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Welfare programs attract illegal aliens and other immigrants

Brandon Admin Seeking To Give ID Cards, Government Benefits To Illegal Immigrants.  The Biden administration intends to provide illegal immigrants in the United States a temporary identification card so they can access government benefits while they wait for final decisions on their cases.  The program, titled the "ICE Secure Docket Card program," would be funded with $10 million from the Biden administration's fiscal year 2023 appropriations bill, which states, "$10,000,000 for the ICE Secure Docket Card program to allow noncitizens access to immigration files and documents."  "The ICE Secure Docket Card program is part of a pilot program to modernize various forms of documentation provided to provisionally released noncitizens through a consistent, verifiable, secure card," an ICE spokesperson told Axios.  "The cards would feature a photo and biographic identifiers.  It would also include 'cutting-edge security features."

California announces it will become the first state to give health insurance to undocumented immigrants.  Governor Gavin Newsom released attack ads on Monday urging Florida residents to move to California in the days after it became the first state to move to offer all illegal immigrants state-subsidized health insurance.  Newsom bought $105,000 worth of ad spots that started airing on Fox News in Florida, which is sparking speculation that he could mount a presidential run in 2024.  The ads urge Sunshine State residents who are fed up with their Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to head west.  DeSantis is rumored to be considering a 2024 run as well[,] despite former President Donald Trump likely to seek the nomination.

Libertarians: It's Americans' Fault Illegal Migrants Die.  Migrant Haitians are drowning in the Atlantic, and it is Americans' fault, says Reason magazine, a libertarian publication.  "With land-based migration proving difficult, some desperate Haitians are attempting to reach American soil aboard overcrowded ships," says the June 13 article, which is headlined "America's Harsh Immigration Restrictions Mean Haitians Drown Trying To Get Here." [...] "Significant numbers of people are losing their lives because the administration is luring them to take these foolish risks," responded Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Republican presses to find out how much food stamp aid [is] going to migrants crossing [the] border.  Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) said that food stamps are going to most people who are crossing the southern border, despite denials from Democrats.  DesJarlais told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Tuesday that, while Democrats claim food stamps, or SNAP benefits as they are formally known, only go to minors, asylum seekers, and refugees — most of the people entering the U.S. fit into those categories.  "According to the Biden administration, the USDA, it's very difficult" for border-crossers to obtain SNAP benefits, he said.  "But if you look at the list of reasons and exclusions of those who can get it, it includes about everyone crossing the border today.

New Jersey Officials:  Democrat Phil Murphy Improperly Gave $10M in Coronavirus Funds to Illegal Aliens.  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) improperly gave $10 million in Chinese coronavirus funds to illegal aliens in the form of stimulus checks, state oversight officials allege.  As Breitbart News reported last year, Murphy provided the state's nearly half a million illegal aliens with rounds of stimulus checks to the sum of tens of millions of dollars — paid for by American taxpayers — that was meant as coronavirus relief for Americans.

The Editor says...
And of course the illegal aliens gladly took the money, indicating that they're only here for the perks, they don't care about our laws, and they have no fear of being deported.

DHS eyes more welfare for legal immigrants as Supreme Court hears challenge.  The Biden administration has moved to make it more attractive for immigrants to sign up for welfare, laying down a marker just days before the Supreme Court is slated to take up the issue in a legal challenge seeking to restore stricter Trump-era rules.  The Homeland Security Department released a proposal to raise the bar for becoming a "public charge."  Joining programs such as Medicaid won't be counted against most immigrants, it said.  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said immigrants "will not be penalized for choosing to access the health benefits and other supplemental government services available to them."

Kellogg Foundation Bankrolls $500 Monthly Income for Illegal Aliens.  The left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which effectively controls the Kellogg Company, is bankrolling a pilot program that will provide hundreds of illegal aliens living in the United States with a guaranteed basic income.  A coalition of activist organizations has teamed up to institute the pilot program across 13 counties in New Mexico where 330 illegal alien households will receive monthly payments of $500 for the next year.

In Mexico's Deep South, the United Nations [is] Handing Cash to U.S.-Bound Migrants.  The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), which receives billions in U.S. taxpayer money, is handing out cash debit cards and other funds for lodging and prescription medicines to U.S.-bound migrants who spill out into this southern Mexican city by the hundreds of thousands.  Every day, word of the UN's cash assistance draws long lines of hopeful U.S.-bound migrants to a large, grey building staffed by application-takers and interviewers who determine who gets the money.  Haitian Luis Ponce was in line one recent day, not to get his application going, but to complain to the officials inside that the UN is in arrears.  The international agency had not recharged his debit card-linked local bank account, a yellow and gray plastic affair with a UNHCR/ACNUR insignia in the upper third left corner, with the 3,600 pesos owed (about $180).  "We don't have money now," Ponce complained, flashing the empty card.

The Editor says...
Hold on to that empty debit card, Luis.  In some places, that's all the ID you need to vote

CBO: Joe Biden's Bill Will Invite 'Millions' of New Migrants.  The Democrats' Build Back Better (BBB) bill will add millions of new immigrants to the U.S. population in the first 10 years, on top of an amnesty for roughly 6.5 million people, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  "About 6.5 million aliens (non-U.S. nationals) would receive parole," say the notes to the CBO's $121.7 billion cost estimate.

Federally Funded Non-Profits Are Running Illegal Immigrant Processing Centers in Nice Hotels, Helping Migrants Avoid Arrest.  The Biden administration has deputized non-profit groups to move illegal migrants across the nation, allowing the charities to put them up in nice hotels and give them instructions on how to avoid capture.  Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) said Monday that a whistleblower told him about an ongoing operation in San Diego, and decided to go there to see for himself what is going on.  "What I found were nonprofits that were running secretive closed-down hotels, the four point Sheraton Sea World, a Wyndham, a Ramada Inn," he revealed on Fox and Friends.  Gooden said that he witnessed buses unloading about 100 illegal immigrants in about an hour at one hotel, and they were welcomed by the charity "with open arms."  Once the migrants are processed, and tested for COVID, Gooden said they are each given a packet, which detail how they can get past the TSA at the airport without any identification, as well as how to enroll their children in American schools.  "It's encouraging illegal immigration!" Gooden declared.

Democrat Budget Gives $80B in Child Tax Credits to Illegal Aliens.  Illegal aliens living in the United States would stand to get about $80 billion over a 10-year period if a filibuster-proof budget reconciliation package by Senate Democrats passes through Congress, a new analysis concludes.  For months, Senate Democrats have sought to pass a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package that would need only majority support in the House and Senate.  The reconciliation process would also prevent Senate Republicans from using the filibuster to stop the plan.

Magnet! Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion bill hands cash to illegals worth more than per capita income of 74 countries.  Imagine you are a Honduran.  If you make the average Honduran per capita income of $2,405.70 a year, and suddenly learn from a relative up in el norte that Joe Biden is handing out $3,600 a year to anyone in the U.S., legally present or not, for nothing more than having kids, what would you do? [...] You'd weigh your options, and decide what your best ones were.  One, you could be breaking your back to earn the $2,405.70 a year back in Tegucigalpa, assuming you were earning the average (and at least half the country earns less).  Or two, you could go to the states illegally, get a federal tax I.D. and the $3,600 would be yours.  And as a bonus, you'd qualify it the minute you broke into the country illegally, and you wouldn't have to lift a finger to work for it.  All you'd have to do is bring the kids.  You'd also be get free health care, free education, other cash benefits for the kids, and this doesn't even include the benefits handed out by states such as California, such as free housing and cash transfers.  You'd also free to earn more if you wanted, legally or illegally, since under Biden, there'd be no possibility of deportation once you break in.  What would you do?

Leftists force mass Third World immigration by deceiving us into feeling guilty.  Milton Friedman, the economist, was such a libertarian that he supported open borders.  However, there was a caveat to this support:  "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state."  It's obvious, of course, because having both spells imminent national bankruptcy.  But that's exactly what leftists are selling to America and they're using false historic narratives to create in native-born Americans a sense of guilt so profound that they're willingly opening the borders to those who will irrevocably drain the nation's wealth.

AOC Urges Illegals to Apply for Welfare in New York.  The conscience of the American left, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, told illegals how to apply for welfare in a recent video.  AOC told illegal aliens, "Do not count yourself out," as she urged them to sign up for their government benefits.  AOC has been pushing welfare for illegal aliens for years now.  It is also widely known that most U.S. families headed by illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare programs on behalf of their American-born anchor babies.

New immigration crackdown begins, no more welfare.  The Trump administration today is reinstating a Clinton-era welfare reform rule, once widely embraced by top Democrats in Congress, requiring immigrants to be self-sufficient, a move that could end up to $3 billion in federal and state welfare payments to them.  After receiving a blessing from the Supreme Court Friday [2/21/2020], the "Public Charge Grounds Final Rule" kicked in nationally, essentially forcing immigrants to prove that they won't become a burden on taxpayers.  Under the rule, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services "will look at the factors required under the law by Congress, like an alien's age, health, income, education, and skills, among others, in order to determine whether the alien is likely at any time to become a public charge," said an official.

Supreme Court allows Trump policy against immigrants receiving public aid to go into effect.  The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Trump administration can block more non-citizens from receiving public assistance while legal challenges continue.  Under the Department of Homeland Security rule, immigrants receiving or deemed likely to need non-cash benefits, such as housing and food aid, for more than a year can be denied residency or green cards.  It was challenged by officials in California, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Washington State and elsewhere, but only one nationwide injunction from New York remained in effect until Monday [1/27/2020].

The 'Welfare Magnet' for Immigrants.  That term refers to a controversial concept — and a salient one, given the Trump administration's efforts to make it harder for immigrants to use welfare in the U.S. A new study finds that there's something to it:  Immigrants were more likely to come to Denmark when they could get more welfare there.

'Climate migrants,' the left's tool to pry borders wide.  "Climate migrants" are defined as those individuals in the world who've suffered some sort of weather-related disaster and are, therefore, in the eyes of the left, in the minds of radicals like Sen. Bernie Sanders, are worthy of automatic entry into the United States. [...] It's environmentalism at its most radical.  "As president, Bernie will ... create a new program to welcome migrants displaced by climate change, and set a floor of accepting at least 50,000 climate migrants in his first year in office," his plan states.  Forest fires in Indonesia?  Come to the United States.  Mudslides in Sierra Leone?  Come on in.  Droughts in Ethiopia?  Just look at the possibilities.  "Drought in Africa leaves 45 million in need across 14 countries," The New Humanitarian reported in June.

The Editor says...
What this "climate migration" idea omits is the simple observation that there are closer destinations than the U.S.  For example, if you have a problem with "mudslides in Sierra Leone," perhaps you could find a nicer place in Liberia.  Oh, but Liberia doesn't offer food stamps, Medicaid, school lunches, public housing, SNAP, TANF, SSI, AFDC, and WIC, in exchange for your lifetime of Socialist Democrat votes.  You'd be better off dealing with the mudslides than living in low-level slavery for the rest of your life.

What Happened to California Republicans?  [Scroll down]  A cynic might argue that once a federal judge allowed undocumented immigrants to enjoy the full array of state services and entitlements, there were incentives for millions of other immigrants to enter the U.S. illegally, and California in particular.  Statistics suggests they did just that — often to the chagrin of Democratic politicians, the United Farm Workers and other liberal groups who worried about the negative effects of illegal immigration on entry-level wages, unionization and poor citizens' access to overtaxed social services. [...] The final irony?  Those most hurt — and growing the most angry — are the immigrants who once fled to a different California that now no longer exists.

Illegal Aliens Sue Trump Administration To Ensure They Can Get Taxpayer Money Via Welfare.  Two illegal aliens who were granted the right to stay in the United States by Barack Obama have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration to make sure they can continue to receive taxpayer money in the form of welfare and still be able to obtain green cards to permanently stay in the country.  "The open borders group CASA de Maryland and two DACA illegal aliens are suing the Trump administration over its soon-to-be enforcement of the 'public charge' rule, which would save American taxpayers billions by effectively ending welfare-dependent legal immigration to the U.S.," Breitbart reports.

Poll: Majority of Hispanics Support Ending Welfare-Dependent Immigration.  A majority of Hispanic Americans support President Trump's seeking to prevent welfare-dependent legal immigrants from permanently resettling in the United States, a new poll finds.  In August, the Trump administration published a regulation that ensures legal immigrants would be less likely to secure permanent residency in the U.S. if they have used any forms of welfare in the past, including using subsidized healthcare services, food stamps, and public housing — saving American taxpayers billions.

Illegal immigrants will be eligible for [New York C]ity's affordable housing lotteries.  New Yorkers with family members in the country illegally will be able to more easily apply for the city's highly competitive affordable housing lotteries as part of broader rules changes announced by City Hall on Wednesday, which are meant to expand eligibility.  The new rules will allow applicants to provide proof they pay their rent on time instead of submitting for a formal credit check, which required prospective tenants to put down their Social Security or taxpayer identification numbers.

Yes, Immigrants Should Be Less Dependent On U.S. Welfare, And So Should Everyone Else.  From the beginning of America's colonial period, the colonies' governments were concerned about the arrival of immigrants from Europe who were not able to support themselves.  While the colonies craved immigrants, they knew the people they needed were those who would build the new societies being created on these shores.  This was contrary to the will of the British Crown, which saw America as a convenient dumping ground for the poor, the criminal, and anyone else seen by high society as a problem.  The colonies were struggling — and kept that way by Britain's mercantile system — so the prospect of supporting more people was not feasible.  And support them they would, if such immigrants were allowed entry.

The Left creates a hullabaloo over denying green cards to migrants who are public charges.  The whole thing goes to show how intertwined mass migration has become with the use of taxpayer-financed welfare services.  The original American idea around immigration had been one of requiring a new entrant to show self-sufficiency instead of living off some feudal lord — supplicant, dependent, and obedient to the state.  Today, immigration has become something different.  According to the lefty New American Economy Research Fund, 7 million immigrants (as of 2017) now take some form of public assistance, whether it's straight welfare, food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, Medicare, or long-term care.  For perspective, note that the U.S. takes in about a million legal immigrants per year, so we have seven years' worth of legal immigrants living on public assistance signaling something very wrong with the admission system.  Walk into any food stamp office and notice how many languages the food stamp forms are printed in to get a sense of how word has gotten around and the bureaucrats are accommodating.

Trump Administration Enforces Immigration "Public Charge" Laws — Green Cards Dependent on Self Sufficiency.  The White House has announced the Trump administration will enforce long-standing immigration laws that require entrants to be economically self-sufficient and limits public welfare benefits.  An entry alien who is, or becomes, dependent on public welfare assistance, is known as a "public charge".  Aliens will be barred from entering the United States if they are deemed likely to become public charges, or welfare dependent.  These immigration rules have been in place for over 100 years, and generally were strictly enforced until the last 25 years.  The Trump administration is re-enforcing the rules.

Do You Understand that Democrats will Destroy America?  Virtually all of the Democratic candidates have advocated for opening the border to all who want to come.  All the Democratic candidates on the second night of the debate supported free health benefits for illegal immigrants and several have advocated for free college for all.  But even without these additional incentives, the level of living available in the US, even to the poorest Americans, far exceeds what many of the world's peoples can hope for in their own countries.  No one starves in America.  Our poor have cars, large screen TVs, air conditioning, video games for their kids and eat better than the average GI in World War II.  This is an invitation to all the world's poor to come to the US in unlimited numbers.  All you need is to get to our southern border.

The 6.4 California Earthquake That Should Have Been Getting Covered.  [Scroll down]  In fact, for once and for all, let's stop calling them "illegals."  They are not "illegals."  Let's start calling them what they really are:  Imported Voters.  Imported Voters changed all that.  The Imported Voters came from dire poverty, with limited English skills and limited passion for our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  They came to escape the dregs amid them in search of safety, free food, free shelter, free healthcare, free education, free college, free-free-free.  The Democrats promised them all that, and the Imported Voters reciprocated by giving the Democrats the only thing required:  their votes.  As a result, California underwent a 6.4 social earthquake — and the epicenter was anywhere and everywhere that people live.  When you offer free food, people lacking food flood in.

Bill Cassidy Proposes to Prevent Americans from Subsidizing Health Care for Illegal Aliens.  As California remains poised to adopt a bill that would give full Medicaid benefits to illegal immigrants, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and other Senate Republicans proposed legislation to block leftist states from forcing Americans to subsidize programs that expand benefits to illegal immigrants.  The bill would offer illegal aliens full Medicaid benefits as part of Gov. Gavin Newsom's plan to create a universal healthcare system.

Immigrants' sponsors to be on hook for 'every dollar' if new arrivals end up on dole, new Trump appointee warns.  Sponsors of legal immigrants to the United States received word Friday [6/14/2019] that they'll be on the hook "for every dollar" if those immigrants end up receiving welfare funds or other public support instead of earning a living and paying taxes.  The message came Ken Cuccinelli, a former Virginia state attorney general who last week became acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) following his appointment by President Trump.  "If the sponsored immigrant receives any federal means-tested public benefits, the sponsor will be expected to reimburse the benefits-granting agency for every dollar of benefits received by the immigrant," Cuccinelli wrote in a USCIS memo.

Feds to warn immigrants about welfare use.  Officers handling legal immigration cases will now warn people that they are under an obligation to support themselves rather than end up on the public dole, under a new policy implemented Friday [6/14/2019] by acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli.  The warning will be issued both to the immigrant and his or her sponsor, who under the law has signed an agreement not to let the immigrant become a public charge.

California Says, 'Go West Young Illegals, Go West'.  Doctors and hospitals are in the gunsights of many Democrats who want Medicare-for-all as a draconian price control scheme by government over all medical care in the US.  Hospitals are told they charge too much and doctors are vilified for earning too much.  What a relief that a sugar daddy has appeared, a rich boyfriend, a benefactor with a fat wallet, ready to bestow his financial largess on financially strapped healthcare providers.  This sugar daddy is named Gavin, tall and handsome with good hair.  I speak of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who finalized a deal with the California legislature, "to provide full health benefits to low-income illegal immigrants under the age of 26."

What's the matter with California?  It's almost incredible, but also entirely characteristic, that California lawmakers have now decided to give healthcare free to nearly 100,000 illegal immigrants aged 19 to 25.  California has covered illegal immigrant children since 2016 under MediCal, the state's version of Medicaid, at a cost of some $360 million.  Now Gov. Gavin Newsom has agreed with state lawmakers to add another $98 million to California's spending by expanding coverage to young adults.  Just as California lacks enough homes to house its inhabitants, so it also lacks enough doctors to care for them.  The additional budget bloat on healthcare will worsen that shortage.  The promise of unlimited free stuff from the government isn't just an unfunded liability.  It's also a magnet for illegal immigration.

California to pay full health benefits for illegal immigrants.  Democrats in the [California] state Legislature reached an agreement Sunday afternoon [6/9/2019] as part of a broader plan to spend $213 billion of state and federal tax money over the next year.  The agreement means low-income adults between the ages of 19 and 25 living in California illegally would be eligible for California's Medicaid program, the joint state and federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

Trump Signs Order Cracking Down on Welfare-Dependent Legal Immigration.  The order signed by Trump will enforce existing 1996 laws known as the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act" and "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act" which were signed by then-President Bill Clinton.  The order ensures that federal agencies will enforce the existing 1996 laws which seek to save American taxpayers by having their public welfare funding benefits reimbursed when they are used by a legal immigrant.

If Trump wants black votes, he should talk about illegal immigrants seizing rare public housing spots.  A sure-fire campaign issue for President Trump heading into 2020 is sitting on the table like free money if at any point he feels like taking it.  His own HUD secretary, Ben Carson, is reconfiguring the way people of low income receive public housing subsidies.  The goal is to ensure that illegal immigrants aren't taking in welfare that otherwise might go to Americans.

Illegals Fueling Public Housing Shortage.  Housing shortages are plunging New York City and Los Angeles into crisis.  Affordable rents are scarce, families are doubling up, shelters are jam packed, and over one hundred thousand people are sleeping sprawled on the streets of these two cities.  The waitlist for public housing is over four years long in L.A., and a staggering ten years here in NewYork.  These lists would be even longer if public officials hadn't just closed them to any new applicants.  Nationwide some 32,000 public apartments are being taken up by illegal immigrants.  It's a powerful reason why the Trump administration is giving illegals eighteen months to get out of taxpayer subsidized public housing.

Public housing for illegal immigrants is transparently unfair.  Housing shortages are plunging New York City and Los Angeles into crisis.  Affordable rental units are scarce, families are doubling up, shelters are jam-packed and tens of thousands are sleeping sprawled on the streets of these two cities.  The wait-list for public housing is more than four years long in LA and would be even longer if officials hadn't closed it to new applicants.  Here in New York, the wait is a staggering 10 years.  Nationwide, illegal immigrants take up some 32,000 public apartments.  It's a powerful reason why the Trump administration is giving them 18 months to get out of taxpayer-subsidized public housing.

What's It Gonna Be, A Welfare State or Open Borders?  After the Civil War, several states passed their own immigration laws.  In 1875 the Supreme Court stepped in declaring immigration to be a federal responsibility.  As a result, as immigration rose in the 1880s, with economic conditions worsening in some areas, Congress began passing immigration legislation.  In this period, certain aliens were prohibited from entering the United States by the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and by the Alien Contract Labor Laws of 1885 and 1887. The latter prohibited the importation and migration of foreigners and aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor in the United States.  The Immigration Act of 1882 levied a head tax of fifty cents on each immigrant and excluded (worded from the .gov website) idiots, lunatics, convicts, and persons likely to become a government charge (people that cannot take care of themselves).

Watch aliens pour in illegally, bringing diseases & crime.  Non-Citizens are disproportionately committing crimes and illegal aliens are bringing in diseases, and pouring in at the rate of 4,000 a day from all over the world.  About 70 percent come from Central America after they see ads on TV.  Central American nations are clearing out their welfare recipients, grifters, and criminals.  Undoubtedly many are nice, but they are all destroying our sovereignty.

HUD proposes rule to oust illegal immigrants from public housing.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed a new rule Friday to make people seeking housing assistance have to prove their legal status, in a move that could oust thousands of illegal immigrants.  Secretary Ben Carson said the rule would bring policy into compliance with the law, which generally tries to restrict public benefits to citizens and legal residents.  "There is an affordable housing crisis in this country, and we need to make certain our scarce public resources help those who are legally entitled to it," Mr. Carson said.

In homeless-plagued America, why are taxpayers financing second homes for illegals?  The mainstream media are making a big fuss about the Department of Housing and Urban Development's plan to extend public housing subsidies solely to families with legal or citizenship status. [...] The press is framing this as a heartless-to-children issue, but the problem is one of priorities in how federal resources are used.  Should illegal parents get benefits because of their 55,000 kids when the homeless citizen parents of another 55,000 homeless children are left to huddle in the cold?  Or even more pointedly, should illegal aliens who are financing second households back home be entitled to housing assistance here even as citizens don't get it?  Second homes aren't exactly the purpose of a government program intended to help the impoverished.

Migrant Collects Welfare For Four Wives, 22 Children.  Some Christians, Muslims, and others allow men to have more than one current wife.  While each person is free to view their relationships as they wish in the privacy of their own lives, the law in the West recognizes one spouse.  Don't tell that fact to Ghazia A., a 49-year-old former "self-employed car salesman" who is making a fortune off of the welfare system, as the Daily Native News has observed.  In Denmark, "Mr. A" has no less than three wives and is living off of the welfare system since he holds refugee status!

Trump Proposal Aims To Make It Easier To Deport Immigrants Using Public Benefits.  The White House is considering a proposal to make it easier to deport low-income immigrants who are dependent on public benefits.  The Department of Justice has written a draft regulation that, if implemented, would greatly expand the number of immigrants in the U.S. who could be subject to deportation for using public benefits, Reuters reported Friday.  The new proposal is part of the Trump administration's larger effort to limit immigration from low-income foreign nationals.

Another line they cut into:  Illegals get free public housing as impoverished Americans wait.  Want some perspective on why so many blue sanctuary cities have so many homeless encampments hovering around?  Try the reality that illegal immigrants are routinely given free public housing by the U.S., based on the fact that they are uneducated, unskilled, and largely unemployable.  Those are the criteria, and now importing poverty has never been easier.  Shockingly, this comes as millions of poor Americans are out in the cold awaiting that housing that the original law was intended to help.  Thus, the tent cities, and by coincidence, the worst of these emerging shantytowns are in blue sanctuary cities loaded with illegal immigrants — Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York...  Is there a connection?  At a minimum, it's worth looking at.

Why Should Anyone Obey the Law Anymore?  Democrats aggressively support open borders.  They no longer think immigration law matters.  They want to allow anyone, at any time, to break into our country.  And Democrats think that once illegals are caught breaking in, they should be allowed to stay forever without penalty.  Illegals have fake IDs and stolen Social Security numbers.  Democrats don't think anyone should be punished for breaking those laws.  Actually, it's worse.  Democrats want to reward criminals.  They think anyone who breaks into our country deserves welfare checks, food stamps, housing allowances, aid to dependent children, free school and free medical.  That's massive theft from law-abiding American taxpayers directly to criminals.

How Chicago Democrats Created Trump's Border Wall Problem.  After World War II outmigration became a concern for all big northern Democrat-controlled cities since the growth of suburbs and the baby boom prompted young couples to leave big cities and seek more space for their families.  But this outmigration created a huge problem for the big Democratic cities from Boston to Los Angeles: how to restore and stabilize their city's population and keep control of Congress.  The solution was to allow illegal immigration and support them with benefits.  Providing illegal immigrants with benefits such as food stamps and housing were crucial, since illegal immigrants were not well educated and did not earn enough income to be self-sufficient.  This concern prompted President Lyndon Baines Johnson to establish the Great Society welfare programs, and he himself admitted the programs were intended to strengthen America's big cities.  LBJ stopped the agricultural guest worker program, called the Bracero program, just at the time he started the Great Society.  This allowed illegal immigrants to come to Chicago and not worry about being educated well enough to support themselves.  The lack of income was made up through free benefits.

As Trump vows to shut the border to illegals, Gavin Newsom makes a suspicious trip to El Salvador.  [Scroll down]  One can just picture how this trip looks from the Salvadoran side of things.  Here come Big Daddy, the California governor, the gringo who's already laid out a banquet of goodies for Salvadorans in California, from free health care to free education, to sanctuary state protections to enable illegals to work, coming there supposedly to find out how he can offer...even more goodies to Salvador's uneducated lower middle classes.  The idea is to get even more of them to come over.  Big Daddy comes down with the Santa sack full of goodies.

No Right to College for Illegal Immigrants.  In an opinion handed down earlier this month, a three-judge panel upheld the right of the Georgia Board of Regents, which runs the state-university system, to verify the "lawful presence" of applicants before granting them admission as students to the "more selective schools in the University System."  Selective schools are defined as any Georgia college or university that "did not admit all academically qualified applicants" in the "two most recent academic years."  That applies to at least three state colleges, including the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the best-known engineering schools in the country.  This policy denies admission to aliens who received "deferred action" under the 2012 DACA memorandum issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration to America Is Not What It Used to Be.  Immigrants today are arriving in a welfare state, where they are assured of food, shelter, and medical care that are, in general, orders of magnitude better than anything available to them in their native countries.  This creates a completely different incentive to today's immigrants.  In past centuries, immigrants came to America to find freedom and to work.  Today they are offered a smorgasbord of taxpayer-funded social services.

Gov. Gavin Newsom touts proposed $25 million in California aid to asylum seekers.  Gov. Gavin Newsom and local officials in San Diego on Thursday [1/31/2019] touted a proposed $25 million in state funding to address a growing humanitarian crisis involving migrant families seeking asylum in the U.S. and blamed the Trump administration for manufacturing a problem at the border.  With prodding from San Diego lawmakers, Newsom has called for spending $20 million over three years to aid local nonprofits and community organizations that provide services to asylum-seeking migrant families.

The Editor says...
President Trump did not "manufacture" the problem of uncontrolled illegal immigration across the Mexican border.  That problem has existed for decades, but in recent years has been exacerbated by the Democrats, who offer numerous incentives for immigrants.

Each illegal immigrant costs US $82G, conservative think tank claims.  Every new illegal immigrant that enters the United States will cost more than $82,000 each over their lifetime, a conservative think tank that advocates for lower immigration levels has claimed.  The Center for Immigration Studies updated their 2012 analysis which put the average lifetime net fiscal cost of a border crosser at $74,722.  In the six years since, the price has jumped to $82,191.  The think tank's analysis has come into question however, with multiple outlets pushing back on its numbers and methodology.  The new figure by the CIS estimates what it takes to protect the border, educate, house and feed illegal immigrants and makes the assumption they will spend a lifetime on various welfare programs.

Immigrating to the U.S. has become the welfare program for the world.  We are told by the apathetic elites who run our culture that illegal aliens can invade our border, force themselves in, give birth to a baby, and steal our American birthright — and there's not a darn thing we can do about it.  Moreover, we are then stuck with the welfare, health care, and education tab for people from the most impoverished countries, while we have our own teenage pregnancy and poverty problems.  We won't cut a single dollar of the welfare state among Americans.  Is it too much to ask that we stop funding welfare for the entire world under the false pretenses of immigration policy?

Trump should shut down the southern border AND the government until we fix our immigration system.  By some estimates, the cost of illegal immigrants in the country is costing the American taxpayer between $116-$134 billion annually.  Now we find out in the last few weeks that 63 percent of non-citizens, half of which are here illegally, are on some form of welfare — again, funded by the American taxpayer.  And the longer non-citizens are in the country, the more likely they are to be on some form of welfare.  If they've been here ten years or more, the percentage goes up to 70 percent.  For comparison, only about 30 percent of native-born American citizens are on some form of welfare.  Now take in those statistics and throw in the fact that over the next 20 years between 7 to 8 million new immigrants will come into the United States via chain migration.  Statistics show that those immigrants, by a two to one margin, favor the Democratic Party.  Why?  Because they want a greater welfare state.

Study: More than 7-in-10 California Immigrant Households Are on Welfare.  More than 7-in-10 households headed by immigrants in the state of California are on taxpayer-funded welfare, a new study reveals.  The latest Census Bureau data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) finds that about 72 percent of households headed by noncitizens and immigrants use one or more forms of taxpayer-funded welfare programs in California — the number one immigrant-receiving state in the U.S.  Meanwhile, only about 35 percent of households headed by native-born Americans use welfare in California.

Non-Citizens Driving Up Welfare And Uninsured Rolls, Census Data Show.  Just how much do non-U. S. citizens cost the rest of the country?  Plenty, if you believe census data looking at welfare and the uninsured in America.  Those data show that noncitizens are almost twice as likely to get welfare benefits, and more than three times as likely to be uninsured.

70% of Long-Term Non-Citizens in the USA Collect Welfare.  A majority of "non-citizens," including those with legal green card rights, are collecting welfare meant for U.S. citizens.  An analysis of Census Bureau findings reveals that from 2014, 63 percent of non-citizens are using a welfare program, and it grows to 70 percent for those here 10 years or more.  We are inviting the unproductive into the country.

The Cloward-Piven strategy:  Overload the system to intentionally break it.
California Democrats plan to extend Medicaid to illegal immigrants.  State Assembly member Joaquin Arambula, a Democrat and a doctor, announced the plans Monday [12/3/2018] as the legislature convened at the state capitol, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Should the bill advance, California would become the first state to extend Medicaid coverage regardless of immigration status.  State projections for last year's bill found that 1.8 million people in California are uninsured and reside there illegally; roughly 1.2 million would qualify for Medi-Cal, the name of the state's Medicaid program.

Census confirms: 63 percent of 'non-citizens' on welfare, 4.6 million households.  A majority of "non-citizens," including those with legal green card rights, are tapping into welfare programs set up to help poor and ailing Americans, a Census Bureau finding that bolsters President Trump's concern about immigrants costing the nation.  In a new analysis of the latest numbers, from 2014, 63 percent of non-citizens are using a welfare program, and it grows to 70 percent for those here 10 years or more, confirming another concern that once immigrants tap into welfare, they don't get off it.

63% of Non-Citizen Households Access Welfare Programs.  New "public charge" rules issued by the Trump administration expand the list of programs that are considered welfare, receipt of which may prevent a prospective immigrant from receiving lawful permanent residence (a green card).  Analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies of the Census Bureau's Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) shows welfare use by households headed by non-citizens is very high.  The desire to reduce these rates among future immigrants is the primary justification for the rule change.  Immigrant advocacy groups are right to worry that the high welfare use of non-citizens may impact the ability of some to receive green cards, though the actual impacts of the rules are unclear because they do not include all the benefits non-citizens receive on behalf of their children and many welfare programs are not included in the new rules.  As welfare participation varies dramatically by education level, significantly reducing future welfare use rates would require public charge rules that take into consideration education levels and resulting income and likely welfare use.

How Much Do Illegal Immigrants Really Cost the United States?  Our government continues to claim that the war on terror is bankrupting us.  But what about these numbers?  You do the math:
  •   $11 billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
  •   Illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxes that non-illegal households pay.
  •   Illegal households create a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $10 billion a year.  If given amnesty, this number could grow to more than $29 billion.
  •   $1.9 billion dollars a year is spent on food-assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
  •   $1.6 billion is spent on the federal prison and court system for illegal aliens.
  •   $2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
  •   About 21 percent of the population of U.S. prisons is classified as "noncitizens" from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  About 5 percent is listed as "unknown."

Asylum caravan's future Democrats dream of life in Land of the Free (Stuff).  Thanksgiving's over, so now it's back to covering the ongoing invasion — I mean, the asylum caravan — on the southern border of the United States.  Invasion — that's how the lawless mobs seeking the eternal gravy train are described by both the president of the U.S. and the mayor of Tijuana, where the hordes are currently getting drunk and creating their own local crime wave while massing for the upcoming big crossing.  It'll be like the 49ers, or the Sooners, only this mob won't be looking for gold or land.  They'll be sprinting toward the welfare offices of the gringos.

Trump administration moves to restrict visas, citizenship for immigrants on welfare.  President Trump's administration unveiled a new regulation to limit green cards and visas for immigrants who have received a various forms of welfare, the Department of Homeland Security announced Saturday [9/22/2018].  "This proposed rule will implement a law passed by Congress intended to promote immigrant self-sufficiency and protect finite resources by ensuring that they are not likely to become burdens on American taxpayers," DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said, per NBC.  The proposal is rooted in a federal law that restricts immigration for people "likely to become a public charge," according to U.S. Customs and Immigration Services; a "public charge" is someone "primarily dependent on the government for subsistence."

Trump Hits Gavin Newsom:  Open Borders + Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens = 500 Million People!  President Donald Trump mocked California's Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom from the stage at a rally in Billings, Montana, on Thursday evening [9/6/2018], noting that his twin policies of open borders and free health care for illegal aliens were absurd together.  Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco, is now running for governor in the November elections.  He has embraced the "single payer" or "Medicare for all" policy currently in vogue among "progressives" — though he has no plan to pay for it.

Illegals drop out of government programs, welfare bureaucrats hardest hit.  Welfare bureaucrats are putting the scream on, with news that President Trump's efforts to enforce U.S. immigration law are incentivizing illegal aliens to drop out of assorted welfare programs. [...] For starters, this whole thing looks funny.  The leftist "narrative" up until now is that illegals never take welfare.  That looks rather tattered with this report about illegals dropping out of welfare.  Actually, it confirms what conservatives have noticed all along:  that illegals do take taxpayer-financed welfare, in large numbers, and come here with skills so low that their capacity to succeed in a Western economy is compromised.  Meanwhile, the very existence of that welfare, open to all comers, is acting as a "magnet" for more of them to head to el norte, kids in tow.

Illegals Abandoning Welfare Over Deportation Fears.  Hilariously, we know this because the center-left magazine Politico reported on the phenomenon as if it was a bad thing (I'm not referring to any legal immigrants affected).  According to their report:  "Immigrants are turning down government help to buy infant formula and healthy food for their young children because they're afraid the Trump administration could bar them from getting a green card if they take federal aid.  Local health providers say they've received panicked phone calls from both documented and undocumented immigrant families demanding to be dropped from the rolls of WIC, a federal nutrition program aimed at pregnant women and children, after news reports that the White House is potentially planning to deny legal status to immigrants who've used public benefits.  Agencies in at least 18 states say they've seen drops of up to 20 percent in enrollment, and they attribute the change largely to fears about the immigration policy."

Report: Huge Number Of Illegals Opting Out Of Welfare Programs Fearing Trump Admin Crackdown.  Illegal immigrants are opting out of government welfare programs out of fear of Trump Administration crackdowns coming done the pike, reported POLITICO on Monday [9/3/2018].  Due to a proposed Trump Administration rule to deny legal status to illegals on welfare, both legal and illegal immigrants have been inundating health care providers with calls demanding they be dropped from federal assistance programs like WIC.  "Agencies in at least 18 states say they've seen drops of up to 20 percent in enrollment, and they attribute the change largely to fears about the immigration policy," says the report.  WIC, or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, is a federally-funded assistance program from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), providing health benefits and services for low income mothers and their children.

California craziness:  Congress may have to stop state from giving 'free' health care to illegal immigrants.  California has escalating crime, cities teaming with homeless people, clogged and crumbling roads, massive unpaid bills, some of America's highest taxes, and some of its worst public school systems.  So what's the plan by Gavin Newsom, the Democratic Party's candidate for governor, to improve the situation?  On Tuesday he suggested giving free health care to illegal immigrants.  Speaking on a left-wing podcast, the former mayor of San Francisco said:  "I did universal health care when I was mayor, fully implemented, regardless of pre-existing condition, ability to pay, and regardless of your immigration status.  I'd like to see that extended to the rest of the state.  San Francisco is the only universal health-care plan for all undocumented residents in America."

Gavin Newsom:  I'm Bringing Single Payer To Everyone In California, Regardless Of Immigration Status.  Gavin Newsom is currently running for Governor in California and, barring something dramatic, he is going to win.  So when he says he plans to bring single payer to California as Governor, there's a very good chance he'll get his shot.  Today, Newsom appeared on the Pod Save America podcast where he was asked about his health care plans.  Newsom made clear he wants a single paper system that is for everyone in the state regardless of immigration status.  "I'd like to see if we can control our own destiny," Newsom said.  He continued, "I'm not naive about it.  I did universal health care when I was Mayor [of San Francisco], fully implemented regardless of pre-existing conditions, ability to pay, and regardless of your immigration status.

Why California's Gavin Newsom campaigns for free health care for illegals.  Gavin Newsom, leading candidate for governor of California, and a Democrat, has a new goodie on offer:  free health care for the state's three million illegals.  The former mayor of San Francisco said so in this podcast, explaining that there is no reason not to "wait around" to extend Medi-Cal coverage to anyone who asks, regardless of immigration status.

Report: More Than Half Of Foreign Refugees In U.S. Receive Food Stamps.  If we can't find jobs for these people, why are we bringing them here?

More Than Half of Foreign Refugees Are on Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps.  More than half of the annual inflow of foreign refugees arriving in the United States are on food stamps, a government report reveals.  Since 2008, as Breitbart News reported, the U.S. has permanently resettled more than 1.7 million foreign nationals and refugees through a variety of humanitarian programs like the Special Immigrant Juveniles and the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act.  This is a foreign population larger than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — a city with more than 1.5 million residents.

Trump's Welfare Ban for Immigrants Would Be $57.4B Tax Cut for Americans.  President Trump's ban on allowing welfare-dependent legal immigrants to resettle permanently in the United States would likely save American taxpayers about $1,600 a year per immigrant.  As Breitbart News reported, the Trump administration is set to roll out a plan in the next month that bars foreign nationals who need government welfare in order to live from resettling in the U.S.  Such a ban on welfare importation through immigration has been eyed by the Trump White House since February.

51% of Immigrants [Legal and Illegal] Use Welfare Compared to 30% of Citizens.  A new study by The Center for Immigration Studies finds that 51 percent of immigrant-headed households (illegal and legal) used at least one federal welfare program — cash, food, housing, or medical care — compared to 30 percent of citizen households.  The average household headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) is costing taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare benefits.  It's thousands more than what we pay out for the average native household.  Central American and Mexican nationals have the highest welfare costs.

Get ready for the media outcry over immigrants and their right to welfare.  The media isn't quite at the sobbing-on-live-national-TV level over the Trump administration's latest move on immigration yet, but the very second a Guatemalan is denied a visa renewal because she's spent the last decade on food stamps and Medicaid, get ready for it.  Reports this week said the Department of Homeland Security is soon expected to outline new rules that could end legal resident status for immigrants who take in welfare benefits.  President Trump previewed the issue during a speech in Iowa last year, saying that "those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years."  At the time, Rasmussen found that 62 percent of likely voters favored the idea.  Just 26 percent opposed restrictions on welfare for immigrants.

No Borders, No Nation.  With the huge numbers of people who want to come to the United States — often from Third World countries — it should be evident to all Americans that to accommodate them under present conditions in this country would be simply impossible.  First, the country is broke and can't afford the welfare they'd receive.  Second, we are at a point in time where "becoming an American" is no longer important to immigrants (it is more important to retain traditional culture and beliefs), and the country is already riven with dissent as each racial and cultural group tries to get its government-issued preferences.  Third, the country is many hundreds of billions behind in infrastructure repair, without creating loads of new infrastructure necessary for the influx.  And there's more.  Yet Democrats — and globalists in general — are against borders because it's "just not right."

Trump's new 'zero tolerance' rules cut welfare-dependent foreigners from taxpayer money spigot.  Foreign nationals who need government welfare may find it harder to resettle in the U.S. as the Trump administration is set to roll out a new plan to save American taxpayers money. [...] New rules would be added and old laws would be enforced in the multi-pronged plan that would make it harder for legal immigrant residents who have used any forms of welfare in the past — including Obamacare, food stamps, and public housing — from becoming citizens.

Open Borders Are Not Libertarian So Long As America Is A Welfare State.  Slightly over one-fourth of the children in the United States are now either immigrants or the children of immigrants.  Since the total expenditures on public schooling in the U.S. is almost $700 billion per year, this cost is far greater than the GDP gains cited by Dalmia, and greater than the $50 billion she cites for "The Wall."  It's also greater than the annual $104 billion for food stamps, the $46 billion for Section 8 housing programs, or the $30 billion for Aid to Families with Dependent Children for all residents, citizen or non-citizen.  Immigrants also use other social services, but public education for all children residing in the United States is mandatory.  In nineteenth-century America, supposedly with the open borders policies libertarians favor, immigrant children were not legally excluded from the labor market or mandated a public education.

Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump's wall.  Mexico won't have to pay for the wall, after all.  US taxpayers won't have to pick up the tab, either.  The controversial barrier, rather, will cover its own cost just by closing the border to illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole.  That's the finding of recent immigration studies showing the $18 billion wall President Trump plans to build along the southern border will pay for itself by curbing the importation of not only crime and drugs, but poverty.  "The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling," Steven A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The [New York] Post.

Mexican national gets prison time for faking citizenship, stealing $350G in benefits.  Andres Avelino Anduaga, a Mexican national who impersonated an American citizen for more than 30 years, was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for stealing more than $350,000 in government benefits from government agencies, Fox 5 San Diego reported.  He was also reportedly ordered to pay back $360,908.85 in restitution to the Social Security Administration, the California Department of Health Care Services and the county of San Diego.  The report, citing court documents, said in 1980, he used a birth certificate belonging to a U.S. citizen to obtain a California driver's license and a Social Security card, then used his new false identity to commit a variety of crimes.

How Many Immigrants Are On Welfare?  This is the land of opportunity, and anyone who wants the come here can... legally.  That's not the issue.  For the Trump White House, it's been their stated position to shift our immigration policy toward allowing more high-skilled workers into this country.  As for the families of the low-skilled working immigration population in the country, 51 percent (76 percent counting immigrant-led households with children) are collecting some sort of check from our welfare services.  Is that good?  No.  Does that mean we shut it all down?  No.  That figure comes from the Center for Immigration Studies, who noted the need for the immigration process to be more "selective."  At the same time, there are a lot of American households with children that are also getting some form of government assistance.

Scams are overwhelming the US asylum system.  People hoping to settle in the United States wait years for a green card to be legal residents.  They play by the rules.  Yet these law-abiding newcomers must feel like idiots, watching what's happening on the southern border.  Hundreds of thousands of Central American migrants are walking right in.  They're not waiting in line.  They're using "asylum" requests as their E-ZPass.  Just 12 percent of requests from El Salvadorans, 11 percent from Guatemalans and 7.5 percent from Hondurans are actually granted, according to the 'Department of Homeland Security.  Never mind, the request gets them in the door.  It's a shameful distortion of a program intended to provide a haven for true victims of state-sponsored religious, ethnic and political persecution.

The phenomenon on the southern border.  Being granted asylum means hitting the jackpot.  Asylees get the Refugee Cash Assistance program, including medical care, a housing allowance, and hundreds of dollars a month in cash.  All inclusive, as the Sandals getaway ads say.  In contrast, immigrants who go the green card route are ineligible for most benefits for years.  Half who use asylum as their excuse for crossing the border never even file a claim or show up at a hearing.  They're also winners.  After all, they made it inside the U.S., unlike the East Asian waiting twelve years to enter as a legal worker.

Paul Ryan's Amnesty to Increase Number of Anchor Babies on Welfare.  A plan being pushed by House Speaker Paul Ryan to give amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens will increase welfare use by United States-born children who were given birthright citizenship despite their parents being illegal aliens.  These children are commonly known as "anchor babies," as they serve as an anchor to their illegal alien parents in the U.S.  There are approximately 4.5 million anchor babies across the U.S., Breitbart News reported.

New Jersey Allows Illegal Aliens to Apply for State Financial Aid.  The governor of New Jersey signed a law Wednesday allowing illegal aliens to apply for state financial aid programs to help pay for college beginning this fall, and the state has wasted no time in implementing it.  The New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application for illegal aliens went live on the state's financial aid website as of Thursday, allowing non-citizens not legally in the country to apply for the same financial aid benefits as U.S. citizens.

'Incentives to Break the Law': Student Rips 'Absurd' Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Apply for Financial Aid.  A Rutgers University student blasted a new bill that allows illegal immigrants attending college in New Jersey to apply for and receive financial aid.  "It's just absurd that we're giving illegal immigrants more and more incentives to break the law. ... I'm going to be paying for that debt after college," Nick Knight said.  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) called the United States the "world's melting pot" where people come "in the hope of a new life," when he signed the legislation at Rutgers-Newark, according to NJ.com.

Here are 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama's lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc..  [#212] In 2011, the IRS gave 23,994 tax refunds worth a total of $46,378,040 to illegal aliens who all used the same address in Atlanta, Georgia.

Census: Immigrants on welfare triples, Medicaid doubles.  Welfare and Medicaid use by new immigrants, even those with college degrees, has surged to new levels, an indication that the jobs they came to America to take aren't there, according to a new report.  The Census Bureau charted the growth in the use of taxpayer-funded programs for financially poor new immigrants and found the biggest rise in the use of welfare, roughly triple over the last 10 years.  And, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies, the use of Medicaid by immigrants has gone up nearly as much.

New Jersey looks to extend college financial aid to undocumented students.  Immigrant students stood up when the vote came down — New Jersey's assembly gave the final approval needed to send a bill (A-3467) to the governor's desk that would extend state financial aid for college to undocumented students.

Trump Action Will Reduce Immigrant Medicaid Enrollment.  Many Americans are angry about the large percentage of their tax dollars being doled out to immigrants in the form of public assistance, particularly at a time when federal budget deficits are skyrocketing. [...] Medicaid, for example, costs the taxpayers $565 billion annually and, according to a widely cited 2017 report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, 46 percent of immigrant households receive Medicaid benefits.  The Trump administration is therefore taking action to reduce the number of non-citizens who enroll in Medicaid.

California Medicaid expansion enrolled hundreds of thousands of ineligible people, federal report finds.  California signed up an estimated 450,000 people under Medicaid expansion who may not have been eligible for coverage, according to a report by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department's chief watchdog.  In a Feb. 21 report, the HHS inspector general estimated that California spent $738.2 million on 366,078 expansion beneficiaries who were ineligible.  It spent an additional $416.5 million for 79,055 expansion enrollees who were "potentially" ineligible, auditors found.  Auditors said nearly 90% of the $1.15 billion in questionable payments involved federal money, while the rest came from the state's Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal.

Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump's wall.  Mexico won't have to pay for the wall, after all.  US taxpayers won't have to pick up the tab, either.  The controversial barrier, rather, will cover its own cost just by closing the border to illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole.  That's the finding of recent immigration studies showing the $18 billion wall President Trump plans to build along the southern border will pay for itself by curbing the importation of not only crime and drugs, but poverty.  "The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling," Steven A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The [New York] Post.

Harsh lesson for taxpayers as illegal alien felon pleads guilty to stealing $361K in benefits.  If you are an average payer of federal income taxes, the entire amount of money you have paid and will pay in federal income taxes over your lifetime has been stolen by one illegal alien, with plenty of money left over to pillage from the tax payments of your neighbors.  Kristina Davis of the San Diego Union-Tribune broke a story two days ago that now is rightfully garnering national attention.

Mexican man admits he assumed American's identity in 1980 and stole $361,000 in government benefits.  It started as a rather straightforward Social Security fraud investigation — a man receiving disability benefits pretending to live in the United States when in fact he lived in Tijuana.  What authorities uncovered was a 37-year identity theft scheme by a repeat felon who violated immigration laws and bilked federal, state and local governments out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits, according to a plea agreement entered in San Diego federal court this week.

Mexican man assumed American identity for decades: court records.  A Mexican man who was deported twice and had a history of arrests was able to assume the identity of an American citizen and receive more than $360,000 in government benefits for nearly four decades, California court records show.  Andres Avelino Anduaga used a fake birth certificate starting in 1980 to develop a seemingly legitimate persona by applying for a California driver's license, Social Security number and U.S. passport, according to documents obtained by the San Diego Union-Tribune.  The official U.S. documents identified him as Abraham Riojos, born in Texas in 1958.  Anduaga, who's actually 66 years old and a resident of Tijuana, Mexico, pleaded guilty last week in San Diego to theft of public property and being a previously removed unauthorized immigrant in the U.S., the newspaper reported Saturday [3/3/2018].

Illegal Immigrant From Mexico Used Stolen Identity To Rip Off $300K In Government Benefits.  A Mexican national stole the identity of an American citizen and used it to bilk federal and local governments of more than $300,000 worth of disability benefits over more than 30 years, according to a plea entered Thursday in San Diego federal court.  The man — identified as 66-year-old Andres Avelino Anduaga — admitted that he assumed the identity of a Texas resident named Abraham Riojos in 1980, and then used Riojos' information to apply for a California driver's license, a Social Security number and a U.S. passport.

Illegal immigrant from Mexico pleads guilty to using fake identity to steal $361,000 in government benefits.  A Mexican national has confessed to stealing the identity of an American citizen, and over the course of 37 years pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars in government benefits.  Andres Avelino Anduaga, 66 — who hails from Tijuana, Mexico — admitted in San Diego federal court on Thursday [3/1/2018] that he assumed the fake identity of a Texas resident named Abraham Riojos in 1980 after obtaining a fraudulent birth certificate, and then successfully applied for a California driver's license, Social Security number and passport.  From 1989 to 2016, according to the plea agreement, he received around $361,000 in benefits — which included Medi-Cal, food stamps and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Welfare for refugees — my, how the U.S. taxpayer does pay.  Taxpayers in the United States are shelling out a reported $867 million each year to support refugees who've been resettled in this country and make sure they have adequate food and clothing and the like.  In the overall federal budgeting scheme, that's maybe small potatoes.  But at the same time, if we're talking welfare — and we are — then it would seem the more American thing to pay for those already in-country, already legal citizens, before paying for those who are simply visitors.

Study: Welfare for Foreign Refugees Costs U.S. Taxpayers $870M Annually.  Every year, American taxpayers pay nearly $870 million on welfare for foreign refugees who are resettled across the United States by the State Department.  A new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reveals that annually, foreign refugees are being given about $867 million in welfare benefits that U.S. taxpayers pay for.  Every year, taxpayers are billed about $1.8 billion for the full cost of resettling foreign refugees, and after five years, American taxpayers will have spent about $8.8 billion on resettling foreign refugees.

Merit-based migration must mean moral merit, too.  The White House has listed a phenomenal 15 Jihadis who have been caught in acts of terrorism against the U.S., all because they were let in based on winning diversity lottery slots, or were able to take advantage of chain migration privileges. [...] The White House uses these examples to argue against these two destructive policies, which are already unpopular based on the numbers of poorly educated, ill-adapted nationals from bad countries who have little chance of succeeding in the U.S. and who are unlikely to like it here anyway.  Such immigrants are heavy consumers of social services, and as they assimilate into the underclass, eventually become Democratic voters.  The whole thing pretty well amounts to importing poverty.

Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children.  This report has followed the standard practice of examining welfare use by household, focusing on Medicaid, cash, food, and housing programs.  The findings show that a large share of immigrant households with children access at least one major welfare program.  Based on data collected in 2010, which asked about use of welfare in the prior calendar year, 57 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) with children (under age 18) used at least one welfare program, compared to 39 percent for native households with children.  Immigrant use of welfare by household tends to be much higher than natives for food assistance programs and Medicaid.  Use of cash and housing programs tends to be very similar to native use.  A large share of the welfare used by immigrant households is received on behalf of U.S.-born children, who are American citizens.  But even households with children comprised entirely of immigrants (no U.S.-born children) still had a welfare use rate of 56 percent in 2009.  Thus the presence of U.S.-born children does not entirely explain the high overall use rate associated with immigrants.

The 7 Factors Turning America From a Great Nation Into an Also-Ran.  [#3] Immigration:  Because of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, there is no comparison between how much immigration may have helped America in the past versus how much it helps us now.  Furthermore, our unwillingness to secure our borders has created a lot of problems with illegal immigrants.  Currently 57% of families headed by a legal or illegal immigrant are receiving some form of welfare.  It doesn't help America at all to bring people here who are uneducated, work menial jobs and don't pay income taxes, who don't assimilate or who end up on some form of welfare. [...] Contrary to what you often hear, our current immigration system is making America WEAKER, not STRONGER.

Immigration Is Destroying the Welfare State.  Recall how the Democrats supported President Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership, a "free trade" deal that would have gutted American industries.  And it is Democrats who oppose President Trump's attempts to stop illegal immigration, which hurts America's poor.  The Democrats don't care about American workers.  They care about winning elections.  At this point, the chorus of "progressive" rhetoric reaches a fever pitch.  "But we need immigrants to support the welfare state!  We need immigrants to pay for Social Security!"  Saying it does not make it so.  In truth, immigration is destroying the welfare state, in America and throughout the West.  This is happening because immigrants receive more in benefits than they pay in taxes.  Of course, this is not true for every immigrant — some never collect government handouts — but it is true for the overall immigrant population.  Studies from across the Western world prove this point.

Somali averages are terrible.  [Scroll down]  Tens of millions of dollars sluice though annually from U.S. taxpayers to the resettlement agencies, most of which have deceptively churchy-sounding names.  Then, after refugees have been settled in our country a few weeks, the agencies hand them over to municipal, state, and national welfare services, with untold billions of further costs to the public fisc for healthcare, education, housing, and law enforcement stretching away into the future.  That's the process by which the U.S.A. acquired a big population of Somalis — around 150,000, of whom about half live in Minnesota.  The Census Bureau estimates that 74,000 people in Minnesota speak Somali.  There's the Minnesota connection.  Why so many Somalis in Minnesota?  It's a combination of things. [...] And then, once the so-called refugee is settled in the U.S.A., he's free to move from one place to another.  The most attractive place for him to move to is whichever place has the biggest concentration of his fellow-countrymen.  So there's a snowball effect:  augmented, once people have been here long enough to get citizenship, by chain migration.  Somalis are black; they're also, for the most part, Muslim.  So they are twofers for Designated Victim Status, and white Americans better not even hint at anything negative about them.

Keeping 'Dreamers' would cost taxpayers $26B over next 10 years, feds say.  Allowing 2 million illegal immigrant "Dreamers" to remain in the U.S. would cost taxpayers $25.9 billion over the next decade, the Congresssional Budget Office says in a report released Friday [12/15/2017].  Dreamers are the prospective beneficiaries of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors), legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate earlier this year to provide a pathway to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.  They would include those who've participated in DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), received temporary protected status, or have fulfilled certain educational requirements.  Under the bill, immigrants who benefited from DACA would be eligible for Medicaid, food stamps, education funding, and various other programs, provided that the applicants meet certain requirements.

Keeping 'Dreamers' would cost taxpayers $26B over next decade:  CBO.  Letting people who came to the US illegally as children remain in the country lawfully would cost taxpayers $25.9 billion over the next 10 years, the Congressional Budget Office estimates.  Many of those who benefited from the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program will be eliglble for Medicaid, food stamps, education funding, and other programs, the agency said in a report Friday [12/15/2017].  The outlay would total $26.8 billion over the next decade — but the estimated 3.25 million dreamers would contribute only $0.9 billion to the tab, the CBO said.  Trump earlier this year announced plans to axe DACA, which President Barack Obama instituted as an executive order.

CA Dems Proposing Spending $1 Billion Giving Health Care To Illegal Immigrants.  Democrats, who have a monopoly of power in California politics, are proposing to spend $1 billion a year to provide health care to illegal immigrants living in the state.  Medi-Cal, which is the state's Medicaid program, would eliminate legal residency requirements.  The proposal was offered as part of a $4.3 billion proposal from San Francisco Democrat Assemblyman Phil Ting, the head of the Assembly budget committee.  According to NBC Bay Area, 7% of people residing in California lack health coverage, many of them illegal immigrants.  California has already eliminated legal residency requirements for Medicaid coverage for people under 19; Ting's proposal would extend that to all ages.

Trump may get tax cut bill with more generous credits for illegal immigrants.  President Trump has been willing to accept almost anything to close the deal on his giant tax cut bill before Christmas, including staying mum about a measure that would allow illegal immigrants to pocket the more generous child tax credit included in the package.  Illegal immigrants have been collecting the payoff from the "refundable" tax credit for years because of an IRS interpretation of how the rule was drafted.  The Republican-controlled Congress this fall had a chance to correct that in the tax code overhaul that in the Senate version doubled the child tax credit to $2,000 and expanded eligibility.

President Trump Ends Free Money for Immigrants.  The degradation of America coincides with our idiotic immigration policy of "just get here and you're better than our citizens".  Well no longer.  In his weekly address president Trump announced an immigration bill that will create a merit-based Green Card system.  The new system will end the abuse to our welfare system.

Tax Cut Bill to Stop Cash Payments to Illegal Immigrants.  Buried in the tax reform bill the House of Representatives passed last week is a small provision — one long advocated by immigration hawks — to close a loophole that allows illegal immigrants to get cash from the government.  Congress prohibited such transfer payments in 1996, but the Internal Revenue Service's interpretation is that the prohibition does not apply to a government assistance program created after that statute.  Known as the additional child tax credit, the program is designed for low-income people whose tax burden is too low to qualify for the regular $1,000-per-child credit.  It allows families, in other words, to get more money back on their tax returns than they originally pay.

Trump's Illegal Alien Crackdown Threatens Obamacare.  Representative Joe Wilson was excoriated in 2009 for yelling "you lie!" about Obama's statement that illegal aliens will not receive Obamacare.  Politifact went through some serious gymnastics to claim that Joe's statement was false.  Of course, we've seen over the years that Joe was correct, and that many states, such as California, have attempted to give illegals Obamacare.

Welfare Use by Immigrant and Native Households.  In 2012, 51 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) reported that they used at least one welfare program during the year, compared to 30 percent of native households.  Welfare in this study includes Medicaid and cash, food, and housing programs.  Welfare use is high for both new arrivals and well-established immigrants.  Of households headed by immigrants who have been in the country for more than two decades, 48 percent access welfare.  No single program explains immigrants' higher overall welfare use.  For example, not counting subsidized school lunch, welfare use is still 46 percent for immigrants and 28 percent for natives.  Not counting Medicaid, welfare use is 44 percent for immigrants and 26 percent for natives.

L.A. County hands $1.3 billion to illegals for welfare.  Los Angeles County is a massive draw for illegals, with more than a million flocking there and setting up home — and now we know why.  Not only is it hallowed sanctuary ground; it's also, apparently, taxpayer-dole-out central.  Look at this, from Robert Rector with the Heritage Foundation:  "They get $3 in benefits for every $1 they spend," he said, speaking of the costs of education, police, fire, medical and housing that illegals get, compared to what they pay back by way of taxes.  This isn't conjecture.  It's based on analysis of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services database.  Among the findings:  In 2015, more than 58,000 families received $602 million in benefits.  In 2016, more than 64,000 families received $675 million.

How About E-Verifying Tax Refund Recipients?  The Trump administration is said to be thinking about illegal aliens and Social Security.  Let's hope the focus of the new people is not on Social Security beneficiaries, as benefits are not supposed to be paid to those without legal status, anyway.  This part of the system may not be enforced with zest, but the rules are in place.  Clearly such systems could, and should, be tightened.  The focus on Social Security and illegal aliens, however, should be on seeing to it that the massive amount of information on the illegals held by the SSA — now rarely shared with other agencies — should be routinely dispatched to other federal outfits that can, and should, do something about it.

Trump Budget Stops Cash Payments to Illegal Immigrants.  The president's proposed 2018 budget would put a stop to a government program that has paid out more than $35 billion over the past ten years to illegal immigrants in lump-sum payments, disguised as a "tax credit."  The use of the credit by illegal immigrants, which has allowed them to get up to $1,000 for each child they claim, including children who are not theirs and who don't live in the United States, has been referred to as "a multi-billion-dollar fraud scheme" that has taken money out of the hands of hard-working Americans.

Trump calls to cut off tax breaks for illegal immigrants.  President Trump will seek to tighten restrictions on some tax credits to prevent them from being claimed by illegal immigrants, a measure that the administration says is necessary to respect taxpayers and balance the budget.  Trump's fiscal 2018 budget, set to be released Tuesday, will set higher eligibility standards for the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Monday [5/23/2017].  According to the administration, the measures will save $40 billion over 10 years.

Report: Illegal Aliens Forego Food Stamps to Stay off Trump's Radar.  Illegal aliens in San Francisco have reportedly begun abstaining from food stamps in the belief it will help them avoid being detecting by the Trump administration.  In fact, so many residents have turned against food stamps that "the city is concerned."  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, local Human Services Agency director Trent Rhorer has noted that "households with one illegal" are wondering how much information will reach administration officials if they use food stamps, also known as CalFresh.  Eligible families also wonder "whether the administration will cut food stamp benefits to immigrants."

Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has moved forward with plans for a Chicago-only identification card specifically designed to ensure illegal aliens in the city can receive welfare benefits with minimal risk of repatriation.  The new program was unveiled at a Chicago City Council meeting on Wednesday, and it protects illegal aliens from federal oversight by not collecting any copies of identification documents presented when illegals apply for the identification card.  "Applicants bring in the documents to prove someone's identity.  They hand them over to specially trained individual who can review the documents and then hand them back ... It's going to capture just the name and the date of birth.  It's not going to capture an address," a source close to those officials told the Chicago Sun-Times.

This is the Cloward-Piven strategy in action:
Feds and UN Dumping "Unvetted, Diseased Refugee Men" on Taxpayer.  A Missouri woman who has attended official meetings on resettling migrants is blowing the whistle on United Nations and federal schemes that she says are quietly flying in huge numbers of unvetted, diseased "refugees" from across Africa and the Middle East — many of whom do not even have a known name — and immediately handing them passports, Social Security numbers, and a vast array of tax-funded benefits.  Noting that the overwhelming majority of the migrants she observed were men, she suggested the schemes were an "intentional device" to "invade the United States of America."  Adding insult to injury, said the woman with knowledge of the program, is the fact that state officials and those involved with processing the new arrivals are being encouraged at official meetings to classify as many of the newcomers as possible as being permanently disabled — especially as having chronic headaches and lower back pain.  The purpose of this, she was told, was so the "refugees" could qualify for Social Security long-term disability, allowing them to collect taxpayer money for the rest of their lives despite never having contributed to the already-strained system on its way to bankruptcy.

Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them.  Luisa Fortin sometimes sits up at night, wondering what her clients are eating.  She is the SNAP Outreach Coordinator for the Chattanooga Food Bank — but lately she has done less outreaching.  Her families, working immigrants in northwest Georgia, are spooked by the political climate, Fortin said.  Increasingly, she's being asked to explain how food stamps may impact immigration status, if not to outright cancel family food benefits.  Since mid-January, five of Fortin's families have withdrawn from the SNAP program.  One, the single mother of three citizen daughters, had fled to Georgia to escape an abusive husband.  Another, two green-card holders with four young children, were thinking of taking on third jobs to compensate for the lost benefits.  These families represent a small fraction of Fortin's caseload — she estimates she has signed 200 immigrant families up for SNAP over the past six months — but based on the calls she gets from other clients, she fears more cancellations are imminent.

Nonprofits Helping Illegal Immigrants Took $291 Million From Taxpayers.  Taxpayers funded eight nonprofits that serve, protect or advocate for illegal immigrants with more than $291 million between 2012 to 2016, according to an analysis of federal spending data and tax documents by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.  The eight groups — including at least one that endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 — provide a variety of support to illegal aliens, ranging from legal and social services to political advocacy.  Ninety-four percent of the public funds — or, nearly $274 million — came from the federal government, according to data obtained from USAspending.gov and 990 tax forms.

Obamacare 2.0 Is All But Guaranteed to Impose Crushing Costs on Voters, Hurt Trump's Base, And Hand Power Back to the Democrats.  [For example,] Illegals can get health care through identity theft and fraud, because Obamacare 2.0 makes it impossible to check enrollees' immigration status.  The bill incentivizes further illegal immigration by encouraging illegals to come to the U.S. to cut into taxpayer-funded programs meant for citizens.  Poll after poll shows Trump's immigration policies prioritizing Americans and their problems over foreigners and their wants are hugely popular with voters.  Giving away health care to illegals, while ramping up the price for Trump's core voters, is a slap in the face.

Are We Refugeed Out Yet?  There are more Iraqis living in the United States than there are in some major cities in Iraq.  156,000 Iraqi refugees have entered this country in just the last decade.  30,000 of those have ended up in California.  In Obama's first year in office, the United States resettled three-quarters of Iraqi refugees.  71% of Iraqi refugees are receiving cash assistance.  82% are on Medicaid and 87% are on food stamps.  Compare those atrocious numbers to only 17% of Cubans on cash assistance and 16% on Medicaid.  It should be obvious why Obama shut the door on Cuban refugees while holding it wide open for Syrian Muslims (but closing it tightly on Syrian Christians), Iraqis and Somalis (77.4% food stamp use).

Report: 87% Illegal Immigrant Families On Welfare, 72% Of Legal Immigrants On It.  The helping hand offered by social welfare programs is being utilized by most legal and illegal immigrant families, the latest sign that many immigrants come to America for the taxpayer-funded benefits like Medicaid, subsidized food and cash, according to a new report based on Census data.

California Goes One Step Beyond ObamaCare, Proposes Single-Payer Healthcare System to Include Illegal Aliens.  California Democrats made a surprise move late Friday to foil President Trump's promise to repeal ObamaCare — by introducing a stand-alone, single-payer healthcare system in California.  The Mercury News reported that two California lawmakers Friday introduced legislation to replace private insurance with a government-run health care system covering all 38 million Californians — including its undocumented residents.

Welfare use by non-citizens
Who Is A Public Charge?  Since 1882, the United States has banned the entry of anyone who has the potential of becoming a "public charge."  This is how current law reads:  ["]Any alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.["]  Since 1903, the United States has allowed for the deportation of immigrants who became a public charge after they entered the country, and this is how the law now reads:  ["]Any alien who, within five years after the date of entry, has become a public charge from causes not affirmatively shown to have arisen since entry is deportable.["]  Given these very straightforward — and very old — restrictions, it seems puzzling that we would find many immigrants on welfare.

Trump weighs additional immigration restrictions to weed out any who may need public aid.  The Trump administration is considering a plan to weed out would-be immigrants who are likely to require public assistance, as well as to deport — when possible — immigrants already living in the U.S. who depend on taxpayer help, according to a draft executive order.  A second draft order under consideration calls for a substantial shake-up in the system through which the United States administers immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, with the aim of tightly controlling who enters the country and who can enter the workforce, and reducing the social services burden on taxpayers.

The Editor says...
It's the law.  Read 8 USC §1182 for yourself.

The Coming Sanctuary Cities Crackdown.  Chicago is one of the best places to live in America if you're one of the millions of illegal aliens present in the country — and free-spending, lawbreaking Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying his best to keep it that way. [...] Emanuel is so determined to fork over tax dollars to illegals that he's moving forward with creating a municipal identification card to open government coffers to those who have no legal right to be in this country.  "Chicago is and has been a city that welcomes everyone, and an individual's background should never be a barrier to participating in the economic, social or cultural life of Chicago," Emanuel said in October.  "With this program, we ensure that all Chicago residents have the identification they need to access vital services."

Asylum claims
Illegals seeking asylum up 900%, get Social Security, welfare, school loans.  The number of illegals seeking asylum to gain easy access to the United States has jumped 900 percent in less than 10 years, greatly expanding the Immigration population receiving Social Security, school loans, green cards, welfare and other taxpayer funded services, according to figures from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  While about 8,000 mostly Latin Americans in 2009 sought asylum, the number is expected to reach 80,000 or more this year, according to a projection from the Center for Immigration Studies.

California petitions to become first state to offer ObamaCare to illegal immigrants.  California's health care exchange is requesting that it be allowed a waiver from ObamaCare regulations in order to allow illegal immigrants to buy insurance on the exchange — which would make California the first state to extend ObamaCare to illegal immigrants.  In a Sept. 30 letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell, Covered California's Executive Director Peter Lee said that the Affordable Care Act has been "tremendously successful" in the state and has cut the rate of uninsured in half.

Chelsea Clinton Blunder!  Admits Hillary Will Give Illegals ObamaCare!  As Hillary is also on board to continue to flood the country with illegal immigrants, this in itself could be the death of America as we know it!

California Dems Push For Obamacare For Illegal Immigrants.  California Democrats advocated for President Barack Obama to sign a waiver allowing undocumented immigrants to buy healthcare plans through the Obamacare exchanges Wednesday [9/14/2016], claiming the change would not be federally subsidized.  California's Democratic delegation sent a letter to the administration Monday pushing to make the state the first exemption from the Affordable Care Act's provision preventing illegals from purchasing plans.

Illegals to Border Agents: 'Obama Said it Was Okay to Come'.  [A] new report out of San Diego reveals that 90% of illegal aliens caught along the southern border are subsequently released back on the streets.  In fact, they are dropped off at a local bus stop to freely roam about.  The most common reason given as to why they are crossing is:  "Obama said it's okay to come."  KUSI 9 News's Dan Plante recently spent the day at the border and learned that nine out of ten illegals are released back on the streets of San Diego and are more often than not provided with extra amenities.

Report: Some Illegal Aliens Enjoy Food Stamp Advantage Over U.S. Citizens.  A new report produced by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows that people in the United States illegally can in some cases get more food stamps than U.S. citizens.  The report, released on Monday by the Washington, D.C.-based organization, reveals that the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) "provides benefits to families with an illegal alien (or other ineligible alien) wage earner in it, while denying benefits to an identical family comprised of only U.S. citizens."

California Reps Urge Obama To Stop California From Giving Illegals Obamacare.  House Republicans representing California pressured the Obama administration to stop its plan to expand Obamacare to illegal immigrants in the state Wednesday [6/30/2016].  Rep. Darrell Issa spearheaded the effort in a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services signed by a number of California representatives slamming the plan's potential to further stagnate the economy and increase the burden on taxpayers in the state.  The California legislation would allow for a waiver permitting illegal immigrants in the state to buy private health insurance through the Obamacare exchange — allowing an estimated 390,000 more people the option to purchase plans.

House Democrats Want Obama To Expand Education Programs To Children Of Illegals.  About 100 House Democrats sent out a letter Tuesday to Obama urging him to give education benefits to young children who were brought to the United States illegally as children, according to reports from the Hill.  Backed by Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, Rueben Hinojas of Texas, and Gwen Moore or Wisconsin, the letter said that children enrolled in Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) should receive the same benefits from education programs that less advantaged children do who are legal U.S. citizens.  Democrats claim that because these benefit are only for legal U.S. children, DACA children are prohibited from getting "life changing services."

Obama Administration Coy on Expanding Obamacare to California Illegal Immigrants.  California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to expand Obamacare to cover illegal immigrants, but now it's up to the Obama administration to determine if the nation's largest state will get an exemption related to a specific promise the president made when trying to sell the health care law.  The Golden State will be asking the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a "State Innovation Waiver" under Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.  This would allow illegal immigrants in the state to purchase private health insurance plans from the California exchange, Covered California, but would not make them eligible for federal subsidies.

House Democrats Want Obama To Expand Education Programs To Children Of Illegal Immigrants.  About 100 House Democrats sent out a letter Tuesday to Obama urging him to give education benefits to young children who were brought to the United States illegally as children, according to reports from the Hill.  Backed by Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, Rueben Hinojas of Texas, and Gwen Moore or Wisconsin, the letter said that children enrolled in Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) should receive the same benefits from education programs that less advantaged children do who are legal U.S. citizens.

California to ask feds to allow undocumented immigrants to use Obamacare.  California could become the first state to ask the federal government to let undocumented immigrants buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.  Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed legislation Friday that attempts to allow people in the country illegally to purchase the insurance through Covered California without costing the state or federal government anything.

Immigrants Use $6,234 in Welfare Benefits per Household, 41 Percent More than Non-Immigrant Households.  Immigrant-headed households use 41 percent more federal welfare benefits than their native-born counterparts, according to a new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.  The average household headed by an immigrant (both legal and illegal) in 2012 consumed $6,234 federal in welfare benefits, while the average native-headed households consumed $4,431 in benefits, says the CIS report, which is based on data from the Census Bureau's Survey of Income and Program Participation.

Half of immigrant-led households collect welfare as admission rules go unenforced.  Immigrants are supposed to be beneficial to the U.S. — so much so that federal law requires them to prove they won't end up on the public dole if they are legally admitted.  But it's a stricture honored more in the breach than in compliance, according to statistics obtained by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which found that of the millions of legal immigrants living in the U.S. and collecting welfare or other public benefits, only a single person was kicked out of the country over the last three years for becoming a public burden.  That seems to fly in the face of federal policies that, dating back to the very first broad immigration law in the 1880s, have demanded that immigrants prove they will be able to support themselves.

Feds to Pay California to Finance FREE MediCaid Health Care for Illegal Aliens.  The responsibility of the Fed is to keep illegal aliens out of this country — instead Obama is importing them and giving them "free" health care — while cause honest citizens to pay higher taxes, receive lower quality health care and to crowd the system so honest Americans must wait while the Obama imports get their care.

Muslim Refugees Get $6k/Month In Welfare, Want You To Pay For Something Else.  A Muslim family with 9 children entered the West as refugees, refused to enter the workforce, and immediately signed up for welfare, receiving over $6,400 every month.  However, the lavish taxpayer benefits just aren't enough, so now they're demanding hardworking citizens pay for just one more thing in their attempt to milk the system.  When a devout Muslim couple left Afghanistan to pursue Western life in Austria, the immigration board approved asylum status for them and their 9 children, aging from 5 to 20 years old.  The pair soon claimed disability and began receiving $6,406.45 each month in welfare, according to Kronen Zeitung.  Now, they're planning on increasing their monthly benefits the best way they know how.

California Looks to Cover Illegal Immigrants Under Obamacare.  In an unprecedented move, California legislators look to extend Obamacare health coverage to the state's estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrant population.  If passed and signed into law, California would be the first state in the nation to request illegal immigrants be covered through a state exchange, the Los Angeles Times reported.  It is against the law for California to allow illegal immigrants to enroll in Covered California, the state's Obamacare health insurance exchange, Sally C. Pipes, president and CEO of the pro-free-market Pacific Research Institute, told The Daily Signal in an emailed response.  "The law does not allow illegals to enroll in the state exchanges or the federal exchange Healthcare.gov," Pipes said.

Report: Children of refugees get more federal benefits than poor U.S. kids.  America loves kids, but Uncle Sam has a favorite:  children of refugees.  Among recipients of food stamps, welfare cash and Social Security payments, refugee children receive more in taxpayer-funded aid than children of citizens, according to a new report on federal spending from the pro-immigration Migration Policy Institute.

IRS Giving Tax Credits to Illegals Who've Engaged in Identity Theft.  In a typical year, April 15 is Tax Day when hard-working Americans cede over an enormous amount of their income to the federal government so they can redistribute it to all sorts of special interests and protected classes, including illegal aliens.  You heard that right.  The IRS has admitted to knowingly granting refundable tax credits, which work as back door welfare payments, to illegal aliens who break the law and steal Social Security numbers to obtain employment and file their taxes.  During a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen admitted to Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) that illegal aliens were stealing Social Security numbers and using them to receive refundable tax credits through their annual returns.  Worse, he felt it was a good thing they were filing and didn't seem committed to stopping it.

Obama Claims Power to Make Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Social Security, Disability.  Does the president of the United States have the power to unilaterally tell millions of individuals who are violating federal law that he will not enforce that law against them now, that they may continue to violate that law in the future and that he will take action that makes them eligible for federal benefit programs for which they are not currently eligible due to their unlawful status?  Through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, President Barack Obama is telling the Supreme Court exactly this right now.  The solicitor general calls what Obama is doing "prosecutorial discretion."

Cubans handed cash, Social Security card, food stamps, Medicaid at U.S.  border.  Thousands of Cubans rushing the U.S. border in record numbers are being greeted with a Welcome Wagon operation the provides them with taxpayer-funded benefits including cash, a Social Security card, food stamps, and Medicaid, according to a review of the latest immigration crisis on the border.  During a field trip to the Laredo, Texas crossing point, two experts from the Center for Immigration Studies documented how Cubans are provided with the services free of charge in a storefront operation set up by a Cuban immigrant, who even provides housing and schedules transportation to Miami.

[The Number of] Immigrants Denied Admission to the U.S. Due to Welfare Dependency Risk Plummets.  The number of immigrants denied admission to the U.S. as legal permanent residents due to their risk of becoming primarily reliant on welfare for subsistence has plummeted since the late 1990s, according to the Congressional Research Service.  Foreigners seeking admission to the U.S. or adjustment of status to a legal permanent resident (or green card recipient) are technically considered inadmissible if they are deemed likely to become a "public charge," or primarily reliant on government assistance.

Chelsea Clinton reveals her mom thinks it is 'important' to extend Obamacare to illegal aliens.  [Scroll down]  So the billions of impoverished people worldwide now have an invitation to come to America and sign up for what used to be the finest health care system in the world.  If you can't afford Obamacare, why no problem.  The rest of us will cheerfully pay our taxes and endure further increases in our insurance costs because after all, we owe it to the rest of the world.

Tension Simmers as Cubans Breeze Across U.S. Border.  They are crossing the border here by the hundreds each day, approved to enter the United States in a matter of hours.  Part of a fast-rising influx of Cubans, they walk out to a Laredo street and are greeted by volunteers from Cubanos en Libertad, or Cubans in Freedom, who help them arrange travel to their American destination — often Miami — and start applying for work permits and federal benefits like food stamps and Medicaid, available by law to Cubans immediately after their arrival.

Senate report: Illegal immigrants benefited from up to $750M in ObamaCare subsidies.  Illegal immigrants and individuals with unclear legal status wrongly benefited from up to $750 million in ObamaCare subsidies and the government is struggling to recoup the money, according to a new Senate report obtained by Fox News.  The report, produced by Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, examined Affordable Care Act tax credits meant to defray the cost of insurance premiums.  It found that as of June 2015, "the Administration awarded approximately $750 million in tax credits on behalf of individuals who were later determined to be ineligible because they failed to verify their citizenship, status as a national, or legal presence."

U.S. Commits $9.5 Mil to Migrant Education.  The money will flow through the Office of Migrant Education which operates under the bloated U.S. Department of Education, Jimmy Carter's brilliant creation.  The funds will be divided between the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), which will receive $5,407,472 and the High School Equivalency Program (HEP) for migrants, which will get $4,082,415, according to an announcement in the federal register.  CAMP helps migrant and seasonal farmworkers and members of their immediate family pay for college.  HEP assists them in obtaining a general education diploma that meets guidelines for high school equivalency.  The government will then help those folks gain employment or be placed in an institution of higher education, compliments of Uncle Sam.

Feds Won't Permit Asking Welfare Moochers About Immigration Status.  How are you going to use extravagantly generous welfare programs to lure in enough freeloaders from the Third World to displace the native population if they think they might get questioned about whether they are in the country legally?  Also, it is important to keep the shrinking core population from knowing exactly how many foreigners we are supporting on a slave basis.

Obama Regime Rolls Out Red Carpet for Islamic Colonists.  Have you fallen on hard times as a result of the Obama economy?  Why not try traveling to Syria, then returning to the USA as a "refugee"?  The taxpayer will set you right up.

Call With 'Refugee Services of Texas' Confirms "Free" Stuff for Incoming Muslims.  Barack Obama recently announced he's raising the refugee cap from 70,000 to 85,000 to make room for 15,000 Syrian refugees.  His plan for next year involves the cap shooting to 100,000.  This means some 45,000 Syrians, most of whom are likely Muslim, will enter the U.S. between now and the end of next year.  [T]he State Department spent about $3 billion on refugee services for the fiscal year that ended September 30th of 2015.  That amount is expected to increase this year.  Again, Obama spent $3 BILLION of our dollars moving foreigners into the U.S. as refugees last year.

Welcome to the USA, Here's Your Free Money.  Considering the massive government debt, the extremely low workforce participation rate, and the severe problems we already have with alien populations ripping society apart from within, this is hard to distinguish from treason:  ["]The Obama administration has released an updated welcome guide for new immigrants in the U.S. featuring detailed sections about obtaining public benefits including food stamps, welfare, and Obamacare.["] [...] Like most everything Big Government produces, the revamped guide appears to be unnecessary.  Already most households headed by an immigrant, whether legal or illegal, report using welfare.

Obama Administration Publishes Alien Welcome Guide Offering Welfare in 14 Different Languages.  Through most of American history, immigrants were required to prove they were in a state of sound health and would not become a burden on the state.  In fact, the official history of Ellis Island describes the immigration process in no uncertain terms. [...] Today things are very different.  The late Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman once said, "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state" and the Obama administration is doing its level best to prove him right.  The national debt stands at $18.5 trillion, more than double the amount when Obama took office.  Democrats' massive expansion of the welfare state — from food stamps, to Social Security Disability fraud, to benefits packages for illegal aliens — is a primary reason.

Half of immigrants in state illegally could be eligible for Medi-Cal expansion, study finds.  Half of Californians in the country illegally would be eligible for the state's healthcare program for the poor if it were expanded under a proposal by legislators, a new report finds.  Some California politicians are pushing to open up the $91-billion Medi-Cal program to people here illegally, since such immigrants are not allowed to sign up for insurance under Obamacare.

Feds' 'Welcome' Guide for New Immigrants Advises on Public Benefits — in 14 Different Languages.  The Obama administration has released an updated welcome guide for new immigrants in the U.S. featuring detailed sections about obtaining public benefits including food stamps, welfare, and Obamacare.  "You or members of your family may be eligible for other federal benefits, depending on your immigration status, length of time in the United States, and income level," the guidebook reads.

Are they mistaken?
Immigrants caught crossing border think they can stay in US and collect benefits.  Nearly a year after the Obama administration launched a massive public relations campaign to dispel rumors of a free pass for immigrant families crossing the border illegally, internal intelligence files from the Homeland Security Department suggest that effort is failing.  Hundreds of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border between July and September told US immigration agents they made the dangerous trip in part because they believed they would be permitted to stay in the United States and collect public benefits.

Muslim immigrants aren't here to assimilate.  They're here for the handouts.
Small Town America Transformed By Somali Migrants.  Newly arrived Somali immigrants have transformed small towns and cities throughout the United States into tuulas (Somali villages).  The process is underway in such places as Lewiston, Maine; Shelbyville, Tennessee, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Clarkston, Georgia, and Jamestown, North Dakota.  The Jamestown Sun reports that 400 Somalis have applied for public housing in the past four months.  The Somali immigrants in Garden City, Kansas and nearby small towns have created the Somali Community Center of Southwest Kansas in order to tap into public welfare programs.

Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet.  Refugee access to welfare on the same basis as a U.S. citizen has made the program a global magnet.  The federal programs available to them include:
  •   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) formerly known as AFDC
  •   Medicaid
  •   Food Stamps
  •   Public Housing
  •   Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  •   Social Security Disability Insurance
  •   Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) (direct services only)
  •   Child Care and Development Fund
  •   Independent Living Program
  •   Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI)
  •   Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  •   Postsecondary Education Loans and Grants
  •   Refugee Assistance Programs
  •   Title IV Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Payments (if parents are qualified immigrants — refugees, asylees, etc)
  •   Title XX Social Services Block Grant Funds
Welfare use is staggering among refugees. Welfare usage is never counted by officials as part of the cost of the program.  Yet, when it is included, the total cost of the refugee program soars to at least [$]10-20 billion a year.

Sedgwick County Chairman Richard Ranzau target of recall push by immigration group.  The Immigration Advocacy Network announced Monday [10/19/2015] it will seek to recall Sedgwick County Commission Chair Richard Ranzau.  "Mr. Ranzau has failed in providing and protecting the health and welfare of Sedgwick County citizens who he was elected to protect," Sandrine Lisk, director of advocacy for the group, said in describing the legal justification for the petition. [...] Lisk said the potential recall is a direct backlash to Ranzau's view that illegal immigrants shouldn't benefit from the federal Women, Infants and Children program.

The Editor says...
The activists behind this recall are squawking about "the health and welfare of Sedgwick County citizens," but they are rallying in support of illegal aliens who are not citizens.  Most illegal aliens, in my opinion, would have stayed on the other side of the border had they not been enticed by free stuff like food stamps, TANF, AFDC and WIC.

Cubans retire to Florida — with help from U.S. taxpayers.  More Cubans are coming to Florida in their golden years to retire, able to tap U.S. government assistance even though they never lived or worked here.  The number of Cubans arriving over the age of 60 grew fivefold since 2010, according to state refugee data.  At least 185 made the crossing in their 80s or 90s.  Unlike most other immigrants, Cubans qualify immediately for food stamps and Medicaid.  If they are over 65 with little or no income, they also can collect a monthly check of up to $733 in Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Welfare Use by Legal and Illegal Immigrant Households.  This report is a companion to a recent report published by the Center for Immigration Studies looking at welfare use by all immigrant households, based on Census Bureau data.  This report separates legal and illegal immigrant households and estimates welfare use using the same Census Bureau data as that study.  This analysis shows that legal immigrant households make extensive use of most welfare programs, while illegal immigrant households primarily benefit from food programs and Medicaid through their U.S.-born children.  Low levels of education — not legal status — is the main reason immigrant welfare use is high.

Two of Three Illegal Immigrant Households Dependent on Welfare Payments.  Steven A. Camarota, writing at the Center for Immigration Studies, has some astoundingly useful data to help inform the 2016 Presidential election.  Using Census Bureau data, a comprehensive study examined welfare use by all immigrant households.  The executive summary:  roughly two of every three illegal immigrant households are dependent on one or more types of welfare payment.  And more than half are on Medicaid.

The Editor says...
That might be good news.  Consider this:  If welfare payments to illegal aliens were abruptly cut off, two thirds of them would have a huge incentive to leave the country.  Who says 11 million immigrants can't be deported overnight?  They'll deport themselves when the gravy train stops delivering free stuff!

Report: Majority of Illegal Immigrant Households On Welfare.  More than half of households headed by immigrants in the county illegally, or 62 percent, received welfare benefits in 2012, according to a report released by the Center for Immigration Studies.  In the same time period, 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants received welfare benefits, while 30 percent of households headed by natives received the same.  The report evaluates data from the Census Bureau and found that illegal immigrant households benefit mostly from food programs like food stamps and Medicaid through their native-born children.

More Than 90 Percent of Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps.  More than 90 percent of recent refugees from Middle Eastern nations are on food stamps and nearly 70 percent receive cash assistance, according to government data.  According to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) data highlighted by the immigration subcommittee staff of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) — chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest — in FY 2013, 91.4 percent of Middle Eastern refugees (accepted to the U.S. between 2008-2013) received food stamps, 73.1 percent were on Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance and 68.3 percent were on cash welfare.

Heavy Welfare Use by Legal Immigrants — Yes, Legal Immigrants.  Three-quarters of all immigrant households using welfare are headed by legal immigrants.  Legal immigration is a discretionary policy that is supposed to benefit the country; we can allow in or keep out anyone we want.  Yet our current legal-immigration system has produced a flow of immigrants in which a large share cannot support themselves or their children.

Immigrant Welfare Addiction.  Non-citizens in the U.S. — and especially recent Middle Eastern refugees — are addicted to welfare programs, two newly released studies suggest.  Although open-borders propaganda typically claims that illegal aliens are hardworking and industrious, one of the reports unveiled yesterday showed that among illegal alien households with children, a shocking 87 percent accept benefits from one or more welfare programs, compared to just 52 percent of native households.  The reports come as a rancorous debate rages in American society over what immigration policies best serve the economic, cultural, and national security interests of the United States.  Americans on both sides of the partisan divide are becoming increasingly angry that the nation's borders are porous and that illegal aliens are able to access generous government benefits upon arrival.

Report: Immigrant Households Using Welfare At Vastly Higher Rate Than Native-Born Households.  According to a report released Wednesday [9/2/2015] from the Center for Immigration Studies, 51 percent of immigrant-headed households (both legal and illegal) reported using at least one welfare program during the year in 2012.  Thirty-percent of native-headed households meanwhile used at least one welfare program.  The CIS report analyzed welfare data from the Census Bureau's Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).  Included in the center's definition of welfare is Medicaid, cash, food, and housing programs.

Report: More than half of immigrants on welfare.  More than half of the nation's immigrants receive some kind of government welfare, a figure that's far higher than the native-born population's, according to a report to be released Wednesday [9/2/2015].  About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration.  Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born.

U.S. Taxpayers Bear the Weight of Anchor Babies.  Hillary Clinton scolded Donald Trump for using the term "anchor babies" to describe birth tourism among Hispanic illegals, arguing that they should just be called "babies."  Actually, they should be called "welfare babies."  According to a Center for Immigration Studies report, a whopping 75% of Mexican and Guatemalan legal and illegal immigrants with children are using federal welfare programs.  Primarily they are exploiting Medicaid and the food-stamp and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) programs.  Only immigrants from the Dominican Republic use welfare at higher rates.

He Lied: Obamacare To Be Opened Up To Illegal Immigrants In California.  When President Obama was pushing Obamacare, he stated before a joint session of Congress in September 2009 that it would not be opened up to illegal immigrants.  Remember what happened next?  Representative Joe Wilson yelled, "You lie!" and it caused quite a stir.  [Video clip]

Feds' relocation of Somali refugees stresses Minn. welfare, raises terror fears.  The State Department has helped to relocate tens of thousands of refugees from the war-torn African nation of Somalia to Minnesota, where they can take advantage of some of America's most generous welfare and charity programs.  But the effort is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state's safety net and creating a rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups. [...] Many of the refugees settle near the Twin Cities, with Minneapolis being dubbed "Little Mogadishu" after the capital of Somalia.

Obama Cheapens the Legacy of Our Fallen Heroes.  Whether illegal aliens can obtain state benefits is not clear-cut.  The short answer appears to be that they are not legally entitled to most benefits, but do in fact receive them.  Federal rules generally bar illegal aliens from participation in state and local public benefit programs, unless the benefit is for the treatment of an emergency medical condition, or needs emergency disaster relief or immunization.  Otherwise it would seem that illegals do not qualify for additional sate public assistance.  But de facto it is an entirely different story.  That's because the burden of determining lawful status in the U.S. is on the shoulders of county social services employees who have neither the legal jurisdiction nor the practical ability to determine one's immigration status.  Only an immigration official or federal worker whom the Secretary of Homeland Security has so designated has such authorization.  Local agencies simply cannot make the determination that someone is an illegal alien.  Therefore, the law is usually overlooked and illegal aliens manage to qualify for state and local benefits.

Confirmed: Illegals Flown Here via Obama Amnesty will be Eligible to Milk the Welfare State.  Not only will you have to pay for Obama to jet illegals here from Central America, but when they get here they will be eligible for every single welfare program we have.  Why?  Because they will be considered refugees when they get here and thus will be able to apply for everything:

California Won't Be Able to Pay for All That Free Healthcare for Illegals.  California is working hard to facilitate illegal immigration while other states are looking at immigration enforcement.  They're giving away freebies, including healthcare.  California is a one-party government, like the old Soviet Union, and there's little in the way of effective opposition.  They like to spread around other people's money especially to poor illegal aliens.  Californians already offer health services free or at low cost to the uninsured, low-income residents who don't get it under Obamacare.  Several counties offer the same healthcare to illegal aliens.

Arabic is the Most Common Language of Refugees in America; 91% on Food Stamps.  They also skip the paper work and go right to the welfare line.  Funded by a government who loots its citizens.  Taxation for Islamization.  Impeach Obama and every criminal in Congress.

Robert Rector Estimates Lifetime Retirement Costs of Illegals Granted Executive Amnesty at $1.3 Trillion.  The lifetime costs of Social Security and Medicare benefits of illegal immigrant beneficiaries of President Obama's executive amnesty would be well over a trillion dollars, according to Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector's prepared testimony for a House panel obtained in advance by Breitbart News.

Amnestied Illegals May Receive Social Security As Early As 2017.  Illegal immigrants who take advantage of President Obama's executive actions on immigration will soon collect another benefit:  Social Security.  Starting in 2017, the Social Security Administration expects that thousands of undocumented immigrants will begin collecting from the Old-Age, Survivor's, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program as a direct result of the president's actions.  In a letter to Republican senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the SSA's chief actuary Stephen Goss indicated that an additional 16,000 people will begin collecting OASDI benefits come 2017, and that the number of beneficiaries would continue to increase for 40 years thereafter, topping out at 695,000 people.  Goss's projection may underestimate the number of potential beneficiaries, however, as it assumes that 50,000 fewer illegal immigrants will enter the country each year starting in 2016.

Here's How Much Taxpayer Money Illegals Will Receive Via Obama's Amnesty.  President Barack Obama's November amnesty will give $1.7 billion in taxpayers' cash to illegal immigrants, according to a congressional study.  The news emerged two days after top Republican leaders overcame GOP opposition to a 2015 budget bill that allows Obama to fund his unpopular amnesty for roughly 5 million illegals.  "The program could cost taxpayers $1.7 billion over 10 years, almost all of it in the first five years," according to a report by the McClatchy Washington Bureau.  The rebates are allowed by the IRS' interpretation of existing laws governing the Earned Income Tax Credit program, which was designed to subsidize low-wage employment in the United States.

Colleges using coffers for financial aid to illegal immigrants stirs debate on immigration reform.  Several U.S. colleges are giving financial aid directly to students who are young illegal immigrants, extending the debate about helping people in the United States illegally at the expense of Americans who are in need of similar opportunities.  Such opportunities have opened up since President Obama's 2012 executive action that deferred deportation to millions of young people brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.  However, they still are largely ineligible for state or federal student aid.

IRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes.  The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years' refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds.  President Obama's new deportation amnesty could grant Social Security numbers to as many as 4 million illegal immigrants, making many of them eligible for tax refunds under the Earned Income Tax Credit even for years when they cheated on their taxes, working off the books and refusing to file tax returns.

Illegal Immigrants Amnestied By Obama Eligible For Up To $9,182 In Cash Benefits Every Year.  Illegal immigrants who are given work permits and Social Security Numbers through President Obama's amnesty programs could get up to $9,182 in cash benefits from the federal government every year, according to a new later from the Congressional Research Service.  Requested by an unnamed Senator, the CRS letter details the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit and and Child Tax Credit payments a family could receive from the Internal Revenue Service without paying any income taxes to the federal government.

The Costly Asylum Racket.  We've had a lot of media comment about the bad effects of Obama's executive orders admitting millions (yes, millions) of illegal immigrants and giving them welfare, Social Security, driver's licenses and a path to citizenship.  Like many Americans, I realized the importance of this when thousands of unfamiliar people from a foreign country, without any advance notice, appeared in my community.

IRS Confirms Illegal Immigrants Entitled to Back Tax Refunds Under Executive Amnesty.  This won't just be the case moving forward; the newly quasi-legalized-by-fiat immigrants also be able to claim retroactive refunds for up to three years — even if they didn't file or pay taxes at the time.

IRS Offers Retroactive Welfare To Illegal Aliens Granted Amnesty By Obama.  With all the discussion about amnesty simply being about delaying deportations (we already don't deport people), Obama's amnesty has been about naturalization.  That was obvious when we learned amnestied illegals would be given social security numbers.  They already have ITIN numbers in order to file taxes, so why is the SSN important?  Because you need that to get the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is automatic welfare through a "refund" check from the IRS.  In other words, a massive redistribution of our wealth, a reward, to millions of foreigners on our soil.  And it will be retroactive for 3 years.

IRS offers extra tax refunds to illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Obama.  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirmed Tuesday [2/4/2015] that illegal immigrants granted amnesty from deportation under President Obama's new policies would be able to get extra refunds from the IRS for money they earned while working illegally, as long as they filed returns during those years.

'Amnesty Bonuses' in Tax Code: Illegal Immigrants to Receive Earned Income Tax Credit.  A recent Homeland Security Committee hearing on immigration revealed an alarming consequence of President Obama's executive amnesty — that illegal immigrants with deferred status may be able to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  Moreover, this person, who is here in the U.S. unlawfully, could be able to file an amended tax return for up to the last three tax years, possibly receiving upwards of $24,000 in tax credits.

Guess who else Obama is dumping onto your state welfare troughs?  The United Nations high commissioner for refugees has already dumped 200,000 to 250,000 Muslim refugees from Islamic countries to be resettled in the United States.  Most of them have come from Somalia and Iraq.  But Caliph Obama has been greasing the skids for the Syrian (Muslim only, no Christian) refugees for months and they will soon be dumped on American cities throughout the U.S.

Boehner Omnibus Gives Social Security Benefits to Illegal Aliens Under Obama Amnesty.  Pages 958 and 959 of the 1,603-page omnibus spending bill from House Speaker John Boehner include a provision that gives Social Security benefits to illegal aliens under President Barack Obama's executive amnesty. [...] Right after Obama's executive amnesty announcement, the White House confirmed to the Washington Post that illegal aliens who get amnesty from Obama — paid for by Boehner, and any Republican who votes for this omnibus bill — will have access to Social Security benefits.

America: From Super Power to Banana Republic.  Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow with the Heritage Foundation, stated that President Obama's amnesty for four million illegal immigrants will cost Americans about $2 trillion — approximately $40 billion per year — over the next five decades.  If all illegal immigrants are granted amnesty, they would receive "... $9.4 trillion in government benefits and services and pay $3.1 trillion in taxes...  They would generate a lifetime fiscal deficit... of $6.3 trillion... This should be considered a minimum estimate."  Once the wealthiest nation in the world, America has now become a welfare country.

Obama's Monomania.  There is a malice and vindictiveness in Obama that has no end.  Everything he touches he destroys.  Each day more damaging news about ObamaCare is revealed and when January 2015 arrives, Americans will not know what hit them.  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh writes that in northern Virginia a family of four would pay "at any income a deductible out of pocket of $12,600 and a premium of $7,224 per year."  But not to fret, "[i]llegal aliens, who were not 'supposed' to be covered by Obamacare as falsely reported, are getting their premiums for free or $2.71" per month.

Fight brewing over Social Security benefits for illegal immigrants.  A new clash over retirement benefits has come to a head following President Obama's decision to unilaterally protect up to 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation.  The White House now acknowledges that many of the illegal immigrants spared from deportation under Obama's sweeping executive action will become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits once they reach retirement age.

21 Facts That Prove Government Dependency is Out of Control.  [#20] According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, 43 percent of all immigrants that have been in the United States for at least 20 years are still on welfare.

Obama Shreds Constitution.  Illegal immigration is the greatest scheme of political corruption in history and is already the most expensive.  Illegal immigrants are given over two dozen benefits and those such as public education are extremely costly and result in skyrocketing property taxes for those who are legal residents of the country.  The full extent of the cost of illegal immigration has yet to be fully explored since the greatest costs are not borne by the immigrants themselves but by those government employees who serve them.

Report: Obama's Executive Amnesty Will Give Illegal Aliens Public Benefits.  Illegal aliens who get President Barack Obama's likely forthcoming executive amnesty will have immediate access to welfare and other public benefits, according to a new report from the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) exclusively provided to Breitbart News ahead of its public release shows.  "Obama's executive amnesty isn't only unconstitutional but costly; from day one it opens up federal and state benefits to individuals who are still illegal aliens, regardless of the label the President puts on them," FAIR executive director Julie Kirchner told Breitbart News.

Report: 42 percent of new Medicaid signups are immigrants, their children.  Immigrants and their U.S.-born children make up more than 40 percent of new Medicaid recipients at a cost of $4.6 billion, according to an analysis of government data.  The Center for Immigration Studies, a low-immigration advocacy group, released a report early Thursday [11/13/2014] that found both legal and illegal immigrants and their minor children made up 42 percent of Medicaid growth from 2011 to last year.

Study: 42 Percent of New Medicaid Recipients in the Last Two Years Were Immigrants.  Almost half of the low-income Americans who have enrolled in Medicaid in the past two years are immigrants to the United States, according to a new report, suggesting that Obamacare's large expansion in the program will disproportionately benefit immigrants as well.  "The data show that immigrants and their children accounted for 42 percent of the growth in Medicaid enrollment from 2011 to 2013," the CIS report says.  Because immigrants are more likely to have low incomes or lack insurance from their jobs, they're much more likely to be eligible for the existing Medicaid program — and Obamacare's expansion of it, which began this year.

Texas Grassroots Activists Push To End In-State Tuition for Illegals.  On the first day of bill filing for the 84th Legislative Session, Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) filed HB 209, which would repeal a 2001 law allowing illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition at Texas universities if they met certain criteria.  The legislation was cheered by conservative grassroots activists, who have long opposed allowing illegal immigrants to pay the lower in-state tuition rates charged to Texas residents as one of the "magnets" that creates incentives for people to illegally cross the border.

Obama: They Still Don't Get Who He is.  Fundamentally transforming America as founded requires open borders and granting amnesty to several millions of unskilled needy illegals.  Eventually, illegals will be granted amnesty and the right to vote.  Then, the Democrats' insidious deception will begin; convincing the new faux Americans that they are victims of racist white rich Republicans.  Step two is to seduce/addict them to government handouts.  The Step three is a promise to keep their supposed evil Republican Nemesis at bay.  And presto, millions of new Democrat voters.

Poll: 71%, Including Majority of Dems, Say No Government Benefits for Illegal Newcomers.  An overwhelming majority of likely voters, including a majority of Democrats, believe illegal immigrants from Central America should not be eligible for taxpayer-funded government benefits, according to a new poll.  A Rasmussen Reports poll found that 71% "say these illegal newcomers should not be eligible for government services and benefits."  Only 16% think "they are entitled to government aid" while 13% are undecided.

"What do you call a man who claims voters' choices have no place in government?"
Brown's Final Nail In Prop. 187 Is Really A Blow To California's Voters.  [I]n 1994, millions of California's voters, by a margin of 59% to 41%, voted in favor of denying "free" welfare, education and other benefits to illegal immigrants on the clear logic that a burglar who breaks into someone else's home doesn't have the right to eat the owner's food.  It was a legitimate decision for a people to make, given that in any democratic system, the participants have the right to control the purse.  But [Governor] Brown's statements and those of his political allies, including those in the press, suggest an imperial contempt for the will of California's voters.

Bring Back The Welfare Stigma.  Over half of illegal and legal immigrants from Central America are on some form of welfare; both the Mexican and United States governments encourage illegal aliens to sign up for food stamps.  In the mid-90s, Republicans passed and President Clinton signed a "workfare" reform law, which established significant work standards for welfare recipients and reduced welfare rolls significantly — which is presumably why the Obama administration moved to gut these requirements a couple of years ago:  if there's one thing at which the Left truly bristles, it's an independent citizenry that can provide for itself without the Left's benevolent help.

HHS Promotes Cash Assistance and Obamacare for Foreign Refugees.  Tens of thousands of Central Americans have entered the country illegally since October 2013; most of them will be likely considered "refugees" and ultimately be allowed to remain in the U.S. Consequently, many of the migrants will receive welfare from the federal government, funded by taxpayers.  Health and Human Services (HHS) documents, obtained by Breitbart Texas, show that significant federal funds go towards encouraging refugees to enroll in long term welfare programs, and towards administering such benefits directly.

The Obama Endgame Emerges.  The events of the past few weeks on America's southern border bring into clearer focus the Obama pledge to fundamentally transform America.  By opening our borders to illegal immigrants, and pardoning those illegals already here as he plans through executive order, Obama will create millions of new citizens within a few years to help him transform America into a multicultural vacationland for the world's footloose homeless with free food, housing, education, entertainment, and healthcare as drawing cards.  Who will pay for this paradise?  The American Middle Class, mostly Republicans, of course, whom Obama despises as narrow-minded clingers.

Busloads of Illegals Shopping at WALMART with EBT Cards.  If we were to listen only to the mainstream media and the talking points from the White House, they would have us believe that not only is the government doing everything possible in order to stop the invasion of our Southern border, but those who are crossing are refugee children who can't be turned away.  However, a video that was recorded on Sunday by a North Carolina woman places serious doubts on whether or not either of those things are true, as it allegedly shows busloads of adult illegal immigrants getting dropped off at a local Walmart to shop for supplies for their shelter.

USDA Pushing 'Free' Food: Call '1-877-8-HAMBRE (for Spanish Speakers)'.  The U.S. Agriculture Department has set a goal of serving 178 million free meals to children now that school is out.  That's 10 million more meals than were served last summer.  "Admittedly, this is an aggressive goal, and we can't do it alone," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a column posted on the USDA website.  "With strong support from individuals, communities, local governments and advocates, we can reach more kids with nutritious meals during their time out of school."

LBJ and Illegal Immigration.  [Scroll down]  President Obama unilaterally established the Dream Act and some states now allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers' licenses, effectively enabling them to vote.  I have estimated that a Mexican family in Chicago is given at least $80,000 per year in state, local, and Federal benefits and the amount grows constantly.  To this day the myth is perpetrated that illegal immigrants are here to pick lettuce and other crops, a remnant of the valid reason for the Bracero program.  But Chicago, the first sanctuary city, does not have lettuce fields.  The crops illegal immigrants are allegedly here to pick do not grow in the cities and urban areas where they have settled.

For love of country, impeach Obama.  Once they are over the increasingly irrelevant line, Obama officials welcome the invading junior armies, shepherding them straight into an enfolding and enlarging federal safety net from which they may never have to emerge.  These are just the newest wards of a brave new state that bears no resemblance to the republic as defined by those antique documents kept under glass in the dim light of the National Archives.  Meanwhile, "the kids" have hit the jackpot — that jackpot of socialist programs that separates today's "new Americans" from our forefathers.  Not so long ago, immigrants came for liberty and opportunity, not tax-supported handouts.

Keywords:  Cloward-Piven strategy.
Administration demands equal education for illegal immigrants.  Schools cannot require students or their parents to provide Social Security numbers, birth certificates or other documentation showing citizenship status as a condition of enrollment under formal Obama administration guidance issued Thursday [5/8/2014].  The directive to all public school districts, meant to ensure equal access to education for the nation's illegal immigrants, comes amid reports that some children have wrongfully been denied enrollment.

Obama Calls Surge of Children Across US Border 'Urgent Humanitarian Situation'.  President Obama today [6/2/2014] declared an "urgent humanitarian situation" along the southwest U.S. border after a sudden surge of hundreds of unaccompanied, undocumented children flowing into the country in the past month.  The declaration, made in a presidential memorandum, directs federal agencies to coordinate an emergency response to the situation and provide the children with medical care, housing and transportation.

The Editor says...
They are coming here for free "medical care, housing, transportation, and school lunches.  Don't give them free stuff, and they won't come streaming across the border.

U.S. Air Base Provides Comfort and Benefits for 1,000 Illegal Immigrants in Texas.  Since May 18, the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas has been home to 1,000 illegal immigrant children, according to a report by the San Antonio Express-News.  The decision to utilize the base comes as an overwhelming number of young people have been caught crossing the Mexican/U.S. border during recent months.  Children and teens brought to Lackland will be provided with education, foster care programs, and "behavioral treatment centers."  The projected cost of such programs, as well as the cost of the housing, has not been disclosed to U.S. taxpayers.

Witnessing surge of unaccompanied minors in McAllen, DHS chief declares emergency.  The Department of Homeland Security this week declared a crisis this week after the department's head visiting the Border Patrol station in McAllen, where he saw children packed inside the station.  A recent surge in unaccompanied youths, mostly from Central America, prompted Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to declare a "level-four condition of readiness" in the Rio Grande Valley, according to a report published Friday evening by The New York Times.

The Editor says...
This is a new twist on the old "anchor baby" technique:  Now the parents drop the kids on this side of the border, have them enroll in school, and then claim the breakup of the family is causing a hardship which only Big Government can remedy.

Feds Spent $26.2 Million On Medicare Advantage For Illegal Immigrants.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has improperly paid millions of dollars to Medicare Advantage organizations on behalf of illegal immigrants.  In a new report released Friday [4/25/2014], the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General (OIG) revealed that for calendar years 2010 through 2012, CMS provided $26.2 million in improper payments to Medicare Advantage organizations for 1,600 "unlawfully present beneficiaries" — or nearly $16,375 per illegal immigrant.

Obamacare Navigators Helping People Enroll At Mexican Consulates.  Health Care insurance navigator groups hosted an Obamacare enrollment fair on Tuesday [3/25/2014] in the Mexican Consulate's Brownsville office, The Rio Grande Guardian reported last Friday [3/21/2014], where Mexican nationals among others were counseled about enrolling in the ACA.  "The Mexican consulate is a very reliable source of information to the Latino community.  And therefore when they host their events, yesterday being the health fair, there are several hundred people that show up," [Enroll America Field Organizer Jose] Medrano said.  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), undocumented immigrants aren't supposed to be receiving government-run health benefits or subsidized coverage.

Can Rep. Joe Wilson be Vindicated Now?  Breitbart News recently reported that Mexican nationals and others were being enrolled at Mexican Consulates all over the United States.  This now brings into the question if Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) who exclaimed in the House Chamber, "you lie, to President Barack Obama during the 2009 State of the Union when Obama remarked the health care bill would only cover American citizens, was the one who actually told the truth.

Obama to Hispanics: We won't deport relatives because you enroll in ObamaCare.  President Obama on Tuesday [3/18/2014] sought to assure legal immigrants that they can sign up for ObamaCare without worrying that "the immigration people" will come for family members who are in the country illegally.  In an interview with Univision Deportes, a Spanish-language sports radio show, Obama said immigration officials won't have access to the personal information that consumers provide when signing up for healthcare on the new exchanges.

The Editor says...
I would advise against relying upon Mr. Obama's assurances about anything, since he habitually lies about everything, especially Obamacare.

The Inevitability of Obamacare for Illegal Aliens.  You knew it was coming.  I knew it was coming.  When government expands entitlements, illegal aliens always end up with a piece of the pie.  Obamacare promoters relented to GOP pressure to include an illegal alien ban on eligibility and vowed endlessly that no benefits would go to the "undocumented."  But denial isn't just a river in Egypt.  It's the Obama way.  In Oregon this week, officials confessed that nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants had been "accidentally" steered from the state's low-income Medicaid program and instead were enrolled in Obamacare in violation of the law.

Obama Promises Illegals: Obamacare Sign Up Info Won't Be Used for Deportation.  In a joint town hall with Telemundo and Univision, President Obama made a pledge that his administration will not use Obamacare sign up data to deport illegal aliens:  [Video clip]  "Will we hear from you a pledge, a personal promise, that the information provided in the registration process will not be used for deportation purposes in this country?"  "Absolutely," Obama said, putting his hand down for emphasis.  "It's true that the undocumented are not eligible [for Obamacare], that's how the law was written, but if you are a U.S. citizen or you have a legal presence in this country, you are eligible," he said.

Obama To Latino Families: 'You Are Punishing Yourselves' By Not Signing Up For Obamacare.  Issuing a last call for health care, President Barack Obama assured Latinos on Thursday [3/6/2014] that signing up for new insurance exchanges won't lead to deportation for any relatives in the U.S. illegally.

Report: 125,000 immigrants given deferred action eligible for Medi-Cal.  A new report shows that as many as 125,000 young California immigrants may qualify for an expansion of Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program.  The Affordable Care Act bars insurance subsidies and enrollment in the Medicaid expansion for undocumented immigrants, but a wrinkle in California rules does offer coverage for those with "deferred action status."  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was created by President Obama in 2012 to grant immigrants who came to the country illegally as children — sometimes called Dreamers — legal status and work authorization for two-year periods.

Obamacare Recruiting Illegals in California.  In 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) apologized profusely to the White House for shouting, "You lie!" as President Barack Obama told Congress that Obamacare would not cover illegal immigrants.  Now it would appear that the White House owes Wilson an apology, as Covered California — the flagship of state Obamacare exchanges — is recruiting illegal ("undocumented") immigrants to sign up for the program, regardless of their eligibility.

If You Liked Health Reform, You'll Love Immigration Reform.  ObamaCare is already a fiscal nightmare for the country.  Now Democrats, and even some Republicans, want to expand it to ruinous levels by making 12 million illegals eligible for subsidies.

Omnibus Spending Bill Continues Funding Food Stamp Ads in Mexico.  The omnibus spending bill before Congress continues to fund U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) advertising programs for food stamps in foreign countries like Mexico, Breitbart News has learned. [...] The funding will continue despite claims in a document the House Appropriations Committee published that the bill contains a "prohibition" on such programs.

FL illegal on welfare for 20 years shows others how to milk [the] system.  Illegal immigrant Marita Nelson, 50, is a single mother of seven who collects $240 in food stamps, receives child support, and "government funded housing, medication and $700 a month in social security."  And she has been getting assistance for the last 20 years.  Twenty years.  Now Nelson wants others in her situation to know they can get the same help.  How she possibly collects social security isn't explained, but Harrigan reported on Florida's federal assistance recruiters who sign people — "clients" — up for "multiple federal aid programs at the same time."

No, Amnesty For Illegals Is Not Urgent, Mr. President.  Giving millions of illegals amnesty would flood the job market with competition for low-skilled jobs that those here legally, both immigrants and natives, could do.  Adding insult to injury, plenty of them would qualify for affirmative action preferences at the expense of the Americans whose livelihoods they are taking.  There are other costs, too.  Obama's immigration reform would entitle millions to welfare benefits.  A recent study by the Heritage Foundation found that providing amnesty for illegals would cost the U.S. roughly $108 billion a year as the welfare spigot is opened.  The average illegal immigrant household, if legalized, would consume $28,000 more in services annually per household than it pays in taxes — a huge amount when spread over 11 million people living here illegally.

Report: IRS sent $4.2 billion in checks to illegal immigrants in one year.  The scandal-plagued Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sent $4.2 billion in child tax-credit checks to illegal immigrants the year the agency began targeting conservative groups, according to a new report from Watchdog.Org.  The IRS sent illegal immigrant families $1,000 checks totaling $4.2 billion through the federal government's Additional Child Tax Credit program in the year 2010, when the agency's improper targeting of conservative and tea party groups began.

IRS pays illegal immigrants $4.2 billion while stalling Tea Parties.  While harrying and stalling Tea Party groups seeking nonprofit status, the Internal Revenue Service mailed $4.2 billion in child-credit checks to undocumented immigrants.  Critics say midlevel IRS bureaucrats continue to abuse the Additional Child Tax Credit program by dispensing $1,000 checks to families in this country illegally.

Obamacare's Latino Push May Give Democrats Political Edge.  The battle over Obamacare is taking on political importance as Democrats hope a successful roll-out among Hispanics will further bind those voters to the Democratic Party and undermine Republican efforts to build more support before the 2016 presidential election.

Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits.  A projected $650 million in welfare benefits will be distributed to illegal alien parents in 2013, county officials said Monday.  Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich announced the latest figures from the Department of Public Social Services, which showed more than $376 million in CalWORKs benefits and food stamps combined have been distributed through July to illegal alien parents for their native-born children.

Joining Forces to Kill Law Enforcement.  [Sheriff Joe] Arpaio states "If you cross the borders into Mexico illegally you will be jailed for up to two years.  But, if you cross the United States border illegally you could get:
A driver's license
Access to Social Security and Medicare
Access to Food stamps and Welfare
Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
Free education for your children
Free health care and Emergency Room visits

Sebelius: Pass Immigration Bill to Boost Obamacare Enrollment.  Asked Thursday [8/22/2013] if the Affordable Care Act will help "undocumented individuals," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said no — and that's why immigration reform is so important:  "Well, the (Obamacare) bill is crafted in such a way that those who are undocumented will not have access to the tax credits or shopping in the (health insurance) marketplace.  That has been limited, which is, frankly, why — another very keen reason why we need comprehensive immigration reform," Sebelius told a gathering of Latinos in Philadelphia.

HHS Official: Immigrants on Student Visas Will Be 'Eligible' for Obamacare Subsidies.  A Department of Health and Human Services official told the House Ways and Means Committee that immigrants living in the United States on temporary visas are eligible for federally subsidized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, "depending on their income."

SNAP Shot: Two Food Stamp Recipients Per Job Created.  SNAP, the U.S. food stamp program, has become a conduit for redistributing wealth and fundamentally transforming America, as welfare recipients now send food overseas and the White House markets to illegals.

Poll: 77 percent of Americans oppose Schumer-Rubio's welfare benefits for immigrants.  According to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, 77 percent of Americans oppose giving government benefits, like food stamps and Medicaid, to illegal immigrants before they become citizens.  Not only do 90 percent of Republicans oppose such a policy, but 65 percent of Democrats do as well.

Big Pill to Swallow: Taxpayers to Pay for Illegal Immigrants' Med School.  "The university's Stritch School of Medicine not only intends to waive legal residency as an admissions requirement for applicants but aims to offer a financing plan through a state agency."  Yes, that's right, not only is Loyola admitting illegal aliens to its medical school, it is also handing you, the Illinois taxpayer, the bill for their education.

Free food stamps, meds, housing, and retirement income — for illegals.  Illegal immigrant and mother of seven, Marita Nelson, receives $240 in food stamps, monthly medications, $700 in Social Security and a housing allowance.  She entered the US by swimming the Rio Grande and has been on government assistance for 20 years.  No doubt, an Obama supporter.  Now she's on a crusade to help other illegals sign up for their free stuff.

GOP Senator preserves loophole giving illegal immigrants immediate welfare access.  Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) backed down from a previous promise his spokeswoman made to Breitbart News that he would consider voting in favor of amendments to the Senate's immigration bill that would close a loophole allowing illegal immigrants immediate access to state and local welfare.  When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) actually offered an amendment that would close the loophole during Tuesday's Senate Judiciary Committee markup of the bill, Flake joined Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and all the committee Democrats in opposing the amendment.

Judicial Watch Uncovers USDA Records Sponsoring U.S. Food Stamp Program for Illegal Aliens.  The promotion of the food stamp program, now known as "SNAP" (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), includes a Spanish-language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA with a statement advising Mexicans in the U.S. that they do not need to declare their immigration status in order to receive financial assistance.  Emphasized in bold and underlined, the statement reads, "You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children."

States Work Behind Scenes to Give Illegal Aliens Benefits.  As the national debate over immigration reform gets more and more heated, some states are working behind the scenes to give illegal aliens benefits that are supposed to be banned under federal law.

Fleeing Communism only to find it in America.  [President Obama] apologized to Mexican college students for our sovereignty and thanked them for helping elect him President.  Should Mexico not apologize to us for their lack of social responsibility to their citizens?  Should Mexico not at least thank us for feeding, clothing, sheltering, educating, and treating medically for free millions of their citizens who sneak into our country illegally, becoming a burden to the U.S. taxpayers?

Child birth calls ring in from border.  San Diego Fire and Rescue crews were called to the San Ysidro border crossing for nearly 160 childbirth emergencies in 2012 — one almost every other day. [...] There are no statistics on how many of the moms being rushed by emergency crews to local hospitals are U.S. citizens, as federal laws prohibit emergency crews and hospital teams from asking.  Babies born under the circumstances are U.S. citizens as a birthright.

Come And Get It: USDA Pushes Food Stamps To Illegals.  Not content with having more Americans on food stamps than people in Spain, the Obama administration is ringing the dinner bell for illegal aliens.  We'll feed you and not check your status.

Food stamps for illegal aliens.  It has long been known that the USDA was producing Spanish-language advertisements for the food stamp program.  Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request to determine how closely this effort was coordinated with the Mexican government.

Case Worker: Illegal Aliens Got Food Stamps by the "Vanload".  For decades the U.S. government has knowingly given illegal immigrants food stamps, according to a former certification case worker who denounced the costly practice back in the 1980s but was essentially ordered to keep a lid on it.  The retired assistant case manager, Craig McNees, was in charge of vetting food-stamp applicants in north Florida and Indiana in the '80s and says the program was infested with fraud and corruption that was perpetually ignored by management.  "Illegals would come in by the vanload and we were told to give them their stuff," McNees said.  "Management knew very well they were illegal.  It was so rampant that some employees would tell their illegal relatives to come get food stamps."

Somewhat related:
Illegal Immigrants Try To Cash In On Tax Refund Fraud.  When a woman named Veronica tried to cash a federal income tax refund check for $8,113 April 5 at a Sampson County check-cashing business, instead of a handful of cash she was greeted by members of the Sampson County sheriff's office who suspected that her tax refund was the result of a fraudulent tax return.  Deputies were acting on a tip that the IRS had issued the check to Veronica, who had used a fictitious identity and reported fictitious earnings on her individual income tax return.  Carolina Journal independently confirmed that her refund claim was fraudulent.

Incenting [sic] another wave of illegal immigration.  It is true that net migration from Mexico fell to virtually nothing during the depths of the Great Recession.  That did not mean Mexicans stopped coming to the U.S., but rather that the number of Mexicans entering the U.S. and the number leaving were about the same. But in the last year or so, there have been signs of an increase, and now a new poll suggests many Mexicans would come to the U.S. if they had the chance.  And many of them would come illegally if necessary.

The Editor says...
I am unable to find the word incent in any of my many dictionaries.  An acceptable alternative would have been induce or attract.  Why can't professional writers confine themselves to valid words?

USDA Flyer: We Don't Check Immigration Status for Food Stamps.  A government watchdog group has discovered that the United States government is advising Spanish-speaking residents that they need not declare their immigration status to qualify for food stamps.

USDA invites illegal aliens to go on food stamps.  Call it whatever you want, but this flyer the Department of Agriculture is planning to circulate in the Hispanic community proudly boasts that you don't have to declare your "immigration status" to get food stamps.

Amnesty as a 'Civil Right'.  [Eric] Holder stated in remarks in an April 24 speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund MALDEF) Awards Gala that "creating a mechanism for [illegal aliens] to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows... is a matter of civil and human rights."  Let's just tear down the fence and hand out EBT cards at the border, and bring the American experiment to an end.

The Editor says...
We could tear down the fence along the border if the government would cut off welfare benefits, social security, SCHIP, food stamps, birthright citizenship, "anchor baby" motivators and all other benefits to illegal aliens.  Lazy people are lazy wherever they live.  After removing the incentives and actually enforcing the border, illegal immigration would not be worth the risk.

USDA to Ineligible Immigrants: We'll Still Give Your Kids Food Stamps.  Illegal immigrants can get food stamps on behalf of their eligible kids — without having to disclose their immigration status, according to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch.  The food-stamps offer is spelled out in a Spanish language flyer provided by the United States Department of Agriculture to the Mexican Embassy.  Judicial Watch said the flyer proves that the USDA is making "no effort to restrict aid to, identify, or apprehend illegal immigrants who may be on the food stamp rolls."

Immigration Reform Becomes A Welfare Welcome Wagon.  The nation's dysfunctional immigration laws need reforming.  But the Senate bill unveiled last week would explode the number of people on food stamps and ObamaCare.  Shockingly, the bill also would put left-wing community organizations in charge of educating immigrants about citizenship — a blatant attempt to herd future voters into the Democratic Party.  Sens. John McCain and Marco Rubio, two Republicans pressing for passage, haven't mentioned these shenanigans.  Have they even read the bill?

USDA/Mexico Spanish-language flyer: Get kids on food stamps without showing documents.  A USDA Spanish language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy, according to Judicial Watch, reads that if potentially ineligible immigrants want to obtain benefits for their children they "need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children."

USDA Sponsoring U.S. Food Stamp Program for Illegal Aliens.  Judicial Watch today [4/25/2013] released documents detailing how the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is working with the Mexican government to promote participation by illegal aliens in the U.S. food stamp program.  The promotion of the food stamp program, now known as "SNAP" (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), includes a Spanish-language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA with a statement advising Mexicans in the U.S. that they do not need to declare their immigration status in order to receive financial assistance.  Emphasized in bold and underlined, the statement reads, "You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children."

Magnet on! Amnesty border rush starts.  Advocates of immigration amnesty would now like to deny the obvious:  that even talk of amnesty is a powerful magnet for more illegal border-crossing.

Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare.  Census Bureau data reveals that most U.S. families headed by illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare programs on behalf of their American-born anchor babies. [...] Basically, the majority of households across the country benefitting from publicly-funded welfare programs are headed by immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children.  The findings show that more than half of immigrant-headed households with children use at least one major welfare program, compared to about one-third of native-headed households.  The primary reason immigrant households with children tend to have higher overall rates is their much higher use of food assistance programs and Medicaid; use of cash assistance and housing programs tends to be very similar to native households.

Thank you very mooch, NYC!  For out-of-towners seeking "four-star" accommodations here, there's The Waldorf, The Pierre, The Plaza  — and the city's homeless shelters.  "People pay $3,000 for an apartment here, and I get to live here for free!" said Michal Jablonowski, 25, who moved back to the city from his native Poland three years ago and is now staying in a Bowery shelter.  "I have food.  I have health care.  It's great," Jablonowski said.  "Here, the city supports you.  The city helps you with everything."

Food Stamps for Mexican Illegals Survive Obama Sequester.  It's unlikely these illegal grifters are "unaware" of all the goodies they get for sneaking into the country.  Why else would they come?

Succinct headline supplied by WZ.
Senate Dems Vote To Provide Obamacare To Illegal Aliens.  The Senate's bipartisan immigration working group split along party lines during a contentious budget vote to prevent illegal immigrants who receive legal status from receiving federal health benefits.  The Senate early Saturday morning [3/23/2013] defeated the amendment to the budget resolution which would have put the Senate on record as opposing access to health care under Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act for undocumented immigrants who get a green card.

Dems preserve US-Mexico food stamp 'partnership,' while USDA prepares for meat inspector furloughs.  It's hard to put a firm price on the cost of the partnership, which was launched under the George W. Bush administration.  But an aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who has railed against the partnership for months, said it could easily be in the millions.  Since 2004, the program has blossomed to include dozens of meetings and conferences and health fairs with Mexican officials — all of which cost money, not to mention the cost to the food stamp program of new enrollees brought in as a result of this partnership.

Where Does the Money Go? [Scroll down]  The State Department has now confirmed, as the tireless Jeff Sessions points out, that in 2011 a mere .0033% of visa applications were denied on "public charge" grounds.  This wouldn't be so bad if it meant that we are admitting a high caliber of immigrants who aren't going on welfare.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Currently, 36% of immigrant-headed households receive benefits from at least one major welfare program.  And many illegal immigrants, too, receive federal welfare benefits.  In fact, as we have noted repeatedly, the Obama administration recruits illegals to sign up for the food stamp program.

Food Stamps: Policy or Political Payoff.  The [food stamp] program was intended to be supplemental; not a replacement for a family's entire food budget.  It follows that an increasing number of families might have difficulty putting food on the table.  A closer look at the situation, however, raises some concerns.  The first is that people are not necessarily "turning to" food stamps, as much as they are being recruited to receive them.  Since 2008, the USDA has produced Spanish language radio advertisements about SNAP, with the expressed goal of increasing the number of Spanish speaking individuals receiving food stamps.

How Democrats Sponsored Illegal Immigration.  That 11 million illegal immigrants are present in the U.S. is taken as proof that the system doesn't work.  The immigration system is broken, we are told, and in need of reform.  But the truth is, those 11 million illegal immigrants did not enter through the system, they violated U.S. law when they bypassed standard immigration procedures.  It's important to note that they were not encouraged by business to cross the border; they were aggressively supported by government officials.

USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don't worry, food stamps won't affect citizenship chances.  The United States Department of Agriculture has been working to dispel immigrants' concerns that getting on Food Stamps will harm their chances of becoming U.S. citizens.  The USDA addresses those fears in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamp, brochures it distributes to Mexican consulates as part of its "partnership" with the Mexican government "to help educate eligible Mexican nationals living in the United States about available nutrition assistance."

Why Are We Bribing Welfare Recipients to Come to the US?  For more than a century, the law has been that any application for a visa to enter the United States must be denied if the applicant is likely to become a "public charge" on the American people.  ("An alien who ... is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.")  Yet the Obama administration has not only ignored this aspect of our immigration laws, it has actively recruited immigrants who have no means of support, deliberately enticing them with offers of generous welfare benefits.  Of all of the many scandals of the scandal-ridden Obama administration, this particular lawlessness is, in my opinion, one of the worst.

Living on the minimum wage in the U.S. is considerably more comfortable than life in Mexico or Central America, but some percentage of the people who immigrate to the U.S. are not interested in working.  They're only coming here for a free ride.

DHS admits it does not track immigrants who become welfare dependent, pursued zero cases last year.  In a response letter to four top Republican lawmakers, the Department of Homeland Security revealed it initiated only one case against an immigrant for becoming a "public charge," or being primarily dependent upon the government, in fiscal year 2012.  The case was later withdrawn.

DHS revamping immigrant welcome materials, set to include Obamacare.  The welcome materials the federal government directs new immigrants to read — which detail, among other facets of American life, how and where to get government benefits — are in the process of getting a bit of a makeover to increase accessibility for newcomers.  The WelcometoUSA.gov website, which bills itself as "the U.S. Government's official web portal for new immigrants," maintained by the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), will soon feature information about President Barack Obama's signature health care legislation, USCIS spokesman Chris Bentley told The Daily Caller.

Immigration reform could boost cost of Obamacare by hundreds of billions.  Immigration reform could represent a massive expansion of Obamacare, potentially costing hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade.  As the Washington Post's Sarah Kliff details, legalizing immigrants who are currently in the country illegally could make millions of them eligible for Obamacare.

HHS says it ditched 'exchanges' because word doesn't translate into Spanish.  The Obama administration has stopped using the term "exchanges" to describe part of the healthcare law because the word doesn't translate into Spanish, an official said Thursday [1/31/2013].  Anton Gunn, director of External Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said the rebranding of the insurance exchanges as "marketplaces" was geared toward Spanish speakers who will use the system.

A path to citizenship would establish a path to welfare benefits.  In 2007, welfare expert Robert Rector estimated that the McCain-Kennedy amnesty proposal would cost roughly $2.6 trillion due to the eligibility of illegal aliens turned citizens for transfer payments.  As Daniel Horowitz points out, the price tag on the Gang of Eight proposal is even steeper due to the easing of welfare reform requirements and the significant eligibility expansions brought about by President Obama.

'Outrage' over fed EBT push for aliens.  Local lawmakers are fuming over an Obama administration policy promoting welfare and EBT benefits for immigrants, with a "welcome" package and promotional website that encourage new arrivals to take advantage of the nation's generous government largesse.

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to cash welfare checks..."  Federal law prohibits the admission of aliens to this country who are "likely at any time to become a public charge."  This is one of many statutes that the scofflaw Obama administration brazenly flouts.  Rather than ensuring that immigrants will not become liabilities to the public purse, the Obama administration explicitly lures them to the U.S. with promises of lavish welfare benefits — a policy that is both illegal and perverse.

U.S., Mexico Conspire to Get Mexicans in U.S. on Food Stamps.  As part of an effort to encourage Mexicans living in the United States to enroll in the federal food stamp program, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees have met with Mexican officials over 150 times in the last eight years, the Daily Caller reports.  The result:  an enormous increase in the number of noncitizens participating in the program and a concomitant rise in federal spending and debt.

Obama Policy Encouraging Immigrants to Go on Public Dole.  FrontPage Magazine has acquired evidence that suggests that the Obama administration is actively promoting a little-known regulation first created by the Clinton administration.  In so doing, the Obama administration is actively recruiting immigrants and encouraging them to sign up for things like food stamps, reminding that under this obscure regulation they suffer no marks against them in any future immigration proceeding if they receive food stamps and other non-cash benefits.

U.S., Mexico Conspire to Get Mexicans in U.S. on Food Stamps.  As part of an effort to encourage Mexicans living in the United States to enroll in the federal food stamp program, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees have met with Mexican officials over 150 times in the last eight years, the Daily Caller reports.  The result:  an enormous increase in the number of noncitizens participating in the program and a concomitant rise in federal spending and debt.

US importing welfare cases?  The Department of Homeland Security missed their second deadline to explain the apparent dilution of immigration law barring those seeking entry to the United States from becoming "primarily dependent on the government for subsistence," or a so-called public charge, to four GOP senators on Monday [10/1/2012]. [...] An applicant's participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or food stamps, housing benefits, energy assistance, child care services, Medicaid and a slew of other programs are all inadmissible, according to current immigration policy, when considering an individual's application for citizenship, visa or a status adjustment.

Obama USDA met 30 times with Mexican gov't to promote food-stamp use among Mexican immigrants.  Department of Agriculture personnel in the Obama administration have met with Mexican Government officials dozens of times since the president took office to promote nutrition assistance programs — notably food stamps — among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

Arizona taxpayers pay for 53% of births.  Arizona taxpayers foot the bill for the delivery of more than half of all babies born here, a growing trend with a $200 million-plus annual price tag that has caught state leaders off guard — even though the numbers have been rising for more than a decade.

58% Think Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration.  Most voters continue to believe the federal government encourages rather than discourages illegal immigration.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 58% of Likely U.S. Voters think the policies and practices of the federal government encourage illegal immigration.  Just 24% disagree, while 18% more are undecided.

The Obama Administration Pays Illegal Aliens to Come Here.  A basic premise of immigration law is that immigrants to the U.S. are expected to be self-supporting.  We obviously don't want to attract people who have no intention of working, but simply want to benefit from our generous welfare system. [...] But, as in so many other instances, President Obama has simply changed the law by executive fiat.  In this case the administration acted quietly, so that it took quite a while before others understood how badly Obama had subverted the immigration laws.

Slow path to progress for U.S. immigrants.  The study, based on 2010 and 2011 census data, found that 43 percent of immigrants who have been in the U.S. at least 20 years were using welfare benefits, a rate that is nearly twice as high as native-born Americans and nearly 50 percent higher than recent immigrants.  The report was released at a time when both major presidential candidates have backed policies that would make it easier to immigrate legally and would boost the numbers of people coming to the U.S.

Federal government's open-door immigration policy on welfare under fire.  The federal government allows immigrants to enjoy America's vast welfare safety net, from food stamps to housing benefits and Medicaid, and remain immune from repercussions to their immigration status.  And on Monday [8/6/2012], ranking Republican members of the Senate Finance, Agriculture, Budget, and Judiciary Committees wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanding to know why.  Immigration regulations prohibit individuals "likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence" from legal admittance into the United States.  But non-citizens can avail themselves of dozens of welfare programs without the federal government considering them a dependency risk.

USDA meets with Mexico, 'slow-walking' Congress on food stamp outreach to immigrants.  While it is already known that personnel from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) met with Mexican embassy officials this year to discuss nutrition assistance outreach efforts to immigrants, the agency is "slow-walking" a U.S. Senate effort to obtain information about the USDA's partnership with Mexico to get more people enrolled in nutrition assistance programs.  According to both the USDA and the Mexican embassy, USDA personnel meet "periodically" with officials from the Mexican embassy to discuss nutrition "assistance and education" pertaining to 15 domestic nutrition assistance programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps.

USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation.  The Mexican government has been working with the United States Department of Agriculture to increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps.  USDA has an agreement with Mexico to promote American food assistance programs, including food stamps, among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

Sessions: USDA gets secretive about Mexican food stamp partnership.  Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said that the United States Department of Agriculture rejected his request for documents pertaining to its collaboration with the Mexican government to increase the number of Mexican nationals receiving food stamps.  "USDA rebuffed initial requests from my staff to hand over basic documents concerning the Administration's partnership with Mexico to implement this program," Sessions said in a statement this afternoon [7/19/2012].  "I have now laid out in a letter precisely what information USDA needs to turn over.  It should be provided at once."

Fat And Furious: Obama Pushes Food Stamps In Mexico.  As if being "food stamp president" weren't enough, Barack Obama's administration is partnering with the Mexican government to make sure Mexican nationals living in the U.S. don't miss out.

Food Stamp Nation goes bilingual.  A couple of weeks ago, we learned that the United States Department of Agriculture was encouraging local offices to hold "food stamp parties," to recruit more dependents for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which is looking increasingly less "supplemental."  These parties would include games designed to teach people how they can get onto the food stamp program.  Now Caroline May of the Daily Caller reports that Food Stamp Nation has gone bilingual in a big way.  The USDA is "targeting Spanish speakers with radio novelas promoting food stamp usage."

The Food Stamp Program Rewards Households with Illegal Aliens.  [Scroll down]  Such households have a mix of illegals (often parents) and citizens (usually kids); only the citizens are nominally eligible for the benefits of the program, but if groceries purchased by Food Stamps are on the dining room table, the common-sense assumption is that all members of the family will benefit from it.  Yes, all else being equal, a low-income household with one or more illegal aliens in it, is more likely to get Food Stamps than a household with similar income with all members being legally present.  In another, related scenario both families are eligible, both have equal incomes, but the one with an illegal alien member seems to get a larger allotment.

Illegals Ripping Off U.S. Taxpayers.  The Internal Revenue Code provides for an "additional child tax credit" of up to $1,000 to help working families who have children living at home.  It requires that each child live at home for at least six months out of the year.  But several years ago illegal immigrants discovered a loophole that allows them to claim as many children as they want — including nieces and nephews — even if they have never stepped foot on American soil.  Illegals must pay taxes but they can't obtain a Social Security number.  And so to remedy the situation, President Bill Clinton signed into law a solution:  Illegals can receive a nine-digit individual taxpayer number — an ITIN — which allows their employers to withhold payroll taxes.

County food stamp program comes under scrutiny.  Caroll Wood said she wants to see a better explanation provided in the county's monthly Food and Nutrition Service report on how food stamp benefits are distributed through illegal immigrants.  Wood serves on the county DSS Board.  She met with her fellow board members on Tuesday [7/26/2011] and questioned why non-qualified alien heads of households were included in the monthly food stamp recipient household report.  From April through June, 874 illegal immigrants who are heads of households in Alamance County received food stamp electronic benefit transfer cards monthly.

Obama's Brand of 'Greatness' for America.  Apparently America is at the pinnacle of its greatness, because we are giving it all away.  According to this report, 50% of Americans are receiving entitlements, and more shocking is this report that shows that as many as 62% of illegal immigrants are receiving them.

Importing Poverty:  My colleague Steve Camarota has published a look at welfare use by immigrant families with children, and it's pretty dire.  Fifty-seven percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal and illegal) with children (under 18) used at least one welfare program, compared to 39 percent for native households with children (which is alarmingly high in itself).  The highest rates are for families headed by an immigrant from the Dominican Republic (82 percent using welfare) and Mexico and Guatemala (75 percent).  The states with the highest rates are Arizona, Texas, California, and New York (61-62 percent) — which, unfortunately, are also the top states of immigrant settlement.  For immigrant households with four or more children, 81 percent are using welfare, as are 80 percent of households with children that are headed by an immigrant without a high school degree.

If America Were a Free Country, Immigration Would Not Be a Problem.  A century of progressive legislation culminating in the money-hemorrhaging Obama administration has resulted in a system of taxation by which approximately half of Americans pay no Federal income tax, and 40 percent actually receive payments from their fellow citizens via the IRS.  With this being the case, the majority of new immigrants from poor countries fall into the category that pays nothing and receives benefits that taxpayers are forced to provide.

The Remains of a California Day.  [Scroll down]  At noon, I drove into the local warehouse supermarket.  When I checked out (and I had written about such incidents like this a near decade ago in Mexifornia), the checker and the woman behind me were trying to communicate in Spanish to instruct a young man and his wife (with four small children) about how to use his food stamp card (an anachronism since they look more like ATM plastic).

Immigration vs. gate-crashing.  For most of our history, there was a guarantee that immigrants would come here to work.  The alternative was starvation.  With today's welfare state, there's no such guarantee.  People can come here, not work and not starve because the welfare state guarantees that they can live off the rest of us.

Prove You're Here Legally Before Getting Gov't Services, Voters Say.  Most voters in the United States want stricter enforcement of immigration laws, and a vast majority say people should be required to prove they are in the country legally before receiving any federal, state or local services, according to a new poll.

"Anchors" away.  Any child born in the United States automatically becomes a U.S. citizen.  He or she is instantly eligible for panoply of social services, food stamps and other forms of aid.  When the child reaches the age of 21, he can petition to have his parents and siblings declared permanent residents.  The so-called "anchor baby" phenomenon is a hidden trap door beneath any guest worker program, because a significant number of guest workers will have babies while in the United States and will thus elude any effort to send them home.

Just Shut Up, Go Home, and Take Your Kid with You.  You would have thought the United States had committed some unforgivable crime against humanity if you listened to the howls of rage emitting from a horde of liberals whining over the fate of an illegal alien who played them for suckers.  Her name is Elvira Arellano and whatever else she may be, she's a master propagandist….

Free School for Illegals:  Time for a Supreme Court Review?  [Scroll down]  Chief Justice Burger, with Justices Rehnquist, White, and O'Connor, responded with a vigorous dissent:  "[i]llegal aliens have no right whatever to be here, and the state may reasonably, and constitutionally, elect not to provide them with governmental services at the expense of those who are lawfully in the state"; "the constitution does not provide a cure for every social ill, nor does it vest judges with a mandate to try to remedy every social problem."

Welfare to kids of illegals at $276 million.  Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich said Tuesday [4/25/2006] that he will tell Congress that close to 100,000 children of illegal immigrants in the county collect $276 million in annual welfare benefits. … Antonovich said 98,703 children of 57,458 undocumented parents received Cal-WORKS welfare checks in January, or a total of 156,161 recipients.

Welfare Is the Real Problem, Not Immigration.  The idea of people sneaking into the country in order to soak the American taxpayer provokes anger.  To be fair, though, native-born Americans are already soaking the American taxpayer and ought to provoke a similar anger.  In fact, illegal immigrants account for only a tiny minority of those currently on the welfare rolls.  Those who run the gauntlet of fences, guards, and environmental hardships to illegally enter the United States evince a measure of enterprise that would seem to make them unlikely to seek out welfare benefits.  An illegal immigrant arriving in America is more apt to avoid contact with government authorities than to try to scam the system.

Immigration and the Welfare State:  More and more of my constituents are asking me when Congress will address the problem of illegal immigration.  The public correctly perceives that neither political party has the courage to do what is necessary to prevent further erosion of both our border security and our national identity.  As a result, immigration may be the sleeper issue that decides the 2008 presidential election. … Amnesty for illegal immigrants is not the answer.  Millions of people who broke the law by entering, staying, and working in our country illegally should not be rewarded with a visa.  Why should lawbreakers obtain a free pass, while those seeking to immigrate legally face years of paperwork and long waits for a visa?

Stop the Mexico Raid on Our Social Security!  RetireSafe Delivers 115,000 Petitions Opposing Social Security for Illegal Immigrants from Mexico.  "Social Security is not a welfare program and it should not be turned into a foreign aid program," said RetireSafe President Charles Hardin.

Immigration and the welfare state.  Over the past four decades the educational level of new immigrants has fallen steadily relative to that of native-born Americans …. Coupled with very high levels of out-of-wedlock birthrates (among foreign-born Hispanics, for example, the rate is 42.3%), the current illegal population fits the classic profile of a group that, if offered a ready route to citizenship, will consume billions more in welfare benefits than they will contribute in taxes.

Contrary To Amnesty Supporters, Illegal Aliens Drain Social Security.  A recent Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that voters remain concerned about Social Security and whether the system can deliver what the government has promised.  According to the survey, 58% of U.S. voters lack confidence that the Social Security system will pay them their future benefits.  Advocates for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants like to claim that amnesty will "save" Social Security.  They also claim that dramatically increased immigration levels will safeguard our retirements and those of our children because more people will pay into the system.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

70% in Massachusetts Favor Ban on Public Benefits For Illegal Immigrants.  Seventy percent (70%) of Massachusetts voters favor a proposal recently rejected by the state legislature that would stop illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits.  A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows that just 17% oppose the proposal to prevent illegal immigrants from gaining access to public housing, unemployment benefits, welfare or workers compensation.  Thirteen percent (13%) more are not sure.

L.A. County welfare to children of illegal immigrants grows.  Welfare payments to children of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles County increased in July to $52 million, prompting renewed calls from one county supervisor to rein in public benefits to such families.  The payments, made to illegal immigrants for their U.S. citizen children, included $30 million in food stamps and $22 million from the CalWorks welfare program, according to county figures released Friday by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

Bienvenido to Obamacare.  The Obama administration has unveiled its new Spanish-language website, Cuidadodesalud.gov, as a companion to HealthCare.gov, to fully inform Americans about the new goodies in the Obamacare legislation that the President signed into law in March.

Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare.  Surprise, surprise; Census Bureau data reveals that most U.S. families headed by illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare programs on behalf of their American-born anchor babies. ... Basically, the majority of households across the country benefitting from publicly-funded welfare programs are headed by immigrants, both legal and illegal.  States where immigrant households with children have the highest welfare use rates are Arizona (62%), Texas, California and New York with 61% each and Pennsylvania (59%).

Illegal Immigrant Additional Child Tax Credit Fraud.  Illegal Immigrants otherwise known as Undocumented Workers are using an IRS Tax Loophole to take advantage of the Additional Child Tax Credit to obtain tax refunds.  This tax fraud is currently costing U.S. Taxpayers about 4 Billion dollars a year.

Hispanics perpetuate their own stereotypes.
Forget Immigration — It's Big Government Hispanic Voters Want.  A mind-blowing 75 percent of Hispanics tell Pew they want bigger government with more services.  Contrast that with just 41 percent of the American public that says it wants bigger government with more services.  This Hispanic love affair with big government isn't a short-term result of the Great Recession.  It isn't a temporary product of the first-generation poverty; immigrants, legal or otherwise, have always struggled through in America.  This affection for big government is uniquely cultural for Hispanics, and so strongly embedded that it apparently persists for generations.

Leftists are using the Cloward-Piven strategy to bring down the country

Left-wing politicians are signing up and habituating as many people as possible, as explained on page one of this series.

Democrats Using Cloward-Piven as their Midterm Hail Mary Pass.  The [Cloward-Piven] strategy uses community organizers to mobilize welfare recipients.  Then, "As the crisis develops, it will be important to use the mass media to inform the broader liberal community about the inefficiencies and injustices of welfare." [...] In addition to expanding the welfare rolls internally, another way to overwhelm the system is to import more welfare recipients with the goal of overwhelming the system.  This occurs via immigration, both legal and illegal.  Think of what the current migrant caravan means in terms of Cloward-Piven.  Thousands of poor, unskilled migrants entering the US. They need health care, education, housing, food, clothing, and other basic needs which all cost money.  Who pays for this?  The migrants arrive with the clothes on their back, not with job offers from Fortune 500 companies and guaranteed self-sufficiency.  Trump has other plans.  Common sense rather than chaos and doing what's best for America and her citizens, rather than virtue signaling to the world.

Cloward-Piven Everywhere.  The Obama administration-driven calamity at this nation's southern border is no naiveté-caused accident.  Instead, it's the latest manifestation of what clear-eyed observers must recognize is just one of many concerted attempts to overwhelm this nation's institutions and its social, psychological and physical infrastructure for the apparent purpose of leaving it permanently weakened and fundamentally changed.  Conscious or not — and I would argue in most cases that it is quite conscious — what we're seeing is a comprehensive application of the left's long-championed Cloward-Piven strategy.

Barack H. Obama is using the Cloward-Piven strategy.
Perry accuses Obama administration of fueling 'surge' in illegal immigrant children.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry is accusing the Obama administration of "perpetuating" a recent "surge" in illegal immigrant children who are crossing into the U.S. from Mexico and Central America without their parents and often falling straight into government care.  In a letter obtained by Fox News, Perry wrote to President Obama on Friday [5/4/2012] citing stats that show more than 5,200 "unaccompanied minors" were taken into U.S. custody in the first six months of the fiscal year — a more than 90 percent increase compared with the same period a year ago.

The federal government is doing everything it can to get more people on food stamps a/k/a/ SNAP.
Farmers markets getting money to take food stamps.  The federal government is spending $4 million to help hook up farmers and low-income customers.

The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar.  Barack Obama's big government policies continue to fail.  He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry.  The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration.  Yesterday's terrible job numbers should not be a surprise because it all goes back to our debt.  Our dangerously unsustainable debt is wiping out our jobs, crippling our economic growth, and jeopardizing our position in the global economy as the leader of the free world.

Holder's Justice Department bullying banks.  A cadre of racialists bent on achieving social justice via reparations from banks to minority communities has been installed by Eric Holder in the Department of Justice.  They are using legal bullying tactics to intimidate banks into once again loaning mortgage money to people who have no ability to pay it back.  Banks have even been forced to post signs in the facilities informing customers that welfare payments can count as income to apply to mortgage applications.

Holder Launches Witch Hunt Against Biased Banks.  In what could be a repeat of the easy-lending cycle that led to the housing crisis, the Justice Department has asked several banks to relax their mortgage underwriting standards and approve loans for minorities with poor credit as part of a new crackdown on alleged discrimination, according to court documents reviewed by IBD.  Prosecutions have already generated more than $20 million in loan set-asides and other subsidies from banks that have settled out of court rather than battle the federal government and risk being branded racist.  An additional 60 banks are under investigation, a DOJ spokeswoman says.

Honk if I'm paying your mortgage

Creating Poverty Through 'Social Justice'.  In the story about social justice not working in San Francisco, we witness the creation of special interest groups, via legislation and regulation, which are literally inserted into the free market process to create wealth for entities that would otherwise not be needed in the free market Capitalist economic system.  By virtue of San Francisco's social justice legislation and regulation, wealth has been extracted from the taxpayers, unnecessarily, via the process of government procurement, to reward the unproductive.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, wealth redistribution fashioned for the Capitalist economic system.  It's here and it is happening... right now.

The fight is not over.  America was at its zenith in 1958 — universally recognized to be at the height of its power, the peak of its creativity, and the most affluent it would ever become.  You might well think, as many did at the time, that America was safe from any threat, foreign or domestic.  It seemed like a perfect time to "spread the wealth around," and over the next decade that's just what happened.  The invention of the Welfare State didn't begin with LBJ's "Great Society," but it certainly became an inseparable element of public policy at that time, first with Medicare and then with more and more taxpayer-funded entitlement programs.

Barack Obama: Welfare King.  ObamaCare is supposed to help about 32 million uninsured Americans get health coverage.  Half of those will get it through Medicaid, a means-tested entitlement program.  Folks, Medicaid is welfare.  Democrats want to put 16 million more Americans on the welfare rolls through Medicaid — and they think that's a good thing!

You can put a tuxedo on a pig, but it's still a pig.
Food stamp program gets a new name: CalFresh.  California's food stamp program has a new name, which officials hope will encourage more people to apply for the nutrition benefit:  CalFresh.  The new name and logo — an abstract representation of the diverse produce available in California — was launched Saturday [10/23/2010] at an event in Long Beach sponsored by first lady Maria Shriver to provide free medical, financial and educational services to low-income women.

Number of Americans Paid Not to Work Growing Faster than Number of Taxpayers.  The federal government announced the new, official unemployment rate this week:  8.1 percent, down from 8.2 percent.  Far fewer jobs were added in April than expected — 115,000 — so the official rate declined slightly because more people stopped looking for work.  The workforce participation rate is now at its lowest rate in 30 years, with 63.6 percent of adults who could work actually working.

How to Keep the Poor Poor.  Media personality Tavis Smiley and Princeton philosophy professor Cornell West have just published their latest contribution to American poverty propaganda, "The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto." [...] Smiley and West's message is simple.  America today consists of a few powerful, rapacious rich people and a lot of unfortunate, exploited poor people.  The rich are rich because they are lucky.  The poor are poor because they are unlucky.  And the only way to solve the problem is activist government to manage the American economy and redistribute wealth.

Yippee! Free government money! Come and get it!  As you prepare to send in your income taxes on April 15 — for many taxpayers the amount involved is more than they spend on food and housing combined — remember that other people get paid money when they file taxes, because their incomes are lower than yours.  The desperation to spend as much money as possible on taking money from taxpayers and giving it to other people who didn't earn it and who don't pay income taxes is offensive to everyone who works hard, succeeds, and as a result has a bulls eye painted on their pocketbooks.

The Poverty of Equality.  The goal of a [society] should not and cannot be to make people equal in outcomes, an impossibility given the individual attributes with which we were each endowed by our creator.  It is the opposite of justice and fairness to try to equalize outcomes based on those attributes.  It is not fair to the beautiful to force them to wear ugly masks.  It is not fair to the strong to punish them by holding them down with excess weights.  It is not fair to the graceful and athletic to deprive them of their talents.  In the same way, it is not fair to the productive, the risk taking, or the hard working, to deprive them of what they have produced, merely to make them equal to others who have worked less, taken less risk, and produced less.

Pelosi: Food Stamp President 'Badge Of Honor'.  Speaking at Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi addressed recent comments by Newt Ginginch referring to Obama as the "Food Stamp President" because more Americans have fallen into poverty and had to seek government assistance.  According to Ms. Pelosi, this was a "Badge of Honor".

State Gets $5 Mil Bonus For Food Stamp Sign Up.  In its quest to promote taxpayer-funded entitlement programs, the Obama Administration has actually rewarded one state with a $5 million bonus for its efficiency in adding food-stamp recipients to already bulging rolls.  It's part of the administration's campaign to eradicate "food insecure households" by improving access and increasing participation in the government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Obama's 'Hate the Rich' Campaign.  It angers me that Obama and his minions in the liberal media have put achievers, risk-takers, on the defensive.  It angers me that Obama's followers think that they are entitled to the fruit of someone else's labor.  Americans are extremely generous and willing to help people in need, domestic and foreign.  But no one is entitled to share in the bounty resulting from someone's risk, blood, sweat, and tears.  Any government which confiscates and redistributes wealth is immoral and evil.

Where your taxes all go.  If you think the federal taxes you pay go to the run the federal government, think again.  This year, every dime (and more) that the feds collect is going out in payments to other people.  That is, Washington is redistributing even more wealth than it takes in.

The Folly of Subsidizing Unemployment.  The economic "recovery" has been disappointing, to put it mildly, and it has become increasingly clear that the blame lies with the policies of the Obama administration, not with those of its predecessor.  In general, the current administration has been too focused on expanding government, redistributing more from rich to poor, and stimulating aggregate demand.

With schools closed, different lunchrooms open.  Every school day, about 2.3 million low-income Texas children eat subsidized meals, but the numbers drop dramatically in the summer.  This time of year, hundreds of thousands of youngsters statewide go hungry or survive on food that's not necessarily nutritious, officials say.  But while fewer children nationwide received summer meals in July 2009 than in the previous July, the figure increased by 5 percent in Texas.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy comes to the lunchroom:
Federal government eying free lunches for all students in high-poverty areas.  The federal government could soon be paying for lunch for entire communities of children under a new plan in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Christina A. Samuels of Education Week reports that the Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act of 2010 would allow schools in high-poverty areas to be covered under a "community eligibility" option that allows free meals to all students without the traditional paperwork to determine eligibility.

Why Cloward-Piven Will Eat Itself.  [Scroll down]  This cycle continues until all meaningful revenues dry up and the system essentially chokes on its own largesse and dies.  Then, Cloward and Piven would have us believe, a new, bigger government/bureaucracy/candy store of others' labors will arise to make sure everything is fair for everyone forever.  This leaves unresolved the question:  Now that the government is broke and the productive sector is broke and/or gone, who's going to finance this?  No one.  We have just entered a state of sociopolitical and economic upheaval.

Why 70 Million Americans Don't Pay Uncle Sam a Dime.  While you struggle to meet your deadline, consider that although the law requires you to file a tax return, more than 70 million of your fellow filers will not owe a single penny to Uncle Sam.  As the latest news from the non-partisan Tax Policy Center shows, a record 47 percent of tax filers will have no federal income tax liability this year.

Redistributing Our Earnings To Freeloaders.  Income tax day, April 15, now divides Americans into two almost equal classes:  those who pay for the services provided by government and the freeloaders.  The percentage of Americans who will pay no federal income taxes at all for 2009 has risen to 47%.  That isn't the worst of it.  The bottom 40% not only pay no income tax, but also the government sends them cash or benefits financed by the taxes dutifully paid by those who do pay income tax.

Trickle Down Poverty.  Instead of approaching the economy in a way that opens a door through which the poor can use their God-given talents to better their circumstances, Obama plans a state-run economy that will result in trickle down poverty.  And for all his talk about "spreading the wealth around," our president is really poised to spread dependence on a discombobulated bureaucracy.

Obama the Racist?  The first black president's policies marginalize blacks.  It is the cruelest sort of racism, as it robs blacks of hope instead of inspiring it.  Blacks were left with the hope that Obama would redistribute money from creators of wealth to those who would gladly take something for nothing.  The president, voted for by overwhelming numbers of blacks and guilty whites, has likely been the most destructive force in racial politics since his fellow racist Democrat Bull Connor.  And what Obama seeks for blacks — socialism, or the leveling of the playing field — has not benefited blacks anywhere on the planet.

Freedom or slavery?  You make the call.  Health-care reform?  Let's call it what it is — theft.  Or if you prefer, "redistribution of wealth."  The problem is, no matter what you call it, too many Americans are in favor of requisitioning money from other Americans to pay for the health care of strangers.  And they don't care if it is legal or not.  That's because most Americans have not bothered to educate themselves about the principles on which our country was founded, nor about the rocks on which it will founder if it abandons those principles.

Spreading the Wealth.  When Barack Obama said he wanted to "spread the wealth around," he meant it.  A new study from Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation estimates that Obama's policies would spend $10.3 trillion on welfare programs over the next decade.

ACORN Scandal Has Deep Roots.  ACORN is wedded to stale thinking that all too often makes people dependent, crushes responsibility, creativity and our very natures.  And the Obama administration only plans to continue to increase welfare spending, ensuring that the system that gave birth to ACORN and its inexcusable conduct will continue to thrive.

Healthcare Crusaders Out To Plunder System.  The number of uninsured people is grossly misleading.  Just because you are uninsured doesn't mean you have no access to medical care.  And just because you are insured under universal systems doesn't mean you will receive care.  If you don't think the administration is parlaying the crisis angle, then you must have missed the feigned urgency in Obama's declarations that "reform" must be completed this year.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2022 by Andrew K. Dart

Negative income taxes
People who pay less than nothing

60 percent of Americans pay less than zero income tax.
'The rich' don't just pay their 'fair share,' they pay almost everybody's share.  [Scroll down]  Some additional analysis and commentary will be provided here that reveal a yet-to-be discussed major implication of the CBO report almost the entire burden:  a) of all transfer payments made to American households and b) of all non-financed government spending, falls on just one group of Americans — the top one-fifth of US households by income.  That's correct, the CBO study shows that the bottom three income quintiles representing 60% of US households are "net recipients" (they receive more in transfer payments than they pay in federal taxes), the second-highest income quintile pays just slightly more in federal taxes ($14,800) than it receives in government transfer payments ($14,100), while the top 20% of American "net payer" households finance 100% of the transfer payments to the bottom 60%, as well as almost 100% of the tax revenue collected to run the federal government.

Reaganomics Vs. Obamanomics.  Newt Gingrich's Contract with America adopted a child tax credit of $500 per child that reduced the tax liabilities of lower income people by a higher percentage than for higher income people.  President Bush doubled that credit to $1,000 per child, and made it refundable so that low-income people who do not even pay $1,000 in federal income taxes could still get the full credit.

Middle Class — Not the Rich or the Poor — Pay Majority of Federal Taxes.  Middle-class Americans — not the rich or the poor — pay the majority of annual tax revenues taken in by the federal government, according to data released in a new Congressional Budget Office study.  Households earning less than $34,300 per year, meanwhile, actually pay a negative average federal income tax rate.

This next one is a broken link, but I'm trying to track it down somewhere else.
Evaluating the Incentives to Stay in the Welfare System:  A family with $12,600 in earnings before taxes pays $1,251 in taxes but gets back an EITC of $2,247 for a total of $13,596.

IRS Gives Billions in Tax Refunds to Illegals.  Here's how it works.  Illegal immigrants cannot qualify for legitimate Social Security numbers, which would entitle them to work legally in the U.S. and file income tax returns, but the Internal Revenue Service allows them to apply for nine-digit individual taxpayer identification numbers, or ITINs, which also are used to file federal income tax returns.  In addition, a provision in the tax code permits illegals to claim "additional child tax credits," which grant families $1,000 per "dependent" child.  Roughly three-quarters of tax returns filed by illegals include these ACTCs.  With the ITIN, illegals are able to get tax credits and refunds for nephews, nieces and other family members who never have touched U.S. soil.

Investors Flee From 'Change' Obama Hypes.  Are Barack Obama's proposed tax increases adversely affecting our financial markets?  We say yes, unambiguously.  [...] With the bottom 40% of income earners not paying any federal income taxes, such tax credits would not reduce any tax liability for these workers.  Instead, since they're refundable, they would involve new checks from the federal government.  These are not tax cuts as Obama is promising.  They are new government spending programs buried in the tax code and estimated to cost $1.3 trillion over 10 years.

Obama tax cut 'refunds' those who don't pay.  To pay for his middle-class tax cuts, Mr. Obama would raise the top marginal tax rate on Americans earning more than $250,000 to 35 percent from 30.6 percent.  According to the IRS, the top 5 percent of all income earners in 2004 paid 57.13 percent of all income taxes.

Obama's Tax Cut is Actually a Spending Increase, Says Non-Partisan Group.  The heart of Obama's tax cut proposal is in his use of refundable tax credits, which the [Tax Policy] Center describes as "credits available to eligible households even if they have no income tax liability" — in short, refunds available even to those who don't pay taxes. ... These refunds have the ability of reducing a taxpayer's liability below zero, meaning they can get a refund without actually paying taxes.

Obama's 95% Illusion.  Once upon a time we called this "welfare," or in George McGovern's 1972 campaign a "Demogrant."  Mr. Obama's genius is to call it a tax cut.  The Tax Foundation estimates that under the Obama plan 63 million Americans, or 44% of all tax filers, would have no income tax liability and most of those would get a check from the IRS each year.

Searching for Obama's 95 Percent.  If Barack Obama can effectively claim that his plan cuts taxes on 95 percent of Americans, then the term "tax cut" has no meaning.

The Case Against Barack Obama, Part 1.  Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama promises to "cut taxes for 95 percent of American workers."  That's not possible.  Why?  More than 30 percent pay nothing in federal income taxes.

IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants.  IRS supervisors ignored employees who tried to warn agency higher-ups of fraud in a program designed to collect taxes from immigrants, resulting in the agency paying out potentially bogus refunds.  The Treasury inspector general for tax administration said the IRS even eliminated some methods employees had used to figure out questionable refund requests, and that the agency doesn't have the ability to verify applicants' identity or foreign status.  Investigators "found an environment which discourages employees from detecting fraudulent applications," said J. Russell George, the inspector general.

Among the Tax-takers.  I worked for the IRS and survived.  I learned about taxpayers, but the really interesting part of it was learning about tax-takers.  We all have this vague notion of people who don't pay taxes but receive money from Uncle Sam in what euphemistically is called a tax refund.  That's what I had, a vague notion, until I was forced to close my business in 2010.  I took a seasonal job with the Internal Revenue Service to get some household cash flow going.  We "Timmy Geithner warriors" were appalled by what we learned.

IRS pays $513 Million In Bogus Credits Under Stimulus.  Weeks after a government audit revealed that the Internal Revenue Service doled out $33 million in fraudulent electric-car tax credits, a separate probe says the agency paid out over half a billion dollars to "homebuyers" who didn't qualify.  It's simply the latest of many blunders for the perpetually troubled government agency that's awarded prison inmates tens of millions of dollars in bogus tax refunds in the past decade.  Last year alone, more than a quarter of a million prisoners filed tax returns with the IRS and nearly 50,000 claimed more than $130 million in refunds without bothering to report wage information, according to the Treasury Inspector General.

IRS fraudulent refunds total an estimated $318M.  Internal Revenue Service gave away $318 million in improper refunds this year because a computer program that screens tax returns for fraud wasn't working, according to a report released Friday [9/1/2006].

Against the Negative Income Tax.  The NIT, in plain English, is a government-guaranteed minimum level of income.  Sorman makes the classic argument that the biggest advantage of the NIT is that it would eliminate almost the entire welfare bureaucracy, and the tangle of often counter-productive programs that go with it.  He dismisses the obvious commonsense objection — that the prospect of a lifetime income for doing nothing might discourage people from slapping the top of the alarm clock every weekday morning at 6 a.m. and going to work [...]

Negative Income Tax.  The negative income tax proposals inspired several comprehensive federal plans proposed during the 1970s:  President Nixon's Family Assistance Plan, Senator George McGovern's Universal Demogrant Proposal, and President Carter's Program for Better Jobs and Income.  Programs to supplement the income of the working poor through the tax system (for example, the Earned Income Tax Credit) are a more recent version of the approach.

The Negative Income Tax: A Different Kind of Welfare.  A negative income tax is a viable alternative to the current welfare programs.  It allows people earning below a certain amount of income to receive supplemental pay from the government instead of paying taxes to the government.  It would be used in conjunction with our current progressive income tax system, and it is important to note that the negative income tax only works if we eliminate all of the existing welfare programs.  The negative income tax system is designed to be a one-stop-shop for welfare-esque benefits.

Refundable Credits and Negative Income Tax Rates.  The Congressional Budget Office now estimates that because of the large amount of refundable tax credits, the bottom 40% of households now have negative effective rates.  Remarkably, the effective tax rate for the middle fifth of households is nearing zero because of the recent expansion of tax credits.

Socialized Medicine with a Candy Coating

SCHIP blends right in to the topic of government handouts, because it illustrates how incremental changes only go in one direction — making the government bigger, more expensive and more intrusive.  How does that happen?  Because supposedly good ideas are usually introduced as something that will benefit "America's children."  After all, what kind of heartless politician could vote against the children?  In a way, this also illustrates how people make decisions based on emotion instead of rational thinking.

How Congress Made CHIP a Budgetary Boondoggle.  It's getting harder and harder not to think of the nation's signature health insurance program for children who aren't quite poor enough to qualify for Medicaid as a "slush fund" to tap for other congressional priorities.  Lawmakers are on the verge of wringing another $7.7 billion in budgetary savings out of the Children's Health Insurance Program to finance the discretionary portion of the Department of Health and Human Services' fiscal 2019 budget, among other expenses in the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations conference report.  That would bring the CHIP offsets tally to $58.3 billion since the GOP House takeover after the 2010 midterms, according to a review of Labor-HHS-Education spending laws over the past nine years.

New Study Reveals GRAVE Consequences of ObamaCare.  As liberals tell us, over 20 million people were insured thanks to ObamaCare.  When President Trump repealed ObamaCare's individual mandate (the penalty on people who don't purchase insurance), it wasn't uncommon to see fear-mongering that 20 million people were about to be kicked off their insurance plans.  In reality, 14.5 million of the 20 million people who gained insurance through ObamaCare were added to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  In other words, by just expanding coverage from existing government healthcare programs.  Trump did nothing to change this, but it is worth noting that according to a new study, it's still hardly an ideal way of ensuring Americans.

74,531,002 Enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP.  As of April, there were 74,531,002 people enrolled in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program as of April, according to the latest data released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  That is up 16,705,235 in the 49 states that reported their Medicaid/CHIP enrollment numbers for both the July-to-September period of 2013 (the last quarter before the Obamacare exchanges opened) and this April.  The 74,531,002 enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP as of April includes the numbers for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

71,777,758 Enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP; Up 14,478,342 Since Obamacare Exchanges Opened; 1 for Every 2 Americans With a Job.  As of the end of 2015, there were 71,777,758 individual in the United States enrolled in Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), according to data published by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The 71,777,758 people enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP as of December, according to CMS, was an increase of 14,478,342 from the average monthly enrollment of 56,274,369 in the period of July through September 2013, just before the "State-Based Marketplaces" opened in October 2013 under the terms of the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).  That means overall Medicaid and CHIP enrollment has increased 25.7 percent since the Obamacare marketplaces opened.

SCHIP Is for Children in Name Only.  The [SCHIP] program has strayed far from its original mission.  A study by Jonathan Gruber of MIT confirmed that six of every 10 people covered by SCHIP expansions already had private coverage.  What this means is SCHIP is extending coverage to previously insured children.  It is crowding out private insurance coverage.  Further scrutiny reveals that SCHIP has also strayed from its mission of targeting the needy.

Obama Administration Sinking Millions Into Government-Run Health Care for Children.  While Democrats and Republicans disagree on establishing a government-run health insurance plan as part of health care reform, such programs already exist — and are thriving.  On Monday [2/22/2010], Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that 10 states will share $100 million in federal grants to improve health care quality and delivery systems for children enrolled in Medicaid and in the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Sinking SCHIP:  A First Step toward Stopping the Growth of Government Health Programs.  SCHIP and its larger sibling Medicaid currently enroll many people who do not need government assistance, including some families of four earning up to $72,000 per year.  That is a direct result of federal funding rules that reward states for making more Americans dependent on government for their health care.

State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).  The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) was created in 1997 as a supplement to Medicaid.  It was originally designed to serve as a "safety net" for children in families whose annual incomes exceed Medicaid limits but who cannot afford private health coverage.  The program has grown in scope since its inception, and today just over 10 percent of the 6 million enrollees nationwide are over the age of 18.

Does SCHIP Work?  Pres. Barack Obama proclaimed in his inaugural address, "The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works."  If he was serious, he should veto the $115 billion expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program that is soon to reach his desk — and insist that Congress eliminate the program entirely.

Obama and the Liberal Freeloader Culture.  Liberals have made freeloading into a way of life — even for the well to do.  There's the well-to-do woman who cadges free meds from a physician relative.  There's the well-to-do woman who's signed up for her state's basic health plan.  There's 2007's S-CHIP poster child whose parents can afford late-model cars and private school tuition but not health insurance.

Subsidized Health Care:  a view from the exam room.  When serving in the Rural Health Center in my community, my colleagues and I offered free or discounted care for a large number of patients.  Many were covered by Medi-Cal or one of dozens of state programs paid for by the taxpayers of California.  The following items were commonly seen on patients or carried by their dependent children, who were also covered by subsidized programs:
 •  Cell phones and "BlackBerry" PDAs, including just-released models with a price tag of $400, plus an ongoing monthly service fee of $65-$150
 •  iPods and portable DVD players
 •  GameBoys and handheld electronic games
 •  Artificial fingernails requiring maintenance every two weeks...
 •  Elaborate braided hair weaves, $300 per session plus frequent maintenance
 •  Custom-designed body art...

The Latest Entitlement:  The House made its first down payment on President Obama's health-care plans last week, passing 289-139 a major expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.  The Senate is scheduled to take it up soon and pass it easily as well.  These days tens of billions in new spending is a mere pittance, but Schip is also the Democratic model for a quantum jump in government health care down the line.

SCHIP Expansion Amounts to 'Socialized Medicine' Senate Republicans Say.  Senate Republicans say expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) amounts to an attempt by congressional Democrats to socialize the nation's health-care system.

Senators Approve Health Bill for Children.  The Senate passed a bill on Thursday [1/29/2009] to provide health insurance to more than four million uninsured children, as a newly empowered Democratic majority brushed aside Republican objections.  The vote was 66 to 32, with nine Republicans joining Democrats to support the bill.

Obama breaks five-day pledge.  President Barack Obama kept one campaign pledge Wednesday afternoon and at the same time violated another when he signed into law the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which extends health care coverage to 11 million low-income children.  The White House views the SCHIP legislation as a down payment on Obama's pledge to provide universal health care by the end of his first term.

Obama's First Tax Hike.  President Obama approved his first tax hike today [2/4/2009].  The bill he signed to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program contains a provision to increase taxes on tobacco by a whopping 155 percent.  That means the federal taxes on cigarettes have gone up an additional 61 cents a pack.  This brings federal taxes on a pack of cigarettes to $1 per pack total.

Our Spendthrift States Don't Need a Bailout.  Last year at this time, many governors and state legislators were imploring Congress to let them spend more money by expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program.  Since the states share the cost of the program with Washington, the expansion would have allowed them to cover families with incomes up to 300% of the poverty level (more in some cases).  It also would have meant hundreds of millions in additional state spending, and an estimated $24 billion in additional federal spending.  President Bush vetoed the bill.  Today, governors and state legislators are singing a different tune.

The SCHIP to Socialized Medicine.  The debate on Congressional reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is colored by popular myths.  The worst of the myths may be the notion that the CHIP debate in Washington is about insurance.  But it is actually about expanding a welfare program.

Socialized Medicine for 'Kids'.  Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller's version would triple SCHIP's current five-year cost of $25 billion to a level of $75 billion.  That would grant federal largesse to more than just poor "kids" (as politicians endearingly call children).  An estimated 71 percent of all American children in families of four making as much as $82,000 a year would become eligible, with states also continuing present coverage of adults under SCHIP.

Child's Play.  In truth, I do love kids.  But it's the "the" in The Children that's the problem.  It transforms children into a principle for which any violation of limited government is justified. … The idea was as simple as it was brilliant:  By making The Children the beneficiaries of welfare rather than the adults, the left could portray any attempt to curb the welfare state as "anti-child."

SCHIP Expansion:  Socialized Medicine on the Installment Plan.  The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) was created by Congress and President Bill Clinton as part of Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  SCHIP was intended to give $24 billion in federal matching funds over ten years to state governments for the provision of health insurance to about 5 million uninsured children.  Eligibility was supposed to be restricted to children whose parents earned too much to qualify for Medicaid, but less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.  Like most government programs, SCHIP soon exceeded its intent.

SCHIP of State:  The battle over the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP, is a perfect first example of how Democrats intend to play their spending fights this fall.  They're demanding at least $30 billion more than Mr. Bush's own generous $5 billion SCHIP increase.  Any congressional Republican who votes against this hike will be accused of leaving "poor kids" to suffer without health care.  The goal here, as it will be in all the big money fights to come — appropriations bills, a farm bill — will be to make it too politically hot for Republicans to stand by their spending principle.

SCHIP Expansion Uses Smoke Screen.  SCHIP expansion is known by Washington insiders as a blatant effort to incrementally introduce Hillary Care.  Its strategic success is founded on the deceptive argument that "it's for the kids and tobacco will pay for it."

SCHIP off the Old Block.  The new House bill's "pregnant woman" rule seeks to deny the existence of the child in utero while still covering the adolescent mother.  This is a calculated move to open the door to federal taxpayer-funded abortions.  In the 17 states that now fund elective abortions (14 of them are forced to do so by court order) this coverage could be used as a license to kill.

The 'S' in S-CHIP is for 'socialist'.  There can be no better contemporary example of the creeping crud of socialism than the congressional exploits surrounding reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.  But it's refreshing to see President Bush has drawn such a deep line in the sand.  Whether it's a Maginot line, however, remains to be seen.

Sinking SCHIP:  A First Step toward Stopping the Growth of Government Health Programs.  Federal lawmakers are considering legislation that could result in millions more middle income families obtaining health insurance from government.  Unfortunately, the debate over expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program is divorced from the reality of who truly needs assistance and the forces that are making health insurance increasingly unaffordable.  SCHIP and its larger sibling Medicaid currently enroll many people who do not need government assistance, including some families of four earning up to $72,000 per year.

SCHIP's Perverse Incentives:  Picking the worst government program would be a huge challenge, but picking the worst funding system is much easier.  Programs involving joint federal-state funding contain built-in incentives to expand the size of government because politicians at either level can buy more votes by expanding the program, knowing that they only have to pay (depending on the formula) a share of the cost.  In other words, lawmakers can promise $1 worth of goodies for, say, 50 cents.  This is one of the reasons why Medicaid is a fiscal disaster.

Sink this SCHIP.  SCHIP is senseless.  Like its much larger sibling, Medicaid, the program forces taxpayers to send their money to Washington so that Congress can send it back to state governments with strings attached.  Both programs force taxpayers to subsidize people who don't need help, discourage low-income families from climbing the economic ladder — and make private insurance more expensive for everyone else.

Jindal Care.  "I say this with good conscience:  every year we don't do anything about the uninsured, we end up, by default, moving closer to a single-payer system," Louisiana Secretary of Health and Hospitals Alan Levine warned TAS in an interview.  "Because every year, more people get enrolled in Medicare, more people get enrolled in Medicaid, and more people get enrolled in SCHIP... that by itself is having a death spiral effect on private insurance."  And a single-payer system, he added, "would be a disaster."

Eligibility in New Jersey for 'poor' program includes families of 4 making $72,000.  President George W. Bush dismissed an agreement reached yesterday [9/21/2007] by congressional leaders to expand the government's children's health insurance program and said he will veto the measure.  "Members of Congress are risking health coverage for poor children purely to make a political point," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

Veto May Spur House Struggle Over CHIP Bill.  Democrats said they plan to pressure House Republicans to support the bill and hope to vote on overriding the president's veto in mid-October.  For some Republicans, it is a dicey political move to vote against a popular spending program and side with an unpopular president.

Abandon SCHIP:  Big Government Returns.  In just ten short years SCHIP has gone from being a program for struggling families to a permanent middle class entitlement.  The alternative — a reform of private insurance to expand coverage for all Americans — has gained little attention during the debate.

The cold cackle of opportunism:  Legislation like this makes nearly everybody feel warm and fuzzy, like a supper of beef stew and cornbread on a cold winter's night.  Who wants the little children to be sick?  And if the government pays for it — the health insurance, not the beef stew and cornbread — it doesn't cost anybody anything.  The voters get "free" insurance, the congressmen get free protection against losing an election.  It's win-win all around.

The SCHIP Hits the Fan.  Hillary Clinton, now seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has put forth a vision of health care for all the uninsured which would be funded by increasing federal income taxes, raising tobacco taxes and raising capital gains taxes.  This would assure a universal health care system, she contends, and move us in the direction of socialized medicine (a term she has been careful not to use).

Why do you hate children so much?!  [SCHIP is] bad policy for a myriad of reasons — it doesn't prioritize truly poor children; "children's insurance" actually covers adults; you can make $80,000 dollars a year in some cases and still qualify for it; it will incentivize people to get off of employer insurance rolls and have taxpayers foot the bill; it's funding mechanism — a cigarette tax — is effectively a tax on the poor; the way the proposed program's "funding cliff" is set up will encourage expansion of the program in five years time; it's a step in the direction of socialized medicine;….

Schip Howlers:  After President Bush vetoed Congress's major expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, Nancy Pelosi declared:  "President Bush used his cruel veto pen to say, 'I forbid 10 million children from getting the health benefits they deserve.'"  As far as political self-parody goes, that one ought to enter the record books.  It's wrong on the facts, for one, which Speaker Pelosi knows.

Let SCHIPs Chart Their Own Course.  The Framers would have insisted on nothing less, as reflected in the Constitution's Health Care Clause.  Oh, wait.  The Constitution has no Health Care Clause.  Nor does it include any other provision that authorizes Congress to spend taxpayers' money on health insurance for the children of the working poor, the grandparents of the middle class, the nephews of the super-rich, or the kin of any other socioeconomic group.  Still, Bartlett and Bush deserve some credit for resisting the expansion of a highly popular program that never should have been created to begin with, especially since they knew they'd be accused of being stingy child haters.

Sinking SCHIP:  A Defining Moment.  The left-wing elite is in high dudgeon over conservatives who have dared to question the wisdom of extending the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to middle-class families, adults and even illegal aliens to the tune of $35 billion — funding dependent on saddling millions of smokers with regressive taxes and maintaining their nicotine addictions.

The Democrats' SCHIP Runs Aground.  After smearing a compassionate conservative in their attempt to override President Bush's veto of an overloaded SCHIP bill, Democrats promise to try again.  Maybe next time they will tell the truth.

Beating Back S-CHIP:  Government policies have made enough of a mess of health care that even middle-class families can have trouble finding affordable health insurance.  But the S-CHIP expansion is a perverse solution to this problem.  Its design guarantees that it will transfer money from poor states to rich ones, and from poor people to middle-class ones.  It will lead to worse health care for some children.  It will reduce social mobility by creating a poverty trap (wherein getting raises leads to a loss of benefits and thus of total income).

Attack on President Bush Continues Past SCHIP Veto Override Vote.  Democratic Rep. Pete Stark launched a shocking one-man assault on the Bush administration Thursday [10/18/2007], interrupting floor debate before a failed attempt to override President Bush's veto of the so-called SCHIP bill to suggest that U.S. troops in Iraq are getting their heads "blown off for the president's amusement."  The vote to override the veto of the State Children's Health Insurance Program bill failed, 273-156, 14 votes shy of the number necessary.

Cigar Tax Up 6,000% to Pay for SCHIP.  The increase in federal tobacco taxes that congressional Democrats are proposing to fund their new healthcare initiative is being praised by anti-smoking advocates as an effective way to discourage tobacco sales. … The tax hikes would include raising the federal cigarette tax from 39 cents to one dollar.  Additionally, the tax cap on cigars would be raised from five cents to three dollars, a 6,000 percent increase.

The children's crusade — for socialized medicine.  The children's health program is the occasion of the biggest domestic-policy dust-up of Bush's presidency.  Bush vetoed the Democratic re-authorization of the bill as too profligate.  The House upheld his veto, but not without Democrats gleefully portraying the president as an enemy of children's health.

Bush says time wasted on SCHIP.  President Bush said yesterday [10/26/2007] that congressional Democrats are "wasting time"passing legislation to expand children's health coverage that they know he will veto, and he also said lawmakers are dragging their feet on a slew of other bills and one key nomination.  "This is not what congressional leaders promised when they took control of Congress earlier this year," the president said.

A Moral Case Against SCHIP Expansion:  When it comes to SCHIP, even some on the right have lost their moral compass — having fallen victim, perhaps, to the notion that if it involves "the children" then they should abandon both principle and common sense.  But with the left's attempt to expand medical entitlement benefits to the middle class, this is no time for compromise.  For even compromise will work toward their ultimate goal of incrementally socializing healthcare.

If Congress Truly Wants to Help Children:  There has been a whole lot of hoopla over the past few weeks with the Democrats' latest attempt at foisting an expanded socialist encroachment upon the American electorate (SCHIP), via the really-getting-old-now, "It's-for-the-Children," ploy.  Nancy and Hillary both need to re-read their worn copies of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  That ruthless revolutionary knew that once the folks see through your tactic, it becomes not only tiresome, but downright irritating.

SCHIP's Path for Illegal Immigrants:  [Scroll down] Across the table sit two dozen House Republicans who have indicated a willingness to "negotiate" over such issues as whether a program designed to deliver health coverage to children in families slightly above the poverty level should cover adults, children from middle-class families earning more than $62,000, and illegal immigrants. Yes, illegal immigrants.  This last issue promises to be the most difficult one to resolve.

Bush Sinks SCHIP Again.  Saying that the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) bill that came to his desk on Wednesday [12/12/2007] was identical to the bill he vetoed in October, President George W. Bush again vetoed a measure that would extend and expand federal funding for the program.

How Can You Oppose Health Care for Children?  Congress has again passed an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), only to have it vetoed again.  That has given its backers yet another chance to proclaim how much they care for children and rehash attacks against President Bush, as when Lois Capps (D-CA) called it "denying vital healthcare to some of the most vulnerable in our society," and promise to try again next year.

SCHIP Expansion:  Robin Hood in Reverse.  The increase in federal spending on health insurance for kids will go largely to children who could have had private coverage anyway.  Yet under SCHIP, these children will have less access to care than they currently have.  Funding for this effort will come from people who have less income than the families who will benefit.

The President's Proposals for Medicaid and SCHIP:  One Step Forward, One Step Back.  Last year, the President took a prudent and fiscally conservative approach to reauthorizing SCHIP by proposing an increase of $5 billion over five years.  He now proposes spending four times that amount, recommending $20 billion over five years.  By 2013, spending on SCHIP would top $46.3 billion, almost doubling its current cost.  Moreover, the proposal would dedicate $50 million in FY 2009 and $100 million in each of the next four years for outreach.  The goal, as described by the Department of Health and Human Services, is to increase enrollment 3 percent by FY 2009 and 12 percent by FY 2012.
Emphasis added.

The Latest:
Hawaii ending universal child health care.  Hawaii is dropping the only state universal child health care program in the country just seven months after it launched.  Gov. Linda Lingle's administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program.  A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the subsidized plan.

Tragedy Averted.  Seven months.  That's all it took before Hawaii concluded that the only state universal child medical coverage program in the country is unsustainable.  Give officials credit for heading off a disaster.

What Do We Really Know About the Uninsured?  Next year, when Barack Obama becomes president, he will almost certainly move quickly toward some form of government-provided — and possibly government-mandated — health insurance.  A principal reason for this is the oft-cited figure of 46 million uninsured Americans.  But what does this number mean?  And do we really need to remake our entire health-care system to protect the uninsured?  Most people have an incomplete understanding of the uninsured population, which can lead to bad policy choices.

Other countries' experiences

Sweden chart
In One Chart, Everything You Need to Know about Big Government, the Welfare State, and Sweden's Economy.

Swiss voters reject 'money for nothing' universal income proposal.  Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that would have guaranteed everyone in the Alpine nation an unconditional basic income, according to projections published Sunday [6/5/2016] by public broadcaster SRF1.

Cloward-Piven Strategy Working Perfectly — in Europe.  The now-infamous "Cloward-Piven Strategy" outlined by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven in 1966 proposed a clear roadmap to socialism:  get so many people addicted to government entitlements that the economic system collapses, and in the resulting chaos the populace will demand and vote for a new economic system in which everyone is supported by the state.  Sounds logical (if nefarious), and President Obama seems hell-bent on bringing it to fruition in the United States. [...] The message is clear:  Once enough voters are on the dole, regardless of your party's ideology or what label it has, you will win elections if you promise to to keep the free money flowing.

The Utterly Horrifying English Welfare State.  I've occasionally commented on foolish public policy in the United Kingdom, including analysis on how the welfare state destroys lives and turns people into despicable moochers.  But if you really want to understand the horrifying absurdity of the welfare state, check out these passages from a report in the Daily Mail.

Unemployed man cuts off foot to continue claiming jobless benefits.  A scrounger who almost died after cutting his own foot off so he could stay on jobless benefits has been told he might still qualify for work despite his amputation.  Long term unemployed Hans Url, 56, had just been told his hand-outs would stop if he did not accept work found for him by job centre staff.

Welfare Reform R.I.P.  Even many liberals thought the 1996 reform ended the welfare debate forever. ... At issue was the idea of insisting that millions of people make a transition from the dole to the work force.  States were given much more power in running their federally-funded welfare programs, deadlines were imposed on individuals getting back to work, and a lifetime time limit of five years was set for family benefits.  Defenders of the status quo warned that more than a million additional children would be condemned to poverty.  But what really happened was a 65% drop in welfare caseloads, millions liberated from the government teat and returned to supporting themselves, and a model gratefully followed by other countries.

Welfare's Devastating Effects.  To most people, I imagine, welfare seems an obviously good thing.  But in fact the corrosive and iniquitous side of welfare has been evident for many decades.  It's only now that people are poking their heads out of the trench and daring to say so.  You can see the devastating effects of welfare in Britain, for example, in the exponential rise in single motherhood.  The figures are astonishing.  In the 1950s almost all children in Britain were brought up by their natural parents.  Today, only around half the children in Britain are brought up by their natural parents.  Half!

Miscellaneous news and commentary about homeless people

The Editor says...
I hope you will notice how much of this news comes from California, and in particular, San Francisco.

Seattle businesses [are] using concrete blocks to prevent homeless camps from forming.  Seattle residents and business owners are fed up with the homeless camps and RVs who set up along city streets and remain until the city gets around to moving them somewhere else.  So now they are fighting back by dropping 1-ton concrete blocks, called "eco" blocks along roadways.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams shares plan to house 3,000 illegal immigrants in hotels.  NYC Mayor Eric Adams mooted housing 3,000 illegal immigrants who've overwhelmed homeless shelters in hotels — and said he wants taxpayer cash from Joe Biden to do so.  During a press conference on Thursday, Adams told a room of reporters that in order to house those who cross the border illegally: 'If we have to get hotel rooms, we get hotel rooms.'  Adams also said 'our team has been in constant contact with the White House' and added that he wants the federal government to release funds in order 'to deal with this unprecedented surge' of migrants.

Major City Lets People Urinate, Defecate In Public — And Residents Aren't Happy.  Residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan, criticized city leaders Thursday during an appearance on Fox News after a vote to make "equitable changes" in city laws resulted in the decriminalization of littering and public defecation and urination.  City commissioners voted to change city ordinances that turned crimes like public defecation, public urination and littering from misdemeanors to civil infractionson Monday, Fox17Online reported.  Residents immediately protested the effects of the law change. [...] The Kalamazoo Downtown Project launched the ambassadors program to assist with cleaning, help tourists, connect the "street population" with resources and assist with events, according to an information packet.  "The part that really upsetting to us is people are approaching other people, people following some of our employees to their cars, asking them for money," Emery said, describing how in one case, a person threw rocks at cars when employees didn't give him money.  The Kalamazoo Mayor's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

This Is The Scene In The Philly Metro With Dozens Of Homeless Camping Out, Feces And Urine On The Floor.  The stench in the stairwell hits you before you even take your first step down to the metro at City Center, Philadelphia.  This disturbing video shot this week shows dozens of homeless camping out on the concourse with puddles of urine and piles of feces on the floor.  [Video clip]

Homeless bunker filled with $100K in stolen loot and guns found in San Jose.  California cops found an elaborate homeless bunker filled with more than $100,000 in stolen goods and guns.  San Jose police on Tuesday shared photos of some of the loot stashed in the underground encampment — including three shotguns and boxes of ammo.  The main bunker had wooden beams, walls and a ceiling, with electrical wires the force said appeared to be "plugged into somebody else's source."

Portland homeless break into vacant homes and police don't have resources to do anything about it.  Residents of one Portland neighborhood say as many as 16 people have broken into two vacant houses on their street and are coming in and out at all hours, piling up trash and leaving used needles in the grass. [...] Imagine having to work every day so you can pay the mortgage on your Portland home only to have a bunch of unemployed drug addicts break in next door and drive the value of your property down to nothing.  No one is going to want to buy these homes so long as the homeless are camped out next door.  But when the homeowners call police, they are told there aren't enough cops to deal with anything as low priority as squatters.

Neighbors say houseless people are breaking into vacant homes in Southeast Portland.  A line of RVs sat parked along Southeast 67th Avenue outside of two vacant homes late Thursday morning.  Neighbors say the area has become a magnet for members of Portland's houseless community taking advantage of the unoccupied properties.  "It's unbearable to watch your whole city become a dumpster fire," said Annette Benedetti, who lives nearby.  She described what it's been like since a group of about 16 houseless people moved into the neighborhood.

American decimation:  On the front lines of the tearing of our social fabric.  When the Hampton Battery was dedicated here in 1871 to a young Civil War soldier who lost his life protecting the Union at Chancellorsville, Virginia, the granite monument was a point of pride for residents of this neighborhood. [...] Today, the battery's founder, Capt. Robert B. Hampton, who was remembered by the men who served under him as a born commander with "the chivalric nature of an honorable gentleman," is now part of a different carnage in America as he stands watch over an open heroin market that has taken over the once grand park.  Residents say the Civil War statue is literally surrounded by drug dealers, buyers, and users around the clock.  They are getting more aggressive with panhandling, trespassing, and theft.  Just yards away, along the old Pennsylvania canal, a man walks down the street, carrying a brand new patio chair stolen from the porch of a nearby home, toward the new and growing homeless camp.  Last week, there were two tents or makeshift abodes.  Now, there are over a dozen.

Portland Maine increases taxes to help asylum seekers, homeless.  With inflation up more than 8 percent, Mainers are now paying record-high prices for food, gasoline, utilities and more.  Despite that, the Portland City Council approved a 4.8 percent property tax increase for the fiscal year starting in July.  "We realize that people are feeling it at the gas pump, at the grocery store," Portland Mayor Kate Snyder said.  "Inflation is real, and it's real here for the City of Portland, too, as we look to retain employees.  Costs of everything has gone up.  So, these are difficult times."  The city's new $269 million budget is up nearly 27 percent over last year, largely due to inflation and the cost of housing about 1,200 asylum-seekers and 500 people experiencing homelessness.

That's okay, the tourism industry was dead anyway.
NY hotels to be converted into housing for homeless.  New York has relied on hotels to temporarily house the homeless for years, but now underutilized hotel space will be converted into permanent housing under a new plan announced by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Tuesday.  Over the last several years, the homeless crisis in New York City has grown more visible and harder to manage.  The coronavirus pandemic shined a light on existing problems: a lack of affordable housing and continued reliance on hotels to temporarily house the homeless.  Robin, a homeless New Yorker PIX11 News met on the Bowery, is not a fan.  "The hotels, you had no services really, just basically food," Robin said.  "That's about it really.  And a place to sleep."

The Sovietization of American Life.  Everyone knows that the status of our homeless population in Los Angeles or San Francisco is medieval, dangerous, and unhealthy.  And everyone knows that any serious attempt to remedy the situation would cause one to be labeled an apostate, counterrevolutionary, and enemy of the people.

Bronx nonprofit head who stole from homeless New Yorkers gets 27 months prison time.  The head of one of New York City's largest homeless housing providers was sentenced Monday [5/23/2022] to 27 months in federal prison for pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for the city's neediest residents.  Bronx Parent Housing Network CEO Victor Rivera collected the cash through bribes and kickbacks on top of his $453,000 salary during a surge of homelessness between 2013 and 2020, authorities said.  The charity head handpicked and overpaid contractors at construction, security and real estate firms for projects at soup kitchens, shelters and affordable-housing facilities — in exchange for some of the city cash he used to pay them.

Apple spent millions to help homeless people it cleared off its property but it wasn't enough.  Apple spent million to help a tiny handful of homelessness people who'd set up a camp on their property.  In the end, despite all of the effort, most of those people have nowhere to go.  The story started last September with a lot of praise for the way Apple chose to handle the situation. [...] I don't think individual companies are responsible for the homeless people who decide to camp on their property without permission any more than I think they are responsible for dealing with people who break into their offices or factories.  But in this case, Apple obviously isn't a mom and pop outfit struggling to keep tents off the sidewalk.  As one of the most successful tech companies in the world, they have the resources to do more than the bare minimum. [...] Nine months later, the deadline for the transitional hotel rooms is running out and the majority of the people who were moved out of the camp last year still have no place to go.

Tennessee makes homeless camping a felony.  States around America, including some of the bluest, have recently taken steps to empty out entrenched homeless encampments on public lands.  Even San Francisco and Los Angeles have attempted to break up the makeshift communities where crime tends to flourish and people with drug and alcohol addiction problems congregate.  These efforts have not met with a great deal of success yet, but Tennessee has been taking a more confrontational approach this year.  Two recent laws, one passed in 2020 and another this year, will make it a felony punishable by up to six years in jail to camp out in parks and on other public lands without a permit.  This has both the homeless themselves and advocates working on solutions to the endemic homelessness problem concerned.

Los Angeles Firefighters In Hot Water After Beating The Snot Out Of Homeless Man Who Tries To Rob Them.  A shocking video showing local firefighters punching and kicking a person at Los Angeles City Fire Station 6 is going viral.  LAPD says that person was allegedly trying to break into the fire station, and station firefighters were forcibly removing that person from their property.  Multiple investigations are now underway.  L.A. Fire Department Station 6 on Virgil Avenue in Silver Lake, next to the 101 Freeway, is surrounded by homeless encampments, and according to LAPD, a man tried to break into the fire station Friday just before 2 p.m.  They say that firefighters assigned to the station literally kicked the man off their property.  Apparently this isn't the first time the fire station has had issues with this man.  [Video clip]

Put a Fork in Portland.  Portland use to be one of my favorite towns to visit.  It had fun bars and groovy thrift stores.  Now it looks like Detroit on a bender.  The difference between my hometown, the Motor City, and Portland is that Portland's death was intentional.  Whereas Detroit was murdered by a perfect storm of crotch-kicks from the auto industry and a racist, corrupt mayor, Portland was killed by its own citizens and the Democratic Party.  I should have seen what the future of Portland would look like.  The last time I was there was in 2010.  Everything seemed fine except for the huge homeless population.  Note to self:  when you have hundreds of drugged-out homeless people living wherever they want in a town, death is nigh.

You Pay Super-High Taxes.  You Deserve Nice Things.  Why Don't You Demand Them?  We Californians pay more for taxes than anyone else in America.  We have a nearly $100 billion surplus.  And yet we have the worst public services.  Just take crime and homelessness.  You can't walk safely through many neighborhoods in our largest cities.  Street addicts feel entitled to sleep, smoke meth, and terrorize passengers on mass transit and public parks.  And despite spending more on homelessness and mental health, per capita, than any other state, homelessness increased 31% in California and declined 18% in the rest of the U.S., over the last ten years.

HVAC Company Refuses to Take Downtown Jobs, Citing 'Needles, Human Feces, Vans Getting Broken Into'.  A Colorado heating and air conditioning company is now refusing to provide service to businesses in downtown Denver, Colorado, citing dangerous conditions in the area.  Tony Cirbo, operations manager for AC Mechanical and Engineering, explained why his business would no longer service the area in an interview with KCNC-TV.

Hennepin County, Minneapolis homeless shelters facing a $13-million-a-year fiscal cliff.  When COVID-19 hit, the U.S. government poured hundreds of millions in pandemic relief money into communities across the nation.  Hennepin County took the opportunity to jump-start a gradual overhaul of its homelessness services.  Overnight shelters transitioned to 24/7.  Some built out smaller-room sleeping arrangements with more privacy.  Fees were eliminated.  The low-barrier Avivo indoor tiny home village, which offers three meals a day and allows pets and substance use on site, opened in the North Loop.  Homeward Bound, a culturally specific shelter with trauma-informed services and 100% Native staff, opened in Ventura Village.  The county hired 26 case managers to transition people from the streets directly into housing without necessarily having to go through a shelter.

NYC to increase spending on beds for homeless by $171M per year, Mayor Adams says.  The city is boosting annual funding for beds for the homeless and other services, Mayor Adams announced Sunday [4/24/2022], weeks after launching a crackdown on homeless encampments.  The $171 million yearly investment will go in part toward 1,400 "Safe Haven" beds for homeless people, he said at a news conference at City Hall.  It will bring the total number of Safe Haven beds — located at smaller sites with fewer eligibility requirements than regular homeless shelters — to 4,000, Adams said.  "What we are announcing today is the largest investment in the city's history in support of vulnerable New Yorkers experiencing homelessness on our streets and subway," Adams said.

Covid-19 not behind spike of deaths among homeless in LA; cause likely to be found at border with Mexico.  A huge increase in drug overdoses, rather than COVID-19, reportedly constituted the primary cause of death among the burgeoning homeless population in Los Angeles County during the first year of the pandemic.  This is according to findings from L.A. County's own Department of Health.  Making matters worse, self-defeating lockdown policies under far-left Gov. Gavin Newsom may have interfered with potential treatment help for those on skid row, the report also reportedly implied.  "Nearly 2,000 homeless people died in Los Angeles County during the first year of the pandemic, an increase of 56% from the previous year, driven mainly by drug overdoses, authorities said, the Associated Press reported.  "Between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, the county recorded 1,988 deaths of homeless people, up from 1,271 deaths during the same period a year earlier, the report said."  Only 179 destitute persons died from the coronavirus in the year 2000.

The number of homeless people dying on the streets of LA is going up.  The NY Times published a story today [4/18/2022] about the rising number of homeless people who are dying on the streets.  In a county as large and populous as Los Angeles, there was an average of five deaths per day last year.  Some of this death toll is connected to the surge of fentanyl as a cheap street drug. [...] The death toll is particularly high in California where an estimated 4,800 homeless people died on the street last year.  Almost every conceivable cause of death is much more likely for people on the street.

NYC pols have let the mentally ill take over our streets.  The threat-laced ramblings of alleged subway shooter Frank James, now in custody, have a disturbingly familiar ring, don't they?  Sure, they're on YouTube — but bitter mumblings of the same sort are heard all day, every day in New York's increasingly untenable subway system.  So the question of the moment is this:  How long will the city accommodate — indeed, encourage — aggressive mental illness in its public spaces?  Will it ever push back?  How many shootings, how many slashings, how many fatal shovings and — disgustingly — how many demented excrement smearings will it take before the penny drops?  How many subway cars, train and bus terminals and public parks must fill to the brim with pitiful, helpless and obviously self-destructive people before New York's leaders have had enough?

'Magnets for crime': How one Seattle politician's views shifted on homeless encampments.  Recently the freshman Seattle City Councilmember Andrew Lewis was listening to a discussion on the extreme rise in gun violence in the city, and some simple questions were raised that he realized he didn't know concrete answers to.  Who's doing the shooting, and where?  So he asked police for some data on shots fired in the city, cross-referenced with other factors the cops knew about each incident.  The answers that came back have him saying some unusual-sounding things in progressive Seattle, that have some fellow council members "looking at me a little funny," he says.  Things like:  "It is blatantly evident that a significant amount of the city's crime and disorder is attributable to conditions in homeless encampments." [...] What Lewis found is that more than 18% of all shots-fired incidents in Seattle last year were associated with homelessness, according to police records.  This means that "the victim, or suspect, are experiencing homelessness, or the [shooting] occurred at/near a homeless encampment or RV," the police said.  These shootings were up 122% in 2021 versus 2020.

The Editor says...
People who live in the street have nothing to lose by moving to the nearest jail.  When incarceration is not a deterrent, crime will skyrocket.

Portland Has Now Devolved Into A Giant Homeless Encampment Taking Over Major Roads.  Video showing massive caravans of homeless people living inside their campers and tents at the side of major roads in Portland.  In February, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler banned people experiencing homelessness from camping next to freeways and along high-crash corridors.  New videos uploaded recently to social media however show massive encampments still up and running at the side of these busy roads.

Scourge of Gramercy Park:  Homeless man terrorizes NYC neighborhood.  An unhinged vagrant is making life miserable for merchants and residents in Manhattan's Gramercy Park neighborhood with his outrageous behavior — as Mayor Eric Adams was publicly confronted Tuesday [4/5/2022] by a homeless woman who demanded that he "do something" for people living on the streets.  The [New York] Post watched the Gramercy Park homeless man spend about 45 minutes Tuesday morning wandering the neighborhood, muttering to himself and waving his hands over his head in between getting barred from entering three businesses.  They included a Salvation Army thrift store on East 23rd Street, where the manager later explained why even the iconic Christian charity was turning its back on the obviously troubled soul.  "He has pooped outside the store," manager Angela Kelly said.  "I keep the peace by keeping him out of the store ... Something's clearly wrong with him."

A homeless man files suit over his accommodations.  Until recently, [James] Hellard lived on whatever streets he wished, irrespective of the effect his urban camping had on San Rafael, a city in Marin County, California.  Now, though, because the city worked with Caltrans (the California Department of Transportation) to make a more permanent encampment, complete with amenities, under a Highway overpass, he's suing both San Rafael and Caltrans for injuries suffered from noise and pollution. [...] Faced with this problem, rather than disincentivizing homelessness and returning to an earlier era of mental health institutes for people with intractable mental illness and substance abuse problems, Democrat-run cities have done their best to make street living more palatable... and it's still not enough.  We've created a generation of homeless people who feel that their rights transcend those of the people who make a city livable:  Workers and regular residents, including the families that have a true stake in a city's future.

NYU tour pelted with eggs as homeless continually harass groups in Greenwich Village.  Prospective New York University students and their parents are getting an unwelcome taste of the Big Apple's homeless crisis as they tour the college's Greenwich Village campus.  The student-led tour groups are being routinely harassed by begging vagrants — and even assaulted.  One group was pelted with eggs Monday afternoon [3/28/2022] standing outside the Goddard Hall dorm on Washington Square East.  A guide told The [New York] Post this week that he has been hassled for cash and grabbed by a vagrant demanding money.  In one shocking display in view of several tour groups, a homeless person laid down in the middle of West Fourth Street in what the guide said may have been a suicide attempt.  "Every single day something is happening," the guide said.  "Our duty is to sell the school, to showcase our campus and obviously being harassed is not something you want to deal with on a daily basis."

City clears out North Loop homeless encampment, cites safety.  The city of Minneapolis cleared out a homeless encampment in the North Loop neighborhood early Wednesday morning [3/16/2022], citing public and safety issues.  The city said one of the big issues is the homeless encampment was on private property and the people living there were asked to leave by the owner several times.  The city said those living at the homeless encampment were offered services and connected with outreach teams to help them find a new place to live.

With the November elections getting closer...
Liberal US cities change course, now clearing homeless camps.  Makeshift shelters abut busy roadways, tent cities line sidewalks, tarps cover broken-down cars, and sleeping bags are tucked in storefront doorways.  The reality of the homelessness crisis in Oregon's largest city can't be denied.  "I would be an idiot to sit here and tell you that things are better today than they were five years ago with regard to homelessness," Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said recently. [...] In Seattle, new Mayor Bruce Harrell ran on a platform that called for action on encampments, focusing on highly visible tent cities in his first few months in office.  Across from City Hall, two blocks worth of tents and belongings were removed Wednesday [3/9/2022].  The clearing marked the end of a two and a half week standoff between the mayor and activists who occupied the camp, working in shifts to keep homeless people from being moved.

You Think The Walking Dead Is Fiction?  Just Look At The NYC Subway.  This was the disturbing scene at 34th street A C E train station in New York City as several tweaking drug addicts froze in time in a zombie stance.  [Video clip]

Hundreds of people are living in NYC subway stations and tunnels, MTA says.  Some 350 homeless individuals were recently found living in encampments in subway stations and tunnels, transit officials said Thursday [2/24/2022].  The individuals were spread between 29 encampments in tunnels and 89 in stations, according to an MTA survey conducted on Feb. 2 and 3 as part of a "track trespass" task force formed in December to address an uptick in track intrusions.  Taskforce leader Jamie Torres-Springer said the tunnel encampments "directly lead to track trespassing incidents," which the MTA began tracking in detail in January.  MTA bean counters recorded 160 track intrusion incidents in the first month of record-keeping, 40 of which were attributed to mentally ill or emotionally disturbed individuals, Torres-Springer said.  Other incidents involved slip-and-falls, intoxication or suicide or attempted suicide, and four more involved shove assaults.

East Village tent man taps utility pole for heat as homelessness surges.  He might be penniless, but he's got the power.  The city has apparently turned a blind eye to a homeless man siphoning electricity from an East Village light pole for months to his new abode: a tent in Tompkins Square Park.  Abdur-Rashiyd "JK" Rivera, 54, has lived the past three chilly winter months in shocking conditions, staking his home down in the trash-strewn south side of the popular park.  But he's cozy enough, with a personal heater and lights by which to read his books — while city workers do little to stop him, all thanks to an East Seventh Street electrical pole and about 75 feet of orange extension cords.  The tent man said he's been approached some days by as many as four different city agencies, including the Department of Homeless Services, which boasts an annual budget of $2.1 billion.  "The only thing the homeless services do, they come here, they ask if you're alright and you say 'Yes' and they say, 'Do you want to go to a shelter?'  I say 'no' and they leave," Rivera said.  The city cannot legally force people into shelters.

Los Angeles is Spending Up To $837,000 for [Each] Housing Unit for the Homeless.  In 2016, voters in California approved a $1.2 billion program to build housing for the homeless. [...] Californians should be applauded for their compassion and generosity.  But six years later, only 1,200 units have been built out of the 10,300 that have been paid for.  One project under development would cost $837,000 for each housing unit, according to a report published by Los Angeles city controller Ron Galperin.  Another 14% of units exceeded $700,000 in cost.

A New Dem Bill Would Make 'Tent Cities' Permanent.  Some of the nation's most liberal cities are cracking down on their homeless populations.  But Maryland may soon ban police from removing homeless people from public property.  A Democratic-backed bill in the Maryland statehouse would prevent police from enforcing Failure to Obey Lawful Orders laws, which critics say would permit homeless camps, known as "tent cities," on public property.  The sponsor of the bill, Democratic delegate Sheila Ruth, said in a committee hearing that these tent cities are not harmful or dangerous to communities.  "We shouldn't be destroying homeless encampments," Ruth said.  Ruth did not respond to a request for comment.  Ruth is pushing to permit homeless encampments in Maryland as Democratic politicians roll back on similar policies across the country.

NYC Mayor moves to ban homeless from living in subways.  Of the many aspects of criminal activity plaguing the residents of New York City these days, crimes taking place in the subway system have really had Gotham's residents up in arms lately.  People are regularly beaten and robbed both on the trains and the platforms.  The practice of seemingly randomly pushing people onto the tracks has become something of an unofficial sport, with more than a few being killed in that fashion.  Some of the crimes are obviously being committed by gang members or lone-wolf bad guys, but a lot of the mayhem is the responsibility of the city's massive homeless population, many of whom take to sheltering in the subways during the winter months.

In some Seattle neighborhoods, residents, businesses take steps on their own to block RVs.  With Mediterranean-style seafood menu and breath-taking views of downtown Seattle, Westward restaurant sits on prime waterfront real estate in the Lake Union neighborhood.  But assistant manager Rachel Fream says they are also dealing with a much less appetizing situation across the street:  Several RVs that have parked in the area that provide as homes for people living inside.  "We sort of feel powerless to do anything about it," she said.  Even after a recent sweep by city crews, Northlake Way remains jam packed with dozens of RVs and vehicles that have homeless people living inside.

The Editor says...
They seem to have homes, so they're not homeless, but the problem apparently is that they don't own the land on which their homes are parked.

NYC residents furious over homeless tent encampment in Queens neighborhood.  At least five homeless people have turned a stretch of Whitney Avenue in Elmhurst, Queens into an urban camping ground.  The encampment has persisted for two years — with the city taking no action, despite 41 complaints made through 311 since Jan. 1, 2020.  "Everybody complains.  It's too dirty.  Sometimes Sanitation comes, sometimes they don't.  If they don't come, it's a mess," Steven Li, 45, manager of nearby Getting Well Rx Pharmacy Inc., said.  Littered along the sidewalk, gutter, and street are bags of trash, clothes, office chairs, a shopping cart and milk crates.  The encampment popped up around the start of the pandemic, Li said.  "We call [the police] so many times.  The cops don't come.  They told us, 'What can we do?'"

Austin Thinks Again.  Homeless encampments in Austin, Texas, were legalized in 2021, but the people of this fast-growing tech mecca have had second and third thoughts about what looked like a good idea on paper but turned out to be an eyesore under bridges.  Austin politicos have just finished removing virtually all remaining visible homeless camps.  Other cities are taking notice.  The journey to this current outcome was far from a straight path.  Put bluntly, it was a dizzying display of waffling "wokeness." [...] A whopping 10 percent of homeless people died in 2020 alone — with substance abuse being the leading killer.  Regrettably, the gruesome run of deaths has gone on unabated.

Federal employees in Portland upset over homeless camp outside office.  Federal workers in Portland went off on city commissioners over the 'intolerable' and 'dangerous' conditions of the downtown area outside federal buildings, where they describe having to 'step over discarded needles and people sleeping in doorways to get to work.'  On Wednesday, the City Council heard from two people who both live and work in downtown Portland who demanded that the situation be addressed, specifically, the massive homeless encampment outside federal buildings.  'Trash and human waste are everywhere,' Dar Crammond, director of the U.S. Geological Survey's Oregon Water Science Center, said at the meeting.

Serial shoplifter walked out of Seattle Target with 70-inch TV — his 22nd theft from same store in three months.  Newly released surveillance video shows a prolific shoplifter arrested in downtown Seattle after he stole a 70-inch television from a Target store last month, which staff claim was his 22nd instance of theft in just three months.  Career criminal John Ray Lomack, 55, who is believed to be homeless and has a rap sheet dating back to the '80s, was caught on camera eyeing the TV in the store, loading it into a shopping cart and walking out of the store without attempting to pay.  He is said to have nabbed $6,000 worth of property from this one Target location since October; it's unknown what other items he has stolen.  At least three security guards are seen trying to stop Lomack from pushing the TV outside, at one point preventing him from going through a revolving door — but they refrain from getting physical with him and he proceeds to walk out a different door.

Deloitte funded group that wants to keep homeless on subways.  The corporate employer of tragic subway shoving victim Michelle Go, who was allegedly killed by an unhinged vagrant, helped fund a progressive non-profit that sued to keep the homeless from being ousted from the NYC transit system. [...] Deloitte Financial Advisory Services donated between $25,000 and $50,000 in 2021 to the Urban Justice Center, according to the group's annual report.  In February 2021, the Urban Justice Center along with a homeless man and another non-profit, sued the MTA, saying its new transit code of conduct — adopted in 2020 because of the pandemic — had "the effect of excluding homeless New Yorkers from the subway system."  The rules barred people from staying in a subway station for more than an hour; from taking wheeled carts bigger than 30 inches long and 30 inches wide into the system; and banned people from staying in a terminal after a train is taken out of service.  The lawsuit argued the rules were "arbitrary and capricious."  It was dismissed in June.  Doug Lasdon, the executive director of the Urban Justice Center, told The [New York] Post that homeless should have the same access to the subway "that I have."  Joseph Giacalone, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and a former NYPD sergeant, said the transit system should not be viewed as a homeless shelter.

The Editor says...
Homeless people most likely have no employment, in addition to no residence.  Therefore they have little or no legitimate need for public transportation.

Sleeping on the subway
AOC reacts after NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton tweeted photo of vagrants on subway.  Democratic Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has jumped on a tweet sent by former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton that went viral earlier this week.  In the tweet, Bratton — who worked under outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio — shared a photo of several homeless people sleeping on a New York City subway train.  'You know why NY's 'recovery' isn't happening?  This photo today on the E Train at 6:45 am at 42nd & 8th says it all,' he wrote on Wednesday.

'It's insane': Husband of NYC woman slugged by freed suspect slams court system.  The husband of a 50-year-old city woman sucker-punched by a deranged homeless man called it an outrage Tuesday [12/7/2021] that the suspect is still free despite even more than a dozen prior busts.  "When does it stop?" the spouse said, asking that he and his wife, who was punched on the Upper West Side, not be identified.  "You keep giving him more tries so that he finally kills someone, and then you lock him behind bars?  "It's stupid," the irate New Yorker said.  "It's broad daylight, 9:20 in the morning, and for someone to just come and punch you, it's insane.  It's absolutely not acceptable."  Darrell Johnson, a 23-year-old vagrant, was already free without bail on an earlier assault case when police said he slugged two women, including the 50-year-old victim, in unprovoked, random attacks in Manhattan on Dec. 2.

NYC homeless man is arrested for torching News Corp's giant 50ft Xmas tree outside its Manhattan HQ.  The 49-year-old 'arsonist' arrested for setting fire to the News Corp's 50-foot Christmas tree will be back on the street in hours because of the city's lenient bail reforms.  Craig Tamanaha, who is described as homeless and 'emotionally disturbed', faces six misdemeanor charges for torching the tree and under the 2020 criminal justice reforms that means the judge cannot set bail.  Arson is only constituted as a felony in New York if the perpetrator harms or attempts to harm a person or if the act is considered a hate crime.  Fox News employees called police after watching Tamanaha climb the tree at 12.14 am Wednesday and set it on fire.  He tried to scramble away, but was taken into custody.

The next day...
Fox Christmas Tree Arson Suspect Released Without Bail.  The arsonist who allegedly torched the Fox News Christmas tree was freed after his arraignment Wednesday night because his charges were not eligible for bail under new liberal reform laws.  "I didn't do it!" suspect Craig Tamanaha, 49, claimed to reporters outside Manhattan criminal court after being asked about the early morning arson that caused about $500,000 in damage outside the Midtown building that houses Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

LA residents say homelessness crisis is city's biggest problem.  Los Angeles residents say the city's homelessness crisis is the biggest problem it currently faces, with many saying they feel unsafe as a result — and that they're now considering moving.  A whopping 94 percent of people living in the City of Angels say homelessness is a serious or very serious problem.  It was the biggest concern among residents polled, ahead of housing affordability, or traffic, air quality and climate change.

Does anyone think a white male would have skated so easily?
NYC homeless shelter director who stole $2 Million in city funds and splurged at Tiffany's avoids jail.  A New York woman has pleaded guilty to taking $2 million of money meant for a homeless shelter she ran in the Bronx and spending it on shopping sprees at luxury stores in the city instead.  Ethel Denise Perry, 66, was the executive director of Millennium Care, which was given a $10 million contract by the City of New York to run a 100-person shelter.  Yet between 2013 and 2016, Perry used Millennium Care 'as her own personal piggy bank,' according to the state's attorney general, Letitia James.  James said Perry illegally took more than $2 million from Millennium Care for luxury shopping sprees at retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Manolo Blahnik, Ferragamo and Bergdorf Goodman, and to pay for her cars, gym membership and other personal expenses.

Los Angeles railroad lined with homeless encampments sees rash of cargo container burglaries.  The backlog of cargo containers making their way from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach saw widespread burglaries as they were carried on trains through an area of tracks lined by homeless encampments.  Thousands of boxes were seen laying near the train tracks "as far as the eye could see" in Los Angeles' Lincoln Park, NBC4 reported.  A FedEx container and several others had their doors wide open and boxes tipping over.  The area is lined by homeless encampments on either side of the tracks.  The outlet also spotted two men jumping off of a moving train and carrying what appeared to be bolt cutters.

Portland Travel Group Says City Is Too Scary For Tourists.  Travel Portland is the name of group that promotes tourism to the city.  It describes itself as "a promoter and steward of this evolving city and its progressive values, which have the power to transform the travelers who visit us."  But Wednesday [10/27/2021] the group presented a report to the Portland City Council with some bad news.  The evolving city and its progressive values have become a big turn off to tourists.

Five sex offenders including two violent pedophiles were placed in homeless shelter within a block of $36k-a-year elementary school in Manhattan.  Manhattan parents were outraged when they learned that city officials stuck five registered sex offenders, including two convicted pedophiles, into a homeless shelter last year about a block away from an elementary school.  City officials placed registered sex offenders Thomas Libby, Lonzel McNeil, Lee Jackson, Francis Harrison and Curtis Thompson in the Radisson Hotel at 52 William St. in 2020 amid the pandemic.  The shelter is a one-minute walk away from the $36,000-a-year Pine Street Elementary School, in Manhattan's Financial District, and both McNeil and Jackson have history of sex offense crimes involving minor.

The new meth and the impact on homelessness.  The Atlantic published a lengthy but interesting story yesterday about the history of meth.  If you've seen Breaking Bad you might already know a little of this history but the basic point of the article is that there are really two types of meth.  Starting in the 1980s and up until the late 2000s, a lot of the meth on the streets was made by cooking batches of ephedrine which came from over the counter cold medicine.  That meth was certainly bad news for those who used it but because it had to be made from cold medicine in fairly small batches, the amount of meth on the market was somewhat limited and the price was pretty high.  However, there is another way (or ways) to cook meth that doesn't rely on cold medicine at all.  This alternative meth can be made from any number of chemicals that are used in various legitimate industries.

NYPD orders cops to stand down, allow junkies to shoot up in streets after decriminalization measure passes.  NYPD officials have ordered patrol and beat officers to stop rolling up suspects who are seen shooting drugs on the streets after legislation in the state legislature passed decriminalizing the purchase and sale of hypodermic needles commonly used to inject heroin and other hard drugs.  "Effective immediately, members of the service should not take any enforcement action against any individual who possesses a hypodermic needle, even when it contains residue of a controlled substance," says a directive to New York Police Department commanders issued last Friday and obtained by the New York Post.  The order to NYPD officers referenced Senate Bill 2523 which outlines the decriminalization.

Moving on Up:  LA and Seattle Homeless Will Be Relocated to Taxpayer-Funded Luxury Apartments.  Three glistening new buildings in downtown Seattle with 165 studio apartments — originally to be rented at market rates — will instead house the homeless.  The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is buying the buildings with taxpayer dollars for about $50 million, with federal COVID-19 relief funds splitting the cost equally.  Seattle City Hall is contributing about $25 million, while also using "American Rescue Plan Act" funds.  A large portion comes from Washington State's Department of Commerce.  Left-wing Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, so unpopular she can't run for re-election, claims the deals will house people quickly and cheaply, compared to the time and cost required to develop similar projects from scratch.  The three upscale buildings should be occupied by the end of the year.

Portland to Set Up Homeless "Villages" by 2022.  Democrats claim must address "root causes" of problems in order to solve them.  This approach is reasonable and may bear fruit, but only if the "root causes" are correctly identified.  And that is where leftists usually fail and make things worse.  As yet another illustration of that, Portland, Oregon, plans to address a growing crisis of homelessness by encouraging it instead of eliminating the true root causes of the problem, namely, poverty, lack of employment opportunities, mental-health issues, and substance abuse.  On Thursday [9/30/2021], Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan announced the first three out of six government-sanctioned homeless camps, which have been dubbed "Safe Rest Village" sites, will be up and running by the end of this year.

Disturbing photos show rampant drug use in broad daylight among the homeless around Penn Station as crime spikes 41%.  Disturbing photos show homeless people in New York City's storied Garment District near Penn Station shooting up and dealing drugs in broad daylight as the crime in the area has spiked 41 percent since last year.  Homelessness in the area has been a years-long issue but has become more rampant in recent months, with people not even trying to hide their drug use.  Photos taken by DailyMail.com show one man with what appears to be drug paraphernalia in his hand, and another slumped over in a wheelchair.

Miami to ban homeless encampments, arrest residents.  Bambi Nicole Kuttkuhn was afraid when police came through the I-95 overpass on NW 11th last month, an area where she and some 60 homeless people resided.  She said they took some of her belongings, saying they'd been stolen, and forced her and the others to leave.  After three weeks living in a vacant lot about a mile away, the 43-year-old is back, but worried about a proposed city ordinance that would give the police new powers and could make such clearings more frequent.  City commissioners last week gave initial approval to an ordinance that prohibits encampments on public property and in entryways.  It would give police officers the authority to arrest people experiencing homelessness, as long as they'd been offered a shelter bed.  The city also allocated $7 million in federal funding for homeless services.

Why Do Doctors Go Along with COVID Panic Porn and CDC Prescriptions?  [Scroll down]  My group cared for patients of all descriptions, with roughly half of them on Medicare and another batch on Medicaid.  Both programs are ultimately managed by the feds, one of the most humorless groups on the planet.  They write a whole bunch of rules on how you have to document everything you do.  If you didn't document it correctly, it didn't happen, and you won't get paid.  But that's not the half of it.  Suppose you have one of those patients brought in by the ambulance from under the bridge.  His only clothes are the ones he's wearing, and he doesn't have two nickels to rub together.  It's more than obvious that this surgery for bowel obstruction will be a charity case.  Before Medicare, you'd simply write it off as your good neighbor duty.  Now you don't get a choice.  CMMS (the actual administrative agency) requires you to send a bill.  Twice.  Or maybe three times.  Whatever it takes to turn the bill into bad debt.  Then you have to send it to a collection agency.  Your only alternative is for your group to bring it up in its Board meeting and declare it a write-off that gets noted in the minutes.

NYC homelessness up nearly 45% in most notorious subway vagrant spots.  The city's subway stations with the worst ongoing vagrancy problems saw homelessness spike nearly 45 percent over the summer, the MTA's safety chief revealed Monday.  The eight stations — all but one in Manhattan — were being used as living quarters by an average of 14.7 people in August, up from 10.2 homeless people in May, MTA chief safety officer Patrick Warren said.  The stations comprise some of the city's busiest commuter hubs, including Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, the Port Authority bus terminal and Lexington Avenue/59th Street, Warren said during a monthly meeting of the MTA's Safety Committee in Manhattan.  The others are tourist landmarks Times Square and Union Square, as well as Manhattan's Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

NYC is failing its homeless residents.  The tables and chairs on the Times Square piazza were all filled, except for a grouping of about a half-dozen.  It was before this invisible audience of empty seats that the man was screaming a profanity-laced political diatribe.  Now and then, he slammed his fist down on a tabletop to emphasize his mysterious point; cops stood and watched.  Tourists gave uneasy glances.  There have always been homeless people in New York City.  But over the past few years, especially in the wake of the pandemic lockdowns, something has changed.  The city is no longer dealing primarily with souls who fell on hard financial times and sit behind cardboard signs appealing for help.  Instead, the streets are awash in aggressive, angry, addicted and too often violent members of society who threaten the social fabric of America's largest city.

The Editor says...
New York City has no obligations to "its homeless residents."  Belligerent, drunken street people are a scourge, a blight, and a disgrace to the city.  They are not an asset.  New York city is failing its tax-paying residents and few remaining tourists by failing to round up and institutionalize the insane and violent hobos and bums on the streets.  The solution should be easy:  Vagrancy is already illegal, is it not?  Now pass a law mandating the incarceration of insane people.  Such a law will be immediately challenged in court — by the political left, of course — but this will give the Supreme Court a chance to reconsider Lessard v. Schmidt (1972).

This is apparently a video of the streets of Philadelphia but it looks like a scene from The Walking Dead.  You see all those people who are leaning over while standing up like something out of a zombie film?  Yeah, that's apparently called the "heroin hunch."  This is so sad.  We have lost our way as a society.  [Video clip]

Upper East Side homeless 'can tipper' has caused unchecked mayhem for years, frustrating neighbors.  He's a one man menace, a walking tornado of trash.  They call him the "Can Tipper" of the Upper East Side — and he can't be stopped by the NYPD, homeless outreach workers or local politicians.  For years, a homeless man has made a habit of knocking over garbage cans on a roughly 15-block stretch of Lexington Ave. around E. 80th St., frustrating business owners and residents who say they've been unable to stop the near-daily mayhem.

Potential jurors refuse to come to King County Courthouse over safety concerns.  Safety concerns over the scene in and around the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle have increased in recent weeks.  These are concerns that existed even before a dozens-strong homeless encampment took hold at City Hall Park.  It's an issue that pre-dates the COVID-19 pandemic.  "Third Avenue for years has been particularly bad.  There were some high-profile assaults a couple of years ago on Third Avenue to include folks who were kind of near the bus stop.  There was a really terrible assault on an attorney who is walking into the courthouse, and so our court has been concerned for years about the courthouse safety issues that have been going on, in and around the courthouse," said acting presiding King County Superior Court Judge Patrick Oishi.

This Zombie Apocalypse Update Was Brought To You By Philadelphia.  Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia, August 16, 2021.  [Video clip]

Homeless Zombie Mob Attacks Young Family, Pays the Price.  A young couple with a two week old baby in the car was attacked by a mob of armed, homeless people that had previously burglarized the family's vehicle.  The couple showed up at the encampment to look for items stolen from their car several days earlier.  They found their belongings, shoes and a blue-tooth speaker, and were trying to leave but were prevented by angry members of the great unwashed.  That's when things got crazy.  The donnybrook began when a vagrant woman ran across the stench camp and punched the mother.  Her husband tried to intervene and got wacked with a five foot long conk buster, by a man identified as a 12 time felon.  A nine-time loser with a machete attacked the car as the young family tried to drive off, smashing windows, including the rear window where the baby sat in a car seat.  The mob entrapped the couple's car like a pack of meth-zombies, as the car circled back and forth, trying to get away.

Elementary school taken over by homeless, community terrified after major threats made.  A squalid homeless encampment attached to a Seattle grade school is a petri dish of bacterial pathogens, thanks to the scores of vagrants who are urinating, defecating, sleeping, doing drugs and having sex just steps from where kindergartners are set to begin school next week.  Despite outcries from worried parents and frustrated residents, local politicians and the city's left-wing school board do not want the filthy shantytown to be dismantled, claiming that would be "inhumane," according to Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM in Seattle.  A flimsy, see-through fence separates Broadview-Thomson K-8 School from the homeless camp.

Denver spends far more on homelessness per person than K-12 students, veterans affairs: reports.  The city of Denver spends at least twice as much on homelessness per person as it does on K-12 public school students — and the spending crushes the veterans affairs budget in the state, a new study released Thursday found, according to a report.  For comparison, the city reportedly spends between $41,679 and $104,201 on each person experiencing homelessness in a year while only $19,202 on each K-12 public school student over the same period of time.  The amount spent on each homeless person in the area is comparable to the average income of area residents.  The average rent for a person living in the area is $21,156 per year and the median per capita income is $45,000, FOX 31 of Denver reported.

'River Dave's' cabin at center of property dispute burns to the ground hours after court hearing.  A cabin at the center of a legal battle with a man known as "River Dave" caught fire Wednesday [8/4/2021], hours after the man appeared in court for a hearing.  The cabin's resident, David Lidstone, will remain in jail for at least another week for not complying with a court order.  On Wednesday, the Canterbury Fire Department reported that Lidstone's cabin is a total loss.  The State Fire Marshal's Office was called in to investigate the cause of the fire which remains under investigation.  "No fire trucks could make access to the scene[.  W]e used UTVs," said Chief Mike Gamache with Canterbury fire department. [...] River Dave has lived on the land in Canterbury for 27 years.  He said he has a verbal agreement with the property owner to keep the cabin there but has nothing in writing.

The Editor says...
[#1]  Wow, there's a lot of clumsy syntax and incompetent writing in that article.  [#2] After 27 years of uncontested occupancy, has River Dave created an easement?  Is that why his cabin accidentally caught fire?

Sheriff Orders Employees To Work From Home Due To Dangers Created By Seattle Homeless Camp Next Door.  Violence caused by the sprawling homeless encampment near the King County Courthouse has become so extreme that the county sheriff has ordered much of her staff to work entirely from home.  The King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) operates out of the courthouse building, which is located directly next to City Hall Park, KTTH reported.  The park is the site of a massive homeless encampment that has essentially taken over the area.

Creep was on supervised release for burglary when he allegedly molested girl.  A creep in Manhattan allegedly molested a young girl while being out on supervised release from a felony burglary case when he broke into a girl's room, The [New York] Post has learned.  Raymond Wilson, a 31-year-old homeless man, appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday afternoon on charges of sex abuse and burglary in connection to the June 12 assault, court records show. [...] Cops connected Wilson to the sexual assault through the DNA on a water bottle he left behind, the complaint says.  Judge Anne Swern set bail at $500,000, according to court records.

Homeless bazaar selling 'stolen' clothes, booze takes over prime Seattle location.  COVID mandates resulted in nearly 150 Seattle businesses permanently closing.  But as the Seattle economy finally reopens, residents and tourists have a new retail outlet to buy clothing and alcohol.  It's a few blocks away from Pike Place Market, occupying prime real estate near Sub Pop Records and trendy restaurants Serious Pie and Shaker + Spear.  But there's a problem:  It's an illegal bazaar appealing mostly to homeless people.  It sells what appears to be stolen goods.  And the city hasn't done anything about it yet.

Once Beautiful Portland is Now A Progressive Nightmare.  After years of progressive rule, Portland has fallen!  Antifa rules the streets, the homeless rule the parks and criminals rule everything in between.  After more than a year of allowing most homeless camps to remain intact so as not to displace people during the pandemic, cities across the country are now beginning to confront another public health crisis unfolding on their streets.  The number of Americans who are homeless has increased in each of the past five years, according to government data, and for the first time more than half of homeless adults are living not in shelters but in tents or sleeping bags outside.  There has yet to be a nationwide homelessness count since the start of the pandemic, but a quarter of Americans now report being at "imminent risk" of losing their homes, and cities up and down the West Coast say they are overwhelmed by an unprecedented rise in homeless people, hazardous encampments and related trash.  [Video clip]

Francisco Rodriguez Jr
Man charged with vandalizing statue of Christopher Columbus in Lancaster.  Police documents say Francisco Rodriguez Jr., 34, knocked down the statue and damaged the bust on Lennox Avenue between the evening on June 29 and the morning of June 30.  Damage to the statue was estimated at $7,868.  Rodriguez is also accused of other vandalism including:
  •   Throwing bricks through the front glass doors of the Lancaster County Courthouse.
  •   Throwing bricks through the front glass doors of the Probation Office on East King Street. Damage to the doors totaled around $1,500, according to the police document.  Police said Rodriguez is homeless.

De Blasio Is Turning New York City Into a Toilet.  The Rolling Stones song "Shattered" is about all the things Mick Jagger and Keith Richards didn't like about New York City: drug dealers, bedbugs, and people dressed in plastic bags directing traffic.  Some kind of fashion.  That was nothing.  As if a rash of subway slashings aren't enough, straphanger struggles took a nasty turn when a homeless man in a subway station decided to relieve himself in an unsuspecting janitor's bucket — in front of anyone that happened to be passing by.  Fortunately for the passersby, the New York subway still has a mask mandate.  The man let go on an "L" train (not to be confused with the "El" or "elevated train) subway platform.  The "L" train is the line that delivers hipsters to and from the ground zero of woke neighborhoods, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  You get what you vote for, hippies.

Homeless man arrested in connection to stabbing of Eric Adams volunteer.  He and his 42-year-old victim, both of whom are homeless, have had an ongoing feud, cops said.  It was not immediately clear what the beef was about.  The victim, who has been arrested nearly 50 times himself, was repeatedly stabbed around 2:30 p.m. June 20 near East 149th Street and Morris Avenue in a shocking attack captured on video.  "I commend the NYPD for making an arrest for this brutal assault, and I continue to pray for the complete recovery of our volunteer," mayoral candidate Adams said after Friday's arrest.  "Every New Yorker has the right to walk our streets without fear — and job number one must be ending this pandemic of violence infecting New York City."

The Editor says...
There is no such thing as a "pandemic of violence."  Violence is not a medical issue.  Violence may be practically everywhere in New York City, but from where I'm sitting, it appears to be a major problem in only a few specific areas.

After Denver sweeps up the vagrants for the All-Star Game, then what?  Once-beautiful Denver succumbed to vagrant enablement a few years ago.  It was a pathetic attempt not to be outdone by Seattle and Portland — which have long sought not to be outdone by San Francisco.  To be a great city, the thinking apparently goes, you have to be a filthy one.  And so filthy vagrants overran downtown Denver and hip "LoDo" where they now camp on the sidewalks, poop in the gutters, shoot-up in the streets and assault passersby.  The city is finally sweeping them, a little, in anticipation of its hosting of the baseball All-Star Game next month.  Aware that the town will be on national TV, so far this year Denver has conducted as many vagrant camp sweeps as all of last year.  The tent city is finally gone from the downtown jewel across from the state capitol building, Civic Center Park.  The chain link fencing surrounding the capitol itself has finally been taking down, and vagrants are prohibited from camping there.  But they still befoul the residential/retail neighborhood that is trying to emerge just east of downtown.  And they're still stinking up the sidewalks just two blocks from Coors Field where the All-Star Game will be played.  Maybe by the time of the game, the vagrants will be swept from there as well.  We can only hope.

Citing 'dire conditions,' 33 King County Superior Court judges urge immediate shutdown of Seattle's City Hall Park.  Thirty-three King County Superior Court judges and four court commissioners on Friday signed a letter to Seattle Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jesús Aguirre, requesting that he shut down City Hall Park and relocate residents of a sprawling encampment immediately south of the downtown county courthouse.  "We are writing out of deep concern for the safety of jurors, Courthouse employees, the general public and those who find themselves unhoused and sheltering in and around City Hall Park," the judges and commissioners wrote.  "As you know, conditions in and around the King County Courthouse vicinity, including City Hall Park, have been in a critical, unsafe and unhealthy stage for years.  As a matter of last resort to address these issues, we are requesting that you close City Hall Park."

Hundreds pack emergency meeting to address Washington Square Park chaos.  Hundreds of locals packed the basement of a Greenwich Village church Wednesday night for an emergency meeting to address the recent chaos at Washington Square Park — as police officials promised to "address" their growing concerns.  The NYPD's 6th Precinct called the emergency meeting amid mounting outrage from fed-up merchants and residents over the nonstop partying that typically escalates with violence at the iconic greenspace.  "The park has become a drug den, it's not about the music," fumed one woman during the public comment portion of the meeting.  "The criminality has extended to our quaint street.  From lewd acts to nudity to drugs, crack being smoked on our street, our children have witnessed people shooting up," she said.

King County promised to end youth homelessness by June 2021.  It didn't.  This month, youth homelessness was supposed to be solved.  Two years ago, members of Pearl Jam joined Seattle's mayor, the county executive and philanthropy leaders representing the wealth of the region to promise that by June 2021, any young person who showed up at a shelter would get permanent housing in 30 days or less.  Called the "End Youth Homelessness Now Campaign," and propped up by federal grants and $1.2 million from philanthropy, it was a bold aspiration with the goal of re-imagining the system, including funding and success metrics.  Leeze Castro, 21, who emcee'd the event and was a member of the county's homelessness Youth Action Board, didn't think the timeline was realistic, but compared it to beginning to clean a room.

Seattle plans to clear Olga Park homeless camp where man was killed.  Seattle city crews plan to clear out a homeless camp where a deadly shooting took place just days ago.  Just under 20 tents are pitched on a strip of green space near Ravenna Park.  Crime associated with the camp has been mounting in recent weeks, a trend the city confirmed on Thursday [6/3/2021].  Tents have been pitched around an area known as Olga Park for the past few years, but neighbors said the group that has gathered recently is unlike the others.  "No one's really safe in this situation.  I have young children," said one young mom who lives across the street, and who asked not to be named in this article.

It's the Wild West Village!  Neighborhood overrun with graffiti, garbage: locals.  It's not just Soho — the West Village is also looking like a throwback to the 1970s and '80s with spray paint covering storefronts and mounds of stinking garbage cluttering sidewalks.  Fed-up locals in the once-desirable neighborhood told The [New York] Post on Thursday [6/3/2021] they have no choice but to deal with the unsightly conditions.  "It's insane," Katrina Kulyzhka said as she walked along Sixth Avenue Thursday — a day after The Post revealed how Soho has also been overrun with graffiti vandals.  "New York City is taking garbage to a whole new level."  "What's shocking is it doesn't even surprise you anymore," the 28-year-old Tribeca resident added.

Homeless shelter to open smack-bang in the middle of NYC's 'Billionaires' Row,' Court of Appeals rules.  Manhattan's Billionaires' Row will soon feature a men's homeless shelter smack-bang in the middle of it despite a three-year offensive to halt its creation by members of the city's elite, the New York Court of Appeals has ruled.  Residents of the city's priciest street fought tooth and nail to halt Mayor de Blasio's $60.8 million plan to open a 150-bed men's shelter in the closed Park Savoy Hotel at 158 W. 58th St., arguing the location would be a dangerous "firetrap" and that crime would inevitably ensue on the ritzy block.

Washington Square Park 'drug den' horrifies Greenwich Village neighbors.  A lawless, drug-infested Washington Square Park is horrifying even famously free-spirited Greenwich Village residents.  "We may be liberal but this has gone too far," lamented Steven Hill, who has called the neighborhood home since 1980.  "There have always been drugs in the park, mostly pot, but what's emerged this spring is like nothing we've ever seen before."  Washington Square Park's northwest corner was overtaken in recent months by a crack-and-heroin-filled "drug den," while boisterous, booze-soaked raves around the central fountain have kept neighbors up until the wee hours and left the historic green space trashed each morning.

Austin City Hall Is Now Occupied by a Tent City With Machete-Wielding 'Security'.  Mayor Steve Adler's Austin is still getting worse.  He led the explosion of homeless camping citywide and the defunding of police.  Police are leaving in droves, crime is spiking hard, and homeless camping has spread serious blight all over the city.  Now that blight is concentrating downtown, thanks to another of Adler's addle-brained decisions.  If you walk or drive around city hall in Austin, Texas, now, you'll see a new tent city.  It sprung up after voters in the city overwhelmingly agreed to reinstate the ban on camping on public land on May 1.

Homeless campers around City Hall form their own armed 'security detail'.  One Austin City Council member is raising safety concerns about an encampment around City Hall.  For weeks, people experiencing homelessness have surrounded City Hall with their tents in protest of Austin voters reinstating the city's camping ban.  Council Member Mackenzie Kelly tweeted that she was harassed as she walked out of City Hall on Monday.  In the tweet, she said that she saw one man with a metal pipe and at least one knife, making her feel unsafe.

Parents outraged as Seattle elementary school near homeless encampment faces break-in, lockdowns.  Parents are expressing their outrage after a Seattle elementary school, located only a few feet from a homeless encampment, experienced a break-in and multiple lockdowns.  One Broadview-Thomson elementary school parent, Bryce Nicolls, joined "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday [5/25/2021], and said that the situation has spiraled "completely out of control" after an unknown man entered the school with students present.  "They have broken into the school.  The school has been on a shelter-in-place lockdown multiple times due to one of the people at the encampment having a gun, and there's fights there constantly," Nicolls said.

Austin's Revolt against a Homelessness Surge.  Austin, Texas, enjoys a well-deserved image as a cool and rapidly growing city, with great food, nightlife, a booming tech industry, the University of Texas, and major events such as Austin City Limits music festival, South by Southwest, and Formula 1.  But over the past two years it has gained a new reputation:  a city with a homelessness crisis, fueled by a misbegotten "camping" policy.  On July 1, 2019, a public-camping ordinance took effect that made unregulated, open public camping lawful in nearly all public spaces in Austin.  The consequences were profound immediately.  Homeless shelters emptied, homeless individuals began traveling to Austin, major intersections had large encampments form, and even Town Lake, among the most beautiful and cherished areas of our city, became overrun with tents and makeshift encampments.

Texas legislators ban homeless 'camping' statewide.  Across the blue cities of America, city officials have turned their public spaces into vast and expanding homeless camps.  That leaves such cities without public spaces, and puts the quality of life at zero.  Portland, San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York, all spring to mind.  In such places, we have seen whole stretches of places like Venice Beach become a freakish third world tent shantytown, with the camping homeless blocking roads, scaring children, giving cash to drug dealers, getting intoxicated, throwing trash, boosting cars, theatening those who don't want to give them spare change, and doing their bodily functions in public places, if not on private property.  The same is true in Los Angeles, New York, and the rest.  When the homeless take over, the public has no choice but to stay away.

'Things Fall Apart' With No End in Sight.  Around the country, especially in Democrat-dominated states, "homeless" encampments have sprouted up like kudzu.  The famed Venice Beach in Los Angeles now resembles the anarchic opening "Dawn of Man" scene from Stanley Kubrick's film, "2001: A Space Odyssey," with vagrants, derelicts, and hobos viciously attacking and beating residents and each other.  Meanwhile, across town in Angelino Heights, work crews just removed more than 35 tons of human biological and hazardous waste from the Echo Park Lake and its surrounding park, which is similarly bristling with brand-new tents and, no doubt, cell phones.

Minneapolis church concerned about encampment on its property.  A church in Minneapolis is searching for answers after land that it owns was recently occupied by a large homeless encampment.  "They have no place to go, but at the same time I don't think it's appropriate to just go and conquer private property," church chairman Andualem Emiru told FOX 9.  On Friday, church members posted no trespassing signs on a fence around the property, but tents remained as of Sunday.

Denver Fire Removes Hundreds Of Pounds Of Propane From Homeless Encampments, Worries About Large-Scale Disaster.  The Denver Fire Department is sounding an alarm over a growing number of propane explosions at homeless encampments.  It says it has responded to more than 200 fires in or near homeless encampments in the last four months alone — more than one a day on average — and in almost every camp they find propane tanks.  A 20 pound tank of the highly flammable gas is the equivalent of 100 sticks of dynamite.

More Americans Homeless than Ever; Bring in Impoverished Migrants Anyway.  I had no idea so many 'people of color' make up such a large percentage of the homeless.  It seems, at least to me, that most photos of homeless people in corporate media reports show White drug-addled derelicts.  So why isn't Black Lives Matter supporting their Black brothers instead of encouraging more immigrants who will continue to compete with Blacks for jobs and social services?

Neighbors in shock after shootings, explosion at homeless camp in Albert Davis Park.  Neighbors living next to Albert Davis Park in Seattle's Lake City are begging city leaders to do something about a growing homeless camp at the park.  The neighbors say they are living in constant fear and apprehension after a recent double shooting and explosion at the camp.  She says drugs and crime are rampant at the camp, which took over the park when the pandemic hit over a year ago.  She and others say the problems there are out of control and they are demanding solutions from Seattle city leaders.

The Editor says...
Did the residents of Seattle expect some other result from a steadily-expanding mass of irresponsible vagrants and mentally-ill drifters?  Where were all the "sustainable development" fanatics when a mass of (plastic!) tents started to accumulate?  They were all completely silent!  Whether a mental hospital is made of concrete and steel, or it's made of canvas and ripstop, it's still full of people who should not be on the streets.

Austin voters approve proposition aimed at reinstating public camping ban.  Austin voters have approved Proposition B, which aims to reinstate the public camping ban that was reversed in July 2019.  The results were 57% to 43%, with the majority voting to approve the proposition.  The camping ban makes it illegal to camp in any public area not designated by the Parks and Recreation Department; to sit or lie on a public sidewalk or sleep outdoors in and near the downtown area and the area around the University of Texas campus; and to panhandle at specific hours and locations.

Austin, TX voters overwhelmingly reject propositions pushed by progressives.  There are signs that the left has created a backlash by overplaying its hand.  Even in a stronghold of the left like Austin, Texas, where in 2019 homeless people were allowed to erect their tents on city-owned land, including parks and sidewalks, thanks to the progressive-dominated city council.  All the problems any sane person would predict started happening immediately.  And that led to a voter initiative to reinstate the camping ban, Proposition B.

Armed security guards work!
Walls erected outside Academy Awards to protect the Hollywood elite.  Security fencing was erected around the perimeter of Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday to provide protection for the Hollywood elite and their Academy Award ceremony.  The red carpet, and the dazzling celebs who walked it, were well secured from the general public.  Union Station was cordoned off with fencing, and the entrances were also blocked, with security guards and additional measures.  The Post Millennial reported that Union Station is typically home to a high-population of homeless people.  Yet the City of Los Angeles forced those city dwellers to move from their temporary digs in order to make room for the Oscars.  The city moved the homeless under the alleged threat of destroying their belongings if they failed to comply.

Parents worry as homeless camp keeps growing behind Seattle school.  Since July a homeless encampment has been growing behind Broadview-Thomson K-8 School in Seattle's Bitter Lake community.  Neighbors and parents continue to call on Seattle Public School to put children's safety first and to remove the encampment.  Over the past 10 months the homeless encampment behind the school has been grown into more than 40 tents.  Neighbors and parents have repeatedly called on Seattle Public Schools for a solution — but nothing has been done.

Hell's Kitchen residents fear summer of the 'living dead' as homeless multiply.  Hell's Kitchen residents fear a summer of the "living dead" as thousands of vagrants the city dumped in the neighborhood over the last year emerge from their homeless hotels.  A "sewer" and a "cesspool" is how longtime Hell's Kitchen activist Marisa Redanty described the neighborhood in recent weeks, as the return of warm weather produced a sudden upswing in the presence of drug-addled and deranged homeless people on the streets of Midtown.  "This summer will be the night of the living dead," she predicted.  NYPD data shows the area's homeless hotels have already become quality-of-life hellscapes.

Drug Lab Inside Denver Homeless Camp Causes Explosion, City Finds 30 Propane Tanks.  Denver Public Safety Manager Murphy Robinson could be in trouble with the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals after he dismantled a drug lab in a homeless encampment without giving notice.  Robinson signed an executive order Saturday after the camp in north Denver went up in flames.  "Propane tanks were on the scene and started to blow up.  No one was hurt and that is of the grace of God," said Robinson in an interview with CBS4's Shaun Boyd.  Robinson says more than 30 propane tanks were inside the encampment near York Road and the A Line train route, not far from Clayton Street.  It was clear what they were being used for.  "Evidence points to some type of drug lab, whether it was hash oil or a meth lab, we are unsure at this time."

Please don't pepper-spray the vagrants.  First, no one seriously contends that people can't get a job in this wealthy society bespeckled with help-wanted signs.  So why exactly are vagrants on the streets?  There are two answers.  First, it's because we encourage them.  We give them free stuff ranging from free food to free money to free sympathy to free drugs.  We declare them to be victims, which in today's culture is a more heroic status than hero.  In the old days, we told them to get off the streets else they'd earn a night in the drunk tank, while now we reward, romanticize and glorify them.  It's as if we're leaving unsecured trash cans out overnight and then wondering why the raccoons keep coming and trashing the yard.  But since they inexplicably do, we deem them heroic victims deserving of more and better stuff.  It's illustrated by our lexicon.  Vagrants were originally called "vagrants."  That wasn't a derogatory term.  Merriam Webster still defines "vagrant" as a person "wandering about from place to place usually with no means of support."  But the word "vagrant" was canceled for political incorrectness because it became associated with ... vagrancy.

The Invisible Asylum: Olympia, Washington, is a microcosm of the problems created by the emptying of mental hospitals.  The story of American deinstitutionalization has become familiar.  In a long arc — from President Kennedy's Community Mental Health Act of 1963 to the present — federal and state governments dismantled mental asylums and released the psychiatrically disturbed into the world.  Though there were sometimes brutal abuses in the state mental hospitals of the early twentieth century, the closure of the asylums did not put an end to mental illness.  If anything, with the proliferation on the streets of psychosis-inducing drugs such as methamphetamine, the United States has more cases of serious mental illness than ever before — and less capacity to treat and manage them.  The question now is not, "What happened to the asylums?" but "What replaced them?" Following the mass closure of state hospitals and the establishment of a legal regime that dramatically restricted involuntary commitments, we have created an "invisible asylum" composed of three primary institutions:  the street, the jail, and the emergency room.

A Quick Walk Through Kensington Ave Philadelphia.  [Video clip]

Seattle students returning to in-person learning are greeted by homeless encampments on campus, school officials demand they remain.  Students who returned to in person learning at Seattle Public Schools on Monday for the first time in over a year found homeless encampments waiting for them on the grounds of two of the district's campuses.  This, only two short years after state officials debated legislation prohibiting homeless encampments from being allowed to be established within 1,000 feet from a school.  Neighbors have even photographed King County needle exchange vans near the properties as well as dead rats in the encampments tied to sticks. [...] Neighbors attribute area crime, trash, waste and needles to the encampments.  Seattle Public School officials have refused to address the situation adequately according to neighbors and parents.  School board members have even demanded that the encampments remain.

The 10 Radical New Rules That Are Changing America.  [#7] Ignoring or perpetuating homelessness is preferable to ending it.  It is more humane to let thousands of homeless people live, eat, defecate, and use drugs on public streets and sidewalks than it is to green-light affordable housing, mandate hospitalization for the mentally ill, and create sufficient public shelter areas.

Downtown Portland Is A Dystopia.  What is it really like in downtown Portland, Oregon, in 2021? The decades of whacked out liberal rule have finally caught up with the once-great city, as it has devolved into a third-world dump.  Sidewalks are lined with homeless tents and garbage, buildings are all boarded up, either to prevent the routine rioters from destroying them or because they have been abandoned.  Graffiti is everywhere.  Avoid this place at all costs.  [Video clip]

Homeless encampment near Capitol Hill middle school grows, while city faces questions.  A growing homeless encampment near a Capitol Hill middle school is under fire and while the city said outreach has been done to move some of them into housing options, a few of the campers dispute that contention[.]  Miller Park sits next to Meany Middle School.  The number of tents there ballooned after a sweep late last year of nearby Cal Anderson Park.  With Gov. Jay Inslee announcing districts must come up with options to get kids back in the classroom by next month, there's growing pressure to address the 20-30 campers staying there.  "I haven't personally had contact with them or been offered any kind of housing," said Eddie Vallejo, adding that he has been staying at Miller Park since last October.  "It's hard to do outreach when you don't know who you're talking to."

The Pandemic, Mental Health, and Addiction.  Panhandlers are now positioned on every overpass in my area.  This used to be only expected in the city, not the cute little old neighborhood we moved to out in the suburbs.  It's a sign of the times; a constant reminder of how badly the economy has been broken by overreactions to COVID-19.  People who are unable to support themselves are more susceptible to mental breakdowns.  When mental health offices and shelters are closed or operate at limited capacity, people turn to substance abuse, not because they give up, but because they need something to help them through, and we all know that the opioid crisis is raging on.  Plenty of us know that most addicts are victims who never learned to properly cope and overcome their issues.  Mental health issues perpetuate addiction.  Mental health is often less sustained when conditions are unstable.

Washington state's rise in homelessness outpaced the nation's, according to report.  Washington saw one of the biggest estimated increases in people experiencing homelessness in the country between 2019 and 2020, according to new national figures from an annual report to Congress.  Overall homelessness across the U.S. grew by more than 2% that year, according to the report's estimates, but Washington saw an overall increase of 6.2%, or 1,346 people — the third largest increase in the number of homeless people among all 50 states.  But the report also showed that Washington was far from alone in grappling with one of the most devastating and difficult kinds of homelessness to alleviate: chronic homelessness, defined as frequent or extended bouts of homelessness experienced by people with a disability.  People who fall into this category often struggle with mental health or addiction issues that make them unable to stay in housing without intense treatment or other supports.  Nationwide, 15% more chronically homeless people were counted that year, driven by increased numbers of people living outside.

Looks Like A Zombie Apocalypse, But This Is Actually Philadelphia.  This may look like a trailer for the upcoming The Last Of Us movie, but this is actually Kensington Ave in Philadelphia.  Kensington Avenue is known for its massive drug problem and has the cities 3rd highest crime rate.  The mayor and the local Philly political class have ignored neighborhoods like this for decades and now they are zombie wastelands.  [Video clip]

Philadelphia's Skid Row:  Dozens camped out along 'largest open-air drug market on the East Coast'.  The video looks like a scene from an apocalyptic movie — dozens of disheveled people shivering in the middle of a winter night as they camp out around a trash bin on fire among a street strewn with litter.  But the footage isn't a Hollywood production but a candid snapshot of Kensington Avenue in northeast Philadelphia — an area that has been likened to the infamous Skid Row section of Los Angeles.  The neighborhood has previously been dubbed the 'East Coast's largest open-air drug market' by DEA officials, according to the New York Times.

Homeless Drug Addicts Make Camp 15 Feet Away From Military Occupation Zone of U.S. Capitol.  New photos have emerged showing a homeless camp that has emerged only 15 feet away from the military occupied zone of Washington, D.C., created in the aftermath of the mostly peaceful Capitol Hill protests on January 6.  David Hookstead, a reporter for The Daily Caller, posted two images of the military occupation zone, writing "Military lockdown is still upon us.  Massive trucks everywhere, military members patrolling and razor sharp wire to keep people far away."

San Francisco is paying $5,000 per month for each homeless tent.  Homelessness is really expensive for the people who are paying for it.  Last year, San Francisco set up six "safe sleeping villages" during the pandemic, including one right outside City Hall.  Basically these sites are sanctioned tent camps where the homeless live on city property with bathrooms and free meals.  It turns out the city is paying $5,000 per month for each tent.

TX State Rep. files bill to rename part of I-35 in Austin 'Steve Adler Public Restroom Highway'.  Republican Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton has filed a bill in the Texas House of Representatives asking that a portion of I-35 in Austin be renamed the Steve Adler Public Restroom Highway.  The portion Slaton is asking to be renamed is the area between 4th Street and 11th Street where those experiencing homelessness reside.  Slaton, who represents House District 2, says in a news release that "since the legislature has made it clear it intends to rename some highways and bridges this session, I think it's imperative that we start with a highway that truly recognizes the contributions of (Austin) Mayor Adler."

The Bottomless Absurdity of Ayanna Pressley's Free Public Transit Bill.  Should public transit be free?  Massachusetts representative Ayanna Pressley thinks so.  Her Freedom to Move Act offers $5 billion in grants to entice the nation's transit systems to go fare-free.  To qualify for grants, transit agencies would also have to improve safety and quality, particularly in low-income and historically underserved communities.  Unfortunately, experience shows that these two goals aren't always compatible.  A side effect of getting rid of fares is eliminating fare enforcement, which advocates say disproportionally targets black and other minority riders.  Thus, the progressives backing Pressley's bill (and the companion bill introduced by Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey) view fare-free transit as part of a larger social-justice agenda.  At least one transit manager is on board with a fare-free future.  Phil Washington, CEO of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, believes that his agency has a "moral obligation" to help the county and region recover from the "once-in-a-lifetime pandemic" and from the "devastating effects of the lack of affordability in the region."

The Editor says...
Pardon me while I state the obvious:  Fares are the only thing keeping mass-transit buses and trains from becoming homeless camps on wheels.

Be a tribe of one.  Suppose you're a die-hard Democrat.  What do you do about such issues as: [...] Urban violence versus urban order.  Do you side with radical groups like Antifa and the more extreme elements of Black Lives Matter — overwhelmingly Democrats — who candidly espouse attention-seeking violence for their causes?  Or do you side with the urban residents and businesses — also overwhelmingly Democrat — who suffer the results of that violence?  The same issue presents with regard to urban vagrancy, er, homelessness, er, persons experiencing homelessness.  Do you side with feral humans who seek attention by camping on the downtown sidewalks and pooping in the gutters and their enabling advocates who are overwhelmingly Democrats?  Or do you side with the urban residents and businesses — overwhelmingly Democrats — who are trying to live and work a few feet away from those make-shift toilets?

The worst run cities in America.  The state of cities around the country is rapidly declining, leading to the greatest rates of emigration since the days of disorder and distress in the 1970s.  Eight cities stand out as the worst run in the country, when ranked with markers like costs of living, education, poverty, and crime.  These are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington, Portland, Oakland and Chicago. [...] Local mismanagement has also led to poverty.  There are 20,000 homeless people in New York, the highest in history, despite more than $360 million sent for efforts to solve the problem annually.  In Los Angeles, the toxic mix of restrictive housing policy which drives up costs and outreach programs that employ 800 people yet still cannot keep a clear count of those it aids, there was a 12 percent rise in homeless people in 2019.

Indianapolis Has Fallen:  A Red State Capital City Degrades Itself to Blue City Levels.  I had known this mid-size metropolis since the seventies when I lived here as a medical student, attending the Indiana University School of Medicine.  Then, Indianapolis was referred to as India-no-place or Naptown. [...] This year, Monument Circle swarmed not with tourists and patrons but with a succession of homeless encampments, bedecked with tents, sleeping bags, blankets, cardboard shelters, and, of course, hundreds of vagrants sleeping or milling about.  What had been one of the cleanest, most scenic, and safe downtown centers in the country had deteriorated into a third-world, garbage-strewn, threatening urban nightmare.  The entrances to the Hilbert Circle Theater and the nearby Indiana Repertory Theater were boarded up and crammed with itinerants, trash, and debris.  It was demoralizing and disgusting, an urban cesspool of dystopia and vagrancy.

Defenders of Civilization?  The homeless population of more than half-a-million seems to grow ever larger, as they line the boulevards of our major cities.  How could a wealthier more sophisticated society of 2020, the greenest in world history, allow feces on its sidewalks, random harassment of its passersby, and garbage, and worse, strewn in its parks?  Are there homeless outside the French Laundry restaurant?  Do they camp at the curb outside Gavin Newsom's mansions?  Why could not our Silicon Valley multibillionaires endow a health campus, or Ivy League campuses translate their abstract caring into concrete welcoming of the homeless into their empty summertime dorms?  Americans know that purging the word "vagrant," "liberating" the ill from mental asylums, and allowing public urination and defecation did not solve the problem.  They sense they know the solution is the restoration of hospitals and health care halfway houses, but are too weary to hear the furious outcry.

Bright yellow jacket was undoing of suspect in NYC rape:  NYPD sources.  A homeless man was busted Saturday for the horrific New Year's Eve strangulation rape by a bogus deliveryman, thanks to Manhattan cops who spotted a jaywalker in a canary yellow jacket — the same distinctive color worn by the attacker, sources told The [New York] Post.  Public Safety Officers with the 13th Precinct were sitting in a police car near the location of the rape at East 30th Street and Third Avenue in Kip's Bay at 1 a.m., when a man in a puffy yellow jacket fitting the rapist's description walked right in front of them, sources said.  They recognized him from surveillance photos, sources said after the arrest of Elijah Kelly, 23, who lived at the nearby and notorious 30th Street Men's Shelter next to Bellevue Hospital.

Police clear radicals occupying motel, chief announces zero tolerance policy.  Radical activists with Tacoma Housing Now (THN) are holding a Travelodge motel hostage in Fife while activists are assembling their version of an army to defend the takeover.  It's an escalating and dangerous situation.  Law enforcement and local politicians are not doing much to stop it.  Of course, COVID is also now spreading within the motel as one of the organizers and one homeless occupier apparently tested positive for the virus.  This should be called out for what it is:  the intersection of deranged activism and domestic terrorism.  [Numerous updates]

Understanding the homelessness that plagues West Coast cities.  Having worked as a lawyer in San Francisco for two-and-half decades, I spent a lot of time in the downtown area.  That meant constantly walking by the homeless.  It was apparent that these people were not just down on their luck and stuck in a difficult phase.  Instead, they were quite obviously either mentally ill or substance abusers — or both.  Additionally, I have a friend who chose a different life path from mine.  While she has always worked and is someone of great personal integrity, several people in her social circle are homeless.  Knowing their stories, I can tell you with certainty that what drives their homelessness is a combination of mental illness (often from fetal alcohol syndrome or terrific child abuse) and substance abuse.  My observations are consistent with the data, which show that most people on the street are indeed mentally ill or have substance abuse problems.  And I do wonder if our increasingly permissive drug culture accounts for the escalating number of people suffering these plagues, for a lot of mentally ill people self-medicate.

Republican Mackenzie Kelly Wins Austin City Council Runoff.  Local Paper Declines to Cover It.  In a stunning upset, Republican Mackenzie Kelly defeated Democrat incumbent Jimmy Flannigan in Austin's District 6 runoff Tuesday.  Kelly ran on a platform that includes restoring police department funding and ending the city's permissive homeless camping ordinance.  She won with 52% to Flannigan's 48%, a margin of just about 700 votes overall.  Kelly's win, and Republican Jennifer Virden's near-win in District 10, may signal a major shift in Austin voters' thinking.  The Democrat-dominated city was already up in arms over the homeless camping ordinance, which allows homeless people to camp just about anywhere they want all over the city (except city hall) since the council passed it unanimously in the summer of 2019.  That has led to encampments under overpasses and even on the fringes of neighborhoods all over Austin.

Report: Homelessness Soars to Record Heights in New York City.  The number of individuals without a roof over their heads is soaring in New York City, according to new figures from 4 NY/NY Housing, a coalition of homeless advocacy groups.  A record 21,210 single homeless men and women were in New York City's homeless system in the month of October[.]  The number includes an all-time record number of single men, 15,369, and a near-record of single women, 4,841, according to the new data, as reported by CBS News.  The number does not include individuals and families living on the streets or those living in private shelters.

Homeless families sue the city over Wi-Fi installation, demand internet by January 2021.  A group of homeless families is suing the city over the de Blasio administration's plan to install Wi-Fi in family homeless shelters across New York, arguing the effort won't get students internet fast enough, the Daily News has learned.  Filed in Manhattan Federal Court, the lawsuit calls for a judge to force the city to get Wi-Fi in all family shelters across the city no later than Jan. 4, 2021 — the first day of school after winter break.  "My son still struggles with completing his classes.  One minute he's online, the next he's not," said one of the homeless parents suing, who asked to remain anonymous.

Seattle homelessness explodes, with no end in sight.  Homelessness is exploding in Seattle.  Tents engulf city parks, kids find needles on playgrounds and many homeless people get violent.  The only effective tool the city had to tackle the problem was just gutted by an ideologically-driven City Council.  The Navigation Team (commonly known as the "Nav Team") was a specialized unit of Seattle police and social workers connecting the homeless with resources, like shelter or health care, while removing encampments.  The latter point earned the ire of the irredeemably progressive City Council, which considers encampment removals to be "inhumane" or against public health interests.  Under the defund police movement, the Council gutted the entire team in August.

Anarchy in New York?  In New York City, it feels as though things are getting out of control.  When wildcat protests can take over the streets, blocking traffic at will while cops indicate they have been ordered to stand down, one observes a lack of order.  Homeless drug addicts set up camp on lower Broadway and shoot up openly — a sight hard to imagine not long ago, but now common.  Hotels on the Upper West Side have been converted into homeless shelters; when neighbors complain about random crime, public defecation, and harassment, local elected officials excoriate them as racists.

Voting resources available to help Michiganders who face homelessness.  Voting resources are now available for Michiganders who face homelessness.  The state is providing outreach to help people experiencing homelessness learn more about their voting rights, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced Wednesday.  This includes an online tool kit with information about voting, and training for advocacy organizations that serve homeless Michiganders.

The Editor says...
In my opinion, most homeless people are homeless either because of drug addiction, mental illness, or spending a lifetime making faulty decisions.  In any of those cases, they should not vote.

NYC officials reveal plans to permanently move hundreds of homeless men into Radisson hotel near Wall Street.  New York City officials are facing renewed controversy after unveiling their plan to relocate homeless men from a luxury hotel on the Upper West Side to another hotel near Wall Street.  The city's Department of Homeless Services (DHS) announced on Friday [9/25/2020] that roughly 300 people living at a makeshift shelter in the Lucerne Hotel will be moved to a Radisson hotel in the Financial District after Upper West Side residents complained about drug use and lewd displays taking over their streets.  Over the past month Mayor Bill de Blasio has gone back and forth about how to address backlash surrounding his decision to place some 13,000 of the city's homeless population in hotels that were left empty as the coronavirus crisis disrupted tourism.

The Editor says...
Packing the hotels with smelly old bums is likely to disrupt tourism, too.

Suspected subway saboteur charged for causing train derailment: cops.  The man suspected of causing a Manhattan subway derailment by tossing metal construction debris onto the tracks was hit with a number of charges for the vandalism on Sunday night, police said.  Demetrius Harvard, 30, is accused of chucking the material onto the tracks at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue as an uptown A-train was pulling into the station at about 8:20 a.m, authorities said.  The suspected subway saboteur was hit with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, assault and criminal trespass charges in the incident that created delays to the transit system, officials said.

Manhattan subway train derails after 'laughing homeless man throws metal clamps onto the tracks'.  Police in New York have arrested a homeless man who placed metal clamps on subway tracks and watched, laughing, as a train derailed, injuring three people.  The incident occurred in the West Village, as the uptown A train was entering the 14th St - Eighth Avenue station at 8:17 am.  The homeless man had found a pile of tie plates, which are normally used to secure the train tracks to the foundations, on a pile of construction materials at the 14th St. station, police sources told the New York Daily News.

Aurora's Martin Luther King Jr.  Library employees see increase in homeless people living outside front doors.  An employee at Martin Luther King Jr.  Library in Aurora says she and other co-workers have reached a breaking point both mentally and emotionally when it comes to the homeless individuals outside the library's doors.  "I don't think you should leave any job and feel haunted," said one employee, who did not want to be identified.  "But to leave the library and go home at night and all you can hear are the flashbacks of screams or seeing someone punched in the face..."  She was speaking about the increase in people experiencing homelessness who have started living right outside the library's front doors.

The Burning of Minneapolis.  [Scroll down]  The story of the former Midtown Sheraton is the story of America in 2020.  Built to help anchor the redevelopment of the Lake Street area in 2005, it morphed into a volunteer-staffed homeless shelter during the riots as soon as the paying guests evacuated.  As many as 300 people moved in almost overnight; the communitarian project ceased just two weeks later when the building's owner kicked everyone out amid reports of drug use and general unruliness.  Many evicted residents did the only logical thing and walked about a quarter-mile south to Powderhorn Park, a blindingly green depression in the earth enclosing ballfields and an idyllic lake.  Handsome Victorian houses line the surrounding hilltop streets.  A large homeless encampment soon formed along the rim of the depression.  The parks police initially gave the new arrivals 72 hours to leave, but the parks board did not want to deepen an existing humanitarian catastrophe and opted to suspend enforcement until a solution could be found.

'Serial grifter' avoids eviction from woman's West Village home: suit.  A West Villager has been tormented for more than a year by a messy, obstinate roommate who has been refusing to pay rent or move out, according to shocking court papers.  Barrow Street resident Heidi Russell's short-term renter, Kate Gladstone, is a "serial grifter" who has become a long-term nightmare, taking over her apartment, repeatedly spritzing her with cleaning chemicals and basically squatting for free, the court papers claim.  It's been so unbearable, Russell often flees her two-bedroom apartment during the day, just to get away from Gladstone.  "She's turned me into a homeless person during the pandemic," said Russell.

Billionaire's Row homeless shelter on hold again after court victory for neighbors.  The battle over a homeless shelter on Midtown's Billionaire's Row has tipped in favor of the neighbors who oppose it.  A state appeals court last week overturned a ruling that the 150-person men's shelter — planned for the former Park Savoy Hotel on West 58th Street — could go forward because the building was deemed to be safe.  The reversal said more information was needed "on whether the building's use is consistent with general safety and welfare standards," sending the matter back to a lower court for further review.

So much for end to hotel homeless:  De Blasio moves men into boutique Brooklyn rooms.  Dozens of homeless men were moved into a Downtown Brooklyn boutique hotel Friday — just days after Mayor Bill de Blasio said he's looking to end the city's emergency coronavirus shelter program.  During four different times Friday afternoon, The [New York] Post observed four yellow buses drop off more than 40 vagrants with their belongings in trash bags at the Hotel Indigo on Duffield Street, where a sign on the front door read that it "cannot accommodate reservations" for guests and redirected those with reservations to a nearby Sheraton hotel.  An NYPD cop on site confirmed to The Post that there were no homeless residents living at the hotel between Fulton and Willoughby streets and city sources said it is being converted into a men's shelter.

Local residents complain neighborhood overrun by homeless, many relocated into West Side hotels.  For Hell's Kitchen resident Bernadette Mastrangel, a lunch date with a friend ended ugly — discourtesy of an unhinged and uninvited guest.  A bare-chested homeless man, wearing a red, white and blue cowboy hat, flew into a rage when the restaurant manager told him the bathroom was for customers only.  "[...]!" he screamed before turning on Mastrangel's pal at a nearby table.  "He goes crazy, started yelling at us, gets in our faces," recalled Mastrangel, an eight-year neighborhood resident.  "And he spits into her food."  The bizarre and unprovoked incident comes as residents of the Manhattan neighborhood complain their streets are increasingly overrun with the homeless, many relocated to local hotels during the pandemic.

'This will bankrupt the city': Nearly 20% of New York's hotels are being used to house 13,000 homeless people.  Nearly 20 percent of New York City's hotels are being used to shelter the homeless in a widely criticized initiative that some say will 'bankrupt' the city and drive its wealthy residents out for good.  Since the start of the pandemic, 13,000 homeless people have been moved out of shelters and into hotels around the city.  Currently, 139 of the city's 700-odd hotels are being used.  De Blasio is paying the hotels $175 per person per night, according to sources who are familiar with the scheme, which puts the cost at more than $2 million a night.

De Blasio reveals he wants to buy empty NYC buildings and turn them into affordable housing after moving 13,000 homeless into hotels.  Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday revealed a plan to buy properties around the city and turn them into permanent affordable housing, after moving more than 10,000 homeless people into hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic and shaming rich residents who have left the city as 'fair weather friends'.  At a press conference on Friday, he did not say which type of buildings the city had its eye on and the city is refusing to give more details, citing 'privacy concerns'.  De Blasio only said there was an 'opportunity to get creative' now when it came to finding housing for New York's homeless.  It presents a stark scenario for landlords or building owners who may be struggling to collect rent from current tenants, many of whom — both commercial and residential — have absconded.

NYC 'illegally' housing pedophiles near Upper West Side playground.  The city dumped at least six homeless pedophiles, all still on parole, at a luxury Upper West Side hotel just a block from an elementary-school playground — an apparent violation of state law, online records show.  The outrage is only the latest slap in the face to residents of the Manhattan neighborhood — who as The [New York] Post reported have had to deal with everything from public urination to open drug use since the city began moving hundreds of homeless into the area amid the coronavirus.

Hundreds of new homeless turn UWS into a spectacle of drugs and harassment: residents.  Upper West Side residents say three hotels that are housing hundreds of homeless men during the coronavirus pandemic have turned the area into a spectacle of public urination, catcalling and open drug use.  Among those staying at the luxury Belleclaire on Broadway and the Lucerne on West 79th Street, and the more down-market Belnord on West 87th Street, are people who are mentally ill, recovering from drug addictions, and registered sex offenders.  Ten sex offenders are staying in a single hotel — the Belleclaire, which is just one block from the playground of PS 87.

Homeless druggies are making life difficult for NYC church.  A struggling Manhattan church has been forced to block off the steps to its front door to keep homeless druggies from defiling the sacred space, The [New York] Post has learned.  Prayers alone weren't enough to protect the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Hell's Kitchen from temporary residents of The Watson Hotel nearby, so a makeshift barricade built out of a clothes-drying rack and twine now bars the entrance to the house of God.  "These people would come and crap all over the stairs!" an outraged church member said Wednesday [7/29/2020].

Apparent junkies turn stretch of NYC's Midtown into a shooting gallery.  A cluster of junkies has turned Broadway into a shooting gallery, injecting drugs unhampered in broad daylight and then shuffling around in a zonked-out stupor, seemingly oblivious to the Midtown bustle around them, The [New York] Post has learned.  If that wasn't enough, the addicts are peppering the area with used syringes, turning individual planters on 40th Street and Broadway into mini needle parks.  "They've taken over the tables, blatantly using needles and shooting up heroin all day long," said a local worker who asked that he only be identified as James.  "There's no police action, there's no reach-out.  There's nobody preventing this, and you know we've had multiple calls to 311 but nobody really responds.  It's becoming a real problem."

Homeless encampment in NYC getting 'bigger' despite de Blasio's 'crackdown'.  An entrenched group of homeless people is making life miserable for residents and merchants in Manhattan's East Village — despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's vow to "do whatever it takes" to break up such encampments.  The vagrants are living under a stretch of scaffolding along Second Avenue between East Seventh and East Eighth streets, where they've arranged cast-off furniture and set up a tarp under which two men were sleeping Friday afternoon [7/24/2020].

Minneapolis Park Board votes to reduce size of homeless encampments.  The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on Wednesday night voted to limit the homeless tent camps that have sprung up across the city's parks, including the two sprawling encampments in Powderhorn Park.  The unanimous vote sets boundaries to a previous resolution passed by parks leaders a month ago that allowed the homeless to stay overnight in parks in response to the growing Powderhorn encampments.  The Park Board will designate a select number of parks for encampments and disband any others that are not permitted.  Before Wednesday's [7/15/2020] vote, dozens of residents complained at the Park Board meeting about the homeless encampments, arguing the parks had become dangerous for visitors, surrounding neighbors and the campers themselves.  They said they had become the site of constant drug use, violence and other illicit behavior.

Growing number of homeless encampments in Denver alarming to neighbors, schools and families.  It may be a colorful spectacle lining the park directly in front of the State Capitol building, but it's hardly home sweet home.  "This ain't no good," said a homeless woman who asked us only to identify her as L.D. "This ain't no way to live.  It's cliché to say the struggle is real, but it is."  "These are people who have no housing," said Terese Howard, homeless advocate with Denver Homeless Out Loud.  "They have nowhere else to go."  Homeless encampments are growing exponentially in Denver, 'tent cities' if you will — exposing an ugly truth in the Mile High City.

The Editor says...
It's a little late to get agitated now, isn't it?  The time to be alarmed and take action is the moment you see the first homeless bum camped on a public sidewalk.

Homeless camp in Denver.  This is the scene directly in front of the Denver state capital building.  [Video clip]

Close to 20 Percent of NYC Hotels are Housing the Homeless.  Since the virus swept through the city in March, the de Blasio administration has been sending thousands of homeless people from large, crowded shelters to hotels where they can practice social distancing in their own rooms.  There are about 700 hotels in New York City.  One hundred and thirty-nine of them are occupied by homeless people.  That means almost 20 percent of the city's hotels are operating at least, in part, as homeless shelters.  Sixty-three of those hotels took in homeless people from the city over the last three months because of COVID-19.  It's unclear when they will leave.

Accommodating Dysfunction.  One recent morning a disheveled, visibly disturbed man ran frantically around the lobby of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, the historic and elegant property located at the crest of tony Nob Hill.  As one of San Francisco's designated Front-Line Worker Housing (FLWH) hotels, it's reserved for health-care and public-safety employees working on Covid-19 related matters.  But San Francisco is surreptitiously placing homeless people in luxury hotels by designating them as emergency front-line workers, a term that the broader community understands to mean doctors, nurses, and similar professionals.  "Do I look scary to you?" the man demanded.  "They're trying to evict me because I wanted more towels but I'm homeless!  They called the cops on me."  He dashed out the door and around the grand circular entrance, where two police officers attempted to resolve the situation.  Soon a cab pulled up and an inebriated couple emerged, holding full plastic trash bags.  They fought, screaming at each other until the woman entered the lobby and her partner lit a meth pipe in the garage area.  More "front-line workers."

Minneapolis neighborhood which vowed NOT to call cops after George Floyd's death is now struggling with a 300-person homeless camp in their local park.  A Minnesota neighborhood where many residents vowed not to call the cops on people in their community following the death of George Floyd, are finding it difficult to come up with alternatives after about 300 homeless people have set up camp in a local park.  Those who live nearby where Floyd was killed at the hands of cops on May 25 welcomed dozens of tents to Powderhorn Park while the displaced people look for permanent accommodation, urging officials not to evict them for now.  But in the past two weeks since they've been using the open space, people living near the park have complained about a heavy flow of traffic keep them up at night as drug dealers.  Two people in the encampment have already been taken away in ambulances after overdosing.

Atlanta riot shows the left's downhill in slide in racializing police incidents.  As tragic as officer-involved shootings of anyone is, not all of them are worth burning down a Wendy's for.  For radical activists and their enablers, this act is getting old fast. [...] [I]n contrast to the George Floyd case, where the victim died pleading to breathe on video with a bad cop's knee on his neck for 8 minutes, we now have someone who was driving while intoxicated (hello, MADD), sleeping on the grounds of a fast food joint, grabbing an officer's taser while under arrest, and using the taser against police.  And Wendy's is the bad guy?  Police are the bad guys?  This looks like the sort of nonsense that goes on at every fast food joint in inner cities every week.  Transients and drug users are often found at these establishments because of the low-cost food and availability of public restrooms.  Just read the Yelp! reviews of any inner-city McDonald's or In-N-Out burger, there will always be mentions of homeless as part of the user experience.

A Fantasy With a Predictable Ending.  Liberals are talking about doing away with police forces.  How would that work, exactly?  What if someone commits a crime?  They have no answers, beyond humming a few bars of "Imagine."  In Minneapolis, activists tried to realize another left-wing fantasy, to the cheers of journalists.  On June 4, the Star Tribune headlined:  "Volunteers turned former Sheraton Hotel in Minneapolis into sanctuary for homeless." [...] Minneapolis police abandoned their own 3rd Precinct station to the mob, which proceeded to burn it, because authorities were afraid of being perceived as "brutal."  A lot of good it did them. [...] A lefty filmed what a nice hotel looks like after a few days of being used as a homeless shelter that more or less encourages heroin and meth use:  [Video clip]

'Sanctuary Hotel' evicts those given refuge from riots after every room is trashed; squatters plan to stay.  The owner of the vacant Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel opened its doors last week as a sanctuary for people trying to avoid the Black Lives Matter riots, to include left-wing activists and the homeless.  The hotel, which was heavily damaged during the riots, quickly became a homeless commune and community organizers launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise well over $100,000, with carloads of other donations pouring in, the Star Tribune reported.  But those who took refuge, reportedly over 200 people, are now being kicked to the curb as they've turned the hotel into a shantytown marked by squalor and rampant drug use.

Homeless evicted from former Minneapolis hotel after drug overdose.  A report of a drug overdose led to the eviction Tuesday of more than 200 homeless people from a hotel in south Minneapolis that had become a refuge during protests that erupted in the wake of George Floyd's killing in police custody.  Residents of the former Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel, tucked just north of Lake Street on Chicago Avenue, awoke to reports that the hotel's fire alarm was pulled after 6 a.m. following an overdose.  The hotel owner, Jay Patel, has ordered the eviction of all the guests, according to volunteers at the site.  The sudden eviction marks the second time in two weeks that large numbers of homeless people have been forced to vacate a temporary site, and could hamper efforts by a team of volunteers to find them more permanent housing.

NYC shelter
Homeless sleep inches from each other on shelter stairs after they're cleared out of subways.  This is what Mayor Bill de Blasio's "historic" success in clearing out the homeless from the subways looks like.  The photo [left] was taken at the Bellevue Men's Shelter on Tuesday night [5/12/2020], hours after the mayor touted his office's ability to get the homeless off the streets and into shelters, where they're "accepting help."  It turns out that "help" includes curling up on a staircase or on the floor, mere inches from others amid a global pandemic, on makeshift cardboard "beds."

Free Booze, Pot, and Smokes for San Francisco's Homeless.  San Francisco officials deny direct involvement in a controversial program, funded by private sources, that provides free alcohol, cannabis, and cigarettes to homeless people living in the city's hotels during the Covid-19 outbreak.  After news about the special deliveries was leaked and caused embarrassment on social media, the city's Department of Public Health issued a statement claiming that "rumors that guests of San Francisco's alternative housing program are receiving taxpayer-funded deliveries of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco are false."  Except they're not false.  DPH, which administers and oversees the program, is staffed by city workers, including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and security personnel.  The department manages, stores, and distributes the substances.  Employee time is involved.  Thus, the program is financed by taxpayers, even if an outside group provides some of the funding.  According to DPH spokesperson Jenna Lane, the philanthropists who helped purchase the substances wish to remain anonymous.

Glitzy NYC hotel takes in homeless from overcrowded shelters.  A glitzy Manhattan hotel has opened its doors to the city's homeless to ease crowding at shelters during the coronavirus.  Dozens of former shelter residents spent Friday night [5/8/2020] checking into the Bentley Hotel on the Upper East Side, where more than $200-a-night rooms offer stunning views of the East River and 59th Street Bridge.  The men marveled at the plush digs as they were processed through the lobby of the luxury hotel, grateful to leave what they described as dangerously crowded, drug-ridden shelters thanks to the non-profit DOE Fund.

Homeless People In San Francisco Hotel Rooms Are Being Given Free Alcohol And Drugs.  The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) confirmed in a tweet Tuesday that homeless people put up in hotels are being given free alcohol and drugs.  A Twitter user named "T Wolf" who calls himself a "formerly homeless addict," sent a tweet this week saying he's heard reports of homeless people getting free alcohol, marijuana and methadone.  "I just found out that homeless placed in hotels in SF are being delivered Alcohol, Weed and Methadone because they identified as an addict/alcoholic for FREE.  You're supposed to be offering treatment.  This is enabling and is wrong on many levels," he said.

This is an open admission that homeless people live aboard mass transit vehicles:
Subway closure 'outright disaster' for the homeless who have few safe shelter options, advocates say.  Homeless New Yorkers will face an even more threatening and dangerous situation when the city shuts down the subway system from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., according to advocates.  The shutdown was announced by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio in a joint press conference on Thursday [4/30/2020].  Cuomo said closing the subway for those hours would allow the cars to be sanitized every 24 hours during the novel coronavirus pandemic.  De Blasio said that it would also benefit any homeless people who ride the subway during that time.

Malodorous bums only, please.
Seattle will reopen 5 library bathrooms during coronavirus pandemic.  Seattle will reopen five library bathrooms to better meet some of the hygiene needs of the more than 3,500 people living unsheltered in the city during the coronavirus pandemic, the city announced Tuesday afternoon [4/21/2020].  Restrooms at the Ballard, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, University and Central Library branches will be open for public use between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day.  The Ballard and Beacon Hill branches will open Thursday, and the other locations will reopen Monday, according to the city.  No services other than the restrooms at the libraries will be made available.  "Equity is an important value to the Library and I believe we have an opportunity to support our most vulnerable neighbors by providing restroom access during the COVID-19 crisis," Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner said in a statement.

A simple question nobody wants to answer: what percentage of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths are accounted for by the homeless?  Almost everyone acknowledges that the homeless population is at great risk of coronavirus, but so far as I have been able to determine, nobody is telling us the percentage of the hospitalized cases and the deaths are accounted for by that same population — nationally or in specific locales.  California's Governor Gavin Newsom authorized funding for housing homeless in trailers and hotel rooms, but so far, few of them have taken advantage of the offer.  I know we are supposed to have nothing but compassion for the homeless, and my heart breaks for those of them who are not drug-addicted and irresponsible.  But the evidence of my eyes is that many I have encountered in the Bay Area are drug addicts who prefer to shun all responsibilities.

The progressive narrative on homelessness has always been wrong.  In recent years, discussion about homelessness has been circumscribed around a set of premises acceptable to progressive opinion.  The homeless were thrown onto the streets, we're told, because of rising rents, heartless landlords, and a lack of economic opportunity.  Activists, journalists, and political leaders have perpetuated this line of reasoning and, following it to its conclusion, have proposed investing billions in subsidized housing to solve homelessness.  But new data are undermining this narrative.  As residents of West Coast cities witness the disorder associated with homeless encampments, they have found it harder to accept the progressive consensus — especially in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, which has all Americans worried about contagion.  An emerging body of evidence confirms what people see plainly on the streets:  homelessness is deeply connected to addiction, mental illness, and crime.  Homeless advocates argue that substance abuse is a small contributor to the problem, and that no more than 20 percent of the homeless population abuses drugs. [...] But according to a recent Los Angeles Times investigation, 46 percent of the homeless and 75 percent of the unsheltered homeless have a substance-abuse disorder — more than three times higher than official estimates from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

As Trump wins praise for effective coronavirus response, blue cities do opposite, threatening its spread it through homelessness.  The left's blue cities do all they can to encourage and reward homelessness, amounting to the country's great enabler of homelessness as a lifestyle.  Blue cities employ and are expanding gargantuan bureaucracies dedicated to "servicing" the homelessness, which encourages a hunt for more "clients."  San Francisco alone spends $77,000 per homeless "client."  They also refuse to enforce quality of life laws, such as those against vagrancy, public camping, drug use, public alcohol consumption, prostitution, and public urination and defecation, promoting homelessness even more.  Some are encouraging squatting on private property.  Others are permitting the homeless to take over public parks and spaces.  Some, such as Bill de Blasio's New York, are secretly busing the homeless to other cities to keep them from creating problems in their own cities.  It's a massive tax on those who own the overpriced homes in those cities, but taxes are the left's bread and butter.  It's a money merry-go-round, all done in the name of "compassion."

Democrats in Ohio, California and Oregon Push Laws Demanding That Private Property Owners Allow Homeless to Camp on Their Land.  A very disturbing video was posted on Twitter this weekend.  A homeowner in Los Angeles claims the local government is preventing him from removing a homeless encampment from his property.  According to local Democrats there is no such thing as private property.  The validity of this video was not confirmed.  However, this is not an isolated incident.

The Perfect Storm Of Homelessness & Cesspools Of Filth In The Big Cities.  It's becoming obvious that the epidemic of "homelessness" in America, particularly in the larger West Coast cities, is out of control.  Makeshift shelters and people sleeping on the pavement block sidewalks and spill out onto the streets.  We continually see dirty and unkempt people dressed in everything they own, even in the hottest weather, pushing stolen shopping carts (we pay for those when we buy groceries) laden with all their precious possessions, consisting of piles of rags and trash.  They soon discard these and wander off to steal more shopping carts and accumulate more treasures, leaving their previous horde to further block the sidewalks and even spill out onto the streets, making driving more dangerous.  And the "homeless" tend to jaywalk without looking for oncoming vehicles, making them a tempting target for some of us.  And they leave huge piles of trash and garbage on the streets and sidewalks, and, increasingly, puddles of urine and piles of [feces].  The phony environmentalists are okay with this, as excrement washes into drainage ditches, rivers, and the ocean.

What's Really Driving the Homelessness Crisis.  For the past decade, progressive political leaders, activists, and media organizations have insisted that housing costs are the primary cause of homelessness.  There is some truth to that:  It's obvious that in the largest West Coast cities, where a one-bedroom apartment rents for at least $2,000 a month, it's more difficult for low-income individuals to afford stable housing.  However, as an emerging body of evidence shows, homelessness in America's West Coast cities — particularly unsheltered homelessness — is not driven primarily by high housing costs, but rather by three interrelated phenomena: addiction, mental illness, and permissive public policies.  In cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, residents have complained about rampant public drug consumption, psychotic episodes, and millions of used hypodermic needles that have been discarded on city streets.  Still, despite the obvious visible evidence, progressive political leaders have insisted on the fiction that addiction and mental illness are only a small part of the homelessness crisis.

Homeless people are pictured all over New York's Grand Central and Penn stations.  The scenes at Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station in New York have been pictured amid an apparent homeless crisis that is reportedly making the lives of commuters and tourists a misery.  Images show displaced Americans trying to sleep on floors and even trash cans as travelers and business people go about their daily lives, while other photographs captured this weekend show them tucked up discreetly on benches and at food hall dining tables.  But some pictures show panhandlers begging for money as people run to catch trains or stop to grab refreshments, and it has reportedly made people dread using the stations in Midtown Manhattan.

On Leaving the Golden State.  The fabled Ventura Highway is all that separates my artist loft from the beach where surfing first came to the United States. [...] Once my coffee is brewed, my cat and I go hang out on the patio where I may or may not have to chase someone away that is stealing electricity as for some crazy reason all the homeless have smart phones and other electric gadgets but few means to charge them.  From my patio on the 2nd floor landing, I can look down into the central courtyard and, if early enough in the day, sometimes see people crawling out of the bushes so as to relieve themselves against a wall.  Making this problem worse is the fact that I live around a bunch of retired hippies and there is no one on Earth less capable of doing anything than a hippie.  One thing that many of them have not figured out is that they should lock down their WiFi.  Frankly, the quickest way to attract the kind of person that would steal a cat toy, potted plant, bicycle or everything out of your car is to have a neighbor or two broadcasting free WiFi.

This vagrant is why homeless-outreach workers are fleeing Penn Station.  The vagrant whose alleged threats got a homeless outreach nonprofit to flee the transit hub in fear last weekend was holding court — and spewing hate at cops — there Thursday [2/20/2020].  Eugene Watts was spotted sipping a brown-bag beer in the station one day after The Post reported that embattled nonprofit Bowery Residents Committee up and abandoned its satellite office there because he allegedly threatened to shoot workers.  Watts, who claims to be a former boxer, remained defiant Thursday.  "Mr. Eugene Watts, you have five minutes to leave," one of two passing Amtrak cops on patrol at the busy transit hub was heard telling Watts on Thursday.  "There is a warrant out for your arrest."

Homelessness in New York City:  Here are the statistics.  Like several other major cities, New York is feeling the effects of the homelessness crisis.  The last homelessness survey was taken in January of 2019 by "Continuums of Care," which passed the data along to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Here are the numbers.  In 2019, the overall number of homeless residents was 78,604.  The vast majority of them, 74,982, were in shelters while 3,622 were not.  This represents a slight decrease from 2018 when the total number was 78,676, with 74,965 in shelters or transitional housing and 3,711 being unsheltered.  There were 13,806 homeless family households with at least one adult and one child in 2019, compared to 14,261 in 2018.  In both years, all of the families were in some type of shelter or housing.

Giving up on getting the homeless out of Penn Station.  The [New York] Post just caught the Bowery Residents' Committee once again failing to do its contracted work of "counseling" subway homeless into shelters — half a year after an audit by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli slammed the nonprofit for persistently delivering far less than its contracts with the city and the MTA require.  Post reporters found the BRC office at Penn Station closed and its workers nowhere to be found.  They then learned that the nonprofit shut it down "indefinitely" on Saturday after a vagrant who's still at-large made a death threat.  So much for BRC's contract with the MTA and Amtrak to do outreach in the transit hub.  Workers say they put up a sign directing homeless wanting help to an office eight blocks away.  If so, someone tore it down — indeed, we found several homeless sleeping on the office's doorstep.

Las Vegas's homelessness crackdown takes effect.  With no state income tax and dwindling federal support for social services, Nevada has long been ill-equipped to treat problems associated with homelessness.  Clark county, which encompasses Las Vegas, recently committed $12m in marijuana tax revenue to homelessness prevention.  The city, meanwhile, has invested $20m to increase capacity at the open-air Courtyard Homeless Resource Center.  Yet no one is claiming those are adequate solutions.  Las Vegas seems to accept that it's embarking on a divisive social experiment, one with serious repercussions for displaced people.

NYC Business owners in Grand Central say the homeless have "taken over".  Most of the time, when we're discussing the spreading crisis of homelessness here, we're talking about the west coast.  But the problem isn't exclusive to California and Washington by any means.  There are plenty of homeless across the country, including New York City.  But unlike Los Angeles, the Big Apple experiences real winters with snow, sleet and freezing temperatures.  That means that the homeless can't just crash on the sidewalks and they need to find a place indoors to stay warm.

Squeegee men, scourge of the '90s, are back in New York.  Just when you thought they were washed up, the notorious squeegee men are streaking back to Big Apple streets.  The panhandling window-washers, who became the face of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's quality-of-life crackdown in the 1990s, were back peddling their spotty services in Manhattan over the weekend.  A trio of the in-your-face glass swabbers were spotted plying their trade on 40th Street and Ninth Avenue on Sunday — figures from the annals of New York City history that some folks weren't in the mood for.

Lefty feel-gooders conjure up homelessness in Aspen.  If we didn't have a "homelessness problem," the left would have to invent one.  Which is what they're now doing here in my town of Aspen.  The local lefties, which is to say nearly the whole town, have decided to throw more taxpayer money at ending the homelessness epidemic here.  "Epidemic" is of course a relative term.  Anecdotal and observational evidence suggests that this very, very rich town of 6,500 people holds exactly one homeless person.  Everyone calls him "The Homeless Guy."  The Homeless Guy doesn't sleep outside.  It gets a tad chilly here in the winter for that.  He instead has a home away from homelessness.  The Catholic church downtown apparently puts him up.  The church says he's not alone.  They say there are 22 altogether, though they're apparently never all together.  I live in downtown Aspen and I haven't seen them.

Governor, mayor battle over Austin homelessness as progressive city's crisis deepens.  A growing homeless crisis in the Texas capital has the governor and mayor clashing, and Austin residents say the progressive city in a red state seems to be losing ground.  The city's plight has prompted a war of words between Mayor Steve Adler and Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who has not been shy about criticizing policies he says make the situation worse.  Abbott took to his personal Twitter account to say the city's ordinances are "dangerous for everyone" after a homeless man fatally stabbed another man, then jumped off a building and later died from his injuries.

Homeless Coalition Pushing Tax Increase To Alleviate 'Crisis'.  Some Denver voters will soon be asked how they would feel about paying increased sales taxes, property taxes and other taxes to raise $50 million to $55 million a year to support Denver's homeless population.  The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless said Tuesday [1/28/2020] they are hiring a pollster to begin the process of getting a tax increase on the November 2020 ballot.

Proposal for more sanctioned homeless encampments in Seattle raises public safety concerns.  Seattle could see more tiny home villages pop up across the city.  On Wednesday, City Council members will discuss a proposal to add dozens more sanctioned homeless encampments.  The proposal would allow 40 sanctioned encampments, each having up to 100 residents.  The city's legislation would exempt churches and religious groups from acquiring a land use permit, making it easier to set up the tiny home villages and run them.

Homeless deaths spike amid all-time high in population under Mayor de Blasio.  More homeless New Yorkers died last year than in any other in the past decade — despite promises by Mayor Bill de Blasio to make their lives better.  Homeless deaths from July 2018 through June 2019 totaled 404 — a staggering 39% increase from the previous fiscal year and the highest number since 2006, when the city began recording the deaths.  Sixty percent died in a hospital.  The rest died outdoors or in other places that the city didn't specify in its annual report, which is mandated by law.  The top five causes of the deaths:  drugs, heart disease, alcoholism, unspecified accidents and cancer.

McDonald's store blasts bagpipe music for 24 hours a day to ward off homeless people.  A 24-hour McDonald's in California blasted bagpipe music in an unsuccessful attempt to ward away homeless people from outside its restaurant, and ended up infuriating neighbors instead.  The McDonald's in midtown Sacramento played the Scottish music 24/7, but the homeless people were visibly still sticking around.  Finally, the music stopped when neighbors complained.

The Editor says...
If you live close enough to McDonald's to hear their background music, you really should look for another residence.

Street-level view of homelessness.  Homeless people wear layers of clothing because they have no closets.  They are dirty and may smell because they have no bathrooms.  They litter because they don't have a place they care about and have lost the sense of responsibility that comes from living in a structured society.  All of this can be changed.

Homeless man turns Manhattan Whole Foods into his personal hot bar.  A drooling and pungent homeless man made double-dipping look like child's play at a Midtown Whole Foods, grabbing from the hot food bar with his bare hands to stuff his bearded face — as employees just chuckled and said they were powerless to stop him.  A [New York] Post photo editor had just plunked down $17 for a jerk chicken dinner at the store across from Bryant Park Sunday night when he spotted the grungy gourmand ignoring numerous "no sampling" signs to treat the bar like his personal feed-bag.

Las Vegas strip club comes under fire after tents branded with its Logo are erected in the city for the homeless.  A strip club in Las Vegas has come under fire for providing hundreds of homeless people with tents branded with its logo.  One mother, who wished to remain anonymous, complained that the tents from Deja Vu Showgirls were 'immoral' and 'disgusting,' adding that she was 'taken back' when she saw some tents on Bonanza Road.  She said it caused her children asked [sic] about the establishment.

How Salt Lake City upended the system to use police and shelters to fight homelessness.  [Scroll down]  Greg Hughes, then-speaker of the state's House of Representatives, complained that Utah had become a national joke — particularly because the expanding homeless encampments around The Road Home so obviously disproved the story.  His embarrassment crystallized in 2017, when a homeless man's assault on a visiting minor league baseball player made headlines.  Hughes parlayed the series of events into a $67-million carve-out from the state budget to deploy the Utah Highway Patrol and the state Bureau of Investigation for Operation Rio Grande.  State troopers worked alongside local police, and as many as 100 officers spread out over the quadrant of southwest downtown Salt Lake City near the shelter.  Within a month they made more than 1,000 arrests for offenses from jaywalking to drug dealing.

Progressives Gone Wild.  Homelessness in Seattle has reached a crisis point.  Despite more than $1 billion in public and private spending across King County, more people live on the streets than ever before (a problem that will likely get worse, following the Supreme Court's refusal to address the legality of public camping).  But rather than focus on the causes of homelessness — addiction, mental illness, and social breakdown — progressives in local government have waged war against abstract forces of oppression.  Last week, the leaders of the homelessness response in Seattle and King County hosted their annual conference under the theme of "Decolonizing Our Collective Work."  According to the organizers, the government's primary responsibility in reducing homelessness is to "[interrogate] the current structures of power" and "examine the legacies of structural racism in our systems, and co-design a path towards liberation with black, indigenous, brown and other marginalized communities."

Portland considers "mandatory rest spaces" for the homeless on private property.  Portland, Oregon, like many cities on the left coast, is struggling with a growing homelessness crisis.  But what can they do about it?  One idea that's now being floated is to change the building codes so that all new structures (including private property, not just government buildings) include spaces for people to "rest" and "feel welcome and safe."  This understandably has prospective property owners concerned, since the wording is all quite vague and suggests that they will be forced to allow the homeless to camp in and around their buildings.

Supreme Court weighs whether homeless people have a constitutional right to sleep on the sidewalk.  The Supreme Court has taken up the question of whether homeless people have the constitutional right to sleep on the sidewalk.  The justices on Friday [12/6/2019] were scheduled to hear an appeal of a controversial ruling last year by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, according to the Los Angeles Times.  In the ruling, Judge Marsha Berzon banned cities from prosecuting homeless people for living on the streets.

Judge closes Third Avenue entrance to King County Courthouse, citing security concerns.  A judge ordered Monday [12/2/2019] that the Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle will be closed for the rest of the year, citing safety concerns.  The court has received continued reports of assaults outside the courthouse, Presiding Judge Jim Rogers wrote in the order.  Rogers, who has long been outspoken about what he perceives as a lack of security in the area, said litigants, jurors, attorneys and employees have reported being attacked.

Newark mayor effectively bans NYC's homeless-export program.  Liberal Newark Mayor Ras Baraka is taking a page from President Trump's book — by building a virtual wall between the city and Big Apple homeless shelters.  The City Council passed legislation introduced by Baraka on Monday that would effectively ban New York City from sending its homeless there under the current state of Mayor Bill de Blasio's controversial "Special One-Time Assistance" program.  The move follows an October Post report revealing 5,074 homeless families have relocated to 373 cities with a full year of taxpayer-covered rent since the program's August 2017 inception, according to Department of Homeless Services data obtained by The [New York] Post.  Newark has taken in more families than any other city:  1,198 as of Aug. 31.

Council approves $100,000 to bus homeless out of King County.  King County Council approved $100,000 in funding Wednesday for a program that would bus the homeless outside the county.  Council members earmarked the money as part of $450 million in supplemental funding for the 2019-2021 biennial budget.  Other items in the supplemental budget included money for more electric vehicle chargers, a campaign for human trafficking awareness, and extending a gender identity task force.

Denver Business Owner Fined For Not Cleaning Up Vagrant Poo And Used Needles.  The city of Denver fined a local business owner after he and his staff refused to continue cleaning up after homeless people behind his building, according to CBS Denver. [...] [Jawaid] Bayzar is heading to court on Dec. 18 to fight the citation.  "I'm going to go to court and do my best to argue that the City's treatment of this unfair.  This is a public crime issue and a public health issue and the city is the organization that's responsible for that."

Seattle to shut down a tiny homes village for the homeless because residents won't allow city workers inside.  A battle between the city of Seattle and homeless advocates over the fate of a tiny home village has been going on for seven months.  Recently, the city announced it would shut down Northlake Tiny Home Village for good because the residents there won't allow the city contractors access to the site.

As homeless camps continue to spring up in Austin, Gov. Abbott orders cleanup effort.  State agencies are moving in to clean up Austin, Texas after the capital city became a magnet for homeless vagrants, due to laws allowing people to camp out on the streets.  The project started on Monday morning [11/4/2019] as cleaning crews used leaf blowers and street sweepers to clear debris while they were guarded by state police.

Report: New York City Exporting Its Homeless People To Cities In Texas And Other States.  New York City has a serious homeless problem.  Instead of trying to fix it, they are exporting it.  They are giving taxpayer dollars to homeless people and shipping them off to other cities in other states.

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San Francisco Police Seek Suspect Who Assaulted Woman With Child Near Union Square.  Police in San Francisco are looking for an assailant who struck a mother in the head from behind while she was walking her child on O'Farrell Street on October 17th.  Police released surveillance video which shows a woman holding hands and walking with her child.  They are passed by a man going the opposite direction.  But then the man doubles back and comes up behind the woman and appears to punch her in the head.The woman and child then turn and quickly walk away.  The woman and child were apparently not seriously injured.  [Video clip]

NYC secretly exports homeless to Hawaii and other states without telling receiving pols.  New York City generously shares its homeless crisis with every corner of America.  From the tropical shores of Honolulu and Puerto Rico, to the badlands of Utah and backwaters of Louisiana, the Big Apple has sent local homeless families to 373 cities across the country with a full year of rent in their pockets as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's "Special One-Time Assistance Program."  Usually, the receiving city knows nothing about it.  City taxpayers have spent $89 million on rent alone since the program's August 2017 inception to export 5,074 homeless families — 12,482 individuals — to places as close as Newark and as far as the South Pacific, according to Department of Homeless Services data obtained by The Post.  Families, who once lived in city shelters, decamped to 32 states and Puerto Rico.

Officials bolster security after vagrant found in closed courthouse.  A homeless man wandered onto the floor at Bronx Supreme Court that houses the judges' chambers Friday morning [10/25/2019], prompting state officials to bolster the building's security, the [New York] Post has learned.  Just before 7:45 a.m., a man who appeared to be homeless, entered 851 Grand Concourse Avenue through an unlocked door and rode the elevator to the eighth floor where he sat on a bench.  The building doesn't open to the public until 8 a.m.  After an alarmed staffer spotted the man in the hallway, he took off.

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Here's an idea:  Lock your doors!

Department of Health says hepatitis A outbreak continues in Minnesota.  An outbreak of hepatitis A has continued in Minnesota, according to the state's Department of Health. [...] MDH said a vaccination is especially important for those at high risk, including:
  •   People who use injection and non-injection drugs.
  •   People experiencing homelessness or unstable housing.
  •   People who are currently or were recently incarcerated.

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In other words, the Democrat voter base.

Seattle's RV campers dump an estimated 1 million gallons of raw sewage into waterways per year.  In addition to the homeless who are living in tents on the sidewalk, Seattle is also dealing with an increasing number of people who are living in RVs.  Because these people have no homes, they have nowhere to properly dump the sewage that accumulates in their vehicles.  Instead, the waste gets dumped directly into storm drains that connect to waterways.

The Derangement Syndromes of Our Time.  Who doesn't feel compassion?  Who wouldn't do whatever they can to help someone in need?  But there are intractable problems with compassion gone wild.  In practice, misguided compassion breeds debauchery and dependence.  Anyone wishing to see the former is invited to drive the streets of San Francisco, where they may smell human excrement, tons of which are deposited each week on the sidewalks and gutters by the city's nearly 10,000 homeless.  They may witness thousands of intravenous drug addicts buying and injecting this poison in state-sanctioned acts of slow-motion suicide.  Anyone wishing to see the latter is invited to tour pretty much any legacy housing project in America, where welfare checks and free rent made the presence of a father not merely unnecessary but economically disadvantageous.

The "Supermarket Sweep".  From Seattle to Los Angeles, a "shoplifting boom" is hitting major retailers, which deal with thousands of thefts, drug overdoses, and assaults each year.  Since 2010, thefts increased by 22 percent in Portland, 50 percent in San Francisco, and 61 percent in Los Angeles.  In total, California, Oregon, and Washington reported 864,326 thefts to the FBI last year.  The real figure is likely much higher, as many retailers have stopped reporting most shoplifting incidents to police.  Drug addiction is driving this shoplifting boom.  In recent years, West Coast cities have witnessed an explosion in addiction rates for heroin, fentanyl, and meth; property crime helps feed the habit.  According to federal data, adults with substance-abuse disorders make up just 2.6 percent of the total population but 72 percent of all jail inmates sentenced for property crimes.

Abandoned Newark 'beer baron' mansion apparently set ablaze by squatter.  A 32-room Victorian mansion in Newark suffered extensive fire damage on Thursday night [10/17/2019], leaving the homeless who slept in the abandoned building without a place to stay while city officials determine if the building can be saved.  Janeal Ferguson, who often slept in the mansion at 176 Clinton Ave., told NJ Advance Media someone set the structure ablaze, but declined to say why.  She said a tight-knit group of squatters who often slept there to find a reprieve from the streets would use the fireplaces inside.

Gov. Abbott says Austin's mayor must deal with homeless camping downtown or the state will do it for him.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is not happy with Austin's Democratic Mayor Steve Adler.  Earlier this month, Gov. Abbott sent Adler a letter giving Mayor Adler 30 days to deal with the homeless situation in the city or else.

This city in Idaho is why L.A. can't legally clear its streets of homeless encampments.  The homeless men and women who live in Idaho's largest city are well-nigh invisible.  You might see a line waiting for the main library doors to open.  Or a solitary shape, wrapped in a blanket, sleeping at the base of a bridge along the Boise River.  Or maybe a grizzled veteran holding a cardboard sign at a busy corner.  But just one.  The difference between homelessness in Los Angeles and homelessness in Boise is stark — as in orders of magnitude stark.  There is no skid row here, no Tenderloin like San Francisco's, no American River Parkway as in Sacramento.  Yet, it is this midsize city with its relatively manageable homeless population that is setting the enforcement standards for its much bigger counterparts in the West.

Crazy and Woke on the Western Front of Progressive Insanity.  Thanks to progressive ideology as expressed in laws and court rulings, in California today you cannot arrest and hold vagrants for petty theft or possession of hard drugs; you cannot move them out of public spaces unless you can provide them with free and "permanent supportive housing;" you cannot commit demonstrably insane people to asylums; and publicly funded shelters must offer food and urgent care without any preconditions whatsoever.  Testimonials from residents of Venice Beach provide ample evidence of what happens when you impose these progressive policies on an urban area bordered on the west by some of the most inviting beaches and agreeable weather in the world.  An estimated 1,200 homeless people have set up permanent encampments in this three square mile beach town.  They almost never use actual toilets.

Democrats [are] turning California into a third-world hellhole.  Democrats are doing a great job manufacturing poverty and homelessness even as they fail to instill hope in Californians.  California has four times more homeless per capita and three times more poor per capita than the rest of America.  Half the homeless in America are in California, even though California has only 12% of the U.S. population.  Also, blacks are six times more prevalent in the San Francisco homeless population than they are in California in general.  The homeless explosion has brought the return of third-world diseases like typhus to California — not to mention streets littered with human feces.

Seattle's homeless crisis.  Laura Ingraham addressed the homeless crisis in Seattle during Friday's edition of "The Ingraham Angle," showing exclusive video of the situation as well as reactions from Seattle residents who are concerned about what it's doing to their home.  "I take the train in every day," one resident said.  "So coming just on my train ride from here to the building, seeing the amount of homeless people that we see every day ... I see needles, I see people struggling — and there's people that are trying to solve it."  According to The Seattle Times, a local police officer filed a $10 million claim against the city, alleging he was exposed to an "extremely dangerous man-made toxin" when he was assigned to clean up a homeless camp in the industrial SoDo neighborhood in January.

Seattle police officer files $10M claim against city for exposure to 'toxin' while cleaning homeless camp.  A Seattle police officer filed a $10 million claim against the city Wednesday [9/18/2019], alleging that he was exposed to an "extremely dangerous man-made toxin" when he was assigned to clean up a homeless camp in the industrial SoDo neighborhood in January.  Timothy Gifford claims he was exposed to high concentrations of the toxic chemical compounds polychlorinated biphenyls, (PCBs) that were once widely used in electrical equipment such as capacitors and transformers, according to The Seattle Times.

Don't Move to Austin.  It's Rotting from Within.  [Scroll down]  Mayor Steve Adler and the leftwing city council passed an ordinance allowing the homeless to camp out nearly anywhere they want, all over town (except at city hall). The day this camping went legal, homeless started sleeping in front of businesses and homes.  Tent cities started popping up all over, in medians and under overpasses.  Most of the tent cities are just that — tents like you find at the local sporting good store, plus fabric chairs, bicycles and other visual pollution.  Mayor Adler and company have paid zero heed to what's happening in Los Angeles after it allowed open camping:  demon plagues now beset the City of Angels.  Leprosy itself, that disfiguring disease from the first century, may make a comeback too.  If Austin doesn't change its ways, soon, these medieval blights may descend on the Texas capital.  The tent city I saw on this trip was different.  There were no tents.  This was a series of wooden shacks hugging a beam supporting the 183 highway above.

Seattle Area Council Member Proposes New Plan For Homeless Problem — Bus Homeless People Out Of The City.  Seattle has a massive homeless problem, perhaps only second to Los Angeles, California.  The city has already spent a fortune trying various things to solve the problem but nothing has been effective.  Now an area council is proposing a new fix for the problem.  Bus them to other cities!

Seattle-area council member proposes $1M busing program for homeless.  A Seattle-area council member is pushing a $1 million proposal that would bus homeless people out of the state as part of a "family reunification" plan.  The plan, proposed by King County Councilman Reagan Dunn, would be a one- or two-year pilot program aimed at helping people who have someone in another state willing to take them in but can't afford the cost of getting there.

San Francisco shopkeeper considers closing his store after being bitten by a homeless person for the second time in four months.  A San Francisco shop owner who was been bitten by a homeless man for the second in time in months says he will close his store rather than put up with the 'nuisance'.  Gilles DeSaulniers, 67, said he was trying to subdue a homeless man who had pushed his sister after she tried to eject him for the second time that day from their South of Market store.  But while holding onto him, the man 'twisted his head' and bit the shopkeeper's arm in an attempt to escape.

The Left's determination to destroy us from within.  [Governor Newsom of California], and the rest of the Democrat governors and mayors that destroyed their own states and cities, have not only ruined the municipalities that they control, but have destroyed countless lives — namely, of those who barely subsist on the streets of these cities:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago.  (Chicago and Baltimore are the murder capitals of the nation.  Both have among the strictest gun control laws in the nation.)  They willingly promulgate the drug use of their homeless (they pass out free syringes) and seem to tolerate the vast homeless encampments and all they entail:  discarded needles, public defecation, crime, disease — in short, the destruction of the cities they've been allowed to take over and ruin.

Los Angeles homeless dying in droves.  We've covered a number of stories here dealing with the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles which has been out of control and growing for several years now.  Most of these tales have to do with drug addiction, mental illness, crimes committed both by and against the homeless and people using the streets as their bathrooms.  But there's another, even darker element to this story featured in the LA Times this week.  As it turns out, the homeless are not just living on the streets.  They're dying on them and in large numbers.

With more homeless riding San Francisco trains, crime is up and ridership is down.  Not surprisingly, the numbers are highest in the winter when the number of homeless people is nearly 300 per every hundred train cars.  The increase in the number of homeless riding the trains coincides with an increase in reported crimes, including violent crimes.  In June, the Chronicle reported robberies were up 128 percent over five years while aggravated assaults were up 83 percent.  Those figures appeared in a Grand Jury report which specifically cited homelessness as a major contributor to declining ridership.  And that's the big problem for BART.  The train system was never intended to be a living space for the homeless but that's what it is becoming.

Sacramento's business owners tell how they confront naked junkies and streets covered in feces, urine and syringes.  Cali Carlisle admits she is a heroin addict — 'but in a healthy way,' she insists, even if the visual evidence belies that claim.  Her nose is the brightest shade of red imaginable.  She constantly picks at scabs all over her body.  Her home is a makeshift bed beneath Interstate 80 in Sacramento.  And Monday was her 26th birthday.  Not that you would ever guess.  Anyone looking at her would think she is at least 15 years older.

Twin Cities light-rail trains shouldn't be rolling homeless shelters.  Beginning this week, the 11-mile Green Line light-rail train between downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis will be shut down between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. on weekdays.  Those hours had become peak times for train cars to serve as moving, overnight shelters for the homeless — many of whom were still sleeping as morning commuters came on board.  Cutting all-night service was a sensible move by Metro Transit.  It allows time for train maintenance without riders on board but also discourages those who would use the trains for sleep because they won't be able to ride uninterrupted through the night.  So-called homeless light-rail "sleepers" often take up several seats at a time and test the patience of other riders concerned about safety and cleanliness.

California's Present, Austin's Future.  Wonder where Austin's "Let the homeless do whatever they want, wherever they want, except in front of the city council building" plans lead to? [...] And Austin is already spending $28,000 in taxpayer money for each homeless person.

Video Captures Shocking Extent Of L.A. Homeless Crisis In 4 Minutes.  The latest video by popular man-on-the-street interviewer Austen Fletcher efficiently captures the alarming homeless situation in the city of Los Angeles, particularly the infamous "Skid Row," wherein reside thousands of homeless people — most of whom are either suffering severe psychological problems or substance addiction, and among whom hundreds of sexual predators roam.

Homeless Surge Hits Oakland, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Suburbs.  San Francisco saw its homeless population rise by 17% in the last two years, but the rise in many surrounding counties has been worse.  A report Monday [7/22/2019] by Curbed San Francisco summarizing the figures noted:  "Five out of nine Bay Area Counties — i.e., all of those not located in the North Bay — saw their homeless counts spike during the same period, with each other county showing worse homelessness surges than SF."

Democratic Party has become a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.  The overwhelming majority of the top ten U.S. Metro Areas with the highest homeless rates per 10,000 residents are in cities/states controlled by the Democratic Party.  The same general observation is true when homeless is calculated:  (a) by state per 10K residents:  (b) by percent of homeless sleeping outside:  and (c) by number of people in homelessness.  The Democratic Party excels in poorly governing significantly destitute populations.

Leftists are ignoring settled science when it comes to the homeless.  It is no coincidence that the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are full of homeless people, shooting up drugs and discarding their needles on the sidewalks, defecating and urinating wherever they happen to be standing, sitting, or squatting, and accosting passers-by demanding money.  The left-wing politicians and their voters tolerate and subsidize this behavior, so they attract people who want to live this way in growing numbers.  As the old saying puts it, there's an easy way and a hard way to solve this problem.  And a problem it is, because of the settled science of epidemics.  Already, homeless encampments have led to a population explosion of rats (feeding off the scraps of food that the homeless can't be bothered to dispose of properly) as well as other disease-carrying vermin.

Collapse of Austin into mass homelessness and filth is a warning for all of America.  Leftist-run cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles have been in the news in recent months because of policies that aid and abet homelessness.  Essentially, these policies focus on the decriminalization aspect of homelessness:  Local police and enforcement agencies are no longer empowered to clear streets and keep public areas free of the filth, debris, trash, drug paraphernalia, disease, rodents, and human waste created by masses of humanity.  But West Coast cities aren't the only ones who have exacerbated the problem of homelessness in their communities.  Now the liberal enclave of Austin in deep red Texas has joined the ranks of cities about to be overrun with filth and chaos.  As reported by CBS Austin last month, the city council adopted changes to existing ordinances that criminalized panhandling and 'public camping.'

America's Homeless Industrial Complex.  Government funded programs are rarely considered bargains.  And despite prodigious waste, America's military is nonetheless the most fearsome in the world.  Similarly, despite mismanaging literally billions in proceeds from bonds and taxes collected to help the homeless, in absolute numbers America's population of homeless may actually have declined over the past 10 years.  This surprises a lot of people, but there's a lot more to that story.  According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in 2007 there were 647,000 homeless people in the United States, but by the time the most recent count was released in 2018, that number had declined to 543,000.  Why, if so much money is being wasted, and the homeless crisis seems to be more acute than ever, are the absolute numbers of homeless actually falling?  First of all, the numbers may be incorrect.  These counts may be grossly understated.

San Francisco: wealthy opponents of new shelter claim homeless are bad for environment.  The wealthy San Francisco residents who launched a crowdfunding campaign to block construction of a new homeless shelter in their waterfront neighborhood are employing a new tactic: arguing that homeless people are bad for the environment.  In a lawsuit filed against the city of San Francisco and the California State Lands Commission, the residents called for the project to undergo an environmental review before breaking ground.  "This project will have a significant effect on the environment due to these unusual circumstances, including by attracting additional homeless persons, open drug and alcohol use, crime, daily emergency calls, public urination and defecation, and other nuisances," the lawsuit states.

Austin Goes from Harmlessly Weird to Dangerously Stupid by Legalizing Camping on City Streets.  Austin has long been the weird, liberal capital of Texas.  The rest of Texas just sort of shrugs and puts up with it.  Austin is quirky.  Austin is odd.  Austin lives in its own little world.  Austin is also home to some of the best live music joints anywhere and you have to work pretty hard to find a bad restaurant in the city, so it's not without its charms. [...] Well, Texas' weird cousin just became a threat to itself and others.  On June 20, the Austin city council passed what has to be one of the dumbest, most nonsensical ordinances since the city's last idiotic, nonsensical ordinance (they pass a lot of 'em, bless their hearts).  The city council made it perfectly legal to camp out on the city's public spaces and sidewalks, under bridges and overpasses and, well, everywhere all over town — except, notably, parks and Austin City Hall.

Austin city council votes to allow homeless camping on sidewalks, except in front of city hall.  People who are unable to provide housing for themselves deserve our compassion and assistance, but they do not deserve to take for their own use whatever public spaces they desire.  I have long believed that campsites in rural locations, fenced in and featuring tents and basic food such as rice and beans, ought to be available to anyone who declares himself a pauper, indigent, and incapable of self-sufficiency.  Basic needs and nothing else are to be provided.  Nothing else, for there should be no incentive to let go of personal responsibility and depend on taking the product of others' hard work to live a life of leisure.  This would not be prison, even though there would be walls.  Leaving the camp would simply require a declaration of personal autonomy, meaning no need to depend on others for provision of life's necessities.  With that basic safety net in place, camping out on public property can then be banned.

Democrat homeless disaster killing San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Seattle.  A rising wave of homelessness is growing and spreading in the major Democrat controlled cities on the Left Coast.  Spreading disease, drug addiction, and social disorder in its wake.  From Seattle to San Francisco to Los Angeles the quality of life is plummeting.  Democrat municipal and state authorities seem oblivious, placing the rights of the homeless above their duty to their citizens, taxpayers, and public safety.

Homeless set up camp in Walmart parking lot, police say they can't do much about it.  I've written a lot about homelessness on the west coast and the property crime that tends to go with it.  This story from Garden Grove in Orange County is happening just about five miles from my house.  Homeless people have set up a camp of sorts in the parking lot of a local Walmart.  There are complaints about harassment of shoppers, break-ins and vandalism of parked cars, and shoplifting from the store itself.  And yet, not much is happening to change it.  A nearby store has hired security guards to patrol the lot as well as maintenance people to clean up the trash left behind by the homeless but that doesn't solve the crime or other problems.  According to KCAL 9, the Walmart where this homeless camp is being set up has refused to ask people to leave and local police say there's not much they can do.

Los Angeles street
With the Left in charge, Seattle and Los Angeles are dying.  It's no secret to anyone paying attention that the liberalism of the left and all its virtues control America's West Coast.  However, the warm and fuzzy "progressive" aura that seems so attractive to unschooled is a sham.  Sadly, to such voters, the phrase "somebody said so" is often the only proof they need to justify their ballot choices.  But, as has is far too evident here in Seattle and in Los Angeles, such myopia has a price.  The price of the Left in Charge.

California:  Here Be Monsters.  California has endured its share of Old Testament calamities in the modern world.  Yet at times it seems that it will surely succumb to disasters created by its own hand.  There are real monsters loose in the streets.  Rats, "an army" of them "millions strong," reports KOMO News, have "overthrown" Los Angeles.  Not long ago, "officials briefly closed part of City Hall after reporting that rodents had invaded the building," said California Healthline.  "And where there are rats," says KOMO reporter Eric Johnson, "there is disease." [...] Maybe the rats were attracted to the "garbage mountain" that has bloomed in the city and produced quite a few unflattering, but deserving, comments.  Hepatitis A, which is spread through feces, and can be prevented through healthy hygiene and modern sanitation, is also enjoying an afterlife, sickening more than 1,000 in Southern California, which includes San Diego, in the last two years.  It's been suggested by one physician that the bubonic plague is lurking somewhere in all this.

The left's love affair with public transit collides headlong into its homeless problem in Seattle.  It's well-known that the left is all-in for forcing the public out of their cars and into public transit. [...] The virtue-signaling of public transit is no match for the sanitation and smell problems that come of the left's championing of the interests of the homeless.  The causes collide.  Just as there's no compatibility between open immigration and the welfare state, two other causes the left champions, there's also no compatibility between mass public transit and quality of life issues.

Seattle bus riders rail against 'gagging' human waste smell from homeless.  There's a recurring complaint with King County Metro customers:  The buses or bus stops smell of human waste. [...] As a frequent bus user, I've experienced some of the same observations on routes 70 and 8.  The bus or bus stop can sometimes smell as if it's been used as a toilet.

Why Are There So Many Homeless in Los Angeles?  Now everybody knows about the 36,000 homeless on the streets of LA, over 60,000 in the county, replete with human feces and syringes littering the sidewalks, along with rats, typhus and even rumors of bubonic plague.  And those figures are what we're told.  No one, if you can trust the comments sections in the LA Times or the Next Door app for my old Hollywood neighborhood, remotely believes them.  They could be three or four times the number.  And how do you take a census of the homeless anyway?  They are inherently nomadic. [...] Shelters, some of them well built, have been constructed all over the city but the homeless don't want to stay in them.  The reason is these shelters are drug-free zones and the homeless of LA (and San Francisco and Seattle) are anything but drug-free.  Most are addicts.

The Denizens of Tentopolis.  Identity politics won't mend this mess; it is largely a shredding of individuals that we're watching.  Those on that fringe haven't much in common other than rooflessness.  We know this because in most of the West Coast cities where homelessness is epidemic, the powers that be run an annual, one-day-only survey of all available street-sleepers.  Officials train hundreds of volunteers who interview and count them.  Then they tabulate and analyze the data attempting to make sense of it, but that can't really be done.  Too many of the designations listed are too intertwined to separate.

Los Angeles shows the state how not to address homelessness.  It was a mistake to settle two lawsuits brought on behalf of homeless people by agreeing to create a right to sleep on the sidewalks (Jones v. Los Angeles) and to store mounds of personal property on the public right-of-way (Mitchell v. Los Angeles).  But Garcetti is the particular target of public rage.  He pushed for the approval of two tax increases for homeless housing and services in 2016 and 2017, and the problem has only gotten worse.  The recent Point in Time Count found that 36,300 people are homeless in the city of Los Angeles, an increase of 16 percent from 2018.  In 2017, the count was about 34,000, and that was a 20 percent jump from the previous year, when the problem was already disturbing enough that voters approved Measure HHH, a tax increase to build homeless housing.

Can California Be Saved, or Is It Too Late?  How did this state, once the envy of all others, become the pathetic, indebted loser state it is today?  The answer is simple, single-party Democratic rule. [...] Like all cities run by progressives, our entire state is a disaster of Democratic making.  San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego have been overrun by homeless people, most of them drug addicted and/or mentally ill.  Entire areas of these cities are befouled by used needles, feces, trash, garbage, rats and now diseases long-thought to be extinct in the West.  Persons who work in downtown Los Angeles have contracted typhus!  As true in other cites long run by Democrats (Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle, Detroit, Flint) it is the implementation of ridiculous utopian Marxist policies so beloved by progressives that has destroyed these once grand cities.

Scenes from the collapse of a city that's lost control.  What century is this?  Is it the 21st century in the largest city of a state that ranks among the world's most robust economies, or did someone turn back the calendar a few hundred years?  We've got thousands of people huddled on the streets, many of them withering away with physical and mental disease.  Sidewalks have disappeared, hidden by tents and the kinds of makeshift shanties you see in Third World places.  Typhoid and typhus are in the news, and an army of rodents is on the move.

Medieval diseases spreading in Los Angeles prove twisted Democrat priorities endanger public health.  Americans don't have to look as far as Venezuela to see the massive failure of a government incapable of delivering the basics of what people need from their government.  A brief look at California shows how the twisted priorities of Democrat political leadership are creating a dangerous environment for the residents of the Golden State.  While combatting climate change remains a top priority for Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrat Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the streets of California's cities are filled with homeless camps, garbage, and disease-spreading rats.  In a throwback to medieval times, Los Angeles is facing an infectious disease epidemic caused by flea-borne disease linked to rat-infested streets.

Welcome to Garcetti's L.A.: heaps of trash, hordes of rats and very little leadership.  Los Angeles looks as if it's digging out from a hurricane, with hordes on the streets, tents everywhere and armies of rodents on the march, inciting fears of disease.  We learned from Dakota Smith and David Zahniser in last week's avalanche of Mad Max news that the rat circus at City Hall was tied to homeless people using the grates around the building as bathrooms. [...] And why do public officials seem so timid about pointing out that a lot of the trash is from the ever-growing numbers of homeless people they haven't been able to help, whether they're physically or mentally disabled, addicted, bomb-rattled from combat or evicted from the shrinking number of available rentals?

Staggering homeless count stuns LA officials.  The stunning increase in homelessness announced in Los Angeles this week — up 16% over last year citywide — was an almost incomprehensible conundrum given the nation's booming economy and the hundreds of millions of dollars that city, county and state officials have directed toward the problem. [...] The new homeless count released Tuesday by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority showed nearly 59,000 people living in the streets across Los Angeles County, a 12% increase over the prior year; and 36,300 homeless people within the city limits of LA, a 16% increase over last year's count.

California Is The Future The Liberal Elite Wants For You.  [Scroll down]  Already, petty crime has been effectively legalized.  Crooks get a free pass on the first $950 a day they steal. [...] And now pot's effectively legal here, which is spectacular.  Just what Cali needed — more people on a drug that makes them dumber and lazier.  Take a walk down the street and see the sights!  Look, there's a schizo with his cargo shorts around his ankles baying at the billboard informing you about how no human being is illegal!  Oh, and there's another homeless druggie muttering to himself about alien carrots stealing his vital essences as he pushes along his stolen shopping cart heaped with refuse.  If you're appalled or distressed by this, you're the bad guy.  Caring means letting lunatics and addicts wallow in the elements enslaved by their insanity and/or sickness.  Shame on you for wanting your kids to be able to play outside.  Hypodermic needles and piles of human waste on the sidewalk are just part of the price you must pay to dwell in the sun.

How do we deal with America's mental illness crisis?  California is no longer the paradise it was under Governor Reagan.  Radical leftism has taken root.  It is all but a separate country in many ways.  It has its own immigration policy, illegal under federal law.  At one point, its governor even floated the idea that the state should produce its own virtual currency in the form of accounting tricks, an action uncomfortably close to secession.  Radical leftist policies in California have put on public display the embarrassing appearance of a third-world hell-hole.  Swathes of the state, mostly in big cities, are heavily populated by semi-conscious (or even unconscious) drug addicts, and entire city blocks seem to be covered in garbage and human feces.  The problem is getting worse.  A harsh comedian suggested that conditions are so bad that illegal aliens might return to their native countries as refugees from America.

Dr. Drew says LA public health in 'complete breakdown': 'No city on Earth tolerates this'.  The public health situation in the nation's second-largest city is in "a complete breakdown," Dr. Drew Pinsky said Thursday night on "The Ingraham Angle."  "We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now," Pinsky told host Laura Ingraham.  "We have the three prongs of airborne disease, tuberculosis is exploding, (and) rodent-borne.  We are one of the only cities in the country that doesn't have a rodent control program, and sanitation has broken down."

San Francisco's Quality-of-Life Toll.  San Francisco is the nation's leader in property crime.  Burglary, larceny, shoplifting, and vandalism are included under this ugly umbrella.  The rate of car break-ins is particularly striking: in 2017 over 30,000 reports were filed, and the current average is 51 per day.  Other low-level offenses, including drug dealing, street harassment, encampments, indecent exposure, public intoxication, simple assault, and disorderly conduct are also rampant.  Many in law enforcement blame the crime wave on Proposition 47, which in 2014 downgraded possession of illegal narcotics for personal use and theft of anything under $950 in value from felonies to misdemeanors.  Anti-incarceration advocates disagree with that argument, but theft is indisputably booming, and narcotics activity is exploding on sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds.  When compounded with other troubles for which the city is now infamous (human feces, filth, and homelessness, which is up 17 percent since 2017), San Franciscans find themselves surrounded by squalor and disorder.

Make America's Cities Great Again, By Making Homelessness Illegal.  A recent business trip to the liberal-run capital city of Texas left me impressed with the food, music, and overall quirky "weirdness" that is Austin, but it also left me generally disenchanted at the difficulty its working citizens must have in enjoying ANY of it.  Why?  Just take a walk, anywhere, and you can't miss them — sleeping in the streets, sitting on sidewalks and benches or wandering aimlessly about.  Stop for a second and, like clockwork, one will probably approach you, begging for some "spare change" or "a couple bucks" to "get home" or "buy something to eat."  If you're in a vehicle, one might come at you with a squeegee and a nasty rag, then get angry when you try to wave them off or, worse, refuse to pay the obligatory two dollars for a window "wash" you never asked for.  No, it doesn't take very much time at all to figure out that Austin, Texas has a severe homeless problem.  But it's not just Austin.

Homeless camp returns one day after being cleared.  Tents returned Friday [5/17/2019] to a homeless encampment that was cleared by Seattle police one day earlier.  People who work on the same Second Avenue South block say it's a never-ending cycle. [...] On Wednesday [5/15/2019] police started swarming tents in two different South Seattle encampments.  Ten people were arrested, over $20,000 in cash was seized and an array of drugs, guns, knives and stolen property was also confiscated.

California's Housing Bubble's So Bad, 100s Forced To Live On Boats.  California's housing affordability crisis is getting worse.  Affordability in San Francisco is now at 10-year lows, and only one in five households can afford to purchase a median-priced single-family home in the Bay Area.  The crisis has driven many people onto the water, living on makeshift boats, outside marinas, and wealthy communities.  The floating homeless population in wealthy Marin County, just across the Golden Gate Strait from San Francisco, has doubled in the last five years to over 100.  The community of 200 barges, sailboats, and other vessels comprise of people who are employed but can't afford to live on land, jobless folks, the homeless, and some people who are mentally ill.

California homelessness is so out of control, people are turning to boats — Dems are clueless.  California is the country's wealthiest and most highly taxed state, but its politicians have utterly failed to tackle the state's most basic problem:  homelessness.  Estimates place California's homeless population at close to 130,000.  To grasp the magnitude of that figure, imagine the entire population of New Haven, Connecticut or Charleston, South Carolina living on the streets.  Much has been written about the problems of feces on San Francisco's streets and needles on the streets in downtown Los Angeles.  But the problem has expanded far beyond those cities.  It has now reached virtually all parts of the state, including, according to reports, the state's water.  In Sausalito just north of San Francisco, neighbors are sparring with local politicians over a homeless population floating off its shores in makeshift boats!

Emerald Trash Heap.  Over the past few years, Seattle has become a dumping ground for millions of pounds of garbage, needles, feces, and biohazardous waste, largely emanating from the hundreds of homeless encampments that have sprouted across the city.  Now, the Emerald City is on the verge of a full-blown public-health crisis.  Last year saw a 400 percent increase in HIV infections among mostly homeless addicts and prostitutes in the city's northern corridor.  Public-health officials are sounding the alarms about the return of diseases like typhus, tuberculosis, and trench fever.  Even the region's famed mussels and clams have tested positive for opioids.

Seattle Collects Far Less Trash From The Homeless Than It Did Just A Couple Years Ago.  [A recent] Seattle Times story opens up with a group of volunteers cleaning up garbage around a homeless camp and the homeless person, named Alec, who created all the mess tells us why he, and all of the garbage, is there: [...] A homeless drug addict unable to get his stuff together is why this particular public site is covered in garbage.  But why are volunteers needed to clean it up?  It seems the answer to that question is a bit of a mystery.  Reading through the Seattle Times story you won't find a clear explanation for why the city is doing less trash collection now than it was back in 2017, but clearly, something has changed.

Portland's Plan To Address Homeless People Pooping In The Street Is Not A Hit With Neighbors.  One of the problems that cities up and down the west coast are having right now is with homeless people using the streets and sidewalks as a bathroom.  Portland and San Francisco both employ special crews of street cleaners that remove the human waste on a daily basis.  One proposed solution has been to set up more public bathrooms so the homeless have someplace else to go besides the sidewalk.  But an attempt at making that work in Portland isn't proving popular with neighbors.

Denver voters reject 'Right to Survive' homeless camping initiative.  Voters in Denver appear to have overwhelmingly rejected a measure that would have overturned the city's ban on camping in public places.  As of preliminary results released at 1 a.m. Wednesday, Initiative 300 was headed for defeat with 83 percent of voters saying "no" and 17 percent saying "yes."  Results won't be certified until later this month.

Denver voters to decide whether to allow homeless to set up camp in public places.  Denver authorities routinely clear out the homeless encampments that crop up in public parks and along sidewalks within the city limits, but that would change under Initiative 300.  The measure on Tuesday's [5/7/2019] ballot would allow the homeless — and anyone else — to live, eat and sleep in public places in a "non-obstructive manner," overturning the city's 2012 camping ban and other ordinances that interfere with what the Yes on 300/Right to Survive campaign calls "the right to rest."

The Editor says...
[#1] You have "the right to rest" on your own property, or in a residence that you rent or lease., but vagrancy is not a right.  [#2] Hobos, bums, and gypsies have this in common:  If you give them an inch, they will take a mile, and you can never withdraw the inch.  Once an easement of this sort is granted, it can never be reversed.

Judge signs off on homeless shelter on 'Billionaires' Row'.  A Manhattan judge on Monday gave city officials the green light to open a controversial homeless shelter in the ritzy "Billionaires' Row" neighborhood.  State Supreme Court Justice Alexander Tisch rejected arguments from the West 58th Street Coalition and other opponents that the former Park Savoy Hotel doesn't meet current safety standards and is unsafe in case of fire.  Tisch ruled that while the only way out is through the lobby and the stairwell may be too narrow for both tenants and first responders at the same time, "these are all aspects for which the City and its agencies are supposed to be given deference."

Do Most Homeless People In Seattle Have A Substance Abuse Problem?  In the wake of the "Seattle is Dying" news special which aired on KOMO last month, there was some coordinated pushback from Seattle elites.  A PR firm was hired to help coordinate talking points in opposition to the conclusions of the special and in favor of some of the programs already operating in the city.  Those talking points were then rolled out in a series of seemingly unconnected articles at news outlets like the Seattle Times and Crosscut.  One of the arguments made repeatedly in these pieces is that drug use (and also mental illness) are just one part of the problem.

Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods.  The elite are very "tolerant" of the homeless until they start showing up in their own neighborhoods.  Even though the mainstream media keeps telling us that the U.S. economy is "booming", the number of Americans living on the streets continues to grow very rapidly, and this is particularly true in our major west coast cities.  More than half a million Americans will sleep on the streets of our cities tonight, and they need help, care and shelter.  Sadly, as economic conditions deteriorate that number is likely to double or even triple.  Of course, many among the elite are all in favor of doing something for the homeless, as long as they don't have to be anywhere around them.

In poop-covered San Francisco, the super-rich prey on the left's merely wealthy.  San Francisco is a city covered in excrement, and now even the wealthy inhabitants of its Embarcadero are going to experience more of it, up close to home and quite personal. [...] Maybe they should have thought of that before they elected an incompetent weakling like Mayor London Breed based on color considerations, or passed Proposition C in that same election, taxing big businesses to pay for More Homeless programs.  The residents aren't the most sympathetic people out there, given their voting patterns.  All the same, this could be some kind of watershed, widening a new fault line on the left, given that tech billionaires were the ones behind this, making a sort of warfare on the merely wealthy.  After all, in San Francisco, there's no one else left.

Squatting takes on a new meaning in San Francisco.  If you're not a resident of the area and are planning to visit the famous City by the Bay but don't have the locals' notorious open-mindedness, where logic falls out and anything else crawls in attitude and want to avoid the excrement, [Adam] Andrzejewski has helpfully included the ZIP codes with the most of it, along with an interactive map of its locations.  Other than this, enjoy your visit!

San Francisco sees 'brownout' amid spike in public pooping, reports say.  San Francisco's streets have long had a problem with human waste, but new reports show that the Bay Area's public bowel movements are worse than ever.  The poop-data was released by Open the Books, a nonprofit government watchdog, which includes all cases closed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works since 2011, Business Insider reported.  There were over 5,000 documented cases in 2011, according to the data.  In 2018, that number rose more than fivefold to over 28,000 reported cases.

This San Francisco Public Pooping Map Is Gross And Also Fascinating.  A group called Open the Books plotted tens of thousands of reported public pooping incidents on a map of San Francisco.  The result looks like a cloud of sewage blanketing the city.

D.C. housed the homeless in upscale apartments.  It hasn't gone as planned.  The SWAT team, the overdose, the complaints of pot smoke in the air and feces in the stairwell — it would be hard to pinpoint a moment when things took a turn for the worse at Sedgwick Gardens, a stately apartment building in Northwest Washington.  But the Art Deco complex, which overlooks Rock Creek Park and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is today the troubled locus of a debate on housing policy in a city struggling with the twin crises of homelessness and gentrification.  Located in affluent Cleveland Park and designed by Mihran Mesrobian — the prewar architect behind such Washington landmarks as the Hay-Adams Hotel — Sedgwick Gardens was once out of reach for low-income District residents.  That changed two years ago, when D.C. housing officials dramatically increased the value of rental subsidies.  The goal was to give tenants who had previously clustered in impoverished, high-crime areas east of the Anacostia River a shot at living in more desirable neighborhoods.

Medieval Diseases [are] Making a Comeback Due to Feces on [the] Streets.  According to a report by Kaiser Health News, "Infectious diseases — some that ravaged populations in the Middle Ages — are resurging in California and around the country, and are hitting homeless populations especially hard."  Outbreaks of Shigella bacteria and Hepatitis A, both are which are caused by exposure to feces, are on the increase in Southern California, New Mexico, Ohio and Kentucky, "primarily among people who are homeless or use drugs."  Experts are now warning of a "public health crisis" that could see the diseases spread to the general population.

Wealthy 'NIMBY' libs in Pelosi's SF district raise $60G to fight center for city's homeless.  Rich San Francisco residents in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's congressional district have collected more than $60,000 after starting an online crowdsourcing campaign to wage a legal challenge against a proposed center for the city's homeless.  The campaign, called "Safe Embarcadero for All," was launched March 20 after San Francisco Mayor London Breed proposed a 200-bed homeless Navigation Center in the city's most desirable location, the Embarcadero along the coast of San Francisco Bay, earlier this month.  "The planned location for Mayor Breed's #megashelter is home to thousands of families, visited by millions of tourists and at the center of some of San Francisco's most iconic events, including the San Francisco Marathon, San Francisco Giants stadium and on one of the busiest bicyclist paths in the city," reads the site posted by the group opposing the construction.

San Franciscans raise $46,000 to stop homeless shelter in wealthy area.  When residents from one of San Francisco's most desirable neighborhoods launched a crowdfunding appeal to block a new homeless shelter, the controversial tactic drew an angry response from the city's mayor.  Their campaign on GoFundMe, best known as a site that hosts fundraisers for medical expenses or victims of natural disasters, has raised around $70,000 from hedge fund managers, executives and authors, which will be used to pay for an attorney.  But it also spurred supporters of the shelter to try to beat them at their own game.  Since launching on Thursday, a rival GoFundMe has amassed over $73,000.  And it had drawn hefty contributions of $10,000 each from the Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, the Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and from the company GoFundMe itself.

Leftists Have Turned San Francisco Into A Nightmare Of Drugs And Homelessness.  There's no denying that San Francisco is one of America's most beautiful and recognizable cities, but it has been racked with problems thanks to leftist policies that have driven drug addiction and homelessness through the roof.  The Daily Wire's Kassy Dillon and Colton Haas traveled to the city by the bay and spoke to experts and homeless people about the conditions that have encouraged the spread of drugs, disease, and more.  During their trip, they could see the awful condition the city is currently in.

I Went To San Francisco.  What Happened To One Of America's Most Beautiful Cities?  Erica Sandberg, a community advocate and journalist, broke it down for us:  "Right now the major issue — people always call it homelessness — but the major issue is drugs."  While San Francisco has always battled homelessness and currently has about 7,000 homeless people, the drug issue is exacerbating the problem.  The city currently hands out more than 400,000 syringes each month but only 246,000 are returned, leaving 154,000 syringes left on the streets.  We spent our first day walking around the Tenderloin District, only to see our fellow Americans defecating on the sidewalk, shooting up in broad daylight, and overall living in third-world conditions.  In one children's playground we visited, there were wrappers that once held drugs and caps of syringes.

The Crying of Lot 330.  The prospect of a 225-bed homeless shelter on the Embarcadero, one of San Francisco's most scenic and economically vital areas, took residents by surprise.  Only eight days earlier, the proposal had been unveiled to turn what is now a parking lot — Seawall Lot 330 — into the largest homeless shelter of its type in the city.  Neighbors arrived en masse at the Port Commission hearing to express their views.  It was standing-room only, with people crowded on floors and in aisles, and spilling out the door. [...] All spoke passionately about their ties to the neighborhood and how the shelter would erode safety and quality of life.  They worried that it would intensify drug use and other illegal activity and draw additional homeless people onto their property, leaving more needles and feces behind.

KOMO News' Special: Seattle Is Dying.  "People didn't use to use the word embarrassing about Seattle, but they use it a lot now," the narrator to a new KOMO News special titled "Seattle is Dying" says.  The focus of the special is homelessness and the ways in which it has changed the city.  There's a section featuring angry residents of one area of the city who are screaming at their representatives for action.  They want the tent cities managed and they're tired of calling the police only to find out the police can arrest people but those same people will be back on the street, sometimes within hours.

SF libraries as sanctuaries for the homeless.  Francisco Martinez likes to read.  The Bible, usually.  And he likes to ditch his tent a few hours a day for somewhere inside, where it's warm and out of the rain, the people are nice and he can snatch a nap in a chair.  There's one place that fills the bill for a homeless guy like Martinez, who at 78 moves more like someone who's 88.  The library.  "I've got nowhere else but here," he said the other day as he settled into a window chair in San Francisco's Main Library with a Bible study book from a nearby rack on his lap, a knapsack on the floor next to him.

The Editor says...
The article immediately above is apparently supposed to make us all feel sorry for a homeless bum who lives in the public library.  I don't know about you, but in my case, it didn't work.  The library is not a shelter for vagrants and tramps who have no appointments on their calendars.  A public library is supposed to be a collection of books and other materials for reference, study, and the general enjoyment of the tax-paying public.  The tables and chairs in a public library are not intended to be slept upon.  In the good old days, homeless bums were only seen in railroad yards, and would never have dared to live in a public library any more than they would have camped out at the police station.

L.A. settles homeless rights case, likely limiting ability to clear skid row streets.  The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday [3/6/2019] agreed to settle a pivotal and contentious case on the property rights of homeless people — a decision that is likely to limit the seizure and destruction of encampments on skid row.  The 10-2 vote authorizes City Attorney Mike Feuer to settle a 2016 lawsuit, Carl Mitchell v. Los Angeles, brought by civil rights lawyers on behalf of homeless people and two skid row anti-poverty groups.  Downtown business groups had opposed such a deal, arguing that settling the case would deter redevelopment, and leave skid row and the people who live on its sidewalks mired in squalor.

Portland Residents Call 911 Every 15 Minutes To Complain About Homeless People.  Officials in Portland, Ore. recently estimated it will cost $640 million over the next 10 years in order to help adequately prevent homelessness in the area, but a report out this week shows that many citizens from the City of Roses have simply resorted to calling the police on unwanted vagrants.  In fact, authorities say that more any other problem, residents are calling the emergency hotline to complain about homeless people even when immediate danger is not present.  Katie Shepherd of the Willamette Week reports that the Portland Police Bureau receives a call from the public on average every 15 minutes per day to complain about an unsheltered person who "frightens or inconveniences them."  When lumped together with other calls such as mental health emergencies, police recive calls every 4 minutes for a non-violent issue.

Typhus Epidemic Spreads Across Liberal Utopia of Los Angeles Due to Mountains of Trash, Growing Homeless Population.  A typhus epidemic is worsening in the liberal utopia of Los Angeles, California due to a growing homeless population and mountains of rat-infested trash.  Nothing says "progressive" more than a medieval infectious disease like typhus fever spreading through a city in the year 2019.

Typhus Is Spreading in Liberal, Rat-Infested LA County.  There are a lot of rats in LA, and, NO, for once we don't mean the politicians although many qualify.  We mean the little furry creatures who live in squalor and spread diseases.  Last September, a documentary called 'Rats' was screened as a Landmark Theatres Exclusive Midnight Event.  It was frightening because it's real.  Infestations of rats are seen in major cities and elsewhere, and when garbage is left to rot in homeless areas, they become a more serious threat to life.

The high price of refusing to face facts about the homeless.  Along with homeless encampments come deadly outbreaks of hepatitis A, typhus and other communicable diseases, driven by attending drug addiction.  Some parts of the city [of San Diego] are littered with syringes.  A desperate San Diego now steam cleans its streets and sidewalks.  Even in expensive neighborhoods, unguarded greenery is often strewn with trash and toilet paper, revealing where homeless people have spent the night.  The city tries to keep the squalor at bay with improved shelter programs.  It even plans to provide 500 bins where the homeless can stash their belongings, but that effort alone will cost the city about $2 million a year in overtime for the cops who guard the lockers.

Homeless Already Returning To Camp Site The City Of Seattle Cleared Out Last Week.  Last week I wrote about a homeless camp in Seattle near the I-5 freeway, just one of the hundreds (the current estimate is 400) in the Seattle area.  After two months of complaints from local business owners and residents about threats, trash, and rodents, the city's Navigation Team came to remove the residents and clean up the mess.  Today [1/15/2019] a columnist for My Northwest reports a new tent is already up at the freshly cleared site:

Wealth, Poverty, and Flight:  The Same Old State of California.  [B]oth legal and illegal immigration have also radically changed the demography of the state.  It is not just that about 40 percent of the nation's 11 [to] 20 million immigrants live in California, a state in which now one in four residents was not born in the United States.  Rather, it is the result of two or three generations of mass influxes of impoverished residents who on average arrive without a high-school diploma, English proficiency, capital, or often legality.  California now hosts one of three Americans who are on some sort of federal, state, or local welfare supplement.  About a fifth of the state lives below the poverty level.  Half of all births in California were paid for by the state-run Medi-Cal program, and 30 percent of Medi-Cal births were to mothers of undocumented immigration status.  The San Ysidro border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego is the world's busiest, where some 70 million people cross on foot and in cars into and out of California each year.

Residents of San Francisco are now documenting squalor of city's homelessness epidemic.  San Francisco has been battling an ongoing homelessness epidemic for years, but mounting piles of human feces in its streets have become intolerable for many residents — causing citizens to launch their own campaigns exposing the stinky (and dangerous) troubles of the Golden City.  Disgusted business owners and residents are using social media to show the magnitude of the tech-town's indigent encampments in hopes that officials will do more to end rampant public drug use and defecation on the sidewalks.

De Blasio's plan to safely dispose of used needles is failing.  Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to have junkies toss their used syringes into special receptacles has failed to clean up drug-infested parks, and the bins are serving more as suggestion boxes — spreading the message that the city is OK with them shooting up there.  Official statistics obtained by The [New York] Post from the first six months of de Blasio's controversial program show that parks in the Bronx are still littered with dangerous hypodermic needles, with nearly 60,000 found on the ground compared with just 7,000 in Hizzoner's 44 locked containers.

San Francisco resident says it's a war zone, others post poop and drug pics!  In another postcard from one of America's most liberal cities, San Francisco, residents are now posting poop pics from the homeless in order to protest the [dystopia] that city has become.

The impact homelessness and the opioid crisis are having on San Francisco streets.  Outside the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in downtown San Francisco, a woman urinates on the sidewalk and smokes a crack pipe.  Inside her purse are about a dozen used heroin needles.  She shoots heroin up to 10 times per day, she says.

Five homeless vagrants face no charges in attack on cop seen in viral video, says Manhattan DA.  Attacking a cop has joined fare beating and public urination on the list of subway misbehavior Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance won't bother prosecuting.  Officer Syed Ali — an Army combat vet who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — had no trouble fending off five homeless vagrants with his baton and his feet as they came at him one by one on Sunday night.  The attack, captured on video, was viewed 4 million times on Twitter.

NYPD officer fights off aggressive drunks in the subway but none of the attackers are charged.  While most of us were getting ready for Christmas, NYPD officer Syed Ali was working a transit beat in the NY subways Sunday night [12/23/2018].  This particular night, five intoxicated men were harassing a woman on the platform of the East Broadway station. [...] Officer Ali, who is a combat veteran, was praised by the Mayor and various NY authorities for dealing with the drunks without escalating the situation. [...] But some were upset that the men who harassed the subway rider and tried to fight a police officer were released and won't be charged with anything.

Seattle Under Siege.  Seattle is under siege.  Over the past five years, the Emerald City has seen an explosion of homelessness, crime, and addiction.  In its 2017 point-in-time count of the homeless, King County social-services agency All Home found 11,643 people sleeping in tents, cars, and emergency shelters.  Property crime has risen to a rate two and a half times higher than Los Angeles's and four times higher than New York City's.  Cleanup crews pick up tens of thousands of dirty needles from city streets and parks every year.

Why won't liberals admit their homeless policies don't work?  It's appropriate that the UN special rapporteur devoted to adequate housing has visited encampments in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Mumbai — and San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.  The homeless situation in those cities and others around the country is positively Third World, a blight that shows the persistence of human folly, and misery, despite what we take to be our steady progress to greater enlightenment and prosperity.  San Francisco is a crown jewel of the new economy, and a sink of vagrancy.

Typhus cases hit 100 in Los Angeles as feral cats and rats spread disease among the homeless.  The number of flea-born Typhus cases in Los Angeles has hit 107.  So far this year 72 patients have been recorded by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health with a further 15 in Long Beach and 20 in Pasadena.  In the 2000s there were around 20 cases recorded per year and analysts are putting the dramatic rise down to a 47 percent increase in homelessness since 2012.  One official in Long Beach told NBC News that almost half a million potential cases are 'under investigation.'

$2 Million Art Above Homeless Tent Encampment Highlights DC's Problems.  Tents are a permanent fixture beneath the bridges that support the train tracks feeding into Washington DC's Union Station, particularly along the sidewalks in the rapidly developing NoMa neighborhood.  Along the portions of M, L, and K Streets that are covered by railway overpasses in Northeast DC are dozens of tents — some taking over the entire width of the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to step down into the street and dangerously close to oncoming traffic to get by.  Camping on public property is illegal in DC, but the police don't typically crack down on tent-dwellers.  Every now and again the city cleans things up by sweeping through heavily tented areas, ordering campers to leave and packing up any belongings left behind in storage, which residents can collect from the city up to 60 days later.  Residents are given two weeks notice prior to the scheduled cleanup and the tents often return soon after.

San Francisco:  Now so bad, it'll make you cry.  Twentieth-century San Francisco, Herb Caen's beloved Baghdad by the Bay, has ceased to exist.  It has been replaced by a city where the sidewalks around Market Street are, in places, caked in feces, urine, and vomit.  The stink as you emerge from the BART batters you like frozen sleet, shocking and overwhelming.  The hordes of homeless, sprawled in doorways and sleeping on the sidewalks, are a bitterly eclectic mixture of the mentally deranged; burnt out druggies; dead-eyed hippies; con artists; pickpockets; and hundreds of simply lost, forgotten souls. [...] As I walked the three blocks back to the BART, I was panhandled four times, plus two clumsy pickpocket attempts.  I didn't see a single cop in a car or on foot.  What could they do?  What finally broke my heart were the kids and women, also lying in the streets, drugged, shell-shocked, begging for food.

I Left My Shoes In San Francisco.  Enter the search term "San Francisco feces map" into Google and it comes back with 1,040,000 results.  Yeah, it's a thing.  San Francisco was always grungy — back in the 1980s, I believe it was comic Bobby Slayton who called it "the city that makes its own gravy" — but it has gone from merely unwashed to actively unflushed.  Sure, it's funny to the rest of us, in a horrifying and disgusting kind of way, just like the fact that the socialist geniuses in Venezuela are forcing the famished locals to gnaw on its zoo's zebras and gnus for sustenance.  You look at these examples of leftism in action and you have to laugh, but what's not funny is that this is not some sort of aberration.  This is the future our liberal elite wants for us, and it's doing everything it can to make it a reeking reality.

A Perfect Storm Threatens America's Survival.  Except for the rich, American cities are becoming increasingly unlivable as illegal and homeless populations threaten to overwhelm city budgets.  It's so bad in San Francisco that the city has funded poop patrols as that once lovely City by the Bay has become a nightmare to citizens and visitors alike.  Large groups are canceling conventions.  Los Angeles has doubled its homeless budget to $450 million. Los Angeles County plans to spend $374 million.  That's 1 percent of a budget meant to service a population of over 10 million going to just 53,193 people.

Homeless population
The Highest Homeless Population is in Cities Run by Liberals.  [Click to enlarge.]

San Francisco creates 'Poop Patrol' to clean up city's feces-ridden sidewalks.  San Francisco's decrepit, feces-ridden sidewalks are the residents' No. 1 complaint — so the city's newly elected mayor is creating a new clean up patrol to deal with "No. 2."  The California city, which has been battling increasing homelessness over the last couple of years, launched a new pilot program called the "Poop Patrol," which is set to scour targeted neighborhoods looking for human waste.  The city's 311 service has received nearly 14,600 calls about piles of poop, other human waste and dog feces since the beginning of the year.

San Fran Averages 78 Poop in the Street Calls a Day, Others in the Transit System.  San Francisco has been working on their homeless problem and have succeeded in cutting the tent encampments in half by offering shelter to the drug addicts, mentally ill, and others lining the streets.  The behavior of the homeless hasn't improved, however.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that they are averaging about 78 poop in the street calls a day.  There are about 45 syringes in the street calls a day.  There are more on the trains.  The transit system is littered with syringes, poop, blood, urine, and so on.  Since April janitors have cleaned up more than 13,000 dirty needles left behind at the Civic Center and Powell Street stations.

In silly San Francisco disease-ridden needles are A-OK but a plastic cocktail stirrer will soon be illegal.  San Francisco has long been a bastion of the far left — and now it's paying a high price for its extreme progressive policies, including once-beautiful streets filled with dangerous syringes and human waste, resembling Third World back alleys.  The city has embraced an open drug culture at the same time it spends hundreds of millions of dollars to combat a growing homelessness problem.  But no matter what the city does, it seems to have the opposite effect and make things worse.  Each year, San Francisco hands out millions of syringes to drug users — 4.45 million to be exact.  San Francisco officials do this because they believe this is cheaper than the medical costs associated with injectable drug users getting diseases from sharing needles.  Yet as always, politically correct progressive politicians never think about the law of unintended consequences.

If You're Going To San Francisco... Think Again.  San Francisco has about 7,500 homeless individuals and is spending $280 million on homeless services for them.  Some simple math reveals that the city could give each homeless resident just over $37,000 per year, a figure well above the minimum wage in most other places, and call it a day.  If you take out the salaries of all the bureaucrats administering these "homeless services," there would likely be more than $100,000 available for each homeless person.  But you know that won't happen in a Democrat-run city, an administrative state, like San Francisco.  How can the city discourage the homeless from using the sidewalks as their toilets?  In their minds, spend more money.

Ballard's homelessness quadrupled last year, and anger is spilling over.  As Seattle's homelessness crisis continues to grow, Ballard is experiencing an influx larger than almost anywhere else in King County.  The annual Point In Time count found a fourfold increase in homelessness in central Ballard in just one year, with 214 people tallied there on one night in January.  The rise is testing the traditionally liberal politics of Ballard, and the loudest voices are now talking about crime.  Fear of crime in south Ballard is higher than the average in Seattle, according to a recent city survey.  Property crime rose 11 percent last year, and the number of dispatched calls to 9-1-1 are up in the neighborhood, but the violent-crime rate has been steady since 2015, according to Seattle police data.

New SF mayor will try asking homeless to be nice, instead of penalizing them for pooping on the streets.  San Francisco has a brand new mayor, Ms. London Breed, the result of the untimely death of Mayor Ed Lee, and it does not look good for the city coming to grips with a crisis on its streets.  The accumulation of human waste and contaminated drug needles posing a severe threat to the health of its residents and visitors is also a challenge to the survival if the city's biggest industry in terms of employment:  tourism.  A huge medical convention has announced that it will no longer visit San Francisco owing to the health and safety hazards the streets now pose.

The Left-wing Paradise of San Francisco.  Represented in Congress by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and run for years by almost all Democrats, San Francisco should be a mecca for the left.  But the city is fast becoming one of the worst places in the U.S. to live.  The homeless problem is out of control.  Experts say it "could exceed some of the dirtiest slums in the world."  There are around 7,500 homeless people in the city.  Human feces is strewn across public areas.  The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit examined over 150 blocks of downtown San Francisco and found 96 blocks littered with feces.  San Francisco's new mayor, London Breed, observed, "there are more feces on the sidewalks than I've ever seen growing up here."  She says that a cleaning crew will clean up an area, but "right after they leave, maybe an hour or two later, the place is filled with trash again."

San Francisco Is Absolutely Covered in Fecal Matter.  Recently elected San Francisco Mayor London Breed says that the city she loves is absolutely covered in fecal matter and "we are not just talking about from dogs — we're talking about from humans."  Talking about human feces, folks!  Particularly, feces from humans experiencing homelessness right now.  Apparently, the city is so overrun by poverty that people are using virtually all public spaces as their toilet because they cannot afford proper lavatories.  To this extent, Mayor Breed is asking that homelessness advocacy groups and non-profit encourage those they are helping to clean up after themselves.

San Francisco's crisis looks like New York's future.  What happened in San Francisco is obvious.  It stopped prosecuting quality-of-life offenses and, unsurprisingly, the quality of life for the city's residents and visitors decreased sharply.  In 2015, San Francisco courts stopped enforcing bench warrants for such offenses.  Police continued writing up tickets for public drunkenness or sleeping in parks, but when the accused failed to show up to their court appearance a judge simply dismissed the outstanding warrant.  New York started following San Francisco's lead in 2016 when Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. announced his office would no longer be prosecuting offenses such as public urination.  Both cities have accepted that they'll continue to have a large number of people living on their streets and inevitably using their sidewalks as a toilet.

Left Coast Lawlessness.  Seattle's predicament is emblematic of the broader crises faced by many progressive West Coast cities, where local leaders have forced law enforcement to take a hands-off approach to policing unsanctioned tent cities and vagrancy at the expense of public safety and health.  San Francisco, long considered a model of progressive urban policy, is plagued by filth, chaos, and public-safety hazards.  Local leaders plan to spend an incredible $305 million on combatting homelessness for the current fiscal year alone, but disorder spreads as the city fails to enforce the rule of law and basic sanitary measures.  Block-by-block surveillance reveals the deterioration of downtown San Francisco.  Of 153 city blocks surveyed, 41 contained used drug needles and 96 had human feces present.  Tourists are dismayed to leave their downtown hotels, to be confronted by mentally ill and aggressive homeless people who are taking control of the streets.  University of California Berkeley professor Lee Riley, an expert on infectious disease, observes that some of San Francisco's streets are dirtier than Third World slums.

San Francisco Is, Quite Literally, a Toilet.  [Scroll down]  The "breaking point" for the main source for the story, a 46-year-old computer programmer named Ernst Schoen-Rene, was the discovery in April of "a black suitcase with wheels on the corner that had clearly been used as a toilet by homeless people."  "I actually started crying, I got so frustrated," Schoen-Rene tells the Chronicle reporter.  "I flipped out.  I started writing to everybody."  The trouble for these good San Francisco progressives is reconciling their ideology with reality.

Poop. Needles.  Rats.  Homeless camp pushes SF neighborhood to the edge.  "I don't mind a reasonable amount of urban grit," explained [Ernst] Schoen-Rene, a native of Chico who's lived in San Francisco since 1994, always opting for edgy neighborhoods.  He and his wife bought their Isis Street condo in 2010 for $748,000, and by the time he sent the email, he had come to regret it.  He felt stuck, unable to afford anything else in today's nutty housing market or the far higher property taxes that would come with a new purchase.

Infant removed from Seattle homeless encampment now in CPS custody.  A five-month-old found in a homeless encampment late last month was placed in the custody of Child Protective Services after Seattle Police Department learned methamphetamine use was reportedly occurring in the tent where the child lived.  Police were alerted to the infant's situation on May 30 by another person in the encampment, at the 900 block of Poplar Place South just north of the intersection of Rainier Avenue South and I-90, according to a blog post from the SPD.  The child was examined and taken to Seattle Children's hospital before being turned over to CPS.

Left Coast Lawlessness.  The anarchy and disorder dominating progressive cities across the West Coast recently hit a new low in Seattle.  King County officials are looking to roll out a "safe injection van," a legal venue at which addicts could shoot up illegal drugs unhindered and "safely."  The first of its kind in the United States, the van would manage to undermine further the rule of law while also doing little to help addicts.  Seattle's urban decay goes deeper, though, with skyrocketing rates of homelessness, an explosion in opioid usage and deaths, and spikes in violent crime.

If You're Going to San Francisco.  You'll find lots of aggressive vagrants, discarded needles, and a few dead bodies there.

San Francisco Tourists Shocked By Aggressive Vagrants, Discarded Needles, Dead Bodies.  San Francisco[,] a Democratic stronghold known for cable cars, quaint architecture and its diverse culture, has become a bastion of squalor and crime as city dwellers and visitors alike dodge aggressive, drug-addled vagrants.

Tourists visiting San Francisco question if they're in 'bad side of town'.  Recent social media posts by tourists visiting San Francisco casts a troubling light on the City by the Bay over its homeless issue, open drug use and filthy streets.  Since the beginning of the year, reports have surfaced of hypodermic needles dotting the streets, piles of human feces and expanding shanty towns for the increasing homeless population — and now tourists are noticing, SFGate reported.  "Is this normal or am I in a 'bad part of town?'" an Australian Reddit user asked the San Francisco Reddit community Wednesday.  "Why is this city so terrifying?" a Canadian visitor asked on Reddit Sunday [6/10/2018].

Seattle created its homelessness crisis — Now it's trying to make it worse.  Seattle never learns.  The city says it has a homelessness problem that is getting out of control and something needs to be done about it.  But Seattle's ultra-liberal politicians are making things worse by insisting on more bloated government to solve a problem bloated government created.  The housing crisis in Seattle is the fault of its government.  The city has been on a nonstop rampage to declare itself the most progressive society in the world for the last few years.  During its crusade that is killing jobs and making life miserable, city elected officials have enacted rules and regulations that make it almost impossible to build housing there.

Homeless Crime in LA is Up 50%.  You get more of what you subsidize.  When you subsidize homelessness as Los Angeles, New York and a number of other cities driving a boom in homelessness have been doing, you get more of it.  And you also get more of the crime that comes with it.

Homeless Crime Jumps Nearly 50 Percent in Los Angeles, LAPD Says.  The number of crimes in which homeless individuals were listed as suspects increased by nearly 50 percent in the city of Los Angeles in 2018.  Crime data provided by the Los Angeles Police Department showed there were 8,906 crime reports between Jan. 1 and Dec. 1 this year in which a homeless person was listed as the suspect, compared with 5,976 for the same time period in 2017.  LAPD officials said most concerning were the disproportionate number of homeless individuals listed as suspects in physical attacks that cause serious injuries, described as, "aggravated assaults," in police records.

L.A. Metro May Put Showers for Homeless People near Stations.  The Los Angeles Metro may put showers for homeless people near some of its stations, after the board of directors approved a resolution last Thursday to study the issue over the next four months.

Junkies are filling Bronx parks with over 5,000 used needles a week.  Junkies have been dumping some 5,000 used needles a week in parks across the Bronx — prompting desperate city officials to install dozens of syringe-disposal kiosks in hopes of cleaning up the dangerous mess.  There has been a dramatic gain in the number of syringes found in parks in the Bronx in recent years because of the ongoing opioid epidemic, city Health Department officials say.  The 60 kiosks, which will be locked trash boxes placed in the hardest-hit Bronx parks, are part of a $60 million HealingNYC program to combat the drug plague, announced Monday [5/21/2018].

Let's Help Vagrants, Not Use And Enable Them.  Alcoholics go to Alcoholics Anonymous, and they can only leave on the wagon.  Obese people often go to camps where their caloric use and intake are closely monitored.  So why do we encourage vagrants with drug problems to visit "shoot-up parks" to descend deeper into their sewer of dangerous and addicting drugs?  For that matter, why do we encourage their vagrancy?  This isn't just a big city problem.  Here in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley, we have vagrants.  The Glenwood Springs Post Independent recently reported that many vagrants illegally camp on private and public lands on the outskirts of town.  They litter the area, defecate and urinate on the ground, often start illegal campfires and frequently panhandle and worse.

San Francisco's many free syringes are littering its streets.  San Francisco hands out millions of syringes a year to drug users but has little control over how they are discarded and that's contributing to thousands of complaints.

About those needles littering the streets of San Francisco... The city gave them out.  For all of City Hall's tough talk of late about getting needles off the streets, the city itself is responsible for helping fuel the problem — handing out millions of syringes a year with little or no controls over their return.  And while the easy access to clean syringes is intended to protect public health, the city's residents are not happy with the situation.

The diseased streets of San Francisco spread to rest of California.  We recently took a look at the diseased streets of San Francisco, after local reporters revealed a dangerous mix of drug needles, garbage, and feces spread throughout the city's downtown area.  Now, as the number of homeless camps across the state skyrocket, union officials for highway maintenance workers are demanding health and safety protections for state employees who are exposed to the biological detritus while cleaning up roadside encampments.

L.A. Metro May Put Showers for Homeless People near Stations.  The Los Angeles Metro may put showers for homeless people near some of its stations, after the board of directors approved a resolution last Thursday to study the issue over the next four months.

Tolerant San Francisco fed up with dirty, smelly streets.  Though known for its compassion to the needy, San Francisco may have hit peak saturation with tent camps, stinky urine and trash littering the streets, and the new interim mayor has vowed to do something about it.

SF to get team dedicated to clearing used needles from city's streets.  Just days before he rolls out a citywide plan to clean up San Francisco's fetid and filthy streets, Mayor Mark Farrell announced plans to hire a 10-person team of health professionals dedicated to cleaning up used needles.  Farrell and Department of Public Health Director Barbara Garcia said on Monday [4/23/2018] that the city would allocate $750,000 to hire the new employees through a contract with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Clean up San Francisco's streets, tourist industry pleads.  Sure, San Francisco has great facets worthy of postcards and travel books, but it also has a worsening underbelly that [Joe] D'Alessandro says he can no longer gloss over.  People injecting themselves with drugs in broad daylight, their dirty needles and other garbage strewn on the sidewalks.  Tent camps.  Human feces.  The threatening behavior of some people who appear either mentally ill or high.  Petty theft.  "The streets are filthy.  There's trash everywhere.  It's disgusting," D'Alessandro said, adding he's traveled the world, and San Francisco stands out for the wrong reasons.  "I've never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs.  "How can it be?" he continued.  "How can it have gotten to this point?"

Infectious diseases on the rise as homeless population grows.  They're diseases that you've never heard of — Shigella and Group A Strep.  But they are spreading at alarming rates among people without homes in King County.

Asian immigrants put their foot down at liberals dumping homeless at their door in the O.C..  Liberals were in for a surprise when legal Asian immigrant families fought back at their efforts to dump the homeless of Orange County into their ICity of Irvine community, thinking that since they were Asians, they wouldn't complain. [...] The people they didn't want dumped into their community to mix it up with their school children and tiger moms were these:  [Photo at left]  According to MyNewsLA.com, the cleanup of this Santa Ana River camp has left 404 tons of garbage, 13,950 needles, and 5,279 pounds of human waste.  You kind of wonder who had to count those needles and weigh all the vomit and excrement.  Sound like great neighbors for property values and schoolchildren safety.  Which of course is why they protested.

San Francisco Is Suffering From The Excesses Of Its Own Liberalism.  In November of 2017 alone, 6,211 needles were collected while via the 311 App, 1,498 requests were made to clean up human feces.  The public defecation problem has become so intolerable in San Francisco that private citizens have built an online map to track the concentrations of poop in the city, so that pedestrians may know to avoid certain areas.  And it's not just poop.  The overwhelming smell of urine on parts of Mission Street and Market Street would make your nose bleed.  I recall the first time I rode BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Francisco's subway system) and was nearly knocked over by the sheer stench of the station.  I was surprised to learn that exiting the station supplied little to no relief — the urine smell hangs heavy in the more populated areas of the city and is nearly inescapable.  In a dark twist of humor, the city has had to replace numerous different street poles due to urine eroding the foundation.  What drives a large part of the human waste issue is San Francisco's homeless population.  The homeless epidemic in San Francisco is tragic and frightening — in a 47-square mile city, we have around 7,500 homeless people, meaning there are approximately 160 homeless people per square mile.

Homeless 'mansion' pops up near Space Needle.  A group of homeless people built a tent "mansion" in a small patch of grass between Third Avenue and Broad Street.  It's a half a block from Seattle's most famous tourist attraction and surrounded by multi-million dollar high-rise condos.

Calif. Big Cities Face Public Health Issues Caused by Rise in Homelessness.  Two of California's biggest and richest cities are facing a public health issue, which centers around the growing homeless problem.

Homeless encampment relocation plan has California residents outraged.  A plan to house hundreds of homeless people in a tent city near a popular Southern California park was met with fierce public resistance, forcing an upcoming vote to rescind the scheme.  The Orange County Board of Supervisors is set to meet Tuesday to figure out where to relocate people, after a federal judge forced the county to come up with a plan to house the homeless population located along the Santa Ana River.  One proposal would place about 400 people near the county-owned Orange County Great Park in Irvine, located 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles.  The park, which is home to a farmers market and a hot air balloon ride, is popular with families on weekends.

California Has Become a Disgraceful State.  At one time, California was the envy of America, attracting people from around the nation to move to a state offering opportunity and the chance to pursue ambitious dreams.  With scenic beauty, the Pacific Ocean coastline, the major cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California recruited entrepreneurs looking for economic growth.  As the home of Hollywood and multitudes of celebrities, California presented an enticing potential to enjoy "lifestyles of the rich and famous."  Today, California has become an economic and cultural disaster.  The state is home to over 114,000 homeless people, one quarter of the total in the nation.  In San Francisco, a health crisis has developed as the homeless have created a mess in the downtown area, littering it with fecal matter, spent needles and piles of trash.

Needles, debris, human waste tallied after cleanup of California homeless camp.  Gritty details from the cleanup of a homeless encampment in Southern California were revealed Thursday [3/8/2018] — and the numbers were stunning.  According to the figures, public works crews in Orange County collected 404 tons of debris, 13,950 needles, and 5,279 pounds of human waste during a massive overhaul between Jan. 22 and March 3, the Orange County Register reported.  The specter of the ever-increasing homeless encampment along the Santa Ana River Trail had drawn the ire of local residents, prompting city officials to take action.

How can a place with 58,000 homeless people continue to function?  Homelessness affects the lives of all Angelenos, not just those forced to live on the streets.  And it does so almost daily, in ways large and small.  Consider the pairs of thick gloves that George Abou-Daoud has stashed inside the nine restaurants he owns on the east side of Hollywood.  When a homeless person accosts his customers, Abou-Daoud says, he can no longer count on the police for help; unless there's an imminent threat to safety, he contends, they don't respond quickly and can't just haul the person away.  So he's had to take matters into his own hands, literally, by physically ejecting problematic homeless people himself.  That's why he has the gloves — to keep his hands clean.

6 Points to Consider in the Debate About Homelessness.  Homelessness isn't just an Orange County problem, of course.  It's a growing mess throughout California and the nation.  I've seen communities of all sizes and political dispositions wrestle unsuccessfully with it for decades.  Cities such as San Francisco that throw money at the problem become magnets for homelessness, with sections of the city resembling an outdoor sewer.  Other communities, including Los Angeles, have tried to more aggressively roust the people sleeping under freeways, along riverbeds and in public parks.

The Politics of San Francisco's Homelessness Problem.  About a year ago, in January 2017, Leilani Farha visited the city of San Francisco and was appalled at the extent of the substandard housing conditions suffered by San Francisco's homeless population. [...] This is particularly disturbing when one considers that California is the most populous and the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country in the world.  San Francisco has made some effort to deal with homelessness.  The city spent $275 million on homelessness in the fiscal year that ended in June 2017 and is expanding that to $305 million for the year that ends in June 2018.  But that is not enough, since there is a long waiting list for nighttime shelters.  Visitors to San Francisco are appalled to see persons on sidewalks committing drug crimes such as injecting themselves with needles.  And the city has areas now fouled by the smell of human waste.

Orange County's Largest Homeless Camp Cleared Out.  Last September I wrote about a homeless camp which had grown up along the bike path which stretches along the Santa Ana River in Orange County, California.  Residents in the area complained about trash, human waste, and crime.  People living in the camps were constantly in fear of violence from those nearby, many of whom have substance abuse or mental health problems.  Last week, after a lengthy legal battle involving the ACLU, a judge ruled that Orange County could begin to clear out the camps so long as people were given a place to go.

'National disgrace': Community fights back as California overrun by homelessness, human waste, needles.  The specter of homeless encampments steadily expanding across the downtown streets of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco — bringing with them a public health crisis — has one southern California community taking tough action to dismantle a two-mile-long camp just a short drive from Disneyland.  In a departure from the approach taken by other local governments in the state, officials in Orange County, Calif., have started to clear out the camp — by moving occupants and hauling away literally tons of trash and hazardous waste.

A Homeless Camp Sparked The Fire That Ravaged LA's Wealthiest Zip Code.  An illegal cooking fire at a homeless camp started the blaze that engulfed more than 400 acres in Bel Air and the surrounding area, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.  LAFD investigators said the Skirball Fire started at a homeless camp just north of Bel Air, which is ranked as Los Angeles' wealthiest zip code.  The blaze engulfed 422 acres and destroyed six structures, damaging 12 more since it began about six days ago.

Cooking fire at a homeless encampment sparked Bel-Air blaze that destroyed homes, officials say.  The blaze that swept through the hills of Bel-Air last week, destroying six homes and damaging a dozen others, was sparked by a cooking fire at a homeless encampment in a nearby ravine, Los Angeles officials said Tuesday.  The encampment was nestled in a canyon several hundred feet from Sepulveda Boulevard and the 405 Freeway, hidden from passing cars.  For several years, it had been home to an unknown number of people, officials said.  Investigators said the fire had not been set deliberately and they have not found any of the people who lived there.  The camp — one of scores of makeshift communities that have grown along freeways, rivers and open space across Los Angeles — was largely destroyed in the fire, leaving authorities with little evidence.

6 Points to Consider in the Debate About Homelessness.  Homelessness isn't just an Orange County problem, of course.  It's a growing mess throughout California and the nation.  I've seen communities of all sizes and political dispositions wrestle unsuccessfully with it for decades.  Cities such as San Francisco that throw money at the problem become magnets for homelessness, with sections of the city resembling an outdoor sewer.  Other communities, including Los Angeles, have tried to more aggressively roust the people sleeping under freeways, along riverbeds and in public parks.

L.A. County's homeless problem is worsening despite billions from tax measures.  Los Angeles County's homeless population is increasing faster than the supply of new housing, even with the addition of thousands of beds in the last two years and millions of dollars beginning to flow in from two ballot measures targeting the crisis, according to a long-awaited report by the region's homelessness agency. [...] As a result, a $73-million annual shortfall in funding for the county's comprehensive homelessness program could more than triple, a [Los Angeles] Times analysis of the report found.

Homeless Crisis in Los Angeles Worst Since Great Depression.  The number of homeless people living on Los Angeles's Skid Row is the worst the city has seen since the Great Depression.  This year, nearly 2,500 homeless and near-homeless men, women and children were served Thanksgiving lunch on Skid Row and in Pasadena and Canoga Park.  "We haven't seen numbers like this since the Great Depression," Georgia Berkovich, the director of The Midnight Mission's public affairs department, told the Los Angeles Times.

Homeless people defecating on LA streets fuels horror hepatitis outbreak, as city faulted.  An outbreak of hepatitis A is spreading through Los Angeles County after leaping from a large homeless contingent in San Diego, threatening thousands of people and fueling criticism that local officials have not done enough to contain the deadly liver disease.  Hundreds of cases have turned up in southern California as well as Michigan — but conditions in Los Angeles, where roughly 50,000 people live on the streets, have prompted deeper concerns.  Reports compiled by volunteer organizations have faulted city officials for not providing enough accessible toilets as the homeless population sharply increased by 23 percent this year.

Colorado tries to fight homeless problem that may have been triggered by pot law.  The City of Denver is grappling with a growing homeless problem, and some people blame marijuana legalization for attracting a growing number of drug users now living on the street.  Colorado's homeless population jumped 13 percent from 2015 to 2016, despite that nationally, homelessness declined by 3 percent during the same time period, according the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Los Angeles votes to tax itself to raise billions to support the homeless.  Homelessness advocates in America's second largest city were savoring a seeming double victory after Los Angeles voters appeared to choose to tax themselves to raise more than $3.5 [billion] for homeless services over the next decade, and comprehensively knocked down a second measure that would have slammed the brakes on many housing developments.  Tuesday's [3/7/2017] election was the second in a row in which voters aligned with LA's political leadership in calling for a massive funding effort to move tens of thousands of homeless people into permanent housing and provide the "wraparound" services they need to overcome addiction, mental health and other challenges.

Seattle Underbelly Exposed as Homeless Camp Violence Flares.  So dangerous is this city's biggest homeless camp, called the Jungle — three ragged miles stitched along the underbelly of Interstate 5 — that if a fire broke out there today, firefighters would not be allowed in without an armed police escort.  State lawmakers are considering a razor-wire fence around the camp, separating it from the city at a cost of $1 million.

San Francisco homeless remain in 'unhealthy' tent city despite order to vacate.  About 30 tents remained in place Friday [2/26/2016] as the deadline for homeless people to vacate a San Francisco tent city came and went without any action.  The homeless living in the encampment had until 5 p.m. Friday to clear out, Sam Dodge, the mayor's point person on homelessness, said.  City officials and the San Francisco Police have not said what they intend to do with the tent residents.

San Francisco homeless crisis sparks bitter debate over the tents lining its streets.  "A city of tents" — that is how a local government official chose to describe San Francisco, fuelling a bitter divide in a city that is dealing with a mounting number of homeless people.  Scott Wiener, who is on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, is determined to close down the tents for homeless people on the city pavements.  Homeless charities, however, say these inhabitants have nowhere else to go.  In a Medium blog, Mr Wiener said:  "Permitting these encampments is neither humane nor progressive."

L.A. lawmakers to declare 'state of emergency,' commit more than $100 million to fight homelessness.  Los Angeles elected leaders announced Tuesday [9/22/2015] that they will declare a "state of emergency" on the growing homelessness problem in the city and commit $100 million toward housing and other services for homeless people.  The proposal, which was presented at a City Hall press conference attended by City Council members and Mayor Eric Garcetti, coincides with a Garcetti administration proposal, issued late Monday, that aims to free up nearly $13 million in newly anticipated excess tax revenue for short-term housing initiatives.

The Editor says...
Homeless people in the streets is a chronic problem, but it's not an emergency.  It is a condition that has developed over several decades, as a result of left-wing nanny-state policy, driven by emotion rather than reason.

Big Apple Versus Big Toilet.  Not long ago, I asked [San Francisco] Mayor Ed Lee what he sees as contributing factors to San Francisco's high P.U. quotient.  His answer:  The drought means less rain to wash away human waste.  Other cities have winters that prompt street people to move to better climates.  Development has claimed space that used to house homeless encampments.  He also credited "historic levels of drug use" from "people who don't get held responsible for their behavior."  Lee has a solid point on each of those factors.  I would add another:  pride.  San Franciscans are proud of the city's vaunted tolerance.  Lest they seem intolerant, many locals have been reluctant to complain about the pervasive smell of urine and occasional glimpses of public defecation until conditions become impossible to ignore.

San Francisco uses paint to fight public urination.  Public urination has gotten so bad in San Francisco that the city has painted nine walls with a repellant paint that makes pee spray back on the offender.

L.A. councilman takes aim at tiny homes on wheels.  Tiny wooden homes on wheels, roughly the size of garden sheds, have popped up on San Pedro streets as a temporary way to house the homeless. [...] But after a handful of similar structures appeared in San Pedro, Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino said he wants them removed immediately, calling them "a threat in many ways to our public safety."

Avert Your Eyes and Hold Your Nose.  Downtown San Francisco feels like a large public toilet without enough janitors.  More than once this year, I've seen men drop their pants in public places — including at Fifth and Market — to leave a smelly mess on the sidewalk.  You can walk for blocks and never escape the stench of stale urine.  At lunchtime, I see street people passed out on high-traffic sidewalks, and I am afraid to walk around them.  The homeless have been a problem in San Francisco for as far back as anyone remembers, but to me it seems this year is the worst.

$213 million earmarked to track L.A. homeless by computer, house 1,400.  A coalition of public and private agencies announced Tuesday that it is funneling $213 million to house 1,400 homeless people and to expand a tracking and placement system it hopes will end chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles County over the next two years.  The placement tool, called the coordinated entry system, is designed to replace a confusing patchwork of entry points to homeless housing and services with a single computerized portal that reaches every corner of the county.

The Editor says...
That's $152,000 per homeless person — enough to buy a house for each of them.

Rise in gay homeless people threatens San Francisco's name as gay-friendly mecca.  Thanks to the equality rights work of pioneers such as the politician and activist Harvey Milk, San Francisco has a reputation as the gay capital of the world.  But as the city recovers from its 43rd gay Pride festival at the weekend, attended by more than 1.5 million people, it must confront an uncomfortable issue.

Paradise Lost: CA to Provide Free Cell Phones for Homeless.  In California, the unemployment rate may be above 10.2%, and the state debt may be above $16 billion, the state's GDP may be in serious trouble and businesses may be leaving in droves due to ever-increasing tax rates, but that isn't going to stop the gravy train for the state's poor and dispossessed.  The California Public Utilities Commission is all set to greenlight a new program that would give homeless and low-income people free cell phones — call them Obamaphones — with free service.

Homeless People Shower on New Bus in San Francisco.  In May, San Francisco introduced the "Hook-up Truck," providing intimate space for couples on the go.  Now, the city is welcoming the "Lava Mae," a public shower on a bus, aimed at the city's large homeless population.  San Francisco has been fighting a losing battle with homelessness for decades.  City officials concede that they have made little progress over the years despite massive spending, amounting to $34 per homeless person per day.

Oh, good!  Now they have the right to urinate in the street.
California lawmaker proposes 'homeless bill of rights'.  California law protects its residents from discrimination based on sex, race, religion and sexual orientation.  Now a state lawmaker is pushing to add another category to the list:  homelessness.  New legislation titled the "Homeless Bill of Rights" by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco is meant to keep communities from rousting people who have nowhere to turn.

The Editor says...
Somehow the writer failed to include words like vagrant and vagabond, and only the commenters used words like drifter and bum and panhandling.  Homeless people generally are homeless for a reason — usually a lifetime of bad decisions.  This makes them poor candidates for long-term employment, which is apparently the motivation for the proposed legislation discussed in the article above.  Please keep in mind that many of the chronically homeless who need protection are really in need of incarceration for their own good.  Street-corner beggars pay no taxes, so if they bring in $20 an hour, they're probably better off than you.  Even the ones who claim to be hungry will throw away food if someone gives it to them.  Give a couple of bananas to a "hungry" roadside beggar and see what he or she does with them.

The Road to Hell.  [The San Francisco Chronicle] was practically drooling over a bizarre, new program being launched in San Francisco.  The city will be giving a homeless person a four-legged friend to foster:  a homeless pup from the pound.  But the transient won't get the pick of the litter, but a "problematic" dog.  And since California is overflowing with money (LOL), the city will generously throw in a stipend to care for the pet.  What could possibly go wrong here?  First off, raise your hands if you think that many of these street people will actually use the added income for the benefit of their new best friends?  When the call of booze and cocaine beckons, what will happen to Rover's Purina?

These are the 30 posh hotels where NYC places its homeless.  The city has used 30 Manhattan hotels to house the homeless, including the iconic New Yorker, the upscale Excelsior and the tourist-friendly The Manhattan at Times Square.  The city's use of Manhattan hotels shot up 58 percent in the last year as bookings expanded from the outer boroughs to prime tourist destinations in Midtown and Soho.  And the homeless lodging has reached beyond fleabag flophouses to boutique hotels and brand names sought by visitors who don't necessarily want to mingle with the down-and-out.  "We rode the elevator up to our room with homeless people who were barefoot," one guest at the Art Deco New Yorker hotel griped on the site Trip Advisor in August.

Homelessness Is the Fault of Liberals.  Every major city in the country has seen a dramatic uptick in homelessness and the common denominator are always leftists.  Whether it is at the federal, state or local level, liberals in government are the cause of the homeless disaster.  In downtown Los Angeles, the famous homeless area known as Skid Row now spans 50 city blocks.  Reverend Andy Bales is the chief executive of the Union Rescue Mission, who help those on Skid Row.  He says what is happening there is, "the worst man-made disaster in the U.S."  The Reverend is indeed correct.  Rampant homelessness is entirely man-made.

Hawaii Declares State of Emergency for Homelessness — Guess What Their Solution Is.  Hawaii [...] now has the worst homeless problem in the country.  What do you suppose causes that?  With the highest cost of living in the nation, it is small wonder that if someone falls on hard times that they wind up on the street.  It's also a magnet, climate wise, for those who know they will be on the streets.  The Hawaiian government is notoriously controlled by Democrats.  Their progressive policies have created this mess.  But, never fear, they've come up with a solution!

Hawaii declares state of emergency for homelessness crisis.  Hawaii Gov. David Ige has declared a state of emergency to deal with the state's homelessness crisis just days after city and state officials cleared one of the nation's largest homeless encampments.

Those Yellow-Stain Blues.  It's a lucky thing the driver wasn't crushed when a three-story-tall lamp post fell on top of a car stopped on the corner of Pine and Taylor Streets in San Francisco on a Monday evening last month.  The base of the lamp post had been corroded after countless soakings with urine from San Francisco's ubiquitous homeless, prompting a spokesman for the city's Public Utilities Commission to encourage people and dogs alike to water fire hydrants rather than light poles because the fire hydrants are made of stronger cast iron.  That collapsing lamp post is a perfect metaphor for urban Democrat governance.  If you want to know what inevitably results from allowing the Far Left to run cities cleared of middle-class voters over decades, picture vast armies of homeless bums gleefully micturating on public infrastructure, while public officials merely beg for more clichéd choices amid terror of alienating a prominent, if noisome and not quite sane, constituency, until that piddle-drenched infrastructure inevitably topples.  That is, after all, what Democrat cities ultimately put on display.

Derelicts Now Demanding To Live on the Streets As Matter of Right.  America's homeless are lawyering up to fight for a "right" to live on the street — your neighborhood and personal safety [notwithstanding].  From Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, cities are struggling with a surge in people living in cardboard boxes and doorways.  Local lawmakers are trying to ban "camping out" in public and ordering police to clear the fetid encampments.  Now lawyers for the homeless are pushing back.  They're demanding that "sleeping rough" be legally protected.  In Denver, where living on the street is outlawed, lawyers for the homeless want to guarantee vagrants "the right to use and move freely in public spaces without discrimination."

Homelessness up 12% in L.A. city and county.  The homeless population jumped 12% in the last two years in both the city and county of Los Angeles, driven by soaring rents, low wages and stubbornly high unemployment, according to a report released Monday [5/11/2015].  In one of the most striking findings, the number of tents, makeshift encampments and vehicles occupied by homeless people soared 85%, to 9,535, according to biennial figures from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

The Editor says...
High rent and low wages can be blamed on illegal aliens who should have been stopped at the Mexican border instead of being welcomed in.  High unemployment can be blamed on Obamacare and other red tape and regulations imposed by Barack H. Obama and his minions.  In other words, left-wing liberals are entirely to blame.

Right to shelter cities
4 charts that expose the invisible side of homelessness.  New York City and Massachusetts are legally obligated to provide shelter to all homeless residents year-round, while Washington, DC must do so when temperatures fall below freezing.  In all three places, family homelessness increased by roughly 40% since 2011 in the midst a national decrease of 8%.  Major cities such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle and San Francisco saw no change or even a decrease in family homelessness.

The Streets of San Francisco.  If you want to film a zombie movie on the cheap, San Francisco offers a ready-made location overflowing with extras.  The mentally ill, addicted, and homeless find a home in the City by the Bay as they do nowhere else in North America.  In this walkable Western metropolis, one walks a gauntlet of down-and-outers betraying that unmistakable drug gait and displaying lights out upstairs through their windows' 100-watt stares.

The Editor says...
The article above gives a fairly good description of Hell.  Unfortunately the writer is describing San Francisco.

Legalization of Marijuana Increases Homeless Population.  Officials at some Denver homeless shelters say the legalization of marijuana has contributed to an increase in the number of younger people living on the city's streets. [...] The Salvation Army's Men's shelter in Denver has seen an increase in the number of 18- to 25-year-olds.  An informal survey found that about a quarter of the increase was related to marijuana, including some who moved hoping to find work in the marijuana industry.

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