President Barack H. Obama

President Obama won the 2008 election, even though his beliefs and political positions were all but completely unknown to most Americans.  He is a man with no great record of accomplishments in the Senate, or anywhere else, yet the national news media constantly gush over him.  Seldom is heard a discouraging word about the man, even though nobody really knows what he stands for.  The only thing that distinguished him from the rest of the Democratic front-runners (in the eyes of the media) was his ethnicity.  Apparently that's all it takes.

Mr. Obama has never managed a business of any kind, nor has he ever worked in a for-profit environment.  He appears to abhor the concepts of monetary profit and capitalism.  His only management positions have been in organizations that give away other people's money, such as the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  He has never served in the military (for which the news media would never forgive a Republican candidate).  His only leadership skill is his ability to read a teleprompter — without which he is completely lost.

More importantly, he has been surrounded by left-wing anti-American radicals and genuine Communists all his life, he had the most liberal voting record during his very brief term in the Senate, and he appears to be a fundamentally dishonest man with major character flaws.  He claims to be a Christian, although there is much more evidence that he is actually a Muslim.  He supports and approves of abortion by any method and at any stage of pregnancy — or slightly beyond.  And apparently he is not legally qualified to hold the office of President:  His own grandmother insists that she was present when Obama was born — in Kenya — but even if he was born in Hawaii, he was registered in an Indonesian school as a citizen of Indonesia.*

During his campaign, enthusiastic crowds of Obama fans cheered as he promised to have the federal government pay for medical bills, cheap and abundant energy, college tuition, and a long list of other goodies.  Very few of them gave the slightest thought about who would ultimately pay for it all.  Upon close examination, his speeches are full of empty promises, self-contradictory claims, and flag-waving rhetoric.  And it's not necessarily the American flag he's waving.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain was afraid to bring up any of the subjects listed below, but I'm not.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2023 by Andrew K. Dart

Obama and Associates, P.U.
      Overviews: Barack Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky.
      Jeremiah Wright and the TUCC  -- This alone should have sunk Obama's campaign.
      Valerie Jarrett
      Rashid Khalidi
      Michelle Obama
      Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn
      What evidence lurks at the University of Illinois?
      Frank Marshall Davis
      Tony Rezko
      Derrick Bell
      The Center for American Progress
      Other questionable associates and endorsements

Important questions about Mr. Obama
Is Obama a Christian?  He says he is, and yet...
      Obama wants no association with Christianity
      Obama makes vague references to religion without a religious track record
      Obama snubs the National Day of Prayer
      Obama panders to homosexuals
      Obama is a chronic liar
      Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate ever
      Obama faces credible accusations of plagiarism
Is Obama a Muslim?  He says he isn't, and yet...
      Obama bows down to King Abdullah
      Obama is no friend of Israel
      Meet Obama's new "Spiritual Advisor":  Jim Wallis
      Obama appears to be a Muslim sympathizer at the very least
      Obama is very friendly with the Muslims
Is Obama a natural born citizen?
      Donald Trump investigates Obama's eligibility
      Obama releases his birth certificate  which appears to be a fake.
      The Case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin
      Does Obama have a valid Social Security number?
Is Obama qualified for his job?
      He has been a public parasite all his life
      He was a "Community Organizer" — Big Deal!
      His intellect is greatly over-estimated
      He is a self-centered opportunist with an easily bruised ego

Barack Obama makes a lot of speeches
Barack Obama's second-term speeches

Examples of pro-Obama favoritism in the press
      during the 2008 campaign,
      between the election and his inauguration,
      during his first year in office.
      ABC News is the most obvious about it.
      The Obama team manipulates the media.
      "Spontaneous" events and "randomly selected" people
      Not just a Fluke:  Left-wing activist posing as victim.
      Hilary Rosen and the feminist Democrats' disdain for "Stay at Home Moms"
      Using doctors as props on the White House lawn.
      Friday night document dumps
      Barack Obama vs Fox News Channel.
      Barack Obama (and parties unknown) vs Sharyl Attkisson.
      Obama and the news media versus Toyota
      White House pressure is applied to all who disagree.
      Using the National Endowment for the Arts as a propaganda tool.
      Biased news coverage of tea parties
      The Unexpected:  Bad economic news is always a surprise.

Extreme left-wing radicalism
Including, but not limited to
      The most liberal voting record in the Senate
      Liberal ideology, Marxism and Anti-Americanism
      Nationalizing and radicalizing the public schools
      Making America bilingual
      Petty partisan politics — he's just another politician
      Reparations for slavery, affirmative action
      Pie-in-the-sky plans for a leftist utopia
      Gun control
      Special rights and privileges for homosexuals
      "Bullying" campaigns are really about promoting homosexuality
      Radical environmentalism

Obama's nominees to the Supreme Court

      Flip-flops, Campaign Finance, and "Rushing to the Center"
      Gaffes and blunders on the campaign trail
      Joe Biden brings his own gaffes and baggage
      Post-election gaffes on the part of Vice-President Biden.
      Obama was a big spender even before he was elected.

Prevarication, double-talk, deceptiveness, secrecy, chicanery, and empty rhetoric
      Accusations of plagiarism
      Secrecy and obfuscation
      General disingenuousness
      "Spontaneous" events and "randomly selected" people
      Bait and switch
      Flip-flops and broken promises
      Obama resides on the outskirts of the law.
      Lies about "stimulus" money and job creation, and the publication of false and misleading unemployment numbers.
      Lies about Obamacare
      Lies about taxes
      Lies about energy production
      Lies about the Benghazi terrorist attack
      Lies about everything else

Obama's voting record in the Senate was sketchy at best
Obama makes impossible promises and his supporters expect too much
When you send your email address to the White House, you get...  Spam!

Lists of Obama scandals

Pre-election scandals, suppressed news, and Obama's Chicago background
      Fundraising scandals
      Obama's long lost radio interview
      Obama's -- well, somebody's -- long lost videotape
      Barack's half-brother George
      Barack's Aunt Zeituni
      Barack's Uncle Omar
      The dog ate my thesis
      Obama favors free speech -- but only for himself.
      Obama is a smoker
      Prepare for an Obama Thugocracy
            ( ... featuring commentary about Joe the Plumber.)

Hiding behind the race card
      Is Obama the victim or the beneficiary of racial prejudice?
      Is Obama a Racist?
      Is Obama black?

Post-election commentary about President-elect Obama:
      Comparisons to previous leaders and political figures
      The stock market's reaction and other economic issues
      Obama made a lot of impossible promises
      Remarks about the 2008 election itself
      The unmitigated media favoritism continues
      He's surrounded by Washington insiders -- So much for "change"
      Obama carries the Clintons' baggage
      In many ways, Obama is just another Democrat
      Obama opposes school choice for you -- but not for him
      Who's really happy about Obama's presidency?
      Obama's cabinet, staff and other associates:
        Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, Steven Chu, Carol Browner, Craig Becker, Donald Berwick, etc.
      Prepare for four years of minor scandals
      An inauguration is not an emergency

What can we expect from the Obama administration?
      The Liberal Laundry List
      Ruling by executive orders -- where are the checks and balances?
      Dealing with terrorists
      More influence for the UN
      Censoring conservative radio
      Paying back the unions
      Radical environmentalism
      Property seizures
      Socialized medicine
      Packing the courts with liberal judges
      Revenge and reversal
      Racial quotas and reparations for slavery
      Gun control
      Nationalizing and radicalizing the public schools
      Constantly expanding government
      Weakening the military
      Dealing with Cuba
      Trying everything until something works
      Popularizing cigarettes
      Prepare for four years of minor scandals
      Miscellaneous warning forecasts

The Obama presidency.
      Commentary on the inauguration itself
              Once again, an inauguration is not an emergency
              Reaction to Obama's inaugural address
              Disillusionment sets in:  the wheels are already coming off.
              Obama and his team are incompetent.
              Obama has no qualifications for his job.
              Obama is helpless without a teleprompter.
              Barack Obama's greatly overrated intellect
      This is "hope"?
      This is "change"?
      Obama's Narcissism
      The media favoritism continues
      Tampering with the Census
      Obama spends our money on himself
              Obama's multi-million-dollar Indian junket
              The New York City Flyover.
              Malia Obama goes to Mexico on Spring Break.
      Bad ideas and bad decisions
              Weakening America's defenses
              Obama and the Muslims
              Gun control
              Rabid environmentalism
              Socialized medicine
              A rapidly expanding welfare state
              A Congressman for the District of Columbia
      Obama's Culture of Corruption
      Obama the gas-guzzling limousine liberal

President Obama's Intentions for America:
      Here a czar, there a czar, everywhere a czar czar.
      Obama fraternizes quite cordially with dictators in other countries
      Using public schools as indoctrination centers
      The Homeland Security report on right wingers
      Obama's stealthy moves toward gun control
      All this adulation is a bit much
              President for life?
              The Obama Highway — one of many!
      Apparently Obama hates America
          Obama bows down to King Abdullah (as noted above)
          Obama bows to Emperor Akihito
      He certainly is no friend of Israel
      Obama is weakening America's defenses
      Obama is weakening our allies' defenses

Obama shows great potential — as a Marxist dictator!
      Taking control of the internet
      INTERPOL is granted immunity from U.S. law
      Americorps and the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin
      The assault on British Petroleum
      The NLRB vs Boeing
      The Swine Flu Panic
      A Taste of the Obama Thugocracy at the "town hall" meetings.
      Obama vs the Catholic Church

The So-Called Stimulus Bill.
      Pork products in the stimulus bill

Obamacare:  Mandatory socialized medicine.
      Obamacare is wildly unpopular and is sure to result in voter backlash.
      Pelosi and Reid forge ahead, ignoring public outcries
      Democrats have been obsessed with socialized medicine for decades
      Can Obamacare be stopped?
      Totalitarianism = Unstoppable one-party rule
      Who is to blame for all this?  Who are the enablers?
      Obamacare will affect families and small businesses
      The Obamacare bill is over 2,000 pages long.  Who knows what's hidden inside?
      Does Obamacare include blanket amnesty for illegal aliens?
      Obamacare is Hillarycare in a new wrapper
      Other objections to Obamacare
Liberals are using lies and deception to sell this idea.
      Liberals resort to lies and emotional outbursts to silence their opposition.
      Examples of dishonesty and prevarication related to Obamacare.
      What's the rush?
      Secrecy, closed-door meetings, and midnight votes.
      Liberals are not telling you that Obamacare will bankrupt the United States.
      Obama's Big Health Care Summit.
Obamacare is obviously infeasible.
      Obamacare won't work as advertised.  The promised benefits will never come to pass.
      Doctors won't work under these conditions!
      Obamacare solves problems that don't exist and doesn't address problems we already have.
Obamacare will result in the loss of your freedom...
      Obamacare is socialism -- or worse!
      Obamacare opens the door to tyranny.
      The Senate bill includes an unprecedented trap:  It can't be repealed!
...or perhaps your life.
      Rationing and "End of Life" issues.
      Taxpayer-funded abortions.
Obamacare will cost far more than the Democrats are letting on.
      Obamacare will be horribly expensive.
Obamacare is an affront to the rule of law.
      Obamacare will be mandatory -- and therefore unconstitutional.
      Despite what you may have heard, health care is not a right.
      Reid, Pelosi and Obama shamelessly buy votes
      Obamacare carries an odor of corruption.
Obamacare is signed into law, and then...
      Implementation of Obamacare.
      Legal Challenges to Obamacare.

Obama and the Stock Market:  The most preventable financial disaster in history.
      Obama's self-inflicted economic collapse
      Nationalizing the banks
      Obama opposes capitalism
      Massive spending and the fast track to socialism
      Tea parties and other organized rejection of Obama's plans
      Tea party subtopics
      A few words about FDR's New Deal
      The use of AIG as a scapegoat
      Nationalization of General Motors and Chrysler
      The "Cash for Clunkers" program
      Obama was seen as a big spender long before the presidential election.
      Obama's proposed 2012 budget

The Rising Clamor for Obama's Impeachment

Obama's Spontaneous War in Libya

Obama accepts the Nobel Prize

Gun Runner / Fast and Furious

The Solyndra Scandal

The Benghazi Scandal

Preferential Treatment of the Black Panthers

The Fish and Wildlife raid on Gibson Guitar

Using the NLRB as a weapon

Using the EPA as a weapon

Using the FCC as a weapon

Using the CIA as a weapon

Using the IRS as a weapon

Choking off the supply of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Eric Holder and the politicized Justice Department

Obama's Culture of Corruption

More about Liberals in general
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