The Events of September 11, 2001
and the immediate aftermath

Editor's Note:  Here is a collection of news items, related to the War on Terrorism, which did not fall into one of the many other categories of war-related articles.

Some of the events of September 11, 2001, were under-reported because a lot of things happened that day and the news media focused on the biggest story and let the rest fall into one-sentence headlines.  But since then, there have been several other terrorist attacks (apparently) that have been downplayed in the mainstream news media and passed off as "isolated incidents," misunderstandings, or misinterpretation of the evidence.  Three under-scrutinized events are discussed in subsections below.

Post-9/11 terrorist attacks -- which are routinely being passed off as "isolated incidents" -- are discussed here.

The Mystery of Flight 77 and the Pentagon Impact

Flight 77 – Where is the plane?  I'm not sure what this proves, but it is rather strange.  In all the photographs of the Pentagon after the 9/11/01 explosion, have you ever seen a picture that includes pieces of an airplane?

 Editor's Note:   A 757-200 is 124 feet wide and 155 feet long.

911 In Plane Sight.  Contrary to the video footage shown to the American public, photographs taken only moments after the impact show no wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon.  Where is the plane?  Where are the wings, the tail, the luggage, the seats, the landing gear, and the engines?  Most importantly, what happened to the passengers who were aboard that plane?

The Secret Files 9/11 Investigators Missed.  Are many of the secrets of 9/11 still hidden in top-secret government files?  Almost certainly, say former staff members of the 9/11 Commission.  With the nation scheduled to mark the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks this weekend, former staffers tell The Daily Beast it is clear that the 9/11 Commission, which went out of business in 2004, failed to conduct a thorough inspection of the government's most important library of raw intelligence on al Qaeda and the 9/11 plot.  And nobody appears to have inspected that intelligence since.

Pentagon Attack:  Some of the clearest proof that 9/11 was an act of United States Sponsored Terrorism comes from a close examination of the Pentagon Attack.  In the above picture by Daryl Donley taken minutes after the attack at the Pentagon, the intense fireball is seen as coming from inside the building, and no wreckage of an airline crash is apparent.

Did Flight 77 Hit the Pentagon?  There is controversy over the question of whether AA Flight 77 actually did hit the Pentagon on Sept 11.  It centers around a large amount of photographic evidence that the damage to the Pentagon is neither big enough, nor of the right shape to have been caused by a 757 jet, that there is insufficient sign of wreckage or bodies, and that power poles which apparently should have been in the path of the jet are still standing.  The damage appears to be more consistent with having been caused by a bomb and/or a missile or small jet.

Flight 77 — So where is the plane?  I have never seen an aircraft accident where the aircraft evaporated upon impact [into] water, land or buildings.

Independent Flight 77 - Pentagon Event Investigation.

9-11 and the Impossible.  The harsh truth of 9-11 is that the "official version" just doesn't stand up, against even elementary scrutiny.  Despite the "official" denials, there were overwhelming warnings of suicide hijackers; but no warnings to the public or airline pilots.

The Five-Sided Fantasy Island.  Earliest reports from the Pentagon indicated that a helicopter explosion or attack took place.  However, during the course of the day, two legends were put into place — the first, that the Pentagon was struck by an airliner; and also an alternative hoax, that a missile was responsible.  But no tangible, verifiable evidence of an airliner crash at the Pentagon has ever been produced.

Department of Defense Responds to Judicial Watch FOIA Request and Related Lawsuit.  The Department of Defense released a videotape that allegedly shows American Airlines Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

See the video.

The video shows nothing that looks like an airplane.  It was allegedly "part of an ongoing investigation involving Zacarias Moussaoui."  But after seeing the newly released video, it is difficult to imagine the logic of that explanation.  In my opinion, it was kept from public view simply because the government thrives on secrecy.  The government has had several years to find or manufacture at least one believable frame of video that shows an airplane hitting the Pentagon, and that still hasn't been done.

New Tape Stirs Up 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.  With Tuesday's release of video footage of American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon building, an attack that killed 184 people on Sept. 11, questions rage again.  "It doesn't clarify anything — I don't see a plane in that image," said Michael Berger, spokesman for  "In fact, I thought that was underwhelming."

[He's right.]

Photos from the Pentagon Crash Site.  No evidence of a Boeing 757, but the damage is certainly consistent with a cruise missile strike.

On the other hand... this opposing viewpoint is presented as a public service.
Getting the Facts Straight:  A growing number of people have been led to believe that an airliner did not hit the Pentagon on 9/11.  However, in this case the "official version" of events is irrefutable.

Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11.  Among the many questions lingering after the catastrophic events of 9/11/2001 are the various speculations that the Pentagon attack was by some other means than a hijacked passenger airliner.  This document seeks to put these theories to rest.

Questions about Flight 93

United Flight 93 crashed without cockpit struggle.  Passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 fought back against the hijackers but never actually made it into the cockpit, the Sept. 11 commission concluded.

Flight 93 mosque
The Flight 93 Memorial is a Mosque, Celebrating the Crash.  The original Crescent of Embrace design for the Flight 93 memorial (left) was laid out in the configuration of an Islamic crescent and star flag (right).  The crash site sits between the tips of the giant crescent, in the position of the star on an Islamic flag.

Crescent of Betrayal:  A book by Alec Rawls, about the terrorist memorial mosque now being built in Pennsylvania.

Book Claims Flight 93 'was shot down'.  The absence of any significant debris — including tailplane and wings — bewildered witnesses, relatives and, more importantly, some crash experts.  They found it hard to believe that an airliner up to 155 feet long, with two engines each weighing more than six tons, could have penetrated the ground so completely as to utterly disappear.  Had it, in reality, been blown to pieces in mid-air?  Certainly it is unclear how a single piece of fuselage the size of a dining room table could have been recovered from a marina in Indian Lake, a couple of miles away from the crash site — unless it fell from the sky during an aerial break-up.  But a bigger mystery is why the engines went missing.

The Mysterious and Under-reported Collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven

WTC 7 was a huge office building a few blocks away from the twin towers.  WTC 7 was not hit by an airplane on September 11, 2001, yet it mysteriously collapsed that afternoon, for no apparent reason.  The incident was only briefly mentioned in the news media on September 11 and 12, and was never mentioned again.  It is the most obvious example of a news story going immediately down the "memory hole" into news media oblivion, with no questions asked.

WTC7 - The Reporter Who Saw It All.  [Video clip]

15 Years Later, Physics Magazine Concludes:  All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due to Controlled Demolition.  Over the past 15 years many highly respected academics and experts have come forward to challenge the official narrative on the collapse of the WTC towers forwarded by the U.S. government.  The official government position holds that the collapse of all three towers was due to intense heat inside of the buildings.  But a new forensic investigation into the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11, published in Europhysics News — a highly respected European physics magazine — claims that "the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition."

Why Did World Trade Center Building 7 Fall?  New Study Claims Gov't Story Is False.  Last Wednesday [9/6/2017], Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey of the University of Alaska Fairbanks presented the findings and conclusion of his team's two-year engineering study evaluating whether fire caused the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on September 11, 2001.  Many "9/11 Truth" researchers focus on the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) as the smoking gun evidence that Americans were lied to about the attacks.  WTC7 was not hit by a plane, yet it collapsed at 5:20 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.  According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the collapse was caused by office fires leading to thermal expansion of the building's supportive columns and girders.  Dr. Hulsey's presentation, "A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7, September 2017 Progress Report", detailed how his team eliminated fire as the cause of the collapse of the 47-storey building.  Hulsey explained that NIST's report on the collapse found fires on floors 7 through 9, 11 through 14, 19, 22, 29, and 30.  However, there is no evidence of fire below floor 7, Hulsey said.  [Video clip]

Was 9/11 an inside job?  Call for truth over Building 7 collapse on eve of 15th anniversary.  Some claim there must have been a "controlled detonation" at ground level for the Twin Towers to fall in on themselves as they did.  One key part of their argument is the collapse of a third smaller tower, called Building 7, at the World Trade Centre complex, several hours after the huge skyscrapers fell.  Yesterday [9/8/2016], the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance held its 12th annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival, where the British documentary Incontrovertible was screened.  The online film by Tony Rooke looks at why Building 7 collapsed in the way that it did and the official explanation given after an investigation by the The National Institute of Standards and Technology, based near Washington DC, who still refuses to release all of its data amid claims it could "compromise public safety".

28 Declassified Pages Do Nothing To Explain Implausibility Of 9/11 Official Story.  [Scroll down]  Questions still remain as to why WTC building number 7 fell when no plane had hit the building and was only infected with mild office fires.  The 28 Pages do nothing to explain the contradiction between the official explanation of how the towers fell and how they actually fell on the morning of 9/11.  The American public was told by the 9/11 Commission to believe that the buildings collapsed under gravity from structural failure due mainly to fires initiated by the impacts of the airplanes.  But as many experts have pointed out, this is highly unlikely considering the spread of debris that occurred in a massive radius around the towers and the obvious pulverization of the buildings' make-up.  "Large multi-ton beams were hurled hundreds of yards laterally, gravity works vertically not laterally," explains Jody Gibbs, a 35-year architect and member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  The thousands of experts with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are quick to point out that the manner in which the WTC buildings fell and the ejections of pieces of the buildings exhibit all the signs of a demolition.

An extremely rare mention of WTC Building 7, eleven years after it imploded:
Judge Rules United Not Liable for 9/11 Collapse.  The plaintiff in the case, Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the World Trade Center property, claimed that the collapse of 7 World Trade Center stemmed from airport security lapses that allowed hijackers to crash an American Airlines plane into the complex. [...] Tower 7 collapsed several hours after being pierced by debris from the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 into the nearby 1 World Trade Center.

The BBC's 'WTC 7 Collapsed At 4:54 p.m.' Videos.  At 21:54 GMT on 9/11/2001 the BBC announced that WTC 7 had collapsed.  There was just one problem with this news:  WTC 7 did not collapse until 22:20 GMT.

Danny Jowenko is Dead, 3 Days After Sabrosky Interview.  Demolition expert Danny Jowenko, one of world's leading building demolition experts, was killed in a one-car accident last week when his car slammed into a tree.  Jowenko received international attention as the expert who unequivocally described the collapse of Building 7 at the World Trade Center on 911 as a "demolition."  Jowenko made the judgment before he knew it was WTC7 he was watching on the video.  He commented:  "This is a controlled demolition which was carried out by a team of experts."

The Editor says...
If Building 7 was imploded by demolition experts, the other two buildings probably were, too.

Expert Who Concluded WTC 7 Was A Controlled Demolition Killed In Car Accident.  In 2007 reports began to circulate that Jowenko had retracted his stance on the footage of WTC7, however, he reaffirmed his previous opinion in a phone call with blogger Jeff Hill, noting "When the FEMA makes a report that it came down by fire, and you have to earn your money in the States as a controlled demolition company and you say, 'No, it was a controlled demolition', you're gone.  You know?"

Debunking 9/11 Debunking.  All but the most dogmatic readers will find Griffin's evidence — from the inconsistencies between NORAD tapes and the 9/11 Commission Report to rigorous exploration into the physics of the collapse — detailed and deeply unnerving.  For instance, Griffin considers the fact that firefighters were told, five hours before the fact, that building WTC 7 was going to collapse, despite "the fact that WTC 7 was not hit by a plane, that the available photographs show no large fires, and that fire had never caused a steel-frame high-rise to collapse."

Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11.  The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them.  A plane did not hit Building 7 of the Center, which also collapsed.  All three were most probably destroyed by controlled demolition charges placed in the buildings before 9/11.  A substantial volume of evidence shows that typical residues and byproducts from such demolition charges were present in the three buildings after they collapsed.  The quality of the research done on this subject is quite impressive.

Millions call for an independent 9/11 investigation.  Did fire alone pulverize three steel-framed buildings at the World Trade Center?  This would be the first time in history that steel-framed buildings have completely collapsed due to fire.  Especially puzzling is the fact that Building 7 collapsed even though it was never hit by an aircraft.  Could a Boeing 757 disappear in a hole in the Pentagon smaller than the size of the plane itself?  How did engines weighing several tons vanish?  This would be the first time in the history of airline crashes that engines disintegrated.

Controlled Demolitions of September 11, 2001.  This compilation of previously released material shows that the World Trade Center buildings (Twin Towers and Building 7) were brought down by controlled demolition.

The Top four Unanswered Questions About 9-11.  This video highlights four of the most obvious questions that still, after all these years, remain unanswered and totally ignored by our government.  They refuse to answer them.  There is no good reason for not doing so.  It speaks volumes about what kind of people we have running our government.

Foreknowledge of WTC 7's Collapse:  At least two television networks made premature announcements of the collapse of WTC 7.  The BBC unequivocally announced the collapse about 23 minutes before the fact, and even featured a New York correspondent speaking of the collapse in past tense with the still-erect skyscraper standing behind her.

AE911Truth press conference to take place in Austin, TX.  Architect and AE911Truth petition signer Ron Avery, along with fellow supporters, will show the video of the original AE911Truth 80 minute Press Conference that was held in San Francisco on 2/19/10.  Ron will give his own presentation as an architect concerning the construction and destruction of the WTC Twin Towers and how limited damage to 5 floors on each building is insufficient to collapse 110 floors of such a structure.

Over 1000 architects and engineers have signed petition to reinvestigate 9-11 destruction.  Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth founder, Richard Gage, AIA, began the conference quoting Mark Twain who said, "If you don't read the newspapers you're uninformed.  If you do read them you're misinformed."  Gage said he hoped the assembled press would help to rectify that situation.  "Today I'm quite pleased to announce that now we have more than one thousand architects and engineers signed on to the A&E911Truth petition demanding of Congress a new and truly independent, unimpeachable investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9-11," Gage said to a cheering audience.

WTC 7:  A short computation.  I provide a short computation, focused on World Trade Center building 7.  Based on very favorable assumptions for achieving a fast fall, including ignoring resistance due to intact steel columns, I could only get the building to fall in about 8.3 seconds, whereas the observed roof-fall time is approximately 6.5 seconds.  The problem is the large number of floors and conservation of momentum in a collision.  Some of the "official" explanations about progressive collapse are evocative but they do not explain the difficulty in the rapid fall of the building along with what is evidently taking place when the video of the falling building is observed.

911 Blogger: started out by filling a void in the blogger community by covering 9/11 related alternative news.  There are now plenty of blogs that do this.  911blogger will continue to cover 9/11 related news, but will now broaden its mandate to cover similar events in recent, and not-so-recent history, like the OKC bombing, the 1993 WTC bombing, and the assassinations of high profile figures in the 1960s, in order to educate people new to the issues raised in such dramatic fashion on 9/11.

Explosives Found in World Trade Center Dust.  Backers of the official account of 9/11, including NIST officials, have dismissed evidence that aluminothermics were used to destroy the World Trade Center skyscrapers, claiming that thermite's slow reaction rate makes it an unsuitable tool for demolishing buildings.  Despite repeated requests by scientists and researchers to address the potential role of advanced aluminothermic composites with high explosive power, officials have refused to acknowledge such materials.

Four Integrity Tests for President Obama.  The nationwide 9/11 truth movement is alive and well, because the vast majority of Americans still have many doubts about the official stories of what happened on 9/11, especially when it comes to the sudden collapse of three World Trade Center buildings, one of which was not even hit by an airplane.  Countless scientists, engineers and architects have seriously examined mountains of data and evidence and come to the disheartening conclusion that something besides the official story must explain what happened.

Web page about the collapse of WTC Building 7.  Very interesting.

Silverstein Answers WTC Building 7 Charges.  Building 7 became only the third steel building in history before or since 9/11 to collapse from fire damage.  The other two were the North and South towers of the World Trade Center.  Any building that was not owned by Silverstein Properties strangely remained upright.

"Pulling" Building 7:  This statement seems to suggest that the FDNY decided to demolish the building in accordance with [Larry] Silverstein's suggestion, since the phrase "pull it" in this context seems to mean to demolish the building.

WTC 7 'Pulled' By Silverstein, FDNY – Were Towers 'Pulled' Too?  [There are] disturbing correlations between the collapse of WTC 7 and the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.  Both buildings were constructed using the same bridge beam system that, in WTC 7's case, allegedly contributed to its demise.  But more importantly WTC 7, like the Murrah building, housed high-level government offices including the FBI, CIA and the Secret Service.  WTC 7 was also the storage facility for millions of files pertaining to active cases involving international drug dealing, organized crime, terrorism and money laundering.

 Editor's Note:   More people are starting to ask questions about Building 7.  And if it's true that Building 7 was imploded, questions arise about the Twin Towers as well.  Keep reading.

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?  In this paper, I call for a serious investigation of the hypothesis that WTC 7 and the Twin Towers were brought down, not just by impact damage and fires, but through the use of pre-positioned cutter-charges.  I consider the official FEMA, NIST, and 9-11 Commission reports that fires plus impact damage alone caused complete collapses of all three buildings.  And I present evidence for the controlled-demolition hypothesis, which is suggested by the available data, testable and falsifiable, and yet has not been analyzed in any of the reports funded by the US government.

9/11 We Know is a website that purports to expose how the Twin Towers and Building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane, were brought down via controlled demolition.  Free downloadable videos lay out the case.

Dam Breaks On 9/11 Truth.  Two more major influential Hollywood stars using their fame to attract attention to 9/11 truth proves the dam is breaking and November's election result has failed to stop the momentum of a growing chorus across the political spectrum demanding answers on inexplicable facets of the 9/11 fraud.

Streisand's hubby publicly questions official 9/11 story.  Actor James Brolin, aka, 'Mr. Barbra Streisand', has joined film director David Lynch in going public with his doubts about the official story behind 9/11. … Brolin offered no reason as to why he waited five years and three months to publicly question the official story behind 9/11, or why he followed in the footsteps of Lynch on the same day.

The Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story of September 11, 2001..

The Investigation of Building 7's Collapse:  What did the government do to investigate the unprecedented collapse of a steel frame building from fires?  It gave FEMA the sole discretion to investigate the collapse, even though FEMA is not an investigative agency.

Building 7.  was the third skyscraper to be reduced to rubble on September 11, 2001.  According to the government, fires, primarily, leveled this building, but fires have never before or since destroyed a steel skyscraper.  The team that investigated the collapse were kept away from the crime scene.  By the time they published their inconclusive report in May, 2002, the evidence had been destroyed.

Five Years After and We Still Don't Know.  There appears to be a very large energy deficit in the official explanation of the collapse of the two WTC towers, and no explanation for the collapse of WTC 7.

Building 7 Collapse:  At 5:22 p.m. on September 11th, 2001, the 47 story building number 7 of the World Trade Center Plaza came down in slightly over 8 seconds.  The building had not been hit by any plane, nor sustained any significant damage from the "collapse" of the Twin Towers seven hours earlier, nor was there any major fire in the building at the time.  The video clearly show that it was brought down as result of a synchronized demolition.

WTC 7:  Building 7 was the third skyscraper to collapse into rubble on September 11, 2001.  According to the government, small fires leveled this building, but fires have never before or since destroyed a steel skyscraper.

Indications add up to government conspiracy.  The collapse of steel-frame buildings — such as the World Trade Center Towers — due to fire is unprecedented.  The collapse of Building 7, which was not hit by a plane, is especially inexplicable.  Its collapse late in the afternoon of Sept. 11 exhibited 10 specific features of a controlled demolition, as did the collapse of the Twin Towers.  More important, numerous eyewitnesses attest to hearing multiple explosions at the time.  And, Steven Jones, a professor at Brigham Young University, discovered Thermate, an incendiary compound, in two molten steel samples taken from the site.

BYU Professor on Paid Leave for 9-11 Theory.  Brigham Young University administrators are trying to find out the extent of one professor's involvement in blaming the September 11th terrorist attacks on the government.  According to a copyrighted Deseret Morning News article, Dr. Steven Jones is on paid leave for suggesting the government is responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center.

On the other hand...
The CIA couldn't have organised this.  Five years after the attack on the World Trade Centre, a group of 75 American academics is claiming that the truth about 9/11 has been covered up.  The leader of the group — Steven E. Jones, a physics professor at a university in Utah — has studied debris from the disaster and concluded that explosives were used to bring down the towers.

Did the Twin Towers Collapse on Demand?  When considering the possibility that the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives there is an interesting variation which is worth considering:  What if the Twin Towers were designed — or re-engineered — so that they could be destroyed in a controlled demolition if circumstances required?

Other WTC Building Collapses:  WTC 6 and WTC 7.  WTC 7, although damaged slightly by falling rubble, stood for about six hours on September 11th, then around 5 p.m. it suddenly fell.  No official explanation for this has ever been given.  This building was completely destroyed, and came down in the manner of a controlled demolition. … [I]t is the manner in which WTC 7 was destroyed that constitutes one of the proofs that 9/11 was an inside job.  Videos of its destruction clearly show that it came down exactly in the manner of a controlled demolition.  This cannot have been the work of 19 Arab hijackers, nor of Osama bin Laden supervising events from his cave in Afghanistan.  The destruction of WTC 7 was brought about by demolition experts — American demolition experts.

The Mysterious Leveling of Building 7.  At 5:20 PM on 9/11/01 the only building with a World Trade Center address that stood on a different block from the rest of the complex, 47-story steel-framed 7 World Trade Center, underwent a sudden total collapse.  Officials and all government reports published since the attack that mention the building blame its collapse on a combination of structural damage and subsequent fires.  However, the available evidence on the condition of Building 7 prior to its collapse fails to document more than superficial structural damage and small isolated fires.

Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC 7.  Those who argue that the towers were vulnerable in their top-heaviness and verticality cannot then explain the collapse due to fire of WTC 7, a broad-based, 47-story steel-framed building. … In addition, WTC 7 suffered a strangely thorough and complete collapse, leaving only a leveled lot where it once stood. … There [are] also disturbing correlations between the collapse of WTC 7 and the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. … WTC 7 was also the storage facility for millions of files pertaining to active cases involving international drug dealing, organized crime, terrorism and money laundering.

9/11 Controlled Demolitions of September 11, 2001.  A 36-minute documentary that's well worth watching.

Robert Fisk:  Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11.  What about the third tower — the so-called World Trade Centre Building 7 (or the Salmon Brothers Building) — which collapsed in 6.6 seconds in its own footprint at 5.20pm on 11 September?  Why did it so neatly fall to the ground when no aircraft had hit it?  The American National Institute of Standards and Technology was instructed to analyse the cause of the destruction of all three buildings.  They have not yet reported on WTC 7.

BBC adds fuel to 9/11 conspiracy theories.  The investigation into the "mysterious" collapse of the third tower of the World Trade Centre will re-examine questions which an official inquiry was designed to answer.  The 47-storey tower collapsed seven hours after the Twin Towers and has become the subject of heated speculation and a host of conspiracy theories which suggest it was brought down by a controlled demolition. … A BBC investigation points out that this would be the first and only skyscraper in the world to collapse solely due to fire.

Bush economist doubts 9-11 story.  Ex-Labor Dept. hand says towers brought down by explosive.

Report Says Fire, Not Explosion, Felled 7 W.T.C..  The collapse of 7 World Trade Center — home at the time to branch offices of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Secret Service and the Giuliani administration's emergency operations center — is cited in hundreds of Web sites and books as perhaps the most compelling evidence that an insider secretly planted explosives, intentionally destroying the tower.

Feds:  Fires took down building next to twin towers.  The building has been the subject of a wide range of conspiracy theories for the last seven years, partly because the collapse occurred about seven hours after the twin towers came down.  That fueled suspicion that someone intentionally blew up the building in a controlled demolition.  Critics like Mike Berger of the group 9/11 Truth said he wasn't buying the government's explanation.  "Their explanation simply isn't sufficient.  We're being lied to," he said, arguing that there is other evidence suggesting explosives were used on the building.

Improbable Collapse:  On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center Twin Towers disintegrated in a manner that scientists say resembled deliberately calculated implosions.  The facts open for discussion include:  at 5:20 p.m. that same day another building, the 47 story WTC 7, completely collapsed within 70 feet of its footprint in 6.6 seconds.  These three buildings became the first such structures to ever suffer complete collapse due to fire and damage.

The Top 40 Reasons to doubt the official story of September 11th, 2001.  [Reason #14]  All the Signs of a Systematic 9/11 Cover-up:  (a.) Airplane black boxes were found at Ground Zero, according to two first responders and an unnamed NTSB official, but they were "disappeared" and their existence is denied in The 9/11 Commission Report.  (b.) US officials consistently suppressed and destroyed evidence (like the tapes recorded by air traffic controllers who handled the New York flights).  (c.) Whistleblowers (like Sibel Edmonds and Anthony Shaffer) were intimidated, gagged and sanctioned, sending a clear signal to others who might be thinking about speaking out.

WTC 7 Collapse investigated by Popular Mechanics.  Many conspiracy theorists point to FEMA's preliminary report, which said there was relatively light damage to WTC 7 prior to its collapse.  With the benefit of more time and resources, NIST researchers now support the working hypothesis that WTC 7 was far more compromised by falling debris than the FEMA report indicated.

The latest:
Jesse Ventura questions the WTC collapse.  Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who during the Vietnam War was part of the Navy's Underwater Demolition Team, claims that the World Trade Center's fall was part of a government plot.

 New   An attack on American 612:  The TWA 800 scenario almost happened again!  How many "isolated incidents" can the news media downplay?

What really happened to AA Flight 612.  What makes the evidence particularly compelling is that the pilots apparently saw what the radar was reporting:
      ATC: Flare or a rocket?
      AA 612: It looked more like a rocket.
      ATC: American 612, how far away was it from your position?
      AA 612: It was about half way between us and the coastline when we first called that last center guy.

More on Possible Surface to Air Missile Attempt Against Passenger Aircraft.  Just as suddenly as the story was broadcast, it seemed to have disappeared from the media.

September 11 Analysis:  Numerous articles about unexplained aspects of the events of September 11.

UN Official Expressed 9/11 Doubts in Radio Interview.  Richard Falk, the UN rapporteur for human rights in the Palestinian territories, was sharply admonished by Ambassador Susan Rice and UN Chief Ban Ki Moon after he posted a blog questioning the "official explanations" for the Sept. 11 attacks.  Falk responded by defending his comments, and claimed that they were "not connected with my UN role."  But today [3/21/2011], UN Watch released audio of Falk expressing doubts about the "official version" of what happened on Sept. 11 during an appearance on the conspiracy-theorist radio show Truth Jihad.

9/11 skeptics resurface.  "There is enough evidence across the board here to suggest there were more hands in the pot to stir it up than what meets the eye," said Andrew Moulden, a medical doctor and candidate for the Canadian Action Party in the Ontario riding of Nipissing-Timiskaming, when asked about 9/11 by the National Post.  "There are a lot of things that scream foul," he said.  "There are too many holes and gaps in the middle and too many inconsistencies.  They needed a Pearl Harbor and it happened."

Unanswered questions of September 11:  The killing of nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, is not a "cold case."  But it also is not a closed case, and despite the huge body of evidence collected, unanswered questions remain.  Among them: … What was the Washington target of United Flight 93, which crashed near Shanksville, Pa.?  What motivated 19 relatively well-off Arab men, all Muslims, to become such horrific suicide bombers?

Pressing for the Truth on 9/11:  Within the limits of its 85-minute time frame, 9/11 Press for Truth does an admirable job of effectively presenting some of the most glaring discrepancies, lies, and coverups concerning the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil. ... [It] asks, for instance, why NORAD fighter jets weren't scrambled on that fateful morning. ... The 9/11 Commission Report's explanation, which contradicts four previous explanations by federal officials on this matter (all four of which also contradict each other), is fraught with discrepancies, errors, omissions, and contradictions.

Eye Witness Testimony Is Conclusive That North Tower Collapsed From Controlled Demolition.  William Rodriguez the morning of 9/11 is a miracle.  What happened to his story after-the-fact is a tragedy. ... Declared a hero for saving numerous lives at Ground Zero, he was the janitor on duty the morning of 9/11 who heard and felt explosions rock the basement sub-levels of the north tower just seconds before the jetliner struck the top floors.

9/11 Survivors and Family Members Question the 9/11 Commission Report.  Despite hundreds of eyewitness reports of explosions throughout the Twin Towers by doomed victims, survivors, emergency service personnel, reporters, and bystanders, the 9/11 Commission Report contains virtually no mention of them and entirely ignores them in its conclusions.

9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions.  The widows had high hopes for the 9/11 Commission Report, but when it was published in July of 2004 they were bitterly disappointed. ... "It was a pathetic excuse of a report," says Lorie Van Auken, whose husband Kenneth was killed in WTC I.  "Seventy percent of our questions went unanswered. ... Anyone who appeared for questioning, from Rudy Guliani to George Tenet, was handled with kid gloves and lauded with accolades.  The Commissioners would say, 'You're fabulous, you did a fantastic job on 9/11,' and they would run out the clock.  We couldn't understand what the point was in having a hearing if no substantive questions were being asked or answered."

Read this if you vote or fly.  These documents are documentary proof of a very suspicious long-term relationship between former high-level officials in the federal aviation agencies and an extremely dodgy Israeli company specializing in accessing aircraft computer systems — while in flight.  One needs to remember that the Vigilant Guardian drill that was being run on 9-11 involved computer simulations and false "injects" on the radar monitors of the air traffic controllers at NEADS, NORAD, and the FAA.  When 9-11 happened, the air traffic monitors were thoroughly confused if the attacks were real — or part of the game.

See also 9/11 War Games No Coincidence.

Forewarning:  Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Francisco received a warning about 10 PM on the evening of September 10 to be cautious about air travel.  He was scheduled to fly to into New York City.  Brown refuses to say exactly who gave him the prescient warning, citing only "my security people at the airport."

Other material about the aftermath of 9/11

9/11 victims' families win multibillion-dollar settlement against Iran.  Loved ones of 9/11 victims won a multibillion-dollar judgement against Iran for allegedly aiding in the 2001 terror attacks, court papers revealed.  Manhattan federal judge George Daniels signed off on a pro forma default order Monday against "the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran" after they failed to respond to the suit over the infamous hijackings.  The lawsuit, filed on behalf of relatives of some 1,008 victims, set Iranian payouts of $12.5 million per spouse of each victim, $8.5 million per parent, $8.5 million per child and $4.25 million per sibling.

U.S. Judge Rules Iran Must Pay $6 Billion to 9/11 Victims.  An American judge ruled on Tuesday that Iran must pay $6 billion to victims or those affected by the 9/11 terror attacks.  Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District Court of New York ruled that "the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people as a result of the September 11 attacks."  Court filings state that the payout equates to "$12,500,000 per spouse, $8,500,000 per parent, $8,500,000 per child, and $4,250,000 per sibling" to the families and estates of the deceased.  The ruling also includes an annual 4.1 percent interest rate from the year the attacks took place.

Another Terrorist Attack, Another U.S.-Saudi Cover-Up?  [In] the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, when following a private meeting on Sept. 13 between President George W. Bush and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to Washington, "something strange began to happen," as former Florida Sen. Bob Graham writes in his 2004 book "Intelligence Matters."  (As Senate Intelligence committee chairman, Graham co-chaired the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11.)  "Although the FAA had ordered all private flights grounded, a number of planes began flying to collect Saudi nationals from various parts of the United States."  Within a week, Graham continues, 140 Saudis, including members of the bin Laden family, had been flown out of the country without ever having to answer a single question about anything.  What's almost worse is that for nearly three years, as Graham reports, "the White House and other agencies insisted that these flights never took place."

The Road to Armageddon:  There will always be Americans who will believe whatever the government tells them no matter how many times they know the government has lied to them. ... [M]ore than half of the U.S. population still believes the fantastic story that the government has told them about 9/11, a Muslim conspiracy that outwitted the entire Western world.  Moreover, it doesn't matter to these Americans how often the government changes its story.  For example, Americans first heard of Osama bin Laden because the Bush regime pinned the 9/11 attacks on him.  Over the years video after video was served up to the gullible American public of bin Laden's pronouncements.  Experts dismissed the videos as fakes, but Americans remained their gullible selves.

9/11 motive:  Cover up bad news with even worse news.
The Looting of America:  [Scroll down]  Way back on 9/10/2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that there was $2.3 trillion missing in Pentagon transactions.  Setting aside all that's happened since that day, waste on this scale in just one federal department is staggering even now.

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y..  Polls show that many Americans distrust the government on the subject of Sept. 11.  A Zogby International poll taken in May found that 42% believed the government concealed evidence that contradicts official accounts.

Charges Dropped Against Yee.  Citing national security concerns, the Army on Friday [3/19/2004] dropped all charges against a Muslim chaplain accused of mishandling classified documents at Guantanamo Bay, which houses suspected terrorists.

 Editor's Note:   Because of "national security concerns"?  That's why he was arrested!

'Terrorism' disconnect:  Two international conferences last month wrangled over definitions of terrorism.  The conference in Europe, the Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean Summit, promised to fight terrorism, but couldn't agree on what "terrorism" was.

Propaganda and the eye of the beholder.  Propaganda is sometimes true.  It can be used to advance a policy that is workable, or not, depending on the intent of the one engaging in it.  Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke at the National Defense University last week.  Using truthful propaganda, Gen. Pace said our enemies declared war on us years before September 11, 2001, and have said unequivocally their goal is to "destroy our way of life."

House of God, House of War.  The only way to protect Americans — and, coincidentally, good Iraqis — is to bomb the Najaf mosque into a parking lot, and to announce that any building used for such purposes gets the same treatment.

Nation's Elite AWOL From Military.  A new book expands on a familiar subject:  the absence of America's elite and its governing class — and their children — from the ranks of our nation's military.

U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar.  No more than 200 yards from the main gate of the sprawling U.S. base here, stolen computer drives containing classified military assessments of enemy targets, names of corrupt Afghan officials and descriptions of American defenses are on sale in the local bazaar.  Shop owners at the bazaar say Afghan cleaners, garbage collectors and other workers from the base arrive each day offering purloined goods, including knives, watches, refrigerators, packets of Viagra and flash memory drives taken from military laptops.  The drives, smaller than a pack of chewing gum, are sold as used equipment.

France helped Iraqis escape.  The French government secretly supplied fleeing Iraqi officials with passports in Syria that allowed them to escape to Europe, The Washington Times has learned.

 Supplemental information:   French Products and Companies to Boycott

French bashing alive and well in parts of America.  Two years after relations between the US and France soured over the Iraq war, French-bashing in America appears alive and well in light of a recent ad campaign by a fast-food chain linking France and cowardice.

ACLJ Letter to the National Education Association:  The purpose of this letter is to formally object to your recommendations to parents and teachers regarding the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of one year ago included on your "Remember September 11th" website.  In particular, we take issue with your advice for parents and teachers:  "Do not suggest any group is responsible."  The problem with this advice is that there is a group responsible, and we know who that group is - an organization of radical Islamic terrorists called al-Qaeda. By advising teachers not to suggest that any group is responsible, you both shortchange our children's education and risk undermining our nation's effort to eradicate terrorists and prevent further terrorist attacks.

Fear and Lockdown in America:  Concerned about potential cyber attacks, business executives and politicians are pushing for more control over information distribution.  In a survey conducted by Business Software Alliance, 82 percent of information technology professionals believe American businesses are ill-equipped to deal with cyber-terrorism.

How to Really Secure the Homeland:  Other than liberating Afghanistan from the Taliban, what has the war accomplished so far?  The routing of the criminal government in Kabul was an excellent thing, but has the threat of a massive terror attack been lessened even slightly?  The Bush administration keeps warning that another September 11 can happen at any time.

We May Not Win This War:  Most people who possess even a moderate degree of political savvy are aware of the axiom that no great civilization was ever defeated from without, unless it was first defeated from within.  In light of this, just how does the United States measure up as it approaches the first anniversary of September 11?  A consideration of U.S. responses to the attacks yields some very disturbing answers.

America Is NOT Winning the War:  To wage a war in self-defense you must know who your enemy is.  But our enemy remains unidentified and, therefore, untargeted. Ours is a war against "terrorism" — a form of violence, not an ideological opponent intent on killing us.  Our enemies, however, are dedicated to a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, which extols faith, mindless obedience, sacrifice to state and God, primitivism, theocracy.

In Washington, Hindsight is 20/400:  In this context, the current media fetish over "What did Bush know and when did he know it?" back on 9/11 shows neither a left-wing nor a right-wing bias.  Instead, it merely dramatizes the existence of an empty-headed media culture in which our intellectuals and leaders have simply run out of ideas.

Thinking The Unthinkable About Bush:  The media should investigate and report on the seriously flawed intelligence apparatus that could have, and possibly should have prevented 9/11 from happening.  But to suggest, to hint that the President (Bush or Clinton, doesn't matter) allowed it to happen is an outrage of the highest order.

Mailboxes Vanish:  If you've noticed that mailboxes seem harder to find than ever, it's true:  The government has removed almost 7,000 of them since September 11.

U.S. Could Deny GPS to Taliban:  The Defense Department could take steps to limit the usefulness of GPS receivers in the hands of Taliban forces without affecting North American users.

Anti-Radiation Pill In Short Supply:  Here's one bottle of pills you may want to add to your medicine chest — potassium iodide (KI).  If you can find the over the counter drug, it's your only weapon against radiation-induced thyroid cancer should a nuclear explosion or meltdown occur in your city or town.

The Red Cross drifts to the left
... Seems to have slipped out of neutral.

An Example of International Red Cross Hypocrisy.  INGOs are exceedingly powerful in that they control, guide and often directly inform the media about the areas in which they operate.  They control the information we get.  They facilitate access for the journalists.  And usually they focus in two or three big current crises, but the donations they receive are so big that they support their offices around the world where they mostly stand idle.

In Search Of The Red Cross' $500 Million In Haiti Relief.  When a devastating earthquake leveled Haiti in 2010, millions of people donated to the American Red Cross.  The charity raised almost half a billion dollars.  It was one of its most successful fundraising efforts ever.  The American Red Cross vowed to help Haitians rebuild, but after five years the Red Cross' legacy in Haiti is not new roads, or schools, or hundreds of new homes.  It's difficult to know where all the money went.

'The response of the Red Cross has been lamentable'.  One month ago, the massively powerful winds, rain, and floodwaters of Superstorm Sandy devastated much of New York and New Jersey, killing 60 in the region and causing more than $62 billion in damage.  In the aftermath of the storm, relief groups offered their aid, but many have blasted the Red Cross for being absent in the areas hit hardest by the storm.

Red Cross spent $181,000 to put up Sandy relief workers in Manhattan's upscale Soho Grand hotel.  Representatives from American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) said that the two agencies booked a total of 48 rooms in the upscale SoHo Grand to house some of the relief workers at a discounted nightly rate of $310 a room.

American Red Cross Fined $9.6 Million for Unsafe Blood Collection.  The American Red Cross, the largest supplier of donated blood in the U.S., was fined $9.6 million after federal inspectors found hundreds of blood safety violations at 16 of the organization's 36 blood collection centers nationwide.  In a 32-page letter to the Washington-based organization, Food and Drug Administration officials describe an all-encompassing lack of controls to ensure the safety of the nation's blood supply.

American Red Double Cross:  With a Liberty Fund already filled with a staggering $505 million from average Americans, the ARC has been reluctant to disperse the funds.

 Update:   Red Cross caught red-handed.  Get a Refund!  If you donated to the Red Cross in hopes it would help the WTC victims… they didn't get it!

The neutral politics of the Red Cross:  Somewhere along the way, the Red Cross came out of the field to sit at the table and began taking on the role of rhetoric, seeming no longer content with its long-held status as trusted and neutral guardian of the Geneva conventions around the world.  Indeed, in its self-styled role as a critic of the United States, the Red Cross is giving plenty of competition to the anti-American United Nations.  Its new role is surely most welcome among the anti-war contingent.

Red Cross demands Mid-East action.  The International Committee of the Red Cross has called for immediate political action to contain the "deep crisis" in the West Bank and Gaza.  The statement was an unusual departure from its normally non-political stance.  The ICRC said the measures imposed by Israel had denied the Palestinian population the right to live a normal and dignified life.

Red Cross says global warming caused record disasters in 2007.  Global warming caused a record number of natural disasters across the world in 2007, up nearly 20 percent from a year earlier, the International Federation of the Red Cross said on Thursday [12/13/2007].  "As of 10 October 2007, the Federation had already recorded 410 disasters, 56 percent of which were weather-related, which is consistent with the trend of rising numbers of climate change-related disasters," the IFRC said in its "World Disasters Report".

Red Cross says changing climate worsens disasters.  Climate change is making it harder for many people to access clean water and food, and widening the spread of malaria and dengue fever, the world's largest humanitarian aid agency said on Monday [1/21/2008].  The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is asking donors for $292 million per year for 2008 and 2009 to help communities steel themselves for the threats of global warming.

The International Red Cross' War Against Israel.  For nearly four decades, many in the international community have insisted that Jews are forbidden to live in Judea, Samaria, Gaza (Yesha), "eastern Jerusalem," and the Golan — areas conquered by Israel in 1967.  Leading this fight was and is a private Swiss organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).  The ICRC was the first international organization to charge that "the presence of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is contrary to the Geneva Convention," and therefore "unlawful."

Somewhat related:
Democratic lawmaker back from Haiti says Red Cross nowhere to be found.  Donors should think twice before giving money to the Red Cross for earthquake relief in Haiti, a Democratic lawmaker said.  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who traveled to Haiti with Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) earlier this week, said Thursday [4/8/2010] the internationally renowned relief group was nowhere to be found in Haiti.

Red Cross defends aid to Taliban.  The international Red Cross said Wednesday [5/26/2010] it would continue giving first aid training and kits to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, despite drawing angry e-mails from around the world and criticism from an Afghan official after the practice was publicized.

Red Cross Runs Campaign-Like Ad Featuring Obama.  On Friday night, swing-voters across the nation saw a one-minute advertisement paid for by the Red Cross featuring President Barack Obama.  The ad comes on the weekend before the election, and while the Red Cross does unquestionable good for millions of Americans, the choice to run this ad comes noticeably close to a campaign endorsement for President Obama.

Note:  More information about the Red Cross can be found here.

 Related:   Tsunami Relief:  Reconsider the Red Cross.  Laurie Morrow, hostess of a conservative talk radio show in Vermont, cautions against giving your money to Red Cross.  Part of her discontent is with Red Cross's behavior following 9/11.  In November of 2001, "Red Cross officials decided, without the knowledge or consent of most of the donors, that better use of this money could be made than distributing it among the victims.  Acting as if the $564 million were the Red Cross's money rather than donors' money entrusted to them for distribution, the officials decided to spend the money as they saw fit, regardless of the donors' intentions.  They planned to distribute only about 1/3 of the Fund to the victims of September 11th.  $264 million of the $564 million would be set aside for vaguely defined "long-term effects of the disaster."

NRA President's Column by Charlton Heston, December 2001:  "As I write these words, our nation is in a time of great grief and mourning.  A vicious crime, an evil calamity, has been forced upon our union, and the true magnitude of our loss is only beginning to emerge from the destruction."

Iranians linked to bin Laden escape?  Sources say top al-Qaida figures granted safe passage by Tehran.  The conviction is gaining ground in some Western intelligence agencies that Osama bin Laden, his family, Ayman al-Zawahiri and thousands of al-Qaida fighters made good their escape from Afghanistan through the illicit sea route created by Lebanese-Iranian super terrorist Imad Mughniyeh for smuggling operations in the service of terrorist organizations.

The end of an unserious decade:  On Sept. 11, the frivolous era came to an end. Suddenly, for the first time since Gen. Jackson drove the British army out of Louisiana, the enemy was inside the gates, slaughtering thousands.

Hillary Compares Her Critics to Osama bin Laden:  Former first lady, now New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton says she knows what it's like to be the victim of the kind of maniacal hatred that cost up to 7,000 of her constituents their lives in the September 11 attacks on Manhattan's Twin Towers.

Senator Clinton's Rhetorical Obscenity:  How Hillary Felt the WTC Pain:  Adversaries of Arkansas's junior Senator from New York should be of good enough cheer.  She will never let them live long without reinforcing their well grounded disdain.

Documentary film:  911:  The Road to Tyranny:  The government needed a crisis to convince the people to willingly give up their liberty in exchange for safety.  911 the Road to Tyranny documents the ruthless history of governments orchestrating terrorist attacks against their own people to scare them into total submission.

Note:  All the material about the UN and the Oil-for-Food scandal has been moved to this page.

Reference  Material

Editor's Note:  Here is a collection of links to other sites worth visiting when gathering information about the War on Terrorism.  Many of these web sites are quite new, as you can imagine.

Rumors of War:  A collection of rumors and hoaxes which have erupted (mostly on the internet) since the World Trade Center incident.  For example, the story about the guy who said he was on the 82nd floor and rode down with the building as it collapsed.  Apparently that has been shown to be false.

Aerial photo of NYC destruction.

The Denied Persons List:  Export Privileges are denied [to each of these people] by written order of the Department of Commerce.

Alphabetical Master List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons [PDF format]

Web sites that have a lot to say about national defense vs. liberty:

Act of War:  As the gruesome bombings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon demonstrate—and before that, of the USS Cole, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the U.S. soldiers in Saudi Arabia, the World Trade Center, Pam Am flight 103—America is at war.

In Defense of Freedom

AirSafe dot com:  Useful Information for the Airline Passenger.

9-11 Justice

Project: Safe Skies

America Attacked 9 1 1

Americans to Counter Terrorism

Conservative Truth

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Center For Democracy and Technology

Newsmax stockpile of War-on-terrorism articles

Other resources:

Usama Bin Laden "Wanted" Poster

FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists Page

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