Barack H. Obama is No Friend of Israel

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President Obama certainly shows a lot of favor toward Islam.  Even the most casual observer must realize by now that every time the United States has any interaction with Muslims or Islamic countries, the Muslims always seem to come out ahead.  Every coin toss somehow favors the Muslims.  After looking at empirical and anecdotal evidence — Barack Obama's actions and words, and the claims of his siblings — I am convinced that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.  Most of the articles I've seen that would support such a conclusion are posted here.  If he is a Muslim he is also a liar, but that should come as no surprise after reading the material on this page.

If you get all your information from television, you may have already forgotten that Mr. Obama sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright's anti-American and anti-Semitic church for 20 years.

More recently, Mr. Obama has been a friend and ally of Iran, and has rarely missed an opportunity to blame Israel for problems in the Middle East.

White House delays F-15 sale to Israel despite congressional OK.  The White House is holding up delivery of a fleet of F-15 jet fighters to Israel.  The $18 billion sale of 50 fighter planes is "one of the largest arms deals with Israel in recent years," The Wall Street Journal reported.  The sale had been delayed by two of four congressional leaders needed to sign off on major arms deals, but they removed their objections on May 22.  The next step was for the State Department to formally notify lawmakers about the sale.  The administration hasn't yet done that, White House and congressional officials said, according to the Journal.

The Seeds of Biden's Betrayal of Israel Were Planted a Long Time Ago.  It is now widely known that the regime, deeply afraid that it could lose Michigan in November, has brought a seventy-year-old alliance perilously close to rupture to gain the Arab vote.  Yet the betrayal of Israel didn't begin when the polls started looking bad for Old Joe.  The seeds of it were planted long before Hamas massacred 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023.  Back during the 2020 campaign, Old Joe vowed:  "My administration will look like America, Muslim Americans serving at every level."  Although his career is an appalling record of seven decades of lying, this is one promise he has kept.  On May 15, I wrote here at PJM about Maher Bitar, Old Joe Biden's new special counsel and director of intelligence and defense programs at the National Security Council.  Bitar is a longtime foe of Israel and an alumnus of the viciously anti-Israel campus group Students for Justice in Palestine.  Bitar, however, is not even close to being the sole foe of Israel at high levels among Biden apparatchiks.

Obama-Biden Have Been Punishing Israel Since 2013.  Joe Biden's vicious betrayal of Israel has surprised and alienated some of his supporters, who thought he was a moderate Democrat.  In the most recent outrage, his administration sent condolences over the death of Iran's President Raisi and joined the U.N. in a reverent minute of silence.  In stark contrast, Biden disparaged Prime Minister Netanyahu as "a bad [...] guy and "[...]" at a time when Israelis were traumatized and fighting for their lives.  It was predictable, considering that Biden brought back much of the foreign policy team of President Obama, whose backstabbing of the Jewish state foreshadowed Biden's hostile policies.  Early in 2013, when the U.S. was still in shock over the December 14, 2012 Newtown massacre, the newly re-elected Obama decided that one of his priorities would be to pressure Israel to release scores of convicted killers, among whose victims were children.  Although political leaders, including presidents, are expected to flip-flop occasionally, this might have been the first administration in history to flip-flop on the issue of the murder of innocents.

Obama's "Longer Game".  "The Democrat Party's Antisemitism Went Mainstream With Barack Obama," runs the headline in the May 7 Federalist.  As author Shawn Fleetwood notes, the former president "has been noticeably quiet about anti-Israel anarchists' takeover of U.S. college campuses."  While wishing Jews a happy Passover, the former president "couldn't be bothered to condemn the anti-Semitic behavior on display at his alma mater or any of America's post-secondary institutions."  Fleetwood traces back to "The Obama Factor," David Samuels'8/2/23 interview with David Garrow, author of Rising Star:  The Making of Barack Obama.  Garrow revealed that Dreams from My Father was a novel and the author a "composite character."  He told girlfriends he fantasized about making love to men, which may have been more than a fantasy.  After all, his beloved Communist Frank Marshall Davis — disguised as happy-drunk poet "Frank" in Dreams — was a sexual omnivore of ravenous appetite.  One of the composite character's girlfriends raised another issue.

Biden abandons Israel to appease student rioters and help Hamas survive.  Let's distill the real significance of Biden's decision:  First, this action proves that Biden has never really wanted Hamas destroyed.  Though he has appeared to support Israel from the beginning of this war, he has also been somewhat two-faced about that support.  Throughout the war, beginning almost immediately after October 7th, he has continually applied pressure on Israel to slow or even stop its effort, while in the background he has continued to funnel money and aid to Hamas.  Now he is made blatantly obvious his alliance with Israel is only skin deep.  As far as he is concerned it is perfectly okay to have a new Nazi regime established next door to Israel, flinging rockets and mobs of terrorists into its territory to kill Jews, even as that new Nazi regime indoctrinates more Arabs to its cause.  Second, by this decision Biden is meekly appeasing the student pro-Hamas rioters on college campuses.  They want Hamas saved and Israel destroyed, and have been protesting violently in order to influence Biden and the Democrats to apply pressure on Israel to stop its offensive.  Biden has now bowed to that pressure.

Biden admin confirms blocking arms shipment to Israel over Rafah.  The Biden administration on Tuesday night confirmed reports that it had held up a munitions shipment to Israel.  A senior official told CBS News that the United States last week stopped a delivery of thousands of heavy bombs over fears that they could be used during Israel's military operation in Rafah.  The shipment included 1,800 bombs weighing 2,000 pounds and another 1,700 bombs weighing 500 pounds.  According to the official, Israel has not "fully addressed" U.S. concerns about the humanitarian situation for the over one million Gazans sheltering in Rafah city, and the administration is particularly concerned that 2,000-pound bombs could be used in densely populated parts of the city.  It marks the first time since the Hamas-led assault on the northwestern Negev on Oct. 7 and ensuing war in Gaza that Washington has held up arms supplies to its Middle Eastern ally.

The Democrat Party's Antisemitism Went Mainstream With Barack Obama.  For a man who has never been shy about sharing his sanctimonious opinions, former President Barack Obama has been noticeably quiet about anti-Israel anarchists' takeover of U.S. college campuses.  On Monday, Columbia University — Obama's alma mater — announced it will not host its university-wide commencement ceremony for this year's graduating class.  That appears to be a response to the pro-Hamas demonstrations that have engulfed the school for weeks. [...] It goes without saying that if the aforementioned demonstrators were "MAGA Republicans" protesting an Islamic country and harassing Muslim students, legacy media "journalists" would be relentlessly spamming the phone lines and emails of every GOP official in the country asking for condemnation.  They will never hold Democrats to the same standard, and their refusal to call out Obama for ignoring the leftist occupation of universities shows it.  While the media's inaction isn't surprising, neither is Obama's silence.  Obama's decision to remain mum on the issue is representative of his behavior and the individuals encompassing him throughout his life.

Saving Hamas:  Why is the Biden administration throwing the full weight of the U.S. government at Israel?  Reports are circulating that the Israelis are planning an operation in Rafah to eliminate the last Hamas stronghold in Gaza.  If so, the Netanyahu government will be acting against the very public wishes of the Biden administration, which has spent the last half year moving heaven and earth to save a terrorist organization from destruction.  Bizarrely, the White House's statements and actions show that Hamas' survival is more important than the security of a traditional American partner, Israel; more crucial to American interests than the preservation of the U.S.-led order of the Middle East; more precious than the dozens of American lives that Hamas ended on Oct. 7; more valuable than however many Americans and Israelis are still alive in the terror army's tunnels.  Why?  As the money and prestige that the U.S. has invested month after month in protecting Hamas demonstrate, the Biden administration sees the terror group as a valuable asset.

The Editor says...
Barack H. Obama is a Muslim.  Barack H. Obama is no friend of Israel.  Joe Biden is too senile to make any meaningful decisions, so Barack H. Obama is apparently acting as Joe Biden's puppeteer.  We are living in Barack H. Obama's third term.  That's the answer (to the headline above) in a nutshell.  Connect the dots.

Did the Biden Regime Green-Light Arrest Warrants for Israeli Leaders?  If a Wednesday report in the Israeli media is accurate, this is one of the most, if not the most, craven betrayal of an ally in American history, and in the entire world's history.  The Israeli journalist Amit Segal published a Hebrew-language story in the popular Israeli news outlet Mako that reveals an American betrayal of Israel of stupefying magnitude.  "Very senior officials associated with the International Criminal Court in The Hague," wrote Segal, "have spoken about Israel's fear of arrest warrants for senior officials in the context of the war in Gaza.  The officials told N12 [Mako's broadcast channel] that the intention to issue such orders would not have been possible without American consent."  The threat of arrest from the International Criminal Court is not hanging over the heads of minor officials only.  "Last week," Segal reports, "the Prime Minister's Office held an urgent discussion on the issue, in which serious concerns were raised about allowing the issuance of arrest warrants against senior Israeli security and political leaders, including against Netanyahu himself."

Biden administration stabbing Israel in the back?  With friends like the Biden administration, who needs enemies?  And, sadly, Israel has lots of those.  Should these allegations prove true, it would mean that Biden and his puppet masters are not content with attempting to incarcerate political opponents here at home, but also actively seek to have those they dislike abroad arrested — with the aid of an international body!  To my knowledge, even Hitler and his minions didn't do that.

Dershowitz: Obama Has Always Had a 'Deep Hatred' of Israel in His Heart.  Friday [11/10/2023] on Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria," Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz reacted to former President Barack Obama's criticism of Israel in the wake of the October 7 terror attacks on its southern territory.  Dershowitz suggested Obama's criticism was a result of the "deep hatred" Obama had for Israel.  "Do you think Obama understands what his words have meant?" FBN host Maria Bartiromo asked.  "I think so," Dershowitz replied.  "I think he always had a deep hatred of Israel in his heart.  He hid it very well.  He called me to the Oval Office, and he said Alan, you know I have Israel's back.  I didn't know he had a target on it.  He has never been supportive of Israel.  And finally, his true feelings have come out now that he's no longer president, doesn't have to be elected."

Obama Whitewashes Hamas Terrorism: 'Nobody's Hands Are Clean, All Of Us Are Complicit To Some Degree'.  Former President Barack Obama whitewashed the Islamic terrorist attack that Hamas committed against Israel last month where terrorists murdered 1,400 Israelis, wounded 5,300, and kidnapped more than 240 people. [...] Obama then whitewashed the terrorism that Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups inflict on Israel by saying that everyone was going to have to "admit" that "nobody's hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree."  He said that people were going to have to "speak to somebody on the other side and listen to them and understand what they are talking about" in order to save children from being killed.

Barack Obama does his coded version of 'from the river to the sea'.  Those of us who have paid close attention to Obama over the years know that he dislikes Jews and Israel.  Here are just a few facts supporting that contention:
  [#1]   Jeremiah Wright, in whose church Obama sat for 20 years' worth of Sundays, made no secret of his support for Arab "Palestinians" and the Nation of Islam. [...]
  [#2]   In 2003, Obama attended a dinner honoring Rashid Khalidi, a mouthpiece for the PLO during the 1970s and 1980s, before Bill Clinton rehabilitated that terrorist organization.  Obama apparently praised Khalidi so effusively that, to this day, the Los Angeles Times refuses to release an audiotape of the event.
  [#3]   One of Obama's first official acts as president was to head to Egypt to give a speech to the Muslim world. [...]
  [#4]   Obama had a friendly relationship with Louis Farrakhan, who called Jews satanic and compared them to termites, called Judaism a "gutter religion," and called Hitler a "great man." [...]
  [#5]   Obama worked hard to elevate Iran as a power in the Middle East, including making it possible for Iran to be days away from launching a nuclear weapon. [...]
These are just a few examples.  After Hamas's maniacal, psychotic, brutal attack on Israeli civilians on October 7, Obama kept a very low profile.

Obama condemns 'horrific' actions of Hamas but says 'what's happening to Palestinians is unbearable'.  Barack Obama has condemned the actions of Hamas against the state of Israel but also expressed sympathy for civilians in Gaza.  Speaking on the Pod Save America podcast about the conflict in the Middle East, the former president suggested the war was a 'moral reckoning for all of us'.  'If you want to solve the problem, then, you have to take in the whole truth', the president said.  'And you then have to admit nobody's hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree,' the former president continued.  The current conflict between Israel and Hamas started after the terrorist group attacked Israel in the early hours of October 7, leaving more than 1,400 people dead.

More evidence that Barack H. Obama is (again) running the White House:
Israel Under Attack: Biden's Coup to Get Iran the Bomb.  The Palestinian Authority's "pay-for-slay" jobs-program, paid for by "over $200 million" fungible U.S. taxpayer dollars in funding reinstated by President Joe Biden, incentivizes and rewards the murder of Jews.  "[I]f we had one single penny left, we would spend it on the families of martyrs and prisoners," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said.  Abbas' Fatah faction boasted of carrying out 7,200 terror attacks in 2022 against Israel, while criticizing Hamas for not attacking Israel.  Many Israelis have no illusions anymore.  They see that the Palestinian Authority incites Jew-hate, whips up terrorism and tells Arab children and adults that to be a martyr for Islam allows them direct access not only to paradise, but also to generous funds for the terrorists and their families.

Obama's 'Personal' Vendetta Drove Anti-Israel UN Campaign, Says Ex-Ambassador.  During their terms in office, it was no secret that there was friction between former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ex-U.S. President Barack Obama.  While the U.S. remained Israel's top ally during this period, concessions were requested from the Jewish state vis-a-vis Iran and the Palestinians that many Israelis deemed an existential threat.  A new book by former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon sheds light on his tenure at the United Nations, where he served as Permanent Representative until 2020.

Report: Obama Admin Spied on Israeli Military Using American Satellites.  In the run-up to President Barack Obama's controversial nuclear deal with Iran, the U.S. military under the Obama administration reportedly used American spy satellites to monitor Israel Defense Force actions out of concern that the Jewish state would strike Iran's nuclear program.  The detail was contained in an extensive New York Times Magazine story titled "The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran."  The story says it is based on accounts with "dozens of current and former American, Israeli and European officials," including many top American and Israeli officials cited on the record.

Barack Obama Barred A Member Of The Israeli Knesset From Visiting US In 2012.  Critics called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's move to bar two freshman Democratic congresswomen from entering Israel "unprecedented" — but just seven years ago, former President Barack Obama barred a member of the Israeli Knesset from entering the U.S.  When news broke that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not allow freshman Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, pundits and political figures alike were quick to voice their criticisms.

The Obama-Biden Administration Banned All Flights to Israel While Funding Hamas.  On Sunday [8/18/2019], Sister Toldjah over at RedState noted the hypocrisy of Joe Biden's denunciation of Israel's decision to deny entry to pro-BDS congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar because in 2012, while he was vice president, the Obama administration barred a member of the Israeli Knesset from entering the United States.  Biden's hypocrisy goes even further than that example.  In fact, Israel's move pales in comparison to the punitive actions made against their country while Joe Biden was vice president.

Report: Declassified Docs Will Show That Samantha Power's 2016 Unmasking Efforts Were Related to Israel.  Government documents that will soon be made public will reveal stunning information about former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power's voluminous unmasking efforts in 2016, according to multiple sources.  On Thursday [5/23/2019], President Trump gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify documents from multiple agencies related to surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.  According to investigative journalist Sara Carter on Fox News' Hannity, last night, some of the documents will reveal that FBI "informant" (spy) Stefan Halper recorded both George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, and there is exculpatory evidence on those tapes.  In addition to that, according to Carter, one of the biggest revelations will pertain to Power's unmasking efforts.  As PJ Media reported in September of 2017, Power was unmasking people at a "freakishly rapid rate."

Ben Rhodes Blames Jewish Donors for Obama Not Being More Anti-Israel.  Ben Rhodes, a former national security aide to President Barack Obama, told the New York Times this week that the "donor class" had prevented Obama from taking more anti-Israel steps than the administration had wanted to take.  Rhodes spoke to author Nathan Thrall for a feature article titled, "How the Battle Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Is Fracturing American Politics."  The headline describes "politics," but Thrall focused on policy debates within the Democratic Party, which has seen the rise of an assertive anti-Israel constituency in recent years.

The Democratic Party's Anti-Semitism Problem Is Obama's Legacy.  Prior to being elected president of the United States, Obama spent twenty years in the congregation of Jeremiah Wright.  Wright's anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks became a liability for Obama during the 2008 election but didn't matter enough to the people who voted for him.  Obama may have been forced to quit his church and distance himself from Wright, but that didn't change who Obama was at heart — and it presented itself once he showed up to the White House.

Did Barack Obama Legitimize Anti-Semitism?  Is it conceivable that the Democratic Party became the epicenter of American anti-Semitism without this having something to do with Barack Obama?  Did Obama make it safe to be anti-Semitic and a Democrat?  Such is the argument made by Mark Hemingway in The Federalist.  We have made a similar argument here, but Hemingway has amassed the evidence.  We might begin with the fact that Palestinian terror group Hamas endorsed the Obama candidacy in 2008.  And of course, Obama's favorite pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright hated Israel, hated Jews and supported Hamas: [...] And then there was the matter of Obama's close relationship with one Rashid Khalidi, a supporter and sympathizer with Palestinian terrorism: [...] One notes that, to this day, we have not heard the tape of Obama's remarks at Khalidi's departure dinner.  The Los Angeles Times is holding them in its safe, and no one seems to care about pressuring them to spit them out.

The Dems Who Cried 'Wolf!'.  From Day One, the Dog Whistlers raced to CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, WaPo, and others of that ilk to bark that Trump is the new Hitler who hates Jews.  As it happens, I am Jewish.  By coincidence, I also do not like Hitler.  Never have.  And that is why I found it so insane from Day One when they would call Trump anti-Jewish.  The man is the best friend American Jews ever have had in the White House — and the polar opposite of Obama, who actually had visceral hatred toward Israel, toward its elected leader, and whose vengeful last parting spiteful shot was to leave Israel abandoned in the United Nations, refusing to veto a Security Council resolution that ultimately has vanished into history's dustbin anyway as Obama is doing.

Obama's War Is Upon Us.  When Obama took office in January 2009, he inherited a strong U.S. military and diplomatic posture across the Middle East.  The U.S.-Israel strategic relationship was at its peak, with the Bush White House openly supporting Operation Cast Lead, Israel's latest attempt to stop Hamas terror in Gaza.  The U.S. enjoyed a close relationship with a secular Turkey, that itself had strong ties to Israel.  Egypt was at peace, Qaddafi had come into the Western camp and abandoned terrorism and its nuclear weapons program, and the insurgency in Iraq had been crushed.  Al Qaeda truly was "on the run," while Iran was beginning to feel the crunch of international sanctions over its previously covert nuclear weapons program.  Obama succeeded in reversing every one of these strong U.S. positions, treating Islamic Iran as a friend and Israel as an enemy while promoting the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist spawn.

Pro-Israel Group Sues IRS, Exposes Obama Admin's Anti-Israel Stance.  The reality is that under Obama's IRS, Islamic groups with ties to terrorists had no trouble getting a tax-exempt status, groups such as Gaza's Hope, Friends of Al-Rowwad USA Inc, American Charities for Palestine, and Institute for Palestine Studies USA Inc.  But Z Street, founded in 2009, to "educate Americans about the Middle East and Israel's defense against terror," did not receive the tax-exempt status.  Why?  Because the IRS determined that Israel was "a country with terrorists" and they needed to investigate if Z Street was "funding terrorism."  When Z Street mounted a lawsuit, IRS froze their application.  Finally, Z Street has now won their lawsuit, and Obama's anti-Zionism has been revealed.

The wrong side of Z Street.  If there was a federal agency that Barack Obama did not corrupt, it must be because it was corrupt when he took over in 2009.  The corruption of the IRS is a case in point.  Its criminal misconduct perfectly represents what Obama wrought in the agencies that he charged with dictating the way we live.  Consider the case of Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Z Street.  Z Street is Lori's pro-Israel group.  It had its application for tax-exempt status held up at the IRS for seven years.  When Lori asked why, she was told that IRS auditors had been instructed to give pro-Israel groups special attention and that Z Street's application had been forwarded to a special IRS unit for additional review.  Not to put too fine a point on the legal issues, this wasn't kosher.  It's illegal.

IRS finally admits it targeted Israel-related groups, apologizes.  Readers are familiar with the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.  But there has been another targeting story percolating through the court system that has received little attention, until now.  The IRS also targeted groups related to Israel.  The facts came to light in a litigation brought by Z Street, which waited 6 years for approval.

The Conflict over Jerusalem Is ALL Obama's Fault.  First, it is beyond the jurisdiction of the UN to tell a sovereign nation what it can and cannot recognize.  The United States often stands alone with Israel against the world, and the US and Israel have been right.  The bias of the international community against the nation state of the Jewish people has been long standing and evident, especially at the UN.  Recall the infamous General Assembly Resolution declaring Zionism to be a form of racism.  It received overwhelming support from the tyrannical nations of the world, which constitute a permanent majority of the UN, and was rescinded only after the US issued threats if it were to remain on the books.

Ted Cruz:  History Will Remember Obama and Kerry as Enemies of Israel.  This is a clear example of why I supported and still do, Senator Ted Cruz.  He held nothing back and lambasted both Barack Obama and John Kerry as shameful bitter clingers that betrayed Israel and stabbed her in the back, ambushing her at the UN like the cowards they are.  Obama's legacy will be one of treasonous diplomatic terrorism against Israel.  From Obama's beginning, he has done his level evil best to destroy every underpinning that the principles of America have been set on.  He has opened up a monstrous sinkhole of chaos underneath the very foundation of this country and has done a great job at trying to drop us into that abyss.  Israel is our oldest and most steadfast ally.  We share many things in common and both our countries have been a force for good in this world.  Obama wants to destroy both Israel and the US.  He is weakening Israel, so the Arab jackal states surrounding her can tear her to shreds.

Trump's Great and Ingenious Gifts.  Trump's gift to Israel is not merely that 68 years after Israel declared Jerusalem its capital, the US finally recognized Israel's capital.  In his declaration, Trump said, "Israel has made its capital in the city of Jerusalem, the capital the Jewish people established in ancient times."  By stating this simple truth, Trump fully rejected the anti-Israel legacy of his predecessor Barack Obama.  In his speech in Cairo in 2009, Obama intimated that Israel's legitimacy is rooted in the Holocaust, rather than in the Jewish nation's millennial attachment to the Land of Israel.  Whereas the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations Mandate rooted the Jewish people's sovereign rights to the Land of Israel in its 3,500-year relationship with it, Obama said that Israel is nothing more than a refugee camp located in an inconvenient area.  In so doing, he gave credence to the anti-Israel slander that Israel is a colonialist power.  By asserting the real basis for Israel's legitimacy, Trump made clear that the Jewish people is indigenous to the Land of Israel.  He also made it US policy to view Israel's right to exist, like its right to its capital city, as unconditional.

Was Obama simply a hoax?  The revelation making the rounds again about Obama, how he sneaked through $221 million to his terrorist friends the Palestinian Authority during the last hours of his presidency, makes it elaborately clear that he was always in it for himself and for his pals.  For eight years Israel was betrayed and America was duped by a charmer. [...] He armed Iran to the teeth.  The mullahs grow bolder and now Obama's generosity is President Trump's problem.  Where did Obama get the money to enrich all those terrorists?  Came from our pockets — the Constitution [notwithstanding], according to Obama and the news media that babied him every single day for eight years.  All by himself Obama proclaimed that he did not even need Congress.  He said, "I've got a pen and I've got a phone" — so forget the rules.

Why Were the 7,000 Antisemitic Incidents Under Obama Ignored?  In the last two months, almost 100 Jewish community centers and day schools have been targeted with antisemitic threats.  The map of the threats is shocking.  It stretches from Maine to Florida, Texas, Colorado, all the way to California and Washington.  Despite more than 190 antisemitic incidents, no arrests have been made.  These are terrifying times for many, and there is a feeling that antisemitism is reaching a crescendo in the US.  The perception is that America has historically been safe and tolerant, but today a rising "wave" of antisemitism may be breaking on its golden door.  The US administration's response has been tepid at best, and a case of denial at worst.  Although Vice President Mike Pence stopped by a desecrated cemetery in St. Louis, it took more than a month for US President Donald Trump to make his denunciations clear, despite numerous chances to do.  Trump is personally blamed for "unleashing" antisemitism during the election campaign last year.  Rabbi Daniel Bogard, a victim of online antisemitic abuse, told the JTA,"There has been permission that's been given to say these things we didn't used to say."

Now you can come clean, Mr. Obama.  [O]ver a period of eight years Obama proved again and again that he had no love for the Jewish people.  No love for Christians, either, by the way.  He would never bow to the Queen of England.  But for the King of Saudi Arabia, yes he bowed.  He bowed to that type throughout his two terms.  Never forget his joining the wolves at the UN to pass Resolution 2334 that was intended to devour the Jewish State.  Never forget his snubbing of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of America's only true friend in the entire Middle East.  Never forget his secret deals with Iran — those billions of our money he forked over to his pals the mullahs.  The only reason for that was to give them the means to build bombs and rockets aimed at Israel and the United States.  Obama had no love for either country, certainly not Israel, and not even America, where by hook and by crook he got himself elected those two times.

5 Reasons Trump Is Absolutely Right to Slash UN Funding.  [#2] The UN champions anti-Semitic elements hostile to Israel.  The United Nations building in New York houses a kangaroo court kept busy by submitting paper work against the only Jewish state in the world.  There are currently more UN resolutions against Israel than every other country on the planet.  It's not even close.  The most recent anti-Israel resolution was allowed to move forward thanks to the anti-Semitic proclivities of the former US presidential administration.

US Sent $221 Million To Palestinians In Obama's Last Hours.  Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.

Obama's sneaky last slap at Israel.  President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State John Kerry just couldn't resist taking one final, sneak parting shot at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The administration sent the Palestinian Authority $221 million in funding that members of Congress had blocked over the PA's rogue diplomatic moves.  But it's the way they did it that makes the move so petty.  The funding was released in the very last moments of Obama's presidency, as Donald Trump prepared to take the oath of office.  Congress got official, written notification that morning, and word didn't leak out until this week.

State Department reviewing Obama's last minute aid to the PA.  The State Department is reviewing a last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to send $221 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the final hours of the Obama administration, The Associated Press reported Tuesday [1/24/2017].  On Monday, the same news agency revealed that former President Barack Obama defied Republican opposition and quietly released the money to the PA just before Donald Trump became president.  The State Department said on Tuesday it would look at the payment and could make adjustments to ensure it complies with the Trump administration's priorities.

Bailing Out the Palestinian Authority.  President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry surprised many observers by devoting so much of their waning time in office to excoriating Israel.  But it turns out they had more mischief planned:  a last-minute Palestinian bailout.  Only three hours before President Donald Trump's inauguration, the Obama administration notified Congress that it would send $221 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA).  The funding had previously been blocked by two separate congressional holds, which are usually respected by the executive branch.

Obama defied Congress to hand $220 million to Palestinians in dying hours of his time in office.  Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.  A State Department official and several congressional aides said the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning.  The official said former Secretary of State John Kerry had informed some lawmakers of the move shortly before he left the State Department for the last time Thursday.

Israel to Cut $6 Million in UN Funding Over Anti-Settlement Resolution.  Israel on Friday [1/6/2017] suspended about $6 million in funding to the United Nations to protest a Security Council resolution demanding an end to settlements in the West Bank[.]  The council adopted the resolution last month after the United States refrained from using a veto to block the measure in a break from its usual practice of shielding its Middle East ally.

Obama:  UN abstention didn't cause rupture in ties with Israel.  Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama insisted on Sunday that his abstention in last month's vote on an anti-Israel United Nations resolution did not trigger a significant crisis in relations with Israel.  Speaking with CBS's "60 Minutes" in a final interview before he leaves office on Friday, Obama confirmed that "ultimately" it was his decision to abstain in the vote on UN Resolution 2334.

Obama: Trump's Unwavering Support For Netanyahu May 'Worsen Situation'.  President Barack Obama on Monday [1/9/2017] denied betraying Israel by not using the U.S. veto against an anti-settlement resolution at the United Nations Security Council last month.  Obama said it was his duty as president "to do what I think is right," according to an interview he gave on Israeli television.  "I did believe it was important to send a signal and to lift up the facts that so often get buried under other news in terms of what is happening with settlements in the West Bank," he said.  "The fact of the matter is that I'm president until January 20, and I have an obligation to do what I think is right."

Obama's Betrayal of Israel.  President Obama's decision not to use the US veto in the UN Security Council and to let pass Resolution 2334, effectively sets the boundaries of a future Palestinian state.  The resolution declares all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem — home to the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount — the most sacred place in Judaism — "occupied Palestinian territory," and is a declaration of war against Israel.  Resolution 2334 nullified any possibility of further negotiations by giving the Palestinians everything in exchange for nothing — not even an insincere promise of peace.  The next act is the Orwellian-named "peace conference," to be held in Paris on January 15.  It has but one objective:  to set the stage to eradicate Israel.

John Kerry, 72 Countries Set to Gang Up On Israel At Paris 'Peace' Summit on Sunday.  In a shameful display of rogue diplomacy, 72 countries — minus Israel — are set to attend a Middle East "peace" conference in Paris on Sunday widely expected to set the parameters for a future Palestinian state.  Fresh from his 70-minute speech two weeks ago largely singling out Israel for condemnation, lame-duck Secretary of State John Kerry will represent the U.S. at the Mideast confab.  There, Kerry is slated to represent the Obama administration in crafting a "consensus" document on an Israeli-Palestinian deal.

Obama Still Doesn't Get America.  Today the left-establishment is happily scapegoating white guys because of their race, gender, and sexual preferences.  Such is the domestic peace Obama has left us.  Racial politics inevitably turns to anti-Semitism at some point, since Jews make natural mob targets.  Our universities are becoming unsafe for Jewish students and faculty.  I have seen it coming for decades.  And waddayaknow, Obama has capped his slew of anti-American outrages by moving to delegitimize the State of Israel in the jihadophiliac United Nations.  It's pretty clear that Obama is doing all that with an eye to the future.  When (not if) he is nominated to be Sec General of the UN, he will have 57 votes from Muslim nations, plus the votes of European countries that are already submitting to Jihad.

Obama Administration Set for One Last Strike at Israel.  A week and a half ago President Obama gave the order for the U.S. to abstain on UN Security Council Resolution 2334, thereby — effectively — voting in favor and allowing the resolution to pass.  As I noted, the resolution goes beyond "moral equivalency" by obfuscating Palestinian terror and incitement while branding Jewish life beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines a "flagrant violation under international law" and a "major obstacle... to peace." [...] Critics have noted that — in the real world — Israeli construction in settlements under the recent Netanyahu governments has been so modest that it has not affected the Israeli-Palestinian population balance in the West Bank; and that if any and all Israeli presence beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines is "illegal," then the idea of a "peace process" to settle claims over disputed land appears to be invalidated, since Israel is then nothing but a rapacious thief and the Palestinians its victims seeking redress.

Obama's Next 'Last' Betrayal.  Last week many of us ink-stained wretches proclaimed Obama's abstention in the vote on the December 23 anti-Israel UN resolution his last betrayal of our only real ally in the Middle East.  We were wrong.  Obama isn't done yet.  Obama is going to use his last three weeks in office to damage Israel in at least one more UN Security Council resolution.

Diplomatic Terrorism at the U.N..  The vicious condemnation of Israel at the UN Security Council on December 23, 2016 is a watershed moment in U.S.-UN relations — albeit not as President Obama hoped.  Following the vote of fourteen in favor and one American abstention, Palestinian representative Riyadh Mansour and American Ambassador Samantha Power exchanged a telling handshake.  Evidently, President Obama believes that he has put one over on Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the incoming Trump administration.  But here's another possibility:  treachery at the UN will not be cost-free.

Disgraceful Obama-Clinton era ends with a dagger in Israel's back.  Trump's remarkable struggle against his detractors and sore losers transmogrifying into 'useful idiots', and the increasingly irrelevant media's mockery of the president-elect ad nauseam was a dramatic triumph over adversity.  His stunning election triumph that sent the Democratic Party into a tizzy, was a full-scale repudiation of Barack Hussein Obama and everything Hillary Clinton stands for.  Obama-Clinton's wider left-establishment cabal and their counterpart in the GOP establishment, represents everything that is wrong with politics in America, and the mainstream media, no longer capable of instilling trust, has lost its credibility.

Obama and Israel, from 2008 to 2016: A Story of Betrayal and Reversal.  In 2008, candidate Obama pledged, "As president, I will work to help Israel achieve the goal of two states, a Jewish state of Israel and a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security.  And I won't wait until the waning days of my presidency.  I will take an active role, and make a personal commitment to do all I can to advance the cause of peace from the start of my administration."  Ironically, he has done the opposite, not only failing to move the peace process forward but rather, in "the waning days of [his] presidency," taking aggressive steps to undermine the peace process and to betray Israel.

Kerry's outrageous, deceitful speech caps off Obama's diabolical betrayal of Israel.  Kerry and Obama have emboldened Israel's enemies in unimaginable ways.  They lit the match lighting up the Middle East, they facilitated Iran's nuclear program with billions of dollars, and now they seek Israel's effective demise — a long-time Obama infatuation well before his ascendency to the presidency.

The Obama Intifada.  People across the political spectrum throughout the United States and Israel have called out Obama for his unprecedented, lame-duck abstention allowing for a harshly biased anti-Israel resolution to pass.  It is clear that his hands are pulling the strings to make this happen are clear, as is his vindictiveness.  The outcome of this will not be a greater likelihood for peace, but rather it will prevent peace breaking out any time soon.  Obama has emboldened and played into the hands of -- even provided the road map for -- terrorists and others who vilify and de-legitimize Israel at every turn.  They have internalized that they do not have to negotiate with Israel to score diplomatic victories.  All they have to do is whine incessantly and threaten endlessly, and Obama and others will give them what they want.

Seven Ways Obama Is Trying to Sabotage the Trump Administration.  Obama's refusal to block a United Nations vote against Israel, his administration's shadowy machinations to bring that ugly motion to the floor, and Secretary of State John Kerry's long-winded broadside against Israel will leave President Trump with a massive political crisis in the Middle East, and quite possibly a security crisis, if terror groups and their "political wings" are emboldened by the rebuke of Israel.  Obama's Israel maneuver also damages American credibility, teaching would-be allies that the United States is not the best friend to have.

What Obama is doing now may be his most heinous and nefarious act yet.  What we're witnessing in America is beyond belief, as if Roman Emperor Nero has been reincarnated in President Barack Hussein Obama.  In his dwindling days, Nero began to demonstrate certain instability, and as story tells it, he famously fiddled while Rome burned.  Some have written that Nero ordered the fires to be started himself.  And in these final days [...] of the Obama administration, we find the disturbing and disconcerting actions of one who is starting fires while he plays golf.  There's no logical explanation to the deeds being done by Obama in these final days. [...] And to have Obama craft language, abstain from a vote, and allow such an anti-Israel resolution to pass through the U.N. Security Council is inexplicable, other than seeking to usher in the demise of a recognized nation-state.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh:  Obama hates Israel because he's a Muslim.  Former congressman Joe Walsh has a "simple answer" about why President Obama "hates Israel:"  Obama is secretly Muslim.  "For the past week, everybody has been asking again why Obama hates Israel," the former Illinois lawmaker and radio talk-show host tweeted Thursday [12/29/2016], a week after the Obama administration's controversial decision to allow a United Nations resolution to pass that condemns Israeli settlement building as a violation of international law.  "The answer is simple really:  I think Obama is Muslim," Walsh said.

Mounting Evidence of Administration Dishonesty Over U.N. Resolution.  Evidence that the Obama administration is being dishonest regarding the anti-Israel U.N. resolution continues to emerge.  This article by Adam Kredo in the Washington Free Beacon shows there is good reason to believe that, contrary to the administration's claims, Team Obama was a major architect of and driving force behind the condemnatory resolution.  Kredo cites the following:  [#1] There is evidence from multiple sources that Joe Biden phoned Ukraine's president to ensure that country voted in favor of the resolution, though Biden denies it.  [#2] Documents believed to have been leaked by Egypt show that John Kerry met with senior Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat, with Kerry pledging not to veto a condemnatory resolution is worded to the administration's satisfaction.  The document has not, to my knowledge, been authenticated, and the White House denies that such a meeting occurred.

Has Obama's Israel gambit already backfired by dividing the left and uniting the right?  It didn't occur to me yesterday in my own consideration of Kerry's speech, as we tend to be more sensitive to divisions on our own side.  But various liberals have made the point today that the UN resolution last week and Kerry's subsequent defense of it are arguably worse than useless.  It's not just that the resolution will no longer represent U.S. policy three weeks from now, and may very well end up poisoning American relations with the UN. It's that the subject of pressuring Israel to make peace is far more fraught for the left than it is for the right.  It's one thing for Obama and Kerry to apply that pressure if they think it'll produce tangible results — but what the hell is the point of doing it when they have one foot out the door, knowing that Netanyahu won't listen, and further knowing that this is destined to put pro- and anti-Israel liberals in the U.S. at each other's throats?

Palestinian Official:  We've Talked With White House About More UN Action On Israel.  The Palestinian Authority has been in contact with the Obama administration and European countries about the possibility of taking more UN action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before President Obama leaves office next month, a senior PA official told Breitbart Jerusalem.  The official said the UN action could come in the form of declarations by UN bodies, including the General Assembly; UN sessions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; or even another United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution.  He said any further UNSC resolution would depend on the support of the U.S. and European countries after the upcoming Paris Mideast summit slated for January 15.

Obama and Israel:  Why Are People Surprised?  [Scroll down]  The real story may be that the Obama administration orchestrated the resolution and colluded with New Zealand and such democratic stalwarts as Malaysia, Senegal, and Venezuela to present it to the Security Council.  If this proves correct, it will confirm what many on the right have been saying for years:  Obama is malevolent toward Israel and intends to apply this animus both here and in the UN.  With only three weeks to go he'll be working at breakneck speed to make as big a mess as possible for incoming President Trump.  Love him or hate him, Obama has never hidden his disdain for Israel in general, or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in particular.  So what's the surprise?  The surprise is:  Democrats so programmed to kiss the ring of the emperor for the past eight years are now up in arms.

Trump Can Reverse Obama's Betrayal Of Israel By Defunding The U.N..  Working hand-in-hand with Israel's enemies, Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry no doubt thought that they were pulling a clever trick on Israel, which has suffered repeated diplomatic insults and attempts at undermining its very existence during the Obama years.  By abstaining in a vote that declared Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal, the U.S. has undermined the possibility of talks between Israel and the Palestinians that will lead to anything even remotely resembling peace.

John Kerry's Indefensible Swipe at Israel.  This morning [12/28/2016] John Kerry issued a long, meandering statement that served mainly to put an exclamation point on a failed foreign policy, one that still — after eight dreadful years — evinces a willful refusal to see the evident truths of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  Instead, Kerry repeated Palestinian propaganda and defied both the facts and the conventions of international law to defend the indefensible.  As an initial matter, it is important to state that there is one — and only one — true obstacle to peace in the Middle East: the persistent failure of Israel's enemies to accept that it has a right to exist, as a Jewish state and within defensible borders.  Israel's enemies sought to exterminate it on the very day of its declaration of independence (when there were no settlements, and the West Bank and Gaza were in Arab hands), and they seek to exterminate it still today.

Transcripts Show Obama Administration Colluding with Palestinians on UN Resolution.  An Egyptian newspaper has published what it says are transcripts of meetings between senior members of the Obama administration and top officials of the Palestinian Authority, in which the parties planned out the introduction of last week's anti-Israel United Nations Security Council resolution.  According to the transcript, which was first published in Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Secretary of State John Kerry told chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat at a meeting earlier this month that the United States would work on the resolution with the Palestinians at the Security Council.

Obama's hatred of Israel will rebound.  Anti-Zionism is not personal; it is ideological, and it is widely popular among the Democrat leftist base.  Whereas anti-Semitism has shrunk to 3% of the white population in America, the ADL estimates that it is 22-36% among blacks and Latinos.  It is much higher than that among leftists.  Obama has chafed at the need to put on a mainstream front.  Now he is baring his leftist teeth.  The effect is more mean than frightening, and it will not have the outcome he wants.  Obama hates Israel, as he hates America.  He is the spiritual son of his Marxist father and of the openly anti-Semitic and anti-white Reverend Wright, as Obama told us from the first.  To the left, Israel and America are evil imperialists.  Obama has always wanted to cut Israel and America down to size.  Obama's last-ditch efforts to leave a legacy reveal his animus: flood our country with murderous jihadi "refugees" and make Israel a pariah nation in international courts.

Kerry admits US influenced UN resolution before vote.  Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Wednesday [12/28/2016] that the United States had at least indirect input into the United Nations resolution condemning Jewish settlements, pushing for it to be crafted in a way that would not cause the United States to reject it.  "We made clear to others, including those on the Security Council, that it was possible that if the resolution were to be balanced and it were to include references to incitement and to terrorism, that it was possible that the U.S. would then not block it," Kerry said during an appearance at the State Department.

John Kerry Finally Gets To Deliver That Anti-Israel Speech He's Been Practicing In The Mirror All These Years.  I'm excited for him.  It's no small thing for a man to realize a fantasy he's cherished for decades, even though literally no one cares what he has to say.  Obama's a sport for letting him live the dream.  That sounds like a joke but it isn't.  What explanation could there be for this except that Kerry badly wanted to extend a rhetorical middle finger to Netanyahu's government, whose agenda he attacked today as being "driven by its most extreme elements," on behalf of the Obama administration as they head out the door?  Nothing will flow from it policy-wise.  The best you can do to justify it as something other than pure spite or wish-fulfillment by a preening Beltway mainstay who's always dreamed of giving a big televised address lecturing Israel about a two-state solution is that Team O wanted to lay down a marker for the historical record registering its disapproval of Netanyahu and the settlements.

Kerry: "Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic... Not Both!  Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that if Israel rejects a two-state solution for 'peace' with the Palestinian Arab Muslim people who repeatedly declare they want to drive all the Jews into the sea, "it can be Jewish or it can be democratic.  NOT both."

The Editor says...
Since when is John Kerry in a position to demand that another country make such a choice?

Obama Despises Israel Because He Despises the West.  Barack Obama has done his best for nearly eight years to undermine the state of Israel.  He's signed a treaty that enshrines an Iranian path to a nuclear weapon while funding their global terrorist activities to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.  He's repeatedly undercut Israel's image on the world stage, labeling Israel a mere outgrowth of the Holocaust and suggesting that Israeli intransigence stands as the chief obstacle to peace.  He's ushered Benjamin Netanyahu out the side door of the White House, attempted to undercut the prime minister's speech before Congress, and then deployed an election team to Israel to try to defeat him in an election.  Obama has tried to cut weapons shipments to Israel in the middle of a war against terrorists, forced Israel to apologize for stopping weapons shipments to Hamas terrorists, and funded the Palestinian terrorist unity government with American taxpayer dollars.

Obama May Have One More Nasty Surprise For Israel Up His Sleeve.  Abandoning the Jewish state at the U.N. last week may have only been the beginning for what President Obama has in store for Israel.  He may have one more grand surprise left up his sleeve just weeks before he is set to officially leave office.  Forget about the chaos in the Middle East, Russia and China's continuing aggression, Iran's race to a nuclear bomb, ISIS' worldwide terror campaign, and a potential genocide in South Sudan — Obama has his mind set on utilizing his last days in office toward sticking it to Israel.

Time for a new treaty with Israel.  [Scroll down]  In my opinion, implicit in such a treaty would be the recognition that the two-nation myth is just that, and that the two parties would work together on all status issues with Palestinians and other nations and entities.  Now, there will be howls from all directions and uncountable diplomatic repercussions at even the suggestion of such a treaty, but movement on the proposed treaty would follow congressional and administration measures after January 20 next regarding funding of the U.N., sanctions on BDS proponents, and other matters.

A knife in the back with Obama's fingerprints.  Barack Obama couldn't pass up his last opportunity to put a knife in the back of the Israelis, whom he has demonstrated for years in word and deed that he doesn't like very much.  He doesn't like Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, at all.  With his 15 minutes in the spotlight running out, as it must for every celebrity, even a president, the president no longer has to fool Jewish voters that he's a friend of the Jewish state, which he has done through oft-gritted teeth.  He can speak with abandon, and if mischief at the United Nations makes life difficult for the new president, so much the better.

John Bolton:  Is Obama Planning to Recognize a Palestinian State on His way out the Door?  Here is Ambassador John Bolton discussing the latest on Barack Obama's "sellout" of Israel at the United Nations.  Bolton said Obama is trying to "box in" Donald Trump, to control what he does going forward on Middle East Policy.  He also said Obama "dislikes American Exceptionalism" and "Israeli Exceptionalism," and he is trying to take Israel down a notch.  Bolton also said Obama may be planning to orchestrate a U.N. Resolution recognizing a Palestinian State just before he leaves office.

Liberal Law Professor Alan Dershowitz:  Obama "Stabbed" Israel "in the Back"; "One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents in History".  Here is noted liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on "Fox and Friends" Monday [12/26/2016] where he said Barack Obama "stabbed" Israel "in the back" with his UN Resolution condemning Israel.  Dershowitz said bluntly that Obama "will go down as one of the worst Foreign Policy Presidents in History." He called Obama "appalling" on Foreign Policy.  [Video clip]

Understanding Obama/Kerry's Recent Approach Toward Israel and the Palestinians.  There are numerous reports where the current events surrounding President Obama's push to paint Israel into a corner are specifically outlined and addressed with specificity.  However, if you really want to understand what's going on, you must reference the longer game as it has been domestically constructed and ignored by most media.  Those who have followed domestic U.S. pro-Palestinian activism over the past several years will be able to more easily understand current events against the larger backdrop.

Bombshell Meeting Minutes Show Obama Administration Collusion With PA To Ambush Israel.  In the wake of the anti-Israel UNSC resolution and US abstention that allowed it to pass, we have seen Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu and his spokespeople point the finger at the Obama administration for helping push and craft the resolution, in a move that has had people either scratching their heads or writing harsh op-eds.  But all this time, we have been claiming to have "iron-clad" evidence from international and Arab sources.  Now this evidence seems to have been released by the Egyptians, in the form of the minutes of a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and PA officials Saeb Erekat and Ryad Mansour.

Trump: US showed Israel 'total disdain and disrespect'.  President-elect Trump slammed the Obama administration's decision to withhold its veto of a United Nations Security Counsel resolution against Israel, tweeting Wednesday [12/28/2016] that the U.S. had abandoned its friends in the Middle East.

Israel Cabinet Minister Calls Kerry Speech 'Pathetic'.  Israel's prime minister decried Secretary of State John Kerry's Mideast policy speech as a "deep disappointment" on Wednesday [12/28/2016] and vowed to work with the incoming Trump administration to contain the fallout from last week's U.N. resolution calling Israeli settlements illegal.

The vote was not about "settlements" -- it was much worse.  The UNSC vote was not about "settlements."  It was an Arab subterfuge, a trap into which the United States, the UK, New Zealand and other naïve or cynical diplomats took an active role.  It was all smoke and mirrors, a con trick holding up the settlement issue to dazzle the voters while the real intent was to disown Israel of territories to which they have genuine claim and turn them into "illegally occupied Palestinian territory."  For certain, President Obama latched on to the idea.  It was pay-back time, a golden opportunity not to be missed to hit back at Bibi before handing in the keys to the White House.  For shame!  Now we know that he was cooking up this evil brew back in November.

Israeli Ambassador Mocks 'Expert at Fiction' Ben Rhodes.  Israel's ambassador to the U.S. on Monday [12/26/2016] casually mocked White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes' denials that the Obama administration played a key role in getting a resolution condemning Israel passed in the UN Security Council, dismissing him as an "expert at fiction."  The Israeli government has been claiming for days that they have "ironclad information" that the Obama administration helped create and push UN Resolution 2334, and now reporters are demanding proof.

Leaked Document:  U.S. Colluded With Palestinians 10 Days Before UN Settlements Vote.  United States Secretary of State John Kerry and White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice told a Palestinian delegation in Washington 10 days before the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution against Israeli settlements that the U.S. would not impose a veto on such a resolution if its wording was balanced, according to a document released by an Egyptian news site.  The State Department denied the contents of the document.  It is not possible to gauge the authenticity of the report published on the site Al-Youm Al-Sabaa.  However, if it is authentic, it reinforces some of the claims that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau has voiced against the White House over the past few days.

Kerry to respond to Israeli claims on UN vote.  Secretary of State John Kerry will respond in his speech on Wednesday to Israel's claims that the U.S. was behind last week's anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council, a senior State Department official told reporters on Tuesday [12/27/2016], according to Reuters.  The speech will focus on Kerry's vision for solving the Israeli-Palestinian Authority (PA) conflict, but the official also said that it would address what he said are "misleading" accusations by Israeli officials that the Obama administration drafted and forced the resolution to a vote.

Obama may have one more very nasty surprise for Israel up his sleeve.  Abandoning the Jewish state at the U.N. last week may have only been the beginning for what President Obama has in store for Israel.  He may have one more grand surprise left up his sleeve just weeks before he is set to officially leave office.  Forget about the chaos in the Middle East, Russia and China's continuing aggression, Iran's race to a nuclear bomb, ISIS' worldwide terror campaign, and a potential genocide in South Sudan — Obama has his mind set on utilizing his last days in office toward sticking it to Israel.  Obama may declare in his final days in office that the United States recognizes an independent state of Palestine, a move that would undoubtedly have devastating security and diplomatic consequences for Israel.

Netanyahu Rips Obama, Says He 'Demanded' Anti-Israel Resolution.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is escalating his attack against President Barack Obama, accusing him of engineering a "shameful ambush" at the United Nations by allowing a hostile Security Council resolution to pass.  During a weekly Israeli meeting Sunday, Netanyahu told his cabinet ministers that, far from being a bystander, Obama was the critical force behind Friday's resolution.  "From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed," Netanyahu said.  The claim puts Netanyahu directly at odds with the Obama administration, which argued Friday it was absurd to assign it responsibility for the resolution.

Obama stabbed Israel in the back.  While Christmas carolers were proclaiming Joy to the World, President Obama was backstabbing Israel.  The United States refused to veto a United Nations resolution last week that condemned Israel's settlements on the West Bank.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center named the Obama administration's move as the worst case of anti-Semitism in 2016.

Israel accuses Obama administration of helping craft, push UN censure.  Israel's government publicly accused the Obama administration Sunday of helping create and push the recently passed United Nations resolution condemning settlement activity, with a top official telling Fox News they have "ironclad information" on the U.S. government's involvement.  "We have rather ironclad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place," David Keyes, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Fox News' "America's News HQ."  The accusation marks a new escalation in the Netanyahu government's response to the U.N. Security Council vote on Friday.  The resolution passed thanks to a U.S. abstention, a decision Netanyahu has described as a "shameful ambush."

Perfidious Obama's Last Betrayal.  We've always been the big brother willing to deter or defeat Islamic aggression against the only democracy in the Middle East.  That lasted until January 2009, when President Obama came into office and began shunning Israel.  Then came last Friday, when Barack Obama ordered our UN ambassador to abstain rather than veto a UN Security Council resolution that declared Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank illegal, and those territories illegally "occupied." Israel was thus delegitimized and ordered to return to the borders it had before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.  President Obama's enmity toward Israel, though often denied, has been obvious since his inauguration.  Through many meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his attempt to force a false peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and his nuclear weapons deal with Iran, Obama has made it clear to anyone who wanted to see that his hatred of Israel coincided with his intention to diminish our national security as well as that of the Jewish state.

Our World: Obama's war against America.  When Obama chose to lead the anti-Israel lynch mob at the Security Council last week, he did more than deliver the PLO terrorist organization its greatest victory to date against Israel.  He delivered a strategic victory to the anti-American forces that seek to destroy the coherence of American superpower status.  That is, he carried out a strategic strike on American power.  By leading the gang rape of Israel on Friday, Obama undermined the rationale for American power.  Why should the US assert a sovereign right to stand against the radical forces that control the UN?  If US agrees that Israel is committing a crime by respecting the civil and human rights of its citizens to live in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, then how can America claim that it has the right to defend its own rights and interests, when those clash with the views of the vast majority of state members of the UN?

The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization.  The UN Security Council just targeted the only democracy in the Middle East: the State of Israel.  The outgoing Obama Administration reportedly orchestrated what even Haaretz called a "hit and run" campaign in UN to denigrate the Jewish State and leave it to a fate where only conflict and hate loom.  This is a cultural genocide that is no less dangerous than terror attacks.  It is based on anti-Semitic lies and creates the atmosphere not for achieving "peace", as disingenuously claimed, but for perpetuating war.  UNSC Resolution 2334 is the culmination of a dizzyingly fruitful year for anti-Semites.  Last November, committees of the UN General Assembly in a single day adopted 10 resolutions against Israel, the only open society in the Middle East.  How many resolutions have been approved against Syria?  One.  How many against the rogue state of North Korea?  One.  How many against Russia when it annexed Crimea?  One.

President Obama Throws Israel Under the Bus the Day Before Hanukkah and Christmas Eve.  For weeks now there has been talk that Obama would take one last shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu, with whom he has had an icy, often tense, relationship.  There were even accusations that he actively worked against Netanyahu's 2015 reelection, accusations that make Obama's indignation over Russia's alleged involvement in our 2016 elections all the more ironic.  Would he try to push again for a two-state solution, even arguing for 1967 borders, as he once did?  It turns out there was another plan, one that would use the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem — the so-called disputed, Palestinian territories — with one Israeli official claiming that the Obama administration helped the Palestinian leadership craft the resolution.

UN Jackals And Their Atrocious Betrayal of Israel.  On December 23, 2016, Obama broke with the longstanding practice of both Democratic and Republican administrations to protect Israel from one-sided UN resolutions.  He let the United Nations Security Council pass a resolution declaring the establishment of settlements by Israel "a flagrant violation under international law."  The resolution demands that "Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem." The Obama administration abstained rather than veto this resolution as it had done with regard to a similar resolution back in 2011.  It declares that any Jew who lives in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem which has been inhabited for a thousand years is illegal and in violation of international law.  It is now the official position of the United States of America that the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians.

Obama's Hatred Of The West Continues Apace.  The mealy-mouthed evasions of what this means spewing from Samantha Power's mouth mean nothing.  Obama allows United Nations to condemn Israeli settlements, and with that he has emboldened renewed attacks on Israelis, Jews throughout the world, and given tacit support to Iran's explicit policy aiming for the destruction of the state of Israel.  By lending support to the notion that Israelis are living in the land of Israel contrary to International law, he emboldens the Palestinians to increase the frequency and intensity of their attacks on Israelis.  Obama is now directly responsible for any deaths that occur because of his cowardly, anti-Semitic, anti-Western decision.

Netanyahu: Obama Coordinated Anti-Israel Un Resolution, Demanded It Be Passed.  Obama Inc. is claiming that it merely stood aside and allowed an anti-Israel UN resolution to pass.  Netanyahu is saying that Obama Inc. set the whole thing up. [...] Netanyahu is clearly angry at this final betrayal and so are quite a few Israelis and American Jews.  His claim is entirely plausible.  We've seen signs before that Obama had coordinated anti-Israel UN resolutions to pressure the Jewish State before.  But the goal was usually to offer protection playing good cop and bad cop.  This time there's just the bad Obama.

Gingrich to Congress:  Condemn Obama over anti-Israel resolution.  Former House speaker Newt Gingrich urged Congress on Monday [12/26/2016] to condemn the Obama administration for allowing the resolution against Israeli "settlements" to pass the UN Security Council.  In a series of tweets, Gingrich also urged the incoming administration of Donald Trump to work to undo the damage caused by the United States abstaining in the vote, thus allowing the resolution to pass.

Biden Denies Lobbying Foreign Leaders to Back Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution.  Vice President Joe Biden is denying accusations that he personally lobbied foreign leaders to vote in favor of a hotly contested anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations last week that has brought U.S.-Israel relations to an all time low, according to sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the matter.  Insiders familiar with the matter said Biden spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to ask that his country vote in favor of the resolution, which was passed by the U.N. Security Council last week when the United States, in a reversal of longstanding policy, did not exercise its veto power to kill the measure.

Ted Cruz:  No US funding for UN until Israel vote 'reversed'.  Texas Sen. Ted Cruz put the United Nations on notice Saturday evening [12/24/2016], issuing his toughest statement yet in response to Friday's vote to condemn Israeli settlement building.  In a tweet, the Republican lawmaker said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Saturday evening to not only wish him a happy Hanukkah, but also to "assure him of strong support in Congress."

'There is one president at a time': Obama Administration dismisses Trump's criticism after U.S. abstains from UN Israel vote.  The White House on Friday defended its decision to abstain from a UN Security Council vote on Israeli settlements and allowing the resolution to pass, saying the rapid expansion of settlement activity put a two-state solution at risk.  Ben Rhodes, the White House's deputy national security adviser, also dismissed criticism by President-elect Donald Trump of the US decision saying President Barack Obama was president of the United States until January 20.

Obama's appalling UN betrayal.  Friday's [12/22/2016] failure to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations sets a new low in the annals of American diplomacy.  It was a shocking betrayal of a firm US ally, and of longstanding bipartisan US policy — a sneaky, dishonest move by a lame-duck president to express his pique at the president-elect and land a final vindictive blow on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  In the process, he sought to tie his successor's hands in a way that no past president — especially his own predecessor, George W. Bush — has ever before done.  President Obama has now empowered the economic war against Israel, just to get even with a leader who dared to defend his own country's best interests.

Speaker Ryan:  Obama abstention 'absolutely shameful'.  House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Friday blasted the Obama administration over its decision to abstain in the UN Security Council vote on a resolution against "Israeli settlements", calling it "absolutely shameful."  "Today's vote is a blow to peace that sets a dangerous precedent for further diplomatic efforts to isolate and demonize Israel.  Our unified Republican government will work to reverse the damage done by this administration, and rebuild our alliance with Israel," Ryan said in a statement.

Obama Taught Us Well:  We Must Drain the U.N. Swamp.  President Obama's refusal to veto the sickening UN Security Council resolution against Israel yesterday was an act of pure malice.  The resolution, demanding an immediate halt to all Israeli "settlement" construction, was proposed by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal after its original sponsor, Egypt, had withdrawn.  No one can be in any doubt, though, that the resolution's real sponsor was Obama, acting behind the backs of the US Congress and the American people.  Clearly it makes a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinians very much harder, since the Palestinians will now have no incentive to negotiate the boundaries of a future Palestine state.

Obama: I Colluded With the U.N. to Trash Israel Because I'm Still President For a Few Days.  The Hill is reporting that the White House's decision to break with decades of U.S. policy and allow the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements is the culmination of years of bad blood between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Obama's team decided it was worth the condemnation they might get.  There were several reasons he did it but among them is Obama's ego.  He was angry that Trump brokered a deal on the resolution the day before.  Ben Rhodes, Obama's deputy national security adviser, said that there is only one president at a time and Obama is president until January 20th.  This is the other reason Obama did it — to assert his powers and send a message — he's the president and you stepped on my toes.  Obama's an idiot trying to usurp Trump's authority.

UNSCR 2334 on Israeli Settlements.  In the waning days of the Obama administration, the United States decided not to veto Security Council resolution 2334, which condemned Israeli settlements.  While there is no denying the political and symbolic importance of the resolution, its direct legal and practical implications are limited — albeit not insignificant.  The draft resolution was originally put forward by Egypt.  Israel, aided by President-elect Trump, had unsuccessfully tried to prevent its adoption over the past few days, pressuring Egypt into withdrawing the draft.  However, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela eventually took over the effort and called a vote on Friday.  Fourteen of the Council's 15 members voted in favor of the resolution.  The U.S. abstained.

Obama's Betrayal of Israel is a Black Day for American Diplomacy.  Adding a final shameful chapter to a foreign-policy record that already runneth over with them, Barack Obama on Friday abandoned America's commitment to Israel's security, and to the vindication of democracy over sharia-supremacist aggression.  In an act of cowardly venom, the president had the United States abstain from — and thereby effectively enact — a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlement activity.  At least, that's what the resolution ostensibly does.  The reality is much more than that.  The resolution undertakes to render our ally indefensible.

Obama's Disgraceful and Harmful Legacy on Israel.  For all eight years of the Obama administration, Democrats have made believe that Barack Obama is a firm and enthusiastic supporter and defender of the Jewish state.  Arguments to the contrary were not only dismissed but angrily denounced as the products of nothing more than vicious partisanship.  Obama's defenders repeatedly used the trope that "Israel should not be a partisan issue," as if Obama's views and actions were beyond reproach.  A whole corps of Jewish leaders, some at the major organizations and many from Chicago, showed far greater loyalty to Obama than to the tradition of true nonpartisanship when it came to Middle East policy.  All of those arguments have been ground into dust by Obama's action Friday allowing a nasty and harmful anti-Israel resolution to pass the United Nations Security Council.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Barack Obama of creating and promoting UN resolution that denounced West Bank settlement operations.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the Obama administration of orchestrating a unanimous UN Security Council resolution that declared Israeli settlements in the West Bank criminal.  The furious leader summoned the ambassadors of ten of the countries that voted in favor of the resolution to his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday [12/25/2016].  'From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed,' he told them in Hebrew, according to NPR.

Obama's parting shot.  We can only lament Obama's decision, made in the twilight of his term.  It hurts chances for direct negotiations, strengthens BDS and sullies Israel's name.

Samantha Power Watched Half a Million Arabs Die — Then Slammed Israel.  All our Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, is missing is a fiddle.  For the duration of the seemingly endless Syrian civil war, she has figuratively fiddled while that country burns.  Now, with one foot out the door from a tenure that has all but obliterated her once formidable reputation as an anti-genocide activist, she's decided to kick Israel in the teeth.

Undoing Obama's Latest Legacy as UN Abstainer-in-Chief.  To President Obama's legacy of foreign policy debacles, we can now add his landmark betrayal of Israel, carried out Dec. 23rd at the United Nations.  By declining to wield the U.S. veto at the Security Council, by choosing instead to abstain — by Vanishing-from-Behind — Obama allowed the passage, by a vote of 14 in favor, 1 abstaining, of Resolution 2334.  In the guise of condemning Israeli settlements, this resolution is configured to delegitimize and imperil Israel itself, America's longtime ally and the only democracy in the Middle East.

Obama's Israel Vendetta Opens the Door for Trump to Defund the UN.  Donald Trump — who is seeking to spend a ton of taxpayer money on rebuilding our military and infrastructure — is undoubtedly looking for places to save.  Nowhere would be better to start than that moribund center of international corruption and megaphone for tin-pot dictators, the United Nations.  What started out after World War II as the idealistic coming together of nations to end war ended up being one of the giant ripoffs of all time.  The UN oil-for-food scandal during the Iraq War showed how extreme it had become.

US Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw From It.  The United States pays 22% of the total UN budget.  What we get for our $3 billion a year is a corrupt organization whose dysfunctional and hostile agencies are united in opposing us around the world.  The United Nations does only two things consistently and effectively: waste money and bash Israel.  Sometimes it manages to do both at the same time.  After an extended, and no doubt costly, visit to the region, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women blamed Muslim men beating their wives on Israeli settlements.

The Editor says...
Yes indeed, defund the UN, withdraw from it, and evict the UN from the United States!

Diplomatic terrorism at the UN, courtesy President Obama.  Let's be absolutely clear about what has just happened.  The Palestinians have completed the hijacking of every major UN institution.  The 2016 General Assembly has adopted nineteen resolutions condemning Israel and nine critical of all other UN states combined.  The 2016 Commission on the Status of Women adopted one resolution condemning Israel and zero on any other state.  The 2016 UN Human Rights Council celebrated ten years of adopting more resolutions and decisions condemning Israel than any other place on earth.  And now — to the applause of the assembled — the Palestinians can add the UN Security Council to their list.  Resolution sponsors Malaysia and New Zealand explained UN-think to the Council this way:  Israeli settlements are "the single biggest threat to peace" and the "primary threat to the viability of the two-state solution."  Not seven decades of unremitting Arab terror and violent rejection of Jewish self-determination in the historic homeland of the Jewish people.

Trump was right to try to stop Obama from tying his hands on Israel.  The Egyptian decision to withdraw the one-sided anti-Israel Security Council resolution should not mask the sad reality that it is the Obama administration that has been pushing for the resolution to be enacted.  The United States was trying to hide its active 'behind the scenes' roll by preparing to abstain rather than voting for the resolution.  But in the context of the Security Council where only an American veto can prevent anti-Israel resolutions from automatically passing, an abstention is a vote for the resolution.  And because of this automatic majority, an anti-Israel resolution like this one cannot be reversed by a future American president.  A veto once cast cannot be cast retroactively.  The effect, therefore of the Obama decision to push for, and abstain from, a vote on this resolution is to deliberately tie the hands of President Obama's successors, most particularly President elect Trump.

Fmr. Israel Ambassador to U.S.: On Christmas Eve, Obama Chooses to Ignore Thousands Slaughtered in Aleppo to Instead Slam Israel.  Minutes after the Obama administration abstained from a crucial U.N. Security Council resolution vote on Israel condemning settlement activity, the collective jaw of the sole democracy in the Middle East dropped.  "Imagine that just a day before Christmas Eve and Hannukah, President Obama was busy not trying to help innocent Syrians who are getting murdered in Aleppo, or dealing with the emergency humanitarian crisis, but instead was working to undermine Israel," said Danny Ayalon former Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

Trump blasts 'extremely unfair' UN resolution calling for a halt to Israeli settlement activity and urges a veto.  President-elect Donald Trump called for a veto of a UN resolution coming up for a vote today that urges an immediate halt to Israeli settlement construction, terming it 'extremely unfair.'  'As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations,' Trump said in a statement released by his transition.  Trump said the resolution 'puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis.'

'UN resolution is Obama's last attempt to stop settlements'.  Israeli officials warned that the US appeared increasingly unlikely to block an anti-Israel resolution proposed by Egypt at the United Nations Security Council.  The resolution, which will be voted on Thursday [12/22/2016] at 3:00 p.m. local time, demands a full "cessation of all Israeli settlement activities", which it calls "essential for salvaging the two-state solution."  President-elect Donald Trump called upon the US mission to the UN to veto the measure, calling it unfair to Israel.

Obama sits while the UN moves toward a boycott of Israel.  U.S. companies are in for a shock as President Obama takes aim once again at Israel in the final month of his presidency.  In the coming days, he is expected to direct his team at the United Nations to vote for U.S. funding of "BDS," the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign aimed at financially ruining Israel and smearing the companies with which it does business.  The vote concerns the U.N. budget that is currently being negotiated and scheduled to be finalized this week.  One of the line items provides funding for the implementation of a Human Rights Council resolution adopted in March.  The resolution calls for the creation of a blacklist of companies around the world doing any business, directly or indirectly, connected to Israeli settlements.

Report: Obama May Be on the Warpath Against Israel.  US President Barack Obama may allow anti-Israel resolutions to pass at the United Nations that would legitimize and strengthen the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement against the Jewish state, Breitbart News reported Monday [12/19/2016].  Palestinians are circulating a draft United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution which, among other issues, declares Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria to be illegal and launches a boycott campaign by demanding that UN member states refrain from offering any assistance to Israel that might connect to "settlements."

Israel's possibly imminent Obamageddon.  Prior to election night, fears of a lame duck Hail Mary directed at Israel may have been somewhat alleviated by statements from the Obama administration, but prior to election night, there was little reason to expect Trump to win.  A Clinton presidency would have at least preserved the concept of Palestinian statehood.  And now?  I am not making any predictions, especially ones of biblical proportions, but a bored president powerless before the imminent collapse of his universe with a world of friends dreaming of the opportunity to let loose the frustration that they and that Obama himself feel toward an Israel whose attack would be one of the only therapies available to the president whose party just got a stunning rebuke — just seems like a more dangerous scenario than what we seemed to have been dealing with all those previous times when the Obama administration was soothing fears of an anti-Israel lame duck Hail Mary.

'We pray there will be no more Obama surprises'.  Minister Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud) congratulated American President-Elect Donald Trump and said that he expects that relations between Israel and the US will continue to improve.  Hanegbi said that Israel stayed out of the US elections.  "I'm glad we deliberately kept our distance.  This way no one can accuse us-God forbid, of interfering in the internal affairs of the US."  Hanegbi also addressed concerns that US President Barack Obama would exert heavy pressure on Israel through the UN Security Council during his last months in office.

The little Jewish village that makes Obama boil.  There's only one place on earth that makes Obama's blood boil.  It isn't Iran or North Korea.  It's Israel.  Amona's small scattering of houses have a fraction of the square footage of the White House.  The 40 families living there in defiance of Islamic terrorists and left-wing lawfarers would hardly be noticeable if they all crowded into the White House foyer.  And yet they've been condemned by the State Department in more virulent tones than most Muslim dictators.  What is it about this handful of Jews caught between heaven and earth that outrages so many?

Obama's legacy:  Criminalizing Israeli citizenship?  I've already written a couple of times about the fears here in Israel of what President Hussein Obama might try to do to us in his final days in his office.  Here's a really disturbing Wall Street Journal piece from Jonathan Schanzer about some of the possibilities.

Checkmating Obama The president has waited eight years to exact his revenge on Israel.  Israel's most urgent diplomatic mission today is to develop and implement a strategy that will outflank President Barack Obama in his final eight weeks in power.  Lobbying the administration is pointless.  Obama has waited eight years to exact his revenge on Israel for not supporting his hostile, strategically irrational policies.  And he has no interest in letting bygones be bygones.  Before turning to what Israel must do, first we need to understand what Israel can do.  A good place to begin is by considering what just transpired at UNESCO, where twice in a week, UNESCO bodies resolved to erase 3,000 years of Jewish history in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  The fight that Israel waged at UNESCO is not the fight it needs to wage at the Security Council.  The stakes at the Security Council are far higher.

Is Obama preparing a parting shot at Israel?  Last week, the U.N.'s premier cultural agency, UNESCO, approved a resolution viciously condemning Israel (referred to as "the Occupying Power") for various alleged trespasses and violations of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Except that the resolution never uses that term for Judaism's holiest shrine. [...] But such cowardly gestures are mere pinpricks compared to the damage Israel faces in the final days of the Obama presidency.  As John Hannah of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies recently wrote (in Foreign Policy), there have been indications for months that President Obama might go to the U.N. and unveil his own final status parameters of a two-state solution.

'Why isn't Obama fighting anti-Israel UNESCO resolutions?'.  A week after the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ratified a resolution negating the Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and Western Wall, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (Republican) rebuked the Obama White House for not making a diplomatic effort to fight the controversial measure.  Noting the vocal bipartisan opposition to the measure, expressed in a joint letter prior to the vote, Cruz took the Obama administration to task for choosing to "look the other way."  "America should be rallying our friends and allies to oppose these insidious UNESCO resolutions that attempt to undermine the historic connection of the Israeli people with all of their country, including their capital, Jerusalem," Sen. Cruz argued in an opinion piece published by The Washington Times.

Why Israel fears Obama's last days.  Israel faces a unique window of danger from Nov. 9 to Jan. 20:  What might President Obama do in his final days in office to slam the Jewish state?  Start with Secretary of State John Kerry's recent flat refusal to promise a US veto on any upcoming anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council.  On Saturday, Haaretz reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Kerry he's counting on Washington to stick to its policy of nixing anti-Israel resolutions.  Kerry's reply:  The administration has yet to make a decision on the matter.  For Kerry to leave any doubt that America would shield Israel at the United Nations is bad enough.  But concerns about what Team Obama might do go far beyond that.

'Clinton should distance herself from Obama's Israel policy'.  According to newly-leaked emails by Wikileaks, billionaire Israeli-American businessman Haim Saban, considered one of Hillary Clinton's close advisors, advised Clinton as far back as 2015 to distance herself from Obama's Israel policies in order to get Jewish votes.  Saban reasoned that, due to the fall in Obama's popularity among Jewish voters, Clinton needed new rhetoric relating to Israel to win Jews back.  "She needs to differentiate herself from Obama on Israel," Saban wrote in one email to senior Clinton advisor Huma Abedin.

Hillary Clinton is not a friend of Israel.  Hillary Clinton has a lifetime of anti-Israel positions.  She said she was a big supporter of Israel when she was in the U.S. Senate, when she needed campaign contributions from American Jews and New York's Jewish voting bloc.  She has not been pro-Israel since her resignation from the Senate to become Secretary of State in January 2009.  When Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, she helped Barack Obama craft his anti-Israel positions.

Obama's Partners in Peace:  We will turn Israel 'to dust'.  A banner at an Iranian military parade Wednesday threatened to "turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to Dust," The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday [9/21/2016].  Iran held military parades across the country to commemorate the start of the 1980 war with Iraq.  At the Tehran parade, which was shown on state television, a banner on a military truck read, "If the leaders of the Zionist regime make a mistake then the Islamic Republic will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust."

88 senators press Obama to uphold US policy to veto one-sided UN resolutions.  Eighty-eight US senators submitted a bipartisan letter Monday calling for President Barack Obama to uphold US policy that calls for a veto of any one-sided United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to a press release of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  The letter, initiated by Senators Kristen Gillibrant (D-NY) and Mike Rounds (R-SD) quotes Obama's speech to the General Assembly in 2011, in which he said, "Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the United Nations."

Mike Pence confidant says Israel has no better friend.  The Republican pick for vice president, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, is "one of the best friends the State of Israel and the Jewish people have ever had," according to Pence's long-time friend and unofficial surrogate, Tom Rose, who was also the publisher of The Jerusalem Post in the early 2000s.  Rose spoke to the [Jerusalem] Post on Wednesday [8/3/2016], wishing to counter recent reports stating that Pence would be a bad choice for the Jewish community.

Obama's news conference:  Everything wrong with Democrats, encapsulated.  [Scroll down]  Then, showing how thin-skinned and vengeful Obama is, the Obama administration spent $350,000 trying to defeat Isreali prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his re-election bid in 2015.  Netanyahu is one of our strongest allies, and he campaigned loudly against the Iran deal.  Why would we want a country that pledges death to America and death to Israel to get stronger?

Obama's Legacy.  Why did the Obama administration decide to escalate its attacks against Israel last week?  What was the purpose of the State Department's shockingly hostile assault last Wednesday following the Israel Land's Authority's announcement that it is publishing tenders to build 323 apartment units in Jerusalem's Gilo, Har Homa, Pisgat Zeev and Neveh Ya'acov neighborhoods?  The statement needs to be seen to be believed.

'Obama increased aid to Arab countries, but not to Israel'.  South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham blasted President Obama this week, condemning his refusal to increase American aid to Israel, as well as his efforts to bar Israel from spending the aid money within the Jewish state.  Speaking to Haaretz, Graham revealed that Israel had previously requested an increased aid package from the White House, with $4 billion a year for regular military funding, plus $600 million towards Israel's missile defense network.  But, Graham said, the administration rejected the request, despite similar increases to Arab states, such as Jordan.

State Department Purged Emails About Secret Anti-Netanyahu Campaign.  A State Department official deleted emails that included information about a secret campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the country's last election, according to a Senate investigatory committee that determined the Obama administration transferred tax funds to anti-Netanyahu groups.  The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations disclosed in a massive report on Tuesday [7/12/2016] that the Obama administration provided U.S. taxpayer dollars to the OneVoice Movement, a liberal group that waged a clandestine campaign to smear and oust Netanyahu from office.  OneVoice, which was awarded $465,000 in U.S. grants through 2014, has been under congressional investigation since 2015, when it was first accused of funneling money to partisan political groups looking to unseat Netanyahu.  This type of behavior by non-profit groups is prohibited under U.S. tax law.

Trump: 'Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel with all his bad moves?'.  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took a stab at US President Barack Obama's stance on Israel late Wednesday, taking to Twitter to ask:  "Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel with all his bad moves?"  "Think about it and let me know!" the billionaire real-estate mogul continued.  As Obama's personal relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been marked by tensions, Trump has previously criticized the current US president and his administration for its attitudes toward Israel.

US State Dept. funds aided Israeli left's election campaign.  A newly released report by the US Senate chided the State Department for grants given to a left-wing NGO which developed political infrastructure used in the 2015 Knesset election in an effort to topple Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. [...] According to the report, the State Department gave $349,000 in grants to the OneVoice organization, a New York-based left-wing NGO whose mission statement calls for efforts to "propel" Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders "toward the two-state solution."

Administration Defends U.N.-Funded, Anti-Israel Textbooks for Palestinians.  U.S. taxpayers provide nearly $400 million a year to a United Nations program that critics say sends anti-Semitic, anti-Israel textbooks to schools for Palestinian refugees.  Elementary school textbooks call the 1948 establishment of Israel a "disaster," and a high school text tells of the "End of Days" when "Muslims fight the Jews," among other examples in a report from the Center for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel research institute based in Jerusalem.  The agency — the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA — has come under scrutiny for years for supplying Palestinian schools with textbooks containing violent, anti-Israel references.

In anger, Obama questioned necessity of Israel's qualitative military edge.  According to US law, the Defense Department must ensure that weapons sales to Mideast nations must comport with an American guarantee of Israel's qualitative military edge (QME) in the region.

White House rejects increased Israel missile defense funding.  The Obama administration on Tuesday [6/14/2016] opposed a call by US lawmakers to increase government funding for Israel's missile defense program by $455 million above the 2017 fiscal year budget request.  The White House's Office of Management and Budget issued the rejection of the proposal made by the US House of Representatives in a Statement of Administration Policy on defense appropriations released Tuesday.  In May, the Senate Appropriations Committee recommended a major increase in spending on Israeli missile defense programs — quadrupling a budget line proposed by the Obama administration.

Obama adviser slams Israel, says West Bank settlements 'corrode' Palestinian peace efforts.  White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice slammed Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank Monday night, while she pledged that the Obama administration will increase U.S. military support for Israel.  "Settlement activity corrodes the possibility of two states.  It moves us toward a one-state reality," Ms. Rice told the American Jewish Committee's Global Forum in Washington.  She said the administration opposes settlement activity in the West Bank "just like every administration since 1967, Republican and Democratic, just as we oppose counterproductive Palestinian actions including incitement and violence."

Obama's Childish Attempt to Undermine Israel's New Government.  This week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a deal with an Israeli opposition party to expand his parliamentary majority from one to six — a substantial victory for the stability of the government.  Unlike Netanyahu's dominant Likud party, the new coalition party — called "Yisrael Beiteinu," which means "Israel Is Our Home" — supports a two-state solution as part of its platform.  Surely the Obama administration, which has made a two-state solution a singular focus of its Israel policy, welcomed the news as a major step toward its long-term vision for peace in the Middle East?  No, it didn't.  Through a State Department spokesman, the administration said the new coalition deal "raises legitimate questions" about the Israeli government's commitment to a two-state solution, adding that, "ultimately, we're going to judge this government based on its actions."

Meddling Obama owes Netanyahu an apology.  US President Barack Obama's visit to the UK last week in which he gave unsolicited advice pressuring Britain to stay in the European Union (EU) has raised fury among Britons, but also disbelief among American Jewish leaders given Obama's apparent double standards.  Several top British politicians last Friday suggested Obama is pressuring the UK to stay in the EU because of his Kenyan background, arguing he wants the UK to be less independent given lingering hostility over Britain's colonialism.  In America his conduct was met with surprise as well, as prominent American Jewish leaders Alan Dershowitz and Elliott Abrams both noted Obama's hypocrisy given his anger at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when he spoke in Congress last March warning against the Iran nuclear deal.

Congressman to Obama on UN Israel action: 'Read this letter very carefully'.  At least 90 percent of the House of Representatives opposes "one-sided" action at the UN Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to a letter endorsed by 394 members this week — a clear message to the Obama administration, according to one of its authors, Rep. Nita Lowey of New York.  Several congressmen worked on the letter, sent to the White House amid fresh Palestinian and European efforts to affect the conflict through international bodies.  Lowey, a Democrat and ranking member on the House Appropriations Subcommittee, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday [4/15/2016] that the administration had vetoed similar resolutions in the past, and that its reasoning for such vetoes "still applies today."

Obama's Final Solution for the Jewish State.  Obama's campaign against Israel has run into one major obstacle:  Muslim terrorists.  Every Obama attempt to force Israel to make concessions to the Islamic terrorists who run the Palestinian Authority has been rejected by the terrorists.  No matter how much Obama got Israel to offer, it was never enough. [...] In the last major effort at a peace process with the PLO, Obama attempted to bypass this problem by effectively having Kerry negotiate with Israel on behalf of the terrorists.  Kerry pretended to "facilitate" negotiations between Netanyahu and Abbas, but in reality it was only Kerry and Netanyahu at the table.  Kerry pressured Israel into making numerous concessions to the PLO while negotiating for the PLO.

Obama's flawed doctrine on Israel [is] part of his confused world outlook.  The "Obama Doctrine" shows loss of credibility, a naive desire to repair the world, a blind eye to Islam's excesses and irrational dislike of Netanyahu on the part of the outgoing president.

White House Demands Peace From Israel, Won't Directly Hold Palestinians Accountable For Stabbing Attacks.  Today [3/8/2016] Vice President Joe Biden is in Israel and has a number of planned meetings this week with Israeli and Palestinian officials.  Tomorrow, Biden with meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.  On Biden's first day in the Jewish State, there were four separate terrorist attacks.  Two people were killed, an Israeli and an American tourist, and 11 people were seriously injured.  Since 2015, there have been hundreds of stabbings carried out by Palestinian terrorists against innocent men, pregnant women and grandmothers simply trying to get on the bus.  Despite these facts, the White House has refused to properly acknowledge the situation, not to mention the lack of a specific condemnation of Palestinians for their actions.

White House Bristles at Netanyahu's Canceled Visit to US.  A "surprised" White House bristled Monday [3/7/2016] after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly canceled a trip to Washington.

White House 'surprised' Netanyahu declined Obama invite.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned down US President Barack Obama's invitation for talks later this month in Washington, a "surprised" White House said.  The episode was just the latest sign of frosty relations between the two leaders on the eve of US Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel.

Netanyahu Calls Off Washington Visit, and Fingers Point.  When it comes to the strained relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, even a single missed meeting is cause for grievance and accusations.  So it was on Monday [3/7/2016], when Mr. Netanyahu abruptly canceled a trip to Washington that was to have included a visit with Mr. Obama.  The decision was quickly interpreted as the latest evidence of a lingering rift between two leaders whose public break last year over the Iran nuclear deal brought the American relationship with Israel to a bitter low.

White House: Israel Showed Bad Manners in Canceled Trip.  Politico reports: The White House chided Israel on Tuesday [3/8/2016] for the way it canceled a meeting between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying it would have been "good manners" for Israeli officials to tell the White House directly.

Obama's Anti-Israel Drift.  President Obama's signing statement in respect of the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act will go down in history as a marker of the anti-Israel drift of the Democratic Party.  The new law includes a section designed to deter boycotts and sanctions tied to trade with Israel.  It puts America squarely against such boycotts and sanctions as a matter of policy and law.  The law also makes it clear that it applies to trade with territories Israel controls.  Naturally, President Obama objected. He signed the measure, which passed Congress by a wide margin and with bipartisan support (only one Republican voted against it at the House).  But when he inked the measure, he put out a memorably obnoxious signing statement.  He derided the law he'd just signed as "conflating" Israel and Israeli-controlled territories and suggested he might defy it.

Obama Opposes New Pro-Israel Measures, Will Not Follow Provisions to Help Jewish State.  President Barack Obama has announced in a rare statement that he will not follow newly passed measures aimed at boosting the Israeli economy and strengthening ties between the United States and the Jewish state, according to a statement issued by the president.  Obama stated that while he would sign the new trade resolution, portions of which focus on combatting economic boycotts of Israel, he would not enforce certain pro-Israel provisions that order the United States to stop partnering with countries that support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS, which aims to isolate Israel.  The president's rejection of these provisions comes two weeks after the White House issued a separate statement expressing support for every provision of the trade bill except for those focusing on strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Obama times Cuba visit to avoid Netanyahu?  Obama's visit to Cuba, is scheduled for Mar 21st and 22nd.  From there he is expected to continue his trip through Latin-American countries.  His departure from the U.S. during that time will mean that he will be absent during the AIPAC conference and consequently miss the visit to the U.S. of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is expected to speak at the conference.  The last time the two leaders met was in November 2015.  Following the meeting Netanyahu said that it was "one of the best meetings I have had with Obama."  The White House was not so enthused.

Israeli outrage over US Judea-Samaria labeling 'deception'.  Israeli officials expressed outrage late Tuesday, after the International Legal Forum (ILF) argued that the US Customs' January 23 "reissuing" of orders to importers to label all products from Judea and Samaria as not being from "Israel" was a covert policy change.  Slamming the move as deceiving Congress, as well as the American and Israeli public, the Israeli group International Law Forum told Channel 2 that American claims of merely "reissuing" policies from 1995 are in fact false.

Trump says Obama 'the worst thing that's ever happened to Israel'.  Just a day after saying he would be "neutral" in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked President Barack Obama as "the worst thing that's ever happened to Israel."  Trump made the remarks during an interview with the Fox News Channel that aired Thursday [2/18/2016].

White House rejects trade bill for being too pro-Israel.  The White House on late Thursday [2/11/2016] issued a statement in which it announced it partially opposes a new bipartisan trade bill, specifying only one part of the bill that calls to strengthen bilateral economic ties with Israel and fight BDS efforts to boycott the Jewish state.  The bill, entitled the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 or H.R. 644, easily passed a bipartisan vote in Congress.  According to the statement, US President Barack Obama intends to sign the bill into law.  However, the statement goes on to say:  "As with any bipartisan compromise legislation, there are provisions in this bill that we do not support, including a provision that contravenes longstanding U.S. policy towards Israel and the occupied territories, including with regard to Israeli settlement activity."

White House Rejects New Trade Bill Because It Is Too Pro-Israel.  The White House has announced its partial opposition to a new bipartisan trade bill because of a portion of the legislation that would strengthen the U.S.-Israel economic relationship, according to a statement issued late Thursday [2/11/2016].  The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, which the White House says it mostly supports, overwhelmingly passed on a bipartisan vote.  "The president intends to sign H.R. 644 into law to help strengthen enforcement of the rules and level the playing field for American workers and businesses," the statement reads.

Reality TV: Obama at the Mosque.  [Scroll down]  President Obama has, one expert on Europe and Islam told me, a messianic complex.  As for Jews, Obama called himself an "honorary member of the tribe."  Further, he has said, "I am the closest thing to a Jew" to sit in the Oval Office.  What an insult to those Jews who recognize Obama's hostility toward Israel.  Among Christians, he is somehow one of them.  But recall that his spiritual mentor was America-hating, Jew-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with whom he spent two decades.

Israelis Overwhelmingly Rank Obama 'Worst President for Israel in The Last 30 Years'.  A new poll shows that Jewish Israelis rank Barack Obama as the "worst" U.S. president for Israel in the last 30 years, the Jewish Journal reported.  An overwhelming majority of Israelis, 63%, put Obama in the "worst" category, while former President Jimmy Carter came a distant second with 16% voting him as "worst" president.

Obama's Warnings About Anti-Semitism Ring Hollow.  President Obama staged a political show for a Jewish audience Wednesday, loudly warning of the new atmosphere of anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S.  It's a hollow statement, given his weak record on a rapidly metastasizing problem. [...] Problem here is that these conditions are the very result of his silences, denials, and lifelines to Islamists for political purposes.  What's more he's ignored the behavior in the U.S. of an increasingly anti-Semitic intelligentsia that has added to the atmosphere where terrorism can flourish.  In short, it's been an absence of leadership from the supposed leader of the free world that has assured this plague's spread.

US and UK 'hacked into Israeli drones and planes'.  US and UK agencies reportedly hacked into Israeli drones and other aircraft as they gathered intelligence, in an operation dating from the late 1990s.  It enabled Israel's allies to monitor information acquired by its reconnaissance missions, Der Spiegel and The Intercept website reported.  The website said the information came from material leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden.  One Israeli minister said it was disappointing, but not a surprise.

Obama Spies on His Enemies in Congress.  Remember when Obama, the guy with big plans to resettle America's neighborhoods, clashed with Bibi Netanyahu for refusing to abandon construction and resettlement plans in East Jerusalem?  The president was so incensed that Netanyahu hesitated to comply with his demands that he left the prime minister sitting in a room alone while he went upstairs to eat.  That's when, out of fear of being wiretapped, Netanyahu and his delegation chose not to use White House phones.  As usual, Bibi's discernment was on target because recently it was revealed that Obama, concerned about his nuke deal with Iran, directed the National Security Agency to spy on Israel, American Jewish groups, and friends of Israel in the U.S. Congress.

Obama's NSA Spying on Congress Not a Story at AP — Until GOP Responds.  The Wall Street Journal ran a blockbuster story Tuesday afternoon ("U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress") about how the Obama administration's National Security Agency's "targeting of Israeli leaders swept up the content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers."  In other words, the NSA spied on Congress.  As talk-show host and commentator Erick Erickson drily observed:  "Congress began impeachment proceedings on Richard Nixon for spying on the opposing political party."  Whether or not Congress has the nerve to defend itself and the Constitution's separation of powers, what the Journal reported is objectively a major story.  Yet the Associated Press ignored it on Tuesday [12/29/2015], and most of Wednesday.

NSA spying on US and Israeli politicians stirs Congress from Christmas slumbers.  After two years of doing little about the mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden, the US Congress has sprung into action in less than two days — with investigations into the NSA spying on some the legislature's members.  On Tuesday [12/29/2015] the Wall Street Journal reported that conversations between members of Congress and senior Israeli politicians had been monitored by the NSA under the orders of the White House.  The surveillance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his advisors occurred during negotiations into a deal with Iran over its nuclear power program.

With a friend like Obama.  Two years ago this month, after embarrassing revelations that the U.S. spied on the heads of state of ally nations, Obama banned the practice, saying, "The leaders of our close friends and allies deserve to know that if I want to know what they think about an issue, I'll pick up the phone and call them, rather than turning to surveillance."  But Obama didn't do that.  Nor did he ask Congress for permission to eavesdrop on members' communications with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Instead, according to a Wall Street Journal report, the National Security Agency continued to surveil friendly heads of state, Netanyahu, and captured private communications between Israeli officials and American lawmakers and American-Jewish groups.

Did Obama Spy On Israel And Congress?  How is it that a president can trust Russia to take care of Iran's nuclear stockpile but sic his spies on Israel, the faithful U.S. ally that saw the whole "Iran Deal" as an existential threat?  According to a front page Wall Street Journal story, the Israeli prime minister's private communications were targets for interception by the NSA, on the dubious grounds that Israel might know the U.S.-Iran deal's details before they were announced.

Why Team Obama's Israel spying should be a major scandal.  No one should be in the least bit surprised that the United States and Israel continue to spy on each other, despite being longtime close allies.  Israel's strategic position in the world's most volatile region pretty much guarantees that.  So does Jerusalem's dependence on continued US support and goodwill.  But news that the Obama administration targeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for continued close electronic surveillance — even as it curbed it for other friendly leaders — still is pretty startling.  As is The Wall Street Journal's disclosure that the sweep included conversations with US Jewish groups and members of Congress.

Obama Writes [his] Own Rules for Spying on Netanyahu.  During the debate over the Iran deal, U.S. intelligence spied on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and in the process recorded private conversation of U.S. lawmakers, reports the Wall Street Journal.  First, deep breath. Countries spy on each other, even allies.  That's a fact of life.  During World War II, the two biggest intelligence networks spying on the U.S. weren't Germany and Japan.  They were Britain and Russia — the countries on our side.  That the administration tried to keep tabs on Israel and its influence in the U.S. should be expected.  Indeed, long before this bombshell, there were reports that the two allies were spying on each more as trust between Obama and Netanyahu frayed.  What is troubling about these revelations is how the process was managed from the White House.

Carson: Spying on Israel 'truly disgraceful'.  Ben Carson is lashing out at the Obama administration over National Security Agency surveillance of Israel.  "It is truly disgraceful that the Obama administration has spied on [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu, his colleagues and pro-Israel lawmakers in Congress," the GOP presidential candidate said in a statement on Wednesday [12/30/2015].  "Instead of focusing on deterring the Iran nuclear threat and fighting against the mullahs who chant, 'death to America,' President Obama has treated Israel, our staunch, democratic ally in the Middle East, as his real enemy," Carson continued.

Report: NSA recorded members of Congress with Israeli leaders.  The National Security Agency's (NSA) continued surveillance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli leaders may also have swept up private conversations involving members of Congress, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday night [12/29/2015].  Although President Obama had promised to curb eavesdropping on world leaders who are U.S. allies after Edward Snowden leaked documents revealing the extent of the surveillance, there were a few leaders the White House wished to continue monitoring, including Netanyahu.

U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress.  President Barack Obama announced two years ago he would curtail eavesdropping on friendly heads of state after the world learned the reach of long-secret U.S. surveillance programs.  But behind the scenes, the White House decided to keep certain allies under close watch, current and former U.S. officials said.  Topping the list was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama Continues To Use The Term "ISIL" Instead Of "ISIS" And The Reason Is Sickening.  When Obama says "ISIL" he is saying to the muslim world, "I do not recognize Israel as an independent nation."

ISIS, ISIL and Daesh: The Administration's Words Matter.  Obama has been unrelenting in his denunciation of Israel, and unremitting in his criticism of its leadership.  In the earliest days of his presidency, he made his now infamous "Cairo Speech," where he referenced Israel's "occupation" of Palestinian lands, and the "daily humiliation" and "intolerable" condition of the Palestinians.  And it's only gotten worse since then.  Several times over the past five years, Obama administration officials have leaked classified Israeli information regarding defensive measures and offensive plans related to Iran.  The effect has been an unmistakable chilling of the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv, as Washington's objectives seem clearly at odds with the protection and preservation of the state of Israel.  Even the heralded Iran Nuclear deal was done over Israel's objections, since it assures Iran will be nuclearized by year ten of the agreement, and Iran has vowed to "blow Israel off of the map."

Obama Administration Moves to Restore Funding for Anti-Israel U.N. Organization.  The Obama administration is waging a quiet effort on Capitol Hill to restore U.S. taxpayer funding for a United Nations organization that has long been accused of having an anti-Israel bias, according to State Department funding requests obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  The State Department earlier this month petitioned Sen. Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.), a member of the Senate's appropriations committee, to consider restoring funding to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, otherwise known as UNESCO.

Obama Chanukah Party Attacks Islamophobia, Calls For "Justice" For Palestinians.  Obama's Chanukah parties have had issues in the past.  But this time it teetered over into full-blown violently offensive territory.  Obama's own remarks were boilerplate inoffensive stuff.  Israel's President Rivlin, a political hack who desperately sucks up to the media, was equally insipid.  But the White House chose Susan Talve to light the Menorah.  Talve is a member of the anti-Israel group T'ruah which is currently promoting assorted "soft BDS" programs.  She's also a Ferguson activist.  Her behavior was deeply insulting to the religious Jewish community and made it clear that the White House was determined to hijack even a Chanukah party to promote an anti-Jewish agenda.

Disgraceful White House Hanukkah celebration.  Leave it to Barack Obama to turn what should be a celebration of the Jewish people's survival in the face of adversity into a politicized rant celebrating the cause of the Palestinians, who want to "drive them into the sea," as has been promised since the birth of the modern State of Israel.

AP Ignores Rabbi's Outrageous Politicized Invocation at White House Hanukkah Event.  As seen in a Wednesday afternoon [12/9/2015] White House video, Rabbi Susan Talve essentially hijacked the event to praise a series of leftist causes, touching many of the Obama administration's pet projects along the way:  open-ended immigration and "refugee" acceptance; Black Lives Matter "activists"; gun control; paranoia over "Islamophobia, and homophobia and transphobia"; and "justice for Palestinians as allies committed to peace."

Why Does Obama Call ISIS 'ISIL'?  That Obama uses ISIL in discussing the terrorists is extremely telling and chilling.  To those of us who keep our fingers on the pulse of Middle Eastern geopolitics, the distinctions separating ISIS and ISIL are by no means meager.  It's readily apparent that Obama considers both Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, thorns in each of his sides.  Since 2009, his atrociously dismissive treatment of Netanyahu has been highly embarrassing, shocking, and outrageous, especially to those of us who cherish our relationship with the Jewish state.  Israel has proven itself a tried and true friend since its return to its ancient homeland in 1948.  Despite some disagreements between the U.S. and the Jewish state, no previous president has shown such a hideous and blatant disregard for Israel's head of state as has Obama.  Nor has any previous president ever considered (to our knowledge) or suggested in a way bordering on insistence that Israel relinquish the land it now controls by contracting to its pre-1967 borders.  Obama wants just that.

Is Radical Islamism a Choice?  The president says:  "ISIL is not Islamic," despite the fact that Islamic is in their name.  "ISIL is a terrorist organization, pure and simple," he adds.  Before I go any further, let me clarify Obama's steadfast insistence on using the term ISIL instead of ISIS.  ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, whereas ISIL is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  The Levant is said to encompass the countries of Cyprus, Egypt,Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and of course Israel.  So Obama uses ISIL as a veiled slap in the face to Israel, which he obviously has animus toward.  Allen West explains that, "if you choose to refer to this group as ISIL, you have basically rewritten the map of the Middle East and fallen into the trap of not recognizing the existence of Israel and also Lebanon.  If you use ISIL you are then validating the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist claim that the modern day Jewish State of Israel is an occupation state and does not exist in the eyes of Muslims."

Obama Names Hamas Sympathizer as New ISIS Czar.  President Obama has appointed a foreign policy advisor known to be a friend of the terrorist group Hamas to be the administration's new czar in charge of countering ISIS.  The appointee, Robert Malley, has a history of sympathizing with Islamists, which makes the appointment all the more appalling.  According to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the White House downplayed the controversial appointment by "burying it deep in a press briefing delivered at a Paris hotel during the recent climate summit."

Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Hamas Supporter As New ISIL Czar.  President Obama has appointed second-generation anti-Israel activist, and former Iran deal negotiator Robert O. (Rob) Malley as his 'senior adviser on the counterinsurgency campaign against ISIL.'  Malley knows much about terrorism as his dad was close friends with Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat (they both were born and raised in Egypt and each was funded by the USSR).  While the sins of the father are not normally visited on the son, this son has chosen to follow in his dad's footsteps.

Obama Mouthed Some Pro-Israel Lines, but His Disdain for Netanyahu Remains Clear.  During his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House yesterday, President Obama stated that the "security of Israel is one of my top foreign-policy priorities."  Of course, this sentiment might have been slightly more believable had President Obama a) said those words in something other than a lethargic tone, or b) not listened to Netanyahu's statement with the humor of a human death star Although Netanyahu claims that the meeting was productive, major problems continue to corrode U.S.-Israeli relations.

The left's all-too-telling attempt to silence Netanyahu.  A gaggle of hard lefties and fellow travelers is out to stop Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking Tuesday [11/10/2015] to the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank with close White House ties.  Netanyahu is in DC mending fences after he fought hard against President Obama's Iran nuke deal, hence the CAP event.  But various hard-left activists, liberal church types and Arab groups don't think anyone should be allowed to hear what Bibi has to say.  Backed by thousands of online signatures, they complain the CAP event grants legitimacy to Netanyahu's "ever more expansionist policies of occupation."

Netanyahu's new top media adviser called Obama an anti-Semite.  Just a few days before he heads to Washington to try to mend fences with the White House and secure billions of dollars in U.S. military aid, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed a new chief of public diplomacy who called President Obama a modern-day anti-Semite and wrote that Secretary of State John F. Kerry has the intellectual acuity of a 12-year-old.  Netanyahu's choice of Ran Baratz was pounced upon by Israeli news media and the political opposition, which quickly combed through his social media posts and past articles to find a string of provocative opinions that were anything but diplomatic.

John Kerry has the intellect of a 12-year-old: Netanyahu aide.  The United States takes offense at comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new communications director accusing President Barack Obama of anti-Semitism and suggesting that Secretary of State John Kerry had the mental abilities of a 12-year-old, the State Department said on Thursday [11/5/2015].  It said Kerry had spoken to the Israeli leader on Thursday and understood that Netanyahu "will be reviewing" the appointment of Ran Baratz after a US-Israeli summit meeting at the White House next week.

Obama's use of ISIL reveals his true allegiance, and animus towards Israel.  First, if you choose to refer to this group as ISIL, you have basically rewritten the map of the Middle East and fallen into the trap of not recognizing the existence of Israel and also Lebanon.  If you use ISIL you are then validating the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist claim that the modern day Jewish State of Israel is an occupation state and does not exist in the eyes of Muslims.  Need I remind you of the faux pas — or perhaps purposeful use — by then-Obama counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan who, at a Ramadan dinner celebration in the White House, referred to the capital of Israel as Al Quds, not as Jerusalem — what are words for indeed?  They convey a certain meaning — just like calling the Ft Hood massacre "workplace violence" and not an Islamic jihadist attack.

House Rejects Measure to Bar Ex-Im Financing for Terrorism Sponsors.  Taxpayers could end up footing the bill for Iran's purchase of American-manufactured planes thanks to legislation passed on Thursday [11/5/2015] that critics say facilitates U.S. support for an Iranian commercial airline sector frequently used in service of its international terrorist proxies.  If it materializes, that support would likely advance the interests of a major U.S. airline manufacturer that is eyeing business opportunities in Iran, has reported lobbying on the Iran deal, and has already benefitted tremendously from the controversial export finance agency at issue.  The House of Representatives on Thursday approved a highway support bill that reauthorizes funding for the U.S. Export-Import Bank, which finances the purchase of U.S. exports by foreign governments and corporations.

Bizarro President.  The flurry of spy stories spinning around in recent weeks makes clear that US-Israel relations remain in crisis.  Two weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published a fairly detailed account of the US's massive spying operations against Israel between 2010 and 2012.  Their purpose was to prevent Israel from attacking Iran's nuclear installations.  The Journal report, which was based on US sources, also detailed the evasion tactics the Obama administration employed to try to hide its covert nuclear talks with Iran from Israel.  According to the report, the administration was infuriated that through its spy operations against Iran, Israel discovered the talks and the government asked the White House to tell it what was going on.

Mission Accomplished: Former Adviser Reveals Obama Wanted to Impress Muslims by Ditching Israel.  The popular meme among Obama supporters and Israel Laborites is to claim that Netanyahu ruined the relationship.  But ruining the relationship was a strategic White House decision.

Don't Make the Muslims Angry.  The Secretary of State of the United States traveled to the Muslim country of Jordan to assure its Foreign Minister that Jews would not be praying any more at the holiest site in Judaism.  As Kerry put it, "It is Muslims who pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif and non-Muslims who visit."  Israel is often accused of apartheid and segregation, but here was the Secretary of State championing both, as long as it was Muslim segregation aimed at Jews.

Obama Tells Falsehoods About Israel, Retracts, Then Repeats Falsehoods.  After weeks of murderous Palestinian stabbing attacks upon innocent Israelis, how has the Obama Administration responded?  Although Israel has been killing or apprehending knife-wielding terrorists, while Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority (PA) has been inciting and glorifying their acts of murder, the Administration presents both sides as morally equivalent, while insinuating or even asserting Israeli responsibility.  Obama officials have been doing this in five ways: [...]

Kerry Urges Israelis to 'Restrain from Any Kind of Self-Help'.  Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters today [10/19/2015] that Israel has a right to defend itself, but discouraged against "self-help" responses to random stabbing attacks from Palestinians.  Israeli authorities have encouraged citizens with gun permits to carry when they're out and about, as they can possibly stop an attacker before police can get on the scene.

Why Obama Keeps Blaming The Victims Of Terrorism In Israel.  If there was any doubt about President Obama and the Obama administration's animosity toward the Jewish State of Israel, it was erased during the month of October.  Obama has taken a Palestinian incited wave of terrorism and found different ways to blame it on the Jewish State, justifying the Palestinian actions and encouraging them to incite and carry out more terrorism.

Obama Admin Accuses Israel of 'Terrorism' As More Jews Murdered.  As Palestinians assailants continue to murder Jews across Israel, the Obama administration on Wednesday accused the Jewish state of committing acts of "terrorism," drawing outrage from many observers.  As the number of Israelis murdered during a streak of Palestinian terrorism continues to rise, the Obama administration sought to equate the sides and told reporters that, in its view, Israel is guilty of terrorism.  "Individuals on both sides of this divide are — have proven capable of, and in our view, are guilty of acts of terrorism," State Department Spokesman John Kirby told reporters following questions about the spike in violence.

The Obama Intifada.  More than 30 dead in Israel as Palestinians armed with knives attack innocents.  What's responsible?  A campaign of incitement, which slanderously accuses Jews of intruding on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and murdering Arab children in cold blood.  And who is legitimizing this campaign?  None other than Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, whom President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have long held up as a peacemaker.

Team Obama winks at incitement against Israelis.  Does Team Obama want more Palestinian attacks on Israelis?  Secretary of State John Kerry sure gives that impression.  Wednesday [10/14/2015] saw more bloodletting:  An Arab stabbed a 70-year-old woman as she boarded a Jerusalem bus.  Another pulled a knife on cops, who foiled the attack.  That follows weeks of violence that's left eight innocent Israelis dead and more injured, mostly in Jerusalem.  On Wednesday, Israel began deploying hundreds of troops to help thwart the violence.

Susan Rice Should Apologize to Netanyahu for Charges of Racism.  Fraudulent allegations of racism are serious, below the belt, and wrong.  Those who make them should take responsibility and apologize.  If what Dennis Ross says about Susan Rice and her accusations against Prime Minister Netanyahu are true, it's time for her to do a public mea culpa.

Some Florida Jewish voters sour on Hillary Clinton.  Like most Jewish voters in Florida, Arthur Barr voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary.  When she lost the nomination, he supported then-Sen. Barack Obama — ardently.  "I voted for Obama, I made donations, I had phone banks, I set up at condominiums and (sent) thousands of emails," said Barr, a 74-year-old south Florida resident.  "By the third year, I realized I made a humongous mistake."  The next election, he voted for Republican nominee Mitt Romney as a rejection of Obama's policies toward Israel.

The cipher in the White House.  Perhaps it's not fair to blame Barack Obama for the mess he's making.  The Middle East is where chaos was invented, after all, and perhaps not even the collection of incompetents and boobs the president has installed in the White House could make things this bad.  Maybe it's someone else's fault.  He blames the Jews. [...] President Obama and his friends dismiss as canard the logical conclusion of a reasonable man that this president just doesn't like Jews very much, and scorns Israelis in particular.

Obama Admin's Iran Point Man Promotes Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories.  A State Department official closely involved in the Obama administration's Iran push has been promoting publications from anti-Semitic conspiracy sites and other radical websites that demonize American Jewish groups and Israel, according to sources and documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  Alan Eyre, the State Department's Persian-language spokesman and a member of the negotiating delegation that struck a nuclear deal with Iran earlier this year, has in recent months disseminated articles that linked American-Jewish skeptics of the deal to shadowy financial networks, sought to soften the image of Iranian terrorists with American blood on their hands, and linked deal criticism to a vast "neoconservative worldview."

Crucifying Israel: Obama's Brave New World.  Barack Obama keeps a special big smile for times when the people he hates most really get screwed.  He smiled that great big smile again recently when he said how much he loves the Jews — right after selling Israel out to its most dangerous enemy in history.  Human monsters with nuclear weapons are a completely new factor in the world.  We've seen plenty of monsters before, but not equipped with Armageddon weapons.  That's what Obama has achieved in his historic presidency.

We get it, Obama.  [Scroll down]  We get that you don't like us for deep ideological reasons.  We got it last summer when you took the wrong side during our conflict with Hamas in Gaza, and on so many other occasions since you became president.  We get it that you want to see us with indefensible borders surrounded by enemies armed to the teeth by Iran with money that you provided as part of your nuclear deal.  We understand that your sympathies lie with the Muslim world, not with the 'colonialist' West, which you view as the root of evil in the world. [...] Actually, while this is a problem for us, it is a much bigger problem for the people of America, who are nervous about your apparent anti-Americanism and your uncomfortable closeness to Islam, who don't trust Iran and don't see how the deal you made is going to keep the terror-supporting regime from getting nuclear weapons.

Obama's Perfect Storm to Destroy Israel.  [Scroll down]  Is it possible for our president to get even smaller with his vindictive, childish, and unpresidential treatment of Israel's prime minister?  Presumably he decided that pulling our ambassador and SOS would destroy any credibility that Bibi had and detract from his compelling message.  And sadly, this is not the first time that Obama has spit in Netanyahu's face; unquestionably, it will not be the last.

The Real Purpose of the Nuclear Deal: Support Iran and Stick It to Israel.  The purpose of the Iran nuclear deal isn't to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons technology — it's to assist Iran and prevent an Israeli military attack.  The deal promises to help Iran modernize and protect its nuclear program while making it harder for Israel to disrupt the program through military means or sabotage.  This isn't a "bad deal," as many keep saying — it's a dramatic shift in U.S. policy in favor of totalitarian Iran at the expense of democratic Israel.  Leftists love authoritarian regimes that are virulently anti-American.  Far from restraining Iran, the deal cooked up by Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the U.S. negotiating team may be everything the ayatollah could have wished for.

Israelis Were Asked to Name the Worst U.S. President for Israel, and Guess Who They Chose.  Israel is our only ally in the Middle East, the only functioning democracy and yet is constantly under attack — not just from terrorist countries like Iran, but also right here at home, depending on who the president is.  Obama's presidency has been horrible for Israel, and Israelis have noticed.

The Real Purpose of the Nuclear Deal: Support Iran and Stick It to Israel.  The purpose of the Iran nuclear deal isn't to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons technology — it's to assist Iran and prevent an Israeli military attack.  The deal promises to help Iran modernize and protect its nuclear program while making it harder for Israel to disrupt the program through military means or sabotage.  This isn't a "bad deal," as many keep saying — it's a dramatic shift in U.S. policy in favor of totalitarian Iran at the expense of democratic Israel.  Leftists love authoritarian regimes that are virulently anti-American.

Nine Signs of the Impending American Collapse.  Although anti-Semitism and its cognate, anti-Zionism, are by no means a significant social depravity in the U.S., they flourish in three major constituencies:  the elite leftist segment of the population, the Democratic Party, and, most tellingly, the administration of Barack Obama, whose foreign policy is demonstrably anti-Israel and pro-Muslim, in particular pro-Iranian.  Throwing his support behind the Muslim Brotherhood while playing Doctor Faustus to a diabolical ayatollah, he has, in fact, surrendered the Middle East to prolonged Muslim insurgency, thus endangering the survival of Israel, America's traditional and loyal ally.

Obama: I'm Personally Hurt When People Call Me Anti-Semitic.  Barack Obama is personally hurt when people call him an anti-Semite, the president said in an interview with the Jewish newspaper the Forward.  Obama says "there not a smidgen of evidence for" the accusation.  The editor of the Forward asked the president, "[D]oes it hurt you personally when people say that you're anti-Semitic?"  "Oh, of course.  And there's not a smidgen of evidence for it, other than the fact that there have been times where I've disagreed with a particular Israeli government's position on a particular issue. [...]"

The Editor says...
I wonder if Barry's feelings are hurt when someone calls him a liar, a baby-killer, a closet Muslim, a fraud, a traitor, a jerk, a plagiarist, a narcissist, a henpecked puppet, a third-world dictator in the making, a madman, or a doofus.

Obama: I Understand 'Cruelty Of Man' Because I'm An African-American.  Obama held a conversation with the leaders of American Jewish organizations, in order to defend his nuclear deal with Iran.  He explained that he understood why the Israelis were upset that America was negotiating with Iran when rockets were raining down on their cities and Iranian leaders were denying the Holocaust.  "I understand it, it's loathsome," he said.  "I think as an African-American I understand — history teaches that man can be very cruel to man and you have to take threats seriously."  Obama added that Iran's hatred of Israel was precisely why they needed to negotiate with the extreme regime.

Critics say Obama flirts with anti-semitism in defense of Iran deal.  President Obama's efforts to sell his nuclear deal with Iran focuses heavily on overcoming objections by pro-Israeli and Jewish groups, to the point where some are saying the campaign is flirting with anti-Semitic stereotypes.  A pattern in the administration's rhetoric has raised concern that the White House and its allies are singling out Jewish and pro-Israeli interests for criticism, despite a larger universe of lobbying interests on both sides of the deal who may have other reasons for their positions.  This tactic stretches back to before the deal was signed on July 14.

Obama's Partners in Peace: We Will Cleanse the Earth of Jews.  Hussein Sheikholeslam, a senior adviser to Iran's Speaker of Parliament, told the Hamas-affiliated newspaper al-Resalah that Tehran "reject[s] the existence of any Israeli on this earth," a position he says Iran relayed to the P5+1 powers during the nuclear negotiations, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday [8/19/2015].  According to Sheikholeslam, Iran "will do everything to renew" its support for Hamas, which Tehran lessened in retaliation to the Sunni group's opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war.  Sheikholeslam's comments are the latest in a series of threats issued against Israel by Iran since the Islamic Republic signed a nuclear agreement with the P5+1 powers last month.

The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package.  Obama wasn't just out to reshape America.  He was determined to reshape the Democratic Party.  In his final time in office, he intends to purge pro-Israel voices from the Democratic Party.  The pro-Israel Democrat, like the pro-life Democrat or the national security Democrat is meant to become a relic.  He may not succeed, but the political machine behind him will keep rolling on even after he's out of office to push the party further to the left and away from Israel.  Eventually the Democratic Party will become as inhospitable to Jews as the UK Labour Party.  That is Obama's endgame.

Navy reducing presence in Persian Gulf.  The nation's most powerful symbol of strength and deterrence on the high seas won't be in the Persian Gulf as much in the near future.  Although the Navy has maintained at least one aircraft carrier in or near the Gulf for the last seven years, it is planning longer periods where there will be no carriers there at all.  The reduced presence is happening as the U.S. prepares to enter into a nuclear deal with Iran.

Ben Carson: Obama's Iran nuke deal makes him anti-Semitic.  Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson thinks President Obama's Iran nuclear deal makes the commander-in-chief anti-Semitic.  "I think anything is anti-Semitic if it's against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies and by people who want to destroy them," the retired neurosurgeon and resurgent 2016 candidate said [8/16/2015] on "Fox News Sunday."  "And to sort of ignore that and to act like everything is normal there and that these people are paranoid is anti-Semitic," he said.

The Editor says...
After sitting in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years, why wouldn't he be anti-Semitic?

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Obama vs. the Jews.  It was his birthday and Obama was grouchy.  "It's my birthday and I'm going to be blunt," Obama told the Jewish leaders meeting with him.  When they complained that, "Words have consequences, and when they come from official sources, they can be even more dangerous," he was unapologetic.  "If you guys would back down, I would back down from some of the things I'm doing," he warned.  By that he meant that if they stopped objecting to the Iran deal, he would stop accusing critics of his nuclear sellout to Iran of being money-grubbing warmongers.

John Kerry: Iran Doesn't Want To 'Wipe [Israel] Off The Map'.  John Kerry told The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg that he doesn't believe Iran wants to "wipe [Israel] off the map."  Kerry said that President Obama's proposed nuclear deal with Iran "is as pro-Israel, as pro-Israel's security, as it gets."  The Secretary of State claimed he has reviewed the deal "backwards and forwards a hundred times ... and I believe that just saying no to this is, in fact, reckless."  Kerry also rejected the idea that Iranian leaders are actively seeking the destruction of the Jewish state, a popular belief among many Israelis.

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Kerry 'Doesn't Know' if Iran is Serious about Destroying Israel.  US Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed the nuclear deal signed with Iran is "as pro-Israel as it gets," and claims he "doesn't know" if the Iranian leadership is serious about destroying the State of Israel.  The comments were made in an in-depth interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, which was published Wednesday [8/5/2015] following intense lobbying for and against the deal as it heads to a fateful vote in Congress.  Kerry warned Goldberg that if Congress voted down the agreement it would "be the ultimate screwing" of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Obama: I've Done More Than Any Other President To Strengthen Israel's Security; Netanyahu Is Wrong.  President Obama says he deeply shares a commitment to friend and ally Israel, but Prime Minister Netanyahu is "wrong." [Video clip]

Sandy Berger urged Hillary to portray Bibi as obstacle to peace.  Sandy Berger, a former national security adviser for President Bill Clinton who pled guilty to stealing and destroying classified documents, advised Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state on how to portray Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the obstacle to peace and how to make his political life "uneasy."  The revelations came in a new batch of Clinton's emails released on Friday [7/31/2015] by the State Department.

Netanyahu: John Kerry 'Has No Reason to Come Here'.  Secretary of State John Kerry revealed this week that he will skip Israel on his forthcoming visit to the Middle East, a development some have pointed to as a sign that relations between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu-led Israeli government continue to deteriorate.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel Army Radio on Tuesday night (in Hebrew) that Kerry "really has no reason to come here."

John Kerry's ugly warning to Israel.  Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that if Congress rejects the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran, Israel will be blamed. "I fear that what could happen is if Congress were to overturn it, our friends Israel could actually wind up being more isolated and more blamed," Kerry told the Council of Foreign Relations.  The question is: "more blamed" by whom?

Iran Deal Worth More than All U.S. Aid to Israel Since 1948.  The Iran deal will provide Iran with a cash windfall as sanctions are eased and assets are unfrozen.  The total amount is estimated to be as high as $150 billion.  If so, the Iran deal would give more cash to Iran than the $124.3 billion U.S. has given in total aid to Israel since 1948.  The exact amount that Iran would gain through the unfreezing of its foreign assets is a matter of some dispute.  The Israeli ambassador has put the number at $150 billion; the Obama administration puts the number at $50 billion, since some of Iran's assets "have already been obligated, including for projects with China," the New York Times reports.

Things the Media Won't Tell You About Israel.  If you've ever wondered why so many overseas Jews view democratic Israel as irredeemably racist, consider the following story: Knesset member Robert Ilatov justifiably made headlines last Thursday [7/23/2015] by declaring that Arabs who refuse to sing the national anthem, "Hatikva," shouldn't be appointed as judges.  But several prominent English-language Israeli news sites didn't even bother mentioning the swift, uncompromising rejection of his view by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked; you won't, for instance, find a word of her response in Haaretz's report, while the left-wing +972 website dismissed it as a "weak protestation" by omitting all the most significant parts of her statement.

The Cynical Pollard Release Leak.  The past few weeks have confirmed something that was always true about the way the Obama administration wages political battles.  There is no stunt too cheap or statement so cynical that the White House won't employ in order to advance its agenda.  That's the only way to interpret the bizarre Friday afternoon [7/24/2015] leak to the Wall Street Journal in which "administration officials" said convicted spy Jonathan Pollard would be released later this year in order to help smooth relations between the U.S. and Israel in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal.

Don't Free Pollard.  I am Jewish American and a very strong supporter of Israel.  But I am not an Israeli.  And I have no sympathy for Jonathan Pollard nor any wish that he be set free.  Jonathan Pollard is a spy.  Espionage is a capital offense.  He is lucky to be serving a life sentence.  Why his sentence allows him mandatory parole after 30 years is unclear to me.  Then it's not really a life sentence, is it?

Kerry Warns Israel: Strike on Iran Would Be 'Enormous Mistake'.  Less than a day after indicating in a Senate hearing that the Iran nuclear deal would have the US defend Iran from Israel, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israel on Friday [7/24/2015] that a unilateral strike on Iran's covert nuclear program would be a "huge mistake."  Appearing on the NBC "Today" TV show, Kerry was asked if the Iran nuclear deal sealed last Tuesday would make it more likely that Israel will either physically strike Iran's nuclear facilities, or else launch a cyber attack against them.  "That'd be an enormous mistake, a huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and for the region, and I don't think it's necessary," Kerry answered in an ominous answer.

Mr. Kerry has it backwards.
Kerry: Any action by Israel would provide justification for Iran's pursuit of nukes.  Secretary of State John Kerry sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview on Today earlier, defending the deal with Iran — and telling Israel to cool their jets, almost literally.  In doing so, Kerry managed to turn Israel into the aggressor and Iran into a passive actor who might somehow decide they need a bomb only if Israel attacked them.  It's a strange reversal, and one that confirms the impression that the Obama administration has become the lawyers for the mullahs[.]

Blaming failure of a rotten deal on Israel?!.  When Secretary of State John Kerry announces that the world will blame Israel if the deal fails, we have left the realm of dignified debate.  When he warns Israel not to act militarily in its own defense, he suggests that the United States won't back up the Jewish state.

The Many Lies Paving the Way to Obama's Legacy.  On the Iranian threat to Israel:  "The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat. ... Finally, let there be no doubt:  I will always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel."

Netanyahu's Question.  Secretary of Defense Carter is in Israel to reassure the Israelis in the wake of the catastrophic deal the United has entered into with Iran.  We are facilitating and funding Iran's nuclear program; what can Carter say to mitigate what any fool can see?

A nuclear Iran is now guaranteed.  A bright flash will signal the attack on Israel intended to destroy the "little Satan."  At that moment all the debates about President Obama's legacy and motives, all the charges and counter-charges about details of inspection regimes and anti-sabotage agreements, all the counting of centrifuges and tallying of Democratic senators who dare to go against their base will be forgotten.

Obama's Nuke Deal Makes Israel The Enemy And Iran Our Ally.  The "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" is a bad deal because it's the first time the United States has offered extensive concessions to a nation that openly seeks to destabilize our interests.  It's the first time we will be offering an oppressive theocracy (one that still holds American hostages) hundreds of billions of dollars to menace our (former) allies via its proxies throughout the Middle East.  For the first time in history a president has legitimatized an openly anti-American state with expansionist aims to help him expand political legacy at home.

Awaiting historic sellout of Israel by Obama-Kerry.  President Barack Obama has, at least since 2012, claimed that he has Israel's back regarding his engagement with Iran.  But as the Iran nuke negotiations move closer to an agreement, with reports it could happen by tomorrow [7/13/2015], it is clear that Obama's words are empty rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton's two-faced Israel games.  Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up?  In private sitdowns with wealthy Jewish donors, Politico reports, Clinton is signaling she would be a better friend to Israel than President Obama has been.  That's the same President Obama she served for four years as the nation's chief foreign-affairs officer and policy-maker — including on the Middle East.

White House Instructs Allies To Lean On 'Jewish Community' to Force Iran Deal.  The White House is targeting Jewish groups in its latest push to blunt congressional criticism of an Iran deal that observers expect to be sealed in the coming days, according to a recording of a strategy conference call obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and experts familiar with the call.  The White House's liaison to the Jewish community on Monday [7/6/2015] advised dozens of progressive groups to push a poll commissioned and distributed by the liberal fringe group J Street, which has been defending a deal with Iran.

21 Ways Obama Attempted to Assassinate the U.S.-Israel Relationship.  America's heroine Pamela Geller points us to an exceptional summary of diplomat Michael Oren's new book.  The former Israeli Ambassador to the United States — no right-winger to be sure — has outlined a stunning insider's look at Obama's assassination of the relationship between the two longtime allies.  Adam Kredo, writing at Washington Free Beacon, outlines some of the most outrageous revelations.

What the Obama worshippers missed.  It is not surprising that former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren is now in the sights of the Obama Defenders Corps, a collection of U.S. administration officials, sycophantic journalists and other obsessive critics of Israel.  The former ambassador has revealed in his new book what most Israelis and many Americans now know to be true:  that U.S. President Barack Obama abandoned Israel ever since the beginning of his term in 2009, and that the breach in U.S.-Israel relations is primarily his doing.  In fact it was a deliberate policy to create distance between the United States and Israel, since the president was far more interested in making nice to the likes of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim world in general.  Close U.S. ties with Israel presented an obstacle in Obama's path toward accomplishing these other goals.

An Insider Account: Obama's Jihad Against the Jews.  I believe that Obama's deep-seated hatred of Israel stems from his Islamic studies as a young boy in Indonesia.  According to fellow classmates, Obama excelled in Quran classes, and Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran.  The Jesuits boast, "Give me the child for his first seven years, and I'll give you the man."  Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, a center leftist, in his latest book spills the beans on Obama's treachery and blatant Jew-hatred in his dismantling of the US-Israel relationship.

How Obama Abandoned Israel.  'Nobody has a monopoly on making mistakes."  When I was Israel's ambassador to the United States from 2009 to the end of 2013, that was my standard response to reporters asking who bore the greatest responsibility — President Barack Obama or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — for the crisis in U.S.-Israel relations.  I never felt like I was lying when I said it.

Obama the Jew.  Since taking office, Mr. Obama has said many noxious things. [...] Several times, Obama has said he has "done more for Israel" — "more to ensure that Israel can protect itself" — than any previous president.  This week, the Supreme Court ruled that only the president has the power to recognize nation-state sovereignty; despite congressional legislation, Mr. Obama's State Department can choose — and has chosen — not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  In 2008, Mr. Obama said:  "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."  So remember:  Obama says a lot of things.

A new inside account of Obama's Israel ire.  It's called "Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide," and I'm not sure that in the annals of diplomatic history there's ever been anything quite like this astonishing account of Oren's four years (2009-2013) as Israel's ambassador in Washington. [...] It's not that there's lots of breaking news in "Ally" that will startle people.  Rather, it makes news on almost every page with its incredibly detailed account of the root hostility of the Obama administration toward the Jewish state.

Will Michael Oren Change the Jewish Vote?  Obama doesn't like the Israel that exists.  Well, that's not a shocking conclusion, given his behavior.  (Where is that Rashid Khalidi tape anyway?)  But that such a conclusion could emanate, even indirectly, from a report by Michael Oren should shake a lot of people.  I have interviewed Oren twice myself and can attest this is a stand-up guy and one serious diplomat, not prone to exaggeration.  He is also a first-class historian.

'Ally': Michael Oren's Memoir to Expose Obama Administration's Abuse of Israel.  Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren is set to release a new memoir June 23: Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide.  The book tells the story of Oren's four years (2009-13) as Israel's representative in Washington — and reveals just how hostile the Obama administration is towards Israel.  Though he argues Obama is not anti-Israel, Oren notes that his administration did all it could to bully Israel into compliance with its hopelessly naïve new agenda in the Middle East.

Jerusalem Passport Case Could Yet Boomerang On Obama Administration.  Those disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision yesterday [6/7/2015] in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, which struck down a law allowing Jerusalem-born Americans to have "Israel" listed in their passports as their the place of birth, are missing the long-term significance of the case, which will play out about three months from now.

Treasury Secretary Booed by Pro-Israel Audience over Iran Remarks.  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was booed by a crowd at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York Sunday [6/7/2015] as he pressed the Obama administration's case for nuclear negotiations with Iran.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vociferously fought the negotiations, which he believes will be ineffective at stopping Iran's nuclear development.  "No administration has done more for Israel's security than this one," said Lew, an Orthodox Jew, to jeers.  His affirmation that, "Make no mistake, we are not operating on an assumption that Iran will act in good faith," was met with cries of "nonsense."

The ignorance behind Obama's 'Jew-ish' identity.  Obama consigliere David Axelrod told an Israeli news outlet this week that Obama once said to him, "You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office."  That's not the first time the idea of Obama's Jewyness has popped up, but it is the most explicit.  And it goes to not just Obama's ignorance, but confusion among the Jews he knows best — progressive Jews.

Obama's Ongoing Obsession with Netanyahu.  In an interview with Israel's Channel 2 TV Network that aired on Tuesday, President Obama said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's position on Palestinian statehood undermines the credibility of his country.  As The Hill reports[,] Netanyahu has recently expressed willingness to re-enter talks with Palestinians, but Obama said his stance contains "so many caveats, so many conditions, that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met any time in the near future."  "The danger here is that Israel as a whole loses credibility," Obama said.

Is Obama a villain? Or only delusional?  President Obama is trying to make nice with Jewish American voters again — those who haven't caught on to his multiple betrayals in the Middle East.  Israelis — those who are in touch with reality — feel betrayed.  The Saudis feel betrayed.  Egypt feels betrayed.  Libya was betrayed worst of all, and believe it or not, before Obama became president even Syria was considered to be friendly to the United States.  More than 200,000 dead Syrian Muslims, Christians and Kurds later, Obama may still smile and smile, but the Arab world and the saner half of Israel keep wondering if he is a villain.  The only regime that loves us over there keeps chanting, "Death to America! Death to Israel!"  Obama tells us they don't actually mean it.  He tells the world to "trust me" on Iranian nukes.

Obama Rips Benjamin Netanyahu Again.  President Barack Obama told Israel's Channel 2 TV network in an interview that aired Thursday [5/28/2015] that Netanyahu's statements on Palestinian statehood indicate Israel has no commitment to a two-state solution, according to The Hill.  Obama was twisting others' words, pulling out the false charge leveled by the media that Netanyahu's statements prior to the Israeli election obviated a Palestinian state.

Funny, Obama Doesn't Look Jewish.  President Obama reportedly told David Axelrod, "You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.  For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts." [...] As for those hurt feelings, Obama could alleviate them by not insisting on lionizing Iran while villifying Israel.

Obama: 'I Am The Closest Thing To A Jew That Has Ever Sat In This Office'.  President Barack Obama apparently thinks he's the closest thing to a Jewish president America has ever had.  Speaking to, top Obama confidant David Axelrod described a moment where the president expressed exasperation to him over being derided as anti-Israel by some.  "You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office," the president claimed, according to Axelrod.  "For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts."

My Name is Hannibal.  Even in mundane situations the public has grown accustomed to the argument that you are who identify as.  For example, Barack Obama wasn't the first black president — that distinction belongs to Bill Clinton.  Obama is the first Jewish president.  David Axelrod relates that the president once told him, "you know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office".  If [Bruce] Jenner is a woman, why can't Obama be a Jew?

Obama, the Jews, the Muslims, and Us.  I don't believe that any other American president has spent so much time talking to and about Jews as Obama.  It all began in the very first months of his presidency — in August, 2009 — when he called 1000 rabbis, lobbying for support for Obamacare.  It was a full month before the High Holy Days, when Jews pray for a year of life and good health, and the president remarked that "we are God's partners in matters of life and death."  That was a considerable misstatement, for in these matters, Jews are supplicants, not partners.  Two months earlier, Obama had similarly distorted the nature of Zionism. [...] So the president isn't very well informed about Judaism or Zionism, yet he is forever lecturing Jews and Israelis about what is really best for them, as if he had some special insight.

Did the U.S. Just Agree to Support Arab Forces in a War Against Israel?  On Thursday [5/14/2015], the White House released the rather long-winded "U.S.- Gulf Cooperation Council Camp David Joint Statement" as an appeasement to our Arab allies in the region in the wake of negotiations with Iran. [...] The reality of the language of this latest agreement is simple:  It paves the way for a US-backed military war against Israel in order to create a Palestinian state.

Democratic Party Support Of Israel Died Twenty Years Ago.  The truth is Israel is not a bi-partisan issue and hasn't been bi-partisan for over two decades.  On Thursday [5/7/2015] House Democrats once again proved that Democratic Party support of Israel is not strong.

The Democrat Party's Growing Embrace of Anti-Semitism.  Anti-Israel rants by Black radicals are nothing new; nor is Black anti-Semitism.  But injecting them into a Democratic primary campaign via a publicly circulated flyer suggests that the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Black left has become emboldened.  Why?  Perhaps it's because President Obama has been so eager to attack Israel, though not, of course, as viciously as Edwards' supporters have.  Israel bashing is now acceptable for left-wing Democratic officer holders.

Obama 'looks forward' to working with Netanyahu.  President Obama on Thursday [5/7/2015] congratulated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for forming a new government, saying he looks forward to working with the leader he has feuded with over Iran.  "The president congratulates the Israeli people, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the new governing coalition on the formation of Israel's new government.  President Obama looks forward to working with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his new government," press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.

Socially liberal Jews go Republican over Israel.  The premier organization for politically active Jewish Republicans has grown considerably as new members set aside their opposition to the GOP's conservative social agenda to make a statement on Israel.  The Republican Jewish Coalition recently hosted 800 members at its annual spring meeting in Las Vegas.  Two years ago, the same gathering drew fewer than 400.  President Obama gets most of the credit for doubling attendance.  His antagonistic relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and emerging deal with Iran to limit but not end Tehran's nuclear weapons program have driven up membership.

The Obama-Netanyahu Cold War Isn't Over, Just Paused.  The good news is that President Barack Obama understands that public tantrums over Israel's behavior are gratuitous and no substitute for a policy.  The bad news is that little has changed in terms of the president's low regard for Mr. Netanyahu and the gap between them on key issues remains wide.  It's only a matter of time before the two resume bickering.

Anti-Israel PLO Ally Hosted for Meeting At White House.  An anti-Israel activist who served as an expert witness on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in a recent terrorism trial was hosted for a meeting with senior White House officials, according to visitor logs released by the Obama administration and media reports.  Michael Sfard, an anti-Israel activist who has reportedly been paid by the PLO to serve as an expert witness in terrorism trials against it, met in December 2014 with a senior White House National Security Council (NSC) member for a meeting about the Middle East, according to the logs and reports.

Finally, Jewish support for Obama fades.  President Obama's smoldering antipathy toward Israel and its freshly reelected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is finally taking its toll on his support among Americans Jews.  While both national leaders still say all the right things about the almost seven decade alliance between the two democracies, the public has read the events and body language differently.  With this presidential administration, it's more like, 'Best friends, like it or not.'

Netanyahu Not the Cause of Obama's Dislike of Israel.  [Scroll down]  No doubt the dislike is there, but what underlies the animosity of Obama toward PM Netanyahu goes beyond schmoozability to seismic differences in outlook and policy.  In fact, at Mr. Netanyahu's very first White House meeting, before they really knew each other, Obama purposely mistreated PM Netanyahu by forcing him to enter through a side entrance and, then, abruptly left the meeting and went upstairs by himself for dinner while leaving PM Netanyahu and his staff without hospitality or even a piece of bread.  This was a deliberate, unheard of disparagement, directed more at Israel, the state represented by Netanyahu, than it was at Mr. Netanyahu per se.

Is the White House trolling Netanyahu?  The White House appeared to mock Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on social media Wednesday, employing a cartoon bomb similar to an illustration used by Israel's leader to warn against a nuclear Iran.  The image of the bomb, complete with a red line near the top, is virtually identical to that used by Netanyahu during a 2012 United Nations speech on the dangers of Tehran acquiring such a weapon.

Obama: Recognition of Israel won't be part of Iran deal.  It's not exactly a secret that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the terms of the framework for the deal with Iran on their nuclear program, but he offered a suggestion to improve it this week:  demand that Iran recognize the state of Israel and its right to exist.  If the Iranians want to create a peaceful nuclear energy program and refrain from using the economic windfall to sponsor regional terrorism and insurrection, what better way to show it than to open normal diplomatic relations with Jerusalem?

Obama's Next Move May Be Lifting U.S. Protection of Israel at UN.  While the world remains fixated on the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, the Obama administration is facing another foreign policy showdown in the United Nations Security Council.  The administration has signaled that it might abandon the decades-long U.S. policy of protecting Israel at the UN and back a Security Council resolution laying out terms for a two-state solution to the almost 67-year-old dispute between the Jewish state and the Palestinians.

Obama's Chicago Presidency.  Malice is a valuable political tool for Barack Obama.  Benjamin Netanyahu apparently bothered President Obama.  What could that possibly entail, given the historic alliance between Israel and the United States?  From the petty malice of Obama-administration aides leaking slurs that Netanyahu was a coward and chickens--t to the fundamental malevolence of community-organizing Netanyahu's opponents in an effort to defeat him at the polls to leaking previously classified information about Israel's nuclear deterrent, the message is again Chicagoan.

Obama's Mental Health: A Checklist.  Like a schoolyard bully, the president continues to find treacherous ways to punish Bibi Netanyahu and Israel in increasingly vicious ways.  He has leaked details of Israel's nuclear program, threatened to circumvent Congress on the Iran deal by going to the UN, and threatened to withhold from Israel needed supplies for its self-defense.  Denis McDonough spoke at J-Street and called for, "an end to the occupation," a wholly inaccurate term for Israel's existence and present boundaries.  Jews around the world have not known such peril since the 1930s.

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Obama and Israel: Discover The Networks.  No previous American president has had so strained a relationship with Israel as Barack Obama.  As Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said in 2010, "Israel's ties with the United States are in their worst crisis since 1975 ... a crisis of historic proportions."  Author and scholar Dennis Prager concurred, "Most observers, right or left, pro-Israel or anti-Israel, would agree that Israeli-American relations are the worst they have been in memory." In the spring of 2011, David Parsons, spokesman for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, said:  "There's a traditional, special relationship between America and Israel that Obama is basically throwing out the window in a sense."  David Rubin, a U.S.-born Israeli author and expert on the Middle East, put it this way:  "President Obama is very harmful for Israel and very dangerous for the future of Judeo-Christian civilization."

Obama wants to turn America against Israel.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama seems determined to portray Israel as a racist nation.  In 2006 when "flying over the Palestinian territories" he used the term "separation barrier" when describing the security fence that was erected to stop the massive number of suicide attacks that were killing so many Israelis.  Separation barrier is redolent of racism — as in "keeping the races separate," as in "separate but equal."  Most people refer to it as a security fence or, in some areas, a wall.  His comment elicited little response at the time but given what followed maybe more people should have been alerted to the use of such loaded words.  What followed?  John Kerry's description of an Israel he said was at risk of becoming an "apartheid nation."  Administration spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that President Obama shared John Kerry's views.

A Complete Timeline of Obama's Anti-Israel Hatred.  On Thursday, the press announced that the Obama administration would fully consider abandoning Israel in international bodies like the United Nations.  According to reports, President Obama finally called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him — but the "congratulations" was actually a lecture directed at forcing Netanyahu to surrender to the terrorist Palestinian regime.  For some odd reason, many in the media and Congress reacted with surprise to Obama's supposedly sudden turn on Israel.  The media, in an attempt to defend Obama's radicalism, pretend that Netanyahu's comments in the late stages of his campaign prompted Obama's anti-Israel action.

Israel will ride out the Obama Doctrine.  There is no doubt that U.S. President Barack Obama is disappointed with the results of the Israeli election.  Rather than being pleased to see a fair and open democratic election in the only democracy in the Middle East, the outcome seems to have made him angry and even vindictive.

CBS' Major Garrett Grills Earnest: Does Obama View Netanyahu Same as Putin?  In an attempt to tamp down concerns over his increasingly contentious relations with newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Barack Obama said this week that their disputes concern policy differences and are not "personal," adding that they have "a very businesslike relationship."  But judging by today's White House press briefing, it didn't work.

Boehner: Obama administration's 'animosity' toward Netanyahu 'reprehensible".  In comments made on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday [3/29/2015], Speaker of the House John Boehner described the Obama administration's treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu as "reprehensible," alluding to the ongoing rift between the two leaders.  "I think the animosity exhibited by our administration toward the prime minister of Israel is reprehensible," the Republican from Ohio said.

US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program.  In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media, the Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel's nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent.  But by publishing the declassified document from 1987, the US reportedly breached the silent agreement to keep quiet on Israel's nuclear powers for the first time ever, detailing the nuclear program in great depth.

Obama Release Of Secret Report On Israel Nukes Betrays Ally.  Quietly, the Obama administration has released details of Israel's nuclear program through the Defense Department.  It was no accident, and could have a devastating impact on the balance of power in the region.  The same administration that refused to divulge what's in its soon-to-be-concluded nuclear "deal" with Iran, last month stealthily released a top-secret 1987 report on Israel's nuclear program — information that might be used by Israel's enemies.

Obama Sells Out Israel to Iran.  The timing of the disclosure puts to rest any notion that President Obama acted out of spite for Bibi Netanyahu's election win last week — but this is still a sellout of Israel, and the reason for it is plain.

Obama's temper tantrum continues — exposes Israel's nuke program.  Did you ever have a kid throw a tantrum and just start throwing things around your house?  That's what Barack Hussein Obama is doing.  He's having a tantrum and he's throwing around pieces of the US-Israel relationship.  The mainstream media has largely missed it, but early last month, the Obama administration exposed details about Israel's nuclear program.  The details were part of a 1987 report on the nuclear capabilities of Israel and the NATO countries.  But Israel — and only Israel — has been exposed.

Obama's Evil Revenge On Netanyahu Continues.  In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media, the Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel's nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent.

How Bibi Warded Off Obama: The Inside Scoop.  Leery of Democrat tricks, Netanyahu kept his poll watchers active and alert until the polls closed at 10 p.m.  In the end, Obama's meddle-of-the-road team was seen as extremists and interlopers, and Netanyahu scored a decisive victory against all the tricksters and the ill-wishers.  He won one for Israel but he also won one for America by putting these chutzpah-niks in their place.  It gave us hope that we can arrest the sniper and repel the invader.

Official: White House was part of bid to oust Netanyahu.  The White House was directly involved in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week's general election, during a nadir in ties between the Israeli leader and US President Barack Obama, a senior Jerusalem official said Tuesday [3/24/2015].  The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Times of Israel that "it's no secret" that the Obama administration had attempted to influence the outcome of the election, having been partially motivated by a desire for revenge over Netanyahu's polarizing speech before Congress earlier this month, which sought to undermine the president's key foreign policy initiative — a nuclear deal with Iran.

Libel Is Obama's Latest Weapon In His War On Israel.  Behold what's buried in Tuesday's [3/24/2015] Wall Street Journal — a claim of Israeli spying, which was obviously planted by one or more nameless administration officials seeking to make the Israelis' newly re-elected leader look like a U.S. enemy:  "While U.S. intelligence officials believe secured U.S. communications are relatively safe from the Israelis, they say European communications are vulnerable."  The Israelis, it turns out, almost certainly got their information from eavesdropping not on U.S., but on European and Iranian diplomatic communications — which virtually every U.S. embassy in the world does.

Media increasingly concerned over fractured U.S. relationship with Israel.  As President Obama's secretive efforts to secure a nuclear deal with Iran strain the relationship between the United States and Israel, American media are growing increasingly apprehensive.  The newest cause for concern is a Wall Street Journal report that Israel spied on the Iran talks and leaked the information to congressional Republicans.  The apparent effort to influence the outcome of a nuclear deal led some to castigate the White House, others to blame Israel and Republicans, and still others to wonder at the convoluted politics of the situation.

The 'Stunning' Deteriorating Relationship Between Obama and Bibi, Obama and Congress.  CNN anchor Jake Tapper said the relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is deteriorating and the respect the two leaders have for each other knows bounds.

Obama's 'Open Hostility' to Israel Sees Democrats Losing Trust in him.  President Obama's hostility towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is creating a backlash in congress among Democrats, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) told The Washington Post in an interview published on Friday [3/20/2015].  This backlash is beginning to damage the President's agenda with respect to Iran and Israel, according to Graham.  The deteriorating relationship also elicited a strong response this morning from Senator John McCain (R-AZ), a close Graham ally.

White House Chief of Staff at J Street: 'Occupation' by Israelis 'Must End'.  White House chief of staff Denis McDonough today [3/23/2015] called for an end to Israel's "occupation" of the Palestinians and vowed that the Obama administration won't "pretend" that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't make his campaign remarks about no two-state solution.

Obama admin: How dare Israel share intel on Iran talks with Congress!  As it turns out, the speech by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu wasn't the communication to Congress that got the Obama administration most upset.  Today's [3/24/2015] Wall Street Journal reveals in a report from Adam Entous that Israel's intelligence service had penetrated the talks with Iran, both through human intelligence and signals intelligence.  That allowed Israel to make an international case against the emerging deal in an attempt to derail Barack Obama's desperate desire to reach a rapprochement with Tehran.

Old Dogs Doing Old Tricks.  There's more than a passing similarity between Obama's race baiting and his Netanyahu baiting:  lies, agitprop, media complicity, shady financing, and prejudice  — in one case against whites, in the other against Jews. [...] Among other things he has refused to re-up to the U.S. promise to supply Israel with emergency fuel supplies.  His administration has worked with J-Street, which the press usually describes as an "Israel group" when in reality it is an anti-Israel group.  It went so far as to fund directly and then through a tax-exempt group V-15 an on-the-ground anti-Netanyahu election effort.  When observers noted that the group violated the terms of its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, it applied for and received in lightning fashion a 501(c)(4) status which allows some electioneering.  (Contrast with conservative groups and tea party outfits whose applications for either of such classifications still remain in IRS limbo).  Interestingly enough, it appears that their work violated U.S. tax laws, [...]

Israel: Beware of Obama.  First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the borders, doubles the debt and nationalizes the Internet.  He lies to the public, ignores the Constitution, inflames race relations and urges Latinos to punish Republican "enemies."  He abandons our allies, appeases tyrants, coddles adversaries and uses the Crusades as an excuse for inaction as Islamist terrorists slaughter their way across the Mideast.  Now he's coming for Israel.

Old Dogs Doing Old Tricks.  [Scroll down]  Much the same pattern [as in the Trayvon Martin case] followed in Ferguson, Missouri, this time bankrolled by the Democrats' left-wing big daddy George Soros.  "Hands Up Don't Shoot" was now the propaganda follow-up to kiddies in hoodies with Skittles.  Once again an innocent man's life was ruined, local law enforcement authorities slandered and the department continued the investigation after state justice procedures cleared Officer Wilson.  Residents of Ferguson have been left with far diminished real estate values, shops have been shuttered, and the community destroyed.  Even worse, in the continued disruption, two police officers were shot by one of the Don't Shoot gang.

Israel Defeats Chutzpadik Obama-American Interference.  This week's Israeli Elections is a prime example of the antidemocratic hypocrisy of America's President Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters. [...] Despite the unabashed and amazingly public interference by the White House in the Israeli Elections, the Israeli public made it clear that they aren't for sale.

Obama: Netanyahu's comments 'erode the name of democracy'.  President Obama issued tough criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu, saying in an interview published Saturday that the Israeli prime minister's campaign rhetoric "starts to erode the name of democracy."  Obama also expressed pessimism about Israel's willingness to recognize a Palestinian state in the interview with the Huffington Post, and about the possibility of reaching a deal to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.  Following Netanyahu's pre-election statement that there would be no Palestinian state if he were re-elected, Obama "indicated to him that given his statements prior to the election, it is going to be hard to find a path" forward on negotiations, Obama said.

As Relations With Israel Plummet To New Low, Obama Cuts Video for Iran Praising the Ayatollah.  Anyone think it's a coincidence Obama chose today to release his Nowruz message (it begins on the first day of spring)?

Did First Lady Use 'Divisive Rhetoric' in 2014 Campaign?  To help justify changes in its posture towards Israel, the White House appears anxious to point out what it sees as "divisive" rhetoric and attitudes by Netanyahu and his party aimed at the Arab population of Israel.  To that end, Press Secretary Josh Earnest came to the press gaggle on Air Force One on Wednesday [3/18/2015] with a prepared response on the topic.

Bibi Beat Barack at His Own Game.  President Obama is very good at one thing — winning elections.  So when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a snap election earlier this year, Obama figured he could win one more. [...] How else does one explain the presence of Jeremy Bird in Israel during the election?  Bird was Obama's Deputy National Field Director during the 2008 campaign and was promoted to National Field Director in the 2012 campaign.  Bird wasn't in Israel to take in the sights.  He was there to oust Netanyahu from office.

Obama and the Media Are Suffering from 'Bibi Derangement Syndrome'.  Almost immediately after Benjamin Netanyahu's dramatic electoral victory, Barack Obama and his administration announced that they were going to reconsider U.S. policy towards Israel.  If Israel was going to withdraw its support for a two-state solution, American would find ways to bring it about without them. [...] These threatened measures are in response to Netanyahu's strength and Obama's inability to bring about his defeat.

Jackie Mason bashes Obama on Israel: 'It's certainly hard to tell which side he's on.  In a radio interview set for broadcast on Sunday [3/22/2015], Jackie Mason complains that Obama 'doesn't see that Hamas is a problem. ... He doesn't care that they want to wipe us out.'  'I'm not saying he is on the side of the people who literally want to wipe us out,' Mason cautioned, 'but if he's not on their side, it's certainly hard to tell which side he's on.  Because you don't hear him attacking the Hamas half as much as he is attacking Bibi Netanyahu.'

White House spokesman: Obama told Netanyahu during their phone call that he objects to his "divisive" election tactics.  The "divisive" tactic he's alluding to is the one the left's been whining about for three days, i.e. Netanyahu warning Likud voters on election day that turnout among Arab voters was high thanks in part to left-wing groups busing them to the polls. [...] Liberals like whining about his "southern strategy" because it's a way for them to delegitimize his huge win and the stinging rebuke to Obama that it implies.  And Obama likes whining about it because it's a fig leaf for him to play hardball with Netanyahu and Israel at the UN.

White House Antagonism Toward Netanyahu Grows.  The White House is stepping up its antagonism toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu despite his victory in this week's elections, signaling that it is in no rush to repair a historic rift between the United States and Israel.  The sharpened tone indicates that the Obama administration may be re-evaluating its relationship with its closest ally in the Middle East, having lost patience with Mr. Netanyahu in the closing days of an election campaign in which he spotlighted deep disagreements with President Obama over a Palestinian state and a nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama Takes His Rage to World Stage.  Why is The New York Times lamenting the souring of the personal relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instead of assuming Obama will subordinate his personal feelings to America's national interest?  Well, probably because they know he won't.  He's a man scorned — and he's getting more and more dangerous.  Scorned?v Yes, because when you don't bow to the wishes of a man with his personality, he apparently takes it as a personal affront.

The Crisis Has Exploded.  The fact that the president is using the twisting of Netanyahu's words as one basis for a reassessment of the relationship is the purest evidence yet of his hanging-judge cast of mind when it comes to Israel and its prime minister.  He is looking for any excuse to come down hard on the foreign politician Obama loathes the most — and to create that "daylight" for which he is so eager.

White House: Bibi's Election Undermines 'Democratic Ideals'.  In a comment unprompted by any question from the media, White House press secretary lashed into some of the rhetoric Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu used in his reelection campaign.  The White House even suggested it had hurt Israel's democracy and America's relationship with its greatest ally in the Middle East.

Media declare loser in Israeli election: Barack Obama.  Following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election victory Tuesday, the U.S. news media dubbed President Obama the loser in the far-away vote.  "This is a tough break for President Obama," said CBS correspondent Barry Petersen Wednesday morning [3/18/2015].  Politico reported that Obama "might have hoped for a leadership change that would reboot his poisoned relationship" with Israel in the election.  "But he didn't get it on Tuesday."  The Obama administration has endured increasingly chilly relations with Israel under Netanyahu's leadership.

Voter fraud in Israel: Obama and his thugs must be in town.  It looks as if Obama and his party operatives really brought the whole Democrat playbook to Israel.

Obama Congratulated Radical Islamists When They Won Elections, But Not Israel's Leader.  Our petty president Barack Hussein Obama has thus far today refused to personally congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu on his landslide re-election as Israel's Prime Minister.  But a look back at other recent elections shows that he had no problem immediately congratulating radical Islamist tyrants on their election victories.  Obama even immediately congratulated one of our biggest international enemies, Vladimir Putin, on his last election victory.

Obama's peevish payback.  The president's childish delay congratulating Netanyahu until Thursday is just the start.  Far, far worse is the way the White House has pounced on Netanyahu's election-eve interview suggesting he no longer supports a Palestinian state:  The administration has put out the word that it plans to "re-evaluate our approach" to the conflict.

Remember how Obama congratulated radical Islamists after their elections (but ignored Israel)?  As David Steinberg notes Obama immediately congratulated Turkey's Erdogan — a radical Islamist tyrant.  He also congratulated Egypt's president not to mention praising the faux "election" of the terror-supporting Iranian president.  He also congratulated Putin, the Saudis, Morsi and a whole list of other Islamist tyrants.  And how does the US government congratulate Bibi Netanyahu on his landslide re-election?

What me worry?  It's as horrifying as watching a train wreck.  As predicted in yesterday's post Obama's foreign policy has nowhere to go, but he's prepared to go there with considerable velocity.  The New York Times says that Obama will go all out against the Israeli prime minister and may switch sides in the UN on the Palestinian issue. [...] Any chance that such an action will win the everlasting gratitude of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood range from slim to none.  Destroying Israel is one of those zero-coefficient variables.  You can expend as much energy on it as you like — even hurt a lot of people — but it won't improve America's strategic position by a single iota.

Liberals Find An Excuse To Abandon Israel.  Israel is a liberal nation — in the best sense of the word — but it's not a leftist one.  And for increasing numbers of Democrats, the center-right consensus of Israeli politics is unacceptable, immoral and bigoted, incompatible with their conception of American values. [...] One imagines that the next 22 months will be reasonably unpleasant for the new Israeli government.  Maybe it will remain hostile beyond Obama.  It's generally believed that our president's aversion to Israel is merely a hiccup of history.  The odds of the next president also undermining the Jewish State's security seems pretty far-fetched.

U.S. support for Israel could slip after Netanyahu victory.  The Obama administration's frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu is turning into outright hostility after the Israeli prime minister's commanding victory this week.  Administration officials greeted his win with harsh words Wednesday [3/18/2015] and suggestions that the U.S. might scale back its support for Israel at the United Nations, a significant reversal in policy after years of vetoing resolutions damaging to Jerusalem.

Is Anyone In Charge At The White House?  Benjamin Netanyahu visited the U.S. to warn Congress about the dangers of a nuclear Iran.  He spoke without the invitation of an irritated President Obama, who claimed he did not even watch the address on television.  Obama declined even to meet with the Israeli prime minister, announcing that it would have been improper for him to have such a meeting so close to Netanyahu's re-election bid.  But if Obama was so concerned about not influencing the Israeli elections, why, according to some accounts, is a Senate panel launching an investigation into whether Obama's State Department gave grant money to a nonprofit organization that sought to unseat Netanyahu with the help of former Obama campaign operatives?

Netanyahu Is Everything Obama Is Not.  A month ago, I referred to Barack Obama as "quite simply, anti-Israel."  Events in the last month have only confirmed that judgment.  There are many arguments one could marshall to support that assertion, but it strikes me that among the most compelling is this:  Mr. Obama has more anger toward Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, than he has toward any other regime in the world — including the most oppressive ones.

Israel Chose Bibi Over Barack.  The experts who said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was vulnerable before yesterday's national election insisted that the vote was a referendum on him.  His overwhelming victory shows that it was equally a referendum on U.S. President Barack Obama.  Netanyahu gave voters a choice between whom to trust more with their nation's security.  The result was clear.  To understand how the political dynamics played out, consider Netanyahu's comments on the eve of the vote.  Asked in an interview with the right-leaning website NRG if there was any chance for a Palestinian state under another Netanyahu government, he declared there was none.

Global plaudits for Israel's reelection of Netanyahu, but guess-who opts out again.  Global reaction to the come-from-behind, convincing reelection of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick, thanks to Twitter, and almost universally delighted Wednesday.  Save for one disturbing and unexplained mystery.  Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron chimed in even before all votes were counted.

Obama Strikes Back — Administration Reconsidering Position of U.S. as Shield of Israel.  Every policy advisor in the White House has the same outlook toward Israel; they view our relationship with the Jewish state as the basis for our needed mid-East interventions.  According to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power's belief Israel is an occupying force which should be viewed as adversarial to U.S. policy.  Power's opinion is shared by the overall White House foreign policy team.  Now that Benjamin Netanyahu has won re-election, the most damaging thing the administration can do is to threaten removal of our protective relationship — which would signal to Hamas and other terror groups that it's open season to attack.

Where Are the White House Congratulations for Netanyahu?  There still has been no public reaction from the White House on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's turnaround victory yesterday as other world leaders are sending their congratulations.  Netanyahu's Likud party finished with 30 seats in the Knesset, with the main challenging Zionist Union party winning 24 seats. [...] The White House sent David Simas, an aide not often seen on the networks and director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, on CNN this morning [3/18/2015] to congratulate Israel for voting.

Schumer: 'No Comment' on Obama Administration Threat to Israel.  In response to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent remarks and reelection, a senior Obama administration official tells Politico that the United States may withdraw support of Israel at the United Nations.  According to Politico's Michael Crowley, "the official wouldn't rule out a modified American posture at the United Nations, where the U.S. has long fended off resolutions criticizing Israeli settlement activity and demanding its withdrawal from Palestinian territories."

Obama May Find It Impossible to Mend Frayed Ties to Netanyahu.  President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel had a poisonous relationship long before Mr. Netanyahu swept to victory on Tuesday night in elections watched minute-by-minute at the White House.  But now that Mr. Netanyahu has won after aggressively campaigning against a Palestinian state and Mr. Obama's potential nuclear deal with Iran, the question is whether the president and prime minister can ever repair their relationship — and whether Mr. Obama will even try.

Netanyahu's Historic Win — and Obama's Humiliating Loss.  Barack Obama has an obsessive animosity when it comes to Prime Minister Netanyahu, which he has demonstrated time and again.  So much so that Obama and his aides did everything they could to influence the Israeli election, from smearing Mr. Netanyahu — referring to him as a "coward" and a "chickens***" — to childishly elevating a difference over Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress into a foreign policy crisis to perhaps illegally funneling money to oust the sitting leader of Israel.  We know that Jeremy Bird, who served as Obama's deputy national campaign director in 2008 and his national campaign director in 2012, arrived in Israel in January to help unseat Mr. Netanyahu.  This is all quite astonishing, even unprecedented.  Benjamin Netanyahu may have won without the outside interference by Obama — but what Obama & Company did certainly helped.

Obama's revenge against Israel.  The State Department is reportedly considering reversing the decades-long policy of protecting Israel's security at the United Nations and is threatening to allow the Security Council to compel Israel to enter forced negotiations with Hamas-controlled Palestine.  This action would be reckless — and shameful.  At a time when anti-Semitic attacks are rocking Europe, and the need for a secure, Jewish state has rarely been more apparent, the Obama administration would force Israel to negotiate with entities that have sworn to wipe it off the map.

Obama loses Israeli election to Netanyahu.  Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett hardest hit. [...] Recall that Obama and his minions are reported to have spent U.S. taxpayer dollars to defeat Netanyahu.

5 Lessons US Conservatives Should Learn From Netanyahu.  On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election according to the latest vote counts, defeating not just his domestic leftist opposition, but the President of the United States in a public stand-off that had the President sending emissaries to Israel to try and oust Netanyahu.

Netanyahu Triumphs! Obama hit hardest.  The media dismay at Netanyahu's victory cannot be overstated: CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC are heartbroken at his victory over President Obama's chosen candidate, Herzog.

Obama Won't Congratulate Bibi — But He Congratulated Erdogan, Sisi, Rouhani ... and Putin!  This morning [3/18/2015], the White House conspicuously avoided sending any message of congratulations to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his sweeping victory yesterday. [...] While Obama has had public differences with Netanyahu recently, in the past he has made efforts to congratulate leaders that have a much more adversarial relationship with the United States as well as shamefully undemocratic electoral processes.

Netanyahu gambles his career and scores breathtaking victory.  The three-month election process was heart-stopping and melodramatic, like an old "Batman" episode from the 1960s without the camp — including the startling role played by Special Guest Villain Barack Obama doing everything in his power to take down the man he seems to have chosen as his Enemy No. 1.  The president (or his team) shipped close campaign aides to Israel to help Bibi's opponents, and one State Department-funded group helped coordinate the line of attack.

How Much Does Netanyahu's Big Win Really Matter?  If their memoirs are to be believed, Clinton-administration officials would get depressed when conservatives won elections in Israel, and there are probably a lot of long faces among Obama-administration officials right now.  But they should look at the bright side — at least they've proven that American presidents can influence Israeli elections.  Clinton and Obama have done more than any two people alive to weaken the Labor party and push the entire Israeli electorate to the right.

Uh-oh.  President Obama's hopes for a grand bargain with Iran took a plunge toward the rocks with the come from behind re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel. [...] Netanyahu was under pressure from voter discontent over his handling of the domestic economy.  He might have lost of his own accord until president Obama's clumsy effort to unseat him allowed Netanyahu to play the national security card and turn the tables.

Only CBS Points Out Top Obama Aide Is Working to Defeat Netanyahu.  On Monday night [3/16/2015] and Tuesday morning, all three networks covered the down-to-the-wire election in Israel. But only CBS noticed that Barack Obama's 2012 national field director is hard at work trying to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.  This Morning reporter Barry Petersen explained that the left-leaning Labor Party "hired Jeremy Bird who ran the Obama campaign ground game in 2008 and 2012."  ABC and NBC ignored this key point.  Instead, Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos danced around the issue.

Obama-linked nonprofit filed for new IRS status after accusation of meddling in Israeli election.  The American nonprofit OneVoice Movement — under scrutiny by a U.S. Senate panel over possible links to a campaign to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — quietly filed paperwork that would allow it to engage in political activism after two leading Republican lawmakers questioned its use of government funds, has learned. [...] OneVoice, which until November was headed by a veteran diplomat from the Clinton administration, quickly bushed off claims from critics that its backing of V15 meant it was targeting Netanyahu.  Such an effort would be illegal under its tax-exempt status, which falls under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

'Deep Investigation' Coming from Congress on U.S. Funding for Anti-Netanyahu Efforts.  Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) said the State Department funding granted to a group lobbying against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is "a big, huge deal and warrants some deep investigation."  OneVoice, a 501(c)3 organization, partnered with anti-Bibi campaign committee V15, which in turn partnered with 270 Strategies — a political consulting firm with more than a dozen staffers who were in leadership roles in President Obama's re-election campaign.  One of those is Jeremy Bird, who served as national field director for Obama's 2012 campaign and was reportedly working in Israel to defeat Netanyahu

Congressional Probe Launched Into White House and State Dept. Interference With Israeli Election.  At the end of January the first reports surfaced of a coordinated effort between the White House and State Department to use the construct of OFA (Organizing For America), the activist group who spearheaded the voter activity for President Obama, to assist an Israeli opposition group known as V15.  V15 is described as a "grassroots" movement intended to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from office.  The national field director from President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, Jeremy Bird, went to Israel to assist V15 in the mirror image campaign strategy and message of OFA.

Israelis Should Send Obama a Message of Defiance.  If there is one thing Israeli voters ought to both resent and revolt against, it is the idea that the proud Jewish nation is a mere vassal state of their American allies.  If there is something that should make them not just resentful but also red-raged furious, it is the idea of an American presidential administration deliberately trying to dictate the results of an Israeli election.  And if there is a single thing those voters can do to fight back against those two insults — and, far more important, to safeguard the independence and survivability of the nation of Israel — it is to reelect Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

Source: Senate panel probing possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu effort.  A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit's funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Obama administration's State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the panel's activities told  The fact that both Democratic and Republican sides of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations have signed off on the probe could be seen as a rebuke to President Obama, who has had a well-documented adversarial relationship with the Israeli leader.

Jon Voight attacks Obama in scathing new video as he voices his support for Netanyahu.  Actor Jon Voight has released a video voicing his support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his disdain for President Barack Obama.  The Oscar winner and father of actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie does not waste time going after Obama either, saying almost right off the bat; 'President Obama does not love Israel.'

Source: Senate panel probing possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu effort.  A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit's funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Obama administration's State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the panel's activities told

'The problem is not Netanyahu, the problem is Obama'.  "There is a huge disconnect between the American people and the American president right now.  If you look at polls in the U.S., the majority of the people support attacking Iran.  I'm not encouraging it, at least not yet, I'm just saying that the American people see Iran as a serious terrorist threat not just to Israel but to the Western world and to the United States.  There's a huge disconnect between the president and the people and between the president and Congress. [...]"

Obama's Blunder, and the Cotton Letter.  In an unprecedented move, 47 of 54 Republican senators warned on Monday in an open letter to the leaders of Iran that a future U.S. administration — presumably a Republican one — may reverse or revoke "with the stroke of the pen" any deal on nuclear weapons made by the current administration.  One may surmise that many Democratic senators were privately in agreement with that view.  The letter was mostly triggered by Benjamin Netanyahu's superb address to the U.S. Congress one week earlier.  The American legislators — and by the same token, the American and Western public opinion — knew for months that things were rapidly deteriorating in the Middle East.  What they needed was a clearer picture:  who is who in the mess, how we got entangled into it, and what is to be done now.  This is precisely what Netanyahu provided.

Krauthammer: Obama's "Pettiness" Turned Netanyahu Speech into "the Speech of the Decade".  Obama's pettiness turned the Netanyahu Speech to Congress into a much bigger deal — "the speech of the decade" — as Charles said.  Netanyahu certainly eclipsed any speech Barack Obama has ever made — and he did it without a teleprompter!

Israel, Jews, and the Obama Administration.  Even some Democrats in Congress have come to the conclusion that after the brouhaha over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before Congress, President Obama wants to radically downgrade the long American special relationship with democratic Jewish Israel — and perhaps has a dislike of the idea of Israel.  Add up the administration's initial disparagement on the matter of Israeli settlements, untoward administration remarks during the Gaza War, its assumptions that a future autonomous West Bank had a right to insist on becoming Judenfrei, its downplaying the Iranian nuclear threat, John Kerry's various editorializing about Israeli supposed overreactions, the constant hectoring of Israel, and rumors of a slowdown in military aid to Israel during the Gaza war, and so on and so on.

Pelosi's Dubious Intelligence Test.  For years, unnamed Obama administration officials have denounced Netanyahu to reporters with a variety of personal insults.  The most off-putting were the aspersions passed along to journalist Jeffrey Goldberg that Netanyahu is a political "coward" and a "chicken____."  That's sketchy on a couple of levels.  First of all, Bibi was a captain in the special forces, known for leading commando raids into enemy territory and being shot and wounded in action.  And the idea of a Washington political hack who has probably never been in a fistfight, let alone a war, calling him gutless from behind the protective cloak of the anonymous quote exceeds parody.

The audacity of weakness.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress on Tuesday to warn Americans of the anti-Western threats from theocratic — and likely to soon be nuclear — Iran.  Mr. Netanyahu came to the United States to outline the Iranian plan to remake the Middle East with a new nuclear arsenal.  His warning was delivered over the objections of the Obama administration, which wants to cut a deal with Iran that allows the theocracy to continue to enrich lots of uranium.  Mr. Netanyahu received a standing ovation for stating the obvious.  Iran is currently the greatest global sponsor of terrorism.

Obama smears Netanyahu, coddles Iran.  The Obama White House is in full war mode against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of our best ally in the Middle East, for accepting House Speaker John Boehner's invitation to speak before Congress, while it mollycoddles that region's most dangerous nation, Iran.  No one crosses Obama without facing his wrath.  No one dares.  He is the president.

Obama needs to provide real answers to Netanyahu's arguments.  The White House has sought to dismiss the Israeli leader as a politician seeking reelection; has said that he was wrong in his support for the Iraq war and in his opposition to an interim agreement with Iran; and has claimed that he offers no alternative to President Obama's policy.  Such rhetoric will not satisfy those in and out of Congress who share Mr. Netanyahu's legitimate questions.

How Netanyahu's Iran speech undermines Obama's deceitful deal.  Well, now we all can understand why unidentified Obama aides sought so hard to cancel, delay, snipe and ultimately undermine Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint meeting of Congress Tuesday [3/3/2015].  In his idiomatic English and speaking as a friend, Israel's superior spokesman firmly delivered an eloquent, detailed and damning 3,900-word indictment of both Iran and the sell-out nuclear deal that the Obama administration is in the closing stages of drafting in Geneva.  Netanyahu's delivery was Churchillian.

Netanyahu's urgent warning to the world on Iran.  The world leader who addressed a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday [3/3/2015] was a man with a clear vision of Iran as an expansionist, extremist, radical Islamist power sure to use nuclear weaponry for domination.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walked the chamber through the regime's four-decade history of imposing fundamentalism via repression at home and terror abroad as compelling prologue for urging the U.S. to abandon President Obama's proposed nuclear deal with the mullahs.

Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu.  There is no question about whether President Obama — along with Secretary of State John Kerry and the editorial pages of many newspapers — has a particular dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  But there is another question:  Why?  And the answer is due to an important rule of life that too few people are aware of:  Those who do not confront evil resent those who do.

Obama urges Israel to embrace Iran talks.  In an effort to preempt Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's highly anticipated speech to Congress, President Obama said Monday that Israel should accept his administration's position on nuclear talks with Iran to achieve a verifiable, 10-year freeze on nuclear activity.  Mr. Obama said the rift over Mr. Netanyahu's scheduled speech Tuesday morning was a distraction but would not be "permanently destructive" to U.S.-Israeli relations.

Netanyahu's Careful, Clever Speech to Congress.  Critics are pouncing on Netanyahu's lack of details:  President Barack Obama said the Israeli leader offered no "viable alternatives" to the nuclear negotiations with Iran and "there was nothing new."  But that's exactly the way Bibi wanted it.

The White House Fear of Netanyahu Is at Fevered Pitch.  Everyone following the political dynamics of this administration knows their 'poker tell', it's brutally obvious.  This administration shows their fear with the sheer rabidity of what they proclaim not to be doing.

Netanyahu Delivered Just What Obama Feared.  Israel's prime minister delivered a sober reminder of the risks of dealing with Iran — and painted Obama as naive in the process.

Why Obama hates Netanyahu, and vice versa.  The enmity between the two leaders over the Iran deal is at a fever pitch, but it is an older and deeper loathing that will not end no matter how that crisis is resolved.

He must not be too ashamed, if he's still a Democrat.
Democratic NY Assemblyman on Iran Deal: 'I Am Really Ashamed of Obama'.  Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind today took on the administration and members of his party who boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress today [3/3/2015].  Hikind said that Netanyahu powerfully discussed the implications for both Israel and America if a deal is made with Iran.  Hikind slammed Secretary of State John Kerry for "negotiating with the terrorist state of Iran."  "I am really ashamed of the president of the United States and his administration, that they are pursuing the deal that is dangerous for the people of Israel," Hikind said.

You've Got a Friend.  One of the reasons why president Obama can't let Benjamin Netanyahu stand in the way of Iran's nuclear ambitions is because he needs Tehran's troops to fight ISIS.  Today the long awaited offensive against ISIS in Tikrit reeled off with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the lead, if not in actual command.  Julian Barnes of the Wall Street Journal explains that Iran will be supplying the men and leadership.  The US will be waiting by the phone to supply air support if requested.  The phone has not rung.

Obama Administration Cuts Israel Out of Intelligence On Iran.  An article today highlights the Obama administration's decision to cut Israel out of the information pipeline due to the possibility that Israel would expose the details of any intelligence information.  This is a ridiculous U.S. assertion for multiple reasons; not the least of which is A.) Israel has far more accurate intelligence regarding Iran, and, B.) Israel would be the recipient of any adverse consequence from such a security compromise.  What President Obama and Secretary Kerry are more likely concerned with is Netanyahu exposing a reality that Obama and Kerry are hiding information and misleading congress.

Report: Obama Has Cut Intelligence Cooperation with Israel.  Israeli report indicates a deep crisis as disagreement on Iran has stopped cooperation for IAEA reports on Iranian nuclear facilities.

The occasion the Democrats asked for.  The Democrats set out to teach John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu a lesson.  They would boycott the Israeli prime minister's speech to Congress and apply enough pressure to cancel the speech, keep Mr. Netanyahu at home and embarrass the Republicans who invited him here.  What a happy day's work that would be.  What President Obama and his compliant Democrats have actually done, however, is to give Mr. Netanyahu a bigger platform than the Republicans could dream of.  The eyes and ears of the world, which might have been distracted by the usual media trivia, are now aimed at the U.S. Capitol.

Shades of Churchill's 'Iron Curtain Speech'.  [Scroll down]  It once again makes you wonder about President Obama's instincts or the people that he listens to.  What if President Obama had embraced the visit?  What if he did a joint press conference with the prime minister and assured this deal was good for all, especially Israel?  What if President Obama had taken advantage of this opportunity to make his case for the nuclear deal?  Instead, President Obama looks small and petty.  He looks like a man who was avoiding the debate or hiding the truth of the deal with Iran.

World leaders will be yakking it up with snub-snit Obama in Situation Room.  While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing a joint session of Congress, 11 a.m. this morning, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and 34 Democrats will be 'I am Charlie Hebdo'-like MIA.  According to, (who only checked his schedule), Obama will be hunkered down in the White House storied Situation Room, talking — via video conference — to European leaders.  Nothing like the Situation Room to hide in when the enemy of whom you are so envious is holding forth in front of Congress and public tuned in over the Internet worldwide.

Widening rift with Obama could propel Netanyahu in upcoming election.  Israelis are increasingly convinced President Obama is meddling in their upcoming election, and some observers predict the White House's alleged effort to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu could indeed wind up tipping the scales — in favor of the prime minister.

Netanyahu Speech Unites Congress — and Diminishes Obama.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a passionate, inspiring, thoughtful, and "game changing" speech before the American Congress which lasted for about 45 minutes, during which time he was applauded 43 times, often for 15 seconds at a time.  His words elicited many standing ovations.  The only other foreign leader to have spoken to Congress three times was Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister.

Netanyahu's ominous warning on Iran to Americans and the world.  I want to thank you all for being here today.  I know that my speech has been the subject of much controversy. I deeply regret that some perceive my being here as political.  That was never my intention.  I want to thank you, Democrats and Republicans, for your common support for Israel, year after year, decade after decade.  (APPLAUSE)  I know that no matter on which side of the aisle you sit, you stand with Israel.  (APPLAUSE)  The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics.  It must always remain above politics.  (APPLAUSE)

Netanyahu: Iran's Founding Document Pledges Death, Tyranny and Jihad.  Speaking before a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the audience that the difference between the United States and Iran is "stark," because "Iran's founding document pledges death, tyranny and the pursuit of jihad."  "I'm standing here in Washington, D.C., and the difference is so stark," he said.  "America's founding document promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Iran's founding document pledges death, tyranny and the pursuit of jihad, and as states are collapsing across the Middle East, Iran is charging into the void to do just that."

Obama strikes back, scolds Netanyahu for offering 'nothing new'.  President Obama said Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered "nothing new" in his objections to a potential U.S. nuclear deal with Iran.  On the core issue of preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons, Mr. Obama said, "the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives."

On Eve of Speech, Obama Smears Netanyahu.  President Barack Obama took a stab at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Reuters on Monday, on the eve of Netanyahu's controversial speech to a special joint session of Congress on Tuesday morning.  Obama said that Netanyahu "made all sorts of claims" about the interim nuclear deal with Iran that turned out to be untrue.  Yet Obama mischaracterized Netanyahu's remarks, and misrepresented Iranian compliance with the terms of the interim deal.

Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks for Us.  The leader of the free world will be addressing Congress on Tuesday [2/3/2015].  The American president is doing everything possible to undermine him. [...] Right now, nobody on the world stage speaks for civilization the way Netanyahu does.

Leading Black Activist, Ministers Say 'Congressional Black Caucus Should be Absolutely Ashamed' for Boycott of Netanyahu Speech.  A prominent leader of the black Christian community on Thursday [2/26/2015], along with leading black ministers, lashed out at the Congressional Black Caucus for its boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming address to Congress on March 3.  "The Congressional Black Caucus should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and these black ministers are standing to oppose them," said Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a public policy think-tank.  "We want the Israeli Prime Minister to know that he is welcomed here by the black Christian community."

White House: Obama won't watch all of Netanyahu's speech.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that he does not believe President Barack Obama will watch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's entire speech to Congress tomorrow.  "I haven't looked at the president's schedule for tomorrow," Earnest said.  "I doubt that he will spend his whole time watching the speech."

The Editor has two things to say:
(1) When the president's spokesman says, during a press conference, that he hasn't looked at the president's schedule for the next day, that's almost certainly a lie.  (2) It would be amusing to discover what Mr. Obama actually does during that relatively brief time, since Mr. Obama considers it so much more important than listening to a foreign leader's speech to Congress.

The Liberal Circus.  Lately liberalism has gone from psychodrama to farce.  Take Barack Obama.  He has gone from mild displeasure with Israel to downright antipathy.  Suddenly we are in a surreal world where off-the-record slurs from the administration against Benjamin Netanyahu as a coward and chickensh-t have gone to full-fledged attacks from John Kerry and Susan Rice, to efforts of former Obama political operatives to defeat the Israeli prime minister at the polls, to concessions to Iran and to indifference about the attacks on Jews in Paris.  Who would have believed that Iranian leaders who just ordered bombing runs on a mock U.S. carrier could be treated with more deference than the prime minister of Israel? What started out six years as pressure on Israel to dismantle so-called settlements has ended up with a full-fledged vendetta against a foreign head of state.

This Man Is Dangerous.  [O]ne nation stands out as the most bloodthirsty and violent and dangerous of all.  Iran.  From the day the Ayatollah took over, a disaster of kidnapped American diplomats, endless sponsorship of terror against Americans including the catastrophic bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut more than 30 years ago.  Iran is the bankroller of the terrorist Hezbollah.  They have been listed at the top of the world's state sponsors of terrorism for decades now.  And, just as the perfect touch, they are working feverishly to get a nuclear bomb (lots of nuclear bombs) and the rockets to deliver them to Israel, to Europe, to New York.  Iran has already promised to have "a Holocaust in an afternoon" if they get The Bomb.  They are apparently [very] close to getting it.  But guess who Obama has now decided is his best friend and partner in the world?  Yes.  You got it.  Iran.  He's keeping Israel from bombing them.  He's trying to prevent the primary branch of government, the U.S. Congress, from hearing the Prime Minister of Israel speak on how best to keep Iran from getting a bomb.

The Truth Behind Obama's War On Israel and Netanyahu.  The Democratic Party War on Israel has expanded in recent days, from the gauntlet thrown down by Susan Rice, to the half-truths told John Kerry at a house hearing yesterday (Bibi and the war on Iraq) the members of Congress who have abandoned Israel to participate in the Obama-led boycott on the speech.  Make no mistake about it, this crisis between Israel and the Administration has been totally created by this president and supported by the Democrats.

Obama's blind hostility toward Israel.  In June 2008, candidate Barack Obama spoke before thousands of delegates to the pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, to assuage concerns that he harbored animosity toward the Jewish state.  In a paragraph of his speech that began with the phrase "Let me be clear," Obama declared that under his vision for peace, "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."  The next day, after the statement triggered fierce criticism from Palestinian leaders, Obama backtracked.  The reversal was an early signal of what has become a pattern during his presidency — professing profound support for Israel when it suits him, only to reverse himself when it comes to actual policy.

The Obama Democrats Abandon Israel in its Hour of Need.  It is hard to get your arms around the stubborn determination of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today. For most of the nine years he has served as Israel's leader, first from 1996 to 1999 and now since 2009, Netanyahu shied away from confrontations or buckled under pressure. He signed deals with the Palestinians he knew the Palestinians would never uphold in the hopes of winning the support of hostile US administrations and a fair shake from the pathologically hateful Israeli media.

Obama, Netanyahu on Collision Course 6 Years in the Making.  Netanyahu is bound for Washington for an address to Congress on Tuesday aimed squarely at derailing Obama's cherished bid for a diplomatic deal with Tehran.

Senate Unanimously Welcomes Netanyahu to America.  The Senate on Thursday [6/26/2015] unanimously passed a resolution welcoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to America and endorsing his speech before a joint session of Congress.  Critics of the Obama administration view the unanimous approval as a rebuke to the White House and Democrats, who have vowed to boycott Netanyahu's address and work to counter his warnings about the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

White House Offers Rebuttal Before Netanyahu's Speech.  Just four days before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint meeting of Congress, the Obama administration sought on Friday to refute the Israeli leader's expected critique, arguing that he has failed to present a feasible alternative to American proposals for constraining Iran's nuclear program.  In a briefing for reporters, senior administration officials contended that even an imperfect agreement that kept Iran's nuclear efforts frozen for an extended period was preferable to a breakdown in talks that could allow the leadership in Tehran unfettered ability to produce enriched uranium and plutonium.

Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama left him no choice.  It is hard to get your arms around the stubborn determination of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today.  For most of the nine years he has served as Israel's leader, first from 1996 to 1999 and now since 2009, Netanyahu shied away from confrontations or buckled under pressure.  He signed deals with the Palestinians he knew the Palestinians would never uphold in the hopes of winning the support of hostile US administrations and a fair shake from the pathologically hateful Israeli media.

Former Obama Campaign Aide Now Works to Oust Netanyahu.  Jeremy Bird, the architect of the grass-roots and online organizing efforts that powered President Obama's presidential campaigns from Chicago, is advising a similar operation in Tel Aviv.  But this time it is focused on ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

Netanyahu's Moment.  Sometimes a speech is just a speech.  Benjamin Netanyahu's speech about Iran policy on March 3 will not be his first address to Congress.  It will make familiar, if important, arguments.  One might assume that, like the vast majority of speeches, it would soon be overtaken by events in Israel and the United States and the world.

Netanyahu's speech to Congress: What Israel's leader can and cannot say.  The problem is not with the message.  Netanyahu knows exactly what he wants to say:  That the nuclear deal that the U.S. administration is pushing with the Islamic Republic of Iran poses a terrible and unacceptable threat to Israel's national security.  Bibi's challenge is to explain this in language that is clear to the American people — his real audience — without insulting President Obama and his supporters.

More Have Favorable Opinion of Netanyahu than Unfavorable Opinion.  More Americans view Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu favorably than unfavorably, a new Pew Research Center poll shows.  Thirty-eight percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Netanyahu.  This is in contrast to just 27 percent who have an unfavorable opinion of Netanyahu.  Thirty-five percent have no opinion of the Israeli leader.

Why Bibi's Speech Matters.  The emerging nuclear deal with Iran is indefensible. The White House knows it. That is why President Obama does not want to subject an agreement to congressional approval, why critics of the deal are dismissed as warmongers, and why the president, his secretary of state, and his national security adviser have spent several weeks demonizing the prime minister of Israel for having the temerity to accept an invitation by the U.S. Congress to deliver a speech on a subject of existential import for his small country.  These tactics distract public attention.  They turn a subject of enormous significance to American foreign policy into a petty personal drama.  They prevent us from discussing what America is about to give away.

U.S. and Israel: The Manufactured Crisis.  The crisis between the United States and Israel has been manufactured by the Obama administration.  Building a crisis up or down is well within the administration's power, and it has chosen to build it up.  Why?  Three reasons:  to damage and defeat Netanyahu (whom Obama has always disliked simply because he is on the right while Obama is on the left) in his election campaign, to prevent Israel from affecting the Iran policy debate in the United States, and worst of all to diminish Israel's popularity in the United States and especially among Democrats.

Rice capades.  The US-Israeli relationship was in pretty rotten shape back in October, when The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg published a dispatch quoting a "senior Obama administration official" calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "chickens - - t."   But once again demonstrating this White House's uncanny ability to take a bad situation with an ally and make it worse, Susan Rice said in an interview this week that Netanyahu's decision to address Congress is "destructive" of the relationship between America and Israel.

White House condemns Netanyahu plan to address Congress next week.  Tensions between the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu escalated Wednesday [2/25/2015] as top administration officials condemned the Israeli prime minister's plan to address Congress next week and Netanyahu accused six world powers, including the United States, of "giving up on their commitment" to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  The unusually public spat marked one of the lowest points in a relationship that has long bonded the two countries.  Although the new round of recriminations reflected the frosty personal relations between President Obama and Netanyahu, it came at a critical juncture in multilateral talks designed to prevent Iran from using a civilian program to develop a nuclear weapon.

Susan Rice: Netanyahu's speech 'destructive' to US-Israel ties.  Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress is "destructive" to the relationship between the United States and Israel, national security advisor Susan Rice said Tuesday night [2/24/2015].  Appearing on PBS's "Charlie Rose," Rice said that the decision of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to invite Netanyahu without consulting the White House, and Netanyahu's decision to accept, had "injected a degree of partisanship" into the relationship between the two nations.

Susan Rice: Benjamin Netanyahu trip 'destructive'.  National Security Adviser Susan Rice blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming address to Congress, calling his March 3 address "destructive" to relations between the U.S. and Israel.  Rice, in an interview with PBS' Charlie Rose on Tuesday evening [2/24/2015], said the relationship between the two countries "has always been bipartisan" but that it has been hampered by partisan moves in recent weeks.

Plumbing the Depths of the Obama Administration's Anti-Bibi Grudge.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to speak before Congress about the dangers, to Israel and the west, of the looming nuclear deal that President Obama is making with Iran.  From recent reports, The White House seems to be making more of an effort to thwart the Prime Minister and his speech before Congress than to battle global Islamic Jihad.  The Obama Administration is considering how to best discredit Prime Minster Netanyahu's upcoming speech to Congress and AIPAC.  Not only that but, Obama's team have been working tirelessly, both covertly and overtly to undermine and destabilize Netanyahu's government hoping that a more pliable left leaning government will be put into office.

Netanyahu declines Democrats' invitation for meeting during visit.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined on Tuesday [2/24/2015] an invitation to meet with U.S. Senate Democrats during his trip to Washington next week.

The President's First Insult.  President of the United States of America Barack Obama had not been president for more than ten minutes when he slapped American Jews in the face (and by extension Israel and all Jews). [...] In fact, although the settling of the original Thirteen Colonies was almost exclusively the handiwork of Christians from northern Europe, by the time of the American Revolution there were already six Jewish communities, one in each of the major colonial cities. [...] In American cities every December, merchants decorate their shop windows with "Merry Christmas" & "Happy Hanukah" signs.  The country has most definitely been a Judeo-Christian enterprise.  Muslims, by contrast, played no role in the making of America.  There is no evidence of a Muslim presence before the 20th century.  Yet here on that January day was the brand new American President orating that the U.S. was "a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus..."  In this formulation, the Jews have been bumped back to third place, elbowed, so to speak, aside by Muslims who take their place.

Team Bibi schools Team Obama in speech boycott showdown.  Team Barack started strong, but Team Bibi is showing it knows how to finish, as supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pick up steam against those urging a boycott of his speech next week before Congress.  About 20 House and Senate Democrats announced early on that they would not attend the March 3 speech, which is being cast as a rebuke to President Obama, but since then only a handful have joined them as pro-Netanyahu advocates counter by hinting at political consequences for the no-shows.

White House may not send a cabinet-level official to AIPAC - and the president won't go either.  The White House confirmed on Monday [2/23/2015] that President Barack Obama doesn't plan to attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's conference next week, held annually in Washington, D.C., and that no cabinet-level U.S. official is currently scheduled to make an appearance.  The 'largest gathering of America's pro-Israel community,' according to the confab's organizations, AIPAC draws a crowd of roughly 14,000 attendees, many of whom are of Jewish heritage.

Unwelcome Mat: White House Tries to Counter Netanyahu Visit.  In what is becoming an increasingly nasty grudge match, the White House is mulling ways to undercut Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming trip to Washington and blunt his message that a potential nuclear deal with Iran is bad for Israel and the world.

The Canary in the Coal Mine.  [Scroll down]  What Obama does not grasp is that Netanyahu wants the U.S. to cease its insane support for a nuclear Iran.  He wants to protect his nation, but what he also wants to do is to save Iranian lives because Iran will not be permitted to reach a point where it can annihilate Israel.  This goes beyond the anti-Semitism that has flourished for millennia and goes straight to the question of whether Israel and the U.S. can survive an inevitable attack and whether the rest of the world can avoid slipping into a new Dark Age rooted in the seventh century.

Nothing Random Here.  Yesterday evening's [2/14/2015] Copenhagen synagogue shooting is yet another attack on Jews as Jews — just as we have witnessed such attacks at the Toulouse Jewish primary school, the Brussels Jewish museum, the Paris kosher supermarket, the firebombing of the synagogue in the German city of Wuppertal, and at many other places in recent years, from the Jewish communal centres in Mumbai and Casablanca, to the ancient synagogues in Istanbul and Jerba.  Yet only last week President Obama and his spokespeople were suggesting that it was just some kind of "random" accident that Jews were being killed.

Enemies of the West Find a Friend in Obama.  [Scroll down]  Yet Barack Obama, despite his longstanding fakery to the contrary, is a deliberate adversary to the Jewish state.  Obama bolsters Hamas, undermines Israel diplomatically on almost all fronts, pushes Israel to give up land for essentially no benefit to it, leaks intelligence about Israel's self-defense, works to marginalize Israel's American supporters, and puts roadblocks in the way of Israeli efforts to protect itself from Iran.  The problem is not just that Obama detests Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  As William Kristol describes in his most recent column, the real trouble is much more fundamental:  The reason Netanyahu bothers Obama so much is that Netanyahu has the gall to fight for Israel's just interests and for Israel's survival.

By routinely disrespecting Israel, Obama and Democrats are testing the loyalty of Jewish voters.  Over the past six years, President Obama has continued to maintain the loyalty of Jewish voters.  But the strength of the Jewish-Democratic relationship persists in spite of a total deterioration of the administration's relationship with Israel and its defiant prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is scheduled to address Congress next month.  He'll likely do so without the attendance of Vice President Biden and some Democratic members who are indicating they will boycott the address.  Obama has also said he will not meet with Netanyahu during his visit.  For his part, Netanyahu is now reportedly considering canceling.

Why Did Biden and Kerry Meet With Netanyahu's Political Rival?  Remember when Obama said he would not meet with Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to Washington DC, because it was "too close to the upcoming Israeli elections"?  So, what were Biden and Kerry doing when they met Isaac Herzog, Netanyahu's chief political rival, in Munich on Saturday [2/7/2015]?

Lying Obama "Smacks" Netanyahu During Presser With Merkel.  The message was clear if Bibi Netanyahu was a real friend like Angela Merkel he wouldn't have even asked to come to Washington DC if she was close to an election.  But if that is the rule of the administration, why did Kerry and Biden meet with Netanyahu's opposition over the weekend?

Liars: Biden, Kerry Meet Bibi's Opponent in Munich.  Despite a supposed White House policy against meeting foreign leaders facing elections, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry both met with Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog in Munich on Saturday.  Herzog is the main rival of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Mar. 17 election, and his supporters played up the meeting as evidence that Herzog is more respected by the Obama administration and world leaders in general than Netanyahu.

Did the Obama Administration lie about Netanyahu?  [Scroll down]  And that's the way the story played out in the media, here and in Israel, until the New York Times appended the following correction a few days ago to a January 30 story on the controversy:  "An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner's invitation to address Congress.  He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before."  This correction has circulated in conservative and pro-Israel circles, but doesn't seem to have led to any followup, or any investigations by those who initially reported the opposite.

Obama Spat with Israel's Netanyahu was White House Creation.  The entire spat with the White House over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation to speak to Congress was entirely manufactured by the White House.  The truth about the incident, in which the White House complained that it was terribly wrong for Netanyahu to accept House Speaker John Boehner's (R., Ohio) invitation without first notifying the administration, was made evident by a correction added to a New York Times article that greatly changed the timeline of events that effected the situation.

The Obama White House Manufactured The Netanyahu 'Speech To Congress Controversy'.  Essentially the crux of the back-story is that Netanyahu contacted the White House about the invitation to talk to congress, prior to accepting the invitation; the White House never contacted Netanyahu back.  Absent of the White House responding, and out of an abundance of caution to appearances, Netanyahu accepted the invitation.  Then whammo, the White House claims President Obama was disparaged.  It would appear the White House set up the narrative intentionally.

Even though he's the president of the US Senate and is expected to be there...
White House won't say if Biden will show up for controversial Netanyahu speech to Congress.  When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress on March 3, an important chair in the House chamber might be empty.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to say on Wednesday whether Vice President Joe Biden would attend.  His absence would be conspicuous — not only because he represents President Barack Obama, but also because he officially presides over the U.S. Senate.

Biden won't attend Netanyahu address to Congress.  Vice President Biden will not attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress.  Biden's office confirmed Friday the vice president is expected to be traveling abroad on March 3, when Netanyahu is expected to deliver his widely anticipated speech.

America's Anti-Israeli President.  The Obama administration is unusually petty and sophomoric.  The attacks leveled against Israel's ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, are part of a troubling pattern in which officials in the Israeli government — including and especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — are vilified.  No world leader has been treated by President Obama and his administration with the contempt they have shown Prime Minister Netanyahu [...]

Speaking Of Trying To Overthrow Democratically Elected Governments.  For years, the left (including President Obama in his many apologies) has browbeaten the U.S. for its role in ousting unfriendly yet democratic governments.  Now we see Obama doing it to our ally Israel. [...] But there seems to be something new going on with the Obama administration:  the electoral overthrow of America's allies whose politics don't match his own.  This past week, the Washington Free Beacon reported that members of Obama's own campaign team sent an army of operatives, including 2012 Field Director Jeremy Bird, to Israel to help oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader Obama has clashed with and who a White House operative ominously warned would "pay a price" for speaking to Congress without Obama's permission.

Story that Boehner blindsided Obama on Netanyahu invitation was manufactured agitprop.  A correction appearing in the New York Times quietly unravels what has become a major story as phony agitprop, intended to discredit the leaders of Israel and the House of Representatives.  Of course, the story is still believed by many, and has well served those in the White House and media who created and disseminated it.

Muslim Brotherhood Nazis Call for "Long, Uncompromising Jihad" After Meeting with Obama State Department.  It couldn't be more obvious to me that Obama and his Administration are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.  This past week, they held a confab at the State Department concerning their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013.  And that just [angered Obama] to no end.  Not hard to tell where his allegiances lie and they certainly aren't with Israel.

Likud Press Conference to Expose Obama-Labor Link.  The Likud party intends to hold a press conference in Tel Aviv Sunday in which it will expose details about "V15 — Victory in 2015," a campaign it says is using foreign money, and lots of it, to boost Labor and Meretz in the elections.  Likud has filed a motion to the Elections Committee, according to which V15 is carrying out an illegal indirect campaign with a connection to Labor and Meretz.  V15 is "making criminal use of foreign sources of funding," adding that the sums involved were "very high" and their sources unknown.

Cruz: How About Obama Focus Animosity on Enemies, Not Israel?  In a statement from Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas senator blasts the Obama administration for going after Israel instead of Iran.  "Has President Obama launched a political campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his representatives?" Cruz says in the press release.  "This administration's relentless harassment of Israel is utterly incomprehensible.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is pursuing the deadliest weapons on the planet, and there can be no doubt that their first target will be Israel, followed by the United States.  This administration should be focusing its animosity on the very real enemies we face, not on our staunch allies."

President Obama and 'Naked, Blind Anti-Semitism'.  [Scroll down]  If Obama were only injecting a bit of daylight into our relationship with Israel, perhaps the worrisome situation would not be so dire.  Unfortunately, he has sought to remove the U.S. from the Mideast, resulting in a formerly stable region devolving into chaos and violence with the vacuum filled by Iran and jihadists.  He has ostracized, admonished, bullied, and isolated Israel in unprecedented fashion, dangerously galvanizing her enemies.  And it is difficult not to look at the administration's policies and conclude that "good old-fashioned anti-Semitism" motivates its actions.  How else to explain why Obama consistently lambasts Netanyahu for disagreeing with him, issuing building permits for construction on Israeli land, and acting to ensure the survival of the country the prime minister was elected to protect?

Obama's boots on the ground in Israel, Canada and Egypt.  With no laws on their books to prevent it from happening, top Barack Hussein Obama campaign aides are masterminding anti Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu and anti Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper 2015 election campaigns.  It's a huge news story virtually ignored by mainstream media and one that thus far keeps the people whom it will most impact, the citizens of two sovereign nations, in the dark.

Has President Obama Launched a Political Campaign Against Prime Minister Netanyahu?  The Obama Administration's actions towards Israel become more intolerable each day, carrying with their insults deeply damaging national security implications for our country.  Earlier this week, Americans opened the newspapers to discover that the Obama campaign team has deployed operatives, including 2012 Field Director Jeremy Bird, to Tel Aviv to try to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through an organization that receives taxpayer grants from the U.S. Department of State.  This follows a long string of hostile behavior that has only escalated with time.

State Department-Funded Group Bankrolling Anti-Bibi Campaign.  A U.S. State Department-funded group is financing an Israeli campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has hired former Obama aides to help with its grassroots organizing efforts.  U.S.-based activist group OneVoice International has partnered with V15, an "independent grassroots movement" in Israel that is actively opposing Netanyahu's party in the upcoming elections, Ha'aretz reported on Monday [1/26/2015].  Former national field director for President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign Jeremy Bird is also reportedly involved in the effort.

The Constitution Doesn't Let President Close Congress's Doors to Israel.  Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming address to Congress, at Congress's invitation, is drawing significant criticism — that much is no great surprise. What does surprise, however, is one particular criticism:  that the event will be not just bad policy, but even unconstitutional.

When Did Barack Obama Become Emily Post?  The White House has now become a stickler for protocol, especially when it comes to relations between the two political branches.  The new persnicketiness arises from House speaker John Boehner's invitation to Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress in March.  The invite is being denounced as a major breach and new low in Washington because he didn't, as had been the traditional practice with such invitations, coordinate with the White House.  As far as violations of the separation of powers in the Obama era, it's hard to see how this even comes close to registering.

Obama Campaign Team Arrives in Israel to Defeat Netanyahu in March Elections.  Just days after the Obama White House accused House Speaker John Boehner of "breaking protocol" by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, a team of up to five Obama campaign operatives has reportedly arrived in Israel to lead a campaign to defeat the Israeli Prime Minister in upcoming national elections scheduled for March 17.  The anti-Netanyahu, left wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports a group called "One Voice," reportedly funded by American donors, is paying for the Obama campaign team.  That group is reportedly being led by Obama's 2012 field director Jeremy Bird.

Obama Administration: Our Goal is Not to Eliminate Iran's Nuke Program.  A senior official in the State Department admitted on Wednesday that the Obama administration's goal during negotiations with Iran is delaying the regime's development of nuclear weapons rather than shutting down the Islamic Republic's contested nuclear program.  Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken acknowledged during a tense exchange with senators on Capitol Hill a deal being sought by the Obama administration that would constrain its nuclear breakout capability without eliminating its nuclear program.  Blinken also floated the possibility of extending nuclear talks past the June deadline should additional time be needed to finalize details of a possible deal with Iran.

Canada-Israel stamp
Canada's amazing new stamp.  It really shouldn't be noteworthy, but in today's world, it is.  Check out Canada's new stamp, and ask yourself if Obama's post office would ever issue such a stamp.

Reports: Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel.  The Obama administration is refusing to discuss reports that emerged early Thursday [12/4/2014] claiming that the White House is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continuing construction on Jewish homes in Jerusalem.  State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem.  The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha'aretz, which first reported on the meetings.

Psaki psickens.  AP reporter Matt Lee questioned State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki about recent jihadist attacks (my words, not his) in Israel.  Psaki read like a robot from her script, expressing regret at the recent loss of life.  She might as well have been reading the phone book.  No sooner did she express her condolences than she segued into the need for all parties to de-escalate tensions.  Jews are butchered in cold blood, and everyone just needs to calm down?

State Dept Refuses Visa Extension For Israeli NBA Player As Obama Announces Doubling Chinese Student Visas.  Even as he defiantly moves to unilaterally grant legal status to millions of people inside the U.S. illegally, President Obama's State Department is making sure that such special favors are not meant for everyone.  The State Department's unexplained refusal to extend a valid P1 visa currently held by an Israeli basketball player has prevented the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Indiana Pacers from signing him.  Gal Mekel's waiver from the Dallas Mavericks was part of a deal to free up space on the Mavericks while helping the Pacers sign a desperately needed point guard for their injury-ravaged roster.

Obama's Partners in Peace Publish 9-Step Plan to Destroy Israel.  Hardly a surprise that Jeremiah Wright's Mini-Me (our beloved POTUS) and his Mini-Me (Co-president Jarrett) would repeatedly try to coddle and mollify the genocidal maniacs in Tehran.

Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in campaigns, unite on Israel and hit Obama.  Adelson, 81, and Saban, 70, have gained enormous political power in the new era of super PACs and unlimited contributions, and both made it clear during a rare joint appearance Sunday [11/9/2014] before an audience of several hundred Israeli Americans that they intend to assert that power during the next presidential campaign and beyond with policy demands for their candidates.  In particular, they vowed to press both sides for a more hawkish approach to the Middle East.

President's Lawyer: Jerusalem = Crimea.  While virtually all politicos and pundits eyes were focused on the elections, President Obama's solicitor general Monday was quietly dropping a bombshell in the U.S. Supreme Court.  In a case being heard by the high court involving a U.S. citizen's passport, Donald Verrilli in oral arguments compared the status of Jerusalem to that of the Crimea.  Verrilli is the president's lawyer and seen as his voice on all true constitutional questions.

Obama Threatened Netanyahu With Dropping UNSC Veto Against Anti-Israel Moves: Report.  In a dramatic development, Israeli cabinet members are warning that US President Barack Obama threatened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US may opt not to oppose future hostile UN Security Council votes, unless Israel accedes to American policy demands, Israel's NRG News reported on Sunday.  "The prime minister told colleagues in recent days ... that his office's understanding of the issue and the government's take on it is that the Americans will not cast a veto against a resolution that reaches the Security Council," Ariel Kahana, diplomatic correspondent for the Makor Rishon and NRG dailies, told The Algemeiner on Monday [11/3/2014], quoting ministerial-level sources.

Obama Threatens Israel With Unprecedented United Nations Vote in Support of Terrorists.  Just when you think Jeremiah Wright's Mini-Me has hit rock bottom (e.g., writing secret love letters to Iran's Mullahs), he unveils another pro-Islamist tactic like this: [...]

Keywords:  collaboration, cahoots, Muslim sympathizer.
Letters to the Ayatollah: Obama's 'Keys to Paradise'.  I admit I didn't much care for Barack Obama before the revelation that he had secretly written Khamenei to induce the Iranian supreme leader to sign a nuclear deal in return for U.S. help battling ISIS.  Now I despise our president.  He is contemptible.  Ayatollah Khamenei is a man who has been leading the massive chants of "Death to Israel" (and the Jews) literally every day since 1979.  Only a true anti-Semite could attempt to make a secret deal with such a person.

Obama's secret letter to Iran.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei received a secret letter from an unlikely person last month:  President Obama.  In the midst of airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Obama reportedly sent Iran's Supreme Leader a letter in the middle of October, expressing the importance of cooperation in fighting the militants, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A Virtuoso of Malicious Intent.  At least as far as Israel is concerned, Obama's mastery of the federal bureaucracy is complete.  It is not incompetence that guides his policy.  It is malicious intent toward the US's closest ally in the Middle East.

Solicitor General: Israel Has No Claim to Jerusalem, Just as Russia Has No Claim to Crimea.  Lawyers for the Obama administration compared Israel's control of Jerusalem to Russian claims over the Ukrainian territory of Crimea during oral arguments this week before the Supreme Court in a case concerning the rights of U.S. citizens to list Jerusalem as part of Israel on their passports.  U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who is rumored to be in the running to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, drew the comparison on Monday [11/3/2014] while he attempted to convince the Supreme Court that Jerusalem is not officially part of Israel.

Susan Rice, Sheldon Adelson, and Obama's Paranoia About Israel.  [Scroll down]  If Susan Rice said what she's quoted here as saying, the Obama White House has completely lost it.  This is especially true because while Obama has surrounded himself with mostly dim bulbs, Rice is actually whipsmart and tough as nails.  And while Obama has generally hired those with a less-than-sterling opinion of Israel — including the Cabinet member Samantha Power, who entertained the idea of the U.S. invading Israel to impose a peace deal — Rice is not known to harbor any real Obama-esque contempt for Israel.  In other words, Rice was the last best hope for those who believed that somehow a sane Israel policy might yet emerge from this administration.

Obama's Unprecedented Attack on Israel.  This week, the world was treated to yet another embarrassing display of the Obama administration's incompetent foreign policy. [...] This is an unprecedented attack on a critical ally of the United States at a moment of international crisis.  It is a de facto admission to the mullahs in Tehran that the Obama administration thinks it is too late to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons.  It is an inexcusable betrayal of the national security of the American people.

RNC: Administration Insult of Netanyahu 'Inexplicable and Dangerous'.  Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus just issued a statement firing back at a senior administration official calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "chickens***" in an interview with The Atlantic.  "ISIS is on a rampage through the Middle East, slaughtering innocents and committing mass murder while plotting to kill more Americans," Priebus said.  "The priority of the Obama administration should be defeating our enemies; instead they are once again insulting our allies.  It's inexplicable and dangerous."

The Editor says...
Please forgive the thinly-redacted epithet used in the numerous accounts and commentaries about this incident, and please note that the crass and vulgar language used against the Israeli Prime Minister evidently came from Barack H. Obama himself, according to the most recent reports.  This incident clearly demonstrates the level of animosity that Obama has toward the state of Israel.

Obama's Love-Hate Relationship With Israel Explodes.  When it comes to Israel, President Obama has been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  There is campaign Obama, who assures the Israelis he doesn't bluff when it comes to stopping Iran's nuclear program, lavishes the Jewish state with even more military assistance than his predecessor, and goes out of his way to let bygones be bygones.  Then there is the other Obama.  This is the one that instructs his secretary of state to travel to the Middle East to propose a Gaza ceasefire that America's allies in the region thinks rewards Hamas for starting a war this summer.  It is the Obama who emerges in an incisive column published Tuesday [10/28/2014] by The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg.

White House Netanyahu insults.  After months of humiliating inaction in the Middle East, the Obama administration has finally launched a full scale attack.  On Israel.  It comes in response to an announcement by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu that Israel is going ahead with plans to build about a thousand housing units in Jerusalem.  In Jewish neighborhoods, yet!

White House: 'Aspergery' Slur an Unfortunate Misuse.  The White House has apologized for comments attributed to officials in the Obama administration earlier this week and which referred to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as "Aspergery", the Jewish Daily Forward reported on Thursday [10/30/2014]. [...] The "Aspergery" insult was part of a series of derogatory terms — including "chickens**t — used to describe Netanyahu by unnamed officials who were quoted by The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg earlier this week.

Report: Senior administration officials call Israel's Netanyahu 'chickens**t' and 'Aspergery'.  The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, a respected expert on U.S.-Israel relations, reported on Tuesday [10/28/2014] that a senior Obama administration official vented about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

U.S. Officials Think Netanyahu Is 'Aspergery'.  That's just one of the terms Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg says he's heard Obama administration officials use to describe the Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu: recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and "Aspergery" chickens**t?  [Scroll down]  This is not an insult to Bibi, rather a confession of own impotence when dealing with a clear and present danger.  And the weaselly attempt to present nuclear-armed Iran as a purely Israeli problem doesn't deserve a courtesy of an insult — it is pathetic.  Pity Jeffrey Goldberg didn't see it that way.

Bibi Netanyahu, the 'Chickensh*t' Who Won't Play Ball with Barack Obama.  You know you've seen it all when an American administration is reduced to calling a world leader — and a strong ally — a "chickensh**t."  As Jeffrey Goldberg revealed to us in The Atlantic, the Obama administration assigned that epithet to Prime Minister Netanyahu.  But then who would really blame them? With the world smoldering in flames and its foreign policy largely in tatters, all the king's men are feeling none too good about themselves.  And who better to blame than the world's scapegoat?

White House refuses to deny, or apologize for barnyard epithet applied to Netanyahu.  I'd use the term "unbelievable" in my reaction to the administration's comments about the unamed official using the word "chickens**t to describe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but we've gotten used to the classless nature of just about anyone associated with Barack Obama.

Insulting Netanyahu was a bad idea.  At a time when Islamist fanaticism is roiling the Middle East and the Islamic State is on the march in Syria and Iraq, the Obama administration insults Israel, our only reliable ally in the region, by mocking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a barnyard epithet for coward.  Disrespecting a friend is no way to conduct foreign policy or impress allies in these troubled times.  The outburst by unnamed officials is only the latest sour exchange in what has seemed for some time like a deteriorating relationship.

Our C. S. President.  The media have reacted with surprise — rather than disdain — at these remarks and the administration has made a show of apologizing.  But the truth of Obama's determined break with Israel is now quite evidently a key part of the legacy Obama wants to establish.

Obama's Israel-Free Dream World.  Since Obama took office, his Middle East policy has focused on minimizing and downgrading America's relationship with Israel.  This has taken the form of picking fights with and gratuitously insulting Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders.  The most recent event in this effort is the now notorious slur against Netanyahu, in which a "senior administration official" called the prime minister a "chickens***."  Like many others, I suspect that the senior official was Obama himself.

It was Obama himself who called Netanyahu 'chickensh*t'.  During Wednesday's White House press briefing Fox New's Ed Henry made a valiant effort to find out why the Obama Administration wasn't trying to discover which secret "senior official" was behind the now-famous leak to Jeffrey Goldberg calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a "chickensh*t." [...] Press Secretary Josh Earnest danced around the question.  Henry should know the answer.  The reason the administration isn't looking for the leaker is they know exactly where it came from, President Obama.  It may not have passed from the President's mouth to Goldberg's ears, but Barack Obama was the puppeteer whose strings controlled the mouth that spoke to Goldberg.

Obama Officials' Insults Are Vulgar, But Their Policies Are Far Worse.  The Obama administration officials' vulgar treatment of Israel's prime minister is troubling.  But the policies behind their vulgarity — and reckless — are far worse.  Two officials were involved: one who used the epithet to describe Israel's leader, and a second who agreed with the obscene remark.  The point they were both making is that they consider Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "coward" because he won't make the concessions that they believe might lead to peace.  What concessions, exactly?  President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and other senior administration officials have said time and again that they want Israel to retreat to the 1967 armistice lines and permit the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Netanyahu 'Baffled' By Obama's Settlement Criticism.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was "baffled" by President Obama's assertion that if Israel goes forward with new settlements in East Jerusalem, it risks condemnation from its closest ally, the United States.

Iran giveaway: Obama showing he'll take any nuke.  President Obama plainly wants it so much he can almost taste it, so sooner or later he'll sign a deal with Iran.  A bad deal.  The reason for Iran to sign any deal is to get an end to US sanctions — but Congress, if it feels the deal doesn't do enough to end Tehran's rush to become a nuclear-weapons power, might refuse to repeal the sanctions.  But this week, in a White House leak to a favorite news outlet, The New York Times, we learned that the Treasury Department now claims Obama can make the sanctions disappear without Congress.

New Year 5775: Obama undoes the New Deal and Great Society.  For me, the New Year began on a sour note.  Time spent on the internet has convinced me that more Christians — especially fundamentalist and traditional Christians — were more staunchly pro-Israel than the J Street-infected rabbis at some of the richest, most influential synagogues on the East and West coasts, and their congregations.  So blinkered had these anti-Israel Jews become that they ignored the danger that their true guiding lights — Barack Obama and his party — had created for their country, their coreligionists abroad, and themselves.

Obama and Netanyahu: Intractable differences.  Two speeches at the United Nations General Assembly illustrate the vast gulf separating the leaders of the United States and Israel.  Not only is there daylight between Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu, there are intractable differences.  PM Netanyahu, when addressing the UNGA last week, started out calling the brazen lies uttered at the UN as just that, "brazen lies."  His language was anything but diplomatic.

Obama's Cowardly Behavior Towards Netanyahu.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is understandably miffed with President Obama's criticisms of settlements (through WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest) considering he had met with him only hours without bringing up the subject.  So why did Obama behave in this manner?  I suspect he did this because Netanyahu publicly admonished Obama not enter into nuclear deal with Iran that leaves the Mullahs on the "threshold" of being able to develop nuclear weapons.  This is, after all, a matter of Israel's very survival.

'Israel's Most Bitter Western Enemy is America'.  The harsh criticism flung by US President Barack Obama's administration against Israel this week for a building project in Jerusalem is only a sign of things to come, according to Attorney Yoram Sheftel.  The controversy came over a building project of 2,610 housing units in Givat Hamatos, a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem, which was in the works since 2012, and which Netanyahu accused far-left group Peace Now of reporting precisely now so as to scuttle his meeting with Obama.

Obama Has No Right to Punish Israel.  A recent report in The Wall Street Journal noted that American-Israel relations are at their lowest point.  Without doubt, Obama has chosen the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas over Israel, America's closest ally in the Middle East.  Obama blocked a shipment of missiles to Israel in late July and tightened additional weapons shipments to the country.  Did he want Israel not to be able to retaliate against Hamas?  Thankfully, Israel relies on military-to-military ties.  America and Israel have disagreed before, but there is no question Obama is the most hostile President Israel has faced in modern times.

Are we Being Betrayed from Within by an Islamist in the White House?  The US Defense Department, on June 4, 2013, leaked more than 1,000 pages of details of an Israeli system whose success rests on being totally invisible to enemy eyes.  It was a great blow to the defense of Israel, because the Arrow 3 is designed to seek out and blow up Iranian Shihab 3 and other long-range missiles.  An Islamist president would leak this information, without qualms.

Obama Administration Makes War on Israel.  In the middle of a war this country's president publicly says is justified owing to the relentlessness of the rocket fire against civilian populations, U.S. officials proudly tell the Wall Street Journal, they are holding up weapons transfers to Israel:  They decided to require White House and State Department approval for even routine munitions requests by Israel, officials say.  Instead of being handled as a military-to-military matter, each case is now subject to review — slowing the approval process and signaling to Israel that military assistance once taken for granted is now under closer scrutiny.

The President's True Colors Finally Revealed.  When I first glanced at the headline on today's [8/17/2014] Jerusalem Online and reports in the Jerusalem Post and other Israeli newspapers, I thought they must have been a satire:  "Washington officials have told Egypt that the US will guarantee Israel's commitment to any agreement signed."  But it was not a satire.  This was deadly serious, confirmed by other Israeli newspapers and sources in Cairo.  The US offering to Hamas to "guarantee" Israeli commitments to any agreement signed?  As if anyone needed proof of the Obama administration's antipathy to Israel, here it was in black and white.  If any party needed a commitment to enforce its agreements in any deal, it would have been Hamas, which has been known to break every commitment it ever made.

Why Do Most Jews Stay with Obama?  It was implausible to me that Barack Obama never knew Rev. Jeremiah Wright hated Jews.  At best, Obama made a deal with this anti-Semitic racist, who helped Obama launch his political career.  Still, back in 2008, Jews — displaying the cognitive dissonance of a captive Democratic voter bloc — gave Obama the benefit of the doubt for the same reason most Jews continue to support him:  he's (half) black.  Jews favor underdogs and victims (though really, Obama is neither).

US Post Offices Reportedly Refusing Mail to Israel.  The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has written to complain to the US Postmaster General, after receiving widespread reports that US post offices around America have been refusing to accept mail to Israel.  In the last several days ADL reports that it has received complaints from Massachusetts, Michigan and New Jersey, revealing postal customers were incorrectly told that the US Postal Service is not accepting mail for Israel due to Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.  "The postal employees have told these individuals that current USPS policy says that mail to Israel cannot be accepted because of the current crisis," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

GOP Rep Calls on Kerry to Resign Over Alienating Israel.  Tuesday [7/29/2014] on Newsmax TV's "America's Forum," Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) said Secretary of State John Kerry has "alienated" the state of Israel and needs to go.  [Video clip]

Obama and Kerry behind one of most strategic mistakes in military history.  The obsession by the Obama-Kerry administration with imposing a cease-fire on the warring parties in the Hamas-Israel war will go down in history as one of the most strategic mistakes in military history.  Here is a fact the administration deliberately and maliciously ignored:  In the history of modern warfare, no terrorist group has ever honored a cease-fire.  Hamas has broken every cease-fire it ever said it would honor.  Every single one.

How Muslims Think.  [Scroll down]  This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel.  It is not a territorial conflict.  This is a civilization conflict, or rather a war between civilization and barbarism.  Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not.  As many people as possible must come to an understanding of what radical Islam is — and what awaits the world if it is not stopped.

Israel's Most Dangerous Enemy.  Obama is an equal opportunity narcissist and everything's fine, unless you cross him.  Which, according to sources in Israel, is where Netanyahu found himself when the American president called Sunday [7/27/2014] to admonish him about Gaza.  Obama reportedly used or implied the threat of withholding the resupply of weapons — don't know if this includes the Iron Dome itself — if Israel didn't fall into line and stop attacking Gaza immediately.  What Obama is doing, in effect, is saving Hamas.  It's almost mind boggling to think, but it's true.

John Kerry: The Betrayal.  When The Times of Israel's Avi Issacharoff first reported the content of John Kerry's ceasefire proposal on Friday afternoon [7/25/2014], I wondered if something had gotten lost in translation.  It seemed inconceivable that the American secretary of state would have drafted an initiative that, as a priority, did not require the dismantling of Hamas's rocket arsenal and network of tunnels dug under the Israeli border.  Yet the reported text did not address these issues at all, nor call for the demilitarization of Gaza.

Report: Israeli Officials 'Horrified' at Kerry Ceasefire Proposal, 'Complete Cave-In' to Hamas.  The ferocity of Friday's [7/25/2014] unanimous rejection by the Israeli government of Secretary of State John Kerry's cease [fire proposal] was kept quiet to prevent a formal rupture of relations between the two erstwhile allies, reports Israel's Channel 2 Television.  The popular and widely-watched Saturday evening newscast quotes several unnamed high officials in the Israeli government who claimed that Kerry's cease fire proposal represented a "complete cave-in" to Hamas's demands for an end to fighting in its war against Israel.

Obama rewarding terror.  Hamas builds tunnels and rockets to kidnap and kill Jews, has a charter that calls for the killing of all Jews wherever they live, launches missile attacks against Israelis, uses UNWRA facilities to hide rockets, spreads anti-Semitism and claims of war crimes against Israel, has become unpopular in Gaza, and is losing support in Egypt and the Arab world.  And now the US wants to reward and rescue them with a vast influx of money?  They will use that time and money to develop more accurate and deadly missiles, etc.  Rewarding murder is what this amounts to.

US Weapons Resupply — Also to be Grounded?  President Obama is the master of Double-Speak, saying one thing and meaning the exact opposite.  Remember how Obama promised, "You can keep your doctor if you like him," and how it turns out that you can't keep him because Obamacare won't pay him?  Given Obama's track record of betrayal of Israel, his hollow recital of "Israel has the right to defend herself," might actually have a doublespeak meaning as well — that "Israel has the right to defend herself", but without any American military resupply.

Cruz suggests flight ban is boycott of Israel.  Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday [7/23/2014] questioned whether President Barack Obama used a federal agency to impose an economic boycott on Israel after the Federal Aviation Administration banned U.S. airline flights to Tel Aviv because of safety concerns amid fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Obama's Israel legacy: a hostile Democratic Party.  Which came first:  the Obama administration's public contempt toward our allies in Jerusalem, or liberal Democratic animosity toward Israel?  Either way, when Barack Obama steps down as president in January 2017, the Democratic Party he leaves behind will be one whose sympathies no longer embrace the Jewish state.  It's an extraordinary legacy.  And it's underscored by the more or less constant snubs President Obama has directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Canadian Prime Minister Condemns Obama, West for Not Supporting Israel.  In a stunning rebuke of President Obama's tepid calls for Israel to show "restraint" in response to daily rocket fire on Israeli civilian targets by Hamas terror redoubts in Gaza, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, long considered Israel's best friend and strongest defender, all but condemned President Obama by name for what he regards as Washington's irresolute support for Israel during its time of grave crisis.

State Dept. Calls Ted Cruz's Israel Comments 'Ridiculous and Offensive'.  After the Federal Aviation Administration extended its ban on U.S. flights to Israel for another 24 hours Wednesday [7/23/2014] following reports of Hamas rockets falling close to the Tel Aviv airport, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) released a statement suggesting the decision had motives outside of just protecting the safety of American travelers.  Asked about his statement at a briefing this afternoon, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf called his comments "ridiculous and offensive."

Israel crisis: Obama's obscene moral relativism.  As Palestinian terror dramatically escalates, the Obama administration is working hard — not to defeat the terrorists, but to tie Israel's hands behind its back.  Sure, there is background noise paying lip-service to an Israeli right of self-defense and babbling about a Palestinian peace partner.  The reality, however, is that responsibility for the harrowing transition from the kidnap and murder of three Jewish teenagers by Hamas members to 4 million Israelis running in terror from Hamas rocket attacks leads directly to the White House.

WH: We've 'Substantially Improved the Tranquility of the Global Community'.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday [7/14/2014] the Obama administration's foreign policies in a number of areas have enhanced the world's "tranquility" — a word that raised eyebrows as reporters pointed to situations in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and the South China Sea.  More than one reporter during Monday's press briefing referred to a front-page Wall Street Journal article highlighting some of those crises, and citing security strategists as saying "the breadth of global instability now unfolding hasn't been seen since the late 1970s."

Weakening America is Obama's specialty.  Instead of enforcing stronger sanctions on Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons, Mr. Obama did the complete opposite and stopped all sanctions.  Instead, he opted for "negotiations" with our worst terrorist threat.  This action was a deliberate knife in the back to Israel, our only real ally in that part of the world.  Mr. Obama has just supplied the Taliban with its five top leaders and mass murderers in return for the release of an American soldier who had deserted his unit.

Author Says "Muslim Brother" Obama Betrays Israel.  Radical left and secular elements have brought the Jewish state to this point, [Sha'i] ben-Tekoa argues, by adopting a so-called "peace process" with the Palestinians that has only brought "murder and mayhem" to Israel.  Ben-Tekoa believes that Netanyahu's response should have been, "There are no Palestinians," and "they have no right to a state."  Nevertheless, he thinks Netanyahu "knows the threat," not only from the "Palestinians" but Iran, and will do what is necessary to assure Israel's survival.  The additional problem, he says, is that "the Muslim brother in the White House" has "betrayed" Israel and is facilitating the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  Obama "wants them to have the bomb," he said, adding, "It will change everything here.  It is our number one strategic threat."

Latest moves show the inner President Obama has been unleashed.  At the start of his presidency, Obama tried to pursue a policy of creating "daylight" between the United States and Israel, but this often clashed with his attempt, in the run up to his re-election, to portray himself as supporting the American ally.  With such political considerations aside, Obama has become more comfortable displaying his true attitude toward Israel.  Obama appointed Chuck Hagel, who infamously lambasted the "Jewish Lobby," as his Secretary of Defense and John Kerry as Secretary of State — who went on to describe Israel as an "apartheid" state in the making.

Obama's Last Card.  With the ongoing collapse of Iraq, the endgame for the worst foreign policy in American history has begun.  It is no less than astonishing to glance over the foreign policy errors made by the Obama administration since 2009. [... For example,] The deliberate undermining of Israel.  Again, a loyal and steady ally was cut off for no rational reason.  In this case, a country to which the U.S., as the chief representative of the West, owes an unquestionable moral debt.  I guess O was listening to all those Jeremiah Wright sermons after all.

Did someone mention "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright again?

White House Escalates Secret Media War Against Israel.  Senior Obama administration officials have escalated a secret media war to discredit Israel in the press, providing highly critical anonymous quotes and negative information about the Jewish state in a bid to blame it for the recent collapse of peace talks with the Palestinians.  Multiple sources in both the United States and Israel confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that Middle East envoy Martin Indyk again served as the anonymous source for a recent interview in the Israeli press that lambasted Israel, blamed it for the failure of peace talks, and predicted that Israel needs to face another wave of Palestinian terrorism before it will make peace.

12 ways the US administration has failed its ally Israel.  [#6] Trapped in the inevitable deadlock, with that nine-month deadline fast approaching, you would think that an allied president would eschew giving an interview to the American media essentially accusing the prime minister of leading Israel to disaster at the very hour that said prime minister was on his way to a meeting at the White House.

Israel: John Kerry's inflammatory words do nothing for peace.  Speaking at what he believed was a closed meeting of international officials in Washington, Mr Kerry warned that Israel ran the risk of becoming "an apartheid state with second class citizens" without a peace deal.  Comparing Israel's continued military occupation of Palestinian territory to South Africa's former apartheid regime would be inflammatory at the best of times.  Even Barack Obama, who enjoys a fractious relationship with the Israeli government, understands the pitfalls of making such comparisons during peace negotiations, once remarking that "injecting a term like apartheid into the discussion does not advance that goal".

Cruz Calls on Kerry to Resign After 'Apartheid' Remark.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) demanded on the Senate floor Monday that Secretary of State John Kerry resign from his post following highly controversial remarks about the state of Israel.  Kerry came under fire from lawmakers and a variety of pro-Israel organizations after he told world leaders in a closed door meeting that Israel risks becoming "an apartheid state" if it fails to reach peace with the Palestinians.

Obama hiding behind Kerry on Israel attacks.  When President Barack Obama comes out in his now habitual open verbal attacks on the United States, he rarely does it on home turf.  The less-than-courageous Obama lobs his verbose bombs against the U.S. from the safety of afar.  Putting down America on foreign trips, the tabs of which are forced back on long-suffering American taxpayers, has become Obama's signature trademark.

John Kerry backs away from Israel 'apartheid' comment after he is hit by furious backlash.  John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, has said he chose the wrong word in describing Israel's potential future after being criticized for saying the Jewish state could become an 'apartheid state' if it does not reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.  In a statement released yesterday by the State Department, Kerry lashed out against 'partisan political' attacks against him, but acknowledged his comments last week to a closed international forum could have been misinterpreted.

At White House, Israel's Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly told Barack Obama on Monday [3/3/2014] that he would never compromise on Israel's security even as the U.S. president sought to reassure him on Iran nuclear diplomacy and pressure him on Middle East peace talks.

As World Order Implodes, Obama Promises to Act... Against Israel.  In a bombshell interview with Bloomberg's Jeffrey Goldberg, President Obama issued his most direct public threats ever against Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  'Bibi', the President all but said, 'if you don't accept the peace plan that my Secretary of State hasn't even released yet, you will ruin your country.'  The interview was released for publication almost the very moment as Netanyahu's plane departed to meet with Obama in Washington.

American State Dept. Spokesman: "Palestinians need not recognize the Jewish state".  Despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's continued requests of the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state within the framework of negotiations for peace, the American State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki reportedly stated in an interview with the "Al-Quds" newspaper that the Palestinians need not heed Netanyahu's request.

Carolyn Glick's words should be used by Obama victims everywhere.  Threatening Israel could be Obama's cover for failing in Ukraine.  Like most double crossing bullies, Obama only goes after those he perceives as vulnerable.  Tiny Israel has been standing up for itself from the get-go and is surviving against the anti-Israel activist movement that calls itself the Palestinians.

Obama: US won't be able to defend Israel if peace talks fail.  Israel can expect to face international isolation and possible sanctions from countries and companies across the world if Benjamin Netanyahu fails to endorse a framework agreement with the Palestinians, US President Barack Obama cautioned on Sunday [3/2/2014] ahead of a meeting with the Israeli prime minister.

Dinesh D'Souza was Right about Obama.  When Barack Obama began his presidential campaign, concerns were raised when it was discovered that Jeremiah Wright, the man he called his "moral compass" and the pastor of his church, was a severe critic of Israel and anti-Semitic as well ("them Jews").  The tip off to me came when Wright told New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor that when Obama's "enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli" to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell."

U.S. pushing Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists.  As Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flies to Washington — due to arrive on Sunday (March 2), to prepare for talks with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday — it's clear that there are several points of friction between Israel and the United States. [...] President Obama — much to the discomfort of Israeli officials — is pursuing negotiations with Iran.

Muslim anti-Semitism is only decades old, Obama claims.  Experts are scoffing at President Barack Obama's apparent belief that widespread Muslim hatred of Jews is only decades old.  "Obama reveals that he has no idea, or doesn't want to give the impression that he has any idea, about the reality of Islamic anti-Semitism," said Robert Spencer, the author of many books on Islamic ideas and director of Jihad Watch.  "Anti-Semitism is hard-wired into Islam," from its origins before 700, said Andrew Bostom, author of three books about Islam, including "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism," which lists centuries of anti-Semitic hatred, murders, pogroms and apartheid-like discrimination.

Stop Giving Obama Radicals the Benefit of the Doubt.  Consider Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.  As Jonathan Tobin has noted, Hagel had two qualifications that resulted in his nomination for Secretary of Defense — his distaste for Israel and his willingness to make nice with Hamas and Iran.  Nevertheless, most media outlets focused on Obama's bipartisan willingness to nominate the former Republican senator from Nebraska.  His extremist views toward Israel were largely ignored.

What's Wrong With Obama?  Ariel Sharon — a man whose deeds as soldier, general, cabinet minister, and prime minister were decisive in the history of modern Israel, a soldier-statesman of true historical significance, a larger-than-life figure whose like we're unlikely to see again — dies, and Barack Obama issues a statement that would be appropriate if one were recognizing the death of a pedestrian functionary who had routinely served as the insignificant leader of a random country.

Who Will Obama Blame for his Failed Iran Policy? The Jews, of Course.  From threatening to veto the legislation to accusing Senators who support the new sanctions bill of pushing for war with Iran, President Obama is using all of the down and dirty mobster-style tactics he can muster. [...] His aim is to buy himself another three years and kick the can to his successor even if that means that Iran will go nuclear under his watch.

Iran enrichment capacity expanded dramatically on Obama's watch.  It is known that by late 2007, Iran possessed about 3,000 centrifuges.  Over the course of Bush's final 12 to 15 months in the White House, it can be assumed safely that Iran added to, but probably did not fully double, the number of centrifuges it had installed.  A fair estimate would accordingly place the number of the spinning machines that Iran had on hand at the beginning of 2009 at 5,000.  This would mean that roughly 25 percent of the regime's current total of centrifuges had been installed when the Bush-Cheney era ended.  Put another way:  Roughly 74 percent of the centrifuges Iran now has on hand were installed since the Obama-Biden team assumed office.

Obama Admin to IDF Generals: Stop Being So Concerned About Israel's Security.  The Obama administration is pressuring Israeli generals to stop publicly voicing their concerns about the administration's security proposals in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and instead endorse the administration's plans, according to Israeli media reports.

Kuwaiti Newspaper: Obama Negotiating with Hezbollah Terrorists.  The Obama administration has entered secret talks with the Hezbollah terrorist group, mediated by Great Britain, according to a report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai, as relayed by the Jerusalem Post Wednesday [11/27/2013].  The State Department lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.  Thirty years ago, Hezbollah bombed a U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241. [...] The organization is also dedicated to Israel's destruction.

A White House Denial.  The White House is denying a report that President Obama is hatching plans for a visit to Tehran.  We wouldn't want to say we don't believe the White House.  But neither would be surprised if a presidential trip is being explored.

Obama Chose Dishonor.  President Obama had to choose between dishonor and war and he chose dishonor.  Now we will have war.  He has dishonored U.S. allies in the Middle East, including Israel and the Persian Gulf states, by abandoning their security concerns regarding a nuclear Iran by believing that appeasing Iran is the only way to avoid war.

Now the Twelfth Imam Can Come.  Among the many who decried the Obama Administration's catastrophic capitulation to the nuclear ambitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, none spelled out its potential consequences as trenchantly as Israel's Economy Minister Naftali Bennett:  "We awoke this morning to a new reality," he said Sunday.  "A reality in which a bad deal was signed with Iran.  A very bad deal.  If a nuclear suitcase blows up five years from now in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning."

The goal of Obama's foreign policy.  It isn't surprising that the US and the other five powers signed a deal with Iran on Saturday [11/23/2013].  Over the past few weeks, US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear that they were committed to signing a deal with Iran as quickly as possible.  And it isn't surprising that the deal these overeager leaders signed with the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism makes the world a much more dangerous place than it was before the agreement was concluded.

Iran Nuclear Deal Worst News Since Hitler Appeasement.  The nuclear deal with Tehran is right out of the Neville Chamberlain appeasement playbook.  A straight line can be drawn from President Obama's 2009 overture to Islamists and this historic misjudgment.

Abject Surrender by the United States.  This interim agreement is badly skewed from America's perspective.  Iran retains its full capacity to enrich uranium, thus abandoning a decade of Western insistence and Security Council resolutions that Iran stop all uranium-enrichment activities.

Lying Pays Off for Iran.  This agreement rewards Iran for a decade of lying to the IAEA and hiding its nuclear program, because it essentially accepts Iran's enrichment program.  The years of Iranian deceit of the IAEA and defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions have paid off.  Line two of the agreement, "Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek or develop any nuclear weapon," is after all false.

Can Israel Survive Obama?  Those who hoped that Obama's Middle East policies wouldn't get any worse have awakened to a nasty surprise:  the Obama administration is actively making it harder for Israel to neutralize Iran's nukes, and more likely that Iran will develop a nuclear arsenal.

A Dangerous Time for Israel.  Israel has deferred to Obama's preference in the hope that international sanctions might eventually force Iran to abandon its nuclear program.  Those hopes now appear to have been dashed, with the Obama administration's weak, even delusional leadership of negotiations in Geneva.  Indeed, were it not for surprising French toughness, it is likely that Iran would have already been freed from serious sanctions, without any meaningful curtailment of its nuclear program.

The coming betrayal of Israel.  Unlike North Korea, an officially atheist state, Iranian mullahs have repeatedly said they have a religious duty to annihilate Israel, not to mention America.  How do secular diplomats negotiate with people who, in their minds, would be violating "Allah's will" by making deals with the "great Satan"?

General Motors: Iran deal would cut gas below $3.  Detroit is quietly cheering the administration's nuclear talks with Iran, believing a deal would open the Arab nation's oil spigots and cut U.S. gas prices to under $3, sparking a new truck and SUV sales binge.  G. Mustafa Mohatarem, the chief economist for General Motors, said that a deal, which presumably would lift economic sanctions in return for Iran giving up nuclear ambitions, could pour enough oil into the world system that the barrel price might drop to $80 from today's $95.

Obama's 1984National Review Online reported that the IRS also targeted pro-Israel groups, routing their applications for tax-exempt status to a unit in the agency that examines groups for potential terrorist ties.  In 2010, for example, after the pro-Israel organization Z Street applied for tax-exempt status, the IRS sent it requests for further information, and an IRS official told the group that its application was delayed because it was assigned to a "special unit" to determine "whether the organization's activities contradict the Administration's public policies," referring to Obama's opposition to Israeli settlements.

On the cusp of a historic sell-out of Israel.  John Kerry has openly sided with the Palestinians on key final agreement points:  That Israel controlling any land beyond the 1949 Armistice line is "illegitimate" and land that eventually will be part of a Palestinian state, and that there must be not a single Israeli soldier left anywhere on the West Bank.  This means the historic Jewish Quarter of Old Jerusalem and the Western Wall become part of a Palestinian state, the illegal Jordanian occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem becomes memorialized, Israel reverts to the "Auschwitz borders," Judea and Samaria become Judenfrei, and defensible positions including in the Jordan Valley are lost.

The Global Impact of the Obamacare Lie.  Israel cannot accept empty assurances from a discredited administration.  As Mordecai said to Queen Esther in the Bible, perhaps you were born for such a time as this.  The millions of Americans who have lost their health insurance can testify to the mendacity of this president's pledges.  Israel must not rely on Barack Obama for its life insurance.

U.S. Jews must say No to Obama.  It is quite disturbing for the president to ask any U.S. organization to turn against a democratic ally for the sake of appeasing and accommodating a dictatorship and longtime enemy.  But it is morally disgraceful to pressure Jews to turn their backs on the Jewish state when Israel will be on the front line of possible nuclear annihilation by an enemy which has publicly stated its sinister intentions.

Money Flows Back to the Mullahs Thanks to Obama.  The Obama administration is attempting to persuade Congress, the international community, and its Western and European allies, that [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani's government is moderate and different than Iranian governments of the past.

Obamacare Victims and Israel.  As was the case with ObamaCare, the White House knows that most Americans won't support its policy of doing nothing to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  So the White House never says that this is its policy.  Obama and his advisers insist that preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power is a central goal of the administration.  But their actions move US policy in the opposite direction.

Israeli media: Obama's the loser.  The Arab media has been butchering President Barack Obama's image in the Middle East, portraying him as weak, lacking leadership, and scheming for American domination.  But he's not faring much better in the United States' closest ally in the region — Israel.  A review of Israeli media by POLITICO shows a few clear story lines:  Vladimir Putin has outplayed the president; Iran is strengthened; and Obama is a weak leader that Israel may no longer be able to count on to help stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Prelude.  Various actors, ranging from Benjamin Netanyahu, the Republican Party, Vladimir Putin and Iran are trying to decide how much they can risk against a weakened President.  In each case their dilemmas take the form of how hard to press.  Or in Netanyahu's case, how much can he still trust the man who promised the Jewish lobby he would take care of Israel.

Samantha Power, Hater of Israel.  These are harsh words.  Even some good faith supporters of Israel may consider them unfair.  But let's look at Power's harsh words about Israel.

Obama Still Sees Israel as the Problem.  The Daily Caller reports that experts find Kerry's focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "baffling" at a time when Egypt is in the throes of a military coup, Syria is mired in civil war, Turkey is facing massive protests and Iran is moving rapidly toward becoming a nuclear power.  But they are asking the wrong question.  Kerry serves Obama's agenda, and so the real question must be why the president is expending so much energy on the issue.

Ich bin ein Israeli.  I have no illusions about Obama, master of manipulation and deceit.  His latest affront to Israelis and Americans when he stood under Yasser Arafat's picture while mouthing pious words about peace should surprise no one. [...] Not only was Arafat responsible for attacks on Jews, but for "30 years he ordered and condoned the murder of American citizens including U.S. diplomats."  What does it say about a president of the United States who would see nothing wrong about standing under this man's picture?

U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret.  Israel's military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation in published bid requests.  The Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to house a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3.

Eight things we are learning from Obama's trip.  [#1]  Israeli-U.S. relations were abysmal in the first term.  Recall how the administration called all such insights overblown and off the mark.  With an entire trip designed to repair the damage even MSNBC hosts can admit the obvious.

Obama Goes To Israel And Talks Down To Israelis.  Waiting until his fifth year in office to visit our staunch ally, President Obama showed the real purpose of his trip:  to bully the Israelis in person.  It takes gall to lecture Israelis that "you have the opportunity to be the generation that permanently secures the Zionist dream."  "Trust me," is Barack Obama's message on what the White House calls a "listening tour."  But what loyal citizen of the Jewish state would place faith in him?

More about Obama's speech in Israel.

DOJ argues against naming Israel as birthplace of boy born in Jerusalem.  A U.S. Department of Justice attorney argued Tuesday [3/19/2013] against listing Israel as the birthplace of an American boy born in Jerusalem on his passport.  DOJ attorney Dana Kaersvang told the appeals court panel that because the State Department does not recognize Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, the boy cannot list the country as his birthplace, according to a report from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Barack Obama's Arafat blunder is an embarrassment for the leader of the free world.  As Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard has reported, Barack Obama took part in a joint press conference with President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank this morning under a beaming banner of Yasser Arafat, also known as the "father of modern terrorism".

Obama in Jerusalem.  When President Obama gets to Jerusalem next week, one of the signals to listen for is an indication of what country he thinks he's in.  Normally this is clear when the President — any president — goes to the capital of a foreign country.  He's in whatever country the capital is capital of.  But Mr. Obama has been refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Not only that, but he has been refusing to admit that Jerusalem is even in Israel.

Obama Reportedly Tells Muslim Group that Israel Isn't Interested in Making Peace.  This is the attitude that Barack Obama is taking with him on his first official visit to Israel as president. [...] Now, the president's comment is being filtered by someone who is hiding behind anonymity.  But it fits with just about everything else he has said and done as president.

More Hagel Speeches Emerge, Suggesting he Misled Senate.  In fact, there are many additional speeches "out there," and they show Hagel's long-standing devotion to the view that the U.S. should "engage" Iran and back away from traditional support for Israel.

Obama to receive presidential honour on Israel visit.  Barack Obama will become the first serving US president to receive Israel's presidential medal, from his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres on a visit to the Jewish state next month, Peres's office said on Monday [2/18/2013].

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them
  than to have them and not deserve them."
    — Mark Twain

Are ObamaLeaks an impeachable offense?  Imagine if The [Washington] Post broke a story about the biggest scandal of the Obama-era — and Washington responded with a collective yawn?  That's precisely what happened recently when The Post reported on its front page that senior Obama administration officials were being investigated by the FBI and Justice Department for the leak last summer that the president had personally ordered cyberattacks on the Iranian nuclear program using a computer virus developed with Israel called Stuxnet.  The Post quotes a source who says that FBI agents and prosecutors are pursuing "everybody — at pretty high levels."

F-16s To Egypt, But Not To Taiwan?  Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which faces no existential threat, our Asian ally faces an increasingly belligerent and well-armed China.  Yet only one gets the latest weaponry and the question is why.

Hidden Hagel 2008 Speech Surfaces: No Attack on Iran Even if Israel Threatened.  New footage of a speech by Chuck Hagel in 2008 has surfaced, in which the former Senator mocked the idea of continuing the U.S. policy of confronting Iran and supporting Israel.

Hagel's Disastrous Hearing Ought to Make 'No' Vote a No-Brainer.  Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) has vindicated his critics thus far today in his confirmation hearings before the Senate Armed Service Committee for the post of Secretary of Defense.  He has stumbled in attempting to explain his positions on Iran, nuclear disarmament, Israel, the Iraq "surge," and the "Jewish lobby."  He has failed to explain contradictions between his voting record and his past statements on the one hand, and the positions he professes today on the other.

Hagel Stumbles His Way Through Hearing.  While the strict partisan divide over the nomination should ensure that he would get the support of a majority of senators, his bumbling performance undermined any notion that the president's choice to lead the Pentagon was winning over any of his critics.  More to the point, his effort to portray his recent recantations of his long-held skepticism about attempts to stop Iran from going nuclear, his criticisms of Israel, and his belief in engagement with Hamas and Hezbollah as consistent with his record was a flop.

Ted Cruz shows that Hagel slandered both Israel and the U.S.  I had thought that Lindsey Graham would be the most effective questioner of Chuck Hagel at today's hearing, and Graham did his usual fine job of "cross-examination."  But for my money, Ted Cruz topped Graham and everyone else with questions that exposed not just Hagel's contempt for Israel, but his contempt for the United States.

Dropping the Hagel Bomb.  You really cannot, in fairness, blame President Obama for naming "Chuck" Hagel, one of the most clearly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic members of the Senate (or ex-members in his case) to be Secretary of Defense.  President Obama has not changed his views on Israel since his first speech at the Democrat convention in 2004, when he made it clear that his sympathies in the Middle East lay with the Palestinians.

Former Dem Senator Praises Hagel Pick on Iranian State TV.  Iran's English language propaganda arm said last week that the choice of Chuck Hagel for secretary of Defense indicates that the United States would allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb rather than confront the Islamic Republic.  The Iranians used a former Democratic Senator, Mike Gravel, as the centerpiece of this report.

Who's a Coward?  Who said this about a world leader:  He's a "political coward — an essentially unchallenged leader who nevertheless is unwilling to lead or spend political capital to advance the cause of compromise"?  Was it perhaps John Boehner describing Barack Obama?  No, though the shoe would certainly fit.  It was Barack Obama describing Binyamin Netanyahu.

Obama Throws Israel to the Wolves.  And so soon after he posed as a passionate and convinced Zionist during his third debate with Romney.

Obama's Anti-Israel Policy Continues With Hagel Pick.  The president's selection as defense secretary has called for direct negotiations with the mortal enemies of our closest ally in the Middle East and said the administration's gutting of defense hasn't gone far enough.

Ed Koch: I Knew Obama Would Betray Israel.  I admire former Mayor Ed Koch's willingness to break with his own party on issues of principle, but his comments to the Algemeiner today [1/7/2013] are mind-boggling.  In between some very strong denunciations of the Chuck Hagel nomination, Koch casually let it drop that he suspected Obama would abandon his pro-Israel positions after the election.

Secret U.S., Iranian meetings to continue.  The United States and Iran are moving forward with secret negotiations, despite denying earlier meetings took place, according to a source highly placed in the Islamic government.  The source, who remains anonymous for security reasons, added that teams from both sides will resume the talks in the coming days with the hope of reaching agreement to announce a breakthrough before the U.S. elections.

Removing a Tumor.  Hamas is a cancerous tumor in Israel's side.  At the behest of friend and foe alike, successive Israeli governments have foolishly placed the wishes of others before the security of their own citizens and adhere to ceasefires before unequivocally defeating this insidious foe.  Unless this mindset is reversed, future generations of Israelis will be doomed to fight increasingly more vehement cycles of aggression.

That didn't take long — Obama reverses himself on Israel.  Obama's real position, then, is that he will attempt to dictate the tactics and operations through which Israel exercises the right to defend itself.  And Obama's efforts to dictate constitute a constraint on Israel's right to defend itself.

Obama's Real Record On Israel.  Actions speak louder than words.  Anne Bayefsky of Eye on the U.N. went to the trouble of tabulating the real Obama record on Israel.

Who Threw Israel Under the Bus?  On October 23, the profoundly anti-Israel New York Times ran an op-ed by Ephraim Halevy — former head of Israel's Mosad and national security advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon — titled "Who Threw Israel Under the Bus?"  His thesis is that it has always been Republicans who have been bad for Israel; and he provides examples of how this has been the case.

U.N. Calls for Boycott of Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett-Packard.  The U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) is calling for a boycott of U.S. companies that do business with Israel.  Dominated by countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and Libya, the HRC is known to be hostile toward Israel.  For this reason, the Bush Administration refused to take part in the HRC, yet the Obama administration has fully participated.

Iranian Regime: Obama Sent Secret Message Recognizing Our Nuclear Rights.  Last week, Reza Kahlili, a former Revolutionary Guard member wrote that Iran had reached a deal with the Obama Administration to preserve portions of its nuclear program.  On Saturday [10/20/2012], the Iranian regime confirmed this report.

Exceptionalism Obama versus Bowing Obama.  After years of dissing Israel, romancing Islamic regimes and apologizing for America's involvement in the Middle East, President Obama announced that indeed he still considers Israel an ally and said he would stand with the country if it is attacked by Iran with a nuclear bomb.  This, of course, was great news.  But then he cast doubt on his own sanity when he followed that up with a claim about how he has developed "the strongest military and intelligence cooperation between our two countries in history."  If this is true, he really might want to let Israel know.

Jews-for-Obama, you are delusional!  There are 6 million Jews in the United States of America; 3 million of them [are] adults.  The latest polls invariably show that approximately 75% of them would vote for Barack Hussein Obama on November 6.  Translated into plain English, that means that 2,250,000 American Jews are absolutely and incorrigibly delusional!

Obama and His Animus Toward Israel.  What does Barack Obama really think about Israel?  The evidence makes it obvious; he has contempt for the Jewish State in every way, and his nurturing of Islamist takeovers around the Middle East only adds to the perception that the safety of Israel is not of concern to him.

Checkpoint Scandal:  The most troubling of Obama's foreign policy failures involve undermining allies while embracing enemies.  In one stunning yet virtually unnoticed example of this phenomenon, Obama pressured Israel into removing anti-terror checkpoints, resulting in the murders of Israel's citizens.  "Checkpoint-gate" is potentially more devastating to Obama than other scandals in which lives were lost — the Benghazi consulate attack and the Fast and Furious debacle — because it involved something more grievous than negligence or obliviousness.  In this case, Obama used his formidable leverage as leader of the world's top superpower to insist on the removal of an ally's security.

What Does Israel Do if Obama Is Reelected?  I'm going to try to analyze what Israeli strategy might look like if Obama were to be reelected.  I don't want to write a partisan piece — predicting every type of the most horrible disaster and open hatred from the White House — but a serious analytical effort.  This involves speculation, but policymakers have to develop the most likely scenarios in order to plan ahead.

Netanyahu speaks, Obama hides, Swedish Jews firebombed.  Barack Obama is hiding under the covers unable to function until Valerie Jarrett pats him on the head and reminds him how special he is.  That gives him the courage to spend time with Joy Behar and the rest of "The View" while Benjamin Netanyahu tried to prevent a global armageddon.  Mr. Obama will not use the words "Radical Islam."  This is moral abdication.  Bibi is now the leader of the free world.

Our Feckless First Leader.  Despite his glowing assertions of his commitment to Israel, especially in speeches to American Jewish groups, Barack Obama has been working against Israel's interests from his first day in the White House.  As in many other contexts, Barack Obama 1 speaks but Barack Obama 2 acts — often in the opposite direction.

Obama has time to meet with Jay-Z and Beyonce at fund-raiser, but can't fit Netanyahu into his schedule.  The fund-raiser hauled in about $4 million for Obama and the Democrats.  Guests, who included Yankee ace pitcher CC Sabathia, sipped $800-per-bottle Armand de Brignac champagne.  "Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls," Obama told the crowd.

Obama Refers to Israel Concern Over Iran as 'Noise'.  In an interview to air tonight [9/23/2012] on CBS's 60 Minutes, President Barack Obama will refer to Israel's concern over Iran's march toward a nuclear program as "noise."  "When it comes to our national security decisions — any pressure that I feel is simply to do what's right for the American people.  And I am going to block out — any noise that's out there," Obama says, according to AFP.

Cantor: White House Continues to 'Throw Israel Under the Bus'.  Israel continues to find itself the subject of harsh language from the White House and President Barack Obama, continuing a pattern of "throwing Israel under the bus," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said in a press conference.  In a briefing arranged for reporters by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, Cantor took issue with comments Obama made in a recent interview with 60 Minutes.

Obama's Foreign Policy Is A National Disaster.  It began with small but offensive gestures like returning Churchill's bust to England and openly snubbing Israel's Netanyahu.  Speaking of Israel, Obama has proven himself to be "the anti-Israel President."  But it wasn't enough that Obama pushed away our allies — he has also emboldened and empowered our enemies.  He stood by and did nothing as the Iranian regime crushed the people's Green Revolution which, with our support, could have removed Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs from power.  One can only imagine how that would have changed the balance of power in the Middle East.

The real reason Obama snubbed Netanyahu.  One of the most enduring myths about Barack Obama is that he's been a better foreign policy president than a domestic one.  Given his feeble record at home, that isn't saying much.  And now, after the wholesale collapse of his "soft diplomacy" throughout the Muslim world, that myth has finally been shattered.  Indeed, when it comes to foreign policy, it's amateur hour in the White House.

New ad questions Obama's relationship with Israel.  In the coming days, the Emergency Committee for Israel, a pro-Israel advocacy organization, will release an ad entitled, "Whose Democratic Party?"  The spot, which will air during Sunday's football game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders in what is being described as a "significant ad buy," accuses Obama of leading his party to weaken the U.S.-Israel alliance.  Coming on the heels of the Democrat's controversial omission and contentious reinsertion of language in the party platform declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the ECI ad asks voters:  "Is this still your Democratic Party?"

More to this Feud Than Personalities.  How bad have things gotten between Israel and the United States?  Yesterday's nasty exchange between the two countries in which President Obama turned down a request for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu showed that the problem has now escalated from a simmering, longstanding argument about the peace process to a full-blown feud.

Obama's Slap at Netanyahu.  [Scroll down]  Despite the unanimous vote on the resolution, the administration did what has become their increasingly common modus operandi with respect to congressional input:  they ignored it.  It's been downhill ever since.  The Treasury Department has issued thousands of waivers for companies doing business with Iran, while China and India have been allowed to continue importing oil from the regime.  Language aimed cracking down on financial transactions was made less specific.  And Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) led an effort to water down sanctions against insurance companies that underwrite Iranian affiliates.

Obama: No Time For Israel, Plenty of Time for Pimps.  The long-simmering feud between Barack Obama and Israel "burst into the open," as the Financial Times put it, when Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the Obama administration's soft line on Iran, and Obama responded by refusing to meet with Netanyahu when the Prime Minister is in New York later this month.  The White House claimed Obama couldn't fit a trip to New York into his schedule, but Netanyahu also reportedly offered to come to Washington to meet with the president.  So Obama's schedule must be really, really full [...]

Obama Selects Woman Who Wanted to Invade Israel As Chair of Genocide Panel.  This tells you everything you need to know about Obama's agenda.  And this from a man still moderating himself as he seeks re-election.  Samantha Power wanted a U.S. military invasion of Israel to force them to abide by a peace deal with the Palestinians.  Imagine what he'll unleash in a term when he doesn't feel compelled to please anyone.

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama.  The White House's response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without meeting Obama.

A Tale of Two Rabbis.  Meet Lynn Gottleib.  She calls herself a rabbi, and she's at the top of President Obama's "Rabbis for Obama" group — another cynical attempt by the Obama campaign to pretend that they have support from the religious Jewish community.  Only one problem:  Gottlieb is an anti-Israel radical who bears nothing but hatred for traditional Judaism.  She's supped with Iran's genocidal president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and worked with Jewish Voice for Peace, a front group for Israel-haters.  She has urged that America boycott, divest, and sanction Israel.

Source: Obama Saw Platform Language Prior to Convention.  [Scroll down]  President Obama is not pro-Israel.  He hasn't been since the outset of his administration.  Whether it's military leaks designed to sink an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, refusal to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel by his State Department and spokespeople, or stating that Israel must begin negotiations at the baseline of the 1949 borders, this administration has easily been the most anti-Israel administration in the history of the State of Israel.

Democrats Remove Pro-Israel Language from Platform.  The Democrat Party has removed a section of its 2008 Party Platform in the 2012 version recently released online — some key language in expressing support for the state of Israel.

Obama's True Agenda For the Middle East Revealed.  Diplomacy will do the trick, we were told at first.  When we caught on to the futility of that approach, it was "sanctions" that were heralded as the way to go; and when the initial sanctions failed utterly to stop the mullahs, we and the Israelis were told that even stricter ones would be applied and finally do the job.  They have failed as well, but not to worry; maybe Iran is only pursuing peaceful uses of nuclear energy after all; and, well, the US will run a bunch of naval exercises in the Persian Gulf, and that'll scare those loonies into behaving.

Krauthhammer: No Pro-Israeli American Would Vote for Obama Unless They've "Been in a Coma for 3½ Years".  Nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer has never been one to mince words when discussing the president's ever-growing litany of foreign policy blunders.  And, apparently, he has no intentions of stopping now.

Attacking Sheldon Adelson: Obama's Dog Whistle to Anti-Israel Left.  Mitt Romney has many wealthy donors who have contributed millions to super PACs favorable to his candidacy.  But Democrats and the Obama campaign have consistently targeted Las Vegas Jewish — and pro-Israel — casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.  Obama needs to keep every part of his base rapid and mobilized to turn out for him in the fall, and the anti-Israel left makes up a part of that base.

Why Obama Still Won't Go to Israel.  The disagreement between Israel and the Obama administration over whether it's time to acknowledge that diplomacy has failed to stop Iran's nuclear program is starting to make a lot of people nervous.

Site offers $50K for clip of Obama honoring radical.  The US Internet news portal Breitbart News is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can provide a videotape of a 2003 dinner honoring a radical Palestinian American academic attended by then- Illinois state senator Barack Obama.  During the 2008 presidential campaign, the Los Angeles Times reported that Obama attended a farewell dinner in Chicago for his longtime friend Rashid Khalidi. [...] The event was videotaped and the Times reported that it had a copy of the video.

Reward: $50,000 for 'Khalidi Tape' of Obama at Anti-Israel Party.  Breitbart News hereby announces a $50,000 reward to whomever can provide the complete video recording of the 2003 farewell party for radical Palestinian academic and activist Rashid Khalidi, at which then-state senator Barack Obama spoke — and which the Los Angeles Times has refused to release since reporting the event in April 2008.

More about Rashid Khalidi.

WH's Carney Refuses To Name The Capital Of Israel.  White House press secretary Jay Carney is asked by a reporter what is the capital of Israel.  Reporter:  What city does this Administration consider to be the capital of Israel?  Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?  Jay Carney, White House press secretary:  Um...  I haven't had that question in a while.  Our position has not changed.  Can we, uh...  Reporter:  What is the capital [of Israel]?  Jay Carney:  You know our position.  Reporter:  I don't.

Carney Unable to Identify Capital of Israel.  In today's [7/26/2012] press briefing, White House spokesman Jay Carney was unable to identify the capital of Israel.  Carney would not say whether President Obama believe it's Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.  For nearly a minute, in response to repeated questioning, Carney only says that "our position hasn't changed" and that he hasn't gotten that question in a while.

Obama's religion: polytheism.  So much has been made of whether Mr. Obama is a Muslim or not.  This question persists in spite of the fact that he repeatedly claims to be "Christian."  This particular conclusion on the part of many has been drawn from his extraordinary sympathies to Islamists and apparent bias that has tipped the scales toward the Muslim world and against Israel.  This is something new among U.S. presidents.

Team Obama Invites Jews to Big Synagogue Campaign Stop — Misspells Israel.  The Obama for America Campaign is holding a big event in a Philadelphia-area synagogue Monday [7/16/2012].  DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) is scheduled to appear at the Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park. [...] Besides misspelling Israel, the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign.

Are American Jews Waking Up?  This week, a Gallup poll showed that President Obama's support level among American Jews had dropped from 74 percent in 2008 to 64 percent.  That drop is twice as large as the drop for any other racial or ethnic group.  It still leaves two-thirds of Jews standing in support of a President who will not stand by the Jewish State.  But it does mean that a growing population of Jewish voters understand the threat that Obama poses — even if they had supported his socialistic domestic agenda.

Jimmy Carter, World Chaos, and the Muslim World Takeover.  The American government together with the British, French, and others are determined to divide the Land [of Israel] and give more than half of it to the enemies of God.  In December 2011, America's Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, said "Israel needs to get to the damn table."  In other words, America must force Israel to give away more of God's Land.  Our government (not just the administration of Hussein Obama but many past administrations) has cursed America by demanding that Israel give up the Land that God told them they must never sell.  Therefore I state categorically that America is finished. [...] And to think that Jimmy Carter, Baptist Sunday School teacher and peanut farmer, unleashed this horror on the world.

A World Without America.  Even as Syria, Iran, Russia and China planned one of the biggest war games in Middle Eastern history, including 90,000 troops, 400 aircraft, and 1,000 tanks, the Obama administration was busily leaking more confidential information to the press endangering Israel's national security.

Liberal Jews Turn on Obama.  Have pro-Israel liberals — at least some of the intelligent ones — finally had enough of President Obama's incompetence and dithering with respect to Israel and the Middle East?  Apparently.

The Socialist, anti-Israel Rabbi who Taught Obama What He 'Knows' About Judaism.  [Rabbi Arnold Jacob] Wolf spent 20 years as the leader of K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Temple, which is located across the street from the Obamas' home in Chicago.  Rabbi Wolf subscribed to the "blame Israel first" policy of American Progressivism, and like the future president was active with the Democratic Socialists of America.  According to Wolf, he joined domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn as one of the first to host "coffees" introduce 1996 candidate for Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama, to the community.

Jewish support for Obama evaporating?  Barack Obama says he knows more about Judaism than any other President before him, despite all evidence to the contrary.

O's Israel Basher Bundler.  San Francisco city employee Hala Hijazi has record of highly charged press attacks on the Jewish State -- and has bundled between $100,000 to $200,000 for President Obama's reelection campaign.

'Obama ... Stressed He Probably Knows About Judaism More than Any Other President'.  President Obama met yesterday [5/29/2012] with "about 20 Conservative Jewish community leaders, thanking them for the work they do to improve communities around the country and discussed their shared commitment to rebuilding the U.S. economy," Haaretz reports.  In the meeting, Obama reportedly boasted about his knowledge of Judaism, telling the leaders that he thinks he knows more "about Judaism" than all past presidents.  He said he gained this knowledge of Judaism from reading.

Obama's Got Israel's Back: That's Where the Knife Goes.  Iran has, up till now, expected Israel to strike from the south.  Now, thanks to the Obama administration, which is hell bent on preventing Israel from committing acts of self defense, Iran can move to protect itself.  [John] Bolton made it clear that this was an "orchestrated leak", not some CIA agent gone rogue.

Obama's Smart Diplomacy Disaster.  [Scroll down]  For decades the U.S. stood resolutely with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and the only reliable ally of the United States in this strategically crucial region.  Until Obama.  Like all his predecessors in the White House, he dreamed of engineering a peaceful solution in the Middle East so he could go down in history as a peacemaker extraordinaire.  But he decided to go about it by siding with the Palestinians and pressuring Israel.  Israelis are not stupid or blind.  In a recent poll, only 4 percent of them said they consider Obama a friend of their nation.  Israel has every reason to be wary of Obama's second term, when he would not be restrained by the fear of a voter backlash.

Barack Obama's Radical Rabbi.  President Obama's view of Israel was sharply influenced by Rabbi Arnold Wolf, a key member of a cadre of liberal rabbis and Jewish activists who blamed Israel for the failure to achieve peace in the Middle East and urged negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization while it carried out terrorist operations.

Was U.S. Government behind attempt to sabotage Israel?  Is the Obama administration using either leaks or black propaganda to sabotage Israel's defence against the threat of genocide?  America's former ambassador to the UN John Bolton certainly thinks so — and he is not a man given to rash speculation.

The State Department's Jerusalem Syndrome.  I went to the US Consulate this week to take care of certain family business.  It was a thoroughly unpleasant experience.  I think it is ironic that two days after my extremely unpleasant experience at the consulate, State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland refused to say what the capital of Israel is.  It was ironic because anyone who visits the consulate knows that the US's position on Jerusalem is in perfect alignment with that of Israel's worst enemies.

Obama vs. Israel.  Obama garnered much AIPAC applause by saying that his is not a containment policy but a prevention policy.  But what has he prevented?  Keeping a coalition of six together is not prevention.  Holding talks is not prevention.  Imposing sanctions is not prevention.  Prevention is halting and reversing the program.  Yet Iran is tripling its uranium output, moving enrichment facilities deep under a mountain near Qom and impeding IAEA inspections of weaponization facilities.

Obama at AIPAC — Truth in Advertising?  His previous actions and words speak louder than this week's salesmanship.

Obama's Missile Defense Madness.  Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama suggested he would be willing to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without any preconditions in order to achieve an improvement in relations between the two countries.  For this he was widely criticized, and he dropped the idea.  To date, he hasn't really come up with anything concrete as a replacement.

Obama's very small stick.  President Obama says he has Israel's back.  The question now is whether anyone believes him. ... Mr. Obama's comments must be viewed in the context of the credibility gap between his words and actions regarding the Jewish state.  His administration's policy relationship with Israel — as well as his personal relationship with Mr. Netanyahu — has been rocky at best.  The White House cannot point to a single major agreement or beneficial game-changing action taken with respect to Israel.  Yet Mr. Obama repeatedly claims outsized credit for his supposed accomplishments.

2-faced 2-step.  Even before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Washington, President Obama shed the cloak of resolve against Iran and returned to spouting the mixed messages that have failed for three years.  If the mad mullahs celebrate with high-fives, now would be the time.  As for the Israelis, it's good they didn't give up their right to self-defense.  They're clearly on their own.

Here Comes Obama's 3 AM Phone Call.  On or about April 1 of 2012, that 3 AM phone call will reach the White House.  We know what it will be — which is itself a sign of stunning incompetence in this White House.  None of this information should ever be public.  Ever.  But this administration has chosen its Secretary of Defense to publicly leak the most closely guarded secret of Israel's back-against-the-wall defense against Iranian nuclear weapons.  Such public leaks amount to near treason in time of war.  Imagine if someone leaked General Eisenhower's plans for the D-Day invasion in June of 1944.

How Dangerous Is Obama?  It's now quite clear that Obama is playing chicken with Israel on Iranian nukes.  That is why Leon Panetta came out with a statement this week accusing Israel of planning to attack Iran.  If that statement is true, it's the worst kind of sabotage, undermining the advantages of surprise.  If it's false, it is intended to place Israel at the focus of Iranian rage.

Loose lips.  NBC News is reporting that Israeli spies have been involved in the assassinations of five Iranian nuclear scientists.  So far, not so bad.  We'd say the engineers basically needed killing.  But here's the astonishing part:  The source for the story apparently is the Obama administration — albeit through anonymous leaks.

[Italics in original.]
Punching Back Against Obama's Israel Policy.  Yesterday [12/15/2011], the Emergency Committee for Israel — a group that has played a decisive role in the defeat of Democratic congressional candidates with checkered records of support for the Jewish state — called out President Obama for turning Israel into an international "punching bag."

Comedian rips Obama over Hanukkah.  Comedian Jackie Mason slammed President Obama's Hanukkah event earlier this month as an insincere and condescending outreach effort to Jewish voters on Aaron Klein's WABC radio show:  "I don't even think he knew that he was talking about something that's Jewish.  It could have been Muslim, it could have been all together a religion he never even heard of.  He doesn't know, he doesn't care."

Obama's dirty laundry.  Obama can continue to give hollow speeches trying to ease the concerns of his Jewish constituency, but alas the dirty laundry is out in the open for everyone to see and finally understand.  Amazingly, or perhaps not, the mainstream media barely reported the story, and yet if it were a Republican president causing such a gaffe it would have been front-page headlines for quite some time.  What does it mean when our president joined in the denigration of one of our most trusted traditional allies?  What does it tell us when the mainstream media glosses over the story?

Open Mic, Closed Minds.  The whole world was watching, and listening.  The leaders of the G20 nations gathered in Cannes, France, for another of those endless schmooze fests we now call summits, Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy were caught on tape telling us what they really think of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

All those Jeremiah Wright sermons are now bubbling out.
Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay 'Jew' tax rate.  While defending his call for the rich to pay more in taxes, the president said he didn't mind people calling him a class warrior for merely asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew.  Whoops!  The president meant to say "janitor" instead of "Jew," and he immediately corrected himself.

Obama And The Jews.  According to a recent Israel News headline, "Survey: Jewish support for Obama drops to 45%: American president's approval rating on handling of US-Israel relations down compared with 49% last year, but if elections were held today, majority of American Jews would still vote for Democratic president over Republican candidates."  Does that make any sense considering that the Jewish people are supposed to be quite intelligent?  Surely by now they've heard about Obama's Freudian slip of the tongue that would have spelt curtains for any Republican candidate.

Barack Obama's Israel-bashing is an embarrassment for the leader of the free world.  The White House likes to portray President Obama as a staunch supporter of Israel, and is always quick to defend him against the charge that he has weakened US support for America's closest ally in the Middle East.  The reality, however, is very different from the Pennsylvania Avenue spin.

New York Magazine Calls Obama 'The First Jewish President'.  In New York magazine this week, John Heilemann contends that President Obama is the "best thing Israel has going for it right now" and despite some setbacks he remains a president "every bit as pro-Israel as the country's own prime minister...

Is Obama Pro-Israel?  [Scroll down]  On the other side of the debate, New York magazine has a pathetic cover story by John Heilemann, titled "'The First Jewish President:'  The truth?  Barack Obama is the best friend Israel has right now."  How credulous an Obama apologist do you have to be to believe that?

If Obama Is the 'First Jewish President,' I Am the Last Barbie Doll.  I am finding it hard to laugh about John Heilemann's cover story in New York magazine.  Heilemann is a regular contributor to New York's pages and has also penned a book about Barack Obama's "hope" campaign on which he worked.  In a scandalous town and in a scandalous time, the cover of the 9/26 issue of New York magazine may be in a class all its own.  It depicts President Obama, seen from behind, wearing a kippah.

What Will It Take to Wake Jews Up?  [Scroll down]  Of course, not everyone who is on the left — and certainly not the traditional liberal — is an enemy of the Jews.  But, aside from Islamists, virtually all the enemies of the Jews are on the left.  The worldwide campaign to delegitimize Israel (i.e., to pave the way for moral acceptance of Israel's destruction) is virtually all on the left.  Universities in America and elsewhere in the Western world, as well as the mainstream news media outlets around the globe, are all dominated by the left.  They drum into their students', readers', listeners' and viewers' minds that Israel is one of the worst societies on earth.

The UN Disaster is Obama's Fault.  The debate in the UN this fall is just one more chapter in the ongoing war against Israel.  The Palestinians will not get a state from this show and it may well be that Abbas and the PA will lose more from the resulting tumult than anyone else including Netanyahu.  But it must also be understood as a profound defeat for American diplomacy that was only made possible by the hubris of Barack Obama.

Obama's Final Solution.  [Scroll down]  Obama has now reversed sixty years of American and Western efforts to reverse rogue nuclear proliferation.  The horse of Armageddon is out of the barn.  Read that sentence again if you didn't quite get it the first time, because it's the biggest, wildest gamble an American president has ever taken.  It is a world catastrophe, and as far as I can tell, it has been done with malice aforethought.  At the same time, Obama has demanded, in public, that Israel give up defensible borders.

A Commander in Chief in Need of Serious Self-Reflection.  An analysis of the statements and actions of Obama and his foreign policy advisors clearly indicates that not only will Obama do everything in his power to prevent Israel from attacking Iran, but he will also not assist her before, during or after such an attack — either militarily or diplomatically.

The Low Standards of Jewish Democrats.  As far as Israel is concerned, Barack Obama may be the least friendly resident of the White House since the first president George Bush or even Dwight Eisenhower, but that has not prevented him from raising large amounts of cash in the Jewish community.  Nor will it prevent him from winning the majority of Jewish votes next year.

Seductive Beliefs: Part II.  The only thing surprising about Barack Obama's latest blow against Israel is that there are people who are surprised. ... Obama's declaration that Israel must give up the land it acquired, after neighboring countries threatened its survival in 1967, is completely consistent with both his ideology of many years and his previous actions as President of the United States.

White House seeks Israeli agreement to negotiate on 1967 lines.  The White House is pressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to publicly adopt President Obama's view that Israel's pre-1967 borders should be the basis for future peace talks.  A senior administration official Friday [6/10/2011] told American Jewish leaders that the request for Israel to endorse the president's peace principles was part of an effort to head off Palestinian plans to declare an independent state at the United Nations in September.

Barack O'Bully Wants to End Israel.  Obama just demanded that seven million Jews in Israel abandon their homes to live inside the cease-fire lines of their War of Independence.  Those cease-fire lines are not borders, and were never meant to be borders.  They are so weirdly drawn that Israel becomes nine miles wide at the waist.  For Israel to withdraw to those lines is to "commit suicide" as a nation, as Newt Gingrich has just said.  Gingrich is right.  This is what radical Islamists keep shouting about, in one, vast industrialized stream of oil-fueled hate propaganda.  And now, ten years after 9/11/01, Obama has joined them.

President Obama is not Israel's friend.  It pains me to say this, but President Obama is not pro-Israel.  After last Thursday's speech, that should be clear.  His call for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement based on the 1967 borders should leave no doubt where he stands.  The 1967 borders are entirely indefensible.  He is not pro-Israel.

The Jewish video Obama doesn't want on the web.  Mysteriously, the Office of the President has requested that a video of a Jewish singing group performing at the White House be removed from the web.

Obama's knack for handcuffing peace.  If you want to know what the Palestinians are going to do tomorrow, just listen to what US President Barack Obama says today.

Obama's Israel Speech Fools Few.  Not only was this one of the most outrageous policy statements, regarding the Israel/Palestinian issue made by a President in decades, but President Obama's timing was shameful.  The speech was given a day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was due to arrive in Washington.  Edward Koch, a former New York Mayor, a lifelong Democrat, believes that "President Obama is basically hostile to the state of Israel.  A day in advance of his meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel he seeks to cut off Israel's legs in negotiations.

Obama Is the Most Hostile Sitting U.S. President In the History of Israel.  There is some logic in the fact that President Obama has fled the country while Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses Congress.  With Obama's comments this past week on Israel, the president now appears to many as the most hostile sitting president in the history of the Jewish state. ... When Palestinians move to declare statehood unilaterally in the fall with U.N. support, it will be President Obama himself who will have laid the groundwork.

Obama's Malignant Obsession with Jews and Israel.  Untold numbers of words have been written about the woman and man Obama claims were his mother and father, the far-left Stanley Ann Dunham and the Kenyan-born Marxist, Barack Obama Sr.  Then there is the couple he claims were his grandparents, the far-left Madelyn Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham.  I say "claims" because there is still no certifiable birth certificate that attests either to Obama's parentage or citizenship.  But we do know that these people "raised" Obama and along with Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Louis Farrakhan, et al, profoundly influenced his hate-whitey, anti-American, and anti-Israel world view.

Obama will go down in history as the spoiler of Mideast peace.  It seems that when the time comes to write the history of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, U.S. President Barack Obama will go down as the great spoiler.  He never seems to miss an opportunity to push the process into a dead end.  He has done so again with his declaration that Israel should return to the "1967 lines" in any peace agreement with the Palestinians.

The Democratic Party Should Be Ashamed of Itself!  Today its members proved themselves to be nothing but partisan hacks who care more about party politics than doing the right thing.  While President Obama's speech regarding Middle East generated much criticism from Republicans, on the Democratic side, even amongst supporters of the Jewish State, there was either positive spin or total silence.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come.  In an act of diabolical calculation, Barack Hussein Obama dropped a bomb on Benjamin Netanyahu right before the Prime Minister of Israel was scheduled to speak before the joint session of Congress at the invitation of the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  Obama announced a proposed return to the "Auschwitz borders," Israel's 1967 borders that were at one point only nine miles wide.  Wipe out.  And so the real story of the week, the unity government that Hamas and Fatah began forming, was obliterated and disappeared from the national dialogue.

Obama's diversionary tactics.  What did the president wish to accomplish by purposely starting an ugly fight with the [Israeli] prime minister this past weekend?

'Arab Spring,' Christian Winter.  Obama wants to reward "democratic Egypt" with $1 billion in debt relief.  Only, "democratic" Egypt is torching churches and slaughtering Christians left and right.

Obama, Your Jimmy Carter is Showing.  Obama is approaching peace in the same way Carter did.  To both Carter and Obama, self-determination is something the world bestows upon the Palestinians at the expense of Israel, instead being, um, self-determined.  But real self-determination is something that only the Palestinians can give themselves.  Peace will largely depend on whether the Palestinians are determined to refrom how their own society is governed inside whatever borders they occupy.

Maybe 'Change' Isn't All The Mideast Needs.  The lesson of Jimmy Carter's incompetent, human rights-based naivete masquerading as a foreign policy is that the "devil" you know is often better than his replacement.  The Ayatollah Khomeini turned out to be far worse than the Shah of Iran — and his Islamofascist regime, now more than 30 years old, remains in power today, seeking nuclear weapons.  Obama claimed "the people of the region have achieved more change in six months than terrorists have accomplished in decades."  But we don't yet know what "change," particularly in Egypt, will mean.

Rabbi: 'The President of the United States is Asking for Ethnic Cleansing'.  President Barack Obama has made an unprecedented demand on Israel, Jewish leaders said Thursday, after the president called for Israel to redraw its borders to where they were in 1967 before the Six Day War.  One rabbi said Obama was, in essence, asking for "ethnic cleansing" of thousands of Jewish families.

Summing Up Obama's Speech: Making Israel Pay for the "Reset".  Contrary to reports that said that Obama had decided to pass on enunciating his idea of a framework for Arab-Israeli peace in the wake of the unity pact between Fatah and Hamas, the president nevertheless proceeded to do just that.  Though Obama paid due deference to Israel's security needs and stated his opposition to Palestinian attempts to delegitimize and isolate Israel, by stating that a framework of peace must be based on the pre-1967 borders, he has dealt the Jewish state a telling diplomatic blow.

Criticism of Obama's Middle East speech is swift.  The reaction to President Obama's speech has not been favorable.  Tim Pawlenty, keeping to his practice of reacting swiftly to Obama's foreign policy miscues put out a statement:  "President Obama's insistence on a return to the 1967 borders is a mistaken and very dangerous demand.  The city of Jerusalem must never be re-divided.  To send a signal to the Palestinians that America will increase its demands on our ally Israel, on the heels of the Palestinian Authority's agreement with the Hamas terrorist organization, is a disaster waiting to happen."

The Nuclear Genie:  The president's policy speech lauded changes in the Mideast during the so-called Arab Spring. Curiously missing was anything about ominous nuclear developments in the Muslim world.

Obama's borders Caused 60 Years of War.  Obama has just given an eager world his fantasy answer for the last sixty years of Arab-Israel conflict.  The Great One's long-awaited solution is for Israel to pull back to the cease-fire lines of the 1948 War of Independence, or what Obama, in a moment of historical amnesia, calls "the 1967 borders."  People have fought and died over those borders since 1949, not 1967.  Make that sixty years of regular warfare.

Did Obama Think He Was Giving a Pro-Israel Speech?  Given what he probably truly believes of Israel in his heart, his acknowledgment of its utility as a scapegoat, its security concerns, its right to determine its own future, and the problems raised by the Fatah-Hamas agreement surely seemed like the height of generous good feeling.

Dancing With Arafat's Ghost.  On Thursday, Barack Obama went to the State Department to "mark a new chapter in American diplomacy."  The president's handlers boldly billed his lengthy address "A Moment of Opportunity" for the Middle East.  It was neither.  Instead, he delivered a naive, revisionist lecture that was sufficiently utopian and self-centered to have been drafted by Jimmy Carter.  Unfortunately, he also demanded major concessions from the only democracy in the Middle East and America's most steadfast ally in the region, Israel.

'We can't go back': Israeli PM rejects 1967 border proposal.  In a tense Oval Office meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat alongside President Barack Obama on Friday [5/20/2011] and declared that Israel would not withdraw to the 1967 borders to help make way for an adjacent Palestinian state.

Allen West Responds to Obama's Demands on Israel.  According to The Blaze, Congressman Allen West decried President Obama's insistence that Israel return to the 1949 Armistice borders established when the nascent Jewish State thwarted the Arab Muslim jihad invasion.  West characterized this demand as the "most egregious foreign policy decision" of the Obama administration, while voicing his concern that implementing such a policy "could be the beginning of the end as we know it for the Jewish state."

Obama's Farewell to Israel Speech.  Yesterday [5/19/2011] President Obama, in what only be characterized as a flight from reality, suggested that "borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states."  But it gets better.  "The full and phased withdrawal of Israeli military forces should be coordinated with the assumption of Palestinian security responsibility in a sovereign, non-militarized state."  Would that be the "Palestinian security responsibility" that has long countenanced the firing of several thousand missiles into Israel?

Obama's Israel Surprise.  President Barack Obama, seeking to get ahead of historic changes rolling through the Middle East, promised support for democratic uprisings in the Arab world and called for the first time to begin negotiations for a Palestinian state based on Israel's pre-1967 borders.

Obama's anti-Israel speech should surpise no one.  The citizens of the United States elected a President who attended a strict Muslim madrassa (parochial school) for two years.  Our current Commander-in Chief, while an impressionable young boy between 6 and 10 years old, bowed down toward Mecca five times a day while praying to Allah.  He studied the Koran, including Sura 7:166, Sura 2:65, and Sura 5:60 and its repeated calls for the transformation of Jews into apes and swine.  Barry Soetoro was indoctrinated, as were millions of young Muslim boys, in the same anti-Semitism that has always been taught in the Muslim madrassa's for the past thousand years.  Let's be very clear, Barry Obama surrounds himself with anti-Semitic advisors who relish the elimination of the Jewish state, attended a church for 20 years where the clergy spewed anti-Semitic hate, and now bows, scrapes and sends millions of US taxpayer dollars to Muslim countries and terrorist groups such as Hamas, who are the most lethal anti-Semites on the planet.

Obama's Newest Ambush:  It is hard to believe, but it appears that in the wake of the Palestinian unity deal that brings Hamas, the genocidal, al-Qaida-aligned, local franchise of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, into a partnership with Fatah, US President Barack Obama has decided to open a new round of pressure on Israel to give away its land and national rights to the Palestinians.  It is hard to believe that this is the case.  But apparently it is.

U.S. Takes Away Israel's Only Bargaining Chip.  Every Arab-Israeli negotiation contains a fundamental asymmetry:  Israel gives up land, which is tangible; the Arabs make promises, which are ephemeral.  The long-standing American solution has been to nonetheless urge Israel to take risks for peace while America balances things by giving assurances of U.S. support for Israel's security and diplomatic needs.  It's on the basis of such solemn assurances that Israel undertook, for example, the Gaza withdrawal.

Sheer Sophistry.  It is sheer sophistry for American "elites" to maintain that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are a genuine obstacle to peace in the Middle East.  To even assert such nonsense is to ignore three thousand five hundred years of history.

The Power of Samantha Power.  Samantha Power's opinions eclipsed the views of her nominal boss, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and those of Obama's Defense Secretary (who, at least, had to pass confirmation by the Senate, unlike Power).  Her influence is long-lasting and deep.  She also probably played a role in nominating Mary Robinson to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, despite a checkered record involving international efforts towards our ally, Israel.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference Propaganda Machine.  Pavlov had a dog.  The Organization of the Islamic Conference has the United Nations and President Obama.  The OIC, the largest voting bloc at the UN, has an agenda.  Their agenda is a one-two punch.  First, don't say anything negative about Islam.  Second, blame all of the world's problems on Israel, specifically the Jewish communities called "settlements."  The UN's and Obama's conditional responses to all things Islam and Israel are helping throw the OIC's one-two punch at the world hard and fast.

Israel's supporters better wake up!  The west is experiencing a total inversion of truth evidence and reason.  A society's thinking class has overwhelmingly subscribed to an immoral, patently false and in many cases demonstrably absurd account of the Middle East, past and present, which it has uncritically absorbed and assumes to be true.

B.H. Obama:  Shameless Imperialist.  What Obama just did was encourage a twittered revolt against Mubarak, and then publicly, brutally, in the most humiliating way, order him to resign.  Joe Stalin would have been proud.  So would Mao Zedong.  This is what the Soviets tried to do all around the world.  Obama has now turned the United States into a Leftist Imperialist power.  What's his purpose?  It can only be one.  Obama believes the nonsense that all the problems of the Middle East would be solved if only Israel compromises enough with its deadliest enemies.

UN-seemly Bam slam.  Ambassador Susan Rice blocked a Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, using her very first veto to do so.  It was the right vote.  Too bad she went and opened her mouth right after.  Visibly angry at having to wield a veto at all, Rice unleashed a vile attack on Israel, using language far worse than anything in the resolution itself.  She growled about the "folly and illegitimacy" of Israel's settlement construction.  She blamed the Jewish state for "devastat[ing] trust ... and threaten[ing] the prospects for peace."

Barack Obama: the Most Anti-Israel President!  With his remarks in Jakarta, Indonesia, President Obama made history once again.  Sadly, it's a most unenviable title.  I believe he is the most anti-Israel President in U.S. history.  In going to Jakarta, Indonesia, to launch his latest attack, he literally went to the ends of the earth to give voice to his displeasure.  He emphasized his opposition to the policies of the elected government of Israel.  He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population.  Where?  In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

Obama: Blaming Israel First.  "This kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations," President Obama said Tuesday [11/9/2010] at a press conference in Indonesia.  He was referring to approvals issued in Israel this week to build 1300 homes in two East Jerusalem neighborhoods.  That is, 1300 homes for Jews.  Obama would have had no problem if the announced homes had been designated for Arabs — or anyone other than Jews.

Obama's Moment of Truth at the UN.  President Obama has affirmed repeatedly that, under his leadership, America's bond with Israel is absolute, unshakeable, and rock solid.  But the Israeli public is not convinced.  A Jerusalem Post poll in March 2010 found that just 9 percent of Jewish Israelis think his administration is pro-Israel, against 48 percent who think it is pro-Palestinian.

Why Jews are Deserting Obama and the Democrats.  One little-noticed trend that speaks volumes:  the decline in Democratic Party identification and support for Barack Obama from American Jews, once among their most reliable and enthusiastic backers.  There has been a steady drip-drip-drip of Jews leaving the Democratic Party, most recently noted by the Pew Research Center.

Obama's Not So Hidden Agenda.  To be sure, ties between the United States and Israel — far and away America's most important and loyal friend in the Middle East — have improved lately from the nadir to which Mr. Obama plunged them since he took office.  That has nothing to do, however, with a change of heart or agenda on the part of the President and his administration.  Rather, it is a reflection of a cynical calculation forced upon the Obama White House by its panicked congressional allies.

Obama Knocks Israel in a Budding Sharia State.  The president criticizes the Jewish state in a Muslim state that bans Israelis.  In fine Alinskyite tradition, Pres. Barack Obama is ready to say anything at any moment if it seems expedient.  So it was that he spoke some months back of the "unbreakable bond of friendship" between the United States and Israel.

Dear Mr. President...  You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies.  You have done just the opposite.  You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world.  You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

Obama and the War Against the Jews.  As Iran races virtually unimpeded toward a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration scolds Israel for daring to build new houses in its capital of Jerusalem.  While Hamas, aided by Turkish jihadists, arms for a new war against Israel, the White House demands that Israel exercise a suicidal restraint.  As Israel becomes ever more isolated, the Obama administration continues to reach out to its enemies in the Arab and Muslim world.

Why Israelis distrust Obama.  [Scroll down]  Of course, there might be other reasons why Israelis and their supporters view Obama with suspicion.  Such as:  His public humiliation last March of Bejamin Netanyahu at the White House, when Obama walked out of their talks to go have dinner with his family, leaving Israel's prime minister alone for over an hour, and then refused to release even a photo of their meeting.

Lights in the gathering darkness.  There are people around the world who fully understand the astonishing and appalling end game that is now being played with the lynching of Israel — with the American President having given the signal for the onslaught.

Obama and the Rising Mob Against Israel.  The Middle East is now teetering on the brink of war because a vast international mob has been unloosed, with the tacit approval of Barack Hussein Obama. ... Barack Hussein Obama is now playing the biggest role in the mob psychology of the Middle East.  Why?  Because he is the authority figure who has given the signal that it's okay to attack Israel.

Obama and the War against Israel.  If President Obama had been trying to undermine Israel's security — and ours — he could hardly have done a better job.

Obama's Israel Doctrine.  Iran is on the brink of having nuclear weapons, and enemies of the Jews have gotten the message that if they attack Israel, this president will do nothing about it.  Relations between Israel and the U.S. are the most strained they've ever been, and they will remain tense until Obama is voted out of office.  His foreign policy doctrine toward Israel boils down to four words:  He doesn't like them.

Obama's outlook probably has a lot to do with his 20 years at the TUCC.

Phony friends of Israel.  Congressional Democrats say they want to defend Israel — but without taking on Israel's enemies.  Bizarre choice — so bizarre as to make their professed support for Israel practically meaningless.

Behind The White House's Anti-Israel Agenda.  In another affront to a key ally, the White House reportedly doesn't buy Israel's story over the Gaza flotilla flap and supports a U.N. probe of its actions.  Helen Thomas would be proud.

Open Season On The Jewish State.  Of all the ironies of the Obama presidency, the strangest is now unfolding:  The election to purge American racism somehow lowered the bar for anti-Semitism.

An Open Letter to Jewish American Liberals.  In case you hadn't noticed, the "chickens" of Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim "outreach" efforts are "coming home to roost."  Israel's determination to prevent the free flow of goods to its mortal enemies has been "condemned," and declared "unsustainable and unacceptable" by this administration.  Obama's friends, Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, (a poisonous relationship virtually ignored by the mainstream media during the 2008 election) have been directly involved with the organizers of the [so-called] Freedom Flotilla.  And at a time when Israel needs unambiguous support in world where their very right to survive is being challenged, Democrats have decided that America's policy towards Gaza requires a "change" in thinking.  What in the world happened?  Modern-day liberalism happened, and if you have an ounce of desire to see the state of Israel survive, it's about time liberal Jews snapped out of their ideological coma.

Joining the Jackals:  The Obama administration abandons Israel.  At the United Nations, a lynch mob for Israel is always just a moment away.  The Islamic countries are a reliable source of venom, led by the Arab bloc; what we used to call the "non-aligned" are all aligned against Israel and happy to join the fun; and the Europeans can be counted on for hand-wringing rather than staunch resistance.  Only the United States, and a few brave allies like Canada and Australia, can be counted upon to oppose diplomatic lynchings year after year; and only the United States can stop them in the Security Council.

U.S. Interferes With Israel's Gaza Blockade.  The Obama administration is pushing for an internationalized investigation of Israel's recent effort to preserve its naval blockade of Hamas-run Gaza.  In an extraordinary interference with the sovereignty of a democratic society and its right of self-defense, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said Wednesday [6/2/2010] that the United States wants "a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation..."

Helen Thomas' words, Barack Obama's policy.  Most Americans are outraged at Helen Thomas' culturally and ethnically based anti-semitic biases, said with seemingly complete sobriety and coherence this past week to a rolling video camera.  But if Americans are honest, they would have to admit that the current administration's policies, positions, and preferences towards Israel come scarily close to agreement with the disgraced columnist for Hearst newspapers.  This is particularly so in recent weeks.

Jewish Donors Outraged by 'Sociopath' Obama, Says Columnist.  If senior journalist David Goldman is right, the correct word for describing the way a growing number of US Jews feel about President Barack Obama is not 'anger' but 'rage' — white-hot rage, at that, and a conviction that they have been swindled.

America Needs to Stand with Israel Now.  [Scroll down]  When the ship was ultimately secured, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli Defense officials "identified about 50 passengers on the ship who could have terrorist connections with global jihad-affiliated groups.  The military also discovered a cache of bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, as well as gas masks."  They also report that the suspected terror suspects "refused to identify themselves and were not carrying passports.  Many of them were carrying envelopes packed with thousands of dollars in cash."  Yet, despite these facts, the Obama Administration has decided to remain on the sidelines and leave Israel to face the world alone, effectively abandoning our longtime friend and ally when they need us the most.

Anti-Israel sharks sniff O's weakness.  In the aftermath of the Gaza flotilla fiasco, the air is thick with nonsense.  Chief among the instant myths is that Israel has created a dilemma for President Obama.  Actually, it's the other way around.

Obama's Ostrich Strategy.  If the entire situation weren't so serious, the White House's concerted effort in seeking to condemn Israel as an irresponsible bully would be laughable.  The Obama portrait of a big bad Israel is supposed to show the Muslim countries of the Middle East that Washington is now truly even-handed.

Poll:  Obama has Lost Almost Half of his US Jewish Support.  United States President Barack Obama has lost nearly half of his support among American Jews, a poll by the McLaughlin Group has shown.  The US Jews polled were asked whether they would:  (a) vote to re-elect Obama, or (b) consider voting for someone else.  42% said they would vote for Obama and 46%, a plurality, preferred the second answer.  12% said they did not know or refused to answer.

Obama to Abbas:  I am committed to creation of Palestinian state.  U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday [5/11/2010] pledged commitment to the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state and vowed to hold both Israel and the Palestinians accountable if either side takes actions that "undermine trust" during U.S.-mediated talks launched this week.

Obama's 5 Big Lies About Israel.  In preparation for his attempt to impose a final solution on Israel, Obama is spreading a variety of lies through the media and his spokesmen about Israel.  And by exposing those lies, we can best get at the truth.

Is Obama Winning His War on Jerusalem?  The Israeli government is walking a fine line as it tries holding out against the Obama administration's demand for a building freeze while simultaneously fending off charges that it is not interested in making peace with the Palestinians.  The predictable result is confusion.

O, Such Sad Deception.  [Scroll down]  Like the Jews of Goray, those people who voted for Obama are going to have their world turn over 180 degrees.  I fear for their faith in Obama.  He is not an honest broker.  He misleads and uses the ancient Roman trick of "bread and circuses."  Interesting is the fact that this allegedly transparent leader has not held a press conference in months.  Obama's angry and contemptible behavior against allies is revealing.  His mercurial nature has Americans spinning; it takes incredible energy to keep up with his poisonous prevarications.

Silent signals:  There is great power in the non-verbal message. ... Take for instance Obama wordlessly bowing to despots and dictators and doing so while snubbing America's greatest ally, Israel.  The President even allowed the soles of his shoes to be photographed while conversing with Bibi Netanyahu on the phone.  In Muslim culture "to have the sole of the shoe directed toward one is pretty much the equivalent of someone in our culture giving you the finger."

Barack Hussein Obama vs. Israel.  A full six months before Barack Hussein Obama's Cairo speech, I reported on an interview I had with a high ranking member of the intelligence community who stated that the Obama administration would turn against Israel.  That retiring member of the intelligence community laid it all out during our interview, stating that not only would the Obama administration abandon Israel, but the U.S., at the direction of Obama, would turn against the very nation with which we have long shared the core values of western democracy.

How Bad Can It Get?  The Obama administration has embarked on an assault on our ally Israel that can no longer be chalked up to a minor gaffe or a misunderstanding.  The Obami have been unrelenting and consistently hostile toward the Jewish state.

Surrendering an ally is no strategy at all.  Barack Obama has come up with an interesting strategy for dealing with the evildoers of the world.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Surrender your friends, if necessary.  He wants to make Israel, our oldest and only reliable friend in the Middle East, the guinea pig to see whether the strategy works.

Obama's Israel Problem.  Barack Obama has an Israel problem.  I won't say a Jewish problem, because that wouldn't be "politically correct." ... Until now Jewish leaders had been relatively silent on the matter.  Some of the more famous ones in my hometown of Hollywood (Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, David Geffen — supposedly great friends of Israel) have been as quiet as clams.

Obama's Diplomatic War on Israel Is Just Getting Started.  Some may have thought that Obama's rage at Netanyahu and the histrionics that the president and his staff have engaged in during the last month was just a passing phase, to be forgotten as they moved on to other issues.  But apparently, Obama's anger at Israel and his desire to bring down Bibi and to force the Jewish state to surrender on Jerusalem has not diminished.

Does Obama Want Israel to Sign a Suicide Pact?  President Obama is often said to be pursuing a Wilsonian line in foreign policy.  Wilson wanted, ineffectually, "to make the world safe for democracy."  Is Obama trying to make the world safe for Islam?

A Friend Betrayed.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided not to attend President Obama's nuclear security summit.  He's worried his nation of 7 million will be ganged up on.  Is this how we treat friends?

Target Israel.  [Scroll down]  As to what is motivating the Obama Administration's war against Israel, a number of possibilities have been suggested.  Some have pointed out the president's long association with people who harbor, and peddle, deep enmity towards Israel, including Bill Ayres, Reverend Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Samantha Power and others.  It is suggested that he shares much of these associates' world view, including their attitude towards the Jewish state.

You can fool most American Jewish leaders nearly all of the time.  The Jerusalem Post reports that Dan Shapiro, the U.S. National Security Council's top Middle East adviser, conducted a conference call with American Jewish leaders on Friday to reassure them about the White House's intentions towards Israel.  In what I take to be his only honest utterance[,] Shapiro said that a "resolution" of the episode is close.  The resolution, I assume, will be concessions by Netanyahu.  The rest of Shapiro's reported remarks are so ridiculous that even the American Jewish leaders apparently weren't buying them.

An Open Letter to the Evil Tyrants in Washington.  [Scroll down slowly]  As for you, Mr. Obama, you have, to our utter disgust, shamefully treated our closest allies, but like a detestable serf, you have bowed to the enemies of America.  Your treatment of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu is despicable...

Confronting Obama's Messiah complex.  Seemingly intoxicated by Congress's endorsement of his health care legislation, President Barack Obama appears to have been overcome by a Messiah complex.  His actions relating to the Middle East during recent weeks oblige us to face realities about our "unshakable" alliance with the United States.

Obama's Two-State Delusion.  Let there be no mistake:  President Obama's attack on Israel's right to govern in eastern Jerusalem has nothing to do with American national interests, and nothing to do with a "peace process."  Other American leaders may have disagreed with Israeli policy, but none of them made it a casus belli.  No other prominent politician sought to impose the "two-state solution," based on 60-year-old cease-fire lines with Jordan, instead of a negotiated agreement.

Passover Mush.  Obama, as presidents have traditionally done, released a Passover message.  It is typical Obama — off-key, hyper-political, and condescending.

What Makes This President Different from All Other Presidents?  This year, along with the conventional four questions of the Passover Seder, some Americans are starting ask themselves:  "Why is this president different from all other presidents?"  The answer is that Barack Obama has now established opposition to Israel's hold on its capital as a cornerstone of American Middle East policy in a way that is completely new as well as dangerous.

337 House members sign letter criticizing Obama's Israel policy.  It seems that the only thing that Republicans and Democrats in Congress agree on right now is that the administration's aggressive posture toward Israel isn't helpful.

Obama demands Netanyahu's peace answers by Saturday.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will convene his senior ministers on Friday to discuss the demands made by US President Barack Obama and his overall trip to Washington — a trip that, because of negative atmospherics and amid a paucity of hard information, has been widely characterized as among the most difficult in recent memory.

New World's Record for Chutzpah:  Obama's Seder.  After a week spent beating up on Israel, blowing a minor gaffe into an international incident, subjecting Israel's prime minister to unprecedented insults that Obama would never think of trying on even the most humble Third World leader, and establishing the principle that the Jewish presence in eastern Jerusalem — even in existing Jewish neighborhoods — is illegal and an affront to American interests — after all that, Obama plans on spending Monday night mouthing a few lines from the Passover Haggadah at a Seder held in the White House.

The Editor says...
Mr. Obama may be awkward at a Seder, but he can recite Islamic prayers with an "impressive" Arab accent.*

Obama And Israel:  The Trust Is Gone.  I consider the Obama administration's recent actions against the Israeli government to be outrageous and a breach of trust.

Obama fools nine percent of Israeli Jews.  Only 9 percent of Israeli Jews believe that President Obama is pro-Israel, according to a poll taken by Smith Research on behalf of the Jerusalem Post.  48 percent said that the Obama favors the Palestinian side, while 30 percent said his administration is neutral.  The remaining 13 percent expressed no opinion.

Why wasn't Obama photographed with Netanyahu?  The White House has waved off suggestions that President Barak Obama was "embarrassed" to be photographed with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, amid questions over the minimal media coverage of their meeting in Washington this week.

Post poll:  Obama still in single digits.  Just 9 percent of Jewish Israelis think US President Barack Obama's administration is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian, according to a Smith Research poll taken this week on behalf of The Jerusalem Post.

Obama's Disgraceful Conduct Toward Israel.  [Scroll down]  The pressures Obama directed at Netanyahu were severe, in one account even inducing a "panic" reaction in the Israeli leader.  The total media blackout that accompanied their meeting led the Washington Post's Jackson Diehl to comment that "Netanyahu is being treated as if he were an unsavory Third World dictator, needed for strategic reasons but conspicuously held at arm's length."

Bum's Rush for Bibi.  Judging by his actions to date, President Obama appears to have an almost visceral antipathy toward Israel.  He's happy to bow and scrape to Saudi King Abdullah, to have photo ops with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and, as he made clear during the campaign, would even open his door to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Korean leader Kim Jong Il if only they would deign to sit down for a chat.  But Obama gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the bum's rush on his recent visit to Washington.  No photo ops, no joint press conference, no diplomatic niceties whatsoever.

The Editor asks...
Would a Christian act that way?  No.  Would a Muslim act that way?  Absolutely.  Does anyone still believe Obama's claim to be a Christian?

Silence that speaks volumes:  blackout as Israel's leader leaves White House.  Two separate meetings between President Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, failed to produce so much as an official photograph as a chill settled over US-Israeli relations and secrecy shrouded any efforts to repair them.

Bam's triple-diplo-whammy day.  Wednesday, March 24, 2010, was the worst day for US diplomacy in recent memory.  Between sunrise and sunset, we 1) handled our Israeli allies as enemies, 2) treated Pakistani gangsters as our benefactors and 3) got blindsided — brilliantly — by the Russians.

No Denying White House Animus Toward Israel.  This is not the first president to dislike an Israeli prime minister or even Israel itself.  The elder George Bush and his secretary of state, [James Baker] despised Yitzhak Shamir.  But never has the leader of America's ally Israel been treated with such open contempt as shown by Obama to Netanyahu.  The Israeli's visit to the White House was closed to the press — with not even one photo released of their encounter.

Obama's War Against Israel.  The tension between the two governments is being stoked by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a deliberate attempt to weaken the coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why Does Obama Want an Israel Crisis?  [Scroll down]  So why this astonishing one-sidedness? ... Is it because Obama fancies himself the historic redeemer whose irresistible charisma will heal the breach between Christianity and Islam or, if you will, between the post-imperial West and the Muslim world — and has little patience for this pesky Jewish state that brazenly insists on its right to exist, and even more brazenly on permitting Jews to live in its own ancient, historical and now present capital?

Barack Obama treats Israel and Britain with sneering contempt.  Perhaps only one thing is certain about the course of the Obama administration's ham-fisted foreign policy — there is no depth to which it will not stoop to kick America's allies in the teeth while cuddling up to her enemies.  In the past month we've seen ample evidence of this with the State Department's appalling decision to openly side with Argentina against Great Britain over the Falklands, and the White House's bullying of Israel.

The Administration's Manufactured, Trumped Up Fight With Israel.  For those who say Obama has achieved nothing, I think the appropriate response is that he's destroyed the political career of Hillary Clinton, succeeded in driving more Jews from his party to which they'd so long been loyal and managed to offend all our allies.  You think that's easy?  It takes a special kind of stupid.

Switching Sides.  In a stunning and historic reversal of American foreign policy, the United States is now backing one of the same horses it fought during World War II.  Instead of fighting against Nazism and racism, Obama has effectively joined the jihad waged during World War II by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

How Obama Is Turning America against Israel:  At best, Barack Obama committed the latest big mistake in his conduct of foreign policy last week.  At worst, the president carried out a deliberate operation intended to weaken the U.S.-Israel relationship and turn the public against the Jewish State.

'Don't count on Jewish Obama voters'.  US President Barack Obama harbors anti-Semitism and the American Jews who voted for him are not pro-Israel, Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi, the outspoken brother-in-law of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, said on Wednesday [3/17/2010].  In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Ben-Artzi said it was no coincidence that the 78 percent of American Jews who voted for Obama was roughly the same percentage of Jews in the US who do not give their children a Jewish education.

Israel's New Enemy:  America?  Despite Vice President Joe Biden's recent pledge of unswerving fidelity to Israel during his recent visit there, the rhetoric and pressure directed by the Obama administration against the only fully functioning democracy in the Middle East more accurately resembles the behavior of an enemy.

Netanyahu's brother-in-law:  Obama is an anti-Semite.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi on Wednesday called U.S. President Barack Obama an anti-Semite in an interview with Army Radio.  "It's not that Obama doesn't like Bibi," he referring to Netanyahu using his nickname.  "He doesn't like the nation of Israel."

Obama Heads the Most Anti-Israel Administration in U.S. History.  With its diplomatic assaults on just about everything the Israeli government does, the Obama administration is establishing itself as the most anti-Israel administration in U.S. history.  I have talked to foreign policy experts in Washington, D.C. and Israel today and they are using adjectives like "bizarre," "inexplicable," "counterproductive," and "outrageous" to describe President Obama's diplomatic jihad against Israel.

Obama has crossed the line.  Recent hostile outbursts by the US gov't must be viewed in the context that the US-Israel relationship has been on a downward spiral since Obama.

Breaking with Israel:  Who will trust America now?  We've been viewed as a fickle (if mighty) partner at least since the 1970s, when we abruptly dumped allies from Saigon to Tehran.  Now the White House not only delights in insulting our closest traditional ally, Britain, but has intensified its diplomatic pogrom against Israel — our only respectable ally in the Middle East.

Does the Media Misrepresent Obama When It Comes to Israel.  If Obama were truly interested in "change," he would encourage the Palestinian Arabs to accept and live in peace with their Jewish neighbors.  He would stop pushing Israel and start pushing the Palestinian Authority to take concrete steps towards ending its war against Israel and the Jewish people.

Obama to Israel:  'Drop Dead'.  Sadly, Democrats seem to care far more about passing health care legislation this week than protecting the U.S.-Israel relationship from Obama's assault.  It's apparent that indifference of (if not hostility to) Israel's survival is at work.

Obama has crossed the line.  Recent hostile outbursts by the US gov't must be viewed in the context that the US-Israel relationship has been on a downward spiral since Obama.

The Subtext of the Obama-Israel Dispute:  By trying to limit Jewish residency in Jerusalem, President Obama plays into this de-Judification of Jerusalem and poses a threat to both Judaism and Christianity.

A Black Pastor Speaks Out on President Obama's Past.  [Scroll down]  First, the President was taught for twenty years by a virulent anti-Semite, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  In the black community it is called "sitting under".  You don't merely attend a church, you "sit under" a Pastor to be taught and mentored by him.  Obama "sat under" Wright for a very long time.  He was comfortable enough with Farrakhan and Wright's friend to attend and help organize his "Million Man March".  I was on C-Span the morning of the march arguing that we must never legitimize a racist and anti-Semite, no matter what "good" he claims to be doing.  Yet a future President was in the crowd giving Farrakhan his enthusiastic support.

Obama's Landscape of Anti-Semitism.  Obama had a disturbing track record from the beginning.  The Obama landscape, the landscape of his personal and professional associations, is littered with anti-Semites and rife with Israel haters.  Only three weeks after Barack Hussein Obama took office, Israeli pundit Caroline Glick noted that "since it came into office a month ago, every single Middle East policy the Obama administration has announced has been antithetical to Israel's national security interests."

Dismantling America:  Part II.  Barack Obama has made every mistake that was made by the Western democracies in the 1930s, mistakes that put Hitler in a position to start World War II — and come dangerously close to winning it.  At the heart of those mistakes was trying to mollify your enemies by throwing your friends to the wolves.  The Obama administration has already done that by reneging on this country's commitment to put a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe and by its lackadaisical foot-dragging on doing anything serious to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  That means, for all practical purposes, throwing Israel to the wolves as well.

Breaking promises and betraying an ally at the U.N..  The American Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, lobbied for the United States to join the egregious United Nations Human Rights Council — a body dedicated to bashing America and Israel and shielding the true human rights violators around the world (many of whom have sat as members of the Council for years).

Nature abhors a vacuum.  Bill Clinton is in Jerusalem trying to clean up behind President Obama and Hillary, whose strident anti-settlement policy has blown up in their face.  Clinton's comments are significant only because they show what a shambles the administration's Middle East policy has become.

Brezinski Calls for Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Jets.  In a little noticed interview with the Daily Beast (presumably little noticed because serious people don't read the Daily Beast), Zbigniew Brzezinski suggests that Barack Obama do more than just refuse to support an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites — the American president must give the order to shoot down Israeli aircraft as they cross Iraqi airspace.

The Camp David Syndrome.  President Obama has just announced the latest effort toward crafting a Middle East Peace Settlement.  That grand-sounding title is Beltway-speak for "let's lean on Israel to gain some street cred with the Euros." He's chosen Hillary Clinton as his negotiator.

The Ugly American.  If we have a pure ally in the world today, it is Israel.  America, like Israel and like every sane leader of every free nation, does not want Iran to get nuclear weapons.  So when Israel suggests that it may undertake, alone, the burden of all free nations — taking out Iran's nuclear capacity — Obama's advisors warn that if the Israeli Defense Force flies over Iraq without our consent, our air forces will shoot down the Israeli warplanes.

Obama and the Holy Land:  In June 2009, in a speech in Cairo, President Barack Obama announced a historic American tilt toward the Arab and Muslim worlds. It is too early to tell if he, unlike his predecessors, believes in what has been known as the special relationship between America and Israel, However, most of his fellow Americans still believe in it.

Democratic Congressman:  Obama demand for settlement freeze 'mistaken'.  The chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee said last week that the Obama administration is making a mistake in demanding Israel completely freeze construction in the settlements.

There may be worse to come.  President Obama's naïve efforts to appease the Arabs by bullying and distancing the United States from Israel has backfired.  However despite increasing unease extending to some of Obama's most fervent supporters, the administration has yet to signal any change in policy.

Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War.  Events are fast pushing Israel toward a pre-emptive military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, probably by next spring. That strike could well fail.  Or it could succeed at the price of oil at $300 a barrel, a Middle East war, and American servicemen caught in between.  So why is the Obama administration doing everything it can to speed the war process along?

Obama bulldozing Israel's future.  President Obama is demonstrating an alarming hostility toward the Jewish state and has gone out of his way to describe Israeli homes in Judea and Samaria and in parts of Jerusalem, as "illegitimate." ... The homes in question had been purchased decades ago by their Jewish residents who had subsequently been dispossessed of them by the Jordanian Arab occupiers after the 1948 Arab-Israel War.

Orly Taitz: Obama policies are 'clear and present danger to Israel'.  Speaking to Haaretz on Monday [8/17/2009], Taitz slammed what she calls Obama's support for Hamas, citing an executive order signed by the U.S. president shortly after taking office, which funneled $900 million to the Gaza Strip.  To Taitz, the executive order was a form of political subterfuge meant to prop up the enemies of the United States and Israel, in spite of widespread American Jewish support for the new president.  "During the campaign, Obama was telling American Jews that he is for Israel... but sure enough, just as he was elected, look at his first actions, he issued an executive order to give $900 million to Gaza with no preconditions."

Barack Obama is no friend of Israel.  The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) recently criticized the Web site American Thinker in a Jerusalem Post op-ed entitled The chutzpah of Obama's Jewish critics for having a "fictional understanding" of Barack Obama's approach toward Israel.  This kind of attack is typical of the NJDC which maintains a "see no evil, hear no evil" approach toward the president on this and every other issue.  This willful blindness is both wrongheaded and a disservice to Jews who care about the fate of Israel.

Obama's Crusade Against Israel:  Opposed to the right of Jews to build in Jerusalem, Obama's administration can no longer be considered impartial, let alone friendly.  He's out to "liberate" the Holy Land.  Taking an extreme position — contrary to what Ambassador Michael Oren believes — is unprecedented.  No American president has made Israeli settlements the issue; nor has there been such an ignorance of the threats Israel faces and a willingness to jeopardize Israel's basic security interests.

Outcry over Obama's Medal of Freedom list.  A pro-Israel lobbying group says it is "deeply disappointed" with the White House over one of President Obama's picks to receive the Medal of Freedom.  In a statement, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee criticized the administration for naming former Irish President Mary Robinson as one of the 16 recipients of the presidential medal.

Why does Obama stick a finger in the eye of the Jewish community?  Is the honeymoon over between American Jews and Barack Obama over?  Not by a long shot, though there have been some ripples buffeting the relationship.  His approach toward Israel (hostile) and the wider Middle East (ineffectual at best; damaging at worst) has begun to affect his ratings among even Jewish Democrats.

Why Israel Is Nervous:  Tension is escalating between the U.S and Israel.  The problem:  The administration views the Israeli-Palestinian issue as the root of all problems, while Israel is focused on Iran's nuclear threat.

Who really selected Mary Robinson for the Presidential Medal of Freedom?  President Barack Obama's decision to bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Mary Robinson, who headed a United Nation Commission that condoned suicide bombing against Israelis and who also was in charge of the Durban Conference Against Racism that became an anti-Semitic hate-fest reminiscent of Nazi Germany (and that the Unites States and Israel boycotted, to Robinson's consternation), has elicited some measure of controversy.

Obama honors an enemy of Israel.  Barack Obama today [7/30/2009] announced that he is presenting the Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson.  So who is Mary Robinson?  An enemy of Israel to begin, and the host and mastermind of the first Durban conference.

Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem.  For the first time in years, the nationalist camp will hold a large scale rally against United States policies vis-à-vis Israel.  The protest will be held in downtown Jerusalem, on Agron St. on Monday evening [7/27/2009]...

Settler rally:  Obama racist; his regime will fall.  "(US President Barack) Obama is a racist," said Rabbi Eliezer Waldman, the head of the "Nir" yeshiva in the West Bank town of Kiryat Arba.  Waldman was speaking during a mass rally held Monday evening [7/27/2009] at Jerusalem's Paris Square in protest of the American demand that Israel halt all construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

Obama's real agenda:  President Barack Obama last Monday [7/13/2009] met for the first time with leaders of selected Jewish organizations and leaks from the meeting now make one thing very clear.  The only free country in the Middle East no longer has a friend in the leader of the free world.  Obama is the most hostile sitting American president in the history of the state of Israel.

National Jewish Leader Turns against Obama.  A huge crack has surfaced in Obama's Jewish base in the person of Alan Solow, one of the president's closest Chicago friends and long-time supporters.

The President Takes a Hard Line on Israel.  In foreign policy, President Barack Obama has demonstrated a disturbing propensity to curry favor with our adversaries at the expense of our friends.  The Czechs and Poles are rightly concerned that they will be sacrificed on the altar of better U.S. relations with Russia.  And the Israelis fear that the Obama administration's desired opening to the Muslim world will be achieved at their expense.  Mr. Obama's attempted bullying of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a case in point.

Avoiding an American ambush.  The basic reality that the US is being led by a radical ideologue who clings to his views in the face of overwhelming proof of their falsity is the most fundamental fact that world leaders must reckon with today as they formulate policies to contend with the Obama administration.  This is first and foremost the case for Israel.

The Turn Against Israel:  Obama's notion that presidents before him have not been "as honest as we should be" about the settlements [between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea] is a peculiar one.  Every occupant of the Oval Office since Richard Nixon has spoken unfavorably about them.  The turn against Israel that so many predicted during the 2008 campaign is coming to pass — with a smile, and a nod, and an invocation of a word that actually means something very different from friendship.  It might even mean its opposite.

'Them Jews' of Obama:  From Kvell to Kvetch.  "Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me."  That's the complaint of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the anti-Semitic, radical minister who was Barack Obama's spiritual mentor for two decades. ... "Them Jews" around Obama have been the object of much attention, especially eliciting the adoration of secular Jewish liberals who comprise roughly half of the American Jewish community of five million. ... But pride has turned to alarm as even some liberal American Jews are getting it:  the Obama administration, including "them Jews," is uniquely hostile to Israel.

Did someone mention "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright?

The case against Obama:  Prior to the election, many traditional Jewish supporters of the Democratic Party were apprehensive of Barack Obama's initially negative attitude to Israel and his troubling association with people like PLO ideologue Rashid Khalidi and the anti-Semitic Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  However after aggressively repudiating his earlier policies, Obama convinced most Jews that he would never abandon the Jewish state.  Alas, recent developments suggest otherwise. ... If one probes beneath the veneer of bonhomie and analyzes the substance of his policies, they reflect an unprecedented downturn in relations towards Israel with hints of worse to come.

Black president demanding segregation in Jerusalem.  Late last week, the Obama administration demanded that the Israeli government pull the plug on a planned housing development near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.  The project, a 20-unit apartment complex, is indisputably legal.  The property to be developed — a defunct hotel — was purchased in 1985, and the developer has obtained all the necessary municipal permits.  Why, then, does the administration want the development killed?

Has Obama Turned on Israel?  Many American supporters of Israel who voted for Barack Obama now suspect they may have been victims of a bait and switch.  Jewish Americans voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama over John McCain in part because the Obama campaign went to great lengths to assure these voters that a President Obama would be supportive of Israel.  This despite his friendships with rabidly anti-Israel characters like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and historian Rashid Khalidi.

Has Barack Obama become the bane of Israeli Jews?  He swept to power with the support of 78% of American Jews.  But has Barack Obama become the bane of Israeli Jews?  A gulf between American and Israeli Jews was evident even before Obama moved into the White House.  Just a third of Israelis would have endorsed him had they been allowed to vote, polling indicated, while almost half would have chosen John McCain.

Obama's Attraction to Human Rights Violators.  With each fist bump from Hugo Chavez, Team Medvedev/Putin, Kim Jong-Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one would expect that Obama would learn to close his open palm and offer up the tough policy that he promised would appear.  Yet the only world leader who has seen Obama's stick wielding, clenched fist is Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu.

Obama's deadly hand revealed.  Among American Jews, a degree of buyers' remorse has been detected recently.  Almost 80 percent of American Jews voted for Barack Obama as President.  Those of us who warned that this man would endanger Israel were scorned.  How could that possibly be, said the secular, liberal American Jews.  He's a Democrat, he's black and he's pro-abortion.  With this triple-lock of unassailable virtue, how can he be bad for Israel?  Now some of them are getting an awful feeling that they may have made the biggest misjudgment of their lives.

Barack Obama vs international law:  By characterizing its demand that Israel prohibit Jews from building homes in Israel's capital city and its heartland as a legal requirement, the Obama administration portrays Israel as an international outlaw.

Jeremiah Wright Foreign Policy:  Anyone familiar with the views of Barack Obama's pastor of twenty years might wonder if Reverend Jeremiah Wright is the chief inspiration behind the president's foreign policy. ... It is understandable that after sitting through 20 years of sermons delivered by the pastor Barack Obama considered his spiritual mentor that Jeremiah Wright's politics would heavily influence Obama's worldview of the U.S. and Israel.  It is unfortunate that they do.

Obama's losing streak and us.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech Sunday evening at Bar-Ilan University had one goal:  To get US President Barack Obama off of Israel's back.  Netanyahu's speech was an eloquent, rational and at times impassioned defense of Israel.

Obama's Iran Blunder.  On its current course, the Middle East is headed for nuclear war.  The only question is whether someone will act to take history off that course.  That won't be the left wing extremist/narcissist we now have in the White House, who is lost in his own dream world.

Explaining Obama: Our First Islamist President?  At some point, it seems fair to ask why Obama is taking this approach.  There is more and more evidence to suggest that, alone among the non-lunatic nations of the world (North Korea thereby excepted), Obama has problems with only one:  Israel.  Obama has for all practical purposes, become the salesman for the Saudi "peace plan", designed to drive Israel back to the pre 67 war borders.  As for the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel (and others), the Obama approach can best be described as "not a problem", or "mañana".

Slapping a Friend.  [Scroll down]  All indications are that foreign policy is being made directly — and solely — in the White House.  And this president's foreign policy increasingly seems predicated on America's turning its back on its most reliable traditional allies.  Like Britain and Israel — both of which have long been viewed as having a "special relationship" with Washington.

Obama to Jews: I'm Just Not That Into You.  It is time for American Jews to leave the Democratic Party, to see reality as it is and not how they wish it to be.  To be a Jew in this world is dangerous ...and our president and his party are deliberately making it more so (even serial Obama apologist Susan Estrich is "not completely certain... where this president will stand in a crisis" involving Jews).

Israel Need Not Apply for 'Hope and Change'.  I find myself becoming more and more upset and exasperated with the way Israel is being thrown under the bus by President Obama.  During his most recent Major Speech&tm;, this time in Cairo — which seemed to be more popular with the American press than with the Egyptians, and which Charles Krauthammer aptly described as "abstract, vapid, and self-absorbed" — Obama made clear his intent to fundamentally change U.S.-Israeli relations, which up until now have been that of friends and allies.

Capitulation in Cairo?  The real meaning of President Obama's recent address to the Muslim world in Cairo is that he is turning his back on the Jews at a time when they face another possible Holocaust.  Mr. Obama called for a "new beginning" in relations between the United States and Islamic civilization.  He praised Islam's commitment to "peace," "justice" and "religious tolerance."  He listed the Muslim world's supposed contributions to history — algebra, the compass and the printing press, among others.  There is only one problem:  It is all false. ... What's next:  Islam invented the Internet?

Young Americans in J'lem 'feel the hate' for Obama.  A new video posted on the Internet featuring inebriated American Jewish youth in a Jerusalem bar spouting hate-filled sentiments has garnered massive exposure and caused a firestorm in the media and the Jewish world. ... "You're all about talking to the Arabs," says one.  "You're going to Cairo making a speech to the Muslim world trying to get them to love you, what about the Jews, man?  What are we, chopped liver?  You don't care about us.  Are we nothing to you?  Do we matter?  Do you care if we get driven into the sea?  Do you care if we get nuked?

The Editor says...
That doesn't sound like "hate-filled sentiments" to me, just reasonable dissent.  Have we now arrived at the point where any disagreement with the left is called "hate"?  Were the Federalist Papers full of "hate-filled sentiments"?

The Era of Bipartisan Support for Israel is Over.  After successfully wooing nearly 80% of the Jewish vote with his siren song, it has taken little more than one hundred days for the true motives of Barack Hussein Obama — who now desires that his Muslim origins be noted — to be revealed and put into action.  For years prior to his election, Obama comfortably operated within the realm of the anti-Israel perspective.  His record of sharing personal, intellectual and political relationships with anti-Semites, purveyors of Palestinian victimology, and characters who seek to demonize Israel at every opportunity had been well documented, albeit intentionally ignored and ruled as "off-limits" during the campaign by his many supporters and the mainstream media.

President Obama's Cairo speech proves he's experiencing a moral muddle.  The outlines of an Obama Doctrine are taking shape.  Our President's world view can be summarized as "Everybody is a little bit guilty, especially Israel."  His demand in Cairo that Israel make major concessions before Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist was a pander of the rankest sort.  What a difference a year and the audience make.  Exactly a year before his Cairo speech, on June 4, 2008, candidate Obama told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee he would "never force Israel to the negotiating table" or to make "concessions."

The Grand Apology Tour.  [Osama] Bin Laden doesn't make any apologies for who he is — or the violence he advocates. ... Mr. Obama, on the other hand, is desperate for affirmation — thus his repeated references to his Muslim father and the Holy Koran in an effort to bond with his Islamic audience.  To demonstrate empathy with "our Arab allies" — and show improvement from his predecessors — he did not visit Israel and pointedly condemned Israeli settlements, the construction of which, he said, "undermines efforts to achieve peace."

Awful.  What an awful speech.  Among the problems, one was the president's claim that there are "nearly seven million American Muslims in our country today."  The true number is probably less than half that ... During the campaign I had actually defended Obama against those who felt he would be a disaster for Israel.  This speech makes me think that may have been a mistake.  The only chance now is that this speech will be mere rhetoric, like so much in the Middle East, intended only for public consumption.  But if Obama really means it, it is bad news for the Jews in Israel and America, not to mention for American national security.

Obama's Arafat Amnesia.  Obama's self-induced amnesia about Arafat's rejection of the generous Clinton-Barak offer to create a Palestinian state in all of Gaza, 95 percent of the West Bank, and all the Arab neighborhoods in East Jersualem, including the Old City, is nothing short of astounding.  Although pro-Palestinian revisionists have tried to exculpate Arafat, both President Clinton and Dennis Ross, his chief Mideast envoy and adviser, are on record as blaming Arafat for torpedoing Camp David and a subsequent round of futile negotiations at Taba in early 2001.  History is very clear on this point.

Obama's Cairo speech signals end of the 9/11 era.  If Barack Obama fulfills even some of the promises he made during his important address in Cairo Thursday, June 4, 2009 will be remembered in world history as the last day of the 9/11 era. ... Obama gave Israel the following choices Thursday:  Either the conservative Israeli government will adjust itself to the American people's choice in electing a liberal president, or the speech will be the lightning that precedes the thunder.

The End of America's Strategic Alliance with Israel?  From an Israeli perspective, Pres. Barack Obama's speech today in Cairo was deeply disturbing. Both rhetorically and programmatically, Obama's speech was a renunciation of America's strategic alliance with Israel.

The Real Saudi Bow.  When President Obama first met the Saudi royals, he seemed to bow at the waist.  Either that or he doubled over in pain.  Did he bow?  Or didn't he bow?  That was the topic du jour at the press briefing that day.  But now we have the answer:  Obama is, indeed, really bowing to the Saudis as he visits the Middle East this week.  First, he is bypassing Israel.  Visiting the Middle East and not going to Israel would be like touring North America and omitting a stop in the United States.

Israel to Obama:  "No You Can't!"  North Korea is launching missiles, Iran is building nukes, Saudi Arabia is sponsoring hate that translates into worldwide terrorism, Sudan is still massacring and raping, China is busy ethnic cleansing Tibet into a Chinese province... but the Obama Administration is furious, yes "furious" at only one country, Israel.

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