Bernard Goldberg's New Book, "Bias"

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"Bias:  A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News"

Goldberg's right … the media's left:  Bernard Goldberg, the veteran CBS newsman who is set to release a new book detailing the liberal bias of the mainstream media, is about to become a pariah in his own industry.  That's because his book promises to be the best reporting done by a major media figure in decades.  It contains substantial proof from his insider's perspective that all our suspicions about the major media in this country leaning decidedly left are true.

Liberal media bias, part I:  Bernard Goldberg, author of the bestselling "Bias" says, "If the media elites don't take the wake-up call, ...I think they're going to become the journalistic equivalent of the leisure suit — harmless enough, but hopelessly out of date."

Liberal media bias, part II:  Journalists somehow think that they are the only species on the planet who can keep their biases in check because they're professionals.  Well, I don't think that's true.

Liberal Media Bias, part III:  The problem there and the problem far more responsible for the public's losing trust is when the New York Times rams ideology down your throat in every part of the newspaper, not simply the editorial page.

Newsrooms believe in free speech, on the left.  Goldberg got a good ride from radio and cable TV, but the three old-line TV networks have pretended that his book doesn't exist.  He thinks "Bias" is the first #1 non-fiction best seller of modern times that failed to get a single TV minute on CBS, NBC or ABC.

Review #2:  Jerry Falwell says, "the book has captured the attention of many Americans who have suspected all along that the network news shows they watch have a clear leftist slant.

"Goldberg is Right" Says Former CBSer Reid Collins:  Reid Collins, a veteran of CBS News and CNN, says there is a peer pressure inside the major TV networks that makes it difficult for anyone with known conservative views to advance inside the company.

"Bias" sparks vicious war of words:  "Bias," the No. 1 book in America focusing on slanted TV news coverage, is a "dumb" piece of work written by a "remarkably dense" "disheveled and bleary eyed" "disgruntled has-been."  Those are just some of the adjectives being applied to the best-seller and its author, former CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg.

Sean Hannity Attests Media Bias Is Local Too:  "OK, now, how are we going to slant this?"  That's what a top editor of a newspaper in heartland America asked his young reporter just back from covering a campaign visit by presidential candidate Bill Clinton in 1992.  How are we going to "slant" a story?  In the supposedly impartial unbiased news columns?  In the wide red swath on the map known since last year as "Bush country"?  Absolutely.  And it is no isolated incident.  It is happening all over America.

But wait... There's more!
No Diversity in Leftist Newsrooms, Goldberg Tells NewsMax:  We can destroy you.  That's the thrust of an implied threat to Bernard Goldberg after he blew the whistle on left-wing bias in the media.  It was 1996.  Goldberg, a 28-year veteran at CBS, had written in the Wall Street Journal that the old allegation of media bias "is so blatantly true that it's hardly worth discussing anymore."

Goldberg Predicts Collapse of Liberal Media:  Veteran CBS correspondent and best-selling author Bernard Goldberg predicts that the liberal media establishment will collapse much like the Berlin Wall.

 New!   Arrogance:  Rescuing America From the Media Elite.  In this fascinating report, Goldberg lays out his rallying cry, unafraid to name names, and prescribes the difficult remedies that must take place if genuinely balanced news is to survive.

Older article:  Rather CluelessDan can't help it.  He doesn't know he's biased.  (Note: This was written by Bernard Goldberg, who was a correspondent for CBS News from 1972 until 2000.)

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