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Click to enlarge These people are breaking ground for some new construction project, apparently in the 1930's.

Must have been important.  I wonder what it was.

Click to enlarge Who are they? We may never know who those people are in the background.

I don't know anything about this event.  Can't even guess.  However, it is certainly an interesting assortment of tired old faces from the early 20th century.

Well, perhaps "tired" isn't the right word.  I wouldn't have wanted to tangle with the fourth guy from the left.

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[Added 3/19/2018]
Some of these people, especially Edwin Kiest (center), can be positively identified by comparing them to the photos in this booklet about KRLD history.

Other old photographs:

Click to enlarge Does anyone know who these people are?

Click here for a close-up.  (2.26 Megabytes)

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge The man in the middle of this picture looks a lot like Woodrow Wilson.  A little research revealed that on October 28, 1911, future U.S. President Woodrow Wilson spoke at Fair Park Coliseum on "Woodrow Wilson Day."*

That would be long before KRLD (or any other station) went on the air.  So I don't know how this photo got into the file with all the others.

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Updated 3/7/2006:

Today I received a very helpful email from Rachel Roberts of the Dallas Historical Society who sent me a clipping from the October 29, 1911, edition of the Dallas Morning News, that identifies the people in this photograph.

Note that Edwin J. Kiest was the publisher of the Dallas Times Herald until his death in 1941, a charter member of the Associated Press, and owner of KRLD Radio after 1927.

Quoting the newspaper caption:
In the front row, left to right, are E. J. Kiest, president of the State Fair; Gov. Wilson of New Jersey, Gov. Colquitt of Texas and United States Senator Culberson of Texas.  In the rear are Murrell Buckner, chairman of the local committee; John C. Robertson, president Dallas County Woodrow Wilson Club; Royal Watkins, secretary Dallas County Woodrow Wilson Club, and Walter Measday, private secretary to Gov. Wilson.
It also says, "Photo by Clogenson".  Apparently that would have been Henry Clogenson, who died in 1924.

Material pertaining to the Dallas Times Herald

Click to enlargePaper boys at the Times Herald.  (2 Megabytes)

Updated 5/13/2006:
KRLD-TV news team A Dallas Times Herald delivery truck.

1960 license plate Must be sometime in 1960.

DTH ad on a city bus Dallas Times Herald ad on a city bus.  The bus also has a 1960 license plate.

KRLD billboard KRLD billboard, just north of downtown Dallas, with the old power station in the background.

KRLD ad on a city bus KRLD ad on a city bus.

KRLD ad on a city bus KRLD ad on a city bus, parked on Patterson Street, on the back side of the Dallas Times Herald building.

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