President Obama and Gun Control

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President Obama is playing a shell game with gun control, amnesty for illegal immigrants, socialized medicine, same-sex marriage, global warming and green jobs, in an effort to draw your attention away from his numerous scandals:  relentlessly high unemployment, almost 48 million people on food stamps, a couple of perpetual wars, billions of "stimulus" dollars wasted on things like solar panels and windmills, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, his monthly vacations and junkets, his dubious credentials and qualifications, and his endless streams of broken promises and outright lies.  This wouldn't be a feasible strategy without the willing cooperation of the national news media.

Gun control is just one of the shells in his shell game, so pay attention.

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When Obama Tried To 'Red Flag' Vets And Seniors.  We saw the presumption of innocence under assault during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh and it is once again under assault with the consideration of so-called "red flag" laws after the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso.  These laws would allow authorities to disarm law-abiding citizens on the basis that it had been somehow determined that they are an "unstable threat" to themselves and to society.  This determination can be made based on reports from vengeful former spouses, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, former coworkers, hostile neighbors, just about anybody with a grievance, even by government agencies pushing a gun-control agenda.  We are assured that the gun owner guilty of no crime can pursue what is laughingly called "due process" and petition the judge to have his legally purchased firearm returned to him by proving to a judge he is not crazy or dangerous.  Just how do you do that, pray tell?

Obama Encourages Gun Controllers to Stay Committed 'No Matter How Long It Takes'.  Former President Barack Obama encouraged gun control proponents on Friday to stay committed to securing new gun laws "no matter how long it takes." Friday was National Gun Violence Awareness Day.  Obama tweeted that gun control proponents must not only push for a change in laws, but also in "leadership" to secure the new laws.

Revealed:  Obama WH Emails Plotting Strategy Two Days After Sandy Hook.  Former President Barack Obama's education secretary and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel were planning how to turn a national tragedy into a legislative victory for the administration two days after the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.  That's according to emails obtained under a Freedom of Information request from a reporter from the Baltimore Post.  On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, a 20-year-old man killed his mother in their home then traveled to Sandy Hook Elementary School — a semi-automatic rifle and two pistols in tow.  He broke into the school and killed another 26 people — 20 of them first-grade students.  The gunman committed suicide after authorities arrived on the scene.

The Best Government Survey on Guns You've Never Heard Of.  The Obama administration tried several times to get the CDC to treat gun violence as a disease.  This approach would have justified extraordinary gun control measures.  Republicans in Congress refused to consider the approach and the CDC itself resisted the notion.

Six Obama Gun Controls President Trump Can Undo.  On January 25 Gun Owners of America (GOA) released a list of Obama-era gun controls which President Trump can undo.  The controls range from those that can be stopped via executive action to those that will require broader administrative action and/or Congressional cooperation.

Congress Mulls Overturning Obama's Social Security 'Back-Door Gun Grab'.  Congressional lawmakers will review a final rule issued by President Obama in December that stomps on the Second Amendment rights of Social Security beneficiaries.  According to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, Obama's Social Security rule qualifies SSI and disability insurance recipients as "mental defectives," and therefore incapable of legally owning firearms.

The Editor says...
Reviewing and "mulling" should not be confused with effective action.

Obama Official Issues Ammunition Ban for Federal Lands on Last Day in Office.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe, an Obama appointee, ordered a new ammunition ban for certain federal lands on Thursday — his last full day in office.  The ban, which took effect immediately, eliminates the use of lead-based ammunition on federal lands like national parks and wildlife refuges, as well as any other land administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service.  The ban is expected to have a major impact on much of the hunting that takes place on federal lands across the United States as lead-based ammunition is widely legal and used throughout the country.  Ashe said the order was necessary to protect wildlife from exposure to lead.

Obama Lists Regrets — Again:  Failure to Secure Gun Control Still #1.  In a January 4 "exit letter" to the American people, President Obama again listed what he regrets most about the last eight years.  Number one on the list was his failure to secure gun control.  Obama shared this same regret with CNN in early December 2016, and the BBC quoted him in July 2015 speaking about the "distressing" failure to secure gun control.  On Wednesday [1/4/2017], he used the letter to highlight his regrets once more.

Obama's Outrageous Expansion of Gun-Buyer Background Checks.  Have you ever thought of letting someone else manage your finances?  Under finalized new rules released just before Christmas by President Obama, Social Security recipients will be banned from buying a gun if they are deemed "financially incompetent."  Some 4.2 million Social Security recipients — about 10 percent of all people 65 and older — could lose the right to own a gun as a result.  Just because someone can't manage his finances doesn't mean that he's a danger to others.  What is next?  Keeping guns away from people who can't drive or do math?  What about other rights?  Should "financially incompetent" people be forbidden from voting or making other decisions?  President Obama and most other Democrats would be understandably upset if any voters were required to pass a literacy or intelligence test at the polls, but they have no problem denying millions of seniors their ability to defend themselves.

Obama Administration Yanks Second Amendment Rights from SSI Recipients.  Last week, the Obama administration put the finishing touches on a new policy that would deprive recipients of disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of their Second Amendment rights.  The administration will now characterize those citizens as "mental defectives," thereby having their ability to own a firearm subject to the federal Gun Control Act.  Supplemental Security Income helps blind, disabled, and elderly people with little to no income.  Previously, it was understood that "mentally defective" referred to one's mental health.  Citizens who have been institutionalized against their will are restricted from owning a firearm.  The new definition of "mentally defective" has nothing to do with being mentally ill.

Grandma Got Run Over By Obama:  Social Security Finalizes New Gun Prohibition Rule.  On Monday [12/19/2016], Barack Obama's Social Security Administration (SSA) issued the final version of a rule that will doom tens of thousands of law-abiding (and vulnerable) disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients to a loss of Second Amendment rights under the guise of re-characterizing them as "mental defectives."  The SSA, for the first time in its history, will be coopted into the federal government's gun control apparatus, effectively requiring Social Security applicants to weigh their need for benefits against their fundamental rights when applying for assistance based on mental health problems.

Obama is 'most frustrated' he couldn't pass gun control.  President Obama said his biggest policy disappointment as president was not passing gun control laws, according to an interview CNN aired Wednesday evening.  "If you ask me where has been the one area where I feel that I've been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws," Obama told Fareed Zakaria in the TV special, "The Legacy of Barack Obama."  Despite national anger following mass shootings throughout his two terms, Obama was unable to convince Congress to pass legislation that would change those policies, including enhancing background checks and not selling firearms at gun shows and other venues.

Concealed gun permits surge over 15 million, fight on for more.  The election of Donald Trump, endorsed by the National Rifle Association and cheered by gun owners who were skittish over Hillary Clinton, has sparked an aggressive new effort to force liberal states to take down their barriers to concealed carry permits and gun ownership.  National gun groups — such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Second Amendment Foundation and the U.S. Concealed Carry Association — are eyeing legal challenges to some 10 states that make it difficult for citizens to get a carry permit and buy weapons such as AR-15s, decried as "assault weapons" by critics.

Chicago Tribune:  Obama has been Pro Second Amendment!  Steve Chapman is a writer for the Chicago Tribune.  He has often written about gun legislation.  He stands out at the Tribune as a voice that recognizes reality more often then most.  His writing and viewpoints have been a reasonable voice crying in the wilderness of Chicago.  Unfortunately, he lives in the fantasy bubble of current Progressivism.  It is evident in his recent column excoriating the NRA.  He buys into the leftist propaganda without introspection or examination of facts.  It is an opinion column, but opinions should have a basis in reality.

How The Cloward-Piven Strategy Is Driving The United States To Collapse.  Since Obama took office in 2008, the political elite has tried everything from smuggling illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels, attempting to make ammunition expensive through regulation to convincing banks to refuse to extend credit or loans to gun store owners.  Schemes like these are intended to make gun ownership such an impossible venture, that eventually no one will own any, thereby making any attempts to establish a hard tyranny slightly easier.  Although disarming law abiding Americans is an important step in implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy, the political elite must also establish an enforcement mechanism for the new government they intend to create.  Coincidentally, over the past five years, reports of numerous and excessively large transactions have occurred between federal agencies and ammunition manufacturers.  While some agencies need ammunition for training purposes and to do their jobs, why do agencies such as the EPA or the Department of Education ammunition and weapons as well, especially in an era where there isn't even enough for the military?  One possible answer to this vexing question is that even if the political elite succeeds in gutting the military completely, they likely don't trust the average soldier or Marine to carry out orders for a hard tyranny.  Therefore, the political elite likely intends to use federal agencies to carry out tyrannical orders, all in the name of "law enforcement".  If this is the case, it would likely explain the comments made by President Obama during a speech he made in Colorado, where he argued for a domestic force that was equally as well-equipped and funded as the military.

Ammunition Supply Chain Choke Point?  David Codrea gives a rundown of the recent actions by the ATF on the ammunition supply chain.  "ATF was recently asked about the status of nitrocellulose under the Federal explosives laws and regulations," the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives noted in its... industry newsletter.  "'Nitrocellulose explosive' is on ATF's List of Explosive Materials."  Who did the asking — and what their motives were — was left unsaid. [...]"

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:  The Biggest Gun Grabs of the Last Eight Years.  [D]espite the fact that firearm-related murders are at their lowest point since 1981, members of Congress stage a sit-in over a supposed lack of action on gun control.  Anti-gunner believe that by passing legislation targeting law-abiding citizens (who else does legislation target?), they can reduce the number of firearm-related crimes.  That's the charitable view.  The less charitable view is that state and federal politicians don't like the idea of their subjects being armed, and they'll do anything in their power to take away their right to own and carry firearms.

Obama Decree Targets Gunsmiths and Online Firearm Information.  When Obama vowed to use his "pen and phone" to circumvent Congress and impose his will on America, he was actually telling the truth for once.  In the latest example of lawless decrees coming from the executive branch, the Obama administration is taking aim at gunsmiths and free speech.  Basically, if a recent "regulation" disguised as "guidance" is not stopped, gunsmithing — an American tradition stretching back centuries that was crucial in the War for Independence — will be effectively made illegal, experts say.  Another controversial element of the decree would purport to unconstitutionally criminalize many forms of gun-related speech on the Internet.  If not withdrawn, the illegal Obama decree would purport to shred the rights protected by the Constitution's First and Second Amendments by making it illegal to post any "how-to" information about guns online.  It would also effectively make all gun-related information on the Internet a crime because it could be accessed by foreigners.  However, as has happened with virtually all of Obama's power grabs, opposition to the newest illegal edict is surging — this time among Second Amendment activists, gun owners, industry, and proponents of constitutional government.

The Second Amendment Takes Another Hit, Thanks to Obama.  Barack Obama is at it again.  Last month, his Justice Department set out to use the military and law enforcement as an experiment in gun control.  Then, his State Department recently moved to put gunsmiths out of business.  He knows that his days in office are numbered.  So he is using every conceivable opportunity to screw gun owners and impose greater firearms restrictions before he leaves office.

Now The Obama Administration Is After Gunsmiths?  My gunsmith has a lathe, a drill press, even a barrel reamer.  He uses them to repair guns.  To him, they are like a car mechanic's welding equipment, drill and cutter tools.  He never thought drilling out a broken-off screw or grinding down a gun part to make a rifle's action work smoother would define him as a "manufacturer."  But now, according to the federal government, he is a manufacturer and is required to pay a $2,250 annual fee as mandated by the U.S. State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) regulations.  This is what the Obama administration is now saying in a rule change.

Obama Tracking Gun Owners.  Judge Andrew Napolitano on Monday [8/8/2016] condemned the Obama administration for its "lawless" stockpiling of personal information on gun owners. [...] "It violates federal law, it violates a Supreme Court opinion, it violates our natural right to self-defense — which is protected by the Second Amendment," he said on "Fox and Friends."  Napolitano believes the violation in protocol is consistent with the administration's longstanding history of ramping up gun control measures and could set a dangerous precedent for future administration officials.  "We have a president who doesn't believe in the right to keep and bear arms.  He might be succeeded by another president who doesn't believe in the right to keep and bare arms, who has a small army, the ATF, who knows where every gun is, and who owns the guns and could harass or confiscate," Napolitano said, emphasizing that Congress legislated to stop that practice.

Judge Nap Blasts Obama Admin for 'Reprehensible,' 'Lawless' Stockpiling of Gun Owner Info.  Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning [8/4/2016] to react to a bombshell report that the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is illegally stockpiling the personal information of gun owners.  Judge Napolitano explained that the government is supposed to gather that information for statistical purposes only, and they are mandated to destroy identifiable information such as names and addresses.

Judge Napolitano Says Obama Admin.  Is Breaking Federal Law Prohibiting Gov't From Compiling Gun Owner 'List'.  Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano alleged Thursday that the Obama administration is violating a federal law prohibiting the federal government from compiling the personal information of gun owners during an interview Thursday [8/4/2016] on Fox and Friends.  During an interview on "Fox & Friends," Napolitano said that the federal government may gather statistical information about gun owners but must "destroy" any personally identifiable information, such as their names and addresses.  A recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives "did not always comply" with the restriction.

The ATF Is Illegally Hoarding American Gun Owners' Personal Information.  A government report discovered the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) illegally stockpiles gun owners' personal information.  The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the go-to federal oversight agency, conducted an audit of ATF and found it does not remove certain identifiable information, despite the law explicitly mandating it do so.  GAO conducted reviews for four data systems, and concluded at least two of ATF's systems violated official protocols.

Obama regime targets gunsmiths with new executive order.  President Barack Obama just quietly released a new executive order that could subject casual gunsmiths to thousands of dollars in fees and other regulatory burdens if they so much as thread a barrel on a firearm. [...] From the State Department:  "Any person who engages in the United States in the business of manufacturing or exporting or temporarily importing defense articles, or furnishing defense services, is required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls ... For the purpose of this subchapter, engaging in such a business requires only one occasion of manufacturing or exporting or temporarily importing a defense article or furnishing a defense service.  A manufacturer who does not engage in exporting must nevertheless register."

New ATF Head Wants Computerized Database of All Gun Purchases.  Deputy Director Thomas Brandon (shown on right), head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) appeared on CBS's Sunday Morning television show, complaining that his agency is "a small agency with a big job" and that he really needs more agents and more money to do that job.  What he would really like, however, is a computerized database of all gun purchases made by every buyer and seller in the country: [...] Brandon took over the agency in April 2015 after Todd Jones bailed out following the agency's failed attempt to ban ammunition for the popular AR-15 rifle.  Jones had taken over the agency after Kenneth Melson bailed out in 2011 following the implosion of the ATF's Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal.

Obama's response to Dallas?  Gun control and a 21st Century Gestapo.  Following last week's tragic murder of five Dallas Texas police officers and the wounding of seven more, Barack Obama took a few moments from his European vacation, disguised as a goodwill trip to the post-Brexit European Union, to fill us in on how he planned to leverage this tragedy to advance his fundamental transformation of America.  He began by attempting to disassociate the sniper, Micah Johnson, from radical groups such as Black Lives Matter.  He claimed that Johnson's actions should not be interpreted as a political statement on race relations because "It's hard to untangle the motives of this shooter."  Actually, his motives were quite clear.  He was upset with the group Obama tried to disassociate him from, Black Lives Matter, and as a result he wanted to kill a lot of white police officers.  Obama then continued with one of his pat responses to such tragedies — more gun control.

White House:  Obama 'Profoundly Frustrated' — Ready For More Executive Action On Gun Control.  President Barack Obama again failed to push through additional gun control efforts in Congress — even after blaming the terrorist attack in Florida on Republicans and supporters of the Second Amendment.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest revealed that Obama was "profoundly frustrated" after Senate Republicans again blocked anti-gun legislation.

Despite — or because of — Orlando, weapons fly off shelves at gun show.  [Scroll down]  Hundreds of customers poured in immediately when the doors opened at 10 a.m., and organizers said they were on pace to sell 5,000 tickets at $10 a pop before the show ends Sunday afternoon [6/19/2016].&nnbsp; "My business has quadrupled every day since Sunday," said Casey Burke, a Longwood gun dealer who brought about 4,000 weapons to the show and had already sold several hundred by lunch, which he was much too busy to eat.  "People are afraid of what's about to happen with their [gun] rights and they're voting with the wallets.  I don't blame them.  Gun owners are going to turn into dinosaurs if we don't do something to stop it."

The Editor says...
The writer of this heavily biased article doesn't have a clue.  Ordinary people are not suddenly stocking up on guns because of the Orlando terrorist attack.  They are buying guns as fast as they can because Barack H. Obama and the Democratic Party are openly saying that they want to suspend the Second Amendment and make it nearly impossible to buy guns in the near future.

DOJ overrules FBI on gun sales debate, says no-fly list can be used for ban.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch overruled FBI Director James B. Comey on Thursday [6/16/2016], saying the Obama administration does support denying firearms sales to those on terrorist watch lists and that it can be done without harming investigations.  Mr. Comey last year had told Congress that denying sales could "blow" his agents' investigations into potential terrorists.  But his superiors at the Justice Department issued a statement Thursday saying they want to see Congress approve the "no-fly, no-buy" plan Democrats are pursuing.

Vox Writer Wants 'Prez' to 'Unilaterally Ban' All Guns.  Dylan Matthews, a writer for the left-wing publication Vox, tweeted out Thursday that he wants to give the president power to "unilaterally ban [all Americans] from buying guns."  It's funny that he specifically says "(hopefully everyone!)" because that phrase alludes to one of the glaring problems with his and other Dems' proposals.  Which is this:  you can be "hopeful" all you want but the bad guys, the criminals, will always get the guns one way or another.

Jeh Johnson:  Gun Control Is Now 'Part and Parcel of Homeland Security'.  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday that passing gun control laws is now "part and parcel of homeland security" in an interview on CBS This Morning [6/14/2016].  In the segment which was flagged by Politico, Johnson said this was the first time he had vocalized such a belief publicly.  President Obama and congressional Democrats have made a renewed push for gun control laws in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack on a gay nightclub that left 49 people dead.  Johnson, who made a series of media appearances Tuesday, was asked by left-leaning host Gayle King what it would take to get gun control laws passed in the United States.

Obama's last move on guns:  The bully pulpit.  While President Obama is not ruling out an additional executive action to curb certain types of gun sales, the White House has already admitted that Obama's only remaining move on guns is to use the bully pulpit to press Congress to act.  "The president has taken substantial executive actions using as much executive authority as he can," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday, acknowledging that the limits of that authority seems to have been reached.  Earnest added hopefully, "I'm not going to rule out additional steps... he's not going to hesitate to act."  But Obama administration officials and Obama himself have repeatedly indicated that Obama may have exhausted his executive options on gun safety.

This shows you how much Obama knows about guns:  Nothing!
Obama: Omar Mateen Had 'Glock Which Had A Lot of Clips in It'.  President Obama spoke to reporters Monday about the terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and said Omar Mateen had a "Glock which had a lot of clips in it."

Obama just got one giant step closer towards creating a national gun registry.  President Obama is taking a big step towards creating a national gun registry.  Hawaii looks like it is about to provide the federal government with the list of all the gun owners in the state.  Supposedly, keeping a list of gun owners' names will enable the FBI to tell police if a gun owner ever gets arrested.  But a national gun registry isn't necessary to do this check.  The FBI isn't the only organization that can do background checks on already existing gun owners.  Hawaii already has a gun registry, and can regularly run its list of names to see if people have gotten arrested.

Smart Gun Technology — a Dumb Idea.  There has been evil in the world ever since Cain slew Abel with a rock and technology will not get rid of it.  Despite accumulating evidence that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, the Obama administration continues to blame guns, retaining a fear of inanimate objects that one would have hoped we left behind in the Middle Ages.  Case in point is President Obama's announcement that through executive order he will speed the development of so-called smart gun technology.

Social Security moves to block the mentally ill from purchasing guns.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) is proposing to report people who receive disability benefits and have a mental health condition to the FBI's background check system.  The proposal, which stems from a memorandum that President Obama issued in 2013, would essentially block some people with severe mental health problems from buying guns.  The SSA, which will propose the rule in Thursday's [5/5/2016] edition of the Federal Register, says it plans to notify disability beneficiaries who might be reported and establish a process for them to appeal their placement in the FBI's background check system.  The proposal is just the latest attempt by the Obama administration to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

The Editor says...
It looks to me like "the latest attempt by the Obama administration to keep guns out of the hands of [everybody, starting with] the mentally ill, using Social Security as leverage.

Obama Administration Moves Forward With Stripping Gun Rights Through Social Security.  Late last week President Obama announced a new push for additional federal "smart" gun technology funding. [...] But an issue flying under the radar in Obama's announcement is the Administration's decision to move forward with gun control measures through the Social Security system.  Late last year it became clear if an individuals needs financial help managing Social Security benefits, the agency can deem that person mentally unfit to purchase a firearm.  This policy is already in place at the Veteran's Administration, where people who have been assigned a "representative payee" have been permanently placed into the NICS background check system as ineligible to purchase a firearm without due process, a hearing or a trial.

Federal Judges Question Constitutionality Of Obama's Prized Consumer Agency.  A federal appeals court appears ready to declare the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) unconstitutional, a major blow to the first new agency created under President Barack Obama.  The possibility of dramatic action against CFPB arose in an oral argument Tuesday [4/12/2016] before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Operation Choke Point, Bank De-Risking, and Obama Administration Coercion.  For all his faults, you have to give President Obama credit for strong convictions.  He's generally misguided, but it's perversely impressive to observe his relentless advocacy for higher taxes, bigger government, more intervention, and limits on constitutional freedoms.  That being said, his desire to "fundamentally transform" the United States leads him to decisions that run roughshod over core principles of a civilized society such as the rule of law.  Consider, for instance, the Obama Administration project, known as "Operation Choke Point," to restrict banking services to politically incorrect businesses such as gun dealers.

Former Top Obama Official Says Operation Choke Point Had 'Collateral' Consequences.  One of President Barack Obama's former top Justice Department officials behind Operation Choke Point said Thursday [4/7/2016] the program had "unintended but collateral consequences" on banks and U.S. consumers.  "Unfortunately, as the investigations continue, so too have one of the unintended but collateral consequences of such vigilance:  mass de-risking," wrote Michael J. Bresnick, who previously served as executive director of Obama's Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, under which Operation Choke Point was created.  "Members of the industry have raised their hands in frustration and simply avoided lines of business typically associated with higher risk.  This reaction to [the Justice Department's] enforcement initiative, and similar matters brought by the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is certainly understandable."

Obama's Lofty Plans on Gun Violence Amount to Little Action.  The centerpiece of a plan for stemming gun violence that President Obama announced last month largely amounts to this:  an updated web page and 10,000 pamphlets that federal agents will give out at gun shows.  In a tearful display of anger and sadness in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Obama ordered steps intended to limit gun violence and vowed to clamp down on what he called widespread evasion of a federal law requiring gun dealers to obtain licenses.  But few concrete actions have been put in motion by law enforcement agencies to aggressively carry out the gun dealer initiative, despite the lofty expectations that Mr. Obama and top aides set.

OSHA is going after ammo manufacturers.  I received a call today [2/4/2016] from someone who works for a major ammunition manufacturer.  They required anonymity but want the following information to get out to the public.  NSSF is also involved in the fight but doesn't want to speak out about it either.  It turns out my blog post about OSHA considering a requirement of "no guns at work" policy got their attention.

Find Out If Your Lawmaker Voted to End Operation Choke Point.  The House of Representatives concluded a tense debate Thursday [2/4/2016] by voting 250-169 to end a controversial Obama administration program called Operation Choke Point.  Critics say the secretive program, run by the Department of Justice, has been used to target politically unpopular industries such as gun sellers. [...] Operation Choke Point was launched by the Justice Department in 2013 as a way to fight fraud by pressuring banks to "choke off" access to credit and other banking services by merchants and industries the administration considered at a high risk for fraud.  Without access to banking services, it is difficult — if not impossible — for a business to survive.

Obama bucks history, directs Pentagon to make guns safer, not more lethal.  Wartime U.S. presidents have taken keen personal interest in picking the most lethal gun for the military.  But in President Obama's first foray into small-arms procurement for the armed forces, his Jan. 4 executive order on gun control directs the Pentagon to find ways to make not so much more lethal firearms, but safer ones.

The Editor says...
Safer for whom?  When has America ever had a Commander-in-Chief who did not want the deadliest weapons to be in American hands?

A Retrospective on the Obama Years.  [Scroll down]  The man who promised he only needs a telephone and a pen to degrade a couple of hundred years of constitutional constraints has found it impossible to pass a federal gun control bill.  The preemptor in chief has been quite vocal in his frustration.  After all, what modern politician is more adept at using periodic mass shootings to push for yet additional federal control over gun rights?  But even a majority Democratic Congress rejected the president's entreaties.  It seems there are a few remaining Democrats representing "flyover districts" where gun control is not seen as a tonic for what ails us, but more like a prescription for defeat in the next general election.

Yes, They Are Coming For Your Guns.  Progressives love to ridicule Americans who are concerned that their Second Amendment rights are being threatened by a gun control-obsessed Obama administration.  "No one is coming for your precious guns," the hoplophobes taunt.  "We just want common sense gun laws."  Except that the pursuit of "common sense gun laws," which already exist, is just a smokescreen — President Obama and his crew really are coming for your precious guns.  Obama has made it no secret that he intends to push hard for stricter gun control in his final stretch in office.

Buy Ammo.  I have never, ever had anyone tell me that he had too much ammunition.  Not in a combat zone, not in a civil disaster, not even in peacetime.  Never.  Nor have I lived through a time where our governing class was so deeply corrupt, so utterly foolish, and so dangerously focused on the perpetuation of its own power that it risked bringing down everything we have built not merely in the United States but in the entire West.  Right now, if you are watching the news, you have questions about the future.  And the answer to all of them is to buy ammo.

Not-so-smart guns.  The gun control movement's latest hobby horse is the smart gun.  President Barack Obama included federal support for smart gun research in his recent executive orders, delighting activists who insist that a locking mechanism capable of preventing criminals from firing stolen weapons would surely be popular with gun buyers — if only the gun industry would drop its opposition.  The bad news for anyone looking to the smart gun as a technological quick fix for gun violence is that, absent a government mandate requiring all guns to be "smart," a robust market is unlikely to materialize.  And even if new laws were to require that all new firearms include smart gun tech, many proposed smart systems would make us less safe.

Lynch to Senate: Second Amendment 'Indeed an Integral Part of the Constitution'.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch told lawmakers on the Hill today that she has "complete confidence that the common-sense steps announced by the president are lawful" but harbors "no illusions that these measures by themselves will end gun violence in America."  "They clarify laws that are already on the books.  Because clear notice will help ensure that those laws are followed," Lynch told the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science at a hearing to examine President Obama's gun control executive orders.

Obama's gun orders hit with first lawsuit.  President Obama is facing the first court challenge over his executive action on guns.  On the same day the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to Obama's action on immigration, the conservative advocacy group Freedom Watch announced it is filing a lawsuit against the controversial gun orders.  Freedom Watch accuses Obama of circumventing Congress to "invent" new gun laws.

I'll bet she does!
Liberal Senator Says She Wants To Avoid 'Constitutional Arguments' During Hearing On Obama's Executive Gun Action.  Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski said at a Senate hearing Wednesday [1/20/2016] that she wanted to avoid getting "involved in constitutional arguments."  The only problem is that the hearing in question dealt with President Obama's recent executive actions on guns, which many believe infringes on Americans' Second Amendment rights.  "I look forward to ... listening to the attorney general and listening to this wonderful panel that you've invited to participate today," Mikulski, a Democrat and ardent supporter of gun control, said in her opening remarks ahead of a Senate Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing, which heard testimony from Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The Editor says...
It is a sad day in America when a U.S. Senator sees the Constitution as an annoyance and an obstacle to be overcome — preferably without mentioning it!

Hollywood stars follow Obama's gun control script, tweeting White House talking points on cue.  Hollywood stars make their living delivering lines written by others, and on the subject of gun control many are quoting a script written by an unlikely source — the White House.  An email sent last week to Tinseltown's A-listers by Associate Director of Public Engagement at the White House Jesse Moore — titled "Artists & Entertainers Unite to #StopGunViolence" and addressed to "Family" — offered Twitter-ready talking points for showing support for President Obama's gun control agenda., which obtained a copy of the email, compared it to tweets sent by such stars as Ashton Kutcher, and found that the stars passed the thoughts on to adoring fans with little or no ad-libbing.

The Editor says...
Perhaps you've heard me say this before, but the opinions of actors and actresses carry no more weight that your or mine — especially if they're just regurgitating verbatim what the White House propaganda department has fed them.

Obama Brags About Killing Bin Laden As He Frees Bin Laden's Bodyguards.  In his State of the Union speech, the president bragged:  If you doubt my commitment to punishing terrorists, "just ask Osama bin Laden."  So why is he releasing several of bin Laden's bodyguards from Guantanamo?

Ten Yemeni prisoners transferred from Guantanamo Bay to Oman.  Ten Yemeni prisoners held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo have been transferred to Oman, two days after President Obama said the military prison was 'expensive and unnecessary'.  The move brings the inmate population at the controversial Cuban detention center below the symbolically important milestone of 100 as the administration renews its efforts to shut it down.  Oman's state news agency had earlier cited an official of the Gulf monarchy saying the Yemenis had arrived.

Obama Tells a Rape Victim a Gun Won't Protect Her.  Liberals like to talk about women's rights but among those rights is, or should be, the second right enshrined in the Constitution's Bill of Rights — the right to keep and bear arms to protect one's self.  A woman's body is her own, liberals tell us, and she has the right to choose to have an abortion.  But the same liberals would deny women like Kimberly Corban the right to defend her body, and her children, with a firearm against the predators who lurk among us.

Justice Department Leading Multi-Agency Research Into Smart Gun Tech at Obama's Request.  Last Tuesday, the president announced a number of initiatives he said were designed to combat gun violence in the United States.  One of those initiatives involved further government research into technologies designed to help track guns more closely and prevent their unauthorized use.  He ordered the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense to coordinate on a report detailing the reliability and usability of the technology in its current form.

The Editor says...
Obviously if the government can prevent the "unauthorized use" of a gun, that means the government will be able to disable the gun remotely.

Real Reason for Gun Control.  One of the most controversial measures is Obama's idea that the act of selling even a single gun effectively makes you a gun dealer and subject to federal registration.  We're not quite sure the executive office can promulgate directives for individuals. [...] A normal person looking at the Second Amendment would probably conclude that it means what is says — that government cannot stop people from buying, selling, owning and using weapons.  But in introducing the caveat "reasonable regulation," the Court probably left the argument as muddy as before.  And Obama, late in his second term, is not one to miss an opportunity.

... and no teleprompters?
NRA Challenges Obama to a Debate: 'No Pre-Screened Questions and No Gas-Bag Answers'.  As part of its fight against President Obama's "aggressive overreach" on guns, the National Rifle Association is challenging the president to a debate on national television.  "I'll meet you for a one-on-one, one-hour debate, with a mutually agreed-upon moderator, on any network that will take it," Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president and CEO, said in a video posted on the group's website.

If the spike in gun sales didn't tell you this, there's now a poll to confirm it:
Obama Fails To Sway Public On Gun Control, Poll Finds.  Despite years of speeches, addresses, events and a legislative push, President Obama has failed to convince the public on key gun control positions that he has advocated, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll.  Just 42% of the public thinks stricter gun control laws will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals, while 52% think increased gun ownership increases public safety.  The poll also found that 42% of adults say that they or someone in their household owns a gun, and 28% say they are planning to buy one; 55% of them say that it is for "security or protection."  Among married women, 49% say that they or someone in their house owns a gun.

Obama White House misfires on gun control and mental illness.  President Obama spoke Tuesday about his "Common Sense Gun Safety Reform" and the White House issued a "fact sheet" on new executive orders to reduce gun violence.  Among these is a plan to spend $500 million to "increase access to mental health care" and a reference to increased reporting of "relevant information about people prohibited from possessing a gun for specific mental health reasons."  First of all, $500 million isn't going to change the nation's access to mental health care without fundamental reform in the way that patients are treated (undertreated) by third-party insurers, who act as gatekeepers.

ATF's Coming Nightmare with Obama.  Now Obama tells us that there are hundreds of thousands of "unlicensed" dealers, and they have to be licensed.  This is going to create a real problem for the ATF.  The government is now going to have to define "dealing" and put a number on it.  I have heard mention of 25 or more guns a year as a suggested threshold.  That would create a huge problem for ATF making a case against a citizen.  They'd have to have undercover agents buy at least 25 guns from a single person in 12 months to make just one case.  If the number is much smaller, it's going to have severe legal implications for the issue of ordinary people selling private property.  In either case, a lot of people are going to be even more angry with this administration, and with good reason.

Obama gets away with some whoppers on guns at town hall event.  President Obama's appearance at a town hall meeting Thursday night [1/7/2016] on "Guns in America" was an orchestrated performance by invitation only.  But event, hosted by CNN at George Mason University, saw anchor Anderson Cooper continually surprise the president.  Cooper demonstrated a deft command of the facts related to the gun issue and that came through with his guests and in his questions — though, as the evening unfolded, he continually let the president get away with untruths about his past positions.

Obama Mocks 'Conspiracy' at Forum on Gun Control.  In a prime-time, televised town hall meeting Thursday [1/7/2016], Obama fielded tough questions from high-profile gun control opponents and supporters alike, often answering with sympathy and without confrontation as he tried to reassure Americans there is a middle ground on a fiercely divisive issue.

Obama town hall's biggest stinking plant: Here's everything CNN didn't tell you about disgraced Fr. Michael Pfleger.  When your citizen "town hall" is invitation-only and jointly co-produced by CNN and the Obama White House, every participant is a potted plant. [...] [B]oth Obama and CNN have a long history as manufactured-narrative gardeners.  Right on cue, or rather left on cue, one of the chosen people allowed to question Obama was radical, race-baiting nutball Catholic priest Fr. Michael Pfleger from Obama's Chicago.

Obama: My Only Mistake Is Poor Salesmanship.  When President Obama was defending his ISIS strategy late last month — which has been pretty much universally derided as a failure — the only mistake he would admit to is that he hadn't spent more time talking about how successful it's been. [...] It was hardly the first time Obama has made such a claim.  In fact, the Washington Free Beacon has gathered up eight clips of the president arguing that the only mistake he made was that he didn't do enough selling.

Obama Administration's Public Gun Comments at Odds With Written ATF Guidance.  [Scroll down]  One former high-ranking ATF official with decades of experience at the agency said that cases involving somebody who sells firearms without a license are rarely pursued.  "Typically you couldn't get a U.S. attorney to take a case like that because it lacks jury appeal," the former official said.  "You're going to prosecute some old guy for selling one gun?  It would have to be some real special circumstance like a major drug trafficker was caught selling a gun before they press that, and how likely would that be?"  The potential confusion caused by the administration's public comments may result in people applying for licenses they do not need.  "It could tie up resources," the former ATF official said.  "It could keep them from doing compliance inspections."

If Obama Were Courageous He'd Propose A Total Gun Ban.  Obama's latest gun-control proposals are unconstitutional and another blatant example of his imperial overreach.  The executive branch does not have the constitutional authority to make laws and the president cannot create a felony offense out of thin air.  He needs to go through the constitutional process, which means convincing Congress to engage in the legislative process.  It's been tried before, and at least once with Democrat majorities in both chambers, and it's been rejected every time.  And none of these proposals would have done anything to prevent shootings such as the San Bernardino terrorist attack anyway.  Criminals, crazies and jihadists do not care about laws.  They aren't worried about required background checks or other gun laws.  They commit crimes that carry harsher sentences than those for violating mere gun laws. If they're not concerned about the punishment for shooting someone to death, they're certainly not going to care about the penalties they might get for possessing a gun or skipping a background check.  No amount of laws is effective anyway if you refuse to enforce them or let criminals out of prison.

Obama's gun plan: Crocodile tears and a 'crazy list'.  Even for those of us long tired of the false hopes and outright lies from this White House, President Obama's crude gunplay Tuesday [1/5/2016] was pretty shocking.  It was shocking for its hollowness.  Shocking for its low-mindedness.  Shocking for the complete disdain the man has for all the families of victims of gun violence that he trots out to carry his political water.  And what for?  To save a future life?  Prevent a past death?  No.  He even admitted on live national television that his raft of meaningless proposals will do nothing to prevent a single gun crime [...] nor would they have ever prevented one in the past.

Obama's Gun-Control Order Is Dictatorial, and It Won't Work.  Today [1/5/2016], upset that Congress has refused, in his words, to do "something, anything" to stop gun violence, President Obama released executive actions that bring the country closer to his oft-stated goal of "universal" background checks that cover the private transfer of firearms.  The current law is very clear.  Only federally licensed gun dealers are required to conduct background checks, and only sellers whose "principal objective of livelihood and profit [is] the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms" are required to obtain a federal license.  Anyone "who sells all or part of his personal collection of firearms" is specifically exempted from the licensing requirement.

Citizen Asks ATF: Do I Need a Federal Firearms License to Sell Thousands of Guns to Mexican Cartels?  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has posted a link to their Facebook page clarifying requirements for people selling guns to obtain a Federal Firearms License.  The link was posted after President Obama released new executive actions on gun control this week.

Obama's Long Game on Guns.  In the twilight of his presidency, with his goals of gun control unfulfilled, President Obama has pivoted to the long game.  During a teary-eyed press conference yesterday, Obama lamented that federal legislation "won't happen during my presidency."  But with the stroke of a pen, he laid the groundwork for the states to do what Congress would not:  limit the number of people who can own guns.  Until gun-control advocates can gin up enough support in Congress, they have targeted state and local governments as the next frontier.  At face value, the president's executive actions are modest, and will have little practical effect.  Their potency, however, lies with the power they give to progressive states to strengthen gun control nationally, without any action by Congress.

Cruz: Obama is 'not telling the truth' about guns.  Sen. Ted Cruz, who is working to solidify his lead in the crucial early voting state, on Wednesday [1/6/2016] accused President Barack Obama of wanting to take Americans' guns away despite his assurances otherwise.  "He's not telling the truth," Cruz said flatly during an interview with CNN aboard his campaign bus.

President Obama, guns and our Constitution.  In 2008, the Supreme Court laid to rest the once-simmering dispute over the meaning of the Second Amendment.  In an opinion written by Justice Antonin Scalia, the court articulated the modern existence of the ancient personal right to keep and bear arms as a pre-political right.  A pre-political right is one that pre-exists the political order that was created to protect it.  Thus, the court held, the origins of this right are the ancient and persistent traditions of free peoples and their natural inclinations to self-defense.  The court also characterized the right as fundamental.  That puts it in the highest category of rights protected by the Bill of Rights.

AP Analysis: Obama Executive Actions Wouldn't Have Prevented Mass Shootings.  Despite the fact that President Barack Obama pointed to past mass shootings as justification for a series of gun control executive actions, an Associated Press analysis found that none of Obama's new orders would have prevented those tragedies.  The execution actions, AP's Michael R. Sisak rules "would not have prevented the slaughters of 20 first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, or 14 county workers at a holiday party in San Bernardino, California," the two mass shootings Obama alluded to in his Tuesday speech.

Obama's gun control lies.  [#4] The "Smart Gun" Lie:  Obama's proposal included a push for so-called "smart gun" technology, in which a gun may not be fired unless a specific user is electronically authorized to do so.  In a sickening display of lowbrow pandering, Obama equated this concept with childproof aspirin bottles and cell phone apps that prevent unauthorized use.  Of course, such technology would enable the government to prevent the supposedly "authorized" owner from using the weapon as well.

Obama's Executive Fiat on Gun Control.  The president is asking Congress to provide funding for, among other things, 200 new agents and investigators for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to enforce existing gun laws and a new $500 million investment to increase access to mental health care.  He announced that the FBI will hire an additional 230 examiners and support staff to expedite the process of conducting background checks using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and has directed the FBI to partner with the U.S. Digital Service to modernize NICS.  He announced that, at his direction, Attorney General Loretta Lynch had convened a call with U.S. attorneys around the country to instruct them (as if they didn't already know this) that they should continue targeting the "worst of the worst" gun crimes and continue to assist their communities in combating gun violence.

Loretta Lynch warns gun owners: We're watching you.  U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch issued what Second Amendment supporters likely see as a dark warning about the White House's looming executive order on guns, telling a group of reporters the federal government would be actively searching out those firearms' owners who want to sidestep registration.

Armed Americans 'have no trust in this president'.  President Obama rolled out a new slate of executive orders designed to prevent criminals from getting guns and made an emotional appeal for even more to be done, but a leading defender of the Second Amendment says Obama's actions are a dishonest, unconstitutional overreach.  On Tuesday [1/5/2016], Obama unveiled new executive orders to an enthusiastic response from supporters in the East Room of the White House.  Obama called for more money to be spent on developing smart guns, which only work when they recognize a specific fingerprint.  He also wants more done to stop mentally ill people from getting guns.  However, the order getting the most attention is Obama's effort to greatly loosen the definition of a gun seller.  The president argues more people should have to be licensed to sell guns, and then more gun buyers would go through background checks.

Obama Declares War on Gun Owners.  The Hypocrite in Chief also is directing several federal agencies "to review the availability of smart gun technology on a regular basis, and to explore potential ways to further its use and development...."  Of course, such a move is entirely hypocritical, given that the President has made no indication that his Secret Service agents will also be carrying these dumb guns.  As stated by Breitbart's A.W.R. Hawkins:  "When it comes to his personal safety, Obama appears to remain a big fan of traditional firearms."

Politico Writer talks about Obama Regulating FFLs... and does not Know what They Are.  The gun culture is used to ignorant journalists who feel compelled to comment on things that they are ignorant about.  It is nothing new.  It helps keep subject matter experts in the field busy writing articles.  But there is an obvious disconnect between what it appears the Obama administration wants, and what it is obviously trying to get.  If the Obama administration wants people who sell a few guns a year to have those guns go through background checks, then it would make sense to repeal most of the onerous Clinton era regulations on small time gun sellers. [...] But I do not believe that is what President Obama wants.  What he would prefer is both onerous regulation and a requirement to have an FFL to sell small numbers of firearms.

Obama's Executive Actions on Guns Are All Politics.  The main executive action Obama announced that raises legal questions is about defining who must register as a licensed gun dealer and who does not have to register.  The president has some, but not a lot of, leeway in how and to whom he applies the law.  But will the president's desired goal of "closing gun show loopholes," by requiring more of those selling guns at such venues to become licensed, do what he claims — namely, decrease the number of crimes committed with guns?  We don't need a legal debate to answer that last question.  There is little evidence that simply expanding background checks will do anything to stop mass shootings or other criminal activities involving guns.  Such action would not prevent tragedies like San Bernardino.  The problem there was Islamic terrorism, not gun laws.

Obama's Dream For Gun Control Would Take More Away Than Your Gun.  The struggle for gun control, according to Obama, is just like the movements to abolish slavery and legalize gay marriage — meaning it's going to be a long battle to achieve the wide-ranging restrictions the Left would like to see placed on firearms.  But Obama promises his executive order will be a small step in the right direction to the type of gun control communist China has.  (Yes, he did in fact cite the authoritarian state's lack of guns as something to aspire to.)  What was so noticeable in the president's speech was the lack of any mention for what motivated the last high-profile shooting in America.  San Bernardino wasn't caused by Syed Farook's assault rifles possessing him and his wife to go out and kill — it was caused by radical Islamic ideology.

Obama's new gun control action isn't just bad policy. It's symptomatic of his incurable weakness.  Lots of people make New Years Day resolutions they don't keep, despite their best intentions.  President Barack Obama, however, has apparently made a resolution he does intend to follow through on:  exercising his executive power.  But Monday's [1/4/2016] announcement that he would expand gun control and take other unilateral action is actually a cautionary tale of incurable weakness, not a show of strength.

The Five Most Outrageous Facts About Obama's Executive Gun Control.  A January 4 White House executive order fact sheet previews the executive gun controls Obama will announce Tuesday [1/5/2016].  The five most offensive aspects of those controls:  [#1] The main policy would not have stopped any recent mass shootings. [...] [#2] 225 years of precedent, destroyed — without any legislative due process.

Obama: My Anti-Gun Agenda Isn't A 'Slippery Slope To Confiscating Guns'.  This morning [1/5/2016], President Obama listed what his new executive orders on gun regulations would accomplish, most of which (again) is already law.  Yet, he also emphasized that he's not out to take anybody's guns away. [...] Last October, the president also repeated the claim that he isn't looking to take anybody's guns away at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago.  The president may say he's for the Second Amendment, but his policies say otherwise.  Moreover, the president's party seems to be totally fine with passing legislation that manifests itself as de facto confiscation in the name of safety.

Obama Declares War on Gun Owners.  Today [1/5/2016], the President picked up his "phone and his pen" and continued his assault on the Second Amendment.  On the presidential website, the President declared war on senior citizens, and on private individuals who, in some cases, sell as few as one firearm. [...] Having failed to get gun control legislation passed in Congress, Obama is doing what he always does when he can't get what he wants.  He's circumventing Congress and enacting "legislation" by executive fiat.

Obama's Legacy Will Be Executive Abuse.  When I got back from my winter vacation, America was still being run by a two-term president who believes it's his job to impose his notions of morality, safety, and decency on everyone, often trying to work around the limits the system places on him.  This week Barack Obama is going to institute new restrictions on Americans unilaterally — expanding background checks, closing supposed "loopholes," and tightening the process for law-abiding gun owners — because Congress "won't act" and also because he believes it's the right thing to do.  Neither of them are compelling reasons to legislate from the White House.

President Obama wants to disarm America.  The president will purportedly bypass Congress and crack down on small scale gun sellers.  Fox News reports the plan would require gun sellers to order background checks on prospective buyers and tighten laws for gun sales to those who have committed domestic-abuse offenses.  If the White House really wants to crack down on gun violence — maybe they should enforce the laws that are already on the books.  But that's not the point.  This president ultimately wants to disarm the nation.

Doctors can report some mentally ill patients to FBI under new gun control rule.  Delivering on its promise to deliver "common sense" gun control, the Obama administration on Monday [1/4/2016] finalized a rule that enables health care providers to report the names of mentally ill patients to an FBI firearms background check system.  The action was one of a series of steps that President Barack Obama had called for in January 2013 in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings to curb gun violence, but the rule was not published until today [1/4/2015].

Obama details executive action on gun restrictions.  The Obama administration on Monday unveiled a series of new executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence and making some political headway on one of the most frustrating policy areas of President Obama's tenure. [...] Obama would devote $500 million more in federal funds to treating mental illness — a move that could require congressional approval — and require that firearms lost in transit between a manufacturer and a seller be reported to federal authorities.

The Editor says...
Mr. Obama presumes to have the authority to spend half a billion dollars on a whim, on whatever he pleases, without the slightest explanation of the source of that money.

Barack Obama takes action over US gun laws.  The plans will be announced on Tuesday [1/5/2015] by the president, despite opposition from Congress to new gun laws.  All sellers who operate online or at gun shows will be forced to conduct background checks on potential buyers.  Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said he would fight the executive actions "tooth and nail".  And several of his Republican rivals said they would erase the measures "on day one" if they win the White House.

Obama is Trying to Make the 2016 Election about Guns.  The President is visibly bored by the Constitutional process, the fight against ISIS, and the need to actually convince anyone to adopt his point of view in order to get anything done.  As a result, he occasionally lashes out with various unilateral actions that he knows will likely be undone as soon as he leaves office just to provoke a reaction from his perceived opponents.

A quick and effective background check
I Fully Support This New Kind of Background Check at Gun Shows.  So our benevolent leader Mr. Obama intends to bypass Congress once again to "tighten gun-control laws".  By my count, this is only the 408th time Mr. Obama has rewritten federal statutes, a new Constitutional power he's apparently created out of whole cloth.

Obama's plan to tighten gun laws sets up rematch with powerful gun rights group NRA.  The National Rifle Association, the country's most influential gun-rights supporter, is challenging President Obama's new plan to use his presidential power to tighten firearms laws, calling it a "political stunt" that fails to increase public safety.  President Obama said this weekend that he'll meet Monday [1/4/2016] with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss his "options" toward curbing gun violence, after ordering his White House team several months ago to identify "new actions" that he can take.  The president also said that he's taking action because Congress has failed to act.

Speaker Ryan: Obama's gun actions will be "dangerous level" of overreach.  Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, on Monday [1/4/2016] called President Obama's forthcoming executive action to curb gun violence a "dangerous level of executive overreach." [...] Despite his acknowledgement that he doesn't yet know what Mr. Obama plans to do, Ryan asserted that the expected executive actions wouldn't have stopped some of the recent mass shootings.  "We all are pained by the recent atrocities in our country, but no change the president is reportedly considering would have prevented them," Ryan said.  "We have seen consistently that an underlying cause of these attacks has been mental illness, and we should look at ways to address this problem."

Texas governor challenges Obama to 'come and take' the Lone Star state's guns as the president prepares to take executive action.  Texas Gov Greg Abbott criticized President Barack Obama's plan to move ahead with possible executive actions on guns in a tweet in which he told the Commander-in-Chief to 'come & take' the state's guns.  Obama said in his weekly radio address that he is looking for ways to keep guns out of the hands of 'a dangerous few' without depending on Congress to pass a law on the fraught subject of gun control.  He plans to meet his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on Monday [1/4/2016] to see what executive actions might be possible.

2016 resolution? Stock up on guns.  Obama is already the greatest gun salesman in American history, and you ain't seen nothing yet.  Now he's going to come after law-abiding gun owners, and if you don't believe this is the plan, then why was it announced yesterday — on a holiday, New Year's Day?  If you don't have a gun permit, get one.  If you don't own a firearm, buy one — now!  Stock up on ammo, too.  Join the NRA.  What this is about is very simple — Obama is coming after our guns because he and his ilk don't want us to be able to defend ourselves.

Obama to meet Monday with AG Lynch about 'options' to tighten gun laws.  President Obama said on Friday [1/1/2015] he'll meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch next week to discuss how to use White House powers to reduce gun violence, lamenting that Congress has "done nothing" and declaring he has "unfinished business."  "I get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing," said Obama, who will meet with Lynch on Monday [1/4/2015], after he returns from his Hawaii family vacation.

Obama plans curbs on guns.  President Obama will press ahead with a set of executive actions on guns next week despite growing concerns in the United States over terrorism that have dampened some Americans' enthusiasm for tighter firearms restrictions.  The president will meet Monday [1/4/2015] with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to finalize a series of new gun control measures and will announce his package of proposals soon after, according to several individuals who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plan is not yet public.

White House Leaks Obama Intents For "Executive Action" Firearm Restrictions.  As we review the current media report for President Obama's intentions, regarding executive office restrictions on firearms, we must remember the second term distinction between "executive orders" and "executive action".
  •   Executive orders are those dictatorial fiats from the White House that contain an origin, at least as regarded by the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), founded in law.
  •   "Executive actions" are the term-two preferences of President Obama and constitute dictatorial fiats that are not constitutionally based, not legal, not supported by the OLC, and will not eventually hold up under legal challenge.  The key word is "eventually".

Obama's plan to tighten gun laws sets up rematch with powerful gun rights group NRA.  The National Rifle Association, the country's most influential gun-rights supporter, is challenging President Obama's new plan to use his presidential power to tighten firearms laws, calling it a "political stunt" that fails to increase public safety.  President Obama said this weekend that he'll meet Monday [1/4/2016] with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss his "options" toward curbing gun violence, after ordering his White House team several months ago to identify "new actions" that he can take.  The president also said that he's taking action because Congress has failed to act.

The Editor says...
The United States Congress, if it had a collective backbone, should be expected to immediately impeach the President at the moment that he presumes to bypass any part of the Bill of Rights.  Alas, this current crop of elected Representatives and Senators -- with very few exceptions -- are so comfortable in their offices that they'd rather just leave Mr. Obama alone until the next election.  This is because Mr. Obama (a/k/a Soetoro) is the most untouchable Sacred Cow this country has ever seen.  This provides a powerful argument for term limits:  Instead of being permanent fixtures in Washington, our elected representatives would understand that they're only in D.C. temporarily, and they might as well take the unpleasant actions needed to keep the country functional, stable, solvent, and free.

Report: Obama to take executive action on gun control.  [Scroll down]  Principally, the measures would tighten the so-called "gun show loophole."  Federal law requires dealers who sell firearms for the "principal objective of livelihood and profit" to obtain a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Those dealers are consequently required to conduct background checks on purchasers.  Those who do not sell firearms for that principal objective are exempt from the requirement.

Obama to use executive action to tighten gun laws, focus on small-scale sellers.  President Obama is set to use his White House powers to tighten gun control next week, including placing more restrictions on gun sellers, according to a new report.  Obama will use executive actions to expand licensing requirements for small-scale sellers, Politico reported.  Such a change would result in more sellers having to conduct background checks but wouldn't completely close the so-called "gun show loophole," which allows for firearm purchases at such venues without a check.  The White House declined a request by Fox News late Thursday [12/31/2015] to comment on the story.

Obama Meets with Bloomberg, Readies New Gun Control Executive Actions.  President Obama met with gun control proponent, nanny-statist, and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday [12/16/2015] to discuss Obama's imminent executive actions to restrict the Second Amendment.  The meeting was not on the president's public schedule but obviously revealed after the fact to the press.  The conclave was "part of the administration's continuing push to address gun violence in America," the White House said in a statement.

New move to bypass Congress on gun control as Obama demands tougher background checks WITHOUT a vote.  The president's advisers are close to finishing a proposal that would allow him to enact new gun control measures without congressional approval, a top White House official has revealed.  The recommendations will be ready 'in short order,' Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett said yesterday evening at a vigil to commemorate the Dec. 14, 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that resulted in 27 deaths, including the gunman.  According to the Associated Press, Jarrett indicated that advisers had determined how the president could unilaterally expand background checks using his executive authority.

Our Superstitious President.  The president also insists that the government in reaction to the San Bernardino terrorist attacks must now rush to make it illegal for anyone on the no-fly lists to buy guns.  Is there any scientific evidence that such a move would have much effect in preventing or abating terrorism?  Or is such a call based on folklore and ideologically driven superstition?

The "No Buy" List travels a well trodden road to Tyranny.  In a news conference announcing his intent to enact a state wide "gun ban" for anyone on the secretive and inaccurate federal "No Fly List", in effect creating a parallel unvetted state "No Buy List", Conneticut Governor Malloy appeared to be seeking to politically get ahead of "proposed" White House Executive Action in a similar fashion to his crass exploitation of the Newtown shooting which allowed him to justify his prior but incomplete gun control efforts.  Readers should understand at the outset of this article the political algebra of Intent + Capability = What Will Come to Pass which is always presaged by "Propositions".  Whereas pie-in-the sky socialist dreamers merely have intentions, they need someone with capability to make it so.

Obama's No-Fly-List Gun Ban Should Be Permanently Grounded.  President Obama wants to ban anyone on the government's "no fly" list from buying a gun, asking "what could possibly be the argument for allowing" such gun purchases.  In fact, there are many.  There are about 47,000 names on the "no fly" list, 800 of whom are Americans, although nobody knows the exact number since the list is kept secret.  Those on the no-fly list can be blocked from flying into, out of or over U.S. airspace.  This isn't a list of terror suspects, it's a "predictive assessment" of those the government thinks could pose a threat to Americans.  But the government's ability to make such predictions accurately has proved incredibly unreliable.  Over the years, the no-fly list has swept up Marine veterans, air marshals, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. John Lewis, CNN reporter Drew Griffin, a nun and an 18-month-old child.  Not on the no-fly list:  The San Bernardino terrorists.

More about The No-Fly List a/k/a the Terrorist Watch List.

Krauthammer Rips Earnest: Is There a 'Gun Control Cult' Running the White House?  Referring to the spike in gun sales after defenseless office workers were murdered by jihadists in San Bernardino, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called it "tragic" that Americans are legally obtaining firearms.  He was also asked whether President Obama has any plans to visit San Bernardino. Earnest said he wasn't sure yet, but that it's not uncommon for Obama to visit communities "touched by incidents of gun violence."

The Man Who Can't Stop Lying.  As predicted, Barack Obama attempted to misdirect the American people during his prime-time Oval Office address last night.  The absentee President's relatively brief addressed seemed more concerned with protecting his view of the nature of Islam than the lives of American citizens, and he quickly pivoted towards asserting that American gun owners were the real threat.  Toward this end, Obama pushed his call to weaponize his enemies list.  He wants to be able to arbitrarily put American citizens that he doesn't like on one of several list, and then strip them of their constitutional rights by executive fiat.

7 Reasons You Should Buy a Gun After San Bernardino.  You should buy a gun.  You should learn how to use it.  You should buy sufficient ammunition.  You should get a license to carry, if you can.  You should do all of that now.  You should do it not just because President Obama and his administration are hell-bent on implementing some form of worse-than-useless gun control in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday.  You should buy a gun because the government cannot keep you safe.  You should buy a gun because the government may in fact attempt to disarm you in violation of your Constitutional rights.  You should buy a gun because the media will lie to you about the government's ability to keep you safe.

Gun Control Group: Obama Must Declare 'State of Emergency,' Ban Guns.  The National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) is calling on President Barack Obama to declare a "state of emergency" over fictional events, and then use that fictitious excuse to scrap the Constitution and impose his will under martial law.

Dems urge Obama to curb gun violence through executive action.  If Republicans won't pass legislation to curb the nation's gun violence, House Democrats say the president should.  In a letter Monday [11/23/2015], Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, and 114 of his Democratic colleagues urged President Obama to close the private sale loophole through executive action that now allows guns to be sold without a background check.

Obama says gun control to be top issue of final year.  President Obama hopes to make gun control the top issue of his final year in office, saying Americans aren't more violent than other people but they "have more deadly weapons to act out their rage."  In an interview published Tuesday [11/17/2015] in GQ magazine, Mr. Obama said easy access to guns is "the only variable" between the U.S. and other developed countries.

Exclusive — Sheriff David Clarke: Obama Is On A 'Gun Confiscation Mission'.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, in an exclusive conversation with Breitbart News, weighs in on the gun control push by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in Chicago and President Barack Obama's recent references to Australian-style gun confiscation as a way forward for America.

Obama to Police Chiefs: Crack Down on Gun Owners.  Obama used the occasion to call for a retreat from America's tradition of lawful firearm ownership and use, a tradition Americans have embraced at record levels while enjoying record progress against violent crime.  Clearly, and as usual, Obama fails to grasp an understanding or appreciation of how firearm ownership contributes to the security and safety of our communities.  But then, ordinary, upstanding Americans have never been the president's main concern.

Obama Assures Americans He's Really Not "Out to Take Everyone's Guns Away".  "Please do not believe this notion that I'm out to take everyone's guns away," Barack Obama pleaded in his Tuesday [10/27/2015] speech before the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Chicago.  "Nobody is doing that.  We're talking about common sense measures to make sure criminals don't get them."  Actually, plenty of people are doing that, from increasing calls to repeal the Second Amendment to Hillary Clinton asserting the Supreme Court got it wrong when it ruled 2A an individual right, to Hillary and Obama himself entertaining Australian-style "gun control," which entailed gun bans and government collection of firearms.  That's what "progressives" mean by "common sense measures."  Next we need to look at who Obama was talking to.

Obama's latest lie: If you like your guns you can keep your guns.  Of course he's lying.  Remember, "if you like your plan you can keep your plan?"  Or, "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?"  And, "I'll reduce premiums by $2,500 dollars per year?"  How'd those promises work out for you?  He also "wasn't going" to force you to buy health insurance either.  So have you made your Shared Responsibility Payment yet?  And are you detecting a pattern here?

Obama Blatanty Lies About Violence As He Proposes More Gun Laws.  President Barack Obama, who has recently championed the idea of "Australian-style" forced gun confiscation, is once more shamelessly lying about the reality of violent crime in the United States in order to strip American citizens of their natural human right to armed self-defense.

Obama returns to Chicago to push for criminal justice reforms, including gun control.  President Barack Obama returned to his hometown of Chicago Tuesday [10/27/2015] to address a law enforcement conference — where he touched on three hot button issues in the United States:  Public opinion against police departments, excessive prison sentences for nonviolent offenders and gun control.

The Editor says...
Chicago already has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country and they don't work.

Obama: I'm not going to 'take everyone's guns away'.  Speaking to police chiefs in Chicago, Obama sought to rebut the argument made by conservatives, which he said is designed to stoke fear.  "Some of you are watching certain television stations or listening to certain radio programs, please do not believe this notion that somehow I'm out to take everyone's guns away," he told the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

The Editor says...
Did he really say, "I'm not going to take everyone's guns away," or did he instead say that he doesn't want us to believe that he's going to take our guns away?  Big difference.

Donald Trump: Obama considering executive order to take guns away.  Donald Trump is backing away from his claim that President Barack Obama is considering an executive order to take away Americans' guns, saying he's hearing about it from "good sources" in the media.

Obama Admits Gun Laws Aren't to Find Shooters But to Limit Ownership of Guns by Citizens.  On October 2nd, Barack Obama promised to keep talking about his anti-gun agenda on a regular basis and to continue to publicize it, but he said something far more important that is being ignored.  He made a very important admission about the real purpose of gun laws.  He admitted he can't sort through these gun owners to find out who will or will not use a gun to kill so therefore he has to reduce the numbers of guns.  It hasn't worked in Chicago as one example of a state with extremely tough gun laws and it won't work nationwide.  Therefore, the next logical step is what The Washington Post is openly publishing — a push for a gun-free America.  That has always been the goal.

Obama Considers Issuing Executive Order On Gun Purchases That Would Solve Nothing.  Liberals have never met a gun control idea that they don't like, as long as it is one that only affects those who are law abiding citizens who do not use their guns in a criminal manner.  Going after those who actually use guns criminally or may use them criminally?  Please.  Any sort of law enforcement methods will be trampled in the rush to protect the criminals.  Obama, who said he wasn't visiting Oregon to be political, decided to trot out another idea yesterday [10/9/2015] that would do absolutely nothing[.]

Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority.  In response to the latest mass shooting during his presidency, President Obama is seriously considering circumventing Congress with his executive authority and imposing new background-check requirements for buyers who purchase weapons from high-volume gun dealers.  Under the proposed rule change, dealers who exceed a certain number of sales each year would be required to obtain a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and perform background checks on potential buyers.

President Obama mulling expanding gun background checks through executive action.  His royal highness, King Barack I is thinking of issuing a decree to his subjects, ordering more background checks for those wishing to purchase a firearm.  This backdoor gun control would be accomplished by forcing high volume gun dealers to obtain a license to sell guns from the ATF — one of the requirements being to perform background checks on purchasers.

Obama Wants to Take Our Guns, So We Can All Experience the "Peace" of Chicago.  After the shooting on the Umpqua Community College campus last week, Obama took to the airwaves to issue this statement:  "We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings.  Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours.  So we know there are ways to prevent it."  These "common-sense" and "modest" laws Obama refers to in Britain and Australia Obama refers to aren't just lines in a law book, but would require extreme confiscation and bans.  They also did little to reduce overall homicide rates.  Instead, United Kingdom was found to be the most violent country in Europe in 2009.

Obama Administration Working on New Executive Orders for Gun Control.  With the possibility of Congress taking up the issue of gun control being virtually zero, the Obama Administration has announced that a new team is working on a new set of possible executive orders that President Obama could execute to further control guns at the national level.

Yes, Obama does want to take your guns.  Within hours of the killings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon last week, President Obama stepped to the White House lectern, admittedly without all the facts of the case, to shamelessly politicize the tragedy.  "Somebody, somewhere will comment and say, Obama politicized this issue.  Well, this is something we should politicize," he said.  Perhaps Obama's open politicizing of the issue wasn't the worst part, but instead it was his intellectual dishonesty when it comes to the "common-sense" gun laws he wants implemented.

Hillary Will Grab your Guns, With or Without Congress' Help.  Back in 2008, Barack Obama realized that he needed to avoid alienating blue collar rust belt workers in order to win the general election, and he knew that many of them were concerned about his well earned reputation as a gun grabber.  Rather than risk alienating his voting base by trying to sound like he wasn't opposed to guns, he instead made the argument that it wasn't politically possible for him to take anyone's guns even if he wanted to: [...] This, of course, turned out to be a lie, as Obama tried to do quite a bit to take away guns even without a single vote in Congress.

White House: Obama Preparing More Executive Actions on Gun Control.  The White House confirmed that President Obama was preparing a series of executive actions on gun control to match his recent passion on the issue after the latest mass shooting in Oregon.  "It's a high priority and will continue to be until we start to see more progress on this issue in this town," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today [10/5/2015] at the press briefing.

Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints At Confiscation.  When President Obama spoke in reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on Umpqua Community College, he went beyond his usual calls for more gun control and suggested instead that America consider following the path blazed by Australia and Great Britain.

Mental Health and the 2nd Amendment.  [Scroll down]  There is a danger here in that the Obama administration has already tried to use mental health as a means, not to make us safer, but to deny us our gun rights under the Second Amendment.  Consider president's pick of Dr. Vivek Murthy to be our surgeon general, someone who firmly believes gun control is a health issue, something that can and should be used to gut out Second Amendment Rights.

UN Gun Control Body Supported By Obama Sets Up Veto-Proof Framework.  Representatives attending the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Mexico this week have set up a structure for future conferences on gun control that include a veto-proof decision making process.  According to Reuters, representatives from 130 countries gathered in Mexico, although only 72 countries have fully ratified the treaty.  They determined that Geneva will be "the seat of the permanent secretariat for the ATT" and they unanimously decided that unanimous agreements would not have to be reached on gun control decisions going forward.  This gives the body a veto-proof process for making gun control decisions going forward.

Kerry signs UN arms treaty, senators threaten to block it.  Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday signed a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, riling U.S. lawmakers who vow the Senate will not ratify the agreement. [...] "The Obama administration is once again demonstrating its contempt for our fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms," Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement.  "These are blatant attacks on the constitutional rights and liberties of every law-abiding American.  The NRA will continue to fight this assault on our fundamental freedom."  Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., one of the most vocal opponents of the treaty, also sent a letter to Kerry declaring the treaty "dead in the water," since a majority of senators has gone on record against the agreement.

White House says Virginia TV shooting points to need for gun control.  The White House said on Wednesday [8/26/2015] that the shooting of two television journalists in Virginia is another example of gun violence that is "becoming all too common."  White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that Congress can pass legislation that would have a "tangible impact of reducing gun violence in this country."

Yes, Dems Care More about Grabbing Guns Than About Victims of Violence.  We don't, at this point, know anything about how the shooter got the gun, or what measures at all would have prevented him from getting a gun, if any.  So it seems kind of ludicrous to suggest laws to fix a problem when you don't even know what the problem is.

Obama's Political Two-for-One: Using a Black Racist's Murders to Blame Guns and Minimize the Terror Threat.  While there's certainly evidence the shooter was deeply disturbed, the evidence is now overwhelming that this shooting was in large part about race.  The shooter wanted vengeance for Charleston, he wanted a "race war," and he was known for angry, unfounded accusations of racial persecution: [...] So, how does the President of the United States respond?  It's the guns of course, and the guns are worse than terrorists.

Obama on WDBJ Shooting: Gun-Related Deaths 'Dwarf' Terrorist-Caused Deaths.  In a preview of an interview with President Barack Obama set to air tomorrow on Philadelphia ABC affiliate WPVI, the president reacted to the WDBJ shooting earlier in the day with commentary on what he described as "gun-related incidents."  "It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these kinds of incidents," Obama said.  "What we know, is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism."  [Video clip]

Of Course: Virginia Killer Wore Obama Badge During On-Air Election Reports.  Obama's deeply saddened that one of his supporters is dead and called for more law-abiding citizens to be disarmed.

The Editor says...
It was later revealed that the shooter passed a background check and obtained his weapon legally.

More about Vester Lee Flanagan II a/k/a Bryce Williams.

Gun Rights Advocates Have A Devastating New Argument Against Gun Control.  Barack Obama, who always tries to reassure us bitter clingers that he doesn't want to take our guns, speaks longingly about the Australian plan — which was confiscation of most viable defensive weapons from the civilian population.  Obama is lying — about gay marriage, about your doctor — and he is likewise lying about guns.  The minute he could disarm every American civilian he would, something particularly alarming in light of his pal Bill Ayers' infamous observation that 'fundamentally transforming' America would require killing at least 25 million citizens.  No wonder free Americans are done pretending the gun argument is a rational debate and are responding with an extended middle finger — and the challenge to come and take their arms.  The fact remains that any outright attempt to take the arms from tens of millions of American gun owners would almost certainly result in a second Civil War.

Where Have All the Bullets Gone?  Since the day President Obama was elected, gun owners have been on an unprecedented buying spree, purchasing everything from .22 ammunition to every kind of semi-automatic firearm available.  Their fears are not unwarranted — especially because, for a while, the federal government seemed to be racing private owners to buy the ammo first.  Closer examination shows that some fears of federal activity on this front are overblown.  Others, though, are deeply rooted in legitimate concerns.  While Obama claims to support "common-sense" gun laws, he has made high-profile public announcements telegraphing his anti-gun intentions and engaged in behind-the-scenes gun control — tweaking government regulations to deny gun rights to veterans, seeking the same for Social Security recipients, and using the ATF to ban certain types of popular ammo.

Finally, an Obama Success Story: Gun Production Has Doubled Under Obama.  It's time tested: Whatever Obama is for, bet on the other side.

Obama Says Americans Having Guns is Worse Than Islamic Terrorism.  In an interview with Britain's BBC, President Obama said that Americans having guns and observing their Second Amendment rights is far worse than Muslim terrorism.  In the interview Obama lamented that he has not been able to put an end to the Second Amendment and noted that Americans are worse than terrorists.

Obama pushing for 'largest gun grab in American history': NRA.  The Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own disability payments — a move the NRA is calling the "largest gun grab in American history."  The push is intended to integrate data for the first time from the Social Security Administration into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), OutdoorHub reported.  Beneficiaries who have been declared incompetent to manage pension or disability payments and assigned a fiduciary could then potentially lose their right to bear arms.

Obama Tells BBC He's 'Most Frustrated' On Gun Control: 'I Will Not Stop'.  In advance of his trip to Kenya, President Obama told the BBC that he was determined to get something done on gun control, expressing frustration that he was unable to get movement on an issue he supported.  "The one area where I feel that I've been most frustrated and most stymied — it is that the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense gun safety laws — even in the face of repeated mass killings," Obama said in the interview.

Obama Announces Large-Scale Gun Grab That Will Affect 4.2 Million SSA Recipients.  Obama plans to extend gun background checks to Social Security.  The administration will use the same strategy they use to confiscate guns from veterans who have others handle their financial affairs only this will affect a massive 4.2 million Americans.  An inability to balance a checkbook could get them banned from owning a gun.  What right does Barack Obama have to unilaterally make this decision affecting the Second Amendment?  This is the single most massive gun grab by this administration.  If you are elderly, a veteran or disabled, you might have your gun taken away because of Obama's big brush approach to gun control.

Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security.  Seeking tighter controls over firearm purchases, the Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, a move that could affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others.  The push is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws regulating who gets reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, which is used to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the country illegally and others.  A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease."

How FBI's Dylann Roof gun snafu hurts Obama's gun control agenda.  President Obama pushed Americans to call for stricter gun controls in the wake of the June 17 Charleston church massacre, complaining that the admitted killer, Dylann Roof, "had no trouble getting his hands on a gun."  What the President likely didn't know when he made those comments is this  It wasn't a lack of gun controls, but a bureaucratic failure, that led to Roof obtaining the gun legally, due, it turns out, on a senior FBI document examiner's unfamiliarity with South Carolina geography.

Obama intent to toughen gun laws, with or without Congress' help.  In the wake of the shooting deaths at a black church in South Carolina, President Obama sounded as if he has abandoned gun control laws, but his administration is steadily pursuing a wide variety of gun regulations through executive action.  At the state level, gun control advocates are advancing gun regulations in at least 31 legislatures.  Gun rights groups point out that the administration is pushing several restrictions at the Justice Department, ranging from rules on gun storage and high-powered pistols to a renewed effort to prohibit gun ownership by people who have been convicted of domestic abuse.

Evaluating the Left's Madness on Gun Control.  Let's address the first and most basic problem in [Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley's] tirade:  that his anger is entirely misdirected.  The NRA had nothing to do with the heinous murders in Charleston, and neither did Congress, or the Americans wishing to preserve their own rights to self-defense via personal firearms.  This was the evil and murderous act of one man.  And yet only a few days after the tragedy, O'Malley and the president and millions of others had constructed a pulpit over the yet unfilled victims' graves, targeting Second Amendment advocates and extracting the usual political currency that gun control advocates immediately seek to gain in the wake of such crimes.  The second, more fundamental problem in his tirade is that he demands federal action that would wholly subvert the Constitution.

Obama Calls for Action Against Guns: 'I Need You to Mobilize'.  After delivering a frustrated speech about gun violence in Washington D.C., President Obama traveled to Santa Monica for a fundraiser with Hollywood star Tyler Perry.  During the speech, he called for his supporters to mobilize against gun violence in order to change the current political environment that refused to act.

Obama so shaken by Charleston shootings, he attends only 2 fundraisers.  Barack Obama made a curious statement Thursday [6//18/2015] during his obligatory public lament over the stunning slayings of nine worshippers in an historic Charleston church.  He said:  "I've had to make statements like this too many times."  Obama intended this to bemoan the frequency of fatal shootings in America, which he attributes to the easy availability of firearms.  It would have been too honest and nuanced for the current president of all Americans to note that scores of millions of us have our own firearms easily available to us, yet live peaceful, law-abiding lives under the Constitution that Obama twice swore to uphold.

Obama renews call for gun control debate: 'I am not resigned'.  Obama, speaking to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in San Francisco two days after the church shootings in South Carolina that killed nine, clarified comments he made on the tragedy Thursday [6/18/2015].  He said they were misinterpreted by some as showing he was resigned to inaction on gun control.  "I want to be clear, I am not resigned," Obama said.  "I have faith we will eventually do the right thing.  I was simply making the point that we have to move public opinion.  We have to feel a sense of urgency.  Ultimately Congress will follow the people."

The Editor says...
The Congress is already doing the will of the people to a far greater extent than Barack H. Obama.

None of Obama's Own Gun Control Proposals Have Anything to Do with Today's Shooting in Charleston.  It didn't take too long until we heard the oh-so-predictable calls for more gun control.  Speaking this morning during an emotional press conference, the Mayor of Charleston, Joseph P. Riley, expressed his disappointment that the massacre at Sandy Hook had not yielded a "major national effort" to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.  Later, he signaled his intention to "push on" toward that goal.  He was quickly joined by the President of the United States, who used his remarks as an opportunity to propose that Something Needed to Be Done.

ATF to reclassify AR/AK pistols as NFA items!  Obama is directing the DOJ and ATF to take steps that curtail your right to own certain firearms.  He is doing this without any congressional oversight or approval and it will not be reviewed by any Judicial body, unless challenged by a lawsuit after it takes effect.  He is directly trying to take away your rights to own perfectly legal firearms.  Plain and simple.

FBI: Uhm, remember Obama's pre-election claim that 'mass shootings are up'? Yeah, that was a lie..  Just before last year's midterm elections, the Obama administration widely distributed an FBI "report" that claimed that mass shootings had increased.  Obama used this "report" to flog his gun control ideas and to "prove" that Republicans were wrong on gun control in the wind up to the midterms.  Now the FBI has been forced to admit that the report was "imperfect."  Thereport was all over the news in September and October last year, only a month or so before the Nov. 4 election. [...] But now that the elections are over, now the FBI can admit that the whole thing was a pile of lies.

The Government Wants You to Get Its Permission Before Discussing Gunmaking Information on the Internet (or Anywhere).  The NRA notes with alarm last week something that, if it were paying attention, it would realize is not a fear on the horizon but a nightmare certain people are already living: [...] As readers of Reason know well, Cody Wilson is living proof the government has already been acting on the belief they have this power to prevent certain technical details about gun making from spreading to the Internet without their approval — in Wilson's case, CAD files to for a 3D printed plastic handgun.

Firearms Speech Regulations.  Let's cover the list.  No more American Rifleman Magazine (since it has technical data in it), no more descriptions over forums for how to reload or what recipe is best for certain situations, no more tactical training videos over YouTube, no more posting of results of ballistic gelatin, no more gun reviews, no more descriptions of how to field strip and clean firearms, and on and on the list goes.  It won't work.  Obama will be defeated, now and in eternity.  Just like gun control doesn't stop the availability of guns, Obama can't stop the sharing of information.  And for his totalitarianism, Mr. Obama has earned a place in hell on judgment day.  In the mean time, the administration has declared war on you and your freedoms.

NRA: Gun blogs, videos, web forums threatened by new Obama regulation.  Commonly used and unregulated internet discussions and videos about guns and ammo could be closed down under rules proposed by the State Department, amounting to a "gag order on firearm-related speech," the National Rifle Association is warning.  In updating regulations governing international arms sales, State is demanding that anyone who puts technical details about arms and ammo on the web first get the OK from the federal government — or face a fine of up to $1 million and 20 years in jail.

Obama To Circumvent Congress With 'Gag Order' On Firearm Coverage.  On June 1 Breitbart News reported on Obama's Spring 2015 "Unified Agenda."  The gun control measures contained therein which were to be passed by executive fiat.  Since that time Representatives like Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) have placed riders on a DOJ appropriations bill to stop portions of the executive gun control push in its tracks.  Now the NRA-ILA is revealing that the Obama administration is working behind the scenes to stifle reporting on firearms.

Stop Obama's Planned Gag Order on Firearm-Related Speech.  Even as news reports have been highlighting the gun control provisions of the Administration's "Unified Agenda" of regulatory objectives, the Obama State Department has been quietly moving ahead with a proposal that could censor online speech related to firearms.  This latest regulatory assault, published in the June 3 issue of the Federal Register, is as much an affront to the First Amendment as it is to the Second.

Obama Plans To Muzzle Gun-Related Speech.  The foreign-raised President of the United States — who never set foot on the U.S. mainland until he was an adult — has proven throughout his rogue administration that he has no respect at all for the Constitution.  He's proving it yet again with a dual attack on both the First and Second Amendments, with an attempt to twist ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) regulations to ban online speech about firearms, claiming that information posted online is "exporting" data.

NRA: Gun blogs, videos, web forums threatened by new Obama regulation.  Commonly used and unregulated internet discussions and videos about guns and ammo could be closed down under rules proposed by the State Department, amounting to a "gag order on firearm-related speech," the National Rifle Association is warning.  In updating regulations governing international arms sales, State is demanding that anyone who puts technical details about arms and ammo on the web first get the OK from the federal government — or face a fine of up to $1 million and 20 years in jail.

Obama preps 'final assault' on 2nd Amendment.  Critics are warning that the Obama administration is readying for a "final assault" on Second Amendment rights as the Justice Department plans to move forward on a long list of new gun rules, according to the Hill.  The report says the agency has proposed the regulations to enact before Obama leaves office.  "It's clear President Obama is beginning his final assault on our Second Amendment rights by forcing his anti-gun agenda on honest law-abiding citizens through executive force," Luke O'Dell, vice president of political affairs at the National Association for Gun Rights, told the Hill.

Obama is in the Process of Repealing the 2nd Amendment By Executive Order.  It has been revealed that Obama is teaming up with Loretta Lynch to repeal the 2nd Amendment, bypassing congress and relying on executive orders.  The variety of new laws and regulations on guns are far ranging and quite unconstitutional.  The measures being proposed are the banning of certain high powered pistols.  I really don't know what the good in that is.  It might make it harder to shoot people from a long distance but most attacks using pistols are from short range. [...] Other new regulations and laws include new rules on the storage of weapons.  "Hey, Mr Burglar, could you wait a moment while I open up my gun safe?"  Then there's universal gun registration, a ban on gun ownership for anyone with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, like spanking your child, banning gun ownership for anyone who is seeing a shrink or has done so in the past, and expanding the list of people who can never own a gun, which will be done arbitrarily.

Obama's DOJ To Circumvent Congress With 'More Than A Dozen' New Gun Controls.  Obama's Department of Justice is working on "more than a dozen" new gun control regulations it plans to begin implementing apart from Congress. Some of the regulations are set to be put in place by November, others simply by the end of the Obama administration.  According to The Hill, "the regulations range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements" and the issuance of "new rules expanding criteria for people who do not quality for gun ownership."

Administration preps new gun regulations.  The Justice Department plans to move forward this year with more than a dozen new gun-related regulations, according to list of rules the agency has proposed to enact before the end of the Obama administration.  The regulations range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements.  Chief among them is a renewed effort to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally unstable or have been convicted of domestic abuse.

Team Obama Readies More Gun Control Regulations.  Isn't it wonderful how people surrounded by armed agents, often with high power weapons, want to do all they can to restrict citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment Right. Of course, these will all be portrayed as reasonable. [...] If Obama hates guns so much, his Secret Service protective agents should be armed with billy clubs, tasers, and mace once he leaves office.

If They Can't Get Your Guns, They'll Get Your Ammo.  The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015 was introduced by Rep. Bonnie Watson (D-NJ).  The bill would regulate online ammunition sales much the same way online gun sales are regulated, which means that a consumer would not be able to have an online ammunition purchase delivered to his home, but rather would have to display a photo ID to an "authorized dealer" to retrieve his purchase.  I know Democrats like to pretend you can go on a gun-shopping spree and have your pile of guns delivered to your front door, but you can't.  This is the first step in trying to ban online ammunition sales, no matter how they spin it.

No citizen should have to play '20 Questions' to own a gun.  We all remember then-Senator Obama's famous mocking of heartland Americans who "cling to guns or religion" at a 2008 fundraiser.  As a firearm owner myself, I wear this description proudly.  I am not the only one.  There are approximately 300 million privately owned firearms in the United States; a number that rises by 10 million annually.  And those of us who clung to our Second Amendment rights before are keeping an even tighter grip today as the Obama administration continues its efforts to chip away at these fundamental freedoms.

The Surgeon General is an idiot.  Back in the closing days of the Senate under One-Eye Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Dr. Vivek Murthy was confirmed as US Surgeon General by the narrowest of margins. [...] The resistance to Murthy was led by the the NRA because Murthy is an reflexive, doctrinaire gun-grabber.

VA Sends Veterans' Medical Info To FBI To Get Their Guns Taken Away.  Documents obtained by The Daily Caller and interviews with American veterans reveal a shocking government program:  The Department of Veterans Affairs is disarming America's veterans by getting them placed on the FBI's criminal background-check list.  The VA sends veterans' personal medical and financial information directly to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which can seize their guns in home raids.

Grassley to Holder: Why Is The VA Putting So Many Veterans on Your Federal Gun Ban List?  Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder expressing deep concerns over Veterans Affairs evaluations classifying veterans as "mentally defective" and banning them in the federal background check system from purchasing or owning a firearm.  According to Grassley's office, the VA "reports individuals to the gun ban list if an individual merely needs financial assistance managing VA benefits," keeping them from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Democrats still lust after taking away people's ammunition.  Note, by the way, that Steve Israel is somebody, at least by Congressional Democratic standards.  The Representative is assistant Democratic Whip and chaired the DCCC... well, he chaired it right into a brick wall, but never mind that right now.  The important thing here is that when Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) talks about banning your gun's ammunition he absolutely means it — and that so does the rest of the Democratic party.

B. Todd Jones quits as ATF director amid backlash over proposed bullet ban.  B. Todd Jones, the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, announced he is stepping down Friday [3/20/2015] after nearly four years on the job.  His announcement comes following a controversial ATF proposal to ban certain bullets that could pierce bullet-proof vests and be fired from an AR-15 rifle.  But public outcry and Congressional pressure led the agency to abandon its efforts.

ATF director steps down after bullet ban controversy.  The director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is stepping down following controversy surrounding the agency's proposal to ban certain types of ammunition.  The ATF announced Friday that Director B. Todd Jones is resigning at the end of the month "to pursue other opportunities in the private sector."

Dems Push ATF To Ban Bullets Now.  Congressional Democrats are demanding the ATF use "existing authority" to ban a popular bullet.  The move comes just days after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives backed off a proposal to ban the M855 green-tip cartridges, one of the most popular bullets used in AR-15 rifles.  The public comment period for the proposed ban closes Monday but in the face of overwhelming public opposition the ATF announced last week that they were going back to the drawing board.  Not good enough for Democrats.  They sent a letter, obtained by The Hill, which says the ATF needs to act to keep, "dangerous ammunition out of our communities."

ATF Wants To Go After All 5.56 mm Ammunition, Not Just Green Tip.  Recall when we speculated about why the ATF had decided to hold its "green tip" ban in abatement?  Well, the questions are answered.

ATF raises new concerns about AR-15 ammo.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Thursday raised new concerns about surplus military ammo used in popular AR-15 rifles and pistols just days after pulling back on a proposal to ban the ammo because it could threaten police safety.  In a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, ATF Director B. Todd Jones said all types of the 5.56 military-style ammo used by shooters pose a threat to police as more people buy the AR-15-style pistols.  "Any 5.56 round" is "a challenge for officer safety," he said.  Jones asked lawmakers to help in a review of a 1986 bill written to protect police from so-called "cop killer" rounds that largely exempted rifle ammo like the 5.56 because it has been used by target shooters, not criminals.

Obama's odd series of exaggerated gun claims.  A reader asked us to examine these remarks, believing they showed a pattern of exaggeration by the president.  (We also got a number of tweets about the statements.)  The president's comments came as part of a long answer in response to a question concerning programs to keep youth off the streets and away from gun violence.  These are an interesting set of remarks to fact check, because some of the analysis in part turns on what the listener believes the president was trying to say.

White House: We didn't cave on gun ammo ban.  The White House on Wednesday [3/11/2015] insisted that it played no part in the decision by the Obama administration to drop a proposal to ban ammunition commonly used with the AR-15 rifle.  "The decision on this matter was made by the ATF," White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters, saying President Obama's position on gun control has "not changed."  Under intense lobbying from gun-rights advocates, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives abandoned a proposal to ban the 5.56 M855 "green tip" ammo.

ATF Pulls the Plug on Obama's Insane Ammo Ban.  Probably just for public consumption.  Obama will do whatever he wants so take this with a grain of salt.

Obama loses another Second Amendment battle as ATF drops proposed ammo ban.  Bowing again to opposition from Second Amendment supporters, the Obama administration Tuesday backed off on another gun control proposal, specifically a proposal to ban ammunition commonly used in AR-15 rifles.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it was dropping the proposed ammo ban — at least for now — due to overwhelming opposition from the public.  "The vast majority of the comments received to date are critical" of the proposal, ATF said in a statement, adding that officials plan to give the issue "more study."

52 senators warn of sweeping ammo bans, say Second Amendment 'at risk'.  A majority in both the Senate and House — 52 senators, 238 House members — have joined to oppose the Obama administration's move to ban a popular type of ammo used in the top-selling AR-15 rifle and pistol because it pierces police body armor.  A week after the House members, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, sent a letter of opposition to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley echoed that in his own letter signed by 51 others.

The Editor says...
Ordinary police officers never wore bulletproof vests until recently.  I never heard of such a thing until about 1978.  So, back in the 1960s it is safe to say there were no local cops wearing bulletproof vests.  Was there a big push to ban all guns back then, based on the premise that somebody might shoot a cop?  No.  Even if the cops are known to wear absolutely impenetrable body armor, obviously the criminals will aim elsewhere.  Body armor and cops and ammunition are just side tracks.  The government — specifically the far-left Obama administration — wants to ban firearms.  Ask yourself why.

ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is shelving a proposal to ban a popular but highly lethal type of bullet, amid opposition from gun-rights advocates and hundreds of members of Congress.  The agency said in a statement on Tuesday [3/10/2015] it would not seek to issue the final guidelines "at this time."  The proposal pertained to M855 "green tip" ammunition, used in the AR-15 rifle, which regulators looked at banning because it can pierce police body armor.  The ATF said it would instead wait until Americans have finished commenting on the federal regulations and evaluate their comments and suggestions before "proceeding with any framework."

ATF apologizes for 'error' on ammo-ban regulations.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is apologizing for a "publishing error" in its regulations that suggested the agency had already banned AR-15 "green tip" ammo well before officials publicly announced a proposal to outlaw the armor-piercing bullets last month.  "ATF has not rescinded any armor piercing ammunition exemption, and the fact they are not listed in the 2014 online edition of the regulations was an error which has no legal impact," the agency said in a statement.  "ATF apologizes for any confusion caused by this publishing error."

ATF misfire? Guide indicates bullets at center of firestorm already banned; agency blames 'error'.  They pointed to the ATF's latest "Firearms Regulation Reference Guide," released in January 2015.  The guide, curiously, did not contain an exemption for popular ".223 M855 'green tip' ammunition" that was included in earlier guides.  Without that exemption, the ammunition is illegal to sell.  So did the ATF already make up its mind?  No, the agency claims.  The ATF has responded that the reference guide is not legally binding, so the bullets have not actually been banned yet, and has apologized for leaving the exemptions out of the guide.  They say it was an innocent mistake.  And the proposed ban is apparently still under consideration.

Law Enforcement Officers Say Obama's Illicit Ammunition Ban is Built on a Lie.  Obama's royal regime is attempting to ban a very common class of ammunition for one of the most common rifles in the country.  He is claiming it is to "save the lives of police."  But the facts make the lie to Obama's claim.

DOJ accused of blocking legal gun shops, other businesses from banking.  Mike Schuetz operates a small gun shop in northern Wisconsin called Hawkins Guns.  In November, just before one of his peak selling times, his local credit union notified him his account needed to be closed.  "The bank manager said they made a mistake, and they were not supposed to open accounts for those people involved in high-risk industries, which the gun industry and ammunition industry is one of those," Schuetz said.  It turned out there was a list created by a Justice Department program called Operation Choke Point.

Just say no to executive-action gun control.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, President Obama seized the moment to push for legislation expanding federal gun control laws.  As it turned out, his proposal could not make its way through Congress quickly enough for public opinion to remain on his side.  The Democrat-controlled Senate could not muster the votes for his plan.  This was in large part because nothing Congress considered at that time could have prevented the bloody school shooting, committed by a mentally disturbed man who had actually been turned down when he tried to purchase a gun.  Instead, he killed his own mother and stole her legally purchased, background-checked weapons from her home.

Obama: Stronger gun regs would lower homicide rate.  Increased gun control measures would go a long way toward cutting down on America's homicide rate, President Obama said during a town-hall event on Friday [3/6/2015].  "Our homicide rates are so much larger than other industrialized countries, by like a mile," he said during a speech at Benedict College in South Carolina.  "Most of that is attributable to the easy, ready availability of firearms, particularly handguns."

Majority of House opposes Obama move to ban ammo.  A majority of House lawmakers now are on record opposing the Obama administration's proposed ban on ammunition commonly used in AR-15 rifles.  A total of 239 lawmakers, including seven Democrats, have signed a letter to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director Todd Jones urging the agency to abandon the proposed ammo ban.  "Under no circumstances should ATF adopt a standard that will ban ammunition that is overwhelmingly used by law-abiding Americans for legitimate purposes," the lawmakers wrote Wednesday [3/4/2015].

King Barry.  Obama is a lawless leader, choosing to rule by memorandum, regulation and executive order — he is not a president; he is a king. [...] The president is planning an executive order banning 5.56 mm M855 ammunition (green tips), the round most often used in the AR-15.  The AR-15 is a very popular weapon for sportsman, used primarily for target shooting and almost never for hunting.  It is rarely used in the commission of crime.  But ban the bullets and you ban the gun.  There you have it — Popeil's pocket gun control and if the public accepts this, then perhaps he will think of a way to ban 9 mm ammo.

Common AR-15 Green Tip Ammunition Already Banned in New ATF Regulation Guide.  On Friday February 13 at 4:00 pm, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms released a proposal to ban commonly used M855 "green tip" AR-15 ammunition under the guise of law enforcement safety.  The same day the proposal was released, on a Friday [3/6/2015] of a three day holiday weekend, ATF opened up a shortened 30-day period for the public to submit comments about the new regulation.  But it turns out, ATF has been working on a ban of AR-15 "green-tip" ammunition for quite some time and has already issued the ban in its new, 2014 Regulation Guide.  For reference, ATF Regulation Guides come out approximately every ten years.

Head of Executive Rule-Reviewing Agency 'Not Familiar' With ATF's Proposed Ammo Ban.  The head of the executive agency charged with reviewing the legality and economic impact of new federal rules admitted that he was "not familiar" with the Obama administration's well-publicized proposal to ban ammunition for AR-15 rifles.  Howard Shelanski, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), made the admission during a heated exchange with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Tuesday [3/3/2015].

Newt Gingrich: Choke Point 'Is the Beginning of a Real Tyranny in the United States'.  In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, Newt Gingrich called the Justice Department's Operation Choke Point, "the beginning of a real tyranny in the United States," and said the whole program needs to be dismantled.  "I don't think the average American realizes that the bureaucrats have come up with a model, which could kill any industry, kill any business, and do so even though what it was doing was totally legal," he said while attending the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday [2/27/2015].  "I think that's very frightening for our future."

Devilish Details Behind Obama's Bullet Ban.  Since the AR platform is the single most popular rifle in the country, and M855 is one of the most common types of ammunition used in AR rifles, banning this ammo would have a significant effect on the market, by reducing ammo supply, driving up prices and forcing the military to spend money to destroy their older stocks, rather than making money by selling it to shooters

Obama to Ban Ammo Through Executive Action by Labeling Bullets "Cop Killers".  As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56 mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including the huge outdoors company Cabela's, to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

White House says ammo ban will save cops' lives.  The White House said Monday that President Obama believes a ban on bullets commonly used with the AR-15 rifle will save police officers' lives.  "We are looking at additional ways to protect our brave men and women in law enforcement, and believe that this process is valuable for that reason alone," said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is accepting public comment on an administration proposal to ban .223 M855 "green tip" ammunition most often used with AR-15 rifles.  House lawmakers from both parties, as well as sportsmen and some law enforcement officials, are objecting the move.  Mr. Earnest called it a "common-sense step."

The Editor says...
This brings up an obvious question:  How many cops have been shot with an AR-15?  The answer is apparently zero.

Defending against an imaginary threat.  Criminals like to conceal their weapons as much as possible in order to drawing attention to themselves from police.  The large size and bulk of AR-15 pistols that makes them such fun range toys makes them impractical for criminals to carry.  Due in large part to that fact, the use of AR-15 pistols in crime is so rare that no known agencies are even tracking data on their use.  If there are instances where officers have been shot and killed with an AR-15 pistol loaded with SS109/M855 ammunition, we have not yet been able to find even anecdotal evidence of such an event... not even once.

A Dictator's Dynamic In Obama's Bullet Ban.  The president has ordered the reclassification of AR-15 bullets as a threat to lawmen, effectively banning them.  It's nonsense.  But we see what's going on:  a backdoor bid to ban guns and scrap the Second Amendment.

Obama's Ammo Ban [is] Just the First Step in Killing Off the Modern Sporting Rifle.  The AR-15 is America's most popular sporting rifle, and it has been falsely mischaracterized as an "automatic" firearm and an "assault" weapon.  It has been demonized as a monstrosity via the Sandy Hook shootings.  Bans on it and other so-called "assault weapons" have been attempted from every possible angle.  And now that those measures have failed to accomplish total gun control, the Obama Administration, hungry to undermine the 2nd Amendment and restrict gun ownership, is using backdoor regulations through the BATFE to ban the sale, import and manufacture of the most affordable ammunition for the AR-15.

ATF Proposed Bullet Ban Has Been Fast Tracked.  Following the Sandy Hook shooting, the Obama administration tried to ban several kinds of firearms, including the AR-15.  Now it seems that he may have actually found a way to do it, albeit slowly.  He isn't going to outright ban the gun itself; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is just going to ban the most commonly sold bullets for the gun instead.

"Universal Background Checks" Mean Gun Registration, Gun Bans and Confiscation.  This ["universal background checks"] scheme focuses only on peaceable citizens, not violent criminals who are already prohibited under federal and state laws from even touching, much less purchasing, any firearm.  Facts tell us that criminalizing private transfers of firearms among family members and friends under a universal background check system would do nothing to prevent "gun violence," and importantly, would not have prevented the profound tragedies that gun banners use to promote such a system.  Perpetrators of those acts either successfully passed background checks to get the guns or they stole the guns.

ATF weighs ban on ammo for AR-15 rifle.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is cracking down on armor-piercing ammunition that's currently allowed for sport, angering gun rights activists.  Under a draft framework manufacturers would be prohibited from producing and selling 5.56 mm projectiles for M855 cartridges, which are used in AR-15s, one of the most popular rifles in America.  The bullets are currently exempt from the Law Enforcement Officers Act (LEOPA).

Beware Team Obama's dangerous plan to ban bullets.  The administration wants to ban sales of certain types of ammunition.  And once again the White House wants to do it in a way that bypasses Congress.  Remember, to ban the ammo is a sneaky way to ban the gun.  Folks, the most important rights our founders outlined in the constitution were freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  These are our First Amendment rights.  But in order to protect the First Amendment — the founders were smart — they gave us the Second Amendment.  The right to freely bear arms.  We have the Second Amendment to insure the first.

Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle.  As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56 mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including the huge outdoors company Cabela's, to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

ATF and EPA quietly working on gun control with ammunition bans.  About a year and a half ago, we wrote a story about the closing of the Doe Run lead smelting facility, the last primary lead smelter in the U.S. and whether this was a "backdoor effort" to control guns.  After all, no lead means no ammunition, which means your gun becomes about as lethal as a ball-peen hammer.  Naturally, we were roundly attacked by leftists who said that was ridiculous, because most ammunition comes from secondary lead, and there's still plenty of that around.  Unless of course lead is banned.

A Pincer Movement on Ammunition.  As it wanes, the Obama administration grows bold, and even reckless, on matters that send a thrill up the leg of its most leftward supporters.  Its new attack on so-called armor-piercing ammunition — which is, in reality, a very broad attack on ammunition across the board — is a dangerous and destructive example of the administration's late-days slide into rule-by-decree.

Backdoor Gun Control: Obama's ATF Proposes AR-15 Ammo Ban.  A notice from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) shows the agency is considering a ban on the popular M855 AR-15 round — by re-categorizing the round as "armor piercing."  Once categorized as "armor piercing," sales of the M855 rounds can be restricted or banned altogether under language in the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), which describes marketable ammunition as that which is "primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes."

BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo.  In a move clearly intended by the Obama Administration to suppress the acquisition, ownership and use of AR-15s and other .223 caliber general purpose rifles, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives unexpectedly announced today [2/13/2015] that it intends to ban commonplace M855 ball ammunition as "armor piercing ammunition."  The decision continues Obama's use of his executive authority to impose gun control restrictions and bypass Congress.

Obama Administration Plans Major Ammunition Ban.  The BATFE announced late last week that it plans to reclassify some of the most commonly available ammunition for the popular AR-15 rifle as "armor piercing" and ban its sale, distribution, and manufacture.  The cartridge in question is the 5.56 mm 62-grain M855 military round, commonly known as the "green tip" or "penetrator."

Eric Holder: Inability to Pass Gun Control My 'Single Failure'.  On Sunday [2/8/2015], MSNBC aired Melissa Harris-Perry's interview of Attorney General Eric Holder and he said the "single failure" of his tenure as AG was the failure to secure gun control. [...] He did not address the resounding defeat Americans dealt to gun control and gun control candidates during the 2014 midterm elections.

Obama Admin Tells Banks To Shut Up About Its Targeting of Consumers, Gun Dealers.  The Obama administration's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is threatening banks to be silent about the administration's new programs supervising and investigating private bank account holders.  A shocking bulletin that CFPB issued to banks, which was obtained by The Daily Caller, was sent around this week in the midst of controversy regarding the administration's Operation Choke Point program, by which the administration pressures banks to cut off accounts for supposedly suspicious businesses, including gun dealers.

What the Firearms Industry Thinks About the UN Arms Trade Treaty Signed By Obama Administration.  Supposedly, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which took effect Christmas Eve, is no big deal.  But people who work in the business of manufacturing, importing and exporting firearms are concerned about the treaty and what it means for them and their industry. [...] The idea behind the treaty, supposedly, is to prevent weapons from reaching the hands of terrorists or mass killers. But the treaty has been championed by avowedly "progressive" — in other words, left-wing — organizations, who have a long history of hostility to the Second Amendment and Israel, and a track record of seeking to use international institutions to impose their views on the United States.  It's not in our interest to play along with them.

Choke Point Draws Heat From Gun Industry.  Banned from financial services that are essential to running a business, firearms sellers attending the world's largest gun show last week in Las Vegas spoke out against the government's controversial program known as Operation Choke Point.  "We continue to hear from dealers and others in our industry that suddenly, out of the blue, they have been cut off by financial services or credit card processors or banks," said Larry Keane, Senior Vice President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Feds Pressure Credit Union to Close Wisconsin Gun Dealer's Bank Account.  A gun dealer in Hawkins, Wisconsin says the federal government forced the Heritage Credit Union to close his recently opened bank account because he's in the business of legally selling guns.  Mike Schuetz, the owner of Hawkins Guns LLC, a firearms store that sells both guns and ammunition, has audio tapes to support his claims.  The United States Consumer Coalition calls this just the latest example of the extralegal overreach of Operation Choke Point, the Obama administration's effort to put industries it doesn't like — especially gun dealers and pay day lenders — out of business.

Firearms Sellers Say They're Being Choked Off From Payment Processors.  Go to a gun show, and you won't find many merchants using PayPal.  You'll also find few vendors using popular payment processors such as Square, Stripe and Spark Pay.  That's because some payment processors explicitly prohibit the use of their systems for online — and some in-store — sales of firearms, ammunition and certain accessories.  Retailers in the gun industry say they're being discriminated against.

ATF Reverses 50 Years Of Practice to Go After Home-Made Gun Makers.  The New Year has brought new action from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), who published ATF Rul. 2015-1 on January 2, 2015.  In this new ruling, ATF reverses its longstanding position that persons who machine unfinished receivers on behalf of a customer are not required to have manufacturer's licenses.

NRA warns of Obama-fueled 'end-run around Congress' on gun rights.  The National Rifle Association issued a stark warning that a U.N. Arms Trade treaty set to take effect on Christmas Eve could lead to a U.S. crackdown on Second Amendment rights — not via a Senate ratification, but rather an "end-run around Congress," a spokesperson said.  "We are worried about an end-run around Congress," NRA spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen told The Blaze.  "Barack Obama or a future anti-gun president could use ATT and international norms compliance to rationalize enacting gun control politics through executive actions, especially in the import and export realms."

Holder: Failure To Pass Gun Control Is My Biggest Failure.  Attorney General Eric Holder said that his biggest failure during his time as head of the Justice Department was failing to pass expanded gun control laws and criticized former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for his negative characterizations of the president during an interview aired on Monday's [10/20/2014] broadcast of "The Lead" on CNN.  "I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is, for me, something that I take personally as a failure, and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure" he stated when asked what he considered his greatest failure.

The last comic standing.  Investigators suspect that Fast & Furious was an effort by the Obama Administration to discredit lawful gun ownership in America by purposefully creating gun crimes, thus inducing public outcry for gun control.  When it put thousands of semi-automatic weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, the Obama Justice Department knew these guns would be used to commit crimes, perhaps even kill some Americans.  Then Obama could say:  "See how dangerous these guns are.  We must ban them."

Obama is escorted by SWAT team and two snipers as he enjoys second day on the golf course.  As conflict continued in Iraq, President Barack Obama waged a different kind of war during his vacation at Martha's Vineyard — on the golf course.  Obama was escorted to the Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, by a huge motorcade, which included a SWAT team and two snipers who peered out of an open trunk.

Despite rhetoric, gun prosecutions plummet under Obama.  While President Obama decries gun violence and presses for more laws to restrict ownership, his Justice Department has prosecuted 25 percent fewer cases referred by the main law enforcement agency charged with reducing firearms violence across the country, a computer analysis of U.S. prosecution data shows.  Federal prosecutors brought a total of 5,082 gun violation cases in 2013 recommended by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, compared with 6,791 during the last year of George W. Bush's presidency in 2008, according to data obtained from the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys.  The 2013 totals represent a 42 percent decline from the record number of 8,752 prosecutions of ATF cases brought by the Justice Department in 2004 under Mr. Bush, according to the data.

A Call to Vigilance.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that there are not a significant number of Senators who would be willing to trample your second amendment right, that was proven a while back when a senatorial vote was taken to abolish the treaty, to take it off the table permanently and 46 Senators voted against the move.  I think, at least in the area where I live, federal attempts to confiscate guns would result in a quasi-civil war as people down home believe they are guaranteed the right to own guns by the constitution and that no global monstrosity like the United Nations should have any say over their lives at all.  The Obama administration has shown its true colors and its obvious immaturity by knowingly putting high-powered firearms in the hands of the murderous drug cartels — Fast and Furious — while doing their best to disarm American citizens.  The United Nations' reason for this treaty has nothing to do with reducing violence and everything to do with making the people of this nation defenseless against anything that is shoved down our throats.

Small-arms treaty, big Second Amendment threat.  [Scroll down]  A number of major defects in the U.N. treaty were detailed in a letter sent to President Obama in October 2013 by 50 senators — both Republicans and Democrats.  The first problem was that the treaty was adopted by majority vote in the U.N. General Assembly, not by consensus, a condition called for by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  After entry into force, the senators contend, the Arms Trade Treaty can be amended by majority vote of signatory countries, effectively negating the Senate's constitutional treaty power and handing it to foreign governments.

Doubling Down On Operation Choke Point.  The sheer evil brilliance of Obama's minions never ceases to amaze me.  They are tenacious in their efforts to find ways to circumvent the Constitution and our laws — they simply never give up.  There is no better example of this currently than Operation Choke Point.  They were caught in 2013 targeting legal industries they did not approve of by bullying banks and other financial institutions into cutting off funds to those whose activities were not 'acceptable.'  Specifically, the gun industry.

Obama Suggests US Needs Ban On Semiautomatic, Automatic Weapons.  President Barack Obama Tuesday [6/10/2014] suggested that the U.S. government should follow Australia's example in dealing with shooting sprees, which involved strict gun bans on semiautomatic and automatic weapons.

Obama on Gun Violence: No Other Developed Country Would Put Up' with This.  Obama described the resistance to expanding background checks for gun purchases his "biggest frustration" as president, adding, "There is no advanced developed country on earth that would put up with this."  While he said he "respects" gun rights, he lamented the fact that Congress could not pass a bill strengthening gun laws following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The Editor says...
In other words, he regrets that he wasted a crisis.

Vermont Firearms Dealer To Lay Off 41 Because of Obama Executive Action.  A Vermont firearms dealer says the Obama administration is responsible for him having to lay off 41 of its workers in a "last minute" move that has even angered some of the state's liberal politicians.  Century International Arms had a $30 million contract in place to import World War II era M1 Garand Rifles from the South Korean government.  The U.S. State Department had given preliminary approval to the deal, and the State, Justice and Defense departments had cleared the transaction.  But an executive action announced last year by President Obama ultimately blocked the plan, according to the gun seller, despite pleas from Sen. Patrick Leahy and Gov. Peter Shumlin, both Democrats.

Congress: Obama uses Justice Dept. to target gun sellers, 'high risk' businesses.  A House panel says the Obama administration is using the Justice Department to target and "choke out" businesses it finds objectionable, from gun dealers and payday lenders to drug paraphernalia sellers and porn merchants.  The administration is using an anti-credit card fraud effort dubbed Operation Choke Point to go after legitimate businesses it deems "high-risk," says a staff report by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

More about the politicized Justice Department.

House votes to defund Justice Dept. program that targeted legitimate gun dealers.  The House of Representatives passed an amendment Thursday to stop all federal funding to be used for the Department of Justice's Operation Choke Point, an anti-fraud operation that was found to be cutting off legitimate businesses from their banking lines.  "This is a major victory for consumers, law-abiding businesses, and anyone who believes in due process and restraint of government encroachment," said the Community Financial Services Association of America, a trade group opposed to the operation, in a statement Friday.  "Additionally, our banking system benefits as it will not be put in the position to police customers or make judgments about the political popularity of businesses and industries."

Check Out The Administration's Latest Backdoor Effort To Control Gun Sales.  In 2013, Barack Obama's Justice Department launched Operation Choke Point, which it said it would use to "monitor" banks and other financial institutions who process transactions for payday loan businesses and other online lenders the administration considers open to fraudulent activities.  And now?  The operation is reportedly being used against banks who do business with other types of companies the administration deems "high risk."  Among them: porn stores, escort services and drug paraphernalia shops.  And gun dealers.  Yeah, gun dealers.

Gun Retailers: Obama Admin Restricting Business.  Gun retailers say the Obama administration is imposing regulations that will put them out of business, the Washington Times reports.  The retailers say the administration is choking off their credit lines, freezing their assets, and prohibiting online sales.

Holder Confirms Obama Ready to Use Executive Order on Guns.  Attorney General Eric Holder said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today that President Obama is open to using an executive action to push through gun-control and/or associated mental health measures that haven't found approval in Congress.

HHS Regulation Could Add More Names to List of Prohibited Gun Buyers.  The Obama administration says it is doing away with "unnecessary legal barriers" that discourage states from sending the names of some mentally ill people to the national background check system for gun-buyers.  Late on Friday afternoon [1/3/2014], the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it plans to modify HIPAA — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 — "to expressly permit certain HIPAA-covered entities (hospitals, doctors, clinics, etc.) to disclose to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) the identities of individuals" with mental problems that should legally disqualify them from owning a gun.

Obama Proposes Firearm Background Check Changes.  The Obama administration on Friday [1/3/2014] announced a pair of executive actions aimed at strengthening federal background checks for gun purchasers, with a particular focus on limiting firearm access for those with mental health issues.

Obama's 1984.  The Obama administration allegedly put in place in 2009 a highly classified program to solicit the aid of Christian pastors in identifying and exposing anti-government sentiment within conservative, evangelical churches.  The request was worded in a manner that was intended to give the impression that the concern was about potential domestic terrorism.  One pastor claims he was asked by government operatives to keep his eyes and ears open to anyone in the congregation who was highly critical of the government, and to report such suspicious activity.  The pastor also claims he was told to keep tabs on anyone in his flock who were avid gun owners and/or Tea Partiers.

Is The Obama Administration the Cause of Ammunition Shortages?  The reason for the ammunition shortage should be obvious.  After all, with gun sales continuing to break records all those people buying semiautomatic rifles and handguns need a lot of ammunition.  Anyone who has used a semiautomatic rifle or handgun to shoot self-resetting steel targets knows that ammo always seems to be in short supply.  Nevertheless, finding bare shelves that have always been stacked with boxes of ammo has made some wonder if the government has been up to something.

Obama: Transforming America.  There is no new restrictive legislation on firearms; and yet never has the ability to buy reasonably priced ammunition and firearms in quantity been more curtailed.  In loudly threatening to enact more gun control after each publicized tragic shooting, the Obama administration has created a climate of fear, which has prompted hoarding, shortages, panic buying, and paranoia, which have accomplished what the federal government could not.

Gun registry 'scheme' among concerns over UN arms treaty.  Secretary of State John Kerry signed an international treaty on arms regulation Wednesday [9/25/2013], angering conservative lawmakers and rattling the National Rifle Association despite claims that the treaty won't infringe on gun rights.  So what's all the fuss about?  The treaty, which took seven years to negotiate, would regulate the $70 billion global trade in conventional arms.  The U.S. is the largest arms exporter in the world, and Kerry's signature was seen as a significant step in pushing it forward.

UN Arms Treaty will be menace to US for years to come.  Today, treaties are not just about international conduct.  They seek to regulate how we raise our children, how we treat the disabled, and how we manage our firearms market.  As a result, the old requirement not to violate the "object and purpose" of a signed treaty has become a way to evade the need for Senate ratification.  And in the case of the Arms Trade Treaty, the problem is even worse.  The administration will argue that it already has all the powers it needs to enforce the treaty.

Kerry signs U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, says won't harm U.S. rights.  The United States signed a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty regulating the $70 billion global trade in conventional arms on Wednesday [9/25/2013] and the Obama administration sought to allay the fears of the powerful U.S. gun lobby which says the pact will violate the constitutional rights of Americans.

Second Amendment Under Attack: John Kerry to Sign U.N. Gun Treaty.  Secretary of State John Kerry has announced his intention to sign the United Nations' gun treaty that has Second Amendment advocates in a stir.  The United Nations General Assembly approved the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) earlier this year, which has been designed to regulate the traffic and possession of weapons between countries.  However, it is likely that the true aim of the treaty is to try and regulate individual firearm ownership while Democrats coyly note, "Don't blame us; it's the UN."

Gun Control? Obama's Chicago New U.S. Murder Capital.  President Obama doesn't often mention his hometown when he talks about gun control.  Then he'd have to explain, in arguably the most gun-restricted big city in America in the last state to allow concealed carry of firearms, why Chicago is now officially the murder capital of the United States.

Warning: D.C. cops under orders to arrest tourists with empty bullet casings.  Washington police are operating under orders to arrest tourists and other non-residents traveling with spent bullet or shotgun casings, a crime that carries a $1,000 fine, a year in jail and a criminal record, according to a new book about the city's confusing gun laws.  "Empty shell casings are considered ammunition in Washington, D.C., so they are illegal to possess unless you are a resident and have a gun registration certificate," pens Emily Miller in her investigative book, "Emily Gets Her Gun: ... But Obama Wants to Take Yours."

The Editor says...
How is an empty shell casing considered ammunition?  It's useless as a weapon.  It's just a piece of brass!

Obama offers new gun control steps.  Months after gun control efforts crumbled in Congress, Vice President Joe Biden stood shoulder to shoulder Thursday [8/29/2013] with the attorney general and the top U.S. firearms official and declared the Obama administration would take two new steps to curb American gun violence.

Inside Obama's war on guns.  The biggest fight in history over Americans' right to keep and bear arms is being waged today. [...] There are two key factors that make this assault more serious:  billionaire New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is willing to spend anything to win, and a longtime anti-gun fanatic Barack Obama, who is applying the full power of the presidential bully pulpit for the gun-grabbers' cause.  Back when Mr. Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate, he didn't try to hide his anti-gun views.  When asked on a candidate questionnaire in 1996 if he supported legislation to "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns," Obama simply answered, "Yes."

Obama Voted to Strengthen Illinois's Stand Your Ground Law in 2004.  President Obama spent part of his surprise appearance at last Friday's White House press briefing urging that the Stand Your Ground laws that exist in 31 states be reexamined. But only nine years ago, in the Illinois state senate, he co-sponsored a bill that strengthened his state's 1961 Stand Your Ground law.

It was one of the very few bills that bore his fingerprints:
Then-Sen. Obama co-sponsored 'stand your ground' law in 2004 in Illinois.  President Obama may currently be calling on the states to review their respective "stand your ground" gun laws, but he wasn't always so opposed to the right-to-carry rule.  In 2004, while a senator in Illinois, he co-sponsored legislation that allowed for the same rights.

On Stand Your Ground, President Obama Acts Stupidly.  While urging the re-examination of state self-defense laws, then-state Sen. Barack Obama co-sponsored a bill nine years ago that stiffened Illinois' 1961 "stand your ground" law.  So, he had it right the first time.

Obama co-sponsored bill strengthening Illinois stand-your-ground law in 2004.  Now we have proof that the current Obama-Holder campaign against stand-your-ground laws is nothing more than a pose intended to distract from their political problems, having whipped up a racialist fury and pushed prosecution of George Zimmerman.  Although State Senator Barack Obama could boast of few legislative accomplishments, one thing he did do was co-sponsor a bill strengthening the Illionois stand-your-ground law.

First lady Michelle Obama shines new light on gun control debate.  Michelle Obama is speaking out about the toll that gun violence is taking on young people, in a shift that shows the first lady's willingness to tackle new and polarizing issues as she shapes her second term.

The Editor says...
The position of First Lady is not an elected office.  Therefore she does not have a first or second term.  This is another example of a left-wing political position Michelle Obama has undertaken, which is why criticism of her is perfectly fair.  She is not just a bystander and observer of the Obama administration, she is an active participant in it.

Obama, Holder powerless to end states' 'stand your ground' legislation.  While the Justice Department may review the case and could seek civil rights charges against Zimmerman, experts say the federal government has little recourse with the stand your ground laws themselves.  "There's little the Department of Justice can do," UCLA law professor Adam Winkler told The Hill.  "States are allowed to have their own criminal laws, including self-defense laws," Winker said.  "DOJ may be able to pursue civil rights charges in individual cases, but it has no authority to overturn state laws."

Privacy fears grow as Obama weighs expanded gun-buyer database.  Mental health advocates are worried that the privacy of people who have received treatment for their illnesses could be jeopardized by a White House push to expand a database used to run background checks on gun buyers.

Big Government Can't Fix Immorality.  After the wickedness at Newtown, true to their "never let a crisis go to waste" mantra, Obama and his subordinates all across the U.S. have engaged in a full-on press to enact significant gun control legislation.  This continues in spite of the Senate's defeat of a bill in mid-April that would have increased background checks and banned certain "assault" weapons.  For President Obama, this allows him to carry on his never-ending campaign and give more speeches on the matter.  Whether speaking in Mexico (where his administration is responsible for placing thousands of untraceable weapons in the hands of criminals) or before police officers, Obama has vowed to keep fighting for gun control.

Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation despite lawmaker opposition.  Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday [6/3/2013] that the Obama administration would sign a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, despite bipartisan resistance in Congress from members concerned it could lead to new gun control measures in the U.S.  Kerry, releasing a written statement as the U.N. treaty opened for signature Monday, said the U.S. "welcomes" the next phase for the treaty, which the U.N. General Assembly approved on April 2.

Is there an election in July?
White House suggests Obama will put off signing arms treaty until August.  The White House signaled Monday [6/3/2013] that President Obama will delay signing a controversial arms trade treaty until after Congress leaves for summer recess.  White House spokesman Jay Carney said the president aims to sign the pact "before the end of August."  Obama could have signed it as early as Monday.  The National Rifle Association (NRA) opposes the treaty, and the delay would allow Obama to sign the pact during the August doldrums, with Congress out of town.

Obama To Sign International Gun Control Treaty On June 3rd.  This treaty is ostensibly aimed at putting an end to gun trafficking across international boundaries, and both Breitbart News and the NRA have argued that it will eventually require an international gun registry in order to be enforceable.  The ATT also provides the executive branch of our government with broad powers for controlling which guns do and don't come into the country, and includes ambiguous language that a gun-control-friendly administration can use to its advantage.

Obama, Democrats Misfire on Guns.  President Obama made gun control a priority after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  After months of speeches that demonized the National Rifle Association, the gun bill failed in the U.S. Senate last month. [...] A poll released by The Washington Post and the Pew Research Center one week later showed only 47 percent of respondents were "disappointed" that the Senate failed to advance a bill to expand background checks to gun shows and online sales.  Part of the problem is how the bill was pushed by Obama and his political arm, Organizing for America:  People who own guns were condemned in shrill, strident terms that puzzled people who own guns, and even those who don't.

Obama Task Force Plotting Extreme Assault on Gun Rights.  According to news reports citing officials, a task force led by Vice President Joe Biden is developing a gun control "package" including broad executive and legislative actions that could gut what remains of the Second Amendment.  Even some Democrats have called the proposals "extreme."  Among the most brazen assaults being considered by the administration is a proposal that would criminalize all private sales of guns that did not keep the federal government in the loop.  The scheme, which would purport to require a full federal background check for every gun sale in America, aims to track all firearms in the country through a federal database.  It would also represent an attack on gun shows.  According to news reports, the administration seems to believe that the unconstitutional scheme can be implemented by "executive order."

Obama Executive Orders on Guns Would Spark Mass Resistance.  The Constitution, of course, reserves all legislative powers to Congress — not to mention the specific prohibition against infringements on gun rights contained in the Second Amendment.  But disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, who is helping develop the "executive action" plot, was caught in the 1990s on video calling for a tax-funded campaign to "brainwash" people against guns.  He was also held in criminal contempt of Congress for lying about Operation Fast and Furious, which saw the Justice Department providing thousands of powerful guns to Mexican drug cartels through the ATF.

Inhofe: Obama administration trying to 'dry up' ammo supply.  On Aaron Klein's weekend show on New York City's WABC radio, Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe accused the Obama administration of buying up ammunition at an unprecedented level to bypass the Second Amendment so gun-owners "can't even buy ammunition because government is purchasing so much."  "Let's make sure that your audience out there is aware, Aaron, that our president, Obama, has been doing everything he could to stop the private ownership of guns in America," Inhofe said.

Obama: I'll do 'everything in my power' to pass gun bill.  President Obama vowed on Friday he will "continue to do everything in my power" to pass gun control legislation, saying that it's "the right thing to do."  Delivering a speech in Mexico City at the National Anthropology Museum, Obama said he swore an oath to uphold the Second Amendment, and "I always will."  But he said passing legislation to prevent criminals from obtaining guns will "save lives" in both the United States and Mexico.

Joe Biden hasn't told Obama about new gun plans.  Vice President Joe Biden is planning a new gun control offensive — he just hasn't told the president yet.  Biden told a group of law enforcement officials Thursday [5/2/2013] that he is planning even more travel, with trips around the country to stump for a renewed push on expanded background checks and gun-trafficking laws that failed to pass the Senate last month.

Who Cares What the Majority Wants on Guns?  The Founding Fathers worried that "some common impulse of passion" might lead many to subvert the rights of the few.  It's a rational fear, one that is played out endlessly.  Obama, who understands how to utilize public passion better than most, flew some of the Newtown families to Washington for a rally, imploring Americans to put "politics" aside and stop engaging in "political stunts."  This is, by any measure, a preposterous assertion coming from a politician piggybacking tragic events for political gain.

Obama taking executive action on guns after Senate vote.  Blocked by Congress from expanding gun sale background checks, President Obama is turning to actions within his own power to keep people from buying a gun who are prohibited for mental health reasons.

Biden: 'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Guns.  Joe Biden says the president of the United States is preparing to take "executive actions" to deal with guns.

White House Website Employs Gun Control Pop-Up Ad.  The official White House website ( now has a pop-up ad for gun control blocking visitors from getting to its homepage.  The pop-up ad declares, "Now Is The Time To Do Something About Gun Violence" and "Our voices are louder when we speak together."

Obama's United Nations Backdoor to Gun Control.  Even before his most ambitious gun-control proposals were falling by the wayside, President Obama was turning for help to the United Nations.  On April 2, the United States led 154 nations to approve the Arms Trade Treaty in the U.N. General Assembly.  While much of the treaty governs the international sale of conventional weapons, its regulation of small arms would provide American gun-control advocates with a new tool for restricting rights.

Obama Exploits Grieving Sandy Hook Mother in Weekly Address.  It is [Francine] Wheeler's choice to appear on camera. But it is President Obama's choice to exploit her tragedy, perversely hiding behind her grief rather than making actual arguments as to why gun control would lower the rate of incidents like those in Sandy Hook.  Nothing Obama is pushing will make any child in America safer; calling on shooting victims' family members to avoid making a rational case for legislation is the hallmark of a political bully.

FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Background Checks Per Minute Under Obama.  During Barack Obama's presidency there have been 32 background checks for gun purchases every minute.  Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama's presidency, there have been 70,291,049 background checks for gun purchases, according to data released by the FBI.

Guns: The Left's True Aim, and How to Thwart It.  We must not lose focus on the end goal of progressives regarding guns.  Make no mistake; regardless of what they say, their ultimate goal is confiscation of all guns in America.  And a "universal background check" will get them closer to this nirvana than the banning of a few selected weapons ever could.

What Does Obama Think He's Doing On Guns?  It seems very odd that President Obama has made gun control the signature issue of his second term, so far.  He can't possibly achieve any significant legislation; a few tweaks to the background check system, maybe, but there is no chance of getting any meaningful gun control through the House.  The House Democrats aren't even trying.  So it also seems strange that all eyes are on the Senate [...]

Obama Arrogantly Mocks Second Amendment.  Obama hit the campaign trail again, this time pushing his unconstitutional (What part of "shall not be infringed" does he not understand?) gun control agenda in Colorado, where the progressive democrats in the State have just enacted some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  In his typical arrogant, condescending, and ridiculing Saul Alinsky-like style, Obama said, using police officers as props in the background [...]

4 More Ways Obama's Gun Control Speech Sows Mistrust.  [#2]  He falsely equates "assault weapons" with military guns.  Obama inaccurately calls one of the guns used in the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, massacre an "assault rifle," which is a military weapon capable of firing automatically.  He calls the guns he wants to ban "weapons of war," again implying that they fire continuously, when in fact they fire once per trigger pull, like any other semi-automatic firearm.

Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward.  The president has used his executive powers to bolster the national background check system, jumpstart government research on the causes of gun violence and create a million-dollar ad campaign aimed at safe gun ownership.

Mr. Obama is apparently afraid this crisis will go to waste — without another crisis at hand.
Obama moves to 'shame' Congress into approving gun control package.  President Obama moved Thursday to put the muscle of the White House and his network of supporters behind a gun control package tracking toward the Senate floor, calling on voters to pressure Congress into backing it as the proposal runs into resistance on Capitol Hill.  The president, in a set of brief remarks from the White House Thursday [3/28/2013] surrounded by the mothers of shooting victims, raised concern that the shock from the Newtown elementary school shooting could soon fade.

'Bizarre Interpretation of Second Amendment' is Obstacle to UN Gun Grab.  [Scroll down]  There is also the irrefutable fact that there would be no conference right now were it not for the fact that the Obama administration's previously filed objections to the treaty mysteriously disappeared after the president won reelection in November.  Within hours, in fact, of locking up another four years in the White House, President Obama ordered the U.S. diplomats to vote in favor of another round of negotiations and to green light the globalist gun grab.  Ironically, then, without the support of the United States there would be no treaty to debate, but it is the United States that is accused of being the roadblock that is standing in the way of accelerating toward civilian disarmament.

Author Quotes Then-Professor Obama Saying, 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns'.  In his new book, At the Brink, economist and author John R. Lott Jr., assesses the presidency of Barack Obama and recalls conversations regarding gun laws they had while working at the University of Chicago.  In Chapter Three, Mr. Lott discusses gun-control and takes the reader back to his time at the University of Chicago, where he and then-professor Barack Obama spoke on numerous occasions about guns in America.  "I don't believe people should be able to own guns," Obama told Lott one day at the University of Chicago Law School.

VA Unconstitutionally Tries To Disarm Veterans.  The contempt by the Obama administration for our Constitution and our rights has reached a new low with news the Veterans Administration has begun sending letters to veterans telling them they will be declared mentally incompetent and stripped of the Second Amendment rights unless they can prove to unnamed bureaucrats to the contrary.  On Thursday [2/21/2013], Michael Connelly, executive director of the United States Justice Foundation, said veterans have begun getting warning letters from the Veterans Administration.

Is Obama Using Anti-Gun Spambots?  Texas Congressman Steve Stockman has blown the whistle on President Obama's anti-gun Twitter campaign.  Stockman says that hardly any of Obama's anti-gun tweets come from actual human beings, while most are computer-generated spam.

Will Obama push us over the edge?  The press maintained the fiction that Obama supports the Second Amendment and is no threat to citizens' keeping guns for self-defense.  Yet the day after his reelection, Obama called for the UN Arms Trade Treaty negotiations to be started again, and a few weeks later he promised to put the full force of the federal government behind a push for massive new gun control.

NRA uses Justice memo to accuse Obama on guns.  The National Rifle Association is using a Justice Department memo it obtained to argue in ads that the Obama administration believes its gun control plans won't work unless the government seizes firearms and requires national gun registration — ideas the White House has not proposed and does not support.

Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms.  This must be Barack Obama's way of thanking our veterans for serving.  US veterans are receiving letters from the government informing them that they are disabled and not allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm.  If the veteran does decide to purchase a firearm he will by fined, imprisoned or both.

When a Politician Talks About Our Rich Hunting Tradition, Reach for Your Gun.  It does not help Obama's credibility that he defended the constitutionality of both the Washington, D.C., and Chicago gun bans before they were overturned by the Supreme Court.  If he were smart, he would talk more about the right to self-defense and less about hunting and target shooting, the better to smooth the way for the restrictions he wants.

NRA's LaPierre: You cannot trust the White House on gun control.  The NRA's Wayne LaPierre said on Fox News Sunday that "the public should not trust the White House to pursue limited changes to gun-control laws," as The Hill reports.  Reminding viewers for comparison that ObamaCare "wasn't a tax until they needed it to be a tax," LaPierre could also have recalled Obama's keep-your-doctor, keep-your-plan, reduce-the-cost, reduce-the-deficit deceptions.  Or LaPierre could have referred to Obama's telling the Brady group he was working on gun control "under the radar."

Hypocrisy and Theatrics as Obama Launches Campaign Against Second Amendment.  [Sen. Dianne] Feinstein says that her new bill will propose to ban 120 firearms by name (as compared to 19 in her 1993 bill), and a draft of the bill obtained by NRA-ILA shows that she will propose to ban additional categories of rifles, shotguns and handguns far beyond those covered in her earlier effort.  She has also told reporters that she is considering proposing that this vast array of firearms be subject to the National Firearms Act and forfeited upon the owners' deaths,' or be subject to a mandatory "buy-back," a euphemism for confiscation with compensation.

The Path to Saving the Republic: Just Say 'No'.  What is happening in Topeka, Austin, Ogden, Billings, Richmond and many other locales is just the beginning of a movement that will sweep this nation in the next four years.  The people, in the form of their respective States and their State legislatures, are learning and relearning the lessons that Jefferson and Madison taught us over 200 years ago.  The lesson resides in one word:  Just say "No."

Trusting Your Own Government (or Not).  Many in the media and academia who largely reject American Exceptionalism want us to believe instead that our government is exceptional in light of the history of governments.  In how easily they dismiss the Second Amendment as being obsolete, they are telling us that there are no circumstances whatsoever in which some future American government would ever turn feral.  They are willing to stake the lives of their children and grandchildren on that assertion.

Obama's gang: Community activists, but bigger, deadlier.  President Obama may know he doesn't have the authority to directly destroy the gun industry in the US, but that's not stopping him and his fellow community activists, some of whom are in high political positions.  Obama's latest attack is a coordinated effort among the federal agencies he controls, plus his big-city mayors, and it is set up to treat legitimate American businesses as if they were proponents of apartheid.  Obama & Company are forcing "their" agencies to divest their holdings in firearms and ammunition manufacturers.  Some, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, are also using extortion against fund managers, banks, and others in their cities, to get a broader dis-investment.  This requires no action by our elected officials — it's all administrative, and it's all wrong.

President Obama's gun orders aren't so benign.  The measures the president is proposing would vastly and arbitrarily expand the number of people who can be denied their constitutional right to own a gun.

Obama to push gun control during visit Monday to Minneapolis.  President Obama will take his public push for stricter gun-control measures to Minneapolis next week.  A White House official told The Hill the president will speak with local law enforcement and elected officials on efforts to stem gun crime during a Monday [2/4/2013] visit to the city.

White House: Obama 'Has a Strong Record of Support for 2nd Amendment Rights'.  Although President Barack Obama recently signed 23 executive orders regarding more gun control and is pushing Congress to pass more gun-restriction measures, the White House says the president has a "strong record on Second Amendment rights."  On Wednesday [1/30/2013], a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, "What is the president doing to convince members of his own party in the Senate that are against the measure [to re-ban assault weapons]?"  Carney responded that the president has been an advocate for the Second Amendment.

Keep your guns, keep your freedom.  It's not about guns; it's about keeping control of your life.  The gun control "war" launched against American citizens and the Constitution this past week by the elites in Washington, D.C., is most certainly not about keeping little Bobby and Mary Jane safe in school.  Newtown was the perfect "crisis" that the Obama elites don't want to waste in neutralizing opposition to their transformation of America into a utopian fantasy land.

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet: Obama's gun control policy is Marxist.  In a recent column, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet suggested President Barack Obama is a Marxist who seeks to determine the "needs" of the citizenry.  "All of us have had dealings with the State, and have found, to our chagrin, or, indeed, terror, that we were not dealing with well-meaning public servants or even with ideologues but with overworked, harried bureaucrats.  These, as all bureaucrats, obtain and hold their jobs by complying with directions and suppressing the desire to employ initiative, compassion, or indeed, common sense.  They are paid to follow orders," Mamet wrote.

White House working around Capitol Hill as it pushes far-reaching gun measures.  The White House has decided to circumvent Capitol Hill as it concentrates its gun-control efforts on speeches and other public appearances by President Obama and Vice President Biden outside of Washington, according to officials with knowledge of the plans.

Communists Cheer On Obama's Gun Grab.  It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA is on board with President Obama's plan to attack Americans' right to keep and bear arms as a means to "end gun violence."  A cardinal feature of communist regimes, like all dictatorships, is the prohibition of private ownership of arms, creating a monopoly of force in the hands of the State.

Gun stores running low on popular ammunition.  People who have managed to buy a gun despite the high demand and empty shelves at many area gun stores may now be facing a new problem.  Gun stores around Nashville are running out of ammunition.

Is it really that far fetched that Obama would read Ayers' Prairie Fire Manifesto as an operator's manual?
Military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'.  Every time the organized left sneers openly at our paranoid conspiracy fantasies, it is nothing more than an attempt to shame us into silence.  For months here, troll after troll scoffed at the idea that Obama wanted to take away our guns, up to and even past the time when he and his administration made it clear that these attempted bans on magazine capacity and weapon types, coupled to vague notions of "mental health" and AG determined "dangerous" traits, is exactly the piecemeal plan to disarm us.  That is, to take away our only real protection of individual liberty.

Revealed: New York's Democrats Wanted to Gut the Second Amendment.  NY State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin has posted a list of 15 items that New York's Democrats in the state Senate wanted to include in the gun bill they rammed through last week.  Is this the Democratic Party's true gun agenda on display?

Feinstein introduces sweeping ban on military-style weapons.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and a group of Senate Democrats on Thursday [1/24/2013] introduced legislation to ban the sale and manufacture of more than 150 types of semi-automatic weapons with military-style features.  The legislation also bans magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition and requires people who already own assault rifles to use secure storage and safety devices and bars them from selling high-capacity clips.

Feinstein: 'The Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time'.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) laid out the conditions of her proposed assault weapons ban Thursday [1/24/2013], saying it would prohibit 158 specifically named military-style firearms.  "The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time," Feinstein said.  "Therefore, there is no sunset on this bill."  Feinstein said the bill prohibits the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that can accept more than ten rounds, but said it would not affect hunting or sporting firearms.

Feinstein: 'Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time'.  Senator Dianne Feinstein announced an assault weapons ban today on Capitol Hill, saying, "The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time":  "The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time," Feinstein revealed, according to the Washington Free Beacon.  "Therefore, there is no sunset on this bill."

List of Guns Banned Under Feinstein's Legislation.

Obama's Perpetual Campaign Hits Road for Gun Ban Tour.  In the next leg of President Obama's perpetual campaign, he and Vice President Biden plan to hit the road and tour the country pushing their new gun ban ideas as the political season heats up.

Obama smells blood in gun push.  [T]he president shows he has no intention of trying to heal the nation's wounds or reconcile its divisions.  He's at war against half of his own country, and he must like it that way.  Assemble the adoring crowds, set up the teleprompters, go on the attack.

Preparing The Ground For Confiscation?  Let us never forget that the Administration no longer has to worry about getting re-elected.  Let us never forget that the Senate is in the hands of the Committed Left.  Let is never forget that the Left In America knows that the Republican Leadership in the House are a bunch of castrated Quislings who will cave-in to pressure if it is applied.  We can no longer take comfort in what used to be the truth in America that 'it can't happen here' — it can and it is.

States Aim to Nullify Obama Gun Control .  Across America, state lawmakers, governors, attorneys general, sheriffs, and other officials are promising to protect the gun rights of citizens in their jurisdictions in the face of the most aggressive assault on the Second Amendment in generations.  Indeed, as the Obama administration's unconstitutional agenda becomes increasingly transparent — backed by some Democrats and much of the establishment media — resistance to further infringements on the right to keep and bear arms is exploding nationwide.

Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama's Gun Control Laws.  As President Barack Obama continues to push gun control proposals in Washington D.C., Sheriff Charles M. Heiss, R-Johnson County is asking fellow law enforcers to sign and send this letter to the president.  The letter expresses concern with the Obama administration and the president's gun control laws he laid out before Congress last week.

90 Sheriffs and Two Sheriffs Associations Have Pledged to Ignore "Obama Gun Control".  Last week, Reason's Ed Krayewski noted that a handful of sheriffs around the country had pledged to ignore new gun regulations being pushed by President Obama.  If Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack is to be believed, the number of sheriffs who are now refusing to enforce new federal gun regulations is up to 90.

Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama's Gun Control Laws.  "It appears to me and many Americans that there is a genuine desire on the part of your administration to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens in the interest of curbing gun violence in our nation," Heiss wrote.  "Any attempt to restrict these Second Amendment rights through executive order is unconstitutional and tantamount to an all-out assault on the United States Constitution."

Colorado: Sheriffs Say No to Proposed Gun Control.  Late last week, the County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) drew a line in the sand in defense of the Second Amendment, telling elected officials in the Centennial State that they will not support any of the proposed gun restrictions.  These devoted public servants understand better than most the efforts necessary to preserve and advance public safety interests for the community as a whole.

Collin County Sheriff Won't Enforce Gun Laws That He Says Violate Constitution.  Collin County Sheriff Terry Box says he, nor his deputies, will enforce unconstitutional gun laws put in place by whom he calls misguided politicians.

Executive Orders On Guns But Executive Privilege On F&F.  The president seeks a review of groups barred from gun ownership, while his attorney general asks the courts to keep hidden documents on running guns to drug lords sealed by executive privilege.

Does UN arms trade treaty figure in Obama administration's gun control plans?  One day after President Barack Obama won re-election, his Administration agreed to a new round of international negotiations to revive a United Nations-sponsored treaty regulating the international sale of conventional arms, which critics fear could affect the Constitutionally protected right of U.S. citizens to purchase and bear firearms.

GOP Senator: Obama Tried To 'Exploit' Newtown Tragedy 'Within Minutes'.  GOP Senator Ted Cruz slammed President Obama's gun control proposals on NBC's Meet The Press Sunday [1/20/2013] and said he didn't think it was constructive for the president to try to "exploit" the Newtown tragedy "within minutes" of it occurring.  Cruz said the "gun control agenda" backed by Obama is "designed to appeal to partisans."  Cruz explained why he didn't believe any of the gun control measures outlined by Obama last week would work.

Obama Now King of the Gun Grabbers.  In just one afternoon, the man who is suspected of okaying the smuggling of guns into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels — known as Fast and Furious — has 'outed' himself as the king of the gun grabbers.

Democrats See Political Opportunity in Newtown Deaths.  Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor and influential Democrat, drew no gasps of surprise or shocked response from his fellow liberal travelers when he recently articulated the left's position that "the good thing about Newtown is, it was so horrific that I think it galvanized Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the intensity on their side."  Approving nods and continued conversation ensued.

Second-Term Reckonings.  The more the Obama legions try to push curtailments of the Second Amendment, the more pushback they will encounter.  Voters sense rightly that ultimately Obama is angry not so much at the "clingers" and their guns, but at the Second Amendment itself.  And yet they sense that Obama himself — and most celebrities — quite rightly count on the guns of their security guards to protect them from evil.  James Madison did not write that amendment just as a protection for hunters or to ensure home defense, but rather as a warning to an all-powerful federal government not to abuse its mandate, given that the citizenry would be armed and enjoy some parity in weaponry with federal authorities.

Cruz: Obama 'High on His Own Power'.  "He is feeling right now high on his own power, and he is pushing on every front, on guns," Cruz said.  "And I think it's really sad to see the president of the United States exploiting the murder of children and using it to push his own extreme, anti-gun agenda.  I think what the president is proposing and the gun control proposals that are coming from Democrats in the Senate are, number one, unconstitutional, and number two, they don't work.  They're bad policy."

Obama gun panel draws lawsuit.  A conservative gadfly filed a lawsuit Tuesday [1/15/2013] charging that the task force President Barack Obama set up last month to provide recommendations on policies to rein in gun violence broke the law by meeting privately and without proper public notice.  Attorney Larry Klayman, who runs an organization named Freedom Watch, filed the suit in federal court in the Middle District of Florida.

In gun control push, Obama abandons logic and facts.  After December's Sandy Hook massacre, Obama has reached deeper than usual into his bag of debater's tricks and rhetorical ploys.  He assigns evil motives to those who disagree with him on policy.  He tries to pre-empt cost-benefit analysis with facile assertions that any policy is mandatory if it will save "only one life."  And the most contentious policy he seeks — a ban on so-called assault weapons — has near zero correlation to the problem he claims to be addressing.

Obama Playing Chicken with American Men.  The Obama administration's current warpath against so-called "gun violence" — which is Newspeak for non-violence committed by non-criminals with their non-illegal private property — is a brazen challenge to America's manhood.  The progressives have apparently decided that this is the moment when they can play their ultimate authoritarian hand, and let the chips fall where they may.  They believe, in other words, that this is the moment when they may be able to break America at last, one way or another.

Why is Obama Forcing Democratic Fight Over Gun Control?  The gun control debate is good for Republicans, good for the White House, and good for Democratic presidential hopefuls, since they can all play to their respective bases.  But the biggest losers of the fight will probably be Harry Reid and the handful of Democratic senators up for reelection in red-leaning states.

What We (Supposedly) Don't Know about Guns.  One of the president's new executive orders will allow the Centers for Disease Control to conduct gun research again.  The CDC is a horrible choice for this project, both because gun violence is has nothing to do with "disease control" and because the agency has a track record of poor research in this area.  Also, the holes in our knowledge are much smaller than some on the left would like to think — and many of the questions that have not been answered cannot be answered, simply because the tools of social science are not up to the task.

Gun-Control Theater.  [Scroll down]  The president overstepped his bounds, however, in directing the Centers for Disease Control to study gun control.  Congress has taken steps to deny the CDC funds for this purpose — the unfortunately imprecise statutory language is that the CDC may not "advocate or promote gun control" — primarily because the agency has proven itself unable to address this topic in an unbiased fashion.  If the president wants to spend federal dollars on these studies, he should go through Congress.  Anyway, the administration does not seem interested in learning from the research we already have.

Obama Uses Kids As Gun-Control Human Shields.  Instead of providing them the same armed security his children get, the president exploits children as stage props to repeal a Second Amendment they haven't been, and likely never will be, taught about.

Obama's use of wide-eyed children to promote his gun-control proposals.  There was something nauseating about the way Barack Obama surrounded himself with children as he unveiled his gun control plans.  It looked like emotional blackmail.  "Look these innocent babes in the face and tell them guns are good" — that was the implicit message of this cynical, innocence-exploiting press conference, which brought to mind one of the late Wacko Jacko's weird child-centred peace concerts more than it did a serious Lincoln-style presidential address.  What Obama and his advisers appear to have overlooked is that it doesn't matter one jot what children think of guns, or anything else for that matter:  politics is an adult business, and should be shaped by adult arguments, not childish fears.

Rand Paul takes on Obama.  Capitol Hill sources familiar with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told Human Events that the senator will immediately introduce legislation to declare null and void any Executive Order issued by President Barack Obama that infringes on the powers and duties of Congress and the Second Amendment.  One troubling Executive Order announced Jan. 16 by the president was No. 16 on the list, described in a White House press release to "clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."

NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama's Tactics.  "Hundreds" of death threats have been made against the president of the National Rifle Association just since the first of this year.  And those threats reflect President Obama's political tactics.  That's what NRA President David Keene told talk show host Ernest Istook on Thursday [1/17/2013].

Congressman: Obamacare, WH Gun Control 'Intertwining'.  Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) expressed concerns about the "intertwining" of President Barack Obama's gun control push and his 2009 healthcare overhaul legislation Obamacare in a Wednesday evening statement.  Huelskamp worries that the administration will coordinate controversial parts of Obamacare that may invade patient privacy with the president's new strident gun control efforts.

Obama is coming for your guns.  The White House also called for a "a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun."  Since the majority of states don't require registration of guns, it is unclear how the White House can enforce this provision when one law-abiding American sells or trades a gun privately with another resident of the same state.  Criminals who obtain their guns off the streets won't be calling the FBI to perform a background check before completing the transaction.  Most of the nearly two dozen items on Mr. Obama's action list are equally pointless or unenforceable.

Mark Levin on Obama gun proposals: 'This is 1930s stuff'.  On Wednesday's broadcast of Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto," conservative talk show host Mark Levin said President Barack Obama's executive actions to curb gun violence, which were announced during a Wednesday press event, are as "un-American" and "fascistic" as they are unhelpful.  "What do any of these 23 [executive actions] have to do with what happened in Newtown?  I've studied all 23 of them now.  They have absolutely nothing to do with the mass murder that took place in Connecticut — zero.  And the president won't be asked about it. [..."]

Rubio: Obama 'doesn't have the guts to admit' that he doesn't believe in the Second Amendment.  Last night [1/16/2013] on FOX News' The O'Reilly Factor, Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla. criticized President Obama's call for Congress to pass stricter gun control laws.  "I'll let you in on secret, I mean, the President is a liberal." Rubio said wryly, "And this is part of the liberals' long time dreams for our country and he sees this as a opportunity to get some of these things done.  Rubio asserted that Obama obviously believes that banning guns was a good solution and has wanted to ban guns during "his entire political career."

Rand Paul: Obama acting 'like a king' on guns, vows to fight exec. orders.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Tuesday [1/15/2013] that President Obama was acting "like a king or a monarch" as the White House considers enforcing new gun laws through executive orders.  "I'm against having a king," Paul said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network.  "I think having a monarch is what we fought the American Revolution over and someone who wants to bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress — that's someone who wants to act like a king or a monarch."

They're Coming to Take Our Guns Away, Ha-Haaa!  [Scroll down]  Obama, Biden, and the rest of the political left are using similar language and characterizations in their description of gun owners.  Theirs is a coordinated effort to paint American gun owners as crazed, government-hating lunatics, whose guns, used for sport, recreation, and defense are somehow a great danger to our society, potential Adam Lanzas or Jared Loughners.

Sheriff Cannon: I would be violating the law if I enforced unconstitutional law.  Charleston County's Sheriff Al Cannon voiced his opposition to proposed national gun restrictions in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. shooting.  During a press conference this morning [1/17/2013], Cannon said people are "taking advantage of broken hearts" to push the gun agenda.

Gun edicts put personal liberty under fire.  We have a president who has radically reshaped the landscape of American government so that it is more of a behemoth than at any time in history and more involved in every aspect of our lives.  It is also more unanswerable than ever before.  Now this president is issuing 23 new edicts aimed at curbing individuals' gun rights.  At the same time, his federal agencies are stockpiling more and more weapons and ammunition. [...] What does the Department of "Homeland Security" suddenly need 1.4 billion more rounds of ammunition at the very point the same government is making it harder for citizens to arm themselves?

Meese: Obama Could Be Impeached If He Uses Executive Order For Gun Control.  In an interview with Newsmax, former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III, who served under President Reagan, says President Obama could be impeached by Congress if he enacted gun control through executive order. [...] ["]Well it would not be legal, it would not be Constitutional and, indeed, if he tried to override the Second Amendment in any way, I believe it would be an impeachable offense.["]

Krauthammer: 'The Things Obama Signed Today, the Executive Orders Are Useless'.  While Obama's media predictably gush and fawn over the President's anti-gun initiatives Wednesday, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer not surprisingly had a different take.  Appearing on Fox News's Special Report, Krauthammer said, "The things he signed today, the executive orders are useless".

Obama's Unserious Gun Proposals.  Rifles, in general, are one of the least popular murder weapons.  More than five times as many people are killed with knives.  More are killed with blunt instruments.  Twice as many are killed with bare hands.  As an anti-violence program, focusing on a subset of rifles is a joke.  The Obama administration's other gun-control measure is equally silly.  It proposes to ban magazines that hold more than ten bullets.

In 1999, Obama wouldn't support tougher prosecution for school shooters.  In 1999, State Senator Barack Obama voted "present" on a bill that would require adult prosecution for discharging a gun in or near a school.  That legislation came as a response to the tragic Columbine High School shooting that year.  SB 759 provided that anyone 15 years of age or older charged with aggravated battery with a weapon in school or within 1,000 feet of a school would be charged as an adult.  It passed the Illinois State Senate in a 52-1 vote, with 5 members voting present — including Obama.

Gov. Rick Perry fires back at Obama's gun limits.  With a gaggle of school children as living props and an obsequious vice president at hand, President Obama Wednesday proposed a broad array of actions he says might curb American gun violence.  Down in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry promptly posted on his website a strong critique of Obama's plans, warning that mere laws, which he called "the last redoubt of secularism," were totally insufficient to address the "evil prowling in the world."

Rick Perry Comments On Obama's Gun Control.  Rick Perry has presided for some years now over America's most successful state.  His track record of success is unmatched, so his voice should be listened to.

Obama's Executive Disarmament Confirms that the Tea Party Can Not Go Away.  Due to extensive media coverage of Obama's Disarmament Show, low-info voters will cry hearing stories of how guns make kids fearful and give Obama carte blanche, regardless of the Constitution.  Predicting from their pattern of spineless behavior, Republicans will probably simply go along with Obama's illegal dictates.  So who will stand and be the voice of our Founding Fathers and We The People?  Answer:  the Tea Party.

Oregon Sheriff: Exec. Orders that Offend Constitution Will Not Be Enforced.  Linn County Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller cut right to the chase in an open letter to Vice President Biden on January 14:  "Any federal regulation enacted by Congress or executive order... offending the constitutional rights of my citizens will not be enforced by me or my deputies."

[A] 2nd Oregon sheriff says [he] won't enforce new gun laws.  Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley said Tuesday [1/15/2013] he sent the same letter to Vice President Joe Biden that was sent Monday by Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller.

Conservative group sues to block White House gun control recommendations.  A conservative activist group is suing the White House's gun violence task force in an effort to block a sweeping set of new restrictions on firearms to be unveiled Wednesday [1/16/2013].  FreedomWatch, founded by attorney Larry Klayman, argues that the task force held illegal meetings with lobbyists and did not give proper public notice.  The group filed a lawsuit in a Florida federal court, seeking to shut down the task force and block any of its proposals from implementation.

Statement by Gov. Perry on President Obama's Executive Actions.  Gov. Rick Perry released the following statement regarding President Obama's executive actions:  "The Vice President's committee was appointed in response to the tragedy at Newtown, but very few of his recommendations have anything to do with what happened there.  Guns require a finger to pull the trigger.  The sad young man who did that in Newtown was clearly haunted by demons and no gun law could have saved the children in Sandy Hook Elementary from his terror. [..."]

School Obama's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards.  The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as we speak.  If you dismiss this by saying, "Of course they have armed guards — they get Secret Service protection," then you've missed the larger point.  The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school, period.  And this is the reason people like NBC's David Gregory send their kids to Sidwell, they know their kids will be protected from the carnage that befell kids at a school where armed guards weren't used (and weren't even allowed).

NRA's new ad calls Obama 'elitist hypocrite'.  The National Rifle Association released a new video on its Web site Tuesday [1/15/2013] calling President Obama an "elitist hypocrite" for having Secret Service protection of his daughters at school but saying he was "skeptical" about installing armed guards in all schools.

Anonymous likens Obama gun control policy to Hitler.  "Throughout history, authoritarian governments have used gun violence as an excuse to take people's firearms and control their population," said Anonymous.  "This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did to disarm the German people and look at the atrocities his administration did.  Obama has been working hard to try and ban all semi-automatic weapons and shot guns while at the same time increasing the weapons and firepower that police and government agencies have."

The Threat Posed by Gun Magazine Limits.  The rationale for such limits is that mass murderers need "large-capacity" magazines, while law-abiding citizens don't.  Both premises are questionable, and so is the notion that politicians should be the arbiters of necessity under the Second Amendment.  The problem with letting legislators decide what gun owners need is immediately apparent when we ask what qualifies as a "large-capacity" magazine.  Under current New York law and under the federal limit that expired in 2004 (which Obama wants Congress to reinstate), more than 10 rounds is "large."  This week the New York legislature redefined large as more than seven rounds.

Not a single one of the items Obama intends to implement would have stopped Adam Lanza.
On Guns, an Abuse of Power.  Now, the 23 executive orders President Barack Obama signed that are aimed at "reducing gun violence" could be considered, at worst, cynically political or, at best, completely useless.  But the way Obama treats the process, children, the debate, the Constitution and the American people is another story.  Sen. Rand Paul recently remarked that "someone who wants to bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress — that's someone who wants to act like a king or a monarch."  That may be a bit hyperbolic, but it is also a bit true.

What President Obama proposed on guns, and what might actually pass Congress.  President Obama announced a sweeping slate of new gun control proposals Wednesday designed to curb mass violence, including new restrictions on guns, efforts to enhance school safety, and improving treatment of mental health issues.  Some items will be enacted via executive order while others will require action on Capitol Hill.

Obama plans to surround himself with children during gun control announcement.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced this afternoon that President Obama will unveil a "concrete package" of gun control proposals including assault weapons bans, high capacity ammunition magazine bans, and closing loopholes on background checks.  Carney said that the president will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden as well as children who wrote to the president after the Newtown shootings.

Rand Paul vs. King Barack I.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) gave an interview to the Christian Broadcasting Network in which he rather strongly denounced President Obama's threats to impose gun control through executive orders.  "I'm against having a king," said the Senator.  "I think having a monarch is what we fought the American Revolution over, and someone who wants to bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress, that's someone who wants to act like a king or monarch."

GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control.  Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman threatened Monday afternoon [1/14/2013] that he would file articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama if he institutes gun control measures with an executive order.  Stockman warned that such executive orders would be "unconstitutional" and "infringe on our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms."

Rep. Stockman threatens to impeach Obama over gun control.  Rep. Steve Stockman threatened on Monday to defund the White House and potentially file impeachment charges if President Obama pushes forward with gun control measures without congressional approval.  The Texas Republican called Mr. Obama's plans to skirt Congress and implement some controls administratively "an unconstitutional and unconscionable attack on the very founding principles of this republic."  "I will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary, including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment," Mr. Stockman said.

Texas congressman threatens impeachment if Obama moves on guns.  A Texas congressman vowed to try to impeach President Obama if he moves ahead with plans to control guns by executive order.  Rep. Steve Stockman, a Republican from the Houston area, called Obama's plans to skirt Congress and implement some controls administratively "an unconstitutional and unconscionable attack on the very founding principles of this republic."  He also threatened to defund the White House.

Will Obama Exceed His Authority — Again?  Charged by President Obama with forming a task force to examine possible solutions to senseless shootings as we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut last month, Vice President Joe Biden mentioned one tool available to the president is the Executive Order (EO).  It is a viable tool for a president to specify how established constitutional precedent or statutes will be enforced, but it cannot be used to create law.  If the president uses the EO to limit the Second Amendment, or to raise the debt limit, as has also been suggested, he would clearly be acting unlawfully.

Meese: Obama Risks Impeachment If He Uses Executive Order for Gun Control.  Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III declared in an exclusive Newsmax TV interview that President Barack Obama could easily be impeached if he bypassed Congress and enacted gun-control legislation by executive order.

Preserving the Second Amendment.  [Scroll down]  Those words, "executive orders, executive action," used in conjunction with constitutionally protected rights and liberties, ought to alarm us all.  They used to frighten Barack Obama.  On Oct. 2, 2007, then-Sen. Obama railed against what he called the abuse of executive powers purportedly perpetrated by President George W. Bush in his administration's efforts to protect the American people from acts of terror by radical Islamists.  Apparently, the current occupant of the Oval Office has overcome his early concerns about chief executives exceeding their authority.

Obama: 'Executive Action' on Gun Control 'Within My Authority as President'.  [Scroll down]  Obama was asked what those measures might be.  "How we are gathering data, for example on guns that fall into the hands of criminals and how we track that more effectively," the president responded.  "There may be some steps that we can take administratively as opposed through legislation."  The president's call for better tracking comes after the Justice Department botched gun sting operation known as Operation Fast and Furious that sanctioned "gun walking," or allowing nearly 2,000 guns to flow to Mexican drug trafficking organizations.

Civil War's A-Brewin'.  I love guns.  Grew up with 'em.  As a former police officer with 12 years in the U.S. military, I know how to use them, too — use them well.  I plan to buy more — a bunch more.  In fact, who's to say I don't already have a veritable arsenal?  Point is, tain't Big Brother Barack's nor any other candy-keistered-liberal-cream-puff's bloody business whether I do or not.  See, the left's totalitarian brand of "gun control" has nothing to do with controlling guns — or bad guys.  Rather, it has everything to do with controlling — disarming — the law-abiding masses.  It's not about protecting the innocents.  It's about rendering the innocents defenseless.

Obama says he'll outline gun-control proposals by the end of the week.  President Obama said Monday [1/14/2013] he would outline his plan to reduce gun violence by the end of the week, but he declined to say whether an assault weapons ban would be central to that effort.  "My starting point is not to worry about the politics," Obama said when asked about congressional opposition to an assault weapons ban during a press conference at the White House.  But while he encouraged members of Congress to "vote their conscience," the president refused to say whether he viewed an assault weapons ban as essential.

WalMart Suspends Ammo Orders Pending Gun Control Decision.  WalMart reportedly has stopped selling ammunition ahead of the Obama administration's anticipated gun control recommendations to Congress — and uncertainty over what new laws may be coming.  According to the Investment Watch blog, WalMart Corporation will no longer place new ammunition orders pending "the upcoming decision on the Second Amendment."

Obama's Panicked Gun Control Won't Solve Gun Violence.  House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, in an interview last week, very tellingly said regarding new gun-control laws, "the safety of our country cannot go as slow as the slowest ship in the House of Representatives or even the United States Senate."  Translation:  Democrats are determined to bypass the normal, orderly process of congressional hearings and votes by the elected representatives of the American people.  And how coincidental that the House of Representatives has a Republican majority.

Obama Opposed Gun Ban Exception to Defend One's Home.  As a state senator in Illinois, President Obama opposed legislation providing an exception to handgun restrictions if the weapon was used in the defense of one's home.  Obama's vote would have maintained the status quo, which made it a violation of municipal gun ban law to use a firearm to save your own life in your own home.  But the bill was passed anyway without his support.  The vote is a sign of how committed Obama may be to strict gun control measures.

Kentucky Sheriff Vows to Uphold Constitution, Not New Gun Control Laws.  Let's hope this catches on.

Kentucky sheriff to defy any Obama gun grab.  Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman has some advice for federal officials attempting to confiscate legal guns held by citizens in his jurisdiction: "go ahead, make my day."  Sheriff Peyman says he is very concerned about proposed federal legislation that could result in massive gun ownership bans and orders of confiscation.

Kentucky Sheriff to Feds: 'You Are Never Going to Pull Guns Out of Jackson County'.  As I wrote on Jan. 11, Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman has made it clear that gun laws which violate the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution will not be enforced in his county.  On Jan. 12, he followed this up with a press conference in which he explained that a Sheriff's powers are predominant over the powers of federal and state agents.

Obama is surrounded by guns
Sign the Petition: Make the White House a Gun-Free Zone!.  Via InstaPundit, we learn of the latest citizen-generated petition on the official White House site:  ["]Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them[." ...] Schools are gun-free zones because we care so much about our children's safety, right?  Well, unless your children go to, say, Sidwell Friends.  No need to take any risks where really important kids are concerned!

Graphic found on Luicianne.  Original source unknown.

Andrea Mitchell Reports President Obama 'Absolutely Committed' To Assault Weapons Ban.  In the wake of Vice President Joe Biden's remarks following meetings with gun ownership groups and the NRA Thursday, in which he emphasized consensus on issues like background checks and high-capacity ammunition magazines, there has been widespread speculation that the package of proposals to emerge from the Biden task force might not include an assault weapons ban.  On MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports Friday afternoon [1/11/2013], anchor Andrea Mitchell reported that, according to senior administration officials, President Obama is "absolutely committed" to including an assault weapons ban, as well a universal background checks, in his package of proposals.

Gun owners under assault.  Anti-gun politicians are wasting no time while the Newtown, Conn., school shootings are still fresh in Americans' minds.  The White House task force on gun violence will issue recommendations on Tuesday, and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said President Obama might bypass Congress and implement unpopular gun-control measure through executive orders.

Gun Advocates Celebrate 'Secret' Obamacare Provision Forbidding Exec Order To Regulate Guns And Ammo.  In a shot heard 'round the blogosphere, Vice President Joe Biden's suggestion that the administration might bypass Congressional participation to regulate guns in favor of using the executive order produced the inevitable choirs of "I told ya so" as Biden's sound bite appeared to provide the proof that Obama was, indeed, coming for your guns.  But this time, the gun advocates were ready with more than just angry recriminations.

Presidential Gun Ban: Executive Power or Unconstitutional Power Grab?  Over the last few years there has been a growing concern about the President's questionable expansion of executive powers.  As a nation of laws, public officials are sworn to uphold the law ... even laws you may not like.  The way to deal with laws you do not like is to get Congress or whatever body passed it to change it.

Range of executive actions possible on guns, some more controversial than others.  As Vice President Biden prepares to hand in a set of recommendations to curb gun violence next week and pro-gun groups dig in their heels, the vice president has put in play the possibility of using executive action to get controversial gun control measures on the books.

Obama's Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America.  Imagine more justices in the philosophical mold of the president's most recent addition, Elana Kagan, a gun-unfriendly attorney who participated in writing the 1998 Clinton White House executive order banning imports of 58 types of "semiautomatic assault rifles".  Then there's also Sonia Sotomayor, an Obama nominee who joined Justice Stephen Breyer's dissenting opinion in the narrow 5-4 McDonald v. City of Chicago decision which clarified that Second Amendment rights apply to states.  An Obama reelection presents an extreme risk of replacing at least one of five Supreme Court justices who have vindicated Second Amendment protections in the precarious Heller and McDonald decisions.  If this were to happen, our right to bear arms might become a lost historical memory for future oppressed generations to read about.

The Editor says...
Future generations will read all about it, unless their electronic history books are scrubbed by Big Brother.

Biden Hints at Outlawing Unregulated 'Private' Gun Sales.  Vice President Joe Biden, in remarks today before a meeting on guns, suggested the Obama administration is seriously considering outlawing unregulated "private" gun sales.

Threat of Executive Order on Guns: Chicago Thuggery.  In a gun-grabbing scheme as desperate as it is wrong, President Obama is threatening to bypass Congress and go it alone via Executive Orders if legislators don't move fast.  The sudden rush to Executive Orders comes as Obama sees the writing on the wall:  the American people do not want more gun control, and the Republican Congress is listening to the people.  Thus, Obama's roots are showing — his Chicago thuggery is coming out.

Lawyer: Banning Assault Weapons A Feel-Good Gesture 'Unless You're Prepared to Confiscate'.  The man who joined forces with Ralph Nader in the 1970s to virtually invent the consumer-interest lawsuit said Thursday [1/10/2013] that an outright ban on "assault weapons" might make some people feel better, but it would do nothing to curb violence at schools.  George Washington University Law Professor Alan Morrison says gun confiscation would be the way to go — but even that would be ineffective.

Attorney General Holder back at the table for Obama's gun-control push.  Attorney General Eric Holder will be the nation's top law enforcement official as the administration tackles new restrictions on guns in a major initiative of President Obama's second term.  The administration announced Wednesday [1/9/2013] that Holder, a longtime foe of the National Rifle Association (NRA), would remain with Obama for a second term.

Howard Fineman: Gun Control Is 'Legacy Material' For Obama.  Is it the media's responsibility to worry about Barack Obama's legacy?  The Huffington Post's Howard Fineman seems to think so, and told MSNBC's Chris Matthews Thursday [1/10/2013] that gun control is "legacy material" for the President.

The Real Gun-Control Consensus.  By this week, the elites were calling for a gun-control agenda unmatched in modern times.  The closing of the gun-show "loophole"?  Restrictions on large-capacity clips?  An "assault weapons" ban?  They want all that, plus a national gun database, and a background check for every gun sale, and similar checks for ammunition sales, and regulation of Internet transactions, and Michael Bloomberg crowned emperor.  (A position for which Mr. Bloomberg no doubt believes himself suited.)  The media have reported all this as rational, reasonable and doable.

Journalists react in shock to Drudge Report header featuring Hitler and Stalin.  Shocked journalists this afternoon were quick to react to the Drudge Report's controversial header photo comparing President Obama to Hitler and Stalin.  The item linked to a Weekly Standard article reporting that President Obama was willing to address the gun issue with an executive order.

Just 44 percent say Obama should control guns laws.  As Obama prepares new gun control legislation, the poll found that just 44 percent believe that laws governing guns should be the responsibility of the federal government.

Biden: Obama Will Bypass Congress for Gun Control.  Vice President Joe Biden, who has been charged by President Obama with running the task force to prevent situations like the Sandy Hook massacre, announced that he wouldn't be raising legislative solutions at all.  Instead, he said that President Obama might simply declare his preferred gun policy the law of the nation.

NRA: 100,000 new members after Sandy Hook shooting.  The National Rifle Association has gained more than 100,000 new members in the past 18 days, the organization told POLITICO's Playbook on Thursday [1/10/2013].  The number of paid new members jumped from 4.1 million to 4.2 million during that time.

This comes from the same people who say, "you can't legislate morality."
Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns.  Vice President Joe Biden revealed that President Barack Obama might use an executive order to deal with guns. [...] Biden said that this is a moral issue and that "it's critically important that we act."

Biden: Obama May Use 'Executive Orders' to Crack Down on Guns.  Earlier today [1/9/2013], Vice President Joe Biden addressed the ongoing discussion and debate surrounding gun control.  Rather than relying strictly upon the legislative process, he said that Obama "is going to act" — and potentially without Congress' blessing.  Before meeting with gun safety and victims' groups, the vice president told reporters that "executive orders" may be an avenue that the administration will use to take swift action on firearms.

Dictator Obama
We're Not Forking Over Our Guns to a Government That Just Bought 1.4 Billion Rounds of Ammo.  [...] and do keep in mind that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was intended to protect the populace from the actions of a tyrannical government — it wasn't meant for hunting, or even stopping stage-coach robberies — it's there primarily to defend Liberty from precisely the type of megalomaniacal leaders we find ourselves saddled with today.

Krauthammer: 'Unconstitutional' gun confiscation 'would cause insurrection in the country'.  On Wednesday's "Special Report," Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer acknowledged a link between gun ownership and gun violence, but said Americans would revolt if Congress implemented sweeping, unprecedented gun control legislation.  "I think we are going to end up exactly where we started," Krauthammer said.

Let it begin here.  Word has come down in recent days that the President of the United States may attempt to gut the Second Amendment via an executive order, reclassifying popular self-loading firearms as Title II weapons the same as hand grenades, rocket launchers, and crew-served machine guns.  In doing so, he would force you to register your firearms with the Federal government, pay a draconian tax for merely keeping what you already own, and shred your right to privacy, allowing the federal government into your home unannounced to "check up" on or confiscate your guns at any moment they see fit.

What To Expect On Gun Control In The Coming Months.  If new gun control measures pass to the President's desk (in which case he will surely sign the measures into law), it means more than just new background checks.  All semi-automatic firearms will be taxed, required to be submitted to the ATF for approval, controlled from crossing state lines, and prohibited from being bequeathed to your children or grandchildren in your wills.  Violation of any of these rules will turn you into an instant felon.  Of course, this would mean a resistance for which America isn't prepared.

Bullies: Obama Administration Summons NRA to White House.  Vice President Joe Biden, who is heading up the President's task force on gun control proposals, announced Tuesday [1/8/2013] that he would be meeting this week with the National Rifle Association, among other groups.  And his timing is just a bit suspect; the day before meeting with the NRA, Biden will be meeting with gun control organizations and shooting victims.  Presumably, his welcome for the NRA will be somewhat less hearty.

White House tries to keep momentum on gun control.  Obama has vowed to move swiftly on the recommendations, a package expected to include both legislative proposals and executive action.

White House ramps up talks on gun control measures.  The Obama administration is making a big push this week to gather ideas for a comprehensive plan to curb gun violence, amid reports that the Vice President Biden-led task force is homing in on a host of gun control measures.

Democrat Says Obama's Gun Control Proposals Are Extreme.  On ABC's This Week yesterday [1/6/2013], Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp described President Obama's gun control proposals as "extreme."

The Art of Tyranny.  There are those who are trying to make a difference, to put up some resistance to the inevitable gun control legislation worming its way through legislatures across the nation and through the U.S. Congress.

Dear Mr. Security Agent,  [Scroll down]  So at the historical moment that our nation is turning into a police state, with no expectation of privacy, even of our private parts in public airports or on public highways, we are commanded to grant even greater trust in our government's perpetual future benevolence, to have blind faith that at no point in the future will our government turn tyrannical.  But in the year 2013, has the government already earned our trust, or our disgust, with its current abuses of its police powers?  In this environment of steadily creeping tyranny, should we comply with government demands for our increasing disarmament?

Obama going for gun control with tactic used to pass Obamacare.  President Obama plans to ally himself with big business once again by using crony capitalist tactics to pass gun control just as he used them to pass Obamacare.  In this case, Obama reportedly plans to make sure that the new gun control law benefits big businesses that sell weapons.

Barack Obama planning wide-range gun-grabbing legislation?  [None of Obama's proposed gun laws] would have stopped the Newtown atrocity.  The shooter stole the guns from his mother, who passed a background check (Connecticut has that); the guns, being stolen and used rather than resold, would have been effectively invisible to a hypothetical database; the guns were not in fact owned by a mentally unstable, violent person who used them to murder children (they were stolen by somebody who used them for that); and penalties for possession of firearms around schools or by minors obviously had no effect on the shooter (who was, by the way, a legal adult).

The 2nd Amendment and the Kool-Aid Drinkers.  Having served over 20 years in our military, I know that most soldiers would refuse the order to take part in the confiscation of weapons.  First, the president would have to give the order, which is an "Illegal Order" in violation of the constitution.  I don't believe that service members would go back into the communities that raised them and conduct raids on good Americans in violation of the constitution.  Remember, these forces would have to come from a military base that is surrounded and supported by American communities.  Civilians would simply cease to support the bases and they would fold in a short time.

Obama Exploits Sandy Hook to Push Gun Control Agenda.  The Obama administration and Democrats in Congress are launching a massive gun control campaign as the President begins his second term and a divided Capitol Hill returns to work.  Billed as a response to the Sandy Hook shootings in December, the campaign includes ten gun control bills that were introduced on the first day of the 113th Congress — none of which would have prevented the shootings from taking place.

The single dumbest gun-control measure ever proposed.  With extraordinary shortsightedness, Connecticut lawmakers want to publicize the addresses of handgun owners.

Connecticut Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Publish Names, Addresses of Gun Permit Holders.  Connecticut State Representative Stephen D. Dargan (D-New Haven), co-chairman of the state's Public Safety Committee, has introduced a bill that would make public the names and addresses of gun permit holders in Connecticut under the state's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Obama's Disarming Haste.  The president and vice president of the United States are urging immediate action on gun control, pre-empting all debate about the measures' constitutionality; and their justification for this urgent, anti-constitutional action is that "the American public has a short memory."  In other words, this is not a real crisis (i.e., an ongoing threat), and the public will soon realize that, and carry on with life as usual; therefore, we must act before that happens.

Democrats Drop Eight Anti-Gun People Control Bills On First Day.  Of course, the vast majority of ammo dealers require that people who place orders pick up said orders at licensed firearms stores, just like with gun orders.  And the proof is in the details of what the legislation says, and none of them are available to read as of yet on Thomas or at [Carolyn McCarthy's] webpage.  Bobby Rush, Rush Holt, Jim Moran, and Sheila Jackson Lee also submitted legislation.  Lee's would raise the eligibility age to carry a handgun from 18-21.  I'm sure the young criminals who break the law regarding murder in Chicago will quickly ignore her.

Admin. Which Ran Guns Into Mexico Looks At Broad Gun Control Agenda.  Of course, as usual, Obama is leading from behind, seeing as how Democrats have already introduced 8 pieces of legislation in the House and Senator Feinstein (D-has gun herself) plans to introduce a big one in the Senate. [...] It's already illegal to carry a gun within 1000 feet of a school.  I bet people intent on mass murder/suicide will pay attention to stiffening fines.

Obama: We Must Limit 2nd Amendment Despite "Resistance".  Unfortunately, this is not a satirical headline.  This is from the President of the United States.

Obama wants gun violence measures passed in 2013.  "Will there be resistance?  Absolutely there will be resistance," he said.

Obama To Go For Guns in 2013.  Actually, Barack Obama has been against the 2nd amendment for all of his political life, and has sought to ban private ownership of guns long before he ever darkened the halls of Congress or the White House.  Sandy Hook merely provides him with an excuse to once again argue for the disarmament of the American people, a long-time Marxist goal.

Feinstein: More Power, More Money to ATF to Register All Guns.  As the day on which Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) "assault weapon" ban will be introduced draws closer, another troubling aspect of it has come to light — namely, that it will give new funding and expanded powers to the ATF for the purpose of registering all guns and gun owners in the country.  In other words, in addition to banning "assault weapons" and handguns like Glocks, Sig Sauers, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, and H&Ks, the legislation will also empower the ATF to be sure every gun is placed on a government registry.

Nation running out of ammo.  Reaction to threats by Senator Dianne Feinstein and others to ban certain weapons and severely restrict ownership of guns generally has caused a run on gun stores, as is widely reported.  Less reported is the run on ammunition, leaving ammunition inventories down 93% since election day.

On Obamacare (and Guns), We Won't Comply.  More and more law-abiding Americans say that they have constitutional objections to the healthcare and liberty land grab by the Obama administration.  Coming next?  It could be guns!

Hey Senator Feinstein, You Say You Want A Revolution?  Senator Feinstein and her statist friends want to make America safer by taking guns away from honest people who don't commit gun crimes.  Such is liberal logic.  Feinstein, who knows as much about guns as she does fiscal responsibility, is going to introduce a bill that will "stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices."  Her bill will also affect handguns and require registration of firearms with photos, fingerprints, makes and models, and serial numbers.  I know you'll all be lining up to comply!

Feinstein's Gun Control Bill Will Trigger The Next American Revolution.  Over the past two years alone, multiple draconian policies have been enacted through executive order by the Obama Administration which build upon the civil liberty crushing actions of George W. Bush and press far beyond.  The Patriot Acts, the FISA domestic spy bill, the bailouts of corrupt international banks, attempts at CISPA and SOPA, actions like the NDAA authorizing the treatment of U.S. citizens as "enemy combatants" without rights to due process; all paint a picture so clear only a one-celled amoeba (or your average suburban yuppie) would not see it.

Feinstein: All Gun Owners Should Be Registered, Fingerprinted.  Even as news that Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) "Assault Weapon" ban is really a ban on some of the most popular civilian-owned handguns in the U.S., details of her promised legislation also show that it will require gun owners to register their guns with the government. [...] This will require not simply the registration of the specific gun's serial number but also a photograph and fingerprints of the owner as well.  This would necessarily take away the ability of people to sell guns in private sales to friends or family members too.

Democrats Seek the Holy Grail of Gun Control.  Dianne Feinstein has announced that she will introduce sweeping gun control legislation in the Senate.  Under her bill, countless standard handguns apparently would now be banned, and for the first time a federal register that may include many millions of gun owners, fingerprinted and photographed, would be created.

Obama stimulus: Gun buyers nationwide tweet about long lines, empty shelves.  The White House is finally responsible for a stimulus that works.

Guns Sold Out at Wal-Mart as Ammo-Magazine Sales Surge.  With President Barack Obama endorsing sweeping gun restrictions in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, prices for handgun magazines are surging on EBay and semi-automatic rifles are sold out at many Wal-Mart Stores Inc. locations.

Gun sales surge after Connecticut massacre.  The prospect of a renewed assault weapons ban in the wake of the Connecticut school massacre has set of a round of buying, as thousands of Americans head to their local gun store to secure the popular AR-15 — the model used by the school gunman — before potential government prohibitions on their purchase.

Why'd it take 4 massacres for Obama to vow 'These tragedies must end'?  Obama did not specify what changes he has in mind to seek through his effort to "engage" fellow citizens.  In his 1,696 words the president did not once say the word "gun."

Progressives using Sandy Hook Tragedy to Rewrite the Narrative.  There is nothing [...] that makes kingpin Marxists like Obama more bitter than the knowledge that the citizenry he is trying to force into hopeless serfdom cling, against all odds, to their religion and guns.  For if there is one thing that Marxists know it is that religion and guns are the only things that will save the masses from their final capture.

Let's Have That Conversation About Guns.  For once I agree with liberals.  It's high time to have a conversation about guns.  Let's start with the problem that there are far too few guns on our streets.  Wait, we can't have that conversation. [...] The conversation is then supposed to end with us waiving our fundamental right to self-defense.  Because that is what the goal is — a total ban on the private ownership of firearms.

Obama Call For Change Exploits School Massacre.  By using the massacre in Newtown, Conn., to fire up the left's anti-liberty agenda, President Obama and other prominent liberal Democrats are taking Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's infamous maxim — "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste" — to new depths.  At a Sunday night [12/16/2012] prayer vigil in Newtown, the president delivered words that on their face appear soothing, hope-filled and decisive — exactly what's expected of presidential leadership.  "These tragedies must end," he said.  "And to end them, we must change."  But when Obama repeats that single-worded slogan from his presidential campaign, we know what kind of "change" he wants.

Obama expected to push gun control in second term.  With President Obama's final election behind him, gun-control advocates said they expect the White House to begin pushing through an assortment of gun restrictions in coming months.  Obama rarely talked about guns during his re-election campaign, and when he did, it was mostly to reassure voters he had no plans to take away their constitutionally protected firearms.

Can House Stop U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab?  A House resolution, as futile as it may be, represents growing opposition to another administration bow to the U.N. encroachment on U.S. sovereignty at the expense of its laws and even our Constitution.

A Declaration of Grievances.  [Scroll down]  The very day after the 2012 election — this past Wednesday — the executive branch, led by Obama, resumed work on an illegal treaty with the U.N. to achieve despotic gun control reforms that could not otherwise be achieved through the legislature.  Treaties to accomplish domestic policies — instead of properly international matters — are illegal, and yet Obama pursued this very goal throughout most of 2012, only to curtail his efforts during the campaign and then eerily resume them the very morning after he had guaranteed his continued tenure at the presidential seat.

Gun owners enter the fight of our lives.  The NRA has been saying all along that Barack Obama would unleash an assault on our Second Amendment freedoms if he won a second term.  It sure didn't take long for him to prove us right.  Just hours after Obama won re-election last Tuesday, his administration endorsed a new effort by the global gun grabbers at the United Nations to draft a gun ban treaty early next year.  The official starting point for the new talks is last year's failed draft, which contains provisions that threaten our sovereign right to keep and bear arms through an international gun registration scheme.

US gun sales soar after Barack Obama's re-election.  Gun sales in America are soaring in the wake of President Barack Obama's re-election with weapons retailers reporting AK-47s flying off shelves "like hotcakes."  Owners of guns have been stocking up because they are concerned about a potential tightening of regulations on assault weapons in the president's second term.  In October the number of background checks on people applying to buy guns, an indicator of future sales, increased by 18.4 percent.  There was a similar jump when President Obama was first elected in 2008.

Gun ban back on Obama's agenda.  Less than a day after President Obama's re-election, the administration breathed new life into the United Nations' previously comatose treaty regulating guns.

Obama's re-election drives gun sales.  Gun sales are up in the wake of Barack Obama's re-election on Tuesday, driven by fears of tighter regulations under a Democratic president, especially for firearms that might be classified as assault weapons.  "Sales are up," said John Kielbasa, owner of Fernwood Firearms in Hankins, N.Y.  "I had a guy waiting here first thing in the morning [after the election.]  He came in, bought two AK-47s."

Re-elected Obama Pushes Anti-2nd Amendment Gun Grab.  Within hours of re-election, the administration fast-tracked a treaty in the United Nations that transcends borders and tramples our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  It was no coincidence.

Obama: I am coming after the guns and I will screen gun owners.  The president and his campaign have been quick to point out that in the last four years, the administration has not proposed new restrictions on gun rights.  In the Oct. 16 debate, Obama crossed that line with not only a call for responsible gun ownership, but also with his support for screening Americans for their mental capacity to exercise their guns rights.  Like trying to get off the No-Fly List, Americans who find themselves on the No-Gun List, like veterans, who seek counseling, have no process to appeal or otherwise adjudicate their status — a status bestowed upon them with the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen and often without notice.

NRA Mobilizing Voters In Swing States.  The National Rifle Association (NRA) is seizing upon President Barack Obama's comments about wanting to reintroduce the so-called "assault weapons ban" during last Tuesday's town hall to mobilize voters in some of the nation's most important swing states.

Gun industry thrives during Obama's term in office.  Gun buyers fear that Obama wants to restrict their purchases, especially if he were re-elected.

More about what might happen in Obama's second term.

Obama is coming for your guns.  Weapons designed for soldiers and military only are already prohibited for sale in this nation.  Fully-automatic rifles (machine guns) cannot be purchased or possessed in many states.  Obama is conflating fully-automatic rifles with semi-automatic rifles and goes further to include cheap hand guns.  Most hunters understand that when a politician says they want an "assault weapons ban" they want your rifle.

Gun microstamping could close American factories.  One story out this month hits pretty close to home for me, both figuratively and literally.  It involves the Remington Arms plant located in Ilion, a village in upstate New York.  They are currently battling a pending move by the state government which would force them to put laser etched microstamps on the firing pins of all their weapons, driving costs through the roof.

Lead bullets under fire.  Should President Obama win in November, it's a certainty he'll try once again to ban lead ammunition.  Just two months after he moved into the White House, the National Park Service suddenly announced it was banning lead bullets from its parks.  The blowback from sportsmen was intense, so the agency backed down.  Mr. Obama surely will exert "more flexibility" in a second term to accomplish this backdoor assault on the Second Amendment.

Gun Sales Hinge on Obama Re-Election.  As Cabela's Inc. prepares the selection of guns it will sell for the holiday season and winter hunting, the outdoor-gear retailer has two plans:  one if President Barack Obama is re-elected, and one if he isn't.

Why are Gun Ownership Numbers in U.S. Highest since 1993?  There's a reason gun sales in America soared after the election of Barack Obama.  Nobody except his brainwashed minions trust him.  Over the past three and a half years he has issued more than 900 Executive Orders, many of which grant him and the federal government extraordinary control over all aspects of life for Americans.  The hallmark of every totalitarian regime is gun control, the disarming of citizens.

Obama Has Demagogued Guns, from 2000 to Today.  As Barack Obama attacks "AK-47s," while his press secretary promises that Obama respects Second Amendment rights, it is worth recalling Obama's long-running campaign for gun control, dating back more than a decade — a campaign he now seeks to downplay as he heads into a difficult presidential election, because he knows how deeply unpopular it would be.

Obamacare's Threat to the Second Amendment.  The Supreme Court has ruled that the government can force you to buy a product as long as it's called a "tax," forging a new sword aimed directly at the heart of the Second Amendment.  Here's the link between taxes and gun rights.

The Obama administration is pushing for global arms control.
The U.N. is coming for your guns.  The United Nations is deliberating over a treaty that will place comprehensive limits on the international weapons trade.  The language of the draft agreement is so expansive it wouldn't take an Obama-appointed judge very long to extend the treaty to cover the domestic firearms market as well.  If American jurists continue to be enamored by the popular trend to consider international precedence when making U.S. rulings, you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.

Obama's war on guns and oil.  The Obama administration is using more than just the Environmental Protection Agency to "crucify" businesses it doesn't like.  Congress won't enact any gun-control measures, and the American people aren't interested in paying more at the pump.  So President Obama has to get a lot more creative in pushing his anti-gun, anti-affordable-energy agenda.  His latest technique is dispatching the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to wage small-scale battles against guns and oil. [...] It's obvious what the White House is up to, and the American people shouldn't stand for it.

Can Government Now Tax Handgun Ammunition 10,000%?  Conservatives still reeling from Chief Justice John Roberts's decision to uphold the 2,700-page ObamaCare legislation as a Federal tax are rightly worried that Roberts opened the door to unlimited Federal coercion of the American public through the tax code.  One possibility that should generate grave concern is that the Federal government could use to the tax code to undermine the Supreme Court's landmark decisions affirming Second Amendment rights in Heller v. D.C. and McDonald v. Chicago.

Congressmen urge the UN to trample the US Constitution.  Today [7/2/2012] begins the most important 26-day period for our Second Amendment freedoms in recent history.  That's because today, representatives from many of the world's socialist, tyrannical and dictatorial regimes will gather at United Nations headquarters in New York for a month-long meeting, in which they'll put the finishing touches on an international Arms Trade Treaty that could seriously restrict your freedom to own, purchase and carry a firearm.

Obama Admin. Credited with Gun Industry Boom.  According to the National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF), the trade association that represents nearly 7,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, and others involved in the gun industry, the economic impact of that industry has grown by 66 percent since the start of the Great Recession.  In 2008 the total impact (direct and indirect) was $19 billion.  Last year it exceeded $31 billion.  Jobs and taxes it generated also jumped a similar amount.  Jobs directly connected with the industry increased from 75,000 to nearly 100,000 last year, while federal, state, and excise taxes (which support wildlife conservation) increased from $3.1 billion to $5 billion.

House Republicans try to block Obama's rifle rule.  House Republicans, accusing President Barack Obama of waging a war on gun owners, plan to cut off funding for an rule requiring firearms dealers in border states to report multiple sales of certain rifles.  The matter has become a flash point on both sides of the national gun control divide, elevating the debate over the Second Amendment in an election year in which the president is struggling to win again in pro-gun swing states such as New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia.

Obama's Gun Boom.  Background checks for gun permits, as well as firearm stocks sales, have continued to soar in 2012 on fears of an Obama reelection.  According to data from the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), total background checks for firearms in February and March rose 19 percent in 2012 over the previous year.  The biggest one-year increase — 26 percent — was in 2009, immediately after Obama's election.

Gun Sales And Gun Stocks Are Going Nuts As Obama's Re-Election Odds Improve.  We'd heard a few times lately that the gun stocks (mostly Ruger and Smith & Wesson) had been surging lately, thanks to strong gun sales, but we have to thank Eddy Elfenbein for alerting us to how extreme the moves have been lately.  Ruger is up 14% from the Wednesday [3/21/2012] close after the gun company announced that it literally could not keep up with demand.  Since last summer, the stock has nearly tripled.

An armed citizenry and its enemies.  Sturm, Ruger & Company, America's 4th largest gun manufacturer, announced that it has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.  Not too worry, though.  This unusual problem stems from the fact that Sturm, Ruger booked over one million firearms orders in the first quarter of 2012.  And the company acknowledged that, "the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders."  New orders will be accepted, starting in about 60 days.  Smith & Wesson and other domestic gun makers are presented with similar opportunities.

Fourth Largest Gun Maker In US Is Out Of Guns.  Ruger (the 4th largest gun-maker in the US) who after receiving orders for over one million units in Q1 has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.

Gun Boom Continues Despite Florida Shooting.  Despite calls for stricter guns laws in response to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, firearm stocks are soaring as gun companies struggle to keep up with high demand.  Shares of Sturm Ruger & Co. (RGR) were up as high as 14 percent Thursday afternoon [3/22/2012] after CEO Michael Fifer announced the company was temporarily suspending its acceptance of new orders in an effort to meet a dramatic surge in demand for its products.

Gun sales explode as election looms.  Sales of handguns and ammunition are booming across the country, and retailers say it's all about the November election.  Gun shop owners around the nation told that sales, brisk ever since President Obama was elected, have spiked upward in recent months.  And manufacturers are having so much trouble keeping up with the demand that one, Sturm, Ruger & Co., can't keep up with demand.  The Southport, Conn.-based company has had to suspend new orders after taking orders for more than 1 million guns in the first three months of the year.  Smith & Wesson sales are way up, as well.

Fear & reloading.  More people are buying guns amid worries about Obama's re-election and predictions of the world's impending doom. ... Gun owners are stocking up on ammo and a variety of guns in a rush that local retailers haven't seen since President Barack Obama was elected.  In the wake of the 2008 election, prices soared as the availability of weapons and ammo shrank.

From Obama, What Next?  [Scroll down]  So since Obama and his administration think they can ignore the US Constitution, particularly the first amendment, and mandate that Catholics go against their faith, the question now is, "What next?"  Let's turn our attention to the Second Amendment.  Obama's most lasting impact on gun control is through the appointment of Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both gun control advocates, to the Supreme Court.  While paying lip service to the second amendment, he told Sarah Brady, "I just want you to know that we are working on [gun control].  We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar."  What good will the second amendment be if/when all guns have been "controlled" out of existence?

NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term.  A top official with the National Rifle Association said Friday [2/10/2012] that President Obama will move to "destroy" gun rights and "erase" the Second Amendment if he is re-elected in November.  While delivering one of the liveliest and best-received speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said the president's low-key approach to gun rights during his first term was "a "conspiracy to ensure re-election by lulling gun owners to sleep."

Oops: Obama judicial appointee says we have right to keep arms, but not to bear them.  When Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), spoke at CPAC on February 10th, he predicted that if Barack Obama wins a second term it will usher in an all-out attack on the Second Amendment.  In so many words, he said the same people who brought us Fast and Furious, "a criminal enterprise" for which there has yet to be prosecutions, will use four more years to gut constitutional protections on the right to keep and bear arms.  And anyone who wonders what this assault on the Second Amendment might look like need look no further than Illinois, where a judge that President Obama appointed has just ruled that we have the right to keep arms, but not to bear them.

Why U.S. Gun Sales Are Shooting For The Moon:  [Steve] Sanetti explained that in 1959 some 70 percent of the American public favored handgun bans, whereas today that number has flipped.  "We've been able to conclusively prove scientifically that, as John Lott wrote, more guns do equal less crime.  Other factors include the fact that the number of hunters has actually risen in a number of states.  Then you have returning servicemen and women who are staying with the shooting sports.  Meanwhile, the advocacy of the NSSF, the NRA and other groups have shown that the Second Amendment is a fundamental part of our freedom."

Gun control kills jobs.  Ever since Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the economy has misfired.  Jobs remain scarce and the market has yet to recover the value it had prior to the 2007 crash.  Though Mr. Obama's policies have unintentionally given a major boost to an industry he hates — firearms — even this one bright spot hasn't necessarily translated into new employment.  Take Sturm Ruger Co., one of the few publicly traded U.S. gunmakers.  Anyone who happened to invest $100 in the firm's stock on Mr. Obama's Inauguration Day would have about $532 today.

Obama to Congress: I'll decide what's constitutional.  Election season is here, and you might think President Obama would be going out of his way to show voters that he can be trusted with the powers of the presidency.  But you would be wrong.  Just a few days before Christmas, Obama served notice to all Americans that he will continue to abuse executive privilege by seeking new ways to vilify gun owners and further his anti-gun agenda.

They'll know it when they see it.
Gun makers baffled by ATF criteria.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is in charge of determining whether a gun model is legal, but the agency won't say much about its criteria.  Despite overseeing an industry that includes machine guns and other deadly weapons, ATF regulations for the manufacture of weapons are often unclear, leading to reliance on a secretive system by which firearms manufacturers can submit proposed weapons for testing and find out one at a time whether they comply with the law, critics say.

Obama on Guns:  [Scroll down]  In fact, there is an undercurrent of Americans who are sick and tired of politicians turning their backs on the Constitution in their attempts to manage our lives and money, and are calling, no screaming, for a return of Constitutional principles of governing.  Now if those same politicians who turn a blind eye to the constraints placed upon them in the Constitution are successful in taking our guns away, we will find an America vulnerable to tyrannical government; a situation that will mark the beginning of the end of our Republic.

Obama's Anti-gun Agenda Remains Alive and Well.  Thanks to the efforts of freedom advocates such as John Lott, Obama's efforts to stay under the radar are now glistening in the sunlight.  Lott reviewed an unsettling and lengthy list of Obama's "processes," starting with the President's intention to ignore at least 20 parts of the 2012 omnibus spending bill that he signed into law last week.  Using the controversial and likely unconstitutional "signing statements," Obama said, "I have advised Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility ... such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient." ... In plain English, the President just told Congress to go jump — he was going to do what he wanted to do, regardless.

Americans buy record numbers of guns for Christmas.  According to the FBI, over 1.5 million background checks on customers were requested by gun dealers to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in December.  Nearly 500,000 of those were in the six days before Christmas.  It was the highest number ever in a single month, surpassing the previous record set in November.

The Obama administration is planning a second-term attack on gun rights.  Obama administration officials are deliberately keeping gun owners in the dark about the president's gun-control agenda as we head into next year's national election, because administration officials know that when NRA members and gun owners show up at the polls en masse, anti-gun candidates lose.

Firing back at gun control.  The Obama administration's anti-gun agenda, which has been sneaking into the federal bureaucracy in recent years, was blasted by Congress last week.  Republicans used the $1 trillion omnibus bill for 2012 to shoot back at the sneaky use of federal funds for gun control.  One sentence in the 2,100-page spending bill stopped taxpayers' money from being used for sham studies designed to make legal gun ownership seem like a public health hazard.  The House GOP included a provision in the Health and Human Services appropriations bill preventing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from using any of its $30.7 billion funds to "advocate or promote gun control."

Even Before Fast and Furious, They Had Guns on Their Minds.  What Obama administration officials, including the president, knew or didn't know about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives' 2009 Operation Fast and Furious has little to do with what they should have known.  Attorney General Holder, Secretary Clinton, President Obama, and Secretary Napolitano each declared that he or she did not know about Fast and Furious until 2011.  But what should they have known about a federal program that eventually led to mass murder?

Fast and Furious Scandal Gives Rise to Gun Regulation Debate.  As a candidate, Barack Obama once endorsed a ban on handguns and favored restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms.  So when gun owners heard of Operation Fast and Furious, many feared the worst.  Now, newly revealed emails suggest that if the gun-running operation didn't start out with that intent, as administration officials insist, the program certainly led to discussions on new gun regulations.

Copy of ATF Email Wanting More Gun Control in Wake of Fast and Furious.  For the better part of a year, I have been saying that the end goal of Fast and Furious was more gun control.  Rush Limbaugh has said this, Sean Hannity and other Fox News personalities have said this, and the NRA and Gun Owners of America have said this, among others.  Throughout this time, I have had a copy of an email that was sent to me back in March of 2011.  It's an July 2010 email from ATF Special Agent in Charge Mark R. Chait to ATF Supervisor William Newell.

Was Fast and Furious all About Gun Control?  For some time, Second Amendment advocates have suspected that the Obama administration's gun walking program ("Fast and Furious") was intended to create a pretext for bringing back the gun control issue.  There has been a little evidence of that, but not much.  Today [12/7/2011], however, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS, who has been all over the Fast and Furious scandal and would, in a sane world, get a Pulitzer Prize, broke another scoop...

Guns are a big seller on Black Friday.  Gun dealers flooded the FBI with background check requests for prospective buyers last Friday [11/25/2011], smashing the single-day, all-time high by 32%, according to bureau records.  Deputy Assistant FBI Director Jerry Pender said the checks, required by federal law, surged to 129,166 during the day, far surpassing the previous high of 97,848 on Black Friday of 2008.

New Gun Company Advertisement Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin.  A gun company advertisement that warns of impending gun control compares President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  The USAAmmo ad shows side-by-side pictures of Obama with Hitler, Stalin and other dictators who committed atrocities across the world.  The ad, which is also accompanied by a video, warns that gun control is imminent and foreshadows that the U.S. could face millions in casualties if they are not allowed to defend themselves.

Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Land.  Gun owners who have historically been able to use public lands for target practice would be barred from potentially millions of acres under new rules drafted by the Interior Department, the first major move by the Obama administration to impose limits on firearms.  Officials say the administration is concerned about the potential clash between gun owners and encroaching urban populations who like to use same land for hiking and dog walking.

Michelle Obama's warning to gun owners.  If you want to read something scary, take another look at the minority opinions in the Supreme Court's landmark Heller and McDonald decisions that struck down Washington, D.C.'s and Chicago's unconstitutional gun bans.  In the Heller dissent, four justices concluded that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right to own a firearm, nor does it protect our right to defend ourselves, our families, or our property.  In McDonald, the same four justices argued that the 5-4 Heller decision should be reversed.  If these four justices had just one more vote on their side, their opinion — that the Second Amendment should not exist in today's modern society — would be the law of the land today.

Obama campaign organizing against gun owners.  As gun owners and freedom advocates know, whenever a serial anti-gunner like President Obama says he wants common sense gun control, you can be sure that gun-ban policies are around the corner.  Former President Clinton used this same "common sense" rhetoric to help sell his gun ban in 1994.  Thank you for the offer, Mr. President, but the Second Amendment and our Bill of Rights already contain enough common sense and your editing isn't needed here.

Gun ownership soars under Obama.  For most gun loving Americans, the election of President Obama brought fears of a clamp down on their hobby.  But shockingly, new statistics show the President may just be the best thing to happen to the U.S. gun industry.

The Real 'Under the Radar' Target of Operation Fast and Furious.  [Scroll down]  There are many of us who believe this may well have been part of the "under the radar" approach that Obama told gun control zealots that he was employing to effect stricter gun control laws in America.  Those of you inclined to be skeptical should bear in mind that Obama and his closest advisors hail from Chicago, where all firearms must be registered with the police.  Some suburban governments there actually ban handgun possession, but are under fire by the U.S. Supreme Court which has declared the tough restrictions unconstitutional.  As conservatives know, this is just a bump on the road for true believers in gun control; those suburbs are busily seeking ways to circumvent the Court's ruling.

Did someone mention Fast and Furious?

Obama's Watergate.  After taking office, Barack Hussein Obama began a coordinated effort with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to control the purchases and ownership of guns in the United States.  To justify the implementation of tougher gun control laws and in a direct assault on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, this administration cited a statement made to Congress by William Hoover, Assistant Director for Field Operations for the BATFE on February 7, 2008.  According to that report, 90 percent of the weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels were purchased from or originated from the U.S.  That stunning revelation empowered the Obama administration to solicit public support for banning so-called assault weapons in the U.S., and calling for tougher gun control laws.  The problem, however, is that the 2008 statement is disingenuous at best.

Dude, Where's My Freedom?  Obama administration officials recently let slip that they are working on new gun control measures "under the radar."  Gun control is the classic example of foolishly exchanging an essential liberty for an illusion of security.  The U.S. states that respect the honest citizen's right to carry firearms in self-defense have consistently lower rates of violent crimes than states with strict gun control laws.

In the words of Dr. Peter Hammond, "Just as criminals prefer unarmed victims, tyrants prefer disarmed citizens.  A government that does not trust its citizens with weapons cannot be trusted with power."*

Thomas Jefferson had the same idea centuries earlier when he said, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."*

President Obama apparently understands this concept, and has been quietly making a few arrangements that will make it much more difficult and expensive to purchase firearms and ammunition.  If you don't already own a gun and plenty of ammo, Mr. Obama's plans will likely affect you.

More information about Obama and his anti-gun stance can be found here.

It is worth noting also that gun sales have skyrocketed since Obama was elected.  Evidently there are many people who trust Mr. Obama as little as I do.

Brass Facts:  Every year, the federal government buys massive amounts of ammunition, primarily to meet the needs of the military.  For years, the government has been recouping part of its ammunition expenses by reselling the used casings to remanufacturers. ... Well, all that is changing.  The Obama administration is changing the rules on re-selling used bullet casings.  From now on, they cannot be sold for remanufacturing, but rather must be liquidated at scrap value.

Wonder why vets and shooters are suspicious of Obama?  The bad ideas just keep Twittering out of the Obama administration, and some of them are so ridiculous that even the Democrats who rule the congressional roost are squawking back. ... Given that this administration is all abuzz with going green, crushing a perfectly recyclable product runs afoul of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra of environmentalists.  It's difficult not to assume that someone new in Defense wanted to reduce the national supply of ammunition by removing the ability to reuse fired brass.

Are You Hoarding Ammo?  As I was walking through the ammunition aisle at my local Bass Pro Shops, I muttered to the man standing next to me how disappointingly empty the shelves were.  "Not as bad as last week," he said.  I shouldn't have been surprised.  Back in February, Cabelas, a publicly-traded outdoor outfitter saw its stock go up 35% in one day when earnings blew away estimates because of very strong "sales of firearms and related accessories."

Obama Gunning for the Second Amendment.  Gordon Hutchinson reports at a blog called The Shootist that Obama has just disallowed the Department of Defense (DOD) from selling spent brass shell casings to manufacturers of ammunition for the civilian market.  This means that these companies will now have to buy new brass and produce their own shell casings, a much more expensive — and wasteful — proposition.  Obviously, this will raise the cost of ammo and, some say, reduce the supply.  Not only that, this is just the first of two steps (that I'm aware of) designed to remove ammo from the hands of Americans.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2020 by Andrew K. Dart

Obama is (or was) the Gun Salesman of the Year

Obama the Gun Salesman
President Obama: (Still) The Greatest Gun Salesman in America.  [Infographic]

David Hogg Challenges Obama as Greatest Gun Salesman of All Time.  They thought that no one could unseat Barack Obama from his throne as the Greatest Gun Salesman of All Time.  Then came David Hogg, whom the media and Soros-backed professional left have been exploiting as their top tool in their war against the Constitution.  Shamelessly diverting rage over Parkland from where it belongs (refusal to deal with the mentally ill, insufficient security, inept and cowardly law enforcement) to the rights of law-abiding citizens has produced impressive results.

David Hogg, gun salesman.  The gun manufacturers of America have had a tough time since Barack Obama, dubbed the "greatest gun salesman in America" on CNN Money and "best gun salesman on the planet" on CNBC, left office.  After the November 2016 election of President Trump, monthly background checks for firearms purchases tumbled by 500,000.  The market was so grim that in February this year, legendary firearms manufacturer Remington filed for bankruptcy.  But suddenly the fortunes of gun manufacturers seem to have taken a turn upward, thanks mostly to David Hogg.

No Mass Casualty Incidents on U.S. Soil Since Trump Victory.  What are Americans doing during Obama's full-scale attack on the 2nd amendment?  Answer:  They are arming themselves to the teeth.
  •   Colorado was flooded with a record 4,200 gun-buyer background requests.  Gun sales surged after the Connecticut massacre.
  •   The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says it set a new record for single-day background check submittals.
  •   In San Diego, Northwest Armory gun store owner Karl Durkheimer said, "Saturday was the biggest day we've seen in 20 years.  In southwest Ohio, from dawn to dusk, a Cincinnati gun show had a line of 400 people waiting to get in, said Joe Eaton of the Buckeye Firearms Association.

New Report From Crime Prevention Research Center Shows 11.1 Million Americans Hold Concealed Carry Permits.  The last comprehensive report on the number of concealed carry permit holders was completed three years ago by the U.S. Government Accountability Office and showed that 8 million Americans held a concealed carry permit.  These numbers show that the number of permits is not only increasing, but they are growing at faster and faster rates.

Law-Abiding Citizens Have More Than 600 Million Firearms in America.  The fact is, while there is no definitive way to tally all the firearms in the United States, it is commonly accepted and reported that there are roughly 300 million firearms in the hands of law-abiding Americans.  But has anyone else noticed that number hasn't moved in years, even in the 8 years Obama sparked an increase in gun sales, the gun run during Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, and after the NICS background checks system set new records for 15 straight months?

Gun Sales Have Fallen Since Obama Left Office.  The gun industry may be headed for a slump after eight years of explosive growth under former President Barack Obama.  From December through February, the number of federal background checks conducted each month declined from the same month a year ago, according to the Associated Press.  While not an exact measure of total firearm sales, background checks are considered a key measure of how gun manufacturers are performing.  One reason for the softening demand, some gun industry experts say, is that potential gun buyers are no longer worried Washington will issue new regulations restricting gun sales.

Without Obama, once-booming gun industry poised to shrink.  Fears of government limits on guns — some real, some perceived — led to a surge in demand during Obama's tenure and manufacturers leapt to keep up.  Over the decade ending in 2015, the number of U.S. companies licensed to make firearms jumped 362 percent.  "The trends really almost since Election Day or election night have been that gun sales have slacked off," said Robert Spitzer, political science department chairman at State University of New York at Cortland. "

Gun Sales Dip in January as Trump Takes Office.  The number of gun-related background checks performed by the FBI in January were down significantly from the record number from last January.  The FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, processed 2,043,184 gun-related checks through January 2017, records released on Friday show.  That's more than 500,000 fewer checks than the record set the year before.  It comes on the heels of a streak that saw 18-straight months of new monthly records, and two new yearly records as well.

More Guns Have Been Sold in 2016 Than Any Year in History.  More gun-related FBI background checks were done in 2016 than in any other year in history after November set yet another record for gun sales in the United States.  So far this year, the FBI has processed 24,767,514 checks through its National Instant Criminal Background Check System, known as NICS, which puts 2016 more than 160,000 checks above the yearly record set in 2015.  The record comes after November 2016 set its own monthly record with 2,561,281 checks, nearly 320,000 more than the previous record set last November.  This gun sales spike has lasted for over a year and resulted in monthly records for 19 straight months.

2016 Proved To Be The Biggest Year In History For Gun Sales.  Well, besides President-elect Donald J. Trump's stunning upset win over Hillary Clinton, 2016 will also be known as another record year in gun sales.  In fact, more guns have been sold this year than ever before in history. [...] Now, the spike in gun sales was due to fears that Obama and the Democrats would enact new gun control laws, specifically through executive order.  Even Hillary Clinton made similar overtures on the 2016 campaign trail.

President Obama's Biggest Failure:  Gun Control.  President Obama was recently quoted as saying to Fareed Zakaria that his biggest failure was his inability to impose gun control on the United States. [...] President Obama has been the greatest gun salesman on planet earth, ever.  No one is even close.  Hitler did not come close.  Neither did Stalin, or Mao.  President Johnson was a piker in comparison.  Under President Obama, Gun sales in in the United States broke record after record.  In this last year and a half along, each month has been the record month for 19 consecutive months.  On Black Friday alone, enough guns were sold to private parties in the United States to outfit the entire Marine Corps.  Under President Obama, the private stock of firearms in the United States will have increased from about 308 million to over 405 million firearms.  The ammunition industry has had to add new plants to keep up with the demand for ammunition.  Record numbers of women and minorities have become gun owners.  The number of carry permits for weapons has surpassed 15 million.

Despite Predictions, Black Friday Produced Record-Breaking Gun Sales.  From major retailers to local stores, the firearms industry as a whole is reporting record-breaking numbers from Black Friday.  "Black Friday sales on guns, gun accessories and ammunition were the strongest we've seen in our 77-year history," said Ryan Repp, Brownells' Communications Manager.  "Sales started off first thing Thanksgiving morning, actually, and continued at a record pace through Cyber Monday."  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement ran 10,122 background checks on November 25th alone, including requests from Shooters Gun Store in Jacksonville, FL, who opened it's [sic] doors on Black Friday to a line of shoppers that wrapped around the building.

Federal gun background checks spike as election nears.  Federal gun background checks increased year-over-year for the 18th consecutive month in October amid several high-profile attacks and Donald Trump's repeated warnings that Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment.  The National Instant Criminal Background Check System ran about 2.3 million checks in October, up 18 percent compared to October 2015.  Gun transactions continue to break records under President Obama, who analysts said spurred fears of future restrictions on which firearms gun owners could buy.  The increases in recent months also could be due to the presidential debates, in which Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee, has warned that gun rights are at stake in the election.  There was a similar surge of NICS checks in October 2008 and October 2012 — the last two presidential elections.

Hillary Clinton Is The Greatest Threat to the Second Amendment Ever.  Whenever a politician talks about limiting the right to bear arms, law-abiding gun owners flock to gun stores to purchase new firearms and stock up on ammo.  They sign up for training and tactical classes.  Gun owners both new and old are applying for concealed carry permits.  And it seems to happen more frequently when there's a change in Presidents.  Look at what happened around this time in 2008. Gun owners feared then-Senator Barack Obama would become President.  It was only a matter of time before he began his tirade against the Second Amendment when he took office.  Around summer 2008, I remember going with my dad to buy ammo in bulk.

September 2016 Continues Record Breaking Gun Sales/NICS Background Checks.  [Scroll down]  Given the NICS numbers, there will probably be 18 million guns added to the private stock in 2016.  That would increase the total number to 406 million private firearms in the United States.  The private firearm stock in the United States will have increased by nearly 100 million firearms, or 30%, during the two terms of the Barack Obama presidency.

Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent.  Gun sales hit the 17th consecutive monthly record in September according to FBI data released on Monday [10/3/2016], and overall sales are up 27 percent compared to the same period last year.  A total of 1,992,219 background checks were processed through the bureau's National Instant Criminal Background Check System for the month of September, higher than the 1,795,102 conducted in September 2015.

Yet Another Record-Setting Month for Firearm Purchases.  Hillary Clinton lies constantly, apparently, but numbers don't.  While Clinton thinks that people who oppose gun control are in the minority, and that campaigning for gun control will help her win the presidency, FBI data suggest that she may want to give all of that a second thought.  According to the latest figures, there were 16,026,760 firearm-related background checks conducted by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) during the first seven months of 2016, an increase of nearly four million, or 33 percent, over the 12,067,075 checks conducted during the same period in 2015.

Smith & Wesson says its gun sales jumped 40 percent in [its first] quarter.  Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. said its sales jumped 40% and profit more than doubled in its first quarter, leading the firearms maker to sharply raise annual guidance for revenue and income.  The Springfield, Mass., company now expects sales for the fiscal year ending in April to be between $900 million and $920 million, a notable climb from its previous range of $704 million to $760 million and the average analyst estimate on Thomson Reuters of $777 million.

Barack Obama:  From Peace Prize to World's Biggest Arms Dealer in 8 Short Years.  On Thursday [8/11/2016], the U.S. State Department approved the sale of more military equipment, valued at around $1.15 billion, to the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This sounds like a lot of money to most of us, but the most frightening aspect of the sale is that it represents a continuation of an arms-dealing relationship between Washington and the Saudi regime, which has been worth over $50 billion in arms sales to date.  It is not an understatement to say Obama's tears over gun violence are disingenuous considering his administration has enacted a policy of systematically arming the entire world with all manner of warcraft.  According to the Department of Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), during his first six years in office, the Obama administration entered into agreements to sell more than $190 billion in weaponry worldwide.

Concealed carry permits [are] at [an] all-time high.  More than 14.5 million Americans are now licensed to carry a concealed handgun — a jump of 1.73 million in just a year, according to new research that says women and black Americans are among the most eager to sign up.  More than 6 percent of the adult population in the U.S. now has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, according to John R. Lott Jr. at the Crime Prevention Research Center.  And those who actually carry is likely much higher because nearly a dozen states don't even require a permit to do so, he said.  Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania each have more than 1 million registered permit holders, while in the smaller states of Indiana and South Dakota, about 15 percent of all adults are permitted.

June Gun Sales Crush Previous Record.  June 2016 saw the most FBI gun background checks of any June since the current system went into effect.  The agency reported on Sunday [7/3/2016] that it processed more than 2.1 million gun related checks in June, an increase of more than 600,000 over the previous record set last year.  That makes June the 14th month in a row to see a new background check record, including every month of 2016.  This year is on pace to break 2015's record for most checks in a year.  Last month's numbers are still lower than the first four months of the year, which tracks with standard seasonal lulls in sales for the industry.  However, June's numbers are higher than May's — a departure from previous years when June had traditionally seen the fewest checks of any month.

Gun Store Sells 30,000 AR-15's Since Orlando Shooting.  Hunter's Warehouse Owner Tom Engle told the FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney, his online operation consisting of 300,000 to 400,000 weapons has sold 30,000 AR-15's since Sunday.  A Federal Firearms License (FFL) lets gun-store owners manufacture and import firearms and ammunition across the United States.  Even though each state has its own set of gun laws, Engle explained how it would be possible to buy an AR-15 online.

Liberal Nightmare:  Just One Week After Orlando Massacre, Online Gun Store Sells 30,000 AR-15s.  [Scroll down]  [Tom] Engle went on to tell Fox that AR-15s are priced between $350 and $8,000 depending on the caliber and other issues.  And people are buying at this high rate because they are afraid of the U.S. government and Barack Obama, not because they fear terrorists.  Most are buying in fear that the rifle will be attacked by our own government and banned or further restricted and placed outside the regular citizen's ability to own.  So, yes, Obama is the reason for this boom in gun sales, not terrorists.

Surge in gun sales helped create tens of thousands of jobs last year.  An unprecedented surge in gun sales created tens of thousands of jobs last year.  The gun industry added 24,763 jobs in 2015 for a nationwide total of 287,986, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  That's an increase of nearly 10% from the year before in manufacturing and retail jobs for guns, ammunition and related supplies, like hunting gear.

Gun sales in Illinois [are] soaring.  Illinois residents have been on a gun-buying binge.  In December, the Illinois State Police did more than 60,000 background checks on firearms purchasers — an all-time record for any month in Illinois.  Last June, August and November all posted records for those months.

January gun sales set yet another record.  The FBI conducted more gun-related background checks this January than in any other January since the system was created.  With 2,545,802 checks processed through the National Instant Background Check System, January 2016 beat the previous record, set in January 2013, by 50,326 checks.  Though January's number represents a drop from the all-time single month record set in December 2015, it is also marks the ninth month in a row that has set a record.  It is also the third month in a row with more than two million background checks.

Murder rate vs gun permits
New Study: Over 12.8 Million Concealed Handgun Permits, Last Year Saw by Far the Largest Increase Ever in The Number Of Permits.  Five states now have more than 10% of their adult population with concealed handgun permits.  In ten states, a permit is no longer required to carry in all or virtually all of the state.  This is a major reason why legal carrying handguns is growing so much faster than the number of permits.

Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States.  Since President Obama's election the number of concealed handgun permits has soared, growing from 4.6 million in 2007 to over 12.8 million this year. [...] The number of concealed handgun permits is increasing at an ever-increasing rate.  Over the past year, 1.7 million additional new permits have been issued — a 15.4% increase in just one single year.  This is the largest ever single-year increase in the number of concealed handgun permits.

Curtailing Jihad.  We've established that the current U.S. government is not capable of handling the growing threat of Islamist "Lone Wolf" attacks, and that the grassroots public is the best approach to curtailing the threat.  Curtailing Jihadi action consists of three steps:  [#1]  Obtaining appropriate weapons  [#2]  Learning all there is to know about their care and use  [#3]  Preparing ourselves to act in response to Jihadi attacks[.]  The first is largely accomplished, for which we can thank President Obama.  So disruptive has his tenure been, so polarizing his rhetoric, that he, one of the most antigun politicians alive, has acted as the greatest gun salesman in human history.

On gun control, the president is just pretending.  I guess it's ironic that President Obama, an affirmative gun-control advocate, has presided over the greatest expansion of gun sales in U.S. history.  But the whole affair is somewhat robbed of its irony because it's all so predictable.  The president may as well have convened a meeting at the White House to ask his advisers what they could do to increase gun sales in the United States.  I don't see how this White House could have done anything else to more effectively create conditions where more people want to buy a gun.  The president makes no secret of his contempt for gun owners.  Remember, as far back as 2008, he ridiculed the simpletons who "cling to guns or religion."  Well, after seven years of the Obama presidency, there are more frightened hands clinging to more guns than ever before.

Faithless.  [Scroll down]  People are willing to go along believing in Santa Claus or Hope and Change for as long as it's free.  Once it imposes disastrous costs, however, people start to become cynical.  In place of trust they start to believe the opposite of what their leaders say.  For example Gregor Aisch an Josh Keller of the New York Times wryly note that president Obama's gun control exhortations have resulted in the exact opposite effect.  The "fear of gun-buying restrictions has been the main driver of spikes in gun sales, far surpassing the effects of mass shootings and terrorist attacks alone."  That is a sad commentary on the president's credibility.

Nearly 25 million background checks in 2015 alone.  We already knew that over 100 million firearms have been sold during the Obama presidency.  Now, [v]ia Gun Free Zone we get the latest data dump on federal firearm background checks, and the results are just as you could have predicted:  ["] ...December breaks all the records with 3,314,594 background checks.[" ...] In all seriousness, the NRA should hold an award ceremony for Barack Obama and honor the Prezident [sic] for touching off the greatest gun sales bonanza in world history.

Obama, NRA's Next President?  Obama has done more to proliferate private civilian ownership of guns than any other president in history.  In fact, presidential historians should call him "The Gun President."  [Indeed], the National Rifle Association might even want to recruit him should Wayne LaPierre retire.  Obama has driven NRA membership to near-record highs.  More than 100 million guns have been sold in the U.S. since Obama was elected president.  Combined firearms and ammunition sales have more than doubled during his anti-gun administration.

Thanks To Obama's Anti-Gun Push, Guns Are Big Presents For Christmas.  Seriously, this guy the gun salesman of the millennium, doing through the Law Of Unintended Consequences[.]

On Guns, the White House's Cluelessness Is Staggering.  If people perceive that attacks by Islamic terrorists are an increasing danger, obtaining a firearm for use in self-defense is an obvious and rational response.  There is nothing ironic about it.  Of course, we have seen this phenomenon before.  Whenever there is a mass shooting followed by a push for more gun control laws by the administration, people go out and buy guns.  Again, this is rational behavior:  if you want a gun (or another gun) and believe it may be harder to get one in the future, it makes sense to buy one now.  Again, the logic is evident.  There is nothing ironic about it.

Conclusive Proof That Barack Obama is the Greatest Gun Salesman in the History of the World.  Writing at The Trace, Adam Weinstein tells us something that we already knew:  Barack Obama's unconstitutional gun control actions and rhetoric have spurred the greatest firearm buying frenzy in world history.

Obama's Speech Causes Gun Sales Spike.  Barack Obama keeps padding his resume as the greatest gun salesman in history, and is causing gun, magazine, and ammunition sales to spike yet again.

Obama gun sales
The Number of Guns Manufactured in the U.S. Has More Than Doubled Since 2008.  In the first five years of Barack Obama's presidency, the number of guns manufactured in the United States soared astronomically, according to a new report released yesterday [7/22/2015] from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  The data, compiled in the ATF's annual commerce report, shows that from 1986 to 2008, the U.S. never produced more than 4.4 million firearms in a single year.  But in 2013, the last year for which data is available, the number of firearms manufactured in the U.S. more than doubled, to nearly 10.9 million guns.  The report tracks firearms of all types produced for civilian and law enforcement purchases (but not for military use).

Gun Control: An Incipient Tyranny's Desperate Last Stand.  The governing establishment sees it coming, is terrified of the people, and desperately wants them disarmed.  It really isn't hard to understand why that would be the case.  After all, if your power and wealth depended upon lying to the people, abolishing their freedom, destroying their livelihoods, and sending their sons and daughters off to die in pointless wars, would you want them to have weapons?  The American people are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers in absolute defiance of a massive and coordinated gun control propaganda campaign.

Smith & Wesson Soars to Eight-Year High on Gun Control Talk.  Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. jumped to an eight-year high and Sturm Ruger & Co. climbed on investor expectations that gun enthusiasts will purchase more pistols and rifles as calls for restrictions increase.  The gunmakers' shares have advanced in recent years in the wake of mass shootings like the one in California last week that have led to stepped-up efforts to restrict ownership.  Sales for both companies have increased as people stockpile weapons in response to politicians' demands for tougher legislation.  The political efforts have all fizzled.

Guns Are Flying Off the Shelves.  According to the FBI, last week's Black Friday sales smashed all one-day records for background checks.  According to the Left, something has to be done about it.  Not only did Black Friday this year smash records, but background checks from gun sales from May, June, July, August, September, and October were all record-breaking as well.  The people of America know several key points about today's United States of America:  (1) Violence is escalating with the Black Lives Matter movement; (2) rhetoric from the nation's president consistently calls for more and more gun control; (3) gun-free zones and soft targets are hit because people are not allowed to be armed within them; and (4) Jihadists live among us.  If all that doesn't prompt you to find a way to protect your life and the lives of your family members, then you aren't paying attention.

Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks.  More Americans had their backgrounds checked purchasing guns on Black Friday than any day in the on record, according to data released by the FBI this week.  The National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 185,345 requests on Nov. 27, one of the largest retail sales days in the country.  "This was an approximate 5% increase over the 175,754 received on Black Friday 2014," wrote Stephen Fischer, the FBI's chief of multimedia productions.

Take a bow Obama, Democrats: You're becoming this year's best gun sales team.  Democrats and their anti-gun allies sure know how to sell firearms.  Barack Obama probably should get an award.  For the sixth month in a row, we've seen record gun sales[.]

Barack Obama, World's Greatest Gun Salesman.  The United States is the most heavily armed nation in world history, and it seems we have President Barack Obama to thank for it.  Before you ask:  we're not talking about the U.S. military, we're talking about the firearms owned by the general population.  The National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) estimates that there are roughly 300 million firearms in the United States — and of those, nearly 40 million new firearms have been sold just since Barack Obama came into office in 2009.  This is a staggering jump of more than 15 percent in just over four years, in a nation 237 years old.

Barack Obama:  The best gun salesman in America — five years in a row!
70,291,049 Background Checks for Gun Purchases Under Obama.  Over the same time period, the number of background checks completed under President George W. Bush was 36,090,415, or about half the number conducted under Obama.

Obama is named gun 'salesman of the year'.  The Obama years have proved to be a boon to the nation's gun industry, which has posted strong gains in jobs, sales, economic impact and taxes paid in the teeth of an economic downturn. [...] Jobs in the firearms business jumped 30 percent from 2008 to 2011, when the industry employed 98,750.  The industry paid $2.5 billion in federal taxes in 2011, up 66 percent in three years.  Some in the industry attribute the jump in sales in no small part to fears — fed in part by leading gun lobbies — that the Obama administration will tighten gun control laws if the president wins re-election.

New laws on the minds of gun owners.  Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show was already billed by organizers as the "world's largest gun show," but the recent change in the White House appears to have made it even bigger.

Gun sellers see boost with Obama in office.  President Barack Obama is the best thing to happen to American gun and ammunition manufacturers since they invented the Defense Department.  Convinced that Obama is going to seek drastic limitations on gun ownership and huge taxes on ammunition, people who view the world through Second Amendment glasses are cleaning out handgun ammunition from the shelves of outdoors stores across America and buying handguns and even some rifles like they're going out of style.

Definition of 'assault weapon' lost on lawmakers.  A month-and-a-half ago, and only a day after Attorney General Eric Holder came out with talk of renewing the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, [Nancy] Pelosi said she had not spoken to Holder about the ban, and acted surprised and upset about talk of a renewed weapons ban.  The Speaker of the House put on her famous frown and said no one had consulted her and that the United States would do well to enforce the laws it already has.  Spoken like an eminently experienced politician who has her nose to the wind.

Let's All Surrender Our Weapons — You First!  The rash of recent shooting incidents has led people who wouldn't know an AK-47 from a paintball gun to issue demands for more restrictions on guns.  To be sure, it's hard to find any factor in these shootings that could be responsible — other than the gun.

Misrepresenting Mexican Gun Origins.  Fox News has completely blown apart the mantra being chanted by politicians and the news media that 90 percent of the guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the United States.  Fact is, says Fox News, only about 17 percent are trickling in from north of the border, and some of those legally.  Why such a disparity in the numbers?

Guns in short supply as sales shoot higher.  Brian Camp can't find all the guns he needs.  That's not good for Camp because he runs a gun shop.  Big Daddy's Sports Haven in Deerfield Township reopened Friday [4/10/2009] after more than two months of remodeling to find perhaps the biggest guns and ammunition shortage since World War II.  "I had one old lady come in," Camp said Friday of one customer looking for a gun.  "I called five different distributors, including the two biggest in the country.  They had seven handguns left in stock.  Seven.  That's it."

Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns.  After the September 11 attacks, commercial airline pilots were allowed to carry guns if they completed a federal-safety program.  No longer would unarmed pilots be defenseless as remorseless hijackers seized control of aircraft and rammed them into buildings.  Now President Obama is quietly ending the federal firearms program, risking public safety on airlines in the name of an anti-gun ideology.

Obama Blasted for Diverting Money From Armed Pilots Program.  A Second Amendment group is blasting the Obama administration for quietly seeking to end the program that allows pilots — after special training — to carry guns in the cockpit.  The move will make air travel more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, something that should outrage travelers, said the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) said.

Fears of tighter gun laws drive up local demand.  Since the election of President Barack Obama, local businesses have struggled to meet consumer demand for guns and ammunition due to what some dealers say is a fear of more stringent gun laws.  Though the surge in sales initially helped anyone in the Arkansas River Valley who sells guns and ammo, one business owner said it has turned into a double-edged sword due to increased prices and an inability to obtain what his customers want.

Obama's End Run on the Second Amendment.  Long before he was the president of the United States or even the junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama made his opposition to the Second Amendment of the Constitution painfully clear.  As a director of the Joyce Foundation for eight years (1994-2002), Obama participated in the creation and funding of prohibitionist-minded anti-gun groups to the tune of millions of dollars.  This fact does not surprise the millions of Americans who have responded to the threat by purchasing millions of firearms since the president was elected and who purchased at least 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition in December alone.

Do Democrats Want to Take Our Guns?  Both history and experience teach us that few things are as integral to freedom as guns.  Therefore, when liberal politicians push for more gun control, freedom-loving Americans panic because they know that an assault on guns is an assault on freedom.  Our Founding Fathers were confident of the connection between guns and freedom, and they were convinced that the American people were freer than others because of the right to keep and bear arms.

Democrats hang fire on guns.  There is one thing that can be said of President Obama with certainty — his election has had a phenomenal effect on gun sales.  Across the country, ammunition prices are soaring and many guns are in short supply as weapons fly off the shelves at stores.  This is a telling economic indicator about consumer confidence as many Americans stock up for fear that the end is nigh.

Demand for Concealed Carry Inexplicably Up Since Obama Election.  If you'll remember, a couple weeks ago Democrats and anti-gun advocates painted concealed carry permit holders as dangerous crazies who are likely to go on shooting sprees.  Obviously, this means that are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of crazy people in America — men and women, young and old!  And, in their delusional state, they seem to think Democrats will restrict their Second Amendment rights.  I wonder why?

Gun Control By Way Of Health Reform.  More than a decade ago Congress, seeing it as a backdoor assault on the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms, voted to cut funding for firearms research by the Centers for Disease Control.  Such research was viewed as one-sided and based on flawed assumptions that all gun use was bad, even that which saved lives and deterred crime.  The National Institutes of Health seemed to have picked up the baton by funding similar studies of gun violence as a public health issue.

Fear of gun limits fuels a burst of demand for bullets.  Since President Obama's election, demand for guns and ammunition has skyrocketed.  Gun shops have trouble keeping bullets in stock.

Obama And ACORN Officials Set Sights On Gunowners.  ACORN, the publicly funded national organization linked to voter fraud in several states, is now actively interfering with the exercise of firearm civil rights in New Jersey, and the Second Amendment Foundation is calling for an immediate federal investigation. ... "ACORN has, since 1998, received an estimated $31 million in government funding," said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb.  "Now they have intervened in a New Jersey gun rights case in defense of an illegal Jersey City one-gun-a-month ordinance that violates the state preemption statute."

Obama era triggers gun 'panic'.  The US is in the grip of an ammunition shortage, thanks to a combination of factors — the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have diverted production at factories, and old-fashioned stockpiling as private gun owners throughout the US fear the Obama Administration will move to limit gun ownership or tax ammunition heavily.  "Since the election, everyone's in a panic," says John Gilronan, of J&C Sales, one of the ammunition sellers.  "They didn't announce it officially, but the rumour is that they were going to raise the excise tax on it 500 percent.

Gun sales soar amid fears of Barack Obama weapons ban.  President Barack Obama may never have fired a gun but he is turning out to be one of the best firearms salesmen in American history.  "I've sold probably four times as much in the last six months as I have in 20 years combined," said Cliff Hunter, owner of Tommy Bronson Sporting Goods in Memphis.  "Hand guns and the tactical weapons, they're absolutely off the charts."

Is Barack Obama Anti-American?  [Scroll down slowly]  Unlike citizens at all other times and in all other places, Americans can protect these broad rights with firepower, because the Second Amendment grants them the right to bear arms on their own soil, a right entirely separate from the military's obligation to protect American citizens from foreign enemies.  Given that the Second Amendment was ratified on the heels of a successful revolution, the Founders manifestly intended that Americans, protected by the military abroad, were free to protect themselves from their own government at home.  (To appreciate this right fully, remember that one of the first things the Nazis did was to make private arms illegal, especially for Jews.)

Bullets are speeding faster out of gun shops in U.S..  In a year of job losses, foreclosures and bag lunches, Americans have spent record-breaking amounts of money on guns and ammunition.  The most obvious sign of their demand:  empty ammunition shelves.  At points during the past year, bullets have been selling faster than factories could make them.  Gun owners have bought about 12 billion rounds of ammunition in the past year, industry officials estimate.  That's up from 7 billion to 10 billion in a normal year.

A beneficial side-effect:
More Guns, Less Crime in '09.  Americans went on binges buying guns and ammunition in early 2009, worried that a radical leftist president and Democrat-dominated Congress would violate their Second-Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.  The effects?  Less murder, robbery, rape, and property crime, according to an FBI report released Monday [12/28/2009].  This gives the young president and Democrat Congress at least one proud but unintended accomplishment for which they'll never claim credit.

Washington Post writers just can't understand it.
Why are violent crime rates falling?  According to some conventional wisdom, economic trouble breeds lawlessness.  Yet in the first half of 2009, as unemployment skyrocketed, reported murders, forcible rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults decreased by 4.4 percent compared with the first half of 2008, according to the FBI.

Why is Obama so afraid of the National Rifle Association?  These days, mindful of the need to corral Red State votes for issues like healthcare reform and financial regulation, Obama has swallowed whatever personal views he may hold on the issue in favor of political expediency.

Obama Administration Reverses Course, Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles.  The South Korean government, in an effort to raise money for its military, wants to sell nearly a million antique M1 rifles that were used by U.S. soldiers in the Korean War to gun collectors in America.  The Obama administration approved the sale of the American-made rifles last year.  But it reversed course and banned the sale in March — a decision that went largely unnoticed at the time but that is now sparking opposition from gun rights advocates.

Barack Obama's conspicuous silence on guns.  Gun control is a perilous issue for President Barack Obama so the push for new restrictions following the shootings in Tucson, Ariz., puts the president in an especially tricky political predicament.  Obama has supported most major gun and ammunition control initiatives during a decade and a half in public life, including renewing the expired ban on semiautomatic assault rifles.

More about gun control issues in general.

"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.  They are the American people's liberty teeth and the keystone under independence.  The rifle and pistol are equally indispensable.  The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that is good."
George Washington    

The Democrats and Gun Control:  Having the right to arms and the liberty to hunt is worthless if you can't buy a gun.  In 1999, Mr. Obama urged enactment of a federal law prohibiting the operation of any gun store within five miles of a school or park.  This would eliminate gun stores from almost the entire inhabited portion of the United States.  As a state senate candidate in 1996, Mr. Obama endorsed a complete ban on all handguns in a questionnaire.

We're All Gun Nuts Now.  During a campaign debate on April 16, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were asked if the District of Columbia's ban on gun possession, now facing a challenge before the Supreme Court, is constitutional. … Obama (Harvard Law '91) also pleaded ignorance, confessing he hadn't "listened to the briefs and looked at all the evidence."

Obama's Gun-Restriction Policy Playbook:  The bait-and-switch gimmick of employing rhetorical tricks to hide very real gun control agendas, and to create a fraudulent history to assure that "your gun record does not define your candidacy" are the central lessons offered in a political/propaganda playbook or script proffered by something called the Third Way.

Obama and guns:  One of Mr. Obama's first statements on the issue really said it all.  During his first run for the Illinois Senate in 1996, Mr. Obama said on a candidate questionnaire that he supported legislation to "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns."  When challenged about the questionnaire earlier this year, Mr. Obama blamed others, saying his campaign staff had filled out the questionnaire incorrectly.  (Unfortunately for that story, a version of the questionnaire later appeared bearing Mr. Obama's own handwriting.)

The NRA vs. Obama:  [Scroll down]  But Obama has missed the NRA's point on this one.  They are not simply saying he supports the kind of bans we've seen in D.C. and Chicago; they are saying he supports a complete ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of a handgun.  And they are right.  On March 31, 2008, the Politico revealed that "Obama endorsed a complete ban on all handguns" in a general candidate questionnaire he filled out on September 9, 1995.

Gun owners fret Obama White House.  "If the economy is down, and gun sales are up, it shows you just how deep-seated the concern is out there about the situation," said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association.  "Most gun owners at least until recently have been misled by Senator Obama.  Though he claims to be an advocate for the Second Amendment, his voting record in the Illinois Senate says otherwise.  He voted for a bill that would ban nearly every hunting rifle, shotgun and target rifle owned by Illinois citizens," Mr. Pearson continued.  "His campaign has done a good job burying his take on firearms," he added.

Gun control group backs Obama-Biden.  Days after the National Rifle Association backed John McCain's presidential bid, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Jim and Sarah Brady announced Monday [10/13/2008] that they are endorsing Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Revenge of gun owners:  As a state legislator, Mr. Obama voted against a bill shielding people who use handguns for self-defense in their homes from prosecution for violating local gun registration rules. Most tellingly, he has repeatedly expressed support for local handgun bans such as the District of Columbia's, which the Supreme Court overturned, and Chicago's, which faces a constitutional challenge.  "What works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne," Mr. Obama says.  The line, meant to reassure gun owners, highlights his peculiar view that the extent of an American's constitutional rights depends on where he lives.

Obama's Aim:  You don't have to go back that far to find Obama taking an extreme stance against gun rights.  In 2004, while running for the U.S. Senate, he promised to bar citizens nationwide from receiving concealed-carry permits.  The Chicago Tribune reported then that Obama "backed federal legislation that would ban citizens from carrying weapons, except for law enforcement."  Obama explained his plan to pre-empt state concealed-carry laws with a federal bill: "National legislation," Obama said at the time, "will prevent other states' flawed concealed-weapons laws from threatening the safety of Illinois residents."

Obama Comes Out Against Concealed Carry.  Barack Obama is embracing anti-gun policies in the run-up to a Democratic presidential debate scheduled on the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings.  "I am not in favor of concealed weapons," Obama told the Pittsburgh Tribune.  "I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations."

NRA to Montana:  Obama a threat to gun owners.  The National Rifle Association said Wednesday [8/13/2008] that Barack Obama is trying to mislead voters about his past support of gun control, calling the Democratic candidate "a poster child of the extremist, elitist gun control movement."

Obama's Selection of Biden Outrages Many Gunowners.  If there were any question about how the majority of American gunowners would come down on the candidacy of Barrack Obama for president, the doubts vanished in a flash when Obama picked veteran anti-gun Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware as his running mate.  Biden proudly recalled during a July 23, 2007 Democrat candidates' debate how he was "the guy who originally wrote the assault weapons ban."  Where Obama is on record as opposing concealed carry, and favoring other restrictions, Biden has a long history of supporting gun control.

63% Say Obama More Likely to Restrict Gun Rights.  Nearly two-thirds of U.S. voters (63%) say Barack Obama is more likely than John McCain to restrict an individual's right to own a gun, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.  Just 16% believe McCain is more likely to do so, and 22% are undecided.

Obama's Sights on Second Amendment.  During his 2004 run for the Senate, Obama said, "I think that the Second Amendment means something.  I think that if the government were to confiscate everybody's guns unilaterally that I think that would be subject to constitutional challenge."  No kidding.  He didn't say it would be unconstitutional, just "subject to constitutional challenge."  Nor did he express any opposition.

Obama: We're Working on Gun Control 'Under the Radar'.  On March 30, ... [Jim and Sarah] Brady... met with White House press secretary Jay Carney.  During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, "to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda," she said.  "I just want you to know that we are working on it," Brady recalled the president telling them.  "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar."

Obama Administration Eyeing Gun Control 'Under the Radar,' Groups Warn.  The Obama administration, after keeping gun control on the back burner for over two years, is prompting concern among gun rights groups that it's slowly starting to squeeze the trigger on tighter regulation.

Obama to push gun-control measures.  President Obama's decision to push new gun-control measures in the wake of the mass shootings in Tucson, Ariz., is out of character and faces dubious prospects with a new Republican majority in the House.  Though he omitted any reference to gun control in his State of the Union address, three of Obama's key advisers assured reporters the issue is on the president's to-do list.

Assault Weapons and the Truth.  The Obama administration is moving into high gear in putting gun-control advocates into important government positions.  The administration's nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), Andrew Traver, should be of particular concern.  His attacks on the civilian use of so-called assault weapons raise real questions about his willingness to distort the truth for political purposes.  The person nominated to be the nation's top gun cop shouldn't use inaccurate descriptions to scare people into supporting gun control.

Does Obama's nominee for head of BATFE oppose the Second Amendment?  [Scroll down]  Now, it seems that when it comes to Obama and guns, he was for them before he was against them.  Last month, the president nominated Andrew Traver to be the new director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).  But while gun-control advocates are lauding Obama's nominee, others are worried Traver will implement strict gun rules by way of bureaucratic regulations rather than law.  Traver is a native of Chicago — a city with zero gun shops and that has had some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  There, he's the special agent in charge of the city's BATFE division.  He supports banning .50-caliber rifles, something that would cause many gun shops to close.

Obama Driving Surge in Gun Sales, Firearms Groups Say.  President-elect Barack Obama's election has spurred a surge in gun sales, firearms retailers and enthusiasts say, as gun owners brace for what they believe will be a new era of gun control in Washington.  An electronic news service that covers outdoor news has even named Obama its "Gun Salesman of the Year."

Gun Owners Not Welcome on Obama's White House Team?  President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is showing its hostility toward lawful firearm owners by "weeding out" job applicants who own firearms themselves, a Second Amendment group says.  The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) notes that question 59 — part of a 63-item questionnaire given to Obama administration job applicants — asks for information about firearms owned by the applicant and his or her family.

They Hate Our Guns?  Right now it all seems pretty hopeless since Obama and his incredible cast of control freaks are about to claim even more power over us than any king who ever sat on the face of the earth.  Unfortunately, most people — including the NRA — seem to fail to understand the real danger and the actual problem.

Obama:  A Red Diaper Baby.  Do believe that the U.S. military should be in the streets of America to enforce the actions of the federal government "to prevent environmental damage"? ... The Environmental Protection Agency has just unveiled its own version of the FBI Most Wanted list, unveiling a roster of 23 fugitives charged with environmental offenses!  The most environmentally committed President to have ever been elected will be in charge by Noon on January 20, 2009 and the rise in gun sales across the nation suggests that a lot of people think the government is about to become the enemy.

Why Are Gun Sales Booming?  People are buying guns and ammo by the handful, not only locally, but across the nation, and reports on the buying surge tend to focus on the election of Barack Obama as the impetus.  Obama is expected to run the most anti-gun administration in U.S. history, based on his votes on gun legislation while a U.S. senator.

State Gun Sales Reach Record Levels.  Gun sales in Tennessee are reaching record levels.  More guns were sold on Black Friday than on any other day in the state's history.  Even in the middle of the week, when most people are at work, business at one Robertson County gun dealer is booming.  Guns and Leather is the second largest gun dealer in the state.  Managers said sales there have gone up more than 300 percent since the election.

Firearms owners concerned Obama will raise taxes on weapons, accessories, ammo.  The tension among the 20 or so customers and the employees at Jensen Arms the day after the election was evident.  With the election of Barack Obama, gun owners are flocking to stores, boosting sales because of concerns the Democrat will raise taxes on guns, ammunition and accessories or even ban some guns outright.

On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up.  Sales of handguns, rifles and ammunition have surged in the last week, according to gun store owners around the nation who describe a wave of buyers concerned that an Obama administration will curtail their right to bear arms.

Obama's record on firearms triggers run on sales in state.  John Faulkner and his wife, Brenda, thought Wednesday was a good day to buy a handgun.  "I'm 37 years old, and this is the first time in my life that I am really scared for our future," said Faulkner, an oil field worker, as he perused the collection of weaponry in A Pawn Shop here.  At Aurora's Firing Line gun shop, Steve Wickham was also purchasing.  "Anything I can get my hands on," he said as he cradled a $699 9mm handgun.

Obama Will Overreach and We Will Bounce Back.  Obama began revealing his true plans as soon as it became obvious that he would win.  Just before the election he told an NPR reporter that while he believes in the 2nd Amendment, he intends to seek a federal law that would repeal state "right to carry" laws, thus letting leftist anti-gun groups know that he is with them.  This was no doubt a promise made to these groups secretly far earlier and we can expect similar promises to be made public now that he's won.

Obama win triggers run on guns.  A week after the election of Barack Obama, gun buyers across the country are voting with their feet, flocking to gun stores to stock up on assault rifles, handguns and ammunition.  Some say they are worried that the incoming Obama administration will attempt to reimpose the ban on assault weapons that expired in 2004.

Gun Owners Stockpiling Over Fear of Democratic Weapon Bans.  Handguns and rifles are flying off the shelves at Ted Sabate's gun shop in Kensington, Md.  And while it's not uncommon for gun sales to spike when the economy takes a downturn, Sabate says that's not what he's hearing from customers.  According to Sabate, gun enthusiasts are stockpiling because they say they're afraid the incoming Democratic administration will impose new gun bans.  Senator Obama says "words matter."  But when it comes to your Second Amendment rights, he refuses to speak honestly about where he stands.  In fact, Obama hides behind carefully chosen words and vague statements of support for sportsmen and gun rights to sidestep and camouflage the truth.  But even he can't hide from the truth forever ... his voting record, political associations, and long standing positions make it clear that, if elected, Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history.

FBI reports 49% increase in firearm background checks in 1 week.  Gun sales have skyrocketed since Barack Obama was elected, and many gun owners say they are concerned the nation's next president and a Democratic-controlled Congress will impose a ban on assault rifles and firearm ownership.

Post-election gun sales soar over fears of more control.  Harry McLain Jr. saw the spike the day after the election, when his sales doubled over the previous year then shot even higher Thursday.  "They are buying more guns than normal, and they are buying the guns the government doesn't want them to have," said McLain, who owns a gun shop near Binghamton and was among the sellers gathered Saturday for a weekend gun show on Main Street in Clarence.

Don't Take Your Guns to Town.  "As President, I will uphold the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun-owners, hunters, and sportsmen.  I know that what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne."  That was Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on June 26, 2008, responding to the Supreme Court's landmark decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which struck down Washington, DC's draconian handgun ban and held that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms — not a collective one.

Factcheck and the Brady Campaign Share the Same Sugar Daddy.  Just last year, FactCheck's primary funding source, the Annenberg Foundation, ... gave $50,000 to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence for "efforts to reduce gun violence by educating the public and by enacting and enforcing regulations governing the gun industry."  Annenberg made a similar grant for $100,000 in 2005.

"Yes We Can ... Ban Guns".  Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign slogan, "the audacity of hope," should have instead been "the audacity of deceit."  After months of telling the American people that he supports the Second Amendment, and only hours after being declared the president-elect, the Obama transition team website announced an agenda taken straight from the anti-gun lobby — four initiatives designed to ban guns and drive law-abiding firearm manufacturers and dealers out of business.

The Real Obama — From Someone Who Knows.  We've repeatedly warned readers not to believe Barack Obama when he claims to support our Second Amendment rights.  We have told you the truth — that Barack Obama is the most anti-gun presidential candidate in American history!  Hands down.  No question.  Barack Obama opposes the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding, freedom loving, American firearm owners.  We've given the facts, and provided the documentation.  But if you know someone who's still not convinced, you'll want to share with them a recent, open letter to our nation's gun owners, hunters, and sportsmen, written by Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) Executive Director Richard Pearson.

The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants.  66 million Americans ignored all relevant facts concerning the most unqualified individual ever to seek the Oval Office and elected him anyway.  They bought into the sales scam of undefined "change."  The pig they bought in that poke is nothing new at all.  It's a third Clinton Administration and nothing more.  But 56 million Americans voted against Obammunism and that's who is retreating from the markets and stocking up on guns and ammo in record numbers.  They are preparing to protect their earned property, by force if need be.

Gun groups don't trust president-elect.  Obama, appearing on at a Sunday [12/8/2008] press conference, said he believes "in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the Second Amendment."  But Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association's (NRA) political arm, said membership in his organization is growing at record levels, and a number of reports show that gun sales are up by as much as 50 percent nationally since Obama won the presidency on Nov. 4.  "He says gun owners shouldn't be worried, but clearly gun owners are worried," Cox told The Hill.

Utahns quick to draw concealed weapons permits.  Gun owners are flooding the state with applications for concealed weapons permits, with almost 45,000 applications filed in 2008, easily a record number, quadrupling the figure from just four years ago.  With the surge, about one in every 25 Utahns over age 21 could be carrying a licensed concealed weapon, according to a Salt Lake Tribune analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Big Brother's new target:  Tracking of all firearms.  U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., is hoping to pass a firearm-licensing bill that will significantly rewrite gun-ownership laws in America.  Among the more controversial provisions of the bill are requirements that all handgun owners submit to the federal government a photo, thumb print and mental heath records.  Further, the bill would order the attorney general to establish a database of every handgun sale, transfer and owner's address in America.

"No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms.  The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Thomas Jefferson    

Obama proclaimed 'gun salesman of year'.  What do you get when you add a faltering economy with Obama change?  Increased gun sales, for one thing.  Ever since Barack Obama was elected president in early November, Americans have been stocking up on guns and ammunition in unprecedented numbers.  Speculation is that the increased sales are driven by a nervous populace — a portion of it, anyway — wanting to be able to defend themselves in tough times, and by fears that the new president and Democratic-dominated Congress may not be especially gun-friendly.

Stop This Man.  One sector of the American economy that is booming is the absolute orgy of guns and ammunition sales.  I am pretty certain President Obama will not say anything positive about this economic news.  I have read more than one report that shows how the surge of civilian firepower sales began back when it appeared that Obama was likely to be elected.  The already-brisk guns and ammo market blew up another 25% once he was elected.  Reason:  freedom lovers do not trust liberal President Obama.  His nomination for Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, proves that distrust is justified.

Obama is stimulating gun sales.  If gun owners are like wooly worms —they instinctively fatten up ahead of a harsh winter —then the Second Amendment is in for a rough spell.  Since Barack Obama's election in November, gun and ammunition sales have soared, as have requests for concealed carry permits, on fears that the new president will clamp down on gun rights.  Business has been so brisk that one California store hung a poster of Obama with the words, "Salesman of the Year."

Gun dealers experiencing shortages of bullets.  Selling bullets may be the most secure job in Florida as long as supplies last.  After months of heavy buying, gun dealers across the state are experiencing shortages.  Some say it began with the election of President Barack Obama.  Others say it's about the economic downturn or fear of crime.  Whatever the reasons, ammunition has been selling like plywood and bottled water in the days before a hurricane.

Gun novices have plenty of options, company.  Judging by the crowd at the Apopka Shoot Straight, you're not alone.  It is a weekday morning, yet the shooting range is full.  The muffled shots create an appropriate soundtrack in the spacious sales area.  There are the little cracks of .22's and the big booms of .44's.  They fire away because though ammo may be in short supply everywhere else, it is stacked high here.

Area gun sales and permit applications jump.  Floridians have requested 187,162 concealed-weapon permit applications over the last six months — an 82 percent increase compared with a year earlier.  Gun dealers say sales have doubled or even tripled in recent months, with customers fearing for their safety in desperate economic times and worrying that President Barack Obama might resurrect some 1990s gun bans.

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban.  The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today [2/25/2009].  "As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons," Holder told reporters.

NRA, Alaskans slam Obama assault weapons ban proposal.  Alaskan gun owners are concerned an Obama administration proposal, to reinstate an expired assault weapons ban, is putting their second amendment right at risk.  By the time the assault weapons ban ended in 2004, opponents argued numerous studies showed it had not cut down on crime numbers. ... Five years later, Attorney General Eric Holder says the assault weapons ban is needed again to stop weapons from flowing from US borders into Mexico.

Second Amendment Under Fire:  Gun Ownership in the Obama Era.  Obama's distrust of those bitter, clingy Americans you call friends and family is hardly unique, and seems to be something deeply ingrained in Illinois Democrats.  An Illinois state representative by the name of Kenneth Dunkin is introducing an even more draconian proposal than Obama's policies, attempting to make it all but impossible for Illinois citizens to own firearms. ... It seems that Dunkin's plan is to attempt to trap Illinois gun owners in a Catch-22 that would make it impossible for anyone in Illinois to legally own a gun because the insurance required doesn't exist.

Gun Makers and Retailers Post Strong Sales Increases.  The economy might be tanking, but firearm sales are going great guns.  Despite the weakest holiday season on record, outdoor-products retailer Cabela's turned in strong fourth-quarter sales, largely as a result of an increase in firearm and ammunition sales.

Gun and Ammo Sales are Shooting Through the Roof (I Wonder Why?)  [Scroll down]  Yep, by the end of the business day the guns were gone.  The rifles, shotguns, and pistols were ... lock stock and two smoking barrels ... pretty much history.  For those with short-term memory loss, this was not a small shop with a couple of Ruger .22s and a few boxes of CCI 40 grain hollow points but a national retail chain with a stonkin' firearm stockade.  Now, I've been an outdoor shop devotee for the last forty-one of my forty-six years and have never heard of that kind of mass movement of guns and ammo by civilians.

Obama Gunning for the Second Amendment.  [It is ridiculous to believe] that a member of Chicago's socialist New Party, who was weaned in a black power church, was a gun caesar and not a gun seizer.  And now Obama is in fact striking a blow against the Second Amendment.  He isn't doing anything obvious such as advocating a ban on semi-automatic rifles, however (not yet); rather, in typical Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" style, he is attacking where his adversaries least expect.

Ammo Flying Off Shelves.  A powerful sense of fear that gun control is inevitable appears to be the driving force behind a run on ammunition resulting in a national shortage.  "We're probably selling ammunition right now at a 200 percent increase over normal sales," said Richard Taylor, manager at the Firing Line in Aurora.  He calls it "panic buying".  Ammunition including 9-millimeter, .40 caliber and .45 caliber shells are the hardest to find and the most popular with handguns used for self-defense.

'We want them registered'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, announced last week that she wants to register guns.  Her next move will be to try to confiscate them.  The speaker picked a television show with a viewership of 4.6 million to float the Democrats' coming gun-control push.  Questioned on ABC's "Good Morning America" about the prospect of new gun-control laws now that "it's a Democratic president, a Democratic House," she responded, "We don't want to take their guns away.  We want them registered."

Firearm sales surging since Obama's election.  Firearm sales have surged in the state since President Obama was elected, mirroring a national trend fueled in part by concerns over the new administration's stance on gun control.  "It's like when your radiator blows or your pressure cooker boils, that's the kind of spike we're talking about," said Mark Diaz, manager of the Smoke 'N Gun shop in Waukegan.  "The joke is that the president is the No. 1 salesman in the firearm industry."

Fear and Greed Have Sales of Guns and Ammo Shooting Up.  The way Jay Chambers sees it, the semiautomatic weapons in his firearm collection might be the most promising investment in his financial portfolio.  Like many gun enthusiasts, Mr. Chambers, a manager for a door wholesaler here, believes President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress soon will reimpose a version of an expired federal ban on the sale of so-called assault weapons.

Obama Backs Away From Assault Gun Ban in Push to Stop Flow to Mexico.  President Obama, after meeting Thursday with Mexico's president, signaled he is backing away from his pledge to renew the U.S. ban on assault weapons but still wishes to stop the cross-border flow of guns that wind up in the arsenals of drug cartels.

Obama's gun lies:  When it comes to guns, President Obama is lying through his teeth. ... It is completely untrue that 90 percent of guns recovered in Mexico are from America.  The Mexican government separates guns it confiscates that were made in the United States and sends them here to be traced.  U.S. weapons are easy to identify because of clear markings.

Firearm sales surge after Barack Obama's election.  Since November, more than seven million people applied for criminal background checks in order to buy guns, according to the FBI.  That figure excludes anyone buying a weapon at the thousands of gun shows in states such as Virginia, without facing any checks.  The sudden run on weapons has also stripped gun shops in some parts of the country almost bare and led to a national ammunition shortage, the Guardian reports.

Demand for Ammo Depletes Stores' Stock.  At Georgia Arms, an ammunition and reloading supplies company outside of Atlanta, the machines that make bullets spit out 4,000 rounds of ammo every hour, and that's not nearly enough.  "We have been running pretty much around the clock for the last two or three months," Georgia Arms co-owner Curtis Shipley said.

Fear triggers sales of guns and ammo.  Mendie Elliott bought her first handgun this month, a 9mm semiautomatic that fits into her purse.  The Houston wife and mother's motives are twofold:  She's afraid of a gun ban and a hike in crime related to the recession.  "As times get tougher, we're going to see more crime because people get desperate," said Elliott, 42, who plunked down nearly $1,000 on a gun, ammunition, ear muffs and classes on how to use her new weapon.

The Editor says...
The mere threat of a recession does not explain this level of demand.  Criminals do what they do regardless of economic indicators.  In my opinion, the sudden demand for guns is due to two obvious causes:  (1) Suspicion that Obama will outlaw guns and (2) Suspicion that Obama will try to confiscate guns as part of an emerging dictatorship.  It's sad to say, but I believe many of the recent gun buyers are preparing for civil war.

Obama May Grab for Guns.  President Obama voiced his support for an anti-gun treaty with such wide ranging implications that it could ban everything from assembling guns in kits to repackaging spent shells.  The treaty was signed by former President Clinton, but never approved by Congress.

Bullet bill is loaded for bear.  One of the most controversial measures to come before the County Legislature in some time is expected to draw an overflow crowd at a public hearing Tuesday night [5/26/2009].  At issue is a proposed law that would require gun shops to register sales of ammunition, a measure that has been condemned by gun proponents as a back-door means to register guns and learn what weapons people have.

Obama and the Birth of Mobocracy in America.  Obama came to power via fraud. He is not a 'natural born' U.S. citizen.  The clear proof of that is that despite 31 lawsuits filed against him demanding he prove his eligibility for the U.S. Presidency, he has instead hired three law firms and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid discovery and evade a judicial review.  The result is that not one of these 31 cases received a hearing on its merits.  But why is it that judges have been unwilling to tackle Obama's eligibility problem?  The answer is that most now suspect Obama is not eligible and are afraid of the political chaos that would result from such a discovery.  They are afraid of what his supporters would do.  They know that if they overturn Obama's presidency, his millions of fans will turn American cities into warzones.

Another 1,000,000+ Guns Added to American Homes in August.  Data released by the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reported 1,074,757 checks in August 2009, a 12.3 percent increase from the 956,872 reported in August 2008.  So far that is roughly 9,076,205 gun bought this year!  The total is probably more as NICS background checks may cover the purchase of more than one gun at a time.

Here's an easy explanation for the flurry of gun purchases:
On the Second Amendment, Don't Believe Obama.  Barack Obama opposes four of the five Supreme Court justices who affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms.  He voted against the confirmation of Alito and Roberts and he has stated he would not have appointed Thomas or Scalia.  Barack Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.  Barack Obama has endorsed a 500% increase in the federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition.  Barack Obama has endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership.  Barack Obama supports local gun bans in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities.  Barack Obama voted to uphold local gun bans and the criminal prosecution of people who use firearms in self-defense.

On the other hand... gun control is politically risky.
Obama Spurns Gun Control.  [Scroll down]  In terms of actual policy, rather than his previous record, Obama is a long way from being anti-gun.  This is not because he has fond memories of sitting in a deer stand as a lad in Hawaii or of talking shotguns with Dick Cheney.  It's because his mother didn't raise a fool.  Like some other Democrats, he may recall that in 1994, after banning "assault weapons," they lost the House for the first time in 40 years.

A Little Gun History:  China established gun control in 1935.  From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.  Guatemala established gun control in 1964.  From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.  Uganda established gun control in 1970.  From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.  Cambodia established gun control in 1956.  From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Turn In Your Weapons!

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