Downtown Dallas skyline photos from the 1960's

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Click to enlargeThis view of the downtown area seems to be from the roof of the Convention Center, on the east side, close to Akard Street, looking north.

Close-up version available.  (1.52 Megabytes)

Click to enlargeKRLD building about 1962.  This picture shows some of the surrounding buildings, almost all of which were eventually torn down to make way for an assortment of parking lots and a really big fire station.

Added 01-31-2006:
Click to enlargeThat close-up was taken from this slightly over-exposed view from the south.

Click to enlarge Akard and Royal The street sign seems to indicate this is the intersection of Akard and Royal streets.  With a little detective work, I have determined that the camera was located just east of the Convention Center arena, on Akard Street, just southwest of the current City Hall location.

Click to enlarge This appears to be the view from the area now known as the "west end".  But from which building, I am not sure.  Possibly the Texas School Book Depository.

Click to enlarge Looking at the downtown area from the southwest.

"Then and Now" Comparisons

These two pictures were taken at about the same location.  Notice that the tower isn't painted exactly the same way today, but the lamp post is still there.

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Click to enlarge Compare those two photos with this much older one.  Evidently this was the KRLD AM/TV building at 400 North Griffin St. before the radio station moved in.  This shows the southwest corner of the building, looking north.  (The old power plant smokestacks are in the background at the far left.)  At this point, the Texas Herald Cafe is located on the corner.  I am guessing that the owners of the Times Herald bought this building so they could have their radio station across the street instead of several blocks away at the Adolphus Hotel.

Notice that when this picture was taken, Griffin Street was paved with bricks.

Here is another example.  The city is very different today, and the old buildings haven't moved (except for the ones that were demolished), but they're harder to see.  The photo in the center is a half-dissolve between "then" and "now".

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Added 02/04/2006:
Okay, just one more.  There is a picture on this page showing the installation of the transmitting antenna on the downtown studio building.  Here it is compared with the view today.

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Elsewhere in Dallas

The SMU campus, a long time ago. This was the SMU campus, a long time ago.  I'd say 1960.

Updated 5/13/2006:
Click to enlarge The view from the southwest.

Click to enlarge The view from the northwest.

Updated 6/23/2007:
If you like pictures of downtown Dallas, read about my visit to The 72nd Floor.

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