror case known to public, there are dozens, dozens more'.  Think about that and remember, thanks to Obama policies, Customs and Border Patrol was forced to "modify" nearly a thousand terror suspect entries and remove all references to terrorism.  Meanwhile, both homegrown and immigrant/refugee terror attacks proliferate[.]

Another Day, Another Jihad Attack.  Wherever Islam goes, so goes its ethos.  The barbarity and variety of actions of Islamic extremists are seen daily around the globe, committed under the banner of Islam, and have become so commonplace that the world has come to view them as part and parcel of a troubled humanity.  And from time to time, the world is shocked into a passing and momentary realization of the evil deeds these Islamist robots commit... and quickly gets over it and does nothing to seriously address this affliction of humanity. [...] In short, Islam is busy with what it did from the time of its birth, fighting non-Muslims and infighting.  Violence is the animating force of Islam.  Islam is a religion born through violence, raised by violence; it thrives on violence and dies without violence.

Reality TV: Obama at the Mosque.  [Scroll down]  Ever since the late 1960s, Muslim terrorism has been a growing part of the international mosaic.  Remember all the airplane hijacks four decades ago that spawned the intrusive international airport security and screening?  What about Munich?  The bombing of Pan Am flight 103?  The Achille Lauro?  The first World Trade Center attack?  9-11?  Indonesian bombings in Bali and Jakarta??  Boston?  San Bernardino?  These are the more prominent of thousands of terrorist attacks mounted not, as liberal Bill Maher has reminded us, by blond Swedish women, but by Muslims.

List of Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil.  [Scroll down]  Muslim-Americans do not appear to be in any special danger from murderous (non-Muslim) religious fanatics, even in a nation awash in firearms.  Identity groups, such as CAIR, whine incessantly about relatively trivial incidents while turning a blind eye to the horrible violence that is meted out daily in the name of their religion.  This distasteful petulance offers insight not only into the character of Islam, but also the America's impressive religious tolerance.

Obama's Next Move is to Gang up on Israel.  It took Senator Cruz to finally say that killing our unarmed Marines and Navy personnel [in Chattanooga] is "an Act of War."  So was the civilian massacre in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon on 9/11/01.  So were all the other jihadist attacks since 9/11.  These are not random "workplace accidents."  They are controlled by nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and therefore constitute open and declared aggression under international law.  We are at war, and our political class is lying to us about it.

A Time to Confront Our Enemies at Home.  Thanks to Obama's retreat from Iraq and the Middle East, the jihad waged by Islamic terrorists is now being fought on American soil, instead of on a battlefront in Fallujah and Anbar.  Thanks to the borders Obama has destroyed and the tens of thousands of legal immigrants the White House has decided to import from terrorist regions, the enemy is among us.  Thanks to Obama's denial that we are at war at all, the Islamic jihad is now being waged in Chattanooga and Fort Hood, the fly over country that liberals and progressives have always despised.  This is not the first time that a military recruiting office in the South was attacked by a Muslim terrorist.  In 2009 — Obama's first year in office — Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad opened fire on a military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas, under orders from Al Qaeda in Yemen, and killed Private William Long.  It was the shot that should have been heard around the country but wasn't, because America's Commander-in-Chief told us that Muhammad was a lone crazed assassin, not a vanguard Islamic soldier.

Also posted under Obama is a Muslim.

The Best Way to Deal With "Lone Wolf" Terror is to Grind ISIS Into the Dust.  The single-most persuasive thing you can do to "win the war of ideas" is obliterate ISIS.  To the jihadist mind ISIS's success is the best argument for more jihad.  ISIS's success inspires new foot soldiers, leading radical Muslims to believe that finally the tide is turning in their favor, that the caliphate is upon us.  Jihad thrives on success.  Conversely, it withers in the face of defeat.  This should be a matter of common sense, but too many Americans misunderstand martyrdom, believing that successful military operations are self-defeating because they "create martyrs."  No, martyrs are only truly inspiring (on a large scale) when they succeed, not when they fail.

Seven Islamic Terrorist Attacks in USA in Seven Years for Obama Administration.  On Thursday, a Muslim man killed four U.S. Marines in attacks on military recruiting facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn.  The man, identified as Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, then died in a pitched gun battle after he led police on a high-speed chase in a rented Mustang convertible.  Abdulazeez, 24, was a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Kuwait. [...] The terrorist attack by Abdulazeez marks the seventh terrorist attack on U.S. soil by Muslims during Barack Obama's presidency.  Two dozen people have been killed in the attacks.  Scores more have been seriously injured.

Pamela Geller and the hijacking of America.  [Scroll down]  Jihadists drove a thousand miles to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws.  The cop who shot them to death likely prevented a gruesome massacre.  We are now being told that this would not have happened and everything would have been okay if Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer had stayed quiet and didn't make any stupid moves, such as, organizing the exhibition of Mohammed cartoons.  This is exactly the behavior of passengers on a hijacked plane.  We hope that everything will be okay as long as we remain quiet and make no stupid moves.  We willingly trust the voices on TV and hope the government will sort it out.  We want to believe that every act of Islamic terrorism is an isolated incident, [...]

Islamic State Beheader 'Jihadi John' Yet Another Case of 'Known Wolf' Terrorism.  A man seen in multiple ISIS propaganda videos speaking with a British accent and beheading Western hostages had his identity revealed in the Washington Post this morning, and yet again the suspect is another case of what I have termed "known wolf" syndrome since he was already known to authorities before engaging in acts of terrorism.

Say it, Obama: 'Islamic'.  A recent news bulletin announced that police in Nova Scotia broke up a plot by two men who aimed to carry out mass murder at a shopping mall and then commit suicide.  Here is what the Associated Press said about the plot in its second paragraph:  "Police and other officials said it was not related to Islamic terrorism."  Whew, that's a relief.  And a surprise.  If you shared my instant reactions, you also are wondering what [...] is going on with the Obama administration.  When the liberal Associated Press feels the need to address readers' assumptions about Islam and terrorism, we have a reached a tipping point.

When Will Obama Get a Grip on Islamic Terrorism?  Someone needs to tell President Obama that the global War on Terror is alive and well, and not receding, as he would like Americans to believe.  Collen Hufford was beheaded in Oklahoma; in New York, an axe was embedded in the head of a New York City Policeman.  In Western Europe, Islamic extremists killed Jews and journalists in France, while in Belgium there were shootouts.  In Sydney, Australia, a hostage crisis resulted in two killed, and in Canada, soldiers were murdered.  There are reports that as many as 20 sleeper cells could be ready to strike in France, Germany, Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Five examples of "isolated incidents:"
5 New Signs that the Jihad Against the West Is Just Getting Warmed Up.  The Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher jihad massacres were not the beginning, and they're certainly not the end.  There will be many more killings, many more infidels struck down in the streets.  Jihad murder will become an ever more frequent feature of life in the West.  And just this past week there have been new signs that we are in for a long, tough war — made all the tougher by the fact that only one side has the will to fight, a clear objective for which it is fighting, and an indestructible tenacity enabling it to keep on fighting, no matter how long the odds.

Profiling the Islamic "Lone Wolf".  Lately, and too often, it's the ordinary-looking Muslims who have been waging "lone wolf" jihad against Westerners.  They haven't telegraphed their intentions by wearing suicide vests or toting AK-47's and wearing ski-masks in public as they approach their targets.  They infiltrate crowds or stroll past a café and do what they came to do.  Destroy.

The blame game in the New York cop killings shows a demonization double standard.  The 2009 Ft. Hood shooter was in contact with Al Qaeda and later admitted his murder rampage was on its behalf.  And, unlike the tea party crowd, Al Qaeda actually uses "eliminationist rhetoric" — and not just rhetorically.  And yet, in such cases, the knee-jerk response from the Obama administration and of many liberals is to counsel the very restraint they deny to their domestic political opponents.  They try to minimize the event as an "isolated incident."  Amazingly, the administration designated the Ft. Hood killing "workplace violence."

Where Was President Obama?  An entire parade of infidel-hating fanatics targeted U.S. soldiers long before Islamic State barbarians issued threats against our military personnel and their families this fall.  What happened in Canada — what ISIS wants worldwide — has been happening here for years under Barry-come-lately's watch.

10 Acts of Jihad in America That Americans Haven't Heard About.  Here are some recent acts of jihad on American soil that you may have missed — all from this spring and summer.

Media Matters Upset That Islamic Terror Group Being Identified As Such By 'Right Wing Media'.  The gist of these defenses of Islamic terrorists by lefties every time goes something like this:  it's an "isolated incident" or a "marginalized" group or, in the case of the Boston Marathon bombers, "they were basically loners."  They are so desperate to say "all Islamists aren't terrorists" that they make up ways to avoid saying that the key component in Islamic terrorism is the Islamic stuff.  If you press them, they'll begin barking "Timothy McVeigh!" like a chihuahua around a mailman.

Obama — Red Lines and Red Herrings.  Terror attacks or plots from Benghazi to Boston, Bulgaria to London, Detroit to Fort Hood, and Little Rock to Times Square are signs that terrorists are still alive and kicking.  Obama wants to ignore or belittle these events, just as some did before 9-11.  Yes, there were no 9-11-scale attacks, but there was a new 9-11 assault in Benghazi by Al-Qaeda.  There were also more anti-US attacks and attempted attacks in the last four years than the previous seven.

If you see something, say nothing.  It was a report of the now numbingly familiar sort.  Witnesses at the synagogue in Paris recounted that an Iranian immigrant had been screaming "Allahu Akbar!" while he chased the rabbi and his son.  When he finally caught up, he slashed away at them with a box-cutter, causing severe lacerations.  Nevertheless, the Associated Press assured readers that "[a]n official investigation was underway to determine a possible motive."

A multicultural society where all truths are equal stokes the flames of evils like Woolwich.  There has been the usual outpouring of predictable responses since Drummer Rigby was murdered by (alleged, for legal reasons) Islamists:  Iraq war; Muslim anger at that war; EDL every bit as big a threat to our way of life as Islamist murderers, etc.  Every report is couched in ultra-cautious terms by the media:  after two war memorials were desecrated this week, most reports stated that the police couldn't say whether it was the act of Islamists or some trouble-stirring, shadowy "far-Right" group.

Peter King: Stop being 'politically correct'.  Rep. Peter King is calling for greater law enforcement focus on Muslim communities, arguing that authorities should put aside what is "politically correct" and recognize that America faces major threats from Islamic terrorism.  "Obviously the main international base, the terrorist threats are coming from the Muslim community," King (R-N.Y.) told POLITICO on Saturday [4/20/2013].  "There have been 16 terror plots against New York [since Sept. 11, 2001], all Islamist-based.

Stay calm, all is hell!  After every terror plot since 9/11, officials rushed to calm the public by saying the plotters were not directly working for al Qaeda or another known organization.  They used phrases like "one off," an "isolated extremist" or, in the Boston case, "self-radicalized" to downplay the threat.  Even when they were wrong — the underwear bomber had training in Yemen — the aim was to assure Americans there was no imminent danger of another large-scale horror like 9/11.

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples.  [#43]  Lone Wolf Terrorist:  [There is a] general penchant of the media to ignore the Muslim connection to many of the mass shootings since 911.  While the Tea Party or conservatives are often the first people the media blames for such crimes, Islam is consistently downplayed or entirely ignored as playing a role in these shootings or attempted terror attacks.

Breaking Apart the United States: Part II.  I was delighted to hear that a Muslim terrorist was caught in NYC the other day.  Mayor Bloomberg and his people assured us that the "lone wolf" (a phrase repeated ad nauseam) had been apprehended.  Hurray!  Unless you are one of those worrywarts concerned about the millions of other "lone wolves" still out there, you can now rest secure in your bed at night.

Obama and the Power of Propaganda.  Obama says there is no terror and no war, while the media assure us Obama won the war.  Both are wrong.  There were more actual and abortive terror attacks in the U.S. in the last three years than in the previous eight.  There were 30 assaults or plots on army bases, transportation hubs, and synagogues:  from Little Rock to Seattle, from Riverdale to a New York air base, from Fort Hood Texas (the massacre and a later copy-cat plot), to New York's subways, from a plane over Detroit to a Times Square car bomb.  Most plots are not on the scale of 9-11, but there is a pattern of growing danger, not a diminishing threat.

Media's Deadly Bias.  Writing articles on terrorism in a post 9/11 world becomes more difficult each day.  It's certainly not due to the lack of terror or terror arrests; that, unfortunately, is never ending.  Since 9/11 there have been 18,598 deadly terror attacks all in the name of Islam.  The writing on the subject of terror for myself and others has become a 'cat and mouse game' with the media and the current administration.  I cannot even count the amount of times arrests have been made in a terror plot here in the U.S. and there is absolutely no further information available.  When I say no further information, I am referring to the suspect's gender, age and of course, the name.

Murdering While Muslim.  Recently a nice Muslim fellow from Chicago by the name of Mohammad Alkaramla was convicted of sending bomb threats to a Jewish High School.  Like most serial killers, his neighbors described him as peaceful and friendly.  Just the sort of chap you want to invite to a barbecue or a bombing.  His defense was that he wasn't threatening to kill Jewish students because he was the follower of a bigoted religion, but because he was upset over his ex-wife leaving to return home to Jordan.  Mohammad Alkaramla joins a long list of Muslim terrorists who did what they did only because of "personal problems".

Terrorism, Sure.  Oh, but it's 'Not a Conspiracy'!  How many terror attacks or attempted terror attacks have occurred on U.S. soil since 9/11?  Five?  Six?  Ten?  According to our government each and every one of these attacks, whether failed or not, have had one thing in common:  "they are not part of a conspiracy."  Clearly, however, our officials are lying to us on this count. ... There most certainly is a conspiracy going on here.  One single thing links each and every one of these many successful and attempted terror attacks:  Islam.

The anti-conspiracy theorists.  After the failed Times Square car bombing, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano immediately opined that it was a "one-off."  Sen. Chuck Schumer chimed in, "The odds are quite high that this was a lone wolf."  Translation:  Nothing to see here, just a random crazy and a failed plot of no larger consequence.

Bomb Was Crude but Lethal.  A plot to blow up Times Square over the weekend appears less sophisticated than others that authorities have thwarted since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  Between then and now, there have been at least 10 such attempts to bomb New York City institutions, from landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge to a lesser-known synagogue in the Bronx.  All have been foiled with the help of informants and inside cooperators.

Hit-and-Run Jihad Comes to America.  A radical Islamic terrorist attack doesn't necessarily need several participants or a direct connection to a terrorist organization.  It doesn't need to be spectacular or done by someone motivated by nothing other than theology.  It just needs to be an act of violence aimed at instilling fear in order to advance the cause of radical Islam, and it is because of this failure to understand what qualifies as a "terrorist attack" that the country does not see how many such acts have actually occurred.

The Myth Of The Lone Gunman.  Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the claim has often been made that no further acts of terrorism have occurred on U.S. soil.  But anyone following the news closely knows better.  While there has not yet been another large-scale attack, a number of terrorist plots have been broken up and a variety of suspicious crimes and incidents have occurred across the nation.  But each time, authorities seem to have made every effort to downplay the terrorism angle.

The Editor says...
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Amateurs – Not:  All Terror Plots are Serious.  Foiled terror plots often will seem ridiculous and unlikely, especially when they are pre-empted. … If the 9/11 plot had been disrupted at its very inception — with jihadis playing flight-simulator games in Afghanistan — it would have seemed laughable.  This is why even foiled plots deserve to be taken seriously.

The Terror Nobody Knows:  Thwarted Attacks on the U.S..  In July 2005, the Los Angeles Police Department caught a group of men who had been robbing gas stations in the area.  While investigating, police uncovered something far worse:  The gas station hits were bankrolling a terrorist plot to attack National Guard facilities, synagogues, the Israeli consulate and Los Angeles International Airport.

List of Thwarted Terror Attacks Since Sept. 11.

Islamic attacks on our airline industry.  The list of incidents involving Muslim passengers disrupting flight operations aboard domestic aircraft is increasing, while criminal charges against the suspicious and disruptive Muslim passengers are not.  Instead, accusations of racial profiling, alarmist and reactionary responses by the airlines, flight crews and passengers are becoming more widespread, despite the historical significance of such incidents and the consequential devastation and loss of life caused by these very same "dry runs" footnoted in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Islamic Radicalization U.S.A..  If a major homegrown terrorist attack happens on U.S. soil in the coming years, 2009 will be looked at as the year when the warning signs were missed.  According to the Rand Corporation, the U.S. has experienced 30 homegrown terrorism plots since 9/11.  One-third of these occurred in 2009; a frightening spike that warrants more attention than it is currently being given by public officials.

Merry Christmas from the World of Islam.  With attention focused on the flagrant security breaches around Flight 253 on Christmas Day, too little has been made of the timing of the attack.  Most readers will be surprised to learn that this was not the only Christmas attack on Christians.  Here is a list of other holiday attacks which I found without extensive research... Isn't it noteworthy that you did not hear about any of this from the general media?

The Mainstream Media:  Fourth Estate Or Fifth Column?  Every time we allow the administration and the MSM to categorize Major Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer, as a "lone crackpot" despite his clear connection to the Islamic jihadists' network, we lose our edge in recognizing more potential threats.

30 Terrorist Plots Against the U.S. Foiled Since 9/11.  Sheer luck and civilian bravery played roles in thwarting some of these attacks.  Additionally, U.S. efforts in the war on terrorism, including operations in Afghanistan, have helped to weed out terrorist sanctuaries before they can organize attacks.  Finally, domestic counterterrorism tools put in place since 9/11 have helped stop terrorists from operating on U.S. soil.

The dots some don't want to connect.  [Scroll down slowly]  At Fort Hood, Maj. Hasan jumped on a table and gunned down his comrades while screaming, "Allahu Akbar!", which is Arabic for "Nothing to see here" and an early indicator of pre-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The Times Square Bomber, we are assured by The Washington Post, CNN and Newsweek, was upset by foreclosure proceedings on his house.  Mortgage-related issues.  Nothing to do with months of training at a Taliban camp in Waziristan.

Taxi Jihad: New York Muslim Cabbies Kill, Maim and Go on Driving.  The overwhelming majority of cabbies who killed and maimed passengers and pedestrians in the past five years are back behind the wheel.  Of 16 fatal or serious crashes since 2009 examined by The Post, only two of the drivers had their licenses revoked, according to a review based on a Freedom of Information Act request.  The shocking findings reveal that in even the most egregious cases, drivers with blood on their bumpers can remain active Taxi & Limousine Commission license holders, [...]

We Need to Call It Terrorism.  Within three days there have been two jihadist attacks in Canada, carried out by Canadian citizens who recently converted to Islam.  No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility, at least as yet.  Nevertheless, Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed no reluctance in calling the terrorists ... terrorists.  Bravo!

The Great 'Workplace Violence' Epidemic.  As if Ebola were not serious enough, a new, and perhaps more lethal, epidemic appears to be spreading throughout the world from the Middle East to North America.  It goes under the rubric "workplace violence."  The possibility of such an epidemic first came to our attention in November 2009 when Major Nidal Malik Hasan — an Army psychiatrist who corresponded with the late Yemen-based imam Anwar Al-Awlaki and who lectured his fellow doctors on jihad — shouted "Allah Akbhar" and fatally shot 13 people, injuring 30 others, at Ft. Hood, near Killeen, Texas.  The U.S. Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies classified the shootings as acts of "workplace violence."

President Obama, Silent.  President Obama says he's "shaken" by this week's violent attacks on three soldiers in Ottawa by an Islamic jihadist.  He immediately phoned Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper to offer support and "solidarity."  He vowed to "remain vigilant."  Too bad Obama didn't show the same resolve after multiple attacks and plots against our troops by Muslim terrorists on our soil.  And I'm not just talking about the "workplace violence" of jihadist Nidal Hasan, whose Koran-inspired Fort Hood rampage took the lives of 13 American servicemen and servicewomen and one unborn baby.

Hatchet Suspect Posted Pro-Jihad, Anti-US Comments.  It's pretty telling and all too typical that we have to resort to very offbeat websites (AKA citizen journalists) to find any coverage of the background on the NYC hatchet attacker.  But all the quotes are from still active links to his Facebook page and YouTube comments.  Funny, how our media guardians can't find them. [...] And yet our news media still can't find a motive.  But don't worry.  Mr. Thompson wasn't a terrorist.  And even if he was, he was just a 'lone wolf'.  There is no reason to be concerned about this becoming a problem.

Rep. Mike Rogers: Lone wolf terror threat 'huge and getting worse'.  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers argued Sunday [10/26/2014] that the threat of lone wolf terrorists pose to national security is "huge and getting worse."  "In Britain, they're very close to being overwashed, meaning their resources can't keep up with the individuals that have both gone to Syria and fought and have come back," the Michigan Republican said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

'Lone Wolf,' or 'Known Wolf'? The Ongoing Counter-Terrorism Failure.  The separate terror attacks in Canada and a long string of terror attacks here in the U.S. show that the counter-terrorism policies of Western governments are fundamentally broken, and are directly responsible for getting their citizens killed.

Survival of the witless? Unlikely to impossible.  America as a whole is no more perspicacious than the mayor of Ottawa, who in response to Wednesday's murder of a Canadian soldier by an Islamic zealot dressed in black from head to toe, said the attack had "origins as yet not fully known, causes not yet fully understood."  Canadian police, the story noted, "would not speculate on a motive for the shooting."  Of course, they would not speculate.  If they told the truth, that it was another case of an Islamic extremist waging jihad against the West, they would be fired for inciting hate, or some such politically correct nonsense.  Survival of the fittest apparently may preclude not just Americans but all of Western civilization from having a role in the 22nd century.  Because, shackled by political correctness as we are, we are definitely not fit to survive.

The Big 'Lone Wolf' Dodge.  The current breakout of supposed "lone wolves," like the absurd "workplace violence" euphemism, is yet another example of the Obama administration attempting to distract the public from the issues, in this case the most important issue of all, the continuing and growing global spread of violent Islamic ideology.  Blame anything but Islam as the cause of a problem and instruct the FBI, our intelligence agencies and, alas, even our military always to do the same.  Call it "lone wolves," "workplace violence," or even "the man in the moon."  Call it anything you want — just don't use the I-word.  But that's very point, isn't it?  There wouldn't be any "lone wolves," assuming that's what they are, were there not an Islam to make them feel not alone.  You don't see "lone wolves" adhering to another religion or ideology.

Random Thoughts on Ebola, Islam and Hillary.  [Scroll down]  The recent attack in Ottawa, Canada, in which a young soldier was killed, was committed by a Muslim, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, whom it was first erroneously reported was a recent convert.  In actually he had been a Muslim for at least seven years.  Another reported convert, Alton Molen, beheaded a co-worker in Oklahoma in September.  In the United Kingdom, a woman was beheaded in broad daylight by a machete wielding Muslim.  All one has to do is Google 'beheadings' or 'convert to Muslim murders' and you will then read U.S. official reports that these incidents are not terrorist related.  At least in Canada, Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is honest and brave enough to call it what it is-terrorism.  President Obama nevertheless utters simplistic remarks such as "Tragic events" or "senseless violence" when it is not senseless at all but deliberate terrorism against the western infidels.

Lone Wolf Jihad.  What would possess a man to take a hatchet and attempt to kill police in broad daylight (New York City)?  Or mow down civilians (Jerusalem) or soldiers in uniform (Montreal suburb of St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu)?  Or behead innocents at work (Oklahoma) or on the street (London, U.K.)?  Or shoot unarmed soldiers with the intent of killing the country's Prime Minister (Ottawa)?  Western politicians are stumped, resorting to words like "senseless" or "madness".  However, the answer lies in the new and improved jihad strategy that is gaining traction throughout the world. [...] For lack of a better understanding, the mainstream media and many Western politicians attribute the cause of the recent attacks from this past week (including the two September beheadings in Oklahoma and the U.K.), to the random and deranged actions of lone wolves or madmen troubled by psychological issues; the insanity defense is often employed.  These barbaric attacks have nothing to do with Islam, officials insist, despite the killers referring to the same source — that being jihad and Allah — to motivate their barbaric actions.

Security services have foiled FORTY terror plots since 2005.  Police and security services have thwarted 40 terrorists plots in Britain since the July 7 attacks nine years ago, Theresa May revealed today [10/24/2014].  The foiled atrocities including 'marauding' 'Mumbai-style' gun attacks streets, an attempt to blow up the London Stock Exchange and airplanes, and murder troops and a British ambassador.  Unveiling a raft of new counter-terror measures, the Home Secretary warned the threat to Britain is 'greater than it ever has been' and stressed the terrorists 'only have to be lucky once'.

Jihad in America: List of Muslim Terror Attacks since 9/11.  Islamic terror in the homeland is nothing new.  What is new is that despite the Obama administration and enemedia's relentless campaign to scrub and obfuscate the motive behind the hate, violence and war, the American people are finally waking up.

Free Speech Crackdown:  Europe tells British press not to reveal if terrorists are Muslims.  Meddling Brussels has said the British press should not report when terrorists are Muslims in a slew of demands to the Government to crack down on the media.  A report from the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) found there was an increase in hate speech and racist violence in the UK from 2009 to March 2016.  Blaming the press, ECRI Chair Christian Ahlund, said:  "It is no coincidence that racist violence is on the rise in the UK at the same time as we see worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in the newspapers, online and even among politicians."

Specific cases:

Note:  Some recent cases with very little media coverage are listed here.

There is also a section about the ingredients for future terrorist attacks.

Sydney, Australia (again)
April 15, 2024

Australia:  Muslim Stabs Priest Yelling "Allahu Akbar."  We May Never Know His Motive.  This story seems strangely familiar.  ["]The teenager who allegedly stabbed a bishop in an act of terrorism justified his actions by telling police the Christian leader had 'sworn' at 'my prophet', and reportedly screamed the Islamic phrase 'Allahu Akbar'. [...] He was captured on the live stream of the attack shouting 'Allahu Akbar' as he stabbed the bishop in the head, neck and torso at least eight times.["]  His motives are truly a mystery.  The video went out on livestream, yet no Australian news organization will show the actual video of the stabbing.  [Video clip]  The couple of foreign media sources that do show the video (like The Daily Mail) have age restrictions that prevent embedding.  Further, tweets that show it appear to have been deleted.

Sydney church stabbing [was] a 'terrorist act': police.  A knife attack at a live-streamed church service in Sydney in which four people were wounded has been designated a "terrorist" act, police said Tuesday.  A bishop and the 15-year-old suspect were among those being treated for "non-life threatening injuries" after the attack Monday evening at an Assyrian Christian church in the west of Sydney.

Christian Bishop In Sydney [was] Stabbed Multiple Times During Sermon.  A bishop and three worshippers have been attacked in another stabbing rampage to rock Sydney, as riot police have been called in to quell mounting tensions in the city's west.  Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was preaching at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley in Sydney's west on Monday just after 7pm when a man dressed in a dark hoodie walked up to the altar and allegedly stabbed him multiple times.  Horrifying footage of the incident, which was being broadcast live on the church's YouTube page, shows Bishop Emmanuel look up in astonishment as the attacker suddenly rains down blows on his face and head.  [Video clip]

Multiple people stabbed at church in Sydney, days after mall stabbing.  Multiple people have been stabbed at a church service in Western Sydney, including the bishop leading the service, Australian media reports.  This comes just days after a separate attack when a man went on a stabbing spree at Sydney's Westfield Bondi Junction mall, killing 6 and wounding more than a dozen others.  The incident at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley Monday night happened while the bishop was giving a church service that was being livestreamed online, according to Nine News Sydney.  Video of the incident circulating on social media shows a man dressed in black approach the bishop leading the service.  The assailant raises his arm and begins stabbing the religious leader repeatedly as he falls over.

Sydney, Australia
April 13, 2024

Suspect among six dead in Australian stabbing spree at busy shopping center: police.  Six people are dead after a stabbing spree in Australia on Saturday afternoon, including the suspect who was shot to death by a police officer, authorities confirmed.  The incident took place at Westfield Bondi Junction, a six-level shopping center in Sydney.  New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb confirmed at a news conference that four women and one man were killed in the shopping center, and subsequently another woman died at a hospital.  Eight others were hospitalized and are being treated for different injuries associated with the attack. [...] Webb said the suspect is a 40-year-old man who was known to police.  "We know a little bit about this person but we are waiting to confirm his identification," the commissioner said.  She added that police do not believe he was "holding an ideation — in other words, that it's not a terrorism incident."

The Editor says...
Obviously the attacker is a Muslim.  What makes me think so?  [#1] A knife attack on multiple people in a public place — nobody else acts like that.  [#2]  The police know him but won't say his name.  That is a huge red flag.  [#3]  The police quickly deny that it's a terrorist attack, which usually means it was a terrorist attack.

I knew it!
Islamist Rampages in Australia, Videos Show His Deadly Attack and the Hero Who Confronted Him.  An Islamic terrorist went on a stabbing rampage in a Sydney mall, killing at least six people and stabbing a nine-month-old baby in the process.  There was little doubt of the motive given the attack happened outside an Israeli restaurant in a Jewish neighborhood.  Clear pictures of the attacker have also been released, along with several videos.

Moscow, Russia
March 22, 2024

Court Arrests 12th Suspect in Crocus City Hall Attack Case.  The Basmanny District Court of Moscow has arrested Dzhumokhon Kurbonov, the twelfth defendant in the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack case, who will remain in custody until May 22, a Sputnik correspondent reported on Saturday.  Earlier in the day, the investigators requested the court to arrest Kurbonov.  So far, 11 defendants have been charged with committing a terrorist attack resulting in death as part of an organized group under paragraph b of Part 3 of Article 205 of the Russian criminal code.  They have been arrested and face life imprisonment.

Muslim Terrorists Who Killed 145 People In Moscow Testify That Ukraine Was Paying Them.  Footage of the interrogation of terrorists who attacked Crocus City Hall:  "We were told to go to Ukraine in Kiev"  The terrorists were promised that it was there that they would be given 1 million rubles each.  The detainees until the last minute received instructions from their curator, who promised that they would wait for the creatures at the border and help them get to Kyiv.  [Video clip]

Who Is Really behind the Moscow Terror Attack?  Was the Islamic State (ISIS) behind the Crocus City Hall terror attack in Moscow that killed 139 and wounded 182 on Mar. 22, 2024, or not?  Not only did the Islamic State claim the attack, but the Western mainstream is agreed that it was, indeed, behind it. [...] Russia, on the other hand, while agreeing that the perpetrators were, in Putin's words, "radical Islamists," believes that they were ultimately working for — hence captured fleeing to — Ukraine.  Where's the truth?  Unfortunately, it's hard to take the "word" of the Biden administration (on anything).  Moreover, it is only to be expected that it would shield Ukraine — its close ally and recipient of $75 billion + in U.S. tax dollars — from any suspicion.  As for warning against — meaning foreknowing about — Islamic terror attacks targeting Russian concert halls, this fact can be understood, and is being understood in Russian circles, in a completely different way.  Finally, that Muslim terrorists would randomly pick Russia, of all nations, to attack now — when it is at war with another Western nation — does seem to be more than a "coincidence."

Top Zelensky Aide says He's Happy Terrorists Murdered 150 Innocents in Theater.  Kyrylo Oleksiiovych Budanov, chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine said that there will likely be more attacks deeper into Russia before the war ends.  [Advertisement]  In a clip with ABC News, Budanov said he was "glad to see" the strikes on Russian forces, including their air base.  He told reporters that he thinks there will be more attacks "deeper and deeper" inside Russia.  [Advertisement]  [Tweet]  [Advertisement]  An attack in Moscow, Russia occurred on Friday, March 22 when four gunman entered Crocus City Hall just before a band was set to start their performance.  At least 137 individuals were killed as a result of the attack, including three children.  Over 150 were injured.

Why the Russians Cut Off a Moscow Bombing Suspect's Ear and Made Him Eat It.  Last Friday, terrorists attacked Moscow's "Crocus City Hall" music venue, killing over a hundred people.  My condolences to their families.  Within a day, leaked footage showed a suspect getting his ear cut off and being made to eat it. [...] Russia is a society held together by fear and threat.  Creating fear is almost always the first thing they do. [...] I know from eyewitnesses that, in 2022, during their invasion of Ukraine, Russians flew jets low and loud over highways choked with fleeing refugees.  This caused some panicked people to drive too fast in the opposite lanes against oncoming traffic, leading to deadly accidents.  They also arranged for these ridiculous little metal contraptions to be placed on rooftops and road intersections all over the country.  Though the devices did nothing, they sowed rumors that they had to do with targeting for air raids, heightening everybody's paranoia.

Putin Was Warned This Attack Was Coming But Brushed It Off.  Beege covered all the updates on the terror attack in Moscow yesterday culminating with the big news that ISIS had claimed credit for the attack.  But there are some more updates today starting with the death toll which has now climbed to 133 dead and more than 100 more injured.  Despite the claim of responsibility by ISIS and despite Russia having captured four of the shooters and identified them as foreigners who barely speak Russia, Putin is still seeking to twist this attack to his political advantage.

Was Victoria Nuland involved in the Moscow terror attack?  [Scroll down]  As Eric Hoffer once noted, intense haters are the worst forecasters.  Because, actually, there are a lot of potential perpetrators.  Knowing which one really did it (or more important, who Putin thinks did it) tells us a lot about whether we can expect retaliation here in the states or not, as well as an escalation of the Ukraine war we are mired in.  That's why it's important to know.  So here are a few of the other potential perpetrators and their motives:  First, ISIS, which has claimed "credit" for the atrocity.  ISIS hates Putin because he's sidelined them in Syria, propping up Syria's established dictator, Bashar al-Assad.  What's more, ISIS has struck at Russia at least three times in recent years.

Russian forces torture Moscow terror suspects.  Footage of Russian forces torturing the men they arrested over the Moscow terror attack emerged tonight, with one man given electric shocks to his genitals and a second forced to eat his own ear.  One image shows a suspect named as Shamsuddin Fariddun foaming at the mouth as he lies on a gym floor with his trousers pulled down and wires attached to his groin area.  At the other end they are attached to a military radio powered by an 80-volt battery.  Separate video sees another man, Saidakrami Murodali Rachabalizoda, having his ear severed and then spitting it out as he is forced to eat it.

US Had Warned Russia Of Possible Terror Attack On 'Large Gatherings': White House.  The United States warned Russian authorities earlier in March about a terrorist attack possibly targeting "large gatherings" in Moscow, the White House said Friday, hours after a mass shooting killed at least 60 outside the Russian capital.  "Earlier this month, the US government had information about a planned terrorist attack in Moscow — potentially targeting large gatherings, to include concerts" and Washington "shared this information with Russian authorities," National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said.  The Islamic State group on Saturday claimed responsibility for the attack on Crocus City Hall, in Moscow.  The attack resulted in the deaths of more than 60 individuals and left 145 injured.

New Video Shows The Interrogation Of One Of The Terrorists Who Killed Over 100 In Moscow.  Russia's security services say they have arrested four gunmen responsible for the shooting that killed at least 115 people at a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, in one of the worst terror attacks in the country's history.  The director of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) informed Vladimir Putin that 11 individuals had been arrested in connection with Friday's terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall outside Moscow, including four suspects involved in the shooting.  Video of on-site interrogation after the arrest of one of the alleged terrorists was posted to social media. [...] He says he was contacted by the assistant of an Islamist cleric whom he follows on Telegram.  [Video clip]

The Terror Attack in a Moscow Suburb.  It's 3 pm Central as I'm writing this, so there could well be more updates before posting time.  But what we know so far is that, a few hours ago, gunmen entered one of the largest concert halls in a suburb known as Moscow Oblast and opened fire on the crowd within.  There were also explosions reported.  The concert hall is connected to a large shopping mall.  That was seen erupting into flames as panicked shoppers and concertgoers escaped, and drivers on the roadway next to it videoed the scene.  [Tweet with video clip]  At last count there were over 40 (now reporting up to as many as 60) dead and at least 100 injured, but the fire is making rescue and retrieval difficult.  [Tweet with video clip]  The video which has been coming out of the attack is horrifying.

ISIS claims responsibility for attack in busy Moscow-area concert venue that left at least 40 dead.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack at a popular concert hall complex near Moscow Friday after assailants stormed the venue with guns and incendiary devices, killing at least 60 people and injuring 145.  The terror group took responsibility for the attack in a short statement published by ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq on Telegram on Friday.  It did not provide evidence to support the claim.  Video footage from the Crocus City Hall shows the vast complex, which is home to both the music hall and a shopping center, on fire with smoke billowing into the air.  State-run RIA Novosti reported the armed individuals "opened fire with automatic weapons" and "threw a grenade or an incendiary bomb, which started a fire."  They then "allegedly fled in a white Renault car," the news agency said.

Shooters in Moscow Concert Hall Kill At Least 40, Set Theatre on Fire.  Crocus City, a large mall and music venue just northwest of the Russian capital, came under attack by unknown assailants late on Friday.  Several individuals armed with assault rifles attacked visitors, shooting them on sight at point-blank range.  The attackers also targeted a concert hall at the mall, setting it on fire and triggering a major blaze in the whole building.  [Numerous tweets]

Terror Attack in Moscow Concert Hall - Multiple Fatalities Reported.  The latest reports out of Moscow regarding Friday night's terror attack indicate there are at least 40 dead and as many as 100 injured, per Russian state media.  Additionally, the roof of the venue has reportedly collapsed following a fire thought to be started by a grenade or incendiary device.

Paris, France
December 1, 2023

Diversity Stabbing of the Day.  Another day, another empty seat at this year's Christmas table — thanks to western governments, feckless and complicit in the destruction of their societies.  So a German couple decide to travel to Paris for a pre-Christmas break.  The City of Light and all that, right?  Don't worry, they didn't go to any of those dangerous banlieues.  Instead, they were a few yards from the Eiffel Tower strolling the Quai de Grenelle when a man attacked them shouting — go on, take a wild guess — yes, "Allahu akbar!"  The husband, in his early twenties, was fatally stabbed; the wife is alive because a passing cabbie intervened.  The stabber then fled across the Seine and attacked a local chap and a 66-year-old English tourist whom he hit in the eye with a hammer.  Who would do such a thing?  The BBC was right on the case, identifying the perp as "a 26-year-old French national".  Those crazy Frenchmen!  It's only a fortnight since a bunch of other "French nationals" went full Maurice Chevalier on a village in the Drôme.  And now it's happening at the Eiffel Tower.  Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: "'French national', mon cul!  I'll bet his name is Mohammed bin Jihad."  Wrong!  It's Armand.  And you can't get more French than that, can you?

French Iranian knifeman accused of stabbing German tourist to death and wounding two others in 'Islamist' attack by Eiffel Tower.  The French Iranian knifeman who allegedly stabbed a tourist to death and wounded two others including an Englishman in Paris has now been named and pictured, and is a well-known convicted terrorist with severe psychiatric problems.  Despite this, Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, 26, was released from prison in 2020, and left to live at home with his parents while undergoing 'psychiatric and neurological treatment'.  On Sunday he was under armed guard and facing multiple charges including murder following a bloodbath close to the Eiffel Tower on Saturday night [12/2/2023].

Tourist is stabbed to death and in central Paris near the Eiffel Tower.  A tourist has been stabbed to death while a British man is reportedly among two others badly injured after a knifeman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' launched a frenzied attack in central Paris last night.  The suspect, identified by local media as Armand R., attacked any passersby he saw while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' — Arabic for God is the Greatest — near the Eiffel Tower, reports say.  Witnesses reported hearing people screaming for 'help' as they ran away from the hammer and knife-wielding man.

Dublin, Ireland
October 23, 2023

Dublin Child Stabber Was Supposed to be Deported in 2003..  The suspect who stabbed three children and an adult in Dublin last week is an Algerian-born migrant who was subject to a deportation order from 2003.  He was arrested several times, including earlier this year, though now holds an Irish passport.  The case was previously referred to the country's High Court, which revoked the deportation order following a judicial review.  The alleged attempted murderer came to the police's attention this year, also, for possession of a knife.  He appears to have been acquitted of the charges due to a "mental health report given to the court."  Subsequent reports suggest the man was motivated to carry out the attack because he did not receive his welfare benefits.  Despite the violence, the Irish government has focused the majority of its attention on Irish citizens who are demanding action.

If everyone can be 'far right' then the term has lost all meaning.  Last Thursday, Dublin city centre resembled a war zone.  Violent mobs rioted for over three hours in what's been described as 'the worst disorder experienced for decades'.  Vehicles, including police cars, were set on fire, and three buses and a tram were destroyed.  The 'huge destruction' left shops badly damaged and windows broken.  Looting followed.  The violence is believed to have been triggered by a knife attack that took place in the city earlier in the day.  Three children and two adults were injured, four of whom remain in hospital.  Among them is a five-year-old girl, said to be in a 'critical condition', and a teaching assistant who 'used her body as a shield' to protect children from the stabbing.  The suspect is reported to be 'an Irish citizen in his late 40s who has lived in the country for 20 years.'  But beyond this, little is known about the attack.  Police and politicians have warned those wanting to find out more about 'misinformation'.  Yet, astonishingly, amid the destruction of the riots and the violence of the knife attack, one fact has been firmly established.  Police and politicians alike are, it seems, absolutely certain about the motive of the rioters.  They were 'far right'.

Ireland: Protesters Set Fire To Holiday Inn Housing Migrants After One Stabbed 3 Little Kids.  Violence exploded in Dublin on Thursday night, hours after a knife attack outside a school left three young children, among others, injured.  A clip filmed outside a Holiday Inn Express Hotel shows dozens of people running in the street.  In the background, a small group appears to be setting fire to the entrance of the hotel building.  Express.co.uk has contacted the hotel for comment.  [Video clip]

Dublin On The Brink Of Civil War As Angry Mob Attacks Cops After Young Children Were Stabbed By Migrant.  Three young children and a woman in her 30s were injured near a school in Dublin on Thursday, the police said, an attack that was followed by riots and disorder.  An adult woman in her 30s and a 5-year-old girl sustained serious wounds in the attack, in which a knife was used, the police said, while a 5-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl were being treated for less serious injuries.  The boy was later released from hospital.  A suspect in the case was in custody, according to the Garda Síochána, the Irish police force.  Drew Harris, the Garda police commissioner, said that the motive for the attack remained "entirely unclear."  [Video clip]

Dublin Is On Fire After An Algerian Migrant Stabbed 3 Children And 2 Adults.  Major riots are taking place in Dublin in response to a mass stabbing earlier today.  An Algerian man entered a school and stabbed 2 women and 3 young children.  [Video clip]

Muslim Stabs Children At Dublin Catholic School.  Media Covers It Up.  A FOX News story on the incident would read as quite baffling because it entirely covers the riots after this latest incident of Muslim violence without actually explaining why anyone might be rioting.  ["]Protesters and rioters clashed with police officers and a police vehicle was set ablaze in Dublin, Ireland, Thursday evening after a knife attack that injured five, including three children.["]  Okay, but why is this rioting taking place?  What's the connection between the 'knife attack' and the riots? [...] The media can't tell you that the stabber was allegedly an Algerian Muslim and so it also can't explain why people might be rioting.  The result is a 'Pravda' like story in which you can only understand things by reading between the lines and inverting the official denial. [...] And the one thing the media is telling you, that the case is not terror-related, should be viewed with suspicion.  Nowhere in the story does it get around to mentioning salient facts such as the Muslim attacker targeted children in a Catholic school.

Fiery But Peaceful:  When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling.  Yesterday afternoon an absolutely horrific attack occurred in Dublin, Ireland's city center.  Three little [kids] and their teacher were standing by a creche in front of their Catholic school when a man appeared, and, out of the blue, began slashing at them. [...] The man was disarmed by passers-by, and taken into custody quickly by the Gardaí, who'd arrived within minutes on scene.  It is eerily reminiscent of the ghastly attack on little children in the French park this past spring.  What made it all the more disquieting is that none of the news reports of the stabbing itself mentioned a name or description other than age.  As the day progressed — nothing.  Even the Gardaí press conference last evening was devoid of detail concerning the attacker.  He's described as simply "a male." [...] Not one defining characteristic or status in any report.  Which I guess was clue enough besides pictures from the scene on social media, because all hell broke loose last night in Dublin.  It's suddenly alright to report he's an "Algerian" man.

Arras, France
October 13, 2023

Teacher Killed, Two Injured in Knife Attack in France in Possible Terrorist Attack.  A Chechen immigrant allegedly stabbed and killed a teacher in France while screaming, "Allahu akbar."  The French had the Chechen man on its terror watch list:  ["]It happened outside a school in the city of Arras, about 115 miles north of Paris, near the border with Belgium, and a suspect is in custody, according to France Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.["]

French teacher stabbed to death in 'Islamist terror' said linked to Gaza fighting.  A Chechen-origin man fatally stabbed a teacher and severely wounded three other adults Friday at a school in northeastern France, with authorities suggesting a probable link to Israel's war with Hamas.  The attack, denounced by President Emmanuel Macron as an act of "Islamist terror," was in the town of Arras which has large Jewish and Muslim populations.  "This school was struck by the barbarity of Islamist terrorism," Macron said after visiting the school, saying the victim had "probably saved many lives" with his courage in seeking to block the attacker.

Note:  The Hamas attack on southern Israel, October 7, 2023, is discussed on this page.

Fargo, North Dakota
July 14, 2023

Harrowing footage shows Fargo cop annihilate Syrian asylum seeker, averting mass shooting.  Crickets from media.  Hair-raising bodycam footage of a fearless Fargo police officer stopping a would-be mass murderer in the middle of a busy street was released by North Dakota's Attorney General Drew Wrigley on Thursday, leading many to wonder why they had never heard about the July 14th event that left one officer dead and three people wounded, including two more officers and a fleeing bystander.  Police were responding to a routine car accident when Syrian gunman Mohamad Barakat, 37, opened fire on them in a deadly ambush.  Barakat was allegedly on his way to a Fargo street fair, evidence suggests, with enough explosives in his car to create a national tragedy, the Daily Mail reports.

North Dakota Muslim Terrorist Planned to Kill Thousands.  Mohamad Barakat packed three long guns, four handguns and a vest with magazines in every pocket, as he drove through Fargo, North Dakota.  The Downtown Street fair, which claims over 150,000 visitors, was on its second day and 5 minutes away.  The Red River Fair, which recorded nearly as many people, was two days away from ending and 15 minutes away.  It's unknown which of those locations Mohamad might have been headed to use up his 1,800 rounds of ammo and hand grenade, but he never got there.  The Muslim terrorist joined other rubberneckers who stopped to look over the scene of an accident, but unlike them Mohamad was after more than a few pictures to put up on social media.  The concentration of police officers and firefighters had proven to be irresistible.  Al Qaeda and ISIS both encourage crowdsourced Muslim terrorists to take out law enforcement officers before hitting civilians.  And Muslim terrorists, like the attacker who came after NYPD officers in Times Square with a machete during the New Year's Eve ball drop, have done that.

North Dakota Cop Shooting Case Just Gets Weirder and Weirder.  It has now been well over a week since a Syrian migrant named Mohamad Barakat opened fire on police at the scene of a traffic accident in Fargo, N.D., killing one and wounding two others, and investigators profess to be baffled as to why he would have done such a thing.  Meanwhile, the information they have disclosed, which isn't all that much, is oblique and contradictory, and the local Muslim community has added to the confusion with a decidedly mixed signal.  At this rate, we may never find out what really happened in Fargo, and the questions and oddities keep multiplying.

'Absolute ambush': Authorities believe Fargo suspect was planning mass shooting.  North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley said he believes the suspect in Friday's murder of a Fargo police officer was planning a mass shooting.  Still very little is known about 37-year-old Mohamad Barakat, who was shot dead by Officer Zach Robinson after he opened fire on first responders at the scene of a car crash in Fargo, N.D., July 14, killing Officer Jake Wallin, who was in field training, and seriously injuring Officer Andrew Dotas and Officer Tyler Hawes.  A 25-year-old Fargo resident who was involved in the car accident was also shot during the incident and transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Gunman toting heavy ammo and explosives cased [the] scene before fatal 'ambush' shooting on Fargo police.  A man armed with 1,800 rounds of ammunition, a grenade and other explosives in his car unleashed a "murderous barrage of fire" as he ambushed officers who were investigating a routine crash, killing one and wounding two before a fourth stopped him and thwarted what authorities described as plans for further mayhem, officials said Wednesday.  Mohamad Barakat, 37, shot Officers Jake Wallin, Andrew Dotas and Tyler Hawes from inside his car on Friday, from about 15 to 20 feet away, before they could even reach for their guns, North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley said at a news conference.  Wallin was killed while Dotas and Hawes remain hospitalized in critical condition.  Wrigley said Barakat also shot and injured a bystander, who was trying to run away when she was hit twice.

Was There Just a Jihad Terror Attack in Fargo, North Dakota?  On Friday afternoon, police in Fargo, North Dakota, responded to a report of a car crash at 9th Avenue South and 25th Street South.  Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski said it was a "routine traffic accident," but what happened when they arrived on the scene was anything but routine.  A Fargo resident named Mohamad Barakat, 37, opened fire on the officers, killing one and injuring three others.  Zibolski said that Barakat attacked the officers "for no known reason," and authorities have as yet offered no hints as to the shooter's motive.  One of the most obvious possibilities, however, is being steadfastly ignored, as one might expect given today's media narrative.

Fargo Police identify officers and suspect involved in Friday shooting.  Fargo Police say Officer Jake Wallin was killed in the line of duty on Friday, July 14.  The 23-year-old was sworn in to the Fargo Police Department less than 3 months ago.  He is a military veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. [...] [Police Chief Dave] Zibolski says Fargo Police officers were investigating routine traffic accident on 25th Street and 9th Avenue South when the suspect, 37-year-old Mohamed Barakat, started firing at officers.

The man who shot and killed a Fargo, North Dakota, police officer and wounded two others was a Muslim, identified as 37-year-old Mohamad Barakat.  A Muslim gunman, Mohamad Barakat, opened fire on police and firefighters "for no known reason" as they responded to a traffic crash in North Dakota, killing one officer and wounding two others before another officer killed him, Fargo's police chief said Saturday. [...] [Fargo police chief David] Zibolski identified the shooter as Mohamad Barakat, 37, of Fargo, but provided few details about him or the shooting, citing officials' desire to protect the investigation.  He said he was confident authorities would eventually determine the motive.

The Editor says...
Yes, that's a real head-scratcher, chief.  Not the motive, which is as plain to see as the Sun in the sky; but how are you going to keep your job in Minnesota after saying the guy opened fire because he was a Muslim, and Muslims are bent on the violent overthrow of the government?  Nope, that's out.  You've gotta wait about a week and then say he was mentally ill, we may never know the whole story, etc.

New York City
December 31, 2022

Did You Even Hear About the Muslim Who Stabbed Two Cops In Times Square?  While the Biden regime hunts for "white supremacist terrorists," the jihad continues.  Portland, Maine's WMTW reported Thursday that "the Wells man accused of attacking police in New York City near Times Square with a machete on New Year's Eve is now scheduled to stand trial on federal charges in March 2024."  The "Wells man" is Trevor Bickford, who was nineteen years old at the time of his attack, and a fervent convert to the religion of Islam.  He is "charged with four counts of attempted murder of officers and employees of the U.S. Government" and "has pleaded not guilty."  He is also yet another reminder that when Biden regime officials tell us that white supremacists are the biggest threat the nation faces today, they're lying.  "According to the state indictment," says WMTW, "Bickford studied radical Islamic ideology, intended to carry out 'jihad,' and aimed to attack U.S. officials he thought to be 'anti-Muslim.'"  This is unusually forthright reporting for an establishment media outlet, even a minor one.

Times Square Assailant Says He Attacked Police Because US Supports Israel.  A machete-wielding Muslim man who injured two New York City police officers on New Year's Eve told prosecutors he carried out the attack because of the United States' support for Israel.  The Manhattan district attorney's office revealed during a Tuesday arraignment hearing that the 19-year-old assailant, Trevor Bickford, was targeting U.S. officials because "they cannot be proper Muslims because the United States government supports Israel," assistant prosecutor Lucy Nicholas said in court.  Bickford is currently being held without bail after prosecutors argued he posed "a significant flight risk."

NYPD Actively Misleading the Public About the Motives of Times Square Machete Attacker.  The world's attention has moved on to COVID and China and Kevin McCarthy, but our authorities remain vigilant and as focused as ever on the real issues, foremost among which is making sure that nobody thinks ill of the religion of Islam.  Thomas Galati, the New York Police Department's chief of intelligence and counterterrorism, on Tuesday offered details of the New Year's Eve attack in Times Square, in which a 19-year-old from Maine, Trevor Bickford, stabbed two NYPD officers.  Galati, however, seemed more interested in exonerating the Islamic religion (Bickford is a convert to Islam, as he made abundantly clear in his manifesto) than in actually illuminating what Bickford thought he was accomplishing.

Report: Suspect Who Attacked NYPD With Machete Was on FBI's Islamic Extremism Watchlist.  The suspect accused of attacking a rookie New York Police Department cop with a machete during New Year's Eve celebrations was reportedly on the FBI's Islamic extremism watchlist.  The officer — who graduated Friday and was assigned to a Staten Island precinct but was working the New Year's Eve detail for the night — was stationed not far from Times Square at West 52nd Street and 8th Avenue when a machete-wielding suspect attacked him around 9:30 p.m., according to the New York Post.

Report: Times Square New Year's Eve Attacker Was 'Known Wolf' Whose Family Notified Authorities.  Police have now charged a Maine teenager Trevor Bickford, 19, with attempted murder and assault after he allegedly attacked two New York City police officers with a machete in Manhattan near Times Square on New Year's Eve.  Bickford went up to three police officers who were on New Year's Eve duty.  He attacked and slashed two of the officers with a machete.  One of those officers was on his first day on the job.  The suspect was then shot in the shoulder and stopped by the third officer, who was also injured.  All three officers are expected to recover.  Bickford is being investigated for Islamic extremism, although he's not facing terrorism charges yet.  Turns out that he was being watched by the FBI's counterterrorism task force, according to the NY Post.

Machete-Wielding Assailant With Possible Ties to Islamic Extremism Attacks Cops Near Times Square.  A suspect wielding a machete attacked and injured three New York Police Department officers near Times Square during New Year's Eve celebrations Saturday night.  One of the officers attacked was a rookie on his first day on the job.  The attack occurred around 9:30 pm as crowds gathered to ring in the New Year.

Suspected Islamic extremist, 19, stabs rookie NYPD cop in the head with a machete during NYE celebrations at Times Square.  An NYPD officer on his first day on the job was stabbed in the head with a machete by a 19-year-old who investigators believe may be an Islamic extremist during New Year's Eve celebrations near Times Square.  The attack happened just after 10 p.m. about eight blocks from Times Square, just outside of the high-security zone where thousands of revelers were screened for weapons as they prepared to ring in 2023.  Trevor Bickford, 19, of Wells, Maine, allegedly approached the officers on 8th Avenue between 51st and 52nd streets armed with a large knife that he used to slash two of them, Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at an overnight press conference.

June 25, 2022

Two people were killed.  That's a mass shooting?
Norway raises terror alert to highest level after deadly mass shooting.  The Norwegian security service PST has raised its terror alert to the highest level after a mass shooting left 2 people dead and many wounded during Pride week in Oslo.  Acting PST chief Roger Berg called the shootings an "extreme Islamist terror act." He said the gunman, who was arrested shortly after the shootings, had a "long history of violence and threats."

Iranian refugee turned 'terrorist', 42, 'who killed two in Islamist attack' on Oslo gay bar.  The terror suspect charged with killing two people and injuring 21 more at an Oslo gay bar last night has been named as a 42-year-old ex-plumber born in Iran.  Zaniar Matapour was born in Iranian Kurdistan before coming to Bergen, Norway as a refugee at the age of 12.  He was charged early this morning with two murders, attempted murder and terrorism after the homophobic terror attack at city centre LGBT+ haunt London Pub.

Two dead, several seriously hurt in gun attack on gay bar in Oslo.  Two people have been killed and several seriously wounded in a shooting at a nightclub in Norway, police have confirmed.  Video on social media shows emergency services outside London Pub, a gay nightclub in Oslo at 1.15am on Saturday morning.  Police have arrested a suspect at the scene.  He was said to have been apprehended nearby.  There is no word on a motive at the moment.

New York City
April 12, 2022

What a strange set of unlikely coincidences:  Here we have a mass shooting / terrorist attack on a NYC subway, the day after Joe Biden's gun control speech — AS IF to prove his point!  The shooter was known to the FBI.  MTA cameras weren't working on the subway platform, in exactly the same way that the cameras outside Jefferey Epstein's maximum security jail cell weren't working.  New York City has hundreds of cameras to track the movements of people they really want to follow or locate.  The shooter is old and overweight, and can't move very fast, but he miraculously out-ran or outsmarted all the cops.  Here's a handy tip:  The next time a U.S. President makes a gun-control speech, stay off the subway for a day or two!

Brooklyn subway shooting suspect pleads not guilty to charges of terrorism.  Frank James, accused of terrorism for firing 33 rounds in a NYC subway train, plead not guilty on Friday during his arraignment.  The 62-year-old James is facing a life sentence if convicted, but appeared unrepentant when appearing before a judge to enter his plea, and even said he was "feeling good."  According to the New York Post, "as Judge William Kuntz read out the indictment against James, he looked at the justice and down at the table in front of him as if he was reading something."  However, apparently, "when Kuntz mentioned the government could seek forfeiture of his assets in the event of a conviction, his eyes grew wide and he raised his eyebrows."

Brooklyn subway shooter indicted on federal terrorism charge.  The Brooklyn subway shooter was indicted Saturday by a federal grand jury with charges of terrorism and discharging a firearm.  Frank James, 62, could face life in prison if convicted of either of the federal charges.  James was arrested on April 13 after a 30-hour manhunt after 10 people were shot on a New York City subway.  No one was killed, but a total of 29 people were injured during the April 12 attack.  At the scene, police would later find a Glock 17 9mm semi-handgun from the subway, two undetonated smoke grenades, fireworks, gasoline, a hatchet, a cellphone, a credit card, and a key to a U-Haul van, the last piece of evidence needed to track James down.

Alleged Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James indicted.  Alleged subway shooter Frank James has been indicted after authorities say he shot multiple people on a Brooklyn train station last month.  According to the indictment from the United States District Court Eastern District of New York, a grand jury indicted James with carrying out a terror attack against a mass transit system as well as discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.

Brooklyn Subway Shooter Frank James Is Already Being Memory-Holed.  At 5 p.m. ET on Sunday afternoon, I did a Google search for Frank James, who shot ten people on the subway in Brooklyn on Tuesday.  There was a grand total of one news story posted about this crime on Sunday, a "what you need to know" video from WPXI in Pittsburgh.  Before that, there were three articles posted Saturday, one by a site called Complex, one from the UK's Daily Mail, and a New York Post article.  These were sparse results for a mass shooting in the nation's largest city less than a week ago, but they weren't surprising: when a story doesn't fit the establishment media narrative, it tends to disappear quickly.

Congress demands answers from MTA about subway camera malfunctions during Brooklyn mass shooting.  Congressional lawmakers want answers about why subway security cameras failed during the Brooklyn mass shooting spree that left 10 people with gunshot wounds and injured another 13 earlier this month.  Reps.  Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chair of the Homeland Security committee, organized a bipartisan letter to Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman Janno Lieber asking what the agency has done with the $50 million in federal security money over the past two years alone.

Busted MTA cameras failed these subway violence victims, too.  Two victims of horrific subway violence say MTA cameras weren't working during their attacks.  Malfunctioning surveillance cameras in Brooklyn stations this week hindered cops' manhunt for Frank James, the suspected Brooklyn subway shooter, sources told The [New York] Post.  The MTA has been stonewalling since the attack on demands to provide a full accounting of its surveillance system, which is supposed to provide live feeds from 5,100 cameras to the NYPD, with another 5,000 cameras making recordings.  But Chris Anguisaca, who was stabbed in the eye by a crazed man on an A train on Feb. 14, said cops told him subway cameras don't work north of 190th Street.

The Editor says...
How does anyone know if any of the cameras work?  What if they're mostly just conspicuously-placed props for Security Theater?  The security cameras failed at exactly the wrong time, by sheer coincidence, as they often do in cases like this.  For example, the alleged suicide of Jean-Luc Brunel, the alleged suicide of John McAfee, the still-unexplained Las Vegas mass shooting a few years ago, the 9/11/2001 attack at the Pentagon, and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.  In the Oklahoma City case, the cameras worked, but all the footage was recorded on video cassettes, which were all rounded up and then "lost" by the FBI.

A Shooter Puts Critical Race Theory into Practice.  Mayor Eric Adams, who had called white people "crackers", claimed that he needed his brother to head his security because of an "increase in white supremacy" in New York City.  The New York City Board of Health falsely claimed that racism was a "public health crisis" and a public school told parents to abolish their "whiteness".  After all that time battling white supremacy, which is as easy to find in the city as good manners and parking spaces, the black supremacist subway terror attack came out of the blue.  29 people were wounded, including a pregnant woman and a 12-year-old, when Frank James, a racist gunman, opened fire on a Brooklyn subway train.  James was a racial supremacist, but not the one that New York City's political establishment had spent so much time searching for.  James was just "abolishing whiteness" by putting critical race theory into practice.  The black supremacist mass shooter has been charged with terrorism for a carefully planned terror attack, that included dressing up as a construction worker, deploying a smoke bomb and then opening fire.  The racist terrorist's victims included a pregnant woman, and a number of children and teenagers, some of whom were shot several times by the black supremacist.  Like the black supremacist Jersey City terrorists, James used a U-Haul as a base and was convinced that black people were being victimized.

Amid NYPD manhunt, subway shooting suspect Frank James ate lunch at Katz's Deli, walked NYC in plain view of surveillance cameras.  As the NYPD and federal law enforcement scoured the city for the accused Brooklyn subway shooter on Wednesday, the burly suspect enjoyed some of Manhattan's culinary delights.  At 10:30 a.m., Frank James sat outside the trendy Chinatown restaurant Dimes, just staring into space, said a source who spied the suspect.  A few hours later, James grabbed lunch at Katz's Deli, a separate source confirmed to the Daily News.  Around 1 p.m., the 62-year-old, apparently fed up with the food tour, called Crime Stoppers on himself at an East Village McDonald's.  An eagle-eyed worker spotted him and he was taken into custody at 1:42 p.m. at St. Mark's Place and First Ave.  One day later, lower Manhattan was now at ease and abuzz with reported sightings of the gas mask-wearing gunman who shot 10 straphangers aboard an N train in Sunset Park and then wandered around the city.

Here's How The DOJ And FBI Are Spending Their Time Instead Of Rooting Out Actual Extremists.  The FBI never managed to thwart the NYC subway shooting suspect, who allegedly posted hours of extremist black nationalist and violent rhetoric on YouTube, but has repeatedly allocated resources to chasing hoaxes and false leads.  The FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) have spent their efforts plotting an operation to kidnap a governor, busting out a team of 15 agents to investigate a rope in a NASCAR garage and investigating parents at school boards meetings as domestic terrorists, among other failed operations.  The FBI has also denied knowing about the whereabouts of Hunter Biden's laptop.  The man responsible for allegedly opening fire in a New York City subway car Tuesday walked away from the scene of the crime and, after waiting for the authorities to do something, decided to turn himself in, reportedly sitting on a bench relaxing before the NYPD nabbed him.  "I'm Frank, I'm the person you're looking for.  I'm surprised it took so long," Frank James, the alleged shooter, told police as they arrested him, according to the New York Post.  James evaded arrest for over 24 hours despite hundreds of NYPD officers working to find him.

FBI, Tech Giants Miss New York Subway Shooting Suspect's Hateful Social Media Trail.  The man charged with shooting commuters on a New York subway train Tuesday left a trail on social media in which he disparaged whites and complained about racism, homelessness, and violence.  "What are you doing, brother?" Frank James, 62, of Milwaukee, said in one video, addressing New York Mayor Eric Adams.  "What's happening with this homeless situation?"  James, who like Adams is black, also talked about numerous conspiracy theories on YouTube, according to the Justice Department, and asserted:  "And so the message to me is:  I should have gotten a gun, and just started shooting [...]."

Disturbing Video From Black Nationalist Subway Shooter Revealed as FBI Gets Egg on Its Face Again.  Per RedState's reporting, we know a lot more about the man who allegedly donned a gas mask, popped a smoke grenade, and started shooting people in a New York City subway on Tuesday [4/12/2022].  The man's name is Frank R. James, and his political leanings appear to be highly relevant to why he carried out the attack.  Further, he was known to the FBI but "cleared" in 2019 of posing any kind of threat, and shock of all shocks, the authorities are once again pretending the motive here is a total mystery.  [Tweets]  Recall that the Waukesha massacre assailant, who killed six people, including a child, after ramming his SUV into a Christmas parade, was also an outspoken black nationalist who had talked about killing white people.  To this day, we have never received any official statement on his motivation.  You can expect that to happen again in this case, as it appears the FBI has an aversion to labeling crimes that may prove inconvenient to the left.

Brooklyn shooting suspect has been ranting about race on YouTube for years.  Yesterday authorities in New York announced that 62-year-old Frank R. James was a "person of interest" in the Brooklyn subway shooting.  Police said they didn't know if James was the shooter but they were certain he was the person who rented a U-haul van.  The keys to the van were found at the scene of the shooting.  That uncertainty about James' status vanished overnight.  James is now the suspect. [...] Yesterday we also learned that James had made some posts on social media that were of concern to authorities.  That turns out to have been an understatement.  Frank James has been posting rants on YouTube for years.

Video Surfaces Of Brooklyn Subway Shooter Ranting On How Everyone Deserves To Be Exterminated Because We Don't Care About The Planet.  NYPD have released a photo of a person of interest in the Brooklyn subway shooting.  Frank James, 62, is described as someone they want to speak to regarding the attack.  In a video James uploaded in 2019, he rants on about the extermination of mankind over how it treats the planet.  [Video clip, profanity warning.]

The Brooklyn Subway Terror Attack Shooter Was On FBI's Terrorist Radar Until 2019 - No MSM Coverage.  New York City police named a "person of interest" in the shooting Tuesday morning aboard a subway train in Brooklyn.  Ten people were shot and 13 others were injured after a man wearing a gas mask threw two smoke canisters and then opened fire aboard a subway car on the N train as it approached the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn during the morning rush hour, authorities said. [...] The mainstream media claims that this wasn't a terror attack, however recent social media post, as well as the exclusive video that we have from James, shows that his attack was a hate crime that could be labeled as terrorism because he injured more than one person!  Like the Waukesha suspect & the Louisville BLM activist who allegedly tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate, he appeared to be a fan of black nationalism.

NYPD identifies person of interest in NYC subway shooting.  NYPD have released a photo of a person of interest in the Brooklyn subway shooting.  Frank James, 62, is described as someone they want to speak to regarding the attack.  'We are looking to determine if he has any connection to the train,' said NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig.  'We know Mr James rented that U-Haul truck in Philadelphia.'  The key of the U-Haul van was found at the crime scene in the subway, the official said.  The U-Haul was found five miles from the scene of the shooting.

Frank R. James ID'd as person of interest in Brooklyn subway shooting.  A 62-year-old man who railed against Mayor Adams and made bizarre threatening rants on YouTube has been identified as a person of interest in the savage Brooklyn subway attack that injured at least 29 people Tuesday morning, officials said.  Frank James — who warned last month that he was "entering the danger zone" — rented a U-Haul van tied to the N train attack in Sunset Park and is being sought for questioning, police said at an evening briefing.  "Mr. Mayor, I'm a victim of your mental health program," James said in one lengthy video.  "I'm 63 now full of hate, full of anger, and full of bitterness."  James said he had a diagnosed mental illness and railed against what he called the "horror show" of the city's mental health services.

At least a dozen injured in Brooklyn subway shooting, undetonated devices found.  At least 16 people were injured, including 10 who were shot, when a suspect set off a smoke grenade and unleashed gunfire on a Brooklyn subway train during Tuesday morning rush hour, the NYPD and law enforcement sources told The [New York] Post.  The gunman — possibly disguised as an MTA construction worker and wearing a gas mask — launched his bloody assault around 8:30 a.m. on a Manhattan-bound N train at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, where authorities later discovered several undetonated devices, FDNY and police said.  The suspect is believed to have set off the smoke grenade moments before firing off a barrage of bullets, police sources told The Post.

Terror strikes New York subway with 16 injured.  Bloody mayhem struck at a New York City subway station on Tuesday, with a shooting leaving 10 people shot and 16 injured with authorities discovering "undetonated devices."  A police department spokesman told Fox News that the shooting happened at the 36th St. station in Sunset Park.  And officers reported a suspect remained at large.  Fire Department officials said firefighters responding to a call about smoke at the location found multiple people had been shot and several explosive devices had been placed at the location.

Several People [were] Shot [and] Explosives [were] Found in [a] Brooklyn Subway Station:  FDNY.  Several people were shot and several explosive devices were reportedly found at a subway station in Brooklyn on Tuesday, said the Fire Department of New York.  The fire agency said it received a call about smoke in the 36th Street subway station in the Sunset Park neighborhood at around 8:30 a.m., according to local media. [...] Officials said approximately 16 people were wounded, including 10 who were struck by bullets.  The suspect was described by authorities as a black male standing 5'5".  He was seen wearing an green construction-style vest and a gas mask.

Colleyville, Texas
January 15, 2022

Mike Garcia Tells FBI Director Chris Wray His Agency Has Ideologically Inverted.  As we discovered in January of 2023, the FBI was fully aware of the terrorist who was planning to shoot the synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, and yet they did nothing.  The FBI knowledge of the shooter, Malik Faisal Akram, who was known as Faisal Akram, was confirmed by The Daily Mail.  Akram ranted, prior to his travel to the U.S, that he wished he had died in the 9/11 terror attacks.  He was a regular visitor to Pakistan, and reportedly a member of the Tablighi Jamaat group set up to 'purify' Islam.  To say the U.S. intelligence system knew Faisal Akram would be an understatement.

Evidence: ISIS [was] behind the Texas synagogue hostage crisis.  On Jan. 15, 2022, Malik Faisal Akram, a 44-year-old British Pakistani armed with a gun, took four people hostage at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, during Sabbath service.  Akram repeatedly demanded the release of his "sister" (in Islam), Aafia Siddiqui, aka "Lady al-Qaeda," another Pakistani national imprisoned for attempted murder and other terrorist-related activities.  In the end, only Akram died in the standoff with police; all four hostages survived.  Instantly, however, and as almost always happens, the initial, official explanation — because we must never "jump to conclusions," must never call it a duck, even if it looks, swims, and quacks like a duck — revolved around anything but the obvious.  Thus, whether the FBI initially declared that "we're continuing to work to find motive," or whether Akram was presented as suffering from "mental health issues," few in officialdom wanted to confirm that this was a jihadist operation directed against Jews, who are seen by not a few Muslims as one of Islam's archenemies.

Understanding what lay behind the Beit Israel Islamic attack.  A brief summary:  January 15 was the Jewish Sabbath when Malik Faisel Akram, a radicalized Muslim from Bradford, in the north of England, entered the Beit Israel Synagogue brandishing a gun.  Unable to hold Sabbath services, the rabbi spent eleven hours attempting to appease and appeal to the gunman to prevent him from taking drastic steps against the synagogue members.  Eventually, the rabbi took affirmative Jewish action by throwing a chair at the gunman, allowing his congregants and himself to escape out of the synagogue's side door.  This community, like many other synagogues and Jewish community centers, had received security training from the Secure Community Network.  Jewish assembly centers are hardwired into the belief that they can be targeted by extremists with antisemitic or anti-Israel radicalism who choose to take out their venom on the handy local Jew.

Senate Republicans:  Biden's 'Screening Protocols' Allowed Terrorist into U.S..  Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are sounding the alarm over President Joe Biden's "screening protocols" for foreign nationals seeking visas to enter the United States after a British national took hostages at a Jewish synagogue in Texas only weeks after being allowed to legally enter the U.S.  On January 15 in Colleyville, Texas, 44-year-old British national Malik Faisal Akram took four Americans hostage inside the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue.  Following an 11-hour standoff, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Hostage Rescue Team was able to rescue all four hostages while Akram was shot and killed by agents.  Since the attack, the Biden administration has hidden details on how Akram was allowed to enter the U.S. in the first place.

That's quite a network for a "lone wolf."
UK anti-terror police make 2 more arrests in Texas synagogue hostage probe; 4 total in custody.  U.K. anti-terrorism police arrested two more men in Manchester Wednesday in connection with their investigation of a British man who took Jewish worshippers hostage at a Texas synagogue.  Four of the six arrested are still in custody.

Colleyville and the spread of Muslim attacks against Synagogues and Jews.  [Scroll down]  As the attack was unfolding and it became apparent that a radical Islamist was spearheading the attack, we anticipated there would be all types of excuses supplied by law enforcement and the Biden administration attributing the horror to some other motive extraneous to Islamic anti-Semitism.  We would hear, as dozens of times in the last fifteen years, that the perpetrator was "mentally unstable," and that he was a "lone wolf."  The fact that the perpetrator was from a far-away English city near Manchester, had collaborators back there, and just a couple of weeks ago arrived in America indisputably points to a deliberate terrorist selection of an American synagogue.  This cannot be attributed to some local who happened to be walking in the neighborhood and coincidentally passed a synagogue.  Out of political correctness, or fear of being called Islamophobic, or because the Muslim community has become an integral and necessary component of the Democrat machine, the FBI, the media, and powerful voices routinely censor reasonable propositions pointing to danger to the Jewish community from elements within Islamic circles here in America.

Why Was Malik Faisal Akram Ever on US Soil?  There are many lessons to be drawn from last Saturday's hostage crisis at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas.  First, reports that Malik Faisal Akram's antisemitic hostage-taking had disrupted Beth Israel's livestreamed Shabbat services proved more prescient than those reporters perhaps realized.  Orthodox Judaism does not permit electronic streaming on the Sabbath, and it was revealed that Beth Israel is a Reform synagogue.  This is relevant because Reform Judaism is not merely theologically liberal in the extreme, discarding the binding authority of Jewish law and placing an obtuse focus on the concept of "tikkun olam" ("repair of the world"), but is so uniformly politically progressive as to be a de facto wing of the Democratic Party itself.  Sure enough, Itamar Gelbman, a conservative former congregant at Beth Israel, wrote a viral Facebook post divulging that the rabbi had denounced Israel as an "apartheid state" and precluded congregants from concealed carrying.  This is by now old hat to ponder, but still:  At a time of rising antisemitism at home and abroad, when will liberal Jews ever learn to protect themselves?

Six Facts on the Texas Synagogue Terror Attack.  The near-tragedy in Texas is a much needed reminder about the dangers of jihad.  Here are six facts to consider following Malik Faisal Akram's terrorist attack on the Colleyville, TX synagogue, where he demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, "Lady Al Qaeda," from federal prison.  [#1] U.S. Vetting for Potential Jihadist Infiltrators Is Weak:  Akram had been investigated by British security services in 2020 as a potential Islamist terrorist threat.  Yet, he was allowed to enter the U.S. at the end of last year.

I watched the FBI become so woke it can't call out terrorism.  The 11-hour standoff concluded thanks in large part to the heroism of Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, who hurled a chair at the abductor before escaping with fellow hostages.  FBI-HRT then entered, neutralizing Akram.  And this is when things got kooky.  The FBI's Dallas division's special agent in charge, Matthew DeSarno, described the gunman to the press as "singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community." I don't blame SAC DeSarno — a former colleague — for this disbelieve-your-lying-eyes assessment.  He takes his orders from FBI headquarters.  And we exist in woke times.  Yes, sometimes investigations take time, and we don't want to release inaccurate information.  Yet this was a ground ball.  The White House asserted the FBI's course correction a day later, allowing that, of course, the Colleyville synagogue hostage-taking was "terrorism-related."  Duh.  The FBI has made a sea change in defining criminal suspects since the Obama administration and its attorney general, Eric Holder, set out to transform the justice system.  Post-Obama, law enforcement hesitates to describe criminal suspects' race for fear of being tagged "racist."

Malik Akram told brother 'I'm coming home in a body bag' in chilling final call.  The terrorist who held four people hostage inside a Texas synagogue unleashed an expletive-ridden, anti-Semitic rant during a chilling final call to his family — in which he expressed his wish for martyrdom and said he would come "home in a [...] body bag," according to a report.  In an audio of the conversation obtained by the Jewish Chronicle, Malik Faisal Akram told his brother, Gulbar, 43, in Blackburn during the siege at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville that he has "come to die."

Reps. Tlaib, Omar participated in events with groups that called for release of 'Lady al-Qaeda'.  Democratic Reps.  Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota participated in events with Muslim-American advocacy groups that have called for Aafia Siddiqui's release from a Texas prison.  The gunman who took hostages inside a Texas synagogue on Tuesday demanded the release of Siddiqui, who has often been referred to in the counterterrorism world as "Lady al-Qaeda." Siddiqui was convicted in 2010 of attempting to murder U.S. nationals, according to the FBI.  In 2008, Siddiqui was "detained by Afghan authorities, who found a number of items in her possession, including handwritten notes that referred to a 'mass casualty attack' and that listed various locations in the United States, including Plum Island, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and the Brooklyn Bridge," said an FBI press release about her conviction.  According to Foreign Policy Magazine, the Taliban offered to trade captive U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl for her.

Seven lessons to learn from the Texas synagogue attack.  [#5] FBI special agent in charge Matt DeSarno said the bureau believed that the man was "singularly focused on one issue and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community," adding that they will continue to "work to find motive."  If the FBI didn't have all the information since their investigation is in progress, they should have stayed silent.  This denial of the antisemitic motives of the hostage-taker was factually incorrect, and "the FBI backtracked and issued an updated statement declaring, "This is a terrorism-related matter, in which the Jewish community was targeted, and is being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force."  It has to be remembered that convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, whose release Akram was seeking, was rabidly antisemitic.  She had demanded that her jury should be genetically tested so Jewish persons could be excluded.  Also, if Akram merely wanted hostages, he would have targeted a crowded location such as a shopping mall.

What Reporters Should Ask Biden About Guns at His Promised Press Conference on Wednesday.  President Biden's remarks after the hostage situation at the synagogue in Texas leave more questions than answers.  What were the motivations for the attack occur?  A full day after a Pakistani Muslim attacked a synagogue on the Jewish sabbath to gain the release of Aafia Siddiqui described as the "Lady of al Qaeda," Biden doesn't know.  The synagogue was near where Siddiqui is held.  But when asked why the attacker targeted that synagogue, Biden again responded that he didn't know but promised more at a press conference on Wednesday.  Those answers are surely much better than the answers given by the FBI on Saturday, where they were not sure of the motive but ruled out the attack being "specifically related to the Jewish community."  The investigation should go forward, but it is troubling that the FBI's immediately concluded no connection between a radical Pakistani Muslim trying to free a prominent al Qaeda member and an attack on a synagogue.  The "massive backlash" forced the FBI to walk back its claim.

Horrifying account detailed by Texas synagogue hostage as the story unfolds.  Yesterday I wrote about the complete mess that the FBI made in its communications about the terror attack made by an Islamic extremist at the synagogue on Saturday.  There were still lots of questions that remain about the attack today.  Jeffrey Cohen shed some new light on the inside details.  What began with Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker welcoming in a man who claimed to be homeless and giving him a cup of tea as the men inside chatted with him before the Shabbat service began, ended up with the terrorist pulling out what Cohen describes as an automatic weapon and holding the men hostages for eleven hours.  The man went from appearing as "calm and happy" to an angry, ranting terrorist. [...] Cohen, like Rabbi Cytron-Walker, credits the training they received from Secure Community Network on active shooter events for being alive.  The four men escaped, thanks to what they learned in that training.  Cohen wants to make it clear that they were not released or freed.  They escaped.  To hear earlier reports, we were given the impression that the men were freed.

Biden's Agencies Dodge How Texas Terrorist Was Allowed to Enter U.S..  President Joe Biden's federal agencies are dodging the question of how 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram, the British terrorist behind a hostage standoff last weekend, was allowed to enter the United States from the United Kingdom.  On January 15 in Colleyville, Texas, Akram took four Americans hostage inside the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue.  Following an 11-hour standoff, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Hostage Rescue Team was able to rescue all four hostages while Akram was shot and killed by agents.

The British man shot dead in the Texas synagogue siege was investigated by MI5 in late 2020.  I'm sure you've read elsewhere that the rabbi engineered the escape — which involved throwing a chair at the armed hostage-taker.  I like this justifiably proud statement by the rabbi, Jeffrey Cohen:  "We escaped.  We weren't released or freed."

FBI Lied About the Ending of the Texas Synagogue Hostage Situation.  British national Malik Faisal Akram took four people hostage at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas.  It lasted over ten hours.  It had a good ending.  All four hostages are alive and escaped injury.  Akram is dead.  Yet, we have new developments on how this whole saga ended.  At least one was released, the other three were later released as well.  That's what was Initially reported.  Now, it seems like the rabbi created the situation in which the hostages were able to make a break for it.  In other words, the FBI lied again.

Texas Synagogue Attacker Was Known to UK Security Service MI5, Judged as No Risk.  UK citizen Malik Faisal Akram, who had a known history of extreme behaviour stretching back over 20 years was known to British spy agency MI5 but had been judged as no longer posing a threat to the public in 2020, reports in UK media claim.  Malik Faisal Akram, 44, flew to the United States after Christmas 2021, and weeks later took hostages at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas.  He was shot dead by law enforcement officials at the scene.  Yet questions remain unanswered over how Akram was able to travel and gain access to a handgun given his long history of extremist behaviour.

Biden Called Kyle Rittenhouse a White Supremacist, but Won't Speculate on Motive of Malik Faisal Akram.  On Sunday, Joe Biden acknowledged the Texas synagogue hostage situation, dubbing the incident an "act of terror," but refused to "speculate" on Akram's motives when asked about it by reporters.  "No, I don't.  I — there's speculation, but I'm not going to get into that.  I will — I'm going to have a press conference on Wednesday, and I'll be happy to go into detail of what I know in detail at that time," Biden said in a press conference Sunday. The now-dead hostage-taker was identified as Malik Faisal Akram, and he demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a jihadi known as "Lady al Qaeda."  Just like the FBI, Biden seems intent on "whitewashing" Akram's motives.  Akram only targeted a synagogue.  I wonder what his motives were.

Texas rabbi says he is 'alive today' thanks to police training that helped him act when terrorist became 'belligerent'.  The Texas rabbi who endured a 10-hour kidnapping by a British anti-Semite demanding the release of an al-Qaeda terrorists has credited his active-shooter training for helping him and his followers escape alive.  Charlie Cytron-Walker and three of his congregation were rescued unharmed on Saturday night after their captor Mailk Faisal Akram, 44, was shot and killed by police.  The rabbi, who has presided over the 140-strong congregation since 2006, on Sunday said his training enabled him to deal with the situation.

Seven lessons to learn from the Texas synagogue attack.  [#1] The first question to ponder is how a purportedly mentally unstable man with a criminal record in the U.K. and no financial backing, such that he was compelled to live in a shelter, received a visa to travel to the U.S.  This highlights the need for better cooperation among law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies in the U.S. and other countries from where travel visas to the U.S. are issued.  There is a need for mental evaluation and stricter verification of police and financial records before granting permission to enter the country.

The Editor says...
I disagree.  Right after 9/11/2001, George W. Bush went on TV to wonder aloud how a bunch of terrorists could possibly get into this country undetected.  It was all blamed on the various law enforcement agencies failing to communicate with each other.  The solution was the creation of the Patriot Act (which was miraculously written and ready to sign in a few days, almost as if it had been prepared well in advance) and the Department of Homeland Security, which was an additional (permanent) new layer of federal bureaucracy.  This will solve everything, they said.  No, it didn't.

British hostage taker at Colleyville synagogue bought gun 'on the street', Biden said.  President Joe Biden said Sunday the British national who held four people hostage inside a Colleyville synagogue was armed with a gun apparently "purchased on the street."  The president said the hostage-taker spent his first night in Texas at a homeless shelter, and speculated that he might have gotten a gun there.  Also on Sunday, Greater Manchester police in England said they detained two teenagers in connection with the gunman who took four people hostage for more than 11 hours over the weekend in Colleyville.  The two teens were the suspect's sons who were in touch with him at some point Saturday, MSNBC reported.  Greater Manchester police tweeted about the arrests but released few details about why counterterrorism officers detained the teens.  Authorities had not confirmed late Sunday the connection the teens had to 44-year-old British national Malik Faisal Akram, who died after Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker and the three other hostages escaped unharmed and authorities swarmed the building.  Authorities have not said how Akram died.

Joe Biden:  I Don't Think There is Sufficient Information to Know Why He Targeted That Synagogue.  Joe Biden on Sunday echoed the corrupt FBI and said there is no sufficient information to know why the Muslim hostage-taker targeted a synagogue in Texas.  A Pakistani man entered the Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Saturday and took several members hostage.  On Sunday the FBI identified the now deceased hostage-taker as Malik Faisal Akram from Great Britain.  Malik Faisal Akram claimed he was the brother of a convicted terrorist serving an 86-year sentence.  The FBI on Saturday night said they are still working to find the Muslim terrorist's motive.

Michigan Democrat initially suggests 'White supremacy' to blame for attack on Texas synagogue.  Democratic Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel suggested Saturday that "White supremacy" could be to blame for the attack on a Texas synagogue by a British national seeking the release of a convicted terrorist dubbed "Lady Al-Qaeda."  In a video clip first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Nessel told MSNBC's Yasmin Vossoughian that a rise in hate crimes and formation of White supremacist extremist organizations across the country would make the realization they perpetrated such an event hardly a surprise.  According to the Free Beacon, it had been reported already that the suspect was demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani woman convicted in New York in 2010 on charges she sought to shoot U.S. military officers while detained in Afghanistan two years earlier.

British synagogue siege terrorist, 44, evaded officials despite criminal convictions and 9/11 rant.  The security services were today accused of a serious 'intelligence failure' after a British Islamist was able to travel to the US to lay siege to a synagogue despite his significant criminal convictions and known radical views.  As police in the US and UK scramble to discover if he was part of a wider terror cell, it has emerged that Malik Faisal Akram, 44, from Blackburn, Lancashire, was branded a 'menace' for raving about the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001.  The terror suspect was given a rare Exclusion Order at Blackburn's magistrates' court — the first in 25 years — for abusing staff about 9/11 on the day after the attack that claimed more than 2,750 lives.  The incident 20 years ago raises questions about whether he was known to the security services on either side of the Atlantic — and how he managed to get into the United States two weeks ago with a significant criminal record.

FBI finally admits Texas synagogue siege WAS an anti-Semitic terror attack after.  The FBI has finally admitted the Texas synagogue siege was an anti-Semitic terror attack after initially claiming it was not directly targeting Jews.  Malik Faisal Akram, from Blackburn in the UK, held four people hostage, including a rabbi, for ten hours at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, Saturday night.  Speaking Saturday after the attack, which ended with the death of Akram in a hail of bullets, FBI Special Agent Matt DeSarno said: 'We do believe from our engaging with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community.  But we're continuing to work to find motive.'

FBI Abruptly Changes Course on the Texas Synagogue Attack Motive.  Two days ago, a terrifying attack on a Jewish synagogue in Texas played out.  A British national named Malik Faisal Akram took a Rabbi and multiple congregants hostage, demanding the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui.  Siddiqui, who is in prison for attempting to kill US Military personnel, has been turned into a folk-hero by many Islamist-supporting groups.  That includes CAIR, an organization widely supported by Democrat politicians, hosting rallies in support of her.  Since Faisal Akram live-streamed his crime and announced his grievances, it was clear right away what his motive was.  Despite that, the FBI, in parodic fashion, once again stepped up to the plate to obfuscate and insult everyone's intelligence.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth-Israel:  "Grateful to be alive".  The good news is that all of the hostages, including the rabbi of Congregation Beth-Israel, are alive and safe.  The bad news is that a deranged British national entered the synagogue during Shabbat services and held the men hostage while demanding the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, known as Lady al-Qaeda.  Today Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker released a statement of gratitude for being alive in a Facebook post.

Why the Media Is About to Run Away From the Texas Synagogue Hostage Story.  A madman held people hostage at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas.  For 12 hours, a gunman held four people including a rabbi hostage for over 10 hours at Congregation Beth Israel.  It was a happy ending.  The gunman is dead, and all the hostages were released unharmed. [...] Now, here's where the funny business begins — the FBI can't say what the motive was regarding this attack.  Seriously.  This is the same FBI who said that the 2017 GOP congressional baseball shooting by a violent and dedicated leftist was not politically motivated.  It's a clown show, but one that will soon pack up shop.  The name of the shooter has been revealed, and it's not in keeping with the liberal media narrative.  It's not a MAGA supporter.  It's not a white nationalist.  I know liberals were hoping it would be a white guy.  It's not.

Texas Rabbi Recounts Escape from Terrorist Hostage-Taker: 'I Threw a Chair at the Gunman'.  The rabbi who survived the terrorist siege at a Texas synagogue over the weekend recounted the chilling situation and his courageous escape in a Monday interview.  Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker recalled the rattling experience, in which a man took him and three other people hostage at Congregation Beth Israel during Shabbat services on Saturday.  "It was terrifying.  It was overwhelming and we're still processing.  It's been a lot.  It's completely overwhelming," he said during an interview with CBS Mornings.

Joe Biden Admits More Gun Control Wouldn't Have Stopped Synagogue Attacker.  President Joe Biden took questions on Saturday's Texas synagogue attack and suggested more gun control would not have stopped the attacker.  Reuters reports the attacker, 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram, was a citizen of the United Kingdom.  Federal agents stormed the synagogue after a 10-hour hostage standoff and Akram is now dead.

Why Was Texas Synagogue Jihadi Allowed Into U.S. Two Weeks Ago Despite 'Long Criminal Record'?  The family of Malik Faisal Akram, the Islamic jihadi from Britain who took hostages in Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, Saturday, has "demanded to know how he was allowed into America despite a long criminal record," says the UK's Daily Mail.  More than just his family should be asking this question.  How was this man able to storm a synagogue in Texas and take people hostage at gunpoint when he shouldn't have been allowed into the United States in the first place?  If anything shows how broken our immigration system is under the regime of Biden's handlers, it is this entire episode.

Muslim Hostage Crisis at Synagogue Parallels Hamas-Linked CAIR Campaign for 'Lady Al Qaeda'.  The Muslim terrorist hostage crisis at a Fort Worth Reform synagogue dedicated to social justice is over.  It's a Texas happy ending with the terrorist dead and the hostages freed.  And 'Lady Al Qaeda' aka Aafia Sddiqui, whom the terrorist wanted set free, is still locked up.  The media is rushing to spin Muslims as the real victims while hyping Islamophobia.  Meanwhile the Simon Wiesenthal Center notes that the hostage crisis parallels a CAIR campaign to free Aafia Sddiqui.

FBI Dallas Identifies Colleyville Synagogue Hostage Taker As Malik Faisal Akram.  The FBI Dallas Field Office confirmed the identity of the man who took four people hostage at a Colleyville synagogue for 10 hours before a SWAT team stormed the building, ending a tense standoff Saturday.  FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno identified the 44-year-old British national as Malik Faisal Akram of Blackburn, United Kingdom.  Akram was shot and killed after the last of the hostages got out at around 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15 at Congregation Beth Israel.  In a statement, the FBI said there was no indication that anyone else was involved, but it didn't provide a possible motive.

Clueless: Woke FBI Downplays Anti-Semitic Aspect of Hostage-Taking at Texas Synagogue.  The jihadi who stormed the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, and took hostages Saturday, demanding the release of convicted jihad terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, is dead, and the hostages are safe.  And now comes the real work: whitewashing, downplaying, and ignoring outright what took place, because it doesn't fit the establishment narrative.  FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno got the ball rolling when he said, "We do believe from our engagement with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, uh, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community, uh, but we're continuing to work to find motive and, and we will continue on that path."

The FBI Response to the Texas Synagogue Attack Is Absolutely Sick.  Yesterday, news of a hostage situation in a Texas synagogue rocked the nation.  Shortly after, due to the assailant's admission on a Facebook Live stream, we had an identity and a motive.  The man holding a rabbi and other Jews hostage was a Pakistani named Muhammad Siddiqui.  He was demanding the release of his anti-Semitic sister, Aafia Siddiqui, who is currently in prison for trying to kill US military personnel.  The Islamist community has made the terrorist a living martyr, with CAIR hosting many rallies seeking her freedom.  Thankfully, due to the actions of the local police and the SWAT team that was present, the hostage-taker was killed and everyone is now safe.  As per usual, that left the FBI to march in and take things over, and the response they gave is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen from a law enforcement agency.

British terrorist, 44, shot dead by police after taking hostages at Texas synagogue.  The brother of the 44-year-old British terrorist who was shot dead after taking four people hostage during a 10 hour siege inside a Texas synagogue has openly questioned how he was allowed into the United States with a criminal record, as two teenagers in Manchester have been arrested tonight in connection with the incident.  The two teenagers, from South Manchester, are currently being quizzed by police over events that transpired more than 4,700 miles away in Colleyville, counter terror specialists confirmed on Sunday night.  They cannot be identified for legal reasons.  Malik Faisal Akram, 44, of Blackburn, was shot dead by the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team after holding four hostages, including a rabbi, for more than 10 hours at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Saturday.

Terrorist shot dead after taking hostages at Texas synagogue is named.  The brother of the 44-year-old British terrorist who was shot dead after taking four people hostage during a 10 hour siege inside a Texas synagogue has openly questioned how he was allowed into the United States with a criminal record, as two teenagers in Manchester have been arrested tonight in connection with the incident.  The two teenagers, from South Manchester, are currently being quizzed by police over events that transpired more than 4,700 miles away in Colleyville, counter terror specialists confirmed on Sunday night.  They cannot be identified for legal reasons.  Malik Faisal Akram, 44, of Blackburn, was shot dead by the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team after holding four hostages, including a rabbi, for more than 10 hours at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Saturday [1/15/2022].

The Editor says...
Yes, everybody is baffled.  How could a terrorist have been admitted to the U.S.?  Easy.  The Biden administration is importing them by the thousand from Afghanistan, calling them "refugees," even though nobody knows who they really are.

'Calm, collected' synagogue rabbi wowed FBI through 10-hour Texas hostage crisis.  Local and federal law enforcement credited Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker's "calm and collected" demeanor for helping bring about a miraculous end to the ten-hour hostage crisis at his northern Texas synagogue on Saturday night [1/15/2022].  Cytron-Walker and the three other worshipers who made it to Sabbath morning services in the quiet town of Colleyville surely felt the main risk they were taking by attending involved being present at an indoor, mid-Omicron gathering.  But that became the least of their worries when a suspect burst into Congregation Beth Israel (CBI) and proceeded to hold the four Jewish worshipers captive, apparently at gunpoint, for the remainder of the day.

FBI is under fire for claiming terror attack at a synagogue was NOT targeting Jewish people.  Republican Lindsey Graham has fired back at the FBI after they appeared to dismiss a terror attack at a Texas synagogue, as not being directly targeted against Jewish people.  In a series of tweets, the South Carolina senator vented his frustration with the FBI appearing to ignore the fact Saturday's attack targeted a religion that has long been subjected to violent and often murderous anti-Semitic hatred.  'It is very disturbing to hear from the FBI they do not believe the hostage taker's demands had anything to do with the Jewish faith,' Graham began.  [Tweets]

The Biden administration's bizarre response to the Texas hostage crisis.  On Saturday afternoon [1/15/2022], a man claiming to be the brother of the Pakistani terrorist Aafia Siddiqui (aka "Lady al Qaeda") stormed a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and took four people hostage.  The resulting standoff lasted for several hours before all four hostages escaped or were freed and the hostage-taker killed.  During the event, the Biden administration once again showed itself to be completely tone-deaf, issuing a bizarre, clinical tweet that didn't even mention that the entire event revolved around al Qaeda-related genocidal antisemitism.

Texas synagogue terrorist's Pakistani 'sister' is a piece of work.  [Scroll down]  So who is Aafia Siddiqui?  Siddiqui was born in Pakistan and came to the United States on a student visa in 1990 for higher education.  She lived in the United States between 1991 and 2002.  She studied at MIT and has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Brandeis University.  She returned to Pakistan and married a relative of the 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  Siddiqui was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 in possession of documents about the manufacture of "dirty bombs" and notes about planned attacks against New York City landmarks such as the Empire State Building.  Following her arrest in Afghanistan, she was interrogated by U.S. soldiers and the FBI. During that interrogation, Siddiqui found an unattended rifle and fired it at members of the interrogation team.  She also attacked an FBI agent and a U.S. army officer attempting to disarm her.  She was subsequently charged with attempted murder.  She was then branded as "Lady al Qaida."

Hostages safe after standoff inside synagogue; captor dead.  A man held hostages for more than 10 hours Saturday at a Texas synagogue where he could be heard ranting in a livestream and demanding the release of a Pakistani neuroscientist who was convicted of trying to kill U.S. Army officers in Afghanistan.  One of the four hostages held at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville was released during the standoff; three others were rescued when authorities entered the building about 9 p.m., authorities said.  The hostage taker was killed and FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno said a team would investigate "the shooting incident."

Texas hostage situation:  All hostages 'alive and safe,' Greg Abbott tweets after hours-long ordeal.  Three remaining hostages at a Texas synagogue were "out alive and safe," ending an ordeal that began hours earlier, according to a Twitter message late Saturday from Gov. Greg Abbott.  "Prayers answered," Abbott wrote.  "All hostages are out alive and safe."  Not long before the governor's message, a loud bang and the sound of gunfire were heard at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, near Fort Worth, as authorities worked to free the hostages, The Associated Press reported.

November 14, 2021

The Liverpool Bombing:  Islam's Mind-boggling Deceptions Exposed.  On November 14, 2021, a man detonated an improvised explosive device near the main entrance of Liverpool Women's Hospital in England.  Only he died, though the taxi driver who had just dropped him off was also injured.  Although he botched it, investigators concluded that this was a terrorist attack that was planned months in advance.  Emad al-Swealmeen, 32, the would-be terrorist in question, was a born Muslim who arrived in the UK in 2014 and applied for asylum by claiming he was a Syrian refugee.  It turned out he was from Iraq or Jordan, and his asylum application was rejected.  Soon thereafter, Emad formally converted to Christianity; in 2015 he was baptized, and in 2017 confirmed, at Liverpool Cathedral.  Although it is common for Muslim migrants to pretend to be Christian in order to receive asylum — based on their projected but erroneous belief that Western nations will naturally be more welcoming of Christians — those Christians close to him argue that his conversion was genuine: [...]

The Editor says...
His conversion to Christianity must not have been sincere, if he then went on to be a suicide bomber.  It is far more likely that he pretended to convert to Christianity in order to avoid being deported.

We need to get real about Islamist terrorism.  The bomb blast outside Liverpool Women's Hospital last weekend has thrust the terror threat in Britain today back into the spotlight.  The suspect who died in the explosion — 32-year-old Emad al-Swealmeen — had first failed in his application for asylum in 2014.  During his stay in the UK, he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for six months over a knife-related incident.  Having supposedly converted from Islam to Christianity in 2017, his case has shed light on previous warnings made by senior Church of England clerics that some Muslim asylum seekers were trying to become Christian converts in order to avoid deportation from the UK to Muslim-majority countries where they could be charged with apostasy.

UK: Muslim Liverpool Bombing Suspect Had Asylum Status Rejected But Was Never Deported.  The suspect in last Sunday's Liverpool bombing was reportedly denied asylum but remained in the country.  Emad al Swealmeen arrived in Britain from the Middle East in 2014 and is believed to be of Syrian or Iraqi origin.  Al Swealmeen was killed in the bombing, that took place outside a women's hospital.  A taxi driver was also injured in the attack.  The suspected bomber changed his name to Enzo Almeni, in honor of Italian race car driver Enzo Ferrari, in order to sound more western on his asylum application.  This did not work, however, as his application was rejected in 2014.  The 32-year-old then remained in the country despite failing to gain legal residence.

Liverpool terror attack: what we know so far.  Britain has been subjected to another terror attack, just as the nation fell silent for yesterday's annual Remembrance Sunday memorial.  An explosion occurred in a taxi outside the Liverpool Women's Hospital on Sunday morning, killing the passenger and leaving the driver in hospital.  Police have now confirmed that the incident is being treated as a terror attack.  Reports suggest that the driver, David Perry, noticed that his passenger had a device and locked himself in the car alongside the bomber.  The as-yet-unnamed passenger was declared dead at the scene.  Boris Johnson has hailed Mr Perry's 'incredible presence of mind and bravery'.  He was discharged from hospital last night after receiving treatment for cuts and burns as well as stitches to his ear.

Taxi Explosion Near UK Hospital Investigated As Terrorist Attack.  A taxi explosion Sunday outside of a women's hospital in Liverpool, England, is being treated as an act of terrorism, authorities announced.  A passenger riding in a taxi allegedly detonated an improvised explosive device outside Liverpool Women's Hospital on Sunday, killing himself in the process and injuring the taxi driver, according to the Associated Press.  Three men believed to be associates of the passenger were reportedly arrested under the country's Terrorism Act.  "Three males have today been arrested in the Kensington area under the Terrorism Act and remain in custody and enquiries remain ongoing," Chief Constable Serena Kennedy announced in a press release.

Poppy Day bomber was still in UK after seven years of failed asylum requests and 'converted to Christianity to get visa'.  Campaigners reacted with fury today after it emerged that the Liverpool suicide bomber was allowed to stay in the UK for seven years despite multiple failed claims for asylum.  Enzo Almeni, 32, appealed every time the Home Office turned down his application for permanent residency because the authorities believed he was lying about being Syrian and claims he only converted to Christianity from Islam to improve his case.  The Home Office is now under pressure to properly investigate if increasing numbers of asylum seekers are being baptised and confirmed by the Church of England to aid their bid to stay in the UK.  The car-mad terrorist changed his name Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen by deed poll to Enzo Almeni, in tribute to Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari.  He claimed it was to make it more Western and easier for people to pronounce, but there were suspicions it was because his birth name was Jordanian and not Syrian.

'Suicide bomber's first target was Poppy Day parade'.  A 'terrorist' who detonated a suspected suicide bomb outside a hospital wanted to go to the nearby cathedral where a Remembrance Sunday service was being held but found the streets were blocked, it was claimed today.  Cabbie David Perry had the suspect inside his car when it blew up just before 11am outside Liverpool Women's Hospital.  He managed to escape alive and has been branded a hero after apparently locking the doors to stop him entering the hospital.  Detectives say the male passenger who died in the blast had asked to go to the hospital, around ten minutes' drive from his home in Rutland Avenue, which police have sealed off.

Some of those "lone wolf" terrorists have a lot of help.
Dramatic footage shows armed police force man out of Liverpool home connected with Poppy Day 'car bomb' as fourth person is arrested following 'terror incident'.  A bomb squad has tonight carried out a controlled explosion near a house in Liverpool raided in connection to a suicide bombing outside a hospital on Remembrance Sunday [11/14/2021].  It is understood the explosion in Sefton Park was done 'as part of the ongoing investigation into the terrorist incident' outside the Liverpool Women's Hospital yesterday just before 11am, and that residents 'shouldn't be concerned'.  The UK's terror threat level was raised to 'severe' today from 'substantial' following a COBRA meeting at Downing Street.  Police and the security services advised the Prime Minister that another attack on British soil is now 'highly likely' following the bombing in Merseyside and the murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess in Essex.

The Editor says...
I wonder what the next few threat levels are called — profound, acute, abstruse, critical, Level Purple, Woo-woo-woo-ding-ding?  In the U.S., the terrorism threat level disappeared a few years ago, but while it was in use, it was never less than "Elevated."  A continuous and perpetual emergency is meaningless, especially if the government isn't willing to address the roots of the problem.

Nuremberg, Germany
November 6, 2021

Germany Admits Radical Islam, NOT Mental Issues, Likely Motivated Mass Stabbing by Syrian.  Despite initially ruling out terrorism, officials have now said that radical Islam, not mental health issues, was the likely motivation for a Syrian knifeman's stabbing spree on a German train.  There are "serious indications" that a migrant man who went on a knife rampage in Germany back in November was inspired by radical Islam, the local prosecutor's office has reportedly said.

Knifeman wounds three in attack on high-speed German train as police arrest 27-year-old Syrian suspect.  A knifeman has wounded three people on a high-speed train in Germany.  Police were called at around 9am local time on Saturday as the high-speed ICE train travelled between Regensburg and Nuremberg.  One person has been arrested and three men aged 26, 39, and 60 were seriously injured in the attack, according to local media.

3 injured in knife attack in train in Germany, detained attacker is of Arab origin — reports.  A knife attack occurred on Saturday morning on a train line connecting Regensburg and Nuremberg.  It left three people injured, one of them seriously, according to local media.  The perpetrator was apprehended and identified as a 27-year-old man of Arab origin with a record of mental illness, the tabloid Bild reported.  The attack happened around 9:30am local time, the newspaper said.  The Intercity Express (ICE) train was carrying around 300 passengers at the time of the incident.  It was moved to a station in the municipality of Seubersdorf, southeast of Nuremberg.  Upper Palatinate district police are handling the investigation.

October 15, 2021

Islamist extremism suspected in murder of UK MP; suspect had family ties to Somali government.  Ali Harbi Ali, a British national of Somali heritage, is currently being held at a London police station until Oct. 22 under the United Kingdom's Terrorism Act of 2000 on suspicion of murdering British Member of Parliament Sir David Amess.  Early indicators point to "a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism," according to the London Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command.  Born in Southwark, south London, Ali is the son of a former adviser to a Somali prime minister and nephew of the Somali ambassador to China, the BBC reports.

Suspect arrested for assassinating Brit MP is finally named by police, but the New York Times won't print his name.  We can guess that British Member of Parliament Sir David Amess, cruelly and painfully stabbed to death while meeting with constituents, was likely targeted for his pro-Israel and philo-Semitic views, now that the name of the suspect arrested at the scene has been released.

Fatal Stabbing of British MP David Amess Declared a Terrorist Attack.  Conservative British MP Sir David Amess was murdered today in a stabbing attack in a church on Eastwood Road in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.  David Amess was stabbed multiple times at meeting with constituents in a church.  A 25-year-old man of Somali heritage rushed into the church and stabbed David Amess multiple times then sat down and waited for police to arrive.  Paramedics worked to save the politician on the floor of an Essex church for more than an hour but he could not be saved after the appalling attack[.]

The Editor says...
The police caught the perpetrator, and declared it a "terror attack."  Now what?  They will likely declare him to be insane, rather than putting him on trial where we can learn about his Islamic motivations and somebody will interrogate his Imam.

British lawmaker murdered in knife attack at meeting in church.  A British lawmaker was stabbed to death on Friday [10/15/2021] in a church by a man who lunged at him at a meeting with voters from his electoral district, knifing him repeatedly.  David Amess, a 69-year-old lawmaker from Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party, was attacked at around midday at a meeting at the Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, east of London.  "He was treated by emergency services but, sadly, died at the scene," police said.  "A 25-year-old man was quickly arrested after officers arrived at the scene on suspicion of murder and a knife was recovered."  Armed police swooped on the church and detectives said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.  There was no detail about the motivation for the attack.

The Editor says...
As usual, the police, the politicians, and the news reporters pretend to be baffled about the attacker's motive.

Terror police will probe murder of Sir David Amess:  Cops arrest 'British man of Somali heritage, 25'.  Counter terrorism officers are tonight leading the investigation into the murder of Tory MP Sir David Amess, as forces across the country are being urged to launch an 'immediate review' of security for politicians.  It comes after horrified onlookers screamed for help as they tried to save the Conservative MP who was brutally stabbed to death in front of them at his Southend constituency surgery.  The popular politician — who won at the last general election with a margin of 14,000 votes — was knifed 'multiple times' by a 25-year-old killer — believed to be of a British national of Somali heritage.

Kongsberg, Norway
October 13, 2021

Norway attack victims stabbed not shot with arrows, say police.  Five people killed in Norway last week were all stabbed to death and not shot with arrows as initially suspected, police have announced.  Four women and one man, aged between 52 and 78, were killed on Wednesday in the attack in Kongsberg, a town about 45 miles (70 km) west of the capital, Oslo.  The attacker was armed with a bow and arrow, which he shot at several people, wounding at least one, but on Monday the police inspector Per Thomas Omholt told reporters none of the deaths was caused by the weapon.  "Five people were killed with stabbing weapons," Omholt told a news conference on Monday.  He declined to say whether these were knives or larger weapons.

Norway bow and arrow attacker also stabbed victims, police say.  The man who killed five and wounded two others in a bow and arrow attack last week in Norway also stabbed the victims, police said Monday [10/18/2021].  Espen Andersen Braathen, 37, was arrested Wednesday after a deadly attack which started at a supermarket in Kongsberg.  The Danish man was later transferred to a mental hospital for further evaluation, but more details about the incident are emerging.  "When it comes to weapons, we have previously stated that a bow and arrow has been used," police inspector Per Thomas Omholt said told a news conference Monday.  "Other weapons that have been used are stabbing weapons.  We don't want to go out with what kind of stabbing weapons were used as all witnesses at the scene haven't been questioned yet."

Horrific delay?  Norway eyes police response to arrow attack.  Norway on Saturday announced it will hold an independent investigation into the actions of police and security agencies following a bow-and-arrow attack that killed five people and injured three others.  Police have been criticized for reacting too slowly to contain the massacre, acknowledging that the five deaths took place after police first encountered the attacker.

Norway bow-and-arrow suspect who allegedly killed 5 was flagged for radicalization.  A Danish man who is in custody in Norway suspected of a bow-and-arrow attack on a small town that killed five people and wounded two others is a Muslim convert who had previously been flagged as having being radicalized, police said Thursday [10/14/2021].  "There earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized," Police chief Ole B. Saeverud told a news conference.  The victims were four women and one man between the ages of 50 and 70, Saeverud said.

Deadly Norway Attack Appears to Be 'Act of Terrorism': Police.  A Danish man who killed five people and injured two others by bow and arrow in a series of attacks in a town in Norway on Oct. 13 was placed under investigation for suspected terrorism.  "We are investigating this, among other things, to clarify whether it is an act of terrorism," regional Police Chief Ole Bredrup Saeverud said at an Oct. 14 press conference.  "It will probably take some time before it can be finally clarified.  "The assessment related to motive is a bit complicated.  But it is natural to go back and see what information we have on the person from earlier, and then we see that there has been a concern related to radicalization in the past, which we think it is natural to be open about without being able to explain the details of it now."  Five people were killed in the Oct. 13 attack — four women and one man between the ages of 50 and 70 — in Kongsberg, a small town of about 28,000 people southwest of Oslo.

Five people confirmed dead and more injured by killer armed with a bow and arrows in Norway.  At least five people have been killed and two others injured by a man using a bow and arrows to carry out attacks in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg.  Police arrested and charged a 37-year-old Danish man over the attack after a man marauded through the town for 34 minutes firing randomly at victims on Wednesday evening [10/13/2021].  The killer opened fire inside a Coop Extra supermarket in the town's west around 6:13 pm local time and was detained at 6:47 pm following a 'confrontation' with officers in which they fired warning shots.

Assailant with bow and arrows kills 5 people in Norway.  A man armed with a bow fired arrows at shoppers in a small Norwegian town Wednesday, killing five people before he was arrested, authorities said.  The police chief in the community of Kongsberg, near the capital of Oslo, said there was "a confrontation" between officers and the assailant, but he did not elaborate.  Two other people were wounded and hospitalized in intensive care, including an officer who was off duty and inside the shop where the attack took place, police said. [...] Acting Prime Minister Erna Solberg described the attack as "gruesome" and said it was too early to speculate on a motive.

A man suspected of killing 5 people with a bow and arrow in Norway was known as a potential Islamic extremist, police say.  Police said the man suspected of killing five people in Norway with a bow and arrow was known to them as a possible Islamic extremist.  A man used a bow and arrow to kill four women and one man in the town of Kongsberg on Wednesday.  Police have detained a suspect, a 37-year-old Danish man whose name has not been shared publicly.  Ole Bredrup Sæverud, the region's police chief, said on Thursday [10/14/2021] that the man was "a convert to Islam" and that police had "previously fears linked to his radicalization," The Guardian reported.

The Editor says...
The police know all about him, but the Prime Minister says it's "too early to speculate on a motive."

Near Puerto Rico
September 22, 2021

A JetBlue Jihadist?  The Great Press Cover-up.  If a radical Islamist hijacked an airplane, we might never know it was an act of terrorism.  That is, if we rely only on the mainstream media.  Case in point:  On September 22, Khalil El Dahr, a passenger on JetBlue Flight 261 from Boston to Puerto Rico, suddenly rushed to the front of the aircraft, choked and kicked a flight attendant, tried to break into the flight deck, and urged crew members to shoot him.  It took a half-dozen flight attendants to restrain El Dahr, tying him down with flex cuffs, seat belt extenders and a necktie.  On landing in Puerto Rico, El Dahr was arrested and charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants, a federal crime.  What was El Dahr's motive?  Authorities have not released their findings yet, but we know some facts from an affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent William Lopez.  El Dahr had attempted an in-flight phone call and "became angry about the call's unsuccess."  About twenty-five minutes later he rushed the cockpit, struggled with flight attendants, speaking in "Spanish and Arabic," and "one point during the incident, they were able to understand El Dahr say Allah in a raised tone."

Man tries to storm JetBlue cockpit, attacks attendant, asks to be shot.  A passenger aboard a JetBlue flight from Boston to Puerto Rico tried to storm the cockpit before choking a flight attendant — and shouted at the pilot in Arabic and Spanish to shoot him, officials said.  Flight 261 was about an hour from San Juan late Wednesday [9/22/2021] when Khalil El Dahr became enraged after a phone call he tried to make was unsuccessful, according to an FBI affidavit obtained by ABC News.  Some 25 minutes later, he "pulled himself out of his seat and rushed toward the flight deck yelling to be shot" in Spanish, the document says.  The heroic flight attendant pushed El Dahr into a space between the front row and the galley, the feds said.

Jet Blue passenger chokes flight attendant, storms cockpit, but most media neglect to mention he shouted 'Allah!'  A frightening incident took place Wednesday on a Jet Blue flight from Boston to San Juan in which a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, broke free of wrist ties once restrained, and attempted to storm the cockpit, with the door open because a crew member had used the toilet.  Although the passenger shouted the name "Allah," nearly all the media reports that I have been able to find (here, here, and here, for instance) omit that point, and merely state that he was angry about a failed phone call, and imply mental illness was the root cause of the attack.  The Daily Beast's jihad-sanitized account of the incident at least conveys the overpowering fury of the passenger: [...]

New Zealand
September 3, 2021

After knife attack, New Zealand adopts 'knife-control' policy, removes knives from supermarket shelves.  New Zealand truly is the land of sheep.  Something has happened there, a mass psychological disturbance that has the populace supporting a government that reacts hysterically to perceived threats. [...] With its human population emulating its more numerous sheep neighbors, New Zealand now is making real a joke that has been told for years.  In the past, Second Amendment supporters have joked that if guns are outlawed, people will just turn to knives.  "What are yhou going to do?  Outlaw knives?" New Zealand has answered yes!

New Zealand knifeman who attacked seven people before police shot him dead can finally be named.  The ISIS-supporting terrorist who went on a stabbing rampage in New Zealand Friday has been named as Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen.  The 32-year-old Sri Lankan refugee was shot dead after stabbing five people and injuring two others during an attack at the Countdown supermarket in New Lynn in west Auckland.  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said he was considered one of the nation's most dangerous extremists and had been watched 24/7 since 2016, adding she was 'gutted' he was able to carry out the attack despite being on the terror watchlist.  Countdown and other stores removed knives and scissors from shelves Saturday in response to the attack — while Police Commissioner Andrew Coster defended the action of officers, who took out Samsudeen within a minute of him launching his assault.

Video Footage Shows The Chaos As Islamic Extremist Stabs 6 In New Zealand Supermarket.  New Zealand police on Friday shot and killed a "violent extremist" who was known to authorities, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, after he stabbed and wounded at least six people in a supermarket.  The attacker, a Sri Lankan national who had been in New Zealand for 10 years, was inspired by the Islamic State militant group and was being monitored constantly, Ardern said.  "A violent extremist undertook a terrorist attack on innocent New Zealanders," Ardern told a briefing.  "He obviously was a supporter of ISIS ideology," she said, referring to Islamic State.  [Video clip]

'Extremist' shot, killed in New Zealand after stabbing 6 in supermarket.  New Zealand police shot and killed a 'violent extremist' on Friday [9/3/2021] after he entered a supermarket in New Zealand and stabbed six people, in what the prime minister called a "terrorist attack."  The man, who was not immediately identified past the fact that he was a Sri Lankan national and had been previously known to New Zealand's security forces, entered the supermarket around 2:40 p.m., Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, according to The New York Times.  She also noted that he "was a supporter of ISIS ideology," Reuters reported. [...] The man allegedly shouted "Allahu akbar" after entering the store — which translates to "God is great" and began going after shoppers in the store, witnesses said, the Associated Press reported.

Plano, Texas
August 29, 2021

Man kills Texas Lyft driver in possible terror-related slaying.  A Texas man may have been inspired by foreign terrorists when he murdered his Lyft driver, then opened fire inside a local police station, authorities said.  Imran Ali Rasheed, 33, was fatally shot by cops in the lobby of the Plano Police Department on Sunday, after he killed 26-year-old driver Isabella Lewis and stole her car, according to officials.  Rasheed, who'd previously been investigated by the FBI, left a note in Lewis' car that led investigators to believe he was a follower of the "rhetoric" and "propaganda" of an unnamed terrorist organization, said Matthew DeSarno, special agent in charge of the FBI Dallas office.

Is Texas Shooting The Start Of A Biden-Fueled Terrorism Surge?  A cold-blooded murder in a city northeast of Dallas over the weekend hasn't exactly made national news — yet.  But it could be the first in a new wave of terrorist attacks spawned by President Joe Biden's disastrous retreat from Afghanistan.  On Sunday, the day before the last U.S. military plane departed the Kabul airport, a gunman shot and killed a Lyft driver in Garland, then drove the car over to a nearby police station and started shooting at the people inside.  The alleged gunman, later identified as Imran Ali Rasheed, died after police gunned him down.  The next day, an FBI official said that Rasheed "may have been inspired by a foreign terrorist organization to commit these crimes," by which he meant "was inspired by rhetoric or propaganda by foreign terrorist organizations."

FBI: Texas shooter possibly inspired by foreign terrorists.  Investigators are looking into whether a Texas man was inspired by foreign terrorists when he killed a Lyft driver in a Dallas suburb and later opened fire in the police station of another suburb where officers fatally shot him.  Police said Imran Ali Rasheed ordered a Lyft in his home city of Garland Sunday then fatally shot the driver, Isabella Lewis.  Her stolen car was found a short time later outside the police station in the neighboring community of Plano, where Rasheed began shooting in the lobby before being shot by officers, police chiefs in both cities said at a Monday [8/30/2021] news conference.

Würzburg, Germany
June 25, 2021

Man Screaming 'Allahu Akbar' Stabs 3 to Death, Says It's His 'Jihad,' Cops Search for Motive.  German authorities are baffled:  a knife-wielding man, identified in the German media as "Jibril A.," stabbed three people to death and injured five others in Würzburg, Germany, on Friday [6/25/2021].  Police and intelligence officials have no idea why he did it.  Yes, he was screaming, "Allahu akbar!" during his attacks, and yes, he told police interrogators after he was arrested that he had now carried out his "jihad," but really, what does that even mean?  The German-language Tagesspiegel reported Saturday that "the motive for the fatal knife attack in Würzburg on Friday has still not been fully clarified."  Of course it hasn't.  After all, Islam is a religion of peace!

Somali Immigrant Goes On Stabbing Rampage In Germany, Kills 3, Wounds 5.  Three people were killed and five seriously injured in a knife attack in southern Germany on Friday (June 25) by a 24-year-old Somali immigrant, described by officials as having been placed under compulsory psychiatric treatment in recent days.  Police stopped and arrested the attacker in the town of Wuerzburg by firing a bullet through his thigh.  [Video clip]

Knifeman 'kills at least three people and wounds six' in street rampage before German police shoot him in the leg and arrest him.  A Somali knifeman yelled 'Allahu Akbar' before killing three people and wounding six more in a street rampage before German police arrested him alive, according to local reports.  Police identified the suspect, who was wearing a face mask and is now being questioned in a hospital, as a 24-year-old Somali man living in Wurzburg, Germany.  His life was not in danger from his gunshot wound, a spokeswoman said.  The force said multiple people had been killed and injured, but did not give details.  There has been no word yet on the possible motive for the attack.

Wake up, fools!  They aren't refugees.  They aren't insane.  They are Muslim invaders.
Somali knifeman who killed three people at random while yelling 'Allahu Akbar' in German terror attack 'came to Europe as a refugee in 2015'.  Three people were killed in an attack in Germany on Friday by a Somali immigrant, who officials said was placed under compulsory psychiatric treatment days earlier.  The suspect was identified as a 24-year-old Somali immigrant, who was shot in the leg by police and arrested after the Friday afternoon attack in Wurzburg, Germany.  Police said his life was not in danger and he was being questioned in hospital.  The knifeman killed at least three people and wounded at least five others in the street rampage at Barbarossaplatz in Wurzburg's downtown area, according to local media reports.

Washington, DC
April 2, 2021

Recap: 'Follower of Farrakhan' Crashes Capitol Barricade, Charges Cops with Knife.  On Friday, a man named Noah Green crashed his car into a barricade at the U.S. Capitol building, hitting Capitol Police officers, one of whom was killed.  Then Green got out of his car and charged at police officers with a knife.  The establishment media was already gearing up to label the attacker a Trump supporter and treat us to a new round of "insurrection" propaganda when it came to light that Green was not a conservative or Trump supporter at all, but a black man and a member of the Nation of Islam.  Rather than being an example of "white supremacist terrorism," Green's actions were a disquieting illustration of how the combination of race-grievance politics with Islam's jihad doctrine can be lethal.

Nation of Islam Calls Supporter Who Assaulted U.S. Capitol 'Brother With Such Great Potential'.  The Nation of Islam said it is investigating what caused one of its followers to stage a deadly assault against U.S. Capitol police last week, calling the deceased attacker a "brother with such great potential" who could have been a "star in the mission of the resurrection of our people."  The group distanced itself from the attack by its supporter Noah Green, saying it "absolutely disavow[s] this act that resulted in the senseless loss of life," and indicated that it was looking into a number of potential explanations for "what caused this" — including mental illness, depression, Green's own claims that his food was being poisoned, and that he was under "mind control."  "I am sure, had [Green] been blessed to come through the crisis that he was going through, he would have been a star in the mission of the resurrection of our people," said Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  "We need to know what happened to our brother."

Was the Capitol Building attack a form of jihad?  Was the Capitol building attack — where one police officer was killed and another injured — last Good Friday by Noah Green, a Nation of Islam member, a jihad attack?  Most would say no: the Nation of Islam, they would argue, is a heterodox group that has little to do with mainstream Islam as it focuses on placing a wedge between "superior" blacks (Allah's people) and "inferior" whites (Satan's people).  Although this is largely true, it overlooks two important facts:  the Nation of Islam, as well as countless other groups regularly dismissed as out of the Muslim mainstream, traces its origins to Islam.  More importantly, the fundamental aspect of almost all of these "fringe" groups — namely, the "us vs. them" element — is entirely Islamic.  This is significant and deserves some exploration.

Noah Green caught on camera buying $300 knife before deadly Capitol attack.  Noah Green, the suspect in last week's deadly vehicle-ramming incident outside the U.S. Capitol, can be seen in newly released surveillance footage shopping for a knife similar to the one in his possession during the attack.  Green, 25, was shot and killed Friday near the U.S. Capitol after police say he drove his car into two officers at a security checkpoint and then lunged at another while brandishing a large knife.  U.S. Capitol Police Officer William "Billy" Evans, 41, died after being struck by Green's car.  Another officer was hospitalized for serious but non-life-threatening injuries and has since been released.

Nation of Islam mourns 'brother' Noah Green who died while killing Capitol cop.  Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said the group is mourning its "brother" who died assaulting Capitol cops last week — saying the cop killer could have been a future "star" for the movement.  In a statement Tuesday [4/6/2021], the Nation of Islam confirmed that Noah Green, 25, was studying to become a full member — but blamed "potential mental illness" for him plowing a car into two Capitol cops and then jumping out with a knife on Friday.  "I am sure, had he been blessed to come through the crisis that he was going through, he would have been a star in the mission of the resurrection of our people," Farrakhan said in the statement.  "We need to know what happened to our brother," he said.

Ever notice how the perpetrator is portrayed?  The Socialists have their fingers-crossed — oh, please let the shooter be a white guy!  This automatically means the killer is a racist conservative who voted for Trump.  Doesn't matter who he kills.  This is their narrative:  NEED to stop people like that from buying firearms!  And if he purchased the gun illegally?  We require more laws.  But what happens when he is an Islamic Terrorist?  First, we can't use those words.  Second, regardless of his postings on Facebook or Twitter — where he is from or worships — We can't infer anything.  The shooter can make the most outrageous Social-Media statements on his beliefs and Allah, but there is still nothing to see here.  Ignore it.  Not Real.  The Man is Obviously Insane!  [Of course].  Anyone who kills a bunch of people isn't going to be of sound mind.  And the sympathetic Liberals will go out of their way to call it a Hate Crime.  Work Related Crime.  Anything but an Islamic Terrorist Act.

Facebook Quickly Scrubs Capitol Assailant's Facebook Page Praising Farrakhan As Jesus.  Facebook quickly removed self-described "follower of Farrakhan" Noah Green's profile page shortly after media identified him Friday as the assailant who was shot dead after driving into U.S. Capitol Police officers and lunging at them with a knife.  Describing himself on the since-deleted page as a follower of the Nation of Islam, the 25-year-old Green effusively praised the radical Farrakhan and his predecessor, Elijah Muhammad, as incarnations of Jesus Christ whose teachings changed his life.  Explaining the social media's company's reason for the deletion, a spokesperson for Facebook told The Daily Wire:  "After this horrific event, our thoughts are with the Capitol Police and their loved ones.  We have designated the incident under our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, which means we have removed the suspect's accounts from Facebook and Instagram, and are removing any content that praises, supports, or represents the attack or the suspect.  We are in contact with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation."

Just Another Mish-Mash Monday.  In Washington, a black man, theoretically deranged from repeated football concussions and exposure to the rantings of Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, rammed his car into two policemen (killing one) and a concrete barrier before waving a knife around and getting shot deader than a mackerel.  This is a horrible story... but it's not a big one.  A crazy lone wolf did a horrible thing and now he's dead.  Yet politicians and the "news" media are more or less calling this "insurrection two" (ignoring the fact that there was no "insurrection one") and citing it as evidence that our nation's capital needs to remain a guarded military outpost.  Unlike, oh, our southern border.

Facebook removes account of Capitol attack suspect and 'Follower of Farrakhan'.  Facebook removed the account of the person identified as the deceased suspect in Friday's attack outside the U.S. Capitol, which killed one U.S. Capitol Police officer and injured at least one more.  Noah Green, said to be a 25-year-old from Indiana, described himself as a "Follower of Farrakhan" and vocal member of the Nation of Islam.  Authorities are investigating the attack and have not yet announced a motive.  Green was identified by numerous news outlets as the man who law enforcement officials say rammed his car into at least two members of the Capitol Police, smashed the vehicle into a barricade on Constitution Avenue, jumped out wielding a knife, and was shot and killed by police.  All three were taken to a hospital.

Prominent Democrats' Farrakhan ties resurface after Capitol attacker revealed as Nation of Islam follower.  Several prominent Democrats are likely to face renewed questions over their ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after the suspect in Friday's Capitol attack, which left a police officer dead, was revealed to be a Nation of Islam adherent.  The deceased suspect, Noah Green, included photos and videos of Nation of Islam rallies on his Facebook page and identified himself on the page as a "Follower of Farrakhan."  Green praised Farrakhan, an outspoken anti-Semite, as "Jesus" and former NOI leader Elijah Muhammad as "the exalted Christ."  The most recent post on Green's Facebook page was a YouTube video of a 2009 Louis Farrakhan speech titled, "The Crucifixion of Michael Jackson."  In it, the Nation of Islam leader said Jesus was not the Messiah and called Christian theology a lie.

NBC: Man who attacked police at Capitol, killing one, referenced Nation of Islam on Facebook.  Police identify the man who ran down with a car and killed a Capitol Police officer as Noah Green, a 25-year old man who reportedly referenced followings of a radical Muslim group, the Nation of Islam, on his Facebook page.  That's according to NBC News.  It is not known whether there was a racial motive in the attack by the suspect, who is black, against officer Billy Evans, who is white; or if anti-police sentiment was a motive.  A second police officer was injured in the attack on Friday [4/2/2021].  Police say law enforcement officials shot Green after he hit the officers in his car, crashed his car into a barricade, jumped out with a knife, and lunged at them.  Green later died of his injuries.

Pictured: Capitol cop and the knife-wielding 'Nation of Islam' follower, 25, who mowed him down.  The knife-wielding suspect who mowed down two Capitol police officers, killing one and leaving the other critically injured, before being shot dead has now been identified as a 25-year-old Nation of Islam follower.  Noah Green, 25, who described himself as a 'Follower of Farrakhan' and said the federal government was targeting him with mind control on his now-removed Facebook page, was identified by NBC and the New York Post as the perpetrator behind the deadly attack at the US Capitol Friday.  Green allegedly killed Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans, an 18-year veteran of the force, after mowing him and another unidentified officer down with his blue Nissan Altima. [...] Posts on Green's now-removed social media accounts spoke of conspiracies that the FBI and CIA were poisoning him, subjecting him to unauthorized operations and targeting him with 'mind control'.  In one post — just two hours before the attack — Green called the federal government the '#1 enemy of Black people'.  Green also wrote several posts heaping praise on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan for saving him and describing him as 'Jesus, the Messiah' and his 'spiritual father.'

DC Police Say Muslim Attack with a Vehicle and Knife on Police by Farrakhan Supporter Noah Green on Good Friday Does Not Appear to be Terrorism.  One Capitol Police officer died and another was injured after a suspect rammed a vehicle into a police barricade outside the Capitol building Friday [4/2/2021] afternoon and exited his vehicle with a knife.  The killer, later identified as Noah Green, was shot dead by police at the scene.  Noah Green is a devout Muslim and follower of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  He recently was given an award from the Nation of Islam.  Noah Green committed this terrorist attack on Good Friday, one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar.

Noah Green: 5 Fast Facts.  Noah Green, a former college football player and Nation of Islam adherent, was named as the knife-wielding, now-deceased suspect who rammed a car into a U.S. Capitol barricade, exiting with a knife and killing one Capitol police officer while injuring another.  Green's Nation of Islam beliefs emerged through a review of his now-deleted Facebook page by Heavy, although police have not specified a motive and say they don't believe the attack was terrorism-related.  On Facebook, as recently as March 2021, the suspect expressed admiration for Elijah Muhammad, the now-deceased Nation of Islam leader who was a mentor to Malcolm X.  Green referred to himself as "Noah X." [...] He wrote that "my faith is one of the only things that has been able to carry me through these times and my faith is centered on the belief of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Jesus, the Messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst."

Capitol Police Give Briefing on Attack at Capitol:  One Officer, Suspect Killed in Incident.  As we reported earlier, a suspect rammed a car into a barrier in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. just after 1:00 p.m. and hit two Capitol Police officers and hit the north barricade along Constitution Avenue on the Senate side of the building.  The suspect then allegedly got out of the car wielding something between a knife and a machete, after which the suspect lunged at the police officers, and was shot and killed by the Capitol Police.  One of the two officers was injured and the other has unfortunately died at the hospital, according to Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman.

Joe Biden Fails to Condemn Farrakhan Follower Capitol Hill Attack in Statement.  President Joe Biden expressed his sorrow over the death of a Capitol Hill police officer after a violent attack at the Capitol Friday, but he did not condemn the suspect, who identified himself on social media as a follower of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  Biden said in a statement he was "heartbroken" to learn Officer William Evans of the U.S. Capitol Police was killed in the attack, and that a second officer was severely injured.  But the president made no mention of the ideology that likely inspired the attacker.  Noah Green described himself as a "Follower of Farrakhan" on his Facebook page, according to reports.

About Those Armed Protestors at the Capitol — The Georgia Capitol.  Sources tell Fox News that the suspect's name is Noah Green, 25, who is from Indiana but has ties to Virginia.  According to a source in law enforcement, Green identifies himself as a Nation of Islam supporter, and he may have recently lost his job.  Law enforcement officials said terrorism is not suspected.  No motive has been established yet, but almost immediately after reports of the incident appeared on social media, the Left immediately started to blame Donald Trump and the Capitol riot in January for the incident.  According to the suspect's now-deleted Facebook page, he was definitely not a Trump supporter.

Facebook Quickly Scrubs Capitol Assailant's Facebook Page Praising Farrakhan As Jesus.  Facebook quickly removed self-described "follower of Farrakhan" Noah Green's profile page shortly after media identified him Friday as the assailant who was shot dead after driving into U.S. Capitol Police officers and lunging at them with a knife.  Describing himself on the since-deleted page as a follower of the Nation of Islam, the 25-year-old Green effusively praised the radical Farrakhan and his predecessor, Elijah Muhammad, as incarnations of Jesus Christ whose teachings changed his life.  Explaining the social media's company's reason for the deletion, a spokesperson for Facebook told The Daily Wire:  "After this horrific event, our thoughts are with the Capitol Police and their loved ones.  We have designated the incident under our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, which means we have removed the suspect's accounts from Facebook and Instagram, and are removing any content that praises, supports, or represents the attack or the suspect.  We are in contact with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation."

US Capitol goes on lockdown after report of gunfire, multiple officers injured.  The U.S. Capitol was locked down on Friday [4/2/2021] after numerous reports of gunshots ringing out in the area surfaced and the alleged shooting of multiple officers aired.  According to U.S. Capitol Police, all Capitol buildings have been locked down "due to an external security threat."  Staff members were informed that they were not to go into or exit the buildings.  Those already inside the Capitol are being allowed to move throughout the buildings but they have been instructed to stay away from exterior windows and doors.  Those that are outside have been told to take cover immediately.

Two cops injured after car rams barricade outside US Capitol.  A maniac slammed his car into two US Capitol Police officers on Friday afternoon — killing one — before he was shot dead by police while running at them with a knife, officials said.  The mayhem erupted shortly after 1 p.m., sending the building into lockdown and drawing a massive response from law enforcement authorities and the National Guard.  The slain cop was identified by the Capitol Police as William "Billy" Evans, an 18-year veteran of the force.  His killing came less than three months after the deadly Capitol riot in which a fellow officer, Brian Sicknick, was among five fatalities.  The driver was identified as Noah Green, 25, of Indiana, according to NBC News, which cited four law enforcement officials briefed on the matter.  Green died after being taken to a hospital, as were the two cops mowed down.

Video of Alleged Suspect in Capitol Incident, Suspect IDed As Alleged Member of Nation of Islam.  We reported earlier about the incident of the car ramming police and then a barricade at the Capitol.  Two Capitol Police officers were injured in the ramming, one unfortunately later died at the hospital, according to a briefing from the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police.  They also confirmed that the suspect had been killed as well after he exited his car.  The suspect reportedly lunged at the police with a large bladed weapon and was shot to death.

MSM Journalists Claim That The Capitol Attacker Was A White Trump Supporter, Video Shows That The Attacker Was Young Black Man.  The U.S. Capitol is under lockdown after a car crashed into a security barrier near the building located on Constitution Avenue.  The driver rammed the barrier on the Senate side and exited the vehicle.  Capitol Police shot dead the driver after he jumped out of the car and lunged at them with a knife, Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters.  Two Capitol Police officers were wounded in the attack, and Fox News is reporting one of the officers has died.

Boulder, Colorado
March 22, 2021

Kings Soopers shooter, 22, 'who killed 10 people' is deemed incompetent to stand trial after mental health evaluation.  A court-ordered mental health evaluation found the man charged with killing 10 people at a Colorado King Soopers supermarket unfit to stand trial, but a judge granted prosecutors' request for a second competence evaluation.  The initial evaluation report was not released but, according to a filing by prosecutors last week, state experts provisionally diagnosed Ahmad Alissa, 22, with an unspecified mental health condition that 'limit(s) his ability to meaningfully converse with others' and concluded that he is not currently able to assist his lawyers in defending him.  Alissa gave 'superficial responses' to questions about hypothetical legal situations which indicate a 'passive approach to his defense' and 'potential overreliance on his attorneys,' according to excerpts from the report included in the prosecution's motion seeking a second evaluation.

Our Honesty Crisis:  How We Talk about Race.  Across the country, police paraded out a bloodied Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa after he murdered ten people in a King Soopers grocery store.  Vice President Harris's niece Meena tweeted violent white men are the greatest terror threat to the U.S. — before deleting it.  Others suggested he walked out alive because he was white.  To Meena's credit, Alissa, for the purposes of race-baiting and identity politics alone, looks like a fat, balding white man as he limps across the parking lot.  Alissa, however, was born in Syria.  (Fun fact:  The Biden administration made the call to bomb Syria a month earlier.)  The murder of ten people — a heinous crime — did not quite fit the bill for non-stop media coverage with a brown shooter and ten white victims.

A big news story from last week is swept into the Memory Hole:
Did Something Happen In Boulder?  The point is that I went looking through the media, because whatever it was that went down was a super-big deal for a while, and then — nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  I guess the media and the Democrat politicians forgot about what went down in Boulder too.  It seems strange though because I recall it was really important at the time it happened.  It's almost like there was some coordinated effort to never mention the event again. [...] And then, I think, there was some sort of press conference about the person who actually did the bad thing and ... poof!  Everything went black — except the part about us having to give up our guns. [...] I'm also a bit confused because I think I remember that a police officer was murdered, and all those smart setpeople were talking about the horrible crime of murdering a cop until they suddenly stopped talking about it.  I have to confess to having some confusion about this, because these same people usually seem to hate cops, calling them systemically racist and wanting to defund them.  But once in a while they love cops, like when they can blame their murder on people like us or when the cops are arresting conservatives for protesting.

The secret motive in the Boulder supermarket mass shooting?  After Muslim Syrian immigrant suspect Ahmad Alissa, who is also white, drove about 40 miles from his home to a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado to deliberately slaughter ten shoppers, employees, and a policeman, all of whom were also white but apparently not Muslim, some Muslims and other wokes worried about "backlash" against Muslims. [...] Why did Alissa drive so far to this specific supermarket when there are obviously numerous supermarkets closer to his home?  Hmm, maybe because this supermarket is located in an area with a Jewish population where presumably many were preparing for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover — a holiday known for all types of elaborate special foods.  Eager to accommodate its customers, King Soopers market proudly advertises that it is "Your One-Stop Shop For Kosher Groceries."

An FBI so corrupt it lets mass shooters rampage needs to go.  The New York Times reported on March 27 that Syrian-born Colorado mass shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa had been on the FBI's radar before he murdered 10 people in a grocery store.  "The suspect's identity was previously known to the F.B.I. because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau, according to law enforcement officials," the Times says.  According to a police affidavit, six days before Alissa shot 10 people to death, he purchased a pistol.  That would have required him to pass a federal background check also run by the FBI. It seems the FBI is not very good at this "stopping mass shooters" thing.

Boulder Jihad? Indications are Anti-Semitism Was at Work in Mass Shooting.  Let's review what we know.
  •   Alissa condemned America as a racist and Islamophobic country.
  •   His family is from Syria, one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the Middle East.
  •   He drove more than 20 miles from his home in Arvada to Boulder in order to attack the King Soopers store.  That strongly suggests it wasn't a random attack, but a planned attack.
  •   Why King Soopers?  It advertises itself as a "one-stop shop for Kosher groceries."
  •   The Boulder Jewish community thought of King Soopers as "our grocery store."
  •   Passover starts this week.

Joe Biden's Gun Control Plan is Really Class Warfare.  Two shootings in Georgia and Colorado have reignited the debate over gun control.  Neither neatly fits the Democratic Party's preferred profile:  a white male conservative with a racial motive.  The Georgia suspect told police that he acted out of depraved sexual frustration.  In Colorado, the suspect is a devout Muslim whose family emigrated from Syria.  He was known to the FBI before the shooting and has a history of violent behavior, including a 2018 conviction for misdemeanor assault.  Rather than conservative media, his Facebook posts consist of PBS and Washington Post articles.

Colorado Shooting Suspect Passed Check in Legal Gun Purchase.  The suspect in the Colorado supermarket shootings bought a firearm at a local gun store after passing a background check, and he also had a second weapon with him that he didn't use in the attack that killed 10 people this week, authorities and the gun store owner said Friday [3/26/2021].  Investigators are working to determine the motive for the shooting, but they don't know yet why the suspect chose the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder or what led him to carry out the rampage, Police Chief Maris Herold said at a news conference.  "Like the rest of the community, we too want to know why — why that King Soopers, why Boulder, why Monday," Herold said.  "It will be something haunting for all of us until we figure that out.  Sometimes you just don't figure these things out.  But, I am hoping that we will."

Covering Up Ahmad Al Issa's Islamic Yearnings.  As we witness U.S. authorities and the establishment media trying to de-Islamize the Jihad in Boulder and to obscure the fact that the Jihadist perpetrator, Ahmad Al Issa, is a Muslim migrant ISIS sympathizer, a vital question confronts us: why does the Left consistently engage in Jihad Denial?  Why is it so invested in denying the Islamic roots of Islamic Jihad?  This is, without doubt, one of the most pertinent questions of our time, especially now with the Boulder Jihad — and its tragic victims — hovering right before our very eyes.

Colorado Shooter Passed Background Check before Gun Purchase.  A Colorado gun store owner said Ahmad Al-Issa, the murder suspect in custody following the supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colo., passed a state background check before buying the weapon which he used to kill ten people.  Al-Issa, who was arraigned in court Thursday [3/25/2021], purchased his AR-15 style weapon at the Eagles Nest Armory in his hometown of Arvada, a suburb of Denver.  An arrest affidavit said that the purchase occurred on March 16 — six days before the shooting.  The gun store owner confirmed the affidavit in a statement, adding that the purchase was approved by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and that the store "will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement as their investigation continues."

Boulder Shooting Suspect's Lawyer Cites 'Mental Illness' in First Court Appearance.  A lawyer for the man charged with 10 counts of murder after a mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colo., said in court on Thursday [3/25/2021] that the suspect has an unspecified mental illness.  During the first court appearance for the suspect, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, prosecutors also vowed to file more charges in the next two weeks and said the police were still processing the vast crime scene at the King Soopers grocery store.  Mr. Alissa will continue to be held in jail without bond.  Kathryn Herold, a public defender who is among those assigned to represent Mr. Alissa, raised the possibility that he had a mental illness when she asked the judge to postpone the next court date.

USA Today editor fired for tweet blaming Boulder shooting on 'White man', blames 'alt-right Twitter'.  A USA Today editor announced Friday [3/26/2021] that she was terminated over a tweet she posted in reaction to Monday's deadly shooting in Boulder, Colorado that erroneously blamed a "White man" for the attack.  Hemal Jhaveri, who served as the "race and inclusion" editor of USA Today's Sports Media Group, was one of many liberals who rushed to trumpet their judgment that a "White man" was responsible for the massacre at a grocery store that left 10 dead.  "It's always an angry [W]hite man. always," Jhaveri wrote in agreement with Deadspin writer Emily Julia DiCaro, who had similarly written, "Extremely tired of people's lives depending on whether a [W]hite man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not."  After police identified the suspect as Syria-born Colorado resident Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, critics accused Jhaveri and the others who assumed the gunman was White of racism.

A Muslim Terrorist From the Capital of ISIS Shot Up a Supermarket.  Biden Blames Guns.  Two years ago, Ahmad Al-Issa shared a post titled, "Why refugees and immigrants are good for America."  On Monday, the Syrian Muslim immigrant shot up a supermarket killing ten Americans. [...] Guns don't kill people.  Muslim terrorists do.  Ahmad Al-Issa spent much of his time in America accusing his classmates and everyone around him of being 'Islamophobes'. He repeatedly got into furious confrontations with the Americans whom he claimed were disrespecting his Islamic religion.  The media is spinning this as a mental illness, but if hating non-Muslims is a mental illness, then it's a common one in his home country.  While Ahmad Al-Issa came to America at a young age with his family, the Al-Issa clan originated from Raqqa.  The name of the Syrian city may not mean much to most Americans, but it was the former capital of the Caliphate of the Islamic State.  Or ISIS.

UTT Initial Report: Boulder Colorado Shooting.
  ·   Attack:  10 people were shot and killed at the King Soopers Grocery Store in Boulder, Colorado on Monday March 22, 2021 at approximately 2:30 PM MST.  Police arrested the lone gunman on site and identified him as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a U.S. citizen born in Syria.
  ·   False Narrative:  Alissa's family has publicly stated Alissa has mental health issues and is paranoid.  This narrative has been utilized by family members of jihadis in many of the jihadi attacks in Europe and in the United States for the past 20 years.  UTT assesses this is a deception meant to take the focus off normative and universally taught Islamic doctrine which commands muslims to wage war against non-muslims until the world is under the rule of "allah's divine law"/sharia in an Islamic State (caliphate).
  ·   UTT's Assessment:  The attack in Boulder, Colorado was an act of jihad by Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.  Alissa was likely taught and trained in the local Boulder area by organizations acting as a part of the hostile North American Islamic Movement.  This network is allowed to operate because local and state police agencies, as well as the FBI, have no knowledge nor understanding of the doctrine, network, and modus operandi of these hostile actors and organizations nor the grave danger they pose to the communities they have a duty to protect.
  ·   Details:  Alissa's own writings reveal he is a sharia adherent muslim.  His numerous writings on Facebook and elsewhere reveal he is committed to Islam and its doctrinal teachings.

Time to Stand Up for the Second Amendment More Than Ever.  But if you, as in the case of Boulder mass murderer Ahmad Al-Issa, quickly insist this is entirely a mental health issue, I have a question to ask.  Do you think ISIS is entirely sane when they behead innocent people, put their severed heads on sticks and parade them on television?  I hope that's not sane, because otherwise I don't know what the definition is.  Meanwhile, if you want a grim laugh, in the dark comedy sense, check out the exchange of accusatory and then backtracking liberal/progressive tweets ZeroHedge found on Twitter about the Boulder event.  As ZH's Tyler Durden dryly notes of the horrendous shooting spree, "expect this not to be classified as terrorism, and the motive to remain unclear for some time."

Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Shooting Gallery.  Another mass shooting occurred this past week in Colorado, a state that had more than its share of similar shootings over the past few decades. [...] Most people do not visit a high school, movie theater, or abortion clinic on a regular basis, but virtually everyone goes to the grocery store at least weekly.  The Boulder shooter is 21-year-old Ahmad al-Issa, a Syrian born college student, who arrived in the US via an Obama-era asylum program.  His Facebook page included pro-Islam and anti-Trump messages and likes for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  The shooter's brother described him as "very anti-social and paranoid."  A former wrestling teammate said he once threatened to kill people during a match, "He was kind of scary to be around."  He was already known to the FBI, "linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau" according to the New York Times.  Yet this happened under the FBI's noses. [...] Al-Issa's motive is unknown, or at least unreported.  The left-wing Twitter mob immediately blamed the shooting on a "white man."

Turns Out The Alleged Boulder Shooter Isn't A White Guy — And He Didn't Like Trump.  Police in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, revealed the identity of the 21-year-old suspect in custody, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder over a shooting at an area King Soopers grocery story which left 10 people dead including a police officer.  Alissa, according to Facebook posts reviewed by the Daily Beast before they were taken down, was an anti-Trump Muslim who posted about Islam, prayer, and holidays, in addition to opposing gay marriage and former President Donald Trump's policies on immigration.  Alissa's 34-year-old brother, Ali Aliwi Alissa, told the Daily Beast the primary suspect in the Monday shooting was mentally disturbed and paranoid.  In high school, Ali Aliwi told the paper, Alissa was "very anti-social" and described "being chased" as if "someone is behind him, someone is looking for him."

Boulder Shooter is ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit.  A man murdered ten people in a Boulder, Colorado supermarket Monday.  No details were immediately released about the shooter, but Leftist "journalists," working from a photo of the shooter, seized upon the shooting to shore up their sagging narrative of "white supremacist terrorism." There was just one problem: the massacre was actually, after a four-year hiatus, a new incidence of Islamic jihad on American soil.  Even after the shooter's name was revealed as Ahmad Al Issa (which is how he himself wrote it on his Facebook and Twitter accounts), establishment media reports continued to give his name as "Alissa," which of course is a common first name for women in the U.S., and thus gives the impression that he is an American non-Muslim.  Were "journalists" trying to obscure the fact that he is a Muslim migrant ISIS sympathizer?  Of course they were.  And that was after they had already decided that he was one of those "right-wing extremists" who are, according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the "most lethal and persistent" threat the U.S. faces today.

Feds raid Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa's family home in Colorado after Boulder massacre.  State and federal agents have searched the seven-bedroom Colorado home of accused mass shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa on a quiet suburban street — which neighbors told The [New York] Post descended into chaos after his "disruptive" family moved in over three years ago.  Residents of the residential street in Arvada say they had a rude awakening around 3 a.m. Tuesday, hours before their 21-year-old Syrian-born neighbor was publicly named as the suspect in Monday's slaughter of 10 at a King Soopers store about 30 miles away in Boulder.

Facebook Scrubs Page Showing Supermarket Shooter Was Anti-Trump, Pro-Refugee Activist.  Facebook scrubbed a page belonging to Boulder supermarket shooter Ahmad Al-Issa that revealed the gunman was anti-Trump and had promoted pro-refugee, anti-Islamophobia activism.  Al-Issa was arrested after killing 10 people, including a police officer, during a rampage inside the King Soopers grocery store yesterday afternoon. [...] Journalist Andy Ngo reports that the page also revealed Al-Issa to be a "deeply religious Muslim."

Boulder Mass Shooting Suspect's Anti-Trump Posts Uncovered:  Obliterate 'Right-Wing Extremist' Claims.  The news broke on Tuesday [3/23/2021] that the name of the suspected mass shooter in the Boulder, Colorado supermarket incident was released.  The suspect, who is accused of killing ten innocent people, including a police officer, is named Ahmad al Alissa.  "Police have identified the suspect in the Boulder, Colo., shooting as Ahmad Alissa," the New York Daily News reported.  "The 21-year-old is charged with 10 counts of murder in the first degree in connection with the Monday afternoon shooting at the King Sooper supermarket, police said Tuesday at a press conference."  Reports also surfaced that the Biden administration has been briefed on potential ISIS sympathies.

Colorado Shooting Suspect Al Aliwi Alissa Was Short-Tempered, Violent:  Former Teammates.  The suspect in the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado had a short temper and was violent, according to former sports teammates.  Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, "was kind of scary to be around," Dayton Marvel, who was on a wrestling team with the suspect, told the Denver Post.  Alissa once threatened to kill people during an especially heated moment, Marvel said.  Angel Hernandez, another former wrestling teammate, recalled how another wrestler at one point teased Alissa, telling him that if he was a better wrestler, he would have won a match that he lost.  Alissa "just lost it" and "started punching him," Hernandez said.

Report: Boulder Mass Shooting Suspect 'Previously Known to FBI'.  Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, the suspected gunman in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, was reportedly previously known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) because of his ties to another person under investigation.  The New York Times reported Tuesday evening [3/23/2021]:  "The suspect's identity was previously known to the F.B.I. because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau, according to law enforcement officials."

All 10 Boulder, Colorado Victims Were White.  It's Time To End Anti-White Race Hate.  The following ten people perished in the recent shooting in Boulder, Colorado carried out by Ahmad Al-Issa.  All of them appear to be white, but neither the media nor politicians have bothered to resurrect their anti-race-hate campaign that ensues when Black Lives Matter riot, or when Asians are murdered in Atlanta.  The victims include grocery store workers, local college graduates, medicare agents, a police officer, and an Orthodox Christian.  Today, The National Pulse calls on the political left and their media counterparts to stop the racial hatred they continue to perpetuate against white people, which doubtlessly led to these murders in Colorado.

Colorado mass shooting suspect identified, and he's a Muslim!  Police on Tuesday [3/23/2021] identified a 21-year-old Muslim man, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, as the suspect in the killing of 10 people at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket.  He is from Arvada, Colorado and has lived most of his life in the U.S.  Now we know why it took so long for them to identify him.  Watch how fast this story disappears from the sharia-compliant media.  Gee, I wonder what the motive was?  Oh, that's right, it will soon be dismissed as "mental issues."

Ahmad Alissa:  Boulder Shooting Terror Motive Unlikely, Reports Say.  Although the motive for the Boulder shooting is still unclear, authorities do not believe, at least so far, that it's a terror attack, according to reporter Pete Williams, speaking on MSNBC.  The suspect is Ahmad Alissa.  Authorities did emphasize that the investigation is in its early stages, however, and the specific motive is not yet clear.  The Syrian-born suspect was named by authorities in a March 23, 2021, press conference.  "Why did this happen?" asked the District Attorney Michael Dougherty.  He said that was not clear and is still under investigation.  "We are in the very early stages of the investigation.  There is much to learn," he said.  Alissa's Facebook page contained posts that featured quotes from the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.  He wrote in 2018 on Facebook, "Muslims might not be perfect but Islam is."  He said the Muslim victims of the mass shooter in a Christchurch mosque were the victims of "Islamophobia."

Name of Boulder Shooter Released, and the Predominant Narratives Just Got Nuked.  As RedState reported yesterday [3/22/2021], ten people were shot and killed in a grocery store yesterday in Boulder, CO.  Details have been sparse up until this point as is typical in these situations.  But now, we have a name, and it nukes just about every prior predominant media narrative surrounding the shooting.  There are few different spellings going around via various reports, but they are all trying to convey the same thing.  [Tweets]  I hope you have a neck brace on because you are about to have whiplash from how quickly the news outlets that have been speculating this was "white supremacy" change their tune.  In fact, I expect this story to largely disappear by the end of the week now.  It just doesn't fit the narrative preferences of the mainstream press.

New Reports Reveal Boulder Shooter was Mentally Ill and Suffered Anti-Muslim Bullying; Blue Check Journalists Hardest Hit.  To paraphrase the A-Team's Hannibal, "I love it when a narrative falls apart!"  In the case of the Boulder, Colorado King Sooper shooter, the narrative pushed by legacy media and on the Left is crumbling to dust.  First, there was the typical hot take that he was an angry-white man: [...] Look to the local news stations, as they are the ones who are breaking stories, rather than parroting press releases. [...] It turns out the shooter is of Syrian descent.  Cue the cries of Middle East terrorism and Islamophobia.  Maybe he was radicalized?

The Editor says...
Expect the shooter's family and friends to pretend they're shocked and surprised, claiming the perpetrator was not religious at all, and must have been mentally ill.  Muslims have no qualms about lying, when it will advance their cause.  The American news media doesn't understand this.

'Anti-Social Gunman' Boulder 'shooter' Ahmad Alissa, 21, was 'paranoid' and posted about 'racist Islamophobes' before 'killing 10'.  The suspected Boulder shooter was reportedly known by the FBI and posted about racist Islamophobes before allegedly killing 10 including a cop.  Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, has been charged after rampaging through a grocery store with an AR-15-style rifle, leaving 10 people including police officer Eric Talley, dead.  However, according to the New York Times, Ahmad previously had two run-ins with Boulder cops in 2018 — one on a report of third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and one of criminal mischief.  It is not clear if he was convicted of a crime.  Law enforcement officials also told the outlet that Ahmad was known by the FBI because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau.  According to a police affidavit from last night, obtained by the New York Post, Alissa asked to speak to his mom before as he surrendered.  Ali Aliwi Alissa, the suspect's 34-year-old brother, told The Daily Beast that Ahmad was "very anti-social".

Boulder Shooter Identified As Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa A 21-Year-Old Trump-Hater And Alleged ISIS Sympathizer.  At least 10 people have been killed, including a police officer, in a shooting at a supermarket in the US city of Boulder, Colorado less than a week after eight people were shot dead in the US city of Atlanta.  Police arrested Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, of Arvada and charged him with 10 counts of first-degree murder, Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold said at a press conference.  Alissa, who was shot in the leg, was in stable condition at an area hospital and was expected to be released later Tuesday, officials said.  Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said authorities have not yet pinpointed a motive, stressing that the investigation is still in its preliminary stages.

Boulder Colorado Shooter Identified as Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa, Motive Remains "Undetermined".  Boulder, Colorado, law enforcement have named the suspect in the King Sooper's grocery store shooting yesterday.  The shooter is 21-year-old Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa. [...] And just like that the media will drop the story, because the shooter is not a white male and subsequently his race and ethnicity does not align with the preferred narrative for gun control suspects.

Boulder Mass Shooting Suspect's Anti-Trump Posts Uncovered:  Obliterate 'Right-Wing Extremist' Claims.  The news broke on Tuesday [3/23/2021]that the name of the suspected mass shooter in the Boulder, Colorado supermarket incident was released.  The suspect, who is accused of killing ten innocent people, including a police officer, is named Ahmad al Alissa.  "Police have identified the suspect in the Boulder, Colo., shooting as Ahmad Alissa," the New York Daily News reported.  "The 21-year-old is charged with 10 counts of murder in the first degree in connection with the Monday afternoon shooting at the King Sooper supermarket, police said Tuesday at a press conference."  Reports, which haven't been confirmed, also surfaced that the Biden administration has been briefed on potential ISIS sympathies.

Vienna, Austria
November 2, 2020

Vienna terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai took selfie with AK-47, machete before attack.  The ISIS wannabe who gunned down four people and wounded several others in Vienna posted a chilling photo of himself shortly before the rampage — clutching an AK-47 assault rifle, a handgun and a machete.  Kujtim Fejzulai, 20, an Austrian-North Macedonian dual citizen with a previous terror conviction, shared the image on Instagram as he pledged his allegiance to the jihadists and their leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, the UK's Mirror reported.  The radicalized gunman was jailed for trying to join the terror group in Syria and was released in December 2019, according to the news outlet.

At least 2 dead in 'repulsive terror attack' at multiple sites in Vienna.  Terrorists opened fire at several sites Monday evening [11/2/2020] in central Vienna, including in the area of a major synagogue and the offices of the Jewish community, killing at least two people and wounding 15.  Several suspects were still at large after midnight, Austrian authorities said.  Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer both said the incidents were a terror attack with multiple perpetrators.  "We are victims of a repulsive terror attack in the federal capital that is still ongoing," Kurz said hours after the gunfire erupted.

Austria Authorities Say a Third Person Has Died in Shooting.  A man who had previously tried to join the Islamic State group rampaged in Vienna armed with an automatic rifle and a fake explosive vest, fatally shooting four people before he was killed by police, Austrian authorities said Tuesday [11/3/2020].

At least two dead and 15 injured in Austrian terror attack.  At least two people have been killed and 15 others injured in six gun attacks and a reported 'suicide bomb explosion' near a synagogue in Vienna on the city's final night before coronavirus lockdown.  A huge manhunt is currently underway for multiple attackers armed with rifles following the horrific shootings, with the first near the synagogue reported at 8pm local time.  One attacker is thought to have 'blown themselves [sic] up' during the rampage with another arrested and one shot dead by police.  A police officer is also thought to have been shot and seriously injured.  Vienna mayor Michael Ludwig said 15 people were admitted to hospital, seven with serious injuries.

Nice, France
October 29, 2020

Canadian Imam Proclaims The Teacher Beheaded In France Was "Filthy Excuse For a Human Being".  Canadian imam Younus Kathrada spoke about the re-publishing of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad and the killing of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty, who was murdered by a Muslim youth for showing them to his class, in a Friday sermon delivered at Muslim Youth Victoria on October 23, 2020.  "In any event, not too long ago, a teacher in France chose to show those insulting cartoons to his class, at school.  And of course, some of the Muslim students who were there were very annoyed and upset and they objected — as did their parents.  They spoke up, but nobody bothered listening to them.  Nobody paid any attention to them."  [Video clip]

Three dead as woman beheaded in knife attack in Nice, France.  A knife-wielding attacker shouting "Allahu Akbar" beheaded a woman and killed two other people in a suspected terrorist incident at a church in the French city of Nice on Thursday, police and officials said.  The attacker was confirmed by French police to have been a 21-year-old Tunisian national, who entered the country via Italy.  However, further details regarding his identity remain unclear.

Another Muslim Terrorist Attack Shakes France, Three Dead in Stabbing Attack.  Three people have died and several others were wounded following yet another Islamic terrorist attack in France, this time in the city of Nice.  Police shot and detained the terrorist.  There aren't too many details about him as of this writing, though it is alleged that he was a 21-year-old male of Tunisian extraction and that he was acting alone.

The Editor says...
Acting alone, really?  Was he not egged on by his imam?  Was he not a passenger on a ship full of similar invaders posing as "refugees?"  Was he not following the example of numerous other Islamic terrorists in France?

French police reportedly stop alleged copycat attack after three killed in Nice.  French police foiled another attack Thursday by stopping a man near a church in a suburb of Paris after he told his father he wanted to "do as in Nice," referring to the killing of three people earlier in the day, according to a report.  The suspect was arrested near the Saint-Martin's Church in Sartrouville, were he was believed to be in possession of a knife, Le Parisien reported.  Alerted by the man's father about the alleged plot, police rushed to the scene and arrested the man in his vehicle, according to the news outlet.  The suspect allegedly intended to carry out an attack similar to the one that took place in the Mediterranean city, where an assailant armed with a knife killed three people.

Woman decapitated and two more killed outside French church in suspected terrorism attack.  An armed attacker shouting, "Allahu Akbar," beheaded a woman and killed two others at a church in the French city of Nice Thursday morning [10/29/2020], in a suspected terrorism attack, according to officials.  The assailant was wounded by police and hospitalized after the killings at the Notre Dame Church, less than a mile from the site where, in 2016, another attacker plowed a truck into a Bastille Day crowd, killing dozens.  Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, said the attacker, who has been identified as Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant, had shouted the phrase "Allahu Akbar," or God is greatest, even after he had been detained, according to the Guardian.  He arrived in France earlier this month after quarantining upon his arrival on the Italian island of Lampedusa in late September.

Here's What You Need to Know About the Recent Islamist Terrorist Attacks in France.  Samuel Paty was brutally decapitated Oct. 16 outside a middle school in a north Paris suburb where he worked.  Paty, 47, a history and geography teacher, was targeted by an 18-year-old Muslim incensed that Paty had shown his class controversial cartoons from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.  The Paty incident would soon become part of a new wave of Islamist violence in France.  On Thursday, a man with a knife entered a church and killed three in Nice, France.  One of the victims was said to be "virtually beheaded" in a similar fashion to what happened to Paty.  The suspect, whot and wounded by police, was reported to have repeated the phrase "Allahu Akbar," the Arabic chant of "God is greater," over and over.

Brahim Aouissaoui named as suspected terrorist in knife attack in Nice, France.  French officials have identified the terror suspect in Thursday's horrific fatal knife attack in Nice as Brahim Aouissaoui, a Tunisian migrant who entered France illegally.  The 21-year-old had been in the country for less than a month before he allegedly killed two women worshippers and a male sacristan at the city's Notre Dame Basilica, The Guardian reported.  An image of Aouissaoui in custody after being shot by police at the scene was provided to the photo agency Backgrid by a police source.  He was shot by police while shouting "Allahu akbar!" moments after the gruesome attack left three dead, and remains in custody.

The Editor says...
Oh!  He "remains in custody."  How informative.  An illegal immigrant, is he?  There's a shocker.  A violent Muslim?  What are the chances?  (Answer: 100%)

Smiling Tunisian terrorist poses for photo on the day he arrived in Italy on a migrant boat.  Pictured smiling just weeks before massacring three people at a Catholic church in Nice, this is the face of terrorist killer Brahim Aoussaoui as he entered mainland Europe.  The picture was taken by authorities in the Italian port city of Bari, where Aoussaoui was taken ashore on October 8 having spent 20 days in coronavirus quarantine — first on the island of Lampedusa, where he landed on September 20, and then on board the Italian quarantine ship Rhapsody.

The Editor says...
He came to France as an illegal alien, and committed murder six weeks later!

Jihadist murders three worshippers — including two who were beheaded — Inside Nice church + Gunman screaming 'Allahu Akbar'is shot dead by cops.  France has been struck by two terror attacks within hours of each other as three people were killed — two of them beheaded — in an attack inside a church in Nice before a man wielding a knife was shot dead by police in Avignon.  The first attack began around 9 am at the Notre Dame basilica in Nice where a knifeman — believed to be a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant — beheaded an elderly female parishioner and a male church warden, fatally stabbed a second woman, wounded several others, and was then shot and arrested by police.  Two hours later, an armed man threatened people on the streets of Avignon — 120 miles from Nice — while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' before he was fatally shot by police.

The Editor says...
These guys are immigrants, not migrants.  They are in France to stay, not to visit.  They are in France to take over the country, not to assimilate.

Paris, France
October 16, 2020

Muslims Claim Samuel Paty Murder Was Staged By French Authorities To Frame The Muslims.  In a Friday, October 23, 2020 sermon at Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah North Miami, Imam Fadi Kablawi said that the recent beheading of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty was "bogus," "fiction," and a "bedtime story."  He said that he does not approve of the murder of Paty, but that he does not believe it was a Chechen who killed him.  Dr. Kablawi suggested that French authorities "made up this story" and took a Muslim prisoner, shot him, and then killed Paty in order to accuse the Muslims of the crime.

CNN-Linked Paper Threatens Satirists of Muhammad After Teacher Beheading: 'Don't Take a Pen to a Gunfight'.  A U.S. newspaper that boasts of its links with CNN, the New York Times, and Time magazine has published an opinion piece which appears to endorse violent reactions to the satirization of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.  The article — which appears to endorse a kind of blasphemy law for protecting Islam from critique or ridicule — focuses on the Charlie Hebdo magazine's depictions of Muhammad.  It comes just days after a teacher, Samuel Paty, was decapitated by a Muslim refugee for discussing depictions of Muhammad with his class.

France moves to expel 231 radicalized Muslims including father of the Chechen Muslim teen who beheaded teacher.  Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin said he intends to move swiftly in response to the killing of Samuel Paty, a history teacher who was beheaded by Abdoulakh Anzorov, a Chechen Muslim 18-year-old, after showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in class.

France Plans to Expel Radicals After Islamist Terrorist Attack.  France plans to expel over 200 radical foreigners after the killing of a French school teacher in what French president Emmanuel Macron called an "Islamist terrorist attack," Fox News reported Sunday [10/18/2020].  The 231 alleged radicals were identified by the File of Alerts for the Prevention of Terrorist Attacks, which French media say is a primary tracker of terrorism within the country.  Of the individuals identified, 180 are currently detained, and French authorities plan to soon arrest the other 51.  Paris already had plans to expel all the radicals listed, but the attack on the French citizen and school teacher accelerated those plans, Macron's government confirmed.  French authorities also said 11 people have so far been arrested in connection with the killing.

Allahu Akbar.  We haven't seen a lot of Islamic terrorism here in the U.S. lately, but yesterday a history teacher was decapitated in Paris:  ["]A history teacher who had shown caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammed in class was on Friday decapitated and his assailant shot dead by French police as they tried to arrest him, police and prosecutors said.["] [...] There may have been a connection to a terrorist group: ["]Prosecutors said they were treating the incident as 'a murder linked to a terrorist organization' and related to a 'criminal association with terrorists.'["]

Refugee Islamist terrorist, 18, filmed moment he beheaded teacher in France.  The Islamist terrorist who beheaded a teacher in Paris filmed the brutal killing and shared a video of the victim's severed head to fellow ISIS supporters.  Aboulakh Anzorov, 18, was shot dead by police shortly after the attack against Samuel Paty in a northern suburb of the French capital on Friday afternoon after the teacher showed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to his class.  It has also been revealed the half-sister of the Russian-born killer travelled to Syria to join ISIS in 2014 and was the subject of an anti-terror investigation.

Gunman 'shouting Allahu Akbar' beheads Paris teacher who had shown cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to his pupils.  The French President Emmanuel Macron denounced what he called an 'Islamist terrorist attack' after a teenager shouting Allahu Akbar allegedly beheaded a school teacher with a knife in Paris.  The victim was said to have been a middle school history teacher who had enraged parents by displaying cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to pupils.  The attacker, whose identity has not been officially established, was shot by French officers as they tried to arrest him and later died of his injuries, police said.

France opens terror probe after teacher beheaded in Paris suburb.  A man armed with a knife on Friday beheaded a middle school history teacher in front of his school in a suburb of Paris before he was shot dead by police.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
Why the "probe?"  Is there any doubt the perpetrator was a Muslim?  Is there any doubt that he shouted "Allahu Akbar" while decapitating someone?  Is there any doubt about his motives?  What is there to probe?  What will change as a result of the probe?  Nothing!

Paris, France
September 25, 2020

Suspect in new Charlie Hebdo attack angered by republished cartoons, say Paris police.  The man arrested after a knife attack on two people outside the former offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo told detectives he had been angered by its publication of cartoons mocking the prophet Muhammad, French media reported yesterday [9/25/2020].  The suspect, believed to be an 18-year-old born in Pakistan, is thought to have arrived in France three years ago as an unaccompanied minor.  "He was not known to be radicalised," the French interior minister, Gérard Darmanin, told France 2 television adding that the man was not on the country's security alert list.  "He arrived in France three years ago as a lone minor.  We are currently verifying his age," Darmanin added.  "Clearly it was an act of terrorism."

Four Stabbed in Knife Attack Near Former Charlie Hebdo Offices in Paris.  Two people were stabbed on Friday [9/25/2020] in a knife attack outside the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, multiple outlets reported.  Police arrested a suspect shortly afterwards, but did not say whether it was a terrorist attack.  The stabbing comes five years after two terrorists entered the magazine's offices armed with various weapons and opened fire on magazine staff, killing twelve and injuring eleven.  The terrorists targeted Charlie Hebdo because it had published material mocking Islam and the prophet Muhammad.

Terror probe in Paris as two journalists are stabbed with a meat cleaver near Charlie Hebdo's former offices.  A terror probe is underway in Paris after two journalists were stabbed in broad daylight today near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo.  A man and a woman were seriously wounded after being attacked with a meat cleaver while out for a cigarette break, although both are expected to survive.  Police arrested two men — a 'main perpetrator' and another suspect — after one was spotted with blood dripping from his clothes near the Opera Bastille and another was stopped at a Metro station.

Reading, England
June 20, 2020

Knife-wielding terrorists have targeted Brits four times in eight months — this must stop.  How was it allowed to happen again?  Suspected terrorism on the streets of England by someone who was released from prison just 16 days earlier.  Khari Saadallah, who arrived here from Libya in 2012 and was granted leave to remain in the UK for five years in 2018, seems to have been a ticking timebomb.  Authorities are reported to have known the asylum seeker was an IS sympathiser who wanted to travel to Syria to fight.

All 3 victims stabbed to death in U.K. park were reportedly members of the LGBTQ community.  All three men who were stabbed to death in a park near London last week were members of the LGBTQ community, The Guardian reported.  On Saturday afternoon, friends David Wails, James Furlong and Joe Ritchie-Bennett, a Philadelphia native, were relaxing at a park in the south England town of Reading after attending a Black Lives Matter protest nearby.  According to a statement released by the Thames Valley Police department, officers were called to Forbury Gardens around 7 p.m. after they were informed that a number of people had been stabbed.

What isn't being said about the Reading attack victims.  On Saturday evening, Khairi Saadallah went on a stabbing spree in Forbury Gardens, Reading.  His victims were three gay men, James Furlong, David Wails and Joe Ritchie-Bennett.  It has since emerged that the 25-year old suspect, who is now in police custody, came to the UK from Libya in 2012.  He is reported to have come to the attention of MI5 last year as an individual who had the potential to travel overseas for terrorism purposes.  The Security Service apparently decided that he was not an immediate risk.  The families of Furlong, Wails and Ritchie-Bennett might beg to differ on that last point.  But who knows.  So far there has been almost no interest expressed in the possible motives of the attacker.  Quite possibly there is a mental health component.  In which case I would expect that to be looked into.  Quite possibly there will be some drugs-related component.  In which case I would expect the usual voices to demand an investigation into that.  But anything else to see here?  Any other reason why a migrant from Libya who was given asylum in the UK might want to go around stabbing gay men?  Well who would even ask such questions?  What do you want to find?  Bigot.

Three Dead in Terrorist Stabbing Attack By Libyan Man in a Park Near London.  British police are saying that a Libyan refugee, Khairi Saadallah, is responsible for the terrorist attack in a park in Reading about 40 miles outside of London.  Three people were killed and 3 injured.  The attack occurred on Saturday night where people were mingling in Forbury Gardens after the government lifted lockdown provisions.  The attacks were apparently random and brutal.

The Editor says...
Please stop calling these people refugees!

New York City
June 4, 2020

Suspected cop-stabber yelled 'Allahu akbar' during attack, police say.  The man accused of shooting two cops and stabbing a third in Brooklyn this week screamed "Allahu akbar!" three times during the unprovoked attack, police said Saturday [6/6/2020].  Authorities have so far been unable to tie the man, Dzenan Camovic, to any organized terror group, but there are indications that his alleged tactics and ambush were similar to anti-police attacks in Paris and elsewhere, according to John Miller, the NYPD's deputy commissioner of counter terrorism.  "All the hallmarks that would be out of the terrorist playbook," Miller said at a briefing from NYPD headquarters in lower Manhattan

FBI joins investigation into ambush on cop in Brooklyn.  The FBI has joined the investigation into the ambush on a police officer with a knife in Brooklyn.  The officer was on an anti-looting patrol Wednesday in Flatbush when a man walked up behind him and stabbed him in the neck, police said, setting off a struggle in which the assailant was shot and two other officers suffered gunshot injuries to their hands.  The FBI is looking into a possible terror connection to the ambush, according to police.  Sources who have seen video of the stabbing told FOX 5 News it was "utterly chilling."

Man who slashed Brooklyn cop in neck probed for terror links: sources.  A man shot by police after he slashed an officer in the neck in Brooklyn is being investigated for possible links to terrorism, police sources said Thursday [6/4/2020].  The suspect, 20-year-old Dzenan Camovic, has no criminal history — but the Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating his background, sources said, and whether he is linked to ISIS or other terror groups.

Volkmarsen, Germany
February 24, 2020

Germany: "Unidentified driver" intentionally slams car into crowd at carnival; dozens injured, including children.  A man intentionally rammed a car into a crowd at a carnival procession in the German town of Volkmarsen, injuring dozens of people, police said.  The suspect, a 29-year-old German citizen, has been arrested but no details about his name or possible motive have been released.

Driver arrested in Germany after car hits carnival crowds.  Dozens of people have been injured, some of them children, after a local man appeared to deliberately drive a car into a carnival parade procession in the central German town of Volkmarsen, police have said.  The driver was arrested but police could not immediately provide details about the man's motives, although Bild newspaper cited a spokesman, Henning Hinn, as saying they were "working on the assumption that it was a deliberate act".  There were several dozen wounded, some with life-threatening injuries and several of them children, Hinn said.

Pensacola, Florida
December 6, 2019

Al-Qaeda claims Pensacola jihad massacre, says Saudi airman had been planning for years to attack a US base.  "Foreign nationals participating in U.S. training go through a vetting process.  The Pentagon says it includes screening for any illicit drug activities, support for terrorist organizations, corruption and criminal conduct."  Clearly the screening process is inadequate, in large part because of the Pentagon's denial and willful ignorance regarding the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat.

This Apple-FBI Fight Is Different From the Last One.  In 2016, the iPhone encryption debate ended in a draw.  Don't count on 2020's scuffle over the Pensacola shooter's devices to play out the same way.

AG Barr:  Navy base shooting was terrorism and we need Apple's help to unlock the shooter's phones.  It became pretty clear last month that this is where the investigation was heading, now it has been confirmed.  In a press conference today, Attorney General Barr stated, "This was an act of terrorism."  Barr added, "The evidence shows that the shooter was motivated by jihadist ideology.  During the course of the investigation, we learned that the shooter posted a message on Sep. 11th of this year stating 'The countdown has begun.'"  Barr went on to say that the shooter had posted anti-American and anti-Israeli messages online including just two hours before the attack.

Mass shooting at Pensacola Navy base WAS terrorism says AG Bill Barr - and the Saudi cadet responsible was motivated by 'jihadist ideology'.  US Attorney General William Barr has demanded that Apple unlock two cellphones used by a gunman who carried out a mass shooting at a Florida military base.  Barr made the high profile request at a press conference on Monday where he branded the attack an 'act of terrorism'.  Three American sailors were killed and eight other people were wounded when Saudi military trainee Mohammed Alshamrani opened fire in a classroom at the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola on December 6.  Alshamrani, 21, who was training to be a naval flight officer, was then killed in a shoot-out with police.

If they don't disappear first:
More than a dozen Saudi servicemen to be expelled from US after review of December shooting at Naval Air Station.  More than a dozen Saudi servicemen training at US military installations will be expelled from the United States after a review that followed the deadly shooting last month at a Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, multiple sources told CNN.  The Saudis are not accused of aiding the 21-year-old Saudi Air Force second lieutenant who killed three American sailors in the December shooting, two sources said, but some are said to have connections to extremist movements, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The Editor says...
Every Muslim has connections to an extremist movement.

Marine Corps Authorizes Concealed Carry on Bases Following Recent Shootings.  The Marine Corps announced Tuesday that it was authorizing Marines and civilians in Marine Corps law enforcement roles to carry personal firearms while on base.  Lieutenant General George Smith, Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies, and Operations, announced in a press release that the Marines were changing their policy following December shootings at Naval Air Station Pensacola and at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii, which left five dead.  "These tragic events prompted Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) to accelerate existing efforts to develop concealed carry policies," the memo reads.

The Editor says...
Quick reactions and mitigation are great, but how about going upstream toward the problem and eliminating the threat in the first place by getting rid of the Middle-eastern Muslim vistors?

Would-be terrorists could exploit gun law loophole used by Saudi pilot in Pensacola shooting rampage:  FBI.  The FBI has issued a warning that would-be terrorists and criminals could exploit the same U.S. gun law loophole that allowed a Saudi military pilot to legally purchase a handgun he allegedly used in a deadly shooting rampage this month at a Florida naval air station.  The warning was included in an intelligence report released on Monday in which FBI officials said, "This assessment is made with high confidence."  Mohammed Alshamrani, 21, a second lieutenant in the Saudi air force who was in the United States for flight training, was able to buy a Glock 9 mm pistol from a Florida gun shop by taking advantage of a federal gun law exception that allows foreign nationals to legally purchase weapons with a valid hunting license.

Lawmaker: 'No interference' from Saudi in US probe into Navy base attack.  A US lawmaker says the Saudi kingdom must engage in "no interference" in the American investigation into the Saudi aviation officer, who killed three people and wounded more Friday at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.  Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said in a tweet on Saturday that Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani "wasn't alone."  "Just spoke w Saudi Ambassador Reema Al Saud & received her condolences," Gaetz tweeted.  "I expressed in the strongest possible terms that we expect to conduct our investigation w full cooperation & no interference from the Kingdom."  [Emphasis added.]

Over 300 Saudi military aviation students are grounded in the US in a 'safety stand-down' after the Florida Navy base shooting.  More than 300 Saudi Arabian military aviation students have been grounded as part of a 'safety stand-down' after a Saudi Air Force lieutenant shot and killed three people last Friday at a US Navy base in Florida.  The FBI has said US investigators believe Saudi Air Force Second Lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, 21, acted alone when he attacked in Pensacola then was fatally shot by a deputy sheriff who was first to respond.  The US Defense Secretary said he had instructed the armed forces to review both security at military bases and screening for foreign soldiers who come to the United States for training after the shooting.

The Editor says...
I saw this point raised in the comments section on another web site somewhere:  Where was the Shore Patrol during this shooting, and why did the Navy base have to rely on the county sheriff to bring a gun?

Questions Remain As To How Pensacola Guman Got [a] Firearm.  Last week was a rough one for the Navy.  While gearing up to commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we had a shooting there in Hawaii.  That was then followed up with a shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola.  The Pensacola attack was more deadly, claiming the lives of three servicemen there on the base.  Now, questions have arisen as to how the gunman, a Saudi national there at the base for training purposes, got his hands on a firearm in the first place. [...] In other words, while they're decrying loopholes, we still don't even know how he got his firearm.  Did he buy it from a lawful dealer with false identification?  Did the dealer sell it to him illegally?  Did he buy it via a face-to-face transfer and tell the other party he was an American citizen?  We simply don't know much of anything.  So why do we get these stories?  Well, that's because the purpose of these stories isn't really to inform you of anything.

Nearly 900 Saudi students grounded in naval air stations throughout the USA.  The Pentagon has suspended operational training for all Saudi military students in the United States, indefinitely halting flight instruction, firing range training and all other operations outside the classroom after the terror attack last week at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, reports the NY Times.  At least one Saudi student filmed the shooting in which 3 soldiers were killed.  The shooter held radical Islamist and anti-U.S. views, but the investigation as to motive is not complete.

Navy suspends all training for Saudi students in U.S. after Pensacola shooting.  The Pentagon on Tuesday suspended all training of Saudi military officers training in the U.S. as it launched a wide-ranging review Tuesday evening in the wake of a deadly shooting over the weekend at a base in Pensacola, Florida that claimed the lives of three U.S. sailors.  All operational training of Saudi nationals who are in programs at U.S. military facilities will be halted immediately, and the review will limit their training to classroom-based only, said a top Pentagon official on a Tuesday evening call with reporters.

The Editor says...
Train them at Guantanamo Bay!

Another Nidal in a Haystack.  Information is still coming out about the horrific shooting at a US naval base in Florida in which Saudi national Mohammed Alshamrani killed three and wounded many others before being shot dead.  Early reports certainly suggest that this was radical Islamic terror, and that if Alshamrani had been properly monitored, multiple red lights were flashing prior to his killing spree.  All of this puts us in mind of the similar case in which Nidal Hassan shot up Fort Hood... the investigation of which subsequently revealed the number of warnings that had been overlooked.

Authorities searching for unaccounted Saudi nationals following Pensacola shooting.  Several Saudi nationals who had contact with the gunman who killed three at a Naval base in Florida are still unaccounted for, according to authorities.  Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a 21-year-old Saudi national training at Navy Air Station in Pensacola, killed three and wounded seven during a shooting rampage that is now presumed to be a terrorist attack.  Authorities announced that Alshamrani had visited New York prior to carrying out the attack and had held a dinner party where he showed footage of similar shootings.  The FBI was already questioning six Saudi nationals who were connected to Alshamrani after two were caught filming the attack.  According to a press conference on Saturday, authorities had contacted four more Saudi nationals, bringing the total to 10.

FBI says it presumes base shooting was terrorism; gunman was angry at US, Israel.  The Saudi gunman who killed three people at the Pensacola naval base had apparently gone on Twitter shortly before the shooting to blast US support of Israel and accuse America of being anti-Muslim, a US official said Sunday [12/8/2019] as the FBI confirmed it is operating on the assumption the attack was an act of terrorism.

Saudi gunman reportedly called US a 'nation of evil,' decried support of Israel.  A Saudi military student reportedly condemned the US as a "nation of evil" in an online manifesto prior to opening fire Friday at a US naval base, killing three people before being shot dead by police.  The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist media, identified him as Mohammed al-Shamrani, saying he had posted a short manifesto on Twitter that read:  "I'm against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil."

Navy IDs 3 victims of NAS Pensacola shooting; military calls for increased security checks.  U.S. Northern Command (Northcom) has called for increased random security checks at all sites across Northern Command following the deadly shootings at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii and Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola in Florida.  The Navy on Saturday [12/7/2019] identified the three victims of the NAS Pensacola shooting as Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson, 23, of Coffee, Ala.; Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, 19, of St.  Petersburg, Fla.; and Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters, 21, of Richmond Hill, Ga.  "The Sailors that lost their lives in the line of duty showed exceptional heroism and bravery in the face of evil," said the Navy chief of information in a statement.  "When confronted, they didn't run from danger; they ran towards it and saved lives.  If not for their actions, and the actions of the Naval Security Force that were the first responders on the scene, this incident could have been far worse."

Saudi Naval base killer exploited loophole to legally purchase handgun he used in shooting — despite ban on non-citizens buying firearms.  The Saudi military student who killed three and injured 12 when he opened fire at Navy Station Pensacola on Friday used a loophole in the law to purchase the handgun he used in the attack.  Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani, 21, bought the firearm legally from a store in Pensacola by providing the business owner with his hunting license, sources told NBC on Saturday [12/7/2019].  Non-citizens are prevented from buying firearms, unless they are in possession of such a license.  The New York Times has reported the handgun as being a Glock 45 9-millimeter with an extended magazine.

Saudi shooter held a mass shooting video party, plus an online rant pointing to terrorism.  No one was ready to jump to any conclusions yesterday but the gap between what we suppose and what we know is getting a lot smaller.  The AP reports that shooter Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani held a party to watch mass shooting videos earlier this week.  Other Saudi pilot trainees were at the party: [...] Obviously this raises all sorts of questions, starting with this one:  Were other people in on this plan?  My first thought was that obviously the guy filming the building knew what was coming and was set up to record it for propaganda purposes.  That could be the case but it's also possible he heard a commotion and took out his phone.  It's incriminating but not absolutely clear... yet.

FBI hunt for missing Saudi servicemen as it's revealed Pensacola Naval base killer hosted dinner party to watch mass shooting videos.  US Northern Command, also known as NORTHCOM, sent out an advisory calling for an increase in security checks on Saturday night, according to Fox News.  It comes as the FBI continues to hunt for several Saudi military students from Pensacola, who have seemingly vanished in the wake of Friday's attack.  Fellow Saudi Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani, 21, killed three and wounded 12 others at the base before he was shot dead by police.  Investigators have now detained 10 Saudi military students from the base — a number revised up from six — but several others remain unaccounted for.  Authorities have not revealed the number of Saudi students they are still looking for, and they have not stated whether they are a risk to the public.

Gun-Free Military Installations Make U.S. Troops Sitting Ducks.  The Associated Press reported that the Pensacola gunman was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia, and NBC News reported that the gunman's name was Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.  He used a handgun to carry out his attack.  Pertinent to news of this horrific firearm-based attack is the fact that Naval Air Station Pensacola is a gun-free zone.  Breitbart News reported the air station's gun-free status shortly after the attack. [...] In other words, men and women who have signed up for years of service to use advanced weaponry — including fully automatic weapons, guided missiles, drones with precision striking capability, and numerous other mechanisms — are forbidden from carrying a handgun on the station for self-defense.

Official: Pensacola Shooter Was a Saudi Arabian Aviation Student.  A U.S. official has identified the shooter at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Friday morning as a Saudi Arabian aviation student.  Authorities are investigating if the shooting was terrorism-related.  The shooting was the second at a U.S. Navy base this week.  Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan says 11 people were shot in Friday's attack, four of whom died, including the shooter.

Pensacola Jihad Massacre Proves We've Learned Nothing Since the Fort Hood Attack.  Second Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, an aviation officer in the Saudi Air Force, opened fire at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., on Friday, killing four people and wounding many others.  In doing so, he showed yet again that the prevailing politically correct obfuscation and denial regarding the jihad threat is not only wrong, it's dangerous.  If we had a realistic approach to the jihad threat, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani's victims would be alive today.  Before he embarked upon his killing spree, someone who appeared to be Alshamrani ranted on Twitter about the evils of America. [...] This statement, if it did indeed come from Alshamrani, as appears likely, makes clear that he was a jihad terrorist.  He was killing because of America's supposed crimes against Muslims; that rules out the alternative explanation for his acts, that he was lashing out after some negative incident or mistreatment at the Naval Air Station.

Did someone mention Fort Hood?

Saudi student watched mass shooting videos during dinner party before Florida naval base attack: report.  The Saudi national who killed three people Friday morning after opening fire in a classroom at a naval air station in Florida reportedly hosted a dinner party earlier this week where he and several others watched videos of mass shootings, a U.S. official said Saturday [12/7/2019].  Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, who was identified as a member of the Saudi military participating in a flight training program for foreign military personnel at Naval Air Station Pensacola, was killed by law enforcement after he fatally shot three people in what investigators are trying to determine was an attack motivated by terrorism.

6 Saudi nationals detained for questioning after NAS Pensacola shooting: official.  Six Saudi nationals were detained for questioning Friday near a naval air station in Pensacola, Fla., after a Saudi gunman opened fire there, killing three people before being shot dead by officers, a senior U.S. official told Fox News.  The FBI, which is leading the investigation into the shooting — which took place Friday morning at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola in Florida — declined to reveal the identity of the shooter in the early stages of the investigation, but a U.S. official told Fox News the gunman was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia named Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

Deja Vu:  Pensacola Shooter Was Saudi National in U.S. for 'Flight School'.  Four people are dead, including the assailant, after a shooting at a U.S. Navy base in Pensacola, Fla., on Friday.  According to anonymous officials and Gov. Ron DeSantis, the suspect was a Saudi Arabian national in the U.S. for flight school.  That sounds familiar... Nineteen of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian nationals, and most came to the U.S. for flight training.  Three hijacker-pilots, Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah flew to south Florida for fight training about a year before the horrific September 11, 2001 attacks.

Six Saudis are arrested over Pensacola naval base shooting including three who filmed the attack.  The Air Force trainee who killed three and injured eight when he opened fire at a naval base in Florida assailed the United States as 'a nation of evil' before he went on his shooting rampage, AFP reports.  The man, first identified by NBC News as Saudi national Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, opened fire inside a classroom at Naval Air Station in Pensacola early Friday morning.  Police quickly responded to the scene and he was shot dead.  US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said the suspect was a second lieutenant attending the aviation school at the base.  Meanwhile six other Saudi nationals were arrested near the base shortly after the attack, as investigators began to probe a terror link.

US official:  Pensacola shooting suspect was Saudi student.  U.S. law enforcement officials were digging into the background of the suspected Florida naval station shooter Friday [12/6/2019], to determine the Saudi Air Force officer's motive and whether it was connected to terrorism.  As questions swirled about the shooting, which left four people dead, including the attacker, officials identified the suspect as 2nd Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, an aviation officer in the Saudi Air Force.  The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

The Hague (again!)
November 29, 2019

Three minors hurt in stabbing in The Hague, police search for suspect.  Three people were wounded in a stabbing in The Hague's main shopping street Friday night, and police were searching for at least one suspect, authorities said.  The three people injured were minors, Dutch police said, without commenting on the severity of their injuries.  Police spokeswoman Marije Kuiper told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that it was still too early to say where a terror motive was to blame for the attack.  Police were "keeping every scenario open," Kuiper said.

The Editor says...
This is exactly what the police would say if they knew the incident was an Islamic terrorists attack but were afraid to say so.

Dutch police arrest homeless man as suspect in Hague stabbings.  Dutch police have arrested a homeless man and brought him in for questioning, suspecting that he was behind the stabbing of three teens in The Hague, Netherlands, during Black Friday shopping.  Dutch police haven't released the 35-year-old man's identity, and the motive for the stabbing remains unknown.  "We are keeping all scenarios open," a statement from police said.

The Editor says...
Obviously this is a cover-up.  Whenever someone goes "insane" and stabs a bunch of random strangers, especially unaccompanied women, but including anyone within reach, it's all but certain to be the work of an Islamic terrorist.  Why?  Nobody else acts like that.

Knifeman hunted in The Hague after three children wounded in stabbing in main shopping district.  Three children were wounded in a stabbing on a shopping street in The Hague early Friday evening, Dutch police said, adding that they were seeking a suspect.  National broadcaster NOS said the attack could not immediately be attributed to terrorism.  Police launched a manhunt after the attack, which took place on a busy shopping street near the city's historic centre.  The area was cordoned off and dozens of police and ambulances were on the scene.

London (again!)
November 29, 2019

London Bridge Attack Demonstrates the Defects of Diversity Cult.  Over an otherwise peaceful Thanksgiving, the only news that really stood out was a terrorist knife attack in London.  Two people were killed by an Islamic terrorist.  The capstone of the attack was a dramatic and improvised takedown of the terrorist by some locals, who used a fire extinguisher and ... a narwhal tusk.  In the end, police shot and killed the attacker.  Of course this is not London's first brush with Islamic terror.  In 2017, a similar stabbing attack occurred at London Bridge, killing a policeman.  Manchester suffered from a bombing attack during an Ariana Grande concert in 2017.  In 2013, terrorists beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight.  In 2005, London endured a spate of bombing attacks, in which 52 were killed.

The London Terrorist Attack Shows Rehabilitative Justice Doesn't Work.  The British police force was severely cut under prime ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron, the British version of the liberal-neocon duopoly who, just like their American counterparts, believed in the transformative nature of justice.  Transform they did, although not criminals and terrorists.  Instead they transformed their countries for worse.  The British police force is kneecapped by its own ruling class, the product of its new woke elite, complete with crackpot theories and activist impulses.  The U.K. death penalty was removed due to the liberal empire.  Police patrols were de-sexed — mom and dad duos, as some Brits call them.  Now U.K. police are represented by a middle-aged, overweight, balding man and a plump woman in comical fluorescent jackets, looking more like road repair workmen than law enforcement officers, standing on street corners looking bored as they do their daily hours.  In police stations, woke officers are more interested in checking mean tweets and dancing during LGBT parades than in catching criminals.

Deadly Superstitions in London.  Last week, Usman Khan attended a conference at Fishmongers' Hall, a grand location in Central London, marking the fifth anniversary of a rehabilitative program for prisoners called Learning Together, run by Cambridge University's Institute of Criminology.  Suddenly, Khan, wielding a knife and wearing an imitation suicide-bomber's vest, went on a rampage, killing a graduate of the Institute who helped run the conference and a volunteer worker at the event, also a Cambridge graduate, as well as injuring three people.  If Khan had not been stopped on London Bridge by others attending the conference [...] he would have killed others.

Terrorist in London knife attack had been lecturing woke university leftists all about criminal justice 'reform'.  Friday's London Bridge terror attack by a fanatic Islamist with knives — and not the first one on that bridge — was a case study in all kinds of things that have gone wrong as blue-city politics and leftist reform agendas take over.  Who let this beast into the country at all?  Why, even after one terror attack attempt, was he let out of the can on parole, with only an ankle bracelet to monitor him?  It was obviously a waste of time.  Why was he not booted back to his hellhole of origin, first plane out?  Why were the cops, that everyone's supposed to rely on in lieu of guns, not around?  Why did it take bystanders, one "armed" with a whale tusk taken from a decorative display on a chowhouse wall, and another wielding a fire extinguisher, to knock the beast down?  Why don't bystanders in London have access to guns?

Why WAS Usman Khan free to kill?  Row after terrorist was automatically let out under Labour law.  A furious political row broke out today after it was revealed that the London Bridge terrorist was released automatically from prison last year.  Usman Khan, 28, was sentenced in 2012 after being arrested in 2010 for terrorism offences for his part in an al Qaeda-inspired terror group that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange and kill Boris Johnson.  The Stoke-on-Trent-based radical, along with two co-conspirators, originally received an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a minimum of eight years behind bars, meaning he could be kept indefinitely if he continued to pose a risk to the public.

Polish Chef Used 5 Foot Narwhal Tusk to Help Bring Down London Bridge Terrorist.  There is a lot of background information surfacing about the London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan and the attack he carried out yesterday in the U.K. However, one of the epic heroes who took down the terrorist is worth a highlight.  A Polish chef named Lukasz was working at Fishmongers Hall near the scene when he saw the terrorist attacking.  Lukasz grabbed a 5 foot narwhal whale tusk from the wall and used it as a makeshift lance while another bystander used a fire extinguisher to confront and ultimately take down the attacker.

London Bridge Terrorist Kills Two, Five Wounded — Knife Wielding Jihadist Stopped by Public.  Two people were killed and up to five more stabbed as a terrorist used two knives to attack the public in London, England.  The attack happened near (and on) the London Bridge and the terrorist wore a dummy explosives vest.  Members of the general public tackled and disarmed the terrorist until police arrived moments later and shot him.  British authorities have confirmed the attack was a terrorist incident.  London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised the British people he will write a strong letter of condemnation.

London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan was automatically freed after serving seven years.  The London Bridge terrorist who stabbed two people to death in a horrific knife rampage yesterday sent a grovelling letter from prison begging to be sent on a deradicalisation course during his sentencing for his first terror offences, it has been revealed.  Usman Khan, 28, was jailed in 2012 for his role in an al Qaeda-inspired terror group that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange and the US Embassy and kill Boris Johnson.  In an old letter from 2012, unveiled today, the terrorist begged to be shown mercy and asked for a course to be arranged so that he could 'properly learn Islam and its teachings, and I can prove I don't carry the extreme views which I might have carried before.'

London Bridge stabber Usman Khan faked being a reformed jihadist.  The London Bridge stabber masqueraded as a reformed jihadist, claiming his terrorist days were behind him and begging to be de-radicalized.  Yet less than a year after convicted bomb plotter Usman Khan was released from prison, having served only half of a 16-year sentence for his part in an al Qaeda scheme to blow up London landmarks, he killed two people, including a young coordinator of the rehab program he so wanted to join.  Another staff member of the program, called Learning Together, was killed, and three others were wounded.

TWO killed in London Bridge terror attack.  Two innocent members of the public have died after a knifeman went on a rampage this afternoon in London.  Armed police shot dead a knifeman wearing a fake suicide vest today after he stabbed up to five people in a shocking terrorist attack as frightened crowds fled the scene.  Witnesses on the scene said the man had been brandishing two knives and had attacked people on the north side of London Bridge before running into the centre at around 2pm.

London Bridge suspect had prior 'Islamist terrorism' conviction: report.  A man accused of stabbing to death two people and injuring three more in London has a previous conviction for an "Islamist terrorism-related offense" — and was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet when he carried out Friday's attack, according to a report.  The man — who was shot dead after being wrestled to the ground by bystanders in what British police called a "terrorist incident" — has a criminal history that includes a conviction for that unspecified offense, according to the Telegraph.  The madman, whose name has not yet been released, was sprung from prison about a year ago after agreeing to electronic monitoring, per the report, which cites anonymous government sources.

London Bridge stabber belonged to jihadist group that admired Hitler, plotted to bomb US embassy.  The knife-wielding terrorist who was subdued by civilians, then shot dead by police on London Bridge on Friday [11/29/2019] was a paroled bomb plotter who once hoped to start a jihadist training camp in Kashmir — and whose fellow Islamists admired Hitler and downplayed the Holocaust.  At the time of Friday's attack, Pakistan native Usman Khan, 28, had been free a year after serving just half of a 16-year sentence for plotting with eight others in 2010 to bomb such London landmarks as the stock exchange, American embassy, and Westminster Abbey.  He was still wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet when he went berserk with two long knives after speaking about his own "rehabilitation" during a Cambridge University-sponsored criminal justice conference in London, killing two and injuring three.

The Editor says...
Was he really "berserk," or was he merely acting in accordance with his violent Muslim religion?

Release of London Bridge terror suspect was 'mistake,' PM Boris Johnson says.  Friday's stabbing attack on the London Bridge that left two people dead and three others wounded had British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arguing afterward that it had been a "mistake" to grant an early release to the suspect, an ex-convict who was shot and killed by police.  Johnson said he had "long argued" against allowing "serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early."  "It is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals, especially for terrorists, that I think the public will want to see," Johnson said.

London Bridge hero used Narwhal tusk to help stop attacker.  A hero bystander who was inside a nearby historic hall when the London Bridge stabbing unfolded Friday ripped a five-foot Narwhal tusk from the wall to help neutralize the knife-wielding madman, a witness said.  The unidentified man can be seen on footage of the stabbing Friday in London hovering over the suspect with the massive tusk as others attempt to disarm the assailant.  Witness Amy Coop tweeted that she was with the man at Fishmongers Hall when attack occurred shortly before 2 p.m.  "A guy who was with us at Fishmongers Hall took a 5' narwhal tusk from the wall and went out to confront the attacker," she wrote.

Armed police shoot 'knifeman' on London Bridge as panicked passers-by flee in terror.  Armed police shot a man on London Bridge today [11/29/2019] in an incident that has left one person dead and up to five people injured as Scotland Yard said they are treating it as 'terror-related'.  Dramatic video filmed at the scene around 2pm this afternoon shows at least four people struggling with a man on the ground before armed police officers step in.

Paris (again!)
October 3, 2019

The Editor says...
Notice a few things about the press coverage of this Islamic terrorist attack:  Did the man say anything, for example, Allahu Akhbar, while he went around stabbing people?  Are the police really baffled about his motives, as they usually pretend to be, or are the prohibited from saying what they know?  News coverage also omits or suppresses the fact that the perpetrator was stopped by someone with a firearm.  The incident took place in a police station, so why wasn't the man shot immediately?

The Paris Jihadi's Coworkers Knew He Was Dangerous, But Remained Silent.  Last week a Muslim employee of the Paris police, Mickael Harpon, stabbed four of his coworkers to death in the offices where he had worked for years.  After initially issuing the usual claims that Harpon's motive was unclear and that he had no connection to Islamic jihad terror, French authorities admitted that Harpon had a long track record of arousing suspicion about his jihadi sentiments.  But nothing was done.  And the fault of that lies squarely at the feet of the Left.  French President Emmanuel Macron said that it was "inconceivable and unacceptable" that Harpon was able to perpetrate a jihad massacre "in the very place where we pursue terrorists and criminals."  But it wasn't really inconceivable at all, and in modern-day France, after Macron and his colleagues finish thundering their denunciations, such attacks are unlikely to remain in any genuine sense unacceptable.

"A Serious Malfunction" - How French Intelligence Overlooked The Terrorist In Their Ranks.  It's an alarming oversight with terrifying implications:  The intelligence unit of Paris Police somehow overlooked a radicalized Islamic convert within their own ranks.  Last week, the troubled individual in question carried out an attack inside Paris Police headquarters that ended with four victims stabbed to death, while the attacker was shot down by his former colleagues.  WSJ has the full the story of how Micka'l Harpon, the 45-year-old attacker in question, evolved from a quiet IT expert into a disaffected convert to Salafism — a fundamentalist version of Islam that is widely credited as the inspiration for Al Qaeda and other terror groups.

France's Homegrown Terrorism.  This time, the terrorist did not use firearms; his victims were not unarmed children, cartoonists or Jews but policemen. [...] The assailant, Micka'l Harpon, born in the French Caribbean island of Martinique, was shot and killed after stabbing four people to death with a ceramic kitchen knife during the lunchtime assault at the Paris police headquarters.  Harpon, a civilian IT specialist in the intelligence division holding high-level security clearance, had worked for the police for 16 years.  First he killed three men in the intelligence division, then he stabbed two female police employees in a stairwell (one died from her wounds) before he finally was shot and killed in the building's courtyard.  Harpon was a longtime convert to Islam and a conscientious attendee of his local mosque, where he attended morning and evening prayers.  A radical imam who was nearly expelled from France officiated there.

Macron's France:  Four Police Officers Stabbed to Death in Paris HQ.  Four police officers have been stabbed to death at a headquarters building near the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, France.  The perpetrator "was involved in an argument with someone and then erupted in anger, targeting other police colleagues before being neutralised," according to a source quoted by The Sun.

IT worker kills four colleagues in stabbing frenzy at Paris police headquarters.  A knife-wielding man working at police headquarters in central Paris went on a rampage on Thursday, stabbing and killing four employees before himself being shot dead, officials say.  A fifth person who was critically injured was being treated in hospital after what was the deadliest attack on police in France in years.  Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said that the attacker, a 45-year-old employee from the IT department in the police intelligence section, had killed three men and a woman before being killed in the courtyard of the square stone building on the Ile de la Cite. [...] "Did he snap, or was there some other reason?  It's still too early to say," Loic Travers, head of the Alliance Police union for the Paris region, told BFM television.

Paris knife attacker who killed 4 in police headquarters had converted to Islam: report.  The deranged employee who stabbed four people to death — including three cops — inside a Paris police headquarters had converted to Islam 18 months ago, according to a report.  The 45-year-old deaf IT worker — identified in media reports as Michael Harpon attacked three members of the police force's intelligence division Thursday inside two ground floor offices, then went into a stairwell and assaulted two women, French newspaper Le Parisien reported.  One of the women survived and underwent emergency surgery after the attacks.  She was listed in critical condition.

Miami, Florida
July 17, 2019

Mechanic sentenced to 3 years in prison for sabotaging American Airlines jetliner.  A veteran airline mechanic was sentenced Wednesday [3/4/2020] to three years in prison for sabotaging an American Airlines jetliner with 150 people aboard in a bid to earn overtime fixing the plane.  In sentencing 60-year-old Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke said she found no evidence to support allegations that Alani had links to the Islamic State extremist group or any terrorist organization.

The Editor says...
Earlier reports said "the guy had ISIS video on his cell phone."  (See below.)  Yet the judge "found no evidence" to link him to a terrorist organization.

American Airlines mechanic pleads guilty to sabotaging plane at Miami International.  An American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a navigation system on a Miami flight with 150 passengers aboard pleaded guilty Wednesday [12/18/2019] to attempting to destroy the aircraft in a plea agreement designed to avoid a maximum sentence up to 20 years in prison.  "I do admit the guilt," Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, said through an Arabic interpreter in Miami federal court.

American Airlines mechanic pleads guilty to sabotaging plane in Miami: reports.  A California mechanic who worked for American Airlines for more than 30 years has pleaded guilty to tampering with an aircraft in a deal to avoid a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, according to reports.  Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, admitted using a piece of foam to sabotage the plane's air module system — which reports aircraft speed, pitch, and other flight data to pilots — on a July 17 flight from Miami to the Bahamas with 150 passengers aboard the aircraft.  "I do admit the guilt," he said through an Arabic interpreter in Miami federal court Wednesday [12/18/2019], according to the Miami Herald.

Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging American Airlines Jetliner Has Ties to ISIS.  The mechanic accused of sabotaging an American Airlines jetliner back in July was found to have had violent Islamic State videos on his cellphone, as well as desire for Allah to hurt non-Muslims, new evidence unveiled at his bail hearing revealed on Wednesday [9/18/2019].  Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, according to prosecutors, has ties to ISIS through his brother in Iraq.  The 60-year-old Alani was charged earlier this month with willfully damaging or disabling a plane.  The Boeing 737, which had 150 passengers and crew aboard, did not take off and no one was injured.

An ISIS aircraft mechanic caught trying to disable the same system that brought down two other 737s?  They're still out there.  And it was quite disturbing to learn that, contrary to what the press had so smarmily assured us about a supposedly disgruntled aircraft mechanic who got caught trying to disable a Boeing 737, the guy had ISIS video on his cell phone. [...] Up until now, the press had been assuring us that the whole thing was a labor issue, citing officials.

Airline Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging Plane Had ISIS Video on His Phone.  [Scroll down]  One thing doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other.  Yeah, this guy sabotaged a plane.  And, also, in addition to but unrelated to that, he also had ISIS propaganda on his phone.  Apples and oranges.  Oh, and Alani's phone also had a news story about a plane crash in Indonesia last year, with specific information about the plane's airspeed control system.  The same thing he was caught tampering with.  But whatever.  It seems much more likely that this guy tried to bring down an airliner so he could get more overtime.  That sounds about right.  Right?

Some Guy Did Something — Judge Denies Bail for Sketchy Airline Mechanic Caught Tampering With GPS.  After disclosing his prayers of death for the infidels; and after telling investigators he was acting on behalf of his "evil side"; and after finding out his brother is a member of ISIS in Iraq; and after finding pro-ISIS propaganda videos on his cell phone celebrating ISIS mass murders, which he shared with friends and family; well, U.S. justice officials and the FBI now suspect a more "disturbing" motive behind airline employee Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani who was caught tampering with the American Airline GPS system.

Another Job Americans Just Won't Do:  Sabotaging American Airlines Jets.  I mentioned about ten days ago in "Time for a National Immigration Safety Board" the case of the Iraqi mechanic in Miami who sabotaged an American Airlines jetliner.  At the time it was said to be Totally Not Terrorism.  Instead, he was just trying to get some overtime hours by creating a problem he would need to fix.  Now, the NY Post is reporting that this guy may have had mixed motivations: [...]

Mechanic who tampered with jetliner has ties to ISIS: feds.  The American Airlines mechanic who disabled a key navigation system on a jetliner leaving Miami — saying he did it over a labor dispute — had grisly ISIS propaganda videos on his cellphone, federal prosecutors said in court on Wednesday [9/18/2019]. Prosecutor Maria Medetis said that when investigators grilled the mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, after his arrest on Sept. 5, he told them he had an "evil side" and that he "wanted to do something to delay" the plane, which had 150 people onboard, the Miami Herald reported.  But a co-worker told investigators that Alani had once said his brother was a member of ISIS, and that he traveled to Iraq in March to visit him.

The Editor says...
Why oh why, in the aftermath of the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, do airline passengers have to undergo meticulous screening before boarding an airplane, and yet the airline has no problem hiring a guy named Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani to maintain the airplanes?  Isn't that a position that requires an extensive background check?

ISIS video found on phone of airline mechanic accused of sabotaging airplane in Miami.  An American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging an airplane in Miami this July reportedly had Islamic State-sponsored video content on his personal phone.  Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was accused earlier this month of inserting an object into the navigational system of the airplane that would tamper with airspeed readings.  The plane detected the mechanical error shortly before taking off from Miami to the Bahamas and was promptly taken out of service, forcing 150 passengers to deplane and seek out other methods of travel.

American Airlines mechanic shared 'disturbing' ISIS videos, told agents he had 'evil side,' prosecutors say.  An American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a plane in July reportedly told arresting agents he had an "evil side," a nefarious persona prosecutors sought to expose Wednesday as they presented alleged evidence of his Islamist sympathies — and aspirations — at a bail hearing in Miami.  Prosecutors said Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani allegedly displayed support for ISIS by making statements about wishing Allah would use "divine powers" to harm non-Muslims and sharing ISIS videos on his cellphone — which he allowed the FBI to search.  One of the videos showed a person being shot in the head, according to prosecutors.

American Airlines Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging Flight Came to U.S. from Iraq.  An American Airlines mechanic who is accused of sabotaging a commercial flight originally arrived in the United States from Iraq, Breitbart News has confirmed.  On Friday [9/6/2019], federal court records revealed that Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani allegedly tampered with a navigation system on a plane filled with 150 passengers set to take off from Miami, Florida and bound for Nassau, the Bahamas on July 17[.]

American Airlines Mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani Charged with Sabotaging Plane.  American Airlines mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was arrested Thursday [9/5/2019] after sabotaging the navigation system of a flight to Nassau with 150 passengers on board.  Alani admitted on Thursday that he tampered with the controls of the flight.

American Airlines mechanic in Miami charged with sabotaging plane.  An American Airlines mechanic was arrested Thursday [9/5/2019] on a sabotage charge accusing him of disabling a navigation system on a flight with 150 people aboard before it was scheduled to take off from Miami International Airport earlier this summer.  The reason, according to a criminal complaint affidavit filed in Miami federal court:  Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, a veteran employee, was upset over stalled union contract negotiations.  None of the passengers and crew on the flight to Nassau were injured because the tampering with the so-called air data module caused an error alert as the pilots powered up the plane's engines on the runway July 17, according to a criminal complaint affidavit filed in Miami federal court.

The Editor says...
Yeah, right.  He may claim now that he was all "upset over stalled union contract negotiations," but if the plane had crashed, you can bet that he would be bragging — from another country — about all the virgins waiting for him at Allah's house.

Villeurbanne (Lyon), France
August 31, 2019

1 Killed, 9 Injured in France Knife Rampage; Authorities Say Attack 'Does Not Appear to Be Terror Related'.  According to the Associated Press, "The reason for the attack was unclear."  However, an official told the AP that the attack did not appear to be terrorism-related. [...] Raise your hand if you think there's a high probability this attack was terror-inspired.  There have been several high-profile jihad-inspired knife attacks in France in recent years, via The Straits Times:  [List of terrorist attacks]  Since the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack, more than 200 people have been killed by jihadists in France.

The Editor says...
For the Associated Press to state that "The reason for the attack was unclear," the reporters and editors of the Associated Press have to be willfully blind, incompetent, stupid, or willingly protecting Muslim terrorists by discounting any possible connection to Islamic terrorism.

Rough automatic translation:
Attack with a knife in Villeurbanne: a witness evokes a religious motivation.  According to a direct witness of the aggression heard by Le Progrès, the suspect reportedly made a religious reference at the time of the events:  "They do not read the Koran". [...] Gérard Collomb, mayor of Lyon, went on the spot, while he went to the football match, opposing Lyon and Bordeaux.  "For the moment, we do not know anything about his motives, he notes, moved.  What is certain is that it was not a fight, since it was someone who attacked passengers waiting for a bus undifferentiated."

Lyon jihadi explains why he went on knife rampage:  "They do not read the Qur'an".  Authorities are searching for a motive, at least at this point refusing to acknowledge what is right in front of their faces.

French prosecutor:  Knife attack suspect in 'psychotic state'.  An Afghan man was in a "psychotic state" and on drugs during a stabbing in France that killed one person and injured eight others, but investigators haven't found any terrorist ties, a regional prosecutor said Sunday [9/1/2019].

Knife attack in Lyon leaves one dead and nine injured.  One person was stabbed to death and nine others injured by a knifeman outside a station near the French city of Lyon, before police managed to detain him.  Authorities said the reason for the attack was unclear.  The attacker was a 33-year-old Afghan citizen who had applied for asylum in France and was awaiting a response, according to a national police official.  The attacker provided contradictory information to police, but the attack did not appear to be terrorism-related, two French officials told The Associated Press.

The Editor says...
Let's review:  A Muslim from Afghanistan pulls out a knife and starts attacking people at random.  Most likely he was shouting praises to Allah while he did so, but the press won't mention it.  The police captured him, but they can't figure out what possible motive he had, even though dozens of others have done the same thing, in the name of Islam.  Then the suspect lied to the police.  Then the police confidently pronounce that there's no connection to terrorism.  Tune in again next week for a repeat of this event, after which the police will be even more adamant when they declare, "no connection to terrorism," while they are "searching for a motive."

Sri Lanka
April 21, 2019

ISIS Caliph:  Sri Lanka Bombings Revenge for Caliphate, Not New Zealand.  Jihadists don't need a reason to kill anyone.  Their revenge and retaliation claims are a psychological game to make us feel as if we are responsible for their violence against us.  After a mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand, some people worried that revenge attacks would follow.  And indeed, the Sri Lanka bombings of churches seemed to follow that pattern.  Soon the media was full of claims that ISIS had murdered hundreds of Christians as revenge for the New Zealand shootings. [...] Like everything coming out of the Sri Lankan government, this should have been taken with a grain of salt.  It's not just the Jihadists who want to shift responsibility for the violence on to us.  The Sri Lankan government ignored warnings about the attack.  It's convenient for them to shift the blame.

Aloha Snackbar:  Getting Serious About the Ideological War on Terror.  The Easter Day bombings of Sri Lankan churches, which killed about 250 Christian worshippers, were claimed by ISIS as one of their attacks in a video reported by Asia Times.  Regardless of whether ISIS's claim is true, it has seized the murderous success of those attacks as an ideological weapon to prove its continued existence. [...] We can capture and kill terrorists endlessly but we cannot seem to deter more from joining their murderous ranks.

Extremists in Sri Lanka Add 15 More to the Country's Death Toll.  Extremists connected to the Easter suicide bombings at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed 15 people after opening fire and detonating explosives Friday night [4/26/2019] when police raided a home in the eastern part of the country, authorities said.  Six of the dead were children, reported The Associated Press.  The additional violence comes after a group of attackers targeted six hotels and churches and killed roughly 250 people, many of whom were Christians celebrating Easter.  Original reports put the death toll over 300 but it has since been revised down, reported BBC.

Sri Lankan forces discover over a dozen bodies, including children, at ISIS safe house.  As Sri Lankan security forces raided an ISIS safe house late Friday [4/16/2019] into Saturday morning, militants open fired and detonated at least three suicide bombs, killing 15 people, including six children.  The dead were found charred, others had their clothes burned off of their bodies.  Police tipped off soldiers about a suspected safe house in the town of Sammanthurai as part of a widespread search operation for militants with explosives believed to still be at large after the coordinated bombings of churches and luxury hotels that killed more than 250 nearly a week ago.

Sri Lanka suicide bomber was previously arrested and then released.  One of the Sri Lanka suicide bombers was previously arrested by police and then released, a senior government official told CNN Thursday [4/25/2109].  Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim — one of two sons of a spice tycoon who blew themselves up in Sunday's attacks — detonated a device at the Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo, the official told CNN.

Islamic Terrorism Remains the World's Greatest Threat to Peace.  [T]he coordinated bomb blasts aimed at Christian worshipers on Easter Sunday, which killed at least 290 people and injured hundreds more, demonstrates the kind of meticulous planning, funding, resources and support that is still exclusively the domain of radical Islamic terrorism.  It's not merely that the act was planned to maximize the death toll, but that it is a continuation of long-standing efforts by Islamists to destroy the Christian communities left in Asia.  Those who kill in the name of Islam are part of a worldwide, historic, ideological and political movement that includes, to various degrees and various reasons, radicalized men and women from both great factions of the faith.  Then again, terrorist groups — as well as their recruitment and propaganda outfits — are often functioning in Islamic regimes, which either actively sustain terror, tolerate these groups or pay them off to engage in terrorism elsewhere.

It's amazing how so many people misunderstand Islam in exactly the same way.
Sri Lankan police hunt 140 people after Easter bombings.  Sri Lankan police are trying to track down 140 people believed linked to Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday suicide bombings that killed 253, as shooting erupted in the east during a raid.

Pregnant wife of Sri Lankan suicide bomber detonates bomb as police raid home.  With Sri Lanka already reeling from a series of coordinated bombings, the horror continued Sunday afternoon as police raided the home of Inshaf Ahmed Ibrahim and Ilham Ibrahim, two of the suspected leaders of the plot that killed 359 people.  As police entered the residence, the wife of one of the brothers, Fatima Ibrahim, detonated yet another bomb, killing herself, the child she was pregnant with, three other young children and three Sri Lankan police officers.

It's all about hate and bloodlust that's never sated.  At least two of the suicide bombers had law degrees.  Two were brothers from a wealthy Colombo family, one of whom attended university in the United Kingdom and earned a postgraduate degree in Australia.  There were nine of them altogether, eight men and a woman.  Most were "well-educated and come from (the) middle or upper-middle class," Ruwan Wijewardene, Sri Lanka's deputy defence minister, told reporters.  There is still much to piece together from what happened on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, about why the authorities did not respond to specific and actionable intelligence about an imminent jihadist attack, how it could be that clear warnings to and from Sri Lanka's deputy inspector general went unheeded, and what were the names, even, of the terrorists.

Sri Lanka's cardinal calls terrorists 'animals' and says 'punish them mercilessly'.  It's not every day that you see a churchman with a spine.  The normal response in these days is anodyne pro forma deplorings, along with peace and flowers offerings to the supporters of radical Islamism, or lots and lots of cover-ups and denials about what the attacks were really about, so as not to offend the perpetrators. [...] The Sri Lankan archbishop obviously has gotten tired of the niceties as more than one of the churches he shepherds mops off the blood from the walls.  He indicates he knows what the story here is — that Christianity is under fire, attacks on Christian worldwide have doubled since 2017, and converts to Catholicism (and other Christian faiths) are being mowed down mercilessly in their churches, that he is a shepherd, that good shepherds (as Jesus said) care about their flock, and hideous Islamist predators who are perpetrating this have adopted evil as their religion.  Churches, good, Islamist terrorists, bad; this is not rocket science.  Yet in our enervated age, statements like these draw headlines.

Two Sri Lanka bombers were sons of Colombo spice tycoon, sources say.  Two of the suicide bombers involved in the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka were members of a prominent and wealthy family in Colombo, sources have told CNN, in a development that has rocked the small Muslim community in the city.  The brothers, Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim and Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim, were among the band of extremists who blew themselves up in Sunday's attacks, two sources with knowledge of the investigation said.  Their father, Mohamed Ibrahim, is the founder of Colombo-based Ishana Exports, which describes itself on its website as the "largest exporter of spices from Sri Lanka since 2006."

Orwellian WaPo Slams the 'Far-Right' for Saying Christians Were Under Attack in Sri Lanka.  In the wake of the horrific Easter terrorist attack against churches in Sri Lanka, The Washington Post published an article slamming "far-right" political leaders for saying that Christians are under attack.  The Orwellian article suggested there was something untoward about reporting on global Christian persecution — by selectively quoting far-right European and American leaders on the issue and ignoring the broader discussion.  The bombings, which claimed the lives of at least 321 people and wounded more than 500 others, took place on the most important holiday for Christianity, the day Christians remember the Resurrection of Jesus.  They targeted Christian churches, and according to Sri Lanka's defense minister, a radical Islamist terror group carried the attacks out in "retribution" for the Christchurch mosque shootings last month.

Taqiyya for Easter.  Let's say a fire breaks out at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris at the start of Holy Week, and just after two of the city's other most prominent houses of worship — St Sulpice and the Basilica of St Denis — have been attacked and vandalized.  Well, I think we can all confidently say as the first flames are beginning to lick the ceiling that it's undoubtedly an accident.  Cigarette butt.  Or maybe computer glitch.  Probably just an overheated smart phone.  We don't need to get in there and sift through the debris.  We can just announce it.  On the other hand, when there are coordinated attacks on Easter services at several churches in Sri Lanka, it becomes a little more challenging to pass off multiple suicide-bombings killing nearly three hundred people as an electrical malfunction.  So, in contrast to the confident declarations of a week ago, on Sunday morning the media opted for a subtler narrative.

Sri Lanka:  Bombings were 'retaliation' for New Zealand mosque attack.  The terror attacks that killed at least 321 people in Sri Lanka were "retaliation" for the mosque shootings in New Zealand, officials said Tuesday [4/23/2019].  "The initial investigation has revealed that this was in retaliation for the New Zealand mosque attack," junior minister for defense Ruwan Wijewardene insisted to parliament there.

Sri Lanka terror vindicates Pompeo-Trump warnings.  It was only a few weeks ago that much of the mainstream media was criticizing the Trump administration for the "Christianization" of US foreign policy.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's evangelical faith was widely blamed for the increased focus of American diplomacy on combating the persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslim governments or Islamist terrorists, as well as for its support for Israel.  The administration's interest in the subject — especially in contrast to the policies of the Obama administration — was denounced as a political payoff to Trump's Christian conservative voters and an insult to the Muslim world.  Such attention fueled, we were told, Islamophobia in the United States and elsewhere.

Radical Muslim Group Suspected in Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka.  Earlier this month, intelligence agencies reported a radical Islamic group called National Thowheeth Jama'ath was planning attacks in Sri Lanka, and apparently they decided to strike on Easter morning.

The Sri Lanka Jihad Massacre and the Decline of the West.  Well over two hundred people are dead, and hundreds more injured, in jihad massacres in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday morning, and now the usual denial and obfuscation are in full swing.  I'm often asked, when I speak around the country, what it will take to wake people up to the nature and gravity of the jihad threat.  For all too many people, the answer, as the Sri Lanka attacks abundantly show, is nothing.  The facts were clear enough, at least if one checked the Indian media.  India's News18.com reported that "two of the six attacks that rocked Sri Lanka this morning are reportedly to be have been carried out by suicide bombers," that telltale sign that this was a jihad attack, with the bombers hoping to claim the Qur'an's promise of Paradise for those who "kill and are killed" for Allah (9:111).

The Leftists & Their Media Enablers Again Controlling The Narrative On Islam.  Once again, the "American" Left along with their media enablers are using language to control the narrative.  As my buddy Streiff points out here, the leftists are so hostile to Christians that they refuse to use the term in their description of the attacks in Sri Lanka.  In this case, instead of "Christians," they use "Easter Worshippers," to describe the over 200 dead and [unknown numbers of] wounded in the brutal massacre and, as of this morning, several still missing.  And yes, "American," is in quotes, as I often wonder about some of the folks on the left and, with good reason, question their patriotism.

Katie Pavlich's Response To Washington Post's Preposterous Analysis Of Sri Lankan Bombings.  [Scroll down]  First, outrage over the persecution of Christians is not confined to the far-right.  Many conservatives condemned the attacks and likely many independents as well.  But the $64 million question is, shouldn't the left be as outraged as the right?  The death toll from Sunday's bombing has climbed to 290 and there are over 500 injured.  Why has the response from the left been so restrained in comparison to the outpouring of love and support following the murder of 50 Muslims in New Zealand?

New Zealand and Sri Lanka Were Not the Same.  The seemingly unlimited supply of virtue-signalers who dominate our culture have assured us emphatically the recent terror attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka are equivalent, a kind of quid pro quod between races and religions.  Other than the fact that, tragically, a great many people died in both — more in Sri Lanka, but the numbers are horrific enough in NZ — this is utter nonsense.  They couldn't be more different.  New Zealand was the act of one aberrant or evil (call him either or both) racist individual motivated by rage against immigrants — Muslim "invaders" — he thought were ruining his country.  Sri Lanka was a planned attack on multiple targets by a local militant group, likely with the aid of a yet larger group or groups (possibly ISIS) from outside the country, acting under the dicta of a highly-evolved ideology euphemistically referred to as fundamentalist Islam or Islamism.

'Easter worshippers'?  Christians are the world's most persecuted minority worldwide, according to Dennis Prager, and the monstrous terror attack in Sri Lanka during Easter Sunday morning masses by Muslim terrorists was a perfect illustration of this increasingly hideous trend.  On the Left, that's less horrifying than it is embarrassing.  They don't like Christians to start with, and they've since gone a long way to coddle Muslim extremists, too. [...] For them to have to admit that Christians are being specially singled out for killings by Muslim terrorists is a bridge too far for these establishment Democrats who thrive on Muslims being the 'real victims' in whatever 'something' that 'some people did' and might force them to admit they were wrong all along about the religiously motivated warfare of the Islamist terrorists.

Father of American boy killed in Sri Lanka speaks out.  The grief-stricken father of the young Washington, DC, boy killed in Sri Lanka's Easter Sunday bombings broke his silence on Monday, saying the terrorists who murdered his son have no idea what they took away from the world.  "The terrorists didn't know who they were killing.  But we should know what the world lost, what they took from the world," grieving father Alex Arrow told ABC News of his 11-year-old son, Kieran Shafritz de Zoysa.  "A brilliant mind who — who was going to be a neuroscientist and — he won't make it to his 12th birthday."

Sri Lanka Attacks:  Death Toll Soars as Police Identify Seven Suicide Bombers.  Sri Lanka police investigators said Monday [4/22/2019] the coordinated Easter Sunday attacks that targeted Christians and luxury hotel guests were the work of seven suicide bombers.  The bombings, Sri Lanka's deadliest violence since a devastating civil war ended a decade ago on the island nation, killed at least 290 people with more than 500 wounded, police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said.  Twenty-four arrests have been made but no single group has claimed responsibility for the terror acts, the Sri Lanka Daily Mirror reports.

Islamic Terrorism Remains the World's Greatest Threat to Peace.  After the horrific mass murder of 50 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand, there was widespread coverage and a torrent of mainstream news networks contemplating the threat of white supremacy.  These conversations, completely reasonable and necessary in the face of violent attacks from a racist gunman, soon began deteriorating into politically motivated and specious claims contending that "white supremacy" had become the predominate terror threat in the world.  Well, the coordinated bomb blasts aimed at Christian worshippers on Easter Sunday, which killed at least 290 people and injured hundreds more, demonstrates the kind of meticulous planning, funding, resources, and support that is still exclusively the domain of radical Islamic terrorism.  It's not merely that the act was planned to maximize the death toll, but that it is a continuation of long-standing efforts by Islamists to destroy the Christian communities left in Asia.

Easter Sunday Sri Lanka bomb attacks left 207 dead.  Sri Lankan authorities fear a little-known Islamist group with links to international terrorists is behind the devastating suicide bombings that killed 290 people in coordinated attacks on churches and hotels.  Seven suicide bombers launched coordinated attacks on churches and five-star hotels and killed at least 290 people and saw around 500 injured.  The Sri Lankan government are pointing the blame at National Thowheed Jamaath (NTJ), an extremist Muslim group, and say they received an intelligence warning the attacks would happen ten days before.

Suicide bombers kill more than 207 people and hurt 500 in 'targeted attack on Christians' on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.  A bomb was found and safely destroyed at Sri Lanka's main airport this evening just hours after co-ordinated attacks killed 207 people in explosions at churches and five-star hotels on Easter Sunday.  Eight blasts ripped through landmarks around the capital Colombo, and on Sri Lanka's east coast, targeting Christians, hotel guests and foreign tourists.  More than 450 people were wounded and five British citizens were among the dead.

Sri Lanka Bomber Stood at Hotel Buffet then Unleashed Terror.  The suicide bomber waited patiently in a queue for the Easter Sunday breakfast buffet at Sri Lanka's Cinnamon Grand hotel before setting off explosives strapped to his back. [...] Two other hotels, the Shangri-La and the Kingsbury, were hit at about the same time, along with three churches packed with worshippers attending Easter Sunday services.

Blasts rock 3 churches, 3 hotels in Sri Lanka; multiple fatalities reported.  Six nearly simultaneous explosions struck three churches and three high-end hotels frequented by tourists on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, killing nearly 200 people and injuring many more, according to police and hospital sources.  Multiple fatalities — including 11 foreigners — resulted among worshipers and hotel guests, a police official said, adding that at least two of the church blasts were believed to have been a coordinated attack carried out by suicide bombers.

US State Department warns of possibility of more attacks in Sri Lanka.  The U.S. State Department on Sunday issued a revised warning on travel to Sri Lanka and said terror groups are continuing to plot and possibly carry out new attacks in hotels and churches.  On Easter Sunday [4/21/2019], a series of bombs exploded at churches and luxury hotels in the country, killing nearly 300.  It was the deadliest series of attacks the South Asian island country had seen since a bloody civil war there ended a decade ago.  Most of the attacks occurred in or around Colombo, the capital.  The U.S. said "several" Americans were among the dead.

April 15, 2019

French officials announce results of preliminary investigation into Notre Dame fire.  The Paris prosecutor's office said that the results of a preliminary investigation into the fire that gutted parts of the famed Notre Dame cathedral showed no proof of criminal activity.  In the Wednesday [6/26/2019] announcement officials didn't cite a specific cause, but listed a number of hypotheses, including a malfunctioning electrical system or an errant smoldering cigarette.  Although they said there was no indication the blaze was intentional, the possibility of negligence was not ruled out.

Investigators give first findings on historic Notre Dame fire.  A discarded cigarette, still alive with smoldering tobacco, is one of the most likely causes of the historic fire that saddened millions around the world and destroyed large parts of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  In a preliminary report Wednesday [6/26/2019], investigators say they found no evidence of arson after weeks of interviewing 100 witnesses and sifting through tons of blackened debris and some 1,200 possible clues.  A judicial inquiry will continue the probe.

Islamic Minaret Should Replace Notre Dame Spire, Says Architecture Expert.  An architecture expert has called for Notre Dame's fallen spire to be replaced with an Islamic minaret as an apology to Algerian Muslims killed by French police.

Should Notre Dame include a mosque?  French President Emmanuel Macron declared that the historic Catholic church should be rebuilt "consistent with our modern, diverse nation."  Architects — a profession devoted to foisting buildings that constitute a form onto a public that wishes their form would honestly follow their function — knew what Macron meant.  They promptly suggested adding an Islamic minaret.  Presumably this political correctness will also dictate elements of Protestantism (which, as a Protestant, I suppose I should welcome but don't), Judaism, Hinduism, paganism and — why not? — Satan worship.  This isn't because the establishment likes Protestantism, Judaism, Hinduism, paganism or Satan, mind you.  It's because they hate Catholicism. [... But] their hatred of Catholicism is simply because they hate real religion and, despite some shortcomings, Catholicism is a real religion.  The reason they hate real religion is that it threatens their personal religion of secular socialism.

The Burning of Notre Dame and the Destruction of Christian Europe.  Barely an hour after the flames began to rise above Notre Dame — at a time when no explanation could be provided by anyone — the French authorities rushed to say that the fire was an "accident" and that "arson has been ruled out."  The remarks sounded like all the official statements made by the French government after attacks in France during the last decade.  The Notre Dame fire also occurred at a time when attacks against churches in France and Europe have been multiplying.  More than 800 churches were attacked in France during the year 2018 alone.  Churches in France are empty.  The number of priests is decreasing and the priests that are active in France are either very old or come from Africa or Latin America.  The dominant religion in France is now Islam.

The Notre Dame fire:  Conclusions enforced before the evidence was examined.  The recent fire in Notre Dame Cathedral has highlighted the attempts of the powerful to control the news.  The Paris prosecutor, Rémy Heitz, has decided the fire was "likely accident, not arson." [...] There it is: the orthodox truth.  If you don't accept the "orthodox" story, you are a "conspiracy theorist," an Islamophobe, and a racist.  Deviance from the orthodox view must be silenced.  Fox News's Shepard Smith invited the French media analyst Philippe Karsenty for an eyewitness interview while the fire was still raging.  Karsenty said, "Of course you will hear the political correctness, that it's probably an accident, but..."  Before he could finish, Smith interrupted:  "Sir, sir, sir, we're not going to speculate here of the cause of something that we don't know."  Karsenty continued:  "I'm just telling you, you need to be ready..."  Smith cut him off:  "No, sir.  We're not doing that here.  Not now.  Not on my watch!  Philippe Karsenty, it's very good of you to be here."  Fox's Neil Cavuto had a similar experience in his interview with William Donohue, president of the Catholic League.  Donohue was skeptical about the accident claim.  He commented, "Forgive me for being suspicious.  Just last month, a 17th-century church was set on fire in Paris.  We've seen tabernacles knocked down, crosses have been torn down, statues."  Cavuto responded, "We don't know that.  So if we can avoid what your suspicions might be."  Dohohue then stated, "When I find out that the Eucharist is being destroyed and excrement is being smeared on crosses..."  At that point, Cavuto decided to terminate the interview: [...]

Modern Architects Want Notre Dame Rebuilt with Glass Spire or Islamic Minaret.  Modern architects are making plans for the new and updated Notre Dame Catholic Cathedral in Paris, France.  Proposed plans include a giant glass spire to signify secularism or an Islamic minaret.  This is the modern day left.

The Editor says...
If the Notre Dame fire was started by Muslim terrorists, why not just eliminate the gradual intermediate steps and make a mosque out of it?

The Notre Dame Fire:  Our Fault, Our Most Grievous Fault.  Buildings like Notre Dame do not erupt into flames spontaneously.  That's not how God works, even to punish a civilization as deep in moral ruin as ours.  My suspicions, and those of almost everyone I know, are hardly calmed when we see Fox News — yes, even Fox — repeatedly refusing to host an honest discussion of the possibility, even as experts tell French TV that eight hundred year old timber simply doesn't burn that way without an accelerant.  I mean, it's not as though news networks restrain their hosts from wild speculation during other crises.  So, understandably, the first reaction from anyone who has been reading the news lately was:  "Muslims, right?"  Alas, even Right-wing newsreaders are terrified of saying the wrong thing when the perp might be a member of the Religion of Peace.  Attacks on Christian churches in Europe have become so numerous that even Newsweek has had to admit it — though the magazine hilariously claims that no one knows why these attacks are happening, and the words "Islam" and "Muslim" are nowhere to be found in its reporting.

What Really Caused the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire?  Following the horrifying fire that badly damaged one of the world's great treasures, the mainstream media is pushing the storyline that the fire that ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was caused by an "electrical short circuit."  But the story in the Daily Mail lacks any evidence to back up that claim. [...] "Investigators" brought in to determine the cause of the tragic blaze have not yet been given access to the burned-out cathedral.  Nevertheless they are already announcing the results of their investigation.  Even as the embers were still glowing on the day of the fire, French prosecutors were ruling out arson.

ISIS fanatics warn of a future attack on fire-ravaged Notre Dame in online poster depicting the cathedral up in flames once more.  Jihadists linked to ISIS have shared a menacing image of Notre Dame in flames once more, warning:  'Wait for the next'.  The extremist media group published the graphic showing flames in front of the Paris cathedral's bell towers, which survived Monday's blaze.  There is no indication that the fire was linked to terror but ISIS fanatics have revelled in the damage to the 850-year-old landmark, a symbol of Western civilisation, just days before Easter.  The latest image, revealed by terror monitors SITE intelligence, hints at a possible deliberate attack by ISIS-aligned militants in the future.

10 Catholic Churches Attacked in France in One Week.  At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches have been reported across the Channel since the beginning of February.  French Roman-Catholic newspaper La Croix International reported how the attacks on churches took place across France.  Senseless acts included the desecration of altars, the defacing of Christ on the cross and in an extreme case, human excrement being spread across the walls of a holy place of worship.

The Internet Erupts With Speculation About Who Started The Notre Dame Fire.  Ever careful to watch for false-flags and conspiracy theory concerns, video is emerging of a Gilets-Jaunes in black clothes at one of the two towers half an hour after the start of the fire at Notre-Dame.  [Video clip]  One definite way to disenfranchise the yellow vests — as they crush French autocracy — would be to set them up as the fall-guys for this national disaster.  Surely that is not possible! [...] In the end, there are only two options.  Either this was an accident, or someone intentionally started the fire.  And if the fire was intentionally started, obviously someone had a motive for doing so.

ISIS fanatics revel in Notre Dame's destruction.  ISIS fanatics are heartlessly revelling in the inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral just days before Easter calling it 'retribution and punishment', according to terror intelligence researchers.  A poster of the blazing cathedral appeared online accompanied by the words, 'Have a good day,' and was created by the ISIS affiliated Al-Muntasir group according to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium.  The poster says:  'Its construction began in the year 1163 and ended in 1345.  It's time to say goodbye to your oratory polytheism.'  The jihadists referred to the catastrophe as 'retribution and punishment,' SITE intelligence reported.

March 18, 2019

Gunman kills 3 on Dutch tram; mayor fears terrorism.  A gunman killed three people and wounded five during a mid-morning tram ride Monday in the Dutch city of Utrecht, raising the specter of another extremist attack only days after the murderous rampage in New Zealand.

Manhunt launched after shooting on Dutch tram wounds many.  A shooting on a tram in the central Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday left "multiple" people wounded, police said, adding that they are considering the possibility of a "terrorist motive."

Muslim Terrorist Kills Three on a Dutch Train.  Occasionally a "Man Bites Dog" story comes along.  But most of the time, it's "Dog Bites Man."  Honest reporting should reflect the ongoing nature of dogs biting men, instead of pretending that man bites dog is a major crisis.

December 31, 2018

Knifeman 'shouts Allah' before station rampage.  A knife-wielding attacker shouting 'Allahu Akbar' stabbed three people at Manchester Victoria station last night, before he was Tasered to the ground and arrested.  A man and a woman in their 50s and a British Transport Police officer were injured during the terrifying knife attack, which unfolded as revellers travelled into the city ahead of the New Year's celebrations.  Anti-terror police are handling the investigation, but officers have yet to confirm whether the incident was a terror attack. [...] Another video shows him shouting 'Allahu Akbar', meaning 'God is most great' in Arabic, as he was put in the back of a police van.

Man shouted' Allah' before knife rampage at Victoria Station in Manchester.  British counter-terrorism police are leading an investigation after a knifeman stabbed three people at a central railway station in Manchester, England.  Two commuters — a man and woman in their 50s — were taken to hospital with knife injuries and a British Transport Police officer was stabbed in the shoulder.  An eyewitness to the attack, which occurred at Victoria Station around 9pm local time on New Year's Eve, said they heard the assailant shout "Allah" during the incident.

First Muslim terrorist attack of 2019 took place in Manchester Victoria Station.  "Allah-Akbar"- shouting, knife wielding Muslim terrorist has been arrested after stabbing three people in a brutal frenzy in Manchester Victoria station.  Apparently, it took seven, yes seven, cops to handcuff one terrorist.

December 17, 2018

Suspects who 'slaughtered two Scandinavian backpackers hastily-organised terror cell' then 'pledged allegiance to ISIS before attack'.  Two Scandinavian tourists killed in Morocco were slaughtered by a 'lone wolf, hastily organised terrorist cell' who travelled to the village of Imlil knowing it was popular with foreign hikers.  Moroccan police yesterday arrested five more people for the murders of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, of Norway, bringing the total in custody to 19.  At a press conference in the country's capital, Rabat, domestic intelligence spokesman Boubker Sabik labelled the suspects 'lone wolves'.

Graphic Video has emerged of one of the two Scandinavian female tourists being 'beheaded' by Muslims at popular tourist hiking trail.  The Danish and Norwegian victims, who were students in their 20s, were discovered by other tourists near the foot of North Africa's highest peak, Mount Toubkad with what police say was 'evidence of violence on their necks' while unverified local reports say they had been decapitated.  At least one of the 3 suspected Muslim beheaders is an "extremist," according to Morocco authorities.  It raises fears that the gruesome double murder in Morocco was an act of terror.

Maren Ueland, beheaded by ISIS jihadis in Morocco, in 2015 posted pro-Muslim migrant video on Facebook.  [There] appears to be an archive of Maren Ueland's Facebook page, revised into a sort of memorial page shortly after her murder.  If it is authentic, Maren Ueland, who was brutally murdered by Islamic jihadis while hiking in Morocco, in 2015 posted on Facebook a video shaming people who oppose the Muslim migrant influx into Europe.

Police Find 2 Bodies of Scandinavian Tourists Near Mount Toubkal.  The bodies of two female tourists of Norwegian and Danish nationalities were found Monday [12/17/2018] in the province of Al Haouz in the Marrakech-Safi region, 10 kilometers from Imlil in the Atlas Mountains, according to a statement received by Morocco World News.

ISIS-Inspired Beheading Video Of Two Women "Authentic".  Moroccan authorities have four men in custody after finding the brutalized bodies of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen of Denmark and Norwegian citizen Maren Ueland.  Police have linked the four to ISIS and consider the dual murders of the two young women a terrorist act.  A video reportedly made of the killings, including the beheading of one of the tourists, has been authenticated by Norwegian investigators. [...] The existence of the video is bad enough, but to send that barbarity to the friends of their victim is doubly horrific.  It should double our resolve to stamp out the insane radical-Islamist ideology that drives ISIS, a poison it hopes to keep spreading around the world.  And that's not all.  They want their caliphate back too, as they proved yesterday.

'It's Allah's will': Fanatics branded two Scandinavian women the 'enemies of God' as they filmed themselves decapitating one of the tourists in Morocco.  Suspected ISIS terrorists branded two Scandinavian women the 'enemies of God' as they filmed themselves decapitating one of the tourists in Morocco.  Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, were found dead near the village of Imlil in Morocco's High Atlas mountains on Monday [12/17/2018].  A video showing the murder of one of the women has been recognised as genuine, Danish intelligence service said today adding that the killings can be connected to ISIS.

Strasbourg, France
December 11, 2018

Fifth Victim Of Strasbourg Market Attack Dies.  The Paris prosecutor's office said on Sunday [12/16/2018] that a fifth person had died from their wounds following Tuesday's Strasbourg Christmas market shooting. [...] The gunman, Cherif Chekatt, was killed on Thursday night [12/13/2018] after firing on police, ending a two-day manhunt that involved more than 700 members of the security forces.

Terror in Strasbourg.  In a way, the crime and its aftermath encapsulates what Europe, the union, represents.  The suspect, Strasbourg-born of Moroccan parents, would have got across the border without formalities; but the police forces on both sides work together as a matter of routine.  Risks; benefits.  Taxpayers are rarely consulted.  Chekatt, a career criminal before his 30th birthday, had been sent back to France from a German prison after serving a sentence for robbery.  He had done time in France as well, and had a police record in Switzerland.  He was known to be a habitual delinquent, but also a politicized one:  he had found religion in jail and was known to have contacts with radical Islamists.  His name was on the S-file, a list of individuals of varying concern to the police.

The Editor says...
One would think that the German and French police know their business and don't need my advice; but really, if there is a list of known troublemakers, or persons likely to be trouble in the near future, and any of these people are non-citizens, they should be rounded up and deported.

Christmas market gunman evades French police two days after attack.  The suspected gunman who killed three people at a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg was shot dead on Thursday in a brief gun battle with police after being on the run for 48 hours, police sources said.

French Christmas market shooter was radical Islamist on government's radar.  The man who sprayed gunfire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, killing three people and wounding 13 others, was identified as a radicalized Islamist with a lengthy rap sheet who was on France's national security list as a possible terror threat, according to reports.  Cherif Chekatt, 29, who was known to be part of radicalized networks in his native Strasbourg, is a "repeat offender" and "delinquent" who served time in French and German prisons, the UK's Independent reported.  Senior Interior Ministry official Laurent Nuñez said on France-Inter radio that police had sought to arrest Chekatt on Tuesday morning [12/11/2018], hours before the shooting, in connection with an attempted murder and armed robbery.

Known Wolf:  Terrorist Attacks Christmas Market in Strasbourg France.  A known individual on a "terror watch list" opened fire [12/11/2018] at a Christmas Market in Strasbourg France.

Strasbourg shooting suspect, ID'd as extremist, still at large; 5 others arrested.  Before he opened fire on a crowded Christmas market in Strasbourg, France on Tuesday, 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt yelled "Allahu Akbar," Paris' public prosecutor said Wednesday — the first official statement pegging the deadly shooting as an Islamic terror attack.  Though no groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, Islamic terrorists have a history of plotting assaults at Christmas markets — including one disrupted plot in which nearly a dozen militants sought to bomb the Strasbourg market around the millennium.

5 detained as France hunts Christmas market terror suspect.  French authorities detained five people as they hunted Wednesday for a suspected extremist who sprayed gunfire at one of Europe's most famous Christmas markets in the eastern city of Strasbourg, killing three and wounding at least 13 and putting the whole country on edge anew.

5 arrested, suspected extremist still on loose after Strasbourg shooting: report.  Before he opened fire on a crowded Christmas market in Strasbourg, France on Tuesday [12/11/2018], 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt yelled "Allahu Akbar," Paris' public prosecutor said Wednesday — the first official statement pegging the deadly shooting as an Islamic terror attack.  Though no groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, Islamic terrorists have a history of plotting assaults at Christmas markets — including one disrupted plot in which nearly a dozen militants sought to bomb the Strasbourg market around the millennium.  Chekatt escaped from the scene in a taxi, bizarrely bragging to the driver about being injured in a firefight with soldiers after killing 10 people, officials said.  Police said three people were killed in the attack.

Los Angeles
November 23, 2018

Somali Muslim Arrested for Attempting to Mow Down Jews With Car in Front of L.A. Synagogue.  Los Angeles police are investigating an incident Friday night as a potential hate crime after a Somali man, 32-year-old Mohamed Mohamed Abdi, attempted to run down worshipers standing outside a Hancock Park synagogue.  According to witness, Abdi was yelling "F*****g Jews!  F*****g Jews!" during the attack.  Abdi reportedly insulted another couple leaving the synagogue before getting into his car and attempting to run over two men.  He later crashed into another car nearby, at which time he was arrested.  A Koran was found on the dashboard of his car.

Los Angeles criminal case against Muslim who tried to run over Jews suspended: "questions about his mental health".  "Mohamed was arrested Nov. 23 after police say he shouted anti-Semitic slurs toward a crowd of worshippers exiting Congregation Bais Yeshuda in Hancock Park.  Investigators said Mohamed tried to run down two men with his car before speeding away and crashing."  However, "Mohamed's family has said he holds no hatred toward the Jewish community or any other groups," and of course their claims are to be taken at face value, with no investigation or further inquiry.  Any other course of action would be "Islamophobic."

August 31, 2018

American tourists stabbed in Amsterdam were targeted by Afghan man with a 'terrorist motive': officials.  Two Americans who were stabbed Friday night [8/31/2018] at a train station in Amsterdam were targeted by an Afghan citizen who had a "terrorist motive," officials say.  City authorities said the 19-year-old suspect, identified only as Jawed S., appeared to target the American tourists in a stabbing attack at Central Station just after noon on Friday [8/31/2018].  "Based on the suspect's first statements, he had a terrorist motive," the city administration said in a statement on Saturday.  They did not elaborate on what the statements were or in what ways they might have shown intent.

Amsterdam stabbing suspect had "terrorist" motive, officials say.  An Afghan man shot by police at Amsterdam's central station on Friday [8/31/2018] after stabbing two American tourists had a "terrorist" motive, city officials said on Saturday.  The suspect, who was identified as a 19-year-old Afghan with a German residence permit, was questioned on Saturday in hospital where he was being treated for gunshot wounds to his lower body.  "First statements made by the suspect indicate he had a terrorist motive," Amsterdam city council said in a statement.

Dutch terror threat level stays at 4 of 5.  The Netherlands' counter-terror chief says the country's threat level will remain at four on a scale that tops out at five following a double stabbing at the city's main railway station that officials say had a "terrorist motive."

Dutch Police Shoot Suspect After Stabbing at Train Station.  Police in the Dutch capital shot and wounded a suspect Friday [8/31/2018] following a stabbing at Amsterdam's busy central railway station.  Amsterdam police said in a series of tweets that two people were injured in the stabbing and the suspect was then shot by officers.  All three people were taken to a hospital.

Afghan 'who stabbed two American tourists' at Amsterdam train station says he travelled to Holland 'to protect the Prophet Mohammed'.  An Afghan man suspected of stabbing two American tourists last year at Amsterdam's Central Station has told judges he travelled to the Netherlands 'to protect the Prophet Mohammed'.  Jawed Santani, 20, appeared at a two-day hearing in a heavily fortified courtroom in Amsterdam, where he faces two attempted murder charges with the aim of committing an act of terror.

The Editor says...
If Mohammed is so great and powerful, why does he need your protection?

August 24, 2018

'Allahu akbar' shouting knifeman killed his mother and sister before being shot dead by police in France.  A 36-year-old taxi driver has been identified as the man behind a knife attack outside Paris today [8/24/2018] in which he stabbed his mother and sister to death and seriously injured a third person.  Kamel Salhi, who had been on a terror watch-list since 2016, was shot dead by police after shouting 'Allahu akbar' during the attack in Trappes.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in the town 20 miles west of Paris, where more than 50 people have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS. Shortly after the attack, ISIS's Aamaq propaganda agency tweeted that the man had heeded their calls to target 'nationals of coalition countries.'

Suspected Islamist shot dead after killing mother and sister in Paris suburb.  A suspected Islamist with a past conviction for "defending terrorism" was shot dead by French police on Thursday [8/23/2018] after he killed his mother and sister and seriously wounded a female passerby in Trappes, 33 km southwest of Paris. [...] The killer was identified as Kamel Salhi (36).  He figured on the French "S" and FSPRT lists for suspected Islamist militants.  In 2016, Salhi was charged with "defending terrorism" but let off for insufficient evidence.  A local official in Trappes told France Info radio that Salhi "was known to police for being psychologically fragile and for having problems in his relationship".

The Editor says...
He was known to the police as a convicted terrorist sympathizer.  He was "shouting 'Allahu akbar' during the attack."  His crime appears to have been some sort of Islamic "honor killing."  But the police insist he's just insane, and the incident has nothing to do with terrorism, so just forget you saw anything here.

August 21, 2018

Two women and knifeman dead after horrific stabbing attack at a restaurant in Belgium.  Two women and their killer are dead following a brutal knife attack in Belgium.  Police and helicopters were dispatched to the Le Ramier, a popular restaurant in Moresnet-Chapelle, eastern Belgium, at around 5pm [8/21/2018].

August 20, 2018

London Subway Terror Attack — Why is There a Media Blackout?  There was yet another terror attack in London, Monday night [8/20/2018], however, there is an eerie silence coming from the mainstream media.  What is going on with the details of this attack that would silence the media giants?  This is typical, and we can expect more silence from the MSM, especially if the attack was conducted by an Islamic terrorist.  According to the one source we could find, The Guardian, the attack happened on Monday night.  The gunman opened fire, shooting three civilians.  The Guardian says there are no reported casualties.  Of course, we don't know who the suspects are because the media has stopped doing its job due to "political correctness."

Three injured in shooting outside London tube station.  A shooting at London's Kingsbury tube station has left three people injured, police said on Monday night [8/20/2018]. [...] Police added that the shooting was "not terror related."  People, who got injured in the attack, are not believed to be in a life-threatening condition.

No terror link in London Underground shooting: police.  Three people were after a gunman opened fire outside a north London Underground station on Monday night, Scotland Yard said.  The victims' injuries from the incident outside the Kingsbury station were not thought to be life-threatening, a spokesperson said.  The incident is not treated as terror-related, police added.

The Editor says...
Tell us the name of the suspect, and his immigration status, and the name of the mosque he attends, and let us decide if the incident is "terror related."

Woman and two men shot outside Tube station in latest London violence.  Three people have been injured after a shooting in north-west London.  The Metropolitan Police said officers were called to the scene on Kingsbury Road, Brent, close to Kingsbury Tube station, at about 9.45pm on Monday.  The three people were rushed to hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening. [...] Scotland Yard said the incident was 'not terror-related' and have not yet made any arrests.

The Editor says...
If they haven't made any arrests, that means the suspect got away.  So how are the police so sure there's no terrorism angle?

August 14, 2018

He's a regular choir boy — or whatever the equivalent is at a mosque.
'Sudanese immigrant terror attacker' who drove around London for hours before smashing his car into cyclists outside Parliament.  A friend of the Westminster terror suspect described him as a 'kind, quiet' and 'decent' person who is 'always smiling' — and that the car crash outside the Houses of Parliament was an 'definitely an accident'.  Speaking to ITV News this evening, Anwar Khater said he was sure Salih Khater did not mean to injure people yesterday when his car rammed through pedestrians and cyclists during the morning rush-hour.  He said:  'You can take three words to describe any good person, he is.  He is very generous, very smiley... even in any event that happens.  He is always participating in a good way.

Another Terrorist Attack In London — 10 Cyclists Mowed Down At 50mph.  Well, their Mayor DID tell us that terror attacks would be 'part and parcel' of living in a big city.  Of course, that's the same country that — for years — turned a blind eye to organized rape gangs.  The country that arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting on the trial of members of one of those very same gangs, and routinely arrests people for 'hateful' Twitter posts.  For all that care taken not to offend the 'religion of peace', they are once again seeing mass casualties in London.

Another Terrorist Attack in London:  Jihadist Hits 15 Cyclists With Vehicle.  Sadly another jihadist attack hits the heart of London, England, today as a terrorist used a car to drive directly into pedestrians and cyclists only a few yards away from an earlier, almost identical, attack.  Thankfully, no one was killed; several cyclists were hit by the vehicle and treated for injuries.

July 22, 2018

Distrust of Police Growing in Canada.  July 22 was a balmy Sunday evening in Toronto and a lot of people were on the section of the city's Danforth Avenue known as Greektown.  A 29-year-old man, later identified as Faisal Hussain, walked slowly down the street firing bullets into restaurants, coffee shops and other places where people congregated.  When it was all over, 13 people were injured.  Reese Fallon, 18 was killed and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis, who went to the Danforth with her family for ice cream, died in hospital the next day.  Hussain was killed by self-inflicted bullet wounds during a shootout with police.  Hussain's name was not released until late the next day.  As soon as it was, a spokesperson for the family released a statement to CBC saying the shooter was mentally ill.  What the family says is not evidence of mental illness but it was enough for the media to make the poor 29-year-old the 16th and most important victim of the shooting.  The police were quick to downplay the fact this was a terrorist act.  While acknowledging they were checking his computer and online postings, the fact it might have been terrorism was ignored.  Toronto police were overjoyed a day later when ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.  They beamingly announced there was no evidence ISIS ordered the killings.  Of course that was not the issue; the issue was whether Hussain was inspired by ISIS which would make his actions a terrorist attack.  We don't know and in all likilhood will never know.

Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?  On July 22, 2018 Faisal Hussein, a Canadian-born 29-year-old male of Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith, opened fire with a handgun on citizens along Toronto's Danforth Avenue, killing two and wounding 13. After an exchange of gunfire with police Faisal Hussein turned his gun on himself.  Faisal was known to police.  He had posted favourable comments on jihadi websites and had recently visited Afghanistan.  In mid-2017 Faisal's brother, Farad Hussain, suffered an overdose.  He has been in a coma ever since.  In September 2017 firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at a house on Liatris Drive, in Pickering, Ontario (40 kilometres east of Toronto).  Inside the house they found a cache of weapons, including 31 identical high-end handguns, and 42 kilograms of carfentanil.  It was the largest carfentanil find in North America; if not the world.  This house was Farad Hussain's home at the time of his overdose.  The media misrepresent the 42 kilos of carfentanil as a major narcotics stash.  Actually, it was a massive chemical weapons stockpile.

How Unclean Was My Valley.  As more information about last week's Danforth Ave. shooting in Toronto comes to light, the entire episode becomes less surprising.  The shooter who killed two girls and injured 13 others was, as we noted last week, another member of what Mark calls the Amalgamated Union of Known Wolves.  Faisal Hussain's brother had ties to the Thorncliffe Park Kings, a street gang headquartered in the neighborbood with an 80 percent Muslim population.  That same brother once lived at a house where police recovered 33 guns and 42 kilograms of carfentanil.  Carfentanil is a powerful street drug, but also has the potential to be used as a chemical weapon.  Hussain himself previously threatened to cut his building security guard's throat, the guard told the Toronto Sun.  His family prayed at a mosque that'll surely be familiar to longtime readers.  The Hussain family went to the Masjid Dar-us Salaam, the mosque that served as the force behind the infamous "mosqueteria" at the nearby Valley Park Middle School in Toronto, where, every Friday, the cafeteria played host to sharia-compliant Islamic prayers.

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly shooting in Toronto.  The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting in Toronto on Sunday that killed two people and wounded 13, the group's AMAQ news agency said Wednesday [7/25/2018].

Older brother of Toronto mass shooter was facing drug and weapons charges: court docs.  The older brother of the gunman responsible for one of Toronto's worst mass shootings was facing drug and weapons charges when he went into a coma last year, court records show.  After Faisal Hussain was identified as having carried out Sunday's attack that killed two and wounded 13, it emerged that his brother had been unconscious in a coma at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for months.

The Editor says...
Nice try but this is all immaterial.  It is an attempt to generate sympathy for a terrorist and his family.

Toronto Discovers the Joys of 'Diversity'.  Detectives in Canada are still seeking a motive for a mass shooting which left three dead — including the gunman — and injured more than a dozen others, as residents of Toronto grapple with the latest in a string of violent incidents to hit Canada's biggest city in recent months.  Federal officials said on Tuesday that there was no terror link to Sunday's attack in which the lone gunman opened fire along a bustling avenue in the city, seemingly shooting at random at pedestrians and into shops and restaurants.  "At this time, there is no national security nexus to the investigation," said a spokesperson for the ministry of public safety.  The attack killed two people, a recent high school graduate Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis.  The 13 injured include six women and girls, as well as seven men.

Yet Another "Mentally Disturbed" Muslim, Faisal Hussein, Shoots 14 People, Murders Two.  There seem to be an awful lot of 'mentally ill' people running amok, mass-murdering — or trying to mass-murder — people in public places of late, in numerous countries across the Western world, and a great many of them seem to be Muslims.

One dead and at least nine, including a child, are injured in a mass shooting in Toronto.  Two people have died and another 13 are in hospital after a gunman dressed all in black opened fire in central Toronto on Sunday night [7/22/2018]. [...] The gunman, 29, was also shot dead after getting into a firefight with officers.  Police have not released his identity due to an investigation by the Special Investigation Unit, and have given no indication of what his motive might be. [...] Mark Saunders, Toronto Police Chief, confirmed the suspect was killed in 'an exchange of gunfire' with the police and pronounced dead at the scene.  He said police are still looking for a motive behind the shooting. [...] Toronto Councillor Paula Fletcher told CP24 she'd been told the gunman was emotionally disturbed, as did Councillor Mary Fragedakis.  'It's not gang related.  It looks like someone who is very disturbed,' Fletcher said.

The Editor says...
The cops, as usual, pretend to be baffled!  This guy can't possibly be an Islamic terrorist — he must be crazy.

Jihad — and the Usual Excuse — in Toronto.  On Sunday night, a Muslim named Faisal Hussain strolled calmly down Danforth Avenue in Toronto's Greektown, a popular area known for its restaurants and cafes.  Hussain pulled out a weapon and started firing into some of those restaurants, murdering two people and injuring another 13. The most obvious explanation for this is that Hussain was answering the call of the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda for individual Muslims to murder civilians in Western countries. [...] Hussain's family, on the other hand, was ready with a different explanation.

Family says suspect in Toronto shooting had mental problems.  A man whose family said he suffered from psychosis and depression fired a handgun into restaurants and cafes in a lively Toronto neighborhood, killing a 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman and wounding 13 others in an attack that has shaken the confidence of many in the normally safe city.  Authorities on Monday evening identified the suspect as Faisal Hussain, 29, of Toronto, who died in an exchange of gunfire with police.  It was not immediately clear whether he killed himself or was killed by police.

The Editor says...
What else could the family members possibly say?  They can't say, We go to a mosque every week where the Imam preaches hate and encourages us to put the sword to the infidel.  They can't say, The rest of us would like to do the same thing someday.  They can't say, Islam intends take over the world by violence and intimidation, and this guy was just doing his part.  No, they have to claim that this fellow is nuts, and must have misunderstood Islam in exactly the same way that hundreds of others have misunderstood it over the last few decades.

Toronto Greektown shooting: 2 dead, as 15 people 'struck by gunfire'.  The suspect, identified by police on Monday afternoon [7/23/2018] as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, fired shots at groups of people several times while walking along Danforth Avenue, the agency that investigates police-involved shootings said Monday.  He was armed with a handgun and an "exchange of fire" took place after officers located him, officials said.  He was subsequently found dead nearby. [...] Hussain was not on any U.S. watchlist prior to the shooting, four senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.  They also said Hussain did not seem to have much of a social media presence, if any.  [Toronto Police Chief Mark] Saunders said the act was not random, but added that investigators were not ruling anything out, including terrorism. Authorities were seeking judicial approval to research his residence.

May 12, 2018

One killed in Paris knife attack by man shouting 'Allah Akbar'.  An assailant shouting "Allah Akbar" killed a passer-by in a knife attack that also wounded four others in the heart of Paris late on Saturday [5/12/2018] before he was shot dead by police, French authorities said.

Knifeman in Paris terror attack was flagged as potential threat.  The terrorist behind the deadly Paris knife attack was a French citizen born in Russia's Chechnya who was on the police's radar for radicalism, authorities said Sunday [5/13/2018].  Police identified Khamzat Azimov, 20, as the man who shouted "Allahu akbar" — God is greatest — before killing one person and slashing four others in the City of Light's lively Opera district Saturday night, AFP reported.  He was shot dead by police, who first tried to stop him using a stun gun.  ISIS called the attacker one of its "soldiers."

Travis Air Force Base, California
March 21, 2018

Travis AFB Attacker Identified.  Just in case you missed the news with all the porn star and sullen teenage instastars news, there was an attack on Travis Air Force Base in California last week, and authorities have now identified the attacker:  ["]The man who drove into Travis Air Force Base in California on Wednesday night [3/21/2018] has been identified as Hafiz Kazi, 51, according to the FBI special agent in charge, Sean Ragan.["] [...] I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Hafiz Kazi wasn't a Baptist.

FBI Can't Find Motive of Muslim Who Drove Burning Minivan Onto Travis Air Force Base.  "Motive a mystery in car explosion at Travis Air Force Base" was the Los Angeles Times headline, and this one is indeed a real mystery.  A Muslim named Hafiz Kazi, according to the Times, "drove a burning minivan filled with propane and gas tanks into the front gate of Travis Air Force Base in Northern California."  After scrutinizing all the evidence closely, the FBI just can't figure out what could possibly have been Kazi's motive.  And that in a nutshell shows what's wrong with today's FBI.

FBI can't figure out motive of Muslim who drove burning minivan full of propane tanks onto Travis Air Force Base.  Jihad Watch:  "We don't have any nexus of terrorism at this point," Ragan said.  That means they didn't find an ISIS membership card in his wallet, or lots of phone calls to Iraq or Syria, or a note from Kazi reading, "I did this for Allah and Islam.  Allahu akbar."

Attack at Travis Air Force Base in California reportedly being treated as terrorism.  An incident this week at a U.S. Air Force base in Northern California — in which a vehicle burst into flames after crashing through the main gate — is being treated as "an act of terrorism," according to a report.  Authorities said a driver died, likely by igniting himself, after gaining "unauthorized access" to Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, about 55 miles northeast of San Francisco, on Wednesday night [3/21/2018].  There was no further threat to the base, where approximately 7,000 active military members and 3,700 civilians live and work, Air Force officials said.  The FBI has also joined the investigation alongside base officials.

Terrorist is killed after driving through the gates of a California air force base, setting himself on fire.  A motorist's vehicle burst into flames after it 'gained unauthorized access' to the main gate of a Northern California Air Force base.  The incident is being considered an act of terror.  Travis Air Force Base officials and the FBI said they are investigating the Wednesday night event in which the motorist died after crashing the vehicle at the military installation.  The vehicle was loaded with propane tanks as it ran through the main gate of the base.  CBS News reports that the incident is being considered an act of terror.  The driver, whose identity is known by law enforcement but has not been released, ignited himself, causing the car to drive off the road and into a ditch.

Pembroke Park, Florida
March 19, 2018

Muslim woman crashes car with accelerants into police substation, charged with arson.  It's called jihad. [...] Lasandra Johnson, 34, who was still hospitalized Tuesday after being injured in the fiery crash, has a long rap sheet including drug and domestic violence arrests.

Florida woman deliberately crashes car into sheriff's station, media ignore the obvious.  It's a rule of thumb for alert readers that when a politician is caught doing something embarrassing or criminal, if no political party is specified, you can safely bet that he is a Democrat.  Something similar appears to be at work with terroristic acts.  Consider the incident on Monday in which a woman named Lasandra Johnson appeared to deliberately crash her car into a Broward Sheriff's Office in Pembroke Park, Florida, carrying accelerants that caused the car to burst into flames.

Florida:  Woman who intentionally crashed car into police station is devout Muslima — total media blackout.  Why does the mainstream media always cover up this savagery?  Deliberately ramming cars into people and buildings, and targeting police in particular, is a common jihadi pattern.  The Islamic State (ISIS) and others have called on Muslims in the U.S. to attack police, and to run them over with their cars.  If the media in Florida were worth its salt and actually interested in reporting, they would tell these facts to the public, and reveal that Lasandra Johnson is a devout Muslim.

Palm Beach Gardens, California
March 12, 2018

US: Large Numbers of Radicalized Kids Like Florida Teen.  Clarion's National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro talks about the large numbers of kids and teenagers, like the Florida stabber, who have been radicalized by Islamist ideology.  Mauro says that blaming attacks like the Florida one on alienation and bullying are excuses that don't result in solutions.  Those factors are just part of life that will always be present.

Palm Beach "Known Wolf" Teenage Jihadist Had Extensive FBI Monitoring.  A 17-year-old Jihadist in Palm Beach Florida stabbed three people, killing one, over the weekend.  Corey Johnson admitted to police he was inspired by ISIS and carrying out the attacks on behalf of Islam.  Yesterday [3/14/2018] local, state and FBI officials also admitted that he was "on their radar", uh huh.  Well, you're likely not going to believe how extensive their radar contact and monitoring was.  As an example:  they were mirroring his social media in real time; they knew he had contacts with ISIS; they knew he was behind international threats; the FBI was 'actively' monitoring him; and all the officials met several times to discuss the likelihood his unstable behavior might lead to much worse.  But they didn't want to take action, because he was a minor, and preferred "redirection" or diversionary programs to change his behavior.

Teen cites Muslim faith as reason for killing boy and stabbing two others, police say.  A teenager invoked his Muslim faith as the reason he killed a 13-year-old boy and also stabbed a woman and her son, Palm Beach Gardens police said Tuesday [3/13/2018].  Police say Corey Johnson, 17, of Jupiter, was sleeping over at the home of Elaine Simon when the knife attack happened early Monday.  Police say Johnson killed another boy who was sleeping over — 13-year-old Jovanni Brand — by stabbing him repeatedly and cutting his throat.  It was Jovanni's birthday.  Police said Johnson also stabbed Simon about 12 times and stabbed Simon's 13-year-old son, Dane Bancroft, about 32 times.

FBI Was Monitoring Florida Muslim Teen Who Stabbed Boy to Death in Name of Islam, Did Nothing to Stop Him for a Year.  Corey Johnson, a 17-year-old Florida youth who converted to Islam confessed to killing a 13-year-old boy at a sleepover and attacking the host family in the name of Islam on Monday.  Johnson was on the FBI's radar screen for over a year as an ISIS sympathizer but the FBI did nothing because he was a juvenile.  Johnson also stabbed the host family's 13-year-old son 32 times as he defended his mother while she was being stabbed, according to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida police.

Muslim teen fatally stabs 1, injures 2 in Koran-inspired knife attack.  A Jupiter [Florida] teenager said his Muslim faith led him to fatally stab a boy on his 13th birthday and injure two others at a sleepover Sunday night in BallenIsles Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens police said during a 2 p.m. news conference.  Corey Johnson, 17, was arrested Monday [3/12/2018] after he reportedly confessed to stabbing the three people while he spent the night at a friend's home in the gated community off PGA Boulevard.  He faces one murder and two attempted-murder charges in the stabbings.  The FBI also is investigating the attacks.

Teen says Islam is why he stabbed boy to death and tried to kill two others.  A teenager in Florida, who was sleeping over at a friends house, said that his Muslim faith is what propelled him to stab a boy to death as well as stab the mother and brother in an attempt to kill them.

A Boy's 13th Birthday Turned Into A Bloody Nightmare Over Teen's Muslim Faith.  A teen accused of a fatal stabbing spree at a sleepover admitted to the attack and said it was due to his Muslim faith, Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Clint Shannon announced Monday [3/12/2018].  The 17-year-old converted to Islam after watching radical Islamic propaganda, which encourages believers to kill those who doubt the religion, the suspect said.  The teen admitted to killing the 13-year old boy after allegedly stabbing him and two others with a knife, CBS News reported.  The teen also read the Quran before attacking to "give him courage to carry out his intentions," he admitted.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
December 22, 2017

Dept. of Homeland Security Classifies Harrisburg Shooting as Act of Terror.  A man named Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty engaged in gunfire with police at more than one location in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Friday night.  The Department of Homeland Security has now classified the incident as a terror attack.  This is also apparently another case of someone who entered the country through chain migration.

Family of Harrisburg gunman say they're shocked: 'That's not his behavior at all'.  Ahmed Soweilam is still in shock over the events of Friday night, the night his sister's ex-husband is accused of going on a two-hour shooting spree across Harrisburg.  Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, is accused of firing at police officers in three locations across the city between 4 and 6 p.m., leaving one officer wounded, before El-Mofty was shot and killed by police.  Ahmed Soweilam, 34, the co-owner of a Halal store in Camp Hill, said he and his family are still deeply confused by the incident.  "That's not his behavior at all," he said.  "That's not him.  I still don't believe it."

Harrisburg gunman has ties to Middle East.  Authorities are asking the public for any information they may have on Ahmed Amin El-Mofty to come forward.  El-Mofty opened fire in Harrisburg on Friday evening in three separate shootings, before being killed in a shoot out with State Police.  One state Trooper was injured, but she is expected to be okay.

Shootings in Harrisburg 'a terror attack': Homeland Security.  The Department of Homeland Security referred to the three shootings in Harrisburg on Friday as "a terror attack."  Tyler Q. Houlton, acting press secretary for agency, tweeted a statement Saturday about the incidents.  Houlton said that Ahmed El-Mofty was a naturalized U.S. citizen who was admitted to the country from Egypt on a family-based immigration visa.  "The long chain of migration that led to the suspect's admission into the United States was initiated years ago by a distant relative of the suspect," Houlton said in a release.  "One of the most recent links in that chain was an extended family member admitted into the United States from Egypt on an F24 visa."

Gunman killed after targeting Pennsylvania cops in shooting rampage.  A gunman hell-bent on shooting cops was killed in a firefight with police in Harrisburg, Pa., Friday [12/22/2017], authorities said.  During his rampage, Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, did manage to hit one cop with a bullet, Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said.

Muslim chases and shoots police officer, is killed in firefight with police.  "'There's no doubt he was directly targeting police officers,' Marsico said.  The DA added that El-Mofty recently traveled to the Middle East."

Melbourne, Australia
December 21, 2017

Coworkers of Muslim jihadist, Saeed Noori, who ran down 19 people, say he tried to bully people into converting to Islam.  The driver accused of mowing down pedestrians in Melbourne's CBD forced his religion on colleagues and would 'blow up' in anger, according to a former co-worker.

Melbourne crash:  Driver arrested after hitting pedestrians.  The man who deliberately drove a car into a crowd in Melbourne is a drug user with mental health issues but no known terrorism links, police say.  The Australian citizen of Afghan descent was taken into custody after a struggle at the scene of the incident.  The car the 32-year-old was driving hit a number of pedestrians on Flinders Street, a busy thoroughfare in the city centre, said Victoria Police.  Fourteen people have been injured, with several in a critical condition.  A second man, 24, was arrested after being seen filming the incident.  He had a bag of knives with him, police added.

Police arrest two men after they 'drove a car into Christmas rush hour crowds' outside Melbourne's Flinders.  More than a dozen pedestrians, including a toddler, have been injured with four fighting for life in hospital after a car 'deliberately' ploughed into rush hour crowds in the heart of Melbourne.  A white Suzuki SUV with p-plates, driven by 32-year-old man of Afghan descent, who The Herald Sun have identified as Saeed Noori, crashed into a large group of commuters and shoppers at the corner of Melbourne's busy Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street at 4.41pm on Thursday [12/21/2017].  The 32-year-old lone wolf driver was known to police and was arrested at the scene.  The driver, who is an Australian citizen, is under police guard at hospital with shoulder and hand injuries.  Victoria Police said the driver has a history of drug use, criminal history with a minor assault in 2010 and is on a mental health plan.

We Are the Bollards.  You'll recall there was a previous "vehicle attack" in downtown Melbourne earlier this year, after which the authorities ordered up the bollardization of every pedestrianized precinct in the vicinity. [...] In this case, the non-terror-related Australian citizen simply waited until the little green sign indicated it was safe for pedestrians to cross the street and then floored it.  In an amusing touch, his car eventually came to a rest against a bollard.

Melbourne attack driver had mental health issues but no terror connection.  The driver of a car which plowed into Christmas shoppers in Melbourne Thursday had a history of drug use and mental health issues, police said.  Acting chief commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton told reporters that while the crash was considered to be deliberate, there was no evidence of a link to terrorism. [...] A 24-year-old man was also arrested at the scene, after he was seen filming the incident on his phone.  Police found three knives in his bag.

Melbourne Car Attack Was Not Connected to Terrorism, Police Say.  The Australian police could point to no motive for the attack, which paralyzed the city's heart at the end of the workday, as it was teeming with people heading home or doing holiday shopping.  Among the injured was a preschool-age child and an off-duty police officer who arrested the driver.  Four of the 19 victims admitted to hospitals were in critical condition, the authorities said.  Shane Patton, Victoria's acting police commissioner, described the driver as a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent.

The Editor says...
Hmmm.  Let's connect the dots:  [1] A guy intentionally drives a car into a crowd.  [2] Same thing happened earlier in the year and it WAS terrorism.  [3] Christmas shoppers.  [4] "Afghan descent."  ([4½] He was a naturalized "refugee," we learned the next day.)  [5] An apparent accomplice, or at least an accessory after the fact, carrying knives in a backpack, is standing there recording the whole thing.  [6] The news media refuse to say his name.  [7] The police refuse to call it terrorism.  Logical conclusion:  It's terrorism.

The next day, some of the truth starts to spill out, along with the perps' name:
Driver ran over Christmas shoppers as revenge for 'mistreatment of Muslims': cops.  The man who plowed an SUV into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Australia told cops he carried out the attack as retaliation for the "mistreatment of Muslims," officials said Friday [12/22/2017].  Saeed Noori, 32, injured 19 people — three critically — when he sped his vehicle into a busy intersection in downtown Melbourne outside the city's main train station just before 5 p.m.  Thursday.  Noori, an Afghan who was granted entry into Australia in 2004 as a refugee and became a citizen two years later, made the comments to police after he was arrested.  "He has said that he attributes his actions to the perceived mistreatment of Muslims," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

The Editor says...
Sounds like a sane man to me, and a typical Muslim terrorist.

New York
December 11, 2017

Lefty media has lots of love for terrorists.  C'mon down, Akayed Ullah, the New York Port Authority bus terminal suicide bomber from Bangladesh, this month's "diversity lottery" terrorist.  In the underground corridor linking the bus station to Times Square, the devout Muslim walked by any number of ads and billboards for assorted infidel products, until he got to where he wanted to detonate his homemade pipe bomb full of nails.  He set it off in front of a Christmas poster.  Needless to say, The New York Times has been swooning over this nice young man.  The undocumented immigrant got the traditional front-page sob story last week.  He was a good boy, a very good boy.  He had recently returned to the Third World hellhole from which he came.  It was a "lonely trip."

We All Live in Bangladesh Now.  Akayed Ullah, a Bangladeshi Muslim living in Brooklyn, really hated Christmas.  He hated Christmas so much that he used Christmas tree lights (along with a battery and some wire) as a trigger for a pipe bomb.  He filled the pipe bomb with screws so that when it went off, metal shrapnel would tear bloody holes through morning commuters in Manhattan.  Wearing a hooded jacket and a backpack to cover the pipe bomb strapped to his body, Ullah got on the F Train at the 18th Avenue elevated subway station off Little Bangladesh.  Like the Duke Ellington song says, he switched over to the A Train at Jay Street.  It was early morning, but there were plenty of people riding the train.  Jay Street is a major transit hub.  But Ullah was waiting to blow up somewhere else.

Family Of Alleged Port Authority Terrorist 'Outraged' Over Police Behavior.  The family of Akayed Ullah, the suspect behind Monday morning's failed suicide bombing at the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal, expressed "outrage" by the actions of law enforcement.  "We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today, and by the allegations being made against a member of our family," Albert Fox Cahn, the legal director for CAIR New York, stated on behalf of the Ullah family, WABC reported Monday.  "But we are also outraged by the behavior of law enforcement officials who have held children as small as four years old out in the cold and who held a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without a lawyer, without his parents," the family said.

How Much Does the 'New York Times' Hate Donald Trump?  [Scroll down]  One might point on that there have been plenty of Muslim anti-Christian episodes since 2014, including the recent attempted suicide bombing in Times Square, which was "provoked" by the sight of Christmas posters.  This creature, an "immigrant" from Bangladesh, was kind enough to confess that he tried to kill Real Americans "for the Islamic State."

The Port Authority Attack is a Snapshot of Our Future.  New York City on Monday suffered another terror attack at the hands of a young Muslim man who swore fealty to the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (better known as ISIS).  The 27-year-old Bangladeshi national strapped a pipe bomb on himself and attempted to detonate it at the New York City Port Authority in the middle of morning rush hour.  Three people were injured (mercifully, there were no deaths), and the would-be bomber, identified as Akayed Ullah, was taken to a nearby hospital.  It is a good thing for New York City and the country that the terrorist wannabe did not understand how to build a proper pipe bomb.  If he had, there likely would be many people dead and maimed, much economic damage, and another wave of fear would grip the city and the nation.

Port Authority bombing suspect targeted hallway because of Christmas posters.  The alleged Port Authority bomber spent an hour spilling his guts to investigators at Bellevue Hospital on Monday — saying he picked the specific hallway because of Christmas posters and that he was avenging violence against Muslims around the world, law enforcement sources said.  Akayed Ullah mentioned President Trump and past administrations during the grilling, and said his anger was fueled by decades of anti-Muslim bloodshed in Gaza, Syria and Iraq.  Ullah, a Bangladeshi immigrant, said the attack was specifically inspired by ISIS — "not Al-Qaeda" — and also mentioned seeing Christmas posters before detonating the device in the underground tunnel between the bustling bus depot and the Times Square subway.

Bangladeshi Muslim Bomber Chose Target Because of Christmas.  The only way to stop this War on Christmas is by ending Islamic terror migration to this country.

New York bomber was inspired by Islamic State Christmas attacks, officials say.  A would-be suicide bomber set off a pipe bomb strapped to his body during the morning rush hour Monday, deep inside one of Manhattan's busiest commuter corridors, police said.  He chose the location because of its Christmas-themed posters, recalling strikes in Europe against Christmas markets, he told investigators, and set off the bomb in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria and elsewhere, several law enforcement officials said.  The blast echoed through the subway tunnels just off Times Square, and filled parts of the Port Authority Bus Terminal with smoke as commuters fled into the streets to escape what authorities quickly concluded was an act of terror.

What Were the Motives of the Port Authority Bomber?  What were the motives of Ayaked Ullah, the Port Authority bomber in yesterday's attack?  There are many news headlines that address the issue, and they advance differing theories, each of them presented as fact.

NYC Subway Suicide Bomber is a Muslim Who Entered the Country on a 'Diversity' Visa.  The suspect in the New York City subway blast Monday told investigators he detonated a crude bomb after he spotted a holiday display and did it in the name of ISIS to avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world, law enforcement officials said.  Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant, said he consumed terrorist propaganda and learned how to make the explosive device through online instructions, the officials said.  He assembled it at his Brooklyn apartment, they said.

Latest Terror Attack Courtesy of Chain Migration From America-Hating, Third World Hell-Hole.  And how did this animal enter the U.S.?  Why, of course, the brainchild of the Democrat Party:  chain migration.  In short, chain migration — signed into law by President Lyndon Baines Johnson — has resulted in the immigrant share of the U.S. population almost tripling from about 4.7 percent to around 14 percent since 1970.

Family of Port Authority bombing suspect is 'outraged' at investigators' tactics.  The family of the alleged ISIS-inspired Port Authority bomber said they were "heartbroken" by the attack on Monday and blasted law enforcement agencies for what they claimed were heavy-handed tactics by investigators.  "We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today and by the allegations being made against a member of our family," said the statement read by Albert Fox Cahn, the Legal Director for the NY Chapter Council for Islamic Relations.  "But we're also outraged by the behavior of the law enforcement officials who held children as small as 4 years old out in the cold and who pulled a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without lawyer, without his parents."

Also posted under Muslims pretend to be the victims of the trouble they have created.

New York's failed terror attacker revealed to be part of large family who all got in thanks to his aunt or uncle.  President Donald Trump said Monday a bomb blast in Manhattan highlights the need for an immigration overhaul — as the man arrested was revealed to be part of a large Bangladeshi family sponsored by his aunt or uncle.  Trump said that the U.S. 'must fix its lax immigration system, which allows far too many dangerous, inadequately vetted people' into the country.  The Republican president pointed to his controversial travel ban as an example of the kind of policy that needs to be put in place.  And he called on Congress to end 'chain migration,' in which family members are permitted to join relatives who have immigrated.

HS: Suicide-Bomb Suspect Arrived by Chain Migration.  On Monday 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, a Bangladesh national, injured three individuals when he allegedly tried to detonate a suicide bomb in New York City in a planned terrorist attack.  Ullah, as confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), entered the U.S. in 2011 as a chain migrant.  Under "chain migration," new immigrants to the U.S. are allowed to bring an unlimited number of poorly-screened foreign relatives with them, creating a never-ending flow of immigration from some terror-ridden countries.  Ullah came to the U.S. through the F43 visa, allowing him to obtain a Green Card simply because his father's brother or sister had recently been naturalized as a U.S. citizen.  This process is known as "extended-family chain migration."

Port Authority Bomb Suspect Says He Was Angry About Muslim Killings, Meant Blast as Suicide Attack:  Officials.  A man with a "low-tech" pipe bomb strapped to his body with Velcro and zip ties detonated the device in an underground passageway near Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan as Monday's morning commute got underway, prompting mass evacuations but appearing to seriously injure no one but himself, according to city and state officials.  NYPD officials have detained and identified the suspect as Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old man of Bangladeshi descent with a last known address in Brooklyn.  Commissioner James O'Neill said Ullah "did make statements" about ISIS following the blast in a block-long tunnel between the Times Square subway station and the bus terminal around 7:15 a.m.

Chain migration responsible for NYC terror suspect's entry:  White House.  The attempted suicide bombing in New York early Monday would never have happened if President Trump's immigration policies had been in place, the White House said after it was revealed that the terror suspect had entered the country via chain migration.  Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi national, allegedly strapped a pipe bomb to his body with Velcro and zip ties, and it detonated in a subway corridor, New York Police Department officials said.  Hours later, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to Fox News that Ullah was admitted to the U.S. after presenting a passport displaying an F43 family immigrant visa in 2011.

Suicide bomber strikes Port Authority.  An ISIS-inspired would-be suicide bomber set off a homemade explosive device at the Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station Monday morning [12/11/2017], seriously wounding himself and injuring three others, law enforcement sources said.  The man — a 27-year-old Brooklyn man identified by high ranking police sources as Akayed Ullah — had wires attached to him and a 5-inch metal pipe bomb and battery pack strapped to his midsection as he walked through the Manhattan transit hub.  The man partially detonated the device, which he was carrying under the right side of his jacket, prematurely inside the passageway to the A, C and E trains at Eighth Avenue and West 42nd Street around 7:40 a.m., sources said.

Suspect 'wearing wires' is taken into custody after blast near Times Square.  A Bangladeshi national in his 20s has been taken into custody with serious injuries after a suspected pipe bomb he was carrying malfunctioned and exploded prematurely inside a Midtown Manhattan subway station Monday morning [12/11/2017].  The explosion happened around 7:20am, in an underground tunnel linking the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Times Square.  The underground tunnel is a major thoroughfare for workers during the morning rush hour.  The suspect, identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, was found injured at the scene and rushed to Bellevue Hospital.  He was wearing what appears to be a homemade pipe bomb attacked to his body with velcro and zip ties.  Authorities say Ullah is talking to investigators at the hospital.

Suspect reportedly tied to ISIS sets off rush-hour bomb.  A Bangladeshi man reportedly inspired by ISIS set off a pipe bomb inside New York's Port Authority bus terminal during rush hour Monday morning, sowing mass chaos but causing few injuries — likely because the "attempted terrorist" detonated his "low tech device" prematurely.  Akayed Ullah, 27, set off the "effectively low-tech device" in a subway passageway just before 7:30 a.m., New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a news conference.  Ullah suffered burns and wounds to his abdomen and hands and appeared to be the only person seriously injured in the pipe bomb explosion, authorities said.

Bloomington, Minnesota
November 12, 2017

The Editor says...
I keep an eye on day-to-day news, looking for stories like this, and never heard of this one until ten weeks after it happened.

Minnesota Man Explains Mall Stabbings.  The Star Tribune article on the charges noted that no motive for the stabbings was offered in the complaint, but that "it did suggest Abdirahman has had psychological difficulties.  In 2016, he was arrested on suspicion of stabbing two staff members with a pen at an inpatient psychiatric unit."  That case apparently went nowhere.  This past Thursday Abdiraham pleaded guilty to the assault charges. [...] Eyewitness News reporter Beth McDonough didn't leave it at that.  She also sought comment from interested parties.  Twin Cities Somali community spokesman Omar Jamal suggested that Abdirahman is not simply the basket case presented by the Star Tribune.  "This is a widespread sentiment with Somali youth," he said.  Jamal said the federal government's effort to make it difficult for would-be jihadists to travel abroad and join a terrorist group has had unintended consequences locally.

Somali who stabbed two in Mall of America in November says it was an act of Jihad.  But, surprise!  Authorities have not yet decided to bring terrorism charges against him.

New York
October 31, 2017

'Bike path terrorist' Sayfullo Saipov threatened to decapitate corrections officer: court papers.  Accused bike path terrorist Sayfullo Saipov threatened to decapitate a federal corrections officer for repeatedly waking him while he's locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a new court filing detailing a trove of the government's evidence against him alleges.  Saipov, who's accused of killing eight people during his 2017 Halloween terror attack on the West Side Highway, allegedly threatened the officer on Dec. 17 last year for repeatedly slamming a door at night, making it hard for the ISIS follower to sleep, the filing states.  "During the course of this confrontation, the defendant threatened to kill the Officer.  Indeed, as the defendant later admitted to the MCC's disciplinary committee (the 'Committee'), he told the Officer that if the Officer dared to open the defendant's cell, in two minutes 'other guys will be picking up your dead body,'" the filing states.

Accused 'Diversity Visa' ISIS Murderer: 'I Am Following Orders of Allah'.  The Islamic State (ISIS) terror suspect — who came to the United States on the "Diversity Visa Lottery" — accused of murdering eight people in New York City, said in court he is "following orders of Allah."  In October 2017, 31-year-old Uzbek national Sayfullo Saipov allegedly mowed down eight individuals in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City after securing a visa in 2010 through the Diversity Visa Lottery, which President Trump has asked Congress to end.

Accused bike-path terrorist Sayfullo Saipov tells judge he only answers to Allah.  Accused bike path terrorist Sayfullo Saipov told a Manhattan federal court judge Monday [11/18/2019] he doesn't respect his authority — while prosecutors said they want to empanel an anonymous jury to oversee the death penalty case.  "The orders issued here have nothing to do with me," Saipov told Judge Vernon Broderick through an Uzbek interpreter.  "I am following orders of Allah, who gave me life."  The comments followed a hearing regarding jury selection ahead of the alleged ISIS militant's trial for driving a truck down a crowded bike path on Halloween 2017, killing eight people.

Accused Hudson River bike path terrorist Sayfullo Saipov was under government surveillance 'for years'.  The ISIS sympathizer accused of killing eight people in the Hudson River bike path attack was under government surveillance "for years," according to new court papers.  The revelation included in a heavily redacted filing in Manhattan Federal Court from Sayfullo Saipov's defense team raises questions about whether the government could have done more to prevent the alleged act of terrorism by the unhinged Uzbek.

Caliphate of the Mind.  The Islamic State's self-declared caliphate may be all but dead and buried in Iraq and Syria, but it thrives in the minds of the frustrated faithful like Sayfullo Saipov, the 29-year-old Muslim immigrant from Uzbekistan, who self-radicalized in America, police say, and decided a year ago to bring the jihad home. [...] Filled with new and stunning details about New York's worst terrorist attack since 9/11, the federal complaint sheds new light on the mind of a volunteer member of the global jihad.  After being read his Miranda rights, Saipov not only confessed that he was inspired to act in the name of the Islamic State but also boasted that he "felt good" about his carnage.  Had he not been forced to leave the rental van after colliding with a school bus, he had intended to continue on to the Brooklyn Bridge, where he would have killed more people.  He asked that an ISIS flag be hung in his hospital room, the complaint states, a request the police ignored.

New York to ISIS: Keep Killing Us!  We're Resilient!  There's a Southern saying for hypocrites like Bill de Blasio:  he's slimier than a bowl of boiled okra.  The mayor began with a phony request to be allowed "to be frank" and, with a mask-like expression, stated the obvious:  "It was an act of terror."  He used the word "terror" once, and never said "Islamic," "ISIS," "terrorist," "terrorism," or "war," but he employed the vague, minimizing terms "tragedy" and "loss" for the rest of his remarks.  Cue the firm resolve face:  "We know that this action was intended to break our spirit."  No, Billy, your words are intended to break our spirit; Saipov intended the glory of killing as many infidels as possible.  De Blasio continued, "But we also know New Yorkers are strong.  New Yorkers are resilient.  Our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, an act meant to intimidate us."  Remaining unmoved when religious fanatics are slaughtering you is not resilience; it is mental illness.

Trump calls for end to diversity visa program.  President Trump and some of his allies on the far right have found a new culprit in Tuesday's deadly terrorist attack in Manhattan:  Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). As details emerged about the incident, prominent right-wing commentators and news outlets seized on a report from New York's ABC affiliate that the alleged attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, had come to the United States from Uzbekistan under a State Department program known as the Diversity Visa Lottery.

The Fatal Folly of Diversity.  Diversity refers not to a variety of ideas, as any conservative speaker trying to deliver a lecture on a college campus can attest, but instead to identity markers of skin color, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, traits which most Americans see through without discrimination.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  Diversity apparently applies to immigration too, specifically the Diversity Visa Lottery.  Something most Americans didn't even realize existed until last week's Manhattan terrorist attack.  The terrorist entering the U.S. from Uzbekistan via this so-called lottery.  Seeing how this played out suggests that this isn't a lottery, instead a game of Russian roulette.  Spin the cylinder and take your chances as to whether a law-abiding, productive citizen comes out of the gun or a radical Islamic terrorist.

Libs think you're Stupid.  Are You?  In New York City, another metropolis ruled by Democrats who make it impossible for good citizens to get legal guns, an Isis fan just used a truck to mow down and kill bike riders and pedestrians.  Turns out this militant had been questioned by Comey's ineffectual FBI in 2015 but as usual couldn't find enough to charge him.  Seems also that this jihadist came here under a ridiculous program initiated by Democrats, of course, that allowed immigrants to come here permanently by lottery and this killer from Uzbekistan brought in 23 family members.  The only thing we really know about Uzbekistan is that its major religion is Islam.  Ah diversity.  Don't you love it?

New York City Terror Victims lost Chuck Schumer's "Diversity Lottery".  Maybe now, Democratic liberals will see the folly of giving illegal aliens drivers licenses on the false premise that it makes us all safer.  And maybe liberal judges from Hawaii will think again about the wisdom of Trump's travel ban and desire to switch to a merit-based immigration system.  Sayfullo Saipov was not an illegal alien and his home country of Uzbekistan was not on the travel ban list of countries, but his presence here to kill and maim American citizens speaks to another idiotic immigration program — the diversity visa lottery created by the same Sen. Chuck Schumer who cried about the cruelty of Trump's travel ban amidst a bevy of aliens from central casting.

Cultural Marxism and its discontents.  Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbekistan native living in New Jersey, yelled "Allahu akbar" while mowing down 20 people, killing at least eight on a bike path in lower Manhattan.  He came to the U.S. in 2010 via the "diversity lottery" system created as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. Officials say he was "radicalized" by ISIS after moving to the U.S.  As President Trump rightly noted, Sen. Charles Schumer, New York Democrat, was a prime backer of the diversity program, in which 50,000 foreigners are admitted annually in a lottery.  It doesn't matter whether they love America or hate it.

How Leftism Makes Us Stupid.  Perhaps the worst thing about having an exclusively leftist media is that it makes all of us, right and left, stupider.  Take for example that media's reaction to the latest Islamist terror attack in Manhattan.  Evil loser Sayfullo Saipov follows the ISIS playbook by driving a rented van over innocent civilians, killing eight.  He jumps out of the van shouting "Allahu Akbar!" (Allah is the greatest) and later tells police he's glad about what he did and requests an ISIS flag in his hospital room.  In reporting the event, CNN Crime and Justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz refused to share the police description of the killer after he was caught.  Because he's a journalist, and the last thing we want is to have journalists going around giving people information!  CNN's Jake Tapper responded to news of the loser's Arabic shout by remarking inanely that Allahu Akbar is "sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances, and too often we hear it being said in moments like this."  He later clarified that he was referring to beautiful circumstances like weddings and births.  Yeah, what if the guy had been waving a Confederate flag?  They wear those at some weddings too. [...] None of which is to make fun of a tragedy, of course, but only of the absurd reaction of the leftist press.

Trump Calls For Immediate End to Diversity Visa Lottery Which Brought Terrorist Into America.  President Trump said Wednesday [11/1/2017] he's starting the process immediately to terminate Senator Chuck Schumer's Diversity Visa Lottery program which brought the Manhattan terrorist into America.  "I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program.  I am going to ask Congress to immediately...get rid of this program," Trump said, calling the suspect an "animal."  "Diversity lottery — sounds nice, it's not nice.  It's not good.  It hasn't been good," he said.  "We want people that are going to help our country, we want people that are going to keep our country safe," Trump said.  "We don't want lotteries where the wrong people are in the lotteries and guess what?  Who are the suckers that get those people?  We want a merit-based system."

They never said anything to the cops, of course, but...
Manhattan terrorist's sister says the family became concerned when he started growing out his beard.  The sister of an Uzbek immigrant accused of killing eight people in New York said her brother might have been brainwashed and appealed to U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday [11/3/2017] to ensure he gets a fair trial.  Sayfullo Saipov, 29, was charged in a federal court on Wednesday with driving a rented pickup truck down a riverside bike trail, crushing pedestrians and cyclists, in support of Islamic State.  As well as those killed, a dozen people were injured in the city's bloodiest single attack since Sept. 11, 2001.  Trump has called for Saipov to receive the death penalty.

Jihad Rears Its Head Again, with Democrats Enabling.  Tuesday [10/31/2017] in New York City, Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant and jihadist, plowed a rented truck into bicyclists and pedestrians, killing eight and seriously injuring "numerous" others.  The response from leading New York Democrats was sickeningly rote.  It was saturated with political correctness — hence, deceptive.  Deceptive, therefore cynical.  If not stopped, Democrats' P.C. will keep killing Americans.  Democrats enable jihad on these shores.  Their worldview, policies, and steadfast denial of the long-term war being waged by Muslim fundamentalists are costing lives — San Bernardino, Orlando, now Manhattan, to name marquee attacks.  It puts Americans across the nation at risk daily.

NYPD Suspected NYC Jihadi's Local Mosque of Terror Ties over a Decade Before Massacre.  The NYPD had suspected New Jersey's Masjid Omar Mosque, where jihadist Sayfullo Saipov reportedly worshipped, of having radical ties for over 10 years, allegedly keeping all its worshippers under watch.  Moreover, the FBI, which claims it had nothing to do with monitoring the mosque, interviewed Saipov as a potential Islamic terrorist in 2015, but ultimately let him go.  On Tuesday, Uzbek national Saipov killed eight people and injured at least 11 in a vehicle attack on the West Side of Manhattan on Tuesday [10/31/2017].

ISIS Claims N.Y. Attack by 'One of the Soldiers of the Islamic State of America'.  The Islamic State made its first official acknowledgement of the Halloween attack on the West Side bike path in Manhattan, calling terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov "one of the soldiers of the Islamic State of America" in their weekly newsletter released today [11/2/2017].  ISIS lauded the attack in al-Naba, an Arabic-language 16-page color newsletter distributed within ISIS territory and online as a PDF.  Instead of being buried in the news briefs in the back of the issue, where ISIS recently touted the death toll and damages in California wildfires, the New York news was nestled next to the editor's note on page 3.  Without mentioning Saipov by name, ISIS said the attacker killed "a number of crusaders on a street in New York City" close to the site of the "Battle of 11 September."

Jihadism's E-Z Pass to New York.  After Tuesday's [10/31/2017] terrorist attack, the useless pols of New York quickly assembled before the cameras to recite the usual litany of politically correct talking points.  Looking like a lost giraffe, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stepped up to the microphone and said that "the last thing we should do is start casting dispersions" on Islam.  That moment of illiteracy was then followed by a burst of illogic, as he argued that the proper response to Islamic terrorism in a tolerant country is even more tolerance.  "Anyone who wants to come into this country should be very thoroughly vetted as an individual," he said.  "But the minute you start generalizing it, especially to a whole religion, then unfortunately we're sending the exact negative message that a lot of our enemies want and the terrorists wants to affirm — that this nation is somehow anti-Muslim.  We've got to do the exact opposite.  We've got to show we respect all people in America."  In other words, let's prioritize political correctness over safety and propaganda over truth.

Trump Reveals NYC Terror Suspect Brought 23 Others To U.S. After Winning Green Card Lottery.  At a Cabinet meeting Wednesday afternoon at the White House, President Donald Trump revealed that NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov may have been able to help as many as 23 other individuals migrate to the United States, as part of a "chain migration" that began when Saipov was awarded a green card.  "This man that came in — or whatever you want to call him — brought in, with him, other people," the President said amidst a discussion of proposed changes to immigration policy.  "And he was a point, he was the point of contact — the primary point of contact for, and this is preliminarily — 23 people that came in, or potentially came in with him."  "And that's not acceptable," Trump continued.

New York attack:  Time to suspend Islamic immigration?  America's immigration policy with regard to followers of Muhammad is foolish, naïve, and exceedingly dangerous.  This is not multiculturalism, this is insanity.  It is cultural suicide, not cultural diversity.

'This not from our religion': Man who was initially sought by FBI and NYPD in relation to truck terror attack condemns deadly act.  The devout Muslim man sought by federal officials in the Manhattan truck attack has come forward to condemn the deadly act of terror.  Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, 32, who was previously named a person of interest in the investigation and a friend to aggressor, Sayfullo Saipov, told the Associated Press in a statement Thursday: 'This not from our religion, it is not acceptable.'  The married father of two toddler-aged children revealed he was heartsick over the tragedy, while among other members of the Muslim community who completely 'reject' the actions of Saipov.  Kadirov was found by the FBI Wednesday nearly an hour and a half after a poster was shared, seeking further information on him.

WSJ Reporter Rips Trump For Not Calling for Death Penalty for (Already Dead) Vegas Shooter.  In making a point about the difference between President Donald Trump's reaction to the Las Vegas shooting and the NYC terror attack, WSJ reporter Eli Stokols made a pretty obvious mistake by questioning why Trump didn't demand the death penalty for the assailant who killed 58 concert goers in last month.  Stokols, an MSNBC contributor, spoke with Nicolle Wallace Thursday [11/2/2017] about the President saying the NYC terrorist should get the death penalty.  And Stokols talked about the difference in how Trump approaches these attacks compared to others.

More Details On NYC Terror Suspect Emerge:  Feds Interviewed Him In 2015.  According to law enforcement officials, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, the 29-year-old Uzbekistan national suspected of mowing down pedestrians and cyclists in Manhattan on Tuesday, was interviewed by Homeland Security agents two years ago about possible ties to suspected terrorists, but the agents could not find enough to open a case on him.  Officials say that the interview was conducted in 2015 by the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit, which was looking into Saipov's possible terror connections.  "Saipov's name and address was listed as a 'point of contact' for two different men whose names were entered into the Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation Unit's list after they came to the United States from 'threat countries,'" ABC News reports, citing an unnamed federal official.  ABC reports that one of the two men has disappeared and is now being sought as a "suspected terrorist."

Authorities seek Uzbek national as person of interest in NYC terror attack.  The FBI put out a wanted poster for an Uzbek national labelled a "person of interest" in Tuesday's terror attack — but called off the search an hour later.  "We believed he had information related to yesterday.  But we are not looking for that individual any longer," FBI honcho Bill Sweeney said Wednesday evening.  "We have found him and I'll leave it at that."  The agency had earlier issued the poster for Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, 32, saying it was seeking information about him.

NYC terror attack suspect asked to display an ISIS flag in his hospital room.  Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect charged in Tuesday's deadly terror attack in New York City, asked law enforcement during an interview if he could display an Islamic State flag in his hospital room.  According to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday, Saipov asked to display the flag because he felt "good" about what he did, adding that he was considering displaying the flag on his truck but decided it would draw too much attention.

What If Home Depot Had Refused To Rent A Truck To Sayfullo Saipov?  John Miller, NYPD deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, said Wednesday:  "We did extensive outreach to the truck rental business.  We visited over 148 truck rental locations in this area.  The industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the NYPD."  And "Miller said that if a company is suspicious of a would-be renter, they usually delay or simply deny a rental to let police investigate."  Really?  The companies deny rentals to suspicious characters?  Is that so?  Sayfullo Saipov, the New York City truck jihad mass murderer, looks like a jihadi.  But to acknowledge that would be to engage in racial profiling, and given the decidedly Islamic style of his facial hair (a hadith depicts Muhammad telling Muslims to trim their mustaches but not their beards, because the Jews and Christians trim their beards but not their mustaches), religious profiling, a manifestation of "Islamophobia," as well.

Yet Another Radical Islamic Terror Attack That Could Have Been Prevented.  It didn't take long before we learned that the alleged New York terrorist who plowed into pedestrians in a well-planned attack that killed eight had been on the government's radar.  That makes 10 terror attacks over the past eight years carried out by Islamic extremists "known to authorities."

Vehicular Jihad Comes To Manhattan.  In lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon, a Muslim named Sayfullo Saipov, screaming "Allah akbar," drove a rented truck along a bicycle path, killing at least eight people and injuring numerous others.  According to Al Arabiya, "New York state governor Andrew Cuomo told media that there is no evidence to suggest wider plot or wider scheme."  And Time.com reported that Cuomo said that there was no "evidence of an ongoing threat or any additional threat."  No evidence to suggest a wider plot or an ongoing threat?  Really, Governor?  Here's some:  last June, the Islamic State published a poster depicting an SUV driving over a heap of skulls and bearing the legend "Run Over Them Without Mercy."

Graham: NYC Terrorist Must Be Declared an 'Enemy Combatant Under the Law of War'.  Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said a terrorist who mowed down more than 20 people with a truck in New York City must be held as an "enemy combatant," not as a common criminal.  He told Shannon Bream on "Fox News @ Night" that 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant Sayfullo Saipov should be held by U.S. intelligence for as long as necessary to figure out whether he was part of a broader ISIS plot and to examine his past contacts.  "The last thing that I want this guy to hear tonight is, 'You have the right to a lawyer.'  The last thing he should hear is his Miranda rights.  I've been a military lawyer for 33 years.  There is enough evidence to believe that he qualifies as an enemy combatant under the law of war," said Graham.

Feds interviewed suspected NYC truck attacker in 2015 about possible terror ties.  Sayfullo Saipov, who has been charged with killing eight people in a vehicle attack on the West Side of Manhattan on Tuesday, was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents about possible ties to suspected terrorists but a case was never opened against him, law enforcement officials tell ABC News.  Saipov was listed as a "point of contact" for two men whose were listed in a Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism database and later overstayed their tourist visas, a federal official told ABC News.  One was flagged after arriving from a so-called "threat country," while the other vanished and was being actively sought by federal agents as a "suspected terrorist."  An official told ABC News that the FBI has since located him and he is not believed to have been involved in Tuesday's attack.

McCain Calls NYC Attack an 'Act of War': Terrorist 'Should Not be Read Miranda Rights'.  Following the deadliest terrorist attack in New York since 9/11, Senator John McCain of Arizona released a statement declaring it an "act of war."  The Senate Armed Services Committee chairman also said the attacker should be treated as enemy combatant and is not entitled to Miranda rights.  He published the following press release in response to the eight Americans who were killed and the numerous who were wounded yesterday afternoon [10/31/2017].

Bloodbath in downtown NYC after truck driver runs over pedestrians.  A terrorist in a rental truck sped for nearly a mile down a popular bike-only path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday — killing eight people in the shadow of the World Trade Center and then shouting, "Allahu Akbar."  "This was an act of terror," Mayor Bill de Blasio declared at an evening press conference.  "A particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at innocent people going about their lives."  Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan, was shot by a cop after getting out of his car at Chambers and West streets with two realistic-looking guns while screaming "Allahu Akbar" — Arabic for "God is great," police sources said.

Watch: CNN Falsely Claims That Terrorist Said "God Is Great" Instead Of "Allahu Akbar".  CNN falsely reported on Tuesday that the Islamic terrorist who attacked and murdered innocent civilians in New York City shouted, "God is Great," instead of what he is alleged to have actually said:  "Allahu Akbar."  Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is the alleged terrorist who yelled "Allahu Akbar" — "God is greater" (superlative) [sic - comparative] and in Arabic — as he got out of his truck, after he ran over multiple pedestrians, the New York Post reported.  However, on CNN's The Situation Room with host Wolf Blitzer, the left-leaning news network chose to distort what Saipov said — claiming on their banner that he said "God is Great" in Arabic.

Terror suspect in NYC truck attack had pledged allegiance to ISIS.  The driver who plowed into a group of people on Tuesday, killing eight, left behind handwritten notes pledging loyalty to ISIS along with an image of an ISIS flag inside his vehicle.  Sayfullo Saipov, 29, had the notes written in Arabic inside his Home Depot rental truck along with a picture of the ISIS flag, according to law enforcement sources.  The handwritten notes indicated that he had pledged allegiance to the terror group, the sources said.

Uber: New York truck attack suspect passed background check.  Uber says it's in contact with the FBI after it emerged that the suspect in the deadly truck attack in New York City was one of the company's drivers.  Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, originally from Uzbekistan, has been living in the U.S. since 2010, law enforcement sources told CNN. Uber said he started driving for the ride-hailing app in New Jersey just over six months ago.  The 29-year-old is accused of using a rented pickup truck to mow down cyclists on a busy bike path near the World Trade Center in Manhattan on Tuesday.  He was shot and detained by police.

I'm not celebrating diversity visas.  Does America owe everyone in the world a lottery ticket chance to gain entry to our homeland?  Sayfullo Saipov, the jihadi who mowed down bikers and pedestrians in New York City, shouting "Allahu akbar!" ("Allah is supreme!") before being shot and captured, was in this country thanks to the Diversity Visa Process that operates as if our first duty is to make sure everyone has a shot at immigrating here, instead of picking who will benefit Americans.

Reform Islam or Live the 'New Normal' Forever.  Two of the more repugnant Americans today are the moral narcissist judges from Maryland (Theodore Chuang) and Hawaii (Derrick Watson) who tried to upend Donald Trump's travel ban.  They have metaphorical blood on their robes, whether they know it or not.  The fact is the travel ban is insufficient, not illegal.  It's only a meager beginning in dealing with a situation that has not changed in any real sense since 9/11, as the events in New York Tuesday testify.  If we do not move even more seriously to prevent them, they will indeed become the "new normal."  Globally, they already have.  The ISIS-loving psycho killer who murdered eight and crippled more, Sayfullo Saipov, is from Uzbekistan, which is not on the banned list.  Not only that, he was admitted to the U.S. via something called the Diversity (yes, that word again) Visa Program, a blind lottery system that seems more like Russian roulette for existing citizens.  Spin the wheel and admit a mass murderer for Allah.

NYC terror attack leaves 8 dead, several injured; suspect's notes pledged ISIS loyalty.  The man accused of plowing into New York pedestrians Tuesday had a printout of an ISIS flag in his car and left behind handwritten notes pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State, as a clearer picture emerged Wednesday morning of Sayfullo Saipov's alleged links to the terror group.  Saipov, 29, is originally from Uzbekistan and is not a U.S. citizen, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed to Fox News.

Report: NYC Foreign Terror Suspect Entered U.S. with 'Diversity Visa' Trump Wants to End.  The suspected foreign national terrorist behind the New York City attack that has left at least eight individuals dead came to the United States years ago through the Diversity Visa Lottery, a program that President Trump and pro-American immigration reformers have demanded an end to.  According to ABC New York, 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov — the man who allegedly mowed down pedestrians in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City — entered the U.S. in 2010 from Uzbekistan under the Diversity Visa Lottery before obtaining a Green Card.

New York City terror attack suspect had note that referenced ISIS.  The suspect in the terror attack in New York that left eight people dead and another 12 injured left a note that referenced the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a federal law enforcement source confirmed to CBS News.  CBS News has learned Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, is the suspect in the attack, which New York City officials describe as an act of terror.

Chris Matthews is baffled why an Uzbeki would want to attack us.  Chris Matthews has put in a strong entry for the title of stupidest reaction to the Halloween jihad massacre in Lower Manhattan.  Was there a memo at NBC News that forbade any mention of Islam or Jihad in discussing Sayfullo Saipov?  Or is Matthews really that stupid?  Was this madness passed down from the suits at 30 Rock?  Or does Chris Matthews wear such huge blinders that he can't connect the dots and see that this attack is like Barcelona, Nice, and several other examples of jihadis renting trucks and mowing down infidels?

Obama's Tweet On Terror Attack Leaves Out Key Detail.  Former President Barack Obama tweeted about Tuesday's [10/31/2017] New York City terror attack, and noticeably left out a major point concerning the nature of the incident.  Obama made no mention of the word "terror" or "terrorist" and simply referred to Tuesday's events as "today's attack."

Terror suspect was rude customer at local supermarket.  The driver who mowed down people with a truck in Manhattan, killing 8, was known as an "erratic" customer who berated the cashiers at his local supermarket.  Sayfullo Saipov, 29, was notorious for his behavior at the Farm Boy Super Fresh Supermarket on Getty avenue in Paterson, NJ, the manager said.  "Every time he came here he was always erratic or arguing with the cashiers," she told The Post about the terror killer.  "He would get angry very fast... he would break the cans, dumb things."  The manager, who declined to give her name, said Saipov was very rude to the cashiers, and called them "uneducated."

October 7, 2017

Cab slams into pedestrians, injuring 11, police say it isn't (Islamic) terrorism, then decide to keep an open mind, driver was laughing.  British emergency services raced to London's Natural History Museum after a cab driver plowed into pedestrians on sidewalk outside the building leaving 11 people injured.  A photo shared on social media shows a man being restrained by four people.  Police first ruled out terror before later reversing their position and saying they were "keeping an open mind."

London police release man held after 11 hurt in crash outside Natural History Museum.  A 47-year-old man arrested after a car rammed into a group of people outside the Natural History Museum in London was released Sunday but still remains "under investigation," authorities said.  London's Metropolitan Police said the man has not been charged, and has been released while an investigation continues.

Driver 'deliberately mows down pedestrians' after mounting the pavement outside London's Natural History Museum.  Pixie Lott's fiance told how he pinned down a taxi driver who had injured 11 people after mounting a pavement and running over pedestrians outside London's Natural History Museum.  Model Oliver Cheshire, 29, was sat in his Jaguar in Kensington when the man, said to be an Uber driver, ploughed into his vehicle.  He immediately leapt into action and helped apprehend the man, who he said was screaming on the ground.  Police have tonight [10/7/2017] ruled out terrorism and described the crash as a 'road traffic incident'.

Police: Car crash in London is traffic accident, not terror.  A car crash that injured 11 people outside a major London tourist attraction Saturday [10/7/2017] of a terrorist attack but turned out to be simply a traffic accident, London police said.  The accident at 2:20 p.m. outside the popular Natural History Museum in the heart of central London brought a gigantic police response, including helicopters and hazardous area response teams, because of terrorist concerns.

Las Vegas
October 4, 2017

Editor's Note:
Much of the modus operandi points to an act of Islamic terrorism:  First of all, it's Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, where drunkenness, immorality, prostitution, gambling, smoking, revelry, hedonism, and unaccompanied young ladies in public after dark have been promoted for decades.  In other words, everything that offends Muslims is gathered in one place.  Second, an Islamic terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack, which they never do without having some involvement.  Third, the official explanation and timeline change every few days, and one of the key witnesses  has disappeared  went into hiding for a while.  Therefore if one is to jump to a conclusion, the shortest jump leads to Islamic terrorism.

FBI: 2017 Las Vegas Shooter Was Angry About How Casinos Treated Him.  The shooter who killed 60 people in a Las Vegas massacre in October 2017 may have been angry at casinos after he lost a significant amount of money in the days before the incident, according to newly released FBI files.  Stephen Paddock is accused by law enforcement of shooting into a crowd of country music fans from his Mandalay Bay hotel suite after transporting dozens of rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition into his hotel room.  Officials said that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as responding officers attempted to access his room.  But few details have been provided about Paddock, and officials have never established a motive for why a 64-year-old high-stakes gambler would carry out the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.  Last week, the FBI released redacted documents following a Wall Street Journal Freedom of Information Act request showing that a fellow gambler, whose name is redacted from the hundreds of pages of documents, told the FBI that casinos had previously treated high rollers like Paddock to free cruises, airline flights, penthouse suites, rides in "nice cars," and tours in wine country.

The Editor says...
How does that explain ISIS taking credit for the shooting?  How does that wrap up the many loose ends described in the articles below, such as the mountain of brass that should have surrounded the gunman after firing as many rounds as they say he did, and the miraculously undetected burglary at the shooter's heavily-guarded home shortly after the shooting?  More broadly, does anyone take the FBI's word for anything, now that we know it's hopelessly politicized?

FBI: 2017 Las Vegas Shooter Was Angry About How Casinos Treated Him.  The shooter who killed 60 people in a Las Vegas massacre in October 2017 may have been angry at casinos after he lost a significant amount of money in the days before the incident, according to newly released FBI files.  Stephen Paddock is accused by law enforcement of shooting into a crowd of country music fans from his Mandalay Bay hotel suite after transporting dozens of rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition into his hotel room.  Officials said that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as responding officers attempted to access his room.  But few details have been provided about Paddock, and officials have never established a motive for why a 64-year-old high-stakes gambler would carry out the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.  Last week, the FBI released redacted documents following a Wall Street Journal Freedom of Information Act request showing that a fellow gambler, whose name is redacted from the hundreds of pages of documents, told the FBI that casinos had previously treated high rollers like Paddock to free cruises, airline flights, penthouse suites, rides in "nice cars," and tours in wine country.

The Editor says...
How does that explain ISIS taking credit for the shooting?  How does that wrap up the many loose ends described in the articles below, such as the mountain of brass that should have surrounded the gunman after firing as many rounds as they say he did, and the miraculously undetected burglary at the shooter's heavily-guarded home shortly after the shooting?  More broadly, does anyone take the FBI's word for anything, now that we know it's hopelessly politicized?

The FBI's Work in Mass Shootings Is Not Pretty.  Former FBI director James Comey was in charge of finding what — and who — led up to some renowned, rather horrific mass shootings, which included Sandy Hook (2012), San Bernardino (2015), and Las Vegas (2017). [...] In the Las Vegas shooting, Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference on the release of the LVMPD Criminal Investigative Report of the October 1 Mass Casualty Shooting.  He said the ten-month investigation had revealed no evidence of conspiracy or a second gunman, and that the gunman's motive had not been determined.  Lombardo said, "[W]hat we have not been able to definitively answer is why Stephen Paddock committed this act."  A report published by the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit in January 2019 said that "there was no single or clear motivating factor" for the shooting.

Five Years After Las Vegas Concert Shooting, an FBI Whistleblower Reveals Probable Motive.  [Scroll down] In the interview, [former FBI special agent John] Guandolo said, "When you look at what actually transpired and put it together from a counter-espionage attack and counter-espionage look, the probability that was an ISIS attack is well over 90%."  He said the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas FBI field office "got angry and dismissed it, and when presented with the information, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., dismissed it out of hand."  Guandolo said he'd been asked to brief "a couple of people; members of Congress and others."  He said, "The FBI both in Washington, LA, and Las Vegas that participated in that investigation can't even begin to think of it as a jihadi attack, because number one, they still don't understand what that actually means." [...] He concludes, "I mean, it only points to an ISIS attack.  It does not point anywhere else.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack five times.  They said that guy, he's our guy.  We hail him, he's a martyr."

Does Anyone Remember The Las Vegas Shooting?  A two-hour documentary.  [Video clip]

Top 10 Iconic Events Of The Last Decade.  [#3] Mass Shooting In Las Vegas: [...] Investigation into Paddock's history revealed that he was a frequent gambler who liked to place bets that would see him earn rewards such as free food and accommodation.  It was also established that he was somewhat of an alcoholic and that his father was a criminal wanted by the FBI.  It seemed that Paddock simply wanted to murder a lot of people without any obvious reason as it was found that he researched other venues in Boston and Chicago before deciding on Las Vegas.  Naturally many conspiracy theories saw the light after the massacre including accusations of a false flag event and rumors of a second shooter that was never brought to book.  Other theories linked Paddock to the Antifa movement while ISIS falsely claimed that he was one of their "soldiers".  Some believe that there were a group of shooters but that this is being covered up in order to advance the promotion of gun control laws.  It is very likely that the true motive for the senseless massacre will never be discovered.  To date this was the worst mass shooting carried out by one person in the history of the US.

On the Two Year Anniversary of the Las Vegas Shooting, There Are Still No Answers.  It is the two-year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting today [10/1/2019], allegedly perpetrated by lone gunman Stephen Paddock, and there has been no evidence produced publicly to validate the official story.  58 people were murdered in the slaughter, with an additional 900 being injured as a result of the attack, which allegedly happened from the Mandalay Bay hotel to the Route 91 Harvest music festival on October 1, 2017.  Investigators would give no motive for Paddock's actions and withhold the video evidence from public scrutiny.  A former high-level law enforcement official told Big League Politics last year that it was possibly a joint ANTIFA-ISIS terrorist attack.  With the way the feds are known to protect ANTIFA from consequences from their violent actions, it is not a far-fetched notion.

30 of The Biggest Lies & Hoaxes Perpetrated on The American People.  [#27] Gun Control & False Flags:  Disgustingly, there have been orchestrated shootings so as to fuel the need for "gun control."  Of course, there are disturbed individuals out there, but when people can begin to predict when shootings will happen based upon timing of key events taking place, something is awry.  And, when seconds following these events, all the usual suspects begin yelling "gun control" right on cue, that too is very telling. [...] Now keep in mind, any shootings that were "false flag" events, does not mean that people did not get injured or die.  It means the event was orchestrated to serve an agenda.  It's sick.  These folks went above and beyond to bury the facts on the Las Vegas shooting, from law enforcement to the FBI on up — buried.

The Las Vegas Mass Murderer's Motive:  A Psychoanalyst Explains.  On October 1, 2017, America was stunned by the horrible mass murder in Las Vegas.  The lengthy search for the murder's motive most likely ends in the bitter unconscious severe neurotic conflicts of Stephen Paddock's troubled mind.  His obsessive-compulsively planned mass murder seemed intended to make his father's life of petty crime look like peanuts in comparison.  Psychodynamically, Paddock's horrendous act was an ultimate fantasied oedipal victory.  As noted by Dave Phillips and Mathew Haag's perceptive New York Times article of October 2, 2017, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Stephen Paddock's father, was a grifter, con artist, bank robber and jail-breaker who spent years on the FBI's most wanted list.

Las Vegas police officer who 'froze' during 2017 massacre fired by department.  An armed, veteran police officer who stood idle for several minutes as the Las Vegas gunman slaughtered dozens of concertgoers in 2017 was fired by the department months ago, officials revealed Tuesday [7/2/2019].  Cordell Hendrex was fired March 20 from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, spokesman Larry Hadfield told the Associated Press.  While officials did not reveal additional details on what led to Hendrex's termination, police union president Steve Grammas said the officer was fired because of his actions during the Oct. 1, 2017 mass shooting.

FBI doesn't find motive for Vegas mass shooting.  The high-stakes gambler responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history sought notoriety in the attack but left his specific motive a mystery, the FBI said Tuesday [1/29/2019] as it concluded the investigation of the 2017 massacre that killed 58 country music fans.  While the agency found no "single or clear motivating factor" to explain why Stephen Paddock opened fire from his suite in a high-rise casino hotel, Paddock may have been seeking to follow in his father's criminal footsteps, the FBI said.  "It wasn't about MGM, Mandalay Bay or a specific casino or venue," Aaron Rouse, the agent in charge of the FBI's Las Vegas office, told The Associated Press.  "It was all about doing the maximum amount of damage and him obtaining some form of infamy."

FBI Concludes Investigation Into Las Vegas Shooting, Finds No Motive.  A high-stakes gambler who rained a hail of gunfire down on a crowd of country music fans, killing 58, took to his grave any specific motive for the 2017 attack, the FBI said Tuesday as it concluded its investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.  The agency found no "single or clear motivating factor" to explain why Stephen Paddock opened fire from his suite in a high-rise casino hotel.  The 64-year-old, who acted alone, fatally shot himself as police closed in.  "It wasn't about MGM, Mandalay Bay or a specific casino or venue," Aaron Rouse, the agent in charge of the FBI's Las Vegas office, told the Associated Press.  "It was all about doing the maximum amount of damage and him obtaining some form of infamy."

Media & Officials Participating in Clear Cover-up of Bullets Fired at Bellagio Hotel During Mandalay Massacre.  Clear video evidence has surfaced which indicates that the Bellagio Hotel was forced into Lockdown, sequestering hundreds of guests, as a result of bullets being fired into the front of the hotel during the Mandalay Bay massacre.  However, according to Las Vegas officials and numerous media accounts, no mention has been made and even denials have been issued, concerning gunshots being fired into the Bellagio hotel during the concert massacre across from Mandalay Bay.  The question obviously becomes why the cover-up?

New Las Vegas Shooting Officer Statements Challenge LVMPD "Single Shooter" Narrative.  Documents released on Thursday [12/27/2018] from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department LVMPD point to multiple shooters and a contaminated crime scene in an already controversial investigation into the Las Vegas shooting over a year ago.

Justice Department awards nearly $17M to aid Las Vegas shooting survivors.  The US Justice Department announced Friday an award of nearly $17 million to help survivors of the 2017 mass shooting at Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest music festival.  Funding from the department's Office for Victims of Crime will help cover the costs of counseling, therapy, rehabilitation, trauma recovery and legal assistance for victims of the deadliest mass shooting in US history.  Survivors covered by this award include ticket holders, concert staff, vendors, witnesses, law enforcement and other first responders, according to a DOJ statement.

The Editor says...
I wonder how many strings are attached to the money.

Las Vegas Massacre:  An unexplored political motive?  Retired CIA Station Chief Brad Johnston notes that the many hundreds of people who were so severely impacted by this horrific event, deserve more than this less than satisfactory conclusion.  Johnston has studied the reports and witness statements from the beginning and feels that there's at least one trail of evidence that has not been given the follow up and attention it merits.  Watch as he explains what that is and why it might lead investigators to the "why."  [Video clip]

The Las Vegas Massacre's Missing Data.  [#1] Where is the muzzle flash?  While the report discusses weapons fired during the event, it does not mention recorded imagery of muzzle flash from the 32nd-floor window where Paddock was determined to have carried out his killing spree.  Muzzle flash from weapons such as the AR-15 is one of the key indicators of shooter location, particularly in the thermal infrared, a region of the electromagnetic spectrum extending beyond the range that the human eye can see.  According to the report, Paddock used a total of 13 weapons during the shooting (not including the pistol with which he killed himself).  Even if some weapons were flash-suppressed, the incessant, continuous, violent barrage from one location should have produced some flashes whose signatures were captured on video — even on the cell phone camera videos taken by many individuals on the ground.  Moreover, FBI forensic experts determined that some of the weapons had been loaded with tracer ammunition, making a signature more likely to be seen on imagery.  No discussion of flash or tracer signatures appears in the document, and no explanation for the omission is provided.

Las Vegas Hotel "Security" Enters The Big Brother Age After The Vegas Shooting.  What would you do if you owned a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip after the Vegas shooting to increase security?  Why, of course... you'd perform surprise security checks on the most paranoid group that visits there — DEF CON.  Caesar's Palace in their stupidity has allegedly implemented a practice where hotel security, using keys to the rooms there, are doing random security checks where they enter the rooms without knocking and seize items from the rooms.  And if Caesar's Palace is doing it, the rest of the hotels on the Strip won't be far behind.  Any highrise hotel will fall in line.  You probably don't have to worry about Best Westerns or Holiday Inns... yet.

Las Vegas gunman spent $1.5M, became distant before rampage.  In the months before unleashing a hail of bullets into a Las Vegas concert crowd, Stephen Paddock burned through more than $1.5 million, became obsessed with guns and increasingly unstable, and distanced himself from his girlfriend and family, according to an investigative report released Friday [8/3/2018].

Lawsuits claim MGM has no liability to Las Vegas shooting victims.  MGM Resorts International has filed federal lawsuits against more than 1,000 Las Vegas mass shooting victims in an effort to avoid liability.  The company, which owns Mandalay Bay and the Route 91 Harvest festival venue, argues that it cannot be held liable for Oct. 1 deaths, injuries or other damages, adding that any claims against MGM parties "must be dismissed," according to complaints filed Friday [7/13/2018] in Nevada and California.  "Plaintiffs have no liability of any kind to defendants," the complaints argue.

Mandalay Bay owners sue victims of Las Vegas mass shooting.  The corporate owners of the Mandalay Bay casino filed suit against the victims of last year's Las Vegas concert mass shooting, claiming it has no liability for the massacre, according to a published report on Monday [7/16/2018].  MGM Resorts International went to federal courts in Nevada and California and took on more than 1,000 shooting victims, saying claims against the hotel giant "must be dismissed."  "Plaintiffs have no liability of any kind to defendants," the complaints argue, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

MGM Sues 1,000 Victims of Mandalay Bay Shooting to Avoid Liability.  The company cites a 2002 federal act that extends liability protection to any company that uses "anti-terrorism" technology or services that can "help prevent and respond to mass violence."  They hired a certified DHS company to handle security, making them free from liability, they claim, since they are government-backed.  MGM isn't looking for money from the victims.  "I've never seen a more outrageous thing, where they sue the victims in an effort to find a judge they like," attorney Robert Eglet, who represented some of the victims, told the Review-Journal, accusing MGM of "judge-shopping" in federal court, rather than state court where he believes any lawsuits should be filed.  "It's just really sad that they would stoop to this level."

MGM Resorts International Sues Victims Of Vegas Mass Shooting.  Nine months after the horrific mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert venue, MGM is actually suing the victims of the attack.  MGM Resorts International has filed a complaint against more than 1000 individual victims in an attempt to seek relief from the lawsuits of victims claiming the resort is partially liable for Stephen Paddock's murder spree in October of 2017. [...] Mandalay Bay and it's parent company are under extreme scrutiny after it was revealed that it took security and SWAT nearly 80 minutes to reach Paddock's room.  Litigants hold MGM responsible for the slow response and inadequate surveillance and security.

Thick hotel walls, an inundated dispatch and too many officers trying to transmit at once.  During the deadliest shooting in modern American history, first responders inside and in the vicinity of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas faced a slew of radio communication issues, it has been revealed.  Metropolitan Police officers were unable to communicate directly with EMS, with their only line of communication being a peripheral police radio channel, all while dispatchers were fielding a surge of reports.  Inside the hotel hallways, 'thick walls' of the hotel caused radio service to cut in-and-out, and it was very difficult for officers to communicate with the main command post located within the hotel.

Revisiting the events in Las Vegas with Brad Johnson.  Retired CIA station Chief takes an analytical look at the events in Las Vegas, in what may have been the largest mass shooting in US history.  [Video clip]

Vegas Docs Reveal Stephen Paddock Told Uber Driver About A "Terrorist Attack For Mandalay Bay".  A witness statement that is part of a batch of newly released police documents concerning the Las Vegas shooting reveals that in the days before the Las Vegas shooting, Stephen Paddock and a woman were picked up by an Uber driver who said Paddock "commented on the Mandalay Bay Area for a terrorist attack" as he was being dropped off at the Mandalay Bay.  The witness statement is one of many previously unspoken statements that were released nearly one week ago after a judge ordered them to be released.

This appears to be off-topic — until the last sentence:
The Left Has Created A Cottage Industry From the Deaths of Children.  More details about the incident are sure to be made public in the coming hours and days, but we'll take a wild guess here:  White, male student, considered a loner, possibly already on the radar of local law enforcement, and almost certainly under the influence of prescription drugs in the SSRI class.  Why do I feel so confident about making this assumption?  Simply because this has been the M.O. of nearly every mass shooter in American history since the advent of antidepressants, (which is pretty much every mass shooter in American history).  One of the few exceptions to this rule was Stephen Paddock of Las Vegas infamy, whose timeline and history have been an oddly well-guarded secret among local law enforcement.

Police release body cam footage from Las Vegas Massacre.  Las Vegas police have finally released partial footage from police body cameras that showed officers entering and combing through the hotel room where gunman Stephen Paddock unleashed a hail of gunfire on concert-goers last October.  The video released on Wednesday came from officers Sgt. Joshua Bitsko and David Newton, the Las Vegas Journal-Review reported.  The first officer to enter the room, Levi Hancock, did not activate his body camera, for reasons that remain unknown to investigators.

The Editor says...
Right.  Or maybe his body camera was turned on, and it showed something we're not supposed to see, and the footage was destroyed.  That would help to explain why it took six months and a court order to get any of the body camera footage released.  Otherwise, why all the secrecy and delays?

Supreme Court orders release of audio, video from Las Vegas shooting massacre.  The Nevada Supreme Court on Friday [4/27/2018] ruled that the Metropolitan Police Department must begin releasing body camera footage and 911 call audio from the Las Vegas mass shooting.  "The speed with which the Supreme Court made this decision reflects the complete absence of merit in the Metropolitan Police Department's arguments," Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said Friday [4/27/2018].  A Clark County judge ruled in February that Metro had 30 days to hand over all the records, which were requested days after the Oct. 1 shooting.  But Metro contested it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take much longer to produce the footage and audio.

Vegas Mole Hunted by Rogue FBI Brass; Death Threats Made to True Pundit over Mandalay Bay Investigative Series.  The rogue faction of the FBI — leftover disciples of the Andrew McCabe-school of federal law enforcement — have waged a manhunt to find FBI personnel who are leaking REAL details about the Mandalay Bay massacre to independent news media.  You might think the FBI would spend its time running down leads to pinpoint the details of the Las Vegas shooting spree that claimed the lives of 58 people and injured 500 more.  Not so.  But it is imperative to understand the two FBIs at play in Las Vegas right now, One faction comprises the rank-and-file FBI who are working diligently to run down leads on Stephen Paddock and who helped him.  And he did have help, The other faction at work are upper-echelon FBI who are trying to control and curate a carefully-constructed narrative:  Paddock was a lone wolf, a mystery man who has stumped law enforcement.  Even the Deep State's house organ, the New York Times was employed to try and stop the bleeding this week of the faulty official narrative.

Key Forensic Evidence in Las Vegas Shooting Sidestepped; FBI Brass Applauded Ignorance While Loved Ones Buried Their Dead.  The FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department did not follow credible leads revealing the distinct possibility of another shooter working inside the hotel suite alongside Stephen Paddock, FBI insiders and intelligence officials confirm.  When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on Stephen Paddock only.  Even a key video captured by a hotel guest of multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay went ignored, covered up.  The troubling debate among veteran FBI agents and intelligence experts isn't the question of whether there were multiple shooters during the Las Vegas massacre in October.

Police can't charge 'exhorbitant' fees for Vegas massacre info, judge rules.  The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has every right to try and recoup costs for providing the media with body camera videos, 911 records and written reports in connection with the city's Oct. 1 massacre, a judge has decided.  But police cannot charge "exhorbitant fees," such as the range of $233,750 to $458,159 the department has estimated for making such data available, Clark County District Judge Richard Scotti ruled Friday [3/9/2018].

The Vegas Massacre Exposé: What Really Happened?  The Vegas Massacre is clearly the new "JFK Murder Conspiracy" updated for the 21st century.  The whole story stinks to high heaven.  It's rancid.  Clearly, our own government, FBI and Las Vegas police are involved in some sort of cover-up.  The question is — what are they covering up? [...] How did an overweight, out of shape, 60-year old, anonymous guy (on no one's radar) with no military training and no military or law enforcement history become Rambo overnight?  He carried out this plot with no help?  Got hundreds of pounds of weapons to his room?  He broke open a hurricane-strength 800- pound window? [...] Second, the Vegas Massacre had the M/O of several previous ISIS attacks.  They seem to enjoy attacking concerts and hotels.  See the Paris nightclub concert and Manchester Arianna Grande concert.  Not to mention numerous hotels attacks throughout the world. [...] Never before in history has ISIS ever taken credit four times for any terror attack.

Court documents identify second 'person of interest' in the Las Vegas massacre:  Feds wanted to question another.  An Arizona man was questioned as a 'person of interest' by Las Vegas police over selling ammunition to the gunman who committed the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history in October, documents released Tuesday [1/30/2018] have revealed.  Douglas Haig, 55, said on Tuesday that he told ammunition to Stephen Paddock before the lone gunman shot 59 people dead in Las Vegas in October.  Days after the investigation, Haig was questioned by police over his involvement in the shooting.

2nd Person Of Interest Identified In Las Vegas Massacre.  Police records unsealed on Tuesday [1/30/2018] revealed the identity of an additional person of interest in the investigation into the Las Vegas massacre, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.  The second person of interest, Douglas Haig, was identified in the nearly 300 pages of unsealed search warrant records.

Unnamed shooting suspect who occupied Mandalay Bay room 32-134 exited out hotel room door to make their escape.  The unnamed suspect who occupied Mandalay Bay room 32-134, the room adjacent to Stephen Paddock's end suite (32-135), made their escape out the front door then exited the building, according to vague details published in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's 19 Jan. preliminary report on the 1 October mass casualty shooting which left 58 people attending a country music concert dead.

Health Ranger, InfoWars proven RIGHT yet again about the Las Vegas "multiple shooters" analysis.  Anyone who's taken even a cursory look at the official story of events surrounding the Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting probably already knows that things just don't add up.  But now there's even more concrete evidence that debunks the obvious inconsistencies concerning what allegedly happened that fateful day, including proof that there were, indeed, multiple shooters, as Natural News has long been saying.  A new video by InfoWars' Rob Dew breaks it all down in simple terms, explaining new information about the case that has emerged.

Body autopsied by doctor likely not Steven Paddock's, official LVMPD report reveals.  Upon further investigation, Intellihub has determined that the body autopsied by a doctor in early October was likely not the body of the alleged gunman Stephen Paddock[.]

Body autopsied by doctor likely not Steven Paddock's, official LVMPD report reveals.  Information listed in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's preliminary report on the 1 Oct. massacre, reveals that the body autopsied by Dr. Lisa Gavin may not be Steven Paddock at all.

Las Vegas Update:  Irregularities Cause Story Behind Massacre To Stink To High Heaven.  [Scroll down]  Over the weekend, the trickle of developments continued, with Fox News revealing Paddock had child porn his computer... but last we knew, the hard drive to Paddock's computer was missing.  Furthermore, after months of claims and explanations by authorities that Paddock was a "lone gunman", Fox5 of Las Vegas revealed that Metro Police confirmed they're unable to release further details on the case because "there are still suspects being investigated".  Even after months of being ignored by the mainstream media, the story still doesn't add up.

Las Vegas shooter began to act 'strangely' leading up to carnage, girlfriend says, as motive remains a mystery.  Stephen Paddock gambled large sums of money, kept child pornography on his computer and purchased more than 55 weapons in the year leading up to the largest mass shooting in modern American history.  On Friday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released an 81-page report that revealed fresh insights into the behaviors and patterns of Paddock prior to the night he opened fire from his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay on Oct. 1, killing 58 people.  In all, 871 people were injured, with 422 suffering gunshot wounds.

Vegas Investigation Details Emerge:  New Suspects, Child Porn Discovered.  [Scroll down]  The other piece of the puzzle for this cockamamy cluster of conspiracies is the purported lack of evidence revealed by the FBI and local authorities.  Many internet sleuths will point to other terror incidents around the world, and the speed at which traces of the perpetrator are released to the media.  In Paddock's case, in a city with security such as Las Vegas has, there have been no videos or Paddock entering the Mandalay Bay Hotel, loading his mobile armory onto a half dozen luggage carts, and meticulously weaponizing his 32nd floor suite. [...] We are now hearing more tidbits than ever before in the case of Stephan Paddock's October 1st rampage, however, and they are spawning far more questions than answers.

Las Vegas shooter Paddock had child porn on computer, FBI investigating person of interest: sheriff.  Investigators scanning computers belonging to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock found "numerous" child pornography photos, the city's sheriff revealed Friday, adding that the FBI is looking into a person of interest in the case.  Sheriff Joe Lombardo, in his first press conference since Oct. 13, 2017, released an 81-page preliminary investigative report on the shooting Friday that contains new photographs of Paddock's hotel suite and online searches he conducted before the attack, such as for SWAT tactics and other potential public venue targets.  Lombardo said the unnamed person of interest the FBI is looking into is not Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, and he reiterated that authorities believe Paddock was a lone shooter.

Valet Receipt Indicates Marilou Danley Was at Mandalay Bay on Day of Las Vegas Shooting.  An exclusively obtained Mandalay Bay valet receipt shows a woman using the name Marilou Danley checked Stephen Paddock's vehicle into the hotel hours before the Las Vegas shooting.

Las Vegas Massacre Twist: 'Additional Suspects' Now Under Investigation As Sheriff Lombardo Is Contradicted Yet Again.  It's been three months since the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history took place near the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and we still know little about gunman Stephen Paddock's motives.  According to local Las Vegas news outlet Metro 5, key details surrounding the motive cannot be released because "additional suspects," are still under investigation.  Sheriff Lombardo previously claimed only one person is under investigation.  Metro lawyer Nick Crosby believes information about the additional suspects could be revealed in 60 days.

Judge unseals search warrants in mass shooting in Las Vegas.  Her fingerprints were on the ammunition.  Her casino players' card was found in his room.  Investigators scoured her social media accounts and emails — one of which he, Stephen Paddock, had access to.  Marilou Danley may not have been present when Paddock unleashed a furious barrage of bullets down on a crowd of 20,000 at a Las Vegas country music festival, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500 others, but her links to his life seemed to be everywhere.  The facts about Danley were among the details revealed when a U.S. District Court judge in Las Vegas unsealed more than 300 pages of search warrants and affidavits at the request of several media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times.  The request was unopposed by prosecutors.

1 October shooting suspect had at least seven cell phones and mobile devices.  Within hours of the Route 91 massacre on Oct. 1, Las Vegas police obtained 14 search warrants connected to Stephen Paddock.  News 3 obtained copies of what isn't currently under seal and had them reviewed by retired LVMPD detective Phil Ramos.  The warrants gave detectives sweeping authority to examine the last year of Stephen Paddock's life, starting with Mandalay Bay hotel rooms 32-135, and 32-134.  "This gives them permission to search every single square inch of that hotel room," said Ramos.

Vegas gunman's girlfriend deleted Facebook account soon after shooting, data show.  The girlfriend of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock deleted her Facebook account less than an hour before police released Paddock's name, according to reports.  Marilou Danley was traveling in the Philippines on Oct. 1 when Paddock fired a barrage of shots from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino.

Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend said she handled his ammo, helped him load magazines, unsealed docs say.  The girlfriend of the Las Vegas shooter told authorities that they would likely find her fingerprints on some of Stephen Paddock's bullets because she sometimes assisted him in loading ammunition into magazines, court documents unsealed on Friday [1/12/2018] revealed.  There was no evidence at that time of "criminal involvement" by Marilou Danley, an Oct. 3 document showed, but it noted that investigators had not ruled out the possibility.  Officials also reportedly sought the email, Facebook and Instagram accounts of Danley, who was in the Philippines during the Oct. 1 shooting.

Las Vegas shooting:  Hotel staff interacted with gunman more than 10 times before massacre.  Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino staff interacted with Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock more than 10 times in the days leading up to the October 1 massacre that claimed 58 lives.  During Paddock's stay at the hotel, room service and housekeeping "had contact with Paddock or entered his suite more than 10 times," according to a statement sent to CNN from MGM Resorts International, which owns the Nevada hotel.  The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported the extent of the hotel staff's interactions with the gunman.

FBI Agent In Charge:  Report On Las Vegas Shooting Should Be Done By Anniversary.  What happened in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, is horrific.  There are no other words to describe what took place.  The number of casualties, both killed and wounded, is still staggering.  Yet, we still don't have an answer to the question of just why this happened.  While the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Las Vegas office can't promise an answer on the motive of the killer, he does say that we can expect the report by the anniversary of the terrible attack.

FBI chief in Nevada says motive behind Las Vegas concert massacre is still a mystery.  Federal authorities continue to search for the motive that drove a gunman to open fire on country music festival this fall, a bloody rampage that left 58 people dead and hundreds wounded.  FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday [12/20/2017] that investigators still couldn't say what made 64-year-old Stephen Paddock begin firing into a crowd of 22,000 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Oct. 1.  "Ours is focusing a large part on the why, OK?  Which is what everybody wants to know," Rouse said.  He said federal authorities expected to issue a report sometime next year.

Motive of Vegas Shooter May Take a Year to Release, Says FBI.  An FBI official is now saying it may take until next October for law enforcement to tell us why Stephen Paddock gunned down hundreds of people from a Mandalay Bay hotel window leaving 58 dead.

All 58 victims of Las Vegas mass shooting died from gunshot wounds, many to the head, coroner says.  The 58 victims killed in the mass shooting at a country music concert on the Las Vegas Strip in October died of gunshot wounds, the Clark County coroner reported Thursday [12/21/2017].  According to the coroner's list, 18 of the victims died of gunshot wounds to the head and 15 were shot in the back.  Four were listed as suffering "multiple gunshot wounds."  The rest suffered predominantly chest, leg and neck wounds.  Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old gunman, died by suicide — a gunshot through the mouth, according to Coroner John Fudenberg.

Las Vegas Police Captain Suddenly Goes Missing.  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced Capt. James Larochelle has gone missing.  Fellow officers have launched a manhunt for the 'endangered,' policeman.

10 Characteristics of False Flags.  In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the 10 common characteristics of false flags to help better understand why the official story of Vegas shooting is suspect at best.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The video clip is 20 minutes long, but well worth your time.

There was more going on inside Mandalay Bay on the night of the massacre than authorities admit.  Bombshell footage that was live-streamed on the night of the massacre proves there was more going on inside the Mandalay Bay than authorities have told the general public.  According to several employees who were working inside of Mandalay Bay at the time of the shooting, the situation was far worse than the media was reporting and there were more shooters than one.  Investigative reporter Jake Morphonios explains what really went on inside the hotel and casino that night.  [Video clip]

Fact: Helicopters were airborne behind the Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas Shooting.  If you have been following my reports on the Las Vegas Shooting than you are likely aware of my "helicopter theory" which I presented in great detail on "The Alex Jones Show" Halloween day.  On the broadcast, I presented a portion of the information I possessed at the time as a "theory" in order to fill in the blanks for the listening audience by explaining exactly how an advanced air assault and extraction were indeed possible despite the fact that I already had seen enough evidence at the time to conclude in my mind that helicopters were indeed operating within the airspace around the vicinity of the venue before, during, and after the massacre took place.

Private surveillance footage reveals "helicopter hovering overhead" at time of Las Vegas Massacre, FBI never asked for tape.  Footage captured by a private surveillance camera on the night of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history reveals several shocking details which authorities have failed to investigate.  The bombshell footage was released on Fox News's "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Friday evening and is presumed to have been captured by a nearby business's southward facing security camera which is located approximately 780 feet due east of the venue where the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was held on Oct. 1.  The tape was given to Fox News by an attorney who represents several shooting victims.

Vegas Shooting Survivor Kymberley Suchomel 'Dies Suddenly,' Report Says.  Kymberley Suchomel, a woman who survived the Las Vegas mass shooting earlier this month, died suddenly this week, according to a local media report.  The 28-year-old died early Monday [10/9/2017] in her Apple Valley, California, home, said her grandmother Julie Norton.  She found her just after 8:30 a.m. when she arrived to care for her 3-year-old great-granddaughter, Scarlett.  Norton thinks that Suchomel died when her husband, Mike, left for work, reported the VV Daily Press based in Victorville, Calif.

Uninjured Las Vegas Survivor Who Wrote of Multiple Shooters Found Dead at Home.  28 year old Kymberley Suchomel, an uninjured survivor of the Las Vegas massacre passed away in what may be suspicious circumstances less than a week after the event.  This death has set the conspiracy world abuzz, but may in fact, be nothing more than a tragic case of a young woman who was deeply traumatised by the events she witnessed.

Missing Las Vegas Shooting Witness Shot Dead Outside Church.  A key witness in the Las Vegas shooting massacre, who mysteriously vanished shortly after giving a statement that conflicted with the "official" narrative, has been shot dead outside a central Las Vegas Valley church.

7 Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Now Dead Within 1 Month of Attack.  One month on from the Las Vegas shooting massacre on October 1st, and we still have no satisfactory answers for horrific events that took place at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.  The mainstream media has all but given up on reporting on the attacks, now that it seems as though the public has swallowed the "lone wolf" shooter narrative, that claims Stephen Paddock acted alone in killing 59 people and injuring hundreds more.  In the month that followed the incident, a staggering seven key witnesses have died in very suspicious circumstances.

Lawyer For Las Vegas Music Festival and Jason Aldean, Found Dead.  Orville Almon, the lawyer representing the Route 91 music festival and Jason Aldean, the singer onstage when the Las Vegas shooting began, has been found dead.  He was 66.

Route 91 massacre survivor saw brass shell casings strewn across Tropicana parking lot upon his retreat.  Route 91 massacre survivor Joe Napoli retraced the path in which he and several of his colleagues took on the night of the massacre as they fled the concert venue along with thousands of others as volley after volley of bone-rattling gunfire pierced the air and bullets pummeled scores of innocent victims. [...] "...I saw casings right here," the witness said as he pointed at a specific area of the parking lot.  "So there were beer cans, there were empty drink cups, and there were maybe a dozen brass inch-and-a-half to two-inch tubes spread out."  "I don't know how anybody else didn't see them but we ran right over them," he said.  Napoli's testimony gives credence to other eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters.

New Audio From The Night Of The Las Vegas Massacre Reveals That There Was "Another Active Shooter".  Newly released audio from the Clark County Fire Department has provided even more proof that there were multiple shooters during The Las Vegas Massacre, further debunking the official narrative of a lone gunman on the 32nd floor and once again calling into question almost every aspect of what actually happened during the worst mass shooting in American history.  The audio, released on the SoundCloud account of a local news reporter, is an almost three hour recording of transmissions between dispatch and units on the ground amid the confusion of the mass shooting that at one point details a report that a wife of a firefighter was actually pinned down in the Foundation Room bar on top of the Mandalay Hotel.  Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas, who has extensively reported on the entire Vegas cover-up since the beginning, recently found that at around the 1:27:54 mark of the audio file you can clearly hear dispatch describing the situation to first responders who are headed in that direction.

Questions remain in Las Vegas Strip shooting investigation.  [For example,]
  •   What was the gunman's motive?
  •   When did the gunman start planning his massacre?
  •   Where did the gunman store all of the weapons before the shooting?
  •   Why did the gunman stop shooting?(Las Vegas Review-Journal)
  •   Considering the gunman killed himself, why are investigators withholding so much information about the case?  Do they believe he had accomplices?
  •   What was the gunman planning to do with the explosives found in his car?
  •   What evidence shows he might have planned to escape?
  •   What exactly were the 23 guns found in the hotel suite?  How many were equipped with bump stocks?  How many had been fired?  How many jammed?  How many rounds did he fire?
  •   What else was recovered from the gunman's hotel room and his homes in Mesquite and Reno?
  •   When did authorities determine the hard drive from the gunman's laptop was missing?
  •   Which law enforcement agency is in charge of what parts of the investigation?

Report: Vegas Shooter's Brother 'Bragged' About Relation To Attacker.  According to a new report, Bruce Paddock, the brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, bragged about the mass shooting attack.  TMZ reports, "the day after Stephen Paddock slaughtered 58 people, his brother Bruce bragged to folks at the assisted living facility, where he was staying, that Stephen was his brother."  Bruce Paddock was arrested for child porn charges last month following the shooting.  There was a warrant out for Paddock for those charges previously, but evaded getting caught by police for years.

Paddock's girlfriend may be hiding something, sheriff suggests.  Stephen Paddock's girlfriend may be hiding something from investigators who are trying to piece together the motive behind the Las Vegas massacre, the city's sheriff suggested in a wide-ranging interview with a local television station.  Marilou Danley, who is still a person of interest in the case, has told authorities that she never knew the attack was coming.  Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, in his first TV appearance in nearly three weeks, told KLAS that investigators he's spoken to believe this assessment is accurate.  But he added that something appears to be off about the manner in which Paddock amassed his arsenal of weapons.  "There is a lot of people that have hundreds and hundreds of guns, but for this individual to do it at a certain point in time and to do it all with such robust action, you would think that Ms. Danley would have some information associated with that," he said.  "But currently we haven't been able to pull that out of her, if it's in her."

I guess the cops forgot to mention this when it happened — four weeks earlier.
An officer accidentally fired his weapon in the Las Vegas gunman's hotel room.  A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer accidentally fired his weapon in the hotel room of the city's recent mass shooter, according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal.  The Review-Journal on Monday [10/30/2017] reported that Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo confirmed that the discharge occurred after Stephen Paddock's rampage on Oct. 1.

Couple with Henderson ties die in crash after surviving Las Vegas shooting.  [Scroll down]  But on the night of Oct. 16, the couple's younger daughter, 16-year-old Madison Carver, heard a loud bang outside her window.  When she ran down the street and rounded the corner, a familiar vehicle engulfed in flames came into view.  Dennis, 52, and Lorraine, 53, had died together less than half a mile from their home.  According to the Riverside County Fire Department, their vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community at 10:50 p.m. on the 20000 block of Avenida De Arboles.  It took firefighters nearly an hour to completely put out the fire, the department said in a statement.
[Emphasis added by The Editor.]

Las Vegas Survivors Die in Car Crash.  In what is becoming a disturbing trend, another pair of Las Vegas shooting survivors has died under reportedly accidental circumstances.  Dennis and Lorraine Carver of Riverside, Calif., survived the shooting earlier this month.  Dennis made headlines as the husband who jumped on top of his wife to shield her from the hail of gunfire during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.  Two weeks later, they died in a car crash less than a mile from the gated community in which they lived.  According to officials, the Carvers' vehicle crashed into the metal gate, then burst into flames; it took firefighters more than an hour to put out the fire caused by the violent collision.

Vegas flight records reveal well-planned air assault and elaborate getaway extraction all possible.  Flight records, aircraft transponder data, and video footage all reveal that covert air assault and EXFIL operations may have transpired on the night of the massacre.

Vegas Security Guard Fled to Mexico.  Tucker Carlson held up a document showing that Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos fled to Mexico shortly after the largest mass shooting in American history — now being called the crime of the century.

Jesus Campos reportedly left the country days after Vegas massacre.  Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos mysteriously left the country just days after the Las Vegas massacre, a report says.  Customs and Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show that the 25-year-old entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in California — one week after the mass shooting.  It's unclear how long Campos was out of the country.  The documents only show that he entered back into the US.

The Editor says...
He drove to Mexico after being shot a few days earlier?

Tucker Reveals Las Vegas Security Guard Left The Country Days After Shooting.  Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped a huge new detail on the days following the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history in Las Vegas Wednesday [10/25/2017].  [Video clip]

New timeline in Las Vegas massacre may offer new insights.  The New York Times has formed its own timeline of the Las Vegas massacre, which places the shooting of Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos about one minute into the attack — and not before, as authorities claim.  Digital investigators working for the newspaper's video unit pieced together footage that was captured at the scene and apparently discovered that local police were wrong yet again about what happened that night.  Instead of being shot right before the assault, they claim that Campos was targeted at 10:06 p.m. — one minute after Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Las Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive.  A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned.  Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself, and the missing device has not yet been recovered, sources told ABC News.

The hard drive from Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's laptop reportedly is missing.  A laptop computer recovered from the hotel room of the man behind the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas was missing its hard drive, according to ABC News.  ABC News on Wednesday [10/25/2017] reported that the device's state deprives investigators of a potential key source of information about Stephen Paddock's motive for the attack.  Sources told ABC News that Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself during the Oct. 1 incident.

The Editor says...
Does that make sense?  If you were involved in a losing gun-battle and intended to die rather than be captured, would you take time out to remove parts from your computer, and then dispose of those parts in such a way that the FBI couldn't find them?  Does any part of this story make sense any more?

FBI-Police Cover-Up of Mass Shooting?  [Scroll down]  Now, 11 days into the so-called investigation of Stephen Paddock's heinous killing spree, the sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, and the FBI are at a likely feigned loss to explain his motive.  This is simply not believable!  If I had to guess, given just the few examples of government deceit detailed in this column, I would say that Paddock was in some way an informant or working for the local police and/or the FBI. Given that Las Vegas is a "Mafia haven" for the gambling industry, and since Paddock was a gambler who frequented high-end casinos and wagered large sums of money — rubbing shoulders with other gamblers and likely Mafia figures — could it be that he was doing undercover work for law enforcement?  And, if this is so, there would indeed be a strong motive for the local police or the FBI not to want it known that one of theirs committed the biggest mass murder of its kind in American history.  Also, we know that Paddock worked for three different federal agencies during his career — the Postal Service, IRS and Defense Department — so he would have been a man known to the feds.

Harvey Weinstein Scandal Forcing Las Vegas Tragedy off the Front Page?  For 12 days straight, Hollywood Harvey's story has been hogging the news, leaving no oxygen for other stories unassociated with the burgeoning scandal.  Since Harvey Weinstein, 'The Sexual Predator' became the News of the Day, readers find only snippets about what went down in Las Vegas.  The mass shooting in Vegas, the deadliest in American history, took place on Oct. 1.  The Weinstein story revelation on Oct. 5.  Does anybody believe in coincidence any more? [...] Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations uncovered by the New York Times stretch over nearly three decades.  The Times finally came out with their scandal blockbuster on Oct. 4.  Ronan Farrow's story followed one day later in the New Yorker.  Why Now?

Las Vegas shooting details still murky as Mandalay Bay ordered to keep evidence.  Nearly three weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, the release of details surrounding the horrific attack has slowed from a trickle to a standstill:  police have yet to schedule another news conference, confusion continues to surround the gunman's motive and critical questions linger about what exactly happened on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Report Confirms MGM Corp.  Controlled Ellen Degeneres Interview With Mandalay Bay Witnesses.  This certainly doesn't come as a surprise given the relationship between Ellen Degeneres and the hotel and casino industry.  However, the Daily Mail is confirming the parent company of Mandalay Bay, MGM Inc., controlled the one-and-only media appearance during a well scripted presentation of Jesus "Jose" Campos for television yesterday [10/18/2017].

Las Vegas:  A THIRD Timeline Emerges.  The words "conspiracy theorists" are being bandied about.  Are they for real?  A well-coordinated, meticulously planned attack on concertgoers leads to the murder of 58 Americans at a country music festival in Las Vegas, with over 500 injured, and they have no explanation or motive.  Do the FBI and law enforcement think people won't talk about it or speculate as to what happened?  Are they for real?  Further, the FBI insists there is no jihad motive, while saying they don't know his motive.  How can they possibly hold those two contradictory ideas at the same time?

'It Was Clearly Managed': Tucker Questions Ellen-Campos Interview, Talks Las Vegas Conspiracies.  Wednesday night [10/18/2017] on Fox News, Tucker Carlson questioned why Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos gave his one and only interview to Ellen DeGeneres, who is heavily sponsored by MGM.  After playing a clip of Ellen's bizarre interview, Tucker said, "Is that really an interview?"  "Well, it turns out it could actually be a bizarre case of cross marketing by MGM Resorts that owns Mandalay Bay, sponsors by the way The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and features Ellen themed slot machines in many casinos including Mandalay Bay," Tucker said.

Exclusive: Mandalay Bay owner insisted security guard Jesus Campos appear Only on Ellen and not be grilled by TV hardhitters.  Mandalay Bay shooting hero Jesus Campos was pressured into giving his only interview to Ellen DeGeneres because the giant company that owns the Las Vegas casino feared he would spill the beans about the shooting timeline if he was grilled by real journalists, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively.  MGM is worried that families of the 58 people murdered as well as many of the 546 injured in the Mandalay Bay massacre will launch lawsuits potentially worth billions of dollars against the company, sources tell DailyMail.com.

Keywords:  Staged, scripted, pre-approved, carefully edited, Clintonian, half-truths.
Mandalay Massacre Witnesses Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck Speak to Ellen Degeneres.  In a taped interview that aired today [10/18/2017] the security guard, Jesus Campos, and maintenance worker, Stephen Schuck, from the Mandalay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, speak to Ellenn Degeneres about the October 1st massacre at Mandalay Bay.  Worth noting, according to the well-prepared and rolled out script, Mr. Campos and Mr. Schuck will not be giving any additional interviews with the media.  As such, it can be intellectually assumed the content of this interview was thoroughly vetted and prepared after consideration from all stakeholders.

Ellen Degeneres airs eight-minute interview with Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos.  The Mandalay Bay security guard who was the first victim of the Las Vegas shooting sat down for his one and only interview with Ellen Degeneres on Wednesday [10/18/2017] — but viewers hoping for answers about the ever-changing official timeline of the massacre were sorely disappointed.  Last week, security guard Jesus Campus scheduled interviews at all the major networks, but then cancelled at the last minute and mysteriously disappeared.

Compilation of Eye Witnesses Confirming Second Las Vegas Shooter.  Multiple eyewitness testimony and video confirms the existence of a second shooter in Las Vegas.  The official narrative that gunman Stephen Paddock acted alone with dozens of guns has been unraveling by the day.

Killing Off the Vegas Witnessess, JFK Assassination Style.  To all eyewitnesses to the Vegas massacre, be advised your lives are in extreme danger.  You may wish to consider not speaking to anyone, and I mean anyone, and then scrub all social media accounts.  The trail of Las Vegas eyewitness bodies are growing in a manner that is reminiscent of the Kennedy assassination.  The Common Sense Show greatly respects the sacrifices and courage of law enforcement personnel.  These brave men and women are normally a citizen's best friend.  However, in the case of the Las Vegas massacre, you can trust nobody and all are advised to not speak and write publicly.  As an individual citizen you have no obligation to risk your life.  The Common Sense Show can assure you that we already have all the evidence we need to expose the truth.

Hero security guard who was Vegas gunman's first victim describes moment killer fired 200 bullets at him through a door.  The security guard who was shot at the beginning of the Las Vegas gunman's rampage has finally spoken out about his brush with death.  Jesus Campos had several interviews scheduled last week, before he cancelled them all and disappeared.  But he resurfaced on Tuesday [10/17/2017], when Ellen announced that she would be interviewing him on her show.

Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says.  The Mandalay Bay security guard who disappeared last week moments before he was scheduled to break his silence in television interviews has not been heard from since he went to a walk-in health clinic, his union president said.  David Hickey of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) told reporters Friday that he got a text the night before saying Jesus Campos was taken to a UMC Quick Care facility, though he did not specify where or whom the text came from.  A spokesperson at the UMC Quick Care, which has eight locations throughout the Las Vegas area, told Fox News on Monday [10/16/2017] that they had "heard nothing" about Campos visiting them.

Mandalay Bay guard is laying low to avoid media spotlight.  Jesus Campos apparently isn't missing after all.  MGM Resorts International suggested Tuesday [10/17/2017] that the Mandalay Bay security guard was simply laying low in an effort to avoid the media attention brought on by his role in the Las Vegas massacre.  While reports emerged this week saying Campos was missing — after he failed to show up for an interview on the Sean Hannity show, as well as other scheduled appearances on CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC — hotel officials told The [New York] Post that this was not the case.

Vegas sheriff changes Mandalay massacre timeline AGAIN.  During a tense and at times emotional press conference held on Friday, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo offered a third timeline of the Las Vegas massacre, saying there was no six-minute gap between when the gunman shot a hotel security guard and opened fire on concertgoers.  Lombardo, who is in charge of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, also revealed that Stephen Paddock deliberately fired on responding police officers, possibly to keep them at bay, but said there is no evidence that he was driven by ideology, or was affiliated with any group.

The Less We Believe Them about Las Vegas, the More They Want Our Guns.  Las Vegas was a bit different from previous mass shooting in at least two glaring respects.  First, the inability of law enforcement to discover a motive remains the biggest mystery.  Admittedly, these same authorities in the US — and even worse in Europe — typically find themselves scratching their collective head in puzzlement after a murderer shouting "Allahu Akbar" kills a bunch of people.  (What did he mean by that?  Maybe that's Arabic for "Merry Christmas"!  We're still trying to figure out why he did it, but we're sure it had nothing to do with Islam.  And anyone who says it did is a racist.)  At this point, the actions of the person identified as the Las Vegas killer are attributed to mental instability.  That's not good enough.  Subjectively, even maniacs think they are doing something.  Even a total lunatic who believes he is, say, fighting Martians or chopping potatoes, intends that outcome.  But here, supposedly, someone stockpiles weapons for months, meticulously plans a murderous onslaught — and maybe had contingencies for attacks elsewhere — and there's not a hint of what he thought he was up to.  That's simply not plausible.

Vegas hotel: Paddock opened fire on crowd within 40 seconds after guard was shot.  Las Vegas authorities have revised the timeline of the mass shooting, saying Stephen Paddock shot a hotel security guard around the time he began firing on the crowd, not six minutes earlier.  Speaking at a Friday [10/13/2017] news conference, Sheriff Joe Lombardo didn't offer any new information about what motivated Paddock to open fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, leaving 58 people dead and 546 injured, with 45 still hospitalized.

10 things that just don't add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting.  [#6] Where is all the expended brass?  Now, maybe I'm just a moron who thinks automatic rifles discharge expended brass or something, because the last time I shot my rifle — which was yesterday — hot brass kept blasting out the right side port with every round.  Very annoying.  I wish I knew how to turn that off.  So, given that Stephen Paddock was firing full-auto rifles in a sustained 10-minute assault, at roughly the rate of six rounds per second, we should probably see massive piles of expended brass all over the place.  Let's see:  6 rounds per second, times 60 seconds in a minute, times 10 minutes of sustained fire... that comes to 3600 rounds of ammunition.  If you figure there were pauses in the automatic fire, you could discount that to maybe 3000 rounds actually fired.  Again, maybe I'm just stupid or something, but if Paddock fired 3000 rounds, there should be 3000 brass casings all over the floor of the hotel suite. [...] So where is all the brass, anyway?  Did Stephen Paddock possess magical brass that can disappear after being fired?  I find it curious that ballistics details of the bullets that hit the pavement have not been released.  All the evidence we need is all over the concert lot, yet the public will never be given access to details about that evidence.

A Tactical View:  Mysteries of the Las Vegas Shooter.  [#1] The motive:  No apparent motive.  Paddock led a life of near luxury, had a happy relationship with his girlfriend and gave no indication to anyone of any instability or ideological affiliation.  He had no criminal record.  He was also well beyond the average age range of people commonly involved in such crimes.  He does not fit any of the characteristics of mass shooters.  Period.  [#2] The arsenal:  Paddock put a substantial amount of thought and planning into the position of his perch as well as a potential escape.  He had the knowledge and experience to calculate accurate shots from an elevated position at distance.  But, for some reason the 64-year-old-man decided it was warranted to drag at least 23 guns and hundreds of pounds of ammunition in ten separate suitcases to his room at the Mandalay Bay.  A person with the intelligence displayed in the planning of this event would know that most of these rifles were not needed in the slightest to achieve the effect desired.  They are dead weight, and moving them into the Mandalay only presented unnecessary risk of discovery.  Unless, of course, the original plan involved multiple shooters. [...] [#5] The windows:  Why, after so much careful planning, did Paddock expose his position by smashing two separate windows in his adjacent hotel rooms?  There are other ways of providing a shooter's loophole with less exposure?  Very odd.  Almost as if the decision to actually shoot was made suddenly, which does not fit the rest of the narrative or evidence. [...] [#8] Multiple shooters?:  Las Vegas County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is quoted as saying that it was only logical to assume given the evidence that Paddock "had some help at some point" in the staging of the Vegas attack.  To me, this is absolutely clear in the tactical planning.  Paddock does not appear to have the background or training to have chosen and staged the perch.  The report suggesting that a phone charger was found that did not belong to Paddock has since been refuted by police, as well as the report that his card key was used to access his room while Paddock was gone.  Of course, hotel surveillance would prove this one way or the other and should be made available to the public.

What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Reno.  [Scroll down]  I don't know quite what's involved in "working" a crime scene but one would assume it includes at minimum securing the crime scene.  Yet apparently not.  Last weekend, Paddock's home in Reno was burgled.  Just consider that for a moment:  On Sunday night someone pulls off the worst single-shooter massacre in American history - and yet it's insufficient of a priority to the multiple federal, state and local agencies investigating it to prevent the supposed perpetrator's property being broken into under their noses.  That seems odd, don't you think?  Sometimes, in unusual cases, sleepy small-town two-man police departments find themselves a wee bit overwhelmed, and sloppy things happen.  But how can it happen with these resources in the most prominent investigation in the country?  It is unclear to the Keystone Kops what was taken from the Reno home.  Of course.  Since Day One, this entire case has been about what's missing, and what's missing seems to be getting larger.

A Tale Of Two Shootings And A Destroyed Media Narrative.  Ever wonder why some shootings disappear from the headlines and others don't?  Sure there can be a factor that makes it particularly newsworthy, but in general it is driven by political sensitivity.  For instance, if the daily carnage that happens in Chicago were not happening in minority neighborhoods do you think the national media would impose a virtual omerta on coverage?  (Every wonder why black children who go missing in Washington DC are basically ignored by the Washington Post?)  Sure race is an issue, but the underlying cause is that every story has a dominant narrative and no major new outlet will run counter to that dominant narrative.  When a story doesn't fit, there is no cognitive dissonance, the story is simply ignored.  Shootings are a prime example.  Let's look at a couple of recent ones.

FBI Back In Reno After Burglars Elude Security And Raid Las Vegas Shooters Home.  The FBI has beefed up security in Reno, Nevada, after a group of burglars broke into the heavily guarded home of Las Vegas mass shooter, Stephen Paddock over the weekend.  According to authorities, a number of unidentified individuals descended on Paddock's home in the Del Webb retirement community just outside Reno, bypassing both state and federal law enforcement who were assigned to protect the property.  Local law enforcement says it's not clear how the group got into the home, which is supposed to be under round-the-clock surveillance, and they do not have any suspects — but they also believe nothing was taken from inside the home, as the home was left completely undamaged.

The Editor says...
Sounds like a professional was involved here.  In and out without a trace, at one of the hottest crime scenes in America today.  There must have been something in the house that was worth the risk.  Nothing was taken, they say.  Ri-i-i-ight.  Why not just deny that the burglary happened at all?

What Is Going On?  Burglars Break Into Las Vegas Shooters Guarded Home.  What were they looking for?  Burglars broke into the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock's Reno home over the weekend despite it being heavily guarded.  Treasure hunters looking for stuff to sell online?  Or a coordinated movement to cover the tracks of a much wider plot?  Could this event spawn more conspiracy theories and for good reason?

Ann Coulter:  Media Find Las Vegas Shooter's Motive — He's White!  If the media are going to keep wailing about how vital a free press is, could they start reporting stuff?  There's a remarkable number of dangling facts about Stephen Paddock's mass murder in Las Vegas, which the media have shown little inclination to investigate.  It's almost as if they're worried that too much investigation will ruin it.  For example:  Who was the woman shouting, "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" right before the concert?  Is any reporter interested in finding out?  Probably a random crazy lady, but that's not typical pre-concert behavior.

Las Vegas sheriff frustrated by data discrepancies, unanswered questions.  Nearly two weeks after a gunman unleashed one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history, authorities in Las Vegas are still left with more questions than answers.  Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, expressed his own frustrations with the investigation, but said he remained determined to keeping the public informed.

FBI Agents Working Evidence of Second Las Vegas Shooter Have Been Directed by DC Bosses To Stand Down.  The hunt for a second or third gunman in the Mandalay Bay Massacre in Las Vegas appears to be over, at least as far as the FBI is concerned.  Whether premature or not.  FBI officials told True Pundit late Thursday [10/12/2017] the focus of the case now is zoned in solely on Stephen Paddock as the lone gunman, per a directive from FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.  The directive came as a shock, as FBI insiders said they were pursuing leads that while Paddock was sniping innocent victims from his 32nd-floor perch at Mandalay Bay, another gunman wielding an AR-15 5.56 caliber weapon was closer to the ground shooting from another angle.

Las Vegas Shooting:  Who Benefits?  One way to investigate an incident is to ask who might have benefited from it and then work backward from there.  The Las Vegas shooting is such a case.  A 'snapped' 64-year-old millionaire brings 23 guns into a hotel, sets up multiple cameras and fires into a crowd across from the hotel.  [Video clip]

Ann Coulter:  Las Vegas Massacre — The Story Is Coming Apart.  The media are either doing PR for the gambling industry or they don't want anyone considering the possibility that Paddock was using gambling to launder money. [...] The media think about money the way Democrats do.  They have absolutely no conception of where it originates.  Those casino owners sure are generous! reporters think to themselves.  Economist Thomas Sowell is always ridiculing journalists for not understanding basic economics.  It turns out, they don't understand the spreadsheet of a lemonade stand.  The New York Times explained that the "top" video poker machines pay out 99.17 percent.  That's great that Paddock was only losing cents on the dollar (if true), but it's still losing.  The Times quickly explained that he could have more than made up his losses with all the "comps" — the free rooms, meals and "50-year-old port that costs $500 a glass," as his brother Eric said.  Gamblers who are beating the house are not given $500 glasses of port.  Refer to the profit/loss spreadsheet.  And yet, according to his brother, Paddock was treated like royalty by the casinos.  Which means he was losing.

Steve Wynn Was Right — Las Vegas Shooter Used Mandalay Bay Freight Elevator.  During an interview on Sunday casino, hotel and resort billionaire Steve Wynn was describing some insider trade talk about the Mandalay Bay Massacre.  During the interview Wynn inadvertently mentioned shooter Stephen Paddock using the "service elevators" and how Wynn's internal security measures would never allow that to happen.  Asked for clarification, Mr. Wynn quickly demurred.  However, CBS is now reporting that Stephen Paddock did in fact use the freight elevator at the Mandalay Hotel and Casino.

The Official Mandalay Bay Massacre Narrative Just Completely Changed.  Well, well, well... the entire previous weeks claims about the timeline and structure of Stephen Paddock and how he carried out the Mandalay Bay Massacre just changed a full 180 degrees today when Sheriff Joseph Lombardo dropped a statement that Paddock did not begin shooting until his advanced preparation was interrupted by Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus "Jose'" Campos. [...] Paddock was drilling a hole in a door ("adjacent room") when Campos walked in at 9:59pm.  That's when Paddock opened fire on Campos wounding him in the leg.  Immediately thereafter is when Stephen Paddock broke out the windows and opened fire on the crowd below.  This latest revelation is explosive because it shows Paddock was interrupted in the act of preparing for the attack, and not during the commission of the attack itself.  This explains a great deal about the event and why so many advanced preparations appeared not to have been utilized. [...] This is not a timeline issue.  No way can this current explanation square with all the previous details, which were stated as facts day-after-day well into their fourth and fifth day press conferences.  Lombardo and the FBI were telling a story that they now admit was demonstrably false.

Why We Cannot Trust the FBI.  The FBI is discounting ISIS' claim that the Las Vegas attack was jihad.  But is the FBI really trustworthy?  The Islamic State says Steven Paddock converted six months ago.  He filmed himself killing; jihadis do that and post it online.  The attack was meticulously planned, as jihad attacks are, and Paddock likely had an accomplice.  Paddock made numerous trips to the Middle East.  Over 200 of his foreign financial transactions were flagged for possible "covert terrorism financing."  Contrary to the ignorant, misinformed and delusional talking heads in the media, ISIS does not take responsibility for events that are not theirs.  This has led even the New York Times' terrorism expert to give credence to ISIS' claims.

Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre.  In essence, because of the differences in the speed of sound vs. the speed of the bullets from a known cartridge (.223 Remington, in this case), the time lag between the last bullet hitting the pavement and the last audible report of the rifle muzzle can be used to very accurately calculate the range of the shooter.  More importantly, when the audio from the Las Vegas shooting is analyzed, it reveals TWO shooters operating at the same time, not just one shooter.

New revelations: Las Vegas gunman shot security guard before opening fire on concert-goers, police say.  Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren't able to pinpoint the gunman's location sooner.  Officials had previously said that gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nev., shot Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos after Paddock had unleashed his deadly volley at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, an assault that began at 10:05 p.m. and left 58 people dead, with hundreds more injured.

Mandalay Bay security guard was shot six minutes before Las Vegas gunman began shooting, police say.  [Scroll down]  At 9:59 p.m., Campos was shot in the leg after Paddock reportedly fired 200 shots into the hallway.  Paddock began shooting into the crowd six minutes later, contradicting original reports that Campos' arrival is what stopped Paddock's mass shooting.  Between the time that Campos was shot and Paddock began shooting, Campos notified authorities of what happened, which Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Friday was "absolutely critical" as it gave police Paddock's exact location.

Vegas Taxi Driver Video:  The Zapruder Film of the Mandalay Massacre?  There are several videos circulating that make it sound as though there were more than one shooter in Vegas.  But none that I've seen compare to this one, which has been called "The Zapruder Film" of the massacre.  In it, there are several bursts of fire that sound very far away and — pretty much at the same time — another weapon discharges very close to the camera.

Video: Automatic Gunfire Heard At Ground Level During Las Vegas Mass Shooting As Cover-Up Continues To Unravel.  In the video, which is amazingly over an hour long, you can not only hear gunfire and its echo in the distance for much of the time, you can also hear shots fired literally right near the frightened couple who filmed their entire escape from the concert. [...] Take note that this footage has NOT been addressed by any of the authorities who have seemingly totally ignored its existence while continuing to claim that only one shooter operated from the 32nd floor of the hotel.  Most likely, the same officials (and media outlets for that matter) who are covering up the obvious possibility of multiple shooters are the very people who directly lied about when Stephen Paddock actually checked into the hotel in the first place.

NY Times ISIS expert does a 180, thinks Vegas slaughter might be ISIS after all.  Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times ISIS correspondent is having second thoughts about the Islamic State's involvement in the Las Vegas attack.  It appears increasingly to point in that direction and it would be a stunning indictment of the FBI's nonchalant dismissal of their claims.  Knowing what we know about the FBI's involvement in the Garland Texas jihad attacks and the Boston plot to behead me, the kindest thing I can say about them is that they cannot be trusted.

The Collapse Of The Government Narrative On The Las Vegas Shooting.  The internet is swirling with possible scenarios for things that could have happened.  I've seen a lot of them and won't rehearse them here.  It isn't necessary to rehearse what might have been, what could have been, what's possible, and what is feasible, in order to understand that the government narrative is infeasible.  For me there are two pieces of evidence that point conclusively to the fact that this didn't go down the way the FBI says it went down.  Everyone who has operated guns for a long while, like I have, had to ask themselves the following question:  "If God forbid I decided to perpetrate something evil like this, what would that room have looked like when I was finished?"  The answer for most knowledgeable and sensible people is this:  "Not like that."  Not at all like that.  After firing so many rounds from rifles, the curtains, my face, my clothing, the carpet, the bedding, and just about everything else, would have been so covered with carbon and lead deposits that the dominant colors would have been black and grey in any photograph. [...] I don't have to tell you what happened in order to tell you that the government account didn't happen.  It didn't go down the way they said it went down, with one lone shooter firing bump fire stock AR-15s from one vantage point for no reason under the sun except that he lost gambling money (or whatever).  Their story is a lie.

Mystery remains of why gunman's room had another person's cellphone charger in it... but police insist there was only one shooter.  Law enforcement have said they are 'confident' Stephen Paddock carried out the Mandalay Bay massacre from his hotel room alone.  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said on Friday that investigators are sure no one else was in the room before he shot dead 58 and injured almost 500 on Sunday.  Earlier, NBC News had reported a mysterious charger that did not mach any of Paddock's cellpones — raising the possibility that another person had been with Paddock beforehand.

3 Curious Factoids:  Were Others in Paddock's Suite?  [#1] Reports from NBC News indicate that more than one person almost certainly visited Stephen Paddock's suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. [...] [#2] at Captain's Journal, Herschel Smith points us to a video snippet that seems to capture two weapons firing simultaneously.

Were Others in Paddock's Suite?  Did Paddock act alone?  While the evidence is far from convincing that he had help, there are certainly avenues that remain to be explored before we categorically state that he was a lone actor.

New ISIS Infographic on Vegas Shooting Claims Paddock Converted Six Months Ago.  The Islamic State continued insisting that they have a connection to Sunday night's massacre in Las Vegas with the publication of an infographic about the crime filling the second page of their 16-page weekly newsletter.  Today's release marks the 100th issue of al-Naba, which is distributed in ISIS territories and online via mediums such as Telegram and social media as a PDF.  ISIS claimed through their Amaq news agency Monday morning [10/2/2017] that the "Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State who carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting coalition countries."  They claimed he had converted to Islam recently.  In the new al-Naba issue, the terror group claims Stephen Paddock converted to Islam six months ago.

Was Las Vegas Shooter "Radicalized"?  The deadliest mass shooting in modern American history has been cravenly transformed into anti-American propaganda by the Left, as Democrat commentators race to ghoulishly disparage white men, gun rights and the NRA, Republicans, and President Trump, blaming them for what otherwise looks like a Muslim terrorist atrocity.  Islamic State continues to claim responsibility for the massacre.  The terrorist group also claims Paddock converted to Islam six months ago and refers to him by a nom de guerre, Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki.  In Las Vegas Wednesday [10/4/2017] FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse said, "We have found no evidence to this point to indicate terrorism, but this is an ongoing investigation.  We're going to look at all avenues, not close any."  Paddock may have been "radicalized unbeknownst to us," Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said at a presser without elaborating.  The reporters present for the statement did not bother to follow up.  For much of the mainstream media, the fact that Paddock was a white male explained his violent rampage.

Vegas Sheriff:  Large Quantities of Explosive Compounds in Shooter's Car; No Known Hotel Companion.  Clues left behind by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock — including 50 pounds of Tannerite, 1,600 rounds of ammunition and an undisclosed amount of ammonium nitrate left in the gunman's car at the Mandalay Bay hotel — indicate he may have thought he would survive and escape, authorities said today [10/4/2017].  At an evening briefing on the investigation into Sunday night's massacre, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo tackled some of the reports and rumors that have been circulating:  what looks like a notepad on a table in the leaked crime scene photos "was not a suicide note," and the stairwell next to Paddock's suite was not welded shut but it was "secured."  "We haven't been able to determine if there was anyone else in that room besides him," Lombardo said.

Veteran, who alerted the cops to Vegas gunman's EXACT location, demands to know why it took more than an hour for the hotel room to be raided.  An Iraq war veteran who was staying in the same hotel as the Las Vegas gunman is demanding to know why it took more than an hour for the cops to take him down.  Police received their first report of gunfire at the Route 91 Harvest festival, in Las Vegas at 10.08pm on Sunday.  But it was another 72 minutes before SWAT teams finally burst into Stephen Paddock's room at the Mandalay Bay to find the suspect had shot himself dead moments earlier.  The most concerning issue is there appears to have been an unexplained 24 minute delay, where SWAT teams were armed and ready to go outside Paddock's room, but waited until 11.21 pm to enter.

Gowdy on Vegas Shooting: 'Difficult to Believe That a Single Person Could Have Done This Without Detection'.  Monday [10/2/2017] on Fox News Channel's "The Story," Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) offered his thoughts on the investigation of the Las Vegas mass shooting a night earlier that left at least 59 dead and 527 injured.  Gowdy told host Martha MacCallum he was skeptical that Stephen Paddock, the individual thought to be responsible for the shooting, could have acted without at least one person identifying his behavior as suspicious.  The South Carolina Republican predicted in coming days he will be proved correct.

ISIS provides proof of Vegas claim, "careful monitoring of the crusader gathering" and other facts you do not know.  The Islamic State has provided further information (in English) to substantiate its claim that Steven Paddock was a Muslim convert who waged war in the cause of Allah in Las Vegas Sunday evening, claiming that Paddock did a reconnaissance of the site of his mass shooting.  It is unwise for the authorities and the leftwing media to dismiss the Islamic State's claims out of hand.  Primarily because underestimating the Islamic State has been one of the West's biggest mistakes, and secondly because we know nothing about this unfathomable act of evil.  The FBI said it had found no such connection so far, with the local sheriff describing him as a lone "psychopath."  How could they possibly know that so much early in the investigation?  It speaks to a gross incompetence and already predetermined outcome.

UTT Assesses Las Vegas Attack As A Jihadi Operation.  While investigation reveals [Stephen] Paddock was a politically left-wing individual with possible Marxist ties to Antifa and other groups, the evidence points to jihad.  Since UTT first published its initial assessment, the Islamic State claimed the Las Vegas attack was conducted by one of their "soldiers."  It should be noted, this is a very strong data point in understanding the events in Las Vegas.  The Islamic State has never claimed responsibility for an attack that was not carried out by a jihadi.  Later in the day Monday [10/2/2017], the Islamic State issued a second public message calling Stephen Paddock a "soldier of the caliphate" and a "martyr" and stating he converted to Islam in the last few months.  The Islamic State further gave Paddock the Arabic name of Abu Abed al Bir Al-Amriki.  The fact the FBI found "no evidence" of links between Paddock and "terrorist organizations" is, in fact, evidence he is likely linked to such organizations.  The FBI has been wrong on every single attack of this nature over the last 8 years.  The FBI had investigations on and interviewed nearly all of the jihadis who ended up killing Americans in the attacks in Little Rock, San Bernadino, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Boston, and others.  The government called the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas and the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma as "workplace violence."  The government continues to catastrophically fail in their basic duties to (1) know the enemy and (2) protect the public.

16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Talk About.  As you will see below, the evidence is mounting that there were multiple shooters and that this was an operation that was planned well in advance.  But according to the mainstream media, a 64-year-old retired accountant with a flabby physique that had no military training whatsoever and that wasn't very experienced with guns was able to pull the whole thing off all by himself.  We are being told that Paddock was a "lone wolf" that didn't have any ties to terror groups, and since he is now dead nobody is ever going to be able to interrogate him.  But the American people definitely deserve some answers about what took place, and that means that all of us should keep digging. [...] How did someone with "no military background" and that wasn't a "gun guy at all" operate such advanced weapons?  Because what we are being told by the mainstream media just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Based on the Early Reports, the Las Vegas Shooting Is Very, Very Strange.  [Scroll down]  Put all this together, and the shooting is flat-out bizarre.  It's significantly different from virtually any other mass shooting in U.S. history.  If the weapons were fully automatic, then he likely would have spent immense sums of money to obtain them legally, jumping through extensive legal hoops. [...] As my colleague Charlie Cooke tweeted earlier this morning, legally-owned fully-automatic weapons have been used in three crimes since 1934.  So, a person who's "not a gun guy" has either expended untold thousands of dollars to legally purchase fully-automatic weapons, somehow found them on the black market, or purchased and substantially modified multiple semi-automatic weapons — and did so with enough competence to create a sustained rate of fire.  This same person also spent substantial sums purchasing just the right hotel room to maximize casualties.  I cannot think of a single other mass shooter who went to this level of expense and planning in the entire history of the United States.

LVMPD audio: 'There are at least two shooters with fully-automatic weapons'.  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department audio captured during last Sunday's active shooting at Mandalay Bayresort and casino reveals how officers confirmed that there were at least two shooters firing down onto the crowd of concertgoers attending the Route 91 music festival.  After a series of fully-automatic gunfire popped off and people started getting struck by flying rounds a team of law enforcement officers and another 'element' stormed the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay it was feared that there was an additional shooter on the 29th floor.

The Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend's Story Strains Credulity.  Are we ever going to get to the bottom of the Las Vegas shooting?  A lot of hopes were pinned on getting access to his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who has now returned from a trip to visit her family in the Philippines.  She's been speaking to authorities and the information made public so far might be seen as clearing her from involvement but... well, let's just say more questions need to be answered.

Secret Life?  ISIS Doubles-Down, Says Vegas Gunman Converted Six Months Ago.  The Islamic State doubled-down on previous claims that the man behind the worst mass shooting in American history had converted to Islam six months ago, and carried out the devastating attacks as an ISIS soldier.  The terror group renewed its claims in the 16-page edition of 'Naba', its weekly newsletter; saying Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old former accountant from Mesquite, Nevada, secretly converted to an Islamic fighter half a year ago.  "Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State who carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting coalition countries," said the ISIS newsletter.

Where did the Las Vegas Mass Murderer's Money Come From?  One of the puzzles about the mass murderer in Las Vegas is the source of his money.  His brother characterizes him as "very wealthy" and that "$100,000 is no big deal".  His real estate holdings holdings have been estimated as worth several millions of dollars.  He paid cash for his latest real estate, and gambled up to a million dollars a year, according to a real estate agent who dealt with him. [...] There are many unconventional sources of wealth that could be laundered through casino gambling.

Marseilles - again
October 1, 2017

Muslim Terrorist Shouting, "Allahu Akbar" Slits Woman's Throat In France.  This is the new Europe.  Terrorist attacks like these are not an aberration.  They're the new normal.  And the new normal procedure is to bury them as crimes or just the random attacks of random madmen, randomly shouting, "Allahu Akbar".

Knifeman shouting 'Allahu akbar' slits a woman's throat and stabs another to death at Marseille station before he is killed by French army.  ISIS have claimed responsibility for a terror attack which saw a man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' stab two women to death with a butcher's knife in Marseille.  The victims, aged 17 and 20, suffered horrific injuries during the 'frenzied' attack, with one slashed in the throat and the other stabbed in the chest and stomach.  Eyewitnesses told how a man 'dressed in black' launched himself at the two women, who screamed for their lives as others ran for safety.  The assailant was gunned down by soldiers who were on patrol inside Saint Charles train station at the time as part of France's ongoing state of emergency. [...] It is thought to be the latest in a long series of Islamic State atrocities across France and the rest of Europe.

Man yelling 'Allahu Akbar' kills 2 at French train station before being shot dead.  A man wielding a butcher knife and shouting "God is great" in Arabic stabbed two young women to death — slitting one's throat — outside a French train station before being shot dead by soldiers Sunday morning [10/1/2017].  The Paris prosecutor's office launched a terrorism investigation into the killings in Marseilles.  Hours later ISIS claimed the attacker was its "soldier."  The unidentified terrorist struck his victims — who were just 17 and 20 — at the Gare Saint-Charles train station, cutting one's throat and stabbing the other in the chest and stomach.

September 17, 2017

Two American female tourists in their early twenties are rushed to hospital after having acid thrown in their face[s] outside Marseille train station.  Two female American tourists suffered facial injuries in an acid attack that left two others nursing burns, outside a train station in Marseille.  The four tourists, in their early twenties, were travelling between Marseilles and Paris when a 41-year-old man sprayed them with hydrochloric acid, according to reports. [...] According to witnesses, no slogans were shouted out during the attack, and it was not thought to be terrorist related. [...] Fourteen firefighters rushed to the scene in four emergency vehicles.  Police do not believe the attack is terror related.

The Editor says...
Nope, no sign of Islamic terrorism.  Except they're the only people who do stuff like this, and anybody with any common sense — even 4800 miles away — can see it is an act of Islamic terrorism.  Prove me wrong.

Acid attack on 4 US students not seen as terror act, France says.  The Paris prosecutor's office said earlier Sunday that its counter-terrorism division had decided for the time being not to assume jurisdiction for investigating the attack.  The prosecutor's office in the capital, which has responsibility for all terror-related cases in France, did not explain the reasoning behind the decision. [...] A driver deliberately rammed into two bus stops in Marseille last month, killing a woman, but officials said it wasn't terror-related.

September 15, 2017

Second London "Bucket Bomb" Suspect Arrested Was Syrian Refugee.  The second suspect arrested in the London 'bucket bomb' attempt highlights the reality of the multi-year concern about unvetted refugees and the potential for importing terrorism.  Yahya Faroukh, 21, is a Syrian national who sought asylum in the U.K. from the civil war.  Unfortunately, it appears he carried the civil war of jihad with him.

Both suspects in London subway attack are "refugee" 'kids' nurtured by do-gooders.  The 'kids' (unaccompanied alien minors?) were from Iraq and Syria.  Both received government-supported foster care from a couple known for their welcome to needy 'kids.'  Of course we have to wonder if they were even kids when they got into the UK, but that's a story for another day.

Pair questioned over Parsons Green Tube bombing.  The younger man is suspected of planting the device, which exploded on a District Line train in London on Friday morning, injuring 30 people.  He and the other man, reported to be from Syria, are being questioned by police on suspicion of offences under the Terrorism Act.

The Unaccompanied Muslim Minor Refugee Terror Attack in London.  Ronald Jones, 88, and Penelope Jones, 71, like so many well-meaning Westerners, had no idea what they were letting themselves in for until the police were hammering at their door.  Now they themselves have been turned into refugees, seeking shelters with relatives, while the police search for clues to the latest terror attack.  The couple became interested in fostering "refugees" when the media barraged helpless listeners with sob stories of Syrian suffering.  But while they spoke often of children, the actual migrants are adults.  At the center of the case is Yahyah Farroukh, a Syrian, in his twenties.  Farroukh was no child.  Neighbors described a constant flow of traffic to the Jones home.  The visitors wore the traditional Islamic clothing often associated with the Jihadists who are the core of the European terror threat.  Prayer mats were set out in the garden.  And there were constant cell phone conversations.

Parsons Green bombing:  Police cordon off home of second refugee foster child.  A 21-year-old man was arrested in Hounslow on Saturday night [9/16/2017] just hours after police caught the 18-year-old suspected of planting the Tube bomb at the Port of Dover.  After the second arrest officers cordoned off a property just yards from Heathrow Airport linked to a Syrian refugee who had previously lived at the home of Ron and Penny Jones, who had been fostering the 18-year-old before his arrest.

The Editor says...
The British press is clueless, incompetent, and paralyzed by political correctness.  A young man of fighting age who enters another country to engage in terrorism is not a refugee.  An 18-year-old guerrilla is not a foster child.  How many other "foster children" have beards, stockpiles of weapons, and no plans to get a job?

Police admit another 'Bucket Bomber' could be on the run.  The 18-year-old being held by police on suspicion of planting a bomb on the London underground was arrested two weeks ago at the exact same tube station where the device exploded but released, neighbours have said.  The teen — who is being held after police tracked him to the departures hall at the Port of Dover — is thought to have been a 'problematic foster child' who was raised in Sunbury-on-Thames by Penelope Jones, 71, and husband Ronald, 88.  Serena Barber, 47, who has known the couple all her life and lives in a property backing on to theirs, said:  'They have two boys at the moment, both are foreign.  One is very quiet and polite, the other who is 18 is awful.

Second man is arrested over Parsons Green attack.  A second man has been arrested in connection with the terror attack at Parsons Green.  The 21-year-old man was arrested in the London borough of Hounslow at around 11.50pm last night [9/14/2017] and has been taken to a south London police station.  It comes as neighbours claim terror police have recovered '15 firearms and a bomb' from a Surrey house raided in connection with the attack.

Manhunt for London bomber underway as threat level raised.  British police raced Saturday [9/16/2017] to track down whoever planted a bomb on a packed London Underground train, as authorities raised the national threat level to maximum, meaning another attack may be imminent.

Parsons Green terror:  Teenager arrested in Dover in connection with bomb attack.  A teenager has been arrested in Dover in connection with yesterday's bomb attack on a tube at Parsons Green, West London.  The 18-year-old man was arrested in Dover under The Terrorist Act in connection with the Parsons Green station bombing.  The terror attack saw an improvised explosive device detonated on a London underground tube injuring 29 people.

British police arrest man in hunt for London bombers.  British police arrested an 18-year-old man in the southern port of Dover on Saturday [9/16/2017] in a "significant" development in the hunt for the people behind a London commuter train bombing that injured 30 people a day earlier.

Multiple injured after 'blast' at London subway station.  A bucket wrapped in an insulated bag caught fire on a packed London subway train Friday, sending commuters stampeding in panic at the height of the morning rush hour.  Police said they were investigating it as a terrorist attack.  Photos taken inside a District Line train show a white plastic bucket inside a foil-lined shopping bag.  Flames and what appear to be wires emerge from the top.  London ambulance service said they had sent multiple crews to the Parsons Green station and 18 people were hospitalized, though none had life-threatening injuries.  Police advised people to avoid the area in southwest London.

At least 20 people are injured in Tube terror attack.  Police are today [9/15/2017] hunting for the 'bucket bomber' who tried blow up a rush hour Tube train amid claims the terror suspect is armed with knives and may have left other devices.  The crude device could have killed dozens but failed to properly detonate and sent a 'wall of fire' through the carriage injuring at least 18 people including a ten-year-old boy.  Terrified passengers 'ran for their lives' and were seen covered in blood with scorched hands, legs, faces and hair after the incident at Parsons Green station in west London at 8.20am.

August 18, 2017

Two dead, at least six hurt in knife attack in Finland.  A man with a knife killed two people and wounded eight others in a stabbing rampage in a market square in the Finnish city of Turku on Friday [8/18/2017], police said.  Police shot the suspected attacker in the leg and arrested him.  They said they had yet to establish the identity of the man who was of foreign origin, or his motive.

Several wounded in stabbing attack in Finland.  Authorities in Finland have shot and arrested a suspect after several people were stabbed in the city of Turku.  The incident reportedly occurred in the city's Puutori-Market Square area, BBC reported.  The police have warned people to stay away from the area.

Finland Knife Jihad!  Shouting "Allahu Akbar, Muslim goes on a stabbing rampage.  At least two dead so far, several injured.

Knifed in the Market.  Two women were stabbed to death in the streets of Turku, with police revealing six others were injured, including several men who came to the aid of the victims, including a woman with a pram.

August 18, 2017

German hurt in Barcelona car rampage dies, bringing toll to 16.  The number of people killed in twin terror attacks in Spain last week rose to 16 on Sunday, local authorities in Barcelona said Sunday [8/27/2017].  "This morning a 51-year-old German woman died after being treated in a critical condition in hospital," said a statement from the region's civil defense.  The attacks on Las Ramblas boulevard in Barcelona and in the seaside resort of Cambrils left around 120 wounded.

Spain is left reeling by Barcelona attacks chilling map shows how more than 300 innocents have lost their lives in 16 separate jihadist atrocities.  Barcelona and Cambrils, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin and London — these are just some of the horrifying attacks which have taken 364 lives, severely injured victims, ripped families apart and left communities devastated in Europe over the past two years.  Each attack — committed by ruthless jihadis — has shocked and saddened the world, leaving people heartbroken and fearful about the future.  Streets are flocked to by emergency services, witnesses reveal the horror of climbing over bodies and desperately trying to save strangers and families launch campaigns to find their missing loved ones.  But despite the attackers attempting to scare people into not living their lives, the cities and communities come back fighting each time.

Five jihadis wearing suicide belts are killed and seven people injured as gunfire erupts in beach resort south of Barcelona.  A hero policewoman surrounded by drugged-up jihadis wearing 'Coke can' suicide vests killed four out of five of them herself and saved an injured colleague, it was revealed today [8/18/2017].  The terrorists carrying knives and an axe bailed out of their overturned Audi A3 used to plough into crowds on the seafront in Cambrils on the Costa Dorada at 1am today, killing a woman, 61, from Zaragoza, and injuring six others.  Two police officers were on a routine foot patrol when one was hit by the car and within seconds her partner pulled out a handgun and killed four of them as they charged her.

American dead in Spain, US citizen also injured in terror attack.  The State Department announced Friday [8/18/2017] that one American was among the 14 people killed in a pair of deadly terror attacks in Spain.  The assaults — in Barcelona and Cambrils — wounded more than 100 others, and one U.S. citizen was also among that count, officials said.

Hero Spanish cop killed 4 Cambrils terror attack suspects, official says.  A heroic Spanish police officer on Friday [8/18/2017] single-handedly killed four of the five suspects who were believed to have carried out a terror attack in the Catalan seaside town of Cambrils, a senior police official said.  At least one of the suspected terrorists appeared to be laughing and taunting a police officer who shot and killed him, according to video footage of the incident and a witness who saw the stunning encounter.

August 5, 2017

Knife-wielding Muslim shouting "Allahu Akbar" arrested at Eiffel Tower.  "Not terrorism," said police right after it happened, even though the Muslim knifeman (allegedly with "mental issues"), from the West African state of Mauritania, brandished a knife in front of tourists and security forces and told police he wanted to kill a soldier.

Man with knife arrested at Eiffel Tower.  French police arrested an intruder brandishing a knife at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday night which led the monument to be evacuated, sources said.  The man, who is aged around 19 and has a history of psychological problems, forced his way past security guards and then shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is Greatest"), a legal source told AFP.

Flint, Michigan
June 21, 2017

Spot the difference:  CNN vs.  Breitbart edition.  Why would CNN leave out what the stabber actually said in the article plus the person's race?  CBS radio also is not saying what the person said or his name and saying it is impossible to tell if it is terrorism.  Somehow, the other day, when a white person drove a truck into Muslims in London, the media were immediately able to declare it terrorism and say the driver's race.  Isn't that amazing?  I am not a law enforcement officer or a reporter, but my deep analysis of the situation leads me to conclude that the stabbing was a terrorist attack done in the name of Islam.  Why don't the media report what they know instead of intentionally keeping certain information from the public?

Man Who Stabbed Police Officer In Michigan Airport Is a Canadian Muslim.  The attacker armed with a knife that stabbed a Flint airport police officer Wednesday morning [6/21/2017] has been identified as Canadian resident Amor M. Ftouhi.  The officer, Lt. Jeff Neville was stabbed in the neck, by Ftouhi, and was critically injured but has now been upgraded to satisfactory condition.  Ftouhi was arrested at the scene by Neville, helped by another police member, a fire department member and a maintenance worker.

Attacker Shouts 'Allahu Akbar' Before Stabbing Michigan Cop At Flint Airport.  An unknown assailant allegedly yelled "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing an off-duty police officer in the neck area at the Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, according to various reports.  The suspect is currently in custody, according to a Fox News report, and the FBI is investigating the incident as a possible terror attack.  The officer, Lt. Jeff Neville, was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but has since been upgraded to stable after surgery, according to NBC.

POSSIBLE terror incident.  NBC isn't quite sure.  Let's keep an open mind, after all.
Michigan Airport Stabbing:  Officer Attacked in Possible Terror Incident.  An officer for Bishop International Airport was stabbed Wednesday [6/21/2017] in a possible terror-related incident in Flint, Michigan, sources told NBC News.  The attacker allegedly shouted "Allahu akbar" before stabbing Lieutenant Jeff Neville, who was bleeding from the neck, sources and witnesses at Bishop International Airport said.

June 20, 2017

Foiled Brussels attacker's bag had nails & gas bottles — prosecutor.  A bag found at the scene of a foiled terrorist attack in Brussels contained gas canisters and nails, according to a Belgian prosecutor.  The suspect, who was shot dead, is a 36-year-old Moroccan national with no previous record of being a terrorist suspect.  The man was identified as O.Z., and his home in the Molenbeek area was searched, Prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt told journalists at a news conference.  The suspect was not wearing a suicide belt, but was heard shouting 'Allahu Akbar' ('God is great' in Arabic) before being shot dead by soldiers, the prosecutor said.

Man With 'Explosives Belt' Shot By Brussels Police, Explosions at Central Station.  Reports claim that there have been explosions at the main railway station in Brussels and that police have ordered people to evacuate the building.  The Brussels Public prosecutor has said that there have been no civilian deaths or injuries in the incident.  The prosecutor's office has not so far specified whether the man shot has died or is being treated for his injuries and have not identified the man.

Suspected suicide bomber threatening train passengers 'shouts Allahu Akbar and triggers an explosion'.  A suspected suicide bomber who allegedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before triggering an explosion at Brussels Central Station has been gunned down by soldiers.  Shots rang out soon after 8pm tonight as police and soldiers moved in to 'neutralise' the man, who was said to be 'threatening rail passengers' in what is being considered as a terrorist incident.  Initial reports suggested the suspect — described as being 'tanned, well-built and in his 30s' — was wearing an explosive vest or rucksack, while witnesses later claimed he tried to blow up a trolley or a suitcase.

June 3, 2017

London Terrorist Fought in Sen. McCain's Beloved Free Syrian Army.  One of the terrorists who carried out the deadly London Bridge attack in England this month fought in an affiliate of Senator John McCain's beloved Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Libya, supporting the U.S.-backed effort to topple Muammar Gaddafi.  His name is Rachid Redouane and, after fighting in the Libyan revolution with the Tripoli-based group Liwa al Ummah, he joined a militia that deployed jihadist fighters to Syria.

The 18 glaring chances missed by authorities to stop the London Bridge killers.  The police, MI5 and the UK border force missed at least 18 clear chances to tackle the three London Bridge jihadists raising even more serious questions about their ability to stop violent extremists.  MailOnline can reveal there were several opportunities to stop more than one of the terrorists getting into Britain in the first place — but the authorities failed to intervene.  Mastermind Khuram Butt was deemed a 'low priority' despite an aborted attempt to wage holy war in Syria, links to several notorious extremists and an appearance on national TV where he unfurled an ISIS-style flag in public.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan accidentally reveals Trump's criticisms of his statement were correct.  So the mayor [of London] admits that there are 200+ trained insurgents roaming the streets of Britain, but there is no reason to be alarmed!  Hmm, that sounds like a guy who has an armed security detail that follows him everywhere he goes.  Don't worry about the cops not following these trained killers who believe that murdering the mayor's constituents is a holy obligation because "all of us have a role to play"?  Does this mean the mayor believes that family, friends, and neighbors would turn in anyone suspected of planning terror attacks?  That hasn't been the way it has worked.

Have we finally had 'enough'?  Islamic terrorists killed eight people and wounded 48 more in London on June 3 before being shot to death by police.  It was the third terrorist attack in Britain in as many months.  Last September, after a jihadi attack in New York, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, "It is a reality I'm afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things."

Britain Pays the Price for Complacency.  The attacks in London on Saturday are the latest in a series of terror strikes that have led to the deaths of over 30 civilians of various nationalities.  British PM Theresa May has expressed the outrage of most British people, declaring that "we cannot allow this ideology the safe space that it needs to breathe" and calling for the regulation of cyberspace to prevent the internet being used so effectively by terrorist groups to disseminate their poisonous ideology.  These declarations by the British prime minister conceal a scandal.  The signs of Britain's current predicament were visible decades earlier, and successive prime ministers and cabinets proved incapable of anticipating the extent of the threat from Islamist terrorism.

Police: All 12 people arrested after London attack released without charges.  London police announced Monday [6/5/2017] they were releasing the 12 people they arrested following the attack in the city Saturday night that killed seven and injured dozens.  Police did not say why they were releasing the individuals or what they had been suspected of doing.

The decades-long smoldering of England's Muslims.  The alienation that lacerated London Bridge Saturday night has been a long time festering, at least a quarter-century, when I first became aware of it.  In 1989, book-burnings in Britain against the novel "The Satanic Verses" led to the fatwa, or death sentence, against its author, Salman Rushdie, forcing him into hiding for a decade.  Then, in 1991, more Muslim protests broke out against the British government's support for the U.S.-led first Gulf War to reverse the seizure of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.  Suddenly, the British discovered that a large and undigested population of disaffected Muslims lived in the heart of England.

No wonder they didn't want us to know who the London Bridge Butchers were.  [Scroll down]  The senior echelons of intelligence and investigation appear utterly incompetent.  They give endless press statements and tweets, parading leaders of community faith groups in the name of diversity, but still they fail to take action.  The West Midland Police have just admitted that their Head of Counter-Terrorism Unit has classified and highly confidential papers stolen from a car he was using on May 15.  A force spokesman said: 'An investigation has been launched after items were stolen from a West Midlands Police officer's unmarked car.  'A number of personal items were taken during the theft along with a locked metal box that contained documents relating to police matters.  The box was locked in the boot.  The officer remains at work.'  At a time when our terror threat was heading from Severe to Critical — the head of counter-terrorism has highly classified papers nicked from his car?  Are we leaving paperwork in parked cars now?  My shenanigans detector is flashing red.  It's not adding up.

London Bridge terrorists:  All refugees or immigrants.  The ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack who was photographed on the ground with canisters strapped to his body was today named by police as Khuram Butt[.]  Butt, 27, of Barking, East London, is believed to have led the trio of terrorists who ploughed into pedestrians using a hired van, before stabbing revellers in pubs and bars on Saturday night [6/3/2017].  Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said Butt was known to police and MI5 but said there had been no evidence of "attack planning" and he had been deemed as a 'low priority.'

From My Cold Dead Keyboard.  The global community has been rocked by tragedy after tragedy over the last several weeks, but few instances have captured the international spotlight as readily as the recent attacks in London.  The international community was quick to offer their support to the beleaguered Britain, but a troubling response came from that nation's own leader.  In a prompt speech following the terrible events, British Prime Minister, Theresa May offered a plan of action to address the uptick in terrorism that has ravaged Western Europe.  May's ideas raise fears of their own.  In her call to action, May called for a drastic change in global Internet policy.  From removing "safe spaces" where terrorists may communicate anonymously, to forcing companies to weaken their encryption standards so government entities may more easily monitor communications, the proposed policies sound a myriad of alarms for those concerned about their civil liberties.

The Editor says...
The internet isn't the problem.  Civil liberties are not the problem.  Islam is the problem.  But the internet is easier to control, and civil liberties are easier to remove.

The Endless Terror War.  By all accounts, the killers bore no special grudge against those they murdered.  They appear not even to have known their victims.  Why, then, did they kill these strangers, and themselves?  A BBC eyewitness suggests a motive:  "They shouted, 'This is for Allah,' as they stabbed indiscriminately."  The murderers were Muslims.  The rationale for their crimes lies in the belief that their bloody deeds would inscribe them in a book of martyrs, and Allah would reward them with instant ascension into the paradise that awaits all good Muslims.  Ideas have consequences.  And where might these crazed killers have gotten an idea like that?

Preacher Who Helped 'Radicalize' London Attacker Lives In Michigan.  A Michigan-based Islamic preacher's YouTube account may have helped radicalize one of Saturday's London attackers, a friend of the attacker told BBCNews Asia.  The preacher, Ahmad Musa Jibril, is well known on youtube for preaching sermons that appear to lionize Islamic terrorists fighting in Syria.  The friend of the attacker was so concerned by his obsession with the preacher's sermons, it prompted him to notify the anti-terror police.  The attacker and two accomplices killed seven and injured dozens more after plowing a car into a crowd and stabbing passersby before police could gun them down.

London terror attack:  British officials eye burka ban and stripping citizenship.  After yet another deadly terrorist attack swept through the streets of Britain late Saturday [6/3/2017], lawmakers and leaders were scrambling to take back the reins and foil any further tragedies.  British Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking Sunday after a meeting of the government's COBRA emergency committee, claimed there was "too much tolerance" of Islamist extremism in the U.K. and insisted that the country's counterterrorism strategy would be reviewed.

The Editor says...
Politicians all over the world speak about Islamic terrorism without actually calling it what it is.  They'll think about what just happened and they'll review it all, but they'll never take any substantive action, because that would be portrayed in the newspapers as "racism," a (most likely) baseless charge the politicians nevertheless find indefensible.

Mass immigration without assimilation is national suicide.  The UK got another lesson in this rule last night.  A nation simply cannot allow a massive flood of immigrants that do not share the values and ideals of that nation.  And if that nation makes no effort at demanding assimilation, the situation will get worse very quickly because that nation has surrendered its sovereignty.  And, if that nation has also effectively disarmed its citizens, well, then that nation is reduced to running, hiding and telling.  Will the UK, or the rest of Europe learn?  Will they reject the foolishness of allowing mass immigration of people who largely reject Western culture?  Will they at the very least roll back their inane gun control laws?  Will they stand up and say what must be said, that it is Islamists that are the cause of every last terror attack to hit Europe in recent years?  Will they let go their irrational addiction to "equality" and face reality?  If they do not then attacks will increase both in frequency and scope.  Western culture is not the problem, Jihadism is, and Europe has allowed the seeds of these attacks to be sown by not having common sense immigration laws.  Now, they are reaping the fruit of those seeds.

London attack: Terrorists shouted 'this is for Allah'.  Seven victims are confirmed dead after a group of terrorists with hoax explosives strapped to their chests drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before jumping out and stabbing people.  A Kiwi man is among the injured after three Jihadi terrorists shouted "this is for Allah" as they stormed the Borough Market area, full of pubs and restaurants, and attacked punters with 12-inch hunting knives.

Islamic State Supporters Celebrate London Terror:  Allah Will Reward You for Running over Infidels.  Writing in an encrypted chat room, Islamic State sympathizers and militants hailed Saturday's deadly attacks in London and typically called for more such carnage throughout Europe and the West.

After London Bridge, The World Is Sick Of Politicians Downplaying Terrorism.  As if on cue, in the wake of Saturday's terrorist attack in London political leaders are trotting out the usual treacly lines that have become so rote.  But the words they pretend will provide comfort to anyone but the most naïve are borderline worthless.  Worse, they're an insult to the families who have had to experience the shocking pain of the sudden loss of a family member or friend at the hands of a terrorist.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan's tweets haven't aged well.  London Mayor Sadiq Khan is offering the usual condemnation cliches for Saturday's terror attack on London Bridge, which left at least 6 dead and some 20 injured, calling the attack 'cowardly' and the murders 'tragic.'  Cue the teddy bears, the floral displays, and the hastags.  It's the same futile response that followed the Manchester terrorist concert massacre and the Westminster Bridge terror attack.  But Khan has a history, noted by the Twitter account named Tennessee.  It's not going down well in the wake of the latest terror attack[.]

Nigel Farage: 'Words Are Not Enough, People Want Action', Slams Sadiq Khan, Theresa May on Terror Responses.  UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEP Nigel Farage has slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for not addressing extremism in Muslim communities and criticised Theresa May's tenure as home secretary, saying that the prime minister's words are not enough and people want action.  On Fox and Friends Weekend, the Brexit campaigner criticised Mr. Khan for telling Londoners "not to be alarmed" [...]

Jihadis Celebrate Deadly London Terror Attacks Online.  Islamic State sympathizers are reportedly celebrating the latest attacks to shake the United Kingdom online.  Attackers slammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge late Saturday evening.  The incident was immediately followed by a string of stabbings at Borough Market nearby.  Pro-ISIS channels are heralding the attacks as "the black days we've promised" and are anticipating an ISIS claim, reports the SITE Intel Group, which monitors jihadi activity worldwide.

London attacks: Witnesses report van swerving into people, rapid gunfire and stabbings.  Authorities in London responded late Saturday [6/3/2017] to reports of attacks on citizens in three locations near the London Bridge, as witnesses report what appeared to be a coordinated attack.  Multiple witnesses reported a vehicle veering off the road and hitting several pedestrians; others also said they saw a man with a knife.  Witnesses reported seeing injured people on the ground on the bridge.

Saturday attacks [represent] a tipping point in campaign to destroy the West.  There is no longer any doubt:  the mayhem in London Saturday night [6/3/2017] has raised terrorism to a new threat level to the Western world.  The methods, and reported reference to Allah by one of the knife wielders points to Islamic perpetrators, though no official statements have been issued.  Yet the van that plowed into pedestrians on the historic London Bridge, the knife attacks near Borough Market — carried out nearly simultaneously — reflect the same boldness and brazenness on the part of the twisted warriors of the Islamist campaign to destroy Western civilization and force us all to worship their version of God.  Coming only a few days before British voters go to the polls for a June 8 snap election, and just months after a similar vehicular attack on Westminster Bridge, the weekend violence is certain to have an effect on turnout and, quite possibly, the makeup of parliament and the next British government.

A white van 'mows down 20 people' on London Bridge amid unconfirmed reports of gunfire and stabbing.  Seven people are feared dead after three men with 12-inch hunting knives reportedly stabbed pedestrians after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van on London Bridge.  The men, described as being 'of Mediterranean origin', reportedly jumped out of the van and began 'randomly stabbing people' along Borough High Street in central London at 10pm.  The car, believed to be a B&Q vehicle, reportedly veered in an 'S shape' at 50mph across the bridge and has driven towards the Shard and is south of the river.  'Rapid gunfire' was heard in the London Bridge area as armed police are thought to have shot shot dead two of the men, with a search underway for the third man.

Manchester, UK
May 22, 2017

Introduction and overview by The Editor:
I had never heard of Ariana Grande before this incident, nor do I care to listen to any of her past performances to see what the attraction could have been, but this incident should have been forecast weeks in advance.  Why?  Because the Muslims hate to see unaccompanied women having fun in public, especially after sunset, and especially if some of them should go home and put some more clothes on.  The Muslims detest revelry and drunkenness and loud secular music.  They all do.  The jihadis are those in the suicidal subset who are willing to do something about it, hoping to be instantly rewarded in paradise with their own little set of virgins.  They immediately find out how wrong they were, I believe, but by then it's too late.  Frankly, I'm surprised that incidents of this sort don't happen more often, in places where the same types of events are scheduled and publicized, like Times Square on New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, and every weekend in Las Vegas.  As the Muslim population grows, and especially when they reach the majority, these incidents will multiply rapidly, and then they will come to an abrupt end when outdoor performances of secular music are outlawed.  But by then they'll find something else that's offensive and intolerable.

Police had intel on Manchester Arena bomber years before attack, inquiry told.  Intelligence that linked the Manchester Arena bomber to another suspected terrorist was uncovered by detectives three years before the 2017 bombing but was never passed on for further investigation, an inquiry has heard.  Detectives found the name, photo and phone number of Salman Abedi during an investigation into Abdalraouf Abdallah in 2014.  They found Abedi had exchanged about 1,300 text messages with Abdallah in November 2014.

Brother of Manchester Arena bomber found guilty of murder.  The brother of the Manchester Arena bomber has been found guilty of the murder of 22 people and helping to plan one of the deadliest terror attacks the UK has ever seen.  Hashem Abedi was not in court to hear the unanimous verdict after deciding earlier in the week to withdraw himself from the proceedings, sacking his entire defence team.  As each victim's name was read out the jury returned a guilty verdict, with family members becoming emotional and heard crying in the courtroom.

Police arrest 24-year-old man on suspicion of terror offences over Manchester bombing.  Police investigating the Manchester Arena terror attack have arrested a 24-year-old man, force bosses confirmed this morning [6/3/2017].  He was arrested in the Rusholme area of the city on suspicion of terrorism offences.  A statement from Greater Manchester Police this morning said:  'As it stands 17 people have been arrested in connection with the investigation, of which six people have since been released without charge.

Ariana Grande concert attack: 119 wounded, 64 people still hospitalized.  The number of people wounded in the explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in England, increased to 119 on Wednesday [5/24/2017], double the number initially reported, Manchester health officials said.  Officials said the number was raised because of the "walking wounded" who came in seeking medical treatment hours after a bomb detonated at Manchester Arena on Monday, killing 22 people.

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi took his twisted revenge out of 'love for Islam'.  Salman Abedi launched his suicide attack out of 'a love of Islam' and in twisted revenge for US airstrikes on Syria, his sister has claimed.  Jamona Abedi failed to condemn her brother's murderous actions but instead claimed to offer an explanation for the atrocity, in which 22 innocent people, many of them children, were killed.  Miss Abedi, who lives in the Libyan capital Tripoli, said her brother had become increasingly violent over the course of the past year, convinced that Muslims were under attack both in the UK and abroad.

Chemical engineering student and his brother held over the Manchester terror attack.  A chemical engineering student and his brother were being held over the Manchester terror attack last night as Amber Rudd admitted that members of the bomber's network could still be at large.  University students Mohamed and Yahya Werfalli were arrested in the early hours of Saturday [5/27/2017] — hours before Theresa May lowered the UK's terror threat level from critical to severe.  The brothers, who like other suspects are British born but of Libyan heritage, are believed to move in the same friendship circles as the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, also 22.  Yahya is listed on Facebook as a friend of the bomber's brother, Hashim, 20.

The Myth of White Terrorism.  Islam isn't just preying on the weak.  They're preying on the weak-minded.  On Monday night, Salman Abedi murdered 29 young Britons and their parents with a nail bomb.  As is always the case, the response has been flowers and apologies and calls to coexist.  On Sky News I hate-watched some ponce tell an SAS soldier he "understands his rage" but we can't punish Muslims because it will create a backlash.  This is a country where they ignore child rapists and regularly imprison white men for offending Islam.

How Obama's 'smart power' helped seed the Manchester attack.  South Manchester is home to one of the world's largest Libyan expatriate communities, which in recent years has become a prime recruiting ground for young jihadists.  And Libya itself is the base for an ISIS external-operations wing tasked with plotting terrorist attacks in Europe.  Indeed, since the fall of Moammar Khadafy, Libya has become a haven for Islamist terrorist groups.  Such is the result of Barack Obama's failed policy — which he so confidently announced would prove smarter than his predecessor's mistakes in Iraq, only to be proved horribly wrong.

Manchester attack:  Fears over 'second bomb' after police find huge chemical explosive cache in Salman Abedi raid.  The Manchester suicide bomber may have built a second device which is now in the hands of fellow jihadists, police fear.  Officers who raided the home of Salman Abedi discovered a working bomb factory with a huge stash of explosive chemicals and other components.  Security sources now believe that Abedi assembled the bomb himself after learning his trade in Libya.  But the amount of material in his home has led to fears that he could have built more than one device and and distributed them to other British-based extremists.

The Left's Road Leads To Manchester.  I hadn't heard of Salman Abedi before he murdered all those little girls and their friends and family members at the Ariana Grande concert, but when I recently spoke at Truman State University in Missouri, the University at Buffalo, and Gettysburg College, and then at an event in Iceland, I discussed the belief system that incites people such as Salman Abedi to violence.  I explored the ways in which jihad terrorists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims, and the texts of the Qur'an and Islamic law that call upon Muslims to wage war against those who do not believe in Islam.  For this, the three universities and the Icelandic press treated my presence in the country as if Josef Goebbels had stopped by for a visit.

Manchester Bomber, Salman Abedi, Linked to Libyan ISIS — "Libyan Dawn".  Today [5/24/2017] the links emerge between the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi (22), and these extremist forces within Libya.  It appears the bombing attack against the Manchester concert venue was directed and coordinated by the family of Abedi and their close contacts within Libya including his father Ramadan Abedi who was arrested earlier today.

Mosque of Manchester Bomber Refuses to Take Responsibility.  Now that Salman Abedi has been named as the suicide bomber who blew up dozens of children in Manchester, today was the time for the elders of his mosque in Didsbury to speak.  They were resolute and clearly angry, but as the press statement was read, it became depressingly clear what they were angry about:  Islamophobia and the media.  The statement started with a firm insistence that this statement would be the only one and that there would be no questions.  Then, the usual opening remarks about how the bomber had basically embarrassed Islam by his actions, and a half-hearted request to assist the police.

England is Safe from Geller and Spencer But Not from Islamic Terror.  British Police have named Saman Abedi as the Terrorist suicide bomber caused the mass murder of Children in England after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and it's reported that another person has been detained in connection to the attack.  As I watch the usual suspects are sounding the same, the phrases "Lone Wolf", Islamophobia, love vs hate, and doing all it can to take the Islam out of the latest example of Islamic Terror.

He wasn't exactly a lone wolf if there are five other suspects.
Live Manchester attack latest:  Fifth suspect arrested in Wigan'carrying a package'.  A woman was arrested in Manchester following an armed raid on a block of flats late on Wednesday evening [5/24/2017] in connection with Monday's suicide attack.  Several other arrests were made including a suspect in late night raid in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, as detectives probe a "network" linked to the Manchester suicide bomber.  One suspect, believed to be carrying a package, was also arrested in Wigan earlier today.  Seven people have now been arrested in total.

One of the Biggest Failures Leading to Manchester.  One of the great failures in the run up to the Manchester situation has been the Church of England, which has manifestly failed at providing answers to the question the little voice asks.  In England, atheists outnumber believers and credible estimates have the number of practicing Christians in the single digits.  Atheism provides no answer to the quiet voice we all hear asking questions.  It certainly provides no way to address the rise of radical Islam.  It presents no alternative to dangerous ideologies.  The Church of England will have much to answer for on the final day.

Father and Brother of Manchester Bomber Arrested in Libya.  The father and a brother of suspected Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi have been detained by security personnel in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, according to witnesses and officials.  Three vehicles drove up to the Abedi home Wednesday evening and several men wearing uniform, some of them masked, detained Ramadan Abedi, the alleged attacker's father, and two other unidentified men in the street.  It wasn't immediately possible to reach a spokesman for the United-Nations backed government in Tripoli for comment.

Father of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi says son is innocent, had recently traveled to Libya.  The suspected Manchester suicide bomber is a 22-year-old college dropout who made frequent trips to Libya and may have visited Syria, a French official said.  Authorities are investigating if Salman Abedi was radicalized during the trips.  Less than two days after the deadly blast, two of his brothers and his father would be in police custody.

That Didn't Take Long:  Newsweek Already Fretting About 'Reprisals' Against Manchester Muslims.  This seemingly is the first reaction from the media whenever a Muslim fanatic slaughters innocent people.  Don't concern yourselves with the victims or the next terrorist attack.  Worry instead about the backlash that never comes and so-called "Islamophobia."

Manchester bomber's brothers, father arrested.  The older and younger brothers of the Manchester terrorist have been arrested, along with his father, all suspected to have ties to to the Islamic State.  The bomb maker is still being hunted.

Salman Abedi Flew from Libya Days Before Attack, Travelled to Syria.  The Manchester Arena suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, allegedly returned to Britain from Libya just days before carrying out his deadly attack and is thought to have also travelled to Syria.  The son of "deeply religious" refugees who returned to the North African country after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's death, Abedi is said to have had "proven" links to the Islamic State by French interior minister Gerard Collomb, citing "British investigators".

Manchester Suicide Bomber Salman Abedi:  Son of Libyan Immigrants Who Chanted Arabic Prayers in The Street.  Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber responsible for the Manchester Arena bombing Monday night which left 22 people dead and dozens injured, was reportedly the son of Libyan immigrants and was apparently radicalised while living in one of the country's most heavily Muslim areas — an area that had terror-related problems before.  Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins identified Abedi Tuesday as the man who detonated a bomb at the end of an Ariana Grande concert as concert-goers left the arena.  Multiple outlets, including The New York Times and the Daily Telegraph, reported that Abedi was born in 1994 in Manchester and was of Libyan descent.

Manchester Bomber Said To Be Known To Authorities, Likely Didn't Act Alone.  The suicide bomber who killed 22 people and injured 59 after a pop concert in Manchester was known to the security services and likely did not act alone, interior minister Amber Rudd said on Wednesday [5/24/2017].  Authorities have named the bomber as Salman Abedi, 22, who was born in Manchester to parents of Libyan origin.

Western politicians worry more about being called "Islamophobic" than they do about stopping jihadist slaughter.  London mayor Sadiq Khan (who recently dismissed terrorist attacks as "part and parcel of living in a big city"):  "London stands with Manchester."  Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer (who, in the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre, proclaimed a CAIR-backed "Muslim Women's Day" — you know, the kind of event that proclaims hijabs "empowering"):  Orlando "stands in solidarity with the people of the UK."  L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti (who went berserk when Trump tried to impose that temporary travel ban from a half-dozen Muslim countries):  "Los Angeles stands with the people of Manchester."  Meaningless words, all of them.  But Angela Merkel takes the cake:  "People in the UK can rest assured that Germany stands shoulder to shoulder with them."  Well, isn't that ... reassuring.  In what way do such words help anybody to "rest assured" of anything?

European Multiculturalism Will Lead to More Manchesters.  Increasingly, in the United States, the left wishes to employ a salad bowl approach, instead of a melting pot.  The idea is that each culture lives together, but keeps strong distinctions between itself and the other.  The lettuce may pick up the taste of the carrot while both are smothered in a common dressing, but they remain distinct.  European multiculturalism reflects the salad bowl model and it is going to keep getting them killed.  Throughout Europe, muslim immigrant communities stay in their ghettos, keeping their culture separate, while taking on the citizenship of their new countries.  There are sections of Paris where you dare not go if you are Jewish.  The same is true in parts of Sweden, Belgium, and even Great Britain now.  Cultural fiefdoms outside the common cultural heritage of a nation have sprung up and as muslim populations begin exceeding 10%, problems start happening.

Manchester's Islamist Appeasing Police And Politicians Have Blood On Their Hands.  In the months before weeping little girls with nails in their faces were carried out of the Manchester Arena, the authorities of that city were hard at work fighting the dreaded threat of Islamophobia.  While Salman Abedi, the second-generation Muslim refugee terrorist who maimed and killed dozens in a brutal terrorist attack, stalked the streets wailing, "There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah", Manchester police were busy with more important things.  The Greater Manchester Police are one of only two police forces to list Islamophobia as a hate crime category.  Earlier this year, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins honored Tell Mama for fighting Islamophobia.  Tell Mama had lost funding earlier when its claims of a plague of violent Islamophobia fell apart.

Muslim with an Axe and Baseball Bat Arrested During Manchester Attack Vigil.  Footage shows the man shouting incoherently before being taken away in a riot van in Edmund Street, which runs behind Birmingham's council house.  A police officer could be seen carrying away what appeared to be a baseball bat and a small axe.  Speakers who had been paying tribute to the 22 Manchester victims were interrupted by the man's loud protests, from down a side street.

In Wake Of Manchester Bombing, NY Times Calls For Respecting Hardcore Islamists.  This is a dance we've seen time and time again.  A person who practices extremist Islam, referred to as an Islamist, attacks in the name of their religion, and the Leftist apologists immediately go into a mode of "let's not be mean to Muslims or talk about the root causes and we all need to be respectful and diverse", even though the Islamists offer no respect and are happy to kill those who aren't Islamists, including other Muslims.

The jihad playbook:  Why terrorists attack children.  The attack in Manchester, England, that has so far killed at least 19 and wounded at least 50 is ghastly.  That it targeted children is as unforgivable as it is consistent with the jihadist playbook.  Conservative Review's Jordan Schachtel has the full story from Monday night, and details are still coming out at the time of this writing.  Among of the bigger observations that has been made about this attack, however, is that it was waged against young adults, teenagers, and children attending a pop concert.

Yet Another Jihad Massacre in Britain.  Here we go again. 19 people are dead and 50 wounded in a suspected jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, a target that the jihad murderers apparently chose because of its concentration of pre-teens and tweens, so as to maximize the potential to "strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah" (Qur'an 8:60).  But don't be unduly concerned:  Britain's criminally feckless Prime Minister Theresa May is on the job, saying in a statement:  "We are working to establish the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack.  All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected."  As canned responses go, that one is particularly packaged, processed, and colorless.  How grand that she is thinking about the victims and their families.  And the police are on the job!  Marvelous!

Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Bomber is Yet Another 'Known Wolf' Terrorist.  As with virtually all Western terror attacks (as I've reported many times here at PJ Media — see below), this appears to be yet another case of "Known Wolf" terrorism.  The suspected bomber had been known to authorities beforehand.  In this case, as in so many others, he apparently had been deemed not a threat.

Security services know Ariana Grande concert bomber's name, says PM as reports claim ISIS attacker 'was known to police'.  Neighbours of British-born Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi have revealed his 'strange behaviour' in the weeks before he slaughtered 22 people.  The 23-year-old British-born attacker was heard 'chanting Islamic prayers loudly in the street' outside his home in the south of the city.  Last night, the suicide bomber murdered and maimed concert goers as they were leaving Manchester Arena.  ISIS this morning claimed responsibility and threatened further attacks, saying 'one of the caliphate's soldiers placed bombs within a gathering of the Crusaders'.

Explosion in Manchester leaves mass fatalities.  Several people have been killed and countless others injured after a massive explosion occurred Monday night [5/22/2017]at Manchester Arena in England.  The explosion occurred as the venue was hosting a concert for the American performer Ariana Grande.

Manchester death toll reaches 22; ISIS claims responsibility.  The death toll climbed to 22 and the Islamic State claimed responsibility Tuesday following a suicide bombing that brought death, fear and panic to a packed concert venue in the heart of this northern city, authorities said.  The explosion rocked an area of the 21,000-seat Manchester Arena at about 10:33 p.m. local time Monday — just as teen pop idol Ariana Grande wrapped up her sold-out show.  Chaos ensued as concertgoers, many of them pre-teens and teens, scrambled for the exits amid smoke and the cries of the wounded.  Children as young as age 8 were among the victims.

Latest on investigation into Manchester concert bombing.  Police on Tuesday [5/23/2017] identified the man who blew himself up the previous night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, as 22-year-old Salman Abedi.  CBS News confirmed Abedi was known to British authorities prior to the attack.  In a generic statement posted online, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for Abedi's suicide bomb attack, which left 22 people dead, including children, at one of the entrances to the Manchester Arena.

Leftists on Twitter are only worried that people are saying bad things about Muslims.  A terrorist attack (likely Islamic) outside of an Ariana Grande concert Monday night [5/22/2017] killed at least 22 people and injured approximately 59, but the bleeding heart Muslim sympathizers on Twitter seem more concerned about hurting the feelings of Muslims.  Some verified users are angry at the "racism (what "race" is Islam?) and xenophobia" they're seeing in response to the attack, which reports say was carried out by a (Muslim) suicide bomber.  How about a little anger on behalf of the innocent victims?

Terrorist kills 22 in Manchester, UK.  An explosion at a packed pop concert arena in the northern British town of Manchester has left 22 dead and injured another 69 music fans.  Police are treating it as a terrorist incident carried out by one man, a suicide bomber.  Many of the victims were teens, children and young families.  Witnesses reported hearing an explosion, which police said was in the foyer area, moments after the American singer Ariana Grande's gig finished in the Manchester Arena packed with more than 20,000 fans.

Fresno, California
April 18, 2017

Fresno shooting spree: 3 people killed, suspect who yelled 'Allahu Akbar,' says he 'hates white people' in custody.  Police said the man who killed three people on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday [4/18/2017] while shouting "Allahu Akbar" wanted to kill as many people as possible after a warrant was released for his arrest in the murder of a motel security guard last week.  Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, knew he was being searched for and he "decided he was going to kill more people."

AP Removes Fresno Killer's Allahu Ackbar and Islam Reference.  Kori Muhammad, the Muslim terrorist who killed three in Fresno earlier today targeted white, non-Muslim people for his attacks.  His social media was full of hatred of white people, Trump and non-Muslims.  But that doesn't matter to the media like the Associated Press.

Why Don't Police Care About "Allahu Akbar" in Fresno?  A gunman shouting "Allahu Akbar" killed three people on a rampage in Fresno, California, on Tuesday morning local time.  The suspect, Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, surrendered to officers at the scene and said "you guys are looking for me."  At this point the FBI is not treating this as a terrorist incident. [...] "Immediately upon the individual seeing the officer he literally dove onto the ground and was taken into custody and as he was taken into custody he yelled out 'Allahu Akhbar,'" according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.  However, Dyer added that the attack had "nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made" saying "this is solely based on race."

Motive sure to stump many after several people killed in Fresno by suspect who hated 'white devils' and shouted 'Allahu akbar'.  As you might expect, the motive of the suspect with a dislike of "white devils" who police say shouted "Allahu akbar" could take some time for many to untangle.

Fresno Police:  Shooter Not A Terrorist, Killed Solely Based On Race.  Authorities in Fresno, California, are saying that Kori Ali Muhammad did not commit a terrorist act on Tuesday when he went out and shot and killed three people.  Despite shouting "allahu ackbad" as law enforcement moved in, Muhammad committed a "hate crime," police say.  "This is solely based on race," said Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer.  Muhammad has a lengthy criminal record, with the Associated Press reporting that he has been in court several times between 1997 and 2004 for "forgery, domestic violence, criminal threats and driving under the influence."

AP Edits Fresno Killer To Erase Islam Reference, Implicate God.  The Associated Press may want to reconsider the publication of their stylebook if they're choosing to fake translate words in order to score political points.  Which is what they just did on a huge story, where the words matter a great deal. [...] Who are they to translate what he actually shouted?  He chose his words, that specific phrase, for a reason.  And you know what?  So did the AP.

AP Changes Fresno Shooter's Words From 'Allahu Akbar,' Removes Islam Reference.  The Associated Press edited the words of a Muslim man who allegedly killed three white people in downtown Fresno Tuesday afternoon [4/18/2017] and shouted "Allahu Akbar!"  The suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, holds fervent anti-Trump beliefs according to his social media profile, and he told police afterward that he hates white people.  Rather than reporting the gunman's literal words, however, the AP reported the gunman as saying "God is great."  On Twitter, the AP's report gave no indication that the suspect's words were said in Arabic.

CNN Completely Ignores Anti-White Fresno Murders.  The murders of three white men by a black supremacist gunman in Fresno received limited media attention on Tuesday [4/18/2017], most notably at CNN.  CNN's dearth of coverage of the shootings, carried out by 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, an African-American Muslim, stands in stark contrast to its reporting of other non-political news events:  the manhunt for a Cleveland man who killed a 74-year-old man on Sunday, a sexual harassment scandal involving Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, and a child custody battle involving radio host Alex Jones.  A review of CNN's broadcast through primetime shows that the Fresno killings received no mentions on air.

'I hate white people': What man screaming 'Allahu Akbar' told police in Fresno.  A man who shot and killed three people on the streets of downtown Fresno on Tuesday was trying to murder as many white people as he could, authorities said.  Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shouted 'Allahu Akhbar,' meaning 'God is great,' in Arabic while being apprehended shortly after the shootings.  He later told police that he hates white people.  His victims were all Caucasian males apparently chosen at random.

Black Islamic 'Kang' Murders Three in Anti-White Spree.  Black anti-white terrorist Kori Ali Muhammad opened fire in downtown Fresno, California midday Tuesday [4/18/2017], murdering three white victims before being arrested by local police.  Muhammad yelled "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is greatest," during his arrest, explaining to law enforcement he hates white people.  He was already wanted for the Thursday shooting of a Motel 6 security guard, also in Fresno.  Despite Muhammad using a traditional Islamic chant, Sayed Ali Ghazvini, the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, denies Muhammad was a member of his organization.  Which makes sense, since Kori Ali Muhammad lionizes Wallace Fard Muhammad, the charlatan — and nebulously black — founder of the Nation of Islam.

Fresno police rule fatal shootings a hate crime.  Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer announced late Tuesday [4/18/2017] the department is investigating three fatal shootings that took place earlier in the day as a hate crime.  "We believe this is solely based on race," Dyer told reporters.  Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was taken into custody after he allegedly opened fire on four random white people around 10:45 a.m. local time.  A shooting spree followed.

Fresno Killer:  "Your Time Is Up, White Devil Skunks".  As the news comes out about the killer who went on a shooting spree in Fresno, California, it is becoming clearer and clearer what his motivations were.  It has been reported by several outlets (though, notably, not the Associate Press) that he shouted "allahu ackbar" prior to his arrest.  That seems to conform with what is not making the rounds on social media.

Stockholm, Sweden
April 7, 2017

Truck jihadi wanted to "create fear in the population" and "run over unbelievers".  A man has been indicted for hijacking a truck in Stockholm and mowing down pedestrians in April 2017, killing five and injuring 15 others.  The man confessed to carrying out a "terrorist crime" in April last year.  Swedish prosecutors charged an Uzbek man with attempted terrorism and causing danger to others on Tuesday [1/30/2018].

Shocked Stockholm On Lockdown After Truck 'Terror Attack'.  Stockholm's usually vibrant city centre was eerily silent on Friday evening [4/7/2017] with restaurants, bars and cinemas shuttered and streets emptied hours after a truck ploughed into a crowd outside a department store, killing four people and injuring 15.  Stockholmers appeared to be following police advice to stay indoors and avoid crowded areas, with a number of normally-bustling city streets deserted.

Sweden will 'never go back' to the days of mass immigration after failed asylum seeker launched Friday's truck attack in Stockholm, says PM.  The Prime Minister of Sweden has vowed his country will 'never go back' to recent levels of mass immigration after it emerged the terrorist who killed four people in a truck attack was a failed asylum seeker.  Stefan Löfven pledged to change his country's liberal attitude, insisting the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again.  Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan, hijacked the lorry and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm's main shopping street on Friday afternoon [4/7/2017].

Truck Crushes Pedestrians In Stockholm — We're Betting The Killer Wasn't Baptist.  Yet another violent attack on a 'soft target' of unsuspecting innocents.  The real problem is not the type of weapon being used.  The problem is the desire of wicked men to kill innocents.  And all too often, there's a common denominator.

Sweden terror as truck rams into crowds in Stockholm - four dead, children injured.  A hijacked truck has driven into crowds on a crowded street in central Stockholm, killing at least four people and injuring dozens more.  The vehicle drove into crowds on Drottninggatan (Queen Street) — one of the city's major pedestrian streets, just before 3pm local time, before crashing into Åhlens Mall.  Armed police remain at the scene and the incident is being treated as a suspected terror attack, according to local media.  At least 15 people have been injured — of which 9 are in a serious condition.  Among the injured are two children — one with serious injuries.

Second Man Detained in Connection with Stockholm Attack.  Swedish public broadcaster SVT reported police had detained a second man and that he had a connection to the previously arrested person, citing police sources.

London, England
March 22, 2017

Westminster Bridge attack victim Andreea Cristea dies.  A Romanian woman who fell into the Thames during the Westminster terror attack has died, police have said.  Andreea Cristea is the fifth victim of the attack on 22 March, in which Khalid Masood drove into crowds on Westminster Bridge then stabbed a policeman to death, before being shot dead himself.

What we know about London attacker Khalid Masood.  British authorities have identified the man responsible for Wednesday's terrorist attack in London as 52-year-old Khalid Masood.  Originally from Kent, he had been living in Birmingham, Britain's second-largest city, where neighbors said Thursday they had last seen him several months ago.  Marjoli Gajecka, 26, frequently visited her mother's house next to Masood's apartment.

Loony Liberal Actress Claims London Terror 'May Be' a 'Set Up' by Trump.  Put this one in the loony lefty bin.  Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette, known for winning the best supporting actress Oscar two years ago, revealed she's a conspiracy theorist last night on Twitter.  After an Islamic terrorist killed 4 people and wounded at least 40 others in London Wednesday [3/22/2017], the actress claimed it was all a ruse by President Trump to distract us from the FBI investigation into his ties with Russia.

'No evidence' London attacker associated with ISIS: police.  British authorities said Monday [3/27/2017] they had found no evidence that London terrorist Khalid Masood had any association with ISIS or al Qaeda — but he was clearly interested in jihad.  "His attack method appears to be based on low-sophistication, low-tech, low-cost techniques copied from other attacks, and echo the rhetoric of (ISIS) leaders in terms of methodology and attacking police and civilians," counter-terror official Neil Basu said in a statement, Reuters reported.  Police also had no indication that 52-year-old Masood — who also went by the name Adrian Ajao — had discussed plans with others before the deadly attack that left four dead near Parliament, Balu said.

London attacker Khalid Masood acted alone, say police.  Westminster attacker Khalid Masood acted alone and there is no information to suggest further attacks are planned, Scotland Yard has said.  Masood killed three people and injured 50 when he drove a car into pedestrians on Wednesday.  He then fatally stabbed a police officer before being shot dead by police — all within 82 seconds.  Police said it was possible "we will never understand why he did this".

The Editor says...
I'm absolutely certain you'll "never understand why he did this," if you don't open your eyes and learn the simple truth:  Islam is not a religion of peace.  The Muslims — all of them — are bent on world domination through violent coercion and outright terrorism.

Khalid Masood Identified as London Parliament Attacker.  The knife-wielding terrorist who killed an American tourist and three others outside the U.K. Parliament was British-born and previously investigated for "violent extremism," officials said Thursday.  Police identified the suspect as Khalid Masood, 52, on Thursday.  Authorities said Masood was born in Kent and detectives believe he was most recently living in the West Midlands.  He was known by a number of aliases, police said.

British Lawmaker:  London Terrorist's Religion Is 'Utterly And Completely' Irrelevant.  British Lawmaker Lord Digby Jones does not believe the religion of the London attacker is pertinent, The Washington Post reports.  Jones comments come in the wake of a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan for once telling citizens that terrorist attacks are "part and parcel" part of living in a big city.  Some British lawmakers drew offense from the tweet, saying Trump was attacking the mayor in the midst of a terrorist situation.

Paris, France
March 18, 2017

The police vs. the PC police.  As is almost always the case, signs of trouble preceded the latest shooting in Paris, which left one police officer dead and wounded two bystanders before police killed the gunman, later identified as French national Karim Cheurfi, a known criminal with a long, violent record.  ISIS claimed to be behind the attack.  According to police, a note praising ISIS fell out of Cheurfi's pocket when he fell.  Cheurfi was of Algerian descent, born in a Paris suburb.  The Washington Post reported he had a criminal record and was known to authorities.  His rap sheet included four arrests and convictions since 2003.  He had spent nearly 14 years in prison for crimes that included burglary, theft and attempted murder.

A Week of Terror and Diversity In Europe.  [Scroll down]  French Police go on to investigate the motive of the Tunisian Muslim settler.  His father insists that he wasn't a terrorist.  The media rushes to blame drugs for his attack.  It reports widely on the drugs in his system rather than the Koran found on his body.  No one asks if he was on drugs or on Jihad.  Ziyed Ben Belgacem had been in and out of prison.  He was known to the authorities as a potential Jihadist and had been investigated for "radicalization" back in 2015.  He had been suspected of burglaries last year and had been paroled in the fall.  The system had failed all over again.

Eight Arrested After 'Lone Wolf' London Attack.  Apparently this wolf wasn't all that lonely.

Paris airport attack investigated as terrorism, suspected man known to police.  The 39-year-old suspected attacker killed at Paris' Orly airport on Saturday [3/18/2017] after trying to wrestle away a soldier's weapon had already crossed authorities' radar for suspected Islamic extremism.  Paris prosecutors said the suspect's house was among scores searched in November 2015 in the immediate aftermath of ISIS-led suicide bomb-and-gun attacks that killed 130 people in Paris.  Those searches targeted people with suspected radical leanings.

Chilling final words of Paris airport attacker who shot at cops before he was killed.  A convicted criminal with links to radical Islam shouted 'I am here to die for Allah, there will be deaths' seconds before he was shot dead during an attack at Paris Orly airport.  The 39-year-old, named locally as career criminal Ziyed Ben Belgacem, was killed after wrestling a soldier's gun from her and fleeing into a McDonald's.  He sent a text message to his brother and father stating 'I shot the police', shortly before he was killed.

Paris, France
February 3, 2017

An Attempted Terrorist Attacker at the Louvre Is Taken Down Quickly.  Way down in the tenth paragraph:  ["]While French officials have not expounded on their determination that the attack was "terrorist in nature," police have said the suspect shouted "God is great" in Arabic during the incident.["]  Yeah, see, when a guy does that, it does seem to clear up his motive.  Thank God no civilians were hurt, and this aspiring jihadist was dumb enough to literally bring a knife to a gunfight.

Machete-wielding man slumps to the ground after being shot in the stomach at the Louvre museum.  A terror probe has been launched in Paris after a machete-wielding man was shot while attacking four soldiers outside the Louvre.  The suspect was shot five times in the stomach and is in a critical condition.  He was shouting 'Allahu Akbar' — Arabic for 'God is the greatest' — according to the Paris chief of police, and reportedly had paint bombs in his backpack.

Machete-wielding Muslim screaming "Allahu akbar" attacks French soldiers at the Louvre.  Cue the next round of establishment propaganda media stories about "Islamophobia" and a "dark view" of Islam.  How long are the French going to keep importing people among whom are unknowable numbers of enemy combatants?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 6, 2017

The Editor says...
This attack was not reported as an act of Islamic terrorism at all.  Only after several days of follow-up investigation was it revealed that the actor in this case had converted to Islam long ago.  Until then, it was just reported as an attack by a "mentally disturbed" soldier suffering from PTSD or something similar.

Feds Still in Cover-up Mode:  Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter Indictment Omits Terrorism.  Days after the massacre that shut down one of the state's busiest airports, Judicial Watch reported that the shooter, Esteban Santiago, is a Muslim convert who years before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music online.  A California-based investigative news site dug up the information while the mainstream media blindly repeated the Obama administration's version of the facts though early on a photo surfaced of Santiago making an ISIS salute while wearing a keffiyeh, a Palestinian Arab scarf.  This was disturbingly reminiscent of the Benghazi cover up, in which the president and his cohorts knowingly lied to conceal that Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. Special Mission in Libya.

FBI Confirms Fort Lauderdale Shooter Carried Out Attack For ISIS.  Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago told FBI agents he carried out his Jan. 7 deadly shooting in the name of the Islamic State, CNN reports.  Santiago killed five and wounded six in a shooting rampage in the baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale airport.  Santiago reportedly checked his gun in his bag, loaded it in the bathroom, and randomly executed his fellow passengers.  The FBI revealed Santiago's confession at his bond hearing Tuesday.  Santiago appeared to harbor delusions about being controlled by ISIS, and reportedly walked into an FBI field office in Alaska to confess his delusions about being controlled by ISIS.

FBI Says Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Did Not Pledge Allegiance to Islamic State.  The search for motives in 26-year-old Esteban Santiago's shooting spree at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport continues, but the authorities say they cannot find any ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) or other international terrorist organizations.  Miami Herald reports that, despite rumors to the contrary, nothing in Santiago's social media history indicates he was "an Islamic convert inspired by terrorist organizations."  According to the Herald's law enforcement source, the airport shooting was clearly a planned attack, but Santiago appears to have planned it on his own, for reasons known currently only to himself.

Airport Shooter Converted to Islam, Identified as Aashiq Hammad Years Before Joining Army.  The Ft.  Lauderdale Airport shooter is a Muslim convert who years before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music online, according to public records dug up by the investigative news site of an award-winning, California journalist.  This is pertinent information that the Obama administration apparently wants to keep quiet, bringing up memories of the Benghazi cover up, in which the president and his cohorts knowingly lied to conceal that Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. Special Mission in Libya.  Information is slowly trickling out that links the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter to radical Islam while the official story from authorities is that the gunman is a mentally ill, Hispanic Army veteran named Esteban Santiago that became unhinged after a tour in Iraq.  Only one mainstream media outlet mentions the possibility of Santiago's "jihadist identity," burying it in a piece about New York possibly being his initial target.

CNN Dishonestly 'Alters' Photo Of Fort Lauderdale Shooter's Connections to Radical Islam.  CNN is at it again with fauxtography doctored for political reasons.  During CNN's coverage of the Ft.  Lauderdale shooting, they put up a photo of the shooter, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz.  But it was the way they did it.  They showed it in black and white and they cropped it.  The scarf CNN cut out of their picture is a keffiyeh and the one finger salute is a common ISIS symbol.  Selective editing.

Fort Lauderdale Terrorist Esteban Santiago Joined MySpace As "Aashiq Hammad", Recorded Islamic Music.  Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name "Aashiq Hammad" and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media's narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that "Islam had nothing to do with it."  Here's how we know all that: [...]

CNN Morphs Photo of Fort Lauderdale Shooter to Hide ISIS Salute and Kaffiyeh.  Speaking of fake news, CNN is up to their old tricks again.

Police say gun was returned to Florida airport shooting suspect last year.  Police in Alaska said on Saturday they had returned a handgun to the Florida airport shooting suspect which was temporarily taken from him when he underwent a mental evaluation late last year.  Anchorage Police Chief Christopher Tolley said it was not immediately clear if it was the same gun used in Friday's deadly rampage in Fort Lauderdale.  Officials told a news conference the gun was returned to the suspect, Esteban Santiago, 26, because the Iraq war veteran had not committed a crime.

Florida Shooter Went by the Name "Aashiq Hammad".  Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name "Aashiq Hammad" and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media's narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that "Islam had nothing to do with it."

Anchorage police returned gun to Florida shooting suspect after 'mental health crisis'.  The Anchorage man accused in the mass shooting at a Florida airport Friday did not have ties to a terrorist organization when he was investigated last year, the FBI said at a news conference Saturday [1/7/2017] in Anchorage.  Law enforcement said he had exhibited mental health problems during an incident at the Anchorage FBI office that led local police to take his gun.

Ft. Lauderdale Fighter Claimed He Was Being 'Forced to Fight for ISIS'.  Pamela Geller is reporting that the Ft. Lauderdale shooter today was previously known to the FBI, and that in November he had walked into an FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska[,] claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS.

'He Lost His Mind': Esteban Santiago Identified as Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter.  Florida Senator Bill Nelson identified the name of the alleged shooter at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport during a Friday afternoon hit on MSNBC.  Senator Nelson told the cable news net during an interview Friday afternoon that the alleged gunman's name is Esteban Santiago.  At this time, five people have been killed at the airport, which has been evacuated.

Fort Lauderdale Gunman Said He Was "Forced To Fight For ISIS".  A law enforcement source identifies the accused shooter as Esteban Santiago Ruiz, 26, of New Jersey.  Sources say he had a concealed weapons permit on him.  The source added he had a minor criminal history.

Ft. Lauderdale shooting suspect made confused visit to FBI, said US intelligence forced him to watch ISIS videos.  Estaban Santiago, the 26-year-old airline passenger accused of shooting up a baggage claim area at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood airport Friday [1/6/2017], leaving five dead and eight injured, visited the FBI Anchorage field office and told officers he was being forced to watch ISIS videos, law enforcement sources told Fox News.  The visit took place last November.  The sources said Santiago told agents that US intelligence had infiltrated his mind and were forcing him to watch ISIS propaganda videos.  "In November 2016, Esteban Santiago walked into the Anchorage FBI Field Office to report that his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency," a senior federal law enforcement official said.

The Editor says...
Hmmm.  There are two mutually-exclusive possibilities here:  [#1] His mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency, in which case the federal government is culpable in the Fort Lauderdale shooting; or [#2] his mind was not being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency, in which case the federal government should have locked him up immediately, and put him on the no-fly list, and made sure he never had access to firearms again until his mental problems were resolved.  But none of that happened, so in either case, the federal government is culpable in the Fort Lauderdale shooting.  The FBI had this guy in their office and let him go.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting — "Terrorism Not Ruled Out".  Law enforcement officials say the suspect, Esteban Santiago, was carrying military identification.  He was apprehended and placed in federal custody.  He is expected to face federal charges.  Early [Saturday] morning, the Broward County Sheriff's Office posted his booking record, including booking photo, on its website.  According to the record, he was booked on a murder charge.

Ft.Lauderdale shooting suspect made jihadi gesture in photo as authorities investigate his obsession with terror group.  A photo of Florida airport gunman Esteban Santiago appears to show him making a jihadist one-fingered salute while wearing a Mid-Eastern keffiyeh sometime prior to him carrying out the shooting massacre.  The 26-year-old Iraq war veteran was pictured in the photo gesturing with his index finger in a pose that has become notorious among supporters of the Islamic State.

It would be stupid to assume otherwise.
Alleged Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter planned the attack, FBI says.  The alleged gunman in the Fort Lauderdale airport fatal shooting went to Florida specifically to launch the attack that killed five and seriously wounded six, FBI officials said Saturday [1/7/2017].  After spending hours interrogating the suspect, Esteban Santiago, 26, investigators believe he went to Florida with a plan to carry out the attack, which FBI officials said can't be ruled out as an act of terrorism.

Fort Lauderdale airport shooter 'came here specifically' to attack, FBI says.  Esteban Santiago went to baggage claim and picked up his one piece of checked luggage.  There were no other bags, just a case with a handgun inside.  Santiago allegedly took the 9 mm handgun out of its case and fired at other travelers Friday afternoon [1/6/2017], killing five people at the Fort Lauderdale airport.  On Saturday, authorities revised the number of wounded to six after earlier saying eight.  A few months earlier he reportedly had a mental evaluation after a bizarre visit to an FBI office in Alaska.

December 19, 2016

Morocco Warned Germany Twice About Berlin Killer Anis Amri; German Intel Did Nothing.  A Moroccan security official says that his country's intelligence service warned Germany twice about the risk posed by Anis Amri, the radical Muslim who slaughtered 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin earlier this month.  The official, who spoke to Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, says that the Germans received two written warnings, one on September 19 and the other on October 1, about Amri's radical Islamic beliefs.

Berlin attacker had 14 aliases and was subject of repeated counterterror briefings.  The Tunisian man who ploughed a truck into a Berlin Christmas market had lived under 14 aliases and was so well known to German officials that a key counterterrorism committee discussed his case seven times, suggesting the scale of the missed opportunities to thwart the December 19 attack.  The fresh details about Anis Amri — shot dead in Italy four days after the attack — emerged Thursday during testimony in the regional parliament of North-Rhine Westphalia, where the suspect once lived.  German officials have already said that Amri had previously been flagged as a terrorism threat.  But Ralf Jäger, the state's interior minister, described for lawmakers in Düsseldorf how the Joint Counter-Terrorism Center, an institution coordinating the work of Germany's security agencies, had discussed his case repeatedly.

Armed German commandos storm a Berlin refugee centre and arrest man suspected of aiding Christmas Market killer Anis Amri.  Elite German police commandos stormed a refugee home in Berlin on Tuesday evening to seize a man said to be a supporter of Christmas market truck killer Anis Amri.  Units of the SAS trained GSG9 and the SEK anti-terrorist police swooped on the home in the Spandau district of the capital shortly before 9.00 pm.

Suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack shot dead in Milan.  The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack was shot dead Friday at a Milan checkpoint by an Italian police trainee, ending an international manhunt but raising new fears as an Islamic State video purported to show the attacker calling for more bloodshed in Europe.  The 24-year-old Tunisian, Anis Amri, was killed following a dramatic encounter in the Piazza I Maggio in the Sesto San Giovanni area outside Milan, after a two-man patrol stopped him for questioning around 3:15 a.m. on suspicion of burglary.

Report: Berlin attack suspect [was] better connected to extremists than thought.  Christmas market attack suspect Anis Amri visited 15 mosques in Germany and had contact with two men with ties to IS, according to a media report.  Security authorities also reportedly labeled him a threat back in May.

Berlin Attack Suspect Is Killed by Police Near Milan.  Anis Amri, the chief suspect in the deadly terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Berlin this week, was killed by the police in a shootout outside Milan around 3 a.m.  Friday [12/23/2016], ending a brief but intense manhunt across Europe, Italian officials announced.  Stopped in the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni, north of central Milan, Mr. Amri was asked to show identification papers, Italian officials said.  He pulled out a pistol and shot the officer who had asked for the papers.  A second officer then opened fire, killing Mr. Amri.

'It's all too convenient': Questions over how police missed Berlin attack suspect's ID in truck for 24 hours.  A far-right leader in Germany knew the suspect in the Christmas market attack was a Tunisian just two hours after the attack — despite police initially arresting a Pakistani man, it has emerged.  Lutz Bachmann, who fronts the anti-immigrant PEGIDA group, tweeted on Monday night that he had 'internal police information' about the nationality of the lorry driver who murdered 12 revellers in Berlin.  At the time, police had announced the arrest of a Pakistani asylum seeker — it was only when he was released that Tunisian Anis Amri was publicly identified as the chief suspect.

The Editor says...
I object to the use of the word revellers to describe sober and peaceful shoppers looking for Christmas decorations.  Go to Mardi Gras and you'll see what revellers means.

That's not much help
That's a big help.  German authorities are asking their citizens for help finding the man who slaughtered twelve and injured another fifty at the Christmas market in Berlin.  So they released his picture to the public. [...] The problem is, Germany has such strict privacy laws, they can't even publish a picture of a mass murderer who is on the run because they don't want to invade his privacy.  The 21-year-old Tunisian asylum-seeker is the most wanted man in Europe today and Germany wants to protect his privacy.

Berlin terror attack suspect 'was caught on CCTV visiting a mosque' just hours after Christmas market carnage that killed 12 people.  A far-right leader in Germany knew the suspect in the Christmas market attack was a Tunisian just two hours after the attack — despite police initially arresting a Pakistani man, it has emerged.  Lutz Bachmann, who fronts the anti-immigrant PEGIDA group, tweeted on Monday night that he had 'internal police information' about the nationality of the lorry driver who murdered 12 revellers in Berlin.  At the time, police had announced the arrest of a Pakistani asylum seeker — it was only when he was released that Tunisian Anis Amri was publicly identified as the chief suspect.

System that produced German terror thrives in U.S..  What appears from the outside to be a bungling of basic law-enforcement operations in Germany — allowing a known illegal alien with a criminal and terrorist past to move about freely in German society for more than a year — may not be a bungling at all.  Rather, it's part of a coordinated strategy also being used by open-borders globalists in the Obama administration, says a retired Homeland Security officer.  Philip Haney, co-author of the whistleblower book "See Something Say Nothing," explains how a Muslim migrant was able to stay in the country long enough to plan an attack that killed 12 and injured nearly 50 at a Berlin Christmas market Monday.  This, despite being under surveillance by the German government for months.

German Lesson:  Islamist Enclaves Breed Jihadism.  German investigators have named a Tunisian refugee, Anis Amri, as the jihadist whom they suspect carried out Tuesday's mass-murder attack.  Amri is believed to be the man who drove a truck through a Christmas festival in Berlin, killing twelve and wounding four dozen others in an atrocity reminiscent of the attack in July, when 86 people were killed at a Bastille Day celebration in Nice.  Notwithstanding that they arrested and held the wrong man for several hours, it turns out that German authorities have been well aware that Amri posed a danger.  He is yet another of what my friend the terrorism analyst Patrick Poole has dubbed "known wolves" — Islamic terrorists who were already spotlighted by counterterrorism investigators as likely to strike.  Amri, who is variously reported to be 23 or 24, arrived in Germany in July 2015 as an asylum-seeker.  He was able to remain because of Chancellor Angela Merkel's suicidal open-door policy for refugees from the Muslim Middle East and North Africa.

Berlin attack:  Tunisian police arrest nephew of Christmas market terror suspect Anis Amri.  Tunisian police have arrested the nephew of the suspected Berlin Christmas market attacker and two other men thought to be connected to Anis Amri.  A statement says the three suspects were members of a "terrorist cell" that was "connected to the terrorist Anis Amri who carried out the terrorist attack in Berlin".  This trio, according to Tunisia's Interior Ministry, includes 18-year-old nephew "Fredi" who Amri allegedly sent money to so he could join him in Germany.

Tunisian suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack faced past German terror probe, official says.  The prime suspect sought in the deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market — a 24-year-old Tunisian migrant — was the subject of a terrorism probe in Germany earlier this year and was not deported even though his asylum bid was rejected, a senior German official said Wednesday [12/21/2016].  The suspect — who went by numerous aliases but was identified by German authorities as Anis Amri — became the subject of a national manhunt after investigators discovered a wallet with his identity documents in the truck used in Monday's attack that left 12 dead, two law enforcement officials told The Washington Post.  Meanwhile, a clearer portrait took shape of the suspect, including accusations that he had contact with a prominent Islamic State recruiter in Germany.

German political analyst:  After Berlin jihad attack, Merkel is ruined, open door will close.  The Berlin truck attack follows a series of other "lone wolf" attacks that some experts try to diminish in importance; however, the "Berlin bloodbath" appears to be a tipping point.

Geert Wilders Warns "Political Revolution Is Brewing In Europe".  Yesterday, the Islamic State claimed the Berlin terror attack of Monday evening, in which twelve people were killed with a truck at a Christmas market.  The killer managed to escape.  However, in the truck the police found identity papers belonging to Anis A., a Tunisian who came to Germany as an asylum seeker in 2015.  When last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany's borders to almost one million refugees and asylum seekers, she invited the Trojan horse of Islam into her country.  Among the so-called refugees were many young men of Islamic background, filled with hatred for the West and its civilization.  One of them was Anis A.  It took almost a year for the German authorities to reject his asylum request, but meanwhile the man had disappeared.

Germany could not deport Berlin truck jihad attacker because of missing paperwork.  From one bungle to another, with some authorities not taking the jihad threat seriously enough, even when it was right in front of their faces.  Anis Amri spent four years in jail in Italy for burning down a school, and then left the country for Germany last year.  Since then, he was arrested at least three times and was identified as an ISIS supporter who received weapons training, but authorities kept on losing him; now it's revealed that missing paperwork precluded him from being kicked out of Germany.

Germany could not deport Berlin truck jihad attacker because of missing paperwork.  From one bungle to another, with some authorities not taking the jihad threat seriously enough, even when it was right in front of their faces.  Anis Amri spent four years in jail in Italy for burning down a school, and then left the country for Germany last year.  Since then, he was arrested at least three times and was identified as an ISIS supporter who received weapons training, but authorities kept on losing him; now it's revealed that missing paperwork precluded him from being kicked out of Germany.

'It was as cold-blooded and monstrous as you can possibly be!'  This is the worst of possible worlds for the authorities, who have no evidence they can point to that it was a terrorist attack, while ISIS is taking responsibility, and even Merkel is calling it terrorism.  But it's hard to think of another possible motive given all the circumstantial evidence.

Christmas Market Massacre Proves Ignoring Muslim Warnings Will Get You Killed.  Hidden in the media coverage of the carnage at Berlin's Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) was a hint or two that German intelligence had some previous indication that Christmas markets and other Christian holiday celebrations were potential targets for Muslim terrorists.  In actuality the warnings, both tactical and strategic, were not mere "indications"; they were clear for all who wished to heed them.

Tunisian asylum seeker, 23, suspected of carrying out Berlin massacre was arrested three times this year.  Armed police tonight stormed two apartments in the hunt for the Berlin terror attack suspect after it was revealed he had been under the surveillance of German intelligence agencies for several months.  Commandos raided two addresses in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighbourhood as police launched a Europe-wide search for Tunisian national Anis Amri, who remains on the run more than 48 hours after the atrocity which claimed 12 lives.

Flowers and teddy bears already piling up at Berlin Christmas market.  Shed a tear.  Write a heartfelt note.  Bring happy things to lay on the murder site.  Feeling better now?  Have all the landmarks in Europe been lit up in the colors of the German flag yet?  Not to worry, by next week, you will have forgotten all about it... until the next attack.  Oh, and be sure to vote for Angela Merkel next year who will bring in even more Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and terrorists.

For What It's Worth.  Over the summer, I met a lady from southern Germany who had found herself on the receiving end of some vibrant multicultural outreach from one of Mutti Merkel's boy charmers.  As a result, she no longer goes out after dark.  She had also decided — with reluctance, because she enjoyed it — to cancel her participation in a local Christmas market, where she'd sung carols every year — in broad daylight.  "Why would you do that?" I asked.  "Because it's Christmas," she said, "and I'm worried Christmas will be a target."

On Trucks As Tools Of Terror.  Angela Merkel imported the terrorist who killed people with a large truck and trailer laden with steel.  She has imported terror into Germany.  She is an idiot, and should be deposed, immediately. [...] Now, the intellectuals among you will read this, and you will pass over the fact that a heavy truck was used in this most recent terror attack in Berlin, just as you failed to note something of importance in the Nice, France attack in which a heavy truck was used.  You smart people think that just anyone can get into a truck and drive it.  Nothing could be less true than to suppose this. [...] This is Angela M.'s fault.  She has been played like a fiddle by Islamic terror.  She is the ultimate useful idiot to the mullahs and terrorist leaders who plan this sort of stuff.  And, she is an architect of the Euro Union stupidity on immigration policies for Middle Eastern "refugees."

How many more atrocities before our leaders stop lying to us and admit that, thanks to their immigration policies, being mowed down while doing your Christmas shopping is simply the new normal?  'We will do whatever is necessary.  That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns, even if this sounds martial.'  These were the words of German politician Klaus Bouillon, a member of Mrs Merkel's CDU party, in response to yet another slaughter of innocents, this time at a Christmas market in Berlin.  Of course, Merkel wasn't around to respond to the horror as it unfolded.  She was attending an award ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Migrants even as it seemed one of the 1.1 million she has let into the country tore another hole in her people and in Germany's cultural life.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: 'The front line is when you leave your house in the morning'.  National security expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka said that Monday's attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany represented "the sad reality" of the fight against terrorism.  "There is no front line like there was in World War I and World War II," Gorka told Eric Bolling on "Hannity" Monday night.  "The front line is when you leave your house in the morning or when you go to a Christmas market in downtown Berlin."

German authorities 'knew about Christmas market terror plot days before the Berlin lorry attack was carried out'.  Berlin authorities may have known that a Christmas market terror attack was being planned days before it took place, it has been reported.  A 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker named as Naved B, who entered the country under a false name, was arrested on suspecion of murdering 12 and injuring dozens by ploughing a lorry into crowds gathered outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church last night [12/19/2016].  However, there are reports in Germany that police now believe he was not the perpetrator and that the true attacker is 'still armed, at large and can cause fresh damage.'

German police 'arrested wrong man': Truck driver is 'still at large and armed'.  German newspaper Die Welt has quoted police sources as saying the suspect arrested last night is not the man who carried out the attack.  The publication reports that the terrorist who carried out the truck killings is still at large and is 'likely to be armed and able to carry out further attacks.'  A Pakistani refugee named only as Naved B. was named as the prime suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack.

Deadly Berlin Christmas Market Episode Is Latest in Europe.  A truck driver barreled into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing at least 12 people and injuring scores more.  The police believed it to be an attack, but the identity of any attackers and their motives were not immediately clear.  It was the most recent deadly episode to shake Europe in the last two years.  Many recent attacks have been linked to jihadists, and some to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Hey, Remember All That "Fearmongering" About Muslim Refugee Terror?  When Merkel threw open the doors to the calamitous horde of migrants, she ushered in utter disaster.  The myth about Muslim refugee immunity from terror had already been collapsing.  These days it's on its last legs but in the United States, the usual suspects will still strive to offer the usual arguments.  Reality is hard to beat in a debate though.  And reality is as grim as the horror that took place in Berlin.  Muslim refugees are a cold wind that blows terror through the cracks in the open borders of the world.  Walls don't make good neighbors.  They prevent horrors like the one that was inflicted on Christmas shoppers in Berlin.

CNN Uses Germany Attack To Bash The Right.  CNN's online coverage of Monday's deadly terror attack on a German Christmas market focused on the attack's potential to stoke far-right anger, rather than the threats of Islamic radicalism.  The attack in Berlin killed at least 12 people and injured dozens more, but on CNN's website, the network's top story warned about "the fallout of fear" and said that "attacks fuel [the] far right's assault on democracy."

Trump says terrorists 'must be eradicated from the face of the earth' after 12 died and 48 hurt when lorry ploughs into Berlin market.  Donald Trump has vowed to 'eradicate' terrorists from the 'face of the earth' after 12 people were killed at a Berlin Christmas market.  The president-elect said it was a 'horrifying terror attack' and would push the US and its 'freedom-loving partners' to take on ISIS.  His comments were made after a lorry packed with steel ploughed into dozens of shoppers perusing stalls.  At least 12 were killed and 50 injured at around 8.30pm local time on Monday, police said.

German far-right blames Angela Merkel's open-door migrant policy for Berlin truck attack.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a backlash after 12 people were killed when an attacker ploughed through innocent revellers at a Christmas market in a truck. [...] "These are Merkel's dead," Marcus Pretzell, chairman of the Alternative for Germany party in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, posted on Twitter.  And Klaus Bouillon of Mrs Merkel's CDU party said told Saarland radio:  "We must state that we are in a state of war, although some people who want to see only the good can not see."

The terrorist attack on Berlin's Christmas market ended my leftie fantasy about Germany.  Details are still emerging about what happened at the Christmas market.  Events already being stitched into the extraordinary narrative surrounding "Islamist terror", generally reserved for atrocities committed on European soil.  One nice thing about the darkness, my friend pointed out, is that it makes the Christmas lights seem that much brighter.  Since Britain voted to leave the EU in June and the US elected Donald Trump to be its 45th president, I have been pompously reminding people in Berlin that we are living on an island, part of an archipelago of liberal values around which the sea is rising fast.  As the news spread over Monday night — 12 people are now known to have died and 48 were injured after a 32-tonne goods lorry careered off the road and ploughed into a busy Christmas market — I tried to answer texts and worried phone calls, some of which quite honestly seemed a little OTT, until I discovered that one of my friends was unaccounted for and started doing exactly the same thing.

Angela Merkel was warned of Christmas massacre just weeks ago.  German officials were warned jihadists were planning to strike Christmas markets — just weeks before the horrific attack in Berlin.  At least 12 people were killed last night after a suspected ISIS militant ploughed a lorry into a festive market in the German capital.  Last month, US counter-terror experts warned European countries of a "heightened risk of terror attacks" at Christmas-themed events.

Tourists who narrowly escaped death in Berlin Christmas market massacre describe how they saw 'rivers of blood' as the horror unfolded.  Tourists saw a young child being crushed underneath the hijacked truck which ploughed through a Berlin Christmas market last night, killing 12 and wounding around 50.  Mike Fox and his partner were a 'few metres' from being run down by the lorry driven by a Pakistani asylum seeker Naved B, 23, who has only been in the country a few months.

Truck ploughs into crowd at Christmas market in Berlin terrorist attack: many dead, 50 hurt.  Berlin police have confirmed the horrific truck crash which ploughed into a bustling Christmas market and killed 12 people and left at least 50 others injured was "probably" a terrorist attack.  The German police force announced via their Twitter account that incident is a "deliberate" suspected terror attack on German shoppers.  Counter-terrorism forces have taken over the investigation while security forces are set to step-up their security efforts across Germany and the rest of Europe.

Lorry ploughs into crowd of shoppers killing one at Christmas market in Berlin sparking fears of a terror attack.  The Berlin Christmas market killer may still be on the loose with a gun and ready to inflict 'further damage' 12 hours after an asylum seeker from Pakistan was chased down and arrested, a senior police chief said today [12/19/2016].  Detectives interrogating suspect Naved B, 23, have said he has no blood on his clothes, no injuries and denies hijacking a 25-tonne lorry and using it to murder 12 people and injure 48 more last night.  A security services source, a senior police chief, told die Welt newspaper:  'We have the wrong man.  So we have a new situation.  The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause further damage.'

That Berlin Truck Attack Is Going To Cause Problems For Merkel.  Yesterday [12/19/2016] John Sexton provided a solid, blow by blow examination of the terror attack on Berlin's Christmas market and it was indeed brutal.  With a dozen dead and scores injured, this will be recorded as one of more "successful" of the low tech, low budget Islamic terror attacks on European soil.  The Daily Mail has an extensive collection of photos, videos and interviews from the scene and during the aftermath if you're in the mood for some very depressing doom porn.  But with the confirmed identification of the terrorist responsible for the carnage they also highlight the factor which could spell serious trouble for Chancellor Angela Merkel as she seeks another term in office next year.

Ankara, Turkey
December 18, 2016

'It's astounding how close Turkish assassin got to Russian ambassador'.  The assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey looks like a jihadist retribution for losses in Syria, but it might have a deeper motivation, such as damaging Russia-Turkey relations or taking terrorism to a whole new level, political analysts and experts told RT. Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov, 62, was fatally shot in the Turkish capital of Ankara while delivering a speech at an art gallery on Monday.  The man who assassinated the Russian diplomat was identified as a 22-year-old officer with the Turkish riot police.

CNN: 'No Guarantee' Allahu Akbar-Screaming Assassin In Turkey 'Speaks For Muslims'.  The world is still in shock after a rogue police officer gunned down the Russian ambassador to Turkey and shouted "Allahu akbar" Monday, but one of CNN's priorities was apparently to claim the jihadi doesn't "speak for Muslims," as if people might think he were an elected official and not a murderous Islamic extremist.

Missing from media headlines, Russian ambassador killed by gunman screaming 'allah akbar'.  Another example of why the media can't be trusted and how they cower in fear to Muslims.  They are the real Islamophobes.

The most terrifying part of this incident wasn't caught on camera.  Yesterday's entire horrific episode was caught on camera for the world to see.  The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot in the back at an art gallery as he stood at a podium to speak.  As I watched the news unfold, I immediately considered the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife back in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist.  That singular incident launched the world into what would be known as World War I.  Is that what's coming?

Russian ambassador is shot dead by gunman screaming 'Allahu akbar'.  The Russian ambassador to Turkey was last night shot dead by an off-duty Turkish police officer at an art gallery in Ankara in 'revenge' for the conflict in Syria.  Ambassador Andrei Karlov, 62, was shot several times from behind by a gunman shouting:  'Allahu Akbar (God is Great).  We die in Aleppo, you die here!'  He also screamed:  'Only death will take me out of here.'  The shooter, who was wearing a suit and tie, has been identified as Mevlüt Mert Altintas, 22, a member of Ankara's police riot squad.  He reportedly fired into the air before taking aim at the ambassador.

Russia's ambassador to Turkey killed in Ankara shooting.  A gunman shouting "Do not forget Aleppo!" assassinated Russia's ambassador to Turkey at an Ankara art gallery on Monday [12/19/2016] in what leaders of Russia and Turkey called a provocative terror attack.  Ambassador Andrey Karlov's shooting was captured in real time in photos and video that quickly spread through the Internet worldwide.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Shot During Speech in AnkaraHurriyet quotes the Russian embassy saying it believes "radical Islamists" were behind the attack, and notes that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is due in Moscow tomorrow for talks on the Syrian crisis with Russia and Iran.

Ohio State University
November 28, 2016

Grassley: Homeland Security 'Missed Signs of Possible Link to Terrorism' In Somali Refugee Who Attacked Eleven.  Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) tells Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in a letter that DHS "missed signs of possible link to terrorism" when it vetted Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, his mother, and six siblings in 2013.  Artan attacked eleven people with a car and then a knife on November 28 on the campus of Ohio State University before a campus police officer shot and killed him.

Ending Multicultural Madness.  On November 28, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born Muslim inspired by ISIS, went on a rampage at Ohio State University.  He injured 11 when he rammed his car into a group of students with murderous intent and then immediately went on a knife attack before campus security shot him dead.  No soon had this fanatic's body reached room temperature then Stephanie Clemons Thompson, employed as something called an "assistant director of resident life a Ohio State," started calling for sympathy and compassion for Artan and lamented that he was taken out so quickly. [...] One has to wonder how many others like Abdul Razak Ali Artan are here existing like potential time bombs, ready to explode if America does not show what they consider to be proper deference to them and their religion.

10 Things We Should Learn From the Ohio State Attack.  Americans returned from Thanksgiving to news of the latest jihadi attack waged by a Somali Muslim, Abdul Razak Ali Artan. [...] Artan was a legal resident who came to the US through Pakistan in 2014.  He arrived with his family, securing a refugee status after having escaped from Somalia.  Ohio State University President Michael V. Drake, along with Ohio State Governor John Kasich, shied away from identifying the cause of the attack.  This despite Artan's last Facebook post embracing a chilling message that in part read, "By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims..."  Terrorism expert Walid Phares is clear about the motive.  In private correspondence, Dr. Phares shares his belief that the Ohio State attack is "Another case of urban Jihadism.  At this point the issue isn't even a link or not to ISIS or al Qaeda, but a link to the specific ideology called Jihadism.  This is the generator of terror."

OSU Activists Complain Terrorist Was Wrongly Shot By Police.  An Ohio State University (OSU) student who attempted to go on a stabbing spree last month before being gunned down by a nearby officer has been added to a protest list of non-whites "wrongly" shot and killed by a police.  The OSU Coalition for Black Liberation is a campus protest group on OSU's main campus in Columbus.  The group held a rally Wednesday to protest the death of young black men at the hands of police, and read off a list of non-white men who had been killed by police in the last two months.  Among the names read off was that of Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  Artan, of course, is the man who attempted to kill his classmates last week by attacking them with his car and then going on a stabbing spree.

Ten Unanswered Questions About the Refugee Resettlement Program and Somali Attacker at Ohio State.  The story of Abdul Razak Ali Artan's two and a half years in the United States reveals the many weaknesses of the federal refugee resettlement program.  Breitbart News has put together a list of ten unanswered questions about Artan, the Somali refugee who on Monday attacked eleven people on the campus of Ohio State University, first with a car and then with a knife, before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

Lawyer Says Ohio State Attacker's Family 'Very Afraid' After Trump Tweet.  The family of Abdul Razak Ali Artan is finally speaking out through an attorney, one week after authorities say their son was responsible for an attack at Ohio State University that wounded 11 people.  Artan was killed during the attack by a police officer who responded to the scene.  The family's attorney, Robert Fitrakis, spoke to VOANews.com and said the family is deeply concerned for their safety as a result of a tweet from President-elect Donald Trump in the aftermath of he attack.

US govt loaned money to OSU jihadi refugee to fly to America.  Of course U.S. government money is money pilfered from American taxpayers — who are financially supporting millions of Muslim "refugees" and illegal aliens.

Somali teen in Ohio State 'ISIS' attack was given home in US by Christian charity.  THE Somali teenager who injured 11 people with a butcher's knife at Ohio State University was given money and a home by a Christian charity when he arrived in the United States, it has been claimed.  Devout Muslim Abdul Razak Ali Artan was shot dead by police after he ploughed a car into 11 people at the university's Columbus campus on Monday before jumping out of his vehicle and stabbing people with a butcher's knife.  Many of the injured are still in hospital three days later.

FBI: 'Too soon' to call Monday's attack terrorism.  It's too soon to call the attack on Ohio State's campus on Monday an act of terrorism, although the student who sent 11 people to the hospital might have been inspired by the deceased al Qaeda-linked terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as Islamic State.  "It's too soon to draw any conclusions if this is terrorism," FBI special agent Angela Byers said at a news conference held with the Columbus Division of Police on Wednesday afternoon [11/30/2016].

Ohio State Knife Attacker Abdul Artan Was Taking a Class About Microaggressions.  Before he was shot dead while attempting to murder a bunch of people with a car and a butcher's knife, Ohio State University student Abdul Artan — a Somali-born Pakistani immigrant who reportedly became radicalized after learning about injustices committed against fellow Muslims — was enrolled in a class called "Crossing Identity Boundaries."  In fact, he had a group project on "microaggressions" due later this week.  The assignment, worth 15 percent of his grade, required students to find a dozen examples of microaggressions on social media and explain which identity groups were the victims, according to the syllabus.  The purpose of the class is to promote "intercultural leadership" and transform students into "actively engaged, socially just global citizen/leaders."  It seems to go well beyond merely educating students, though — it actually requires them to become social justice activists.

One suspect dead, 9 injured after attack at Ohio State University involving car, butcher knife.  A Somali-born student at Ohio State University injured 11 people, one of them critically, on Monday when he attacked a crowd of pedestrians on campus in an incident one lawmaker said "bears all the hallmarks of a terror attack."  Authorities said Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, plowed a small gray Honda into the crowd outside Watts Hall, an engineering classroom building, just before 10 a.m. ET.  Artan then got out of the vehicle and attacked people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

The Editor says...
One tiny detail was omitted:  The campus police officer was the closest person with a gun.  That's the reason this Islamic terrorist's rampage didn't continue for the rest of the day.

Meet the Hero Cop Who Took Down the Somali Stabber at Ohio State.  Abdul Razak Ali Artan's "ram and stab" rampage at Ohio State University Monday morning [11/28/2016] sent ten people to the hospital — including one who is in critical condition — but it could have been much, much worse.  Thanks to the quick actions of 28-year-old Ohio State University officer Alan Horujko, the threat was eliminated in less than two minutes. The officer was in the area responding to a fire alarm when Artan plowed his vehicle into a number of pedestrians and then jumped out and started stabbing at them.

What Was Ohio State Maniac Abdul Razak Ali Artan Doing Here?  A better question than Abdul Razak Ali Artan's motive for going berserk at Ohio State yesterday is what the Somali maniac was doing in our country. [...] Religiously affiliated nonprofits have been raking in a fortune by helping the government bring in Muslim colonists from terrorist breeding grounds like Somalia.

Tucker Carlson vs BLM Advocate Who Questioned Heroism of White OSU Cop.  On Monday, Tariq Nasheed, a filmmaker who's Twitter bio reads "Anti-Racism Strategist," posted a racially-charged tweet seemingly questioning the fact that the Ohio State University cop who shot and killed Abdul Razak Ali Artan is being hailed as a hero.

NBC News:  OSU Terrorist's Friends Think He 'Loved America'.  Wouldn't you know it:  friends of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the Somali refugee who terrorized the Ohio State university campus in a knife-wielding ambush, say that he "loved America."  Forget the message Artan posted on Facebook only minutes before his murderous rampage, which spoke of hatred of the United States while mentioning ISIS and "lone wolf attacks."  NBC News took the time to interview friends of Artan's; their protestations that the warm, loving Artan loved America should mitigate our anger at someone who violently knifed innocent young people.

Authorities: Ohio State attacker likely inspired by radical cleric.  Authorities say the attacker at Ohio State was at least inspired by American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a leader of al Qaeda in Yemen who was killed by an American drone strike.  But Angela Byers, special agent in charge of the FBI's Cincinnati division, said it's too early to speculate on the extent of Abdul Razak Ali Artan's involvement with ISIS.

Former DHS Secretary Chertoff:  No Changes in Refugee Policy Needed After Ohio State Attack.  Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the U.S. government does not need to change the number of refugees it allows into the country after the Ohio State University attack because people who are not refugees have committed similar crimes.  Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 20, was a refugee from Somalia who drove into a crowd of pedestrians and stabbed people with a butcher knife at Ohio State University on Monday.  ISIS claimed Artan was one of their lone wolves.

(Knee)-Jerk of the Week:  Tim Kaine was really in a hurry to blame the NRA for attack at Ohio State.  Yesterday a man described as an 18-year-old Somali refugee (Obama's still trying to determine if he should be categorized as "widow" or "orphan") injured many people at Ohio State by ramming them with a car and slashing others with a knife.  The sound of a campus officer taking down the attacker with a gun led to early reports of an "active shooter" situation, but Hillary's former running-mate Tim Kaine didn't need to wait for any more details because his lefty instinct had kicked in.

Mosque Near Ohio State Campus Has History Of Attendees With Terror Ties.  Columbus, Ohio, is no stranger to attacks like the one seen at Ohio State University Monday and a controversial mosque just a mile from OSU has already been at he center of six separate terror cases.  It is presently unknown if the suspect at OSU Monday, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, attended the Masjid Omar Ibn El Khattab mosque, but the mosque has a history of former attendees who have been involved in terror activities.

Islamic State:  OSU attacker was 'soldier' of group.  The media arm of the Islamic State claimed Tuesday that the Ohio State student who crashed a car into campus crowd and then lashed out with a butcher knife was a "soldier" of the terror group who heeded appeals to strike the U.S., and its allies.  The claim issued by Amaq news agency makes no suggestion that the assailant, Abdul Razak Artan, had been in direct contact with the group or was formally affiliated with the organization, according to a transcript of the report provided by SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors radical organizations.

ISIS claims responsibility for Ohio State attack.  The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for Monday's attack at Ohio State University that injured nine.  The terror group's Amaq News Agency on Tuesday claimed the attack, carried out by an 18-year-old Ohio State student, was perpetrated by a "soldier of the Islamic State."  Authorities have not commented on what motivated the attack but could not rule out the possibility of terrorism.  Abdul Razak Ali Artan hit a crowd of pedestrians with a car before stabbing several people with a butcher knife Monday morning on Ohio State's campus.

Ohio State Attacker: 'By Allah, I Am Willing To Kill A Billion Infidels'.  A chilling Facebook message is shedding new light on the motive behind yesterday's attack on the campus of Ohio State University.  Authorities say Abdul Ali Artan, a Somali-refugee with permanent resident status, drove his car into a crowd of OSU students and attacked them with a large knife before being shot by campus police.  He injured at least nine people, several of whom are still recovering in local hospitals.  In a Facebook post he published shortly before he embarked on his violent rampage, Artan said he had reached a "boiling point" and that he "just couldn't take it anymore."

Flashback: Somali Man Attacked People With Machete In Ohio In February.  A 20-year-old Somali refugee identified as "Abdul Razak Ali Artan" is believed to be the man behind a knife and car attack on the Ohio State University campus that injured nine on Monday.  Although details are still coming in, this is not the first attack perpetrated by a Somali refugee in the State of Ohio this year.  On February 4th of this year, four people were injured when a machete wielding Somali man named Mohammed Barry attacked people in a Columbus, Ohio deli.

Rep. Peter King: 'Up to 40 Somali Americans' Have Become 'ISIS Terrorists'.  Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), a member of the Homeland Security Committee, said Monday's attack at the Ohio State University "has all the indicators of terrorism," including a Somali refugee as the suspect and the use of a knife and a vehicle to harm people, as ISIS has encouraged its followers to do.  "There's been a real problem with the (American) Somali community as far as having a large number of Al-Shabaab supporters," King told Fox News's Megyn Kelly Monday night.  As CNSNews.com reported on Tuesday [11/29/2016], nearly 100,000 Somali refugees have been admitted into the United States since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including 9,020 during fiscal year 2016 and 1,352 last month alone.

Ohio State attacker praised ex-Al Qaeda leader as 'hero' online, sources say.  Investigators have found evidence that the man who plowed a car into a crowd at Ohio State University Monday before stabbing several pedestrians with a butcher knife was inspired by ISIS propaganda, law enforcement sources told Fox News.  The sources did not specify what evidence was found, but investigators are inclined to believe that the attacker, 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was "self-radicalized."  Artan also praised American-born Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki as a "hero" and railed against U.S. interference in Muslim lands in a series of Facebook posts, officials said.

The Editor says...
Allow me to ask the obvious question:  If you hate America so much, why did you come here?

The Victim Mentality Kills.  Take a good look at the Facebook post of the Ohio State University attacker.  Sure, there's plenty of that familiar jihadist rhetoric.  "America, stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah.  We are not weak... By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims.  You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday."  But what comes through most is this whining sense of victimhood, that he's forced to commit these atrocious, barbaric attacks on innocent people out of a righteous sense of self-defense to protect his feelings.

Somali Refugee Stabs Students, Left Blames Guns.  So, it turns out that the supposed mass shooting at Ohio State University today was actually a mass stabbing allegedly perpetrated by a 20-year-old Somali refugee named Ali Mohammed, who drove his car into a crowd and then hopped out, hacking innocents with a butcher knife.  This has been a humiliating experience for the left, which immediately jumped to typical gun control talking points based on their desired story.

OSU jihadi Abdul Artan lived in Pakistan before coming to US as "refugee," used car registered to Mohamed Ali.  The question of the jihad attacker's identity seems to be solved now.  Also, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs was refreshingly honest, saying:  "I think we have to consider that it is" a terror attack.

Post Ohio State Terrorist Attack — CNN Suggests American Women Wear Hijabs in Solidarity.  During a conversation about yesterday's OSU terrorist attack carried out by a Somali refugee using a machete to attack students, CNN suggests that American women wear hijabs to show their solidarity with Somali Muslim terrorists.  [Video clip]

The Editor asks...
Why should we be "in solidarity" with homicidal maniacs bent on world domination?

Ohio State Jihad Attacker Named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Vehicle Used in Attack Belonged to Mohammad Ali.  In a previous reports, the attacker was named as Mohamed Ali.  NBC News is now identifying the attacker as Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  The vehicle involved in the incident is registered to Mohammad Ali from Columbus.  It is unknown how many were involved in this jihad cell.  Ten people were wounded after Abdul Ali drove into pedestrians with a vehicle and attacked others with a machete at Ohio State's campus[,] one of the largest in America.  Officials at Ohio State said the vehicle drove onto campus, hitting victims when the jihadi got out of his vehicle and starting attacking people in the area with a butcher knife.

OSU Diversity Officer Urges Compassion for Somali Terrorist Who Attacked Students.  The Ohio State University assistant director of residence life allegedly expressed sympathy for Somali stabber Abdul Razak Ali Artan in a bizarre Facebook post Monday that has since gone viral.  Stephanie Clemons Thompson urged her followers to have compassion for Artan after he expressed a desire "to kill a billion infidels" and then tried to kill as many as he could at OSU.  She also urged people to "think of the pain he must have been in," [...]

The Editor says...
On the contrary, we should consider the pain inflicted by this Muslim terrorist, and the additional pain and death he would have inflicted if given the chance — not to mention the pain and death his fellow Muslim terrorists from Somalia will inflict when they get an opportunity.

Ohio State University administrator faces calls for dismissal after seeking compassion for student who attacked.  Ohio State University's assistant director of residence life is facing calls for her dismissal after asking for compassion for Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who was killed after injuring 11 people in a car and knife attack Monday. [...] Stephanie Clemons Thompson posted a message to Facebook, including a reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, on Tuesday chiding those who celebrated Artan's death and posted photos of his body.  While she wrote the message should not be shared, screenshots were soon circulating on social media.

Ohio State Suspect Had Tie to Dallas.  It was June 5, 2014 when a young teenager named Abul Razak Ali Artan arrived in Dallas with his mother and six siblings.  A little more than two years before he was the suspect in a violent knife attack on the Ohio State campus.  "We gave them aid and comfort and some shelter as part of the government resettlement program," explained Catholic Charities C.E.O. Dave Woodyard.  The Somali immigrants arrived from Pakistan at D/FW International Airport via JFK International Airport.

The Editor says...
Whether or not the OSU killer came through the DFW airport is irrelevant and immaterial.  Texas (especially Dallas) TV stations are always on the lookout for a "Texas connection" to every news story.  It's nothing more than ratings-driven sensationalism.

Ohio State Attacker Described Himself as a 'Scared' Muslim.  An apparent attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning [11/28/2016] has left at least ten people injured after Abdul Razak Ali Artan struck them with his car and slashed them with a knife.  Artan was shot dead by police shortly after the attack began at approximately 9:52 a.m., director of public service Monica Moll said at a afternoon press conference.  Artan aimed his Honda Civic at a group of pedestrains, jumping the curb, and colliding with them.  Artan then exited the vehicle and began slashing pedestrians.  By 9:53 a.m. — less than one minute following the start of the attack — responding officer Alan Horujko shot and killed Artan.  No other people are suspected in the attack.

Useful idiots offer 'chalk therapy' to comfort Somali Muslim invaders who live in fear of a backlash following the latest Somali Muslim terror attack.  Go right ahead, you bleeding heart leftist idiots in Minnesotastan, open up your hearts and your legs to Somali Muslims, then sit back and see what they have in store for you.  Or did you miss the news about a Somali Muslim terrorist who used his car to run down and stab 10 people at Ohio State University?  It was in all the papers.  [Video clip]

Ohio State Attack: Terrorism Eyed as Police Seek More Info.  Investigators are looking into whether a car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University that injured 11 people was an act of terror by a Somali-born student who had once criticized the media for its portrayal of Muslims.

You reap what you sow.
Ohio State students and faculty pushed hard for more Islamic immigration.  The case of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the Somali-born Islamic terrorist who ran over and stabbed 11 people with a butcher knife at Ohio State may be what President Obama calls a "teachable moment."  We can feel great sympathy for the victims, but it is also fair to point out that some of the policies advocated by said victims helped contribute to this tragedy.  And the fact is that a large number of Ohio State faculty and students are strongly pro-Islamic immigration.

Trump: Ohio State terrorist 'shouldn't have been in country'.  The Ohio State University terrorist "should not have been" in the United States, according to the next president.  "ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country," Donald Trump said in a tweet Wednesday morning [11/30/2016].

On His First Day, Trump Could Stop More [Terrorist Attacks] From Happening.  An 18-year-old Somali refugee reportedly ran his car into a group of pedestrians on campus, before attacking them with a knife.  At least 9 people have been injured, although thankfully there are no deaths yet — except for the attacker, but I was talking about real people.  The immigrant, by the way, came to the US just a few years ago.  He's an Obama-era addition to America.  And he was at a public school, meaning taxpayer money was spent on his education.  Perhaps some enterprising student journalist will let us know how much.  The attack was carried out with a car and a knife, so naturally leftists — including the man who was almost Vice President — and the mainstream (fake news) media are already blaming Ohio's lack of gun control.

Ohio State police officer hailed for swiftly killing attacker.  The 28-year-old police officer who shot and killed the man behind Monday's [11/28/2016] attacks at Ohio State University is being hailed for his quick actions.  "Our officer was on scene in less than a minute and he ended the situation in less than a minute," Ohio State University Police Chief Craig Stone said at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Ohio State Attacker Identified:  Everything We Know About Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  The man behind Monday's horrific attack at Ohio State University has been identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  Ohio law enforcement officials confirmed to NBC News Monday afternoon that Artan — an 18-year-old freshman at OSU — was the man who plowed a car into a crowd of people on campus and subsequently attacked passers-by with a butcher's knife.

Ohio State University knifeman slammed US media for making him 'scared' to pray in public.  The extremist and Ohio State University student, who stabbed and shot 11 people on his campus yesterday, previously slammed the US media for making him "scared" to pray in public.  Speaking to The Lantern, his university paper in August, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, said he continuously complained about America's treatment of Muslims to his mother.  In the article, Artan — a Somalian refugee — said:  "If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen.  "I am a Muslim, it's not what the media portrays me to be."

Also posted under Muslims pretend to be the victims of the trouble they have stirred up.

Kaine Tweets OSU 'Senseless Act of Gun Violence' — Updates After No Gun Involved.  With early reports of an "active shooter" on the Ohio State University campus Monday, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) tweeted about the "senseless act of gun violence" before updating the campus attack was performed with a car and a knife.  "Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning.  Praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community," Kaine tweeted at 11:58 AM.  The Associated Press reports authorities are saying nine people were injured at Ohio State University when an attacker purposely drove over a curb and into pedestrians and then got out of the vehicle and began stabbing people with a butcher knife.

Progressives Demand Gun Control After Knife Attack At Ohio State University.  Progressives used a brutal knife attack at Ohio State University (OSU) on Monday as an excuse to demand more gun control, even after authorities declared that they had no evidence the attacker even used a gun during his rampage.  The attacker reportedly struck pedestrians with his vehicle and proceeded to stab several others, harming at least nine individuals, one of whom is in critical condition.  Despite OSU's initial tweets stating there was an active shooter on campus, authorities later said there was no evidence that the attacker used a gun during his attack.

43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama, 99 percent Muslim.  The Obama administration resettled 8,858 Somali refugees in the United States last year, and nearly 43,000 during Obama's eight years, a huge number that is now raising concerns after a Somali refugee led a one-man attack spree on the campus of Ohio State.

Also posted under hijrah.

Ohio State University attacker was refugee.  In a suspected act of Islamic terror, at least one attacker struck Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio early Monday morning, running over students with a car before exiting and attacking victims with a large blade, reportedly a machete.  In the brutal attack — shockingly similar to refugee knife attacks carried out by ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorists throughout 2016 — the blade-wielding madman, reportedly an 18-year-old refugee that lived nearby, seriously wounded a number of students with a large knife before being killed by responding police officers.

Somali Muslim Refugee Killed In Ohio State Attack.  Thanks Obama!  The terrorist involved in the Ohio State driving over and stabbing was a Somali Muslim refugee.  One of the ones who Obama let in!  He was also a student at Ohio State University and this attack was pre-planned.

Ohio State University jihad attacker:  Muslim "refugee" Mohamed Ali.  The solution?  Bring in more "refugees"!  What could possibly go wrong?

Ohio State University Attack Is Confirmed Was Carried Out By At Least Three Muslim Terrorists.  Confirmed reports on the shooter on the Ohio State University campus was a Somali Muslim immigrant.

October 12, 2016

Boston: Man who shot 2 cops wrote of Islamic 'rebirth'.  In other words, he was a Muslim.

5 Investigates:  Suspect in Boston police shooting wrote of Islamic 'rebirth,' had several aliases.  5 Investigates uncovered six aliases used by Kirk Figueroa, the man killed by Boston police after he shot two officers on Wednesday night in East Boston.  He took on an alias as he experienced what he called an Islamic "rebirth" in Africa. [...] [WCVB] uncovered a job posting for "Police Protection" for one of those companies, Bailrunners.  In it, Figueroa identifies himself as Muhummed Isa Al Mahdi.

Surprise! Man Who Shot Boston Police Experienced 'Islamic' Rebirth, Wanted to 'Hunt Down Fugitives and Bring Them to Justice'.  If the national media even bothers to report this they'll first warn us about the pending Islamophobic backlash.

Not publishing his Muslim name and despite wearing body armor, the media are reporting it as "domestic disturbance."
Mainstream Media Not Reporting Boston Police Shooter's Islamic 'Rebirth'.  Wednesday evening [10/12/2016], two Boston Police officers were shot by Kirk Figueroa after responding to a domestic disturbance call.  Figueroa is now dead and the two officers are recovering from bad injuries.  And that's about all the mainstream media want everyone to know.  However, Boston's WCVB 5's investigation has uncovered a much different picture of Figueroa including his Islamic faith.  That fact is missing from nearly every major news site that this author searched. [...] [T]he shooter was a Democrat and inspired by the words of the Obamas, who back the anti-police Black Lives Matter and constantly defend Islam as a religion of peace.

Boston: Muslim who had Islamic "rebirth" shoots two police officers.  Cue the stories about how this has nothing to do with Islam, and about how local mosques are now fearing an "Islamophobic backlash."

East Hartford, Connecticut
October 11, 2016

Jordanian student pilot intentionally crashed his plane into a Connecticut street.  A flying instructor desperately fought for the controls of a plane moments before his student pilot 'deliberately crashed into a Connecticut street', sources say.  Trainee pilot Feras M. Freitekh and his instructor Arian Prevalla had been arguing during the flight on Tuesday afternoon after the student said he no longer wanted to fly the plane, a source told the Hartford Courant.  Prevella had desperately tried to regain control of the Piper PA 34A — which has two sets of controls — when Freitekh suddenly began flying erratically.  But the experienced pilot was not able to stop their descent and the plane crashed on Tuesday.  Jordanian national Freitekh, 28, was killed in the crash while Prevalla was rushed to hospital with serious burns.

Palestinian Muslim Takes A Plane And Crashes It Attempting To Destroy U.S. Major Military Defense Contractor In Connecticut.  The National Transportation Safety Board's initial investigation of a Tuesday's aircraft crash in East Hartford, Connecticut should be a serious concern as it was a possible attempt to destroy one major US military defense contractor.  As it seems, Muslims are possibly attempting to carry out an attack by using airplanes again. [...] What is strange about this story is the ring of Muslim student pilots and the testimony of the co-pilot stating that the suicide pilot did "an altercation in the cockpit during their training flight, and the instructor was unable to regain control of the plane from the [Muslim] student pilot."

F.B.I. Investigating if Fatal Plane Crash in East Hartford Was Intentional.  The F.B.I. is investigating whether the crash of a small plane in East Hartford, Conn., that killed a passenger on Tuesday [10/11/2016] was intentional, according to four federal law enforcement officials.  The pilot, who survived the crash, told investigators that it was not an accident. [...] Officials identified the passenger as Feras M. Freitekh, 28. [...] Mayor Marcia Leclerc of East Hartford said the plane took off from a flight school at the airport.  The police chief of East Hartford, Scott M. Sansom, said during a news conference that the police sought the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation because the plane went down near a Pratt & Whitney factory on Main Street, which he described as being "critical infrastructure."  The company, which has its headquarters in East Hartford, is a global manufacturer of jet engines for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.

Brussels, Belgium
October 5, 2016

Police shoot 'Arabic ex-soldier' in the leg after he stabs two officers in Belgium's 'hotbed of jihad'.  Two police officers were stabbed as one of Belgium's busiest train stations was evacuated due to a bomb scare.  The officers were attacked by an unnamed individual in a busy main road in Schaerbeek, known as a 'hotbed of jihadism'.  Police shot the suspect in the leg and arrested him.  The assailant has been named in Belgian newspaper De Standaard as 43-year-old 'Hicham D', a Belgian national who was formerly in the armed forces and known to the security services.  He is reported to have had contact with jihadi fighters who had returned from Syria.

Two policemen injured in Brussels stabbing in suspected terror attack.  A knife-wielding assailant stabbed two policemen in a Brussels district known as a hotbed of jihadism in what prosecutors are treating as a suspected terrorist attack.  The violent assault, which ended in the suspect being shot in the leg, took place as one of the Belgian capital's main train stations was briefly closed due to a bomb scare.  The assailant, named by the Brussel prosecutor only as Hicham D, a 43-year old Belgian national, lunged for the officers in a busy main road in Schaerbeek — the Brussels neighbourhood where the terrorists behind the airport and metro attacks of March 22 had set up their bomb making factory.

Seattle, Washington
September 23, 2016

Wash. mall shooting suspect voted in 3 elections without U.S. citizenship.  The man charged in Washington state's deadly mall shooting on Sept. 23 voted in three elections despite not having U.S. citizenship.  Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor is charged with five counts of first-degree premeditated murder in relation to last week's shooting that killed five.  The green card holder, who moved to the U.S. from Turkey when he was 7, may now face additional charges related to voter fraud.  State records show that Mr. Cetin registered to vote when he turned 18 and then voted in three elections, including the 2016 presidential primary.  Federal sources confirmed to a local NBC affiliate on Wednesday [9/28/2016] that he is not a U.S. citizen and is legally prohibited from voting.

Mall shooter not a U.S. citizen — voted in 3 elections.  Add voter fraud to the list of Arcan Cetin's offenses.  Cetin, 20, is the Turkish immigrant arrested Saturday for the Friday night [9/23/2016] shooting and killing of five people in a Burlington, Washington, mall.  Security camera's show Cetin entering the mall briefly without a weapon, leaving and then returning with a rifle.  Cetin fled but was apprehended 24 hours later.  He has reportedly confessed to the five murders.

Investigators may probe Cascade Mall suspect's citizenship status, voting record.  The Cascade Mall shooting suspect, Arcan Cetin, may face an additional investigation related to his voting record and citizenship status.  Federal sources confirm to KING 5 that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, meaning legally he cannot vote.  However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary.  Cetin, who immigrated to the United States from Turkey as a child, is considered a permanent resident or green card holder.  While a permanent resident can apply for U.S. citizenship after a certain period of time, sources tell KING his status had not changed from green card holder to U.S. citizen.

Cascade Mall Shooter Arcan Cetin Mentioned Ayatollah, Islamic State on Blog.  A neighbor told the Associated Press that Cascade Mall shooter Arcan Cetin was so "creepy, rude, and obnoxious" that she kept a Taser near her front door, just in case he came calling.  The neighbor, 21-year-old Amber Cathey, said she blocked Cetin on Snapchat after he sent her a photo of his crotch.  She found him so frightening that she would walk a longer route to her nearby apartment to avoid him, if she saw his car in the parking lot.

Turkish Muslim Arrested For Washington State Mall Shooting.  A 20-year-old Turkish Muslim named Arcan Cetin has been arrested in Oak Harbor Washington for the murder of five people in the Burlington Mall Shooting.

Man suspected of killing 5 people at Burlington mall arrested in Oak Harbor.  A man suspected of killing five people at Burlington's Cascade Mall on Friday night [9/23/2016] has been arrested in Oak Harbor after a 20-hour manhunt.  The Washington State Patrol identified the suspect as 20-year-old Arcan Cetin.  Cetin emigrated from Turkey and is a legal U.S resident, according to an initial police investigation.  Cetin graduated in 2015 from Oak Harbor High School.

Washington mall shooting suspect 'zombie-like' when arrested, police say.  The 20-year-old man suspected of killing five people with a rifle at a Macy's makeup counter had had a string of run-ins with the law in recent years, including charges he assaulted his stepfather, and was described by a neighbor as so "creepy, rude and obnoxious" that she kept a Taser by her front door.  As investigators tried to piece together information on Arcan Cetin, who was arrested Saturday evening after a nearly 24-hour manhunt, a picture emerged of a troubled young man.  Court records show more than a half-dozen criminal cases in Island County alone since 2013.

Surveillance pictures appear to show 'Hispanic' gunman enter mall without a weapon.  Authorities are looking for the active shooter who reportedly shouted a woman's name repeatedly before he opened fire and killed five people during a deadly shooting at a mall north of Seattle on Friday evening [9/23/2016].  Four women and one man are confirmed dead after the shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, about 65 miles north of Seattle, the Washington State Patrol said.  Victims have not been identified, however police said their ages ranged from teenager to elderly.

5th victim dies in Cascade Mall shooting in Burlington; suspect remains at large.  Five people are confirmed dead following a shooting at the Macy's store in the Cascade Mall in Burlington Friday night, the Washington State Patrol said.  The shooter remains at large.  Washington State Patrol Sgt.  Mark Francis said that a single man with a hunting rifle walked into the mall in Burlington, about 65 miles north of Seattle, and opened fire around 7 p.m, then left the scene before police arrived.  He was last seen walking toward nearby Interstate 5.

Investigators said they killed for ISIS. But were they different from 'regular' mass killers?  Dahir Adan, a former Apollo High School honor student, walked into a mall here last Saturday and stabbed 10 people before an off-duty police officer shot him dead.  The Islamic State hailed him as one of its soldiers.  The FBI has hesitated to describe Adan's rampage as an ideologically inspired terrorist attack and Thursday night called on witnesses — ideally with videos — to come forward.  For years, FBI officials and other national security experts have said that apparent lone wolves such as Adan and Ahmad Khan Rahami, charged in last weekend's New York bombing, have no discernible profile that could be used to head off terrorist acts.  But some counterterrorism experts who studied attackers motivated by jihadist ideology say they often exhibit traits similar to those of non-Muslim mass killers who have attacked schools, churches and workplaces.

Mall shooting suspect was 'zombie-like' when arrested, officials say.  A suspected gunman believed to have killed five people at a Washington state mall was arrested Saturday [9/24/2016], according to authorities.  At a news conference, officials said they had not ruled out any possible motives for why 20-year-old Arcan Cetin allegedly shot four women and one man at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Friday evening. [...] Mount Vernon Police Lt. Chris Cammock said Cetin had immigrated to the U.S. from Turkey and was a "legal permanent resident."  It was not immediately clear when Cetin came to the U.S.

Hunt on for gunman who killed 5, including 4 women, at Washington mall.  Police were searching for a gunman who killed four women and a man at a Washington state mall Friday [9/23/2016] before fleeing the area.  Washington State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Francis said police were searching for a Hispanic man wearing black and armed with a rifle who was last seen walking toward Interstate 5 near the Cascade Mall in Burlington.

St. Cloud, Minnesota
September 17, 2016

FBI: Minnesota Mall Attacks "Consistent With the Philosophies of Violent Radical Islamic Groups".  The information discovered by the FBI in its investigation of the background of an attack on a mall in Minnesota suggests jihad.  FBI Special Agent Rick Thornton told reporters that the attacker, one Dahir Ahmed Adan, showed every sign of being an ordinary college boy until recently.  After he started reading the Quran in the several months predating the attack, he progressively became less interested in playing video games, or physical sports, and "went from being an excellent student with a GPA to flunking out of college almost overnight."  By itself that suggests a strong influence, but the FBI agent was not finished.  "We have numerous credible witness accounts of him asking victims during the attack if they were Muslim," Agent Thornton reminded the reporters, "and at least one instance of him yelling 'Allahu Akbar' while stabbing one of his victims, and others heard him yelling 'Islam, Islam.'"  Citing "compelling evidence" that the attack was provoked, Thornton added dryly, "one could reasonably conclude his actions were consistent with the philosophies of violent radical Islamic groups."

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Graphic new videos shed light on Minnesota stabbing attack by a man the FBI believes had been 'radicalized'.  He chased one store clerk into an electronics store, swiping at his head with a pair of steak knives, and then plunging one into his back before the man was able to scramble to his feet and run.  He came within inches of stabbing another store clerk, who pulled a metal shutter closed just in time.  He lunged repeatedly at an off-duty police officer who had chased him, near the end, into a Macy's store.  And then, even after he was shot, he got to his feet and lunged a second time.  The FBI and Minnesota law enforcement officials for the first time on Thursday released surveillance video footage that show the mall attack by Dahir Adan, a 20-year-old from St. Cloud, Minn., on Sept. 18.

Hero who Stopped Mass Stabbing in St.  Cloud, MN, is Firearms Instructor, Concealed Carry Advocate.  Jason Falconer is the armed citizen who stopped the mass stabbing in the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Saturday evening, September 18th, 2016.  Falconer is competitive shooter, firearms instructor and CEO of Tactical Advantage.

Crossroads Mall is a Gun Free, Weapons Free Zone.  The mass stabbings that occurred at the Crossroads Center (Crossroads Mall) in St.  Cloud occurred in a gun free, weapon free zone.  It appears that the armed citizen who stopped the attack was not allowed to legally be armed in the mall.  The armed citizen was an off duty officer from another jurisdiction.

Knife-wielding attacker (who injured 9) in St. Cloud mall was a Somali.  It is simply pathetic that a couple of hours ago all of the officials arrayed in a lengthy St. Cloud press conference — the mayor (who has been a vocal advocate for the expanding Somali enclave there), the police, even the FBI couldn't bring themselves to identify the dead perpetrator, but waited (did they wait on purpose?) to give the 'Somali community' time to spin the story.  He was a good boy, no violent past, a good student, a college student in St. Cloud.  (Maybe even a security guard!)  So what!  He was first and foremost a Jihadist.  And, Obama and his Lefty friends who chalk up 'violent extremism' to poverty and lack of opportunity can just shut up!  This guy had prospects for a good future and he chose jihad for Allah instead.

Police baffled over motive of mall attacker yelling 'Allah', asking victims if they're Muslim.  OK, I get it.  Police don't want to jump to conclusions in high profile cases.  But can police authorities please stop insulting the public when a Muslim starts attacking random strangers while yelling about Allah?  The latest example of studied ignorance comes from St. Cloud, Minnesota, the thriving metropolis of Central Minnesota.

Minnesota stabbing survivor: 'He looked me dead in the eyes'.  Ryan Schliep and his girlfriend had just gone inside a Minnesota shopping mall when he saw a girl screaming and crying.  "Call 911!" the girl said, according to Schliep.  Moments later, as he was standing by one of the mall's entrances, a man in uniform walked toward him.  "He looked me dead in the eyes," Schliep told The Washington Post.  "He had a pretty emotionless face, just a blank stare."

Terror suspect was arrested for stabbing but a grand jury let him walk despite cop's warning he was 'a danger'.  The 28-year-old man suspected of planting bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey over the weekend was previously arrested for stabbing a person in the leg and possession of a firearm in 2014, DailMail.com [sic] has learned.  But a grand jury let him walk, despite a warning from the arresting officer that Rahami was likely 'a danger to himself or others.'  Ahmad Khan Rahami, who was arrested on Monday in Linden, N.J., after a manhunt ended in a shootout with police, was also a deadbeat dad who didn't like America and hated gays, according to the mother of his young daughter.

It's Time We Faced the Facts about the Muslim World.  Despite making up a tiny fraction of the American population, Muslims are responsible for exponentially more terror deaths than any other meaningful American community.  Even if you use the Left's utterly ridiculous standard of "terror deaths since 9/11" (why exclude America's worst terror attack when calculating the terror threat?), Muslim terrorists have killed almost twice as many people as every other American faction or demographic combined.  Yet when any politician or pundit suggests restrictions or even special scrutiny applied to Muslim immigrants — especially Muslim immigrants or visitors from jihadist conflict zones — entire sectors of the Left (and some on the right) recoil in shock and horror.  Whenever there's a terror attack, there's an almost palpable desperation to determine that the attacker was not Muslim and the attack had "no connection" to international terror, in spite of the fact that it is now ISIS and al-Qaeda strategy to inspire lone wolves.

The Somali 'ISIS fanatic' who went on Minnesota knife rampage after checking whether victims were Muslims.  A "lone wolf" jihadi who slashed shoppers during an alleged IS-inspired knife attack at a US mall was named last night as a Call Of Duty-obsessed university student.  Basketball fanatic Dahir Adan, 22, was unmasked by his family as the attacker who died during his mass stabbing spree at the Crossroads Mall in St Cloud, Minnesota.

Minnesota mall attacker referenced Allah before stabbing rampage, police chief says.  ISIS claimed responsibility after a knife-wielding man injured eight people at a mall in central Minnesota Saturday evening, a bloody rampage during which he reportedly asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim and referenced Allah.  St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson said the suspect, whom he did not identify, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction.  Five of the eight victims had been treated and released from a local hospital and all were expected to survive their injuries.  ISIS-related media on Sunday morning claimed responsibility for the attack, issuing a statement via a source.

Dayton Calls For Tolerance After St. Cloud Mall Attack.  Gov. Mark Dayton said he plans to travel to St. Cloud Monday to offer support for the community following the knife attack at a mall that left nine people wounded and a suspect dead.  Authorities say the suspect, who has yet to be identified, attacked several shoppers at the Crossroads Center mall on Saturday night.  Police say he mentioned Allah and asked at least one victim if they were Muslim.  "If true that [the stabbings] were motivated by religious bigotry, I condemn them even more strongly," the governor said in a press release Sunday [9/18/2016].

The Editor says...
There is a big difference, Governor, between bigotry and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Hero cop saved mall patrons during stabbing rampage.  A hero cop saved bystanders at a Minnesota mall when a knife-wielding terrorist descended on the shoppers Saturday evening, slashing eight of them before he was killed by the off-duty officer.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis described surveillance footage of the attack, which has not yet been released, lauding the officer's response and calling the video akin to a "training video for law enforcement."

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CAIR: Minnesota Jihad Stabbing Puts Muslims at Risk.  At a press conference addressing a jihadist attack in Minnesota, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) warned Muslims are now potential victims at risk of being harmed in retaliation.  CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation.  The St. Cloud, Minnesota, mass stabbing occurred at the city's Crossroads Center mall on Saturday night.  A Somali man allegedly shouted, "Allah," as he stabbed nine people before he was shot dead by an off-duty officer.  All nine victims stabbed at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud survived.

Somali community in Minn. fears backlash after stabbing suspect ID'd.  Authorities are investigating the stabbings of nine people at a Minnesota mall as a potential act of terrorism, a finding that would realize long-held fears of an attack in the immigrant-rich state that has struggled to stop the recruiting of its young men by groups including the Islamic State.  A young Somali man dressed as a private security guard entered the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud over the weekend wielding what appeared to be a kitchen knife.  The city's police chief said the man reportedly made at least one reference to Allah and asked a victim if he or she was Muslim before attacking.

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Reports: Several hurt in Crossroads Center incident.  The FBI is investigating the Crossroads Center knife attacks on Saturday as "a potential act of terrorism."  Nine people were injured by an attacker who was killed inside the Macy's store by an off-duty Avon police officer.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis identified that officer as Jason Falconer during a press conference Sunday.  A short time earlier, St. Cloud Somali-American community members identified the deceased suspect as Dahir Adan.

Reports:  Multiple people injured at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud.  In a press conference, St. Cloud Police Chief William Anderson said the suspect was wearing a private security uniform and carrying a knife.  Police believe the suspect acted alone and could not say whether the incident was a terrorist attack or not.  Based on witness accounts, the suspect made reference to Allah and asked at least one of the victims if they were Muslim before he assaulted them.

Police Chief Doesn't Know Why Allah-Referencing Terrorist Knifed 8 People in St. Cloud.  There were three separate terror attacks yesterday — in St. Cloud, Minnesota, New York City and Seaside Park, New Jersey.  The officials all echoed the same lines:  there is no imminent threat, we don't have a motive, we don't know if it's a terror attack, and there is no evidence anyone else was involved or that the attacks were connected.  Also, we can't call the device a bomb.  The DEVICES in New York were pressure cookers.  The one that didn't explode had wires coming out of it and was hooked to a cellphone.  The one that exploded let off loud booming sounds and clouds of smoke like nothing the witnesses had ever heard or seen before.  If devices explode like this, I'd better get rid of my coffee maker.  CBS is calling the Minnesota terror attack, a "mall incident."  CNN referred to it as a "mall attack."  Mayor de Blasio aka Mayor Wilhelm went a step further and said it's not a terrorist attack.

Mass Stabbing at Popular American Mall.  A vicious stabbing attack has left one dead and eight injured.  The sick attack happened at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  The suspect is deceased and authorities are not sure of the motive.

Minnesota mall attack:  Man shot dead after stabbing 8 people.  The man who stabbed nine people at a Minnesota mall Saturday before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer was a "soldier of the Islamic state," according to an ISIS-linked news agency.  The statement posted online Sunday by the Amaq agency follows a pattern of ISIS-related media claiming responsibility for what appear to be the acts of individuals across Europe in the past few months.  CNN cannot independently confirm this latest claim.

ISIS claims responsibility for mass stabbing at Minnesota mall carried out by a knifeman who talked about Allah.  A 'soldier of the Islamic State' went on a stabbing rampage at a Minnesota shopping mall before he was shot dead by an off-duty police officer, the terror group claims.  Isis claimed responsibility for the attack at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud on Saturday night in a statement released today [9/18/2016] through their propaganda channel.  The assailant, who reportedly made references to Allah and asked at least one person whether they were Muslim, injured nine people, St Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said.

Islamic State supporter behind Minnesota stabbings -Amaq.  A man who wounded up to nine people in a knife attack at a mall in central Minnesota before he was shot dead by an off-duty police officer is a "soldier of the Islamic State," the militant group's news agency said on Sunday [9/18/2016].  The man, who was wearing a private security uniform, made references to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud on Saturday, the city's Police Chief William Blair Anderson told reporters.  "Whether that was a terrorist attack or not, I'm not willing to say that right now because we just don't know," Anderson said at a news conference.

Minnesota knife attacker 'was soldier of Islamic State'.  A knifeman who stabbed eight people in a Minnesota shopping mall while shouting "Allah" was "a soldier of the Islamic State", the jihadist group's news agency has claimed.  ISIS-affiliated media outlet Amaq released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack at the Crossroads centre in the city of St Cloud last night.  Eight people suffered non life threatening injuries when a man in a security guard outfit went on a bloody rampage just after 8 pm local time on Saturday [9/17/2016].

Minnesota mall attacker referenced Allah before stabbing rampage, police chief says.  A knife-wielding man in a private security uniform who injured eight people at a mall in central Minnesota Saturday evening [9/17/2016] asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim and referenced Allah during the assault, authorities said Wednesday [9/14/2016].  St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson said the suspect, whom he did not identify, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction.  All but one of the eight victims had been treated and released from a local hospital and all were expected to survive their injuries.

New York City / Elizabeth, New Jersey / Lindon, New Jersey
September 17, 2016

Multiple simultaneous incidents — strictly coincidental, of course!

Convicted N.J. terrorist gets another life term for trying to kill cops in gunfight after bombings.  Convicted terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahimi was sentenced to life in prison Friday after a Union County jury for attempting to kill five Linden police officers in a shootout after they identified him as the man wanted in bombings throughout New York and New Jersey.  Rahimi, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, is already serving multiple life terms for setting off a pressure cooker in Manhattan in September 2016 that injured dozens.  He still faces federal charges for planting bombs around the same time in Elizabeth and a 5K race in Seaside Park.

Alleged Chelsea Bomber Ahmad Rahimi Indicted on Federal Terror Charges.  Federal prosecutors boosted their case Wednesday against a man charged with setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York that injured 30 people, bringing additional charges in an indictment and subjecting him to a potential mandatory life-in-prison penalty if he's convicted.  The eight-count indictment in Manhattan federal court speeds the case along against 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahimi.  He has been held without bail in the Sept. 17 attacks since his arrest two days afterward when he was shot by police in a shootout outside a Linden, New Jersey, bar.

2 Men Who Found Bomb in Chelsea Are Identified as Airline Security Guards.  Two men who found a travel bag containing a bomb on a Manhattan street last month — and then walked off with the bag but left the bomb — were not just employees of EgyptAir but in-flight security officers for the carrier, two officials at the airline said on Friday [9/30/2016].  Surveillance footage showed two men finding the bag on West 27th Street on the evening of Sept. 17, soon after a bomb exploded on West 23rd Street, injuring 31 people and triggering terrorism fears across the region.  In the video, the men were seen pulling from the travel bag a white plastic bag that contained a pressure cooker connected to wires and a mobile phone.  They left the white bag on the sidewalk and walked away with the travel bag.  The bomb did not explode, and investigators have said that the men may have inadvertently disabled the device.

Two main suspects in NYC bombing were able to hightail it out of the country.  Two men wanted by the FBI in connection with the New York City bombing have reportedly left the country.  The FBI put out a wanted poster for the two young men, who were caught on camera walking off with the luggage that contained one of the planted bombs.  Sometime later the duo boarded a plane and left the country, according to multiple new reports.

After Chelsea Bombing, NYC Launches Efforts To Silence 'Negative Rhetoric' About Islam.  Less than two weeks after the terrorist bombings in New Jersey and New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration is launching a new campaign against the "negative rhetoric targeting Muslim communities" that the city says gets worse after "terrorist incidents."  A press release from the city on Monday [9/26/2016] explained the reasoning for the new anti-anti-Islam efforts:  "Across the country, hateful speech has made Muslim residents the target of misguided attacks and threats, especially in the aftermath of terrorist incidents," states a press release from the city.

Two men seen removing undetonated bomb from wheeled duffel bag left on Manhattan street 'by chicken shop terrorist' identified by FBI.  Two men seen removing an unexploded bomb from a wheeled duffel bag left on the street by the Chelsea bomber have been identified by the FBI.  Officials say the pair are both Egyptian pilots who have since left the U.S., presumably to return to Egypt, ABC News reports.  Their names have not yet been made public.  The men had been seen on surveillance video removing the bomb from luggage on West 27th Street, Manhattan, at around 8 pm on the night of the Chlsea bombing attack on September 17.

Comey vows to review past warnings to FBI about alleged NY bomber.  FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Tuesday [9/27/2016] his agency will learn from any missteps it might have made leading up to last week's Manhattan bombing, amid reports that the alleged bomber had been known to agents for at least two years.  Comey, who was testifying before the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, also said that when the FBI makes a mistake, the agency is open about it.  In two recent cases, he noted the FBI is looking over its past investigation of the Orlando nightclub shooter — and the bureau's prior interactions with the father of Ahmad Rahami, who was charged last week in the Manhattan explosion that left dozens injured.

Once Again, The Obama Administration Missed Terrorist Red Flags.  After the recent spate of terror attacks in the U.S., President Obama defended himself by saying that these type of attacks are "very hard to detect and very hard to prevent."  But it turns out that officials had the New York City bomber in their sights — twice — and failed to do anything about it, making this the ninth terror attack on Obama's watch that arguably could have been prevented.

The feds keep letting 'known wolves' drop off the radar.  The FBI had the future Chelsea bomber on its radar — for a while, anyway — but let him slip through.  Just as officials had done with men who became the perps in at least eight other terror attacks.  Customs officials screened Ahmad Rahami in 2011 on his return from a trip to Pakistan, and again after a 2013-2014 trip there.  They notified Homeland Security Department's National Targeting Center — which sent the report on to the FBI and other agencies.  Then, in August 2014, Rahami's dad told the authorities his son was a terrorist.  Agents checked records and found nothing.  When his father recanted, they say, they closed the book.  Yet they never bothered to interview Ahmad Rahami himself.

FBI Training Questioned in Recent Terror Attacks.  Recent domestic terror attacks by Islamic extremists are raising questions among officials and security experts about whether FBI counterterrorism training is deficient.  The chief suspect in the New York City homemade bombing attacks last weekend, Ahmad Rahami, was probed for several weeks by the FBI in 2014 after his father alerted authorities to his terrorist leanings.  Rahami's father, Mohammad Rahami, told reporters this week that he informed the FBI about concerns about his son after Rahami stabbed one of his brothers in a domestic dispute.  "Two years ago I go to the FBI because my son was doing really bad, OK?" the elder Rahami said.  "But they check almost two months, they say, 'He's okay, he's clean, he's not a terrorist.'  I say OK."  "Now they say he is a terrorist.  I say OK," Mohammad Rahami said.

FBI seeking information on 2 'unknown individuals' in NY bombing case.  Earlier today, the FBI released the notice above seeking information on "two unknown individuals" who were seen "on West 27th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhattan between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., on Saturday, September 17, 2016, in the same hour that an explosive device had detonated on West 23rd Street."  The FBI's statement continues:  "Closed circuit television recordings indicate that these individuals allegedly located a piece of luggage on the sidewalk, removed an improvised explosive device from the luggage, and then left the vicinity leaving the device behind but taking the luggage."  At this point in time, the FBI is not publicly alleging that these two individuals did anything other than what is stated above.

Blood-covered journal of New York bombing suspect references al-Qaeda and Islamic State.  The man accused of a bombing spree in New York and New Jersey was flagged by Customs and Border Protection officials for questioning at least twice over the last few years after returning from Pakistan, but in both cases they found no reason to deny him entry to the United States, law enforcement officials said.  Ahmad Khan Rahami, who remains heavily sedated in a New Jersey hospital after a police shootout that resulted in his arrest on Monday [9/19/2016], was one of thousands of such individuals traveling from high-risk countries who are flagged each year for "secondary" questioning at the airport.  He was in Pakistan in 2013 and in 2014, including stays in Quetta, a stronghold of militant groups, law enforcement officials said.  And in both cases, upon his return, "nothing derogatory" arose out of the screenings, and the information was relayed to the FBI, said one senior law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

NY Muslim Bomber's Notebook Urged Killing Non-Muslims.  Killing the kuffar isn't a "perversion of Islam".  It is Islam.  Islam settles religious disputes, internally or externally, with murderous violence.

Accused New York bomber's wife back; lawyer seeks access to suspect.  Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, has been held in a Newark, New Jersey, hospital since being arrested on Monday with wounds after a shootout with police.  Rahami faces federal charges in both states stemming from a Saturday night bombing in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 31 people and explosives found in two New Jersey locations.  No one was killed in the blasts.

Federal complaint against bombing suspect omits journal's ISIS references.  Pages from the bloody journal of the New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami show he was a follower of Al Qaeda as well as the Islamic State terror group, yet federal investigators made no reference to ISIS in their complaint charging him on Tuesday [9/20/2016].  At least two pages include references to Anwar al-Awlaki — the American-born Muslim cleric who was killed in a 2011 drone strike and whose preaching has inspired acts of terror linked to ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Federal investigators mentioned Awlaki in the complaints.  However, the journal also appears to reference Abu Muhammad al Adnani — the ISIS spokesman killed by coalition forces in August after he called his followers to attack non-believers in their homelands.

Is the Justice Department Hiding ISIS Connection in NY-NJ Bombings?  Images released of the journal of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspected NY-NJ bomber, show mention of a recently killed ISIS leader, but that reference is curiously missing from the federal indictment filed against him yesterday [9/20/2016].  Is the Justice Department again trying to hide an obvious ISIS connection or inspiration from this past weekend's attacks, just as they did when they censored Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen's pledge to ISIS?

It's time to send Muslim terrorists a message:  Deport the Rahami Family.  The Rahami family came to America from Afghanistan as refugees.  They made life miserable for their neighbors.  When the police tried to bring some order, they cried Islamophobia.  Two of the Rahamis have posted in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups on social media.  The third actually built and planted bombs to kill Americans.  He terrorized two states, tried to kill and maim countless Americans and then shot it out with police.  Ahmad Khan Rahami, the central figure in the terror case, brought his wife here from Pakistan and she departed days before his attack.  His mother left for Pakistan a few weeks before his bombing spree.  The media, eager for a story of redemption, has widely broadcast the claim that Mohammed Rahami, Ahmad's father, told the FBI that he was a terrorist.  But that was years ago.  And Mohammed didn't turn in his son because there was a terror plot, but because he attacked family members.

Immigrants are a 'vicious cancer from within': Trump goes on offensive as Afghan-born is named in New York bomb hunt.  Republican Donald Trump is warning of a spike in terror attacks after a bomb placed under a dumpster in Chelsea exploded over the weekend, and is placing blame for the attack squarely on immigrants he called a 'vicious' threat.  'They're here.  We're letting tens of thousands of people flow into this country,' Trump said Monday morning.  'They're bringing in many cases vicious cancer from within.  This is something that's going to be so tough.  And you know they stay together so nobody really knows who it is, what's happening.  They're plotting.  This has been going on for so long everybody knows it,' Trump said.

Father Of New York Bombing Suspect Just Dropped A Bombshell That's Shaking The FBI.  On Tuesday [9/20/2016], The Father of New York bombing suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, claimed he TWICE reported his son was a terrorist to the FBI.  New York Times reported:  Two years before Ahmad Khan Rahami went on a bombing rampage in New York and New Jersey, his father told the police that the son was a terrorist, prompting a review by federal agents, according to two senior law enforcement officials.  The father made the statement about his son being a terrorist to New Jersey police in 2014, when Mr. Rahami was arrested after a domestic dispute and accused of stabbing his brother.

Jersey Jihadi Rahami's Wife Fled to Pakistan Before Bombings.  The wife of Ahmed Khan Rahami, the prime suspect in a string of bombings spanning from Manhattan to the Jersey shore this weekend, fled to Pakistan days before Rahami allegedly planted bombs throughout the tri-state area, according to multiple reports.  The Daily Mail notes that the Los Angeles Times has reported that the wife, whose name has not been released, has left the country.

Cops nab NY bomber as more suspects keep coming to US.  This would not be a good day to slander the flag as an act against the police.  It was the police who came to the rescue after a series of bombings that shook New York City and New Jersey over the weekend.  This would be a good day to honor all members of Law Enforcement.  Within 24 hours they caught and arrested suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami.  Even BLM (Black Lives Matter) and other cop-hating associates may want to give it a rest.  But that is unlikely, as illustrated at Monday Night Football where the Chicago Bears hosted the Philadelphia Eagles, and three members of the Eagles raised their fists at the playing of the national anthem.  They were making a statement.

'The sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets': A scrawled journal found with New York bombing suspect.  Years before he was accused of becoming a terrorist, when he was just another young man getting by in New Jersey, Ahmad Khan Rahami led an undistinguished American life.  He worked at his dad's fried chicken restaurant and went to a local college and sometimes struggled with the bills.  Then something changed.  Rahami's faith in Islam seemed to grow more serious in recent years, coinciding with lengthy trips back to Afghanistan, which his family fled in the 1990s, acquaintances said.  Rahami, a naturalized American citizen, grew a beard, married a woman from Pakistan, and watched jihadist martyr's anthems on YouTube, investigators say.

Suspect wrote 'bombs will be heard in the streets,' authorities say.  The suspect in Saturday's bombings in New York and New Jersey declared that "the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets" and praised "Brother Osama Bin Laden" in a journal found on him when he was arrested, authorities said.  Ahmad Rahami was charged Tuesday with four counts in federal court in connection with an explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood and an unexploded pressure cooker found nearby.

New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami said he received instructions from 'terrorist leaders... to attack nonbelievers'.  The New York bombing suspect said that he had received instructions from "terrorist leaders... to attack non-believers where they live", as he was charged on Tuesday night with the use of weapons of mass destruction.  Ahmad Khan Rahami's journal revealed that he accused the US of slaughtering Islamist fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Palestinian territories.

Days after attacks, Obama pitches more refugees.  President Obama on Tuesday will lead a special summit on the need to take in Syrian refugees, just days after weekend terrorist attacks that are raising more questions about whether the U.S. should be cracking down on immigration instead of opening the doors further.  Plans for Obama to lead the summit were months in the making, long before Ahmad Khan Rahami allegedly planted a pressure cooker bomb in New York that detonated, injuring 29 people.  Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, is also thought to be responsible for bombs discovered in New Jersey.

The New Terror:  Even When It Fails, It Works.  A 28-year-old man originally from Afghanistan, Ahmad Khan Rahami, has been arrested in Linden, New Jersey, in connection with the bombing in New York City on Saturday night that wounded 29 people.  There reportedly was a brief shootout in which two police were wounded and Rahami was injured in the shoulder.  Video from the scene shows the wounded suspect as he was being loaded into an ambulance, a stocky figure with a heavier beard than appears in the "wanted" poster photograph distributed by the FBI.

Ahmad Khan Rahami's Father Told Police in 2014 His Son Was a Terrorist, Officials Say.  Two years before the bombings that Ahmad Khan Rahami is suspected of carrying out in New York and New Jersey, his father told the police that he suspected his son might be involved in terrorism, prompting a review by federal agents, according to two law enforcement officials.  The father, Mohammad Rahami, in a brief interview on Tuesday [9/20/2016], said that at the time he told agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his concern, his son had just had a fight with another of his sons and stabbed the man, leading to a criminal investigation.

Revealed: Chicken shop terrorist's Father called the FBI about his son two years ago after 'he stabbed his brother and hit his stepmom'.  The father of chicken shop terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahami warned authorities about his violent son two years ago — but they still didn't put him on a terror watch list.  Mohammad Rahami Sr appeared outside his apartment in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Tuesday and spoke to reporters in broken English, saying he called the FBI out of fears his son might be radicalizing after violent outbursts including incidents when he stabbed his own brother Nasim and hit his stepmother.  The claims raise concerns that law enforcement could be responsible for letting Rahami slip under the radar.

FBI detains 5 in connection to Chelsea bombing.  FBI agents arrested five men who may be connected to Saturday's bombing in Chelsea after stopping their car in Brooklyn, sources said.  The men were heading over the Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island when they were stopped Sunday night.  Sources said the FBI suspected the men may have had a role in the bombing and were questioning them at the FBI headquarters in Manhattan.

Mayor de Blasio Avoids Terrorism Label in Manhattan Explosion.  It was on the minds of New Yorkers, who immediately drew comparisons to Sept. 11, 2001.  It could be felt in the police response, which included teams of heavily armed officers stationed at key targets and the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Police Department.  But for Mayor Bill de Blasio and top city officials, terrorism was the word that could not be spoken on Sunday.  Seeking to project a responsible and measured reaction, the mayor pointedly avoided calling the bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday that injured 29 people — and the presence of a seemingly related but undetonated device a few blocks away — a possible act of terror, declining at several points on Sunday to do so.  He emphasized that there would be no "easy answers" and that no suspect had yet been apprehended.

Five Men In Arab Garb Detained in New York En Route to Airport.  According to New York Senator Marty Golden, media and eye witnesses, five men dressed in Arab garb have been stopped, and detained, by the FBI.

Source: NY and NJ Bomb signatures "nearly identical".  According to a federal law enforcement source close to the investigation of the bombing in Manhattan, it was disclosed that the "signatures" of the bombs, both detonated and undetonated, possess enough similarities to suspect they were constructed by the same maker.  In addition to "having the ability to be remotely detonated," the same components were used.  Specific information about the bombs was not being disclosed to avoid compromising the integrity of the investigation, although this source stated that the investigating agencies have a "suspect pool" based on the construction of the explosive devices.  That does not mean that the bomber might be easily solved, or the bomber readily identified, cautioned this source.

The Response to This Weekend's Terror Attacks Showed Willful Blindness in Real Time.  In the all too familiar pattern, things are going boom, Americans are under attack, and the American political class is already busy playing the "See No Jihad" minuet.  In a rational world, where our highest imperative would be to understand the threat that confronts us rather than to find the least offensive way of describing it, it would be patently, undeniably obvious that we are targets of international terrorism fueled by Islamic supremacist ideology.  Nevertheless, the political class can only bring itself to say this kicking and screaming, and only if there is no other plausible alternative — which basically means a terrorist caught in the act while wearing an ISIS T-shirt.

Pal: Terror suspect underwent 'shocking' change after Afghanistan trip.  A man who described himself as a childhood friend of the 28-year-old busted today in connection with this weekend's New York-area bombings told the [Boston] Herald the suspect made a life-changing trip to Afghanistan two years ago.  "At one point he left to go to Afghanistan, and two years ago he came back, popped up out of nowhere and he was real religious," friend Flee Jones, 27, said of suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami.  "And it was shocking.  I'm trying to understand what's going on.  I've never seen him like this."

The Editor says...
Ri-i-i-ight.  You had no idea he was going to Afghanistan?  You didn't wonder why he would go there?  You had no idea that Islam is bent on world domination, through the murder of one infidel at a time?

Obama: No Connection Between Stabbing, Bombings.  A community activist says a man who went on a stabbing rampage at a Minnesota mall that injured 10 people had gone to the mall to pick up a pre-ordered iPhone.  Haji Yusuf, community director for the social tolerance group UniteCloud, has been working with the family of 20-year-old Dahir Adan.  Adan's father has identified him as the mall attacker who was eventually shot dead by an off-duty police officer.  Yusuf told WCCO-TV that Adan had gone to Crossroads Center to get a new phone and "was very happy" upon leaving home.  He says Adan's family doesn't know what happened.

Bombing Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami Captured In Linden.  Eyewitness News captured exclusive video of the man believed to be behind weekend bombings in Chelsea, Seaside Park and Elizabeth being taken into custody following a incident with police in Linden, New Jersey.  Monday night, officials in New Jersey had charged Rahami with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.  He was also charged with second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon and second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.  He is being ordered held on $5.2 million bail.

Police arrest bombing suspect.  Ahmed Khan Rahami, wanted on suspicion of involvement in the bombings on the east coast of the US over the past two days, has been apprehended in Lindon, New Jersey, after a firefight, according to reports.  Rahami is an immigrant from Afghanistan who lived in New Jersey.  A manhunt had been conducted for Rahami over the past day.  Police suspect that he is also behind the bombing in New York on Saturday night.

Mayor de Blasio Avoids Terrorism Label in Manhattan Explosion.  It was on the minds of New Yorkers, who immediately drew comparisons to Sept. 11, 2001.  It could be felt in the police response, which included teams of heavily armed officers stationed at key targets and the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Police Department.  But for Mayor Bill de Blasio and top city officials, terrorism was the word that could not be spoken on Sunday.  Seeking to project a responsible and measured reaction, the mayor pointedly avoided calling the bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday that injured 29 people — and the presence of a seemingly related but undetonated device a few blocks away — a possible act of terror, declining at several points on Sunday to do so.  He emphasized that there would be no "easy answers" and that no suspect had yet been apprehended.

ISIS Supporters Rush To Celebrate NYC Explosion.  Supporters of the Islamic State rushed to celebrate Saturday night's powerful explosion in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that injured at least 29 people, even as no group or individual has been arrested or claimed responsibility.  "The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cause you pain inside your house, the carrier of the Cross," wrote one Twitter user who went by the name "I am ISIS, come and block me."  The account was soon suspended.  Another, called "The Lone Wolves," tweeted with the Arabic hashtag #ExplosionManhattanNewYork "Oh God burn America, take revenge in the name of your oppressed slaves and believers' blood."

Heavy duty metal dumpster destroyed by Manhattan bomb saved lives says the owner.  The owner of the dumpster which was crumpled from the force of a bomb which detonated inside it on a New York street on Saturday night told DailyMail.com that he believes the sturdy nature of the steel container probably saved many lives.  Some 29 people were injured in the blast from an explosive device which happened at 8.30pm on West 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood, outside a hotel, The Townhouse Inn of Chelsea, and residential center for the blind, Visions at Selis Manor.

How Police Found Second Bomb, and a 'Total Containment Vessel' Hauled It Away.  After the explosion on West 23rd Street on Saturday night, the police did what they typically do when they suspect a bomb has gone off.  They spread out and began looking for unexploded bombs — what those on the New York Police Department's bomb squad call "secondaries."  Officers began searching block by block, going as far south as 14th Street and as far north as 34th Street.  A few hours into the effort, two state troopers participating in the search found what appeared to be one, on West 27th Street, about four blocks above the explosion.  On the sidewalk on the north side of the street, there was a pressure cooker with a cellphone attached to it, law enforcement officials said.  A photograph of the device shared on social media shows the cookware, with wires and the cellphone.  The authorities confirmed that the photo was authentic.

Possible 'Live Bomb' Found Near New Jersey Train Station, Shutting Down Transit Service From NYC.  New Jersey Transit service has been shut down temporarily out of New York City tonight [9/18/2016].  The Mayor of Elizabeth, NJ has reportedly confirmed that a trash can was found with explosive materials near the town's main train station this evening.

'Possible live bomb' found at Elizabeth train station, mayor says.  An improvised explosive device in a backpack detonated near the Elizabeth train station early Monday as authorities were using a bomb robot to examine the item, officials said.  The blast occurred around 12:40 a.m. near Morris Avenue and Julian Place.  The explosion was not a controlled blast, but happened unintentionally as the robot was cutting the device, according to Mayor Christian Bollwage.  No one was injured in the blast, Bollwage said.

FBI detains 5 in connection to Chelsea bombing.  FBI agents arrested five men who may be connected to Saturday's bombing in Chelsea after stopping their car in Brooklyn, sources said.  The men were heading over the Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island when they were stopped Sunday night [9/18/2016].  Sources said the FBI suspected the men may have had a role in the bombing and were questioning them at the FBI headquarters in Manhattan.

5 Possible Explosive Devices Recovered, 1 Detonated in Elizabeth, NJ.  FBI agents surrounded a house in Elizabeth, New Jersey early Monday after a backpack was discovered the previous night with five possible explosive devices in the same town.  Earlier Monday, just after midnight, an explosive device detonated during a police attempt to disarm it after a bomb squad was called in, in the third New York City area incident involving what appear to be improvised bombs.

'Pressure cooker used in New York explosion' has eerie echo to Boston Marathon bombings.  The explosion that injured at least 29 people in Manhattan has brought to mind eerie reminders of the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks of 2013.  Mayor Bill de Blasio has said the blast that ripped the affluent Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday night was 'an intentional act' — but has denied any links to terrorism.  Yet explosives experts have pointed out similarities with the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013 — specifically the type of device used, pressure cookers.

More about the Boston Marathon bombing.

At least 29 people injured after 'intentional' explosion in New York City, officials say.  Dozens of people were injured Saturday night in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in an intentional bombing apparently caused by an improvised explosive device, authorities said.  Twenty-nine people suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the blast, which occurred on the street, according to the New York Police Department.  Authorities confirmed that all 29 victims had been treated and released from hospitals Sunday morning.

Other than Muslims, who does stuff like this?
29 injured in explosion on Chelsea street; second location at 27th Street investigated: 'This was an intentional act'.  An explosion during a bustling night in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood Saturday that resulted in 29 people being injured was "obviously an act of terrorism" although no links to international groups has been discovered, Gov.  Andrew Cuomo said of investigator's findings the day after the attack.

Explosion rips through Chelsea street: 'Everybody started running and screaming'.  A thunderous explosion rocked a Chelsea street Saturday night [9/17/2016] — injuring at least 29 people, blasting out windows and sending scores of panicked pedestrians running for their lives, cops and witnesses said.

We had a lot of "coincidental" attacks on September 17th.  Let's just get it out of the way and say it:  Saturday, September 17th, 2016 was a bad day.  While nobody in the media seems to want to jump in and "hastily" talk about terrorism, there were a few too many coincidences yesterday to be ignored in terms of public acts of violence.  The big headline, of course, was the Saturday night bombing in the Chlesea neighborhood of New York City.

New York mayor de Blasio under fire for saying there's 'no evidence of a terror connection' in Manhattan blast.  New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been criticized by some for saying there is no link between Saturday night's explosions and terrorism — despite admitting it was an intentional act.  The mayor spoke at a news conference at around 11:30 p.m. local time, just three hours after a blast on West 23rd Street left 29 people injured, one of them critically.  'Tonight New York City experienced a very serious incident,' de Blasio said.  When pressed by reporters if the blast was the result of terrorism, the mayor said it was premature to say.

Hillary Clinton Says "Bombings In New York" — 40 Seconds Later Criticizes Use of Word "Bombing".  In under a minute you can see/hear an audio visual demonstration showing why the vast majority of Americans just laugh at journalists in the 2016 presidential campaign.  [Video clip]

No injuries after pipe bomb explodes before Marine charity run in New Jersey.  Authorities evacuated dozens of homes for hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a Jersey Shore town Saturday morning [9/17/2016] where thousands of people were about to participate in a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors.  Investigators said they would not rule out terrorism as a possible cause.  No injuries were reported in the blast in Seaside Park around 9:30 a.m., officials said.  The third annual "Semper Five" run was canceled.  The pipe bomb was in a plastic garbage can when it exploded.

Explosion in New York City believed to be 'intentional,' mayor says; 29 injured.  An explosion that injured at least 29 people in New York City late Saturday [9/17/2016] appeared to be "an intentional act," Mayor Bill de Blasio said, as sources told Fox News a second device — a pressure cooker — was found four blocks away.  De Blasio said the explosion had no known connection to terrorism and wasn't related to a pipe bomb explosion at a charity run in New Jersey earlier Saturday.

The Editor says...
This is a new twist in the reflexive denial blurted out by public officials after every obvious terrorist attack:  The "explosion had no known connection to terrorism."  The connections will be made later, of course.  Even so, what would be the purpose of setting off an explosion in a big city full of tourists on Saturday night, if it were not an act of terrorism?

Manhattan Blast That Injured 29 Does Not Appear to Be International Terrorism.  A bomb that injured 29 people on Saturday in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, and another that failed to detonate, were filled with shrapnel and made with pressure cookers, flip phones and Christmas lights to set off a powerful explosive compound, law enforcement officials said on Sunday [9/18/2016].  Both bombs appeared designed to create maximum chaos and fatalities.  They also provided a trove of clues.

New York City
September 15, 2016

Muslim who slashed NYPD cop faced deportation; wrote of martyrdom, wife approved.  Just days before this weekend's Islamic terror attacks in New York City, New Jersey and Minnesota, a Palestinian Muslim facing deportation attacked an NYPD cop with a meat cleaver in broad daylight.  Law enforcement and the media claimed he was just a crazy man.  The facts, once again, prove otherwise.

Three Violent Attacks:  Connect the Dots.  In New York, a Palestinian named Akram Joudeh was picked up two months ago while screaming "Allahu akbar" outside a Brooklyn synagogue.  He was ordered deported, and was in Midtown on Thursday appealing his deportation notice when he started attacking bystanders with a meat cleaver.  An off-duty NYPD officer confronted Joudeh and was slashed down the side of his face, requiring 70 stitches.  Police shot Joudeh when he refused to drop the meat cleaver.

New York:  Cleaver-Attacking Palestinian Muslim Was Slated for Deportation.  On Thursday [9/15/2016], Palestinian Akram Joudeh slashed an off-duty cop with cleaver after the foreigner was confronted for trying to remove a boot from his parked car.  The officer, NYPD Detective Brian O'Donnell, was slashed across his face by the cleaver which Joudeh had tucked in his waistband (!), and the perp was shot by other police in the following confrontation.  Fortunately Detective O'Donnell was released from the hospital on Friday, so that's good news.

Man shot and left in critical condition near Macy's 'for attacking New York cop with a meat cleaver'.  The man who allegedly hit an off-duty NYPD detective in the head with an 11-inch meat cleaver during a dramatic Midtown Manhattan confrontation has been identified as Akram Joudeh, 32, formerly of Qeens.  Joudeh was shot multiple times on West 32 Street, near Penn Station, by several officers at around 5pm Wednesday after a dramatic chase that culminated in three officers being injured, cops said.  The detective suffered a six-inch gash from his temple to his jaw, while Joudeh was left in hospital in critical but stable condition.

NYPD cops shoot man who struck officer with butcher knife in Midtown.  A madman with a meat cleaver, upset over his car getting booted, was shot by cops in Midtown on Thursday after he sliced an off-duty NYPD detective in the head during a chaotic confrontation.  The mayhem began less than a block from Penn Station during the height of rush hour after Akram Joudeh went into a blind rage when his illegally parked Nissan Sentra was slapped with a wheel lock, cops said.  It ended with Detective Brian O'Donnell recovering from a 6-inch gash that runs from his temple to his jaw and his attacker in critical condition.

September 5, 2016

Houston-bound plane diverts to Nashville after Muslim shouts in Arabic, breaks door.  No word on his immigration status or what he was screaming in Arabic.

Plane diverts to Nashville after man allegedly shouts in Arabic, breaks door.  A man is in jail after a United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville Monday night [9/5/2016].  According to an affidavit, United Express flight 3550 was scheduled to fly from Cincinnati to Houston but made an emergency landing in Nashville after a man, identified as Mohammed Nasser Aldoseri, broke out of the plane's bathroom door and spoke very loudly in Arabic.  The affidavit goes on to say the suspect's actions "caused extreme concern for passengers and the flight crew."

September 4, 2016

Car packed with explosive gas cylinders is found outside Paris's Notre Dame cathedral as police arrest 'radicalised' vehicle owner.  The 'radicalised' owner of a car found packed with gas cylinders close to Notre Dame cathedral has been arrested, police have revealed.  The vehicle, a Peugeot 607 without a licence plate, was found with its hazard lights flashing close to the landmark building in the heart of the French capital.  Documents with writing in Arabic were also found in the car.  Police say the car's owner, who is now in custody, is on an intelligence services watchlist of people suspected of religious radicalisation.

Hollande Urges France To "Embrace Islam" Hours Before "Radicalized Fanatics" Are Arrested In Latest Terror Plot.  Earlier today, the French interior ministry announced that three women arrested in connection with a car loaded with gas cylinders found near Notre Dame cathedral had been planning an attack on a Paris railway station. [...] According to NBC, the French official said the youngest of the three women, a 19-year-old whose father was the owner of the car, had written a letter pledging allegiance to ISIS.  Sunday's discovery of the Peugeot 607 laden with seven gas cylinders triggered a terrorism investigation and revived fears about further attacks in a country where Islamist militants have killed more than 230 people since January 2015.  Furthermore, one of the women stabbed a police officer during her arrest before being shot and wounded, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said late on Thursday [9/8/2016].  "These three women — aged 39, 23 and 19 — had been radicalized, were fanatics and were in all likelihood preparing an imminent, violent act," Cazeneuve said in a televised statement.

Home Hill, Australia
August 23, 2016

British woman stabbed to death by French man 'chanting Allahu Akbar' in hostel.  The victim has been named locally as Mia Ayliffe-chung. [...] Mia was killed at the Home Hill Hostel, north Queensland, Australia, on Tuesday night [8/23/2016] in front of 30 horrified onlookers.  A 30-year-old British man has been left fighting for his life in hospital while a dog was also stabbed to death, according to Australian media.  A local man, 46, was also taken to hospital with a stab wound to the leg but he has now been released.

French man allegedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' in fatal stabbing of British woman at Australian hostel.  A French man allegedly cried "Allahu Akbar" during a stabbing attack that left a 21-year-old British woman dead in front of up to 30 onlookers at a backpackers hostel in Australia's north-east.  The 29-year-old suspect allegedly repeated the phrase — which means God is greatest in Arabic — when arrested by Queensland police who were "confronted with a terrible scene" at the hostel in Home Hill — about 100km south of Townsville — on Tuesday night.

Roanoke, Virginia
August 20, 2016

Police: Roanoke County stabbing suspect yelled "Allah Akbar" during attack.  The FBI is now involved in a stabbing investigation in Roanoke County.  Wasil Farooqui is charged in the incident that seriously hurt a man and woman at the The Pines Apartments on Saturday [8/20/2016].  Witnesses told police that during the attack Farooqui was yelling "Allah Akbar."  He remains in jail tonight without bond.

FBI investigating whether Virginia stabbings were ISIS-inspired.  Federal authorities are investigating a weekend stabbing in Virginia to see whether the attacker may have been trying to behead a victim and whether the attack was inspired by the Islamic State terror group.  Wasil Farooqui, 20, was charged with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding in the stabbing attack Saturday [8/20/2016] that left two people wounded.  The FBI confirmed to Fox News it is investigating the dual stabbing alongside the Roanoke County Police Department.  A source familiar with the case also told Fox News the FBI is investigating the attack as a possible terrorism-related incident.

FBI Investigating Possible ISIS-Inspired Knife Attack in Virginia.  The FBI has launched a federal terrorism investigation into a weekend stabbing in Roanoke, Virginia, looking at whether the attacker may have been trying to behead his victim in an alleged ISIS-inspired assault, sources told ABC News.  Federal authorities have been aware of the alleged attacker, 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui of the Roanoke area, for some time, sources familiar with the case told ABC News.  In the past year, sources said, he traveled to Turkey and may have tried to sneak into Syria, where ISIS is recruiting and inspiring sympathizers from around the world.

St. Gallen, Switzerland
August 13, 2016

'I saw a woman burning from head to toe.  There was blood everywhere'.  A witness who saw the Swiss train killer stab passengers before setting one woman alight has described how there was 'blood everywhere.'  Swiss police confirmed that the attacker, 27, identified as Simon S, and one of this female victims, 34 succumbed to their injuries after the incident in the train carriage in the eastern canton of Saint Gallen.  The attack came as the man set the carriage on fire and stabbed at passengers, including a six-year-old child, leaving four people in hospital.

Muslim train attacker in Switzerland described as crime of passions.  After a Muslim burned and stabbed at least seven people on a Swiss train, the Swiss have already begun doing damage control, refusing to classify this incident as terrorism.  Isn't they've invented a new, PC word for the attack, a crime of passions.  Wonder how long it is before leftists in this country demand Muslim terrorist attacks be described as crime of passions rather than actual terrorist attack.

Seven people injured in attack on Swiss train.  Seven people have suffered burn and knife wounds in an attack on a Swiss train, according to St Gallen police.  The suspected attacker, described as a 27-year-old Swiss man, reportedly set fire to a train in northeastern Switzerland after igniting a flammable liquid.

Woman, attacker killed after fire, stabbing on Swiss train.  Police are still searching for a motive but said there's no indication the suspect, identified only as a 27-year-old Swiss man from a neighboring region, had ties to extremist groups.

The Editor says...
Random attacks on train passengers don't happen — except when the attacker is a Muslim.  The article above goes on to remind us that the same thing happened on another train last month.

Charleroi, Belgium
August 6, 2016

Belgian police attacker shot and killed in Charleroi.  A man shot by police after he attacked two officers with a machete in the Belgian city of Charleroi has died.  The women officers' injuries are not life-threatening.  The assailant is said to have shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is greatest" in Arabic) during the assault outside the city's main police station.  Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told broadcaster RTL by phone:  "Initial indications very clearly point towards terrorism."

Islamic State claims responsibility for machete attack on Belgian police officers.  Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a machete attack that wounded two police officers in the Belgian city of Charleroi, calling it an act of reprisal carried out by one of its "soldiers".

Machete-wielding man yelling in Arabic wounds two Belgian police officers.  A machete-wielding man man yelling "Allahu Akbar!" (God is greatest) injured two female police officers before being shot outside the main police station in the southern Belgian city of Charleroi on Saturday, police in the city said.  The attacker, who was shot by a third officer, subsequently died of his wounds, but the police officers were out of danger, they added.

Belgian PM calls machete attack on cops a likely act of terrorism.  Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said Saturday [8/6/2016] that "preliminary indications" suggest an attack by a machete-wielding man on two police officers in Charleroi was an act of terrorism.  The attacker was shot and killed by police after striking two female offices with the large knife while shouting "Allahu Akhbar (God is great)," according to police spokesman David Quinaux, Belgian public broadcaster RTBF reported.  One officer received deep cuts to the face, but both were out of danger, Charleroi police said on Twitter.

Muslim knifeman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' stabs two Belgian policewomen in street rampage.  A machete-wielding attacker who shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before injuring two policewomen has died after being shot by a third officer.  The man, who was armed with the knife, stabbed the two officers outside the police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi — 38 miles south of the capital Brussels.  They were injured during the attack and one of the female officers suffered significant 'wounds to the face', according to reports.

Two Belgian police hurt by machete-wielding assailant shouting 'Allahu akbar'.  A machete-wielding man shouting "Allahu akbar" (God is the greatest) wounded two policewomen in southern Belgium on Saturday [8/6/2016] before being shot dead, in what appeared to be the latest in a string of jihadist attacks in Europe.  The attack outside the main police station in the city of Charleroi, around 60 kilometres (40 miles) south of Brussels, left one of the policewomen with "deep wounds to the face" while the other was slightly injured, Belga news agency said.

August 3, 2016

London: Somali who stabbed six, killed American, is a devout Muslim, read jihad books.  Zak [Zakaria] Bulhan launched a six minute rampage on Wednesday night [8/3/2016] which left five people injured and the wife of an American professor dead in the Russell Square area of the capital.  After initially circulating reports that a "white chubby man" was responsible for the attack, the media subsequently reported that Bulhan, an immigrant of Somali origin, was the culprit, yet press outlets still bizarrely insisted on calling him "Norwegian".  Within hours of the stabbings, authorities signaled that "mental health" problems and not terrorism was the main motivation behind the attack, an obvious attempt to calm fears that Islamic terrorism had once again struck Europe after a series of bloody incidents in France and Germany.  However, it has since emerged that Bulhan could easily have been inspired by ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani's call for would-be jihadists to launch stabbing attacks against western "disbelievers".  According to Bulhan's former school friend Rakesh Naidu, the killer "was a devout Muslim and he would passionately defend it."

London knifeman was "devout Muslim"; neighbor says had no mental problems.  Immediately after the attack happened, British authorities said that the attacker had serious mental health issues and no link to terrorism.  Now his neighbor has come forward and revealed that he had no mental health issues but a big interest in the Islamic State (ISIS).  The British (and U.S.) authorities try to obscure the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists every time there is a jihad attack.  They are doing everything they can to keep their people from getting the idea that there is a jihad threat at all.  This is a grave disservice to Britons and Americans, and the ignorance and complacency this strategy fosters endanger us all.

Somali in London knife attack whom police said was just mentally ill 'recommended Jihad terror books'.  The British authorities have said Zakaria Bulhan — the 19-year-old Norwegian man of Somali descent arrested on suspicion of murdering American tourist Darlene Horton in London on Wednesday night [8/3/2016] and stabbing five others — does not necessarily have any links to Islamic terrorism.  However, Heat Street has found evidence that a person using the same name — Zakaria Bulhan — has listed at least one book advocating violent jihadism in their personal account on the Good Reads website since 2014.

American Woman Killed in London Knife Attack:  Cops.  An American woman was killed and five other people injured in a stabbing attack on the streets of the British capital, police said Thursday [8/4/2016].  A 19-year-old of Somali ancestry was arrested on suspicion of murder after the incident in Russell Square, a busy area near the British Museum.  Another American citizen was among the injured — along with Australian, Israeli and British nationals, according to London's Metropolitan Police.

Russell Square stabbing attack 'not terror related', say police after interviewing Norwegian suspect.  A Norwegian man was being held in custody on Thursday [8/4/2016] on suspicion of murdering an American woman in a "random" stabbing rampage in central London.  Investigators say the 19-year-old suspect, who is of Somali origin and moved to the UK aged five, is mentally ill and has no known links to terror groups or radicalisation.  Witnesses described their horror as a knife-wielding man launched his attack on passers-by in Russell Square, stabbing anyone he could reach late on Wednesday evening.

Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France
July 26, 2016

British security services warn attack on UK is 'very likely' as churches on terror alert after Normandy priest murder.  A terrorist attack in the UK is "highly likely" following attacks in other parts of Europe, a five-judge tribunal has heard, as churches in Britain are told to tighten security after the murder of an 85-year-old priest in Normandy.  The heightened state of security comes as images threatening attacks in London and other major world capitals were reportedly posted on Telegram, a messaging app used by jihadis.

ISIS teen who killed priest passed background check for airport job.  A French Islamic State fanatic who ended up murdering a Catholic priest "easily" passed a police investigation to become an airport baggage handler, it was revealed today [7/29/2016].  Abdelmalik Petitjean and Adel Kermiche, both 19, were on terrorist watchlists when they slit Father Jacques Hamel's throat in Normandy on Tuesday.  Now it has emerged that Petitjean worked full-time at Chambery airport in the Savoie region, which is used by more than 250,000 passengers a year including many Britons, until just three months ago.  He started as a porter there in December after completing his baccalaureate at the Marlioz high school in nearby Aix-les-Bains, where he lived.

France was warned about terrorist who killed priest in church attack.  French authorities were warned that one of the ISIS jihadists who slit the throat of a Catholic priest was likely going to carry out a terrorist attack, it was revealed Thursday [7/28/2016].  Police across the European nation received a photograph of an unidentified man believed to be Abdel Malik Petitjean, 19, four days before the savage attack inside a church in Normandy.  The picture was accompanied by a message warning that the person in the photo "could be ready to participate in an attack on national territory," a French prosecutor announced Thursday.

'We have to fight this war' Hollande takes immediate action in Normandy (take notice Merkel).  Francois Hollande has arrived at a Normandy church just an hour after it was targeted by Islamist terrorists — in stark contrast to Chancellor Angela Merkel who took more than a day to even speak about four horror attacks in Germany.  The French president visited the scene in the town of Saint Etienne du Rouvray after two attackers, allegedly shouting "Allah Akbar", stormed a church and took hostages at around 10am local time.  Speaking at the scene, the president said France was "at war" with the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) and slammed what he described as a "vile terrorist attack".

Why did no one act?  Normandy Catholic church was on ISIS terror 'hit list' found last year.  The church Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray was one of a number of Catholic churches on a terrorist "hit list" found on a suspected ISIS terrorist, raising questions as to whether it had heightened security.  The church in Normandy was the scene of a shocking attack this morning where a priest was murdered by two knifemen shouting "Allah Akbar".  The information about it being on a hit list was discovered on Sid Ahmed Ghlam, 24, who was arrested last April.

France:  Police arrest 1 in connection with priest's beheading.  French police have arrested one person in connection with the beheading of a priest at a church in Normandy, northern France, a "source close to the inquiry" told Reuters.  The source reported on condition of anonymity, as they were not authorized to comment on the case.  No further details as to the identity of the suspect were revealed.84-year-old priest Jacques Hamel was murdered in the attack by two Muslim terrorists, and another person was critically wounded, before the assailants were shot dead by police.

Elderly priest, 86, is 'beheaded' by two ISIS knifemen shouting 'Allahu Akbar' after they took nuns and worshippers hostage at French church.  Two ISIS knifemen who stormed a church in Normandy forced an elderly priest to kneel before filming themselves butchering him and performing a 'sermon in Arabic' at the altar, a terrified witness has revealed.  The attackers, claimed as 'soldiers' by ISIS, were both known to French police before they cut the throat of 84-year-old priest Jacques Hamel at the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen.  Both were shot dead by police marksmen as they emerged from the building shouting 'Allahu Akbar' following the attack that also left a nun critically injured.

Normandy church terror: ISIS knifemen made priest, 84, kneel as they slit his throat.  A priest had his throat slit and several others were taken hostage after armed men stormed a church in Normandy during morning mass today [7/26/2016], as President Francois Hollande said ISIS had declared war on France.  The hostage, said to be 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel, was killed by the attackers, who stormed a church in the town of Saint Etienne du Rouvray at around 10am local time.  The knifemen slit his throat after they entered the church by the back door shouting "Allah Akbar", according to local media.  One of the attackers was tonight named as Adel Kermich.  The victim was filmed as he was forced to kneel before the sadistic killers knifed him in the throat, one of the nuns has said.

Hollande:  Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS.  A deadly hostage-taking at a Catholic church in Normandy, in which a priest was killed and another person seriously wounded, was a terror attack committed in the name of ISIS, French President Francois Hollande has said.  Speaking to journalists in the northern French town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, where two men took five people hostage during morning Mass Tuesday, Hollande said the attack was a "cowardly assassination" carried out by "by two terrorists in the name of Daesh" — another name for ISIS.

Analysis: Islamic State's first act of war on European Christianity.  Regardless of whether Tuesday's attack was the work of Islamic State or whether it was merely inspired by the jihadi rhetoric emanating from the so-called caliphate, its symbolism is hard to ignore.  Previous attacks in France perpetrated by Islamic State and in its name have been against freedom of speech (Charlie Hebdo), Western liberalism (the Bataclan theater), the ideals of the French Revolution, which stand at the heart of Western thought (the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice) and against Jews (Hyper Cacher).

White House Stresses 'Religious Liberty' Commitment After Normandy Attack, Doesn't Mention ISIS.  The two terrorists, one who tried to go fight in Syria after the Charlie Hebdo attack but was stopped and briefly imprisoned, were shot dead by police.  Another man suspected to have a connection to the attack was arrested.  ISIS' Amaq news agency quickly claimed responsibility for the attack:  "The two executors of the attack on a church in Normandy, France, were soldiers of the Islamic State.  They executed the operations in response to calls to target countries belonging to the crusader coalition."

ISIS Beheads 86-Year-Old Priest in France.  Democrats Mention ISIS ZERO Times At DNC.  That's right — 61 speakers, zero mentions of ISIS.  But the Democrats did find time to put an illegal immigrant on stage, as well as an irritating comedic actress who uses her spare time auctioning sanitary napkins.  They found time to take down "offensive" Mississippi state flags and wave Palestinian ones on the floor of the convention.  They found time for another actress who claimed that the "border crossed" her family, and a video from J.J. Abrams about that Queen of Mystery and Light, Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats know their priorities.  And defeating ISIS isn't one of them.

Normandy: Jihadist Mosque Next Door to Beheaded Priest's Church.  The more details that emerge surrounding the gruesome lethal attack on a priest in northern France Tuesday [7/26/2016], the more it appears that the attack could have been foreseen and perhaps prevented.  On Tuesday morning, two jihadists associated with the Islamic State entered the parish church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy while 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel was celebrating Mass in the company of several members of the parish.  The assailants seized Father Hamel and slit his throat before taking the other members of the congregation as hostages.

Ansbach, Germany
July 23, 2016

Germany:  Syrian suicide bomber in 'chat' directly before attack.  A Syrian with suspected links to the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) who blew himself up outside a German music festival in Ansbach, Bavaria, was in contact with another person "who influenced the attack" immediately beforehand, authorities said Wednesday [7/27/2016].  The 27-year-old failed asylum-seeker, who wounded 15 people at a nearby cafe late Sunday [7/24/2016] when he was refused access to the festival venue, had been speaking to an unknown person in an "intensive" online chat, Bavaria state interior minister Joachim Herrmann said.  "Apparently he had direct contact with someone who had significant influence on the way the attack played out," Herrmann was quoted by DPA news agency as saying on the sidelines of a state government meeting.

Suspected attacker dies in 'deliberate' explosion at a restaurant near Nuremberg.  The 27-year-old, named locally as Mohammad Daleel, injured 12 people outside a packed wine bar in Ansbach, near Nuremberg at 10pm last night after being turned away from an open-air music festival filled with 2,500 people because he didn't have a ticket.  Instead he walked to a bar in the centre of Ansbach, a town of 40,000 that is also home to a US Army base, and detonated a DIY bomb filled with metal shavings and screws.  It was the fourth violent attack on members of the public in Germany in less than a week and authorities have now ordered increased security at airports and train stations.

The Editor says...
Really?  He was snubbed at a music festival, so he went home (or somewhere), picked up his suicide bomb, and went back to use it?  Or did he hastily assemble it from materials he found around the house?  Hard to believe.  It would be far easier to believe he was an easily-offended Muslim who didn't like the idea of infidel revelers having fun at a music festival involving alcohol and unescorted ladies.  He probably spent all day assembling his bomb.

Ansbach explosion:  Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany.  A failed Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up and injured 15 other people with a backpack bomb near a festival in the south German town of Ansbach.  The 27-year-old man, who faced deportation to Bulgaria, detonated the device after being refused entry to the music festival, Bavarian officials say.  About 2,500 people were evacuated from the venue after the explosion.  It is the third violent attack in Bavaria in a week.  The state's premier described it as "days of horror".

Suicide bomb hits Ansbach, Germany in latest violent attack.  The Syrian suicide bomber who injured 15 people in a Sunday night attack on a music festival in Ansbach, Germany, left behind a video pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said Monday [7/25/2016].  The ISIS-affiliated media group Amaq also claimed the attacker was an ISIS "soldier" in a statement the group's supporters posted online Monday, but there is no evidence he was in contact with ISIS or directed to carry out an attack.

Police: Bavarian official says attacker in Germany explosion was denied asylum.  Bavaria's top security official says a man who blew himself up after being turned away from an open-air music festival in the southern German city of Ansbach was a 27-year-old Syrian who had been denied asylum.

Shocker: Terrorist Named Mohammed Blows Himself Up in Germany.  Do the people of Germany realize they're at war?  They should probably wake up pretty soon before it's too late.

Munich, Germany
July 23, 2016

'Balcony Man' Who Stood Up to Munich Shooter To Face Prosecution for Insulting the Dead.  The Munich resident who hurled insults at shooter Ali David Sonboly as he was carrying out an attack on a shopping mall has been accused of libel, the Munich prosecutor has announced.  Thomas Salbey became an internet sensation after footage of him hurling abuse at Sonboly, from the balcony of his fifth floor apartment was posted on Twitter.  But while many praised Mr. Salbey for standing up to the gunman — who aimed shots in his direction — Florian Weinzierl, a spokesman for the Munich prosecutor, has confirmed that Mr. Salbey is to be charged with libel for his comments.  It is not known who reported Mr. Salbey to the authorities.

BBC Scrubs 'Ali' From Munich Killer's Name On TV, In Articles, and On Social Media.  The BBC has unilaterally chosen not to report the Munich attacker's full name, in what appears to be an attempt to scrub any Muslim or Islamic heritage link to its coverage of the incident.  Most sources at this point suggest that Ali David Sonboly — the Munich attacker who targeted children and killed nine yesterday — is not connected to radical Islam, but the BBC has gone to extraordinary lengths to try to keep any reference to his heritage out of its coverage, opting to name him only as "David Sonboly".  Other news organisations including the Wall Street Journal, Independent, Daily Mail, and Sky News named the attacker as "Ali David Sonboly" or "David Ali Sonboly".  CNN even referred to him simply as "Ali Sonboly".

Ten Dead In Shooting At Munich Shopping Mall.  The teenager who opened fire at a shopping center in Munich killing nine people Friday had planned the attack for over a year, German authorities said Sunday [7/24/2016].  The 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman, not officially identified but named by local media as David Ali Sonboly, killed himself after the attack Friday, which also left 35 people injured, including 10 seriously and four critically.

Munich Shooter Identified as Ali Sonboly — Media Cultural Marxists Jump Into Action.  The Munich shooter has been identified as Ali Sonboly, an 18-year-old German with Iranian citizenship.  The 18-year-old German/Iranian opened fire in a crowded Munich shopping mall and a nearby McDonald's, killing nine people and wounding 16 others before killing himself.  However, as many are noting, the EU liberal media are trying to disconnect any reference to Islam despite the eye-witness claims.

Afghan youth arrested over possible role in Munich shooting: police.  German police arrested a 16-year-old Afghan youth on Sunday [7/24/2016] on suspicion of a connection to the killing of nine people by an 18-year-old gunman in Munich, authorities said.  The youth was under investigation for possibly having failed to report the plans of the gunman, who later shot himself, a police statement said.

Munich Shooting: 9 dead and 20 critical after attack on shopping centre — 3 gunmen on run.  Munich is in the grip of a co-ordinated terror attack as armed officers storm the city in search of three gunmen.  Federal police have said at least nine people are dead and 20 critical after the horror shooting which has prompted the city to declare a state of emergency.  Police have said one of the dead may be the shooter.

Second shooting at Munich metro station after multiple dead at shopping centre.  A second shooting was reported in Munich just moments after at least nine people were killed and 20 injured in a nearby shopping centre.  Reports revealed a gunman opened fire at the Karlsplatz U-bahn metro station in Stachus Square, Munich's main square just three miles away from the Munich Olympia centre where the first incident happened.  People in the square were seen running away from a building which looked like a church.  Authorities blocked off the Hotel Stachus and a heavy police presence surrounded the hotel where terrified travellers were holed up.

'Several dead' and 10 injured in shooting rampage inside a Munich shopping centre as police hunt gunman.  A gunman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' opened fire at children in McDonald's before rampaging through a shopping mall, killing at least eight people.  Munich is in lockdown tonight, as a major police operation is ongoing around the city's Olympic Park, with the force warning people to stay in their homes and avoid public spaces.  A ninth body has been found tonight [7/22/2016] and investigators are looking into the possibility of it being the attacker.

Munich shooting:  Police say nine dead as manhunt continues.  German police are engaged in a huge anti-terror manhunt in the city of Munich after nine people died in a shooting at a shopping centre.  Police are investigating whether one of the bodies is that of a perpetrator.  At least 10 people have been wounded.  Three armed attackers were earlier reported to be on the run.  Police urged people to avoid public places.

Munich killer had planned his attack for a year, investigators reveal.  German investigators looking into Friday's mass shooting in Munich revealed on Sunday the gunman had spent more than a year preparing his attack.  The 18-year-old shooter, identified only as David S., visited the site of a previous school shooting in the German town of Winnenden and took photographs, Bavarian investigator Robert Heimberger said. [...] He also received inpatient psychiatric treatment in 2015 for two months, spokesman for the Munich prosecutor's office Thomas Steinkraus-Koch told reporters.  "The suspect had fears of contact with others" and depression, the spokesman said.  Steinkraus-Koch added there was no evidence of any political motivation to the crime, nor that the shooter killed specific victims.

BBC 'Fixes' Munich Killer Article Following Breitbart Expose Of Muslim Name Cover Up.  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has corrected its coverage of Munich killer Ali David Sonbaly following a Breitbart London expose of how the global media giant was attempting to hide the murderers Muslim name.  Despite sources outwardly rejecting any link to radical Islam, the BBC still felt it necessary, in isolation, to scrub any reference to the name "Ali" in the killer's name.  The organisation chose to report his name as "David Sonbaly" on social media, on broadcast TV, and in its online coverage.

Munich Terror:  Gunman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he shot Children in McDonald's.  A witness has claimed she heard the gunman who has killed at least nine in a shooting rampage in Munich shout "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.  The shooting at a McDonald's across from the Olympia shopping mall occurred about 5:50 p.m, police said.  A Muslim woman, named by CNN as Loretta, told the channel she heard the gunmen shout "Allahu Akbar" — meaning God is Greatest in Arabic — as they shot children.

Angela Merkel backlash:  Fury erupts at German leader amid Munich shooting rampage.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a furious backlash yesterday as the city of Munich mourned its dead in the wake of the horrific shootings.  As the horrifying scenes from Germany's third largest city sparked outrage across the world many in German pinned the blame directly on the country's leading politician and her open door policy on migrants.  Mrs Merkel cut short a holiday in the Alps to return to the country but she has still not addressed the nation about this latest terrifying attack.

Of Course:  MSNBC Connects Munich Terror Attack Talk to GOP Convention.  MSNBC on Friday [7/22/2016] used the unfolding shooting spree in Munich to bash the Republican Party and connect the GOP convention to it.  Regarding terror, Daily Beast editor Christopher Dickey talked to Brian Williams and lectured, "What we're looking at now in Europe and, to some extent, at the Republican convention and in the discourse in the United States, is a lot of talk about war as if we're talking about a massive operation."  Dickey insisted that the terror threat not be overstated:  "Yet we're often talking as if we're going to go to war with a billion Muslims.  And I think we need to be very, very careful about that.  You are very careful.  NBC is very careful."

Misunderstander of Islam shouting "Allahu Akbar" executed children in McDonald's.  An Islamist shot up a shopping mall in Munich, Germany, located just blocks from the site of the 1972 Olympic massacre.  Which was conducted by other Islamists in the name of their ideology.  This was, of course, just after they started executing children in a McDonald's fast-food restaurant, which was reminiscent of the Nice terror attack in which the truck Jihadist apparently targeted women with strollers.  And let me venture a guess: the latest little Jihadist massacre was conducted by — or facilitated through — some of the million or so of Islamist "migrants" who German President Angela Merkel allowed to flow unchecked into the country.  So, by all means, let's follow through with Hillary Clinton's plan to import a million more Islamist refugees.

Wuerzburg, Germany
July 14, 2016

Germany Train Attack:  Afghan 'refugee' shouted "Allahu Akbar," motives "completely unclear".  Barely 4 days after the deadly attack in Nice, France that killed 84 people and left more than 300 injured, Germany has been hit by a terrorist attack.  A 17 year-old Afghan 'refugee' went on a stabbing spree inside a commuter train near the southern German city of Würzburg.  According to eyewitnesses, the attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he attacked passengers with knife and axe — critically injuring four people.  The attacker was killed by Special Forces just 500 meters from the crime scene, as he tried to flee.

"I am a Soldier of the Caliphate and I am Going to Carry Out a Suicide Attack in Germany["].  For a while it was fashionable by experts to sneer at the inevitability that the "poor refugees" swarming Europe and the rest of the free world included ISIS supporters.  Surely such a thing was impossible.  Even after Bataclan, they kept finding excuses.  But the latest axe attack in Germany by an ISIS refugee is the end of that road.  The Muslim attacker was of your classic "widow and orphan" flavor.  He came as an unaccompanied minor.  He was exactly the sort of migrant that Merkel would cheerfully take selfies with.  And then he began hacking away in a train car while shouting Allahu Akbar.  He had an ISIS flag in his room and ISIS took credit for his attack.

Germany: Muslim Migrant Screaming 'Allahu Akbar' Injures 21 with [an] Axe.  The latest jihad attack in Germany reveals how difficult it is becoming for the political and media elites to maintain their fantasy-based narrative in the face of reality.  An axe-wielding Muslim refugee from Afghanistan stormed a train, screamed "Allahu akbar" and began attacking passengers.  This happened, of course, as a result of policies that Angela Merkel aggressively pursued.  And as she did so, she must have known that this kind of thing would start happening.  What else could she possibly have expected?  Those who called for Europe to take in as many Muslim migrants as possible may have foreseen this: after all, they insisted that the refugees were not a danger, but were in danger.  Only racist bigoted Islamophobes would dare express any skepticism about the wisdom of admitting these refugees, we were told.  To oppose the Muslim migrant influx into Europe was evidence of a moral defect, we were told.

Motive of Muslim Refugee Axe Attacker Shouting "Allah Akbar" Unclear.  [Scroll down]  Motive unclear.  There are so many reasons why a Muslim would attack non-Muslims with an axe while shouting a Jihadist battle cry that originated with the Muslim genocide of non-Muslims.  Maybe it was the lack of a job or a failure to integrate.  Or it was raining.  The possibilities are endless.  But we know it had nothing to do with Islam.

German train attack:  IS releases video of 'Afghan knifeman'.  The so-called Islamic State has released a video purporting to show an Afghan asylum seeker making threats before attacking a German train.  The 17-year-old injured five people with an axe and knife, one critically, in the attack in Wuerzburg on Monday evening.  He was shot dead by police.  In the video, a young man brandishing a knife says he is an "IS soldier" preparing for a suicide mission.  German officials say they later found a hand-painted IS flag in his room.  The teenager reportedly shouted the Islamic phrase "Allahu akbar" ("God is great") during the attack.

Germany train axe attack:  Afghan teenage refugee shouting 'Allahu Akbar' goes on bloody rampage hacking passengers.  An axe-man who stormed a passenger train and hacked at terrified passengers while shouting "Allahu Akbar" has been identified as a 17-year-old Afghan who entered Germany as a lone refugee.  The attacker was identified by stunned government officials after a huge investigation was launched just hours after the bloody attack exploded.  The horror began at around 9mpm local time when the teenager stormed a train that was travelling close to Wurzburg in southern Germany.

In Germany, Man Wounds at Least 20 People In Savage Axe Attack on Train.  We need background checks and waiting periods for assault axes.

Afghan child refugee shouting 'Allahu Akbar' attacks 19 in axe attack on train in Germany.  An Afghan refugee has injured at least 19 people with an axe as he shouted "Allahu Akbar" during a rampage on a train in Germany.  The 17-year-old — who was an "unaccompanied minor refugee" according to the Bavarian Interior Minister was wiedling an axe and knife as he boarded the train.  Police found a hand painted copy of an Islamic State flag in the bedroom of the foster home where the German train attacker lived.  He had only been with the foster parents for a fortnight.

Axe-wielding Jihadist Wounds 21 on German Train.  Muslim immigration continues to prove to be very, shall we say, problematic for Germany, which recently absorbed over a million "refugees" from Muslim countries.  On Monday evening [7/18/2016] a 17-year-old Afghan refugee attacked passengers on a regional train near Würzburg, in southern Germany with an axe and a knife, injuring 21 people, three critically.  A passenger onboard the train pulled the emergency brake and the assailant then fled, but was later tracked down by a special forces team and shot dead.  Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann told Bavarian TV that the 17-year-old had arrived in Germany seeking asylum as an unaccompanied minor.  "There is a statement that, shortly before he was shot by the police, he shouted out an Islamic slogan," said Herrmann.  Hmm, an Islamic slogan?  What might that be?

Germany axe attack:  Assault on train in Wuerzburg.  A man armed with an axe injured four people on a train in southern Germany before being shot dead by police, officials say.  Three people were seriously hurt and one suffered minor injuries in the attack in Wuerzburg, police said.  Initial reports said up to 20 people had been injured but it was later revealed that at least 14 had been treated for shock.  The identity of the attacker or the motive is not yet clear.

Nice, France
July 14, 2016

Nice attack:  City refuses police call to delete CCTV images.  The local authorities in Nice have refused a request by French anti-terror police to destroy CCTV images of last week's lorry attack.  The Paris prosecutor's office said the request had been made to avoid the "uncontrolled dissemination" of images.  But officials in Nice have responded by filing a legal document, arguing the footage could constitute evidence.  It is the latest evidence of a growing dispute between the local and national authorities in the wake of the attack.

Nice Truck Driver Planned Attack a Year Ago, Had Accomplices.  A truck driver who killed dozens on Bastille Day revelers in Nice, France, had been planning the attack for months and had at least five accomplices, the Paris prosecutor said Thursday [7/21/2016].  The suspected accomplices — four men and one woman — were in custody in Nice, Francois Molins told a news conference, and were indicted Thursday on various terrorism charges.  While none of the accomplices was known to intelligence agents for ties to Islamic radicalism, one of them — identified as Franco-Tunisian Ramzi A. — had been charged six times for other crimes, ranging from theft to violence.

Were The Nice Attacks A False Flag Or A Lone Nut?  The recent truck attack in Nice, France was, from the outset, exploited by national governments and reported in a schizophrenic manner that, on one hand, declared the attacker a "weird" loner acting completely on his own by virtue of his many psychological problems while, on the other hand, a terrorist attack aimed at the allegedly democratic institutions of France and the Western world.  Among the reports surrounding the attack, many alternative media outlets are suggesting that the attack was yet another false flag engineered or at least facilitated by Western intelligence agencies for the purposes of propaganda, psychic driving, and the establishment of the "new normal" of constant terror and fear.  So which is it?

MSNBC's 'truck crash' framing of France terror attack ignites Twitter mockery.  An MSNBC tweet on late Thursday [7/14/2016] that framed France's latest terror attack as a "truck crash" elicited a stinging response from readers.  "Follow our live blog for the latest from Nice after a truck crash leaves at least 70 dead," the network tweeted at 8:49 p.m.  EST., well after even President Obama and French President Francois Hollande called the event an act of terrorism.  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, killed at least 84 people during Bastille Day ceremonies by plowing a giant truck through crowds along the Promenade des Anglais.

How The Media Covers Up Muslim And #Blacklivesmatter Terrorism.  The propaganda, the artful selection and deselection of facts, have become as familiar to us as they were to any of the residents of the Soviet Union or North Korea.  Anyone who pays attention knows not only that they are being lied to, but can easily predict the lies that they will be told on the evening news even before they actually hear them being spoken out loud.  We always knew that the Muslim terrorist, even before he was identified, would turn out to be a secular loner who was depressed over his family life.  All the media had to do with Mohammed Bouhlel, the Islamic terrorist who murdered 84 people in Nice, France was to replay the same exact narrative as the one that they had fed us with Omar Mateen, the Islamic terrorist who murdered 49  people in Orlando.  Irreligious, depressed loner with family problems.  Check.  No connection to Islamic terrorism.  Suggestion of mental illness.  Check and check.  Insistence on his lack of interest in religion?  One final check.

You'll Never Guess Who Reuters Blames for the Nice Terror Attacks:  Yep, "Muslim Grievances".  After the Nice, France terror attack — where approximately 84 people were killed and hundreds injured — Western "mainstream media" is again in full damage control trying to rescue "the narrative," namely, that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. [...] Consider:  if Muslims are terrorizing France due to social and political "grievances," why are they also terrorizing and slaughtering other non-Muslim minorities who have no political power to "aggrieve" anyone?

Where Did Unemployed France Terrorist Come Up With $142,000?  Since the latest Muslim terrorists attack has pretty much been swept away by other news, at least here in the states, it's curious to note that the piece of garbage killer sure did have a lot of disposable cash for a guy who allegedly drove a truck for a living and had recently been fired.

After Nice, France Grapples With How to Combat Terrorism.  The Nice terror attack spurred finger pointing among France's political elite about insufficient security during Bastille Day celebrations, as well as a sober acknowledgment that the threat of radical Islamist terrorism has become a day-to-day reality for life in France.  The terror attack that killed 84 along the French Riviera on France's independence day, July 14, has challenged the political discourse in France on how to combat terrorism.

Spengler explains Nice attack's real significance.  I don't think I have ever recommended the same author as the read of the day twice in a row.  But yesterday Spengler brought a meaningful framework to Turkey's attempted coup, and today he puts the Nice massacre in perspective, making absolute sense by looking at important factors other observers ignore.  Writing in Asia Times as David P. Goldman, he deduces that Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a known criminal, was allowed to stay in France because he was a snitch for the police. [...] It makes sense.  You have to know something about the Muslim community and about the way police agencies really work to infer this.

Read the Non-Islamic Islamic Magazine Article Describing How to Conduct a Nice-Style Truck Terror Attack.  The entire October 2010 issue of Inspire — the English-language journal of Islamonazism — is worth reading.  It provides an excellent primer on the religious-slash-political-slash-military ideology that has (according to the Democrat Party) nothing at all do with religion.  Clerics of all stripes opine on the use of terror to accomplish world domination.  Religious authorities describe the rationale for killing non-believers.  And so on.  The article describing how to conduct a Nice-style terror attack is excerpted below.  Entitled "The Ultimate Mowing Machine", it pretty much fits in well with the other instructional material in the magazine.  Which is to say, another yet creative way to kill innocent children, women, and men, in the most painful and vicious ways imaginable.

Nice terror attack: 'soldier of Islam' Bouhlel 'took drugs and used dating sites to pick up men and women'.  The Bastille Day killer described by Isil as a "soldier of Islam" regularly used dating sites to pick up male and female lovers, it was claimed on Sunday night [7/17/2016].  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel's mobile phone records suggest he used dating websites and dabbled with drugs and drink, French media reported.  The handset was picked up by police officers after they shot him dead last Thursday in a lorry that he had used to kill 84 people on the Promenade des Anglais, in the French city of Nice.

More suspects arrested in connection with truck attack in Nice.  French authorities on Sunday arrested two more suspects potentially linked to the man who rammed a truck into crowds, killing 84 people in this French Riviera city, as investigators sought to determine his path to radicalization and whether he acted alone. [...] Seven people have been detained in connection with the Thursday attack, including Bouhlel's ex-wife, but she was reportedly released from custody Sunday morning, according to authorities speaking to local media.

Attacker in Nice was 'radicalized rapidly,' French interior minister says.  The man who used a 20-ton truck to plow down hundreds of people in Nice this week, killing 84, somehow became rapidly radicalized and hadn't shown up on any anti-terrorist intelligence radar, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Saturday [7/16/2016].  The minister said Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, had had no record of making militant statements and was not known to the intelligence services.  It seems he became radicalized very quickly," Cazeneuve said, without offering specifics.

So much for being a "lone wolf."
Attack on Nice:  Five held by French police.  Five people believed to be linked to the man who killed 84 people in Nice are in police custody, the Paris prosecutor's office says.  Three arrests were made on Saturday and two on Friday, including the man's estranged wife, Le Monde reported.  Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove a lorry into crowds marking Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais on Thursday before he was shot dead by police.  So-called Islamic State claimed one of its followers carried out the attack.

FBI has found no evidence that Orlando shooter targeted Pulse because it was a gay club.  The FBI has found no evidence so far that Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people and wounded more than 53 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, chose the popular establishment because of its gay clientele, U.S law enforcement officials said.  "While there can be no denying the significant impact on the gay community, the investigation hasn't revealed that he targeted Pulse because it was a gay club," a U.S. law enforcement official said.

France:  Another truck bomb parked near Nice defused, Muslim suspect arrested.  The French Special Forces defused an explosive-laden truck parked on a highway near Nice, local media reports.  A bomb disposal operation was conducted on a highway near Nice where a truck attack occurred Thursday night.

France has 7th terrorist attack in 18 months, media blames the truck.  A radical jihadist from Tunisia drove a truck into a crowd of people in the southern French city of Nice where people were celebrating Bastille Day, the French equivalent of the Fourth of July, killing 84 and wounding more than 100.  The American media's knee jerk reaction was to blame the truck.  France has become ground zero in the war on terror after radical jihadists attacked the European nation for the seventh time in 18 months on Thursday.

As if he really means it:
Obama vows to 'destroy' ISIS after Bastille Day attack.  President Obama pledged to "destroy" ISIS following the heinous terror attack at a Bastille Day celebration in France — and used remarks to diplomats at the White House to defend his own legacy.  "We cannot give in to fear or turn on each other or sacrifice our way of life.  We cannot let ourselves be divided by religion, because that's exactly what the terrorists want," Obama said, pledging to be "vigilant" in defending security and liberty.  Obama urged the gathered diplomatic corps "to step back and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence."  But sensing the end of his presidency, Obama pivoted to focus on legacy items he wants to be remembered by and not the terror acts that have become a near weekly occurrence.

Nice is All You Need to Know.  This is what we are up against and it is high time we have a clear picture of what it is.
  It's not just about immigration the beast who did this was a citizen of France, just as the Orlando shooter was an American born Muslim.
  It is not just about religion:  It is a totalitarian system that embraces religion, law, morality and (most of all) culture.
  It is not just about a lone wolf.  It is planned, advocated, inspired, supported in concert with a monstrous movement that wants to conquer the world.
  It is not about jobs or alienation.  Their culture is what alienates them and keeps them unemployed.
  Islam is not about Peace.  Islam means submission and this is what happens to the children of those who do not submit.
  It is not at all about the oil or the U.S. or the decadence of The West.  It is about Sharia, The Caliphate and Jihad.
  Its not just about Terror, It is annihilation by the most brutal and indiscriminate means possible.
  It is not about to stop.  If it we do not wake up and stop it.  It will kill you gladly.

At Least 80 Dead In Terror Attack On Nice.  Eighty-four people — including several children — died in the French city of Nice after a terrorist plowed a truck, which was "loaded with" grenades and other arms, into a large crowd during Bastille Day celebrations Thursday night, according to officials and the French president.  As of Friday 8 a.m. local time, 18 individuals were in critical condition, 50 were lightly injured, and 120 were receiving treatment, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior.

Nice terrorist identified as 31-year-old French man from Tunisia.  The terrorist who carried out the recent attack in Nice has reportedly been identified as a 31-year-old local resident, originally from Tunisia.  At least 84 people were killed and more than 100 wounded when he drove into a Bastille Day parade and then opened fire with a handgun.  More weapons, including grenades, were found in the truck after security forces killed the attacker.  The Israeli Foreign Ministry is checking whether any Israelis were present during the attack.  "The truck simply cut people down and left bodies behind," said a witness.  "The driver continued speeding while he ran over the bodies.  It looked like an accident at first, but we understood very quickly that he was deliberately running over people."

Huge cache of guns, grenades and 'larger weapons' found inside bullet-riddled truck.  Bloodshed befell France's most important national holiday last night as 80 people were massacred when a truck mowed through crowds and the driver unleashed a hail of bullets on fleeing revellers.  But fears have already been raised the terror attack on the seaside resort of Nice could have been far deadlier had police not shot the gunman dead when they did.  A huge cache of guns, grenades and 'larger weapons' were said to have been found inside the bullet-riddled lorry after it ground to a halt on the busy promenade — suggesting the driver intended to spill more blood.

Bastille Day attacker was a delivery driver born in Tunisia.  The man who carried out the murderous rampage in Nice has been identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a French-Tunisian petty criminal, according to reports.  The 31-year-old delivery driver, a resident of the French Riviera city, was found guilty in March of violent contact — but he had no known links to terrorism and had not been under surveillance, sources told the Telegraph.  "An operation is currently under way at the dead suspect's home in Nice.  It is being raided by officers," an investigative source told the paper.

Nice Airport evacuated day after Bastille Day terror attack.  French troops rushed to the airport after a suspect package was found at around 1 pm.  Passengers were forced to leave the airport and wait nervously outside as soldiers conducted a sweep.  The airport has now re-opened to travellers.  Yesterday [7/14/2016] a terrorist purposefully drove a truck for one mile through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day.  At least 84 people were hit and killed, while dozens more have been left in a serious or critical condition.

Nice attack was due to 'decades of multiculturalism and political correctness' says Polish Interior Minister.  Poland's right wing interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak has blamed last night's terror attack in Nice on 'multiculturalism' after it emerged the killer was a French Tunisian living in the city.  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, killed 84 people as he drove his large lorry along the main promenade in Nice indiscriminately knocking down pedestrians who had just finished watching the city's Bastille Day fireworks.  Unlike other international politicians, Blaszczak blamed France and the European Union's Foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini for last night's deadly attack.

Enough.  The latest Muslim atrocity in Nice will have far-reaching international consequences, and not just for the countries of Europe.  After promising a "pitiless" war against Islamic aggression, the Hollande government in France effectively came to an end last night on the Promenade des Anglais and will soon enough be replaced by the Marine Le Pen government.  The British, having voted themselves out of the European Union, are effectively under siege by hordes of invaders gathered in Calais, preparing to storm the Chunnel in order to bring their unique brand of vibrant diversity to perfidious Albion's shores.  Meanwhile, in Germany, the charmless Mutti Merkel mutters to herself as she plots to import even more "refugees" in order to destroy the Bundesrepublik she grew up learning to hate as a child in communist East Germany.  It will also affect the course of the American election.  The utter bankruptcy of the Obama administration's deliberately feckless, see-no-evil approach to Muslim terrorism is now on plain display for all the world to see.

At least 50 feared dead and shots fired as lorry RAMS into crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.  A lorry ran down a large group of people in the southern French city of Nice during a suspected terrorist attack.  At least 50 people are feared dead with more than 100 injured during the Bastille Day attack.  Eyewitnesses have reported that hostages have been taken in two hotels and a restaurant in the city. [...] It is not known at this stage is whether the attack was terror related.

The Editor says...
Technically, at the moment the article above was written, it was probably true that they didn't know that the attack was "terror related," i.e., Islamic terrorism.  But whenever an act of mass murder takes place in the 21st century, whether through the use of a pressure cooker bomb, a speeding truck, a firearm, or hijacked airplane, it is reasonable to surmise that the event is yet another act of Islamic terrorism.  As far as I know, there hasn't been a spate of Catholic terrorism lately, or a rash of Mennonite terrorism, or widespread Mormon terrorism.  As soon as it becomes evident that a mass-casualty event has been deliberately inflicted on a number of people, it is obvious that the attack can be blamed on those who "misunderstand" Islam.  Unless the attack happens in the United States and the victims are all white police officers, in which case, it's instantly attributable to violent black racists.

Delaware County, Pennsylvania
June 24, 2016

'Abdul Wahi' held in shooting of Pa. police officer.  Authorities say a suspect is in custody after a police officer was shot several times in Delaware County, Pa. on Friday morning [6/24/2016].  The suspect was identified as Donte Brooks Island.  It took about three hours for upwards of 200 police to track down and arrest the alleged shooter.  Three others were taken into custody, but they have not yet been charged.  The main suspect, though, is well known to law enforcement.  Island, who also goes by the name Abdul Wahi, lives in the Folcroft Station Apartments where police caught him allegedly smoking weed and dealing drugs.

Muslim Felon Shoots Cop 7 Times, then Opens Fire on Another — Media Silent on Terror.  The suspect is identified as Donte Brooks Island, aka Abdul Wahi.  He is charged with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and other related offenses.  Action News was there Friday as Island was taken to a patrol car.  He is currently being held on a $1 million bail.  Island was recently released fro prison after serving time for drug and firearms violations, District Attorney Jack Whelan said.

Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times.  Likely a prison convert to Islam.  How many are roaming the streets, freed from prisons by Obama?  This took place outside of Philly where the Muslims have a habit of trying to kill cops.

Viernheim, Germany
June 24, 2016

Muslim Suicide Bomber Take 50 Germans Hostage At Theater, The Police Blast Him Just Before He Blows Himself Up.  This was a close call.  Thank God for the swift action of German policemen who saved these 50 people.  But there will be another time, and next time might be too late, especially since the German media is already trying to say the man had 'no identifiable links to radical Islam'.

Suicide belt, grenade found near German cinema complex attacker - Bild.  An armed man who was gunned down by the police at a cinema complex in Viernheim, western Germany, had a hand grenade and was wearing a suicide belt, German Bild newspaper reports.  According to the paper, the grenade was discovered by the police after the incident.  An eyewitness told Bild that the attacker was speaking in "broken German language."  The police said that they currently have no leads linking the man to radical Islam, and other motives are being looked into.

Twin Falls, Idaho
June 2, 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho:  Is Prosecutor attempting to downplay rape story?  Why would he do that?  Because the whole narrative that keeps refugees flowing to cities and towns to supply cheap labor for multi-national corporations under the guise of humanitarianism could come crashing down.  That, carefully crafted, decades old narrative, is this: refugees are good people, downtrodden souls, escaping war and poverty, and it is US tradition (indeed our role in the world!) to care for those in need and so we must welcome refugees from around the globe who only want a better life for their little children (even if they come from cultures that do not share our traditions, values and laws).  Therefore, news about refugee children raping and sexually assaulting American children simply must be covered-up.  There is too much money involved to let this story grow!

Twin Falls Refugee Rape Victim Activists Call For Attorney To Step Down.  In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, a local activist in Twin Falls demands U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson step down.  The activists want to bring justice to a five-year-old American girl who was raped on June 2 by a group of refugee children as a 14-year-old refugee videotaped the horrible incident.  Idaho activist Julie Ruf tells Breitbart News that statements made by Olson to protect the refugee community in the wake of rapes indicate she is unfit for the job of protecting the Constitution.

Chief Idaho federal prosecutor warns:  "The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements ... may violate federal law".  On June 2, a 5-year old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at a Twin Falls, Idaho, apartment building by three boys ages 7, 10 and 14.  The exact nature of the sexual assault is unclear; but apparently the 7-year-old sexually touched the girl, and it seems that the 10- and 14-year-olds are being charged because they put the 7-year-old up to this.  The boys may be Sudanese and Iraqi refugees resettled in Idaho; according to the Twin Falls Times-News (Nathan Brown), "Officials suspect the boys have been in the [U.S.] fewer than two years," but "aren't sure if the families are refugees."  In the following weeks, rumors started flying on the Internet and in Twin Falls; as best I can tell, many of the rumors were false.  The boys were misidentified as Syrian refugees, rather than potential Sudanese and Iraqi refugees.  Though the crime is serious as it is, it was described as being much more serious, including as a gang-rape at knife-point, with the children's fathers cheering the events after they happened.  Apparently none of that is true.

Muslim Migrants Sexually Assault 5-Year Old In Idaho.  On 2 June, 2016 a five-year old girl with special needs was playing outside her home at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho when she was taken by knife point to the shared laundry facilities on the premises by three boys from two refugee families, ages 13, 9, and 8 years old who sexually assaulted and urinated on her.  The eight year old is also reported to have cut another young child's arm with his knife a week before school was adjourned.  According to the victim's mother, a trusted neighbor discovered her daughter with the three boys.  Her clothes had been stripped off by the boys who were also naked and the 13 year old had a phone which allegedly held video of the incident.  The mother and father of the victim promptly arrived on the scene after being alerted by the neighbor.

Updated:  Story of Syrian refugees raping Idaho girl is wrong, prosecutor says.  Authorities are denying reports that Syrians gang-raped a child at knife-point in a Twin Falls apartment complex earlier this month, saying the false claims are being spread to incite anti-refugee sentiments.  "There were no Syrians involved, there was no knife involved, there was no gang-rape," Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said Monday morning [6/20/2016].  His comments largely refute several differing accounts about the incident circulating on anti-refugee resettlement and conspiracy websites and anti-Muslim blogs.  Most of those accounts claim a group of Syrian refugees sexually assaulted a mentally disabled girl at knife-point June 2 in the laundry facilities of Fawnbrook Apartments, a low-income housing complex in Twin Falls, and that the attack was celebrated by the perpetrators' families as city officials orchestrated a cover-up.

Raped By PC — Five-Year-Old Idaho Girl Raped By Three Iraqi and Sudanese Refugees — Politically Correct Local Government Frozen.  You might have heard a story from Twin Falls Idaho about a 5-year-old girl sexually assaulted / raped, by three older "Syrian refugees".  As the word spread throughout the shocked community, the local police and the county commission members quickly jumped into action to deny the claim.  The County Leadership was furious:  "the three rapists were not Syrian refugees, and such lies should cease immediately".  The police then clarified the record:  they are Iraqi and Sudanese men, and maybe they were refugees, or maybe not, we're not going to say.

Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Something wicked happened in Idaho's rural Magic Valley.  The evil has been compounded by politicians, media and special interest groups doing their damnedest to suppress the story and quell a righteous citizen rebellion.  On June 7, a brief news item appeared on local Twin Falls, Idaho-based KMVT about a "reported sexual assault that possibly occurred near the Fawnbrook Apartments" five days earlier.  Unconfirmed accounts of the alleged crime on conservative-leaning websites, plus reports from area members of anti-jihad activist Brigitte Gabriel's Act for America group and longtime watchdog Ann Corcoran's Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, culminated in coverage on the powerhouse Drudge Report.

Cops, media hide Idaho girl's sex assault by Muslim migrants.  A 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two boys at an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho — while a third boy filmed the attack — and some local residents are charging the police and city officials with covering up the fact that the boys are from Muslim immigrant families from Sudan and Iraq.  Although not yet confirmed, the alleged perpetrators — migrant boys ages 14, 10 and 7 — appear to be from refugee families.  At least three local newspapers have tried to discredit the reports of the assault, focusing instead on a few details that were erroneously reported by bloggers while ignoring or downplaying the broader truth of the story — that Muslim migrants stripped down and humiliated a vulnerable little girl.

Report: Three Syrian "Refugees" Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho.  Three Syrian refugees reportedly raped a little girl at knifepoint in Idaho before urinating on her body, an incident that prompted furious residents to accuse Twin Falls city council members of covering up the assault.  The sexual assault allegedly took place on June 2, but has received virtually no media attention aside from one vague KMVT report.

Deerfield Township, Ohio
June 10, 2016

Muslim Terrorist In Ohio Takes Apartment Complex Hostage, And Then Opens Fire On American Police Officer.  A Muslim terrorist in Ohio, Mohammad Laghaoui, took hostages in an apartment complex and then opened fire with an AK-47 on an officer once she arrived on the scene.  The hostages were Mohammad's father and brother.  Mohammad threatened to murder his father and brother.  His brother dialed 911 and Mohammad punched his father in the face and left, only to return with an AK-47.  His father and brother locked Mohammad out.  He opened fire through the door and shot his father in the arm.  The officer, Deputy Katie Barnes, responded to the emergency call and arrived on the site.  That is when Mohammad opened fire on the officer.

Warren County shooter says 'charges not accurate' after judge sets bond.  The active shooter who ran from police for seven hours last week was in court this morning.  Meanwhile, Warren County Sheriff Deputies still can't find the gun.  Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui, 19, was arraigned on attempted aggravated murder and felonious assault charges in Warren County court.

The Editor says...
WLWT is happy to pass along the government's perspective:  Never mind the Muslim terrorist — there's a gun on the loose!

Sheriff: 19-year-old shooter wounds own father, sheriff's deputy before arrest.  The 19-year-old who spurred a seven-hour manhunt Thursday night in Warren County shot his own father and left a sheriff's deputy hospitalized before he was finally arrested.  When Warren County Sheriff's Deputy Katie Barnes responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Orchards of Landen apartment complex Thursday night, she arrived alone.

Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui, accused of shooting Deputy Katie Barnes, kept low profile.  The 19-year-old charged with shooting a Warren County deputy and his own father kept a low profile at home and at school.  Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui and his family had been living at The Orchard of Landen apartment complex for only about six months, a neighbor