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Editor's Note:  This page is presented as a public service, to preserve the memory of a statue that never quite materialized in New York.  Had it been completed, it would have been a permanent tribute to Political Correctness, rather than the firefighters who died in the World Trade Center.

Americans generally have short memories and shorter attention spans.  This page exists for the purpose of keeping this event from going down the memory hole into news media oblivion.

Absolutely Fabulists:  Liberal Mythmaking.  Following 9/11, there was a debate over the need for "inclusiveness" in a proposed 9/11 Memorial based on the iconic photograph of three white firemen raising an American flag at Ground Zero.  At the far end of a broad spectrum of sentiments was the hope that "the artistic expression of diversity would supersede any concern over factual correctness".  On this view, a memorial depicting a factual account of the event would have been racist, sexist, and divisive.  The logic of diversity takes otherwise straightforward matters and twists them into politicized knots.

Imaginary History:  Picture three white fire fighters raising the American flag at Ground Zero.  Then picture a magical transformation:  a statue of one white, one black and one Hispanic.  The rulers of political correctness didn't like what really happened, so they plan to portray it the way they think it should have been.

Diversity II:  Here's my suggestion for "the artistic expression of diversity." Having one black, one white and one Hispanic man is a good start, but not enough.  I know FDNY obeys the Americans With Disabilities Act, so the statue should include persons in wheelchairs from each ethnic group.

Firefighters Seek Accurate Depiction of Flag-Raising Heroes:  New York City firefighters outraged over New York Fire Department plans for a politically correct statue-tribute to three brethren who raised the American flag at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks are pushing to have those plans changed.  In the clay model of the statue unveiled at FDNY MetroTech headquarters on Dec. 21, two out of three of the white fireman who actually raised the flag had been replaced by an African-American and a Hispanic.

 Update:   Bankroller of Bogus Firefighter Statue Tied to Clintons:  The wealthy New York City developer who put up $180,000 for a politically correct statue based on the photo "Flag Raising at Ground Zero" is a heavy Democratic Party donor who spent the night at the White House as a guest of Bill and Hillary Clinton and who was considered a shoo-in for a top White House post early in the Clinton administration.

The color of demagogy:  A statue that accurately reflected the racial composition of the New York Fire Department — as well as those who died on September 11 — would have to show 33 firemen raising the flag, one of whom would be Hispanic and one of whom would be black.  (Blacks make up 2.7 percent of the NYFD, and Hispanics 3.2 percent.)

Firefighter statue plan scrapped:  Plans for a statue inspired by the now-famous photo of three firefighters raising a US flag at Ground Zero had been scrapped, the New York fire department said.  The decision comes in light of firefighters' opposition to artistic liberties taken by the sculptor.

A Bad Idea Dies :  Yesterday [1/17/2002] New York City developer Forest City Ratner abandoned the design of a September 11 memorial it commissioned after the project brought outcries from firefighters and the public.  Forest City Ratner, which manages fire department headquarters where a memorial will eventually stand, expressed a desire for the memorial to be a respected object in the community, a reality that clearly wasn't coming to pass with the proposed statue.

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