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The History of Postage Rates in the US

Deleted Files Can Be Recovered

Causes and Effects of High Gas Prices

The Media Bias Page

Pork Barrel Politics

Specific Examples of Biased News Coverage

The Crash of TWA 800

The Oklahoma City Bombing

Causes and Effects of High Oil Prices

Huge List of Government Agencies, Bureaus, Departments and Offices

The No-Frills Technical Links Page

Money Down the Drain

The EBS Authenticator Word List

The Global Warming Page

The Macbeth Color Checker

Social Security is Already Bankrupt

The Zero Tolerance Page

Feminism and Abortion

Technical topics:

The No-Frills Technical Links Page featuring numerous technical subtopics:
   GPS background material and GPS-related web sites
   GPS applications
   Other material related to geography, latitude/longitude, GPS
   Test Patterns for Computer / Video Monitors
   Test Patterns, Broadcast, Historical
   Telegraphy (Morse Code)
   Radio engineering
   Shortwave and Longwave Radio reception
   Super-bright LED's
   Antennas Helical, Beverage
   Time signals and the science of precise time and frequency measurement,
   including leap seconds.
   Web sites of other Time & Frequency fanatics
   Reference Section
   Nauru and other tiny islands
   Old telephones and phone systems
   Other unusual stuff
   Other technical stuff
   Telephone Time-of-Day

 New!   Historical Pictures from KRLD Radio and TV,  including a few pictures that show the arrival of the first videotape machine at KRLD-TV, and other photos from that era.

My Benchmark Hunting Page:  Hunting for survey markers using GPS.  Great fun!

In Search of ARL5:  All about my field trip to a reference benchmark in Arlington, Texas.
Return to ARL5:  The sequel, with more photos.

The 216 Browser-Safe Colors:  Important information for HTML designers.

The Macbeth Color Checker:  A handy tool for serious photographers.

An HTML sketch of a Macbeth Color Checker:  An exclusive!

Here is a page about The Beverage Antenna Memorandum, a 1958 FCC report about the Beverage antennas used at the FCC Central Monitoring Station at Grand Island, Nebraska.

My experiences with long strings of super-bright LED's fed in series.

 Updated:   The EBS Authenticator Word List, and a number of associated documents from the early 1970's, including the scripts that all radio announcers were to read in the event of an attack on this country.

My 1984 visit to Loran-C Raymondville!

Political topics:

 Editor's Note:   You'll love these pages, or you'll hate them.  Either way, I intend to exercise my free press and free speech rights while I still can, and balance out the distortion, half-truths and propaganda in the "mainstream" national news media.

Interesting News Items ...most with political implications.

 New:   Ron Paul is the Republican / Libertarian presidential candidate.

Hurricane Katrina news and analysis, including the following subtopics:
   Looters, thugs, gangs, and their enablers
   Other accounts of widespread misery
   News media pessimism, misinformation, bias and opportunism
   Opportunism on the part of celebrities and politicians
   Drummed-up racial strife
   The Great Debit Card Giveaway and the rise of the welfare state
   Gun seizures, property seizures and other attacks on the Bill of Rights
   FEMA:  Audacity, incompetence and political correctness
   Learning lessons and planning for the future
   Congressional investigations and independent analysis
   Misdirected money, corruption, mismanagement by local officials, and preventable levee failures
   Odd news items connected to Katrina
   Post-Katrina politics and election plans
   People who helped, and people who didn't
   Red Cross issues
   More Red Cross issues

The Causes and Effects of High Gas Prices
   The Return of the 55 MPH Speed Limit
   The Federal Price Gouging Protection Act

Causes and Effects of High Oil Prices
    Oil and Politics
    The Democrat-controlled Congress is obstructing the flow of oil
    How to lower gas prices:  Produce more oil!
    Everything but oil is subsidized
    Big Oil:  Hero or Villain?
    "Windfall profit" taxes
    Offshore oil drilling
    OPEC and other external influences on the price of oil
    Terrorism, accidents, and military intervention drive up the price
    There is no shortage of oil
    The United States has plenty of oil
    Alaska is floating on oil
    The world is not running out of oil
    Past, Present and Future Oil Prices
    Day-to-day price jumps
    Predictions for future oil price trends
    Petroleum Sub-Topics
    Oil sands, oil shale, and other unconventional petroleum sources
    Oil is out there, but in difficult places
    Oil in or near the Arctic Circle
    Positive and negative effects of oil price fluctuations
    Supply and demand
    Broader energy issues
    Other related topics:
    The Causes and Effects of High Gas Prices
    Ethanol is not such a great idea
    Environmentalists Oppose Every Practical Source of Energy
    Environmental False Alarms about Oil and Gas
    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Poverty in America
    Overview of the welfare state
    The enormous cost of anti-poverty programs
    Politicians use handouts to buy votes
    Lies about welfare programs
    How much money has been spent on the "War on Poverty"?

The Editorial Page
   including sections about
   The Barrett Report,
   The Law of the Sea Treaty,
   Terri Schiavo.

Judicial vacancies, confirmation hearings, and filibusters

The Supreme Court:  Vacancies, nominations, confirmation.  What's at stake?
   with a subsection about the case of Boumediene v. Bush.

John Roberts, Samuel Alito and Harriet Miers
Judge Sonia Sotomayor and Ms. Elena Kagan

Lawyers in general and frivolous litigation in particular.

Editorial comment:  It's Time to Scrap NASA.  NASA spends billions of dollars every year to accomplish next-to-nothing.  Recently they spent $700 million to try to get close-up pictures of Pluto.  NASA squanders taxpayers' money at the rate of $18 billion a year.

The NASA page includes a subsection about The Misconception of Space Research Byproducts.  Many people believe that we wouldn't have Teflon, Velcro, Tang, or microwave ovens if it were not for the manned space flight program.  They're wrong!

Other Space Exploration News and Commentary is now on a spin-off page.

Organized Labor Issues:  Most labor union members do not endorse or condone the kind of radicalism and perversion found in the Democratic Party platform, but their union dues are used as political contributions to the Democratic Party.
   The Illegal New York City transit strike of 2005
   The teachers' unions
   The minimum wage
   The So-called Employee Free Choice Act

Abuse of Power:  This is a page about heavy-handed government agencies with too much power and too little restraint.
   The Road to Tyranny is All Downhill From Here
        FEMA Subsection   ...very interesting!
   The Food Police
   Campaign Finance Reform - an assault on free speech
   Snitch on Your Neighbor
   Incompetence and Absurd Application of the Law
        Uncle Sam is afraid to say what he means
        The George Norris Subsection
        The Steven Hatfill Subsection
   Property Rights and Property Seizures
   The Bill of Rights is Taking a Beating
   Invasion of Privacy
   War-related privacy issues
   The Government's Role as Overprotective Nanny
        ... including The Smoking Section
   Texas Governor Perry's Vaccination Mandate
   Money Down the Drain
        ... specifically, Amtrak,
        and The V-22 Osprey,
        and The Big Dig in Boston.
   The use of Traffic Signals as Fundraisers
   Taxes and The IRS
        ... specifically, Cigarette taxes
        ... and the proposed VAT
        ... and the proposed odometer tax
        ... and More about odometer taxes
   The Americans with Disabilities Act
   The Endangered Species Act
   Waco and Ruby Ridge
   Other Items of Interest

Hate Crimes:  Orwellian thought crimes which make some victims more important than others.
   The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007
   The department of hate speech
   The Mark Steyn subsection

Zero Tolerance often translates to Zero Common Sense.  Zero Tolerance is a trojan horse which is being used to promote gun control and to normalize and promote homosexual behavior.

Gun Control Issues:
   News media bias related to gun control issues.
   Airline security, especially the debate over arming pilots.
   Legitimate concerns about Constitutional issues - 2nd Amendment debates.
   Cases in which guns saved lives
   Notable Gun Control Failures
   Leftist lies, misconceptions and disingenuousness
   Zero Tolerance:  Gun Regulation Taken to its Extremes
   Civil Litigation, Boycotts and Other Organized Action
   The United Nations efforts to disarm the U.S.
   Recommended reading; book reviews.
   Web sites about gun control and gun ownership

Airline Insanity resulting from the frantic quest for security.
   Big Brother Waits at the Airport
   Abusive and Invasive Searches
   The Transportation Security Administration  and the secret No-Fly List.
   Airline Inconvenience, Theft, and Health Hazards
   The Lack of Common Sense at the Airport
   Airline bailoutssecurity lapses and false alarms.
   Anti-terrorism policy debate and airport security strategy.
   Related topic:  The debate over arming pilots.

What Happened on Northwest Flight 327?  Was this a dry run for a hijacking?

Judicial Activism, Filibusters and Lawyers in General:  This is about obstructionism in the Senate, judicial vacancies, litigation and lawyers in general.

Privacy Issues
   The Use of Biometrics to Invade Privacy:  fingerprints, face scans, retina scans, etc.
   Commercial and Industrial Threats to Privacy
   Deleted Files Can Be Recovered and can be used against you!
   Supermarket Discount Cards
   Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology and its impact on privacy.
   Privacy Compromised by Big Government
      We must learn from other countries' experiences
   Toll Road RFID Tags and license plate scanners are a threat to privacy, anonymity and individual liberty.
   War-related privacy issues
   The Privacy of Medical Records
   Cryptography and Internet Anonymity
   A Brief Explanation of Cookies
   Domestic surveillance

Carnivore:  This is a topic which is both technical and political.  Includes sections about Tempest, Echelon, Einstein, and Information Fusion Centers.

Cell phones:  Use, misuse, and electronic countermeasures.

The Proposed National ID Card:  Would you sell your liberty for the appearance of security?
  General background information about the National ID Card system.
  Technical Problems with National ID Cards that make the whole idea infeasible.
  Political Problems with National ID Cards that make the system un-American.
  What could possibly go wrong?  Identity theft, loss of privacy, things like that.
  Massive interactive databases that sometimes interact and are sometimes hacked into.
  Disingenuousness.  Your elected representatives aren't likely to tell the whole truth about
     standardized driver's licenses and other ways the US government is trying to implement National IDs.
  Other countries' experiences with National ID systems.
     The US isn't the only country implementing such a plan.
  Other items yet to be categorized.

Electronic Voting and Other Election Day Issues  - What's wrong with paper ballots?  When you use a touch-screen system, you can never be sure that you actually voted.
  Voter ID requirements  might keep dead people from voting.  Guess who's opposed to the idea.
  ACORN  is an organization that makes Voter-ID laws necessary.
  The Voting Rights Act of 1965
  Tampering with the Electoral College - Guess who's in favor of abolishing it.

The Oklahoma City Bombing:  …is beginning to look like an act of Iraqi terrorism.  At least the official explanation is full of holes.

The Crash of TWA 800:  The official government explanation doesn't add up here, either.

The Crash of American 587 was another case where something was especially fishy about the government's official explanation.

Wasteful Government Spending:  The federal government does only one thing well:  it grows.  One reason is the amount of "pork" in the budget.  There is a special section about Senator Lott's Railroad Line

Pork Barrel Politics
  Subtopics including ...
     The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.
     The Big Dig in Boston.
     Senator Lott's Railroad Line — The Railroad to Nowhere.
     Sweetheart deal for Boeing.
     The National Endowment for the Arts.
     The V-22 Osprey.
  Other specific examples of pork projects.
     ... such as Farm subsidies.

Cutting the Federal Budget To Prevent U.S. Bankruptcy:  A series of excellent articles by Jim Grichar.

Specific Examples of Pork Barrel Politics,  other than those listed on the pages above.

The CAGW Section:  A collection of useful information about pork barrel projects from Citizens Against Government Waste.

Huge list of government agencies compiled right here in the A.K.Dart research center.  This list is enormous, but it is still incomplete.

Liberalism in General and the Socialist Platform of the Democratic Party.
This page grew to over 145 k-bytes, so it has been split up to cover the following subtopics:
    The Democratic Platform and the avoidance of the word "Liberal".
    Liberal leaders have no new ideas.
    Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House!
    Socialism, the welfare state, and big expensive government.
    The war on Wal Mart.
    Humanism and Abortion.
    The Ultra-Rich Liberal Elite pretend to watch out for the little guy.
    Leftist Anti-capitalism  and  "Corporate Social Responsibility"
    Liberals have difficulty telling the truth.
    Liberals make decisions based on emotional outbursts rather than sound reasoning.
    Liberals are lying about the U.S. economy.
    Which party has a "Culture of Corruption?"
        Congressman Jefferson's Brush with the Law
        Cynthia McKinney's Scrape with the Capitol Police.
        Patrick Kennedy's narrow escape.
    Democrats are disingenuously courting the minority vote.
        For example, at the Coretta Scott King Funeral.
    Liberals are out of step with the American mainstream.
        Jimmy Carter is a prime example.
        Hillary Clinton is another.
    Liberals, who thrive on panic and ignorance, say conservatives are trying to establish a theocracy.
    DNC Chairman Howard Dean is the spokesman for Socialist Democrats in America.
        The Strange Case of Alvin Greene
    The 51st State will probably be Puerto Rico.
    California is what you get when liberals are in charge.
    Capital Punishment

News and Opinion about Barack Obama
    Obama and Associates, P.U.
        Overviews  of Obama's unsavory associates.
        Jeremiah Wright and the TUCC  -- This alone should have sunk Obama's campaign.
        Michelle Obama
        Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn
        What evidence lurks at the University of Illinois?
        Frank Marshall Davis
        Tony Rezko
        Other questionable associates and endorsements
    Important questions about Mr. Obama
        Is Obama a Christian?  (He says he is.)
        Is Obama a Muslim?  (He says he isn't.)
        Is Obama a natural born citizen?  (He doesn't say.)
    Other relevant topics
        Examples of pro-Obama favoritism in the press
        Obama the Big Spender
        Extreme left-wing radicalism
          The most liberal voting record in the Senate
          Liberal ideology, Marxism and Anti-Americanism
          Nationalizing and radicalizing the public schools
          Making America bilingual
          Petty partisan politics — he's just another politician
          Reparations for slavery, affirmative action
          Pie-in-the-sky plans for a leftist utopia
          Gun control
          Special rights and privileges for homosexuals
          Radical environmentalism
          Socialized medicine
          ... and especially on the issue of abortion.
        Flip-flops, Campaign Finance, and "Rushing to the Center"
        Gaffes and blunders on the campaign trail
        Joe Biden brings his own gaffes and baggage
        Prevarication, double-talk, deceptiveness, secrecy, chicanery, and empty rhetoric
              Accusations of plagiarism
              Secrecy and obfuscation
        Vague references to religion without a religious track record
        Obama's voting record is sketchy at best
        Obama makes impossible promises and his supporters expect too much
        Lack of qualifications and experience
        "Community Organizer" — Big Deal!
        The self-centered opportunist, his unjustified self-esteem and easily bruised ego
        Many people have expressed multiple concerns
        Can Obama handle the threat of Islamic terrorism?
        Just imagine Obama's nominees to the Supreme Court
    Miscellaneous scandals, suppressed news, and Obama's Chicago background
          Fundraising scandals
          Obama's long lost radio interview
          Obama's -- well, somebody's -- long lost videotape
          Barack's half-brother George
          Barack's Aunt Zeituni
          The dog ate my thesis
          Obama favors free speech -- but only for himself.
          Prepare for an Obama Thugocracy
          Preferential Treatment of the Black Panthers
                   ( ... featuring commentary about Joe the Plumber.)
          It pays to be obsequious
    Hiding behind the race card
        Obama the victim
        Is Obama black?
    Obama talks a lot, but he says nothing.
        Reaction to Obama's speech in Philadelphia on March 18, 2008.
        Reaction to Obama's speech in San Francisco on April 6, 2008.
        Reaction to Obama's speech in Berlin, Germany, July 24, 2008.
        Reaction to Obama's acceptance speech, August 28, 2008.
        Reaction to Obama's address to Congress, February 24, 2009.
        Reaction to Obama's speech in Cairo, June 4, 2009.
        Reaction to Obama's socialized medicine speech ("news conference"), July 22, 2009.
        Obama's address to Congress, September 9, 2009.
        Reaction to Obama's address to the United Nations, September 23, 2009.
        Reaction to Obama's speech in Fort Hood, Texas, November 10, 2009.
        Reaction to Obama's speech at West Point, December 1, 2009.
        Obama's speech in Lorain County, Ohio, January 22, 2010.
        The State of the Union address, January 27, 2010.
        Health Care Speech #35, March 3, 2010.
        Strongsville, Ohio, March 15, 2010.
        Charlotte, North Carolina, April 2, 2010.
        Hampton University, May 9, 2010.
        West Point, May 22, 2010.
        The Oval Office, June 15, 2010.
        Columbus, Ohio, June 18, 2010.
        American University, July 1, 2010.
        Other speeches.
        Obama's speeches in general.

Post-election commentary about President-elect Obama.
        Comparisons to previous leaders and political figures
        What can we expect from the Obama administration?
        The stock market's reaction and other economic issues
        Obama made a lot of impossible promises
        Remarks about the 2008 election itself
        The unmitigated media favoritism continues
        He's surrounded by Washington insiders -- So much for "change"
        Obama carries the Clintons' baggage
        In many ways, Obama is just another Democrat
        Obama opposes school choice for you -- but not for him
        Who's really happy about Obama's presidency?
        Obama's cabinet, staff and other associates:
            Eric Holder, Tom Daschle, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, etc.

        Prepare for four years of minor scandals
        An inauguration is not an emergency

What can we expect from the Obama administration?
        The Liberal Laundry List
        The use of executive orders to bypass checks and balances
        Dealing with terrorists
        More influence for the UN
        Censoring conservative radio
        Paying back the labor unions for their support
        Radical environmentalism
        Property seizures
        Packing the courts with liberal judges
        Revenge and reversal
        Racial quotas and reparations for slavery
        Higher taxes and massive spending
        Gun control
        Nationalizing and radicalizing the public schools
        Constantly expanding government
        Totalitarianism / Ruling by Thugocracy
        Bringing back the draft
        Dealing with Cuba
        Trying everything until something works
        Popularizing cigarettes
        Four years of minor scandals

The Obama administration, year one
        Commentary on the inauguration itself
            An inauguration is not an emergency
            Reaction to Obama's inaugural address
        All this adulation is a bit much
                President for life?
        Obama's Narcissism
        Smoke and mirrors:  An atmosphere of disingenuousness.
                Outright hypocrisy
                Reaction to Obama's address to Congress on February 24, 2009.
        The media favoritism continues
        Tampering with the Census
        President Obama is the stock market's worst nightmare
        Bad ideas and bad decisions
                Weakening America's defenses
                Obama and the Muslims
                Gun control
                Rabid environmentalism
                Socialized medicine
                A rapidly expanding welfare state
                Nationalizing the banks
                A Congressman for the District of Columbia
        Obama's Culture of Corruption
        The So-Called Stimulus Bill
        The Wall Street Bailout of 2008
        Who is to blame for the Wall Street Bailout?
        Obama the gas-guzzling limousine liberal
        Obama spends our money on himself

Obama vs the Stock Market
        Obama's self-inflicted economic collapse
        Nationalizing the banks
        Nationalizing GM and Chrysler
        The United Auto Workers
                Cash for Clunkers
        Obama opposes capitalism
        Massive spending and the fast track to socialism
        Tea parties and other organized rejection of Obama's plans
        Town hall meetings
        A few words about FDR's New Deal
        The use of AIG as a scapegoat

The Obama Disillusionment
        The wheels are coming off
        Obama and his team are incompetent
        Obama is helpless without a teleprompter
        This is "hope"?
        This is "change"?

President Obama's Intentions for America
        Obama is weakening America's defenses
        Obama is weakening our allies' defenses
        Evidently Obama hates America
        Obama bows down to King Abdullah
        Obama bows to Emperor Akihito
        Obama fraternizes quite cordially with dictators in other countries
        Taking control of the internet
        Using public schools as indoctrination centers
        The Homeland Security report on right wingers
        Obama's stealthy moves toward gun control
        President for life?
        Here a czar, there a czar, everywhere a czar czar

President Obama's Potential as a Marxist Dictator
        Obama's Assault on British Petroleum
        INTERPOL is granted immunity from U.S. law
        The Swine Flu Panic
        Oath Keepers
        President Obama's Assault on British Petroleum

News Media Bias in President Obama's Favor
        Media favoritism in the 2008 presidential campaign
        Media favoritism between the November 2008 election and the January 2009 inauguration
        Media favoritism in Obama's first term
        ABC is the most obvious about it
        The Obama team manipulates the media
        "Spontaneous" events and "randomly selected" people
        Friday night document dumps
        Obama vs Fox News Channel
        White House pressure is applied to all who disagree
        Obama and the news media versus Toyota
        Using doctors as props on the White House lawn
        Using the National Endowment for the Arts as a propaganda tool
        Biased news coverage of "tea parties"
        Obama is a cigarette smoker

President Obama and the rabid environmentalists

Obama and the Muslims
        Obama himself appears to be a Muslim
        Obama appears to be a Muslim sympathizer at the very least
        Obama is no friend of Israel

Obamacare:  Socialized Medicine
        Obamacare is wildly unpopular and is sure to result in voter backlash
        Pelosi and Reid forge ahead, ignoring public outcries
        Democrats have been obsessed with socialized medicine for decades
        Can Obamacare be stopped?
        Totalitarianism = Unstoppable one-party rule
        Who is to blame for all this?  Who are the enablers?
        Obamacare will affect families and small businesses
        The Obamacare bill is over 2,000 pages long.  Who knows what's hidden inside?
        Does Obamacare include blanket amnesty for illegal aliens?
        Obamacare is Hillarycare in a new wrapper
        Other objections to Obamacare

        Liberals resort to lies and emotional outbursts to silence their opposition.
        What's the rush?
        Secrecy, closed-door meetings, and midnight votes.
        Liberals are not telling you that Obamacare will bankrupt the United States.
        Obama's Big Health Care Summit:  A one-ring circus.

        Obamacare won't work as advertised.  The promised benefits will never come to pass.
        Doctors won't work under these conditions!
        Obamacare solves problems that don't exist and doesn't address problems we already have.

        Obamacare is socialism -- or worse!
        Obamacare opens the door to tyranny.
        The Senate bill includes an unprecedented trap:  It can't be repealed!

        Rationing and "End of Life" issues.
        Taxpayer-funded abortions.

        Obamacare will be horribly expensive.
        Obamacare opens the door to tyranny
        The Senate bill includes an unprecedented trap:  It can't be repealed!.

        Obamacare will be mandatory -- and therefore unconstitutional.
        Despite what you may have heard, health care is not a right.
        Senator Reid shamelessly buys votes
        Obamacare carries an odor of corruption.

        Obamacare was passed by hook or crook
        The use of lies and emotional outbursts to generate public opinion
        Overcoming the objections of pro-life Democrats
        The Democrats' disregard for the Constitution and its limits on federal power
        Legal challenges:  Let the lawsuits begin!
        Obamacare is a threat to the economy
        Obamacare is a threat to freedom
        Socialized medicine is a step toward Marxism
        Political fallout
        Individual rebellion
        Obamacare is full of surprises
        Now that the Democrats have done this, what's next?
        Other drastic measures under consideration

News and Opinion about Bill and Hillary Clinton

Coleman vs Franken

Term limits for Congressmen and Senators

The Implosion of Zimbabwe

The ACLU Page
    The ACLU Goes Shopping for a Friendly Judge.

The Aftermath of the 2004 Election

Translation Table - Liberal Code Words to Plain English.  Provided as a public service, to help you decrypt the Orwellian doubletalk used by the Left.

The Sports Page:  This is a page about the millions of taxpayer dollars being given to professional sports teams, even though the municipal investments never reap the positive results that the teams promise, and even though all the teams are owned by multi-millionaires.

   The Sports Page includes a section about the NCAA versus politically incorrect mascot names.

   And another section about the Olympics.

An excerpt from "How to Get Spending Under Control"

Social Security:  Enron stock looks great compared to this.

The "Patient's Bill of Rights" and other socialized medicine issues.

SCHIP  The State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug benefits for senior citizens.

The Corporate Scandals Page:  a discussion of the billion-dollar accounting scandals, the proposed government solutions which will probably only make matters worse, and comparisons between these billion dollar frauds and the trillion-dollar "risky schemes" being run by the federal government.

(You might get the idea that I'm a little distrustful of the federal government.  But whether you agree or disagree with the points I try to make on these pages, it will make interesting reading.)

George W. Bush Won the Election  - but how can you tell?  We still have 1.6 gallon toilets!  We still have the National Endowment for the Arts!  We still have pork barrel projects of every kind, because President Bush hasn't vetoed anything!  Except for the nominations to the Supreme Court, how would thing have turned out any differently under Al Gore?
   Sending a manned mission to Mars.
   Trying to give control of major US ports to the UAE.
   Spending $15 billion to fight AIDS in Africa.
   What kind of "homeland security" is this?

The Election Turmoil of 2000:  There are many lesson to be learned from this attempt to overturn the presidential election through lawsuits and propaganda.

The Clinton Body Count:  A long list of people associated with Bill Clinton who have ended up dead.
   ...with particular emphasis on Mary Mahoney, Shelly Kelly, Ron Brown, and of course, the Vince Foster case.

Education Issues:  This is the overview and index page; Here are the subtopics:
   Bad Ideas in Public Education
       The Ritalin Section
   The Pledge of Allegiance is Expelled
   Lowered Standards and Dumbed-Down Schools
   Liberalism and Political Correctness
      Now sub-sub-categorized as follows:
      Revising history to fit the template of socialist politics
      Animal rights activism
      Affirmative action, diversity, and multiculturalism
      Feminism and abortion acceptance
      Socialist and communist indoctrination
      Darwinism and humanism
      Speech codes and other rules that only apply to conservatives on campus.
      Gun control indoctrination
      Anti-American and anti-war indoctrination
      Pro-Islam indoctrination at Yale University
      Political Correctness and Moral Relativism
      Sex Education
      Acceptance of Homosexuality
   Zero Tolerance Displaces Common Sense
   Spending More to Get Less
   The War on Tradition
   Religious Studies Exit the Schools
   Home Schooling and Other Alternatives
      Vouchers, Charter Schools, and School Choice
   Other factors acting upon the public education system
      The teachers' unions
      The pressures on parents
      Other news items about education issues
   Recommended Reading for those interested in education issues.

The War on Terror / Iraq War:  Again, this is the overview and index page; Here are the subtopics:
   The USA Patriot Act
   The War vs Liberty and Freedom
   The War on Privacy
   Immigration Issues Related to the War
   Pacifists and Anti-American Protests
      … specifically, Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda.
   Intelligence lapses and other factors which may have contributed to this mess.
   News stories and opinions kept quiet by the mainstream press
        … specifically, information about Guantanamo Bay
   Other news media issues related to the War on Terrorism
   Analysis of The New York Times
   Foreign and Domestic Policy Debates
   Domestic surveillance
   Political Opportunism and Wasteful Wartime Spending
   That PC Statue
   The Events of September 11, 2001, and the immediate aftermath
      The Mysterious and Under-reported Collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven
      The Mystery of Flight 77 and the Pentagon Impact

The United Nations
        … including the Oil-for-Food scandal,
        … the Law of the Sea Treaty,
        … and The UN Climate Change Conference in Bali.

   Reference Material and links to other sites related to the war

Islamism / Islamic Terrorism:  Is it really a "religion of peace"?  What kind of peace does a person experience aboard a hijacked airliner as it crashes into an office building?  Make no mistake about it:  The ultimate goal of Islam is the forcible conversion of the world to the Islamic way of life.

Subsections now on their own pages:
   Islam is not a "religion of peace"
      Muslim-only "No-go" zones
   Islam is the Religion of the Easily Offended
   Geert Wilders and Fitna
   The Islamic Threat is Still Growing
   The French Riots of 2005
   Islam in Prison
   Islam in American Schools
   Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam
   The Mohammed Cartoons
   Terrorist attacks reported as "isolated incidents"
   Islam vs Feminism

There is also a page about Pro-Islam bias in the media.
And a new subsection:  Pro-Islam bias at Google.

Other issues about which you never hear the whole truth in the news media:

Environmental Issues:  Most of what you hear in the news media about SUVs, fossil fuels, animal rights and DDT is leftist propaganda.  This page is provided as an educational public service, and includes the following subsections:
   Leftist politics and bad ideas which sometimes lead to bad laws
   Environmentalists abhor capitalism
   The most radical environmentalists want to wipe out the human race
   Environmentalism is a pagan religion
   Environmentalists vs. Military Preparedness
   The UN Earth Summit of 2002
   The UN Climate Conference in Bali
   Lies, propaganda, distortion and exaggeration
   Environmental False Alarms about Alar, arsenic, mercury, freon, radon, etc.
      including a section about oil and natural gas
      and a section about second hand smoke
   DDT and Other Pesticide Scares
     ...  including a subsection at the bottom about Rachel Carson.
   Low-level environmental terrorism ... keeping people alarmed helps retain political clout.
   Supposedly good ideas that may not be good at all, like windmill generators, recycling,
     ...  mass transit,
     ...  fluorescent light bulbs,
     ...  wind energy,
     ...  CAFE — Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards,
     ...  and ethanol.
   The Endangered Species Act
   Property rights issues
   List of troublesome organizations
   ANWR - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - a big bunch of frozen-over dirt with lots of oil under it.
   CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards  and the leftist campaign against SUV's.
   The EPA
   Media bias related to environmental issues
   Environmental Propaganda Movie Reviews
   Global Warming (see subtopics below)
   Animal Rights vs. Human Rights
   Volcanos - a major source of natural "pollution."
   Other Environmental Topics
      including the Mass Transit / Car Pooling Section
   Recommended Reading

Global Warming and its many subtopics:
   Overviews of the Global Warming issue
   Global Cooling:  Reports of record snowfall, unusual icing and brutally cold weather.
   Global Warming has halted, at least temporarily.
   The Gore Effect
   Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming
   The Copenhagen Climate Conference of 2009
   Global Warming is Blamed for Everything
    ...including a section about the coral reef scare
   Conversely, everything causes global warming, or so it would seem.
   Greenhouse Gases:  Carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and more.
   Maybe there is no greenhouse effect after all
   Silencing the Skeptics in the Global Warming Debate
   Solar Activity and Other Natural Causes of Global Warming
    ...including a section about simultaneous warming on Mars
   Are 100-year forecasts possible when five-day forecasts are not?
   Many global warming alarmists are the same people who once predicted an ice age
   One or two degrees of global warming would benefit everyone
   Environmental Propaganda Movie Reviews
   The  Political Opportunism  and  Irrational Zeal  of global warming alarmists.
   The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act
   Reasonable Doubt in the Global Warming Debate:
       What consensus?
       Inaccurate measurements
       NASA has been cookin' the books!
       Flawed computer models
   Global Warming Subtopics and Sidetracks:
       Polar Bears
       Polar Ice
       Rising Sea Levels
       Hurricane numbers and intensity
       The coral reef scare
       Al Gore,
       Al Gore's Nobel Prize,
       Al Gore's testimony before Congress,
       Proposed solutions that are sure to be worse than the problem,
       Carbon offsets and emissions trading, e.g., cap-and-trade.
   It's a hoax, fraud, swindle, scam, lie, myth, etc.
   The United Nations IPCC Report on Global Warming
   The Kyoto Climate Control Protocol
   The Effects of Burning Hydrocarbon Fuels over the last 100 years
   Cap and Trade, carbon offsets, carbon credits, and emissions trading.
   Leftover Topics
       The hypocrisy of eco-celebrities.

Cultural topics:

The Culture War in America:  Political Correctness vs. traditional family values.
   Semantics and Equivocation in the Culture War
   The Collapse of the Family Unit as the Building Block of Society
   Feminism, Antimasculinism and Gender-based Affirmative Action
   Feminism vs Islam
   Feminism and Abortion
      News and commentary about Planned Parenthood
      Margaret Sanger and the roots of Planned Parenthood
      Abortion as an attempt to exterminate black Americans
      Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation
      Court decisions and abortion-related politics
      What's happening in Kansas?
      Abortion is a vital component of the Democratic Party platform
      Abortion-related deaths and post-abortion effects
      The gruesome details are rarely made public
      Ultrasound makes better decisions possible
      The extreme case of Toni Vernelli
      Stem Cell Research
      The numbers are surprising
      Other countries' experiences
      Philosophical issues, Biblical perspectives, and the slippery slope
      Semantics, euphemism and verbal chicanery
      The right to protest
      Disposing of less-than-perfect children
      Disposing of unwanted female children
      Doctors have a financial incentive to perform abortions
      Babies born alive during attempted abortions
      Survivors of abortions
      Serial abortions / Abortion as birth control / A matter of convenience
      Making abortion less messy:  RU-486 and other drugs
      Other items yet to be categorized
   Homosexuality in General
   Same-sex marriage and the proposed marriage amendment
   The Boy Scouts vs Political Correctness
   Anti-Christian/Pro-Islam Bias in American Society
   The Ten Commandments Section
   Anti-Christmas and Anti-Anti-Christmas Sentiment in American Society
   Lowered Standards, Lowered Expectations
   The Demise of Stigma and the Erosion of Self-Discipline
   Animal Rights vs. Human Rights
   Uprooted Traditions and Edited History:  Including a discussion of politically incorrect cartoons.
      Separation of Church and State — It's not in the Constitution!
      Public Display of The Ten Commandments  and our national motto.
      "In God We Trust" has been moved to the edges  of the new one-dollar coins.
      The Mount Soledad Cross
      Thanksgiving Day
      Is the United States a Christian country?
   Recommended Reading

Affirmative Action intro page.
   Affirmative Action in general
      … and specifically for native Hawaiians.
   Race-based Political Opportunism
      What's up in Jena, Louisiana?
      The Otis Moss Subsection
   Reparations for Slavery
   Perpetual Victimhood
   The Bill Cosby Subsection
   The NAACP
   Diversity: Another Name for Racial Quotas
   Multiculturalism and "Tolerance"
   Racial Profiling
   Reverse Discrimination
   College and University Admissions
   The Aftermath of the Cincinnati Riots
   Other race relations issues, including things like Kwanzaa and Zimbabwe.
      … and the accusations against members of the Duke lacrosse team.

Immigration Issues (mostly pre-war)
 New!   What's going on in Arizona?
What's going on in Farmers Branch, Texas?
Background information about America's immigration problem.
The disorderly protest rallies of 2006.
The President and the Congress have their proposals.
      Some of them are really bad ideas.
      Driver's licenses for illegal aliens?
      Other ID Card issues.
      Illegal aliens are illegal voters.
Entering the country illegally is bad enough...
      Many illegal immigrants were already violent criminals when they arrived.
Illegal immigration is a threat to national security.
      Many Mexicans would prefer to forcibly reclaim the southwestern U.S.
Immigration Issues Related to The War on Terrorism.
Multilingualism and multiculturalism is part of the immigration problem.
      Mexico itself is part of the problem.
      Walls, fences, and militias.
      Obstacles to legal immigration.
The numbers are surprising.
      The strain on America's health care system.
      Freeloaders and the burden on the welfare system.

The Unjust Prosecution of Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos
The English Page:  A discussion about the issue of making English the official language of the U.S.

The War on the Boy Scouts:  A Scout is trustworthy, courteous, thrifty, loyal, kind, brave, helpful, obedient, clean, friendly, cheerful and reverent.  What's the problem?

Habitat for Humanity


The Technology and Politics of Broadcasting, mainly television, including unfavorable information about the V-Chip, HDTV, taxpayer subsidies for public television and radio, and a big section about closed captioning.

New subsection:  Are commercial breaks louder than TV programs?

Broadcast Radio:  Technology and Politics, including a section about the Fairness Doctrine.

Media bias:

This subject is so easy to write about because it's so obvious.  These pages contain dozens of cases in which the news media reports selectively, including cases where only half-truths make it on the air.

Media Bias in general:  This is the index and overview.  Here are the subtopics:
   Specific examples of biased news coverage
        For example, the coverage of Vice-President Cheney's hunting accident.
   Bias related to gun control issues
   Coverage of the "War on Terrorism"
   Biased coverage of environmental issues
   Bias related to social issues:  Race relations, feminism, "diversity", homosexuality.
   Cultural and political bias in motion pictures
   Cultural and political bias on television
        The V-chip:  An ineffective substitute for parental supervision.
   Pro-Islam bias in the media
   Sensationalism vs Journalism
   Suppressed news -- examples of "spiked" stories
        The Secret Superhighway -- Using NAFTA to create a North American Union.
        Terrorist attacks reported as "isolated incidents"
        Good news about unemployment figures
   News media critics
   The Fairness Doctrine
   National Public Radio
   The Public Broadcasting Service
   Dan Rather
   Walter Cronkite
   Other high-profile TV news personalities
   TV Networks
   Junk science, dubious statistics and rash presuppositions
   New!  Environmental Propaganda Movie Reviews
   News Media Incompetence, Sensationalism, Dishonesty and Obsolescence
   Bernard Goldberg's New Book, "Bias"
   Other commentary about news media imbalance
   Links to other internet resources
   Overflow section!  There's more material in the Spillway.

Political Resources Directory:  A massive collection of links to other web sites.
   Sub-menu #1:  Web sites for the study of history, the Constitution, the founding fathers,
                        limited government, individual liberty, personal freedom, and the good old days.
   Sub-menu #2:  Policy analysis, think tanks, long term national strategy.
   Sub-menu #3:  Specialty sites dealing with specific incidents or issues.
   Sub-menu #4:  Opinions, editorials, essays and speeches.
   Sub-menu #5:  Conservatism per se and conservative patriotism.
   Sub-menu #6:  Web sites which focus on education issues.
   Sub-menu #7:  Web sites dealing with property rights.

Recommended Reading:  Numerous book reviews.

Positive quotations:  Some of my favorites.

Ominous Quotations:  …from Khrushchev, Cronkite and the Clintons, among others.

Photos  illustrating parts of my career in broadcasting.

My non-internet publications:  magazine articles.

Other interesting topics (neither political nor technical):

Musical Interlude: Today's feature, which was also yesterday's feature, is Valse Miniature, written by Koussevitzky, and arranged for tuba and calliope by Andrew K. Dart.  Surprisingly, I get more feedback about this feature than almost anything else on this web site.

Apolitical News:  Weird news.

Mind-control techniques utilized by many indoctrination programs …and some churches.

The documents and principles upon which this country was founded

Postage Rates in the U.S. since 1863 compiled by yours truly.

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