President  Obama's  Racial  Opportunism

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Barack Obama is the first Affirmative Action President.  He has been given a position for which he clearly is not qualified.  Now that he has been elected, he is proving to be the most obviously incompetent President in American history, but any criticism of him is immediately counteracted with charges of racism.  He is a racial opportunist who got the job because of his skin color (and his ability to read speeches from a teleprompter) and now pretends to be the victim of racism rather than the beneficiary of white guilt.

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Obama pretends to be the victim of racial prejudice.

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Obama's lack of qualifications and experience.

Obama pretends to be the victim of racial prejudice

Recently I observed President and Mrs. Barack H. Obama on television at the dedication of the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington, DC, singing We Shall Overcome (Someday) and I was struck by the unmitigated gall exhibited by this couple.  He's the President of the United States, yet he still whimpers about overcoming ... someday.

Mr. Obama jumps from one side of the fence to the other:  He plays the race card, then claims that everyone who opposes him must be a racist.

Obama says GOP backlash to first Black president reflects 'the history of America'.  In a wide-ranging interview, former President Barack Obama reflected on right-wing backlash to the election of the nation's first Black president that saw the emergence of Donald Trump and acceleration of a "shift" in the Republican Party.  "That's been the history of America, right?" he told Ezra Klein in The New York Times.  "There is abolition, and the Civil War, and then there's backlash, and the rise of the KKK, and then Reconstruction ends, and Jim Crow arises, and then you have a civil rights movement, a modern civil rights movement, and desegregation," he said.

A new book savagely attacks Obama from the left.  Last week, the knives came out for Kamala Harris.  This coming week, a new book launches a scathing attack on that former secular saint, Barack Obama.  Since 2008, Barack Obama has been the Democrat party.  He was the president who could do no wrong.  Every political attack against him was discounted as "racism."  He was more charming, more intelligent, more emotionally attuned, more effective, and more just everything good than any man who had ever occupied the White House, including Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln combined.  (All of them were racists.)

Obama call for reparations for black Americans because the 'wealth of this country was built on the backs of slaves'.  Former President Barack Obama claimed reparations for black Americans are 'justified' but explained in his podcast with Bruce Springsteen that it was a 'nonstarter' during his presidency because of 'white resistence'.  During his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama appeared to oppose reparations and argued that 'the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed.'

This anecdote is apocryphal at best.  Why are we just now hearing this story, if it really happened?
Obama says he once broke teammate's nose over racial slur: 'Blood's pouring down'.  Former President Obama burnished his "Renegades" credentials on Monday [2/22/2021] by telling Bruce Springsteen that he once broke a basketball teammate's nose over a racial slur.  The nation's 44th president — now a "Renegades" podcast co-host on Spotify with the famous singer — earned kudos for his fists of fury.  "Listen, when I was in school.  I had a friend.  We played basketball together," Mr. Obama said Monday.  "And one time we got into a fight and he called me a c--. ... It's one of those things where he might not even [have] known what a c-- was.  What he knew was, 'I can hurt you by saying this.'  And I remember, I popped him in the face and broke his nose.  We were in the locker room and suddenly blood's pouring down."

The Editor says...
If he didn't know what the C-word meant, how could he justify striking the person who used it?  What school was Mr. Obama attending at the time?  Was it one of those schools that only citizens of Indonesia are allowed to attend?

Obama's Second Memoir Doubles Down On His Divisive, Arrogant Smear That Disagreeing With Him Is Racist.  Former President Barack Obama has written not one but two memoirs about himself, the second out this week, which I'm calling "Everyone Who Disagrees with Me is Racist, Part II." [...] According to Obama, the nation that legitimately elected him as its first black president became racist when they refused to vote for the elderly, white Hillary Clinton.  Even though black unemployment is lower under Trump — every demographic saw the same, with wages and benefit increases across the board — everyone who disagrees with Obama does so not because his policies are illogical or his arguments straw man; it's because everyone else is a bigot.  This is coming from a guy who subscribes to the actually racist critical race theory, a nonsensical ideology rooted in Marxism.  By embracing this philosophical snake oil, Obama endorses the theories originated by a fat, white, lazy, entitled, notoriously racist antisemite whose own mother wished he would stop complaining about capital and earn some.  In a perfect echo of the whiny Karl Marx, Obama declares it's America that has the problem.

Candace Owens Rips Obama's Claim That Trump Election Was Racist Reaction to 'Black Man' Being in Office.  Conservative commentator Candace Owens is not happy that former President Barack Obama is pulling the race card.  During a segment on "Hannity," Owens was asked about Obama's new memoir and his claim that Trump was only elected because the American people were scared of a black man in the White House.  Owens called the claim "despicable."  In Obama's memoir, "A Promised Land," he claims that Trump's presidency was the result of "millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House."  "It felt like we finally had arrived at a place in this country where we could put the past in the past," Owens said.  "Barack Obama became the president of the United States because White Americans supported him.  And rather than show some unity, rather than show some respect for this country that gave him literally everything he has, he turns his back ... and says, 'Look at this despicable country.  It's broken,'" Owens said.

Obama Defames 'Millions of Americans' as Racists in New Memoir.  [Scroll down]  In 2008, Mr. Obama, you won Chautauqua County.  In that the county is only 2 percent black, it was the white people of Chautauqua who elected you.  In that many residents have not seen a black American since the Buffalo Bills moved their training camp, "racial anxiety" is preposterously low on the list of local motivators.  You appeared just as black in 2008 as you did in 2012, and you scared no one. [...] As you may recall, Mr. Obama, early in your career you were the one who claimed in a promotional brochure put out by literary agency Acton & Dystel that you were "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."  For the record, Donald Trump never claimed you were born in Kenya.  To be sure, he questioned the legitimacy of your birth certificate and speculated on why you took such pains to keep it under wraps, but he never went beyond speculation.  His curiosity had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fictional nativity story you had been pedaling since your emergence on the national stage.  For details of your real history, let me recommend my own book, Unmasking Obama.

Obama stokes division with red hot coals, smears millions of Americans as racists in new memoir.  Despite President Donald Trump having won significant support from minorities in the 2020 presidential election, former President Barack Hussein Obama remains staunchly convinced that Trump's base is comprised of "millions" of racists.  This unsurprising revelation can be found in "A Promised Land," a second memoir by the former president set to be published on Nov. 17th.  The left-wing "news" network CNN obtained a copy of the memoir and published excerpts from it this week.  In the excerpts, Obama predictably blamed every iota of obstructionism and dissent against him on racism, regardless of the actual reasons.

Dear GOP: Stop Cowering Before Bad-Faith Race Card Attacks.  [Scroll down]  [Barack H.] Obama also gave a rather political commencement speech last week in which he further criticized current political leaders.  That drew the attention of former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove, who said, "It is so unseemly for a former president to take the virtual commencement ceremony for a series of historically black colleges and universities and turn it into a political drive-by shooting."  The term "drive-by shooting" is common parlance in politics.  To take one recent and high-profile example, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway both used the phrase to describe what the media and other partisans were doing to Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation by deploying last-minute, unsubstantiated accusations against him.  The Washington Post's Eugene Scott even wrote a column headlined, "Has 'drive-by shooting' replaced 'high-tech lynching'?" to discuss the phenomenon.

Why Trump is the Black Voters' Clear Choice in 2020.  Americans are good, fair-minded people.  This is why white America elected Obama, the first black president, exempting him from the normal vetting process.  It is unarguable that white America elected Obama because blacks are only 12% of the population.  Hidden by his black skin exterior, Obama was the socialists/progressives' perfect Trojan Horse to further their godless, anti-American agenda.  White Americans naively assumed that electing a black president would finally end their being branded racist.  They had no idea that Democrats would exploit Obama's skin color, using it as a bludgeon to force their agenda down the throats of Americans.  Anyone who dared to speak out against Obama's numerous unconstitutional executive orders was immediately attacked, high-tech beaten, and lynched in the public square, an "r" branded on their forehead for being a racist.

And They Wonder Why We're Angry.  When the interpreters regained control of the House in 2006 — much as they seek it now — they immediately deregulated the GSEs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, under the guidance of House leader Barney Frank.  The lack of oversight over these massive federal government loan operators caused the massive economic collapse robbing the people of more than six trillion dollars in home values.  Home values in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas did not drop.  To this day, the suburbs of D.C. remain among the ten wealthiest counties in America.  There was no great recession in Washington, D.C.  The housing crisis and recession were strapped by the interpreters to the political corpse of President Bush, and the super-populist interpreter President Barack Obama was ushered into power.  Attempts to criticize or limit his political actions were regularly interpreted as racist.

'Black Panther' Mirage Proves Obama Set Race Relations Back Decades.  America's regression, our backwards strides away from [Martin Luther] King's dream, all began with Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and a media so desperate to protect him that every criticism leveled at The One was labeled racism.  Everything was about race.

Who Has More Privilege Than Barack Obama?  Obama was not born into substantial wealth, but his family on both sides was well connected, providing a traditional advantage that allowed him entry into elite society.  This old-style leg up then combined with modern leftist ethnic-racial privileges, overwhelmingly present in academia and the media, to advance Obama at every turn.  This created a powerful cocktail of built-in benefits that gave Obama almost every conceivable benefit of the doubt while at the same time allowing him to claim victim status.  More than anything else, it is this dynamic that explains his rise and his selfishness.  It also clarifies Obama's heavy narcissism, bullying behavior, and utter lack of graciousness.  Without these privileges, Obama gets nowhere.

Obama: 'I had to Live Through Controversies Like the Notion That I Was Trying to Kill Christmas'.  In a recent discussion about political correctness and whether it has gone too far, President Barack Obama said it's a "tricky issue," because "the definition of political correctness is all over the map."  At one point in his pre-vacation interview with NPR, Obama used himself as an example:  "I had to live through controversies like the notion that I was trying to kill Christmas.  Right?  Well, where'd that come from?

Obama gripes he was a victim of racism while President.  America's worst president continues to blame whites for his disastrous policies and their catastrophic consequences.  Echoing the diatribes of a true racist (blaming everything on race), Obama blames racism for his failures.  As if he could have gotten elected without the white vote.  CNN's notorious plagiarist and 'islamophobia' propagandist Fareed Zakaria was only too happy to feed the monster.  Speaking during an interview with CNN, he said people in the region saw him as "foreign" before arguing the concept of race in America was not about "genetics".  Foreign?  Yes, because he was.  He was raised in a Muslim country.  His worldview was "foreign" and that was reflected in his anti-American, anti-freedom positions on a range of issues.

Remember this, and let us never again elect a sacred cow.
CNN documentary:  Republicans are racists for opposing Obama.  A new CNN documentary about President Obama speculates that Republican opposition to the first black president's big-government program was rooted in racial animus.  True to Mr. Obama's legacy, "The Legacy of Barack Obama" finds plenty of time to bash Republicans.  "Did race play a role in the brick wall of Republican resistance to Barack Obama?" CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria asks at the outset of the documentary, which aired on Wednesday.  The two-hour prime-time exposé, first reported by NewsBusters, features a who's who of liberal pundits — many of them former Obama White House officials — who wholeheartedly agree that racism was a driving force behind Republican resistance to the president's efforts to grow the size of government and centralize power in Washington, D.C.

I 'absolutely' suffered racism in office, says Obama:  Some Americans' 'primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign'.  President Barack Obama says the color of his skin has 'absolutely' contributed to white Americans' negative perceptions of his time in office.  The president said in a Wednesday special looking back on his legacy, 'I 'think there's a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in Northern states are very different from whites in Southern states.  'Are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other?  Are those who champion the "birther" movement feeding off of bias?  Absolutely,' he told CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

Obama: There Have Been People 'Whose Primary Concern About Me Is That I Seem Foreign'.  CNN's Fareed Zakaria spoke with President Obama for his big primetime special tonight on the president's legacy, and one of the issues they touched on was race in America in the past eight years.  "Attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states," Obama said, "are very different from white in southern states."  He asked, "Are there folks whose primary concern about me is that I seem foreign, the other?"

Obama's Black Skin Privilege.  Everyone knows it is true, and no one has the courage to say it.  The American people are letting Barack Obama destroy this country through illegal executive orders for one reason and one reason only.

Barack Obama:  The Unspoken Issue In This Year's Campaign.  [Scroll down]  There are many people who tell pollsters they approve of Obama, while simultaneously saying they disapprove of just about everything he does.  I think the reason is the one suggested by Glenn — reporters put everything the first black president does in a favorable light, and voters are inclined to give him, personally, the benefit of the doubt, even though his foreign policy is a disaster, he has repeatedly flouted federal law and the Constitution, and he has overseen the weakest economic recovery of the modern era.  This means that the support we see for Obama in polls is largely illusory.

Because He Is Black, Americans Suffer and Die.  Clearly, no amount of unprecedented unlawful power-grabs, narcissistic behavior, blatant lies, and ignoring of the Constitution will sway the mainstream media and the Democrats from their loyalty to Obama.  Why?  The answer is that Obama is black, which makes him their ultimate weapon of mass destruction — able to nuke traditional America.  Obama's mission is to cram his radical socialist/progressive dream for America down our throats.  Obama's reign of terror is but a mere preview of things to come if the MSM and Democrats are successful in duping Americans into handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the Oval Office.  Just as Obama has ruled as America's first king, Hillary will be our first queen.

My Fellow Blacks, Can I Criticize Dear Leader Now?  It's common knowledge that Blacks who criticize Dear Leader are considered "sell-outs" while Whites are labeled "racists."  Even the Congressional Black Caucus knows that Dear Leader is untouchable.

America in Crisis: Sorry, Blacks, You Can't Sit This Out.  Bill O'Reilly asked Dr. Charles Krauthammer why, despite low approval nationwide, Obama still maintains over 80% approval in the black community.  Krauthammer, in my opinion sympathetically, chalked up Obama's high approval among blacks to racial pride and loyalty.  Krauthammer pointed out that ethnic groups tend to be loyal to each other and that in the same way, you would see the gay community rally around the first gay president.  While I understand where Krauthammer and black America are "coming from" (my '70s lingo), as an American who happens to be black, I cannot give black folks a pass who are willing to follow Obama to hell because of racial loyalty and America's past sins.  It is just plain wrong.

Proof that Obama's presidency is all about race:
Bill Encourages Schools To Teach About Racial Significance Of Obama's Presidency.  A bill that passed the Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support Thursday encourages California schools to teach students about the racial significance of Barack Obama's presidency.

Black Skin Privilege.  Racial bias is now such an integral part of America's political culture that in 2008 black skin privilege elected a president of the United States in 2008.  Absent this privilege, is the career of our 44th president conceivable?  What political novice, lacking notable legislative or professional achievements, having spent his entire career on the radical fringes of American politics, and having encumbered himself with an unrepentant terrorist and a racial bigot as his close political collaborators, could even think about winning a major party presidential nomination, let alone being elected?  Absent black skin privilege, what candidate with such a checkered past could go virtually un-vetted by the national press, or receive a pass from his political opponent on matters that would sink the fortunes of a candidate of any other race?

Harry Reid Plays Race Card To Excuse Obama's Failures.  Patriotism may or may not be the last refuge of a scoundrel, but race is the Democrats' constant refuge from Barack Obama's failures.

Hey Cowards, Let's Have a Conversation.  [Scroll down]  No one suggests that Barack Obama would have been nominated by the Democratic Party for the presidency based on his record alone if he had been white.  But still, the framing of race rhetoric that the government advances is breaking down from the weight of its own falseness.

CBC staff: Opposition to Obama is racist.  Angela Rye, Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, argued that President Obama has struggled during his first term due to racially-motivated opposition from conservatives who dislike having a black president.  "This is probably the toughest presidential term in my lifetime," Rye said during CSPAN's Q&A yesterday [6/10/2012].  "I think that a lot of what the president has experienced is because he's black.  You know, whether it's questioning his intellect or whether or not he's Ivy League. [...]"

We're Done, Mr. President.  The great truth of the Obama phenomenon is that the president was elected by a white majority yearning to put race behind us.  And the likeable young candidate Obama did his best to encourage us in our yearning.  In reality, we discovered, the president does not adhere the Church of Let's All Just Get Along; he's a faithful member of the Church of Social Justice, Alinsky Tradition, and so is everyone else in the Obama administration.

The Morphing Obama Biography and the Skeptics.  An odd taboo has been created on noticing that the president of the United States has a biography that can adapt itself to the needs of the moment.  Go too far in raising an alarm, and be labeled "birther" and shunned in polite society. [...] Want to see Obama's college transcripts?  That's a hint at affirmative action — racist.  Wonder whether he attended as a foreign student?  That's birther.  Want to know more about Obama's religious beliefs and his relationship with Jeremiah Wright?  Racist.  Note that experts assert that the posted birth certificate is a probable digital forgery, or wonder if the White House was playing games in presenting such a strange document?  Birther.  Ask whether Obama wrote his autobiography?  That's racist and birther.  Vote for the blank box instead of Obama in the Democratic primary?  Racist.

The End of the Race Card.  Not every person who makes up the 53% who voted Democrat in 2008 is the proverbial pie-eyed supporter.  Rather, there have been many from this number over the last four years who have held legitimate questions about actions taken by the president.  Questions for which they have been made to suffer a grievous assault upon their integrity.

Politico: Are You Ready for the Most Racially-Charged Election Ever?.  Unable to run on a record of failure, Obama is gearing up for an enduringly negative and blame-filled 2012 campaign.  A critical element of this effort will be a persistent, deeply ugly push by the president's allies to paint his critics as racists.

Obama's Eligibility Diversion.  [Scroll down]  It's not uncivil, racist, or "birther" to question a candidate's credentials and records.  Vetting is a concept every GOP hopeful painfully understands.  And Obama, although the president now, is a candidate in the 2012 election.  The citizens of Georgia had every right to question anew his eligibility.  "Is Obama eligible?" is a legitimate question.  But so is "Who is Obama?"  And further, "Who is backing him?"  Let's see Obama's records.

Fast and Furious: Three Questions Not Asked.  To date, the media has largely buried the story of the Department of Justice scheme that contributed to the deaths of a federal agent and more than 300 Mexican citizens.  Such a story would have held front-page, top-of-the-hour focus until answers were provided and officials had been hounded out of office or imprisoned had it occurred under a Republican administration.  But Barack Obama is a Democrat, and black.  Also, Eric Holder is a Democrat, and black.  It is inconceivable for the mainstream media to grill the decisions, motives, or goals of black Democrats for fear of being "racist" according to their own definition of the term...

Obama's racial politics:  Obama's racial politics are aided and abetted by a dishonest news media.  When Republican candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry referred to "a big black cloud that hangs over America, that debt that is so monstrous," he was dishonestly accused of racism by MSNBC's Ed Schultz, who said, "That black cloud Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama."  Schultz omitted the second half of Perry's quote.  Chris Matthews referred to Perry's vision of federalism as "Bull Connor with a smile."

Juan Williams plays dumb.  One reason many liberals were overjoyed with the election of Barack Obama was that they could use his race to shield their socialistic policies.  This is why the R-word was the first one out of the lips of many critics when people formed the Tea Party.  They could not wait to label critics as racist.  I am not saying that no conservatives are racist.  What I am saying is that the trumped up charge of racism is a diversion from the real issue: President Obama is bankrupting the country.

Beating the Racism Card.  [The 2012] campaign is going to be about one thing:  racism.  No matter what else happens, racism will be the theme. ... This is the essence of totalitarian thought control:  you cannot win, you cannot remain aloof, you cannot get out of the game.  That being the case, the game board must be broken, the pieces scattered, and the rules burnt.

Through the Prism of Race.  When George W. Bush was President, he was mercilessly mocked as a buffoon, an ape, a terrorist and the ultimate evil (all by the Left).  There was even a movie that was released showing his assassination, for crying out loud.  The vitriol placed against the President was so vicious he is still being threatened by leftists the world over.  Yet, when anyone on the right says ANYTHING even remotely derogatory (and yes, I admit some things aren't just derogatory), the media immediately claims the GOP candidate is using "code words" from Jim Crow days.

Rev. Luke Robinson: 'They Want Us To Be Silent Because the President Is a Black Man'.  At the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Monday [1/30/2012], the Rev. Luke Robinson said that pro-abortion activists want black leaders to be silent about what legalized abortion is doing to America because President Barack Obama is black.  "These so-called freedom fighters, just the instruments of the culture of death, they want us to be silent because the president is a black man," said Rev. Robinson, who is pastor of the Quinn Chapel AME Church in Frederick, Md.  "But he and his administration is leading this nation, and especially the African-Americans, to absolute destruction."

You Might Be a Racist If:  You might be a racist if you believe a sound energy policy includes oil, gas and nuclear.  You might be a racist if you believe that the Tea Party represents our nation's original core values.  You might be a racist if you believe our leaders need to provide documentation of their past.

Victim in Chief.  Barack Obama's difficulties are the result of racism:  It has been a frequently recurring theme ever since he emerged as a serious presidential candidate.  Obama himself has raised it occasionally, though not often, but his supporters fall back on it all the time — including now.

They who live by the race card die by the race card.  After spending the last three years, assisted by their media minions, convincing Americans that any and all criticism of or opposition to Obama is racist, Democrats find themselves victims of their own trap.  Fearing the repercussions, Dems do not dare display the slightest abandonment of Obama.

Dem Congresswoman: "The Real Enemy Is The Tea Party".  "Let us all remember who the real enemy is.  The real enemy is the Tea Party — the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage.  They have one goal in mind, and that's to make President Obama a one-term president," Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said at a Miami town hall with constituents.  Rep. Frederica Wilson blamed "racism" for the high black unemployment rate on MSNBC yesterday [8/22/2011].

The widening racial divide of the Obama era.  Contrary to the expectations of most pundits, the election of Barack Obama has aggravated the racial divide in America between blacks and all other racial groups.  Seth Forman has an insightful column in National Review that concludes Barack Obama has hardened black political segregation.  Far from bringing black and white together, as he promised to do in his famous 2004 Democratic National Convention speech and that was implicit throughout his 2008 campaign, his policies since assuming the Presidency have led to racial polarization.

If You're Reading This You Might be Racist.  Martin Luther King said he hoped for the day when people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  But now, to judge President Obama on his character and not the color of his skin, is branded as racist.

Liars vs Racists.  The birth certificate has been part of the much larger underlying issue which is the lack of transparency by the Obama Administration in even the simplest things.  And that may not be a resolvable issue anymore.  It's not just that Obama has lied too many times.  Most politicians lie or stretch the truth or hold back information.  The problem is that the media and too many institutions have been willing to lie for him. ... If you agree with Obama, you're a liar.  And if you disagree with him, you're a racist.  It's useless to conduct a political debate under these conditions.

The Race Game and Obama's Campaign for 2012.  By styling himself in 2008 as an emblem of a "post-racial" era in which America's history of inter-racial conflict will find resolution, Obama succeeded in catapulting himself into the office of the presidency.  However, the last two years — to say nothing of his life's history — decisively demonstrate that Obama is anything but the "post-racial unifier" that he positioned himself as, because Obama is keenly aware of the extent to which white Americans have ingested the "white guilt" with which the racial game has marked them.  But you can so take it to the bank that Obama will adopt this strategy once more in 2012.

The Victim in Chief.  In treating most communication as a means of stating how he feels about what someone else has done, Obama is not merely demonstrating his own personality.  He is embodying the character and reflexes cultivated today in academia, the traditional media, and in politics.  In exactly his present form, he is the ideal of our cultural elite.  Sadly, that elite doesn't know any longer how to speak to Iranians in the tones of liberty, empirical confidence, and moral courage.  Its expertise now lies in reducing all questions to matters of hate speech and victimhood.

Who's Playing the Race Card?  What makes the charges against McCain especially revolting is that he has been scrupulous in eschewing the race card.  He has gone far beyond what is right and necessary, refusing even to make an issue of Obama's deep, self-declared connection with the race-baiting Jeremiah Wright. ... What makes it doubly Orwellian is that these charges are being made on behalf of the one presidential candidate who has repeatedly, and indeed quite brilliantly, deployed the race card.

40 Acres and a President.  During the election, despite having been portrayed as America's first post-racial candidate, Barack Obama actually represented the complete opposite.  With astonishing cunning and guile, a type that his opponents could have never imagined possible, Obama and his campaign unabashedly and tenaciously used race to goad Americans into believing that voting for him would right the wrongs of America's racial history.

Sebelius:  Expect scare tactics.  Echoing comments by Barack Obama, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius predicts that Republicans would undertake "a major effort to try and frighten people about him" because of his race.  "That has been the Republican playbook for the last eight years," said Sebelius, an Obama ally.  "'He's not qualified, he's somebody who should scare you.  He's too liberal.'"

The Editor says...
A careful examination of a presidential candidate's voting record and ideology are essential, if we are to avoid another dreadful era like the years between 1992 and 2000.  It is not a "scare tactic" to point out that Obama is a liberal extremist, or that he attended a hate-filled church for 20 years, or that he has changed his positions on several important issues, or that a number of credible people believe that he is a closet Muslim.  If you're scared of Obama just because he's black, you are truly a hick.

Racy Content.  Transcend means "to move beyond, to surpass."  At least that's what I always thought.  But I'm beginning to wonder whether it means instead:  "Much, much more of the same, only this time really stupid." ... Obama has set off a case of full-blown race dementia among precisely the crowd that swears Obama is leading us out of the racial wilderness.

Criticizing Obama has been made off limits.  Let me give you a few helpful survival tips for the next four years.  The most important rule in this coming age is to remember that one must take great caution when criticizing Barack Obama.  Remember, even Democratic hero Bill Clinton was accused of being a bigot for calling Obama's political biography a "fairy tale."  Former Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro was compared to David Duke for suggesting that Barack Obama gained some advantages from being black.

The Rule Book for Criticizing Obama.  Rule 1:  Don't criticize family no matter who they are or what they do.  Rule 2:  Don't criticize any policy that the candidate might have even if he is not mentioned by name. … Rule 4:  Don't examine any of Obama's anti-American, racist, terrorist, or criminal associates.

Obama is who he is.  It's getting tricky to know how to refer to he who presumes to be the next president.  It was made clear several months ago that mentioning his middle name was a forbidden act.  (Pass out more egg shells.)  Then, last week "he" warned his followers that, having nothing honorable to say, Sen. John McCain would try to scare voters by pointing to Barack Obama's "funny name" and the fact that "he doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills."  Now, putting aside for the moment the racial component of his warning, what are we to make of the "funny name" reference?

Obama's acolytes turn it ugly.  The race issue has been well and truly joined, and John McCain didn't do it.  Barack Obama, who has flirted with it, left it to his surrogates in Congress and his cheerleaders in the mainstream media to stir the ugliest pot in politics, and the easiest to bring to boil.

Whitey Need Not Apply.  "Will race be an issue in this campaign?"  Hearing the cable talk-show host solemnly pose the question, I could not suppress a belly laugh.  For the anchor was fearful that some white folks might reject Obama because he is African-American — even as a Rasmussen poll was reporting that Barack is beating McCain among black voters 94 to 1.

The Bottom of the Deck.  Obama is no longer just preemptively defining the opposition to him as illegitimate; he is defining it as racist.  Republicans have been slow to respond to this provocation.  McCain is often said to be someone who responds indignantly to attacks on his honor.  In this case, he ought to do so.

Injecting Race Into the Campaign.  It's true; Obama is black.  And the person who keeps mentioning that Barack Obama is black most often is Barack Obama.  In fact, Obama has preemptively accused the entire McCain campaign of racism and the entire electorate of being susceptible to racism.  So now, those of you who find Obama's inexperience or his policy prescriptions — or even his personality — lacking, have fallen prey to bigoted politics.  You are too frightened to see the light.  The hope.

Obama and the Racism Card:  In a statement Obama repeated three times, he said what George Bush and John McCain are "going to try to do is make you scared of me.  You know, he's not patriotic enough.  He's got a funny name.  You know, he doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills." … Obama clearly was talking about race.  He said much the same thing in Berlin:  "I don't look like the Americans who've previously spoken in this great city."

Ugly game of who's the bigot.  Barack Obama is not even Jewish, but he speaks fluent chutzpah, the Yiddish word to describe "nerve," as in, "he's got a lot of nerve."  ... The senator himself played the race card this week and accused John McCain of raising the race issue.

Obama Aide Concedes 'Dollar Bill' Remark Referred to His Race.  Sen. Barack Obama's chief strategist conceded that the Democratic presidential candidate was referring to his race when he said Republicans were trying to scare voters by suggesting Obama "doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills."  The comment had triggered a charge Thursday from Sen. John McCain's campaign manager that Obama had "played the race card... from the bottom of the deck."

Why is Obama foolishly evoking race time after time?  The voter is starting to hear serially from Obama about race; they were promised a racially transcendent candidate, but so far Obama seems obsessed with identity, either accusing others of racism, or using heritage himself for political advantage.  This is a tragic blunder.

Slate Writer Claims Racism Is Only Reason Obama Will Lose.  The liberals have already come up with their excuse for why Barack Obama might lose the election in November.  It wouldn't be because of his inexperience, poor judgement, or far left political views.  No, the real reason according to Slate's Jacob Weisberg is racism.

The Racism Cry Returns.  Having begun softly during the primary season, an incessant drumbeat has steadily gained strength and will soon reach its deafening crescendo as we march toward November:  If you are white and vote for anyone other than Sen. Barack Obama (Savior-IL) for president you are a racist.

25 Reasons You May Be A Racist:
(# 1).  If you think Obama's the most liberal member of the senate you...may be a racist.
(# 2).  If you object to Obama raising your payroll, capital gains and estate taxes you...may be a racist.
(# 3).  If you'd prefer a president have at least some foreign policy experience you...may be a racist.

The Race Card Returns.  Last week Barack Obama did the unthinkable — he played the race card.  In an unusually clumsy attempt to pre-empt the onslaught of McCain's increasing negative campaign, Senator Obama made a huge mistake.

Graham:  It's A "lie" To Say Obama Not Injecting Race Into Campaign.  "To say that Barack Obama did not intentionally inject the idea of his name and his race is a lie," [Sen. Lindsey] Graham said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." [8/3/2008]  "There is no doubt in my mind that Sen. Obama is trying to suggest that he is the victim of something,"

Barack Obama:  Pretense galore.  In a lousy year for Republicans, against a GOP nominee who combines the youthful effervescence of Wilford Brimley with the soaring oratory of a life insurance seminar, Obama is actually losing ground.  Why?  Obama, sadly, blames race.  It's all about evil Republicans, he claims, trying to scare voters by telling them "I don't look like those guys on the dollar bills" and "Did I mention he's black?"

The Race Libel.  "Much of America's political conversation is couched in code," says Anna Quindlen, writing earlier this month in Newsweek.  And what's the code telling us?  That the campaign of John McCain is playing a "Caucasian card," Quindlen's way of saying that it's appealing to white racism.

The Racism Excuse.  In this week's Newsweek (and on Slate), Jacob Weisberg reasoned that only some "crazy irrationality over race" could prevent Mr. Obama from winning the White House. … Wow.  Vote for Barack, or America is as irredeemable as many foreigners believe.

Obama, Justice Thomas and Col. West: On Morality.  Senator Obama has a tendency to claim special protection from criticism because he is black, and therefore a victim — although he has no slavery in his family background (at least slaves), and has never encountered the degradations of the Dixiecrat South in which Clarence Thomas grew up.  Obama is a lifelong child of privilege, from birth all the way to Harvard Law School and the US Senate.  Yes his mother was a single mom, but one with a PhD and a mother who was a bank vice president, enabling her to spend her time overseas mostly unencumbered by a child.

Obama Has Lost His Mojo.  In the blink of an eye, the novelty of Obama's race has given way to the novelty of Sarah's gender.  Point, counterpoint.  With Sarah Palin on the scene, the Obama camp loses a valuable asset, the race card.  Charges of racism for those stupid enough not to vote for Obama can now be credibly countered with the sexism card.  Obama is finding out that life isn't fair and that what goes around, comes around.

It's Gettin' Ugly Out There.  During an Obama campaign appearance, a bland governor from Kansas made the not-so-bland assertion that the reason the current polls are so close is because "one of the candidates" is half-black. ... When Gov. Kathleen Sebelius injects the stale, tired old claim that racism might just keep Obama out of the White House, don't think for a moment that isn't done with the total blessing of the Obama campaign.

The media play the race card on Obama.  Many journalists are so convinced that racism is the only possible explanation for an Obama loss that they are beginning to see any effective anti-Obama ad as an attempt by John McCain to "viciously exacerbate" America's "race-fueled angst," in the words of one New York magazine writer.  For example, a McCain ad (citing the Washington Post) noted that Franklin Raines, the Clinton-appointed former head of Fannie Mae who helped bring about the current Wall Street meltdown, advised the Obama campaign.  Time's Karen Tumulty proclaims that because Raines is black, McCain is "playing the race card."

Liberals' Warnings About Obama Loss May Prove Self-Fulfilling.  If Barack Obama loses the 2008 election, liberal hell will break loose.  Seven weeks before the 2008 presidential election, liberals are warning America that if Barack Obama loses, it is because Americans are racist.  Of course, that this means that Democrats (and independents) are racist, since Republicans will vote Republican regardless of the race of the Democrat, is an irony apparently lost on the Democrats making these charges.

Race To The Finish.  [The Democrat] candidate's very nomination and rise to fame and fortune belie his charges of racism.  Martin Luther King once dreamed of a day when people would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  Sadly for Barack Obama, that day has arrived.

Enter The Race Card.  When Barney Frank & Co. rave on about Republican "racism," what they're really doing is deflecting attention from their own sins — and trying to score some cheap political points for the Obama campaign.

The Obama Witch Project.  Republicans don't need to dress up for Halloween this year.  They're scaring the pants off Barack Obama's followers by their mere presence.  Anything they say, wear or do provokes instant cries of "RAAAAACISM!"  Wink, blink or think critical thoughts about Obama?  You're a bigot!  How many racial bogeymen have Obama operatives and sympathetic journalists discovered lurking in "coded language" and attire?  Let us count the ways.

How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the R-Bomb.  History reveals that when the measure of a candidate meets America's standards, he or she will be elected — regardless of outward appearance.  Consider this:  In 2000, black Republican J.C. Watts earned 65% of the vote to be reelected to a fourth term as Congressman of Oklahoma's Fourth District, which is only 6.7% black.

Castro:  Racism in US keeps many away from Obama.  Fidel Castro says a "profound racism" in the United States will stop millions from voting for Barack Obama in next month's presidential election.  The ailing, 82-year-old former Cuban president says it is "a miracle that the Democratic candidate hasn't suffered the same luck as (assassinated leaders) Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and others who harbored dreams of equality and justice."

To The Undecided Voter:  During the campaign there have been some rather amazing charges of racism.  Let's see if we can remember a few:  Using the word "skinny" to refer to Obama is racist.  "Community organizer" is a racist term.  Any reference to a connection between Obama and Franklin Raines, the former head of Fannie Mae is racist ... that would be because Raines is black.  All references to Jeremiah Wright are racist; that being due to Wright being black.  Referring to Obama as "eloquent" is racist because it infers that other blacks are not eloquent.  For goodness' sake, don't say that Obama is "clean."  This just in from The Kansas City Star: Calling Obama a "socialist" is also racist because "socialist" is just another code word for black.  And so it goes.

The Left Keeps Hate Alive.  As McCain and Palin campaign throughout the country it seems impossible for them to open their mouths without somebody accusing them of being racists.  The most recent accusation comes from columnist Lewis Diuguid of the Kansas City Star.  The editorial page writer claims that their use of the word "Socialist" to label Barack Obama is "an old code word for black."

Obama And His Silly White Women Behind Him.  If anybody really believes that Race is not an issue in this 2008 election, then they are grossly deceived, because that denial is being used as a shield to deflect criticism from the Obamaniacs when they spew out their accusations of racism against whites and anybody else who won't go along with their predominantly black agendas, which many have yet to understand their agendas have been in place for decades.  And they have made no secret that those plans are in place to the exclusion of everybody else except the blacks and all those whom they now call "people of color."  But, is that what the majority of Americans want for America?  I believe not!

Has Obama Overplayed the Race Card?  How ironic that the same Senator sponsoring the Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2007 (S.453) would not only tacitly condone, but actually participate in racial intimidation to advance his presidential prospects.  Obama keeps cautioning crowds that "the race is not over," all the while knowing his race most certainly is over:  all over every facet of his ambitious strategy to make political history.

Don't call me Socialist, Whitey.  [Scroll down]  For instance:
 •  As Black racism is the direct result of White racism, any mention of racist Jeremiah Wright or the Obamas' 20 years of receiving his anti-American anti-White sermons, is itself, racist.
 •  As ACORN is largely a black organization concerned primarily with minority issues, any questions about the multi-state vote-rigging allegations against them or Obama's involvement therein is racist.
 •  Suggesting minority-centric lending policies were factors in the Fannie/Freddie collapse is racist; more so if former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines' name is surfaced.
 •  Calling a black man "articulate and bright and clean" is racist as it apparently implies most are not.
 • "Socialist" is a code-word for black.
 •  "Community Organizer" is also a code-word for black
 •  Even "Inexperienced" is a code-word for black.

Liberals:  A Black President Is No Proof Against Racism in America.  Obama was never foolish enough to admit that America is not a racist country.  After all, that would have undermined his own claim to the presidency, which was based on the notion that Americans could disprove their racism by electing him.  Instead, Obama's campaign — and his supporters in the media — promised us that his election to the White House would start a new era in America's racial history.

Obama Doesn't Fulfill Martin Luther King's Dream.  Obama's camp uses race, emphasizing his color to heighten "white guilt" and win support.  That's not the colorblindness MLK preached.

Cracks in the Facade:  Far from bringing us together, I think Obama's serial emphasis on race may achieve the unintended opposite of polarization.  He should have learned in the campaign (Rev. Wright, Trinity Church, typical white person, clingers, call for reparations, his grandmother — the purported prejudicial stereotyper, etc.), the perils of seeing the world through skin color.  Yet to establish his own diplomatic fides abroad, he immediately evokes race at the South American summit.  His interview with al Arabiya highlights his race and family's religion.  Race appears in presidential jokes.  He distances himself from America prior to his coming of age.  Stranger still, Obama's heritage is unlike that of a Clarence Thomas, Tom Sowell, or Bill Cosby, who all knew real prejudice in 1950s America.

At the NAACP, Obama Removes His Mask of the Great Unifier.  It is truly a sad day in America when the president of the United States fans the flames of racial hatred.  The man elected to be president of all the people, in his speech at the NAACP basically said, though America is racist, sexist and homophobic, you can make it in spite of those white [people]'s attempts to stop you.  Wonderful.  How inspiring.  The NAACP audience erupted in applause.  Obama's condemnation was "red meat" to the liberal, protective of their victim status, organization.

Race Baiter in Chief.  If the country wanted to elect Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton as president we already had that chance.  Many thought Obama was an educated, reasonable, objective man.  Instead, I think we have just had confirmed what some feared and suspected:  we have elected the Race Baiter in Chief.

Obama's Criticism of Police Is Nothing New for Him.  Serving up a pack of falsehoods for public consumption does absolutely nothing to promote "unity."  It only promotes grievance mongering and resentment.  Moreover, Obama's lies about the justice system were far more than mere unfortunate failures to "calibrate" — as he puts it — his words with greater precision.  Rather, those lies were part of a longstanding Obama tradition of:  (a) lamenting the alleged racial "disparities in criminal sentencing"; (b) asserting that blacks and whites "receive very different sentences ... for the same crime"; and (c) complaining that "certain sentences ... are based less on the kind of crime you commit than on what you look like and where you come from."  The empirical evidence against Obama's claims is weighty indeed.

Obama Plays the Race Card.  If Barack Obama really thinks that the Tea Partiers are aggrieved because they want to get their hands into the public till — the federal government was bailing out others but "wasn't helping them nearly enough" — then he is far more obtuse than I had suspected.  More likely, he knows better but can't resist his hyperpartisan habit of always attributing bad motives to his political opponents.  It strikes me as self-evident that the Tea Party movement has nothing to do with race.  It is about out of control government spending and debt.  What does that have to do with race?  Nothing.

What happened to post-racial America?  Whatever happened to that "post-racial" America we were supposed to be living in?  Whatever happened to those warm and fuzzy feelings we got when we elected America's first black president?  Whatever happened to being so proud of ourselves for having bridged the racial divide?  Didn't last very long.

Obama's Seven Deadly Political Sins.  Many Americans believed Barack Obama's election would lead the country into a post-racial world.  After all, Obama's rhetoric during the campaign was very different from previous "black leaders" like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  Besides, if a black man could become President, how racist could the country really be?  However, that wonderful dream has turned into a nightmare since Obama was elected. ... The last thing most Americans thought they were doing when they voted for Obama was increasing how often the word "racist" was going to be errantly tossed around.

The Barry Lynn of The South.  Throughout the presidential campaign last year, liberals were champing at the bit to accuse Americans of racism for not supporting Barack Obama.  That was a tough argument on account of the obvious facts that:  (1) for every vote he lost because he's black, Obama picked up another 20 votes for being black; (2) Obama won the election in (3) a country that's 87 percent non-black.  So the accusations of racism had to be put on hold until ... the first note of dissent from his agenda was sounded.  Inasmuch as Obama was just elected and his policies have turned out to be the most left-wing the country has ever seen, it wasn't going to be easy to claim the electorate suddenly decided they didn't like the mammoth spending bills or socialist health care bills because they just noticed Obama is black.

You're A Racist!  The Ultimate Emotional Intimidation.  Many sincere white Americans thought by electing a black president America could never again be characterized as a "racist country."  Shamefully, this characterless administration betrayed Obama voters by exploiting race, using it as a tool to implement their far left agenda.  If you don't agree with everything Obama wants, you must be a racist.  Rather than the election of America's first black president bringing the races together, Obama's administration is tearing us apart.  They will continue to play the tired, old and tattered geriatric "race card" as long as it is effective.

Obama vs. Obama:  In short, Obama is now simply a normal President with sliding polls; if he tries to evoke his singular heritage in his decline for political advantage as he did in his ascendancy with real profit, his Presidency could implode.  The current public has had it with blame-gaming and victimization of any sort, and will have little tolerance for any who play that card.

The race bullies:  When "communist" was the allegation of the day, it lost its sting in due course.  Today, in spite of sixty years of immense black progress since Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights laws, the media and Demagogues love to read "racism!" into the minds of ordinary, decent Americans.  It is pure a Stalinist tactic to shut up opposition.  It is done with malice aforethought as a power play.  For Democrats there are no "racists" on the Left, just revered old Ku Klux Klanners like Senator Robert Byrd.

Criticism Is Racism.  Sadly, it's not enough to expect that people who level the racism charge at least try to back it up.  The claim is no longer about facts, but about silencing or discrediting critics.  The evidence suggests that the right should expect this slanderous strategy to continue as long as Obama is in office.

Democrats Jumping the Race-Card Shark.  Welcome to the post-racial presidency of Barack Obama, in which it has suddenly become a racial issue when American citizens dare to criticize the president.  Now, this is so silly, so asinine that it boggles the mind of any rational person. ... How easy did these people think it was going to be when they decided to elect a man whose resume fits nicely on a postage stamp to the highest office in the land?  Racism?  No.  Incompetence with a capital "I."  Yes, we can object.

That's right, Obama and his team are incompetent.

Who's a Racist?  Do Barack Obama and the Democrat Party foster racism and use it as a political tool?  The cold, hard truth that no one on the Left wants to admit is that they do.

More about liberals and minorities.

Democrats see race factor for Barack Obama foes.  Eight months into Barack Obama's presidency, as criticism of his administration seems to reach new levels of volume and intensity each week, the whispers among some of his allies are growing louder:  That those who loathe the nation's first African-American president, and especially those who would deny his citizenship, are driven at least in part by racism.

Race to the Bottom.  Last year Geraldine Ferraro called Barack Obama's race an advantage.  "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," she said to a California newspaper, the Daily Breeze.  "He happens to be very lucky to be who he is.  And the country is caught up in the concept."  Now Jimmy Carter says his race is a disadvantage.  Which is it?

Dems will stoop to any depth to tar Obama critics.  Sometimes losing in the political arena brings out the lowest depths of behavior.  This sad fact is on display now in the form of the slanderous mischaracterization of President Barack Obama's critics.

The Obsolescence of a Slur.  Are Obama's critics really racists?  It is a serious charge.  If true, it means the hope of a color-blind society is essentially over after a half-century of civil-rights progress.  If false, it means that we have institutionalized vicious smears as legitimate political tactics — and, in the process, discredited the entire dialogue that surrounds racial prejudice.  How do we determine the accuracy of the "racism" charges?

Hating Whitey Makes Unexpected Comeback.  Here we are only nine months into the ubiquitously proclaimed "post-racial presidency," and all that promised harmony among the races has disappeared faster than a Chicago minute.  All it took for addled minds to conjure shadows of racism behind every whitey tree in the whole American forest were voices raised in dissent over the President's far-left policies.

Would Obama Be President If He Made These Five Campaign Promises?  Even amongst politicians, Barack Obama is such a liar that he makes Bill Clinton look like honest Abe Lincoln by comparison.  During the campaign, Barack Obama promised everything to everybody and when people inquired too closely, his supporters screamed that you had to be a racist for doubting him.

The Racism of the Black Community.  According to allies of President Obama, all opposition to Obama's policies is driven by racism.  "We think all of it is!" shouts Gwen Dawkins, a Democratic "activist" from Michigan.  Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) explains that "As far as African-Americans are concerned, we think most of it is." ... Apparently, racism must be spreading like wildfire.

Paranoia Strikes Deep in Obama's America.  In Obama's brain, his father's womanizing and boozing wasn't due to low moral standards; white supremacy was to blame.  His grandmother was "a typical white person," not someone who had personal failings.  Obama married Michelle, a woman who sees everything through the lens of race.  Rather than feeling honored to attend Princeton, she regarded the place as a hotbed of racism.  Some of her pre-First Lady speeches reek of loathing for America.

How the Left Reveals Itself:  I have recently come to the conclusion that leftists reveal their innermost thoughts when attacking those with whom they disagree.  For example, in President Obama's recently televised meeting with Republicans, he chastised critics who believed his policies were part of some "Bolshevik plot." ... Another example is the charge of racism leveled against anyone who disagrees with President Obama's way of thinking (the most recent declaration is that anyone who calls Mr. Obama a "professor" is probably a racist).

Breitbart to NY Times Reporter: 'You're a Despicable Human Being'.  After Barack Obama's election as the first black president of the United States, we were supposed to have entered a new, post-racial era.  However, as many feel it has turned out, any dissent or criticism of the most powerful man in the free world or his agenda draws allegations of "racial tones," as happened on the New York Times Web site on Feb. 18.

Howard Dean implies the Tea Party movement is racist.  In a speech Wednesday night [2/24/2010] at the George Washington University, Howard Dean told College Democrats that "the Tea Party is about a generation who grew up in an America where everyone looked like them" and implied that the movement is hostile to President Obama because of his race.

Obama's white-flight problem.  Desperate Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media are busy trying to whip up a race war.  "The health care bill is not the main source of this anger and never has been.  It's merely a handy excuse," Frank Rich wrote in a recent New York Times column.  Their line is that all those opposed to the president's radical agenda are racists who resent having a black man as president.  It is a moldy, old smear, but as approval ratings for Mr. Obama sink below 50 percent, it is being revisited with increasing fervor.

Inestimable Harm.  If I have learned one thing from life, it is that race is the engine that drives the political Left.  When all else fails, that segment of America goes to the default position of using race to achieve its objectives.  In the courtrooms, on college campuses, and, most especially, in our politics, race is a central theme.  Where it does not naturally rise to the surface, there are those who will manufacture and amplify it.

Obama's race-baiting.  President Obama has been denouncing Republicans who purportedly "exploited for political purposes" the issue of illegal immigration.  He also has denigrated Arizona's new illegal-alien law for threatening "to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans."  All this overheated rhetoric exposes Mr. Obama as the one who is cynically manipulating racial tensions for political purposes.

Obama, the Thin-Skinned President.  Obama is among the most thin-skinned presidents we have had, and we see evidence of it in every possible venue imaginable, from one-on-one interviews to press conferences, from extemporaneous remarks to set speeches.  The president is constantly complaining about what others are saying about him.  He is upset at Fox News, and conservative talk radio, and Republicans, and people carrying unflattering posters of him.  He gets upset when his avalanche of faulty facts are challenged, like on health care.  He gets upset when he is called on his hypocrisy, on everything from breaking his promise not to hire lobbyists in the White House to broadcasting health care meetings on C-SPAN to not curtailing earmarks to failing in his promises of transparency and bipartisanship.  In Obama's eyes, he is always the aggrieved, always the violated, always the victim of some injustice.

He's Obama!  He's black!  So, shut up!  I received this message on Twitter from a black female, "Lloyd Marcus "F—— you!", in response to my opposition to Obama.  This woman is obviously a non thinking racist who refuses to take an honest look at her black idol president.  She has chosen to ignore Obama's long list of offenses of shredding the Constitution, governing against the will of the American people and using Chicago thug tactics.  All this black woman knows is Obama is the chosen one and he is black.  So shut up!

A War amongst Ourselves.  It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone paying attention that the seeds of division are being sown with increased vigor by Obama's shadowy machine.  America, in her naïvité and eternal hopefulness, thought that electing Barack Hussein Obama would be the final chapter on race in America and would hammer the last nail into a well-deserved coffin for the divisive racial narratives that demagogues and provocateurs have used for so long to tear down this country.  Little did America know that Barack Obama was the candidate of exactly those demagogues and provocateurs.

The New Racial Mess.  Weren't we supposed to enter a new age of tolerance with the election of Pres. Barack Obama?  His half-black, half-white ancestry and broad support across racial lines suggested that at last Americans judged each other on the content of our characters — not the color of our skin or our tribal affiliations.  Instead, in just 18 months of the Obama administration, racial discord is growing and relations seem to have been set back a generation.

Know When to Hold 'Em.  In my view, Obama still doesn't know when to hold or fold his race cards.  Neither does the NAACP.  They've been bluffing the dummies so long they think they can get away with it forever.  And they are wrong.

Welcome to Wonderland.  Can I call Barack Obama a black president?  Not without offending someone, even though it is just a play on the "Red Queen."  This is indeed a measure of just how mixed up our political world is.  By actually noticing the color of his skin, I run the risk of being declared presumptively to be a racist.  But wasn't it Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general, who said we were "a nation of cowards" for shying away from a direct discussion of race?

This article was written when Obama was a U.S. Senator:
The Barack Obama Myth.  His voting record certainly displays the ideology characteristic of an indulgent liberal.  (Sorry, "Progressive.")  Obama favors abortion, socialized medicine, and Affirmative Action.  Obama sponsored a bill in the Illinois legislature requiring local police departments in Illinois to record the race of anyone stopped for questioning so that the data can be used to track the occurrence of racial profiling.

The LA Times can't resist interjecting race into politics.
Revenge of the white men.  Millions of white men who voted for Barack Obama are walking away from the Democratic Party, and it appears increasingly likely that they'll take the election in November with them.  Their departure could well lead to a GOP landslide on a scale not seen since 1994.

Race realist Jared Taylor declares the "civil rights struggle was won long ago".  As for Mr. Obama, he encourages the population shifts that are displacing whites.  He has sued a state that simply wants to enforce the duly established immigration laws that the federal government refuses to enforce.  He wants to give amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants, most of whom are non-white.  In these respects, he is probably not much different from his main Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.  However, even she would not have ordered the Justice Department to drop its voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.  This sort of thing is alienating whites.

The Obama Agenda and the New Global Elite.  Many Americans supported Barack Obama in order to make history by voting for the nation's first "black American" president.  These people's intellect was not subtle enough, nor were their experiences vast enough, to enable them to discern between Mr. Obama's cultural frame of reference and the color of his skin.  They will continue to think in terms of decades-old tropes that aid in keeping our dialogues on race and ethnicity in a historical straitjacket.

Barack Obama: Liar and Demagogue.  [Scroll down]  In the intervening two years since the election, the president, his underlings in the administration, and the sycophantic members of Congress have repeatedly invoked the checkered past of this country in regard to civil rights and never missed an opportunity to remind the people of Mr. Obama skin color.  This has been done in a willful effort to capitalize on so-called white guilt, thus keeping alive the tensions in the black community and muzzling dissent, while enacting radical policies anathema to the overwhelming majority of the American people.

Running on the Race Track.  Obama says that the Tea Party movement is inspired by race, by a sense that minorities are getting all these goodies from Washington.  They are motivated, the President thinks, by "a subterranean agenda."  This is such a piece of hackery and flackery, of puffery and guffery, of foolery and fakery.  Politics at its rankest masquerading as analysis at its frankest.  There is so much dirty laundry being aired here that I simply had to make a list.  Every trick in the old, old playbook is on display.

The 10 Most Shameless Race Card Plays.  Opposition to any one of them can elicit charges of racism from the Left.  Last week alone saw four egregious examples of liberals infusing race into discussions of issues that have little or nothing to do with race.  But it's not just left-wing bloggers and MSNBC blowhards who regularly play the race card.  It's also some of the most prominent members of the Democratic Party.  Barack Obama was hyped as America's first post-racial president.  But his two years in office have produced scores of examples of liberals gratuitously playing the race card.

Affirmative Action Since Obama Shattered the Highest Glass Ceiling:  A little over two years ago, a black man educated at Ivy League schools was democratically elected to the most powerful office in the world.  Most people saw the election of Obama to the U.S. presidency as decisive evidence that affirmative action policies are no longer necessary, if they ever were.

You Must Be A Racist If You Don't Love Obama, Right?  CBS anchorman Bob Schieffer says that Donald Trump is a racist.  Whoopie Goldberg and her colleague on the View, Joy Behar, concur.  MSNBC host Ed Schultz interpreted Mr. Trump's questioning as to how Obama was able to get into Harvard with his alleged poor grades, as a racist remark doubting Obama's intelligence.  The host on Fox's Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld, usually ends his Gregalogue rant with, "and if you don't agree with me you must be a racist."  Gutfeld, however is a satirist but these mainstream media pundits are serious.

The Next Election and Race.  There can be no doubt that the presidential campaign of 2012 is underway, for Barack Obama's supporters have begun to accelerate the rate at which they charge the president's critics with "racism."  The Racism Industrial Complex has been laboring indefatigably since Obama became a viable contender during the Democratic primaries in 2007 until the present to discredit all criticism of the president by attributing it to racial animus.

Racism in the 21st Century Coming From the Left.  Perhaps we need a new definition of the word racism because it is now bandied about in a frivolous manner by race baiters who've never undergone its scourge. ... In 2008, America elected a black president, Barack Hussein Obama which should have been an indication that we are now living in a post-racial time but progressives in politics, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry have now defined racism to mean any criticism at all of their chosen black icon or his agenda.  Obama is half white and was brought up in a middle class environment with liberal white grandparents in relative comfort denied to many blacks historically.  He had an Ivy League education and became a millionaire at an early age.  Yet whatever bigoted insults he endured during his life they pale in comparison to that still hurled against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and other conservative blacks dubbed Uncle Toms or Aunt Jemimas by political opponents.

President Obama's problems are mostly caused by the 'color of his skin,' says Clyburn.  South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representative, holds racism accountable for most of President Obama's failures.  Clyburn was quoted by McClatchy Newspapers saying, "You know, I'm 70 years old.  And I can tell you; people don't like to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is, the president's problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin."

Obama Calling Tea Party Racist Reveals A Far More Disturbing Reality.  The Democrats and the liberal mainstream media sold the American people on Obama, "the man."  Despite Obama's zero experience at running anything, they said a leader with his spirit and heart was "what we have been waiting for".  Fearful of criticizing our first black president, politicians politely say, "President Obama's policies have been unfruitful," while ignoring the huge elephant in America's living room.  The elephant of which I speak and America's major problem is "Obama, the man"; socialist, divisive and evil.

Racism to blame for Obama's problems, key Democrat says.  House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, on Wednesday [5/25/2011] blamed most of President Barack Obama's political problems on racism.

Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) on Friday [7/15/2011] strongly suggested that members of Congress are making it difficult for President Obama to raise the debt ceiling because of his race.  "I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness [toward] this president," said Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.  "Why is he different?  And in my community, that is the question that we raise.

Obama and Holder Should Put the Race Card back in the Deck.  President Obama led us to believe that he would be a post-racial president who would bring the races together, but it's gotten to where you can't criticize this most leftist administration in American history without someone accusing you of racism.  The most recent example involves criticism of Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious...

NBC's Gregory Lectures on Civility: 'Racism' Toward Obama 'Brings Out a Level of Hatred'.  In a panel discussion on Sunday's [3/11/2011] NBC Meet the Press that included left-wing bomb-thrower Al Sharpton, host David Gregory worried: "Where has civility gone in politics?"  He declared the source of incivility:  "I talked to John Lewis, the civil rights leader, recently, who said he does think there's something particular, if it's racism or something else, about Obama that brings out a level of hatred."

Barack Obama and Racial Double Standards.  The proposition that because Obama is the first black president we should treat him differently than we would treat a non-black is one many of us simply reject.

Top five cliches that liberals use to avoid real arguments.  Liberals insist that they live right downtown in the "reality-based community," and if only their Republican opponents weren't so blinded by ideology and stupidity, then they could work with them.  This has been a theme of Obama's presidency from the start.  A couple of days before his inauguration, Obama proclaimed:  "What is required is a new declaration of independence, not just in our nation, but in our own lives — from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry" (an odd pronouncement, given that "bigoted" America had just elected its first black president).

A Psychologist Analyzes The President.  Today the Democrats have placed all their hopes in Obama.  But this man could put an end to their party.  The great majority of blacks voted for Obama.  Only a fool does not know that their support for him is racially driven.  This is racism, pure and simple.  The downside of this is that if Obama turns out to be the disaster I predict, he will cause widespread resentment among the whites.  The blacks are unlikely to give up their support of their man.  Cultic mentality is pernicious and unrelenting.  They will dig their heads deeper in the sand and blame Obama's detractors of racism.

Dick Morris: White House will spin Holder contempt proceedings as racism for political gain.  While Attorney General Eric Holder is on the verge of facing a contempt citation in Congress for allegedly not complying with a congressional subpoena over Operation Fast and Furious, in the long run the situation could be a political positive for President Barack Obama's reelection effort, according to former Clinton adviser and Fox News analyst Dick Morris.

NY Times Goes Hunting for Racist 'Ultraconservatives' in Ohio Who Won't Support Obama.  The New York Times sent reporter Sabrina Tavernise to the battleground state of Ohio, to the blue-collar town of Steubenville in pursuit of a pet theory:  Barack Obama may struggle to win because some whites are racist.  Tavernise starts by suggesting this could be a problem with Democrats, but "ultraconservatives" quickly surface.

The Real Racists.  Just a few weeks ago, 56 percent of Maryland black voters were getting ready to cast their ballot against a referendum granting approval to same-sex marriage.  Only 39 percent of blacks supported same-sex marriage.  Then President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage.  Now, polls show that suddenly, 55 percent of blacks plan to vote for same-sex marriage in Maryland, with only 36 percent opposing.  And that statistic holds true nationally.  Suddenly, nearly 60 percent of black Americans across the country support same-sex marriage. [...] Only one thing has changed.  Barack Obama has spoken.  And Barack Obama is black.

Hecklers are Rude, But Obama Doesn't Often Take Questions.  President Obama told a heckler that he wants his press corps to ask him questions after he's done speaking — and when he was done speaking, he walked away without taking any questions.  "Excuse me, sir," Obama said as a reporter from the right-leaning Daily Caller website interrupted him.  "It's not time for questions, sir.  Not while I'm speaking."  Shortly after, Obama told the reporter, "the next time, I prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question."  The rest of the press corps waited, as Obama asked.  When he was done, the reporters shouted their questions.  Obama turned his back, and walked inside the White House.

The Editor says...
Barack H. Obama is a coward who is afraid to answer unanticipated questions, probably because he realizes now that most news reporters are smarter than he is.  The teleprompter would be no help in such a situation, and without that crutch, Barack H. Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, is a stammering doofus.

Barack Obama's declining global popularity.  It's axiomatic that anyone who doesn't like Obama is, in all probability, a little bit racist.  So sayeth movie director Spike Lee, who recently hosted a $35,800-per-head fundraiser for the President in New York.

Spike Lee: Fine, Not Everyone Who's Unhappy with Obama is Racist.  Even rabid Obama supporter Spike Lee has to admit that some small contingency of those unhappy with the president's performance are just, well, unhappy, and not totally racist.

Cummings: Racism 'has something to do with' Obama interruption.  On Martin Bashir's Friday MSNBC program, Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings said that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have received an "alarming" amount of disrespect, possibly because of their race.  According to Cummings, the so-called disrespect included an incident involving The Daily Caller's Neil Munro in the White House Rose Garden on Friday [6/15/2012] and coverage of Holder's handling of the Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal.

Statements from The Daily Caller regarding exchange in White House Rose Garden.  Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief: "I don't remember Diane Sawyer scolding her colleague Sam Donaldson for heckling President Reagan.  And she shouldn't have.  A reporter's job is to ask questions and get answers.  Our job is to find out what the federal government is up to.  Politicians often don't want to tell us.  A good reporter gets the story.  We're proud of Neil Munro."

Obama ignores questions about controversial de-facto amnesty decision.  President Barack Obama declined to take any questions from reporters about his controversial and significant decision to offer a de-facto amnesty to at least 800,000 foreigners aged 15 to 30.  The president turned and walked away from reporters at the end of an early afternoon address in the White House's Rose Garden, even though two reporters called out questions about his decision.

Nobody ever interrupts a black man when he's speaking, except maybe a racist.
MSNBC's Touré: Obama Being Interrupted 'Cannot Be Disconnected From the Fact That He's Black".  NewsBusters reported moments ago that MSNBC contributor Julian Epstein strongly suggested President Obama being interrupted during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden Friday was because he was African-American.

More about Barack H. Obama's attempt to portray himself as the victim of racism.

MSNBC Guest: Would A White President Get Heckled?.  "This is just so unprecedented and outrageous, that you have to ask the question, would the right-wing president be doing this if we had a white president there?", MSNBC guest and Democratic strategist Julian Epstein said on the channel this afternoon [6/15/2012].

The Editor says...
This hypersensitivity to race is the left's all-purpose weapon.  If you didn't vote for Obama, you're a racist.  If you oppose socialized medicine, you're a racist.  If you express a preference for some other candidate in the 2012 election, you're a racist.  And between now and the election, if you exhibit the slightest disagreement with Obama, or if you interrupt him when he's speaking, you're definitely a racist.  This can only lead to one long-lasting result:  Obama will be the last black president for decades to come, because the American people are sick of having the race card thrown out every time Obama's fragile ego is hurt.

A Political Glossary.  [Scroll down]  Former big-time TV journalist Sam Donaldson and current fledgling CNN host Don Lemon have already proclaimed racism to be the reason for criticisms of Obama, and we can expect more and more other talking heads to say the same thing as the election campaign goes on.  The word "racism" is like ketchup.  It can be put on practically anything — and demanding evidence makes you a "racist."

Obama Backers Use Race as Alibi for Ebbing Support.  [Scroll down]  So, you see, if you don't like Obamacare, it's not because it threatens to take away your health insurance, or to deny coverage for some treatments.  It's because you don't like black people.  This sort of thing seems to be getting more frequent, or at least more open.

Time for the Administration To Stop Exploiting Race.  One advantage of defeating Barack Obama in November, apart from saving the country from financial ruin and the rest, is that conservatives will presumably be able to criticize liberal policies again without automatically being accused of racism. [...] Imputing such false charges of racism, either out of profound ignorance or in a cynical effort to chill critically important political debate, is terribly destructive to our social fabric.  But it goes on — unabated.

The Dictator in the Black Iron Man Suit.  [Scroll down]  Sam Donaldson and a majority of his comrades in the mainstream media have launched their own re-elect Obama campaign.  Their modus operandi is to declare all opposition to Obama racist — "people on the right against a black president."  Such is the narrative they plan to brand on the forehead of every patriot until the election.

Democratic Va. state senator: Presidential election 'all about race'.  A Democratic Virginia state senator accused Republican Mitt Romney on Friday [7/20/2012] of catering to people who don't like the president because of his race.  "What I'm saying to you is Mitt Romney, he's speaking to a population of this — a segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a white man in the White House or in any other elected position," Louise Lucas said on the John Fredericks Show, while discussing the presidential race.

Media Declares Use of 'You Didn't Build That' Racist.  Obama's Media Palace Guards know that when the full context is played of Obama's revealing "you didn't build that" quote, it's absolutely devastating for Obama because the full context of those comments show the President openly ridiculing America's small business owners.  So what's a panicked media to do?  Well, at first the corrupt media lied about Obama being taken out of context.  But that's a desperate lie and everyone knows it, which means the Romney campaign was comfortable to keep on keeping on with its use of the President's comments.

Obama Campaign Spokeswoman Smears Romney's Virginia Supporters as Racist.  [Scroll down]  In other words, if what Romney said about Obama's troubling and as a result, destructive, lack of private sector experience speaks to you in any way, you're a racist.  If you buy Romney's reasoning, it's not because that's a reasonable rationale for why you oppose rewarding Obama with a second term, it's because you don't want a black man in the White House.  And it's always the same with Barack Obama.  He floats in the ether coming off as calm, reasonable and steady as his surrogates are out there Alinskying everyday Americans as racist or sexist or whatever the "ist" of the day is.

8 Ways Blacks Perpetuate Racism and the Only Way to Thwart It.  In a recent interview with National Public Radio host Michel Martin, the Oscar-winning black actor Morgan Freeman made the odd declaration that President Barack Obama is not America's first black president. [...] This is a new take on Obama's racial identity from Freeman, who has previously cited Obama's blackness as the chief motivation behind political opposition from both Republicans in Congress and the Tea Party movement. [...] Apparently, Obama is black enough to trigger baseless charges of racism, but not black enough to qualify as the first black president.  If that makes your brain hurt, you might be rational.

Liberal Columnist: These Devastating 'You Didn't Build That' Attacks Sure Are Racist.  Like the rising of the sun in the east and its setting in the west, one can always count on some element of the Left to resort to the 'R-word' to shield President Obama from the consequences of his own words and actions.  Today, the inevitable officially occurred.

Cojones Required to Defeat Racist Democrats and Media.  When Obama entered the national arena, the bias of the mainstream media intensified times ten.  Obama was their dream come true.  Not only was Obama a left-wing hater of traditional America like them, but he was black.  Perfect!  What white person would have the cojones to criticize the first black presidential candidate?  John McCain did not.  Remarkably, Sarah Palin did.  Upon winning the White House, what white person would have the cojones to oppose the first black president implementing his vowed "hope and change" agenda?  Rush Limbaugh did.  Obama minions, a group that includes the mainstream media, sought to destroy Limbaugh while sycophant Republicans held their coats.

Lamestream coverage leans left.  Now "angry" joins an ever-growing list of moonbat-proscribed words and phrases that have been deemed "racist."

Obama team uses 'racist' term to fundraise for Obama.  Language that prompted charges of racist animosity towards President Obama in June has emerged, in August, as the hook for a new raffle raising money for his campaign.  "It's safe to say this campaign has run a lot of contests," wrote Ann Marie Habershaw, the Obama campaign's chief operating officer, in an email.  "But even I think this convention contest is pretty d--- cool. [...] Her email gets funny when you recall that the Angela Rye, executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus, said "cool" is a racially-charged term when applied to President Obama.

Obama's defenders cry wolf on racism.  A few irresponsible writers on the Left have been issuing fake wolf-cries of racism ever since Obama's election. [...] The racialization of every innocent comment is not just tedious.  It is also damaging to democracy and to society in two important ways.

Obama's defenders cry wolf on racism.  New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait wrote in late July that anger over President Obama's disparagement of small-business owners ("You didn't build that") really came from the fact that it was delivered in "black dialect."  Earlier this month, AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka accused the members of his own union who did not back Obama in 2008 of doing so out of "pure racism."  Last week, Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd in Danville, Va., that the Republican ticket wanted to "put y'all back in chains."  The disturbing theme is unmistakable.  It is quickly becoming standard for Obama's defenders to brand all criticism of or opposition to the nation's first black president as somehow motivated by racial animus.

Media Rushing Out White Guilt Political Campaign Again — To Criticize Obama Is Racist.  If you don't support Barack Obama, you are racist.  So says MSNBC and Obama White House guest Touré  who goes on to classify Republicans as the "all white party" that has been programmed to hate Black people.  These comments come after it was Obama Vice President Joe Biden's now infamous "back in chains" gaffe that has even Black Americans shaking their heads wondering what is going on with the Obama campaign.

'White' on the Brain.  The election of the biracial Barack Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial harmony.  Instead, that dream is becoming a tribally polarized nightmare — by design, and intended to assist in the reelection of Barack Obama.

The Thing About Joking  ... is that you can't do it about Obama.  You just can't.  The "culture" — the media, academia, etc. — won't let you.  He is off limits.  A holy racial object — a holy racial left-wing object.  He won't joke about himself, and others aren't allowed to.

The Obama Campaign's Monopoly On 'Bigoted' Humor.  Probably what bothers me the most about all of the fake and opportunistic outrage over Romney's birth-certificate joke is ... the fake and opportunistic outrage. [...] Not long ago, the Obama campaign had the idea to release a line of birther-related campaign schwag.  The idea was to defuse the whole birther thing, turn it into a joke.

I Thought Kenyans Had a Sense of Humor.  Obama jokes about his birth certificate himself and last week he was making fun of Romney's dog carrier being strapped to the roof of his car years ago (this from a man who ate dogs).  Politico, in yet another disingenuous bit of indignation, said Romney's joke drew a firestorm.  From whom?  Politico?  Obama?  Who cares?

Limbaugh Trashes MSNBC: 'You Know What We Call People Obsessed With Race? Racists'.  Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked MSNBC on his program today after listing a series of words that the cable news network has determined to be racially coded defamations of President Barack Obama.  "You know what we call people obsessed with race?  Racists," said Limbaugh.  "Really what we have here is blatant bigotry and racism on this network of holier-than-thou liberals."

MSNBC's newest race code-word.  Clearly, the pundits at MSNBC are being driven mad by the success of the GOP convention, particularly Paul Ryan's barn-burner Wednesday night [8/29/2012].  When desperate that the message of limited govenrment and opportunity is connecting with the American public, they resort to the last, worn-out, obsolete weapon in their arsenal:  the race card.  Last night, they really stretched, and offered a novel theory, that the city of Chicago is actually a code word for black.

The race canard.  Silly season is when nothing is going on in the presidential campaign and the debate focuses on trivialities.  Racist season is when the presidential campaign begins in earnest and President Barack Obama looks vulnerable.  Then, liberal commentators pull out all the stops to deem practically any criticism of the president racist.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC led the charge this week with an on-set rant against Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

New frontiers in hypersensitvity: State Department officer says 'holding down the fort' is racist.  John M. Robinson, the Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State, wants America's diplomats to know that common phrases and idioms like "holding down the fort" are, in fact, deeply racist.  Robinson, who also serves as director of the Department's Office of Civil Rights, used his "Diversity Notes" feature in the July/August issue of the official "State Magazine" to examine the hateful roots of everyday sayings.

Chris Matthews: The word 'Chicago' is now racist, too.  In what is seemingly the natural progression of things these days with [Chris] Matthews, the subject of the 'otherization' of the President was being discussed.  Because, if you weren't aware already, Barack Obama is black, and any time a Republican chooses to discuss the failure that is his administration, the media will be there to quickly remind you that they only feel that way because of his skin color.  But tonight's episode of race-baiting with Chris Matthews was a bit odd in that the panelists somehow came to the conclusion that reminding people of the President's roots in Chicago politics is racist.  In fact, simply saying Chicago is racist.

The Phrase "Holding Down the Fort" Is Now Racist.  It's almost as if they are deliberately aiming for self-parody, to rub it in our faces that we are ruled by contemptible clowns.

The Word "Chicago" is Now Racist When in Conjunction with "Obama".  So says Chris Matthews and the MSNBC crew.  Well....  Barack Obama worked in Chicago after college.  Obama went back to Chicago after law school.  Obama was an adjunct instructor at the University of Chicago.  Barack Obama represented an area of Chicago in the Illinois state Senate.  Obama owns a house in Chicago.  Obama's wife worked in Chicago.  Obama went to church in Chicago.

Race, the Race, and Racism.  When asked on the campaign trail what qualified him to be president, Obama himself pointed to two things:  his experience as a community organizer and the fact that he was running a winning campaign.  In other words, he should be president because he's smart enough to win the presidency.  Good old-fashioned circular logic.  One ebullient Democratic spokesman told the press soon after the election that his party had indeed chosen the right candidate (Obama instead of Clinton) because "race trumps sex."

Matthews on Obama: 'The Fact That He's Black' Is Why 'They're Asking for His Papers'.  During the midnight hour of MSNBC's Thursday [9/6/2012] night [9/6/2012] Democratic National Convention coverage, host Chris Matthews managed to squeeze in another charge of racism against a black President by "right wingers" as he brought up the birther movement and asserted:  ["]But I got to tell you, the fact that he's black is the reason they're asking for his papers.  It's so obvious.  Doesn't anybody else get it?["]

The Obama Campaign's Racial Slander Strategy.  Most Americans agree with Romney's policies.  So the progressives are playing the race card.  To the Democrats and the mainstream media, this is war.  They now have the political power to advance their leftist ideology and they will stop at nothing to keep it.  The progressives aren't merely playing the race card.  They are deploying the entire deck in a scorched-earth policy.  If you oppose the Democrats, then you are a racist.

Truth is the Ultimate Gaffe.  Obama's reign of error is a constellation of inconvenient truths, economic, security and legal, that cannot be discussed in public.  The telling of these inconvenient truths has been met with cries of racism, no matter how little they have to do with race.

If Obama Loses ...  If President Obama loses re-election, it won't be because of the weak economy, the unpopularity of ObamaCare, the fallout from Benghazi or any other policy-related matter.  At least that isn't how many Obama supporters on the left are likely to explain it.  Instead, we'll hear that he went down to defeat at the hands of America the Pathological — a country where bigotry, corruption and political dysfunction reign.

The Endgame for the Destruction of the United States.  Today we live in a world where people are afraid to discuss issues of importance due to a concern that they might say something wrong.  We have a society where people can be condemned for being on the wrong side of an issue, especially if you're in a position where you could be labeled as a racist or an individual who has no sensitivity towards those who are in some way in need. [...] If you criticize the president for any of his policies, you are racist, and your argument ends.  There aren't defenses for these kinds of accusations, and it completely eliminates any possibility of discussion and compromise.

Bill Cosby says those who oppose Obama are racist.  Comedy and television icon Bill Cosby slammed Republicans who failed to stand for President Obama's State of the Union speech, likening them to racists who opposed desegregation.  "I think we have people sitting there," he said, referring to the president's SOTU speech, during a CNN television interview reported by Mediaite, "who are as bad as the people who were against any kind of desegregation."

Louisiana legislator claimed Obamacare opposition is motivated by race.  Karen Carter Peterson, who also chairs the Louisiana Democratic Party, claimed Monday that opposition to Obamacare is 'about the race of this African-American president.'  'It's not about how many federal dollars we can receive.  It's not about that,' she told her fellow lawmakers.  'You ready?  It's about race.  No, nobody wants to talk about that.  It's about the race of this African-American president.'

The Editor says...
The Democratic Party platform is discussed on another page.  The primary goal of this particular Democrat, Ms. Peterson, seems to be the acquisition of federal dollars, as if federal dollars can be obtained at no cost.  The veneer of racism and perpetual victimhood doesn't help, either.

Louisiana Democratic Party chief says ObamaCare critics motivated by race.  The head of the Louisiana Democratic Party said on the floor of the state Senate this week that opponents of the federal health care overhaul are motivated by President Obama's race — a remark that drew the scorn of state Republicans who now want her to apologize.  State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, who is also chairwoman of the state Democratic Party, repeatedly invoked race as she railed against ObamaCare critics.

Democrat Karen Carter Peterson: Opposing Obamacare is Racist.  Louisiana State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, the chair of the state Democratic Party, caused quite a stir when she took to the floor of the State Senate and declared that the reason people oppose ObamaCare is because Barack Obama is black.

Democrat who Called Obamacare Foes Racist: I Didn't Call Anyone a Racist.  Louisiana Democratic Party chair and State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, after claiming on the Senate floor that opponents of Obamacare did so because the president is African American, told WDSU she did not call anyone racist.  "I'm not stepping away from anything I said on the floor," she said.

ObamaCare criticism is not about race, it's about facts.  State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, the head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, said on the floor of the state Senate this week that opponents of the federal health care overhaul are motivated by President Obama's race.  Peterson, who is also chairwoman of the state Democratic Party, then went on to repeatedly bring up race as she railed against ObamaCare critics.

MSNBC's Bashir: IRS Investigation a Racist Republican Attack on 'Black Man in White House'.  Just when you thought the folks at MSNBC couldn't go any lower in defending the current White House resident, someone there stoops to new depths.  On the Martin Bashir show Wednesday [6/5/2013], the host actually said that Republicans are using the acronym "IRS" as the latest dog whistle in their "war against the black man in the White House".

Bashir: 'IRS' Is The New N-Word In The 'War Against The Black Man In The White House'.  On Wednesday, MSNBC host Martin Bashir accused President Barack Obama's critics, who are focusing on the scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups, of using the IRS scandal in place of attacks on the president's race.  Bashir scolded a variety of Republican commentators who he said "laid the groundwork" for Mitt Romney to make a "racist comment" in 2012 when he joked that no one ever needed to ask for his birth certificate.

If the Obama Administration Scandals Had Occurred in the Private Sector.  Like it or not, anyone supporting or participating in the impeachment process will be tarred a "racist" and, despite the outcome, Obama will forever be personified as a predictable victim of racism.  In fact, impeachment talk, let alone proceedings, would take the focus off the actual scandals and recast it as a referendum on race in America today.  In short, impeachment proceedings will empower and enable Obama to "walk away" from these scandals; actual impeachment will make him the ultimate martyr.

Harry Reid Under Fire for Saying He 'Hopes' GOP Hatred of Obama Is Not Because of Racism.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appeared on radio station KNPR on Friday [8/9/2013] and spent a good amount of time talking about unprecedented Republican obstruction in Congress.  In response to a caller's question about conservatives hoping for Obama's failure at the outset, Reid brought up Mitch McConnell's one-term-for-Obama pledge, and said of Republicans opposing practically everything Obama does, "I hope that it's based on substance, not the fact that he's an African-American."

Harry Reid Engages in Racial Demagoguery Against GOP — Again.  Why do Democrats insist on demonstrating they have nothing to contribute to the political discourse in this country?  The latest example comes from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when told an interviewer with NPR that he "hopes" GOP opposition to President Obama is based on substance, not his skin color.  For his part, South Carolina GOP Congressman Tim Scott (who is black) called upon Reid to apologize for his comments.  Reid should be able to do better than that.  But we know full well that he can't.

Limbaugh: Outrage over rodeo clown same as Muslim reaction to Muhammad toon.  Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the recent uproar over a [Missouri] rodeo clown wearing a President Obama mask during a bull-riding event, saying that it's "no different than those countries reacting freakishly when there were cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad," first reported.  "It is as though President Obama is a messiah or is a god," he said, "and this little thing that happened at the Missouri State Fair is a defamation, a denunciation, almost a religious sacrilege that took place."

Obama Flouts the Law.  As the lawless scandals are exposed — Benghazi, gunrunning in Mexico, misuse of the NSA, the IRS crippling the opposition in 2012 by illegal denials of tax exemptions — the president and his allies have been fast and furious in ginning up his base by playing the race card so often it's worn to a mere stub.

He professes outrage when there's little evidence of bias against blacks, but ignores attacks on whites.
Obama's Racial Imbalance.  President Obama's election brought hope that he would bring Americans of all colors together.  The opposite has occurred.  Criticisms of the president are often framed as based on racism rather than legitimate policy disagreements.  A new Pew Research Center poll finds that compared to 2009 almost twice as many of both blacks and whites think that race relations have been getting worse.  While Obama's comments might hearten blacks who feel discriminated against, is anyone surprised that polls show race relations have been getting worse since his election?

Tim Wise 'Cracks The Code': Everything Conservatives Say Is Racist.  MSNBC brought on "anti-racism activist" Tim Wise, and what resulted from the interview was so bizarre Noah Rothman at Mediaite had to take MSNBC to task for it. [...] It's simple: Wise says he has cracked the GOP's code.  He is so brilliant and perceptive, he was one of the first to realize that Republicans hide their true colors from the rest of the public by using certain key words to conceal their racism.  "Golf," "Chicago," "NBA," "Vacation," "Lazy"; These are all secret racist code words, or "dog whistles".

The Editor says...
How about "incompetent," "buffoon," "community organizer," "teleprompter addict," "impeachment," "narcissist," "using somebody else's Social Security number," "Photoshopped birth certificate," "chronic liar," "Indonesian citizenship," and "America's first affirmative-action president?"  Are those dog whistles, too?

The Cost of Crying Racism? War.  [Scroll down]  And this is where America sits in 2013, after having elected, and reelected, a black man to the presidency:  even liberals are afraid to disagree with the occupant of the Oval Office because they will likely get called a racist.  [Ed] Asner's fear is no idle one.  Try to guess why MSNBC's Ed Schultz thinks that conservatives in the House are opposed to military action in Syria (military action Schultz himself opposes, it should be noted).  Yup, you guessed it:  racism!  Try to guess why former Los Angeles Times reporter Steve Weinstein thinks GOP House members are against the airstrikes?  Yup, you guessed it:  racism!

Nancy Pelosi unplugged.  Striking a tone of disgust, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi ridicules the GOP as obsessed with its loathing of President Obama and hell-bent on hurting him politically, regardless the cost.  She assigns little to no blame to the president (even though Democrats privately say that's laughable) and instead portrays him as saintly, above reproach and the victim of jealousy or something worse.  After 26 years in the House, she says, "I haven't seen anything like it.  I haven't seen anything like it."

The Theatre of Barack Obama: The Show Must Go On.  Though his list of offenses against American liberty is lengthy, Barack Obama will not be held accountable.  The American press will never become critical of his words or deeds in a substantive and sustained manner.  And, short of an epiphany, Congress will not muster the courage to judge him with normative standards.  We all know why, but we are not allowed to say it:  he is immune to substantive criticism because of skin color.  And Mr. Obama is absolved of more than criticism; he is immune to reality itself.

Cokie Roberts on MSNBC: 'Some... Tea Party anger is racist'.  Responding to a question about whether tea party opposition to Democrats might subside a bit if Hillary Clinton jumped into the presidential race, "Morning Joe" panelist Cokie Roberts proclaimed, "I also think — and just calling it — that some of this tea party anger is racist and that having a non-black person on the ticket will defuse it to some degree."

Obama, Master Deceiver.  [Scroll down]  Obama is also a master at racial warfare.  Because of what I will call "white guilt" he has been allowed to get away with more than anyone that's ever been elected to a public office.  If you criticize one of his programs, you are racist.  It's just that simple.

Professors Blame Racism, Republicans for Government Shutdown.  Professors at campuses across the nation have been quick to lay blame for the government shutdown.  And they are not blaming Barack Obama or the Democrats.  University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor Anthea Butler claimed on twitter that racism against President Obama was responsible for the shutdown stating that a previous shutdown had taken place under the leadership of "fake black president Clinton" but this time Republicans have a "real black president to mess with."

Johnson: Tea party's actions are "personal" against Obama.  Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson condemned members of the "extreme right wing" of the Republican Party for holding the nation "hostage" during the government shutdown because they oppose the Affordable Care Act.  "They have an extreme dislike for President Obama, and are willing to do anything to halt the effectiveness of his presidency," Johnson wrote in a statement to the suburban Dallas Focus Daily News on Friday.  "Their behavior is not political, it is personal!"

The Editor says...
I have lived in Dallas County for over 30 years and I've never heard of Dallas Focus Daily News.

Redford: 'Racism involved' in the 'paralyzed environment' Obama faces.  On CNN's "New Day" on Wednesday [10/16/2013], Robert Redford said congressional criticism of President Barack Obama is racially motivated.  "Don't get me started on that," the left-leaning actor said when asked about political gridlock in Washington, D.C.

Media: Tea Party Is Racist, Evil, Should Die! And They're the Extremists.  Virtually the entire leftist media infrastructure began drooling when one moron showed up with a Confederate flag.  Suddenly, headlines began proclaiming that "protesters" had marched with a Confederate flag — one lone dummy became an entire movement.  "DC protesters wave the Confederate flag," stated.  MSNBC's Irin Carmon said that the presence of the Confederate flag was a not-so-subtle violent threat against Obama:  "To me, this is a threat.  This is a house where a black family lives."

The Editor says...
The way I see it, this may have been a misinterpretation of the Confederate flag.  It was more likely intended as a symbol of secession rather than racism.  It is either an unfortunate misunderstanding, or a televised emotional outburst intended to mislead the public.

Dem: Republicans eye 'impeachment circus'.  Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) says congressional Republicans are planning an "impeachment circus" to thwart President Obama's legislative goals on the economy and immigration reform.  "It's like a magician who snaps his fingers in one place so you won't see what he's doing with his other hand," McDermott said Friday [10/18/2013] during an appearance on MSNBC.  "They are basically trying to keep the president from doing anything on jobs or on immigration or on climate change or any other issue that the American people are facing or pensions or anything."

President Obama wants you and your kids to be his co-victims.  Because of psychological injuries he has described suffering at the hands of his father and mother and grandmother in childhood and adolescence (when he could not protect himself), [Barack Obama] views anyone who is strong and independent as potentially threatening.  It seems to me that free will itself, when exercised by others, feels ominous to the president.  It is no surprise, then, that Mr. Obama would project his distrust and anger upon America itself, at least in the form of a Constitutional democracy.  A free people, empowered to make their own choices, sets off alarm bells for him.

Obama is always the victim.  "Nobody's madder than me," Obama declared while trying to explain why three weeks into the enrollment period, most consumers still can't enroll.  "I think it is fair to say that no one is more frustrated by that than I am."  Wait a minute — the president's mad?  And he's frustrated?  At whom?  Himself?  Obamacare is his signature and singular accomplishment, the thing that will define his legacy.  His own administration was charged with designing the website and making sure it worked.  And it doesn't, despite spending $640 million on the technology.  Now, in typical government fashion, new contracts costing millions more are being awarded to fix it.

Rep. John Lewis compares opposition to Obamacare to racism.  Referencing the numerous Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare over the last several years, Lewis said:  "Just reminds me of another period in our history.  Not so long ago during the 50s, many Southern senators signed a Southern Manifesto after the Supreme Court decision of 1954.  And those senators — along with many Southern governors — subscribed to the doctrine of interposition and notification and some even massive resistance." [...] Ironically, while Lewis used the Southern Manifesto — which was in opposition to integration — to attack Republicans, 97 of the 99 politicians who signed it in 1956 were Democrats.

Obama and the Willful Blindness of the Conservative Beltway Intelligentsia.  [Scroll down]  Clearly, they were swept up by the wave of enthusiasm that carried Barack Obama to his electoral triumph.  They thought they were witnessing an event of immense historic magnitude:  the election of the first black president.  Finally the era of racial antagonism will be over, the nation will see its curse receding in the rear-view window, and the great uniter Obama will usher in a new era of harmony. [...] Couple that with the sure prospect of being branded a racist and cast out of polite society at the slightest critical remark about Obama.

Can We Finally Stop Pretending?  [Scroll down]  Many on the left actually believe that reasoned, factual opposition to policies founded on lies is motivated by racism, rather than what such policies have done and are doing to those who have the courage to speak out against them. [...] Oposition to ObamaCare was never about bigotry or hatred.  It was about logic, and foresight, and reaching self-evident conclusions.  It was about the truth.  So mentally conditioned to acceptance of the smear has the left become, however, that they are entirely unprepared to coherently explain what is now unfolding before their eyes.

Obama Costume at Hospital Halloween Party Results in Mandatory Diversity Training for 750 Employees.  A Kentucky medical center has ordered all of its employees to undergo diversity training after a worker wore a costume of President Obama to the hospital's annual Halloween party last Friday [10/25/2013].  As WZZTV reports, an employee at the Jennie Stuart Medical Center in Hopkinsville, Ky., wore an Obama mask and straitjacket to the party, escorted by fellow workers dressed in police gear, and performed a skit entitled "VIP Special Delivery."  The outfits and skit won third place in a group costume contest.

Race is Obama's "Get Out of Jail Free" card.  [The great Obamacare lie] is just one of a growing list of disturbing questions surrounding the Obama Administration, if not the Oval Office itself:  Operation Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, NSA surveillance, Benghazi, NLRB recess appointments, weak economic recovery, expanding welfare nanny-state, exorbitant debt growth, and the sacking of almost 200 senior military officers.  In every case the response from Obama is either that:  He didn't know about it; it is an unimportant or a phony scandal; it's someone else's fault — generally the Republicans or the Tea Party.

Oprah: President Obama disrespected because he's African-American.  In a recent interview with BBC News, Oprah Winfrey said that President Obama is disrespected because he is an African-American.  "There's a level of disrespect for the office that occurs.  And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he's African-American," Winfrey said.  "There's no question about that, and it's the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody's thinking it."

Oprah: Generations 'marinated' in racism will need to die out for discrimination to end across the world.  Oprah Winfrey has said racism is still a problem around the world and the only way for it to end is for generations of racists to die out. [...] The 59-year-old added that President Obama was treated with disrespect because of the color of his skin and said she feels fortunate to have been born after segregation ended in the U.S.

Did Obama ask Oprah to play the race card?  We know that President Obama is desperate because he has lost the trust of the American people.  A majority, according to some polls, believe he deliberately lied about keeping your insurance and doctor.  Once the majority doubt his word, all sorts of other ugly questions start getting raised about other claims he has made — about himself, about the country, about the GOP, really, about everything that has come out of his mouth.  When in crisis, the habitual trump card of race gets played.

The Two Os' Betrayal of White America.  While black celebrities such as Oprah continue to claim that Obama is opposed and disrespected because he is black, the truth is the polar opposite.  Because Obama is black, he enjoys unprecedented imperialistic power and respect.  Obama ignores the Constitution, changing and refusing to enforce laws at will.  Despite impeachable offenses, white America does not have the stomach to impeach the first "African-American" president.  Consequently, Obama's lies and deceptions continue to devastate the lives of millions of Americans without serious push-back.

Obama: The Affirmative Action President.  Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages.  How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world's largest economy, direct the world's most powerful military, execute the world's most consequential job? [...] And then there is the matter of his troubling associations: the white-hating, America-loathing preacher who for decades served as Obama's "spiritual mentor"; a real-life, actual terrorist who served as Obama's colleague and political sponsor.  It is easy to imagine a future historian looking at it all and asking:  how on Earth was such a man elected president?

Fox & Friends Hosts Go Off on Oprah: Using 'Cloak of Racism' to 'Instill Fear' in Obama's Critics.  The hosts of Fox & Friends denounced Oprah Winfrey Thursday morning [11/21/2013] for her argument last week that some of President Barack Obama's critics were disrespecting his office because he was an African American, claiming that she was using "the race card" to intimidate people from criticizing Obama's policies.

Obama biography, required reading, tells fourth-graders that white Americans are racists.  Some parents in Dupo, Ill. are not happy that a biography of President Barack Obama is required reading for fourth-graders.  They say the book contains a host of controversial elements, not least of which is that it casts white Americans who disagree with Obama's politics as racist.  Fourth-grade students at Bluffview Elementary School were instructed that they would be tested and graded on the book's contents, reports  The book, called simply "Barack Obama," is published by Lerner Publications.

Oprah's Offensive Opinion.  Since Oprah Winfrey was in London to promote "The Butler," a movie which depicts its subjects so dishonestly on the subject of race that Michael Reagan — who personally knew the film's key protagonists — called it "The Butler from Another Planet," it's not surprising that she would sputter more falsehoods about "racist" America in an attempt to stay in the public eye.  In an interview with the BBC, the self-made billionaire and long-time Obama supporter said that "disrespect for the office (of the president)... occurs in some cases and maybe even in many cases because he is African American."

Common Core third grade book goes full Dear Leader on Obama.  The ground is being laid for future racial strife over Barack Obama once he is out of office.  His fanatical supporters, especially in the African-American community which has remained solidly in his camp despite all his demonstrated incompetence and lies, are being set up to see him as a martyr.

Why Criticizing Obama Isn't Racist.  The era of 'hope and change' was supposed to usher in a 'post-racial' era.  Instead it's now the appalling norm to blame any political opposition to the president on racism.

Melissa Harris-Perry: 'Obamacare' a 'Derogatory Term' Conceived by 'Wealthy White Men'.  MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry opened her program over the weekend with a commentary about the Affordable Care Act's colloquial moniker:  "Obamacare."  She said that the word was originally created as a "derogatory term," designed by white men as a way to delegitimize President Barack Obama and his achievement.  However, she said that the term will soon be synonymous with all of Obama's accomplishments and she urged her audience to use the term with pride.

Hilarious: MSNBC host likens word 'ObamaCare' to n-word.  MSNBC is the gift that keeps on giving, serving up propaganda intended to benefit the far left, but which in its absurdity repels people grounded in reality.  Now, one of its hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry, [...] has played a race card so bizarre that it self-discredits.

The 'Unprecedented Opposition' Canard.  The rarely-unspoken subtext is that the GOP's groundbreaking vitriol and obstruction has been reserved for Obama because he's black.  By abiding and advancing this claim, Obama's supporters allege that conservatives have sought to delegitimize the president from his very first day in office.  Ironically, the reverse is closer to the truth; dating back to the 2008 campaign, many liberals have maliciously conflated conservative objections to Obama's policies with thinly-veiled racism.  Hurling the racism charge is a particularly insidious method of disqualifying Obama's critics, which is the whole point.  Concerns over wrongful IRS targeting?  Racism.  Strenuous disapproval of Obamacare?  Racism.

MSNBC Anchor: Obamacare = N-Word.  MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry evidently exists to say ridiculous things.  The same radical who declared that all children belong to the state said Sunday [12/8/2013] that "Obamacare" is the new "n-word."

Democrats Have Maxed Out the Race Card.  A skirmish on MSNBC underscores the new normal in Democratic thinking: If you disagree with Obama, you must be racist.  That's damaging our cultural fabric.

Woe Is Obama!  The least-engaged, most ideologically ambitious president in history messed up a lot of things and now doesn't know what to do about it.  Wasn't this the man who in his biography said that no one ever punished him or corrected him because his grandparents thought of him as a "poor fatherless boy"? [...] Ending up in time-out at 52 for the first time in your life is not just difficult.  It's unendurable.  He can't cope with it and he will find excuses, probably excuses that make him a martyr of undeserved failure/reproach.

Professor blames 'southern white radicals' for Obamacare debacle.  A professor who teaches constitutional law courses at the City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice penned a Christmas Day essay blaming "southern White radicals" for the disastrous, slow-motion train wreck failure that has been the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.  The essay, by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall at the website Politics in Color, is entitled "2013: A Year of Racial Challenges."  "[S]outhern White radicals vowed to stop implementation of the Obama-care law leading one to wonder if Tea Party members would oppose affordable healthcare if it came from a nonBlack [sic] President," writes Browne-Marshall.

Reid: Republican agenda 'to make President Obama look bad'.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that congressional Republicans' sole agenda is to "make President [Barack] Obama look bad."

The Editor says...
This is whatcha call projection.  When George W. Bush was the President, Harry Reid did everything he could to make President Bush look bad.

On MSNBC, Schaeffer Sees GOP 'Pathological Hatred,' Want to 'Stop the First African- American President'.  Appearing as a guest on Friday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, during a discussion of conservative Christians making plans to push their agenda, liberal guest Frank Schaeffer charged that Republicans have a "pathological hatred" of President Obama, asserted that the GOP's goal is to "Stop the first African-American President from succeeding at all costs," and then drew a parallel with racist opposition to school intregration decades ago.

Obama Plays Race Card on Falling Poll Numbers.  Much will be written, and should be, about President Barack Obama's whining that racism partially explains the year-long plunge in his popularity since his reelection in 2012.  What's also worth noting about the ponderous and painfully long (18 web pages) January 27 writeup in The New Yorker is David Remnick's apparent obsessions with rewriting history and recasting reality.

Obama Says Racial Animus Blunts Approval, New Yorker Reports.  President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine's website today.  "There's no doubt that there's some folks who just really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president," Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine's Jan. 27 edition.

One More Reason to Dislike Him.  Late last November, CNN/ORC International released a poll indicating that 53% of Americans do not believe Obama to be honest and trustworthy while 56% of Americans believe that Obama is not someone to be admired.  These numbers represented an all-time low for President Obama.  None of this has anything do to with Obama's race.  Indeed, why should anyone dislike Obama because of his race when there are so many other good reasons to dislike him?

Obama blames low approval numbers on racism.  [W]hat Obama is doing here, with a few caveats to make his complaint sound more reasonable, is claiming that a significant amount of opposition to his agenda comes from pure racism, a slur he follows up by insinuating that states' rights advocates are carrying on the work of the Confederacy.  This is disgusting, and pathetic.  Five years into his unpleasant Presidency, everyone who disapproves of him has an abundance of valid reasons based on his policies and conduct.

Sharpton: 'Many Of Us Are Frustrated' Obama Hasn't Brought Up Race Card More Often.  Civil rights leader Al Sharpton responded to President Barack Obama's recent comments on the racial effect to his approval numbers by stating that he believes the president doesn't bring up "the race card" enough.  Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" this week, Sharpton said Obama has encouraged civil rights and other African-American leaders to abstain from using race issues against his opponents.  Sharpton said "in every meeting" with civil rights leaders throughout the five years of his presidency, Obama has asked that his race be left out of criticism against his opposition.

Dem Strategist: You Don't Try to Impeach Someone Because 'They're Black in the White House'.  Democratic strategist Angela Rye in an appearance on MSNBC's "PoliticsNation" on Friday [2/7/2014] accused Republicans of trying to impeach President Barack Obama, because he's "black in the White House."  "You don't just fight to get the person out of office because you don't like how they comb their hair, the color of their skin or the fact that they're black in the White House.  That's not what you do," said Rye, executive director and general counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus.

CNN journalist admits Obama racial double standard on air.  Kudos to Don Lemon, the CNN journalist, for admitting what conservatives have maintained ever since Barack Obama became president with unquestioning media support and suppression of any conservatism as racist:  "As a journalist, you weigh how much you should criticize the president because he's black."

Gallup Suggests Obamacare Responsible for Increased Racial Polarization.  President Barack Obama's healthcare law may have been responsible for pushing whites to vote Republican and polarizing the country at historic levels, according to a new Gallup analysis.  On the four-year anniversary of Obamacare, the implication of the Gallup study is that Obama's policies — not his race or personality — have been the impetus for the increasing level of racial polarization.

The Color of His Presidency.  This bitter, irreconcilable enmity is not the racial harmony the optimists imagined the cultural breakthrough of an African-American president would usher in.  On the other hand, it's not exactly the sort of racial strife the pessimists, hardened by racial animosity, envisioned either, the splitting of white and black America into worlds of mutual incomprehension — as in the cases of the O. J. Simpson trial, the L.A. riots, or Bernhard Goetz.  The Simpson episode actually provides a useful comparison.  The racial divide was what made the episode so depressing:  Blacks saw one thing, whites something completely different.

Why Obama's Presidency Has to Be All About Race Now.  Despite what he and his cheerleaders in the press think, he is still losing the argument over ObamaCare.  The program has posted a few non-catastrophic enrollment numbers lately, but a lot of the public has already made up their minds.  They never liked the program much to begin with, and now that they know what's in it, they like it even less.  The economic recovery, such as it is, continues to be slow, painful, and jobless.  The president's foreign policy is spinning out of control in all directions.  So the left is doing what they always do when their policies fail:  make everything about race, instead.

Boehner blasts Eric Holder for claiming he and Obama are treated differently because they are black.  House Speaker John Boehner blasted Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday for suggesting that Republicans only attack him because he's black.  'There is no issue of race here,' he told a reporter during his weekly press briefing on Capitol Hill.  Holder went off-script Wednesday during a speech to Al Sharpton's National Action Network, slammed Republicans for consistently attacking him and Barack Obama because they are the first African-Americans to hold their jobs.

Boehner: Race 'no issue' with Holder.  Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday said there was "no issue of race" in the way House Republicans have treated President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. A day after Holder said the two leaders had faced "ugly and divisive adversity" from Congress, Boehner said, "There is no issue of race here" at a Capitol press conference. The attorney general had departed from his prepared remarks before the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network on Wednesday to accuse the House GOP of treating him and Obama differently during the last five years.

The Paranoid Madness of the Democratic Party.  The Democrat may no longer believe in God, the Constitution or even motherhood and apple pie, but he devoutly believes that somewhere out there Republicans are sitting in a sealed room and plotting to bring back the 50s.  And if not the 50s, then at least the early 60s.  The left accuses the right of being deeply paranoid.  Meanwhile the left is convinced that every Republican sneeze is a racial putdown of America's first black president since Bill Clinton.

The Beat Goes On: Opposing Obama Is Racist.  It is stunning that reporters cannot see the absurdity and racism against white voters in their assumption that Tea Party membership (pushback against Obama's agenda) equals racism.  For the first time in U.S. history, are Americans required to submit to their president's agenda or suffer the mainstream media and Democratic party branding an R on their forehead for racist?  Does our president's skin color repeal our right to disagree with government?

Rev. Al Sharpton's Easter message: Politically 'crucified' Obama has risen again.  With Easter soon approaching, the Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday drew parallels between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of President Obama's political career.

Living in The 'Era of EAR'.  Everybody's a racist and that's the way it will stay as long as President Barack Obama's in office.  So long as everybody's a racist, there will be no need for the administration to ever do the right thing. [...] Qualifying as a racist has never been so easy.  You don't have to sign up for membership as you do down at the local lending library, you just have to be against NSA spying, IRS intimidation; be pro-Constitution, pro-America or stubbornly anti-ObamaCare.  If you stand for liberty and freedom, individual rights or anything else that made America what it was until January, 2009, you are an out and out racist.

Racism everywhere, Obama and Democrats agree.  Racism is everywhere these days.  Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is a racist.  L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist.  Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a racist.  "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is a racist.  And of course, every member of the tea party is clearly racist.  What [...] is going on?  It's the media.  Taking their marching orders from the White House and top Democrats, the media is playing up racism, looking to have an impact on not only the 2014 mid-term congressional elections, but the legacy of President Obama.

Reminder: Not All Republican Opposition to Obama Is Racist.  These days, liberals feel frustrated and vindicated all at the same time.  They feel frustrated because President Obama's second-term agenda is going nowhere, even on issues like immigration, gun control, and the minimum wage where he enjoys strong public support.  They feel vindicated because Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling are proving what liberals have long alleged:  that despite Obama's election, racism is alive and well.  This week, African-American Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson conflated the two.

Dem Senator claims Republicans don't like Obamacare because the president is black.  Tempers flared Wednesday during a Senate Commerce Committee hearing as a soon-to-retire Democratic senator said opposition to the Affordable Care Act stems from members of the GOP thinking President Barack Obama is 'the wrong color.'  West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller let that slip near the end of a hearing he was chairing about whether insurance companies should be forced to spend most of Americans' premiums on health care, instead of on overhead and management.

Democratic Senator: Many People Oppose Obamacare Because They're Racist.  If you are part of the large contingent of the American population that opposes Obamacare, one Democratic senator says it's probably because you're a racist.

Dem Senator Says People Who Don't Like ObamaCare Are Racist Or Something.  Really, senator?  Maybe — just maybe — millions of Americans don't like the fact that their healthcare policies have been cancelled after they were promised they could keep them, their premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed or they've been forced to change doctors and/or hospitals.

Scarborough: I've Never Heard Anyone Oppose Obamacare Because of President's Race.  During Friday's cup of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough took issue with Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller's claim that some opposition to the Affordable Care Act is driven by hatred of President Obama's race.  Rockefeller made such an accusation Thursday during a tense exchange with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) over the health care legislation.  The Democratic legislator said that many people oppose the law "because they don't like the president, maybe he's the wrong color."  Johnson immediately jumped in to blast his colleague for playing the "race card."

Obama's 'Daddy Left Me' self pity getting a tad tiresome.  The young men of color are out there trying to finish their education or are actively looking for jobs in Obama's job-dry society.  The young men of color don't find time to complain but only to keep on going.  It is certain that none of them ever land an interview with President Bush's daughter, Jenna Bush Hager.  And for sure, many young men of color abandoned by fathers when they were just children don't whine about growing up without a father in their lives as this president continues to do.

5 Things Obama Has Whined About in His Sad, Sad Life as President.  In [an] interview with The New Yorker from January 2014, Obama stated, "There's no doubt that there's some folks who just really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president."  That's just the most recent iteration of Obama's longstanding complaint that some conservatives (and Jews) don't like him because of his "funny name" or because he doesn't look like the other guys on the dollar bills.

Holder sees 'racial animus' in opposition.  Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday he and President Obama have been targets of "a racial animus" by some of the administration's political opponents.  "There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me [and] directed at the president," Holder told ABC.  "You know, people talking about taking their country back. ... There's a certain racial component to this for some people.  I don't think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there's a racial animus."  Holder said the nation is in "a fundamentally better place than we were 50 years ago."

Holder Equates 'Vehemence' of Opposition to Obama with 'Racial Animus'.  Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC News that "vehemence" in opposing the president and his policies is indicative of racism. [...] It takes a truly self-absorbed man to think that the level of emotion engendered by opposition to public policies is somehow indicative of race hatred.  But from Holder's point of view, it makes perfect sense.  Obviously, the president's policies are good for the country.  Obviously, the only reason to oppose them is because you don't like the president's race.  Obviously, the madder you are at the president, the bigger the racist you are.

Eric Holder, America's chief law enforcement official, tries to spark racial hatred.  The Obama administration long ago cultivated a sense among its defenders that lingering American racism inspires most of its critics, but it was Obama's supporters in the press who elevated the practice of accusing conservatives of racial animus to farcical virtuosity.  It was Obama's boosters in the liberal blogosphere, many of whom found microphones for their agitation on networks like MSNBC, who invented the art of detecting "dog whistle" racism.  For those unfamiliar, this is the ability to decode supposed appeals to racial solidarity that only a professional can ascertain.

The BHO Presidential Library.  The Fundamental Transformation of America has many fronts, sent out one at a time, all of them dizzying in speed:  ObamaCare; Common Core; the destruction of civilian privacy through the NSA; the bankruptcy of all dissenters, including the Tea Party through the IRS; the loss of private property rights; the muzzling red tape of the EPA.  All resistance to any of the above are now covered by the term "Racist, Racist, Racist!"

The Democrats' impeachment fundraising extravaganza.  In an almost farcical twist on the recent political debate, the Obama White House has joined the Democratic fundraising apparatus in what appears to be a campaign to encourage Republicans to impeach the president.  In the past 48 hours, first lady Michelle Obama, White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, White House spokesman Josh Earnest, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and others have raised the specter of an Obama impeachment.

The Editor says...
The leadership of the Democratic Party is talking up the idea of impeaching the President they put into office!  Apparently they are counting on political backlash in favor of the Democrats if Obama is removed from office.  After all, he is black, you know.  We'll be reminded of that essential fact about a thousand times during the impeachment, trial, and wall-to-wall tabloid news coverage of Obama's perp walk down the steps of the White House.

Obama wants to be impeached.  President Obama insists on flirting with impeachment even as House Republican leaders insist there's no such possibility.  Obama uses a passive-aggressive strategy that can be judged as a political maneuver, a personality disorder, or both.  Secure in the knowledge that impeachment is not the same as removal from office, Mr. Obama brings up the topic on his own and with bold defiance.  Martyrdom goes well with a Messiah complex and Mr. Obama's speeches are a non-stop litany of depicting himself as a victim of Republicans.  Already operating beyond the constitutional bounds of presidential power, Mr. Obama's strategy is to push the bounds further rather than pulling back.  He dares political foes to make his day.

Washington is desperate for Republicans to impeach Obama.  Quite unlike six years ago, President Barack Obama has become a liability for his fellow Democrats running for federal office.  Surveys have consistently shown that the GOP is well positioned to take back at least three of the six seats they need to regain control over the Senate and reduce Obama's final two years in office to a series of vetoes.  In another five seats, Republican candidates remain competitive. [...] The president is no longer a transformative figure.  He cannot bestride the world like the colossus which he was once portrayed.  Now, he must be cast as a victim in need of protection.

Liberals Actually Believe Obama Is the First President to Be Publicly Criticized.  Obama defenders have returned to one of their favorite arguments: Criticism of our current president is unprecedented; literally no one criticized the sitting president until 2009.

Obama featured in DNC ad targeting black voters.  President Obama is featured in a new ad for the Democratic National Committee, the first in a $1 million campaign to turn out young, minority and female voters in the midterm elections.  The radio ad titled "Obstruction" released Monday [9/15/2014] laments the opposition Obama has faced from congressional Republicans.  It is aimed at black voters and will run on African-American radio stations nationwide.

Michelle Obama warns Senate control, impeachment, rests on 'few hundred votes'.  First lady Michelle Obama, going to bat for Senate Democrats amid reports she is abandoning them on the campaign trail, is warning that control of the chamber and the potential Republican impeachment of her husband rests on just a few votes.

Obama Wants the Democrats to Lose.  [Scroll down]  What is going on here?  The answer is counterintuitive, but simple:  Obama wants the Democrats to lose.  Others, including Rush Limbaugh in June of this year, have touched on this speculation.  But, so far as I can tell, no one has yet gotten to the heart of the issue.  Obama, Rush suggests, wants the Democrats to lose in order to goad the Republicans into impeaching him, which, Obama calculates, will backfire because he's black, leading to a Democratic sweep in 2016.

Southern Shockwave: Mary Landrieu Blames Obama's Unpopularity on Racism.  In comments sure to cascade into regional races across the South, embattled Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) told NBC's Chuck Todd on Thursday that Southern racism is to blame for President Barack Obama's unpopularity.

Mary Landrieu: Obama and I Are Unpopular in Louisiana Because the South Is Racist and Sexist.  Senator Mary Landrieu said Thursday [10/30/2014] she thinks one of the reasons she is losing her campaign for re-election is that the state that voted her into office is sexist.  Landrieu also said that President Obama is unpopular in her state because of his race.

It's Obama, Stupid.  [Scroll down]  The race card, dog-eared, tattered and crushed from constant use, having been taken out so many times and flashed like a replica of the Cross before the eyes of Count Dracula, was pulled once more on cue.  That, too, failed to dent the gathering consensus that Barack Obama is a good husband, devoted father, a duffer who may one day break par, a talker with a gift for occasional eloquence, but a president in over his head in a mean and unforgiving world.  Everything he touches turns to mush, or worse.

Call Ferguson Demonstrations What They Are: 'Obama Riots'.  The truth is that these riots are about so much more than Brown.  They are about the monstrous discontent over every aspect of life for so many people finally boiling over.  Mr. Obama ran and won two presidential campaigns on promises that he would heal these very people.  It was either stupidity or dishonesty to make such reckless promises to such vulnerable people just to win a couple of political elections.  The rioting lays bare the complete failure that is this presidency.  In the end, the only thing this president has accomplished is proving that the American people, for all their flaws, would elect a black president.  And then re-elect him despite a very disappointing first four years.

Barack Obama lives in a miserable little world where every year is 1958.
Obama Hopes Grandchildren Not Subjected to 'Constant' Discrimination.  President Barack Obama hopes that his grandchildren are not subjected to "constant" racial biases that will make them feel as if America is not their home.  In an extensive interview with BET about race relations, policing, Eric Garner, and Ferguson, the country's first black president said he hopes America can make more progress on race relations because, "I want my grandsons to be treated like anybody else's grandsons."

Obama says race relations have not improved.
Twice elected, first black president sees U.S. still mired in racism.  More than 132 million Americans invested their vote to elect — and reelect — Barack Obama as the nation's first black president.  But that president now says he's convinced the country remains mired in racism.

Obama says race relations have improved.
Obama: Racial equality has improved under me.  President Obama believes racial equality has improved during his tenure, partially thanks to policies — including his signature healthcare law — undertaken by his administration.

Obama's Monomania.  In fact, Obama is setting the stage for his own defense when the Republican majority of Congress attempts to thwart his unconstitutional acts.  If the premise is that no white person can be an objective and impartial individual when it comes to a black individual, then, ergo, the overwhelmingly white Republican representatives and senators cannot, in any way, shape, or form be qualified to judge the first black president's unconstitutional decisions.  And, if they do so, they are genetically disposed to dislike blacks and are, therefore, inherently racist.

The Obamas open up about racism, how the President has been mistaken for a valet.  The Obamas have opened up about their first-hand encounters with prejudice as they spoke candidly about tough questions America is facing over race.  The President and First Lady recalled a time when Barack was handed someone's car keys to fetch the vehicle at valet-parking, while he waited outside of a restaurant.  Michelle Obama told People earlier this month that prior to holding his powerful job, her husband faced his share of prejudice.

The Editor says...
Mr. Obama lies about everything under the sun, and therefore it is not difficult to believe that this event never happened.  If the story is true, why are we hearing about it for the first time, almost six years into the Obamas' presumptuous life of luxury?  Mr. Obama relishes his role as a victim of racism so very much, so why wasn't this anecdote in one of his ghost-written books?

Barack and Michelle playing the race card in People Magazine.  Having learned nothing from its in-the-tank-for-Democrats Hillary Clinton cover debacle, People Magazine is helping out President and Mrs. Obama in their efforts to play the racial victimization card with an interview bemoaning racial profiling, accompanied by a photo that shows a lot of work on making them look like an appealing couple.

It's 'The Messiah' and not the Valet for which Obama is mistaken.  In the magazine article, we find Obama, in his own words, mistaken for a valet and in the words of his wife, a coffee gofer.  We all know if that had happened, the screams of "Racist!" would have been loud enough to topple the Empire State Building because that kind of overt racism would never have waited six long years for People magazine.

Yes, Michelle, It's Because You're Black.  Michelle Obama wants you to feel bad for her, and for Barack, because they are black.  "I think people forget that we've lived in the White House for six years," Michelle says in People Magazine.  "Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs."  Oh, the horror.  Why didn't the emperor clean up Chicago neighborhoods with his pen and his phone while he was there?  Cabs likely would have stopped more frequently if the city, especially the South and West Sides, wasn't infested by crime.

Michelle Obama's Story of Racism at Target is a TALL TALE.  The conservative twittersphere blew up when Michelle Obama gave an account of the racism she faced when shopping at Target and a shorter woman asked her for help reaching something on a top shelf. [...] But, back in 2012 in an interview with David Letterman, she talked about the incident and didn't ascribe any racism to the interaction[.]

It's Called Obama Privilege.  Word to the wise: The next time someone asks you to help them with an item on a shelf, they're obviously racist.

Barack and Michelle Obama Victims of Racism?  Let's face the truth, shall we. Michelle Obama does not like white people and I strongly suspect she's not a big fan of America.  Who can forget what she said in 2008 "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback."  Nothing to be proud of a country like ours unless she and her husband are glorified as saviors? [...] Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama are the two luckiest people on earth, black or white.  They have about as much in common with the poor blacks in the ghetto on Uncle Sam's plantation as I have with the Queen of England.

President Obama to Screen 'Selma' at White House Friday.  Although Ava Duvernay's civil rights era drama Selma garnered only two Oscar nominations Thursday, President Obama will screen it Friday night [1/16/2015] at the White House for a special event.  Invitations for the event have reportedly been extended to a "very small group" of people, which includes David Oyelowo, who portrays Martin Luther King, Jr. in the biopic, alongside other members of Selma's cast and crew.

The Editor says...
After watching the film, everyone will grouse about how tough their lives are, and then Al Sharpton will lead them in a chorus of "We shall overcome."

NBC's Guthrie Lobs Softball to Axelrod On 'Whether Racism Animated' Obama Critics.  In an interview with former Obama White House aide David Axelrod on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie tossed a softball on "whether racism animated some of the President's critics." [...] Guthrie followed up by questioning Axelrod's account of Mitt Romney suggesting Obama only won reelection in 2012 due to the black vote.

NBC's Guthrie Helps Axelrod Keep the 'Obama Critics Are Racists' Myth Alive.  A news division that's reeling might want to get out of the low-info leftist opinion pimping business and work a bit on some actual reporting.  This is nothing more than Savannah Guthrie earning her good little lapdog cred by keeping a tired lie alive.

Gutierrez: TX Gov. Disrespected President By Calling Him 'Barack Obama'.  Wednesday on MSNBC's "The Rundown with José Díaz-Balart," a visibly angry Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said Texas Governor Greg Abbott disrespected President Barack Obama by calling him Barack Obama while discussing a federal judge issuing an injunction temporarily blocking the president's executive order amnesty.  Gutierrez said, "I think it is sad when you listen to the governor of the state of Texas refer to the president of the United States in his first and last name, Barack Obama, Barack Obama.  It shows a disrespect for the office and for the institution and for the president himself. [...]"

The Editor says...
It is precisely because of respect for the presidency that so many Americans harbor animosity toward Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack H. Obama.  If outright disrespect were intended, there are plenty of other names that could be used.  The American people have exhibited a great deal of restraint with their criticism.

Progressives' Peculiar Sense of Patriotism.  So the question of the moment is whether Rudy Giuliani should be flayed or simply drawn-and-quartered for saying that Obama doesn't love America.  Naturally, this has led to Giuliani being called a racist, because the best working definition of racism in America today is any criticism of Obama that stings.

Giuliani was signaling Obama 'not one of us,' says Muslim lawmaker.  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) was "dog whistling" when he said President Obama does not love America, a Democratic congressman said Monday [2/23/2015].  While appearing on CNN's "New Day," Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) was asked how he, as a person of color, responded to the comments, which some have criticized as being motivated by Obama's race.

Obama: My Kids Probably Won't Run for Office, They've Been 'Listening to Their Mother".  In an interview with Tom Joyner for Black America Web, President Barack Obama spoke about the legacy of Selma and the passion for civil rights he wants to pass down to his daughters.  Obama, who will be attending the 50th Anniversary celebration of the March on Selma, told Joyner that despite the advances America has made in securing the rights of African-Americans, there's still a lot to be done.

Democratic Congressman says he worries about Obama amid Secret Service mishaps.  The top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said he was concerned for President Obama's safety after the latest in a series of highly public mishaps by the Secret Service.  "I worry about the president.  I do."  Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., told Fox News late Monday [3/16/2015].

Obama Goes Full Totalitarian:  "We're going to have to change how the media reports".  As [John] Nolte reminds us, Obama is completely unfamiliar with poverty and struggle.  From prep schools to the Ivy League, his upbringing was one of exclusivity, privilege and wealth.

WaPo Columnist: Racist Anti-Obama Tweets 'Make You Question' 1st Amendment.  Liberal Washington Post columnist and MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart opined on Twitter that some of the racist and hateful tweets directed toward President Obama were enough to "make you question your support for 1st Amendment."

It's Not Race That Divides Us, But Culture.  The racialists in power have again called us to an "honest discussion" about race.  As they foresee it, this honest discussion will involve those of us who do not practice racism, but are not black, to come forward, confess our inherent racism, and be duly chastised or punished.  Dialogue is not going to be part of the process, since non-blacks have already been found guilty, and the president's jury is not remotely interested in evidence. [...] To hear our black, democratically elected president tell it, our dystopian nation is a hellhole of virulent racism.  Thus, every thought, word or action that is critical of the president, and those who peddle racial victimhood and entitlement, is inherently racist.

How Progressives Stifle Dissent.  During the Obama tenure, the charge of "racist" has been unavoidable to any who were critical of the president.  Whether it was criticism of Obamacare, lack of transparency, fiscal profligacy, inscrutable foreign policy, class-envy fomentation, and anti-capitalist policies, it didn't matter.  Regardless of the logic, data, facts, or strength of argument, if you opposed the administration policies and initiatives, you were a racist.  At least according to the sycophants, who were either oblivious to logic, data, or facts, and had an empty logical quiver from which to fire back with anything except blanks.

President Obama Reflects on Race and His Upbringing.  President Obama reflected on growing up as a young black man and relayed the example he hopes to show other boys and young men of color in a new documentary.  "I want every young man who sees me to know that I'm not that different from them.  I wasn't born into wealth.  I wasn't born into fame.  I made a lot of mistakes but I kept at it," the president said in the Discovery documentary, "Rise: The Promise of My Brother's Keeper."  The president touted the work of the My Brother's Keeper initiative, which aims to help struggling boys and young men of color succeed.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate On The Rise Because Obama Is In The White House.  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) president Richard Cohen responded to the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting by saying that hate groups are on the rise because President Obama is a black man in the White House.  Cohen's official statement on the June 17 massacre at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church called the shooting "an obvious hate crime by someone who feels threatened by our country's changing demographics and the increasing prominence of African Americans in public life."  But apparently President Obama's election had something to do with it according to the SPLC, a decidedly leftwing nonprofit legal advocacy group.

Obama: Racism Keeping Blacks Down, Including My Wife And Daughters.  As Obama continues to peruse disastrous foreign policy and socialist domestic policy to cement his legacy, he forgets that he already has one:  that of the great racial divider.  No one has done more to split this country along racial lines than the President and that is how history will remember him.  Continuing his legacy, Obama looked to further damage race relations by saying that America is still a very racist country and that the racism is what is keeping blacks from succeeding.  And the worst thing?  Racism has kept his wife and daughters from realizing their dreams somehow.

Obama: When I Was Younger I Was Pulled Over By Cops Just Because I'm Black.  President Barack Obama says that "there were times where I didn't" deserve to get pulled over by the police.  Obama, appearing at the International Association of Chiefs of Police's annual conference in Chicago Tuesday argued, "most of the time I got a ticket, I deserved it.  I knew why I was pulled over but there were times where I didn't."

Guest Writer Says Obama 'Should Be Forced to Resign'.  [Scroll down]  The fact is, Obama continues to serve for no other reason than the color of his skin.  As a black man, he relies on the collective guilt of white liberals to engage in whatever "high crimes and misdemeanors" he feels are necessary to his political agenda.  It is indisputable that, if he were a white man, he would have been removed from office long ago.

'It's Because I'm Black, Isn't It?'  In a pre-vacation interview with NPR, the president argued that (as the New York Times decodes the message) "some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African American to hold the White House."  I.e, "It's because I'm black, isn't it?"  This is kind of clever, in a way. The president says that much of the unhappiness with his administration is "pretty specific to me, and who I am and my background," which is slippery in that by saying it's about him, he's really saying it's about his critics, and their bigotry and prejudice.  "It's not me, it's you."  This is, needless to say, intellectual dishonesty, which is Barack Obama's specialty.

Bitter Clingers 2.0.  [President Obama] recently gave an interview with NPR, in which he offered a sort of Clingers 2.0 exegesis for his current poor approval ratings and absence of a legacy.  Once again the fault is with an ignorant "them" and their biases (e.g., "I may represent change that worries them"), not Obama's own unimpressive record of governance.  A liberated Obama is more overt in his sense of victimization.  Now he can be more explicit than his Clingers 1.0 indictment and quite openly allege that his family's background and race best explain his plight ("I think if you are talking about the specific virulence of some of the opposition directed towards me, then, you know, that may be explained by the particulars of who I am").  But as before, the Obama victimization argument fails in a variety of ways, and, sadly, tells us more about the president himself than those who he alleges were captives of their prejudices.

Obama Whines About 'Inaccurate' Media Coverage Claiming Government 'Wildly Overspending'.  Appearing on Friday's [2/12/2016] Ellen DeGeneres Show, President Obama lamented the "Twitter culture" in which people "expect quick answers without sacrifice" and complained about supposedly unfair media coverage:  "The amount of stuff that is just put out there on the internet or on sometimes news broadcasts that are just factually inaccurate is surprising and it's really hard to catch up."

Hillary Clinton Implies Racism [is] Behind GOP Efforts to Stop Obama SCOTUS Nomination.  Hillary Clinton stepped up her attacks today against Republicans vowing to block whomever President Obama nominates to the Supreme Court, accusing them of racism and bigotry.  "The Republicans say they'll reject anyone President Obama nominates no matter how qualified.  Some are even saying he doesn't have the right to nominate anyone, as if somehow he's not the real president," Clinton said during remarks at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, referring to the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

CNN's King: If Obama Doesn't Get His SCOTUS Pick Through, He'll Call Republicans Racist.  CNN chief national correspondent John King predicted that if President Barack Obama can't get his Supreme Court nominee through the Senate, he'll argue "that Republicans blocked him because he's the first African-American president, and they didn't give it to him because of his race" on Tuesday's broadcast of "AC360."

Obama: 'I Might Have Ingested Some Lead Paint When I Was 2 or 3 Years Old'.  Speaking in Flint, Mich., today [5/4/2016] after meeting with federal responders dealing with the water crisis there, President Barack Obama said that he "might have ingested some lead paint" when he was very young.  "When I was five or six or seven, a lot of homes still had lead paint in it [sic]," Obama said.  "I might have ingested some lead paint when I was two or three years old, because at the time, people didn't know it.  "So we've got an entire couple of generations of Americans who have done really well despite the fact that they may have had something that is not optimal," the president said.

The Truth About Trump.  Trump voters' anger has nothing to do with vague white-male resentments.  It is anger against Obama and the free pass he gets even from many Republicans who are scared to rip into this smug, arrogant incompetent lest they be called racist.  It's not just that Obama has smothered the economic recovery and left it gasping in a ditch, [...] It's Obama's arrogance, not his mere ineptitude, that drives people crazy.  It's his venomous contempt for his opposition and the very idea of opposition — and the growing sense that he dislikes America.  Americans treat their president with great respect and expect to be treated respectfully in turn.  That is the first law of democracy.  A president who breaks it is dangerous.

Democratic leader accuses GOP Senator of praying for Obama's death.  A Republican Senator was accused of praying for President Obama's death.  Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said that Georgia Sen. David Perdue's remarks on Friday [6/10/2016] wishing that Obama's 'days be few' wasn't a reference to his leaving office, but his death, reports Fox News.  'We are called to pray for our country, for our leaders, and yes, even our president,' Perdue said at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington.  'I think we should pray for Barack Obama.  We need to be very specific about how we pray.  We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says.  It says, 'Let his days be few, and let another have his office.'"

Reid accuses GOP senator of 'praying' for Obama's death.  As if the 2016 cycle couldn't get any uglier, a nasty war of words broke out Friday [6/10/2016] when Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid accused a Republican senator of "praying" for President Obama's death.  The allegations followed Georgia Sen. David Perdue's remarks Friday to a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington.  "We are called to pray for our country, for our leaders, and yes, even our president," Perdue said.  "I think we should pray for Barack Obama."  He added, "We need to be very specific about how we pray.  We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says.  It says, 'Let his days be few, and let another have his office.'"

Her life is so tough.

Malia Obama to graduate high school today with First Daughter revealing she is 'very eager' to leave the White House.  President Obama's oldest daughter received her diploma from the private Sidwell Friends School at an outdoor ceremony on Friday [6/10/2016], an occasion that is bringing the 17-year-old much joy and her famous father much sadness.

Reid: GOP treated Obama with 'unprecedented disrespect'.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) blasted the GOP-controlled Senate on Thursday [9/29/2016], saying Republicans have been focused on undercutting President Obama and boosting Donald Trump.  "I feel compelled to comment on how Republicans have treated the president of the United States during the last eight years," he said Thursday.  "History will look back and note the Republicans in Congress treated President Obama with unprecedented disrespect."

'Whitelash Against a Black President': Van Jones Blows Up Over Election Results.  CNN's Van Jones had a pretty grim take (to put it mildly) on the results showing a likely Donald Trump presidency.  "People have talked about a miracle.  I'm hearing about a nightmare," he said.  "It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us.  You tell your kids, 'Don't be a bully.'  You tell your kids, 'Don't be a bigot.'  You tell your kids, 'Do your homework and be prepared.'  And then you have this outcome and you have people putting children to bed tonight and they're afraid of breakfast.  They're afraid of 'How do I explain this to my children?'"  He said that there are Muslims and immigrant families out there who are "terrified tonight."

The Editor says...
If there had been any backlash against Obama just because he's black, he never would have been elected in the first place — or re-elected.

Michelle Obama:  This is 'what not having hope feels like'.  In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, first lady Michelle Obama says her husband achieved the "hope" his campaign promised, contrasting President Obama's administration with the incoming Donald Trump administration.  "Everything — the [2008] election was all about hope," Winfrey asks the first lady.  "Do you think this administration achieved that?"  "I do," Obama says.  "Because we feel the difference now.  See, now, we're feeling what not having hope feels like."  The interview is part of a special on the first lady set to air Monday on CBS and Winfrey's OWN channel.

Is Obama a Racist?

It is bad enough that President Obama claims to be the victim of racism, but there is considerable evidence accumulating to show that Barack H. Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetoro) walks around with a racial chip on his shoulder, just like his mentors, Jeremiah Wright and Frank Marshall Davis.

President Obama seems to tolerate, if not encourage, the blatantly racist actions of Attorney General Eric Holder, including Holder's preferential treatment of the Black Panthers and ACORN.  Under Mr. Holder's leadership, and with Obama's apparent approval, the Justice Department will not prosecute cases in which the victims are white and the offenders are black.*  How obvious does racism have to be?

It is easy to see that Obama is no friend of Israel.  Is he anti-Semitic?

Barack Obama, 21st-Century Schizoid Man.  [Scroll down]  No, poor old Joe isn't running things now, nor was he back when he was "elected" and still had two neurons to rub together.  It's always been Barack Obama.  Barry O's the puppet master who's been running the show for fifteen years now, eight overtly and seven covertly, leading the Deep State efforts against sitting President Trump and later telling senile Joe exactly what to say on notecards and teleprompters.  And who could be more schizoid than the Lightbringer?  He tells the world, as the self-proclaimed first black president, that Whitey is inherently and systemically racist, whether he knows it or not.  And meanwhile, Barry's half-white supremacist himself!  Imagine hating half of yourself for the sins your distant forefathers may or may have not committed against distant relatives of your other half.  Terribly confusing, no?

Why Are Americans at Each Other's Throats?  Ask Barack Obama.  From the beginning of Obama's presidency until its end, the man America's considered a unifier played one race card after another.  He enraged American law enforcement by falsely accusing a white Cambridge police officer of "acting stupidly."  He implied the officer was racially motivated when he gave to a reasonable and lawful order to a black Harvard professor, who resisted it.  When black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a self-appointed neighborhood watchman, Obama said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."  The jury found the defendant not guilty, and the jurors said race played no role in the encounter.  But Obama, who later embraced Black Lives Matter, again advanced the false narrative of anti-black "systemic racism."  Never mind studies showing cops more reluctant, more hesitant to pull the trigger on a black suspect than a white suspect.

Obama's New Movie, Same Message:  Blame White People.  Netflix unveiled a movie last month called Leave the World Behind that was about as subtle as an Antifa-thrown brick through a windshield:  societal chaos and global disaster are heading our way. [...] Since its release, the movie has sparked a fever pitch of commentary.  Hated by some and loved by others, a recurring complaint is that the movie is all build-up without any pay-off.  It crawls along with a Hitchcockian rhythm of rising suspense and then abruptly ends without any explanation.  Between beginning and end, a tiny community outside of New York City is hit with an Internet blackout, an out-of-control oil tanker running aground, electric grid failures, unusual animal behavior, strange ear-piercing noises that appear to cause mental confusion and tooth-loss, self-driving Teslas blocking highway escape, and menacing drones dropping red leaflets purportedly from foreign powers claiming responsibility for all the craziness.  Oh, and Julia Roberts utters a bunch of lines to make sure that every viewer in the world knows white people are racist.

Obama's vision of the end of white civilization.  In Leave the World Behind, the scene with crashed white Teslas makes no technical sense, but it makes perfect sense as a metaphor for the end of technologically driven white civilization.  As such, it may be a key to understanding this entire Obama-produced movie.  White cars (self-driving = individualistic) are rushing blindly into a dead end, blocking the road for the good guys in the black car.  That road, filled with dysfunctional white cars, represents America.  And when the good guys in the black car try to flee this chaos, they are attacked by more stupid white cars racing toward their own ruin.  But if those cars could get here by navigating country roads without crashing, that means their sensors were on — therefore, they wouldn't be crashing now, either.  Likewise, if our civilization has advanced this far, there is no reason to assume that it would be unable to continue to advance.  It's just simple logic.

Michelle and Barack Obama's latest movie warns not to trust white people.  A year after leaving the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama created a production company called Higher Ground Productions that would produce documentaries and high-end movies.  Their most recent movie, though, seemingly seeks the lowest ground possible, for it appears to stoke racial hatred in the context of an apocalypse. [...] It's not just that the Obamas produced the movie through their company.  Barack was involved in writing the script: [...] What leaves an even worse taste is the clip that's emerged in which a black woman says to another black character, "I'm asking for you to remember that if the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially to white people — even mom would agree with me on that."

Obama's Racist Chickens Have Come Home to Roost.  Obama was elected, twice, by a mostly white voting bloc.  He owns four mansions.  He and his wife attended the best colleges.  They are living proof that black people can achieve the highest levels of success.  Yet he continually whines that black people are victims of white privilege, hostility, and racism.  He could have been a president who turned the fortunes of black people around forever, but the last thing a Marxist race hustler wants is a country full of successful black folks.  The Marxist needs them poor and angry to get what he truly wants — chaos, then communism.  Obama, the most successful black man in the history of American politics, spent his two terms telling black people they were victims and that white people were responsible.  It's been six years since Obama left the White House, and black people are worse off now than they've been in generations.  President Trump's policies led to the lowest black unemployment rate in history, yet the Marxists convinced black people he was somehow "racist."

Obama's Fraudulent Legacy Is Being Exposed, And It's On The Wrong Side Of History.  Barack Obama is often hailed as one of the greatest orators in modern politics.  While he had undeniable gifts in that department, as someone who attended a number of his speeches in person, I never quite understood all the praise. [...] There was no need to address honorable disagreement to Obama's policies, which were politically extreme and consistently opposed by voters.  The White House just needed to create, with the help of a slavish media, narratives that could help people admit they were wrong and come around to his way of thinking.  Ironically enough, I thought of the "permission structure" remark reading David Samuels' interview in Tablet with Obama biographer David Garrow, which is shaping up to be perhaps the most discussed piece of journalism of the year.  That's because the entire article is a really effective "permission structure" for a lot of Obama voters and moderates to finally admit he's an entirely overrated, largely failed president who was far more radical than he ever let on.  He's also obsessed with celebrity and not very loyal to the people who helped him along the way.  In other words, he's pretty much the guy his critics on the right said he was all along.

Did Obama Refuse To Condemn Antisemitism And Black Nationalism?  Resurfaced Biography Says Yes.  A resurfaced biography on Barack Obama details how the former president allegedly refused to condemn antisemitism and black nationalism during an argument with his then-girlfriend.  On Thursday, Tablet Magazine's David Samuels published a lengthy expose based on a question-and-answer interview with David Garrow, a longtime civil rights historian who authored a biography on Obama in 2017 titled Rising Star.  (Garrow has also penned a biography on civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr).  While largely overshadowed due to legacy media's obsession with covering the Trump presidency, Garrow's book contains insight into an exchange Obama had with his then-girlfriend in which he purportedly refused to condemn antisemitism and black nationalism.

Obama Rings the Reparations Bell.  [Scroll down]  So who is a living slave today in America today, Mr. Obama?  Am I supposed to give you reparations, when my ancestors were suffering in the ghettos of Russia?  Obama claimed that he feared "that reparations would be an excuse for some to say 'we've paid our debt' and to avoid the much harder work of enforcing our anti-discrimination laws in employment and housing; the much harder work of making sure that our schools are not separate and unequal; the much harder work of providing job training programs and rehabilitating young men coming out of prison every year; and the much harder work of lifting 37 million Americans of all races out of poverty[.]"  Obama is a master of linguistic jujitsu.  Schools are no longer separate but equal.  Also, what do reparations have to do with training programs?  And yes, when will young men be expected to take responsibility for their actions?  Oh, and by the way, impoverishing other Americans to pay for these reparations demands hardly keeps people out of poverty, but it certainly causes racial resentment.

Obama slams Tim Scott for being a black conservative running for president.  Ponder back to the days of Barack Obama in the White House.  He suckered in voters with a phony upbeat message of Yes, We Can and giving voters the hope and change schtick.  Not only did black voters go wild for him, white voters suffering from terminal cases of liberal white guilt swooned, too, over the opportunity to vote for a black candidate for president.  Obama could do no wrong as far as press coverage was concerned.  Once in the White House, though, he was all about grievance and division.  He couldn't care less about unity among Americans.  He stoked the flames of racism with his full-throated support of Black Lives Matter, from its beginnings with the Michael Brown case and Trayvon Martin.  "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin."  Really, Barack?  He sent AG Eric Holder and other members of his cabinet to Brown's funeral and embraced the phony "Hands up, Don't Shoot" narrative.  Obama missed a huge opportunity to do good for race relations and to make good on his promises to lift every boat.  The truth is that during his administration, the unemployment rate for black Americans was 16.8%.

When are enough Americans going to realize our government is a criminal enterprise?  While the mainstream media refuses to report actual facts, our blessed plethora of alternative media are on the job.  They are doing their level best to report the truth of the deep corruption of the deep state, exacerbated by the preternatural criminality of Joe Biden, his family and all those in service of the Obama agenda; the anti-constitutional, racially divisive transformation of America.  No one can deny that the hatred of whites has exploded, having been taught to young people as a moral imperative for many years now.  The myth of a white supremacy came to new heights under Obama, the man who revered Jeremiah Wright, a man filled with rage and hatred of America as founded and of, of course, white people.  Wright was Obama's mentor.  It was Obama who set us on the course for where we are today.

Liberals sure like dead black men.  We are a nation led by a party that is bent on destruction.  On the West Coast, Democrats are destroying dams in the name of nature.  Elsewhere, they are destroying nuclear plants in the name of safety.  They are destroying coal plants in the name of global warming.  They are destroying sections of interstates in the name of racism.  Black men kill black men by the thousand each year.  Liberals ignore those actual murders.  Instead, they turn the media spotlight on the very rare occasion when a black man dies at the hands of a white person.  The murkier the details, the louder liberals screech.  Liberals are playing America.  When President Obama said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, he created this monster we still grapple nearly a decade later.  Martin was beating George Zimmerman's head against a sidewalk when the victim pulled his gun and killed his assailant.

Biden Is Even Worse than Obama.  Obama's greatest demerit was his manifest failure to foster greater social peace on race relations.  Rather than using his status as the first black president to encourage a moral renewal in the black community, he instead flattered its worst members — racial rabble rousers like Al Sharpton and Ben Crump — as well as the black criminal underclass more generally.  Weighing in on the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings, he showed complete indifference to legitimate fears about crime in black neighborhoods and instead encouraged distrust of and hostility to police and to white people.  He never hesitated to criticize white Americans in general, nor our country's glorious and heroic history.  In the end, he was a racial arsonist, and race relations were noticeably worse at the end of his term than they were at the beginning of it.

Obama Is Still Playing the Race Card.  Former President Barack Obama recently gave a speech in which he attacked the critics of "identity politics."  At the June Copenhagen Democracy Summit Obama said:  "I have little sympathy for reactionaries who cynically condemn identity politics or cancel culture when really all they're doing is trying to preserve existing privilege or excuse entrenched injustice, or bigotry.  I mean, the original identity politics is racism and sexism and homophobia.  That's nothing if not identity politics, and it's done a lot more harm than some tweet from an aggrieved liberal."  "Reactionaries"?  Yes, that would be the same Obama who burst on the national scene by giving a rafter-ringing keynote speech at the Boston 2004 DNC convention where he denounced identity politics. [...] bama won the presidency based on a lie.  He entered the presidency as an articulate, even-tempered racial unifier and left as an articulate, even-tempered racial incendiary.  Today he plays the race card from his $12 million bunker in Martha's Vineyard.

Obama Was Pushing Critical Race Theory at University of Chicago Years Ago.  We should have known Obama was behind the recent surge in the Critical Race Theory (CRT).  A video of a former student of Obama's says he was pushing CRT at the University of Chicago years ago.  A former student of Barack Obama's claims that Obama was teaching CRT at the University of Chicago years ago.

Barack Obama:  Still a Racial Incendiary.  [Scroll down]  At a 2007 speech at Brown Chapel AME church, presidential candidate Obama talked about the black struggle, how much had been achieved and that which remained:  "The previous generation, the Moses generation, pointed the way.  They took us 90% of the way there.  But we still got that 10% in order to cross over to the other side."  This is the Obama the American people assumed they had hired in November 2008.  Hopeful, positive, a liberal Democrat, to be sure, but a black man who could serve, at the very least, as a racial reconciler, keenly aware of how far America has come.  When he entered the Oval Office the third week of January 2009, his approval rating approached 70%.  A January 2009 ABC News poll found that 58% thought race relations would improve under Obama.  But by October 2016, one month before the presidential election, a CNN/ORC poll found 54% thought race relations worsened under Obama, including 40% of blacks and 57% of whites.  Obama, as president, peddled — with little evidence — an ever-growing list of race grievances.

The Citizenry's Willingness to Surrender their Freedoms Risks a Potential Dissolution or Civil War.  Over the past two decades, far too many citizens of the United States have willingly surrendered their rights and freedoms and now they are on the cusp of being unrestorable. [...] Barack Obama, the most malevolent president in American history, greatly accelerated the process of eroding American freedoms.  Obama and his henchmen set out to deliberately fan the flames of race and identity politics in order to divide an essentially undivided citizenry.  In 2010 only13% Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country (it skyrocketed to 42% by the end of Obama's second term).  Their goal was to foment racial animosity and riots with the objective of enhancing the power of the central government by further diminishing the rights of the people.  Obama unabashedly and falsely claimed that racism is permanently embedded in America's DNA (i.e., systemic racism).  He rarely missed an opportunity to pour gasoline on potentially volatile occurrences even if the facts were unknown or totally fabricated.  He effectively espoused blatant racism and discrimination against the white population by promoting radical racist doctrines such as Critical Race Theory.  It is not an overstatement to say that Obama's treachery has been successful in convincing far too many Americans to foolishly accept the lie that this nation is irredeemable because of systemic racism therefore radical transformation of society is necessary.

America is Regressing into a Tribal Society Rife with Acrimony, Anxiety and Suspicion.  In 2008 77% of Americans (60% of Blacks) thought race relations were good in their individual community In a shocking recent poll among Blacks, 75% now believe they or someone they love will be attacked by a white person.  This is an easily disproven belief as government statistics from the Department of Justice reveal that Blacks were the attackers in 85% of violent crimes involving blacks and whites.  This same recent poll also showed that 70% of Blacks believe over half of all white people (or 110 million Americans) "hold white supremacy beliefs."  Any accurate estimate of the actual number of white supremacist is impossible to find as the definition of "white supremacy" has conveniently evolved with the political winds (e.g., all Trump voters have often been referred to as being sympathetic to white supremacy.)  Over the years, by extrapolating the dubious and inflated data from the rabidly left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, it has been estimated that there "could" be many as 500,000 believers or 0.2% of the overall white population.

The Editor says...
Hmmm... What happened in 2008 to make race relations sour?  Oh, I remember.  Obama was elected President.

Know Your Black History.  Since the 1960s, the basis for blacks' advancement was Martin Luther King Jr's charge to the nation "to judge one on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin." [...] Over the next 30-40 years, blacks made tremendous strides.  For example, in 1958, 44% of whites said they would relocate if a black family moved next door; by 1998, that figure was 1%.  In 1964, 18% of whites claimed to have a black friend; by 1998, 86% did and 87% of blacks claimed a white friend. [...] Then, in the early 21st century came our Obamas (Barack and Michelle) and you'd have thought we were back in the 1950s and the Civil Rights Movement had never occurred.  Michelle claimed she had never been proud to be an American because of racism.  Suddenly, everything became racial.  Disagree with Obama, it's because of racism.  (So claimed Jimmy Carter.)  A policeman mistakenly arrests a black homeowner for breaking into his own house (2009), it's because all cops are racist.  A black youth tries to grab a policeman's weapon and gets killed in the process (Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO, in 2014), again, it's because all cops are racist — burn down the city.  Since Obama, chants of racism have only gotten louder and more frequent.

The Four Horsemen of the Left's Artificial Apocalypse.  [#2] Polling on race relations in the United States was at all-time highs until Barack Obama and Eric Holder taught an entire generation of Americans to hate each other for the moral atrocities of distant ancestors.  We were on our way to being a race-blind society.  Now we are required by governing authorities to view everything through the lens of race.  College admissions, health treatments, social welfare, job hiring, and even movie scripts are all explicitly race-based now — something that not only plainly is unconstitutional, but also was withering to extinction twenty years ago.  Racism is now both encouraged and practiced by the State.

Those Dirty, Racist Electric Vehicles.  When Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg callously remarked recently that Americans would never have to worry about high gasoline prices if they bought electric vehicles, it was a reminder that the ruling class is determined to force the entire nation into EVs.  Which is interesting, because electric vehicles are guilty of transgressions that our progressive superiors have identified as mortal sins. [...] No, the [Washington] Post doesn't claim that EVs are outright racist.  But since Barack Obama arrived on the national scene, no one has ever had to do or say anything racist to be labeled a racist by Democrats, their media team members, shallow celebrities and the usual assortment of demented activists.  All that's been needed to be tagged a racist is holding a point of view that goes against the narrative established by the self-appointed arbiters of race relations.  Or in the case of EVs, a campaign insufficient for living up to the demands of equity, which is a perverted sense of fairness created by race baiters.

Obama party planning.  As word got out that 700+ COVID super shedders were adjusting party hats in preparation for the "44-at-60" [party] on Martha's Vineyard, to quiet critics, Obama announced he was "scaling back" the Obamapalooza to include just "close family and friends."  For regular folks like you and me, the words "close family and friends," usually means Grandma, the kids, and a boxed Duncan Hines birthday cake.  But not for Shelley and Barry.  As seaplanes full of victims of institutional and structural racism descended on Martha's Vineyard, "scaled back," became the most disingenuous parsing of words since "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."  In fairness to Obama, considering his ingrained tendency to fabricate, maybe to him, "scaled down" meant 499 guests, instead of 500, and 199 non-English speaking servers, in place of 200.

The Editor says...
What percentage of Obama's guests were black?  From what I've seen, it may have been 100 percent.  Maybe Nancy Pelosi was disinvited because she wouldn't have fit in.

How Barack Obama Begot Gwen Berry.  "I never said that I hated the country," said Gwen Berry, the world's most famous hammer thrower — male, female or non-binary.  "All I said was I respect my people enough to not stand or acknowledge something that disrespects them.  I love my people point blank, period."  Berry, who finished third in the female hammer throw at the U.S. track and field Olympic Trials, was attempting to explain why she turned her back on the National Anthem.  If her subversive pout appalled half of America, it surprised no one.  In the year 2021, sports fans have come to expect athletes, black and white, to disrespect symbols of national pride.  It didn't use to be this way.  When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, race relations were better than they had ever been.  As to athletic protests, it had been forty years since any Olympian grabbed the kind of attention Berry got.

'I take my apology back!' Glenn Beck regrets apologizing for once calling Obama a racist.  Glenn Beck claims that he was correct the first time:  Barack Obama is a racist.  Beck admitted that when he "unartfully" accused Obama of racism in 2009 on "Fox & Friends" and later apologized, he wasn't fully up to speed about Marxism and critical race theory.  "Now, Barack Obama, I am.  I take my apology back.  I was exactly right... you are a racist if you believe in critical race theory," he declared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."  Obama critic Carlson invited Beck on his Fox News Channel program in the wake of Obama's CNN interview this week in which he downplayed the divisive CRT agenda and smugly accused "certain right-wing media venues [of]... stoking the fear and resentment of a white population..."  Carlson began the segment by asserting that whenever Obama shows up in the media, he contributes to more disunity in the country.  Beck, who was a Fox News host from January 2009 to June 2011 before launching his own media company, recalled that he took a lot of heat for his criticism of Obama at the time and that describing a president as a racist only became fashionable when Donald Trump was in the White House.

Glenn Beck retracts 'apology' to Obama for calling him racist.  Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck took back his "apology" to former President Barack Obama for calling him a racist in 2009.  Beck criticized the former president on Thursday over his recent interview with CNN, in which he accused right-wing media outlets of stoking fears on critical race theory.  "I take my apology back," Beck told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday [6/9/2021].  "I was exactly right, and I even stated it right.  You are a racist if you believe in critical race theory.  If you think that what Dr. Martin Luther King said, that he envisions a country that is seeing people for the content of their character and not their color, if you if think that's wrong, then yes, you are a racist."

'Trump is for a lot of white people what O.J.'s acquittal was to a lot of black folks — you know it's wrong, but it feels good'.  Barack Obama compared white people's feeling for Donald Trump to black people's for O.J. Simpson after his acquittal, according to his former speech writer.  Ben Rhodes, who worked for Obama from 2009 to 2017, recalls the moment of 'black humor' from his former boss in his new book 'After the Fall,' which draws on his experience in the White House to argue that the United States and the world has become more authoritarian.  Obama said: 'Trump is for a lot of white people what O.J.'s acquittal was to a lot of black folks — you know it's wrong, but it feels good.'

Barack Obama, Race, and Revolution.  For nearly 50 years, until 2009, the United States experienced enormous progress in race relations.  Thanks to the efforts of individual citizens in their communities and not the nation's ruling elites and patronizing liberals, this country was well on its way to racial healing.  In 2008 only 18% of all Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country.  By 2017 that number had skyrocketed to 45%.  Further, in 2008 66% of Americans thought race relations were good; by 2016, 63% thought race relation were bad.  The common denominator in this freefall and primary instigator of the current societal chaos and national uncertainty:  Barack Obama.  As President and a man of African descent, Barack Obama was in a position to permanently mend fences and end the exploitation of racial politics bubbling beneath the surface. [...] However, true to his Marxist upbringing and indoctrination in Critical Race Theory, he created and exploited racial tension for political objectives and monetary gain for him and his fellow travelers.

Tucker Carlson calls Barack Obama a 'racial arsonist' for suggesting the Atlanta and Boulder shootings were driven by 'racism and misogyny'.  Barack Obama has been labeled 'a racial arsonist' by Tucker Carlson, with the Fox News host accusing the former president of emerging only to foment societal tension.  Carlson on Tuesday night [3/23/2021] used his opening monologue to discuss responses to Monday's shooting in Boulder, Colorado, which killed 10 people.  Carlson said that the former president 'took a break from becoming one of the richest men in the world' to weigh in.

Lying About Obama.  [Scroll down]  Race dominated the Obama years.  After a campaign during which he speechified eloquently about racial unity, he spent his presidency whipping up racial division, all with the help of the MSM. Remember the policeman, James Crowley, who was smeared as a racist for arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates?  Did you know he'd voted for Obama?  Remember George Zimmerman, also labeled a racist after he killed Trayvon Martin?  Did you know that Zimmerman, too, was an Obama voter?  The Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown; the founding of BLM; the knee-taking by Colin Kaepernick and others: at any point, Obama could have made a passionate speech about race and defused the situation.  Instead he whipped up racial animosity, and the MSM applauded.  In 2009, whites and black alike held very positive views of race relations in the U.S.; four years later, they had far grimmer views of the situation.

Obama's Reason to Hate.  In his new book A Promised Land, former president Obama claims he sought "a broader struggle for a fair, just and generous society."  That quest brought criticisms including: "how whites avoid taking the full measure of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, and their own racial attitudes.  How this left Black people with a psychic burden, expected to constantly swallow legitimate anger and frustration in the name of some far-off ideal."  This recalls a theme from the author's first book.  "Black people have a reason to hate.  That's just how it is.  For your sake, I wish it were otherwise.  But it's not.  So you might as well get used to it."

Memoir: Obama Trashes Conservatives As Xenophobic Rubes Filled With 'Racial Anxieties,' Blames Palin.  Excerpts from former President Barack Obama's forthcoming memoir "A Promised Land" trashes conservatives as intellectually inferior xenophobes filled with "racial anxieties," and blames former vice presidential candidate Sarah Plain for the supposedly mainstreaming bigotry.  "Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party — xenophobia, anti intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward Black and brown folks — were finding their way to center stage," Obama accuses in the memoir, as noted by The Blaze.

Obama Now Worries He May Have Gone Too Soft on America's Alleged Racist Oppression.  On Thursday [11/12/2020], The Atlantic published an excerpt from former President Barack Obama's forthcoming memoir, A Promised Land, set to be released next week.  The excerpt echoes Obama's classic style, praising America while furthering radical and subversive critiques.

The Editor says...
Stop!  Praising America is not "Obama's classic style."  Obama and his wife hate America.  They wanted to fundamentally transform it, remember?  One does not attempt to fundamentally transform a country unless there's something fundamentally wrong with it.

Barack Obama Is the Inspiration for BLM's Cop Assassination Attempts.  Barack Obama is the beating heart of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Obama's embrace of the false narrative about Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, helped birth BLM.  Obama began throwing law enforcement under the bus in the first year of his presidency when he blamed Cambridge police for a confrontation with a Harvard professor despite — as he admitted himself — having not seen all the facts. [...] Facts.  Who needs 'em?  By the time that attitude rolled around to Ferguson, Obama all but lit the match for the first riot fire.  The Barack Obama-inspired Black Lives Matter movement is all about hating law enforcement.  It always was, despite its adherents' protestations to the contrary.  This isn't a human rights movement that seeks justice to right some wrongs.  It's a virulent mob that wants to act out against the police.

Obama-era Pentagon Training Manual Attacks White Men.  In 2013, I received a controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers that teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."  "Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege," reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).  The manual also instructs troops to "support the leadership of people of color.  Do this consistently, but not uncritically," the manual states.

Want More Racism?  Black Lives Matter Is How You Get More Racism.  One would have thought that race relations would have been at their peak during the Obama years, given that the country elected and then reelected a half-black man.  Instead, the 44th president's "penchant for interjecting racial narrative, even in local cases, was, no doubt, a catalyst for racial tension in the United States," the Daily Wire reported in January.  In January 2017, the BBC reported that race relations had "arguably become more polarized and tenser since 20 January 2009," the date of Obama's first inauguration. [...] The Pew Research Center also reported in January 2017 that race relations over Obama's presidency deteriorated.  The percentage point difference between Americans saying race relations were "generally good" and those saying they were "generally bad" was a +44 a few months after his inauguration.  Yet by May 2015 it had fallen to -27.

Obama's Monster Has Escaped the Lab, Now What?  [Scroll down]  On March 23, 2012, Obama let the monster loose.  Four weeks earlier, a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida, shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old named Trayvon Martin.  For four weeks, the media constructed an aggressively false narrative about the shooting, perhaps best summed up by Miami congresswoman Frederica Wilson:  "Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog.  He was shot in the street.  He was racially profiled." For four weeks, Obama said nothing.  In the interim, any number of progressive black pundits zeroed in on Obama's Achilles' heel, his fear of seeming inauthentic.  Blogger Yvette Carnell's post hit the target.  "Obama is perfectly willing to give a sermon to black men on Father's Day about what they need to be doing," she commented, "but totally incapable of advocating for a black boy who was murdered in the street while carrying only Skittles and iced tea."  Finally, on that March morning, Obama said for the ages, "My main message is to the parents of Trayvon.  You know, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."  In projecting Trayvon as a "son," Obama strongly suggested that all black children, even the president's imagined son, were equally vulnerable to the predations of white men.  Four weeks after the shooting, Obama had no excuse for not knowing the facts of the case.

A Demagogue Named Barack Obama:  His DNC Speech.  On the day Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, I announced on my national radio show that, "While I did not vote for Barack Obama, he is my president, and I wish him well."  I added that I was delighted a black man had been elected president of the United States, that perhaps this would not only help black-white relations get even better than they were but also help put to rest the notion of a racist America.  As it turned out, neither hope was achieved.  In fact, in large measure due to Obama, race relations deteriorated during his presidency.  Obama turned out to be Black Lives Matter Light.  As Politico wrote in 2014, Al Sharpton, perhaps the most consistent race-baiter of the last half-century, "became Obama's go-to man on race."  According to The Washington Post, Sharpton visited the Obama White House 72 times.  Obama is idolized by liberals and leftists because he was an activist liberal whose goal, in his own words, right before he was first elected, was "fundamentally transforming the United States of America."  And because they love his cool, even-tempered, regal style.

The New George Wallace: Barack Obama.  [Scroll down]  Yesterday there was a new George Wallace.  He appeared in an Atlanta church to eulogize the late Democratic Congressman John Lewis, Lewis a certifiable hero of the 1960s civil rights movement.  There were, in fact, three former presidents there, including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.  But it was former President Barack Obama and Obama alone who chose to use the literal pulpit to divide by race. [...] Can you imagine if some Republican — Bush 43 in this instance — had stood up at the Lewis funeral and pushed the Republican agenda?  Not to mention if he got up and played the race card?  Yes, you can. [...] What is particularly despicable here is that the race card was played at a funeral for a man whose famous moment of heroism was protesting ... racism.  Not to be forgotten here is that the state troopers involved that day in Selma when John Lewis had his skull cracked were in the employ of Democrat Gov. George Wallace.

Obama DOD Started 'Indoctrinating Our Troops' on Racism and 'Privilege,' New Docs Show.  On Thursday, Judicial Watch obtained 1,483 pages of teaching materials from the Department of Defense (DOD) produced by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) during President Barack Obama's tenure.  The DOD's "equal opportunity advisors" use the documents to train service members on diversity topics.  Among other things, the training materials attribute opposition to reparations or affirmative action to a form of racism, claim the idea that "human similarities are more important than differences" is a form of "ethnocentrism," warn against "sexual orientation privilege" and "religious privilege," and claim that those who raise religious objections to same-sex marriage are engaging in discrimination.  "These documents show that the Department of Defense has been indoctrinating our troops with anti-American and racially inflammatory 'training,'" Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

The Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos.  Barack Obama and his henchmen deliberately fanned the flames of race and identity politics to further divide the populace and foment riots that would dramatically enhance the power of the central government.  Obama never missed an opportunity to pour gasoline on the flames of violence and racial animosity, whether it was justifying voter intimidation by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida, the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri or the Freddie Gray episode in Baltimore, among others.  Thus, Obama gave his tacit imprimatur to the formation of the Marxist Black Lives Matter Organization and wordlessly sanctioned violence and looting in any racially charged incident in the future.  Therefore, every action, policy and pronouncement made during the eight years of the Obama Administration must be viewed through the prism of Marxist/socialist megalomania and self-aggrandizement.

The most race-privileged people in American history are Barack and Michelle Obama..  As a practicing clinician, from time to time it's useful to explain to clients the division of responsibility in psychotherapy.  I say, "Your job is to put your bottom in the chair, and my job is everything else." [...] Barack and Michelle Obama have done more to damage race relations in America than any human beings since the end of legal segregation.  Their respective booties — one skinny, one super-sized, extra fries — have been in a ginormous therapy chair sharing the pain of how racist Americans are, which amounts to verbal abuse of the American people.  On May 29, Barack sauntered from one of his mansions with a tall shaker of salt to rub in our wounds.  His lesion-salting ended by encouraging us "to work together to create a 'new normal' in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts."  See, normally you are a racist swine with an infected heart from the legacy of bigotry.  Thanks for sharing, Barack.

Obama administration was corrupt, more and more evidence reveals daily.  First of all, that bit about being a leader for all Americans, color-blind if you will, was a tall tale.  Mr. Obama never missed an opportunity to sow racial divide.  During his term in the Oval Office, racial relations literally went off the cliff.  Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle promoted the false narrative that white America was literally guilty of hunting down blacks with glee.  They whipped up resentment in minority communities against the police, even though a Harvard study found that blacks are no more likely to be killed by police than whites.

Obama Gives a Speech on Race Relations As Far Left Riots Consume the Nation — Praises Malcolm X.  During his tenure in the White House far left rioters ripped apart several communities across the country.  Numerous police officers were targeted, shot and killed on his watch.  Here is a short list of Obama's race riots. [...]

Obama reminds black graduates that they are victims because of color in commencement speech.  As the focus shifts ever so slowly on former President Barack Obama and his role in the shady effort to target President Donald Trump's campaign and his administration once elected, Obama's voice is suddenly being heard a little more often.  A voice that not only endeavors to criticize his successor, but also moves to inflame racial tensions in the country — as if Obama didn't do enough of that during his eight years in office.

Obama offers up bitter, depressing, racially divisive commencement speeches.  For eight years, Barack Obama was the president of the most powerful nation in the world.  In the three years since then, he's become one of the wealthiest men in America, with an estimated net worth of $70 million.  You'd think he'd be happy.  He's not.  Instead, as Obama demonstrated in two videos streamed on Saturday to high school students and the graduates of historic black colleges, he's still trafficking in anger, misery, and racial oppression.  The man is a serious downer, despite his perky delivery.  Obama's first virtual commencement speech was a short video prepared for graduating high school seniors.  It pairs a vicious partisan attack with unseemly racial whining.

Obama mocks Trump's coronavirus response in online commencement speech.  Barack Obama dissed President Trump's coronavirus leadership, and ripped the Georgia men who shot Ahmaud Arbery, during a "virtual commencement" Saturday [5/16/2020] for the graduates of historically black colleges.  "More than anything else, this pandemic has fully finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they're doing," the former president said in an online address aimed at the 27,000 graduating seniors of 78 schools.  "A lot of them aren't even pretending to be in charge," he added.

The Editor says...
Does Obama only speak to all-black colleges?

Team Trump just called a halt to the Obama-era war on American suburbs.  President Trump gets credit — and takes heat — for many things, but many folks don't even know about one of his best accomplishments:  blocking the federal government's power grab for control of America's suburbs.  During the Obama administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development tried to install Washington bureaucrats as the decision makers for how communities across all 50 states should grow.  Using an obscure rule called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, HUD sought to remake America's cities, towns and villages by forcing any community that was getting federal funds to meet racial quotas.  To do this, HUD applied the notion of "disparate impact," which unilaterally deems housing patterns to be discriminatory if minority representation is not evenly spread across the jurisdiction.  Communities with high concentrations of minorities are automatically labeled segregated.

America After Trump.  Some serious domestic issues that have been divisive may take years to heal.  The political upheaval that Obama generated in his eight-year leadership (or lack of it), has left America domestically more divided than at any time in our history. i.e., the race issue.  Obama revived a racial divide that had been gradually disappearing in American society.  The damage Obama left behind will take generations to correct.

It's Too Bad The First Black President Was Such A Criminal, What A Wasted Opportunity.  To say Obama overpromised and underdelivered, is a galactic understatement.  What the first black president of the Untied States did bring was racial hatred, mostly from the Left.  This was by design of course.  That is the essence of cultural Marxism, or as we call it in America, identity politics.  The agenda is the simple stoking of envy between different groups, the nurturing of entitlement, straight out of Lenin's mouth.

Obama Was the Most Anti-Semitic President in History, So Let's Stop Pointing Fingers at Trump.  In the wake of the Hanukkah celebration stabbing in Monsey, New York, rather than blame the attacker, Democrats chose to blame Trump — who has done more for Israel and the Jewish people in three years than his predecessor did in two terms.  The left is deliberately trying to whitewash Obama's record of anti-Semitism, and the welcoming of anti-Semites into their party.  When Barack Obama entered the national stage and rose to become the Democratic Party's nominee in 2008, defending him at all costs mattered more than exposing his hateful roots and record.  Obama spent twenty years in the congregation of radical racist and anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright.  Obama only quit the congregation to save his political aspirations, because the values he learned in that congregation clearly stayed with him.  He surrounded himself with anti-Semites during his campaign and his presidency.

The Crisis Obama Let Go to Waste.  The singular cunning of Obama was his success in realigning the "victim" hierarchy almost completely from class to race.  Free citizens in a market society can climb or descend the social ladder, but race remains a constant throughout.  Race is our most recognizable difference, no matter its superficial nature.  In the deepest recesses of our prejudices, race is pure tribalism.  And in the darkest hours of human history, at our most trying moments, and during our most vicious wars, people of all tribes have taken refuge not within their class, but within their race or ethnicity. [...] as our nation's first (half) black president, Obama was able sow division with absolute authority, and with minimal criticism by a political class that either openly supported his aims or was petrified of soliciting unsubstantiated accusations of racism.  And sow division he did, with every chance he got.

The Trayvon Martin Hoax Comes Crashing Down.  In the aftermath of Trayvon Martin's fatal confrontation with George Zimmerman, the media went to great pains to characterize the teenager as an innocent kid who was shot for wearing a hoodie while black.  After all, this depiction fit their narrative — their narrative of a country filled with racist rednecks just waiting for a chance to shoot innocent and unarmed black teenagers.  Four years had passed since the country had elected its first black president.  With an election coming up, the media no doubt was worried that President Obama's novelty had worn off.  Candidate Obama had portrayed himself as a transformational figure who would heal the country's deep racial wounds.  By 2012, it was obvious that he was keeping the status quo.

Invade, Invite, Implode.  If a president cited crime statistics to rile up racial hatred, but his speech was immediately followed by a terrorist massacre, would he be criticized?  Well, not if he were Barack Obama, whose July 7, 2016, TV oration from Warsaw denouncing the police shootings of two black men was followed later that day by the murder of five policemen at a Dallas Black Lives Matter march.  Ten days after Obama's speech, three more cops were murdered in Baton Rouge.  When I heard about the Dallas BLM terrorism, the first thought that leapt into my head was:  "So Donald Trump is going to be president."  And that turned out to be true, although the entire event has largely been memory-holed by the press.  Obama's speech offered a strikingly irresponsible assertion that the reason blacks are in trouble with the law so much is the racism of white policemen: [...] Not surprisingly, just hours after Obama's speech, a black man shot fourteen cops in Dallas.  Nor is it surprising that the total number of homicides in the U.S. shot up after Black Lives Matter, the Obama administration, and the prestige press decided in August 2014 that what was ailing the black community was too much law and order.

Democrats Use the Specter of Racism to Sow Racial Discord.  As the militant Black Lives Matter movement began calling for violence against police officers and rioting in the streets, Obama added fuel to the fire with his pronouncements on race.  When the nation was divided over the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin, for instance, Obama remarked that if he had a son, he would look like Martin.  When Ferguson, Missouri was turned upside-down by protesters after a police officer shot a black teenager who was trying to escape custody, Obama offered perfunctory support for law enforcement yet simultaneously validated the protesters by saying he thinks their concerns are justified.  When a black college professor raised a national furor because a white police officer confused him for a burglar as he was trying to enter his home through a window, Obama's immediate response was to condemn the police department for "acting stupidly."  Obama's divisive comments on issues of race made him sound tone-deaf to the nation as a whole, but they were perfectly tailored to appeal to the increasingly radical Democrat base.

Barack Obama:  The United States Was 'Founded on Inequality'.  Barack Obama asserted that the United States was founded on inequality, despite the Constitution enshrining equality into the law. [...] Obama commented on his understanding of the founding of the United States during the VTEXDAY 2019 conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday [5/29/2019].

Narrative Fail:  The Country Has Become Less Prejudiced Under Trump.  President Trump has fueled a resurgence in racial prejudice, right?  That's the story the country has been told almost from the moment he came down the Trump Tower escalator in 2015 to announce that he was running for the office.  A widely cited Quinnipiac University Poll, for example, found that 54% agreed that "President Trump has emboldened people who hold racist beliefs."  A Pew Research Center survey found that 56% say Trump has made race relations worse.  But a new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found the opposite has occurred, as least among whites.

Trump has made America less racist.  Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington set out to measure the effect of Trump's election on anti-black and anti-Hispanic prejudice, using a randomly-selected panel of 2,500 Americans whose changing opinions have been under study since 2008. [...] Americans, claim Hopkins and Washington, have actually become less inclined to express racist opinions since Donald Trump was elected.  Anti-black prejudice, they found, declined by a statistically-insignificant degree between 2012 and 2016, when Trump was elected.  But then after 2016 it took a sharp dive that was statistically significant.  Moreover, contrary to their expectations, the fall was as evident among Republican voters as it was among Democrats.

The Editor says...
This is a roundabout way of saying Obama made America more racist.

Progressive Socialist and Muslim Lies About Racism.  Racism and anti-Semitism only matter when the progressive socialists say so.  It should not come as a surprise.  They already have the shock troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter in position to play the brown shirts that may soon become necessary.  Race Hoaxes from the Duke Rape case to Jussie Smollet do nothing but inflame the division and anger that Obama propagated.  It is impossible for anyone to convince me that race relations did not disintegrate under Obama.  His hatred of America and whites, coupled with his arrogance and Muslim Brotherhood friends both in and out of government destroyed the many years of progress that the country had made in race relations[.]

Did Barack Obama Legitimize Anti-Semitism?  Is it conceivable that the Democratic Party became the epicenter of American anti-Semitism without this having something to do with Barack Obama?  Did Obama make it safe to be anti-Semitic and a Democrat?  Such is the argument made by Mark Hemingway in The Federalist.  We have made a similar argument here, but Hemingway has amassed the evidence.  We might begin with the fact that Palestinian terror group Hamas endorsed the Obama candidacy in 2008.  And of course, Obama's favorite pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright hated Israel, hated Jews and supported Hamas: [...] And then there was the matter of Obama's close relationship with one Rashid Khalidi, a supporter and sympathizer with Palestinian terrorism: [...] One notes that, to this day, we have not heard the tape of Obama's remarks at Khalidi's departure dinner.  The Los Angeles Times is holding them in its safe, and no one seems to care about pressuring them to spit them out.

Obama to play a role in new NBA-backed basketball league in Africa.  Former President Barack Obama is lending his support to one of his favorite pastimes by helping the NBA and International Basketball Federation (FIBA) launch a new league in Africa to grow the game across the continent.  "I've always loved basketball because it's about building a team that's equal to more than the sum of its parts.  Glad to see this expansion into Africa because for a rising continent, this can be about a lot more than what happens on the court," Mr. Obama tweeted Saturday.

The Editor says...
If it's in Africa, there will be no white players.  And it will give Mr. Obama many opportunities to visit Kenya, where he was allegedly born.

Dreams From His Wife.  [Michelle Obama's] father Fraser Robinson worked for the city of Chicago in a water filtration plant.  He provided the family with a middle-class lifestyle and drove a Buick Electra 225, a luxury car known as a "deuce and a quarter."  Michelle attended Whitney Young high school where "it was safe to be smart," and "you never hid your intelligence for fear of someone saying you talked like a white girl."  Indeed, [in her new book Becoming,] the author's racial consciousness is on full display here.  Families moved to the suburbs in search of "whiteness."  Washington was "just a faraway city filled with a lot of white buildings and white men."  The capitol "confused me with its decorous traditions and sober self-regard, its whiteness and maleness."  And "people of color" jostle on every hand.

Who Is Michelle Obama?  Read Her Princeton Thesis and She'll Tell You.  Michelle Obama raged against the risk of her "integration and/or assimilation into a White cultural and social structure" in her Princeton University thesis.  I reviewed this document, remarkable for its rancor as well as for its orthographical dysfunction, during her husband's first presidential campaign ten years ago.  Now that Mrs. Obama has emerged as a prospective candidate for the 2020 presidential election, her radical rant is worth another look.

Obama's Social Experiments Are Wreaking Havoc on America Today.  While black men do indeed face more violence at the hands of police, the Black Lives Matter movement has chosen its battles poorly, often attacking police as racist even in cases where the police were in the right.  Obama fanned the flames of this movement, and race relations have only worsened as a result.  Tragically, the constant messages about America's supposedly racist culture have emboldened some white people to embrace racial identity politics, launching the disgusting alt-right movement and the white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, Va., last year.  While Trump may have stoked white identity politics, Obama shares some blame in stoking America's racial divisions.

Obama's America on Display at Kavanaugh Hearings.  President Trump has been in an uphill battle to reverse Obama's efforts to "fundamentally transform" America. [...] Trump's biggest challenge is to push back Obama's primary legacy of identity politics, which is destroying the fabric of our nation.  Neighbors, family members and old friends have been split apart, by design.  Obama polarized America according to race, ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation, and politics.  Like a deadly cancer, the Obama legacy has metastasized into widespread hatred among Americans that was on display at the Kavanaugh hearings.  Obama's primary legacy is dangerously malignant and more toxic than ever, fueled by cynical and destructive politicians, the Alinsky Rules for Radicals, and billions of dollars from the evil George Soros.

Congratulations — America Divided and in Peril.  Most American's don't care a diddle about race.  We grew up with friends of different color, we marry other races, our list of friends reads like the visitor's log at the UN. But during the reign of B. Hussein Obama, race entered the lexicon of Americana undoing decades of growth toward openness and acceptance.  But from the beginning of those Obama years, race took [precedence] and served as a wedge of division.  From the first refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for white voter intimidation in PA, to chiding Cambridge police, accusing an officer of "acting stupidly" by arresting leading black scholar, Prof Henry Louis Gates — a fact that was later contradicted as they had performed their duties professionally and legally.  He fanned the pyrotechnics of progeny in the Trevon Martin, George Zimmerman case and the Missouri landscape exploded when race became the "hands up" declarative dirge of Michael Brown's self imposed criminal demise at the hands of a white police officer.  Again, played up by a president bent on promoting racial divide for purposes unrevealed.

Obama Won.  [President Obama] institutionalized radical cultural shifts by creating entirely new rubrics of privileging race and gender.  The old idea of due process and the rule of law were subordinated to identity politics, whether in matters of sanctuary cities and non-enforcement of immigration law or campus charges of sexual assault.  The larger culture made the necessary adjustments and followed suit.  Before the Obama administration, the sloganeering about "white privilege" was confined mostly to shrill and irrelevant university academic departments.  Indeed, race prior to 2009 was becoming less important a half-century after the Civil Rights movement.  Americans were increasingly multiracial, and welcomed assimilation, given increasing intermarriage and the frequent inability to calibrate race by superficial appearance.  Inasmuch as there were tens of millions of impoverished whites in rural and rust-belt America, the notion that skin color ipso facto any longer denoted privilege was a hard sell.  Many ethnic groups enjoyed higher per capita incomes than did those whites.

The legacy of Barack Obama (and it's not a good one).  The legacy of Obama represented one of the most racially divided times in our nation's history.  In a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted in July of Obama's final year in office, 69 percent of Americans said that race relations were bad and that "six in 10 Americans say that race relations were growing worse, up from 38 percent a year ago."  The legacy of Obama represented a time when race-related riots were on the rise.  We can't forget the scenes on television in Baltimore and Ferguson, or the violence that erupted after the deaths of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Manuel Diaz, and Kimini Gray.  Images taken from each of these events resembled combat zones, with police in riot gear while angry citizens burned cars, smashed windows, and vandalized storefronts.

Fearmongering Racist Demagogue Obama Blasts Racist "Demagogues" And "Fearmongers".  Barack Obama spends so much time looking into mirrors.  You might think that he would occasionally see his own reflection in one of them.

Obama vs. the Nation.  From Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond, President Obama's words aiding and abetting the war on cops and inciting racial division have been the equivalent of yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.  He has encouraged a false narrative of racist cops and racist police departments whose officers are guilty until proven innocent, or buried, whichever comes first.  Never mind that in both Baltimore and Ferguson, the cops accused of racism and murder were found guilty of neither.  It was Ferguson, Missouri, where President Obama's Justice Department sent forty FBI agents to prove that Officer Darren Wilson was a racist murder of an innocent black teen.  He made the race-baiting Al Sharpton, who helped create the myth of "hands up, don't shoot," a key adviser on race matters and Ferguson.  In December 2014, President Obama stoked the fires of animus against cops when he said on BET that police were judging blacks, not on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin.

Who's more 'careless with the truth,' Donald Trump or his enemies?  Obama's eight years in office dramatically lost their luster with many people.  It's safe to say millions were taken in by the Democrat "chosen one's" promises when the smooth-talking neophyte politician claimed he would halt the rise of the oceans and unite the planet.  As the would-be first non-white president Obama seemed to be the perfect balm to heal the nation's festering wounds leftover from the civil rights struggle in the 60's and the still smoldering racial fires after the Rodney King riots and OJ Simpson trial of the 90's.  If America was willing to elect a black man president it meant racism was no longer around, right?  Unfortunately for many who favored Obama precisely because he wasn't white — or rich — it turned into a disaster when the one-term senator-turned-president only fanned the flames of division rather than bringing people together.

Obama's "N Word" Tape Went Public and the Media Covered It Up.  Obama's own equivalent of the "N Word" tape was released after his time in office.  It was a photo of him posing with Louis Farrakhan, the racist and anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam.  Farrakhan had praised Hitler and was the head of a hate group that believes white people are devils, created by genetic engineering, who will be wiped out.  That's a whole lot worse than a racial slur.  (Obama's mentor Jeremiah Wright, whose black nationalist church the Obamas had attended, used his own racial slurs during services.)  The photo was released.  And the media embargoed it.  A handful of publications mentioned it.  To this date, no reporter has directly asked Obama about it.

The Origins of Our Second Civil War.  [Scroll down]  [Barack H.] Obama most unfortunately redefined race as a white-versus-nonwhite binary, in an attempt to build a new coalition of progressives, on the unspoken assumption that the clingers were destined to slow irrelevance and with them their retrograde and obstructionist ideas.  In other words, the Left could win most presidential elections of the future, as Obama did, by writing off the interior and hyping identity politics on the two coasts.

Trump [is] Blamed for Death of Reporters.  Did Media Blame Obama for Cop Killers?  Did the media hold President Barack Obama responsible for the murders of 10 cops in Dallas, Baton Rouge and New York City, all at the hands of black men apparently incited by their belief that cops murder blacks without consequence?  After all, Obama frequently criticized the police and bemoaned America's racism as "part of our DNA."  President Obama's anti-cop rhetoric started right after he took office. [...] Obama and his attorney general also offered verbal support to the so-called Black Lives Matter movement that argues, without facts, that blacks are regularly and illegally profiled by an institutionally, systemically and structurally "racist" criminal justice system.  It did not help that during the first six years of the Obama administration, the anti-police incendiary Rev. Al Sharpton, according to The Washington Post, visited the White House 72 times.  What kind of message did that send to the police?

Diversity And Inclusion Harm II.  [Scroll down]  In 2013, President Obama-appointed FAA Administrator Michael Huerta deemed that these hiring standards had not produced a pleasing mix of air traffic controllers when it came to race and sex.  He announced plans to "transform the (FAA) into a more diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects, understands, and relates to the diverse customers" it serves.  The FAA discarded its longtime use of the difficult cognitive assessment test and implemented instead a new, unmonitored take-home personality test — a biographical questionnaire. [...] The questionnaire gives more points to an applicant who answers that he has not been employed in the previous three years than it does to an applicant who answers that he has been a pilot or is a veteran with an air traffic control-related military background.

We are all white supremacists now.  Obama promised a post racial America.  We elected Obama so that we could once and for all cleanse ourselves from the guilt for our racial sins. [...] Shortly after election, we discovered that our original sins were irredeemable, we are all guilty, we all must be punished with hellfire for eternity.  What, in fact, he delivered is an America where all white males are irredeemably hateful and evil, and must be purged.  Original sin for the crime of slavery with absolutely no possibility of redemption.

Rick Santorum claims Obama 'exacerbated racism' long before Trump.  Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., claimed Sunday that Barack Obama "exacerbated racism" by aligning himself with anti-police activists whenever people of color were targeted by law enforcement during his presidency.  Santorum made the comment during a CNN segment about President Trump's success in 2016, and whether he capitalized on Republican backlash to the first African-American president.

Here are 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama's lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc..  [#40] The Obama administration accused fire and police departments in Jacksonville, Florida, New York City, and Dayton, Ohio of "racial discrimination" because they required potential firefighters and police officers to take a written test. [...] [#84] In 2012, the Obama administration accused Pepsico of "race discrimination" because it used criminal background checks to screen out job applicants. [...] [#213] In June 2013, the Obama administration filed lawsuits against Dollar General and BMW for using criminal background checks to screen employees.  The Obama administration claimed that such background checks were "racist." [...] [#318] In March 2012, Obama's Justice Department blocked Texas's voter ID law, claiming that it was "racist." [...] [#498] When someone participated in the so-called "knockout game," the Obama administration filed hate crime charges when a white person attacked a black person, but not when a black person attacked a white person. [...] [#536] In January 2014, it was reported that the Obama administration had accused lenders in the auto industry of "racism."  However, the auto industry does not report or keep track of the race of the people whom it lends money too, and the Obama administration's accusation of "racism" was based on guessing the races of the people who had borrowed money. [...] [#551] Obama's Justice Department blocked Texas's voter ID law, claiming that it was "racist." [...] [#712] In May 2014, it was reported that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau had stopped conducting employee evaluations because they were "racist."  The agency's new policy would pay all employees as if they had received the highest score.

Was the Starbucks Incident a Setup?  I know that Obama set race relations back decades with his incessant race-mongering, but it never occurred to me that I would ever be on the receiving end of racially disparate treatment, however trivial.

How Progressives Use Race as a Weapon Against Our Country.  [T]he presidency of Barack Obama did not lead to a celebration of America's achievement in creating a successful multi-ethnic and multi-racial society.  It led to greater racial and ethnic tensions.  That is because Obama was a lifelong political leftist who openly rejected this view of American exceptionalism, equating it with "British exceptionalism" and "Greek exceptionalism," in other words not exceptional [at] all.  Obama's presidency did not lead to a celebration of America's achievement in creating a successful multi-ethnic and multi-racial society because Obama is the leader of a political movement that is at war with America and its achievement.

From Farrakhan With Love.  Two years before Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States, he met with the leader of a hate group who had praised Hitler and declared that the Jews, "can't say 'Never Again' to God, because when he puts you in the ovens, you're there forever."  The previous year, Obama had launched his national profile with a DNC speech proclaiming, "There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there's the United States of America."  And there he was, smiling alongside Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, the largest black separatist organization in the country, whose theology claimed that white people were genetically engineered devils who were due to be destroyed by flying saucers.  Also posing with Farrakhan and Obama were Mustapha Farrakhan, Joshua Farrakhan and Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad, his security chief and son, his other son, and his chief of staff and son-in-law.  Also there was Willie F. Wilson, a Farrakhan ally, who had led a protest against an Asian business by a mob shouting, "F___ the Chinks".  "We forgave Mr. Chan," he told reporters after that incident.  "If we didn't forgive him, we would have cut his head off and rolled it down the street."  Hope and change.

Muslim 'Journalist' Buried Photo of Obama with Racist Nation of Islam Leader to Help Elections.  How many other "journalists" hid information about Obama to help his chances of getting elected and then re-elected?  It might be easier to ask how many didn't.

The Photo That Never Saw The Light of Day:  Obama With Farrakhan In 2005.  A journalist announced last week that he will publish a photograph of then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that he took in 2005 at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting, but did not make public because he believed it would have "made a difference" to Obama's political future.  The photographer, Askia Muhammad, told the Trice Edney News Wire that he "gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy."  "But after the nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was President, it was kept under cover," Muhammad said.

Barry and Louie
Seven Quotes On Jews, Gays And White People From Louis Farrakhan, Tied To Obama.  A new photo of former President Barack Obama and hate group leader Louis Farrakhan has emerged, showing that Obama was more friendly with Farrakhan than he let on publicly.  Farrakhan, leader of the black nationalist group Nation of Islam, has a decades-long track record of spouting hate against Jews, gays and white people.  His bigotry has even been catalogued by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.  His extremism was well-documented in 2005, when newly elected Illinois Sen. Barack Obama met with Farrakhan at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting and took a smiling photo with him.

More about the Nation of Islam.

Old Photo Emerges of Barack Obama Smiling with Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan.  An old photo of a smiling Barack Obama posing with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has emerged in the media long after it would have made any difference to the former president's political career.  Journalist Askia Muhammad said he took the photo in 2005 at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting.  He told the left-wing Talking Points Memo that he kept it under wraps all these years to protect Obama's presidential ambitions.  According to Muhammad, a "staff member" with the CBC contacted him "sort of in a panic" after the picture was taken, and "arrangements" were made.

Journalist kept quiet about photo of Obama with Nation of Islam leader.  A long-hidden photo of then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama posing at a congressional caucus meeting with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was revealed Thursday — roughly 13 years after it was taken.  The journalist who snapped the pair at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005, Askia Muhammad, told the Trice Edney News Wire that he "gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy" out of concern that it could have "made a difference" and damaged Obama's political future.  "After the nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was president, it was kept under cover," Muhammad said.  "It absolutely would have made a difference."

The picture of Obama and the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that a journalist kept secret for 13 years.  A journalist has revealed a 13-year-old photo of Barack Obama posing with the Nation of Islam's leader that was kept under wraps in order to protect the former president's career.  Askia Muhammad snapped the photo of Obama smiling alongside Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan during a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005.  Muhammad, who revealed the photo on Thursday, told the Trice Edney News Wire that he 'gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy' out of concern that it could have 'made a difference' and damaged Obama's political future.

'Journalist' Reveals 2005 Photo of Obama and Racist Farrakhan, Kept Secret to Protect Obama's Career.  Now they tell us.  More than a year after President Obama left office, a journalist is finally revealing a photograph he deliberately hid from the American public for well over a decade, for the explicit purpose of shielding Obama from political backlash.

How Obama Brought Back Muslim Slavery of Black People.  Slavery was always one of Barack Obama's favorite subjects.  It was a favorite subject because it provided him with countless opportunities for tearing down America.  When called upon to disavow the racist, anti-Semitic and anti-American rants of his mentor, he instead denounced the Constitution as "stained by this nation's original sin of slavery."  At the funeral of the Dallas police officers murdered by a member of the racist hate group he supported, he once again invoked this original sin even while he was justifying Black Lives Matter's bigotry and violence.  At Hillary's DNC convention, Michelle Obama claimed that the White House had been "built by slaves".  The unifying theme was that America's racist past made its origins, including their constitutional restraints on his power, illegitimate.  A Constitution tainted by slavery should not be able to inhibit the actions of the nation's first black president.  His wife had a special moral authority over the White House because it had been built by slaves.  Slavery gave the Obamas a unique moral claim on power.  But Barack Obama and his ancestors had never been slaves.  They might have been slave owners and sellers.  And America's first black president unquestionably helped bring Muslim slavery back to Libya.

A nation settles into depravity and madness.  In 2008, voters signed up for an untested junior Illinois senator who promised them racial harmony and a post-racial nation.  They got Black Lives Matter and a war on cops instead.

20 Reasons Why Obama Was the Most Divisive President In History.  While speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner in Sept. 2014, Obama not only blamed police for black community mistrust, but also proclaimed that "most Americans" think the country is racist.  The speech came not long after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., inspired violent race riots.  Police desperately needed the support of the president at the time, but instead he chastised them.

Michelle Obama: 'People Don't Trust Politics' Because GOP Is 'All Men, All White'.  Tuesday [10/3/2017] at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, former first lady Michelle Obama said when she attended the State of the Union address she would notice the Republican side was "all men, all white," and that was why she argued many people of color "don't trust politics."

Obama Foundation seeks a 'diversity consultant'.  Evidently, systemic racism (or "white privilege" or whatever) is so pervasive that the closet racism of the Obama Foundation needs a corrective force. [...] So it seems that without a special executive focused on nothing but racial (and sexual and...?) bean-counting, the wrong people (this means you, heterosexual white males!) might receive contracts based on price and quality, as if these were the only important factors.

Trump rolls back racist Obama policy.  For more than a half-century, federal law has banned racial and sexual discrimination.  Employers are supposed to hire and promote based on ability, not skin tone or sex.  President Obama, however, wanted employers to consider race and sex.  President Trump just rolled that back.  Guess which man the media treats as racist.

The DNC: America's Most Notorious Hate Group.  In December 2015, President Obama lauded [Black Lives Matter] for shining "sunlight" on the problem of racist policing in America, and on a subsequent occasion he likened BLM to the abolition and suffrage movements, which he said were also "contentious and messy" but ultimately noble.  And on July 13, 2016 — a mere six days after a BLM supporter in Dallas had shot and killed five police officers and wounded seven others — Obama hosted three BLM leaders at a lengthy White House meeting along with the legendary racist anti-Semite, Al Sharpton.  By then, Sharpton was well-established as "Obama's go-to man on race."  Indeed, Obama had addressed Sharpton's National Action Network on multiple occasions, lauding the organization for its "commitment to fight injustice and inequality," and for doing work that was "so important to change America."  He had also characterized Sharpton as "a voice for the voiceless and ... dispossessed," and had praised Sharpton's "dedication to the righteous cause of perfecting our union."  From January 2009 through December 2014, Al Sharpton — the most visible racist anti-Semite of the past generation — visited the Obama White House on 72 separate occasions, including 5 one-on-one meetings with the president and 20 meetings with staff members or senior advisers.  And the DNC had no problem with any of this.

How Obama Handled An Attack By A Racial Nationalist.  In July of 2016, an avowed black nationalist murdered five police officers during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dallas, Texas.  The act of violence was well-planned and was motivated entirely by the hate-filled ideology of the shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson.  With several officers dead by the hand of a committed black nationalist, one might think the Obama administration may have considered the assassinations domestic terror and launched an investigation into groups associated with this ideology.  Not at all.  Barack Obama condemned the shootings, but he did not call out or even allude to Johnson's hateful views.  He did, however, blame "powerful weapons" for the violence.

Charlottesville: Fueling Race Riots One of the Left's Cleverest Tactics.  The left could have brought race relations to the most amicable level yet under President Obama.  As the first black president, Obama could have used his bully pulpit to show that racism has greatly decreased.  Instead, he made things worse with his remarks asserting racism where it likely hadn't occurred, such as encounters with law enforcement.  This helped bring about the creation of Black Lives Matter.  Increasing levels of racism doesn't make any sense, considering people are more aware of the wrongness of racism today than ever.  The reason the left perpetuates racial divisions is because it helps them with votes and support.  They have to make up a false mantra in order to keep people voting Democrat, otherwise people would desert the Democrats' failing policies.  As long as blacks think Republicans are racist, of course that voting bloc is going to vote Democrat.

Who Is Keeping Score On Obama's Failed Pardons?  As expected, the black beneficiaries of Obama's mass pardon/commutations are already returning to whence they came.  As reported by myself and others over the last few years [...], Obama commuted the sentences of a whopping 1715 federal inmates and outright pardoned another 212.  These pardons were heavily weighted to black drug offenders.  The reason he gave was a belief that the justice system was rigged against his fellow African-Americans.  It seems that Carole Denise Richardson[,] one of his fellows who needed a second chance, is back in custody for theft and according to authorities, "Richardson violated five separate terms of her release including failing to report that she was arrested, that she'd been terminated from a job for failing to show up and that she had changed her address."

"The incident foreshadowed Obama's issues with Jeremiah Wright's racism and anti-Semitism."
Obama's Girlfriend Broke Up With Him Over Black Anti-Semitism.  Garrow's Rising Star is probably the first mainstream unflattering Obama biography.  That explains the hostility to it.  And as this Politico piece notes, it turns up unflattering truths about Obama.

What Ever Happened to the Civil Rights Movement?  From the moment he arrived in the White House — with his wife declaring that the only time she'd been proud of America was when her husband won the presidency, and with his racist pastor's "God d*** America" ringing in the nation's ears — a keynote of Obama's presidency was his administration's obsessive hunting down of usually imaginary racism in every corner of American life, from law enforcement and school discipline to local zoning codes and voter-ID regulations.  This obsession penetrates even to the lowly reaches of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which forbids employers from conducting drug tests after an accident, lest they turn up too many drug-impaired minorities — making you wonder if the administration understands the difference between normalizing minority misbehavior and fighting racism.

Obama branded America a 'racist society' in unpublished manuscript[,] claims biographer.  Barack Obama once called America a 'racist society' in an unpublished manuscript from his law school days, according to a Pulitzer Prize winning historian.  Biographer David Garrow says he uncovered a number of significant revelations about the former US president for his upcoming book on Obama's life to be released next month.  Garrow, who spent eight years researching and writing the biography, told The Jamie Weinstein Show that it was quite possible some of the revelations could have derailed Obama's candidacy if they surfaced in 2008.

When Did Barack Obama Become an Overt Black Racist?  Now that he's gone from the White House (forever, one hopes), it is time to ascertain when Barack Obama became an overt black racist.  Some will opine that he always has been, which may be true, but is less important than the racial divisiveness that occurred on the national scene between 2009 and 2017.  I shall eschew commenting on his record as a youth, a community organizer, and an Illinois politico.  Let's stick to his legacy at the national level.  Some say Obama's dislike of America undergirds what he did, but anti-white sentiments better explain his behavior, especially after 2012.

Before and After Obama: 10 Signs of a Diminished America.  One of the outgoing President's most surreal claims is that race relations improved on his watch [...] Some of this is due to factors beyond the President's control, but every time Obama got involved directly, he had a knack for ratcheting up tensions and resentments.  Most trenchantly, Sheriff David Clarke accused him of launching a "war on the police."  The less incendiary versions of this criticism fault Obama for indulging the grievances of demonstrators and helping to perpetuate divisive mythologies, such as those surrounding Trayvon Martin in Florida and Michael Brown in Missouri.  At key moments when Obama could have used his office, and unique influence as the first black President, to reduce tensions and stand up for law and order, he waffled or fell silent.  That's the opposite of what most Obama voters were expecting.  His election was supposed to be an act of redemption.

Trump and Obama's Legacy of Racism.  Day one.  Every Trump cabinet official will learn how the Obama administration has made racial resentment the major focus of everything they do.  And they have been doing that daily for eight years.  Job one:  The Trump brigade will have to decide whether to ignore it, pretend it is good, or rip it out by the roots.  Not one future cabinet member, or their boss at Trump Tower, has indicated they are aware of how widespread this is.

Obama Still Doesn't Get America.  For Obama, the US Constitution is just an obstacle to be circumvented or simply ignored.  A few weeks ago he told us that the Electoral College is "outdated" apparently because the American States are now largely under the thumb of the Feds.  The Electoral College was originally designed to give States a voice in the election of the Chief Executive of the nation.  My interpretation of his casual put-down was this:  The States used to be the major unit of governance in America, subordinate only to the US Constitution.  But today the power-hungry left has succeeded in slicing our people by race, by gender, by class, by favorite sexual objects, and now by religion — if one considers Islam as mainly a religion rather than as a theology of conquest.  (It is both).  In Obama's mind, maybe the Electoral College should represent his favorite demographics:  blacks, liberal whites, gays and lesbians, and so on.  Those artificial "identity blocks" are what he really cares about.

Obama adds Alabama civil rights area to Park Service.  President Barack Obama signed an order Thursday [1/12/2017] designating an historic civil rights district in Alabama as a national monument, placing several blocks of a city once rocked by racial violence on par with landmarks including the Grand Canyon.

Violence in the Halls, Disorder in the Malls.  If Donald Trump wants to make schools safe again, he must rescind the Obama administration's diktats regarding classroom discipline, which are based on a fantasy version of reality that is having serious real-world consequences.  The Obama Justice and Education Departments have strong-armed schools across the country to all but eliminate the suspension and expulsion of insubordinate students.  The reason?  Because black students are disciplined at higher rates than whites.  According to Washington bureaucrats, such disproportionate suspensions can mean only one thing:  teachers and administrators are racist.  The Obama administration rejects the proposition that black students are more likely to assault teachers or fight with other students in class.

Sheriff Clarke:  For 8 Years Obama Has 'Rubbed White Peoples' Nose in the Stain of Slavery' — He Can't Let Go.  In reference to the horrendous number of homicides in Chicago and President Barack Obama's pracice of dividing people by race, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Black Lives Matter never marches in Chicago and Obama, for eight years, has been rubbing "white people's nose in the stain of slavery" because he cannot let the issue go, and wants America to wallow in racial division.  On the Dec. 28 edition of Hannity, guest host Kimberly Guilfoyle said, "Sheriff Clarke, always great to see you, too.  We have numbers here.  Chicago murders since 2009 — 3,904 lives lost, and these numbers come from the Chicago police department.  It's unbelievable.  It's a war right here on our streets in this country."

Obama names cop-killer fan to civil rights commission.  Barack Obama's stealth appointment of Debo P. Adegbile as a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is a last-minute slap in the face to police by a president who has already spent eight years demonizing cops and encouraging violent agitators to lash out at law enforcement.  Because Adegbile cannot be removed from the Commission for six years except for "neglect of duty or malfeasance in office," the slap is intended to leave its mark long after Obama has left office.

That Would Make Them Scream.  I suggest that Congress either repeal the legislation creating this commission, or simply refuse to fund it at all.  If such a commission is viewed as being necessary for some reason, a "repeal and replace" strategy could be employed.  I'm sure President Trump would go along with that.

Obama: It's 'Inevitable' That America Is Getting 'Browner'.  President Obama declared America was getting "browner" and that such a thing was unavoidable in an NPR interview released Monday [12/19/2016].  Obama said, "With respect to how we deal with each other, the demographics of the country are going to change.  It's inevitable."

Obama And His Admission Of Treason.  A browner country is exactly what Gay Mulatto wanted.  It's why he refuses to close the border, why he won't enforce immigration laws, why he wanted to fast-track unconditional amnesty and give illegals the vote, and why he has spent years and political capital bum rushing Somalis into heartland America.  Make no mistake, this was Gay Mulatto's treasonous plan all along:  the dispossession and demographic displacement of White heritage America.  Open borders to the brown world was his biggest middle finger yet to the White lineage that he so despises in his own family tree.

Obama says racism in U.S. surfaces in 'violent opposition' to programs to help minorities.  In an exit interview on race relations during his two terms, President Obama said racism is evident to him when Americans suddenly voice opposition to long-standing federal programs "as soon as African-Americans or Latinos are interested in availing themselves" of the benefits.  "I'm careful not to attribute any particular resistance or slight or opposition to race," Mr. Obama said in the interview published Tuesday [12/12/2016] in The Atlantic.

Democrats, Not Trump, Racialize Our Politics.  President Obama welcomed Black Lives Matter activists several times to the White House.  He racialized the entire criminal-justice system, repeatedly accusing it of discriminating, often lethally, against blacks.  At the memorial service for five Dallas police officers gunned down in July 2016, Obama declared that black parents were right to fear that "something terrible may happen when their child walks out the door" — that the child will be shot by a cop simply for being "stupid."  Obama put Brittany Packnett, a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, on his President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. [...] Packnett's plaint about crushing racial oppression echoes media darling Ta-Nehesi Coates, whose locus classicus of maudlin racial victimology, Between the World and Me, won a prominent place on Obama's 2015 summer reading list. [...] According to Coates, police officers who kill black men are not "uniquely evil"; rather, their evil is the essence of America itself.

Obama: U.S. Has Advantage Over China in Olympics Due to 'Bigger Genetic Pool'.  President Barack Obama said at town hall meeting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima, Peru, on Sunday that one of the reasons the United States has an advantage over China in the Olympics is because the U.S. has "a bigger genetic pool than anybody."  "You notice that the United States did really well in the Olympics," Obama said, according to the transcript of the town hall posted by the White House.

The Exhausted Epithets of the Left.  Barack Obama's signature phrase, "the audacity of hope," came from a black nationalist, Jeremiah Wright.  Obama stocked his administration with black nationalists, delivered speeches to openly separatist black colleges and associations, rolled out the red carpet for Al Sharpton, encouraged the reverse racism of "Black Lives Matter," and rationalized the behavior of athletes who protested the American flag.  None of this qualified as "ethnonationalism" in the eyes of the media.  They reserve that smear for conservatives who oppose hyphenated Americanism.

Obama wants to make Islam a race, forgets that's not how it works.  President Obama, who is probably a Muslim, wants to make Islam a race.  Except, that's not how it works.  Islam is a religion and people have a choice to partake in a religion.  They can do it or not do it.  You can be Muslim now and Christian tomorrow.  You can have your own little crusade and be whatever religion you wish.  You can change your religion every five minutes if you really want to.  That's because religion is a choice and not something you're born with or something you must abide by.  Your race, however, is not something you can change.

Feds Order Law Enforcement Agencies to HIRE Criminals as Cops.  The Obama administration has taken its liberal, forced-diversity campaign to law enforcement with the administration's latest request that law enforcement agencies dramatically lower their standards to get more people from "underrepresented communities" hired.

The FAA is politicized for the sake of racial quotas:
A president, or a king?  Just when you thought the lawlessness of the most lawless administration in the history of the republic could not get worse, the U.S. Department of Justice files another legal brief, and it does.  A class-action lawsuit has charged that the names of as many as 3,500 ready-to-hire air traffic controller applicants were "purged" so the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could hire based on race.  In response to the suit, federal lawyers have asserted their clients are immune from liability for denying constitutional equal protection because of the doctrine of sovereign immunity.

No Whites Allowed!  Obama allegedly held jobs for Muslims only.  Turns out that a leaked email from a member of President Barack Obama's White House transition team in 2008 has hit the internet.  The email very clearly gives a few instructions on the hiring process that may seem, how to put it... racist?  So according to this email, if you are white, you are not diverse enough for the Obama administration.  The email was sent from one Michael Froman, straight to Obama back in 2010.  Froman actually worked for Citigroup and was serving as a member of Obama's transitional team.  Wikileaks, as usual, are the ones responsible for the hack release.

Leaked Email:  Diversity To Obama Admin Means No Whites.  A leaked email from a member of President Barack Obama's White House transition team in 2008 reveals that if you're white and not disabled, you are not diverse enough for the Obama administration.  The email released by WikiLeaks is from October 6, 2010 and is sent from Michael Froman to Obama.  Froman was then at Citigroup and a member of Obama's transition team.  He has served as U.S Trade Representative since 2013.

Trash talk and the White House.  The first lady, who for eight years has transformed the White House into the last surviving vaudeville venue (who needs Mozart when you might get Kanye West), revealed herself to be almost terminally offended by Donald Trump in a stump speech for Hillary Thursday [10/13/2016] in New Hampshire. [...] Some of the rappers who perform in the house once occupied by Lincoln and Adams, Jefferson, Jackson and FDR, spin rhymes about their bitches and their ho's, the thrill of killing cops and bringing down all manner of bad things on America.  Trashy behavior is not only invited into the White House, but the first lady's husband has bestowed honors on some of those who have tracked trash into the house.

Get off your high horses.  [Scroll down]  And finally, is it presidential for Obama to invite rappers to the White House who extol the murder of policemen and call women bitches and Blacks "niggas?" [...] The most recent presidential invite was in January 2016 when Kendrick Lamar met with President Obama in the Oval Office on Monday.  Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" album shows a group of Black men in front of the White House holding champagne bottles and hundred-dollar bills on top of the dead body of a white judge.  Obama has said the rapper's "How Much a Dollar Cost" which is on that album was his favorite song of 2015.  That's presidential?

Revealed: Obama Labeled Potential Political Appointments By Race, Gender.  Before President Barack Obama's transition into the White House his administration labeled position political appointees by race and gender, hacked files leaked to The Daily Caller reveal.  Guccifer 2.0 gave the documents to TheDC Friday [10/7/2016].  He claims these are hacked files from "one big network" related to the Clinton Foundation.

Newly Discovered Video Of Obama: 'Saddened Whites Are Still Superior'.  As a young man, President Barack Obama made a trip to his father's homeland in Kenya with his soon-to-be wife Michelle to meet much of his family for the first time after the death of his father.  The trip took place in 1990, but video footage of the trip was only just uncovered by the research site WeSearchr.

New Unearthed Video of Obama in Kenya.  If Obama is lamenting actual racism in Kenya, then I don't really have a beef with what he said.  But from what I understand from people who know Africa better than I do, this wasn't the case.  And given the context of Obama's disdain for colonialism, I think it's very possible that he is whining about perceived white privilege where there is none.  Also Obama is apparently smoking a doobie in the video.

Unearthed video shows Obama in Kenya: 'Saddened whites are still superior'.  The nearly 20-minute video, purportedly recorded by Obama's sister, Auma Obama, was recorded in 1990 on a trip the president took to Kenya with Michelle Obama during his college years, according to the YouTube video description provided by the crowdfunding platform WeSearchr, which uncovered the video.

Mark Levin blasts 'know-it-all' Obama and his leftist 'racial obsession'.  "This racial obsession ... bordering on hatred ... runs deep in the veins of Barack Obama," said Mark Levin during his radio show Tuesday night [10/4/2016].  His remarks came in response to a recently surfaced documentary of Barack Obama visiting Kenya in the 1990's.  The video shows know-it-all Obama assessing racial tension in the country and complaining about white privilege.

Obama praises ex-Olympians Tommie Smith, John Carlos for '68 'black power' salute.  At a White House ceremony Thursday, President Obama praised former U.S. Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos for giving the "black power" salute in the 1968 games.  While honoring the 2016 Team USA Olympians and Paralympians in the East Room, Mr. Obama pointed out that Mr. Smith and Mr. Carlos were in the audience, calling them "legendary."  "We're proud of them," Mr. Obama said.

Athletes Expelled from 1968 Olympics for Raised Fist Protest Invited to WH.  1968 was a time of racial unrest (much like today, thank you Obama Regime) and their "Black Power" salute violated Olympic rules.  And shocked the country.  But, after inviting the BLM thugs to the White House, of course Obama would love to meet these two men.

'Favors' to Blacks.  [Scroll down]  A big "favor" the Obama administration is offering blacks today is exemption from school behavior rules that have led to a rate of disciplining of black male students that is greater than the rate of disciplining of other categories of students.  Is it impossible that black males misbehave in school more often than Asian females?  Or Jewish students?  Or others?  Is the only possible reason for the disparities in disciplining rates that the teachers and principals are discriminating against black males?  Even when many of these teachers and principals in black neighborhoods are themselves black?

Obama Makes A Racist, Personal Plea For Democrats To Vote For Hillary.  It's one thing when a politician makes a personal plea for like-minded voters to elect a candidate who will continue his/her agenda, but when that person is the sitting president, with a failed economy and a racially divided nation as his reference, and he makes the plea based on his race and insists that all who are also racists must vote for his successor, that politician has stepped over the line of decency.

Obama's Legacy:  Normalizing Race Riots and Domestic Terrorism.  Imagine for just a moment that such a thing was possible; that you could jump into a wondrous machine, travel back in time to 2008, [...] and knowing what you know now, issue this warning to the American people:  If Barack Obama is elected president, in just eight short years the following will be the result:  Not only will race riots, domestic terror attacks, and anemic economic growth be a fact of life, but through government and media propaganda, these events will be normalized.  What I mean by that is that as countrymen, as Americans, we will accept such things as normal, as the way things are, as life in our country today.  And in the wake of this, Barack Obama will enjoy an approval rating of over 50%, and his successor, Hillary Clinton, running on his legacy, will be the heavy favorite to win the presidency. [...] For the crime of shouting this truth, you would not only be denounced as insane, but as a virulent racist, a fear-mongering Klansman spewing evil in order to stop The First Black President.  And yet, here we are.

The Lie That Launched Black Lives Matter.  On March 23, four weeks after the [Trayvon Martin] shooting, Barack Obama addressed the nation.  By this time, the White House had access to all the information the Sanford Police Department did.  The courageous step for Obama would have been to defend the police and to demand an end to the media lynching of Zimmerman.  As an African American, he had more latitude to do this than a white politician would have.  If Obama had called attention to the painful fractures in Martin's domestic life, his suppressed criminal record, his all but unseen descent into drugs and violence, and especially his reckless attack on Zimmerman, Obama could have sent a powerful message to black America.  But he did not.  He went with the lie.

Charlotte riots, Tulsa doesn't.  For inexplicable reasons, leftists believe that the violence wrought by angry minorities will benefit them, so they encourage it.  They subsidize it.  Obama has given his not-so-tacit permission to riot every time one of these tragic events occurs, from the Henry Louis Gates minor incident to the killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the Dallas officers.  And now BLM is rolling in money, $100M from "social justice" organizations.  Soros gave them $33M.  What we see in Charlotte is what they pay for.  They are not wasting their money in Tulsa because Oklahoma is in the bag for Trump.

Obama urges African-American voters to protect his legacy.  President Barack Obama said Saturday night [9/17/2016] he will take it as a "personal insult" if the African-American community fails to turn out for the presidential election and encouraged black voters to support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Why Milwaukee Burns.  The war on cops, ideological and sometimes lethal, may be expanding into a broader race war, in which only one side fights.  The thugs who torched businesses and police cars, assaulted cops, and shot at firemen in northwestern Milwaukee on Saturday night [8/14/2016] went after "white bitches," among other targets. [...] The Black Lives Matter-inspired assassin who murdered five police officers in Dallas in July 2016 said that he wanted to kill white people, as well as white cops.  The vitriol that officers working in urban areas now encounter on a daily basis is inflected with racism.  And if the war on cops escalates into more frequent attacks on whites and their perceived interests, the elite establishment will bear much of the blame.  For the last two years, President Barack Obama has seized every opportunity to advise blacks that they are the victims of a racist criminal justice system.  We should not be surprised when that belief, so constantly inflamed, erupts into violence.

AG: DOJ's 'Power of Persuasion' Can Discourage Police Departments that Unfairly Target Minorities.  U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Thursday [8/4/2016] that the DOJ has the ability to "reach into specific jurisdictions" that demonstrate a pattern of unfairly targeting minorities for minor traffic infractions and can use its "power of persuasion" to discourage other jurisdictions with a similar pattern from engaging in the same practices by pointing to the DOJ's report on the investigation of the Ferguson Police Department.

Michelle Obama and the Content of Her Character.  [Scroll down]  She and her husband cannot shed the belief that "being an authentic black person involves in some elemental way seeing oneself as an object of mistreatment by white people, while participating in a collective consciousness of that mistreatment with other black people."  Thus, America is reminded that Michelle "wakes up every morning in a house that was built by slaves."  Does she explain that Hillary Clinton — the woman she supports — received enormous sums of money from countries where slavery still exists?  Does Michelle proudly assert the enormous strides America has made in ending slavery whereas the African nation of Mauritania is now the number one slave capital of the world?  Does Michelle acknowledge the blood spilled by black and white people who despised slavery and gave the last true measure of their devotion?  Does the First Lady acknowledge that the Democratic Party voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments?  Does she remind her audience that the Republican Party was the party of ending slavery and that the KKK was actually the military arm of the Democratic Party?  Hardly.

How Obama Has Eroded America's Domestic Tranquility.  The administration has taken the wrong side on nearly every racial issue since the inauguration in 2009.  They've spent millions to pay consultants and lawyers to develop an antipolice narrative that the American justice system is built on structural racism.  They've imposed outlandish oversight protocols on police departments that make the lives of ordinary Americans — and cops — less safe.  They have claimed basic election integrity safeguards, such as voter ID or cleaning voter rolls of ineligible voters, as the return of Jim Crow.  All along, they've echoed the racial rhetoric of the most preposterous college professors regarding race relations.

Race relations reach all-time low under Obama: poll.  Sixty percent of respondents in a Rasmussen poll released Tuesday [7/19/2016] said race relations have deteriorated under Mr. Obama, the highest mark since he was elected eight years ago.  That number is up 18 points since 2014, when 42 percent said the relationship between the races had worsened.  Just 9 percent said race relations have gotten better under the first black president, and 28 percent said they have stayed about the same.

How The Media Covers Up Muslim And #Blacklivesmatter Terrorism.  [Scroll down]  Propaganda rarely gets more obvious than this.  And it's not just the media.  The "troubled loner" narrative comes from the very top down.  Obama insisted that it was "very hard to untangle the motives" of the Dallas cop killer and that he would leave it to "psychologists" but that "the danger is that we somehow suggest the act of a troubled individuals speaks to some larger political statement across the country."  Micah Johnson had been very clear about his motives.  He was a black nationalist activist angry about #BlackLivesMatter issues who said that he wanted to kill white police officers.  Obama contended that Johnson was clearly crazy because, "By definition if you shoot people who pose no threat to you, you have a troubled mind."  By that definition, the Nazis were all "troubled."  But Obama had cultivated no similar ambiguity after the Charleston massacre.  Instead in his eulogy he said that Dylann Storm Roof "surely sensed the meaning of his violent act.  It was an act that drew on a long history of bombs and arson and shots fired at churches, not random, but as a means of control, a way to terrorize and oppress."  And then he demanded that after the actions of one "troubled loner," the Confederate flag had to come down across the country.

"Hope and Change" Becomes "Death and Destruction".  President Barack Obama laid the groundwork for the Black Lives Matter movement in his first term when he said that the Cambridge, Massachusetts police "acted stupidly" after an African-American professor was arrested in his own home.  It turned out the white policeman was protecting the home from what he thought was a burglary.  Although the policeman had an impeccable record and there was no evidence of racial bias, Obama found him guilty of racism and "stupidity."  Obama was trained by his mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis, to consider white people guilty of racism.  Davis told a young Barack that black people had "reason to hate."  On virtually every occasion involving a police confrontation with black people — except in Dallas when five police officers were shot and killed by a racist black — Obama has sided with the rioters and the mob against law enforcement.

If you didn't believe Obama wanted a race war before, you better believe it now.
Massacre of Cops in Baton Rouge.  Of course, murdering police officers has long been encouraged by activists with the Marxist, anti-American, revolutionary Black Lives Matter cult, with the support of the activist Left and financing from speculator George Soros.  A year ago Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who openly advocates the mass murder of whites, called for "10,000 fearless men" to "rise up and kill those who kill us."  Like many radicals, Farrakhan mischaracterizes Black Lives Matter as a rising civil rights movement.  President Barack Hussein Obama, who a decade ago promoted inter-racial warfare in Kenya, has long tried to provoke civil unrest here in the U.S. with his hateful anti-cop rhetoric and his relentless demonization of opponents.  His goal is fundamental transformation of the United States.  A Red diaper baby who identifies violence-espousing communist Frantz Fanon as an intellectual influence, he has also steadfastly refused to condemn Black Lives Matter.  In fact Obama has lavished attention on the movement's leaders and invited them to the White House over and over again.

Earnest can't say why WH won't be lit in blue to honor cops.  President Obama's top spokesman wouldn't say why the Obama administration is rejecting requests to illuminate the White House in blue to honor police officers gunned down in Dallas and now Baton Rouge, La.  "I don't suspect that that is something that we will do," press secretary Josh Earnest answered on Monday when asked if the administration will acquiesce to calls from police departments and others to do so.  But when asked why not, Earnest had no ready answer, except to highlight all the other steps the White House has taken to support police.

White House Still Refuses To Honor Slain Cops With Blue Lights.  President Barack Obama still won't honor the murdered police officers by lighting up the White House in blue.  Fox News' Kevin Corke asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest if Obama would possibly reconsider his decision to eschew shining the White House in blue lights given the recent cop murders in Baton Rouge, LA.

Obama Is The Last Person To Turn To For Healing And Peace.  When a police officer shoots a young black man in the line of duty Obama immediately assumes, and openly proclaims to the public, that it was the officer's fault due to his racism, even though the deaths of most young black men are at the hands of other young black men, not police officers.  Obama rules out the possibility that the police officer was justified in using violence against the suspect. [...] The current dangerous racial/police situation can be placed right at the feet of Barack Obama, because he will never encourage people to withhold judgement on police shootings until after all of the facts are in and we know exactly what happened.  Even when his own Justice Department cleared the police officer of any wrong-doing in the Ferguson death of a young black man who attacked the police officer, Obama lets the lie of "hands up, don't shoot" and "black lives matter" go unchallenged and he makes no attempt to calm those who believe the police were at fault, but instead he agitates and makes harsh, untruthful and inflammatory charges against the police, and more people die as a result, this time Dallas police officers.

ESPN to Televise Obama Infomercial on Race, Gives Host Supporting Black Lives Matter On-Air Role.  ESPN provides Barack Obama with an hour-long, commercial-free commercial for free in primetime that advertises the president's views on race.  "The President and The People:  A National Conversation," a townhall-style event with an audience — at least in part — hand picked, simulcasts on ESPN and ABC at 8 p.m.  Eastern this Thursday. [...] The decision to install [Jemele] Hill on the politicized broadcast comes after the Worldwide Leader in Hypocrisy instituted a purge at the network that included firing baseball analyst Curt Schilling for a social-media post in support of keeping males out of the women's room and demoting football talking-head Mike Ditka immediately after he opined on a radio program in March that "Obama is the worst president we've ever had."

Judge Jeanine:  The Seeds Of 'Racial Hatred' Began With Obama.  In the wake of the killing of three Baton Rouge police officers, Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro argued Monday [7/18/2016] that the "seeds" of "racial hatred began with President Barack Obama."  Appearing on "Fox & Friends," Pirro said, "The seeds of this racial hatred began with President Barack Obama and the irony is that the American people elected him totally color-blind to the color of his skin and hoping that this country will come together."

Barack Obama Says Cops Are Racists, Predicts Violence Against Cops, Ignores Violence Against Cops, Is SHOCKED When People Shoot Cops.  Over the weekend, three police officers were killed and three more were wounded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — the site of the much-ballyhooed shooting of black man Alton Sterling, who was killed after allegedly reaching for his illegally-held gun while struggling against arrest.  President Obama immediately issued a statement:  "I condemn, in the strongest sense of the word, the attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge." [...] This is the same president of the United States who explicitly cited Sterling's case — repeatedly — as a case study in systemic racism, acknowledging all the while that he had no evidence to support that notion.  This is the same president of the United States who used a funeral memorial for five cops slain for their job and race by a black racist to state, "I see people who mourn for the five officers we lost, but also weep for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile."  This is the same president of the United States who met with race riot-supporter Deray McKesson at the White House in the aftermath of the Dallas shootings, and asked Louisiana police to give him back his backpack.

Obama's Divisive Double Standards.  President Obama's knee-jerk reaction to the Dallas shootings brings into clear relief his biases and double standards on racially or religiously motivated violence.  Have we ever had a president as blinded by his ideology and as oblivious or dismissive about his own biases and the double standards he invokes?  If blacks or Muslims commit acts of violence, Obama calls for unity and demands we not rush to judgment.  He bends over backward to deny the racial or religious motives of the actors.  In countless acts of Islamic terrorism, before he has even expressed outrage or sorrow over the victims' deaths, Obama lectures us on the immorality of blaming actors of a single religion, tells us how wonderful and peaceful the religion is, and admonishes us against drawing inferences based on indisputable facts.  If, on the other hand, blacks or Muslims are even arguably the victims of racial or religious violence, he immediately rushes to judgment and attributes racial or religious motives to the actors.

Many in law enforcement feel frayed relationship with Obama.  After each fatal shooting of a black man by an officer, President Barack Obama has swiftly spoken out against bad policing, giving voice to the generations of African-Americans who have found themselves at the wrong end of a baton, a snarling dog or a gun.

Presidential blather in time of tragedy.  [Scroll down]  Think of what he has achieved during his presidency.  From the days of President Ronald Reagan right up to Mr. Obama's election, racial discord had faded as a public matter.  Americans were talking of a post-racial America when they elected him to the White House as America's first black president.  He had a majority of Americans behind him.  Then it began:  Mr. Obama's subtle and not-so-subtle encouragement of racial championing.  Actually it was not championing of all blacks, but championing of blacks who have repeated run-ins with the police.  It was championing of the black underclass.  Generally speaking, blacks from the growing middle class do not have run-ins with the law, but the black underclass has repeated encounters.

Fundamentally Transformed.  Unfortunately, President Obama, ever since he first appeared on the national political scene in 2008, has systematically adopted a rhetoric and an agenda that is predicated on dividing up the country according to tribal grievances, in hopes of recalibrating various factions into a majority grievance culture.  In large part, he has succeeded politically.  But in doing so he has nearly torn the country apart.  Indeed, it is no exaggeration to suggest that no other recent president has offered such a level of polarizing and divisive racial bombast.  Most recently, without citing any facts about the circumstances of the police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, Barack Obama castigated the police and the citizenry on their culpability for racial disparity and prejudicial violence.

Barak X.  The Henry Louis Gates flap was where the shift began.  Obama the racial healer could have turned that into a chance to close the books on the bitter racism of Gates, but that would not have freaked out the squares in the suburbs.  Instead, Obama made it clear that when the choice was between a black and a white, particularly a white authority figure, the weight of his government would back the black guy.  Here we are at the end of his time in office and America is looking worse on the race front that it has since the late 60's.  Instead of the post-racial leader of a unified America, we have a bitter black guy shaking his fist at the honkies, while homicidal blacks run wild in American streets.

Why Dallas Cops Should Turn Their Backs on President Obama.  [Scroll down]  And after the Dallas massacre, President Obama is still pretending bewilderment at the motivation for the shootings:  "I think it's very hard to untangle the motives of the shooter," Obama said on Saturday [7/9/2016].  He had no such problems ascribing motivations to police officers without evidence.  He's been doing this for years.  Back in 2014, just before the shootings of Liu and Ramos, Obama condemned the cops, saying that racism was "something deeply rooted in our society; it's deeply rooted in our history."  There is a reason that the vicious, vacuous Black Lives Matter movement has taken off under President Obama:  he's incentivized them, backed them, supported their evidence-free argument that the criminal justice system is racist.  And that movement, with Democratic help, has dramatically polarized race relations in the country.  That has real, predictable effects, including less trust of police in black communities and greater anger at police departments.

Hume: Obama Sees Things Through The Eyes Of An Aggrieved Black Activist Rather Than Of A President.  In Dallas, Tuesday, President Obama will be trying to calm racial tensions that his own behavior has done much to aggravate.  From his denunciation of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, police as acting, quote, stupidly in the arrest of law professor Henry Louis Gates, to his assertion that the motives of the Dallas cop killer are unclear, they aren't.  The president has consistently chosen to see things through the eyes of an aggrieved black activist rather than of a president of all the people.  He's not failed to speak out whenever a black is killed by a white police officer, but has said next to nothing about the continued slaughters of blacks by other blacks in the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, and other cities.

Joe Biden: Obama Tells Cops in White House Meeting Their Police Forces Are Racist.  President Barack Obama is trying to muffle politically dangerous opposition from police groups to his support for the radical and violent Black Lives Movement — but he's also insisting to cops that their careers, colleagues and police forces are 'institutionally racist.'  Obama met with representatives of several police groups at the White House on Monday [7/11/2016], just one day before he attends a commemoration — and gives a speech — in Dallas for five cops who were killed by anti-white, racist African-American.

When the Commander-In-Chief acts as the de facto head of a terror group called #BlackLivesMatter.  [Scroll down]  Of course, murdering police officers has long been encouraged by activists with the Black Lives Matter cult, with the support of the activist Left.  A year ago Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who openly advocates the mass murder of whites, called for "10,000 fearless men" to "rise up and kill those who kill us."  Like many radicals, Farrakhan mischaracterizes Black Lives Matter as a rising civil rights movement.  President Barack Obama, who a decade ago promoted inter-racial warfare in Kenya, has long tried to provoke civil unrest here in the U.S. with his hateful anti-cop rhetoric and his relentless demonization of opponents.  His goal is fundamental transformation of the United States.  A Red diaper baby who identifies violence-espousing communist Frantz Fanon as an intellectual influence, he has also steadfastly refused to condemn the explicitly racist, violent Black Lives Matter movement.  In fact Obama has lavished attention on the movement's leaders and invited them to the White House over and over again.  Members of the Democratic National Committee expressly endorsed Black Lives Matter, throwing their lot in with black racists and radical Black Power militants.

Obama's Theological Roots Behind Black Lives Matter.  When the organization known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) was first formed right after George Zimmerman's acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin on July 13, 2013, most overlooked the true intentions of the group beyond their calls for "justice".  Fast forward to today and it can no longer be overlooked that their calls for justice now result in retaliatory violence against those whom they believe are the oppressors, namely those being white people in general and police officers specifically.  By tracing the origins of the organization back to its philosophical formation in the 1960's, we can begin to see how BLM is rooted in the radical ideological beliefs espoused by none other than President Barack Obama.

Unraveling Obama's False Narratives.  Throughout his presidency and in particular during the last two years since the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, he and other administration figures, such as former Attorney General Eric Holder, have worked hard to promote a false narrative of resurgent American racism.  If the president is now trying to assert that individual acts of violence, whether an arguably unjustified shooting by a police officer or a mass shooting by a disturbed individual, should not cause us to jump to conclusions about that act representing the intentions of an entire group, then it is he, as much as anyone who has encouraged Americans to think in this manner.

The Road to Dallas.  [Micah] Johnson's horrific attack on police is the most recent evidence of one of the worst divisions in our society, that between law enforcement people and the civilians they are sworn to protect.  That division has been created and is exacerbated daily by President Obama and the rest of the pure-as-ivory-soap ideological liberals he has led for eight years.  Obama has pushed American blacks along the road to Dallas.  The path he charted began in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In 2009, a Cambridge officer saw a black man apparently trying to break into a house.  After an argument with the man, who reportedly refused to step outside to speak to him, the officer arrested Henry Louis Gates.  Gates was a Harvard professor and one of Obama's personal friends.  Before he knew the facts, Obama said the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" and "...that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately."  At each instance since, Obama has continued to widen the racial divide between black Americans and police.

America's Worst President?  [Scroll down]  True to form, Obama went into grievance-mongering mode on July 7, commenting on the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by cops in Louisiana and Minnesota.  He noted that "all of us as Americans should be troubled by these shootings, because these are not isolated incidents.  They're symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."  And he went on to detail law enforcement's racial disparities, as if there were not even more stark and troubling racial disparities in lawbreaking.  His familiar conclusion:  "If you add it all up, the African American and Hispanic population, who make up only 30 percent of the general population, make up more than half of the incarcerated population.  Now, these are facts.  And when incidents like this occur, there's a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same.  And that hurts."  Later that day, a black former soldier assassinated five Dallas police officers and wounded seven more, sniping from above with a semi-automatic rifle.  A sympathizer of the New Black Panther Party, which professes hatred of whites and especially Jews, the sniper, Micah X. Johnson, 25, told police who cornered and killed him that he was avenging cop killings of blacks by killing whites and especially white cops.  If you want to ignite race riots, a sure-fire way to do it is to stir up black hatred and suspicion of cops, which will in turn make cops warier of blacks and more trigger-happy, and so on, until an explosion occurs.  So thanks, President Obama.  You have set back American race relations by 50 years.

Obama, the Aloof Rageaholic.  Obama has not had a path strewn with rose petals:  he had a path strewn with platinum petals, emeralds and Hermes Birkins.  Obama was a man with a work history that would not land him a position as an assistant state public defender in today's economy.  With that CV, he became the President of the largest budget and military in the world.  And the reason he won the job, largely, was due to being black. [...] Obama is clever, crafty and his delivery of a joke outstanding.  His reasonable, didactic manner is resassuring.  But, his pathological compulsion to frame black Americans as quivering citizens facing a virtual holocaust from cops is obsessive, and false.  And it has now resulted in murder.  But this was easy to predict, especially for anyone schooled in dealing with entitled, enraged bullies.

An Act of Terror Against the Men and Women of Law Enforcement.  We learned on Friday morning [7/8/2016] that one of the suspects "stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.  He also allegedly told a hostage negotiator that his anger was fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent shootings of African-American individuals at the hands of police.  What occurred Thursday evening must be distinguished from legitimate acts of protest, but it must also be distinguished from a random act of violence in and of itself.  What occurred Thursday evening was indeed an act of terror perpetrated against the entire law enforcement community.  President Barack Obama rightly condemned the violence in Dallas as "vicious, calculated, and despicable."  But the president offered these words only after having spent the past seven years routinely criticizing the entire law enforcement community and criminal justice system in the wake of various isolated controversies.

Black against White.  Anyone who believed that Obama's policies were going to improve the lives of black Americans were oblivious to reality.  Economic advancement comes through hard work, coupled by the right policies.  Obama offered the wrong policies and allowed people to think that they no longer needed to put in the extra hours.  He would take care of them, would liberate them from the oppressive shackles of white racism.  His constituents refuse to see Obama as a Pied Piper so they continue to keep blaming white people.  Obama has not failed them.  White racists have obstructed his agenda and did not allow it to benefit them.  Yet, if you tell blacks that they are not responsible for their lives and tht anything bad that they do is the fault of their white puppet-masters, you are teaching a debilitating lesson.  They are learning that they are not responsible for their own actions.  If the deck is stacked against you, why bother?  Exonerating blacks while blaming white has been the hallmark of the Obama administration.

Obama's false racism claims are putting cops' lives in danger.  Hours before the murders of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, President Obama was again spouting false claims about racism by the police.  He sees racism whenever there is any disparity in outcomes, no matter what the cause.  Obama and others inflame passions, but take no responsibility, and instead use events to push for more gun control.  Yet, shouting racism can endanger the lives of police officers.  The Dallas police chief tells us one of the shooters "wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."  After the Trayvon Martin case, there were numerous cases around the country of blacks attacking whites and invoking Martin's name.  Let's not forget that NYPD cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed by a black man who was angry about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.  Obama and his administration spoke out repeatedly on the Martin and Brown cases.  They repeatedly claimed racism was involved, but in fact there's no evidence of that in either case.  Obama is also wrong, as he was on Thursday [7/7/2016], to infer racism from higher arrest rates or prison-sentence lengths.  "African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites," he said.  What he failed to note is that blacks commit murder at almost six times the rate whites do.

Obama's Favorite Author:  Police Officers Are Not Human.  The media has put on its best air of bafflement about the origins of the Dallas shootings.  Let's consider the kind of rhetoric that was in the air.  Particularly from MacArthur genius grant awardee and literary darling Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote in his celebrated bestseller, Between the World and Me, that the police officers who died on 9/11 "were not human to me.  Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body."  Clearly someone in Dallas agreed.  Coates' hate tract filled with racist rants was not only heavily promoted by the media, but appeared on Obama's reading list.

Sheriff Clarke:  Obama Poured The Gasoline That Started The Fire In Dallas.  After the deadly Dallas shooting attack on police officers, Sheriff David Clarke has been palpably [angry] with President Obama.  And rightfully so.  Hours before the Dallas tragedy, Obama used divisive statements to further an already widening racial divide when he commented on a pair of police shootings, one in Baton Rouge and another in Minnesota.  Each incident involved a white police officer shooting a black person.  "These are not isolated incidents," Obama claimed, "they are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."  The 'criminal justice system' comment was a direct insult to law enforcement, who Obama believes do not treat African-Americans the same because of "the color of their skin."

Head of Police Group Blames Obama for Dallas.  As the country is still trying to put together the pieces of the Dallas ambush of police by Black Lives Matter, one cop says the president is to blame.  William Johnson, who runs the National Association of Police Organizations, took to the airwaves to lambast the president's lack of foresight in his treatment of groups such as Black Lives Matter, stating that their rampant radicalization making violence inevitable while the commander in chief twiddled his thumbs.

Did Obama Incite The Dallas Cop Killings?  Just hours after President Obama blasted cops for targeting blacks in the wake of two police-involved shooting deaths and said "change has been too slow," five officers were killed by sniper fire at a Black Lives Matter rally.  On a Facebook posting that Obama put up around 3 p.m.  EDT Thursday, he lamented that recent fatal shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota "are not isolated incidents."  Obama wrote that "they are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year."

90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left.  The racial situation in this country has gotten decidedly worse since [Obama] took office.  And he is a great deal to blame.  Ever since the beer summit it was obvious he was disingenuous and harmful on the subject of race, seeking to stir the pot when it was actually empty or nearly.  His claim that if he had had a son he would look like Travyon Martin was ridiculous and self-serving in the extreme.  Barack Obama is a product of the fanciest private school in Hawaii and his children go to Sidwell Friends, the fanciest school in D.C.  He takes vacations on Oahu and his wife parties in Switzerland.  He had as much in common with Trayvon as I do with the queen of Spain.

Michelle Obama:  "I Wake Up Each Day in a House Built by Slaves".  At a commencement address at City College of New York on Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama once again brought race to the forefront, proclaiming that she wakes up every day in a house built by slaves.  Interesting that she's lived there for what, eight years now?  And it hasn't really seemed to bother her much.  Then again, how ironic a comment coming from someone who has earned the nickname "Mooch" as we the American people are now the slaves paying for her rent, utilities, and lavish quarter-of-a-million-dollar vacations.

Sheriff: Obama is the Only President to Tell Killers 'They Are Product of Racist Criminal Justice System'.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told an audience at the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action's (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum in Louisville, Ky., on Friday [5/20/2016] that President Barack Obama is the first president in history to visit a prison and tell rapists, drug dealers, and murderers "that they are the product of a racist criminal justice system."  "Today's society confronts us with many threats from criminal behavior.  In fact, our criminal friendly president spends his final days releasing violent career criminals back onto the streets of already struggling communities," Clarke said.  "He is the only president in U.S. history to visit a prison and tell killers and rapists and drug dealers that they are the product of a racist criminal justice system.

Does Obama's Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?  At age ten, the child Barry Soetoro was sent by his biological mother from Jakarta, Indonesia to Hawaii, where his grandparents apparently handed him over to the care of a person of known and questionable character, his "mentor," Frank Marshall Davis.  There is no known legal basis for this double transfer of parental responsibility. [...] Davis shows strong features of oppositional-defiant disorder, a compulsive need to break the boundaries of socially accepted behavior.  For example, he allegedly took naked photos of Obama's mother, dedicated his life to the Communist Party at a time when it was viewed as a threat to national survival, wrote passages involving pedophilia, and expressed his rage in racial terms.  Davis mixed his obsessive racial anger with sexual provocation and revolutionary politics.  He was not a fantasy revolutionary.  He really hated those he considered enemies.  As an adult, Barack Obama shows many of the same psychological features.  Other father figures in Obama's life are also enraged, racially charged, and emotionally obsessive.  Jeremiah Wright is an obvious example, but he is not the only one.  The important point is that the young Barry Soetoro lived with father figures who were consumed with racial hatred.

Obama Invites Black Lives Matter to White House to Discuss Race — Again.  Man, Obama just loves keeping the races divided in America.  He's invited a group of Black Lives Matter activists to the White House to talk about "hate and divisiveness"... you know, like what Obama is spreading.

"Have Confidence In Your Blackness".  In his recent commencement address at Howard University our president's racism-laced message to graduates strategically included the words, "Be Confident in your blackness."  But what most got my attention was that his entire speech was presented in his own version of 'homeboy' with a clumsy Ebonic lilt/cadence.  The down-home, laid-back talk that he couldn't quite pull off was, in my view, an embarrassing insult to the noble scholars and their parents, many of whom just wanted to enjoy the moment and honor the hard work it had taken both to achieve their goal.  The forty-five minutes might have been better spent encouraging them to have confidence in their hard-earned skills and knowledge.  Instead, he spent nearly an hour imitating some stereotype of a brutha' and hauled out his pitifully caricatured representation of "blackness."  The racial unity of our so wounded nation was once more thrown in the backseat.

Barack Obama is Lucky to be Black.  Obama is the divisive excuse maker, as his comments to graduates of Howard University showcased:  "Be confident in your blackness" Obama said in the speech, adding, "That's a pet peeve of mine, people who've been successful and don't realize they've been lucky, that God may have blessed them.  It wasn't nothing you did."  I have major issues in Obama's comments, surely to be overlooked by black liberals, the media, and white Leftist enablers.  To begin, what would the media and other leftists say if George Bush told graduates to "be confident in your whiteness"?  I will allow you to ponder that; as for me, no further explanation needed.

White House's Susan Rice:  U.S. national security agencies are too white.  In a White House often accused of being stacked with loyalists, President Obama's national security adviser said Wednesday [5/11/2016] there are too many white people in key government posts, endangering national security because they think alike.  Speaking at Florida International University's commencement, Susan E. Rice, who is black, said a diversified government workforce is more likely to yield "better outcomes" than a predominantly white one.

Obama: Crime Created by 'System,' Successful People 'Just Lucky,' 'Wasn't Nothin' You Did'.  In his commencement speech to the graduating class at Howard University last weekend, President Obama excused crime in the African American community as something fostered by an "unfair and unjust" system.  He also said successful people were "just lucky" and hinted they didn't make their success; "It wasn't nothin' you did," he insisted.

Another $37.3 Mil to Combat Housing Discrimination.  Throughout his two terms Obama has allocated colossal sums of taxpayer dollars to combat what he believes is an epidemic of discrimination against minorities in everything from the criminal justice system to education, housing and the workforce.  This has been a government wide effort in which a number of federal agencies have doled out hundreds of millions of dollars to fund a multitude of controversial initiatives.  Among the biggest spenders has been the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Judicial Watch has reported on this waste over the years, including the results of a probe that revealed HUD violated a ban on federal funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) by giving the famously corrupt group tens of thousands of dollars in grants to "combat housing and lending discrimination."

With Apologies to Nathan Hale.  [Scroll down]  Better yet, would Hale die happily for the freedom that rapper Rick Ross enjoys while on a visit to the White House?  Ross was a guest of President Obama, but during the visit his ankle bracelet started beeping.  Obama was discussing keeping kids from crime, when a real criminal's beeper went off.  Ross wears the bracelet because he's out on bail for kidnapping and pistol-whipping his groundskeeper.  Ross is also a songwriter.  His lyrics promote Ecstasy and date rape.  Oh, yes, and last year he fantasized in a rap song about killing a presidential candidate, a white one.  Would Nathan really go happily to the gallows so Ross could be free to publish his stuff?

Obama explains removal of Churchill bust from Oval Office.  President Obama explained Friday [4/22/2016] that he removed a bust of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office when he first became president to make room for a bust of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., because King means so much to Obama.

The president shouldn't be meeting with celebrity thugs.  What is President Obama doing by publicly taking "role model" advice from a guy wearing an ankle monitor?  At a White House summit last week to discuss his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, Obama met with performers Common, Nikki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Wale, DJ Khaled, Alicia Keyes and a Who's Who of other "socially conscious and highly influential" artists.  Now TMZ reports that rapper Rick Ross' ankle bracelet started beeping midway through the president's remarks.  What's a discussion about keeping kids from crime without a real criminal in the house?

Gallup Poll Reveals Obama Has Turned Back Clock On Race Relations.  Barack Obama was supposed to be a biracial leader who could heal the nation's racial wounds and bring the country together.  But since he took office, national tensions over race have gotten worse than ever, with the share of Americans who worry a lot about race relations soaring to 35% from a bottom of 13% just after Obama took office, according to a shocking new Gallup poll.  In fact, racial strife is the highest it's been in the poll's 15-year history.

Under Obama, race relations [are] at [an] all-time low.  A poll finds that more than one-third of Americans say they worry "a great deal" about the state of race relations in the United States, the highest number in the poll's 15-year span.  Thirty-five percent of Americans in the Gallup survey released Monday [4/11/2016] said they are extremely worried about the state of race relations, up from 28 percent in 2015.  That number is also up by more than 100 percent since 2014, when 17 percent of Americans said they were greatly worried about racial strife in America.  The numbers fluctuated in the teens during President Obama's first six years in office, but race relations tumbled to a new low during the first black president's last two years.

Blue Lives Matter, Too, Mr. President.  A chilling new report finds the number of police officers murdered in the line of duty has doubled so far this year compared with the first quarter of last year.  Yet the president remains silent about the spike in cop killings.  While that shouldn't come as much of a surprise given his disrespect for law enforcement, it is nonetheless wrong.  Recall that Obama has loudly supported a black militant movement that has called for violence against cops.

Obama on Merrick Garland: 'Yeah, He's a White Guy' But He's an Outstanding Jurist.  President Obama defended his pick of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court on Thursday, acknowledging he was a "white guy" but adding that he was an "outstanding jurist."  Obama defended the diversity of his federal appointments during a conversation in Chicago, Illinois, about nominating Garland.  However, Senate Republicans have largely been steadfast in saying they will not hold hearings for him, since it's an election year.  Obama contended he had appointed more African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and LGBT judges than any president before.

The Editor says...
Really?  It would be interesting to see the list of Obama-appointed judges (and others) that Obama thinks are L, G, B, or T, because he never uses those labels in public when making appointments.

Obama on Merrick Garland: 'Yeah, He's a White Guy' But He's an Outstanding Jurist.  President Obama defended his pick of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court on Thursday [4/7/2016], acknowledging he was a "white guy" but adding that he was an "outstanding jurist."  Obama defended the diversity of his federal appointments during a conversation in Chicago, Illinois, about nominating Garland.  However, Senate Republicans have largely been steadfast in saying they will not hold hearings for him, since it's an election year.  Obama contended he had appointed more African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and LGBT judges than any president before.  He quipped he never felt he needed a "black lesbian from Skokie," saying that was never his approach to appoint judges for the sake of diversity.

The Editor says...
It appears to me that Mr. Obama makes every appointment with "diversity" as one of his goals.

Obama: Not Renting to Criminals is Racist.  Disparate Impact has been the crazed monster living chained up in the civil rights basement.  No administration dared to completely unleash it because of the madness it would entail.  But Obama is releasing the beast.  Recently, Obama's Lynch declared that fines were racist because they had a larger impact on minorities.  Now we move on to renting to criminals.

Police fume as another cop killed on duty and still no mention by Obama.  One more police officer was shot to death this week, raising the number to 16 this year, and still President Obama hasn't mentioned the slayings or reached out to the victims, according to law enforcement.  Virginia State Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer, 37, was killed Thursday [3/31/2016] at a Richmond bus station.  Richmond is less than two hours from the White House.

Trump Didn't Start This Fire.  Commentators on MSNBC and CNN have been shedding crocodile tears over Donald Trump's "divisive rhetoric" and lamenting his failure to unify the country.  This sudden concern for national unity is rather hard to take from the same worthies who have incessantly glorified the Black Lives Matter movement over the last year and a half.  Let's dip into the rhetoric of a garden-variety Black Lives Matter march that I observed last October on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  It featured "F--- the Police," "Murderer Cops," and "Racism Is the Disease, Revolution Is the Cure" T-shirts, "Stop Police Terror" signs, and "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Racist Cops Have Got to Go" chants. [...] How about presidential rhetoric?  President Obama routinely claims that the police and the criminal-justice system treat blacks differently than whites — an allegation without any empirical support.

Welcome To Obama's Fundamentally Transformed Amerika.  If Donald Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric is responsible for yesterday's fisticuffs in Chicago, then Barack Hussein Obama's racial rhetoric: ("the long shadow... [of]... this nation's racial history," "cops acting stupidly" "if I had a son he'd look like Travon", "if you don't have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're gonna be harassed," "the inequity of black incarceration," [the Ferguson Police abuse] "is not an isolated incident," "this [Freddie Gray's death] is not new, and we shouldn't pretend that it's new") is responsible for Ferguson and Baltimore along with 3 other race riots in his post racial America.

Obama Uses Army to Attack "White Privilege".  "Outrageous — that is the only word to describe this type of raw racist indoctrination," said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.  "The Obama administration undermines the morale of our military with morally repugnant 'equal opportunity training' that makes many soldiers feel unwelcome because they are the wrong sex, race, religion or aren't part of a politically correct group."  Of course political correctness has always been more important to President Obama than military effectiveness.  Our Marxist president despises the U.S. military and everything it represents.  Like any good radical leftist, Obama believes the only good American soldier is one who plays the role of social worker, not war-fighter.  He has been gutting and gelding the military since taking office, allowing fleets, warplanes, and weapons to rust their way into irrelevance.  He has been purging the military of ideologically hostile officers, and fundamentally transforming it into something other than a war-fighting force.

Here are judges the White House is considering for the Supreme Court.  The candidates under consideration include two judges who joined the influential U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2013, Sri Srinivasan and Patricia A. Millett; Jane L. Kelly, an Iowan appointed that year to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit; Paul J. Watford, a judge since 2012 on the California-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit; and a lower-court judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, appointed in 2013 to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.  Each would offer a distinctive attribute for a president with a penchant for fostering diversity.

The Editor says...
In other words, white men need not apply.

The Reckoning.  Racial relations have hit a new low in the age of "my people," "punish our enemies," and a "nation of cowards."

Documents Reveal US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of 'White Privilege'.  Judicial Watch announced today [3/9/2016] that it obtained documents from the United States Department of the Army revealing that in April 2015, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, were subjected to a "white privilege" briefing, including a PowerPoint presentation instructing the attendees:  "Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual..."  The slideshow also informed the soldiers:  "Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans."

Obama gathers generations of civil rights leaders at the White House for Black History Month reception.  President Barack Obama met with civil rights leaders on Thursday afternoon to discuss issues such as criminal justice and building trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  Obama brought together leaders from two generations of civil rights activists for the meeting before the annual Black History Month Reception.  Those in attendance at the meeting include National Action Network's Al Sharpton, National Urban League President Marc Morial, and several young activists, including DeRay McKesson, a co-founder of We the Protesters and an active voice in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter leader slams Obama's 'sham' White House invitation.  The co-founder of Black Lives Matter Chicago rejected President Obama's invitation to discuss the movement's goals at the White House, calling it a "sham" that would only serve as a photo opportunity for the president.  In an op-ed for, Aislinn Pulley wrote that she "respectfully declined" her invitation to the White House to discuss criminal legal reform and to celebrate Black History Month.

CFPB based anti-discrimination settlements on 'half baked' statistics.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched an anti-discrimination crusade against banks giving auto loans in 2012 based not on specific complaints by consumers, but on "half-baked" statistics, according to a story in The New York Post.  In fact, there were no complaints filed with the Bureau at all.  Instead, the CFPB issued summary judgments extorting and shaking down banks in an effort to achieve "racial justice."

Obama bullied bank to pay racial settlement without proof: report.  Newly uncovered internal memos reveal the Obama administration knowingly exaggerated charges of racial discrimination in probes of Ally Bank and other defendants in the $900 billion car-lending business as part of a "racial justice" campaign that's looking more like a massive government extortion and shakedown operation.  So far, Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reached more than $220 million in settlements with several auto lenders since the agency launched its anti-discrimination crusade against the industry in 2013.  Several other banks are under active investigation.  That's despite the fact that the CFPB had no actual complaints of racial discrimination — it was all just based on half-baked statistics.

How Obama has turned back the clock on race relations.  Americans celebrating Martin Luther King Day today should be proud of the incredible progress made since the civil-rights leader's birth 87 years ago.  At the same time, we should lament one of President Obama's greatest failures.  The last Democratic president and the last Republican president both managed race relations more effectively than Obama has.  Seven years after American voters made history by electing the country's first black president, racial tensions have worsened.

Here's what 'constitutional scholar' Obama really taught at law school.  Among the lies about himself Obama consistently repeats is that he was a constitutional law professor.  Lie one:  Obama was never a professor; he was a lecturer.  He did not have the qualifications to be a professor.  Obama never published a single law paper.  He was hired by the University of Chicago when they learned he had been given a book contract on race and law directly after graduating from Harvard.  There was no book — just the contract, which he later reneged on. [...] Lie two:  Obama did not specialize in the Constitution.  Obama cared about and taught only one subject:  race.  One course was about race in the Constitution.  It is on this flimsy basis that he attempts to pawn himself off as a constitutional scholar.

Obama and the Insanity of the Liberal Mind.  Obama, Holder, Jarrett and the gang would have us believe that we are a country of racists.  Ignoring the fact that Americans elected an African-American to the highest office in the land twice, this gang of angry black folks is fueling the flames of hate — at the expense of African-Americans.  Obama's divisiveness has set the civil rights movement back decades as Black Lives Matters groups protest violently, police across the country are paralyzed while crime rises, and everyone who does not agree that we are a racist country is labeled, well racist.

Obamas say Happy Kwanzaa; most candidates say nothing.  President Obama extended his "warmest wishes" to families across the U.S. celebrating Kwanzaa, a holiday which honors African-American culture.  "Today begins a week-long celebration of African-American heritage and culture through family and community festivities," a statement released the White House on Saturday [12/26/2015] said.

Obama and the Democrats' War on Black America.  It may appear to Black Americans that Barack Obama is in their corner, but it's a cunning deception.  His presidency has had a truly malevolent effect on the Black community — by design.  The sole evidence that the White House has any interest whatever in Black America has been an unending stream of rhetoric alleging racism by police against Blacks.  Such a campaign can only spawn more resistance to police in encounters between Blacks and cops.  And since crime is far more prevalent in Black neighborhoods, those encounters are inevitable.  An ancillary Obama campaign makes constant reference to Jim Crow seeping out of every crevice in our society.  In an interview with comedian Marc Maron, he actually driveled this out, after admitting that "race relations have improved significantly during my lifetime."

Obama's Real Legacy: Ten Ticking Time Bombs.  [#9] A needless crime wave.  The murder rate is going up again in a number of American cities, in the wake of the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore — racially charged tragedies that Mr. Obama has tried to exploit for partisan gain.  Thousands of criminals are poised to hit the streets again, thanks to his end-of-term efforts to reduce the national prison population.  Criminal aliens continue to enter the country under his porous-borders policies.

Obama's Theological Roots Behind Black Lives Matter.  When the organization known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) was first formed right after George Zimmerman's acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin on July 13, 2013, most overlooked the true intentions of the group beyond their calls for "justice".  Fast forward to today and it can no longer be overlooked that their calls for justice now result in retaliatory violence against those whom they believe are the oppressors, namely those being white people in general and police officers specifically.  By tracing the origins of the organization back to its philosophical formation in the 1960's, we can begin to see how BLM is rooted in the radical ideological beliefs espoused by none other than President Barack Obama.

How Obama Exploited Ferguson By Pushing A False Narrative.  On Monday, November 24th [2014], a grand jury in Ferguson decided not to indict officer Darren WIlson for the fatal shooting that resulted in the death of Michael Brown.  While the St. Louis County prosecutor announced the reasoning as to why there was no indictment, Obama took to the air-waives to discredit and vilify our legal system.  Specifically, Obama made it a point to note that the "grand jury made a decision that upset a lot of people".  As Hans von Spakovsky of the Daily Signal writes, "Obama added more fuel to the fire of the false claim that racial bias was at the root of what happened".

Obama Unleashes His Pro-Criminal Agenda.  This racial polarizer continually pushes the lie that he is a racial healer.  To him the fact that African-Americans are the most incarcerated group in the U.S. is proof not that they commit a lot of crimes but that they are innocent victims of racist, systemic discrimination in a country where race relations haven't improved much since Jim Crow.  "One of the things that I've consistently said as president is that I'm the president of all people," Obama said Monday [11/2/2015].  "I am very proud that my presidency can help to galvanize and mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity and racial injustice."  Obama hopes the next president will "be just as concerned as I am because this is part of what it means to perfect our union."  To Obama, perfection is code for destruction.

Sheriff Clarke: Obama 'Is Hallucinating If He Thinks He Has Improved Race Relations in America'.  As for President Barack Obama's claim that his presidency has helped "mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity," Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said the opposite is true and Obama is "hallucinating if he thinks he has improved race relations in Ameirca."  On Hannity on Tuesday [11/3/2015], part of the discussion focused on race relations in America under Obama.  The host, Sean Hannity, and guests Sheriff Clarke and Geraldo Rivera agreed that race relations had become worse under the current administration.

The cipher in the White House.  Perhaps it's not fair to blame Barack Obama for the mess he's making.  The Middle East is where chaos was invented, after all, and perhaps not even the collection of incompetents and boobs the president has installed in the White House could make things this bad.  Maybe it's someone else's fault.  He blames the Jews. [...] President Obama and his friends dismiss as canard the logical conclusion of a reasonable man that this president just doesn't like Jews very much, and scorns Israelis in particular.

Obama rolls out the White House red carpet for racist, pro-cop-killing movement.  Black Lives Matter is animated not only by anti-white racism but by a hatred of normal American values, including law and order.  Its members denounce the U.S. for imagined institutional racism and discrimination against African-Americans.  Members idolize convicted, unrepentant cop-killers Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal, both of whom are black, and have declared "war" on law enforcement.  Its members openly call for police officers to be assassinated.  Black Lives Matter activist Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, a 25-year-old black man, murdered 31-year-old white Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder last Sunday night.  Johnson-Shanks apparently committed suicide-by-cop when troopers caught up with him the next morning.  The convicted felon pointed a gun at police and they shot him in self-defense.  The White House love fest Wednesday [9/16/2015] came after several high-profile attacks on law enforcement across America.

Grievance Driven Asian Judge Makes Up Her Own Law, Declares Illegals Should.  It's the next immigration outrage Donald Trump should denounce.  As we previously predicted, Obama-appointed judge Dolly Gee acted as a kritarch, a judge who thinks she can make law, and ordered the release of the illegal immigrants who had been lured to the United States by Obama's Administrative Amnesty.  Essentially, it's a unilateral abolition of one of the few remaining aspects of immigration law enforcement.  And needless to say, it's based less on the law than on Gee's personal feelings.  Who is Dolly Gee?  She's the first Chinese-American to serve as a U.S. District Court Judge, previously nominated by President Clinton but not confirmed until nominated again by Obama.  And she sees her role in the court system as a way of achieving racial revenge against Whites.

On Race, Obama Gets An "F".  Barack Obama was elected to be our First Black President.  That was, really, his only claim to fame; he was unqualified for the office by experience, ability and work ethic.  Electing Obama was supposed to put a capstone on two generations of racial progress.  That was the main reason millions of people voted for him.  Somehow, though, it hasn't worked out that way. [...] Why are race relations so bad?  Obama's actions are an important culprit in the eyes of a strong plurality of Americans.  Forty-seven percent say that Obama's actions have driven the races apart, while only 20% say he has brought them together.

#BlackLivesMatter's agenda is costing black lives.  I've seen this movie before.  And for the last 25 years, I thought I'd never have to watch it again.  But now it's playing, not in theaters, but all over mainstream media, with something like rave reviews from the president and his administration.  The theme of the movie is that there is an epidemic of racist white policemen, gunning down innocent black people.  The movie's message, implicit but unambiguous, is that the police must be restrained from vigorous enforcement of the law.  That was the message of the Black Power movement half a century ago, and it is the message of the #BlackLivesMatter movement today.

President of the Left: Obama started the War on Cops.  Life is so much easier if you cooperate with cops.  Really, it is. [...] The White House sent three representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown who charged a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri — the cop used justified force in shooting the violent shoplifter.  Obama has never given a strong show of support for police officers — who, unlike most people, put their lives on the line whenever they report to work.  That's because Obama does not govern for the benefit of over 300 million Americans.  He's all about placating his leftist base — which is at best suspicious of the police.  But cops protect us from anarchy.  Obama either doesn't get it or he doesn't care.

Americans now see a war on police, and they know who to blame.  If you have a growing sense that there's a deadly war underway against the nation's police officers, you are not alone. [...] President Obama didn't help the situation by prejudging numerous cases, saying there was "no excuse" for police use of "excessive force," as if there had been some in Ferguson.  He ordered a Justice Department investigation, which found nothing chargeable.  Obama has spoken with noticeably less force about attacks on police.

Obama may or may not be a racist, but he's at least a carrier:  He turns other people into racists.
Selma descended into gang violence, crime after Obama's Bloody Sunday anniversary visit.  The peak of Selma's gang violence problem came about seven weeks ago, when shootings were being measured per week, rather than per month or per year, according to Michael Jackson, district attorney for Alabama's 4th Judicial Circuit.  Local authorities say they encounter gang members armed with heavy weaponry including AK-47s, MAC-10s and 40-caliber handguns with high-volume clips in Selma area's worst neighborhoods, where fresh bullet holes still pepper the sides of some homes.

Teachers overwhelmingly oppose Obama's race-based school discipline policies.  A recent poll conducted by Education Next is revealing some interesting public attitudes about federal directives that force schools to treat black and Hispanic students differently than whites.  In recent years, the Obama administration has forced large metropolitan school districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District to rework suspension and student discipline policies to counter the trend of black and Hispanic students serving more suspensions than whites.  Several districts that complied with Obama's demands and removed "willful defiance" as grounds for suspension have received repeated complaints from parents, teachers and students that unruly students now remain in school, and are causing chaos in the classroom.

Obama Unveils Blueprint for Helping Young Men of Color Get Ahead.  President Obama received recommendations from his task force on the My Brother's Keeper program, which is intended to support boys and young men of color through the education system and job market.  Obama said the recommendations are intended to address "the fact that we have too many young men of color — black boys and young men, Latino boys and young men — who are adrift and don't have those same opportunities and don't have those same structures of support."

All is yellow to the jaundiced eye.
Obama: 'Most Americans' think nation is racist.  For President Obama, the color of a man's skin is far more important than the content of his character.  On the night when a police officer was shot in a Missouri town torn by racial strife, the president donned a shiny tuxedo to attend a ritzy black awards dinner, where he said police nationwide are to blame for community mistrust, even claiming that "most Americans" think the country is racist.

Now Obama and Holder are stuck.  With racialist political motives, President Obama and Attorney General Holder attempted to railroad George Zimmerman.  When President Obama said that if he had a son, the child would look like Trayvon Martin, the President was really saying that Zimmerman has murdered my son, and African Americans must avenge this evil deed.  (Not to mention that the President was intentionally poisoning the jury pool.)  Attorney General Holder did his part by, among other things, dispatching Justice Department employees to Sanford, Florida to stoke the fires of revenge.

Race-Baiting Perez Would Enforce Hiring Quotas At Labor.  By putting his civil-rights pit bull in charge of the Labor Department, the president thinks he can force businesses to hire minorities amid record joblessness.  But he'll only alienate employers more.

The '07 Obama Video.  So here's Obama proudly advertising his relationship with Reverend Wright, and even imitating Wright's divisive rhetoric on Katrina.  Is anyone surprised?  Essentially, every excuse Obama used to explain away his relationship with Reverend Wright during campaign 2008 was a lie.  But we already knew that.  We also see here that Obama doesn't want to build more highways out in the suburbs.  That's news to most, and there's a lot more going on in that line than racial code.

Tucker Carlson on 2007 Obama race speech: 'This isn't a dog whistle — this is a dog siren'.  [Scroll down]  "This is not the way Obama talks — at least it's not the way he's talked in the dozens, the scores of speeches I've watched him give, or public appearances I've seen him make.  This is a put-on.  This is phony.  That's issue one.  The second issue is he is telling a predominantly black audience something very clear:  The federal government doesn't like you because you are black."  He said that Obama's use of racial overtones to describe the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina had negative implications on several levels.

Video surfaces of Obama in 2007 suggesting racism slowed aid to post-Katrina New Orleans.  It's the Obama speech on race you probably haven't heard.  In June 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama told a mostly black audience of ministers that the country's leaders "don't care about" New Orleans residents, suggesting the city was neglected in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina because of institutional racism, according to an unedited video uncovered by The Daily Caller.

In heated '07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds 'don't care' about New Orleans.  In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.  "The people down in New Orleans they don't care about as much!" Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. [...] The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.

Media Freakout: Left, Right Spar over 2007 Obama Video.  News aggregator Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report set political social media circles on fire with the announcement of a video purporting to show troubling racial statements from President Barack Obama. [...] Since then, the popular news website has leaked further details.  The tape is in the possession of the Daily Caller, features the then-Senator giving a warm adulation to controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright, and features divisive statements about inner cities vs. suburbs and the needs of the poor.

Coulter on Obama's urban accent.  "Obama is such a fraud," Coulter said.  "He grew up in a 'Beverly Hills, 90210' existence, but he's just desperate to have this angry, black persona.  It's rather like reading about you know, Hitler's musings on his Germanic identity.  You know, he graduated from this fancy, fancy school in Hawaii, voted recently the greenest school in America.  And yet, when he wants to, he just turns it on and suddenly we've got Malcolm X speaking to us."

Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012.  [#1]  The video released by the Daily Caller last night does include footage the media never broadcast or reported on.  Furthermore, we're supposed to believe it's just a coincidence that the footage the media ignored just happens to be the most controversial part, where Barack Obama (who at the time was running to be the Democratic nominee for president) goes off-script and tells a majority black audience that the federal government doesn't care about Hurricane Katrina victims because they're black.

'African-Americans for Obama' Revived; Media Double Standard Obvious.  It wouldn't take more than a nanosecond for the establishment press and TV talking heads to rip into any white political candidate — Democrat or Republican — who carved out a web site devoted to "Whites for Candidate X."  About a week ago, President Obama, with his powers of incumbency in tow, has decided to revive something he created back in 2007:  "African-Americans for Obama."  And, as seen in the Obama video which appears at the site and in what appears to be a new twist, the Obama campaign is driving a Mack through the alleged wall of separation between church and state by finding so-called "congregation captains" to maximize African-American support on his behalf.

Barack the Healer.  Black leaders point to racism in the treatment of "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman; whites cite rush-to-judgment bias against Zimmerman, as, in comparison, the wholesale carnage among black youth in Chicago is hardly discussed.  When the president announced that the son he never had might have resembled Trayvon, one wondered what would have been the reaction had Bill Clinton weighed in right in the midst of the O. J. trial, lamenting that the second daughter he never had might have looked like the slain Nicole.

Obama's Marxist Faith Is Legitimate Campaign Issue.  BLT [Black Liberation Theology], in fact, is the Rosetta stone for understanding Obama and his agenda, decoding his rhetoric, and divining where he plans to take this country.  Here is a primer:
  •   The doctrine is an explicitly Marxist interpretation of the Bible whose aim is to stir up class and race hatred.
  •   BLT combines the teachings of Christ with those of Marx to justify the overthrow of the capitalist system.
  •   It does not believe the Bible is inerrant.  Hence, it can be, as Obama put it, "modified to accommodate modern life."
  •   BLT ignores the epistles of Paul and the other apostles since they accept the institution of slavery that existed at the time.
  •   As professor James Cone, the father of BLT, once explained it, "Black theology seeks to prepare all nonwhites for revolutionary action."

Obama to break ground for national black museum.  With eyes on his own personal legacy, President Obama revealed today that he will help in the groundbreaking of the nation's first African-American museum.  According to the White House, he will deliver the key remarks at the ceremony for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture to be built on the National Mall.  The ground breaking takes place February 22.

Obama's Racial Politics.  Criticizing Republicans, before a Mexican-American audience, Obama said that he ran for office because "America should be a place where you can always make it if you try — a place where every child, no matter what they look like (or) where they come from, should have a chance to succeed."  If you don't get it, "no matter what they look like" is code for nonwhite.

Obama's Racial Politics.  Never has America been more assimilated, integrated, and intermarried — as is evident in everything from politics to popular culture, from statistics to anecdotes.  Yet from late 2007 to 2012, Barack Obama has been establishing new rules of racial referencing.  In general, his utterances follow a disheartening pattern.  When he is ahead in the polls, has won an election, and is not campaigning, then he emphasizes the unity of the country.  But when he is running for president, or campaigning for others, or sinking in the polls, he and his closest associates predictably revert to charges of racial bigotry, albeit usually coded and subtle.  America is redeemed when it champions the Obamas, but retrograde when it does not.

New Team Obama Re-Election Gimmick: Is America a Post-Racial Society?  Suddenly, there is a lot of discussion about whether or not we live in a "post-racial society."  With the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, I can only conclude that, despicably, "race-baiting" will be a major component of the left's and the White House's Obama re-election campaign.

Obama Plays La Raza Card In Key Appointment.  In another move aimed at aiding his re-election, President Obama on Tuesday [1/10/2012] announced that Cecilia Munoz, a former senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), would replace Melody Barnes as head of his Domestic Policy Council.  Hispanics are a key part of the coalition Obama and a key part of his re-election strategy will no doubt be to portray Republicans and others who advocate border security and stronger immigration enforcement as racists.  Munoz's appointment is a part of that strategy.

Obama's "Razist" Lobbyist Moves Up.  With public attention focused on the GOP primaries, the White House quietly promoted another self-dealing lobbyist to serve as President Obama's top domestic policy adviser.  Promises?  What broken promises?

The class warfare President.  From the beginning of his Presidency, Barack Obama has endeavored to divide Americans any way he can, either by race or by class.  On practically any given day, he can be counted on to attack "the rich" — those evil people who have worked hard to succeed while building businesses, and in the process actually made a good living and put many other Amreicans to work.  For Obama, however, that simply isn't right.  How dare they want to keep some of their hard earned money!

Obama's Greatest Failing.  The sad truth is that our president has flunked every racial test he has taken — from his ineptly criticizing the Cambridge police for their alleged stupid handling of a complaint by a prestigious black Harvard professor to his embrace — yes, an actual hug — of the clever racial bigot, Al Sharpton.  Obama has had many opportunities to use the bully pulpit of the White House to denounce bigots like Sharpton and his brother-in-hate, Farrakhan, but he has not done so.  Just the opposite. Anti-white and anti-Semitic thugs are flourishing in this spineless atmosphere — even though we Americans had every right to expect Mr. Obama to deal with them harshly.  All of which brings us back to the New Black Panther case.

Breitbart connects Obama to New Black Panther Party.  Internet provocateur Andrew Breitbart has photographic evidence of then-Senator Barack Obama sharing a stage in 2007 with Malik Shabazz, National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, a revival of the militant black supremacist organization founded in 1966 by a couple of thugs named Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

Candidate Obama Appeared And Marched With New Black Panther Party in 2007.  New photographs obtained exclusively by reveal that Barack Obama appeared and marched with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Alabama in March 2007.  The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media's failure to examine Obama's extremist ties and radical roots.

MSM Not Concerned with Obama's Racially-Charged Past.  Not worthy of a racial media fury:  a sitting Democrat president who...
  ...spent 20 years in a racist church.
  ...called the racist Jeremiah Wright his mentor.
  ...shared a stage with the racist, anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party as a presidential candidate.
  ...also shared that stage with Malik Shabazz, the head of the New Black Panther Party.
  ... has yet to tell us if the Malik Shabazz who signed the White House guest book in 2009 is the same Malik Shabazz who heads the New Black Panther Party.
  ...appointed an Attorney General who all but dropped slam-dunk charges of voter intimidation against this very same New Black Panther Party.

Obama: Whites need not apply.  The White House issued an executive order on Thursday [8/18/2011] titled "Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce."  The purpose of the order is "to promote the federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion."  In other words, it would be better for the government if public-spirited white workers sought employment elsewhere.  Lost amid all the politically correct box-checking is the principle that the most qualified person should be hired for a job.

"Promote diversity and inclusion" means, "Don't hire white males."
Obama orders federal agencies to focus on diversity.  President Obama issued an executive order Thursday intended to coordinate a "government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce."  The order creates a council of deputy agency chiefs and federal workers tasked with developing a government-wide plan to improve diversity in recruitment, training and promotion of federal workers.

Sorry, Your Race Card Has Been Declined.  Obama's entire life has been devoted to fomenting racial animus.  All of his mentors, from the rancid racist and surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis to Fan of Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, have been rabid, whitey despising racists.  In his fictional "autobiography", Obama is consumed by bigotry.  He can find ersatz discrimination in nearly any situation.  Even his white mother was preoccupied with race.

Are the Black Flash Mob Attacks on Whites Obama's Fault?  As America's first black president, fair or unfair, Obama's presidency comes with enormous responsibility in terms of its influence on black youths.  This is why it is so unfortunate that American black youths' ultimate role model is a characterless, race-baiting political hack.  While I am not saying president Obama is responsible for the epidemic of black youth flash-mob attacks on whites around our country, his race-baiting has to be a contributing factor.

More about black mobs and black racism.

Is Obama fomenting a race war?  President Obama is inciting racial division.  He rightly fears that the Democrats will suffer huge losses in November's midterm congressional elections.  Republicans are within reach of retaking control of the House of Representatives.  Even the Senate may be in play.  His party's grip on power is threatened — and with it, Mr. Obama's radical socialist agenda.  Fear breeds desperation.  Hence, Mr. Obama is resorting to the worst kind of demagoguery:  playing the race card.  In a video to Democrats, the president embraced identity politics; black, Hispanic and female voters are to be courted at the expense of white middle-class America.

Obama's racial appeal.  President Obama is transforming from being the "post-racial" to the most racial president. ... The historic first black president of the United States should be more cautious than to explicitly call for race-based support.  Such a frank appeal seeking to exploit ethnic and gender divisions reinforces the suspicion that Mr. Obama and his party do not represent the whole country.

Few say race relations have improved under Obama.  Just 35 percent of Americans believe race relations have improved since Barack Obama became president, according to a new Gallup poll.  Forty-one percent say race relations haven't changed, and 23 percent say race relations have actually gotten worse under the nation's first African-American president.

Obama's Race War.  [Scroll down]  The Obama administration continues to ramp up the anti-white rhetoric.  This is nothing new.  [Eric] Holder famously called us a "nation of cowards" on racial matters last year; Obama himself called his white grandmother a "typical white person" and blasted the Cambridge Police Department for racial profiling; Michelle Obama wrote her Princeton thesis on how white folks were racists; Michelle and Barack went to Rev. Wright's racist church for 20 years.  They've all just upped the ante recently.  Now Holder says that the Arizona law will promote racial profiling; Obama agrees with him; and Michelle Obama visits the NAACP, where she tells the black audience to "increase our intensity."  What's their motivation?

Fat Black Kids Showcase America's Racism.  The most recent statement by Michelle Obama baffles me, as she compared black children's health to the age old Democrat policies of slavery and Jim Crow laws:  ... Imagine my surprise to learn that one can recognize racist policies caused fat black kids.  Here I thought racism was when black men intimidating white voters are not prosecuted for obvious voter intimidation, by a black Attorney General, simply because the perpetrators were black.  I erroneously believed that racism had occurred when a black president speaks out (without any facts) on behalf of a black professor behaving badly, and who is given preference over a white cop doing his job.

Obama, Not the 'Post-' but the 'Most' Racial President.  While President Obama has touted himself as a post-racial president, he has built a record demonstrating precisely the opposite.  Is it Obama's bitterness, or is the incessant playing of the race card by him and many of his supporters merely calculated political exploitation — or both?  Let's look at a non-exhaustive list of examples since Obama took office.

Obama Plays the Race Card .  The Obama Administration is playing the race card to win the November election and keep control of Congress.  The President who promised to "bring us together" acts now to fan the flames of racial division.  As every poll shows increasing disaffection among Obama 2008 voters, a desperate White House falls back on Alinsky 101 — mobilize your supporters with a campaign of racial and class division and demonize, divide, and demoralize the opposition.

Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures.  The Obama administration, already under fire for unprecedented allegations of racial bias, faces a new bias claim from a most unlikely source:  one of the administration's own inspectors general.  Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout — closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler — were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

The Obama Horror Picture Show.  What has been Obama's most notable accomplishment since assuming the presidency?  Steering us toward a race war.  The constant cries of racism are designed to inflame and agitate.  And talk about projection:  Has there ever been a more racially biased administration?

Unemployment:  Is Barack Obama a Racist?  Remember Katrina?  Remember "George Bush doesn't care about black people"?  Remember how the suffering of non-whites was used as prima facie evidence of racism on the part of President Bush personally and the government at large?  I'm sure you do.  What does that tell us about Barack Obama and unemployment?

Why Obama is Just Not That Into You.  Obama practices reverse racism by preferring his brothers above all others.  Obama's DOJ refuses to prosecute the New Black Panthers, through they threaten to kill "cracker babies."  According to a DOJ whistleblower, the department will investigate no injustices against whites.  And though quick to allege racism against a Cambridge cop, Obama has been conspicuously silent about some horrific black on white attacks of late.  But the pièce de résistance, the quintessential example of Obama-style contempt, has got to be just last week.  Obama invited a Chicago rapper, Common, to perform at the White House, even though the rapper's lyrics praise cop killers.  And, of course, Obama does so during National Police Week, which honors fallen cops.

What Happened to Our Postracial President?  A black politician who once struggled to establish African-American credentials has now become our collective arbiter of race in a way former African-American national figures could hardly imagine.  Whether due to the utility of identity politics or simply to his own comfort with racial emphases, Obama has highlighted, rather than downplayed, his own mixed heritage in efforts to accentuate an African-American identity.

A Post-Racial President?  Many people hoped that the election of a black President of the United States would mark our entering a "post-racial" era, when we could finally put some ugly aspects of our history behind us.  That is quite understandable.  But it takes two to tango.  Those of us who want to see racism on its way out need to realize that others benefit greatly from crying racism.  They benefit politically, financially, and socially.  Barack Obama has been allied with such people for decades.

Obama told us more than he intended — or wanted.  Did our president sit at the knee of that Harvard teacher, who, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preached sermons of insurrection, racial hatred and national destruction?  Obama's reflex reaction to defend Professor Gates seems to say that he did.  That should be cause for concern to any thinking person.  Is our president a barely contained volcano of racial prejudice and resentment?

How Obama and Henry "Yo Mama" Gates Can Woo Back the "White Devils":  The generational wounds of discrimination will not heal with Obama calling one of our nation's best and brightest fair-skinned cops "stupid."  FYI to BHO:  That kind of talk, thoughtlessly slurring one of our finer whiteys' intelligence, will leave a negative mark on our Caucasian consciousness.  You can say we can't jump, or we can't dance, but you cannot call one of our tribe stupid when, in reality, the guy was just doing his job in an excellent manner while apprehending one of your belligerent, bigoted buddies...

There Is a Pattern Here ...  The point here is that the public is starting to sense two things:  One, Obama's first impulse when speaking out on race is his most genuine and most disturbing; and two, his statesmanlike disavowals always come not out of genuine embarrassment over his initial remark (such as praising the racist Wright), but out of real concern that he is going to be hurt politically without such a "correction" — an awareness that in turn seems to engender only more anger, and leads to the next incident in the series.

TSA Groping and Obama's Black Revenge Narrative.  The growing TSA groping scandal is another Obama political fiasco, almost a comical way for an American president to commit political suicide.  TSA's groping of little kids and their moms instead of going for the bad guys who blew up the Twin Towers fits the narrative of radical black revenge.  Now all the rich white folks are treated as police suspects.  Let's see how they like it!

Obama to sign bill awarding payments to black farmers: justice or 'fraud'?  President Obama signs a law Wednesday [12/8/2010] aimed at rectifying USDA actions that undercut black farmers.  Some conservatives call it 'modern-day reparations' that reward political friends.

Our "Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain" Moment.  An Obama speech echoing boilerplate themes such as "there are no red states, there are no blue states" today simply could not be given — the laughing in the audience would be far too much.  After Eric Holder's "cowards" outburst, the beer summit, Van Jones, the slurs against Arizona, and the video appeals targeted at particular racial groups, the public takes for granted that a Rev. Wright, the clingers speech, "typical white person," and Michelle's angst (e.g., "downright mean country," "never been proud," "raise the bar," etc.) were disturbing premonitions rather than rightwing racialist paranoias.

Race War A'Comin'?  [Scroll down]  Racial politics has poisoned this society and the affairs of this nation.  President Obama was fraudulently presented as a race-uniter and elected by white people, but he couldn't put down the race issue as a weapon, and he can't control or redirect his belligerent and bellicose posturing.  His agitation is destructive, hateful, and malignant.  Is he intent on destroying America?

'An Environment of Hostility Toward Race Neutral Enforcement'.  [Scroll down]  Now with the testimony of Christopher Coates, on top of the testimony of J. Christian Adams we learn that under the administration of Barack Obama, the Department of Justice has little interest in enforcing voting rights for all, just those who are of a certain skin pigmentation and those for whom English is a second language.  The Obama administration has been criticized because many of its programs such as are designed to redistribute income.  Frighteningly, the policy of the DOJ seems designed to redistribute voting rights by singling out one group whose rights are forbidden to be protected.  If true, than this is the most racist presidential administration the United States has had in many decades.

The Wrongdoing, the Cover-Up, and Executive Privilege.  The wrongdoing is not merely that the Obama administration dismissed a blatant case of voter intimidation.  It is not merely that an NAACP attorney pressured the Obama team to dump the case.  It is not merely that the Obama Justice Department explicitly told attorneys not to enforce Section 8 of the Voting Rights Act, which helps prevent voter fraud.  It is that the Obama team believes that the civil rights laws run only one way and offer protection only to certain racial or ethnic groups.

Obama courts La Raza support at event in midst of "crisis".  In the midst of a fiscal crisis — that his administration claims will lead to Armageddon — President Obama took time out to visit with a key constituency:  La Raza, a group many claim is the Mexican version of the KKK.

Obama's Racial Spoils System.  Embedded within the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (ObamaCare) are provisions sending tax dollars preferentially to medical schools that have robust admissions programs for "underrepresented minorities" (meaning academically-outperforming Asians don't count).  More money flows if these schools send their doctors to and nurses to "vulnerable populations" in "underserved areas," meaning inner cities.  The focus on tipping the scales was so blatant that it drew a rebuke from the U.S Commission on Civil Rights that such provisions were "racially discriminatory."  This rebuke was ignored; racial discrimination apparently is in the eye of the beholder.

Can Obama hold on to African American voters in 2012?  For several months, radio host Tom Joyner has pleaded with his 8 million listeners to get in line behind the first black president.  "Stick together, black people," says Joyner, whose R&B morning show reaches one in four African American adults. ... Even as Obama and his campaign play down the suggestion that support among African Americans is flagging, a cadre of powerful allies is snapping back at critics in the black community and making explicit appeals for racial loyalty.

The Editor says...
Racial loyalty?  "Stick together, black people"?  Is that is not blatant racism, what is it?

WaPo Finds Blacks Demanding Racial (Racist?) Unity Behind Obama.  The front page of The Washington Post carried a story Tuesday [10/18/2011] on black liberals demanding all blacks stand with President Obama — just because he's black. ... On the front page, Thompson quoted from radio host Tom Joyner on his blog.  "Let's not even deal with the facts right now.  Let's deal with just our blackness and pride — and loyalty.  We have the chance to re-elect the first African-American president, and that's what we ought to be doing.  And I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he's a black man."

Vote For Obama Because He's Black.  At the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Sen. Barack Obama said, "...There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America — there is the United States of America."  Those were welcome and commendable words.  Unfortunately, they appear to be only words.  Since then, Obama has divided us along race and class lines more than any modern president.  Some of his strongest, high-profile supporters in the black community are now saying that Obama's race, alone, should be enough for black voters to vote for his re-election.

It's Only Racist if a White Guy Does It.  Sunday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution contained an article by Krissah Thompson of the Washington Post.  Headline:  "Obama's backers urge black unity."  You do realize, don't you, that we're only allowed black unity in America.  White unity is verboten.  The article quotes hugely popular morning radio host Tom Joyner saying:  "Stick together, black people."  Stick together to do what?  To keep Obama in office, that's what.

Obama tells the truth.  Four years ago, Barack Obama promised to be a post-racial and post-partisan president.  Instead he has deteriorated into our most partisan and most racial president.

Obamas Visit Black Church Ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.  President Barack Obama and his family attended church services on Sunday, continuing their custom of prayer on each Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.  The family does not go to church frequently, but has traditionally spent the holiday occasion at historically black places of worship.  This year, President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia visited the Zion Baptist Church in Washington for the first time.  Founded in the 1860s, the congregation's historical commission is dedicated to preserving the history of black Christian culture in the District of Columbia.
[Emphasis added.]

How Obama Betrays Martin Luther's King's Dream.  The man who campaigned on the theme that there was no "white America" or "black America" has used his powers as President to practice identity politics on a scale never before seen in America.  Barack Obama has overtly chosen top officials on the basis of their skin color and not on the content of their character.  Moreover, he has enacted policies that overtly favor "people of color" over "people of pallor" regardless of the merits of the individuals impacted by his programs.  What were we expecting from a man whose moral compass was the race-baiting Pastor Jeremiah Wright, whose views of white people and America would have repulsed Martin Luther King, Jr.?

CBC chairman: African Americans would 'march on the White House' if Obama wasn't black.  Rep. Emanueal Cleaver — the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus — told The Daily Caller that African Americans won't "march on the White House" over the high unemployment rate in the black community because President Barack Obama is black.

Samuel L. Jackson Drops the Act: Admits He Only Voted for Obama because of Race.  Jackson admitted that he only voted for Barack Obama because of the president's skin color.  Said the actor, "I voted for Barack because he was black.  'Cuz that's why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them.  That's American politics, pure and simple.  [Obama's] message didn't mean **** to me."  Well, Jackson certainly isn't alone in his ignoring of Obama's message. ... 96 percent of blacks supported Obama in 2008.

Samuel L. Jackson: I Voted for Obama because he's black.  Barack Obama's politics meant nothing to Samuel L. Jackson because the "Pulp Fiction" star only voted for the president for one reason and one reason only ... because he's black.

'I Voted for Barack Because He Was Black'.  It seems actor Samuel L. Jackson didn't care about either the hope or the change Sen. Barack Obama promised back in 2008.  The young Chicago politician shared the same skin color as Jackson, and that was enough.

Obama's Racism: Completely Out of the Closet.  The message in Obama's video is vote for me because I am black and I'm going to punish the rich.  Democrats are always screaming about "separation of church and state."  And yet, in his video, Obama solicits people to become "Congregation Captains" for his reelection campaign.

Here is the video:
President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama.

Is Obama losing his mind?  President Bush may have tanked it, but President Obama has done nothing but spend, spend, spend and blame Bush.  After 3 years of this, the American people are sick of it.  Disgusted.  Barack Obama is seen as a nice guy, but incompetent.  President Obama's response may be to simply play the race card — the race deck — the race casino.  Obama may have decided to become the most race-obsessed major presidential nominee since George Wallace.

Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign.  Imagine if Ron Paul announced a national campaign called 'Whites for Ron Paul' — he'd be vilified as a racist.  And yet Barack Obama has done the equivalent of precisely that with his launch of 'African Americans for Obama'.

More Obama Tapes: Michelle Obama a Race Agitating Occupier?  A treasure trove of information is coming out regarding Barack Obama's time in college.  Over at the Breitbart sites, we are learning how Obama inserted himself into a fight to implement hiring on the basis of race at Harvard Law School.  The Obama tapes also seem to show the other Obama — Michelle — occupying the Harvard Law School dean's office.  The occupiers were agitating for the race-based hiring of Harvard law professors.

Obama Assigned Reading: Bell Says Whites Might Enslave Blacks.  Back when Barack Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he assigned Derrick Bell's readings in class.  In particular, he assigned the introduction to Bell's book, Faces at the Bottom of the Well.  Bell's book was highly controversial, and for good reason: it contains some of the most inflammatory racial material in the critical race theory canon.

Barack Obama: The First American President To Embrace Critical Race Theory.  Bloggers led by the Breitbart team have been hard at work researching Professor Derrick Bell, the man to whom Obama exhorted his classmates to open their hearts and open their minds — the man who Obama literally embraced, and whose books he assigned when teaching at The University of Chicago.  The picture they're painting is not a flattering one. ... Barack and Michelle Obama have marinated in Professor Bell's brand of toxic, Marxist, racialist garbage their whole lives — and it shows.  It has culminated in a Presidency that has deliberately divided the nation along class and racial lines...

The Racist Ravings of Derrick Bell.  By now, you may already have seen the 1991 video footage of Barack Obama, who was then a 30-year-old student at Harvard Law School, speaking in glowing terms about Harvard professor Derrick Bell, whom Obama described as a man known for "speaking the truth" and for an "excellence of ... scholarship" that had not only "opened up new vistas and new horizons," but had "changed the standards [of what] legal writing is about."  "Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell," Obama urged the sizable crowd which had gathered to show their support for Professor Bell that day.

Radical Cronyism? Sit-In Leader Nominated as Judge by Pres. Obama.  The leader of the occupation in the video — Robert L. Wilkins of the Harvard Black Law Students Association — was nominated by President Obama on May 20, 2010 to be considered for judge of the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia.  He is now a sitting judge in that position. ... Not mentioned in the [White House] press release:  that Wilkins once led an illegal occupation of a law school building to demand the school hire based on skin color, a protest primarily focused on supporting the actions of radical bigot Derrick Bell.

Obama Assigned Bell at University of Chicago Law School.  Barack Obama made his own students at the University of Chicago Law School read some of Derrick Bell's most radical and racially inflammatory writings.

Bell: USA Must Admit We're Permanently Racist.  Obama:  "Open your hearts and open your minds to the words of Prof. Derrick Bell."  Derrick Bell:  "Racism is permanent".

Obama's Beloved Law Professor: Derrick Bell. has revealed that while at Harvard Law School, Barack Obama embraced the racially charged cause of professor Derrick Bell.  Both Obama and Bell demanded that Harvard hire professors on the basis of race.  Obama and other students rallied to Bell's side after Bell quit teaching in an attempt to force Harvard to implement race-based hiring policies.

How Derrick Bell Beat Martin Luther King Jr.:  "History proves that the white man is a devil," said Malcolm X.  "Whites are liars," said Jeremiah Wright.  "I love to harass white folks," said Derrick Bell.  "This is what you deserve.  You get what you deserve, white boy," a black teenager said to Allen Coon, a white student on the porch of his own home, as he set him on fire.  "Don't tell me words don't matter," Obama once said.  And he was right.  Words do matter.  The words of his mentors that have rooted hate so deep in the black community that it has become a cancer, a sore that bleeds violence, a stain on the soul.

'The Blacks: A Clown Show'.  [Scroll down]  The play comes back to me now as do Genet's words, because in my recollection of that production and rereading of Genet's work half a century later it occurs to me that his play is a forerunner of Critical Race Theory, a racialist concept at total odds with American principles and ideals, a concept unfortunately at the very heart of our President and his administration.  At its very core CRT is hatred and from it Obama's ideas are born.

Obama Loves the Hoodie.  I knew it wouldn't take Obama long to see how to make the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida a political talking point.  "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."  Is that supposed to make the death of Trayvon much more tragic? ... As it turns out, the "white" man who shot the kid was actually a half-white and half-Hispanic man.  Funny how the media considers a half-white half-Hispanic man white, but a half-white half-black president black.

The Editor says...
If Obama had a son, he'd probably ACT like Trayvon, too.

Obama Just Can't Resist Injecting Race into Any Situation.  Far from being a post-racial president, Barack Obama has been the most divisive leader we have had in the last half-century.  All he seems to know is that no matter the circumstances, it's America's fault — and furthermore, it's white America's fault.

The World According to Obama.  Not only has Obama chosen to surround himself with like-minded individuals of similar backgrounds spent in academic isolation, but he has also opted to limit his sources of news and information.  It was reported several years ago that Obama "hardly ever watches news programs, preferring to 'read the news.'"  What news does he read?  Obama recently shared that he enjoys reading "African American publications"...

Race Relations Are Much Worse Under Obama.  If you're a white person who voted for Barack Obama believing that his election would usher in a post-racial era in America, you must be very disappointed.  Race relations have in fact never been more volatile and the nation is now sitting on a time bomb as we draw closer to another election.  Whose fault is it?  Race-baiting demagogues like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are feverishly trying to exploit the recent killing of a young black man in Florida for their own selfish agenda to boost their fading relevance.  Typically they have jumped to conclusions before all the actual facts have been uncovered.

What if Your Son Doesn't Look Like President Obama?  On several occasions during the course of his presidency, Barack Obama has said some unhelpful things.

Obama Campaign: Republicans "Politicizing" Trayvon Martin's Death.  This is what's called "projection".

The Editor says...
It's the old Karl Marx strategy:  "Accuse others of what you do."  And if all you need is a five-second sound bite, it works.

Barack Obama, Race Hustler.  President Obama has fanned the flames of hatred in the Trayvon Martin case, and has not said a single critical word about the outrageous actions of the New Black Panthers, who offered a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman — the same New Black Panthers on whose behalf Eric Holder quashed a federal criminal prosecution; or of Spike Lee, who tweeted a wrong address for Zimmerman, presumably to facilitate harassment or even murder; or of the many liberals who have posted on the @killzimmerman Twitter feed; or of the many other Democrats and liberals who have indulged in an orgy of hate with respect to Mr. Zimmerman.  President Obama's interest in the victims of violence is selective:  he cares if they look like the hypothetical son he doesn't have.  Or, perhaps more to the point, he cares if an opportunity for political gain presents itself.

Obama Stoking Racial Warfare Flames?  A week ago, Obama brought his children into his politics; except this time he talked about an imaginary son looking like the slain Trayvon Martin.  Pulls at the heartstrings, doesn't it?  But it also heightens racial tensions in an already volatile social atmosphere.

What happened to my Barack Obama?  For 20 years, the president faithfully sat in pews absorbing hate-filled messages from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, such as how the "U.S. of KKK A." lied about "inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color."  Is it any wonder, then, that Mr. Obama's knee-jerk reaction to the recent shooting of Trayvon Martin was very similar to his knee-jerk reaction to the disorderly-conduct arrest of black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates?  In both cases, without having the facts, the president somehow just knew that the lighter-skinned participants were racist.

Obama Invites Sharpton to WH, But Not Southern Baptist President.  The White House is facing criticism for their decision to invite the Rev. Al Sharpton to the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast, while excluding top leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention — the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

Race-Baiting in the Era of Obama.  Alas, racial tension in this country is not new.  What is new is having a president who, for political gain and selfish ideological reasons, is instigating a racial divide that has not been seen for decades.  In order to ignite a passion in his base, Obama is intentionally taking this country back to the Civil Rights Era, when violence in the streets was commonplace.  But a black person in America in 2012 has every civil right that a white person has — and then some.  Affirmative action has led to black people actually having an easier time accessing certain schools, jobs, and positions of higher authority.

Is Barack Obama's Anti-white, Anti-American Bias Inherited?  In order to understand Barack Obama's motivation when it comes to national defense, jobs, deficits, taxes the economy, and American culture in general, one must accept the following fact:  ["]Barack Obama holds a deep, personal resentment against those Americans who have the audacity to succeed and prosper.["]  It would be wrong to blatantly accuse the president of using an anti-white bias when making economic decisions.  It is mere coincidence, you see, that he always targets the so-called rich whom also just happen to be mostly Caucasian.

Whites need not apply.
President Obama's camp tries to diversify.  President Barack Obama's team is looking to hire more African-Americans, a search that has stirred a debate among black Democrats about Obama's record on diversity and its implications for his reelection.  Stefanie Brown, director of the campaign's African American Vote program, wrote in an "urgent" March 21 email to contacts in the black community that "The Obama for America campaign is in the process of really staffing up in states around the country, and I need your help to find qualified, African American candidates for some of these positions."

Five Myths of the 'Racist' Criminal Justice System.  Calling America's criminal justice system "racist" is not confined to "civil rights leaders" like the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Then-Sen. Barack Obama, during the 2008 presidential campaign, said it, too. [...] Let's examine five major assumptions behind this assertion.

Dems Choose '60s Radical's Daughter for Race Bait Training.  According to the Washington Examiner, House Dems are ready to take on the election season with professional "race bait" training from someone who learned the art from the best.  Their expert instructor, Maya Wiley, has plenty of connections current and past to make her the ideal choice.  Currently with the Center for Social Inclusion, Maya has a resume that any progressive would envy, including work with Soros' Open Society, NAACP, Tides, and the ACLU.

Who Is Barack Obama?Dreams from My Father reveals Barack Obama as a self-constructed, racially obsessed man who regards most whites as oppressors.  It is the work of a clever but shallow thinker who confuses ideological cliché for insight — a man who sees U.S. history as a narrow, bitter tale of race and class victimization.

Obama: Falsifier In Chief.  Many politicians flip-flop; Obama is the only politician who flip-flops on his own biography.  Hence the importance of the fact that Obama's literary agency when he was trying to sell a book stated he was "born in Kenya" — and that Obama allowed that biography to go uncorrected for 16 years, until after he launched his campaign for the presidency.  In his early life, it helped Obama to lie about himself in terms of race.  He admits to it in Dreams From My Father: "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

Holder's Racial Incitement.  The United States of America has a black President whose chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Holder, is also black.  They have a lot of political power.  So how are they using it?  Well, one way is to assert to black audiences that voter ID laws are really attempts to disenfranchise black Americans.

Powered by Hate: Racist Content from Dreams from My Father.  The appalling content of Dreams from My Father becomes even worse in the context of the complete picture.  This picture includes Mr. Obama's 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright's racist church, the same church that gave Michael Pfleger a standing ovation when he exulted that Hillary Clinton's defeat left "a whole lot of white people crying."  This, along with its social achievement award to Louis Farrakhan, is apparently what Mr. Obama's church calls "Christianity." [...] This ugly portrait of Barack Obama's racial policies would not be complete, though, without the equally repulsive content of Michelle Obama's senior thesis.

Pandering to the Black Voter.  [Barack Obama's] belief system completely ignores the advancements of America, imposes a false guilt on whites, and inflicts a continuing disaffected and victimization status on those who adhere to such beliefs.  Such exploitation of the race card will become even more prominent by this 44th president and his minions in the next few months.  Don't fall for it.  The perpetrators of this vile canard are using it only to advance their own power.

The president did not suggest improving educational achievement for everybody, just blacks.
Obama announces new education program focused on African Americans.  Locked in a tough re-election battle with Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama aimed to energize his core supporters — African American voters — by delivering a rousing speech and unveiling a new executive order at the Urban League's annual convention in New Orleans Wednesday night.  The president told the largely African American crowd of roughly 3,700 people that the executive order will seek to improve educational achievement for African Americans at all levels "so every child has greater access to a complete and competitive education from the time they're born to the time, all through the time they get a career" the president said to cheers.

Obama creating African-American education office.  The White House says the office will coordinate the work of communities and federal agencies to ensure that African-American youngsters are better prepared for high school, college and career.

Obama backs race-based school discipline policies.  President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools' disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals' behavior.  His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote "a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools."  "African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline," said the order, titled "White House Initiative On Educational Excellence."

The Editor says...
The Constitution says nothing about education or executive orders, so Barack H. Obama is clearly operating outside his authority.  In any event, if black students "disproportionately experience school discipline," maybe it's because they disproportionally exhibit a lack of self-discipline.

Obama's Impact on Race Relations in America.  America's first post-racial president has damaged race relations in the nation.  In an April 2012 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Obama said, "I never bought into the notion that by electing me, somehow we were entering into a post racial period."

President Obama wants to improve the education of black students.  Not all students, just the black ones.
Obama's Educational Excellence Initiative.  President Barack Obama recently wrote an executive order that established a White House initiative on educational excellence for black Americans that will be housed in the Department of Education.  It proposes "to identify evidence-based best practices" to improve black achievement in school and college.  Though black education is in desperate straits, the president's executive order will accomplish absolutely nothing to improve black education.  The reason is that it does not address the root causes of educational rot among black Americans.

Obama's Long History of Political Racial Solidarity.  Many people were taken in by Barack Obama's hopey-changey 2008 campaign.  They thought that this was the real Barack Obama — a man of optimism and vision.  But the 2012 campaign has shown a side of Obama that the American public seems to be increasingly disturbed by.  What they don't know is that it was 2008 that was the exception to the Obama campaign strategy; 2012's racially polarizing campaign is right up Obama's historical alley.

Obama Demands Race-Based School Discipline.  President Barack Obama recently signed an executive order hiring race-sensitive bureaucrats to hold meetings and mandate racial discipline quotas.  The order charges his new racial justice team, in part, with "promoting a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools."  In plain English, that means that if different races have different incidences of disciplinary action, those of a favored race who act worse will be punished less, or those of a disfavored race who act better will be punished more, or both.

The 25 Most Obnoxious Quotes From Barack Obama.  [#3]  "I can no more disown (Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown the black community.  I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother — a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe."

Obama's law school course description cited 'institutional racism in American society'.  A course description for "Current Issues in Racism and the Law," a class Barack Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School 12 times between 1992 and 2004, categorized race relations in the United States as "institutional racism in American society."

Our Feckless First Leader.  Despite hopes that Barack Obama's election as president of the United States would mark the beginning of a post-racial era in America, no hope was ever so completely doomed from the outset.  Anyone who looks beyond Obama's soothing words about race to his record, from his joining self-segregated black students in college to his appointing Al Sharpton as a White House adviser, can see the contrast between rhetoric and reality.

Barack Obama's "Other Race Speech" Vindicates Glenn Beck.  There's a very fine line between racist and racialist.  Both are ugly, and when used as a political weapon, dangerously so.  Obama's belligerent racialism, on full display before a black audience exposes his animosity toward "the white power structure" and could fairly be called racist.

No, Obama's Divisive 2007 Speech is Not 'Old News'.  As a senator, Barack Obama was in a position to know both where New Orleans' money was and that the Stafford Act had been waived several times for the people of New Orleans.  He was also in a position to know that the Bush administration had offered assistance to Louisiana and to New Orleans before the hurricane struck, but the local governor and mayor — both Democrats, and one of them black — had turned the administration's offer down. [...] The city of New Orleans, it turned out, had dozens of ghost police officers on the rolls to pad their federal grant money, and did not even have a comprehensive list of its city school bus drivers, so they could be contacted to help evacuate stranded citizens.  Sen. Obama was in a position to know all of this, yet he chose to channel Kanye West and suggest that the disaster in New Orleans was a result of racism.

Obama's speech at the University of Chicago, January 21, 2002.  In a video that surfaced on YouTube Wednesday morning [10/3/2012], a young state Sen. Barack Obama is seen explaining from a church pulpit that the principle of nonviolent resistance for social change applies more readily to the wealthy than to Americans in lower social classes.  "I don't know if you've noticed," Obama says in the video, shot on Jan. 21, 2002 at the University of Chicago, "but rich people are all for nonviolence.  Why wouldn't they be?  They've got what they want.  They want to make sure folks don't take their stuff."

The Editor says...
This was a political speech made from a church pulpit, and the "separation of church and state" people have no objection because the speaker is a left-wing Democrat.

President Sharpton.  To those who have been willing to see Barack Obama for the man he is, the newly released video of the racialist stupidities he spewed for 40 minutes in a 2007 speech in Virginia is not the least bit surprising.  The video only confirms what has long been obvious — that the President is a bitter, angry man who views the United States as a profoundly racist nation — hence the need to "fundamentally transform" it, as he says, "brick by brick, block by block."

At Harvard Law School in 1991, Obama approved of restricting speech to protect minorities.  At the height of early-1990s conservative backlash over political correctness and "speech codes" on U.S. college campuses, Barack Obama participated in a panel event geared toward denying that restrictions on free expression were problematic, or happening at all.  The 1991 Harvard Law School yearbook quoted the future President of the United States virtually shrugging his shoulders at the thought that non-liberal white students might take offense at restrictions on speech that minority students found objectionable.  "I don't see a lot of conservatives getting upset if minorities feel silenced," Obama said, flipping the argument around.

Phony in Chief.  [Scroll down]  Innumerable facts, however, show that it is our Commander in Chief who is Phony in Chief.  A classic example was his speech to a predominantly black audience at Hampton University on June 5, 2007. [...] Why is the date of this speech important?  Because, less than two weeks earlier, on May 24, 2007, the United States Senate had in fact voted 80-14 to waive the Stafford Act requirement for New Orleans, as it had waived that requirement for New York and Florida.  More federal money was spent rebuilding New Orleans than was spent in New York after 9/11 and in Florida after hurricane Andrew, combined.

Obama White House Lists Prisoner Re-Entry Programs as Budget Priority for Black Families Only.  The White House's fiscal year 2013 budget includes $831 million for Department of Justice prisoner re-entry programs, which are designed to help inmates who have been released from prison find a job and to reduce recidivism rate.  Take a look at the Obama White House's Office of Management and Budget, and you'll find the program is mentioned under the fact sheet on key issues titled, "An Economy Built to Last and Security for African American Families."

Obama slandered America as racist using dishonest claims about the response to Hurricane Katrina.  The Daily Caller has obtained and posted video of a 2007 speech by Barack Obama in Hampton, Virginia.  Speaking to an audience of black ministers, and using a black dialect only marginally more authentic than Joe Biden's, Obama claims that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism. [...] But as the Daily Caller points out, by January 2007, six months before Obama's Hampton speech, the federal government had sent at least $110 billion to areas damaged by Katrina.  This was more than five times the money that the Bush administration pledged to New York City after 9/11.

A Detailed Look at Obama's Radical College Past... And We're Not Talking About Barack.  Princeton, 1984.  Michelle Obama attends and promotes a "Black Solidarity" event for guest lecturer Manning Marable, who was, according to Cornel West, probably "the best known black Marxist in the country."  The event is the work of the Third World Center (TWC), a campus group whose board membership is exclusively reserved for minorities. [...] Michelle herself stated, "My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my 'Blackness' than ever before."

Did Obama Write Anti-Semitic Poetry?  As a 19-year-old sophomore, Barack Obama had two poems — "Underground" and "Pop" — published under his name in the spring 1981 edition of Occidental College's literary magazine, Feast.  If Obama wrote any other poems after that, they have not emerged.  "Pop," the more sophisticated of the two poems, has attracted the most attention.

Obama's inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell.  All white people are going to hell, longtime African-American civil rights advocate Rev. Joseph Lowery told an audience at a get-out-the-vote event held Oct. 27 in Georgia.  Lowery, who gave the benediction at the January 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama, told the audience of up to 300 African-Americans "that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell.  Then he mellowed and just said most of them were.  Now, he said, he is back to where he was," according to an Oct. 31 report in the Monroe County Reporter newspaper.

Obama's inauguration reverend says anti-white slam was a joke.  Longtime African-American civil rights advocate Rev. Joseph Lowery told The Daily Caller that he was joking when he told a get-out-the-vote event that all whites will go to hell.

Report: Reverend Who Said All Whites Are Going to Hell Will Be at Obama's Election-Night Party.  The Rev. Joseph Lowery's proclamation — that all white people are hell-bound — apparently isn't controversial enough for President Barack Obama to distance himself from the faith leader.  Just days after the Monroe County Reporter highlighted the 91-year-old preacher's alleged race-based proclamation (one that the preacher has since dismissed as a mere joke), Lowery will reportedly spend time with the Obama family on election night.

The Mourning After.  Race has always been the invisible elephant of Obama politics.  Starting with his first campaign for president, Barack has played the race card like a violin.  In front of white audiences, he's the proud grandson of a white WWII veteran.  Yet his demeanor with blacks is something else.  For twenty years or more, he sat in church and listened to the demagoguery of Jeremiah Wright, colleague to Louis Farrakhan, a virulent black racist.  If Wright was right for so long, why is he persona non grata at the White house?

Obama To Unleash Racial-Preferences Juggernaut.  If your organization has a policy or practice that doesn't benefit minorities equally, watch out:  The Obama administration could sue you for racial discrimination under a dubious legal theory that many argue is unconstitutional.  President Obama intends to close "persistent gaps" between whites and minorities in everything from credit scores and homeownership to test scores and graduation rates.

Obama's Constituency Groups: No Whites or Men.  Obama is asking his supporters to complete a survey on his website in which they check off which of 22 "constituency groups" they identify with.  Oh, by the way, if you're a white man, don't apply — there are no groups listed as "whites' or "men."  Obama isn't interested in appealing to you.

Obama names black education czar to reduce 'resegregation'.  U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has announced the appointment of David J. Johns as executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.  Mr. Johns' duties will focus on improving the academic performance of black students, promoting understanding and tolerance among all Americans, as well as reducing "racial isolation and resegregation of elementary and secondary schools."

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2024 by Andrew K. Dart

Race-Obsessed Obama is Artificially Reinflating the Housing Bubble.
The Obama Subprime Bubble.  President Obama is worried about a plunge in new-home buying among minority borrowers with subprime credit scores.  So he's using the Federal Housing Administration, for starters, to help finance failure.  In a reckless gambit, FHA is asking lenders to relax lending standards, while assuring them it will back home loans down to a 580 FICO score with a minimal down payment and high debt-to-income ratio. [...] In effect, [the Department of] Justice is using private banks to carry out affirmative-action lending.

30 Reasons To Dislike Barack Obama.  [#5]  He's made racist comments about white people.  Just to name one example, "That's just how white folks will do you.  It wasn't merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some.  It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter.  It was as if whites didn't know that they were being cruel in the first place.  Or at least thought you deserving of their scorn."

Obama calls racism on criminal background checks.  Not wanting to employ a criminal makes you a racist.  At least that is what the Obama administration has determined to be law with a regulation made without congressional approval.  Businesses are fighting the charge that not wanting ex-cons on the payroll is illegal discrimination.  On June 11, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed federal lawsuits against BMW and Dollar General store alleging that their use of criminal background checks violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race.

Newly Released Documents Detail the Department of Justice's Role in Organizing Trayvon Martin protests.  Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents proving that the Department of Justice played a major behind-the-scenes role in organizing protests against George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012.  Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the DOJ on April 24, 2012.  According to the documents JW received, a little-known DOJ unit called the Community Relations Service deployed to Sanford, FL, to organize and manage rallies against Zimmerman.

Taxpayers Helped Sharpton Stir Anti-Zimmerman Anger.  The Obama administration spent thousands of federal dollars to help the Rev. Al Sharpton pressure the state of Florida to railroad George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.  The Justice Department not only met with Martin's parents and the notorious racial arsonist Sharpton, as we reported earlier this week.  It even helped them organize rallies against Zimmerman, who trial evidence shows shot Martin in self-defense.

Obama is the Big Loser in the Zimmerman Trial.  By injecting himself in a minor Florida criminal case by implying Martin could be his son, the president of the United States — a onetime law lecturer, of all things — disgraced himself and his office, made a mockery of our legal system and exacerbated racial tensions in our country, making them worse than they have been in years.  This is the work of a reactionary, someone who consciously/unconsciously wants to push our nation back to the 1950s.

No Red States, No Blue States; Just Black and White States.  It is beyond doubt that Barack Obama would not have been a national political figure had it not been for his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. [...] And in the Trayvon Martin controversy, Obama has spent the last of the moral and political capital he earned in that historic speech, which now stands as a testimony to who Obama might have been, not who he actually is.

Let this be a lesson to us all:
The Election of a Black President has Meant Nothing.  The greatest hope most Americans — including Republicans — had when Barack Obama was elected president was that the election of a black person as the country's president would reduce, if not come close to eliminating, the racial tensions that have plagued America for generations.  This has not happened.  The election, and even the re-election, of a black man as president, in a country that is 87 percent non-black — a first in human history — has had no impact on what are called "racial tensions."

Obama goes full race-baiter.  I'd like to hear from some representatives of the Hispanic community.  How do they feel about President Obama driving a wedge deeper and deeper between blacks and Hispanics?  Is he just arrogant enough to think that the Democrats can count on their votes in 2016, no matter what?  Is he right?  Why is it okay to make a Hispanic guy an Enemy of the State for defending his own life against an attacker?

The Obama Administration's Race-Baiting Campaign.  The first thing to remember is that, with the Obama administration, there are no coincidences.  The attorney general of the United States is engaged in a shocking extrajudicial publicity campaign.  Eric Holder is prosecuting George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion because he knows he wouldn't have a prayer of convicting him in a court of law.

President Obama's sad view of America.  President Obama's extensive remarks in the White House Briefing Room this afternoon were as surprising as they were gratuitous. [...] The media seems fixated on "how personal" the speech was.  I am baffled by that response.  He is the president of the United States, the only elected leader there to represent us all and to provide cohesion, but here he was channeling Oprah Winfrey.  He cheered for emotionalism and for the perspective that insists it is always about race.

It's 'Al' to the chief.  Is Al Sharpton president of the United States?  Or just attorney general?  I ask because it's not clear where the rabble-rousing rev's agenda ends and White House policy begins.  These days, they are one and the same. [...] Obama's headline-grabbing statement that "Trayvon Martin could have been me" and his attempt to justify black anger were straight out of Sharpton's playbook.

Race Relations are Much Worse Thanks To Obama And Holder.  Every chance Barack Obama and Eric Holder get, they seem to pick at the nation's healing racial wounds.  Taking sides against a jury's decision, the Great Uniter declared that "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago," and later called for a national "conversation" on race — code for "endless lectures" by the left.  Holder, meanwhile, this week defied a recent Supreme Court ruling by launching an attack on heavily Republican Texas' voter-ID laws.  Yet the undeniable Black Panther voter intimidation in Philadelphia gets shrugged off by his Department of Justice.

How Obama Poisoned Race Relations in America.  The Trayvon Martin case is one of the most visible examples of the Obama administration's deliberate poisoning of race relations; all in coordination with the NAACP, the racial grievance industry and the corrupt leftist media.  We now know that the administration had direct involvement in fanning the flames of racial discord that brought the case to the national stage.

Glenn Beck: Obama Administration Is Planting The Seeds Of Impending 'Race War'.  On his show Friday [8/2/2013], Glenn Beck became convinced that many members of the Obama administration act like racists, after breaking down the "anatomy of a racist":  they see groups over individuals, they lack objectivity, and they seek power through conflict.  Beck concluded that the president and his allies are trying to sow the seeds of a race war.

MLK's Dream Deferred.  The irony isn't merely rich.  It's tragic.  As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech this week, the Obama Justice Department is suing the state of Louisiana to stop it from distributing school vouchers to kids seeking to escape failing schools.

Meet the Radical Lawyers Suing Bobby Jindal to Block School Choice.  Personnel is policy, and the Obama administration knows it.  That's why they hired swarms of committed leftist lawyers to populate the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.  Bobby Jindal and school choice advocates are finding out the hard way how it works.

The Dream is No More.  President Obama, presented with a unique and historic opportunity to stop this ongoing effort to keep racial tensions alive, has instead poured gasoline on the fire at every opportunity. [...] It appears that the President and many in his administration view much of the world and the history of the United States through racially tinted glasses and, in keeping with his indoctrination by Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, Mr. Obama is apparently a true-believer in the tenet that change can only come about by premeditated societal upheaval.

Black Leadership and Racial Murder.  [Scroll down]  Obama himself fumbled the Henry Louis Gates incident, turning a local police matter into a national embarrassment for himself.  This marked the beginning of a series of misstatements, les faux pas, and blunders culminating in his 2012 call to use the ballot box for racial revenge.  Worst of all was the Trayvon Martin case, in which Obama, once again minding everyone's business but his own, came up with the single quotation for which he will be remembered:  "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."  Obama's remark nationalized an incident transparently fabricated to create racial unrest in the run-up to the 2012 election.

IRS Gave Black Nonprofits Preferential Treatment.  At the same time the IRS harassed Republican nonprofit groups during the 2012 political campaign, it selectively advised black churches and other Democrat nonprofits on how far they can go in campaigning for President Obama and other Democrats.  This raw exercise in political favoritism has not been reported in the context of the still-smoldering IRS scandal, in which the agency in 2012 audited big GOP donors and blocked Tea Party groups trying to obtain tax-exempt status as part of what House investigators suspect was an effort to re-elect the president.

Holder, IRS officials spoke at political training session for black ministers that detailed 'right-wing conspiracy'.  The meeting was attended by Attorney General Eric Holder, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, and IRS official Peter Lorenzetti, all of whom spoke at the event.  The meeting, which was held during the presidential campaign and at a time when the IRS was targeting conservative non-profits for abusive audits, aimed to coach black ministers in how to engage in political activity without violating the law.

Does Aaron Alexis Represent A New Breed of Killer?  Although many hoped that the election of Barack Obama would ameliorate black discontent, those paying attention were less optimistic.  In his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama reveled in his own grievances, all of them either false or trivial.  Friendly Obama biographer David Remnick conceded that many of those slights were "novelistic contrivances," but if Obama "darkens the canvas" or "heightens whatever opportunity arises" to score a racial point, he did so, according to Remnick, "obviously" because he was going "after an emotional truth."

Obama: Transforming America.  Had Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell been elected president, race would have been incidental rather than essential to their governance.  Nothing in Barack Obama's past suggests that such a statement could ever have been true of his presidency.  From the beer summit to "punish our enemies" to the two occasions of pop editorializing about Trayvon Martin, and from Eric Holder's "my people" to "nation of cowards," the Obama administration has sought at opportune times to emphasize racial differences, mostly to secure the base for Obama's own reelection and for midterm elections.

Obama's top 10 most racist policies against white people.  Despite the widespread public rejection of the left's racist Affirmative Action policies, our "post-racial" president continues imposing blatantly unfair and unequal policies on every corner of the system that openly discriminate against white people... and he is doing it without Congress, through arbitrary, lawless edicts from on high, and through the vindictive persecution of anyone who stands up for actual equality.

Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages.  A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."  "Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege," reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

The Editor asks...
What does "social privilege" have to do with the Army?

Apparently Mr. Obama only plays golf with black men.
Obama plays golf at Caddyshack course.  President Obama played golf Saturday [11/9/2013] at the course where the movie "Caddyshack" was filmed.  Obama, clad in a blue polo shirt and tan slacks, played an early afternoon round at Grande Oaks Golf Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which boasts that it has a "southern plantation style clubhouse."  Obama played with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning, ambassador Ron Kirk, and Cyrus Walker of the New York-based group benefits firm NEMCO.

America after Obama.  Obama's post-racial image had begun to unravel even before Election Day 2008.  Revelations that he had been a parishioner of the rabidly anti-white preacher Jeremiah Wright necessitated a speech designed to calm fears that Obama harbored dark thoughts about whites.  Obama's support for Eric Holder's decision not to prosecute two New Black Panthers for race-based voter intimidation in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008 should have alerted observers that America's racial divisions were not over.

Author calls Obama 'Grown-Up Trayvon'.  Conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza isn't sending any Thanksgiving good wishes to President Obama this year.  The author of The Roots of Obama's Rage started a Twitter firestorm Tuesday [11/26/2013] with this missive:  "I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House!"

Next Obama Witch Hunt: Racism In Auto Lending.  Emboldened by its shakedown of mortgage lenders, the administration is now accusing car lenders of racism.  On what grounds?  It refuses to say, raising suspicion of another witch hunt.

President Obama nominates the first ever female 4 Star Navy admiral.  The United States named a new Full Admiral in Washington, D.C. Friday [12/13/2013] — and it's an African American woman.  She's will be the first ever female in Naval history to win a fourth star assuming the Senate approves President Obama's nomination.

Obama's Half-Brother: 'Barack Thought I Was Too White'.  In an interview with AP, President Obama's half-brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, described his relationship with his brother as "cold" and stated that when the two first met in Kenya in 1988, "Barack thought I was too white, and I thought he was too black."  AP conducted the interview as a lead up to Ndesandjo's autobiography that, in part, highlights the alcohol-fueled domestic abuse he experienced under Barack Obama Sr.

The Great Race Hoax.  When Barack Obama rose to national prominence following his 2004 keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, his African-American heritage was a footnote to the fawning reception he received from the media and from most Americans. [...] Fast forward to today.  President Obama's race is no longer a footnote.  It is central to his presidency.  It is arguably his defining characteristic.  Unity and bipartisanship are nowhere to be found.  Who is responsible for this?  The blame rests squarely with the American Left, and specifically, with the racialists.

Obama's DOJ civil rights nominee represented cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.  President Barack Obama's nominee to head the Department of Justice's (DOJ) Civil Rights Division led the group that represents convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Debo Adegbile, who awaits Senate confirmation to become assistant attorney general for civil rights in Eric Holder's DOJ, would bring a radical record on racial issues to his new job, which is responsible for enforcing federal discrimination statutes.

Obama Nominates Racist Supporter of Cop-Killer to Head DOJ Civil Rights.  Obama's nominee process involves finding the worst person on earth for that job or any job.  It's a process that never fails.  In this case, he came up with Debo Adegbilem cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal's lawyer and a supporter of discriminating against white students for reasons of race.

The Holder Effect and the Knockout Game.  Thanks to the internet, the liberal elites who censor the output of the major news organizations can no longer cover up events that fail to depict contemporary life as they wish it to be. [...] For instance, when they are forced to cover this offense, they still will not use the actual name of Polar Bear Hunting because of its all too obvious racial implications.  Unable to ignore it any longer, they play it down — especially the racial aspects of it, because that may put our black president, his black attorney general, and all those black and liberal white lawyers in Holder's civil rights division in a bad light because they aren't investigating what appears to be serial hate crime.

Stop Giving Obama Radicals the Benefit of the Doubt.  The radicalism of the administration is on open and continuous display for anyone to see.  Attorney General Holder and President Obama routinely meet with the race hustler Al Shaprton.  Holder has spoken at Sharpton's National Action Network convention.  Sharpton has been invited to the White House for behind-closed-doors policy debates with top Justice Department officials.  Don't forget, Sharpton's past would disqualify him from even obtaining a security clearance. [...] Sharpton is not embraced by the Obama administration in spite of his radical past.  He is being embraced because of it.

This idea is inherently racist:
Obama to announce initiative aimed at young black men.  Continuing his push to use executive powers as a way of advancing his agenda, President Barack Obama will announce Thursday a new effort to help improve the lives of young African-American males.  A White House official said the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative would partner government with businesses to "make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential."

Will Obama Help Men Who are Eggshell White Find Jobs?  President Obama is launching a new initiative to help young men of color.  It's called My Brother's Keeper. [...] "Across the board from the time they're young all the way to their first job, we want to help more young African-American men and Latino men succeed," he said.  I applaud the president's initiative — but what about the young, white man looking for a job?

Obama Creates Cabinet-Level Agency for People Like Him.  Today [2/27/2014], the Obama administration is unveiling a progressive initiative called "My Brother's Keeper" to help young black men and minorities train for and get jobs. [...] The co-authors not only trade on the race card, they fail to mention Obama has not done a bang-up job in stemming the tide of black unemployment, low graduation rates and urban crime.  In fact, his policies over the last six years have exacerbated the problems in the inner city.  Not only are black-on-black crimes epidemic, he and his fellow race-baiters like Eric Holder have fueled black-on-white hatred.  The knockout assaults and cold-blooded murders of whites are routinely downplayed and ignored by mainstream media; while black victims are elevated to martyr status.

Obama's half-brother: Barack acted 'too black' during youth.  When Kenyan-born Mark Obama Ndesandjo first met his half-brother, Barack Obama, one of his initial impressions was that the man who would go on to become president of the United States was just "too black," he said, in an interview with Newsmax.

Discrimination and My Brother's Keeper.  President Obama announced last week a new race-based initiative, My Brother's Keeper.  According to the White House, the program will coordinate government agencies and private foundations to help young men and boys of color.  "Of color" basically means blacks and Latinos.  In fact, it's pretty obvious the program is aimed at young black men.  This fact has invited some conservative criticism.  The Weekly Standard's Terry Eastland notes that the program is likely unconstitutional.  Doling out benefits explicitly based on race is generally a no-no, according to the Supreme Court.  Even more frowned on: discrimination against women.

Obama has ignored the fundamental collapse of the black American family.  Sadly, the message to minorities — and blacks in particular — is that we blacks can't be expected to take individual responsibility for our lives like our white counterparts ... so the government has to do it for us.  Blacks should find Obama's assumptions more than disturbing.  Young black men wouldn't be wrong to find My Brother's Keeper downright offensive.  And everyone should realize that the first black president is not holding blacks accountable to the same standards as whites when it comes to parenting.

How 'My Brother's Keeper' Stands to Destroy Already Bad Schools.  Yes, Junior may disrupt the class, terrify his teacher, and otherwise prevent classmates from learning, but everything possible should be done to keep him marching toward graduation.  Diploma in hand, he will — supposedly — join the workforce, eschew criminality, and pay his taxes.  A diploma is now a magic piece of paper.  To this end, the Obama administration (particularly the DOJ) is doing everything possible to lighten the punishment of young men of color.  Obama himself has called for ending the "zero tolerance" policy common in many schools since blacks disproportionately are guilty of infractions.  Similarly, the Justice Department now regularly sues school districts over racial inequalities in suspensions, expulsions, and other disciplinary measures.  It just assumes that all groups commit offenses in equal proportions, so disparities merely reflect racial discrimination.  The attorney general has also called for de-criminalizing low-level nonviolent active drug dealings.

Obama's Embarrassing Race Remarks.  When asked about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's conversation with someone named V. Stiviano, Obama jumped right into the question without any firsthand knowledge of the situation.  The Harvard-trained lawyer based his opinion on the mainstream media news story which based its story on a gossip site.  Did Obama speak to the parties involved before he commented on the incident?  Before the voice was even confirmed to be Sterling's, Obama called the remarks "incredibly offensive."

For Michelle Obama, world is black and white — but skin deep.  For "Decider in Chief" George W. Bush, the world was black and white.  Good and bad, right and wrong, with us or against us.  For Michelle Obama, the world is also black and white.  But her black and white is all about skin color.  She talks about it often, incessantly, even, injecting race and racism into speeches and events in which they have no business.  And she did so again on Friday [5/16/2014], when she traveled to Topeka, Kansas, to deliver a speech to graduating high school seniors.

Obama heartbroken over St. Louis teen's death, doesn't condemn rioters.  President Obama said that he and the first lady were saddened by the "heartbreaking" shooting death of St. Louis black teen Michael Brown, but he didn't condemn angry rioters in and around the north St. Louis County town of Ferguson, where the shooting occurred last weekend.

Why the Obama administration sees racism everywhere.  The Obama administration has done little to calm racial tensions as they spread from Manhattan to St. Louis to Los Angeles.  Quite the opposite, some top officials have fueled African-American fears of racism with false accusations of anti-black discrimination.  Attorney General Eric Holder's race-baiting is no secret.  Justice Department documents show the nation's top cop gave thousands of dollars to help the Rev. Al Sharpton organize marches protesting the death of Trayvon Martin.  Now he's sent the civil-rights unit to St. Louis to do the same thing in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.  Less known, however, is the role of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who's made incendiary — and shamefully disingenuous — statements about race relations in America.

The Upper and Nether Millstones.  Ironically Michael Brown and the paramilitarized Ferguson police department are two sides of the same coin.  They are the joint product of the politics of grievance and the growing expansion of government.  The taxes that made the mobs dependent also armed the paramilitary police that contain them.  You have one government department handing out Obamaphones and another handing out MRAPs to the cops.  HHS gives out Obamacare and the IRS enforces it.  A giant bureaucracy tasked with providing all "positive rights" rumbles on, even as progressive politics unleashes more 'community organizers' while erecting a giant political machine to meet those same growing expectations.  It calls to and answers itself.  The result on a community scale is Ferguson.  The result on a national scale is Barack Obama.

Obama wants Ferguson to explode.  If you had predicted six years ago that America's first half-black, half-white president would actually make race relations in the U.S. worse, they would have laughed you out of the room.  If you had said that, in the face of a sudden racial crisis, the president — portrayed as black throughout the campaign — would be impotent, neutered, unable to speak powerfully about the situation, they would have scoffed incredulously.  Who are "they"?  Everyone.  If you had expressed those fears out loud in the run-up to his historic 2008 election, everyone within earshot would have mocked you mercilessly.

Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac.  Politico's Glenn Thrush reports in this week's edition of the magazine that Al Sharpton has become President Barack Obama's "go-to man on race" in Ferguson and elsewhere. [...] Yet he leaves out a few crucial details that are important to the Sharpton story.  For one, Thrush makes no mention of Sharpton's role in the Trayvon Martin fiasco. [...] There is a reason Thrush leaves out Martin:  it interferes with his attempt to portray Sharpton as a moderating influence, someone to whom the president and his arch-henchman Valerie Jarrett could turn to "talk down" the violent demonstrators, someone who represented "hardheaded pragmatism" rather than extremism.  In reality, Sharpton's role is to stoke divisions, acting as Obama's agent, as well as his eyes and ears on the ground.

WH Snubbed US General and Margaret Thatcher's Funerals, Sending 3 Officials to Michael Brown's.  The Obama administration announced this weekend that it will be sending not one, but three, officials to attend the funeral of Michael Brown on Monday. [...] The decision would be highly questionable as is, but when compared to the White House's presence at, say, the funerals of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene or British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, it's deplorable.

Obama Made Sure He Widened the Racial Divide at Brown Funeral.  Mr. Obama won't attend Michael Brown's funeral but he is certainly there in spirit.  Leftwing blacks who serve in the White House will attend in his stead along with famed race-baiter Rev. Al Sharpton who will give the eulogy.  One of the attendees founded the organization leading the effort to turn Texas blue.  The movement will result in the United States becoming a Democrat/Progressive-only country.  Politico Magazine, an arm of the Obama press corps, posted an article this week stating that Rev. Al Sharpton is Obama's go-to man.  Sharpton is a man with a shady past, but nonetheless, he is an advisor to the president and has visited the White House on a number of occasions.  He is doing Obama's bidding in Ferguson or he wouldn't be doing what he is doing.

For Obama, program to lift up young black men takes center stage.  President Obama has put the My Brother's Keeper initiative at the center of his response to racial unrest in Ferguson, Mo.  But the president is also signaling that the program meant to provide opportunities to young men of color will be an important part of his post-presidency plans.

The Editor says...
Mr. Obama isn't trying to enhance the well-being of all young men — just young black men.

Obama to headline CBC dinner.  President Obama will appear at a dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus next weekend, in a sign that tensions between the White House and black lawmakers over some of the president's judicial picks may be dissipating.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced the president's attendance as the keynote address at the CBC's annual Phoenix Awards Dinner on Friday [9/26/2014].

Deport Obama Now!  With regard to Obama's biased, prejudiced actions stemming from his African-American heritage, one need only look to the disastrous socialist Obamacare to see the harm he had done.  The simple fact is that this legislation was designed to favor his low-income African-American brothers.  While it's a noble goal to try to create the conditions whereby all Americans can get health insurance, to concoct such a flawed and skewed health-care scheme and then lie to the American people about it, telling them that they would not have to give up or lose their prior health insurance if they desired to keep it, shows that he will go to any length to favor his own creed at the expense of others.  So, too, with his decision to allow visitors from Ebola-stricken Africa into the United States when nearly all other civilized countries, particularly European, have banned their entry.  And, this is not to mention Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's prejudiced enforcement of civil rights and other laws, where whites like George Zimmerman and now a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, are presumed, without adequate investigation, to have engaged in hate crimes against blacks, when they conveniently overlook all of the fatal attacks on whites by African-Americans, such as the killing of at least six white cops by blacks in my native city of Philadelphia.

Demagogue Al Sharpton: The Democratic Party's New 'Civil Rights' Leader.  The real bug in the ointment, however, is our leading rabble rouser, Reverend Al Sharpton.  In this past weekend's Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has a devastating takedown exposing the real facts about the good reverend.  (Subscription required — but I strongly urge readers to pay for the article.  It's that important.)  Titled "The Democratic Embrace of Al Sharpton," the article traces how the man who was kept at arm's length during Obama's 2008 campaign, isolated as unrepresentative of the black community's views, has now become the single would-be "civil-rights leader."  Sharpton is now the person to whom all Democrats, centrist and liberal alike, kowtow and from whom they seek to gain support and endorsement.  Once he "inflamed racial hatred and courted violence," Mac Donald writes.  Now, "he has been rehabilitated into the Democratic Party's civil-rights leader of choice."

Ben Stein: Obama 'Is The Most Racist President There Has Ever Been'.  Economist Ben Stein believes the White House is playing the race card in an effort to get African-Americans to vote against Republicans.  Speaking to Fox News, Stein called President Barack Obama the most racist president in U.S. history.  "The president is the most racist president there has ever been in America," Stein said.  "He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans."  Stein claimed that Obama and other Democrats are trying to portray the GOP as anti-black.

Race and Reaction.  [Scroll down]  And here we are now, with the nation led by a president who went to a Black Liberation Theology church in Chicago, and a first lady whose thesis was on Black Power, and an attorney general who whines about his treatment as the most powerful law-enforcement figure in the nation, and we find ourselves fully under attack because of the color of our skin.  The left has racialized every single thing that occurs in the country, and in each instance, it is non-liberal whites who are evil and blacks or Hispanics who are victims.

Obama secretly met with activists and told them to 'stay on course'.  Protesters are gathering in support of Michael Brown in and around St. Louis as they nervously await what many believe will be an inevitable no-indictment vote in the coming days by a grand jury for the officer who shot him.  Demonstrators held a 'die-in' Sunday [11/16/2014] to mark 100 days since the unarmed Ferguson, Missouri teen was killed.  They also convened to, among other things, prepare for the imminent court decision by issuing 'rules of engagement' for police there for crowd control, the New York Times reports.

Michelle Obama and the Why of Ferguson, Missouri.  Democrats outwardly claim to desire Dr. King's post-racial world, yet they deny it an existence and smother his dream by relentlessly clinging to racial identities and fomenting racial animus.  They disseminate theories about a society which is motivated by strangling black ambition and success, even as a black man and a black woman hold the two highest-of-high profile positions within that very society.

Obama: 'There's no way to say race relations are worse'.  President Obama said in an interview broadcast on Sunday [11/23/2014] that race relations in the U.S. are demonstrably better than they were even 10 years ago.

Explaining Away Obama.  If Barack Obama counted up all the times virulent racists blocked his ambitions, and stymied his efforts due to his race, and then collated them against how many times — at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard; and in Chicago, Springfield and Washington — his performance was not strictly evaluated on its merits or lack of, I think the verdict would not be so favorable.  Obama was nominated, elected, and reelected not despite the work of racists, but in part because he and his associates so brilliantly played the race card.

What Obama said about the grand jury (and what he could have said).  President Obama could have discussed the thorough process of evidence review undertaken by the grand jury.  He could have discussed why grand jury secrecy is an important feature of the justice system in all 50 states.  He could have stressed that all Americans of all races are protected by the process of checks and balances built into the grand jury system. [...] But instead he stated that anger was "understandable."

When pigs fly, perhaps.
Rep. King: Obama should invite Darren Wilson to White House.  Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) is urging President Obama to invite Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson to the White House, after a grand jury decided not to bring charges against him in a case that has captured the nation's attention.  "I think it would be very helpful if President Obama went and met with the police officer, or invited him to the White House and said, you've gone through four months of smear and slander, and the least we can do is tell you that it's unfortunate that it happened and thank you for doing your job," King said Tuesday on Fox Business.

Flames of Ferguson Illuminate Age of Obama.  When history remembers the Obama administration, the flames of Ferguson will light up our memories.  It wasn't just an AutoZone and Jade Nails burning up in the fires of Ferguson, it was also the "Hope" of 2008 going up in smoke.  Instead of hope, the age of Obama has been characterized by racial division and discord.  Obama and Holder commanded the police to behave themselves.  The police behaved, and look what happened. [...] Just like calling for calm while stoking the protests, prolonging the promise of a federal indictment against Officer Wilson keeps the folks energized on the side of the administration.

Obama and the Roots of the Ferguson Rage.  [Scroll down]  One is left to marvel at one of two realities.  Either we have a president so utterly naive he believes a hoax-perpetrating, riot-inciting Al Sharpton, who denigrated the grand jury process, pre-organized protest rallies in 25 American cities, and uses his MSNBC platform to fire up racial unrest, is a man of peace.  Or the president, who once urged his Latino followers to "punish our enemies," remains as wedded to the same racial "us against them" mentality as America's foremost racial arsonist.  Is it really possible to believe the former?

Liberalism in Ruins.  [Scroll down]  The bitter truth is that Barack Obama himself is a figure who has always trafficked — albeit far more brilliantly and subtly than the buffoonish Sharpton and Jackson — in racial divisiveness, from his candid admissions in his memoir and his acknowledged dutiful discipleship at the feet of the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright to "typical white person," the clingers speech, "punish our enemies," and the racially charged spin on the ongoing Skip Gates, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown cases.  A sign of his brilliant racial contortionism is the current canard that losing 6 percent of the black vote is proof of diversity while winning only 40 percent of the white vote is an ominous sign of a new racism.

White House Says: "It's not about race", Then Meets With Nation's Most Notorious Race-Baiting Antagonists.  Where does all of this racial antagonism lead?  A scene at a Florida school between a large, intimidating black student and a seemingly unprovoking white student drew references to Ferguson this week as the student asks "where's Mike Brown" now:  [Video clip]

Ferguson and Obama's No-Responsibility America.  Instead of a colloquy on how black communities can change so that the violence in their neighborhoods is reduced, Obama has several meetings devoted to the topic of how we can restrain police trying to restore order.

Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson.  As we witness the continuing racial unrest sparked by the shooting of Michael Brown and the Ferguson grand jury's subsequent decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, it is vital to understand that everything the protesters/rioters are doing — in Ferguson and elsewhere — is straight out of Alinsky's most famous publications, Rules For Radicals and Reveille For Radicals.  And Obama has encouraged them, every step of the way.

Obama Tells BET: Racism 'Deeply Rooted' in U.S..  Playing the race card more overtly than ever before, Barack Obama told Black Entertainment Television that racism is "deeply rooted" in the United States.  In Obama's interview, which will be broadcast Monday evening, he intoned, "This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it's deeply rooted in our history.  When you're dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias... you've got to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it's going to take some time, and you just have to be steady so you don't give up when we don't get all the way there."  He warned, "This isn't going to be solved overnight."

Race relations worse under Obama, poll finds.  The poll was conducted for Bloomberg Politics in the days following a grand jury decision not to indict a white New York City police officer who killed an unarmed black man.  It found that 53 percent of respondents think race relations have gotten worse under the nation's first black president.

Why Obama's police plan is toxic propaganda.  Following the unrest in Ferguson President Obama convened a police summit at the White House.  Following the meeting he released details of a four point policing program. [...] But the four-point plan isn't really the whole message.  It may not be half of it.  That's because the core of the president's policing program is an unspoken, psychologically powerful (and profoundly toxic) fifth point:  To encourage distrust of local and state police by American citizens.

The Left's War Against Justice and Peace.  The mobs who have occupied our streets are not protesting injustice.  They are a lynch mob demanding their due.  They want officers of the law handcuffed and hung, and criminals (aka "political prisoners") set free.  They want honest juries disbanded, and racist judgments the rule.  Understand that our president and his chief civil rights officer, who are encouraging the "protests," are racists, as is the Democratic Party which exerts monopoly control over every major inner city in America.  Why else would Obama and Holder look to Al Sharpton, who is certainly the nation's most prominent racist, as their chief adviser on race relations?  Al Sharpton is author of the fundamental transformation of the civil rights movement into a racial lynch mob, which took place decades ago.

Obama's racism czar:
Al Sharpton at the White House.  This, the tail end of 2014, is Al Sharpton's moment.  Despite the firebrand minister's shrinking physical stature, his presence on the national stage has never loomed larger.  From Ferguson to Cleveland to Staten Island, black men dying at the hands of police have catapulted America's racial obsession to new heights — carrying Sharpton along with it.

Sharpton Visited the Obama White House 61 Times.  President Obama's embrace of Al Sharpton, as National Review points out, has helped legitimize Sharpton as the preeminent black leader.  Sharpton and his idiotic rantings, his message of victimization instead of self-help, and his fomenting of racial divisions, now takes the place of Martin Luther King Jr., thanks to Obama.

Gangbangers Unbound.  [Scroll down]  This contention has set the agenda for the past twenty years of the racial debate.  Measures taken to control crime are presented as ipso facto evidence of "systemic" or "institutional" racism.  Both Obama and Holder, along with the vast majority of their contemporaries in both government and media, are true believers in this ideological construct.  This can be clearly seen in both serious racial incidents exploited by the administration, the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings.

Gangbangers Unbound.  Rafael Ramos and Wenjin Liu died because of the campaign to vilify police.  [...] Presidents, attorneys general, sports and entertainment celebrities, and the media sphere as a whole do not get involved in small local disturbances for no reason.  Stepping back, we can see a consistent thread of deliberately aggravated racial incidents throughout the Obama presidency, from the Gates incident through the Trayvon Martin controversy on to Ferguson.  All featured intervention from Obama, and most from Eric Holder as well.  You can search all you like among previous presidencies for comparable actions, but you will do so in vain.

Obama's 'propaganda' pushed people to 'hate the police,' Giuliani says.  President Obama has engaged in "propaganda" encouraging people to "hate the police," former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) charged a day after two New York City police officers were shot and killed in their patrol car by a man who posted anti-police messages to his social media account.  "We've had four months of propaganda starting with the president that everybody should hate the police," Giuliani said during an appearance on Fox News early Sunday [12/21/2014].

The President, Al Sharpton, and the Corruption of Modern Liberalism.  It tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the president and his White House and their views toward law enforcement and race relations that Sharpton is, in the words of Politico, "Obama's go-to man on race."  He has direct contact with White House adviser and First Friend Valerie Jarrett, we're told. [...] Al Sharpton is a person who lives for the purpose of stoking racial hatreds.

Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred.  A Pew Research Center poll found that only 40% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling race relations.  Black approval is down to 57%, while approval among whites is down to 33%.  More young people under age 30, the age group who were most enthusiastic about electing the nation's first African-American president, now disapprove of his performance on racial issues than approve.  And Eric Holder has one of the lowest approval ratings of any public official.

Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals.  [Scroll down]  It is far more interesting that Barrack Obama felt compelled to make an unusual evening statement to the press.  What he said — after all, he is President of the United States — is actually more outrageous than the [Marcia] Fudge nonsense about how blacks can be killed with impunity.  Mr. Obama spoke for nearly 10 minutes, and spent about seven of them blaming the police.

The legacy Obama dreads.  [D]uring an interview" with PBS, Obama stated that the nation is "probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided" than before.  Race relations seem to have gotten worse not because they actually have, but because we're talking about them more, Obama insisted.  But how does Obama know that in "day-to-day transactions" the nation is less racially divided?  From all that appears, the only day-to-day transactions Obama has with ordinary Americans are with his golf caddies.  Al Sharpton is Obama's go-to guy on race related issues.  Does Sharpton agree that day-to-day race relations are getting better?  And what day-to-day transactions does Sharpton have with ordinary white Americans, anyway?

Happy New Year, Al Sharpton.  Call it "Obama's Paradox."  A young hopped-up black man in Ferguson robs a store and then tries to kill a policeman.  The policeman defends himself and the young man dies.  The media go crazy.  Black agitators like the most loathsome being on the planet (just IMHO), Al Sharpton, appear on TV insulting the police and the entire white population of America (just IMHO).  Black criminals riot.  The President seemingly takes their side against the police.  Ooops.  Major mistake, but inevitable.  Obama had to play to his most basic base, angry, disaffected, alienated black youths.  That's who he is, at heart, except when he's a billionaire in training, golf-playing fool.  So, Mr. Obama and his arch henchman, Eric Holder, take up with Al Sharpton and the rioters and looters and against the police and the white community.  As I say, he had to do it.  That's what he's all about at heart.

Obama says police training needed to reduce their racial 'bias'.  President Obama said Thursday [1/22/2015] that he wants to improve training of police in minority communities so that officers can "be aware of their biases ahead of time."  The comment came during an interview at the White House, when YouTube celebrity GloZell Green, who is black, asked Mr. Obama what can be done to prevent violence by white police officers against black males such as incidents last year in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City.

How Obama Glossed Over His Greatest Failure.  Deep into his predictably Panglossian State of the Union speech on Tuesday, the president reminded the audience of the vision he shared at his breakout 2004 convention speech — namely, that there not be a "a black America or a white America, but a United States of America."  Pundits, he conceded, faulted him for failing to deliver on this vision, but curiously, Obama did not say the pundits were wrong.  Instead, he criticized them for their cynicism, their failure to take his vision seriously.  This, of course, was nonsense.  The great majority of those who did not vote for Obama, pundits or otherwise, wanted him to succeed in making America "one people" as pledged.

Al Sharpton touts message from Obama: 'To Rev. Sharpton. A fellow warrior for justice!'  The Rev. Al Sharpton couldn't attend Nelson Mandela's funeral in 2013, so President Obama instead brought him a piece of memorabilia to hang in his office — a copy of the program with a personally inscribed message."

Manufacturing Outrage.  The most disgraceful use of this strategy has been the deliberate stoking of black rage against whites.  Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown became martyrs not perpetrators.  Al Sharpton was anointed healer-in-chief and Obama's point man on race (the arsonist becomes the fire department chief — such are the perversions Barack Obama has inflicted on America).  Barack Obama has fanned the flames by comments such as "racism is deeply rooted in American society" and his Attorney General Eric Holder has race-baited throughout his tenure, routinely claiming civil rights violations at the height of the strife triggered by the deaths of Martin and Brown — and routinely being frustrated by the facts.  Joe Biden told a black audience that "Republicans are "going to put y'all back in chains." [...] And so it has been throughout Obama's presidency.  He has never missed an opportunity to manufacture outrage.

Celebrating Grievance In Obama's Most-Racial America.  A community organizer becomes President. [...] But what happens when you elect a professional grievance advocate whose entire purpose was, and is, to promote grievance?  It is an impossible task to remove the issues of their ideological profession.  Even when you give such an ideologue everything they demand, the ideologue will only change the construct of the grievance.  In essence you cannot fill a void that refuses to be filled.

Obama: 'We're the Slaves Who Built the White House'.  President Obama, speaking today [3/7/2015] in Selma on the 50th anniversary of the historical Bloody Sunday march:  [Video clip]

Few say Obama has helped race relations, as 2 presidents (not 1) mark Selma.  As two presidents gathered to mark the 50th anniversary of a major civil rights turning point, a new poll reveals that only 15% of Americans say the country's race relations have improved under Barack Obama, who promised just that.  Another 39% of adult Americans say the nation's abiding racial divide has worsened under the first black chief executive, according to the CNN/ORC Poll.  That includes 45% of whites and 26% of blacks.  Even among Democrats, only 20% say race relations have improved under Obama.

Sen. Tim Scott: Race Relations in 'Neutral Position' Since Obama Presidency.  Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction, said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation" that race relations have been stuck in "neutral" since President Barack Obama took office.  "I would say that we've had probably a neutral position on progressing from a racial perspective in America over the last few years," Scott said when asked how the first black president in America has done in terms of improving race relations.

Obama Honors Selma After Ignoring Gettysburg.  After ignoring the battle that ended slavery under the first Republican president, President Obama at the 50th anniversary of Democrats' blocking the Selma bridge says, "We're the slaves that built the White House."  The parts of American history that this president chooses to commemorate and what he says about them speaks volumes about his view of America and American history.  His America is not only unexceptional, it is perpetually and deeply racist, an overbearing world bully with no right to lecture the world about morality, democracy or freedom.

How the Obama-Sharpton Alliance Began.  Near the end of 2007, Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett met with Al Sharpton in New York City and began to cement a relationship that would eventually make the inflammatory activist the president's "go-to man" on race, according to multiple sources.  The backdrop to the incipient Obama-Sharpton alliance was the then-senator's 2008 presidential campaign, which still hadn't locked away the black vote, and the political cross-currents created by two other controversial reverends, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.  That tentative relationship has now grown into a full-blown partnership that has vastly increased the once-shunned Sharpton's influence and prestige and elevated him into a key White House ally at a time of heightened tension over policing and race.

Ferguson: A Murderous Mob Incited by Holder and Obama.  Two police officers in Ferguson, MO were shot at a protest early Thursday [3/12/2015] against alleged racism in the department and the city itself.  It was not enough that the chief of police had just resigned.  It was not enough that a local judge had quit.  It was not enough that the Department of Justice had exonerated former officer Darren Wilson.  No — the mob, told by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder that Ferguson was still guilty of racism, wanted "justice."

Of Course Obama Wants to Take Hillary Down.  [Scroll down]  Obama is not going to disappear into obscurity in two years.  In two years he will be the most powerful leftist in America.  He will still have the ability to raise enormous sums of money (witness the Clintons) and funnel it to the destructive, radical causes he loves.  His Alinsky tactics will be unfettered in destroying opponents, including Democrats not docile enough to his diktats.  Obama's presidency was only the beginning for the socialist, anti-colonialist, anti-white makeover of America.

Hillary or Bust!  A paradox arose in Obama's efforts at encouraging bloc voting.  To galvanize groups on the basis of their race, tribe, or gender, the Obama cadre has resorted to divisive language — "punish our enemies," "nation of cowards," "my people" — that turns off independent voters and even some liberal white voters.  When the president weighed in during the trial of the "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman by telling the nation that if he had had a son, that boy would have looked like Trayvon Martin, such an eerie tribal appeal bothered at least as many Americans as it may have stirred.  Blacks and Latinos may appreciate Eric Holder's constant sermonizing about white prejudice or Obama's riffs on Skip Gates and Ferguson, but just as many other Americans do not believe that Gates was singled out on the basis of race and do not see how the thuggish Michael Brown, who had robbed a store and rushed a police officer, could conceivably become a civil-rights hero.

Obama's Chicago Presidency.  It is distasteful for a president to weigh in on a local, ongoing, and racially charged criminal case.  Obama not only did just that with the Trayvon Martin shooting, but in such a way that could only exacerbate racial tensions — and in a reactionary fashion of expressing solidarity with critics of George Zimmerman on the basis of his own shared skin color with the deceased.  If President Clinton had editorialized in mediis rebus about the O.J. trial with something like "Nicole might have looked liked the second daughter I never had," then we would have assumed not just that he was a racist, but that he wanted us to think he was a racist — and that we could not do much about that fact.

Further Thoughts on Obama's 1995 Video.  Black conservative activist Jesse Lee Peterson has astutely made the observation that fatherless children, black or white, grow up angry at their parents, their fathers for abandoning them, their mothers for driving the fathers away.  If white children park their anger in a hundred different places, black children are encouraged from early on to direct their anger at white people and the "white" establishment.  Obama came late to this game.  As he told his book audience, it was not until his last years in high school that he began to "struggle with what it means to be a black man in America."  Isolated as he was from black American culture, he regretted that he had no "father figures around to guide me and steer my anger."  Unfortunately for America, the father figures Obama found steered his anger in a highly destructive direction.  One was Communist Frank Marshall Davis.  In the passage Obama read, it was Davis who assures Obama "that black people have a reason to hate."

Another 'Historic' Moment in Obama's America.  The damage this man has done to race relations in our country is simply inestimable.  Not to mention to our country herself.

Ted Cruz: Obama Inflamed Race Tensions, Vilifying Cops 'Fundamentally Wrong'.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Wednesday blamed President Barack Obama for the racial tensions and unrest unrolling across the U.S., including the current turmoil in Baltimore, Maryland.  "President Obama, when he was elected, he could have been a unifying leader," Cruz lamented in a question and answer session hosted by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Instead, the presidential candidate argued, Obama "has made decisions that I think have inflamed racial tensions, that have divided us rather than bringing us tougher."

Ted Cruz accuses Obama, first black president, of inflaming racial tensions.  Senator Ted Cruz has accused Barack Obama, the country's first African American president, of having "inflamed racial tensions" during his time in the White House.  Cruz, a Texan who is running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, made the comments in a speech at a US Hispanic chamber of commerce event in Washington DC.  The speech included other controversial assertions, including that the growth of national support for same-sex marriage was "heartbreaking" and that Democrats had tried to "scare" Hispanics into voting for them by talking about immigration.

Sheriff Clarke: Obama Has a 'Disdain For the American Police Officer'.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke accused President Obama of showing a "general disdain" for police officers after the president responded to the Baltimore riots by calling for the nation to do some "soul searching." [...] Clarke said on "Hannity" that he thinks Obama is "enjoying this."  "He's built a career off of dividing people.  Creating divisions, stoking animosity, the rich versus the poor, the one percent, tax the rich, the war on women...  It's been very destructive for America."  Clarke said that Obama has a "general disdain for the American police officer."  Clarke asserted that he thinks a change needs to happen in Baltimore and that it should start with the politics in the city.

Baltimore as a Democrat City.  Whenever there's a crisis in America, Barack Obama is quick to demonstrate what a monstrously destructive individual he is. [...] But because he's a calculating and deceitful man, Obama takes pains to phrase things in ways that won't offend the sensibilities of wealthy white liberal donors who dutifully view him as some type of soaring intellect, rather than as the rabble-rousing, racialist ideologue that he is.  So instead, he feeds us endless portions of tripe like this: [...]

Obama to expand My Brother's Keeper program.  Days after racial tensions bubbled to the surface and led to violence on the streets of Baltimore, President Obama on Monday will speak about the educational and economic challenges facing young men of color and also will announce an expansion of his signature My Brother's Keeper initiative. [...] The alliance's primary mission, according to the White House, is to "eliminate the gaps in opportunity and achievement for boys and young men of color."

The Editor says...
Notice the program isn't intended to help all young men — just the blacks.

Obama-inspired foundation gets its start, with $80 million in the bank.  President Barack Obama announced Monday [5/4/2015] that a new nonprofit aimed at empowering young men and boys of color has already raised $80 million from PepsiCo, Deloitte and other corporate sponsors.

Obama on Baltimore: 'No Dispute' Men of Color Disproportionately Targeted by Police.  Today [5/4/2015], Barack Obama re-launched his My Brother's Keeper initiative as a non-profit foundation, which addresses the opportunity gap for young men of color, and he was acutely aware that the timing could not have been better.  In a speech, Obama said he planned on focusing on the initiative, "long after" he departs as president, and argued that the lack of opportunity for young men — particularly ones without fathers, such as himself — was a root cause of the mass protests throughout the country.

Obama urges deeper look at race, hints at his future.  President Barack Obama on Monday [5/4/2015] urged Americans to address the root causes of recent racially-tinged unrest, focusing not just on police actions but improving opportunities for young black men.

My Brother's Wrong Keeper.  I'm not too excited about President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative, or its expansion into the private sector with a new corollary group that will run on corporate donations.  And not because I don't think the goals are worthy.  Obama's desire to help black and Latino youths is tremendously laudable.  Solving the problems of disadvantaged youths and the culture they must inhabit is one of the great issues of our time.  But this is not the way to go about it.  Appearing in the Bronx Monday [5/4/2015], Obama announced that that program, which seeks to remove obstacles from the paths of young men of color — unless they're Asian — would be his life's work.  Starting now.

Dreams Into Dust: The Speech on Race Obama Will Never Give.  Many Americans, whether they voted for him or not, believed Obama when he said:  "There is not a black America or a white America or a Latino America or an Asian America; there's the United States of America."  When he gave that speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he was an instant national sensation.  Post-racial, unifying, uplifting, and all from a Harvard-educated, married black American.  With his election, so many Americans thought that we were finally leaving behind the divisive racial politics of the past, the inflammatory demagoguery of Al Sharpton-type agitators and self-promoters, the evil of seeing race.  It all seems so long ago now.

Under Obama, Race Relations Worst in Decades.  A community organizer's job is to play people off against each other and exploit their anger for political gain.  Obama made his belligerent racial outlook obvious in advance in his autobiographies.  No one surprised at the way America has been coming to pieces under his rule has any business in a voting booth.

Obama Ignores Slain White Police Officer While Honoring Gray And Brown.  Barack Obama makes a habit of castigating police for their misbehavior, and by his actions, it could easily be assumed that he is disinterested in engendering any sympathy for police, even those killed in the line of duty, while he fans the flames of anti-police rage by honoring those killed by police.

Footage from 1995 shows young Barack Obama giving intensely personal speech about his family's prejudice and racial tension in America.  The video shows a 34-year-old Obama speaking at Cambridge Public Library in Massachusetts in September 1995, shortly after publishing his book Dreams From My Father.  The future US President spoke of prejudice within his own family and race relations across America while he also read extracts from his recently released memoir and held a question and answer session.

Obama-Sponsored Black War on the Police Spinning Out Of Control.  Officer John Moynihan was shot in the face at point-blank range by a black man on Friday [3/27/2015] and you probably didn't hear about it.  Moynihan, currently in a coma, never had a chance to reach for his weapon before he was gunned down by one Angelo West, who was killed at the scene by responding officers. [...] It's only the latest episode in what has become a slow-motion black war against police officers enabled by President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and an increasingly unhinged and hysterical Main Stream Media.  They have emboldened violent and racist black thugs, essentially issuing them a license to kill, and imposing on whites a duty to die.

'Broken Windows' policing is not broken.  Tragically, a surge in violent victimizations has swept across several American cities in the past two weeks.  This may well be a reflection of what happens in the public square when the forces of order are weakened or demoralized. [...] Data from every major report show profound declines in crime in the U.S. over the past two decades, accompanied with sharp increases in incarceration.  In this sense, our court system has worked.  But the Obama Administration's Department of Justice has shown troubling signs it hopes to use racial politics to prevail over the courts and public safety.

White House won't confirm Prince performed for Obama.  Prince performed some of his greatest hits at a weekend White House party for President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.  But although guests put details on social media, White House spokesman Josh Earnest is refusing to confirm the "Purple Rain" singer's attendance.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama prefer to associate exclusively with blacks.
Democrat arm-twisting on trade deal delayed after Obama weekend of golf, private Prince concert.  Prince gave a private performance at the White House for the Obamas and about 500 guests Saturday night [6/13/2015] to celebrate African-American Music Appreciation Month.  Among the guests were former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.; Education Secretary Arne Duncan; White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his date, singer Ciara; and entertainers Jon Bon Jovi, James Taylor, Tyler Perry, Connie Britton and Angela Bassett. [...] The White House didn't reveal anything about the event, which was not on Mr. Obama's public schedule.  The concert took place after Mr. Obama spent more than five hours Saturday playing golf with friends.

Obama Excitedly Leaps to Politicize the Tragic Charleston Church Shooting.  Barack Obama turned a beautiful speech into another politicized attack on gun owners and white people.  He blamed the Second Amendment in part.  "I've had to make statements like this too many times.  Communities like this have had to endure tragedies like this too many times...  Once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun."  "Let's be clear, at some point we will have to reconcile with the fact this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries."  [That's blatantly untrue.  Where's the coverage of people with guns who stop mass slayings?{...}]  He got in his dig at Republicans and other Second Amendment supporters, insinuating we are responsible for this horrible slaughter.

Obama declares racism inhabits Americans' DNA.  [Scroll down]  It's an incredible charge to be made by the first black American president, a man who received 69.5 million votes from his countrymen in 2008 and 65.9 million votes from apparent racists in 2012.  Does nothing every satisfy this arrogant fellow?  Would even a unanimous vote of every single American convince this aloof man that most of his fellow citizens abide with good hearts genuinely open to awarding their highest office regardless of skin color?

Is Obama Disappointed by the Christian Response in Charleston?  But while Rev. Goff was assuring us that despite the darkness, because of the grace of God, "joy comes in the morning," video was being released of the president of the United States in a Los Angeles garage assuring us that racism is in our DNA.  Ummmm, isn't genetic destiny the basic message of... racists?

According to WH Visitor Log, Race Agitator Deray McKesson Visited the White House Three Times in 2011.  DeRay McKesson, the professional agitator who shows up to fan the flames wherever there are racial tensions involving the police, visited the White House three times in 2011 — twice in February of that year, and once in August.  According to the Washington Post's database (taken from the WH vistors logs), two of the visits appear to have been to the White House Visitor Office.  The February 13 visit — if WaPo's tool is correct — was to the Old Executive Office Building where McKesson met with Zachary Russem.

90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama is one of the worst offenders in this regard.  Recently, in reaction to the horrid actions of the deranged, but solitary racist Dylann Root, the president claimed racism is in our DNA.  How could he possibly utter such nonsense and who was he talking about?  The majority of Americans are from families that came to this country after slavery existed.  Many of those were escaping oppression of their own.  In my case my family was fleeing the pogroms of Eastern Europe.  Many of the members of my family who stayed behind ended up gassed in Auschwitz or exterminated in Treblinka.  Is Obama telling me that racism is in my DNA?  What a wretched and insulting statement.

The Last Thing the Left Wants is Racial Healing.  While the media was all abuzz over Obama using the "n" word, I was outraged over him accusing my country of being a nation filled with racists.  Folks, our president actually said racism is in our DNA and is passed on from generation to generation.  Dude, you're a black man whom white folks — because blacks are only 12% of the population — made leader of the free world two times.  Stop it with the "blacks are victims" nonsense.  Millennial blacks have never or rarely experience bona-fide racism.  So why are Obama and his fellow Leftists hell-bent on instilling racial paranoia and resentment against whites in millennial blacks?  The answer is simple:  this is how Democrats keep their monopoly of the black vote.  Instill in blacks that America is eternally racist and voting for Democrats is the only way to keep the haters which are the majority at bay.

Obama Channels Reverend Wright.  After 11 years of hiding and hinting, the real Barack Obama is back.  The guy who spent twenty years listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright preach the gospel of racial hostility has decided it is just too much trouble to keep his black-on-white resentment all bottled up.  So the president put it on full display last week at the eulogy for the pastor who was a victim in the Charleston mass murder.  And what we saw was quite a bit different than the fresh-faced, new-vision, 'put race behind us' guy who electrified the country with his speech to the Democrat National Convention in 2004.

What Obama Has Taught Us.  [Scroll down]  Little need be said about racial relations.  They have changed too.  Here the Obama legacy is twofold:  The president has editorialized on the nation's racial fault-lines, both trivial and fundamental — from the Professor Gates psychodrama to Trayvon Martin and Ferguson — and usually gotten it quite wrong.  No other president would take the case of a Harvard professor being arrested for trying to break into a locked house (in fact, it was his own house, and he was quickly released) and turn it into a national metaphor for racist, stereotyping police.  Nor would any other president use his sense of racial solidarity with the victim of a shooting to editorialize about an ongoing capital trial, or traffic in mythologies like the "hands up, don't shoot" Ferguson fiasco, or claim that one deranged racist killer is proof that white America is still racist in its DNA.  After nearly seven years, we know the Obama racial paradigm:  Quite wealthy and privileged elites will lecture the members of the struggling middle class on their inherent "white privilege," while the crises in the black community — high urban crime, escalating black-on-black murdering, epidemics of illegitimacy, drug use, and family disintegration — remain taboo subjects, given the need for record minority turnout and block voting at the polls.  No president since Woodrow Wilson has so set back racial relations.

Cultural aggression, destructive policies, and ceaseless smearing are wearing out a great people.  Was there any more compelling reason for Obama's 2008 election outside of a desire on the part of mostly white America to transcend the racial tensions of the past and exorcise those demons?  Where are we now after seven years of Reverend Wright, the New Black Panthers, beer summits, Eric Holder, Trayvon, Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dylann Roof?  More Americans believe race is a larger problem after seven years of Obama than disagree.

Obama's Endgame.  Currently, we see out-of-control black teenagers attacking people at malls and swimming pools, yet the coverage in the media is, for the most part, nonexistent.  Colin Flaherty leads the charge in exposing the brutality and racist motivation, but he is a lone voice in the wilderness.  At another level, we have a Democrat-controlled city of Baltimore with a black female mayor espousing the need for "space to destroy."  Repeatedly, we see the same vicious cycle of black rage, which only destroys their own urban communities, makes white people cringe in fear, and ultimately hurts decent law-abiding black people caught in the crossfire.  Nonetheless, Obama encourages the lawlessness.

Obama's silence on Kathryn Steinle killing is deafening.  After Trayvon Martin was killed, President Obama spoke emotionally about his death, declaring "this could have been my son."  After Michael Brown was killed, Obama promised to ensure that "justice is done" and declared:  "We lost a young man, Michael Brown, in heartbreaking and tragic circumstances. [...] After Freddie Gray was killed, Obama walked out to the Rose Garden and declared:  "We have some soul-searching to do. [...]"  But after Kathryn Steinle was killed July 1, allegedly by an illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions, Obama said ... nothing.

Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database.  A key part of President Obama's legacy will be the fed's unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race.  The government is prying into our most personal information at the most local levels, all for the purpose of "racial and economic justice." [...] This Orwellian-style stockpile of statistics includes a vast and permanent network of discrimination databases, which Obama already is using to make "disparate impact" cases against: banks that don't make enough prime loans to minorities; schools that suspend too many blacks; cities that don't offer enough Section 8 and other low-income housing for minorities; and employers who turn down African-Americans for jobs due to criminal backgrounds.  Big Brother Barack wants the databases operational before he leaves office, and much of the data in them will be posted online.  So civil-rights attorneys and urban activist groups will be able to exploit them to show patterns of "racial disparities" and "segregation," even if no other evidence of discrimination exists.

Obama's awesome new race database even more awesome than you imagined.  We recently discussed a story that wasn't particularly popular here (to be charitable) which dealt with a new White House plan to implement enforced neighborhood diversity in American towns and cities through the power and influence of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The rest of the nation wasn't exactly pleased with the idea either, but it did raise some interesting questions.  One of the biggest among those was the puzzle of exactly how the federal government plans to figure out precisely how many people in each racial pigeonhole are living where and how they are interacting.  Is that sort of data even available to be used in making such determinations, assuming you wanted to do it?

Obama's secret database forces 'racist' smear on innocent citizens.  While Obama has kept public attention on ObamaCare; the flooding of illegal aliens, including criminals and potential terrorists across the open southern border; while hollowing out the military and giving nuclear power to Iran, he has been surreptitiously building a data base that keeps all American citizens on file.  Obama's Orwellian data base will affect every facet of citizen life.  Your every move will be kept on file.  The data base mounted by the president includes a housing database, a mortgage database, a credit and employment database.  Your children, already tracked through school by Common Core, will be millions of statistics in Obama's educrat-run school database.

Obama's Diversity Police State and Government Mandated Racism.  Obama has brought racism to a whole new level in our government.  It's breathtaking in scope and breadth.  He is solidifying his legacy before leaving office with the unprecedented gathering of information on all of us and how we live to be used in racial databases.  Not only does the government already have such databases on police departments, they have created monster ones for almost every area of our lives to be used to forward "racial and economic justice" as we have never seen before as a nation.  Enforced diversity is racism.  Obama is already using the databases against institutions to penalize them and it will get much worse.

Thanks to Obama, Racial Division Will Never End.  Obama is the president of the United States, yet he persists on dividing us, not uniting us.  It is the goal of the Left to break us all down into groups, so that you can be "treated fairly" by your benevolent government.  Let's say you are black.  No matter what your background, experience, family life, likes, dislikes, work ethic, whether you are a professional or unemployed, you are going to be treated as if the government has to fix things for you, even if you don't want them "fixed" — and it's all for your own good.

U.S. Pays Black Comedian to Deliver Anti-White Racist Tirade at Fed Agency.  The U.S. government paid a controversial civil rights activist/comedian to deliver an anti-white racist tirade at a major federal agency during Black History month and Judicial Watch has obtained the disturbing transcript and the shocking video of the offensive political rant.  It took place at the United States Census Bureau earlier this year and the paid speaker was Dick Gregory, a self-professed humanitarian and drum major for justice who claims that his social satire changed the way white Americans perceive African American comedians.  But Gregory's angry outburst at the Census Bureau was not funny to some employees and the agency was forced to explain that it will thoroughly review its procedures for selecting future speakers to "ensure their views are appropriate for the federal workplace."

Obama and the 'Amen Corner'.  This week President Obama sealed his legacy as the most divisive president in modern times, who will leave behind both worsened race relations and a set of arguments about Iran that will surely feed anti-Semitism.  That race relations have worsened under Obama is crystal clear, as even publications like The New York Times have acknowledged.

Obama clearly prefers to associate exclusively with other blacks.
Obama hits the golf course (where else?) with NBA legends Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning.  US President Barack Obama hit the golf course on Wednesday [8/12/2015] for the third time since Friday with some star athletes who already made names for themselves in a different sports arena.  He was joined on Wednesday by NBA legends Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning, as well as his usual opponent, Cyrus Walker, the cousin of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, at Farm Neck Golf Club.

Mentor of Obama's Minister Shrieks "White People Deserve to Die" in Latest Sermon.  Likely only a very few political junkies (i.e., losers) like myself remember the close personal relationship between Barack Obama's longtime minister, Jeremiah Wright, and the virulent racist Louis Farrakhan.  Obama marinated in the hateful, anti-white, anti-semitic rhetoric of Wright for 20 years, which were mere echoes of statements by Nation of Islam chief Farrakhan.  It turns out that Farrakhan has been on one of his verbal jihads of late, this time calling for an ethnic cleansing of white people.

Ben Carson: Obama's Iran nuke deal makes him anti-Semitic.  Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson thinks President Obama's Iran nuclear deal makes the commander-in-chief anti-Semitic.  "I think anything is anti-Semitic if it's against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies and by people who want to destroy them," the retired neurosurgeon and resurgent 2016 candidate said [8/16/2015] on "Fox News Sunday."  "And to sort of ignore that and to act like everything is normal there and that these people are paranoid is anti-Semitic," he said.

The Editor says...
After sitting in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years, why wouldn't he be anti-Semitic?

Iran and the Roots of Obama's Rage.  This also explains why Mr. Obama joined the Rev. Jeremy [sic] Wright's congregation, a congregation that broke its ties with mainstream white Christianity and embarked on a mission of black power and liberation theology.  Wright took a dying congregation and rejuvenated it.  His liberation theology and sense of black pride, along with his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, spoke to thousands of black Chicagoans who felt alienated and marginalized in white society.  The Rev. Wright's rage was Mr. Obama's rage.  The Rev. Wright's theology was Mr. Obama's theology.  When the Rev. Wright upped the ante of outrageous comments and Mr. Obama had to part company with him, it was "them Jews" that the Rev. Wright blamed for Mr. Obama putting daylight between them.

Obama Ignores V-J Day Remembrance.  Today in London, Queen Elizabeth II attended a memorial service at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church to commemorate the end of the war.  Also attending was Prime Minister David Cameron, who related to reporters the significance of remembering the sacrifice of the British soldiers who fought in World War II.  After the service ended, the Queen met and chatted with WWII veterans and former prisoners-of-war, now in their 90's.  And President Obama?  He appeared on a video to mark [...] the one-year-anniversary of the violence in Ferguson that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown.

Is this woman the new Lois Lerner?  As some at the Federal Election Commission seek to broaden the power of the agency, critics are arguing that it's beginning to look increasingly like the Internal Revenue Service under Lois Lerner, who has been accused of using her office for partisan purposes.  They take special aim at the commission's Democratic chairwoman, Ann Ravel, who also served as chairwoman of California's equivalent to the FEC, the Fair Political Practices Commission, before coming to Washington in 2013.  Ravel has lambasted the commission as "dysfunctional" because votes on enforcement issues have often resulted in ties, and she has said the commission should go beyond its role of enforcing election laws by doing more to get women and minorities elected to political office.  She has complained that super PACs are "95 percent run by white men," and that as a result, "the people who get the money are generally also white men."

Critics say Obama flirts with anti-semitism in defense of Iran deal.  President Obama's efforts to sell his nuclear deal with Iran focuses heavily on overcoming objections by pro-Israeli and Jewish groups, to the point where some are saying the campaign is flirting with anti-Semitic stereotypes.  A pattern in the administration's rhetoric has raised concern that the White House and its allies are singling out Jewish and pro-Israeli interests for criticism, despite a larger universe of lobbying interests on both sides of the deal who may have other reasons for their positions.  This tactic stretches back to before the deal was signed on July 14.

Generations of Stolen Black Dreams.  Black unemployment, particularly under Obama, is extremely high.  While many blacks have achieved their American dream, many have not.  That is not white America's fault.  Behavioral issues are laying waste to the black community.  Over 70% fatherless households and 70% school dropouts leads to gangs, drugs, blacks murdering blacks and incarceration; all resulting in poverty.  So what is Obama's solution to fixing these problems plaguing blacks?  He lets drug dealers who prey on urban youths out of jail, claiming their crime is non-violent.  He has his DOJ bully police across America to back off urban thugs.  Obama minion Baltimore mayor said, "Let them loot.  It's only property."  Violent crime is up big-time in Chicago, New York and Baltimore.

Who Shot the Sheriff?  Let's start with the obvious.  Shannon Miles (a black man) is a crazy guy, just as Dylann Roof (the white man from the Charleston church shootings) is a crazy guy and Vester Lee Flanagan (the black man who killed his white co-workers at a Virginia TV station the other day) was a crazy guy. [...] Also obvious, Barack Obama and Eric Holder (and now Loretta Lynch) are to blame for encouraging an atmosphere of racial divisiveness and, yes, hatred in our society.  Anyone honest can see — and the polls have reported — a serious increase in racial tension and violence (Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.) since the beginning of the Obama administration.  The racist-to-the-core "Black Lives Matter" movement is quite simply their evil spawn.

Sheriff Clarke: White House, DOJ Started 'Open Season' On The American Police Officer.  On Saturday night's [8/29/2015] broadcast of "Justice with Judge Jeanine," Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke reacted to the killing of Harris County, TX deputy Darren Goforth, pinning the blame on President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.  According to Clarke, their rhetoric has caused an "open season" on police officers.

Strategic Lying and Obama.  [Scroll down]  Obama is a pathological liar whether he engages in statistical fraud, i.e., the war on women, or claims in a 2007 speech that Congress did not assist New Orleans black residents during Hurricane Katrina.  Yet, stunningly, Obama was one of only 14 senators who voted against the waiving of a provision that would have provided relief.  He is a breathtaking hypocrite who projects his own worldview and claims his opponents are engaging in attacks, when, in fact, he is the one doing the attacking.  Hence, he can condemn Afghans for releasing killers of Americans, but urges Israel to release Palestinian killers of Jews.  Thus, he can decry racism, but continually "plays the race card in order to inflame racial tensions."

Deval Patrick on the Biden ticket is key to Obama's endorsement.  President Obama's endorsement of a Joe Biden White House run will be conditional on having a "final say" over his choice for vice president, according to Ed Klein, author of the Hillary Rodham Clinton biography "Unlikeable."  "Barack Obama would like to see Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts and an African-American, run on the Biden ticket," Klein told John Catsimatidis on AM 970 radio Sunday [10/11/2015].

Farrakhan hate fest threatens 'reparations, or else!'  Louis Farrakhan commemorated the 20th anniversary of the so-called "Million Man March" Saturday [10/10/2015] with the kind of hate fest that would have made the KKK or skinheads proud.  The rally was called "Justice or Else!" — a threat aimed at the heart of America.  This demagogue has openly incited violence against whites and police in the lead-up to the event, and a number of speakers Saturday followed suit.  Tony Russell of Hands Up United Ferguson said the "or else!" in the event's title is a threat for more riots if their demands aren't met.  Farrakhan and Black Lives Matter know that as long as Obama is president, he will never authorize federal authorities to arrest black racists.

You want evidence that Obama thinks white cops are racist? Here it is.  The promise of ushering in a post-racial era of good feeling now joins the other shattered dreams and unfulfilled goals of the Obama presidency.  A Bloomberg poll reveals that 45% of Americans say race relations have gotten worse since the election of Obama, while 15% say they've gotten better.  And they are about to turn markedly worse, judging from a "candid interview" the president gave last December on Black Entertainment Television.

Obama fuels the flames of the anti-cop movement.  Officer Holder was black, as is his alleged killer, but that mattered not a whit to the protesters.  One told Fox News that she hopes Holder's family "realizes that his life is included in the 'Black Lives Matter' slogan."  "We're talking about black bodies being persecuted across the world," she added.  This is nonsense on steroids, yet these are the president's shock troops.  Obama and confidante Valerie Jarrett earlier met with the radicals leading the Black Lives Matter movement and encouraged them to keep going, the group has said.

Obama Preparing to Eliminate State of Hawaii, Give it Back to 'The Natives'.  The Obama administration seems to have made the first steps toward eliminating the state of Hawaii by creating a sovereign nation and giving it back to native Hawaiians.  To that end, this latest move essentially set up a racist voting scheme that allows only native Hawaiians to vote in an upcoming election.  On Friday [10/23/2015] a federal judge in Hawaii ruled that a race-restricted election to choose delegates to draft a new government for Hawaii can go forward despite that the elections are only open to residents who are racially related to ethnic Hawaiians.

Obama Hopes His Successor Will Care As Much About Race Issues as He Does.  Obama said he's "proud" that his presidency has been able to address issues of racial disparity and racial justice, saying, "I do so hoping that my successor, who's not African-American, if he or she is not, that they'll be just as concerned as I am." [Video clip]

The "deafening silence" from the White House over a rash of police deaths.  When convenience store robber Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer, the President quickly offered an official statement.  He did the same for Trayvon Martin.  And again for Laquan McDonald and pretty much every other time a black suspect has wound up on the wrong end of a lethal force situation on the part of the cops.  Each case is unique, with some of them raising serious questions about the actions of the cops involved and many, many more being shown to be legitimate, though unfortunate resolutions to violent conflicts.  But those aren't the only people being shot and killed these days.  There's been a severe spike in the deaths of law enforcement officers in the line of duty this year.

Is Obama Black?

Obama's Fake Southern Preacher Accent is Irritating.  Democrats pulled out their favorite weapon — lies, and the former president.  Barack Obama has been crisscrossing the country working the crowds.  Depending on the location Obama might be a down-home country guy.  Just a good old fella, talkin' to the people with his sleeves rolled up, puttin' the work for workin' folks.  Or he runs the Deep South accent when he morphs into his most irritating and condescending fake accent — the Southern Baptist Preacher.  He'll drawl on, leaving off every "g".  [H]e'll pause for emphasis and cast his head back to make the point — y'all.  There's a term for it.  It's called Code-Switching.  Politicians use it to appeal to the group they are speaking to.  I think it's absurd and the worst sort of pandering.  Obama grew up with a white mother and white grandparents.  He went to mostly white-dominant secondary schools and then went to the Ivy League.

Bi-racial ESPN anchor Sage Steele is taken off air after questioning why Obama identifies as black when 'he was raised by white mom and grandma'.  ESPN anchor Sage Steele has been taken off the air after blasting vaccine mandates and questioning Barack Obama's blackness — with network sources claiming she also has COVID.  During a podcast interview, Steele, 48, called her network's coronavirus vaccine mandate 'sick.'  She suggested that female journalists welcome harassment based on the way they dress, and also remarked on how the bi-racial former president was raised by his white mom.  The furor over Steele's appearance on ex-NFL star Jay Cutler's podcast has seen the divorced mom of three announce she is taking a break from her job[,] while also issuing a groveling apology for her remarks.

As Long As a Political Party Believes It Owns African-Americans, Blacks Will Not Be Free.  If the worst blight of our modern era is the Obama Wasted Decade, do not doubt for one moment that Obama was our country's self-induced punishment for past wrongs, both real and those imagined.  Had America not played host to slavery hundreds of years earlier, we would not have been blighted with Obama.  No way that a majority of Americans would have elected such a Zero, with no record of achievement, no single accomplishment to point to, a phony who would put on a "Black accent" when speaking to Black audiences even though he grew up in Hawaii, reared by a White grandmother and sometimes by a White mother, while his Kenyan father abandoned him.  Where did that occasional accent come from?  Do Kenyans like the father he never really knew speak that way?  Did he learn to "talk Black" — but only in front of carefully selected audiences — from his years on the mainland at Occidental College?  At Columbia?  (Uh, how did he get in?)  At Harvard Law?  (Uh, how did he get in?)

The Democrats' Situational Racism.  When all else fails for the left, they drag out the race card.  Why not?  It's worked in the past, ushering in our first black president in 2008. At least that's how Barack Obama is described.  In reality he is only half black, with a black father (officially the Kenyan Barack Senior, or possibly Frank Marshall Davis, according to some). His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was as white as Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.  The media of the time called for the half-white portion of Obama's heritage to be ignored rather than muddy the waters of his being America's first black president.  Yet during the Obama presidency, for different political reasoning the media went out of its way to make a point of the mixed heritage of another individual, specifically George Zimmerman.

African-American Candidates Polling at 1 Percent in Iowa.  Yes, there was Barack Obama.  He looked the part, and sometimes he even tried to sound it, but as Obama's part-black Hawaiian friend Keith Kakugawa said of pal Barry, "He wasn't African American, at least not with the connotation that term has taken on: a meaning that includes a heritage of slavery."  Added Kakugawa, "The only Black influence he had in his life was television."

The Editor says...
What about Frank Marshall Davis?  He was black, and apparently had a lot of influence.

Hey Statue-Hating Snowflakes: Barack Obama's Ancestors Owned Slaves.  Former President Barack Obama will have a bronze statue of his likeness revealed some time next month in Rapid City, South Dakota.  It is one in a series of all former presidents mounted on street corners throughout the city (one of which is the Bill Clinton one which his rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick has demanded to be removed).  But it looks as if there will be a problem with the statue of the 44th POTUS, especially in today's hypersensitive racial climate. [...] In 2007, a genealogical researcher determined that ancestors on Obama's mother's side were slave owners.  And based on recent news you simply can't have that kind of history if you're going to have a statue in this day and age.

Requiem for a Lightweight:  Obama Out.  Be it race or religion, Obama's tragic flaw was policy marked by timidity and moral ambiguity — both underwritten by the belief that he could be a racial, religious, or policy shape-shifter as the occasion demanded.  Having parents on both sides of racial and religious divides allowed Obama to play race and religious cards often, yet seldom well.  As team Obama heads for the exits, the race joker is again in play.  White working-class Americans and any flavor of Russians are the new bogymen for bad losers, right and left, across the land.  In the twilight of a checkered political career, Obama's only claim to legacy might be "first black," a dubious attribute that can never be more than a half-truth. [...] As a Chicago politician, Obama self-identified as a black man, although that identity was more expedient than real.  As a presidential candidate, Obama often ignored his African and Muslim antecedents while celebrating his heroic American white grandparents.

You're Never Gonna Get the Smell Out.  I feel bad for African Americans.  The first nominally "black" president has proved to be a flop in so many areas.  I'd imagine black folks are relieved that Obama is only half black and that his black half is not of "slave stock." [...] Some black folks might even make the argument that America still hasn't had a truly black president.  The election of Barack Hussein Obama tells us a great deal about the American electorate.  Rather than voting for an authentic hero who suffered and sacrificed for his country, America opted for the "cool" candidate.

Yep, he's black.
President Barack Obama Names His Favorite Rappers.  "I think the young guys, Kendrick and Chance, are doing amazing work.  I love Drake and the girls love Drake, so he's commercially just doing great, and unbelievably talented," Obama said.  "Jay Z's still the king.  I mean he's got a track record.  Same with Kanye so there's a lot of talent out there, but when I look at who's breaking new ground, Kendrick and Chance, those guys are doing just amazing work."  The President also revealed that he is family friends with Chance the Rapper and that he has known the rapper since he was knee-high to a mic stand.

Whereas the Founders prized unity, 21st-century America has embraced diversity.
The Contradictions of Diversity.  [Scroll down]  Appearance and accent are no longer reliable indicators of race.  If Ted Cruz did not self-identify as half Cuban-American, he might easily be tagged with almost any ethnicity.  Barack Obama — middle-class, Hawaiian-raised, prep-schooled, and of half Kenyan ancestry — had no early experience with the African-American underclass; Barack Hussein Obama massaged that fact in a way Barry Soetero might not have been able to.

First black president disappoints his base by failing to appoint black justice.  Many liberals are expressing unhappiness that President Obama's Supreme Court nominee is a white male, as the president tries to rally grass-roots support for Judge Merrick Garland in the uphill battle to gain a confirmation hearing from Senate Republicans.  Mr. Obama held a conference call Thursday [3/17/2016] on the Garland nomination with progressive groups, on whom he is counting to pressure the Senate to hold a vote on his nominee.  He said the issue is about fairness and the government's "integrity."

The Sham Candidacy of Hillary Clinton — and What It Means for the Republic.  [Scroll down]  It didn't matter to the Racialist Left that Obama had exactly nothing to do with the authentic black American experience — he was not from a slave background, he grew up in largely racially colorblind Hawaii where his skin color matched that of the vast majority of the island's population, and his mother was as white as, well, Kansas.  But in choosing to send young Barry to the Punahou School — where the Anglo elite had long sent their progengy — his parents, or handlers, found the one school in the islands where he could feel racially aggrieved.  In short, his "blackness" was essentially manufactured in order to sell him to the media and then to a good-hearted American public as a plausible black candidate in a way that, say, Jesse Jackson was (in their view) not.  Harry Reid inadvertently let the cat out of the bag away when he remarked that Obama had "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Obama's Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah Black Agenda.  After three years of ignoring his largest voter base, the White House held an African-American Policy Conference November 9th.  The White House also issued a report, in case you haven't been paying attention, "outlining how the President's policies directly impact the African American community."  Reading this report you would think blacks are living Zip-a-dee-do-dah days under the Obama administration.  This will come as a surprise to the Congressional Black Caucus and the 16% of black Americans who are jobless and on a downward economic spiral.  Obama is loath to refer to himself as black much less give audience to a black agenda.

American Blacks Cannot Be Blamed For Barack Obama.  Here we have man with a white American mother and an East African father.  No connection to West Africa whatsoever.  He spent his early years in Hawaii, one of the most racially diverse areas in the United States.  He was raised in large part by his white grandparents.  He spent several years in Indonesia as the stepson of an Indonesian Muslim.  After returning to the U.S. he attended some of the country's leading universities including Columbia and Harvard.  Virtually his entire professional life has been spent among white elites.

Calling Obama black is an insult to his mother.  Only in one important sense can Obama be legitimately termed "black".  In the US and the UK too, until fairly recently, "black" was a political identification, shorthand for "not white" in the long game of power held almost entirely in white, male hands.  So his win does represent, as with Colin Powell and Condi Rice, an historical shift as some top jobs finally get into the hands of non-white Americans.

See Obama for who he is.  The closer Obama gets to representing us all, the more people struggle with the notion of him as a black man — reflecting in growing detail America's chronic schizophrenia about racial identity.  The question of race that has been raised repeatedly in Obama's campaign is both straightforward and existential: Is he really black?  Isn't he really biracial?  Or maybe post-racial, even nonracial?

Would Obama be 'the black president'?  For many black activists in Obama's adopted home state, who might be expected to form the core of his political base, a central question still looms about the man who has risen speedily over 11 years from state lawmaker to U.S. senator to a sensation in the 2008 presidential campaign:  As he works to appeal to voters across the nation, will Obama stand firm for black people and black causes?

[As long as there are "black causes" there will be racial division and strife in this country.]

Some Black Voters May Find Obama 'Too White'.  Being black doesn't necessarily mean White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama has a lock on black voters.  In wooing a faithful Democratic constituency, Obama faces two-term New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the party front-runner who enjoys strong support in the black community.

Barack Obama and the Breakdown in Family:  Barack Obama, the Illinois freshman senator who hopes to occupy the Oval Office, strikes me as a man uncomfortable in his own skin.  I say that having just finished reading Obama's first book, "Dreams from My Father:  A Story of Race and Inheritance," written before he decided to enter the political world and was therefore less careful about revealing his own doubts, fears and confusion.

The N-word and why black power could keep Obama out of the White House.  [Scroll down]  Many older, more traditional, blacks are [mistrustful] of Obama.  They believe him an unworthy heir to their political inheritance and don't consider him properly 'black'.  The older generation trace their ancestry back to the days of slavery, and remember vividly the battles of the civil rights movement of the Sixties.  Obama did not build his political career through this movement, or the institutions it spawned. … And while he makes all the right noises about the civil rights movement of the Sixties, many question whether he really believes what he says.

Jesse, Barack, and African-American Support.  It may be difficult for Obama to grasp, given his intense self-identification with the black community as revealed by his stint as a community activist and as a representative of ACORN, that he remains an outsider.  But [Jesse] Jackson's words, and the coolness of the response from the blacks who comprise the core of his support, suggest it's something he needs to consider.

Could Obama be the first Asian American president?  He was born and raised in Hawaii, the only majority-Asian state in the union; he spent four formative years in Jakarta, the home of his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro, where he attended local schools and learned passable Bahasa Indonesia.  The family with whom he's closest — half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng and her Chinese Canadian husband, Konrad Ng — are Asian American.

Why is Obama black?  I have one question concerning Barack Obama.  Why does he refer to himself as black?  Here is a man who is of mixed race, 50 percent black and 50 percent white, who was raised almost exclusively by his white mother.  Other than providing 50 percent of his genes, his black father played no more than an absentee role as parent.  So why does this man identify himself as black and not white, or at least as mixed race?

Is Barack Obama black?  For some of us, the heralding of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States seems a rather uncontroversial claim.  Not so for others.  One well-known African American writer, Debra Dickerson, famously objected that Obama is not of the people properly defined as "black" on the grounds that because he is not descended from slaves.  Ergo, he is not black — at all.

He's Not Black.  He is also half white.  Unless the one-drop rule still applies, our president-elect is not black.  We call him that — he calls himself that — because we use dated language and logic.  After more than 300 years and much difficult history, we hew to the old racist rule:  Part-black is all black.

Yep, he's black.
Blacks, whites hear Obama differently.  On matters of racial identity, many observers in the African-American community say he benefits from what's known as "dog-whistle politics."  His language, mannerisms and symbols resonate deeply with his black supporters, even as the references largely sail over the heads of white audiences.  This is part of the reason that as a candidate, Obama won intense support among African-Americans while never being branded, in the fashion of a Jesse Jackson, as a candidate defined by race. ... Beyond speech, blacks have picked up certain of Obama's mannerisms, particularly his walk, that signal authenticity.  Bush had his cowboy strut, and Obama has a swagger — a rhythmic lope that says cool and confident and undeniably black.

Wait — maybe he's not.
Understanding the Black Experience?  Touting Obama as the poster child for blackness is a ridiculous notion.  Further, the idea that Obama can teach me "blackness" is equally ridiculous.  Unlike me, Obama is only half-black — as much white, as he is black.  Obama's formative years were spent mostly in the white world.  He was raised by his white grandparents in upper middle-class lifestyle.  He attended expensive mostly white private schools in his youth, his education culminating with Harvard.

What Happened to Our Postracial President?  Unlike [Colin] Powell, [Condoleezza] Rice, or [Clarence] Thomas, Obama was not born into, but rather piggy-backed onto, the African-American experience.  He came of age well after the South's oppressive Jim Crow culture began to wane.  He grew up in a multiracial Hawaii that was always somewhat more relaxed, and was exempt from the tensions inside the continental United States.  Obama was of half-white ancestry, and raised by white grandparents.  Finally, Obama's father was a Kenyan national and Muslim, not a descendant of American slaves, and so he lacked an African-American pedigree altogether.

Every Critic a Racist.  Every president eventually is criticized by the media — even one as "transcendent" as Obama.  The President's supporters should engage his critics with facts, not charges of racism.

Stop playing the race card.  It was Obama who quoted Wright admiringly in his book, The Audacity of Hope, "white folks greed runs a world in need."  Recently his administration dropped charges of voter intimidation against the virulently racist New Black Panther Party even though the Justice Department has already won the case.  Based on his writings and past associations, the President is not post-racial, but race obsessed.  Like his mentors and leftists colleagues, he believes that our country is essentially racist, particularly its "white folks."

We Have Race on the Brain.  Intermarriage and assimilation should have made racial lines almost meaningless.  Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Eric Holder talk about being black; but they are not nearly so in comparison to my Sikh neighbors in the Central Valley, who both are darker and, I imagine, have had harder childhoods.  (What constitutes being "black," or are we back to the Old Confederacy for the one-sixteenth rule?)

Gloomy Obama would rather be a victim than leader.  People are noticing how little President Obama seems to enjoy his job.  The president's two main emotions on display are regret and indignation.  He's either lecturing about the problems facing the country in a slightly patronizing tone or expressing his disgust with someone who won't take his lesson to heart.

The Editor says...
Boo hoo.  Nobody feels sorry for you, Mr. President.  If you don't like the job, or if it's more than you can handle, resign!

Why Obama should not have checked 'black' on his census form.  I have always considered Barack Obama to be biracial, and I had hoped that his election would help our country move beyond the tired concept of race.  Unfortunately, the president is not getting with my program.  Although I knew Obama self-identifies as African American, I was disappointed when I read that that's what he checked on his census form.

Playing the presidential race card.  Zora Neale Hurston, one of the 20th century's preeminent black writers, spoke for the colorblind ethic when she said, "Why should I be proud to be black?  Why should anyone be proud of their skin color?  Races have never done anything.  All that is good and excellent is the work of individuals."  And she meant it.  By way of contrast, President Obama in April pandered to black voters by making a public display of his "black-only" Census identification.  The president who once said he "could not disown his white mother and grandmother" did just that.

Voter Anger Is About Racism — 'Fear of a White Minority'.  Are you sick and tired of being called a racist because you don't agree with Barack Obama's policies?  If you are, you shouldn't read any further, for Cynthia Tucker this weekend claimed the voter anger that threatens the Democrat majorities in the House and the Senate is all a function of racism.

The Chosen One.  [Scroll down]  Obama's identity as a "black" American is artificial.  Neither genes nor experience equips him for the role.  Yet he practiced the speech cadence, the walk, and the aggrieved-but-proudly-restrained attitude well enough to pass for one if you don't look too closely.  (He described the process in Dreams from my Father.)  Above all, he adopted the Marxist understanding of American black resentments.

The Dialect Dialectic.  "Stop complainin'.  Stop grumblin'.  Stop cryin'," President Obama lectured the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation on Saturday [9/24/2011], according to the Associated Press.  According to the White House transcript, the president said:  "Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying."  Dylan Stableford of Yahoo! News reports that the case of the missing g's is now prompting charges of racism.

Obama's Racial Crisis.  In the current racial circus, the president of the United States, in addressing an assembly of upscale black professionals and political leaders, adopts the style of a Southern Baptist preacher of the 1960s.  He alters his cadences and delivery to both berate and gin up the large audience — posing as a messianic figure who will "march" them out to speak truth to power.  In response, the omnipresent Rep. Maxine Waters goes public yet again, to object that the president has no right to rally blacks in this way, when he does not adopt similar tones of admonishment with Jews and gays.  (Should Obama try to emulate the way he thinks gays and Jews talk in his next address to them?)

The Obama Code.  Reporter Mark Smith quoted the President this way:
"Take off your bedroom slippers.  Put on your marching shoes," he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted.  "Shake it off.  Stop complainin'.  Stop grumblin'.  Stop cryin'.  We are going to press on.  We have work to do."
Though that is precisely what the president said, it differed from the official White House transcript, which included the three missing g's.  Smith, sensing something important not in the president's words, but in the way he delivered them, thought it important not to change them.  For that simple application of journalistic integrity, he was called a racist.

The Dictator in the Black Iron Man Suit.  [Scroll down]  To all you blacks who think Obama is one of you:  you are wrong.  Obama is not black.  Any loyalty he has to fellow people of color is trumped by his devout loyalty to his religion of liberalism.  For example:  liberalism says the planet / the environment is better off with fewer people.  This is why Obama supports abortion despite the genocide of blacks via abortion.  Blacks are being aborted at a faster rate than any other group.  Would a true black homey support abortion?

Morgan Freeman: No Black President For U.S. Yet.  "First thing that always pops into my head regarding our president is that all of the people who are setting up this barrier for him ... they just conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America," Freeman said.  "There was no argument about who he is or what he is.  America's first black president hasn't arisen yet.  He's not America's first black president — he's America's first mixed-race president."

Morgan Freeman: Obama Isn't America's First Black President.  Upon his inauguration, many Americans took pride in their country having elected their first black president, seeing it as a tangible sign of progress in overcoming the country's racial history.  Enter Morgan Freeman, here to burst that bubble and inform us that America has yet to see its first black president.

Shameless Liberal Media Promote Unproven Claim: 'Obama Related to America's First Slave'.  The website is trying to build an appealing Obama tale... and promote business to its website, and The Washington Post and other pro-Obama media are biting like hungry fish.  Washington Post reporter Krissah Thompson was thrilled:  "President Obama's extraordinary family story gained a new layer this week as a team of genealogists found evidence that he is most likely a descendant of one of the first documented African slaves in this country."  Underline "most likely."

Obama's Slave Roots?.  Obama's handlers are trying hard to make the President 'more' black.  With less than 100 days to go until the election, we discover Obama might be descended from "authentic American slaves" through his mother.

Is Barack Obama 'black'? A majority of Americans say no.  President Obama made history in 2008 as the first African American president in U.S. history.  But according to data in a fascinating new Pew Research Center study, a majority of Americans describe the president as "mixed race," while just more than a quarter (27 percent) call him "black."

Is Barack Obama secretly a white person like Rachel Dolezal?  [W]hat really counts is what is going on inside your mind.  And what goes on inside Obama's mind is... white.  [#1] Obama cares about illegal aliens.  Blacks disapprove of illegal aliens, because they take jobs that blacks in fact will do. [...] [#2] Obama cares about homosexual marriage.  Homosexual marriage isn't exactly popular in the black community, to put it mildly. [...] [#3] Another big Obama agenda item:  global warming.  Do you think on the street corners of Harlem, or Oakland, or Chicago that black people are talking about global warming? [...] [#5] Obama has done nothing for black people.  The special groups he has focused on are illegal aliens, most of them Hispanic, and homosexuals.

The Democrats: Too Old and Too White?  [Scroll down]  For Democratic progressives, Hawaiian Barack Obama could not be of mixed ancestry and decidedly middle class, but simply "black" or "African American" — as if he had shared the Jim Crow experience of Clarence Thomas.  Nor was there any allowance that race itself had become hard to sort into neat categories in a nation of immigration, intermarriage, and assimilation, in which millions of Americans were one-half this and one-quarter that.  Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King proved that well enough by successfully constructing themselves as white for quite a long time.  Liberals had reversed the vision of Martin Luther King Jr.:  The color of our skin, not the content of our character, is what matters.

Morgan Freeman: No Black President For U.S. Yet.  "First thing that always pops into my head regarding our president is that all of the people who are setting up this barrier for him ... they just conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America," Freeman said.  "There was no argument about who he is or what he is.  America's first black president hasn't arisen yet.  He's not America's first black president — he's America's first mixed-race president."

What Obama isn't: black like me.  Other than color, Obama did not — does not — share a heritage with the majority of black Americans, who are descendants of plantation slaves. [...] So when black Americans refer to Obama as "one of us," I do not know what they are talking about.

How Obama became black.  [Scroll down]  Barack was the most deliberate person I ever met in terms of constructing his own identity, and ... that was an important period for him, first the shift from not international but American, number one, and then not white, but black."

Ben Carson: Obama was 'raised white'.  Ben Carson is the only person in the 2016 presidential field who is vying to become the country's second African-American president.  If truth be told, however, he's not entirely sure he wouldn't actually be the first.

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