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Barack Obama seems to have associated himself with a number of people and organizations that are, to say the least, out of step with most Americans.

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... and don't forget Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his Black Liberation Theology.

Overviews:  Barack Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, and Frank Marshall Davis

No Wonder the Post Hid Obama's Red Mentor.  In August 2008, back when it mattered, the Washington Post ran a 10,000-word article by its Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Maraniss titled, "Though Obama Had to Leave to Find Himself, It Is Hawaii That Made His Rise Possible." [...] Up until this week, I presumed that Maraniss ignored [Frank Marshall] Davis as a way of protecting [Barack H.] Obama's candidacy.  If so, he was in good company.  I could find no mentions of Davis in the New York Times before the 2008 election and precious few mentions afterwards.  In the Times' humble defense, however, only the Post commissioned a 10,000-word article on Obama's Hawaii years by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.  It turns out that Maraniss had personal reasons for this impressive exercise in truth suppression.  His father Elliott Maraniss and Frank Marshall Davis had a good deal in common.

'Russian Collusion' by Saul Alinsky.  Do you know Saul Alinsky?  He was the mentor of most of the leading liberal politicians of our time — including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Alinsky was a radical Marxist strategist and community organizer.  His leading "weapons" were weapons of mass distraction:  misinformation, radical protest and blaming the other guy for whatever you (the liberal politician or activist) are guilty of.  Alinsky actually counseled radical leftists to look in the mirror and whatever you see, blame the other guy for doing or being that exact same thing.  So, if you're a crook, blame the other guy for being a crook.  If you're a corrupt politician, call your opponent a corrupt politician.  If you've ruined the economy, blame your opponent for ruining the economy.  And of course, if you're in bed with Russia, blame the other guy for being in "collusion" with Russia.  It's all playing out in front of our very eyes.

Russian Collusion in Democrat Inner Circle?  In the White House, President Obama surrounded himself with more red diaper babies and communist-supporters.  CIA director John Brennan voted for the Communist Party candidate in the 1976 presidential election.  Obama biographer David Maraniss was a red diaper baby.  So was Obama's pick to head Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson.  Cold War historian Paul Kengor goes deeply into Obama's communist background in an article in American Spectator, "Our First Red Diaper Baby President," and in an excellent Mark Levin interview.  Another Kengor article describes the Chicago communists whose younger generation include David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Hussein Obama.  Add the openly Marxist, procommunist Ayers, and you have many of the key players who put Obama into power.

Racist Obama Caused Dems' Downfall, Not Hillary.  With the help of a partisan, unethical press, the Democrats normalized Obama's every aberrant trait.  But Obama is aberrant.  He is a Democrat in name only — in reality, he is a hard left "red diaper baby" — as were Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod.  Obama has had literally lifelong radical ties, starting with his grandfather and mother, as well as his Kenyan father, and Obama's beloved teenage mentor, child molester Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party.

Obama, Organizing for Action, and the Death Throes of the Democratic Party.  Obama is no fool and he understands — having encouraged Black Lives Matter and the war on police and law enforcement, having facilitated ballooning welfare rolls and doubling student debt to $1.35 trillion, having presided over a flood of immigrants illegally crossing the southern border, and having pushed unprecedented deficit spending that added nearly a trillion dollars annually to the federal debt and doubling that debt in eight years to $20 trillion — that the U.S. is nearer collapse than at any previous time.  And every Marxist knows that socialist transformation first requires collapse of the old order.  Obama has not only been trained in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, but he's familiar with the "crisis strategy theory" of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, two neo-Marxists who taught at Columbia University, where Obama later studied.

The Brainwashing of a Nation.  How to explain why so many liberals have fallen into the flim flam trap of Marxism?  For that we need to credit Saul Alinsky, the man who completed the mission of the Frankfurt School and did it brilliantly.  Hillary Clinton so admired him, she wrote her senior thesis on her hero and mentor.  Alinsky was a diehard Marxist but also a pragmatist who realized that the road to revolution was through crisis and community organizing.  These community organizers like Barack Obama would stir up discontent on the grass roots level while pretending to embrace our Bill of Rights.

What Has Obama Done to Us, and How Was He Able to Do It?  Obama is the most left-wing president in American history.  Never mind his speech at the 2004 Democrat National Nomination Convention, or during the run-up to the 2008 election, when he was presenting himself as a moderate.  Someone scrutinizing Obama's history, including his early years in and out of the U.S., his time in school, his stint as a Chicago community organizer, his law school experiences, and his political career as an Illinois state senator and a U.S. senator, should have recognized him for what he is:  a radical leftist, steeped in Marxism, contemptuous of America's Constitution, hostile to traditional values, and committed to Alinskyite notions of social justice.

Saul Alinsky Profiled in New Documentary.  A new documentary has been released about community organizer Saul Alinsky (1909-1972).  "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" is the work of father and son team Richard and Stephen Payne and their company Arcadia Films.  It's available for purchase on streaming video and is airing weekly on EWTN through October.  The child of poor Russian Jewish immigrant parents, Alinsky was born in 1909.  He majored in archaeology at the University of Chicago and later became a criminologist.

Alinsky's Rules + Cloward-Piven = Obama's Fundamental Change to Socialism.  There is an email circulating that incorrectly attributes the 8 steps to create a Social State to Saul Alinsky.  Liberals easily cast this off as a lie by claiming (thanks to Snopes and other lefty sites) that Alinsky didn't write this.  And while that much is true, the actual plan is real.  It was inspired by Alinsky and enumerated by Cloward and Piven.  It has been refined and updated, but it is still the road-map to the "fundamental change" Obama has been implementing.

Democrats' Platform for Revolution.  [Scroll down]  Obama never met Alinsky personally; the latter died when Obama was a young boy.  But Obama was trained by the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) in Chicago and worked for an affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation, whose modus operandi for the creation of "a more just and democratic society" is rooted firmly in the Alinsky method.  As The Nation magazine puts it, "Obama worked in the organizing tradition of Saul Alinsky, who made Chicago the birthplace of modern community organizing...."  In fact, for several years Obama himself taught workshops on the Alinsky method.  Obama and his fellow agitators made demands for many things in the Eighties, including taxpayer-funded employment-training services, playground construction, after-school programs, and asbestos removal from neighborhood apartments.

Alinsky's daughter:  Here's the truth about Hillary the media won't tell you.  Hillary's whole life has been dedicated to socialist/communist ends.  The fact that the arguments and the anger fomented by Alinsky in the 40s, 50s and 60s are the same arguments and anger of today's Obama/Clinton model is telling.  For 75 years, inner city blacks have been poor, labor unions have worked to put their members out of a job, and everyday there is some new group claiming it doesn't have equality.  All of these groups have been targeted by these so-called organizational geniuses.  No matter what happens, either by the power/conflict ideals of Alinsky and Obama or by power grabs/money laundering of the Clintons, the lives of the people get worse.

Who is Saul Alinsky?  Alinsky was a pioneer in community organizing in Chicago, known for extremely confrontational, though non-violent tactics in effecting social change.  His methods have been used by liberals and tea party conservatives alike, although he was personally a liberal Democrat.

Hume: 'Obama chooses to see through the eyes of an aggrieved black activist'.  [Scroll down]  You see, Obama's divisive instincts transcend racial issues and permeate every topic he is presented with.  He does not view them through the prism of race[,] he views them through the prism of Alinsky.  In other words, from the perspective of polarizing Americans into an "us vs them" mentality and using his rhetorical skills to assist in tearing down the foundations of our society so that government intervention is ultimately the only reasonable, viable option.  When you study each of the president's tactics through this lens, it all makes sense.

Behind the anti-Trump Disruptors, the Fine Hands of Alinsky and Obama.  Recently, when disrupters showed up at a Trump rally in Chicago, the first thing that came to mind was that America's most notorious community organizer could be the wizard behind the curtain orchestrating what was being sold as an organic occurrence.  In Saul Alinsky's 1971 book Rules for Radicals, the late author could have been describing Obama's last seven years in office when he wrote that an efficacious organizer should be "an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions."  The father of community organizing taught that once people are "whipped up to a fighting pitch," the agitated could be directed to participate in rowdy demonstrations.  By employing those techniques on the international level, Alinsky's star pupil, Barack Obama, has successfully managed to whip up global chaos.

Why People Can't Face the Truth about Obama.  The antecedents of Barack Obama's hatred of America are now well understood.  Obama was groomed from the womb to abhor this white majority, predominantly Christian free enterprise Republic.  From his expatriate, capitalism-hating mother, from his alcoholic Communist father and his perv Communist mentor, detesting America was in his mother's milk and the blood in his veins.  But it was the murderous Bill Ayers who recognized in Obama a destructive potential greater than a million bombs cooked up in basements. [...] America is Barack Obama's prey.  He is tearing America apart and feeding the pieces of her life to his foreign and domestic fellow travelers.  He is not transforming the nation but terminating it.

What Do Yale, Missou, Alinksy, Cloward-Piven and Obama's Organizing for Action Add Up To?  Ever since we learned about President Obama's marination in the ideas of Saul Alinsky we've been frightening ourselves with a future defined by Obama's fundamental transformation through community organizing. And we have seen the fruit of his politics in the outbreak of left-wing activism this fall with ludicrous outbreaks of snowflake fascism at Missouri State University and Yale.  I've read hints that the Black Autumn is funded in part by George Soros foundations and President Obama's Organizing for Action.  But who knows?  But here's my take on all this.  Liberals are setting themselves up for a fall with this protest politics, because they fundamentally misunderstand what they are doing.

How Obama is bankrolling a non-stop protest against invented outrage.  Barack Obama's presidency has been pockmarked by rioting, looting and protests.  That's no coincidence.  It's what the former community organizer sought from Day One.  And it's just going to get worse before he leaves office.  The senseless protests we're seeing break out on the campuses of the University of Missouri, Yale and other colleges, as well as on bridges and highway overpasses and outside police stations, are precisely the kind of thing Obama was trained to organize while attending leftist agitation schools founded by Chicago communist Saul Alinsky.

What Really Drives Obama's Destructive Mideast Policy?  When discerning a person's motivations, you must first consider what he is.  Obama is a hardcore leftist, marinated in Marxism from his youth, raised by a leftist mother and grandparents and mentored by card-carrying Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis.  He also belonged to the socialist New Party in 1990s Chicago and, according to a 2007 study, owned the Senate's most left-wing voting record; this means he was ahead of even that body's only avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders (who was number two).

Nine Signs of the Impending American Collapse.  Race relations in the U.S. have markedly deteriorated under the suzerainty of the present administration, in some places resembling guerilla warfare as black-on-white violence proliferates and race riots are becoming an almost regular occurrence. [...] Civil disorder is radical community organizer Saul Alinsky's formula for revolutionary triumph, and his handbook Rules for Radicals is the Democratic Party's bible.  Alinsky was the subject of Hillary Clinton's senior thesis at Wellesley College and Obama's teaching at Chicago University Law School.

The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party.  Alinksy succeeded in what would be a crowning achievement:  the recruitment of young idealistic radicals — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — who would go on to climb to the top of political power in the Democratic Party.  Hillary wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College in 1969 on Alinsky's methods and remained a friend of Alinsky until his death in 1972.  A decade later, Barack Obama was trained in the methods and Rules for Radicals in the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago.  Camouflage and deception are key to Alinsky-style organizing.  When Barack Obama was organizing black churches in Chicago and was criticized for not attending church himself, he pivoted and became a regular church attendee, ultimately becoming a member at Jeremiah Wright's radical Trinity United Church of Christ.

Everything is going as Planned in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Elsewhere: Just Ask Alinsky.  Many have questioned how a city like Baltimore, with a Black Female Mayor, a Black Police Commissioner, and a force made up of more minorities than whites, could have a racial problem. [...] Another common question has been what does Obama believe?  Is he really Christian, is he a Muslim, is he a communist, etc.?  The only thing Obama has openly and repeatedly admitted to being and then demonstrated being, is a Community Organizer.  So, what is a community organizer?  Well, let's look at the man who invented this position and defined it so well that Hillary Clinton wrote her graduate thesis on the man.

The Betrayal Papers Part V: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?  A man does not become President of the United States without very high powered connections.  Usually these connections are accumulated through a long career of public service, whether in the U.S. Congress, Executive, or on the state level.  Obama rose to the Presidency after serving a scant four years in the U.S. Senate, two of which were spent running for President.  Prior to that, he served an unremarkable seven years in the Illinois State Senate.  Before launching his political career in the living room of American anarchists, Obama was a community-organizing lawyer for progressive groups.  Among them was ACORN, which was instrumental in creating the housing bubble.  With such little authentic biography available, we are forced to define Obama by his friends.  They include financial and political manipulators and fixers, corrupt businessmen and international criminals, card-carrying Communists and FBI-identified enemies of the state, terrorists foreign and domestic, and their academic apologists.

Misreading Alinsky.  Since the year before his disciple, Barack Obama, was elected president, many of us have been raising alarms about how Saul Alinsky's brass-knuckles tactics have been mainstreamed by Democrats.  It was thus refreshing to find an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this week, by Pete Peterson of Pepperdine's School of Public Policy, expressly calling out a top House Democrat for resorting to the seminal community organizer's extortion playbook.  But in the end, alas, Mr. Peterson gets Alinsky wrong.

Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson.  As we witness the continuing racial unrest sparked by the shooting of Michael Brown and the Ferguson grand jury's subsequent decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, it is vital to understand that everything the protesters/rioters are doing — in Ferguson and elsewhere — is straight out of Alinsky's most famous publications, Rules For Radicals and Reveille For Radicals.  And Obama has encouraged them, every step of the way.

What Did Obama Do As A Community Organizer?  Perhaps the simplest way to describe community organizing is to say it is the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population, say unemployed steelworkers, or itinerant fruit-pickers, or residents of a particularly bad neighborhood, and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money.  Organizers like to call that "direct action."  Community organizing is most identified with the left-wing Chicago activist Saul Alinsky (1909-72), who pretty much defined the profession.

Alinsky Does Amnesty.  President Obama is an Alinskyite.  That assertion is not an epithet — well, not primarily.  True, I would not describe someone I admired as an "Alinskyite."  Saul Alinsky was a loathsome figure — a radical statist who whose toxic brew of thoroughgoing deceit and brass-knuckles extortion ("direct action") has become a part of mainstream politics.  But in tying the president to the seminal community organizer whose theories and tactics so influenced him, my purpose is more to decode than to insult him.

Media In 2014: Who Is Saul Alinsky And Why Should We Care?  The right has done a lot of journalism on Saul Alinsky's influence of mainstream Democratic politicians such as President Barack Obama.  This media coverage has been largely mocked or ignored. While conservative media outlets across the spectrum covered this influence in 2007-2008 — special recognition should go to Stanley Kurtz, who spent months digging up interesting stuff in Chicago, and David Freddoso, who also chronicled it well.

Breaking decorum and procedure.  When one examines the much referred to "rules for radicals," it is revealed that these "rules" are nothing more than a rude departure from intellectual debate.  These rules do not speak of making cogent points or salient arguments.  They do not encourage fact gathering and how to apply logic with the delivery of those facts.  They do not discuss intelligent engagement.  What these "rules" do is promote the departure from civil discourse.  We have witnessed the "make it personal" and the shouting down of opposing view points in public forums.  In a nutshell, the "rules" for radicals is "do what ever it takes."

Obama channels Saul Alinsky with 'so sue me' speech.  President Obama has, except on fleeting occasions, routinely disdained the customary Oval Office language of compromise and coalition-building for the low arts of sophistry and belittlement.  That was to be expected, given his background as a Chicago community organizer and product of that city's corrupt Democrat political machine.  But Obama has far exceeded dismal expectations.  No previous American president employed the systematic distortion of fact and mendacious characterization of opponents that have typified Obama's presidency.

Obama the Betrayer.  So far, Obama has shown utter contempt for the U.S. Constitution, for our military, and for the crucial duties of the Department of Justice, the Border Patrol, and the IRS.  The hard left at the core of the Democratic Party is essentially Obamanist, as expressed by Rep. Joe Garcia.  The real problem is therefore not a single human being called Obama, but an entire political apparatus that turns out Obamas like robots.  Hillary is an Alinsky acolyte, and Alinsky was simply another revolutionary agitator — now called "community organizer" by our party-line press.  Alinsky's biggest innovation was to make common cause with organized crime in Chicago.

Why President Obama wants the economy to fail.  Mainstream Democrats worship at the altar of the New Deal.  It's an article of faith that massive government spending pulled America out of the Great Depression.  The president's view of spending, deficits and debt is not merely Keynesian theory run amok.  Its origins and objectives are far more terrifying.  Where the traditional Democratic playbook for economic downturns was provided by Keynes and first made policy by FDR, the Obama template comes straight from Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky, the father of "community organizing," hails from the president's Chicago and is revered by today's fashionably leftist university faculties.

Voter Fraud: The Left's Tool For Social Justice.  [Liberals] care about one thing and one thing only — power — because without power, they cannot bring about a fundamental transformation of America.  It is no coincidence that Obama's role model, the small-c communist Saul Alinsky, used the word power 191 times in his fairly slim magnum opus, Rules for Radicals. [...] Groups like ACORN and Sharpton's National Action Network help them get it.  Alinsky saw his mission as redeeming America by creating "mass organizations to seize power and give it to the people," as if the people did not already rule America.  And it was certainly an odd choice of words for Alinsky, a holier-than-thou, self-professed champion of democracy, to say that these organizations must "seize power."  Such groups, which he called "People's Organizations," must be dedicated "to an eternal war ... against poverty, misery, delinquency, disease, injustice, hopelessness, despair, and unhappiness."  Alinsky intoned ominously that failing to use "power for a more equitable distribution of the means of life for all people signals the end of the revolution and the start of the counterrevolution."

We Have Become the Communist States of America.  A preferred ploy of left-wing change agents is to ridicule critics when they point out the undeniable parallels between the goals of today's "progressive" movement, to include the Democratic Party in general, and the goals of the early, and very much still alive, communist movement.  If, for instance, one mentions the historical fact that nearly every adult who, at any time, was in any position of influence over a young, soon-to-be-radicalized Barry Soetoro was an avowed communist, to include his own parents, then one is immediately mocked and dismissed as a neo-McCarthyite hack pining for the bygone days of the Red Scare.  This is an evasive, ad hominem strategy employed by those who are caught, for lack of a better word, red-handed.

Bill Ayers and Obama Both Quote Alinsky.  Over the years, liberals occasionally get sloppy and let it slip that the inspiration for their vision of America comes directly from a left-wing activist/community organizer and student of Chicago mobsters, Saul Alinsky, author of a handbook for revolutionaries entitled Rules for Radicals.  Just prior to his death in 1972, while discussing life after death in a Playboy interview, Alinsky said that, if given the choice between heaven and hell, he'd choose hell.

What does the NSA Know about Obama?  [Scroll down]  While Frank Marshall Davis was under surveillance for 19 years, he may have engaged in espionage for the Soviet Union.  Obama covered up Davis's real identity when he ran for president.  Although Obama publicly claimed that he regarded Ayers and Dohrn as just neighbors and respected academics, declassified intelligence in the Weather Underground case shows that Ayers, Dohrn and their comrades had connections to the Soviet KGB, the Cuban intelligence service and the DGI, in addition to their terrorist ties.

What Will It Take?  [Scroll down]  In a recent speech, [Monica Crowley] spelled out what should have been plain for all to see:  "We have a president who ... came out of the swamps of Chicago machine politics, who learned at the knee of the communist revolutionary Frank Marshall Davis, who studied under Marxist professors ... who trained intensively in the revolutionary tactics of Saul Alinsky, who launched his political career in the living room of Marxist revolutionaries and domestic terrorists ... who for two decades sat in the pews of the radical anti-American preacher, who tried desperately to bury that past, who spoke about the fundamental transformation of the nation ... who waged war on entire news organizations, Fox News, and who spent his first term slamming into place radical wealth redistribution and socialized medicine....  What I'm describing here is the classic tin-pot dictatorship.  We never thought it could happen here, and yet, here it is. [...]"

Shutdown Reveals Obama's Warped Worldview — Again.  Obama was raised and supported by radical leftists his entire life.  It's all he knows.  His parents were leftists.  A childhood mentor of his was a well-known Marxist.  He went to very liberal colleges.  He moved to Chicago were he "community organized" for leftist groups and then started his political career in the house of an admitted domestic terrorist who, naturally, is also a far left radical.  He went to the church of an America-hating pastor who, you guessed it, is also a far left radical.  This is who he is.  He's an agitator.  A radical.  He is not a leader.  He is a glorified trouble-maker.

I Ache for a President Who Loves America.  If there's one thing that bugs me about the Obama years it is the palpable fact that Obama doesn't love America.  The last two weeks has intensified that feeling.  We know why he doesn't love America.  It's because he identifies with his Kenyan father's hatred of Western colonialism.  If that weren't enough, Obama follows the cultural cues of liberal America, from his lefty mother to his lefty teenage mentors to his lefty college instructors to his lefty radical sponsors in Chicago.  Liberals think they are too good for America.  Ditto Obama.

San Fran Chronicle's Helpful Tip: Lower Your Income to Qualify for Obamacare Cash.  [I]magine a world where everyone held hands and shared equally in the income amassed by a few.  Barack Obama is able to imagine such a world.  He articulated his vision of it in July 2011, when he expressed his loathing for being "able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income that I don't need, while a parent out there who is struggling to figure out how to send their [sic] kid to college suddenly finds that they've [sic] got a couple thousand dollars less in grants or student loans."  He never enlarged upon the novel concept of "additional income that I don't need" or who gets to make that determination for other people, but he has made it clear on several occasions that he is a firm believer in income redistribution.

When the Have Nots Become the Haves.  Saul Alinsky the political thinker who seems to have had more impact on President Obama than any other was very clear in his most important book about what his motives were and what he was aiming at, "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be.  'The Prince' was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power.  'Rules for Radicals' is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."

Obama Following Alinsky Script In Shutdown Showdown.  Republicans seem outplayed in another showdown with the president.  Too bad they don't have his playbook, huh?  Except, they do — they're just too dumb or timid to exploit it.  The playbook is "Rules for Radicals" by Saul D. Alinsky, the late Chicago socialist and father of community organizing.  As a student of Alinsky, Obama studied his political war manual to a fare-thee-well.  And now he's putting his mentor's hyper-cynical tactics into overdrive to win the battle for bigger government versus Republicans.

Obama's Shutdown Campaign.  [Scroll down]  But the performance has reached a higher, uglier decibel level under the Obama administration.  This is hardly a surprise, given Barack Obama's upbringing, mentors, radical associates, and the crucial fact that he was a community organizer who studied and taught Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  That was Obama's formative experience for his job today, and it has equipped him for the task at hand.  As accomplices, add in an army of ever-increasing unionized government employees, prodded by their ringleaders, and who burn with the tenacity and partisanship of IRS employees, and watch out.

Obama says Republicans blocking his efforts to fight economic inequality.  The president has powers to fight income inequality, President Obama argued in an interview broadcast Sunday, adding that Republicans in Congress have hobbled his efforts to do it. [...] "I think the president can stop it," Obama said, when asked about the growing income gap.  "The problem is that there continues to be a major debate here in Washington, and that is, how do we respond to these underlying trends?"

The Editor says...
Income inequality is not something to be fought, especially by the leader of a supposedly free country.  Income inequality results from inequality of skill, talent and experience.  Income inequality is the reward for hard work and the punishment for laziness.  The elimination of income inequality is one of the primary goals of Communism.  It is also apparently one of Barack H. Obama's primary goals.  What does that tell you?

The Impostor President Gets Caught.  Obama's rise was, in no small part, a testament to the KGB's success.  From his childhood on, Obama had been learning that just about the only thing exceptional about America was Barack Hussein Obama.  In Hawaii, his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, reinforced his mother's casual anti-Americanism.  "You're not going to college to get educated.  You're going there to get trained," Davis reportedly told Obama.  "They'll train you so good, you'll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that s***."

Dangerous Times: Are Obama's Syrian Stumbles Good for America? By now it's impossible to avoid the conclusion that Obama is fervently anti-American.  Which is what you might learn from his personal history, all the way from Mom the Stalinist, to his "mentor" Frank Davis the child pornographer, all the way to the "Reverend" Jerry Wright and the Alinsky Machine in Chicago.  They all sing the same song, and love for America is never part of it.  There's no way Obama could have been marinated in that toxic stew all his life and not come out as a feverishly anti-American ideologue.  Today we see the proof.

Obama, Alinksy and the Devil.  When people ask me, "Why would Obama want to destroy America" — at least the America that most Conservatives know and love?  It's simple.  Why wait for Hell, when you can create Hell on Earth?  We often hear of Liberals use of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, and people discuss Alinsky's organizing abilities.  What they omit is his underlying philosophy.  Alinsky built his organizing model on a love of creating hell.

The Obama Doctrine of Control Through Dissension.  Barack Obama has managed to undermine the nation's unanimity through the deliberate fostering of racial, political, religious, and class-based conflict.  In other words, the President of the United States is actively endeavoring to community-organize America to death.  Chicago-style troublemaker Barack Obama acquired his skill set while nestled close to the pedagogical breast of Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky.  It was there that the president was schooled in the fine art of community organizing, and excelled as a top student.

Percy Sutton: Pro-Communist Obama Enabler, Holder Mentor.  Frank Marshall Davis is known to have taken an active role in the rearing of young Obama from the age of 10 until he turned 18 and left Hawaii for his first year at Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1979.  That was the same year al-Mansour was seeking Arab financial support for students such as Obama.  Vernon Jarrett's column details how al-Mansour told him about a proposal he made to OPEC Secretary-General Rene Ortiz regarding a program to spend "$20 million per year for 10 years to aid 10,000 minority students each year, including blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, Asians and native Americans."  These minority students would then migrate through the political system promoting Palestinian and radical Islamist causes.

Obama's Scandals and Saul Alinsky.  In recent weeks, scandal after scandal has rocked Barack Obama's administration.  His presidency might be imperiled.  Or it might not be.  Obama steadfastly remains an activist, a "community organizer."  Nor has he forgotten that which he learned from the godfather of all community organizers, Saul Alinsky.  In his Rules for Radicals, Alinsky writes that the goal "of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a 'dangerous enemy.'"

Obama's plan hatched at Columbia University.  This is no accident, or the work of an economically inept liberal.  This is a purposeful plan to drown the nation in debt and hook a majority to government handouts, happening in front of our eyes. [...] Why would anyone want to purposely collapse the economy you might ask?  Saul Alinsky taught the ends justify the means.  A bankrupt America wipes out the middle class and small business.  That wipes out the majority of donors to conservatives causes — meaning Obama has no opposition.

John Lott: Obama is the Most Radical President in American History.  Author John Lott, tells AIM why he calls Obama the most radical president in American history in his new book At The Brink by talking about Obamacare, sequestration and gun control.  [Video clip]

Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama's Words and Deeds.  In spite of the media's conspicuous silence on the matter, it is no secret that Saul Alinsky's manual for "community organizers" — Rules for Radicals — exerted an immeasurable influence over the world's most well recognized community organizer, President Barack Obama.  Thus, to understand why Obama does what he does, we need to be familiar with the vision that Alinsky delineated in his book.

Obama's Alinsky Tactics Go into Overdrive.  One day it's voting rights; the next day, gun control and immigration reform; then health care; then student loans; then climate change; then oil drilling; then the coal industry; then gay marriage; then minimum-wage and living-wage laws; then a brain research initiative. [...] Above all, it is vital to understand that none of this "hyperactivity" is random or accidental.  Every single, solitary bit of it has been carefully planned and orchestrated by Obama and his political allies, for the purpose of advancing the transformational change the president so zealously seeks to impose on America by means of the tactics taught by the late, famed godfather of community organizing, Saul Alinsky.

Barack Obama: The Man Behind the Mask.  Barack Obama is a product of 1960's radicalism.  His parents, grandparents, mentors, professors and, by his own admission, circle of friends were all disciples of Marxist thought and the tactics of societal revolution.  Not only his formative years but virtually his entire life has been an immersion in this mindset — a mindset which includes a deep seated animosity toward capitalism and individual freedom.  Virtually all the despots of the twentieth century had the same philosophical convictions and intellectual backgrounds.

Is a Civil War Coming?  For anyone who has done even a cursory study of Barack Obama's life, they know that his radical Marxist views are not a recent phenomenon.  During his New York years, he was a frequent participant in the annual Socialist Scholars Conference held in Manhattan.  In the 1990s, he was affiliated with the Marxist New Party.  He called for an outright ban on guns in 1996.  Through the 1990s and 2000s, he funneled millions of dollars to socialist front groups like ACORN, via the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Obama is winning his power struggle with Congress.  Many conservatives believe that President Obama is a star protégé of Saul Alinsky, the revolutionary who wrote Rules for Radicals.  Alinsky began that book, "The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power.  Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."  That certainly fits Obama's obsession with sticking it to the rich even though it will have as much of an impact on trillion-dollar annual deficits as a mosquito sucking on an elephant.  But it is not about the money; it's about power.  When Obama talked about a fundamental transformation of America, it's now clear he meant a fundamental transformation of power — from the people to the government.

A new verb.  "Mr. Speaker, what do you have to say about lobbying for Freddie Mac?"  "I have advised a number of organizations over the years.  The opposition is just trying to Alinsky me."

The Root Cause of Gun Violence.  Whenever Barack Obama talks, he tells us that whatever he believes is just common sense.  And what anyone who disagrees with him says is just politics.  That's actually the open communist Saul Alinsky talking, worshipped by every true Democrat (see, e.g., Hillary Clinton).  It is just more sophistry and deception.

The Real Barack Obama.  The mainstream media have for years largely ignored the evidence that Obama is solidly a man of the Left.  Back in 1985, the 24-year-old Obama answered a help-wanted ad for a job with a group run by Saul Alinsky's Chicago disciples.  The late Alinsky has long been the patron saint of radical "community organizers" on the left.  Obama was deeply influenced by his years as an Alinsky-style organizer in Chicago.  "Obama embraced many of Alinsky's tactics and recently said his years as an organizer gave him the best education of his life," wrote Peter Slevin of the Washington Post in 2007.  That same year, The New Republic's Ryan Lizza found Obama still "at home talking Alinskian jargon about 'agitation'" and fondly recalling workshops where he had learned Alinsky's concepts and methods for infiltrating power structures.

Military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'.  [Don't forget] that this president was suckled on the Communist teat of Frank Marshall Davis, moved on to Alinsky and Piven and the strategy meetings of Cooper Union communists looking for ways to make the Marxist message palatable to a country built on free market capitalists, befriended Palestinian terrorist enablers and apologists, and then emerged in politics as a protege of Bill Ayers, the man whose Weather Underground movement sought to overthrow the government — propelling into the ultimate seat of power the perfect Potemkin pragmatist, sold to us as a post-partisan, post-racial healer the would absolve us of our racist colonialist sins, with the actual means to do so.

Poll: Republican voters say Obama's hiding something.  More than a third of Americans — and 64 percent of Republicans — believe that President Barack Obama might be hiding something, according to a new poll Thursday [1/17/2013].  Thirty-six percent of the surveyed voters think the president is possibly "hiding important information about his background and early life," the Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey found.

Mark Levin: Background Check Needed For Barack Obama.  Mark Levin is calling for background checks for all politicians, including one Barack Hussein Obama.  [Video clip]

The True Disciple of Saul Alinsky.  In "Rules for Radicals," the Alinsky rulebook and Obama playbook, the first rule is, "Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have."

Summary of Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals".  Union organizers are often highly trained.  In many unions this training includes indoctrination in Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."  Saul Alinsky was a ruthless radical organizer.  He would stop at nothing to win.  Before he passed away in 1972 he published a book called "Rules for Radicals" in which he outlined his power tactics and questionable ethics.  Anyone interested in staying, or becoming, Union Free, whether in an organizing campaign or in a decertification or deauthorization election, ought to become familiar with these rules.

Obama is Still Channeling Saul Alinsky.  The president is feigning when he says, "I'm hoping to compromise" with Republicans.  It's a trap.  His mentors counseled to never compromise with "the enemy."

Obama: The Affirmative Action President.  [How] did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world's largest economy, direct the world's most powerful military, execute the world's most consequential job? [...] And then there is the matter of his troubling associations:  the white-hating, America-loathing preacher who for decades served as Obama's "spiritual mentor"; a real-life, actual terrorist who served as Obama's colleague and political sponsor.

Who Is Barack Hussein Obama? And What Is He Really Up To?  Obama is an ardent disciple of the communist agitator Saul Alinsky, who taught that radical change of America's socio-economic structure is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of a socialist state.  Alinsky is the key to Obama.  Alinsky's infamous book, Rules for Radicals, gives instruction for socialist revolutionaries to cut their hair, put on a suit and tie, and infiltrate the organizations they wish to overthrow.  Nobody has been more successful at this than Barack Hussein Obama.

Would Obama Incite Civil Unrest to Win?  Barack Obama's primary occupation before electoral politics was as a community organizer in Chicago.  He was an adviser to ACORN, the election fraud racket and socialist activism organization founded by former SDS radical Wade Rathke.  His mentors in Chicago included Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather Underground leaders who staged the Days of Rage in 1969; Rashid Khalidi, apologist for and promoter of anti-Israeli violence; and Jeremiah Wright, whose most famous words are "God d--- America!"  In his youth, of course, Obama's primary male role model was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist and, naturally, a community organizer.  Would any of the people I just named stop short of using intimidation or civil unrest to achieve their political ends, if they believed it would be effective — or that it was their only hope?

Our First 'Red Diaper Baby' President?  Between Obama's mother, grandfather, Kenyan father, and Frank Marshall Davis, those are some pretty extreme political influences.  Some of them were interested in communism, sympathetic to communism, fellow travelers, or even downright Communist Party members.  For a young Obama — who I actually feel bad for — this would seem to meet the standards of a Red Diaper Baby environment.

Senator Obama Was Pretty Awful in 2007 and Hasn't Got any Better Since Becoming President.  I reported on then Senator Barack Obama's Hampton Univeristy speech of June 2007, when he had entered the race for President. [...] This is Barack Obama — community activist, autobiographer and President of the United States.  He is the same man today, as he was in 2007, 2004 and 1995.  His world-view fully formed by Planned Parenthood, Frank Marshall, Andy Stern, Derrick Bell, James Cone, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and prepared for public consumption by Marilyn Katz.

More about Senator Obama's 2007 speech.

Does 1979 newspaper column shed light on 2008 campaign story?  You would think that a program to spend "$20 million per year for 10 years to aid 10,000 minority students each year, including blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, Asians and native Americans" would be referred to somewhere other than one obscure 1979 column, but I haven't found any other word of it.  Maybe the funding materialized, maybe it didn't, but what's particularly noteworthy is that this black Islamic lawyer who "for several years [had] urged the rich Arab kingdoms to cultivate stronger ties to America's blacks by supporting black businesses and black colleges and giving financial help to disadvantaged students" was also the same lawyer who allegedly helped arrange for the entrance of Barack Obama into Harvard Law School in 1988.

Barack Obama — The Radical Mansourian Candidate.  A 1979 column confirms our 2008 editorial positing that the 44th president might owe his meteoric rise to an education funded by Israeli-hating adviser to a Saudi billionaire. [...] When he was known as Donald Warden, according to the Social Activism Project at the University of California at Berkeley, al-Mansour was the mentor of Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his associate, Bobby Seale.  What did this radical extremist see in young Obama that he would seek to sponsor and finance his education?

Khalid al-Mansour and his 'very bad' luck with dear friends and reporters.  There have been lots of interesting responses to last week's column about Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, but none more interesting than the response of al-Mansour himself. [...] Just two days after my column appeared, al-Mansour was doing damage control — telling Buzzfeed.com that he had never talked to OPEC Secretary General Rene Ortiz about setting up the $200 million fund, as Jarrett had reported — and that indeed he had never even talked to Jarrett about the topic.

The Arab-American network behind Obama.  President Obama's controversial relationships with radical figures like Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi have been well-publicized in recent years.  Prior to his academic career in the United States, Khalidi worked for Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization when it was classified by the State Department as a terrorist group.  Less well-known is a cluster of Chicago businessmen who formed an Arab-American network at the heart of Obama's political apparatus.  Ray Hanania, a Chicago-based Arab-American journalist and activist, described the network in a 2007 interview with Chicago magazine as "a small cluster of activists" in the business community who were politically involved.  Chief among them was Obama mentor Tony Rezko.

Why President Obama Hates America.  Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party member investigated by the FBI for un-American activities.  As a teenager, Obama sat at Davis' knee in his Waikiki bungalow, where he was brainwashed into hating America while romanticizing Soviet Russia.  Interestingly, Davis put Churchill at the center of Anglo-American "imperialism."  Rev. Jeremiah Wright, moreover, baptized Obama into "liberation theology," which emerged from the communist movement in Central America.  Wright's church "stood in solidarity" with the Sandinista dictators of Nicaragua while Obama attended there.  Not surprisingly, Obama protested U.S. support for the Contra rebels.  Wright also lionized Hamas and called for divestment in Israel, which he accused of having "illegally occupied Palestinian territories" for decades.  Derrick Bell, the late Harvard law professor, taught Obama "critical race theory" and "postcolonial theory," which argues that Western imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism.  Obama remained close to Bell until his death last year.

Cliff Kincaid remarks at July 19 "Vetting Obama" conference.  Obama is surrounded by people who couldn't pass the CARL test; many of these cases are documented in Trevor Loudon's Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. [...] It is not my purpose here to go over all of this, although I do suggest you take a look at Trevor's book, which goes back over four years and includes his seminal work on such figures as Frank Marshall Davis and Van Jones.  It was Trevor who gave Glenn Beck the information on Van Jones that forced Jones out of his job.  Unfortunately, Beck lost his job, when the Soros machine threatened News Corporation over Beck's exposure of the people behind Van Jones and Barack Obama.

Can a Candidate Lie His Way to the Presidency?  Barack Obama has developed quite a record as a liar.  He lied for more than a decade about where he was born.  He lied about many aspects of his life in his fictional "memoir."  He lied about his Chicago years and his activities and associations there.  (Has anyone ever asked the question, what did Obama do when he lived in Chicago, and whom did he know there, since it seems that all of the activities and associations of which we have a record are now, as Nixon might say, inoperative.)

Let's Apply Harry Reid's 'Dog Catcher' Standard to Barack Obama.  Let us first take the question of whether Barack Obama would have been confirmed by the Senate for any position, Cabinet or otherwise.  If his lack of experience was not a sufficient obstacle, his past history of serious drug use — which is even worse than the admissions in his memoir, Dreams from My Father — would have barred his nomination.  So, too, would his radical past, including his associations with Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Derrick Bell, and a host of extremists with whom he made common cause.

Top Ten Felons, Fugitives, and Shady Characters in Obama's Life.  What?  What's that?  You don't want to talk about this?  Objection overruled, Corrupt Media!  The President opened this door, and now we're going to walk right on through it.  Starting with...  [#1] Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich:  Sentenced to 14 years in prison for political corruption. [...] [#2] Tony Rezko:  Sentenced to 10 and a half years for corruption and kickbacks. [...] [#9] Solyndra:  First company to receive taxpayer backed loans from Obama.  Solyndra's investors are Obama bundlers.

The Way of the Community Organizer.  In lieu of trying to find common solutions to shared problems in a fashion that suppresses innate differences, the community organizer seeks to find potential seams of friction and animosity, and then mine and exploit them for political gain — the ultimate aim being to forge together a near majority by piling faction upon faction to obtain compensatory damages for perceived grievances.  In 2008, Obama showed his hand with "typical white person," the clingers speech, the "gun to the knife fight" and "get in their faces'" quips, the spread-the-wealth slip, and the suppression of his past radical associations and alliances.

What The Washington Post Isn't Telling You About Obama, Clinton, And Kerry.  In April 1983, Columbia student Barack Obama attended the Socialist Scholars Conference in New York City.  His presence there is documented.  He admits as much in Dreams from My Father.  The scholars at the conference were all Marxists and the meeting was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Marx's death.  Obama notes that he consciously sought out "radicals" among the professors and students he studied with.  "Radicals' were not radical environmentalists or radical pro-lifers or radical right wingers.  The radicals he consorted with were almost all Marxists, like Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor.

A New Declaration of Independence.  Without any in-depth research or vetting about his background, Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States.  There were voices of caution who early on exposed Obama's connections to former terrorist Bill Ayers, anti-American vilifier Reverend Wright, crook Tony Rezko, and anti-Semite Rashid Khalidi, but they were laughed at as the people allowed themselves to be demagogued on hope and change.

Why Obama's radicalism mattersAccording to his own narrative, Barack Obama was bred by communists, raised by communists, mentored by communists and was employed by communists.  By his admission, he sought out communists as preferred parties with whom to fraternize.  Obama's radical Marxism is at the very core of why he does what he does, why he will continue to do so and why America remains in dire peril with every day he occupies the White House.  Everything Obama has actualized or attempted — from his exploitation of high health-care costs to surreptitiously compromising the Constitution, to his desperation to regulate the Internet and any other means of public address into which he might conceivably insinuate government's putrid tentacles, to his proclivity for religious persecution, to his spending us into destitution — have their roots in Marxist doctrine.

Carney Asked if 'Saul Alinsky Portrait' Is Hanging in the White House.  During a White House press briefing on Monday [3/19/2012], Fox News' Ed Henry asked Press Secretary Jay Carney if the White House displays a portrait of Saul Alinsky for its staff to look up to.  Carney's answer was less than direct, and would seem to hint that there just might be something to the Alinsky portrait rumors.

Palin: Let the Vetting Begin.  Do we ever want to elect someone like Obama again?  Someone with close ties to people like Jeremiah Wright, Derrick Belle, Tony Rezko and an admiration for Saul Alinsky to name a few.  The answer is no.

We Dare Call It Treason.  Raised by Muslims and communists, on reaching young adulthood Obama-Soetoro, by his own self-aggrandizing admission, made conscious choices to closely associate himself with radical Marxists and black supremacists.  These were, and are, people who ardently believe in the violent overthrow of our government and the destruction of America as a free, sovereign, capitalist nation.  Are we now to believe that disarming America is not part of furthering this agenda?

Oscar-Winning Producer of 'Schindler's List' Slams Obama, Salutes Breitbart.  [Scroll down]  Another part of the ongoing dilemma is that the President surrounded himself with self-proclaimed Marxists, socialists, communists and progressives.  Why?  Is the answer that he embodies some or all of those ideological characteristics?  I think so.  Each of them arrived with an agenda to turn America into the vision of themselves and the despicable goal of changing America into a European style state of fear and class warfare.  Sadly, we see it happening before our very eyes, but we refuse to stand up and make our presence and our voices known.

All Hail Obama.  The willingness of the White House to exceed the Constitutional powers of the President and assert authority beyond that directed in federal statutes is starting to show up more frequently. ... This brazen man who has successfully bluffed his way to the White House despite the Communist and otherwise anti-American people who have tutored and assisted him on his way, is apparently feeling so sure of himself that he is already acting beyond his constitutional obligation to "faithfully execute the laws", even before his reelection.

Our Marxist Wizard of Oz.  His mother was an unabashed hippie from 1960s central casting.  His father was an openly avowed Communist from Kenya.  While his father wasn't around much, his devoutly progressive grandparents arranged for him to be mentored during his adolescent years by a dues paying member of the U.S. Communist Party, Frank Marshall Davis.  When he went to college, he was attracted to the Marxist professors and student activists, according to his own published memoirs.  When he graduated, he moved to Chicago and became an instructor for the left-wing extremist organization ACORN in the social manipulation methods of radical Marxist agitator Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky disciple Obama does the master proud.  Obama sold his health care reform as financial panacea for all our economic ills, telling us that the nearly trillion-dollar legislation would actually save the nation money.  This legerdemain was accomplished by a variety of dishonest budgetary gimmicks:  front-loading the taxes, back-loading the spending and shunting a huge portion of the cost to the states.  How to explain such mendacity from the man who vowed to cure our capital from its endemic corruption and vice?  Simple:  Obama is a disciple of the far-left-wing radical political strategist and teacher Saul Alinsky.  Early in his career, Obama absorbed Alinsky's approach, and even taught it in a class for aspiring community organizers hosted by a front group for the master.

The curse of Saul Alinsky.  "Rules for Radicals" is dedicated to Lucifer, who is praised by Alinsky, both for being "the first radical" and for winning himself a kingdom.  In it, Alinsky condemns the state of the modern world, blames capitalism, boasts about his past rabble-rousing successes, then explains in detail several ways to turn citizens against each other to achieve political goals.  The substance is mostly amoral, often immoral, advice on how to change public sentiment.  It is essentially an instruction guide on how to foment strife, turning neighbor against neighbor until the innately civilized desire to compromise forces a political opponent to acquiesce.

Muslim-leftist radical in the White House.  Barack Hussein Obama is the most successful enemy penetration of the US Government in American history.  During his lifetime, he was nurtured, mentored and supported by radical leftist and fundamentalist Islamic elements both of which hate the United States and seek its demise by whatever means necessary.  Obama's immediate family were close to the Communist Party or sympathetic to its aims.  His mother Stanley Ann Dunham has been described by former classmates as a "fellow traveler."  His grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham arranged Obama's mentorship by Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, originally from Chicago and the former editor of the Chicago Communist paper, the Star.

Meeting Young Obama.  [Scroll down]  Whatever impact our encounter might have had on him, I know something about what Barack Obama believed in 1980.  At that time, the future president was a doctrinaire Marxist revolutionary, although perhaps — for the first time — considering conventional politics as a more practical road to socialism.  Knowing this, I think I have a responsibility to place on the public record my account of this incident from our president's past.

Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama's Past.  What would you do if you knew that the top Democrat running for president was lying about his past?  That is the question I was faced with in 2008.  I had met the young Barack Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College, and I knew that his commitment to socialism was deep, genuine, and longstanding.

How Nixon Created Obama.  Obama's idol Malcolm X was Mr. Racial Revenge.  Jerry Wright hammered that message home for twenty years.  But then, Obama's mentor "Frank" was one enraged black guy for the CPUSA in Hawaii.  Little Barry never heard anything different in his life.  He was brainwashed by nearly every significant adult in his life path.  No wonder he looks so out of place.  He's never known a normal person in his life.

The Un-American American President.  Obama's teen years were spent living with his maternal grandparents on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  There he met a family friend, communist, purported pedophile, and his eventual mentor, the radical poet Frank Marshall Davis.  Obama's connections to radical leftists are numerous and well-known.  He's admitted to attending socialist meetings and participated in a rally organized by the Democratic Socialists of America.  In 1996, he sought and received the endorsement of the far left group The New Party.  He has worked with, supported, and attempted to shield from investigation the group ACORN which was recently convicted of massive voter fraud.  Obama's White House is chock-full of radical leftist, anti-American advisors.  As a 20-year attendee at Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama was steeped in Black Liberation Theology which is rooted in the collectivist philosophy of Karl Marx.

Jeremiah Wright can sink Obama.  [Scroll down]  Furthermore, Mr. Wright says Mr. Obama possessed an "Islamic background" and despite his conversion to Christianity has never abandoned his Muslim roots.  In short, Mr. Wright appears to be confirming what I have argued for years:  Mr. Obama is a cultural Muslim whose Christianity is deeply tied to black liberation theology — the belief that America and the West have an evil, imperialist civilization bent on oppressing the Third World.

Marxism, Socialism, Communism, and Obama:  Tracing the president's behavior and opinions back to the source.

Obama Might Be a Socialist.  [Recently], Howard Dean gave a speech where he insinuated that anyone who says "Obama is a Socialist" is crazy, ignorant, racist, or extreme.  Funny, a recent national poll shows that a majority (55%) of Americans believe "Socialist" best describes Obama.  Another poll shows the Democrat Party is filled with people who identify with Socialism.  I say, it's time for them to come out of the closet.  I ought to know.  I was Obama's college classmate at Columbia University Class of '83.  Our college was dominated by Socialists and Marxists who hated capitalism and America.

Obama and Me.  [Scroll down]  I had finally amassed enough documentation to determine that he was not the centrist he affected to be but a far-left ideologue, that he was a gyrating opportunist who could reverse his proclamations on a dime to suit the occasion, that he had neither knowledge of nor competence in the complexities of foreign affairs, that he was an unabashed plagiarist in his stump speeches, that there was no chance of him becoming a "post racial" president but rather a demagogue who would sharpen racial tensions, that his grasp of real-world economics was shaky to non-existent, that he was an unnervingly ignorant man (e.g. the Austrian language) as well as a showboat (e.g., the fake classical pillars), that he was associated with some of the most dubious people in the political, academic, and religious communities, and that he would waste little time putting the screws on Israel while flattering and appeasing the Islamic world.

Obama's Radical Past.  On the afternoon of April 1, 1983, Barack Obama, then a senior at Columbia University, made his way into the Great Hall of Manhattan's Cooper Union to attend a "Socialist Scholars Conference."  There Obama discovered his vocation as a community organizer, as well as a political program to guide him throughout his life. ... In the early 1980s, America's socialists discovered what Saul Alinsky had always known:  "Community organizing" is a euphemism behind which advocates of a radical vision of America could advance their cause without the bothersome label "socialist" drawing adverse attention to their efforts.

The Manchurian President.  American journalist, author and radio host, Aaron Klein, along with historian and researcher, Brenda J. Elliott, blow the lid off the dome of silence surrounding the Obama administration as they boldly unmask the nation's 44th president in their latest chilling monograph, "The Manchurian President:  Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists."  Providing close to 900 footnotes and countless pages of documentation, they reveal surreptitious ties to radical leftists of all stripes.

A Stranger in Our Midst.  [Scroll down slowly]  This disquiet was a slow realization.  Awareness began with Obama's odd pre-presidency associations, decades of being oblivious to Rev. Wright's anti-American ranting, his enduring friendship with the terrorist guy-in-the-neighborhood Bill Ayers, and the Saul Alinsky-flavored anti-capitalist community activism.  Further add a hazy personal background — an Indonesian childhood, shifting official names, and a paperless-trail climb through elite educational institutions.  None of this disqualified Obama from the presidency; rather, this background just doesn't fit with the conventional political résumé.

Does Obama Employ the Marxist Doctrine of Creative Destruction?  [Scroll down slowly]  Barack Obama has experienced an almost total lifelong immersion in socialism.  He has had a nearly complete dependence upon leftist and even communist contacts and friends during his childhood, education and rise to power.  Therefore, wouldn't it be exceedingly odd if Barack weren't at least a little bit communist at heart?

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.  Despite the mass media news blackout, a series of books, talk radio and the blogosphere have managed to expose Barack Obama's connections to his radical mentors — Weather Underground bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and others.  David Horowitz and his Discover the Networks.org have also contributed a wealth of information and have noted Obama's radical connections since the beginning.  Yet, no one to my knowledge has yet connected all the dots between Barack Obama and the Radical Left.

Finally!  Somebody Remembers Obama at Occidental.  Colossal efforts have been made to conceal Obama's school records along with the enigmatic birth certificate.  The president has elucidated little about his days at Occidental or Columbia other than to affirm his affection for radical, anti-American Marxists. ... There is nothing in Obama's background to suggest he is anything but a socialist in the Marxist tradition.  His father was a socialist economist, his mother unabashedly sympathetic to socialist causes.  His parents met in a Russian class when Russia was still the Soviet Union.  His most important childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was an unapologetic communist and member of the Communist Party USA.  His friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are socialists who advocate the violent overthrow of the United States government.  The "best education of his life" came from Saul Alinsky, yet another socialist.

From Red, White and Blue to Just Plain Red.  [Scroll down]  Even lunkheads who managed to sleep all the way through 2008 should be able to figure out that, as president, Obama hasn't changed his colors, but only his address.  His circle of acquaintances has certainly widened, but it hasn't improved.  All you have to do is look at the thugs in ACORN and the SEIU, at people like self-proclaimed Communist Van Jones, who serves as one of Obama's czars, and Jeff Jones, another close advisor, who joined with Bill Ayers in creating the terrorist group known as the Weathermen.

It's Not Socialism, It's Communism.  We know that he [Barack Obama] was greatly influenced by Marxists or people who viewed Communism sympathetically, not the least of which were his grandparents who introduced him to a mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA.  Obama wrote that he was drawn to Marxists among his teachers in college.  He began his political career in the home of former Weatherman Bill Ayers.  These days he is praised by Communists in Cuba and Venezuela.  He sided with a Leftist former president of Honduras who tried to illegally alter its constitution.

Obama's never found guilty by association.  Suppose it was revealed that the pastor who had married George and Laura Bush, baptized their two daughters and ministered to their spiritual needs for 20 years was a raving white supremacist who, from the pulpit, preached the separation of the races, claimed that the promiscuity of African-Americans had quickened the spread of AIDS and mused about how America might be improved if black people were sent back to Africa. ... Now what if on top of all this, it was revealed that George Bush had once done work for an organization that then stuffed ballot boxes to get him elected and routinely counselled clients on how to cheat on their taxes?

The Communists Behind Obama's Health Care Goals.  Barack Obama did not conceive of socialized medicine on his own.  His acceptance of such a system was cultivated and nurtured by the same types of Marxist revolutionaries with whom he has surrounded himself throughout his entire adult life — and who are now shaping the major policy agendas of his administration.

A U.S. President, Raised on KGB Propaganda.  From his communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis to the unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Barack Obama has always gravitated towards people holding radical leftist views akin to those of [Manuel] Zelaya.  He eagerly promoted leftist ideology as an ACORN activist and later when he taught and developed theories that opposed the American system of individual liberties in favor of unsustainable group entitlements at the expense of producers — theories that advocated placing the people under the controlling "care" of the state.

Malkin Exposes Obama's Government by Cronyism.  Merriam-Webster defines a crony as a longtime friend or companion.  But the word when used in a political context is a pejorative.  Culture of Corruption reminds readers that people should be judged by the company they keep and that "no one, not even Barack Obama, can drain a swamp by flooding it."  A must read for conservatives and all those now suffering from Obama-buyers' remorse.

Send Obama packing via the 14th Amendment.  I find myself ambivalent concerning Barack Hussein Obama's birth record and since so many columnists and bloggers have dedicated reams of text about that subject, I felt it better to look at another side of the issue of Presidential legitimacy.  With regard to what Obama has done as both a private citizen and as an elected official of this country, has he by his own actions made himself ineligible for high elected office?

Obama:  The Hollow Man.  Another downside of Obama as chameleon is that he has made poor choices of political allies and friends.  That is a weakness that his critics on the Right have hit hard.  They repeat the names Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, and William Ayers like spells.  They portray the men behind the names as dangerous villains, but the men are not.  Alinsky and Ayers are (or were — Alinsky is dead) pathetic radical poseurs driven by middle-class self-loathing.  Wright is a media whore who will say outrageous things as if on command, whenever cameras roll.  Their significance comes merely from the fact that Obama didn't have the sense to distance himself from them.  He claims that he didn't know about Ayers' criminal fugitive past when he first met him.  Well, maybe the president is really that stupid.  More likely, the other people in the room accepted Ayers, so Obama did too.  No integrity.

Saul Alinksy's American Dream.  I recently found a tattered old copy of Saul Alinsky's Reveille for Radicals in a used bookstore.  It's underlined and marked up, and it appears to have been passed among several different owners since it was printed in 1969.  (The book itself was first published in 1946).  It is, of course, the classic handbook for "community organizers," or those seeking to instruct grassroots democracy on how to get what it wants — or at least the right kinds of people.  There were tricks and secret levers and all kinds of hidden methods by which a group of protesters, united into one mind, can achieve their goals, whatever those goals might be.  "The system," "the establishment," "the oppressors" — these were, if nothing, stagnant and half-asleep; once roused, they would be more willing to respond with brute force.  But like all heavy punches, such force could be avoided and manipulated.  Such was the goal of Alinsky's book.

Chicago, Obama, and Health Care Reform:  There has been no lack of writing about the influence of Marxist Saul Alinsky on Barack Obama's political ideology.  But what appears to have escaped notice is the influence of the political culture of Chicago on Barack Obama.  These influences, of course, are not the same.  Alinsky was a formidable opponent of the Chicago Democratic Machine.  Obama was, when necessary, a consummate machine insider.

Radical Son?  Obama at Columbia.  I don't think anyone can seriously make the argument at this point that Barack Obama did not dabble in radical leftist politics in his youth.  It is also difficult to ignore the fact that throughout his adult life, the president has been attracted to left-wing radicals and, for whatever reason, kept them close as advisors and mentors.

Obama's Revenge:  While his community-organizing job paid a paltry $12,000 or so per year, Obama somehow managed to pay his way through one of the priciest graduate schools in the world, Harvard Law School.  (I say somehow managed because we have no record of his tuition payments).  Even more amazing, he became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review without ever producing a written paper — or at least a paper that the public has ever read.  There is a good deal of evidence that Obama's acceptance at Harvard Law — and his tuition — were facilitated by friends who had a vested interest in the community organizer.  Among them was Percy Sutton, a former Manhattan borough president and ardent leftist, who was also Malcolm X's lawyer.

Obama Friends Call Character Into Question.  Convicted felon Tony Rezko.  Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.  And the race-baiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  It is hard to think of any presidential candidate before Barack Obama sporting associations with three more execrable characters.

Barack Obama's Lost Years:  The pages of the Hyde Park Herald and the Chicago Defender thus offer entrée into Obama's heretofore hidden world.  What they portray is a Barack Obama sharply at variance with the image of the post-racial, post-ideological, bipartisan, culture-war-shunning politician familiar from current media coverage and purveyed by the Obama campaign.  As details of Obama's early political career emerge into the light, his associations with such radical figures as Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, Reverend James Meeks, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn look less like peculiar instances of personal misjudgment and more like intentional political partnerships.  At his core, in other words, the politician chronicled here is profoundly race-conscious, exceedingly liberal, free-spending even in the face of looming state budget deficits, and partisan.

Ayers Isn't The HALF Of It!  More information about Obama's connections to Khalid al-Mansour, Rashid Khalidi, Ingrid Mattson, Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger.

What We Know About Obama:  Obama's troubling associations are more than isolated friendships or instances of bad judgment.  His ties to Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi, Michael Pfleger, James Meeks, ACORN, the New Party, and the Gamaliel Foundation all reflect Obama's sympathy with radical-left ideas and causes — wealth redistribution prominent among them.  At both the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, for example, Obama and Ayers channeled money into ACORN's coffers.

Not Over Yet.  There are simply too many ACORNs, Ayers, Khalidis, Pflegers, Wrights, et al. not to suggest a pattern unbecoming of a future President of the United States.  Obama's past statements about his relationship with Ayers (and others) simply cannot be reconciled with the factual circumstances of their long association.  McCain must focus on Ayers between 2001-2005.  Then in the climate of national worry following 9/11, Ayers was on recent record as lamenting that he had not set off enough bombs, and yet until 2005 still in contact with Obama — about what and why, voters might wish to know.
[Emphasis in original]

Who Vetted Obama?  We are living witnesses to an incredible media double standard, whereby a Republican vice-presidential candidate's personal life is being torn apart, while the Democratic presidential candidate continues to get a free ride.  Obama has a 30-year history of associating with unsavory characters, beginning with communist Frank Marshall Davis and continuing with Jeremiah Wright and communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, which should disqualify him from getting a security clearance in the government that he wants to run.

The Obama Fan-Dance Must End.  As someone who has written critically of John McCain on a host of issues, including the Keating Five, none of it compares to the life that Barack Obama has led and his belief system.  Obama is not merely associated with domestic terrorists, Palestinian radicals, Marxists, and black liberation ideologues — he was their favorite candidate.  They groomed him.  They befriended him.  He befriended them.  He socialized with them.  In other words, these people saw Obama as representing their views and aspirations and he saw them the same way.

The Real Obama:  Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, William Ayers and Antoin Rezko are not just people who happened to be at the same place at the same time as Barack Obama.  They are people with whom he chose to ally himself for years, and with some of whom some serious money changed hands.  Some gave political support, and some gave financial support, to Obama's election campaigns, and Obama in turn contributed either his own money or the taxpayers' money to some of them.  That is a familiar political alliance — but an alliance is not just an "association" from being at the same place at the same time.

Six Degrees of Barack Obama:  As a legislator, he accomplished nothing.  As an attorney, he has never tried a case to a verdict.  If we were able to identify the six persons in closest proximity to the candidate in order to better understand Obama, who would they be?  Possibly, William Ayers, Rod Blagojevich, Emil Jones, Tony Rezko, Todd Stroger and Jeremiah Wright.  If you are seeking genuine political change and desired reform, why on earth would you look to the Cook County Democratic Machine to deliver a knight in shining armor?

The real Obama: Part IV.  Barack Obama's supporters often try to sidestep questions about his character and judgment by saying that we should stick to what they arbitrarily define as "the real issues."  But Mr. Obama's record on specific issues is as bad as his record of repeatedly allying himself over the years with people who make no attempt to hide their hatred of America.

When guilt by association is fair game:  Guilt by association?  Not when the associations have such deep roots or raise such troubling questions about Obama's character and judgment.  It was only in the heat of a presidential campaign that Obama finally repudiated his alliances with Ayers, Wright, and Rezko.  It isn't irresponsible to ask what those associations tell us about a man poised to be the next president of the United States.  It would be irresponsible not to.

Dark Red Roots:  Why Ayers Matters.  If the truth becomes better known — and it will if the Ayers issue is doggedly pursued — it will be clear that Obama was not only deeply immersed the fetid swamp of Chicago's far-left political scene, but was from the very beginning of his career carefully groomed by the city's socialist left to follow the path he's on now in his quest for the presidency of the United States.

It's a question of judgment, not patriotism.  In the final analysis, it's a fact that the Illinois Senator has some sinister characters in his past and they have played a major role in his political ascendancy.  Investigating his relationship with them is not an attempt to smear him, or to call him unpatriotic; it's an effort to understand his capacity for sound decision-making.  We'd be irresponsible indeed to pretend that a candidate with questionable judgment should be spared serious scrutiny on his way to the White House.

Who Did You Know, Sen. Obama, and When Did You Know Them?  There has been much talk, both pro and con, about whether Sen. Barack Obama's "associations" matter with regard to his qualifications to hold the office of President of the United States.  This argument, this avenue of political discourse, misses the point.  Whether or not Sen. Obama has associations with criminals, terrorists and other nefarious and infamous individuals pales in comparison as to whether he has been influenced by them.

Terrorists, Terrorism and Obama:  [Scroll down]  While the Obama campaign has been very successful in defending against all of it by claiming "racism" or "right-wing" blogging rumors, the facts remain very clear.  There is a definite pattern to Obama's life.  A Pattern of long-term associations with numerous radical figures and organizations.  A pattern of being less than truthful in answering any questions concerning his past.  A pattern of changing his story repeatedly to stay one step ahead of investigators while trying to run the election clock out.  A pattern of connections to known terrorists here and abroad, as well as an apologist policy position towards terrorism itself.

Obama would never qualify to be McCain's bodyguard.
Why Doesn't McCain Fight Back?  [Scroll down]  As a candidate, Obama doesn't have to undergo a background security check.  As president, however, he will have instant access to our most closely guarded and classified state secrets.  If the truth comes out then, it will be too late.  Many current and former officials have expressed alarm about Obama avoiding a background investigation.  One said, "I used to have top secret clearance, and if I had the contacts that Obama had, I would not have gotten that clearance."

Obama Couldn't Be Cleared.  Considering Barack Obama as a candidate for a top secret security clearance status with a full array of compartmented clearances, one has to be cognizant of the fact that there is considerable evidence of associations and even assistance from individuals with past criminal records or who have expressed anti-American beliefs. ... There is no possibility that a Top Secret clearance would be awarded to a member of the Armed Forces whose background included such associations.  An intelligence service clearance for the handling of highly classified material would be totally out of the question.

Obama Would Fail Security Clearance.  Obama's multiple links to anti-Americans and subversives mean he would fail the standard security clearance process for Federal employees.  Islamic aggression represents America's strategic enemy; Obama's many insalubrious connections raise grave doubts about his fitness to serve as America's commander-in-chief.

To The Undecided Voter:  By "Obama's Friends" we mean the likes of Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko and other assorted miscreants.  I could spend a lot of time here detailing the crimes of Obama's friends --- and make no mistake, they were his friends.  At this point I don't think that any votes are going to be changed one way or another by detailing the corruption of Rezko, the America-hating of Wright or the unrepentant terrorism of Ayers. Suffice it to say that Obama was close to all of these people ... and these were associations born of mutual interests and philosophies.

Closer look at Obama reveals he's wrong choice.  Obama has associated with the most radical people of our lifetime.  Can you imagine the outcry if it were discovered that Sarah Palin attended a church with a racist pastor?  There would be no end to the calls for her to stand down and return to Alaska in disgrace.  Obama's list of radical friends doesn't end with Jeremiah Wright.  He has chosen the most inflammatory people for his closest confidants so repeatedly that you have to call his judgment into question.

Obama, Con.  Money talks — and what it says is more important than a politician's rhetoric in an election year.  Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger are not just people with left-wing opinions.  They are reckless demagogues preaching hatred of the lowest sort — and both are recipients of money from Obama.  Bill Ayers is not just "an education professor" who has some left-wing views.  He is a confessed and unrepentant terrorist, who more recently has put his message of resentment into the schools — an effort using money from a foundation that Obama headed.

Community Organizer In Chief.  Barack Obama claims he worked for a "small group of churches" as a community organizer.  In fact, he was hired by a radical Alinskyite group, and Saul Alinsky's own son has outed him.

Finding Friends On Far, Far Left.  The saying that a man is known by the company he keeps is true of political relationships.  In Barack Obama's case, some of the groups that support him are an indictment of his political orientation.

Video: Obama's Radical Circle of Friends.

The second tier of influence goes under the bus at midnight.  [Scroll down]  The really big question the mainstream media won't ask therefore is how Van Jones could have been appointed in the first place.  For his significance lies not just in the fact that he is a 'truther' or blabbermouth.  It is that he has a long history of extreme, anti-western radicalism and membership of a network of such radicals — a history not only known to the Obama administration but of which networks Obama himself was part.  The prize for Van Jones's scalp should go not to the US talk show hosts but to the sleuth who first dug out the facts about Van Jones and his radical circles.

There is much more about Van Jones, if you're interested.

Revolution Anyone?  How many Marxists, Communists, Domestic Terrorists and raving racialists does the President get to associate with before reasonable people can assume that the president on some level shares their particular vision of America?  While perusing the manifesto of this now defunct STORM, several things struck me as particularly interesting.  There was of course the passionate commitment to Marxist ideals, radical feminism, gay lesbian and transgender liberation and the ardent support of the unrepentant murderer Mumia Abu Jamal.  And there was this rather innocuous looking paragraph...

Why Obama Could Not Stage a Coup:  Obama rose in politics through the thoroughly corrupt one-party government of Chicago.  His spiritual advisor sounds like a rabble-rousing storm trooper.  His intellectual mentor, Saul Alinksy, like the Bolsheviks and Nazis, believed in state terrorism.  If Obama wanted to follow their leads, could he?  I believe not.

Media Corruption and the Two Party System.  What drives President Barack Obama to want to seize control of the health care and energy sectors of the U.S. economy?  Obama was trained as a Marxist from his days as a young boy in Hawaii when his grandfather picked Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis as his mentor.  In college, as Obama tells the story, he picked his "friends" carefully, in order to avoid being perceived as a sell-out, and those friends included the "Marxist professors."  Later, in Chicago, he would become a political associate of another Marxist professor, Bill Ayers of the University of Illinois.  Does anybody see a pattern here?

A little weekend reading: They still spell it 'Amerika'.  For those of us who grew up in the era when Weather Undergrounders Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn were familiar names in the news, it is always discomforting to be reminded of Barack Obama's many associations with people of the radical left — Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, etc.  Such folks' political thought never progressed beyond the 1960s because the revolutionary New Left didn't disapear, it simply went on to graduate school and then careers, mostly in the mainstream media, academia, the non-profits, the bureaucracy of state and local social work, and Blue State politics.

It Used to Be A Wonderful Life.  People used to say they wouldn't buy a used car from Richard Nixon.  Well, I wouldn't buy a used hubcap from the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Alan Grayson, Christopher Dodd, Barbara Boxer, Charles Rangel, Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein or David Axelrod.  Furthermore, I've seen guys selling "genuine mink coats" out of the trunk of a '94 Buick I'd trust more than Robert Gibbs.

Obama's Hackneyed Hypocrisy.  Barack Obama has spent his whole adult life doing the bidding of powerful interests.  At Harvard, that bastion of the powerful elite, he kissed up to enough factions to become president of the law review while actually writing next to nothing.  In Chicago, he settled in tony Hyde Park with the help of a highly suspect sweetheart deal on his property, got an adjunct gig at the powerful University of Chicago, cultivated leftist elitists like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who sat on wealthy nonprofit boards, and chose the church of the wild and hateful Rev. Jeremiah Wright because it gave him a powerful entrée into the poor black community that he otherwise would lack if he spent all his time in Hyde Park.  He himself noted that he didn't really join a church until he appreciated "the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change."  This all was of a piece with his training as an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, who taught that power is its own justification.

Liberalism Is Dead.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama is not a liberal; he is a third-world Socialist of the really angry kind.  Obama has been surrounded by enraged Leftists from childhood on, including those crucial four years of living in Indonesia right after the whole Communist Party was wiped out by the Indonesian military under General Sukarno.  That's Obama's real experience of the world outside of Hawaii.  Ever since then, Obama has chosen to be surrounded by anti-Western, anti-liberal Leftists.  Jeremiah Wright is perfectly typical of Obama's crowd.

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright?

Obama's radical associations matter, but go ignored by press.  From Obama's participation in the socialist New Party in the mid-1990s, to his connections to communist-terrorist Bill Ayers, it's all relevant today.  How?  For example, some of the same anti-American, anti-capitalist revolutionaries from those bad old days now help craft republic-changing legislation.

Obama Battles Reagan.  Amid all the exuberance about electing a man because of his skin color was a deliberate refusal to understand that this particular man was a hard-core radical leftist.  For some, the knowledge of just what then-Senator Obama intended to do if elected president was apparently hard to discern.  For others, electing a man who had sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years and launched his first campaign from the living room of Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers was an appallingly dangerous mistake.  What else, they now ask, could America possibly have expected?

The Vetting, Part I: Barack's Love Song To Alinsky.  In 1998, a small Chicago theater company staged a play titled The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, dedicated to the life and politics of the radical community organizer whose methods Obama had practiced and taught on Chicago's South Side.  Obama was not only in the audience, but also took the stage after one performance, participating in a panel discussion that was advertised in the poster for the play.

Obama Ally Won't Release Alinsky Tape.  Sources inform Breitbart.com today that Pam Dickler, director of the 1998 production of The Love Song of Saul Alinsky in Chicago that included a panel discussion featuring then-State Sen. Barack Obama, has a video tape of the play.  And she won't release it.  "There is only one archive tape of the play and I have it," Dickler informed our source.  "It is not in Chicago."

How Saul Alinsky Taught Barack Obama Everything He Knows About Civic Upheaval.  Throughout Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency and his subsequent time in that office, two things have been said again and again:  1. He has a grudge against America.  2. He takes his marching orders from Saul Alinsky (1909-1972), particularly as encapsulated in the book "Rules for Radicals."  Anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin regularly is going to hear point one frequently.

A radical Obama mobilizes the troops.  While the orchestration of all this by the Obama camp is covert, it's still easy to make the connections.  From George Soros' money pouring into key states, to former green-energy czar and avowed communist Van Jones advising the Occupy movement, to the symbiosis between radical Marxist and Islamic organizations, it all comes back around to Obama's gutter politics and gutter playmates — if you think that sort of thing even matters.  And yes, soon black Americans will be rallied like never before, whether via Critical Race Theory-spouting academics, or mail-order street preachers turned radio talk-show hosts.

Still the Alinsky Playbook.  You can expect that the Obama 2012 campaign and allied groups will be filled with people deeply steeped in Rules for Radicals.  That is good reason for conservatives to spend time studying Saul Alinsky.  It also explains why liberals are so anxious to sugarcoat Alinsky and soft-pedal his influence on Team Obama.

How Saul Alinsky Taught Obama to Say One Thing and Do the Opposite.  For those who have paid attention, President Obama has a knack for saying one thing and doing another altogether:  a knack for claiming one position while actually occupying another. [...] It's arguable that there isn't anything that demonstrates Saul Alinsky's impact on Obama better than these flip flops and duplicitous positions.  For it was Alinsky who spent his life teaching would-be radicals (like Obama) that you can say what you have to say to get over the hump, but once you're over the hump, you do whatever you want to do.

The President Who Hired Communists and Hung Out with Terrorists Says Romney Must Rebuke 'Extreme Voices'.  Is this really the ground Team Obama wants to fight on?  The president launched his political career in the home of a pair of unrepentant terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  Dorhn spent a decade on the FBI's most wanted list, but she wasn't too radical for Bam.  He knowingly hired a raft of radicals to staff his administration and kept them away from congressional scrutiny by making them czars or putting them in positions where Congress had no say.  Van Jones is an open communist and 9-11 Truther, yet Obama hired him to be the "green jobs" czar.  Anita Dunn admires Mao Zedong, yet found work in Obama's communications team.

Kengor book

'Forward!' with Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis.  [Scroll down]  I've just completed a book on Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, set for release in July, titled The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, the Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor.  In my research, I read about 500 pages of the Chicago Star, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) newspaper for Chicago from 1946-48.  The founding editor-in-chief for the Star was Frank Marshall Davis.  These pages are unflaggingly pro-Soviet.  From line to line and page to page, they unflinchingly toe the CPUSA/Soviet line.

What About Obama's High School Years?  The [WashingtonPost piece immediately made me think of this double standard:  What about Barack Obama's high school years in Hawaii?  I know this area intimately well, given that my next book is on Obama's mentor during those precise years:  Frank Marshall Davis.  I will not here lay out the litany of Davis's astonishing career, but, in essence, he was a literal card-carrying member of Communist Party USA. [...] And yet, this was the man that Obama's grandfather, Stanley Dunham, connected to a young Obama for the purpose of mentoring — precisely during these high school years.  Frank Marshall Davis is another of those radical associations in Obama's past.  There are so many, and so unusually bad, that Obama, if he were a typical citizen, probably wouldn't get a security clearance for an entry-level government job.

Pondering the Obama Enigma.  Many books have been published about Obama and I have read quite a few.  With the exception of his two memoirs, those who delved deeply into the known facts of his life did not like what they found.

Like My 'Compressed' Ex-Girlfriend, Obama Was 'An Ardent Marxist Socialist' in College.  [Scroll down]  The collegiate Obama was an ardent Marxist socialist extremist.  I confronted young Obama's naïve faith in an inevitable Communist revolution when he visited the San Francisco area during his Christmas break from Occidental College in 1980 — at the Boss family's home in Portola Valley, CA, a small city outside of suburban Palo Alto, south of San Francisco.

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception.  At age 18, Barack Obama admittedly arrived at Occidental College a committed revolutionary Marxist.  What was the source of Obama's foundation in Marxism?  Throughout his 2008 Presidential campaign and term in office, questions have been raised regarding Barack Obama's family background, economic philosophy, and fundamental political ideology.  Dreams from My Real Father is the alternative Barack Obama "autobiography," offering a divergent theory of what may have shaped our 44th President's life and politics.

Barack Obama's Marxist Ghosts of Christmas Past.  I met the young Barack Obama while visiting Caroline Boss, my Marxist socialist girlfriend, at her parent's home in northern California over Christmas break in 1980.  Over the course of that day, I came to understand the full extent of young Obama's ideological extremism and acquired lasting memories which have been reported in at least five books including Paul Kengor's newly released The Communist — Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor.  I am writing this article, in part, because I'm surprised that David Maraniss's new book Barack Obama: The Story failed to include my account of young Obama's ideological extremism.

Maraniss Gets Testy as New Obama Bio Tanks.  [Scroll down]  [David Maraniss] passes off Obama's card-carrying communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, as a benign "civil rights activist."  He refused to interview John Drew, Obama's Occidental College pal who has described the young Obama as a "Marxist planning for a Communist style revolution."  He makes no mention of the Cooper Union Socialist Scholars Conference and other such events Obama attended in New York.  And he may well have ignored the Christian conversion scene because that is the occasion when Wright delivered his famous "Audacity" sermon, the one rich with phrases like "white folks' greed runs a world in need."

Carl Bernstein's Communist Problem & Mine.  A number of books have appeared recently, including most notably Paul Kengor's book The Communist, which are about Barack Obama's Communist mentor, and also the progressive communist milieu that our 44th president grew up in, along with his closest advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett — a community to which he remains loyal today.  I thought it might be useful to those first being introduced to what I like to call the "neo-communist left" to read a piece I wrote a few years ago about Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein and his Communist father, and about my own experience in the Communist left as well.  It is particularly the disloyalty and fundamental dishonesty of these people, these Communist progressives which I think should most interest readers in the context of the political and economic crises we are facing today.

The Most Important Press Conference Ever Held at Any Time in U.S. History: Part I.  This article pertains to Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros connection.  A brief synopsis or excerpt would not paint an adequate picture of the article.

When Exactly Did Barack Obama Renounce Communism?  President Obama has never expressed remorse for the Marxist revolutionary views he defended during his sophomore year at Occidental College.

Young Obama's Dreams of a Communist Revolution in America.  The young Obama was a garden variety Marxist-Leninist.  He and Boss and his sophomore year roommate, Hasan Chandoo, believed that social forces where creating an inevitable Communist revolution in the U.S. and that it was important to have a highly trained elite of educated leaders guide this revolutionary process and oversee it once the revolution took place.  Remember, this was at the height of the Cold War in 1980.  Ronald Reagan had just been elected president and the USSR was still our mortal enemy.

In '08, we hardly knew Barack Obama; In 2012 we don't know President Obama.  [Scroll down]  I have long said that I don't care where Obama was born; how he was raised and who his influences were is far more instructive.  There are now also books about the people closest to Obama, including two recent ones about Michelle Obama.  Although we still don't know what Barack wrote about, we do know Michelle's graduate thesis.  There is more background on David Axelrod, the son of Jewish Communist parents, and on the Reverend Wright.  Obama's mentor Frank Marshall Davis is revealed in The Communist by Paul Kengor.

Obama's 'Confident Ignorance' At Root Of His Failure.  After reading Barack Obama's book "Dreams from My Father," it became painfully clear that he has not been searching for the truth, because he assumed from an early age that he had already found the truth — and now it was just a question of filling in the details and deciding how to change things.  Obama did not simply happen to encounter a lot of people on the far-left fringe during his life.  As he spells out in his book, he actively sought out such people.  There is no hint of the slightest curiosity on his part about other visions of the world that might be weighed against the vision he had seized upon. [...] What would be the point, if he already knew the truth and knew that they were wrong?

Pastor who prayed at Obama's inauguration says all white people will go to hell.  Pastor Joseph Lowery, a civil rights movement hero who delivered the benediction at President Obama's inauguration, reportedly said that he is shocked that any black Americans would stay home with Obama on the ballot and suggested that all or most white people would go to hell.

Obama's inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell.  All white people are going to hell, longtime African-American civil rights advocate Rev. Joseph Lowery told an audience at a get-out-the-vote event held Oct. 27 in Georgia.  Lowery, who gave the benediction at the January 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama, told the audience of up to 300 African-Americans "that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell.  Then he mellowed and just said most of them were.  Now, he said, he is back to where he was," according to an Oct. 31 report in the Monroe County Reporter newspaper.

Obama's inauguration reverend says anti-white slam was a joke.  Longtime African-American civil rights advocate Rev. Joseph Lowery told The Daily Caller that he was joking when he told a get-out-the-vote event that all whites will go to hell.

Obama Honors Gay Socialist, Lesbian Astronaut with Presidential Medal of Freedom.  President Barack Obama on Wednesday [11/20/2013] awarded the highest honor that can be bestowed on a civilian — the Presidential Medal of Freedom — to 16 people, including a homosexual who led the socialist party in the United States and astronaut Sally Ride, whose partner "outed" her as a lesbian in Ride's obituary last year.  On Bayard Rustin's website, his lover and the executor of his estate, Walter Naegle, wrote about the gay activist's life, including his 10-year homosexual relationship with the author and his national chairmanship of the Social Democrats USA, formerly the Socialist Party of America.

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful."
Psalm 1:1    

The New Party

Obama's Third-Party History.  On the evening of January 11, 1996, while Mitt Romney was in the final years of his run as the head of Bain Capital, Barack Obama formally joined the New Party, which was deeply hostile to the mainstream of the Democratic party and even to American capitalism.  In 2008, candidate Obama deceived the American public about his potentially damaging tie to this third party.  The issue remains as fresh as today's headlines, as Romney argues that Obama is trying to move the United States toward European-style social democracy, which was precisely the New Party's goal.

Obama Belonged to Radical Socialist "New Party" in 1996.  Stanley Kurtz, in his June 7 article "Obama's Third-Party History" for National Review Online, reports that Barack Obama's connection to far-left radicals is much more recent that had been previously thought.  On January 11, 1996, Kurtz notes, Obama joined the New Party, a radical socialist political movement deeply opposed to capitalism and of the opinion that the Democratic Party was far too moderate.  The New Party sought to transform America into the sort of socialist democracy that is common in Europe.

Obama Joined Third Party in 1990s.  President Barack Obama was a member of the far left New Party and also signed a "contract" promising to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party while in office, according to a published report.  Citing recently obtained evidence from the updated records of Illinois ACORN at the Wisconsin Historical Society, an article appearing in the National Review Online pointed to a document trail that "definitively establishes" Obama's membership in the organization.

'New Party' Literature Suggests Obama Paid Dues to Join.  In the ongoing discussion of Barack Obama's involvement with Chicago's extremist "New Party," online literature from the Party likely reveals that the young state senator not only was a member but had to commit financially to membership.

Barack Obama — still a "social democrat" after all these years.  As I discussed yesterday, Stanley Kurtz has found conclusive new evidence that, in 1996, Barack Obama joined the New Party, the political arm of the radical group ACORN.  The Obama campaign had denied this fact when Kurtz raised the matter during the last presidential campaign.  The Obama campaign lied.

So just who was 'smearing' whom?  What if Barack Obama gave a "party," and nobody came?  No, I am not talking about the noticeably small crowds when President Obama officially kicked off his re-election bid a few weeks ago, though that was certainly interesting.  I am actually talking about the fact that President Obama was a member of the socialist "New Party" in 1996, lied about it in 2008, and got caught in the lie about it just last week.  It seems like news.  But for some reason the mainstream media, then and now, doesn't care.

Obama Caught Lying Again: He Was Member of 'New Party,' Says Kurtz.  Barack Obama was, in fact, a member of the socialist New Party in the 1990s and sought its endorsement for the Illinois senate — contrary to the misrepresentations of Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, and in spite of the efforts of Politico's Ben Smith to quash the story.

Axelrod Plays Dumb on Obama and Socialist 'New Party'.  Senior Obama campaign political strategist David Axelrod played dumb this afternoon when confronted by Breitbart News about President Barack Obama's membership in the socialist New Party in the mid-1990s.  Earlier today [6/7/2012], author Stanley Kurtz released proof that Obama had been a member of, and sought the endorsement of, the radical group in 1996 — contrary to the Obama campaign's denials.

Like Obama, New Party Favored High Minimum Wage, High Corporate Tax, and Campaign Finance Reform.  Stanley Kurtz has helpfully revealed that Barack Obama was once a member of the New Party, a Social Democratic third party.  And while many on the right continue to insist that this election ought to focus exclusively on the economy to the exclusion of all else, Obama's past associations are germane to his views on economic growth and American competitiveness.

Campaign Disputes Documents, Claims Obama Never Joined New Party.  This week the Obama campaign decided to double down on a claim about the President's past involvement in a social democratic party in the mid-'90s.  In 2008 when Stanley Kurtz first raised the issue, the campaign labeled it a "crackpot smear."  Now, despite two newly discovered documents that prove Obama joined the New Party in 1996, his campaign is still maintaining Obama was not a member.

Socialism, Obama, and America's Future.  Stanley Kurtz documented something we have all known: President Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist!  Contrary to claims made in 2008 by Obama, his staff, and supporters, he was a member of the socialist New Party in Chicago.

Was Obama's socialist party racialist?  The socialist-leaning New Party required that 40 percent of its own leadership groups must consist of "people of color," according to correspondence uncovered by WND from an early New Party leader.  The New Party was a 1990s party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda.  In 2008, Barack Obama's campaign denied the president was ever a member amid reports, including from WND, citing the New Party's own literature listing Obama as a member.  Information uncovered in recent weeks, including Obama's signed contract with the New Party, further establishes the president's membership with the controversial organization.

Obama No Longer Bothers To Hide His Socialist Bent.  By any traditional measure, news in the past week or two alone should sink Barack Obama's chances for a second term.  First, Obama biographer Stanley Kurtz reported new and definitive proof that, as a 34-year-old embarking on his political career, Obama belonged to the anti-capitalist — indeed, socialist — New Party, a phase of his political development he has not only never repudiated but also has hidden from the American people.  By any traditional measure, such news would at least intensify any Obama meltdown.

Why Obama Could Be a Communist Mole:  [Scroll down]  Obama's lived an extremely charmed life, and apparently with no merit to warrant it.  This is partially a reflection of affirmative action practices, but certainly there is enough to suggest more.  How did he pay for Harvard?  Clues suggest that he was sponsored by Rashid Khalidi, a Saudi agent, using oil money.  How did he become editor of the Harvard Law Review?  He certainly left no paper trail to justify it.  Obama's political life becomes even weirder and grayer once coming to Chicago.  He was a radical community organizer, often working side-by-side with known communists in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  There is documented evidence of his membership in the DSA-offshoot New Party, which was also communistic and would use fusion tactics in conjunction with Democrat Party affiliation to win elections in Illinois, until the practice was banned by the courts.

Obama's Welfare Free Lunch: 1996.  In 1996, the year President Bill Clinton signed the welfare reform bill, Obama became a member of a leftist third party called the New Party.  The Obama campaign denied this in 2008, and continues to deny it today, although contemporaneous documents now definitively prove it.  The core purpose of the New Party was to pull the country to the left of the Clinton Democrats.  Opposition to the welfare reform act virtually defined the New Party's position.  The most important plank in the New Party's platform was a guaranteed minimum income for all adults, regardless of whether they worked.  In 1996, when Obama joined the party and gained its endorsement, candidates had to speak up in favor of the party platform to seal the deal.

Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said

Why Obama is unteachable.  [Scroll down]  Though he often denies it, Mr. Obama is intensely ideological.  He distrusts America's definition of its interests and the rationale for defending them just as one of his principal mentors, Edward Said, did.  Mr. Said was a Palestinian activist who became an American academic.  His was a radical anti-colonialist ideology that infused his writing and teaching.  Mr. Obama studied under Mr. Said at Columbia University and maintained a relationship with him for about two decades.  Mr. Said mocked American greatness, tying it directly to imperialism and what he believed was a false sense of American uniqueness.  He said America was dedicated to hierarchies of race and to wariness of other nations' revolutions.

Obama, Ayers and the Knowledge 'Too Big' To Handle.  For mentors, Obama chose men like Ayers, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the fraudulent Palestinian wannabe Edward Said, and the radical PLO groupie Rashid Khalidi.  These are the men he turned to for wisdom.  In 2003, for instance, Obama publicly thanked Khalidi for providing "consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases."

A Tale of Two Tapes: Teen Cruz and Terror-Coddler Obama.  The same journalism industry that hyped the light-hearted antics of a teenage Ted Cruz — and investigated the juvenile delinquencies of Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney with CSI-level fervor — actively suppressed video of an adult Barack Obama partying with convicted domestic terrorists and an international terrorist mouthpiece.  In 2003, when Obama was a 42-year-old state senator and rising Democratic star in Illinois, he delivered a gushing address at a farewell gala for Rashid Khalidi.  At the time, Khalidi taught international studies and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Chicago, where Obama served as a law school lecturer.  Khalidi is now an Arab Studies professor at Columbia University and directs the school's federally subsidized Middle East Institute named after his anti-Israel, Blame America mentor, Arab academic Edward Said.  In the 1970s, Palestinian-American Khalidi was quoted extensively as a de facto mouthpiece for Yasser Arafat and his State Department-designated terrorist outfit, the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Site offers $50K for clip of Obama honoring radical.  The US Internet news portal Breitbart News is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can provide a videotape of a 2003 dinner honoring a radical Palestinian American academic attended by then- Illinois state senator Barack Obama.  During the 2008 presidential campaign, the Los Angeles Times reported that Obama attended a farewell dinner in Chicago for his longtime friend Rashid Khalidi. [...] The event was videotaped and the Times reported that it had a copy of the video.

Reward: $50,000 for 'Khalidi Tape' of Obama at Anti-Israel Party.  Breitbart News hereby announces a $50,000 reward to whomever can provide the complete video recording of the 2003 farewell party for radical Palestinian academic and activist Rashid Khalidi, at which then-state senator Barack Obama spoke — and which the Los Angeles Times has refused to release since reporting the event in April 2008.

Are Obama's Friends Fair Game?  It's not every presidential election that American voters are introduced to characters like former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or Middle East historian Rashid Khalidi — both of whom, we have learned, Barack Obama worked and socialized with in Chicago.

Obama's Three Strikes.  With the news that he belonged to the far-left New Party during the 90s, public revelations of his involvement with fringe left-wing politics have hit three, the other two being William Ayers and ACORN.  (What about Jeremiah Wright and the shadowy figure of Rashid Khalidi, you ask?  The problem with these is that neither is fully political.  Both are deeply intertwined with religion and race.  Obama has shown a distinct talent for manipulating both.)

The L.A. Times Should Release the Khalidi Tape for Passover.  [Scroll down]  So it's hard not to see Obama as, to be polite, ambivalent toward the Jewish state; to be impolite, one could call his attitude passive-aggressive, with all the semi-conscious hostile intent that diagnosis implies.  And, to continue in that vein, plenty of clinical evidence exists, several old friendships, that would lead one to think Obama might be, again consciously or unconsciously, deeply antagonistic to Israel, because these old friends had attitudes toward Zionism as adverse as the appalling Holocaust — denying professoriate at Northeastern.

Reward: $100,000 for Khalidi Tape.  Breitbart News is doubling its reward — to $100,000 — for one of the missing pieces of Barack Obama's past, which may be the key to understanding his collapsing Middle East policy:  the "Khalidi tape," a video kept under wraps by the Los Angeles Times since April 2008.  The Khalidi tape shows Obama at a 2003 farewell party for radical Palestinian academic and activist Rashid Khalidi, and reportedly features vitriolic anti-Israel rhetoric.

Khalidi Tape Cover Up: Media 'Selectively Edits' Its Ethical Standards.  [W]hen it comes to protecting Barack Obama, the corrupt media doesn't get all that wrapped up in the details of what is and isn't legal or ethical.  The Romney video is news; it's a revealing moment from The Man Who Might Be President, and as a result we're entering day four of the super-loop the media's put the video on across every news outlet in America.

The truth behind the 'Khalidi video' and why it's not for sale.  [Scroll down]  In the case of the Khalidi video, the unnamed source agreed to share the illuminating bit of video evidence with [Peter] Wallsten, but only with the understanding that the reporter could not reproduce or rebroadcast the images.  The journalist had to make a decision:  Do I agree to that condition and get to see evidence that no other reporter has seen of Obama meeting with Palestinian Americans?

Bias alert:
After smearing all MSM-bypassing conservatives as "the political fringe", the LA Times offers the anemic rationalization that it will not release this damaging video, not because it would end Barack H. Obama's political career, but because the LA Times would lose at least one source of timely tips for one of its reporters.  Obviously, the needs of the newspaper come first.

LA Times: Why We Won't Release The Khalidi Video.  This week, Breitbart News offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who produced the infamous 2003 tapes of Barack Obama at an event honoring Palestinian anti-Israel radical Rashid Khalidi.  And today, James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times took to his keyboard today to write a diatribe defending the Times' refusal to make public those tapes.  While Rainey gives several justifications for not releasing the tape itself — guarding the source of the tape being the most prevalent — he offers no justification for why the Times refuses to offer even a complete transcript of that evening's events.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2019 by Andrew K. Dart


Note:  More information about ACORN (and various allegations of fraud) can be found here.

Still the Alinsky Playbook.  In 1992, after Obama returned to Chicago from Harvard Law School, he ran a voter-registration drive for Project Vote, an ACORN affiliate set up by Alinsky acolytes.  The purportedly non-partisan effort registered 135,000 new voters and was integral to the election of Carol Moseley Braun to the Senate.  Obama then moonlighted as a top trainer for ACORN.  Obama even became ACORN's attorney in 1995, when he sued on its behalf to implement the "Motor Voter" law — a loose system of postcard voter registration that has proven to be a bonanza for vote fraudsters — in Illinois.  Later, while on the board of the liberal Woods Fund, Obama saw to it that the group gave substantial grants to ACORN.

Obama's 'Organizing for America' Pose as Official Registrars in Virginia to Register Students?  President Barack Obama got his start as a community organizer, working with groups like ACORN and other corrupt activist groups.  ACRON [sic] eventually collapsed under the weight of its own corruption, but their tactics live on.  Organizing for America, the DNC project to reelect Barack Obama, is working to reelect the President.  The President isn't very popular right now for any number of reasons, Obamacare, the economy, unemployment, his seeming fetish for apologizing to people who hate us or kill our troops, $5+ trillion in new debt, etc., etc.  Whatever the case, Organizing for America has a steep hill to climb in front of it.  Given the President's affinity for, and past with ACORN, it's not surprising that OfA would be caught using ACORN tactics.

The Rebranding of ACORN.  Barack Obama served as a former employee of Project Vote and has said publicly that he's "been fighting alongside" ACORN his entire career.  Despite clear evidence of corrupt and criminal behavior by ACORN and its employees, the Obama Justice Department has thus far failed to take any serious steps to hold the ACORN organizations to account.

Justice Has Never Been High on Eric Holder's Docket.  Obama considered ACORN to be an arm of his campaign.  That's why his campaign paid ACORN affiliate Citizens Services Inc. to do partisan political work.  The Obama campaign disguised its $832,598 payment to Citizens Services Inc., falsely describing it in campaign finance filings as "polling, advance work and staging major events."  In reality, CSI performed get-out-the-vote services.  After the subterfuge was uncovered, the Obama campaign claimed it had simply goofed up and filed an amended report with the Federal Election Commission.  Whoops.  This could be a violation of election laws but Attorney General Holder couldn't care less.

Obama didn't tell the truth about his relationship to ACORN.  At CPAC, Rep. Daryl Issa, R-Cal., released [a] video that shows the President didn't tell the truth about the extent of his relationship with ACORN.

ACORN cookies at White House holiday party.  At the White House Holiday Party last night, an oddly shaped cookie grabbed my attention.  Who knew that acorns were part of the traditional holiday fare?  Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, noticed these earlier, as reported by Yeas and Nays, but it seems like they've made these in bulk.

ACORN at the White House.  The newly released list of visitors to the Obama White House makes the president's claim he's clueless about his former employer ACORN — and its election fraud trials and tribulations — especially difficult to believe.  Of particular significance is the visit by ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson who met with White House political director Patrick Gaspard in March.  The purpose of the meeting with Gaspard, a former ACORN employee himself, was not disclosed.

ACORN's Big Spender.  More proof has emerged of White House political director Patrick Gaspard's ties to the radical advocacy group ACORN.  Gaspard, a longtime operative for ACORN and one of its partisan arms, New York's Working Families Party, currently holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush's White House.  Internal ACORN documents show that Gaspard gave ACORN $40,000 over the past two years.

ACORN's Man in the White House.  Newly discovered evidence shows the radical advocacy group ACORN has a man in the Obama White House.  This power behind the throne is longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard.  He holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush's White House.  Evidence shows that years before he joined the Obama administration, Gaspard was ACORN boss Bertha Lewis's political director in New York.

Ship of Fools:  Obama's Intimates and Advisors.  [Scroll down]  The President Obama is as much a product of ACORN as it is of him.  He worked closely with the "community organizing" group for many years, represented them in court, and was a member of the board of Chicago's Woods Fund at the time it funneled $200,000 to an ACORN affiliate.  Mr. Obama praised the organization extravagantly both during and after his election, and his campaign "donated" over $800,000 to an offshoot group controlled by ACORN (Citizens Services, Inc.) — to "get out the vote."

Patrick Gaspard, ACORN, and Obama.  During the 2008 election, Obama's close links to the far-left New Party were revealed and explored (although not by the mainstream press).  Yet many seem to have forgotten that the New Party, particularly in Chicago, was dominated by ACORN (and by an ACORN-controlled SEIU union local).

Obama and ACORN:  Barack Obama gave five interviews last Sunday [9/20/2009], and only one interviewer bothered to ask him about the ACORN scandal.  ACORN is the leftist activist organization that lost its federal funds last week in a Congressional vote that was not even close.  Obama's answer to his lone ACORN question was amazing.  He brazened it out:  "Frankly," said the President, "it's not something I've followed closely.  This is not the biggest issue facing the country.  It's not something I'm paying a lot of attention to." ... This is the same Barack Obama who said, in an address to ACORN in 2007, "I have been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career."

Obama and Acorn:  In August 2008, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that the Obama campaign paid more than $800,000 to an Acorn "offshoot" for "get out the vote" projects.  Obama worked for Acorn and Acorn worked for Obama.  That doesn't mean the president is implicated in any wrongdoing, but it suggests at least that the worse things get for Acorn, the more embarrassing it is for him.  If the Justice Department fails to prosecute, it invariably would raise suspicions of political favoritism.

And what of ACORN, President Obama?  [Scroll down]  Obama is proud to say his relationship with ACORN goes back decades as a "community organizer" and a legal adviser.  A month before the election he told members:  "You will have input into the agenda of the next president of the United States of America."  The input ACORN is having has shown up like a stain.  It starts with charges of voter-registration fraud in 14 states, and includes video of ACORN employees giving unethical tax advice and suggesting ways to hide 13-year-old girls smuggled into the country to become hookers.

Obama's Direct and Lucrative Ties to ACORN.  Is it any wonder that the Obama presidency is shaping up to be the most corrupt and most oppressive anti-American administration in USA history?  Thus far, any and all attempts to investigate ACORN have been blocked by ObamaThugs and the Democrat-run Congress.  The reason?  They have benefited greatly from ACORN's voter fraud and many might not have been elected or reelected without it.

Obama Campaign Gave ACORN Current Fundraising List.  Human Events reported earlier today about testimony yesterday [10/29/2008] in the lawsuit brought by the Pennsylvania GOP against Project Vote, a sister organization of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

More Connections Between Obama and ACORN?  A former staffer for Project Vote, a sister organization of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, testified at a hearing in Pennsylvania on Wednesday [10/29/2008] that the Obama campaign provided the group with a campaign donor list in late 2007 for their fundraising efforts.

Obama's Ties to Socialism:  ACORN, founded by a former member of the "SDS", Wade Rathke, is a leftist community organization with close ties to the Democratic Socialists of America.  In the 1990s, ACORN heavily involved itself in the housing market by using the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 as a tool to extort banks and pressure them into making risky loans.  In the 90s, ACORN's militant tactics caught national attention on several occasions when they broke into private offices, harassed bankers at their homes, and used the CRA to delay bank mergers.

The Price of Political Correctness.  [Scroll down]  What deserves greater scrutiny is Barack Obama's history with ACORN.  He was the attorney representing ACORN when they pushed the Clinton Administration to expand the CRA.  He served on the board of the Woods Fund with William Ayers when it gave ACORN funding grants.  Obama's hands are dirty with ACORN, and his involvement needs to be accounted for.  Of course, his silence on his past associations while running for president plays us all for fools.

Obama Finds An ACORN.  The man who includes being a community organizer on his short resume has a long association with a far-left group that would organize our communities into socialist gulags.

ACORN:  A Clear and Present Danger.  What I have not been able to figure out is why the leaders of the group have not been indicted under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) for taking part in an ongoing criminal organization.  The only logical reason that the feds have backed off is because of ACORN's close ties to organized labor.  Tragically, in 2008 America, it's not only individuals who are easily intimidated, but the government itself.

Obama and "The Left":  Although Senator Barack Obama has been allied with a succession of far left individuals over the years, that is only half the story.  There are, after all, some honest and decent people on the left.  But these have not been the ones that Obama has been allied with — allied, not merely "associated" with.  ACORN is not just an organization on the left.  In addition to the voter frauds that ACORN has been involved in over the years, it is an organization with a history of thuggery, including going to bankers' homes to harass them and their families, in order to force banks to lend to people with low credit ratings.

ACORN Corruption Runs Deep.  Unfortunately for America, the media has been filtering news for years and this practice has allowed some of the main figures in the Teamstergate scandal to assume top spots in the Democrat party.  Part 1 of this series reviewed the history of the scandal and its strong ties to ACORN and President Obama.

Obama partnerships with voter fraud unit and terrorists run wide and deep.
 •  In a number of crucial cases, Obama was the Attorney for the Chicago ACORN chapter and he used them to assist him in his run for the Illinois State Senate in 1996.
 •  In 1992, prior to his working as ACORN's attorney, Obama was Executive Director of ACORN subsidiary Project Vote.
 •  Obama trained ACORN workers.
 •  While sitting on the board of the Woods Foundation, Obama and domestic terrorist William Ayers — who is also a major Obama fundraiser — arranged for grants for ACORN.
 •  While both on the board of Chicago's Annenberg Challenge — Ayers and Obama with Obama as Chairman — funds were funneled to ACORN.

Success Is Built On Work Ethic, Not Grievances.  Like everyone else, I have also been hearing a lot lately about Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of the church that Barack Obama has belonged to for 20 years.  Both men, in their different ways, have for decades been promoting the far left vision of victimization and grievances — Wright from his pulpit and Obama as a community organizer for the radical group ACORN, as a collaborator with former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, and as the member of the U.S. Senate with the farthest left voting record.

ACORN's Senator.  Obama, who once represented ACORN in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois, was hired by the group to train its community organizers and staff in the methods and tactics of the late Saul Alinsky.  ACORN would stage in-your-face protests in bank lobbies, drive-through lanes and even at bank managers' homes to get them to issue risky loans in the inner city or face charges of racism.  In the early 1990s, reports Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Policy Center, Obama was personally recruited by Chicago's ACORN to run training sessions in "direct action."

Barack Obama and Alinsky's Rules for Psychopaths.  A psychopath is a person without conscience; someone who constantly breaks the moral rules of the community.  Saul Alinsky was a "community organizer" who found a career that fit that personality disorder.  In the Orwellian upside-down world of the Left, community organizers disorganize communities.  That is the meaning of revolution, to overturn whatever exists today in the raw pursuit of one's own power. ... Alinsky's disciples — including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — have a warlike political style.  They learned politics as war from the Master.  Obama is so well-trained in Alinsky tactics that he used to teach workshops on it.

Obama seeks distance from ACORN.  [ACORN] claims to have registered 1.3 million young people, minorities, and working-class voters.  But some of those registration cards have listed dead or nonexistent people and are being investigated in at least eight states.

The Nuts at ACORN Could Cause Obama Fall.  ACORN, the radical community group, is becoming an embarrassment for Obama.  It is not as if its shenanigans are likely to tip the result, with the Democrats so far ahead.  But as it is raided by the FBI in state after state (11 so far), it is becoming identified as the electoral equivalent of Greenpeace, extremists who will stop at nothing to get their way.

McCain's Prospects Depend on Telling Truth About Obama.  As the old saying goes, it's not over until the fat lady sings, and it's high time for the fat lady to sing about Obama's scary agenda and the many reasons why it is too risky to elect him president.  We need to hear more about ACORN, the special-interest group that would like to steal this election by registering people who are not eligible to vote, such as registering ghost voters in Nevada under the names of the Dallas Cowboys.  Obama's years of close association with ACORN need to be known to the public.

Obama Distances Himself From ACORN, Calls Controversy a 'Distraction'.  He [Obama] said his relationship with the group [ACORN] is "pretty straightforward," referring to legal work he and two other lawyers did for the group in 1995.  "That was my relationship and is my relationship to ACORN," he said.  Obama's campaign also paid more than $800,000 to a group called Citizens Services Inc., an ACORN subsidiary, to "augment" Obama's grassroots organizing efforts in the Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania primaries.

Obama Distorts ACORN Ties.  Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign has been forced to revise statements about their Obama's get-out-the vote work for the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, a non-profit roiled in allegations of voter registration fraud.  Obama's website "Fight the Smears," designed to counteract misinformation about the candidate's record, contained false information about Obama's connections to ACORN.

Through a glass darkly.  Fortunately, some newspapers are making valiant efforts to excavate the truth about Obama and resist the intellectual intimidation being used to suppress it.  The Cleveland Leader, which as I reported here confirmed Obama's close association with ACORN in documents which it discovered had been removed from the web, has now discovered that the denials of that involvement on Obama's fightthesmears.com website have been altered in order to make it look like he has been telling the truth about his ACORN associations all along.

Obamacorn.  Obama's Web site proclaims, "Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity."  Then how is it that Chicago ACORN leader Toni Foulkes sang Obama's praises for his work for ACORN in his article, "Case Study: Chicago — The Barack Obama Campaign," which appeared in Social Policy magazine in 2004? ... Foulkes wrote:  "When he returned from law school, we asked him to help us with a lawsuit to challenge the state of Illinois' refusal to abide by the National Voting Rights Act ... Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar ... and we won."

Community-Organizer-in-Chief.  Nearly all of the concern over voter fraud has focused on one group, the Association Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN), which is under investigation or facing serious allegations of fraud in 13 states over how it has conducted voter-registration drives.  ACORN insists, incredibly, that its voter-registration drives are nonpartisan activities.  However, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has endorsed the group's activities in the past and taught at their seminars.

GOP Turning Up the Heat on Obama and ACORN.  [Danny] Diaz also encourages Obama to fully disclose his relationship with ACORN, which has been distorted by his own campaign officials and his "Fight the Smears" website.  Obama has not been upfront about his promises to give ACORN influence in his admnistration, his decision to seek a political endorsement from their PAC or his payments to one of their subsidiaries for get out the vote efforts.  Obama's campaign also previously stated that Obama never worked for ACORN when in fact Obama led training sessions for them in 1992 and represted the group in court in 1995.

McCain Camp Drives Obama-ACORN Connection.  John McCain's campaign is using Barack Obama's ties to a controversial low-income advocacy group to escalate his criticism of the Democratic nominee's character and judgment.

Obama camp downplays payments to ACORN.  Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama's campaign distanced itself Thursday [10/9/2008] from its $800,000 payment linked to the liberal ACORN organization, which is under investigation in several states where it is suspected of filing fraudulent voter registrations.  Federal Election Commission reports show ACORN-affiliated Citizens Services Inc. got $832,598 from the Obama campaign for get-out-the-vote work during the primaries.  But those payments stopped in May and the Obama campaign says they should not be an election issue.

The Editor grumbles to himself...
... and the Obama campaign says Jeremiah Wright should not be an election issue.
... and the Obama campaign says Bill Ayers should not be an election issue.
... and the Obama campaign says Frank Marshall Davis should not be an election issue.
... and the Obama campaign says abortion should not be an election issue.

Obama Hired ACORN For GOTV.  Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is the first national candidate ever to hire ACORN, a controversial non-profit accused of voter fraud across the country, for get out the vote activities.  Obama's campaign paid $800,000 to a subsidiary of the liberally-leaning non-profit Association of Community Organizers for Reform called Citizens Services Incorporated campaign to increase voter turnout.  This information, however, was not properly disclosed to the Federal Election Commission.

Huffington Post and ACORN Tag-Team Cover Up of Obama's ACORN Days.  Guess who's behind Social Policy magazine?  Something called The Institute for Social Justice.  The website indicates the address of the magazine is 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70117. … Guess who else lives in Elysian Fields?  ACORN.  Go to Sweetness & Light blog and scroll down to the Form 990s (tax returns for nonprofits) and you will see that both ACORN and Project Vote report the same address, 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70117.  There is also more evidence of the close relationship between Project Vote and ACORN in 1992.

Obama, Voter Fraud & Mortgage Meltdown.  Which community activist/political organization in the United States is the largest, most radical left, and most untrustworthy?  The answer is ACORN, which bills itself as the nation's largest community organization for the rights of low- and moderate-income families.  Its hidden agenda, however, is to change the form of the U.S. government from a republic to a socialist oligarchy, using class warfare and the aid of radical liberals within the Democrat Party.  This hidden agenda explains why the liberal newsmedia go mute on Obama's ACORN ties.

Why Obama's "Community Organizer" Days Are a Joke.  As I've reported previously, Obama's community organizing days involved training grievance-mongers from the far-left ACORN.  The ACORN mob is infamous for its bully tactics (which they dub "direct actions"); Obama supporters have recounted his role in organizing an ambush on a government planning meeting about a landfill project opposed by Chicago's minority lobbies.  With benefactors like Obama in office, ACORN has milked nearly four decades of government subsidies to prop up chapters that promote the welfare state and undermine the free market, as well as some that have been implicated in perpetuating illegal immigration and voter fraud.

Inside Obama's Acorn:  If Acorn is adept at creating a non-partisan, inside-game veneer for what is in fact an intensely radical, leftist, and politically partisan reality, so is Obama himself.  This is hardly a coincidence:  Obama helped train Acorn's leaders in how to play this game.  For the most part, Obama seems to have favored the political-insider strategy, yet it's clear that he knew how to play the in-your-face "direct action" game as well.  And surely during his many years of close association with Acorn, Obama had to know what the group was all about.

Obama's Alliance with Marxists:  Erik Ericson of RedState.com has a very detailed article today on Barack Obama's connection to a neo-Marxist political party called the "New Party." ... Basically, Obama sought out the group as a result of his work with another far left organization ACORN — a "non-partisan" acvitist group whose members have been convicted in several states of vote fraud.  And not only did Obama receive their endorsement, he used many of the party's members as campaign workers on his first state senate campaign.

What Do Obama & I Have In Common?  Obama worked for ACORN as a community organizer for three-and-a-half years.  I lasted all of two weeks. … There was a considerable gap between rhetoric and reality.  There was a considerable disconnect between the black membership and the white organizers.  ACORN was all for a living wage as long as they didn't have to pay one to its employees.  ACORN was all for a better world but had no room for improvement.  Some lessons can only be learned the hard way.

Spreading socialism on the taxpayer's dime...
The ACORN Obama Knows:  If you don't know what ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is all about, you better bone up.  This left-wing group takes in 40 percent of its revenues from American taxpayers — you and me — and has leveraged nearly four decades of government subsidies to fund affiliates that promote the welfare state and undermine capitalism and self-reliance, some of which have been implicated in perpetuating illegal immigration and encouraging voter fraud.  A new whistleblower report from the Consumer Rights League documents how Chicago-based ACORN has commingled public tax dollars with political projects.

ACORN's Hypocritical House of Cards:  The Consumers Rights League has published a collection of whistleblower documents that suggest "consumer advocacy" group ACORN has reaped substantial financial gains by misusing taxpayer dollars for political ends and attacking lending corporations for the same 'predatory' lending practices it regularly engages in.  These internal emails and policies suggest that ACORN has failed to maintain a proper distinction between its tax-exempt housing work and its aggressive political activities.  ACORN and its affiliates are then able to extract resources from financial lenders seeking abatement from its public relations assaults and force financial settlement agreements that benefit ACORN but are harmful for consumers.

Edwards Touts Obama to ACORN Group.  Former Democratic senator and perpetual presidential candidate John Edwards was the keynote speaker at the annual gathering of the radical group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).  Touting Obama to the crowd was hardly necessary.  Barack Obama was closely allied with ACORN during his community organizing days in Chicago and even did some legal work for them in the early 1990's.

Minimum Wage Hits $9.50 in Santa Fe.  This month, in the liberal bastion of Santa Fe, New Mexico, they are raising the minimum wage in the city to $9.50 per hour.  The measure applies to all businesses with 25 or more employees.  The driving force behind this decision was Acorn, the 'national community organization,' as Jon Gertner describes it in The New York Times Magazine for January 15, 2006.  Acorn has discovered that the way to win on the minimum wage issue is to cast it not as an economic issue but as a moral issue.

Rotten ACORN:  In what is being called the "worst case of voter registration fraud in Washington state history," seven employees of the liberal advocacy group ACORN have been charged with filling out fake voter registration forms. … The defendants allegedly faked more than 1700 voter registration forms.  They, like all ACORN employees nationwide, are paid by for every name they sign up.  This has led to widespread charges of fraud in Missouri, Ohio, and 12 other states.

Missing headlines:  leftwing voter fraud guilty plea.  Readers may recall that the state of Washington was in the news in 2004 for the closeness of the election for Governor (won by Christine Democrat Gregoire by all of 133 votes; her Republican opponent, Dino Rossi, has since announced plans to run again next year).  That race was subject to claims of voter fraud.  While the defendants who worked for ACORN did not plead guilty for acts that led to actual voting... where there is smoke there is usually fire.

Obama's Ties To ACORN More Substantial than first believed.  You've heard of Moveon.org and Code Pink — two radical leftist groups seeking to elect out and out socialists to public office and who are fierce opponents of the capitalist sysetm.  But have you heard of ACORN? … Not surprisingly it turns out that Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger — two radical clergy closely associated with Obama — have extensive ties to ACORN.  Their views fit nicely within the ACORN anti-capitalist agenda that they have been pushing for years.

Obama to amend report on $800,000 in spending.  U.S. Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign paid more than $800,000 to an offshoot of the liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for services the Democrat's campaign says it mistakenly misrepresented in federal reports.  An Obama spokesman said Federal Election Commission reports would be amended to show Citizens Services Inc. — a subsidiary of ACORN — worked in "get-out-the-vote" projects, instead of activities such as polling, advance work and staging major events as stated in FEC finance reports filed during the primary.

Obama's Liberal Shock Troops:  Mr. Obama has extensive connections with the granddaddy of activist groups, Acorn (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which has gotten millions in government grants for its low-income housing programs.  In 1992, Acorn hired Mr. Obama to run a voter registration effort.  He later became a trainer for the group, as well as its lawyer in election law cases.  Acorn's political arm has endorsed Mr. Obama while its "voter education" arm has pledged to spend $35 million to register people this fall — despite a history of vote fraud scandals that have led to guilty pleas by many Acorn employees.

O's Dangerous Pals:  The seeds of today's financial meltdown lie in the Commu nity Reinvestment Act — a law passed in 1977 and made riskier by unwise amendments and regulatory rulings in later decades.  CRA was meant to encourage banks to make loans to high-risk borrowers, often minorities living in unstable neighborhoods.  That has provided an opening to radical groups like ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to abuse the law by forcing banks to make hundreds of millions of dollars in "subprime" loans to often uncreditworthy poor and minority customers.

Rotten Boroughs.  Ayers' Weather Underground grew out of "Students For A Democratic Society", as did ACORN.  Today, Ayers and his fellow "educators" are engaged with considerable success in radicalizing the next generation of Americans.  But, if that doesn't work, Acorn has a fallback strategy.  What does ACORN do?  It steals elections.

Vote-Fraud-A-Go-Go.  Let every vote count, is the Democratic Party's mantra these days.  That slogan might better be:  Let every vote count as often as we need to win.  Such, at any rate, are the tactics of ACORN, Barack Obama's favorite "community organizers," and its Project Vote — of which, the Democratic presidential candidate has boasted, "I started working as the director … here in Chicago."

The ACORN/Obama Voter Registration "Thug Thizzle".  Systemic corruption of our election process continues. … On Monday [10/6/2008], the two liberal groups announced the wrap-up of a 21-state voter registration drive targeting low-income people and minorities in battleground states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Wisconsin.  What's wrong with that?  For starters, these two groups are militant partisan outfits purporting to engage in nonpartisan civic activity.  And their campaign comes amid an avalanche of fresh voter-fraud allegations involving ACORN in many of those same key states.

Blunt links 'sordid' ACORN to Obama.  Gov. Matt Blunt sought yesterday to link Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with accusations of fraudulent voter registration in Missouri and other states by an organization that advocates for poor people.  Blunt, a Republican, called ACORN an organization with a "sordid history" of voter fraud in Missouri.  In a telephone conference call, Blunt recounted a series of problems ACORN had caused with voter registration in the state.

Obama and ACORN: Relationship May Be More Extensive Than Candidate Says.  Barack Obama says he only had limited ties to ACORN, and they began in 1995.  But other encounters with the group, plus a voter-registration drive he conducted called Project Vote three years earlier, calls his account into question.

ACORN: Not the Face of Change.  Barack Obama has numerous ties to ACORN, the group under investigation for voter registration fraud in states across the nation.  Obama paid one of their subsidiaries, Citizen Services, Inc., $800,000 and misrepresented that payment on his campaign finance disclosures.

Liberal group's fraud shows voter ID need.  What do Barack Obama, Cynthia Tucker and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) have in common?  I'll tell you a few facts and you decide.  I'll try not to load my words, as Cynthia Tucker did in her Sunday column blasting voter ID laws as the product of "pseudo-facts" and "overhyped allegations of voter fraud."  Readers of my column will, I hope, be outraged by their own thinking, not feelings emanating from pejorative terms.

The Rise And Fall Of The Obama Campaign:  Will Obama win, or will the whole truth about him become known in the nick of time? ... If you believe Obama's protestations of ignorance about Ayers' terrorist background, you've been brainwashed.  The Obamas are not oblivious. ... [ACORN is] the organization with which Obama has been associated throughout his adult life, as organizer, trainer, lawyer, funder and political beneficiary ... and Obama's Achilles heel.

ACORN's big scam:  Obama has in the past represented ACORN in his home state of Illinois.  And during the primary season the Obama campaign gave ACORN some $830,000 to help with a get out the vote drive.  In Ohio, where the ACORN effort was particularly intense, about a third of some 660,000 new voter registrations don't match information on file in other government databases.  Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, didn't seem particularly concerned, so Republican Party officials took the issue into federal court.

ACORN Magazine Article on Obama Magically Reappears.  It appears ACORN has decided there is no point in continuing to hide an article that links Senator Barack Obama to it in the early 1990s because it's out there in cyberspace already.

Obama's Big Lie in the Last Debate:  One of Obama's first career jobs was with ACORN.  He was recognized early on as a talented organizer by ACORN leader Madeline Talbott, (think smooth talker) and she got him to coach ACORN leaders in community activism.  At the time, Talbott was focusing on ACORN's efforts to expand bank lending to low-income, high-risk customers — the activity that ultimately precipitated today's mortgage market failure — so it is likely Obama trained her leaders with a focus on that effort.

Stealing the Presidency: An Obama/ACORN Primer.  For the past eight years, Americans have been bombarded nearly nonstop by cries of "Bush stole the White House," without a single proven shred of evidence, without a single indictment or conviction of Republicans on vote fraud, vote rigging or anything even close.  Meanwhile the only group indicated and convicted in actual vote fraud cases in the last two elections — ACORN — is fully mobilized still, claims to have registered 1.3 million new voters this year, and is tied historically and inextricably to our front-running candidate for President, Barack Obama.

MSNBC Teams Up With ACORN, La Raza.  MSNBC has launched a news project with a variety of left-wing special interest groups to boost their Election Day coverage and help viewers experiencing problems at the polls.  One of the groups involved in MSNBC's "Election Protection" project is the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now.  ACORN has been involved in rampant voter registration fraud across the nation this election cycle and is actively supporting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for president.

ACORN's White Horse:  ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, is essentially a Marxist shakedown outfit.  One of its main rackets is election fraud — but it can also be very helpful if you happen to be a Leftist activist who finds himself needing, say, to foment a riot, vandalize public property, shut down legislative hearings or opposition conferences, harass the families of elected officials, extort leave-us-alone pay-offs from banks, promote illegal immigration, or the like.  Like ACORN, Obama is a community organizer in the Saul Alinsky radical mode, and he goes way back — two decades back — with the organization.

Barack Obama's Involvement with ACORN Unearthed, Missing Article Recovered.  While Barack Obama's connection with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has not gone entirely unreported, it has not been fully explained.  Most media background pieces simply note Obama's involvement in a 1995 lawsuit on behalf of ACORN.  Obama's own website, as well as most major media, fail to reveal the full depth and extent of his relationship with the organization.

Obama Campaign Involved in More Cover-Ups in ACORN Scandal.  On Thursday we revealed the connection between Barack Obama and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), and uncovered a 2004 article that discussed his involvement with the organization which had recently been removed from the web.  Today [10/10/2008], the cover-ups continue and language on Obama's fightthesmears.com website has been altered in order to make it look like he has been telling the truth about his ACORN associations all along.

The Case Against Barack Obama, Part 2.  Obama and [William] Ayers also served on the board of the Woods Fund, an organization that distributed grant money to ACORN, which pushes its leftist agenda — "tax justice," livable wages, anti-school choice, voter registration and affordable housing.  The nearly 400,000-person-strong organization is currently under investigation by state and federal authorities in several states for voter registration fraud.  The Obama campaign dismisses any connection to ACORN as tangential.

FBI investigating ACORN voter fraud; Obama indisputably linked to ACORN.  The FBI has opened an investigation into ACORN's alleged voter registration fraud.  The Obama camp is desperately trying to distance itself from ACORN, but there's no question that Obama is linked to the group.  Obama is also seeking to distract attention from the fraud allegations by trying to paint the ACORN investigation as "politically motivated."

Creating the illusion of unstoppability on Election Day.  Indiana's Marion County is where the Obama campaign has been sending ACORN/SEIU thug activists for the past ten months to create the illusion on Election Day that he is "unstoppable".  It's only a three hour drive from the gutters of Chicago to Indianapolis (in Marion County) and there are hundreds of ACORN/SEIU activist who have made the trip many times over the course of this election season.  Why?  Because the polls in Indiana close at 6PM Central.  There will still be polls open on the east coast when Indiana polls close, and the salivating Obama-supporting media can make their first projections.

A Brighter and Righter Future.  Watching the ACORN organization come under investigation in more than a dozen states for voter fraud and illegality, it is sobering to imagine what Obama, a former ACORN trainer and community organizer, would do to give even more of our tax money to this hard-left, corrupt organization.  It is also unlikely an Obama Justice Department would prosecute any of the donor-fraud and voter-fraud allegations that are rapidly building up.

Will ACORN Steal the Election?  [Scroll down]  Obama also gave more than $800,000 to Citizen Services Inc., an ACORN subsidiary, for "get out the vote" activities during the Democratic primary, a fact the candidate initially tried to conceal.  Obama's "Fight the Smears" website claims that "ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration Barack ran in 1992."  "Now ACORN says 'we only had him for two conferences, for one hour each,' but that's not what contemporary newspaper accounts at the time say," commented John Fund, author of Stealing Elections, at Heritage last Monday [10/27/2008 (?)].  He said that Project Vote and ACORN were affiliated at the time, a relationship which grew into a full partnership.

O's Dangerous Pals.  What exactly does a "community organizer" do?  Barack Obama's rise has left many Americans asking themselves that question.  Here's a big part of the answer:  Community organizers intimidate banks into making high-risk loans to customers with poor credit.  In the name of fairness to minorities, community organizers occupy private offices, chant inside bank lobbies, and confront executives at their homes — and thereby force financial institutions to direct hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages to low-credit customers.

New White House Counsel Was Defender of ACORN.  The incoming White House counsel will carry a reputation for hardball tactics into his new job.  As President Barack Obama's election attorney, Robert Bauer staunchly defended ACORN against political attacks, sought investigations of political opponents and pressed TV and radio stations to stop running ads critical of the Democratic nominee.

White House's Acorn Cookies Surprises Republican Lawmaker.  The chocolate cookies shaped like an acorn were quite a hit with Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.  "I didn't expect to see such stark symbolism," King said in an e-mail.

Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2011.  [Scroll down]  Despite a ban on funding that Obama signed into law, his administration continues to fund the corrupt and allegedly defunct "community" organization ACORN.  In July 2011 Judicial Watch uncovered a $79,819 grant to AHCOA (Affordable Housing Centers of America), the renamed ACORN Housing which has a long history of corrupt activity.  In absolute violation of the funding ban, Judicial Watch has since confirmed that the Obama administration has funneled $730,000 to the ACORN network, a group that has a long personal history with President Obama.

Note:  More information about ACORN (and vote fraud) can be found here.

Mrs. Obama

Michelle Obama shoots off her mouth in embarrassing tirade.  After becoming the national food and exercise scold, provoking vast waste and mass starvation as public school students discard the unappetizing and skimpy lunches she has forced on school cafeterias, she has now turned toward outright slander of those who oppose the greenies. [...] Michelle Obama has been handed a golden pass to easy street ever since she got into Princeton University and wrote a senior thesis demonstrating her difficulty writing and spelling the English Language at a 10th grade level.  She got a made-up job at over $300,000 a year when her husband became a US Senator, and when she moved to the White House nobody was needed or appointed to replace her.  Now, with her husband's post presidency looming, she stands at the brink of fabulous wealth, as is the post-Clinton practice of Democrats leaving the presidency.  And she will still be angry, resentful, and libelous toward those who disagree with her.

Michelle Obama surprises students to talk about memoir.  A group of students from Spelman and Morehouse colleges who've been studying Michelle Obama's memoir, "Becoming," had a surprise visitor to discuss the work — the former first lady herself.

Obama and Clinton's Coup d'état Enters the 2020 Election Campaign.  The coup in which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton used the FBI to try to overturn the 2016 election of Donald Trump lives on, and has moved full-bore into the 2020 presidential election campaign.  Making it a big deal that he is "not Obama endorsed", ex-vice president Joe Biden launched his presidential bid as the front runner who will fight off Trump for the "soul of America".  Behind all the hullabaloo, aside from spreading the Big Lie that Trump's a "racist", Biden is really only in the presidential race to keep a seat warm for Obama, who will install whomever he wants as the Democrat nominee, unfortunately perhaps including his overbearing wife, Michelle.  Having lost his last shot at a third term in office through the 2016 humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton, the Big O's back in the presidential game, and this time he's playing for keeps.

Is Michelle Obama the Democratic stealth nominee?  [Scroll down]  With the feeding frenzy expected to drive down all the Democrat hopefuls' positives by February, Michelle Obama will be perfectly positioned to sweep the nomination as the most popular and most famous Democrat, second only to her husband.  Michelle Obama enjoys an almost identical 56 percent positive to just 31 percent negative public opinion as her husband.  But in what could be transformative by uniting the traditional and social activist Democrat Party, Michelle Obama is the Millennials' 1st ranked public figure.

Michelle Obama Takes Swipe At Single Fathers:  America Under Trump Is Like 'Living With Divorced Dad'.  "Believe me, as a busy single mother — or, I shouldn't say single, as a busy mother," she said in an April 2013 TV interview.  "Sometimes, you know, when you've got a husband who is president, it can feel a little single.  But he's there."  She went on to praise busy mothers — single or not — listing out the woes of "working, driving kids to practice, not having enough time to shop or cook, not having the energy, you know, the resources weren't the issue but time and energy is key."  But the former first lady doesn't seem to be too keen on single fathers.

Is Michelle Obama trying to run for president with her knock on divorced dads, US cities?  Rush Limbaugh thinks Team Obama may be strategizing a Michelle Obama run for president in 2020.  The radio host said Barack and Michelle are so ticked off that Trump won that they "want back in."  Limbaugh cited Michelle's extensive, never-ending book tour as a sign that the Obamas' lust for power could result in the ever vicious and vengeful former first lady announcing her candidacy.  This past Sunday, during another promotional interview for her book at London's O2 arena, Mrs. Obama sounded an awful lot like what she sounded like in 2008.  Who can forget Mrs. Obama's inflated and anti-America rhetoric while campaigning for her husband?

Is Michelle Waiting in the Wings?  I think that it is entirely possible that the Obamas are sitting out there lurking in the weeds.  Her book is still out there.  They are waiting for these people to eat themselves alive, these other Democrat nominees, and chew themselves up with this radicalism.

Did Michelle Obama's Chief of Staff Help Prop Up the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax?  Last week, the president of the Chicago police union asked the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate whether Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx interfered in the police investigation of Empire star Jussie Smollett.  Further reporting suggested Foxx may have interfered after receiving a text from Tina Tchen, former chief of staff for former first lady Michelle Obama. [...] Smollett was eventually charged with 16 felony counts after reporting a hate crime hoax.  Foxx had recused herself from the case, but Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Kevin Graham demanded an investigation last week.

Malia, Michelle, Barack and the College Admissions Scandal.  [Scroll down]  Michelle was the next to attend Harvard, in her case Harvard Law School.  "Told by counselors that her SAT scores and her grades weren't good enough for an Ivy League school," writes Christopher Andersen in Barack and Michelle, "Michelle applied to Princeton and Harvard anyway."  Sympathetic biographer Liza Mundy writes, "Michelle frequently deplores the modern reliance on test scores, describing herself as a person who did not test well."  She did not write well either.  Mundy charitably describes her senior thesis, "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community," as "dense and turgid."  The less charitable Christopher Hitchens observed, "To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be 'read' at all, in the strict sense of the verb.  This is because it wasn't written in any known language."  Hitchens exaggerated only a little. [...] Michelle even typed badly.  Still, she was admitted to and graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law.  I have been told by those on the inside that there are ways of recognizing affirmative-action admissions.  Still, one almost feels sorry for Michelle.  She was in so far over her head it is no wonder she projected her angst onto the white people around her.

There's a miasma of corruption around the Obamas, even now.  Michelle Obama's got a heckuva political apparatus surrounding her even in President Obama's post-presidency, and it all comes with a strong odor of corruption. [...] One can only hope that more facts come out on this one.  The pattern with the Obama flunkies still operating as if there were no end to the Obama presidency is starting to get pretty clear.

Michelle Obama would be tied with Biden as frontrunner if she ran in 2020, poll shows.  Former first lady Michelle Obama tied with former Vice President Joe Biden as the top choice among Democratic voters when asked who should be the party's nominee in 2020.  A Hill-HarrisX poll released Tuesday [2/19/2019] found that 25 percent of Democrats said they would back Obama in the party primary over nine other declared or potential candidates, including Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas).  Obama has said she is not running, and Biden has not announced whether he will launch another White House bid.

Is Michelle Obama Plotting to Take the White House in 2020?  Recently, the mainstream media gleefully reported something that many at first dismissed, quickly passing it off as nothing more than a transient morsel of cultural trivia, if not fake news.  Allegedly, a recent Gallup Poll not only bestowed upon Michelle Obama the honor of being The Most Admired Woman in 2018, but also thereby declared her to be more popular than Hillary and Oprah!  I would suggest this news might represent an ominous bellwether of measurable import to all of us who are hoping to see President Trump elected to a second term.

And the World's New Most-Admired Woman Is....  It appears that the traditional excessive New Years drinking has begun already.  Gallup just announced a dramatic change, and after 17 years on top Hillary Clinton is no longer the most-admired woman in American eyes. [...] It's Michelle Obama.  Two years after losing her White House lease, Mrs. Obama surged past Mrs. Clinton and Oprah Winfrey into the top spot.  OK, Mrs. Obama is on a book tour that puts her out there and reminds folks of her face.  And, to be truthful here, Obama's meaningless win was not an overwhelming victory.  She was mentioned by only 15 percent of respondents in the open-ended question.  That's three times the percentage of those mentioning another perennial choice, Oprah Winfrey.  First Lady Melania Trump came in third this year at four percent, the same number as earned by the fallen Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Obama ends Hillary Clinton's run as most-admired woman.  Former first lady Michelle Obama is the woman most admired by Americans this year, taking over the top spot that Hillary Clinton has held for 16 years, a new Gallup poll says.

The Editor says...
That's an eye-opener.  I thought Hillary Clinton was the least-admired woman in the country.  Those who admire her at all obviously don't know anything about the baggage she carries from one decade to the next.  If she's really the most-admired woman in the country, why can't she win an election?  This sounds like another effort by the "news" media to set up Michelle Obama as a presidential candidate.

Michelle Obama dresses to impress in $4,000 glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots.  Michelle Obama made a fashionable appearance on the final stop of her book tour where she was interviewed by Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.  Obama, wearing $4,000 glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots, packed out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday night, where Parker interviewed her about her new book, Becoming.

Michelle Obama's horrifying $4,000 Balenciaga boots.  Recently, former first lady Michelle Obama closed out her money-grabbing "Becoming" a gazillionaire book tour of America at the Barclay Center in Fort Green, Brooklyn, where Michelle's welcome was on a level comparable to Beyoncé's.  After being introduced by an anorexic Sarah Jessica "Sex in the City" Parker, Michelle emerged from candy-pink curtains donned with what had to be 100 yards of blinding yellow tie-waist satin.  Then, before sitting down, the towering former FLOTUS applauded herself Hillary-style and feigned humility by crossing her arms across her chest, appearing shocked that so many dupes were willing to pay $3,000 for a ticket.

Michelle Obama tells crowd how much smarter she is than everyone else.  Former First Lady Michelle Obama wants people to know how much smarter she is than everyone else.  While speaking to an audience during talk with Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in London, Obama said she's been at "powerful tables" and that they are not that smart.  "I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of, I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the U.N.:  They are not that smart," she arrogantly said.

Dinesh D'Souza Says Michelle Obama's College Thesis Was 'Illiterate and Incoherent'.  Dinesh D'Souza described Michelle Obama's college thesis as "illiterate and incoherent."  The far-right author and filmmaker launched a scathing attack on the former first lady after she claimed that people at the most powerful organizations in the world were "not as smart" as some portrayed them to be.  "Anyone who has read Michelle's college thesis — a document so illiterate and incoherent that it was written, as Christopher Hitchens put it, in 'no known language' — will chuckle heartily at this one," D'Souza wrote on his Facebook page, sharing a link to a Newsweek article that reported Obama's remark.

Dreams From His Wife.  [Scroll down]  [In her new book Becoming,] Michelle [Obama] writes that "he'd spent the first 20 years of his life going by the nickname Barry," but "somewhere along the way, though, he'd stepped into the fullness of his birth name — Barack Hussein Obama."  Michelle does not note that, in all his writings from 1958 to 1964, the Kenyan Barack Obama mentions nothing about an American wife and Hawaiian-born son.  Dreams from My Father devoted more than 2,000 words to the beloved "Frank," whom the author identified as Frank Marshall Davis.  Becoming does not mention Frank, so Michelle missed an opportunity to explain the devotion of a black American to all-white Communist dictatorships. [...] On page 148 readers meet Valerie Jarrett, deputy chief of staff to Chicago mayor Harold Washington.  Valerie spent her childhood in her Iran, "where her father had been a doctor at a hospital."  Michelle does not divulge that Valerie's father, James Bowman, and her father-in-law Vernon Jarrett were both Communists and associates of Frank Marshall Davis.

Michelle Obama is the Democrat 2020 frontrunner, even if she doesn't want to be.  Sales records for her memoirs confirm that her candidacy would combine the slobbering media and Democrat love affair for her husband with the steroid of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Saint Michelle Cashes in, Big Time.  Michelle Obama has a new memoir out called "Becoming."  Add two words:  "Very Wealthy."  The Obamas struck a $65 million book deal for his-and-hers memoirs, and next to it is their $50 million production deal with Netflix.  They are set to cash in to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.  One outlet has called them a "billion-dollar brand."  None of their media sycophants find this the tiniest bit controversial.  They are the royal family.  They cannot possibly be compensated enough.  (President Trump's wealth?  Wealth generated by a lifetime of work in the private sector?  Unacceptable.)  Mrs. Obama's interviews — entirely with women, and mostly black women — are servile in every "objective news" venue and even worse during TV promotional pit stops.  Ellen DeGeneres aired a sappy tribute video stuffed with adoration and proclaimed that Obama is "a human being that we all look up to."  She said, "you inspire all of us.  So, we put together a little something for you to just show you how amazing you are."

Yes, Michelle Obama, YOU helped push out an independent government watchdog..  Michelle Malkin has the story the Obama-slobbering media won't touch.

Who Is Michelle Obama?  Read Her Princeton Thesis and She'll Tell You.  Michelle Obama raged against the risk of her "integration and/or assimilation into a White cultural and social structure" in her Princeton University thesis.  I reviewed this document, remarkable for its rancor as well as for its orthographical dysfunction, during her husband's first presidential campaign ten years ago.  Now that Mrs. Obama has emerged as a prospective candidate for the 2020 presidential election, her radical rant is worth another look.

Michelle Obama's money-making hypocrisy is laughable.  To read the worshipful press coverage you'd never know that, for Democrats, the unthinkable has happened:  Michelle Obama has revealed herself as just another guru for sale.  On Tuesday night, the former first lady kicked off her 10-city North American book tour, which more closely resembled a cult-of-personality-propaganda-rally, at the United Center in Chicago. [...] The cheapest ticket I could find, five days after the on-sale date, was for $920.81, and that came with no extras:  No meet-and-greet, no signed book, no free book, no T-shirt or tote bag or even a food court coupon.  Just the privilege of sitting on an uncomfortable folding chair for three hours as Michelle Obama engaged in the kind of sleazy cash grab/ego stroke normally the province of Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Obama, still hating, after all these years.  Michelle Obama has a new book out where she vows she will "never forgive" President Donald Trump for spreading the birther talk about former President Barack Obama because — her words — it was "dangerous" and "deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks." [...] First off, unstable minds are character traits of Democrats and the left, not Republicans.  Everybody knows this.  From Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter to burn, baby, burn types on any college campus around the nation that dares to host a conservative speaker, fact is, angry violence and cringe-worthy vitriol — both abhorrent, even criminal, behaviors to the ideological right — are nonetheless considered proper First Amendment expressions to the left.

Michelle Obama says she stopped 'trying to smile' during 'misogynist' Trump's inauguration.  Michele Obama, the former first lady, said in an interview that aired Sunday that she "stopped even trying to smile" during President Trump inauguration and wondered in her new book why so many women rejected "an exceptionally qualified female candidate and instead choose a misogynist as their president."  Obama spoke with ABC News in a wide-ranging interview.

Michelle Obama gives Robin Roberts a Chicago tour ahead of memoir release.  Former first lady Michelle Obama and "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts visited Obama's childhood home on the South Side and her Near West Side high school last week for an ABC network special tied to Obama's forthcoming memoir.

Michelle Obama is Dem rock star many wish would run for president.  The most popular Democrat in the country is about to go on a highly anticipated book tour that is likely to remind the country of her political muscle.  Michelle Obama will talk to large crowds in arenas that hold rock concerts and NBA games.  She'll appear all over the media and could sell more books than prospective 2020 candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  But the former first lady is decidedly not running for president.

The Editor says...
She's not running for president at this moment.  But that doesn't say anything about next year.

NBC Excited by Michelle Obama's Get Out the Vote Push for Democrats.  On Thursday [10/11/2018], before conducting an exclusive live interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama, Today show host Savannah Guthrie enthusiastically reported on Mrs. Obama's "work inspiring others" being "far from over" as she launched a get out the vote effort to help Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.  After touting Obama as "a champion for the American people" during her time in the White House, Guthrie gushed that the former First Lady was "still having viral moments outside of it."  As examples, the anchor highlighted Mrs. Obama "officiating a wedding in Chicago" as well as her and the former president "taking on the title of producers, signing a deal with Netflix."

Michelle Obama urges young voters to 'take their power back'.  At a voter registration rally Friday [9/28/2018], fired-up former first lady Michelle Obama urged a predominantly youthful crowd at the University of Miami to "take their power back" and bridge the gap between frustration over the political climate and "actually doing something about it."

The Editor says...
If they are supposed to "take their power back," who has their power now?  And what kind of power is it?

Michelle Obama to embark on arena tour.  Just for the scale of its venues, there has never been a rollout quite like the one for Obama's memoir "Becoming," with stops including the Pepsi Center in Denver and American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Former First Lady officiates wedding of Chicago deputy mayor's daughter ahead of her book tour.  Michelle Obama spent her Saturday [9/22/2018] officiating a wedding in Chicago ahead of her highly anticipated book tour.  The former First Lady was in her hometown to oversee the wedding of the Chicago deputy mayor's daughter Stephanie Rivkin.

Michelle Obama says she's 'sick of all the nastiness in politics'.  Former first lady Michelle Obama admitted she is tired of mean politics but has encouraged people to make their mark and vote in the upcoming midterms.  The 54-year-old spoke at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sunday and urged attendees to have their say in elections this November.  'I'm sick of all the chaos and nastiness of our politics,' she revealed.

Michelle Obama charging $3,000 for VIP tickets during book tour for her memoir.  The tickets for Michelle Obama's upcoming book tour are selling fast, and at a price that is unheard of in the publishing world.  Mrs. Obama will be making 12 stops in 10 cities to promote her memoir Becoming, and given the hype around the book will be appearing in arenas such as the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn and TD Garden in Boston.  Tickets for these events are going for as low as $29.95, but for a VIP package fans will have to shell out $3,000 to meet and greet Michelle Obama while also getting a front row seat, their very own photo with the former first lady and a autographed copy of her book.  Those fans will have to hurry however, because despite the jaw-dropping price the VIP package tickets are sold out at almost every venue just hours after going on sale.

Michelle's 'Becoming' a Gazillionaire Book Tour.  For those who forgot — or would like to forget — despite waking up every morning for eight years "in a house built by slaves," America's former first lady, Michelle Obama, indulged in 100 million dollars' worth of vacations at taxpayers' expense; wore haute couture; and, while attempting to limit every morsel Americans put in their mouths, ate epicurean fare fit for a queen.  Recently, Penguin Random House and an advance in excess of $65 million for two memoirs ensured that Mrs. Obama can continue to live the lifestyle she'd grown accustomed to, which now includes things like an $8.1-million Kalorama mansion and back-to-back vacations in Martha's Vineyard and Mallorca, Spain.  For those of us who "at this point have made enough money," if a $65-million tome reiterating the minutiae Michelle and Barack have subjected America to for a decade weren't enough, like U2 on steroids, Mrs. Obama has now decided to embark on a hard-knock-life stadium-sized expedition.

Michelle Obama, back with a racially charged vengeance.  First came Barack Obama, with a speech from the University of Illinois, reminding conservatives everywhere why America is so, so, so lucky to have survived eight years of his administration.  Now comes his wife, Michelle — reminding of more of the same.  Hooray, the gang's all here.  The former first lady tossed down both race and gender cards as a means of imploring her fellow lefties to get out and vote.

Michelle Obama comes to the stadiums.  Former first lady Michelle Obama is coming to the stadiums.  Lots of stadiums, the kind of stadiums leftist NFL football players could take a knee in.  Supposedly, it's to sell her new book, the product of her glitzy multi-million-dollar post-White House book deal, dreamily titled Becoming:  An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama.  Get a load of that glamorous photo with the one-shoulder look, carefully styled to show a white T-shirt sexily and insouciantly sliding off one of Michelle's shoulders.  Intimate, you know?  And pure Hollywood.

Michelle Obama urges non-white women to vote.  Why does she assume they'll go Dem?  Former first lady Michelle Obama is partnering with Black Entertainment Television to prompt women of color to vote during the 2018 midterm elections in November.  Obama "has a special message" for women of color, in a one-minute advertisement released Sunday.  "Help your sisters, children, and congregations get registered and ready to vote!" BET tweeted.

Michelle Obama hides behind her security detail as she tries (and fails) to remain incognito.  Michelle Obama went out for lunch in Mallorca on Thursday [8/30/2018], as she continued enjoying her vacation on the Spanish island.  The former first lady, 54, was seen heading out of a restaurant after eating with former Ambassador James Costos, 55, and his partner Michael Smith, 54.  Michelle, who is currently in Mallorca as the couple's guest, received the same invitation last year and on that occasion too spent a few days in Balearic Islands.

Know anyone who relies on menu nutrition info to order?  Remember all that debating in Washington over requiring every single eating establishment in these United States to post nutrition information by every single food item you might conceivably order?  The rules, which took effect in May, required rewriting every menu anywhere.  But it was being implemented long before.  These rules were biggies for Michelle Obama, who liked to order french fries anyway.  This was another of those possibly well-meaning federal edicts designed to force Americans to eat healthier than they want because many of us don't.  The former first lady and others thought the federal government has a major role to play in forcing the population to eat what experts think they should eat, right down to reformulating school lunches that didn't go over so well.  Mrs. Obama even wanted restaurants to scrap the most popular menu items if their health formula did not pass her muster.  Look around on the sidewalk at lunch hour, see how well that's working.

Clueless Michelle Obama Trashes Trump as "Mediocre" — Says "Last Election Does Not Give Me Hope".  President Trump has now been in office a year and a quarter.  President Trump's results when compared to those of President Obama at the same time are stunning.  In every economic measurement, President Trump far out-performs President Obama. [...] President Trump's economy is just plain on fire!  Barack Obama was the worst economic president since the Great Depression.  Only Barack Obama's foreign policy performed worse than his economic policies.  Despite the facts former First Lady Michelle Obama took a swipe at President Trump this week during a speaking engagement in Scotland.

Don't ask
She No Longer Feels Pride In America (Surprised?).  A 45-year low in black unemployment does not give her hope in her country?  Apparently not.  This time around, she is unable to feel pride not only because Donald Trump is mediocre in her view but because the candidate she wanted to win — Hillary Clinton, who more importantly is a woman — didn't.

Did Michelle Obama successfully lobby ABC TV's president to fire Roseanne?  There are many angles to this week's Roseanne Barr controversy.  This one caught my attention:  on Tuesday afternoon [5/29/2018], about twelve hours after Roseanne tweeted and quickly deleted her comments about Valerie Jarrett that almost instantly eviscerated her TV career, a Twitter user named Josh Cornett tweeted this: [...] As one might imagine, close to 100% of the reporting on Roseanne Barr and her toxic tweet reflected the "me too" school of journalism that currently dominates almost all reporting.  Think pack journalism and endlessly repeated words like "racist," "conspiracy theory," "unsourced," and so on.

Michelle Obama Laments 2016 Election At Women's Conference.  Michelle Obama and other liberal women seem to think they are the only women who vote.  They still have no idea why they lost the 2016 election.  Michelle made some revealing comments about this recently.

Michelle Obama, take your snottiness and go.  Michelle Obama, the former first lady who seems to have appointed herself the spokesperson for the fairer gender, has taken to criticizing her fellow women for voting for Donald Trump for president in 2016.  She's "concerned" about women.  She's wondering "what is going on in our heads."  Well, she needn't be.  In fact, better yet, she ought to just go away.  And take that trail of condescension, too.  Obama's snottiness, while typical of the left's ever-present contempt toward the right, adds nothing to the current political climate but fire.

Michelle Obama comments on 2016 election.  Michelle Obama on Saturday [5/5/2018] discussed the 2016 presidential election at the United State of Women summit, during which she said she is still reflecting on the outcome and asking how "we let that happen."  "In light of this last election, I'm concerned about us as women and how we think," she said at the event.  "What is going on in our heads where we let that happen, you know?"

SEEMS like forever already.
Michelle Obama Declares Herself America's 'Forever First Lady'.  Former First Lady Michelle Obama described herself as America's "forever First Lady" on Wednesday [5/2/2018] as she addressed a crowd of high school students at a College Signing Day in Philadelphia.  Obama, 54, told a crowd of over 8,000 high school seniors at Temple University in Philadelphia that she, as the "forever first lady," and the nation is counting on them to succeed.

Melania Trump Hasn't Been on a Single Magazine Cover Since Trump Took Office.  "If the Trumps were Democrats," conservative actor James Woods tweeted earlier this month, "Melania would be on every cover of every chic women's magazine in the world every month."  Woods may be exaggerating a little bit — only Oprah can put herself on the cover of a magazine every month, and it's her own magazine — but he does make an interesting point.

Behold the Lowlights of Michelle Obama's Trump-Bashing Tour.  Judging from their vocal criticism of President Trump, it's clear that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Obama shares G.W. Bush's viewpoint that it's terrible for the country and the presidency to undermine a current president.  Barack does it by praising anything and anyone who opposes the president's policies and, by doing so, manages to disparage the man who took his place.  Michelle, on the other hand, is much less diplomatic.  Instead of using discretion, Mrs. Obama vomits out anti-Trump venom wherever she goes.  Michelle's Trump-Bashing Tour started right after the 2016 election, when Mrs. Hope and Change told Oprah Winfrey that because Trump was elected, "now we're feeling what not having hope feels like."

Michelle Obama admits her vegetable garden schtick was all a ruse.  In the midst of a flap about Washington Post pop fashion writer Robin Givhan getting kicked out of a Black Entertainment Television conference for violating confidentiality, we learn something new about the Real Michelle Obama from Givhan's reporting, first spotted in a buried lede in a New York Post story: [...] Reporting this was what got Givhan kicked out of the conference.  Apparently, the conference-organizers thought she would ignore her journalist's nose for news and continue to carry water for the Obamas as she always has.

BET boots journalist from Michelle Obama conference.  The BET Network booted a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from its conference for publishing a Q&A with Michelle Obama, sparking a social media storm.  The network had invited the Washington Post's Robin Givhan to its syntactically questionable "Leading Women Defined" conference in Bal Harbour, Fla., but then demanded she leave after she published her article, claiming that Obama's talk had been conducted in a "sacred space." [...] When BET brass saw the story, they kicked Givhan out and canceled a panel she was due to moderate.  But while claiming Michelle's talk was private, BET didn't play by its own rules:  The network posted sections of the interview on its website, while Valerie Jarrett, who conducted the chat, teased on social media that fans should "tune in to BET" to hear all that Obama really said.

Hillary in India:  A Sari Spectacle.  Were another female to occupy the White House during Hillary's lifetime, the effect on her could be more personally devastating than anything she has yet suffered.  Especially if it were Barack Obama's wife.

Michelle Obama:  Running For President Out, Creating "Thousands Of Mes" In.  Rest easy, America.  Former First Lady Michelle Obama has no dreams of running for president.  Or, so she says.  She claims she is enjoying her work through the Obama Foundation, meeting and encouraging young leaders to step up and take over the world.  Then she sends a shiver up my spine as she says it is more important to create "thousands of mes".

Becoming Michelle Obama.  [Scroll down]  Forgetting that America has heard all that bootstrap-racial oppression malarkey before, of late, Michelle has given glimpses into the biographical vistas Becoming will explore.  Last year, for instance, for the 50,000th time, Michelle reiterated to the Hartford Courant that her "[p]arents weren't wealthy."  That was true until Mama Marian Robinson moved into the White House and received reparations in the form of four or more $4-million vacations a year — compliments of the U.S. taxpayer.  Comparing her former home to the $8.1-million mansion she currently occupies in the posh Kalorama section of Washington, D.C., Michelle poured it on when she told the Connecticut news site, "They weren't fancy folks.  But we had a good childhood, living in a little, bitty apartment."

Michelle Obama's upcoming memoir replicates Obama's road to power.  So Michelle Obama's got a coming-of-age memoir, titled Becoming, coming out?  To be released just a few days after November's midterms?  The ones in which Democrats expect to launch their Blue Wave and retake the House and the Senate?  Thomas Lifson, writing in today's American Thinker, couldn't be more on target in writing that the book signals that she's running for president.  What we are seeing here is not just a memoir for a million-dollar payday, as the Obamas have been so adept at gaining.  (Michelle, after all, did make a heap from her book on vegetables as she tried to micromanage what Americans eat).  This one is more than a memoir:  it's a marketing of herself, her persona, as a "narrative" for something bigger, which in her case is a crack at the presidency.

Michelle Obama faces backlash for racial 'Black Panther' comment that ignores film history.  Moviegoers were quick to correct former first lady Michelle Obama this week after she framed the blockbuster movie "Black Panther" as a racial milestone.  The left-wing magazine Salon was mocked by superhero fans earlier this month for calling "Black Panther" the "first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center."  Mrs. Obama, however, made the same error on Monday [2/19/2018] after the Marvel Studios hit tallied the highest-grossing February debut — $201.8 million for its Friday-Sunday weekend.

Michelle Obama is Back on the Job.  Surely Barack Obama recognizes how distressing it is for liberals to have to deal with a commander-in-chief who, instead of saying "I" 96 times in a 72-minute speech, in an 80-minute speech, chooses instead to say "We" 129 times.  That's why, every chance he gets to set the record straight, albeit, with finesse, Barack makes sure to disparage the sitting president.  Now Mrs. Obama is back, assisting her husband in eloquently casting all things Trump in a less-than-becoming light.  In her highly anticipated first television appearance since moving into her new $8.1-million mansion, Michelle spent time with "Ellen" celebrating the host's 60th birthday.

Michelle Obama slams women who voted for Trump.  Former first lady Michelle Obama leveled harsh criticism Wednesday at women who voted for President Trump, suggesting they voted against their own interests.  "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice," Obama told the audience during a talk at a marketing conference in Boston, according to Boston.com.  She went on to suggest female voters for Trump were just going with the pack.

Donald Trump Dumps Michelle O's Lunch Rule and Brings Chocolate Milk Back to Lunchrooms.  The Trump administration is ending yet another of Michelle Obama's hated, overly strict school lunch rules by bringing chocolate milk back to school lunch menus.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday [11/30/2017] announced a new rule set to take effect on July 1 after the period of public comment.  The new rule relaxes sodium limits and Obama's whole-grain requirements.  The rule will also allow milk with one percent fat back on the menu, ABC News reported.

What Michelle Obama Called A Prison, Melania Trump Calls An Honor.  Melania Trump, in an interview with CNN during her and President Trump's recent trip to Asia, said it's an "honor" to serve as the first lady.

Michelle Obama:  We raise men to feel 'entitled'.  Michelle Obama is questioning whether men may feel "entitled" and "self-righteous" because of mothers' inclination to protect them.  "It's like the problem in the world today is we love our boys and we raise our girls," the former first lady told poet Elizabeth Alexander Wednesday at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.  "We raise them to be strong, and sometimes we take care not to hurt men.  And I think we pay for that a little bit," Obama, 53, said.  The mom to daughters Malia, 19, and Sasha, 16, continued, "And that's a 'we' thing because we're raising them."

2020 poll:  Run Michelle Obama Run!  Get out of the way Bernie, Joe, Elizabeth and Kamala.  Democrats want former first lady Michelle Obama as their 2020 nominee.  According to a new Zogby Analytics survey provided to Secrets, Obama is at the top of the list of Democratic choices with 22 percent support, a huge sign of support for somebody who has never run for office.

The Editor says...
There's a reason Michelle has never run for office:  She would find out how unpopular she really is!

Michelle Obama's condescending and disgracefully out of touch advice to job-seeking women.  Isn't Michelle Obama adorable?  She actually thinks she is a typical woman in the United States, and that she can speak for all of us.  Michelle says she has no interest in running for president, trying to shatter what Hillary Clinton called the "highest and hardest glass ceiling," but she might consider bursting out of that elitist, condescending Beltway Bubble.  Speaking recently at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Obama pushed women to speak up for themselves in the workplace.  "Don't waste your seat at the table," she said.  "If you are scared to use your voice, then you've got to get up and give it to someone who isn't afraid to use the spot."  Such good advice, coming from someone whose idea of hardship was graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, and whose husband has always been there to provide for her.

American women have minds of their own — and Michelle Obama isn't happy about it.  Michelle Obama left the White House with a favorability rating of 68 percent, which was 10 points higher than her husband.  Americans appreciated the first lady, who they saw as a good wife and mother, an advocate for worthy causes such as children's health and as a positive role model, particularly for girls and young women.  Such a popular figure could do a tremendous amount of good today if she directed her attention to bringing people together by finding common ground and advancing important causes.  That's why it's such a shame that she is instead pushing people farther apart and fomenting partisanship at its worst.

Michelle Obama: 'People Don't Trust Politics' Because GOP Is 'All Men, All White'.  Tuesday [10/3/2017] at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, former first lady Michelle Obama said when she attended the State of the Union address she would notice the Republican side was "all men, all white," and that was why she argued many people of color "don't trust politics."

In Just A Few Days, Michelle Obama Has Already Disparaged 'White' Men Twice!  If former Presidents should fade into irrelevancy after their term is over, so should First Ladies.  I'm getting really sick of having to write about the Obamas months after they left the White House.  Adding to my frustration is the reason I have to write about them.  Former First Lady Michelle Obama is yet again knocking the Republican Party, this time while at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women.  Of course, she claimed the party (of which she is no part) is made up of old white guys, which has been the liberal mantra for quite some time, and despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Michelle Obama Says Conservative Women Don't Have Their Own Voices.  Michelle Obama believes the 42 percent of women and 53 percent of white women who voted against Hillary Clinton only did so because someone — presumably our patriarchs — told us to.  "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their [sic] own voice," the former first lady declared, speaking at a conference in Boston.  Believe it or not, the pomposity only got worse from there.

Hey, Hillary and Michelle — I'll vote for who I want to, thanks, not who YOU say I should.  Former first lady Michelle Obama is breaking her silence about a gang of people who did something awful because they're empty-headed zombies and under some sort of mind-control by evil-doers. [...] "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice," Obama told the audience recently at a marketing conference in Boston.  And what exactly does that mean?  After all, the feminist movement was about women becoming free to be able to make choices that best suited us.  I don't remember any discussion that our independence really meant we should do whatever Hillary Clinton and her minions told us to do.

FDA Delays New Nutrition Facts Label Unveiled by Michelle Obama.  The Trump administration is delaying a regulation championed by former first lady Michelle Obama to redesign the Nutrition Facts label.  The Food and Drug Administration on Friday issued a rule delaying until 2020 the compliance date for regulations that will make listed calories on food larger in an attempt to fight obesity.  Mrs. Obama unveiled the new label in May 2016 as part of her anti-obesity "Let's Move" campaign.  Aside from increasing the font size of calories and the addition of "added sugars" on the label, the regulations even dealt with how to label dinner mints.  The regulations will cost food manufacturers an estimated $640 million.

Is Michelle's 'true voice' Telling Her to Run for President?  During her terms as First Lady, Michelle chose popular causes to champion, like serving nutritional school lunches and cultivating home vegetable gardens, though there is no present evidence to suggest she is spading the earth around her new digs.  Instead, her most recent involvement with "dirt" goes no further than throwing it at women whose politics are different from her own.  Even if my inner voice were to tell me to plant rows of beans and broccoli and put them in lunch pails, I'm sure I would not meet with Michelle's approval.  It would seem, in fact, that Mrs. Obama is moving on from a past of counting calories to a future of counting votes.  And she is well aware that support from the usual constituencies will not be enough for the Democrats to regain the White House.  It certainly wasn't for Hillary last time.  So it behooves Michelle to get errant women who voted for Trump to next time vote for a woman.  And it might be her.

Michelle Obama Lectures Women Who Dared to Vote Against Hillary Clinton.  First of all, lets do a rewind.  Did women who voted for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democrat primary "vote against their voice" because they voted against the female candidate?  Did Michelle Obama vote against her voice for voting for a man, her husband, instead of Hillary?  Feminism is supposed to be about women acting as individuals, thinking for themselves, making decisions that best benefit them and intellectual diversity.  Voting for a candidate based on gender doesn't fit.  Michelle Obama should know better.  Second, it wasn't until Hillary Clinton became the last and best hope to preserve President Obama's legacy that Michelle Obama actually started praising her.  In fact, in 2008 Michelle Obama argued Clinton was unqualified to sit in the Oval Office.

Michelle and Hillary can shove it.  In the past few days, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have decided to tell me, as a grown woman, that I disrespect myself and have voted against my "voice" because I didn't vote for President Canker Sore's wife and voted for Trump instead.  Hillary said that women who continued to support Trump after his sexist comments "publicly disrespected themselves."  [Hillary quote omitted for brevity, among other things.]  Obviously, from a woman who set the standard for publicly disrespecting herself by defending her possible rapist and certainly repeated adulterer husband, the comment is laughable on its face.  [...] I'm not on this planet to look out for every woman.  It's not my job to stand in solidarity with other women, no matter what.  It's my job to protect my family and my country, and Hillary has proven she can't do either.  I protected my family from her corruption and mental disease by voting for Trump.

Michelle Obama outshines all Democratic prospects for 2020.  As I've said before, the Democrats need an alternative plan to rebuild and unite the party if they have any hope in winning back seats in Congress in the 2018 midterms, nonetheless the White House in 2020.  This alternative plan requires a new, united opposition, led by a political leader with widespread popularity.  The only person I can see accomplishing this would be none other than the party's most popular political figure:  Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama and the desperate Dems in search of a new Evita.  Who would ever dream of handing political leadership to someone whose crowning career achievement was a high-paying no-show job?  As its next presidential candidate, is Michelle Obama the best the Democrats can come up with?  That's the view of pollster Douglas Schoen, who thinks they don't stand a chance otherwise.

She was a historic first lady, but Michelle Obama says some never saw past 'my skin color'.  The moderator lauded Michelle Obama for her achievements over the past eight years and touched on the former first lady's plans, but Tuesday's conversation also veered into uncomfortable territory.  It was Obama's largest public appearance since the 2016 election — speaking in front of more than 8,000 people at the Women's Foundation of Colorado's 30th anniversary celebration — and she touched on personal attacks that she faced again and again.  Many had the same theme.  "The shards that cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut," Obama said, according to the Denver Post.  "Knowing that after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who won't see me for what I am because of my skin color."

The Editor says...
The Obamas got into the White House because of the perceived novelty of their skin color and the vigorous support of the news media for that reason alone.  Michelle Obama has no extraordinary qualifications for public office, as far as I can tell, and her husband has even less.  There are few things more insufferable than listening to one of the wealthiest people in the world grousing about how tough her life is, and about what a victim she will always be.  Michelle Obama never has to go to work, lock her doors, or drive a car ever again, yet she apparently never misses an opportunity to tell the press what a victim she is.

Michelle Obama and family go high, higher, highest.  At last year's Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama uttered what would be one of the Democratic campaign themes:  "No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high."  And now some examples of the Obamas and friends "going high" in the past month — bashing their successor, who was not their chosen one.

Emails show Hillary Clinton didn't want to share a plane with Michelle Obama to Betty Ford's funeral in 2011.  Michelle Obama may have been Hillary Clinton's biggest cheerleader during the 2016 presidential election, but it looks like Hillary wasn't the biggest fan of her fellow first lady.  According to an email exchanged obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, then-Secretary of State Clinton didn't want to share a plane with Obama when the two attended Betty Ford's funeral in 2011.

Here's Michelle's Race Obsessed Thesis From Princeton.  Michelle Obama wrote her Bachelor of Arts thesis on 'Blackness' at Princeton.  No, we're not making that up.

The Editor says...
Michelle may be even more self-centered than her husband.  She certainly likes to talk about herself, and this thesis of hers sounds like the work a very bitter individual:  a person who slogs through life as the perpetual victim of her skin color.

Which of Michelle's Obama's Dresses was most Cringeworthy?  [Pictures speak for themselves.]

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Faces Went Viral — and the Memes Are Hilarious.  Michelle Obama may now be the former first lady, but on the Internet, she's being celebrated as the reigning shade queen, thanks to her facial expressions on Inauguration Day.

Biden Calls Michelle Obama 'Finest First Lady in History,' Doesn't Mention Hillary.  Vice President Joe Biden told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Thursday that Michelle Obama is the "finest first lady in history," leaving out any mention of Hillary Clinton.  Mitchell conducted a wide-ranging interview with the outgoing vice president on her show, and the conversation at one point turned to the current first lady.  "And Michelle — I think Michelle is the finest first lady in history," Biden said.  "I mean in history," Biden repeated.  "There has been wonderful first ladies.  But, she is so smart.  She is so, so decent, and she is so inclusive."  He said that Obama encompasses all that is good in the United States.

The Editor says...
What does "she is so inclusive" mean?  What could it possibly mean other than "she is so black?"

Book: Michelle Obama 'invisible' because she's black.  She is among the most famous and easily recognized women in the world, but first lady Michelle Obama feels "invisible" when she steps off her official stage, according to her best friend and ally in the White House.  And the reason is a remarkable one considering that she and her husband, President Obama, are America's first African-American presidential couple.  According to top adviser Valerie Jarrett, Obama is invisible because she is black.

Michelle Obama partners with left-wing food activists.  First lady Michelle Obama is once again under fire for politicizing food and nutrition in the dying days of her husband's administration, partnering with an activist group with a hyper-partisan agenda.  Obama was featured in a commercial Wednesday [1/4/2017] as part of a new, national anti-hunger campaign launched by Food Policy Action Education Fund, the sister organization of Food Policy Action.

Mrs. Obama, We Are Not Your Kids.  Like many parents who are suddenly shocked at their child's teenage rebellion, Michelle Obama appears surprised to learn that her kids (the American public) have interests and ideas very different from her own.  For instance, some of her "kids" genuinely disliked being told how to eat and live.  Some bristled at having their choices limited and being forcefully nudged to eat this way or that.  Many balked when government bureaucrats told them how to parent their own kids; they slammed the door on all the unsolicited advice about their personal choices.  In fact, most Americans don't like the federal government treating them like children at all.

No Michelle Obama, 'Hope' Doesn't Start and End with Your Husband.  First Lady Michelle Obama has done it again.  With days left in the White House, she's managed to make partisan comments that once again paint a woefully pessimistic view of our nation's future.  In a parting interview with Oprah, she threw major shade at President-Elect Donald Trump and the supporters who elected him by comparing the incoming president unfavorably to her husband.  She claims that Americans will now feel what it means to be hopeless compared to the hope that her husband ushered in.

Sorry, Michelle, but I Won't Be Riding Your Hopeless Train Into the Future.  Thanks for the reminder, Michelle.  Your dramatic woe-fest with Oprah the other day is a very timely lesson on the value and necessity of hope.  More importantly, it should make us stop and reconsider the source from whence comes our hope.  You seem convinced that hope flew into town on your husband's wings in 2008, and has spent the last eight years floating gracefully around the country, spreading its glow and relief on all the loyal souls below.  Now that Barack Obama's reign is at an end and the appointed replacement has failed to ascend to the throne, you are equally convinced that all hope is gone, since it will have to depart with your husband when he takes his leave of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Your crestfallen face and the earnestness in your voice clearly communicate your sense of despair and fear for the future.  What do we have now, after all, if we no longer have hope?

The Audacity Of Hope.  Michelle Obama last week admitted that after eight years of her husband's leadership, she no longer has hope for her country.  The incoming President, Donald Trump, has already responded with a message that 'We have tremendous hope'.  This warring hope shaming is mostly simple partisanship.  But there is an implied real question under all of this:  Who is that hope in?  In what do we trust?  In what do we believe?

Michelle Obama's 'Hopelessness' Shows [what it's like] to Be a Liberal.  It's a shame that Michelle Obama says she's feeling hopeless this Christmas, especially after all the wonderful opportunities she's had as America's first lady.  It goes to show you that liberalism is like a disease that won't be satisfied until it devours all of you.  Undoubtedly, all the designer gown-wearing, Hollywood hobnobbing, $100-per-serving wagyu steak indulging and taxpayer-funded globetrotting won't fix the hopelessness which ails her.  It's hard to be hope-filled when you tangle yourself in a web of bitterness and resentment over America's past.

Michelle Obama's Christmas Lump of Coal.  Just what we all need to ring in the Christmas season:  Un-merry millionaire Michelle Obama belly-aching about the burdens and sacrifices of public life with billionaire Oprah Winfrey.  "There's nowhere in the world I can go and sit and have a cup of coffee," Obama lamented.  It's a frequent grievance.  In September, she told InStyle magazine:  "My hopes are to recapture some of the everydayness, some anonymity. ... (I)t will be nice to open up the paper, look at the front page, and know that you're not responsible for every headline."  And back in June, again with Oprah, the first lady griped that living in the spotlight was like "living in a cave."  Complain, complain, complain.  What a way to make the most of your last six months in the grand and glorious White House.

Good News:  Michelle Obama Looking Forward to Getting Her Anonymity Back.  What can we say other than we're also looking forward to her becoming anonymous.  Start by dummying up and staying out of our lives.

Clinton, Trump and the end of hope?  "See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like," Obama told Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview lamenting the way the political thing turned out.  This was the same Oprah Winfrey who visited Michelle Obama in the White House during the president's first term.  Michelle talked on and on about the wonderful pies made by White House bakers, yet reportedly, she did not offer Oprah even a single thin slice of delicious White House pie.  But that was long ago.  And now, hope seems to have fled altogether.

Michelle Obama ready for anonymity after 'painful' election.  Michelle Obama is looking forward to getting her "anonymity" back.  The first lady complained in an interview that aired Monday night with Oprah Winfrey on CBS that her biggest sacrifice while Barack Obama served as president was giving up her ability to be anonymous.  But soon, she believes, that'll change.  "You know, there's nowhere I can go in the world and just sit at a table and have a cup of coffee and watch the world," Obama said in what is expected to be her final sit-down interview.

Michelle Obama Feels Hopeless.  During his time in office, Barack Obama doubled the national debt, made economic conditions far worse for black Americans, and has allowed race relations to deteriorate to the point where the nation is more divided than at any point since the eve of the Civil War.  Suddenly, Ms. Obama is not feeling so hopeful, but it has nothing to do with the financial and cultural wreckage her floppy-eared mate has bequeathed unto America.  She recently sat down with billionaire Oprah Winfrey, whose cousin says she lied about growing up impoverished and who has blossomed into a hideously spoiled diva who never stops [grousing] about the nation that made her a billionaire.  Miss Obama, upset that she and her family can no longer milk America's racist white taxpayers to the tune of $85 million to go on lavish vacations that fairly pulsate with bling, this whiny recipient of affirmative action programs that discriminate against white students with higher grades is suddenly kvetching from yet another Hawaii vacation that "we are feeling what not having hope feels like."

Judge Jeanine Slams Michelle Obama Over No Hope Comments:  Hope Looks Like the Carrier Deal.  Saturday [12/17/2016], Jeanine Pirro slammed first lady Michelle Obama on Fox News Channel's "Justice" for telling Oprah Winfrey that Americans are no longer feeling hopeful since Donald Trump's election.  "You lived a life few can even imagine at the citadel of power and prestige in the world," Pirro directed at Obama.  "You and your husband, blessed by God, and the American people, with the unique and historic opportunity to not only lead America from that shining place on the hill but impact Americans and give them hope virtually no others can.  Now that you're leaving, hope is gone?"

In the homestretch, the Michelle Obama PR machine goes into overdrive.  Every Christmas season, first ladies have visited sick children at Children's National Medical Center.  It's a White House tradition dating back to Bess Truman, who was photographed more than 60 years ago sitting primly beside a young boy, her gloved hands clasped on her lap.  For the past eight years, Michelle Obama has gamely read "The Night Before Christmas" to the children there.  But this year, like nearly everything Obama has done recently, she made it into an event.

Michelle Obama:  This is 'what not having hope feels like'.  In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, first lady Michelle Obama says her husband achieved the "hope" his campaign promised, contrasting President Obama's administration with the incoming Donald Trump administration.  "Everything — the [2008] election was all about hope," Winfrey asks the first lady.  "Do you think this administration achieved that?"  "I do," Obama says.  "Because we feel the difference now.  See, now, we're feeling what not having hope feels like."  The interview is part of a special on the first lady set to air Monday on CBS and Winfrey's OWN channel.

Injecting politics into everything:  It's a way of life.
Michelle Obama Halts 'The Night Before Christmas' To Tell Kids Santa Quit Smoking.  First lady Michelle Obama stopped in the middle of a public reading of "The Night Before Christmas" on Monday night [12/12/2016] to advise a group of schoolchildren that Santa Claus has given up smoking his trademark pipe for health reasons.

This could only mean one thing:  Michelle Obama is going to run.
Obama: 'Michelle will never run for office'.  People pining for a Michelle Obama presidential run will not get their wish, President Obama said in an interview published Tuesday [11/29/2016].  "Michelle will never run for office," Obama told Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner in a conversation the day after Election Day.  "She is as talented a person as I know," the president said of his wife.  "You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people.  But I joke that she's too sensible to want to be in politics."

The sainthood of Michelle Obama begins, from mind to 'booty'.  First lady Michelle Obama hasn't decided to write a White House memoir yet, but that hasn't stopped her admirers from readying their own appreciations.  According to publishing insiders, several biographers are looking to cash in on the popularity of the first black first lady, and one written by Obama herself could fetch close to the $8 million Hillary Clinton received for Living History.

Abolish the Office of the First Lady.  Yes, defund the ridiculously large staff that currently earns upward of $1.5 million a year serving Michelle Obama; abolish the federally funded bully pulpit from which the presidential spouses have historically advocated for healthy eating, literacy, child welfare, anti-drug programs, mental health issues and beautification of highways.  The president's spouse isn't a specimen of American royalty.  By giving her a federal budget and nonstop press coverage, we endorse a pernicious kind of neo-nepotism that says, pay special attention to the person not because she's earned it or is inherently worthy of our notice but because of who she's related to by marriage.

Michelle Obama is Democrats' best bet for 2020, oddsmakers say.  Michelle Obama says she wants nothing to do with politics now, but oddsmakers still say she's got the best chance of any Democrat of winning the White House in four years.  Bovada, an online gambling site, says the odds of Mrs. Obama winning are 12-to-1.  The next-best Democrats, Sen. Tim Kaine and Elizabeth Warren, get odds of 14-to-1.  By contrast three Republicans have higher odds:  President-elect Donald Trump is a 2-to-1 bet to repeat, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan are each given 10-to-1 odds.  President Obama has been asked whether his wife would consider running and he's shot the idea down, saying she's eager to get back to a life outside the White House.

Media Pushing How Great Michelle Obama Is.  They want Hillary, followed by Michelle, figuring if they can get Hillary in with all her baggage, they should have no problem with Michelle.

Michelle Obama [is being] recruited to run for Senate, Chicago mayor.  First lady Michelle Obama's star status on the 2016 campaign trail is prompting top Democrats back home in Illinois to ready an effort to recruit her to run for the Senate or mayor of Chicago.  Should she run and win, Obama would join only Hillary Clinton in the rare class of former first ladies to swap out the "volunteer" public service job for an elected position.

The Radical Racist Background of Obama & We're Not Talking About Barack.  [Scroll down]  The First lady got her college education due to her brother and her ethnicity, not her excellence in academics. [...] We must now wonder, why did the people elect a man with a wife that has such a marked background, mixed with Marxism and communism by association with such types of people?  Michelle Robinson's racial animosity of Caucasian people is exposed through her articles and statements from the time she was at Princeton.  One can see this in her ideas that the white population at Princeton were a bunch of "racist" individuals.

Exposed: How Barack and Michelle Obama Really Lost Their Law Licenses.  The mainstream media will never report much on the fact that both Barack and Michelle Obama lost their law licenses for criminal behavior.  How would they have gotten the president elected by covering this story?  Do you think his followers would have still voted for him knowing he lost his law license?  According to BeforeItsNews, in 2008, Obama surrendered his law license on charges that he lied on his bar application.  What?  Saint Obama lied?  Say it ain't so!  In 1993, Michelle surrendered her law license when a federal judge told her she could either surrender her license or be charged with insurance fraud.  So, both of them engaged in "voluntary surrender."

White House Warns Trump Not to Attack First Lady After She Savages Him.  Michelle Obama said during an emotionally charged speech at a rally in New Hampshire that Donald Trump's lewd comments about women "have shaken me to my core."  She went on to harshly criticize the GOP candidate for his "demeaning" attitude toward women. [...] Within hours, the White House issued a statement warning Trump not to attack the first lady.

Trash talk and the White House.  The first lady, who for eight years has transformed the White House into the last surviving vaudeville venue (who needs Mozart when you might get Kanye West), revealed herself to be almost terminally offended by Donald Trump in a stump speech for Hillary Thursday [10/13/2016] in New Hampshire. [...] Some of the rappers who perform in the house once occupied by Lincoln and Adams, Jefferson, Jackson and FDR, spin rhymes about their bitches and their ho's, the thrill of killing cops and bringing down all manner of bad things on America.  Trashy behavior is not only invited into the White House, but the first lady's husband has bestowed honors on some of those who have tracked trash into the house.

Michelle Obama Builds a Permanent Monument to Herself.  First Lady Michelle Obama Wednesday unveiled her own personal monument, to be situated in perpetuity on the White House grounds.  Mrs. Obama showcased the latest version of her White House vegetable garden, which has now nearly tripled in size since it's first iteration in 2009 and has been sealed with cement to make sure nobody tears it up.  "I take great pride in knowing that this little garden will live on as a symbol of the hopes and dreams we all hold of growing a healthier nation for our children," Mrs. Obama said, calling the garden, "my baby."  The baby has grown from 1,100 square feet to 2,800 and now features wider walkways covered by bluestone instead of sawdust, a large stone-paved seating area, and a grand archway that has been cemented into the ground.

Michelle Obama Complains:  They're Making Us Move Out Of The White House.  Hey FLOTUS: It's called The American Way.  After two terms, the president and family move out.

Michelle O: They're 'making us' move out of White House.  If Barack and Michelle Obama had their way, they'd likely never leave the White House.  While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina today, the first lady lamented having to leave the executive mansion.

Michelle Obama: 'We Need Someone Who's Honest and Plays by the Rules' as President.  At a Hillary Clinton campaign rally Tuesday [10/4/2016] in Charlotte, North Carolina, First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a fiery speech, taking direct aim at Clinton's opponent, Donald Trump.  "We need someone who's honest and plays by the rules," Obama said, referring to the former Secretary of State as a good replacement for her husband, President Barack Obama.

The Editor says...
It is amusing, in a way, to hear Mrs. Obama, whose husband appears to be using someone else's Social Security number (and has a number of other honesty issues) say, "We need someone who's honest and plays by the rules."  And she says this in support of Hillary Clinton, of all people.

Michelle Obama, 'Woman of The People,' Wears $4,200 Gucci Dress to Co-Host 'Ellen'.  US Magazine says Michelle looked "out of this world" in her Gucci number.  Agreed:  She looked like a visitor from the planet Krypton.

Awwww... she's a victim!
Michelle Obama Says She Can't Wait Until She's 'Not Responsible For Every Headline'.  In an interview with In Style magazine, the 52-year-old first lady talked about what life is going to be like after she leaves the White House in January, and she made it clear she is looking forward to it. [...] "My hopes are to recapture some of the everydayness, some anonymity," Obama said.  "And we know that will take some time.  But I always joke that I dream of opening up my front door and walking out without any notification, without any security."

Michelle O for Senate?  DNC prints first bumper sticker.  The Democratic National Committee is feeding excited speculation that first lady Michelle Obama will follow Hillary Rodham Clinton from the East Wing to the Senate.  Following on the heels of her well-received Democratic convention speech, the DNC has just printed up Obama bumper stickers and is offering them to supporters of Clinton for a $10 donation.

One Big Happy Riot.  [Scroll down]  Consider Michelle Obama, who wowed convention-goers with her primetime speech and earned predictable rave reviews.  Eight years ago, she was a 44-year-old hospital executive earning a six-figure salary, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, a resident of one of Chicago's toniest neighborhoods, and the wife of a United States senator.  Yet she felt justified in peddling the notion that America is a kind of prison for those unlucky enough to be born female and black.  In February 2008, she told a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, that seeing the support for her husband's presidential campaign made her feel proud of her country "for the first time in my adult life."

Michelle Obama and the Content of Her Character.  [Scroll down]  She and her husband cannot shed the belief that "being an authentic black person involves in some elemental way seeing oneself as an object of mistreatment by white people, while participating in a collective consciousness of that mistreatment with other black people."  Thus, America is reminded that Michelle "wakes up every morning in a house that was built by slaves."  Does she explain that Hillary Clinton — the woman she supports — received enormous sums of money from countries where slavery still exists?  Does Michelle proudly assert the enormous strides America has made in ending slavery whereas the African nation of Mauritania is now the number one slave capital of the world?  Does Michelle acknowledge the blood spilled by black and white people who despised slavery and gave the last true measure of their devotion?  Does the First Lady acknowledge that the Democratic Party voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments?  Does she remind her audience that the Republican Party was the party of ending slavery and that the KKK was actually the military arm of the Democratic Party?  Hardly.

Michelle Obama:  "I Wake Up Each Day in a House Built by Slaves".  At a commencement address at City College of New York on Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama once again brought race to the forefront, proclaiming that she wakes up every day in a house built by slaves.  Interesting that she's lived there for what, eight years now?  And it hasn't really seemed to bother her much.  Then again, how ironic a comment coming from someone who has earned the nickname "Mooch" as we the American people are now the slaves paying for her rent, utilities, and lavish quarter-of-a-million-dollar vacations.

Michelle and the slaves

What is Obama Talking About?  [Recently a] little girl asked him why he decided to run for president and he gave this response.  "America is …, uh, is no longer, uh … what it could be, what it once was.  And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children." … This matches up with some of the things his wife has said.  His wife thinks that we are a "downright mean" country. … She says it's gotten worse over her lifetime and she's 44.  I'm still trying to figure out when in the past 44 years she thinks that it was better.

Ayers Isn't The HALF Of It!  Mrs. Obama seems to hold radical separatist views consistent with a 20-year attendance and tutelage under Rev. Wright.  Her college thesis was on assimilation vs. "the black culture," and she was openly dismayed that so many blacks were choosing to assimilate into the American melting-pot culture.

Michelle Obama:  Hillary 2.0?  The next Hillary in the White House won't be the second coming of the old one:  the next Hillary may be Michelle Obama.  She isn't sharing the ticket, but neither did Hillary (at least formally).  And so far, there hasn't been any of the Clinton's old "two for one" rhetoric.  But no one should underestimate the influence Michelle has on her husband.

Obama's Leftism:  [Barack Obama] called himself "progressive," a term of art favored by veterans of the hard New Left, like Tom Hayden, as well as by old-time Communists.  Early this year his wife Michelle, lacking his tact, would kindle controversy by saying that his success in the presidential primaries made her feel proud of her country for the first time.  The comment, a faux pas that she was soon at pains to explain away, flowed logically from her view, expressed in her standard stump speech, that our country is a "downright mean" place, "guided by fear," where the "life ... that most people are living has gotten progressively worse."

Hands off Michelle Obama you GOP Meanies!  I was wondering when this was going to happen.  It appears a major effort is underway to smear as "racist" or "sexist" (or perhaps both) anyone who criticizes Michaell Obama.  This is probably a prelude to innoculating the candidate himself eventually.  We are about to enter a new age in American politics, one where everything that even hints of criticism will be seen as an unfair attack.

ABC Spikes Michelle Obama's Gaffe, Then Declares It Unimportant.  ABC's World News, which on Tuesday [2/19/2008] skipped Michelle Obama's comment that "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country," on Wednesday finally got to it, but only minimally as George Stephanopoulos praised her "good damage control" and declared:  "I don't think it's going to be a huge deal."  Hard for it to become "a huge deal" when a broadcast network's most-watched news program doesn't bother to report it.

Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide.  Michelle Obama's senior year thesis at Princeton University, obtained exclusively from the campaign by Politico, shows a document written by a young woman grappling with a society in which a black Princeton alumnus might only be allowed to remain "on the periphery."  "My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my 'blackness' than ever before," the future Mrs. Obama wrote in her thesis introduction.

First Lady Of Gaffes.  After revealing she had never been "really proud of my country," Michelle Obama damns business as "the money-making industry."  By contrast, she says, the Obamas are in "the helping industry."  Bad omen.  Visiting a day-care center in Zanesville, Ohio, America's would-be first lady advised the assembled women not to "go into corporate America."

She's No Jackie O.  Is Barack Obama's wife as charismatic as he?  Though the mainstream media would have us believe so, anyone who's read her remarks over the past few months couldn't help be convinced that Michelle Obama may be as much of a help to her husband as Bill Clinton has been to his wife.

America's Unhappiest Millionaire:  Michelle Obama's gospel of misery.  By her husband's logic, Michelle Obama must be a heavily armed xenophobic religious zealot, because boy is she bitter.  [A] C-SPAN video of a speech delivered by Mrs. Obama in North Carolina last Friday [5/2/2008] is characteristic of her peculiar recent performances on the stump.  It is an hour-long talk to supporters who just want something to cheer about, and who get some opportunities at the outset, but then find themselves treated to a profoundly and relentlessly negative vision of American life.

The GOP's Secret Weapon:  She is the biggest loose cannon in either campaign. She's got a chip on her shoulder the size of a redwood and an overweening sense of entitlement that makes her one of the more unattractive advocates for Barack Obama — despite the fact that she's his wife.  Michelle Obama is a disaster waiting to happen.

Michelle Obama's tales of woe:  [Mrs. Obama is] irritated at those people who have suggested that she and Sen. Obama are elitists.  And she appears to be still outraged — at this late date — by the fact that she had to take out loans to attend Princeton and Harvard Law School.  It took her years to pay them back, something she has kvetched about in numerous public appearances.  Imagine that!  First she had to borrow money to go to some of the world's most selective and expensive schools — schools whose graduates usually do pretty well in the world — and then they made her pay it back.  There "they" go again.

What Does Michelle Obama Think About America?  Michelle Obama isn't running for the presidency, but she is at center stage of her husband's campaign, and her vision of America will obviously inform Barack Obama's vision of America if he becomes president.  And her vision isn't one that most Americans share.

Barack's Bitter Half:  In one of her few (unintentionally) funny moments during a recent sit-down with comedian Stephen Colbert, Mrs. Obama claimed, "Barack and I tend to look at the positives."  That's a side-splitter.  As National Review's Yuval Levin put it, Michelle Obama is "America's unhappiest millionaire."  And she has the audacity to extrapolate her misery and her husband's alleged victimization to the "vast majority of Americans."  In South Carolina, she called America "just downright mean" and bemoaned "a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day."

CBS Found Obama Rule:  'Whatever Michelle Says Is The Message'.  In all the fuss over Barack Obama going on ABC and telling his opponents to "lay off my wife," some might have assumed that Obama was implying that Michelle Obama wasn't a major player in the Obama campaign.  Read the transcript again, and you'll notice he never says that.

Michelle Obama is fair game.  [Scroll down]  If Republicans "think that they're going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign," he [Barack Obama] added ominously, "they should be careful."  Ooh, very fierce. … [But] as long as he keeps sending her around the country to campaign on his behalf, everything she says is — and should be — fair game.

Barack's Little Lady:  In [the liberals'] lexicon, anybody who has had a single misfortune — or who endures what liberated women see as the terrible ordeal of motherhood or housewifery — is a victim, and since Mrs. Obama must suffer the inconveniences of being a wife and a mother, she's qualified for victimhood and must be immune from criticism.  Having gained that immunity she, is free to make outrageous statements without having them reflect on her spouse.

Michelle Obama encourages political activism.  "The way this campaign has been run is the way we need to be forever," Obama said.  "Don't trust bloggers or someone else's opinion, because people lie."

The Editor responds...
Yes, Michelle, people lie.  Especially liberal politicians.  Liberal democrats lie about gun control.  Liberal democrats lie about abortion.  Liberal democrats lie about energy production.  Liberal democrats lie about unemployment numbers.  Liberal democrats lie about taxes.  Liberal democrats lie about same-sex marriage.  Liberal democrats are lying about global warming.  And liberal democrats routinely lie about all kinds of other things, too.

That's No First Lady, That's My Wife!  I must confess I got a chuckle out of Barack Obama's warning us all to lay off his wife.  Sorry, pal, but it's too late in the game for that.  If you didn't want her to be a legitimate target, you should have told her to stay home with the kids and to keep her yap shut.

Modern Liberals, Whine Connoisseurs.  Michelle Obama whines about the burdens of paying for piano lessons and summer camp for the kids, and the paying off the student loans for her two Ivy League degrees.  "The salaries don't keep up with the cost of paying off the debt," she complained when the Obamas cleared half a million a year … Barack Obama understands the language of victimhood and uses it effectively.  And victimhood has become a central tenant of modern liberalism.

Obama's Gospel of Envy:  Anger, or envy, about trust funds seems to be a big thing with the Trinity crowd.  Michelle Obama, for instance, bellyached regularly during her stump speech in the primaries:  "You're looking at a young couple that's just a few years out of debt.  See, because we went to those good schools and we didn't have trust funds.  I'm still waiting for Barack's trust fund.  Especially after I heard that Dick Cheney was s'posed to be a relative or something.  Give us something here!"

Michelle Obama speaks to gay Democrats.  Michelle Obama won a standing ovation on Thursday [6/26/2008] when she paid a campaign visit to gay and lesbian Democratic activists to promote her husband Barack Obama's presidential quest.  Obama, appearing at a dinner meeting of the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee, cited her husband's efforts to fight discrimination and promote equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people.

Wedding Belle.  For reasons of raw politics, Democratic presidential nominees can't say they support gay marriage, though they obviously do.  So they send their wives out to say it for them.

Remaking Michelle:  The problem with the Obama campaign's effort to remake Michelle Obama goes beyond her gaffes and attacks on America.  Another problem for the campaign is that Michelle Obama's life story runs counter to Barack Obama's effort to defuse race as an issue. … She does not see America as one nation or Americans as one people.  Race is the centerpiece of her self-identification.

Michelle Obama, a target-rich environment.  If Mrs Michelle Obama, known to her detractors as the candidate's "bitter half", had only a routine image problem, the artful cosmeticians at Obama HQ would quickly be able to tidy it up.  The difficulty is that Michelle's gaffes appear not to be gaffes at all, but one long, sincere, consistent and rarely less than gale force blast of grievance.

Michelle Obama's Inferiority Complex:  Now that Barack Obama has pretty much wrapped up the nomination, it's time to raise a question that lots of people have been talking about privately but not publicly.  Is it possible that Michelle Obama is the force behind Barack Obama's refusal to embrace traditional patriotic symbols?  Could Obama's wife be largely responsible for the candidate's damaging associations with crackpot race-baiters like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Reverend Michael Pfleger?  In sum, could Obama's wife be a large part of his political problem?

Michelle Obama says $600 is the price of a pair of earrings.  Michelle Obama said in Pontiac, Mich., on Wednesday [7/9/2008] that if her husband is elected he will offer more than a "quick fix" on the economy.  "You're getting $600 — what can you do with that?  Not to be ungrateful or anything, but maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn't pay down every bill every month," she said.  "The short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good, and it may even feel good that first month when you get that check, and then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings."

BO Stinks.  Now it turns out the campaign trail is a bit too much for him and his not-so-blushing bride.  Now he wants us to believe that by holding his wife accountable for her outrageous statements, we've crossed a line. ... Notice how Obama was thrilled to have his wife front and center as long as we liked what she was saying.  Now that she has shown her true colors and said some pretty offensive things, she's taken a back seat and we're supposed to "lay off".

Michelle Obama:  Is First Ladies' club ready?  [Scroll down]  Some of Michelle's faux pas have been more serious.  Most notably, she told a rally that her husband's electoral success had "for the first time in my adult life" made her feel "really proud of my country".  This phrase struck a disquieting note:  what would she not have to be proud about? … She and her husband are living proof of the extraordinary opportunities that can be available to minorities in America:  it's almost impossible to imagine their careers working out quite so well anywhere else.  That's why that comment rankled.

Call Me a Proud, Scared Conservative.  Michelle Obama did sit with her husband in Jeremiah Wright's church for many years, listening unperturbed to racist diatribes aimed at every white-skin person in America.  If I had sat listening to the rants of a David Duke for years on end and then gave my husband some form of the Nazi salute in public, I doubt seriously if it would be at all comforting to any decent American who witnessed it.  There may be only a tiny grain of truth to the black militant image of Michelle Obama on the New Yorker cover, but even a tiny grain may be too much for some.

Obama called hypocrite for wife's Wal-Mart link.  [Michelle Obama] has just been re-elected to the board of an Illinois food-processing company, a position she took up two years ago to gain experience of the private sector.  And the biggest customer for the pickles and peppers produced by Treehouse Foods is the retail giant Wal-Mart, the world's largest corporation and the bête noire of American liberals, including Sen Obama, for its employment practices, most notably its refusal to recognise trade unions.

Mrs Obama quits controversial job.  Michelle Obama, the wife of the American Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama, has resigned from the board of a food company whose biggest customer is Wal-Mart, the retail giant under fire from her husband.  The Sunday Telegraph reported two weeks ago that her position at Treehouse Foods could raise claims of hypocrisy as Senator Obama attacked Wal-Mart for its anti-union employment policies.

Try a Little Tenderness.  So many Americans right now fear they are losing their country, that the old America is slipping away and being replaced by something worse, something formless and hollowed out. … And if you feel you're losing America, you really don't want a couple in the White House whose rope of affection to the country seems lightly held, casual, provisional.

Obama's Wife Rips His Foes.  Michelle Obama has lashed out at her husband's 2008 rivals for peddling "baseless claims" against him — including charges that "he is not black enough, he is not white enough," according to a transcript of her surprising remarks to supporters.  Michelle, a Harvard-schooled lawyer, took on the role of campaign hatchet woman against Sen. Barack Obama's political opponents when she introduced her husband to 1,000 donors at a $1.5 million fund-raiser Sunday night [2/11/2007] in Chicago.

The Brangelina-fication of the Obamas:  The spread in People, which earlier this year fawned over a photo of the bare-chested Obama in his swimsuit, was supposed to be an "exclusive" first and last look at life at home with the Obamas.  Knowing what we know about the Obama we know now, it probably won't be the last.  They've hawked the kids to TV gossip show "Access Hollywood," blabbed about their romance to Us Weekly magazine, and plopped Michelle O — the purported "civilian" whom the Obamessiah declares immune from public criticism — in front of the cameras to schmooze effortlessly for "The Colbert Report" and "The View" demographics.

This is precisely why Michelle Obama is fair game for criticism:
Hillary Clinton trumped by Michelle Obama.  The wives of Democratic nominees have traditionally addressed the convention but Ms Obama is the first to be given headline and prime-time status.  Her opening night address and Senator Obama's acceptance speech will bookend addresses by Senator Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton.

Michelle, Anti-American Radicals, and U of C.  The Hyde Park Herald first reported that Michelle Obama would be hired for a newly created community relations position at the University of Chicago on June 5 of 1996.  Obama was to be Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University of Chicago Community Service Center, effective September 1, 1996.  So Michelle Obama was appointed to a job that had never existed before, shortly after Barack Obama had won the Democratic nomination in his first race for Illinois State Senate.

Michelle Obama: Perpetual Victim.  Her husband has been lauded as the Messiah; benefited from the most fawning coverage bestowed on a presidential candidate, at least since JFK; is running in the most Democrat-favorable electoral environment, at least since Watergate; has raised more funds than any presidential candidate ever; has become a worldwide celebrity; and is spending an unprecedented amount of money running negative ads about his opponent. ... Yet in her world, they're still "underdogs."

Throw the flag against: Michelle Obama.  [Scroll down]  She omitted the fact that she later went on to a high paying job at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she worked in community and external affairs.  In March 2005, she was promoted to vice president for community and external affairs, and her salary jumped from $121,910 to $316,962, which included a one-time bonus.  In 2006, her salary was $273,618, according to the Chicago Tribune.  Her promotion came two months after her husband became a senator, but campaign aides said that she'd been offered the promotion and turned it down before that.

The Editor says...
Yeah, right.  I'd turn down a $316,962 do-nothing job, too.  Make 'em beg!

Michelle's Boot Camps For Radicals.  Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993.  Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, "Universal Voluntary Public Service."  Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas.  They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they'll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of "social change."

Five reasons to vote against Obama:  [#4.]  Michelle Obama.  Another pampered semi-literate Ivy Leaguer who still considers herself a victim, even with her $360,000-a-year job as diversity coordinator at a Chicago hospital.  Can you stand four years of this harridan lecturing you on your greed?

Welcome To ACORN General Hospital.  Try to imagine health care in the world of Obama.  All of us will be enlisted in the Community Service army, where patient care is merely ancillary to your job.  Now we will leave work to go staff the after school program at the new community center.  Next weekend it's over to the mall where we will work the voter registration table.  It's all part of "enhancing the hospital service to the community."  Because in Barack and Michelle's world, there's no individual patient.  Only a vast, nebulous "community."  Welcome to ACORN General.

Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme:  The First Lady helped create a notorious program that dumped poor patients on community hospitals, yet the national media ignore the story.  Imagine if her husband were a Republican.  The University of Chicago Medical Center has received a good deal of justly opprobrious press over its policy of "redirecting" low-income patients to community hospitals while reserving its own beds for well-heeled patients requiring highly profitable procedures.

General in a sleeveless dress.  Since July of 2008, the chattering classes of America have been uneasy about Barack Obama's proposal for a civilian national security force "as well-funded as the U.S. military".  The civilian national security force was already in place long before last July's public proposal.  Its general doesn't wear army fatigues but sleeveless dresses.

Responding to My Critics.  [Scroll down]  This woman sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years, soaking up his racist rants, and then had him marry her and Barack, as well as baptize their children.  Furthermore, she had gotten into an Ivy League school, thanks to Affirmative Action, and then showed her gratitude by writing a racist screed for her college thesis.  For good measure, she used that degree to get a $125,000-a-year job in Chicago, which coincidentally jumped to over $300,000 once her husband went to the Illinois state senate.  And, finally, after all that, she announced to the world that America is a mean country and that the first time she was proud of this nation was when her husband deigned to run for president.

Michelle Thinks She Was Elected Empress.  The Washington Post had an interesting article on June 25 headlined, "A First Lady Who Demands Substance."  I think it was meant to highlight that fact that Michelle Obama is more than a mere first lady but is a strong, substantive person — which is, by the way, without question.  Unfortunately, though, it ended up revealing a Michelle Obama that is an angry, arrogant, martinet that isn't aware that "first lady" is an honorary title that has no proper, Constitutional role and is not an elected position with legal, legitimate powers of its own.

Queen Michelle the First?  Michelle Obama wants a bigger role in her husband's administration, according to The Washington Post.  Unlike Laura Bush, who focused on a few peripheral issues, Obama wants a seat at the table when key policies are made.  Obama's new chief of staff, Susan Sher, is part of the crucial 8:15 a.m. White House staff meeting.  The first lady's team of more than 20 has been told to think "strategically" about how to make her a player on policies she cares about.  This could be a very bad idea.

Michelle Obama named in illegal "patient dumping" scheme.  Just minutes after President Obama's disastrous prime-time press conference touting his "health care" plan, FOX News host Sean Hannity aired a special segment about a so-called "patient-dumping" scandal in Obama's hometown, Chicago.  And the scandal may very well involve First Lady Michelle Obama herself.

A Health Care Offer We Can't Refuse.  When Michelle Obama was promoted to Vice President of the University of Chicago Medical Center she ran something called Community and External Relations.  So a Senator's wife, with no medical background or health administration experience becomes a vice-president of a major American hospital.  Why does a hospital do this?  Obviously, the hospital needed Senator Obama's help, maybe with legislation, maybe with reimbursements, maybe with the unions.  So Mrs. Obama becomes a Vice President, her salary is tripled to over $300,000, and suddenly the hospital is sponsoring ridiculous community enterprises like Principal for a Day and Real Men Cook celebrations.

Even Wide Awake, I'm Having Nightmares.  [President Obama] is appointing so many czars, you'd think his last name was Romanov.  In the meantime, Michelle has gathered a larger staff of courtiers and ladies-in-waiting than Madame Pompadour and Madonna put together.  There were, at last count, 22 people answering directing to the First Lady, costing the taxpayer roughly $1.6 million a year.

No sacrifice too great for Michelle Obama.  The First Lady has once again uttered words that reveal her self-absorbed interior life.  Speaking in Copenhagen, she referred to her trip as a "sacrifice." ... There is a victim mentality at work here.  Life is unfair.  This is a woman who sees herself put-upon by life, the victim of forces beyond her control.  And she lives in the White House!

Michelle Obama:  It's a 'sacrifice' to travel to Europe to pitch for the Olympics.  In her speech in Copenhagen today [9/30/2009], First Lady Michelle Obama said her trip to Denmark, along with the travel of her "dear friend" and "chit-chat buddy" Oprah Winfrey, as well as tomorrow's visit by President Obama, is a "sacrifice" on behalf of the children of Chicago and the United States.

The Noble "Sacrifice" of Michelle Obama.  It's hard out there for a first lady of the United States.  Take it from travel-weary Michelle Obama.  On Tuesday night [9/29/2009], she boarded a luxury 757 for Copenhagen.  Think of the stairs she had to climb.  Oh, the agony of the feet!  Upon arrival, Mrs. O, her "chit-chat buddy," Chicago-based talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey, and Chicago powerbroker/interest-conflicted real estate mogul/senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett immediately embarked on a grueling, grip-and-grin campaign to secure the Olympics for their hometown.  Our smile muscles ache in sympathy.

Michelle Obama is not immune to criticism because she does stuff like this:
Michelle Obama turns Breast Cancer Awareness Month into attack on insurance companies.  First Lady Michelle Obama took part in a White House event this afternoon [10/23/2009] to mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  While such events have been mostly noncontroversial in the past, Mrs. Obama used the occasion to launch an extended attack on the insurance industry, the Obama administration's current target in the ongoing battle over national health care legislation.

Michelle Obama Politicizes the Food Network.  I have a confession to make.  I hate politics.  That's why I write about it, because I enjoy making fun of it.  And one of the reasons I write for Big Hollywood is I am sick of other people's politics being jammed down my throat through alleged "entertainment."

What's wrong with this picture?  The First Lady, a woman widely acclaimed for her fashion sense in the courtier media, has no common sense at all when it comes to respecting a solemn occasion.  Apparently, nobody among her score of personal aides in the White House had the gumption to tell her she was about to make a fool of herself at the Veterans Day memorial.

Another reason Michelle Obama is fair game for criticism:
Did AmeriCorps official lie about possible First Lady link to IG firing?  Congressional investigators looking into the abrupt firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin have discovered that the head of AmeriCorps met with a top aide to First Lady Michelle Obama the day before Walpin was removed.

Walpin-gate may snag Mrs. Obama.  In the past 10 days, two major developments have occurred. ... Most explosively of all, dirty deeds may have been employed to hide extensive involvement in the affair by the office of first lady Michelle Obama, whom the White House months earlier had announced would play "a central role in the national service agenda."

SEIU Fat Cats Behind First Lady's Anti-Obesity Campaign.  Behind every seemingly good deed in the Obama White House, there's a deep-pocketed, left-wing special interest.  Take first lady Michelle Obama's crusade against childhood obesity.  Who really benefits from the ostensible push for improved nutrition in the schools?  Think purple — as in the purple-shirted army of the Service Employees International Union.

Michelle Obama, Liberal Government and Obesity:  First Lady, Michelle Obama, has decided to take a whack at solving the American obesity epidemic.  Splendid.  She should start by looking at one of the biggest roots of the problem:  liberal government and its most favorite project of the past 40 years, the welfare state.

Paranoia Strikes Deep in Obama's America.  In Obama's brain, his father's womanizing and boozing wasn't due to low moral standards; white supremacy was to blame.  His grandmother was "a typical white person," not someone who had personal failings.  Obama married Michelle, a woman who sees everything through the lens of race.  Rather than feeling honored to attend Princeton, she regarded the place as a hotbed of racism.  Some of her pre-First Lady speeches reek of loathing for America.

First Lady:  Government action on obesity unproven, but we'll do it anyway.  At what point do Americans demand limits on unnecessary government activities?  Right now, government seems to be getting more obese than anyone.

Michelle Obama Nourishes Hillary's 'Village'.  Two years after appearing on Larry King Live Michelle Obama returned as First Lady to discuss inspiring FLOTUS initiatives. ... Michelle's King interview, lacked consistent sincerity, but had one ray of candor amidst prevarications and partial truths.  The First Lady readily agreed with Larry King's evaluation of her superior intelligence perking up saying, "I'm very smart but I like to limit my intake to things I can control."

Lawfare, Voluntary Surrender, and Right-wing "Extremists".  [Scroll down slowly]  Michelle Obama "voluntarily surrendered" her license to practice law, three years after passing the bar.  Which is akin to a doctor going through years of education, and racking up huge student loans, and then, just as it all finally starts to pay off, saying "I think I'll just give up my license for no particular reason."  There's a darn good reason, we just don't know it.

Michelle Obama's True Agenda:  Make no mistake, America; Michelle Obama is every bit as interested in following in her husband's footsteps as Hillary Clinton was of hers — even more.  Michelle Obama is making her first solo trip abroad to Mexico where she plans to begin organizing world support for her future political ambitions.

Michelle Obama:  Food Profiteer Turned Food Cop.  Let me summarize first lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity agenda:  Shed as I say, not as I gain.  While she crusades for organic foods and puts government pressure on corporations to stop marketing fast food and junk food to children, Mrs. Obama herself profited from the very same processed food industry she now demonizes.

Michelle Obama to women planning a pregnancy:  'No fatties'.  You might think you were doing a pretty good job of running your own life before you'd ever even heard of Michelle Obama, but she knows better than that.  Your kids are big fat pigs and so are you, says the First Lady of the United States.

Ready for Feds in Your Kitchen?  On the one hand, I want genuinely to commend first lady Michelle Obama for her passion to launch her campaign against childhood obesity, "Let's Move." ... My concern, however, is that the first lady's nutritional quests, like Washington's health care crusade, ultimately will lead to more big-government and union-based solutions, as well as enact more faulty legislation like the 1966 Child Nutrition Act, which the Obama administration is seeking to update, or "overhaul."  (Of course, update and overhaul in government translates into upgrade and expand; you can bet your last tax dollar on it.)

FLOTUS to Food Manufacturers:  Cut 1 Trillion Calories Annually by 2012.  With the goal to reduce 1 trillion calories in food sold annually by 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a private-sector partnership for her Let's Move! Childhood obesity campaign.

More about The Invasion of the Food Police.

Michelle Obama's Global Graduates.  Rather than tossing a graduation cap into the air, Michelle Obama's commencement address at George Washington University was enough to make a graduate fall on the ground weeping in a heap of despair.  After accomplishing the goal of completing a college education, the last thing a collegian should be subjected to on graduation day is a keynote speaker who does anything but uplift, motivate, and encourage.

Commencement Address Hell.  Michelle Obama recently gave a speech to graduates at George Washington University.  The underlying message?  Do as I say, not as I do.  Also ... There's war and famine and an overcooked planet.  Become global citizens and fix the mess!  Clean the feet of lepers in Calcutta, eradicate malaria in the Sudan, and live like a monk with no personal needs.  Of course, Michelle's own personal journey has been a tad different.  After she graduated from racist-infested Princeton University, Michelle made big bucks as a corporate lawyer.  Working as a vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center, she saved the hospital a bundle through patient-dumping — sending those unable to pay to other hospitals.

First Lady to Waste Millions 'Visiting' The Gulf Oil Spill.  When times were flush, I guess it didn't seem so outrageous for the First Lady of the White House to fly about the country "visiting" places as if she were an important part of our national government. ... And now?  Why, now Michelle-My-Bell is making plans to "visit the Gulf Coast oil spill region" as if she is some sort of potentate touring her outlying tracts of land.  Yes, the angriest First Lady of them all is going to pack her royal bags, wing off to the coast, and wave to the masses from the royal coach as she inspects her subjects woes due to her husband's continuing impotency there.

Michelle Obama Set To Appear At NAACP Convention.  First lady Michelle Obama will speak at the NAACP convention at Bartle Hall Monday as the keynote speaker of the event.

Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party.  First Lady Michelle Obama brought renewed energy to the NAACP today, delivering the keynote speech at the annual convention one day before the nation's largest civil rights group is expected to condemn what it calls racist elements in the Tea Party movement.  The nation's largest and oldest civil rights organization will vote on the resolution Tuesday [7/13/2010] during its annual convention in Kansas City, Mo.

More about the NAACP.

Liberal Ignorance, Hate, and Intolerance:  Michelle Obama Addresses the NAALCP.  Does Mrs. Obama ever have anything positive to contribute to the national discourse?  Like her husband, she's always agitating, always rabble-rousing, always bringing the worst out of people.  She may blame the other side of the aisle for stoking hate, fear, division, and racism.  But, perfectly illustrating the psychological defense mechanism of Projection, it is she and her ideological ilk who do it, and they do it as frequently and effortlessly as breathing.

The Obama family will be in Maine, but you go ahead and enjoy the Gulf.
Michelle Obama:  'There are still 1000s of miles of beaches not touched by the spill'.  First Lady Michelle Obama arrived at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport at 2:34 today [7/12/2010] to begin meeting with local officials and residents about the ongoing oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

While the Obamas Head to Maine...
First Lady Encourages Americans to Vacation on Gulf.  On her first trip to the Gulf Coast since the BP oil spill, First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged Americans to consider vacationing on the region's beaches that have not been directly impacted by oil. ... The Obama family will be taking a mini-vacation of their own this weekend, but instead of going to the Gulf Coast they are traveling to Maine's Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park.

Rumors abound as to exactly how Mrs. Obama obtains her wardrobe.  Rumors abound as to exactly how the first family obtains all the pomp and frills associated with Mrs. Obama's wardrobe.  Do the Obamas pay for it all themselves or are the first lady's outfits given to her gratis?  As with most things, it appears the answer lies somewhere in the middle.  Ikram Goldman, owner of the Chicago boutique Ikram, manages the majority of the first lady's sartorial needs.  Any designer wishing to dress Mrs. Obama must first go through Goldman, who remains exceedingly tight-lipped as to her dealings with the first lady.

Fat Black Kids Showcase America's Racism.  The most recent statement by Michelle Obama baffles me, as she compared black children's health to the age old Democrat policies of slavery and Jim Crow laws:  ... Imagine my surprise to learn that one can recognize racist policies caused fat black kids.  Here I thought racism was when black men intimidating white voters are not prosecuted for obvious voter intimidation, by a black Attorney General, simply because the perpetrators were black.  I erroneously believed that racism had occurred when a black president speaks out (without any facts) on behalf of a black professor behaving badly, and who is given preference over a white cop doing his job.

White House looks to leverage Michelle Obama's popularity.  Playing it safe can sometimes pay off, as first lady Michelle Obama is finding with some of the highest favorable ratings in official Washington.  And she could be taking those numbers out for a test drive, as the White House looks for ways to leverage her popularity without diminishing her value as an asset.

Material girl Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette on a glitzy Spanish vacation.  While most of the country is pinching pennies and downsizing summer sojourns — or forgoing them altogether — the Obamas don't seem to be heeding their own advice.  While many of us are struggling, the First Lady is spending the next few days in a five-star hotel on the chic Costa del Sol in southern Spain with 40 of her "closest friends."  According to CNN, the group is expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms, more than a third of the lodgings at the 160-room resort.  Not exactly what one would call cutting back in troubled times.

Let them eat tapas.  The Obama family has been working hard to show their indifference to the plight of middle America.  Whether it's the president's golfing fetish, private air transportation for family dog Bo to a Maine vacation, or Michelle Obama's taxpayer subsidized trip to the Spanish Riviera, the gulf between the White House leisure class and the American middle class has grown to unprecedented proportions.  Everyone is entitled to some R & R, though Mrs. Obama's jaunt is her eighth holiday this summer.

Spanish police close public beach for Michelle Obama's £250,000 Spanish holiday.  Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering £50,000 a day.  The First Lady has been lambasted for her extravagance at a time when the economy is still struggling. One blogger went so far as to brand her a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

Michelle Obama's Lavish Spain Vacation Sparking Criticism.  While First Lady Michelle Obama continues sightseeing and shopping in southern Spain with daughter Sasha and friends as "private" tourists, questions are being raised about the cost to taxpayers and whether a lavish vacation sends the right message during tough economic times in the U.S.

The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on US Taxpayers.  While millions of Americans cut back on what they can spend on their vacation, Michelle Obama is concluding her last vacation with a new vacation trip along with 40 guests to Spain billed at a cost of 300,000 dollars a day.  If Michelle Obama wants to go for a swim, an entire beach in Spain must be closed.  Considering her busy working schedule of appearing on talk shows and then appearing on magazine covers, I think we can all agree that nine vacations is very modest.  And the real tab gets much higher when you consider how many of the other unstated expenses are being picked up by "friends", which is usually a fancy way of saying people who expect favors in return, again, at taxpayer expense.

What Was Michelle Obama Thinking?  When we're in the middle of the worst recession in living memory, it's not a good idea to take a luxury vacation that most of your countrymen could never possibly afford in the best of times, at considerable taxpayer expense for the security, in a foreign country.

First Lady claims working class roots, but her lifestyle is luxury.  When images of Jean Paul Gaultier-clad First Lady Michelle Obama on a $75,000-a-day Spanish holiday hit the wires, controversy was bound to erupt back home.  Her carefully crafted image as "everywoman" was blown.  In addition to the high cost, the evolving justifications for the trip offered by the White House's flack were just as dizzying.

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Michelle.  Michelle Obama is a woman of her word.  In July, she made a drive-by through the Gulf coast region and urged people to "do a few things [to] help this community."  Emphasis on the word "few."  She even recorded an ad inviting Americans to "come on down" to the Gulf as she herself then headed back to Washington to collect her family to head to a holiday in a national park in Maine.  At least Maine is in America.  With her recent holiday junket to Spain, she has now officially spit in the eye of Gulf coast residents.

Public Service:  Nice Work If You Can Get It.  In 1991, Michelle Obama left the world of corporate law to serve the public in Chicago Mayor Daley's office.  She then served the public at the Chicago Department of Planning and Development and by founding the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, a non-profit organization.  In 1996, Mrs. Obama continued her public service at the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Hospitals.  By 2005, Mrs. Obama's salary had "responded" to her public service work to the tune of $317,000.  Nice work if you can get it.

Where's the Michelle Obama Who Said This?  Earlier this year, Michelle Obama ... rolled out this nationwide initiative, Let's Move, earlier in 2010.  She said she learned when she and Barack were working that her children's nutrition was suffering from not being able to cook meals for them.  She said she started making changes and wanted to bring those lessons to the White House.  Apparently, they were all lessons she forgot when trying to win over Iowa voters on the campaign trail with her husband.

Funding Michelle Obama's Priorities.  In a special session that epitomized everything people hate about Congress, a bill to help states was passed with $26 billion in money that was offset with strange accounting measures.  That is something we've come to expect from this Congress — worry about paying for it later, by our children and grandchildren.  Many Democrats were uncomfortable with the vote on August 10, but they may come back to Congress for another vote that will be billed as an $8 billion child nutrition bill.  This bill is at the center of Michelle "Marie Antoinette" Obama's "Let's Move" initiative to fight childhood obesity.

The Editor says...
Michelle Obama's childhood obesity crusade was harmless enough until it developed a price tag of eight billion dollars.  Now it's not so cute.  It's just another way for the Obamas to spend other people's money on their pet projects.

Out-Of-Control Michelle Obama's Spending Spree.  After blowing nearly a half-million dollars on a Spanish shopping spree, Michelle Obama has plans to spend a whopping $2 million in the coming year — while the nation struggles with its worst recession ever.

Michelle's War On Fat.  American first ladies often go to bat for good causes.  Nothing wrong with that.  But Michelle Obama's push for intrusive regulations, pressure tactics and one-size-fits-all solutions to end obesity goes too far.  The first lady had no difficulty telling members of the National Restaurant Association on Monday [9/13/2010] how to run their businesses to help reduce childhood obesity, her pet cause.

Michelle the Menu Maven.  The woman who's taste-tested every flavor of ice cream from Maine to Spain is out dictating gastronomical edicts to the National Restaurant Association. ... The same woman who ordered hot fudge sundaes while eating her way across the North and Southeast of America is now "plead[ing] with restaurants to take a little butter or cream out of their dishes, use low fat milk and provide apple slices or carrots as a default side dish on the kids' menu."  One can't help but wonder whether Sasha would have agreed to being prodded toward carrot-flavored frozen skim milk in lieu of the "melon and raspberry" ice cream concoction Mom purchased for her on the notorious Spanish "private mother-daughter" trip.

First Lady Pushes for Healthy Produce in Liquor Stores.  First Lady Michelle Obama told those gathered for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Conference on Wednesday [9/15/2010] that her "Let's Move!" campaign to end childhood obesity required grassroots efforts in communities across the nation, such as planting community gardens and making fresh produce more readily available, including in liquor stores.

Michelle Obama Keeps Her Promise.  "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."  Michelle Obama told us that on the campaign trail in 2008, and it is fair to say that her campaign promise has been kept.

The Two Faces of Michelle Obama.  Mrs. Obama kicked off her electioneering with an online "grassroots" appeal to individual donors coordinated by the White House political arm Organizing for America (OFA).  With humble heart, the president's wife asked followers ("the folks who voted to make change real") to scrounge up "$3 or more to help grow this movement."  The first lady announced an eyebrow-raising pledge program by anonymous donors (so much for transparency) who will "match" every contribution made before November 2.  She identified the "Michelle Match" participants as "teachers and firefighters, truckers and nurses" — which may be Obama code for Big Labor and its $88 million midterm-campaign war chest.

Michelle Obama Panhandles Poor for Rich Democrat Pols.  Apparently, Michelle Obama knows no shame.  Just coming back from a whirlwind summer of elegant soirées, a sumptuous vacation abroad, and a jet-setting Martha's Vineyard junket on a multimillion-dollar estate, first lady Michelle Obama has sent a mass mailing panhandling America's poor to stuff the campaign coffers of the rich Democrat pols, the same pols whose legislation has impoverished the people and left them jobless. ... Americans need to start asking whether Michelle Obama has ever done a single thing that's made us proud of her.

Forbes's list of 100 powerful women seems to confuse marriage with achievement.  [Scroll down]  But Michelle Obama as number one — sorry?  Apparently, she beats every chairwoman of the board, political leader and high-rolling one-woman entertainment conglomerate on the planet for her role of being "within pillow-talk range of her husband the president".

First Lady may have violated Illinois election laws.  First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly violated Illinois election laws by encouraging voters to support President Obama at a polling place in Chicago Thursday morning [10/14/2010].  Election laws in Illinois prohibit anyone from engaging in "any political discussion within any polling place," or "within 100 feet of any polling place."  The first lady was reportedly speaking with other voters in a polling place and urged them to keep President Obama's agenda going.

First Lady Michelle Obama accused of breaching law by campaining in polling station.  Michelle Obama has been accused of breaching electoral law by campaigning inside a polling station.  The First Lady cast her ballot for the mid-term elections in Chicago but then posed for photos and told voters to back her husband.

Michelle Obama and Illinois Election Law.  Did Michelle Obama violate Illinois election law?  The question arose after the first lady, who voted early at her Chicago precinct Thursday [10/14/2010], responded to voters who voiced support for her husband.  It's unlawful in the state to have a "political discussion" or engage in "electioneering" within 100 feet of a polling place.

A Soulless White House.  I think Barack and Michelle Obama are secret totalitarians — in spirit, if not yet in fact — who believe mostly in their own superior intentions.  Michelle really does think the country needs an all-powerful Food Mom who will make the kids eat right so they never get fat... even though Michelle can't control her own appetite any more than the rest of us can.

Marie Antoinette has nothing on the Obamas.  Clearly this administration learned nothing from the public outcry over Michelle Obama's turn as Marie Antoinette re-incarnate on her last little junket to Spain.  If you thought the flaunting FLOTUS dropping a cool half million on a vacation trip for 40 of her pals and 70 secret service agents was over-the-top, wait to you get a load of the Obama itinerary for the Mumbai junket.

Freedom Fries.  Of course people should eat healthier.  American adults are overweight; so are their offspring.  But Mrs. Obama's health initiatives are perturbing on more levels than the food pyramid.  Not only does this seem rather invasive, as privately owned restaurants have always possessed the right to sell raw foods, obscene amounts of alcohol, and food laden with butter as long as that's what their customers are willing to pay for.  It also ignores the personal responsibility of those who choose to partake.  None of this is of any concern to Mrs. Obama, who proceeds directly from the fact that obesity is unhealthy to the notion that government officials — and their hectoring wives — should regulate our diets accordingly.

The First Lady & the Cheeseburger.  After a recent Milwaukee campaign event for Sen. Russ Feingold, Michelle Obama tucked into a juicy cheeseburger and fries at a local favorite, Miss Katie's Diner.  While having photos taken and signing autographs on paper napkins, the first lady was unaware that her brief stop at Miss Katie's would create an Internet stir, with the blogosphere erupting in criticism of her hypocritical lunch choice.

Michelle Obama's $400 Million 'Food Desert' Scam.  First Lady Michelle Obama has called on Congress to create a $400 million-per-year program to encourage the establishment of supermarkets in places she calls "food deserts."  The situation in these "food deserts," as Mrs. Obama describes it, is quite dire indeed.  American children are growing fat because their parents cannot get to a supermarket — to buy fruits and vegetables — without undergoing the hardship of boarding a bus or riding a taxi.  As a consequence, food-desert-dwelling children are forced to eat fast food and junk procured at chain restaurants and convenience stores.

The further adventures of Michelle and Barack in India.  Michelle said, "I didn't grow up with a lot of money."  Reminding exploited youngsters that rough childhoods are not exclusive to India, Mrs. Obama exhorted those that sleep curled up on railroad platforms to follow her lead and make sure to get an education.  After presenting waifs with bags of stationery and "White House M&M sweets," the First Lady put her very expensive Cynthia Vincent ballet flats back on and headed toward New Delhi on a one-woman mission to stimulate India's economy.  Behaving like royalty in a dearth-plagued country filled with street urchins who oftentimes go without food, Mrs. Obama descended on the National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum in the Pragati Maidan complex.  While there, the well-heeled First Lady disregarded the abject poverty beyond the walls of the museum and, for two hours, furthered diplomacy by procuring frivolous curios and trinkets.

It takes a vittle: First lady engineers government takeover of children's food.  In the case of obesity, the so-called problem is very much an illusion.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, the average height of Americans has increased by an inch since the 1960s.  That's a sign of proper nourishment.  While average weight increased by 24 pounds over the same period, we're all living an average of eight years longer.  That's a sign of good health.  The bottom line is that Americans can take care of themselves just fine without help from Mrs. Obama.  It doesn't take a village to solve a public health crisis that doesn't exist.

Behind the broccoli: Liberalism's war on liberty.  What this country needs is a crop of healthy, hunger-free kids — and now, thanks to the hectoring of Michelle Obama and the terrible swift presidential pen of her husband, it has one:  the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. ... ObamaCare and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 are the things that expose modern liberalism for the iron fist in the velvet glove.  Can't feed yourself?  Dinner's on us.  Out of work?  We'll pay you to stay unemployed.  After all, you're too stupid to make your own best decisions in what used to be personal matters.  All we ask in exchange for your freedom is your vote.

Most Americans oppose Michelle Obama's Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act.  A significant percentage Americans oppose the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act pushed by First Lady Michelle Obama and signed into law by President Barack Obama signed on Monday.  Among other things, the $4.6 billion law allows the USDA to set nutritional standards for foods made and sold in schools; increases the number of children who qualify for school meal programs, and "sets basic standards for school wellness policies including goals for nutrition promotion and education and physical activity."

FLOTUS chows at the taxpayers' trough.  First lady Michelle Obama didn't feel like waiting around cold, boring old Washington, D.C., for her husband and Congress to wrap up their work for the year.  So she simply stuck the taxpayers with the $63,000 tab to start her Hawaiian vacation a bit early — just a few short months after the Spain vacation with her gal-pals that set us all back a pretty penny.  With her husband announcing a two-year pay freeze for federal employees as a way to save taxpayers a few precious dollars, it's jaw-dropping that Michelle Obama could be so relentlessly politically tone-deaf.

The Obamas Police Food and Football.  [Scroll down]  On the food front, Michelle Obama likewise said something that, given the context, conjures up a lot of history.  Speaking at a public school to commemorate the signing of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act, the First Lady said flat out that the federal government must act because we can't just leave [child nutrition] up to the parents."  She means it:  The law she was on hand to praise gives the federal government the power to regulate the food sold in public school cafeterias nationwide.  We are a very long way from 1994, when Republicans were threatening to end the Department of Education in order to turn more power over to local and state control.  The federal food police are acting in the name of fighting childhood obesity, a real problem for which there is scant evidence that school lunches play any role whatsoever.  School lunches, for the kids who eat them, constitute one meal a day, five days a week, about nine months of the year.  They are not the dominant food source for the vast majority, if any, of America's kids.

Fattening Government to Fight Obesity.  The child nutrition bill signed into law by President Obama on Dec. 13 has been touted as essential to combating the "epidemic" of childhood obesity.  It is also a welfare expansion, adding $4.5 billion to the cost of school lunches.  Despite the additional six cents per meal which will be paid to the schools, critics say it amounts to an unfunded mandate which could bankrupt schools.

Could Sarah Palin be right about Michelle Obama?  If Michelle Obama were just a Chicago-based community activist who was organizing a nation-wide propaganda campaign to urge people to eat healthily I would have no objection.  Although Ms. Obama does not hold any official office she is a spokesperson for the White House and her husband, the president.  Nothing she does or says happens without political vetting, approval, strategizing and so forth.  In this sense she is an arm of the executive branch.

Michelle Obama's Barbecue Hypocrisy.  The first rule of political pandering:  Know what you're talking about. ... In an e-mail congratulating Charlotte, N.C., on being named host city for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Obama mentioned that Charlotte has "great barbecue."  As someone who grew up an hour from Charlotte, I can tell you that few natives would say that.  Nobody travels to Charlotte for the barbecue.

The First Lady Of Junk Science.  While her husband may have paid lip service to ending the abuse of science for "politics or ideology," first lady Michelle Obama gave herself a super-sized waiver. ... Just as the White House costumed Obamacare activists in white lab coats, the fashionable Mrs. O has cloaked her meddling anti-obesity crusade in medical fakery.

Keeping Abreast of Michelle Obama's Nanny Attacks.  First lady Michelle Obama apparently has far too much time on her unspoiled hands, inevitable when one has 30 or more servants to help meet the demands of a family of four.

Mrs. Obama's blunders expose the folly of First Lady activism.  While the First Lady wields no formally-mandated power, the institutionalization of her office confers upon her a degree of influence that no unelected or unappointed citizen ought to have.  A candidate's spouse does not "run" for First Lady.  In fact, we are frequently urged to keep a presidential candidate's family off limits and collectively tut whenever anyone is so boorish as to violate this unwritten compact.  But ... if the First Lady is to play a formal role in the governing of this country — even a comparatively frivolous one — then it is more than a little disingenuous of her to cower under any kind of apolitical aegis.

Michelle's Healthy, Hunger-Free Menus.  The growing sixth grader who eats his 1.5 ounces of turkey and throws his cup and a half of broccoli, cauliflower and green beans in the compost will probably not be hunger-free.  A Devil Dog at the convenience store on the way home will easily remedy that problem.

Looks like the meal you'd get in a vegetarian prison.

Michelle Obama's school lunch.

Looks like the meal you'd get in a vegetarian prison.

Michelle Obama accused of hypocrisy (again).  Michelle Obama's campaign for better nutrition has come under fire yet again, just days after Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended her anti-obesity initiative.  And what is the complaint against the first lady this time?  She is now being accused of stuffing a staggering 2200 calorie meal into the mouths of state governors at a White House gala last night.

Mrs. Obama Serves Governors a 2,200 Calorie Meal.  First Lady Michelle Obama Sunday night stuffed about 2,200 calories worth of dinner into the nation's governors, hosting a White House bash that pulled few punches on the fattening front despite her profile as the leader of a national crusade to trim the waistlines of the country's youth.

President Feasts on Fast Food While First Lady Values Veggies.  While the main message coming from the White House Friday focused on the resurgent U.S. auto industry, the Obamas sent mixed messages on the food front as the first lady planted vegetables while the president dined on less healthy fare.  "Mustard, onion, chili sauce sounds just right... a little cheese on it, nothing wrong with that," the president said as he placed his order at Rudy's, one of the locals' favorite hot dog joints in Toledo, Ohio.

Michelle Obama to Hold Another 'Listen Only' Press Briefing.  First Lady Michelle Obama will hold another "listen-only" conference call with reporters this afternoon, continuing a pattern of holding events for the media where access is sharply limited. ... The First Lady appears to be establishing a new routine, where she speaks and — from beginning to end — reporters mutely listen.

Michelle Obama carries $1,000 tote.  Michelle Obama put another label name on the map this week, when she was spotted carrying a bold new handbag to her daughter's parent-teacher conference.  The teal blue leather tote by U.S. designer Reed Krakoff has already sold out around the world — despite the fact that it costs nearly $1,000.

Distraction — Number One Strategy of Obama Act.  If there has ever been a moment for the old adage, "Don't get mad, get even", Barack and Michelle are IT.  Michelle is into childhood obesity because that's what's most likely to get parents looking to resurrect the MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) clause.  It goes without saying that it should be up to Mama what the little ones eat, not the self-centered, unelected wife of an anti-American president.

Michelle Obama's high staff turnover.  [Scroll down]  In fact, Michelle's job as a community organizer at the hospital [the University of Chicago Medical Center] appears to be one created purely as an act of political patronage.  Her starting salary of $121,910 suddenly leaped to $316,962 once her husband was elected as U.S. senator from Illinois.  One of Barack's first acts in the Senate was to provide a million-plus dollar earmark to Michelle's employer.  There is no evidence to support the idea that Mrs. Obama actually supervised any staff in this position, which was so vital to the hospital that it was eliminated once Michelle no longer needed the income.

A new Michelle emerges in Africa.  As First Lady, Obama sets herself up as a nutrition expert, an all-out effort to end Childhood Obesity her main legacy.  In Cape Town, a more playful Obama got off a laugh line in a reluctant admission how she can't pass on the French fries.  In response to a soft question Obama mentioned she included among her favourite food, Indian food and then Mexican food, and then said:  "No, if I picked one favorite, favorite food, it's French fries."  The audience began to laugh.  "Okay?  It's French fries," Obama continued.  "I can't stop eating them."

Michelle Obama Tells Tales to South Africans.  Now that most of the dupes who voted for their love-object in 2008 have been betrayed in the worst way, Michelle Obama is trying to sell the same pre-election snake oil 8,000 miles away.

Michelle Obama tucks in to fat cakes and French fries on trip to Botswana.  She has been widely outspoken about the perils of children eating too much fatty food with her campaign for better nutrition.  So perhaps Michelle Obama should have thought twice before posing enthusiastically for her latest photo opportunity in Botswana.

Michelle Obama's 'goodwill tour' of Africa cost U.S. taxpayers up to $800,000.  According to Whitehousedossier.com the First Lady's trip to South Africa and Botswana last week will certainly cost well over half a million dollars and could be as much as $800,000.  The cost of local transportation, Secret Service protection, food for her family and staff members, the cost of firing up 'Air Force 2' not to mention the pre-trip preparations would all have contributed to the final amount.

Top 10 Obama Attacks on Capitalism:  [#10]  Leave corporate America:  Michelle Obama, during the 2008 presidential race, described her and her husband's philosophy on the superiority of public service over the business world:  "We left corporate America, which is a lot of what we're asking young people to do.  Don't go into corporate America.  You know, become teachers.  Work for the community.  Be social workers.  Be a nurse."  Because, you know, community activists are so much more valuable than corporate leaders.

First Lady spotted consuming '1,700 calorie' Shake Shack meal.  Her 'Let's Move' healthy diet campaign seemingly forgotten, Michelle Obama was spotted chowing down a 1,700-calorie strong meal from Shake Shack.  Mrs Obama reportedly ordered a ShackBurger, fries, chocolate shake AND Diet Coke at the newly opened branch of the fast food chain in Washington, the Washington Post reported.

Michelle Obama orders 1,700-calorie meal at Shake Shack.  First lady Michelle Obama ordered a whopper of a meal at the newly opened Washington diner Shake Shack during lunch on Monday [7/11/2011].  A Washington Post journalist on the scene confirmed the first lady, who's made a cause out of child nutrition, ordered a ShackBurger, fries, chocolate shake and a Diet Coke while the street and sidewalk in front of the usually-packed Shake Shack were closed by security during her visit.

Michelle Obama deserved a grilling on her burger choice.  A health-conscious Michelle Obama scarfing down a "burger, fries, a chocolate shake and a Diet Coke," at a greasy hamburger joint?  The irony was as thick as mayo.  And for critics, it should have been faster to heat up than Easy Mac.

First Lady smashes another barrier.  For the first time ever, a First Lady has been photographed barefoot in the White House, as an official White House photographer captured the First Family watching the World Cup Women's Championship match.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud.  Neither Barack Obama, nor his wife Michelle Obama, love this country. Michelle Obama disclosed her disrespect for America, even though she has had all of the work and educational benefits a person could ask. After she saw the success her husband was having in the presidential campaign, she said on 2-18-2008, that for the first time in her adult life she was proud of America. I suppose she hated America like many of her other associates, until then. I think she still does.

Michelle Obama spotted at We The Pizza.  The first lady and daughter Sasha swung by the Capitol Hill pizza joint owned by Spike Mendelsohn on Monday night.  No word on what FLOTUS ate, but the restaurant's menu doesn't offer too many healthy options.

Obama Vacay: In Your Facemanship.  If the Obamas insist on spending two weeks in an enclave noted for the rich and famous, especially while the nation's unemployment rate hovers at just over 9%, then the least they could do is exhibit a modicum of restraint, and try to be as modest and discreet as possible.  Instead, Michelle Obama, renowned for her impatience when it comes to reaching her desired destination, put thousands of additional dollars on the taxpayers' tab, "so she could have just a bit of extra vacation" — all of four hours' worth.

Michelle Obama's out-of-control spending.  There does appear to be an unhealthy sense of entitlement on the part of the First Lady, which seems in poor taste at a time when 14 million Americans are out of work, the housing market is collapsing, and the United States is facing the strong possibility of a double-dip recession.

Judicial Watch sues for Michelle travel documents.  Judicial Watch is filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) against the United States Air Force to obtain records related to the June 21-27, 2011, trip taken by First Lady Michelle Obama, her family, and her staff to South Africa and Botswana.  Earlier reports suggested that the cost for air travel cost taxpayers $430,000, but Judicial Watch believes that additional Secret Service officers and White House staff security tallied further expenses.

U.S. sued over Michelle's secretive 'family outing'.  Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit over the federal government's refusal to disclose how much taxpayers spent to send Michelle Obama on a "family outing" that included a safari in Africa.

Michelle Obama Spent 42 Days on Vacation this Past Year.  First Lady Michelle Obama over the last year has spent a total of 42 days on vacation, or a little more than one out of every nine days, according to a White House Dossier analysis of her travel.  Her vacations, the cost of which are mostly borne by taxpayers, include trips to Panama City, Fla., Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America, Vail, Colo., and her visit this week to her brother in Corvallis, Ore.

Why so glum, Michelle?  On Aug. 9, the first lady sneaked out of Washington and flew aboard a government plane to Corvallis, Ore.  On board, dozens of staffers, Secret Service agents, Mrs. Obama's mother and one of the Obamas' daughters (we never did find out who).  No husband.  Her office never announced the trip; the news was broken by Oregon's Register-Guard newspaper. ... No, there's something going on there.  How else to explain all those vacations away from President Obama — to Florida, California, South Africa, Latin America, Colorado, Spain?

Michelle the Menu Micromanager.  Even though Michelle tends to unabashedly frequent establishments that serve high-end, calorie-rich cuisine, she has nonetheless anointed herself the maven and monitor of healthful eating. ... Thanks to Mrs. Obama, who allows her two girls to eat fried shrimp baskets and hot fudge sundaes on vacation, America's children will find that when it's treat time for them, "French fries and sugar-sweetened beverages will become the exception and not the rule."

Lost My Appetite for Olive Garden.  Looks like I won't be eating at Olive Garden anymore.  In addition I won't be eating at Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze or Seasons 52, all Darden Restaurants. ... On September 15, 2011 Darden Restaurants decided to collaborate with Michelle Obama's childhood anti-obesity campaign.

Michelle the Menu Micromanager.  Even though Michelle tends to unabashedly frequent establishments that serve high-end, calorie-rich cuisine, she has nonetheless anointed herself the maven and monitor of healthful eating.  Thus, the first lady's obvious double standard has delivered yet another initiative whose success is measured by the level of Obama hypocrisy it manages to expose.  When Michelle goes on vacation — which, by the way, is quite frequently — she justifies indulging in whatever she happens to crave.

Michelle Obama: "All This Just For a Flag".  The internet was buzzing Tuesday night with video of First Lady Michelle Obama apparently showing extreme disrespect to the American flag at a ceremony in honor of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.  As police and firefighters fold the flag to the sound of marching bagpipers, a skeptical looking Mrs. Obama leans to her husband and appears to say, "all this just for a flag."  She then purses her lips and shakes her head slightly as Mr. Obama nods.

What is Michelle Obama saying during the 9/11 flag ceremony?  There is a growing internet buzz over the First Lady's comment to her husband during the 9/11 commemoration Sunday, as the flag ceremony is taking place.  Watch the video clip below, and lip readers are invited to comment on what she is saying.  To my unskilled eyes, it looks as though she is saying, "All that for a flag!"

Can liberals shop at Target now?  Photos of First Lady Michelle Obama were featured on all major network newscasts yesterday [9/29/2011] as she was spotted shopping at a local Target retail store wearing a hat and sunglasses.  Target notoriously sparked the outrage of liberals and LGTB activists after donating money to Republicans in Minnesota.

Another staged moment in the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama.  Michelle Obama just had to get out to Target to do a little shopping last week.  But, before the shopping run the White House tipped off AP photographer Charles Dharapak so that he would be at the store to memorialize the moment.

Michelle Obama is right on Target.  Finally, the White House has decided to be transparent — and embarrassingly so.  The first lady officially announced her husband's kickoff of the 2012 election with a thinly veiled photo-op trip to a local Target discount store.  It's not clear if Mrs. Obama took her own taxpayer-funded private jet to the store or perhaps three jets to accommodate her entourage, as she did for her European vacation.  Sources are unclear how often she frequents the Target stores at her usual getaways to places such as Vail, Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard or whether she wears her $42,000 diamond bracelets while clipping coupons.

Michelle Says Bank Discriminated Against Barack's Grandmother.  First Lady Michelle Obama said at a fundraiser in Providence, Rhode Island, on Friday night [9/30/2011] that a bank where Barack Obama's grandmother had worked discriminated against her for nearly two decades "because she was a woman."  However, the Washington Post reported earlier this year that Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, had been the first female vice president of the Bank of Hawaii.

WaPo Now Wonders If Michelle's Target Photos Were Just Orchestrated PR with AP.  Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi is finding a lot of unusual circumstances — and unusual no-comments — around Michelle Obama's razzle-dazzle distraction outing to Target after her latest controversy over wearing $42,000 diamond bracelets.  He found "there might have been something to the notion of White House orchestration."

Nearly $500K to send Michelle, family to Africa.  How much does it cost taxpayers to fly First Lady Michelle Obama, her two daughters and her mother, a niece and a nephew, a hairstylist and makeup artists to South Africa and Botswana to give a few speeches, meet Nelson Mandela, and enjoy a safari on a private game preserve?  Nearly half a million dollars, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) concerning Obama's June 21-27 journey.

Michelle Obama's Africa Vacation Cost More Than $432,142.  First lady Michelle Obama's family trip to South Africa and Botswana in June cost taxpayers well over $424,000, according to new accounting based on Air Force manifests obtained by Judicial Watch, a taxpayer watchdog group.  The use of Air Force aircraft alone for the June 21-27 trip cost $424,142, said the group, and that doesn't include the food, lodging, and ground transportation for the 21 family and staff members.

Michelle Obama's taxpayer-funded spending is an embarrassment for the White House.  Although ignored by most of America's liberal-dominated media, several online US news sites are reporting that Michelle Obama's grand tour of southern Africa earlier this year cost American taxpayers nearly half a million dollars — and that's just for the flights.  This follows in the wake of claims this August from sources inside the White House itself that the First Lady may have spent "$10 million of taxpayers' money on vacations alone in the past year."

Michelle Obama's warning to gun owners.  Nearly three years into President Obama's first term in office, Michelle Obama finally said something with which I can agree.  At a recent fundraiser for President Obama's re-election campaign in Providence, Rhode Island, the first lady told her audience:  "We stand at a fundamental crossroads for our country.  You're here because you know that in just 13 months, we're going to make a choice that will impact our lives for decades to come ... let's not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices ... let's not forget the impact that their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come."

Obama: Michelle 'loves french fries, pizza'.  President Obama said his wife loves pizza and french fries during his appearance Tuesday night on Jay Leno's show.  Though the first lady has used her office to campaign against obesity and to tout healthy eating habits, she's OK with fattier foods in moderation, Obama said.

Michelle Obama and 'the Few at the Top'.  When Ms. Obama charges, "Will we be a country where opportunity is limited to just the few at the top?  Who are we?" one wonders, why, then, in the past three years of hard times, did she insist on vacationing, in iconic fashion, at Vail, Martha's Vineyard, and Costa del Sol, the tony haunts of "the few at the top"?  In these rough times, surely a smaller staff, less travel, and budgetary economies would have enhanced her populist message of some at the top enjoying perks at the expense of others.

The very angry first lady.  Michelle [Obama] is going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband's political opponents like no other first lady before her.  And it's already begun.  Mad Michelle this week popped down to Davis Island, Fla., to hobnob with the very people her husband despises — the 1 percent.  At a massive mansion on the bay, filled with the wealthiest of the wealthy, America's first lady launched into a tirade about "them" — the Republicans.

Mrs. Obama Preaches Against Childhood Obesity, Then Gives Kids M&Ms.  First Lady Michelle Obama brought her "Let's Move!" campaign to the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting in Hawaii. ... Following her discussion on ending childhood obesity, the Obamafoodorama Blog reported that the young farmers were presented boxes of President M&Ms.

At Let's Move! Event, Michelle Obama Presents Gifts Of White House M&Ms.  On Saturday [11/12/2011] in Hawaii, during a visit to MA'O Organic Farms, First Lady Michelle Obama held a roundtable discussion on the importance of healthy eating and organic farming for her Let's Move! campaign to end childhood obesity.  After, Mrs. Obama presented the student interns who run the farm with a special gift:  Presidential M&Ms.

Mrs. Obama: Let Them Eat Steak — And Arugula.  Visiting an organic farm in Hawaii on Saturday [11/12/2011], First Lady Michelle Obama said that "arugula and steak" was her "favorite" meal and expressed her view that American children need to "get their palates adjusted" so they will begin eating properly.  Mrs. Obama also said that children in "underserved communities" become obese because they "aren't growing up with vegetables because there are no grocery stores."

The very angry first lady Michelle Obama.  Michelle's back, and she's madder than ever.  She was already pretty angry, seemingly unhappy with just about everything. ... She even seems to be mad at her silver-tongued husband.  When the two were to set off on a luxurious 10-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard, she left early — four hours early — and flew up alone.  And those private vacations.  She's traveled to some of the world's most plush resorts, taking 42 days off in the past year — that'd be eight weeks of vacay time if she held down a normal job.  Now, she is ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail. ... So, America's first lady will travel the country this election season to tell her fellow Americans just how bad it is out there (between lavish vacations, of course).

FLOTUS dines at Co Co. Sala.  First lady Michelle Obama enjoyed a lovely evening at Co Co. Sala on F Street on Monday night [11/28/2011]. ... We're told Obama's favorite savory was Chef Tiptur's Moroccan Swordfish Sliders with chermoula marinade, fennel salad, aged pecorino and hazelnut coffee dressing.

Michelle Antoinette's Hawaii hat trick.  Obviously unwilling to submit to hubby Barack's executive order for "federal agencies to curtail travel expenses and save," this year First Lady Michelle Obama decided to leave early again for Christmas vacation, and commence with the holiday festivities in Oahu.  Last year Michelle went on ahead of her husband, who was delayed by Congress, which is the excuse that has become a Christmas tradition every year since Obama took office.

Is Michelle Obama a vacation junkie?  In a story published late last week in The Daily Mail which followed another by the National Enquirer, First Lady Michelle Obama's vacation habbits including expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels are under attack.  Critics have discovered over $10 million tax dollars has been spent on her personal recreation — in the last year.

What Is More Racist?  Michelle Obama has received intense criticism for the flagrant way in which she spends taxpayer money and the tone-deafness she demonstrates.  Two-thousand dollar dresses, wearing sneakers that cost the equivalent of three months mortgage payments while at a homeless shelter, insisting on million-dollar Hawaiian vacations while your husband simultaneously lectures Americans about scaling back, yes, the comparison to [Marie] Antoinette is apropos.  Those who call it racist demonstrate the failings of public education.

Mystery: Angry Black Woman Angry at Her Angry Black Woman Image.  Michelle Obama is in the news loyally defending her husband's dubious record of political accomplishments while denying her own record as an angry, difficult first lady who has disrupted White House operations.  In an interview with CBS the feisty first lady, formally trained in the fine legal art of denial of blatant, obvious truths, rather defiantly and sarcastically stated she is not the angry black woman being depicted in the media.

A Portrait of the First Lady as an Angry Young Woman.  One does not have to take a leap of faith to believe Mrs. Obama to be an "angry black woman."  It is nothing more than a logical conclusion given the evidence she has provided.  "For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my country."  These are the words of Michelle Obama in 2008, said in response America's energetic reception of Barack Obama.  And clearly, they are the words of an angry person.

School Kids Boo Michelle Obama During Healthy Lunches Speech.  School kids in Virginia booed Michelle Obama on Friday [1/13/2012].  The local ABC 7 Channel skipped the booing part in their report.

Michelle Obama and Stokely Carmichael on Collective White Guilt:  [Scroll down]  The First Lady's 1985 thesis on being black at Princeton gave the tormented, race-obsessed young woman the chance to articulate long-repressed feelings of abjection, separateness, and anger.  When she purposely chose the Black Supremacist, radical, separationist, and anti-Semitic ideas of Stokely Carmichael to shore up a study of "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community," the writing was on the wall.  From there, she would go on to Harvard Law school and eventually end up at Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Afrocentric Trinity United Church of Christ with her husband and children.  Coincidently, Wright also happened to be a fan of the rabidly anti-white Carmichael.

Michelle Obama unveils tougher nutrition standards for school meals.  The new regulations, according to the Department of Agriculture, will:
  •   Ensure that students are offered both fruits and vegetables every day of the week;
  •   Substantially increase offerings of whole grain-rich foods;
  •   Offer only fat-free or low-fat milk varieties;
  •   Limit calories based on the age of children being served to ensure proper portion size; and
  •   Increase the focus on reducing the amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium.

The Editor offers this reminder:
Michelle Obama is neither an elected official nor an authority of any kind, and is in no position to tell you to do anything.  Nor can she enforce any "regulations" to change your pesonal dietary selections.  Any time you see Michelle Obama in the media spotlight (intentionally), what you see is merely a façade for big intrusive government.

Let Mrs. Obama Eat Red Velvet Cake.  [Scroll down]  Earlier in the interview, when the First Lady said that her mother and daughters had baked a red velvet cake for her birthday, Leno asked, "What is the calorie count?"  To which Mrs. Obama replied rather defensively, "It's fine."  Well, at 513 calories per serving, I'm sure it's quite fine.  Whatever the caloric content, the red velvet cake was apparently special ordered rather than homemade.

Coming out of the shadows: Four more years of Obama.  Michelle Obama's multi-million dollar solo flights to lavish vacation locales and eye-blinding bling notwithstanding, President Obama told mainstream media that one of the toughest parts about being president is that his wife has been dragged into the "political realm".  No one would know better than her husband that Michelle Obama is not "dragged" into anything.

Michelle Obama Now Trying to Control What the Military Eats.  First Lady Michelle Obama is still on her food crusade and this time, she's going after the military, saying poor nutrition in our armed forces is a "national security" issue.

The Editor says...
The military does not answer to Michelle Obama.  Poor nutrition in the military could be, potentially, a matter of national security, but from what I've heard, the food isn't that bad.

Michelle Obama Reveals She Would Eat 'Burgers, Fries, Pie, Cake And Ice Cream Every Single Day' If She Could.  Over the weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama answered several questions from CNN iReporters, who peppered her with queries on various subjects, including her 'Let's Move' initiative fighting obesity in America.  CNN iReporter Shari Atukorala, from Sri Lanka, asked the First Lady whether she would allow her daughters to eat fast food, specifically "a huge burger... french fries (and) fried chicken" or if they were only allowed to have healthy food.

Any Mother Knows Better Than Michelle.  Children are governed not by agents of the USDA but in the trusting knowledge of their mothers' abiding love in words that show up unexpressed in a mother's lovingly packed school lunch.  Until the debut of Mrs. Barack Obama trying to make her mark in the world, the love of mothers for their children, school lunches packed with things they know their children will eat, were things assumed not government legislated.

Can Michelle Obama's Media Blitz Erase Her 'Angry Black Woman' Image?  While she is hoping that a series of television appearances will cement the unmarried mom and single women's vote for her husband, she is also obviously trying to re-sculpt her image into that of a pro-America, pro-military and patriotic mom who is fun-loving and pleasant to be around.  This last week, she has consistently been smiling and showing a positively treacly can-do spirit, appearing everywhere on daytime television and late night television talk shows.

Michelle Obama's pitch: Share the wealth.  First lady Michelle Obama has joined her husband's bandwagon to hit the rich and spread the wealth, questioning how well-off families can feel good if others are struggling.  To about 300 supporters wealthy enough to pay $300-$10,000 to attend the mid-day event, the first lady said, "If a family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with our own families' good fortune."

Fresh from her Aspen ski trip, Michelle Obama reminds you to feel guilty for earning a living.  It's about time somebody took on all these rich fatcats, with their private jets and fancy vacations.

Michelle Obama's bracelet

Illustration found at Sad Hill News.

Michelle Obama wears $2400 outfit, asks rich people to share their wealth.  The punchlines are all written for you when you meet someone who claims to believe so deeply in something, yet they can't even be bothered to fake interest in it in public.  Because Michelle Obama clearly enjoys the spoils of wealth.  I mean, why else would you walk out of that speech just to change into a $2,500+ outfit for an evening event?

Michelle Lets Governors Gorge on 2,000 Calorie Dinner.  The White House Sunday [2/26/2012] epically failed to practice what its first lady preaches, serving the nation's governors a more than 2,000 calorie dinner even as Michelle Obama traverses the country promoting health eating.

Michelle Obama's Well-Marbled Manipulation.  If you listen to what she says, the woman certainly sounds committed.  But commitment involves more than words, and when Michelle Obama's food directives are compared to the food choices and menu selections she makes for herself and her dinner guests, there's oftentimes a super-sized portion of deceit.  A perfect example of that is the Obama-hosted White House Governor's Dinner, where healthy eating submitted to caloric obscenity.

Barack Obama is a henpecked ninny.
Obama: The "One Thing" That Michelle Allows Me To Do Is Watch ESPN.  In an interview with ESPN's Bill Simmons, President Obama talks about how he is able to sneak in watching sports during the day.  "Well, first of all, I don't watch network news or cable news.  So in the morning, when I'm working out with Michelle, it's on SportsCenter.  This is the one thing that she allows me," Obama told Simmons.  Obama says he is also able to "sneak in" a game while he is reading his briefings.

Obama interrupting vacation to campaign for Clinton.  He says his wife, Michelle, granted him "special dispensation" to do so.

Was it a joke, or a desperate cry for help?
Obama on hot mike: I quit smoking 'because I'm scared of my wife'.  President Obama said on an open microphone at the U.N. General Assembly Monday [9/23/2013] that he quit smoking six years ago "because I'm afraid of my wife."

Obama Parenting Advice: 'I Just Do What Michelle Tells Me To Do'.  President Obama shared some parenting advice in a recent town hall event with members of the military, reminding them to listen to their wives.  "The best advice that I probably can offer is for me, at least, I just do what Michelle tells me to do and it seems to work out," Obama explained in response to a question from a military mom, a C-17 instructor pilot who asked him how he raises his children in spite of his busy life as president.

Obama spends shutdown day making sandwiches with processed meat, white bread and peanut butter and jelly.  Somebody might be in a little trouble on the home-front.  President Barack Obama took a break from sorting out the shutdown of the federal government on Monday to make sandwiches for low-income and homeless families.  Nobody would argue that feeding the homeless is a noble cause.  However, the president's wife might not be too thrilled with what was on the menu.

Obama lauds White House 'powerhouse': Wife Michelle.  "My job is very simple," President Obama said in welcoming his guests.  "It is to introduce the powerhouse of the White House — the one truly in charge, as Malia, Sasha and Bo all know — the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Barry can't eat what he wants while the old ball-and-chain is nearby.
Away from Michelle in Boston, Barack gobbles burger, fries.  [Scroll down]  The pool report noted:  "Before leaving the restaurant, the president purchased a cheeseburger and fries for lunch.  He emerged holding lunch in a white paper bag."  Obama has a history of breaking from his healthy White House diet when he campaigns.

Obama on marriage: 'Do whatever she tells you'.  The president stopped at the Kozy Corners diner in Oak Harbor, Ohio, on Thursday [7/5/2012] for what political campaigns dub an "OTR" — an "off the record" event that isn't on the formal schedule — and doled out a bit of marriage advice.  "Just do whatever she tells you to," Obama told a man sitting with his wife at a table during a brief chat about what makes a good marriage.  The president's words were collected by The New York Times reporter Mark Landler, the print "pool reporter."

Book bombshell: Obama canceled Bin Laden 'kill' raid three times at Jarrett's urging.  At the urging of Valerie Jarrett, President Barack Obama canceled the operation to kill Osama bin Laden on three separate occasions before finally approving the May 2, 2011 Navy SEAL mission, according to an explosive new book scheduled for release August 21.  The Daily Caller has seen a portion of the chapter in which the stunning revelation appears.

'Gutsiest call ever' was postponed three times.  It turns out that "one of the... gutsiest calls of any President in recent memory" — the decision to eliminate Osama Bin Laden — was postponed three times at the urging of... Valerie Jarrett?

Valerie Jarrett reportedly dating a Muslim.  President Obama has time for his 150+ rounds of golf, his extensive television watching, and his expertise on March Madness bracketology because ValJar, by most accounts, is a tireless and fiercely loyal sycophantic gatekeeper, policy adviser, and in essence acting president. [...] In other words, in many respects she is running the country while Obama handles the public face.

Michelle's orders: No fried Twinkies.  [T]his week in Iowa, when he goes to the state fair, the president told attendees at a campaign rally in Council Bluffs that the first lady has given him strict instructions.  "Michelle has told me that I cannot have a fried Twinkie," he said.

Without Michelle, Obama gorges like Clinton.  He hasn't made an appearance at McDonald's yet, but President Obama is doing his best Bill Clinton impression on the campaign trail — at least when it comes to gorging on every plate of chops and Solo Cups of beer put in front of him.  Campaigning without his wife through Iowa this week, Obama diverted his bus several times to restaurants, diners and snack stores in an uncharacteristic manner for the calorie-conscious president whose diet back home is governed by his low-fat demanding wife and organic focused personal chef Sam Kass.

Group sues for Michelle Obama vacation records.  Judicial Watch filed suit Tuesday [3/6/2012] in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia for access to all records pertaining to an August 2010 vacation taken by the first lady and her daughters — including cost estimates and passenger manifests.

More Obama Tapes: Michelle Obama a Race Agitating Occupier?  A treasure trove of information is coming out regarding Barack Obama's time in college.  Over at the Breitbart sites, we are learning how Obama inserted himself into a fight to implement hiring on the basis of race at Harvard Law School.  The Obama tapes also seem to show the other Obama — Michelle — occupying the Harvard Law School dean's office.  The occupiers were agitating for the race-based hiring of Harvard law professors.

Michelle: 'Let's Move;' Sebelius: No, Let's Not.  Challenged by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) regarding the administration's definition of a "food desert" (being a mile away from a grocery store), HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a House hearing last week:  "Well, I think it's very difficult for a family buying groceries ... if they have to walk a mile with bags of groceries, it may be too far to get healthier food."  "You really think that?" Rep. Kingston asked.  "I do," Sebelius replied.  But, according to First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, both kids and adults are supposed to walk several times that far — every day.

Does newly surfaced video show Michelle Obama staging sit-in at Harvard Law?  Newly surfaced footage shows a young woman who appears to be Michelle Obama, and several other students, staging a sit-in in the Harvard Law School dean's office in 1988.  According to J. Christian Adams of Pajamas Media, the video depicts the students — including the woman who appears to be Mrs. Obama — conducting a protest to "solve the minority faculty problem," as one student puts it, by implementing race-based hiring practices.

More Obama Tapes: Michelle Obama a Race Agitating Occupier?  A treasure trove of information is coming out regarding Barack Obama's time in college.  Over at the Breitbart sites, we are learning how Obama inserted himself into a fight to implement hiring on the basis of race at Harvard Law School.  The Obama tapes also seem to show the other Obama — Michelle — occupying the Harvard Law School dean's office.  The occupiers were agitating for the race-based hiring of Harvard law professors.  The racialist fight at Harvard Law from 1988 to 1991 swirls around Professor Derrick Bell.

Michelle Obama: Hey Troops, How About Campaigning for My Husband?  First she tried to tell them what to eat and now, she is encouraging our troops to campaign for her husband's relection campaign.

Michelle Obama [Upset] Over Birth Certificate Findings.  When Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse released its findings and announced that there is "probable cause" to believe that the "birth certificate" released by Team Obama in April is a "computer generated forgery," the liberal media yawned, but allegations are now surfacing that at least one person in the White House, namely First Lady Michelle Obama, is frantic and in a beserk frenzy over the Cold Case Posse's findings.  According to a report released by the supermarket tabloid, The Globe, Michele Obama "went beserk when she learned the results of the investigation."

Michelle Obama Touts Sotomayor, Kagan as Votes for the Right to 'Love Whomever You Choose'.  First Lady Michelle Obama told Democratic Party donors at two New York City fundraisers Monday [3/19/2012] that the two Supreme Court justices her husband appointed would be important in cases involving "privacy," and the right to "love whomever you choose."  The "right to privacy," as espoused by the Suprmee Court in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, was used to establish abortion on demand in the United States.

Michelle Obama headlines S.F. fundraiser.  Today's [3/30/2012] fundraiser, which is expected to draw 350 people, will raise at least $175,000 for the Obama Victory Fund.  Since May, Michelle Obama has attended as many fundraisers as Vice President Joe Biden.

Lavish spending double standard.  The several hundred thousand dollars wasted by the GSA is a small fraction of the bill Michelle Obama has slapped on the American taxpayer for her endless vacations and regal lifestyle.  It seems as if every other week, Mrs. Obama is firing up Air Force One, Two or Three, loading up the kids and heading off to Spain, Africa, New England, Hawaii or, yes, Las Vegas, for yet another party (er, sorry, I mean "educational exchange," "fact-finding trip," "goodwill tour" or other lame cover story).  Mrs. Obama's publicly funded personal travel would appear to be running into the tens of millions of dollars...

Michelle Obama's "Food Deserts," Aren't Actually Food Deserts.  As part of her big-brother-knows-best "Let's Move!" campaign to combat childhood obesity, Michelle Obama has been arguing that certain inner-city urban neighborhoods and rural communities are "food deserts," where it's difficult for residents to find access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food.  Mrs. Obama's solution is for the federal government to funnel public money (or, as her esteemed husband might faultily term it, "make an investment") into bringing healthy food retailers into these neighborhoods. [...] If there really isn't any fresh, healthy food to be had in these communities, it's for one reason and one reason only:  there's no market for them.

Cost of Michelle Obama's Nashville visit may never be fully known.  Metro taxpayers spent more than $7,000 on first lady Michelle Obama's campaign fundraising trip to Nashville this week.  What federal taxpayers spent might never be publicly known.  A White House spokesman said President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee will pay their share of the cost of the first lady's visit Tuesday [4/17/2012] for a $500-a-head fundraiser that was expected to raise at least $225,000.  A full accounting of the trip isn't likely to be made available, however, even though Obama himself pledged on his first full day in office to establish "an unprecedented level of openness in government."

President Obama objects to any criticism of his wife, while using her to build name recognition on television.
The Barack and Michelle Obama Monopoly On Your Privacy.  [Scroll down]  While her husband dominates the Internet, and with only the flimsiest of qualifications, Michelle Obama has invaded the boob tube to become entertainment television's 'Cameo Queen'. [...] If name and face recognition is what wins elections, the overbearing Michelle's already got it in the bag for her husband.  Since President Obama took office in 2009, Michelle Obama has appeared on television about 44 times, and that number continues to grow.

First Lady Hails Free-Contraception Mandate.  First Lady Michelle Obama boasted at a campaign event in Omaha, Neb. on Tuesday [4/24/2012] that "we made history" when the president's health care proposal was enacted and the administration issued a regulation mandating that insurance companies provide women with free contraceptives.

In stump speech, Michelle Obama evicts mother from White House.  The eviction notice came April 30 when the first lady told fellow Democrats at a fundraiser that she shared their values.  "My family, we lived in a little bitty apartment on the South Side of Chicago over my aunt's house [and] my mom still lives in that house to this day."  However, the first lady's mother, Marian Robinson, has lived in the White House since March 2009, when Essence Magazine announced her move from Chicago to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Michelle O wears $2700 sweater.  In March, the first lady visited her British counterpart Samantha Cameron wearing a L'Wren Scott sweater in a trendy bright yellow hue.  The embellished cardigan costs $2,720.  Obama, widely regarded as a fashion icon, likes the brand so much that she wore a peach cardigan from the same line last week during the Take Your Child to Work Day festivities.  The next day, she wore another sweater from L'Wren Scott, this one white with red trim from the Spring 2011 ready to wear collection, for a visit to Fort Stewart with the president.

Hey, Big Spender.  Even as Ann Romney's wardrobe becomes an issue in the 2012 presidential election, critics of her sartorial choices have turned a blind eye on first lady Michelle Obama's frequent appearances in pricey designer outfits.  When the wife of the presumptive Republican nominee appeared on television last week wearing a nearly $1,000 blouse, pundits were quick to point out the price tag.  MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell called the blouse "a really ugly T-shirt" that is "yet another example of how out of touch the Romney family can be with how 99 percent of Americans live."  The first lady's expensive designer clothes, however, rarely warrant mention.

How Real Is Barack Obama's 'Real World'?  It would probably be rude of me to think about Michelle Obama's work, where her salary jumped from $121,910 to $316,962 per year after her husband became a U.S. senator, a job that was strangely left unfilled after she stepped down to focus on her husband's campaign.  Such positions are quite challenging to find in the ... real world.

Michelle Obama is a partisan political activist and she is therefore fair game for criticism.
Michelle Obama sponsors Navy's first submarine with all-female crew.  The USS Illinois, the first Navy submarine to be staffed by an all-female crew, received the support of the White House on Memorial Day.  On Monday [5/28/2012], First Lady Michelle Obama officially sponsored the Virginia-class submarine, which will be one of the newest nuclear-powered boats scheduled to enter the fleet by 2015, according to a White House statement.

10 Reasons Obama Must Disclose His College Records.  [#5]  Appearing this week on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show," Michelle Obama maintained that the president decided to transfer to Columbia "when he lost his father."  "He really buckled down," she said, "and thought about how to use his life to the fullest."  But he transferred in 1981 — a year before his dad died. So here we have another story that doesn't add up.

Michelle Obama's Food Desert Myth.  It may be a peculiar manifestation of American exceptionalism, but the United States has the distinction of being a nation that actually has fat poor people.  This doesn't sit well with those who want to grow government faster than waistlines, and thus do we have Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, designed to fight obesity by eliminating "food deserts."  No, that isn't supposed to be "desserts'; although the health Nazis aim to eliminate those, too.  It is "food desert," which, we hear, is a poor area "underserved" by food suppliers, creating a situation wherein its denizens are relegated to a hell of fatty fast food offerings.  And, you guessed it, Michelle wants to use our tax money to remedy this problem.  Only, it appears it's a cure in search of a disease.

Michelle Campaign E-Mail: Barack's Your Husband, Too.  The Obama campaign has sunk to a new low.  Today, Michelle Obama sent an email to the entire campaign list, titled "Being married to Barack."  It is precisely what you'd expect:  maudlin and ridiculous.

The White House Fast Food Soap Opera.  An odd tale of marital tension may be playing itself out before the nation's eyes, as Michelle Obama devotes herself to cajoling Americans into eating healthier food and exercising more while her husband eagerly stuffs his face out on the hustings with the junkiest of junk food.  He does it so often that Michelle's allies, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, have publicly called for President Obama to stop "eating unhealthy foods like hot dogs or pepperoni pizza that contain processed meat, or cheeseburgers or hamburgers that can contribute to obesity," in publicity photos.

Powered by Hate: Racist Content from Dreams from My Father.  The appalling content of Dreams from My Father becomes even worse in the context of the complete picture.  This picture includes Mr. Obama's 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright's racist church, the same church that gave Michael Pfleger a standing ovation when he exulted that Hillary Clinton's defeat left "a whole lot of white people crying."  This, along with its social achievement award to Louis Farrakhan, is apparently what Mr. Obama's church calls "Christianity." [...] This ugly portrait of Barack Obama's racial policies would not be complete, though, without the equally repulsive content of Michelle Obama's senior thesis.

Imagine the media uproar if Laura Bush had said this — in an all-white church.
Michelle Obama: There's 'No Place Better' Than Church to Talk About Political Issues.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright claims that church wasn't Barack and Michelle Obama's "thing," but in a speech the First Lady delivered to African Methodist Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday, she sang a very different tune.  From the pulpit, Mrs. Obama told parishioners that there's "no place better" to talk about political issues than the church.

Michelle Obama: no better place for politics than church.  First lady Michelle Obama made an impassioned pitch for black churchgoers to embrace political action on Thursday [7/5/2012] in a speech to the country's oldest black religious denomination.  "To anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these issues, you tell them there is no place better," Obama said at a conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

"The trip was the 16th vacation taken by the Obamas."
Michelle's Aspen ski trip cost $83,182.  The spring break Aspen, Colorado ski trip first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters took over President's Day February weekend cost $83,182.99, more than half of which was for Secret Service protection, according to documents from Judicial Watch.  The public interest group told Secrets that they just received documents obtained in a Freedom of Information suit that details the costs and others included on the trip such as the first lady's assistant and scheduler.

Michelle Obama's Family Ski Trip to Aspen Cost Taxpayers at Least $83,000.  Judicial Watch obtained the records pursuant to a May 31, 2012, lawsuit against both government agencies.  Among the highlights from the records are:
  •   The total cost for the Aspen ski vacation was at least $83,182.99.
  •   The bill for the U.S. Secret Service, including accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen, was $48,950.38.
  •   The cost for the flight, per official DOD published hourly rates, was $22,583.70.  Food and miscellaneous on-flight items cost $235.44.  The cost for rental cars totaled $6,442.23.

Michelle Obama's 'luxury' weekend ski trip cost taxpayers at least $83,000.  A February 2012 ski trip enjoyed by first lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters cost taxpayers at least $83,000, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.  The total cost of the President's Day weekend getaway was at least $83,182.99.  The largest expense was $48,950.38 for Secret Service protection, which included accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen.  The cost of transportation was also hefty.

Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket to London Soiree.  The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month ($4,284).  And, she does this as Americans continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment.

Michelle Obama sparks fury after splashing out on $6,800 designer jacket.  Political commentators have expressed their fury over the fact that Michelle Obama wore a jacket worth $6,800 to the pre-Olympics Opening Ceremony reception at Buckingham Palace on Friday [7/27/2012].  Though the dazzling J Mendel jacket and skirt won critical acclaim from the style set, some pundits are furious that she elected to spend so much money on a garment while so many in the U.S. are suffering financially.

Obama: Pay my wife, please.  President Obama thinks his wife should be paid for the privilege of serving as first lady.  Speaking at a campaign event in Denver on Wednesday [8/8/2012], Mr. Obama invoked Mrs. Obama's plight to make a point about equal pay for equal work.  "I want to make sure that when she's working, she is getting paid the same as men," he said.  "I've got to say, first ladies right now don't, even though that's a tough job."  Poor Michelle, we feel her pain.

Michelle Obama Lectures Gold Medal Gymnast About Eating One Egg McMuffin.  Gymnast Gabby Douglas, as Jay Leno mentions in the following clip, worked her entire life to become an Olympic gold medalist, but did that stop Michelle Obama from scolding Douglas on national television for eating an Egg McMuffin to celebrate?  (hint: no)

The Editor says...
Liberals hate McDonald's almost as much as they despise Chick-fil-A, because McDonald's represents successful American capitalism.

McDonald's Fights Back Against Food Police First Lady.  Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, where she told Leno that after winning her medal, she "splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's."  Unfortunately for Douglas, she was sitting on the same set as Food Police Commissar Michelle Obama, who quickly chided her for not eating healthy. [...] President Obama and his wife have already made clear their distaste for the business community.

FLOTUS: Obamacare keeps women from dying of cancer, but GOP would repeal it.  Who knew that cancer would emerge as a leitmotif of the Obama campaign?  First Lady Michelle Obama is the latest to invoke cancer on the campaign trail, but she did so to tout Obamacare rather than attack Mitt Romney directly.

FLOTUS Demeans Office: Guest Edits Site Featuring Sex Advice From Hookers.  This is the First Lady of the United States of America and she's editing a site that not only offers sleazy sex advice, but sleazy sex advice from hookers.  I'm not sure which surprises me most:  The fact that it happened in the first place or that the media is letting her get away with it.

Liberals think you're stupid.
Michelle Obama: If You Disagree with Barack, You're Probably Confused.  Michelle Obama spoke with the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the things people can do to get out the vote for her husband, and actually offered a rather insulting portrait of those who are undecided — as well as inaccurately portraying the race as between grassroots Democrats and a handful of rich Republicans.

Michelle Obama Continues to Increase the Government's Role in Parenting.  Sasha and Malia apparently aren't enough for Michelle Obama.  She wants to mother our children, too.  That's the only conclusion that can be reached when observing the First Lady's campaign to decrease parents' role in raising their children.  Obama's latest method of gaining more control is through school food nutrition standards.  Noting that home-packed lunches aren't up to the First Lady's standards, the government is making school meals free for all, regardless of income, as part of a four-state pilot program that begins this fall.

The Differences between Michelle Obama's Husband and America's President.  Despite Michelle's strong and eloquent delivery on how she and President Obama empathize and desire to work harder for the American people, it is hard to see where they have found the time betwixt their extravagant vacations and frequent tee times.  It is difficult to picture them reading letters from struggling Americans who are having trouble paying their bills in one hand and confirming a reservation for the Obamas to take two separate planes to Hawaii for vacation (where they will arrive within hours of each other) in the other.  But Michelle insists that America has a president who says to her, "You won't believe what these folks are going through... it's not right.  We've got to keep working to fix this.  We've got so much more to do."  Many of us would certainly argue that President Obama has done enough already.  Moreover, he is the cause and catalyst to the misery in the letters he is reading.

Michelle's Lie Number Six:  ["]Barack's grandmother started out as a secretary at a community bank ... and she moved quickly up the ranks ... but like so many women, she hit a glass ceiling.[" ...]  His grandmother was vice president of a bank, the second largest in the state.  She came from a middle-class family.  She sent him to Hawaii's most prestigious prep school.  Barack didn't grow up in a disadvantaged family.  His mother was a professional woman with an advanced degree.  His stepfather worked for an American oil company in Indonesia.

Fact Check: First Lady's False Fairy Tale of Struggle.  First Lady Michelle Obama's pitch to voters last night relied on the premise that she and her husband understand what it is to struggle to make ends meet.  She spoke movingly about their early years — about how a young Barack Obama drove a car that was "rusted out" and found his furniture "in a dumpster," how they both came from families that had to "scrape by."  Her fairy tale — however well-delivered — was one great, big, colorful lie.

Michelle Obama's guidelines for feeding your child.  More than two years ago Mrs. Obama began her effort to drive Americans to eat foods she thinks are better for them.  In her thinking, the federal government is a force for good in broadly changing the eating habits of less sophisticated Americans, much as her husband's ObamaCare health plan forces Americans to make healthier insurance choices.  You may recall Mrs. Obama's seminal, if tepidly-received speech to American restaurant operators, urging them to get rid of some of their tasty, best-selling items in favor of healthier choices, even if they are less popular and less profitable.

FLOTUS: Obesity 'Absolutely' Greatest Threat To National Security.  [Video clip.]

Michelle Obama: 'No One Gets Where They Are on Their Own'.  In a campaign speech on Thursday [9/13/2012] in Fredricksburg, Va., first lady Michelle Obama said that "no one gets where they are on their own" because there is a village of people "lifting us up," including teachers and janitors.

Michelle Obama: 'I don't consider us famous'.  First lady Michelle Obama told television host Rachael Ray on Monday that she doesn't think life in the White House, or the fame of becoming the first family, has changed the Obamas.  "I don't consider us famous," Obama said.

A childhood of privilege, not hardship.  First lady Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention that "Barack and I were both raised by families who didn't have much in the way of money or material possessions."  It is a claim the president has repeated in his books, on the speech-making circuit and in countless media interviews.  By his account, he grew up in a broken home with a single mom, struggled for years as a child in an impoverished Third World country and then was raised by his grandparents in difficult circumstances.  The facts aren't nearly so clear-cut.

Nation's children push back against Michelle Obama-backed school lunch regs.  Children and parents across the country are fed up with the restrictive new school meal regulations implemented by the Department of Agriculture under the "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010," which has long been touted by first lady Michelle Obama.  The standards — which cap meal calories at 650 for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, at 700 calories for middle school students and 850 for high school students — also dictate the number of breads, proteins, vegetables and fruits children are allowed per meal.

Complaints Mount Against Michelle Obama's New Lunch Menu.  In Wisconsin, high school athletes are complaining about not getting enough to eat each day, due to the skimpy new school lunch menu mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama.  The story we published earlier this week on that subject is unfortunately not unique.  Students across the country are complaining about the new school lunch regulations.  Perhaps the real motive is to starve students into slimming down.

Obama Starts Ball Rolling for Michelle to Run.  President Barack Obama is sounding more like Bill Clinton every day.  Now he's testing the waters for a possible run for the presidency by his wife by disingenuously saying she'll never run.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama Keep Up Pretense of Growing Up Poor.  Let's get this straight.  Barack Obama never knew a life of financial hardship.  Ditto for Michelle.  But the First Couple keeps bringing up their impoverished childhoods and student loan debts in stump speeches. [...] Obama went to a fancy private school in Hawaii, his grandmother was Vice-President of a bank, and his stepfather worked for Exxon in Jakarta.  From fifth grade through high school he attended the elite college-prep Punahou School.  Michelle's story of economic misfortune is no more believable than her husband's.  If she went to Princeton and Harvard Law on student loans, she should show us the [...] proof.  Or stop perpetrating this deprived childhood hoax on young people who really are low-income and bogged down in debt.  You know, the ones who aren't hiding their college transcripts?

Levin: 'Michelle Obama Is The New Eva Peron With Her Lunch Standards'.  Last night [9/24/2012], radio host Mark Levin described the Department of Agriculture and Michelle Obama's new school lunch regulations as "tyranny." [...] "First of all, where does the Constitution empower her or that department to reach all the way down to every school — public school — in this country and set the menu?  "Are people in the local communities — are you incapable of overseeing this yourself?  Is your school board incapable of doing this?  Are your local administrators and principals — are they incapable of doing this?  "We need the Department of Agriculture and Michelle Obama to mandate who eats what, where, how, and when in our public school systems?  That's tyranny right there — it's absurd.

Obama's Struggle.  On the campaign trail, Michelle Obama often employs the word "struggle."  It was actually Mrs. Obama's peculiar pronunciation — "shtruggle" — that first drew my attention to the frequency of her usage.  At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, her speech referred to some form of "struggle" nine times.

Revolt Over School Lunches?  Criticism is mounting over First Lady Michelle Obama's lunch plan, as kids are complaining they aren't getting enough to feel full after eating.  "Some Kansas students and at least one political leader say new school lunch guidelines aimed at limiting calories and encouraging good nutrition are having an unintended consequence:  Hungry kids," McClatchy reports.

Michelle Obama: 'Competitive Foods' in School Should Be Limited.  The website promoting First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative to combat childhood obesity advises parents to limit "opportunities for children to purchase competitive foods."  The website warns parents about "competitive food"  — food available to children on campus that falls outside of the federally regulated cafeteria food. [...] Many schools sell foods outside of the USDA school meals — in the cafeterias, snack bars and vending machines — that are not subject to federal rules.  "These foods are called 'competitive foods' because they compete with healthier school meals.

Snacks: The USDA's Solution To Student's Healthy Lunch Complaints.  School lunch trays are a bit lighter this year after Congress-approved calorie limits on school lunches went into effect in August.  The new regulations, which were championed by First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her "Let's Move" campaign to fight childhood obesity, have inspired protests and even a video parody from students who claim the reduced lunches are making them go hungry.

The Problem Is Federally Subsidized School Lunches, Not Michelle Obama's Healthy Food Initiative.  Here's a radical idea for the First Lady.  Parents should be responsible for their own kids.  But I think this criticism misses the point.  The problem is not overweight kids, as one side argues, or politically correct micro-managing, as the other side claims.  Instead, we should be asking the fundamental question about whether subsidizing school lunches is an appropriate function of the federal government.

More about school lunches.

Left Turns Voting Rights Into a Farce.  Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama sounded a battle cry at a Congressional Black Caucus awards dinner when she said protecting the right to vote is the nation's most important civil rights issue.  If that were true, that would mean there no credible civil rights concerns in the country.  What Obama was talking about was the effort by Democrats to prevent the implementation of laws requiring voters to present a photo ID when casting their ballots.  The common sense measure has the support of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

First Lady: Cost-Free Contraception Is 'Basic Preventive Care'.  First lady Michelle Obama called contraception "basic preventative care" and invoked her daughters before talking about women's "decisions about our bodies" during a campaign fundraising event Tuesday [10/2/2012].

Mrs. Obama: 'Indian Country' Fights Obesity by Adding 'Buffalo Meat into School Lunches'.  In marking the one year anniversary of Let's Move! in Indian Country, First Lady Michelle Obama praised the work done by Native American and Alaskan American communities in fighting childhood obestiy by, among other things, adding "traditional foods like buffalo meat into school lunches."  A year ago, Mrs. Obama joined Native American children in the White House garden to launch Let's Move in Indian Country by planting the "three sisters" — corn, beans and squash.

ABC's McFadden Gushes to Michelle Obama: Do You Face 'Extra Pressures and Responsibilities?'Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden continued her fawning, multi-part profile of Michelle Obama on Monday night [10/8/2012], worrying about the "extra responsibilities" that Mrs. Obama faces as an African American First Lady.

The Editor says...
Oh, yeah.  Michelle has a really tough life because she's so black.  Give me a break.

Michelle Hints at Political Future Beyond Barack.  This is Michelle Obama's first hint at a life in politics beyond her husband's presidency.  It will certainly not be the last.

Michelle Obama: 'We Are in the Midst of a Huge Recovery'.  First Lady Michelle Obama said in a radio interview on Friday [10/12/2012] that the United States is in the "midst of a huge recovery" because of what "this president has done." [...] According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the real gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 1.3 percent in the second quarter of 2012, down from 2.0 percent from first quarter 2012.  The BEA data also show GDP growth of (negative) - 3.1 percent in 2009; 2.4 percent in 2010; and 1.8 percent in 2011.

FLOTUS: 'Barack doesn't have a big ego'.  "You see this in, you know, how he leads the country," the first lady said, staying on message in an interview taped weeks ago to air before debate coverage.  "I mean, he is very open to other people's opinions.  And he's always willing to compromise and he's always, always listening. [...]"

Really?  Plenty of evidence to the contrary can be found here.

Michelle O: Barack Never Blamed Anyone for His Problems.  Such an assertion might have some credibility except for the fact he's been whining about Bush for four years.  Other than that, he's always accepted responsibility.  Oh, and he also blamed war, tsunamis, the weather, ATMs and various other factors.  Outside of that, he's always accepted blame for things.

Clapping seal Michelle disgraces 'Presidential' Debate.  In the surrealistic world the Obamas have made out of American politics, Michelle's clapping underlines how hideous the race to the American presidency has become.  Along with burned out and bummed out czars waiting it out for Revolution and assorted out-of-work Hollywood stars, this is a regime ruled by Marxist misfits, malcontents and miscreants.  You'd have to be a misfit, Michelle, to hate the country that empowered you and your hubby.

Michelle Obama Broke Agreed Upon Rules, Clapped At Debate.  Nearly all of the audible applause came from those sitting away from the actual debate, but when FOX News' camera shot moved to a bird's-eye view it became apparent that the only applause from the participating debate audience came from first lady Michelle Obama.

Clapgate Scandal Deepens.  First Lady Michelle Obama said Friday that following the rules at the presidential debates was an "important part of the process."  "They really caution you to be quiet, and I try to follow the rules so I don't get in trouble," she said on "Live with Kelly and Michael."  She did not, however, adhere to the rules of Tuesday's townhall debate where applause from audience members was prohibited.

Memo To Michelle: What A 'Huge Recovery' Looks Like.  A Washington, D.C., hip-hop station host asked Michelle to "in your words, tell us what you think the state of the union is in right now?"  Her answer:  "I mean, we are seeing right now that we are in the midst of a huge recovery.  Right?  Because of what this president has done."  We wholeheartedly agree with the first lady that the current state of the economy is the result of "what this president has done."

US Weekly Ignores Michelle Obama's Expensive Tastes.  In a piece published Wednesday [10/17/2012], Us Weekly ran the headline "Ann Romney Wears $1,690 Oscar de la Renta Dress to Presidential Debate."  Fox News points out the magazine chose this headline despite the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama's outfit cost double that price.

Us Mag Headlines Cost of Ann Romney's Dress, Buries Higher Cost of Michelle'sUs Magazine had a little tidbit of gossip when it discovered who made Ann Romney's and Michelle Obama's hot pink dresses worn to the recent presidential debate.  In its headline Us blares that Ann Romney's dress cost "$1,690."  But Michelle Obama's ensemble was priced at $3,290 despite the silence of the headline.

Obama, daughters head to church.  President Obama attended church Sunday morning [10/28/2012] with his two daughters, with a visit to a federal disaster relief agency scheduled for later in the day.  According to pool reports, Obama was joined at St. John's Episcopal Church, a short walk from the White House, by his daughters, Malia and Sasha, and their godmother, Kaye Wilson.  The first lady, Michelle Obama, was unable to join her family at church because she was preparing for campaign travel, according to a White House official.

The Editor says...
I guess that shows what's really important to Mrs. Obama.

A Detailed Look at Obama's Radical College Past... And We're Not Talking About Barack.  Princeton, 1984.  Michelle Obama attends and promotes a "Black Solidarity" event for guest lecturer Manning Marable, who was, according to Cornel West, probably "the best known black Marxist in the country."  The event is the work of the Third World Center (TWC), a campus group whose board membership is exclusively reserved for minorities. [...] Michelle herself stated, "My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my 'Blackness' than ever before."

Michelle Obama Wants to Create 'Let's Move! Towns and Cities'.  First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging local governments across America to become "Let's Move!" cities and towns because local leaders are "uniquely positioned to champion healthy communities."  First launched in 2010 but expanded this July, the initiative allows elected officials to sign up their locality as a "Let's Move! City," a "Let's Move! Town" or a "Let's Move! County" and thus commit to various healthy eating goals.

The Editor asks...
How does a local government "commit" to dietary restrictions except by restricting liberty?

Michelle Obama: Living in a Tax Loophole?  [Scroll down]  In the real world, business leaders who use their company's jets are obliged to pay for them.  Otherwise, the IRS can disallow the deductions the company takes for their crews, maintenance, repair, etc.  Not only that, but the executive who doesn't reimburse must declare the value of those flights as compensation, and pay tax on them.  What makes any First Lady exempt from the law?  Now, remember:  Even if she's campaigning (and she's always campaigning), the taxpayers aren't in any way obligated to pay for her trips.

The captain of the Food Police has a 300-pound gingerbread house in her home.
54 Christmas trees a part of the White House's "Joy to All" holiday theme.  First lady Michelle Obama debuted the White House Christmas decorations, which this year honor members of the military.  The "Joy to All" holiday theme also includes 54 Christmas trees and an elaborate, 300-pound gingerbread house resembling the White House.

Secretaries of State Criticize Michelle Obama for Voter Suppression Claims.  Seven Secretaries of State have released a statement criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama for her false claim that Republicans engaged in voter suppression in the November election:  "Unfortunately the First Lady's comments continue the baseless attacks that have been made upon those leaders who are simply taking reasonable steps to protect the security and integrity of elections.  This past election speaks for itself.  In Arizona, a state that has a photo ID requirement, Hispanic voter turnout was the highest in the state's history. [... "]

Michelle reveals she's throwing out 'Let's Move' campaign to give her family a good stuffing on Christmas Day.  Michelle Obama put her campaign to end childhood obesity on hold as she helped cook up some turkey, stuffing and mac and cheese.  The First Lady dubbed herself 'hostess in chief' as she welcomed the country into her family's home for the holidays.

Michelle Obama is a left-wing political activist.
First lady re-launches 'Obama for America' as 'Organizing for Action'.  The newly restructured group is expected to launch as a 501(c)4 activist organization, which is prohibited by federal law from having politics as its primary purpose.

Michelle Obama Drops "Let's Move" Campaign.  First Lady Michelle Obama has quietly dropped her "Let's Move" campaign, the healthy eating push she took on for schools all over the country during her husband's first term.

Let's Stop! Michelle Abandons "Let's Move" Campaign.  First Lady Michelle Obama appears to have abandoned, at least for now, her oft-criticized "Let's Move" initiative to promote exercise and healthy eating among the nation's youth, halting public appearances and statements related to the program.

Michelle Obama tweets pictures of freshly picked cabbage.  Michelle Obama promptly tweeted pictures of freshly picked vegetables today [1/29/2013], after it was suggested that she had dropped her anti-obesity campaign Let's Move.  The White House Dossier — an unauthorized blog about the U.S. President and his family — posted an article this morning which highlighted that the First Lady had done little to personally publicize the initiative since last September.

Obamas Hijack the Oscars.  The First Lady appeared via satellite to not only announce the night's biggest prize but gave a speech extolling the virtues of the films in play.  It was an unprecedented cultural power grab by the Obamas, almost daring conservative viewers to adore her as much as progressives already do.

Why the Obamas Really lost their law licenses.  According to people I know who worked with Michelle Obama when she was employed by the City of Chicago, Michelle hated being a lawyer.  The work was too hard and she was not very good at it.  The reason Michelle went to work for the City is because she was hired via a recommendation from Jesse Jackson which then qualified her as a "Jesse Hire"; this is slang here in Chicago for an "untouchable hire", meaning this is someone on the City payroll who can never be fired or even disciplined in any way because their employment was a political favor to someone.

Best Actor in a Drama: Barack Obama.  It was quite appropriate that the first lady joined the festivities for Sunday's Academy Awards.  It's not just because Michelle Obama owes her continued residency in the White House in large part to the contributions and celebrity backers from the entertainment industry, but also because her husband's administration is producing more dramas these days than Harvey Weinstein.

Why was Michelle Obama at the Oscars?  It is not enough that President Obama pops up at every sporting event in the nation.  Now the first lady feels entitled, with military personnel as props, to intrude on other forms of entertaining (this time for the benefit of the Hollywood glitterati who so lavishly paid for her husband's election). [...] It makes both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping.  In this case, it was just downright weird.

The Editor says...
The Obamas simply can't stand to let a day go by without one or both of them being on television.  Mrs. Obama is obviously being groomed to run for President in 2016, much like George Wallace's wife, Lurleen, the proxy governor of Alabama in the 1960s.  Mrs. Obama is no less qualified than her husband to be the president, but that's not saying much.

The Oscars, the Obamas and Camelot.  The Obamas are the beneficiaries of a media whose liberal bias is beyond doubt.  They also have a skillful staff that is ruthlessly manipulative and takes full advantage of social media and creative tactics.  But mere bias and smart tactics don't fully explain it.  No president or presidential family has been treated by the mainstream media with the sort of deference if not reverential awe the Obamas get since John F. Kennedy and his beautiful wife were in the White House.

Heroes, Not Props: FLOTUS Ignores Military Members During Oscar Appearance.  Folks on both sides of the ideological aisle will be debating First Lady Michelle Obama's appearance on the Oscars for some time, but one matter is instantly clear.  The First Lady was flanked by several members of the U.S. military during her satellite appearance from The White House to announce the Best Picture winner, and she failed to acknowledge their presence or their heroism.

'Statist propaganda:' Michelle Obama slammed for using military as 'props' during Oscars appearance.  First lady Michelle Obama is under fire after she appeared as a long-distance award presenter on the Oscars Sunday evening [2/24/2013], flanked by active-duty American service members.  The well-dressed members of the military stood attentively behind the first lady inside the White House as she presented the award for best picture to the movie "Argo."  But the use of those service members has left some of her critics fuming.

$50,000 for Michelle's Let's Move! trip .  First lady Michelle Obama's three-day, four-city hop scotch to promote the third anniversary of her "Let's Move!" initiative that cheers healthy eating and exercise will likely cost an estimated $50,000 or more, enough to fund a few programs for kids that the White House fears the sequester will kill.

Michelle Obama at the Oscars: Deconstructing America.  Having Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States, present an Academy Award was such a brilliant strategy for advancing the post-structuralist deconstruction of America, even the Obamas themselves probably didn't realize how genius it was.

Obama and the Media: Old Policy Resurfacing.  When Amory Gutierrez from the Pleasanton Weekly wanted to do a puff piece on the Obamas' helicopter, "Marine One," the White House put out the welcome mat. [...] Gutierrez, however, did not keep to the anticipated script.  Her piece gushed over the helicopter flown by a Marine crew, but then went on to repeat what the Marines had told her.  In nearly four years of flying the Obamas, Michelle Obama had never so much as verbally acknowledged the crew's existence.  Intentional or not, the one line in the otherwise celebratory piece made the first lady look aloof and disdainful of the military — or as some people put it, just plain snooty.  The White House moved decisively into damage-control mode.

Anti-Obesity Programs Fatten Government.  On Feb. 26, first lady Michelle Obama walked into the produce section of a Wal-Mart in Springfield, Mo., to announce the three-year anniversary of her Healthy Food Financing Initiative, a program to bring stores selling fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods deemed "food deserts."  Making it easier to buy produce will reduce obesity, Mrs. Obama claimed.  Had you been there, you would have come away thinking that there was a scientific basis for this initiative and that it wasn't costing taxpayers a dime.

Let's starve! Kids forced to go hungry for hours during Michelle Obama media event.  A very courageous fifth [grade] teacher in the Chicago Public Schools has written a scathing critique of the almost comical misery she and her students endured when they participated in a massive February 28 event kicking off Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Active Schools campaign.  The First Lady's campaign is an effort to improve (and in some cases, bring back) physical education in American schools. White House officials called the event "a groundbreaking, earth-shattering, awesomely-inspiring day."

Michelle Obama's public school disaster.  First Lady Michelle Obama is running a campaign against childhood obesity called "Let's Move!"  In a bit of grim irony, the implementation of this program has been a teachable moment in Big Government stasis and ruling-class arrogance.  A fifth-grade teacher named Leah Putnam wrote an account of the "Let's Move!" ordeal at a forum for Chicago public school teachers — posted, I gather, by a different blog author, who professes themselves an admirer of Mrs. Obama but nevertheless agrees that "the treatment of school children by people who should know better is really appalling."

Michelle Obama's Dream: 'Imagine Our Kids Begging and Pleading, Throwing Tantrums' for Health Food.  In a speech today [3/8/2013] at George Washington University, First Lady Michelle Obama laid out her dream for a healthier-eating America.  The vision, she said, requires greater "product placement."  "[J]ust think for a minute what this country could look like," said Obama, according to the official White House transcript.  "Imagine walking into any grocery store in America and finding the healthiest options clearly marked and centrally placed so that you know within seconds what's good for your family when you walk in that store.

Celebrities-in-Chief.  The Obamas are giving celebrity-worshiping America exactly what it wants:  a glittering facade of "coolness."  What's underneath it doesn't matter in the least. [...] There's a term for persons who are overly interested in appearing on television and other media but it's too impolite to use here.  But Mrs. Obama seems to be one of those persons.  And the sad truth is that America loves it.

Michelle Antoinette's Big B-Day Bash.  This week the Obama administration announced that due to the awful, terrible, nasty, horrible sequestration, they would have to shut down the White House tours for the public.  The same week, a White House source told the Daily Mail that Michelle Obama was planning a birthday blowout for her 50th.  In attendance:  Adele and Beyonce.  The White House did say that the Obamas would pay for the party.  But that's highly unlikely — it's supposed to take place at the White House, which requires Secret Service protection, high-class dining, and all the fringe benefits.

First Lady Turns Easter Egg Roll Into White House 'Fat Camp'.  This year's White House Easter Egg Roll has been turned into a "fat camp" to inflict exercise and the First Lady's "Let's Move!" healthy meal plans on kids who want just want to celebrate the season on the South Lawn.  An e-mail from the "Let's Move!" campaign says the Easter Egg Roll has been turned into a "Let's Move! Social".

Michelle Obama Compares Herself to Murdered Teenager.  In a speech that addressed youth violence in Chicago, First Lady Michelle Obama compared herself to Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old girl murdered soon after attending President Obama's Second Inauguration.  "Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her," said the first lady.

The Height Of Craven Narcissism.  Neither of the Obamas have any shame.  The ghoulishness of using dead children as political props is bad enough, but it also always has to be about them.  Always.  After ignoring Chicago for years and the river of blood it has become, they now show up, I'm guessing because MObama wants something from them and they have to appear concerned.

The use of textbooks as propaganda tools:
Michelle O Wants Textbooks to 'Swap Cupcakes for Apples' in Math Problems.  First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" initiative is praising textbook publishers for "swapping out cupcakes for apples in math problems," in a campaign to incorporate health information into the learning resources for kids.  "Today at the White House, we celebrated a group of educational publishers on their development of voluntary guidance to incorporate health information into textbooks and other learning materials," Let's Move! said in a blog post entitled, "Cookies 2 Carrots," on Wednesday.

Michelle Obama in heated confrontation with heckler, incident left out of transcript.  First lady Michelle Obama got into a heated confrontation with a heckler at a fundraiser on Tuesday night [6/4/2013], though the standoff never made its way into the official transcript put out by the White House.  The pool report, which is produced by and for members of the media, detailed the incident.

After 4 years of Michelle's anti-obesity campaign, America is still getting fatter.  Despite first lady Michelle Obama's four-year campaign to wean the nation off Big Macs and Big Gulps, obesity in America rose last year, continuing an unbroken 15-year streak, according to new figures from the Centers for Disease Control.  In an early release of some data in its 2012 National Health Interview Survey, the CDC said that 28.9 percent of adults are obese, a small but significant jump from 28.7 percent in 2011.  Officials were hoping that 2012 would snap the trend.

San Fernando Valley School Named After Michelle Obama.  School board members have approved a plan to rename a San Fernando Valley elementary school after First Lady Michelle Obama.  Los Angeles Unified board members voted unanimously Tuesday [6/18/2013] to name Valley Region Elementary School No. 13 after Mrs. Obama.

While enjoying a $100 million African vacation...
Michelle Obama Likens Her Upbringing to Senegalese Children's.  In Dakar, Senegal, speaking at the Martin Luther King Middle School, First Lady Michelle Obama likened her upbringing to the upbringing of the Senegalese children at the school.  Obama told the children of her "experience," and how it was similar to theirs.

Michelle Obama: 'Prison-Like Elements' to Being First Lady, 'But It's a Really Nice Prison'.  In Tanzania, Michelle Obama joked about the "prison-like elements" of being first lady.  "[B]ut it's a really nice prison," she said.  "You can't complain."

The Editor has a comment:
You can't complain, says the ingrate, as she complains about how tough her life is.

Michelle Obama: Being First Lady is like living in a 'really nice prison'.  Obama's comment came during her discussion with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania during an interview moderated by journalist Cokie Roberts.  Roberts noted that Martha Washington, the first First Lady, also described living in the role as akin to being a state prisoner.

Michelle Obama Tired of Living in a 'Prison'.  This is a favorite technique of the Obamas:  to denounce, demean, and disdain — preening, by praising with faint damnation — while enjoying privilege and opulence others can only dream of.  Mrs. Obama, I'll let you in on a little secret:  your husband has a get-out-of-jail-free card for you.  He can resign any time he likes.  He can liberate you from the claustrophobe's nightmare of a life you're living in that close, confining White House, with its endless dinners, parties, receptions, concerts, parades of dignitaries, command performances, rock stars, and galas.  Help you say no for good to the opulent trips, ethereal resorts, and regal dining constantly foisted upon you.

Michelle Obama in $1,295 dress
Michelle Obama Arrived in Senegal Wearing a $1,295 Designer Dress.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.)

Top 5 Things Michelle Obama Has Complained About (So Far).  [#5]  The White House is like a "really nice prison."  That would mean that the First Lady failed to make parole in November 2012.  Ms. Obama made that complaint at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania, among fellow inmates, some from countries where the opposition occupies really nasty prisons.

First lady-backed school lunch regs cost school district $100,000.  A New York school district is giving the boot to the National School Lunch Program (NLSP) [sic] and its new restrictive regulations mandating the number of calories and nutrients in each meal.  The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district announced this month that after a school year struggling with the new guidelines under the Michelle Obama-backed Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act, the school will not be participating in the program this coming school year.

New York school drops Michelle Obama lunch standards: Kids too hungry.  New York's Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district has become the latest casualty in first lady Michelle Obama's preferred lunch plan, dropping the menu after too many students complained of hunger.  "[Food service manager Nicky] Boehm and her staff worked hard to implement the new regulations, but there were just too many problems and too many foods that students did not like and would not purchase," said Assistant Superintendent Chris Abdoo about the National School Lunch Program in a statement reported by EAGNews.org.  "Students complained of being hungry with these lunches and the district lost money."

Michelle Obama Gives a Nod to 'Walking School Buses'.  First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting walking to school as part of her anti-obesity campaign.  In remarks to mayors gathered at the White House last week, the first lady singled out Knox County, Tenn., which — inspired by Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign — has created a bike-share program and something called a "walking school bus." [...] A "walking school bus" is a group of children who walk to school with adult chaperones.

First lady Michelle Obama shines new light on gun control debate.  Michelle Obama is speaking out about the toll that gun violence is taking on young people, in a shift that shows the first lady's willingness to tackle new and polarizing issues as she shapes her second term.

The Editor says...
The position of First Lady is not an elected office.  Therefore she does not have a first or second term.  This is another example of a left-wing political position Michelle Obama has undertaken, which is why criticism of her is perfectly fair.  She is not just a bystander and observer of the Obama administration, she is an active participant in it.

First Lady: Barack's Working to Free Americans from 'Any Form of Public Assistance'.  In an e-mail to supporters, First Lady Michelle Obama says she grew up in a family that didn't need help from the government, and that her husband is working to make Americans free from dependence on government once again. [... But] The Obama Administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has arranged to pay a public relations firm $8 million to promote dependence on government-run health care — enrollment in ObamaCare's health insurance exchanges.  In Pennsylvania alone, HHS is spending $4 million to promote Obamacare at state health clinics.

Does anyone believe this?
Michelle Obama: 'No,' I Will Never Run for President.  In an interview with Parade magazine, First Lady Michelle Obama says "No" when asked whether she'll "ever run" for president of the United States.  But the first lady is confident she'll see a female president in her lifetime.

Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food 'tastes like vomit'.  Students in a rural Kentucky county — and their parents — are the latest to join a growing national chorus of scorn for the healthy school lunches touted by first lady Michelle Obama.  "They say it tastes like vomit," said Harlan County Public Schools board member Myra Mosley at a contentious board meeting last week, reports The Harlan Daily Enterprise.

Michelle Obama to splash media with new issue: Drink more water.  After 4½ years of reminding Americans to eat their vegetables, Michelle Obama is turning her attention to what's in their glasses.  On Thursday [9/12/2013], she and her staff will begin to ask Americans to drink more water.

Michelle Obama turns her 'Let's Move!' health drive to 'Let's Drink!' (water).  Numerous companies like Brita, Dasani, Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Zephyrhills, Ozarka and Poland Spring are joining in with logos and promotions to help out the water-drinking campaign for some reason.  Trying to figure out what they have in common.

Michelle Obama's water torture.  Just when you thought the Nanny State couldn't get anymore drunk with patronizing power over people, along comes Michelle Obama with a most urgent plea: Make sure you drink water!  Who knew?!  Apparently we now need the government to tell us to do the most basic of things. [...] It would not surprise me to see the First Lady begin to offer advice on how to dress ourselves.

Is Michelle Obama over-hyping hydration?  While water is inarguably essential to our long-term health (people do tend to die after a few days without it), the first lady may be going too far in touting the energy-giving properties of H20.  "The idea [that] drinking water increases energy, the word I've used to describe it is:  quixotic," kidney specialist Dr Stanley Goldfarb of the University of Pennsylvania told Politico.  Beyond hydration, he said, there's little evidence that water does anything for us at all.

Michelle Obama Launches Courageous New Program Urging People To Drink Water.  If there's one thing a country facing trillions of dollars in debt needs, it's a taxpayer funded campaign reminding people to drink water.

Let's Drink to Phasing Out the First Lady.  The country's leading health-and-nutrition buttinsky has not just one but two Ivy League diplomas and earned over a quarter-of-a-million dollars back in 2006, before the Great Recession destroyed the hopes and dreams of entire generations, including those not yet born.  Now she makes no salary at all and provides diet-and-exercise information that doesn't even require a GED.

Michelle Obama and Other Hydration-Related Issues.  It used to be when a person felt hungry, they ate, and when their God-given internal water gauge indicated they were running low, they drank.  That's the old way.  Now we have Michelle Obama spending her time "nudging" us away from the soda aisle toward the water fountain.

Michelle Obama to urge companies to stop marketing unhealthy foods to kids.  Michelle Obama on Wednesday will urge companies to stop marketing unhealthy food choices to children.  The first lady will ask food and media executives to promote healthy choices while decreasing the marketing of unhealthy products to kids, according to a White House notice about the event.  The move could prove politically controversial, as Obama has come under fire from conservatives who charge the first lady is trying to dictate what people eat and drink.

The Editor says...
Michelle Obama couldn't care less about nutrition.  Her goal is to decrease "the marketing of unhealthy products to kids."  Marketing and advertising.  Her apparent goal, and certainly her husband's goal, is the destruction of capitalism.

Michelle Obama targets cartoon characters in junk food ads.  Michelle Obama on Wednesday urged businesses not to allow their cartoon characters to be used to market unhealthy food to kids, saying firms can make money encouraging kids to eat well.  "The fact is that marketing nutritious foods to our kids isn't just good for our kids' health, it can be good for a company's bottom line," she said Wednesday [9/18/2013] at a White House conference on marketing.

The Editor says...
See?  It was "a White House conference on marketing."  Not a conference on nutrition.  Marketing.  Capitalism appears to be Michelle Obama's enemy.

The irony of Michelle Obama's water campaign.  If you're not dehydrated, drinking more water won't give you more energy or cure your headaches, as her office vaguely claims.  But it might take up belly space that otherwise would have gone to grape soda, Red Bull or some other sugary concoction.  Team Michelle won't admit this is the real agenda, insisting this is just a healthy, helpful reminder from the first lady.

First lady dines at Bibiana.  Spotted:  Michelle Obama sitting down for a meal at a downtown Washington Italian restaurant on Wednesday [10/16/2013], just hours before Congress passed legislation to fund the government and avert a default.  The first lady was seen dining with two companions at Bibiana, arriving at 7 p.m. and staying for nearly three hours.

PBS helps to peddle White House propaganda:
First lady enlists Sesame Street to promote healthy eating.  Sesame Street's Elmo and Rosita joined Michelle Obama at the White House on Wednesday [10/30/2013] to announce that the [M]uppets would start promoting fruit and vegetable consumption for kids.  And companies will be able to use the beloved characters for free.  "Just imagine what will happen when we take our kids to the grocery store, and they see Elmo and Rosita and the other Sesame Street Muppets they love up and down the produce aisle," [Mrs.] Obama said.  "Imagine what it will be like to have our kids begging us to buy them fruits and vegetables instead of cookies, candy and chips."

The Editor says...
Popeye used to squeeze open a can of spinach and practically inhale the contents, just before the violent conclusion of each of his cartoons.  So when I was six years old, I really wanted to eat raw spinach and hope for the same results.  But after tasting it only once, I went back to ice cream and candy.  The so-called first lady apparently wants us to believe that young people choose snacks based on the packaging rather than the taste.  She fails to understand that we are not idiots.

First Crony Michelle Obama's Big Business Bonanza.  On Wednesday, Mrs. Obama announced an agreement by the Sesame Workshop and the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) to join her nonprofit Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) in a two-year agreement to help promote fresh fruit and vegetable consumption to kids. [...] Joining her for the rollout of that initiative:  Hollywood actress Eva Longoria, who gets paid to promote sugary soda pop Pepsi when she's not standing by Michelle Obama telling the rest of us to drink more healthy water.  Mrs. Obama's nonprofit reportedly has assets of $4.5 million.  It doesn't have to disclose its donors.  So much for the "most transparent administration ever."

Obama-linked firm received 'unauthorized' $100,000 contract for Michelle Obama's anti-obesity effort.  The marketing firm that created first lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign's logo, slogan and web design has close ties to the Obama administration and was paid $100,000 in an "unauthorized" no-bid contract, according to internal documents.  The 44 pages of documents — obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) request by the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch — reveal that federal officials are looking into the Let's Move contract with Shepardson, Stern & Kaminsky (SS+K) as an "unauthorized commitment."  According to Judicial Watch, the contract violated federal contracting laws.

Michelle Obama: 'We Want to Honor and Embrace All... Faith Traditions'.  At a White House Diwali celebration on Tuesday afternoon [11/5/2013], First Lady Michelle Obama said that she and her husband wanted to celebrate all the faith and culture traditions 'that make us who we are as Americans."  Even as she was saying this, there were 200 plaintiffs pursuing 77 lawsuits asking federal courts to protect their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion from a regulation issued by the administration under Obamacare that requires health insurance plans to cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs and devices.

Obama using food-stamp cash to fund Michelle's 'Let's Move'.  On Nov. 1, sizable cuts were gouged into the federal food-stamp program (or, as it's now called, SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which feeds 47.6 million people, or nearly one in six Americans.  In the city, 1.9 million folks get the bulk of their Jell-O and Campbell's Soup from stamps.  But news has spread among the poor, like leafy green vegetables, that it wasn't heartless Republicans who triggered the cuts.  Rather, some of the food-stamp cash was snatched to pay for Michelle Obama's pet project, Let's Move.

Obama's American Dream.  At some point before the 2008 election, an angry sounding Michelle Obama snarled, "there are kids who still believe in the American dream.  They think it exists!"  For the past five years, her husband has been doing everything in his power to make sure it doesn't.  Under Obama, the American Dream — the idea that anyone can achieve prosperity through hard work — is becoming a thing of the past.

Michelle Obama's 14 Obamacare talking points for Thanksgiving dinner.  First lady Michelle Obama not only wants Americans to consider signing up for Obamacare during their Thanksgiving get-togethers, she's also offering tips on how to talk about it and wants feedback.  In a fundraising note to supporters that also cheered her husband's economic and global warming efforts, the first lady urged supporters of the president's grassroots group Organizing for Action to share their Obamacare experiences.

Michelle's New Holiday Tradition — Fundraising on Thanksgiving!.  Michelle Obama today sent out an email making clear that nothing's sacred anymore, using the Thanksgiving holiday to raise money for President Obama's political arm, Organizing for Action.

Michelle Obama's idea of Thanksgiving table talk: Push the Obamacare.  So this is how first lady Michelle Obama imagines Americans should spend their Thanksgiving dinner:  Talking about Obamacare.  That's her call to supporters, via an email invitation to Democratic Party backers, The New York Post reported.  "As you spend time with loved ones this holiday season, be sure to talk with them about what health care reform can mean to them," she said, in the email that contained 14 talking points that could be raised. [...] Mrs. Obama's tips are posted on an Internet site operated by Organizing for Action, called "Health Care for the Holidays."

New survey: Despite Michelle Obama, Americans are eating less healthy.  According to the Obama White House, the first family consumed a Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, honey-baked ham, cornbread stuffing, oyster stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, greens, green bean casserole, dinner rolls and macaroni and cheese.  Then, the family washed all that down with nine kinds of pies:  huckleberry, pecan, sweet potato, peach, apple, pumpkin, banana cream, coconut cream and chocolate cream.

President Obama has nine different types of pie for White House Thanksgiving dinner.  President Barack Obama is celebrating Thanksgiving with a quiet family dinner at the White House — where he will be feasting on a choice of nine pies.

Michelle Obama on Barack: 'He Keeps His Promises'.  ABC's Barbara Walters did another in a series of sycophantic gushing and fawning interviews with the Obamas Friday [11/29/2013].  In the wake of the President's fallacious claim that people could keep their health insurance plans if they liked them, the most preposterous part of the interview was when Michelle Obama said her husband "keeps his promises" without any pushback from Walters.

Michelle Obama wears controversial J Mendel jacket again despite backlash over its $6,800 price tag.  Michelle Obama has once again stepped out in her $6,800 J Mendel jacket, despite fielding a backlash last time she wore the pricey garment.  The First Lady looked suitably festive as she joined her family yesterday for the taping of TNT's Christmas in Washington at the National Building Museum.  But the last time she wore the embellished garment, in July 2012 at a Buckingham Palace reception in London, political commentators took issue with the fact that she had spent so much on fashion while so many in the U.S. are suffering financially.

First lady to go on radio blitz for ObamaCare.  Michelle Obama will sit for a trio of interviews with urban radio stations as part of a coordinated White House blitz intended to promote ObamaCare coverage among mothers and minorities.  The first lady will be interviewed Wednesday evening by Yolanda Adams, Al Sharpton, and Joe Madison, three of the nation's most popular African American talk radio hosts.

Michelle Keeps it Real with Reverend Al.  After heading up a 'poor me' sob-story session with mothers in the Oval Office, packing for the nine-hour flight to Oahu, and wrapping up a 16-day Obamacare public relations blitz, 'Mom-to-Mom' Michelle found time to take to the airwaves and dial in to the "Keeping it Real with Reverend Al Sharpton" radio show.

The Editor says...
Mrs. Obama only speaks to black radio hosts.  But if you criticize that trait, or even notice it, you're a racist.

Michelle Obama steps into health care spotlight.  The first lady has done little to promote the Affordable Care Act in recent months, marking a shift from her usual role as the president's middle class messenger — a move that allowed her to sidestep the political battles over the law, and questions about the administration's trustworthiness.

First lady: Signing up for Obamacare should be New Year's resolution.  The administration is scrambling to sign up consumers in insurance exchanges after the glitch-ridden launch of the healthcare.gov website in October led to lower than expected sign-ups and undercut public support for Obama's signature domestic achievement.

Oprah's neighbors inconvenienced by Michelle Obama's visit, report says.  Michelle Obama may be enjoying a relaxing vacation in Hawaii at Oprah Winfrey's Maui mansion, but the talk show host's neighbors are reportedly much less Zen ever since the first lady came to town.  TMZ reports that the increased security around Oprah's home has become a nuisance for her neighbors, as road closures and security checkpoints have been created to protect the first lady.

Michelle Obama's extended Hawaii stay annoys locals: report.  Michelle Obama's birthday visit at Oprah Winfrey's Maui estate has neighbors a little miffed at the additional security and its impact on business.  The owner of nearby Goble's Flower Farm told TMZ that security checkpoints have been dissuading customers from shopping there.  Other business owners complained of dwindling inventories due to road closures blocking their deliveries.

Michelle Obama Chooses Jane Fonda As Role Model.  In the January 27 issue of People Magazine, First Lady Michelle Obama cites Jane Fonda as a role model.  "[And] there's Jane Fonda, a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy, sharp woman," Michelle Obama responded after being asked by People who she would someday want to look and live like.

Michelle Obama wants $10 donations to 'help protect Obamacare'.  Just one day before he gives the annual State of the Union address, the first lady sent out a fundraising email to supporters hoping to use the speech to prompt donations to help Democrats in the midterm elections this fall.

Here's what Michael Tusk served Michelle Obama at Cotogna.  But in middle of the day, Ms. Michelle Obama and a number of her guests dined at Cotogna.  It looks like the Obamas are fans of Lindsay and Michael Tusk's Pacific Avenue restaurants; back in 2012, Michael Tusk cooked for President Obama (in a private home), serving him dishes like cheese-filled tortelloni and poularde in various preparations.  On Thursday [1/30/2014], this was the menu presented to the First Lady and company: [...]

First Lady, Barbra Streisand Raise Cash for Dems, Warn of GOP Resurgence.  Barbra Streisand, Tim Robbins and other progressive stars helped First Lady Michelle Obama fill Democrat coffers yesterday [1/29/2014] to keep both the House and Senate out of the GOP's mitts.  The L.A. fundraiser, held at the home of Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, also included James Brolin, Paul Reiser, Dolores Roberts and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.  The event netted $700,000 for the liberal cause.

Mrs. Obama Takes a Jab at Us "Wilderness" Folks.  First Lady Michelle Obama took a jab at rural Americans during a speech she delivered to Democrats at the posh Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, according to a White House transcript of her remarks. [...] Mrs. Obama's insulting slap at us "country folk" echos similar comments her husband made in 2008 — ironically in San Francisco.  Then-Senator Obama was bemoaning the church-going, working class voters of Pennsylvania.

Michelle Obama urges students to seek taxpayer money.  "Don't leave money on the table," Michelle Obama told students at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia this week, seeking to put as many people as possible on the receiving end of a government check.  Nothing builds the Democrats' voter base faster than the widespread ability to raid other taxpayers for support.  How widespread?  "Almost everyone is eligible for some form of financial aid, and all you have to do to access that aid is fill out this one little form.  It's so simple."  Simple, as in one-stop shopping, all the better to build that constituency for OPM (other people's money).

Obama's Loafer Nation.  Michelle Obama recently urged high school students to grab as much taxpayer money as they can by applying for federal aid when they go to college.  At T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia she told students that applying for federal student aid is easier than they think: [...] Yet student loan defaults continue to skyrocket.  One day the bubble will burst and Republicans will be handed the blame.

First lady: Gay football player is an 'inspiration'.  Michelle Obama says a gay University of Missouri football player is "an inspiration to all of us."

The Unheralded Return of Michelle, The Activist.  The unmasking of Michelle Obama the 'returned activist' went down in history at a Virginia high school on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  Five years into the Obama regime, Michelle came out of the White House as the activist she's always been to instruct high school students that they are entitled to "free" government handouts.  "Don't leave money on the table," she said.  In a personal trajectory that went from telling kids what to eat to teaching them how to game the system, it's no longer encouraging students to be the best they can be but how to get the most they can get out of government largesse.

Michelle's dogs apparently dine on china and crystal.  Poverty and unemployment are at near-record levels, the economy is stalled, and a record 47 million Americans are on food stamps, yet aides for first lady Michelle Obama's tweeted out a picture of her two dogs apparently dining at a table laid with crystal and china.

Stunning insensitivity from Michelle Obama.  Michelle Obama's lust for luxury has always been a bit of a problem for her husband and Democrats in general.  Jetting off to five star resorts with a large entourage has too much dissonance with the rhetoric denouncing inequality currently in favor with the left.  But the First Lady has now outdone herself, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, the damage may be a bit more serious than the occasional grumble over designer shoes and livin' large.

CNN: Michelle Obama's 'Dress Probably Cost Around $12,000'.  The dress first lady Michelle Obama wore at last night's state dinner was the topic of discussion last night on CNN. [...] Another guest on CNN last night thought the cost was about $12,000.  "Well, by the way, I think that dress probably cost around $12,000.  But that's just my guess," said Sally Quinn.

Michelle Obama chooses Carolina Herrera for state dinner dress.  The first lady chose a dramatic Carolina Herrera ball gown with a voluminous skirt and lace-overlay top.  The blue and black gown is the first dress with sleeves Obama has worn to a state dinner.  Previously she donned one-shouldered pieces from Peter Soronen and Doo-Ri Chung, and a strapless gown by Naeem Khan for the administration's first official state dinner in 2009 for India.

Michelle Obama [wears] $12,000' Carolina Herrera gown at the White House state dinner.  Michelle Obama chose Venezuelan-American designer Carolina Herrera for the gown she wore Tuesday [2/11/2014] to the state dinner honoring French President Francois Hollande.

Media Sidestep Five-Figure Price Estimate on Mrs. Obama's State Dinner Dress.  Michael W. Chapman of our sister site CNSNews.com reports on cost estimates for the hand-sewn gown Michelle Obama wore at Tuesday's state dinner for the prime minister of France.  Think five figures.  If Ann Romney were First Lady now, would that escape the media's politicized scrutiny?

Michelle Obama's Childhood-Obesity Myth.  A decade-long drumbeat of bad news about childhood obesity is now officially wrong.  Michelle Obama is wrong, too.  America is not in the grip of a childhood-obesity epidemic and, consequently, the first lady's much-ballyhooed anti-obesity strategy is redundant, at best.

Supermarket alert: Michelle Obama on the nutrition label.  Michelle Obama's feigned concern that nutrition labels on food packages make grocery shopping a difficult and trying experience for the moms of America, is no different than her televised dancing gig with giant anthropomorphic vegetables that kicked off the fourth anniversary of her 'Let's Move' campaign on Jimmy Fallon's all too accommodating The Tonight Show.

First lady Michelle Obama thinks you're too dumb to read a nutrition label.  First lady Michelle Obama unveiled a proposed new nutrition label Thursday, claiming the labels would make it easier for families to tell whether food is healthy.  Because math is hard, or something.  If your "nanny-state" radar is going off, it should.

Michelle Obama: America's Moms Are 'Confused and Bewildered,' 'Defeated' by Grocery Shopping.  Apparently it's not the price of the groceries, but the nutrition labels on food packages that make grocery shopping such a difficult and trying experience for the moms of America.  In pitching new, improved nutrition labels at the White House on Thursday, first lady Michelle Obama tried to identify with women who do the grocery shopping for their families.

FLOTUS to Appear on 'Parks and Recreation,' Show Wants Hillary Clinton, Too.  Not content with their news division selectively editing video after video to favor President Barack Obama, NBC is now shilling for the administration in the dramatic department.  First Lady Michelle Obama will guest-star on NBC's season finale of Parks and Recreation, airing at 8 p.m. April 24.

Michelle Obama plans pricey trip to China.  Michelle Obama, her daughters and her mother plan a week-long solo visit to China this month that includes meetings with China's first lady and high school and university students — and that will likely cost U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars.

Spring Break: Mrs. Obama Visiting China With Daughters and Mother.  Michelle Obama plans a weeklong solo visit to China this month that includes meetings with China's first lady and high school and university students.

Michelle Obama Throwing Food onto Global Warming List.  With most public focus on her husband's stridently anti-American policies, unelected Michelle Obama, has found her way into peoples' homes by surreptitiously adding the everyday food the masses eat to the Global Warming list.  It should go without saying that who ever controls the food and water supply controls the entire population.  Making the food supply subject to Global Warming through new dietary guidelines to be mandated by Congress is the latest move for control by the Obama regime.

Has Charles Rangel Forgotten the Real 9/11?  [Scroll down]  We should have been aware of where this nation was headed when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008.  As soon as we heard Michelle Obama say after her husband's selection as candidate, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country...," we knew how little respect both of them had for America. [...] I hope and pray that in the upcoming elections we band together and elect those who love our country and have always been proud of it.

A plunge in US preschool obesity? Not so fast, experts say.  If the news last month that the prevalence of obesity among American preschoolers had plunged 43 percent in a decade sounded too good to be true, that's because it probably was, researchers say.

WH: 'Real Treat' for Michelle Obama to Take Her Mom and Daughters to China.  First lady Michelle Obama "has been looking for an opportunity to go to China," a White House official said on Monday.  And she considers it a "real treat" to take her daughters and her mother with her — a trip she's making at considerable expense to taxpayers, although the White House refused to give a dollar figure. [...] Asked how much the trip will cost, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes replied, "As a general matter, we don't disclose the details associated with the security of either the president or the first lady.  This question comes up on many trips. [...]"

The Editor says...
When questions arose about the cost of the trip, the White House immediately changed the subject to security, about which nobody asked.

Michelle Obama and family take another taxpayer-funded trip.  The first lady, her mother, her two kids, plus numerous White House aides and security personnel are going to tour China this month, but White House officials are refusing to say how much the taxpayers will pay for the trip.

Keywords:  Junket, shopping trip, splurge, squander, carbon footprint, luxury, tone deaf
First lady Michelle Obama faces scrutiny for China trip with daughters, mom.  First lady Michelle Obama is getting ready for her third overseas trip without her husband since arriving in the White House, but her journey to China may be watched more closely.  Mrs. Obama will be traveling with three generations.  She'll be joined by Sasha, Malia and her mother, Marian Shields Robinson, a subtle gesture to traditional Chinese values.  White House officials are calling this visit a "people to people" trip.

Michelle Obama's China trip looks more like vacation than official business as she shuts out reporters.  First lady Michelle Obama will not take questions from reporters or give interviews during her tour of China that begins today [3/19/2014], and members of the press corps who usually follows the first family everywhere can't travel with her entourage.  And although she will make a few speeches with reporters in the room, the picture is largely one of an expensive, taxpayer-funded tourism exercise for Mrs. Obama, her two daughters, and her mother — not the official trip the White House has projected.

No Reporters on Michelle Obama's Trip to China.  First Lady Michelle Obama will be accompanied by her children and her mother on her trip to China, which begins today.  But she won't be accompanied by the press.  "Michelle Obama's trip to China starting on Wednesday will be nonpolitical, the White House says, a 'people-to-people exchange' emphasizing the importance that both nations place on education.  As if to underscore the point, no reporters are traveling with the first lady, and she does not plan to give interviews while there," reports the New York Times.

Obama ladies touch down in China amid taxpayer uproar.  First lady Michelle Obama, her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, and her mother touched down Thursday in China for what's being touted as a weeklong feel-good tourist event, amid increasing murmurs back home about U.S. taxpayers having to foot the bill. [...] No reporters accompanied the family on the trip.

Michelle lands in China for week-long trip with her daughters and mother.  Michelle Obama arrived in China on Thursday for a weeklong visit that will steer clear of politics and instead focusing on education and community.  The First Lady arrived in Beijing today, accompanied by daughters Sasha and Malia as well as her mother Marian Robinson.

Michelle Obama: It's very rare that I have the chance to travel outside of the United States.  During her visit to China, first lady Michelle Obama pointed out that the ability to travel outside of the United States was "rare" but that she chose China for a reason.  "It's very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it's even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother," she said.  "And it is no accident that one of our first trips as a family is here to China."

The Editor says...
Does Mrs. Obama expect anyone to believe that this is one of her first trips, or that a junket that excludes her husband is undertaken "as a family?"

Beijing hotel workers already 'fed up' with Obama entourage in 3400-square-foot, $8,350-per-night suite.  Michelle Obama and three of her family members are staying in a $8,350-per-night Beijing presidential suite, but despite a 24-hour butler and other perks that come with the lodging, her entourage has inconvenienced 'pretty much everyone' and made the hotel staff 'fed up,' a well-placed hotel staffer has told MailOnline.  The sumptuous pad at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang hotel — its website calls the room 'an oasis of comfort — is a 3,400-square-foot masterpiece including a private steam room, 'corner sofas with silk pillows,' and in-room dining for six.  But the Obamas' stay has already affected staff and guests at the hotel, with the Westin front-desk veteran alleging that Mrs. Obama's mother Marian Robinson has been 'barking at the staff since she arrived.'

Dealing with Michelle Obama's press office is no cake walk.  Earlier this week, Dylan Byers, the media writer for Politico, detailed his dealings that day with Michelle Obama's press office and just how difficult it was to get his question answered.  "It's absolutely terrible," he wrote me by email.  The information Byers sought involved a NYT report that no reporters would be accompanying the first lady on her trip to China.  NYT's Nick Kristoff said the call was a bad one.  Byers wanted to know why the decision was made in the first place.  "A spokesperson for the First Lady responded to my inquiry but declared the response 'off the record,' meaning I wasn't allowed to use the information therein," he wrote in a post.

Why Does Michelle Obama's Mother Live at the White House?  Here's a question I'll bet nobody ever asked Jay Carney at a White House press briefing:  Why does Michelle Obama's mother live at the White House at taxpayer expense? [...] Now that Michelle Obama's mother has caused a disruption on the latest exotic vacation for the first lady, perhaps it is time for some answers about why Marian Robinson is even on the trip to China.  Worse, why is she appearing in official photographs with Chinese officials?

Michelle Obama: My Husband and I Welcome 'Criticism' from 'Media' and 'Our Fellow Americans'.  First Lady Michelle Obama addressed students and faculty at Peking University in Bejing, China on Saturday[,] addressing free speech issues.

A Rebuttal To First Lady's Claim That They Welcome Criticism.  They sure have a strange way of showing their "welcome."  What was the IRS scandal but a project to "shut up conservative voices" that criticize the president?  The IRS is now in the process of codifying the rules they used to illegally target conservative 501(C)(4) groups.  This president has been at war with Fox News since the early days of his administration, and has called out Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity by name.  This is the president of "Fight the Smears," "Attack Watch," "Truth Team," and Linda Douglass's ghastly "snitch network" which was set up to squelch "misinformation" (aka "the truth") about ObamaCare.  And just last month the FCC had to shelve their plans to have "news police" monitoring newsrooms, only because of the huge public outcry.

Michelle Obama says internet access should be 'universal right'.  Michelle Obama has declared that access to the internet should be a universal right, in a rare and controversial foray into the world of international politics during a cultural visit to China.  The US first lady, who is on a week-long trip to the communist state with her daughters and mother, risked upsetting her hosts in Beijing by declaring access to information as a birthright.  During a speech at Peking University's Stanford Centre, she called for greater freedoms while refraining from a direct attack on the controls over information in China.

Press banned as first lady touts free speech.  First lady Michelle Obama told students that freedom of speech should be a universal right during her extravagant, no-press-allowed tour of China — a hypocritical move that will surely draw the ire of critics, according to an expert.  "That is troublesome.  That goes beyond hypocritical, and I think the American media and the international media has every right to call her and the Obama administration on that — that they permitted that to happen," said Tom Whalen, a political history professor at Boston University. [...] The first lady stopped at Peking University in Beijing yesterday [3/22/2014] during a weeklong trip that was billed as cultural rather than political.

Michelle Obama: Barack And I Welcome Criticism From The Media.  [Quoting Michelle Obama:]  That's why it's so important for information and ideas to flow freely over the internet and through the media, because that's how we discover the truth.  That's how we learn what's really happening in our communities in our country and our world.  And that's how we decide which values and ideas we think are best — by questioning and debating them vigorously — by listening to all sides of an argument and by judging for ourselves.

Cost of First Lady's Beijing Hotel Was Deemed 'Prohibitive' for Biden.  The White House has been tight-lipped about the cost of First Lady Michelle Obama's trip to China, but based on the choice for lodging, it could be considerable.  Mrs. Obama and her entourage, which numbers seventy according to the Washington Times (including her two daughters and her mother), booked the Westin Chaoyang Hotel close to the U.S. embassy in Beijing for their first stop.  According to USA Today, the presidential suite at the hotel is listed as $8,400 per night.

The lies, lies and more lies in Michelle Obama's Coming Out Party in China.  The Coming out Party of Michelle Robinson Obama in China proves she's as big a hypocrite as her husband the president.  "When it comes to expressing yourself freely, and worshipping as you choose, and having open access to information — we believe those are universal rights that are the birthright of every person on this planet," Mrs Obama told an audience of around 200 students. [...] In fact were it not for an enterprising newspaper of another country, The Telegraph, the Free World may never have known about Michelle Obama's Coming Out Party in the Orient because American reporters were banned from the multi-million dollar trip.

Inside Michelle Obama's hotel's luxurious $8,400-a-night presidential suite in China.  It's billed as an 'oasis of comfort', with a Jacuzzi, rainforest shower, and silk pillows — step inside the $8,400-a-night (£5,000) suite Michelle Obama currently calls home.  The first lady is staying at the five-star Westin Hotel in Chaoyang, just outside Beijing, during her week-long trip to China with her two daughters Malia and Sasha, and her mother Marian Robinson.  During her trip, described as a 'person-to-person' soft diplomatic tour, the family will be staying in the Jinmao Presidential Suite at the hotel, near the US Embassy.

Former W.H. press aide: Michelle Obama's office is 'the Worst Wing' of W.H..  Reid Cherlin, a former White House press aide, has written a critical look at the first lady's office in the current issue of the New Republic.  Entitled, "The Worst Wing: How the East Wing Shrunk Michelle Obama," the piece consists primarily of unnamed former aides complaining about her "leadership style" and their inability to cultivate a good relationship with her.

Michelle Obama, Control Freak.  Writing in the New Republic, former White House West Wing press aide Reid Cherlin goes pretty far out on a limb for a former in-guy with the Obama towel-whipping society, describing First Lady Michelle Obama as a controlling yet sometimes fickle East Wing boss who has created an unhappy work environment.  Apparently, all that spontanaiety you see from Michelle takes a lot of planning.

Michelle's Hard-Knock Life Story Comes to China.  Recycling her tried-and-true American dream story, Michelle Obama gave Chinese schoolchildren the same stump speech she delivers everywhere she goes, from Ireland to Chicago.  The FLOTUS has used her hard-knock life tale to justify more vacations for herself than her husband has golf balls.  The problem is that the story is exaggerated, and even if it weren't, to complain about struggling as a child in a free country as opposed to a struggling as a child in a country where the annual average family income is $10,220 today, which is similar to what it was in 1972 in the U.S. when six-year-old Michelle Obama was supposedly struggling, proves the woman is oblivious.

Michelle Obama's Food Program Is Non-Nutritious Waste Of Money.  The $12 billion federal student lunch program, which serves 30.7 million kids, is losing participants fast — more than a million just last year, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.  The reason:  the first lady's Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act, an act that has accomplished exactly the opposite of what it claimed it would — leaving hungry, angry, disgusted kids and dumpsters full of wasted food.  Kids have taken to Twitter to post photographs of the wretched results of the new federal guidelines that any school participating in the National School Lunch Program must follow to comply with the government-knows-best program for nutrition.

Kansas Speech by Michelle Obama Draws Complaints.  A furor over what the Topeka school district considers an honor has erupted after plans were announced for [Michelle] Obama to address a combined graduation ceremony for five area high schools next month an 8,000-seat arena.

Protests force Holder, Michelle Obama to cancel speeches; What's going on?  Politicians like to associate themselves with happy family times like graduations.  They make for smiley photo-ops while the pols deliver their prescribed talking points to the more important audiences beyond the cameras.  But it seems a group of students and their parents figured out they were about to become breathing props for another day-trip appearance by Mrs. Obama.

Michelle Obama scraps graduation speech.  First lady Michelle Obama is scrapping her plans to deliver a graduation speech for high school seniors in Topeka, Kan., after hundreds signed a petition in protest.  Instead of delivering a graduation speech, Obama will speak before the school district the day before graduation, and will deliver remarks at a "Senior Recognition Day."  More than 1,750 people had signed a petition protesting the first lady's appearance at the graduation ceremony, angered that security concerns would limit the number of friends and family who could attend.

Michelle Obama's Favorite Food: Pizza and Fries.  First lady Michelle Obama told children at the White House's Annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday [4/24/2014] that her favorite healthy food was pizza and her favorite junk food was French fries.  "So I'm gonna give you my favorite healthy thing to eat, which actually is my favorite thing to eat — pizza.  Yes, but usually when I have pizza — alright don't get mad at me — I do veggie pizzas," she said in response to a question about her favorite food.

Michelle Obama spotted at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg.  First lady Michelle Obama spending a quiet weekend in Middleburg with daughters Malia and Sasha in tow at the tony Salamander Resort.  While the president was being trailed by flashing cameras and notebook-wielding reporters on a four-country tour through Asia, Michelle Obama's itinerary was a tad bit more low-key.  On Friday she was spotted in the lobby of the luxury resort owned by multimillionaire Sheila Johnson.

Michelle Obama 2-Day Hotel Stay in China Costs $222K.  Michelle Obama wrapped up her March visit to China with a stop in Chengdu, arriving on March 25 and departing for the United States on the following day. But that one leg of the trip alone required about 900 room nights, ranging from 21 rooms beginning on March 13 for the advance team to a peak of 144 rooms when the first lady herself was at the hotel.

Michelle's Motto: 'Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all'.  Much to my astonishment, after chronicling all the travels and the affluent way of life enjoyed by the spoilt first lady, it turns out that while her husband was in Asia screwing up and eating $300 endangered blue fin tuna sushi, Michelle actually indulged in a secret spa weekend in Middleburg, Virginia.  If the second leg of her Hawaii vacation is counted as a separate trip, there would be Hawaii I and Hawaii II, Aspen, Key Largo, and China, with the Middleburg spa weekend being Michelle's sixth getaway since the first of the year.

First Lady's China Trip Latest Proof Michelle Lives Like Millionaire, Except at Taxpayers' Expense.  A one-night stay for Michelle Obama and her absurdly gigantic entourage support staff in Chengdu, China cost $222,000 according to just-released documents.  Although she spent only the night of March 25th at the Shangri-La hotel, some rooms were booked for 12 days earlier.  Starting with 21 rooms on the 13th, the stay ballooned to 144 rooms (the top two floors) on the night of her visit, representing a total of 900 room nights over the period.

Michelle O: Water Made Albert Einstein Smart.  First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign is claiming water made Albert Einstein smart, Muhammad Ali a Heavyweight champion, and Audrey Hepburn stylish.  Mrs. Obama is again using hashtags, this time to promote her drink water campaign, and is encouraging individuals to post photos of themselves drinking water on social media.

Michelle Obama tells students 'by some measures our schools are as segregated' as they were back then.  Segregation by force of law is no longer legally acceptable in America, but de facto segregation still plagues our schools and neighborhoods, First Lady Michelle Obama told a group of graduating students Friday night [5/16/2014].  The First Lady was expected to use the speech to celebrate about diversity in America.  Instead, she took racism head on, telling the Topeka, Kansas, seniors, 'by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech.'

Woman Who Sends Her Kids to Elite Private Schools Whines About Segregation in Schools.  Is it just me or is this obnoxious witch just a tad hypocritical?

Michelle Obama warns of resurgent school segregation.  In her prepared remarks, the first lady praised the legacy of that decision, Brown v. Board of Education, noting the diversity of the crowd before her.  But she also warned that the specter of school segregation is returning as people of different races cluster in separate communities, urging the graduates to continue striving for inclusion and mutual understanding.

The Editor says...
People of different races congregate together (for example, on Sunday morning) because they choose to, not because the government tells them to.  Voluntary segregation is also known as "freedom of association," and only leftist troublemakers like Mr. and Mrs. Obama think it is something to be eliminated.

Michelle Obama To High-School Grads: Monitor Your Parents For Thoughtcrime.  There can be no aspect of your daily life that's removed from politics.  Now you will be monitored by your own children for expressing unapproved opinions.  You'd better watch what you say at the dinner table, Mom and Dad.

Michelle Obama Says Kids Should Monitor Parents for Racism.  Taking a page out of the political handbook of every fascist society and dystopian Sci Fi novel, Michelle Obama is telling kids to monitor their parents for crimes against the state.  The woman who was never proud of her country until she and her husband were deposited in the White House spoke to a class in Topeka, Kansas last Friday where she told students to monitor their parents for racist speech because she and her hubby can only do so much without good little informants like them back home.

For Michelle Obama, world is black and white — but skin deep.  For "Decider in Chief" George W. Bush, the world was black and white.  Good and bad, right and wrong, with us or against us.  For Michelle Obama, the world is also black and white.  But her black and white is all about skin color.  She talks about it often, incessantly, even, injecting race and racism into speeches and events in which they have no business.  And she did so again on Friday [5/16/2014], when she traveled to Topeka, Kansas, to deliver a speech to graduating high school seniors.

The First Lady's food-fight debacle.  Progressives blame kid-hating Republicans and greedy businesses for the revolt against Mrs. Obama's failed policies.  But the truth is right around the corner in your students' cafeterias.  Districts are losing money.  Discarded food is piling high.  Kids are going off-campus to fill their tummies or just going hungry.  According to the School Nutrition Association, almost half of school-meal programs reported declines in revenue in the 2012-13 school year, and 90 percent said food costs were up.

Michelle Obama Stepping Up Her Solo Political Engagement.  White House officials are warning that First Lady Michelle Obama is launching into a new "sustained level" of political engagement this year, signaling a shift from her less public profile during the beginning of her husband's first term in the White House.  As Barack's second term has gotten fairly underway, the White House claims that the President will be using his wife in more ways than ever and we should expect to see her acting as a solo political act far more than we have in the past.

FLOTUS 'Joins Forces' with Dead Veterans.  For years now, our very own First Lady has appeared on shows like Oprah and Nightline and broadcast her undying dedication to getting military families the multifaceted support they need — none of which she's done, but that's beside the point.  One would think that after all the effort she's invested, at some point the FLOTUS would have caught wind that military veterans were languishing for months on waiting lists at VA hospitals without proper care.  But she didn't.

First Lady Set to Respond to School Meal Critics.  The School Nutrition Association, which represents school nutrition directors and companies that sell food to schools, has lobbied for changes to the standards, saying some are too restrictive.

Michelle Obama Proves She's Just as Political as Her Husband.  The First Lady is jumping into the political arena following the recent announcement that congressional Republicans are taking another look at her school lunch program. Michelle Obama is taking issue with a GOP bill which would allow schools to opt out of the program if their food services were operating at a net loss.  Though Obama's lunch program offers food with higher nutritional value, the mandates have proven too costly for schools across the country, and what's more, students aren't happy with the options.

Public School Kids Protest 'Let's Move' Lunches As First Daughters Get Meatball Subs, Ice Cream.  With public school students using #ThanksMichelle to tweet photos of their skimpy, stomach-turning school lunches, I decided to look at what Michelle Obama's daughters are served at Sidwell Friends school, and it turns out the girls dine on lunches from menus designed by chefs.  While the Obama daughters have enjoyed dishes like chicken coconut soup, local butternut squash soup, crusted tilapia, they also get their fill of what Mrs. Obama might consider junk food.

While Public School Kids Eat 'Healthy Lunches,'Obama Girls Dine On Meatball Subs And Ice Cream.  Not only have disgruntled kids across America voiced their displeasure over First Lady Michelle Obama's school lunch program from the beginning, many have used #ThanksMichelle to tweet photos of their daily choices. [...] By contrast, the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., where the Obamas send their children to school, serves school lunches designed by chefs.  This week, for example, they might enjoy meatball subs, BBQ wings and ice cream, in addition to chicken curry, deviled egg salad and the "Chef's Choice."

More about school lunches.

School lunches are now a 'right,' according to Mrs. Obama.
Michelle O: 'Parents Have Right to Expect Their Kids Will Get Decent Food in Our Schools'.  First lady Michelle Obama says parents "are looking for help" in making sure their children get balanced meals — and they "don't want their efforts undermined when they send their kids off to school."  "Parents have a right to expect that their kids will get decent food in our schools," Mrs. Obama said at the White House on Tuesday [5/27/2014].  "And we all have a right to expect that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars won't be spent on junk food for our kids."  The first lady said congressional efforts to ease the new school lunch rules are "unacceptable."

By now you know the value of Obama's promises.
President Obama Promises That His Wife Will Never Run for Office.  In an interview for Live with Michael and Kelly [sic], President Barack Obama indicated that his wife Michelle never intends to run for public office.

The Editor says...
The correct name of the show is Live with Kelly and Michael.

Michelle Gone Wild: First Lady Targets White Potatoes and Republicans.  Michelle Obama won't rest until we are all scrounging for berries and chomping leafy vegetation in the forest.  Or until she and her fellow progressives regulate the entire food industry Soviet-style.  Four years and $12 billion later, her campaign to replace French fries and pizza with green pepper strips and Mexican turnip roots in school cafeterias has tanked.  Kids in Kentucky said the food tasted like "vomit."  Students in California were selling chips and candy bars on the black market.  Lunch ladies and food service workers report that the K-12 crowd would rather skip meals than eat kale.  Kids dumped mystery meat into trash cans faster than Michelle dumped patients at the University of Chicago Medical Center.  More than 500 schools have already opted out to get away from federal regulations and Michelle's constant nitpicking.  So why are the little ones trashing the government-sanctioned slop?

Who pays for first lady's fabulous fashions?  The financing of the first lady's wardrobe is something that the Obama White House is loath to discuss.

Was Michelle Obama elected president, too? First lady corrects misstep.  First lady Michelle Obama got a little carried away with her title Monday [6/2/2014], correcting herself after suggesting to supporters that she, too, got elected in 2008.  At a Democratic fundraiser in Boston, Mrs. Obama asked the audience to remember "when we took office."  Then she said, "Well, when Barack took office and I was there."

The Editor says...
This sounds a lot like co-president Hillary Clinton, who was quoted as saying, "I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers.  We are the president."*

Michelle Obama Lectures Dems About Separation Of Powers.  A day before the White House apologized to the Senate Intelligence Committee for not alerting Congress before trading five high-level terrorists for a captured American soldier, first lady Michelle Obama lectured donors about the separation of powers.  "Too often, we forget what we learned in civics class back in middle school, about how we have a separation of powers between three branches of government," she said on Monday at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Boston.

Is Michelle running for the Senate?  She's wading uncharacteristically deep into the Washington political mud pit to defend her school lunch program against Republicans, assailing them last Tuesday for opting to "play politics with our kids' health." She struck a similar tone in a New York Times op-ed two days later, accusing Republicans of trying to "override science" and suggesting they join parents and "put our children's interests first." So what's with the bolder profile?

Another New York carpetbagger?
Senator Michelle Obama is a sequel we don't need.  Moochelle Obama for the Senate?  I think I've seen this movie before.  Let me guess, she's the smartest woman in America.  And she's one of the 100 best lawyers in America — oh, that's right, she doesn't have a license to practice anymore.  So that's one thing the pajama boys of the state-controlled media won't be able to gush about as the tingles run up their legs. [...] And now Mrs. Mooch is being "urged" to run for a Senate seat.

Michelle Obama: I Couldn't Feed My Kids Right — Even with a Harvard Degree.  "I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard-educated professional woman doesn't know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who don't have access to the information I have?" she recalled.  Her personal struggle helped her launch her mission to address childhood obesity, she explains, especially passing a law requiring schools to provide healthier meals for kids.  The First Lady recommended that schools make decisions for children because their parents struggle to feed their children well.

Michelle Obama Neatly Summarizes the Entire Progressive Agenda During a Nutrition Interview.  Is it really that hard?  As a parent of five, it didn't take a pediatrician consult for me to figure out what to put in my kiddo's pie holes.  In fact, many parents have successfully fed their offspring without Princeton and Harvard degrees, in addition to not needing "access to information."  Lastly, as most "working" moms don't earn $316,912 a year, in addition to a husband who was earning $162,100 as a Senator, perhaps the First Lady protesteth a tad too much.

Mocking derision:
Hunger in America: Kids of Ivy League Parents Starving without Michelle Obama's Intervention.  Unfortunately, this highly affluent woman, who was pulling down in excess of $300,000 for a job in hospital administration before moving into the White House, yet apparently couldn't devise simple, nutritious menus for her own children without an intervention from the family pediatrician ("Have you considered arugula, Mrs. Obama?") is now trying to tell an entire nation what to feed the children.  Perhaps based on her experience of not having the foggiest what to feed Malia and Sasha, Mrs. Obama has reformed the school lunch program in public schools.

Michelle Obama Tells the Congress 'It's Unacceptable' To End My School Lunch Program.  House Republicans are trying to end Michelle Obama's school lunch initative and the First Lady's not happy about it.  She used a White House event on Tuesday to rally opposition to a bill passed by a House subcommittee that would allow districts to suspend the program.

When Barry Met Shelly: Authoritarian and Totalitarian Psychology of the Obamas.  [Scroll down]  Mrs. Obama's "cause" is to tell everybody what to eat for lunch.  Sameness and oneness.  The American people are too stupid to feed their own kids.  Exhibiting the sine qua non of the authoritarian, Michelle Obama is famous for becoming outraged if she is publicly challenged or even questioned.  It is no coincidence that SDO [social dominance orientation] chart-topper Michelle chose to have those special family times in communist China.  For an authoritarian personality, communist China would be the favoritest place in the whole wide world.  Much more comfortable than a speech-dysregulated democracy.  Finally, someplace got it right!  All those billions of underlings know how to behave.  What a place!

The First Parent Of The United States.  Michelle Obama thinks she knows what your children should eat.  She's adamant about promoting her nutrition policies for kids, even the new and disastrous school meal standards implementing the "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act." [...] Make no mistake; the underlying assumption is that federal technocrats and educated individuals such as her need to act on your behalf to meet the best interests of your children.  This arrogance is on display in the current controversy over the new and restrictive federal school meal standards.

Michelle Obama Fights GOP On School Lunch Rules.  She's fighting a House Republican effort to soften a central part of her prized anti-childhood obesity campaign and says she's ready "to fight until the bitter end."

Michelle Obama Employs Only 2 Men; Pays Men 46% More Than Women On Staff.  At the same time the Obama administration once again renewed its Equal Pay push, the White House released salary figures for White House staff.  Upon analysis, the Washington Post, among others, concluded that the gender pay gap (as defined by the White House) that has existed since President Obama was elected is as wide as it was in 2009, a thirteen percent difference.

School Lunches Weren't Enough: Michelle Targets School Bake Sales.  In order to comply with federal regulations, the State Board of Education in Tennessee has announced that schools are only allowed to host club bake sales, cook-offs, or any other food-based fundraiser on each campus 30 days per school-year.  The board chose this specific number because if a maximum number of days are not set, schools are not allowed to host any food-related fundraisers at all, according to The Tennessean.  Administrators across the state are lamenting the effect this will have on school club funds.

Michelle Obama to Latinos: 'We cannot afford to wait on Congress' for immigration.  First lady Michelle Obama grabbed the political reins during a speech to the League of United Latin American Citizens in New York City, telling the crowd of admirers not to worry — that her husband wouldn't wait on Congress to take action on immigration reform.  "So make no mistake about it — we have to keep on fighting as hard as we can on immigration," Mrs. Obama said, to a cheering crowd, Breitbart reported.  "And as my husband has said, he's going to do whatever administrative action it takes to fix this broken system."  Mrs. Obama then vowed that Congress wouldn't get in the way of her presidential husband's hopes for immigration change.

Michelle Obama talks veterans' jobs and homes — but not VA healthcare.  This is what it means to be first lady:  you enjoy a 66% popularity rating, almost 20 points higher than your husband's.  And you can give an entire speech about the needs of veterans — for homes and good jobs — without ever having to refer to the conflagration over their medical care that has enveloped his White House.

Mrs. Obama's Operation VA Scandal Distraction.  Barack and Michelle Obama are quite the diversionary tag-team.  He blames everyone else for his problems.  She takes credit for progress on his behalf that he doesn't deserve and distracts public attention from his avalanche of failures with endless feel-good photo-ops.

Now Michelle Obama Wants to Control How You Shop for Groceries.  Michelle Obama has been on a quest to change the way Americans eat, like it or not.  Her nutritional guidelines for schools has resulted in kids throwing away massive amounts of food, a reduction in school lunch program participation, students, especially athletes, complaining that the food isn't enough to sustain them during the day, and Special Education programs losing their main fundraising program.

Michelle Obama Tells Kids 'Certain Money Interests' Are Trying to Kill Her School Lunch Program.  Friday [7/18/2014] First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the first "Kids State Dinner" in the East Room of the White House, which treated the 54 children who won a nationwide healthy meal recipe contest sponsored by the food magazine Epicurious and the Education and Agriculture departments to a state dinner.

Welcome to a government we'll-tell-you-what-to-eat world.  The supermarket 'talking' shopping cart Michelle Obama will use to push her over-the-top approved food list is a power push over unsuspecting masses, but would serve as the perfect replacement for her husband's omnipresent rising sun logo. [...] Michelle Obama's specialized supermarket carts that will notify shoppers when they've selected the right amount of healthy foods, described in a new 80-page report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Now that they've lured almost 50 percent of Americans onto food stamps, they feel they have the right to tell them what they can eat.

Joining fundraising spree, first lady asks for 'biggest, fattest' checks.  First lady Michelle Obama jumped into the White House fundraising spree on Thursday [7/24/2014], prodding supporters in Chicago to hand over the maximum campaign contribution in an attempt to shore up Democrats' chances in upcoming midterm elections.

Michelle Obama says money in politics is bad, asks donors for 'big, fat check'.  First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday night [7/24/2014] urged Democrats to "dig deep" into their pockets and "write a big fat check" before the midterm elections, but minutes later complained of too much money in politics.

Michelle Obama expands push to get Americans to drink more water.  First lady Michelle Obama took to the White House lawn on Tuesday [7/22/2014] along with children from a local YMCA and summer camp to expand the country's "Drink Up" campaign aimed at getting Americans to drink more water.

Cafeteria workers offended by Michelle Obama's claim they serve 'junk food'.  School cafeteria workers, already frustrated that kids don't like menus ordered by Michelle Obama and the Agriculture Department, slapped as "offensive" the first lady's latest criticism that some school districts have given up and are just lazily serving junk food.

First lady asks leaders to change gender attitudes.  Michelle Obama called on young African leaders to change traditional attitudes and beliefs that harm girls and women, adding that educating and making women financially literate is not enough.  "No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens," Mrs. Obama said.  The first lady spoke Wednesday [7/30/2014] to the inaugural class of young African fellows who are getting six weeks of leadership training in the United States as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

The Editor says...
Michelle Obama is a radical left-wing political activist.  If she were to promote innocuous causes like literacy, sobriety, freedom, or self-reliance, she would be the typical harmless First Lady, largely immune from criticism.  Instead she advocates issues that advance the nanny state (school lunches), race-based black-only events and organizations (like the "young African fellows" above) and the leftist destruction of traditional American civil society through same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and feminism.

Cincinnati Enquirer Keeps Michelle Obama's Name Out of Story on District Ending Federal School Lunches.  Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Northern Kentucky have decided to get out of the federal school lunch program, specifically because of the requirements imposed in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Simply put, the district is tired of being forced to give kids food they won't eat.  Until it ran into problems, HHFA was seen as Mrs. Obama's signature achievement, and the press fawned over its alleged awesomeness.  Now that the program has encountered fierce real-world resistance, her association with it seems to have vanished from many press reports.

Now Michelle Obama Has Caused America's 'Best Cafeteria Cookie' To Be Outlawed.  An eruption of aggravation about what American schoolchildren can no longer eat in school cafeterias is never far away in the Obama era.  Now, thanks to federal intervention that first lady Michelle has made her signature issue, students in all 11 taxpayer-funded public schools in Elyria, Ohio cannot enjoy the famous Elyria pink cookie anymore.  This cookie is no ordinary cookie, according to The Chronicle-Telegram, the Cleveland suburb's local newspaper.  It's a velvety, cake-like, scrumptious delicacy glazed with a huge dollop of sugary pink icing.  Cleveland magazine dubbed the Elyria pink cookie the "Best Cafeteria Cookie" in 2009.  Locals will even call up asking for special bulk orders of the tasty treat.

Michelle Obama's World — We Control Any Space We Occupy And We Occupy Any Space We Choose.  While we were shooting on Beach Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares on the Vineyard, the Secret Service approached and asked us to switch off our camera for 15 minutes.  A moment later, first lady Michelle Obama power walked by our crew. [...] Our producer and cameraman were surrounded by Secret Service agents and very strongly advised to stop filming.  At one point, Mrs. Obama looked in their direction and said, "Don't do that."  It's unclear if she was telling the agents to leave us alone, or scolding us for filming on public property.

Michelle Obama: Americans 'Take for Granted' How Much Barack Has Improved US.  First Lady Michelle Obama proudly defended her husband's record at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser, reminding the attendants how far the country had come since the Obamas entered the White House.  "Just think about how different our country looks to children growing up today," she said.  "Think about how our kids take for granted that a black person or a woman can be President of the United States."

The Editor says...
Excuse me for noticing:  Black liberals are quick to inject race into every conversation.

Michelle Kvetches to Children with Cancer.  After admitting that she dislikes "selfies" but agreeing to be part of an "ussie," and after discussing flying her dogs around on Air Force One, the first lady became painfully honest.  So much so that she even complained to youngsters battling childhood cancers about the misery of living in the White House and being married to a guy who, besides being the president of the United States, spends an inordinate amount of time on the golf course.

What's Michelle Obama really campaigning for?  All first ladies do some political work, even if just introducing their spouse or decorating the stage.  During her husband's terms, for instance, Laura Bush did scattered fundraisers for select political friends.  But Mrs. Obama has been politically involved since being hired into the Chicago mayor's office by — wait for it — the same Valerie Jarrett who now accompanies Barack Obama everywhere but the men's room.

Michelle Obama warns Senate control, impeachment, rests on 'few hundred votes'.  First lady Michelle Obama, going to bat for Senate Democrats amid reports she is abandoning them on the campaign trail, is warning that control of the chamber and the potential Republican impeachment of her husband rests on just a few votes.

Michelle Blames 'This Country' For Female Vet's Unemployment.  Michelle Obama says that America is responsible for a female veteran's unemployment.  She's been given the cover in the Oct. 14 issue of Redbook to tout the administration's claimed support for women veterans, just three weeks before the Nov. 4 election.  She returned the favor by blaming Americans for their shared economic difficulties.

Michelle Obama is sincerely supporting what's-his-name.  Michelle Obama is inevitably thrilled to be wherever she is.  Of course, she's only the celebrity face brought in to attract media coverage, mainly television with its larger superficial reach.  She's not preaching to anyone in the crowd.  They're mere choir props.  She wants to reach the "folks" at home and ensure they remember the candidate's name.  And like crows to roadkill, local broadcast media fall for it every time everywhere.  The event is often their lead-off story with a live-shot from the scene, including interviews of breathless attendees helpfully steered to the cameras by campaign staff.  Regardless of party, these schticks are as phony as your deadbeat uncle suddenly calling with warm wishes after you win the lottery.

Michelle Obama Stumps For Candidate, Calls Him Wrong Name SEVEN Times.  First Lady Michelle Obama attended a campaign event in Iowa today for Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley.  Only problem was, Michelle accidentally called the man she was stumping for the wrong name... seven times.

Desperate Media Meme: Michelle MEANT To Flub Candidate's Name!.  Yes, seriously. Not one, not two, but three prominent media figures are floating the idea that Michelle Obama (and Bill Clinton, apparently) intentionally butchered Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley's name seven times last Friday [10/10/2014].

Teenage Obesity Increased During First Two Years of First Lady's 'Let's Move' Program.  In the first two years since First Lady Michelle Obama launched her 'Let's Move' campaign to fight childhood obesity in 2010, teenage obesity rates increased, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  From 2009-2010, 18.4 percent of children ages 12-19 were classified as obese, according to the CDC.  Since then, from 2011-2012, one in five children ages 12-19 or 20.5 percent, were classified as obese, an increase of 11.4 percent.  The CDC has been tracking these data since 1966-1970, and at that time only 4.6 percent of teens were classified as obese.

The life of the party:
Michelle Obama: Just Eat One or Two Pieces of Candy on Halloween.  First Lady Michelle Obama shared some advice for trick-or-treaters this Halloween advising them to only eat one or two pieces of candy per night.  "Trick-or-treating can be a lot of fun, but just remember, don't try to eat all your candy at once, just have one or two pieces every night for a little while," she explained to a little girl during an online Q-and-A.

Michelle Obama insults Democrat voters.  You can tell that Democrats are starting to panic.  They are saying stupid things.  Add to the list that includes Wendy Davis, Alison Grimes, and Mark Udall the name of First Lady Michelle Obama.  She resorted to mocking Democrats as lazy and ungrammatical in hopes of motivating her dispirited base to the polls.

DIY! How To Glare Like Michelle Obama.  The first lady is known for her unwavering death stare, and its icy intensity will surely go down in history.  The look could make Tex Watson shudder, and at times, makes us wonder if the president needs Secret Service from his own wife.

She's already immersed in politics, if you haven't noticed.
Will Michelle Obama go into politics next?  Michelle Obama is being urged by her husband's true believers to move to California when she leaves the White House and to pursue the US Senate seat expected to be vacated by Dianne Feinstein in 2018. [...] The first couple haven't said where they'll go when Barack Obama leaves office in 26 months, but Los Angeles is the leading contender.

Race-baiting down the homestretch.  From the White House to the Georgia Democratic Party, to the gutter from which Al Sharpton spins his hateful rhetoric, the Democrats' race-baiting machine is in full gear in a furious effort to drive blacks to the polls.  Because her husband's unpopularity makes his presence politically toxic for liberal candidates, first lady Michelle Obama is traveling the country stumping for Democrats.  In what is a new low for a first lady, her get-out-the-vote speeches are laced with race-baiting terms.

Michelle Obama To Students: 'YourPresident Wants To Make Sure He Doesn't Hand You A Mess'.  At Colorado State University, First Lady Michelle Obama reminded students that things in America were much better today thanks to her husband, President Obama.

Keywords:  Carpetbagger, entitlement, dynasty, political payback.
Senator Michelle Obama? Is the first lady eyeing a Senate seat?  Is Michelle Obama gunning for Sen. Dianne Feinstein's California Senate seat in 2018?  That's the rumor, according to Orb Magazine, a new gossip site out of the Bronx.  In an article published last Thursday [10/23/2014], the magazine speculated that the first family has its sights set on California post-White House, and the first lady on a possible Senate seat.

A $71,000 necklace for Michelle Obama from the queen of Brunei and a $10,000 falcon sculpture for Barack from Qatar.  The State Department reported Tuesday [11/11/2014] that the queen of Brunei gave Mrs Obama jewelry worth $71,468 in 2013.

Yes, Michelle, It's Because You're Black.  Michelle Obama wants you to feel bad for her, and for Barack, because they are black.  "I think people forget that we've lived in the White House for six years," Michelle says in People Magazine.  "Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs."  Oh, the horror.  Why didn't the emperor clean up Chicago neighborhoods with his pen and his phone while he was there?  Cabs likely would have stopped more frequently if the city, especially the South and West Sides, wasn't infested by crime.

Michelle Obama's Story of Racism at Target is a TALL TALE.  The conservative twittersphere blew up when Michelle Obama gave an account of the racism she faced when shopping at Target and a shorter woman asked her for help reaching something on a top shelf. [...] But, back in 2012 in an interview with David Letterman, she talked about the incident and didn't ascribe any racism to the interaction[.]

It's Called Obama Privilege.  Word to the wise: The next time someone asks you to help them with an item on a shelf, they're obviously racist.

Mrs. Obama's Tall Tales of Racialized Victimhood.  Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe that it is part of the "regular course of life" of tall people of all colors (Mrs. Obama is 5-foot-11) to be prevailed upon to reach high on behalf of those of us who are vertically challenged.  These are not odious "incidents" of racism between slaves and masters.  They're matters of common courtesy between equals.  So overcome your ridiculously hypersensitive, privileged self and deal with it, girl!

Hey GQ, can't find any crazy Democrats? Here are 16.  [For example,] First Lady Michelle Obama:  "There's too much money in politics ... Here is something you can do right now today to make a difference, and that is to write a big, fat check."

Barack and Michelle Obama Victims of Racism?  Let's face the truth, shall we. Michelle Obama does not like white people and I strongly suspect she's not a big fan of America.  Who can forget what she said in 2008 "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback."  Nothing to be proud of a country like ours unless she and her husband are glorified as saviors? [...] Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama are the two luckiest people on earth, black or white.  They have about as much in common with the poor blacks in the ghetto on Uncle Sam's plantation as I have with the Queen of England.

Horrors Continue Under Michelle O's Lunch Rules.  Desperate students are still taking to Twitter to reveal the horrors of school lunch under First Lady Michelle Obama's rules, including empty chicken nuggets and complaints that meals taste like "prison food."  While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) raves about "locally sourced chicken sandwiches" that meet nutrition standards served in a school district in South Carolina, students across the country complain about what they are eating under the new rules.

How Michelle Obama is using her box at the State of the Union to boost her husband's agenda.  First Lady Michelle Obama will fill nearly two dozen of the seats in her State of the Union box with individuals representing key initiatives being promoted by her husband during the annual address to Congress.

Michelle Obama Praises Movie-TV Industry for Promoting Same-Sex Marriage.  Speaking to a group of television and screenwriters in Washington, D.C., on Friday [1/30/2015], First Lady Michelle Obama praised the movie and television industry in the United States for promoting same-sex marriage.  "Every day, through the movies and TV shows and ads you all create, you have the power to shape our understanding of the world around us," said Mrs. Obama.  "You challenge our most strongly held beliefs.  You influence our opinions on current events."

First Lady: kids will 'eventually' embrace new school lunches.  In an interview with Cooking Light magazine to mark the fifth anniversary of her Let's Move initiative, the first lady says that she sees the effort as "generational."  Eventually, Obama argues, schools will be filled with children who never knew meals that did not conform to new nutritional standards.  "We're really thinking about the kids who are kindergartners today," Obama said.  "If all they know are whole grains and vegetables, by the time they're graduating from high school, this will be their norm; they won't know anything different."

Michelle Obama Says Ditch Your Boxed Mac & Cheese.  According to the company's website, Kraft Mac & Cheese is not only "The Cheesiest" mac and cheese type product out there, it's also "part of a balanced meal," if you add in some veggies and force your child to drink milk. [...] But because the box meal is enjoyable, practical, low-cost, filling and nutritionally viable, it has clearly come under fire from the White House, whose matriarch has banned it from the kitchen outright.

Michelle Obama's Personal Fight Against Boxed Macaroni And Cheese.  Celebrating the fifth anniversary of "Let's Move!" First Lady Michelle Obama explains to Cooking Light magazine that she had to get empowered in her own household to eliminate processed food.  Part of that experience was her personal fight against boxed macaroni and cheese, which, she admits, her kids loved.

A Handful of Cheese Dust.  Shunning convenience foods is easy when you've got a taxpayer-subsidized cooking staff whipping up four-course feasts every night.  Those boxed meals you spit upon are affordable and easy to store, and last a long time.  For someone who pretends to be sympathetic to working-class and middle-class families, Her Royal Highness sure has a funny way of showing it.

The Walker-Stupid, Obama-Genius Myth.  [Scroll down]  Michelle Obama's experience testifies to the same.  "Told by counselors that her SAT scores and her grades weren't good enough for an Ivy League school," writes Christopher Andersen, "Michelle applied to Princeton and Harvard anyway."  Admitted to Princeton, Michelle struggled.  Biographer Liza Mundy charitably describes her senior thesis as "dense and turgid."  The less charitable Christopher Hitchens observed, "To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be 'read' at all, in the strict sense of the verb.  This is because it wasn't written in any known language."  Still, Michelle was admitted to and graduated from Harvard Law.

Michelle's Secret Ski Trip Revealed by a Smashup.  Now, three days after the fact, we find out that after sending Dad packing for the weekend, Michelle and the girls quietly boarded an expensive Air Force jet and headed to the Tiehack home of the owners of the Aspen Skiing Co., Jim and Paula Crown.  As 21 Coptic Christians were being beheaded and 17 Kurds were being paraded around in cages with threats of being burned alive, and while radical Islamic terrorists shot up cafes and supermarkets, crucified children, and vowed to conquer Rome, an undeterred Mrs. Obama focused like a laser beam on Buttermilk Mountain.

King Barry.  Obama is a lawless leader, choosing to rule by memorandum, regulation and executive order — he is not a president; he is a king. [...] Just look at what our king has done in his first 6 years.  Through Michelle's school lunch program, he has decided what our children eat.  Did anyone vote for Michelle?  Was she ever elected to anything?  Why does she get to decide school menus?  Why is a celery stalk and one peanut (originally it was 2 peanuts and a celery stalk, but she didn't like the optic), the new school lunch?

'The Only Person Who Could Beat Hillary Clinton Is Michelle Obama'.  Was he serious?  It certainly wasn't obvious that conservative commentator Ben Domenech was kidding when on today's [3/8/2015] Up With Steve Kornacki he said that "the only person I think who could beat Hillary Clinton is Michelle Obama."  Domenech's comment came during a segment on the subject of who might jump into the race should Hillary decide not to run.  The mere fact that there was such a segment suggests that the controversy over Hillary's email might not be the much ado "about nothing" that some claim.

Second-Grader Says Michelle Obama 'Ruined Taco Tuesday'.  It looks like First Lady Michelle Obama has a new critic over the controversial federal school lunch program that she's championed.  A Louisiana second-grader named Trip Klibert wrote a letter to the first lady when he noticed some changes to his school lunches that he didn't care for.

Michelle Obama Dances with Ellen DeGeneres to Promote 'Let's Move' Campaign.  Michelle Obama is "going Hollywood" with her "Let's Move" health and fitness campaign.  While President Obama was occupied Thursday [3/12/2015] reading "mean tweets" about himself on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the First Lady was busy taping Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Before the spot deteriorated into a choreographed dance routine, Obama informed Ellen she was on set to promote more healthy living and issued a social media challenge.

Michelle Obama shows off some embarrassing mum dance moves on the Ellen show.  Mrs Obama was appearing on the show to mark the fifth anniversary of her 'Let's Move!' initiative, which aims to encourage people to get out and do some exercise.

Michelle Obama blocked from releasing video commenting on the 2011 shooting of Gabby Giffords: book.  First Lady Michelle Obama was so disturbed by the tragic 2011 Arizona shooting spree involving then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and other victims that she recorded a video about it — but her husband's office wouldn't release it publicly.  "The West Wing preferred the President to take the lead, and to be seen as taking it," veteran journalist Peter Slevin wrote in an upcoming biography "Michelle Obama: A Life," due out in April.

The Editor says...
I presume that "her husband's office" is another way of saying, "Valerie Jarrett."  And what kind of feminist leader stands in the shadows because her husband won't let her publish a video or express her opinion?

Michelle Obama: I Can't Open The Windows At the White House.  During an appearance on the "Ellen" show, First Lady Michelle Obama explained that she missed "open windows" not only in her car, but at the White House.  "The one thing that people don't realize is that we can't do little things like open windows," she said.  "I look forward to getting in a car and rolling down the window and just letting the air hit my face."  Obama added that she hadn't been in a car with open windows in about seven years.

The Editor says...
I'll bet the air hit Michelle's face while she was in Hawaii for two weeks at our expense.

Michelle Obama's mother was worried about her daughter marrying a biracial man.  Long before Michelle Obama became First Lady, her mother had misgivings about her marrying a young man named Barack Obama — because he was biracial.  In a Chicago TV interview that aired during Obama's 2004 U.S. Senate campaign — and newly resurrected by Michelle Obama biographer Peter Slevin in a book due out next month — Marion Robinson confessed to being "a little bit" wary about her future son-in-law being the product of a white mom and black dad.  But it could've been worse, according to Robinson.  "That didn't concern me as much as had he been completely white," Robinson laughed in the appearance on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight," which was scarcely noticed at the time.

Michelle Obama's mom was wary about her daughter marrying a man of mixed race.  A new biography of Michelle Obama has revealed that her mother was initially suspicious of her future son-in-law because he was of mixed race.  Barack Obama's father was from Kenya and his mother was a white woman. His parents met in Hawaii although his father abandoned his family when the future president was aged just two.  The claim is contained in a new biography of the First Lady written by Washington Post correspondent Peter Slevin.

This bigot lives in the White House at our expense.
10 Surprising Discoveries About Michelle Obama from Her New Biography.  [#5]  Her mother was wary of Barack's biracial heritage.  "That didn't concern me as much as had he been completely white," Slevin quotes Marian Robinson as saying.  "And I guess that I worry about races mixing because of the difficulty, not so much for prejudice or anything.  It's just very hard."

Mrs. Obama: Americans Should Drink Unsweetened Tea.  The First Lady of these United States is now urging Americans to stop drinking sweet tea.  Yes, friends, you heard correctly.  Mrs. Obama has declared war on the House Wine of the South.  It's all part of her anti-obesity campaign, called Let's Move.  The website Free Beacon was the first to report on her latest culinary atrocities, urging us to wash down our lettuce and bean sprouts with unsweetened tea.

Michelle Obama in Japan Strikes Again.  Stopping in Japan before heading toward Cambodia, Michelle gleefully ran up exorbitant bills on travel and car service, tripped over her own feet, and scared [...] a few small-statured Asian people.  In addition to revealing her clumsiness on the world stage, while in Japan Mrs. Obama worked out her biceps on a Taiko drum, counted red gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, had tea at the Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist Temple, and ate raw fish out of a dainty Bento box. [...] Michelle broke from lecturing Japanese schoolchildren  — who run rings around American students in cognitive learning skills — to deliver a cheerful video message of personal pain transformed into future empowerment.

'No Show' Sasha and Malia Teach America a Valued Lesson.  [Scroll down]  For lack of a better explanation, what Sasha's and Malia's absence may indicate is that Barry and Michelle cannot get their own children to obey, which may be why the FL/POTUS spend most of their time bossing Americans around and treating grown adults like adolescents.  No, I mean really.  From the looks of things, unlike Caroline Kennedy, it appears that Michelle can't get her children to do what she wants them to do, which may explain why she takes out her frustration on 300 million strangers by issuing unreasonable decrees ranging from what we should eat to how much our children should weigh.  Sasha and Malia refuse to go to Asia, and the next thing you know, Michelle endeavors to re-establish a sense of authority by mandating that American children who aren't hers be weighed like piglets at government-funded daycare centers.

White House chief florist resigns — wilted under pressure from first lady?  The official story is that Chief Florist Laura Dowling simply left her position earlier this year.  But a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Fox News that she "resigned."  Reportedly, she was even escorted from the building — and this was preceded by a clash over aesthetics with first lady Michelle Obama.  The Washington Post first reported on the fresh-cut drama earlier this week, with a source telling the newspaper Dowling was escorted out on Feb. 13 after nearly six years on the job.

Cambodian prime minister criticizes Michelle Obama visit.  [Scroll down]  "Her mission is very good, but I suggest the United States should help completely and not play like this," the Cambodian prime minister said.  Obama's visit has led to a request from his education minister on Tuesday for state university scholarships for the 10 students who met with Obama on Saturday [3/28/2015].  "What if she chose 300 students?  It would be death.  I don't have that money to give."

Cambodian dictator not happy with Michelle Obama.  Soon after she returned from her Asian trip, Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen criticized the first lady's international "Let Girls Learn" initiative as a public relations ploy.  Sen has been in power for 30 years and, according to several human rights groups, "stifles those who pose a threat to his rule."  In a previous post I suggested that Mrs. Obama be careful not to rile the prickly dictator while she was visiting his country.  Now Sen has accused Michelle of "playing around" and giving false hopes to Cambodian girls who want to go to school.  Sen also implied that the first lady's meaningless talk has left him holding the bag, potentially damaging his public image.

Hotel cost for Michelle Obama's 2-day Cambodia visit included 85 rooms, 5 suites for 14 nights!  Mrs. Obama traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia on March 21 to promote a girls education initiative.  A contract was awarded on March 3, citing the "unusual and compelling urgency" of the First Lady's trip.  Mrs. Obama and a delegation of senior high-level U.S. government officials stayed at the Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort, according to a justification and approval document for the visit.  The trip required 85 single rooms, five office suites, five sleeping suites, and one conference room for 14 nights.  Mrs. Obama herself only stayed in Cambodia for two days, leaving on March 22.  The Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra is listed as a luxury five-star hotel.

Michelle Obama Has Cost Taxpayers Over $44.4 Million in 'Vacation' Travel.  It must be nice to be an emperor's wife.  By one account, Michelle Obama has spent over $44.4 million of the taxpayer's money in transportation costs alone for her constant lavish vacations.

Michelle Obama: 'Our Government... Outlawed Indian Religions'.  On Wednesday [4/8/2015], First Lady Michelle Obama addressed a gathering at the White House that focused on the topic of creating opportunity for Native American youth.  The White House posted her prepared remarks online.

Michelle O Can't Remember How Long She's Been Married.  At the Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day event at the White House Wednesday [4/22/2015], first lady Michelle Obama had a hard time remembering how long she and the president of the United States have been married.

Contra the First Lady, America's Museums Aren't Institutionally Racist.  The dedication of New York City's new Whitney Museum — a $420 million, nine-story behemoth, under construction in Manhattan's meatpacking district for the past five years — was an occasion for celebration.  Leave it to an Obama to employ the occasion for racial scolding.

Michelle Obama: Blacks have been 'frustrated and invisible' for 'decades'.  First Lady Michelle Obama urged students at Tuskegee University, a historically black university in Alabama, to remain involved in civic life during a time of tension regarding race relations across the country.  At the school's commencement address, the First Lady listed scenarios in which African-Americans feel they encounter systemic discrimination, such as "nagging worries that you're going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason."  She said those feelings are "real," but disengaging is not an option.  "I want to be very clear that those feelings are not an excuse to just throw up our hands and give up.  Not an excuse.  They are not an excuse to lose hope.  To succumb to feelings of despair and anger only means that in the end, we lose," Obama said.

The Editor says...
Her husband the President is black, the black Attorney General was just replaced with another black AG, the head of Homeland Security is black, etc., yet Michelle still looks forward to the day when the shtruggle will be over and blacks will be free to walk the shtreets.

The very next day, this article hit the news wires:
Guggenheim accused of racism after high school kids are booted.  The Upper East Side museum banned a Brooklyn high school for life after its students were deemed too rowdy on a recent visit — a move that some call discipline and others discrimination.  A group of about 80 kids from Downtown Brooklyn's Science Skills Center HS were kicked out after just 20 minutes after a student allegedly spat off the museum's swirling rotunda lobby and another threw a penny off its winding walkway.  The coin was rumored to have hit a security guard.  It was only a handful of troublemakers, but the whole group of ninth- and 10-graders got the boot, with the museum forcing them to wait outside for an hour for their bus to arrive.

Luxurious Life As First Lady Takes Toll On Michelle Obama Because She Is Black, She Complains.  Globetrotting, Ivy League-educated, Marchesa gown-wearing first lady Michelle Obama's commencement address at Tuskegee University on Saturday described the trials and tribulations she believes she has faced as the first black first lady in American history.  The intense media scrutiny, occasional critical and disparaging remarks — it's all too much and she said it has led to sleepless nights either in the White House or in posh, five-star hotels where she and her retinue stay, according to The Hill.

Michelle Obama Lets Loose on Race in Graduation Speech.  First lady Michelle Obama isn't holding back.  During a commencement speech at Tuskegee University on Saturday [5/9/2015], Obama spoke frankly about the role her racial identity played during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Because Some Black Lives Matter More Than Others.  Lady M gave the commencement address yesterday at Tuskegee University and it included all her usual grace, personal insight, and patriotism. [...] Odd, given that so many blacks in America have overcome obstacles to emerge prosperous — Lady M, Big Guy and ValJar among them — that these same people spend so much time picking at the scab of racism.

Michelle Obama Should Have Read the Founder of Tuskegee University Before She Spoke There.  America's race-baiting FLOTUS knows nothing about great American civil rights leader, accomplished scholar, and founder of Tuskegee University, the late Booker T. Washington. [...] Michelle is clearly unaware that in 1901 inviting a black man to dine at the White House was socially scandalous.  Yet on behalf of his whole race Booker T. Washington accepted the invitation, which resulted in an assassin being hired to go to the very school where Michelle complained about her life in the White House to kill Booker T. for eating where she is now catered to like a queen.

Please pray for Michelle Obama, who must endure 618 more days as our first lady.  While hubby played golf this Mother's Day weekend, Mrs. Obama went to Alabama's Tuskegee University's [commencement].  Her 3,700 words began in standard form, but quickly became a detailed recounting of American racism including the famed Tuskegee airmen who overcame it seven decades ago.  Then, her address took a turn we've become accustomed to expect more from her husband:  The celebration of 500 hard-won graduations became instead a speech more about her.  To hear the first lady tell it, this has been a pretty rough time for her, living in the White House rent-free with her mother.  Many sleepless nights.  Taking numerous globe-girdling trips to five-star suites costing taxpayers in excess of $44 million.

Michelle Obama Tells Black Grads That White People Make Life Tough.  Michelle Obama has made numerous racially-charged statements in the past, but none so atrocious as her commencement speech at Alabama's Tuskegee University on Saturday [5/9/2015].  The historically black school welcomed the First Lady's obscene comments, cheering as she implied over and over again that they will always judged by the color of their skin by their white colleagues.

The Return of Obama's Hoax-Spreading Bitter Half.  At Tuskegee, FLOTUS traded her affable TV persona for the divisive social justice complainer we all came to know and loathe during her husband's first presidential campaign.  Obama's resurrected bitter half inspired the graduates by complaining about people complaining about her.  She complained about the "sting" of "daily slights" throughout her life and her poor, beleaguered husband's.  And then she complained.  And complained.  And complained some more.  She clucked at the "folks" (read: white folks) who allegedly "crossed the street in fear of their safety" at the sight of the Obamas.  She called out unnamed "clerks who kept a close eye on us in all those department stores."  She decried the racist "people at formal events who assumed we were the 'help.'"  (Funny, the only time I recall this happening in the Obama White House was when Valerie Jarrett mistook four-star Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli, who is white, for her waiter.  But I digress.)

Michelle Obama Needs To Get Over Herself.  [Scroll down]  I don't know who was far-fetched enough to say Mrs. Obama was "uppity."  I think it's perfectly normal to travel the world on the super-generous taxpayer's dime to places like Ireland and Africa, to the tune of approximately $10 million.  A date night in New York for $11,000?  Chump change and so truistic.  They probably ate at dumb, cheap places like Per Se or Le Bernardin and just drank water and nibbled on a bread basket, you know?  And it's totally not cronyism to hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Foxx, or George Clooney.  Those people are so pedestrian and dreary.  You know what baby mamas cannot do?  They cannot afford to purchase and wear designers like Isabel Toledo and Jason Wu.

The first lady and the race card.  Michelle Obama can give as good as she gets, and she's getting a hard time from conservatives over two speeches she gave last week.  The first was a commencement speech at Tuskegee University in Alabama, and the other was at the opening of the new Whitney Museum of American Art in downtown New York City.  She was accused of "playing the race card" by emphasizing ethnic divisions, taking offense in a place where none was intended, when she could be elevating the conversation about what unites us.  The National Review calls her a "racial scold" for suggesting that minority children don't feel welcome at a museum like the new Whitney.  Minority children think that "that's not a place for me, for someone who looks like me, for someone who comes from my neighborhood."

Shorter Obama: You're Stupid and Incompetent, But Of Course I am Not.  The ostensible lack of self-awareness from Obama with this statement (along with his usual "you didn't build it" "society's lottery winners" "you need to know when you've made enough") is really something more.  IMHO he just doesn't see himself as one of "us."  There are standards for him & his, and another set of standards for everyone else.  I don't believe I've ever experienced a Presidency where the family has lived, traveled and vacationed so lavishly (and hobnobbed with celebs) — especially while making derisive remarks about people who actually EARN their wealth.

Further Racial Rancor from the FLOTUS.  [Scroll down]  Well, this year racial raconteur Michelle is ramping up the agitation rhetoric to a whole new level.  For instance, after visiting the New Museum in New York to talk about drinking more water, dropping in on the Terracotta Warriors Museum in China, frequenting the Metropolitan Museum of Art where, as honorary guest, she cut the ribbon for the opening of the Anna Wintour Costume Center and, in time, one day being memorialized in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Michelle — who, by the way, is black — felt it was fitting to plant a seed in the heads African-American school children about being unwelcome at museums. [...] To rectify rampant gallery bias, Michelle challenged color-blind curators to grant children from minority communities free access to America's museums, because nothing screams long-overdue reparations like a free pass to the MOMA.

Michelle says what this country really needs is more community organizers.
Michelle Obama Urges Activism in Oberlin College Commencement Speech.  Urging the graduates to rally on the Supreme Court steps in support of equality for same-sex marriage, and to help elect a president who will nominate justices "who decide those cases in the first place," the first lady argued that her husband would leave the country better than when he took office.  "We have made so much change these past six years," she said.

Now Michelle Obama goes after s'mores.  Michelle Obama and her crusade against unhealthy food appears have a new target in its sights — s'mores.  Her officially endorsed MyPlate Twitter account is proposing a makeover for the classic American summer campfire treat by replacing the indulgent chocolate and marshmallow with Strawberry and yogurt — low fat of course.  Appalled, social media was up in arms at the very suggestion that s'mores could ever be tampered with and angry commenters let fly at the health conscious First Lady.

Michelle O Serves German Turnip to Kids.  First Lady Michelle Obama is growing German turnips in the White House garden, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.  Mrs. Obama offered students visiting the White House this week a "healthy meal," which her anti-obesity group Let's Move claimed was "harvested from the Kitchen Garden [Wednesday {6/3/2015}] morning."  "The students and First Lady prepared their fresh garden meal together, mixing seasonal veggies, like broccoli, peas, and kohlrabi, into a delicious lunch along with grilled honey chicken and noodles," according to the Let's Move blog.  Kohlrabi is German for turnip, and "taste a bit like broccoli stems."

Here we go again, with the shhhtruggle:
Michelle Obama Talks About Race and Achievement, and Makes It Personal.  She looked around and saw herself three decades ago, young and uncertain, from a part of town where success is a struggle, not a birthright.  She knew what they had been through, what it was like to take the long way home to avoid gangs, what it was like when the family strained to make ends meet.

Krauthammer Mocks Michelle O's 'Burden': It's 'A Really Tough Life Inside The White House'.  Columnist Charles Krauthammer panned First Lady Michelle Obama's Tuesday [6/9/2015] remarks in a high school commencement speech in Chicago, mocking her for talking up the "burden" she claims to carry with her every day.  In an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, the conservative commentator laughed off Obama's remarks, saying that she must feel full of "self pity" as she continues her "tough life inside the White House."

Blues for a first lady.  Michelle Obama, one of the most popular of recent first ladies (her approval rating regularly bumps 70 percent), traveled to Chicago the other day to tell a high-school graduating class how tough the life of a president's wife can be. [...] We're awash in tales of misery and abuse in an era when everybody, even a first lady, yearns to be a victim.  Michelle has been talking in this commencement season about the sticks and stones thrown at her and the mister, letting it all hang out in speeches to high-school and college ceremonies across the land.

Michelle Obama: Men Are 'Useful'.  During a conversation with students in the United Kingdom, First Lady Michelle Obama told them that men were "useful" for promoting the idea of more education for girls.

Mrs. Obama In Britain.  U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama travelled to the United Kingdom today, choosing to give a speech on female empowerment while surrounded by hijab-clad girls in the ethnically "diverse" London borough of Tower Hamlets.  But the Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets, from where Mrs. Obama chose to lecture, isn't ethnically diverse, and nor is the Mulberry School for Girls that she visited.  Tower Hamlets, which only days ago managed to shake off its Islamist-linked Mayor, boasts a Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani, and otherwise Asian population.  At the last census, in 2011, 39 percent of the population self-identified as Christian, while 36 percent identified as Muslim.

We're all looking forward to that day.
Michelle Obama Vows To Fight Obesity 'Long After I Leave The White House'.  During her European tour promoting her anti-obesity program 'Let's Move!', First Lady Michelle Obama indicated that she would continue fighting obesity for the rest of her life.

Michelle Obama misses the irony.  Of all the schools in all the towns in all the world, why did Michelle Obama visit a girls' school in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets this week?  She says it was her own choice to make a speech on education at the Mulberry School for Girls.  But was it?  I doubt the First Lady had ever heard of the school before this trip, and probably couldn't point to Tower Hamlets on a map.  My guess is that the venue was chosen deliberately by the Department for Education to showcase our new, rigorously enforced State religion:  'Celebrating Diversity'.

Michelle Obama Arrives in London Wearing a $1,795 Designer Dress.  It's First Lady Michelle, the one that wears J. Crew and shops at Target just like all of us...

Globe-trotting Michelle Obama announces MORE foreign trips to promote education abroad.  Michelle Obama says she'll do more foreign travel to promote education for girls in developing countries.  The first lady announced a new program earlier this year to help adolescent girls improve their lives by attending and staying in school called, 'Let Girls Learn.'  She since has traveled to Japan, Cambodia and London to promote the initiative and even stopped to have tea with Prince Harry.

The Editor says...
How very generous she is, to give of her time travelling all over the world and promote the heretofore unknown idea of sending girls to school.

Michelle Obama To Tribal Youth: America Embracing 'Wisdom Of Your Ancestors' On Climate Change.  Speaking to a gathering of American tribal youth at the White House today [7/9/2015], First Lady Michelle Obama praised their heritage, pointing out the cultural significance of Native Americans to the institutions of the United States.  "Long before the United States was even an idea, your ancestors were harvesting the crops that would feed the world for centuries to come," she said, pointing out their contributions to music, art, medicine, and even government.

The Editor says...
Mr. and Mrs. Obama detest the idea that British and European caucasians built America into a superpower, and they seem to relish any opportunity to revise history.  For example, when has anyone ever harvested a crop that fed the world for centuries thereafter?  That's not even good poetry, except maybe in a public school.  Mrs. Obama made this speech to an Indian tribe in an attempt to convert global warming into a matter of state-sponsored religion, thereby protecting global warming as dogma.

No, Native Americans *weren't* the original environmentalists.  Embracing the wisdom of your ancestors?  Really?  Has Mrs. Obama discovered some ancient Indian text that predicted the melting of the glaciers?  Sorry:  There's little evidence that Indians had any fundamentally different understanding of the environment than any other people on Earth. [...] In a 2002 article called "Buffaloed: The Myth and Reality of Bison in America," historian Larry Schweikart notes that some Indian tribes cleared large amounts of forest with "controlled burns" for hunting purposes.  They would divert game into small unburned areas in order to make it easier to hunt the animals.

Navy to Ban Fried Food.  Sailors are blaming First Lady Michelle Obama after a report revealed that the Navy is preparing a full ban on fried food.

Sailors Blame Michelle Obama For Navy's Fried Food Ban.  Sailors outraged over the Navy's plan to phase out fried foods from its menus have found the perfect vessel for their anger in First Lady Michelle Obama.  The First Lady doesn't set nutrition policy for the nation's fleets.  But that hasn't stopped more than two dozen critics — many of them current and former Navy personnel — from flooding a Navy Times Facebook thread to blame FLOTUS, who has made combating obesity and promoting healthy eating her signature issues.

Records Reveal Michelle Obama's 2014 Trip to China Cost Taxpayers More Than $360,000 in Air Transportation Expenses Alone.  Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that Michelle Obama's 2014 trip to China cost American taxpayers $362,523.53 in air travel expenses alone.  The First Lady, her daughters, and her mother spent March 19-26 in China, in a trip highlighted by extended visits to some of the country's most popular tourist sites.

Michelle Gets Revenge on School Who Drops Her Lunches.  Unfortunately, the Obama regime doesn't like it when people act against their will, and the school district is going to be paying a hefty price for doing so.  How hefty?  Well, they currently receive federal subsidies of $117,000 annually, which they'll be forfeiting for dropping the Queen Bee's lunch menus.  So this school is losing money that goes to educating American children simply because they don't want to follow the horrid lunch program that Michelle forces on kids across the country.  How is that right?

Michelle: Barack 'Works All the Time,' 'He Is Never Off'.  First Lady Michelle Obama told college-bound students President Obama "works all the time" and never takes off, adding that young people have to embrace the reality that success is not easy. [...] "If it's too easy than you are probably not working hard enough.  I am where I am.  Barack is where he is because let me tell you this president works hard.  You know, he works hard.  He works all the time.  He is always reading.  He is always writing.  He is never off.  Success is not easy so you've got to embrace that reality and then not think that if you stumble that somehow it's over.  Everybody up here knows that failure is a necessary part of growth and success," she added.

The Editor says...
Really?  If Barack H. Obama "works all the time[,] he is always reading[, and] he is always writing," tell us what he has read, other than the ESPN schedule, and show us what he has written, if anything, in which the grammar wasn't cleaned up afterward by a White House speech writer.  As for the assertion that Barack H. Obama works all the time, I wonder if that includes the days he spends on the golf course, or flying all over the world in Air Force One.

Discovered Video: Michelle Obama Trashes America As Ignorant.  At a speech in South Carolina, Michelle Obama blasts America as an "ignorant" that is set in our ways and living based on fear.  [Video clip]

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Because they both care so much about the poor and unfortunate...
Michelle Obama Wears $2300 Dress To Greet Pope.  Politico reports that First Lady Michelle Obama, looking lovely and classy, greeted Pope Francis Tuesday while wearing a $2,290 dress.  While the Obamas are not Catholics, this is still a finger-in-the-eye to a White House guest who frequently speaks out — to wild Democrat applause — about the evils of excessive capitalism. [...] According to WorldVision, you can feed a child for just $35 a month.  Michelle Obama's dress would feed over 80 children for that month.  This choice obviously is contrary to the values of Pope Francis.  But the Obamas' religious values come from elsewhere, a divisive and disturbing place, not a charitable or unifying one.

Michelle Obama Wears $2300 Dress To Greet Pope.  Both President and Mrs. Obama are disciples of Jeremiah Wright, a racist Jew-hating Chicago-based preacher.  Not long after Obama ascended to the presidency, Wright, Obama's religious mentor for 20 years, retired to a $1 million, 10,400 square foot mansion located next to a country club and golf course.

Michelle Obama Denounces Museums and Concert Halls as Racist.  Don't ever ask Michelle Antoinette Obama to speak on any topic unless you want to hear the most privileged woman in the country stridently denounce society for being racist against her kind.

White House In Panic Mode After Michelle Obama Is Engulfed In Scandal.  "As the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her private email scandal is winding down, it's just been discovered that Michelle Obama may have been involved in an email scandal of her own.  The American Medical Association (AMA) released an obesity study last year that revealed that rates have actually changed less than they did in the previous decade.  Rather than processing that information, Michelle's reps decided to claim that obesity in children between ages 2 and 5 fell from 13.9% to 8.4%.  Newly released emails show the White House pressuring the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services to focus on this stat and virtually ignored the rest.

Another solo vacation overseas:
Michelle Obama calls for an 'honest conversation' about how women are treated across the world.  Michelle Obama called for an end to 'outdated laws and traditions' preventing millions of girls around the world from completing their education, in an impassioned speech in Qatar today [11/4/2015].  The US first lady, on a seven-day tour of the Middle East, told an education conference in Doha that an 'honest conversation' was needed around the globe about how women are treated and how this prevents millions of girls from finishing school.

In Qatar Speech, Michelle Obama Complains About Growing Up as a Girl in America.  Michelle Obama went to Qatar to give a speech on girls education.  There, the first lady of the United States complained about growing up as a girl in America.  "[B]ack when I was a girl, even though I was bright and curious and I had plenty of opinions of my own, people were often more interested in hearing what my brother had to say.  And my parents didn't have much money; neither of them had a university degree.  So when I got to school, I sometimes encountered teachers who assumed that a girl like me wouldn't be a good student.  I was even told that I would never be admitted to a prestigious university, so I shouldn't even bother to apply," Obama said at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha.

The Editor says...
Boo hoo.  I can hardly go on with my day, now that I've heard what a tough life Michelle Obama has had.

After ISIS's Dance of Death Michelle Does the Conga.  The young people who went to Paris's La Bataclan concert hall last week went to party and dance.  The problem is that 89 of those that jammed into the Eagles of Death Metal concert ended up dead or missing.  A mere 72 hours later, in a stunning display of tactlessness and lack of decorum, at a White House hosted Broadway workshop Michelle Obama danced.  Tearing up the carpet in the East Room, the FLOTUS danced the Conga with the same enthusiasm she exhibited when boogieing to the "Uptown Funk" and churning out Bollywood moves on Diwali.  Casting 'Paris attack' sackcloth and ashes aside, Michelle invited 40 performing arts high school students to a festive event entitled "Broadway" at the White House, which will air on TLC on November 26.

Report: Michelle Obama Has Plastic Surgery at Walter Reed on the Taxpayer's Dime.  First lady Michelle Obama had plastic surgery, including a nose reconstruction job which helped alter her African-American facial features.  The procedures reportedly were done at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in complete secrecy during the summer of 2011, according to an exclusive sourced investigation by The National Enquirer!  This block buster news story, complete with before and after pictures of FLOTUS, states, "in a slap in the face to America's courageous wounded warriors," Madam Obama had work done on her saggy skin, her face, butt, hips, and abdomen.  Allegedly, all or most of this Presidential plastic surgery was done on the taxpayers' dime.  Yet this White House, that promised voters it would be the most transparent in Oval Office history, continues to shroud this saggy skin scandal in secrecy.  So much for Black Pride!  So much for Black Female Pulchritude!  What makes her reported plastic surgery work doubly offensive is her over the top hypocrisy in touting Black identity, Black worth themes!

'The WiFi doesn't work at the White House': Barack and Michelle Obama complain about their internet problems.  In their first live interview together President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had one major complaint about their tenure in the White House — the WiFi is terrible.

Obamas lament White House Wi-Fi situation.  President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama on Sunday [2/7/2016] discussed their traditions for the Super Bowl, as well as the improvement the President wants to make to the White House for his successor.  In an interview with Gayle King on CBS's Super Bowl pregame show [2/7/2016], Obama said that he hopes to have the whole "tech thing" figured out, adding that there's a lot of Wi-Fi dead spots in the White House.

Michelle Obama's Floral Outfits Cost 23 Times Average Annual Salary in Cuba.  The two floral dresses that first lady Michelle Obama sported in Cuba this week would not be affordable for the wide majority of individuals living in the repressive country.  US Weekly recently spotlighted two outfits that Obama wore during appearances in Havana on Sunday and Monday that, according to a [Washington] Free Beacon analysis, together cost more than 23 times the average annual state salary in Cuba recorded in 2014.

Michelle Teaches Argentinian Girls about Catcalls and Chauvinism.  Although no one has stopped American girls from learning, the U.S. government banner Michelle Obama travels the world carrying reads:  "Let Girls Learn."  In fact, observant American girls like myself have studied how the FLOTUS cleverly exploits gender-specific initiatives to bilk the American public into covering exorbitant travel expenses.  If a girl uses her brain, it's easy to figure out that every year, after her ski weekend in Aspen, while Sasha and Malia are on Easter break the FLOTUS feigns false concern for educating girls as an excuse to impose her entourage on world leaders.  Annually, in the name of education, Michelle loads up a couple of Air Force Ones, jets all over the globe, dresses up in expensive clothes, sight sees and mooches a free meal off of whoever is dumb enough to buy into the ruse.  The FLOTUS spends $222K for two nights in China, and in between dancing the tango and eating fried fat cakes in Botswana, Michelle manages to wangle passing those expenses along to the American taxpayer and does it by preaching to girls, worldwide, on the subject of racism, victimization, and sexism.

Michelle Obama Wreaks Havoc By Repeatedly Rescheduling Graduation Speech.  It's commencement season, America, and you know what that means:  Michelle Obama is screwing up a bunch of ordinary people's lives again.  This year, the first lady has caused hassle and hardship for many families of seniors graduating from Jackson State University, reports local ABC affiliate WAPT-TV.

"Surprise," not "gift."
Michelle Obama gives Queen birthday surprise as she decides to accompany US President at his lunch with HM.  Michelle Obama has given the Queen an early birthday surprise by announcing she will accompany the US President when he has lunch with Her Majesty later this week.  Mrs Obama has struck up a firm friendship with the Queen during her previous visits to the UK, and famously ignored royal protocol to put her arm around the monarch's shoulders in 2009.

First Lady Targets Mississippi 'Religious Freedom' Bill in Commencement Speech.  In a rare entrance into a politically charged controversy, first lady Michelle Obama used a commencement speech Saturday [4/23/2016] at Jackson State University in Mississipppi [sic] to directly target the state's recently-passed "religious freedom" bill.  "We see it right here in Mississippi — just two weeks ago — how swiftly progress can hurtle backward," Obama said.  "How easy it is to single out a small group and marginalize them because of who they are or who they love."

Michelle's Historically Black Attempt to Malign Mississippi.  Last year, the first lady, Michelle Obama, gave a commencement speech at Alabama's Tuskegee University that sounded more like she was paying homage to black activist W.E.B. DuBois than the school's founder Booker T. Washington who, as an ex-slave, believed character and hard work were key to improving the plight of the black man.  Then again, Michelle is part of the illiterate gang who ousted evil slave owner Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill without researching the philosophies escaped slave Harriet Tubman stood for.  Wait until Obama, who misquoted MLK on his Oval Office rug, realizes Underground Railroad conductor Tubman was a devout Christian whose pistol-packing ways mirror Sarah Palin, not Maxine Waters. [...] Either way, Mrs. Obama is not unlike her Saul Alinsky-trained husband.  The FLOTUS also 'sees the world not as it is but as it should be' and feels it's her duty to set the non-compliant straight.

Christians furious about what Michelle Obama said during commencement speech.  [Scroll down]  These days, if you're a Christian, the government has decided to bring its full weight against you.  If Christians decline to provide services to a particular event, i.e. a same-sex marriage, because it violates their faith beliefs and their First Amendment rights, they should not be prosecuted.  But that has occurred in several states in America.  So instead of being honest with people, Mrs. Obama just regurgitated inaccurate talking points.  I suppose Mrs. Obama has no problem with her husband's assault against the Little Sisters of the Poor, who had to go before the Supreme Court of the United States.  Or even the case affecting a private sector company, Hobby Lobby, where again, her husband's administration legally assaulted that company for its Christian faith.

Study Shows Michelle O's Anti-Obesity Campaign Is Failing.  It's been more than six years since Michelle Obama kicked off her "Let's Move!" initiative to fight against childhood obesity, and children are as overweight as ever before.  That's according to a new study published Tuesday [4/26/2016] in the journal Obesity.  A team led by Duke University scientist Asheley Skinner studied data from the CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and found that the percentage of overweight and obese children between 2 and 19 years old has increased across the board since 1999.

Michelle Obama blames scarce playgrounds for high crime, gun violence.  First lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday [5/17/2016] linked the lack of youth sports and playgrounds to higher crime and even gun violence.  Appearing with her brother and sportscaster Michael Wilbon at the Newseum, she said that bored kids are turning to crime.

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Scientists:  Michelle Obama's Nutrition Facts Label Not Based on Science.  A controversial regulation to update the nutrition facts label that is part of the first lady's Let's Move push was finalized by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday, and scientists are warning the new label is not based on sound science.  The changes to the nutrition facts label, which first lady Michelle Obama will announce Friday when she speaks at the Let's Move-aligned Partnership for a Healthier America, requires food manufacturers to list added sugars, which scientists say lacks "scientific rigor."  The label will also cost companies at least $640 million to update, and a net social cost of $1.4 billion.

First Lady Michelle Obama: 'So Many Communities Are Becoming Play Deserts'.  At a summit by the Aspen Institute's Project Play, first lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday [5/17/2016] that some U.S. communities are "play deserts," because they don't have sufficient opportunities for kids to participate in sports and other outdoor activities, compared to wealthy communities.  "So many communities are becoming play deserts, but in wealthy communities, there is a wealth of resources.  You can be in field hockey, or you can learn how to swim.  There are aquatic centers and — I've seen the difference.  The disparities are amazing to me," she said.

The Editor says...
That's right, Michelle.  Lots of nice things happen in "wealthy communities" that don't happen in the slums.  C'est la vie.

Michelle Obama's High-Achieving SOTU Guest Just Flunked Out Of College.  One of Michelle Obama's guests at the 2015 State of the Union address was invited because he overcame major obstacles to attend college, but he actually flunked out of school after just two semesters.  Anthony Mendez was a freshman at the University of Hartford when he received an invitation from Obama to attend the State of the Union.  Mendez was chosen for his inspiring personal story.

Michelle Obama Tells Oprah How She Deals With 'The Haters'.  First Lady Michelle Obama explains how she deals with "the haters" as she prepares to leave the White House with her husband in January.  During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the First Lady explained that she learned how to turn off social media and traditional media criticism of her family.

Michelle Obama Celebrates Ramadan, Breaks Fast with Iftkar Dinner.  As part of her summer trip overseas to Morocco, First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated Ramadan by joining the royal family for an Iftar dinner at the palace in Marrakesh.  She was joined by her daughters Sasha and Malia as well as actress Meryl Streep.  The Iftar dinner is a traditional Muslim feast celebrating the end of the Ramadan daily fast.

Michelle Obama Pledges $100M of U.S. Tax Dollars to Educate Girls — in Morocco.  FLOTUS must be unaware of all the black kids in DC and Chicago that could really use $100M for their failing public schools, since her daughters attend the super-fancy Sidwell Friends private school, where tuition is $34,268 a year.  But that includes hot lunch!  Truly, a bargain.

Michelle Obama tells Spanish girls how to raise kids 'if you choose to have them'.  First lady Michelle Obama slipped in a pro-choice message Thursday [6/30/2016] while promoting equality for girls in heavily Catholic Spain, giving advice on how to raise children "if you choose to have them."  Speaking to hundreds of young girls and women in Madrid, Mrs. Obama urged her audience to change "inequalities in our cultures" that hold back women in their daily lives.

Michelle Obama Lectures the World on Girl Power.  First lady Michelle Obama has wrapped up her six-day "Let Girls Learn" tour of Liberia, Morocco and Spain.  Together with her mother Marian and two daughters Sasha and Malia, the FLOTUS, under the guise of promoting access to education for 62 million girls worldwide, embarked on a multimillion-dollar excursion where she ate great food, wore great clothes, hung out with celebrities, and spent $600,000 for one night in Marrakesh.

Alabama police officer fired over racist Facebook post saying Michelle Obama is 'fluent in ghetto'.  An Alabama police officer has been fired after sharing what many consider to be racist memes, including on about Michelle Obama, on his personal Facebook page.  Talladega Police Officer Joel Husk was terminated on Wednesday [11/16/2016] from the police department in the city, Talladega City Manager Patrick Bryant said.  Husk shared a meme on his page showing pictures of Melania Trump with the words, 'Fluent in Slovenian, English, French,Serbian and German' and another photo of Michelle Obama with the words 'Fluent in Ghetto.'

Refusing To Serve Customers You Don't Agree With Is Suddenly Cool Again.  To the many things the Trump administration in waiting has made cool again, add private businesses refusing service to customers based on moral objections.  Friday [11/18/2016], fashion designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed the current first lady Michelle Obama, offered a preemptive refusal to hypothetically dress the next first lady, Melania Trump, should she ask for some of her clothes — presumably not the ones available at The Gap.  In her unsolicited letter, Theallet informed the world that a person who did not ask for any of her clothes would not be getting them.

Who's Dressed Better?  ... is the way HillBuzz.org lampoons the agenda-driven media's insistence that Michelle Antoinette Obama is "a global fashion icon".  Each installment of Who's Dressed Better? compares an outfit actually worn by the "global fashion icon" Michelle Antoinette with a similar costume worn by someone or something else.  It's up to you to decide who was, in fact, dressed better in each particular matchup.

"We are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation."
Michelle Obama,        
May 14, 2008.        

Michelle Obama biography.

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Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett's relationship to Barack H. Obama is much like Shari Lewis's relationship to Lamb Chop.  Valerie Jarrett lives in the Obama residence.  That's just weird.

Obama's 'Scandal-Free Administration' Is a Myth.  You often hear that the Obama administration, whatever its other failings, has been "scandal-free."  Valerie Jarrett, the president's closest adviser, has said he "prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done something to embarrass himself."

Attorney Requests WH Security Clearance Applications Of Obama Era-Senior Advisers.  An attorney representing a White House civil servant being scrutinized by the House Oversight Committee wants the security clearance applications of senior Obama White House staff including Valerie Jarrett, Jay Carney and Ben Rhodes.  The White House security application of National Action Network President Al Sharpton was also requested.

Obama Adviser's Book is Ranked 1,030 on Amazon.  How Did It Make NYT's Bestseller List?  Valerie Jarrett, a top adviser to former President Barack Obama, published a book that ranks dismally on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, but was placed on The New York Times Best Seller list.  Anomalies around the book's sales figures in industry databases have some in the book business questioning whether Jarrett, who's rumored to have received a million-dollar-plus advance, paid a company to game the numbers.  Her book, which was published April 2, is number 1,030 on Amazon's list of top sellers and has only three reviews on the site.  It similarly ranks 1,244 on Barnes and Noble where signed copies are being sold for less than the suggested retail for unsigned copies.

Jarrett says she confronted Obama about 'macho atmosphere' in White House.  Valerie Jarrett reportedly writes in her new book that she confronted former President Obama over a "macho atmosphere" in the White House, where she served as senior adviser, adding that female staff members initially felt intimidated during his time in office.  Axios, which obtained a copy of "Finding My Voice:  My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward," reported Tuesday that Jarrett writes that she told Obama that women "rarely talk" in meetings, adding that "when you aren't there to ask their opinion, they are becoming increasingly mute."  Jarrett also writes that the former president met for several hours with female White House staffers to listen to concerns and hear suggestions on how to improve the environment at the White House, according to the news outlet.

Valerie Jarrett Says In New Book That Obama White House Was Too "Macho," "Causing Women to Feel Uncomfortable".  Liberal women can do anything, except volunteer their opinions in a professional context without a man there to actively solicit them.  And — too macho?  Are you insane?  But if it's not due to the super-macho testosterone-clouded air of the Obama Soy House, I wonder why women felt uncomfortable, then?

The Editor says...
Valerie Jarrett ran the "Obama" White House.  If there was anything wrong with the working conditions in the White House, it's entirely her fault.

Valerie Jarrett Supports Dem Muslim Ilhan Omar in Attack on Jewish Republican Lee Zeldin.  Senior Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett tweeted a message of strong support Wednesday night to anti-Israel, ISIS sympathizer Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after she attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) as a bully upset at having to deal with Muslim women.

Roseanne Barr is throwing in the towel and leaving the U.S..  Barr appeared on Rabbi Shmuley's podcast and said she's headed for Israel ... first she says for a few months to study, but then she talks about a full-on move — "I have an opportunity to go to Israel for a few months and study with my favorite teachers over there, and that's where I'm going to go and probably move somewhere there and study with my favorite teachers."  Barr says she made a "fatal mistake" — apologizing for her racist comment about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.  She says when the left gets hold of an apology from someone on the other side of the political spectrum they don't let it go and eventually destroy their adversary.

Valerie Jarrett Must Explain Her Clinton Foundation Cover-Ups.  Roseanne Barr's racially charged Twitter attack on Valerie Jarrett should not immunize former President Barack Obama's closest confidante from having to explain why she helped cover up and therefore enabled the biggest charity fraud ever, the Clinton Foundation.  The process begins with asking why did Jarrett and Obama push former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination?  By July 10, 2015, Hillary Clinton would have been an unelectable candidate had the full truth then been known.  On that day, we have since learned, the FBI opened a full-scale investigation into whether Clinton and her innermost circle of trusted aides mishandled classified information while and after she served as the chief U.S. diplomat.

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades.  [#5] Valerie Jarrett:  The Rasputin of the Obama administration.  A Red Diaper baby, her father, maternal grandfather and father-in-law (Vernon Jarrett who was a close friend and ally of Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis) were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.  She has been in Obama's ear for his entire political career pushing a strong anti-American, Islamist, anti-Israeli, socialist/communist, cling-to-power agenda.

Valerie Jarrett Welcomes Socialists Into the Democrat Party.  "We have a big tent, and I think there is room for a lot of voices in our party," Valerie Jarrett said.  The former senior advisor and close confidant to the last president Barack Obama, welcomes Democratic Socialists [they have a more statist platform than Communist Party USA] to the Democratic Party.  She made her comments to the harpies of ABC's 'The View' on Wednesday [7/25/2018].  Co-host Meghan McCain asked Jarrett if she thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the Democratic Party.  Cortez defeated the powerful incumbent Joe Crowley (D-NY) in the primary.

Roseanne Barr 'Apologizes' to Valerie Jarrett for Racist Tweet.  Last night [7/26/2018], the outspoken sitcom star went on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News and finally addressed the entire controversy that brought down her hit ABC show.  And, to the surprise of nobody, Roseanne wasn't exactly apologetic.  In fact, she was her normally caustic self and gave a backhanded apology to Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor to President Barack Obama.  If you remember, Roseanne compared Jarrett to an ape over Twitter, before deleting the tweet and causing a massive uproar.  In the face of the controversy, Roseanne offered an apology, only to have her show canceled by ABC, then relaunched without her as the lead.  This obviously incensed Barr, as she has dropped a number of comments since expressing her resentment over having her life's work destroyed over a harmless tweet.  In one subsequent remark, Roseanne took back her initial apology, explaining that she mistook Jarrett for being white.

The Editor says...
It is reasonable to infer that if Valerie Jarrett had been white, it would have been safe to make fun of her.

Proof that Dems' unfair race baiting doesn't add up.  In the wake of Roseanne's awful, racist tweet comparing former Barack Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape, Jarrett took part in a special town hall on race on MSNBC.  In it, she blamed President Donald Trump for the star's racist joke.  While sitting next to Al Sharpton, a man who made his name through racist hoaxes, Jarrett repeated what has become a favorite narrative of the political left — that the United States, at its core, is fundamentally racist.

Left comes to grips with Obama's failure.  [Scroll down]  His ties to terrorists were airbrushed, as were his drug use, his college transcripts, and even his birth certificate.  He was, as they say in Texas, a post turtle, which is a creature that is on top of the fence post but has no idea how he got there.  While Obama filled out his NCAA brackets, Valerie Jarrett ran the government, turning law enforcement and the intelligence services into spies and plants in political campaigns.  Really, you think that Obama did this only to Trump?

Opening the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood.  One of the unfortunate side effects of Roseanne's racist tweet implosion involving Valerie Jarrett is that it may put off limits the documented influence held by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration — influence that was so great that we handed over a loyal ally, Egypt, into its control for a time.  The key player in Obama's administration is the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.  Her role in the Obama administration has been likened to the mysterious Rasputin in the era of the Russian czars. [...] Then there is Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner and top aide to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.  She is expected to assume the Jarrett role in a Hillary Clinton White House.  Her affiliations and loyalties are also suspect.

Here Are The 5 Worst Valerie Jarrett Scandals.  [#2] Ties to the Communist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood:  According to FBI documents released by Judicial Watch in 2015, "the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama's trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government."  Jarrett's father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was even listed "on the FBI's Security Index and was considered a potential Communist saboteur who was to be arrested in the event of a conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)."  As for Valerie herself, she is a well-known "liberal extremist" who "still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood."

Valerie Jarrett suggests Trump shares blame for Roseanne tweet.  Former Obama official Valerie Jarrett attempted Tuesday [5/29/2018] to make President Trump share the backlash over Roseanne Barr's racist tweet about her, saying on MSNBC that "tone does start at the top."

Valerie Jarrett:  What You Won't Hear on the Evening News.  In 2014, [Historian Paul] Kengor summarized the implications of Valerie Jarrett's radical Communist lineage:  "[Barack] Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, worked with the literal relatives of Valerie Jarrett — her grandfather and future father-in-law — in Chicago's Communist Party circles in the 1940s."  In an earlier piece, Kengor put it this way:  "So, imagine where we are today:  Barack Obama, Frank Marshall Davis's political godson, and Valerie Jarrett, daughter-in-law to Vernon Jarrett and granddaughter of Robert Taylor — men with links to pro-Stalinism — are the two dominant figures in the White House, the power center that battled the USSR throughout the Cold War."  In July 2015, Kengor elaborated that James Bowman (Valerie Jarrett's father), Robert Rochon Taylor (Valerie Jarrett's maternal grandfather), and Vernon Jarrett (Valerie Jarrett's father-in-law) "were all in Chicago at the exact same time and all operating in the exact same close-knit circles of the city's Communist Party generally and of a much smaller group of African-American communists specifically."  "Even tinier still," Kengor added, "they were Chicago-based African-American communist writers, journalists, Party activists, and agitators.  There is simply no way — no way — that James Bowman, Vernon Jarrett, Robert Rochon Taylor, and Frank Marshall Davis did not know and work together.  Unimaginable."

Herman Cain Questions ABC's Motives For Roseanne Cancellation.  Former presidential candidate Herman Cain addressed ABC's cancellation of Roseanne Tuesday [5/29/2018] following lead actress Roseanne Barr's tasteless tweet about Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Newt: Obama and Valerie Jarrett Behind Spying, Trying To Frame Trump.  In a Tuesday [5/22/2018] appearance on Fox News, Newt Gingrich said that he believed former President Barack Obama and some of his top officials — including Valerie Jarrett — were involved in spying on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.  Gingrich, the former Republican speaker of the House and 2012 presidential candidate, also said some people — like former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper — were "in danger of going to jail."  Gingrich was appearing on Laura Ingraham's show after a busy week in terms of revelations regarding the surveillance done on the campaign, which was apparently carried out in an attempt to find out if there were contacts with Russian officials.

Jarrett and Obama are Behind Spygate.  Unless we assume the FBI went completely rogue, it is inconceivable that the deployments of personnel to spy on the Trump campaign and make provocative contact with its lesser members could have occurred without the full knowledge and control of the occupants of the Oval Office.  Obama may claim a scandal-free administration, but after Fast and Furious, the targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS, the Benghazi cover-up, Hillary's emails, to name a few, Spygate is just the latest.  I use the plural "occupants" because while Barack Hussein Obama may have been nominally the president of the United States, at the heart of every one of these scandals and virtually every administration move was Valerie Jarrett, who arguably could be considered our first female president.

Obama's Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett, Behind Spygate.  Unless we assume the FBI went completely rogue, it is inconceivable that the deployments of personnel to spy on the Trump campaign and make provocative contact with its lesser members could have occurred without the full knowledge and control of the occupants of the Oval Office.  Obama may claim a scandal-free administration but after Fast and Furious, the targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS, the Benghazi cover-up, Hillary's emails, to name a few, but spygate is just the latest.  I use the plural "occupants" because Barack Hussein Obama many have been nominally the President of the United States, at the heart of very one of these scandals and virtually every administration move was one Valerie Jarrett, who arguably could be considered our first female president.

Secret FBI Team That Coordinated Set-Up of Trump Was Pressured by CNN — Guess Who Was CNN DOJ Reporter at the Time?  [Scroll down]  Two days later on January 10, 2017, CNN ran the story about the unverified and salacious allegations made in the anti-Trump dossier with BuzzFeed publishing the dossier within a couple hours of CNN's report.  So how do you suppose James Comey knew that CNN was about to run the salacious anti-Trump dossier back in January 2017?  And who could have been pressuring leaker James Comey with the discredited dossier?  Guess who started working at CNN covering the DOJ around this time?  Valerie Jarrett's daughter Laura!

Here are 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama's lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc..  [#414] On October 28, 2013, Valerie Jarrett, Obama's senior advisor, tweeted:  "Nothing in Obamacare forces people out of their health plans."  However, the very next day, CBS News reported:  ["]CBS News has learned more than two million Americans have been told they cannot renew their current insurance policies — more than triple the number of people said to be buying insurance under the new Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.["]

Why Won't Barack Obama Go Away?  Why do those who criticize Donald Trump for not being a "traditional" president fawn over President Obama not being a "traditional" post-presidential citizen?  I would say Michelle and Barack Obama are back in the news, but they've never left the news since the 22nd Amendment mercifully exiled them from the Oval Office last year. [...] Obama moved into a $5-million D.C. mansion — but only after the wall surrounding the 8,000-square-foot mansion was completely erected.  Oh, and Obama's former senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, moved in with the Obamas, which is just bizarrely weird.

Meghan McCain Takes on Valerie Jarrett for Likening Farrakhan to the Koch Brothers.  Friday on ABC's "The View," the panel took on the controversy over Women's March co-chair Tamika Mallory attending a speech which included anti-Semitic rhetoric by Louis Farrakhan and her praise of the Nation of Islam leader.  Co-host Meghan McCain said, "It's not just that she attended.  She posted a photo to Instagram calling Farrakhan G.O.A.T. which means greatest of all time."

Valerie Jarrett Compares Attending Farrakhan Event To Meeting With The Koch Brothers.  Today the View discussed the ongoing controversy over Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory's fondness for anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.  For the most part, everyone seemed to be in agreement that Farrakhan was a genuine anti-Semite (and anti-white racist) and that people who claim to be social justice leaders probably shouldn't be hanging out with him.  There was one note of dissent, however.  The guest for this segment was former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett who suggested that sometimes, as a leader, you need to meet with people who you strongly disagree with.  "Part of learning to be a leader effectively is that you have to use your voice and you have to be very clear," Jarrett said.  She continued, "Now you work with people all the time with whom you disagree.  Goodness knows I met with the Koch brothers when we were working on criminal justice or Rupert Murdoch when we were working on immigration reform.  But you have to, if you want to lead an inclusive movement, you have to be clear about hate.  And you have to be against it every single time."

Valerie Jarrett joins University of Chicago Law School.  Add another sweet gig to the Obamas' "first friend" Valerie Jarrett's burgeoning portfolio of post-White House jobs.  Starting in the new year, Jarrett will be a "distinguished senior fellow" at the University of Chicago Law School, the university announced this week.  That's on top of spots on the boards of Ariel Investments (where she serves alongside fellow Obama family pals John W. Rogers Jr. and Arne Duncan), Lyft; and 2U, Inc, her roles as senior adviser to Obama Foundation and ATTN:, and her deal with a Hollywood talent agency.

Mueller's FBI Will Never Recover Its Good Name.  [Scroll down]  Obama and Valerie Jarrett were involved in obviously corrupt and highly dangerous communications with the Iranian mullahs, long before Obama got elected.  Valerie Jarrett grew up in a Shi'ite (pro-Iranian) Muslim family, and Jarrett ran a back channel to the mullahs long before the first Obama election.  When the United States "negotiated" a surrender on the nuclear issue with the mullahs, a planeload of Iranian negotiators landed in Cairo, and a photographer showed them coming off the plane looking drunk and laughing their heads off.  Obama and Jarrett sold out the United States (and therefore also Iran's enemy Saudi Arabia), because both of them are jihad-symps from way back.  This is serious business, and a large number of American voters know about it.

Michelle Obama and birthday girl Valerie Jarrett jet off to Las Vegas after Chicago summit.  Michelle Obama capped off a successful two-day summit in Chicago last week by hopping on a jet and flying off to Sin City.  The former first lady headed to Las Vegas alongside her husband Barack's former advisor and current Lyft board director Valerie Jarrett, who was getting a early start on her upcoming birthday.  Jarrett will turn 61 next Wednesday, and to celebrate she enjoyed a jam-packed weekend surrounded by friends and family that kicked off on Friday with dinner in a private room at TAO Asian Bistro in The Venetian.

Obama team's 2020 signals spark chatter among Dems.  Democrats are expressing concern that advisers and aides to former President Obama have already begun signaling which candidate they might support for the White House in 2020. Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama's closest confidantes, and David Simas, the CEO of Obama's foundation, have sent smoke signals urging former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to enter the race.  Simas, who once served as a top aide to Patrick, is an ardent supporter of Patrick, sources tell The Hill, while Jarrett has privately told friends that she would do what it takes to support him.  And Politico reported last month that Jarrett believes a President Patrick is "what my heart desires."

Russian Collusion in Democrat Inner Circle?  As I wrote previously, Obama's entire innermost circle were children of communists. [...] Chief among these backers was Valerie Jarrett, whom Judicial Watch uncovered as another scion of a hardcore multi-generation communist family on the FBI watch list as a possible security threat to America.

Valerie Jarrett:  Obamacare Process 'Was All Very Transparent,' 'Open and Honest'.  Thursday on a Facebook live event on the Democratic Party Facebook page, former White House senior advisor to President Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett said the legislative process to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was "very transparent."  Jarrett said, "I mean we had hundreds of meetings.  We made hundreds of amendments.  It was all very transparent.  The President had a great meeting where we invited in the Republicans for an open press session to answer all of their questions.  It was a collaborative effort.  The intent was to make it bipartisan, and the intent was to be open and honest with the American people.  Our scoring was put out for everybody to see because we wanted people to understand before the decision was made what was at stake and what we were trying to accomplish."

More about the secrecy surrounding Obamacare's creation.

Jarrett 'Not Sure' Why Obamacare 'Ever Became a Political Issue'.  Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Obama, said the Trump administration is "abdicating" the United States' role as the "world leader" and the "beacon of hope" by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.  "It is unrefuted science that there are man-made consequences that are leading to the degradation of our planet.  And it was unprecedented to have so many countries, nearly 200 countries from around the world, who followed the United States' lead on this issue and came to the table and not just the government leaders but in our country, just hundreds and hundreds of large corporations signed on recognizing that it is not anti-business to care about our climate — it is not an either/or, it is a both and an imperative," Jarrett said during a discussion sponsored by the Raben Group in D.C. last week.

Valerie Jarrett Wants America to Know She's Not Running for Office, She's More Interested in 'Training' the Next Obama.  Since Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss at the hands of President Trump, the Democrat Party has been struggling to find its new leader.  Even over the course of the campaign season, clashes between Clinton supporters and those of one-time rival candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) exposed a very real fracture among Democrats — one that party leaders are still struggling to mend.

Huma Abedin's Troubling Saudi Upbringing.  Allegations concerning Huma Abedin's connections to Islamist groups and actors devoted to taking down America through a subversive jihad are no secret.  But for those in the know about Islam, its goals and methods — and especially the power of indoctrination — her life story is more than enough for concern.  Born in the U.S., Huma moved to Saudi Arabia (SA) at the age of two.  There, she likely spent her formative years being indoctrinated in the same Islam that ISIS — SA's brainchild — upholds.  Just like ISIS, SA teaches hate and enmity for all non-Muslims; destruction of churches and all non-Muslim places of worship; fatal consequences for apostates and blasphemers; and, most importantly, the supreme merits of engaging in jihad, which is not limited to armed warfare, as the apologists often remind us, but literally consists of "striving" — or for our purposes, subverting — on behalf of Islam.

Cash-Strapped University Saved From Paying $30K Speaking Fee to Valerie Jarrett.  Cash-strapped Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) was required to pay former President Barack Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett $30,000 to speak at its commencement ceremony until a donor agreed to cover the cost.  NEIU's president declared a "state of emergency" on April 5 amid a budget impasse.  Despite the university's questionable financial situation, its Board of Trustees learned during an April 6 meeting about a contract negotiated with Jarrett to pay her a $30,000 speaking fee, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Would you pay $30,000 to hear a Valerie Jarrett speech?  As public speakers go, Obama aide Valerie Jarrett comes pretty cheap.  She lined up a commencement gig next month at Chicago's Northeastern Illinois University for 30-grand.  By all estimates, she's a multi-millionaire anyway, although the Iranian-born American has spent most of her career in government.  And the Obama adviser has few expenses, no apartment rent, for instance.  This winter she joined Barack and Michelle together living in that $5 million mansion they're renting in Washington.  As deputy mayor of Chicago's Democrat machine, Jarrett introduced a young Windy City newcomer named Obama around that city's insular black community.  She also hired a woman named Michelle Robinson.  And the rest is first family history.

Valerie Jarrett Shamed Into Waiving Commencement Speaking Fee At Cash-Strapped University.  Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is set to give the commencement speech at Northeastern Illinois University, a school which is financially strapped.  The struggling school was somehow going to pay her a $30,000 speaking fee.  Then a donor stepped forward and offered to pay it.  At this point, Jarrett finally decided to waive her fee which she probably should have done in the first place.

Obama's Top Adviser Valerie Jarrett's Dad, Maternal Grandpa, and Father-in-Law Were 'Hardcore Communists'.  FBI files obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch reveal that the father, maternal grandfather, and father-in-law of President Barack Obama's closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, "were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government."  Valerie Jarrett, who served as President Obama's senior adviser and as director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House (2009-2017), reportedly recently moved in to the Obama home in Northwest D.C.  Jarrett was divorced in 1988 and has not remarried.  According to Judicial Watch, Jarrett's father, Dr. James E. Bowman, a pathologist and geneticist, "had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals."  The FBI files obtained by Judicial Watch show that "in 1950, Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage."

Obama's Rasputin Moves into the Bunker.  Politics, it is said, makes curious bedfellows, and the longstanding relationship between Barack Obama and presidential adviser and confidante Valerie Jarrett is curious indeed.  It had become curiouser and curiouser with the news that Jarrett is moving into Obama's D.C. home, which is to serve as the nerve center to the resistance to the presidency of Donald Trump.

Too weird to check:  Valerie Jarrett moves in with the Obamas to plot Trump's downfall.  I'm skeptical — of the moving-in part, not the "plotting against Trump" part.  But I'm less skeptical than I'd be if this story were about any other politician and his top advisor. [...] The goal, allegedly, is to force Trump's impeachment or resignation.  Impeachment would be a neat trick given that the House is likely to stay red through the end of Trump's term.  Resignation is negligibly more plausible:  There may be enough Obama loyalists in the guts of the federal bureaucracy to dig up a truly devastating leak about Trump, but even then it's hard to imagine something so bad that Trump would capitulate to his critics rather than try to fight them off.

Three's Company:  Valerie Jarrett Moves Into Obama Mansion to Help Plot "Insurgency".  Barack and Michelle Obama have moved into a beautiful, English-looking mansion just to miles from the White House.  In what sounds like the premise of the least funny sitcom ever, Obama Svengali Valerie Jarrett has moved into the house with the former First Couple.  Their purpose?  To mount an "insurgency" against Donald Trump, according to the UK Daily Mail.

CNN Hires Valerie Jarrett's Daughter to "Report" on Trump White House.  Who could have possibly predicted that a third-generation Red Diaper Baby would have been hired by CNN to cover a Republican White House?  But, sure, I could imagine these fair, independent and completely honest journalists hired, say, Mitt Romney's kid to report on the Obama White House in 2008.

Barack Obama's close confidante Valerie Jarrett has moved into his Kaloroma home.  Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation's capital — just two miles away from the White House — into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump.  Obama's goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.  And Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion with the former president and Michelle Obama, long time best friends.

CNN Hires Valerie Jarrett's Daughter.  CNN has assigned the daughter of one of President Obama's top advisers to cover the Department of Justice.  The network announced in a press release that Valerie Jarrett's daughter Laura would be one of four reporters to cover the Justice Department in 2017.  The New York Post broke the news that Jarrett had been hired in September, though a formal announcement about her beat did not come until Thursday [1/19/2017].  Jarrett has long wanted to work in television news, though being an objective reporter was not her original goal.  She told Vanity Fair in a 2009 "Bright Young Things" profile that her chief ambition was to "work as a TV-news legal analyst."  Her favorite cause was "promoting civil rights and social equality for women and minorities."

CNN Hires Valerie Jarrett's Daughter To Report On Trump's Justice Department.  CNN is going full-on anti-Trump.  They have a Democrat governor's brother as a host in Chris Cuomo.  And now they have Valerie Jarrett's daughter as a reporter.

Daughter of close Obama adviser will cover DOJ for CNN.  CNN has tapped the daughter of President Obama's closest adviser to cover the Department of Justice, The [New York] Post has learned.  Laura Jarrett quietly joined the network in September as a reporter in the network's Washington bureau.  She came to CNN with no experience in journalism.  But the Harvard educated lawyer defended companies and individuals against the Justice Department as a private litigator in Chicago.

The Scandals That Valerie Jarrett Overlooked.  Over the New Year's weekend, President Barack Obama's chief policy adviser and closest strategist, Valerie Jarrett, told a talk show host that her boss would have a happy legacy because there was an absence of scandal in his administration.  When first I heard this preposterous claim, I thought I had misheard it.  Yet it is apparently true that President Obama and his team somehow can overlook recent history and behave as if events with which we are all familiar never happened.

Obama's closest adviser says president has been scandal-free.  President Obama has been squeaky clean, according to his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett.  "The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done something to embarrass himself," Jarrett said in an interview broadcast on CNN Sunday [1/1/2017].

The Editor says...
Any assertion that the Obama administration has been scandal-free is an outright lie.  It is fairly easy to compile a long list of Obama's scandals.  As a public service, I have gone one step further, and have put together a list of lists of Obama scandals.

Valerie Jarrett:  Trump's Win Was 'Soul-Crushing'.  One of President Obama's top advisers said on Wednesday [12/7/2016] that Donald Trump's electoral win was "soul-crushing."  Valerie Jarrett offered that dramatic assessment during a "Women Rule" event hosted by Politico.  "Obviously we were surprised by the outcome of the election.  It kind of was like — I'm not sure what the right analogy would be — but like a punch in the stomach, let's say.  Soul-crushing might be another description," Jarrett said.  "But that's the democracy that we have.  The people get to decide and the elections matter and we have to get about the business of doing our job."

Exclusive: Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has convinced President Obama to Fire FBI director James Comey after the election.  According to a White House source familiar with Obama's decision, [senior adviser Valerie] Jarrett and the president held lengthy discussions over the past several days about the political and legal ramifications of firing the FBI director.  The president was furious with Comey for reopening the FBI's investigation of Hillary's emails 11 days before the election, then admitting two days before the election that he couldn't find any cause for taking action against the Democratic nominee.  But the president was reluctant to move against Comey for fear that it would open him to charges of obstruction of justice.

Is America on the Brink of Civil War?  Valerie Jarrett — Barack Obama's closest consigliere who has lived in the lap of luxury in and out of the White House — is calling for James Comey's head because the FBI director reopened the matter of Hillary Clinton's emails only days before the election.  As we all know, Comey did this after some 650,000 digital missives, many from Clinton's server, were discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop by the NYPD.  Obama, however, is a bit uneasy about Jarrett's hawkishness toward Comey. [...] The bad news is this:  As miserable as this endless election season has been, the aftermath is likely to be far worse.

Valerie Jarrett Scolds American For Drinking Beer During A Heat Wave.  Don't have fun and drink beer when it's hot outside, Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said on Friday [7/22/2016].  Jarrett offered the advice during an organized Twitter chat aimed at advancing a Nanny State initiative called "Beat the Heat."  In the chat, Jarrett and other government officials offered common sense tips on how to avoid suffering heat stroke.

Valerie Jarrett:  How Much Control Does She Have Over Obama and Clinton?  There are a number of things about Valerie Jarrett that are worrisome.  In 1977, while delivering a speech at Stanford University, she was quoted as calling herself an American citizen who seeks "to help change America to be a more Islamic country."  She went on to say, "My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself."  This is an extremely alarming and even subversive comment, delivered right around the time that Islamic terrorism was beginning to set its roots in the Middle East.  There is more.  She is known to have ties to the terrorist William Ayers.  Her father in law, one Vernon Jarrett, is an official member of the Communist party who is also an associate of Frank Marshall Davis, himself a Communist activist who played mentor to Barack Obama during the future president's childhood.  We have here an Iranian Muslim who has stated her intention to transform America into an Islamic country, her desire to use the nation's freedom of religion as a weapon against it, and who has highly questionable associates with terrorist and Communist connections.  It is bad enough that this woman has our President's ear; what is even worse is that it seems to go beyond that.  Despite being an appointee who was never elected by the American people, Valerie Jarrett appears to have real influence in the White House.

Valerie Jarrett was our First Female President.  Hillary Clinton has become the first female nominated for President of the United States but, should she win the election, she will not be the first female to occupy and control the Oval Office.  That honor arguably goes to Valerie Jarrett, currently Senior Adviser to President Obama. [...] Her power and influence extends to staffing by the White House to a virtual veto power over foreign policy decisions.  Valerie Jarrett undoubtedly had significant input into President Obama's Munich-like deal with Iran, which kicks the nuclear can down the road to assured detonation over Israel, which Iran continues to threaten to wipe off the map when it is not wishing "death to America".  Her influence over President Obama is legendary:  ["]The Iranian-born Jarrett (her parents were American-born expatriates) is the only staff member who regularly follows the president home from the West Wing to the residence and one of the few people allowed to call the president by his first name.["]

Secret Service Stretched To The Limit Amid Heated Campaign.  Here's a thought.  Stop providing improper security for Valerie Jarrett who has no right to Secret Service protection.

Obama adviser: 'It is ridiculous to lock people up when there's an alternative'.  Sitting onstage at the JW Marriott ballroom in front of local government leaders from across the country, Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett echoed a familiar sentiment — one that many in Indiana support.  "It is ridiculous to lock people up when there's an alternative," Jarrett said at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Downtown Indianapolis on Saturday.  Jarrett discussed efforts to move away from mass incarceration, which she said, has resulted in $80 billion in annual spending and an "unsustainable" criminal justice system.  Jarrett said the Obama administration's plan focuses on three "buckets":  early childhood education, reduced sentences for nonviolent offenders and re-entry programs.  A day before Jarrett's visit to Indianapolis, the White House announced a series of programs that officials said would provide job training and education programs for convicted felons.

First they say they want to have a national "conversation" about guns, and then...
Valerie Jarrett:  We Need To 'Drown Out' The NRA.  Senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett told reporters on a Monday [6/20/2016] conference call that the way to stop mass shootings is to "drown out" the voice of the NRA.

Valerie Jarrett on unique "First Friend" role in Obama's White House.  Rarely does one person in the White House have the influence that Valerie Jarrett has had.  She holds the job title of senior advisor, but she's more than that.  The president has said she's his best friend.  She told us she's involved in nearly every decision that's made, including the choice of his chief of staff or who should sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.  And that has sometimes caused friction in a White House that prides itself as being no-drama.

Valerie Jarrett's extraordinary family tree.  On 60 Minutes this week, correspondent Norah O'Donnell interviews Valerie Jarrett, President Obama's senior advisor and close personal friend.  Jarrett's been at his side for the past seven years and, unlike some staff members, she plans to stay there.

Valerie Jarrett on Obama after office: 'He'll be a citizen just like everybody else'.  President Obama will remain in the nation's capital after he leaves the White House, but he hopes to transition to a normal life when he does it.  In a clip from a "60 Minutes" story aired Friday [5/20/2016] on "CBS This Morning," host Norah O'Donnell asks Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett what it will be like for the current president and his successor to both live in the same city.  "President Obama will be the former president.  And he'll be a citizen just like everybody else.  And he'll behave accordingly.  Of that I'm sure," Jarrett said.

Valerie Jarrett Demands End To 'Gender Biases' In Media And Toys.  President Obama's senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is calling on a group of business leaders and educators to move the world away from "gender biases" in media and toys.  "We know so many of our young children have those biases and it's our collective responsibility to try to change the culture, and changing culture is not necessarily easy and it doesn't happen overnight," she said.

The Iran Scandal and Obama's Consiglieri.  This past week, to our astonishment, we learned that the Obama administration is seriously considering further concessions to Iran, and allowing U.S.  dollars to be used to facilitate trade with the terrorist-supporting regime.  Behind this latest concession — behind every action having to do with Iran, and for that matter most other actions of this so-called "Presidency" — we observe the power of a "consigliere," in name Valerie Jarrett.  Jarrett is the Iranian-born "Senior Advisor" to Barack Hussein Obama, but her true influence is akin to a "consigliere. [...] Indeed, Valerie Jarrett, who first introduced Barack to Michelle, and whom Obama considers "family" and "trust[s] completely," has historical parallels.

Valerie Jarrett: Cuba's 'Extraordinary' Education System 'Values Every Boy & Girl'.  It's difficult to describe just how brazen the Obama administration is in flaunting its infatuation with Marxist-dictatorships. Take, for instance, the following Tweet from Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett about Cuba's glorious "education system." [...] Sure.  And this is why desperate Cubans are, at this very moment, flooding our shores seeking asylum.  Below is a sampling of the backlash Jarrett received on Twitter immediately following her heinous comment. [...]

As The Election Results Roll In the Chalk Lines Are Being Drawn.  [Scroll down]  It looks like Lady M isn't the only White House lady on Barry and Raul's Excellent Vacation Tour who has taken advantage of our skilled cosmetic surgeons on staff at Walter Reed. [...] [C]heck out Val-Jar!  Does she look stunning or what!?  It never hurts to get a little touchup, you know in case you're tapped as a pinch hitter.  In the event that something untoward happens to your party's leading presidential candidate.  Unexpectedly.  Like an indictment, or something.

Valerie Jarrett is the Poster Girl for Chicago's Pension Crisis.  The City of Chicago is being fiscally devoured by pension obligations run up by politicians buying votes. [...] If only there were a way to follow Alinsky's Rule #13:  "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."  Wait a minute — how about Valerie Jarrett, President Obama's supreme consigliere, and, many believe, the de facto president of the United States, while the nominal POTUS plays golf, watches televised sports, and stays current with the latest TV shows and rap music?

Valerie Jarrett rides big-money public transit pension express from part-time government job.  What a sweet deal for this leftist.  Jarrett paid barely more than $11,000 into the pension fund but she's collected over $300,000 to date.  Oh, did Jarrett bother to ride on a CTA bus during her eight years as part-timer on the board?

Extra cost of CTA pension express: $2.7M in fees.  [Scroll down]  The fees are on top of the pensions paid in 2014 to 19 CTA board retirees, including top White House aide Valerie Jarrett, who made $11,132 in payroll deductions into the board's pension fund and began drawing a $35,660-a-year pension at age 50.  Jarrett, now 59, has been paid more than $306,000 stemming from the nearly eight years she served as the CTA's part-time board chair, records show.

CTA board retirees on pension gravy train.  Valerie Jarrett was on the Chicago Transit Authority board for nearly eight years before becoming a top aide to President Barack Obama.  Howard Medley was on the CTA board for a decade before he was convicted in a scheme involving a CTA fuel contract.  Despite their divergent paths, the time Jarrett and Medley spent there proved lucrative to both of them.  They and other retired CTA board members — all of them political appointees who worked only part time — each came away with five-figure pensions that have cost the public transit agency a total of more than $3 million over 10 years, a Chicago Sun-Times and Better Government Association investigation has found.

Former Inspector General: Powerful Democrat Women Standing in the way of Hillary Indictment.  Former Inspector General Howard J. Krongard says the current FBI investigation should be focused on how material made it from the classified email system, known as SIPRNet, to Clinton's unclassified private server.  "It can't just jump from one system to the other.  Someone had to move it, copy it.  The question is who did that?" Krongard tells the New York Post. [...] Even if the FBI decides Clinton holds the ultimate responsibility for creating the private server, "It will never get to an indictment," Krongard tells the Post.  The decision to act on the FBI's recommendation would have to pass through, "four loyal Democrat women."  Krongard is referring to Loretta Lynch and her deputies Leslie Caldwell and Sally Yates.  In addition, Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama's top advisers, could weigh in.

Valerie Jarrett is the quarterback and Barack H. Obama is the mascot.
Valerie Jarrett: Obama 'Clearly Within His Authority' on Gun Executive Action.  On Tuesday's [1/5/2016] broadcast of CNN's "New Day," Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett insisted President Barack Obama's forthcoming executive action on guns would be well within his authority and that it is the fault of Congress for the need of Obama to take action.  "Let's be specific — the president isn't circumventing Congress," Jarrett said.

Valerie Jarrett: "Unleashed & Unhinged".  The term "puppet president" had followed Barack Obama since he came to office seven years ago.  Interestingly, it is also a term Jarrett is well aware of — and has never disputed.  If anything, she appears to take some measure of pleasure out of its connotations. [...] If detractors of the Obama/Jarrett White House were frustrated before regarding the President's willingness to govern via Executive Order, they apparently will be downright apoplectic in the coming months of the New Year.  Ms. Jarrett is said to have already lined up personally-selected allies in the Mainstream Media and Congress to aid a "smooth transition" for the coming agenda.

Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone.  If true, this is a scenario that appears to pit the Obama White House against FBI Director James Comey over what reports suggest is an increasingly divisive conflict between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Jarrett and federal law enforcement officials regarding feared pending ISIS terror threats inside of the United States.

Valerie Obama-Jarrett.  Her control and influence on the President is unprecedented.  She commands a staff of nearly three dozen and is referred to as the first friend of Michelle and Barack Obama.  "Thanks to her proximity to the President and first lady, she has become, in the eyes of some close political observers, the 'De-Facto' President of the United States, a virtual co-president to Chief Executive Obama", writes author Edward Klein.  She is given a 24-hr security detail by the Secret Service, using guards "round the clock" even while shopping, at the gym, or visiting friends back in Chicago as if she was not only a member of the Obama family, but the President himself.

Author: Valerie Jarrett is the 'De-Facto' President of the United States.  ["]We haven't seen anything like this in modern presidential history.  One person who is the best friends of the First Lady and the soul mate of the President, who is the last person to leave the oval office after a meeting.... goes upstairs to the family quarters, has dinner with the President.  Goes on vacation with them.  Has his ear.  Is "de facto" President of the United States.["]

Jarrett: Obama Not 'Lame Duck,' 'Really Big Things' Coming.  White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said criminal justice reform that reduces the prison population would make America safer.  Jarrett also said President Obama is focused on tackling the issue along with Congress and is not a "lame duck."  Obama has directed federal agencies to "ban the box," which prohibits them from asking about an applicant's criminal history.  Jarrett said Obama wants Congress to do the same for federal contractors as well, which requires congressional action.  In addition, the Justice Department has decided to release about 6,000 inmates from federal prison who were convicted of drug-related offenses.

Obama fuels the flames of the anti-cop movement.  Officer Holder was black, as is his alleged killer, but that mattered not a whit to the protesters.  One told Fox News that she hopes Holder's family "realizes that his life is included in the 'Black Lives Matter' slogan."  "We're talking about black bodies being persecuted across the world," she added.  This is nonsense on steroids, yet these are the president's shock troops.  Obama and confidante Valerie Jarrett earlier met with the radicals leading the Black Lives Matter movement and encouraged them to keep going, the group has said.

Valerie Jarrett Throws Hillary Under the Bus on the Email Scandal.  Obama White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett threw Hillary Clinton under the bus Wednesday [9/30/2015] at the Washington Ideas Forum, where she told interviewer Andrea Mitchell that the White House gave Clinton guidance forbidding her from using private email.  "Yes, there were.  Yeah, absolutely," Jarrett said when asked if the White House sent guidance to Cabinet secretaries about not using private email.

The Uni-party's 2016 Election Strategy.  The main objective of the political-media establishment and, in particular, Barack Obama is to prevent any post-election investigation of the rampant corruption in Washington DC.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to maintain their standing as permanent political elites, whereby they may continue to treat ordinary Americans as indentured servants and broker the tax revenues for the benefit of themselves and their wealthy donors.  It is clear that the Obamas and Valerie "Rasputin" Jarrett hate the Clintons and do not want to risk "payback time" from a vindictive and ruthless President Hillary.  The Obama strategy is stretch out the homebrew server scandal to undermine Hillary's campaign through a death by a thousand cuts.

Valerie Jarrett Meets With Black Lives Matter Leaders At The White House.  President Obama's senior adviser Valerie Jarrett met with Black Lives Matter activists yesterday [9/16/2015] at the White House, the latest sign that the Obama administration is involved with the controversial protest group.  Jarrett met with three organizers for Campaign Zero.  DeRay Mckesson, Brittany Packnett, and Johnetta Elzie as well as Phil Agnew of the Dream Defenders and Jamye Wooten, an organizer for Baltimore United for Change were there, according to a senior White House official who confirmed the visit to Buzzfeed.

Valerie Jarrett, White House Meet With 'Black Lives' Activists During GOP Debate.  White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and other Obama administration officials spent Wednesday evening [9/16/2015] meeting with several #BlackLivesMatter activists, including Brittney Packnett and DeRay McKesson.  According to Buzzfeed, the discussion centered on "law enforcement and community policing with an emphasis on how to increase public safety," with Jarrett emphasizing, "the implementation of its recommendations from the 21st Century Task Force on Policing as a priority for reducing violence."

Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration.  The news that two inspectors general from the Obama administration want the Justice Department to investigate her handling of classified material is a potential game changer.  For many Democrats, it will serve as final proof she is fatally flawed. [...] Actually, it's worse. She's almost certainly up against the White House.  Somebody very high in the food chain leaked the memos requesting the probe.  The New York Times, which broke the story, identified its source only as "a senior government official."  My money is on Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas' Rasputin, who is known to despise Clinton.  If it was Jarrett, she would not do this against the president's wishes.

Valerie Jarrett Made $200K On Land Deal Via Tax Break She Opposes.  Valerie Jarrett, a top adviser to President Obama, purportedly saved $200,000 on a Chicago real estate deal by taking advantage of a tax loophole she openly opposes and actively worked to eliminate, according to a watchdog investigation.  The investigation, conducted by the Chicago-based Better Government Association (BGA), focused on the 2013 sale of a $160 million luxury high-rise in which Jarrett pocketed more than $1 million in profits.

Agents of Influence? — Huma Abedin and Valerie Jarrett.  Somehow the conclusion by State Department investigators that Huma Abedin, close associate and friend of former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was overpaid by some $10,000 as she worked at a State Department job specifically created just for her, does not surprise.  Abedin, who is expected to assume the same Rasputin-like role in a Hillary Clinton administration as Valerie Jarrett does for President Obama, has done very well for herself.

Barack and Valerie's Great Communist Party Marriage.  For seven years now at their home-base at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama and Jarrett have been politically and ideologically inseparable.  Their White House wedding has fundamentally transformed the country.  Sure, Barack's matrimonial vow might be to Michelle, but his ideological soulmate has long been Valerie Jarrett.  And both Barack and Valerie hail from a truly remarkable line of mentors and family members with deep fidelity to the American Communist Party.  Those political bloodlines are so stunning, so bizarre, especially when they intersect across the generations, that people often react dismissively when presented with the information.

Valerie Jarrett Organized White House Rainbow Lights.  White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett was one of the mobilizing forces behind the decision to light up the White House with the colors of the gay pride movement to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  According to the Washington Post, Jarrett worked with gay rights organizations to pay for the display to avoid using taxpayer money.  The idea came from one of Jarrett's aides who was also the LGBT liaison in the White House.

Also posted under Obama panders to homosexuals.

FBI Files Show Obama's Top Advisor Has Communist Kin.  FBI papers obtained by government watchdog Judicial Watch document hard-core communism in the family of Valerie Jarrett, President Obama's most trusted and influential White House advisor.  Here's what they reveal about her Chicago kin, who were known as "concealed Communists":  Her late father, James E. Bowman, was involved with Communist front groups and was in contact with a paid Soviet agent in the 1950s — Alfred Stern — who was wanted for espionage.  Jarrett's maternal grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor, was investigated by the FBI for his membership in Communist groups and his business relationship with the same Soviet agent tied to her father.  Her late father-in-law, Vernon D. Jarrett, was assigned by the Communist Party USA to a special cultural arts "cell" that spread "the Communist Party line" and ran publicity for communist candidates and also raised money for them, the FBI says.

FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett's Family.  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama's trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.  Jarrett's dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows.  In 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage.  Bowman was also a member of a Communist-sympathizing group called the Association of Internes and Medical Students. After his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman moved to Iran to work, the FBI records show.

How Did Valerie Jarrett Pass A Background Check?  [Valerie] Jarrett's father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was also another big-time Chicago Communist, according to separate FBI files obtained by JW as part of a probe into the Jarrett family's Communist ties.  For a period of time Vernon Jarrett appeared on the FBI's Security Index and was considered a potential Communist saboteur who was to be arrested in the event of a conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  His FBI file reveals that he was assigned to write propaganda for a Communist Party front group in Chicago that would "disseminate the Communist Party line among... the middle class."  It's been well documented that Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who wields tremendous power in the White House.  Faithful to her roots, she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.  Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file.

Valerie Jarrett profited from tax loophole She and Obama rail against.  For Valerie Jarrett, following President Obama's lead as "point man" for repealing the carried interest loophole (which allows certain non-cap gain income to be taxed at capital gains rates), made good politics.  But [for the sake of] her personal wealth, it was good thing that the effort didn't succeed.  The venerable Better Government Association of Chicago exposes the rank hypocrisy, if not worse, of Jarrett's double approach to [this] issue. [...] The BGA estimates the loophole saved Jarrett $200,00 [sic] or more.  As far as anyone knows, she has voluntarily paid the higher income tax rate on the gain, so as to make her actions follow the course of action she claimed was fair.  But, there is something even worse, the small mater of conflict-of-interest laws.

Valerie Jarrett profited from tax loophole She and Obama rail against.  For Valerie Jarrett, following President Obama's lead as "point man" for repealing the carried interest loophole (which allows certain non-cap gain income to be taxed at capital gains rates), made good politics.  But her personal wealth, it was good thing that the effort didn't succeed.  The venerable Better Government Association of Chicago exposes the rank hypocrisy, if not worse, of Jarrett's double approach to issue.

Hillary Campaign Launch Features Staffer That Said 'F U Republicans'.  A top Hillary Clinton campaign official addressed potential volunteers at Clinton's Roosevelt Island campaign launch event Saturday, despite his verifiable hatred of Republicans and membership in an anti-GOP "mafia."  Marlon Marshall, director of political engagement for the Clinton campaign, spoke at the rally where he discussed volunteer sign up numbers and pro-Hillary house parties underway in key early states.  Marshall previously served as President Obama's deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, a baldly political agency overseen by senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett Secretly Lobbying Big Corporations To Support UN Climate Talks.  White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett is quietly working behind the scenes to build a coalition of major U.S. corporations to back President Barack Obama's goal of hashing out a global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming United Nations summit in Paris.  The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained a letter that outlines how, by the end of June, Obama is looking to build a coalition of businesses to show support for UN climate talks.  After that, the White House will then try to grow this group of businesses to 250 in the run up to the Paris talks this November.

Long Hot Summer Coming.  What we know so far:
  •   Valerie Jarrett is the coordinator of "demonstrations" in cities nationwide.  She is "on the phone" with mayors, radicals and activists.  NYC is the next big one and has already started.
  •   Every incident of a black person getting shot by police or roughed up resisting arrest is being examined by a Democrat team to see how useful it could be.  Media allies will be told which to go after and what messaged to include.
  •   They will occur in Democrat-run cities and the police will be hamstrung (stand down, fall back, don't look aggressive, etc....) to maximize vivid scenes of violence and destruction and make authorities look powerless.
  •   This is an IW [information warfare] campaign that will go on all summer and escalate in cities around the country.  The overarching memes will be economic injustice, judicial prejudice, income inequality, white racism and police brutality.  They are throwing the police and firefighter unions under the bus on this.
  •   The goal?  Set up another Dem messianic candidate and blame Republicans for the violence.  Party before country for Democrats, always.

Jarrett: Obama Would Just be 'Enormous Distraction' in Baltimore.  Valerie Jarrett said President Obama isn't planning on driving an hour up the road to Baltimore because he'd just be an "enormous distraction" as protests continue.  Obama was previously criticized for not going to Ferguson, Mo., after rioting broke out in the wake of Michael Brown's death.

Valerie Jarrett in 'Regular Contact' With Baltimore Mayor.  Don't worry, Valerie Jarrett is in "regular contact" with the mayor of Baltimore, the White House announced late Tuesday night [4/28/2015].  "Jarrett also remained in regular contact with Mayor Rawlings Blake (Baltimore, MD) and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan," an unnamed White House spokesman told the media.  Jarrett, along with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, held a conference call on the ongoing situation in Baltimore earlier Tuesday.

Emails: Valerie Jarrett Wanted Sony Exec To Invite Obama's Friend To 'Dance Party'.  White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett begged Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton to invite President Obama's friend to his fancy "dance party."  Jarrett's email, sent on her White House address, was spotted Friday [4/17/2015] by The Daily Caller in the trove of 30,000 hacked Sony emails leaked by Wikileaks.

Valerie Jarrett power matrix
The Betrayal Papers Part V: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?  No figure in the administration holds more sway over Barack Obama than his Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett. [...] Valerie June Bowman Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1956 to James and Barbara Taylor Bowman. [...] A political appointment, Jarrett was not subjected to confirmation by the U.S. Senate.  Yet according to every published account, it is she who is the true center of gravity in the administration.  Ranging from healthcare "reform" to negotiating with terrorist Iran, the Senior Advisor, not the President, calls the shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The few murmurings which have come out regarding Jarrett's omnipresence in the White House have not been flattering. [...] Given Jarrett's political force in the capital, the media's curiosity about Jarrett's background, governing principles, ideological beliefs, and business dealings has been conspicuously lacking.

Valerie Jarrett Kisses Reporters Before Interview.  President Barack Obama's top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, went around the table and kissed reporters before an interview this morning [4/15/2015] on MNSBC's Morning Joe.  The moment was briefly captured on live television before the network cut away to a commercial break.

Valerie Jarrett Hugged by Panelists Before MSNBC Interview.  Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett got a very warm reception before her interview on Wednesday's broadcast of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

Obama is the most dangerous president in history.  He lied when promising the world that the U.S. would never allow Iran's war fanatics to have nuclear weapons.  While Obama was demagogically repeating, "Never! Never!," his alter ego Val Jarrett carried on secret talks with the mullahs, resulting in today's total surrender.

Iran through the eyes of Valerie Jarrett.  To Valerie Jarrett, Persia is a land of wonders, the kind country that offered hospitality to her parents after race hatred drove them out of America, the wellspring of a life-changing experience. [...] President Obama went much further than Ms. Jarrett in praising the culture of Muslim countries at the expense of the United States.

Valerie Jarrett Defends Hillary: 'Everybody Has A Gmail'.  As part of her nationwide tour, White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett appeared on "The View" today to promote mandatory paid time leave for American workers.  During the show, however, she was asked about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.  "Everybody has a private email address, everybody has a Gmail," Jarrett protested after she was grilled on the issue by co-host Nicolle Wallace, a moderate Republican.

Perez, Jarrett to take paid-leave show on the road starting April 1.  Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett will travel to several states this spring to promote paid-leave policies, showing the extent to which the Obama administration is working outside the Beltway to achieve its policy goals.  The "Lead on Leave" road show — which starts April 1 in Seattle and will also feature assistant to the president Tina Tchen and other senior officials — reprises a strategy the administration has used to galvanize support for raising the minimum wage and expanding retirement benefits.

Valerie Jarrett Must Go.  DC political insiders believe that if President Barack Obama truly seeks compromise with Republicans, he should begin by ditching White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.  It goes without saying that Jarrett, the president's longtime trusted confidante, political ally, and family friend, is a divisive figure inside the beltway.  Calls for her dismissal have been rampant since the president began his second term — and even before then.  It is a demand still ignored by the White House.

White House says Valerie Jarrett didn't leak Hillary emails.  The White House has a rather unfavorable view of a report suggesting that Valerie Jarrett, President Obama's senior adviser, leaked news of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.  "It's utter baloney," White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Monday [3/16/2015].  The New York Post late Saturday published an article saying that Jarrett, Obama's closest confidant, was behind the leak of Clinton's personal emails.  The paper said the White House was intentionally trying to sabotage the presumptive Democratic frontrunner's campaign.

Of Course Obama Wants to Take Hillary Down.  We can believe Ed Klein's sources claiming Valerie Jarrett is the White House point woman for the destruction of Hillary Clinton.  Evidence:  It was the New York Times which broke the story.  The Democratic press does not eat its own, ever.  Yet here was the Gray Lady, setting the headlines for Drudge.  People asked how Hillary could have been so stupid.  The answer is that in the normal course of mainstream reporting, there is no Democrat crime too large for the press to cover up.  She knew she was perfectly safe. [...] To make it even clearer that something was going on behind the scenes:  the fact that Secretary of State Clinton was using private email had come out in the news two years ago.  Raking up an old story detrimental to their team is not normally what the New York Times does.  The Times followed the emerging scandal with article after article.  They didn't just want to embarrass Hillary, they were out to destroy her.

Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton's email scandal.  Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press details of Hillary Clinton's use of a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state, sources tell me.  But she did so through people outside the administration, so the story couldn't be traced to her or the White House.  In addition, at Jarrett's behest, the State Department was ordered to launch a series of investigations into Hillary's conduct at Foggy Bottom, including the use of her expense account, the disbursement of funds, her contact with foreign leaders and her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation.

Top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett reported to have leaked Hillary Clinton email scandal to press.  The New York Post is reporting that Valerie Jarrett, one of President Barack Obama's top advisers, leaked details of the story to the press through outside sources hoping it would not trace back to the White House.  What's more, the entire thing was timed to become public just as Clinton was planning to announce her candidacy for president.

This is Why Hillary's Email Scandal Captured the Media's Attention.  Because President Jarrett wanted it that way.  Writing at The New York Post, Edward Klein reveals that "Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press details of Hillary Clinton's use of a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state." [...] And the media continues to pile on, almost as if they were taking orders from the White House.

White House dismisses Hillary-Jarrett story as untrue, nonsense.  White House officials emphatically denied Monday [3/16/2015] a report that senior White House aide Valerie Jarrett had ordered the State Department to launch a series of probes into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  The inquiries were in response to a weekend column in the New York Post by author Edward Klein that said Ms. Jarrett ignited the issue both by ordering the State investigations and by leaking the information about Mrs. Clinton's email server to reporters.  "These uncorroborated, third-hand allegations are not only nonsense, they are simply not true," Deputy White House Press Secretary Jen Friedman told The Washington Times.

Fox Guest: Hillary Email Controversy an 'Inside Job' Ordered by Obama, Valerie Jarrett.  Author and purported Clinton insider Ed Klein has a theory about how the Hillary Clinton email controversy came about:  it was sparked by President Barack Obama and ordered by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.  Appearing on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning [3/11/2015], Klein said he's not the only one who buys into that explanation, and that Bill Clinton also believes it.

'Utter Baloney': White House Dismisses Report That Valerie Jarrett Leaked Clinton Email Story.  Did Valerie Jarrett secretly leak the details of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email account to the media?  That's "nonsense" and "utter baloney" according to the White House.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was questioned about the report during the White House Press briefing by Fox News reporter James Rosen.  "It's utter baloney," Earnest replied flatly.

The Ides of March Are Upon Us.  Barry promised Bill and Hill to back Hill's 2016 presidential run if they helped out during the historic 2008 contest.  In politics, though, 8 minutes is a long time to keep a promise, let alone 8 years.  So it seems BO and Val are now actively working to undermine her — which explains all the long daggers coming from the previously compliant media woodwork as of late.

How the Obama-Sharpton Alliance Began.  Near the end of 2007, Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett met with Al Sharpton in New York City and began to cement a relationship that would eventually make the inflammatory activist the president's "go-to man" on race, according to multiple sources.  The backdrop to the incipient Obama-Sharpton alliance was the then-senator's 2008 presidential campaign, which still hadn't locked away the black vote, and the political cross-currents created by two other controversial reverends, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.  That tentative relationship has now grown into a full-blown partnership that has vastly increased the once-shunned Sharpton's influence and prestige and elevated him into a key White House ally at a time of heightened tension over policing and race.

The Most Dangerous Woman In America — Valerie Jarrett.  Jarrett's family comes from communist leanings.  Here family intermarried with the Bill Ayers family.  Yes, that would be the Weathermen Underground terrorist leader, Bill Ayers.  That would be the same Bill Ayers who told FBI informant, the late Larry Grathwohl, "that when we take over the United States, we will forcibly detain 50 million Americans in re-education camps in which they will probably have to murder 25 million American citizens who cannot be re-educated." Grathwohl repeated the Ayers statement on the August 18, 2012 edition of The Common Sense Show.  This is the same Valerie Jarrett family which was also involved with Frank Davis the former head of the Communist Party in the United States.  This is the same Frank Davis who Joel Gilbert exposed as Obama's real father.

1979 Newspaper Article By Valerie Jarrett Father-In-Law Reveals Start Of Muslim Purchase of Presidency.  Why would Muslim oil billionaires finance and develop controlling relationships with black college students?  Well, like anyone else, they would do it for self-interest.  And what would their self-interest be?  We all know the top two answers to that question:  1. a Palestinian state and 2. the advancement of Islam in America.  The idea then was to advance blacks who would facilitate these two goals to positions of power in the Federal government, preferably, of course, the Presidency.  And why would the Arabs target blacks in particular for this job?  Well, for the same reason the early communists chose them as their vanguard for revolution (which literally means "change") in America.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama's Heinrich Himmler, has her sights on American Patriots and her finger on the trigger.  During a White House briefing in 2012, prior to the elections, Valerie Jarrett (Iranian.com's "person of the day") and President Obama's most trusted Advisor said:  "After WE win this election, it's our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don't forget.["] [...] Ms. Jarrett is the second most powerful person in the United States (some would argue she is the most powerful).  Heinrich Himmler used the SS, the Waffen SS and Gestapo as his means to take away people's rights, and Jarrett has followed in her mentors footsteps by using the IRS, NSA and the mainstream media as her weapons of choice.

Discover the Networks: Valerie Jarrett.  In 2010-11 Jarrett promoted the California-based solar-power company Solyndra, where one of her wealthiest Chicago connections, billionaire George Kaiser — a leading Obama bundler — held a 35% share in the company.  On Jarrett's advice, President Obama famously visited and publicly extolled Solyndra in 2010, even though auditors were already warning about the abysmal state of its finances.  In September 2011 the company declared bankruptcy, but not before it had received a $535 million government-backed loan.

Discover the Networks: Valerie Jarrett.  [Scroll down]  A September 2012 New York Times report identifies Jarrett as the person responsible for a number of controversial Obama Administration policy decisions, including: (a) the Affordable Care Act's call for an insurance mandate for contraceptives, abortifacients, and sterilization procedures; (b) President Obama's decision to sue the state of Arizona for its immigration-enforcement statute (SB-1020); and (c) the president's decision to allow illegal immigrants to apply for work permits.

Who's Pulling The Strings?  [Scroll down]  No one outside Michelle has the access or power over Obama's decision-making like Jarrett does.  Here's an odd little fact that gives some insight into what kind of president Obama is:  Michelle, Michelle's mother, and Valerie, and only a few others in Washington, are allowed to call Barack by his first name.  After work, Jarrett joins Obama at night in the Family Quarters, where she dines often with the First Family.  She goes on vacation with them.  She is Iranian-American, and the Obama campaign has sought to keep her ties to Iran from the press, as it has also sought to keep her political background and deeply tangled business and personal relationship to the Obama family from sight.  Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran.  Every insider in Chicago says the same thing:  Jarrett has absolutely no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of the United States.

All in the family: Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communists.  Valerie Jarrett is the most powerful figure in the White House, rivalling President Obama in the scope of her influence over the fate of the Republic.  Her personal Secret Service detail attests to the importance of her role in our government — in a position that is unelected and unconfirmed by the Senate.  She has served as the godmother of Barack Obama's political and personal life, from introducing him to his future wife Michelle Robinson to integrating him into Chicago's political machine and power structure.  Professor Paul Kengor provides fascinating details about her background, and that of other key members of Obama's Chicago circle, in an interview with Jamie Glazov of Front Page Magazine.

Obama, Jarrett, and Axelrod, All Connected to Communist Frank Marshall Davis.  It seems that not only Obama was connected to Frank Marshall Davis, but the president's two most trusted friends and advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, can also trace their political heritage back to Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA of the 1940s.

Military Purges a Real Concern, Valerie Jarrett Pulling the Strings.  [Scroll down]  The goal, Dr. Garrow said, was to create an officer corps willing to pledge allegiance to Obama rather than to the Constitution.  Gen. Vallely said that while nothing is documented, he believes Dr. Garrow is "on the right track."  According to reports, 197 officers from the rank of Major on up have been purged from the military in just five years.  In 2013 alone, nine flag officers were let go for various reasons.  Worse yet, he said the purges are more far-reaching than that.  Not only is the military purging officers and enlisted personnel, but also training materials, removing references to radical Islam, he added.  The military, he said, is purging Christianity while promoting an understanding of Islam.  As we have reported, Christians in uniform have come under fire for their beliefs and the Army has been caught using SPLC-related information lumping Evangelical Christians with groups like the KKK.  Meanwhile, Gen. Vallely said, the White House has had many visitors from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Iran: The 'Americans Are Begging Us for a Deal': 'Iran prepares itself for war with global powers'.  This is Obama's groveling — at the command of the most dangerous woman in the free world, Iranian Valerie Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett Says Americans 'Hungry' For Obama to Act Like an Imperial President.  On Tuesday [1/27/2015], White House Senior AdviserValerie Jarrett told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that Americans are "hungry" for Obama to take unilateral action, bypassing Congress wherever he can to get things done, CNS News reported.  "People around our country are hungry for action," she said. [...] Although Obama will prod Congress to act on his agenda, Jarrett said Obama "will make clear tonight that he will take action on his own," bypassing Congress when he sees fit.  "We're going to do what we can, within the president's own executive power, and working throughout the country with those who want to move our country forward," she added.

Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett: Obama's Real War Adviser, Says Insider.  According to the Examiner's anonymous source, those were not the words of Kerry, but were the dictates of Valerie Jarrett, who had been born and raised in Iran, and has always shown sympathy for the fundamentalists in the Islamic religion.  While a student at Stanford University, Jarrett admitted her loyalty to Islam and continues to object to any negative statements aimed at any part of her "religion of peace."  "Farsi-speaking Valerie Jarrett, the senior advisor to Obama, his right-hand woman was born in Iran.  She also has ties with terrorist William Ayers, and her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett is a card-carrying communist party member and associate of Frank Marshall Davis, the controversial Communist Party activist who was Obama's childhood mentor.

Valerie Jarrett's Radical Roots.  It was recently revealed that for several months, President Obama's closest and most trusted advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has been leading secret negotiations with representatives of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in an effort to develop normalized relations between the U.S. and Iran.  Hallmarks of such a relationship would include the commencement of direct airline flights between American cities and Tehran; the granting of entry permits for citizens of each country to visit the other; and most significantly, high-level diplomatic dialogue regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions.  Jarrett, however, has no experience whatsoever in international negotiations.  Her major area of expertise has been to help President Obama "fundamentally transform" the United States into a socialist paradise.

Valerie Jarret's Father-in-Law Head of Communist Youth.  Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is not only Barack and Michele Obama's close, close friend, she is known as "the other side of Barack's brain."  Jarrett's ex-husband, William Jarrett died in 1993.  Her former father-in-law Vernon Jarrett died in 2004 after helping elect Barack Obama to the U.S. House of Representatives.  Vernon Jarrett had a long history of communist connection.  Valerie has described her ex-husband as someone she has known all her life — the "boy next door," so it obvious Jarrett knew who she was marrying and who his family was.  Jarrett is responsible for the White House hiring of Van Jones, a vigorous communist and Black Nationalist.  Other than Michelle, or maybe in spite of Michelle, Valerie is Barack's closest friend and associate.  No one is closer to BO than Valerie.  As Trevor Loudon alludes below, the communist White House "program has been underway for a very long time, folks."

An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett.  Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama's Senior Adviser, spoke recently during a forum at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in which she implied members of the TEA Party needed simple instructions and outlines to understand Obama's major government overhaul of healthcare, the stimulus package, bailouts, and his road to socialism.  When asked if she thought a simple booklet would help us conservative simpletons understand Obama's desire to "fundamentally transform America," she agreed, stating "Hope and Change were so catchy because it was really very simple and it was something everyone understood the definition.  And so I think part of what our challenge is is to find a very simple way of communicating."

The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama's Strings.  In his book "Leading From Behind," author Richard Miniter wrote that adviser Valerie Jarrett was the voice who kept urging Obama not to kill bin Laden.  Jarrett is a powerful figure at the White House, an Obama family friend who has an unexplained hold over the president and first lady. [...] In his book "The Amateur," Edward Klein points out that Jarrett is the power behind the throne who sits in on every meeting, decides who gets to see the president and monitors who is loyal to Obama and who needs to be gotten rid of.  The president reportedly doesn't make a move without her, and she was the single roadblock to getting bin Laden.  Her religious leanings are not clear.  The media either have not asked or have not gotten an answer.  Many have speculated and others have denied that she, like Obama, is a closet Muslim.  What is clear is that she not only has communist contacts but she is a point man for the Administration in meetings with Muslim activists.

Valerie Jarrett Promises To Hurt Israel, Netanyahu For "Spitting In Obama's Face" Over Iran Nukes.  Nobody on Obama's staff has the power to speak this viciously and forcefully, to make crystal clear threats like this against a world leader, to the press, other than Valerie Jarrett.  Plus, the sense of being so very PERSONALLY offended, so PERSONALLY invested in the President, is only going to come from Valerie Jarrett, we all know that.  And lastly, the threatening language, the raging, vindictive arrogance are all Valerie's emotional and rhetorical signatures.  Take it to the bank that it was her.  And it is beyond outrageous that she attacks Netanyahu as if he's done some egregious harm to Obama by snubbing him, when she and Obama are working to guarantee that Iran gets a nuclear arsenal with which it can attack Israel.

U.S. WW III Defeat & FEMA Camps are Planned Under Valerie Jarrett & Obama.  This article represents what should have been done well before the moment Valerie Jarrett ever set foot in the White House.  The fundamental question posed by this article is:  "Is Valerie Jarrett loyal to the United States of America, or, is she plotting to compromise the future of this country in her position as the President's most trusted advisor?"  Repeatedly, we have heard the mantra that Valerie Jarrett controls the Presidency.  Therefore, whomsoever controls Jarrett, controls the Presidency to a very large extent.  With Russian troops on our soil and the specter of war with Russia in our immediate future, it would be very prudent to know much, much more about Valerie Jarrett and whose purposes she really serves.

Exposed: The Planned Subjugation of America's Population.  Citizens about to be cast into the shadows is only courtesy of the natural order when the current administration in D.C. operates not on the way its own unsuspecting citizens presume, but on a long term in place, carefully mounted 'Shadow Government'.  It was the 'Shadow Government' that built its own "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military"; a Shadow Government that gives us a false image as Barack Obama as president when 'Shadow Woman' Valerie Jarrett, for whom not a single vote was cast, is running the show.

Rep. Gowdy Must Confront Clinton, Valerie Jarrett on Potential Roles in Benghazi.  After six years of a foreign policy strategy that observers have assessed as questionable at best, Americans and remaining foreign allies finally deserve an honest explanation of President Obama's true aims across the Middle East.  One person who should explain why the Obama Administration continually asserts the United States is making progress abroad despite so many appalling setbacks is senior aide Valerie Jarrett, whose influence shaping key policies is suggested in second-hand reports, but not yet adequately understood.

How Badly Will American Foreign Policy Fail Under an Unaccountable Cabal Led by Valerie Jarrett?  Tough decisions are seen to be made by President Obama who was scrutinized in the process of winning two national elections — yet, it would seem our undoubtedly distracted Commander-in-Chief and cabinet secretaries are only junior partners to Valerie Jarrett who, to this day, never has been remotely vetted and sees issues primarily in terms of their domestic political relevance.  Previous Presidents certainly had personal friends serve as senior counselors, but few in American history have had such unbridled and profound influence over the Executive branch of government as has Valerie Jarrett.

Congratulations, Texas: Valerie Jarrett Working Behind the Scenes to Cede Your State to Mexico.  President Jarrett is reportedly the driving force behind a campaign designed to turn Texas blue through illegal immigration, thereby ensuring that all presidential elections end up with a Democrat victor.

How Secure Is Valerie Jarrett's Position in the Obama Administration?  Immediately following crushing defeat in the 2014 referendum over Barack Obama's anti-capitalist policies, calls mounted in Democrat circles for ouster of senior advisor Valerie Bowman Jarrett.  At first, Jarrett survived stiff challenges — could this year prove different?  America's overleveraged, deficit-wracked economy is buckling, as we fail adequately to identify and then defeat a growing raft of foes — somebody senior seems certain to pay the price.

Carly Fiorina to Valerie Jarrett: Shouldn't Equal Pay Start at the White House?  President Barack Obama made a point of mentioning pay equity for women in his State of the Union speech last night, a line that got applause from Democrats but not a lot of love from the GOP.  "Republicans don't stand for equal pay — literally," was the common Twitter line.  On Wednesday morning Republican businesswoman Carly Fiorina asked Jarrett why, if Obama believed so passionately in equal pay, he didn't start with the White House.

The Valerie Jarrett Comedy Hour: "We Do Think Our Strategy Is Working" Against ISIS.  In reality al-Baghdadi has nearly doubled the amount of territory IS holds in Syria since the airstrikes began.  [Video clip]

Hasselbeck to Jarrett: Why Didn't Obama Mention Al Qaeda, Radical Islam?  Elisabeth Hasselbeck took on White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett this morning over what President Obama said — and didn't say — in the State of the Union.  Hasselbeck noted that last night marked the first State of the Union since 9/11 where a president did not say "al Qaeda."  She also asked Jarrett, "Why won't the president say Islamic extremism or radical Islam?"  Jarrett said that there is nothing more important to the president than the safety and security of Americans.  She explained that some attacks are by extremists with no particular faith.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama's 'Berlin Wall'.  It's high time the news media paid more attention to Valerie Jarrett.  An old Chicago friend of both Barack and Michelle Obama's, she exercises unusual influence in the White House as a "senior adviser." [...] But Jarrett isn't any ordinary staffer.  There are several things noteworthy about her.  1) Jarrett seems to be the only close Obama aide who entered the administration and is still there; 2) Jarrett has been highly successful in keeping new people with fresh ideas she doesn't like from the president; and 3) she appears to suffer more than most staffers from a severe case of hero worship of her boss.

Obamacare Expert Rips Obama Admin, Valerie Jarrett For 'Incompetence,' 'Protecting' POTUS.  In an interview with NPR, Steven Brill, author of "America's Bitter Pill," slammed the White House for its Obamacare launch, saying there has "never been a group of people who more incompetently launched something."  Brill's premiere Obamacare critique, as he tells host Terry Gross, is that the health care overhaul is "emblematic of what's eating away at our country," pointing directly to the politics and the "challenge of governance" it presents.  Brill also told NPR that President Obama was largely protected by the likes of Valerie Jarrett, and had no idea of the issues until they ultimately reared their head.

Vernon Jarrett and Barack Obama.  Vernon Jarrett was a prominent Chicago journalist and was a family friend and later father-in-law of Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.  In the 1940s Jarrett worked in several communist influenced organizations in Chicago, including serving on the publicity committee of the communist controlled Packing House Workers Strike Committee, with Frank Marshall Davis.  He also ran a radio show with Communist Party USA member Oscar Brown, Jr.  Vernon Jarrett was also a fan of Barack Obama.  He watched his career from its early stages and became an influential supporter.

Flashback: Valerie Jarrett Mistakes 4-Star General For Waiter.  President Barack Obama isn't the only powerful man in Washington who was once confused for a waiter when wearing his evening best.  So was a top general in the U.S. Army — by Valerie Jarrett!

Confirmed: Valerie Jarrett Keeping in Touch with Gov. Nixon During Ferguson Fiasco.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon adamantly denies that the White House pressured him to resist sending in the National Guard in response to violent protesters unhappy with the Michael Brown shooting decision.  It is clear, however, that Nixon has been in close contact with President Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as the chaotic situation unfolded.

President Jarrett cartoon
The Adventures of President Jarrett

President Jarrett: "Senior Adviser" Reportedly Calling All the Shots, Including Those In Ferguson.  For those who wondering how Barack Obama — a man seemingly engaged full-time campaigning, fundraising, and rabble-rousing — could also have the bandwidth to weaken America both at home and abroad, the answer is really quite simple.  The leader of the free world is actually a woman named Valerie Jarrett, a longtime crony of Barack and Michelle Obama, who appears to call all of the shots in the Oval Office.  In the White House, Jarrett has been linked to a wide variety of scandals and other policy debacles.

President Jarrett Is a Horrible Boss.  [I]t often seems President Obama doesn't really run the White House; he's off playing golf, partying with celebrities and billionaires.  Every once in a while, they put a suit on him and stand him up in front of a TelePrompter.  It is very much the consensus that the real authority in the White House comes from former Slum Queen Valerie Jarrett, an "advisor to the President" (think "Wormtongue") who has been granted her own secret service detail and is the first and last word on White House policy and hiring decisions.

Valerie Jarrett: 'When you break glass ceilings, you're going to get scraped'.  White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett dismissed her critics Wednesday afternoon, suggesting broadsides directed at her way are a natural byproduct of rising to a powerful perch in Washington as a woman.  "When you break glass ceilings you're going to get scraped — a minor scrape — by a chard [sic] or two from the glass," Jarrett told MSNBC.

Valerie Jarrett's Defenders Have Misunderstood My Profile of Her.  One of the reasons I was keen to write a long profile of Valerie Jarrett is that she inspires so much speculation and debate — speculation about her role in the White House; debate about whether it's helpful or harmful to the president.  I thought that producing a definitive story on the subject might be a public service.  Alas, my story seems to have only added to the speculation and debate surrounding Jarrett.  That's not necessarily a bad thing for a magazine piece, but it does suggest the mission wasn't entirely successful.  So, herewith, a second attempt to set the record straight.

After Six Years Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Finally Scrutinized by Media.  Over the weekend, two articles in outlets that are usually friendly to the White House singled her out as a major problem.  One piece slams her as the "Obama whisperer," and another flat-out advises Obama to fire her.  Jarrett has been with the Obamas since their political launch in Chicago and has become the president's spokesperson, closest adviser, and, some say, the real decision-maker in the White House.  This ultimate insider has been criticized by conservatives for years, but now it seems even liberals have had enough of her.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama Consigliere — and Democracy Killer.  [Noam] Scheiber inferred that Jarrett "is the closest we have to a human decoder ring" capable of unveiling "the real Barack Obama."  What is needed, however, is to decode Jarrett's role — and here, identity politics is useless.  Whoever the "real" Valerie Jarrett may be, her role is one in which Machiavelli's musty old consigliere — and Henry Kissinger's twentieth-century model — is updated for today's corporatist times.

Valerie Jarrett probably isn't the problem.  Long a target of suspicion for those on the right, the left has begun taking notice of the president's close advisor since his Chicago days, Valerie Jarrett. [...] The most aggressive call for Obama to cut ties with Jarrett was published in Politico Magazine last week by Carol Felsenthal.  The Huffington Post contributor and Chicago Magazine columnist outright called on Obama to fire his advisor, noting that few know exactly what it is she does beyond insulating the president from constructive criticism.

The Obama Whisperer.  When I asked a longtime source who left the Obama White House years ago for his impressions of Jarrett, he confessed that he was too fearful to speak with me, even off the record.  This is not as irrational as it sounds.  Obama has said he consults Jarrett on every major decision, something current and former aides corroborate.  "Her role since she has been at the White House is one of the broadest and most expansive roles that I think has ever existed in the West Wing," says Anita Dunn, Obama's former communications director.  Broader, even, than the role of running the West Wing.

Obama's Partners in Peace Publish 9-Step Plan to Destroy Israel.  Hardly a surprise that Jeremiah Wright's Mini-Me (our beloved POTUS) and his Mini-Me (Co-president Jarrett) would repeatedly try to coddle and mollify the genocidal maniacs in Tehran.

Fire Valerie Jarrett.  Jarrett is more than a mere senior staffer to this president, and of course she is not going to be fired outright.  Not ever.  If her role in this administration reflected reality, Jarrett would be called "First Big Sister" to both Michelle and Barack. [...] But the fact is, on balance it appears that Jarrett has been more an obstructer than a facilitator over the past six years when it comes to governing, and it's probably long past time for the president to move her gently into another role.

Valerie Jarrett And Obama Could Be Implicated In The Fast And Furious Scandal.  Today [10/24/2014], Judicial Watch put out a report saying that Obama used executive privilege to shield Eric Holder's emails to his family, which obviously held incriminating evidence that Holder lied to Congress about when he first found out about Operation Fast and Furious.  JW had attempted to obtain the information through the Freedom of Information Act; however, the Department of Justice refused.  JW then sued, and a federal judge ordered DOJ to provide the information.

Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder's Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress.  For years the White House has argued it had nothing to do with Operation Fast and Furious while it was active and certainly wasn't involved the fallout and cover-up that followed after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by Mexican bandits carrying guns from the lethal program.  Now years later, a Vaughn Index describing Fast and Furious documents being held from the American people and Congress under President Obama's assertion of executive privilege shows White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett played a key role in Attorney General Eric Holder's changing testimony to Congress.

Fast and Furious: Enter Valerie Jarrett.  The index does not contain the actual text of the documents themselves, so many Fast and Furious secrets remain safely buried, but there is a brief description of what the document supposedly contains, and why it was deemed valid for the President to conceal it with executive privilege.  Right out of the gate, Judicial Watch noticed a few oddities, such as "nearly 20 email communications between Holder and his spouse Sharon Malone."  Dr. Sharon Malone is a gynecologist, so it's not clear what contribution she would make to a massive gun-running scandal that would warrant secrecy through executive privilege.

New Evidence in Fast and Furious Scandal Reveals Why Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett Should Both be in Jail.  New evidence obtained by government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, reveal that Obama's most trusted and loyal adviser, Valerie Jarrett, was managing Eric Holder's lies told to Congress in the Obama-Holder illegal Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, in which the regime was funneling American-made weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Valerie Jarrett Key Player in Fast and Furious Cover-up after Holder Lied to Congress.  President Obama's trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was a key player in the effort to cover up that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Fast and Furious scandal, according to public records obtained by Judicial Watch. [...] Practically lost in the 1,000-plus pages of records is an index that shows Jarrett was brought in to manage the fact that Holder lied to Congress after the story about the disastrous gun-running operation broke in the media.

Senator Pat Roberts: Valerie Jarrett Was Involved In IRS Scandal.  Republican Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts said Friday that he thinks the IRS targeting scandal was driven by Valerie Jarrett's office in the White House, according to information that he saw that Democrats tried to "whitewash."  Roberts told talk radio host Hugh Hewitt that he participated in a Senate Finance Committee investigation into the IRS scandal but "the effort was made by the majority, by the Democrats in the Congress, to simply end that investigation," which he called a "whitewash."  "I'm convinced that even Valerie Jarrett was involved," Roberts said.

The Obama-Jarrett Tirade That Had Staff Running For Cover.  No fewer than three different sources with similar stories now circulating the halls and offices of the Capitol Building.  There was a recent altercation between the president and Valerie Jarrett that actually lasted several days and ended up with Jarrett "shredding" the president from behind closed doors for what I'm told was up to ten minutes of uninterrupted "rage."  Staff were scrambling to stay out of the way of both of them.

Obama's Éminence Grise.  Everyone expects a presidential spouse to weigh in on issues, but the reference to Valerie Jarrett, the White House senior adviser who mentored both the president and the first lady at the start of their careers in Chicago, is telling.  Her outsize role in many presidential decisions is known to insiders, but she remains resolutely behind the scenes.  So when Jarrett does enter the news, it's significant, because it may provide a window into how the Obama White House really works.

Jane Austen in the White House.  Some people seem to be just discovering the odd position Valerie Jarrett has held in this administration.  They also seem to be struggling to find a metaphor for her role.  I have seen her compared to Rasputin, but that doesn't fit the dynamics of the relationship.  Barack Obama may be as detached from the threats of his day as Tsar Nicholas II was 100 years ago, but Rasputin was very much his and the Tsarina's social inferior.  I suspect Jarrett considers herself at least the Obamas' equal if not their superior.

What's the secret to Valerie Jarrett's security detail?  [Michael] Sneed is told Jarrett, who was assigned round-the-clock personal bodyguards presumably through executive order by Obama in 2009, "practically uses her detail as a valet service," said a Sneed source.  Is Jarrett, who once employed first lady Michelle Obama before Michelle married Obama, on some sort of excellent adventure at the government's expense?  Is Jarrett's excellent adventure costing the country millions to protect the president's best friend?  Is this expense justifiable or is it an abuse of power?

Obama Heads Home — Without Family — for Night.  President Obama has arrived in Chicago, where he'll spend the night before two public events in his hometown.  The president did not travel with his family.  He's now dining out with top adviser Valerie Jarrett and various friends, according to the White House pool report.  They're at the steak house RPM Steak, where a nice cut can cost up tp $155, according to the restaurant's website.

What's Michelle Obama really campaigning for?  All first ladies do some political work, even if just introducing their spouse or decorating the stage.  During her husband's terms, for instance, Laura Bush did scattered fundraisers for select political friends.  But Mrs. Obama has been politically involved since being hired into the Chicago mayor's office by — wait for it — the same Valerie Jarrett who now accompanies Barack Obama everywhere but the men's room.

Jarrett makes cameo on CBS hit.  Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett hates politics — or at least she does in the fictional universe of the CBS drama "The Good Wife."  In a cameo appearance on Sunday evening's [9/28/2014] episode, Jarrett is seen encouraging the series' protagonist — Alicia Florrick, the wife of an adulterous Illinois governor — to run for public office herself.

Obama's Creepy 3-Way Date Night.  You've heard of "attachment parenting" from moms like Mayim Bialik who breastfeed until the kid is out of high school.  Now, thanks to Valerie Jarrett, we know what "attachment advising" truly means, via the headline: ["]Obama takes Michelle, Valerie Jarrett for downtown Manhattan date night[."]

Obama and Michelle's Obama romantic date night in trendy Manhattan tapas restaurant bring traffic to a standstill.  President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama enjoyed a romantic date night in a small tapas restaurant in New York on Wednesday [9/24/2014]. [...] The president's senior adviser Valerie Jarrett also joined them for the night out.

The Editor asks...
How "romantic" could it be with the third wheel in attendance the whole time?

Obama's Strange Dependence on Valerie Jarrett.  President Obama canceled the operation to kill Osama bin Laden three times before saying yes, because he got cold feet about the possible political harm to himself if the mission failed.  Instead of listening to advisors from the U.S. military, Defense, or even State, Obama was acting on the advice of White House politico and close friend Valerie Jarrett. [...] According to Edward Klein, a reporter once asked Obama if he ran every decision by Jarrett.  Obama answered, "Yep.  Absolutely."

Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac.  Politico's Glenn Thrush reports in this week's edition of the magazine that Al Sharpton has become President Barack Obama's "go-to man on race" in Ferguson and elsewhere. [...] Yet he leaves out a few crucial details that are important to the Sharpton story.  For one, Thrush makes no mention of Sharpton's role in the Trayvon Martin fiasco. [...] There is a reason Thrush leaves out Martin:  it interferes with his attempt to portray Sharpton as a moderating influence, someone to whom the president and his arch-henchman Valerie Jarrett could turn to "talk down" the violent demonstrators, someone who represented "hardheaded pragmatism" rather than extremism.  In reality, Sharpton's role is to stoke divisions, acting as Obama's agent, as well as his eyes and ears on the ground.

Obama Insider Raises Concern About His Isolation Behind Jarrett and Michelle.  The complaints about Nixon's "isolation" revolved around how no one could supposedly get past "Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell and Dean," whose power was memorialized as they were on their way down in a 1970s song.  As reprehensible as some of these men's actions were, they were at least people who came in with solid backgrounds and credentials.  Imagine how much further the press would have turned up the heat on Nixon in the 1970s if his gatekeeping inner circle had consisted only of wife Pat and just one of those four gentlemen.  With Obama, it's arguably worse than that theoretical situation would have been, because Valerie Jarrett has nothing resembling the resume with real-world military, business or legal experience any of those four men had.

ABC's Jon Karl Wonders: Who's In Charge of Obama's White House?  So just who is in charge in Barack Obama's White House?  ABC's Jonathan Karl on Tuesday [7/8/2014] asked White House press secretary why the letter from the White House to Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) inviting him to a meeting with President Obama regarding the Texas border crisis was from Valerie Jarrett.  While it's routine for staff to draft such letters for elected officials, matters of such magnitude and to other elected officials of stature are almost always in the name of the principle.  The president's spokesman, when asked why the letter was from Jarrett rather than the President, said "Valerie spends a lot of time maintaining relationships with governors around the country" on behalf of the President.

Obama's Obeisance to Cult of Vain Valerie.  You don't need to see an image of black-suited male figurines bowing to Valerie Jarrett's White House picture to know that Valerie Jarrett is a cult in her own mind.  The real life cult is that Jarrett, the power behind the current White House president, cultishly bows down to Barack Hussein Obama — and that Obama cultishly bows down to Valerie Jarrett. [...] The Jarrett NBC segment reminded all that 36 White House staffers work for Jarrett, who receives full-time Secret Service protection, and has 24-7 access to Obama White House living quarters.

Valerie Jarrett Won't Rule Out Run for Office.  President Obama's closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett says there's no way, no how Michelle Obama runs for political office.  But will Jarrett? The aide is leaving that possibility open.

The Editor says...
President Valerie Jarrett has already served two terms, thanks to her incompetent sock puppet Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack H. Obama.

White House: Staff salaries total $38M.  The White House pays out $37.8 million a year in salaries to 456 staffers, according to a new report to Congress released by the Obama administration.  That averages to an annual salary of $82,844 per year, although staff salaries are top-heavy:  the median salary is $70,700 per year. [...] Some 22 senior administration officials, including chief of staff Denis McDonough and senior advisers Valerie Jarrett and John Podesta bring home the maximum $172,200 salary.

Valerie Jarrett Interview Shows How Low 'Meet the Press' Has Sunk.  Believe me, I didn't go looking in my Sunday morning TV viewing for more evidence of what a journalistically bankrupt operation NBC News had become.  It's fish in a barrel these days.  Turn to NBC News for almost any given broadcast, and you'll find more proof than you can use of how politicized and lost it has become.

Valerie Jarrett Dodges Questions After Closed-Door Meetings With Liberal Donors.  One of President Obama's closest advisers doesn't want to talk about her secret meetings with wealthy liberal donors this week.  White House aide Valerie Jarrett attended this week's meeting in Chicago of the Democracy Alliance of super rich, liberal donors.  But when a reporter for Politico approached Jarrett at the conference and asked her if Democrats were being hypocritical by raising money from wealthy liberals while slamming conservative donors as part of their 2014 election strategy, the aide refused to talk.

The Editor says...
It is disingenuous to refer to Valerie Jarrett as "One of President Obama's closest advisers," because she is by far and without question his closest advisor, and nobody else comes close.  Nobody else has access to the President's living quarters 24 hours a day, and nobody else has Secret Service protection.

Valerie Jarrett: Wage 'Transparency' Will Help Employers 'Avoid Lawsuits'.  Under new rules issued by President Obama on Tuesday, federal contractors may not retaliate against employees who tell co-workers how much money they make; and those federal contractors must now send the Labor Department wage information broken down by their employees' race and gender.  "And so all the president wants to do is make sure we have transparency," Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday.

Obamacare Propaganda in TV Scripts?  Top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett recently granted an interview to a celebrity-gossip website called Popsugar and revealed why she had come to Hollywood.  "I'm meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts."  The "it" is Obamacare.  Conservatives are no match for liberals in this arena.  The White House people know the immense cultural power the Left has in the popular culture.  Liberals rightly credit TV and movies and pop songs for America's growing support for gay "marriage."  So why not use that power for Obamacare?

All in the family: Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communists.  Valerie Jarrett is the most powerful figure in the White House, rivalling President Obama in the scope of her influence over the fate of the Republic.  Her personal Secret Service detail attests to the importance of her role in our government — in a position that is unelected and unconfirmed by the Senate.  She has served as the godmother of Barack Obama's political and personal life, from introducing him to his future wife Michelle Robinson to integrating him into Chicago's political machine and power structure.

Valerie Jarrett's Influence on Obama.  [Scroll down]  When I first researched her, trying to pin down her politics was very difficult.  The liberal media's job is to first and foremost protect Barack Obama.  They are reporters second and partisan Democrats first.  And so, reporters portrayed Valerie Jarrett in soaring, gushing, hagiographic tones, exalting her as Solomon-like in her almost-unearthly wisdom.  Her reasoning skills and mind were the world's finest ever assembled in a woman (other than, perhaps, in the person of Hillary Clinton).  When she and Obama sit together in the Oval Office, it's like having all the accumulated knowledge in human history right there at once.  Naturally, too, of course, the same media portrayed her as a centrist, a moderate.

Valerie Jarrett to Hollywood to Get Obamacare in Movie, TV Scripts.  A top of advisor to President Barack Obama is in Los Angeles to try to get Obamacare written into scripts of TV shows and movies. [...] "You name it," said Jarrett.  "That's part of why I'm in L.A.  I'm meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts."  When Jarrett says "it into the scripts," she's referring to getting references to Obamacare, the president's signature legislation, into the scripts of TV shows and movies.

Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama Inc.  Obama is the star of Obama Inc., the grinning figure who goes out on stage and cracks jokes while selling overpriced health insurance to the country.  Valerie Jarrett is his manager, confidante and gatekeeper.  Officially Jarrett is a senior adviser with a defined title and function, but Obama Inc. does few things officially and unofficially, Jarrett has the last word on everything.  Jarrett merges the personal and the political.  Obama may chat with numerous advisers, but it's Valerie who goes back to eat with Michelle and the family.  A cabinet member is lucky to catch Obama's attention once.  Valerie Jarrett has it full time, day or night, leading to her nickname of "Night Stalker."  If Obama skips security briefings, it's because they, like so much of the formal infrastructure of government, are there just for show.  The real briefing will come from or through Jarrett and it will be massaged into the talking points that communicate only what she wants them to.

In 2014 Acknowledge the Matriarchs Who Really Run America.  The President's senior adviser Valerie Jarrett in 2009 describing their relationship to The New York Times:  "We have kind of a mind meld," Jarrett told me about Obama.  "And chances are, what he wants to do is what I'd want to do."

The Editor says...
That sounds to me like a careful way of saying Obama takes orders from Ms. Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett: 'I'm not the shadow chief of staff'.  For the first time, White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett on Wednesday [12/18/2013] publicly discussed whether she uses her unique relationship with President Barack Obama to do an end-run around other key staffers to influence decisions because of her extraordinary access.  For the past five years, that has been a narrative about Jarrett finding its way into the articles and books written about the Obama White House.

Jarrett: I'm not the shadow chief of staff.  Valerie Jarrett denied being a "shadow chief of staff" to President Obama on Wednesday, insisting she never talks about work during her private time with the president and first lady. [...] Jarrett said that "people sometimes presume because I am a friend of the president and first lady" that she's able to exert influence when the Obamas retire from the office to their residence.

Valerie Jarrett Confirms Obama Going Rogue.  Jarrett not only speaks as one with Obama, but she drives his agenda as many in the press have stated.  In June of 2012, the New York Times reported that Jarrett was at the helm when it came to Obama's "boldest moves" in the areas of immigration, gay rights, the contraception mandate, Supreme Court appointments, and the war on women.  Jarrett wields a lot of power.  She has been called "Mr. Obama's spine," "the gatekeeper," "the night stalker," and "the other power in the White House" by liberals and the de facto president by the right.

The Truth About Valerie Jarrett, Mystery Woman of the White House.  In a recent book on the 2012 campaign, Jonathan Alter writes that Rahm Emanuel, on agreeing to become Obama's chief of staff, recognized that Jarrett would wield such outsized power that he tried unsuccessfully to finesse her into Obama's senate seat. [...] Others in media and Washington circles portray Jarrett, who held top positions in Chicago government and business, as a brilliant strategist and thinker who practically runs both wings of the White House and who did as much or more than anyone to put the Obamas there.

Jarrett: America Hungry For Dictatorship.  "People around our country are hungry for action," White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday.  "And what you'll hear from the president tonight is going to be all about action — creating opportunity — and it's going to be a very optimistic speech."  Jarrett said the president, in his sixth State of the Union Address, will "set forth very specific, concrete proposals that he things will move our country forward — create opportunity for hard-working Americans who want to succeed."

Valerie Jarrett reportedly dating a Muslim.  President Obama has time for his 150+ rounds of golf, his extensive television watching, and his expertise on March Madness bracketology because ValJar, by most accounts, is a tireless and fiercely loyal sycophantic gatekeeper, policy adviser, and in essence acting president. [...] In other words, in many respects she is running the country while Obama handles the public face.

Obamas Shut Down R Street for Valerie Jarrett's Birthday.  The Obamas shut down R Street at Florida Avenue NW in D.C. last night [11/15/2013] for a four-and-a-half-hour celebration of senior adviser Valerie Jarrett's birthday.

Report: Valerie Jarrett Led Secret Negotiations with Iran for Past Year.  The Times Of Israel is reporting that a team of negotiators led by White House adviser Valerie Jarrett has been conducting secret talks with Iran about it's nuclear weapons program for the past year.

America's real president wears a skirt.  Barack Obama is not the Emperor Without Clothes; he's a president in a skirt.  Nor is Obama, in effect the real President of the U.S.  Without even a single vote cast her way, Valerie Jarrett is.  From a well-hidden lair somewhere in the White House, Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett builds the figurative bombs that Obama later throws at America.  Tied to a Teleprompter and instructed what to say, Obama only ventures out to speak mainly to captive audiences of high school and university students, easily impressed from having been spoon-fed the indoctrination of anti-American Marxism in their classrooms.  Only those who cheer him on in canned applause for later media sound bites are allowed wherever Obama speaks.

GOP Lawmaker: Valerie Jarrett Has 'Tentacles' in Everything WH Does.  On October 25, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett "seems to have her tentacles into every issue and every topic" at the White House.  According to The Hill, Chaffetz was talking with radio host Laura Ingraham when he said that no matter what the topic, Jarrett's "name ultimately always comes up."  Jarrett is a former Chicago lawyer and businesswoman who has been an adviser to President Obama since his 2008 election.  And her role in Obama's inner circle has been a very influential one.

The President has a 'Valerie' problem.  [President Obama] needs one who lets "bad news" walk into the Oval Office.  For example, was Valerie Jarrett aware of that the website was not properly tested?  Or that the problems were a lot deeper than a "glitch" here or there?  Even today, does Valerie Jarrett know the full extent of the mess, as Ezra Klein reported.  Why is President Obama always the last one to know?  My good guess is Valerie.

The Editor says...
I get the impression that President Obama can't fire Valerie Jarrett because he works for her.

Obama's Valerie Jarrett: Often Whispered about, But Never Challenged.  President Obama's aides went to extraordinary lengths to uncover the identity of a senior official who was using Twitter to make snarky comments about White House staffers. [...] What apparently intensified the campaign to identify the "snarker" was a comment about Valerie Jarrett, the senior Obama adviser who has her own Secret Service detail and appears to exercise an inordinate amount of power behind the scenes.  Joseph tweeted "I'm a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence upon a vacuous cipher like Valerie Jarrett concerns me."  Jarrett, an old Chicago friend of both Barack and Michelle Obama, appears to exercise such extraordinary influence she is sometimes quietly referred to as "Rasputin" on Capitol Hill, [...]

Valerie Jarrett is 'architect' of Obama's shutdown strategy: author Ed Klein.  A new theory from author Ed Klein — who previously penned "The Amateur," about President Obama's White House leadership — suggests that senior adviser Valerie B. Jarrett orchestrated the chief executive's strategies in the government shutdown.  The New York Post reported that Ms. Jarrett held several late-night sessions with Mr. Obama at his residence and from there came the strategy of "no negotiation," Mr. Klein believes.

He's Just Not That Clever.  Obama's staggering incompetence on the international stage, careening from one unintended foreign policy consequence to another, is unmistakable because foreign affairs are almost exclusively the province of the president.  He has no congressional human shields overseas. [...] One potential caveat:  While Obama is not clever enough for his apparent imcompetence to be anything but real, some of his advisers/puppet-masters, like David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, are.  For those enemies of America, Obama is just their front man, their very own Billy Mays, hawking a radical leftist vision in a pleasant container.

Why does Valerie Jarrett have Secret Service protection?  Why does President Barack Obama's senior adviser Valerie Jarrett have Secret Service protection?  It turns out that some of her colleagues inside the White House are skeptical that actual, specific threats resulted in Jarrett's protection.

Why Barack Obama Chooses To Vacation In Martha's Vineyard — Its Name Is Valerie Jarrett.  Given all of the work investigating the murky life and influence that is de-facto President Valerie Jarrett, I must admit to a bit of surprise at mention that Jarrett is a longtime summer resident of Martha's Vineyard, and it was that very location that some believe was the true birthplace of Barack Obama's bid to become President of the United States.  Lends more than a bit of troubled waters to that otherwise beautiful playground of the rich and famous.

Valerie Jarrett's Father-in-Law Linked to OPEC Funded Islamic Plot to Fund Obama.  One can look to how President Obama has cozied up to the Islamic nations, while shunning the Christian and Jewish faiths. [...] One can look at how President Obama has worked over time to hamper America's ability to explore our own natural resources, like oil, while actively working with the Saudis to up their production, and our imports from the Kingdom, significantly.  One can step back and look at how President Obama has conducted himself in general, as well as his lifelong associations with radicals, and the following story won't be hard to believe at all.

Who is Valerie Jarrett?  Trying to figure out Valerie Jarrett's mysterious hold on Barack and Michelle Obama is a favorite guessing game in the parlors and dining rooms of Washington.  No other White House official in history has enjoyed such a unique relationship with both a president and a first lady, and yet the mainstream media have ignored Jarrett's enormous influence over the shape and direction of the Obama administration.

Jeremiah Wright behind a White House desk.  The key point about the Van Jones affair is what it tells us about Barack Obama.  Jones isn't someone who slipped through the cracks of the vetting process.  We know this because, as Scott pointed out earlier today, top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett has said, "So, Van Jones, we were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House; we were watching him ... for as long as he's been active out in Oakland."

The "True Identity" Of Van Jones.  Some people are wondering who is next after Van Jones.  But the Van Jones story is not over.  And we still don't know who hired this "obscure" official, as some on the left are now trying to refer to him.  Some of these controversies are currently being investigated by the new media.  Blogger Trevor Loudon, who broke the story about Jones' communist background, thinks White House official Valerie Jarrett needs to be seriously scrutinized.  She appears to have had a family connection to Barack Obama's childhood mentor, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.

Fox & Friends Guest On Valerie Jarrett's Influence Over Obama: She's The 'De Facto President'.  "We haven't seen anything like this in modern presidential history," said [Edward] Klein.  "One person who is the best friend of the First Lady and the soulmate of the President, who is the last person to leave the Oval Office after a meeting, goes upstairs to the family quarters, has dinner with the President.  Goes on vacation with them.  Has his ear.  Is de facto president of the United States."

Driving Ms. Jarrett.  A bombshell front-page story in Sunday's New York Times investigates Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama and chair of the "White House council on women and girls," according to her official biography.  Among the revelations included in the Times exposé:  Jarrett is protected by a full-time Secret Service detail. [...] The article describes Jarrett, heir to a Chicago real-estate fortune and a longtime fixer for former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley as well as for President Obama, as "the other power in the West Wing."  For example, when billionaire investor and Obama supporter Warren Buffett visited the White House for lunch last July, "the table was set for three":  Buffett, the president of the United States, and Valerie Jarrett.

Obama Senior Aide Valerie Jarrett's Million Dollar Security Detail.  Valerie Jarrett, long known in some circles as the "other half of Barack's brain," and in other circles as a Chicago slumlord, has her own security detail.  Jarrett's official title is "Senior Advisor to the President."

Valerie Jarrett - Obama's Rasputin.  She receives more protection than our Libyan ambassador, calls the president by his first name, dines and vacations with the First Family and had the power to call off three strikes against Osama bin Laden.  Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya.  But White House senior adviser and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett reportedly had a full Secret Service detail on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

Netanyahu speaks, Obama hides, Swedish Jews firebombed.  Barack Obama is hiding under the covers unable to function until Valerie Jarrett pats him on the head and reminds him how special he is.  That gives him the courage to spend time with Joy Behar and the rest of "The View" while Benjamin Netanyahu tried to prevent a global armageddon.  Mr. Obama will not use the words "Radical Islam."  This is moral abdication.  Bibi is now the leader of the free world.

Time to Out Sinister Valerie Jarrett.  Valerie Jarrett gave the order for the bin Laden kill.  Was it Jarrett who advised Obama to refuse help to Americans under sustained terrorist attack in Benghazi?  The 'Happy Gang' membership of the Two-Obamas-Plus-Valerie is one of the most peculiar relationships to ever make a home of the White House.  Jarrett never lets either Obama out of her sight and reportedly even follows them home to the White House at the end of each day.

Obama's woman in Tehran.  A close friend of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett is assisting the US government communicate behind the scenes with the representatives of Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei.  Jarret, who was born in the Iranian city of Shiraz, is a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama.

Israeli Paper: Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Holding Secret Talks With Iran.  In the final presidential debate, President Obama dismissed reports about an agreement to hold one-on-one talks with Iranian officials after the election, but now, two weeks later, fresh claims have emerged on the eve of Tuesday's election, this time tying senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to alleged secret talks with representatives of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Strange Goings-On at the White House.  No one doubts that President Obama has the White House management structure he wants; he has populated it with trusted aides such as [Valerie] Jarrett whose loyalty he can count on.  But it's increasingly clear that this structure — supported by functionaries who are often highly partisan and careless — hasn't served the country well and hasn't received sufficient scrutiny from the media.  That's why many liberals are openly expressing concern over the "mini-Politburo" at the White House — the small number of people who have centralized White House decision-making.

Is Obama's puppet master to blame for all the scandals?  In every single statement she made, Lois Lerner, the IRS official who every so casually broke the story, lied.  Just some examples are the fact that the IRS didn't target, maybe, 75 groups.  It targeted at least 470 groups.  And it wasn't just wacky Tea Party groups that got caught it the cross hairs, it was any group that appeared even vaguely to oppose Obama's policies.  The targeting wasn't just confined to a rogue Ohio office, it went to the top.

Obama Biographer Slams Valerie Jarrett.  Obama biographer Jonathan Alter ripped senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett on MSNBC's Hardball Monday [6/3/2013], saying despite her heavy influence on the president, she would make a poor Chief of Staff and was not a well-liked figure by other White House staffers.

The 'Magic' of Valerie.  Valerie Jarrett, the White House senior adviser who mentored both the president and first lady at the start of their careers in Chicago, usually stays out of the news.  In Washington, that is taken as a sign she is far more influential than she or the White House lets on.  So when Jarrett does briefly become the news it's significant, because it may provide a window into how the Obama White House really works.

"Father" Michael Pfleger

Fraud, Theatrics, and Murder in Obama's Adopted Hometown.  Last year, for example, we reported on a lawsuit by a group of Chicagoans that claimed a "civil right" under state law to impose Chicago-style gun control upon other localities.  Among those leading the charge in this effort was antigun activist and Obama "spiritual advisor" Father Michael Pfleger, infamous for engaging in provocative and dramatic publicity stunts, which among other things have included leading his flock in a gun shop protest that included threats to "find" and "snuff out" the business's owner.

Hate Group Associations Disqualify Obama.  In 2007, about a year before Obama posted Michael Pfleger's endorsement on his website, Pfleger said of an identifiable licensed gun store owner, "We're going to find you and snuff you out."

Pfleger leads street protest against police killings during Sunday Mass.  Continuing a week of protest over the deaths of young black men at the hands of police, the Rev. Michael Pfleger on Sunday interrupted Mass — leading worshipers out of the pews at Saint Sabina Catholic Church and into the street.  "We are taking a stand with our young people," Pfleger said, referring to those who have been protesting around the country.  "I have never been more proud to be an American citizen than right now.  We got your back, we are going to fight with you."  Then, in a fiery bit of oratory, he shouted:  "We're going to shut down 79th and Racine... Let's take it to the streets!"

The Editor says...
Mr. Pfleger says he's proud to be an American citizen, but his idea of responsible citizenship doesn't match mine.

Who Will Protect America?  [Scroll down]  More disturbing is that Obama has not been honest about the radical figures he has associated with. ... Obama's association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger put him in company with angry anti-American fringe figures, who, were they on the far right, would have ended Obama's political career long ago. ... I actually know a good bit about people such as Ayers, Pfleger, Wright, and now Khalidi.  They are the kind of anti-Americans who thrive on the outer fringes of the left.

Obama's Ties To ACORN More Substantial than first believed.  You've heard of Moveon.org and Code Pink — two radical leftist groups seeking to elect out and out socialists to public office and who are fierce opponents of the capitalist sysetm.  But have you heard of ACORN? … Not surprisingly it turns out that Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger — two radical clergy closely associated with Obama — have extensive ties to ACORN.  Their views fit nicely within the ACORN anti-capitalist agenda that they have been pushing for years.

Powered by Hate: Racist Content from Dreams from My Father.  The appalling content of Dreams from My Father becomes even worse in the context of the complete picture.  This picture includes Mr. Obama's 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright's racist church, the same church that gave Michael Pfleger a standing ovation when he exulted that Hillary Clinton's defeat left "a whole lot of white people crying."  This, along with its social achievement award to Louis Farrakhan, is apparently what Mr. Obama's church calls "Christianity."

The Pfleger-ization of the Catholic Church.  So much that you need to know about the Catholic Church's social policy problems can be summed up in one word:  Chicago.  On race, abortion, guns, immigration and "community organizing," Catholic Church officials in the Windy City have forged unholy alliances with radical left-wingers and enablers who undermine the faith — and the faithful.

Updated 3/22/2011:
Chicago's Most Notorious Priest Finally On Way Out??  Father Michael Pfleger is as far from the image of a parish priest as can be imagined without crossing the line into absurdity.  He is a loud-mouthed activist that has spent a 30-year career calling people he doesn't like names, spewing race tinged "sermons," liberally tossing out the race card, and engaging in extremist political causes.  Not the model priest, for sure.

Updated 6/15/2015:
Rev. Michael Pfleger: NRA 'Will Pay for the Murder' of Chicago Children.  On June 6, Reverend Michael Pfleger listed recent shootings in heavily gun-controlled Chicago then said the NRA "will pay pay for the murder of our children."  He was joined by Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence president Dan Gross.  Pleger, Jackson, and Gross rallied outside of Chuck's Gun Shop, where Jackson recently rallied for the ban of guns already banned in Chicago.

Documents: Despite Obama's 2008 claims, political relationship with Rev. Wright began as early as 1987.  Letters signed by Barack Obama 25 years ago and obtained by The Daily Caller, show the future president approaching Chicago's then-mayor Harold Washington in 1987 about a community organizing project whose advisory board would include his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the controversial leftist Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger; and the brother of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Living Legends.  This month in Chicago, an event will honor three men as "living legends."  The men are Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of Barack Obama's church, and Father Michael Pfleger, a radical-left Catholic priest.  The men will stand together, and thousands of spectators will pay to see them. ... And who, exactly, selected the three men as honorees?  Um, well, that would be the Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

Reverend Wright's Night.  He's one of the best known religious leaders in the nation, President Obama's former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  His sometimes controversial, fiery sermons have lasted for hours at times... but when Wright was paired up with Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan and Catholic priest, Father Michael Pfleger, there wasn't much said.

Meanwhile, Back at Trinity United...  The video was uploaded to YouTube this past Sunday, though it is unclear if it was shot then or earlier.  But to judge by the subject matter, it is quite recent.  The video features Father Michael Pfleger, with an introduction by the Rev. Otis Moss, Jeremiah Wright's successor at Trinity United.  As we noted last month, the Democratic presidential front-runner described Moss as a "wonderful young pastor" after Obama renounced Wright.

Father Michael Pfleger, Surpassing Jeremiah Wright at Trinity.  Much like written words don't do justice to Jeremiah Wright's sermons, the video must be watched to be believed. … Words cannot describe the surreality of watching a middle-aged white man in a priest's collar appearing like he is trying to imitate Jeremiah Wright at his most outrageous.

Obama 'Disappointed' by Pastor's Remarks That Were Critical of Clinton.  During a guest appearance last Sunday at Trinity United Church of Christ, the Rev. Michael Pfleger delivered a blistering critique of Mrs. Clinton's candidacy.  Mr. Pfleger, a wellknown activist Chicago priest and a friend of Mr. Obama, said Mrs. Clinton felt entitled to the presidency and was stunned by "a black man stealing my show."

Priest who mocked Clinton again draws spotlight.  He's a white priest at a largely black church.  He's held hands with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  He's been arrested dozens of times and battled anyone he thinks has wronged his parish — from gun dealers to a local Catholic sports league.  Now the Rev. Michael Pfleger is something else:  the latest thorn in the side of presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Obama's latest racial problem:  Apart from the appallingly racist nature of Father Michael Pfleger's remarks about Hillary Clinton, what is one to make of the congregation who seemed to lap it all up?  How, one may be entitled to ask, do these assembled churchgoers differ from those white Appalachians who admitted they voted for Sen. Clinton on the basis of race?

Rev. Pfleger:  "America is the Greatest Sin Against God".  In another excerpt from Rev. Michael Pfleger's sermon last Sunday, May 25, from the pulpit of Sen. Barack Obama's now former church, Trinity United Church of Christ on the South side of Chicago, the longtime Obama associate condemns America for racism in fairly harsh terms.  "Racism is still America's greatest addiction," Pfleger says.  "I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God."

Obama's 'Spiritual' Problem:  Americans sure must be wondering about Barack Obama's "spirit" these days — given the wackiness of his spiritual advisers.  Turns out the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who calls AIDS a government plot and suggests America deserved 9/11, isn't the only nut-job pastor informing Obama's moral judgment.  Enter the Rev. Michael Pfleger, who's tight with Nation of Islam hate-monger Louis Farrakhan and who reportedly once threatened to "snuff out" a Chicago gun-shop owner.

Rank Hypocrisy: Father Pfleger comes to gun control rally with armed bodyguards.  Chicago's activist Catholic Priest, Father Michael Pfleger was on hand at Saturday's Brady Campaign Rally against America's gun stores in Riverdale, IL.  Pfleger is gun civil rights what Bull Connor was to racial civil rights in the 1960s.  It wasn't that many years ago that the Chicago Catholic Priest called on the owner of Chuck's Guns, John Riggio, to be "snuffed out" — using the lingo of his parishioners.  Pfleger also called for legislators voting against gun control to be snuffed out as well.  Pfleger didn't call for anyone to be snuffed out this year, but he did enjoy the protection of three armed bodyguards.

Hillary believed she'd win 'cause she's white'.  Chicago Catholic pastor Michael Pfleger, speaking Sunday [5/25/2008] at Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ, implied Clinton was a white supremacist who believed she would win the nomination because of "white entitlement."

No Liberation.  Having now left Trinity United Church of Christ, can Barack Obama escape responsibility for his decades-long ties to Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright?  No, he cannot.  Obama's connections to the radical-left politics espoused by Pfleger and Wright are broad and deep.  The real reason Obama bound himself to Wright and Pfleger in the first place is that he largely approved of their political-theological outlooks.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn

When questioned about his association with Bill Ayers, Obama's defense is that he was only eight years old when Ayers was actively engaged in domestic terrorism.  That is a ruse — nobody is saying that Obama went along for the ride and lit the fuses on Bill Ayers' bombs — but Obama had years of close association with Ayers when the two men were both adults, and Mr. Obama — unless he is hopelessly gullible and utterly clueless — must have known about Mr. Ayers' criminal history.

This one issue alone would have been enough to derail any other candidate's campaign.  The radical left is hoping that the voters will forgive and forget the actions of the Weather Underground back in the 1960s.

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades.  [#9] Bill Ayers:  Represents the deep and ongoing leftist ideological damage to our education system.  An unrepentant American terrorist who evaded punishment, he devoted his career to radicalizing American education and pushing leftist causes.  Ghost wrote Obama's book, "Dreams of My Father."

Obama's Genie.  In 1995, Mr. Obama's mentor, the Communist Alice Palmer, announced that she was giving up her seat in the state senate to run for the U.S. Congress and anointed Mr. Obama her successor.  She had personally introduced Mr. Obama to Bill Ayers — the anti-war founder of the terrorist group the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) who advocated killing 25-million Americans to actualize his goal of overthrowing America — and to Ayers' partner in crime, his wife Bernardine Dohrn.  According to writer Aaron Klein, a 1995 meeting in the Ayers' living room "was said to have launched Obama's political career."  Mr. Obama's political career was launched in the Ayers' living room.  But after Mrs. Palmer suffered an unexpected defeat in the special congressional election, she decided she wanted her state senate seat back and asked Mr. Obama not to run.  He not only refused to step aside but said he was going to pose a legal challenge to the legitimacy of the signatures she had amassed to qualify for the ballot.  Using the same tactic, he got all four challengers — including Mrs. Palmer — knocked off the ballot so he could run unchallenged.

Bill Ayers and gang rape.  The current sex crimes dragnet sweeping across the country, pulling in celebrities, media millionaires, and politicians, has yet to reel in a high-profile professor from the hallowed halls of academia[.]  Will Bill Ayers be the first?

The Democratic Party Is Dead.  Charles Manson's recent death brought disturbing reminders that even the Democratic Party's golden boy, Barack Obama, has unsavory alliances in his background.  After the grisly murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others in July of 1969, Weather Underground founder Bernardine Dohrn said, "Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room.  Far out!  The Weathermen dig Charles Manson."  Manson and his followers were murderous lunatics.  Bernardine Dohrn (along with her husband Bill Ayers) was a communist revolutionary and domestic terrorist responsible for multiple bombings.  Dohrn expressed admiration for the Manson murders.  And Barack Obama launched his political career in her living room.

The Editor says...
That's because Barack H. Obama hates America.

JFK Files Reveal Obama's Terrorist Friend Bill Ayers Was Under Federal Watch.  The Trump administration ordered the release of thousands of files on the JFK assassination on Thursday, which contain many startling revelations, including the fact that multiple high-level government agencies monitored former President Barack Obama's friend — domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.  Newly released files show that the CIA and FBI kept an eye on Ayers, who was a member of leftist groups and a domestic terrorist organization, CBS News reported.

So When Exactly Did Bill Ayers and Barack Obama Meet?  "This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood," said Obama dismissively of Ayers.  "He's not somebody who I exchange ideas from [sic] on a regular basis."  The question fueled what the L.A. Times called a "storm of criticism."  The rage was directed not at Obama for his dissembling, but at Stephanopoulos for his effrontery.  How dare he ask Obama about an "obscure sixties radical"? asked Michael Grunwald of Time.  The media chose not to follow up.  If they had, Hillary Clinton would have won the nomination.

Prosecute the Rioters.  There is no mystery about how we got to this dark place.  Violent rampaging was the coming-of-age rite of the New Left.  That would be the Sixties Left that eventually won the battle for control of the Democratic party and, in its extremism, has estranged that party from its traditional working-class base, and thus from much of the country.  The New Left rioted against racism, capitalism, colonialism, and the Vietnam War.  They gleefully announced their hatred for AmeriKKKa.  They bombed and killed.  And in large measure, they got away with it.  In fact, they got rewarded for it.  One of the worst legacies of those Days of Rage was the failure of will to prosecute violent leaders of the radical Left to the full extent of the law — particularly the likes of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Weather Underground terrorists who got a complete pass.

Terrorist Bill Ayers demands more gun control to stop terrorists like Bill Ayers.  Bill Ayers, the Chicago-based terrorist with an unfortunate connection to Barack Obama's past, is angry.  He simply can't believe that we continue to endure terror attacks like the massacre in Orlando.  He thinks that people who would kill or maim innocents — people like Bill Ayers — must be stopped.  So, this piece of human refuse who clearly doesn't understand irony is calling for more gun control.  That's right.  An actual honest-to-Allah terrorist is giving us a bizarro lecture about how to prevent the actions of people like himself.

Terrorist Who Launched Obama's Career Calls for Ban on Gun Not Used in Democrat Muslim's Terror Attack.  We really need a national conversation on the stunning lack of self-awareness by the insipid left.  Two days after the largest terror attack in this nation, carried out by a registered Democrat, and all we're hearing from these clowns is psychobabble about a weapon not even used in the slaughter at the Pulse nightclub.  Now along comes terrorist Bill Ayers weighing in with his pearls of wisdom.

P.C. — R.I.P..  There should be no surprise that former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who played a role in launching the political career of Barack Obama, was found among the street demonstrators in Chicago who succeeded in forcefully disrupting and shutting down Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's campaign rally on March 11, injuring two police officers who were trying to maintain order.  When Trump proceeded to move to his next campaign stops in Ohio the following day, he came before crowds and naturally addressed the previous night's unfortunate descent into violence, only to experience another attempt at disruption.

The Media's Faux Outrage Over "Domestic Terrorism".  We don't remember any outrage from the media over the alleged roles played by Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the 1970 bombing murder of San Francisco police officer Brian V. McDonnell.  In fact, the media peddled the nonsense that Ayers and Dohrn, who helped launch Barack Obama's political career, were "anti-war activists" who bombed a few buildings and never hurt anyone.  Since "domestic terrorism" is now a topic of concern for the media, in the wake of the attack on the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, can we expect the media to pressure Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch to gather new evidence in the McDonnell case?  It's not likely.

The Betrayal Papers Part V: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?  Of all the nefarious personal relationships of Barack Hussein Obama, the bloodthirsty couple of Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dorhn are the most unsettling.  In the 1960s, Ayers and Dohrn were notorious radicals, anarchists, and terrorists — declared enemies of American society.  Ayers and Dorhn hosted a meet-and-greet and fundraiser for candidate Obama when he first ran for public office.  Indeed, Obama's political career was launched from the couple's living room in Hyde Park.

Obama Secretly Partied With Bill Ayers Last Summer.  On Aug. 30, 2014, MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner and former White House chef Sam Kass got married at a private wedding north of New York City.  It was widely reported at the time that President Obama, a longtime friend of the groom, attended the ceremony with his family.  There were two other notable guests, however, whose attendance has been successfully kept secret:  Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, [...]

Convicted Terrorist Bill Ayers to Iran Media: U.S. a 'Terrorist Nation'.  Convicted terrorist and retired professor Bill Ayers sat down with Fars News, a state-controlled media outlet that serves the Islamic Republic of Iran, where he proclaimed that the United States is a "terrorist nation" that is the "greatest purveyor of violence on earth... and the foremost threat to world peace."  The current regime in Iran is arguably the foremost purveyor of Islamic terrorism worldwide.  Iran has backed countless terror groups, which include Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthi insurgents, while also providing aid and support to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Good News: You May Be Spared Execution.  Back in those quaint days when KGB-supported communist subversives planning to overthrow a republic had to meet in secret to discuss their operations, William Ayers and his chums reportedly opined that during the post-revolutionary period of normalization, approximately twenty-five million Americans (ten percent) would have to be executed.

First of all...
What was the Weather Underground?  If you believe the mainstream media or the spin coming from the former leaders of the Weather Underground, you would think that the Weather Underground were just a group of young anti Viet Nam war activists who pulled some pranks where no one was hurt or killed.  You would be wrong.  The Weather Underground were a group of Communists who wanted the Vietnamese Communists to defeat the United States.  They also engaged in terrorist acts including severe injury and sometimes death.

Obama and Dohrn and Ayers.  In all likelihood Barack Obama first learned of Ayers and Dohrn in his college years.  His claim to not know their terrorist background is ludicrous. ... After high school in Hawaii, Obama went to Occidental College (1979-1981), a liberal arts college in Los Angeles.  Obama's first public speech was at an Occidental event sponsored by the Students for Economic Democracy, a group affiliated with far left radical Tom Hayden and Hayden's militant group SDS (Students for a Democratic Society.)  David Peck, an organizer of the Occidental rally, is now coordinating Americans in Spain for Obama.

Did Ayers Help Obama Get Into Harvard?  The National Review's Steve Diamond has documented that both Ayers and Obama worked on a significant 1988 educational reform project in Chicago.  Although CEO of a major power company, Commonwealth Edison, Bill Ayers's father, Tom, also worked on this same project.  Tom Ayers was a prominent client of Sidley Austin, and it stands to reason that he got Dohrn her job.  Given her contempt conviction for refusing to cooperate in a terrorist investigation, a conviction that prevented her from actually practicing law, Dohrn would have needed major league pull to get hired by a high end law firm like Sidley.  A few years later, of all the law firms in Chicago, it was Sidley Austin that hired Obama on as a summer intern.

Obama Associate Implicated In Murder Plot.  The sub-headline over the article says it all:  "The investigation into a cop killing in the '70s leads to a law professor who helped launch Barack Obama's political career."  The law professor is former Communist terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, a leader of the Weather Underground known for praising mass murderer Charles Manson.  Writer Peter Jamison, who is based in San Francisco, where the cop killing occurred, spent months working on the story and developed many different sources of information.

Radical Loon When Obama Was Only 47.  In the past week, TV anchors have taken to claiming that Obama "refuted" John McCain's statement that Obama launched his political career at the home of former Weather Underground leader Ayers.  No, Obama "denied" it; he didn't "refute" it.  If "denying" something is the same as "refuting" it, then maybe the establishment media can quit harping on Palin's supposed lack of qualifications to be president, since she too "refuted" that by denying it.

The Apologists for William Ayers.  William Ayers is a Marxist by his own admissions.  Barack Obama "assumes he has been rehabilitated" after he says he doesn't know the guy and then saying that he was "just a guy in the same neighborhood" even though they shared duties on two boards and shared office space for three years.  Barack Obama then says to "buy his book", the book written by William Ayers, the guy Barack doesn't know.

Obama's Ties to Socialism:  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were the national leaders of a radical leftist movement called the "Weatherman Underground Organization."  An offshoot of the radical Left "Students for a Democratic Society" (SDS), the Weathermen sought to enlighten the American consciousness to the evils of the Vietnam War.  Unlike their parent organization SDS, the Weathermen pursued or more radical modus operandi.

When Barry met Billy.  When you have as many areas of your life deliberately obscured as Obama does, there is always the chance of being caught in a major lie.

Obama all but accuses critics of stoking anti-government violence.  [Scroll down]  And by tut-tutting about violence on the heels of earlier comments trying to delegitimize critics of big government, the suggestion that people who criticize his government are stoking violence is pretty clearly telegraphed.  Which is one heck of a charge coming from a guy who spent years working side-by-side with an actual, unrepentant anti-government terrorist, and has lied his head off about it ever since.

Obama's Desperate Equivalency Gambit.  One of the oldest tricks in politics — at least on the left — is to accuse your enemy of that which you are most guilty.  Barack Obama has been taking a beating based on his personal and political associations, particularly with the terrorist William Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground, and his campaign has decided not to take it anymore.

Bill Ayers worked with Cuba says FBI report.  Unrepentant terrorist former leading Weather Underground Organization (WUO) member William Ayers was aided by Fidel Castro's Cuba in the 1970s, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report.

Candidate of the Left.  For his entire adult life, Obama's closest political allies have been pro-Soviet progressives like state senator Alice Palmer who chose Obama as the politically appropriate figure whom she chose to inherit her state senate seat; or anti-American radicals like Bill Ayers, who organized a terrorist army in the 1970s with the intention of launching a race war in America, and bringing down the "empire."  Others may be under the illusion that the Weather Underground was organized to protest the Vietnam War.  But you know better.

Obama now haunted by his ex-political mentor.  Alice Palmer, the avowed communist who helped launch Barack Obama's career, continues to haunt Obama even today.  In 2008, Palmer showed up at the Democratic National Convention in Denver as a Hillary Clinton supporter, still resentful toward Obama for knocking her and three other candidates off the ballot for an Illinois state Senate seat some 13 years earlier by challenging voter signatures.

Getting the 'Ayers Issue' Straight.  [Scroll down]  This is the "Ayers issue."  [1] First, it is an issue that goes to Obama's honesty and forthrightness with the American people.  Why is he secretive about what he initially called a "flimsy" relationship?  Why has he been gradually changing his story as the facts emerge?  [2] Second, this goes to Obama's judgment.  Obama did not work against a radical domestic terrorist who continues to have radical views, he worked along side him.  [3] Third, it follows, this goes squarely to Obama's ideology itself.  What in Obama drew the radical Ayers into alliance with him?  And why was Obama so comfortable moving within his sphere and advancing his agenda?  The "Ayers issue" is not 1960s terrorism.

Why should McCain be angry? Top 10 reasons.  [#3] Obama continues to lie about his relationship to Bill Ayers.  Obama did launch his political career at Ayer's home but continues to deny it.  This relationship to a terrorist goes much deeper than Obama wants anyone to know and McCain gets no help from the media who give Obama a pass.

Barack Obama's Cop-Killer Supporters:  While Barack Obama's friends and supporters in the news media downplay his friendship and business relationship with former terrorist and Marxist university professor Willam Ayers, one aspect of the Ayers terrorism saga that's totally ignored is his reputation as a cop-killer.  For instance, in Nyack, New York, Ayers' terrorist group the Weather Underground launched an armored-car robbery that left two Nyack, NY police officers — Officer Waverly Brown and Sergeant Ed O'Grady — mortally wounded.  In addition, the Brinks armored-car driver, Peter Paige was also shot to death by the Weathermen.

Was a Communist Obama's Sex Teacher?  Ayers and Dohrn, you see, are husband and wife and can't be compelled to testify against one another.  The evidence of their involvement came from an FBI informant in the Weather Underground.  His testimony, given before Congress, would be dismissed by clever Marxist lawyers as "hearsay."  Murder charges would have to be based on other, possibly forensic, evidence.  It is never too late to bring murder charges in this case.

It is what it is: Obama allied with scoundrels.  In the best tradition of Bill Clinton's declaration that the answer to the question of whether he was having an affair depended on "what the definition of is is," Sen. Barack Obama was clearly concealing the truth when he said that William Ayers was "just a guy who lives in my neighborhood."  The Ayers-Obama connection was, in fact, an intimate collaboration that it led to the only executive or administrative experience in Obama's life.

Weathermen:  Home-grown US radicals.  Embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam, with many of the grievances of the civil-rights movement still unanswered, the US government was facing widespread protests in the late 1960s.  Often those who rebelled were rich in idealism but unable or unwilling to take concrete action.  On 8 October 1969, all that changed.  A newly-formed group of left-wing extremists, dubbed the Weathermen, went on the rampage in a well-planned protest in Chicago — the so-called Days of Rage riots.

Eliminating 25 million Americans:  That was the plan of the Weather Underground after taking power. ... I asked, "well what is going to happen to those people we can't reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?" and the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.  And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. ... And they were dead serious.

Obama's words and deeds:  Obama dismissed inquiries about his relationship with Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground, by saying that he was just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood."  In fact, Obama served from 1995 to 1999 as chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), the brainchild of Ayers, an organization that funneled some $100 million into the hands of community organizers and activists, including ACORN, in order to radicalize Chicago's public schools.  Between 1969 and 1974, the Weather Underground claimed responsibility for some 20 bombings in the United States — at police stations, banks, jails, courthouses, the Capitol and the Pentagon.

Sowing ACORNs to reap the biggest oak tree in Washington, DC.  The bombs set in the Sixties by the Weatherman Underground were just a means to an end:  Ayers and Dohrn wanted to become famous and earn their Leftist street cred.  They didn't care if people died to make it happen.  You gotta break some eggs to make that omelet.

The Stealth Candidate:  I disagree with those who've said the most important issue concerning the Obama-Ayers connection is Obama's "judgment."  The very word implies that Obama doesn't share and never shared Ayers' views.  The crucial question is whether Obama is of like mind with such radicals. … Does anyone doubt that if any Republican presidential candidate had a small fraction of the questionable alliances Obama has, he already would have been hounded into withdrawing from the race?

Blood On the Hands of Obama's Terror Associate.  Barack Obama was asked, during one of the Democratic presidential debates, about his relationship with communist terrorist Bill Ayers.  But the more controversial relationship was with his wife, communist terrorist Bernardine Dohrn.  Both were present and hosted Obama when he launched a run for the Illinois State Senate.  In effect, Ayers and Dohrn sponsored Obama's political career.  But it has now come to light that Dohrn repeatedly refused to deny credible reports that she planted a bomb at a police station that killed a law enforcement officer.

The Ayers Question:  "Who is Barack Obama?" is not an irrelevant question given the job Obama is seeking, and it's a question he has sought mightily to avoid answering.  The veil of secrecy he has thrown over his past (journalists have been denied access to his state legislative office records, documents about state earmarks he distributed in Illinois, a list of his legal clients, his state bar application, billing records related to Tony Rezko, medical records, academic records — all of which are the sort of documents candidates routinely make public) forces the question all the more.

Obama's Hot Ayers.  Ayers' distant past isn't the only reason to distrust him.  He has a present, as well — and Obama is a part of it.  The two of them have worked hard to radicalize Chicago's public schools.  Ayers' work funding radical "education" groups in Chicago came just in the last 12 years.  And he teamed up directly with Obama on that.

William Ayers, "Former" Radical.  Stories at Politico and ABC refer to William Ayers as a "former radical," but wouldn't Ayers need to disavow his Sixties extremism to be a "former" radical?  He infamously told the New York Times in a story published on September 11, 2001, that he regretted not setting more bombs.

The Bomber as School Reformer.  Back in the early eighties, in an interview with David Horowitz and Peter Collier, Bill Ayers remembered his reaction upon learning that he would not be prosecuted by the government for his bombing spree as a member of the Weather Underground.  "Guilty as hell, free as a bird — America is a great country," he exulted.  Ayers is now a university professor, but he must have been exulting all over again after reading Saturday's front-page story in the New York Times.

NYT Reporter Implies Obama-Ayers 'Not Close' Contrary to Own Reporting.  On the same day that the Associated Press noted that "few people watch TV or read newspapers Friday evening and Saturday," the New York Times ran an article questioning Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama's questionable relationship with admitted, unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.  If the AP is correct and Friday is one of the least read days of the week, then it's interesting that the NYT chose to publish one of the most controversial campaign issues when the fewest readers would see it.

CNN Ignores Bernardine Dohrn's Terrorist Past While Defending Obama.  Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dohrn also worked at the same law firm according to sources. … There is much more about the Dohrn story that goes relatively unnoticed.  According to the Canada Free Press she has made frequent guest appearances at events sponsored by George Soros.  She stated in 1982 that "Those of us who participated in the [Vietnam] anti-war movement were not drastic enough" even though Americans died as a result of their bombings.

Terrorists For Obama.  "If you're in public life, you ought to say, 'I don't want to be associated with this guy,'" observes columnist Steve Chapman.  "If John McCain had a long association with a guy who'd bombed abortion clinics, I don't think people would say, 'That's ancient history.'"  That Ayers' totalitarian revolutionary agenda isn't history is shown by Ayers today sitting on the directorate of the Miranda International Center, a think tank funded by the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez….  Ayers is both a hero and adviser to Hugo Chavez and a colleague of Obama's.

Ignorance of Ayers?  Top Obama advisors tell CNN that, when they first met in the mid-1990s, Obama didn't know of Bill Ayers' radical past.  It's the first time they've said that, as far as I know. … On the other hand, Obama's not that young. … And Ayers' past was hardly a secret in Chicago, where he was regularly quoted as an ex-radical and ex-fugitive.

Does Obama Read His Hometown Paper?  As discussed quite a bit around here, David Axelrod says Obama didn't know about Ayers' past when Obama first started allying himself with the former terrorist.  Ayers was "just a guy in the neighborhood" — which, if true, says something just plain awful about that neighborhood if you ask me.  But anyway, just out of curiosity, I decided to see if the Chicago Tribune had written anything about Ayers and his terrorist past during the period of Obama's plasible deniability.

Guilt by Agreement.  An unapologetic aging domestic terrorist writes a book about "justice" and Barack Obama praises it.  This isn't guilt by association but guilt by agreement.  Had Ayers written a book about ping-pong and Obama praised it, perhaps that wouldn't be revealing.  But Ayers, the ultimate juvenile delinquent, wrote a book about the juvenile justice system and won a "rave review" from Obama, according to the New York Times.

Obama's Weathermen pals should worry voters.  Obama might not have heard of Ayers and Dohrn's brutality from the '60s through the '80s had they merely tossed a rock or two in anger.  But these two went much, much farther.  In 1970, Ayers encapsulated the Weathermen's worldview:  "Kill all the rich people.  Break up their cars and apartments.  Bring the revolution home.  Kill your parents."  In his 2001 memoir, "Fugitive Days," Ayers brags that he helped blast NYPD headquarters in 1970, the U.S. Capitol in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.  Dohrn was an equally stalwart subversive.

Why Ayers Still Matters:  Nearly forty years after the crimes for which he and his associates became notorious, "Ayers sees his education work as carrying on his radicalism in a new guise," writes Stanley Kurtz.  That Obama knew none of this as a rising politician fails even the smell test at Democrat-friendly CNN.  Long past his eighth birthday, Obama publicly endorsed Ayers' book on juvenile justice.

Time to Level with the American People about Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers.  Pam Meister interviews John Murtagh, whose family had a terrifying brush with the Weather Underground during the terror group's heyday in the early 1970s.

Ayers Has Not Left Radicalism Behind.  Bill Ayers isn't out bombing anymore, but he has never stopped being a radical.  His ties to hostile Marxist regimes remain, raising more questions about Barack Obama's refusal to fully repudiate him.

Obama's Weatherman shows which way the wind blows.  The seemingly inevitable ascent of Barack Obama to become US president has hit a hurdle, as he is forced to confront accusations, supported by a hard-hitting television ad campaign, that he had a long-time association with two of America's leading terrorists from the 1960s, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, one-time leaders of the Weathermen (also known as the Weather Underground).

Why Obama Can't Be President:  William Ayers and others from the Weather Underground are responsible for being a part of a terrorist wave in this country that murdered police officers.  To downplay this or dismiss it as "guilt by association" is to be shortsighted and make a mistake.  I don't believe most Democrats or independents find this kind of thing acceptable behavior.  What kind of man sits in the pews of a church where his preacher spews hate about his own country — hate for Jews, hate for whites, hate for blacks who don't agree with him — and then says he had no idea his preacher was saying any of these things?  Again, I ask you to look deep inside yourselves, ask yourselves if you see such a man representing your country as president of the United States.

You Need a Weatherman To Tell Which Way Obama Will Go.  Barry Obama had many such academic mentors and one namely is Bill Ayers, a white guy from a wealthy family who in his leisure time (of which he had much, not having to mow lawns or deliver newspapers) liked to throw bombs in order to bring about "social justice" as a member of the Weather Underground.  Well, rich kids don't know much about munitions, so occasionally "bad choices" are made in the design, building, and detonation of bombs, like your girlfriend and buddies getting killed, which happened in Ayers's case.

Obama's radical relationship:  Sen. Barack Obama is hiding his relationship with a 1960s radical. ... For months, conservatives have been trying to direct attention to the relationship between Mr. Obama and William Ayers.  Mr. Ayers was a leader of the Weather Underground, which planted bombs in the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon during the Vietnam War.  He went on the lam after a nail bomb his group was building to kill soldiers and their wives at a dance at Fort Dix went off prematurely, killing three of the conspirators.

Obama:  The Company He Kept.  [William Ayers] and his wife, fellow Weatherperson Bernardine Dohrn, were indicted in 1970 for inciting to riot and conspiracy to bomb government buildings, but charges were dropped in 1974 because of technicalities involving illegal surveillance.  Dohrn had been on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List and both remained in hiding. When they surfaced in 1980 Dohrn received three years probation and a fine of $1,500.

Obama's Foul Weather Friends:  Weatherman was a revolutionary communist sect that split from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1969.  Weatherman's founding document called for a "white fighting force" that would be "akin to the Red Guard in China" to work with the Black Liberation Movement and other "anti-colonial" movements to bring about a communist revolution and destroy "US imperialism."  Weatherman committed at least 40 bombings between 1969 and 1975.  Targets included the Pentagon, the State Department and the US Capitol, other government buildings, military bases, police offices and corporations.  Two of the group's primary leaders were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Resume of a Terrorist:  Obama's Buddy Ayers.  [Scroll down]  I find it difficult to understand how a man who is running for president of the United States would even know someone as anti-American and destructive as William Ayers.  Plus, Ayers, his wife and their comrades at the Weather Underground are cop-killers.  And Obama doesn't just know him personally — he's a close friend with Ayers.

Obama's Leftism:  For the next four to five years, the two [Obama and Ayers] worked together to raise the matching funds and disburse small grants to local organizations pushing the reform program.  It could only have been an intimate partnership.  When Obama decided to run for the state senate, his first fund-raising event was held in the home of Ayers and Dohrn.  In 1997, Ayers published a book about juvenile justice, A Kind and Just Parent, which Obama blurbed as "a searing and timely account."  The two also served together on the board of the leftist Woods Fund from 1998 until 2001.  This is what is now public about the relations between Obama and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.  There may be much more, so far successfully hidden by all concerned; but even these facts suggest that Ayers was among Obama's closest collaborators.

Obama Begins the Ayers Walk Back and Heads Into the Reparations Trap.  Steve Diamond notes that Barack Obama is beginning a walk back on his preposterously untrue former claims that Ayers was just a guy in his neighborhood.  Using Linda Lenz, a close ally of both men to do so, the Chicago Sun Times quotes her as admitting that Ayers and Obama closely collaborated on the failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge fiasco.

Profile of the Massive Waste of Money Known as the Annenberg Challenge:  We were covering the massive waste of money known as the Annenberg Challenge long before anyone had heard of its Chicago chairman, Barack Obama, or its Chicago co-founder, real life terrorist-turned-educational terrorist William Ayers.  The article appeared in the March 1998 issue of Foundation Watch.

William Ayers, Model Citizen?  The Obama campaign's response to Jerome Corsi's book about Senator Barack Obama makes clear that they are determined to delegitimize even legitimate criticisms of the senator by mixing them up with smears.  Even mainstream journalists have noted that their rebuttal document at times employs risible arguments and overreaches in attempting to defend certain aspects of Senator Obama's career.  One example is the defense of Obama's relationship to William Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn — two unrepentant former members of the domestic left-wing terror movement known as the Weathermen.

Blood On the Hands of Obama's Terror Associate.  Barack Obama was asked, during one of the Democratic presidential debates, about his relationship with communist terrorist Bill Ayers.  But the more controversial relationship was with his wife, communist terrorist Bernardine Dohrn.  Both were present and hosted Obama when he launched a run for the Illinois State Senate.  In effect, Ayers and Dohrn sponsored Obama's political career.  But it has now come to light that Dohrn repeatedly refused to deny credible reports that she planted a bomb at a police station that killed a law enforcement officer.  Shouldn't Obama be asked about the reported involvement of his political associate in cold-blooded murder?

Obama's Other Radical Friends:  Apparently, back when he was running for state senate, Barack Obama had fund-raising events at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and there's been some press about the senator's friendship with this controversial Weathercouple.  Many reporters are well aware, even though Mr. Obama has described his connection to Ayers and Dohrn as "flimsy," that the senator's relationship with his radical Hyde Park neighbors is actually quite warm, even close. … But mostly, the press doesn't want to touch this story — and no one else does either, as if it actually were TNT.

Obama's Ties to Left Come Under Scrutiny.  Senator Obama's ties to a former leader of the violent left-wing activist group the Weather Underground are drawing new scrutiny as he battles Senator Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Change that Sees No Evil:  The Candidate of Hope seamlessly mixed pathetic understatement with bald lying and, naturally, righteous indignation.  Ayers, whom Obama carefully cultivated as a young "community organizer" in sharp-elbowed Chicago politics, was not someone he had "received some official endorsement from."  No, of course not.  Ayers and his wife (and fellow terrorist) Bernadine Dohrn merely launched his political career by hosting his coming out fundraiser in 1995 — an imprimatur that credentialed the up-and-coming Obama in the hard Left circle where he remains most comfortable.

Communists, "Progressives," Obama and the Media:  Tom Hayden, who cheered for a communist military victory in Vietnam, is calling attention to Senator Hillary Clinton's old ties to communists.  But Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, formerly of the Washington Post, wonders if Hillary's comments on Senator Barack Obama's ties to communist terrorist Bill Ayers constitute McCarthyism.

Obama's Real Bill Ayers Problem:  Barack Obama complains that he's been unfairly attacked for a casual political and social relationship with his neighbor, former Weatherman Bill Ayers.  Obama has a point.  In the ultraliberal Hyde Park community where the presidential candidate first earned his political spurs, Ayers is widely regarded as a member in good standing of the city's civic establishment, not an unrepentant domestic terrorist.

Bill Ayers and the Subversion of Education:  Barack Obama's longstanding ties to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn have elicited a great deal of controversy and have weakened his campaign.  Senator Obama attempted to distance himself from this dynamite duo … by stating that their actions as leaders in the Weather Underground bombings happened when he was 8 years old.  Of course, he elided [sic] the fact that they have no remorse for their actions and Ayers publicly wished there had been more of them.  Ayers escaped prosecution on procedural grounds.  In the words of Ayers, "Guilty as hell, free as a bird — America is a great country".

Debunking Obama's Ayers "Fact Sheet".  Let's examine Obama's claim that his connection to [William] Ayers and [Bernadine] Dohrn is "tenuous" and "phony."  Is it phony that Obama's political coming-out party in the mid-1990s was hosted by Ayers and Dohrn?  What about the panel discussions in which Ayers and Obama both took part — that were organized by Michelle Obama?  Tenuous?  I suppose the goodbye party for prominent Israel basher and Arafat apologist Rashid Khalidi, attended by Obama, Ayers and Dohrn, is also unworthy of discussion.

Taking His Sweet Time.  For at least six months, we've known that Robert Malley's associates and his record of anti-Israel revisionism have no place in an American presidential campaign.  But Obama, being Obama, could no sooner denounce his Arafat-embracing Middle East advisor than, say, not sell out his grandmother.  Instead, the campaign shrugged the issue off by claiming Malley was not a "day-to-day" advisor.  Just as in the case of Jeremiah Wright, Obama tried to wish the whole thing away until the very source of the problem addressed him directly.

Obama's 'mainstream' friends:  Obama's ties to Ayers and Dohrn aren't nearly as trifling as he suggests, and their views — today, not 40 years ago — are about as "respectable" and "mainstream" as those of, say, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's incendiary minister.  The key facts, reported by Ben Smith in Politico.com, are these:  Barack Obama's political career was launched in Ayers's and Dohrn's home, when a group of "influential liberals" gathered in 1995 to meet the young organizer who was Illinois lawmaker Alice Palmer's chosen successor.

Barack's Bomber Bud:  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright's racist and anti-American diatribes will haunt Obama.  But Obama's relationship to William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, members of the '60s domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground, may prove more vexing.  The Weather Underground bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon and New York City police headquarters in the '70s; Ayers claimed to have personally participated in the bombings.

Obama's Marxist Axis Of Friends:  Barack Obama wishes questions about his associations with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and other radicals would end.  But maybe the reason they won't is that there's a pattern:  Marxism. … When one looks at Obama, it's shocking how radical and anti-American his closest associates are.

Barack Obama pal is an enemy, too.  Obama was indeed only 8 in early 1970.  I was only 9 then, the year Ayers' Weathermen tried to murder me.

Photo:  Bill Ayers Stomping the American Flag.

Take a look  at the door and wall outside "Distinguished Professor" Bill Ayers' University of Illinois Office.

Smells from the shadows:  Nobody has accused little 8-year-old Barack of anything, not even of tiny misdemeanors in the nursery, of wetting his bed or not eating all his carrots and broccoli. … [But] The senator has never explained why, at the age of 33, or 38, or however old he was when he did, in fact, "pal around" with Bill Ayers, he inevitably preferred to walk in the shadows on the shady side of the street.  He even served with Bill Ayers on the board of a charity that dispensed millions of dollars to left-wing Chicago enterprises.  The unanswered questions are not about crimes, but about his judgment.

Weather Underground Victim Says Obama Should Have Known of Ayers' Past.  "Barack Obama constantly says, 'I was only 8 years old when this happened.'  That's kind of his throwaway line," John Murtagh told FOX News Thursday morning.  "I'm not questioning what Barack Obama was doing when he was 8 years old.  I'm questioning his behavior as an adult to choose his friends, mentor and longtime personal and longtime personal and professional colleague."

Obama, the Closer.  Obama's followers make high-tech videos, mindlessly chanting, "Yes, we can" instead of making bombs to blow up government buildings, or holding up armored trucks and killing police officers. … Evidenced by his list of supporters, from Ayers Dohrn, Hayden and Fonda, to the New Black Panthers, the New SDS, the New Winter Soldiers, et al., the radical Left has anointed Obama as the One.  Every aging, anti-war, anti-capitalist group and their new offshoots are flocking around Obama like moths to a flame.

Obama and his friends:  [Cliff] Kincaid's group wants a major news organization to follow up on the investigative work it has done that documents that an elderly black man who mentored Sen. Obama in Hawaii was a lifelong member of the Communist Party USA.  Kincaid also would like to see a serious journalistic vetting of Sen. Obama's relationship with the left-wing radicals in Chicago — Bill Ayers and others — who helped Obama launch his political career.

Mr. Obama's Neighborhood:  "I never had roots growing up," Obama has often said. … From Hawaii to Indonesia and back to Hawaii, then to Los Angeles and Manhattan and Cambridge, Mass., and finally to Hyde Park:  He's never lived in a part of the country that's like 90 percent of the rest of the country. … Hyde Park's the neighborhood he returned to, the place he'd chosen to live, and its roots were torn out 50 years ago.

It's the Communism, Stupid.  Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama tried to deflect a question about his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers by saying that he "engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago when I was 8 years old" and that he was now a professor and a neighbor.  The real issue is whether Obama shares Ayers' communist views.  Obama admitted to exchanging ideas with Ayers on an irregular basis but did not say what those ideas were.  But we know that Ayers, rather than just being a 1960s "radical," was a member of a Marxist-Leninist communist group.

Beginnings of a Radical:  Where do you suppose Barack Obama's first public speech was given?  1. Chamber of Commerce?  2. Woman's Club?  3. Jaycees?  4. Toastmasters?  Sorry.  None of the above.  According to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, Barack Obama gave his first speech before an offshoot of the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) which had morphed into the Weather Underground.

The Obama-Ayers Connection:  In the best tradition of Bill Clinton's famous declaration that the answer to the question of whether or not he was having an affair with Monica depended on "what the definition of 'is' is," Barack Obama was clearly splitting hairs and concealing the truth when he said that William Ayers was "just a guy who lives in my neighborhood."

An absence of candour to believe in.  Obama is twisting and turning over his relationship with unreprentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, trying to pretend it didn't amount to anything other than a chance acquaintance.  But his story becomes ever more preposterous. … The idea that Obama didn't know about Ayers's past is absurd.  He would have to have been living on Mars not to know.  The Weather Undergound was notorious and received huge publicity in the media.

Bernardine Dohrn:  Professor Dohrn has said of her Weatherman past, "We rejected terrorism.  We were careful not to hurt anybody."  Both assertions are false, however.  Weatherman's twofold agenda was terrorism (which is why Charles Manson was Dohrn's hero) and war (the organization's very existence was launched with a formal "declaration of war"), and Dohrn periodically issued "war communiqués" to the public at large.

Michelle Obama, Bernardine Dohrn, and Sidley & Austin.  According to Wikipedia, Bernardine Dohrn worked for Sidley & Austin from 1984 to 1988, while she unsuccessfully sought admission to the New York and Illinois bars.  (According to Sidley's managing partner, Dohrn didn't get admitted to the bar because "She wouldn't say she's sorry" for her acts of domestic terrorism.)

Ayers / Dohrn — The Biggest Albatross Around Barack Obama's Neck.  Barack Obama has some 'splainin' to do.  When he was questioned at the last debate about his association with Bill Ayers, he tried to spin it away.  "I was eight," replied Obama.  As far as he was concerned, that was all that was necessary in terms of an explanation.  Unfortunately, that won't fly with voters.

Obama Needs to Explain His Ties to William Ayers.  You might wonder what Obama was doing working with a character like this.  And you might wonder how an unrepentant terrorist got a huge grant and cooperation from the Chicago public school system.  You might wonder — if you don't know Chicago.

Ayers Unrepentant for Radical Group's Violence in 1960s, 1970s.  William Ayers, who was a founder of the 1960s and 1970s radical group the Weather Underground, told FOX News correspondent James Rosen in a candid 2004 interview that he still believed he was "on the side of justice" years after the group's wave of attacks.  In the interview, conducted three years after the September 11 attacks, Ayers argued the U.S. government had carried out "many other acts of terror … even recently, that are comparable," and claimed he and his bomb-planting comrades were "restrained" in their actions.

Talk Turns To Jive About Ayers.  "Ultimately, I ended up learning about the fact that (Ayers) had engaged in this reprehensible act 40 years ago, but I was 8 years old at the time and I assumed that he had been rehabilitated," Obama said.  You'd think a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School would have known that the actions of America's premier terrorist bomber did not, due to tainted evidence, result in a single day of prison time.  So just when and where did he think Bill Ayers was rehabilitated?

Ayers Is No Education 'Reformer'.  One of the most misleading statements during the presidential debates was when Barack Obama claimed that William Ayers was just "a guy in the neighborhood."  But that piece of spin is nothing compared to the false story now being peddled by Mr. Obama's media supporters that Mr. Ayers — who worked with the Democratic nominee for years to disperse education grants through a group called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge — has redeemed his terrorist past.

Taking A Peek Behind Bill Ayers' Office Door.  An op-ed writer thinks Bill Ayers is now a model citizen.  If that's the case, why would an unrepentant terrorist have an unrepentant cop killer's picture on his office door?

University cancels speech by Ayers.  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln rescinded its speaking invitation tonight for 1960s radical-turned-educator William Ayers.  University officials cited "safety reasons" for canceling Ayers' Nov. 15 appearance.  Spokeswoman Kelly Bartling declined to elaborate on what safety concerns would keep Ayers from addressing a College of Education and Human Sciences event.  Earlier today, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman strongly condemned the invitation and called on the NU Board of Regents and President J.B. Milliken to block it.

Ayers Brothers Led Annenberg Grantees and Contributed to Obama.  William Ayers is a one-time leader of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group that in the 1970s took credit for bombing the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol.  "I don't regret setting bombs," Ayers told the New York Times in 2001 about his experience with the Weathermen.  "I feel we didn't do enough."  In 1995, Obama, then a Chicago lawyer, received an early boost in his initial bid for the Illinois State Senate, when he went to a political meeting at Ayers' home.

Just a guy in the neighborhood?  I think not.
Obama Praised 'Searing and Timely' Book by Ayers.  Barack Obama, who has consistently downplayed his relationship with William Ayers during his presidential campaign, once gave a glowing endorsement of a book by the former domestic terrorist and was mentioned by name in the book itself.  A blogger unearthed the Dec. 21, 1997, endorsement in the Chicago Tribune and posted photographs of the praise for Ayers' book on Zombietime.com Saturday.

The Editor says...
It's always a shame when amateurs do a job better than professionals.  Why don't "mainstream" journalists do some digging and discover information like this?  The answer is obvious:  Newspaper and television journalists don't want to find out anything negative about Obama.  But that's a topic for another page.

Obama's Pal William Ayers:  The 'Peaceful' Terrorist.  In the re-release of William Ayers' book, Fugitive Days, the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist revealed that he and President-elect Barack Obama are "family friends."  Last Friday [11/14/2008] Ayers appeared on ABC's Good Morning America reinventing himself as a peaceful anti-war activist.  "We tried to end [the Vietnam] war," Ayers said, "but we never committed terror.  It's not terrorism because it doesn't target people," referring to his 1970's bombing sprees.

Ayers Targets Media.  Domestic terrorist William Ayers spoke about his ?brush with celebrity" and bashed the media's discussion of his relationship with President-elect Barack Obama in speech to Georgetown Law School Students Monday afternoon. ... He said most of his opposition was comprised "mostly of middle-aged men who are ventilating on their computer in their mother's basements who are sweating profusely" and told students, "if you ingest way too much Fox News you are going to be confused by a lot of things."

The Editor says...
In my opinion, if Mr. Ayers dislikes Fox News so much, that's reason enough to stay tuned to Fox News!

Now he tells us.
Bill Ayers:  Barack Obama a 'family friend'.  In a new afterword to his memoir, 1960s radical William Ayers describes himself as a "family friend" of President-elect Barack Obama and writes that the campaign controversy over their relationship was an effort by Obama's political enemies to "deepen a dishonest narrative" about the candidate.

Ivory Tower Hero.  William Ayers hasn't given up railing against authority figures in the four decades following his time with the Weather Underground.  The current target of the perennial anti-conformist:  standardized testing and "authoritarian" school structures.  And yes, Fox News, which he compared to George Orwell's "two minutes of hate."

Bill Ayers Whitewashes History, Again.  Like his memoir, Fugitive Days, "The Real Bill Ayers" is a sentimentalized, self-justifying whitewash of his role in the weirdo violent fringe of the 1960s-70s antiwar left.

The Unreal Bill Ayers.  In his Times column, Ayers's chronology focuses on 1970, the year he co-founded the Weather Underground "after an accidental explosion that claimed the lives of three of our comrades in Greenwich Village."  But this wasn't some especially radicalizing furnace mishap.  On March 6, 1970, three members of a Weatherman cell died when a bomb they were making blew up in their faces.  Packed with nails for maximum lethality, it had been intended for a noncommissioned officers' dance at Fort Dix, N.J.

Judge sets sentencing date for Tony Rezko.  A federal judge has set a Jan. 6 sentencing date for political fund-raiser Tony Rezko.  The rushed sentencing date is an about-face from what lawyers in the case requested in October — to put off sentencing as Rezko and prosecutors engaged in ongoing discussions.

Obama Was Mute on Illinois Corruption.  [Last spring], Mr. Obama was being grilled over news that he bought his house through a land deal involving Tony Rezko, a political fixer who was later convicted on 16 corruption counts.  Rezko is mentioned dozens of times in the 76-page criminal complaint against Mr. Blagojevich.  Mr. Obama has an ambiguous reputation among those trying to clean up Illinois politics.  "We have a sick political culture, and that's the environment Barack Obama came from," Jay Stewart, executive director of the Chicago Better Government Association, told ABC News months ago.

Is Obama Following The Leninist Line?  Blogger Trevor Loudon, a respected anti-communist researcher and analyst in New Zealand ... points out that former Weather Underground members Rudd, Jones, Ayers and Dohrn are all now working through an organization called Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), which is operating as "a parent body for Progressives for Obama."

The response to Bill Ayers the New York Times wouldn't run.  Freedom of the press, open to diverse opinion?  Not at the rapidly sinking NY Times.

The Op-Ed the New York Times Wouldn't Run:  Bill Ayers would like to use the fog of time to plead his case that he was just another protester against the Vietnam war, a point that the Times is perhaps willing to let him make considering his longtime association with the president-elect they so nakedly support.  No amount of inspired fantasy, however, can omit the simple truth that there is only one significant difference between Bill Ayers and Timothy McVeigh.  Competence.

The legacy of William Ayers:  So we should forgive William Ayers his past because he is now a prolific writer, community activist and received a misguided "Citizen of the Year" award?  And if we don't we are "promoting a trajectory of hate?"  Ayers, a son of great privilege, may be highly educated and eloquent.  That, however, does not give him a free pass in life.

The Fort Dix Five.  What is the difference between the five Muslim immigrants convicted in a Federal court in Camden, New Jersey on Monday, and Bill Ayers and his comrades in the Weather Underground?  The answer:  not much, except for the outcome.

Ayers and Free Speech:  Who said crime doesn't pay?  Certainly not Bill Ayers, the 1960s terrorist who emerged from the "underground" proudly admitting he was "guilty as hell and free as a bird" metamorphosing as a "father of three, esteemed professor at UIC — and unabashed patron of the great bourgeois coffee chain, Starbucks," according to an adoring portrait of him in the August, 2001 of Chicago Magazine.

William Ayers turned back at Canadian border.  An American education professor, one of the founders of a radical 1960s group known as the Weather Underground, which was responsible for a number of bombings in the United States in the early 1970s, was turned back at the Canadian border last night [1/18/2009].

Teachers:  They're All Bill Ayers Now.  Students at Georgia Southern University did not get to hear Bill Ayers speak last week for the now oft-given reason of expensive security.  Like students at other campuses, some students there objected to the use of their student fees to bring in the co-founder of the Weather Underground.  Ayers' past also led Illinois State Senator Larry Bomke to call for his firing through his proposal to forbid a public university from employing someone who has "committed a violent act against the United States."

Campaign for Justice for Victims of Weather Underground Terrorism.

Remarks of Cliff Kincaid.  [Scroll down]  Other Weather Underground members have also been walking around free.  In fact, two of them, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, associate with prominent politicians and posture as educational experts.  In truth, Ayers and Dohrn are vicious criminal terrorists who waged a campaign of violence and murder and are now trying to spread their filth and poison to young people.

Washington Post Censors Truth About Bill Ayers.  I am Larry Grathwohl and have been acknowledged as the only person to infiltrate the Weather Underground as an informant for the FBI.  I offer the following comments and observations regarding the article "The Unreal Bill Ayers" recently written by Charles Lane for the Washington Post.

S.F. police union accuses Ayers in 1970 bombing.  Leaders of San Francisco's police officers union have accused Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, of taking part in the 1970 bombing of a city police station that killed a sergeant.  The union leveled the charge in a letter to a conservative organization lobbying for arrests in the case, but said it had not been in contact with investigators and had no new evidence related to the bombing, which killed Sgt. Brian McDonnell.

Ayers Under Fire.  Ayers claimed last November that he was thrust "unwittingly" and "unwillingly" into the national spotlight during the campaign and the victim of a "thoroughly dishonest narrative... and the big lie that gets perpetrated... that somehow I killed people, somehow I've been a violent person, all of it false and I couldn't find a way to interrupt the demonization."  However, two knowledgeable WU-affiliated persons contradict this story.
(Ellipses in original.)

Justice for Victims of the Weather Underground.  Ayers and Dohrn, now university professors, were members of a communist terrorist gang called the Weather Underground during the 1960s and 1970s whose aim was to support communist regimes and anti-American movements around the world and destroy the United States.  The group received terrorist training in Communist Cuba and was advised by Soviet and Cuban intelligence agents.

A Murder Revisited.  Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are currently hailed by the Left as "respected" university professors  — Ayers in the University of Illinois' education department, and Dohrn at Northwestern University's School of Law.  In the mid-1990s, both were instrumental in helping to launch 34-year-old Barack Obama's political career in Chicago. ... On Thursday, March 12, the National Press Club hosted an event where several key speakers urged federal authorities to reopen an investigation into the role that Ayers and Dohrn — both of whom are former leaders of the notorious terror group Weather Underground — may have played in the February 16, 1970 murder of Sergeant Brian McDonnell at Park Station police headquarters in San Francisco.

Justice Department to San Francisco Police:  Shut Up!  Allegations that presidential pal Bill Ayers was involved in the murder of a San Francisco policeman appear to be running into something of a gag order from at the Department of Justice.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Justice Department and the San Francisco Police Department have contacted the San Francisco Police Officers Association and told them not to talk about the Ayers case.

Guilty as Hell, Free as a Bird (for now).  Bill Ayers' famous quip may come back to haunt him.  There is no statute of limitations on murder charges.

BC nixes invite to former radical.  Boston College yesterday abruptly withdrew two student groups' invitation to former radical William Ayers to speak on campus Monday.  A BC spokesman said he was unaware of the plan for the controversial figure to speak on campus until contacted by the Herald yesterday afternoon.  But students last night were scrambling to hold the speech off-campus.

Freeman Affair Reveals Problems For Obama and the Media.  The recent appointment and ultimate withdrawal of Chas Freeman to head the National Intelligence Council has exposed much that is wrong with President Barack Obama's first months in office, both in terms of policy and vetting, as well as the media coverage surrounding both.  Many of Obama's supporters said it was unfair to criticize Obama's associations with people like the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and the anti-Semitic preacher of hate, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and called it guilt by association.  It is now becoming clearer why those sorts of associations matter.

Ayers Has Not Left Radicalism Behind.  Bill Ayers isn't out bombing anymore, but he's never stopped being a radical.  His ties to hostile Marxist regimes remain, raising more questions about Barack Obama's refusal to fully repudiate him.

Seminar in Shamelessness.  Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn gave a seminar in shamelessness last week.  On the road to promote their new book Race Course Against White Supremacy, the radical couple sat in armchairs on a small stage at Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library, conducting a "dialogue" instead of the usual book-tour speech.

Bill Ayers is back.  Bill Ayers has kept a low profile since President Obama took office, so we thought he might have gone underground again.  That was until we ran into him in Baltimore on Wednesday [5/13/2009] and he lobbed a bomb at one of our editorial writers.

Ayers, Dohrn say racism not dead.  So how do a couple of ex-radical anti-war activists spend Memorial Day? Former "Weather Underground" activists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn held a discussion about whether President Obama's election moved America past racism — far from it they say — at the Hyde Park Arts Center.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn Appear on C-SPAN.  Ayers, 65, and Dohrn, 67, are the radical 1960s antiwar activists and, for eleven years until they turned themselves into authorities in 1981, former underground fugitives from justice who were among the founders of the violent domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground.  In recent years, Ayers has gained some notoriety for comments he made that appear to defend his bomb making past (gaining for him in some circles the moniker "unrepentant domestic terrorist") and for his murky but apparently influential association during the 1990s with the then new-on-the-scene, up-and-coming Chicago politician, Barack H. Obama.

Obama Associate Implicated in Murder.  The sub-headline over the September 16 article says it all:  "The investigation into a cop killing in the '70s leads to a law professor who helped launch Barack Obama's political career."  The law professor is former Communist terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, a leader of the Weather Underground known for praising mass murderer Charles Manson.  Writer Peter Jamison, who is based in San Francisco, where the cop killing occurred, spent months working on the story and developed many different sources of information.

The Obama-Ayers meeting:  What you haven't been told.  A new book released today uncovers for the first time where and how President Obama first met Weather Underground terrorist-group founder William Ayers — and it is much earlier than previously believed.  The book reveals the two were brought together by a student of radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, whose name, it has emerged, was obscured in Obama's autobiography "Dreams from My Father."

Ayers, Dohrn helped organize flotilla group.  Former Weather Underground leaders William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, as well as Code Pink founder Jodie Evans, helped organize the Free Gaza Movement, which launched the six-ship flotilla from Turkey to Israel that ended in a violent clash with Israeli Defense Forces, BigGovernment.com reported.

Ayers, Dorhn helped organize 'peace' flotilla.  We should have known.  The techniques used by violent radicals in the 1960's are perfectly suited to this kind of war that Hamas is fighting against Israel.  No doubt Ayers and Dorhn were able to school their less experienced colleagues in the art of violent propaganda.

The Left-Fascist Axis Again.  We are seeing another Left-fascist axis in our time, recapitulating Stalin's (and worldwide communism's) embrace of Hitler's Germany.  The Gaza flotilla crisis was set up by the radical Left (Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jodie Evans and other Obama buds), in collusion with Hamas, which is about as fascist as they get.

Turning Down The Terrorist Emeritus.  In an era when our universities have become liberal re-education camps, '60s radical William Ayers has been denied professor emeritus status.  For one brief instance, academia shows a spine.

Will the Truth Catch Up to Bill Ayers and his Comrades?  Christopher G. Kennedy, chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, led the effort to deny Bill Ayers the title of professor emeritus because Ayers had written a book dedicated in part to the killer of his father, Robert F. Kennedy.  But this "book," titled, Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, had been written back in 1974.  Let's hope that Christopher Kennedy's expression of disgust can not only lead to a review of what Ayers said but what he did — in the form of eyewitness testimony that Ayers had knowledge of a bombing plot that took the life of San Francisco Police Officer Brian V. McDonnell back in 1970.  The case is still open and will be the subject of an October 21 conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Obama's Prairie Fire Companion.  Every now and then, our monolithic, woefully over-priced universities do something right.  A case in point is the news that University of Illinois trustees have denied emeritus status to a tenured faculty member:  Bill Ayers.

Controversy Trails Ayers in Retirement.  Bill Ayers, the former Weather Underground radical, retired from the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago this summer, but he is still stirring up controversy at the school.

A Horrid Crime, a Dishonest Debate.  On June 5, 1968, a deranged 25-year-old Jordanian named Sirhan Sirhan slithered through a crowd toward Sen. Robert Kennedy as the Democratic presidential candidate basked in the glow of his California presidential primary triumph.  Sirhan shot and killed Kennedy, wounding several others. ... Two people profoundly impressed by the assassination were the terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  In 1974, they dedicated their own communist manifesto, Prairie Fire, to Sirhan, hailing him — among a cast of violent radicals — as a courageous political prisoner.

Bill Ayers Admits For Second Time He Wrote Obama's 'Dreams From My Father'.  For the second time in less than eighteen months, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers admitted he wrote Barack Obama's book "Dreams From My Father."  This time, it was recorded on videotape as he was speaking last Thursday [3/24/2011] at Montclair State University.

Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams from my Father.  Last Thursday evening [3/24/2011] at Montclair State University, with a video camera rolling, Bill Ayers volunteered that yes indeed he had written the acclaimed Barack Obama memoir, Dreams from My Father.

Still duped after all these years.  [Scroll down]  Consider probably the best-known communist radical on the public's radar:  Bill Ayers.  Ayers achieved infamy in the 1970s when he and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, formed the Weather Underground.  Committed to the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, Ayers and comrades were wanted for terrorist activities.  Ultimately, they managed to evade prison time.  Where did Ayers end up?  Columbia University accepted him into John Dewey's Teachers College, where he earned a Ph.D.  He became a tenured professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, training public-school teachers to be "change agents."

Former American radical Bill Ayers again denied access to Canada.  Former American radical Bill Ayers has once again been barred from entering Canada.  Mr. Ayers was scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the Worldview Conference on Media and Higher Education this Thursday [6/16/2011] in Toronto.

The Editor says...
Who says he's a former radical?  And why won't Canada let him in?  There must be a good reason.

Obama Pal Dohrn Linked to Mexican Killer Case.  Crime reporter and blogger Tina Trent says that President Obama's intervention on behalf of an illegal alien killer can be traced back to a 2003 conference that featured Bernardine Dohrn, Van Jones, and representatives of the Soros-funded Open Society Institute.

Destroying the system from within.  You may remember [Bill] Ayers from his tangential role in the 2008 presidential election.  It turns out that he was an early supporter of Barack Obama and had helped the future president get jobs on two boards that divvied up millions of dollars in education and anti-poverty grants.  That wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that Ayers is best known for blowing things up.  As a founding member of the Weather Underground, he turned to violence in the late 1960s as an approved tactic for bringing about social change.  That may have been the most dangerous thing Bill Ayers did in the turbulent Sixties, but it is certainly not the most effective technique he found for changing America from a capitalist nation to a communistic one.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud.  Two terrorists for the notorious Weather Underground led in launching Obama on his political career.  They were William "Bill" Ayres, and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn.  Although the terrorist activities of these two were some years ago, Ayres was reported by the New York Times, on 9/11/2001, as saying about their own terrorist acts:  "I don't regret setting bombs.  I feel we didn't do enough."

Why care about Ayers?  If Ayers is irrelevant, then so is Barack Obama.  If Ayers is irrelevant, then so is Hillary Clinton.  If Ayers is irrelevant, then so are dozens of top-level players and consultants in and out of the Obama administration such as Cass Sunstein, Anita Dunn, Valerie Jarrett, Carol Browner and Ron Bloom.  All of those people — Obama, Clinton and the rest — have ties to radical organizations either dating to the 1960s such as SDS or Saul Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation or to later socialist organizations that shared the goal of dismantling American society and rebuilding it as a socialist state.  You merely need to read their own words to see that none of this is secret.

What price Ayers?  The Illinois Humanities Council is a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities; frequent subject Jim Leach presides as chairman of the NEH.  The NEH provides almost all the funding for the IHC, but the IHC is looking for more.  It has posted the Public Square's tenth anniversary online fundraising auction with 12 items up for bid.  The bidding opened yesterday and runs through December 19.  Item 2 is dinner for six with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the unrepentant terrorists and former friends of Barack Obama.

Dinner with terror ringleaders: $2,500.  For the low, low price of $2,500, one lucky bidder and five friends are set to have dinner cooked for them by Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  The auction was hosted by the Illinois Humanities Council (IHC), a non-profit founded — and still funded — by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Bidders were invited to "[e]njoy an unforgettable and scintillating dinner for a party of six cooked by veteran activists and educators Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

$2,500 to Sup with Ayers and Dohrn — How Much for Dinner with Manson?  In the sixties, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn were members of the Weather Underground, a communist terrorist group that planted bombs at the Pentagon, the Capitol building, and other government buildings.  Ayers himself planted a bomb at a statue commemorating police casualties during the 1886 Haymarket riots in Chicago.  When a bomb he was hoping would kill American soldiers in New Jersey exploded prematurely in a house, Ayers became for ten years a fugitive from justice, but all charges against him were dropped in 1980 when an FBI program that was investigating the Weathermen was accused of improprieties.  Ayers, however, remains unrepentant, saying in 2001:  "I don't regret setting bombs...  I feel we didn't do enough."

Tucker Carlson Wins Dinner with Bill Ayers.  Conservative correspondent Tucker Carlson has bid on and won a dinner with controversial Vietnam-era radical Bill Ayers in a fundraiser for the Illinois Humanities Council, the group confirmed today [12/16/2011].  As part of the auction item, Carlson, of Fox News and The Daily Caller, will have dinner with the former college professor who has written about helping with bombings at the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and other government sites.

Dinner With Terrorists.  If you were running the Illinois Humanities Council and a famous terrorist offered to help in your fundraising drive, what would you do?  If you said, "slam down the phone" or something to that effect, it just shows how remote you are from the sensibilities of the Obama age.  Because, in fact, when Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers offered to auction "dinner for six" at their house, the IHC cheerfully accepted.

Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson, Breitbart, dine with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn in Chicago.  Chicago's Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn — vilified during Barack Obama's 2008 election and beyond as former Weather underground leaders — served dinner to Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson and his guests Sunday, after the founder of the conservative website bought time with the couple at an Illinois Humanities Council auction.

Andrew Breitbart On Dinner With Bill Ayers: He's 'A Sociopath' But A Great Chef.  Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson "mischievously" bid on a dinner with none other than the "Bonnie and Clyde of the radical left," Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  And, of course, he invited pal Andrew Breitbart to come along.  "It was Look Who's Coming to Dinner, Part II," Breitbart joked.

Bill Ayers: That Breitbart Fellow Sure Was a "Bomb-thrower," Wasn't He?  Unrepentant domestic terrorist and long-time Barack Obama associate Bill Ayers exhibits his trademark generosity of spirit and self-awareness by smearing recently deceased conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart as — of all things — a "bomb-thrower of the radical Right."

What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama.  [Scroll down]  Obama would have needed help to get into Harvard.  Friendly biographer David Remnick tells us that Obama was an "unspectacular" student in his two years at Columbia and at every stop before that going back to grade school.  A Northwestern University professor, John L. McKnight, although a friend of Obama's and a fellow Alinskyite, reinforces the point, telling Remnick, "I don't think [Obama] did too well in college."  As to Obama's LSAT scores, Jimmy Hoffa's body will be unearthed before those are.

Barack's People:  A founding member of the Weather Underground and unrepentant terrorist, he and his wife planted explosives in federal buildings in 1970s.  He hosted one of the first fundraisers for our transformational messiah.  He was just a guy in the neighborhood, the president has claimed.  A neighborhood in which a convicted felon, Antoin Rezko, helped our future president buy the mansion he could not afford for less than it was worth.  Yet Ayers' style of writing bears remarkable similarities to the president's first autobiography Dreams from My Father, but not to anything else the president has ever penned before or after, thin though the selection may be, limited by a decided lack of production from the smartest man to ever hold the office.

Revisiting the Guy in Obama's Neighborhood.  The relationship between William Ayers and President Obama is back in the news again.  American conservatives are toying with the idea of renewing their quixotic mission of shattering the dream world of the sixty percent of the population that reflexively blocks its ears and sings every time Obama's past is questioned.

Postman: Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school.  Did the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers help finance Barack Obama's Harvard education?  Did Ayers' mother believe Obama was a foreign student?  And was the young Obama convinced at the time — long before he even entered politics — that he was going to become president of the United States?  A retired U.S. Postal Service carrier who delivered mail to Tom and Mary Ayers in a Chicago suburb in the late 1980s and early 1990s and claims to have met Obama in front of the Ayers home emphatically says yes to all three questions.

Why the Ayers family helped Obama.  As Jerome Corsi reported Tuesday in WND, there is excellent reason to believe that Bill Ayers' parents, Tom and Mary Ayers, helped put Barack Obama through Harvard Law School.  This assertion has generated substantial media interest not only because of the credibility of the story's source, retired mailman Allen Hulton, but also because the story fits all the known facts and resolves at least one major mystery.

Bill Ayers' Semi-Fictional Black Surrogates.  In this much ballyhooed season of "vetting," please allow me to zero in anew on Barack Obama's Achilles heel — namely, his willingness to take credit for a book that he did not write in any meaningful way.  This would be the book on which his genius myth is founded:  his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father.  From early on, I have argued that terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers, a skilled writer and editor, is the primary craftsman behind Dreams.  Thanks to the video interview of mailman Allen Hulton by WND's Jerome Corsi, we have a clearer picture of why Ayers would have invested so much time in this project and how he might have been reimbursed.

William Ayers: 'I get up every morning thinking [...] today I'm gonna end capitalism'.  William Ayers, in a pep talk to an Occupy Wall Street gaggle, said he wakes up every morning thinking about how he's going to end capitalism — though he acknowledged he goes to bed "every night disappointed."

Obama Lived Less Than One Mile From Bill Ayers During The Mysterious New York Years.  It all makes sense now.  Putting the openly communist Van Jones in charge of vast power over the economy, who after being outed to this day is seeking rioting and revolution.  Gorging the government with far-Left radicals from the EPA to the NLRB.  Dividing the country with class envy and racial hatred.  Spending the country into oblivion.

Senator Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers Barbecue, July 4, 2005.  As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama disavowed any connection with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground radical who was one of Obama's early backers and his colleague on the board of the Woods Fund in Chicago.  We now have proof that Obama's association with Ayers continued even after Obama had been elected to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate — in the form of a now-scrubbed blog post placing Obama at the home of Ayers and his wife, fellow radical Bernardine Dohrn, on July 4, 2005.

Ayers and Obama: What the Media Hid.  According to Bill Ayers' next door neighbor, Senator Barack Obama was a guest at a 4th of July party Ayers hosted in 2005.  The date is significant because it effectively undercuts the claim, made by the Obama campaign during the 2008 election cycle, that Obama and Ayers were merely acquaintances who had only crossed paths a few times since 2000.  Obama's attendance at the party suggests they were friends.

William Ayers a keynote speaker next month at the Association of Teacher Educators conference.  The Association of Teacher Educators has recruited Chicago professor — and former domestic terrorist — William Ayers to speak at their the 2013 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia which will be held next month.  William Ayers, a co-founder of the radical Weather Underground domestic terror group, was a key figure during the 2008 presidential campaign due to his Chicago ties to then-Senator Obama.

Bill Ayers to Keynote National Teacher Conference in February.  Left-wing '60s radical and onetime domestic terrorist Bill Ayers will be a keynote speaker at the Association of Teacher Educators annual conference in Atlanta next month.  Ayers gained notoriety alongside his wife Bernardine Dohrn as a member of the Weather Underground during the Vietnam War.  He was involved in Chicago's "Days of Rage" riot in 1969 and went underground as a fugitive from justice after an accidental Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in 1970 killed three Weather Underground members who were preparing a bomb that prematurely detonated.

Total Destruction of the U.S.: An Interview with Larry Grathwohl.  Larry Grathwohl is the military veteran who volunteered to infiltrate the Weather Underground as an FBI operative in 1969.  He is probably best-known for his firsthand account of a Weatherman meeting at which the organization's leadership, including the future Professor Ayers, discussed the logistics of how, after the communist revolution they were trying to spearhead, they would murder the ten percent of the American population that would likely remain resistant to the communists' re-education program.

The Endgame for the Destruction of the United States.  The connections between Barack and Bill include having shared an office for at least three years in Chicago, being co-members on two boards in which Barack was the chairman, and one of which was called the Annenberg Challenge[, which] was charged with the dissemination of approximately $100 million to educational institutions in the Chicago area.  Bill Ayers has been associated with the writing of Barack's book, Dreams from My Father, through content analysis, and on three occasions Bill has admitted that he wrote this book and then later retracted his comments.

Feted or fetid?
Bill Ayers is now a feted visiting scholar at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  School officials at Minnesota State University Moorhead have selected left-wing radical and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers as the 2013 College of Education and Human Services "visiting scholar," according to Campus Reform.

Obama and Ayers: It's Too Late.  Now we have yet another confirmation of what we have known:  Obama is, indeed, a liar who keeps company with terrorists!  But "It's Too Late" now to do anything about the situation.  Where was the MSM when it wasn't too late?

American Hero Larry Grathwohl Dead.  It was Grathwohl who awakened America to the inherent dangers of Barack Obama in the run up to the 2008 presidential election when he described a meeting he attended where Bill Ayers and Weather Underground members talked openly about how they would have to murder an estimated 25 million people following the revolution they were then attempting to foment.

The Midnight Ride of Larry Grathwohl.  Larry Grathwohl, the man who informed the world of the coldest truths about Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, and the Weather Underground, has died.  When I say "informed the world," I mean that he made the truth available, although most people blithely ignored it.

Bill Ayers, reincarnated ACORN ask United Nations to intervene in Chicago school closings.  Noted American terrorist and left-wing radical Bill Ayers is among the signatories of a letter calling on the United Nations to probe the closing of 49 Chicago elementary schools based on claims that it is causing massive human rights violations.  The "letter of allegation" is 24 pages long and contains 17 footnotes. [...] In addition to Ayers, others signers of the letter include four people associated with Action Now, an Illinois community-organizing group that split off from ACORN just before it dissolved because of financial problems and scandals.

Former terrorist Bill Ayers speaks about palling around with Obama.  Unrepentant former terrorist Bill Ayers was an invited dignitary at the University of Chicago's International House last week, plugging his latest ode to himself in book form, reports The College Fix. [...] At the University of Chicago event, Ayers said he was "amazed" to be "cast as some kind of public enemy" just because he had been a co-founder of the Weather Underground and a violent communist radical in the 1960s and 1970s.

Deconstructing Bill Ayers.  As was true in his 2001 memoir Fugitive Days, Ayers deceives in ways big and small.  This book would not have been published were it not for Ayers's relationship with Barack Obama, but he refuses to come clean about that relationship.

Unrepentant Terrorist Ayers' Book Bombs, Despite MSNBC Support.  Sadly, Public Enemy bombed, according to Bookscan numbers, which track book sales through traditional bookstores and Amazon.com.  From October 6 through October 20, Ayers sold a grand total of 467 copies of his book.

Bill Ayers: Left Wing Somehow Duped into Believing Obama Was a Leftist.  According to radical activist and Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers, American leftists were duped by prevailing conservative narratives into believing that President Obama himself was a tried-and-true leftist, and not the "middle-of-the-road" politician he declares himself to be.  Speaking at a Washington, D.C., book store last Friday [11/22/2013], Ayers explained that despite living near Obama in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood and crossing paths many times during their activism, he never viewed the future president as a dedicated "leftist" like himself.

Terrorist Ayers Confesses Sharing Obama's 'Dreams'.  We know ObamaCare was sold on a lie, but what about the Obama presidency itself?  Rumors that Obama's violent leftist pal Bill Ayers ghostwrote the memoir that launched his political career may actually be true.  Obama has always claimed authorship of his bestselling "Dreams From My Father."  But Ayers is telling a different story.

Bill Ayers' Role in Obama Book Questioned Again.  Questions are being raised again about the role Bill Ayers, a former radical activist turned elementary-education theorist, played in the writing of President Barack Obama's bestselling memoir, "Dreams From My Father."  Ayers, a 1969 co-founder of the self-described communist revolutionary group Weather Underground, is now promoting his new book, "Public Enemy," and his publisher is using suggestions that Ayers wrote the president's book in its publicity material, Investor's Business Daily reports.

Common Core Roots Lie in Ties Between Barack Obama, Bill Ayers.  Just prior to the presidential election of 2008, Dr. Stanley Kurtz, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, wrote an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal in which he observed that then-Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama's "most important executive experience" was heading up the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), an education foundation that was the invention of Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground in the 1960s.  Obama led the CAC from 1995 to 1999 and remained on the board until 2001.  The foundation funneled more than $100 million into community organizations and radical education activists.

Bill Ayers Fizzles at Dartmouth Debate with Dinesh D'Souza.  When you look at Ayers with his little loop earrings and scruffy beard, and hear his sarcastic comebacks to D'Souza, you can't imagine him being any more interested in "social justice" for humanity than that outside his million dollar apartment.  Ayers threw out numbers and pretend facts, as most progressives do for emotional effect, but D'Souza caught him on a couple of them.  For instance, Ayers said 90% of indigenous Native Americans were killed off by the Europeans who slaughtered them to gain the land; but D'Souza corrected him and said most of the indigenous people died from diseases brought in from foreigners.  Genocide or disease, a big difference.

Common Core: How The Left Will Grow Its Power in America's Schools.  In 2012, terrorist and activist Chicago professor Bill Ayers told his followers that the left had "absolute access to the community, the school... the classroom," and that is where it should do its "movement-building."  In October of 2009, when speculation had arisen that Ayers had been the real author of Barack Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father, the activist was in Washington D.C. to present a keynote address at a conference sponsored by the Renaissance Group.

Bernardine Dohrn's Nomination For The First Circuit Court of Appeals.  What are the chances that Bernardine Dohrn, the wife of Bill Ayres, and a principal signatory on the Weather Underground's "Declaration of a State of War" in May 1970 could be appointed as a judge in a Federal Court? [...] Until August 2013, she was a clinical Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law. Bernardine Dohrn's resume is almost as appealing as the President's resume when he was elected to the presidency.  Bernardine's husband was a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and close friend of the President of the United States.

Megyn Kelly Goes Toe-to-Toe with Bill Ayers.  Megyn Kelly faced off with former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers in an explosive interview tonight [6/30/2014] in which Kelly repeatedly confronted Ayers about bombings and killings that the radical group was reportedly involved in.  Kelly asked Ayers how many bombings he was personally responsible for.  Ayers declined to answer, but did acknowledge the "terrible risk" they took with some of their more out-there tactics.  Kelly grilled him on how the Weather Underground "declared a state of war against the U.S. government" and encouraged violence.

Revisiting the Obama-Ayers Connection.  Many of you probably watched portions, if not all of, Megyn Kelly's interviews with Bill Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist of yesteryear.  Kelly did her usual excellent job of pressing Ayers on his violent past.  But Stanley Kurtz wishes she had pressed Ayers more about his relationship with Barack Obama.  For, as Kurtz points out, Ayers and Obama had a much tighter political alliance than Ayers admitted to on Kelly's show.

Only Difference Between Dylann Roof and Bill Ayers Is Legitimacy Among the Left.  Bill Ayers is an unrepentant domestic terrorist.  Dylann Roof is an unrepentant domestic terrorist.  Bill Ayers despises America.  Dylann Roof despises America.  Bill Ayers's terror group The Weather Underground targeted and murdered innocent people.  Dylann Roof targeted and murdered innocent people.  Bill Ayers used murder and violence and terror as a weapon for political change.  Dylann Roof used murder and violence and terror as a weapon for political change.  Bill Ayers wanted a race war.  Dylann Roof wants a race war.

What evidence lurks at the University of Illinois?

University won't open Obama-related records now.  The University of Illinois on Tuesday refused to release records relating to Barack Obama's service to a nonprofit group linked to former 1960s radical activist William Ayers.  The university's Chicago campus said the donor of the records that document the work of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge has not yet turned over ownership rights to the material.

School seals records on Obama's service with radical Ayers.  These annoying journalists are at it again, trying to poke around into papers in the background of candidates' lives.  This time it involves freshman Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, his friend and former radical activist William Ayers and the University of Illinois.

Bill & Barack's Excellent Adventure.  We soon will know much more about the period of collaboration between Obama and Ayers following the start of the CAC [Chicago Annenberg Challenge].  Even if the archives continue to be withheld from public scrutiny, the cat is out of the bag with the documents available to all. The formidable analytical engine of bloggers trading insights and new data is warming up.  But the period prior to 1995, the time when Bill and Barack, the terrorist and the presidential aspirant, got to know one another and build the relationship of trust, is one excellent adventure likely to remain obscure.

Founding Brothers:  New evidence strongly suggests that Barack Obama has been less than forthcoming about the role that unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers may have played in choosing him to lead the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC).  Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, I have obtained an e-mail message from former CAC executive director, Ken Rolling, to Warren Chapman and Anne Hallett, two of CAC's three co-founders. Bill Ayers was the third founder. ... [I]n the immediate wake of my attempt to gain access to the CAC records, Rolling appears to have been maneuvering, both to block my access, and to make sure that the full story of who chose Obama as CAC head would not come out.

Barack Obama records sealed at Illinois.  The University of Illinois has refused to release records related to Sen. Barack Obama's service for a nonprofit educational project that put him in contact with activist William Ayers, a 1960s-era radical and now education professor.  The university's Chicago campus maintains that the donor of the records that document the work of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge has not handed over ownership rights.

Conservative Scholar Takes On U. of Illinois in Fight Over Papers Linked to Obama.  Stanley Kurtz suspects that the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is playing down his ties to the radical left.  The conservative scholar just can't prove it.  That's because the University of Illinois at Chicago, which houses the papers of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge — a defunct education foundation with ties to both Mr. Obama and the former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers — won't let him see the papers.

When Daley says shhh, library is quiet on Obama.  [Stanley] Kurtz believes the documents may show Obama and Ayers were close — far closer than Obama has acknowledged — over oodles of foundation gifts on education projects the two worked on together.  First the librarians told Kurtz yes, come look.  But by the time Kurtz landed in Chicago, the librarians changed their minds.  The donor of the documents hadn't cleared his research.  Perhaps they'll let him look at the documents on Nov. 5.

Obama's Lost Annenberg Years Coming to Light.  [Scroll down]  Add in the fact that former Weatherman and admitted terrorist William Ayers (whom Obama described in the Philadelphia debate as merely a "neighbor") was head of the operating arm of the CAC, working with Obama on distributing scores of millions of dollars to grantees in the wards of the city, and you have a topic that the Obama campaign wishes to avoid at all costs.  A compliant media has averted its eyes so far.

University to release Obama records.  In the 1990s, Ayers was instrumental in starting the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was awarded nearly $50 million by a foundation to help reform Chicago schools.  Ayers is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Obama and Ayers have other ties.  Ayers held a meet-the-candidate event at his home for Obama when Obama first ran for office in the mid-1990s.  Ayers and Obama live in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood.

Can Obama Survive the Annenberg Cover-up?  The last thing Obama should want made public are his dubious associates.  The public has had some exposure to his long time spiritual adviser, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, many have heard of the convicted Chicago fixer Tony Rezko, and some have just a bit of knowledge about William Ayers.

U of I at Chicago opens Ayers records.  The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was set up to support school reform, promote literacy, teacher training and community involvement in Chicago Public Schools.  The $49 million grant from Annenberg was — at the time — the largest private gift ever to the Chicago school district.  Barack Obama was the board chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge board for its first three years.

Files linking Obama to '60s radical a hot commodity.  The UIC records showed that Ayers was instrumental in securing the $50 million education grant to reform Chicago Public Schools, part of a national initiative funded by the late Ambassador Walter Annenberg.  After Chicago was awarded the money, Obama served as president of the Challenge's board of directors, the fiscal arm that disbursed the grants to schools and raised private matching funds.

Annenberg Papers:  Putting On Ayers?  The Obama camp tries to suppress a campaign ad and university archives linking the candidate to a '60s terrorist who hosted his first campaign fundraiser.  Is he being "swiftboated," or is this a cover-up?

Obama tipped off about search of Annenberg Records.  If there is an innocent explanation, the University should give it.  But it is very hard to see how this is anything except partisans at both the U of I and the Obama campaign working together to scrub records that may have had extremely damaging information about the relationship between Obama and William Ayers.

Obama's Plumbers:  Since the spring, [Professor Steve] Diamond has led the investigation into the intimate working relationship between Obama and Ayers that dates back at least to the beginning of 1995 and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Grants.  Diamond believes this group is not harmless.  "It's a 'Plumbers' unit.  You know, we are old enough to recall the Plumbers in Richard Nixon's White House.  This is like that.  The job is to stop anyone trying to use the (Chicago) Annenberg (Challenge) papers to figure out how Ayers and Obama worked together on education."

Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools.  Despite having authored two autobiographies, Barack Obama has never written about his most important executive experience.  From 1995 to 1999, he led an education foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), and remained on the board until 2001.  The group poured more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers and radical education activists.  The CAC was the brainchild of Bill Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground in the 1960s.

Cowardly Bill Ayers Seeks Police Protection.  It's been quite a turnaround for Bill Ayers.  The Communist terrorist who planned bombings of police stations, in order to inflict maximum injury and death on police officers, is now depending on the police at the University of Illinois, where he is a "distinguished" professor, to protect him from the tough questions of students' parents.

McCain campaign ad shines a light on the Ayers connection

... and Obama's reaction shows that McCain hit a sore spot.

Obama dogged by links to 1960s radical.  Conservatives are stepping up efforts to turn 1960s radical Bill Ayers into a political liability for Barack Obama.  This spring, Obama's links to Ayers briefly became a campaign controversy.  Now American Issues Project is spending $2.8 million to air a TV ad highlighting links between Obama and Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground Organization, which opposed the Vietnam War and was responsible for several bombings.

The Biggest Goof Yet.  In the next 24 hours thousands if not millions of voters who never heard of or didn't understand the extent of the Obama-Ayers relationship are going to get a full education.  That Justice Department complaint is a stunt reeking of abject panic.  Really, isn't this just unlimited free publicity for the McCain accusations?

Does Obama support free speech or not?  The latest example of this growing anti-First Amendment mentality is Obama's heavy-handed response to a television ad by an independent nonprofit that raises some very basic questions about the Illinois senator's relationship with William Ayers, the unrepentant 1960s terrorist bomber.  Obama's campaign has encouraged supporters to flood television stations with protests whenever they see the ad.  Nothing wrong with that, but the other thrust of the Obama response was to ask the Justice Department to intervene to stop further airing of the ad.

Obama's Worst Fear:  A private group is running an ad questioning [Obama's] ties to unrepentant '60s Chicago terrorist, William Ayers, and the Obama camp is doing everything in its power to suppress it.  The extreme reaction shows how nervous Obama and [David] Axelrod are about negative ads ripping off the mask of moderation they've worked so hard to craft for him.

Ayers Head:  Barack Obama's supporters insist that an ad from a conservative group attacking his ties to unrepentant 1970s radical William Ayers is irrelevant to the campaign. … You wouldn't know that from the reaction of the Obama campaign.

Obama's Friend, America's Enemy.  Have you ever been a friend or business associate of a terrorist?  Not someone who, to your shock and horror, turned out secretly to have bombed government buildings.  No, the question is whether you've ever befriended an unreconstructed radical whose past was well known to you when you entered his orbit and walked through doors he opened for you.  Have you been chummy with an unapologetic terrorist who, years after you'd known and worked closely with him, was still telling the New York Times he regretted only failing to carry out more attacks — and that America still "makes me want to puke"?

Frank Marshall Davis

Background material:
The Communist.  by Paul Kengor.

REDSINGOVERNMENT.CON.  As Paul Kengor noted in The Communist:  Frank Marshall Davis: the Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor, Davis had an FBI file 600 pages long, and he was a security risk who would have been arrested in time of war.  In Dreams from My Real Father, filmmaker Joel Gilbert made the case that Davis was the president's biological father, which explains the references to him as "Pop" when the president, then known as Barry Soetoro, was a student at Occidental college.  None of the evasions about his background prevented Barry's rise to U.S. Senator.  The old-line establishment media saw to that with a massive trahison des clercs, as Julian Benda put it.  The "birther" campaign was simply the narrator's red herring to throw people off Frank's scent.  In 2008, the candidate calling himself Barack Obama became president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world.  Professor Kengor saw "remarkable similarities" between the president's policies and the writings of Frank Marshall Davis.  The president's advisers included nobody with any connection to the Kenyan Barack H. Obama.  The key White House players came from Davis' old Stalinist network in Chicago, notably Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, a Red diaper baby who, like the president, never rebelled against the leftist politics of his parents.

Does Obama's Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?  At age ten, the child Barry Soetoro was sent by his biological mother from Jakarta, Indonesia to Hawaii, where his grandparents apparently handed him over to the care of a person of known and questionable character, his "mentor," Frank Marshall Davis.  There is no known legal basis for this double transfer of parental responsibility. [...] Davis shows strong features of oppositional-defiant disorder, a compulsive need to break the boundaries of socially accepted behavior.  For example, he allegedly took naked photos of Obama's mother, dedicated his life to the Communist Party at a time when it was viewed as a threat to national survival, wrote passages involving pedophilia, and expressed his rage in racial terms.  Davis mixed his obsessive racial anger with sexual provocation and revolutionary politics.  He was not a fantasy revolutionary.  He really hated those he considered enemies.  As an adult, Barack Obama shows many of the same psychological features.  Other father figures in Obama's life are also enraged, racially charged, and emotionally obsessive.  Jeremiah Wright is an obvious example, but he is not the only one.  The important point is that the young Barry Soetoro lived with father figures who were consumed with racial hatred.

What makes Obama tick?  Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was pro-Soviet, pro-Red China and wrote for Party-line publications such as the Chicago Star and the Honolulu Record; contributors to the former actually served as secret agents for Joseph Stalin.  Davis argued that President Harry Truman was a fascist, racist, and imperialist, and the United States was handing West Germany back to the Nazis, while Stalin was pursuing "democracy" in East Germany and throughout the Communist Bloc.  He portrayed America's leaders as "aching for an excuse to launch a nuclear nightmare of mass murder and extermination" against the Soviets and the Chinese — as eager to end all civilization.  According to Paul Kengor, writing in The American Spectator, there are some truly remarkable similarities between the political actions of Obama and the ideas contained in Frank Marshall Davis' columns, such as: [...]

The Washington Post Sugarcoats Obama's Communist Mentor.  [Scroll down]  If Rudy merits "Three Pinocchios," then Barack Obama deserves at least 22 for expunging all 22 references to "Frank" in the audio version of Dreams from My Father that was released in 2005, as he prepared for a run for the presidency and no doubt feared being tied to closely to a man who joined the Communist Party under Stalin and had been so radical that the federal government placed him on the Security Index.  By completely scrubbing all mentions of "Frank" from the audio version of Dreams, which Obama himself personally approved (as the jacket design says) and narrates in his own voice, Obama deliberately concealed Davis.

Obama, Jarrett, and Axelrod, All Connected to Communist Frank Marshall Davis.  It seems that not only Obama was connected to Frank Marshall Davis, but the president's two most trusted friends and advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, can also trace their political heritage back to Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA of the 1940s.

Dreams From Frank Marshall Davis.  It is fascinating that Davis and the Obama family shared an unlikely geographical path, with Davis moving from Kansas to Chicago to Honolulu, and with Barack Obama's family living in Kansas before moving to Honolulu and then (for Barack) on to Chicago.  Both Stanley Dunham and Davis grew up in Kansas in the 1920s, but they did not know each other.  Another source very familiar with these relationships is Kathryn Takara, a University of Hawaii professor and Davis biographer.  She knew Davis for 15 years and was so close that she talked to him the day he died.  She said that Davis "nurtured a sense of possibility" in Obama, which is evident "in the way that Barack Obama carries himself, walks, and talks."  Takara states that Frank handed on to Obama "a sense of believing that change can happen."  Given that "change" became the one-word mantra of the entire Obama political movement, this is no small statement.

Big Mentor: The Troika — Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett.  When Frank Marshall Davis was in Chicago in the 1940s, he hooked up with every communist front-group under the sun — and there were tons of them.  One of the worst was the American Peace Mobilization, which Congress correctly identified as "one of the most seditious organizations which ever operated in the United States" — "one of the most notorious and blatantly communist fronts ever organized in this country."  This group, in 1940, pushed to keep America out of the war against Hitler.  Why?  Because, at that point, Hitler had just signed an alliance with Stalin.  American communists, being loyal Soviet patriots with a sworn allegiance to the USSR, always backed Stalin.  It's a long story, but Frank Marshall Davis worked with this front group.  And the 1944 Congressional report listing his involvement also lists the involvement of a fellow Chicagoan named Robert Taylor.  Taylor was the grandfather of Valerie Jarrett

Is Frank Marshall Davis the Father of Barack Obama?  There is a strong evidence that the Communist Party USA propagandist, Frank Marshall Davis was both Obama's biological and ideological father, and likely indoctrinated Obama in Marxism during his formative years. [...] Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987) was a Communist Party USA (CPUSA) propagandist in Chicago and Hawaii, as well as a writer and poet.  The FBI had Davis under investigation or surveillance for 19 years, compiling a 600-page FBI file.  He was on the FBI's 'Security Index A', meaning he would be arrested in the event of national emergency.  In 1930's Chicago, CPUSA recruited journalists to help spread Soviet influence in American public opinion.  Frank Marshall Davis was one of them.

Giuliani: Obama under communist influence since age 9.  "From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist," Giuliani told the New York City tabloid, which has also devoted recent cover real estate to hammering Obama's unwillingness to refer to the ISIS terror group as "Islamic extremists."  Giuliani also saw fit to revive the debate over Obama's former attendance at the Chicago church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which was a frequent conservative tactic from the 2008 campaign.

The Editor says...
The time to have this discussion was about six years ago.  Unfortunately, in 2007 most Republicans and all Democrats were afraid to question Mr. Obama's loyalty to this country, reluctant to express doubts about his qualifications, and hesitant to verify his citizenship.  Guess why.

Giuliani: Obama influenced by communists since youth.  "From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist," [Rudy] Giuliani said.  The ex-mayor added that Obama's grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist.  Giuliani also said another bad influence on Obama was Saul Alinsky, a community organizer whom the ex-mayor called a "socialist."  The man once called "America's mayor" also sharply criticized the president for having been a member of a church led by radical Chicago Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Reagan, Like Rudy, Tied Democrats to Communists.  [Scroll down]  Call me skeptical.  But if all these Obama defenders taking such umbrage really believe this topic of the ideological influence of Communism inside the highest ranks of the Democratic Party wasn't mainstreamed decades ago by Ronald Reagan himself — and more to the point is even more relevant after six years of a presidency run by a man whose major childhood mentor was in fact a distinctly famous card-carrying communist?  Then one suspects there is an agenda at work here.

Here's the Guy Rudy Is Talking About: Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party no. 47544.  Frank Marshall Davis (1905-87) was a hardcore communist, an actual card-carrying member of Communist Party USA (CPUSA), who spent time with a young Barack Obama throughout the 1970s, right up until the moment Obama left Hawaii for Occidental College in 1979.  Davis joined the Communist Party in Chicago in the early 1940s.  CPUSA members swore an oath to "ensure the triumph of Soviet power in the United States."  They were dedicated to what CPUSA leader William Z. Foster had openly called "Soviet America."

Obama's Mysterious Mentor "Frank" Resurfaces.  Yesterday's news became big news on the Fox News Channel last week when former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani brought up the name of President Barack Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. [...] Davis was a member of the Communist Party and a suspected Soviet espionage agent.  He was included in the FBI's security index, meaning that Davis could be arrested or detained in the event of a national emergency.  The FBI file on Davis documents his anti-white and pro-Soviet views, infiltration of the Hawaii Democratic Party, and other activities.  Davis also wrote an autobiographical and pornographic sex novel, Sex Rebel, disclosing that he had sex with a young girl and engaged in shocking and bizarre sexual activities.

Was Giuliani the First to Use The F Word (as in 'Frank')?  "I don't [see] this President as being particularly a product of African-American society or something like that.  He isn't," [Rudy] Giuliani told reporter Celeste Katz.  "Logically, think about his background. ... The ideas that are troubling me and are leading to this come from communists with whom he associated when he was 9 years old."  The communist in question, as Giuliani clarified, was Frank Marshall Davis.  In fact, Obama was likely ten years old when his grandfather Stanley Dunham introduced young Barry to Davis, but otherwise Giuliani was correct.

Rudy Giuliani clarifies Obama comments by claiming the President has been influenced by communism, socialism.  "Look, this man was brought up basically in a white family, so whatever he learned or didn't learn, I attribute this more to the influence of communism and socialism" than to his race, Giuliani told the [New York] Daily News. [...] "Logically, think about his background...  The ideas that are troubling me and are leading to this come from communists with whom he associated when he was 9 years old" through family connections.

Barack Obama and the Communist Party.  Barack Obama's first known connection with a Communist Party USA supporter was his boyhood relationship with communist poet Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii. [...] The FBI first began tracking Davis in 1944 when they identified him as member of the Communist Party's Dorie Miller Club in Chicago-card number 47544.  Davis taught courses at the party controlled Abraham Lincoln School in Chicago and attended meetings of the party's Cultural Club until he left for Hawaii in 1948.

Who was Frank Marshall Davis?  The FBI file on Davis, consisting of 601 pages and covering the years 1944-1963 means that Davis was under investigation or surveillance for at least 19 years.

'Good Thing President Nobody Is Running Things'.  Perhaps, the behavior in office of the fictional character known as 'Barack Hussein Obama' can be explained by his extreme devotion to the Marxism people like his  probable real father , er, mentor Frank Marshall Davis instilled in him [ie: no one should own anything].

Exposing Un-American Activities.  [Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall] Davis had denounced Richard Wright for "treason" for leaving and exposing the party.  This is why Obama covered up Frank's identity.  He knew that acknowledging the truth could destroy his political career.  And it could still do so if the truth is examined.  Obama decided not to say who Frank was.  He could have named him, saying he was an old acquaintance picked as a mentor by his grandfather who had no effect on him.  Instead, he acknowledged Frank's influence but covered-up his full name, hoping nobody would notice and follow through.  We did.  Some conservatives have belatedly discovered that Obama has socialist and anti-colonial views.  But that is not even half the story.

Barack Obama's Surrogate Father.  New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon broke the story of "Frank" being Frank Marshall Davis and we followed up, not only confirming the identity but disclosing the FBI's 600-page file on Davis.  All of this occurred during the 2008 presidential campaign but very few people wanted to talk about it.  David Maraniss of the Washington Post wrote a 10,000-word article about Obama's growing-up years in Hawaii without even mentioning Davis.  Former Post reporter David Remnick's 2010 biography of Obama, The Bridge, takes a different tack.  "When Obama was running for president, Remnick writes, "the right-wing blogosphere attacked Frank Marshall Davis.  He was, by turns, a card-carrying Communist, a pornographer, a pernicious influence.  The attacks were loud and unrelenting."  The "attacks" were actually statements of fact and they came from those who took the time to document Obama's relationship with Davis.  This is a function that should have been performed by U.S. media.

Barack Obama and the Communist Party:  Barack Obama's first known connection with a Communist Party USA supporter was his boyhood relationship with communist poet Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii.  Barack Obama's relationship to Frank Marshall Davis, first came to light through a March 2007 speech at New York University's Tamiment Library by Communist Party USA supporter and historian Gerald Horne.

Decrypting Obama's 'Pop':  [Scroll down slowly]  In Dreams, [Frank Marshall] Davis is strategically referred to by his real name, "Frank."  Other than public figures like Jeremiah Wright and members of the Obama family, no one else is.  Ayers and Obama wanted black Chicago to know Obama's pedigree, but they were savvy enough to omit Davis's last name, as well as any reference to his communism.  Had they written this book with the presidency in mind, they would likely have eliminated all references to Davis — and Wright too, for that matter.  Obama has had to depend on the media and the literary establishment to keep "Frank" out of the public debate, and they have largely obliged him.

Obama's Father Figure:  Frank Marshall Davis.  [Scroll down]  Another one of Barry's splendid adult role models was communist, poet, alcoholic, sexual deviant and fomenter of racial hatred, Frank Marshall Davis.  Cleverly disguised as "Frank" in Dreams [from my Father], we learn that young Barry was treated to Davis' counsel on numerous occasions.  Dear Grandpa Stanley, blessed with an inordinate amount of free time thanks to his wife's hard work, enjoyed whiling away the hours with Davis, drinking and smoking pot.  Davis was an open supporter of the Soviet Union and his influence on Obama is hard to overlook.  The poet also admitted to writing a pornographic novel under the pseudonym of Bob Greene in which the protagonist seduces a 13 year old girl.

Obama's Communist Mentor:  In his biography of Barack Obama, David Mendell writes about Obama's life as a "secret smoker" and how he "went to great lengths to conceal the habit."  But what about Obama's secret political life?  It turns out that Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.

Media's O-Colored Glasses Blank Out Leftist Truth.  [Scroll down]  At the beginning of Obama's life, for example, there was "Frank," Obama's boyhood mentor who appears in his 1995 memoir "Dreams from My Father."  Accuracy In Media's Cliff Kincaid has identified "Frank" as Frank Marshall Davis, a known Stalinist in a Soviet-sponsored communist network in Hawaii.  But Obama obscures Frank's identity in his book, even, as Sean Hannity has reported, going so far as to drop passages about "Frank" from the more recent, recorded version of the book.  Why?  The media never asked.

Barack Obama: Red Diaper Baby.  Barack Obama is a "red diaper baby" who has spent his formative years — literally from the moment of his birth — interacting with members and sympathizers of the Communist Party, USA.  His mother Stanley Ann Dunham has been described by former classmates as a "fellow traveler."  His grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham arranged Obama's mentorship by Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.

Same title, different author:
Obama:  A Red Diaper Baby.  From everything I have read about Barack Hussein Obama I have concluded he is a classic example of what used to be called "a red diaper baby"; a person brought up from birth to be dedicated to at best socialism and at worse communism.  His mother and grandparents were extremely liberal and, in Hawaii, young Obama's mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, widely known to be a communist.  I believe Obama has been personally driven from an early age to acquire power and, if possible, to seize power.

Misunderstanding Obama's Momma.  As if to make my case, [Roger] Cohen praises [Stanley Ann] Dunham as "an unrivaled authority on Javanese blacksmithing."  She was unrivaled because no one else thought it worth doing, not even the scholars in Java, and they would not have had to forsake their children to pursue their studies.  In the encyclopedia of unintended consequences, Dunham's picture could grace the definition of what David Mamet calls "the social tinkerer," the classic do-gooder who paves the road to someone else's hell with her good intentions.

Dreams from Frank Marshall Davis.  While much attention has been paid to Obama's relationship with communist-terrorist Bill Ayers — and rightly so — much less attention has been devoted to Davis.  That's a mistake, since Obama was influenced more by Davis than Ayers.

The Frank Marshall Davis Cover-Up Is Over.  [Scroll down]  [Frank Marshall] Davis was identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), controlled and subsidized by the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB.  As late as 1956, when he was called before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, Davis was still refusing to deny that he was a communist.  Wouldn't it be helpful if [Jon] Meacham, the editor of Newsweek, would make an elementary effort to get the facts right?  But that is too much to ask when the presidency is at stake and the media-backed candidate is trying to cover up his controversial background.

Why Obama's Red Mentor is News.  Barack Obama is still an enigma because a lot of his life has been carefully hidden, as National Review's David Freddoso points out in The Case Against Barack Obama.  His campaign is hypersensitive because his life is filled with awkward facts and dubious associations.  Obama has declared his personal history out of bounds and scrubbed it clean.  The media are obediently censoring things we need to know.  The most obvious example is Obama's adolescent mentor and father figure, Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama's Radical Revolution: Its Alinsky Root and Global Vision.  Obama was raised on the mother's milk of socialism.  Both his parents were fellow travelers, who met at the height of the Cold War in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii.  Obama's grandfather was a close friend of Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, sending young Barry (as he was then known) to him for mentoring, despite (or in ignorance of) Davis being a pedophile.  From the time he returned from 4 years in Indonesia and rejoined his grandparents in Hawaii at the age of 10, he was taken often to be with Frank Marshall Davis.

Was a Communist Obama's Sex Teacher?  [Frank Marshall] Davis led "a secret double life," the online version of the Enquirer story notes.  True.  But the story also notes that "Obama has been extremely secretive about the true nature of his experience with the self-admitted deviant."  This is also true.  And this is why this terribly troubling story just won't go away.  There are too many questions that deserve answers.

Why Doesn't McCain Fight Back?  [Scroll down]  One of the most glaring taboo topics, even for the McCain campaign, has been Frank Marshall Davis, the black communist "poet" and "journalist" who mentored Obama in Hawaii for about eight years.  Davis was under investigation by the FBI for 19 years.  His 600-page FBI file notes that he was even considered by his fellow communist comrades as anti-white.  The Davis relationship helps explain why Obama would later attend and belong to Wright's church, where he would get married and have his children baptized.

Red Faces Over Obama's Red Mentor.  [Scroll down slowly]  When will the media ask Obama about the Obama/Davis relationship?  And why did he conceal the complete identity of "Frank" in his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father?  I think we are beginning to understand the reasons for this cover-up.  Not only would the identification of "Frank" as Frank Marshall Davis expose communist influence on a young Obama, it might also expose those who collaborated with him and tried to whitewash his communist activities.

The Frank Marshall Davis Network in Hawaii:  [Scroll down]  A 1949 letter sent to NAACP acting National Secretary Roy Wilkins by a Honolulu attorney and NAACP leader named Edward Berman:  "I was at one of the election meetings at which one Frank Marshall Davis, formerly of Chicago (and formerly editor of the Chicago Communist paper, the Star) suddenly appeared on the scene to propagandize the membership about our 'racial problems' in Hawaii.  He had jut sneaked in here on a boat, and presto, was an 'expert' on racial problems in Hawaii.  Comrade Davis was supported by others who had recently 'sneaked' into the organization with the avowed intent and purpose of converting it into a front for the Stalinist line….

Obama Plays Reagan in Berlin.  The depth of the deception that is now underway can be understood by analyzing the significance of Obama's "I love America" foreign policy speech in Berlin, Germany, in view of the fact that the candidate and his media acolytes continue to conceal the central role that a Stalinist Communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis played in his upbringing.

AP Lies About Obama's Red Mentor.  Under the innocuous headline, "Writer offered a young Barack Obama advice on life," the story calls Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) when it faithfully echoed the Stalinist line, merely a "leftleaning black journalist and poet" known for "leftist politics" and someone who might be accused by some of having "allegedly anti-American views."  Davis was not a "journalist" in any real sense of the term.  He was a propagandist and racial agitator for the CPUSA.  He was also a recruiter for the communist cause.

Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member.  the Obama campaign's [40-page] attack on [Jerome] Corsi's book and Corsi personally acknowledges on pages 9 and 10 of its report that the mysterious "Frank" in Obama's 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, is in fact the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis.  This identification by AIM and others hasn't been disputed by the media, which has desperately tried to ignore the Obama-Davis relationship, but the Obama campaign has not responded to it until now.

Return of the Dupes and the Anti-Anti-Communists.  A couple of weeks ago in Washington, Herb Romerstein and Cliff Kincaid, two veteran investigators of American communism, held a press conference on Capitol Hill to announce the release of two new reports on Barack Obama's radical past, or, more specifically, his association with extremist elements from the American left — yet more evidence of a frightening pattern of associations by Obama throughout his distant and recent life, from Bill Ayers to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, all of which at the least shows bad judgment.  At the press conference, they discussed Romerstein's report on Frank Marshall Davis, an influential figure in Obama's early life, whom Obama refers to only as "Frank" (albeit affectionately) in his autobiography Dreams From My Father.

Obama's Red Mentor Praised Red Army.  Barack Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA, wrote a poem dedicated to the Soviet Red Army.  "Smash on, victory-eating Red Army," he declared.  He also wrote poems attacking traditional Christianity and the work of Christian missionaries.

Young Obama's Red Mentor:  The mainstream media have finally gotten around to revealing Barack Obama's early mentor.  But they've downplayed the mystery man's communist background.

Communists, the Media, and the Democratic Party.  Why the outrage over Senator Clinton drawing attention to a well-documented personal connection between Obama and a communist terrorist?  Is there something else more damaging that has to be hidden from public view?  Does new information have to be discredited in advance as "McCarthyism?"  The information may have to do with Obama's upbringing.  Obama says that he was raised by his mother and grandparents.  But those aren't the only people who had influence over him during his formative years.

Is Barack Obama A Marxist Mole?  In his biography of Barack Obama, David Mendell writes about Obama's life as a "secret smoker" and how he "went to great lengths to conceal the habit."  But what about Obama's secret political life?  It turns out that Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.  In his books, Obama admits attending "socialist conferences" and coming into contact with Marxist literature.  But he ridicules the charge of being a "hard-core academic Marxist," which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.

Obama's Red Roots:  The word is that Barack Obama is a mainstream politician who sometimes attracts fringe leftists.  The record tells a different story — that he has sought out radicals.  What does that say of his agenda?

Obama:  Guilty By Association.  The Obamans insist that mentioning any of the man's disreputable friends and religious mentors is a no-no that smacks of McCarthyism.  This is an odd complaint because, one, McCarthy was right when he pointed out that the folks who associated with other people at Communist cell meetings were in fact Communists, and, two, every child is told that he's going to be judged by the company he keeps.  So, let's face facts — John Dillinger ran with a nicer crowd than this guy.

Frank Marshall Davis:  (1905-1987) was a black poet and writer (he wrote for the Honolulu Record, a Communist newspaper), and a known member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party USA (CPUSA).  In 1950 Edward Berman, a member of the NAACP's Honolulu branch, testified to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) that Davis had "sneaked" into local NAACP meetings to "propagandize" the organization's members about America's "racial problems," with "the avowed intent and purpose of converting it into a front for the Stalinist line."

Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection:  Of Barack Obama's contacts and associations with anti-American political figures, none is more controversial than Frank Marshall Davis, a writer an poet identified as a member of the Communist Party USA by several sources, including some sources sympatheitic to him.  Obama and Davis met in Hawaii, at a time when a young Obama was in need of a black role model and mentor.  Obama's relationship with Davis, including subsequent associations with radical, communist and socialist figures in Chicago, should be investigated for the benefit of promoting the public interest and the public's right to know.

Communism in Chicago and the Obama Connection:  Obama is relatively new on the national scene and the media, in our view, have failed to serve the public interest by adequately investigating his background and associations.

Could Barack Obama Get a Security Clearance?  Two veterans of investigations into Communist influence on the U.S. political process [have released] two new explosive reports that allege that Barack Obama had ties with extreme anti-American elements, including agents of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA.  The reports will shed important new light on Barack Obama's mysterious past and rise to power. ... The major points in the reports allege [that] Obama has been in the middle of two international communist networks — one in Hawaii and one in Chicago.

Report:  Obama mentored by Communist Party figure.  Investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid and Herbert Romerstein, a former investigator with the U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities, presented evidence Obama was mentored, while attending high school in Hawaii, by Frank Marshall Davis, an African-American poet and journalist who was also a CPUSA member.

Socialist Scholars Conference:  In his 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father, Obama reveals that during his student years at New York's Columbia University he "went to socialist conferences at Cooper Union and African cultural fairs in Brooklyn."  The socialist conferences he cites were those of the SSC.

Conservatives for Obama?  Here is a man who has consistently aided and abetted people who have openly expressed their contempt for this country, both in words and in such deeds as planting bombs to advance their left-wing agenda.  Despite the spin that judging Obama by what was said or done by such people would be "guilt by association," he has not just associated with such people.  He has in some cases donated some serious money of his own and even more of the taxpayers' money, as both a state senator in Illinois and a member of the Senate of the United States.

What Barack Obama learned from the Communist Party:  As he grew and changed, Barack Obama seems to have learned to discard and look down upon the actions and attitudes of the family members he has grown up with, searching for something superior in which to believe.  Only his long-absent father seems to have inspired the dreams of his adulthood.  That his father has left behind a published record of an embrace of communist policies may or may not have played a role in Obama's embrace of his father's African identity and his literary embrace of his father's dreams.

Obama's teenage mentor liked sex with kids.  Closer scrutiny of the important people (that is, the poeple Obama himself identified as important) in Barack Obama's life is proving to yield what can only be called a "ick factor."  Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko and Frank Marshall Davis head the list.

Obama's Scandal is Bigger than Edwards'.  Obama's communist connection, which he failed to disclose in his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, by referring to Davis only as "Frank" and ignoring his communist affiliation, is a far more serious scandal than an Edwards "love child."  As I commented to Michael Savage on the Savage Nation radio program last week, this is the key to understanding Obama because Davis's influence over him during his high-school years in Hawaii helps explain why he would later associate with terrorists, communists and socialists.

Frank Marshall Davis, alleged Communist, was early influence on Barack Obama.  Although identified only as Frank in Mr Obama's memoir Dreams from My Father, it has now been established that he was Frank Marshall Davis, a radical activist and journalist who had been suspected of being a member of the Communist Party in the 1950s.

Barry Soetoro:  Profiles in Chaos.  [Scroll down]  Another one of Barry's splendid adult role models was communist, poet, alcoholic, sexual deviant and fomenter of racial hatred, Frank Marshall Davis.  Cleverly disguised as "Frank" in Dreams, we learn that young Barry was treated to Davis' counsel on numerous occasions. ... Davis was an important mentor to Obama and shared his special version of how to improve race relations:  "never trust white people".  Davis died in 1987 but was eventually replaced by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Young Obama's Red Mentor.  The mainstream media have finally gotten around to revealing Barack Obama's early mentor.  But they've downplayed the mystery man's communist background.

Obama the Racist?  Obama's racism against whites is upfront, in-your-face racism, which he discussed in his book Dreams from My Father. ... Obama learned this racist ideology during his fo