Mandatory Socialized Medicine

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Obamacare is being developed by leftist politicians who don't appear to be concerned about technicalities such as the Constitution.  Nothing in the Constitution authorizes the federal government to act as an insurance company or to manage hospitals.  And certainly nothing in the Constitution permits the federal government to require U.S. citizens to purchase medical insurance.


Obamacare will be mandatory -- and therefore unconstitutional.

Despite what you may have heard, health care is not a right.

Senator Reid shamelessly buys votes

Obamacare carries an odor of corruption.

Obamacare will be mandatory -- and therefore unconstitutional

There's nothing optional about it.  Whether you need it or not, you will have to purchase Obamacare or go to jail.  That's tyranny.

Obamacare fallacy is alive and well.  Unconstitutional from its inception due to the fact that no revenue legislation can originate in the Senate (which the ACA did by including the individual mandate), that this key aspect was demonetized by Congress' tax overhaul in 2017 didn't change anything.  All the squirmings by Chief Justice John Roberts in 2012 officially dubbing the mandate a tax instead of a fee only confirmed the unconstitutionality of Obamacare rather than the opposite.  The challenge to ACA to which a federal judge in Texas agreed, ruling the law unconstitutional because the mandate's teeth were extracted in passing the 2017 tax law by reducing it to zero, only adds to the clowning that this unaffordable Affordable Care Act instituted from the outset.  One could even argue that this case further muddies the waters regarding ACA's constitutionality as the mandate continues to be the political football thrown for a touchback.  The game was always hinged on a bad play.

Democrat AGs:  Obamacare mandate still exists, even at $0.  Congress may have cut the Obamacare penalty to zero, but that doesn't mean the individual mandate requiring Americans to have insurance is actually gone, Democratic state officials explained Thursday [8/30/2018].  They're preparing to argue in a major courtroom showdown next week that the 2010 health law is still legal even without the punishing taxes that were originally the heart of the law's constitutional basis, according to the Supreme Court.  California Attorney General Xavier Becerra compared the tax penalty to a bank account — even if all the money were removed, the account would still be there, he said.

With the individual mandate dead, the rest of Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Almost no one saw it coming.  In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts famously ruled the Affordable Care Act's provision mandating most people purchase health insurance or else pay a fine constitutional on the basis that Congress has the authority to tax individuals, and the so-called Obamacare "fine" is effectively a tax.  As the now-deceased Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out in his dissenting opinion, in classifying the Obamacare penalty as a "tax," Roberts ignored history, the language of the healthcare law, statements made by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress, and common sense.  (The obvious difference between a fine and a tax is that the purpose of a tax is to raise revenue, not to force people to behave in a particular way.)

The Obama Legacy Deserves To Be Destroyed.  The Constitution doesn't say "No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law unless liberals tell us it's super important."  Yet, shortly after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration realized it would need more subsidies and asked for an appropriation from Congress.  When Congress, then teeming with politicians elected on the promise of overturning Obamacare, refused, Obama Treasury Secretary Jack Lew ordered the administration to begin making "cost-sharing reduction" payments anyway without any public legal justification.  Obama created a $7 billion per year appropriation for insurance companies participating in the supposedly self-sufficient and competitive state health-care exchanges. [...] One federal court found the Obamacare subsidy unconstitutional, and the case is working towards the Supreme Court.

How Risky Is It to Be Uninsured?  In a recent survey, 48 percent of uninsured respondents did not plan on looking for information on the health insurance exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act, or had not heard about them.  Are uninsured people ignorant?  Or might the poll reflect a well-reasoned choice?  What are the actual risks associated with being uninsured?

Ted Cruz sees legal landmines ahead for Obamacare.  One of Congress' staunchest critics of Obamacare released a report Monday that cheers on legal challenges to the overhaul and says the White House overstepped its authority by delaying aspects of the law.  Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican who helped engineer a lengthy government funding stalemate earlier this year in a bid to block money for the new health care law, said many aspects of the Affordable Care Act are "constitutionally or statutorily suspect" and that the entire law should be repealed.

It will take more than a constitutional amendment to restore limited government.
Marco Rubio's Eleventh Right.  On Tuesday morning [6/4/2013], Marco Rubio unveiled what he hopes will be America's 28th constitutional amendment.  "If passed by Congress and ratified by the states," the senator declared, the revision would render it illegal for the federal government to "force citizens to purchase goods or services at the risk of being hit with a tax penalty."  Thus, the People would "reassert constitutionally limited government" in the United States.

Obama administration issues regulations for individual mandate.  The Obama administration took new steps Wednesday [1/30/2013] toward implementing the individual mandate in its signature healthcare law, downplaying the scope of the unpopular provision by stressing rules that allow exemptions from the requirement to purchase insurance.

Obama administration issues regulations for individual mandate.  The Obama administration took new steps Wednesday [1/30/2013] toward implementing the individual mandate in its signature healthcare law, downplaying the scope of the unpopular provision by stressing rules that allow exemptions from the requirement to purchase insurance.  The Internal Revenue Service and the Health and Human Services Department emphasized exceptions to the mandate, which were detailed in new regulations that also laid out the process by which the IRS will calculate penalties for going uninsured.

Trashing Tricare.  The Obama administration's proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers' benefits untouched.  The proposal is causing a major rift within the Pentagon, according to U.S. officials.  Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare's state-run insurance exchanges.

Yes, Congresswoman Pelosi, We're Serious: On the Constitutionality of Obamacare.  Several times during the debate and deliberation, my mind harkened back to the words of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Remarking on the original Obamacare bill, Pelosi infamously said that first "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."  Even more outrageous was another Pelosi observation, especially given the pivotal role of the Supreme Court.  In October 2009, Pelosi was asked by a reporter if the healthcare legislation was constitutional.

Pelosi Has 'No Idea' If Supreme Court Will Hold Individual Mandate Constitutional.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who in 2009 rebuked a reporter for asking her where the Constitution authorized Congress to require people to buy health insurance — "Are you serious? Are you serious?" she said then — now says she has "no idea" if the Supreme Court will rule that the mandate is in fact constitutional.

More than Just Broccoli: The Real Slippery Slope of ObamaCare's 'Must-Buy' Provision.  If ObamaCare is judged constitutional, it will not simply be a new law, but a precedent for laws of the kind that should trouble all of us.

Obamacare not an enumerated power.  The mandate is more than just unpopular — fully 72 percent of Americans, including 56 percent of Democrats, think it is unconstitutional.

Back to the Future?  When a 1942 Supreme Court decision that most people never heard of makes the front page of the New York Times in 2012, you know that something unusual is going on.  What makes that 1942 case  — Wickard v. Filburn — important today is that it stretched the federal government's power so far that the Obama administration is using it as an argument to claim before today's Supreme Court that it has the legal authority to impose ObamaCare mandates on individuals.

The Constitution vs. Obamacare.  The Supreme Court this week is hearing arguments about some specific, grave constitutional concerns about Obamacare:  most prominently, whether the federal government has the power to order all Americans to purchase health insurance that meets the federal government's standards.  But it is worth taking a few steps back to remind ourselves that while this requirement is an unprecedented infringement on Americans' liberty, the legislation as a whole — in its conception, not just its details — is an offense against constitutional government.  As is much of modern government, and conservatives should not shrink from saying so.

Give Me Liberty, Not ObamaCare.  On March 23, 2010, ObamaCare was signed into law — marking a massive down payment by the president on his pledge to "fundamentally change America." ... With its passage, for the first time in the history of our nation, the federal government decided it could regulate Americans' inactivity — a sad departure from the limited-government framework our Founders established.

Obamacare: The reckoning.  Obamacare dominated the 2010 midterms, driving its Democratic authors to a historic electoral shellacking.  But since then, the issue has slipped quietly underground.  Now it's back, summoned to the national stage by the confluence of three disparate events:  the release of new Congressional Budget Office cost estimates, the approach of Supreme Court hearings on the law's constitutionality and the issuance of a compulsory contraception mandate.

Alaska gov:  Enacting health care may violate oath.  Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell said Thursday [2/3/2011] he has asked his attorney general to advise him on whether implementing and enforcing the federal health care overhaul would put Parnell in violation of his oath of office. ... Parnell told reporters that he took an oath to support and defend the constitutions of the United States and Alaska.

The Supreme Court Is Not Our Benevolent Dictator.  The clear and inherent constraints of the Constitution would, if applied with intellectual honesty, put an end to the expansionist vision of the federal government that is essential to the Left's program of statism.  The Left cannot abide applying the Constitution as it is written because this would upend its multipronged efforts to reshape American government and society at large.  There is, for example, nothing in the Constitution allowing for a federal mandate that all adults purchase health insurance.

Constitutional Health Care.  The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were not written and ratified by the states for the purpose of allowing congressmen free rein to control every aspect of our daily lives.  They were written for the opposite purpose of leaving Americans free.  ObamaCare flagrantly violates that principle.

ObamaCare and the General Welfare Clause.  Remember the Cornhusker Kickback?  In a frantic effort to move ObamaCare through the Senate last December, the following provision was added to the bill:  Nebraska was given a $100 million exemption to cover the costs of the bill's dramatic expansion of Medicaid.  The special exemption was ultimately dropped during reconciliation, but not only because of the public outrage it generated.  Many realized it was unconstitutional for a reason that now applies equally to the health-reform law:  Both violate the general-welfare clause.

'Cornhusker kickback' senator meets with Obama to talk Obamacare fix.  Former Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, who voted for Obamacare after securing the "Cornhusker kickback" for his state, met with President Barack Obama Wednesday [11/20/2013] to talk about how to fix the law. [...] Nelson is technically banned from lobbying Congress for two years, but is allowed to lobby the executive branch.

Congressional Report Casts Doubt on Obamacare's Constitutionality.  A report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) casts doubt on the two main arguments used by the Obama administration to defend the individual insurance mandate that is the central component of the controversial health "reform" law.  Published on October 15, the CRS report examines the arguments both for and against the constitutionality of the individual mandate, which requires every American to purchase government-approved health insurance or else pay a fine.

The Obamacare mandate is unconstitutional.  Thursday's [10/7/2010] decision in Thomas More Law Center v. Obama is a short-term victory for President Obama's health control law.  Yet a close reading of the case suggests that the law may have a very tough time once it gets before the Supreme Court.  The Obama administration's strategy has been to try to delay the legal cases as long as possible.  In order to bring a case in federal court, a plaintiff must have "standing" — a personal, concrete legal interest, as opposed to a generalized grievance.  The Obama administration asserted that no individual could have standing to challenge the mandate until 2014.

Constitution of No.  When a reporter asked House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) during a press conference last year where the Constitution granted Congress the authority to enact an individual health-insurance mandate, she answered, "Are you serious?  Are you serious?"  Speaker Pelosi then dismissed the question and moved on to the next reporter.  This exchange illustrates the way "yes we can" liberals treat the Constitution:  They simply ignore it when it gets in the way of their big-government bailouts and takeovers.

Tossing A Few Legal Queries Into The 'Void'.  It would be naughty to ask [Elena Kagan] about litigation heading for the Supreme Court concerning this:  Does Congress have the right, under its enumerated power to regulate interstate commerce, to punish the inactivity of not purchasing health insurance?  So, instead answer this harmless hypothetical:  If Congress decides interstate commerce is substantially affected by the costs of obesity, may Congress require obese people to purchase participation in programs such as Weight Watchers?  If not, why not?

A Message from Congress:  No One Questions Our Authority.  In the history of the United States, Congress has never forced individual Americans to buy any good or service.  That would change if the health care bills approved by either the House or Senate ever became law.  Each would require individuals to buy a health insurance plan approved by the government.

Obama's constitutional malpractice:  [Scroll down slowly]  This is the radical interpretation of the Commerce Clause embedded in the health care bill.  It is not a power to regulate commercial activity, but to compel it.  The change is unprecedented.  All previous Commerce Clause cases have dealt with regulating pre-existing activity, but if someone is not buying health insurance, there is no commerce to regulate.  The clause has never been used to compel private citizens not engaged in commerce to spend money on a government-mandated program.  This is a new, extreme and potentially dangerous interpretation.

Congressional Research Service memo raises fresh constitutional questions about Obamacare.  A just-released memo from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) raises fresh constitutional concerns about a provision in President Obama's health-care law that could impose tens of millions of dollars in fines on Congress, state and local governments.

Close Call But Court Will Find Individual Mandate Unconstitutional.  The health care bill that Congress passed recently is now being challenged by 18 states to date.  The constitutionality of the bill will be a close call, with strong arguments on both sides.  As former staff director of the bipartisan Commission on the Bicentennial of the U. S. Constitution, I wish here to present — as impartially as possible — both sides of the case, believing along with John Stuart Mill that "he who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that."

Saving Guam from Capsizing All in a Day's Work for U.S. Congressmen.  Politicians are smart, so just shut up and get out of their way.  But American citizens keep coming up with the oddest objections to what politicians are trying to do.  Representative Phil Hare was explaining how he was using his miraculous legislative powers to cure all sick people, and do you know what someone asked him?  Whether it was constitutional.  What the [heck]?  What does that have to do with anything?  So Rep. Hare, quite startled by this idiocy, said, "I don't worry about the Constitution."  Why would anyone worry about the Constitution?  If it ever comes up, you just wave your hand and say, "Commerce Clause!" and that should cover it.

Hope and Change ... the Constitution.  We live in a fundamentally different country from that which existed only days ago.  The government now requires that every American purchase health insurance.  The Constitution has been attacked, interpreted in a way beyond its original intent.  Therefore, we must change it.

ObamaCare and the Constitution :  The constitutional challenges to ObamaCare have come quickly, and the media are portraying them mostly as hopeless gestures — the political equivalent of Civil War re-enactors.  Discussion over:  You lost, deal with it.  The press corps never dismissed the legal challenges to the war on terror so easily, but then liberals have long treated property rights and any limits on federal power to regulate commerce as 18th-century anachronisms.  In fact, the legal challenges to ObamaCare are serious and carry enormous implications for the future of American liberty.

Obamacare vs. the U.S. Constitution:  Public support for Obamacare is dismal. ... Nonetheless, Obamacare is like a quietly rumbling volcano — dormant, but not yet dead. ... Consequently, those who want to stop this ruinous measure should keep highlighting its shortcomings until this initiative is extinct.  Consider, then, that Obamacare flunks the first test of any potential federal law:  It is not constitutional.

CBO:  Health Bill Would Force Families to Buy Insurance.  If Congress passes the Senate health-care plan, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, American families will be required by federal law to buy a federally approved health insurance plan that will cost a minimum of $12,000 per year — and, on average, will cost $15,000 per year — whether their employer or the government helps them with the premium or not.

Gaming The Health Insurance Mandate.  Democrats claim their newly passed health insurance reform will eventually provide health coverage for more than 30 million uninsured people.  Don't bet on it.  The key to achieving that goal, Democrats believe — along with expanding Medicaid and subsidies for buying coverage — is the individual mandate, which requires individuals to have health insurance or pay a fine.  The mandate is supposed to push nearly everyone into the pool to minimize free-riding on the system.

Bachmann:  We Won't Obey 'Illegitimate' Health Care Bill.  Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is going a step beyond simply pledging to fight efforts to pass the health care bill — she's openly pronouncing that people should personally declare it unconstitutional and defy it, depending on how it ends up getting passed.

Rep. Burgess:  Government Could Potentially Force Us to Buy General Motors Products.  Representative Michael Burgess (R-Texas) told CNSNews.com that if the mandate in the health care law requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or be penalized is upheld by the courts, the federal government could mandate anything, such as requiring all Americans to purchase a General Motors car.

A Manageable People.  Obama's stated logic behind compelling all Americans to buy health insurance was that the system wouldn't work unless everyone was compelled to be part of it.  Conformity is of course is a major requirement for big government solutions, they don't work unless everyone is forced to take part in them.

Obama's Proposal Includes Individual Health Insurance Mandate.  The health care plan proposed by President Barack Obama on Monday [2/22/2010] includes an individual mandate requiring every American to have health insurance despite concerns from Republican lawmakers and legal experts that the provision is not constitutional.

States to Congress:  'Don't tread on me.'.  On Wednesday [2/17/2010], the Tennessee Senate voted 26-1 to order that state's attorney general to file a constitutional challenge against any federal legislation that mandates the purchase of health insurance.  Since forcing citizens to buy insurance is at the heart of the so-called "health-care reform" effort, this kind of challenge could represent a crippling blow to the Obama administration's plans.

Mandatory Insurance Is Unconstitutional.  Federal legislation requiring that every American have health insurance is part of all the major health-care reform plans now being considered in Washington.  Such a mandate, however, would expand the federal government's authority over individual Americans to an unprecedented degree.  It is also profoundly unconstitutional.

Reform Unraveling.  What kind of country would imprison citizens who felt it was in their best interest not to purchase health care insurance?  We may soon find out.

The U.S. House of Presumptuous Meddlers.  As an American, I am embarrassed that the U.S. House of Representatives has 220 members who actually believe the government can successfully centrally plan the medical and insurance industries.  I'm embarrassed that my representatives think that government can subsidize the consumption of medical care without increasing the budget deficit or interfering with free choice.

The Myth of the Moderate Democrat.  Don't assume that the 38 Democrats who voted against Nancy Pelosi's extremist version of health care reform wouldn't have supported it if their votes had been needed.  The days before the final passage on Saturday were not filled with stirring appeals to get Democrats to back the bill so much as an auction to decide whom to let off the hook.

Can Obama and Congress Order You to Buy Broccoli?  Can President Barack Obama and Congress enact legislation that orders Americans to buy broccoli?  If so, where did they get that authority?  What provision in the Constitution empowers the federal government to order an individual to buy a product he does not want?  This is not a question about nutrition.  It is not a question about whether broccoli is good for you or about the relative merits of broccoli versus other foods.  It is a question about the constitutional limits on the power of the federal government.  It is a question about freedom.

Where does the Constitution Authorize Congress to Order Americans to Buy Health Insurance?  [Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick] Leahy, whose committee is responsible for vetting Supreme Court nominees, was asked by CNSNews.com where in the Constitution Congress is specifically granted the authority to require that every American purchase health insurance.  Leahy answered by saying that "nobody questions" Congress' authority for such an action.

Pelosi:  'Are You Serious?' When Asked About Constitutional Authority.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did not explain where Congress gets the authority to force Americans to buy health insurance, when asked by CNSNews.com, and dismissed the query with the response, "Are you serious?  Are you serious?"

Rhetorical Tax Evasion.  Chairman Max Baucus's bill includes the so-called individual mandate, along with what he calls a $1,900 "excise tax" if you don't buy health insurance. ... And, lo, it turns out that if you don't pay that tax, the IRS could punish you with a $25,000 fine or up to a year in jail, or both.

The Editor says...
What this means is that the IRS will be selling health insurance at gunpoint.  If you are about to spend a year in jail on IRS charges, at some point you're going to be surrounded by men with guns.

The Education of Congressman Hoyer.  Congress is moving closer to enacting a law requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance.  House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says that this is "like paying taxes."  He's right about that.  But Hoyer made this statement as part of an effort to justify the health-care mandate on constitutional grounds.  Here he indicates that he doesn't understand the Constitution that he took an oath to support.  When asked what power the Constitution gives to Congress to enact this legislation, Hoyer claimed that it came from the Constitution's "general welfare" clause.

Constitutionality of health overhaul questioned.  On top of all the other obstacles facing President Obama in his quest to pass health reform is this one:  Does the U.S. Constitution allow the government to require uninsured Americans to buy medical insurance or impose a tax penalty if they refuse?

Beware the health insurance police.  A constitutional debate among legal scholars is being waged over a key provision in the Democrats' health care legislation that poses this question about the freedom to be an American:  Can the federal government force people to purchase medical insurance or pay a tax if they refuse?

Sen. Hatch Questions Constitutionality of Obamacare.  Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who has served in the Senate for 33 years and is a longtime member of the Judiciary Committee, told CNSNews.com that he does not believe the Democrats' health-care reform plan is constitutionally justifiable, noting that if the federal government can force Americans to buy health insurance "then there is literally nothing the federal government can't force us to do."

Pelosi: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail.  Today, Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI) released a letter from the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) confirming that the failure to comply with the individual mandate to buy health insurance contained in the Pelosi health care bill (H.R. 3962, as amended) could land people in jail.  In response to the JCT letter, Camp said:  "This is the ultimate example of the Democrats' command-and-control style of governing — buy what we tell you or go to jail.  It is outrageous and it should be stopped immediately."

Sen. Reed:  Forcing People to Buy Health Insurance is Constitutionally Justified.  When asked where specifically the Constitution authorized Congress to mandate that individuals buy health insurance, Sen. Jack Reed (D.-R.I.) said that he "would have to check the specific sections" but said that it was like making people "sign up for the draft."

Sen. Ben Nelson:  'I'm Not Going to Be Able to Answer That Question'.  Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) told CNSNews.com that because he is not a constitutional scholar he was "not going to be able to answer that question" of where specifically the Constitution authorizes Congress to mandate that individuals purchase health insurance.

Mandatory Health Insurance is Like States Requiring Driver's Licenses, Warner Says.  Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told CNSNews.com that the constitutional authority for Congress to require individuals to purchase health insurance is the same that allowed for Medicaid and Medicare, and for states to require driver's licenses.  He also said critics who suggest the health care bill is unconstitutional are making a "spurious argument."

Criminalizing Health Care Freedom.  The "reformers" in the White House and the House of Representatives have made all too plain their vision of the federal government's power to coerce individual Americans to make the "right" health-care choices.  The highly partisan bill the House just passed includes severe penalties for individuals who do not purchase insurance approved by the federal government.  By neatly tucking these penalties into the IRS code, the so-called reformers have brought them under the tax-enforcement power of the federal government.

Mandating Disaster.  Democrats don't need the public option to engineer a "federal takeover of our health care system."  All they need is the power to force Americans to purchase insurance.  A mandate will fundamentally alter the relationship between Americans and their government.  Instead of the government being accountable to them, they will become accountable to their government.  No less than the Congressional Budget Office — a non-partisan government agency — once admitted as much.

Obamacare is unconstitutional.  As Harry Reid's health care bill moves to the Senate floor, the debate over Obamacare finally begins in earnest.  Shouldn't the Constitution be part of that debate?  By what authority, after all, could Congress force all Americans to buy health insurance?

Praising Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven.  The health care juggernaut working its way through Congress is, to any political realist, virtually unstoppable in some form.  We will be yoked under it even if some cosmetic changes are made.  Of course there will also be the unstated understanding that any section that is sacrificed for passage will be resurrected in the future.  One section that won't be cut, I feel sure, is the mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance, either from private, but heavily regulated, health insurance companies, or from the Federal government.  The current language of the bill, as I understand it, requires this purchase under the threat of fines, or imprisonment.

An Unconstitutional Mandate.  There is no question that the Supreme Court has upheld extensive regulation of economic activity through the Commerce Clause, but it has never upheld any requirement by Congress that an individual participate in economic activity.  There is nothing in the Constitution that allows Congress to punish you if you don't engage in commerce.  Liberal law professors and editorial writers such as Erwin Chemerinsky of UC-Irvine and Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post try to gloss over this point, and won't admit that the Supreme Court has never approved any such requirement.

Why the Personal Mandate to Buy Health Insurance Is Unprecedented and Unconstitutional.  This "personal responsibility" provision of the legislation, more accurately known as the "individual mandate" because it commands all individuals to enter into a contractual relationship with a private insurance company, takes congressional power and control to a striking new level.  Its defenders have struggled to justify the mandate by analogizing it to existing federal laws and court decisions, but their efforts do not withstand serious scrutiny.  An individual mandate to enter into a contract with or buy a particular product from a private party, with tax penalties to enforce it, is unprecedented — not just in scope but in kind — and unconstitutional as a matter of first principles and under any reasonable reading of judicial precedents.

Obama's Individual Health Care Mandate is Unconstitutional.  The Senate is debating the future of American health care, yet one very important issue has yet to get a full and fair debate.  Is the individual mandate that forces citizens to purchase health care insurance a constitutional power of the federal government?  When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) was asked this question, she answered with the non sequitur "are you serious?"

Individual Mandate:  Is It Constitutional?  Congress is currently considering national health care reform legislation that will fundamentally change the health care industry in the United States.  Critics have alleged that the reform proposals may be unconstitutional, especially the proposed individual mandate requiring nearly every American to purchase insurance or face a penalty.  While an individual mandate has been considered before, no such proposal has ever come so close to being enacted into law.

The Editor says...
Chances are, the government won't send anyone to prison (or to FEMA camps) for failure to buy Obamacare insurance.  More likely, the government will make your life so difficult that you will eventually comply.  You will end up on a list of non-conformists, and you'll find it difficult to get into any federal building, and impossible to get an airline ticket or renew your driver's license.  (Someday the same treatment will be given to those who refuse to carry a National ID Card.)  It sounds a lot like what you would expect from a Chicago thug:  You'd better buy my insurance, or something bad will happen to you.

Sen. Landrieu Declines to Say Where Constitution Authorizes Mandatory Health Insurance.  Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) told CNSNews.com she would leave it up to the "constitutional lawyers" to explain exactly where Congress gets the constitutional authority to force Americans to buy health insurance, the central mandate in both the Senate and House health care bills.

Sen. Akaka Says 'I'm Not Aware' of Constitutional Authority for Mandatory Health Insurance.  When CNSNews.com asked whether the Constitution gives Congress the authority to make Americans buy health insurance, Sen. Akaka said:  "I'm not aware of that, let me put it that way.  But what we're trying to do is to provide for people who have needs and that's where the accessibility comes in, and one of the goals that we're trying to present here is to make it accessible."

Sen. Merkley:  Mandatory Health Insurance is Part of Congress's 'Very First Enumerated Power'.  CNSNews.com asked Merkley:  "Specifically where in the Constitution does Congress get its authority to mandate that individuals purchase health care?"  Merkley said:  "The very first enumerated power gives the power to provide for the common defense and the general welfare.  So it's right on, right on the front end."  Before CNSNews.com could ask a follow-up question, Merkley's press secretary pulled him away, apparently to attend an event.

Sen. Lincoln:  Congress Can Force Americans to Buy Health Insurance.  Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) told CNSNews.com that Congress has the authority to force individual Americans to buy health insurance because the U.S. Constitution "charges Congress with the health and well-being of the people."  The words "health" and "well-being" do not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

Sen. Conrad 'Assumes' Constitution's Commerce Clause Gives Congress Power.  Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) told CNSNews.com that he does not know specifically where in the Constitution Congress is given the authority to require that Americans buy health insurance, as mandated in both the Senate and House health care bills, but Conrad said he assumes the power is granted through the Constitution's Commerce clause.

Sen. Burris Cites Unwritten Constitutional 'Health' Provision.  When asked by CNSNews.com what specific part of the Constitution authorizes Congress to mandate that individuals must purchase health insurance, Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) pointed to the part of the Constitution that he says authorizes the federal government "to provide for the health, welfare and the defense of the country."  In fact, the word "health" appears nowhere in the Constitution.

The Editor says...
Obviously, when confronted with tough questions, the Democrats are just making up answers on the spot, revealing their collective ignorance in the process.

Refuting the "Health Insurance - Auto Insurance" Analogy.  It has been said, even by some law professors, that Congress can force Americans to buy health insurance because ...well, everybody knows that the "government" can force us to buy auto insurance.  Read on, and I will show you how such statements constitute a serious assault on "federalism" and our constitutional Republic.

Senate Health Care Bill Would Force $15,200 Yearly Insurance Fee, According to CBO.  Forget the public option.  Even without it, the health care bill presented in the Senate by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) would make some middle-class American families pay what amounts to a $15,200 annual federally-mandated insurance fee, according to facts revealed in analyses published by the Congressional Budget Office.

Conservative Leaders Against the Unconstitutional Individual Mandate.  Mandating that individuals must obtain health insurance, and imposing any penalty — civil or criminal — on any private citizen for not purchasing health insurance is not authorized by any provision of the U.S. Constitution.  As such, it is unconstitutional, and should not survive a court challenge on that issue.  Supporters of the legislation have incorrectly contended that the legal justification for the mandate is authorized by the Commerce Clause, the General Welfare Clause, or the Taxing and Spending Clause.  Given that this mandate provision is essential to Obamacare; its unconstitutionality renders the entire program untenable.

The Editor says...
Don't get too confident that the Supreme Court will naturally find Obamacare to be unconstitutional, especially if he can put another couple of leftists on the court before this question comes up.  Remember, President George W. Bush signed "campaign finance reform"* into law assuming the Supreme Court would throw it out, and of course, they didn't, and we're stuck with it.

Challenge to health bill's constitutionality fails, 39-60.  A challenge to the Senate health bill's constitutionality failed on Wednesday afternoon in a party-line vote.  Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Orrin Hatch's (R-Utah) point of order arguing that the Senate bill is unconstitutional under the Interstate Commerce Clause and Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution failed in a 39-60 vote.  The vote was the first in a series Wednesday afternoon as senators prepared to invoke cloture for final passage of the Senate's health bill.

Grassley:  Vote on bill's constitutionality is likely meaningless.  Senate Republicans' plan to vote on the constitutionality of the healthcare bill probably won't mean much, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) conceded Wednesday [12/23/2009].  The point of order on which senators will vote this afternoon challenging the constitutionality of the Senate's health reform bill isn't likely to sway courts, Grassley said.

Whores... I mean Senators march the Health Bill forward.  Regardless of the last minute tricks and changes, we can pretty well count on the fact that abortions will be paid for; health care rationing will occur, targeting our seniors; Doctors will be paid whatever the Government says they will be paid; Insurance companies will be forced to raise their rates and will increasingly not be able to compete against the rigged and controlled prices; and my personal favorite:  We will all be forced by the Federal Government to have health care or be fined and sent to prison.

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Obamacare.  Obamacare would require Americans to buy government-approved health insurance.  It would make it illegal to offer choices in insurance plans beyond the handful of very similar ones that the government would allow. ... At its core, what Obamacare really means is a loss of freedom.  Obamacare would significantly diminish Americans' freedom to control the fruits of their own labors and to spend them as they choose and as they think best.

Richard Epstein:  The Reid Bill Is Blatantly Unconstitutional.  At PointOfLaw.com, the distinguished University of Chicago constitutional scholar Richard Epstein provides a painstaking, withering analysis of the healthcare legislation wending its way through the Senate.  He concludes that it is clearly unconstitutional.  The essay is lengthy and, in places, complex; but it is brilliantly done, accessible, and compelling.

Why the Reid Bill is Unconstitutional.  Senator Orrin Hatch has long urged that the legislation is unconstitutional for its overreaching on individual choice.  This paper focuses on the constitutional question in the ratemaking context, by comparison to analogous regulations in the context of public-utility regulation.

Health Care Not In Constitution.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein says it comes under the Commerce Clause. Rep. Steny Hoyer says it's mandated by the "general welfare" clause.  Despite liberal wishes, health care is not a right.  The "living Constitution" that Democrats and their court appointees have given us may be the death of our freedoms.  Their constitution adapts to the times and serves the whims of the elitists.  The Constitution is supposed to limit government powers.  It does not allow government to do anything it feels like doing.

Mandating Health Insurance Contradicts 'Normally Considered' Limited Role of Gov't.  Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Wednesday that mandating that individuals purchase health insurance may be a "violation" of the Constitution, and that it contradicts what he thought the "limited" role of the government was understood to be for "centuries."

Sen. Bob Casey:  Health Care Mandate Constitutional But Not Sure...  Senator Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) said he was not sure if there is a "specific constitutional provision" that gives Congress the authority to mandate that all Americans have health insurance.  Casey asserted, however, that the initiative was constitutional.

Boehner:  'I Think It's Wrong to Mandate the American People to Have to Do Anything'.  When asked by CNSNews.com on Thursday where the Constitution authorizes Congress to order Americans to buy health insurance — a mandate included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill — House Minority Leader John Boehner (R.-Ohio) said that he was "not a laywer" but that he thought such mandates were wrong.

Alaska Senator Begich Doesn't Say Where Congress Gets Authority.  When asked, Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) did not say where Congress gets the constitutional authority to require that Americans purchase health insurance, as both the Senate and House health care bills mandate.  He instead said that the issue was "just more stall tactics" used by Republicans to hold up Senate passage of the legislation.

Sen. Sanders:  Constitutional Authority 'Probably' Same As Medicare.  Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told CNSNews.com that the constitutional provision that empowers the government to run Medicare and Medicaid is "probably" where Congress gets the authority to require Americans to buy health insurance, as both the Senate and House health care bills would mandate.

Sen. Nelson: Constitutionally, Congress Can 'Probably' Mandate Health Insurance.  Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) said Wednesday [12/23/2009] that Congress is given the constitutional authority to mandate that individuals buy health insurance in "probably the same place" that states get the power to mandate that people purchase auto insurance.

Is the mandate to buy health insurance constitutional?  Ilya Somin writing at Volohk Conspiracy fleshes out what is sure to be a court challenge against the constitutionality of individual or business mandates to purchase health insurance.  His point — there is no "consensus" among constitutional scholars on the issue.

Sen. Lautenberg Declines To Say Where Congress Gets Constitutional Authority.  At the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, Dec. 22, CNSNews.com asked Senator Lautenberg, "Specifically where in the Constitution does Congress get the authority to mandate that individuals have health insurance?"  Lautenberg said, "I am not going to answer that," and then walked away.

Sen. Hutchison:  'No Place in Constitution' Gives Congress [that] Authority.  Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) said there is "no place in the Constitution" that grants Congress the authority to require that Americans purchase health insurance, as both the Senate and House health care bills do.  She added that the health care bill recently passed by the Senate is a "trampling of individual rights."

White House to State AGs:  No 'Legitimate Constitutional Concerns' in Senate Health Care Bill.  The White House on Tuesday [1/5/2010] dismissed the concerns of 13 state attorneys general about the constitutionality of a clause in the Senate health care bill that singles out Nebraska for special treatment when it comes to covering the cost of expanding Medicaid coverage.  While stating that he had not read a letter from the attorneys general about the issue, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs nonetheless told CNSNews.com, "I do not believe that anybody has legitimate constitutional concerns about the legislation."

Health Care Bill Could Face String of Legal Challenges.  Organizations and lawmakers opposed to the health care reform package are getting their legal briefs in a bunch, threatening to challenge the constitutionality of the sweeping overhaul should it make its way to President Obama's desk.

GOP AGs may sue over health bill.  On the eve of an historic Senate health care reform vote, more than half of the Republican state attorneys general have organized to provide a legal analysis of the constitutionality of a controversial provision in the Senate bill and to explore potential legal challenges.

Congressmen Who Want to Force Americans to Buy Health Insurance Are Defying the Constitution.  Both the House and Senate versions of the health-care reform bill would force all individuals who are citizens or legal residents of the United States to buy health insurance or else pay a fine, even though the Congressional Budget Office has reported that the federal government has never before required Americans to buy any good or service.

Health Care and the Ailing Constitution.  Here's the question I didn't get a chance to ask President Obama when he stopped by Montana recently.  So far as I know, no one else has asked it of him either:  "If the federal role in health care is not enumerated in the Constitution, and it isn't, then shouldn't it be reserved to the states or the people as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment?"

Is Government Health Care Constitutional?  The Supreme Court created the right to privacy in the 1960s and used it to strike down a series of state and federal regulations of personal (mostly sexual) conduct. ... If the government cannot proscribe -- or even "unduly burden," to use another of the Supreme Court's analytical frameworks -- access to abortion, how can it proscribe access to other medical procedures, including transplants, corrective or restorative surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, or a myriad of other health services that individuals may need or desire?

Healthcare legislation is a threat to liberty.  Congress is ignoring the Constitution by requiring all Americans to buy health insurance and ordering states to establish health benefit exchanges to run the new federal healthcare system.

Obama's Health-Care Plan Will Hurt More Than Help.  The Obama health-care takeover plan is an enormous, unconstitutional expansion of the federal government.  It will cost the American taxpayer at least $1 trillion, and perhaps closer to $2.5 trillion.  President Obama's plan heavily taxes those who provide the products, services and payment for health care — including drug makers, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and employers who pay for most of the nation's health care.  All this raises costs...

The Constitution:  Another Victim of Obamacare.  Reports have come out today [3/12/2010] that the Parliamentarian has not ruled that the President must sign a law before it is considered a law for reconciliation purposes.  First, they came up with a strategy to get Obamacare passed in the House without the House ever voting on the bill, now they have come up with a strategy and a ruling to get the Obamacare bill to qualify as law without the President signing the law.

Unconstitutional Procedure Being Used to Pass Unconstitutional ObamaCare.  House leaders are preparing to ram through ObamaCare this week without a vote.  Not only is the legislation unconstitutional, but the process being used to pass it is unconstitutional. ... This procedure is going to be debated extensively this week and may be the key issue as to whether President Obama signs legislation to provide a de facto government-run health care system.

The Truth About Progressives — aka Marxists:  To fully understand the progressive movement and their current rush to grab one-sixth of the US economy via unconstitutional federal health care mandates, one must follow the trail that leads from the Maoist Movement of the 60s that started in Berkley California, and the Marxist Movement that has culminated in the joint venture between the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA, today's Democratic Socialists of America.

An unconstitutional solution.  Michael McConnell, a law professor at Stanford and a former judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, argues that the "Slaughter solution" for enacting Obamacare is unconstitutional.  The argument, which appears in the Wall Street Journal, is straightforward. ... McConnell's argument seems unassailable.  The problem is getting a court to entertain the argument, if we get to that point.

No bill can become law unless the exact same text is approved by a majority of both houses of Congress.
The House Health-Care Vote and the Constitution:  Democratic congressional leaders have floated a plan to enact health-care reform by a procedure dubbed "the Slaughter solution."

Slaughter says her solution is 'constitutional'.  Emerging from a meeting with Democratic leaders in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) office today [3/16/2010], House Rules Committee Chair Louise Slaughter (D-NY) discussed the constitutionality of the "self-executing rule" she has condoned.  This particular procedure could be used to "deem" the Senate version of the health care legislation passed in the lower chamber without members voting on the actual health care bill.

The Slaughter Rule:  Yet Another Reason Obamacare Would Be Unconstitutional.  As written, the current health care bill before Congress already is guaranteed to face serious constitutional challenges on enumerated powers, 5th Amendment, racial discrimination, and unequal state treatment.  Now the White House seems determined to add a whole new reason courts will throw out Obamacare on sight.  Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School and former-federal judge Michael McConnell explains...

Would Supreme Court rule unconstitutional law passed with Slaughter Solution?  Democrats in Congress might want to re-read the 1998 Supreme Court decision Clinton v. City of New York, 524 U.S. 417 before moving forward with the Slaughter Solution to pass President Obama's health care reform bill. ... The reason, according to Amy Ridenour at the National Center Blog, is that the Justice John Paul Stevens articulated in the majority opinion the precise rationale for a similar ruling against legislation passed using the Slaughter Solution.

Slaughter House Rules.  We're not sure American schools teach civics any more, but once upon a time they taught that under the U.S. Constitution a bill had to pass both the House and Senate to become law.  Until this week, that is, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving to merely "deem" that the House has passed the Senate health-care bill and then send it to President Obama to sign anyway.

Slaughter Rule Unconstitutional.  Stanford Professor Michael McConnell, writing in the Wall Street Journal, argues that the Slaughter Rule end run is unconstitutional.

What Democrats Think of the American People:  Democratic leaders in the House are apparently moving towards the "Slaughter Solution" of avoiding a direct vote on the health care legislation and instead passing the Senate health care bill by voting to "deem" it passed.  As they do so, they keep reassuring the media — and each other — that the American people don't care.

I Will Not Comply.  If the House fails to hold a straightforward vote on the Senate bill that was passed a couple of months ago, that bill can neither become law nor be amended by future congressional action.  It will have died.  There will be no ObamaCare bill, no new taxes or regulations, and no unconstitutional mandate that Americans buy health plans approved by politicians.  The president and his allies may claim otherwise, but that won't change the reality of the situation.  If they command the rest of us to pretend they have passed the bill, I will not comply.  You shouldn't, either.

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms:  You are young and don't want health insurance?  You are starting up a small business and need to minimize expenses, and one way to do that is to forego health insurance?  Tough.  You have to pay $750 annually for the "privilege."  (Section 1501)  You are young and healthy and want to pay for insurance that reflects that status?  Tough.  You'll have to pay for premiums that cover not only you, but also the guy who smokes three packs a day, drink a gallon of whiskey and eats chicken fat off the floor.  That's because insurance companies will no longer be able to underwrite on the basis of a person's health status.  (Section 2701).

Government can't force people to buy insurance they don't want.  It is not part of my job as Colorado Attorney General to tell our Congressional delegation how best to reform the nation's health care system.  And I don't see it as my role to opine whether the Patient Protection and Affordability Health Care Act is good public policy.  It is my job however, to defend states' rights and the constitutional rights of Colorado citizens when the federal government oversteps its bounds.

Indiana's GOP Governor Mitch Daniels:  'I Don't Know' If ObamaCare is Unconstitutional.  Mitch Daniels, Indiana's Republican governor, said he does not know whether the new health care bill signed into law by President Barack Obama is constitutional.  Many Republican members of Congress have said the legislation is unconstitutional and 20 state attorneys general have joined a lawsuit led by Florida challenging the law's constitutionality.

Is Obamacare Constitutional?  The attorney generals in several states are mounting a constitutional attack on Obamacare.  The focus of that attack is the claim that the Commerce Clause in the Constitution cannot be stretched to mandate that individuals be required to purchase health insurance.

Penalty for Not Buying Insurance Isn't a Penalty, Says Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee.  [Scroll down]  "You're not punished if you have health insurance, in fact.  And so you are, in fact, incentivized to have health insurance, rather than take the negative which is to suggest that because we have a penalty you are being punished," Rep. Jackson-Lee said.  "I am helping you.  I am helping you not to have 26 percent un-insurance in the state of Texas.  I'm helping children be insured.  I'm helping diverse minorities be insured," said Rep. Jackon-Lee.

The Editor says...
Awwww...  Big Brother is just trying to help.  We should all learn to love Big Brother.

Why Broccoli Matters.  The broccoli issue is not about regulating the food market.  It's about the uniqueness of the health care market, an observation frequently made by ObamaCare supporters in an attempt to establish a limiting principle.  The argument goes like this:  because non-participants in the market (i.e., "free riders") present a risk that must be accounted for, it is appropriate to require these individuals to enroll for coverage or pay a penalty.  But the uniqueness of the health care market is precisely why the mandate should not stand.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2023 by Andrew K. Dart

Despite what you may have heard, health care is not a right.

Pull Back the Curtain on False Federal Narratives.  [Scroll down]  False narrative Number 5 is a hot button item: health care is a right.  To some, this is a moral imperative.  Leftists say that health care is the right of all peoples.  Government must control the health care system in order to fulfill its obligation to assure this right — health care, the service — to all Americans.  Health care cannot be a right, not in a country where the founding principle is personal freedom.  Health care is a voluntary, confidential service contract between a patient and a provider.  If health care is a right, then the patient can require the provider to serve him or her.  This denies nurses, doctors and therapists their constitutionally guaranteed freedom.

Louisiana approves Amendment 1 stating abortion [is] not a right.  Louisiana voters have approved an amendment to the state constitution that makes clear the document does not grant the right to an abortion.  The question before voters Tuesday was whether to explicitly state that "a right to abortion and the funding of abortion shall not be found in the Louisiana Constitution."

Health Care Is Not a Right.  Conventional wisdom holds that the progressive dream of Medicare for All died — or at least was deferred — when Joe Biden secured the Democratic presidential nomination.  Many supposed the former vice president would be more moderate on health care than the president under whom he served.  But recently Biden has started sounding a lot more like Barack Obama or even Senator Bernie Sanders.  In early July, six unity task forces convened jointly by Biden and Sanders released their policy recommendations for a putative Biden Administration.  If implemented, they'd represent the most left-wing governing program in U.S. history.  The healthcare task force stopped short of endorsing Medicare for All.  But Biden's "public option" alternative amounts to single-payer in slow motion.  Perhaps most alarmingly, the Democratic presidential hopeful has embraced the idea that Americans have a right to health care.  That idea is certainly popular — nearly four in five Americans believe that everyone should have a right to health care regardless of their ability to pay.  But declaring something a right does not make it so.  In fact, a government-guaranteed "right to health care" would undermine many of the other more fundamental rights that Americans hold dear.

No Bernie, healthcare is not a right.  Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States.  Even so, he strongly supports having the federal government provide health insurance for every American.  He says healthcare is right.  He is wrong.  A right is generally defined as "a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way."  Healthcare is not an entitlement, nor should it be.  According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are numerous rights humans have, but the right to healthcare is not included.  The Declaration of Independence of the United States says all Americans have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Nowhere in any definition of rights, is there any mention of the right to have health care.  The rights mentioned above, all deal with the rights that individuals should have in their daily lives and in their pursuit of happiness.  There is no mention of a right that requires other citizens to pay for something some citizens can't afford to pay for themselves.

Democrats — Still the Party of Slavery after all these years.  According to Melissa Harris-Perry people have "...the right to health care, and to education, and to decent housing and to quality food at all times."  Perry is certainly not the first Democrat to argue that people have a "right" to the labor of others.  I have been fielding this argument in the course of debates about health care for years.  To be fair, I think sometimes such rhetoric is simply the result of a lack of deep thinking.  But like it or not, health care, education, housing, and food are all either services or tangible items which come from the labor of real people, people who many Democrats believe should be compelled to toil without compensation to provide for the "rights" of others.  To put it more simply, people like Harris-Perry are calling for certain people to be forced to work without compensation for the benefit of others.  Anytime you designate a good or service that must be produced by someone to be a right, you make the producer a slave.

No, NFL, You DON'T Have an Unassailable 'Right' to Protest the National Anthem.  First we need to define what a "right" is.  A right is something given to you by your creator, something no one can take away.  It is, as the founders said, "inalienable," or it can't be alienated from or taken away from you.  However, a right also cannot impinge on someone else.  This means that your rights must not require someone else to do something to "give" you your rights.  This, for instance, is why healthcare cannot be a right.  After all, if healthcare were a right, then a doctor or nurse would be required to treat you no matter what they want to do as individuals.  So, if healthcare were a right, then you are necessarily taking away the freedom of choice from a healthcare provider because they would not be allowed to turn away from you or decide to treat you in a different way.  Their rights as individuals would be eliminated in favor of your "right" to healthcare.  Since your right cannot force others to act, healthcare cannot be a right.  Get it?

Stop making everything a moral issue.  Health insurance is not a moral issue.  It is a service.  In America, anyone can buy health insurance.  Those too poor get Medicaid.  Free.  No premiums, no co-payments, no limits.  Those not quite poor get subsidies for their children through SCHIP.  Old people get subsidies through Medicare.  States regulate prices.  There is no moral right to health insurance, life insurance, or car insurance.

'Free' Government-Funded Health Care.  Clearly, Uncle Sam may be super-rich but nobody is sufficiently wealthy to pay for every health "problem" for every person, and this nightmare would be even worse if, as is now policy in Great Britain, "free" healthcare even extends to everybody physically in the country, even new arrivals.  Absent unlimited funding, choices are inescapable, so some will be denied vital health care and will "needlessly" die despite a "free" healthcare right written in stone.

No, no, NO — health care is not a right.  Once upon a time, Founding Fathers gathered and penned one of history's greatest documents, the Declaration of Independence, including a little line item that went like this: that all are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Now, thanks to a dude named Barack Obama — a dude who fancied himself a constitutional scholar, possessed of a real law degree, no less — we've got health care tacked on to that list.  Or, more specifically, government-provided, taxpayer-paid health care.  Now, thanks to Obama and his hard left supporters, tax-paid medical coverage has become a right — like breathing.  Like life itself.  It's no longer an individual responsibility, a familial obligation, a personal choice.

Hard Truths about Health Care.  Health care is neither a right nor a privilege; it's a commodity.  Worse, it's a finite commodity.  There are only so many doctors, so many hospitals, and so much money, and there are limits to how much these things can be expanded.  That's why no health-care system, outside Bernie Sanders's fantasies, provides unlimited care to everyone.  Every health-care system in the world rations care in some way, either through bureaucratic fiat (Scandinavia, the U.K.), waiting lists (Canada), or price (that's us).  One can argue about which of these rationing mechanisms is fairest or most efficient, but let's not pretend that it won't occur

Mark Cuban:  Amend U.S. Constitution to Make Healthcare a Right.  Billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban criticized the Congressional Budget Office's use of a 10-year score to determine the effects of the Republicans' American Health Care Act and said the U.S. Constitution should be amended to make healthcare a right.

The Editor says...
At least Mr. Cuban admits that at present, health care is not a right.

America, your health care is not a federal responsibility.  More insured patients plus fewer available doctors equals longer and longer wait times.  That is why 752 residents of President Obama's home state of Illinois died:  they had to wait too long to get life-saving care that was not available in time.  This is called death by queueing, something U.S. veterans experience every day.  ObamaCare has aided the growth of the malignancy that is destroying U.S. health care: a massive federal administrative apparatus and regulatory machine that diverts trillions — not millions or even billions — of "health care" dollars away from health care services to pay itself, to pay the health care bureaucracy.  There is another, even more compelling, reason to repeal ObamaCare.  Health care is not the fed's job!  Providing health care is not a federal responsibility according to the U.S. Constitution and the Medicaid law.

Nancy Pelosi: We 'couldn't be more thrilled' about Obamacare.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says although some Democrats may be voting politically to distance themselves from Obamacare, they were still supporting the law and working in their districts to implement it.  "This is history and the future and progress," she stated emphatically, "It stands right there as Social Security, Medicare, affordable health care, as a right, not a privilege for the few, but a right for the many."

The Editor says...
You can get medical attention at the free public hospital in any big city; but even so, medical treatment is not a right.

Obama: Martin Luther King Jr. would have liked Obamacare.  President Obama signaled in an exclusive interview with radio hosts Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes that Martin Luther King Jr. would have liked his health care plan for Americans. [...] "What do you think he'd say about Obamacare?" asked Joyner, when discussing King's legacy.  "Oh he'd like that," Obama asserted.  "Well, because he understood that health care, health security is not a privilege, it's something in a county as wealthy as ours, everybody should have access to."

Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants.  Illegal immigrants have boldly demanded everything from civil rights in the U.S. to driver's licenses and government benefits such as welfare and discounted tuition at public universities, so why stop there?

Obama: Health Insurance [is] a 'Right'.  Before we get to whether a commercial product is actually a "right," perhaps we should explain what the president forgot to mention when he said he was "doing everything in my power to make sure the law works as it's supposed to."  The truth is, the president is doing everything in his power — as well as claiming powers he doesn't possess.  By unilaterally waiving some requirements of Obamacare without congressional consent, the president is basically ruling by decree.

The Hardest Working Man in Demagogy.  As to the assertion of health care as a right, Obama is simply reiterating one of the key assertions of his second inaugural address, which was in turn reiterating the Second Bill of Rights framed by Franklin Roosevelt in his 1944 State of the Union Address.  It is the doctrine of welfare state liberalism come to take the place of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Obama in California: health care is a right, not a privilege.  Flanked by representatives from Spanish-language media outlets Impremedia, Univision and Telemundo, Mr. Obama touted the plan's provision of coverage for 10.2 million uninsured Latinos and argued that the new law is already resulting in lower premium costs.  "Quality, affordable care is not some earned privilege — it's a right," he said during remarks at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, Calif.

When Did Everything Become A Right In This Country?  I was watching T.V. the other day, when a story came up about Obama-Care, on the screen was a liberal saying, "at least, health care is now a right."  As I sat there I said to myself, Just what we need another right in this country, I mean really, it seems everything is a right these days. [...] No one owes you a house, a job, a bank account, or a successful life.  You want those things?  Go get 'em.  If you are not happy with your life, it is up to you to change it.
[Atrocious punctuation, capitalization and grammar in original.]

Human Rights: A Governmental Power Grab.  [Scroll down]  This brings us to a dangerous scenario associated with human rights.  Namely, the way governments can use them as a justification for reaching deeper and deeper into the daily lives of their citizens.  A great example of this can be seen in the way President Obama and his surrogates couched many of their arguments for the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, in the language of human rights.  According to them, health care is a human right which, in turn, justifies putting a system into place whereby every American has health care coverage.

Pelosi: Obamacare Is 'A Right'.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said at her Thursday [6/7/2012] press briefing that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — AKA Obamacre — is not a privilege but "a right."  At the same time, Pelosi also said Social Security and Medicare are rights.

Rand Paul: If You Believe In A Right To Health Care, 'You Believe In Slavery'.  "With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have realize what that implies.  It's not an abstraction.  I'm a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me.  It means you believe in slavery.  It means that you're going to enslave not only me, but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants who work in my office, the nurses."

Is Liberalism a Religion?  I've concluded that for some people on the left, political beliefs are like a false religion in which the parishioners become unable to distinguish myth from reality.  How else can you explain the statements of Donald Berwick, President Obama's recess appointee to run Medicare and Medicaid, on his way out of office the other day?  For starters, he claimed that the Affordable Care Act (what some people call ObamaCare) "is making health care a basic human right."  Then he went on to say that because of the new law, "we are a nation headed for justice, for fairness and justice in access to care."

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Health.  In the December 15 issue of America's most prestigious medical pubication, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Eric Friedman and Eli Adashi write, "In passing The Affordable Care Act, the United States took a giant, if partial, step toward joining nations wherein the right to health constitutes an inalienable moral and legal right."  Notice how the authors replace the term health care with just the term health.  As a medical doctor, I strongly disagree that health is or should be a human right.

The 'Right to Health Care' Can Be the Right to No Care.  If you read British newspapers, you know their universal health care system is cutting more and more services.  There, everyone's right to health care is becoming the right to no care.  Do we want that in the USA?

ObamaCare:  Insurers Need Permission to Survive; Citizens, to Live.  Suppose our government declared that everyone had the "right" to a nice steak dinner.  The government would require restaurants to sell $50 steak dinners to all comers.  But to keep prices affordable, restaurants could only charge $25.  No restaurant could survive long under such a scheme, and most Americans would be outraged at such a blatant violation of restaurant owners' rights.

Health care is a service, not a right.  Much of the debate over health care policy begins with two mistaken notions, first that health care is different than other goods and services and therefore does not respond to normal economic rules, and second that it is "too important" to be entrusted to the anonymous forces of markets. ... A "right to health care" does not appear in the U.S. Constitution or its Bill of Rights, or in any state constitution, or in the writings of the Founding Fathers or the British intellectual tradition they drew their inspiration from.  This was not an oversight.

Blame the Bishops.  A lot is being said and written about why national health care legislation is becoming a reality.  The simple fact, available for all to see, is that the U.S. Catholic Bishops ensured passage of the bill in the House, enabling the Senate to move forward with its version.  Like "progressive" strategist Robert B. Creamer, the Bishops believe that health care is a right to be guaranteed by government.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Social Justice.  Americans on both left and right are unhappy with the current health care reform bills.  The left is upset because neither the House nor Senate version goes far enough towards putting government firmly in control of our medical decisions, with the goal of providing equal coverage for all no matter what the price.  The right is upset because we see the bills' provisions as unwarranted intrusions on our liberty that create a "right" where none existed before.  We believe that reform would be better handled by fostering competition in the private sector rather than increasing government intervention in vital decisions that should remain between doctor and patient.

How do you spell "Chutzpah"?  [Scroll down]  Something else that needs to be stressed is that medical care is not a right.  It is a service.  When your toilet breaks, you call a plumber.  He comes and fixes it.  Then he gives you a bill.  Why should it be different when you break your arm? Of course, we live in a compassionate society:  if you break your arm and go to a hospital emergency room you will be treated even if you haven't got a sou (or a euro).

The Obama 4 year plan to re-make America.  [Scroll down]  The current administration insists on highlighting this country's presumed moral obligation to support the contentious alternative of a Public Option contained in the President's Health Care bill, since it believes that — except for the unborn — optimum health is the inalienable right of every person.

Conyers to Introduce Constitutional Amendment Making Health Care a 'Right'.  During his speech at a recent National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) said he is introducing a constitutional amendment that would establish health care as "a right" for all Americans.  "We need a real serious bill and, by the way, the fundamental question, 'Is health care a constitutional right?'" he said.  "I mean, do you have a right to health care in the American system of government or not?"

Is there a 'right' to medical care?  Do you have a "right" to medical care?  Is medical care free?  Does it grow on trees?  If you don't pay for your own medical care, do you have a "right" to get medical care at other peoples' expense?  Do you have a "right" to have other people forced to pay for your medical care?

Opposing Obama is Satan's work?  A "right" to health care means the state must compel more than just payment.  It must compel medical care providers to render their services regardless of compensation or any other consideration.  If someone has a "right" to medical care, then a physician may not deny any care for any reason.  Doing so would be an infringement of the patient's "rights."

What Would the Founders Think of ObamaCare?  Is health care a "right?"  The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has long sought to make it so, and they may be on the verge of achieving their goal.  Legislation currently winding its way through Congress would effectively make health care (or more properly, health insurance) open to every American citizen via government subsidized dispensation.  Of course, no such "right" is enumerated in our founding documents — or is it?

A Right That's Wrong.  Of the many objectionable provisions in the House's latest medical insurance bill, none is as destructive or morally offensive as the one that declares health care to be a "right."

Is Health Care A "Right"?  Not According to Governments Who Run Health Care.  When I'm speaking publicly on health reform, people sometimes ask:  "Do you think that health care is a human right?"  My answer is:  "Yes, I believe that you have a right to spend your own money on health care of your choice, free of government interference."  This prompts a moment of reflection in those who understand the difference between a culture in which people take care of each others' needs as members of a civil society, versus one in which we surrender our liberty to unlimited control of our health-care resources by government agents.

Kennedy's 'Right' Is Wrong.  When Sen. Ted Kennedy, valiantly fighting brain cancer, took the stage at the Democratic convention on Monday night, he made it clear that he is now on a mission that cannot be completed unless he returns to the Senate next year — with Barack Obama in the White House.  Kennedy's quest is to socialize medicine in America.

The people's veto:  Has its time come?  Sen. Harry Reid said not long ago that Congress was "declaring" health care to be a right, but Reid would do well to study the foundational document of American liberty.  In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."  Rights are not granted or created by the legislature or the king, but by God.

Health Care A Right?  More Like A Wish.  True rights, such as those in our Constitution, or those considered to be natural or human rights, exist simultaneously among people.  That means exercise of a right by one person does not diminish those held by another.  In other words, my rights to speech or travel impose no obligations on another except those of noninterference. ... For Congress to guarantee a right to health care, or any other good or service, whether a person can afford it or not, it must diminish someone else's rights, namely their rights to their earnings.

Obama to America:  Bend Over and Cough.  Americans resoundingly reject ObamaCare.  What, then, accounts for the Democrats' determination?  Democrats believe health care is a right.  Start with that premise and everything else makes complete sense.

Natural Law and the 'Right' to Health Care.  Is there a "right" to health care?  The U.N., the EU, and now the U.S. Congress are on record as taking the affirmative on this question.  The basic rationale is that the fact of everyone's needing health care (true) translates directly into everyone's having a right to it (false). ... In sum, one can either believe in the "right" to health care or the Constitution's foundation in natural law.  It is impossible to believe in both.

Brother, You Ain't My Keeper.  Barack Obama has tried to seize the moral high ground in the health-care debate, declaring in a conference call with religious leaders that government-provided health care is required by "a core ethical and moral obligation:  that is that we look out for one another, that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper."  Well, I have news for the president:  Brother, you ain't my keeper.

A Basic Human Right to Obamacare?  Under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States for the first time joined the U.N.'s Human Rights Council.  The U.S. has long steered clear of this council, reluctant to participate in a "human rights" body that despots like Syria and Libya routinely chair.

Sheila Jackson Lee: Obamacare is a Consitutional Right.  The second a massive, unpopular government entitlement program enters its implementation phase, it instantaneously transforms into a sacrosanct Constitutional right.  That's the word from noted Constitutional scholar Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

Sheila Jackson Lee Says Repealing ObamaCare Violates Constitution.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas, said on Tuesday afternoon [1/18/2011] that repealing the national health care law would violate the Constitution.  Arguing that the Commerce Clause provides the constitutional basis for ObamaCare, Jackson Lee said repealing the law by passing Republicans' H.R. 2 violates both the Fifth Amendment's right to due process and the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause.

Reid, Pelosi and Obama shamelessly buy votes

The Louisiana purchase:
The $100 Million Health Care Vote?  On page 432 of the Reid bill, there is a section increasing federal Medicaid subsidies for "certain states recovering from a major disaster."  The section spends two pages defining which "states" would qualify, saying, among other things, that it would be states that "during the preceding 7 fiscal years" have been declared a "major disaster area."  I am told the section applies to exactly one state:  Louisiana, the home of moderate Democrat Mary Landrieu, who has been playing hard to get on the health care bill.

Landrieu's Medicaid Deal Hurts Middle Class Taxpayers Everywhere.  I know politics is the art of the possible and compromise is key.  But I'm sickened by the taxpayer cash being doled out as "walking around money" to lure Democrats into the healthcare fold.

Bonnie Erbe Shockingly Bashes Mary Landrieu's $100 Million Bribe.  U.S. News and World Report's Bonnie Erbe came down strongly Friday [11/20/2009] on the $100 million "bribe" given to Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) in the Senate's healthcare reform bill.  What makes this shocking is Erbe's consistently far-left leaning views regularly reported by NewsBusters.

Schumer, Kyl spar over so-called 'new Louisiana Purchase'.  Sens. Chuck Schumer (D.N.Y.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) sparred over the provision inserted into the healthcare bill that some say was crucial in attracting centrist Sen. Mary Landrieu's (D-La.) key vote on Saturday night's procedural motion.

Obamacare:  How the Unions are "Getting Well".  It's already being called the "Second Louisiana Purchase," but the sad truth is that a controversial payoff to U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's home state of Louisiana is among the smallest of the thinly-disguised bribes and kickbacks that are being offered in Washington D.C. to secure passage of President Barack Obama's socialized medicine proposal.

On Sen. Scarlett O'Hara (D., Ark.).  [Blanche] Lincoln, the last holdout, didn't want to be on the record as the one Democrat who killed Sen. Harry Reid's legislation tonight.  Though voting to move the debate forward, she left herself little wiggle room for the future.  As indicated in her floor speech and comment to reporters today [11/21/2009], she said would not vote in favor of a final bill that contained a public option and would even support a filibuster.

Obama's Communists Now Ruling the USA.  In order to end cloture, Reid actually had $300 Million for Louisiana written into the Senate's ObamaCare Death Plan version to buy Senator Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) vote.  It worked.  Landrieu even bragged about it.

The Chicago Way.  If the Democrats' stitched-together Frankenstein monster of health care reform gets the 60 votes to get through the Senate, it will have been done through an assortment of bribes and brass knuckles. ... In what has been called the second Louisiana Purchase, that state's senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, was given a $300 million sweetener for her health care vote.

Nelson To Vote For Healthcare In Exchange For Medicaid Payments To Nebraska.  Not that this will come as any great shock, but Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), the lone Democrat holdout against the current iteration of healthcare reform, announced Saturday [12/19/2009] he will vote for the bill.  Also unsurprising:  much like Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu (D-La.) before him, Nelson sold his vote and his very soul for some financial benefits to his state.

Ben Nelson's Medicaid deal.  Sen. Mary Landrieu got the "Louisiana Purchase."  Sen. Ben Nelson got the federal government to pick up most his state's future Medicaid tab — forever.  As part of the deal to win Nelson's support, the federal government will pay for Nebraska's new Medicaid recipients.  It's a provision worth about $45 million over the first decade.

Nelson Accused of Selling Vote on Health Bill for Nebraska Pay-Off.  What started as Sen. Ben Nelson's personal stand against covering abortion with taxpayer money translated, somehow, into millions of dollars in federal aid for his home state — drawing criticism that his vote was bought.

Nelson vote triggers firestorm.  Sen. Ben Nelson's dramatic decision Saturday [12/19/2009] to vote for enactment of historic health care reform ignited a predictable firestorm.  Nelson negotiated a number of concessions that will strengthen health care services in rural Nebraska and lift an expanded Medicaid funding burden from the state.  But the anti-abortion funding language in the agreement leading to his support triggered some political dynamite.

Abortion foes 'stunned'.  By declaring he will vote for the Senate health care bill, Ben Nelson touched off a firestorm of criticism Saturday [12/19/2009] on abortion.  Nebraska Right to Life said it had been "betrayed" by the Nebraska Democrat, long an abortion opponent, who agreed to support compromise language on abortion.

Reid gets his 60 votes for Obamacare — the Chicago Way.  Senator Ben Nelson agreed to support this massive healthcare restructuring plan which no one besides a few Democrat senators has even seen.  The price for his support was 100 percent coverage of increases in Medicaid costs for his home state resulting from the legislation — now and forevermore. It amounts to a flagrantly unconstitutional subsidy to Nebraska with taxpayer dollars from the other 49 states.

Congrats, Democrats.  You own Obamacare.  It took hundreds of millions of dollars in bribe money to win over Sens. Mary Landrieu, of Louisiana, Ben Nelson, of Nebraska, and Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, (plus even more millions for a senator whose identity cannot be determined thanks to the obtuse language of the bill).  By hook or by crook, Obamacare's Senate backers got their magic 60 votes.

Nelson's sellout on health won't play in Nebraska.  [Senator Mary] Landrieu and other moderate Democrats raised strenuous fiscal objections, but bringing up abortion in the Senate is like announcing that you have a bomb in an airport.  People take notice.  In the end, though, Nelson treated abortion like any other of the dozens of shoddy little deals that have been the hallmark of the legislation.  The final abortion compromise that won [Senator Ben] Nelson's support was not substantially different than the one he had despaired of the week before.

Socialism Creeps In As America Sleeps.  The vote was taken without any members having read the main 2,074-page bill, let alone the 383 pages of amendments that were tacked on at the last minute to buy off senators, including Nebraska's Ben Nelson, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu and Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders.  Despite growing public opposition, Democratic members had the nerve to call those who questioned their monstrosity "obstructionists" and worse.

How bad is it?  The bad news is that Senator Ben Nelson is not up for reelection until 2012.  The good news is that today, December 19, 2009, is the day we got clarity on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid effort to steal medical care and call it "reform."  I hope that Ben enjoys his final two years in the Senate.

Harry buys the votes.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears to have nailed down what he needs to deliver to President Obama the mother of all Christmas presents:  health-care "reform" in our time.  Details are dribbling out, but one thing seems clear enough:  When one is unrestrained by principle, the possibilities in politics are boundless.

Deep in Health Bill, Very Specific Beneficiaries.  Buried in the deal-clinching health care package that Senate Democrats unveiled over the weekend is an inconspicuous proposal expanding Medicare to cover certain victims of "environmental health hazards."  The intended beneficiaries are identified in a cryptic, mysterious way:  individuals exposed to environmental health hazards recognized as a public health emergency in a declaration issued by the federal government on June 17.  And who might those individuals be?

Who wins, who loses in Senate health bill.  The little town of Libby, Mont., isn't mentioned by name in the Senate's mammoth health care bill, but it's one of the big winners in the legislation...

Five Reasons It Might Not Pass.  Harry Reid got his 60.  Ben Nelson resorted to the typical Washington expedient in such situations and bought into a few window-dressing compromises, in exchange for an enormous Medicaid benefit to his state.  The Cornhusker Kickback joins the Louisiana Purchase as the latest evidence that there's nothing like a hundred million or so in federal dollars to alleviate a senator's deeply held concerns about the substance of Obamacare.

Bribing and Blackmailing for Historic Change.  Under cover of darkness the most despicable of crimes are committed.  Secrecy and opacity aid the deceitful in accomplishing the deeds they hope will never come to light — the light that demands accountability and justice.  And it was in the middle of the night — one a.m. on Monday to be exact — that the United States Senate perpetrated one of its most duplicitous acts by voting to move forward a watered-down but still extremely dangerous healthcare bill.

The Price Is Right?  Payoffs for Senators Typical in Health Care Bill.  While Sen. Ben Nelson got a particularly juicy concession — permanent and full federal aid for his state's expanded Medicaid population — in the health care bill, support from a slew of other senators likewise came with its price.

Is Harry Reid defending his vote-buying, or condemning the entire legislative process?  In The Hill today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defends his use of special incentives to lure certain senators into voting for his health care reform bill.  But his explanation sounds less like a defense of what he did than it does like an indictment of the Senate's entire legislative process ... To suggest that this is "no different than any other piece of legislation" is to suggest that the entire process is corrupt.

On health-care bill, Democratic senators are in states of denial.  Formally, it is known as H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  But this week, it has acquired an unhelpful nickname:  "Cash for Cloture."  As Senate Democrats finally complete their health-care legislation, those combing through the bill have uncovered many backroom deals that were made to buy, er, secure the 60 votes needed to "invoke cloture" — the legislative term for cutting off debate and holding a final vote.

Louisiana Purchase And Omaha Stakes.  Sen. Mary Landrieu was the new "Louisiana Purchase."  Sen. Ben Nelson got the federal government to pick up his state's future Medicaid tab.  Maybe we should just put Senate votes up on eBay.  Nelson, the 60th vote in the middle-of-the-night Senate party line vote on health care reform, will go down in American political history as the inventor of the permanent earmark.

ACORN Qualifies for Funding in Senate Health Care Bill.  Senator Roland Burris is claiming credit for a provision in Harry Reid's "manager's amendment," unveiled Saturday morning, that could funnel money to ACORN through the health care bill.

Obamacare Would Deform State Medical-Liability Systems.  The mad dash to jam through a government takeover of America's health-care system has led to some pretty blatant and noxious payoffs, even by congressional standards.  At least two Senators exchanged their votes for immunity from additional Medicaid costs — but just for their own states.  Another yet-to-be-identified senator is getting $100 million for a new hospital in his state.

The Cornhusker Highjack and the Constitution.  Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was handsomely bribed to vote for cloture on the health-care bill.  While most states will have to pick up much of the tab for new enrollees in Medicaid beginning in 2017, Nebraska will not.  Instead, the federal government will pay for that state's increased costs.  Such bribery has a long history in Congress, but so far as I know (and I'd be delighted to hear of other, earlier instances), bribes always came in the form of highways, post offices, bridges to nowhere, and other infrastructure, or in offers of higher office for the person being bribed.

Obamacare sparking 10th Amendment rebellion, action in seven states.  Looks like the steadily growing list of constitutional, ethical and political outrages that constitute the Harry Reid version of Obamacare is sparking a rebellion in the states, as AP reports South Carolina's attorney general plans to investigate the vote-buying that surrounded the proposal in the Senate majority leader's office.

Obamacare Bankrupting States.  Sen. Ben Nelson's "Cornhusker Kickback" for Nebraska may have given Harry Reid his coveted sixtieth vote, but it comes at a price for the other states, states that are already feeling the hammer of rising Medicaid costs.  Just coming to light is a concern that has been giving governors heartburn for months:  the fact that states are going to be hit with a monstrous financial burden with the passage of Obamacare, and none are in a position to handle it.

Votes For Sale in the Senate.  [Scroll down]  Afterward, [Majority Leader Harry] Reid was unapologetic.  "You'll find," he said, "a number of states that are treated differently than other states.  That's what legislating is all about."  But legislating, presumably, is also about giving public reasons for the expenditure of public funds.  Are Cornhuskers particularly sickly and fragile?  Is there a malaria outbreak in Grand Island?  Ebola detected in Lincoln?  Reid didn't even attempt to offer a reason why Medicaid in Nebraska should be treated differently from, say, Medicaid across the Missouri River in Iowa.

New state motto:  Nebraska — the Freeloader State!
10 Red States Now Questioning Nelson Deal.  At least 10 states are now raising questions about the legality of the deal that Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat, cut for his home state of Nebraska during the health care negotiations.  Under the agreement, which is on the verge of being approved Thursday by the Senate, Nebraska is permanently exempt from paying for its expansion of Medicaid, shoving that cost onto taxpayers in every other state.

Beltway Christmas:  Cash for Corruptocrats.  The Democrats are right.  Sleazy bribes and pork payoffs didn't start with their government health care takeover bill.  They've been doling out taxpayer-funded goodies for votes all year.  Harry Reid's latest Cash for Cloture deals are the culmination of Washington's 2009 shopping spree at our expense.

Whores... I mean Senators march the Health Bill forward.  The Health care bill arrogantly moves along dreaming for the day it can be in Obama's next speech.  It has its designer, socialist clothes ironed and glowing red, ready to shine off the Obama teleprompter.  This health care bill has moved half way home and is primed for the Christmas eve vote in the middle of the night while we are all sleeping or dreaming of wassail and gifts.  So far it seems the waffling Senators have been offered the world for their vote.

The Culture of Corruption.  These people strike me as hermetically sealed off from how most of the rest of the country view this subject.  As these backroom deals become more and more widely known, anger will swell up among voters.  It is bad enough to jam through a bill on a strict party-line-vote against overwhelming opposition from the public; for it to have happened only because various Members of Congress were (legally) bribed will magnify the intensity of the opposition.

Obamacare's dirty deals.  President Obama claims Democrats "scored a big victory for the American people" with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's latest compromise health bill.  That's only true if you believe petty bribery and protection money are the road to useful reform.  There are scores of provisions in the 383 pages of changes Mr. Reid made to the $871 billion Senate bill that benefit only a handful of states, sometimes even a single institution.

S.C. AG: Nelson deal 'corruption'.  South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster said Monday that the deal Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) struck with Senate leadership in exchange for his vote on health care reform "represents corruption."  McMaster is one of 10 Republican state attorneys general who are questioning the constitutionality of the Medicaid deal which would exempt Nebraska from paying its share of the program's expansion in the state — an estimated $100 million cost over the next 10 years.

Ben Nelson Makes Us Ashamed to be Nebraskans.  Political humorist P.J. O'Rourke wrote a book about Congress entitled Parliament of Whores.  As one of U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson's constituents, I think his actions regarding the so-called health care reform bill make O'Rourke's title an insult to prostitutes everywhere.

The Cornhusker Concussive.  One of the disgusting features of the Senate's Obamacare bill is the payoffs extracted from taxpayers and directed to the states of senators wielding key votes.  The payoffs culminated in the "Cornhusker Kickback" procured by Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson for Nebraska in order to offset the future costs imposed on Nebraska and other states by the Obamacare bill.  The Cornhusker Kickback is now in the sights of various states attorneys general.

States Warn Congress of Possible Lawsuit Over Nebraska's 'Cornhusker Kickback'.  Thirteen state attorneys general have sent a letter to Congress threatening legal action against health care reform unless a provision in the Senate bill given to Nebraska is removed.  The provision is known as the "Cornhusker Kickback," because it gives Nebraska a permanent exemption from paying for Medicaid expenses that would be required of all the other states.  This means that taxpayers in other states would be paying for an increase in Nebraska's Medicaid population.  Medicaid is a federal-state health care program for the poor.

The Cornhusker Pushback.  "It's not a special deal," Ben Nelson told the New York Times of the special deal that converted him into the 60th Senator for ObamaCare.  "It's a fair deal.  Some people said I was getting money for Nebraska.  That's wrong.  I was just getting rid of an underfunded federal mandate.  There's nothing sleazy about it.  I cracked the door open for other states."

Petition to recall LA Senator Mary Landrieu.  The blog And So It Goes in Shreveport notes that a petition to recall Senator Mary Landrieu has been accepted for filing by the Louisiana Secretary of State.  Citizens have 180 days to file enough signatures to get this on a ballot.

Getting Control of Congress, Permanently.  We are now experiencing a disconnect between national political leaders and the citizenry.  Public support for congressional actions is low and falling, as are the president's numbers.  Public opposition to the health care bill, now passed in different forms in the House and Senate, is at 59% and rising.  In various ways, the people are strongly indicating that they think Congress is out of control and needs adult supervision.  Particularly galling is the revelation that Senate leaders bought critical votes on the health care bill by dumping hundreds of millions in special benefits into states whose senators had withheld support — until they got their bribe.

Schwarzenegger On Ben Nelson's Kickback:  'It's Illegal to Buy Votes'.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday accused Senate Democrats of illegally buying a vote to get healthcare reform passed.  Talking with NBC's David Gregory on "Meet the Press," Schwarzenegger blasted the California Congressional delegation for "representing Nebraska and not us" during December's healthcare deliberations.

The Battle of the "Cornhusker Kickback".  South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, one of 15 state prosecutors challenging the Senate health care bill's special deal for Nebraska, on Wednesday [1/13/2010] characterized his effort as an "uphill battle" that nonetheless is worth fighting and winnable.  McMaster, speaking at an American Spectator Newsmaker event, said that the bill violates the Constitution by providing the Cornhusker state with extra Medicaid money to secure the Sen. Ben Nelson's vote.

'Cornhusker kickback' is toast.  The deal critics dubbed the "Cornhusker kickback" is toast.  Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., asked Friday [1/15/2010] that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., scratch Nebraska's permanent exemption from additional Medicaid costs under the Senate health care bill.

Obama:  We Had Nothing to Do With Cornhusker Kickback, Emanuel:  Yes We Did.  Speaking to ABC News' World News Tonight anchor Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview on Monday, Obama denied being involved in what has come to be known as the "Cornhusker Kickback" ... In an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric on Wednesday, Emanuel flatly stated that he and the Obama administration were heavily involved in the Cornhusker Kickback as well as the other deals that provoked outrage from the public...

Democrats dig in for last stand.  Democrats took heat over the "Louisiana Purchase," and ultimately disavowed the "Cornhusker Kickback."  Now, they are racing to keep Republicans from defining the only legislative tool left to salvage the health care reform bill as yet another tactic hatched in a Democratic back room.  During a year in which "deal" is a dirty word, Democratic congressional leaders are already waging a battle to defend reconciliation and beat back Republican charges that the fast-track rules are an abuse of power.

Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes?  Tonight, Barack Obama will host ten House Democrats who voted against the health care bill in November at the White House; he's obviously trying to persuade them to switch their votes to yes.  One of the ten is Jim Matheson of Utah.  The White House just sent out a press release announcing that today President Obama nominated Matheson's brother Scott M. Matheson, Jr. to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

The Obama Way:  Bluster, Bully, Bribe.  The White House took great offense this week when conservatives suggested President Obama might be trading a judicial appointment for a wavering Democrat's vote on his health care reform plan.  "Absurd," a miffed administration official told Politico.com.  Wherever could the American people get such an impression?  Let us count the ways.  On Wednesday [3/3/2010], the very day Obama hosted 10 swing Democrats who had opposed the expansive health care takeover bill in November, the White House issued a press release trumpeting the nomination of Scott M. Matheson Jr. to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Interference!  In an editorial today [3/4/2010], the Washington Times is calling for an investigation by the Justice Department into two potentially serious violations of federal law by officials in the Obama White House, including Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina.

Jobs for political dropouts.  [Scroll down]  The story broke Feb. 18 when Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat, told a local cable news show that somebody in the administration offered him a high-ranking job if he would decline to challenge party-switching Sen. Arlen Specter in his state's Democratic primary this year. ... This was the second such story in the past half-year.

Obama Bribes, Threatens, and Rewards Congress to Pass Health Care.  All aspects of President Obama's Chicago-style tactics are on display as he cajoles, bullies and bribes the House to pass his health care proposals despite the overwhelming public rejection with which they have been met.  To some, he offers bribes.  Rep. Jim Matheson, endangered species — a Utah Democrat — succeeded in getting his brother Scott appointed to a federal judgeship. Matheson voted against Obamacare when it first passed the House.  With his new-found winnings in his pocket, he now professes to be undecided.

Obama Now OK With Sweetheart Deals As Long As Multiple States Are Bribed.  Even though the White House had vowed to remove "sweetheart deals" from health care legislation, struggling for votes, the Obama administration now says that these special deals are okay — as long as they apply to more than one state.

The world watches our president fail.  President Obama has many times declared the debate on health insurance over.  He was right.  His side lost.  And so for the past six months, the president has used taxpayer money to buy congressional votes.

The price for Dennis Kucinich's vote:  A ride on Air Force One.  The phony who calls himself the President got one more turncoat by the simple ruse of offering him a ride on Air Force One, as if the folks seeing him arrive with Narcissus is going to get him re-elected in November.

Republicans cry 'hydraulic despotism' in California on health care vote.  Over at their whip count site, Republican campaigners are trying to connect the health care vote to a sudden, early announcement by the Department of the Interior this week on increased water allocations to California's drought-stricken Central Valley.

Code Red Moves Cardoza and Costa to "Yes" Votes After Water Deal.  Is this Another Backroom Deal to Force Obama's Bill Down the American People's Throats?  As a vote approaches on Obama and Pelosi's government takeover of healthcare, Code Red is now considering two supposedly "undecided" California Democrats, Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa, to now be "yes" votes.

Code Red Moves Pomeroy to a Solid "Yes" Vote.  The Latest in an Avalanche of Special Deals?  Code Red has now classified Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) as a solid "yes" vote on Obama and Pelosi's government takeover of healthcare after another apparent deal was revealed in the Democrats' bill, this time a special provision for the State of North Dakota.

Buying Votes With Water:  The water spigots are back on, at least temporarily, in California's Central Valley.  Turned off to protect a tiny fish, they happen to be in the districts of two congressmen "undecided" on health care reform.

March Madness.  Has there ever been a political spectacle like the final throes of ObamaCare? ... Capitol Hill resembles nothing so much as that movie's farcical coup d'etat in San Marcos as Democrats try to assemble the partisan minimum of 216 House votes — if only for an hour or so at some point on Sunday — and no bribe is too costly, no deal too cynical, no last-minute rewrite too blatant.

Cornhusker Kickback II:  All things considered, the people of Nebraska let it be known that they preferred not to sell their birthright for a mess of pottage such as Obamacare.  If the Obamacare legislation makes it to Obama, it is supposed to be minus the Cornhusker Kickback.  Now Rowan Scarborough reports that the Obama administration has delivered another budget plum to Nelson and the state of Nebraska, adding more than a half-billion dollars for a new veterans hospital in Omaha.

Laying the Cornerstone of a Socialist Utopia.  [Scroll down slowly]  If all of these facts were not enough, the Democrats enacted their new law as a result of bribery.  The American people have heard about many of the deals made prior to the vote.  The Cornhusker Kickback, Florida Gatorade, and Louisiana Purchase are but a few examples.  It is a national disgrace that our Congress has become an institution dependent on extortion to enact major legislation.  And while the process is not easily discussed or understood, we cannot ignore the historic level of oppression implemented by Speaker Pelosi's Rules Committee in her effort to gain passage of the bill.  As much as the content of the bill itself, the manner in which it passed Congress provides clear evidence that the bill was about government power, not the health of America.

Pro-Life Democrats Who Switched Vote for Health Bill Request Billions in Earmarks.  The 11 House Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak who dropped their opposition to health care reform mere hours before the final vote have requested $3.4 billion in earmarks — and one watchdog group wants to know whether the money represents business as usual, or a political payoff.

Obamacare carries an odor of corruption

Trump Should Stop Illegal Obamacare Subsidies Now.  President Trump has an opportunity to unilaterally halt an unconstitutional corporate welfare scheme, deal Obamacare a mortal blow, and save the taxpayers more than $100 billion.  U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled last year that the Obama administration had unconstitutionally dispensed subsidies to insurers, holding that it had flouted the Appropriations Clause by doling out "cost sharing reduction" (CSR) payments that hadn't been authorized by Congress.  The Obama administration later filed an appeal but didn't have time to pursue the case further.  President Trump has the power and the duty to drop that appeal and stop these unconstitutional CSR payments immediately.  Instead of doing so, however, Trump is attempting to use these bribes as a bargaining chip in a futile attempt to get the Democrats to deal in good faith on a viable replacement for Obamacare.

The Obamacare Financing Flimflam.  Now we know why the Obama administration unilaterally changed rules on Fannie Mae funds in 2012.  They basically screwed private-sector bondholders and shareholders to create a slush fund for left-wing groups allied with the administration.  These funds do not go through Congress.  They are treated as off-balance sheet entities, where the amount that comes to the government is treated as a net reduction in expenses instead of an increase in revenue.  In other words, it allows Congress and the president to pretend they are controlling spending.

Watchdog: New York misspent $150 million in Obamacare funds.  The inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services said in a report Tuesday that New York didn't follow federal requirements when handing out grants for setting up its Obamacare exchange.  An audit found that New York allocated $93.4 million from August 2011 to March 2014 using a formula that overstated the population who would use the marketplace to find health insurance coverage.  New York also gave $49.5 million to the exchange that should have gone to Medicaid and another nearly $6 million of enrollment assistance that was for Medicaid.  Now the federal government wants the state to refund the $150 million that was misallocated to the exchange.

To Save Obamacare, the President Plots a Massive Bailout of Health Insurers.  Distracted by the presidential election and the news that ACA insurance premiums will increase by an average of 25 percent in 2017, many have failed to notice the administration's plan to use a special U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) fund, called the Judgment Fund, to funnel billions of dollars to insurers without congressional approval.  If it successfully executes this plan, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will have circumvented Congress to secure a taxpayer bailout for insurers — directly contradicting Congress's intentions as expressed by multiple spending bills, and possibly violating federal law.

Obama Administration Willing to Break Law to Save Obamacare.  President Barack Obama's signature health care law is failing and his administration will go to seemingly any length to prop it up.  You know the famous quote from "Animal Farm" that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others?"  This was George Orwell's attempt to point out the hypocrisy that many politicians preach equality, but then give favors to only a few.  Well, for the Obama administration, it turns out that the health insurance companies participating in Obamacare happen to be "more equal" than taxpayers — even to the point where the administration is willing to break the law to help them stay in Obamacare.

Obama's Latest Bailout For Big Insurance Aims To Cover His Lies.  Even as nonpartisan experts at the Government Accountability Office concluded that the Obama administration broke the law with Obamacare's reinsurance program, the Washington Post reported the administration could within weeks pay out a massive settlement to insurers through another Obamacare slush fund — this one, risk corridors.  The Post article quoted Republicans criticizing risk corridor "bailouts."  But in reality, the Obama administration itself has admitted using risk corridors as a bailout mechanism — trying to pay insurers to offset the costs of unilateral policy changes made to get President Obama out of a political jam.  These two interlinked bailouts — one political, the other financial — explain this administration's rush to pay off insurers on its way out the door.

Obama plans to circumvent Congress and bail out big insurance companies.  Most readers will recall that in 2013, millions of Americans received notices informing them that their existing health insurance plan would disappear once Obamacare's major provisions took effect.  President Obama's "if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan" mantra was exposed as a lie.  In response, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) agreed to ignore the requirements of Obamacare and allow people to keep their prior coverage.  Insurers could permit individuals who purchased coverage after the law's enactment but before October 2013 to keep their plan for a few more months (later extended until December 2017).

Panic prompted ObamaCare lawlessness.  Senior Obama administration officials took a series of decisions beginning in late 2013 that ranged from the reckless to the illegal in an effort to keep insurers participating in health insurance exchanges.  A report issued last week jointly by the House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce committees explores how the administration came to unlawfully funnel $7 billion in unappropriated money to insurers through a single ObamaCare program.  The program — known as cost-sharing reduction (CSR) — requires insurers to reduce deductibles and other out-of-pocket spending for certain low-income people who signed up for coverage through health insurance exchanges.  In turn, the statute authorized the administration to seek an appropriation from Congress to reimburse insurers for the cost of providing these coverage enhancements.

Obamacare's $250 Million Bribery Scheme.  Shortly following last week's revelation that Obamacare premiums will spike yet again in 2017, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it would offer $22 million in grants to state insurance officials to enforce "compliance with Affordable Care Act key consumer protections."  The Obama administration will, in other words, bribe state regulators to impose price controls on insurers selling coverage through Obamacare exchanges.  Where did CMS get the $22 million?  From a multi-million dollar slush fund the federal government has quietly used to control state insurance departments over which it has no legal authority.

Hidden Spending.  Largely unnoticed, the architects of Obamacare have invented a new way to hide federal spending.  In addition to dumping people into Medicaid, Obamacare functions by having the federal government send billions of dollars in direct payments to insurance companies.  Taxpayers pay this money to the federal government, and the government then pays it to insurers.  By any normal definition of the terms, the money coming in constitutes revenues, and the money going out constitutes outlays.  Under Obamacare, however, the government is obscuring large sums of federal spending by labeling these direct subsidies to insurance companies "tax credits."  Not only is the government hiding billions of dollars in spending, it is counting these hidden expenditures as tax cuts.

White House Secretly Squashed IRS Resistance to ObamaCare's Illegal Subsidies.  The New York Times reports on a secret meeting from 2014, exposed thanks to sworn testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, at which a vanload of IRS officials were told to stifle their complaints about billions of dollars in flagrantly illegal ObamaCare funding. [...] The Times makes a fitful attempt to spin this as a "Republicans pounce" story, stressing that we're only learning about Fisher's testimony because Ways and Means Democrats "feared Republicans would release selected excerpts" as part of a "witch hunt," which would in turn be part of a "crusade to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which has been twice upheld by the Supreme Court."

13 Incompetent Failures in the Obama Administration.  [#4] Well before he became secretary of State, John Kerry profited from the Obama administration.  While he was helping to craft Obamacare, the Massachusetts senator bought stock in a pharmaceuticals company which would benefit from the law.  He also bought shares in a medical device manufacturer — a company whose stock rose 71 percent when the bill passed.  Finally, Kerry and his wife sold off their investments in United Health and Wellpoint, two of the healthcare providers which ended up losing big from Obamacare.

How Congress Mysteriously Became a 'Small Business' to Qualify for Obamacare Subsidies.  It seems that federal officials have worked overtime to undermine public trust.  Benghazi, the IRS abuses, the "fast and furious" gun-running fiasco, the solar power boondoggles, and the seemingly endless implementation problems of the Affordable Care Act — all these scandals have common themes:  arrogant and abusive bureaucracy, double dealing, lame excuses, and legal hairsplitting.  The outrages listed above can be placed squarely at the doorstep of the White House.  But one scandal is truly bipartisan:  How key administration and congressional officials connived to create, under cover of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, special health insurance subsidies for members of Congress.

Feds Blow Off House Subpoena For Obamacare Co-Op Docs.  Federal health officials refuse to give Congress hundreds of subpoenaed documents on Obamacare's failed co-ops so that people will continue enrolling in the deeply troubled program, a congressional leader said Tuesday [4/19/2016].  Twelve of the 23 co-ops created in 2011 under Obamacare at a cost of $2.4 billion have failed, and another eight of the remaining 11 are likely to go under this year.  But the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) won't hand over documents subpoenaed months ago by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Congress Plans Fight on Obama Administration's Illegal Diversion of $3.5 Billion to Insurers.  The fight over whether the Obama administration broke the law by prioritizing insurers over billions of dollars in payments to the U.S. Treasury through a program implemented under Obamacare is only beginning.  Following the release of a memo from the Congressional Research Service last week, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee pressed Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell on the $3.5 billion illegally diverted to insurance companies under Obamacare's transitional reinsurance program.  The nonpartisan agency said that the administration violated the Affordable Care Act's language in prioritizing insurers over the Treasury.

Obamacare Co-Ops Used Accounting Gimmick Approved by Feds.  Co-ops created under Obamacare reported net assets despite losing millions because they used an accounting trick approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Tax filings for 18 co-ops, including nine that collapsed in 2015, also revealed that co-op CEOs were paid handsomely before many had to shut down.  In July 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services amended its agreement with co-ops, allowing them to list $2.4 billion in loans they received from taxpayers as assets.

Government Illegally Diverts Billions to Obamacare Reinsurance Slush Fund.  In a late Friday afternoon [2/19/2016] news dump before the President's day holiday weekend, the Obama administration announced that it would pay out $7.7 billion to Obamacare insurers through the reinsurance program — including $1.7 billion in illegal payments.  In all, the administration has unlawfully funneled $3.5 billion into this program.  For 2015 Obamacare reinsurance, the administration will pay out $6 billion raised from a fee on private health insurance and an additional $1.7 billion that under federal law belongs to the Treasury department.  Indeed, the decision by the Obama administration directly violates section 1341 of Obamacare which explicitly states "money shall be deposited into the general fund of the Treasury of the United States and may not be used for the [reinsurance] program established under this section."

Congress Is Exempt From Obamacare Because It's Listed As A Small Business.  Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Chairman David Vitter is questioning why Congress is able to get its health care through the Small Business Health Options Plan (SHOP) — which requires a business to have 50 or less employees — when the tax forms provided list Congress as a large employer.  In a letter written to Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen Wednesday [2/10/2016], the Louisiana Republican said it appears Congress is "misrepresenting itself to either DC Health Link or the IRS" and questioned whether the contradiction violates the Internal Revenue Code.

Failed Co-Op Under Investigation Used $280K in Taxpayer Dollars For Lobbying.  A failed co-op currently under investigation for underreporting its financial situation used hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars for lobbying, according to Senate lobbying disclosure records.  Health Republic Insurance of New York, a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act, began paying Alston & Bird, LLP in the second quarter of 2014 and continued through the third quarter of 2015, around the time the co-op announced that it was going out of business, according to the lobbying database.

Obamacare Grant Scandal: Congress Awakes!  Last April, the HHS Office of Inspector General issued an alert concerning the misuse of Obamacare start-up grants by certain states.  Congress yawned. Later, the Obama administration illegally rewrote the law's limitations on how these funds could be spent.  Our elected representatives remained inert. [...] That body received its wake-up call from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  The GAO released a report showing that 16 states (all but one secure Democrat strongholds) and the District of Columbia were awarded $4.6 billion in grants to create Obamacare exchanges which cannot account for the vast gulf that exists between the amounts spent on their "marketplaces" and the grant money awarded.  Of the $4.6 billion, only about $1.4 billion can be confidently reconciled with specific expenditures.  This leaves a gap of $3.2 billion.

NY State audit finds Obamacare exchange enrolled hundreds of dead people, paid out benefits.  Never let it be said that Democrats don't take care of their constituents.  Dead voters frequently supply the margin of victory to Democrats in key elections, so it makes sense that the signature achievement of the Democratic Party in the Obama era takes special care of the dead.

NY Obamacare Exchange Enrolls Hundreds Who Appear to be... Dead.  An audit by the State Comptroller's Office has revealed that hundreds of dead people were enrolled in New York's health exchange, with nearly two dozen of them enrolling after death.  Medicaid payments totaling over $300,000 were paid out to a majority of the deceased individuals.

Audit: Medicaid for the dead.  An audit released Thursday [10/29/2015] by the state comptroller's office shows that Medicaid payments went to claims for hundreds of dead enrollees in the New York State of Health system.  Of $3.4 million in overpayments found by auditors, $325,030 in claims associated with 230 deceased New Yorkers identified as active Medicaid recipients was paid out, according to the audit.  In total, 354 deceased New Yorkers were found to be enrolled in the system, with 21 of those people officially enrolled after they had died.

Report questions how states spent ObamaCare funds.  The federal government awarded over $5 billion to help states set up ObamaCare exchanges, with the vast majority — $4.6 billion — going to 16 states and Washington, D.C.  But, according to a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, much of that money has not been accounted for — and yet not returned, either.

Grant Theft Obamacare.  Between 2010 and 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded $4.6 billion in Obamacare start-up grants to 16 Democrat-controlled states and the District of Columbia.  $1.4 billion of this taxpayer largesse was spent on exchanges, many of which imploded upon launch or operated so inefficiently that enrollees have been left to the tender mercies of Obamacare.gov.  The rest of these states also appear likely to abandon their exchanges in favor of federal "marketplaces."  Yet, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), they have kept all but $1 million of the grants.  Where's the rest of our money?

Obamacare seems designed to launder your tax dollars from Feds to Blue States.  [Scroll down]  The Federal government spent $4.5 billion on grants to states building their exchange programs.  And despite some states demonstrably failing to use that money, like Maryland ($125 million price tag) and Oregon (over $300 million price tag), the Federal government has only managed to recover $1 million of it.  Under any other circumstances, it would be easy to chalk this up to traditional Obama-administration style incompetence.  However, to do so would be to miss the details of how the Obama administration has conducted recouping its funds.

Is Obamacare Officially A Money Laundering Scheme?  Could the failed Obamacare exchanges have been merely an excuse to direct payola to safely Democratic states?  Based on a new report from the Government Accountability Office, and the actions of acting head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) Andrew Slavitt, the answer may well be yes.

Obamacare Lawfare in Oregon.  In October 2013, Oregon was just another state whose Obamacare exchange failed to achieve lift-off when its Democrat governor attempted to abet the President in the launch of his "signature domestic achievement."  Shortly thereafter, Governor Kitzhaber earned two additional distinctions not enjoyed by Obama's other accomplices:  He was the first to abandon his constituents to Healthcare.gov, and resigned pursuant to an ethics scandal.  Before leaving office, however, Kitzhaber made what may be the most outrageous decision of his tawdry tenure — he sicced his Attorney General on the IT firm that built the exchange as well as some of its employees.

Obamacare's Blue State Money Laundry.  When Maryland's Attorney General announced last summer that his office had negotiated a settlement whereby $45 million would be recouped from the IT contractor that botched the state's Obamacare exchange, it was widely reported as good news for taxpayers.  It appeared that their investment in the mismanaged project would not be a dead loss.  But the AG's statement included this curious passage:  "The agreement... will lead to the recovery of funds for both Maryland and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS]."  What's so odd about that?  Well, the state didn't contribute any money to the project.

The Fight to Halt Congress's Obamacare Fraud.  For all the Republican complaints about Barack Obama's lawlessness, Americans should know that many Republican members of Congress, especially its leadership, are happy to partner in Obama's despotic approach to governing.  You can see this hypocrisy in our lawsuit on behalf of a DC taxpayer challenging the use of local dollars to help Congress obtain Obamacare benefits in violation of Obamacare law itself.

U.S. House and Senate Each Said They Had Only 45 Employees — Then Signed Up 12,359 for Insurance on Obamacare 'Small-Business' Exchange.  Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives certified that they had only 45 employees each in order to sign up for the District of Columbia's Small Business Exchange.  But 12,359 — or 86 percent of the exchange's enrollees — are members of Congress, congressional staff members, and their spouses and dependents, according to an appeal filed with the D.C. Court of Appeals by Judicial Watch.  The public interest law firm announced Monday [8/10/2015] that it is appealing the February dismissal of its lawsuit challenging congressional participation in the Obamacare exchange even though the D.C. Exchange Act limits enrollment to small companies with 50 or fewer employees.

A Bonus for a Botched Obamacare Exchange.  When former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley signed the bill that created his state's Obamacare exchange, he bragged that it was "being established using no state funds... due to federal grants."  Later, when the online "marketplace" exploded on the launch pad and a new IT company was hired to untangle the wreckage, O'Malley's top health official assured Maryland voters that this would be paid for with "leftover federal grants."  Consequently, it surprised many when Maryland's Attorney General announced a $45 million settlement with the original contractor the proceeds of which would be split between the federal government and the state.

Obama Admin Making Billions In Obamacare Subsidy Payments Without Verifying Amounts.  The Obama administration is making billions in payments to health insurers under Obamacare without calculating the exact amount companies are owed, according to a federal audit released Tuesday [6/16/2015].  Obamacare's premium subsidies are paid each month directly to insurance companies, to ease the burden of health coverage to eligible customers in the health law's government exchanges.  The payments add up: the federal government doled out almost $2.8 billion to insurers in just the first four months of 2014, when Obamacare launched.

The Cover Oregon Cover-Up.  The key measure for an effective ad campaign is an affirmative response to a simple question:  "Do viewers remember the ad?" In the case of Oregon and their effort to drive people to the state's Obamacare exchange, officials are doing everything in their power to make people forget the awful campaign, including, allegedly, deleting emails and documents pertaining to what has become an every-growing story of corruption and criminality.

Obama Admin Accused of Illegally Using Tax Refund Money to Fund ObamaCare Program.  Obama has repeatedly shown that he doesn't think he needs Congress' approval to change the law, and now he's being accused of funding parts of it without Congressional appropriations.  Funds set aside specifically for tax refunds owed to hard-working Americans are being used to subsidize the Basic Health Program associated with ObamaCare.

Massachusetts ObamaCare exchange joins Oregon under investigation by FBI.  It's no secret that ObamaCare's father is RomneyCare in Massachusetts, and as we look to the problems that plague a government run health care system, The Bay State is a good place to start.  Case in point:  corruption in the system.  Josh Archambault, senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability has dug into the state's $1 billion ObamaCare exchange and found many discrepancies and issues that should concern everyone.

He claims he'll repeal it if elected President, yet blocked an inquiry into its worst abuse.
Rand Paul's Obamacare Hypocrisy.  In every speech he has made since announcing his presidential bid, Rand Paul has vowed to repeal Obamacare.  At a Las Vegas rally he put it thus:  "I will make it my mission to heal this nation... and to repeal every last bit of Obamacare!"  But if Paul's behavior in the Senate is any guide, this is empty rhetoric.  Shortly after his Vegas speech, he aided the Democrats in obstructing an investigation into falsified documents submitted to the D.C. Small Business Exchange so that members of Congress and their staffers could receive subsidies to which they aren't legally entitled

Levin: Rand Paul covering up Obamacare fraud.  Mark Levin, who likes Rand Paul, regularly defends Rand Paul, and has him on his show frequently, says it now appears that Rand Paul, at the behest of Paul's close ally Mitch McConnell, is actively trying to cover up Obamacare fraud on Capitol Hill.  In order to get small business subsidies under Obamacare, someone in Congress submitted an application claiming that Congress, the entire Congress, only had 45 employees, so it could qualify.  This was obviously fraudulent.  David Vitter tried to get to the bottom of this by asking for subpoena power to find out who submitted this application, but he was blocked by the other Democrats... and Rand Paul.

How Five Republicans Let Congress Keep Its Fraudulent Obamacare Subsidies.  The rumors began trickling in about a week before the scheduled vote on April 23:  Republican leadership was quietly pushing senators to pull support for subpoenaing Congress's fraudulent application to the District of Columbia's health exchange — the document that facilitated Congress's "exemption" from Obamacare by allowing lawmakers and staffers to keep their employer subsidies.  The application said Congress employed just 45 people.  Names were faked; one employee was listed as "First Last," another simply as "Congress."  To Small Business Committee chairman David Vitter, who has fought for years against the Obamacare exemption, it was clear that someone in Congress had falsified the document in order to make lawmakers and their staff eligible for taxpayer subsidies provided under the exchange for small-business employees.

Hospital Profits Soar As Obamacare Creates More "Paying" Patients.  Whether "Net neutrality," Dodd-Frank, or Obamacare, pretty much every regulation these days has been gamed to benefit certain large (often corporate) vested interests.  It's not big business VERSUS the regulators.  Often and increasingly the two are in cahoots.  Occasionally they are actually one.

Obama Has Given Insurers $3B To 'Compensate For Caps'.  Funny how we have never heard about any of this before.  But we suppose another illegal executive action from Obama is not even news these days.

Treasury throws unauthorized $3 billion to insurers under Obamacare, won't say why.  It's right there in the Constitution:  "No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time."  Which is why this latest episode of lawlessness from the administration is so particularly galling.  "The U.S. Treasury Department has rebuffed a request by House Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R- Wis., to explain $3 billion in payments that were made to health insurers even though Congress never authorized the spending through annual appropriations," The Washington Examiner's Philp Klein reported on Thursday [2/26/2015].

H&R Block Helped Shape Obamacare, Now Set For Gigantic Payday.  Five years ago, a bevy of high-priced H&R Block lobbyists worked on the tax preparation company's behalf to shape the Affordable Care Act.  And this April 15, those efforts are set to pay off in a big way for the company.  H&R Block is well positioned to earn more than $100 million in additional fees from low-income Obamacare enrollees as they face the daunting challenge to properly file this year's complicated health-related tax forms.

Congress itself implicated in new Obamacare scandal.  They didn't fess up willingly.  But after we applied the appropriate pressure, government officials responsible for operating the Washington D.C.  Obamacare "Small Business Exchange" have finally admitted that Congress is taking advantage of health benefits its members and staff are not entitled to claim.

ObamaCare Is Funneling Billions To Defense Contractors.  Jonathan Gruber isn't the only one who got rich off ObamaCare.  Several big government contractors are raking in megabucks to help the government take over the nation's health care system.  Gruber made news when it came to light that the Obama administration had paid the stupid-American-calling MIT economist roughly $400,000 to help build ObamaCare, and several states paid him big bucks as well to build their exchanges.  But this is just the tip of the ObamaCare bonanza.

Jonathan Gruber cashed in even more than previously thought; Update: And Obama JUST found out about all this.  I've written in a couple other posts that Jonathan Gruber — the man Nancy Pelosi refers to as "WHO?" — was paid in excess of $400,000 for giving up the dirty truth about how the Affordable Care Act really functions.  As it turns out, that $400k figure came just from Gruber's federal contracts.  Gruber is being paid much more by the states where he was sent in order to let them in on the ACA's dirty little secrets so they were under the impression the law wouldn't cost them as much as they feared: [...]

Grubergate shines spotlight on Obamacare profiteers.  [MIT professor Jonathan] Gruber's frank admissions that he and others deceived the public about Obamacare have drawn a lot of attention in recent days.  But the money that Gruber made from Obamacare raises yet another issue about his involvement in the project.  Throughout 2009 and 2010, he energetically advocated a bill from which he stood to profit.  And when it became law, the money rolled in.

Judicial Watch: Congress Obtained Obamacare Coverage, Subsidies 'Through Fraud'.  At a Wednesday press conference to announce the filing of a lawsuit challenging health insurance coverage for members of Congress through the District of Columbia's small business exchange, Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitton called the arrangement "fraud."  Fitton based his remarks on the D.C. law requiring small businesses to have 50 employees or less to get insurance through the small business exchange, and on documents obtained by the government watchdog group through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority.

Maryland Obamacare contractor gets subpoena.  A federal watchdog issued subpoenas in its investigation into Maryland's troubled health insurance exchange, and a congressman who opposes Obamacare said there's evidence of fraud.  The now-fired lead contractor for that exchange, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, told CNBC.com it received a subpoena at the end of July in a probe of how federal funds were spent on the Maryland exchange.  Companies or entities associated with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange have also received subpoenas in the investigation, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Long after announced 'resignation,' ex-Cover Oregon director Bruce Goldberg draws $14,425 monthly salary.  He was the highest profile casualty of Oregon's health insurance exchange disaster.  Bruce Goldberg, the respected, long-time director of the Oregon Health Authority, offered to resign on March 18.  Two days later, with the Cover Oregon tech mess going from bad to worse, Gov. John Kitzhaber announced that he'd shown Goldberg the door.  The resignation was "effective immediately," said officials in the governor's office.  Or so we thought.  It turns out, Goldberg never really left and is now drawing a full-time salary from the state.

Sebelius personally pressured major firms to support Obamacare.  Outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius lobbied several private companies to support Obamacare while the program was having difficulty getting people to sign up, a new investigative report found, showing the lengths to which the administration has gone in support of the president's signature health care law.

Sebelius 'shake-down' helped outside pro-Obamacare group raise $13 million from a single foundation ... but was it legal?  Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius maneuvered one of America's richest liberal philanthropies into contributing $13 million to Enroll America, a group founded by a former Obama White House staffer to drive up insurance enrollment numbers under the Affordable Care Act.  A report issued Monday by the Government Accountability Office shows what Republican members of Congress have anticipated learning since 2013:  that Sebelius called a total of five organizations a year ago and urged them to help Enroll America reach its goals.

Great moments in state exchange success: CO director put on leave after fraud indictment.  The allegations:  She paid herself healthy sums for "consulting" work for her federally funded housing agency in Montana even though she was already paid as a full-time employee, charged homeowners she was "helping" for things that didn't exist, used federal money for personal travel and paying members of her own family.  She pled not guilty Feb. 6 in Montana.

Exclusive: HHS won't say if Sibelius is fundraising for Obamacare.  Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other department staff may be continuing to solicit private donations to help an outside group promote the president's health care law as the administration works to boost enrollment figures after a troubled fall rollout.  News last May that Sebelius had asked business executives and nonprofit groups to donate to Enroll America, a nonprofit organization formed to help encourage millions of Americans to sign up for the new Obamacare insurance exchanges, provoked an uproar among Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Medical Identity Theft and Obamacare:  [A]s many as 31 states do not conduct background checks on Obamacare navigators, who have access to enrollees' names, Social Security numbers, financial records, and health information.  A recent NR report found that in California, at least 43 navigators approved by the state health exchange had prior convictions, including for forgery and welfare fraud.  Clearly, there's enormous risk that consumers' confidential information could fall into the wrong hands.

More about Navigators.

House panel says Obamacare co-op improperly diverted $25 million.  A New York nonprofit improperly diverted $25 million meant to help establish three Obamacare health insurance co-ops to a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary, a congressional oversight committee said Wednesday [2/5/2014].  The Freelancers Union, which received $340 million in federal loans to set up co-ops in New York, New Jersey and Oregon, gave some of that cash to a for-profit entity called Independent Worker Services.

Massachusetts Obamacare web exam handed to one-man band.  The glitch-plagued Obamacare website that has failed thousands of people trying to sign up for health insurance is getting an emergency review from just one private consultant — news that surprised experts who yesterday said the system needs a deeper probe.  The Bedford-based nonprofit government contractor MITRE Corp. began the review of the $69 million website on Jan. 6 and is expected to submit a report by Friday [1/17/2014] — a time span of less than two weeks.

Obama administration awards another noncompetitive contract for healthcare.gov.  On Saturday [1/11/2014], administration officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced they were firing CGI Federal as the designer and manager of the botched healthcare.gov and replacing the firm with Accenture, the world's largest consulting firm.  The new contract, valued at $90 million, was given to Accenture as a non-competitive and sole-source contract, according to news sources.

Obama replaces healthcare.gov czar.  Former Microsoft executive Kurt DelBene will soon take over the job of resuscitating healthcare.gov, the White House announced on Tuesday, replacing former budget director Jeff Zients who will move on to become President Barack Obama's chief economic adviser. [...] His wife, Suzan DelBene, is a first-term congresswoman from the state of Washington.

Tiny Vermont Gets $208 Million to Build Disastrous Obamacare Exchange; Where Are the Press Watchdogs?  In mid-November, Americans for Tax Reform compiled a list of federal spending on state Obamacare exchanges totaling a breathtaking $4.5 billion.  One number on the list stands out from the rest — and it's not California's, though its $910 million amout is awful, disproportionate, and surely highly wasteful (before considering scalability concerns, the fixed costs of building a web site should be close to the same regardless of a state's population).  The big eye-catcher is tiny Vermont's staggering $208 million.  The nation's second-least populous state (626,000 as of 2012) has 0.2 percent of the U.S. population, but has received 4.6 percent of grants from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Obamacare Website Users Say Site Led Them to Phishing Page.  And now there is another problem with the Obamacare rollout:  the Washington, D.C., insurance exchange has led customers enrolling to a fraudulent website.

Covered California gave consumers' contact info to agents.  California's health exchange has provided insurance agents with names and contact information for tens of thousands of people who went online to check out coverage but didn't ask to be contacted.

Obama's corporatist contraceptive mandate.  The audacity and mendacity with which the Obama administration defends its illegal contraception mandate is standard fare for politics.  What's distinctively Obamian in this fight is the insidious corporatism underlying it all.  Look at the contraception mandate from almost any angle, and you see the corporatism.  Sometimes it's on the surface, and sometimes it's implicit in the arguments.  The contraception mandate is nakedly a huge subsidy to the industry that most firmly supported Obamacare:  the drugmakers.

Thanks for nothing, President Obama.  President Obama's war on America has accelerated.  We're losing ground on every front. [...] Aided and abetted by nearly all of the Ds and most of the Rs, he pardons unions and megacorporations from Obamacare.  There is no reprieve yet for the millions of Americans who liked their healthcare plans and planned to keep them.  Expect unilateral, unconstitutional action, though, to provide breathing room until after 2014 elections.  Planned Parenthood and other unvetted hoods have been made official agents of change under the ACA.  Under penalty of law, Americans are forced to provide far more personal information to the Feds than our Dear Leader did as a candidate for the presidency.

Texas Enroll America official resigns after proclaiming Obama loyalty in video.  The Texas communications director for Enroll America has resigned after a conservative watchdog group posted a video of him discussing his Democratic leanings. [...] In the video, [Chris] Tarango tells an actor posing as a Democratic operative that he is helping out with a Texas House race on the side, "so that's about as partisan as it gets."  He says that many people who worked for Organizing for America, the grassroots arm of Obama for America during the 2012 campaign, ended up working for Enroll America.

Did someone mention OFA?

Busted: Obamacare Navigator Conspiring to Use Data for Political Purposes Resigns.  Remember when James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas exposed those supposedly nonpartisan Obamacare navigators being unmistakeably partisan?  Well, the watchdog group's investigation has already had some dire consequences for those caught on camera.

Enroll America Director Resigns.  Chris Tarango, Texas Communications Director for Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare, resigned following a Project Veritas investigation.  The video exposé showed Tarango conspiring to release private data to help a political action committee.  The resignation occurred Friday evening [11/22/2013] and was originally reported by Ashley Allen of KCEN (NBC) in Texas.

Unbelievable incompetence led to no-bid contract for healthcare.gov.  Suddenly realizing that you can't manage the finance and accounting aspects of the program is somewhat like a contractor erecting a skyscraper and suddenly realizing that it hadn't competently excavated the foundation.  In toher [sic] words, the whole edifice is at risk of collapse in both cases.  You can tell how embarrassing and revealing this is by the fact that nobody is willing to speak on the record.

Obamacare agency rushed in contractor without bids, documents show.  Caught flat-footed by the challenges of building the financial-management and accounting parts of the U.S. government's new online marketplace for health insurance, officials rushed to hire a familiar contractor without seeking competing bids, according to government procurement documents reviewed by Reuters.

Subcontractor working on Obamacare site under FBI investigation.  Client Network Services Incorporated (CNSI) became a sub-contractor on the Obamacare website in 2012, working hand in hand with QSSI, according to its website.  QSSI was one of several contractors hauled before Congress to address the sites troubled rollout in October.  According to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) "war room" notes released in October, CNSI was responsible for assisting with electronic data interchange (EDI) — defined as a system to transfer data between computer systems without human interaction.

CA Obamacare Director Reveals Counselors Paid $58 for 'Each Successful Enrollment'.  Dana Howard, the deputy director of California's Healthcare Exchange program, appeared on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt's program on Friday [11/22/2013] where he revealed an interesting detail about the incentives for Affordable Care Act navigators.  Howard revealed that enrollment counselors are paid $58 for each individual they successfully enroll in the California's insurance exchanges.

ObamaCare Website Opens Door For Mass Identity Theft.  "Not only is the poorly designed and still only partially built ObamaCare website, Healthcare.gov vulnerable to attack by computer hackers, it already may have been compromised, cybersecurity expert David Kennedy told a House Science, Space & Technology Committee hearing on Tuesday [11/19/2013].  "Hackers are definitely after it," said Kennedy, CEO of data security firm Trusted SEC.  "And if I had to guess, based on what I can see... I would say the website is either hacked already or will be soon."  What kind of government would lay bare the lives of its own citizens to online marauding identity thieves?  The answer to the question is chilling when it becomes obvious that it is an evil rather than stupid one.

O'Keefe video captures nonprofit Obamacare enrollment group conspiring to engage in political activity.  An official with the nonprofit Obamacare enrollment group Enroll America conspired to give people's personal information to what he thought was a political action committee, according to James O'Keefe's latest video, provided to The Daily Caller.  Enroll America, which Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted to fundraising for, is a "nonpartisan" 501(c)(3) nonprofit that critics accuse of working as an unofficial Obamacare navigator across the country.

One fired, three suspended after undercover health care video.  The Urban League of Greater Dallas fired one person and suspended three others after a video from a conservative activist reportedly showed the workers encouraging health care applicants to lie.  An edited video was released Monday [11/11/2013] that seemingly shows so-called health care Navigators encouraging people to lie on forms signing up for health care to get better rates.  The video was released by Project Veritas, which was started by conservative activist James O'Keefe.

Obama slams lobbyists, then hires one to help Obamacare.  On the campaign trail, President Obama vowed that lobbyists would have no place in his administration, but his health care agency last month gave a half-million-dollar grant to a registered lobbying firm to help enroll people for Obamacare as Affordable Care Act "navigators."  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave the $510,577 grant to Chatman LLC, which has filed disclosure forms revealing that it lobbies CMS on behalf of a private hospital client.  The firm also has filed a disclosure that it lobbied on the health care law itself.

Latest James O'Keefe video leads to call for inquiry into Sebelius-linked group.  New questions are being raised about the tax-exempt status of an Obamacare enrollment group tied to Kathleen Sebelius after it was implicated in James O'Keefe's most recent investigative probe.  O'Keefe captured an official for Enroll America, for which Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted to fundraising, being introduced at an event as "the official group for the DNC."  O'Keefe's work also revealed that Enroll America might be working with the political action committee Battleground Texas, possibly sharing mined data between the two groups.

New James O'Keefe sting reveals rampant Obamacare navigator fraud.  Conservative provocateur and undercover filmmaker James O'Keefe released a video on Thursday revealing rampant fraud among Obamacare navigators.  "Lying about income and smoker status came natural to the navigators we encountered," O'Keefe narrates.  "Some may argue that hiding small amounts of cash income is no big deal.  But who, exactly, would that hurt?"

Navigators Fired, Suspended after Viral Video of Their Abuses.  When James O'Keefe, the guerrilla videographer who has now exposed the Obama navigators, went after the corrupt "community organizing" group ACORN in 2009, he released videos showing its employees offering advice on running brothels and evading taxes.  ACORN's response was to claim (a) the tapes were edited (b) the incident was isolated and (c) it was letting go of the employees shown in the video. [...] It will be interesting to see if that same pattern holds in the navigator scandal, which shows employees of the Urban League of Greater Dallas advising O'Keefe investigators on how to lie and cheat in order to score Obamacare subsidies or lower their insurance premiums.

Top White House officials refuse to testify on Obamacare.  On Nov. 7, Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, along with subcommittee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, sent the White House a letter requesting testimony from top Obama aides Nancy-Ann DeParle and Jeanne Lambrew.  Both are leading figures shaping the White House position in Obamacare design and implementation.  Issa wanted them to appear at a Nov. 20 hearing on the so-far disastrous rollout of the president's national health care scheme.

Obamacare Flaw Allows Anyone on Earth To Fraudulently Enroll Through Healthcare.gov.  [N]ew regulations established by Obamacare to cover Medicaid enrollment have created a major threat to the United States' ability to administrate that far larger benefit program. [...] Non-citizens are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program).  This is not a new development.  However, the documentation and verification process for such enrollments was significantly eased by regulations in the Affordable Care Act.  Getting fraudulent applications for Medicaid or CHIP approved is now easier, and thus more likely.  The risk is increased by the security concerns inherent in the Navigator/Assister program.

ObamaCare Navigators Caught on Tape Telling People To Lie On Applications, Defraud Government.  Well, this should be the nail in the coffin, right here.  And it isn't even surprising given that ObamaCare Navigators aren't properly screened, or trained and even convicted felons can get the job.  But who could have predicted that James O'Keefe would be able to get them encouraging fraud on camera, this soon.

WebMD's healthy deal with Obamacare: Millions of dollars for kind words.  The consumer health care site had the occasional nice thing to say about Obamacare, too.  In one article, it predicted doctors might pick up more patients and crowed in an article titled "7 Surprising Things About the Affordable Care Act" that many consumers already had received insurance refunds under the law.  But what neither Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius nor WebMD mentioned at the time was that the company, which millions of Americans regularly read for health news, also stood to earn millions of dollars from a federal contract to teach doctors about Obamacare.

Obamacare drawing con-men like rotten meat draws flies.  Seriously, it's widely known at this point that the only real reason that we haven't seen more fraud is because pretty much nobody can actually use the site.  To the point where seeing the process apparently working smoothly should in itself set off warning bells.

The Truth about Navigators.  James O'Keefe, the guerrilla videographer who helped bring down ACORN (the "community organizing" group that Barack Obama worked for as a lawyer and trainer) and got NPR's president fired, is back.  This time, his undercover investigators focused on Obamacare's "navigators," the nearly 50,000 people who, in the words of the Department of Health and Human Services, "will serve as an in-person resource for Americans who want additional assistance in shopping for and enrolling in plans" on the Obamacare exchanges (at least when they're finally working).  The total value of grants doled out for nonprofits and community organizations to hire navigators has topped $67 million nationwide, and some of the money is going to a group run by ACORN's highly controversial founder.

Background Checks as the New Racism.  Last week, Senator John Cornyn (R., Texas) grilled Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services secretary, about why the 45,000 "navigators" who assist people in signing up for Obamacare aren't required to undergo a criminal-background check, even though they handle sensitive personal information.  "So a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them?" Cornyn asked her.  "That is possible," said Sebelius, noting that states could always impose their own requirements — as some have done.

At least one group of Americans loves ObamaCare.  For those on the left who thought that ObamaCare would mean large health insurance companies might get their comeuppance, they might want to look at UnitedHealth.  Wall Street analysts expect the giant to see its stock price rise 40 percent over the next two years, thanks to expanding profit margins.  The company has also won big contracts to help implement the rollout.  Quality Software Services, Inc., a major contractor for Healthcare.gov, is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth.  One of President Obama's most reliable fundraisers in both 2008 and 2012 was Anthony Welters, executive vice president of UnitedHealth.  He raised more than $500,000 for the 2012 election, according to opensecrets.org

Fright Of The Navigator: ObamaCare Guides Could Be Felons.  Kathleen Sebelius admits that convicted felons could be hired as ObamaCare "navigators," giving them access to the personal information of those signing up.  Some might already be on the job.

Obamacare Could Cost Over $1 Trillion Per Year.  Clearly, Obama's goal was not improved healthcare, but more political power and benefits for his political party and his allies.  A good example is Canadian website contractor CGI.  Consider:
  •   CGI Federal received a $93.7 million Obamacare website contract, as part of a $678 million contract for work on the Medicare/Medicaid websites.
  •   CGI executives have donated extensively to Obama, while website contractor CGI Federal's Senior VP attended Princeton with Michelle Obama.
  •   The CGI CEO became an Obama donor after being awarded the contract.
  •   CGI gave a website design subcontract to a former Obama campaign manager [and] When this became news, all evidence was erased.  When evidence that it was erased became news, they put it back.
  •   CGI received an $11 billion contract for IT security from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this spring.
  •   CGI received a no-bid contract to distribute $1.7 billion of aid to Hurricane Sandy victims.  The victims are still waiting.

Rubio bill would prevent felons from becoming ObamaCare navigators.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a possible 2016 presidential candidate, introduced legislation on Thursday [11/7/2013] that would prevent felons from being hired as ObamaCare navigators.  The "Healthcare Privacy and Anti-Fraud Act" would — at a minimum — require a universal criminal background check, fingerprinting and a credit report for those seeking a job to help walk potential consumers through the insurance enrollment process.  It would also preclude the Department of Health and Human Services from hiring a navigator that has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving identity theft, fraud or perjury.

The Next Big Obamacare Scandal.  [Scroll down]  Perhaps even more troubling than the Obama lies, however, is the political cronyism that has surfaced in the administration's choice of the contractor to fix the Obamacare website and a legally indefensible interpretation of the Obamacare law by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that can protect this contractor and its insurance company parent, among other firms, from kickback claims.

The Connected Company behind Healthcare.gov.  Quality Software Services Inc., the company that built the data hub for Healthcare.gov, won its huge contract after its parent, UnitedHealth Group, enlisted two so-called super-lobbyists.  These men are Democratic power-brokers:  They have raised significant amounts of funds for Democratic causes and campaigns, and they maintain lots of friends in high places.

Obamacare Cover-Up: Did HHS Encourage Violation of SEC Law?  Early this morning, the Hill reported that the Obama administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is relying on a private company — a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group — to play a central role in establishing and running Obamacare's insurance "exchanges."  As the Hill writes, the report raises serious questions about competitive fairness, as "the quiet nature of the transaction, which was not disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has fueled suspicion among industry insiders that UnitedHealth Group may be gaining an advantage for its subsidiary, UnitedHealthcare."

Obama donor's firm hired to fix Web mess it helped make.  A tech firm linked to a campaign-donor crony of President Obama not only got the job to help build the federal health-insurance Web site — but also is getting paid to fix it.  Anthony Welters, a top campaign bundler for Obama and frequent White House guest, is the executive vice president of UnitedHealth Group, which owns the software company now at the center of the ObamaCare Web-site fiasco.

Serco's Checkered History.  The CEO of Serco, a British-based company whose North American division received one of the largest contracts to work on the Obamacare insurance exchanges, resigned Friday [10/25/2013] amid allegations that the company had defrauded the British government of millions of pounds.

HHS quietly cancels contract with group to promote ObamaCare to recently released convicts.  The Dept. of Health and Human Services has quietly canceled a contract to a Chicago-based advocacy group that planned to promote ObamaCare benefits to recently paroled prisoners, after GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions wrote a letter to the agency in July questioning how the contract was funded.

Michelle Obama and CGI Federal executive belonged to student group at Princeton that hosted pro-terrorist speaker.  First Lady Michelle Obama and her Princeton classmate whose company received the no-bid government contract to build the HealthCare.gov Obamacare website were both members of a black student organization that caused a tense scene on campus by inviting a PLO leader who advocated for terrorism.  Michelle Obama '85 and her classmate Toni Townes-Whitley '85, a senior vice president at CGI Federal, were both students at the university when their groups the Organization of Black Unity (OBU) and the Third World Center (TWC) engaged in a confrontation with Jewish students on campus.

Meet Valerie Jarrett daughter Laura's computer scandal tinged father-in-law.  If it hadn't been for the ongoing epic failure of healthcare.guv — ObamaCare — we may have missed the long road of computer scandals that seems to now serve as the government's way to feed mega money to their friends and supporters.  Indeed, the ObamaCare website failure may unwittingly end up blowing the whistle on one of the biggest government slush fund set ups in latter day history because the runaway costs on healthcare.gov uncovers a long trajectory of failed multi-million dollar government websites that point to coincidences way too many.

CGI Federal executive spent 'Christmas with the Obamas'.  Michelle Obama's relationship with Princeton classmate Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, whose company earned the no-bid contract to design the disastrous Healthcare.Gov Obamacare website, continued after the Obamas moved into the White House.  Townes-Whitley and her husband even enjoyed "Christmas with the Obamas" at the White House in December 2010, according to a Facebook album created by Townes-Whitley.

Feds reviewed only one bid for Obamacare website design.  Federal officials considered only one firm to design the Obamacare health insurance exchange website that has performed abysmally since its Oct. 1 debut.  Rather than open the contracting process to a competitive public solicitation with multiple bidders, officials in the Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid accepted a sole bidder, CGI Federal, the U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company with an uneven record of IT pricing and contract performance.  CMS officials are tight-lipped about why CGI was chosen or how it happened.

Scams Pop Up In Oklahoma Amid Launch Of Obamacare Website.  The Affordable Care website has had its share of problems.  But if you get a phone call from someone offering to help you get insurance, don't fall for it.  That's one of a number of scams popping up around Obamacare.  The Better Business Bureau says in Oklahoma they get calls about these scams every single day.  Just as the healthcare.gov web site rolled out the calls started rolling in.

Reports raise concern about backgrounds of ObamaCare 'navigators'.  New concerns are being raised about so-called ObamaCare "navigators" following a string of reports about the questionable backgrounds of those selected to guide Americans through what is shaping up to be a rocky roll-out of the health care law. [...] The "navigators" are outreach workers, funded by federal taxpayer dollars, who are supposed to help people sign up for coverage.  The Daily Caller reported earlier this week that one "enrollment assister" in Lawrence, Kan., had an outstanding warrant for her arrest as well as a troubled financial history.

Dead people can sign up for health care in Kentucky.  Obamacare can help dead people, too.  This is apparent in Kentucky, where application forms for the state's new Obamacare benefit exchange asks if the application is for someone who has recently died.  Question 39 on the kynect:  Kentucky's Healthcare Connection printable application form for a single person health seeking either coverage or help paying costs, states:  "If you are filling out this application on behalf of a person who recently passed away, enter the deceased person's date of death."

Obama's Acorn Cronies To Profit From ObamaCare.  As Mathew Vadum reports on the American Spectator blog, United Labor Unions (ULU) Local 100 in New Orleans, which is run by Acorn founder Wade Rathke, announced on its Facebook page that it's gearing up "to do mass enrollment and help navigate people into the marketplaces in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas under the Affordable Care Act!"  "Local 100's role as a Navigator, suggest(s) the program is less about health care and more about building a new progressive infrastructure," says longtime Acorn-watcher Mike Flynn of Breitbart.com.

Obama's ACORN Pals Cashing In on Obamacare Enrollment.  President Obama's old friends in the ACORN crime syndicate have decided to get a piece of the big-money Obamacare action.  United Labor Unions (ULU) Local 100 in New Orleans, which is run by ACORN founder Wade Rathke, announced on its Facebook page that it's gearing up "to do mass enrollment and help navigate people into the marketplaces in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas under the Affordable Care Act!"  Be afraid.  Wherever Rathke goes, lawlessness follows.

Fraud firm gets OK to sign people up for ObamaCare.  Seedco, a New York-based community-development organization, was sued by the federal government for faking at least 1,400 of 6,500 job placements under a $22.2 million federally funded contract with the city.  Eighteen months later, the feds and Seedco are teaming up again, this time to help medical-insurance seekers maneuver through the maze that is the Affordable Health Care Act.

Company with $1.2 billion Obamacare contract under investigation for 'serious fraud'.  A British multinational being paid $1.2 billion to implement Obamacare's federal insurance exchanges is under investigation after allegedly overcharging the British government by tens of millions of dollars.  Reuters reports that Britain's Serious Fraud Office is now looking into Serco, a massive service and security firm employing 120,000 worldwide, after the company reportedly overbilled its government client as much as $80 million for criminal electronic monitoring devices.

Republicans think Labor Department has secret Obamacare 'fix' for unions.  Two Republican House lawmakers asked the Labor Department to provide "all legal analyses" it has done on a proposed Obamacare "fix" sought by Big Labor.  The lawmakers think the administration is secretly working on a such a fix but trying to keep it hidden from the public.

Prelude.  [Scroll down]  In reality things have not worked out too well for Barack Obama.  His administration is now rotten to its core, unable to face enemies abroad, incapable of tapering the money machine, yet unwilling to yield the slightest ground on the Obamacare racket because that's what he needs to buy off his critics and pay off his supporters.  The question facing the other political players, ranging from Israel, Russia, Iran or the GOP is how much longer Obama can continue and get away with it.

ObamaCare's architects reap windfall as Washington lobbyists.  ObamaCare has become big business for an elite network of Washington lobbyists and consultants who helped shape the law from the inside.  More than 30 former administration officials, lawmakers and congressional staffers who worked on the healthcare law have set up shop on K Street since 2010.

Obama skirts Congress, funds pre-K through Obamacare.  With congressional Republicans refusing to finance an expensive universal preschool proposal, President Obama is seeking an alternate funding source:  Obamacare.  Universal pre-K is one of Obama's favorite "big ideas" — and one he has mentioned repeatedly in the past few months.  But his proposal to bulk up federal and state pre-K programs by raising tobacco taxes is unlikely to pass the Republican House of Representatives.

Stealthy Obamacare co-ops refuse to file public disclosure tax forms.  All but one of the 24 healthcare co-ops funded by a $2 billion Obamacare program intended to create public competition for private sector insurers failed to file required tax returns, according to a Washington Examiner survey.  The co-ops are required under federal law to file IRS Form 990 tax returns each year.

Obamacare nonprofit educates Democrats only.  Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' favorite pro-Obamacare nonprofit held a Democrats-only congressional briefing earlier this year, according to emails obtained by nonprofit watchdog Judicial Watch. [...] Enroll America, an activist nonprofit devoted to enrolling Americans in the Obamacare health insurance exchanges, has benefited from Sebelius' fundraising efforts.  Congressional Republicans have opened an investigation into her requests that private donors contribute to the group.

New propaganda campaign exposes a central lie behind the push for Obamacare.
Get Shafted America!  Get Covered America is the long-anticipated propaganda campaign launched by Enroll America, a "nonpartisan" organization whose ostensible mission is to help the uninsured navigate the exchanges.  In reality, Enroll America is an Obama administration front group funded with money extorted from the insurance industry. [...] Thus, Enroll America is typical of the day-to-day skullduggery that defines the Obama regime.

Community Organizations: Obama's corrupt power grab.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D. California) has equipped fellow Democratic lawmakers with an "Affordable Care Act Tool Kit."  It reveals the Democratic Party's plan to turn the worthy goal of enrolling the uninsured into a cynical scheme for enrollling Democratic voters.  The kit's biggest tool is community organizing. [...] Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is under fire for soliciting donations for Enroll America, and it's no wonder.  Enroll America is 100% political.

Republicans seek IG probe into Sebelius over ObamaCare group donations.  Congressional Republicans on Thursday [5/30/2013] escalated their call for an independent investigation into whether Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius broke the law when she sought donations from private companies for an independent ObamaCare project.  Three top Senate Republicans wrote a letter to the HHS inspector general asking his office to launch a probe.  It follows a previous GOP call for a review by another internal watchdog, the Government Accountability Office.

Obamacare "Navigators": Another Sebelius Snitch Brigade?.  U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius controls a $54 million slush fund to hire thousands of "navigators," "in-person assisters" and counselors who will propagandize and enroll Obamacare recipients in government-run health insurance exchanges.  This nanny-state navigator corps is the Mother of all Community Organizing Boondoggles.  It's also yet another Obama threat to Americans' privacy.

Krauthammer: Sebelius Using Private Money To Pitch Obamacare Will Be Admin's "Iran-Contra".  [Quoting Charles Krauthammer:]  ["]That's the Obama administration's own Iran-Contra, raising the money on the side because it can't get it through Congress.  Which constitutionally is supposed to appropriate the money that the executive spends.  But I think on this issue with the unions, you heard the president in the clip you showed, he said nothing the plan will require you to change your coverage.  It's a very clever construction.["]

Insurer with NY's 'worst' record of complaints gets $340M Obamacare loan.  The New York-based Freelancers Insurance Company has been rated the "worst" insurer for two straight years by state regulators, and data compiled by a national insurance association show an extremely high rate of consumer complaints.  The firm was founded in 2008 by Sara Horowitz, who worked with Obama while he was in the Illinois state senate to launch Demos, a left-wing, New York think tank funded in part by George Soros.

The IRS Illegally Expands Obamacare Tax Credits.  Recently I wrote that the states could kill Obamacare by refusing to implement its insurance exchanges. [...] Even if the federal government creates an exchange in a state that has declined to do so, it would not be authorized to issue tax credits or fine noncompliant businesses.  Thus, if the majority of the states refuse to create exchanges, it will doom Obamacare.  There is, however, one weakness inherent in this strategy.  It assumes that the Obama administration will obey the law.

ObamaCare's Secret History.  On Friday [6/8/2012] House Republicans released more documents that expose the collusion between the health-care industry and the White House that produced ObamaCare, and what a story of crony capitalism it is.  If the trove of emails proves anything, it's that the Tea Party isn't angry enough.

Obamacare: A plan of, by and for special interests.  For a law that supposedly sticks it to big business, President Obama's health care overhaul sure has a lot of industries counting on it for profits.  In recent weeks, plenty of new evidence suggests Obamacare was a boondoggle for special interests.

Obama is a failure, in every way possible.  Stimulus packages were not to stimulate the economy but were to siphon off money for the bonuses of executives in failing businesses.  Since when does failure deserve a bonus?  What else did he do?  His ObamaCare will bankrupt America and was passed with bribes, threats, arm twisting and backroom deals.

Health care industry ♥s Obama.  President Obama spent the first 16 months of his presidency pretending to fight the health-care industry.  "For those who fight reform in order to profit financially or politically from the status quo," the White House website blared in 2009, "the president sends a simple message:  'Not this time.'"  When the Senate passed the health-care bill, he thanked the upper chamber "for standing up to the special interests."  This was all hogwash.  The industry that spent more on lobbying than any other in 2009 was the drug industry, and that industry backed the bill, and rewarded Senate Democrats by running ads in support of them.  The bill subsidizes the heck out of drugmakers, doctors, hospitals, and other providers.  Insurers dislike a lot of the bill, but they're fighting to save it from conservatives — after all, the law requires people to buy their product.

Kagangate: A Coverup Of Obamacare Conflict-Of-Interest?  Judicial Watch and the Media Research Center have obtained potentially explosive e-mails that could prove Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan provided misleading answers during her Senate confirmation hearings when she said she had no involvement as U.S. Solicitor General in any strategizing over how to defend the health care reform law known as Obamacare.  Whether or not she had any such involvement is crucial in determining whether she must recuse herself from cases dealing with the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Obama is paying back the unions for their support in 2008.
ObamaCare's Longshoremen Rules.  The Senate Majority Leader's new version specifically exempts "individuals whose primary work is longshore work."  That would be the longshoremen's union, which has negotiated very costly insurance benefits.  The well-connected dock workers join other union interests such as miners, electrical linemen, EMTs, construction workers, some farmers, fishermen, foresters, early retirees and others who are absolved from this tax.

Washington Post and CBS receiving money from Obamacare slush fund.  Two mainstream news organizations are receiving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from Obamacare's Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) — a $5 billion grant program that's doling out cash to companies, states and labor unions in what the Obama administration considers an effort to pay for health insurance for early retirees.  The Washington Post Company raked in $573,217 in taxpayer subsidies and CBS Corporation secured $722,388 worth of Americans' money.

Obama Staffers Profit from Obama Health Care Plan.  It turns out that President Barack "Change" Obama isn't changing things that much after all.  At least not for David Axelfod, who appears to be playing the classic Washington insider's game for fun and profit.

Axelrod's unsolicited email on health care reform.  That community organizing thing with soaring rhetoric, so effective during the presidential campaign, isn't working so well now that the presidency has actually been won.  Vague promises won't do [when] solid accomplishments are necessary.

David Axelrod's Very Big Problem.  The allegations in this Bloomberg story — if true — pose a huge problem for a senior advisor to the president, David Axelrod.

Obama Campaign Ad Firms Signed On to Push Health-Care Overhaul.  Two firms that received $343.3 million to handle advertising for Barack Obama's White House run last year have profited from his top priority as president by taking on his push for health-care overhaul.

Corporate Shills for Hope and Change.  Two weeks ago, the White House embraced $150 million in drug industry ads supporting Obamacare.  This week, Bloomberg News reported that White House senior adviser and chief campaign strategist David Axelrod's former public relations firm, AKPD Message and Media, has raked in some $24 million in ad contracts supporting Obamacare — along with another PR firm, GMMB, run by other Obama strategists.  The ads are funded by Big Pharma, the AARP, AMA and the powerhouse Service Employees International Union (whose Purple Shirts dumped $80 million in independent expenditures to get Obama and the Democratic majority elected).

Questions For Mr. Axelrod, et al.  The deal itself may well be completely legal if a little starting to outsiders.  What matters is whether Mr. Axelrod knowingly or unknowingly broke the law in striking the deal with his former firm and then participating in negotiations with people or entities that directly or indirectly sent cash to his former firm to produce and air ads pushing the president's health care agenda. ... The only question that really matters is whether or not David Axelrod violated any of the federal laws.

Quid Pro Quo.  We noted here that the drug companies intend to spend $150 million -- more than the McCain campaign's entire television advertising budget -- on ads supporting Obamacare.  Today on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asked Linda Douglass whether the ad campaign was part of the deal that the drug companies struck with the Obama administration.

Unions To Get Dues from ObamaCare.  Thousands of union members rallied for Obamacare on Capitol Hill today [6/26/2009] in a massive display of union outreach that threatened to deliver more votes for a controversial "public plan" option.  The rally came on the heels of Obama raising the possibility that unions would be exempt from taxing health care benefits.  Obama said he was open to imposing new taxes on Americans who are not union members, which is a principle he adamantly opposed during his presidential campaign.

Mrs. O And The Patient Dump.  It wasn't until white America accepted her husband that she was finally proud of America.  The same America that allowed the hospital she worked for to screw over the same underprivileged her better half was organizing to raise his own political stature.  The fact she's become the First Lady won't erase the past, and we should all be wary of the kind of health care her husband has in store for us.

The Obamacare Horror Story You Won't Hear.  The White House, Democrats and MoveOn liberals are spreading health care sob stories to sell a government takeover.  But there's one health care policy nightmare you won't hear the Obamas hyping.  It's a tale of poor minority patient-dumping in Chicago — with first lady Michelle Obama's fingerprints all over it.

Back to ACORN General Hospital.  Guess who's going to be much better off thanks President Obama's health care scheme? ... If the UAW gets to have controlling interest in the American auto industry, why shouldn't AFSCME, SEIU, and ACORN be allowed to run the 14% of GDP currently known as the American healthcare system?  Millions and millions and millions of new dues-paying members from countless communities ripe for organizing.  All without the hassle of passing card check.

GE a corporate sponsor.  For all of the carping liberals did for eight years about corporate cronyism in George W. Bush's White House, they seem to turn a blind eye to the same behavior in President Obama's.  With plans in place for a major overhaul in the health-care industry, General Electric is positioning itself to become a major beneficiary of these health care reforms.

Read the Union Health-Care Label.  In the heated debates on health-care reform, not enough attention is being paid to the huge financial windfalls ObamaCare will dole out to unions — or to the provisions in the various bills in Congress that will help bring about the forced unionization of the health-care industry.  Tucked away in thousands of pages of complex new rules, regulations and mandates are special privileges and giveaways that could have devastating consequences for the health-care sector and the American economy at large.

Culture of Corruption Produces Awful Health Care Bill.  Usually a major welfare-state bill has to be passed by Congress and go into effect before it is exposed as corrupt.  The money has to actually be flowing out of Washington before anyone notices that it's being diverted into a cesspool of special favors and sweetheart deals.  But a lot of things are unprecedented about the current push for a health care bill.  Never has such a major expansion of the welfare state been passed without bipartisan support and broad approval from the public.  And rarely has the corruption of a program been exposed while it is still awaiting final approval in Congress.

More Details on Obama's Big Bribe to Big Labor:  If you're part of one America, you have to pay a tax if you receive generous health benefits.  But if you're part of the other America that has contributed handily to Democratic campaigns and has access to the White House, you can receive those same benefits without paying a tax.

ObamaCare's latest bribe:  It took two days of wrangling behind closed White House doors under the demanding gaze of big-labor bosses, but President Obama won a major health-care victory yesterday [1/14/2010].  The same can't be said of America.  The deal in a nutshell: a big, fat wet kiss for labor unions, which won exemption from a proposed 40 percent tax on on expansive private health-insurance plans until 2018.

Unions Collect A Health Care Payoff.  Big Labor carved out a tax exemption for union members' health plans on Thursday [1/14/2010], paving the way for passage of health care reform.  Call it what it is:  a bribe to cronies in an increasingly corrupt overhaul.

Labor's $60 Billion Payoff.  Democrats seem impervious to embarrassment as they buy votes for ObamaCare, but their latest move makes even Nebraska's Ben Nelson look cheap:  The 87% of Americans who don't belong to a union will now foot the bill for a $60 billion giveaway to those who do.

Teachers union gets a pass on ObamaCare rule.  The United Federation of Teachers — one of President Obama's key political backers — is the biggest beneficiary of a White House sweetheart deal that will exempt certain outfits from complying with new health-care rules, officials revealed yesterday [10/7/2010].  The quietly approved federal waivers for 30 companies, health insurers, unions and other groups across the country means the UFT doesn't have to gradually phase out caps on annual health coverage like everyone else.

Union Pushes for ObamaCare Then Is Granted Waiver.  The irony would be humorous if it weren't so sad:  The United Federation of Teachers, the New York City branch of the American Federation of Teachers, which pushed ardently for ObamaCare has now requested — and received — a waiver from its mandates.

ObamaCare Rewards Friends, Punishes Enemies.  A primary task for the new Republican House majority is to undo as many of the pernicious effects of ObamaCare that it can.  One of these effects is the spectacle of employers going hat-in-hand to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for waivers from some of the law's more onerous provisions.

Top 10 Obama Administration Investigation Targets:  [#1]  ObamaCare:  Any measure that restructures one-sixth of the U.S. economy bears scrutiny particularly when passage of the bill required legislative bribes such as the Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback.  To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, now that ObamaCare has passed, let's see exactly what is in it — and how it got there.

The Wisconsin Protests and the New Medical Ethics.  The breaches of professional ethics displayed in Wisconsin may be an ominous foretaste of future problems Americans can expect under ObamaCare.

The State of ObamaCare.  Big Government's most unhealthy program, ObamaCare, has been mutating and degenerating since the hour of its gruesome birth.  Thousands of pages of new regulations have erupted from its bloated, heaving body like tumors.  Waivers for politically connected unions and businesses have gushed from its open wounds.  The Administration realized that the slow bleed of ObamaCare waivers was killing it politically, as each new waiver release gave critics a new opportunity to write about how awful the program is, and how corrupt Obama's government has become.

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