The Obama Administration
is Fundamentally Dishonest

Barack Obama is the most thoroughly dishonest politician since... well, since the last Democrat president.  Wasn't Mr. Obama saying just last year that he was going to assemble "the most ethical Administration of all time"?  If that's the case, why must he resort to chicanery and guile on a daily basis?  Why does a trillion-dollar pork-infested spending bill have to be rushed through Congress before anyone can read it?  Why establish ethical standards and then exempt everyone from those rules?

I tried to tell you before the election about Obama's tendencies toward secrecy, prevarication and exaggeration, and all that discussion is still available on another page.

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Flip-flops and broken promises

Bait and switch

Outright hypocrisy

What's the rush?

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General disingenuousness

Flip-flops and broken promises

Barack Obama's Filibuster Hypocrisy.  In April of 2005, Sen. Barack Obama took to the floor of the United States Senate and passionately spoke out against Republican efforts to end the filibuster.  Then a rising star in the Democratic Party, Obama noted that despite the pressure partisans might feel, it was imperative to "rise above an 'ends justify the means' mentality because we're here to answer to the people — all of the people — not just the ones wearing our party label."  Last week, Obama made precisely the opposite argument during John Lewis' funeral, contending that eliminating a vital check on partisan power was justified as long as Democrats got the policies they desired.  After offering a shamefully dishonest comparison between George Wallace, Bull Connor, and contemporary Republicans, Obama argued that passing a "voting rights" bill was worth stripping away counter-majoritarian norms.

Ilhan Omar Is Right:  Obama Did Get Away With Murder.  In 2008, Barack Obama ran on the ambiguous promise of "hope" and "change."  He made sweeping — unsubstantiated — claims about his ability to bring peace to the Middle East; to save the ailing American economy; and to make the world's ocean levels recede. [...] Once in office, though, a funny thing happened.  The oceans did not recede.  In fact, according to the American Left, anthropogenic Global Warming got worse!  The economy did not get better either.  Unemployment stayed above five percent for most of Obama's presidency (and real unemployment, the number of those who have no chance of finding work ever again, was in the double-digits).  What Obama did focus his energies on, particularly in his first two years, was forcing a highly unpopular healthcare law on the already-struggling American people.  The "Affordable" Care Act did nothing to ameliorate the onerous cost of medical care in the United States today.  Its implementation, like its passage, was rushed and created more problems than it had helped.  And, Obamacare simply added to the ballooning debt.  Speaking of which, the 44th president has the dubious distinction of not only having presided over eight consecutive years of turgid economic growth, but also of having exploded the country's debt to historic levels.

Here are 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama's lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc..  [#3] On November 15, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Obama said that lobbyists "...will not work in my White House."  However, by February 2010, he had more than 40 lobbyists working in his administration. [...] [#22] Although Obama had made a campaign promise to have all of the health care reform negotiations broadcast on C-SPAN, he broke that promise after he was elected. [...] [#52] Obama had promised to his teen campaign volunteers that if they each spent nine hours going door to door on Obama's behalf, he would invite them to attend his speech of September 6, 2012.  However, after the teens did the volunteer work, Obama broke his promise. [...] [#66] Although Obama had promised to wait five days before signing all non-emergency bills, he broke that promise at least 10 times during his first three months in office.

America Is Finally Catching Up on Clean Coal.  That the Obama administration was out to severely curtail fossil fuel use is well known.  The former president's scorn for coal was abundantly obvious, and the Paris agreement was its embodiment.  Despite proclaiming the U.S. the "Saudi Arabia of coal," in May 2008, Obama soon back-flipped once in office and turned against the resource.  Within a year, Obama unleashed the war on coal when he proposed a nationwide cap-and-trade system targeting local plants, stifling coal companies with excessive regulation, and cutting billions in funding for clean coal projects across the country.

Obama Vs.  Trump:  Who Really Colluded With Russia?  Obama hadn't even been in office for a whole year when he gave in to Moscow's biggest demand by dropping the missile defense shield for Poland and the Czech Republic.  During his campaign, he had enthusiastically backed the defensive program, declaring, "We have to send a clear signal that Poland and other countries in that region are not going to be subject to intimidation and aggression."  Like all of his campaign promises that were based on political triangulation, law enforcement, counterterrorism, Jerusalem and gay marriage, it was a campaign lie to be thrown out after the election.

3 Presidents Before Trump Promised To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem.  The critics of Donald Trump attacked his decision.  Meanwhile, the truth is, that for decades, some of the most beloved Democrats have used the promise of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as a way to get votes.  In 1999, while campaigning for New York's US Senate seat, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a letter, that she considered Jerusalem to be the "eternal and indivisible capital of Israel" and will be an active advocate — if elected to New York's Senate seat — to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. [...] As it turns out, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama (twice) also made the same promise.  The only problem is, none of them had the courage to do it.

Obama's promises for presidential center may not be enough this time for African-Americans.  Now that [Barack H.] Obama is about to build his presidential center in Woodlawn's Jackson Park, some residents are wary of his ability to transform neighborhoods without doing harm to longtime residents who could end up displaced by gentrification.  A nasty fight over a community benefits agreement with the Obama Foundation has exposed an unexpected rift between the former president and some of the South Side residents who helped lift him to prominence.  Not everyone on the South Side, it seems, thinks Obama did enough for black folks during his eight years as president.  And as he prepares to build a presidential center that will pay tribute to his legacy, some South Siders are calling him out for what they consider broken promises.

Final tally:  President sticks taxpayers with $100M vacation tab.  As a candidate in 2008, then Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., vowed he would give up vacations if elected president, in order to completely focus on his job.  Fast-forward to the present, and it is now projected Obama will have spent more than $100 million in taxpayer funds on vacations during his eight years as president.

Obama's Parting Gift:  Trillion-Dollar Deficits As Far As The Eye Can See.  Barack Obama came into the White House in 2009 promising a "new era of responsibility."  What he's left President Trump is a government careening toward fiscal ruin.  That's what the latest report from the Congressional Budget Office shows.

Obama and Israel, from 2008 to 2016: A Story of Betrayal and Reversal.  In 2008, candidate Obama pledged, "As president, I will work to help Israel achieve the goal of two states, a Jewish state of Israel and a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security.  And I won't wait until the waning days of my presidency.  I will take an active role, and make a personal commitment to do all I can to advance the cause of peace from the start of my administration."  Ironically, he has done the opposite, not only failing to move the peace process forward but rather, in "the waning days of [his] presidency," taking aggressive steps to undermine the peace process and to betray Israel.

Obama's Legacy:  Normalizing Race Riots and Domestic Terrorism.  Imagine for just a moment that such a thing was possible; that you could jump into a wondrous machine, travel back in time to 2008, [...] and knowing what you know now, issue this warning to the American people:  If Barack Obama is elected president, in just eight short years the following will be the result:  Not only will race riots, domestic terror attacks, and anemic economic growth be a fact of life, but through government and media propaganda, these events will be normalized.  What I mean by that is that as countrymen, as Americans, we will accept such things as normal, as the way things are, as life in our country today.  And in the wake of this, Barack Obama will enjoy an approval rating of over 50%, and his successor, Hillary Clinton, running on his legacy, will be the heavy favorite to win the presidency. [...] For the crime of shouting this truth, you would not only be denounced as insane, but as a virulent racist, a fear-mongering Klansman spewing evil in order to stop The First Black President.  And yet, here we are.

The Obama legacy:  More tyranny and chaos abroad.  In foreign affairs, unlike math, the ultimate determination of success or failure isn't immediately obvious.  Major foreign events — wars, revolutions, coup d'etats and treaties — can take a long time to play out.  The Korean Conflict, once nearly as unpopular as the Vietnam War, is now probably viewed by most Americans as a "good war," and Washington's 63-year defense of Seoul as a worthwhile investment.  Thirty-seven thousand U.S. servicemen, a number that dwarfs those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, didn't die in vain.  Historical judgments are temperamental and subject to change until sufficient good news or bad piles up — and even then things can change given the mood and character of the nation looking back.

The Dragon Comes With a Suitcase.  The Era of Hope and Change has been one prolonged act of suicide.  If anyone had said that Obama would manage to alienate Israel and the Philippines, lose Turkey, pay Iran a hundred billion dollars, preside over the loss of a won war in Afghanistan, lose billions of dollars in military equipment to ISIS, watch a consulate burn, restart the Cold War with Russia, cause Japan to re-arm and go the knife's edge with China would you have believed it?  If someone had told you in 2008 millions of refugees would be heading for Europe and that the UK would leave the EU after Obama went there to campaign for them to remain would you not have laughed?  He promised "smart diplomacy" and the restoration of American prestige in the world.  How did it come to this?

The US promised to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake. Here's what actually happened.  Promoted by Bill and Hillary Clinton through the work of the Clinton Foundation and during her tenure as secretary of state, the 600-acre, $300 million Caracol Industrial Park was meant to be the U.S. government's flagship reconstruction project in the Caribbean nation.  At its star-studded opening in 2012, then-Secretary Clinton called it "a model not just for Haiti, but for the world." [...] The State Department and its partners said the park would create 65,000 jobs when fully operational.  Nearly four years later, there are just over 9,000 employees.  Workers that Circa spoke with make the equivalent of $3.81 per day.

Failing to Learn from History.  Paging through humanity's history, time and again we find numerous instances of costly historical errors where people ignore facts and reason by entrusting their lives to a "savior.  And time and again, we have ended up paying the price for our folly. [...] History has warned us of three kinds of people:  charlatans, demagogues, and politicians.  And more often than not, someone will rise up who is all three of these characters wrapped into one.

Flashback: Obama Promises No Vacations For Himself As President.  Weasel Zippers has revived an old video of Barack Obama promising not to take vacations if he were elected president.  The video features then-Sen. Obama discussing his book "The Audacity Of Hope" with New York Times columnist Bob Herbert in 2008.

Obama discards his no boots on the ground pledge.  Here, briefly, is Obama's tangled history with ISIS:  23 months ago he dismissed it as the JV.  Seven months later he admitted no strategy to address the rampaging radical jihadist horde of rapists, beheaders, executioners and crucifiers conquering broad territories in Syria and the Iraq that Obama exited so hastily in 2011.  Remember Obama has frequently assured his party:  "I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria."  After ISIS publicly beheaded an American hostage, Obama vowed to "degrade and ultimately defeat" it.  He announced a half-hearted strategy of bombing and an expensive training program for so-called moderate Syrian rebels.  Both flopped.

16 times Obama said there would be no boots on the ground in Syria.  Since 2013, President Obama has repeatedly vowed that there would be no "boots on the ground" in Syria.  But White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the president's decision Friday [10/30/2015] to send up to 50 special forces troops to Syria doesn't change the fundamental strategy:  "This is an important thing for the American people to understand.  These forces do not have a combat mission."

Where Are The Million New Manufacturing Jobs Obama Promised?  Manufacturing shed 9,000 jobs last month on top of the 18,000 lost in August, completely erasing the gains made so far this year.  Since January 2013, the industry has gained only 338,000.  All this flies in the face of President Obama's repeated promise in 2012 that if reelected, he would create 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of his second term.  Obama said that these new jobs would "put middle-class people back to work."

Journalists: Obama Isn't Open And Transparent After All.  A coalition of 50 journalism groups Tuesday condemned President Barack Obama for his stranglehold on information — this despite promising to be the most open and transparent president.  The most recent call to end the strict control of information is not the first time the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has tried to end the practice.  Despite the previous attempts, the administration has continued to ignore them. David Cuillier, a chairman for the group, noted what the Obama administration is doing falls in strict contrast to his earlier promises.

Obama Broke Pledge To Thwart Nuclear Terrorist Threat.  Never mind President Obama's sales pitch on Wednesday [8/5/2015] for his nuclear surrender to Tehran's ayatollah.  This deal breaks a campaign promise in the sales pitch he made for himself in 2008.

Remember When Barack Obama Assured Rick Warren He did Not Support Gay Marriage? — 8/20/2008.  The Liar-in-Chief was always planning to push Gay Marriage on the nation.  He just lied about it in 2008 to get himself elected.  His "belief" that Marriage is "between a man and a woman" was not much of a conviction.  He's a total charlatan.  [Video clip]

5 Big Whoppers Told About ObamaCare On Its 5th Anniversary.  [#1] "In many ways, it's working better than anticipated."  That was how the president characterized ObamaCare over the weekend.  It's hard to know what he could be referring to, since just about every promise used to sell it to a skeptical public is still unfulfilled.  Premiums that were supposed to have dropped by $2,500 went up by more than that.  Millions who were told they could keep the plans and doctors they liked were forced to drop them.  Enrollment has been below expectations, and the share needing subsidies has been much higher.  ObamaCare is covering fewer uninsured than promised, is costing workers jobs, and is hurting part-time and lower-wage workers who have either lost coverage or had their hours cut.

Obama's Immigration Flip Flop Explained: He Ordered up a Study!  It seems like there are a couple of ways you can legitimately flip flop if you are the president of the United States.  First, your position can slowly evolve. [...] The other way is, you formally charge your aides with studying the issue by conducting a review of the issue.

Same-sex marriage gets another big boost from the Obama administration.  Midway through his first term, President Obama said he was "unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage primarily because of my understandings of the traditional definitions of marriage."  As a US Senate candidate he had declared his belief that "marriage is between a man and a woman."  But Obama also mused that "attitudes evolve, including mine," and it seems now that that evolution has occurred at head-snapping speed — prompted by others in his administration, including Vice president Joe Biden (who apparently got out ahead of his boss on the issue) and Attorney General Eric Holder.

President Obama Evolves on Marriage and He Wants the Constitution to 'Evolve' With Him.  After supporting marriage as the union of a man and a woman until just before the elections of 2012, Obama announced back then that he supported democratic efforts to redefine marriage — but he didn't think judges should redefine marriage.  Now, just before the elections of 2014, Obama has announced that he thinks there's a constitutional requirement to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships.

America's Number One Vote Suppressor?  When he was first running for statewide office in Illinois, state Sen. Barack Obama said he could not support marriage for same-sex couples because "I am a Christian."  When, just four years later, in 2008, he was asked about this issue at Rev. Rick Warren's Civic Forum, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama said marriage was between one man and one woman and that "God is in the mix."  If you like your God, you can keep Him.  As for President Barack Obama, he has moved on. [...] In just six years, President Obama has gone from opposition to counterfeit marriage to full-throated endorsement of it.

What if you don't like your President? Do you still have to keep him?  They are ubiquitous.  They stink.  They constitute the pile of excrement known as Obama promises.

$175 premium for a young, healthy student? Thanks, Obamacare!  American media outlets were finally able to track down a mythical creature — a person who actually signed up for the Obamacare exchanges online.  But that person, Chad Henderson, admitted to the Washington Post that the premium for the plan he enrolled in was $175.  Ouch!  Wasn't Obamacare supposed to lower premiums?

My Unrecognizable Democratic Party.  Since 2012 there has been nothing about the Obama presidency to justify the confidence that Democrats now exhibit.  Mr. Obama was elected in 2008 on the basis of his persona and his pledge to end political and ideological polarization.  His apparent everyone-in-it-together idealism was exactly what the country wanted and needed.  On taking office, however, the president adopted a my-way-or-the-highway style of governance.

Unemployment Higher than Obama Predicted for Oct. 2012 Without Stimulus.  Remember when the White House, via their economists Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, sold the $800 billion stimulus by saying that if it were passed, the unemployment rate would be 5.2% in October 2012?

Obama eases off 'one-term proposition,' says economic fix takes more than 4 years.  Despite saying in 2009 that failing to right the economy in three years would mean a "one-term proposition," President Obama on Thursday [11/1/2012] may have moved the goalposts.

Obama's Counting On Americans' Amnesia About His Record of Failure.  President Obama doesn't suffer from amnesia, but apparently he hopes the public does.  In his latest in a series of interviews on "60 Minutes" last Sunday night, the president took positions that are the polar opposite of what he was saying as recently as last spring.

Obama to sign indefinite detention bill into law.  In one of the least surprising developments imaginable, President Obama — after spending months threatening to veto the Levin/McCain detention bill — yesterday announced that he would instead sign it into law (this is the same individual, of course, who unequivocally vowed when seeking the Democratic nomination to support a filibuster of "any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecom[s]," only to turn around — once he had the nomination secure — and not only vote against such a filibuster, but to vote in favor of the underlying bill itself, so this is perfectly consistent with his past conduct).

Official Obama Administration Scandals List.  A list of Obama's lies, broken promises, flip-flops, mistakes, gaffes and scandals.  There are at least 1,870 items on the list so far.

The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates.  A catalog of broken promises and flip-flops.

Michelle Obama is right on Target.  [Scroll down]  The most memorable — and consequential — event of the less-than-transparent White House was the occasion when President Obama broke eight separate promises to televise Obamacare hearings on C-SPAN.

Obama Yields to Liberal Outcry on Entitlement Reform.  President Obama has tried for months to convince critics on the left that entitlement programs such as Medicare had to be cut in order to save the programs, but he seems to have yielded under pressure from his political base.  In his new $1.5 trillion deficit-cutting plan, unveiled Monday at the White House, Obama backed away from the changes he had been talking about for months.

25 Reasons to Send the Democrats Packing in November.  [#3] While he was campaigning, Barack Obama promised to cut the deficit in half, but in his first 100 days alone, he quadrupled the deficit.

Obama's Promised March With Union Workers Fails to Materialize.  When candidate Obama was campaigning in South Carolina in 2007, he said he was proud to wear the "union label" and that if workers were denied rights to organize or collectively bargain when he was elected, "I'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I'll will walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States of America."

Obama's anti-loophole call gets clean-energy exception.  One week after he called on lawmakers to close tax-code loopholes that benefit specific industries, President Obama proposed one of his own — a tax break aimed at spurring the development of energy-efficient commercial buildings.  In doing so, Mr. Obama underscored the herculean challenge of simplifying the tax system in Washington, where loopholes are in the eye of the beholder.

Obama Eats Crow.  Make no mistake about it, Obama's announcement that he'll keep all tax rates at the current levels is a huge victory for the GOP.  Here's a man who banked his presidential run on rescinding "tax cuts for the rich."  Far from a throwaway line on the campaign trail, it was Barack's central talking point.

The Serial Double-Crosser.  In order to pass the first stimulus bill, Obama said Medicare would not be cut.  In fact, cuts will be made.  Although Obama promised growth in the private sector, the increase of jobs is in the public sector.  Obama claimed he would limit earmarks but, in fact, there have been larger and more earmarks than ever before.  Obama was adamant that he would appoint no lobbyists to his administration.  He appointed more lobbyists than his predecessors.  Obama criticized the size of George Bush's deficit -- yet he has quadrupled the size of the deficit.  When campaigning, he was critical of bills that were too long for anyone to read and properly analyze; his bills are incredibly longer (2000+ pages) than the ones he originally criticized.  Though he claimed his administration would be transparent, Obama has maintained an unprecedented level of secrecy towards the American public.

No hybrids at White House.  President Barack Obama's latest focus on improving fuel economy standards for 2017-2025 prompted Business Insider to review how the government's car collection is meshing with candidate Obama's campaign platform.  "Within one year of becoming president, the entire White House fleet will be converted to plug-ins as security permits," Obama said in a 2008 energy plan.

So, Mr. President, how's that Guantanamo closing promise coming along?  Today [5/21/2010] is the official one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama repeating why he signed the official closing order for the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility on his second day in office in January of 2009.  No prison is supposed to look hospitable; that's the point of prison.  Hence, the locks and guards.  But the prison facility on the island of Cuba looked particularly bad to Democrats and looked bad internationally.

Over the Rainbows.  [Barack Obama] came into office promising rainbows and puppies for everyone and has, like Pizza Hut during a blizzard, failed to deliver. ... He did literally promise to change the way Washington works, unify the country, govern from the center, work with Republicans and operate the government in a fiscally responsible way.  That hasn't happened.

Obama's Defiant Transparency Promise Breach.  Barack Obama promised to run the most transparent White House in history — avoiding lobbyists, publicizing donations and televising health care debates on C-SPAN.  You also certainly know that he's broken his pledge in every possible respect.  But what's even more offensive to me is his arrogance and defiance in the process.

It's One About Face After Another From Obama.  From Times Square to Afghanistan, the White House has now done so many about faces that our heads are spinning.  President Obama is feting Afghan President Karzai this week like he's royalty.  The red carpet has been rolled out — White House luncheon, Blair House digs, joint press conference.  Is this the same guy that just a month ago the administration said stole an election, and was in bed with narco- traffickers?  The same guy who threatened to join the Taliban on the heels of President Obama's visit to Kabul?

The VAT's in the Fire.  When President Obama was a candidate, he pledged over and over to voters:  If you make less than $250,000 a year, your taxes will not go up.  Voters read his lips.  They hoped for change.  Yesterday [4/22/2010], the President said that the Value Added Tax is "on the table."  That means it will be the main course served up after the November elections.

More about the VAT.

Once Again, President Obama Breaks Promise to Call Armenian Genocide 'Genocide'.  President Obama today again broke his promise to use the word "genocide" when describing the systematic slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians at the beginning of the last century.

Democrats are hiding deficits.  A few months after moving into the White House, President Obama promised to reduce the large deficit in 2010 and continue reducing it further in 2011.  This promise was broken, and the deficit in 2010 is expected to be approximately $200 billion more than in 2009.

"I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes...  you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime."
Barack Obama,    
Dover, NH, September 12, 2008.    

The $3,700 Dime.  Candidate Obama repeatedly vowed that those earning under $250,000 "will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime."  Will he veto the $3,700 tax hike Congress is considering for 30 million Americans?

Not One Dime?  Candidate Barack Obama said that President Obama wouldn't raise taxes by a "single dime" on families earning less than $250,000 a year.  Unless he meant $250 a year, he was being less than candid.

12 Taxes in Health Care Law Violate Obama's Pledge.  As many as a dozen taxes in the new health care law violate President Barack Obama's campaign pledge not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 and on individuals earning less than $200,000.  At least seven of these taxes directly affect health consumers regardless of income, such as the individual mandate to buy insurance, the employer mandate, the tanning tax, and limits and penalties on health savings accounts.

Obama nation revisited.  NRO's Jim Geraghty has recently compiled an impressive list of expired Obama statements.  The list is essentially a set of campaign promises or pledges that Obama has violated, rather in the manner of a conventional American politician.  They reveal Obama's campaign persona as something of a sham.

Obamacare Violates Obama's Pledge Not to Increase Taxes.  As many as a dozen taxes in the new health care law violate President Barack Obama's campaign pledge not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 and on individuals earning less than $200,000.  At least seven of these taxes directly affect health consumers regardless of income, such as the individual mandate to buy insurance, the employer mandate, the tanning tax, and limits and penalties on health savings accounts.

Why Revenge Is Necessary:  Let us start with all the lies that Barack Obama told or the promises that he broke, each one of which will damage our way of life as the falsehood is made manifest in law.  This president, this sinister creature of Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, of Indonesian sojourns and Columbia University radical salons, campaigned vociferously against Hillary Clinton's call for an individual mandate for health insurance.  Now the individual mandate is the centerpiece of Obamacare.  Obama promised that he would never, ever raise taxes on individuals making under $200,000 or couples under $250,000.  This legislation breaks that promise.

The Obamarang:  Obama now rails against a pernicious Washington and its insiders:  ergo, Obama controls Washington through both houses of Congress and the White House, and wants to expand Washington's control over the auto industry, health care, energy, student loans, transportation, etc. ... Obama calls for bipartisanship and an end to finger-pointing.  Of course, then, he will begin and end nearly every speech with attacks on George Bush and the prior administration. ... Why does Obama serially tell untruths, mislead, and do the opposite of what he promises?

Obama Goes Nuclear.  [Scroll down]  Any chance Obama had of living up to his well-honed image as a post-partisan leader was tossed aside on Wednesday [3/3/2010], as the president urged Democrats in Congress to disregard public opinion and ram through his health care bill using a parliamentary maneuver that doesn't require bipartisan support. ... Obama, whose entire candidacy was built around the idea that change must begin from the bottom up, is now pursuing a top down strategy.

Obama flip flops on his own record.  As a matter of fact, at a DNC fundraiser in California last October, Obama said his administration and Congress had accomplished so much that, "If we stopped today, this legislative session would have been one of the most productive in a generation."

Rationing Both Jobs and Basketballs.  Only a couple of months ago, the president vowed that we would "spend our way out of this recession."  Now he is singing a new tune — calling for "austerity."  How is one to reconcile the two sides of Mr. Obama's newly adopted public persona — Mr. Spendthrift and Mr. Austerity?  Actually, there is no difficulty here, because, either way, the president will decide what needs to be done, with little or no input from the private sector.

Congress and Obama Show Contempt for Americans.  Congress is showing contempt for the American people by excluding them from the crafting of Obamacare.  The president promised in his campaign he'd deliver transparency, saying, "I'm going to have all the negotiations around a big table" with everybody involved.  Those that can't make it would be able to see "the negotiations televised on C-SPAN."  Too bad this isn't happening:  yet another broken Obama promise.

Culture of Corruption Produces Awful Health Care Bill.  Amazingly, under pressure, the Democrats are not scaling back on the corruption of this bill.  They're doubling down.  They are trying to salvage a corrupt product by adopting a corrupt process, canceling the traditional conference committee that would harmonize the House and Senate versions of the bill, in favor of closed-door negotiations to produce an even more complicated and opaque compromise.  This is being done in flagrant violation of one of President Obama's major campaign promises:  to make the health-care negotiations available to public and specifically to broadcast them on C-SPAN.

Pelosicare's Broken Window.  Between the typical Chicago thug political style of Barack Obama and his henchman, Rahm Emanuel, and the shell-game CBO manipulations of Harry Reid, far more is unseen than seen in the proposed legislation.  As if to make that point even more obvious, the Administration is rebuffing C-Span's request that it live up to Barack Obama's often-repeated promise to have these specific negotiations take place in public view, indeed specifically on C-Span.  Health care reform is now literally unseen.

If Obama Had Told Us Before His Election.  If Barack Obama had campaigned on what he has actually done in his first 300 days in office, would he have been elected? ... If Obama had admitted that his health care plan would include the same provisions for which he ran negative TV ads against Hillary Clinton (a federal mandate requiring every American to buy health insurance) and against John McCain (a tax on high-cost employer-based plans), would Obama have been elected?

Barack Obama's Top 10 unfulfilled pledges.  Less than nine months into his four-year term of office, President Barack Obama's record is already one of abandoned promises, sidelined issues and lack of action.

Obama the Great Divider.  In one of life's delicious ironies, the President, who campaigned as the Great Uniter, is worsening the split between the right and left and losing support in the process.

Obama's missing millions.  Only last month In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, President Obama declared:  "I don't have to explain to you that nearly 46 million Americans don't have health insurance coverage today.  In the wealthiest nation on Earth, 46 million of our fellow citizens have no coverage."  Tonight Obama declared that "[t]here are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.  The number of our fellow citizens who have no coverage is 30 million."

Obama Signs Law Banning Federal Embryo Research Two Days After Signing Executive Order to OK It.  On Wednesday, only two days after he lifted President Bush's executive order banning federal funding of stem cell research that requires the destruction of human embryos, President Barack Obama signed a law that explicilty bans federal funding of any "research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death."

Obama dodges transparency pledge.  If President Obama signs the $787 billion economic stimulus legislation Monday, he'll again be dodging a campaign pledge he made on transparency.  During the campaign, Obama pledged to post legislation online for five days before signing it.  But administration officials have said they don't have to do that for the stimulus because the pledge applied only to non-emergency legislation.

The Fierce Urgency of Pork.  So much for the president who in his inaugural address two weeks earlier declared "we have chosen hope over fear."  Until, that is, you need fear to pass a [stimulus] bill.  And so much for the promise to banish the money changers and influence peddlers from the temple.  An ostentatious executive order banning lobbyists was immediately followed by the nomination of at least a dozen current or former lobbyists to high position.

Dems' Big Risk.  Congressional liberals must think Americans have very short memories.  For years the Left trashed the Bush administration for not capturing and killing Osama bin Laden.  Democrats claimed they could get the job done.  Campaigning for president, Barack Obama made "We will kill bin Laden" a regular part of his foreign policy stump speech.  But as the political winds have shifted, so has the nature of the Left's indictments.

House fails to zero out carbon.  It was a bold promise:  the House would "lead by example" to fight global warming, becoming the first legislative body in the world to zero out its carbon impact on the planet.  Too bold, perhaps.  The House quietly shelved the idea late last month, the word delivered in an e-mail to a couple of reporters.  It turned out that the House's goal to become carbon neutral — by removing as much carbon dioxide from the air as it releases — could not be guaranteed.
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Same old fudges and loopholes in Obama's new era of ethics.  On the campaign trail, candidate Barack Obama vowed to fix Washington's "broken politics", which had become "gummed up by money and influence".  In the age of Obama, he promised, government would no longer be "a tool to enrich friends and high-priced lobbyists".  The stakes were too high to play the "same old Washington games with the same old Washington players".  The slogan was:  "Change you can believe in."  Now that he is in office, however, the new dawn is looking like a false one.  His administration is crammed to the gills with alumni of Bill Clinton's White House; Hillary Clinton, whom Obama mocked as the epitome of what was wrong with politics, is now secretary of state.

Despite Obama's promises, rival views are scrubbed from White House.  Only weeks ago, the political world was buzzing about a "team of rivals."  America was told that finally, after years of yes-men running the government, we were getting a president who would follow President Abraham Lincoln's lead, fill his administration with varying viewpoints, and glean empirically sound policy from the clash of ideas.  Little did we know that "team of rivals" was what George Orwell calls "newspeak":  an empty slogan "claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts."

Broken Earmark Promises.  Wednesday — behind closed doors — President Barack Obama signed his 2009 Omnibus spending package, calling it an "imperfect" bill.  With 8,570 disclosed earmarks worth $7.7 billion "imperfect" is an understatement.  It's bad enough that our president was in an irresponsible rush to spend hundreds of billions with his "stimulus" package ($787 billion), and soon $350 million in the second half of the TARP funds, $32 billion — at least — for his new SCHIP program, and now $410 billion in his "imperfect" omnibus bill, but on top of that, he's been dishonest.

Obama Breaks Tax Pledge, Signs SCHIP.  Barely two weeks after assuming the presidency, Barack Obama signed into law a bill expanding a health insurance subsidy and breaking one of the central promises of his candidacy.  Obama's February 4 signing of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) expansion bill more than doubled the federal cigarette tax, even though he had pledged he would not raise taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000 a year.  Taxes on various classes of cigars also increased.

Obama's First Tax Hike.  President Obama approved his first tax hike today [2/4/2009].  The bill he signed to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program contains a provision to increase taxes on tobacco by a whopping 155 percent.  That means the federal taxes on cigarettes have gone up an additional 61 cents a pack.  This brings federal taxes on a pack of cigarettes to $1 per pack total.

Promises, Promises:  Obama tax pledge up in smoke.  One of President Barack Obama's campaign pledges on taxes went up in puffs of smoke Wednesday [4/1/2009].  The largest increase in tobacco taxes took effect despite Obama's promise not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000.  This is one tax that disproportionately affects the poor, who are more likely to smoke than the rich.

Promises, Promises:  Is Obama dog a rescue or not?  Barack Obama and his wife Michelle said during the presidential campaign that they had promised their two girls a dog after the election.  The Obamas repeatedly said they wanted it to be a rescued dog such as one from a shelter.  Their search was complicated by daughter Malia's allergies, which would rule out many of the "mutts" the president has said he would prefer.

Obama's dog Bo:  Cute but what about promise to adopt?  Now that the dust has settled, we know that Bo is a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog, a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy.

Forgoing shelter dog may put Obama in doghouse.  President Barack Obama fulfilled a campaign promise to his daughters with their new puppy, but the decision to forgo a shelter dog is sure to leave some animal activists growling.

Bad Barack gets the best of Good Barack — again!.  Anybody who watched the President's economic speech yesterday saw the battle of the two Obamas.  Good Barack and Bad Barack were struggling for control, with the former demonstrating his charismatic appeal and the latter revealing a bad habit of distorting the views of critics.  The chip on his shoulder about wealth is still there, too, a timely reminder that April 15 could mean an unhappy return for millions of Americans in coming years.

Los Angeles or Waterboarding?  My guess is that President Obama realizes it was a big mistake for his administration to release four memos written by Bush administration lawyers sanctioning enhanced interrogation techniques.  Already, rage on the left has prompted Obama to go squishy on his once-insistent opposition to prosecuting any Bush administration officials.  Now he says he might let his attorney general prosecute Bush lawyers.  That would be criminalizing the politics of 2002.

Obama and a lesson from Thucydides.  During his campaign, Obama made more than 500 promises.  By one account, he has to date kept 28 of those promises, taken no action on more than 400, and broken 6 promises, including the key promise not to sign any "non-emergency" bill "without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days."  Obama called this "sunlight before signing."  What we've had, though, is signing before moonshine.

Transparency in union finances a thing of the past.  Ignoring their own rhetoric about the value of transparency and openness, the Obama administration is "rolling back rules requiring labor unions and their leaders to report information about their finances and compensation," according to [a] Washington Times report written by Jim McElhatton.

Obama team reverses union transparency.  The Obama administration, which has boasted about its efforts to make government more transparent, is rolling back rules requiring labor unions and their leaders to report information about their finances and compensation.  The Labor Department noted in a recent disclosure that "it would not be a good use of resources" to bring enforcement actions against union officials who do not comply with conflict of interest reporting rules passed in 2007.  Instead, union officials will now be allowed to file older, less detailed conflict reports.

The Gathering Storm Over Guns.  Barely 100 days into the new Obama-Biden administration, ominous storm clouds are already gathering over your most fundamental right as a free citizen:  Your right to own a gun to protect yourself, your family and your freedom.  Betraying all their campaign promises to protect your right to keep and bear arms or your freedom to hunt, the Obama administration has put its chess pieces in place and set in motion its strategy to do just the opposite.

Obama gives the far Left 99 dreamy days.  Obama was elected as a different kind of candidate who could be trusted to deliver genuine change.  But virtually every one of his 99 days in the nation's highest office have revealed him to be just another Washington pol who talks a good case but acts no differently when it comes to keeping promises.

Obama to break '5 days' pledge.  President Barack Obama is scheduled to sign the credit card reform bill on Friday. ... But this high-profile, high-priority event clashes with what once was deemed another top presidential priority:  Obama's campaign promise that he would "not sign any nonemergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days."

Obama ducks promise to delay bill signings'.  It seemed among the easiest of his transparency pledges and is entirely under his control, but President Obama is finagling his promise to post bills on the White House Web site for comment for five days before he signs them.  Mr. Obama last week signed four bills, each just a day or two after Congress passed and sent it over to him.

Joe Wilson Raps Pelosi Over Making Bills Available Online.  Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) marshaled his newfound celebrity Friday [9/25/2009] by sending a fundraising letter to Republicans that accuses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of failing to post all bills online at least 72 hours prior to votes.  Wilson, who rose to notoriety for interrupting President Obama's health-care address to Congress by yelling "You Lie!," charged Friday that Democratic congressional leaders "continue to spin and mislead the public" in the contentious debate over health-care reform.

It's Undemocratic To Read Before You Vote?  House Resolution 554 would require that all major legislation be posted on the web for public review for a minimum of 72 hours before it could be brought to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.  No more dropping thousand-page bills and hundreds of pages of amendments at the last minute barring not only the public but members of Congress from reading the bills — forcing votes on legislation members haven't been allowed or given the time to read.

Barack Obama is blind to his blunders over Islam.  For the past week or so, the Middle East has been abuzz with speculation about Barack Obama's "historic address to the Muslim world" to be delivered in Cairo on Thursday [6/4/2009].  During his presidential campaign, Obama had promised to make such a move within his first 100 days at the White House.  In the event, the first 100 days came and went without Obama delivering on his promise.

Lies Obama Told Me.  Remember way back in 2008 when George Bush was still the President and everyone on the left was screeching about lies?  If you can't remember that far back just flip over to MSNBC and wait a few minutes they'll be happy to remind you.  I thought I would write a short piece about the lies we have already heard from President Obama.  I did little research and there are plenty of websites that focus on a lot of picayune stuff and things from long ago.  I decided to stick to direct quotes from the President within the last 18 months.

Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 1001.
Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 1001.

No Energy from this Executive.  "As I've often said, in the short term, as we transition to renewable energy," President Obama stated in April, "we can and should increase our domestic production of oil and natural gas. ... We still need more oil, we still need more gas.  If we've got some here in the United States that we can use, we should find it and do so in an environmentally sustainable way."  Does anyone believe Obama was serious about this? Given his practice of misdirection — saying one thing, doing another — no one should have.  Now, nearly five months into the Obama presidency, it's clear he didn't mean a word of it.  His administration is impeding, not promoting, increased production of oil and gas, as it is of coal and nuclear power.

Obama's trail of broken promises.  It's true that politicians have always broken promises, but rarely so proudly and with such impunity.  We once respected democracy by at least demanding explanations — however weak — for unfulfilled promises.  Then we became a country whose scorched-earth campaigns against flip-flopping desensitized us to reversals.

Driving Taxes Upward:  During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama endeared himself to many voters with a promise that 95 percent of Americans would get a tax cut.  Those making under $250,000 "would not see a single dime of tax increase — not on anything."  Yet since Obama's victory, spending has skyrocketed.  It was only a matter of time before his pledge fell by the wayside.

Flashback: Obama Said Terrorists Shouldn't Get Miranda Rights.  In September 2008, when McCain-Palin pulled ahead of Obama-Biden, Candidate Obama publicly mocked Sarah Palin's suggestion that Obama favored giving captured terrorists Miranda warnings.  It happened in Farmington Hills, Michigan. ... And two months after his Inauguration, President Obama reiterated, "Now, do these folks deserve miranda rights?  Do they deserve to be treated like a shoplifter down the block?  Of course not."

After Candidate Obama opposed it...
Obama Justice Department Defends Defense Of Marriage Act.  President Obama's Justice Department filed legal papers late Thursday [6/11/2009] to dismiss the first same sex marriage case filed in federal court.  The Justice Department defended the Defense Of Marriage Act, or DOMA, which as a candidate then-Sen. Obama opposed, saying that the plaintiffs Arthur Smelt and Christopher Hammer are seeking a ruling on "whether by virtue of their marital status they are constitutionally entitled to acknowledgment of their union by states that do not recognize same-sex marriage, and whether they are similarly entitled to certain federal benefits.  Under the law binding on this Court, the answer to these questions must be no."

Raising taxes by the mile.  During the 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama endeared himself to many voters with a promise that 95 percent of Americans would get a tax cut and those making under $250,000 "would not see a single dime of tax increase  — not on anything."  Since Obama won and he's already spent so much, it was only a matter of time before his pledge went by the wayside.

Four Integrity Tests for President Obama.  Accepting a huge spending bill loaded with pork earmarks it starkly contradictory to what Obama promised during the campaign.  During the campaign this is what candidate Obama said:  "We need earmark reform.  And when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely."  He has talked repeatedly about fiscal responsibility and real change in politics.  Talk is cheap.  This spending bill is not.  Not with over 9,000 earmarks totaling some $12 billion.

EPA Suppresses Internal Global Warming Study, CEI Says.  Scientific findings at odds with the Obama Administration's views on carbon dioxide and climate change are being suppressed as a result of political pressure, officials at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) charge.  "This suppression of valid science for political reasons is beyond belief," said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman.  "EPA's conduct is even more outlandish because it flies in the face of the president's widely-touted claim that 'the days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over.'"

Unions To Get Dues from ObamaCare.  Thousands of union members rallied for Obamacare on Capitol Hill today [6/26/2009] in a massive display of union outreach that threatened to deliver more votes for a controversial "public plan" option.  The rally came on the heels of Obama raising the possibility that unions would be exempt from taxing health care benefits.  Obama said he was open to imposing new taxes on Americans who are not union members, which is a principle he adamantly opposed during his presidential campaign.

The Partisan President.  If you're a Democrat and voted against the bill, you're a smart politician and to be forgiven.  If you're a Republican and voted against the bill, you're a Neanderthal and to be ridiculed.

Barack Obama is a Big Fat Liar.  Flip-flops are nothing new in politics ... [but] it takes a certain moral venality to casually adopt, as president, a position that was a dominant theme of your argument for why your opponent should not be president. ... [D]uring Wednesday's p.r. push for his health-care plan, Obama refused to rule out the proposal that he once said made John McCain unfit for office.

'Barack Obama is a Big Fat Liar,' Illustrated [with video clips].  I went back and found a number of the ads Obama ran against McCain on this front.  The impending expiration of this particular campaign promise is especially galling when one actually views the ads themselves — bearing in mind that the risky, out-of-touch, unaffordable, deal-breaking healthcare policies these ads ruthlessly targeted are now on the brink of being embraced by their one-time chief critic.

Smoke gets in your ice.  Many Americans find the debate in Washington over adopting a "cap-and-trade" program to reduce carbon dioxide a bit confusing.  That's understandable.  Put simply, it's a tax on energy consumption.  In fact, it would be a huge tax.  If enacted, cap-and-trade would be one of the government's largest revenue sources within the next decade.  It also would break one of President Obama's promises.  In his speech before Congress in February, he said, "If your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime."  Unless you use energy, apparently.

Brace yourself for higher taxes.  President Obama had said in September, 2008:  "I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."  This pledge has already been broken, at least with respect to federal tobacco taxes.  But the White House has, until very recently, maintained the fiction that the promise is still in effect with respect to the taxes everyone pays.  Then, in a television appearance on Sunday [6/28/2009], White House advisor David Axelrod refused to re-commit to Obama's pledge.

Obama's Newspeak.  Remember signing statements?  Those were the dastardly little postscripts George Bush attached to legislation that he didn't completely approve of. ... On the campaign trail, candidate Obama was asked, "Do you promise not to use presidential [signing statements] to get your way?"  "Yes," he answered.  "I taught the Constitution for 10 years, I believe in the Constitution, and I will obey the Constitution of the United States.  We are not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end run around Congress."  That was easy!  Less easy is explaining away his six signing statements so far, an impressive one-a-month clip.

Promises, Promises: Obama tax pledge unrealistic.  President Barack Obama promised to fix health care and trim the federal budget deficit, all without raising taxes on anyone but the wealthiest Americans.  It's a promise he's already broken and will likely have to break again.

Five Criticisms of George Bush That Could Be Better Applied to Barack Obama.  Barack Obama has already broken more campaign promises in less than six months than Bush did in two terms.  Obama promised no tax increases for people under $250,000 and he's working on multiple bills, including health care and cap and trade, that would raise taxes even on the poor.  He promised transparency, to hold all bills for 5 days before they are signed so the public could comment.  It hasn't happened once yet.  Barack even promised to "negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN."  How's that pie-in-the-sky promise working out?

The Era of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  The saying "You break it, you own it" applies to politicians in Washington, D.C.  With the addition of Senator Al Franken (D-MN), liberals completely control federal legislative and executive power.  President Barack Obama has governed as a liberal, not the moderate senator he portrayed himself as during the campaign.

O's Broken Promises.  President Obama promises that "if you like your health plan, you can keep it," even after he reforms our health-care system.  That's untrue.  The bills now before Congress would force you to switch to a managed-care plan with limits on your access to specialists and tests.  Two main bills are being rushed through Congress with the goal of combining them into a finished product by August.  Under either, a new government bureaucracy will select health plans that it considers in your best interest, and you will have to enroll in one of these "qualified plans."

Obama White House breaks another promise to reject Bush secrecy.  Well, at least it's bipartisan.  The still sort-of-new Barack Obama Democratic administration has again adopted another policy straight out of the administration of his much-criticized Republican predecessor, George W. Bush.  Obama administration officials have rejected a watchdog group's request for a list of healthcare industry executives who've been meeting secretly in the White House with Obama staffers to discuss healthcare changes being drafted there and in Congress.

Obama administration defends Bush wiretapping.  While campaigning against President George W. Bush, Barack Obama had pledged that there would be "no more wiretapping of American citizens," but President Obama's administration has continued to use many of his predecessor's arguments when it comes to warrantless wiretapping.

Synopsis from RISKS forum.

Obama on Afghanistan:  victory is a four-letter word.  [Scroll down slowly]  I suspect Obama is ignorant in the worst way:  he's ignorant of the extent of his ignorance.  Or perhaps he's not ignorant at all, but purposely twisting the truth.  Or maybe each, at different times.  This tendency of Obama's has been in evidence in many of his speeches:  his summary of the Cold War, which he got entirely wrong.  His Cairo address to the Muslim world on their history and that of the West, in which "almost every one of his references was either misleading or incomplete."  On the campaign trail, when he showed astounding historical ignorance (or prevarication; take your choice) in his mischaracterization of the Berlin airlift.  Obama's errors are not random; they fit a certain pattern...

Obama's Insidious War on the Middle Class:  Like a PacMan gobbling up everything in sight, going after folks making more than $250,000 a year is not enough to satisfy Obama's insatiable appetite for money and power.  He wants more.  Although it means breaking a campaign promise to only tax the "rich," Obama's mad rush for revenue to fund his social engineering has transformed his agenda into a war against the middle class.

An old dog keeps his teeth.  The Democrats are trying to stuff a health care scheme down the throats of Americans who clearly don't like it, don't want it and can't pay for it ... President Obama, who insisted for months that he had to have his health care "reform" by Aug. 7 or Saturn would collide with Pluto, suddenly insists that there was never anything magic about a date in August.

Unread Lips.  Could Obama have been elected president without promising not to raise taxes on the middle class?  Would Americans have trusted him with the highest office in the land if he had proposed replacing all private health insurance with a Euro-style, socialistic, single-payer system?

Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table.  As a candidate for president, Barack Obama lambasted drug companies and the influence they wielded in Washington. He even ran a television ad targeting the industry's chief lobbyist, former Louisiana congressman Billy Tauzin, and the role Tauzin played in preventing Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices.  Since the election, Tauzin has morphed into the president's partner.

Tax trial balloon pops.  The Obama administration on Monday quickly shot down a trial balloon it floated over the weekend that opened the possibility of new taxes on the middle class after the idea came under heavy fire from labor unions, liberal leaders and Republicans.

Soaking the middle class.  Having doubled the federal budget deficit in just six months in office, the Obama administration now says that the expanding deficit threatens the nation's fragile economic recovery and will require sacrifice to contain.  Sacrifice in the form of middle-class tax hikes, according to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Chief Economic Adviser Larry Summers.  Voters who swallowed candidate Barack Obama's oft-repeated pledge not to increase taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year may be surprised to hear this warning.  But they shouldn't be.

What Obama and My Wife Have in Common.  [Scroll down]  Mr. President, you promised the American people that you are "committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government."  In fact, in your July 23 prime-time news conference, you said that your administration has been more transparent than previous administrations:  "I think that we have provided much greater transparency than existed prior to our administration coming in."  So again, I ask: Why not live out that transparency promise by posting your original birth certificate and end the division and debate?

Did someone mention President Obama's birth certificate again?

You can bet on it:  Obama will raise your taxes.  Economists left and right have long argued that there is no way Obama can pay for a national health care makeover and a host of other expensive initiatives without breaking his campaign pledge not to raise taxes for anyone making less than $250,000.  The wealthy are already paying a grossly disproportionate percentage of federal income taxes, and increasing taxes on them won't raise enough money to meet Obama's needs.

7 Lies of The Obama Administration.  [For example] During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama said several times that he intended to negotiate health care reform publicly.  In fact, he said, he'd televise the negotiations on C-SPAN, with all the parties sitting at a big table.  That way, Americans would be more engaged in the process and insist on real change. ... However, the two biggest deals so far — industry agreements to cut drug and hospital costs — were reached in secret.

Obama's whopper on a middle-class tax hike.  When former President George H.W. Bush reneged on his 1988 no-tax pledge two years later, it cost him a second term.  Now, President Obama seems headed down the same dead end.

Video proof:  Obama wants a single-payer system.  One video is worth a thousand words (or, as in this column, about 730).  The video in question, put together by a group called Verum Serum, shows public statements by three advocates of single-payer (government monopoly) health insurance explaining that a health care bill with a "government option" would move America toward a single-payer government health care system.

Impossible Promises.  Obama says his health care plan will cut costs and increase patient choice.  It won't.

The Hope of Obama vs. the Wisdom of Madison.  During the campaign, Barack Obama portrayed himself as a unifying figure for America, the balm for our wounds, the man uniquely able to overcome our differences. ... He spoke about finding "the strength and grace to bridge divides and unite in common effort."  Yet like many of his other commitments, this eloquent promise of unity and comity is going unfulfilled.  We know from a Pew Poll earlier this year that Obama ranks as the most polarizing president of the modern era.

Alinskyite in Chief Is a Master Polarizer.  At their very core, all Marxist theories rest upon polarization, which is the direct result of envy and greed for power.  "They have what we want," is the rallying cry of all socialist/communist/fascist systems.  All Marxist creeds are as naturally polarizing as a mob of looters.  Fancy, high-flying words don't change a thing.  When Barack Obama made his way to Chicago, he was already a natural polarizer, seeing the world through us-vs.-them lenses.  His associations with ACORN (Project Vote) and Jeremiah Wright fit perfectly with the worldview his parents, grandfather and mentor purposefully taught him.

ObamaCare's Contradictions.  Over the past week, President Obama has held three town-halls to make the case for his health-care plan.  While he didn't say much that he hasn't said a thousand times before, his remarks did offer another explanation for the public's skepticism of ObamaCare.  Namely, the President contradicts himself every other breath.

Obama's Renewable Two-Minute Hate Fest:  In his inaugural address in January, Barack Obama promised to put "an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics." I hope you've noticed how free from petty grievances, false promises, recriminations, and worn out dogmas public discourse has been since that glorious new dawn, 20 January 2009.

White House Character:  Obama promised to lower taxes for 95% of Americans.  He said this with a straight face, even though less than 60% of Americans pay taxes.  Not only was the math against him, but he has already stated that taxes may have to rise for middle income taxpayers to supply revenue for his various programs.  Obama promised to raise ethical standards and bring transparency to the White House.  He has since appointed tax cheats to his cabinet, placed a racist on the Supreme Court, and bullied private industry to accede to his takeovers of banks, auto companies and other private concerns. ... Obama's administration has been one broken promise after another.

Notes from the post-racial presidency:  I am sure you are as happy as I was when it was announced that the election of Barack Obama was ushering in a "post-racial" presidency.  Thanks goodness!  We could at last say farewell to racial shake-down artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  At last, Black scholars like Henry Louis Gates would be treated just the way his white and Asian colleagues were:  no special treatment because of his complexion.

Another Promise Broken — in Record Time.  Remember those days of yore, namely the presidential campaign of 2008, when Democrats regularly accused the Bush administration of politicizing the Justice Department?  You could scarcely make your way down the aisle of the U.S. Senate without encountering a Democrat who was outraged, indignant and generally all het up over how the administration of justice had been corrupted.

Did someone mention the Black Panthers?

Government overspending is national suicide.  Remember when the deficit was so bad that Democrats said we (or more accurately the Republicans) were placing a terrible burden on our grandchildren?  That was several trillion dollars ago.  Democrats now appear perfectly fine with extending the growing deficit and national debt to their great-grandchildren.

Obama's Kryptonite:  The kryptonite that has caused Obama's approval numbers to drop 20 points since his inauguration is not a group of people or powerful interests.  Truth has been Obama's kryptonite — truth and reality.  The reality of President Obama's actions has not lived up to the "hope" candidate Super Obama sold to voters.  Candidate Super Obama made many promises pertaining to transparency.  On his transition website he promised "a new level of transparency, accountability and participation for America's citizens."  The reality of his presidency has fallen far short of those promises.

Obama's labor secretary lets union officials off transparency hook.  Never mind about those revised union financial disclosure requirements President Obama inherited from his predecessor.  Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis now says she won't make union officials comply.

Democrats' despicable duplicity:  Democrats went berserk over what they called President Bush's "power grab," but are silent in the face of President Obama's massive consolidation of power.  The duplicity here is despicable.  No president has ever abused the power of the presidency as has Barack Obama.

Obama the Weak.  On the cap-and-trade environmental legislation, House Democrats threw out Obama's cherished plan to raise revenue by auctioning off emission rights.  They decided to give most of the rights away, mainly to political allies.  And after Obama reached a deal with pharmaceutical companies — they pledged $80 billion in cut-rate drugs for seniors in exchange for favored treatment in health care legislation — congressional leaders dismissed the deal as not binding on them.  This prompted Obama to declare it nonbinding on him, too.

A catalog of Obama flip-flops:
Once Upon a Time...  Once upon a time the people deluded themselves into thinking a suave extremist was to be their nuts-and-bolts centrist.  Now they don't know whether to be mad at him or themselves — or both.

Obama's top five tax fibs in Wednesday evening speech.  [Fib #1]  Middle class tax hikes:  "The middle class will realize greater [health] security, not higher taxes."  FACT:  This would be a big departure from the House bill and the Baucus draft.  The House bill has four tax increases on families making less than $250,000.  President Obama himself endorsed another when he called for an individual mandate with a tax penalty.  Earlier this week, he floated the idea of a "soda tax."  The Baucus draft, like the House bill, contains a new tax on over-the-counter medicines purchased with an FSA or HSA.

Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama.  [Scroll down slowly]  Now nearly half the country is not merely distrustful of him, but increasingly viscerally angry at him as well.  Actually, "him" is a construct:  At times there seems to be no "him."  Instead, the people don't know whether the kindly Dr. Barack is their president, or his unpredictable double, Mr. Obama. ... The real anger from independents arises over disappointment, false merchandising, and hypocrisy.  It is real and deep — as is true of any animosity that arises from a sense of betrayal of former trust.

Obama and the Trust Factor.  When a man campaigns for the presidency as an anti-ideological moderate, a lover of bi-partisan reconciliation, and vows to regain America's foothold on the world's respect, and then after becoming president, shoots down real bi-partisan input with a petulant, "I won," governs high-handedly from the farthest-left corner of American politics, all the while playing cozy-up with America's self-proclaimed enemies and arrogantly dissing our heretofore friends, then the citizens quite naturally feel they've been sucker-punched in the gut.

Revenge of the Golden Goose.  As taxes increase, and inflation brings bracket creep, expect tax avoidance and outright tax cheating to soar in America.  President Obama's "soak-the-rich" economic populism grows increasingly obvious and the initial promise of no tax increases for those earning less than $250,000 is clearly history.

The Buck Passes Here.  There is a growing credibility problem with this young administration.  When Barack Obama promises a public option in health-care reform, or the passage of such legislation before the August break, or a renewed commitment to the necessary war in Afghanistan, or an end to lobbyists in government, or a new transparency, no one believes any of it anymore.  Even worse, we know that the broken promises and policy mishaps will always be someone else's fault.

America's Obama Obsession.  [Scroll down slowly]  At one time or another, Obama and his supporters have, rather scurrilously, insulted doctors, insurers, the police, tea-partiers and town-hallers, opponents of his health-care plan, non-compliant members of the media, and a host of other groups as either greedy, dishonest, treasonous, unpatriotic, moblike, racist, or in general worthy of disrespect.  Fewer and fewer Americans now believe that Obama — after just nine months of governance — is a uniter.

Obamanoia.  Full recovery is uncertain, given (1) oil prices have been low and are now climbing, boosting the import tab higher and higher (what happened to candidate Obama's promises of more drilling?); (2) interest rates are historically low, meaning the price of servicing the mega-deficits hasn't hit yet; but they too will climb, further taxing the hocus-pocus borrowing; (3) so far higher taxes are just talk; but soon the income rates will climb at a time when many of the states have already increased their sales and income rates.

Hating Whitey Makes Unexpected Comeback.  From anyone's pre-election calculations, an Obama presidency held the promise of relieving America's white citizens of their centuries-long guilt over slavery and civil-rights injustices.  Such, however, has not been at all the case and hating whitey is making an unexpected comeback.

Obama's Enemies List.  One of the attractions of Obama during the election ... was his tone and countenance, his apparent interest in a serious engagement with issues, and his professed allergy to politics practiced by those who are bitter and brittle.  We should, he said, "resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long."  He went on to say, "I will listen to you, especially when we disagree."  All impressive and high-minded sentiments.  And all, apparently, a ruse.

Obama vs. The President He Said He'd Be.  In his inaugural address Obama told us that "the time has come to set aside childish things."  He promised to bring "an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics."  Not only has President Obama failed to live up to those promises so far, it appears that on more than a number of occasions he's made a conscious decision to break them.

White House:  Policy 'czars' won't testify.  The White House has told Congress it will reject calls for many of President Obama's policy czars to testify before Congress — a decision senators said goes against the president's promises of transparency and openness and treads on Congress' constitutional mandate to investigate the administration's actions.

40 GOP Senators Sign Letter to Reid Demanding Internet Posting of Healthcare Bill.  Candidate Barack Obama made a big deal about government transparency and giving citizens ample opportunity to read pieces of legislation before they're voted on.  With this in mind, all 40 Republican Senators signed a letter sent to Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Thursday [10/29/2009] demanding the new healthcare reform proposal be published on the Internet so that ALL Americans can "learn how the federal government is spending their money."

Obama's Healthcare Failures.  Republican senators and members of the media highlight President Obama's failure to live up to his pledge to conduct health care negotiations in full view of the public.  Senators and media members also highlight the White Houses alarming tendency to seek to punish those who dont share its views.

Obama's Attack Dog Bows Out.  If White House communications director Anita Dunn leaves behind a legacy when she resigns her post at the end of this month, it will likely be for her dubious role in dividing the country as part of an administration that so grandly promised to bring it together.

Obama Violates Osama Oath.  On December 18, 2007, then presidential candidate Barack Obama leveled the first of dozens of heavy criticisms against President George W. Bush.  In a speech in Des Moines, Obama blasted President Bush for taking his "eye off the ball in Afghanistan."  He continued:  "It's time to... increase our military, political, and economic commitment to Afghanistan.  That's what...I'll do as president."

Metatransparency.  On his first full day in office, President Obama promised a "new era of transparency" for government.  But that promise has gone largely unfulfilled, as the executive branch launched a gajillion clunky Web sites and a nifty Flickr photo stream.  Today [12/8/2009], the administration finally pinned down its transparency policy:  The White House is not just making things public.  It's making public the process of making things public.  This is not just transparency; it's metatransparency.

What is White House Covering Up in "GateCrashers" Scandal?  The White House has consistently acted as if it has something to hide.  Though an initial letter from the committee requested Ms. Rogers' attendance at the December 3rd hearing held by the committee, the White House claimed executive privilege, or separation of powers, as the reason for her to not have to testify.  This is the same White House that promised openness and transparency.

Obama secrecy:  So much for the hope of greater government transparency.  You can't have a closed-door meeting about the need for fewer closed-door meetings and expect anyone to take you seriously.  That's like writing a memo to order fewer memos.  Such folly is business as usual in the Obama White House.  President Obama promised a historic level of transparency from his administration but hasn't delivered.  On Dec. 7, the president had a "workshop" on government openness that was closed to the public.

The Obama Energy Fiasco.  Whatever happened to President Obama's urgent campaign appeal to "free America from dependency on foreign oil"?  In eleven short months, the Obama administration has made more mistakes on energy policy than did Jimmy Carter in his entire term, and that's saying something.

Duck-and-Run Obama.  President Obama's athletic prowess is becoming a real advantage in office as he recently has taken the duck-and-run approach to the media.  Instead of defending himself in front of the open microphone, he is dispatching his cronies to defend his policy positions.  Our commander-in-chief isn't living up to his campaign promise of presidential access and transparency.

Hope & Change, Gangsta Style.  [Scroll down]  We would not be at this point if President Obama had not broken very specific promises.  Most specifically he has broken his constant pledges from the campaign trail to be a different kind of leader.  He pledged to be a leader who listened to those who elected him.  He even pledged on the night he won the vote to listen to those who opposed him.  Yet in this final week, he is listening to no one, and doing so at our great peril.

Dreading our future.  President Obama, for whom I voted because I believed he was the best choice available, is a profound disappointment.  I now regard his campaign as a sly bait-and-switch operation, promising one thing and delivering another.

When the Chips Are Down, All Democrats Are Liberals.  [Scroll down]  Second, the Obama tax pledge — no tax hikes on families making less than $250,000 — has been eviscerated by the bill.  There are no less than seven categories of taxes on the supposedly non-rich and they are not insignificant.

Joe Biden update:  Working from home again today.  According to his official White House schedule, at precisely 1 p.m. today Eastern time Biden will lead a transcontinental conference call "with mayors from across the country to discuss implementation" of the ... American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. ... Because Obama promised his would be the most transparent White House administration in history, Biden's mayoral conference call is closed to everyone except the unidentified mayors, including especially those in the annoying, unelected media.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Christmas list should outrage all Americans.  One reason that so many Americans hailed the 2008 election of President Barack Obama was because he promised a new way of governing:  more transparency, more inclusiveness, more integrity.  Some of us believed him.  As the president's first year in office draws to a close, we have to wonder what happened to those promises, especially as we consider the growing list of Christmas gifts allocated on the sly by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Obama's failed his words.  Obama's rhetorical audacity breeds cynicism, because utopianism always comes up short.  Obama has many victories ahead of him, but his cause is already lost.

War Against the Wannabe Rich.  There is class warfare going on in this country — but it's not against the established rich.  It's against those who are trying to become wealthy.  President Obama has declared that those who make over $200,000 will pay higher income taxes.  Caps on payroll taxes are supposed to come off as well for the upper class.  Envisioned estate taxes will take 45 percent of individual inheritances valued over $3.5 million.  Many states have also hiked their income taxes on the upper brackets.

Obama's Image:  What a Difference a Year Makes.  Barack Obama has been our president for [almost a year], and the people have started to wise up.  The light that shines on Barack Obama as president has reflected back an image that bears very little similarity to the iconic visage that floated above us all in 2008.  Why has Barack Obama betrayed so many allies, broken so many promises, thrown so many pledges and people under the bus?

Hiding health bills behind closed doors.  By now it's almost trite to complain that President Obama repeatedly has broken his campaign pledge to "broadcast [health care] negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are."  That doesn't make the complaint invalid.  For legislation that could so profoundly and personally affect the daily lives of every American, Congress and the White House should be more transparent and more accessible than ever before.  Instead, the process has been secretive and sordid throughout.

Obama promised 8 times during campaign to televise health care debate.  The health care revolution will not be televised despite what President Obama promised you two years ago.  Obama has broken his campaign promises to make the health care debate a transparent process after saying he would do so on at least eight ocassions during his 2008 White House run.

Gibbs Refuses to Address Obama's Broken C-SPAN Promises.  Given the generally sycophantic attitude of the White House Press Corps, Robert Gibbs may have been caught off guard when he started facing some tough questions on President Obama's apparent flip-flop regarding his many promises to broadcast health care negotiations on C-SPAN.  Gibbs stubbornly refused to answer multiple questions about the broken promises.

Pants on fire:  Let's go to the videotape!
Count the Lies:  Obama Vowed Eight Times to Televise Healthcare Negotiations.  Detailed, Explained, Frequently Repeated:  Obama's Healthcare-on-C-Span Lie.

Obama Becoming More 'Transparent' Every Day.  Sometimes in the life of a politician, a particular moment, word, or act defines them — and badly damages them.  This much-viewed montage of comments [immediately above] by Barack Obama, repeatedly promising that he would allow C-SPAN to broadcast health-care negotiations, may well qualify.  The reason is that it requires no commentary or interpretation by others; it is Barack Obama in his own words — words we now know to be false, cynical, and (quite literally) unbelievable.

Indict Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  One problem with Obama's plan (unless he actually is working on eliminating our economy) is that his so-called "stimulus" did nothing to create a single sustainable job or cause one percentage point in our downward spiral to reverse.  The other problem is that it was all one colossal bare-faced lie.  Remember his campaign promises that the debate would be seen on CSPAN?  If you missed that you were hiding in a hole somewhere, because he repeated it at nearly every whistle stop.  Harry Reid and Pelosi repeated those promises and then closed the doors when the debate began.

Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency.  President Obama wants the final negotiations on health care reform — a reconciliation of the House and Senate versions of the bill — put on a fast track, even if that means breaking an explicit campaign promise.

Pelosicare's Broken Window.  Between the typical Chicago thug political style of Barack Obama and his henchman, Rahm Emanuel, and the shell-game CBO manipulations of Harry Reid, far more is unseen than seen in the proposed legislation.  As if to make that point even more obvious, the Administration is rebuffing C-Span's request that it live up to Barack Obama's often-repeated promise to have these specific negotiations take place in public view, indeed specifically on C-Span.  Health care reform is now literally unseen.

Promises?  What Promises?  Union bosses are having a get-together with the president today [1/11/2010] to discuss his broken promise not to tax those families who make less than $250,000.  They will meet behind closed doors, violating the promise to C-SPAN that we'd watch them all sit around a big table to work out the details.

The President's Bait-and-Switch Operation.  During his campaign, Mr. Obama pledged that any negotiations on health-care legislation would be broadcast on C-SPAN, "so the American people can see what the choices are," and not conducted behind closed doors.  "Such public negotiations," he said, were "the antidote" to "overcoming the special interests and the lobbyists who ... will resist anything that we try to do." ... Now, however, the final negotiations on health-care reform are being conducted behind closed doors and there's no formal legislative conference between the House and Senate, which would guarantee Republicans at least a few seats at the table.  This bill is not only being written in secrecy, it is being written by an anonymous group of Democrats.

After one year, Obama's trail of broken promises.  [Scroll down]  The shameless guile of the C-SPAN fraud is unsettling.  But it is a common theme for a chief executive who is perpetuating "failed" policies of the Bush administration he vowed to undo.

White House Won't Advocate Posting Health Care Bill 72 Hours Before Vote.  White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs, who has avoided answering questions on whether health care negotiations should be broadcast on C-SPAN, declined to say yesterday whether President Barack Obama would advocate posting the final negotiated bill on the Internet for 72 hours before it is voted on by the House and Senate.

Our 'agnostic' president.  It's getting crowded under the bus.  Higher income earners need to move over — here comes everyone else as the president reneges on his only tax the rich pledge. ... Its ironic that his phrase of the moment is now agnostic.  While millions of American suffer in the recession, he's agnostic to Speaker Pelosi's spending on air travel, booze and hotel rooms.

To Cut Debt, Obama Shifts on No Tax Vow.  President Obama, still seeking to get Congressional Republicans to join in a bipartisan commission to reduce the federal debt, suggested he would be willing to break his campaign promise against raising taxes on households with less than $250,000 annual income.

Bias alert!
"Obama Shifts on No Tax Vow" is a candy-coated way to say, "Obama Breaks No Tax Vow."

The Truth Is a Precious Commodity.  After a single year of governance, there is now scarcely a single issue that Obama & Co. have not backtracked on, flip-flopped, redefined, or quietly dropped — mostly matters that were once demagogued to score political points.

Prez's newest idea:  Simply outlaw reality.  Included in President Obama's latest stab at health-care reform released yesterday is one of the more astonishing admissions of political deception in recent memory.  After months of swearing that his health legislation would lower the skyrocketing costs of insurance premiums, Obama finally acknowledged that actually it would not.  So, instead, he has included a new provision that can simply outlaw premium increases his administration deems "unreasonable and unjustified."

Onward with Obamacare, regardless.  [Scroll down slowly]  The time for debate is over, declared the nation's seminar leader in chief.  The man who vowed to undo Washington's devious and wicked ways has directed the Congress to ram Obamacare through, by one vote if necessary, under the parliamentary device of "budget reconciliation."  The man who ran as a post-partisan is determined to remake a sixth of the U.S. economy despite the absence of support from a single Republican in either house, the first time anything of this size and scope has been enacted by pure party-line vote.

The 'most transparent administration in history' stonewalls.  At a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee last fall, Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, asked Attorney General Eric Holder to produce a list of Department of Justice employees who had been involved in representing detainees.  Holder said he'd consider the request.  Three months later he denied it.

Credit Where Credit Isn't Due.  [Scroll down]  When the Obama administration starts taking credit for success in Iraq, you know things have changed for the better.  Now, of course, it is a grotesque distortion of logic and even political decency for the White House to be taking credit for victory in Iraq.  Obama wouldn't be president today if he hadn't opposed the war.  His opposition is what most distinguished him from Hillary Clinton in the primaries.  Obama also opposed Bush's surge, which turned Iraq around.  He and Biden both claimed that it would actually make things worse.

The wind-energy cover-up:  Barack Obama promised many things on his way into office.  Key among these was transparency and a vow to banish lobbyists from insider roles in the policy process.  Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Competitive Enterprise Institute has confirmed that both promises are being aggressively violated.

Jumping When Unions Holler.  Obama's promise of a better, cleaner, and more transparent brand of politics has not been fulfilled.  Not by a long shot.  The president appoints the SEIU boss to the deficit commission.  Congress behind closed doors churns out colorfully named sweetheart deals on ObamaCare.  And then they really reveal the depths of their dependence on special-interest patrons.

Obama Now OK With Sweetheart Deals As Long As Multiple States Are Bribed.  Even though the White House had vowed to remove "sweetheart deals" from health care legislation, struggling for votes, the Obama administration now says that these special deals are okay — as long as they apply to more than one state.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Vote, Don't Debate.  Democratic leaders are staunchly defending their possible use of a parliamentary maneuver to avoid a traditional vote on health care.  Are they also getting ready to abandon a promise that lawmakers would have at least 72 hours to read and evaluate the language of the health care bill?

Obama's bogus bipartisanship is laid bare.  Fourteen months post-inauguration, voters are getting exactly the reality that Mr. Obama's prior public service had foretold.  And the rhetoric that so many found hopeful and uplifting has sunk to a snarkier partisanship than that of any president in history.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul's health care.  Obamacare is a socialist law designed to take money from some Americans and use it to benefit others.  The health care bill signed into law by President Obama is full of hidden time bombs. ... This is yet another example of Mr. Obama breaking his promise not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 per year.

Obama embraces the trappings of a war presidency.  Having campaigned on a tough critique of former President George W. Bush's conduct of the two wars and promising to end them, Obama has more recently embraced the military cause.

Straddler In Chief.  President Obama has OK'd plans to target for assassination an American-born al-Qaida leader who poses a proven threat to America.  What, no Miranda warnings?

Obama:  Holding me to my promises is just an 'old Washington game'.  For those who thought they could take President Obama at his word on taxes, you might have made a mistake.  He does not seem too wedded to the idea of keeping campaign promises not to raise "any form of tax" for those making less than $250,000 a year.  When reporters ask him about the promise, he says they're just playing some "old Washington game."

Barely on the Tarmac, Obamacare is Poised to Crash.  ObamaCare's first 10 years of operations would cost $2.5 trillion.  This massive new expenditure, plus Washington's other spendaholic commitments, explains Obama's eagerness to jettison his oft-repeated commitment not to raise taxes on Americans who earn less than $250,000 annually.

Obama is the most divisive president since ... Clinton!
The Politics of Contempt.  The bus continues to drive on.  Over the past year, "Big Oil" took its lumps, while CEO's have been a recurring piñata.  Wall Street has now joined the villain of the month club.  True, some folks deserve a little demonization now and then.  But why has this pattern become such a predictable part of every single major issue Obama and Democrats pursue?  It seems odd and even unprecedented in terms of frequency.

Obama will use Memorial weekend for a trip home to Chicago.  With the long Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, President Obama is finally addressing one of the great broken promises of his administration:  his early pledge to return home to Chicago every six weeks or so.

Obama, the Thin-Skinned President.  Obama is among the most thin-skinned presidents we have had, and we see evidence of it in every possible venue imaginable, from one-on-one interviews to press conferences, from extemporaneous remarks to set speeches.  The president is constantly complaining about what others are saying about him.  He is upset at Fox News, and conservative talk radio, and Republicans, and people carrying unflattering posters of him.  He gets upset when his avalanche of faulty facts are challenged, like on health care.  He gets upset when he is called on his hypocrisy, on everything from breaking his promise not to hire lobbyists in the White House to broadcasting health care meetings on C-SPAN to not curtailing earmarks to failing in his promises of transparency and bipartisanship.  In Obama's eyes, he is always the aggrieved, always the violated, always the victim of some injustice.

Obama Should Heed His Campaign Rhetoric.  The self-contradictions are catching up with the Obama administration.  We will be transparent, they said.  Only they aren't.  We will be accountable.  Anything but.  You will find us nonpartisan and above politics as usual, they insisted.  Hardly.  The job offer to keep Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania out of a Senate primary is instructive on this score.  While it may be more a mouse's squeak than a lion's roar as scandals go, the administration dodged questions about it for months and then finally put out a memo so vaguely worded as to arouse still more suspicion.

Kagan's threat to gun owners.  President Obama poses a real and present danger to the Second Amendment, and he's working to pack the Supreme Court with justices who will undermine Americans' gun rights.  Mr. Obama didn't fess up to this radical agenda when running for the highest office in the land.

Oil Gushes and Power Rushes.  [Scroll down]  Some disillusioned supporters suggest that Obama changed his mind about executive power after he started wielding it.  But his pre-election concessions to political expediency indicate he was faking it all along.  A politician who believes he is above the law is not above lying to the public about his principles.

White House, Google violate lobbying pledge.  Maybe a millionaire who spends his days leaning on policymakers to benefit his company isn't a lobbyist if he calls himself an "Internet evangelist."  Or maybe Google's cozy relationship with the White House — exposed more clearly by e-mails recently made public through the Freedom of Information Act — is just one more instance of the administration's actions contradicting Obama's reformer rhetoric about battling the special interests and freeing Washington from lobbyist influence.

Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority.  Stymied by political opposition and focused on competing priorities, the Obama administration has sidelined efforts to close the Guantánamo prison, making it unlikely that President Obama will fulfill his promise to close it before his term ends in 2013.

How do you spell incompetence?  Obama said he would post bills on the Internet for five days before he signed them.  He lied.  Obama said his stimulus plan would keep unemployment below 8%.  He was badly mistaken.  Obama said his would be the most transparent, open administration in history.  Hahahahahaha!

What You're Not Hearing from the Liberal Media About Immigration Reform:  A popular narrative about immigration reform has emerged in the media:  that Congress would be discussing comprehensive immigration reform right now if only President Obama could get support from Republicans.  This narrative lets Obama off the hook for a string of broken promises to Latino voters that he would tackle immigration reform — in his first 100 days, or in his first year in office, or before the midterm elections, or after the midterm elections but still in his first term, or in his second term.

The decreasing relevancy of Obama's presidency.  [Obama] had campaigned on the closure of Guantanamo Bay for months before taking office, and his first act as president was to sign an executive order promising to close it by the end of 2009.  The lefties were delirious with joy.  By gum, this president was going to get rid of the ultimate symbol of the hated policies of the Nazi trio of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld!  At the signing, Obama turned to then White House Counsel Greg Craig, and asked something to the effect of "...exactly how is this going to work, Greg?"  Caught off guard by the question, Craig shuffled his feet uncomfortably and mumbled something unintelligible.  He didn't know, either.  They are six months late and they still don't know.

Despite promises to 'not rest,'
President Obama to take third vacation since Gulf Coast oil spill began.  President Obama promised on May 14 that he would let nothing distract him from finding a solution to the devastating Gulf Coast oil spill, which has now continued for over eighty days and caused incalculable economic damage to the region.  "I'm not going to rest or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the oil in the Gulf is contained and cleaned up, and the people in the Gulf are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods," he said.

Obama Changes Tune on Paying for Unemployment Benefits Extension.  In signing the bill restoring unemployment benefits to 2[½] million Americans jobless for more than 26 weeks, President Obama is also adding $34 billion to the deficit and the National Debt.  That's the reason nearly all Republicans voted against the measure.  They wanted the cost of the benefits paid for with unspent government funds or by other budget cuts.

Racial Politics Blows Up in Obama's Face.  Whenever race is mentioned, it hurts Barack Obama's presidency.  The very basis of his presidency is that he is the post-racial president.  Now he finds himself knee-deep into racial politics.

Remember, it's supposed to be the most open and transparent administration ever.
Democrats Refuse to Hold Medicare Rationing Czar Hearing.  House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sander Levin (D-Mich.) is refusing to hold public hearings to examine administration plans to implement a new health care rationing system at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).  The president's new Medicare Rationing Czar, Sir Donald Berwick, is a big fan of British health care rationing.  "The decision is not whether or not we will ration care — the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open," Berwick said in an interview prior to his recess appointment to head CMS.

President Obama courts wealthy donors.  Four times in the last week, President Barack Obama has quietly slipped into private, exclusive Democratic Party fundraisers around town, glad-handing well-heeled donors away from the eyes of the press — and contradicting his pledge to run the most transparent administration in history.

Playing the presidential race card.  Zora Neale Hurston, one of the 20th century's preeminent black writers, spoke for the colorblind ethic when she said, "Why should I be proud to be black?  Why should anyone be proud of their skin color?  Races have never done anything.  All that is good and excellent is the work of individuals."  And she meant it.  By way of contrast, President Obama in April pandered to black voters by making a public display of his "black-only" Census identification.  The president who once said he "could not disown his white mother and grandmother" did just that.

Obama Appointee under Ethics Cloud.  Atty. Gen. Eric Holder is facing his first real test to enforce the most heralded value of President Obama's Administration — the ethics pledge.  Holder is being pressured to determine whether Craig Becker, a controversial recess appointment to the National Labor Relations Board, has violated that pledge more than a dozen times in just a few short months.

Obama Administration Reverses Course, Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles.  The South Korean government, in an effort to raise money for its military, wants to sell nearly a million antique M1 rifles that were used by U.S. soldiers in the Korean War to gun collectors in America.  The Obama administration approved the sale of the American-made rifles last year.  But it reversed course and banned the sale in March — a decision that went largely unnoticed at the time but that is now sparking opposition from gun rights advocates.

Obama Misunderstands the Role of the Presidency.  Instead of positioning himself as the leader of the free world or as a post-partisan healer, Obama regularly inserts himself as a combative participant in Washington's permanent campaign.  Whether inexperience or poor strategic judgment, it's certainly not the governing style he promised.

Crimes Against Liberty and a Scathing Indictment of Obama.  [In his new book, David] Limbaugh is also critical of Obama's broken promises, which he calls lies — identifying several high-profile presidential assurances that have not panned out.  Chief among them is the assertion that no household making under $250,000 annually would see any form of tax increase during an Obama presidency.  "He's breached [that one] in a bunch of different ways," Limbaugh says, referencing the regressive cigarette tax Obama levied within weeks of taking office as a prime example.

What Is a Narcissist To Do?  [Scroll down]  Don't forget that a major part of his appeal to the young and minorities was his promise of a new era, a new type of politics, a different atmosphere in America.  But he has given us the most partisan and divisive administration in recent memory.  How can going back to the well with yet more empty rhetoric help him when he has completed a two-year record directly contradicting his promises?

The December Surprise.  Remember this?  "I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."  That was the central pledge on which Barack Obama was elected President.  He pledged to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone making less than $250,000 per year, but to let them expire and raise tax rates for "the rich," which he defined as those making more than $250,000 per year.  President Obama and the Democrats have had two years to make good on this pledge.  And now they have failed.
[Italics added.]

Barack Obama Campaign Promise No. 515:  No family making less than $250,000 will see "any form of tax increase."

The Democrats' Taxation Fraud.  One of President Obama's campaign promises was not to raise taxes on middle-class Americans.  So here's my question:  If there's a corporate tax increase either in the form of "cap and trade" or income tax, does it turn out to be a middle-class tax increase?

An endless string of broken promises.  There's one big reason Democrats face disaster Tuesday [11/2/2010]:  They've done almost nothing in the last two years to make anyone — left or right — want to vote for them.  In 2008, recall, they made grand promises — to their base and to the center.  They raised hopes through the roof.  Once in power, they kept virtually none of those vows.  Instead, they took a whole different path — one neither side liked.  Now they're reaping the whirlwind.  So what's their game plan?  Rinse and repeat.

Obama's Lies About His Broken Promises.  [Scroll down]  What I discovered is that of the more than 500 promises Obama made during his candidacy, even according to the pro-Obama website PolitiFact's "Obameter," his scorecard reads:  123 promises kept, 39 compromised, 24 broken, 82 stalled, 232 in the works and three not yet rated.  What that coddled language boils down to is this:  Even according to those on the political left, Obama has fulfilled 123 promises and left 380 pledges dangling farther than participles.  What PolitiFact overlooks is that what really matters isn't the count of broken promises; it's the caliber of those broken promises.

The Obama administration has hidden surprises in store for you.  "My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government," the newly inaugurated President Obama declared in a memo to department and agency heads in January 2009.  "Government should be transparent.  Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing."  How's that working in practice?

Obama's Inaugural Address:  Two Years of Broken Promises.  Obama said, "We will act not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth."  But even Pollyanna must admit that new jobs are not being created, and the only new foundation being laid for growth is a thicker concrete upon which debt grows toward national bankruptcy.  Obama said, "We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together."  But when none of that happened, he announced that there really never were any "shovel ready" projects after all.

Can the Spending Be Stopped?  President Obama's first two years in office were for the ages:  Rarely has so much been spent so wantonly with so little discernible public benefit.  Nondefense discretionary spending accounted for $434 billion of the federal budget in 2008, without widespread deprivation or riots in the streets.  This was the year that then-candidate Obama promised to scour the budget line by line for waste and said in one presidential debate that his program would be a net spending cut.

Executive Order 0?  The January 22, 2009 signing ceremony was... well, ceremonial.  The newly installed president of the United States sat at his desk in the Oval Office. ... He took the pen in left hand and signed with a flourish the first executive order of the New Era.  The U.S. prison facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba would be closed not less than one year from the date of his signature.  The clock began ticking toward January 22, 2010.  We are fast approaching the first anniversary of the deadline imposed most imposingly by President Obama.  It will be the second anniversary of his most portentous executive order signing ceremony.  Guantánamo is still open.

Illegal alien in nun's traffic death had offenses handled inconsistently.  A long-awaited report on the deportation status of a Prince William illegal alien whose alcohol-related head-on collision killed a Richmond-based nun shows repeated instances of a failure to report his crimes to Homeland Security as well as a shift in emphasis by the Obama administration in dealing with illegal aliens.  Judicial Watch, a public disclosure group, said today [3/4/2011] that it has a received a copy of the report by the Department of Homeland Security that was kept secret after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had declared her office would thoroughly investigate the Prince William case and make it public.

Despite openness pledge, President Obama pursues leakers.  The Obama administration, which famously pledged to be the most transparent in American history, is pursuing an unexpectedly aggressive legal offensive against federal workers who leak secret information to expose wrongdoing, highlight national security threats or pursue a personal agenda.

Obama changes stance on Gitmo tribunals.  President Obama on Monday lifted the ban he imposed two years ago on military trials for detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison, ending his bid to move most terrorism trials to civilian courts and pushing his already busted deadline for shuttering the island prison indefinitely forward.

Obama Ratifies Bush.  No one has done more to revive the reputation of Bush-era antiterror policies than the Obama Administration.  In its latest policy reversal, yesterday Mr. Obama said the U.S. would resume the military tribunals for Guantanamo terrorists that he unilaterally suspended two years ago, and he may even begin referring new charges to military commissions within days or weeks.

On Gitmo, Libya and Even Gas, Obama Says One Thing and Does Another.  There was yet another of those grand pronouncements from President Obama on Monday [3/7/2011] — exercises in Orwellian doublespeak:  The White House declared that while Mr. Obama was still committed to completing "the difficult challenge of closing Guantanamo" Bay detention camp, he was instructing his Pentagon to resume trying detainees before military commissions there.

Is Obama a war criminal yet?  President Obama quietly signed an executive order on Monday [3/7/2011] instituting a system for indefinitely holding terrorist detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), Cuba.  The administration also announced that terrorist trials by military commission would recommence.  This is a win for U.S. security, but the country has paid a heavy price for Mr. Obama's on-the-job training in counterterrorism.  The low-key announcements stand in marked contrast with the bombast with which Mr. Obama approached this issue just a few years ago.

How Obama Turned on a Dime Toward War.  At the start of this week, the consensus around Washington was that military action against Libya was not in the cards.  However, in the last several days, the White House completely altered its stance and successfully pushed for the authorization for military intervention against Libyan leader Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi.  What changed?

Will The Media Call Obama a Hypocrite?  Mr. Nobel Peace Prize has launched hundreds of Cruise Missiles into Libya inflicting major damage and killing civilians.  He has also kept two wars going while ramping up the battle in Afghanistan.  Sounds like a warmonger.

President Obama, mission creep.  President Obama is being denounced by most of the developing world as an aggressor; protesters are demonstrating outside the White House charging America with committing torture; pictures have been released of American troops engaged in barbaric acts; and liberal Democrats have discovered the word impeachment.  It seems like it is 2005 again, but this time Barack is playing the role of commander in chief instead of Senate floor heckler.

The Obama Administration's Ineptness.  The foreign-policy ineptness we're seeing from the Obama administration is quite striking.  Its key players are sending out contradictory messages one after the other.  One day Hosni Mubarak's regime is stable; the next day he has to go.  One day Bashar Assad is a reformer; the next day he's a butcher.  The president tells Members of Congress he expects we'll be actively involved in military action against Libya for days, not weeks; the secretary of defense, when asked how much longer we might be in Libya, says, "I don't think anybody knows the answer to that."  The president says, Colonel Qaddafi "must step down from power and leave" immediately; the caveat is that his exit can be achieved only through non-military means.

O-bomb-a.  Obama, the anti-war president who harped on America's trigger-happy ways while he was campaigning, has suddenly become Rambo.  There must be something about proximity to the Pentagon, inspecting honor guards and flying on Marine One that changes presidents.  They seem so reasonable and measured when they are running for office.

Is He a Sociopathic Liar or a Hypocrite?  [Scroll down]  People who pay attention to what he says note that there is not a single promise he made as a candidate he hasn't broken.  Indeed, even his oldest and staunchest allies are complaining that he's turned his back on them.  If anyone can find Code Pink and Mother Sheehan it would be interesting to find out their views on Libya.

Obama embraces policies he opposed as candidate.  With this week's announcement that suspected terrorists would be tried in military tribunals he once opposed at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp he had vowed to close, President Obama again embraced a counterterrorism policy of former President George W. Bush against which he had campaigned in 2008.

Melting Like a Snow Cone in Summer.  Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday [4/4/2011] that the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will be prosecuted in a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. ... What Holder neglected to mention is that (as the Wall Street Journal inconveniently points out) for the first two years of the Obama presidency Democrats controlled Congress — and Democrats passed a law that blocked the funding for civilian trials for Guantanamo detainees.

White House readies Obama fiscal flip-flop.  Presidents are loath to admit error.  That's what press secretaries are for.  On Monday [4/11/2011], White House spokesman Jay Carney said then-Senator Obama made a mistake when he voted in 2006 against a measure to raise the debt ceiling a $3,500 billion to $8,600 billion.  Obama "regrets that vote and thinks it was a mistake," Carney told reporters at the daily press briefing.  This admission of pre-presidential misjudgment comes as incumbent President Obama pushes Congress to raise the debt ceiling above $14,300 billion.

Obama and the Debt Limit.  As America rides the great glass elevator of irresponsible spending toward the ceiling of its national debt, many have noted Barack Obama used to be adamantly opposed to raising the debt ceiling.  That was back in 2006, when some other guy from some other party was President.  The hot new excuse for this change of heart, trotted out by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, is that President Obama "now believes it was a mistake" to stand against limitless debt.

Obama's centrist campaign collides with his record.  Intentional or not, it sizzled with symbolism that President Obama announced his reelection campaign the same day his administration threw in the towel on the closing of Guantanamo Bay. ... A central pledge of one campaign was abandoned to kick off the next.

The U-turn president: Barack Obama's top ten flip-flops.  In 1980 Margaret Thatcher famously declared she was "not for turning", and admirably stuck to her guns as prime minister through thick and thin.  In contrast, Barack Obama's presidency has been filled with the kinds of U-turns that would have made even Jimmy Carter blush.  President Obama's decision last week to do a 180 degree about-turn on the issue of military tribunals is the latest policy reversal by a presidency that has become increasingly adept at making them, usually without batting an eyelid.

Obama vs. Obama.  The president gave the sort of scare speech he not long ago warned against, and blasted the income-tax rates he not long ago agreed were necessary — in a context in which he has just presented a budget with a $1.6 trillion deficit of the sort he now says is unsustainable, and has warned about recklessly voting against raising the debt ceiling in a fashion that he himself had once done, in a larger landscape in which he had once damned attacking Middle East countries in optional wars, Guantanamo, renditions, tribunals, preventative detention, intercepts, wiretaps, Predators, and leaving troops in Iraq, and then embraced or expanded all that and more (this list is infinite and includes everything from drilling to campaign financing to earmarks).

The Benefits of Obama's Broken Promises.  Guantanamo Military PrisonAfter campaigning for years on closing Guantanamo Bay military prison and secret overseas CIA prisons, and actually signing an order to do so in 2009, Obama abruptly reversed himself in March, 2011.  Good thing, too.

Obama Breaks His Promise to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws.  During his presidential campaign, Obama repeatedly said he would call off the Drug Enforcement Administration's raids on both medical marijuana users and their suppliers. ... Yet the DEA's medical marijuana raids not only have continued but are more frequent under Obama than they were under George W. Bush.

Obama's latest fake plan for more drilling.  First he promised to open up the Atlantic to exploration.  Then he reneged.  Then he said he'd lift his oil moratorium in the Gulf.  Production has only decreased since.  Yesterday [5/14/2011] Obama again played Lucy to the American energy consumer's Charlie Brown.  This time he is promising to direct "the Department of Interior to conduct annual lease sales in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve, while respecting sensitive areas, and to speed up the evaluation of oil and gas resources in the mid and south Atlantic."

Obama rewarded party donors with 'key jobs in government and millions of dollars in contracts'.  President Obama faced fresh controversy today [6/16/2011] after it emerged that he rewarded rich supporters who donated cash to his election campaign with influential jobs in government.  Obama had previously promised during his presidential run in 2007 to cut out wealthy donors who buy their way into key posts.  But a a [sic] report has found that 200 donors were rewarded with key posts in the White House and lucrative federal contracts.

Promises, Promises: White House solar panels are no-shows.  Spring has come and gone, and the promised panels have yet to see the light of day.

Obama, the Poor Loser, Poor Liar.  As president he has lied an awful lot.  He started lying first as a candidate, and then continued on as president.  Americans are generally willing to put up with that when politicians can deliver the goods.  Obama's administration, however, has been a compendium of incompetence and lying.  Whether is was GITMO, withdrawing from Iraq, Obamacare's effectiveness in bringing down healthcare costs, the wars of choice in Libya (and Afghanistan), the debt ceiling he voted against before he was for, the stonewalling of the oil industry — Obama has a lot of broken promises to answer for.

Obama, 11 a.m.: We won't default. Obama, 6 p.m.: We might default.  [Scroll down]  Just a few hours later, shortly after 6:00 p.m. Friday, the president appeared in the White House briefing room and delivered a message that was almost precisely the opposite of what he had said a few hours earlier.

Despite ObamaCare, Costs Continue To Soar.  As soon as the Kaiser Family Foundation's annual report on insurance premiums was released, ObamaCare defenders dismissed its most troubling finding:  Insurance premiums for family coverage shot up an average $1,482 this year.  Nothing to worry about, they said, it's just a response to higher health costs and bad forecasts.  But wait a minute!  Didn't Obama promise his signature health reform plan would lower insurance premiums?

Barack Obama accused of breaking transparency pledge.  Mr Obama's justice department has proposed that if documents requested by the public are exempt from freedom of information laws, federal agencies should be able to "respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist."  Transparency campaigners described the move as a "stunning" reversal of Mr Obama's pledge to run "the most transparent administration in history" during his campaign for the presidency.

Obama Rakes In Cash From Lobbyists, Enron Executives.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama will be hosting a big-bucks fundraiser in Houston next week... at the home of a former Enron executive.  Politico has the details:  ["]An upcoming Houston fundraiser featuring first lady Michelle Obama at the home of a former Enron executive who is part of a movement to convert public pensions to 401(k)-style plans is angering some local Democrats.  John Arnold, a Houston billionaire and former Enron trader, is hosting the Michelle Obama event with his wife, Laura Arnold, at their Houston home on Nov. 1.["]  Arnold, for the record, says he's a libertarian, while his wife is a Democrat.  If you want to reminisce about the Enron glory days with him and Michelle Obama, you'll have to fork over $10,000 for a ticket to the event, or go for the "co-host level" gold with a $35,800 contribution to re-elect Barack Obama.

Obama Rakes In Cash From Lobbyists, Enron Executives.  On Thursday, the New York Times took a look at where President Obama's mountain of re-election cash is coming from.  Guess what they found?  ["]Despite a pledge not to take money from lobbyists, President Obama has relied on prominent supporters who are active in the lobbying industry to raise millions of dollars for his re-election bid.["]

File Not Found.  Why does the most open and transparent administration in history prefer to lie about government records?

Another Obama campaign promise dies; He approves horse slaughter for food.  While you were preparing for Thanksgiving and President Obama was sparing the life of a couple of photo op turkeys, he also approved legislation that will result in the domestic slaughter of thousands of horses every year for human food. ... During the 2008 presidential campaign, animal anti-cruelty activists sought then Sen. Barack Obama's support for "a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption."  They were delighted to get an unequivocal "Yes" from the non-pet owner.  But that was then.  This is now.

Pelosi's Unethical Gingrich Threat.  Set aside the fact that (as Gingrich said) Pelosi would be violating House rules and abusing the ethics process if she disclosed anything from the ethics investigation.  My question is whether this kind of politics is what Barack Obama had in mind when, in 2008, he preached against "a politics that breeds division and conflict and cynicism."  Or when he told us, "I want us to rediscover our bonds to each other and to get out of the constant petty bickering that's come to characterize our politics... the tit-for-tat, 'gotcha' game that passes for politics right now doesn't solve problems.  I want to get beyond that."

The Zenith of Civil Libertarian Anger at President Obama.  On the eve of 2012, President Obama is facing a backlash from civil libertarians that is more widespread and intense than anything he's yet seen.  He has previously been subject to complaints about his war on whistleblowers, the humanitarian and strategic costs of his drone war, the illegality of the war he waged in Libya, his use of the state secrets privilege, his defense of Bush-era warrantless wiretapping, and his assertion of the power to kill American citizens accused of terrorism.  But news that Obama plans to sign rather than veto a bill enshrining indefinite detention into U.S. law and failing to exempt American citizens is provoking unprecedented ire.

Obama's Chance at a Two-Term Presidency.  Contrary to his promises, Obama has not brought forth hope, or any change for the better.  He has not fostered a post-racial society, but rather, he is the author of economic despair, class warfare, a vision of America in decline, and the remaking of the U.S. according to the European welfare state model.  All this has led to dissatisfaction and a sense of betrayal about his presidency.  The issue is:  what is the magnitude of the dissatisfaction?

How Obama Betrays Martin Luther's King's Dream.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama campaigned on theme that there is not a "white America" or a "black America".  President Obama is not practicing what Senator Obama preached.  Instead of channeling the heroic Martin Luther King's dream that people be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin President Obama instead seems to be channeling the views of his moral compass, Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

Partisan Washington: Obama's broken promise.  Candidate Barack Obama promised to transcend Washington partisanship.  President Obama plummeted into it.  As the House returns Tuesday for the final session of his first term, Obama's failure to fulfill this central claim of his 2008 campaign has never been more glaringly obvious.

When Will We Awake From Obama's Bad Green Dream?  The Obama administration promised a future with a clean, green economy.  Instead, it's left us with failed government "investments" in projects driven by politics rather than prudence.

A delusional budget.  Among the many promises President Obama made three years ago when he was insisting on $800 billion in "stimulus" spending was this one:  "[T]o cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office."  Well, put that promise in the same category as his pledge to keep the post-stimulus unemployment rate below 8 percent.  Once again, the president is not even going to come close.

Another Obama fundraiser turns out to be a bad ambassador.  Candidate Barack Obama promised to end the time-honored American practice of appointing ambassadors who have no experience in foreign policy, but President Obama has completely ignored that promise, appointing fundraisers to dozens of ambassadorships all over the world.  Today, the State Department revealed that another fundraiser turned ambassador ran her embassy into the ground ... only to return to fundraising and leave the State Department to pick up the pieces.

Sebelius and the death spiral.  On Tuesday [2/28/2012], Congressman Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) of the House Ways & Means Committee had the chance to ask Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about President Obama's infamous promise that "if you like your existing health care coverage, you can keep it."  Roskam noted that certainly doesn't seem to be the case under ObamaCare, where a rising tide of businesses have chosen not to offer medical coverage to their employees.  You can't keep a plan that no longer exists, no matter how much you might have liked it.

Team Obama hires lobbyist again, ethics aside.  Revolving-door lobbyist Steve Ricchetti, Vice President Biden's new top aide, exemplifies President Obama's farcical crackdown on lobbyists.  Ricchetti and his K Street firm also embody another core trait of this administration:  using big government and populist rhetoric to enrich politically connected companies.

Obama versus the Democrats.  Obama is reneging on his declaration that if he didn't have things on track in three years, he should be a one-term president.  No sane people expected an incompetent megalomaniac to really live up to that declaration, now did we?  Two things have saved Obama to date:  the media and Obama's "blackness."  Had it not been for either, Obama's choices would have been impeachment or resignation.

The case of President Obama's missing oil tax.  Candidate Barack Obama pushed it hard in 2008:  a tax on Big Oil company profits that would flow back to families in $1,000 rebate checks.  President Barack Obama acts as if the idea never existed.

Why Obama Lies.  As has often been commented, all of Barack Obama's promises come with an expiration date.  They range from the relatively minor to the truly majestic such as his promise that he would not raise taxes for those families earning under $250,000 a year and that he would cut the deficit in half.

Obama's pot promise a pipe dream?  Back when he was running in 2008, Obama said he supported the "basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs" and that he was "not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws."  He didn't go farther.  But he also didn't do anything to dissuade speculation among medical marijuana proponents who took this as a sign that the man headed to the Oval Office was on their side.

10 Things That Would Be Happening Today If Obama's Policies Were Working.  [#10]  The unemployment rate has been mired above 8% for more than 3 years now.  However, according to the Obama Administration's own projections, the unemployment rate should be all the way down to 5.5% by now because of the nearly trillion dollar stimulus it pushed through with no Republican votes in the House and only three Republican votes in the Senate.

Meanwhile, Here's The Chart That Will Get Obama Fired...  Obama's biggest weakness is still the economy and unemployment, so Romney's smart to do whatever he can to blame Obama for the current situation.  And Obama did make one big mistake with respect to unemployment, which is that he overpromised and underdelivered.

Obama in 2004: 'I Don't Think Marriage Is a Civil Right'.  President Obama's position on same sex marriage might be "evolving," as he's admitted himself, but he wasn't always so unclear about where he stood.

Obama's same-sex evolution.  Adopting an evolving position is a classic political dodge, allowing Mr. Obama to claim to be sympathetic to the concerns of homosexual activists while not offending traditionalists.  His stance is calculated to grab centrists whose votes he needs in November.  It gives him wiggle room with leftists who are curious why he won't be more explicit.  But when Mr. Obama says he is evolving, he does so with a wink.  His liberal supporters know where he really stands.

Gay for Pay.  President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage less than 48 hours after the Washington Post reported that prominent political donors were threatening to withhold donations over the president's position on gay rights.

W.H.: Joe Biden forced Obama's hand on gay marriage.  For President Barack Obama and his team, the decision to back gay marriage came down to a choice between two unpalatable alternatives:  Support it and brave the backlash in battleground states where the issue could be a liability — or keep silent and be accused by allies of gutlessness and putting politics over principle.  Administration officials said the president planned to announce his support before the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this September.  But they acknowledge that Vice President Joe Biden did, indeed, force their hand.

President Obama's calculated gamble on gay marriage.  President Obama's decision to express support for gay marriage in an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts is a decision that comes with real political risk.

How President Obama, in Six Days, Decided to Come Out for Gay Marriage.  Vice President Biden torpedoed the White House plan to endorse gay marriage before the Democratic convention.

Mocking derision:
Another Gutsy Call!  This now puts Barack Obama in the same reviled category as the Hollywood elite, the New York Times editorial page, the American professoriat, his Wall Street fundraising bundlers, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, readers of the Nation, the cast and crew of The Daily Show, and the majority of residents on New York's Upper West Side.  And lest we forget:  He now risks the wrath of zealots, extremists, partisans, and ideologues.

Obama Was For Same-Sex Marriage Before He Was Against It.  Today the President announced that he has evolved on the issue of gay marriage and that, contrary to what he said in 2004 and 2008, he now supports it.  But there's reason to question whether Obama was ever really against gay marriage or whether he simply took the path of least resistance to get elected to the Senate and then the White House.

Our Composite President.  [Scroll down]  Obama said he would root out money's baleful influence on our democracy.  Yet the first big decision he made as his party's presumptive nominee was to forego public financing.  That single action undermined the cause of campaign finance reform more than any Supreme Court decision.  He has regularly denounced corporate money as a candidate and as a president.  Yet Obama has raised more money from Wall Street than anyone in 20 years.  He was the largest recipient of BP contributions.

The Once and Future Liberal.  Much of the loyal opposition's response to President Obama's new position in favor of gay marriage centered on the back-and-forth in which he has indulged over the years getting to it.  He was for it; he was against it; now he's for it again (not that he apparently proposes to do anything to advance the cause beyond his "historic" expression of personal support).  In short, the "evolved" presidential view is of the genus "political cynicism":  On the eve of a major Hollywood fundraiser (and, hmm, a Washington Post exposé on Mitt Romney's prep school bully-boy days), Obama chose to pander to a group that was feeling under-pandered-to.

Obama's Views on Distraction Have Evolved, Too.  Remember how candidate Barack Obama complained in 2008 that any discussion not involving the economy was a "distraction"?  This time, his entire campaign is built on distracting voters from the economy.

Flashback: Obama said he wouldn't do executive order on deportations; 'we've got three branches of government'.  President Obama's decision today to bypass Congress is especially interesting in light of comments he made back in March of 2011 at a Univision townhall: [...] ["]There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President.["]

Romney Campaign Says Obama Fast And Furious Decision "Another Broken Promise".  Romney Press Secretary Andrea Saul attacked President Barack Obama's decision to invoke executive privilege on documents pertaining to the Fast and Furious scandal requested by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  "President Obama's pledge to run the most open and transparent administration in history has turned out to be just another broken promise," she said in a statement to BuzzFeed.

Obama Campaign Tears America Apart.  Remember when President Obama inspired Americans with such tired bromides as, "There are no red states or blue states, just the United States"?  Remember when Obama declared that Americans had to pull together, because what united us was stronger than what divided us? [...] President Obama's re-election campaign has been an exercise in fragmentation.

'Just another broken promise' of transparency.  "President Obama's pledge to run the most open and transparent administration in history has turned out to be just another broken promise," Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email to The Daily Caller.

Obama Made Pre-Inaugural 'Pledge' on Stopping Guns to Mexico.  Three and a half years before he invoked executive privilege in refusing to hand over to Congress internal Justice Department documents about Operation Fast and Furious — and just eight days before his inauguration — President-elect Barack Obama met with Mexican President Calderon over lunch at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., and "pledged" that he would take action aimed at stopping the flow of guns into that country from the United States.

Obama, Story-Teller.  A sign of an undisciplined mind is serial lapses into self-contradiction, or blurting out a thought only to refute it entirely on a later occasion.  For a president to do that is to erode public confidence and eventually render all his public statements irrelevant.  That is now unfortunately the case with Barack Obama, who has established a muddled record of confused and contradictory declarations.

Obama Praised Private Equity When He Needed Cash.  Obama's campaign ads dismissively compare Romney's work at Bain to that of a "vampire" draining jobs and money from vulnerable companies and workers.  After pushback from a handful of pro-free market Democrats in late May, the President himself publicly defended his campaign's attacks on private equity firms like Bain.  But records from Obama's time as a state senator in Illinois, along with recollections of those who worked with him, present a very different stance.  They indicate that Obama worked hard to position himself as a strong supporter of the venture capital industry.

'Republicans Want More Debt' and Other Democratic Propaganda.  We should hold Obama to his earlier statement that he would not be re-elected if Americans weren't better off than they were when he took office.  But once it became clear that Obama's recovery would be permanently anemic, he shifted the goal posts.  Obama told us the test would be not whether people are worse off than they were when he began his hope and change odyssey but whether they are better off than they would have been had he not been president.  This is an important distinction, not simply because it is another Obama deception but because it seeks to alter how the electorate judges presidential performances.  This must not be allowed to stand, and it's important we not let him get away with it.

Promises, Promises.  As a candidate and in the early days of his presidency, Obama and his top aides made a series of very specific promises on a range of issues.  As a candidate, Obama promised to create five million new energy jobs alone, claimed that by the end of his first term his health care plan would "bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family," and guaranteed that his financial rescue plan would help "stop foreclosures."

Bernie Goldberg: Media Will Ignore Obama's Five Major Broken Promises.  The liberal media will make sure to go through the motions and occasionally hit President Obama with some critical points, but they will hold their fire when it comes to addressing five major unfulfilled campaign promises, former CBS reporter and media critic Bernie Goldberg told Fox News's Bill O'Reilly last night [7/9/2012].

Obama Promised He Wouldn't Raise Taxes On the Middle Class. He Lied.  When he was asking for our vote in 2008, then candidate Barack Obama famously promised the American people, "I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."  But as the Supreme Court has now authoritatively ruled, the Obamacare individual mandate, requiring workers to purchase the health insurance the government specifies each family must buy, is a tax.  And that tax applies to the middle class and working people.  CBO estimates that health insurance will cost $15,000 per year on average for families soon after Obamacare is fully implemented, rising rapidly from there.  That is the individual mandate tax on the middle class and working people.

Obama's college math doesn't add up.  Early in his presidency, Barack Obama promised the United States would lead the world in college graduates by 2020 — a signature promise he's reminded people of many times since.  But his own administration's numbers show he won't come close.

Distinction with no Difference.  FEC regulations on Super PACs prohibit expenditures "made in cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request or suggestion" of candidates and their campaigns.  The Hatch Act forbids administration officials from participating in campaign events.  The groups supporting President Obama's reelection effort, however, are filled with former administration staffers and old friends who frequently visit the White House, and who give the campaign the ability to raise unlimited, secret funds — something Obama once claimed to deplore.

A laundry list of broken promises.  Highlighting Obama's broken promises is just one more device to make voters think about the choice they will have in November.

Obama's Epic Deficit Failure.  Remember when President Obama promised he'd cut the deficit in half in his first term?  Well, the results are in, and red ink will once again top $1 trillion.

Obama's sleight-of-hand goes to convention.  Obama's pattern is this:  Make a promise; break the promise; insist that you've kept the promise, and hope the press gives you a free pass.  When called out, resort to absurd word parsing.  This is how Obama campaigns, and it is how he governs.

Surprise! HHS pilot program to send 2 million poor seniors from Medicare into ... "voucher" programs.  I know that every campaign promise Barack Obama makes has an expiration date ... but this is ridiculous.  The confetti is barely off the floor at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina after Obama's acceptance speech, and already we find out that he's flip-flopped.

Obama Breaks 9/11 Promise, Sends Clinton to Campaign for Him.  Obama has broken the campaigns' joint pledge not to campaign on 9/11.  And while Romney honors the fallen, Obama tweets for volunteers.

Obama Breaks 9/11 Truce, Trashes Romney on 'Pimp with a Limp' Show.  Obama couldn't even wait a day — and can't find the time for our most important ally in the Middle East.  But The "Pimp with the Limp" Obama has all kinds of time for.  That, despite the fact that there was a gentlemen's agreement of sorts that there wouldn't be any politics today [9/11/2012].

The Editor says...
A "gentlemen's agreement" can only be made between gentlemen.

Health Premiums Up $3,000; Obama Vowed $2,500 Cut.  During his first run for president, Barack Obama made one very specific promise to voters:  He would cut health insurance premiums for families by $2,500, and do so in his first term.  But it turns out that family premiums have increased by more than $3,000 since Obama's vow, according to the latest annual Kaiser Family Foundation employee health benefits survey.

CBO makes it offficial — Obama broke deficit pledge.  The Congressional Budget Office on Friday [1-/5/2012] reported that the federal government ran a $1.1 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2012, making it official that President Obama broke his promise to cut the deficit in half within his first term in office.

Had Enough of Broken Promises?  After watching the first debate, I refuse to believe that American voters will choose an encore for Obama's version of "hope and change."  Regardless of his new campaign promises, Romney reminded us of Obama's failed trickle-down-government and his string of broken promises.  Here are ten reasons that it's time for a change in Washington.

No plans yet for Obama to return to Charlotte after DNC promise.  A spokesman for the Obama campaign told Eyewitness News that as of Friday there are no plans for President Barack Obama to return to Charlotte and honor the promise he made during the Democratic National Convention to return after his speech was moved indoors.

Obama's slippery foreign oil promise.  It was one of President Barack Obama's boldest 2008 campaign promises:  Getting the United States off oil from anti-U.S. hot spots within a decade.  That didn't happen.  Persian Gulf oil imports are down only 5 percent, while the U.S. remains Venezuela's biggest oil-trading partner since Obama said changing that relationship was crucial "for the sake of our economy, our security and the future of our planet."

Obama hints at handgun restrictions too.  In his 2008 campaign and while president, Obama has distanced himself from gun issues, aware that it could hurt him politically in key battleground states.  But when pressed about gun violence during the Tuesday town hall-style presidential debate, he fully embraced a Clinton-style assault weapons ban.

Libya and Lies.  What has this man not deceived the public about? [...] Remember his pledge to have a "transparent" government that would post its legislative proposals on the Internet several days before Congress was to vote on them, so that everybody would know what was happening?  This was followed by an Obamacare bill so huge and passed so fast that even members of Congress did not have time to read it.

Obama's own flip-flop past.  In the immortal words of Warner Wolf, let's go to the videotape.

Obama Said 'Trust Matters'? He Never Flip-Flops?  [H]as the president forgotten about Benghazi?  A foreign policy disaster that ended with the assassination of a U.S. Ambassador, the first time in thirty-three years, which some in the media has been reluctant to talk about.  And yet, CNN ran the soundbite several times of Obama saying "trust matters" — at the same time it's become clear that the administration abused the public trust by insisting there was "no evidence" of a pre-planned attack.

The president has left a long trail of flip-flops.  With 10 days until the election, Barack Obama's latest strategy is to claim that his opponent has developed "stage 3 Romnesia."  Mitt Romney, the argument goes, is conveniently forgetting his real agenda, flipping his positions to better appeal to the electorate.  Since Mr. Romney's conservative base would surely disagree, this raises the question of whether the president isn't himself suffering from a psychological malady that experts call "projection."

Obama stops making promises to lead an ethical, open government.  President Obama ran in 2008 while making big promises on transparency and ethics, including vows to ban lobbyists from working for him, to throw open negotiations on health care legislation, to speed freedom-of-information requests and to let voters have direct input before he signed bills into law.  He is making no such promises in this year's campaign, though, nor is he taking a victory lap on those old vows.

Did President Obama Restore Science to Its Rightful Place?  In his 2009 inaugural address, President Barack Obama promised to "restore science to its rightful place," in addition to making the government more transparent and accountable.  Millions rallied to his cause.  Four years later, how has he done?  Unfortunately, not well.  On a whole host of issues, Obama has placed politics before science.

Barack Obama Broke Promise to Honor Cold War Veterans.  President Barack Obama once promised, as a U.S. Senator, to honor veterans of the Cold War, who have never received official recognition and are therefore prevented from full participation in many Veterans Day celebrations.  But he never fulfilled that promise — neither in the Senate nor the White House — leaving Cold War veterans in the cold.

Sick veterans wait for Obama's promise.  It was one of the simplest, most poignant promises Barack Obama made in 2008 in his first campaign for the White House:  He would fulfill "a sacred trust with our veterans" by significantly reducing the government's lengthy backlog of pending claims for disability coverage.  The goal:  All veterans could get a decision on disability claims within 125 days.

ACLU demands Obama keep 'unmet promises' in 2nd term.  The American Civil Liberties Union is giving President Barack Obama no time to kick back and celebrate after he won reelection last week calling on the president to keep promises that were ignored or undelivered in his first term. [...] Specifically, the ACLU lays out three areas of focus:  closing Guantanamo, standing up for a woman's right to have an abortion and rescinding "anti-immigrant federal programs and policies."

That didn't take long — Obama reverses himself on Israel.  Obama's real position, then, is that he will attempt to dictate the tactics and operations through which Israel exercises the right to defend itself.  And Obama's efforts to dictate constitute a constraint on Israel's right to defend itself.

Obama Considers Corporate Funding for Inauguration.  Four years ago Mr. Obama barred corporations from donating to his inauguration, a gesture meant to show that well-heeled interests wouldn't have undue influence in his administration.

Obama Considering Corporate Sponsorship of Second Inauguration.  Reports suggest Barack Obama is considering laying the cost of his second inauguration at the feet of corporate sponsors rather than private donors.  This would represent a reversal of his 2009 inauguration, when he banned donations from corporations.

Angered Staten Island Resident Tells President Obama: "You Lied".  President Obama promised to help victims of Hurricane Sandy after the storm ravaged the East Coast.  But after meeting with the president, one Staten Island family says he has broken that promise.

Obama's Broken Promises to Sandy Victims.  Six weeks after Sandy hit the New Jersey and New York coast, residents are still struggling and in desperate need of shelter.  Many hard-hit victims are not getting help despite President Barack Obama's pledge of the full support of the federal government, and they are dealing with red tape the president said would not be tolerated.  In the Red Hook community of Brooklyn, N.Y., many residents are still living in their unheated, powerless homes in freezing temperatures.  Help from the government for residents has not come.

It's Dictators All the Way Down.  Look down on Cairo, Baghdad, Benghazi or Ramallah, or any of those other exotic eastern precincts where the democracy dreamers thought the reformation and renaissance of Islam would begin, and as far as the eye can see, it's dictators all the way down.  The great spiritual, political and cultural revivals that were supposed to neuter terrorism, end the need for drone strikes and naked scanners, for men pouring water down on other men in secret prisons, and for all the rest of it, has never come to pass.

Obama Promised Not to Use Signing Statements, but Released One Last Night.  In 2008, Barack Obama promised that he would not use signing statements, but last night [1/2/2013] he released when to accompany his signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013.

Jersey Shore marina owner: President broke his promise.  A New Jersey woman who became the face of post-Superstorm Sandy anguish when she appeared in a photo hugging President Obama among the ruins of her destroyed marina now says the President broke his promise to help her rebuild.  Donna Vanzant, who hugged and chatted with the President when he visited her devastated North Point Marina in Brigantine on Oct. 31, told The Philly Post blog that she got the brush-off from Obama when she emailed him about relief efforts days after the photo op.

The Editor says...
Wake up, lady.  You have been used.

Sandy Victim: Obama is a 'Straight Out Liar'.  Another of Hurricane Sandy's victims expressed his disgust with the president this afternoon:  "He's a phony, he's a liar.  Straight out liar. [..."]

Obama's inaugural committee on the receiving end of transparency complaints.  In the run-up to his 2009 inauguration, President Obama's inaugural committee made much ado about the fact that they would not be accepting any donations from lobbyists or corporations, nor individual donations in excess of $50,000 [...] but this year, the enthusiasm level is sufficiently tarnished that they decided to reverse course on that much-vaunted corporate ban and took the limit off of individual contributions.  Why it was distinctly not okay to accept mega-donations in order to wave off well-monied interests in 2009, but it is okay now, is still unclear.

'He made a promise to help us and he broke it'.  Obama visited the destroyed marina Ms [Donna] Vanzant owns in Brigantine, New Jersey on October 31 and promised her 'immediate' aid.  Soon after, Ms Vanzant wrote him an email.  'Many days later, I got a response back,' she told the Philadelphia Magazine.  'It was disturbing.  'It had nothing to do with what I was asking him.  It was a form letter.  It thanked me for supporting the troops. [...]'

President Obama: The Great Demancipator.  President Obama four years ago told us he thought the "signing statements" employed by his predecessor, George W. Bush, were not only improper, but they were unconstitutional.  Coming from a constitutional law professor, who was sworn in on Lincoln's Bible, those are serious words.  But that was then.  Now, Mr. Obama has issued a signing statement of his own.

Having Blocked Reform for 8 Years, Obama Will Push for Immigration Overhaul in 2013.  He undermined bipartisan attempts at comprehensive immigration reform from 2005 through 2007 as a Senator.  He broke his promise to introduce immigration reforms in his first term, and used election-year executive action in a cynical ploy for Latino votes.  Now, the New York Times reports, President Barack Obama is about to push for new immigration legislation, using his State of the Union address and his new political clout.

Obama's spending adds $4 billion to the national debt every day.  In 2009, the President pledged to cut the annual deficit in half by the end of his first term.  Instead, we have seen four straight years of trillion-dollar deficits and a national debt exceeding $16 trillion.  Rather than cutting wasteful spending, the federal government added $4 billion each day to our gross national debt.  This path is not sustainable.

Preserving the Second Amendment.  [Scroll down]  Those words, "executive orders, executive action," used in conjunction with constitutionally protected rights and liberties, ought to alarm us all.  They used to frighten Barack Obama.  On Oct. 2, 2007, then-Sen. Obama railed against what he called the abuse of executive powers purportedly perpetrated by President George W. Bush in his administration's efforts to protect the American people from acts of terror by radical Islamists.  Apparently, the current occupant of the Oval Office has overcome his early concerns about chief executives exceeding their authority.

Obama's 'bipartisan' State of the Union paints Republicans as anti-science, job-hating Neanderthals.  The State of the Union repeated a lot of the same themes of the past few years.  That's because a lot of Obama's promises remain unfulfilled and are still reliant on slipping them through a hostile Congress.  Take his signature pledge to raise the minimum wage to $9, which he insisted will stimulate the economy and create jobs.  Back in 2008, Obama said he's raise the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2011.

Fort Hood Hero Says President Obama 'Betrayed' Her, Other Victims.  Three years after the White House arranged a hero's welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.

Boxer Introduces Carbon Tax Bill Three Months After WH Promised 'We Would Never Propose' One.  Today, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced a bill to levy a carbon tax. But, back on Nov. 15 of last year, Pres. Obama's press secretary promised the administration would "never" do so.  According to Reuters, the new tax law "would set a $20 tax for each ton of carbon dioxide equivalent a polluter would emit beyond a set limit, which would rise 5.6 percent annually over a 10-year period."  Last November, however, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that would never happen.

Obama still chasing 'green jobs' will-o'-the-wisp.  It's one thing to say we have to throw a lot of money at solving global warming to save the planet.  It's quite another to pretend that there is a "green economy" just waiting to happen, filled with hundreds of thousands or even millions of good jobs, as Obama has often promised.  The new "green energy economy" that Obama has repeatedly spoken of — a future of lower ocean levels in which Americans work at good-paying jobs manufacturing windmills and solar panels — has always been among the most optimistic features of his vision for America.  But given that it is an economically impossible pipe dream, it is also one of the biggest flops of his presidency.

Obama promised to close Guantánamo. Instead, he's made it worse.  Despite running on an explicit campaign promise to shut down the island prison which has become a symbol of the abuses of the "war on terror", President Obama has continued to preside over its operation.

White House visitors, get lost.  Brownie troops, baseball teams and kids from places like Ottumwa, Texarkana and East Gondola who have been washing cars and saving dimes for years to pay for their senior trip, can scratch the White House off the list of places to see in Washington.  In a fit of pique over how sequestration didn't shut down the government, President Obama has canceled all public tours.  Last year, when things were going more his way and Mr. Obama was in a more generous mood, he called the historic building "the people's house."

Obama Warns: 'Increasing America's Debt Weakens Us Domestically And Internationally' — In 2006.  "[T]he cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the Federal budget," said President Barack Obama. [...] Obama made this appeal from the floor of the U.S. Senate in 2006 as he and his fellow Democrats rallied against raising the debt ceiling limit.  Then, the national debt stood at just over $8 trillion.  Today, it has ballooned to more than $16 trillion.

Gay Marriage: Bill O'Reilly Misses the Point.  Before central control out of Washington was imposed in 2003, policy arguments for criminalizing homosexual acts were won explicitly "with that."  And because of "that," the idea of gay marriage has been unthinkable throughout the history of the American nation. [...] Barack Obama was for gay marriage (1996) before he was against it (2004 Senate race; 2008 presidential race) before he was for it again (2012).

Networks Silent as Obama Gives Up on Closing Guantanamo.  Barack Obama's State Department on Monday [1/28/2013] announced that it will close the office dedicated to shutting down Guantanamo Bay.  According to the New York Times, this means that the President "does not currently see the closing of the prison as a realistic priority, despite repeated statements that [the administration] still intends to do so."  Yet, all three network newscasts on Monday night [1/28/2013] and the morning shows on Tuesday skipped the revelation.

Obama's plan hatched at Columbia University.  Obama promised to cut the deficit in half; instead he gave us five consecutive trillion dollar deficits.  He promised to spend responsibly; instead he became the biggest spender in world history.  He called Bush's $4 trillion in debt over 8 years reckless, then proceed to pile on $6 trillion in only 4 years.  He swore to be on the side of small business, but he added 6,118 new rules, regulations and mandates in just the last 90 days

Economy Less Important To Obama Than Vacations, Golf.  The Government Accountability Institute, which has mined the records of the White House calendar, says President Obama "has spent a total of 474.4 hours (or 47.4 10-hour workdays) in economic meetings or briefings of any kind throughout his presidency" while he "has played 115 total rounds of golf and spent 86 days on vacation, for an estimated combined total of 976 hours."  Don't forget that this is the president who has refocused his attention on, or pivoted toward, jobs and the economy on multiple occasions.

The Obama enemies list.  When he first ran for president in 2008, Mr. Obama praised whistleblowing as "acts of courage and patriotism" that "should be encouraged, rather than stifled, as they have been during the Bush administration."  He pledged to "strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud and abuse of authority in government."  Mr. Obama has forgotten that promise.

Obama's 2007 Promise: 'No More Illegal Wiretapping of American Citizens'.  His administration would not "spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime, " then-Senator Obama promised in a Woodrow Wilson International Center, Council on Foreign Relations speech on August 1, 2007:  "I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom.["]  [Video clip]

Obama: I didn't visit Kenya, 'I was trying to spread the wealth'.  At a townhall meeting in South Africa, President Obama was asked why he hasn't kept his word on visiting Kenya during his presidency.  "One of the things you learn as president is, not only do people want you to fulfill your promises, but they want you to fulfill your promises yesterday," Obama said.  The first family's recent trip to Africa didn't include a visit to his father's homeland, which is why the young Kenyan woman called Obama out on his broken promise.

Obama's Promise To Win Afghanistan Now Total Pullout.  President Obama's new strategy for what he once called "a war that we have to win" is a "zero option" of irrevocable defeat.  The world's strongest military power can no longer win wars.

ObamaCare Will Now Add To Deficits In First 10 Years.  In September 2009, President Obama promised the country that "I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future."  But it turns out Obama did sign such a plan — in fact, ObamaCare could add upwards of 180 billion dimes to the deficit in its first 10 years, an IBD analysis of various official budget reports found.

A union cloud over Obamacare as broken promises infuriate the president's base.  As the details of Obamacare become more known, Americans become more concerned, and for good reason.  President Obama promised that if you were happy with your health care, you could keep it.  As with so many other government promises, this, too, turns out to be an empty one.  Even people you think would be solid Obama supporters are waking up to the more damaging aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Where's that 5% unemployment rate Obama promised by now?  On the surface, the July jobs report — the unemployment rate dipped to 7.4% last month thanks to a shrinking workforce as the economy added a disappointing 162,000 net new payrolls — is just another dismal data point in America's "new normal" recovery.  But it's also an important milestone and metric for judging the Keynesian fiscal experiment known as Obamanomics.

Amateur Hour (once again) starring Barack Obama.  During the 2008 campaign, Sen. Barack Obama traveled the country vowing to usher in an era of openness and transparency if elected president.  Gone would be the bad old days of President George W. Bush running roughshod over the Constitution with his "enhanced interrogation techniques" and his surveillance via the Patriot Act.  No, this community organizer from Chicago was going to end all that, tell The People what was really going on.  But, guess what?  (Spoiler alert.)  He didn't.

Classic Obama charade: Appoint a crony to investigate himself.  "It's not enough for me, as President, to have confidence in these programs," Obama reasonably told a nationwide TV audience.  "The American people need to have confidence in them as well."  He's absolutely right.  Sounds good too, like Obama's 2008 promise to sign on his first day as president an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility within one year?  True to his word, less than 24 hours in the Oval Office the Democrat signed that order.  To note that 1,665 days later Guantanamo is still going strong is a racist criticism.

252 Examples Of Obama's Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Etc.  Obama's campaign promises were so much better sounding than anyone else's — no lobbyists in his administration, waiting five days before signing all non-emergency bills so people would have time to read them, putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN, reading every bill line by line to make sure money isn't being wasted, prosecution of Wall St. criminals, ending raids against medical marijuana in states where it's legal, high levels of transparency.

Obama's Long List of Broken Promises.  Has any previous president devalued his words quite so much, in quite so many ways?  Perhaps, but I rather doubt it.  In order to support my claim, it's worth taking a stroll down memory lane, to compare what Mr. Obama has said with what he has done.  The sheer bandwidth of his broken promises and empty claims is quite extraordinary.

ObamaCare's Gift To Lobbyists.  For years, Obama complained about "the revolving door that lets lobbyists come into government freely" and use their time in government "to promote their own interests over the interests of the American people whom they serve."  Now, the Hill reports how Obama's signature law is making former government officials fabulously rich as corporate lobbyists and consultants.  As the news site explains, "the voracious need for lobbying help in dealing with ObamaCare has created a price premium for lobbyists who had first-hand experience in crafting or debating the law."  Thus, ObamaCare reveals the gap between Washington and the rest of us.

The Obama Administration Is A White House Of Historic Incompetence.  It started with the stimulus package.  One-third of the money went to public employee union members — a political payoff not very stimulating to anyone else.  Billions went to green energy loans, like the $500 million that the government lost in backing the obviously hapless Solyndra.  Infrastructure projects, which the president continues to tout, never seem to get built.  He's been talking about dredging the port of Charleston, for example, to accommodate the big container ships coming in when the Panama Canal is widened.  The canal widening is proceeding on schedule to be completed in 2014.  The target date for dredging the port of Charleston:  2024.

Obama's inept foreign policy.  One of the things we were promised back in the 2008 election campaign was that under a Democratic administration America would be better liked and more influential in the world.  Forget those dumb cowboys in the Bush/Cheney administration whose brash style grated on foreign sensibilities:  Smooth, Europhile Democrats would win over the world, ushering in an era of peace and good feeling.  So, as Sarah Palin might say, how's that hopey-changey stuff workin' out for ya?

Obama's Half-Assad War.  In Obama's 2002 speech against the Iraq war, he scoffed at "armchair weekend warriors" who pursue "dumb" and "rash" interventions. [...] In his 2002 speech, Obama said that "petty dictators" don't justify military intervention, that Saddam Hussein posed no "imminent threat" to the U.S., that war would divert attention from domestic problems, and that a poorly conceived war would "fan the flames" of the Middle East and make a bad situation worse.  Substitute "Syria" for "Iraq" in the speech and one has a decent rejoinder to his Saturday announcement:  Assad is a petty dictator; he hasn't attacked the U.S.; this is a wag-the-dog diversion by a floundering president; the lack of any coherent strategy is sure to destabilize Syria and boost Islamic radicals.

Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition.  President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to "vetted" opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

WSJ Details 'Head-Spinning Reversal on Chemical Weapons' in Obama White House.  In a 66-paragraph masterpiece, Journal reporters Adam Entous, Janet Hook, and Carol Lee gave a behind-the-scenes look of how, "Through mixed messages, miscalculations, and an 11th-hour break, the U.S. stumbled into an international crisis and then stumbled out of it." [...] It really is a great exploration of the Keystone Kops nature of the Obama team's bungling of Syrian foreign policy.

Obama Was Against Syrian Rebels Before He Was For Them.  Despite reports that half the Syrian "rebels" are al-Qaida terrorists and other jihadists, the White House insists they're mostly freedom fighters worthy of aid.  That's not what the commander in chief said last year.

'Red line' just one of roughly 500 Obama promises that have come and gone.  President Obama vowing that Syria would "cross a red line" by using chemical weapons is far from the only marker he's laid down or promise he's tried to keep since running for president in 2008.  The president has made more than 500 campaign-related promises alone.

Obama refuses to follow the law on nuclear waste.  Just months after announcing his candidacy for president of the United States, then-Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., wrote the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2007 seeking to clarify his position on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage project.  "I want every Nevadan to know that I have always opposed using Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository," he wrote.  "States should not be unfairly burdened with waste from other states."  Problem is, the 1987 amendments to the Nuclear Waste Policy Act directed the U.S. Department of Energy to pursue the Yucca Mountain project as the only nuclear waste-solution projection.

More about Yucca Mountain.

Obama as Chaos.  Amid all the charges and countercharges in Washington over the government shutdown, there is at least one common theme:  Barack Obama's various charges always lead to a dead end.  They are chaos, and chaos is hard to understand, much less refute.  By that I mean when the president takes up a line of argument against his opponents, it cannot really be taken seriously — not just because it is usually not factual, but also because it always contradicts positions that Obama himself has taken earlier or things he has previously asserted.

Obamacare Snake Oil.  Don't look now, but as Obamacare's critics are focusing incessantly on the abortive rollout of the law's health-care exchanges, the Left is moving the goalposts in the broader debate — and rather spectacularly, too.  Obamacare, recall, was sold with a specific set of political promises:  The new regime, advocates insisted, would reduce the deficit, cover the needy, and reduce total health spending — all while lowering the premiums of those who were already insured.

Obama Not Practicing What He's Preached On Civility.  Remember when President Obama was showered with kudos for his 2011 speech calling for "more civility in our public discourse"?  He sure isn't practicing today what he preached then.

Michelle Obama on Barack: 'He Keeps His Promises'.  ABC's Barbara Walters did another in a series of sycophantic gushing and fawning interviews with the Obamas Friday [11/29/2013].  In the wake of the President's fallacious claim that people could keep their health insurance plans if they liked them, the most preposterous part of the interview was when Michelle Obama said her husband "keeps his promises" without any pushback from Walters.

Obama hires revolving-door lobbyist and Clinton fixer John Podesta.  Podesta founded a lobbying firm his brother still runs; he was a corporate lobbyist more recently than he was a White House chief of staff; and he was a registered lobbyist as recently as 2005.  This resume is noteworthy because Candidate Obama — in part to distinguish himself from Beltway insider Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries — promised that lobbyists "won't work in my White House."  Obama has maintained that he has "excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs."  And much of the major media still somehow believes him.

Obamacare's War on Civil Society.  [Scroll down]  Among the people highlighted in the [New York] Times article was attorney Barbara Meinwald, who was receiving coverage through the New York City Bar.  Now her $10,000 policy is gone.  A temporary plan is available, costing $5,000 more but including fewer doctors.  Moreover, reported the Times, she "also looked on the state's health insurance exchange.  But she said she found that those plans did not have a good choice of doctors, and that it was hard to even find out who the doctors were, and which hospitals were covered."  Well now!  Whatever happened to all the improved coverage that the president talked about?

They Lied: Obamacare's 12 False Premises and Broken Promises.  Obama's broken promise that people who liked their health plans could keep them only scratches the surface of the administration's health care mendacity.  As the following list illustrates, it was one of at least a dozen false or misleading statements that senior administration officials and ranking Democrats made before, during, and after Obamacare was signed into law.  The persistent misrepresentations and outright lies were in fact integral to the law's passage, to its implementation, and to the damage-control phase that began with the botched launch of the online insurance exchanges in October.

Obama: 'I Don't Think We Need to Fundamentally Transform the Nation'.  In an apparent reversal of his past campaign statements, President Barack Obama told Fox News's Bill O'Reilly in a Sunday interview that he does not believe in fundamentally transforming America.

Five years of Obama promises: What's changed?  We went back 1,818 days to one of the first speeches Barack Obama gave as the 44th president.  Back to Feb. 12, 2009, less than a month from his first morning in office when he grandly announced the imminent closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. [...] There was one other area Obama talked about in Peoria 259 weeks ago:  fiscal restraint.  It almost seems ludicrous now after his four straight years of trillion-dollar-plus deficits and another contentious debate looming this month over raising the national debt limit yet again, well above the current fiscal hole that's $17 trillion deep.  "We've got to get serious about starting to live within our means," said Democrat Barack Obama.  No, really.  He said that.

The Fox and the Attention Hog.  The most interesting question came not from [Bill] O'Reilly but from a viewer, who wanted to know:  "Mr. President, why do you feel it's necessary to fundamentally transform the nation that has afforded you so much opportunity and success?"  Obama rejected the premise of the question, saying, "I don't think we have to fundamentally transform the nation."  That glib denial of the record — he promised fundamental transformation in 2008 — characterized most of the interview.

Big Dem donors want public financing of elections now.  What a coincidence!  After Barack Obama became the first major-party candidate since Watergate to opt out of the presidential matching-fund system and its spending limits and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in two election cycles, wealthy liberal activists want Congress to impose a public-finance system for federal-government elections.  In fact, it's some of the same people that Obama's broken promise to remain within that now-defunct system enabled.

Big Brother vs. Little Sisters.  Despite straight-facedly promising that he would protect the religious liberties of people and groups and would not violate their conscience rights by forcing them to provide or support contraceptive or abortion services, President Obama has vigorously engaged in a scorched-earth campaign to do just the opposite.  It's not enough that Obama has imposed a mandate on a formerly free America to compel people to purchase health insurance under his woefully inferior new health care scheme.  He is insistent on gratuitously forcing it on those whose faith-driven consciences object to the mandate, even when exempting them surely wouldn't impair the workings of his already chaotic law.

The Progressive Aristocracy.  In recent weeks, we examined the Obama administration's willingness to reverse positions that it had once proudly proclaimed — on whether an individual mandate is necessary, whether the individual mandate is a tax, whether it is important that you can keep your plan or doctor, whether lobbyists should work in a president's administration, whether a donor should be appointed U.S. ambassador, and so on.  Then we noted environmentalists who said they would not criticize or attack lawmakers who supported the Keystone Pipeline, as long as they were Democrats.

Did the President Take a Pay Cut Like He Promised? White House Won't Say.  The White House is refusing to confirm whether President Barack Obama followed up on his pledge to take a five percent pay cut due to sequestration last year.  Obama promised last April to take a 5 percent pay cut in "solidarity" with federal employees who were furloughed as a result of the automatic budget cuts, known as the sequester.  The cut was meant to equate to the level of spending cuts imposed on nondefense federal agencies.

White House won't say if Obama kept promise to return 5% of his salary.  President Barack Obama pledged in the spring of 2013 to give back 5 percent of his $400,000 salary in solidarity with federal government workers who were expected to lose an average of two weeks' pay because of automatic budget cuts — known in Washington parlance as a 'sequester.'  A year later, however, it's not clear that he made good on his $20,000 promise.

Oops! What Obama says on Iraq conflicts with what Obama said on Iraq.  Obama ordered a few air strikes Friday [8/8/2014].  But he wants everyone to understand now that it was Iraq's fault no U.S. troops remained there to stabilize the delicate democracy.  Obama is, of course, infamous for his convenient memory and prediction capabilities.  If you like that president, you can keep that president.  But what did Obama say about U.S. troops in Iraq, when did he say it?  And Joe Biden and others.  And have they been consistent?  Here's a brief collection of quotes from those days and more recently: [...]

Obama's 2012 Debate Boast: I Didn't Want to Leave Any Troops in Iraq.  Before leaving for vacation on Saturday, President Obama spoke briefly about the genocidal Islamist terrorists who are taking over large swaths of Iraq.  When one reporter asked the president if he regretted not leaving any U.S. troops in Iraq, Obama replied that that wasn't even an option: [...]

Obama: Pulling All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Was Not 'My Decision'.  When he was running for re-election in 2012, President Barack Obama repeatedly took credit for ending the war in Iraq and bringing all U.S. troops home from that country.  At the White House on Saturday, however, when talking about his decision to use military force against the al-Qaida-related ISIS terrorist group in Iraq, Obama said removing all U.S. troops from Iraq was not "my decision."  "You know I say what I mean and I mean what I say," Obama said in Hollywood, Florida on Nov. 4, 2012.  "I said I'd end the war in Iraq.  I ended it."  That statement was similar — or identical — to many others Obama made on the campaign trail in the 2012 campaign.

Flashback: Obama Promises No Vacations For Himself As President.  Weasel Zippers has revived an old video of Barack Obama promising not to take vacations if he were elected president. [...] The future president was talking about how those running for president need to be prepared to "give their life to it."  "The bargain that any president strikes with is, you give me this office and in turn my, fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone," Obama said.  "I am giving myself to you."

White House loosens restrictions on lobbyists.  President Barack Obama is loosening restrictions on lobbyists who want to serve on federal advisory boards, a White House official said on Tuesday [8/12/2014], a setback to the president's efforts to tamp down special interest influence in Washington.

The Editor says...
Instead of calling it a flip-flop or a betrayal of a campaign promise, the Reuters writer called it "a setback to the president's efforts," as if he had no control over his own actions.

The K Street President.  Finally, mainstream journalists are onto Barack Obama's game.  Their breaking-news shocker?  Turns out all that "hope and change" stuff was just hot air.  A new report from the D.C.-based press shows that — gasp — the White House is infested with Beltway lobbyists. [...] The "most transparent administration ever" is playing disclosure-dodging renaming games to hide lobbyists' grubby paw prints.  By officially de-registering as corporate lobbyists and morphing into "consultants," "counselors" or "advisers," Obama's K Street operators can maintain the fiction of upholding the Great Agent of Change's grand ethics pledge.

How Obama's broken promises have put America in danger.  Obama seems to have a lot of trouble standing by his word.  He repeatedly promised to close down Guantanamo Bay if he became President.  It's still open.  He repeatedly promised Newtown families he would get action on gun control after Sandy Hook.  Nothing happened.  He repeatedly promised 'no more secrecy' in open, more transparent government.  Five years later, we discovered the NSA were secretly bugging and hacking almost the entire planet.

The Case against Obama's Amnesty.  Just a few years ago, a prominent national Democrat firmly and unequivocally rejected the idea that the president of the United States could singlehandedly enact an amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants.  In 2011, for example, this Democrat reminded us that "there are laws on the books that Congress has passed," and that therefore it would not be permissible for the president to "suspend deportations through executive order."  In 2013, this same Democrat noted that granting a unilateral amnesty for adults residing in our country illegally was "not an option," because it would amount to "ignoring the law."  As you might have guessed, that Democrat was President Obama.

Caught on Camera: Obama Called Exec Immigration Action Illegal... 25 Times!.  Tomorrow night, President Barack Obama will announce what appears to be the most sweeping executive action on immigration in American history.  For years, he has called such action illegal; in fact, "The Kelly File" found 25 instances in which Obama said so on camera.

Former colleagues decry Obama as opportunist on immigration.  A decade ago, then-state Sen. Miguel del Valle was trying to round up support for a bill to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants in Illinois.  He was a few votes shy, and had at least one good target in mind:  fellow state Sen. Barack Obama.  Mr. Obama was a rising star and someone Mr. del Valle considered a friend and a solid vote for progressives on social issues, though he hadn't been very involved with immigration.  Mr. Obama, however, was reluctant to get on board the driver's license bill.  He came around, but warned Mr. del Valle it was politically painful.

Boehner's Office Lists 22 Times Obama Argued Against Executive Amnesty.  [#1] "I take the Constitution very seriously.  The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with [the president] trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all.  And that's what I intend to reverse when I'm President of the United States of America."  (3/31/08)

The 112 broken promises Mr. Obama made in previous SOTU speeches.  As we prepare for yet another State of the Union address filled with promises and pledges to the American people, the folks over a Grabien have pieced together a nearly 13-minute montage of the 112 promises that President Barack Obama made in his previous addresses to joint sessions of Congress but never kept.  Included in the video are broken promises to lower insurance premiums and reduce healthcare costs, freeze spending for five years, veto spending bills that don't balance the budget, entitlement reform, tax reform, and eliminate red tape that's hurting American businesses.

Say, I wonder how President Obama did on his 2014 promises?  President Obama made a lot of promises about how he'd make the world a better place in 2014. He said he'd fight the bad guys, force them to back down, stand up for freedom around the world.  So, let's test how he did.

Axelrod's Book Claims Obama 'Modified' Gay Marriage Position to Win in 2008.  According to former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod's new book, President Barack Obama misled on his gay marriage position in the 2008 election, claiming to be against the change when he in fact fully favored it.  According to Believer: My Forty Years in Politics, Obama had long been in favor of same-sex marriage, but struggled to find a way to articulate the then-unpopular stance.  In the 2008 race aides worried it would cost him key support in African-American communities.

Our Agonized President.  The law professor turned president is having another one of his endless policy reviews.  Previously he agonized over, inter alia, whether to surge troops in Afghanistan (yes — but with a timeline and a force cap), whether to arm the Syrian resistance (not really), and whether to attack Bashar Assad for crossing the "red line" on chemical weapons use (yes then no).  Now the issue is whether to send Ukraine "defensive" but "lethal" weapons.  As in past administration policy reviews, word is leaking out about which insiders favor which course of action.

Obama Not Called 'Black Jesus' Any More.  "Confession is good for the soul," said Mark Twain, "but it's bad for the reputation."  Candidate Barack Obama in 2008 confessed to his top advisor, David Axelrod, "I'm just not very good at bull____ing."  Actually, he was very good at it.  He told millions of Americans that he believed marriage was "a sacred union" between a man and a woman.  He answered about marriage in Rick Warren's question famed Civic Forum, going even further to say that "God is in the mix."  Four years later, he claimed he had evolved.

He's a Raging Partisan.  President Obama's claim to have disapproved of gay marriage until he changed his mind in 2012 has been exposed as a lie.  It was a small, politically expedient lie, but it got a lot of attention last week.  Meanwhile a bigger lie hovers over the Obama presidency like an avenging angel, unseen and unheard.  The bigger lie wasn't a fleeting comment.  It was the crux of Obama's presidential campaign.

DHS creates path to citizenship for Dreamers: report.  The Obama administration quietly told Congress this week that its deportation amnesty programs will, in fact, include a pathway to citizenship, according to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, who said that breaks a promise President Obama made to the country when he announced the program.

Read Obama's Lying Lips.  On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama was elected President in what many considered a landslide victory, winning the popular vote by 8 million votes.  One of his campaign slogans was "change we can believe in."  Let's take a look at what he said after being elected.  Here are some examples of his statements regarding Iran.  On July 1, 2010 he said, "the United States and the international community are determined to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons."  In the 2012 State of the Union address he again made his views clear by stating emphatically, "America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal."

The Tough Questions Hillary Faces As Candidate.  Today both Obama and Clinton support same-sex marriage, both acknowledging that their views have "evolved" over the years.  Obama's public positions certainly "evolved."  In 1996, as a state Senate candidate in Illinois, he filled out a questionnaire saying he was for it.  As a U.S. Senate candidate in 2004, he was against it.  In 2008, as a candidate for president, he was not only against it, but told interviewer Rick Warren on national television, "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman.  Now, for me as a Christian, it's also a sacred union.  God's in the mix."  Yet, by 2012, when he sought re-election as president, he was for it, again.  Last year he decided it was a constitutional right for same-sex marriages to be recognized in all states.  One of his closest presidential campaign advisers in 2008, David Axelrod, wrote in his book "Believer: My Forty Years in Politics," that Obama was deceiving the public about his true position from 2004 through 2012.

Also posted under Obama panders to homosexuals.

For 7th year in a row, Obama breaks promise to acknowledge Armenian genocide.  This week is the 100th anniversary of what many historians acknowledge as the Armenian genocide — the Turkish massacre of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians[.]  And it's also the seventh year in a row President Barack Obama has broken his promise to use the word "genocide" to describe the atrocity.

Obama Literally Edits Out the Genocide, Marks 'Armenian Remembrance Day'.  The White House moments ago issued President Obama's annual statement to mark Friday's [4/24/2015] Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, and as promised there is no genocide to be found.  In fact, the White House press release just called it "Armenian Remembrance Day."

World War O.  Obama pledged in his 2013 inaugural address that "a decade of war is now ending," but the numbers suggest otherwise.  The U.S. takes regular lethal action in at least five countries.  U.S. troops are deployed in three conflict zones.  And America is directly involved in a pair of Arab civil wars.

Hundreds invited, but then turned away, from White House event.  Hundreds of people who were invited to the White House to watch the arrival ceremony Tuesday morning [4/28/2015] for the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Tuesday turned away at the gates after waiting in line for more than an hour on a cool morning.  Those who did not make it to the South Lawn for the 9 a.m. event had already gone through a background check.  They included children, members of the military and media, federal employees and those who work at non-governmental organizations.  Some had traveled to Washington from other states.

The False Assurances of Anthony Kennedy and Barack Obama.  Justice Anthony Kennedy, while dictating one of the most sweeping social changes in history in his opinion in the Obergefell v. Hodges case that legalized same-sex marriage across America, waxes magnanimous towards foes of the expansion of the millennia-old definition of marriage.  He said those who believe same-sex marriage is wrong may "reach that conclusion based on decent and honorable religious or philosophical premises, and neither they nor their beliefs are disparaged" in the court's pronouncement.  Likewise, President Obama spoke deferentially of "Americans of goodwill" whose "[o]pposition in some cases has been based on sincere and deeply held beliefs."  But these statements are platitudes at best; more likely, they are simply disingenuous.

Our False Messiah.  President Obama recently denied that he ever promised, if elected, to heal our partisan divides.  Referring to our so-called political gridlock, thus spake Obama at a fundraising event at the home of Tyler Perry:  "When I ran in 2008, I in fact did not say I would fix it.  I said we could fix it.  I didn't say, 'Yes, I can.'  I said, 'Yes, we can.'"  As David Rutz demonstrates in the handy video compilation below, however, Obama's denial was — how to put it? — contrary to fact.  [Video clip]

What Obama Has Taught Us.  He twice ran for president expressing opposition to gay marriage while emphasizing the religious element of holy matrimony, which, he argued, precluded same-sex marriages.  Is he delighted that the Court ignored his prior views?

Ten Broken Obamacare Promises.  Since the passage of Obamacare in 2010, many of the President's famous promises have been routinely broken.  As he so ironically threatened in 2009, "If you misrepresent what's in this plan, we will call you out."  To that end, here are 10 promises of Obamacare that have already [as of 12/18/2013] proved to be broken.

Obama's last chance to keep a promise.  President Obama's political career was once predicated on his ability and willingness to bridge the partisan divide.  He shot to fame with a 2004 Democratic convention speech in which he claimed, "there's not a liberal America and a conservative America, there's the United States of America[.]"  Now, 12 years later, Obama still talks about partisanship although now he refers to the Republican intransigence that thwarted it rather than his own determination to see disagreement as mere obstruction and as a pretext for high-handed and undemocratic fiats.

Obama Is Leaving America a Much Weaker and More Divided Nation.  [Scroll down]  Under Obama's watch, race relations have drastically deteriorated with little or no input from the White House.  As a president who went in to office with a mandate, both houses of Congress and the overwhelming good will of a majority of the American people, which together constituted a license to do just about anything he wanted, he wasted opportunity after opportunity to heal America's division.  For older African Americans who thought they'd never see the day when they could vote for a black president, the hopes and expectations were through the roof, thinking that, at last, here was a man who actually understood first hand what it was like being black in America, someone who could address the unique problems that only people of color could understand.

Judge Orders White House To Stop Hiding Its Bogus Global Warming 'Proof'.  [Scroll down]  The released material is not highly sensitive.  So one wonders why the government bothered to redact it in the first place — and fought its release in court for over a year.  Upon assuming office, Holdren's boss, President Obama, and his attorney general, Eric Holder, issued guidance telling agencies not to withhold information just because they can, or based on technicalities, and to err on the side of disclosure, rather than secrecy.  As Holder once noted, "On his first full day in office, January 21, 2009, President Obama issued a memorandum to the heads of all departments and agencies on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The President directed that FOIA 'should be administered with a clear presumption:  In the face of doubt, openness prevails.'"  But that commitment to transparency has been flouted throughout the government, especially in Holder's own Justice Department.

Obama's next gift to Iran means breaking another promise to America.  President Obama's Iran policy can be summed up in four words:  All carrots, no sticks.  Endless carrots, too — even ones his team told Congress the Iranians would never get.  In the drive for Senate approval of Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, the administration repeatedly said Tehran would be denied access to the US financial system.  Looks like it's about to get it after all.  The move would not only give Iran financial resources well beyond the $150 billion it's already pocketed under the nuke deal, it would also leave all the remaining economic sanctions in tatters.

Obama will leave his successor more Middle East disasters than he inherited.  Before he won the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama won the peacenik vote.  When he ran for president in 2008, he was the one aiming to "turn the page" on America's failed foreign policy.  He criticized the Iraq War as a distraction from the real business in Afghanistan.  And yet, Obama is going to hand his successor more foreign policy disasters than he inherited.

Gallup Poll Reveals Obama Has Turned Back Clock On Race Relations.  Barack Obama was supposed to be a biracial leader who could heal the nation's racial wounds and bring the country together.  But since he took office, national tensions over race have gotten worse than ever, with the share of Americans who worry a lot about race relations soaring to 35% from a bottom of 13% just after Obama took office, according to a shocking new Gallup poll.  In fact, racial strife is the highest it's been in the poll's 15-year history.

The Progressive Regression.  An Affordable Care Act whose premiums just exploded by more than 20 percent despite massive deductibles, a Nobel Peace Prize-winner meddling in Syria, Libya, and points beyond, and a post-racial presidency coinciding with Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas all give lie to the promise of hope and change.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2020 by Andrew K. Dart

Bait and switch

Recap and overview articles:

Cognitive Dissonance in Post-Obama America.  Nearly 12 years have elapsed since the night in October 2008 when Barack Obama told a crowd of his supporters in a speech at the University of Missouri that they were "five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." [...] No matter how much Obama was willing to spend on "fundamentally transforming" the country, however, he could never satisfy the unrealistic hopes of his most ardent young supporters.  In that October 2008 speech in Missouri, he promised them "policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor."  Obama promised them "new ideas and new leadership and a new kind of politics, one that favors common sense over ideology."  He promised an end to policies that "give more and more money to billionaires and millionaires and big corporations."  How did that work out?  The biggest donors to the Democratic Party are "billionaires and millionaires and big corporations," who did just fine during Obama's tenure in the White House, whereas "the secretary and janitor" and "the men and women on factory floor" didn't do quite so well.  We need not blame Obama for the problems of the less fortunate in order to say that it was wrong for him to promise them a "chance to succeed" that he had no feasible plan to deliver.

Obama administration was corrupt, more and more evidence reveals daily.  There was so much hope in January 2009 when Barack Obama took office.  Here was the first black president of the United States, promising to be a leader for all Americans, to halt the rise of the oceans and to be the most transparent administration ever.  Even black Americans were saying the Civil War was finally over.  Unfortunately for America, it didn't turn out that way.  As more and more evidence is revealed daily on the evening news, it is now very clear the Obama administration was the most corrupt presidency in the history of the republic.

Barack Obama:  A Traitor for the Ages.  Presenting himself in 2008 as a political moderate who fully embraced America's two-party constitutional democracy and its free-market capitalist economy, Obama's ideological beliefs were never closely examined by the mainstream media.  But as his presidency unfolded, serious questions began to pile up about who he really was, specifically how closely he was aligned with the oppressive theories of Marx and Lenin.  Obama denied being a Bolshevik, but many objective people doubted that assertion based on the long trail of troubling circumstantial evidence. [...] In his 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, Obama described the only six months he would ever work for a profit-making company as "working for the enemy," adding that he felt like "a spy behind enemy lines."  Obama also acknowledged in Dreams an affinity he had for Marxist professors, yet he has refused to release his transcripts of his years at Columbia, a university known as a hotbed of Marxist professors and student groups.  Release of those records could provide important clues about his true ideological leanings.

The Origins of Our Second Civil War.  We forget especially the role of Barack Obama.  He ran as a Biden Democrat renouncing gay marriage, saying, "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  I am not in favor of gay marriage."  Then he "evolved" on the question and created a climate in which to agree with this position could get one fired.  He promised to close the border and reduce illegal immigration:  "We will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace.  We are a nation of immigrants.  But we are also a nation of laws."  Then he institutionalized the idea that to agree with that now-abandoned agenda was a career-ender.  Obama vowed to "work across the aisle" and was elected on the impression that he was a "bridge builder" who would heal racial animosity, restore U.S. prestige abroad, and reignite the economy after the September 2008 meltdown.  Instead, he weaponized the IRS, the FBI, the NSC, the CIA, and the State Department and redefined the deep state as if it were the Congress, but with the ability to make and enforce laws all at once.  "Hope and Change" became "You didn't build that!"

Obama, Jon Stewart and Progressivism's Bodyguard of Lies.  [Scroll down]  For example, people who value traditional marriage wouldn't have voted for Obama if they knew he was lying.  People who thought the Affordable Care Act would lower premiums and allow them to keep their policy and their doctor wouldn't have supported Obamacare.  The invariably low support for Obamacare would have been even lower but for Obama's fraud, something that might have stopped even those Democrats' intent upon the bill's passage.  People who believed in racial harmony would never have voted for a man who, despite his flowery words in 2004 and 2008, practices racial demagoguery at every opportunity.  And of course, people might have thought twice about electing a self-professed "Christian," whose recent behavior indicates he spoke the truth only when he said "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

Timely news and commentary:

Blue-Collar Workers are Now Solidly Republican.  The combination of Obama's soothing rhetoric and his status as the first black presidential candidate, had appeal.  For the most part, it turned out to be a ruse.  When he became president, he almost immediately shed the pretense of the moderation presented to the American people during his 2008 campaign against John McCain.  Instead of being a moderate, he immediately moved to the far left after his election with Obamacare and the $800 billion bailout for Wall Street, both of which proved to be highly unpopular with a large percentage of the people who helped put him in office.

The Left Doesn't Hate the US; It Hates Us.  When Barack Obama became president with full control of both houses of Congress, the left was ecstatic.  Some were proud of their country for the first time, blissfully unaware that most Americans had always been proud of America.  It was clear to Democrats that citizens had finally agreed to give them the opportunity and power to realize their dream of a "fair" America of equal outcome with an unchecked government elite making all decisions for everybody in a socialist utopia where everyone can have everything they want, and no decisions or policies could ever be wrong and thus ever reviewable.

Elites Value Mellifluous Illegality over Crass Lawfulness.  Recall that Obama came into office promising that he would could lower the seas and cool the planet, with a generation of young like-minded activists who, we were lectured, were the ones we had all been waiting for.  Now president emeritus Obama worries that perhaps his messianic appearance came too soon for us to fully appreciate his divinity.

The further Oprah-izing of America.  In 2008, over 90% of my fellow black voters were hypnotized by Obama's skin color.  I tried to warn black family and friends that Obama was not black in terms of being one of us.  Obama was first and foremost a liberal Trojan Horse disguised in black skin, totally focused on furthering the liberal agenda rather than dealing with issues plaguing black Americans.  Consequently, blacks moved economically and culturally backward during Obama's reign.

A nation settles into depravity and madness.  In 2008, voters signed up for an untested junior Illinois senator who promised them racial harmony and a post-racial nation.  They got Black Lives Matter and a war on cops instead.

Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas.  What on Earth motivated the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and law professor David J. Garrow to write an incredibly detailed 1078-page (1460 pages with endnotes and index included) biography of Barack Obama from conception through election to the White House?  Not any great personal affinity for Obama on Garrow's part, that's for sure.  Rising Star:  The Making of Barack Obama is no hagiography.  On the last page of this remarkable tome, Garrow describes Obama at the end of his distinctly non-transformative and "failed presidency" as a man who had long ago had become a "vessel [that] was hollow at its core."  Near the conclusion, Garrow notes how disappointed and betrayed many of Obama's former friends felt by a president who "doesn't feel indebted to people" (in the words of a former close assistant) and who spent inordinate time on the golf course and "celebrity hobnobbing" (1067).  Garrow quotes one of Obama's "long-time Hyde Park [Chicago] friend[s]," who offered a stark judgement:  "Barack is a tragic figure:  so much potential, such critical times, but such a failure to perform... like he is an empty shell... Maybe the flaw is hubris, deep and abiding hubris..."  (1065).  Garrow quotes the onetime and short-lived Obama backer Dr. Cornel West on how Obama "posed as a progressive and turned out to be a counterfeit.  We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a national security presidency... a brown-faced Clinton:  another opportunist."

Before and After Obama: 10 Signs of a Diminished America.  One of the outgoing President's most surreal claims is that race relations improved on his watch [...] Some of this is due to factors beyond the President's control, but every time Obama got involved directly, he had a knack for ratcheting up tensions and resentments.  Most trenchantly, Sheriff David Clarke accused him of launching a "war on the police."  The less incendiary versions of this criticism fault Obama for indulging the grievances of demonstrators and helping to perpetuate divisive mythologies, such as those surrounding Trayvon Martin in Florida and Michael Brown in Missouri.  At key moments when Obama could have used his office, and unique influence as the first black President, to reduce tensions and stand up for law and order, he waffled or fell silent.  That's the opposite of what most Obama voters were expecting.  His election was supposed to be an act of redemption.

The Obama Tragedy.  The tragedy is that the first black U.S. president, with his beautiful, upwardly rocketing family, could have served his black fellow citizens as an example of American opportunity and could have preached the gospel of family, responsibility, and hard work, changing the culture immeasurably for the better.  He chose instead to become as divisive as George Wallace.

The Imperial President's Toolbox of Terror:  A Dictatorship Waiting to Happen.  Ever since Congress granted George W. Bush the authorization to use military force in the wake of 9/11, the United States has been in a state of endless war without Congress ever having declared one.  Having pledged to end Bush's wars, Barack Obama has extended them.  As the New York Times notes, "He has now been at war longer than Mr. Bush, or any other American president... he will leave behind an improbable legacy as the only president in American history to serve two complete terms with the nation at war."

Black against White.  Barack Obama's presidency promised to be an era of racial healing.  Many people voted for the manifestly unqualified senator because they wanted to make a gesture, to give a vote of confidence to the African-American comunity.  Americans on the left and the right patted themselves on the back for electing Obama, for electing someone based on race, not qualifications.  Even those who did not vote for Obama allowed themselves to rejoice about what they perceived to be America's racial maturity.  No one quite understood that ovecoming the sin of racism would not solve the financial crisis.  We now know that the American people miscalculated.  The era of racial healing looks more like an era of racial animosity.  The utterly composed and contained Harvard Law grad began more and more to look like a deer caught in the headlights, in way over his head.  It was not so much that the idol had feet of clay as that his mind had been captured by the black liberation theology of Jeremiah Wright.

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright?

Some 2,500 Americans Have Died in Afghanistan and Iraq Under Obama.  In Barack Obama's keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention — the speech that catapulted him onto the national stage — the bright-eyed, loose-limbed senator from Illinois spoke of America's responsibility to its soldiers.  "We have a solemn obligation," Obama said, "not to fudge the numbers or shade the truth about why they're going, to care for their families while they're gone, to tend to the soldiers upon their return, and to never ever go to war without enough troops to win the war and secure the peace."

For Obama, an Unexpected Legacy of Two Full Terms at War.  President Obama came into office seven years ago pledging to end the wars of his predecessor, George W. Bush.  On May 6, with eight months left before he vacates the White House, Mr. Obama passed a somber, little-noticed milestone:  He has now been at war longer than Mr. Bush, or any other American president.  If the United States remains in combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria until the end of Mr. Obama's term — a near-certainty given the president's recent announcement that he will send 250 additional Special Operations forces to Syria — he will leave behind an improbable legacy as the only president in American history to serve two complete terms with the nation at war.

The Daily Caller Presents: The 23 Least Intriguing People Of 2015.  [#16] Barack Obama.  Where's the hope?  Where's the change?  Where's the messiah and "Lightworker," "that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or health care plans or whatnot, but who can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet?"  Where is the "triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair?"  This guy just turned out to be a dull nerd with a wretched foreign policy.

The return of racism and violence: Thanks, Obama.  Oh, the silly, silly whites who thought that electing Barack Hussein Obama would ensure that America was indeed a post racial nation.  Too bad they didn't realize that Obama had plans to derail progress in that notion because that's what socialists do to capitalist societies — they destroy them.  If the fawning media had ever bothered to properly vet the Illinois senator's background, reporters would not be feeling that tingle up their legs but rather they'd get an uh-oh feeling in the pit of their stomachs.  He was raised by socialists and communists and probably inhaled Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals.'  Oh and there's the evidence that he and his wife are not great fans of the United States, except as providers of expensive vacations.

Obama's Legacy and the "Endless" War.  President Obama's decision to halt the planned withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is a reminder that wars rarely are as neat as campaign promises, particularly when the battlefield is the hostile terrain of Afghanistan, a land where foreign invaders have found it challenging to maintain military occupations.  Getting out always has been messy there, as the 19th-century British and 20th-century Soviets discovered.

Obama scraps Afghanistan pullout plan.  President Obama is halting plans to pull all troops out of Afghanistan by the end of next year, instead cutting the number in half going into 2017, according to a senior administration officials.  Today's level of 9,800 military personnel will remain through "most of" 2016, officials said.  Without specifying exactly when, late in the year the number of troops, all of whom are non-combat, will drop to 5,500.

In Afghanistan, Obama Starts to Face Reality.  "Ending the wars" has been at the top of this president's foreign-policy goals since he took office in 2009, without regard for the consequences.  His reversal of his pledge to liquidate our presence in Afghanistan and decision to leave 5,500 American troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017 is a concession to reality, although a limited one.

Obama's Budget Plan: Tax And Spend With A Vengeance.  When the president released his budget in February, he said it was full of new ideas for the 21st century.  But now we know it's just good old tax-and-spend liberalism.  Obama went on to say "these proposals are practical, not partisan" and bragged how his budget would cut future deficits by $1.8 trillion "primarily from reforms in health programs, our tax code and immigration."  But a Congressional Budget Office review of the budget shows it's little more than a call for more spending, far higher taxes, ever-growing deficits and steadily expanding debt.  Not exactly the "new era of responsibility" that Obama promised when he took office.

Former top presidential adviser says Obama LIED about his support for gay marriage for years so he could get elected.  President Barack Obama is slapping back at a former longtime top adviser who writes in a new book that he lied for years about his position on gay marriage so he could get elected president in 2008.  David Axelrod 'is mixing up my personal feelings with my position on the issue,' the president said Tuesday [2/10/2015], in a startling admission that his public stance on the divisive social issue wasn't always in sync with what he actually believed.

Obama Misled the Nation in 2008 about Same-Sex Marriage.  This flashback is particularly appropriate seeing as today marks eight years to the day since Obama declared his candidacy for the White House in 2007.  On that cold Illinois day, Obama promised an end to "the smallness of our politics" and "our chronic avoidance of tough decisions."  But within months of his utterance of those words, members of his own campaign team were counseling him to do just that on the subject of marriage — avoid it, and then mislead people in the same small and petty way as every other politician before him.  Obama did just that throughout the '08 campaign and throughout his first term until his vice president forced his hand in 2012.

10 Ways Obama Has Failed as President.  [#9] President Obama came into office having loudly condemned many of the Bush administration's measures against terrorism.  Then he continued them.  You can call this hypocrisy or you can call it subversion.  But President Obama has achieved a unique combination: managing to morally discredit America's anti-terrorism policies without actually ending them.

Obama's 'Iraqization' of America.  When it comes to Iraq, Obama lectures the Sunnis and the Shiites on getting along and forming a government that won't exist for the sole benefit of a single group at the expense of the other.  But in America he runs exactly that type of government. [...] Instead of repairing the economy, he focused on wealth redistribution.  Instead of bringing Americans together as one nation, he calculatedly tore them apart around manufactured crises of race, gender, class and religion.  He pitted blacks against whites, liberal Protestants against Catholics, the poor against the middle class and the cities against the suburbs.

The Madness of 2008.  America is suddenly angry at the laxity, incompetence, and polarizing politics of the Obama administration, the bad optics of the president putting about in his bright golf clothes while the world burns.  Certainly, no recent president has failed on so many fronts — honesty, transparency, truthfulness, the economy, foreign policy, the duties of the commander-in-chief, executive responsibilities, and spiritual leadership. [...] Nor did we hear on the campaign trail that Obama would push gay marriage, open borders, near-permanent zero interest rates, six consecutive $1 trillion deficits, and record food-stamp and Social Security disability payouts.

Obama-knows-best goes bust.  "Trust me" is President Barack Obama's preferred mode of action in times of crisis — and his go-to comment to nervous staffers has always been some version of "Relax, I got this."  But that message is an increasingly hard sell for Obama in his second term, following revelations that the man who once railed against the Bush administration over civil liberties abuses has himself surreptitiously quarterbacked the greatest expansion of electronic surveillance in U.S. history.

The American Appetite for Deception.  The promise of an implausibly transcendent president was sold to the American people.  They bought it.  What they received was something radically different from that what was advertised.

The candidate of hope has become the candidate of fear.  Four years after he was elected as a self-described 'hopemonger' promising a new post-partisan era, President Barack Obama is trying to claw his way to re-election with an ugly, divisive campaign in which he is playing the role of fearmonger-in-chief.

Barack the Unlikable.  "Likability" used to be one of Obama's most celebrated assets, particularly the sense that favorable personal impressions of the President extended beyond his dedicated base of support.  But Obama squandered that advantage, beginning with the incredibly nasty negative campaign he launched against Romney at the close of the Republican primary.

Obama's Biggest Lie.  [John] LeBoutillier asked [Edward] Klein what is the biggest lie Obama has told the American public.  "He promised that he would bring us together.  He promised that he would not be partisan," Klein responds.  "He promised that he would reach out to the other side, the Republican side.  "Instead, he and his small little group of people in the White House hunkered down, have not reached out, not compromised, making it impossible for Washington to work.

Choosing who lives and who dies: the methodical assassinations of Barack Obama's 'kill list'.  There is something deeply unsettling about the disclosure in The New York Times that America has developed a clinical, dispassionate procedure for selecting the targets of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  Every week or so, about 100 national security officials gather by video conference to pore over the photographs and biographies of al-Qaeda terrorists.  They decide who should be spared and who should be marked for death.  Those "nominated" for assassination (yes, "nominated" is apparently the official word) are placed on a "kill list" that passes directly to Barack Obama.  He then exercises the judgment of Solomon, going through the list name by name and deciding who will die.

President Obama's Role as Drone War Kill List Decider-in-Chief.  The New York Times has a pretty lengthy piece on the President's role in the waging of a drone war over Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, which serves to highlight some of the differences between the way President George W. Bush's prosecution of the war on terror was perceived and how President Obama's continuation and expansion of that war on terror is perceived today.

Krauthammer: Obama Denounced Enhanced Interrogation; Now He's Judge, Jury And Executioner.  "We can understand why Obama is doing this," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about the president's 'kill list.' [...] "Obama went around preening, particularly in '08 and even after he's elected he went around the world preening about how there is a new direction and a moral direction of the United States.  How we had lost our way with Iraq with these enhanced interrogations and he's going around and killing people where he is judge, jury and executioner," Krauthammer said on FOX News' "Special Report" tonight [5/29/2012].

Obama's secret kill list.  Two [New York] Times journalists, Jo Becker and Scott Shane, painstakingly and chillingly reported that the former lecturer in constitutional law and liberal senator who railed against torture and Gitmo now weekly reviews a secret kill list, personally decides who should be killed and then dispatches killers all over the world — and some of his killers have killed Americans. [...] Can the president legally do this?  In a word:  No.

Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will.  Mr. Obama has placed himself at the helm of a top secret "nominations" process to designate terrorists for kill or capture, of which the capture part has become largely theoretical.  He had vowed to align the fight against Al Qaeda with American values; the chart, introducing people whose deaths he might soon be asked to order, underscored just what a moral and legal conundrum this could be.

The risk of Obama's contemplated brass knuckle campaign:  Fearing (as he should) that he is danger of losing in November, President Obama reportedly plans a no-holds-barred campaign designed to vilify Mitt Romney.  According to one report, Team Obama will "maul [Romney] for being a combination of Jerry Falwell, Joe Arpaio, and John Galt on a range of issues..."  If Obama follows through on this strategy, then, as Peter Wehner notes, he will have breached his promise of 2008 to "turn the page" on the "old politics" of division and anger, and to end a politics that "breeds ... conflict and cynicism."

Obama Unhinged.  The candidate who promised to bring people together and move beyond polarization has morphed into a divisive and defensive president.  His sinking approval numbers underscore the growing public disappointment in the gap between his campaign rhetoric and his governing style.  The president's thin skin at news conferences is now part of Washington press corps lore. ... Lately, he's resorted to criticizing individual members of Congress personally at town hall events, tactics more suited to a rookie political hack than the leader of the free world.  What happened?

Liberals and the Violence Card.  Mr. Obama and his party believe that the election of November 2008 entitled them to make permanent, "transformational" changes to our society.  In just 16 months they've added more than $2 trillion to the national debt, essentially nationalized the health-care system, the student-loan industry, and have their sights set on draconian cap-and-trade regulations on carbon emissions and amnesty for illegal aliens.  Had President Obama campaigned on this agenda, he wouldn't have garnered 30% of the popular vote.

The president's popularity plunge.  Americans love a good winner, but when the winner is a whiner, the public's reaction is not going to be admiration.  The president ran in 2008 as a post-partisan "uniter" who would usher in an era of bipartisan reform, but he has chosen to become a polarizing figure and a Chicago jam-down artist for whom trash talk is as much a part of his daily game.  Rarely has the promise been so far removed from the result.

Mr. President, Words Matter.  [Scroll down]  Then there was the constant partisanship, the "never let a crisis go to waste" Chicago hardball.  Never has a president talked so much about reaching across the aisle and done so little of it.  During the campaign, the Senate's most partisan member claimed he was its least.  That same deception characterized most of his first year in the White House.  He promised C-SPAN coverage of bipartisan give-and-take, while actually holding the health-care debate behind Democratic congressional doors to offer bribes and insider deals in exchange for votes.

Roll Obama Back.  Even during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama promised to reduce the federal deficit.  In his first 100 days, he increased spending and grew government faster than at any time since World War 2.  But his tsunami of deficit spending — in the failed "stimulus", nationalization of GM and Chrysler, his $3.6 trillion budget for FY 2010 and more — has created an enormous voter backlash.

Barack has a truth ache.  After South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson shouted, "You lie!" as President Obama pitched health care to a joint session of Congress, even Republicans ran from their rude colleague.  Two months later, however, most Americans are reaching a similar conclusion about Obama, and not just on health care.  They now believe Obama was not honest about how he would govern.  His campaign promises, they say, bear little resemblance to the president he is.

O's (Latest) Insult.  Do you recall President Bush insulting Democrats, as Obama has insulted us, explicitly?  Sometimes our post-partisan president can be a rather nasty piece of work.

Obama at odds with his own vision for the world.  Last year, Obama told Berliners that we and they are "heirs to a struggle for freedom."  This year his administration has been busy trying to appease dictatorial and authoritarian regimes.  So maybe he was wise to skip a return appearance in Berlin.  Let Hillary Clinton gloss over the embarrassing contrast between his rhetoric then and his policies now.

Obama's Health Care Bait and Switch.  During the first nine months of his Presidency, Barack Obama has accomplished the seemingly impossible:  he has proven that a politician can be even less trustworthy than Bill Clinton. ... Obama's policy pirouettes, however, have taken us to an entirely new level of presidential perfidy.  The man has reversed himself on virtually every position he espoused during last year's campaign.  And nowhere have these reversals been more brazen than in the case of health care.  On a host of reform issues, including insurance mandates, taxing health benefits and patient choice, Obama has demonstrated that his campaign rhetoric was utterly disingenuous.

Why Obama Wants America to Fail:  "We the People" were promised swift and effective action towards getting the markets repaired by President Obama, but they have dropped about 1400 points each week since he's taken power.  "We the People" were promised greater fiscal responsibility by candidate Obama, yet his own proposals throw us down a black hole of debt, the likes of which we've never seen in a single year of an administration, much less in the first sixty days of one.

Back then we thought it was cool.  [Obama] must have violated some FTC rule against predatory pricing by advertising his product with the promise of "tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans".  Then, once he had driven his only remaining competitor out of the market, he jacked up the price by trillions.  If not predatory pricing, it must be false advertising.

The Brawl's in Obama's Court.  As a candidate, Barack Obama prided himself on his ability to work with conservatives.  His first 100 days, however, have been a case study in unilateralism.

Washington Can't Meet the Cheerios Standard.  I think it's time we applied the same advertising standards to Washington's legislative products that the feds apply to breakfast foods.  The Food and Drug Administration rapped General Mills this week for making misleading claims about the benefits of Cheerios. ... Well, how about the bogus marketing of the fiscal "stimulus"? ... Obama promised that Americans would be able to track "every dime" of the "stimulus" at one handy clearinghouse website.  They won't.  The site data won't be fully available until next spring — halfway through the program.

For the sake of convenience, Barack Obama delivers the opposite of what he promised during his campaign.
Flip-Flops and Governance.  Barack Obama inherited a set of national-security policies that he rejected during the campaign but now embraces as president.  This is a stunning and welcome about-face.  For example, President Obama kept George W. Bush's military tribunals for terror detainees after calling them an "enormous failure" and a "legal black hole."

Democrats irked by Obama signing statement.  President Barack Obama has irked close allies in Congress by declaring he has the right to ignore legislation on constitutional grounds after having criticized George W. Bush for doing the same.  Four senior House Democrats on Tuesday said they were "surprised" and "chagrined" by Obama's declaration in June that he doesn't have to comply with provisions in a war spending bill that puts conditions on aid provided to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Let's Face It:  Obama Is No Post-Partisan.  Only last summer we were told that Barack Obama's political appeal rested on his vision for a "post-partisan future."  The post-partisan future was one of the press corps' favorite phrases.  It served as shorthand for the candidate's repeated references to "unity of purpose," looking beyond a red or blue America, and so on.  Six months into the president's term, you don't read much about this post-partisan future anymore.

At the NAACP, Obama Removes His Mask of the Great Unifier.  It is truly a sad day in America when the president of the United States fans the flames of racial hatred.  The man elected to be president of all the people, in his speech at the NAACP basically said, though America is racist, sexist and homophobic, you can make it in spite of those white [people]'s attempts to stop you.  Wonderful.  How inspiring.  The NAACP audience erupted in applause.  Obama's condemnation was "red meat" to the liberal, protective of their victim status, organization.

Obama Irks Some Democrats By Declaring He Can Ignore Legislation.  President Obama has irked close allies in Congress by declaring he has the right to ignore legislation on constitutional grounds after having criticized George W. Bush for doing the same.  Four senior House Democrats on Tuesday [7/21/2009] said they were "surprised" and "chagrined" by Obama's declaration in June that he doesn't have to comply with provisions in a war spending bill that puts conditions on aid provided to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Race Baiter in Chief.  If the country wanted to elect Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton as president we already had that chance.  Many thought Obama was an educated, reasonable, objective man.  Instead, I think we have just had confirmed what some feared and suspected:  we have elected the Race Baiter in Chief.

President of Some of the People.  Barack Obama sold himself to the Democratic base who were in a sort of political wasteland after a hard-fought election in 2000.  He seemed like a true uniter, someone who could win the hearts and minds of Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans.  Since coming into office, however, he has proven that this image of Barack Obama the uniter and the post-partisan was an abject fraud.

A failed, single term?  President Obama is on the way to joining an exclusive club. It is the club of failed one-term presidents.  During the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama sold himself as a pragmatic moderate.  In fact, he is the very opposite.

What Went Wrong:  [Voters in 2008] wanted federal support for wind and solar, but not at the expense of neglecting new sources of gas, oil, coal, and nuclear power.  They were worried about high-cost health care, the uninsured, redundant procedures, and tort reform, but not ready for socialized medicine.  They wanted better government, not bigger, DMV-style government.  There is a growing realization that Obama enticed voters last summer with the flashy lure of discontent.

Obama and the Democrats' great bait-and-switch:  President Barack Obama won the presidency under the persona of healer.  He promised to unify a divided nation and said how he would do this by putting ideology aside to solve problems and bringing open, bipartisan governance to Washington, devoid of special interests.  Now, six months into this presidency we have exactly the opposite.

You're A Racist!  The Ultimate Emotional Intimidation.  Many sincere white Americans thought by electing a black president America could never again be characterized as a "racist country."  Shamefully, this characterless administration betrayed Obama voters by exploiting race, using it as a tool to implement their far left agenda.  If you don't agree with everything Obama wants, you must be a racist.  Rather than the election of America's first black president bringing the races together, Obama's administration is tearing us apart.  They will continue to play the tired, old and tattered geriatric "race card" as long as it is effective.

What happened to post-racial America?  Whatever happened to that "post-racial" America we were supposed to be living in?  Whatever happened to those warm and fuzzy feelings we got when we elected America's first black president?  Whatever happened to being so proud of ourselves for having bridged the racial divide?  Didn't last very long.

Obama's Karmic Freight Train.  Little did any of us know ... that hidden behind all the talk of hope and change and transparency was a calculated strategy to punish the very country that represented one of the few historical examples of legitimate hope and change.

What Happened to Candidate Obama?  Obama's candidacy was defined (to the exasperation of conservatives) by idealism, appeals to bipartisanship, and competency.  He is now short on all three — which explains why his support among voters and especially independents (who were susceptible to pledges to end old-style politics) has plummeted.  As for the idealism, no president has sunk so far so fast.

Obama's Yucca budget bungle.  For someone who vowed to restore science to its rightful place, President Obama seems awfully interested in playing politics when it comes to nuclear waste.  The result is a grotesque misuse of taxpayer dollars that puts the nation's nascent nuclear renaissance at risk.

More about the Yucca Mountain storage facility.

The Obama Revolution Is Over.  It wasn't supposed to be this way.  Obama was going to change the face of American politics.  Instead he has made it less attractive to a growing share of the public.  Whether it's trillion-dollar deficits or government-run health care, Americans are at last coming to terms with what they voted for.

'Messiah' prez not what we were promised.  So this is the postpartisan politics President Obama promised us.  You have a Democratic president who — although far from the messiah we were promised — still remains likable.  Yet his policies — from his government-run health-insurance scheme to his No Big Company Left Behind platform — are highly unpopular.

Will Obama Ever Become President?  Obama the candidate had a unifying vision that was ultimately pro-American.  He won the support of many conservatives because he insisted on the importance of the free market and the strength of rugged American individualism. ... Obama the president doesn't seem to care about capitalism or small businesses at all.  His vision of a renewed American marketplace seems to have a lot to do with the government running and regulating everything.

That sounds like a marxist dictatorship to me.

The New War against Reason.  Barack Obama promised us not only transparency, but also a new respect for science.  In soothing tones, he asserted that his administration was "restoring scientific integrity to government decision-making." ... Instead, we are seeing an unprecedented distortion of science — indeed, an attack on the inductive method itself.  Facts and reason are trumped by Chicago-style politics, politically correct dogma, and postmodern relativism.

The Politicization of the EPA — an Administration's Radical Gamble.  [Scroll down]  The U.S. president who was going to find a way to resolve partisan bickering in Washington has now embarked on a major escalation of the conflict — by using the power he holds over executive branch agencies to fight his enemies in Congress over the issue of global warming.  Although the EPA has always been, organizationally, an arm of the administration in power, until this administration the EPA has generally been able to maintain the appearance (if not the reality) of being science-based.  That is now much harder to maintain.

The Socialist Revolution Has Come to America.  Remember those heady days of 2008 when Barack Obama successfully painted himself as a moderate?

See also This is "Change"?

No Taxation with Misrepresentation?  From a stimulus bill that did just the opposite to private-sector employment to a power-grab being marketed as health care reform, nothing about this administration is turning out to be as promised during the 2008 campaign.  As for those 2006 campaign claims that giving the majority to Democrats would usher in the most ethical Congress ever, both the financial and the sex scandals continue apace.  Against this background, the enactment of ObamaCare by nefarious means and against the wishes of most voters has the potential to usher in a widespread citizen revolt against what can best be called taxation with misrepresentation.

The reality of Obamacare:  First:  Congratulations to President Obama and the Democratic leadership.  You won dirty against bipartisan opposition from both Congress and the majority of Americans.  You've definitely polarized the country even more, and quite possibly bankrupted us too. ... Simply, you have nationalized healthcare by proxy.  Insurance companies are now heavily regulated government contractors.  Way to get big business out of Washington!

Obamacare bait & switch.  Candidate Obama repeatedly assured the public that his health care plan would cost between $500 billion and $650 billion.  This modest amount was to be covered entirety by discontinuing the George W. Bush tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 a year.  Today, we know that Obamacare will cost at least double that amount.  The basic price tag is $940 billion over 10 years, to which one must add the $208 billion "doc fix." ... Mr. Obama is still trying to hide the extent of the bait-and-switch.

Our American Catharsis.  [Scroll down]  Until now we had not in the postwar era seen a true man of the Left who was committed to changing America into a truly liberal state.  Indeed, had Barack Obama run on the agenda he actually implemented during his first year in office — "Elect me and I shall appoint worthies like Craig Becker, Anita Dunn, and Van Jones; stimulate the economy through a $1.7-trillion annual deficit; take over health care, the auto industry, student loans, and insurance; push for amnesty for illegal aliens and cap-and-trade; and reach out to Iran, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela" — he would have been laughed out of Iowa.  It was not his agenda but his carefully crafted pseudo-centrism that got Obama elected...

Obama's Race Obsession.  It seems a lifetime ago that Obama represented hope for a post-racial presidency and in fact a post-racial era in American politics.  Like so much else about Obama, the reality is the opposite of what was promised.

Obama's White House Is 'Too White'?  Over twenty months after they elected Obama president, many American voters feel they still don't know the full measure of the man they voted for, while the motives of those supporters on Journolist who labored to keep the voters intentionally blind — even while urging them to make a leap of faith — have become increasingly suspect.

Our Divisive President.  During the election campaign, Barack Obama sought to appeal to the best instincts of the electorate, to a post-partisan sentiment that he said would reinvigorate our democracy.  He ran on a platform of reconciliation — of getting beyond "old labels" of right and left, red and blue states, and forging compromises based on shared values. ... And yet, it has not been realized.  Not at all.

The Obama Con Job.  The popularity Obama had the day he was inaugurated was for a person that disappeared shortly thereafter.  Barack gave the American people a bait-and-switch, says Newt Gingrich.  "If you read the inaugural address, it has no resemblance to the way he's governed.  He became a left-wing democratic machine operating in secrecy," the former Speaker of the House said.

The myth of Obama's great temperament.  During the 2008 campaign Obama-spinners and nearly the entire press corps (I repeat myself) bandied about the notion that what the candidate lacked in experience (none when it came to running anything other than the Harvard Law Review) he made up in superior temperament.  He was cool, calm, unflappable  — a sort of Mr. Spock who put rationality above emotion.  Has there ever been a worst [sic] case of false advertising?

Obama the Bore.  Obama isn't boring in the same conventional, square, policy-wonk manner of so many other politicians; he still acts cool, plays basketball, and parties with Hollywood's A-list.  But as a president he has become boring: he is tiresome, unpersuasive, divisive, repetitive, predictable, and cynical — importantly, the opposite of everything advertised himself to be.

Here's your post-partisan president at work:
Obama the promise breaker.  From the start, the president insisted 2011 would be a bipartisan year.  "What comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but whether we can work together tomorrow."  The happy feelings didn't last long.  By October, the campaigner in chief sunk to challenging the intelligence of people who disagree with him.  At a stemwinder in Asheville, N.C., Mr. Obama insisted he had to break his jobs bill into "bite-size pieces" because Republicans "just couldn't understand the whole all at once."

Obama's divided America.  A new survey shows that Barack Obama is the most polarizing president in the last 60 years.  As divisive as he is, the current occupant of the White House has simply exacerbated a trend towards disunity that has been developing for years.  A report released by Gallup on Friday shows that the partisan divide over Mr. Obama continued a record-setting pace for the third year straight.  In 2011, the gap between his approval ratings by party was 68 percent, the highest for any third-year president on record.

Dishonorable Budget Dishonesty.  In 2008 Barack Obama said he'd cut the budget deficit in half.  Instead he's more than doubled it every year since.  And he's just getting started.

Barack Obama & the corruption of the American Left.  Defending a corporate welfare agency.  Attacking the critics of intrusive federal anti-terrorism measures.  Giving a President the benefit of the doubt regarding the jailing of journalists critical of U.S. foreign policy.  Ignoring multiple, deadly, ongoing, unauthorized wars.  Celebrating military victory over a weak country as if creates moral legitimacy.  Keeping Guantanamo Bay open.  What has happened to the American Left?  Barack Obama happened, that's what.

Celebrating our "Warrior President".  Not only the Democratic Party, but also its progressive faction, is wildly enamored of "one of the most militarily aggressive American leaders in decades."  That's quite revealing on multiple levels.  Bergen does note that irony:  he recalls that Obama used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to defend the justifications for war and points out:  "if those on the left were listening, they didn't seem to care."  He adds that "the left, which had loudly condemned George W. Bush for waterboarding and due process violations at Guantánamo, was relatively quiet when the Obama administration, acting as judge and executioner, ordered more than 250 drone strikes in Pakistan since 2009, during which at least 1,400 lives were lost."

Obama caught in another falsehood.  The lies have to do with decrepit bridges and, of course, Republicans.  The great healer, the man who promised to change the way politics was practiced in Washington, falsely attacked his opposition — again.

Obama's 'kill list' revealed: How President uses Al Qaeda 'baseball cards' to decide who will live and who will die.  Barack Obama has insisted on personally approving a 'kill list' of Al Qaeda terrorists who should be hunted down and executed, according to reports.  The U.S. president requests that his advisers draw up 'baseball cards' with pictures and biographies that he pores over to see who should live and who should die.  As part of the bizarre 'nomination' process he then retires for personal reflection to work out whether or not to order a drone strike to take them out.

"The usurped absolute power of life and death over humans is the essential mark of a true and absolute dictator."
US Media: If you're Totalitarian you can Kill Anyone you Like!  Obama now has a "kill list" that has been devised to allow him to murder anyone he designates as a "terrorist" worldwide — that means domestic murders also — with no oversight or restrictions, whatsoever, from anyone or any US governmental department.  He is using his new favorite toys — the drones — to affect the deaths of those who do not enjoy the favor of the tyrant-in-chief of the [former] USA. [...] It is also, now being reported that Obama plays the "kill flicks" over and over again — as if he cannot get enough of his "brilliantly" commanded assassinations.

The S.S. Obama is Leaking.  The holes in the Obama Administration continue to show the greatest inherent problem to the President's re-election:  These people are incompetent.  At almost every level, in almost every issue the Obama Administration is barely keeping afloat. [...] Imagine the apoplexy among the studio hosts on MSNBC if George W. Bush had been found riffling "baseball cards" deciding who should live, who should die and in which order.

Obama's 'kill list' is unchecked presidential power.  A stunning report in the New York Times depicted President Obama poring over the equivalent of terrorist baseball cards, deciding who on a "kill list" would be targeted for elimination by drone attack.  The revelations — as well as those in Daniel Klaidman's recent book — sparked public outrage and calls for congressional inquiry.  Yet bizarrely, the fury is targeted at the messengers, not the message.

Obama the Reactionary.  [Scroll down]  Obama is now said to be sitting in the White House every evening, carefully designating whoever is due to be assassinated by Predator strikes the next day, like Jimmy Carter poring over the White House tennis schedule.  His control freak tendencies have finally found their natural outlet.  But, being a liberal, Obama is still against capital punishment.  OK, let's kill Abdullah Al Libi tomorrow, guys and gals!

Let's not open the back door to '1984' in 2012.  The same year that the Soviet Union died, Obama graduated from Harvard law school and embarked on a path that led to his election as president in 2008.  Obama charmed and campaigned on vague promises of "hope and change" and a "fundamental transformation" of the United States.  The spellbound mainstream media never pinned him down for specifics.  He was a blank slate on which voters wrote their own wish list.  What Obama's election actually brought was a 1984-ish stew of contradiction, doublespeak, false hope and no change.

Obama's third war.  The "peace president" is about to embark on his third military adventure, this time in Syria, without having learned the lessons of his botched efforts in Afghanistan and Libya.  He hasn't even learned from the Bush administration's mistakes — which he mocked with such delight.

The 12-Year War: 73% of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan on Obama's Watch.  Twelve years ago today, nineteen al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four U.S. commercial airliners and flew them into the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.  In the war that Congress authorized against al Qaeda only three days after that attack, the vast majority of the U.S. casualties have occurred in the last four and a half years during the presidency of Barack Obama.  In fact, according to the database of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan, 73 percent of all U.S. Afghan War casualties have occurred since Jan. 20, 2009 when Obama was inaugurated.

Outright hypocrisy

Pigs on Two Legs Turn on Each Other.  Barack Obama, once the progressive "god" who was acclaimed to have the power to cool the planet and halt the rising of the seas, had the recent audacity to suggest, quite understandably, that young black teens need not ostentatiously show their wealth with gaudy chains, or highlight their sexuality with a cadre of "twerking" girls.  Worse, the now multi-million-dollar-mansion-residing Obama sort of suggested that young inner-city African-Americans who do such gauche things might be insecure about either their income or their sexuality.  Now even the divine Obama is having his ankles bitten on social media as a counterrevolutionary, despite his prior denunciations of white bitter clingers, "the 1 percent," and greedy capitalists who delusionally believed they had built their own businesses.

Obama Says 'Things Will Work Better' If Women 'Run Things'.  On his MSNBC show The Beat on Tuesday, Ari Melber played a clip of Barack Obama at a rally in Nevada, saying:  "Nevada, you could be the first state ever to elect a state legislature where the majority are women [wild applause.]  Which, I'm pretty sure things will work better if you give women a chance to run things for a while.  But you have to vote!"  [Video clip]  If Obama really believed that, why didn't he step aside and let History's Most Qualified Person take the Democrat nomination in 2008?  Melber concluded:  "Former President Obama basically saying it's somebody else's turn."  Now that he had his turn.  Currently in the Nevada state legislature, 38 percent of the seats are occupied by women.  That's the third highest in the country.

Here are 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama's lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc..  [#27] Although Obama said, "We need to uphold the ideal of public education," he expressed his true opinion of America's public education system by sending his own children to private schools while living in Chicago and Washington D.C. [...] [#96] On January 10, 2013, President Obama signed a bill that provides armed guards to himself and his wife for the rest of the lives.  However, in 2004, when Obama was an Illinois state Senator, he voted against allowing people in their own homes to use guns to protect themselves and their families from rapists and murderers.

HA! Hyper-Partisan Obama Warns Society About Becoming Splintered By Online Biases.  During his campaign for president, Barack Obama vowed to deliver "hope and change" to Washington and pledged to move toward a post-partisan political world.  When he became president, he did just the opposite.  He blamed Republicans in Congress for all his failures and stoked the partisan flames that engulfed Capitol Hill.  Now, though, the "elder statesman" says political leaders — including himself, of course — need to make sure that the online world does not become too splintered by biases.

"I do think at some point you've made enough money": Obama Book Deals to Net $60 Million.  Publishing rights to two books written by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama could go for $60 million in an ongoing global auction.  The former president and first lady wrote the books separately, but are auctioning off the publishing rights simultaneously, The Financial Times reports.  If the books secure the projected $60 million price-tag, it would greatly surpass original expectations.  Researchers originally estimated the two memoirs would net the couple $40 million, according to business analytics data from American University.

TMZ: Obama Family Building a Wall Around New Home.  President Barack Obama will reportedly have a big, beautiful wall around his new home in Washington DC.  According to spy photos from TMZ, workers are currently building a brick wall around the rental home where the Obamas plan to live after leaving the White House.  The home was sold in 2014 for $5,295,000 and has 9 beds and 8.5 bathrooms.  It has 8,200 square feet and was built in 1928.

Obama Warns Trump Not To Overuse His Favorite Tool.  Obama has absolutely no sense of self awareness.  Either that, or he knows he's full of it but thinks people still believe him.  He worked around congress, using executive orders countless times.  But he's going to lecture Trump, who hasn't even taken office yet?

Man Who Loves Executive Orders Warns Next About Using Same.  The crazy thing here is that Obama seems sincere, and does not understand his hypocrisy and silliness. [...] Obama's idea of the legislative process is to write some suggestions on a sticky note with a few ideas he'd like done, then complain, cast blame, and demean Republicans before even discussing the ideas with the same legislative branch.  Then either sign an EO or jam through a rule/regulation.

Aleppo's fall is Obama's failure.  Contemplating the extermination of Aleppo and its people, I was reminded of a sentence that I read this summer.  It appeared in an encomium to Elie Wiesel shortly after his death.  It was a sterling sentence.  It declared:  "We must never be bystanders to injustice or indifferent to suffering."  That was Wiesel's teaching, exactly.  The problem with the sentence is that it was issued by the White House and attributed to President Obama.  And so the sentence was not at all sterling.  It was outrageously hypocritical.

White House Slams Bush Administration for Not Being Transparent Enough.  White House spokesman Josh Earnest slammed the Bush administration Thursday for not being as transparent as the Obama administration. [...] When Obama came into office he had made a promise to be the most transparent administration in history.  Since that promise, the administration has not held up to that standard.  Vice recently reported on newly released documents from the Department of Justice showing the White House has worked behind the scenes to push against reforms that would give the public better access to information from the federal government.

Obama puts down his encrypted phone long enough to tell us: Knock it off with the encryption.  Amid the row between Apple and the FBI over the unlocking of a mass murderer's iPhone, President Barack Obama has told the tech world to suck it up and do what the Feds want.  Speaking today [3/11/2016] at hipster-circle-jerk SXSW in Austin, Texas, the United States' Commander in Chief said phones and computers cannot be unbreakable "black boxes," and that an "absolutist" view on encryption won't fly with the laws and courts of the land.  Of course, the President and his staff, his military, his government agencies and his intelligence services all rely on tough and non-compromised encryption — but that's not for you.  You're too busy "fetishizing" your smartphone, the leader of the free world said.

Obama's Empty Judicial Chairs.  On a hot day in June, the grandson of a bank president took to the floor of the Senate to denounce the daughter of sharecroppers.  "I feel compelled to rise on this issue to express, in the strongest terms, my opposition to the nomination of Janice Rogers Brown to the DC Circuit," Senator Obama said.  Born in segregated Alabama, Janice Rogers Brown had been a leftist like Obama before becoming conservative.  When Obama rose to denounce the respected African-American jurist for her political views it had been almost a full two years since President Bush had nominated her in the summer of '03.  Obama had arrived a few months earlier on his way to the White House and was eager to impress his left-wing backers with his political radicalism.  He held forth complaining that Judge Janice Rogers Brown, who had gone to segregated schools and become the first African-American woman on the California Supreme Court, was guilty of "an unyielding belief in an unfettered free market."  And he filibustered Judge Brown, along with other nominee, trying to deny them a vote.

Obama's Moral Hypocrisy on the Syrian-Refugee Question Is Astounding.  The Syrian-refugee debate has become a national embarrassment.  It begins with a president, desperate to deflect attention from the collapse of his foreign policy, retreating to his one safe zone — ad hominem attacks on critics, this time for lack of compassion toward Syrian widows and orphans.  This, without a glimmer of acknowledgment of his own responsibility for these unfortunate souls becoming widowed and orphaned, displaced and homeless, in the first place.  A quarter-million deaths ago, when Bashar al-Assad began making war on his own people, he unleashed his air force and helicopters.  They dropped high explosives, nail-filled barrel bombs, and even chemical weapons on helpless civilians.  President Obama lifted not a finger.

Obama Touts Religious Liberty to Pope While Litigating to Force 15 Dioceses to Cooperate in Abortion.  "So we stand with you in defense of religious freedom and interfaith dialogue, knowing that people everywhere must be able to live out their faith free from fear and free from intimidation."  That is part of what President Barack Obama said — in touting his administration's commitment to religious liberty — when he greeted Pope Francis at the White House today [9/23/2015].  At the same time, according to a count maintained by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Obama's Justice Department is actively fighting 56 separate federal court cases aimed at forcing 140 religious ministries and institutions to cooperate with an Obamacare regulation that requires virtually all health care plans in the United States to cover contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs and devices.

Obama's 'New' Syria Strategy: Blame Congress.  Obama's hope is that the public will forget that he reversed every single anti-Bush position that propelled him to power over Hillary Clinton and then John McCain in 2008:  the opposition to "dumb war," the rejection of unilateral action, the insistence on UN approval, the skepticism of WMD intelligence, and the adamant definition of the limits of presidential war powers.  It is hard to remember a more striking example of hypocrisy in American history.

Obama Indicts Obama.  One of the problems that Barack Obama has in mounting an attack against the Assad regime is that the gambit violates every argument Barack Obama used against the Bush administration to establish his own anti-war candidacy.  The hypocrisy is so stunning that it infuriates his critics and stuns his supporters.

White House selling 'Peace on Earth' for $18.95 (*Offer not valid in Syria).  As President Obama readies a possible military strike against Syria Thursday, the White House 2013 Christmas ornament is going on sale with the slogan, "Peace on Earth."  The White House Historical Association is advertising the new ornament on its website and on signs around town, including one in Lafayette Park across from the White House.  This year's ornament honors Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president, who pushed for a precursor to the United Nations.

Attack On Syria Is About Saving Face, Not U.S..  The president isn't bothering to ask Congress or the United Nations for permission to attack the Assad regime.  What was unconstitutional to candidate Obama is politically handy now, and that stinks.

Obama: Do as I say, not as I do.  While his premise — work hard, succeed; loaf, fail — is spot on, he moves on in his Harvard mind to conclude, nonsensically, that succeeding while others fail is inherently unjust.  "This growing inequality is ... morally wrong," he said in Galesburg. [...] Said by the man who runs Washington — the biggest insider in the nation's capital.  And said by the man who flies in his barber from Chicago for a new fade, who has suits hand made by a private tailor, whose daughters vacation in Cancun, whose wife suns it up in Florida one day, then hits the slopes in Aspen the next — all on the taxpayers' dime.

Obama refuses to pay his interns (while campaigning to raise the minimum wage).  As President Obama campaigns to increase the minimum wage, his own interns aren't getting paid a cent to work a minimum of 45 hours a week.  White House interns are expected to show up to work 'at least' Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the administration's website.  Housing and commuting assistance aren't provided either, so the White House encourages applicants to petition nonprofits for help funding their living expenses.

School Obama's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards.  Shame on President Obama for seeking more gun control and for trying to prevent the parents of other school children from doing what he has clearly done for his own.  His children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans are sacrificed.

White House Thanksgiving: Six Types of Pie.  As food pantries across the United States are overwhelmed by the newly poor and food stamp use is the highest it's ever been, the Obama first family is enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with six different types of pie.

Obama on Hurricane: 'We Leave Nobody Behind'.  Today [10/30/2012], during a non-campaign campaign stop at the Red Cross, President Obama told the nation something his administration obviously didn't believe during the seven-hour attack on our consulate in Benghazi (and a nearby annex) on the night of September 11, 2012:  That when an "American is in need... we leave nobody behind".

Obama Makes 10th Vegas Trip Since Warning Bankers: Don't Go There.  Less than three weeks into his presidency Barack Obama warned executives of banks that had received federal bailout money that they better not take business trips to Las Vegas.  Since then, Obama himself has made 9 trips Vegas — and is making a tenth today [9/12/2012].  "You can't get corporate jets," Obama said at a Feb. 9, 2009 townhall meeting in Elkhart, Ind.  "You can't go take a trip to Las Vegas, or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers' dime."

Stunning lack of diversity in Obama campaign, photos reveal.  A photo of Obama's "army" originally posted on the campaign's Tumblr site and run in conjunction with a BuzzFeed story on the Obama campaign reveals a stunning lack of diversity among the president's Chicago staff. [...] Yet the "army of twenty-somethings" campaign manager Jim Messina has assembled in the president's hometown is almost uniformly white, according to photos contained in a detailed BuzzFeed report Monday [4/9/2012].  Further examination of the Obama's campaign's Tumblr site over the past month reveals very few black individuals — apart from the president and his wife, Michelle — in the pictures posted in the feed.  One of the only featured pictures to include a black individual is one from a recent White House visit by Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols.

White House Hypocrisy.  There's something even more offensive than pundits and comedians using their platforms to launch nasty or sexist attacks on people they disagree with politically.  And that's the selective outrage and brazen hypocrisy of this White House, which calculatedly stirred up anger about Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke comments for political gain, but seemingly has no problem when liberal comedians and talk show hosts take sexist jabs at conservative women.

Energy secretary's wife drives a gas-guzzling BMW.  In a piece of video that shot across the Internet Thursday like a sports car doing zero-to-60 in four seconds, Energy Secretary Stephen Chu told the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power that he does not own a car. ... But The Daily Caller has confirmed that Chu's wife does — and it's quite an automobile.

Obama's Hypocrisy: Making Warren Buffett Richer.  As the great investor's secretary sat with the first lady at the State of the Union, the president spoke of economic "fairness."  Is it fair to make a supporter wealthier at the expense of the American people?

Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car.  To show her support for American workers, President Obama's labor secretary, Hilda Solis, has junked the standard black limo and purchased a new Chevrolet Equinox to ride around Washington in.  The problem:  the crossover SUV is built and assembled in Canada from parts also made in Canada.

Freedom Fries.  When President Obama indulges in fast food while traveling he exhorts interested onlookers:  "Don't tell Michelle."  The fit First Lady is, of course, an advocate of healthy foods and outspoken about childhood obesity.  She had her own "Don't tell Barack" moment recetly, when she stopped at a diner in Milwaukee and had classic greasy fare:  a burger and fries.  Mrs. Obama's meal really wouldn't be anyone else's business were it not for her own aspiration to rewrite the nation's menus.

The Hypocrite Who Hijacked Air Force 1.  Like all dishonest politicians, Barack Obama consistently talks out of both sides of his mouth as he attempts to pander to both the left and the right.  What he says at any given time is totally meaningless and worthless.  Regardless of which side of the political spectrum he wants to pander to, he will always try to reinforce his credibility and false consistency by saying "as I've said before" or "as I said in my campaign."  This man's words have absolutely no credibility at all.

President Barack Obama:  A Fraud You Can Believe In.  Even as Barack Obama demonstrates he is a fraud, phony and hypocrite par excellence — who also happens to be in way over his head — the American people still believe in him.  Yes, love is grand and his approval rating is still miraculously high.  If the truth were known, that approval rating would be sinking lower than the stock market, home prices or the economy.  I doubted he was the Messiah, but now I'm not sure.  When a president can be the greatest wealth destroyer in history and still maintain high approval ratings, maybe he does have supernatural powers.

Mr. Obama has one standard for himself, another standard for the rest of us.
Try to Meet the Carter Standard.  Add President Obama's name to the ever-growing list of global-warming hypocrites. ... Obviously, a president gets a necessary pass on driving in a big (i.e., safe) car.  But it turns out that Obama keeps the Oval Office at near-tropical heat levels.  The New York Times reports that he doesn't wear a suit jacket at his desk because he has "cranked up the thermostat."  Explained adviser David Axelrod:  "He's from Hawaii, OK?  He likes it warm.  You could grow orchids in there."

The Editor says...
Mr. Soetoro / Obama might (or might not) have been born in Hawaii, but he is most recently from Chicago, where it would be a luxury to keep an office excessively warm in the winter.

Obama Getting Heat for Turning Up the Oval Office Thermostat.  During a campaign event in Oregon in May, Obama said we have to "lead by example."  "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times," he said.  "That's not leadership.  That's not going to happen."  But for the first few weeks of his presidency, that's precisely what has happened in the White House.

On a nearby page, there is information about Obama's gas-guzzling limo.

Tom Daschle:  symbol of Barack Obama's hypocrisy.  It looks like Tom Daschle will become the next Health and Human Services Secretary even though he failed to pay a massive chunk of his taxes.  Many Americans might have been in danger of ending up in jail if they made similar "unintentional" errors to the tune of $128,000 but the White House clearly considers the appointment a done deal.

Two Days After Instituting Ethics Rules, President Obama Waives Them.  Two days after introducing what he heralded as the most sweeping ethics rules in American history — ones that would "close the revolving door that lets lobbyists come into government freely" — President Barack Obama today waived those rules for his nominee for Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn.  Until last fall, Lynn was a registered lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon.

Where was Mention of Obamas' Personal Chef During Campaign?  During last year's presidential campaign, the media worked overtime to portray John and Cindy McCain as wealthy private jet junkies with more homes than they can remember, while showcasing Barack and Michelle Obama as just another middle class family with two working parents, one car and freshly paid off student loans. ... Mrs. Obama was defined as an average mom who juggled work and home with extraordinary skill.  According to the media, she arranged sleepovers, scoured Target for the perfect wardrobe and served healthy organic dinners.  Just like us common folk, right?  Well, almost.  Those healthy organic dinners were cooked by the Obamas' personal chef, Sam Kass.

Obama gets PETA pass on Wagyu Steak.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), strident in its criticism of meat-eating Al Gore, are silent on Obama's spending binge on wagyu steak.  And the Obama silence is equally deafening from the Live Earth Concert crowd, who acknowledge that not eating meat is "the single most effective thing" (italics theirs) you can do to reduce your climate change impact, and whose official handbook Gore helped organize.

Two Americas, After All.  What is it with the Obama administration and tax cheats?  First Obama puts a tax delinquent in charge of the IRS, and then he nominates another revenue renegade to be his secretary of health and human services.  Sure, he's against tax cuts for the rich, but rich Democrats who ignore their taxes are welcome in his cabinet.

I Repeat:  Time To Go, Mr. Geithner.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stood alongside President Obama in a White House press briefing yesterday. ... Only a day earlier, Pres. Obama said there should be no double standard when it comes to paying taxes.  However, Mr. Geithner is guilty of a double standard.

'Patriot' Games:  So, it's come to this:  The man who was maligned as unpatriotic for not wearing a flag pin is playing the patriotism card.  The New York Times reported Saturday [2/14/2009] that President Obama called three Republican senators who were supporting his stimulus plan "to thank them for their patriotism in helping to advance the bill at a critical time."

Democrat fat cats.  The Democratic House Caucus retreat was held this weekend at a Williamsburg luxury spa, to the cost of half a million dollars for the American taxpayer, and Mr. Obama flew the 155 miles on Air Force One (after getting to Andrews AFB by Marine One) for a brief appearance.  This is not just blatant hypocrisy by the president, it is downright political folly. ... Mr. Obama, who was all fire and brimstone for two years on the campaign trail, expressing solidarity with the poor and underprivileged in America, should be a bit more circumspect in events such as this.

The Editor says...
How many of you would take an airplane on a 155-mile trip?  It would be twice as fast to drive to your destination, because of all the delays and hassles at the airport.  Mr. Obama is above all that.  This incident also shows Obama's poor judgment:  For a lot less money, he could just as easily have taken the Marine Corps helicopter all the way to his destination.  But you see, your money doesn't matter to him.

Barry Honey, can we talk about hypocrisy?  [Scroll down]  You promised — quite explicitly — that you would post online every single bill passed by the Congress for five whole days before you signed it into law.  Now, any way one adds it up, this 1,400 page, biggest-lump-sum spending bill in the history of these United States was only passed 3 days before it got your Denver-hoopla signature.  Where's the transparency?

Obama's Broken Promises Were Entirely Predictable.  What could anyone have possibly expected from a young, overtly leftist Chicago upstart who had accomplished precisely nothing of significance throughout his short career — and yet still promised the world, and more, to his loyal adherents?  Consider his campaign pledges:  It wasn't too long ago that Obama promised to "tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over." ... That was then; this is now.  President Obama has allowed seventeen exceptions to the no-lobbyist rule.

For Obama, it's more about showmanship than sunlight.  Back during the presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised something he called "Sunlight Before Signing."  Obama complained that "too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them."  So he pledged that, as president, he would "not sign any nonemergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House Web site for five days."  "Sunlight Before Signing" faded into darkness with the first bill that came across Obama's desk.

Obama takes credit for...
The Bush Pullout.  President Obama traveled to Camp Lejeune, N.C., on Friday to announce that the U.S. would stay in Iraq at least until 2012 and keep 50,000 troops there even after combat ends.  Sound familiar? ... In short, though President Obama will get credit, it was Bush's plan — not Obama's.

White House claims credit for factory opening.  Just weeks after the economic stimulus package spent billions on what the administration hoped would be massive job gains, Vice President Joe Biden Sunday hailed the re-opening of a Chicago factory as early evidence the stimulus plan is working.

Presidential Bait-and-Switch.  Barack Obama won the presidency in large measure because he presented himself as a demarcation point.  The old politics, he said, was based on "spin," misleading arguments, and an absence of candor.  He'd "turn the page" on that style of politics.  Last week's presentation of his budget shows that hope was a mirage.  For example, Mr. Obama didn't run promising larger deficits — but now is offering record-setting ones.

Obama Claims He's Responsible, Then Blames Other People.  President Obama has mastered the art of employing rhetoric that makes it sound as if he's doing something uniquely virtuous and heroic when in reality he's doing stuff that political leaders often do.  We've seen this with the way he touts bipartisanship while being unwilling to offer real compromises or the way he proclaims he isn't hiring lobbyists when he actually is.

Obama's Charity Problem:  In her new book and column of March 12, Ann Coulter compares the charitable donations of Presidents Obama and Bush and VPs Biden and Cheney.  As a tipoff on how the comparison goes, remember that Obama's youngest half-brother lives in wretched poverty in a 65-sqare-foot shack in Nairobi.  Like many liberals, the president cares deeply for the poor; so long as the poor are helped with taxpayer money.

Dem hypocrisy will come back to haunt.  [Congressman Frank] Kratovil wasn't the only candidate who attacked fiscal irresponsibility in Washington to get votes but then embraced even more radical spending policies once he got to Congress.  Candidate Barack Obama promised to reform the earmark process and cut wasteful spending "line by line."  But in less than two months, President Obama has signed spending plans that include 8,500 earmarks and triple the deficit while doubling the national debt to an amazing $20 trillion — dwarfing anything contemplated by Bush's wildest spending proposals.

Our Partisan President.  [Scroll down]  So much for promoting good faith.  Instead, the White House has fallen into the kinds of partisan habits the President once decried:  overwrought rhetoric, misrepresentation of the other side, and ad hominem attack.  I am not the first to point this out. Most recently, the Washington Post ran a front page story on the tension between Obama's governance and his inaugural address...

Commanding the Heights of Hypocrisy.  President Obama vowed to "pursue every legal avenue to block these bonuses," when the proper "legal" avenue was to write a responsible law — a process his own administration apparently undermined.  "I'll take responsibility," says the president — before, in the next few breaths, explaining, "We didn't grant these contracts."  And, "We've got a lot on our plate."  And, "It's my job to make sure that we fix these messes, even if I don't make them."  So Obama seems to be saying:  I'll take credit for taking the blame for something that is entirely the fault of others.  Positively Clintonian.

Obama White House bars press from press award ceremony.  Barack Obama was elected commander in chief promising to run the most transparent presidential administration in American history.  This achievement and the overall promise of his historic administration caused the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. to name him "Newsmaker of the Year."  The president is to receive the award from the federation of black community newspapers in a White House ceremony this afternoon [3/20/2009].  The Obama White House has closed the press award ceremony to the press.

Look Beyond the Bogus Bonus Smokescreen.  I ask you now to turn away from the bogus bonus smokescreen over $165 million in taxpayer-backed compensation packages for AIG employees.  It is a pittance compared to the gargantuan spending spree happening right under our noses. ... Taxpayers might be less skeptical of the born-again guardians of fiscal responsibility if these evangelists were actually practicing what they preached.  While the Obama administration now issues impassioned calls to stop rewarding failure, they moved Thursday [3/19/2009] to dump another $5 billion into the failing auto industry.

Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG.  Senator Barack Obama received a $101,332 bonus from American International Group in the form of political contributions according to  The two biggest Congressional recipients of bonuses from the A.I.G. are — Senators Chris Dodd and Senator Barack Obama.

Econ board has yet to meet publicly.  Six weeks after President Barack Obama appointed a blue-ribbon panel to help him dig America out of its economic crisis, the board has yet to hold an official public meeting.  The White House initially said that the 16-member Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, would meet "every few weeks."

What Non-political Looks Like:  Democrats complained endlessly about the supposed "politicization" of the Bush Justice Department. ... Eric Holder piously pledged that his Justice Department would "serve justice" and "not the fleeting interests of any political party." ... What pillar of the legal profession will be lecturing Justice employees to help them "serve justice" in a "less political" way?  Why, none other than Donna Brazile, whose own website biography describes her as ... a Vice Chairman at the Democratic National Committee."

Few in White House appear to drive American cars.  Oops, it seems that many on President Obama's team, including those seeking to save the American automobile industry, do not actually drive vehicles from the American automobile industry.  According to a study by the Detroit News and a White House parking lot survey by, neither do Obama's White House staffers. ... The Politico survey of cars parked next to the White House found only five U.S. brand cars out of 23 -- a Dodge, two Fords, a Jeep and a Cadillac.

Obama Uses 'Politics of Fear' He Once Criticized.  President Obama frequently railed against the Bush-era "politics of fear" on the campaign trail.  In his inaugural address, he said, "We got here because we have chosen hope over fear." ... But he has had no trouble issuing fear-inducing warnings himself.  President Obama has simply exchanged his predecessor's fear-inducing rhetoric on national security for fear-inducing rhetoric on the economy.

U.S. attorney general is politicizing Justice.  Before the November election, Eric Holder was among the prominent Democrats who denounced the Bush administration's "politicization" of the Justice Department.  Now that he is attorney general, the same Holder is blatantly politicizing the place. ... Taxpayers footed the bill for Justice Department employees to stop working and listen to a speech by somebody self-described as a "veteran Democratic political strategist."  How can that not be "politicization"?

Obama's Double-Talk.  On his first day of work, [President Obama] signed an executive order prohibiting lobbyists from holding high ranking administration jobs, thereby fulfilling a campaign promise to "close the revolving door" between K Street and government via "the most sweeping ethics reform in history."  Two days later, the president granted a "waiver" from the new rules to install Raytheon lobbyist William Lynn as the No. 2 man in the Pentagon.

Rationing health care.  It doesn't matter what your doctor says; the Obama administration plans to decide if you will have cancer treatment or heart surgery. ... The hypocrisy is enough to make a heart stop.  A White House that doesn't think government should intervene between a doctor and a woman deciding whether to have an abortion has no problem telling doctors whether they can perform tonsillectomies or hysterectomies.

School choice for us, not for them.  When President Obama, hero of the teacher unions and ardent foe of vouchers, moved to Washington, he and his wife chose an elite private school for their kids.  Not surprisingly, it was the same tony prep school to which the Clintons — also beloved by teacher unions and opponents of school choice — sent their kid.  (Obama is nothing if not a big admirer of the Clintons — his cabinet proves that!)

Video:  Why Does Obama Send His Kids To Private Schools?

Obama's Tax Dodgers:  Here's a tip for President Obama:  Next time you excoriate tax cheats, try to keep Rep. Charles Rangel's name out of the discussion.  Somehow, it doesn't further your case.  Yet that's precisely what Obama did Monday, singling out the powerful Harlem congressman for praise as he announced legislation meant to close what he calls tax "loopholes" for corporations that expand their operations abroad.

Welcome to the Banana Republic Club.  It is obvious that Obama has learned well from his adopted home town; the "Chicago way" is evident througout.  Congratulations to the President and the Congress for their accomplishment.  It takes dedication and a special type of hypocrisy to be both a law maker and a law teacher with such a healthy disregard for law.

GE a corporate sponsor.  For all of the carping liberals did for eight years about corporate cronyism in George W. Bush's White House, they seem to turn a blind eye to the same behavior in President Obama's.  With plans in place for a major overhaul in the health-care industry, General Electric is positioning itself to become a major beneficiary of these health care reforms.

Earmark Nation.  When earlier this week President Obama signed a $410 billion spending bill to keep the government running through the fall, every account of the event noted the 800-pound contradiction in the room.  Mr. Obama had campaigned against earmarks, even saying he would cut them back to levels before 1994, the start of the Gingrich-GOP interregnum.  Now here was Obama as president signing a bill soaked in earmarks.

Barack Obama, Deconstructionist.  The president continually made reference to the importance of "transparency" in his speech -- yet he will not release enhanced interrogation techniques memoranda showing what information we extracted by using these techniques.  Compounding this hypocrisy is Obama feeling no reluctance to release previously classified memos that dealt with the methods of interrogation.

Liberals: The Enemy Within.  When Bush ran up the national debt, he got clobbered by Republicans and Democrats, alike.  But when, in just three short months, Obama tripled the deficit, nary a discouraging word did we hear from a single liberal.  Massive inflation looms over all of us, but Democrats just keep smiling and giving each other high-fives while Obama cranks out funny money like a counterfeiter on speed.

Obama Voted to Filibuster a Supreme Court Nominee, but Now Hopes for Clean Process.  President Obama's expressed hope today in his weekly address "that we can avoid the political posturing and ideological brinksmanship that has bogged down this (Supreme Court nomination) process, and Congress, in the past" runs against another historical first for the 44th president:  his unique role in history as the first US President to have ever voted to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee.

Civil Rights: Who are the "Cowards"?  On taking office as Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder stated that America is a nation of "cowards" when it comes to race and that he would commit the Department of Justice to making civil rights cases a top priority.  President Obama himself promised to "reinvigorate federal civil rights enforcement," especially by prosecuting cases of voting discrimination against blacks.  On May 15 Obama's Department of Justice quashed a civil rights case involving voter intimidation by blacks in Philadelphia on election day, 2008.

Our Public Servants At Work.  In a boon to deadbeats, President Obama on Friday signed new credit card legislation and warned the American people to be fiscally responsible, saying "Some get in over their heads by not using their heads," he said.  "I want to be clear:  We do not excuse or condone folks who've acted irresponsibly."  This stern warning came a full four days after it was reported that the US had set yet another record, entering into deficit spending in April, for the first time in 26 years.  Oh, and the deficit will quadruple next year, and it now appears that America's triple-A credit rating is at risk.

He's Telling You To Be Thrifty?  On Tuesday [6/9/2009] the President tried to reinstitute the concept of "Paygo" or pay as you go — if you spend a dollar then the Congress has to save a dollar.  However, he exempted about 2.5 trillion dollars of his priorities, including a health care reform jumpstart.  It's just too much.  When I saw that, I broke out laughing.  Here's the president who has spent about $12 trillion in his first few months in office, sqandering it on everything imaginable.  Now he's telling us to be thrifty?

Obama Closes Doors on Openness.  As a senator, Barack Obama denounced the Bush administration for holding "secret energy meetings" with oil executives at the White House.  But last week public-interest groups were dismayed when his own administration rejected a Freedom of Information Act request for Secret Service logs showing the identities of coal executives who had visited the White House to discuss Obama's "clean coal" policies.  One reason:  the disclosure of such records might impinge on privileged "presidential communications."  The refusal, approved by White House counsel Greg Craig's office, is the latest in a series of cases in which Obama officials have opted against public disclosure.

Saying One Thing, Doing Another.  In the real world, if your predecessor runs up too much debt, you have to reduce that debt to survive.  Instead, President Obama insists that, while "the reckless fiscal policies of the past have left us in a very deep hole," he still plans to borrow trillions more.  Odd.  The disconnect between the president's words and his actions is even starker when it comes to health care.

Obama: A Profile in Cowardice.  Obama and his people have been working around the clock to restore [Mel] Zelaya to power, even while stating that they want the whole thing to be "free from external influence and interference" (the hypocrisy on that line alone is almost enough to choke even Chavez himself).

The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic.  [Scroll down]  One of President Barack Obama's first acts was a memo to agencies demanding new transparency in government, and science.  The nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lisa Jackson, joined in, exclaiming, "As administrator, I will ensure EPA's efforts to address the environmental crises of today are rooted in three fundamental values:  science-based policies and program, adherence to the rule of law, and overwhelming transparency."  In case anyone missed the point, Mr. Obama took another shot at his predecessors in April, vowing that "the days of science taking a backseat to ideology are over."  Except, that is, when it comes to Mr. [Alan] Carlin, a senior analyst in the EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics and a 35-year veteran of the agency.

Donors Find a Home in Obama's Ambassador Corps.  The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo has seen its share of luminaries in the ambassador's suite.  Former Vice President Walter Mondale, former Senate Majority Leaders Mike Mansfield and Howard Baker and former House Speaker Tom Foley are among those who have brokered relations with a complex and critical ally in a region bristling with military and trade tensions.  President Barack Obama's pick for the post is from a different mold:  John Roos, a San Francisco Bay area lawyer, was the president's chief Silicon Valley fundraiser and contributions "bundler."  He has no diplomatic experience. ... [And yet, Obama made the] claim during last year's campaign that President George W. Bush engaged in an "extraordinary politicization of foreign policy."

National Suicide.  Remember when the deficit was so bad that Democrats said we (or more accurately the Republicans) were placing a terrible burden on our grandchildren?  That was several trillion dollars ago.  Democrats now appear perfectly fine with extending the growing deficit and national debt to their great-grandchildren.

The war against those who want to get rich.  [Scroll down]  Then we have the "spread the wealth", "redistributive" class warfare rhetoric, demonizing everything from Vegas to those earners who might make over $150,000 (I love the way the President keeps saying that people "like me" should pay more.  Actually, few have had access to Tony Rezko's spread-the-wealth tips, or have wives that get $100,000-plus raises when their husbands become Senators, or have had a lifetime government tenure of some sort).  In just nine months, the President has created a near class war — with one provision:  the technocracy like Dodd, Geithner, Murtha, Rangel, etc. are exempt from the high taxes and government monitoring that they feel is critical to inflict on others.

When protest is uncool, &c.  [Scroll down]  They say that "hate" is rearing its head, and that President Obama and the Democrats are the victims of it.  Let me make a couple of predictions:  I predict that the chairman of the Republican National Committee will never say, "I hate the Democrats and everything they stand for.  This [politics, basically] is a struggle of good and evil.  And we're the good."  Howard Dean said that about the GOP:  "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for... ."  I predict that an editor of a conservative magazine will never write a piece called "The Case for Obama Hatred," beginning, "I hate President Barack Obama."  A New Republic editor did this, about Bush.

White House Discloses 10 More Ethics Waivers for Administration Officials.  Calling President Obama's Executive Order on Ethics for Executive Branch personnel "the strongest ethics standards in U.S. government history," White House counsel Norm Eisen on Friday [9/4/2009] announced 10 more waivers for Obama administration officials.

You've disregarded civility, Mr. President.  We hear you're concerned with the lack of civility and mutual respect in the current political landscape.  That's nice.  So are we.  You are disturbed by people saying "that all of government is inherently bad."  We are too, or we would be, if we heard someone say it, which we have not. ... If you want to be civil, you might try telling the truth, and the whole truth, not what makes you look better.

The President and the Politics of Civility.  Last Saturday, Americans were again instructed on their political manners by their Moralizer in Chief. ... "We cannot expect to solve our problems if all we do is tear each other down," Mr. Obama said.  He spoke against "demonizing" political opponents or "questioning their motives or their patriotism." ... A lot is right with those words.  But there's a lot wrong with them coming from Mr. Obama, who is contributing to the "slash and burn politics" he preaches against.

There He Goes Again.  Last Saturday at the University of Michigan, President Obama noted the importance of maintaining "a basic level of civility in our public debate."  He added, "You can question somebody's views and their judgment without questioning their motives or their patriotism."  You certainly can, but it seems Mr. Obama cannot.

After beating up Wall Street 'fat cats,' President Obama takes their money.  President Obama has been happy to beat up on Wall Street "fat cats," but tonight [5/13/2010] he'll be even happier to take their money.  The President is slated to headline a superswank, $50,000-per-couple fund-raiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at Manhattan's gilded St. Regis hotel on Fifth Ave.  The high-dollar affair will feature fine French food, a bevy of Wall Street titans and 23 Congress members — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Washington's Double Standard.  President Obama's administration has been tainted with the stain of hypocrisy from Day One, when news broke that he'd chosen to send his daughters to the elite private Sidwell Friends School while simultaneously allowing his Democratic cohorts in Congress — at the behest of the powerful National Education Association, no doubt — to kill a scholarship program that afforded 1,700 of D.C.'s most underprivileged kids to escape the District's failing public school system.  Apparently the President, along with 38% of Congressmen who elect to send their kids to private schools, sees nothing ironic about denying American parents the right to choose the best school for their kids.

Obama Mocked Commissions, Then Established Four.  The deficit commission is just one of at least four commissions set up by the Obama White House:  there are also commissions on the BP oil leak, nuclear power and potentially creating a museum of the American Latino.

While the Obamas Head to Maine...
First Lady Encourages Americans to Vacation on Gulf.  On her first trip to the Gulf Coast since the BP oil spill, First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged Americans to consider vacationing on the region's beaches that have not been directly impacted by oil. ... The Obama family will be taking a mini-vacation of their own this weekend, but instead of going to the Gulf Coast they are traveling to Maine's Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park.

Critics Question Why Obama Administration Doesn't Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities.  Now that the Obama administration is suing Arizona over its tough immigration law, some critics are asking why so-called sanctuary cities are getting a pass for ignoring federal immigration law.  More than 50 cities in the U.S provide sanctuaries to illegal immigrants.  Supporters of such policies say they want the local police to focus on solving crimes and leave the immigration work to the federal authorities.

Obama's vacations.  Personally, I am inclined to give him a bit of a break on the vacation issue — if only family vacations were at issue.  However, the vacations are only part of the problem with Obama's laxity and aversion to work.  His obsession with gold, the musical soirees at the White House (that are a constant fact and have been from the inception of his Presidency) should give taxpayers pause.  But two aspects of this particular trip stand out.  First, the sheer hypocrisy of Michelle Obama flying down to the tar stained beaches of the Gulf and promoting them as a vacation spot for Americans.

The Boundless Beneficence of Big Brother.  Officially, the Republicans do not oppose extending unemployment benefits yet again.  Rather, they merely want to observe the rules Obama championed last fall.  In other words, Democrats should pay for the spending by finding cuts elsewhere in the budget.  What is "fiscally responsible" when Obama is for it, is rank partisanship when he's against it.

Democrats Take Lobbyist Cash as Obama Knocks Special Interests.  As President Barack Obama thrashes Republicans for allowing "special interest takeovers of our elections," his Democratic Party is benefiting from millions of campaign dollars brought in by lobbyists.  Lobbyists raised at least $1.5 million in the first six months of the year to help elect Democrats to the House, according to a report from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  That was the most of any congressional fundraising committee and almost three times as much as House Republicans.

What Was Michelle Obama Thinking?  When we're in the middle of the worst recession in living memory, it's not a good idea to take a luxury vacation that most of your countrymen could never possibly afford in the best of times, at considerable taxpayer expense for the security, in a foreign country.

While Obama preaches sacrifice, his family frolics in Spain.  As the US economy endures high unemployment and a jittery stock market, President Barack Obama has preached sacrifice and fiscal discipline.  But the pictures coming out of a sun-splashed Spanish resort may be sending a different message.

More about Michelle Obama's 8th vacation this year.

We Need a Vacation From the Obama Family's Foolish Choices.  Just a few months ago, the president, while sitting with local business owners in Florida during a visit to the state, urged Americans to come to the Gulf coast for their summer vacations.  He stated how important it was that Americans support their fellow citizens at a time of crisis.  Well.  Those words have fallen on deaf ears when you look at the actions of the president and our first lady.  When the president and first lady decided to take their family on their first summer vacation did they visit the Gulf?  No.  They visited Bar Harbor, Maine in July.  I guess the Obamas thought it was better to cruise the pristine waters of Frenchman's Bay than the oil slicked waters in the Gulf.

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Michelle.  Michelle Obama is a woman of her word.  In July, she made a drive-by through the Gulf coast region and urged people to "do a few things [to] help this community."  Emphasis on the word "few."  She even recorded an ad inviting Americans to "come on down" to the Gulf as she herself then headed back to Washington to collect her family to head to a holiday in a national park in Maine.  At least Maine is in America.  With her recent holiday junket to Spain, she has now officially spit in the eye of Gulf coast residents.

Where's the Michelle Obama Who Said This?  Earlier this year, Michelle Obama ... rolled out this nationwide initiative, Let's Move, earlier in 2010.  She said she learned when she and Barack were working that her children's nutrition was suffering from not being able to cook meals for them.  She said she started making changes and wanted to bring those lessons to the White House.  Apparently, they were all lessons she forgot when trying to win over Iowa voters on the campaign trail with her husband.

Obama:  D.C. schools don't measure up to his daughters' private school.  President Obama said Monday [9/27/2010] that his daughters could not get the same level of education from D.C. public schools that they receive at the elite private school they attend.

President to Parents: "Do As I Say..."  Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter did find a good public school in Washington to send their daughter to.  But now, the Obamas have rejected that option.  While his administration shuts the door to excellence for thousands in the District — and nationwide — the President and Mrs. Obama conveniently skip out.

From the Unbelievable to the Passé.  [Scroll down]  I cannot fathom how the Democratic Party became run by those who live lives nothing remotely similar to what they profess.  Yes, I know the Roosevelt-Kennedy tradition of limousine liberals, but today's chasm between word and deed is stunning — and never remarked on. ... How could Barack Obama, community organizer par excellence, send his kids to Sidwell Friends?

Pot calls kettle ....  Glenn Reynolds nails this one:  the Obama Democrats' campaign riff against foreign donations to Democrats is bogus — and according to the New York Times, no less.  This looks like a matter of projection, since it's well documented that the 2008 Obama campaign did not put in place address verification software that would have routinely prevented most foreign donations.

More about Obama's 2008 fundraising scandal.

Will Obama get away with his towering hypocrisy regarding foreign political donations?  Despite evidence that the Chamber of Commerce political donations that come from abroad are from dues paying members, the Obama-Axelrod dishonest assault on this issue has continued.

Obama's see-no-evil, do-nothing Justice Department ignores voting rights.  One thing worse than a hypocrite is a hypocrite in government office.  The Obama Department of Justice has plenty of hypocrites.  Nowhere are they more apparent than when they attack the voting rights record of the Bush Justice Department.

Did someone mention the Black Panthers scandal?

Impatient Michelle's $63,000 Flight.  Recently, children at Long Branch Elementary School in Virginia gathered around President Obama's feet at a book reading and heard there is no Santa Claus when he said:  "Not everybody is as lucky as we are.  There are a lot of kids out there who may not be able to get a lot of presents for Christmas because their parents don't have a lot of money."  Granted, it is good to remind children to be grateful for blessings and to be mindful of reality and those less fortunate.  However, one can't help but wonder how Barack reconciles his own family's in-your-face extravagance while burdening middle class seven year-olds with guilt at Christmas.

Michelle Obama accused of hypocrisy (again).  Michelle Obama's campaign for better nutrition has come under fire yet again, just days after Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended her anti-obesity initiative.  And what is the complaint against the first lady this time?  She is now being accused of stuffing a staggering 2200 calorie meal into the mouths of state governors at a White House gala last night.

Mrs. Obama Serves Governors a 2,200 Calorie Meal.  First Lady Michelle Obama Sunday night stuffed about 2,200 calories worth of dinner into the nation's governors, hosting a White House bash that pulled few punches on the fattening front despite her profile as the leader of a national crusade to trim the waistlines of the country's youth.

Obama's jetset fitness trainer.  With a schedule as hectic as President Obama's it must be hard to stick to a training regimen without help — but why does he insist on having his old trainer fly out from Chicago to D.C. regularly when Obama and his wife exhort the rest of us to drive less?  And in a recession?

A Thousand Points of Blight.  In a 2006 speech to the National Press Club about lobbying reform, Illinois Senator Barack Obama waxed eloquent about the malevolent influence of special interests on Beltway politics:  "The American people are tired of a Washington that's only open to those with the most cash and the right connections.  They're tired of a political process where the vote you cast isn't as important as the favors you can do." ... Four years later, Obama had long since moved to Pennsylvania Avenue and was receiving frequent visits from people with more than a passing resemblance to the iniquitous special interests whose influence had once filled him with righteous indignation.

Bullied Barry's "funny" name.  Bullying comes naturally to a community activist who was a street fighter on the public purse before going into politics.  Many of Obama's close personal friends and business associates could easily fill the front row ranks of the Rogues Gallery of All Time Bullies, not the least of whom is unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.  Bullies, who have already stockpiled all the tools of power for one-way fights, always get their way.  While Barack and Michelle were waxing noble on the topic of bullying yesterday, their supporters were creating havoc and threatening the lives of GOP members for doing their jobs in Wisconsin.

Bullying really isn't what it used to be.  Gone are the days of kicking sand, and sticking gum in schoolgirls' braids.  The modern bully is far more passive aggressive in his harassment.  Creating the damage, cursing the falsely accused, and then cleaning up his own mess as onlookers praise the compassion.  Kind of like blaming others for our fiscal mess as you bankrupt the country; or calling for civility, as you demonize your 'opponent.'  So, it would be laughable if not so apropos that the man who put the bully in bully pulpit hosted yesterday's "Conference on Bullying" at the White House...

Obama secretly accepts transparency award.  After canceling a scheduled appearance to accept an award from transparency advocates during Sunshine Week earlier this month, President Obama finally accepted the award this week — without letting anyone know.  According to various reports, Obama met with several transparency advocates for roughly 20 minutes on Monday [3/28/2011] to discuss open-government issues and accept an award for his commitment to increasing federal transparency.

Obama Accepts "Openness" Award at Clandestine Meeting.  Earlier this month, the White House announced that President Obama would be receiving a "transparency" award from good-government groups — a piece of news that was met with well-deserved mockery from the press.  The White House responded by canceling the award ceremony without explanation.  But now Politico is reporting that Obama accepted the award this week in a secret, closed-door meeting with government transparency groups.

The Editor asks...
Why do "government transparency groups" have closed-door meetings?

Where's the openness, Mr. President?  The day after his inauguration, President Obama promised a new era of "openness in government."  But the reality has not matched the president's rhetoric.  We ... have found little openness since Obama took office.  If anything, the administration has gone in the opposite direction:  imposing restrictions on reporters' newsgathering that exceed even the constraints put in place by President George W. Bush.  Democrats criticized the Bush administration for not making decisions based on the best science.  But the Obama administration now muzzles scientists and experts within federal agencies.

The administration's honesty deficit.  Barack Obama is a president who won a peace prize and took the nation into a new war.  It ought not to be a surprise, then, that he would accept an award for his administration's transparency last week as his third-largest agency was raked over the coals by Congress for obstructionism.  The House Oversight and Government Reform committee alleged in a report released Wednesday [3/30/2011] that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has politicized the way it responds to requests for information from the public and the press.

Obama is a liberal being mugged by reality in Libya.  How would state Sen. Barack Obama have reacted to President Obama's decision to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya, taken with no debate and no authorization from Congress, a commitment that could in real life become open-ended and involve this country in a prolonged civil conflict?  In his own words, not that well.  On Oct. 2, 2002, at the height of the Iraq war debate, he declared himself opposed to "a dumb war.  A rash war.  A war based not on reason but passion' against a 'bad guy' who butchered his people, but posed no direct threat to this country, that could lead to an open-ended, unbounded involvement of unknown duration and cost.

Constitutional firestorm over Libya war and Biden's past impeachment words greet returning Obama.  It's one thing to have a Republican Speaker of the House and some Democrats as well wondering out loud how come Congress was not consulted before Obama committed American military forces to combat operations to do something in the vicinity of Libya when there was no threat to Americans.  John Boehner raised that issue Wednesday [3/23/2011] in a formal letter to the president.  But it's something else when President Obama's own vice president, Joe "I Don't Use Words Lightly" Biden suggests that a president who commits U.S. troops with no imminent threat to the country or its citizens and no congressional approval should be impeached.

Obama's Incoherent Case for War.  As American forces join the war against Moammar Qaddafi, the nation is entitled to an explanation.  How is the case for war against Qaddafi smarter (remember, Obama is only against "dumb" wars) or less "ideological" or more prudent than that for war against Saddam Hussein?  Certainly with an army of only 50,000, Qaddafi represents far less of a threat to his neighbors or to us than did Saddam, who commanded an army estimated at 350,000.  As for humanitarian concerns, what Qaddafi is doing to the rebels in Libya is exactly what Saddam did to his domestic enemies, but on a reduced scale.  As Obama himself said, Saddam was "a ruthless man ... who butchers his own people to secure his power."  Yet that didn't justify a war, state senator Obama told us.

Candidate Obama in 2007:
Americans 'Have a Right to Know' Before Government Takes Military Action.  A new video shows President Barack Obama, as a presidential candidate in 2007, saying that the American people have a right to know about and participate in the debate over U.S. foreign policy decisions and whether the nation uses military force.  "But the fact of the matter is that when we don't talk to the American people — we're debating the most important foreign policy issues that we face, and the American people have a right to know," Obama said at the AFL-CIO debate on Aug. 7, 2007.

Earth Day Ends Obama's 53,300 Gallon Trip.  President Obama declared today's 41st annual Earth Day proof of America's ecological and conservation spirit — then completed a three-day campaign-style trip logging 10,666 miles on Air Force One, eating up some 53,300 gallons at a cost of about $180,000.  And that doesn't include the fuel consumption of his helicopter, limo, or the 29 other vehicles that travel with that car.

More about Barack Obama, the gas-guzzling limousine liberal.

PROVEN: Obama the Tax Hypocrite.  In the 2008 campaign, then Senator Obama repeatedly scoffed at the tax rates for the majority of the small business class of our nation. ... To hear him rail against those who earn big paychecks one could only come away convinced that this was a President who was as committed to this cause of taxation to reduce the deficit as any history had ever seen.  And then we saw his tax return.

Obama vs. Obama.  As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama railed against what he considered President George W. Bush's illegitimate use of executive power.  As president, Mr. Obama has appointed 39 "czars" to direct his policy agenda outside of the normal Cabinet departments in key areas ranging from the auto industry to climate change.  The appointments have prompted howls of hypocrisy from Capitol Hill.  In 2007, Mr. Obama singled his disagreement with Mr. Bush's practice of issuing "signing statements," when he affixed his signature to bills, that specified which parts Mr. Bush felt he had no obligation to follow.

Arrogance and Narcissism Reign in King Barack's Court.  Arrogance is defined as an inflated degree of self-importance with a supplementary contempt for others.  Narcissism describes a person totally infatuated with his own persona and possessing an overblown sense of ability or worth.  Arrogance and narcissism are somewhat synonymous.  Yet there is sufficient difference between the terms to apply both to the persona our current Commander-in-Chief embodies.  President Obama is a walking contradiction.  Acts he once considered an abuse of authority are but policy recalculations when he exercises them personally.

The Inconsistent Liberal Mind:  Much is being made of President Obama's recent decision to employ presidential signing statements — refusing to enforce certain portions of a Congressional budget bill he signed into law — given that during the 2008 campaign he railed against such a practice, proclaiming, "We're not gonna use signing statements as a way of doing an end run around Congress."  This glaring inconsistency would strike most people as hypocritical.

Obama's Ground Zero hypocrisy:  Unconscionable.  Politicizing.  A slap in the face.  Those were the kinds of phrases the left deployed against President George W. Bush to suggest he was exploiting the memory of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  These same voices are now giddy with delight at the prospect of President Obama's "mission accomplished" visit to Ground Zero on Thursday [5/5/2011].  Such hypocrisy is par for the course.

The First-Person Presidency.  President Obama takes credit for operations that would have been impossible had Senator Obama's views prevailed.

About Abbottabad:  The operation was a success, thanks to the military and some long, hard slogging for years by our intelligence people in places and using techniques Obama the candidate had repudiated.  Nevertheless, Obama quickly tried to grab all the credit for it, but the administration message was so garbled, contradictory and self-promoting that no one paying attention could keep track of the many versions of events.

Now he tells us.  The hypocrisy is astounding.  The good little liberals in Congress who challenged every deployment of American troops since the Libyan bombing under Reagan has suddenly discovered that the War Powers Act doesn't apply?

More about Obama's war in Lybia.

Hypocrisy: Obama's Stock And Trade.  On one hand Obama tries to destroy Boeing with his anti-business, union-supporting tactics, saying Boeing is the most evil corporation in modern business.  Yet he fills his own administration with members of that same company.  Obama's hypocrisy knows no end.

President Feasts on Fast Food While First Lady Values Veggies.  While the main message coming from the White House Friday focused on the resurgent U.S. auto industry, the Obamas sent mixed messages on the food front as the first lady planted vegetables while the president dined on less healthy fare.  "Mustard, onion, chili sauce sounds just right... a little cheese on it, nothing wrong with that," the president said as he placed his order at Rudy's, one of the locals' favorite hot dog joints in Toledo, Ohio.

A new Michelle emerges in Africa.  As First Lady, Obama sets herself up as a nutrition expert, an all-out effort to end Childhood Obesity her main legacy.  In Cape Town, a more playful Obama got off a laugh line in a reluctant admission how she can't pass on the French fries.  In response to a soft question Obama mentioned she included among her favourite food, Indian food and then Mexican food, and then said:  "No, if I picked one favorite, favorite food, it's French fries."  The audience began to laugh.  "Okay?  It's French fries," Obama continued.  "I can't stop eating them."

Michelle Obama tucks in to fat cakes and French fries on trip to Botswana.  She has been widely outspoken about the perils of children eating too much fatty food with her campaign for better nutrition.  So perhaps Michelle Obama should have thought twice before posing enthusiastically for her latest photo opportunity in Botswana.

Obama's lunch stop includes 'mountains' of greasy food.  Obama's motorcade made an unannounced visit [6/28/2011] to Ross' Restaurant in Bettendorf, Iowa, one of the quad cities on the border of Illinois and Iowa. ... Ross' restaurant is known for dishes called "Mountains"; their signature dish is the Magic Mountain:  Texas grilled toast, hamburger meat, French fries or hash browns and cheese sauce.

First Lady spotted consuming '1,700 calorie' Shake Shack meal.  Her 'Let's Move' healthy diet campaign seemingly forgotten, Michelle Obama was spotted chowing down a 1,700-calorie strong meal from Shake Shack.  Mrs Obama reportedly ordered a ShackBurger, fries, chocolate shake AND Diet Coke at the newly opened branch of the fast food chain in Washington, the Washington Post reported.

Michelle Obama orders 1,700-calorie meal at Shake Shack.  First lady Michelle Obama ordered a whopper of a meal at the newly opened Washington diner Shake Shack during lunch on Monday [7/11/2011].  A Washington Post journalist on the scene confirmed the first lady, who's made a cause out of child nutrition, ordered a ShackBurger, fries, chocolate shake and a Diet Coke while the street and sidewalk in front of the usually-packed Shake Shack were closed by security during her visit.

Carney Derided Bush's Vacation, Defends Obama's Vacation Plans.  In a 2001 column for Time magazine, journalist Jay Carney ridiculed President George W. Bush about his vacation plans during his first summer in office.  Fast forward 10 years and Jay Carney, now White House Press Secretary, was this week strongly defending President Obama's upcoming vacation at Martha's Vineyard.

Michelle Obama spotted at We The Pizza.  The first lady and daughter Sasha swung by the Capitol Hill pizza joint owned by Spike Mendelsohn on Monday night.  No word on what FLOTUS ate, but the restaurant's menu doesn't offer too many healthy options.

Postcard for the prez.  Dear President Obama, I hope you, your lovely wife, the kids and the members of your 20-car entourage are enjoying your Bay State vacation. ... A president who barnstorms across the Midwest telling us "There's no reason we can't act today," then goes on a two-week vacation is, well, unsettling.

Obama Hypocrisy.  Barack Obama is nothing less than a hypocrite on his admonitions over public discourse and the latest example of this truth lies in his refusal to condemn the violence-tinged language of Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa not to mention his similar silence on the obscene rhetoric of many of the leading members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Michelle the Menu Micromanager.  Even though Michelle tends to unabashedly frequent establishments that serve high-end, calorie-rich cuisine, she has nonetheless anointed herself the maven and monitor of healthful eating. ... Thanks to Mrs. Obama, who allows her two girls to eat fried shrimp baskets and hot fudge sundaes on vacation, America's children will find that when it's treat time for them, "French fries and sugar-sweetened beverages will become the exception and not the rule."

Michelle the Menu Micromanager.  Even though Michelle tends to unabashedly frequent establishments that serve high-end, calorie-rich cuisine, she has nonetheless anointed herself the maven and monitor of healthful eating.  Thus, the first lady's obvious double standard has delivered yet another initiative whose success is measured by the level of Obama hypocrisy it manages to expose.  When Michelle goes on vacation — which, by the way, is quite frequently — she justifies indulging in whatever she happens to crave.

Obama's strange sense of humor.  Believe it or not, Barack Obama is cracking jokes about the horrific fires in Texas. ... Hasn't Barack Obama talked about empathy quite a bit over the years?  He all but made that a qualification for choosing Supreme Court Justice nominees.  He has talked about the need for being each others' keepers.

Can liberals shop at Target now?  Photos of First Lady Michelle Obama were featured on all major network newscasts yesterday [9/29/2011] as she was spotted shopping at a local Target retail store wearing a hat and sunglasses.  Target notoriously sparked the outrage of liberals and LGTB activists after donating money to Republicans in Minnesota.

Obama attacks banks while raking in Wall Street dough.  Despite his rhetorical attacks on Wall Street, a study by the Sunlight Foundation's Influence Project shows that President Barack Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any other politician over the past 20 years, including former President George W. Bush.  In 2008, Wall Street's largesse accounted for 20 percent of Obama's total take, according to Reuters.  When asked by The Daily Caller to comment about President Obama's credibility when it comes to criticizing Wall Street, the White House declined to reply.

Nobel Peace Laureate Assassinates American Citizen.  This is the same Barack Obama who campaigned on closing Gitmo (because it's a "recruiting tool" for terrorists).  This is the same Obama who condemned the Bush administration's use of enhanced interrogation, calling the waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed for critical information illegal "torture."  This is the same president who, but for a sharp turn in public opinion, would have released more "abused" detainee photos and "prosecuted" the Bush administration for alleged violations of human rights law.  This same Obama preached about his version of "American values," which requires extending Miranda rights on the battlefield to captured enemy combatants.

Bored Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue.  She has to my knowledge never once held a position for which she was not well-compensated.  At the moment — at who knows whose cost — exercise coaches are reportedly flown in regularly from Chicago for her, she enjoys the most lavish meals, and (presumably using the Obamas' vast fortune) splurges on very expensive baubles and gowns and even extravagantly priced tennis shoes.  The capper was this week when Paula Deen and Marian Burros revealed the extent to which the woman who hawks White House grown kale and yams and who has demanded schools and restaurants change their menus, overriding parental and kids' preferences for what she demands — healthier nourishment — actually stuffs her own self with unhealthy food.  Often.

Don't tell Michelle! Obama not eating so well on the road.  First Lady Michelle Obama might keep her husband on a healthy diet when he's in the White House, but it looks like President Obama doesn't stick to the same rules on the road.  Speaking in Jamestown, North Carolina Tuesday, the president remarked how much he enjoyed a good helping of North Carolina barbecue the day before as well as some "hush puppies" — a deep-fried favorite in the South.  Of course, these are some of the same fatty foods Michelle Obama advocates against consuming on a regular basis.

Purposeful inaction is a form of passive-aggressive behavior.*
Obama declares war on mousepads and coffee mugs in bid to trim government's excessive spending.  The President has begun a war against mousepads, coffee mugs and other commemorative items in a bid to curb unnecessary government spending and tackle America's $14 trillion deficit.  This week he signed an executive order directing government agencies to cut back on 'extraneous promotional items', which the White House says cost taxpayers billions of dollars a year.

The very same day...
No swag rule in diplomacy.  First lady Michelle Obama presented sterling silver orchid brooches and sterling silver cufflinks with Hawaiian Koa Wood to the leaders and spouses who gathered for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

Create wealth, not jobs.  "There's no reason for Republicans in Congress to stand in the way of more construction projects," President Obama told an Ohio crowd in September.  "There's no reason to stand in the way of more jobs."  However, the president now wants to block a massive private-sector construction project that would create the thousands of jobs he demands — the Keystone XL pipeline.

36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes.  How embarrassing this must be for President Obama, whose major speech theme so far this campaign season has been that every single American, no matter how rich, should pay their "fair share" of taxes.

Liberal Illiberalism.  [Scroll down]  When Barack Obama both calls for "skyrocketing" energy prices, and on his first January day in office turns up the West Wing thermostat to tropical temperatures, then there is a sort of immorality implicit in his entire ideology.  At least Jimmy Carter put on a sweater and turned down the temperature to match his malaise rhetoric.

Jonestown and Obama.  Self-indulgent hypocrisy reigns supreme in Obama's court.  He admonishes Americans to be more civil and is indifferent to the coarse and vile statements emanating from his own supporters — e.g., Bill Maher.  He cautions Americans to be frugal, and then his wife and daughters take various jaunts that add stress to the already overburdened American taxpayer.

Obama's Vegas Values.  President Obama's rhetoric frequently displays a moral posture, as if to ground his actions in values resonant with most Americans.  It is all a sham, of course.  The transcendent value of Barack Obama is power, and right now that means re-election.  An examination of the his posturing on gambling in Las Vegas offers a fine example of his hypocritical moral posing.

Hostile Workplace.  Female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues, records show. According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).

DNC War on Women Intensifies.  Female employees of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) earn significantly less than their male counterparts, a Washington Free Beacon analysis has found.  A review of salary data filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) revealed that the DNC paid female staff members $501 less on average than male staffers in July 2012, a difference of 15 percent.  The DNC's 119 female employees earned $3,342 on average in the month of July, compared to $3,843 for its 113 male employees.  On an annualized basis, the average female DNC employee would earn roughly $6,000 less than her male coworkers.

Obama attacks inequality while soliciting big-money donors.  Pausing between $10,000-a-plate fundraisers for his re-election campaign, President Obama called on Congress in a highly partisan speech Tuesday [4/10/2012] to approve a tax increase on the wealthy to pay for programs for the middle class.

President Obama's 'Fairness' Vision Would Bankrupt Nation.  It's ironic that President Obama would make two speeches this week in Florida about "fairness," sandwiched as they were between $10,000-a-plate fundraising dinners.  But that's the level of hypocrisy coming from the White House these days.

Obama Family Tax Shelter.  President Obama and his wife, Michele, gave a total of $48,000 in tax-free gifts to their daughters, according to tax records made public on Friday. [...] There is nothing illegal about the president's taking advantage of this tax shelter, but it does raise eyebrows given that he has lamented the myriad tax exemptions used by the wealthy — "millionaires and billionaires" like himself — to pay less in taxes.

Who is this guy pretending to be president?  This year's Obama talks of the importance of windmills, algae and green energy, but he takes a 17-SUV motorcade to a photo op with an electric car.

Obama Said Big Donations Buy Access Average Voters 'Can't Imagine'.  In the wake of reports today that President Obama has used the White House both to grant access to special large donors and friends like Hilary Rosen, many media figures have suggested that this isn't anything rare — it's business as usual, and shouldn't be considered out of bounds.  But there is one major politician who would disagree:  Barack Obama, circa 1996.

Barack Obama, Tax Avoider.  It is hard to know what to make of Barack Obama's re-election campaign.  Based on his recent speeches, it appears that his number one campaign issue will be the "Buffett Rule," which he acknowledges is a gimmick that will do essentially nothing to address the country's fiscal crisis. [...] Now Obama has released his own tax returns, and guess what: the president pays only 20.5% of his adjusted gross income in federal income taxes — a smaller percentage, ostensibly, than Warren Buffett's secretary, and a much smaller percentage than I pay on my income.  The Obamas employ a number of perfectly legal tax avoidance strategies to keep their taxes down, and a substantial portion of their income was foreign.

36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes.  How embarrassing this must be for President Obama, whose major speech theme so far this campaign season has been that every single American, no matter how rich, should pay their "fair share" of taxes.

Mark Levin: Obama Is An Imperial President.  "Obama, it would seem, wants to deny to others what he will not deny to himself.  He wants to deny to the children of others what he will not deny to his own children.  He wants to amass riches, but he doesn't want you to amass wealth.  He doesn't mind private school for his own children, but he minds it for your children.  He doesn't mind eating whatever he wants to eat, but he minds what you eat.  He doesn't mind taking that 747 one frivolous trip after another, one self-serving fundraising after another, but he minds what you drive and how much fuel you use.  And we can go on and on."

President who tried to prosecute the men who waterboarded KSM to find Bin Laden now spiking the football over killing Bin Laden.  Obama thinks you're stupid.  And if you voted for him, he's right.

Silver Spoon Obama: Is he Calling the Kettle Black?  Obama has to be delusional.  Just think about it, a poor black man writes a book about the dreams of his father and he makes millions of dollars.  A poor black man is born in Hawaii and he goes to a private school in Hawaii.  A poor black man on his way to Harvard Law School takes a little time (a month) to fly to Kenya to meet his relatives.  I think Obama may be confused by the notion of a silver spoon.

Obama Team Accuses GOP of Outsourcing to Manila, Pays Firm that Outsources to Manila.  Obama for America in February paid $78,314.10 to a company called Donor Services Group, LLC for "Telemarketing Services."  In fact, that company, which the Obama team uses, outsources to Manila.

Flying Panetta Leads Charge Against The Carbon Enemy.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says climate change is a national security issue.  Isn't he the fellow who jets across the country to go home on weekends?  If he's right, then he's undermining his own mission.

The President Who Hired Communists and Hung Out with Terrorists Says Romney Must Rebuke 'Extreme Voices'.  Is this really the ground Team Obama wants to fight on?  The president launched his political career in the home of a pair of unrepentant terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  Dorhn spent a decade on the FBI's most wanted list, but she wasn't too radical for Bam.  He knowingly hired a raft of radicals to staff his administration and kept them away from congressional scrutiny by making them czars or putting them in positions where Congress had no say.  Van Jones is an open communist and 9-11 Truther, yet Obama hired him to be the "green jobs" czar.  Anita Dunn admires Mao Zedong, yet found work in Obama's communications team.

No Birth Certificate Required.  The White House Visitors Office requires that an unborn child — still residing in utero — must be counted as a full human being when its parents register for a White House tour, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Unprecedented: Top DOJ Officials Were Obama Bundlers with Wall Street Ties.  Four of the top officials at the Department of Justice were all big money fundraisers for President Obama's 2008 campaign with strong ties to Wall Street — the very entity the Obama Administration has said must be criminally prosecuted for bringing about the biggest financial crisis in U.S. history.

Our Composite President.  [Scroll down]  Obama said he would root out money's baleful influence on our democracy.  Yet the first big decision he made as his party's presumptive nominee was to forego public financing.  That single action undermined the cause of campaign finance reform more than any Supreme Court decision.  He has regularly denounced corporate money as a candidate and as a president.  Yet Obama has raised more money from Wall Street than anyone in 20 years.  He was the largest recipient of BP contributions.

President Obama raised most from private equity, hedge funds in 2008.  President Obama raised far more cash from hedge fund and private equity donors than any other candidate in the 2008 election cycle.  According to an analysis by the nonprofit group Open Secrets, Obama took in nearly $3.5 million from large private-equity donors that year — nearly twice what his general-election rival, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), pocketed.

Barack Obama and The Hypocrisy of Choom.  In short, I can easily concede that the people who really don't like marijuana may have a point.  The problem here is that President Obama only pretends to be one of those people — and that is offensive.  You see, I don't actually think that the President cares about pot use any more than I do.  He's letting people get arrested for this stuff — many of them, for doing the things that Barack Obama enthusiastically did when he was a teenager — because it's easier than actually doing any of those wonderful-sounding things about education and treatment that politicians like to trot out when the subject comes up.

A New Level of Shamelessness.  John McCain actually did believe in "campaign-finance reform," but candidate and President Barack Obama most certainly did not:  He was the first presidential candidate in the general election to renounce public campaign financing in the history of the legislation so that he could go on to out-raise McCain three to one.  He raised the most money in campaign history, and was the largest recorded recipient of Wall Street cash.  In three-and-a-half years, he has held the most fundraisers of any sitting president; he has accepted super PAC money when he said he would not; he has allowed big donors to receive preferential treatment in green-company subsidization.

Obama Campaign Checks IDs At The Door.  President Barack Obama's presidential campaign checked the identification of the supporters attending Obama's "framing" event at Cuyahoga Community College today [6/14/2012].  The 1,500 supporters in attendance picked up tickets at campaign offices in Northeast Ohio beginning on Monday, though tickets to the event made no mention of an ID requirement.  Jessica Kershaw, the Obama campaign's Ohio Press Secretary, confirmed in a statement to BuzzFeed that the campaign checked every supporter's identification at the door.

Flashback 2007: Senator Obama Criticized President Bush For Trying To 'Hide Behind' Executive Privilege.  This is President Barack Obama's first use of executive privilege.  His predecessor PresidentGeorge W. Bush asserted executive privilege six times during his tenure.  It turns out that in 2007, then-Senator Obama was a vocal critic of Bush's assertion of executive privilege with respect to the investigations over the firing of United States Attorneys and the Valerie Plame leak.

Then-Senator Obama Criticizes President Bush's Use of Executive Privilege in 2007.  In 2007, then-senator Obama spoke out against the use of executive privilege by the Bush administration when the Bush administration was called before a Congressional committee over its firing of some US attorneys.

Is President Obama's Dream Order a Legal Nightmare?  On June 15th, President Obama grandly announced that because the Congress had declined to pass a "Dream Act" granting immunity from prosecution to members of specific groups of illegal aliens, he had taken it upon himself to do it. [...] Less than a year before, he had told a gathering of la Raza people about his unhappiness that he could not do what he just did, because of the laws and Constitution of the United States, which he had sworn to uphold, forbade him.  Even so, he said that doing what he wanted to do was "very tempting."

Hiding Behind Executive Privilege.  President Obama, who had been a bitter critic of the Bush administration's use of executive privilege, today through his representatives protested that he is only doing what the Bush administration did before him.  The same man who once accused President Bush of "hiding behind executive privilege" is now hiding behind George W. Bush.

Obama's amnesty-by-fiat: Naked lawlessness.  "With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations [of immigrants brought here illegally as children] through executive order, that's just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed."  — President Obama, March 28, 2011.  Those laws remain on the books.  They have not changed.  Yet Obama last week suspended these very deportations — granting infinitely renewable "deferred action" with attendant work permits — thereby unilaterally rewriting the law.  And doing precisely what he himself admits he is barred from doing.

Obama Demands ID for Rally Entrances.  At a recent Obama rally in Ohio, prospective attendees were told to brandish their photo IDs if they expected admittance to the rally.  No word yet on whether Attorney General Eric Holder plans to file suit against the Obama campaign for infringing upon Ohioans' right of peaceful assembly by way of a racist photo ID rule.

Obama Is A Job-Outsourcing Hypocrite.  The president accuses his likely opponent of outsourcing jobs as his re-election campaign hires telemarketers in Canada and the Philippines.  And what about GM in China and those electric cars built in Finland?

No 'plumber' can stop the gusher of hypocrisy in the Obama White House.  In political peril because of its arrogance and incompetence, the Obama administration has lost its moral bearings in a bid to stay in power.  Laws are ignored, and new rules created simply for the convenience of the campaign.  The president's mad dash for cash has turned Air Force One into a shabby shuttle, its grand symbolism reduced to getaway-car status.

Transparent hypocrisy.  President Obama's senior campaign adviser last week called Mitt Romney "the most secretive candidate we've seen probably since Richard Nixon," citing Romney having assets in offshore accounts.  Amazingly, Axelrod said this just two weeks after his client invoked executive privilege — a term practically synonymous with Nixon and Watergate — to block the release of subpoenaed documents in the "Fast and Furious" scandal.  This is especially ironic considering Obama's vow, immediately after the 2008 election, to lead the "most open and transparent [government] in history."

The Content Of His Character.  The Obama campaign's desperate "felony" charge against Mitt Romney ought to serve as a wake-up call for the Romney campaign and for the American public regarding the utter amorality of the president and his functionaries.

The Editor says...
It's the old Karl Marx strategy:  "Accuse others of what you do."

Obama has investments in companies that ship jobs overseas.  President Obama has accused Mitt Romney of raking in profits from investing in companies that ship American jobs overseas, but according to his most recent financial disclosure, he and First Lady Michelle Obama have hundreds of thousands of dollars in a mutual fund that has large holdings in corporations that outsource jobs.

Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released.  As the Obama campaign and the media continue to press Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, and to suggest — without a shred of evidence — that he is a "felon," it is worth noting how much critical information Barack Obama has withheld from view — both as a candidate in 2008, and during his term in office.

Obama fund raises at "ruthless" out-sourcer's penthouse at $25,000 a pop event.  Immediately after bashing Mitt Romney for allegedly out-sourcing American jobs overseas at Bain and claiming he wants "to be a pioneer in in-sourcing," yesterday [7/18/2012] Obama's motorcade sped to the luxury penthouse of former Dell exec Tom Meredith, on record as priding himself in being "ruthless" in cutting American jobs in Texas and other states, while preserving them in Asia to cut costs for Dell. [...] One would think the media might be interested in reporting Obama's brazen hypocrisy but I guess not.

Distinction with no Difference.  FEC regulations on Super PACs prohibit expenditures "made in cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request or suggestion" of candidates and their campaigns.  The Hatch Act forbids administration officials from participating in campaign events.  The groups supporting President Obama's reelection effort, however, are filled with former administration staffers and old friends who frequently visit the White House, and who give the campaign the ability to raise unlimited, secret funds — something Obama once claimed to deplore.

After Blocking Oil Drilling, Obama Now Posing in Front of Oil Wells.  I guess posing in front of a shuttered Solyndra factory isn't part of his campaign.  Seriously, can it get any more pathetic than this?

Only two of 18 White House tech innovation fellows are women.  Only two of the 18 people sworn in Thursday [8/23/2012] for participation in a prestigious White House tech fellowship program are women, prompting concerns about gender imbalance.

While Red States Drown, White House Releases Beer Recipe.  This week, the media solemnly suggested that, with a tropical storm bearing down on the Gulf Coast, the RNC should considering canceling their convention.  It would be in poor tasted, they scolded, to continue with political speeches and celebrations while New Orleans was threatened with another devastating storm.  Today, as the storm moves north and residents of the Gulf Coast begin to clean up, over 500,000 people are without power and thousands remain in shelters.  In other news today, the White House released its own beer recipe.

Obama's General Motors hypocrisy.  The Wall Street Journal reports today [9/17/2012] that General Motors executives have asked the Treasury Department to sell its stake in the giant automaker.  The administration has refused.  Oddly enough, today we also learned that the Obama administration is launching a complaint at the World Trade Organization over China's allegedly unfair subsidizing of its auto industry.

Obama's pathetic political optics: Tone-deaf and arrogant.  The Democrat's poor political optics are legion.  At one White House youth day Obama showed off his own moves on the basketball court instead of coaching the visiting youngsters.  He spent Earth Day last year creating an immense carbon footprint flying his 747 jumbo jet coast-to-coast after draining more cash from California donors.  He took a 17-vehicle motorcade of SUVs for a photo op admiring an electric car.  When an unemployed audience member complained about Obama's strict gas mileage regulations, the president suggested the man buy a new car.

Obama, the greedy boss.  The LA Times just revealed that it appears that Obama pays his campaign workers less than the national average wage and Romney pays his campaign workers more than the national average wage.  In 2010 the national average wage was roughly $42,000 a year.  Yet Obama is only paying his campaign workers $36,886 a year.  The greedy, evil Romney however is paying his campaign workers $51,500 a year.

Hypocrisy on Those Foreign Campaign Contributions.  That the Obama campaign has left itself wide open to contributions from foreign nationals is particularly galling given the concern the president and his senior advisers have expressed over such contributions.  In his 2010 State of the Union Address, the president slammed the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision because, "I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities."

Violating the WARN Act.  [Scroll down]  There is no legal authority to allow the president to direct contractors not to comply with federal law or to promise them that the government will cover their financial liability for such a violation.  Sending employees layoff notices 60 days prior to their being laid off is required under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, a law Obama supported when he was a senator.  In 2007 when he wanted to amend the WARN Act to force employers to give 90 days' notice instead of just 60, Obama said that "the least employers can do when they're anticipating layoffs is to let workers know they're going to be out of a job and a paycheck with enough time to plan for their future."

Obama fails to provide aid to victims of Hurricane Isaac, despite 2007 anti-Bush rhetoric on Katrina relief.  President Barack Obama has refused to extend to victims of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana the same relief he criticized former President George W. Bush for withholding from New Orleans residents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  The move has frustrated state and local politicians and contradicts his own campaign rhetoric about disaster relief from just one election cycle ago.

Barack Obama let America down.  Obama vowed to cut in half the annual Bush spending deficit he inherited, but instead he tripled it.  He called George W. Bush "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion to the total accumulated national debt in eight years, but then he added $5 trillion more in only four years, and would add an estimated $5 trillion beyond that in a second term.  Today's $16 trillion national debt is the size of the nation's total annual economic output.  That's like owing Master Card your whole year's wages, and still buying more on credit every day.

Fair Share: Obama Staffers Owe $833,970 in Back Taxes.  Federal employees as a group owe a whopping $3.4 billion in unpaid taxes, including 1,181 employees of the Treasury Department delinquent on a total of $9.3 million in taxes.

36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes.  How embarrassing this must be for President Obama, whose major speech theme so far this campaign season has been that every single American, no matter how rich, should pay their "fair share" of taxes.  Because how unfair — indeed, un-American — it is for an office worker like, say, Warren Buffet's secretary to dutifully pay her taxes, while some well-to-do people with better educations and higher incomes end up paying a much smaller tax rate.  Or, worse, skipping their taxes altogether.

White House War on Women Escalates.  The White House's Flickr account recently released a photo of President Barack Obama and his top advisers.  The complete absence of women in the image is another reminder that females are underrepresented in Obama's staff.  Additionally, the president still pays his female employees significantly less than their male counterparts.

The New Liberal Aristocracy.  [Scroll down]  Class warrior Barack Obama spent his winter break in a ritzy rental on a Hawaiian beach.  It cost the taxpayers $7 (or is it $20?) million to jet him and his entourage 6,000 miles for their tropical vacation.  But whether the first family escapes to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard or Costa del Sol, the image of a 1 percent lifestyle seems a bit at odds with the president's professed disdain for "millionaires and billionaires," "fat cats," and "corporate-jet owners" who supposedly can afford such tony retreats only because they have done something suspect.

Obama Defends Morgan's Free Speech, Assailed Limbaugh's.  The White House stood behind Piers Morgan's vociferous anti-gun statements last night by releasing a statement reminding Americans that "freedom of expression is a bedrock principle in our democracy."  Yet when conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh was under fire for comments made about Sandra Fluke last year, President Obama proclaimed in a press conference that the comments were "inappropriate" and had "no place in public discourse."

Obama Appoints Islam's Apologists.  For an administration that has made "diversity" a worn shibboleth for almost every other series of appointments, why this sudden departure from generating a photo-op like a Benetton ad of Christmas past?  Were there no "wise Latina women," "academically distinguished African-Americans," or "experienced white women" available?  What is it that makes these three candidates so phenomenal as to cause Obama to drop the diversity consideration?  All of these candidates are rabidly pro-Islam, pro-Arab, or both.  All are apologists for those causes.

As he was saying...  "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.  It is a sign that the U.S. government cannot pay its own bills.[" ...] What an incriminating and indicting statement uttered by the president, who has rung up more debt than the first 43 put together.  By his own words he is a colossal failure as a leader as he continues to have trillion-dollar deficits with no sign of addressing the issue in a realistic way.

School Obama's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards.  The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as we speak.  If you dismiss this by saying, "Of course they have armed guards — they get Secret Service protection," then you've missed the larger point.  The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school, period.  And this is the reason people like NBC's David Gregory send their kids to Sidwell, they know their kids will be protected from the carnage that befell kids at a school where armed guards weren't used (and weren't even allowed).

NRA's new ad calls Obama 'elitist hypocrite'.  The National Rifle Association released a new video on its Web site Tuesday [1/15/2013] calling President Obama an "elitist hypocrite" for having Secret Service protection of his daughters at school but saying he was "skeptical" about installing armed guards in all schools.

Kids Write Obama on Abortion.  I'm getting sick and tired of the Obama administration using children selectively in order to help the president advocate his public policy positions. [...] As I sat and watched Obama surrounded by little human political shields, three things struck me as being especially hypocritical:  1. Just a few years ago, the president would have supported murdering all of those children by dismemberment.  2. The president would have classified their dismemberment as "health care" within a comprehensive reform package necessary to preserve the well-being of children, and finally  3. All the children at the press conference were protected from being murdered at that particular moment by government agents carrying concealed weapons.

Inaugural lunch: glaring nutritional hypocrisy.  For all their criticism of fatty foods and the mindless rubes who consume them, Barack Obama's second inaugural luncheon was a display of dietary excess.  The surf and turf meal began with lobster and creamy chowder sauce, included grilled bison with plenty of gut-busting sides, and ended with apple pie a la mode.  Not including alcoholic beverages, the meal tips the scale at more than 3,000 calories — more than the average individual should eat in a day and a half!

Obama Defiles Reagan Stagecraft.  [Scroll down]  President Obama lost all credibility when he decided to use children as props.  Again, despite the melodrama, this man does not care one iota about child safety.  Barack Obama believes in partial birth abortion and gladly provides unlimited government funding to terminate as many unborn children as Planned Parenthood can possibly snuff out.  Yet, while unveiling his executive actions the president said, "This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe.  This is how we will be judged."

Waterboarding Bad, Assassination Good.  So, as NBC News' Michael Isikoff reports, according to an Obama/Holder Justice Department memo, it's okay for the U.S. government to authorize the extrajudicial killing of American citizens who are believed to be senior operational leaders of al-Qaeda, even if there's no intelligence that they're involved in an active plot against the U.S.  According to Jay Carney, such killing is "legal, ethical, and wise."

Obama launches 'Made in America' tour at Canadian-owned auto-parts plant.  [Scroll down]  Mr. Obama, visiting a Canadian-owned auto parts plant in Asheville, N.C., on the day after his State of the Union address, instead proposed $1 billion in federal aid to create a network of 15 "innovation institutes" nationwide.

Explaining the Inexplicable.  The president, as is his wont, blasted the "one percent," the "millionaires and billionaires," and the "well-connected" in his recent State of the Union speech — and then he flew off to golf and hang out with the one percent of the one percent in South Florida while his wife and kids jetted to Aspen to ski.

President Obama's accelerating abandonment of principle.  How ironic is the recent news that President Obama engages in crony capitalism and that he doesn't always play by the rules?  Our righteous president has often leveled such charges against America's corporate leaders, suggesting they skirt the law of the land, and that the playing field is not level for ordinary people.  How disappointing then to find a pattern of favoritism and hypocrisy emerging from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama Talks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth on Campaign Finance.  Last Friday, a story by Nicholas Confessore of the New York Times revealed that President Obama's political team is trying to raise $50 million to fund the conversion of his reelection campaign into Organizing for Action, a "powerhouse" new national lobbying group.  The story said that at least half of the organization's budget will come from a small number of well-connected donors who each raise or contribute more than $500,000.  In return, those donors get a spot on a national advisory board, the right to attend quarterly meetings with the president and access to other White House meetings.

President Obama doesn't (really) care about campaign finance reform.  Organizing for America, the new grassroots lobbying and advocacy organization being run by top aides to the 2012 campaign, has set a budget of $50 million with at least half of that total coming from large checks written by a handful of very wealthy donors, according to the New York Times' Nick Confessore.  The group has also been set up as a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, meaning that it can not only accept unlimited donations from individuals but that it is under no requirement to disclose the sources of those contributions.

Let's starve! Kids forced to go hungry for hours during Michelle Obama media event.  A very courageous fifth [grade] teacher in the Chicago Public Schools has written a scathing critique of the almost comical misery she and her students endured when they participated in a massive February 28 event kicking off Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Active Schools campaign.  The First Lady's campaign is an effort to improve (and in some cases, bring back) physical education in American schools. White House officials called the event "a groundbreaking, earth-shattering, awesomely-inspiring day."

Obama Proclaims April the Month to Teach Young People 'How to Budget Responsibly'.  President Barack Obama, who has increased the national debt by $53,377 per household, has proclaimed April "National Financial Capability Month," during which his administration will do things such as teach young people "how to budget responsibly."

MSNBC: We Have to Break Through This Idea 'That Kids Belong to Their Parents'.  In a 30-second promo for MSNBC's Lean Forward campaign, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry advocates that society end the "private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families," and instead institute a "collective notion" that kids "are our children," they belong to the community.

The 1-percenter who doesn't pay his 'fair share' — President Obama.  The White House admitted in a Friday afternoon [4/12/2013] news dump, of course, that President Obama paid only an 18.4 percent effective federal income tax rate on his adjusted gross income last year of $608,611.  The highest income-tax rate last year was 35 percent (and has now increased to 39.6 percent, thanks to the fiscal cliff tax hike).  Once again, the president piously demanded that "the wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share" and yet, in the very same paragraph, the multimillionaire president admitted to paying less than half the standard rate for his income bracket.

'Civility President' Again Uncivil After Gun Defeat.  After Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot, President Obama called for "more civility in our public discourse."  Now, after losing a Senate vote, he uncivilly calls his political foes willful liars — with Giffords at his side.

Obama's Political Army Targets Sen. Ted Cruz's Office for Direct Protest.  Tonight after the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, President Obama called on Americans not to "rush to judgment against groups of people."  The president applies such thinking when terrorists strike and kill, but not to Americans who happen to disagree with him.  He spent Wednesday afternoon yelling at Americans who disagree with him on gun ownership.  Saturday, the political army that answers directly to Barack Obama and no one else, Organizing for Action, will muster in Dallas to target Sen. Ted Cruz for disagreeing with him on gun ownership.

Obama Blames U.S., Repeats 90% Gun Lie In Mexico.  Once again blaming his own country for Mexico's gun violence without mentioning Fast and Furious, the gun runner in chief pledges to find and jail gun smugglers.  Perhaps he should start with his own administration.

Obama Hailed 'World Press Freedom Day' As His DOJ Was Seizing AP Phone Records.  President Barack Obama issued a statement heralding World Press Freedom Day in May 2012, at the same time his Department of Justice was secretly obtaining phone records from Associated Press reporters and editors.

Barack Bamboozles Berlin.  [Scroll down]  Speaking of contradictions, Mr. Obama shared that [John F.] Kennedy's words are "timeless because they call upon us to care more about things than just our own self-comfort."  This from a president who's about to embark on a $100 million African vacation, toting along a wife whose "self-comfort" demands recently included bunking in a $4,000-a-night Princess Grace suite in Ireland.

Irish Politician Nominates Obama for Hypocrite of the Century.  From Nobel Peace Prize to war criminal accusations.  What we were sold is not what we received.

Obama calls US 'better off' after Defense of Marriage Act overturned.  President Obama on Wednesday [6/26/2013] praised the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, calling the nation "better off" in the wake of the historic ruling.  "I applaud the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act," Obama said aboard Air Force One, en route to a weeklong trip in Africa.  "This was discrimination enshrined in law.  It treated loving, committed gay and lesbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people.  The Supreme Court has righted that wrong, and our country is better off for it."

The Editor says...
Interesting.  Mr. Obama doesn't like "discrimination enshrined in law."  How does he feel about affirmative action, hate crime laws, and reverse discrimination?

US government declares hacking an act of war, then hacks allies.  In 2011, the Pentagon released its first formal cyber strategy, which called computer hacking from other nations an "act of war," according to the Wall Street Journal.  In late June of this year, WSJ reported that Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, released information alleging the U.S. government was hacking Chinese targets "that include the nation's mobile-phone companies and one of the country's most prestigious universities."

Mrs. Obama is the Captain of the Food Police, but when she's not looking...
Obama lunches on fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings, french fries.  It's only been three days, but President Obama has quickly settled into the vacation diet on Martha's Vineyard.  But don't tell the first lady.  During a rainy day on Tuesday, he traveled to Nancy's in scenic Oak Bluffs for a fried lunch. According to the pool report:  "POTUS's food order at Nancy's was fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries."  Obviously not on the lunch trip was first lady Michelle Obama, the first family's fitness buff.

Obama: 'President Does Not Have Power Under Constitution to Unilaterally Authorize a Military Attack'  [Scroll down]  Obama, by contrast, unambiguously took the correct constitutional position when he was running for president — almost 220 years after the Constitution was ratified — then turned around and took an indefensible position two years into office as commander in chief.  Obama's convenient change in position now justifies his own actions that exceed the constitutional limits on presidential power.

Obama's Half-Assad War.  In Obama's 2002 speech against the Iraq war, he scoffed at "armchair weekend warriors" who pursue "dumb" and "rash" interventions. [...] In his 2002 speech, Obama said that "petty dictators" don't justify military intervention, that Saddam Hussein posed no "imminent threat" to the U.S., that war would divert attention from domestic problems, and that a poorly conceived war would "fan the flames" of the Middle East and make a bad situation worse.  Substitute "Syria" for "Iraq" in the speech and one has a decent rejoinder to his Saturday announcement:  Assad is a petty dictator; he hasn't attacked the U.S.; this is a wag-the-dog diversion by a floundering president; the lack of any coherent strategy is sure to destabilize Syria and boost Islamic radicals.

Crown O Clown in Chief.  The Los Angeles Times quotes a U.S. official who says President Obama wants an attack "just muscular enough not to get mocked." [...] But how can we not mock a president who says he's "made the decision" that military action against Assad is a moral imperative and essential to U.S. security; and that he's "made a second decision" to not make a decision but to wait for Congress to decide.  A president making these two completely contradictory statements is bad.  But to make them in the same speech?

Obama lying to America Lying to America: Obama Begins 'Debt Ceiling Tour'.  Obama's faux argument that we must raise the debt ceiling in order to pay our debts was an interesting one, considering previous comments that he made regarding American debt.  While on the campaign trail on July 3, 2008, Obama attacked then President Bush on the debt of our nation.  [Obama quote omitted]  So, back then increasing our debt was "unpatriotic."  Now, Obama wants us to believe that not only will raising the debt ceiling not increase our debt, but it is a simple, routine thing to do.  No wonder our debt has ballooned from $10 trillion under Bush to $17 trillion under Obama!

Obama: Transforming America.  Plenty of presidents have proved vicious, but few so adept in attributing their own base behavior to others.  Damning fat cats and corporate-jet owners allows a president to hold serial $50,000-a-head fundraisers.  Ridiculing Romney's elevator seems to make vacationing in Aspen, Costa del Sol, Vail, and Martha's Vineyard perfectly natural.

Barack Obama, Imaginary President.  Under President Bush in eight years we added $4.9 trillion to the national debt.  Under President Obama in four years we have added more than $6 trillion. [...] Obama can't be the same guy who went around the country a few years ago calling out George Bush for the increase in the national debt that occurred under Bush's watch.

Obama, Master Deceiver.  Another tool Obama uses effectively is accusing people who disagree with him of doing exactly what he is doing.  In his press conference today he took great pains to explain how Republicans were the beneficiaries of millions and millions of dollars that no one knew anything about.  His intent was to infer that large corporations and so forth have bought off Republicans.  He even went as far as to say that he and Democrats do not do that.  Whoa!  I do believe it was Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats who took millions and millions of dollars illegally from contributors overseas.  They used a portion of the election law that allows for small contributors to not have to report who they are or where they live.

The 'White Poppy President'.  The same president, who barely two months ago tried to keep 80-plus-year-old war veterans from visiting their open-air Washington war memorials, will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran's Day this Monday.  The same president, who is gutting the U.S. military, will host a breakfast to honor veterans and their families that is closed to the press.

New survey: Despite Michelle Obama, Americans are eating less healthy.  According to the Obama White House, the first family consumed a Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, honey-baked ham, cornbread stuffing, oyster stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, greens, green bean casserole, dinner rolls and macaroni and cheese.  Then, the family washed all that down with nine kinds of pies:  huckleberry, pecan, sweet potato, peach, apple, pumpkin, banana cream, coconut cream and chocolate cream.

A Handy Dandy Warmist Survival Guide For Christmas Climate Change Discussions.  Do you know what Obama's plan is?  Jacking up the cost of living for Everyone Else while taking long fossil fueled flights to Hawaii.  This is the man with the highest carbon footprint in the world.

Obama's winter vacation hypocrisy.  Is Barack Obama entirely lacking in self-awareness, or does he simply think that his intended audience will believe anything he says?  Maybe both.  Otherwise it is hard to explain away the obvious irony inherent in a president from Hawaii on a long winter vacation in Hawaii blasting his political opponents for going "home for the holidays."

From Hawaii, Obama Blasted Republicans Who 'Went Home for the Holidays'.  In his weekly address released on Saturday, January 4, President Obama had the audacity to slam Republicans for "going home for the holidays" and letting unemployment insurance benefits expire.  The only problem is that Obama said this while still on his holiday vacation in Hawaii.

Analysis: Men still make a lot more than women in Obama's White House.  This week, Maria Shiver presented President Barack Obama with the most recent report on the economic plight of women in America.  The report looks at women's financial insecurity, poverty, and inequality, including the contested assertion that the median earnings of full-time female workers make 77 percent of the full-time male's income, and offers public and private solutions to raising their economic status in America.

White House imposes secrecy rules on First Lady's lavish, celebrity-filled birthday party.  There was a party in the East Room of the White House Saturday night [1/18/2014], an affair attended by a reported 500 people, a lavish celebration with celebrities galore, appearances by some of the world's most popular performers, lots of dancing and powerful government officials, including, of course, the most powerful official of all, the President of the United States.  And the White House wants to make sure you know as little as possible about it. [...] [M]aybe, since the president has announced he is devoting the rest of his time in office to an "inequality agenda," the White House felt photos of a champagne-soaked, star-studded party would be somewhat off-message.

How does Obama stack up on women's pay himself?  President Barack Obama calls it "wrong" and an "embarrassment" that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, saying women deserve equal pay for equal work.  But a McClatchy review of White House salaries shows that when the same calculations that produced the 77 cents is applied to the White House, the average female pay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is less than the average male pay.  When counted the same way that produced the 77-cent figure, the analysis found, women overall at the White House make 91 cents for every dollar men make.  That's an average salary of $84,082 for men and $76,516 for women.

Obama at Prayer Breakfast: 'Killing the Innocent' Is 'Ultimate Betrayal of God's Will'.  At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. on Thursday [2/6/2014], President Barack Obama said that "killing the innocent" is the "ultimate betrayal of God's will."  But the president was talking about terrorism, not abortionv

When Socialists gorge at the White House.  Obesity isn't a factor when it's dinner for poo-bahs and not for school cafeteria menus.

Sacrebleu! Obamas to serve gut-busting 2,500-calorie state dinner for Hollande.  Rep. Rodney Davis, Illinois Republican and a critic of the administration's school-lunch requirements, called the high-calorie State Dinner menu "the height of hypocrisy." "Even if you're estimating a small cut of steak, this is a menu where you're talking 2,500 calories, which is almost three times as much as what the first lady and the USDA allow our school kids to eat in the school lunch program," Mr. Davis said.

All Mrs. Obama's calories.  That was some spread Barack and Michelle Obama put out the other night for François Hollande — a feast fit for the leader of a nation that gave the world haute cuisine.  Even so, it has one Republican congressman steaming.  Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis wants to know what example the White House is setting with a 2,500-calorie dinner (with 153 grams of fat to boot).  Because that's a day's worth of calories the USDA recommends for an average man.  And it's three times the calories the USDA allows American students in the school lunch program.

Pure Gold: Obama Slams Bush for Expanding Executive Power, Ignoring Congress.  As you may recall, we tend to reserve the "pure gold" descriptor for uniquely egregious instances of Obama hypocrisy.  This one surely qualifies.

Obama Plays Water Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought.  President Barack Obama traveled to California on Friday to highlight the state's drought emergency at two events near Fresno, calling for shared sacrifice to help manage the state's worst water shortage in decades.  He then spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the hospitality of some of the state's top water hogs:  desert golf courses.  Vacationing with DVDs of his favorite television shows and multiple golf outings with his buddies, the duffer in chief played at two of the most exclusive courses in the Palm Springs area.

Obama, yes, Obama denounces pols who ignore their job to campaign all the time.  Well, President Obama did it again in a speech Tuesday night.  He was trying to dodge blame once more for the ineffectiveness of his leadership and administration realistically addressing the country's genuine challenges at home and abroad after 1,876 days in the White House.  Fresh from another golfing vacation during the Crimean crisis and a happy photo-op party with NCAA basketball champions, the busy Obama told the crowd:  "What's holding us back is politics.  What's holding us back is an atmosphere in Washington that puts a premium on saying no; puts a premium on an eye towards the next election instead of delivering on behalf of the American people."

Female Share of Federal Workforce Declining Under Obama.  Since Obama has been in office, according to data from the Office of Personnel Management, the percentage of women in the civilian federal work force has been shrinking.  Before Obama took office, it was already smaller than the percentage in the overall national civilian labor force.  Under Obama, it has gotten smaller still.

Pro-Abortion President Proclaims 'Every Child Should Have Every Chance in Life'.  President Barack Obama — the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood Federation of America — issued a proclamation on Monday marking National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  "In the United States of America, every child should have every chance in life, every chance at happiness, and every chance at success," Obama said in the proclamation.  In March 2003, then-Illinois' State Senator Obama chaired the committee that considered the Born-Alive Infants Protection bill (SB 1082), which he voted to kill.  According to the National Right to Life Committee, the state legislation that Obama voted against is almost identical to the federal legislation that protects children who survive an abortion that became law in 2002.

Public School Kids Protest 'Let's Move' Lunches As First Daughters Get Meatball Subs, Ice Cream.  With public school students using #ThanksMichelle to tweet photos of their skimpy, stomach-turning school lunches, I decided to look at what Michelle Obama's daughters are served at Sidwell Friends school, and it turns out the girls dine on lunches from menus designed by chefs.  While the Obama daughters have enjoyed dishes like chicken coconut soup, local butternut squash soup, crusted tilapia, they also get their fill of what Mrs. Obama might consider junk food.

While Public School Kids Eat 'Healthy Lunches,'Obama Girls Dine On Meatball Subs And Ice Cream.  Not only have disgruntled kids across America voiced their displeasure over First Lady Michelle Obama's school lunch program from the beginning, many have used #ThanksMichelle to tweet photos of their daily choices. [...] By contrast, the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., where the Obamas send their children to school, serves school lunches designed by chefs.  This week, for example, they might enjoy meatball subs, BBQ wings and ice cream, in addition to chicken curry, deviled egg salad and the "Chef's Choice."

Gun Control Advocate Biden Played With Squirt Guns Today.  First it was the president, and now Vice President Joe Biden was caught playing with toy guns while trying to convince us he is a champion of gun control.  The Washington Post photographed Biden playing with a squirt gun near the US Naval Observatory today [6/21/2014] with a group of children.

On Air Force One, No Lightening Up on Burgers and Cake.  A blue-cheese burger with lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli, accompanied by Parmesan-sprinkled fries.  Chocolate fudge cake.  Pasta shells stuffed with four cheeses, topped with meat sauce and shredded mozzarella, and served with a garlic breadstick.  Cake infused with limoncello. Buffalo wings with celery, carrots and homemade ranch dip.  Such was the fare served to passengers aboard Air Force One during a particularly grueling three-state day on the campaign trail just before the 2012 election.  Not much has changed since.

The Editor says...
Barack H. Obama can eat like a king if he chooses to, but not if his wife is the self-appointed Queen of the Food Police.

Tavenner: Transparency for Thee But Not for Me.  It has been widely reported that the latest Obama administration official to delete emails requested by congressional investigators is Marilyn Tavenner, who runs the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Far less coverage, however, has been devoted to the ironic fact that Tavenner's agency administers the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.  The "Sunshine Act," as it is generally known, is a provision of Obamacare meant to ensure that physicians conduct business transactions with complete transparency.  In other words, the very bureaucrat whose emails have conveniently gone missing oversees the agency tasked with keeping your doctor and his business associates honest.

Obama Slams Tax-Dodging Companies He Takes Donations From.  The White House sees no hypocrisy in the president soliciting money from donors involved in tax-dodging maneuvers Barack Obama himself is trying to end.  Bloomberg reports that Obama has attended fundraisers hosted for him and the Democratic National Committee by several donors tied to companies that are or are attempting to avoid taxes for their companies by merging with foreign companies.  Obama has pushed Congress to close that tax loophole and directed the Treasury to implement measures that will lessen the practice.

Obama Hearts Private School — For Himself and Family.  Barack Obama, for his own education, never set foot in a public school. [...] What about the Obama's own children?  Surely the children of a pro-public school politician would attend public schools as a seal of approval.  On the contrary, the children of then-Sen. Obama attended a private school operated by the University of Chicago, where Obama had taught as an instructor in the law school.  This job enabled the Obama girls to go at little or no cost to Obama.  After Obama was elected president and preparing to move to Washington, D.C., Michelle Obama engaged in a public search for an appropriate school for their children.  Michelle considered public schools in D.C.  "There are some terrific individual schools in the D.C. system," her husband said later.  But, come time for enrollment, the Obamas chose Sidwell Friends, a private Quaker school whose most famous recent grad is Chelsea Clinton.  Annual tuition?  Almost $40,000 a year, and this excludes books and other material.

The Failed Missionary.  President Obama's loud support for multiculturalism and his condemnation of Western colonialism have never stopped him from seeking to spread liberal ideology in foreign lands. [...] It is laughable that Obama would lecture African countries on the loss of freedom that accompanies "inequality" even as religious freedoms in his own country are extinguished in the name of equality.  His bogus definition of equality culminates in license eliminating liberty.

President Obama sees nothing wrong with partial-birth abortion, and yet...
Obama: Killing Humans And Harvesting Their Organs Is An Atrocity That Must End.  President Barack Obama told a group of young African leaders on Monday [8/3/2015] that harvesting organs from humans that are killed as part of an African ritual was "craziness" and a "cruel" tradition that needed to stop.  He warned of dehumanizing marginal groups of humans and of the problems that arise when "you are not able to see someone else as a human being."

President Obama's fine discrimination.  Finally, someone on the left did the right thing, and spoke up against the killing of humans and harvesting their organs and sending them to market.  Troubles arise, President Obama said, when "you are not able to see someone else as a human being."  Indeed.  This surely mortified the folks at Planned Parenthood.  Well, not necessarily.  He wasn't talking about the killing of those humans, but about other humans.  The president was talking about the grisly ritual killing of albino men and women for their body parts in Africa, where they are sometimes killed for native rituals.

"In our age, there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.'  All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia."

George Orwell    

What's the rush?

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