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KRLD-TV News personalities from the 1960's:

These ten pictures were little 2½-by-3½-inch prints, in an envelope mixed in with the negatives.  When you "click to enlarge" these pictures, they will pop up on your computer screen about five or six times their original size.  My hope is that the families of these men (and everyone pictured on the rest of these pages) will eventually stumble across this web page and print out these long-lost photos.

The only person I recognized immediately was Frank Glieber.

George Phenix Frank Glieber Bill Ceverha Dick Wheeler Warren Fulks
(1) George Phenix
(2) Frank Glieber
(3) Bill Ceverha
(4) Dick Wheeler
(5) Warren Fulks

Dan Garza Dean Angel Jim Underwood Joe Scott Sandy Sanderson
(6) Dan Garza
(7) Dean Angel
(8) Jim Underwood
(9) Joe Scott
(10) Sandy Sanderson

Updated 4/10/2006:
Thanks to David Young for identifying Bill Ceverha, Dick Wheeler and Warren Fulks, and tentatively identifying #10 as Sandy Sanderson.

Thanks also to Jim English for identifying Jim Underwood and Joe Scott.  He also agrees that #10 is probably Sandy Sanderson.

And this just in... Walter Evans, who retired many years ago from KDFW-TV, confirms that #10 is definitely Sandy Sanderson.  He also identified #7 as George Runge [later corrected to Dean Angel - see below] and photographer Dan Garza.  I spoke with Walter on the phone this afternoon and he sounds just like he did 20 years ago.

Updated 4/13/2006:
David Young says there is a slight chance that photo #1 is that of "Jerome Davis, former weekend anchorman circa 1968."  (See update below.)

Bill Ceverha sent a message to say that #7 in the photo line-up above is "not George Runge but Dean ________(?)"

There is an "off by one" error on my part, which I probably won't repair:  The file names for the ten photos are numbered zero through nine, but they are referred to as #1 through #10 in the text.  You probably haven't even noticed.  If you did, I'm slightly embarrassed, but not enough to fix the problem.

Coming soon:  Pictures of Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom.  The negatives are in the mail, on the way to Dig My Pics.

Updated 4/15/2006:
Walter Evans, upon seeing Bill Ceverha's correction of #7, now says, "Try Dean Angel instead of Runge."  So I'm saying it's a picture of Dean Angel until someone insists otherwise.

Updated 4/29/2008:
Bob Huffaker writes to say, "All of your old KRLD head shots are correctly identified except #1, a photo of George Phenix, who went on to found and publish Texas Weekly…."  Thanks, Bob!

Click to enlarge Notice the two gentlemen in the lower right corner of this picture.

Bill Mercer and Jack Harrison Updated 02/01/2006:
A few days ago, Fox 4's Richard Ray said the man on the left might be Bill Mercer.  Lo and behold, Mr. Mercer replied to my email and said, "Oh yeah... that's me and Jack Harrison (the tall one)... we were quite young then."  Mr. Harrison was (according to what I've found on the internet) a KRLD-TV weather man and program director of KRLD radio.

David Stewart wrote and said, regarding Jack Harrison, "Among other jobs over the years, he was the station voice in the seventies.  He did the IDs, and sign on/sign off and renewal announcements.  I remember an on screen promo showing him with a 'mini-cam' in 1976 or 1977."

Photographers and others

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This is an early KRLD-TV mobile unit.  That's the Dallas Times Herald building in the background.

I heard a rumor at work recently that the man standing beside the mobile unit has been identified as Roy Flynn, and not Clyde Rembert as previously speculated.  The story I heard was that Mr. Flynn was the Chief Engineer of KRLD-TV before Mr. Honeycutt.  This is a great surprise to me, since I had never heard of Mr. Flynn.

Click to enlarge Click to enlargeSo the next question is… who is the driver, and who are the cameramen?

Updated 3/23/2006:
The positive feedback about this web page continues to amaze me.  David Young wrote to say, "I might be able to ID one of the camera guys standing on top of the truck.  The one on the left holding the Bell & Howell "Filmo" 16mm camera could well be Roy Nichols. ... He served as reporter, cameraman, TV anchorman, radio news announcer, and all-around nice guy."

Updated 4/4/2012:
Karen Morris identifies the man on the right (standing next to Roy Nichols) as her father, Harold L. Hunt, who was a KRLD-TV photographer from sometime after World War II until "sometime in the early sixties."  Thanks, Karen!

Updated 5/13/2006:
KRLD-TV news team Here is the KRLD-TV news team, out in the field.

This is a really good picture.  If you're a JFK researcher or someone else with an interest in the state of Dallas TV news in 1963, you may want to have a closer look, so the large version is also available.  (2.48 Megabytes)

1963 license plate I believe that is a 1963 Texas license plate, which would be an indication of when this picture was taken.  The shadows under the cars are short, so I'd say it was June or July.

Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom

This was back when the newsroom was in the basement of the "new" (1963) portion of the KRLD building.

Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom

Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom

Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom Eddie Barker in the KRLD-TV newsroom

Others in the KRLD-TV newsroom And of course there were others in the newsroom.  Notice the lack of video monitors, TV sets, and of course, computers.  Everything is so neat and tidy, you'd think they had invented the "paperless" newsroom already.

Western Union clock All the old telephones and typewriters are in a scrap heap somewhere, but today those Western Union clocks are worth a few hundred dollars apiece.

Buster McGregor and Bob White Updated 5/15/2006:

David Young has identified a few of the people in this latest set of newsroom photos.  In the foreground is Bob White, reporter and anchor of Midnight News, and behind him is assignments editor Buster McGregor.

Warren Fulks On the right is Warren Fulks, 10 p.m. news anchor.

Bill Ceverha Some of the pictures include Bill Ceverha.  This is a somewhat better picture of Mr. Ceverha than the one at the top of this page.

Marilyn Scott On the far left is Marilyn Scott.

Travis Crow Also off to the left is Travis Crow, a film processing technician.

Thanks, David!

Updated 11/27/2009:

1973 newsroom This is a photo from the KDFW-TV newsroom, 1973.  Sources tell me that among those pictured here are Tom Overstreet, Carolyn Guunter, Henk DeWit, Wayne Lindloff, Tom Wilson, John McLean, Linda Resnick, Bob Phillips, Jeff Rosser, Wayne Thomas, Warren Culbertson, and Curtis Shelby.

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