Gene Dimock's Old Pictures from KRLD-TV

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These pictures were sent in by Jim Dimock, whose father, Gene Dimock, worked at KRLD-TV from 1949 until his retirement in the early 1980's.  I had the pleasure of working with him for a year or so, before he retired.  That would have been 1982, and at that time, he was a studio cameraman running Camera 2 on the evening news.  This meant that he got most of the shots of Clarice Tinsley and Chip Moody, back when the local TV news stations were in a very competitive three-way race for the ratings.

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Jim Dimock says, "I think the man on the right in the overalls is Roland Gregory."

Updated 11/11/2009:
Charlie Dobkins wrote in and identified these three men as Ted Lincoln, Gene Dimock and Howard Chamberlain.  Charlie says they are "standing in front of the old 'Blue Goose' as we called her. ... The 'Blue Goose' was our first remote unit, with DuMont cameras bought through GE."

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Possibly out on the same remote broadcast as the photo above.

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This is Gene Dimock in the master control room.  Camera controls are visible in the background.

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The back of this photo says 9/17/53.  Gene Dimock is the cameraman on the far right.  Back then, all the cameramen had to wear those company-issued jumpsuits.

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This picture was taken when the engineers from KRLD-TV were on remote in Houston covering a Gemini launch at the Space Center for the CBS network. The date on the back says 1965.

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